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to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books 

are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. 

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the 

publisher to a library and finally to you. 

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Tlili] Yli:^VK 187-2. 


V li R N II E N T I' 11 1 N T I N G O F P I I! . 
1S7 4. 

d by Google 

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anon. AuoDjuons. 
b. 1. Black letter, 
col. Colored, 
eel. Edition. 

facs. Facsimile. 

fol. Folio. 4°. Quaito. 8". Octavo. 12° 

Bnodeclmo, etc. 
incl. Including. 
1. Leaves. 
n, d. No date. 

a. p. No place of publication, 
numb. Numbered. 

obi. Oblonjt. 

p. Page. 

pLot. Pliotogi'apli. 

pi. Plates. 

p. 1. PreliiuiDary leaves. 

pp. P)^:es. 

t. Tome. 

tab. Tables. 

nnp. Unpaged. 

V. Volume w volumes. 

The books ave deaoribed sia folio, quarto, octavo, duodecimo 
parent aiae of tbe volume, and not according to the printer's < 
tbe fold of tbe alieets. 

In the alphabetical avraugeiuent, tbe prefix Me, M', or Mao, is treated uuiformly aa a 
component part of the word, as if spelled Mae. Thus, McLmi or M'Leod precedes Maclitre. 
In like manuer, the prefixes Jfciit, La, Du, etc., are treated as component parts of the words 
to whiob tbey belong. Thus Neto EnglaHd follows JTmneil instead of preceding it, as it 
would do if the prefix Nev) were treated as a separate word; 

It is one of the aims of the present catalogue to fui'nish with the titles a sufficiently 
full collation of each work. Thus it is made a part of the description to give the number 
of pages, in the case of all works not exceeding two volumes, together with the Dumber 
of maps and plates, if any, and the name of the publisher. The iuforraatiou thus cou- 
veyed will, it is believed, lie found of practical value to readers, aa conveying at a glance 
some idea of the extent of each work, while the addition of publishers' names is useful as 
supplying a guide to the identilication of editions. In the case of books printed without 
date, the actual or approshnate date is usually supplied in brackets. 

Brackets in any part of a title indicate that the words included in them are not found 
in the title, but are inserted. 

The titles of most modetn books are given with approximate fullness, but it is to be 
understood that long titles are uniformly abi'idged, the more significant words of the title 
only being inserted. 

The letter s, affixed to suj title, denotes that the work belongs to the library of tbi; 
Smithsonian Institution, now deposited in the Library of Congress. 

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A. (F.) Marioa Howard; or trials antl tri- 
umphs, [aiiON.] 637 pp. 12°. PhiladeU 
pMa, F. F. Cumingham, 1872. 

A. (H.G.) ChloeLankton; orjliglitbeyond 
tte olonds. A story of real life, [anon.] 
266 pp. 2 pi. 16°. PkSadelpMa, Atneiican 
». a. union, [1859]. 

A. (Mrs. J.) Jeasie Linden: or the soyeii cor- 
poral works of mercy, [aiwn.] 343 pp. 1 
pi. 18°. ^'eiv 7oi% E. Bumgan, 1847. 

[Dusxqak'b home library, no. 81. 

A. (S. D.) Life Bkel>elies from scottisb. his- 
tory, ov brief biogrnphiefi of tlie seottiah 
Presbyterian worthies, [ono*.] 144 pp. 1 
pi, 18°. Philadelphia, FreabsUrian loard 
ef publication, [18!>5], 

A. (T. B.) The bells ; a collectiou of chimes. 
By T. B. A, [anon.] 144 pp. IS'^. Neiv 
Yoi'ie, J. C. ite%, 1855. 

A (W,) Fewell; a series of essays of opiu- 
ion for chnvohmen. By W. A, [anon.] 
269 pp. 12°. Baltimoi-fi, J. BoUmm, 1846. 

Abailard, Abeilard, or Ab^lard (Pierre}. 
Dialogus iutcr pliilosopham, jndieam ot 
ohriatianum. Huuo primnm ecliclit Frid. 
Henr. Kheinwald. siii, 132 pp. 8°. Bero- 
livi, impend T. C. F. EiisUit, 1831. 
[Bheinwald (F. 1{.) Anecdota od liiatoriftm cc- 
clegiasticain pertinentia. Farliaulal], 

Epitome theologise ohristiauio. xss viii, 

1, 116 pp. 3 1. 8°. BeroUiil, F. A. H&hig, 

[Eheinwai.d (F. H.) ADOodota art liistodum ec- 
olesiaaliuam pernaeaClii. Pai'Ucula il] . 

Abbey (Alonzo J.) Sooss of the bible. Sere 
Ogden (W. A.) and Abbey. 

Abbey {Bev. Kichard). The city of God 
and the ehnrch-makera ; an examiuation 
into structural Christianity, and oriticism 
of ohristlau scribes and doctors of the law. 
xs, 315 pp. 12°. A''et« TorJe, Sara * 
Hoaghton, 1872. 
1 C 

Abhie {AimtjpaeudoH.) CaiioU Aahtou; or, 
the rewards of truthfulness. ByauutAb- 
bie. ipseadon.] 156 pp. 1 pi, 18^. Phila- 
delphia, American bapt'M piMicaiion sooiely, 

Abbott (Anne W,) The lost wheelbarrow 
and other stories, 173 pp. 1 pi. 18^. Bos- 
ion, 8. e. SimpUns, 1846, 

Abbott (Sea. John Ste^'ens Cabot). Ameii- 
cau pioneers and patriots. 3 y. 12°. New 
Yorh, Dodd 4- Mead, 1872-73. 

Christian dnty ; or brief practical di- 

reotious for those oommenclng a christian 
life. 44 pp. 33°. ISaaloa, Croeler ^ Bravs- 
ter, 1842. 

The mother at home; or the princi- 
ples of maternal duty familiarly illustrat- 
ed, yiii, 13-164 pp. 12°. Boston, CrocUr 
4- Breinster, 1833, 

The youug astronomer; ov, the facts 

developed by modern astronomy, 144 pp. 
12=', 2fm Torh, Saxkm ^ Mites, 1846. 

Abecedariu pentra scoalete elementare ro- 
mcenesti de legoa gr. n. unitra. Din Un- 
garia 81 Banatii. [onon.] 110 pp. 16°. 
Viena, in e. r. edwUme de aerfi scolaeiiSe, 

The same. 112 pp. 16°. Vieita, in c. r. 

edStia-a de cosrti scolaatiee, 1860. 

Abeken (Heinrieh). Babylon and Jerusa~ 
lem : a letter addreased to Ida, countess of 
Hahn-Hahn, From thegerman. [omoti.] 
With, a preface by the translator, xii, 116 
pp. 16°. Loniloa, J. W. Parlter 4' Sou, 

JToie.— EnwiBOUslT atliilmtoil in tlie preface lo 
"Dr.Nitsdi, of Berlin.'' 

db, Google 

^^cola 1847 
s by the way ? i 


Abekeii (II ID u ) Am 1. u 1 u 
sbla ore ud eiuinc pit ou NobaL 
theiliiti^eii U1 o colonisat oii lu t b 
derer r oka cbt a f Braa 1 en T 
pp. 1 table 8 Be t 

AbeU (Ms h 0) Gi u 
an ofte \i„ of i ty tul t t1 Engl, 
tit. 408 pp 1 il 1 ^ Tol W. 

Holdelge [1850] 

Abelone (Lon s Dav 1) W Uiam the tac - 
turn Trinslated by J P La ro i Fr m 
the french 359 pp no 2 pi 16 ^mv 
Yorl Aebo f PI lips [187^] 

Abercrombie (Jobn d) lie uiu of 

faitl o the Li monj of ch ist an fa tli 
and chiiact r Fo tIeMElnh h 
ed. 11 pp 18° ^ To J. ra ^ s- 
trand ^' Dwight, 1835. 

Abercrombie (E««, K. M.) The pitiyer- 
boofc and ita story. 243 pp. 1 pi. IfP. 
Mete Foj'fc, A. D. F. BatiMph, 18G4, 

About (Edmond Fi'anfois Valenliu). The 
I'oman question. Translated from the 
french. By mve. Annie T. Wood. Ed- 
ited, with an introdnction, by E. N. 
Kirk, d. d. 1 p. 1. 308 pp. 12^. Boston, J. 
E. Tilton ^ CO. 1859. 

Trente et quaraute. Sans dot. Les 

parents de Bernard. 3 p. 1. 345 pp. 12". 
Paris, L. Haohetle <(- ole. ]8n9. 

Academy (Tho). A reconl of litoi-atini!, 
learning,scienoo,andai't. [Somi-nionthly]. 
Jan. 1 to dee. 15, 1873. v. 3. 4°. Lovdon, 
J. Mitrray, 1872. 

Aoton (Miss Eliza). Modern cooltory iu all 
its branclies. Witb, directions for setting 
oat and ornamenting the table, cawing, 
relative duties of mistress and maid, etc. 
Eevised by mrs. S. J. Hale. 2 p. 1. 21-418 
pp. 12°. PhUadelpkia, J. E. Potter, 1860, 

AotOu (Ben. Henry). A vindication of the 
unitarian doctrine concerning the aole 
deity of the God and fatlior of onr lord 
Jesus Christ. 2 p. 1. 164 pp. 12°. Exelei; 
IN. fl.] T. Beden, 1835. 

Adam (Alexander). Adam's latiusi"auiuiar, 
with some improvements.' By BenjamiL 
A. Qould. viii, 284 pp. 12". Iloaloii, Ciim- 
lainga. Billiard ^ eo. 1835. 

Thosame. With add! tioQs. ByD.ivid 

Pattei-son. viii, 232 pp. 12". mvn-Yorli, 
DayeMnek, Collins ^ co. 1837. 

■ The same. With numerous additions 

iiiid ini pro vein (lilts. By C. D.Cleveland. 


Adam (Alusaudur)— -eoiLtiuuud. 
*10pp. 12=. Philadi'lphia, W. MunhM .S- 
00. 183C. 

Tho same. A grammar of tho Uitiu 

language, on tho basis of tho grammar of 
dr. A. Adam, of Edinbui^h. By C. D. 
Cleveland. 3d ed. 320 pp. 12". PMla- 
dclpMa, Thoiitas, CmnperflavaU ^ no. 1845. 

The same. Latin grammar, with some 

improvements, by B. A. Gould. 300 pp. 
12°. FhUadelpMa, E. S. Butler, 1866. 

The some. An abridgment of Adam's 

latin grammar. [By W. W.] New ed. 
xii, iri8 pp. 16". Camlridge, [Jfnss,] 
Broxon, SMUuck ^ co. 1832. 

Adanman (Saint, dlh aVbot of Hg). Vita 
sanctiCohimbae: auctore Adamnano mo- 
uastcrii hionsis abbate. 4p.l.lxx:{,4D7pp. 
3 maps, 7 pi. 4". DiiblhiU, ti/pis academieis, 
1857. s. 

IBASBATSSii ulu1i piibliiailioUB. no. IDS]. 

Adams (Jl/ias Abigail). Journal and corre- 
spondence. Sise Sinitli (Mrs. William 

Adams (Alexander). Dr. A. Adams's rudi- 
ments of latin and englisli grammar, with 
numerous expansions and additions. By 
TtmusD Johnson Improvements on the 
3il Nov, York from the last engltsh ed. 
J52 PI l'>^ Jh ladelphla, Key <(■ melif, 

Adams (Ch iilts I d ) Evangelism in the 
middle ot the uinetLenth oeutnvy ; or, an 
exhibit descriptive aud statistical, of the 
present condition of evangelical religion 
in aU countries of the world, jc, 17-316 
pp 13° So3ton C if Fw-ce, 1851. 

Hotea of the minister of Christ for the 

times drawn from the holy scriptures. 
246 pp U Ne e Torh, Lane 4- Soolt, 

Poitmtuie ot the now testament 

churcli-membors. 3l>8 pp. 12". Neiv- 
Ywk, Lane S,- Scotl, 1851. 

Adams (Charles ITranois, jr. and Henry). 
Chapters of Erie, and other essays. 2 p. 1. 
423 pp. 12". Boston, J. E. Osgo^ ^ eo. 

Adams (Daniel, m. d.) Adams's new arith- 
metic. Arithmetic in which the principles 
of operating by numbers are analytically 
explained, and synthetically applied. 264 
pp. 12°. Eeene, JT. S., J. Pi-eniiss, 1827. 

The same. Beviseded. 306 pp. 12°. 

Eeene, :^'. S., J. W. Pre\iiiss <(■ co. 1846. 

db, Google 


Adams (Diiiiiol, m. (i.)— coiitimieil. 

■ ^Thesame. 261pp. 13°. Keem, K. N., 

J. W. Freatiss 4- CO. 1854. 

Key to Adams's new avitliiiietic. Ee- 

ylsed ed. 88 pp. 12°. Ifeewe, X. JI., J. 
W. Pj'entUs 4- CO. 184a 

—. Theagrionltnralre.'Klei'. 364 pp. Vi'--. 

Boston, Bkliar^on 4" Lord, 1824. 

Tbo BcUolar's aritliinetlo ; or, federal 

atoountant. lOtli <k1. revised, ■with addi- 
tions. 21fi pp. 8°. Keeai-., K H., .7. Pren- 
Hbb, 1810. 

Adams (Ret. Emma). Woman's rifvlits ; or, 
the great mystery explained by the bihlo, 
socially, religionsly and politically. 188 
pp. 8°. Davenport, Iowa, Gazette job office, 

Adams (Frederick Angastus). Arithtnotie, 
ia two parts. Part first, advaneed leHSOiie 
in mental arithmetie. Fart aeeond, rales 
and examples for practice in written arith- 
metio. 219 pp. 13°. Lowell, D. JlUhy, 

The same. 11th tlioiiaaud. 293 pp. 

12°. Lowell, D. Blxby 4 «>. 1848. 

Kej to osaniploB for prnotiee in writ- 
ten arithmetic. For the use of toaoliei-s. 
37 pp. ia°. Lowell, D. Bixby, 1847. 

Adama (George II.) Aaher & Adains' now 
atlas and gazetteer of tlie United States, 
etc. See Aaher (John R.) and Adams- 
Adams (John Qaincy). Twelife messages 
from the spirit of J. Q. Adams, 1859. See 
Stiles (Joseph D.) 

Adams (Joseph H.) Catalogo ilustrado de 
ferret^riaa]nenoana,IicrramiiSntaa, maqni- 
naria en general, instrumentoa agricolas y 
otroa arttonlos. Ed. revisada. 3 p. 1, iv, 
304 pp. 8°. Niieva Foi*. M. M. Zawa- 
wmSi, [1871]. 

Adams (J/ra. J. S.) The bouqnet of spi- 
ritnal flowers, 185G. See Child (A. B.) 

Adams (J. T.) The lost hnnter. A tale of 
early times. \aaon,'\ 402 pp. 12". Hen- 
Yoi% Derby ^- Jackson, 1856. 

Adams (Nehemlali, d. d.) Agues and tlio 
key of lier little cofSn. By her father. 
[nno».] 191pp. 12°. Boston, S. K. WMj)- 
pU ^ 00. 1857. 

[Imperftot; wonting pp. 111-108, aig. B iKuig re- 

- — — The same Agnes and the little key : 
01, beiea\ed parents inBtmctcd and com- 
loitcd By hei tathei lanon.2 8tli eel. 
T^I p]i le B,«fow, 1 iluor .(■ Firm, 


Adams (Nekemiah, d. iJ.)—Gon tinned. 

Dertha and her baptism. By the an- 
ther of Agnes and the little key. [an«n.] 
297pp. 19^ Beatou.S. K.Wkipplc4-co.lSS7. 

Thesame. Reyiseded. 297pp. 16=. 

JSoston, Tiel-Hor 4- Melds, 1863. 

■■ - - Catkaiiue. By tko antkor of "Agnes 

and the little key," [onoit.] 192 pp. 13°. 
BosfoM, J. E. Tillon, 1859. 

The same. Revised od. 192 pp. 16". 

Boston, 3fct«oi> 4 Fields, 186:1. 

Adams (William, d. d.) Tiio elements of 
christian scienoe. A treatise upon moral 
philosophy and practice. 379 pp. 8". PMl' 
aiMpllia, E. Hookey, ISiO. 

Adama (William Taylor). All aboard; or, 
life on the lake. A sequel to " The boat- 
clab." By Oliver Optic. QpsewdoJi.] 352 
pp. 16°. Boston, BroKn,Basiii 4- eo.lS^Q. 
[Iloat-olnb sci-ies, v, a]. 

Cross and oreseont; or. Young 

America in Tnrkoy and Greece. A story 
of travel and adventure. Eugd. tit. 347 
pp.3pk 1C°. Boston, Lee4Skepard,\81X 
[Yonng AmBdott abiijac!, 2d aeiies]. 

In doors and out ; or, views from the 

cliimney corner. By Oliver Optic, \jisen- 
don.'] Engd. tit. 330 pp. 5 pi. 13°. Bos- 
ton, Brown, Baiin 4- co. 1855. 

— -— In school and out; or, the conquest of 
Richard Grant. By Oliver Optic. Ipseii- 
don.] 286 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Boston, Lee 4 
Shepard, 1864. 

Little Bobtail ; or, the wreck of the 

Penobscot. By Olivet Optic. [ysetidoB.] 
Engd. tit. 333 pp. 13 pi. 16°. Boston, I^ 
4 SItepai-il, 1373. 
(lUe joolit-olnb series]. 

Little by little; or, the cruise of the 

Flyaway. By Oliver Optic. Qpseudoii.] 
280 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Cii)c!iinaU,Eielceg,Mal- 
Torg 4 eo. 1861. 

Now or never; or, tke adventures of 

Bobby Bright. By Oliver Optic, [psea- 
*Hi.] 1 ill. title, 263 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Bos- 
ton, Brown, BaMn 4 co. 1857. 

Palaee and cottage; or, Yonug Amer- 
ica in France and Switzerland. By Oliver 
Optic, fjjscudo)*.] EDgd. tit. 348 pp. 3 pi. 
16°, Boatmi, Lee 4 Shepard, 1869. 
I Young Aiaerlca abroad aerlas, y. 5]. 

■■ ■ — Poor and proud ; or, fke fortunes of 
Katy RedltiiTD. A story for young folks. 
Engd. tit 374 pp. 1 pi. 13°, TJosMw, Phil- 
lips, Sampson 4 00. lA'i!). 

db, Google 


Adams (Williaiu Taylor)— cou tin aed. 
Eicli and humble ; or, the misaion cif 

Bertlia Grant. A story for young people. 

By Oliver Optic, [psfiwdora.] Engil. tit. 

a96 pp. 3 pi. lfi°. Boston, Lee. i|' Shppard, 


[Wowlviile etfflioB, t. 1]. 
The sMlor-lioy; or, Jack Soiners in 

the navy. By Oliver Optic. [j(eeii*)M.] 

Engtl. tit. 336 pp. 2 pi. W. llosim, Lee 

4- Sheparil, 1865. 

Sea and shore; or, the tramps of a 

traveller. By Olivet Optic, [paeu^M.] 
Eugd. tit. 3D0 pp. 13 pi. 16°. A'ostoif, Lee 
4- Slu^t^'d, 1873. 

[The upward and onwnril eei'ios, v. 6] . 

The soldier l>oy; or, Tom Soiners in 

the army. By Oliver Optic, [pututon.} 
333 pp. i pi. 12°. JJostoit, Lm ^ Shep- 
ard, 1864. 
[The BTmj anil navy atovloa]. 

A spelling-hoofe for advaueeil classes, 

86 pp. 1S=. Boston, Sre^ver^- 21ies(on, 1863. 

Watch and wait ; or, the young fhgi- 

tives By Oliver Optic Zpgeud&n.] 976 
pp. lb Boston, Lee ^ Shcpaid, ISGi. 

Adams (— ) Woman Sketches of the 
history, geuiQ>", disposition, accomplish- 
ments, employments, customs and import- 
auee of the f vir sex in all pirta of the 
world Tr a Iriend to the sex. [OJIOJI.] 
viii, 400 pp 12 L'HiloH G Kem-shii, 

The same lutcrapeisod ivith anec- 
dotes. By a Hiend to the sex. [ajioii.] 
'296 pp IS*" Boatun, J Bmiitead, 1807. 

Addloks(3fi8 BubaraOSuUi\an), Pocket 
manui,l, tioating of the science of the 
freneh language, under the he^s of, lat, 
orthography, 2d, etymology, .'d, syntax. 
First number Ot oithography. sxxii, 
103 pp 18^ Fliila^clphia, 1S44. 

Addison (Joseph) Ihe evidences of the 
christian leligion, with additional 
courses Collected trom the -writings of 
Addison tl2 pp 12" (neivfiM, [Mo 
J. Beim, 1812 

The happmi^s ol the souh m heaven, 

tj« EBLLiBMiMO (Roliert)) The ■ __ .... 

bleaaed, 8°. London, E. OurU, ITiS. pp. 1-iil . 

Adriani (Giovamhattiatn). Istoria de' suoi 
tempi, [1536-1573], 8 v. 8°. rralo,fra- 
telU GiaohetU, 1823-23. 
JTote.— Gomba Hays nt this oiUlli 


Adventures (The) of Harry Franco, a tale 
of the great panic, [atioji.] 2 v. 2 p. 1. 
271 pp; 2 p. 1.254 pp. 12°. New York, 
F. Smmdeit, 1839. 

Adventures (The) of Willson Avery, By 
tlie author of " The blaek velvet bracelet." 
[ajioji.] 334 pp. lfi°. Bomn, B. H. Grcem. 

Advice from a lady of q^u.tUty, to her chil- 
dren ; in the last sti^e of a lingering ill- 
ness. Translated from the frenoh, by 8. 
GlasBB, d. d. [etc. OBOit.] 4th ed. 1 p. 1. 
xv,245pp. 16°. QloemteyjlEiig.lE.Itaikes, 
for EMnglon, etc. 1786. 

Advice to Jttlift. AletteriurLymo. [aum.} 
2 p. 1. 236 pp. 16°. London, J. Murray, 

Advice to a yoang brother, ou practical Bub- 
.jects. By a missionary, [anoii.] 115 pp. 
I pi. 16". New-York, l^yloi- .j- Gould, 

Advice to a yoaiig christian, 1830. See 
■Waterbuiy (.Tared B.) 

Advice to a young gentleman, on entering 
society. By the author of the " Laws of 
etiqnette." [anoit.] 1 p. 1. 39.1 pp. 16°, 
PkitampMa, Lea 4- Blanelim-d, 1839, 

Advice to young mothers on the physical 
Bdueation of children, Byagvandmothor. 
[anon.] 1st amnrican ed. ^th additions. 
355 pp. 13°. BokIoh, ITiUim-il, Gray 4- co. 

^schiiiea. Tl:e orationof jEachines against 
Ctesiphou. [330 B. C] With notes. By 
J. T. Champlln. sii, 182 pp. 12°. Cam- 
bridge, [Mass.] J. BartleU, 1850. 

.Sschylus. . The Agamemnon of jEachy- 
lus, -with notes. ByC. C. Felton. x, 199 
pp. 13°. Boaion, J. Mnnroe ^ eo. 1847. 

The Promethens of iEschylus, with 

notes. By Theodore D. Woolsey. New 
ed. X, 103 pp. 13"^. Boston, J. Miinroe 4' 
eo. 1850. 

The Prometheus and Agamemnon. 

Translated into eugliah verse, by Henry Herbert. xU, 156 pp. 12^. Gaia^ 
bl-idge, IMass.'i J. Bai-tleU, 1849. 

Septem contra Thebas, a tragedy. 

[Gr.] Edited, with engliah notes, by Au- 
gnstus Sacbtleben. x, 156 pp. 13°. Bos- 
ton, J.Mimroe 4 co. 1853, 

JQaoptis. One hundred of JEsop's fables, in 
freuch; preceded by a description of fifty 
animals, most of -wbioh occupy a place in 
the fables tliomselvcs; Eind accoinpauipil 

db, Google 


— coutiDucd. 
by a ii'eiioh-english dictiouaiy. 337 pp. 
18". FUUtdelphia, J. Dobson, 1842. 

The same. New reTised ed. 237 pp. 

18^. PkUadeljyhia, F. LegpoMt, 1365. 

African motbodist opiscopal Zlon cliiirch. 
Hymns. Improyed efl. Publisbod by S. 
M. Giles, C. Eush, and J. P. Tlioiiipson. 
524 pp. 24°. Mw-Toi% 1858. 

African (TLo) repository. [MoutLly]. Jan. 
to doo. 1872. Y. 48. 8°. WaeUnglon, 
JmeHcan colonisaiion meieCi/, 1872. 

Agar (.T.) Tbo American's hooli of oratory, 
or gwardian of liberty. 350 pp. 8=. Aii- 
baru, IN. Y.} Derby ^ MllUr, 1^2. 

Agaaslz (Louis Jolin Bndolpli). Twelve 
lectares on comparative ombryology,deliv- 
ered before the Lowell institnte, in Boston, 
dec. and Jan. 1848-9. PhonogrBpMo re- 
port, by J. W. Stoue. 104 pp. 8°. Bo»toii, 
Seddmg ^ co. 1849. 

anil Oould (Augustus Addison). Prin- 
ciples of zoology, touehing the strnotnre, 
deTelopment, distribution, and natural ar- 
rangement of the raoefi of animals, 11 viDg 
and extinct. Port 1. Comparative physi 
ology. New revised ed. 250 pp. 12^. 
BoaU>u, GoiM 4' I^»colif, 1873. 
JViite.— No ohango wbatever fcoin edlUoii of l' 

Agatha, or one thing I do. By the author 
of "Early and later rain." [anon.] 195pp. 
1 pi. 18°. riiila^phia, rre^hjta-loii board 
of jmUicaiioa, [1859]. 

Aglar (James Francis). The Missouri tem- 
plar's hand book. 2 p. I. 200 pp. 18°, 
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Agnes and the little key, 1863. See Adams 
(Nehemiah, d, d.) 

Agnes and the key of her little oofBn, 1857. 
See Adams (Nehemiah, d. d.) 

Agnes in search of truth; and other sketch- 
es. lanm.J 184 pp. 16°. lfm7w%Aineri- 
ean trad societg, [18721. 

Agrippa von Nettesheim (Hcincich Corue> 
lins). [De incertitudine et vanitate sci- 
eutiarum], Van de onzeekerlieyd. ende 
ydellieyd der weetonscbappen en konsten. 
Wt latyn in hoUantfiCh overgkezet ; door 
I. Oadaan, 1650. 12 p. 1. 610 pp. 16° 
Haerlmti, J. A. Colmn, 1651. 

Aguilar (Grace). Home scenes aud henit 
studies. vii,399pp. Ipl. 12°. Xav Yo)l 
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Ahu (Friedricli). Ahn's method of learning 
tlio german langunge. Eovised by Gustv 

Alui (Priedrioh)— continued, 
vus Fischer. 2 v. vi,134pp; lllpp. 12". 
Jfen York, E. Stelger, 1871. 

V. a. Saoond (tiieoratioal) eouvae. 

Dr. F. Ahu'a praktisoher lehrgang aur 

echnelloD und leiohten eriernaag der eng- 
lischon spvache. Herausgegebeu von H. 
Ginal. Beide cnrse iii eiuem hande. 204 
pp. 12°. PhilaMphUi, Scli'ifer 4- Eoradi, 

Auewpraeticalgruiumarof thedntch 

lauguagei With dialognes and readings 
in prose and vereo. 2 p. 1. 105 pp. 16°. 
LoH^&n, F. Tldmrni, 1854. 

Aids to mental deTelopment; or, liiubs to pa- 
rents. By alady of Philadelphia. [«««».] 
335 pp. 12°. rmaMphia, Ee.y 4- Biddle, 

Aikin (John, tit. d.) Tkc juvenile budget 
opened ; being selections &om tho writ- 
ings of doctor John Aikin, with a sketch 
of his life. By mrs. Sarah J. Hale. 988 
pp. 18". Boston, Marsli, Capea, Lyou 4- 
Webb, 1840. 

The juvenile budget reopened; being 

further selectioDS from the writings of 
doctor John Aikin. With copious notes. 
](y Sarah Josepha Halo. 250 pp. 18''. 
Bostoa, Marsh, Capett ^ Lyon, 1840. 

Letters from a father to his son, on 

various topics, relative to literature and 
tlie conduct of life. Written in the years 
1792 and 1793. xi, 249 pp. 16°. Bablm, 
B. MarcUmk for J. MilUkeii, 1795. 

Poems, s, 136 pp. fP. London, J. 

Johnson, 1791. 

A view of the life, travels, and philan- 
thropic labors of the late John Howard. 
196 pp. 1 1. portrait. 16°. Philadelphia, 
W. W. Woodward for J. Ooniwi, 1794. 

The same. [With an ode inscribed to 

John Howard. By William Hayley]. 178 
pp. 18°, Boston, Manning ^ Loring, 1794. 

A'ih 'ti (J. B.) Tho sabbath-school minstrel. 
158 pp. 1 1. S(i. 16°. PMWlelpUa, jiro- 
prietor, [1859], 

Aimwell (Walter, pseadoa.) See Sinionds 

Ainslie (H ) A pilgnmage to the land of 
Burns, containing anecdotes of the bard, 
and of the chaiacters he immortalized, 
with nnmeious pieces of poetry, original 
and collected [aiiim.] 1 p. 1. 271 pp. 
1 pi 1" Thplfmd, mihor, 1892. 

db, Google 


Aluswoi'th (EoLert). A new abi'idgiueut 
of Ainaworth's dictionary, engUslt and 
latin, for the use of gvjimmar schools. By 
John Djmoot, 11. d, New americau 
with corrections and improvements. By 
Chailes Anthon, Sv.ln 1.. 8, 306 pp. 11; 
'405 pp. sq. 16". T'MladelpIiia, A. Tojaar, 
leto.-] 1836. 

Airy (George liiddoll). On sound mid at- 
raosplioric vibrations, with mathematical 
elements of mnsio. [etc.] svl, 263 pp. 
3 tab. 8", Caml/ridye, [,Eiig,'] Jlaeotlllaii 
^w. 1868. 

Altken (William, m. i?.) The science and 
practice of medicine, with additions Ly 
Meredith Clymer, m. d. 3d am. irom 
Lond. ed. 3 v. 1056 pp; 903 pp. 1 pi. 1 
map. 8". I'hiladelpMa, Lindsay .y Blalia- 
ion, 1873. 

Akers (Bun. Thomas P.) Sermons for tlio 
Lome circle. A series of twenty four i 
nions by eminent ministers of different 
nominations. With an introdnction hy 
rev. xiijSllpp. 19". Bos- 
ton, B. B. Easgell, 1853. 

Alabama (The) case. Articles and lottoin 
relating to tlie same which have appeared 
in the London newspapers. [From dc- 
cember 30, 1871, to July 15, 1872. Kewa- 
paper-onttiugs, moimted on foolscap par 
per, with mannacript indes]. d v. fol. 
Jx(Hdo», [1871-72]. 

[Mainly ftwn Tie ttmea, The inorning nos^ The 
Btaodard, Tbe dsil; natrs, anil The telegrapbl. 

Alabama (The) maunal and statistical regis- 
ter for 1S71. Edited by hon. Joseph Hodg- 
son. 8°. Moitlgomei-y, [Ala.} Advance o^ke, 

Alard (Marie Joseph L. J. Fraiifois An- 
toine). De I'tDflammation des vaisseaux 
absorhans-lymphaticpieB dermoldes et sous- 
outanfe; [fliSphantiaais]. Nonv. ftl. sxii, 
400 pp. 5 pi. 8'^. Paris, J. B. BaiUiii-e, 

Dn si<!ge etdela nature des mala*lies, 

ou nonvelles considdmtions tonchant la 
veritable octioa du aysteme absorbant 
dans les phfiaomfenes de V^ouomie aui- 
male. 2 v. xxxvi,367pp; 2p.l.S77pp. 
8°. Paris, J. B. Baiimre, 1821. 

Albany ((7i%o/). Mannal for the common 
council of the city of Albany, 1871. By 
Martin Delehanty. 1 p. 1. 114 pp. 13°. 
Alianjif Argus eotapany, 1871. 

Aldati (Andrea). Contra vitani monasli- 
ftim, ad collpgam ol'iiu sunn:, (\ui 1,inn»i- 


Alciati (Andrea) — continued, 
erat ad franciscanos, Bernardnm Hattium 
epistola. Accedit syUoge epistolarum Oi- 
Fontani, Yossii, Sibrandi Siccamie, Gro- 
novii, Boshomii, aliorumque viromm 
clarisBimornm, quae Tai'iam dootrinam 
continent, [etc.] Primus omnia in lucem 
prutulit, adjeetis passim notls Antonius 
Matthajus. xii, 560 pp. 8 1. 8°. Zagdiod 
Batavoriim, P. JSdariiig, 1005. 

Aloott (Amos Bronson). Coiicowl duys. 
vii, 276 pp. 10". Soaioii, BuIkiU h-otliere, 

Alcott (Louisa M.) Aunt Jo's scrap-bag. 
V. 3. Shawl-straps. 3 p. 1. 236 pp. 2 pi. 
16°. Boston, Bobeiis h-othas, 1S32. 

Flower fables. 1 p. 1. 183 pp. 6 pi. 

16°. Boalon, O. W. Bt-iggs ^ co. 1855. 

Moods. [Istal.] 297 pp. 12°. Bos- 

(on, Lorhig, 18(S. 

Aloott (William Alexander). Familiar let- 
ters to young men ou various sul^eots. A 
eompanion to thoYonngman's guide. 312 
pp. 12°. Bufalo, CI. S. lym-hy ,f co. 1849. 
{ALCo'i'r's nflw ftei'Ieel. 

The honae I live in. Part ili'st. The 

frame. 144 pp. 18°. Itostoit, Litis, Wait, 
Colman 4- SoUmi, 1834. 

Letters to a sister; or woman's mis- 
sion. To accompany the Letters to yonug 
men. xx, 13-307 pp. IS". Bagalo, G. H. 
Derhij 4- co. 1850. 

[ALCOTT'SDflW seileB]. . 

Paul at Epheaus. 198 pp. 18". Bos- 
ton, Mass. 8. s. society, 1846. 

Vegetable diet : ae sanetioued hy 

medical men, and by experience in all 
ages, xi, 276 pp. 12°. Boston, Marsh, 
Capea ^ Lgon, 1838. 

A vfoxA to teaohorsL or, two days in 

a primary school, xvi, 84 pp. 18°. Sos- 
ton, Allen .f mhnor, 1833. 

The young housekeeper, or thoughts 

on food and cookery 3d, sd 424 pp. 16°. 
Boston, 6. W. Ught, 1838 

The young husband, 01 duties of 

man in tht marriage relation 1st stereo. 
ed. Engd. tit. 388 pp 1 pi 12" Boston, 
G. W. Ught, 1839 

The young wife; or, duties ot woman 

in the marriage relation. 376 pp. 16". 
Boston, G. W. Light, 1837. 

Tlio young woman's guide to excel- 
lence. ;irifi pp. 18". Boston, a. W. Light, 

db, Google 

Alcott. See AUcott. 

Alden (Ebeneajr, to. d.) Mciimii- iiud toi*- 

rcapontleuce of mi's. Mary Auu. Oiliovue 

Clarfc. 226 pp. 1S=. llastox, Mass. a. s. 

sooieiy, 1S37. 
Alden (Joscpl], A. d.) The aged pilgi-im. 

108 pp. 18°. Bonton, Moan. e. s. society, 

The cardinal flower, aud other tales. 

108 pp. 18°. Boston, B. I'm-Una # co. 

The departed sister, aod other tales. 

178 pp. s<i. 18°. Nm York, Gates ^ Sted- 

man, 1847. 

232 pp. 16°. A'ew Turk, Hudson .f' PhilUps, 

The light-Leavted girl ; a tiile I'oroliil- 

dron. 108 pp. 18^. Boston, B. Pci-lcim .J- 

eo. 1845. 
The lost laiuh, aud other tales, lt'8 

pp. 18°. Boston, B. Pei-klm ^- co. 1846. 
The old revolutionaiy soldier. 153 pp. 

5 pL aq. 18°. KoK York, Gales ^ Stedaiau, 

Alden (Miriam). Bashio's service: or 

Where's a will, there 's a way. lill. title, 

234 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Warreu, Bi-oilgh- 

lon 4- Wpnan, [1872]. 
Aldlne (The), » typograpliic art jonmal. 

[Mouthly], Jan. to (too. 1872. v. S. fill. 

Mw Yorli, J. Samn J- co. 1873. 
Aleue i London, 1870. Sec Smith (Han- 
Alex. [paeutUn.'] As she would have it. By 

"Ales." [The womaa f[nestion]. 105 pp, 

12°. Pkiladelphia, J. B. Lippiiieott tf co. 

Alexander (Archihald, d. d.) Thonghls on 

religions experience. 311 pp. portrait, 

12°, PhiUidelpliia, Freslgterian board of 

pabUcaUoH, 1841. 
The same. 3d ed. SiW pp. portrait. 

la°. Fhiladelphia, Fresbijtei'ian brntrd of 

pitblicaUon, 1844. 
The same. 397 pp. portrait. 12°. 

PHlaSelpTiia, Preshntcrian hoard of piibUea- 

lion, [1868]. 
Alexander (James Waddell, d. d.) Couso- 

latiou : in discourses on select topics, ad- 
dressed to the sniFering people of God, 

448 pp. 8°. Mw-7ork, G. Scrlbner, 1853. 
Disconrses oa commou topics of chris- 
tian faith and practice. 463 pp. 8^, i'eip 

York, C. Scribim; 18o8, 


Alexander (J. W, d, li.)— coutiuuod. 
Tlio life of Archibald Alexander, d. d. 

'Ad thousand, xi, 700 pp. portrait, 8". 

N'ew-York, C. Sorlbncr, 1854. 
The same, xi, 563 pp. portrftit, 

12°. . NeiB York, C. Scnbiiei; 1856, 
Alexander (John Henry). Catena doinini- 

ca. 1 p, 1. Y, 177 pp. 19°. FUUdelphia, 

M. Sookei; 1855, 
Alexander (Samnol Davies). Priuceton 

college during the eighteenth ceutnry, 

sTii, 336 pp. 8". ^e<u ToTk, A. Z>. F. 
Eeinclolph ^ eo. [1872]. 
Alexander (William, o/Jlfen«(fJc, aftatoardu 
earl of Stirling w Sl^-Uiw). [Tlie monarcli- 
iclie tragedies. CrcEsns, Darina, the Alex- 
andraian, Julina Caisnr]. 3 p. 1. 253 pp. 
I'ol. ILoudon, 1637]. 

[Iniporfect: title-naae wantfrp;. Prnbably v. 1 of 
su Dditjou entjllod Bccceatioiis trllh tho luiiaee] , 

Alexander (William, <ff Philadelphia, Iiwh 
1808). The poetical works of \V. Alexan- 
der; inclnding his Cliristiad, dramas, tmd 
minor poems, with dissertatioua on poetry, 
and a sketoli of hia life, xv, 963 pp, 
portrait. 8°. PkiJadelpMa, J.B. Lippinootl 
<(■ CO. 1847. 

Alexander (William D, S.) The hermit of 
tlio Pyrenees and other miscellaneons 
poems. From London ed. xi, 126 pp. HP. 
London, Longman, [e(c.] 1859. 

Alford (Henry), The poetical worka of 
Henry Alford, 1 p, I, 424 pp, 12°. Bos- 
ton, Ticknor, Heed tf- Fklds, 1853, 

Alfredua. \_psewhu.'] Tho needle- woman. 
ByAlfredus, 155 pp. 8°, [Bo8fo)i,ie71]. 

Alger (Horatio, jr.) Bertha's Christmas 
vision ; an autumn sheaf vi i 24'* pp. 

1 pL 16°. Bo»ton, Poo Bn* } eo. 

Franit's campaign o hit ho^s 

can do on the farm for the cami 296 [ p. 

2 pi, 16°. Boston, Lot ng 18b4 

Luck and pluck suies, lb . \_Bos- 

ton, Loriiig, 1879]. 

titHve aiid Bncceecl; or, tlie nrogi'oas ut' Walter 
Ccmrad, EnRd, tit. 33S pp. f pL 

Tattered Tom aeriea. lat series in 

4v, 16°, Boston, loHyig,HSn-T2l 

S. Patil, file pedlw j OTjthe adve 

imislolfln. 385 pp. 3 ji flBTS], 
Slow and sure ; or, fiv- "•- "- 

tliB stroct tn t1io 

db, Google 

AU ben AM Taleb {lite ilh calqyh). Car- 
iniua. Aialtice et latino. E<lidib c( notis 
illastL'STit Gerardna Kuypers. 4 p, 1. 195 
pp.181, 8". LagdtinlBatavoriini, J. Sase- 
Iroek 4' S. Joagelyn, 1745. 

Alice and Bessie ; or growth iu gruce. 
[tntoK.] 160 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, AnteH- 
can a. s. union, [1853]. 

Alice Clifford, and Iior day-dreama. [aiion.] 
208 pp. 4 pL 18°. PMlaOelpUa, Amari- 
oaii B. a. -anion, [1854], 

Alida ; or, miBcollaneoua skutches of occni'- 

renoea dnring tlie lote amcrioaa war. 

Foundod on fact. Jiy an unknown author. 

[anon.] vii, 223 pp. 18°. Nviv Yvi% an- 

{ft(W, 1841. 
Alison (Bee. Aruliibald), EiitiayN uu tliu 

nature aud piinciplcs of tasto. With oor- 

Tections aod improYemeute liy Ahrabam 

Mills. 461 pp. 1-2°. Jftw Tin% SariKi- 

4- hrolheri, 1&44. 
Sermons, cliielly on particular occa^ 

sions. 2 V. syi, 488 pp; s\\, 483 pp. 8". 

Edinburgh, A. Constable -j- co. 1815-17. 

A'oK.— Y. 1, eth ea ; T. a. sa ed. 
The same. 3d amerioau ml. SPJG pp- 

13°. Georgetown, Col, W. A. Bind ^ 

Alison <Ai-chibald, U. d. mi of preceding). 

BUtory of Enropo iVom the c< 

meat of the french revolntion in 1789, to 

the restoration of the Bonrlions la 1815. 

Abridged from the last London ed. B; 

Kdward S. Gonld. xxiv, 494 pp. 8°. Nci 

Tori:, J. Witickmt^; 1843. 
All the children's library, i v. sfj. 16'- 

iJosIoB, WalJier, Wise ^ co. 1860. 

BtiBBie Grant's ti-eaaui'e. ByauntDonk Ijjseiidoitl 
Moilentr and merit ; or, ine Gray-Wrd'e alur.v ol 

little May-Kose and John, lanim.] 
Noby HerGert, aod other stotles. [anon.] 
Summer (A) with the littla Graya. latum.] 

Allardyce (Alexander). An address to the 
proprietors of the bank of England, 
cd. with additions. [Entitled, Postscript 
to an address, etc ; with an appendix, and 
a continnation of the postscript]. 32, 156 
pp. 4°. London, W. J. ^- J. Ilicl>ard»on, 

Alloott (William W,> Allcott's produce 
tables, showing the valne of any quantity 
of grain, estimated at sixty ponnds to the 
bushel, 65 1. nnp. 1G=>. Eocliester, [N. T.] 
Mar/tliall Sf Dean, 1831. 


Allebaoli (J. C) and Hunsbergiei' (I. K.) 
Eeadable notes for the snnd.iy-aohool, 
being a very ehoic« collection of hymus 
and tnnes, iu the seven charaeter notes. 
160 pp. SCI, lli°- rhiladelpliia, S. C. Col- 
Una, [1872]. 

The temple harp: being a very choice 

collection of sacred music, comprising the 
most popular psalm and hymn tunes, an- 
thems, &c. in J. B. Aiken's seven charac- 
ter notes. 384 pp. obi. 8°. PLUadel^phia, 
S.C. Collins, [mU]. 

Alleine (Joseph). Earail dhura«hdaoh do 
pheacaich iieo-lompaichte; lo I. Alleine, 
cadar-theangaichte o'n bheuvla, le I. 
Smith, d. d. a nis air a leasachadh. 180 
l>p. 18°. Glaegote, I). Maceean, 1830. 

li trHUslntloji fiwn tho ahrliTgiOBiit of Tliornlon, 
euUtled "AlMna'a ndmonitiou"], 

Allen (Chester G.) The coronation, ISTiJ. 
See Se'ward (T. E.) and Allen. 

Allen (Elizabeth [Afcers]). Foi-est buds, 
from the woods of Maine. By Florence 
Percy. Ipsmdon.'] 207 pp. 13°. Boston, 
Brown, Boilii .f oo. 1856. 

Allen (Bow, Joseph Henry). Greek reader. 
Selections. With notes. 1871. See Good- 
win (William W.) and Allen. 

Latin primer: a first book in latin for 

boys and girls, viii, 127,27 pp. 101. 12°. 
Boston, Glnu irotiers S; <*• 1870. 

and G'reeiiough (James Bradstreet), 

A latin grammar for schools and colleges, 
founded on comparative grammar, xv, 
252 pp. 12°. BosfoM, Ginn hroGms, 1872. 

Allen (I*wia F.) History of the short-horn 
cattle; their origin, prepress and present 
condition. 266 pp. 10 pi. S". Bngalo, 
aMiAflJ-, 1872. 

Allen (Richard L. m-d.) Domestic animals. 
History and description of the horse, mule, 
uattle, sheep, swine, poultry and farm- 
dogs. Also, their diseases, and remedies. 
227 pp. 13°. Sew York, oaiftw, 1848. 

Hand-book of Saratoga, and stran- 
gers' guide. 131 pp. 4 pi. 12°. A'eid-Fui'fc, 
W. S. Arthur ^ co. 1859. 

AUen (Wniiam, d.d.) Wuuuissoo, or the 
vale of Hoosatunnuk, a poem, with notes. 
337 pp. portrait. 12°. Boston, J. P. Jewelt 
4- eo. 1856. 

Allgemeine zeitnng. [Augsburg tiigliclie]. 
1 januar bis 31 dec. 1S73. 4 v. 4". Stutt- 
gart 4- Aitgsbnrg, J. G. Cotta, 1872. 

db, Google 


Alllaou (Joy, jiseudon f) Kate 
and liei: friends. 308 pp. Ipl. 16°. Bos- 
ton, CongregaUoHalpiAUskingsometg, [1872], 

AIllx (Petei). Disserliationea troa. i. De 
sanguine d. n. lesa Chcleti, ad epist. 
a. Aagnatini. ii. Deoonallloi'uniqaoraiavk 
defiuitionibus e^npendeudia. ill. Ds Tei' 
tnlliaai vita & scriptis. 3 parts in 1 y 
la°. Lttietite Parisioi'mn, apud A. Cellier 

I (George James, m. iL) A mo 

grapli of tlio gymnoblastic oi- tuljalai'i 
bydroids. Conclusion of part 1, aad pai't 
2, containing descriptions of the genera 
and species of the gymnohlastea. 3 p. 1. 
155-450 pp. 11 1. 11 pL fol. UaOon, 1872. 
[Eav society]. 

Allston (Emma F.) The jewel; a Lolidiiy 
gift for boys and girls. IBOpp.lOpl. 18' 
Sew York, J. Wiwilmsler, 1844, 

Allwood (K«u. Philip). A key to tlie cevt 
latton of at. John, the (iivine; being a 
analysis of those parfa of that book irbicli 
relate to tlie general state of the oliristian 
church through all the times since it was 
written, [etc.] 1 v, in S. ssvi, 9B4 pp. 1 
table. S^. London, C. J. G. 4- F. Btvingk 

Almanac for the use of navigators, i 
United States, {ffisiiy department). Nau- 
tical almanao office. 

Almanach de I'universitS wijalo de Franco, 
et des divers ^tablissemeuts d'instructiou 
paWiqae, 184C-48. 3 t. 8". Paris, L. 
Sadiette 4- eie. 1846-48, 

Almanaoh de la cour, do la ville et des dt^- 
partemeuts. Pour I'annfe 1810. [aiMiii,] 
17p. 1.220 pp. 32". Piwia, Janet, [1809], 

Almlndellge (Den) danske landmaudsfor- 
samhDg. Deu ellevto danske landmands- 
foraamlingiKjobenhavufite-lOde julil869. 
Beretning om moderne, forhandlingerne 
og foredfageue, dyrsknet eg ovrige udstil- 
linger. Udgiven af D. Dessau. &>. KjS- 
ienhatK, J. S. samltz, 1870. 8. 

Almon (John). A collection of treaties of 
peace, commerce and allianoe, between 
Great-Britain and other powers, fl:om the 
year 1619 to 1734. [With] a discourse on 
tlie conduct of the government of Great- 
Britain to neutral nations. By C. Jeakin- 
sou. [anoB.] iv,156pp. 8=. London, J. 
Alwoit $■ J. Bebrett, 1781, 

[A review of mr. Pitt's admin isti'atiou]. 

Die stnats-verwaltung dee herm William 
Pitt, in und ausser Grossbi'itiranien, voi' 


Almon (John)— continued, 
undwiihrondseinemstaata-sectetariat, un- 
partheyisoh erziiblet und benrtheUet. Aus 
dem englischen oviginale. [anoB.] 326 
pp. portrait. 16°. Eei-Hn, F. W. BirmOel, 

The same. Anbaug an der Sta«ts- 

verwaltnng des lierrn William Pitt, [etc.] 
Alia dem englischen des verfasaers der 
beurtheilung gedaehter staats-verwaltung. 
[oMon.] 9G pp. 16°. Berlin, F. W. Birn- 
siiel, 1764. 

AIpeiB (W.) The Beethoven collection of 
sacred music, 1855 ; also, 1857. See Ivea, 
(E. jY.) Alpers (W.) and Timm (H. C.) 

Althea. [antm.] 153 pp. 18°. New Torit, 
Coi-Uon 4 Porter, [1862]. 

Alvarez ( Franc [sco, oJ^pJaiii to Manuel, king 
lif Portugal, 1515). Ho preste loam das 
Indiaa. Verdadera informa^am das terras 
do preste loam segando vio y eacreveo ho 
padre Pranoisoo Alyarea. Agora nova- 
mente impresso. 6, 1. 1361. 51. unp. fol. 
\_Coimhra, L. Bodi-iguenl, 1540. 

Jfo«.—Iiniiarfeoti wanting title-pnge ana last page, 

plied In me. lu mdc gotbio type, 4a Unas 'on a 

Alvaress (Raphael) and Orediaga (Isidor 
G.) Gaia de Nueva York, para uso de los 
Espafloles & Hispauoamerloanoa. 166 pp. 
38 pi. 1 map. 12°. mtevaTorle, J. A.Gray, 

Alvergnat (Vlctoi). The modern class book 
of french pronunciation. Witb an appen- 
dix in which the conjugation of the most 
diflicnlt verbs is given, etc. 12°, iv, 173 
pp. Boston, SImhIm/4- MSller, 1872. 

Amaranth (The), a literary and religious 
offering, designed as a Christmas and new 
year's present. Edited by J. H. Backing- 
ham. 180 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Ncwburifport, C. 
Whipple, [1831]. 

Amaranth (The); or tokea of remembrance, 
A chriatmaa and new year's gift for 1848. 
12°. Bostoa, N. C. Barton, 1848. 

Theaame. For 1850. 12°. Neic-York, 

Galea, Stedman 4 «*>■ 1850. 

Amateur (The). A repository of muaie, lit- 
erature, and art. [Monthly]. Anthony 
O. Busch, editor, Sept. 1870, to aug, 1872. 
V. 1-2. 4". Fkiladelphia, Lee 4- Walker, 

Amateurs' (The) guide for 1872. A complete 
hook of reference, relative to the amateur 
editors, a.uthor3, printers nnd publishers of 

db, Google 


Amateurs' (The) gaiile for 1872 — coutinued. 

America. Written and compiled by Fred. 

K. MorrUL 88 pp. 10 pi. 18°. Chkago, 

Amateur pMishing eo. 1373- 
Ambrose (Rev. Isaac). War witli doTile. 

229 pp. 13°. Smeiek, W. Fhoreon, 17ff7. 
American agricultuml annual. A farmers' 

year-book, exhibiting recent progress in 

agricultural theory and practice, and a 

guide to present and future labors, 1871. 

[v. 5]. 16°. NmToTTt.O.Juda^-BB.lSri. 

American (The)agrieuUHriat. Forthefarm, 
garden and household. [A monthly mag- 
azine]. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 31. 4°. iVcio 
Yorlt, O.Judd^-co. [1872], 
The same. Der amoriltanischo agri- 
culturist, gewidmet der belehrung aller 
klassen, welohe in der bodencnltur bethei- 
ligt Hind, darin begriffen der farmer, giirt- 
ner, etc, Jannar bis dez. 1872. t. 31. 4°. 
Nets Tori, O. JuM # co. [ 1872]. 

American aunals of the deaf and dumb. 
Edited by Lewellyn Pratt and Edward A. 
Fay. Jan. 1870, to oct. 1872. v. 15-17. 8°. 
Washington, Convention am. instructors deaf 
mnd dvmb, 1870-72. 

American (The) bee journal. [Moutbiy]. 
Edited by Samnel Wagner. July, 1871, to 
June, 1872. T. 7. 8°. Washington, S. Wag- 
ner, 1872. 

Ameriean (The) hibliopolist. [Monthly]. 
Jan, to dec. 1872. v. 4. 8°. Mw York, J. 
««Sin^ sons, 1872. 

American (The) bookseller's gaide. Month- 
ly. Jan. 1 to dee. 1,1872. v. 4. 8°. iVw 
Ym-h, American nmvB comjiany, 1873. 

American colonization society. See Afri- 
can (The) repository, 

American (The) commonplace book of 
prose. See Cheever (G. B.) 

American eclectic medical review. [Month- 
ly]. Editors: Robert S. Hewton, m. d. 
Alexander Wilder, m. d. aud E. S. McCIoi- 
lan, m. d. July, 1871, to June, 1872. v. 7, 
8°. Neio Yorh, Lange, Zittle ^ HiUman, 

American (The) educational monthly. A 
magazine of popular instruotion and liter- 
ature. Jan. to dec. 1872. t. 9. 8°, Mw 
Yorh, J. W. Sckermerhorn ^ co. 1872. 

American (The) exchange and review. A 
miBcellany of useful knowledge and gen- 
eral literature. Especially devoted to 
finance, mining and metallurgy, insu- 
rance, [etc. Btoiithly]. March, 1872, to 


American (The) exchange, etc.— oontinncd, 
feb. 1873. V. 91-22. 8°. PhilaMphia, 
Eevkta pMishing ^ ^•vnM.fig co. 1872-73. 

Am.erican (The) gift-book; or military 

anon.-] 262 pp. 20 pi. 12°. Neie-Yorlc, D. 
Appleton 4- eo. 1848. 

Ameriean (The) grainers' hand-boot, 1372. 
: Masury (J. W.) 

American (The) historical record, and re- 
pertory of notes ivud r(ueries coneeruing 

tlie Liatoiy aud antitiuities of Ainecioa and 
biography of Americans. Edited by Ben- 
son J. Losisicg, 11. d. [Monthly]. Jan. to 
dec. 1872. V. 1. sra. 4°. PMladetpMa, 
Chase S To<t i 18-'2 

American hortieultuial annual. A year- 
book of hortieultuial piogress for the pro- 
fessional aud amateur gardener, fruit- 
grower and florist 1871. [v. 5]. 16°. 
NewYoil O Jidd4 CO 1871. 

American lastitiiteof homoeopathy. Trans- 
actions of the twenty-second session, held 
in Boston, June 8-11, 1869. New series. 
V. 1. 8°. Boston, A. Madge'4- son, 1870. 

The same. Transactions of the twen- 
ty-fourth session, held in Philadelphia, 
June 6-9, 1871. Hew series. 8°. diicago, 
Lakeside press, 1873. 

American institute of instruction. The 
lectures delivered before the American in- 
stitute of instruction, in Boston [and else- 
where], including the journal of proceed- 
ings, and ft list of the officers. [For the 
years 1831, 1844-45, 1850, 1852, 1858-61, 
1863]. 8° & 12°. Boston, W. D. Ticknor 

ALCorr (W. A.) Priae eBSay cm the eoiistmctioi 

of achool-honses, 1831. 
Adams (!'. A.) On !iiteUeotnal arithmetic. 184S. 
Adaiub(T.D.) The bearings of popular edneatioi 

teaolier. lS-_ _. 
BaoOKB (C.) On the iDtcoduotion of natural bis- 

BirooKS (W. H.) On the^S^lim^of'tbe flvs 

senses. 1831. 
BnowN(Q.) OnpToiBinaE. 1331. 
Bbown(M:.T.) Tba-ueoesaity of education in a 

tree state. ISCO. 
BUTLEU (J. B.) Ineentlves to menial ciiltnrB 

Calthuop (S. E.) Phyaieal developmBnt. laS8. 
Chase (C.C.) Sod's plan lor educatlnc men. 1850, 
DuKGiN (C) On natural hielory, na a branch ol 

11 (Join). Modcn 

db, Google 


American institute of justcnction — cout'il. 

FOWLE (W. E.) On the boat method of teacLins 

geography. 184S. 
X'om^jilWpG^) Influenee oF soadeiulea iLud high 

Galioue (D. p.) SMoeof the dangers of teachers. 

Greens (S. S.) On methoda of teaching to rend. 

GuuJYiEK (J. p.) The sohool tlte ally of Uie pnl- 

pit. 1859. 
Halb (J.) On solxool diacipline. 1844. 
Haweb (J.) Address on the formation and eicel- 

leace of the l^male character. 1845. 

Dignity of the teacher's office. 1815. 

Htllabd (0. &.) On the connection lietwcen ge- 

jAHTis (B.) On the necessity of tlie study of 
physiology. 1345. 

Jbhnbb (Bo On the importance of enrly train- 
ing, issn. 

Johnson (A.. N.) On Tocal music in common 

Bclioola. 1S45, 
McXebn (J.) The Bchooi-ayatem of tlio state of 

New Torli. lf!5iJ. 
Mann JH.) The neoeesitj of education In a re- 
publican ^Temmenb. 1344. 
KoBmEND {C.) On some of the obalaoles to tha 

greater sacoees of oooinion neboolx. 1844, 
Ouusran (D.) On the bea« Ideal of tie perfect 

teaohm'. 1@45. 
Pabehubbt (J. L.) On tlie means whioli may be 

employed to stimulate tJie atadout nlthont the 

aid of emalBtion. 1^1. 
7Hn:BBiCE (J. S.) Chacacteristios of the true 

teacher. 1850. 
PHii.iJf3 (S. C.) On the usefulness of lyceums. 

Putnam (B. W.) Drawing aa a liranoh of cduoa. 

tlbn. IBSe. 
Quint [A. H.) Province of legislation in regard to 

education. ISIiO. 
Ed88KLL(W.) Female education. 1344. 
SasbokH (E. D.) Aids to tiie study of the olaaaios. 


8awieb(H.E.) Privileeesan 

era. 18GI. 
Smith (A,) Christian cultnre in public 

SiowE (0. E ) The religious element li 

Town ^0 On countyteaohers' Institute! 
ValbntibB (T. W.) Woi'ds fitly spoken. 
Waixbb (A.) PoliUcal economy aa a al 

oommon schools. 1850. 
Walkeb (J.) Introductory Iflctnre- 133 
Weld (A. H.) On classical in 
Wells (W. H.) " " " 


ETHEHKLL (L.) ihslibera! cdncationof womfln. 

Wheeleb (0. H.} !Esacntial elements in ameri- 

oan education. 185S. 
WHrTAKBB (W. J.) DrawingasamoanBofednca- 

WOODUBIDOB (W-) On the aize and TOntilation of 

aehool-rooma. 1831. 
WiMAH (E.) The Influence of the social relations 

in the schools. 1350. 
YouMANS(E.L ) ThemnBq.nerade of tlie elements. 

The papers read, before the American 

institute of iostructiou, at Lewiaton, Me. 
august, 1872, ■with tlie journal of pro- 
ceedings, including the oonstitutiou. 198 
pp. 12°. SprinfifieM, Mats., C. W. JBi-yan 
4- CO. 1873. 

Amerioan (TIio) journal of tlie medical 
sciences. [Quarterly], Edited by Isaac 
Hays, m. d. July and October, 1S72. Now 
8eri6S,Y.fi4. 8". PhUa^lpMa,E.C.Lea,lS72. 


American (The) journal of science and aits. 
[Mo]itMy]. Editors, James D. Dana and 
B. Sillimau [and others]. Jan. to dec, 
lera 3d series, v. 3-4 ; [complete series, 
T. 103-104]. 8". N'eivSavm,edlto>-a,l>^2. 

American (The) journal of syphilograpby 
and dermatology. Devoted to the consid- 
eration and treatment of venereal and skin 
diseases. Edited by M, H. Henry, m. A. 
Quarterly. Jan. to oct. 1872. v. 3. 8°. 
New Torh, F. W. Chrisiern, 1872. 

Amerioan literary gazette and publishers' 
circular. [Senii-montLIy]. Nov. 1, 1871, 
tojan. 15, 1873. 870 series, v. 18, PUl- 
aMphia, G. W. Chm», [1871-79]. 
jYo(fl,— Discontinued and united with the PUE- 
LiEHEBS' and Btatlanera' -weekly trade olreular. 

American (The) medical almanac, for 1848: 
containing statistics of the ^arions medi- 
cal colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, etc. 
of the United States. 18°. PkUa^elpMa, 
Lin^ay tf- Blaliston, [1847]. 

American (The) monthly magazine. New 
series, v. 1-2. 8'-. Boston, Olts, Brooders, 
4- CO. 183G. 

Amerioan (Tht) musicdl directory, 1861. 
[niton.] 200 pp. 18°. NcwYorl,J. Hatch- 
insiMi, 1861. 

American (The) naturalist, an illustrated 
magazine of natnral history. [Monthly]. 
Edited by A. S: Packard, jr. and F. W. 
Putnam. Jan. to dec. 1873. v. 6. Salem, 
Mas»., Peabody academy ofadence, 1872. 

American normal school and National teach- 
ers' associations. Addresses and journal 
of proceedings, at Cleveland, Ohio, 1870. 
272 pp. 8°. WaMngton, J. R. Soliaes, 

American philosophical society. Proceed- 
ings, vol. 1. 1838-1840. 8°, PkiladelpUa, 
society, 1840. 

7i'o(e.— The litla-paEe, and Boa- 1-4, II, and 12, arc 
reprints: the rest, of the otiginal edition, 

Transactions. Hew series, v. 13-14. 

4°. PUladelphia, iocUty, 1869-71. 

Amerioan (The)practical cookery-book; or, 
housekeeping made easy, pleasant and 
economical in all its departments. By a 
practical honsefceeper. [iuio«.] 319 pp. 
12°. PhiUMphia, G. 0. Evans, 1S59. 

Amerioan (The) primary class-book; or, 
lessons in reading, for younger classes of 
children, [ojmhi.] 144 pp. 16°, Frori- 
denee, Cory, [elc] 1830. 

American (The) pablishcr. [Monthly]. 
Editor, Orion Clemens. April, 1871, to dec. 

db, Google 


American (Tlie) puliliBliev— eoutiimecl. 

1S~3, V. 1-a in 1 V. M. Hartford, Conn. 

iAmeri«an pahUshiuii compavy, 1S71-73]. 

Jfofe.— Name ohansea to the Aueeican toontlily. 

American railroad journal. Stemn naviga- 
tion, commerce, finance, engineering, 
banking, mining, mauufaotures. [Weeli- 
]j]. John H. Schnltz, editor. Jan. 6 to 
dec. 28,1872. t. 45; 2d quarto series, v. 
28. 4°. Nm Ym-h, J. S.Sdmlt!!, 1872. 

American ship masters' association. Rec- 
ord of amcrican and foreign sliipping, 
from aurveya made and compiled, to pro- 
vide a standard amcrican classification of 
vessels. 20 p. 1. 758, 55 pp. 4". Nm 
Tori, IE. C. Boot, Jathmy }■ co.] 1673, 

Ameiican (The) sunday-sohool bymu-liook. 
[ttdoii.] 360 pp. 34°. FUladelpliia, Amm-- 
icfltis. 8. union, [I860]. 

American syatem of education. See Chap- 
man (John L.) and Scott (James). 

American, underwriter's manual and insur- 
ance directory for 1862-63. Compiled hy 
Joseph B, Ecclcsine. 108 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
Sew York, Grierson if' Ecclesine, 1862. 

AmerikaniBche (DerJ pferdearat, enthal- 
tend eine anweisnng zur erziehung und 
haltnngderpferde. Aus den besten ameri- 
kauischen uud englischen ecliriftstellern 
zusammengetragcnnndiibetsetzt. [itnon.] 
240 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, A. Toiear, 

AmeB(ilfra.MaryClemraer). A memorial of 
Alioe and Phtcbe Gary, with sotno of their 
later poems, sii, 351 pp. 2 portraits. 12°. 
N^eii) York, n'ar:d ^ Rougkton, 1873. 

Amhnrst (Nicholas). Tcrrie-filius : or, the 
secret history of the uuiversity of Oxford ; 
in several eaaaya. [anon. 9d ed. With] 
Remarks npon a late hook, entitled. Uni- 
versity education, hy B. Newton, d. d. 2 
V. inl. xxiv, 348 pp. 1 pi. IC^. IjoiiHoii, 
B. Fi-anoMin, 1726. 
See, aho, Craftsman (Tlio). 

Amory (Lizzie). Little Paul and other 
stoiles. 2p. 1,113 pp. 1 pi. 16". ISosloii, 
WhUtemwe, Niles ^ Halt, 1856. 

Amory (Robert, iii.ii.) The phyaiological 
and therapeutical action of the bromide 
of potassium and bromide of ammonium. 
See Clarke (Edward Hammond, m. tl) 
and Amory. 

Amsterdam. KoidnleUjIc eoologisch genooi- 
I'ehap Kalnva arliB magistia. Jaarboekje, 


Amsterdam — coutiu aed , 
1860-64. 5 V. 16°. A«isiei-dam, M. JFcs- 
terman <?■ ZOOH, 1860-62. 

Socidt4 pour Veiicoiiraffement des fab- 

ria«es el pour Vindaatiie ouvriet-e ilaiw fc» Pay- 
has. Exposition intemationale d'lSoono- 
mie domestiiiue & Amsterdam— 
Catalogne g^mSral. 2 p, 1, 198 pp 
Amsterdam, E. S. SohaAS,, [1869]. 

AoabaptlBtionni et enthusiastionm pan- 
theon und geistlichesriist-hanss, wider ilie 
alten quaokor, nnd nencn frey-geistcr, 
[etc.] 14 V. inl. fol. [n. p.] 1703. 

FloKE. Fiiratelli 
mentUeh, 1. ] 
Hobbea, 3, Bei 
ckera, [eto. m 

TOUkommene ■ 
denaii sokwan 
iieuen nyU 
MOVE'S. & 

von dcm groesfln betrleger, odev 

tetor^ajionTn.'y.l 1103. 

K8SIQL1CHB, char- nod fitrstUohe eaiota. und ver- 
oFdnuaeen, wider die uenen elDsoMeickeDden 
BohwErmer. [eto.] Uithm, W. A. Meyer, 1 JOl. 

KltATZOKSTKIN {K.} Des gYedUnbur^soueiL Brt»- 
BObtffflnnorH und qvakffl'-prapkfltea .""" — ""'" 
ir.^1 *„: — — Tohiohte, ana f-'-."' 

. .... SBlnen Bigen- 

^„ . jehrifften, [ato.J 1101. 

MtiLLBB (J. C.) Grand der felsol- ' '- 

hilndiireti brlefibu nj 

■""■■"1B(J. C.) f^ — 


DemoorlCI, das Ist, prttfung des ee: 
[etic\ Haibereladt, J D Sergmana ITQi 



j_., ima neuon eobwnnner 

widertBnfltecisohei; gelsli, [etc ] Oiihea, W A 

Meiier, ITOI. 
VEiscOMrrzTB (Dec) weltmwn nnd solieinbeiUge 

tvTuine in Enjrelland Olivier Cromwel [etc 

anaa.-\ 1TO3. 
■WEn,i.B (F. K. von) Dip beirliobieit Jean 

Chrietl das wnbcen mesulu nnd beyUnd der 

welt, [ete. jty.] IToa 

Anacreou. He^ 



odiSaffo. Sv.inl tP Ooifc llfiS BE 
T. a, pp. 1-1571. 

Select odes of Auacreon, with critical 

annotations. [Also] translations and imi- 
tations of other ancient authors. By rev. 
Hercules Yonnge. xvi, 167 pp. 16°. Lon- 
don, TeriWT .;■ Hood, 1802. 
Anatomical (The) remembrancer; or com- 
plete pocket anatomist. From the 3d 
London ed. revised, {^anon."] 245 pp, 18°. 
NeiP Tori, S. fi. .f' W. Wood, Wir.. 

d by Google 


Anatomical (The) remciuLrancer — cont'd. 

TJio same. 3ded. With correctiona 

aud additions \>y C. E. Isaacs, m, d. xii, 
265pp. 18". Ndm York, W.Wood 4- eo. 1871. 

Anoillon (Johann Peter Friedticli). Es- 
aaia de philosophie, de politique, et de Iitt€- 
rature. 4 v. 8°. Paris, GiM tf- A. P. Be- 
laforest, 1B32. 

AndaolitBbucIt eh elireu nnaetei' lielien 
frail von dec immerwiilirendeii liiilfe. 
MesB-, vesper-, beiclit-, communion- iiud 
andece gebete. 3o amerlke. auf. [oJtOTi,], 428 pp. II. 24°. Neic-¥o)% F. J. 
Lambert, [1871]. 

Anderson (ChriBtopbei'). The aanala of 
tbe euglisU bible. Abridged aud contin- 
ued by Samuel Irenajua Prime. 54S pp. 
S". Mio Yorl, B. Carler ^ Irothera, 1349. 

Anderson (Elbert). The sky-light aud the 
dark-room ; a oompleto text-book on por- 
trait photograpby, 230 pp. 7 1. 5 phot. pi. 
sm. i". Philadelphia, ISenerman 4- WiUon, 

Anderson (James, d. d.) The new book of 
constitutions of the most ancient aud hon- 
ourable fraternity of free and accepted 
masons, oontalaing their history, charges, 
regulations, etc. Published by the order. 
Collected from the Book of couBtitutiona 
published iu Etigliud lu 1718 Bt Edward 
Spratt. 2 p. 1 172, 40 pp 8 Dublin, 
J. Bittler, 1751 

Anderson (John J ) A practical system of 
modern geography, for exercises ou maps. 
106pp. 18°. 2fm TtnTc, J t, Be^^eld,\^\. 

Anderson (iiet Robert, cmate of Titnitij, 
BrigMon, Eng ) DisoourHC? on the beati- 
tudes. XV, 238pp 13~' London, J Hatch- 
ardfson, 18.37 

Anderson (EeK Enfus) Memoir of Cath- 
erine Brown, a christian Indian of the 
Cherokee nation 138, 4 pp 16= Phila- 
delphia, Jmei-ican s 8 «inoi(,1833 

Andrada (Jaciuto Freiro de) See Fieire 
de Andrade 

Andree (C. O.) Den dauske niidmaaling, 
1867-7S. See Denmark Geheime-clals- 
raad og directeui fat giadmaahtuien 

Andral (Dr. Geoige) Grundnss derpatho- 
logischen anatomie, Aus dem fcanzosi- 
schem libersetat und mit einer einleitung, 
bemerkungen nod zuaiitzen berauBgegefaeu 
von dr. Ferdinand Wilhelm. Becker. 2 v. 
sKviii, 428 pp ; xx, 505 pp. 8°, BeiilUn- 
ge,n, FUisclihaxia- ^' Spohn, 1833. s. 


Andreiui (Francesco). Rogionameuti fan- 
tastici di F, Andreini, da pistoia comico 
goloso, detto il capitano Spavento ; posti 
jnfonna di dialoghi rappresontativi. 4 p. ]. 
1J9 1. 1 l.unp. sm. 4°. Venelia, G. A. So- 
masco, 1612. 

Andreyvs (Ecu. Elisha). A vindication of 
the diatinguiahing sentiments of the bap- 
tists, against the -writiugs of meaara. 
Cowles, MUler aud Edwards. 156 pp. 
13°. Boslott, Manning ^ LoHng, 1805. 

Andrews {Bev. Emerson). Living life ; or, 
autobiography of rev. Emerson Andrews. 
33G pp. 2 pi, 12°. Boston, J. S. Earle, 

Andrews (Ethan Alien). Fivst lessons iu 
latin ; or, an introduction to Andrews and 
Stoddard's latin grammar, iv, 19-209 pp. 
18°. Boston, Crocker ^ Breionter, 1837, 

^The same, 40th ed. 265 pp. 16°, 

Boston, Crocko" 4" Brewstei; 1864. 

Latin esereisee ; adapted to Andrews 

and Stoddard's latin grammar. 2d ed. 
336 pp. 12°. Boston, Crocker * lirmeter, 

The same. A key to Latin osevcises. 

Ill pp. 12°. Boston, Crocker ^ Breicsier, 

The latin reader. See Jacobs (Fran^ 

C. W.) and Dorine (Franz W.) 

Amanual of latin grammar ; intended 

especiallyaflafirstgrammar. 350 pp. 12°. 
Boston, Crocker ^ Sremsier, 1850. 

aud Stoddard (Solomon). A gram- 
mar of the latin language ; for the uae of 
Bcboola and colleges, sii, 323 pp. 13°. 
Boston, Croaker ^ Bremster, 1836. 

The same. The 18th ed. revised and 

connected, by E. A. Andrews, xii, 323 pp. 
12°. Boston, Crocker f Brewster, 1849. 

The same. 65th ed. 410 pp. 12°. 

Boston, Crocker if' Bremster, 1857. 

Andrews {Rev. H. P.) The arbor ; or, 
sequel to voices from tlie old elm. 238 pp. 
18°. mv! York, Carlton ^ Porter, [1859]. 

The common school exhibition ; con- 
taining The may queen, and Fairy queen, 
and other pieces for declamation. 3 p, 1. 
165 pp. 16°. Boston, Eitx ^- Hohbs, 1849. 

Andrews (Stephen Peai!) and Batohelor 
(George). The practical pronouueer and 
key to Andrews and Batchelor'sNew french 
instructor. 347 pp. 12°. Xew York, D. 
Jpphton <f' eo. 1856. 

db, Google 


AndrevTB (Sfcoplieu Peai'l) and Boyle (Au- 
gnatns F.) The complete phoaograpbic 
class-boob, containing a strictly indaotive 
expositioa of Pitraaa'a phonograplij. 132 
pp. la". Boston, Phonographic inDUlnlion, 

Andre'WB (Tliomas, m. d.) Studium gene- 
rale. A cliapter of contemporary history. 
The university of Loiidon. The queen's 
nniveraity. The catholic university. The 
college of Maynooth. 9 p. 1, 90 pp. 8°. 
J-ondon^ I.ongmtm3f 1667. 

Andy O'Hara; or, Ihe child of providence, 
[anon.] 198 pp. 18°. Nm York, Carllon 
,}portw, [1861]. 

Anecdote library ; beiug the largest collec- 
tion of anecdotes ever assembled in a sin- 
gle volume. By the editor of tlie vocal 
library, [anon.] 720 pp. 1 pi. sq. 16°. 
London, G. S. Whittakm; [1822]. 

Anecdotes, \_mon.l 142 pp. 1 pi. 13=. 
FMladelphia, American s. a. wion, [1838]. 

Anecdotes of the electric telegraph. 
[oitOB.] 128 pp. 2 pi. 18°, lAindon, W. 
Tegg ■!" co. lahoui 1850]. 

Anecdotes of missiooary worthies, in tbe 
Moravian church. Related by a father to 
Ms children, [anon.] 116 pp. 16o. Fhil- 
adelphia, American s. s, imion, 1832. 

Anecdotes of the puritans, [anoii.] 144 
pp. m>. Km York, M. W. BoM, 1849, 

Anecdotes aeorfetes des r^gnes de Charles 
VIII ot Louis XIJ, 1741. «ee Lesoonoel 
(Pierre de). 

Angel-voices ; or,wordsofcouiisul for over- 
coming the world. After the mode of 
Eiohter'a "Best hours." [ono».] 2d efl. 
Boston, Ticlnor, Beed & 

larged ed. 224 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Boston, 

TMcnor ^- 1 
Angell (Avery F.) Genealogy of the de- 

scendants of Thomas Angell, who settled 

in Providence, 1636. 206 pp. 8°. Frovi- 

deaee, A. C. Greene, 1S72. 
AngeU (OHver). [The uuiou Heries,— in 

sis numbers]. Nos. 2-5. 6 v. 18=" & 12°. 

l')-ovideaee, IB. I.J Cory, MarehaU <^- Barn- 

mond, [«io.] 1830-35. 

Tlic union, BO. S ; oi, cMlil's aoooadbool!. 144pp. 



, l«-ii. 

Sterootj-po ( 

The same. AngclVs readers, nos. 1, 

2, 4, 5, 6. Now ed. 5 v. 18° & 12°. 
FhaadelpUa,E. S. Builer ^ co. 1849-50. 

The select reader, or union, no. 6 : 

being the sixth of a series of coninioii- 
echool classics. Revised ed. 504 pp. 12°. 
FMaaelphia, W. Marshall ^ w. 1836. 

Auguera (J. de). New and complete method 
for the guitar [etc.] xviii, 112 pp. 4°. 
Boston, S. Tolman <f- oo. 1868. 

Angns (Joseph, d. d. ) The bible liand- 
book : an introduction to tbe study of 
sacred scripture. Revised ed. 727 pp. 1 
map. 8°. Fhiladdphia, J. S.Claxton, law. 

Christ oar life : in its origin, law and 

ead. 336 pp. 12°. FhiladelpMa, American 
baptist puhlicatlon eoctety, [1853], 

Anleitnng zum anfnehmen nnd aeichuou 
der gegenden, vorziiglich zu militairischein 
gebrauch verfertigt nnd auf die hievon be- 
kanotesten shriften gegriindet von einem 
ofBcier. [aiion.] xv, 290 pp. 3 1. 20 tab. 
8°. Gilltingm, J. C. DiefeHcfi, 1783. 

Anley (Mfo* C.) Miriam ; or, the power of 
truth. A Jewish tale. By the author of 
" Inflnence." [anon.'\ A new ed. With 
an introduction by rev. John Todd. 292 
pp. 12°, FUUdelpUa, Giiffilk <}■ Simon, 

Ann Coaover. [aaoii.'i 176 pp. 18°. FhU- 
adelphia, American s, s, union, [1835]. 

Anna Clayton; or, the mother's trial, [anon,] 
See DImmicb (F, M.) 

Annales de la propriSt^ indnstrielle, artis- 
tique et littf5raire. Journal de legislation, 
doctrine et jnrisprudenue fran^aises et 
^trangferes en matifire de brevets d'inven- 
tiou, litt^ratute, thfiitre, musiquo, beaus- 
arts, [etc.] Efidigi? par mm. J. Pataille 
etA,Hngaet. 1855-56. v. 1-3 in 1 v. 8°, 
Paris, Biirea% des nnnoJca, lKi6, 

Annales des voyages, de la gfiographie, de 
I'histoire et de l'aroh6o)og£e, dirig^es par 
V.A,Maltehran. [Mensuelles], Oct.jnsq'a 
ddc. 1870. 8°. rai% Cliallamel aU^, 

Annals of bee eultnre ; a bee-keeper's year- 
book, J>. L. Adair, editor, 1873, 12°. 
Loiiisvilk, Ky., J. F. Morton ^ co. 1872. 

Annandale, a story of the times of tbe 
By the author of Marion 

db, Google 

Ann andale — con ti aued . 
naivey. [anoi!.] 196pp. 2pl. 18<=. J*/iti- 
adelpMa, Fresbijloriaa T)oarA of publication, 

Annet (Bev. Peter). Judging for ourselves ; 
or, freethinkiog, tlie great doty of religion, 
displayedintwolectuTea. 1739. Eepriat. 
23 pp. 12°. ZoHilon,l797. 

Leeturea on the following subjects, 

viz. 1. lutroductory lecture. 2. On con- 
aideratioa and social conversation. 3. On 
pure and false religion, [etc.] Corrected 
and revised by Lim. 2 p. 1. 146 pp. 8°. 
ioiiifoni/oi- the loo}!seUers, 1822. 

The resurrection of Jeaus eonsitlered ; 

io answer to the Tryal of the ■witnesses. 
3ded. with great amenttmeuts. Bjamoral 
philosopher, [onoii.] 92 pp. 12^. Lou- 
don, M. Cooper, 1744. 

JVote.— The M eel. ii 

Annette WarriQgton; or sequel to The black 
velvet bracelet. By the author of "Early 
impresaions." [a«on.] 231 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
Boshm,B.W. Oreeiie, 1832. 

Annie (^Sietei; paeiidon.) Ellen Murray ; or, 
one that everybody loved. By sistev 
Anuie, 176 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Boston, Mass, 
g. s. society, [ 1862]. 

Annie Foster: a story for school'girls. 
[aiion.] 123pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Jineii- 
can a. s. Mnitw, [1853]. 

Annie Sberwood; or, scenes at school, 
[anon.] 160 pp. I pi. 18°. Philadelphia, 
Ameiieaa g. a. union, [ 1843]. 

Anttuaire louisiaDais. Commen;antiir<5qui- 
nose do mars 1808, et se termiuant ^ celni 
de mars 1809. ParB.Lafou. 320 pp. 18°. 
Muvelle-Oi-hans, anUm; [1808], 

Annnaire n^crologique, on complement an- 
nuel et continuation de toutes les biogra- 
phies on dictionnairea hiatoriques; coute- 
naut la ^ie de toua les homines o^bbres 
par leurs ^icits, leurs vertna ou leors 
crimes, morta dans le conr de chaqne an- 
n^e, ^ commencer de 1820. E^dig^ et 
pnhlid par A. Mahul. 1820-27, 7 v. 8=. 

. Pana, Bavdouia frkes, PontMeu 4- cie. 
Aoi!.— Wanting parti, 1837. 

Annual (The) amorican catalogue. [Tliird 
year]. Containing aa alphabetical list of 
books pnblished in the United States, and 
imported, during the year 1871. With a 
cinssiJicd index. 8°. Sew Yo>% F^iblisk- 
<:rs' and stationers' weekly trade eircular, 1S73. 


Anunal record of science and industry for 
1871 [and] 1872. Edited by Spencer F. 
Baird, with the assistance of eminent men 
of aoience. 2 v. 12°. Hea Yorle, Rarper 
^ brotUra, 1872-73. 
Another estimate of the manners and prin- 
iples of the present timea. [anon.] 113 
ip. 8°. London, G. Kearslg, 1769. 

"Die.— ProbaWy oooaaloDBa lij tlie wort, witli 
similar title, of dr. JoLn Brawn, Tioav of Hew- 
castle, published 1757. 

(Fflix Charles) and Sendn (Am- 
broise, fiU). History and geography of 
the middle ages. (Chiefly from the firench). 
By G. W. Greene. Parti. History. {_an09.'\ 
lp.I.454pp. 12°, Bete-York, D. AppletoH 
#«). 1851, 

gcograplijj waa never pDhlislieil. 


Anthon (Charlea, II. d.) Anthon's latiu 
grammar— part 2. — An introduction to 
latin prose composition. 327 pp, 12°. 
Nem-Tm% Haiper ■(■ broiMera, 1842. 

Elements of latin prosody and metre, 

compiled from the best authorities; to- 
gether with a synopsis of poetic licenses 
occurring in the veraifioation of Virgil, a 
metrical index to the lyric comxiositions of 
Horace, and the scanning of the mixed 
trimeter and dimeter iambics of tho lat- 
ter poet, xi, 120 pp. 12°. New-Yorl!, T. 
^ J. Swords, 1824. 

First greek leaaons, coutaining the 

most important parts of the grammar of 
the greek language. 1 p. 1. 238 pp. 12°. 
Mil) York, Barpef ^ brothera, 1839. 

First latin leaaons, containing the 

moat important parts of the grammar of 
the latiu language, for the uae of begiu- 
nera. 8 p. 1. 363 pp. 12°. New York-, 
Harper ^- bi-othei-a, 1839. 

A grammar of the greek language, for 

the nse of schools and colleges, viii, 284 
pp. 12^. New York; Harper tf- bivthm-s, 

A grammar of the greek iangnage, 

principally from the german of KUhuer, 
with selections from Matthiie, Bnttmanu, 
Thiersch, and Best, sii, 536 pp. 12°. Nav 
York, Harper f brothera, 1844. 

Key to Anthon's latin Tersifioation. 

1 p. 1. 135 pp. 12". Neio-York, Harper ,^- 
brolhers, 1845. 

A system of greek prosody and metre ; 

with the choral acauning of tho Proiuo 

db, Google 


Antlion (Charles, II. d.) — continued. 
tLene viactns of ^schylus, and tho Ajax 
andtEdipus tjrannusof Sophoclea. [Also], 
l^emarks on indo-germanic analogies, ix, 
270pp. 12°. Nm-T(»% Harper. f' brothers, 

A sjatem of latin prosody and metre, 

from the best authorities anoient anil 
modern. 3 p. 1. 13-216 pp. Nem-York, 
Harper <?■ hvthers, 1811. 

Anthon (Charles Edward). A pilgrimage 
to Tr&ves, through the Tallej of the Meose 
and the forest of Ardennes, in the year 
1844. 128 pp. 12°. N&D York, Eaiyei- cj- 
hrolhers, 1845. 

Anthony (E.) Teoria y practica del arte de 
la fotografla, por nn emineute fotografista 
americano. [iwwn.] 240 pp. S''. Mteaa- 
York, E. JaekaoK, 1862. 

Anthony (Susanna). Memoirs of miss Su- 
sanna Anthony. Consisting chiefly of ei- 
tracts from her writings, with obaervationa 
on them. Compiled by Samuel Hopkins, 
d. d. New ed, with preface, by dr. Ky- 
land, [etc.] 2 p. 1. 241 pp, 8", CUpstme, 
[Eng.] J. W. Morris, 1803. 

Auti-Saint-NIcaise. See K easier von 
Sprengeyeen (C. F.) 

Antisell (Thomas, m. d.) The mnnufaoture 
of photogenio or hydro-carbon oils, from 
coal and other bitumiuoits substances, 
capable of supplying burning fluids. 144 
pp. 8=. Jfew Tori;, D. JppUtoit <?■ co. 1859, 

Anton, the peasant boy. A tyi'oleae story. 
lanon.'] 118 pp. IS''. Neii> Yorl, CarUloii 
.}■ rorler, [1861]. 

Antoninna arokiepiscopas Jlorentimw. Opus 
escellentissima hystoriarK eeu crouicnru 
roueredissimi in spo patris ao dfii : dni An- 
tonini archiepi floriJtini nuprimo b- magis- 
ti'u JoliannSemedatil: necessariisqj anot^ 
tionib': ne aliof liyBtoiiographof cocordTv- 
tiia illustratnm. 2v. iu 1. S. J. 12 p. 1. 
COST pp. 5 1 ; xvii, ccxl pp. 5 1. foL Zug- 
tluni, laboat 1512.] 

Antoninus (Marcns AoroUiis). Mupnov 'An- 

Tovivov niTOKparopof. Tav eif eavrov jiijUia 

id'. Marci Antonini imperatoris. Eoram 
quas ad seipaum libil xii. Eecogniti & 
notis illusttati. [Gr. & lat.] 8 p. 1. 346 
pp. 3 1. 8°. Oxoniw, e tkeatro sfteMoitiaiio, 
Antrim (Joshua). The hiatory of Champaign 
and Logan counties [Ohio], from their first 


Antrim (Joshua) — continued, 
settlomeat. 460 pp. 1 photo. 8°. Belle- 
fonfaim, Ohio, Freas pHnting co., 1872. 

Ant-wetp. EsposS de la situation admi- 
niatratiye de la proYince d'Anvers. 1843, 
1845-48, 1851-53, 1857-58, 1860, 1862-65, 
1867-69, 1873. 19 v. 6°. Anvera, [1843- 

Proofcs-verbaus dea stances da conseii 

provincial d' Anvera. Sessions de 1845-46, 
1851,1856-60,1868-69. 10 v. 8°. Anvers, 

Rapport snr la situation admiuistra- 

tire de I'arrondissement pendant I'eser- 
Cicel866. 8°. Anvers, Backer, lism^i. 

Anzeiger filr literatnr dot bibliothek- 
wissenachail). [Herausgeben von J. 
Petzholdt]. Jahrgang 1840-44. 4 v. in 
1. 8°. Dreedea, Anioldxsche iuchkandlung, 
1841-45. e. 

The same. Auzeiger tier bibllothek- 

wiwenschaft. HerausgegebenvonJ.Petz- 
holdt. Jahrgang 1845-49. 4 v. in 3. 8°. 
Dresden, Ai itoJdisclie hiiehhatidhing, 1846- 

The same. Anzeiger flir bibliogra- 

phie und bibliothekwisaensehaft. Jalii- 
gang 1650-52. Herausgegeben you J.Petz- 
holdt. 3 V. 8". HaVe, S. IT. Sdmidt, 
1851-53. S. 

Aphorisms for youth, mth observations 
and reflections, lanon.] 200 pp. 1 pi. 
16". London, LacUngton, Alleit .S eo. 1801. 

Aphorisms of wisdom ; or, a collection of 
maxims and ubscivations extracted from 
the v?orks of varioas writers [Swedenborg 
and others] upon divine subjects, [niion.] 
214 pp. &>. Soaton, J. W. Folsom, 1794. 

AphthonluB, of AnHodh. npoyv/ivao/tara, 


as a > 

pp. i-451 

Aploius (Caehna) CneliiApitii de re cvli- 
naria libri x recens o tenebris eruti, & 
a mendiB umdicati Piieterea, P. Plati- 
naecremonensis, detuendtualetadine, na- 
tura rerum, Sl. popims scientia hbri s, ad 
imitationera t, Apitu id unguem faoti. 
Ad liaee, Fa'vli Xgmetae de lacvltatibvs 
allmentorvm tractatvs. Albino Torino in- 
torprete. 4 p. I. 36b pp. sm. 4°. Baeileae, 

Apocalypse (The) unveiled. The day of 
judgment, the resnrrection, and the mil- 
lennium, presented in a new light. The 
of Palestine by tho Jews and 

db, Google 


Apocalypae (The) linveiled — contiimed. 

tlieir convecsioa to Christ as their mea- 

siah. [fljion.] 2 t. 396 pp ; 399 pp. 12". 

Ifeio Ym% E. M-each, 1853. 
Apooryplial (The) new testament. See 

Bible. (Einglish). Nme tesUimient. Apoei-y- 

})Iial books. 
Apology a^ldreased to the traveller's elnlt, 

1825. See Rose {William S.) 
Applegate (JteD. Thomas). The eveuiiig 

twilight, oad the glorionH dawning. 4 p. 

1. 173, 135 pp. 12°. Wetliersftem springs, 
N. ¥., L. W. A^legaU, 1373. 

Palestine, Egypt and Scotland. 3 

pai-tsinlT. ix, 83, 63, 47 pp. 13°. Wotk- 
ersfield ^i-ings, if. T., L. W. ApplegaU, 1873. 

The precious gift. 1 p.1. 98 pp. IS". 

Gmeva,N. Y., L. W. Ablegate. 1873. 

Appleton (D. ^ co.) Appleton's compan- 
ion Land-hook of travel, 1860, Bee JLich- 
Hida {T. Addison). 

Appletoa's journal of literature, sci- 
ence and art. [Weekly]. Jan. 7, 1871, to 
dec. 28, 1872. v. 5-8. 8° Nm Tm-l, D. 
A])pleton 4- CO. [1871-72]. 

Appleton's northern and eastern ti-av- 

eller'3 gaide: liliewise, a complete guide 
to the middle states, Canada, New Briins- 
wick,and Nova Scotia [etc.] By W.Will- 
iams. 313 pp. 38 maps. 16°. Neiv York, 
D. Appleton if- M. 1850. 

Appleton's railroad and steamhoat 

companion, 1857. See 'Williams (W.) 

Appleton (John H.) An introduction to 
qualitative chemical analysis. 3d ed. 68 
pp. 13°. Pravidmice, [R.I-I Baiamond, 
Avgetl ^- CO. 1872. 

An introduction to quanlitive chem- 
ical analysis, yi, 96 pp. 13°. Froi^dence, 
[_!!. J.] Sammond, Angell ^- eo. 1872. 

Arabia. Comprising ite geography, history, 
and topography, [aiioti,] iv, 340pp. 3 pi. 
1 map folded. 16°. Philagtliihia, T. War- 
die, 1833. 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Tlie ori- 
ental moralist, or the heanties of the 
Arabian nights' entertainments. With re- 
flections by the rev. mr. Cooper. 6 p. I. 
262 pp. 7 pi. 12°. London, E. Neioheiy, 
[flftoMi 1800]. 

Arabs (The) in Spain. [ituoB.] T, 1-3, [to 
a. d. 1031 J. 1 p. 1. 299 pp ; 1 p. I. 336 pp. 
12°. London, E. 'chnrtm, 1840. 
Note.— So more publiBliBtl. 

Arago (Bomji)iqne Frangois .lean). Astrou- 
3 O 


Arago (D. F. J.) — continued, 
omy for schools ; iipon the basis of [his] 
lectures at the royal observatory of Paris ; 
with an appendix. By R. W. Haskins, a. 
m. 324 pp. 12°. Hm Ym-Tc, EoUnson, 
Pratt 4- CO. 1811. 

The same. Tlie comet. Scientific 

notiees of comets in general, and in par- 
ticular of the comet of 1832, whose revolu- 
tion is of sis years and three quarters' 
duration. Translated from the freuoh hy 
colonel Charles Gold, xii, 124 pp. 16". 
London, Jialdmn ^ Cradock, 18.33. 

Aran (F. A.) Practical manual of the dia- 
eaaesoftlielieartandgreatvessels. Traus- 
lated from the french, by Wm. A. Harris, 
m.d. 296 pp. 18°. FUlttdelplia, E. Bar- 
Hngton ^ G. D. Haaieell, 1843. 

AibroatanwAberbrotlioo(Jft6ej/o/). Liher 
s. Thome de Aberbrothoc. Eegistrorum 
abbacie de Aberbrothoc. 2 v. [Edited 
by Cosmo Innes and Patrick Chalmers]. 
t\, xsiv, 383 pp. 1 pi. 4 faca ; 45 p. 1. 628 pp. 
2 pi. 1 map, 4°. Edinbia'gi, \Bmanatyne 
c(u6], 1848-56. s. 

[Kashatike olnl) publioallons, no. BO, v. 1-9). 

ParsprEor. EeBiatrumvetiieiiiDnliiieutaq.neeifleni 
Farsiltera. Eegistmuiuigiiimitecnon Ubroscar- 

ArchiT fllr pathologische anatomic und phy- 
siologieuudlHrklinischemedioin. Heraus- 
gegeben von Eudolf Virchow. v. 9-56. 
8°. Sei-ZiM, G. Beijner, 1857-72. s. 

V. 51, n 

AtoMt skandinavischer beitriige zur uatur- 
geaehichte. Herausgegebeu l^ou C. F. 
Homsehuch. 2 T. 8°. Greifaimld, C.A. 
Eoeh, 1845-58. s. 

Wote.— No more puliliebed. 

Archives of ophthalmology and otology. 
Edited and published simultaneously in 
english and german by H. Knapp, m. <L and 
S. Moos, m. d. V. 1-3. 8°, Nmi Yorlc, W. 
Wood ^ eo. 1869-73. 

Archlvio Btorioo italiano, fondato da G. P. 
Tieiissenx, e contiuiiato a cnra della r. 
deputazione di storia patria per le provin- 
cio della Toseana, dell' Umbria e delle 
Marche. Serie iii, v. 10. part 1-3. ISO, 
8°. Fire-nne, G. P. Vieusseiix, 1869. 

Aretlus Feliuus. [pseiidon.'] See Bucer 

Argeiis (JeanBaptistede Boyer, jmij-gttis iF). 
Lettres juives, ou correspondanoe philoso- 
phiqiic, hiatorique et critique, entre nil 

db, Google 


Argeiis (J. B. de B. m<a-qais iJ')— con tinned, 
jnif yoyageuriPavts,et aes correspoutlans 
en divers eudroits. NonvM. [oiwn,] 7 v. 
16°. Laasanne, M. M. Bomqaet, 1750, 

Arsentlne confederation, or tlie United 
States of the Eio de la Plata. Camara de 
senadores. Sesioues de 1867-68. 3 v. am. 
fol. Buenos Aires, im^-enta del Ordeii, 
18^-70. 8. 

Docnmentos relativoa S, la uegociaoion 

del emprestlto esterior de 30,000,000 de 
pesos fuettes, 1871-1878. Presentados ftl 
senado en Junio de 1873. 8". JSaeiiofi Aii-ea, 
Mayo, 1872. ■ s. 

Informe j docnmentos sobre la inter- 

venoion en la pi'ovinoia de San Jnau en 
186S-1869. pHblioaeion oi^enada i>or el 
senado national. 140 pp. sm. fol. Snenos 
Aires, imprenla del OrSen, 1869. 

Depariamento 3e giieiraymaHna. 

moiia presentoda por el miDistro de est-ado 
en el departamento de gnerra y 
oongreso nacioaal de 1864. 8°. llueitos 
Aires, [imprenla del Offmercio del Plata, 

Memoria del 

giierra y marina, 187ii. 8°, Bneaoe Air 
impi'enia de la "Umon," 1S32. 

Ve^arfameitio de iadenda. Estadistiea 

de las adnaoas de la Bepfiblica Argenti 
1870. Alloio. pQblioacion oficial. am. 
Buenos Aires, impveina de Ml nadonal, 

■ ■ Informe presentadopor el podev 

^ecuti¥o nacional al congreso nacional 
aobre la denda piiblica reconocida haata el 
31 de marzo de 1869-70. 3 v. am. fol. 
Baenoa Aires, 1869-70. s. 

Bepartamenffi del inlej-ior. Memovta, 

presenta^a al oongreso nacional en ioa 
aesiones de 1869, 1870, 1871. 3 v. 8°. 
Buenoa Aires, imp. argentina de 'fEl noeional," 

Deparlaoiento (le JtmUiAa, ciilto, y i-it- 

sh-acdon ptibliea. Colecclon de leyes y 
deoretoaaobre jnsticia nadonaL Pultlioa- 
eioQ ofloial. 8°, . Buenos Aires, imprmta 
la "Hadon argeaUna," 1868. 

D^artamento de relamones esteriori 

Docnmentos relativoa & la declaraoion de 
gnerra del gobierno aigentina al del Para- 
guay. Publicaoion oficial. 43 pp. 
Bumos Aires, imprenia de la Jfavion i 
ItJia, 1864. 

Memoria del miiiigterio de relai 


Argentine u»nfederatiou — coutuiued 

esterioroa pieaentada al congieso nwional 
1860,18*5 1868-73 7 v 8 Bu^aot 
Aires, 13b0-73 

Diteedmi gcnmal de cofitos Anaiio 

de correos do H Eepflbhctt Argentina pre 
sentado al gobieino nai.ionaJporelditnctot 
general 14no publieacion [1872] 8^ 
Bhehos Aiies, tmpjetita del FoiFcnii, 
1872 a 

Siipei latendevfe del ceiiso. Piimei 

cenaei de la Keptlblica Ai^entina. Veri- 
ficado en loa diaa 15, 16 y 17 de setiembi'e 
de 1869 Bt\o la direooion de Diego G. do 
la Fnente, snpermtendente fiel censo. 
fol. BHenos Aires, imp. del Porvenir, 1373. 

Argoli (Andrea). De diebvs eriticis et 
ajgrorvm decvbity libri dvo, Ab anctore 
denno recogniti, ac altera paiie anotioi'es, 
pieneqne noni. 4 p. L 8, 371 pp. 6 1. 4". 
PalMvii, apml P. FramMlum, 1653. 

ExaotiaaimiB secvndorvm mobilivm 

tabvke, iaxta Tycboaia Brabe, & auctoris 
mistfts bypotbeaes, acoarataeciue e crolo 
dednotas, & ex tota Europa vndiqiie 
smnptas nouiter oltsemationes. [1641- 
1700]. 3 V. 4°. Patauli, typis P. Fi'am- 
iotti, 1648-50. 

Pandosion apbrariovm. In quo siii- 

gnla in elementaribtia togionibua, atqno 
ietherea, mathematiee pertraotautur. Ed. 
2a emondatior. 12 p. 1. 354 pp. 1 pi. 4-. 
Patavii, typis F.FrambotU, 1653. 

Primi mobilia tabvlce. 2 v. Eiigd. 

tit. 5 p. 1. inc. portrait, 95, 757pp ; 996 pp. 
i°. Patavii, typia P. PramhotU, 1644. 

ArgoBJ <Tbe). [A montbly magazine]. 
Edited by mrs, Heary Wood. Jan. to dec. 
1872. V, 13-14. ff>. Tjindon, B. Beiitleij 
■fs<m, [1872]. 

ArgumentB of Celaus, Porphyry, and the 
emperor Julian, against the Christiana; 
alao, extracts from Diodoms Siculus, Jose- 
phua and Tncitna, relating to the jewa. 
With an appendix; containing the oration 
of Libanina in defence of the templea of 
the heathens, translated by dr. Lardnci'. 
[oMOTi.] xiv, 116 pp. 13°. London, T. 
Boad, 1830. 

Argus ; tlie house-dog at Eadlip. itfemoirs 
in a family correapondence, by the author 
ofConatance and the Pharos, laiion.'] 3v. 
16°. London, T. Rookliam', 1789. 

Ariel. lp«i'tiilcJi.J See Payne (Biii^kuer II.) 

db, Google 

Aiiosto (Luilovico). Oi'laudo fviiuso. Con 
^11 aigomenti in ottaua rima di m. Lodo- 

fiiiitu, di Tomaso Porcaochi. 469 pp. 1 1. 

m^. VeiiezM, D. Louisa, 1713. 
AriBtophaueEi. The clouda of Aristopliaues, 

wltli notes. [Gr.] By C. C. Feltou. xii, 

VJ\ pp. 12°. Carnbndge, [Mass.] J. Owen, 

Tlie same. 4tli ed. xx, 328 pp. 12°. 

Cambrid'je, [Mass.] J. Boi-Oeit, 1859. 
Comedies of Aristophanes. Trans- 

hitud into eDglish; with notes, sii, 500 

jip. I pi. ff'. London, A. J. Valps, for 

Laekiiigtott, Allen ^ oo. 1812. 

Tliu cluude. Tntoslatea by K. CumTierlaoil, 
I'Jnhia, acomedy: -nith largB nates, eipLaiiaitaiT 

mill critiOBl. TraQEdat«d by Henry Pielding and 

the rev. mr. Toong. 
The fi'ogB. Translated by C. Duaeter. 
ThoUirda. Translated with notes, Byamembur 

of line of the Tmiveraltdea. 

Thdatre d'Aristophane, avec les trag- 

iiieiisdeMSnftndreetde Philemon; traduit 
oil franj^nis, par m. Poiusinet de Sivry. 
Nonv. m. V. 2. 416 pp. 8°. Paris, 
Desrag, 1790. 

Arlot ( — ). A complete gaide for coach 
painters. Translated from the french by 
A. A. Fosquet. To which is added an 
appendix, oonttuning information respect- 
ing the materials and the practice of coach 
aud car painting and vaniishiiig in the 
United States and Great Britaiu. 17a pp. 
la°. FhHaMpl\ia,M. C. Baird, 1871. 

Anoor (William C.) Livesof thegovemors 
of Pennsylvania, with the incidental his- 
tory of the state, from 1609 to 1373. 
pp. 39 portraits. 8°. FhlUt^dpliia, J, K. 
Simon, 1872. 

Annroyd (Gteorge). A connected vie 
thewhole internal navigation of the United 
States, natni'al and artificial ; present and 
prospective, [anon.] 192 pp. 10 maps. 
3". C. Careg .f I. Lea, 

Atmstrong (George D. d. d.) The theology 
of christian experience, designed as an 
position of the "common faith" of the 
church of God. 342 pp. 12°. New Fork, 
0. Scribnej; 1853. 

AnuBtrong (John, geneitd). A treatise on 
agticultnre; [etc. Also], a dissertation on 
the kitchen and fruit garden. With notes 
l.y J. Buel. 289 pp. IS". New-York, 
Harper ^- iroiiiere, 1S39. 


Armstrong; (John M.) Thevoioe of melody : 
a choice collection of hymn tunes. 160 pp. 
16°. FUlamphia, Lee f Fatoi-, I860. 

Armstrong; (Aeii. Lebbeus). All^orical 
dialogue between a professed messenger 
from heaven, aud an old man, on the 
assumption by the messenger, that immer- 
sion is an essential condition of salvation. 
408 pp. 12°. New Yoi% author, 1851. 

Armstrong (W. C.) The life and adven- 
tures of captain. John Smith ; an aoooaut 
of his travels in Europe, Asia, Africa, and 
America. Also, the early history of Vir- 
ginia and Hew England. 964 pp. inc. 
portriut, 12°. Earl/ord, (_Conn.) Andrns 
<f son, 1855. 

Armstrong (William Jessup, d. d.) Memoir 
and sermons. Edited by rev. Hollis Read. 
411 pp. .12°. Neio York, M. W. i3odd,1853. 

Army life, or incidents from the prayer 
meeting and the field, [iwion.] 179 pp. 
4 pi. 18°. New York, Board of piAUmtioB, 
of the reformed proteetant dutch <A«rch, 1863. 
[Snpereoribed, '"FEiuuPHSofgcaco,— IFulton street 
prayer meeting"]. 

Aniaud (Frangois Thomas Marie Baoulard 
d'). Memoirs of the count of Comminge. 
From the french. 181 pp. 16°. London, 
G. Eearsly, 1774. 

Aniaud (— ). The history of count 
Gleichen, a goniian nobleman, who re- 
ceived penui»siiiii from pope Greffory IX. 
to have t»'o wives iit the same time. 
Translated from the french of Aruaud. 
[jMmidoH?] 2p. I. 220 pp. 1(>°. Loudon, 
T. Hooleltam, 1786. 

Arnault (Emile). Finney aud Arnault's 
french grammar, 1861. Sen Pinuey (Nor- 
man) and Arnault. 

Amdt (Johann). True Christianity: a trea- 
tise on sincere repentance, true lUith, the 
holy walk of the true ohrisfian, etc. Orig- 
inally translated into english by rev. A, 
W. Bcehm. A new amei'ican edition, re- 
vised from the original german, with in- 
troduction, by Charles F. Schaeffer, d. d 
xliii, 500 pp. 8°. FhiladelpMa, Lutheran 
book tim-e, 1868. 

Arnold (George) aad Cahill (Frank). Par- 
lor theatricals ; or, winter evenings' enter- 
tainment. By the author of " The magl- 
ciou's own book," [etc. ojwm.] 171 pp. 
12°, New York, JMek ^ M^gerald, [1859], 

Arnold (3frs, Harriet S.) Birthday gift : 
consisting of original poems, and original 

db, Google 


Arnold {Mrs. Harriet S.)— ooutiimed. 

and seJaoted prose, 128 pp. 18^. Ded- 
ham, [JlfosB.] S. A. Mami, 1853. 

Arnold (Jh; Johann Franz). PrabtiBcLe 
grammatik der engliscliea Gprocbe. Hacli 
dem originale aufs nene beai'bcitet nnil 
niit Yielen zusiltzen verraelivt von W. M. 
Famess, d. <l. is, 348 pp. 12". PMlaM- 
phia, J, Feifc, 1849. 

Arnold {E. Arthur). From the Levant, the 
Black sea, and the Dannbe, S r. xi, 330 
pp; Tiii, 313 pp. 13°. LoiiHon, Chapman t^ 
Sail, 1868. 

Arnold (Thomas Kercliever). First greek 
lessons. Re-arraagwl and corrected hy 
rev. J. A. Spencer. From the 3d Lond. 
ed. 239 pp. 12°. Nmo-Yorh, D, Apple- 
itm if- 00. 1846. 

Greek reading hook, for the use of 

aohools : containing the sahatance of The 
practical introduction to greek construing, 
and a treatise on the greek particles. And 
a Copious selection from greek authors, 
with engtish notes, and a lexicon, by rev. 
J. A. Spencer. 618 pp. 18o. Wew-Yoi-k, 
J>. AppUlon f CO. 1848. 

A firat latin book. Revised and cor- 
rected by rev. J. A. Spencer. From the 
5th Lond. ed. 333 pp. 12°. New Yoj'k, 

. D.Appmon^-co.Vm. 

The same. Arnold's first latin book ; 

remodelled and rewritten, and adapted to 
the Ollendorff method of instraetJon. By 
A. Harkneas. xii, 302 pp. 12°. ifew-Torh, 
D. Appleton <(• oo. 1851. 

A practical introdnctiou to greek 

prose composition. Eeviaed ed, with ref- 
erence to Kiihner'a greek grammar, viii, 
196 pp. 12°. Bosion, J. Mmroe ^ <M.18i5. 

The same. Revised by rev. J. A. 

Spencer. From the 5th Lond. ed. 237 
pp. 13". mie-Yorl:,D.Jpplelon^Bo.l&i7. 

The same. Pait ii. (The particles). 

1st am. ed. [By rev. J. A, Spencer], vi, 
248 pp. 12°. Mw York, D. Appleton f eo. 

A practical introduction to latin prose 

composition. Revised and ooixeoted by 
rev. J, A. Spencer. From the Gth Lond. 
ed, 340 pp. 12°. Nein-Yorlc, D. Appleton 
# 00. 1846. 

Arnold Zulig, a swiss story. By the author 
of Constance, Pharos, and Argus, [aiwn.] 
2 p. I. 381 pp. 16°. London, T. Hoolcham, 


Araot (Jteif. William). Laws from heaven 
for life on eaith. Illustrations of the book 
ofR-overbs. 2d series. 412 pp. 12°. Lon- 
don, T. Nelson tf sons, 1856. 

Amott (NeU, m. d.) Elements of physics; 
or, natural philosophy, general and iiicd- 
ioaL In five parts. 1st. Somatology, stat- 
ics, and dynamics. 2d. Mechanics. 3d. 
Pneumatics, hydraulics, and acoustics. 
4th, Heat and light. 6th. Animal and 
medical physica. Hew ed. revised from 
the last eng. ed. with additions, by Isaac 
Hays, m. d. XX, 25-520 pp. 8°. Fhila- 
Selpltia, Lea f Blmichard, 1841. 

Aipe (Peter Friederich). De prodigiosis ua- 
tnrfc et artia operibus talismancs et amn- 
leta dictis cum recensione. eotiptorum 
huins argumenti liber singularis. 3p. 1. 
184 pp. 8 L 1 pi. 12°. Sambnrsi, apwl C. 
Lkbeieil, 1717. 

Arrtngton (A. W.) The rangers and regu- 
lators of the Tanaha: or life among the 
lawless. A tale of the republic of Texas. 
By Cbai-lee Sumuiorfield, IpseuSon.'] 397 
pp. 1 pi. 12°. Jfew York, S. M. U. WiU, 

Araenius, aroliblsliop of Moaembasia. 'Attu- 
fSeyiiara^tkoao^av nai CTparriyav, pj/ropuv re 
itai itoniToi:. Praselaia dicta philosopho- 
rum, imperatorum, oratorumq^, & poet- 
tarum, ah Arsenic archiepiscopo Moneni- 
basiiB colleota. lp.L114I. 8°. [Rome, 
about 1531]. 

Jfote.— The second parli, unfler the title, Diola 
poetaram, is wanting. Tliie Yoinme liaa twentv 
lines on a page, aua is wltliout paginatUm lir 

Art (The) of speaking, 1795. See Burgh 



Artemldorus, daldianns. De somniorvnt 

interpretation e lihri qvinqve. A lano 

Comario medico physicc francofordiensi 

latina lingua oonsoriptu 296 pp. 16°. 

Li'gdmi, apvd S. GrgpUvm, 1546. 
Arthar (Timothy Shay). The angel and the 

demon : a tale of modem spiritiuvliani. 

311 pp. 12°; FhilaielpUa, J. W. Bradley 

Cast adrift, 364 pp. 8 pi. 12°. PkU- 

adelphia, J. M. SioMart f co. 1873. 
Cedardale; or, the peacemakers. A 

story of village life. Eugd. tit. 908 pi>. 

5 pi. 8°, Fhiladelphia, LippituxiU, Gramho 

^ eo. 1853. 
The hand but not the heart; or, the 

life-trials of Jessie Loring, 317 pp. 12°, 

New York, Deriy .^ Jaelcson, 1858. 

db, Google 


Artbtu' (Tiraotbj Sliay)— continned. 
Haven't-time an d Don't-lie-ia-a-hurry , 

and other stories, 153 pp. 5 pi. 16°. Phil- 

aiielpMa, Iditpincott, Gramio ^ eo. 1852. 
Leasoiia in life, for all who will read 

them. 315 pp. IS"^. Fhiladeljihia, Lippln- 

coU, Gramio ^ co. 1851. 
The pitcher of cool water, and otlier 

stories. 177 pp. 1 pi. 18°. JVeic Torif, 

jVoiionaJ temjierance eooietj/ and puJ>U(Miioa 

ftortse, 1870. 
Stories for yonag houaelieeperB. 213 

pp. 18°. Pkiladvlpiui, Lippiitcott, Gramho 

._!■■ CO. 1831. 
Temperance tales. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1.; 195pp. 12°. FhiladeJpkia, 

E. Ferrett ^ co. 1844. 
Twenty yeaca ago, and now. 312 pp. 

19°, Fkiladdphia, J. W. Bradleg, 1860, 
Arthur Singleton, or what lack I yet ? By 

the author of '■ Broken eieterns." [imoB.] 

'240 pp. 3 pi. 18°. PklladelpMa, Freabij- 

UrUm hoard of piMUiatUm, [1859]. 
As it is, 1B60. See Smith (William B.) 
Asbaja. See 7uana Ineii de la dtii^. 
Asbury (Fraaoie, ftfeftiip of tkeiii. e. ekiirvh). 

The character and career of Franois Ab- 

Imry, illuHtrated by eeleotlous from his 

jonroal. Byrev. Edwin L.Janes. 615 pp. 

portrait. 12°. New York, Carlton i^ Lana- 

kan, 1872. 
Asenslo y Mezorada (Franc^ois). Floresta 

eapaHola. Set) Santa Cruz de Due&as 

(Melcblorde) and Aseneio y Mezorada. 
Aah (Edward, m. <I.) Four lectures on the 

apocalypse, delivered in Bristol, in the 

spring of 1848. 2 p. 1. 116 pp. 16°, Mr- 

iniok, [Eng.l J. Fletoker, 1848. 
Ashe (fleo. Simeon). Frim.itiv6 divinity a 

lished, with notes by 'ifcephen (jeirisb. 
S16 pp. 12°, Fl^tladdphut 1823 
JVo(B.— Thel&thena e>l waap blished iu njj 

Asher (John R ) avd Adams (Otorge H ) 
Asher & Adams new commeicial topo- 
graphical, and atabstical atlas and ga- 
ziitteer of the United '"itttea with mips 
showing the Daminiou of Cinida, Earope 
and the world [735] pp 51 39 uil maps, 
tol. A'etc York, A«her c(- Mams, [1873]. 

Ashley (Rev. E. K.) Glances over the field 
of faith and reason : or Christianity in its 
idea and development ; its connection with 
human progress and unity. 430 pp. 12°. 
Bosloyi, Cmdcer l^ BreiDsier, 1855. 


Asbmaiid (J. M.) Ptolemy's Tetrahiblos, 
etc. IS^a. See Ptolemaeus (Claudius). 

Ash-well (Samuel, m. d.) A practical trea- 
tise on the diseases peculiar to women, 
illustrated by cases, derived from hospital 
and private practice. 1st complete am. 
from the last Loud. ed. With notes, hy 
Paul B. Goddard, m. d. xvi, 13-520 pp. 
8°. Fhiladelphia, Lea .;■ ShneJiard, 1845, 

AsBOolatlon (The) for the improvement of 
juvenile books. The remembrancer; or, 
fragments for leisure hoars, 216 pp. 16°. 
FHlaMpkia, T. E. CMpmax, 1840. 

Second reading-book. 180 pp. 18°. 

Pliiladelphia, T. E. dwprmn, ISOT, 

Assooiatioii monthly. Bichard C. Morse, 
editor. Jan. to dec. 1871. v. 2. 4°. ^Tew 
Yorlc, Yoang men's dii'Utian aesoeiatioas of 
United Stales and BHHsh proviTices, 1871. 

Assoncy or DasBOUcy (CbarJes Coypeau 
d'). Aventures bnrleeqnes da Dassoncy. 
Nonv. 6d. avec preface et notes, par iSmile 
Colombey. xxviii, 468 pp. portrait. 16'-'. 
Poll's, A. Delahags, 1858. 
[IJibliotliwiiio gnnloise]. 

Astrand (J. J. director of Bergen obaeriialii- 
rg). Lommebog ved kjob og salg, hvorved 
man hurtigt kan fiude bvormeget 1, 2, 3, o. 
s. V. indtil 13,000 stykkes, alen, touder, 
potter m. m. tester fraJskilL til deboieste 
priser, tilligemed rentetabeller for hver 
halv fra 4 til 9 prooeut. Samt forklaring 
over iudeu- og udenlandske pengemynter, 
saaledes som de modtagea i told-oppebiirs- 
lerne. 360 pp. 24°. Bergen, 2f. MeUen, 
1869. s. 

Astrologer (The) of the nineteeiitb century ; 
or, compendium of astrology, geomanoy, 
and occnlt philosophy. By the members 
of the Mercurii, the editor of the Pi-ophetic 
aJmanaok, and other celebrated astrologers. 
lauon.} 6th ed, xvi, 350 pp. 8°. London, 
W. C. WrigM, 1625. 

JVote— Pulilialied oiiMnnUy in woeklv mimbnrs 
unflar the title of "The straKalins asti'uluffer," 
ftom jnne 5, IBM (no. 1), to 001.30,1834 (CO. £). 

At Jesns' feet, [aiion.] 372 pp. 16°. Note 
York, Plot, ^iscopal eocktgfor the promotion 
of evaagelleal hnoioledge, [1871]. 

Ataiiagi (Dionigi). Lettere di slit, hvoniini 
UlvstrL Nelle qvali sono dve libri di di- 
versi altri avttori, et il fiore di qvante belle 
lettere, cbe flu' bora si sono vedute ; con 
molte del Bembo, del Nauagero, del Fra- 
castoro, del Manutio, & di altri famosi 

db, Google 


Atauagi (DioDJgi)— ooutiDiied. 
anttori non pih date iQ luoe. [auoit. 4» 
e<l.] 8p.l. 768pp. 16°. Veaelta, Comin da 
Ti-ino, 156X. 

Atlienseum (Tbe) joarnal of literature, sci- 
ence, the flue arts, miisio, and the drama. 
[Weeklj]. Jan. e to dec. 2B, 1372. 3 v. 
4". London.J. Bi-ancis,lST2. 

Atheneum (The); or, spirit of the eiiglisL 
magazines. [Ist aeries], april, 1317, to 
ftpril, 1824. 14 v. 8°. Boston, Mnta-oe J'- 
irraiiolB, 1817-24. 
[Imperfftjt! wantlngT.ll)). 

The same. 2d series. April, 1814, to 

oot. 18Sa 9 V. 8°. Boalon, Muiiroe ,j- 
Franeia, tf J. Cotton, 1824-26. 
[Imperleoc ; wanting 

- The a 


Oct.. I 

8°. Boston, J. Cotton, 

april, 1820. 

Atliern (Anna). Here aiid hereafter: or, 
the two altara. iv, 376 pp. ia°. Boston, 
Ch-osbs, Niekoh 4- co. IS-ia 

Katherine MoiTis : au autobioEraphy. 

By the anthor of "Step by step," [etc. 
nnoii.] 1 p. 1.353 pp. 13°. Boston, Walk- 
«-, WUe 4- eo. 1860. 

Atkln (Franeis F.) Atkin's pocket oompaas 
of the harbors, ports, lighthonaes, and 
buoys of lake Ontario and river St. Law- 
rence. Dl pp. 9 tables, sq. 13°. Oneego, 
N. Y., Advertiser power press op:e, 1871. 

Atkins (M. A.) Mnat ; or, Ann Holbrook's 
girlhood. By theauthor of "EUisAmory," 
[etc. ajiini.] 328 pp. 9 pi. 18°. Boston, 
Mass. s. s. socktu, [18G4]. 

Atkinson (Mary Ellen). Tlie arohiteot o( 
Cologne, and other poenia. 101 pp. 1 pi. 
12". Boston, D. Lothrop 4- eo. [187^]. 

BoBB and Millie. By the anthor of 

"Hester's happy summer." [amn-i ' 
pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, D. Lothrop 4- 


Atlantic (The) almanac, 137 J. 8°. Bosi 
J. E. Osgood 4- CO. [1372], 

Atlantic (The) monthly. A nii^aziiie of 
literature, acience, art, and politics. Jan. 
to dec. 1872. V. 39-30. 8°. Boston, J. B. 
Osgood 4 eo. 1872. 

Atlae (Washington L. m. d.) General and 
differential diagnosis of ovarian tumours, 
with special reference to the operation of 
ovariotomy. 483 pp. 8". PMIadelplila, 
J. B. LippincoU 4 eo. 1873. 

Atwood (Moaes G.) The anierican defini- 
tion spoiling book, improvod. Revised 


Atwoofl (Moses G.)— oontinned. 
and adapted to Walker's principles of en- 
glisU orthoepy, with progressive reading 
lessons. 180 pp. 18°. Conoord, Jf. H., 
Hoag 4' jitinood, 1330, 

Aubom (A. d'). The fi'enoli convert : a 
true relation of the happy conversion of a 
noble french lady, fiwm popery, to the 
reformed religion. [Followed by Maria : 
or, the ever-blooming flower]. 144 pp. 1 pi. 
18°. Sea Yoric, G. G. Sickeh, 1330. 

Aubrey- (John). Wiltshire, The topo- 
graphical eolleotions of J. Aubrey, a. d. 
1659-70, with ninstrations. Corrected and 
enlarged by John Edward Jackson, xiii, 
492 pp; 3 tab. 46 pi. Denizes, lEng.l Wilt- 
shire ariikwological and natural kistorg socie- 
ty, 1362. 8, 

Attbry (Jean Franyois). Les oracles de Cos. 
Nonv. ^d. auivie d'uoe Introdnotion it la 
th6rapeutif[ne de Cos. viii, 686 pp. 8°. 
MontpelHer, J. G. Toamtl, 1810. 

Anbnm (N. Y.) Boyd's Anhuru directory : 
1372-73. [Also], busiueaa directory oi 
Union Springs, Aurora, Caynga, and vil- 
lages on the Sontbern central railway, with 
ftlistoffarmers of Cayuga county. Com- 
piled by Andrevr Boyd. 6°. Aaharn, F. 
Allen, [1873]. 

Augenatein (Moritz). Augousteiii's man- 
ual of instruction, with tables for brewers 
and distillers, ilvii, 169 pp. 8". fFusft- 
ington, D. C, Jadd .f Beltveiler, 1872. 

Auger (Hippolyte Nicolas Jast). La femnie 
dn monde et lafomme artiate, 3 v. 1 p. 1. 
343 pp; 1 p. I. a65 p|i. 8°. I'lirls, A. 
Diipaitt, 1837. 

Anguata (Go.) Directory of the city of 
Augnsta, and business advertiser for 185'J. 
8°. Augusta, B. A. Watkins, 1359, 

Augustlnns (Anrelius, sanetus). The two 
hundred and one and thirtieth sermon of 
et. Augustine, De tempore, of shunning 
drunkennesse. [Also], the second sermon 
of St. Angnstine : of avoidiug drunken- 
nesse. Sermon 233. [Translated by 
Matthew Scrivener]. 

Uit BcGiVKNEB (Mattliew). A trottliso aeatnst 
druniennesfl. UP. Laagon. 1«S5. pp. 157-1U3]. 

AuntAbbie. See Abhie (,Aimt). 

Aunt Betsy's rule, and how it worked, 1363. 

See O'Brien (H.) 
Aunt Grace's home ; or, early days in New 

Hampshire, [anon.] 144 pp. 1 pi. 13°. 

Boston, Mass. s. s. societn, [1855]. 

db, Google 


Auiit Margaret's twelve stories, to illustrate 
and impress importaub trutlia. [niioii.] 
126 pp. 18°. Fhiladeipliia, Amet'kan s.-s. 
«n!o», [1856]. 

Aunt Biith, 01" persecuted not forsaken. By 
the autlior of Ella Clinton, [anon.] 33T 
pp. 3 pi. 18°. FMladelphia, Pi-eihytenmi 
board of publicaUoH, 1857, 

Atueliua Aatonlnus (Marcus). See Anto- 
ninras imperator (Marcus Aurelins). 

Aairora (III.) Anrora census report and 

stiLtiatical review, embraoLng a, complete 
direotoryof theoity. By EiohardEdwavda. 
8°. Aurora, Fox river pHnUiig eo. 1873. 

Aaatln (George Lowell). Tlie life of Frana 
Sobubert, 163 pp. portrait. lfi°. Boston, 
SUparcl, ^ Gill, 1873. 

AuBtIn {EeB. Joha Mathel). Golden steps 
to respectability, usefnlness, and bappi- 
ness. Lectures to youtli, on character, 
principles, aasociates, amusements, relig- 
ion, and m.-irrioge. En^d. tit. 343 pp. 
l-io. Aiibiint, Derby, MitUr 4- co. 1850. 

A -voice to youth, addressed to jonng 

men aud young ladies. Tii, 390 pp. Iff^. 
UUca, [A'cto York'], Gioeh ^' Huteliiiieon, 

Austin (Texas). Mercantile aud general 
city directory of Austin, Texas, 1873-73. 
By Gray & Moore. 8°. Austin, S. A. 
Gray, 1873. 

Aastro-bungariaii empire. {Siatintknlie 
ceHU'al-commisaian), AiiswuiseiilKirdeni 
wlirtigeu liaudel der JiaterreichLsoh- 
garischen monarohie im eonueu-jahre 
1870. xsxi jahrgang. 4°. Wien, £. k. 
iof- -and staaUdruekerel, 1873. S, 

Bevollierang nnd vielistand 

der im reichsratlie vertretenen Itunigreiche 
und Hnder. NacU der ziihlung vom 31 dec. 
1869. V. 5-6. 4°. IFien, K. k. Uf- und 
elaats-dntcl(e7-ei, 1872. 

D. ErlSat 


n ftan bevBltemrgB-t 


a vieli- 


Die eisenbahnen der oster- 

reicbisch-nngariscben mouarchie and ihr 
hetriebimjalirel869. 4°. Wim, K. k. Jtof- 
vnd staatsdniBkerei, 1873. s. 

Mittbeilnngen ansdeiu gehieta 

der statistik. 18te jabrgang, iii-iy heft; 
19te jabrgang, i-ii beft. 8°. Wieu, K. 1, 
hof- luiii staaUibiuilcerm, 1871-79. s. 

V, IB, liilieft. DiesnnahmBaerverbreclifiiireb;.] 
von 18SI bia 1689. Die hoolL- —■' ■■""'■' 

Austra-buuga.riaii empire — continued. 

iylieft. Der bergwerke-betrieb, 1870. 
V. 19, i l^eft. BewegnDg im bealtz- uad inateu- 
aC^nde H&t re^ll^ten im Jalire 1670. 
ii heft. YerhluvlluDgeD der k. Tc. atatisU- 
sebeu eeatFuicomDilHtiica lu> jahre 1871. 

Siiatistisoliee jahrbucb fiir 1870. 

8°. Wieii, K. k, hnf- und eiaatsdriickerei, 
1873. s. 

Authentic (Au) narrative of tbe riisaian 
espeditioa against tlie Turks by sea and 
laud, [areon.] 160 pp. 5 I. 8°. Loudon, 
S. Hooper, 1772. 

Authentic papers relating to the expedition 
iig'.liDst Cartbi^ena, [1740] containing 
original letters betwneu tbe a^lmlral [Ed- 
■ward Vernon] and the general [Went- 
worth], etc. 3d ed. 3p. 1.100 pp. 12°. 
London, L. Eaymoad, 1744. 

Autobiography of a reformed drunkard ; 
or letters and recollection a, liy an inmate 
of tbe alms-bonse, [miOJi.] 4 p. 1. 13-159 
pp. 6 pi. 18°. Flitladelphia, Griffith <f- Si- 
mon, 1845. 

Anvergne-Corret (La Tour d'). See La 
Tour D'Auvergne-Cortet. 

AnxlHo escritiirario ; dispaest>o para faoili- 
tar con utilidad la leotara de la biblia. 
[ano!^.] 3 p. 1.103 pp. 18°. Londres, J. 
Davia, 1338. 

Avery (James). Old Jim Avery's oivu fur- 
rier aud recipe book, a olieapor, safer, 
and surer method of farriery than any be- 
fore offered to tbe ^arld ; disclosing tbe 
whole secret of training and educating 
the horse, with hints on breeding and 
suigery [With] a biography of tbe 
author, bv a trieud. 340 pp. 5 pi. por- 
trait 1> Albany, Miimell if' Eoielmtd, 

Avery (Samuel P.) The book of 1000 com- 
ical stories ; an eudless repast of fnu. By 
the author of "Mrs. Partington's carpet- 
bag of fnu." [Also, Laughing gas : anency- 
olopsediaof wit, wisdom, and wind. ono«.] 
2 T. in 1. 120 pp; 156 pp. 13*=. Nme 
Fo!*, mok ^ mtsgeraia, 1359. 

Awenture d'nn giovane eavaliere ftuo a 
stabilirai, in un vero ma raro modo, folice- 
mente nel seoolo; date altra volta alia 
luce col titolo di Verltfl mascherata, ora 
rioorrette dall' editore [p. d. Carlo Bar- 
bieri. aiion,] 9 y, jcil, 368 pp; 300 pp. 
18°. Verom, A. Andreoiii, 1759, 

d by Google 


Aydelott (i(et>. B, P. m. d.) An aceonnt of 
the destraobioi] of Jerusalem, establishiag 
the (liviDe origin of christianit;. 
[7b "Watts (Isaac, 
irbale scHpture 
M'Oarty * Zhwis 

Afguals de tzco (Wenceelao). Marie 
I'Espagnole, on la victime d'un moine. 
Histoire de Madrid. Pr^efidfe d' nne in- 
troduction par m. Engfene Sue. S v. in 1. 
xi, 420 pp ; 2 p. 1. 392 pp. portrait. 8°. 
Paris, Daterire, 184G. 

Ayres (George B.) New descriptive band- 
liook of tlie Penasylvania railroad, and 
traveler's guide to the great west ! 116 pp. 
12°. Pittsburgh, W. S. Mavert, [1859]. 

Ayres de Cazal or Casal (Mauael). Coro- 
grafia brazUica, on rela^ao bistoiico- 
geografioa do reino do Brazil. S v. 6 p. 1. 
490 pp; 2 p. I 379 pp. 21. 8^. EU)deJa- 
iwlro, tntpreaaao regia, 1817. 

Azeglio (Massimo Taparelli, march^e d'). 
Nic«oli> de* Lapi ovvero i pallesehi e i 
piagnonL vlii, 442 pp. IG". Leipzig, F, 
A. Brodcham, 1866. 

Tbe same. Florence betrayed | or, 

the last days of the republic Translated 
from the Italian, by a lady, xii, 529 pp. 
8^. Boston, W. V. Spentei; 1856. 

B. (0.) 1st. Narrative of a private soldier io 
liis majesty's 92d r^ment of foot. Writ- 
ten by himself. [oBon.] Detailiug many 
oiroumstances relative to tbe iuanrrec- 
tion in Irelaud in 171)9; tbe expedition to 
Holland in 1799 ; and tbe expedition to 
Egypt in 1801. With a preface by tbe 
rev. Ralph Wardlaw, d. d. 1st am. 
Slfipp. 18°. Philadelphia, United fm- 
missionary society, 1822. 

B. (G.) ad. The amerioan metrical psal 
281 pp. 16°, Ifeiw York, F. J. Smttiiiffton, 

B. (J. H.) Wie kann icb selig werdeuf 
odor : der Blinder zu Jean gewiesen. Ton 
J. H. B. [onon.] 117 pp. 18". St. Louis, 
J. W. Molntyre, 1867. 

B. (J, K.) SeeBloomfield(J, K.) 

B. (J. v.) See Blake (James Vila). 

B. (L.) The dochesa Renfe and ber court. 
[«ii(m.] 200 pp. 18°. Nm York, Jmei-i- 
ean iraetsocieiy, [1873]. 

B, (M. E.) Tbe qneer people, and other 
stories. By M. E. B. [onon.] 279 pp. 
16°. Neiii York, Warren, BrougMon ^' 
Wyman, [1872], 


. (M. 6.) Petite anthologie po^tiq^ae, ou 
ohois de poesies £i I'usage de la jeunease 
tir6es des meilleura auteurs modemes. 4 
p. 1. iii, 168 pp. 120. Nottingham, O. Si- 
mom, [1837]. 

B. (E.) See Bolton (Eee. Eobert). 

B. (R. L.) See Storer (Harriet G.) 
. (8. B.) WUUe and Nellie: or stories 
about my canariea. By oouain Sarab. 
[niion.]. 212pp. 4pl. 8^.24°. PMladel- 
pkia, TF. S. # A. Mm-tien, 1859. 

B. (T. A.) Trials and trust. A story of the 
fi'euch revolntJon. [itjion.] 190 pp. 3 pi. 
18°. Philadelphia, Fresligfa'ian board of 
pitblimtion, [1872]. 

Babad (P. d. d.) A portnguese aad en- 
glisb grammar, compiled from those of Lo- 
bato, Durham, Sane and Viejra. viii, 
13-230 pp. 12°. BalHmoi'e, autlior, 1920. 

Babcock (RufuB, d. d.) Tales of ti-uth, for 
tbe young; or, waters from tbe living 
fountain, flowing at all seasons. 144 pp. 
18°. PMladelj>liia, G. W. Dojiohue, 19.^, 

Baboocb (Sarah A.} Hidden treasure; or, 
the secret of success in ]ife. 264 pp. inc. 
4 pi. 16°. Nev> York, Carlton 4- Fortei; 

Baboook {Beii. William E.) Sai-red melo- 
dies : a collection of hymns and spiritual 
songs, etc. 198 pp. 36°. Daaseille, J. 
B. Knox, 1845. 

Babylon and Jerusalem, 1851. See Abe- 
ken (Heinvich). 

Bacol (Fietro Giacomo). Tbe life of saint 
Philip Neri, apostle of Rome, and founder 
of thecongregationof tbeoratory. [From 
the enlarged roman ed. of 1837]. 4 p. I. 
414 pp. portrait. 1S°. .Weio TorJc, E. Dimi- 
gan, 1847. 

2VbW.— Sapereoribefl Tlio saints and aarTiiiits of 

Bache {Mrs, Anna). Tbe iire-screen, or do- 
mestic sketches. 191 pp. 12°, Fhilartel- 
pMa, W. J. f J. K. Simon, 1H41. 

Bacheler (Bev. 0. R.) Hinduism and Chris- 
tianity in Orissa : and aa account of the 
operations of the American freewill bap- 
tist mission in uortberu Oriasa. 214 pp. 
1 1. 16°. Boston, C. Waite, 1853. 

Bacber (Wilhelm). Nizami's leben uiid 
■werbe. Beitrage zur gesebiebto der pev- 
sisohen literatnr und der aleKandersage. 
See Tusnf ben Moiwayyed el-Kiiijeu4, 
Mown as Nitzamf . 

BacM (Pietro). Conversazione italiana, 
or a collection of plirn.'ips aud familiar dia- 

db, Google 


Bachi (Pietro) — coiitiaued. 
li>Siiea in italian and english. viii, 224 
pp. 2 1, 12°. Cambridge, [Mass.^ J. 
Mimi-oe L^ eo. 1835. 
(Corso cU atndio italiano, part BJ. 

BaocoJta di favole morale, or a col- 
lection of Italian fables iu proae and verae, 
witli interlineai translatioDS and esplanar- 
tion of idioms,' xi, 156 pp. 12°. Cam- 
bi-i^ge, [Jtf«BB.] J. Mwtroe j- co. Iti36. 
[Corso di stmllo italiano, part S). 

Back (Sir George). Narrative of tlie Arc- 
tic laud expedition to tlie moutb of the 
Gi'eat Fish river, and aJoug the shores of 
tlie Arctic ocean, 1833-35. viii, 338 pp. 1 
map. 8°. ParU, A. ^ W. Galignani f eo. 

Backus (Ree. Isaac). A discourse slievring 
the nature and necessity of an internal 
call to preach the everlastiog gospel, 
[Also], the experiences and dying teati- 
uiony of mr. Nathaniel Shepherd. 116 pp. 
12°. Boston, Fmh, 1754. 

Bacon {Albert M.) A manual of gesture; 
embracing a complete system of notation, 
with the principles of interpretation and 
selections for practice. 360 pp. 12°. 
Chicago, S. C. Griggg ^ co. 1873, 

Bacon (David Francis). Lives of the apos- 
tles of Jeans Christ, [awoii,] 608 pp. 16 
pi. 8°. New Haven, L. H. Young, 1836. 

The same. 650 pp. 16 pi. 8°. Neii> 

Haven, Young ^ UhUioni, [1863]. 

Bacon {Mrs. ElizaAnn Munroe). Memoir of 
rev. Henry Bacon. 361 pp. portrait. iiP. 
Boston, A. Tompldm, 1857. 

Bacon (Leonard, d. d.) Additional lij'mna, 
designed as a supplement to [Timothy] 
Dwight's paalms & hymns. 1 p. 1. 509-634 
pp. 3-3°. 2few Haven, Daii-ie ,;■ Peck, 1833, 

A manual tor young ohoreh-memUei's. 

216 pp lb ^ell) Haven, S Loohe, 1833. 

Bacon (Thomas) Fiist impressioua and 
studies from nature m Hmdoatan ; em- 
bracing an outline of the voyage to 
Calcutta, and flie years' residence in 
Ben^l and the Doj,b. 2 v. xx, 406 pp. 
11 pi; sv, 4.16 pp. 16 pi. 8°. London, W. 
H. Alien 4- eo. 1837. 

Bacon {Uev. William). jEsthetio piety, <ir, 
the beauty and loveliness of the christian 
religion, 243 pp. 16°. Auburn, 1861. 

Salvation made sure. With remarks 

on the nature of spiritual darkness, etc. 
vi, 154 pp. 16°. Ithaoa, Mack .f' Andras, 



Baooii (William J.) The cbatiipion song 
and dauce book. 205 pp. 24°. New Yorh, 
Fiaher if' Denieon, [1872]. 

Bacon (William Thompson). Poems. 134 
pp. 12°. SosUin, Wc^s, Jordan i)- eo. 

Bacon-Tacon (Pierre Jean Jacijues). Re- 
cherolies sur les origines oeltit[nes, prinoi- 
palement sur cellcs du Bugey, consid^r^ 
commo beteeau du delta celtiqae. [2e 
publication], 2 v. 2 p. 1. 572 pp. 2 pi ; 
479 pp. 7 pi. 13°. Faris, A. Bertraitd, 

Badeau (Adam). Tlie vagabond. 368 pp. 
12°. NaDYo,%Sitdd4-Carlet<m,18h9. 

Badeher (Carl), llie Bhiue and northern 
Germany. Handbook for travellers. 4tli 
ed. xxii, 444 pp. 23 maps, 38 plans. 16°. 
Cobleni, C. Bwdeher, 1870. 

Baden (Frances Henshaw). Tlie artist's 
love. See Sowtliworth (E. D. E. K.) and 

Baden {Grand dachs of). JasHsminUterimu. 
Uebersicht der biirgerlichen rechtspflege 
wahrend 1869. 4°. Carlsrulie, C. F. MSI- 
lei^eeke hqfbae'hhtmdl'ang, 1870. s. 

Grand dacal commission. Esposilion 

uuiverselle de 1867 ^ Paris. Les esposants 
du grand-duchfi de Bade et leur produits. 
Publication de la commission grand- 
ducale, xviii, 132 pp. 12°. Carlsruhe, 
F. Miiller, 1867. 

Baden-Powell (Warington), See Po-well. 

Badger (Catharine N.) The teacher's last 
lesson ; a memoir of Marilia Whiting, late 
of the Charleston female seminary, con-, 
sisting chiefly of extracts from her jonr- 
nal, 284 pp. portrait. 12°. SoHon,Gould 
f Uncoln, 1855. 

BadolB (Charles). Grammaire anglaise 
d'api'fea le syst^me d'Ollendorff, it I'usage 
des Pranfais. 2partsinlT, 179pp;103 
pp. 12°. New York, D.Appleton^eo.l8bZ. 

Baer (Karl Ernst von). Naehriehten Wber 
[seiiiem] leben und schriften, mitgetheilt 
von ihm selbst, Veroffentlicht bei gele- 
genheit seines filnfzigj3hrigen doctor- 
jiibilaums am 29 ang. 1854, von der 
ritterBchafC Ehstlands. vi, 674 pp. por- 
trait. 8°. St. Petersburg, Jnn^drackera, der 
Eaiaerllchen akademic der wisseasehaften, 

Baer(Warrcn). Carmine; or, the trader at 
the fort. [oHon.] Eugd. tit. 140 pp. 
13°. Galeeslaii.,Advoeale publishing CO. 1872. 

db, Google 


Bagatelles morales, [itnow.] 249 pp. ICfi, 

Paris, Duoheaiie, 1754. 
Bage (Robert). Man as lie 13. A novel. 

lanoa.] 4 v. 16°. Zondoii, W. Law, 

Bagehot (Walter). PhyKics and politioa; 

or, thonghts on tlie application of tlie 

principles of " Datural selection " and 

"inheritance" to political society. 2 p.l. 

324 pp. 13°. 2fm York, D. AppMoa .^ co. 


[lulematujiial seiontiflc aevlea, v, 31- 
Bagahaw (Edward). The life and death of 

mr. [Eobevt] Bolton. 

[Zji Bolton (Robert). Mr.Bolfon'Hlnetanai 

orke. i 

. Lnndon, G. IfiMw, 


Bahn (Rachel). Poems. 200 pp. 13°. Ttn-l- 
Fa., H. C. Adarne 4- co. I860. 

Bahr (Carl Christian W. F.) The hooks of 
the kings, 1873. See Bible. {Euglisli). A 
commentary ou the holy scriptures. By 
J. P. LangB. V. 6 of the old testament. 

Bailey (Ebenezer). First lessons in alge- 
bra, xi, 238 pp. 12", Boston, Carter, 
Sendee <?■ co. 1333. 

The same. Impiwred e<l. 2rj2pp. 13°. 

Bostmi, Carter, Sendee 4- eo. 1834. 

The same. Kevised ed. 254 pp. 13°. 

Bosbm, SieMing, Swan 4 ^eieer, IS*. 

The young ladies' class hook ; a selec- 
tion of lessons for reading, in prose and 
verae. 408 pp. 12°. Bosion, LUicohi .f- 
mmanSs, 18?.i. 

Bailey (Nathan). A complete englisli dic- 
tionary, Oder vollstitndiges englisch-deut- 
sohes wiii-tetlnicli, 178.1. «e Klauaiug 

- (Anton E.) 

Aa universal otyinoloificjil cnglisli 

dictionary. 24th ed. 4Ti 1. S^. London, 
E. Ware, [eio.] ir?C. 

Bailey {Mm. Una Locke). Dr. Plaasid's 
patieute. 286 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Bastoi\, D. 

■ Loilirop 4- 00. 1873. 

Baird (E. Thompson, d. d. editor). Hymns 
ofthevoiceofpraise. 285 pp. 32°. Bleh- 
mond, iPrealiyteHan conimitfee <if imilica- 
tion, 1873]. 

and Reden (Karl), paeudoa. for Con- 
verse (Charles Crozat). The voice of 
praise: a election of hymns and tones. 
216 pp. ohll6°. Jiic&mond, [PcesSirtei'ion 
eommi((ee 0/ j)i[6Jteoft»n, 1372]. 

Balrd (Robert). Memoir of the rev. Joseph 
Sanford. -vi.SeSpp. portrait. 13". VUl- 
adeliikia, II. Perkins, WW. 


Balrd (Samuel J. d. d.) The chnrch of 

Christ: its constitution and order. 144 

pp. IB"^. FhUadelpMa, Preshj/tei-ian board 

o/pablieaiion, [1864]. 
Baird (Spencer Fnllerton). See Annual 

record of science and industry for 1 871-73. 
Baker (B. F.) and Southard (L. H.) The 

Haydn collection of church music. ilu2 

pp. obi. 8°. Boston, C. H. Peirce, 1850. s. 
Johnson (A. N.) and Osgood (Jo- 

siah). Mclodia sacra; a collection of 

church music. 416 pp. old. 8°. PiOitoii, 

A. N. Johnson, [1853]. H. 

Baker (George M.) A baker's dnzcn, Oi'i- 

ginal humorous dialogues. l:i? pp. IC*. 

Boston, Lee 4 Shepard, 1872. 
The drawing-room stage: a series of 

origlnaldrama8,[etc.] Illustrated. Eugd. 

tit. 274 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Sosloii, tix >1" 

Sttepai-d, 1873. 
Baker (Harriet Newell Woods). Happy 

home stories for boys. By »uiit Hattie. 

[psendon.~\ 6 v. 13°. Bo»ton, H. J. Young 

4- CO. 1871. 

T. 1. Diligent Diclc ; or, flie joniig iiiruiof , lUT 

5. The ne 


11. 4 pi. 
I'll try; or, the young housekeet)er. 

By mrs. Madeline Leslie, [pseadoii.] 333 

pp. inc. 2 ph 16°. Boatoa, Sheparil, Clark 

4- Broion, 1859. 
Jock the chimney sweeper, and other 

stories for children. By inrs. Madeline 

Leslie, [pseiulon.l 245 pp. inc. 4 pi, 16°. 

Bostou, ^hepard, Clark 4- Brmvn, 1359. 
Mrs. Leslie's juvenile series. 16°. 

HosloH, Sltqiard, Clark 4- Bronn, 1858-^9. 

T. 3, Flay uai utaiy, lliigil. tit. 360 pp. 3 pi. 


V, 3. Hnwiu^ nncl ilia teiiolioF, bu<1 othor Btoriea. 

Enga. tit, Ml pp. 3 pi. 1S5K. 
T. 4. TryLus to lie nsHfuL ^agd. tit. SM pp. a pi, 

laker (James Loring). Men and things ; 
or, short essays on various subjects, in- 
cluding free trade. 287 pp. 1^. Boston, 
Croslis, Nkhols <(■ co. 1858. 

laker (Rev. P.) The devout communicant ; 
or, pious meditations and aspirations, for 
three days before and three days after re- 
ceiving the holy euoharist. llevised. 320 
pp. 9 pL 33". BalUmm-e, F. Local, Jan. 

db, Google 


Baker (Ilei: P.) — coutiuuod. 

The lenten moDitor, or moral reflec- 
tions and devout oapirations on ttie gos- 
pels, for each day from asii-Trednesday to 
easter annday. 2 p. 1. 13-359 pp. 13°, 
Ballimore, P. SknHnsop, 1337, 

Baker (Sarah). Barton Todd. By anot 
Friendly. Ipseadon.'] 201 pp. 1 pi. 
New York, A. D. F. Hait^olph, 1863. 

The children ou the plains. By anut 

Friendly. [_pseiul<m.J Authorof the" Jew- 
ish twius." 193 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Nm ¥oi% 
B. Cofto- ,f brothers, 1860. 

Christian effort : or fecta and inoi- 

douts designed to enforce and illustrate 
the duty of individual lahour for the sal- 
vation of souls, 371pp. 18°. Mio-Tm% 
Lane ^ Scott, 1850. 

The Jewish twius. By aunt Friend- 
ly. \_pBeud0n,-\ 210 pp. 1 pi. 18°. Xeip 
Ym% Cariee <j- irotkers, 1860. 

Baker (William). PeregrinationB of the 
iiiihd, through the most general & in- 
teresting subjects usually agitated in 
life. A new ed. [with] A Itiographio me- 
moir of the author, X, 253 pp. 12". Tmh- 
don, editor, 1911. 

Balcaroe (Floi-encio). Poeaiaa de F. Bal- 
caree, con uoticiaa sohre el antor y ana 
ohras pot los seiiores d. F. Varela, d, V. de 
la Vega, d. J. M, Torres Oaicedo. Ed. heolia 
bajo la direcciou de J. M. Gutierrez. 132 
pp. 12", Biimo$ Aires, C. Coaavnlle, 1869. 

Baloli (William S.) Ireland, as I saw it: 
the character, condition, and prospects of 
the people. 433 pp. 12". J^'eiu-roj*, G. 
J', Pataam, 1850. 

Baldamue (A. C. Eduai-d). Schiitzet die 
vogol! Die niitzlicheu und schadlichen 
viigel Deutschlauds und Europa's. is, 104 
pp. 16". Bielefeld, JBdhageit <f- Klasing, 
1868, 8. 

Baldwin (D. A. m. d.) The family pocliet 
hotnceopathist, a concise manual for ho- 
ro<60pathie practice. 142 pp. 34°. iioefi- 
eeUir, N. Y., E. Dariwv ,;■ hro. 1864. 

Bald-win (Thomas, d. d. of Boston). The 
baptism of believers only, and the particu- 
lar communion of the baptist churches, 
explained and vindicated, lu three parts. 
2d ed. revised. 340 pp. 12". So^ton, 
Manning ^- LoHitg, 1806. 
Baldwin (Thomas, leaeher in Philodiili>Ua). 
A universal pronouncing gnzettoor. [lat 



Baldwiu (Thomas)— con tiuued. 
ed.] 544 pp. 3 1. 1 naap. 19°. 
plda, lAndsay if Blakistmi, 1845. 

Bale (John). The apology of Johau Bale 
agaynate a ranke papyst, auuswering both 
hym and hys doctours, S, I. 154 1. unp. 
IS", [iim^i, J. Doj/, 1550], 

Baleetrier de Canilhac (L'abM L, 8.) Po- 
litioon, on ohoix des meilteui's discoars, 
sur tons les sujets de politiipie, traits dans 
la premiere assembt<^ natiuuale de France ; 
arcQ une analyse historiiiueet critic[uedes 
uotious et opinions sur les tn^mee aujets. 
Enriohi de portraits. 6 v. 8". Paris, ifl«- 

mit, [efc] nm. 

Balfour (Walter). An inquiry into the 
aoriptural import of the words sheol, hadee, 
tartavns,andgehenna; all translated hell, 
in the common euglish version. 3d ed. 
347 pp. 12". liostoH, B. B.Miissey, 1832. 

The same. Revised, with essays and 

notes, by Otis A, Skinner. 353 pp. 13°. 
Eo»loii, J. Tomi'liins, 1854. 

Letters to rev. Moses Stuart. 125 pp. 

16°. Boaloa, B. B. Muesey, 1833. 

Three inquiries. 1. Into the scrip- 
tural doctrine concerning the devil and 
Satan. 2. The extent of duration, expressed 
by the terms olim, aion, and aionius, ren- 
dered everlasting, eto. in the bible. 3. 
The new testament doctrine concerning 
the possession of devils, 3d ed, viii, 
13-490 pp, 16°. Providenee,Z.Bahei;l?A% 

Balgay (Thomas, d. d.) 
rious subjects, xii, 344 pp. 8°. 
for L. Davis in London, 1785. 

Ball (Benjamin West). Elfin laud : and 
other poems. Ip.l. 150 pp. 13°. Boston, 
J. Maaroe ^ co. 1851. 

Ball (Charles). Slavery in the United States; 
a narrative of the life and adventures of 
Charles Ball, a black man. 400 pp. 12°. 
Lewistown, Pa., J. W. SJiugert, 1836. 

Ball (Ree. John). A treatise of faith, dinidett 
]wo parts. The first shewing the nar 
the aecond, the life of faith. 33 ed. 
18 p. 1. 438 pp. 251. sm. 4°. 
London, G. Miller fm- E. Brsmeter, 1632. 

Ball (Richard). Astrology improv'd : or, a 
compendium of the whole art of that most 
noble science. 2d ed. enlarg'd. xii, 303 
pp. 16°. London, 6-. Parker far A. Bettes- 
icorth, 1793. 

Ball (Rev. Thomas), noi/aivonvpyoc. Paato- 
propiig naculum. Or, the pulpits pat- 

db, Google 


Btdl (Bev. Tlioiiias) — oontiuuocl. 

ronage against the force of un-ordained 
usurpation, and invasion. 5 p. 1. 344 pp. 
am. 4°.- London, S. G. for J. Wright, 1656. 

Ballantine (Rev. William). The infant 
school reader. Being an improved edition 
of the '' Book of words of one sound." 2 
p. 1. 9-146 pp. 1 pi. 18°. rutsburgk, J. I. 
Eaa 4- CO. 1831. 

[Kaj's infant and primary school 

Beries]. 3 v. IS". FIdladelpkia, J. Kay 
Jan. ^- In-otftej-, 1840. 


iDihnt lenil primar; school readBF 
Ho. 1. In words of two BDd tliree letti 
Mo. a IniForda of one syllable oiilv- 

(ords of une aiid two ayllableB. 

Ballard (Mrs. J. P.) The hole in the b^, 
and other stories. 256 pp. 8 pL 16°. New 
York, National temperance eocietij and jW((ifi- 
caium Itome, 1S7S. 

Halloa's monthly magazine. July to dee. 
1872, V, 36. 8°. Boatov, Tbomes ^- TaJ- 
6ot, [1872]. 

Baltimore. The Baltimofe address direct- 
ory: [to Imsiness houses]. By W. G. Ijy- 
ford. 142 pp. ia°. Baltiiiun-e, J. BoUn- 
e»n, 1836. 

Balaac (Honors d'). Nouvellea sc&nes de la 
vie de Province. 2 v, 300 pp. 11; 2 p. 1. 
298 pp. 11. 16°. Bi-uxeltes, Soci^td beige de 
Ubrairi^, 1837. 

Balzoflore (Filippo, d. d.) The Efe of tbe 
venerable servant of God, Anna Maria 
Taigi. Translated from the italiau. By a 
religious of the order [of st. Angnstine]. 
1 p. 1. 7-166 pp. 1 pi. 16°. riiUaMpMa, 
M. Cumwialey, 1872. 

Bangor {Maine). The centennial celebriv 
tion of the settlement of Bangor. Sept. 30, 
1869. Published by direction of the com- 
mittee of arrangements. 1 p. I. 182 pp. 
1 pi. 8°. Eangor, B. A. Bmjt, 1870. 

Bangs (B«J. John). Aiito-hiogcaphy. [Al- 
so], a vindication, of the christian rolig- 
ion : and remarks on church membership, 
division of the church, etc. 300 pp. 12°- 
Neio-Tork; avUioi; 1846. 

Bangs (Nathan, A. d.) An original church 
of Christ: or, s. scriptural vindication of 
the orders and powers of the ministry of 
tbe methodiat episcopal church. 388 pp. 
12=. New-Torlc, T. Mason 4- G. Lam, 1837. 

The present state, prospects, and 

responsibilities of tbe methodist 
chiircb. With an appendis of eccli 


Bangs (Nathan, d. iJ.)— eontinuea. 
tical statistics. 326 pp. 18°. New-Yorh, 
Lane f Scott, 1S50. 

A vindication of methodiat episco- 
pacy. 195 pp. 18°. New-York, N. Bangs 
<f- T. Mason, for m. e. church, 1820. 

Banka (J. Harrie). State prison life; by 
one who has been there. In two parts. 
Showing the horrors of the old system, 
and tbe advantages of the new. Written 
by a convict, in a convict's cell, [nnon.] 
B52 pp. X7 pi. 13°. CinoinmKi, NeiD York, 
f Chicago, aatlu>r, 1871. 

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1872. Third series, v, 6 ; [complete se- 
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Bannac (Adolpbus, pseudim?) The appari- 
tion ; or female cavalier, A story founded 
on facts. 3 v. 16°. LimOon, F. ^- J. No- 
ble, [1756]. 

[V. S Imperfect ; Utla-pnge imd table of coDlciits 

Banvard (Joseph, d. d.) A new graded se- 
ries of question books on the great prom- 
ises of the bible. In three volnraea: v. i, 
for yonng classes, v. ii, for intermediate 
classes, v. iii, for adnit or bible classes, 
3 V. 18°. Boston, JT. A. Young 4- co. [1871], 

Prisoilla ; or, trials for lihe truth. An 

historic tale of tbe pnritans and tbe bap- 
tists. 405 pp. 7 pi 12° Boston, Beath if 
Graves, 1854. 

Baptist (National) educitional convention. 
Sec Wational baptist educitional conven- 

Baptology. My bootmaker and I on modes 
of baptism. By an old student, [anon. 
By Daniel Daniv,,iun?] 104 pp. 12°. New 
yo7% D. Dana, jr. 1860. 

The same. 2d ed. 104 pp. 12°. New- 

roj-t, H. B. Durand, 186a 

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Etats-Unis d'Am<Sric[ue. Ed. revue et 
corrig^e, pour Tus^e des 6joles. 304 
pp. 16°. Boston, Carter, Hendee ^- co. 1832. 

M^moires de Eobert Guillemard, 1826. 

See Lardfer (Joseph-Alexis) aM Barba- 

db, Google 


Barbanld (^Mrs. Anua Letitia;. Mrs. Bar- 
banld'a lessons for cbildreu, translated 
into frenoli. By Qastave CliouC(uet. 124, 
35 pp. eci. 16°. Heiv York, E. Looheood f 
sou, 1845. ■ 

Things by tlieir riglit names, and 

other stories, fables, jwid moral pieces, in 
prose and yerse, seleoted and airanged 
from the writinga of mrs. Barlianld. With 
A sketeh of her life, by mrs. S. J. Hale 
263 pp. 16°. Boston, Marsli, Capen, L^on 
4- Webb, 1840. 

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tudes: illustrated by a series of emble- 
matic eugrayings; also the principal 
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of the world. 524, iv pp. 2 pi. 16°. NeiD 
Savea, Conn., 'by the author for J. H. Bradley, 

Patmos, and the seven churches of 

Asia, 1851. See Brewer {Sev. Josiai). 

and Howe (Henry). Oar whole 

country; or the past and present of the 
United States, bistorioal and descriptive. 
Also biographical sketches of distin- 
gaished pereous, [etc.] 2 y. 770 pp. por- 
trait, fac-sim. map; 1 p. 1. 779-1496 pp, 

. portrait, map. 8°. CincinnuH, S. Sawe, 

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and recitation, reduced to tlie system of 
notation, as explained in his lectures on 
the science and practice of elocution. 208 
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An introduction to the grammar of 

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The same. 2ded. 174 pp. 12°. Sos- 

ton, Marsh, Capen 4 Lyoa, 1836 

Apraotioal treatise on gestnie chiefly 

abstracted trom Auatms Chironomn 2 
p. I. 116 pp 13 pi 12° Camhtdge, 
lMaas.2 Eilhaid ^ Biotm, 1331 

Barber (Joseph) Barber's amenean book 
of ready-mide speei,hes containing origi- 
nal examples of humorLua ind serious 
speeches, — with appropriate replies to 
each. 215 pp lb mw Y<nh,Jkckf 
mtagerald, [1871]. 

Barber (Thomas), Barber's Dlnstrations of 
the isle of Wight. Accompanied by his- 
torical and topographical descriptions. 2 
p. 1. 110 pp. 41 pi. map. 8°, London, 
Simplm 4- MaraMll, [aboat 1835]. 


Barclay (Robert). A treatise on church 
government. Formerly called anarchy of 
the ranters, &c. Being a two-fold apol- 
ogy for the church and people of Goil, 
called, in deriaion, quakers. [Also], an 
epistle to (he national meeting of ^ends 
in Dublin, concerning good order and dis- 
cipline in the church. By Joseph Pike. 
2 p 1 134 pp. 16°. Fhiladelphia, S. W. 
Com ad, 18^. 

Barclays (The) ; or, trying to serve two 
maaters [mwn.] 173 pp. 1 pi. 16?. Fhil- 

adeJpRta, American s.s. nnhm, [1359]. 

Bardouc, oi the goatherd of mount Taurus. 
A peraian tale. Translated from the 
french [anon.] xi, 213 pp 1 pi 16°. 
Bohton, W Crosbs^H. P Ntohols, laW 

Bargre de Vieuzac (Beitrand, >Mackm). 
See Point (Le) dn joar, 1789-91 

Baret (Eugfeue). De I'AmajIis de Ganle et 
sou influence sur les moeurs et la littcta- 
ture an XTi= et an xvii= sifeole, avee une 
notice bibliographique. 3 p. 1. 203 pp. 31. 
8°. Paris, A. ihiraiid, 1853. 

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gouvemement flodal. 1 p. 1. viii, 366 pp. 
12°. ParU, Raymond, 1825. 

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ing. Designed for the nae of God's peo- 
ple. [With music]. 145 pp. 16°. Con- 
cord, if. S., C. W. Sargent, 1373. 

Barker (Luke, m. d.) A coUeotion of 
psalms, hymns and spiritual songs ; select- 
ed irom different anthors. yi, 304 pp, 
18°. NeiO~Torh,G.F.Bimce,1831. 

Barlow (Mrs.C.Y.) HeleuMacGregor; or, 
conquest and saorifice. 338pp.4p!. 16°. 
FhiladeJpMa, J. C. Gatrlguea if- co. 1865. 

Barlow (Peter). An essay on magnetic at- 
tractions, and on the laws of terrestrial 
and electro magnetism ; with an appen- 
dix, containing the results of experiments 
made on shipboard from latitude 61° s. 
to latitude 80° n. Sd ed. enlarged. Ip. 
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treatise on arithmetic, in which tie prin- 
ciples of the science are iuduotively de- 
yeloped. x, 288 pp. 1 1. 12°. Hartford, 
Facliard # BalUi; 1830, 

db, Google 


Barnard (Jonathan Gilbert), Wriglit (H. 
G.) and Miohie (Peter S.) Eeport on tho 
fabrication of iron for defensive purposes, 
and its uses in modem fortifioationa. Es- 
pecially in works of coast defense, iii, 
350 pp. 38 pi ; (supplement) 51 pp. 5 plana 
folded. 4°. Fiwftiflsion, 1371-72. 

[ITNirED STiTES. War depiaiwient (Corpmif eit- 
gineers). Piofeasianal papeie, bo. 31 & supple- 
Barnard (E.) Every youtt's book; or 


eucBB. vii, 160 pp. 13 pi. eq. 10°. Sew 

York, CoUim h-otha-s, 1844. 

Barnes (Ziev. Albert). Discourses on tlic sab- 
bath, 1836. iSee DufQeld (George) «nd 

Notes on the book of Job : with a new 

translation, 187S. See Bible. (English), 
out testament. Job. 

Notes on the book of revelation, 1852. 

SecBible. {English). Newteeiameat, lleee- 

Notes on the general epistles of James, 

Peter, John and Jude, 1848. See Bible. 
(English). New kstament. Mpistles. 

Prayers for the nse of famUies ; with 

a preliminary essay ; together with a selec- 
tion of hymns, xil, 340 pp. 12°. FhUa. 
Mphia, Clarlc f Kasm; 1833. 

Questions on tlie epistle to the Eo- 

mana. 158 pp. 18°. Nm YorTc, Leaxitt, 
Lord 4- CO. 1834. 

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reports, 1830-53. See Ne-wTork (State of). 

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or, memoirs of Francis Barnett, the Lefevre 
of " No fiction ;" and a review of that 
work. With letters and authentic docu- 
ments. 2v. 384pp; 360pp. 18°. Boston, 
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exhibiting without change of page or 
column, interest computed by aliquot 
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and chest expander. 130, iii pp. VH'^. 
ifew York, J. Bedter <f- m. [1871]. 

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P. T. Barnum. Beech riebeu von ihni selbst. 
397 pp. portrait. 13°. Netti-Torl!, L. W. 
Sohiaidt, 1855. 

Barr (Rev. John). The scripture student's 
assistant; being a complete index, and 


Barr (Bed. John) — continued, 
concise dictionary of the holy bible. 3d ed. 
iv, 177 pp. 12°. GUsgow, BlacUe ^ smi,\mi. 

Bartande (Joachim). Crustac^s divers et 
poissons des d^pdtasilnrieuSdelaBoh^me. 
Estrait du supplement an voL L dn Bys- 
tfeme silurien du centre de la Boh6me. 127 
pp. fP. Fragile, Vaviem; 1872. 8. 

Barrel! (George, jr.) Bubbles of fiction, 
300 pp. 12°. New-York, Bmlit f Daven- 
port, 1852. 

Bair^re (P.) Les iScrivaius IVanfais, leur 
vie et lears ceuvres, ou histoire de !a lit- 
t^rature frausaiae. [Proiaaart— Voltaire]. 
563pp. 12°. Leitdyes, Winiame if Norgate, 
a'ota.— Printed at Bmsaels. 

Barrett (B. F.) Letters on the future life, 
addressed to Henry Ward Beeclier. 191 
pp. 13°. PhUadelphia, Cliaion, Eemsea if' 

Barrett (George). The advent, ministryt 
and works of our lord Jesus Christ, being 
a versification of some portions of the 
four evangelists. 134 pp. IS" Columbus, 
[0.] Wright <(- Legg, 1843. 

Barrett (Eev. SelaJi Hibbard) Autobiogra 
phy of S. H. Barrett, the sell educated 
clergyman, v. 1. 1832-73. 396 pp. poi 
trait. 12°. Butland, Ohio, author, llnni. 

Barrow (Mrs. Fanny). The little nightcap 
letters. By the author of "Nightcaps." 
[amra,] 198 pp. 5 pi, sq,. 16°. New York, 
D. Appleton ^ w. 1861. 

The wife's stratagem : a story for 

fireside and wayside. \aaoB, ] 336 pp. 
12°. NeaiYo^%B.Appleton J (X 18&3 

Barrowra (Elijah. Porter, ji ) Memoii of 
Everton Judson. 313 pp portiait 12". 
Boston, Crocker ^ Brewster, 1853 

Barry (Samuel P.) A statistical view of 
the numlierof sheep in [vanoas stites]. 
See Benton (C.) and Barry. 

Barry (Beo. William J.) The saeramentals 
of the holy catholic church, or fiowers 
from the garden of the liturgy. 234, 
1, xssi pp. 1 1. 13°. Ciuclnnati, J, P. 
Walsh, 1858. 

Bart Kidgeley ; a story of northern Ohio, 
1873. See Riddle (Albert G.) 

Bai'ter {Rev. William Brudenell). Tracts in 
defence of the christian sabbath, the 
church, her priesthood, and her sacra- 
ments. Ixxxvii, 528 pp. 8". Londoa, F. 
if' J. Bivinglon, 1851. 

db, Google 


Bartliolovr (Roberts, m. d.) Manual of 
hypoaormic medication. 9d eel. 170 pp. 
4 tables folded. 12°. Fhiladeliihia, J. B. 
LippincoU f bo. 1873. 

Am n il fi t t f 1 t g 

ddh glli^Wthp 1 

f t th med I m t f 

t 1 th 1 t t a f d q 1 fy 
g 1 f ig 1 d es Tb pp 1 
Phldlph J B Zpp UjeoiaC 
Bartlett (D 1 W ) Th h bb f th 

dianrebellioQ.456 pp. 1 pi, 2 portr^ts, 13°. 
Columbm, Ohio, Folhtt, S'osUr ^ <x. 1859. 

Bartlett (John EuBsell). The literature of 
the rebellion. A catalogtie of books aud 
pamphlets relating to the civil wac in 
the United States, awd on subjects grow- 
ing out of that event, together with works 
on american slavery, 477 pp. 8°. Bos- 
ton, Draper ^ SiaUdas, 1866. 

Bartlett (Mary Belle). Miunie Carleton. 
945 pp. 1 pi. 16°. New Yorh, M. TF. llodd, 

Bartlett (Montgomecy Rohei't). The com- 
inou school mannal ; a regular and con- 
nected course of elementary studies. In 
four parts. [1st eel.] Part 3. 1 p. 1. 
87-346 pp. 1 1. ia°. mioa, Noithway <f- 
BenaeU, 1837. 

The same. 2d ed. Parte 1, 2, and 3. 

3 V. 12°. JVeio York, author, 1830. 

The same. The national school man- 
ual. 9d ed. 4 v. 12°. FMculefpMa, Ca- 
rey tf- Lea, 1832. 

T. 1. Eetiitiiif!, spelling, and jiritlirautic— tlie tiia- 

dameutdl rulaa. 
V. 3. Eoadlng, epelling, arltliootic, grammar, anil 

V, 3. Eeadlng, aritliniBtio, Efainmac; geomatuy, 

and bmk-keepiog. 
V. 4. £]emeateotgi»er3pliy and history (general), 
geoerapby andhiBtory of tbeUiiitefl States, 
of Soath Amerioa, eto, and sn appendix, 
on nataral pLiloaopby. 

The jnvenile orator; or, every schol- 
ar's hoolc. Being a, seriea of simple rules 
in the art of reading 216 pp 12^ 
FhUadelphla, B W Iliailm 1839 

The pra^jtic'd reader m five books 

xvj, 13-348 pp. 12° J\™ roi7 M^eis j 
Smith, 1822. 

Bartol (-EeVi Oyrua Augn'stus) C Lurch ind 
Eongregation ; a plea for their unity 
xxiv, 336 pp. 13° Boston 31cIhoj 4 
Mem, 1858. 

Discourses on the christian spirit and 

life. 344 pp. 12°. Boston, W. Crosby k^- 
H. P. mohols, 1850. 


Bartol {Eev. Cyrus Augustus)— continued. 

The west church [in Boston], and its 

ministers. Fifliieth anniversary of the 
ordination of Cliarles Lowell, d. d. [nnoii.] 
2 p. L 943 pp. 12°. Boston, Croebij, mchoU 
§■ CO. 1856. 

Barton (Jerome). Barton's comic recita- 
tions and hnmorons dialogues. 180 pp. 
16°. New Tm% Diek 4- Fitzgerald, [1871]. 

Barton (Lucy). Bible letters for children. 
With concluding verses by Bernard Bar- 
ton. 163 pp. 1 pi. 18°. I'kiladelpltia, 
Latimer <f 00. 1832. 

Barwell (Mrs. — ). Infant treatment : with 
directions to mothers for self-management 
before, during, and after pregnancy. Ist 
»ra. ed. Revised, by a physician of New 
York. 2 p. 1. 9-148 pp. 12°. Ncw-'York, 
J. Mewatt 4- CO. 1844. 

Bamlck (Edward), A treatise on the 
church, chiefly with respect to its govern- 
ment ; in which the divine right of episco- 
pacy ia maintained, the supremacy of the 
bishop of Eome proved to bo contrary to 
the scriptures and the primitive fathers; 
and the reformed episcopal church in En- 
gland, Ireland, and Scotland, proved to be 
a sound and orthodox part of the catholic 
church. 3d ed. enlarged, si, 350 pp. 1 I. 
8°. Belfast, llreland^, 0. Bemick, 1813. 

Basauistes. Ipeeudon.'] 'Aipeoeav &vaaTaai( : 
or, a new way of deciding old controver- 
sies. By Basanistes. 3 A eil. enlai^ed. 
1 p. I. xxi:vi, 210 pp. 8^. London, J. 
Johnson ^ eo. 1815. 

Bascom (John). Philosophy of rhetoric. 
251pp. 12°. New Torle, Woohmrik, Aiiia- 
jpOT-t/i f CO. [1872]. 

Baetien (Jean Francis). Caleudrier d« 
jardinier, ou journal de son travail, dia- 
tribu6parcha<|uemoisderaun€e. 2s ^il. 
4 p. 1, 12, Ixiv, 648 pp. 12°. Paris,!. 
Bei-trand, 1807. 

Bastus y Carrera (Joaqnin). Nnevaa 
anotaciones al ingenioso hidalgo d. Qnijote 
de la Mancha de Miguel de Cervantes 
Saavedra. 2 p. 1. 425 pp. 8°. Barcelona, 
viiida e Idjos de Gorchs, 1834. 

Bastmck (John, ni. d.) Elenclius ruligionis 
papistical. In c|UO probatur : nequeapos- 
tolicam, neque catholicam, imo neque 
. Ed. 2a. 4 p. 1. 259 pp, 
Londim, G. Zones, 1627. 

db, Google 


Batchelder (Samuel). Tutcodiiotioii ancl 
early progress of the oottoa manufiictiire 
in the Uaited States, iv, 108 pp. 12°. 
BoBltiti, LiUle, Bi-owa f oo. 1863. 

Batohelor (George). The practical pro- 
nouttcer and key to Andrews and Bat«he- 
lor's new french instructor, 1856. See 
Andrews (S. P.) an& Batchelor. 

Bateman (John Frederic). City of Buenos 
Ayves improvements. Eeport ou tlie 
dcainage and sewerage and water supply 
of the city 1 p 1 31 23 pp 4 maps 
folded sm fol Londm rachei f sons, 
[1371] e. 

The sime Meioiis tie h tmtl wl de 

Bueooa Anes Infoime lolre drenage, 
sistema de el nc»a para desague y aobie 
provision de agua de la eind»d 100 pp. 
8°. Bu^aoi Auea snyjieHla del bigln, 
1371 s. 

Documentoa lelativos S las obras del 

puerto de Baenoa Aires 6 lufbrme del 
injeniero J F Bateman 103 ssxx pp. 
Splansfolded 8° BieaueAiies liHi eafa 
del f,igJo 1871 i. 

Port of Baenoa Ayies ''ip[l men- 
tal report to the miuistPi of huaiiLe of 
the pr Muce of Buenos Ayres on im- 
proved hjihoui ToGnmmodation 13 pp, 
2 plins folded sm fol Lo idoa Kell biolli- 

Bates (Elislia) The doctrines of ftiem 
orpiinciplos of the christitn religion 
held bj the Sonety of fiiend'4 commonly 
called quatcrs vm )^ pp e^ Mount- 
pleasant [0 ] aathoi 182o 

Bates (riy) A Chinese frifimeiit Cou- 
taining au eugnity into the present state 
of religion in EugUad With notea Itj 
the editor [OiOii ] vi 360 pp "^^ Loa- 
don,J Dama foi J khalutu 1786 

Enral philoaophj oi reflections on 

knowledge, virtne, and happmess; chiefly 
in refereuoe to a life of retirement in the 
country. 4th ed. xsxi,383pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, Lmigiitan, 1805. 
[ WiUi his A ohiceae ftn^tment, 1V861. 

The same. 1st am. from the 4th Lon- 
don ed. sxvii, 276 pp. 13°. Philadel- 
phia, B. B. SopUna # co. 1807. 

Bates (Lizzie). Had you been in liis place. 
42: pp. 3 pi. 16°. i'ew Yofh, S. Carter ^■ 
bros. 1373. 

Sboriea of the flowers. 192 pp. 16°. 

Xtiw Yoi'l', American ii-aol swcieij, [1873]. 


Bates (Stockton). Dream life, and other 
-rii, 123 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, 
Eemsm <f ■ Safelfingei; 1872. 

Batjin (Nicolas). HiaCoire complete de la 

■ la grandeur de la 
noblesse, sasituattoQ actuelleetl'inflaence 
morale qu'elle eseroe anr les autres classes 
de la sooiSte. 536 pp. 8°. Faria, E. 
Beata, 13S2. 

Baudart (Willem). Apophthegmata Chris- 
tiana, of te gotlenck-weerdige, leorsame en 
aerdige spreucken van vele ende ver- 
scheydene christelijote, en christen- 
jjclijcke peraouen gesproken: in seven- 
thien boecken ondersoheyden. Hier is 
noch van nienws by-gevoeght Let 
tweededeel der apophthegmata chriatiaua. 
llde drnck, van nieuws oversieu : oock 
vermeerdert met hot xvii. hoeck. J. I. 2 
V. in 1. 4 p. 1. 368 pp. 16 1 ; 2 p. 1. 196 pp. 
4 1. sm. 4°. Amaterdam, P. Matthysn, 1665. 

Banmbacli (F.) Arnold von Selehofen, 
erzbiaohof yon Mainz. (1153-1160). Inau- 
gural-dissertation. 104 pp. 8°. OoUiii- 
gen, W. F. Kaeetnei; 1871. s. 

Baumgai'tiier (Andreas). Elementi dl fisi- 
ca. Traduzione e continuazione del dr. 
Bernardino Zambra. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. 396 
pp ; 190 pp. 1 L 8°. Vienna, i. r. direxione 
pel' la vendita dei liM geolastUi, 1858. 

PriocipiifondaraeDtali di fisica. Tra- 
duzione fatta Sulla 4a ed. tedesca. 4 p. 1. 
456 pp. 8°. Vienna, L i: direzione dei Ubii 
acolaafici, 1855. 

Baxter (G.E.Wythen). Humor and pathos; 
or, essays, sketches, and tales. With 
illnstratious, by Frank Howard, vtii, 263 
pp. 4 pi. 12°. Loudon, G. Moatledge, 1842, 

Baxter (James). The euterpia, a library of 
music. 384 pp. obl.8". Friendship, N. T., 
J. C. Ci-mdall, 11872-]. 

Baxter (ito. Richard). Aphoriamea of jnati- 
fication, with their explication annexed. 
Wherein also is opened the nature of the 
covenants, satisfaction, righteousnesae, 
faith, works, &c. [Also, An appendix; 
being an answer to the objections of a 
friend]. 7 p. 1. 334 pp. 1S°. Sague, J. 
Brown, 1655. 

Apology against the modest excep- 
tions of mr. T. Blake, and the digression 
of mr. G. Kendall. [With] animadvei'- 
sions on a late dissertation of Ludiomaiua 
Colvmns, alias, Lutlovions Moliu;cua, and 

db, Google 


Baxter (/feu. Eiohard) — coutiaued. 

au admonitiou of mr. W. Eyre, with Dir. 
Crandon's anatomy for eatisfaction of mr. 
Caryl. 5 v. in 1. 13 p. 1. [65S] pp. 3 1. 
Bill. 4°. London, T. UnderUll ,y JT. Tytoit, 

A oaJl to the uncoa verted. With, an 

iutrodactory essay, by Thomas Chalmers, 
a. d. 159 pp. 18°. 2iefii York, Aateriean 
ii'aet Boeleti/, Idboat 1840]. 

The same. 216 pp. 18°. Mw York, 

B. Carter, 1845. 

The christian's converse with God : 

or, the insufficiency and uncertainty of 
humane frieudahip ; aiitl the improvement 
of solitude ill converse with God. With 
some of the author's breathings after hioi. 
sni. 4°. Lori3on, F. Ti)U>a ^ N. Simmona, 

[In liit Treatise of the Itnowleclgo of Goil, imi. 
part 3. or pp. 393-378, Imperfect ; laoktng pages 

The omcifying of the world, by the 

cross of Christ. With a preface to the 
nobles, gentlemen, and all the rich, direct- 
ing them how they may be richer. 36 p. I. 
■SA pp. am. 4". Loadtm, B. W. for Jf. 
Slmnwns, 1658. 

The cure of otureh-di visions : or, 

directions for weak christians, to keep 
iliem from being dividers, or troablers of 
the charch: with some directions to the 
l>a»tors, how to deal with such christians, 
ad ed. 24 p. 1. 430 pp. 3 1. 16°. Loudon, 
N. Sj/mmons.lGrO. 

The description, reasons & reward, 

of the believers walking with God. sm. 
4°. LoiidoH, F. Tgton <(■ N. Simmons, lfl64. 
[Ill ftis Trentise of tlie knowlalHO of Goi1, 16M, 
pflrt3,orpp. 153-SBl]. 

The english nonconformity as under 

king Charles II. & king James II. truly 
stated & argued. 7 p. 1. 304 pp. sm. 4°. 
London, 1689. 
llniperfeot; waaWng Utle-paga] . 

Full and easie satJBlaction which is 

the true and safe religion. In a confer- 
ence betweea a doubter, a papist, and a 
reformed catholiek christian. 13 p. 1. 190 
pp. 13°. London, 2^. iSimmoHS, 1674. 

Jesuit juggling. Forty popish frauds 

detected and diselosed. Ist am. ed. with 
ail iDtrodnotory addiesB. 312 pp. 13^. 
Nete York, Craighead if- Allen, 1835. 

The poor man's family book. 1. 

Teaching him how to become ft true chris- 
tian. 2. How to live as a ohristiau, to- 

5 C 


Baxter {ilev. Richard)— con tinned, 
wards God, himself, and otliera, in all his 
relations; espeoially in his family. 3. 
How to die as a ohriatiau in hope and 
comfort, and so to lie glorided with Christ 
forever. With a form of exhortation to 
the sick [etc.] 6th ed. 6 p. L 504 pp. 
18°. Loaa«», B. EoeHagbam, 1697. 

The reasons of the christian religion. 

The first part, of godliness; proving by 
natural evidence the being of God, the 
necessity of holiness, and a future life of 
retribution. The second part, of Chris- 
tianity: proving by evidence, super natn- 
ml and natural, the certain trnbh of the 
ehristiiin belief; and answering the ob- 
jections of unbelievers. It openeth also 
the true solution of the christian faith. 
Also an appendix, defending the soul's 
immortality against the somattsts or epi- 
cureanB, and other psendo-phllosophers. 
13 p. 1. 604 pp. sin. 4^. Loudun, R. While 
for F. TiloH, 1667. 

The reformed pastor; a discourse on 

the pastoral ofBce. Abridged by Samuel 
Palmer, 190 pp. 1 1. 12°. Waskwgioa, 
I'enn., office of the Weakrii teJegrajph, 1810. 

The safe religion. Or three dispnta- 

tious for the reformed catholike religion, 
against popery. 27 p. 1. 455 pp. 7 1. 16". 
A. Miller, for T. UnderUll tj- F. Tslon, 1657. 

A saint or a brute. The certain ne- 
cessity and exoellenoy of holiness, &e. 8 
p. 1. 23,384 pp. portrait, sm. 4". LondoHf 
E. W. for F. Tyton # N. Simvmta, 1663. 

ty of holiness, 
laily proviDi by reaaon as 
irell aa Boriptnre; 1. la Eeaeiol. UiKblioliDeaa 
iaboat and neoeesHry to our felloity. a Pac- 
tleiaiu'ly, that It is best, 1. For sooietie.e; S. 
For iuOividaal peTSODS; anil more distinctly, 
1. ThiititiaUieouljwayof safety. 3. Of hon- 
esty, [etc.] 

The saints' everlasting rest: or, a 

treatise of the blessed state of the saints 
in their enjoyment of God in glory. Ex- 
tracted from the works of inr. E. Baxter, 
by John Wesley. 396 pp. 16°. N^eio 
York, E. Cooler ^ J. Wilson, 1806. 

A treatise of knowledge and love 

compared. In two parts: 1. Of falsly 
pretended knowledge. 2. Of true saving 
knowledge and love. 8 p. 1. 343 pp. sm. 
4°. Lo'iidon,T.Pm-hkuitt,\m}. 

A treatise of the knowledge of God 

and the impression whioh it must make 
upon the heart; and its necessary effects 

db, Google 


Baxter (ifev. Bichard) — couttnuecl. 
upoa our lives. 9 p, 1, 151 pp. am. 4". 
London, F. Tgton if N. SUnmons, 1664. 

A treatise on pride; extracted from 

the works of the rev. Kicliard Easter, By 
rev. Noat Levings. 144 pp. 18". If<iw 
York, McElrafIt ^ Banga, 13-2.9. 

The vnreasoQablenoM of iufidelitj; 

mauifested iu four disoourBes. 4 v. iu 1. 
50 p. 1. [711 pp.] W. Lunguii, I{. W.far 
T. Vndei-mi, 1655, 
Bayues (L W.) Al&ed Moutroso; or, the 
waylshouldgo. 153 pp. 1 pi. 18". ' Bos- 
Jo», Mass. s. B. sooieig, 1 8'S'J. 
Beacon ligLte and beckouLU};^: for the 
boya. [ffiMOK.] 1G3 pp. 18". Bo^lu", 
MoKs.e.s.eoeietn, [1853]. 
Beadle (J, H.) Life in Ucali ; or, the iiijs- 
teries and crimes of moroiODism. Witli a 
history of polygamy and tlie mormoa sect 
fLvm ita ocigiu to the present time. 60S 
pp. 16 pi. 1 map. ff^. I'hiladel2)liia, Na- 
tional piibli^ing eo. [1S70]. 
Beal(NatbauStoneRead). Diamond leaves 
&om the lives of the Dimoiid family. By 
an old, old bachelor. .■584 pp. l^. Jilace- 
doii, W. r, aiiihoi: 1879, 
Beale (Mrs. 0. A. 8. ) Georjry Lee; or, The 
boy wbo booauie a great artist: and The 
shadow in thehonse. 140 pp. 1 
York, Carlton 4- Porter, [I860]. 
Beard (John R.d.A.) Mail's origin, duty, 
and destiny considered, in auawar to 
finestiona — " What am 1 1" " Wheuoe 
IF" "Why am It" "Whither am 
goingF "What are my wautsf "Who 
will give me aidS" xi, 7-100 pp. l'£'>. 
London, E. W]ntjield, 1857. 
Beastall (William). The grocer's aud dis- 
tiller's useful guide, being a complete 
■Sirootory for malting and managing all 
kinds of wiues aud spirituous liquors ; 
also, for preserving beef, pork, aud fish ; 
for makiog the best pickles and preserves, 
and foE preserving frnits & vegetables 
fresh and good throughout the year. Sd 
ud. 433 pp. Ipl. la^. miv-Yoi-l-.aiiiJioi; 
Beatson (Alexander). A view of thi 
giu and conduct ol the \Yar ivith Tippoo 
bultanu, comprisiag a narrative of the 
operations of the army under lieut.-gen. 
fieorge H^rrls, and of the siege of Se- 
lui^ipitini \^:iii, 2G5, cls.-vi; pp. 5 plans, 

Beataon (Alesauder)— coatlnued. 

2 tables. 4''. London, W. Biilmcr tf- co. 

Seattle (James, H. <i.) The minstrel; or, 

the progi'esB of genius: and other poems. 

216 pp. 1|>1. la". Mia-Tork,E..^ W.A. 

Bartom, 1821. 
Beauchamp (Alphouso do). L'iiid^peii- 

danee de I'cmpiro Uu Brisil, pr^out^e aus 

mouarc^aes oiiropdeus. 1 p. 1. sv, 138 pp. 

1 1. e^", i'm-is, Delaanai/, 1924. 

Mimoires do Joseph Foaoh^, duo 

d'Otrante, ministre de la police gdniirale. 

2e6fl. 2v. lp.l.253pp; 1 p. 1. 326 pp. 

»=. I'aHs, ieaiiw/e,1825. 

note.— Le fnmille de Toiicli^ a iliisnT0ii6 COS niA- 
mnii-es et lea a fait saisLr. On 3 an depals qn'iLn 
ouC 6ti T^Lgto p»v m. de Bennoliamp, sur cU'n 
iiotoa fonmioa par m. JuUlan, aiioien Bgeut dii 
loiuist^re de NDpol^on. — Quftrnrd. 

Beauahamp {Rev. William). Letters ou the 
oalE and qualilioatlons of ministers of the 
gospel, and on the apostolio character aud 
superior advantages of the itinerant 
ministry. With a preface by bishop 
[Joshua] Soule, 132 pp. 18°. Cbarhaloi', 
S. v., J. Earlff, 1841). 

Beanchampe, 1842, Sua Simms (WiUiain 

Beaufoy ( — ). Tour through parts of the 
United States aud Canada. [By a brilish 
subject, ttiioii.] viii, 141 pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, Longman, 1828. 

Beaulieu (C.) Histoire de Lyon, depuis les 
Gaulois jusc[n'a noa Jonrs. 67:J pp. 8 pi. 
8^. Lyon, A. Baron, 1837. 
[Imperfeot ; wauting pi. 7]. 

Beaumont (Leprinee de). Ses Leprince 

de Beaumont- 
Beauties of the niusus: or, select senti- 
mental poems aud elegies, viz. 1. The 
hermit. By dr. ParaoU. 2. Elegy in a 
church yard. By nir. Gray. 3. The trav- 
eller. By dr. Goldsmith. 4. Death. A 
poem. By dr. Portens. 5. Deserted vil- 
lage. By dr. Goldsmith. 6. Hermit of the 
dale. By ditto. 7^ Futurity. KxtriUjt 
from Hi: Dodd. 2 p. L 211 pp. 6 pi. 18'^. 
Woroeeter, [Mass.] J. Thomas, 1793. 

Beauties (The) of the souvenirs: being a 
selection of the most interesting miscella- 
nies from those popular works, [oboh.] 
144 pp. 1 pi. lS->. mw York, G. G. Skills, 

Beauty (The) of the blondes' songster, 
[etc. «Hi-ii.] 176pp. 16°. mio York,B. 
.V.Dtfnw, [1870] 

db, Google 


Beauvolr ( — wai-qiiis rfe}. A. voyage tohdcI 
the world. 2 v. xii, 307 pp ; vi, 388 rp. 
8°. Lottdoih J. Murray, 1870. 
XoU.—A. traiialalion of his Voyage aufoui' fln 
munde. 1869. 

Beaven (James, d. d.) A catechism on the 
thirty-uine articles of the oltaich of En- 
gland. With. odditioDS aad alteratious. 
152 pp. 18". ^ew Tork, Gen. protostant 
episcopal s. s. union, 1853. 

Bebeecourt ( — ). Les myat^rea da christia- 
niame approfomlis radioalement et recon- 
uns phyaiqaement vraiB. [ni(i>n.] 2 v. 7 
p.l. 431pp. 1 pi; 3 p. 1.404 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
Lan^'ea, 1771. 

Beohsteiii (Ludwig). Ulii'clieiibiicti. Mit 
90 holzaohnittea uacli originalzeicliuuii- 
gen Ton Ludwig Eichter. Nach der 24steii 
ntifl. vetbeSBert nnd vermehit 2ol pp 
16°. I'hiladelpJiia,J.Kohlei 1869 

Becket (Carl Ferdinand). System ^tiscli 
chronologiaohe darstellung dei mosifc'bU 
echen literatur von der fruliesteu bjs anf 
die neneste zeit. 4 p. 1. '372 col on 143 1 
573-605 pp. 4". £eipeig,ll.Fiti«e,13Sb. 

Beokwith (E.L.) Following the master. 
288 pp. 4 pi, 16°. Philadelphia, Preslgtm'ian 
board of publication, [1872]. 

Beokynton (Thomas). Memorials of the 
reign of king Henry vi. Official corre- 
spondence of T. Bekjnton, secretary to 
liing Henry vi. and hiahop of Bath and 
Wells, Editetl, from a lae. in the archi- 
episcopal library at Lambeth, ivith an 
appendix of illustrative docnmentB, by 
George Williama, h, d. Published by an- 
thorily. [Lat] 2 v. 4, ooxv, 295 pp ; 6, 
438 pp, 8°. London, Longman ^- co. 1872. 
[GiiBAT Bbitaik. ^easifry departmeaU HolU 
Bpee. Eetnm liriteunlcarum nieclii iovi scrip- 

Bfeourt (R. tie). The grave of human 
philosophies, a.ncient and modern, or, the 
universal system of the hrauiins unveiled. 
From the french with additional notes, 
hy A. Dahnas, 2 p. L is, 95, x pp. 2 1. 1 
map. 8°. ZonSon,Sliei'mood,Gillm't4-Fipe>; 

Beddoe (John, m.d.) On the stature and 
bnlk of man in the British isles. 2 p. I. 
191 pp, 3 maps. 8". London, Aslier 4' ^' 

fl'oie.— EepriBteil from v. 3 of tlie Momolin of the 
AntfaropologlciTj society of Loodoo. 

Bedell (Gregory Townsend, a. S.) The life 
of Moses. 913 pp.1 pi, 18^ PMla/lelpliia, 
Jmerioan s. s. union, 1832. 


Bedfoid (John \\ ) Bultord's arithmetic. 
The ameiican aiithmetical investigator. 
2 Jpp 1^- Sj)iaoic(B S( ddard ^ Babeoel; 
1850 8. 

Beebe (Rei Gilbert) The baptist hymn 
book, idaptpd to the faith ind order of the 
the old school, oi pnmitive baptists, Ist 
ed. 800 pp. 18", MiMletoxvn, iV'. T. o^ce 
of the "Signs of tlte Hmea," 1858. 

Beecher (Catherine Esther). Arithmetio 
simplified, in three parts. 273 pp. la". 
Hartfoi-d, D. F. EoUmon ,f co. 1833. 

The moral instrnot^r; oontaiuing 

lesaoQS ou the dntles of life, arranged for 
study and recitation. Kevised [3d] cd. 
1 p. 1, 9-188 pp. 13°. Cincinnati, Ti'Hinau 
f Smith, 1838. 

[Eclectic Bchoo! sertea]. 

Beecher (Eunice W. of Mrs. Henry Ward). 
From dawn to dayliglit; or, the simple 
story of a western home. By a minister's 
wife. [oinoJi.] 339 pp. 12°. Ncin York, 
Derbji 4- Jocfcwu, 1859. 

Motherly talks with young house- 
keepers : embraeiug eighty-seven brief 
articles ou topics of home interest, and 
about five hundred choice receipts for 
cooking, etc, xx, 493 pp. portrait. 13°. 
Nmv York, J. B. Foi'd 4' co. 1873. 

Beecher (Bsp. Henry Ward). Lectures to 
young men,on various important subjects. 
New ed. with additional lectures. 6 p. I. 
2a0pp, 12°, NewTorl.;J.B. Ford4-m.im3. 

Notes from Plymouth pulpit: a col- 
lection of memorable passages from the 
discourses of H. W. Beecher, with a sketch 
of mr. Beecher and the lecture-room. By 
Augusts Moore, xlviii, 25-310 pp. 13°. 
New York, Durhn 4' Jackson, 1859. 

Prayers ftom Plymouth pnlpit, 

PhonographicaUy reported, viii, 333 pp. 
19°. A>io roi*, C. Soribnm- dj- co. 1867; ■ 

The same. 5th ed. viii, 332 pp. 13°, 

Nmv ToTl; C. Sartbner 4- co. 1867. 

The sermons of Henry Ward Beecher 

in Plymouth church, Brooklyn. From 
verbatim reports by T. J. Ellinwood. 
"Plymouth pulpit," sept, 1871, to march IS, 
1873, 7th-9th series. 3 v. S\ Sfeio TorJ-, 
J. B. Foj-d 4- CO. 1872-73. 

See, also, Pljrmouth collection of 

hymns and tones, 1856. 

Beecher (Lyman, <l. il.) Views in theology. 
2'10 pp, 12°, Ch'ciniioii, Truman 4- Smith, 

d by Google 


Beers (Frederick W.) Atlaa of Adilison oo. 

Vermont. 48 1. inc. 37 maps. fol. Nmd 
York, F. W. Beers f co. 1871. 
Atlas of Biistol co. Massaoliu setts. 

SO 1. inc. 32 maps. fol. New York, F. W. 

Beers ^ co. 1371. 
Atlas of Cnmltorlandco.MalDe. 621, 

inc. 45 maps. fol. New Yor\ F. W. Beers 

4- CO. 1871. 
Atlns of Erftokliu and Gvand Isle coa. 

Vermont. 46 L fol. New Ym-l; F. W. 

Beers f co. 1871. 
Atlas of Indiana oo. Pennsjlvania. 

461. fol. Nej« York, F.W.Beer3.S- CO. 1871. 
Atlas of Monmouth co. N. J, 121 pp. 

inc. 40 col. maps, fol. New Yurie, Leers, 

Comsfoch ■?■ CUne, 1873. 
Atlas of Oakland co. Michigan. 141 

pp. inc. 55 maps, fol. New York, F. W. 

Jl^-» .;■ CO. 1872. 
Atlas of Susquehanna co. Pannsyl- 

vaiiia. 45 pp. inc. 35 eoI. maps. 4°. Netr 

York, A. Fome>-oy 4- co. 1873, 
State atlas of New Jersey : based on 

state geological snrvey, and from addi- 
tional surveys by and nnder tlie direction 

of F. W. Beers. 122 pp. inc. 44 maps, fol. 

New Yorh, Beers, CoinsfoeJt 4 CMite, 1373. 
Beers (J. B. 4- co.) County atlas of West- 

cliester. New York. Puljlished l>y J. B. 

Beers & CO. assisted Ijy S. W. Wilson and 

others. 80 pp. fol. Ifan ¥(n% 1872. 
Beeton (S. O. editor). Eeeton'9 great book 

of poetry : from Ciedmon and king Al 

fred's Boethina to Browning and Tenny. 

son. With sketches of the history of the 

poetry of onr country. 2 v. Ip. 1. Ixxp 

290 1 ; 395 1. 8°. ZoiiiUm, Ward, Lock 

Taler, 1871. 
Beez (Richard). Die elemeute der g< 

uietrie. Planinietrie,trigonometrie, stereo- 

nietrie. vii, 216 pp. 8°. Flauen, F. E. 

Neupoii, 1869. 
Beggs (Thomas). An inquiry into t' 

tent and causes of juveuile depravity. 

viii, 184 pp. 8°, LotiiUm, C. Gilpin, 1849. 
Begin (Lonis Jaeqaos). Traits deph; 

gie patliolo^qne, r^ig^ suivant lea prtu- 

cipes de la nouvelle doctrine mMicale. 

2 V. ssix, 600 pp ; 9 p. 1. 692 pp. 8°. 

Paris, M^quignon-Marvls, 1828. 
Beginning and growth of the ohristian life; 

or, the snnday-school teacher, [anon.; 

190 pp. VJP. Boston, CroBiji, Nieliols 4 co 



Beharrell (_Ila: Thomas G.) The brother- 
hood, being a presentation of the princi- 
ples of odd- fellowship ; with a brief his- 
tory of bible men and women, who devel- 
oped the principles that have been adopted 
by the fraternity in their lives. 382 pp. 
12°. dneinnaU, A;ppUgal« 4 eo. 1860, 

Behind the bars. [Insane asylums, anon.] 
^56 pp. 16°. BosUm, Lee 4 Sbepard, 1371. 

Behind the curtain. A tale of Elville. 
[(Hinn.] 1 p. 1. 11-442 pp. 12°. Dans- 
viUe, N. Y., J. JJ. TremWs, 1853. 

Behxens (Georg Heuning). Heroyuia 
euriosa, i. e. curioser Harta-wnld, darinnen 
allean-nndauf demHartz gelegene holen, 
seen, hrunnen, berge, nnd andere daaelb- 
sten aoKntreffende curiositiiteu beschrie- 
hen werden. Mit untersohiedenen niitKlieh- 
uud ergiitzlichen medicinischen, physicali- 
schen und historischen numercknngeu. 
4 p. I. 200 pp. 8 L sm. 4°. NiinilKrg 4 
Alldorf, leg J. B. Tauhers erlien, 1720. 

Belcher (Bev. Joseph). The bloom of youth; 
or, woi-thy examples. 120 pp. 3 pi. 18°. 
New Y<yrk, Ameneau tract sodclj/, [1864]. 

Facts for girls. 144 pp. 18<*, New 

York,L. Coiby, 1844. 

Belcourt (George Antoiue). rriucipea de 
lalangue des sauvages appel& Sauteus, 
146 pp. 16°. Quebec, Frhhette 4 de. 1839. 

BeMen (Rev. A. Kassell). ThriUing inci- 
denta and narratives for christian parents 
and their children, to the third and fourth 
generation, 385 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Avbunt, 
Vei-by 4 Miller, 1852. 

Belden (L. W. m. d.) An account of Jane 
C. Eider, the Springfield somnambulist. 
134 pp. 18°. f^yriiigfield, IMass.^ O. ,;■ C. 
Meii-iam, 1834. 

Beldiug (Pamelia). An infant class nian- 
■nal. 334 pp. 16°, Cincltmatl, Foe .(■ 
HUcioock, 1864. 

Belek^ (Caspar J.) A grammar of the ger- 
mau language, systematically arranged on 
a new plan, xii, 228 pp. 12°. FHladcl- 
l>hia, 6. TV. Mentz <f' son, 1840. 

Belgium. Academie royals des sci^icee, des 
leltree et des leaitx arts de Belgiqm. Biblio- 
graphie acadSmiqne on liste des onvrages 
public par les membree, correepondanta 
et aaaocide r^idents. 1854. 1 p. 1. xxiii, 
254 pp. 12°. Brirxelles, M. Hayen, 1IS5. 

Ba«i[ue imlioHale. Documents ofli- 

fiiflK de la banqiie uationale. 1850-72. 

db, Google 

Belgium— continuetl . 
2p.l.scii, 696 pp.2 tftb. 4°. 7Jr«j 
F. Sayez, 1872. 


a H'.Bf t'6 pin 1ft loi iGi "I 

Lois or^amqne*", statute, 

le^lement do dre intone r Eecneil dea 
dooiimenta et lisc ss o a paTlenientairea 
coui«iiiant I'll st tut on de la baniiue 
national*. 2i 1 379 pp 8 BiuxeTlm, 

E. Ouj/ot, 1B78 8. 
Cliambre dea ei ^ e la U AljoUtion 

des octrois conmina \ eu Belgiqne. 
Doeumenta et tliscussious parleraeiitairea. 
[18G0]. 3v. 2p.l. 770pp.ll; 2p.l.718 
pp. 8°. Briixelhs, M. Sa^ez, 18S7. 

Tm emiT dee flowp(«s. Comptea reudiis 

par lea miiiiatres, sur ]a eomptabilit^ de 
I'^tat. 18GS-67. 2 v. fol. Brnxellcs, M. 
Hanes, 1866-69. 

Observations de la conr des 

comptea, soumises h la 16gi8latur6 avec le 
compte g^n^ra] des fiuauees pour 1866, 
1867, 1869. 3 v. fol. BriaeUm, M. Sa^ez, 

Miaist^e de ViiilA'kiii: Catalogue des 

produite industriels et dea aMivres d'ai't 
[a I'expositiou uiiiveraelle de Paris, 1867]. 
685 pp. 13°. Sraxelles, Bmulant, Ckris- 
iopU .y ek 1867. 8. 

™_ Kapport tiieniial siir la situa- 
tion de I'instrttctiou primaii-e en Bclgique. 
8e p<5riode triennale. 1B64-66. fol. Brax- 
elm, F. Gobhaerta, 1868. 

Eapport ttienoal sur I'^tat de 

renseigneraent moyen en Belgiq^ne. 5e 
p^riode trieiinale. 1864-66. fol. Brux- 
eiles, F. Gobiaerta, 1867. 

SitaaUon de I'enseignement 

snpi5rieur donn^ aux frais de I'^tat. Eap- 
port triennal. 1865-67. fol. BruxeUcs, 

F. GoVbaei-ts, 1869. 

(Corainiasioit oeiitraU de slatis- 

tiqae). Bulletin de la oommission centrale 
de statist! que. y. II. 4°. Bnneelleg, M. 
Eayez, 1869. 

Docnmeuta statis- 

tiques publife par le dfipartement de Tin- 
ti!irieui', aveo 1* couconrs de la cominiasion 
eentrale de statisticiue. v. 12-13. 4'^. 
Brnxellee, T. Lmgne, 1868-69. 

Statiatique g^u^rale. 

Rapport ftu ministre de I'int^rioiic sur lea 
n eeiitiide ft dos 


B elgium — con ti nned. 
commission 3 provinoiales de statistiqae. 
[1846]. 8°. Briixelies, iniprinierie dn Moai- 
ieiir Mgt, 1846. 

{CommiBsioa avr VorganisaUon 

de I'enaeigTKmeat indaaUiel), Bapport sur 
I'orgauisatiou de I'enaeignemeut indns- 
triel,addreaa6 fim.le ministre de I'int^cieiir 
par la commission nomm^e par I'arr^to 
royal du 14 d^o. 1851. 1 p. 1. 334 pp. 8°. 
BruXflJeD, M. Hayea, 1853. 

{CommiiiBio-ne jaidlealea proviii- 

ciaJes). Bapports des commissions mdili- 
calea pvovinciales snr lents travaux pen- 
dant 1866-67. 3 V. 8°. Braxelles, M. 
ifaji&j, [1867-68]. 

(Cojtsei! sapei-kur (Tagricul- 

twv). Balletia da conseil sap^rienr 
d'agricultm'C Situation de I'agrionltiire. 
V. 22, V. 24 (2e partie), v. 25. 3 v. 4°. 
Bruxdles, H. Thiry, 1B70-72. 

■ (flieposifion natioaale dea pro- 

dnifs de PagriciiUitye et de VhorUcullitre). 
Rapports snr I'expositiou nationale des 
produits de I'agricultnre et de I'horticnl- 
tnre de 1848. iP. BriaieUe», Parent, 1849. 

MinUtdiv de la juaHee. Circulaires, 

instrnctions et antrefi actes ^man^ dn 
niinist-fere de la justice, on relatife ii ce 
di^partement. Sesdrie. 1867-68. 3 v. 8°. 
Bruxelles, M. Weimenlnwh, 1868-69. 

{Commission Toyale pour la 

pnblkatioa dea anoiennes lots et ordoiinaiKxi 
de la Belgiqiic). Recueil des anciennes 
cuntomes de la Belgique, pnbli^ par ordre 
du roi. 4°. Biiixdlfa, F. Goblaerls, 1872. 

t dnab<^ lie 

De Lo^aii {G.) 

Brabant. Qnllra«r d'Anre .. 
tnmes de la vUle d'Anvers. 

Minintire des iranaax piiblica. Cana- 
lisation de I'Escaut et de la Lys. Frojet 
de loi prSseate le 27 ddc. 1837, pn5cdd6 d'nn 
rapport dn ministre des travaux publics, 
et Buivi du mdmoire de I'iuspeoteur, auteur 
du projet, et de pifeoes justifioatives. Sp.I. 
sxxvi, 137 pp. fol. Bnixelles, S. liemy, 

Cliemin do for de I'dtat. 

Postes. T^ldgraphes. Comptes rendna 
des operations pendant 1867-68. Rapport 
prgseutiS aux cbamlirea Mgislatives par 
m. le ministre des travaux piiLlics. fiil. 
Braxellea, F. Goblaerta, 1868-69. 

Clieniius de fer de I'dtat. 

Tarifs pnin' In transport des voy.igcnrs. 

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Expose des r&inltats do lareforjne iutvo- 
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— - ■ ■ Eenseigneniouts statlstiiines 

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•au», 1867-69. 

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ditional to tliose delivered by dr. Stohea. 

[In SrOKKS JWilliam, m. d.) Lsotiiresjm tbv 
theory ano 
phia. Saew 

Bell {Em. John, reolor of Brinlon). The 
wanderings of the hnman intellect ; or, a 
new dictionary of the varioae sects into 
which the christian religion has been di- 
vided. [With] an introductory essay on 
universal history, from the much -ail mi red 
JiietoricaldiSoourseofdr. Pluciuet. 398 pp. 
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lilso, for christm as-day, good-fridny, and 
other particular ctccasioua. 2 v. 1 p, 1. 
xvj, 373 pp. 1 pi; 9 p. 1. 408 pp. 1 pi. 8^. 
London, }V.lraden,for T. £iAlamy,l7!J'l. 


Bellai'niino (Eobeifco). The joys of the 
blessed; being a practical discourse con- 
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in heaven. Translated from the latin of 
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With an essay upon the same subject. 
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nficonti). di pinooforte del m. L. Trunzi. 
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cuelas de Ja America espaQola, por T, Ar- 
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of the death of dr. Priestley, &o. [Also], 
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.;■ CO. 1809. 

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Ben Ross; a sequel to Rosn Lano. [«"««■] 
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3. s. itimn, [1864]. 

Beiiaveii(JeauMiobel). I/eoa,is£iui'itulLeu, 
on I'tirt de coonoitte toutes l<is motiuaies 
actuellos d'ltnlie; aiiiai qae ceUcH do t-ous 
les fitata et princes de I'Europe, qui y ont 
eoiire. 2 v. Engd. tit. 346pp. 1 1; eogd.tit. 
1 p. 1. 173 pi. 175-178 pp. i'ol. Lyons, 1737. 

Benedict (N. D. m. d.) A compondium of 
lectures on tbe tlieoiy and pcaotiDe of 
iiiedtoine, delivered by prof. Chapman, 

1S46. See Chapman (N. m. d.) 

Benedict (J*i'0/. William W.) Up-conntry 
luttei's [from Zacliariali PQndisou, psmt- 
rfoj;..]: edited liy prof. B— [Maik H. 
Beeolier], national observatory. 331 pp. 
4 pi. 12". New-Yoi-l{,D.Ai>plelott^- CO. 18S2. 

Beugel ( Joliu Albert). Qnomou of tlie new 
testament. Pointing ont from tbe natural 
force of tbe words, tbe Bimplicity, deptb, 
harmony and saving power of its divine 
tbonglits. A UHW translation, by Cbarlton 
T. Lewis and Marvin !E. Vincent. 3 v. 
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j)ine 4- Higgim, [1860-62]. 

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retiCid and practical atitbrnutic. Also, 
liooli-keepiDgandbnainess items. S40 pp. 
la", JVeiP Ym% aalhor, 1854. s. 

Tliesame. Parti. 6.3pp. 13°. S'eio 

York, author, 1852. s. 

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vorworte von dr. Bertbold Seemann, 2te 
anil., Sll pp. 3 L 4 tab. 1 map tblded. 
8°. Haiinomr, verfasser, 1858. 

Beiinet (James Arlington, origiaalty known 
as James Bennett). The americaii arith- 
metic, adapted to tbe trade and commerce 
of the United Stjites. 104pp. 8°. A'eiu 
York, aathor, 1835. 

A system of book-keeping by single 

entry, 127 pp. portrait, 8°, Xew-Yorle, 
J. A. Beniiet tj- co. iai6. 

Benuet or Bennett (Mrs. Agnes Maria). 
Agnes do-Courci, a domestie tale. 4 v. 
16'^. SaiJi, author, 178D, 

Beimet or Bennett (Tbonias, d.d.) An 
answer to tbe dissentei's' pleas for separa- 
tion, or an abridgment of tbe London 
cases; wherein the snbstauce of those 
books is digested into one disconrse, 4th 
ed. Sp.l.^Bpp. 12°. CaBihidge,[Eiig.'] 
Unicenilij pj-ess for A. BosHle, 1707. 


Bennet (Tbomas, d. d.) — continued. ' 

Directions for studying, i. A general 

system or body of divinity, ii. The tbirly 
nine articles of i^ligion. [Also], St, Jo- 
rom'e epistle to Nopotianna. 3.1 ed, 4 p. 1. 
195 pp. 8°. Lond-»t,J'.^y-J.Kiiaptoii,n-27. 

Bennett (Emerson). Kate Clarendon; or, 
cromanoy in tba wilderness, 219 pp. 
^. FhUadelphla, T. B. PeU^aon, [1854]. 

Bennett (James). See Banaet (James Ar- 

Bennett {B^n. 3ii\ai). Letters to u young 
lady, on a variety of useful and intereatiug 
subjects, lat N. Y. ed. 2 v, iu I, 114 pp ; 
110 pp. 16°, Nem-Yorli; J. Bad for E. 
BuycUnek ./■ oo, [1796]. 
Jfote.— Date on tlflfl-page erroneously piin teil niu. 

Bennett (Titns). A complete key to tbti 
revised impression of Bennett's practical 
avithmetio. 208 pp. 12°. Bhiladelphia, 
Bmmelt ^- Walton, [1824]. 

Bennett {Bev. William James Early), Tba 
encbarist, its history, dootriuo, and prno- 
tioe, with meditations and prayers suit- 
able t-o that boly aaerameiit. xv, 430 pp. 
8". Louden, W.J. Cleaver, 1837. 

Bent iMiss Fannie). Out of tbe dark ; tlio 
story of Alice Leith'a experieuoe. By the 
author of " Harold." [iiMon.] 300 pp. 4 
pi. 16°. FMladelphia, Fresi^fei-iaa hoard 
ofjmblieatioii, [1872]. 

Benton (C.)nnd Barry (Samuel F.) A sta- 
tistical view of tbe unmber of sheep ill 
tbe several towns and counties in Maine, 
New Uampshire, Vermont, MassaoUasetta, 
Rhode Island, Conuecticnt, New York, 
Pennsylvania, and Ohio: a partial ac- 
count of the uamber of sheep in Virginia, 
Maryland, Now Jersey, Delaware, and 
Kentncky, in 1836. [etc.] 143 pp. 16°. 
Cambridge, FoUom, JFeUs <?■ Thnratoa, 1837. 

Benton (James G. capt.U.S.a.) A course 
of instrnotion in ordnance and gnnnery, 
composed and compiled for the use of tbe 
cadets of the United States military acad- 
emy. vL, 518 pp. 8°. Jfew York, D. Van 
Xonb-and, 1861. 

BeresiQ (The) question book, (iutei'natiunal 
series,) for 1873. 140 pp, 18°. Neio Ym% 
Kdwn^ Fhmij,s,llf^-}. 

B ergens kathed ralskole, Indby delsesskri ft 
til den offentlige examen i Bergens kathe- 
dralskole, 1868[-70]. 3 v. 12° & 16°. 
Bergen, E. Data, \_ete.'] 1868-70.- s. 

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Bergmaiiu (BeDJaluiu von). Voynge chea 
Ics Kalmulrs. Trad u it de Vallomaiid. 
Par la. Moris, iiviii, 361 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
ChaHUon-gar-Seiiie, C. Curitillae, 1825. 

Bsiingtoii (Simon). DisGortations ou tbe 
mosaical oreatioD, deluge, buildiu;; of Ba- 
bel, and confusion of tongues. 7 p. 1. 468 
pp. 8". Loadoii,atilhor, 1750. 

Berkeiibont (John, m. d.) Clavls anglica 
liDguiB botaiiioie ; or, a botanical lexicon ; 
in wliich the terras of botany are ex- 
plained. 3d ed, [With] caleiidarium 
botauionm. 167 1. 12°. London, T. Cadell, 

Pharniacopoeia medici. Ed, 3a ancta 

&. eraendata. 5 p. 1. 117 pp. 6 1. 13°. 
Loiidiai, a2>ud S. Batdwiti, 1782. 

Berlin {Oils of). Eeinignng and entwiia- 
Bernng Berlins. Eiuleiteude verhanillan- 
gen nnd beriohte iiber melirere auf verau- 
liissiiug dee magistrats der koniglicheu 
hnnpt- und residenzstadt Berlin, ango- 
stullte Tersticlie nnd nnterenchungen. 1 
p. 1. 201 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Bei'Uii, A. Eirsoli- 
wald, 1870. 6. 

Berliner medioiuisehe gesellachaf). Ver- 
liandlangea der Berliner inedioiuischeu 
gcsellBoLaft in den jahren 1867 und 1868. 
(AIs separatabdruok aus der Berliner 
kliuischen wochensebrift). Herausgege- 
l>on vom vorstande der gesellschaft. viii, 
ccsssiii, 148 pp. 8°, Berliit, J. 8iiie«feld, 
1871. S. 

Bernard (Charles Bernard Dn Gi-ail de ]a 
Villette, hmm «» Cbarlts de). The lion's 
ekiu and the lover bunt, [Translated 
from the frenoh]. 3^9 pp. 12°. A'err 
Yori:, SedfiM, 1853. 

Bernard {Bev. Bicbard). The isle of Man; 
or, legal proceedings in Manshire against 
sin. Whei'ein, by way of allegory, tlie 
chief malefactors are detoctcd. And their 
arraignment and judicial trial. With the 
spiritual nse thereof. New ed. With an 
ateonnt of the author, sxsvi, 142 pp. 
l'¥' London, T. Tegg t(- aoii, 1334 

Tbesaurns biblioua sen proniptu- 

ariuni 8.w:iuin. [Also], all the marginal 
readings, iMth the words ot the test, 
[With] an abstract of the piincipil mut- 
ters contained in the holy aoiiptnre. 2d 
ed. by William Ketcbfoide 246 p 1. 
176 pp. 1 1. fol. London, J, Ci-ooi', [e(c.} 


Bernardi {Majvf Jnhii). A short history of 
the life of major John Bernardi, written 
by himself in Newgate, wliere he has been 
for near 33 years a prisoner of state. 
1 p. 1. 135, 62 pp. 8°. Zoiidon, fluiftor, 1720. 

Bernhelm (iteo. G. D.) History of the ger- 
man settlements and of the Intheran 
church in North and South Carolina, from 
the earliest period of the colonization of 
dntoh, gernian and swiss settlers to the 
close of the first half of the present cen- 
tury, xvi, 35-557 pp. 18". riiiladelphla, 
Lutheran iooTc store, 1872. 

Berqola (Amand). The children's friend, 
from the frenoh. 4 v. 16°. Diiiliii. W. 
Porter, 1787, 

The same, Tlie beauties of the chil- 
dren's friend; being a selection of inter- 
esting pieces from that oelebrated autlior, 
m. Berquin. Interspersed witb pieces of 
poetry from various anthers, Bj the au- 
thor of the Child's first book, 252 pp. 
18", Boaioii, Lincoln ,j- Edaiands, 1827. 

The same. The child's friend : being 

scleotiona from the various works of Ber- 
quin. Adapted to the use of americau 
readers, Witk a sketch of bis life and 
writings. 253 pp, 18°. Sostoa, Marslt, 
Cap&i, 1,3011 tf Webb, 1840. 

An introduction to the study of 

nature ; with other piocos, from the 
frencb. 142 pp. 12°, I'hilaMphUi, J. 
Crises, 1841. 

Berra (Domenico). Dei prati del basso 
Milanese detti a raarcita. xvi, 160 pp. 2 1, 
3 pi. 4 tab. 8°. Mitano, dalt' iinperUtU 
rejia staiajieria, 1822. 

Del modo di allevare il beatiame bo- 

viuo e fbrmarne bnoue rai^si nostrali. 
142 pp. 1 1. 8°. MUtino, if. Betfoni, 1830. 
[ Tl'i(ft his Dei pnilj del b&aso MIliuiflBe]. 

Berrlan (William, d.d.) Enter into 'tliy 
closet. 232 pp. 12°. yew Yui% J. J, 
Spm-Tcs, 1845. 

Family and private prayers, taken 

cbiefiy from the liturgy of the protestant 
episcopal ohurch, [etc.] 204 pp. 12°, 
NetD-York, T. f J. Smrda, 1823. 

The same. 4th ed. revised. 434 pp. 

13°. Neiv Tori-, Stanford f Swords, 1846. 

The same, 5t]i ed. 434 pp. 19°. 

New Tbi-fc, Staafoi'd ._f- Swords, 1847. 

EecoUections of departed friends, 

219 pp, 16°. Xew York, Stanford <f- 
Sworgs, 18u0. 

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Berriaii {William, d.i!.) — ooutiuued. 

Tlie sailors' and soldtera' maunal of 

devoaon. 120 pp. 16°. Mw York, Arms 
midnavg convention, [1844]. 

Berridge (Sev. John), The christian world 
unmasked. With life of tlie author, by 
Thomas Guthrie, d. d. xsiv,183pp. IS^. 
Boston, Gould ^ Lincoln, 1854. 

Berry {Mrt. Martha E.) Mattie Carson's 
early yeara. ^6 pp. 1 pi, 18°. Boston, 
Mass. «. s. sooietg, [1664]. 

Berry (William). The history of the island 
of Gaernsey, part of the ancient duoliy of 
Normandy, fi:om the remotest period of 
autiqnity to the year 1814, [etc.] 12, 348 
pp. 28 pi 1 map. i°. Lo>i4on,, Longman, 


Berryer (Pierre Hicoliis). Souyenirs ile m. 
Berryer, doyen des avoeats de Paris, de 
1774 a. 1838. [Avec Quelciaes vues en 
^oonomie politique, v. 9, pp. 377-444], 
2 V. 2 p. 1. 400 pp ; 2 p. 1. 438 pp, 8". 
Pm-is, A.Dapont, 1839. 

Bertean (Felix G.) Hew practical and 
theoretical method for teaching and learn- 
ing the &ench language. 9 t. 2 p. 1. Tii, 
164 pp ; 2 p. 1. 165-418 pp. mio-York, F. 
G. Berteau, 1845-46. 

Bertha and her baptism, 1857. See Adams 
(Nehemiah, d. <J.) 

Berthellot. See Sosthfene-Berthellot. 

Bertraud (Pierre Jean Baptiate). Precis 
de I'Listoire physique, civile et politique, 
de la ville de Boulogne-snr-mer et de sea 
environs, depuis les Morius jnaqu'en 1814, 
[etc,] 9 V. 3 p. 1. X, 471 pp. 1 chart ; 3 p. 
1. 672 pp. 1 chart. 8°. Boulogne, 1828-99. 

BerzeliuB (Johaiin Jacob). The kidneys 
and urine. Translated from the german, 
by M. H, Boy6 and F. Learning, m. d. 
viii, 17-179 pp, 8°, FMladelpMa, Lea f 
Blane)\anl, 1843. 

Besse (Joseph). Defence of qnaterism ; or, 
an answer to a book intituled. A preserva- 
tivo gainst qnalierismi written by Pat- 
rick Smith. With an appendix, contain- 
ing 1. An examination of the first class of 
quaker-testimonies, produced in a late 
YJudication of the bishop of Lichfield and 
Coventry. 9. A detection of the falsehood 
of Piokworth'a narrative, viii, 416, xvii 
pp. 8". London, assigns of J. Sowle, 1732. 

Bessie Dunoan ; or, the first year ont of 
school, [anoji.] 160 pp, 1 pi. 32°. PUlOr-' 
delphia, Amcricim s. s. uaiou, [1858]. 


Bethmie (Gieorge Washington, d. A.) Early 
lost, early saved. An argument for the 
salvation of infants; [also], original and 
selected poems, on the same suliject. 983 
pp. 18°. Sew York, Board of pit&IieoMon 
vcfoTwM 'peotmtaiA SMeh ehuroh, 1859, 

Tlie ftuit of the spirit. 210 pp. 8°. 

PhOadeliihk, ff, Salt, 1839, 

The same. 4th ed. 305 pp, 18°, New 

Yorlt, Board of publtcation reformed prtites- 
tant fytch dturdit, 1859. 

Memoirs of mrs, Jnanna Bethnne. 

With an appendix, containing extracts 
from the writings of mrs, Bethune. 250 
j>p. 19'\ New Yorlt, Rarjfcr <[■ brothers, 

Bettner (George, m. iZ.) Harmonite cieles- 
tes, or christian melodies ; and other 
poems, 147 pp. 12^. Neiv-York, M'Elraai, 
Bangs 4- co. 1833. 

Bengnot (Jacqnes Clande, oomte). Life and 
adventnree of count Beugnot, minister of 
state under Napoleou I. Edited from the 
french by Charlotte M. Yonge. 2 v. x, 365 
pp ; viii, 343 pp. 8°. London, Sursi ^ 
Blacliett, 1871. 

Berlin (Charles Ernest). L'aoropole d'A- 
thenes. Public sons les auspices dn minis- 
tSre de I'instruotion puhliqne et des eultes. 
2 V, 356 pp. 4 pi ; 399 pp. 4 pi, 8°. Faria, 
F. Didoi fi-irea, 1853-54. 

Bevaii (Philip). Adalia : the sinless world. 
[A poem], 154 pp. 8°. LosUville, Kg. 
If. S. White, 1S61. 

Beveildge (William, d,d.) The great neces- 
sity and advantage of public prayer, and 
frequent communion, 331 pp. 18°. Neio 
Yoi% J. A. SparJis, 1845. 

B^zout (fitienne). Krst principles of the 
differential and integral calculus, or the 
doctrine of fluxions ; taken chiefly from 
the mathematics of BSzout. 2(t ed. vi, 
195 pp. 8°. Boston, Billiard, Gray ^ 
CO. 1836. 

BlEuicoiil (Giuseppe). Storia uatnrale dei 
terroni ardonti, dei vuloani fangosi, delle 
sorgenti inflammabili, deipozziidropiriol, 
e di altri fenomeui geologioi operati dal 
gas idrogene e della origine di esso gas. 
914 pp. 1 !. 9 pi. 8^. Bologna, J. MarsigK, 
1840, S. 

Bibblena (Michel Angelo di). La donna 
dell' apocalifise, Maria eantisaima madre 
di Dio, sempre vergine conoetta in graaia. 
14 p. 1.431 pp. fol, LaBca,P.Frediani,lTi.% 

db, Google 


Bible. (Euslisft). Tlie holy liiblo, contain- 
ing the old and new testaments ; translated 
out of the original tongnes, and with, the 
former translations diligently compared 
and revised. 3961. 12°. Woreest^; Mass., 
I. Tkomaa, 1791. 

The same. 976 L 12°. Bos- 
ton, I. Tliowas 4~ E. T. Andmos, ISOl, 

— -The same. The pictorial house- 
hold bible: with marginal references! 
and notes. With copious comments and 
seleotioue from the moat esteemed writers, 
and an illustrated bible dictionary. [1104] 
pp.72pl.l0maps. 13°. Spnn0eM,[_Ma 
W. J. Eolland }■ eo. 1873. 

ffoie—Tbe teit nf The onentnl bibla; by 
iD^raliam CobblD London 185C n'itU n 
additjona, and a chitionaty 

New illustrated devotional 

and practical polyglot family bible: with 
the apocrypha, coucordiiuce, and psalms 
in metre. Also, a carefully abridged ed. 
of dr. Wm. Smith's complete dictionary of 
the bible, and a history of the religi 
denominations of the world, [etc.] 4 parts 
in 1 V. 4". [PhUadel2)Ma], National pub- 
mUiig CO. ietv. 1872]. 

The people's standard edition 

of the holy bible, and the apocryphal writ- 
ings: with a complete concordance, the 
psalms in metre, [etc. Also], a trea- 
tise upon theliterature, history, and inspi- 
ration of the Mble, [etc.] 7 parts in 1 v. 
2 p. 1. [953] pp. 10 pi. 4°. FkiUdelpMa, 
Zkgler ^ MoCurdy, [1872]. 

CommenUa-leB. A comment- 
ary on the holy scriptares; [etc.] By 
J. P. Lange. v. 6 of the old testament. 
The books of the kings. By Karl Chr. W. 
F. Bahr, d. d. Translated, enlarged, and 
edited, part i, by Edwin Harwood, d. d. 
Book ii, by W. G. Sumner. S parts in 1 v. 
vi, 260 pp ; 313 pp. 8°. Neio Torlc, Svrtb- 
nei; Armstrong ^ co. 1872. 


Bible {EngllslC) — eoutinued. 
new testament. By J. P. Lango, d. d. 

Translated from, the 3d german ed. with 

additions, by Philip SohafE, d. d. S°. New 

Yorli, C. Sanbner, 1865. 
Commentary on the 

new testament: critical and practical. 

By John J. Butler, d. d. The gospels. 

495 pp. inc. 1 plan, 1 map. 12". Dover, 

\_N. H.1 a. T. Day 4- bo. 1870. 
The same, v, 1. The 

gospels. 495 pp. inc. 1 plan, 1 map, 12°. 

Dover, [JT. S.] FreeimU hapUet printing 

mtabtiahmeat, 1870. 
Concoi-daiiee. See Brown (_Sev. 

John) ; Batterworth (Bev. John). 
New teetameat. Family bible. 

The new testament, with brief notes and 

instructions, by Justin Edwards, d. d. 

Containing the references and marginal 

readings of the polyglot bible. 495 pp. 2 

maps. 8°. Neio Yorle, American iraot so- 

cieti), [1851]. 
The new testament of 

our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, newJy 

translated ont of the original greek, and 

with the former translations diligently 

compared and revised. 141 1. 12°. PMlii- 

deljykia, W. SpoUwood, 1793. 
The same. 108 1. 12". 

FMIadelpliia, W. Young, 1794. 
The same. 1581. 12°. 

Nm-Saven, Tieboui ^ <yBriea, 1796. 
The same. 1621. 12°. 

Worcester, \_Mass.'\ I. Thomas, juii. 1802. 
The same. 93 1. 16°. 

-ITie 8 

Old t 

ment. v. 9. [Or] The psalms. By C. B. 
Moll, d. d. From the german, with addi- 
tions, by rev. C. A. Briggs, rev. J. Forsyth 
rev. J. B. Hammond, rev. J. F. McCurdy '; 
[with] a new version of the x^salms and 
philological notes by rev. T. J. Conant. 8°. 
Neiv York, Scrlhiei; Armstrong ^ co. 1873. 
The same. New testa- 
ment. V. 1. The gospel according to 
Matthew, together with a general theolog- 
ical, and homiletioal introduction t( 

JSostoii, Thomas 4" Andretos, 1804. 

- The s( 



New-YorJc, E. DiigcMnck ^ P. A. Meder, 

The same. 331 pp. 18°. 

Sart/oTd, Conn., S. G. GoodHch, 1818. 
The same. 312 pp. 12°. 

Promdence, (B. I.) Miller 4- Hutehms, 1821. 

Sartford, S. Andras, 1823. 
. — ____ i-]jg aame; with refer- 
ences and a key shoot of questions histor- 
ical, doctrinal, and practical. [With use- 
ful tables of scripture names, scripture 
geography, scripture chronology, scripture 
references, etc. prepared to accompany the 
reference testament]. By Hervey Wilbur, 
328, le pp. 18°. Jioslon, miliard, 1927. 

db, Google 


Bible (i'jijjiisft)— continued. 
The 8ame. Eug<L tit. 

288 pp. Iflo. Hartfm-d, S. Andrm, 1827. 
■ The same. 286 pp. 16". 

Middletoim, (Con.) W. S. miea, 1829. 

Soilon, 0. Gaylord, 1830. 
The same. 378 pp. 9 

maps. 18°. Mart/Old, Conn., S. AnHriia, 

The same. 253 pp. 18°. 

Trenton, If. J., Bisliop Davenport, 1&35. 
The same. 251 pp. 18°. 

Hartford, Jadd, LooiiHa # co. 1836. 
The same. 288 pp. 16°. 

MiMlelotvn, Conn., fliinf ^ co. 1840. 

MwarJc, N. J., B. OMs, 1843. 

The same. With illus- 
trations hj Kenny Meadows, [etc.] and 
notes historical and descriptive. Engd. 
tit. 3 p. 1. 119 pp. i°. Loudon, lUnstrated 
London ««(«, 1847. 

The same. A literal 

translation from the striae peshito 
Bion. By James Mardook, d. d. is, 515 
pp. portrait. 8°. XeiD Torh, Slaafoi-d <?■ 
Sieorda, 1851. 

The polyglott new tes- 
tament of our lord and saviour Jesus 
Chiist. With, marginal readings and ref- 
erences. 264 pp. 6 pi. 18°. Woodsiooh, 
Vt, J. 3. # S. L. Citase ^ eo. 1836. 

The practical exposi- 
tor; or, an exposition of the new testa- 
ment, in the form of a paraphrase; with 
occasional notes, and serious reooUeotions 
at the close of every chapter. [With text 
in the margin]. By John Ouyse, d. d. 
5tL ed. 6 V. 8°. EHinliurgli, Boss ^ sons, 
for It. Boss, 1797. 

Mattlew and Mart. 

Luke and John. 

A«a of the apostiee nnd Panl 


Paul's epistles to the Corintlii 

Paul'B eplaUee to tie Philippia 

us, Philemon, 

and the Hehrewa. 


Peter, John, 

Reference and pro. 

nounoing testament, according to the 
standard of the American hlhle society ; 
with a copious and judicious selection of 
references to parallel and illustrative pas- 
sages, translated from the germaii and 


Bible (SifflM)— continnod. 
interspersed with the test. By John 
Wlnebrenner. 416, 47 pp. 16". HanH^- 
liurg, Pa. The gospel publisher, 1836. 

Notes, critical and explanatory, on the 
acta of the apostles. By Melancthon W. 
Jacohus. 430 pp. 8 pi. 1 map. 12°. Netv 
York, B. Cartel- ^ h-othera, 1859. 

Apocryphal hoo!!3. The 

apocryphal new testament, being all the 

gospels, epistles, and other pieces now 
extant, attrihuted iu the first four centu- 
ries to Jesas Christ, his apostles, and their 
companions, and not included in the new 
testament by its compilers. Translated, 
and now first collected into one volume, 
with preiiices, tables, notes, and referen- 
ces, let am. from last Lend. ed. 366 pp. 
12°. FMlaOelphia, E. T. SooU, 1895. 
E^latUe. Notes, ex- 
planatory and practical, on the general 
epistles of James, Peter, John and Jude. 
By Albert Barnes. 459 pp. 12°. Kew 
York, Sarper 4- brothers, 1848. 

- Epht^- 


exposition upon the epistle of s. Paule, 
the apostle to the Ephesiana ; by s. lohn 
Chrysostome. Tiiiely and faithfully 
translated out of greeke. I. I. 4 p. 1. 342 
pp. 18 I. sm. 4°. London, H. Bintteman 
4- B. Newhei-ie, 1581. 

Hebrevis. Com- 
mentary on the epistle of Paul, the apos- 
tle, to the Hebrews. By WiDiam 8. Plu- 
mer, 11. d. 659 pp. 8°. New York, A. D. 
F. Saiidolph ^ CO. [1872]. 

Bomani. A 

translation of Paul's epistle to the Romans, 
with an introduction and notes. By Will- 
iam A. WhitweU. xii, 108 pp. 12°. Boa- 
ion, W. Crosby ^ H. P. Nichols, 1848. 

St. John. Apos- 
tolic instruction exemplified in the first 
epistle general of st. John. [A commen- 
tary with text, anon.2 xi, 431 pp. 12°. 
Zondon, E. B. Sieleg # W. Burnslde, 1840. 

The gospels. Harmony 

of the four gospels in greek. According 
to the test of Hahu. Newly arranged, 
with explanatory notes, by Edward Rob- 
inson, d. d. xix, 235 pp. 8°. Boston, 
Crocker 4- Brewster, 1845. 

The same. According 

to the common version, Newly arranged. 

db, Google 


Bible (£)i3?isft)— contiuued. 
with explanatory notes. By Edward EoI>- 
inaon, d. d. xx, 316 pp. 12°. Boston, 
Grockei- ^ Brewntm; 1846. 

gospels : l)eing an abridgment of the au- 
thor's "Harmony and exposition of the 
gospels." By James Strong, Edited by 
Daniel P. Kidder, xsxvi, 318, 91 4" -18 pp- 
16°. Nail Yo)% Carlton ^ P/rfKips, 1853. 

— ^ — — Selectioiis. Collectanea 

evangeliea; or selections from the greek 
testament, consisting of portions of the 
four gospels arranged in oil vonolog leal 
order, forming a connected hiatory of ibe 
life of Jeans Christ. By N. C. Broolia. 2d 
cd. 1 p. 1. 7-310 pp.. 18°. Jlcmiim-e, 
Cusliing ^ hrollier, 1947. 

ongospelofMark. ,SrM Clark (George W.) 
Gospels and Aote. Evan- 
gelical hiatory : or a nurrative of tho life, 
doctrinea and miracles of Jesns Christ, 
and of his holy apostles ; containing the 
four Goapela and the Acts : with a general 
introdnctioD, and prefatory reinarlts to 
each boot. By Alden Bradford. 528 pp. 
12°. Boston, Bradford ^ Bead, 1813. 

BeveJaiioii. Outllaos of 

prophetic revelation, being a eonoise ex- 
planation of the revelation of st. John. 
[With test]. By rev. E. B. James, s, 504 
pp. 12°. NeiD-Tork, Eedjidd, 1852. 

toty and practical, on the book of revela- 
tion. By Albert Barnes. 506 pp. 13°. 
New York, Sarper ^ hToUm-s, 1^2. 

Old, testament. Job. Notes, 

critical, illustrative, and pr»ctical, on the 
book of Job ; with a new translation, and 
an iutrodnotory dissertation By Albert 
Barnes. Hew improved ed 2v ci.s\i, 
311 pp; 312, 72 pp. 12" Nm Jot*, 
Learnt 4- AlUa bros. [1972] 

Job, Pivaerbi, and 'lOlomoa. 

Divine philosophy : contaraiug the books 
of Job, Proverbs, and Wisdom, with ex- 
planatory notea. By Z Iwliam, d d 3 
p. 1. 320, 88 pp. 8°. Loudon, W s fm- 
B. Clavell, [eic] 1706. 

Fsalms The psilm^; 

■with notes, critical, explanatory, and 
practical. By Henry Cowles, d. d. iv, 554 
pp, 12°. Neu>Yo>%V.Ji>pleloii<^' BO. 1&7-2. 


Bible {Etiglisli) — continued. 

Tho paalnis of 

David, and the song of Solomon, in metre, 
1850. ^e MoClare (Samuel). 

The psalma of 

David rendered into english verse o£ vari- 
ous measures, 1854. See Jones (Abner). 

SeUciions. A compendinin of 

the religions doctrines, [etc.] See Dick- 
iiiBon (Rodolphiis). 

(French). Ncio testaiitcnt. John. [Le 

saint 6vangile de J^sua ChciBt selon. saint 
Jeau. Aveo dea explications & r<Sflexions 
qui regardent la vie intfirienre]. 3-563 
pp. 18°. 

(Imperfeoei wanta Utle-page). 

(German.) Neio testament. Das ncuc 

testament unsers herm und heilandes Jesii 
Christl, nach der deutschen uebei'sctznng 
dr. Martin Luthera. Mit kurzem inhalt 
einea jeden oapitels, und volistiindigen 
anweisuag gleichet scbriftatellen. Wie 
auch alter sonn- und festtagigen evange- 
lien und episteln. le and. 540 pp. 16'^. 
Somerset, F. Goeb, 1814. 

The e 

Mit ( 

Icliirungen und nutzanwendungen. Her- 
ausgegeben von Daniel Dobler. 6 p. 1. 
4a8pp. 12°. IAhanon,Pmn.,8.Milter,18iO. 
(Greek). Neio totfflnwni. Acts qf tlie 

apostles, Tlpa^si( ran dyiav aTroaroXi.iv nara 
TO flctof ap^eranoii. UpoaftSevrai 6e o^olio 
^iloloyma koi taropiKa, nai irapanip^osii 
Say/iariicai «ai i/PiKat. iii-viii, 311 pp. 8°. 
MeXirri, 1837. 

Ilpaft'f t™ airo- 

otoSjjii. The acts of the apostles : accord- 
ing to the text of Angustns Hahn ; with 
notes and a lexicon. By John J. Owen, 
d. d. xii,276pp. Imap. 12°. Neil) York, 
LeavlU 4- eo. 1850. 

{Hebrew and english). reniaieitoh. The 

law of God. Edited, by Isaac Leeacr, 
V. 1-^. 8°. PhiladelpMa, C. Sli^-man. 
5605, [1845]. 



(HangarUtn). Gospels and epistles. 
Szent evangelinmok, leozk^ €s epistoliik 
a katholikuB egyhttzi €vnek mindeu vasiir- 
iSs tinnepnapjaira, Udvozitonk szenved^s- 
tortfinetfivel es egy iBggel6kkel. [etc.] 
378 pp. 16°. Becsben, a cs. k. islcolakSnyvek 
Idaddsiiban, 1860. 

(Latin). Tsalms. S. psalmorvm libri 

qvincive ad ebraicam veritatem versi, ot 
iamiliari explanatione elycidati. Per Are- 

db, Google 


Bible (Latin) — conf nued 

tivm. Felittvm. [p eidv M 

cer]. 8 p. 1. 394 1 6 1 ap sn 

gentorati, G. V A Jla s 15^ 
Fa T s Sacrie sc ptur'e lo- 

cornm guornnd m ers o met oa 173ti 

See Burton (Joto) 

(Malaya ) '\cb test nenf J'vng 

ampat evangel i derr tuan k fi Je9v 
Chiisti, daau 1 erboatan det i Jang apos 
toli bersacti, becaal a lallam bis&a ma 
layo. That is, the fo r go^ipels of out lord 
Jesva Chriat, and tlie Acts ot the holy 
apostles, translated nto the n layin 
tongne. 2 p. 1 14 215 i p 
ford, M. Mall, IC 7 

(Modem g eel) Fentate 1 d iook 

of Joshaa. 'O jrei'TaTeu^of tov MiMaeu 
Kac ro jii^Tuov tov 'lijuov vlov tou Nkuj/ : 
roll i^paiKOV apxeriin&o fif koitt/i/ iXXi/vimiv 
italsKTOv psTaj/paadefTO. 1 p. 1, 2?0 pp. 
Eh Aoi-dpa, 'P. OvaTTC, [1833], 

(Hlogoo). NeiB testament. The 

testament in telogoo. y. ii. Containing 
the epiatles and the boot of revelation. 
2d ed. pp. 541-916. 8°. Madras, Cat- 
catta bible dociet!i,lSWl 
[Imperfect; title-page toru). 

Bible Btoriea ia bible lauguage. [_aiton.^ 
19r pp. 10 pi. aq. 12^. New Yori:, D. Ap- 
pleton f CO. 1860. 

Bible veraes for the little onea, 1872. See 
Putnam (Mrs. Henrietta J.) 

Bibllographie de la France. See Journal 
g^n^ral de I'imptimerie et de la librairie. 

Bibliophile (Le) beige, [fiditfi par m. le 
baron deEeiffenberg]. v. 1-6, 8°. Frux- 
elles, J. FanDalb, [eto.] 1845-50. s. 

The aame. Bulletia dn Bibliophile 

helge, fonilg par m. le baron de Beiffeu- 
berg, public [1850-51] par J. M. HeberW, 
[1852, par F. Heussner], aous la direction 
de m. Cb. De Ch6nedoU6. v. 7-9. 
Briixellea, J. M. H^erU, [etc.] 1850-53. 

Blbllotheoa sacra (The), and theologioal 
eoleotie. [Quarterly]. Edited by Ed- 
wards A. Park and George E. Day, with 
the co-operation of dr. J. P. Thompson 
[ind] dr D W Simon Jatfto oct. 1872. 
V 20 8- A dote (Mass) W F.Drapm; 

Biblisohe ge^h ehte lea alten uud neuen 
test raeut s Zum „ob av. bo ler katho- 
1 I b ]^t cb len n ki gerthnm Os- 1 



BibliBche geschichls, etc. — continued, 
terreich. 258 pp. 3 1. 16°. fc. J^'. 
sehiM'iivlter'iieFlag, 1858. 

The same. Fur die katholiaohen 

volkschnlen der Vereinigten Staaten Kord- 
amerika's bearbeitet von einem priester 
der diozeae Basel. [flw».] 235 pp. 2 pi. 
12". New York ^~ Cineinnati, Benziger bro- 
tUrs, 1864. 

Biblisctae geaohiohte, Zum gebraache der 
Israelltischea schulen [anon ] 262 pp. 
16°. W\en,tm,l I eiJiaVivOiei Pfflfoff, 1869. 

Bibra. (Ernst Ton) Chemische tiragmente 
liber die lebei uud die galle 1 p. 1. iv, 
194 pp tP Biameehmtj F Vieweg 4' 
softs, 1849 s. 

Bichat (Xavier) F^thologloal auatomy. 
The last eonrae ot Xavier Bicbat, from an 
autographic manuscript of P. A. B^clard ; 
with an accoimt of the life and labours of 
Bichat, hy T. G. Boisaeau. Translated 
from the ii'eneh fay Joseph Togoo. 2;!2 pp. 
fP. Philadelphia,.!. Grigg,lSi^. 

Blckerstaff (Isaac, pseiidon.) See Tatler 

Bickersteth (Bev. Edward). Bickersteth'a 
treatise on the lord's supper; adapted to 
the services of the protestant episcopal 
churcli in the United Statea. With an in- 
troduction, notes, and an essay by G, T. 
Bedell, d.d. 3ded. 210 pp. 18°. FMl- 
adelphin, Key 4- Mielke, 1831. 

Bioketateth (Edward Henry). Water from 
the well-spring, for the aabbath hours of 
afflicted believers. 254 pp. 16°. Nea 
Ym-k, B. Garter f In-utbers, 1856. 

Bickertou ; or, the immigrant's daughter. 
A tale, [awon.] 191pp. 12°. IfetB York, 
F. aShea, 1855. 

Bickmore (Albert Smith). Beiseu Im ost- 
indischen archipel in den jahren 1865 und 
1866. Autorisirt© vollstandige auegabe 
fiir Dentschiaud. Ans dem englischen, 
von J. C. A. Martin, xvi, 443 pp, 32 pi. 
3 maps. 8°. Jena, H. Coetenoile, 1869. 
[BiWiothet geoKnipliiacher reiaon and cntdeck- 
uugen aitecer und neuerer Mit. v. 4]. 

Biddeford and Baco (Maine) directory. 
Greenougb, Jones & co.'s directory of the 
inhabitants, institutions, etc. iu the cities 
of Biddeford and Saco, for 1872. 4 p. 1. 
303, 32 pp. 8°. Bosim,Greeaough, Jones 
4- CO. 1873. 

Biddle (Bev. William P.) and Newborn 
(Bet!. WiUiam J.) The baptist liymn- 
book; iu two parts. Selected (ma varl- 

db, Google 


Bitldle and New-bom— continumT. 
ousaotliOTB. xsiT, 666, 28 pp. 18°. Wiixli- 
ingioa, J. S. Meeltan, 1835. 

Bieber (Eec, I. W.) Titiis Livius. Witb 
an interlinear translation. 1872. See 
Livius (TituB). 

Bigelow (JfWiol), m. &.) Nature in disease ; 
illustrated in yariouiS discourses and ea- 
sajB. [Also] miscellaneoua writings, 
chiefiy on medical snlijeots. 2d ed. en- 
larged. 410 pp. 13". Boston, PUIlips, 
SamjwOB # 00. 1S69. 

Bigelow (Marion Albina). The northern 
haip : containing songs from the St. Law- 
tencej and forest melodies. 400 pp. 1 pi. 
18°. J(dm™,W: r. ito-I'y.pMiirir.l^S. 

Bilbao (Manuel). Historia do [Felipe San- 
tiago] Salaveny. sv, 411 pp. 8°. Siienos- 
Aires, casa di goiiei-no, 1867. S 

Historia de Eosas. Tomu i. (Deade 

1810 hasta 1833). 379 pp. 8°. BuBnos- 
Aires, msa de goMemo, 1868. 

BUI (Ledjard). Pen-pictures of tlie war. 
Lyrics, incidents, and sketches of the 
great rebellion. With a full account of 
many of the great battles. 344 pp. I pi. 
13°. New Yo7-lc, 1864. 

Bingham (Caleh). The young American'* 
spealier; being a new selection of lessons 
for reading and speaking. 226 pp. 12''. 
PhiladdphUt, J. S. UppincoU ^ co. 1857. 
Jfote.— ForiDBrly entitletl " The ftmericjui pta 
tor improTao." the 6Btli ed, o! which 
pahlifEOed at Boston, in li^33. 

Bingham (Mev. G. L.) Triumphs of grt 
Fulton street prayer meeting, laao 
3 V. 18^. 2feu} Ym-Tc, boari of piiblication 
o/tlie r^tmned protesi^int dutcl^ diurdi, 1863. 

Army life. 

Hospital life, 

Liviug words from living men. 

Blugham {Eev. Hiram). A resideuce of 
twenty-one years in the Sandwich islands; 

' or the civil, religions, and political history 
of those islands. 616 pp. portrait, 5 pi. 1 
map. 8°. Sari/ord, S. Smmgion, 1847. 

Biography of pious persons; abridged for 
youth, [anore.] -rijO-SIMpp. 16°. Spring- 
jietd, Mass., Merriam, LiUle ^ eo. 1832. 

Blot (Jean Baptlste). An elementary trear 
tise on analytical geometry. Translated 
fium the french. By Francis H. Smith, 
Revised ed. 302 pp. 8°. Eiekmoitd, Va. 

Bitch (James). Tbo boob of cherubical 
reason, with its law and nature; or, of the 


Biroi, (Jamea) — continued. 

law and priesthood of reason ; with some, 
description of the law, nature, and king- 
dom, of faith ; and of th e seraphims. 2 p. 
L viii, 144 pp. 5 I. 8°. London, autlior, 
[about 1800]. 

Ttie book upon the gospel and regen- 
eration. 1 p. 1.274 pp. 8='. Lmidon, mithm; 
[about 1800]. 

E Wilft Aw The boftt of cliernbical reason, IfiOO], 
Bird (Robert Montgomery). Calavar; or, 
the knight of tbe oonqueBt : a romanoe of 
Mexico, [onon.] 2t. 278 pp; 296 pp. 
13°. P)iilitddpUa, Carey, Lea <?■ Blmdtai-d, 
Tbe bawks of Hawk-Hollow. A tra- 
dition of Pennsylvania. By the author of 
"Calavar." [ojidh,] 2 v. vii, 371pp; 
256 pp. 12°. PUladelpUa, Carey, Lea 4- 
Blanohard, 1835. 

The infidel ; or the fall of Mexico. A 

romance. By the author of "Calavar." 
[anon,] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 13-354 pp; 1 p. 1. 
13-228 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lett 4- 
Blanckard, 1835. 

Nick of the woods, or tbe Jibben^no- 

say. A tale of Kentucky. By the author 
of "Calavar," [do. onon.] v. 2. vi, 13-240 
pp ; 246 pp. 12°. FhUadeJpliia, Carey, Lea 
4- BUnoUr-d,\m7. 
Peter Pilgrim: or a ramblei-'s recol- 
lections. By the author of "Calavar," 
[fljiOT*.] 2 V. 4 p. L 13-247 pp; 3 p. 1. 
13-356 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lea .j- 
BUntiharA, 1838. 

Sheppard Lee. Written by himself. 

[anon.'] 2 v. viii, 5-273 pp; viii, 3-277 
pp. 12°. New-York, Hai'per ^ brotliere, 
Birkbolz (Adam Michael}. Der compass 
der weisen,von einem mitverwandten der 
innern verfassung der iLohten und recbten 
freymiiurerey bescbrieben ; berauagegeben 
mit anmerkungen, einer vorrede, in wol- 
cber die geschichte dieses erlaacbten or- 
dens Torgetragen, nnd die irrthiimer 
einiget ausgearteter franaiisiscbec frey- 
maurer-logen entdekt werden, von Ketmia 
Vere. [pseadoa.'] 2te vermebrte ausg. von 
AdaMah Booe. 8 p. 1. 430 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
Bei-lin, F. Maarer, 1783. 
Birthday (A) book for boys and girls. By 
the anther of "A book for the eldest 
daughter." Engd. tit. viii, 207 pp. 4 pi. 
16°. NoHkampton, [Mass.] SopUm, 
Bi-idgman ^- co. 1853, 

db, Google 


Biabee (Jobn). Lectures to young men. 
ITSpp. IGC'. Noi-tMm]?ti>n, lMam.'\ Batlm- 
4- Biidgman, 1849. 
Bishope (George). A looking-glasa for the 
times. BeiQg a tract concerning tlie orig- 
inal aod rise of truth, »ud the original and 
rise of anticliriat. Sbewiug tlint the 
principles and pmctioes of the people 
called qnakers, in this day, and their suf- 
ferings, are the same as were the principles 
and practices of Christ and his apostles. 
1 p. L 236 pp. fol. ZoJidon, 166S. 
Biamark wBismarck-Sclionliauseii (Carl 
Otto, fUrat von). Die reden. des grafen von 
BismaTck-Schonbanseu. Erste samialang. 
Eeden aus den jahren 1862-66. 2te ver- 
Tollstaodigte ansg. 352 pp. SP. Bei-lm, 
F. Korfkam])/, 1870. 
The same. Dritte sammlung. [Land- 
tags-session, 1869-70]. 104 pp. 8". Bei'- 
lin, F. Kortkampf, 1870. 
Blasel (Mary L.) The Bohinsons. 953 pp. 
3pl. 16°. Boston, D.Lothrop 4- m.llS7ii;\. 
Bissi (Benedetto). ProTerhj, motti, e sen- 
tenze ad nso ed instruzione del popolo. 
140 pp. 8". Fiaeema, i Oi'cesi, 1805. 
Bivero (Pedro de). Saorvm sanotvariym 
cryclB et patientiaa crvcifixorvm et oryel- 
ferorvm, emblematlcis imaglnibvs labor- 
autivm et segrotantivm ornatym: aiti- 
flees gloriosi uovx artis bene vivendi et 
moriendi seoTndvm rationem 
cirtini. Engd. tit. 10 p. 1. 678 pp. 10 I. 70 
pi, sm. 4°. Antverpiw, ex officina pl(aiii- 
niaita B. Moi-eti, 1634. 
Blaauw or Blaeu (Jan). Nieaw 
derd en verbeterd groot stedehoelr 
Piemont en van Savoye, of naauwkenrige 
heschryving van derzelver steden, palt ' 
zen, kerken en Tooruaamste gebouwe 
Allefi rolgens plans en naarde de origi- 
neele aftekeniugeu, door de 
meestecs nitgevoerd, en door den nitgever 
overzien. [anon.] 4 v. in 2. fol. Gr 
venMane, M. C. AlberlB, 1725. 

Nole.—Tbie -work appasred fn latin {Tbeafrum 
Etatnnm Sabaiidiai ducis), S y. Id fol. Aiusr. 1683, 
and was traualated int« iteodi liy Jocaues £er- 
uatd. The plates to tlia work wece doetroyed 
by fire in the year 1673, 

Blaauvr or Blaeu (Wilhelm). Institvtion 
astronomiqve de I'vsage des globes 
spheres celestes et terrestres, comprise 
deuK parties, I'nne, saivant l'hypotl.6se de 
Ptolem^e, qui Yeut que la terre soit immo- 
bile; I'atitre, eelon Fintention de H. Co- 
pernicus, tul tient quo la terro est mobile, 


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db, Google 


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db, Google 


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toziihlnug fUr die ehristliche jngend. 
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Stiitigaii if Leipxig, MxjieditUm ties »taat3- 
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8°. 1870. 
[wai, Y.u]. 

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TviU, Translated from tlie german, with 
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awl Freeman ( Fohn C ) Selections 

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and references to grammars Vlt, 204, iv, 
180 pp. Ckiea^o, S. C. Griggs ^ co. 1W2. 
Bolseeau (Fraufois Gabriel). Pyn5tologie 
pbysiologique, ou traits ties llfevres con- 

db, Google 


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BEMETIOUB OyDOHIUS. 'EjrioTo'jjll! p. 251. 

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EU8BNICU8 (M.) 'EiriOToAUBSpafKUP^ii. p.349. 

LUO, FBn:OB0FIID8. Atoms jiiliOiio^oii Km inrpDv 

Masl'kl H, PaleologUB. Aoyos "irnyviiiiuK. p. 
p. 347. AiiUJirptcp rep Kij^mj^. p. 249. 

JVaie.— This Is a contlniiatloii or Biipplem6nt«rj 

volmue of Ms Ajiecdoba grioco. 5 v. H^. Pai'«». 


Boisay d'Anglaa (Cotate Franfois An- 

tolne de). Lea ^tndes litt^raires et po^ 

tiqnea d'un vieillard, on lecueil do divers 

Boker (Geqrge Henry). Auno BolejD : a 

trajjedy. Tiii, 13-235 pp. 12°. BMlaOel- 

^Itia, A. Sari, 1860. 
Boletin ofloial. Foviodioo de! gobiemo flo- 

minicano. 31majol870IiaatlI13jnUol8J'3. 

Auo 2°-5°. Hos. 117-273 iu 1 v. fol. 

Santo Dondngo, [Gtw-oiaAffl'MianM, 1870-73]. 

llmperfect; wanting n08. 131. 165, 205,233]. 

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taiiiiug ffisercisea in orthography, pronun- 
ciation, and reading, 166 pp. 19'^. Xmo- 
London, S. Green, for autlior, 1835. 

The same, Eevised and enlarged. 

180 pp. 12*'. Mw-L(mSon, W. 4~ J. Bollea, 

Bollettino consolare. .See Italy. Ifiiiistei'o 
2»e)' gU affari eeto-i. 

Bollettino indnstriale del regno d'ltalia. 
2a aerie, v. 9. Gen.— sett. 1871. fol. To- 
Hm, C. FamU f eo. 1871. a. 

Bolley (PompeiiiB A.) Der mist, seine che- 
misohe zusammeusetzttng, seiue wirknug 
als dilugenaittel iiud seine ziibereitungs- 
weiRK. l''iir deut'iehe landwiJ-'tlie. Naclj 


Bolley (Poinpeius A.) — continued, 
dem plane von J. Girardin'a ■vorlcsuiigiin 
Tiber dieaen gegenstand. x, 143 pp. ICi". 
Bi'omisoTi/wdg, F. Vievieg ^ soAii, 1846. a. 

La participation de la Snisso ii I'ex- 

position nniverselle de 1B67. See Qrolt- 
zerland. Commiiamon cVexposUioit f6d4rale 

Bolmar (Autome). A collection of collo- 
quial phrases, on every topic necossai-y to 
maintain conversation [in frencli] ; ar- 
ranged nuder different heads. 1 p. 1. vii, 
3-316 pp. 18°. Philadel^kia, Cm-ey 4- Lea, 

-The a! 



3-208 pp. 
Caren ^ Lea, 1831. 

The same. Hew ed. ix, 208 pp. 18". 

PMlad«lx>lUa, Lea ^ Blam^m-d, 1842. 

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herd'a call to the lambs of his f oclc. 343 
pp. 6 pi. eq. 18°. Nm To)% B. Garter ,;■ 
In-otlteis, 1853. 

Tender grass for little lambs. 303 pp. 

8 pi. sq. 16°. JVeio Torh, B. Gaiia- 4- bi-o- 
thiis, 1855. 

Bolton (Eobei-t,((.(i.j'ecfei-o/J!ivi';/ft toll}- Mr. 
Bolton's last andleai'uedworlro of tliefoiire 
last things, death, ivdgement, hell, and 
heaven. With an aaaise-aermon, and uotos 
ou instica NicoUs his fnnerall, with the 
life and death of the aatlionr. Published 
by E. B. [Edwai-d Bagshawe. ' 1st ed.] 
Engd. tit. 36 p. 1. 364 pp, am. 4". Lon- 
don, G. Millet; 1633. 

A discovrso abovt the sLate of trve 

happinease. 11 p. I. 215 pp. 3 1. sm. 1". 


[ With Ids Some gBusr.iU dtraodone. Tltlo-paso 

Some generaU directions for a com- 
fortable walking with God. 4th cd, 8 p. 
1. 392 pp. 3 1. sin. 4°. London, I. Xegatl, 
for E. Weaver, 1034. 

Bolton (Rev. Robert, of Wcstclmter eo. JV. 
r.) The lighted valley: or the closing 
scenes in the life of a beloved sister, [Abhy 
Bolton]. With a preface by the rev. Will- 
iam Jay. [oiiim. Advertisement sub- 
scribodRB,] 236 pp. portrait, 1 pL 12^. 
New York, B. Carter ^ bi-ofhers, 1850. 

Bomberger (John H. A. d. d.) Infant snl- 
vation in its relation to infant depravity, 
infant regeneration and infant haptistn. 
192 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Lmtlaay 4- 

db, Google 


Bouald (Lonis Gatiriel AniTiroise, tiiconiie ih.) 
Ddmonstration philoBophique (In priucip* 
couetitutif 0.0 la aoddt^, anivie (le m^di- 
tJitious politiiliies tiriSea de l'i5vmigile. 
viii, 348 pp. 8°. Faiis, A. Le Clere ^ df-. 

Du. diyoree, co]iaidiSr6 au 19e aioole, 

rolativemoEt ^l'i5tat iomestiqaeet ill'dtat 
public de sooifitiS. 3e M. 1 p. 1, 336 pp. 
8". Paris, A. Le CUre, ISia 

Legislation, primitiye, coasiddri? daiiB 

le aeruior temps par los seules laraiferes ile 
la raisoQ, suivie de diverB traits et dis- 
conca poUtiques. 3e €d. 3 v. 8°. Faris, 
A. Le cure f ck. 1839. 

Melanges littfiraireB, politiqnea et 

pliiloaopbiquea. 2 T. 1 p. I. tv, 514 pp ; 
3 p. 1. 596 pp. 8°. Paris, A. Le Clere, 

Bona Mors nsaociatioii. A pioiis assooiatioD 
of tliB devout Borvanta of OTa' lord Jesns 
Clirist, dying on tbe otoss, and the most 
blesaed Tlrgiii Mary, connnonly called 
Bona Mora, in order to obtain a good death. 
1!)0 pp. 24°. BalUmore, F. Limas, jr. 

Boiiar (Horatius, d. d.) The doBert of Sinai : 
uolea of a Bpriug-journey from Cairo to 
Bcetabeba. SM ed. viii, 434 pp. 3 pi. 
1 map folded. 12°. Lotidoii, J. Msbet ^ 
to. 1808. 

BonccBTir (L. pscitifoJi?) L'inatruetenr de 
I'eufauoe. (A first boot te eliildren). 
141 pp. 1S«. Bosbon, S. M. UrUiio, [1864]. 

Boud (Tbomaa E. m, <t) A practical treatise 
on dental medioine, beuig a compendium 
of niediottl science, aa oounectod witli tlie 
study of dental surgery, 3d ed. s 
25^11 pp. 8°. FUladetpkUi, Lindsag 4- 
lilakiston, 1803. 

Boner (Charles), Ohailea Bouer's booh, 
Eiigd. tit, viii, 119 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Xoii- 
doa, Chaimian ^ Sail, 1848. 

Memoirs and letters of Cbarles Boner, 

author of " Chamois bunting in Bavaria," 
&o. Witb letters of Mary Enesell Mitford 
to him daring ten years. Edited by E. 
M. Kettle. 3v. sviii,397pp; iv, 331pp, 
8*^. London-, B. BeatUij 4- son, 1871, 

BonneviUe (Benjamin L, E.) The Eocky 
nioantains ; or, scenes, incidents, and ad- 
ventures in tbe far west. See Irving 

Bon-aena (Le), 1772. See Holbacb (PanI 
Tbyry, barua it'). 


00k buyer (ITie). A aummary of aoiei'i- 
cau and foreign literature. [Moatbly], 
Oct. 15, 1871, to sept. 16, 1873. v. 5. 8°. 
New York, [Sarilmer, Amiah'ong <f- co. 

Book (Tbe) of sneodotea, and budget of 
fua ; containing a collectiou of over one 
tbonsaud of tbe most laughable sayings 
aud jokes of celebrated wita and humor- 
ists, [niiOTi.] 320 pp. 12", Fldloihl- 
phia, G. G. Evans,135d. 

Book of Uie atmospliere. [awon.] iv, 140 
, eq. 16°. Soston, Ldlly, Wait * co. 1833. 

Book (Tbe) of the montbs, a gift for tbe 
young, [mon.'] 196 pp. 13 pi. 18°. 
Boston, IF. Cj-oabt) ^ t^i. 183D. 

Book (Tba) ofMormon: [etc.] Translated 
by Joseph Smith, jr, 621pp. Iff'. Sivt- 
land, O., P. P. PraU 4- J. Goodson, 1837, 

Book (The) of 1000 comical storiea. .See 
Avex7 (Samnel P.) 

Book (A) of ornithology for yoatb. With 
particular notices of amevicau birda. 
laiion-l 322 pp. 16°. Boston, W. -Hj/rfu 
■f CO. 1832, 

Book (The) of pleasureB. [anoH.] 187 pp. 
18°. Fhiladeliilm, Key 4- BiddU, 1836. 

. Tlie pleaenros of imosiiiatioa. 

vaMi-iiai-L (T.> Tlio pleasui'es of bope. 
EosKiia (S.) The pleaaurea of menimy. 

Book (The) of poetry, 1847. See Johnes 
(Bennett G.) 

Book (Tbe) of popular songs ; being a com- 
pendium of the beat aonga, ballads, and 
nielodiea, eto. lano7i.2 330 pp, 12°, 
PhilaM^kia, G. G. Evans, 18G0. 

Book (Tbo) of travels of adoctoi-of phyaic. 
Containing bis observations made in cer- 
tain portiooa of the two continents. 
[ajiOJi,] 373 pp. 13°. FhiladelpMa,J. B. 
LippiKooU if CO. 1871. 

Bookseller (Tbe). A bandboolc of britlsb 
and foreign literature, [and] Bout's liter- 
ary advertiaer. [Monthly]. Jan. to dec. 
1S73. [v. 15]. 8-'. XoHdoH, [J". 7nii*oto'], 

Booth (^Bea. Abraham). Glad tidings to 
perishing sinners, or, the genuine goapel 
a complete warrant for^ tbe ungodly to 
believe in Jesna, 162 pp.] 16°, Philadel- 
3)hia, 3. Taylor, 1833. 

Booth (J. B.) A new pictorial history of 
the United States of America. 244 pp. 1 
pi. 18°. FhiladeJpUa,Lem-y 4 Gets, 18M. 

d by Google 


Booth (Mar\ L ) Nen and complete clock 
and waUiliiiiftkflr'a manual. Witli aii 
appendii coutammg a history of clock 
AnA witchmakiug in America, xvii, 288 
pp. 6 pi IS" Aeu York, J. Wiley, 1860. 

Bordeaux Chamln e 3e eammei-ce. Catalogue 
des livres oompoaatit la lilbliotli^iiue (le la 
cliambre. Arec snppli^ment. 3 v. 3 p. 1. 
Yiii, 731 pp; 3 p. 1. xxvii, 573 pp. 8°. 
Bordeaux, de SiHdra-iticB, 1853-61. a. 

Extraite fiea proofes-Torbaux, 

lettres et m^molcee de la ohambie ile oom- 
merce de Bordeaux. 2e siirie. 20e-21e v. 

Anu^e 186 

Lefraiee, 1( 

Bordier (Hi 

la Frauoe i 

Bordemtx, A. 

A lAonaxA). Les ai'cliives de 
histoire des arcbives de I'om- 
pire, dea arohiTeB des miulBt&l'es, des 
ddpartementa, des oommDneB, deaMpitaux, 
des greffea, dcs uotaires, etc. coutouaut 
I'iDventaire d'uae partie de ces d6p6ta. 
vi, 4I2pp. Ipl. 8°. FarU, Du,moalm,l^&. 

Borger (Slie Anue) Diapntatio de mysti- 
oismo. [Ed 2a.] xvi, 311 pp 8°. 
Sagae eomiiuat, hjjimJ rwliinm T AJIuil f 
80C. 1S20. 

Borremans (Anton) Diolo^ua liteiariuB 
de poetis et piuplietia lu quo de uou 
nullis, quae tarn ad aieria, turn id pm- 
fiiuas literas peitmeut diaputatur Up 1. 
137 pp. 3 1. ItP AtiislelaJaiia, M ) T. 
Bomn, 1078, 

Boectie (Eduaird Tbcodor]. AUgeiitciuc 
besobreibutig der orde nnd ibioi' bewuliiier 
uebet eiuer kurzeu daistelluiig dei* biiu- 
melskiirper. iv, 793 pp. 1 map. &>. 
Philadelphia, Lei^eu'ebey ^ Bex, 1840. 

Boae (Cai-1 Adam Heinricb}, Handbuch 
der praktisolieu landwirthschaft alleu 
liebbabern deraelbeu engeeiguet. 2 v. 
X, 316 pp. 1 1. 1 pi ; vi, 405 pp. 2 1. 1 pi. 
ff>. Leipzig, W. Sein, 17ffr-98. 

T. 1. PeMbau. 

V, a WiBBeuwaBts una violiauolit. 

Bossang;e (Gustave). Bossangc'a literary 
auunal. Catalogue of works of note pub- 
lished iu France in 1870-71. 2 p. 1. 158 
pp. 8°. Faiis, &. Bonnange, 1372. 

Bost (Ami). Hiatory of tbe bohemian and 
moraviau btetbren. Trauslated from tbe 
french, and abridged, Witli au appen- 
dix, oontiuuing tbe history to Ziuaendorf 'a 
death, and a sketch of tbe present state of 
tbe moraviau olinroh. iv, 428 pp. 18°. 
Loitdon, Eeligiovs teaot sockli/, 1834. 


(.Kew. Tboiuas). Memoirs of the lite, 
timea, and writiugs, of tbe rev. Tboniaa 
Boaton, of Ettvick. Written by biniaelf. 
503 pp. 8°. Jberdeea, G. ^ B. King, 1852. 

The Bovereignty and wiedoni of God 

displayed in tbe afQiotiona of mon. Being 
the snbBtanco of several aurniuus on 
Eccles. vii. 13, Pi-ov. xvi, 19, and 1 Pet. 
V.6. Tiii, 103 pp. 160, Edinburgh, W. 
.Gj-oj/, 1751. 

Boston. FiMic library. Handbook for 
readers, with, r^nlatioua. Is* ed. liugd. 
tifc. 94 pp. 33°. Boston, Eouktvdl tf 
ChareUll, 1873. 

Churaii at King's dhapel. Liturgy 

for tlie use of the churoli at King's chapel 
in Boston ; collected principally from the 
Book of common, prayer, 4tb ed, with, 
family prayera and aervioes, and a ooUoo- 
tiou of bymus for domestic and private 
aae, by F. W. P. Greenwood. 381 pp. 13°, 
Botton, Carl'yr^ Sendee, 1831. 

Direotories. ThoBostoudireotory, eiii- 

braoiug tbe city record, and busineas di- 
rectory. No. 68. 1872. 8°. Boston, Sa«t}>- 
son, Davenport 4- co. 1873. 

The same. The Boston di- 

reetoiy supplement. Containing a list of 
those persons carrying on business who 
have removed on acomiut of tbe groat iire, 
ov from other oauaes, [etc.] Dee. 1872. 
8°. Boston, Sampson, Davenport ^ eo. 

Tiie Boston pooket buainoss 

directory. [For 1863-fi4]. Compiled by 
Duon Dudley. 2 v. IC". Boston, propiie- 
■ tor, 1863-^53. 

. Stimpson's Boston directory ; 

and the city register, 1841. IIP. Boston, 
C. 8tin>pmn, 1841. 

See, also, Brown (Francia H.) 

The medical register for Boston, etc; 
Cleaiy ( VViUiam F. # eo.) Buainoss diroct- 
017 of the cities of New York, [etc.] 

Boaton daily advertiser. Jan. 1, 1863, to 
dec. 31, 1864 ; feb. 1, 1865, to doc. 31, 1873- 
31 V. fol, Boston, 1862-72. 

Boston (The) daily news, Jan. 1 to dec. 31, 
1872. 2 V. fol. Boston, JVciDS compann, 

Boston (The gyniecological Booiety of). 
Journal: a monthly Journal devoted to 
tbe advancement of tbe knowledge of tiie 
diseases of women. Edited by Wiuslow 

db, Google 


Boston (TliegynsDOoIogioal 800. of) — oout'd. 

Lewia, m. d. Horatio E. Stoi-er, m. d. 

Geoi-go H. BLsiiy, m. S. Jan. to dec. 1872. 

V. 6-7, tP. Boston, J. Canipbell, [1879]. 

Boston lectures, 1372. See Cliristianity 

and Hcepticiem. 
BoBwell. [peeudoii,] The lovea of Jonathan 
and Virginia. 120 pp. 12°. Fkiladel- 
pMa, 1873. 
Boswell (John). A method of study: or, 
an useful library. 3 v. xiii, 399 pp ; 
xl, 433 pp. 8°. Zoadoa, aiitlior, 1738-43. 
Boavrorth (Newton). A treatJBe on the 
riHe, musket, pistol, and fowling-piece; 
also tlie mauuiaoture of guns, [etc.] 113 
pi>. 1 pL 12". m\v York, J. S. EedficM, 

Botha!n(P. E.Bates). The common school 
arithmetic. [Also], a dictiouai'y of arith- 
metical terms not found in any other 
treatise. 223 pp. 12°. Hartford, Coim., 
M. Beaion, 1832. 
Bottiger (Karl August). Sabine ou mati- 
niSe d'uue dame romaine ^ sa toilette, it la 
fin du premier sifeole de l'6ro ohrfitienue. 
Traduit do I'allemand. viii, 406 pp, 13 pi. 
8°. Farie, MaraAan, 1813. 
Bondier do ■Villemert (Pierre Joseph). 
The friend of women. Translated from 
tho frencli. By Alexander Morrice. 
5-164 pp. 8°. London, aniim; 1802. 
BoniUaud (Jean Baptists). Trait6 cliniquo 
et exp6rimontal dea flfivres ditos 
tioUes. 3 p. 1. vii, 554 pp. 8°. Pai-U, J. 
B. BaiUiei-e, 1826. 

\Wilh Ma TmitS olliilquo ob plij8Lologiq.QB do 
WipllQlitS, 1335]. 

Traits oliniquo et pLysiulog[que do 

I'eueiSphalito, ou inflammation dT 
et de see suites, tellea que le ramolllsse- 
uient, la suppuration, lea abcfefl, les tuber- 
eulea, le aqnirrhe, le cancer, etc, xxIt, 
SSO pp. »=. Faria, J. B. BailMi-e, 1835. 

Bouquet (Tlio): consisting of the pleasures 
of hope, the pleasures of memory, the 
paiue of memory, Collins' oriental 
logues, an ode to the passions, aud other 
iwems. 108 pp. 1 pL 18°. New-York, B. 
Euntiiinimt, 1815. 

Bourne (Beiyamin Franklin). The captive 
in Patagonia; or, life among the giants, 
A personal narrative. 1 p. 1. 1' 
1 pi. 12°, Bostoa, Gould ^ Mneohi, 1853. 

Bowditch (Nathaniel). Bowditoh's useful 
tables. [Edited by J. Iiigcrsoll Bow 

Bowditch (Nathaniel) — continued, 
ditch], viii, 231 pp. 4 1. S\ A'tro York, 
E. 4- O. W. Blmi, 1844. 
Bower (John). The new public school 
singiugbook. 193 pp. 18°. PhilaMeMa, 
Lear\j, Gels 4- co. 1860. 
Bowei'smith (Isaac). The countryman's 
experience. Farriery & sui^ry. With 
a complete pathology of all diseases to 
which the horse, cow, sheep & swine are 
subject. Also a practical theory of the 
(Government and management of tlie liorso 
under aU oiroumstances. 1 p. 1. 218 pp. 
18"=. Westerville, O., the Banner o£ice, 1872. 
Bowles (Emily), Irisli diamouda; or, a 
ohroniele of Peterstown, 1 p. 1. 210 pp. 
16°. London, T. Bieliai'dion 4- ma, 18M. 
Bovrles (Bev. WUliam Lisle). Sonnets, 
id.) with other poems, viii, 121 pp. 
Bath, B. Criiitmll, 1794. 
Boyd (Andrew, puUUhef). See Auburn, 

OsTO'ego, Pateraon, etc. Directories. 
Boyd (Mj's. Esther E. Johnson). Eachel 
Caitlingford's book. 147 pp. inc. 3 pi. 
18°. New York, Carlton ^ Lanalian, 1873. 
Boyd (J. lit. d.) FamUy medical adviser. 
. 6°. Fkikidel^Ma, J. B. iijipin- 
o. 1845. 
Boyd (Ben. James Robert). Elements of 
rhetorio and literary eriticism. On the 
hasis of the reoeut "norks of Alexander 
Euid and Hobort Coiiuel; with largo ad- 
ditions from other souroea. 1 p. 3. 306 pp, 
16°. New-York, Hai-per 4' T^rotltei-a, 1844. 
Boyd (J. T.) Boyd's hotel directory aud 
tonriets' guide. Containing population 
of cities and towns on leading railroads 
throughout tho United States, names of ho- 
tols,[etc.] 8°. NemYorli),J.T.Boyd,lS72. 
Boyle (Augustus F.) The complete phono- 
graphic class-book. See Andrews (Ste- 
phen P.) and Boyle. 
Boyle (Robert), Treatises ou the high 
veneration man's intellect owes to God: 
ou things above reason ; aud on the style 
of the holy scriptures. With an intro- 
ductory essay, by Henry Rogers, Ivii, 273 
pp, 16°, Loitdoa,J.IIatc!Mi-d4-aon,18'^. 

[CATTBiojOta (R.) aad SiBDBiBa (H.) Tho aaorod 
clnssios, V, IS]. 
Boys' aud girls' scrap-book. Prose and 

verse, [onoit.] 179 pp. inc. 1 pi. 12°. 

FHladelpMa, Am. s. s, union, [1852]. 
Boy's (The) medal: a gift for all seasons. 

[aiiiwi.] 174 pp. 1 pi. sq. 16°, FMladel- 

pJda, Am. s. s, miion, [1843]. 

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Boyae (Samuel). TraDslations aiitl poevna 
ivritteu oil several snbjocts. 1 p. 1. xyiii, 
195 pp. 8°. London, author, 1734. 
Bi'aMnt (Frovittee de). Consml ^roviacial. 
Compte rendu flea s&inoee flu oouaeil pro- 
■vincial tie Brabant. Session de 1869. S^. 
Bruxdleg, 18G9. 

Esposi5 de la situation atlmin- 

istrative de la province tie Brabant. 1842, 
1843, 1S45-48, 1851-53, 1^7-58, 1860, 1865, 
1867-69, lers. 19v. 8°. ^'iKceiJes, 1843-73. 

Procfes-verbaus. 1846, 18S1, 

1667-58,1868, 5y. 8°. .B}iMwZto,1846-68. 

Recneil des atites et des procfes- 

verbaux. Session tie 1845. tP. Briixellea, 
Brace {EeB. Charles Loring). Tlie danger- 
ous classes of New York, and twenty years' 
work among them. 3 p. 1. iii, 448 pp. 13 
pi. 8°. JVew Yorfc, IFj/iiSooj) ^ Eallenbeck, 
Brace (John Pierce). The fawn of the pale 
faces; or, two oenturies ago. 288 pp. 13°. 
New-York, D. JppUtoit 4- CO. 1853. 
Brace (Eeii. Jonathan }. Scripture porti'aits ; 
or, aketohea of bible characters. 341 pp. 
12°. mw York, M. W. DoM, 1854. 
Bradbury {WJUiam F.) An elementary 
geometry. 3 p. 1. 110 pp. 8°. Boston, 
Thompson, Bigeltnv 4- Brown, 1872. 
[Eatos's matliematlcal sories]. 

An elementary geometry and trigo- 

ntimetry. 3 v. in 1. vi, 110 pp ; 66, 63 pp. 

SP. Boston, Thompson, Bigdow ./ Browa, 


[Eatok's luaHiojnatleal soiien]. 

Aq elementftiy trigouoinetry. 3 p. 1, 

66, 63 pp, 8°. Boston, Thompson, Biga- 
low ,)■ Brown, 1873. 
IEaton's mathematical series]. 

The elemouts of plane trigonometry, 

and their application to the mea 
of heights and distances, surveying of 
land, and levellings. vii, 107 pp. 
Boston, Taggard 4 Tlioiapaoa, 1864. 
Bradford (Aldeu). Evangelical history, 
1813. SmSihls. (_Eiiglisb). New 
meiit. Gospels aud aets. 
Bradford (if«i. John), Writings. 
340 pp. 12°. Xdiiijon, ReUgioue traei 
tn, labotit 1840]. 
Bi-adford (William). History of Plymouth 
plantation. Now Brat printed from the 
original manuscript, for the Maasaohnaetta 
historical society, sx, 477 pp. S", Bos- 
Ion, LUtU, Brown ^- co. 185G. 

Bradford club. Bra*lfor(l club ki 
3. 4°. Nmo Ym-k, 1860. 

3. The otoi 

y J. E. DiuUo and F 

Bradley {Mrs. Mary E.) Bread upon the 
waters. With a note of introduction from 
cousin Alice. 252 pp, 2 pi. 16°. Nms 
Ym% Qeneral prot. episoopal s. s. iraio", 

Douglass farm ; a juvenile story of 

life in Virginia, Edited by "Cousin 
Alice," 203 pp. 4 pi. 16=-. New Yo}% D. 
AppUion 4 CO. 1857. 

Bradley (Kicliarfi), The country house- 
wife aJid lady's director, in tlio manage- 
ment of a house, and the delights and 
profits of a farm, x, 120 pp. 8°. DnhUn, 
J. Waits, 1737. 

Bradley (Thomas Bibb), Apheila; and 
other poems, 1854, See PleaBauts (Julia) 
a/lid Bradley, 

Bradahaiv (Wesley). Pauline of the Po- 
tomac, or genera] MoClellan's spy. An 
autljentic and thrilling narrative of the 
beautiful and accomplished miss Paulino 
D'Esti'aye, who since the oponiiig of tlie 
southern rebellion has jtorformcd some of 
the most startling aufl noble deeds that 
have wer been recorded in history, 100 
pp. 8°. FhUaddpUa,^1. 

Bradahaw's tiontinental raOway guide and 
general handbook. Special ed. July, 
1672. I, 776 pp. 33 maps. 18°. London, 
W. J. Adaias, [1873]. 

BroutSme (Pierre de Boni'tleille, seigneur do 
Vahhai/e de). ffiuvrea, Noav, (Sd, revuu 
d'api'fes les meilleore toxtes. Avec nuo 
preface historique et crititjue, et des an- 
notations, par H. Tigneau. 2 p, 1. xviii, 
3^ pp. 16°. Pi^is, A. DuWiags, 1857. 
[ISihUothci;].ne gaaloiao]. 

[T, IJ. Tioa dea flaincB galaiitcs, [Oirtsfics 011 aept 

Brater (Carl). Dentaches ataats-worter- 
buoh. See Bluntschli (Johann C.) 

Brausai (Mathieu, Jcuoimi as hrollK.r I'kiUp). 
Meditations on the passion of our lord 
Jesus Chriat, ■ By brother Philip, Trans- 
lated Irom the ftenoh. is, 384 pp, 12°, 
Seu) Yoi-k, P. ffShea, 1H72. 

Brazer (John), Essay tm the doctrine of 
divine influence upon the human soul, 
viii, 145 pp. 18°. Boston 4 Vanibrtdge, 
J. Mnitroe ,f co. 1835. 

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BrazlL Minisimio da aji uniUia a, i 
o6raa pabHeae. Eelatorio 
asseml>lga gei'al legislitivo. 301-41 sps 
B^es da 14a; la&esaiodi 1 ja legislatuias 
3 v. sm. fol. Bio de Janm-o, 1871-72. 

Ministeiio 3a ft^enda. Proposta e re- 

latorio apreseutados & ansembMa geial ua 
4ft sesaiio da 14a legialatiiia. sm. fol. Jiu> 
de Janeiro, tspogi'aphia nadtmal, 1873. 

.Miiiistecfo da gvara. Eelatorio opre- 

seatado & assemble geral legislatiya. 4a 
se«8iio ga 14a; In aeaaao Aa ISa logLala- 
turas. ' 2 v. 4*>. Eio de Janeiro, Laemiiterf 

MintBtetio da jHsHfa. Eelatorio apre- 

seutado it assemble geral legislativa. 4a 
seeariiOl4a; la sessao 15a legialataTas. 3 
V. fol. Bio de Jimeiro, tyjm/p'ajihia nacio- 
nal, la79. 

Miniateiioda maiinlia. Eelatorio apte- 

seiitado ^ asaemblda geral legislative. 4ft 
sessaodaUa; la sessao 15a legiBlatnr.ia. 
2 y. am. fol. Bio de Janeiro, ti/pogrofia 
do Bia/rio do BUt Janebv, 1S73. 

Mmisterio dos negooios do inipei'lo. Ee- 
latorio apreaentado & nssemblga geral em 
additamentoaodeSdemaio, 1873. am.fol. 
Itio de Janeiro, t^pogi'tipMa Kocioruil, 1872. 

BreaMaat, dinner, and tea : viewed classio- 
ally, poetically, and piactioally Contain- 
ing nnmetons cunons dishes and feasta of 
all times and all conntiies. Bo: 
Imndred modern receipts [a noil.] 

J riwl, D Ajppleton 

351 pp. 
4- CO. 1859. 

Breck (Joseph). The 
Breck's book of flowers; witli directions 
for their cultivation. 336 pp. 1 pi. 
Boston, J. F. Jeivett 4- eo. 1851. 

The jonng 

on tlie oaltnre of flowers, and on natural 
history. 168 pp. sq. 18°. Boston, Baa- 
seU, Odimiie 4-00. 1833. 

Breed (WiUiam P. d. d.) Presbyterianism 
three hundred years ago. 237 pp. 4 pi. 
IIP, Philadelphia, Preab'jteHan Tma'd of 
pablieaiion, [1873]. 

Brehm {Christian Lndwig). Tasidermle, 
[eto.] 3te aufl. von C. L. Ei-ehm "Die 
kunst, viigel als balge za bereiten, etc," 
in gilazliclier amarbeitung Ton P. L. Mar- 
tin. Kvi, ISO pp. 5 pi. 8°. Wdmai; 1869. 
[Maktih (Philips I.eopola). Die praxis der natur- 


convent. 5 v. 8°. Breaien, C. Schiine- 
maim, [etc.-] 1806-70. s. 

Brenten <John H.) The tragedy of life; 
being records of remarkable phases of lu- 
nacy, kept by a physlciaa. [A novel]. 
2 y. 3 p. I. 323 pp ; 2 p. 1. 268 pp. 12°. 
L<yndoii, Smith, Elder 4- 00. 1861. 

Brei-a (Valeriauo Luigi). Tratado sobre las 
enfermedades que produoen las lombrices 
eo el cuerpo humano y su m^todo cura- 
tlvo. Tradnolda del original italiano al 
francfia, por J, Bartoli, — de este idioma al 
iagl^, por J. H. ColEn, — y del ingles al 
eapailol, por J. Q. Waniea. 190 pp. 2 pi. 
8°. FhUadelpUit, A. Waldie, 1831. 

Breusing (Hermann), Eiu Westfiilo. So- 
man. 3 T. 16°. Bramischvielg, F, Fieieeg 
4-eolm, 1853. e. 

Brewer (James, Sheireu), Letters and pa- 
pers, foreign and domeatio, of tlie reign of 
Henry Vin. preserved in the British 
museum and elseithere in England. Ar- 
ranged and oatalogned by J. S. Brewer. 
T. 4, part 2. 8°, London, Longman, 1873. 
[GRE4T BiiiTAiN. Pyblic i-eoH-d oSiai. Clironlclos 
xod memorials of Great Bciteic]. 

Brewer (Rev. Josiah). Patmos, and the 
seven ehnrches of Asia, [etc.] &om the 
earliest records to the year 1850. Com- 
piled principally from the ms. jonrnals of 
rev. Josiah Breiver. By John W. Barber. 
364 pp. 14 pi, 8°. Bridgeport, CL, Bradtey 
4- Peek, 1851. 

Brewer (W.) Alabama: her history, re- 
sources, Tvar record, aad public men. 
1540-1873. 713 pp. 8°, Mmttgomenj, Ala., 
Barrett 4- Brown, 1872. 

Brewster (JWss Anne M. H.) Compensa- 
tion ; or, always a future. 297 pp. 12°. 
PhiladelpMa, J. B. lApjnnooti 4- co. 18G0. 

Brewster (Samuel, jf.) Collectanea ecclesi- 
astioa : a collection of cnrions treatises in 
mannscript, relating to the rights of tlie 
clergy of the church of England, [Also], 
several original papers, records, &c. With 
an essay on the office of parish clerks, 
1 p. 1. siv, 440 pp. 4°. London, W. Bus- 
sell, 1752. 

Biickmann (Arthur O.) Am grabe imserer 
kinder. Eiu trostwort fiir tranomde 
eltern. v, 129 pp. IS". BaUtwore, B. F. 
T. Kroh, 1873. 

Bridge (Bev. Bewick). A treatise on the 
constmction, properties, and analogies of 
the three conic seotious. From the «d 

db, Google 


Bridge {Beo. Bewick)— eontiuued. 
Loud. ed. with addifdona and nlteratioua 
by tlie ainerioau editor. 136 pp. 8°, 
Jffeio Sawen, Dm-rie 4- Feck, [1831]. 

A treatise on tlie elementa of algebra. 

1st am. from the 6th Lend, ed, viii, 199 
pp. 13°. FkiladelpMa, Key, Mielke 4' 
Middle, 1833. 

Bridge (lAeat. Horatio, 17. S. tt.) Joarual of 
an afrioan cruiser [1843-41]; comprising 
slcetches of the Canaries, the Cape de 
Verdea, Xiiberia, Madeira, Sierra lieone, 
and other places of interest on the west 
coast of Africa. By an. ofSoer of the U. S. 
navy. Edited by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 
[aiitm.] viii, 179 pp. 13°. mw Tovh, 
Wiley ■(■ Fwtiwm, 1845. 

[WiLBY ana PiriMAU'E lilitnrj of aiuerican books, 

The same, viii, 179 pp. 12°. Nm 

York, a. P. Futnam, 1853. 

Brldgemau (Thomas), The iloi'isf a guide; 
contaiuiug praotioal directions for the cul- 
tivation of annua!, biennial, and peren- 
nial fl-owering plants, etc, 120 pp. 16°. 
mm Yorit, W. MitvlieU, 1835. 

The same. A new and improved ed. 

170 pp. portrait. 12°. Ncw-Yori, aafhot; 

The fruit cnltivntor'a inamuil. 1 p. 1. 

170 pp. portrait. 13°. Atw Yorh, an(lu>r, 

■ 1844. 

The Iritehen gardener's iustrnetor ; 

coutaioiug a oatalogus of garden and 
herb seeds, with praetical directions under 
eachhead; with aoalendar; [etc.] 128 
pp. 13°. NeiB-YorTc, D. MitvlteU, 1836. 

The young gardener's assistant ; con- 
taiuiug a catalogue of garden and flower 
seeds, with practical directions nnder each 
head, for tke cultivation of onlinavy vege- 
tables and flowers. 3d ed. with au ap- 
pendix, containing directions for onlti- 
vatiag fruit trees aud the grape vine, vi, 
272 pp. 12°, iTeic Yoi% G. Boiertson, 1833. 

The same. 4th ed. vi, 290 pp. 13°, 

A'eiv YorJc, Booth 4- Smitli, 1833. 

The same. 6th ed. viii, 349 pp. 12°. 

JfeiD York, 7r. MitoUll, 1835, 

The same. [Also], a calendar. 7th 

ed. improved. 360 pp, 12°, New-Ym-k, 
Mitdliell 4^ Tariw, 1837. 

The same. 12th ed. 189 pp. portrMt. 

8°. NeieYork,J.Ha>iford,18i7. 

Bridgevratei' (Ifnss.) Greenough, Jones 
& co.'s directory of North Bridgewater, 


Bridgevrater (Miws.)— continued. 
Eridgewater, East and West Bridgewater, 
aud Abington, foe 1872-73. 8°. Boston, 
Greenough, Jones 4" <*■ 1873. 

Brideman {Bev. B. C) Letters tochildreii. 
130 pp. 1 pi. 18°. Boston, Mass. s. a. 
aociely, 1834. 

Brldgman (Eliza J.ine Gillette). Daugh- 
ters of Chiua ; or, sketches of domestic 
life in the celestial empire. 234 pp. 6 pi. 
16°. JVcir Yorh, M, CaeUr 4- beoihet-a, 1853. 

Brief (A) history of the Unit«a States for 
schools. [fliiiHf.] 293, ilvi pp. 1 pi. 5 
maps. 12°. mw York, A. S. Homes 4 
CO. 1S71. 

JTofa.— "Bamea'a ono term liistorj." 

Brief (A) illnstration of the prophecies and 
promises of God's word; concerning the 
kingdom of God, as revealed in diffei'eut 
phases in the scriptures of the old anduew 
testaments. Bj the White mountain pil- 
grim. [aiioH.] 176 pp. 16''. Dayton, O. 
aatlior, 1857. 

Brieffl on prophetic themes; with an intro- 
ductory chapter on the parable of the 
leaveii. By a member of the Boston bar, 
[aiion.] 2ded. 168 pp. 12°. ISoslou, E. 
P. Dttlion 4 CO. 1866. 

BrIfEault (Eugfcne). Paris dans I'ean. II- 
luatrd par Bertall. 1 p. I. 138 pp. 1 pi, 
13°. Pajis, J. SeHel, IMi. 

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d by Google 


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Btltisli nmxeiim. Catalogues, v\z:— 

Gray (Jiihn Bflwaii)). Cetnlneor, of riiminant 
mnhiiiiftllii (pfoorn, [liniiieae) in tts British mu- 

Haiid-liKt cif thH syuciinenH if shielil n'ptiles 

la tbe BHtish muaeuiu. a°. London, 1373 

Chalii«an account of tlie delnge, 

from terra otia tablets found at Nineveh, 
and now in tbe BritJHti mnaeuui. Twii 

. pbotographB with translatipu and text 
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Men of our day; or biigraphical 

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17-B96 pp. 6 pi. 80. Phtladapkia Zitjlei 
4- MeCurdy, 1872. 

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B. Bum- 4- CO. 1888. 
[Mm^HELi.'B Bchool geographies- Fifth book of 

Brodhead (John Eouieyn). The final re- 
port of J. R. Brudhead, agent of tlie stat« 
of New York, to procnre.aud transcribe 
documents in Enrnpe, relative to the colo- 
nial history of said state, 1845. See New 
Tork (Stole of). Special reports. 

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Brodie{.tJ)- Benjamin Collins) — continued. 

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Broken (The) bud [Carrie — ] ; or, temi- 

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brothers, 1851. 
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The history of lady Julia Mandeville. 

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including Brooklyn, G()wanna, Williams- 
bni^h and Greenpoiut. [For 1867]. 18°, 
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book ; containing forms of moruiug and 
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The same, 151 pp. 16°. Ifew Yorle, 

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(OeoTgH). SpeclmeDsaf fareigaatmidard 


V. 14], 

Brooks (Li«ard) The normal mental 
aritbmetii. a tboiough and complete 
coarse bv analysis and induotnm 2 p. 1. 
156 pp. 16° Philadelphia S Cowper- 
ih\i!aU4-txi 1858 

The same Revised ed with a trea- 
tise ou mental algebra. 2 p 1 168 pp. 
18°. PUiUielphwi Sower Bames 4 Potts. 

d by Google 


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pp 1 niAp 12° Niiv York, D. Appleton ^ 
CO 1372 

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New Tfetament QoipeU. 

First leaatmB in greek ! a serii-s if es- 

ercises, in gruek syntas. Sri mI. 209 pp, 
18°, PUladdpliUi, Loriii 4- Ball, W47. 

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cenvreB oomplfetes de Mathurm RiSj,Qi«r, 
6(1. 1729]. 

[In R£nNiRK(Ml tEnvrea compliles nouv 61. 
16°. Paris, lSefi\ 

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de la filiation et des niigratioDS dm peii- 
pleB. S V. 2 p 1 451 pp 2 p 1 441 pp. 
9°. PaHn, L. De^tart 4 me- 18-17. 

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an accimnt of the natnre of the rat.ional 
Boul. In two partB. 20 p. 1. 418 pp. 7 !. 
8°. Londoa, W. B. for T. Benmt. 1703. 

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lip as a flnwer." [niion.] 3 v. 12=. lon- 
doii, Tmsleu bros. 18S7, 

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theeroas; or scripture truths illustrated. 
316 pp. 1 pi, 16°. Boston, GoaU 4- lAn- 
coln, 1851. 

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Magellan. Narrafivoof fheimpriaonnient 
and eBeapa of capt. C. H, Brown, from the 
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ton]. 338 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Boston, author, 

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Brown, by hia companion, G. S. Brown. 
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bridge, Charlestowu, and Chelaea. viii, 
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a class book of criticism on the old the<)ry 
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^ CO. 1854. 

Brown {Biv. John, d. about 1680), Qnaker- 
isme the path-way to paganisme, or a 
vieu of the qnakcra' religion ; being an 
examination of the theses and Apologia of 
Robert Barclay,' 10 p. 1. 566 pp. ] 1. 4°. 
Edinburgh, J. Cairns, 1678. 


tf6i;i : tho 1 


IroTjtm (Bhb. -lohn, of Haddington). A con- 
cordance to the holy acriptnrea of the old 

1 p. 1. 


London, J. Walker 4- eo. [efe] 1816. 
The aamc Diamonded. 2 p, 1. 219 

pp. 18°. London,, T. Tegg 4- eon., 1837. 
Life and remains of rev, John Brown. 

Eiiffd. tit.,19Bpp. 13°. Aberdeen, Q. 4- B. 

King, 1845. 

Jfofft— MiTurir!', suTiBlanlislW hia own, with Home 

of hlfl letlei-s, Hlmrl, ilyioii wcnilH, clo. 

The piwjthninouB works; with short 

memoirs, and a anmiiiary of what he 

uttered ill hia \mt illiiHSK. vi, 290 pp. 

13°. Fertk, B. Morieon 4- son, 1797. 

of what 

ix iQ'it illii.^. 

iraullual hlncs, ehfefly from Samuel 
miTtaifl. T raaolutiona n^n snter- 
giispel prcaohlnj!, and exempliiry 

Tiw, i.hcmichtB n 

BltrnrtH from Di 

DivlTin wariTiuCH 


e lute n 

Ml-iwaliip m 

Brown (John A. m. d.) The family guide 
to he.ilth, containing a description of the 
botanic Thoinsoniaii system of medicine. 
With a biographical Bkeleh of the author. 
234 pp. 24°. Procideiuie,[S.I.-\B.T.Al- 
bro. 1337. 

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iv, 168 pp. 13°. Waahingloa, aatlwr, 

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Cineinnati, WiUoa, HinkU4-oo. [1872]. 

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perance inati : a series of lettera to a friuiitl. 
384 pp. portrait, 5 pi. 12°. Auburn, Derby 
4- Miller, 1853. 

Brown (William H.) Tlie bist<iry of the 
flvst loeomotivea in America. 2, 9-242 pp. 
8 pi. 2 portraits. 8°. Ifew York, T). Apple- 
ton 4 C0.1S71. 

Broivne (Henry H.) Insurance mapa of 
the city of New York. «ee Perris (Will- 
iam G.) and Browne. 

Browne {Bee. L. C.) Eeview of the life 
and writings of M. Hale Smith | with a 
vindication of the moral tendency of 
universaliam. 3G0 pp. 13°. Boston, A. 
Tompkiii!:, 1847, 

d by Google 


Browaell (Thomas Cbnroh, d.d.) The: 
family prajor bonk ; acoompaiiird by a 
general cf>inmeiititry. See Protestant 
episoopal olmruh. 

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poeniB. With a laeiiioriHl, hy Theo'l.ive 
Tilton. 243 pp. 18°. 2few York, J. Mil- 
let; 1S52. 

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turu; iiiuliidiiig a traus(Mii)l from Euiipi- 
des. [Poems]. 9 p. I. 170 pp. 16°. Lon- 
OoN, Smilh, Elder f CO. 1M71. 

Prill OB Huheuatiel-Schwaugaii, sa- 
viour of eo<tiety. 3 p. I. 143 pp. 16°. 
London, Smilli, Elder 4'^ no. 1B71. 

Brown-SSquard (Charles Edward, m.d.) 
Leotiirea on the ili^tgnnsis and tretitrnent 
of the priucipal forma of paralyaia of the 
lower BxtrBiiiitiea. IW pp. 8°, Philadel- 
pltia, J. B. Lip)>iiicoU ^ co. 13dl. 

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spiiit-iapper; aii auto biography, ai, 402 
pp. ia°. Boelon, Little, Brown 4- co. I8r>4. 

Bntgee {aty of). Bihliolhhque puMiqiie. 
Cal»logne in^bhottiqiie de la biblioth^qne 
piibliqiie <1e Bl ugea, auivi de la table al[) ha- 

anonynies, prficSdfi d'line notice historiqiie 
snr cctte bibliotb^qiie et de la table ni^- 
thodiqne des matiferea, par P. J. Lande, 
bibliotli^cairo. x1iii,6S9, liii pp. 8°. Bru- 
ges, A. Bogaert, 1847. s. 

Catiilogoe ui^thodiqne, de- 

seriptif et analytiqne des maiiiiBorita de la 
blbliothfeqne de Bruges, par P. J. Lands, 
bib!icith€oaire. 4 p. 1. 552 pp. 8°. Brw- 
gee, Taiige, JiU, 1859. a. 

MusSe de I'acade'ade. Catalogue dii 

niua^ de I'acad^iiiie de Brngea. Notices 
fit deaeriptioiia aveo mouogf amines, etc. 
par W, H. James Woale. 2 p. I, 126 pp. 
4pp.offaca. 12°. Brttgee, Segaei-I'D^oort, 
1861. g. 

Bmhns (Dr. Carl Clivisf iau). Jnhaou Franz 
Eouke, [eto.] Seiii leben iind wirkeu. 
Beai'beitetnaoli dem scbrift lichen naohiass 
Ton seinein daukbaron achiilel dr. C. 
Bnibus. z, 350 pp. portrait. 3°. Leipzig, 
E. J. GUalher, 1869. 

BruBsels. Mmie de I'indaah-ie. Catatogne 
dea colltictious, public pai' iea aoius de 
S. E. Mailly. 2 p. 1. 241 pp. 1 1. 8°. 
Braxelles, SoeUHiypograpMqae bulge, 1846. 

Bryan (Thomas B.) Bryau's prauktische 
englisoliespraohlelirefiir Deutsche. Bear- 

Bryan (Thor 

ich dur 


lO tinned. 


frenide spcache sohnelL an erlernen. 2 p. ]. 
liH), :?3 pp. 12°. Baaloa, M. Eofmaim, 

Bryant {Ben. Alfred). Millennarian viewa: 
with reaaoua for reoeiviiig them. [Also], 
a discourse on the faot and natnre of the 
resnrreetioQ. 252 pp. 12°. Jf«M Yorlc, M. 
W. BoM, 1852. 

Bryant (Henry B.) Stratton (Henry D.) 
and Faokard (8. 8.} Bryant &. Stratton'a 
national book-keeping ; an analytio and 


1 the I 

leof a 

couuts, and its collateral branches. 216 
pp. 8°. New York, Ivieoa, Fbinveg 4" ""■ 

White (E. E.) onii Stowell (Corydon 

0.) The Bryant and Stratton buaineaa 
arithmetic. A new work. [Revised and 
edik'd by C. 6. Stowell]. 564 pp. 8°. 
New York, Manon, Baker ^ Fratt, 1872. 

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Rome, a. d. 138, By the author of "Clonda 
and sunshine," [eto. anon.] 2 p. 1. 239 
pp. 12°. Nem York, D. Appleton, ^ co. 

Bucer(Mart)u). S.psalniorvmlibriqvlnqva 
ad ebiaioam veritatem versi, et familiari 
explanatione elvoidali. Per Aretinm Feli- 
nniu. (j)»et«?o«.] Hee Bible. (Latin). 

Buchanan (Andrew). Baral poet y 144 
pp. 12°. Stirling, aiithm; 1 17 

Buchanan (James, d. d.) Mod th jhuj 

underits forma of pantheisn q t 1 
secnlarisni, develop m en t, and nat 1 
lawa. 433 pp. 12°. Boalm Go Id ^ Li 
coin, 1857. 

Buohner (Joseph). Morbus Bui ghti. Traus- 
lated by Saninel Lilienthal, ni. d. 148 pp. 
13°. New York, Boei-ioke ^ Tafel, 1872. 

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ftiialyae der acliweftd quelle des Qiinthet- 
bades bei Sundershanaen. -xvi, 193 pp. 
16°. Sonda-shausen, B. F. Voigt, 1816. s. 

Buohon (Jean AteKaniIre C. i'^aoteur). 
(Biivres completes de Thueydide et de 
XSuophou. Avec notices biographiques. 
svi, 818 pp. 8°. Facts, J. Degree, 1836. 

XHucroiikBs. Hietoire de laanen'o An P^opuii- 
nitfs. [Tiwluite par P. C. C6v«sqni ). 

SIksophoh. CEnvi'sa oompl^tee. ITuduUex uhv 
J. B. GaU]. 
Ouvragea hiatoriqnes de Polybe, He- 

podicn et Zozime, avec uoticea biogi'a- 

db, Google 

AHU8. Histoire romaine. IDepula Marc- 
le rDsqu'& Sordlen. 161 k 338 de I'^re vul- 
, Trad, dn greo, pat !'abW N. H. Mon- 

Aa gcec, n 

B. Trad, du greo, par 1b prfisi- 


deut Consli 

Biickalew (Charlea H.) Proportional rep- 
reseutatioD, or tbe representtt on of snc- 
oesaive ni^or t es n federal state, inuoi- 
uipiil, corporate and pr mii'y elections. 
With an appendix Edited ly Jobn G. 
Freeze, xvi, SOO pp 8° Phtln^l2^ia, J. 
Campbell # »o 1872 

Buckley's melodist i reperto re of choice 
songs and ballads w th ch ruses, to be 
sung at the coucertB ot B iLtlej's sere- 
iiaders. 112 pp 18° Boston H. Toiman 
^ CO. [1864]. 

Buddingli (D.) Gescl tdeu s van opvoe- 
ding en onderw is i etbet okkiog tot het 
bijbellezen en godsdienstig ouderrigt op 
de soliolen, in de Nederlanden, uaar aan- 
leiding van het boninklijk beshilt van 2 
jannarij 1842. 2 v. in 3. 8°. Graveithage, 
J. M. wa T. Haaf, 1842-43. 

Budget (A) of letters, or things which I saw 
abroad, [onoi..] 4 p. 1. 470 pp. 13°. 
BoatOB, W. D. TieiciKor f co, 1847 

Budget (The) of Momus, or a preservative 
gainst inelanohnly. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 313 
pp. 24°. Lon^n, T. Simpson, 1810. 

Btiell (Jonathan S.) Biiell's mercantile 
cypher for Citndensing telegrams, iv, 308 
pp. 12°. Biiffalo,Faxoit'8iileaiapoteer press, 

Baell (P. L.) and Slzer (Nelson). A guide 
to phrenology. 184 pp. 13°. Woodstock, 
Vt., Haskell ^ Palmer, 1842. 

Buenos A3rres (Citijof). Aotas de Jas sesio- 

dad (te Buenos Aires en 1872. 8°. Buenos- 
Airm, imp. de La oplaioa, 1872. s. 

City of Bneuos Ayres improvements. 

Report on the ilrain^^ sewerage and 
water suppl.^. See Bateman (J. F.) 

Contribnoion direota. Rfjistro da 

los oontribnyuntes de la cindad de Baenos 
Aires afio li-!70. Pulilioaciun oflcial. 8°. 
BaenoB Aires, impreata de El naoianal, 


BnenoB Ayrea {Cii}/ of) — continued. 

Cumision de agnaa coii-ientea. Obras 

de desagtia y da salubridad para la oiudad 
de Buenos Aires. Consnlta becha por la 
conjieiou de aguas corrientes. 152 pp. 8°. 
Buenosi Aires, inpreata del Siglo, 1872. 

Docnraentos relatives & las obras del 

puerto de Bnenos Aires See Bateman 
(J. F.) 

The same. Port o B nos A 

Supplemental report to b 

finanee ou inipi-oved liai m d 

tion. See Bateman (J. F 

Jfueeo piiblieo. A a e. d m 

publico de Bnenos Aires, pa a a 

ear los olijetos de historia natural nuevos 
o poco conocidos conaorvadoa en este es- 
tableciniiento, por German BurmeiBter, 
[ftc] vi, 470pp.a8pl. 4^ BueKos Aires, 
Buenos Ayres (^Frovintm or state (tT). Me- 
morias de los diversos departauientos de 
la aduiiuistraaiondela provincia de Buenos 
Aires, y da las municipalldadBs da cam- 
pafla. 1867, 1871-73. 3 v. 8°. Buenoe 
Aires, imp. Buenos Aires, 1868-72. s. 

MensaJB del poder ejecntivo & la 

asamblaa jeueral legislativa. 1870-71. 2 
V. ~8°. Buenos Aires, iwprenia del Siglo, 
1670-71. S. 

The same. Rejistro oficial de la pro- 
vincia de Bnenos Aires. AHo de 1871. 1 
p. 1. 8.59, xsix pp. 8". Baeiios Aires, imp. 
del Merourio, [1871]. 

ComiMott de imnigrai^OH. Iiiforme. 

1869. 8°. Buenos AU-es, F. E. Coai, 1869. e. 

Convenoion enoargada del eaamen de la 

consHtaeioH fedm-al. Diario de sesiones de 
la convenciou del estado de Buenos Aires 
aoompaSado de el redactor y el informe de 
la cnmision.' Constitncioii federal cun las 
entniandaa y los oonvenios de 11 de nov. 
1859 y de 6 jnnio 1860. 1 p. 1. 339, 100, 
14, xiii pp. 8°. Biienos Aires, impreata 
del " Coiofrcio del FUila," IStiO. 

Depariameato de esoaelas. Infom 

dapartamanto da esctielas. Correspou- 
dieiita iC los alios 1870-73. 148 pp. 4 1 
pp. 303-309. 8". Baenos Aires, P. E. Coid, 
1872. s 

Informe al gobierno con 

spondiante S los afloa 1870-73. 8°. Bi 
noe Aires, impreala del Sijilo, 1873. 

Veparlamenio de gobterno. Memoria 

gobierno de la provincia 

db, Google 


Buenos Ayres (Prarfwceo/)— continued. 
A6BuenosAii«a,1870-72 3v 8°. TIaem 
Avei, m^ireniadd s,j!o, 1871-73 

Dijjai iameittode hiuMnda Meinoria de 

]as ofioinas del departnmento ile haoieuda. 
CoiTPspondiente i los auoa 1869-71. 3 v. 
8° Sueiios rbii"' mp Ai " Ln preima," 
1870-72 3. 

Meiiiuiia del njiuistei'io de 

hdcieuiii 1870-72 3 v 8° Buenos Jirea, 
tmp. de ' La prema,'' 1ST0--74. a. 

Pi'esnpnesto .Jeiieial de gaatos 

de la provincia, 1809-70. Sv. 8°. Buenos 
Aires, 1869-70. s. 

BnfQer (Claude, s./.) Pratiqne de la in6- 
nioive artifloielle, ponr appreudre & pour 
reteuir I'liistoire & la ohroimlogie iiuivnr- 
Belle. Nouv. 6d. revue &, aiisinenteo d'liiie 
suite ohroinilDKiqile des suiiveraiiis des 
priiioipaiix 4tats dn [nimile. 2 v. Qui 
ODittipiit I'hiHliaire [troplmiie & I'bJHtoirti 
eccMsiaHtiqiie deimiH J^sns-Cliiist. 2 p. I. 
xxviii. 447 pp ; 514 pp. 16°. Fam, F. F. 
Giffart, 1767. 

BuKard (B. F.) Frenoli and eiigUBli qiiua- 
tiiJiiH ou every paitioiilar of the frenoli 
graniriiaT, and metre eapeciall.T adaptml to 
tlie freiieh aeuideiioe uf W. B, Fowle. 
119 pp. aq. 'M°. Boston, Eitliard, Gran ^ 
00. IH-iS. 

FreDch practical teaoliei'. A complBte 

. graiLiuiai' oi' the freuch. language on the 
pntgreaaive H.VBt«in. 480 pp. 12P, Bastutt, 
J. S. Fraaais, laW. 

Btthler (Hope). Sophie DaufortL's Buhool- 
life; or, shod with peace. 349 pp. 3 pi. 
16°, Neic-York, JS. F. Dutloa ^ ao. 1872. 

Buist (Bubet'l). The rose maiiiial; contain 
iug accurate debcriptioiia of all the liiieat 
vurielies of ro-ses, with direotioiis for their 
propagation, and the destrnctiuii of io- 
Scots. 182 pp. ia°. Fliiladelphia, autlioi; 

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db, Google 


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[The pilgrim's progress]. The chris- 
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SoloHion'e temple spivitnalia'd, or, 

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JcFiixalem ; to iot ue more eusily hitu the 
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conSicts which resulted iu the downfall 
of papal domination, [etc.] 311 pp. 12". 
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BurgeBS {Sev. Anthony). Bpiritual refin- 
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causes, difterenoes, mitigations and aggra- 
vations. Particalariy of thi 
deceitfulness of man's heart, of piesnmp- 
tnous atid reigning sins, and of hypoci 
aud formality in religion. In t2 
9 p. 1. 368 pp. 4 1. 4°. London, 


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roads in the Uulted States and Canadaa, 
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passions and humonra ; and 3. Lessons ex- 


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marques) of ClaiiriBaj'de). 
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sacred poem, oontaiuing a series of the 

most important events, from the creation 

to oar saviour's crimiaxiun. ix, 340 pp. 

12°. London, J. FarsoM ^ J. Ooipires, 1794. 
Burleaiii 9 (Tl ) t C nta" 'ng all 




y h II 

pp. 24 


r I Fvihe 




C 1 



d 1 

Buenos A 

S Buenoe 

0/). M eop II a 

[a ] 

Ay es (C tj 

1 th C mi g a 
an hist aladtp aih 1 deoo p 
tion of th t 1 U gs anln ghb 
hood of a t E IxKS 434 pi 1 

pi. 35 a) s &. pi n 4 Ca b dg 
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Lectures to young men, on the culti- 
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d by Google 


Bamap {Geoi^e W. iJ. rf.) — oontinned. 

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With SBlectioQS from bia wribiQ^a. Eiigrt, 
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Burton (John). Sacrte soriptar» locornm 
qaorandam versio metrica. give exei- 
eitationnm poeticarum quai pro diaoiplios 
soleunis ratione attolescentibus o[ollegii] 
Clorporia] C[hriati] long* vaoationis 
tempore pneoipiuntur elaborand^ delec- 
tus. [Interprete Johanna Burton], 8 p. 1. 


Burton 'John)— con tinned. 
7y pp. 8°. OjiOJtite, e tkeairo shddoniaiw, 
Note i few eilrants fpnm othar hookB or the old 

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tliH new teatameut. See Bible. (Eaglieh). 
2few te-lanieat. 

Butterwortli (Bee. John). A new concord, 
anue to the holy scriptures, iu a. single 
a1phal)eti being the must com pre hen si ve 
and concise of any before published. A 
new ed. with considerable improvements, 
liy Adam Clarke, 11. d. [With] the delini- 
tioDB of Crnden, [etc.] mi dar I be ail peri n- 
tendenoe of rev. William Jenks, d. d. 280 
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8l™eoi,iideutary. piutlj. 

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rr.i NausL (B. H.) Tlie acw Ufa dawnins. l*". 
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C. ( L.) See Coleman {lien. L.) 

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See Maria de J^sna. 

Calilll (b'rank). Piirlor theatricals. See 
Arnold (Oi^oige) and CahilL 

Caille. See La Caille. 

Calavar, See Bird (Eobert M.) 

Calef (Kobei'h). More wouilera of the in- 
viaiblo WLirld, nr wonders of the invisible 
wotid displayed. [Alao], a postscript re- 
lating to a boi>k entitled ''The life of sir 
Wiu.Phips." Collected by K. Calef. Lou- 
don, 1700, and 1796; repdnted Saturn, 
]8iJ3; Boston, lti2B. 

[In FOWLBII (Samuel P.) SaJem wltohcrafl: eta. 
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II trovatore, dramma. to TerdI 


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Campbell (A. J.) A true friend. Beflec- 

db, Google 


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Campbell (DiiaB\i\,pseiidoii.) See Carpeii 

ter (Ste|)li«Li C.) 

i.) iS'eu Worcester (Ju- 

Campbell (LnomU 

seiili K. II. d.) 

de), HiarDivedsa 

depiiis Aaux Bifiulea, siiivis d'autrca 6Ui- 

OQlier snr la s^leottou dans ruH^igco hii- 
Hiaiiie. vii,4fapp. ti°. Oeuiee, H. Georg. 
1S73. 8 

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Diiiiii Piatt and HaQfy Bead, aditdrn. 
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Tlie same. The middle dass reader: 

comprising the 8Cory of Jack Halyard. 
New ed. 216 pp. 16". Philaadphia, U. 
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433. pp. 2 pJ. 8". PMla^flphia, H. C. 
Bmrd, 1873. 

The way to outdo England withont; 

lighting her. Letters to tbe liini. Sebnyli 
Colfax, on the paper, the iron, the fa 
ID era, the railroad, 
questloua, 165 pp. 8°. PhilaHelph 
r. Baird, Wo!i. 

I Carey (Math | b b V ) Cata- 

I ioyiie f u t II t f hooks 

! in evt ^d) tt tadmd 

■ ern li t 1 I 26b pp 1 I 8° 

PUladelpU T S P Ik 1818 

Carey (W 11 a ) Tl a 1 n 1 bst 1 
ti) the at 1 p bl yl n d d 

, Olraer t tl i 1 abl d 1 o 

exriiic f b 1 h t 1 p g 

from tifltsfhl hel f 

painti gs 2plllp[ b Londm 
Mauilett ^ Brlaaam; ISiJS, 

— Tliirf.y yuara' faota, against one re- 

vitswer's opinion, in the year 1318; being 
an amicable antidote, proving the utility 
of the press, as an advocate of britisb 
genius, [etc.] 20 p|), 8°. [Xcindon, Sow- 
lett. J- Bi-iminer}, 1835. 
{WU!i hia The natinoal obstacle [etc.] ooiiaidored]. 

Carey. See Cary. 

Carleii(M™. Eioilie Plygare). The l>ride 
of Oiiiberg. From the original Swedish 
by Afos L Krause and Elbert Perce. 2 
p. 1. 9^20 pp 12" Vewi ¥ork, C. Serih- 
ner, 18^3 

The temptation of wealth; or, the 

heir of pnmogenitnre Translated from 
the Swedish, by a C Hebbe, [2ded.] Ip.l. 
158 pp 0° New Toih, C. MUllei; 1846. 

Carlton (EoberE, peeiidmi.) See Hall (Bay- 
navd E.) 

Carmichael (Andrew). An essay on suoU 
phyaioal oonsideratioua as are connected 
with niau'e ultimate destination, the essen- 
tial constitution of superior beings; and 
the presumptive nuity of nature, viii, 
172 pp. 8°. DMiii, Skate, 1830. 

Carmine; or, the trader at the fort, 1873. 
See Baer (Warren). 

Cani6 (Louis Marcelin, comte de). Lee fon- 
dateurs de I'uuit^ franflaiae. Suger, Saint 
Louis, Diigneaelln, Jeanne Dare, Louis XI, 
Henri IV, JKiohelien, Mazarin. £!tudes 
hiaturiqnee. £d, cousid^rablement aug- 
mentfie. 2 v. 2 p. I. 474 pp. II; 3 p. 1. 
473 pp. 8°. Pnfis, Didier ^ oie. 1856. 

Caroline Junea; or, outward and inward 
adorning, [niwn.] 157 pp. 1 pi. 18°, 
Ciitoiima/t, AineHoaa r^oi-iu tract f book 
aociels, 1860. 

Carpenter (Hugh Smith). Here and be- 
yond: tbe new man, the true man. 345 
pp. 12°. A'eio Yoi-Jc, Maaan irothera, 1859. 

Transition ; a remembrance of Emma 

Whiting. 1 p. 1. 179 pp. portrait. 12°. 
New York, CarUton, 18ffit. 

db, Google 


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scriptural grounds of uuitariaDism. 2(1 
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[etc.-] 1811. 

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over land to India, partly by a route never 
gone before by any European. In a aeries 
of letters hy Donald Camphell.. {pseiidon. ] 
Comprehending bis shipwreck and impris- 
onment with Hyder Alii, and his sabse- 
quenl; negotiations and tranHactions in the 
east. [533] pp. 4". London, T. N. Long- 
man, 1796. 

Carpenter (Stephen H.) English of the 
xivth century, illustrated hy notes on 
Chaneer's Prologne and Knights' tale, 
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ciples of human physiology, ivith their 
chief applications to pathology, hygiene, 
and forensic medicine. 1st am. ed. trith 
additions hy the anthor, and notes and 
additions, l)y Meredith Clymer, m. d. 618 
pp, 1 pi. 8°. niUaddiiliia, Lea ^ Blandli^ 
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The same. 2d am. from the last 

[1844] Lond. ed. With notes and addi- 
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Carpenter's (The) house, \_aiton,'] 163 
pp, 3 pL 18°. Nmii YoTlt, Carlton <(■ Poi-- 
ter, [186S]. 

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noons with grandma. From the fieooh. 
By mra. Mary Kinmont. 320 pp. 4 pi, 16°. 
Cincinnati, Sitclwoclc ^ Waldea, 1873. 

CaireBo (Manuel Antonio). Manual de 
urhanidad y buenas maneras pant uso de 
la juventnd de ambos sesos. Precedldo 
de nn breve tratado sobre los deberes 
morales del hombre. 333 pp. portrait. 
12°. mieea York, D. JppUloii y aa. 1854. 

Cairlllo (Cresoenoio). Compendio de la 
historja de Yucatan. Precedido del de an 
geograSa y dispuesto en forma de leccioues. 
xiii, 432 pp. sq. 16''. Meiiila, J. D, Map- 
MWja^Jujos, 1871. 

Carrol (James E.) A complete key to 
Mitchell's school geography. 456 pp. 12°. 
I'MladeljiMa, Tkoinas, Cmviierfhwait ^ co. 




Carroll (.Eeii. Audrew). The deity of Christ, 

briefly considered. 196 pp. 16°. Oinein- 

noti, M. Morgan ^ ao. 1846. 
Carroll (Daniel Lynn, d. d.) Sermons and 

addresses, on various subjects. [2 series]. 

373 pp; 381 pp, 13°. PhiladeJiihia, Lind- 

Baij 4- BUhiston, 1846-47. 
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11; 1 p. L viii, 431 pp. 3 1. 8°. London, 

T. CadcU, 1777. 
Carter (James Gordon). A geography of 

New-Hampshire. Embracing 1. A short 

topographical and historical sketch of 

every town. 3. A general view of each 

county. 3. A general view of the state. 

4. A glossary. 1 p. 1. s, 246 pp. 18°. 

Poi-lsmmifli, if. S., N. JHai-eS, 1831. 
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tion produced and iUnstrated. xs, 446 pp. 

8°. London, T. Cleanj, 1823. 
Gary (Alice). Clovernook children. 291 

pp. 6 pi. 16°. Boston, TicJcnor 4- Fields, 

Lyra and other poems. 172 pp. 3 1. 

12=. Neu) York, Bedjield, 1852. 
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vi, 300 pp. 12°. Boston, Tickiior, Beed ^ 

Fiom, 1B54. 
Casket of gems, or devotional companion. 

By a minister of the gospel, [aiwii.] 160 

pp. 33°. Springfield, O. Bimlap 4- Smith, 

Ca.Bsandra : the fam'd romance, 1676. See 

La Calpren&de (Gauthier de Costes de). 
Cassard (Andres). Manual de la maaone- 

ria, u sea el trader de los ritos antigno 

esooces, franees j de adopcion. 1017 pp. 

49 pi. 1 chart, portrait. 8°. Ifaeva York, 

MiKOU 4- Skicles, 1860. 
Cassius (Dio). See Dion Cassius. 
Gaetl (Giovanni Battista). [Li guilii tre, 

Bonnetti, 1763]. The three groats. Trans- 
lated from the Italian. [In 216 sonnets]. 

With a memoir of the author. New [2d] 

ed. With numismatic notes. By M. 

Montagu. 373 pp. 8°. London, ISarri- 

sait ^ w.] 1841. 
Castil-Blaze. See Blaze. 
Caotleman (Harry, peeadon.) See Fosdick 

(Charles A.) 
Castles (The) of Athlin and Dunbayne, 

1793. See Radcliffe (Mrs. AnuoJ. 

d by Google 


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eecreto. 9 v. 16°. Milano, G. DaeJU f 
cia. 1864. 
lEibllolflca nnOTil], 


V. 3. La csiTaUoriit, fdi Ismaeliti, i teiuplad, 1 

franohi giuitinX gli Olnliiaileti. 
V. 4-«. 1 Uberi mnratoTi, I miablct. 
V. 1, Gil lUumlnati, 1 GompognoDi, i ontljonncl. 
T. S. Le miuore eette jtalinue. Giovinezaa. 
V. 9. Altce 8Dclsta, epllogo. 
(LaamocedadeadelCitl). LiijenuesBe 

(In Cid. Com^die faiiieiise eu troia 'jonr- 
n^es et huit tableaux d'aprfea laqnelle le 
grand Corneille a oomposiS le Oiil. 

[St Lucas (M. H.> DoomnBiitB relatift Ji I'histoire 

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torique de I'fithiopie occidentale: o 
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1 pi, 8°. Sanderland, author, 1765. 
2fofe— Tlie Stockton jubilee oonsdata of extracts 
from Sbataspeare appUefl to most of tbe prin- 
cipal lubabitimts of StucktoD-ou-Teos. Kitsou's 

Cawdray (Eobort). A treasvrie or store- 
hovse of similics; both pleasaunt, delight - 
full, and profitable, for all estates of meu 
iu generall. Newly eoUeoted into heades 
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rift JiNNET (P.) Contoa fertafltiqaofl. l«o. Paris, 
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Written for children 3 p 1 213 pp 6 col 
pi, 16° Boston, Cioshy, MUiots f co 

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remains on anthon, miscellanies, rules for 
a young minister, &c Ipl 130 pp 12^ 
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Ooodenow (Miss C. A.) 

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Ckiodeno'w {Miss O. A.) 

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db, Google 


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Chaldffian aoeouut of tlie <leluge. See 
British mnsenm. 

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The issues and candidates of the present 
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ical sketches of all the candidates for 
president and vice-president: history and 
platforms of the great political parties 
facts abont pnblio men and measures 
review of Grant's administration ; the 
queer record of Horace Greeley, 570 
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The same. Dr. Eeese's improved 

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tf- Ball, 1846. 

.3. Endimentaofvegatablspbyslologr. ByG. 

. e. RnflimanlB of seology. By David Pago, 
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[In Jannet (Piarre). Centos fantastiques. IB". 
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June to dec. 1871. Nos, 1-7 in 1 v. fol. 
JVeu) York, [Champagne publisMng co. 1871]. 
JVofe.— .No mors published. 

Champion (Frank), Campaign hand book 
and citizen's manual. A brief review of 
the colonial and constitutional govern- 
monfe3 of the United States, from 1765 to 
1872. With biographical stetohes of the 
presidents, and presidential candidates, 
[etc,] 283 pp. 6 pi. 16°, Hartford, F. C. 
BUas ^ eo. 1S72. 

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See Bacon (William F.) 

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colleges. 240 pp. W. Boston, Ci-osTig, 
JS'iekoh, Lee .f eo. 1860. 

db, Google 


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Tlio same, Containiug au outline of 

tlie scieuoe, witli aa abstract of its his- 
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Woolworth, Aiasiuorth 4- 00. [1872], 

Chandler (Charles P.) Report on petro- 
leum aa lut iUuininatoi', and the advan- 
tages and perils Tcbich attend its use; 
with special reference to theprevontiou of 
the traffic in. dangeroua kerosene and 
naphtha. 110 pp. 8°. Wsiu Yorh, W. T. 
printing 00. 1871, 8. 

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The same. The changed cross, and 

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selected from many sources. New and en- 
largeded. 2T.ini. 1 p.l.28epp; a88pp. 
sq. 16°. Nm Yoi% A. D. F. Eandoljih 4 
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{With Ms PoomB, ed. Soeton, 1343). 

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spelling book; containing rules and rea- 
sons for orthography and pronunciation. 
170 pp. 16°. New Haven, Dwrrie <f' Feck, 

A view of the organization and order 

of the primitive church: containing a 
scriptural plan of the apostolic cliarch: 
[also], the apostolic succession, connect- 
ing it with the church of the present day. 
408 pp. 12°. Neil) Eavca, Milckcock 4 
Stafford, 1842. 

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pp. 18°. Boston, Fulnam ^ h-oiha; 11 

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Clair, the South Carolina rebel boy; 01 
is no ctirno to be horn a gentleman, 
pp. 5 pi. 12°. FhiJadelpbia, Cloxton, Eeot- 
sen .y Baffelfmgcv, 1872. 


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can tract societs, [1873], 

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uterus, xiy, 504 pp. 8°. New-Yorl; W. 
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[HftDd-books onanglo-Basou orthography, 
etymology, and grammar]. By a literary 
association, [ojion.] 3 v. 13°, Nm 
York, J. A. Gray 4' A, Montgoinerij, 1852-53. 

A hsDtl'booli <ii anglo-sasion ortliDgtapliy, ISij^i 

Almna-bookofajiglo-3asoiiroot-wi)rda,1353. 15» 

Ouuinss of eEgliBli arflmmar. On tlio bosla of Uie 
anglo-aason, 1E53. 100 pp. 

Chapman (M. J.) The greek pastoral poets, 
Theocritus — Bion — Moaohus, done into en- 
glish, 3d ed. vii,380 pp, 12°. London, 
Saundm-s, Otleg 4- co. 1866. 

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of lectures on the theory and practice of 
medicine. Prepared from dr. Chapman's 
maunscripts. By N. D. Benedict, m. d. 
viii, 17-258 pp. 8°. PhUadelpUa, Lea 4- 
Blanckard, 1846. 

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Toman senate. viii,398pp, 9 1. 8°. Cim- 
bndge, [Eitij', ] J. Bentltam, 1750. 

Chapone {Mrs. Hester). Letters on the 
improvement of the mind, addressed to a 
young lady, [Also], the life of the au- 
thor; with a father's advice to an only 

, daughter immediately after marriage. 2 
V. inl, 310 pp. 16°. Sagerstown, [Md.] 
W. Bell, for G. Nowsc, 1818-19. 

Chappel (Alonzo), Lives and portraits of 
the presidents of the United States, 1873, 
See Dnycklnok (E, A.) and Cliappel, 

Chapsal (C. P,) Grammaire franj aise. See 
JCToel (Frangois J, M,) mid Chapsal. 

A new system of fi'ench grammar. 

See Noel (Fraufois J. M.) md Chapsal. 

Houvelle grammaire franpaise. Sec 

Jloel (Francois J. M.) and Chapsal. 

Character (The) of Christ considered ; or 
a brief exhibition of the scripture testi- 
mony respecting the person and the two 

db, Google 


Character (Tlio) of Christ — continued. 

natures of Clirist. [fliHijl.] 184 pp. 1 pi. 

Iff'. Boston, Mass. s. s. sooiely, 1338. 
Charity Barnes, the cobbler's daughter. 

[ono».] 152 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, 

Am. s. s. union, [I860]. 
Charles (Mrs. Elizabetli Bundle). Chroul- 

cles of the SoliSnlierg-Cotta. family. By 

two of themselves, [awm.'] 552 pp. 13°. 

New Yo>% M. W. Bodd, 1864. 
The early dawn; or, sketches of 

christian life in England in the olden time. 

By the anthor of " Chronicles of the SchSn- 

berg-Cottafamily." [atiora.] 397pp. 12°. 

Nm Yorh, M. W. DoM, 1864. 
Charles Vincent, 1839. See WiUet <W. N.) 
Charlestown, Maas. {Cit'j of). Fvhlio U- 

hrary. Catalogue of the public library of 

the city of Charlestown. xv, 200 pp. 8°. 

Charlesbmn, 0. ^mi, 1862. s. 

Charlton (William H.) Poems aud plays, 

original and translated. 4 p. 1. 455 pp. 

16°. London, Longmans,lSG8. 

PanBanlas, a. araniatlo poom. 
Now, BD(I of olil. Sonnet. 
I-eoort, team the garman of Btlrger. 
TraDslatlons Itom E. Heine. 
Thii ann nf tlie -nllileniess, a (Iraniatic poem, from 
n of_P.Halm,Maneh-IiBlfing]iau3eii, 

Charvet (P. A.) De Taction oonipariSo de 
ropinra, et de ses prinoipee constitnans 
sur I'^conomie animaJe. Tiii, 312 pp 8° 
Paris, F. G. Levmnlt, 1826 

Chase (A. W. m. d.) Dr Chi-^es familj 
physician, farrier, bee-keeper, and second 
receipt hook; being an entirely new 
complete treatise. 644 pp portrait 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Ami Aibm piittiiitg and 
publiahing co. 1873. 

Dr. Chase's recipes; or, information 

for every body: an invaluable collection of 
abont eight hundred practical recipes. 
10th ed. 384 pp. 12°. Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Otase 4- suite, 1863. 

Chase (Irah, A. d.) Baptismal tracts for the 
times: the design of baptism, viewed 
its relation to the christian life. [Also, 
several articles, by Henry J. Ripley, 
George W. Samson and Horatio B. Hack- 
ett], occasioned by dr. Eohinson's Lexicon 
of the new testament, and the dogma of 
baptismal regeneration. li, 194 pp. 16°. 
Boston, GouM ^ IMEoln, 1851. 

Chase (Lncieu B.) English serfdom and 
aiiiei'ican slavery : or, oiirsolves— as others 


Chaaa (Lucien B.)— continued, 
soo US. S59 pp. 12°. New Tovl; S. Lung 
fbrothei; [1854]. 

Chase (Pliny Earle). The common-school 
arithmetic, designed for learners of every 
class, [With key]. 2 parts in 1 v. 256 
pp; 31 pp. 12°. Worceatm; [3f<m.] A. 
Hiiiehinmn, [1848]. 

Thosamo. [Revised ed. With key]. 

288, 31 pp. 12°. Boston, Brown, Taggard 
4- Cliase, [1957]. 

The elements of arithmetic ; in which 

decimal and integral arithmetic are com- 
bined, and taught induct! veiy, on the sys- 
tem of Pestalozzr. Partflrat. U4pp. 18°. 
Philadelphia, U. Sunt ^- son, 1844. 

Chassant (Alphonse Antoine Louis) and 
Delbarre (Pierre Jean). Dictionnaire de 
sigillographie pratique contenant tontes 
les notions propres i faciliter I'^tude et 
I'interprfitation de« sceaux du moyen age. 
3 p. 1. Tin 264 pp 16 pi 12 Paris, J. 
B.Bnmoulm 1860 

Chaucer (Geoitrey) English of the xivth 
century illustrated by notes gnmmati- 
cal and philologiol on Chincei's Pro- 
logne and Knight s tale By Stephen H. 
Carpenter [With text] "tv, 313 pp. 
12°. Boston, Ginu irodters, 1872. 

A treatise on theastrolabe; addressed 

to his son Lowys by Geoffrey Chancer, 
a. d. 1391. Edited from the earliest mss. 
by rev. Walter W. Skeat. Isis, 119 pp. 7 
pi. 6°. LwiOon, N. Wibner # eo. 1872. 

[Chaucer eooiet; pabliCBUone, let series, no. 30]. 

The same. Ixix, 119 pp. 7 pi. 8°. 

London, N. TriOiner 4- co. 1873. 

[Eaiili ea^lisli text society, extea serlCB, no. 16], 

Chaucer society publicatioue, 2d series, no. 
7. Originals and analognes of some of 
Cliaucer'e Canterbury tales. Part 1. 8°. 
Undon, N. Ti-ulmer ^- eo. 1872. 

The life of ConstaBos (tho sooreo of Chaiioar'a 
'Man^>fJaw'8 tale") from the anglo-norman 
olirorlole of Hiclioltts Trivet, pp. 1-S3. 

Tlie tale of the wife of Uerelans, ^e emperor, sou- 
tuning aoaJi^LieB of the breaaon tliat the false 
knight wrought Constance and of the reneeailo 
steward's attempt on her ehaatlty. [ Bv P.Ber- 
oheuri. pp.55-TO. 

Sing Oflk'a Interested letters and haniaht queen, 
to oompare with king Alla'a in ClinuoarH " Man.'stale." [By Matthew of Parle]. pp.7l-»M. 

Two frenoli fahliam like Chanoer'a Eeeve's tale, 
[viz : De GomhoTt et des denn olere, par Jean 
deBoves. Themillerandthe twoclarkel. pp. 

Two latin stories like Chancer's "IFriar'a tale," 

db, Google 


Chaulleu (Guillaume Amfrye de, abM). 
(Envres. Nouv. 4tL augmeiit<5e d'un grancl 
nomljre de pifeoea qui n'^toieDt point dans 
les pr^cfedentes, & corrig^e. Par m. de 
Saint-Mai'o. 9t. 2 p. 1.133, 159 pp.1 pi; 
2 p. 1. 357 pp. 16°. Paris, David, [e(c.] 

Chauncy (Charles, d. d.) The beneTolenee 
of the deity, fairly and impartially con- 
sidered. In three parts. 293 pp. 8°. 
Bost(m, Pmvars 4- Willis, 1784. 

Cheerily, oteetily. By the anthor of The 
fiBherman's boy. [anon.] 205 pp. 1 pl^ 
18°. NiiC Yoi% Americmi a^oci society/, 

Clieever (Eaekiel). Sketcheaof bis life; ac- 
companied by eight diaooniseB ; with po- 

topies. 297 pp. 18°. Mortlimnptoit, IMaas.'} 

J. MeUMif, 1835. 
Cheever (George Barrell, d. d.) The ameri- 

can common-plaee hook of poetry, with 

occasional notes. 405 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Bos- 

ton, Carter if' Sendee, 1833. 
The american oommon-plaoe book of 

prose, a collection of extracts from tbe 

writings of americaii authors, [aijoij, 

4tb ed.] 468 pp. 16°. Boston, S. G. 

Goodrich, 1828. 
Leotuies on the Pilgrim's progress, 

and on thelifeand times of John Bnnyan. 

1 p. 1. vi, 514 pp. 9 pi. portrait 8°. ]fm 

York, Wilen ^ Pultiam, 1844, 

Eight of the bible in our public 

Bchoola. 303 pp. 16°. New Yo)% E. Car- 
ter tf- h-othera, 1854. 

Wanderings of a pilgrim in the 

shadow of mont Blanc, x, 166 pp. 13°. 
JVew Xork, Wiley ^ Puinata, 1845. 

[Wiles orol Potham's library of a uecloa ImoSs 

Chellia {Mm Mary Dw nell) Oil tmes 
351 pp 1 pi 16° Aei To 1 Nat o al 
tempera cesoc a ip J>! ho sc 18~3 

The atandirl -jer ea of tenperau 

tales 4 V ir Boslo R J lo / f 
CO. 18r9 71 

T.l.PUDookslQTeatiiient. 1869 

Cheney (If i Ednah D ) Sally Will ai « 
the n onnta n g cl 338 pp r pi 16° 
Bostoa Lee ^ 11 ep I 18 3 

Cberbulles (Victor), Count Kostia: a 
novel. From the freuoh, T>y O. D. Aaliley. 


Cherbuliez (Victor)— continued. 

1 p. 1. 307 pp. 16°. Nete York, Holt 4- 

WilliaiM, 1873. 

[Leisure hour seriea]. 
Joseph Noirel's reveugo : translated 

from the fi-ench by W. F. West iv, 317 

pp. 16°. Neio Yorlc, Holt f WiUiama, 1872. 

[Leisui'e Lour secies]. 

Chervin (Hicolas). De I'opinion des miSde- 
oiua am^ricains snr la contagion on la 
non-contagion de la fiSvre janne, ou n5- 
pouse a.\rs allegations de mm les docteurs 
Hosaok et Townsend de New Tork 10° 
pp. 8°. Paris, J. B. BaiU re 1839 

Chesebro (Caroline). Bleaa ga m d s 
guiae; or, pieturea of acme of mss Hay 
don's girls. 178 pp. 3 pi. 18° Aeio To I 
Carlton <(■ Porter, [1863]. 

The little cross-hearers. 160 pp. I pi. 

16°. Aiil)M-n, Derby 4- Miller, 1854. 

Cheater (Edward). Gems of school aong, 
or songs for the school-room. 180 pp. 18°, 
New York, L. Cobb, Jr. tf- co. 1851. 

Chester (John). See MitcheU (John). 

Chevalier (Michel). Cows d'&:onomie po- 
litique fait an coll^ de France. 430 
pp. 16°. Biiimlles, A. WaMen f eie. 1846. 

Chevf (Samuel, nt. d.) Leotnrea on inedical 
education. 152 pp. 12°. FUladelpMa, 
Mndsay <(■ BloMiton, 1864, 

Chlaltrera (Qabriello), Lettere di O. Chia- 
brera k Bernardo CasteUo. la ed. 1 p. 1. 
vii, 330 pp. 2 portraits, 8°. Genova, Po-a- 
theniei- #/, 1833, 

ifofc.— Prefixed to Titft dt G. Cliiabrera, da lui 
BteSBo deaoritta, lanil] Vita di Beruatdo Castollo, 
sctltta da SaSoAf, SopFaai. 

Chicago {City of). CmtaiioTt council. Pro- 
ceedings of the oonimon council, for the 
rannicipal year 1870-71. 8°. Chicago, J. 
S. Thompsou 4- eo. [1871]. 

Direclory. Sec Cleary (William P. 

4- CO.) Business directory of New York, 
[etc.] 1873-73. 

Chicago (Tbe) medical register and direct- 
ory, 1372-73. Containing a description of 
the medical and other scientific associa- 
tions of Illinois, Edited and published 
by T, Davis Fitch, m. d. and Norman. 
Bridge, m, d. v, I. 360 pp. 16°, CUcago, 
Saslitt 4- Seed, 1873. 

Chicago (The) schoolmaster. A journal of 
educational literature and news, [Month- 
ly], Conducted by Aaron Gove aud Ed- 
win C. Hewitt. Jan. to dec. 1873. v. 5. 
8°. Chicago, Sclioolmatter oow/pany, 1873. 
[lueoiniiltto 1 w.-inta april, 1878], 

db, Google 


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lug, ptouoTiooing, and defining book. 180 
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Chickering < John White, A d.) Christian 

morality, » seriea of discourses on the 

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^- Brmakr, 1839. 
ChUd (Asaph B. m.d.) The bonquet of 

spiritual flowers ; reoeivecl ohiefly through 

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Whatever is, is right, xi, 231 pp. 

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Child {Mn. Lydia Maria). Biographies 

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lima York, C. S. F)-aneis ^- eo. 1846. 

[FKAsas & to'e cabinet libroiy]. 
The biographies of madame de Stael, 

and niadame Roland, s, 265 pp. inc. 

portrait. 12°. Soalim, Carter ^ Sendee^ 


ILacies' family library, v, IJ. 
The same. Memoirs of madame de 

Stael, and of madarae Roland. New ed. 

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Franois 4- CO. 1347. 

[yEAKcrs & oo'B cabinet llbrnry). 
Fact and fiction: a collection of 

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The history of the condition of 

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Children (The) of Blactberry hollow. 

[imon.] 6 parts in 1 v. 18°. I'lUladcl- 

jiUa, Am. s. a. union, 1863. 

Tbe Utile brown lioose. 51 ni. 
LllUell^ts. 69 pp. 
The red dhoes. 45 pp. 
The wbiie frock. 53 pp. 
The new bonnet. 5i pp, 
Tom Lane's cent, 50 pp. 
Children's magazine. [Monthly]. Jan. to 
dec. 1872. New . series, v. 2 ; old sei " 
44. sm, 4°. Wetu York, &ea.prot, ep 
union and charah look iocUity, [1872], 


Children's victories ; or, Ossie aud Maria. 
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Child's (The) annnal. [ojioit.] vi, 192 pp, 
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Child's (The) anti-slavery boot: contain- 
ing a few words about amerioan slave 
children. And stories of slave-life. [niioB,] 
158 pp. 18°. ]\'e>v York, Garltoa tS- Poft<ir, 

ChUd'a (The) boolt of ballads, [anon.} 
180 pp. 13°. X'hlla^eliihia,Avi.3. a. nnion, 

ChUd's (The) cabinet, [onoit,] v. 1. 156 
. 16°. New Haven, Conri. J. L. Cros», 

Child's (The) delight : a present for young 
people. Edited by a lady, lanon.'i 152 
pp. inc. 6 col. pi. 8(1. 16°. FMladelpMa, 
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Child's (The) guide, 1630. See Merriam 

Child's (The) picture book of Indians : con- 
taining views of their costumes, orna- 
ments, weapons, sports, habitations, war- 
dances, etc. [Also], a collection of indiau 
anecdotes. By a citizen of New England, 
[anon.] iv, 205 pp. Bf[. 16°. Boiton, 
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Child's (The) prayer and hymn book, for 
the use of catholic Sunday schools throngh- 
out the United States, [nnoii.] 1 p, ]. 164 
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The same. [Also], The vespers for 

Sundays, benediction of the blessed sacra- 
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32 pp. 1 pi. 32°. BaMmore, J. Marpky <f- 
CO. 1871. 

Child's (The) scriptare question book. 
laaoit.] 197 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Am. 
8.-S. unioji, [1836]. 

Chinese (A) fragment. Containing an en- 
qniry into the present state of religion in 
England. See Bates (Ely). 

Chitwood (Miss Mary Lonisa). Poems, se- 
lected and prefoced by George D. Prentice. 
288 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilalaeh, 
Kmja 4- CO. 1857. 

Choice consolation for the snlToring child- 
ren of God. Compiled from the writings 
of Leighton, Eomaine, Cecil, Hewton, 
Winslow, etc, [(Wioii.] With an intro- 
duction by the rt, rev. Manton Eastbnrn, 
155pp. 16°. Boston, E. P. J)iUioa4'co.l8m. 

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ChoraUet (The): a collection of hymns 
and tiinea, for worship, [anim.] 243 pp. 
1^. Dover, N. H. Frem'dl baptist pi-int- 
iiig estalilislmieni, [1650]. 

Chonles (J. O.} Toung Americans abroad ; 
or, vacation in Envope ; travels in ~ 
gland, France, Holland, Belgium, Prussia 
and Switzerland. Ip. 1.371 pp. 1 pi. !&". 
Bmtoii, Gould ^ Idiicoln, 1853. 

Chouquet (Gnstave). First lessons inlearn- 
iug fi-ench. 2d ed. 128 pp. sq. 16°. New 
Yo,% E. Lockwooa f son, 1S46. 

The same. 10th ed. 179 pp. sq. 16"- 

Nm Yorlc, B. Loelewood ^ son, 1853. 

First readings from modern frencli 

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The young ladies' guide to frenoli 

composition, x, 397 pp. 12°. 2feic-Toi% 
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ChristeUjke (De) harp. Stiohtelijke po- 
ezij, yerzameld nit vaderlandsche dichters. 
[nnojt.] -vi, 408 pp. 16°. Ulre(^t, W. F. 
Damimfelser, 1848. 

ChrisKaa (The) book of concord, 1S51. See 
IiTitheian chnrch. 

Christian heroism. By the author of " Tlie 
best friend." [Hiwm.] 168 pp. 4 pi. 18°. 
Boston, Mass. s. s. soeiety, [1857]. 

Christian (The) hymnal: a choice collec- 
tion of hymns and tunes for cougrega- 
tional and social Tvorsliip. Arranged by 
committee of harmonists and musical ai; 
thors, under the direction of the Christian 
hymn boot committee. 340 pp. 13°. Cia- 
dnnati, Bosworth, Chase ^- Sail, 1871. 

CIiristiaii(The) laborer— the christianbe 
Memoirs of a useful man. [Roger Miller, 
of the London city mission, anon..] 200pp 
18°. NetD- Yo)% Carlton ^ FUlUps, 1853. 

Christian (The) pilgrim, 1802. See Bull 
yan (John). 

Chiiatian (The) private, [Spencer Phelps 
anoB.] 155 pp. 1 pi. 18°, Boston, Mass. 
a. 8. socie%, 1864. 

Christian (The) psalmist; being a collec- 
tion of psalms, hjmns, and spiritual songs, 
[anon.] 576 pp. 33°. Nm Torh, J. # J. 
Ra/tper, 1833. 

Christian (The) reader. A new miscellany, 
intended for a flrst-claes book in schools. 
[By Matthew Howland! anon."] si, 363 
pp. 13°. Boston, J. Wilson ^ son, 1856. 

Christian spiritual conversation ou saying 
faith, for the young, in questions and 


Christian spiritual conversation — cont'd, 
answers, and a coufession of faith, of the 
mennonites. With an appendix. [«non.] 
309 pp. 18°. Lauemter, Fa. J. Baer t^- 
eons, 1857. 

Chiistiaii union. A collection of hymns for 
the use of the churches of the christian 
union. Compiled by request of the state 
council of Ohio. 285 pp. 33°. Co7«mS«B, 
0. Christian witness office, 1865. 

The same. Compilation of hymns for 

the use of the churches of the christian 
union. CompUed by order of the general 
conncil. 720 pp, 18°. Colamius, O. Ckria- 
tmn xtnion association, 1871. 

Christian (The) uuion. [Weekly]. Henry 
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dec. 25, 1872. Hew series, v. 5-6. fol. 
New Yor!:, J. B. Ford ^- eo. 1872. 

Christianity and modem thought. 4 p. 1. 
304 pp. 12°. Boston, American uiiitariaa 
association, 1872. 

, j faith and woraliip. 

; (J. F.j A true flieoli^j tlie tesia of 
uuiuun progress. 
CoiiUEEBL (A. fiis). The riao and decliiie ot tlio 

Dewbv (O.) Selfhood aod aaedfloa. 

EVEBETT (C. C.) The relation ot Jesua to the 

present age. 
Hedoe if. E.| 

The mythical element in the 
MiiiTiKEiu (J.| Th9 plaoe of miud in nature, 
.. P.) The ' relafiona of ethics aiid 
lity : what it Is not, and 
Stbabhs (0.)' The aim and hope of Jeans. 

Christianity and sceptioism. A considera- 
tion of important traits of christian doc- 
trine and experience, and of leading facts 
in the life of Christ, [anon.] vi, 291 pp. 
12°. Boston, Congregational piibliihing so- 
dely, [1872]. 
[Boston leotnres, 18T3, Sertnona by nine flivineal. 

Christmas with the boys. By the author 
of " Euth AUerton." lanon.i 201 pp. 2 pi. 
10°. PhilaMplm, Am. a. s. union, [1872]. 

Christ's work of reform. A bible view. 
By a layman, [anon.] 208 pp. 16°. 
Boston, Croclcer ^ Bi'ewster, 1863. 
Note. — Title superseribed " A glance at first prin- 

Cbristus meiu lebeu. Katholisches gebet- 
nnd erbauungsbuch fUr heilsbegierige see- 
len, besonders fiir flromme verehrer des 
heiligsten berzens Jesu. [(ww».] 481 pp. 
18°. Eimied«hi, K. .j- N. Benzigcr, 1871. 

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Chronicles (The) of raonnt Benedict. A 

tale of the Ursuline convent. Tlie quasi 

prodiioHon of Mary Magflalen. [fliitm.] 

sv, 191 pp. 18°. Boston, pubHaher, 1837. 

ChronicleB of the Solionberg-Cotta family, 

13f;4. See Charles {Mrs. Elizabeth). 
Chtysostomus. iSee John Chryaostom 

Church (Eiiaa Eudmau Mcltvaine). The 
golden daja. 409 pp. 3 pi. 16°, liew- 

Tork, General proteataat episcopal s.-s. union 

and cliurch book aotAety, 1873. 
Micha«l Graham ; a boy's story. By 

Ella Rodman. 183 pp. 18". Philada^Ua, 

n. McCauhy, 1869. 
Chiiroh (Jl/i-s. Kosa, &. Florence Marrjat). 

Petronel. A novel. By Florence Marryat. 

3 V. 13°. Londoa, E. Benileij, 1S70. 
Church of England. See England {Chtirdli, 

Cht:rehllI(Fleetvfood, On the tbeoi^ 

a&d practice of midwifery. With notes 

and ailditiona liy E. M. Huston, in. i1. 519 

pp. 8°. I'kila^lpkia, Lea <(■ Blaneharii, 

■ —The same. Sdara.ed. With notes and 

additions by R. M. Huston, m. d. 525 pp. 

go. FhiiadtlphUi, Lea ^ Blanchard, 1846. 
The same With additious, by D. 

FraDois Condie m d A new am. Ji'oni 

the 4t]i eny ed wi 33-665 pp. 8°. 

Ph:aaM.pliia BUnchaid 4 Lea, 1860. 
Cicero (Marcua TuUms) Tusculanarnm 

qiiieationum Ikbri qmnque. Ek edition!- 

bns Oliveti et Ernesti. Accedunt notse an- 

glicte. Cura C. K. Dillaway. 2 v. 31( 

pp; 212 pp. 18°. Fhilad^lphiiB, Pei-Uns 

.;■ Fm-Bes, 1842. 
The same. Cicero on the immortality 

of the soul, or quaeationum tnsonlanarum 

liber i. With notes and an appendix. By 

M. Stuart, viii, 13-206 pp. 18°. Aiidovey, 

Flagg, Gould ^ 'Semnui.a, 1833. 

|Seleotcla9Bio3, V. 1]. 
Thetnsonlan disputations, l>ook first 

the dream of Scipio ; and extracts from 

the dialogues on old age, and friendship. 

[Lat.] With english notes, by T. Chase. 

xix, 308 pp. 16°. ComiJi'idje, [Afoss.] J. 

Sartktt, 1851, 
Ad Quintnm fcatrem diaiogi tres de 

oratore. Es editionibus OlLvetl et Ernesti. 

Acceduut notiB angliecB. Cnra C. K. Dil- 

la way. 2 t. 230 pp ; 239 pp. 18°. Bos- 

toHio!, PerMm §■ Mania, 1838. 



Cincinnati (C% of). Williams' Cincinnati 
directory, city guide and business mirror, 
with directories of the cities of Covington 
and Newport, Ky. 1860 & 1861. 2 v. 8°. 
CineinnaU, C. S. Witlmms, 1860-61. 

Cincinnati (The) commercial. [Daily]. 
Jan. 1 to dec. 31, 1873. 9 v. fol. Gincln- 
naH, M. MaMea^ ^ co. 1872. 

Cincinnati daily obroniole. See Cincin- 
nati times and chronicle. 

dnoinnatl <The) enquirer. [Daily]. Jan, 
1 to dec. 31, 1872. 2 v. foL Cincinnati, 
Faran ^ McLean, 1873. 

Cincinnati times and chronicle. [Daily]. 
Jan. a to dee. 31, 1872. 2y. fol. Cincin- 
nati, Ckromde company, 1872. 

Circular (The). See Oneida circular. 

City (The) : an illustrated m^azine. Jan, 
1872. No. 1. 128 pp. 8°, New Yori:, 
Ameiiean news CO. 1872. 
lfiiie.--~TSo iDure published. 

Claggett (B.) The amerioan expositor, of 
Intelleotaal definor. 200 pp, sq. 18°. 
Boston, PerUna f Marvin, 1836, 

The easy manual of reading, speak- 
ing & singing. 144 pp. 12°. New York, 
Paine ^- Burgess, 1846. 

Elocution made easy : containing 

rules and selectionfl for declamation and 
reading, [lated.] 144 pp. 13°. Neia 
Yiyrk, Paine 4 Baiyess, 1845. 

The same. 168 pp. 12°. Ncic York, 

Cadu 4- Bnrgem, 1848. s. 

The same. Enlarged. 340 pp. 13°. 

PMladelpMa, Moss, brother 4' oo. 1859. 

Clanricarde (Ulielt De Bargh, marques of). 
See De Burgh (Uliok, mai'jiieBso/ Cinnj'i- 

Clare {Sister Mary Francis). See Mary 
Francis Clare. 

Claiidge {Rev. Richard). Au apology for 
John Bookett's [Gentile divinity and 
morality demonstrated], and those people, 
who neither in former ages had, nor at 
this day have, the holy scriptures afforded 

rriiBocKKrc (John). Gentile divinity, eio. 19°. 
iond™, W. Oit^i, 1167. pp. 185-37;!]. 

Clark (Alexander). The old log school 
house. 388 pp. 6 pi. 12°, PMladelphia, 
Learij, Gets f co. 1861. 

Clark (Davis Waagatt, rf. d.) Elements of 
algebra : embracing also the theory and 
application of logarithms. 353 pp. 18°i 
Netu-York, Harper ^ irotkera, 1843. 

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Clark (Davis Waagatt, d.H)— t A 

Tlie metiiodist ep pal pulj t 

GollectioDOf origiual serm d iV m 1 
ministers of tlie m. e. li li Geo ^ 
Peck, editor. 531pp. pot t 12 A 
York, Lcine # l^ppeti, 1848 

Clark (George W.c(.(i.) Nt tli g>s 

pel of Mark, explanato v i P iict 1 
A popular ooumientary np t 1 

basis Also, a year in M 1 A pe 1 
stntly for bible elates 3^4 pp 1 
FJdladeliilna, BtWe and p Vl i j 


Clark (Latimer) and Sabine (Gobert) 
Electrical tables and forranl'e, foi the use 
of telegraph impeftors and opeiatom 
■vii, 28') pp 12^ XoHrfon, E A 1 S 
Span, 13ri 

Clark (Lewis, l%eaf awmnaiMte XJ 'i v) 
Theoretical uivigation and nautical as 
tronomy 114 pp PP Kew YotJ , D 
Van ^loabaml, lo73. 

Clark {Mrs. Mary Ann Odioriie). Corvc- 
spondenee. See Alden (E.) 

Clark (EnfuB Wheelwright, (i.d.) Leetiirea 
on the formation of character, temptations 
and mission of young men. 380 pp. 1 pi. 
12°. Boston, J. F. Jmvett ^- co. 1853. 

A memoir of the- rev. John Edwiirds 

Emerson, with extracts from his writings. 
8, 406 pp. portrait. 12°. lioilM, W. J. 
B^jfitoliU S- eo- 1852. 

Komanism in America. 271 pp. 13'^. 

BosUm, S. K. Whipple <t eo. 1855. 

Clark (Sohnjler). The american linguist, 
or natural grammar. 240 pp, 13°. I'rov- 
iifenee. Gory, Marshall ij' Stanmond, 1830. 

Clark (S. Tucker). Josephine and other 
poems. 239 pp. 16°. Boston, anHwr, 18.56. 

Clark (Willis Gaylord, editor). Sec Farlonr 
(The) scrap book, for 1837. 

Clarke (Adam, II. d.) 
nature, design, and institution, of the 
encharist. [Also], a collection of his 
smaller traota, 283 pp. 1 ph 13=. New 
Yorlc, E. Sargeant, [eic] 1812. 

Clarke (Edward Hammond, fn. (i. ) and Amo- 
ry (Robert, m. d.) The physiological and 
theiapeutical action of the bromide of 
potassinm and bromide of animoiiium. In 
two parts. 178 pp. 13°. Bmfon, J. Camp- 
hell, 1872. 

Clarke {Mrs. H. S.) The marble prea<;lier. 
\fp. Boatoii, D. Loth-op 4- oy. 1873. 


Clarke (Mary Cowden). Kit Bam's adven- 
tures; or, the yams of an old mariner. 
3&)pp,4pl. 16°. Bo»io%,Tmmr<yFieMs, 

Clater (Francis). Every man his own cat- 
tle doctor ; [with] a sketch of the anat- 
omy and physiology of neat cattle. Edit- 
ed, reyised, and almost rewritten by 
William Yon att. With an essay on the use 
of oxen, and the improvement in. the breed 
of sheep, etc. By J. S. Skinner. 251 pp. 
19°. PftilKAsip/wo, Lea ^- Blandlurrd, 1841. 

Every man his own fiirrler. 1st am. 

from the 28th Lond. ed. "With notes 
and additions, by J, S. Skinner. 219 pp. 
12°. PUladelpMa, Lea 4- Blanohai-d, 184,''.. 

ClaudianuB (Clandius). Eufiuiis. Trans- 
lated from Clandian, book 1-2. [HyJabpK 

[In HucnES (J.) CLiiulian tlio fuet. B°. Ln'i- 
diJU, nil. pp. 150-a0»l. 

Clelaiia (Henry). Memoirs of the life of 
William Pitt, comprehending a history of 
public aJfairs during his administration ; 
interspersed witli biographical notiociii of 
his principal political cotemporaf ies. 348 
pp. 91. 9pL 13°. ILondoii.}, Albion press, 
for J. Candee, 1807. 

Cleveland (Charles Dextei'). First latin 
book. — Beiag the anthofs original "First 
lessons in latin," thoroughly revised and 
remodelled, with improvements. 919 pp. 
12°, FMlaMpliia, Tlumas, Cowperlkicait ,y 
CO. 1845. 

First lessons in greek; upon the plan 

of the "First lessons ia latin." By the 
author of the "First lessons in latin," 
[ajiOB.] 3 p. 1. 188 pp. 12°, Boston, Hill- 
iard, Gray 4- 00. 1833. 

First lessons in latin, iv, 197 pp. 

12°. Boston,, B. PerUns <[■ eo. 1839. 

Thesame. 3ded, 2p.I.^3pp. 12°. 

Boston, Carter, Mendee ^ Baboodc, 1831, 


1 p. 1. 3 

J pp. 



rtollac PT. 

ton. Carter, Sendee <f' co. 1833. 
Thesame, Improved ed. 1 p. 1. 338 

pp. 12°. PMlampMii, Mamliall, Will- 

Uans ■?■ Butler, 1841, 
A grammar of the latin language. 

3d ed. 1845. See Adam (Alexandei'). 
Hymns for schools, with appropiiate 

selections IroiQ scripture, and tunee saited 

to the metres of the hymns. 270 pp. 18°. 

New York, M. E. Neiviaan, 1850. 
Second latin book. — Being the iirst 

part of Jacobs' and Dfliiiig's "Elcmeiitat- 

db, Google 


Cleveland (Cbai'ies Dexter) -Hjontioueil. 
biiuli," ot latin reader, with vocabiiliu-y, 
iiiiii uotes adapted to tlie antlior'a latiu 
gi-ammar. 209 pp. 12°. FlUladelpMti, 
Tlionuta, Coivimilavait <)■ oo. 1845. 

Tliird latin Look. Consistiug of se- 
lections from Justin's history, ftom J, C. 
Cfosar, and flwin the lives of Nepos, with 
notes. 187 pp. 13°. PhilatMphia, Thouiae, 
CoioiierUiwait ^ co. 1816. 

Cleveland (John). Tbeidoloftheclovvnes, 
or, insurreotiou of Watt the Tjlec, with 
his fellow kings of the oommons, gainst 
the ongliah chnich, the king, the lawes, 
jiobility and geutrj, in the fourth yeare of 
king Richard the ad, anno 1381. [aiioji.] 
e 11. 1. 148 pp. 16°. Zoiidoii, 1654. 

CltJltoil (George), MemoirB of the life and 
ivl'itjngs of loi'd Byron, is, 756 pp. 46 pi. 
1 faes. 8°. LmiHuii, J. Sobbis 4" "»• 

Coaohiuakers' international jouraal, dt:- 
voted to the iutereats of the trade. 
[Monthly]. I. D. Ware, editor. Oot, 
1871, to march, 1873. v. 7-8. 4°. Fkil- 
adeliihia, I. D. Wave, 1872-73. 
JVoW.— Saooeeded bj Tub carriage uioiitlily. 

Coates (Henry T.) Tlie oomprehensive 
speaker. Carefully seleoteil from the beat 
autbore. 671 pp. 12°. Pfti/ade/jj/iio, I'or- 
ice <r-Co«(es, [1871]. 

Coatea (Eeynell, m. (I.) Fu-at lint's of natu- 
ral philosophy, divested of inatbematjcal 
forinulie. 403 pp. 12*^. I'hilitdnlphia, E. 
H. Birilm- ^- CO. 1846. 

(edifof). See Leaflets of luemoi-y, 


Cobb {Mrs. Sanford). Living to Christ. A 
mother's memorial of a departed daaghtcr 
[Julia — ]. With au introduction, hy 
Asa D. Smith, d. d. [khoh.] 203pp. por- 
trait. 16°. Neti) York, B. Carier t)'- lirth 
liters, 185a. 

Cobden olub. Cohdeu club essays, second 
series, 1871-S. 2d ed. vii, 556 pp. 8°. 
Luiidou, CfMsell, Fetter if Galpin, 1872. 

and eustom of 

'Eiscaaa (Julius). A new <k 

amecdal treaty 1ie- 

FowLBB (WiUiajn). The preaeut espeo't of the 

laud (ineadon, pp, IIT-ISI. 
GosTiCE (jDBoph). Trade- iiuiaDS. and -Qie I'eU- 

Cioiis of aapitHl and loboni. pp. 361-.403. 
LathleEe (£iuile de). On Itas < 


Cobdeii el lib — continued, 

SoeBRa (J.imas K T.) The eolpuial noeetion. 
pp. 403-4SS. 

S»n'H (Jolm Prince). Tlie engliah ooiuage ques- 
tion, pp. 343-359, 

Wblls (Unvid A.) The nwent fiuanois]. ludua- 
trint, and oommereial oipBriBnees of the United 

liiatory. pp.4BI-M(. 
Ai'PBMOra: oommereial poller of Fcai 
treat; of England of ISSO. pp. 513- 

d the 

■ Systems of land tenure in various 
of essays pablished 
under the sanction of the Cobden club. 
Sded. vii,431pp. 8°. Lott^n, Maiaaiilaii 
^ eo. 1870. 
Coffin (Robert A.) A compondinm of natu- 
ral philosophy ; with questions for prac- 
I, experiments, and qneatioi 

Dean,, 1844. 
Coe:aii (Thoir 

14 pp. la'^. New York. W. E 

). Ethical questions ; or 
II the principal subjects of 
moral philosophy, vii, 439 
Longoii, T. CkiMI .f W. Bavio), 

Cohen (A. J.) Collection dea meilleurs 
dissei'tations [etc.] relatife fi I'hiatoire de 
Fituice, I8.^a See Leber (JeaLi M. C.) 
Salgues (J. B.) aud Cohen. 

Cohen (J. Solia, m. d.) Diseases of the 
tliroat : a guide to the diagnosis and treat- 
ment of affections of Uie pbaryDX, cbso- 
phagns, trachea, larynx, and narea. xvi, 
582 pp. 8°. XciD Fork, W. H'oorf <(■ «o. 

Coheu (Mrs. S. J.) Henry Liiria; or, the lit- 
tle Jewish convert : being contained in 
the memoir of mrs. S. J. Cohen. 215 pp. 
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db, Google 


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Coleman (Eev. L.) Gaide-book of the 
Lehigh valley railroad and its several 
branches and connections; inclnding also 
a history of the company from its flrat 
organization, and interesting facts con- 
cerning the origin and growth of the coal 
and iron trade in the Lehigh and Wyo- 
ming regions, [Praface subscribed L. C. 
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Collection (A) of the funeral orations, 
pronounc'd by puhliclt authority in Hol- 
land upon the death of Mary II. qneen of 
Great Britain, by dr. J. Perizonins, dr. G. 
GreviuB, P. Franciaa, mr. Ortwiiiins, and 
[dr. F. Spanheimins]. Done into engliah 
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Colleotion (A) of the moral and instructive 
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Charles Qrandison. See Richardson 

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The young men of the bible. 933 pp. 

18°. Sew York, American tract society, 

Collier (William Francis, II. d.) The great 
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man till the present time. Edited by an 


Collier (William F., II. ^)— continued, 
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Miscellanies. 308 pp. 12°. Pliiladet- 

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Progressive french grammar and ex- 

ercisea, ou the basis of Loviaac's freuch 
grammar; and further comprising on a 
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irregular and defective verba [etc.] 2. A 
terminal vocabulary comprised iu twelve 
pages, whereby the gender of every noim 
may be promptly determined. 227 pp. 
1(P, Philadelphia, J.Kay,jr.4-brolheF,1844. 

Progressive interlinearitenchreader; 

on Locke's plan of instruction ; being a 
course of interesting and instructive les- 
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reader, xs, 300 pp. 16°. Philadelj)hia,J. 
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uary, at auction, by order of the assignee 
and administrator of the late W. A. Col- 
man, by Cooley & Keese. ii, 216 pp. 8°. 
\_Nm York, S. Colman, 1850]. 

db, Google 


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world's religion, as contrasted with genu- 
ine ohristianity. 307 pp. 16". Mw-Tork, 
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The same. Ist am. from 3(1 Edin, ed. 

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references to the grammar of E. A. Sopho- 
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The same. 3d ed. revised and far- 

uished with new refereuoes and notes ; 
with the notes and lexicon of Ho^t^s edi- 
tion, by H. M. Colton. siv, 529 pp. 12°. 
Nmi> Haven, Durrie 4' Peek, 1855. 

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eemils- Jonmale of the council and house 
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of the board of health. 198 pp. S°. TTaaS- 
iagton, Gibson brothers, 1873. 

Board ofpablw vrorke. Report of the 

hoard of public works, from its organiza- 
tion until nov. I, 1872. 8". [ Washington, 

Bojd's directory of the district of 

Columbia. To which is added Alexaudria, 
Va. W. H. Boyd, compiler. 1873. &\ 
WasUngton, Fhilp ^ Solomons, [1873]. 

ColvimeUa (Lncins Junius Moderatus). Do 
I'agriooltvra. Libri xii. Trattato de gli 
altwri del medesino, tradotto nnouainentc 
di latino in lingua italiana per Fietro 
Lanro modoneae. 12 p. 1. 263 1. nnmh. 
16°. Yemtia, M. Tramesino, 1544. 

Colville (John). Original letters of mr. 
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4°. Edinburgh, laas. s. 

[Bannatihe club publicatioua. no. 104]. 

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for the oare of her oliildren ; or, the man- 
agement of infancy. Revised and edited 
by sir James Clark. 303 pp. 13°. il't 
York, Coatinental piAliehing co. [1873]. 

The physiology of digestion consii 

ered with relation to tlie principles of 


Combe (Andrew, m. d.) — continued, 
dietetics. Ist am. ed. sviii,328pp. 12°. 
Boston, Marsh, Capen ^ Lyon, 1836. 

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the oonsolationof mourners. ByavUlage 
pastor. [fliiOB.] 3 p. L 13-203 pp. 12°. 
New-York, J. ,;■ J. Harper, 1332, 

Comiug; (The) race. See Lyttoii Bulwer 
(Sir Edward). 

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ing practical suggestions on diet, mental 
developraent, exercise, etc. 308 pp. 8 pi. 
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phia, T. L. Bonsai, 1845. 

A new spelling book ; compiled with 

a view to render the arts of spelling and 
reading easy aud pleasant to children. 168 
pp. 16°. Fkiladelpkia, Eiiabercf Sharp- 
less, 1834. 

The same. Comly's spelling hook, 

revised and improved, 163 pp. 12°. 
FhiladelpAia, W. MarshaU ^ co, 1835. 

The same. Bonsai's ed. Comly's 

speiiing and reading book. With notes 
for parents and teachers. 168 pp. 13°. 
FmadMphia, T.L. Bonsai, 1842. 

The same. Comly's spelling book 

enlarged.— A new spelling hook. 180 pp. 
12°, FhilaMphia, Kimber ^ Slmrplesi, 1843. 

The same. 169 pp. 16°. FhilaM- 
phia, J. B. UppinmU .j" CD, ISro. 

Commercial (The) agency register. See 
mcKillop & Sprague co. 

Commercial (The) and financial chronicle, 
and Hnnt's merchants' magazine, a week- 
ly newspaper, representing the industrial 
and commercial interests of the United 
States, Jan. 6 to dec. 28, 1872. v. 14-15. 
fol. Neti) York, W. B. Dana, 1872. 

Commercial (The) code of signals, 1659. 
Ste Forster (John T.) 

Compendio della vita, e delle gesta dl Giu- 
seppe Baisamo, denominato il coute Cagli- 
ostro, che si h estiatto dal prooesso coutro 
di Ini formate in Roma I'anno 1790, e che 
puo servire di scorta per conosoere I'indole 
della setta de' liberl muratori. Ag^tuutivi 
i auoi aneddoti. Deseritti in una lettera 
d'un Italiano ad un Francese diretta. 
frtnoH.] l.W,31pp. sm.4°, JJsmfl, 1791. 

d by Google 


Complete (The) practical lai-uiei' and ganl- 
ener; compriaing tlie rearing, breeding, 
and mauagemeut, of every desoriptiou of 
livestock. By an American. [JohnDong- 
lasf anon.] 2ded. GOSpp. 8°. NmC'Tork, 
S. Colman, 1839. 

Comstock (Andrew, ra. d.) The phonetic 
speaker; cionaiBting of the principles and 
exercises in the author's system of elocu- 
tion, with additions ; tlie wliole in t 
now [phonetic] alpLabet. [IstedO 2 
pp. ia°. rbiladnlpMa, JE. H. Bttllur ^ 

The saine. 3d ed, 130 pp. li 

PMladelpMa, E. E. Btiiler ,j- eo. 1859. 

The riiythmical reader r being a t 

lection of pieces in prose and verse, p: 
sented under a system of notation which 
exliibits blie measure of speech, the qnaa- 
tities of syllables, and the just admeasure- 
ment of pauses. yflO pp. 1 pi. 12". I'kita- 
deJ^hia, autUi; 1832. 

A system of elctcutiou, witii special 

reference to gestai'e, to the treatment of 
stammei'ing, and disfeelive articulation. 
364, iv pp. portrait, la*^. J'hUadd^ltia, 
aidhoi; 1841. 

The same. 8t!i ed. 364, 90 pp, 12°. 

I'kilada2)kia, E. H. Bntler 4- co. 1846. 

A treatise on plionology : comprising 

a perfect alphabet for the english lan- 
guage; a specimen exhibition of the ab- 
surdities of onr present system of orthog- 
raphy ; a lecture on iihouetios, by prof. 
McLaino, [etc.] 2d ed. 1^5 pp. 12". 
FhUadelpltiM, E. ff. Bailei' .J- eo. 1855. 

Comstock (ffew. Cyrus). Some seriptuie 
facts and prophecies illustrated in a trea 
tjse in answer to three qnestious. 190 pp 
16°. WiUiamslou'u, [4f<igs.] 11. Jjaiiaietei 

Cometock (John Lee, m. if.) Natural hif< 
tory of quadrupeds ; with engravings, on 
a new plan, exhibiting their comparative 
size. 1 p. 1. 201 pp. 12°. Hartfoi-d, D. 1 
HoUneoa 4- 00. 13^9. 

Youth's book of natural philosophy 

944 pp. sq. 16". Boitojt, W. Feiree, 1834. 

Coiiaut (Mrs. Hannah O'Brien Chaplin). 
The earnest man. A sketch of the char- 
acter and labors of Adoniram Judsou, first 
missionary to Burmah, Engd. tit. 408 pp. 
portrait. 13", Boston, Fhillips, Sampaoa 4- 

CO. ia^6. 

it deaireil to pnC fortli ae 


Conaiit (Mrs. John Hubbai-d, or Fi-auces 
Ann). Biography of mrs. J. H. Conaut, 
the world's medinm of the nineteenth 
century. Opening remarks by Allen Pu<- 
nara. 333 pp. porUmt. 13°. BobIod, I)'. 

White 4- CO. isra. 

lfoli.--"T mn told, and bolievo, tbat ayirit Tliuo- 
dore Parker oubliiied and dlotated its «e«eutiHl 
~' John W. Day [wrote] what Wiat 

1 pn6 fOMh as a bioffraphy ol liia 

'Prefatory -note, by Allen Putnam. 

Flashes of light from the spirit-land, 

through the mediumship of mrs. J. H. 
Conant. Compiled by A. Putnam. 404 pp. 
12°. BoslO)^ W. White 4 eo. 1873. 

Concord (^NeiB Hampshhyi). The Concord 
directory for 1873; containing a general 
directoryof the inhabitants, andabnsiness 
directory, including Pisherville and Sun- 
cook ; city and county registers, map, &c. 
Compiled by Dean Dudley &■ co, Boston. 
8". CoHcord, 1872. 

Condie (Thomas G.) See Juveuile (The) 

Coiidit (llei: T. B.) The bible readei^s 
guide, consisting of questions designed to 
illustrate morning, noon, aud night; with 
a series of prayers, table devotions, and 
sciipture catechisms, v, 311 pp. 12"^. 
Nem Torli, J. A. Graff, 18G3. 

Prayer and song united; or, a bond 

of ehristaln union for morning, noon, and 
night, iv, 34 pp. 12". X^eiD Tork, J. A. 
Gi-ag, 1H63. 

Confederate (The) primer, l*i4 ; and Con- 
federate (The) spelling book. See Sniitli 

Confederate States (so taffcif) II ai depail 
mtiit A mauuiil of nnhtary surgeiy 
Piepared for the use of tho Confederate 
States aimj Bj oidei of tho surgeon 
„enerjl 2J7 pp 30 pi 1J>' Uwhmond 

Coagiegation of the holy ledeeiuei. ■5fU 
VersEunmlung des heiligsten erliisors. 

Congregational oliurch. Geii&'alassodalioa 
0/ ConnecUtaf. Psalms and hymns, for 
cbnstian use and worship; prepared and 
set forth by the general association of 
Oonneotioat. 730 pp, 16°. SewSiwen, 
lMii%e4 PeoJ.,1845, 

The same. 730 pp. 18°. Mw 

Mavm, Diirrie if Feck, 185'J. 

The book of praise ; or, liymns 

for public and social worship. Prepared 
under the sanction and authority, and in 

db, Google 


Congregational ohnrcli — ooiitinned. 
behalf of the general association of Cou- 
:ieetieiit. [By a committee of fire pas- 
tors]. 672 pp. 1G°. Sart/onl, Hamo-sJeij 
4- CO. 1869. 

CoiigteBstonal dii'ectory. See TTnited 
States. Congress, 

Coiiiiigi:on (John). Miscellaneous writings. 
Edited by J. A, Symonfls, With a memoir, 
l)yH.J.S.SiBit!i. 2t. Isxi, 535pp;3 
p. 1.491 pp. 8°. London, Lon/jmmis, 1872. 

EnaUBh' literature. 
Latin literature. 
Oeueral acholarahip. 

Essaya fi-om tlio *'Cont6nipornrv roview." 
V. a 'Xlie iioems oi' Virgil, ti'aiislaleil into englisli 

Conuecticat (General aasoeiatiou of), Se» 
Congregational church. 

Connecticut (The) business directory, for 
1873. A complete index to the nieroautile, 
manufaeturing, and profeasioufti interests 
of the state, ivith much valnable miscella- 
neous information. 8°. Boston, Bfigijn <f- 
CO. 1873. 

ConneUy (.See. Thomas P.) and Field (Na- 
thaniel, m. d.) A debate on the state of 
the dead, held ia the vicinity of ludian- 
apolia, 1953. Eeported by J. G. Goi-don 
and reTiaed by the parties. 308 pp. 13°. 
ioaistfiHe, Morton ^ Grmmld, 1854. 

Conqneror (The). 1805. SeeFUat (_B.A.) 

Conrad {Bev. WUliam). Easay ou the right 
of infeuts of believing parents tobapti 
148 pp. 12°. Ckamlxirslarg, Pa. M. Kiefftr 
4- CO. 1851. 

Conaoienoe (Heudrilr). The amnlet. Ti^us- 
■ lated expressly foe this ed. 3 p. L 9-199 pp. 
13°. Bdltvmre,J.Mv,iyhy^eo.W7Z. 
[Conscience (Henarik). SLort tales]. 

The fisherman's daughter. Translated 

expressly for this ed. 3 p. 1. 7-194 pp. 
12°. Baltinuyre, J. Murphy 4' «<>■ 18^3. 

[CO!ieciBKCG (Henttrik). Slwrt tales]. 
Conaecrated talents. 1852. Sea T, (C. L.) 
Constance: anovel. [aiwM.] 4 v. 16°. 

London, T. ffoaI;A<!»i, 1785. 
Constancio (Francisw Solano), Novo mes- 

tre inglez,ougrammatica(laIiuguaingleza 

para uso dos Portugaezes, ensiuada em 

viute e clnco lifoes. 3 p. 1. 310 pp. 13", 

Contemporary (The) review. [Monthly]. 

Jnne to nov. 1872. v, 20. 8°. iojujoft, 

Steakaa f eo. 1373. 
Contempt (The) of the clergy considered, 

Svf. Hildrop (Joha, d. d.) 


Contea fantastirtiies. See Jannet (Pierre). 

Contrast (The); or, two young meu de- 
scribed by an acipmintaace, [«fMH(.] 154 
pp. 18°. New York, CarlUMt 4- FhilUpa, 

Conversations on thebible. Seo Hall (Jtfi's. 
Sarah Ewing). 

Conversations on the mountains of the 
pentateneb, and the scenes and circum- 
stances connected with them in holy writ, 
[ajwB.] 202 pp. 18°. A'eiu Toi%G.Laiic 
4- P. P. Sanflfa}-<1, 18i4. 

Couveraations on the present age of the 
world. See Holgate (Jerome B.) 

Conversations on the Sandwich islands 
mission. By a lady, [tmon.] Sded, SIC 
pp. inc. 1 pi, 16°. Boston, Mas«. a. 8. 

Conwell (Knssell H.) History of the great 
fire in Bostoa, uov. 9 and 10, 1872. 312 pp. 
8 pi. 1 map. 12°. Boston, B. B. Biissell, 

Cook (Tiieodore D.) Memoir of rev. James 
M.Cook, 430 pp. portrait. 13°. Boston, 
J. M. Uelier, 1854. 

Cook {Walter A.) General index to the 
documents of the state of New Yorlt, 
1777-1371. See New York {State of). 

Cook (WiUiam), Original gospel hymns 
suited to Ood's elect f m ly the seel 
royal of heaven. 3^4 pi 1 Chelf 
Mm, J. Broom, 1839 

Cook, Colinm & co s u w ]. !«■ ad t 
era' guide, showing a eomi 1 te 11 t of 11 
newspapers, period cals anl naga 
published in the United States and territo- 
ries, for the ready referenceof advertisers. 
XXXV, 342 pp. Bq.l8°. Chicago, (_IU.)1SG9. 

Cooke (Mrs. Harriet B.) Memories of my 
life woric The antobiography of mrs. H. 
B. Cooke. 356 pp. portrait. 12°. JS'e>ii 
York, B. Carta- 4- brofJie)-s, 1858. 

Cooke (John Esten). Doctor Vandyke. A 
novel. 143 pp. 4 pi. 8°, Jfeiv York, D. 
Appleton f CO. 1872. 

Her mi^osty the (jHeeii. A novel. 

330 pp. 12°, Phitaddjyhia, J. B. X(j>pi«- 
eott 4 CO. 1873. 

Cooley (Le Eoy C.) Easy experiments in 
physical science, for oral instruction in 
common schools. 85 pp. 1^. New York, 

' Natural philosophy for common and 

high schools. 175 pp. 12°. h'ew Yoi% C. 
Scribiier 4- eo. 1971. 

db, Google 


Coolidee (Susan, pseadoii.) See 'Woolsey 
(Sarali C.) 

Coppee (Henry, U. d.) Elements of logic. 
EeTised ed, 323 pp. 19°. Pldladelphia, 
E.M. Bailer 4- CO. 1872. 

Elements of rhetoric. 367 pp. 12°. 

Fhiladelphia, E. S. Batlei- 4- 00. 1859. 

English, literature, considered aa an 

interpreter of english history. 488 pp. 
12°. PMlaaelphia, Claxton, Eeinsea 4- Hap 
feljingei; 1873. 

The field manual for Ijattalion drill. 

Containing the exercises and mantsnyres 
iu the school of the battalion. Arranged 
in a tabular form for ttie nsa of olBeers of 
the U. S. infantry : translated, audadapted 
t« the U, 8. infantry tactics, from the 
latest frenoh authorities. 159 pp. 18°. 
Philadelphia, J. B. Uppincott 4- co. 1862. 

A gallery of distinguished english 

and american female poets. With an 
introduction. 400 pp. 1 pi, 8°. Fhil<idel- 
phia, E. S. Butler 4- m>. 18G0. 

ComeU {Eev. J. H.) Thelittle vesper-hook 
heiiig a supplement to the Manual of 
roman chant. By a priest of the congre- 
gation of the moat holy redeemer, [onon.] 
179 pp. 12°. Baltimm-e, Eetly, Hedlan 4- 
Fiet, 1860. 

ComeU (8. S.) Cornell's high school geog- 
raphy : forming part third of a systematic 
series of school geographies. New ed. 405 
pp. 12". JfsiP Ytn-k, D. Appletaa <f- co. 1870. 

Conihill (The) magazine. [M< 
Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 25-20. 8°. 
SiAiih, Elder 4- co. 1872. 

Cornwall (Barry, psendon.) See Procter 
(B. W.) 

Cornwall (Mre. Susan Peyton). The Fin. 
land family 
99iJ pp. 1 pi. 

Cornwallla (Kinahan). Royalty in thi 
new world ; or, the prince of 'Wales ii 
America, xii, 286 pp. portrait. 19°. JVei 
ro!*, M. Doolads, 1860. 

Correapondance de lord G. Germain [etc.] 
1789. .See Great Britain. 

Corwin (Bct. Edward Tanjore). A manual 
of the Reformed protestant dutch church 
in North America. 167 pp. 4°. Nete 
Torh, Board of publication rcf. pi-ot. dutch 
church, 1859. 

Cottages (The) of the Alps, 18G0. 
Johnson (Anna C.) 


Cotton (Charles). The complete angler. 
! Walton (Izaali) and Cotton. 

Cones (Elliott). Key to north american 
hirds : containing a concise acooutit of 
every species of living and fossil bird at 
present known from the continent north 
of the mesican and United States bound- 
ary. 4 p. 1. 361 pp. 6 pi. 3°. Salem, 
[Miss.] nafUTalista^ B^eney, 1873. 

Count (The) de Hoeusdern ; a german tale. 
By the author of Constance, [etc. anon.] 
3v. 16^ London. T Soolliam f J. Car- 
penter 1792 

Count di Novini , or, the confederate oar- 
thnsi»DS A iienpohtaa tale iafioti.} 
3 V. 16" London, G O 4- J BoUmori, 

Court (The) journal andfashionahle gazette, 
[London weekly]. Jan. 6 to dec. 98, 1872. 
fol. [London, F'.Bnjnei-, 1873]. 

Consin Alice. \jpseudon.'\ >Se« Haven {Mrs. 
Emily, or Alice Bradley). 

Coutan {Mine. A.) Choix de poi5sies pour 

pp. 19°. . 

See Ferrer de 

les jeunes pei'sonnes. 

Yorlc, Z>. Appleton 4" 1 
Couto (J036 Ferrer tl 

Covarrubias (Frauciat 

topografla y de geodf 

elementos de astronomia pia«ti 

Yiii, 555 pp. 8 pi ; 564 pp 11 9 pi 

Mexico, imprenla del goMemo, lS68-6'^ 

Tiitado de 
los piimoios 

T. 1. Tiipojsralio. 1868. 

V. B. GeoJesia y Bettonnmia, Ism 

Cowan (John, m. d.) Die wisseusehalt 
eiues neuen lebens. Naoh der 90 eng 
aufl. dentsch von H. Beveruug. 403 pp 
portrait. 8°. New York, Poiean 4 CO 1872 

Coward (William, m.d.) Ophthalonatria . 
qua accurata & integra oculomm male 
affectomm institultur medela: nova me- 
thodo aphoristice concinnata. 8 p. I. 188 
pp. 2 pi. 16°, London, J. O. impensia J. 
Ciiantrij, 1706. 

Cowell (John, II. d.) The interpreter; or 
booke containing the signifioatiou of 
words. Wherein is set foorth the true 
meaning of all, or the most part of such 
words and termes,a8are mentioned in the 
law writers, or statutes of this renowned 
kingdome, requiring any interpretation. 
909 1, sm. 4°. London, VV. Shmrea, 1637. 

Cawlen (Henry, d. d.) The psalms; with 
notes, 1872. See Bible. (English). 

db, Google 


Crafts (William A ) Life of Ulysses 8 
CT%at hsboyliOMl eampigns ■inl'jery 
c B ml tary anl o \ I v i 17' pp 
I tra t 12 Losto ** WaJl-et j •o 


Craven {Mmt Aug stna f 3e La Fer 
ronnays) FIh range A novel ftom tbe 
fr uob Ti msHtwl by M M R 1 p 1 
317 11 1<>° NeoYu!, Salt A WUan 

<Hannah Co Ine 
life witliout love 302 j i 
J. M'ench, 1850. 


) El anor 
12 Bo U 

Creasy (Sic I^warl febepherl) Tbe mpe 
riuIiLtidcoloninlcoiiet t t onsoftbelr bao 
iiic empire, inclul ng ud as lust tut ons 
sv, 403 pp. 6 maps 8 Lo do Lo j 
mans, 1872. 

CrebiUou (Clanle P i r J lyot le) 
Lettres de la ni q e de M a comte 
de E*-. 3y. ml. 2 p. 1. 181 pp, 3 p. 
1. 168 pp. 16". Jmatei'dam, ArhsUe ij- Mer- 

Creniua (TLouaas) or Crusias (Thomas 
Tbeodonia). Thocoa} Creuii de ftirlbns 
libniriia dissertatio epietolica I. [II. & 
III]. Ed. 2a auotior & emendatior. 287 
pp. 16°. Lusditni Satav. tx ojioiiia A. 
van iter Mijn, 1716. 

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woman's history. 357 pp. 1^. Boston, 
Fralt biothers, 1868. 

Cr^qol (Rente- Caroline de FroiJay, mar- 
([iiise de). Lettres incites de la marquise 
de Cr^qui il Senao de Meilban (1783-1780), 
mises en ordre et aonottes par m. £dou- 
ard Fonrnier ; prte^dfe d'une introduction 
par m. Sainte-Beuve. 2 p. 1. cssii, 301 
pp. 16°. Paris, L. Potiei; 1856. 

Creytoii <Paul,jjseiH!o)i.) See Trowbridge 
(John Townaeud). 

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Israel. 104 pp. 8°. London, 1814. 
[ With SOOTt (Tboraaa). The reatoration of IsrHel, 
by r. Joseph Cronll, aai aa anarcec]. 

Crosby (Allan James). Calendar of state 
papers. S«e Great Britain. FiMic record 

Croiwfleld (Christopher, pseudon.) See 

Croy or Crony-Chanel (Com(e Andr^Eo- 
dolphe Claude Francois Simten, (lit Eaoul 
do). Louis XletlePlossia-lfea-Tours, See 
Louyrette (W. H.) anil Croy. 
11 C 

Cruz (Juana lues de la). See Juaiia IHes 

Cultivator (The) "and country gontlemau. 
Devoted to the praotice and science of 
agriculture and horticulture at large, and 
to all tbe vaclons departments of rural and 
domestic economy. [Weekly]. Jan. 4 to 
dec.36,lS73. ¥.37. foL Albany, L. TaOcer 
^ son, 1873. 

Cnmberlanct {Sooietij of the army of the). 
Fifbli reunion, Detroit, 187L lp.L346pp. 
1 pi. portrait. 8°. CinolmiaU, B. Clar&e 4- 

Cmnmings {Rev, Ephraim Chamberlain). 
Birth and baptism: disconrses of first 
prinoiplee. 5 p. 1. 9-263 pp. 12". Port- 
Imd, [B. TUmto^n, ^ <w.] 1373. 

Cmnmlugs (J. A.) The pronouncing spell- 
ing book, adapted to Walker's critical 
pronouncing dictionary, xii, 305 pp. 18°. 
Bo»i'in, Cammingi ^ Billiard, 1819. 

Cnpplea (George). The deserted ship : a 
story of the Atlantic. Being adventarcs 
in the early life of Cupples Howe, mariner, 
258 pp. 6 pL 12°. Boston, Sh^ard ^ Gill, 

Cupples (Mrs. George). Driven to sea; or, 
tbe adventures of Norrie Seton. 333 pp. 4 
pi. 16°. Bosloa, S. B. Fidlm; 1870. 

Curie (Paul F. ni. A.'f On homoiOpathic diet 
and regimen. 

[In Broackes (W, m. d.) Bieensea of tho »I1- 
niontOY oannl- 18°. FhHadeiphia, 18il. pp. 

Curriden (Samuel W.) Our soldiers and 
sailors. See Veterans' national commit- 

CurtiB(JSeu. JolinW.) Poems. 168 pp. por- 
trait. 12°. lfeti!-¥ork,E.O.Je«Mm,lB^'5. 

Cutter (Dr. Benjamin), A history of the 
Cutter family of New England. Revised 
and enlarged by William Richard Cutter. 
si, 364 pp. 1 pi. 6 portraits. 8°, Boston, 
D. Cla^ 4- sOTi, 1871. 

Cutter (Calvin, m. d.) Anatomy and physi- 
ology ; designed for schools and families. 
[Isted.] 262pp. 12°. Boston, S. 2f. Dick- 
imon 4- CO. 1845. 

—The same. 2ded. 322pp. 12°. Bos- 
ton, B. B. Mmse^ ^ eo. 1846. 

Tbe sajne. A treatise on anatomy, 

physiology, and hygiene, 458 pp. 5 1. 12°. 
Boston, B. B. Mnssey 4- bo. 1849. 

The same. 1850. 

— — The same, Revised ed, 466 pp. 5 I. 
12°. Bosloii, II. B. Mamy 4 co. 1854. 

db, Google 


Cutter (Calvin, m. d.)~coatiuae&. 

First book on anatomy aud physi- 
ology. [Isfe ed.] 139pp. 13°, Boston, 
B. B. M'Mimj # CO. 1847. 

The same. Stereotype ed. 144 pp. 

13°. Nem Fort, [e(c.] Clark f Aualin, [ew.] 

The same. And hygiene. 180 pp. 5 1. 

12°. Boston, B. B. Mmaes # co. 1849. 

The same. 180 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Bos- 
ton, B. B. Mussey cf co. 1850. 

First [and] second Ijoot on aualytlo 

anatomy, physiology aod hygiene, liamau 
and comparativa. 2 v. 197 pp ; 310, viii 
pp. 13°. PhiladelpMa, J. B. LippivcoU f 
00. lSri-7S. 

Cutter (William). Missionary efforts of the 
protestant episcopal ohncch iu the United 
States. Prepared irom ofQcial documeate. 


Worceiter, SpvaaST i& SmalanO,, 

Cuyler [Sen. Theodore Ledyard). Stray i 
rows. 167 pp. 18°. Umi) York, B. Car 
4- Jn-otli^-9, 1851. 

Czoinlg; (Carl yon). Oesterreieh's neuge- 
stftltuug, 1848-1857. Ala mannaeript ah- 
gedruclrt aus der ethaographie der oester- 
reichiachen monarchie. Herauegegeben 
von der k. k. direction der administrativen 
etatistik. 1 p. 1. 395 pp. 1 tab. 4°. iFie^ 
k, }c. hof- imd staatsdruclca-el, 1857. e. 

D. (G. P.) See Nevnaaix (Mrs. A. E.) 

D"** de P'"" (Paul). See P"*. 

Daheim. [Ein dentsches familienwochen- 
blatt mit illnstrationen]. 30 sept. 1871 bis 
ai sept. 1873. V. 8. 4°. Leipzig, B. ESnig, 

Daily morning chronicle. [Waahiogtou]. 
Jan. 1 to dee. 31, 1873. 3 v. fol. WasTt- 
injtott, Gh-ordeU pnblisMng co. 1873. 

Daily national republican. See ITatianal 
repnblican (Washiugton daily). 

DaUy (The) patriot. [Washington]. 
1 to noT. 9, 1872. 3 t. f " 
The pali'iotnemspaper aseoda^n, 1872. 
.Wafis— DismnUuued from tlie last date. 

Sally piety; a guide to catholic devotion, 
for general nse. [anon.] 288 pp. 32°. 
i'etw Ym-k, E, Dimtgan ^ 'brother, 1850. 

Daisy Maynard's four promises, 1871. Sve 
Read (Emily). 

Dalzel (Andrew). Kvakts/ro, ^KKtivi-kr 

sive coUectanea grieca minora ; onm notis 
pliilologicis qnaa partim collegit, parti 
sci'ipHJt A. DflJzel. Acoedunt paivam lo; 


Dalzel (Andrew) — oou tinned. 
oon et index remm. Ed. prima ueo-ebora- 
consie. [333] pp. 8°. Ifovi-Eboi-a'A, E. 
DuyMnok, [do.] 1835. 

Damberger (Christian Frederick, pseiidou.) 
See SchrSter (Joseph). 

Dana (A. H.) Inductive inquiries in physi- 
ology, ethics, and ethnology, relating to 
subjects of recent research or speculation, 
is, 13-303 pp. 12°. New York, A. S. 
Bai-nea 4- co. 1873. 

Dana. (James Dwight). A system of miner^ 
alogy ; including an extended treatise on 
crystallography; with an appendix, con- 
taining the application of mathematics to 
cryataUographic investigation, and a miu- 
eralogioal bibliography, xiv, 453, 130 pp. 
4 pi. 8°. Mio Hmwii, DunHe ^ Peck, 1837. 

Tlie same. Comprising the most re- 
cent discoveries. 2d ed. 634 pp. 4 pi. 8°. 
New York, WUeg ^ Piititani, 1844. 

Dana (Joseph). Liber primus, or a first 
book of latin exercises. 56h ed. 192 pp. 
160. Boston, J. S. A. Prost. 1833. 

The same. [Alao], colloquies from 

Eraamus; with a vocabulary. By Charles 
K. Dillaway, a. m. 12th ed. 352 pp. 13°. 
BosUm, J. S. A. FroH, 1833. 

Darro'w (Pierce). Soott'a militia tactics ; 
comprising the duty of iniantry, light- 
infantry, and riflemen. 2d ed. xvi, 13- 
284 pp, 24 pi, 12°. Marl/ord, O. B. Cooke, 

Bassoucy. Si-e Assoucy (Charioa Coy- 
peau d'). 

Dati (Carlo). Vite de pittori auLichi. 8p.l. 
182 pp. 1 L 4°. Fh'eiiee, nella stamperia 
della Stella, 1667. 

Vita di Zevai 

itK d'Appeile. p, 
ita, dl T^togene. 
le vrEe de . 

Daviclson (Lucretia Maria). Poetical re- 
mains, collected and arranged by her 
mother: with a biography, by Miaa [C. 
M.] Sedgwick, sv, 3.3-312 pp. 12°. Pftite- 
delpltia, Lea ^ Blanvhard, 1841. 

Davles (Chailes, U. d.) Elementary treatise 
on algebra; embracing the first principles 
of that science, vii, 379 pp. 13°. Neio 
York, A. S. Bamea 4- co. 1845. 

Elements of the differential and inte- 
gral calcnlus. 383 pp. 12°. Neu) York, 
Wiley tj- Long, lSi6, 

db, Google 


Davlee (Cliarlea, II. d.) — continuetl, 
Elements of geometry, with applica- 

tioiiB in mensuration. S16pp, 12°. Phila- 

Aelphia, A. S. Baj-w«8 ^ eo. 1841. 
Firet leBsouB in arithmetic. 132 pp. 

lff=. Harford, (Omn.) A. S. Barnes ^- co. 

Tbe same. 168 pp. IS"^. Nevi York, 

A. S. Barnes f co. 1849. 

Mental and practical atittmetio. 

With a key. 288 pp. 12°. EaHfonl, Cmm, 
A.B. Barnes, ] 
[Key waatinsl. 

New nniyersity arithmetic, embrar 

tiing the science of narabers and tlieir ap- 
plication, 437 pp. 12°. Neiv York, A. S. 
Barnes 4- eo. 1857. 8. 

Davis (Mrs. Caroline E. K.) Heart's de- 
light. 432 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, H. Boyt, 

Little three-year-old. 1G4 pp. 8 pi. 

sq. 16°. Boston, B. Lotltrop ^ co. [18?3]- 

Dawes (Sbv. Richard). Suggestive hints 
to wards improved secular instrnotion. 7th 
ed. xxW, 320 pp. 1 table. 16°, London, 
GroomJiridge 4' sons, 1857. 

Da'wson (Edward W.) Benedict's wander- 
ings, in Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Sicily. 
1 p. 1. 566 pp. 20 pL 13°. JVeiff Raves,, G. 
S. BkhiaoM ^ 00. 1873. 

Da-wsou (Heury Barton). [Gleaiiiugs from 
the battle iields of american history, part 
xi. The aasanlt ou Stony Point, lay gen- 
eral Anthony Wayne, July 16, 1779. Pre- 
pared far the New York historical society, 
and read at its monthly meeting, april 1, 
1862. 156 pp. 1 map, 19 fac-sim, 4°. 
MorrfsMtia, y. ¥. [auWiov], 1863. 

Day (George T.) The life of rev. Martin 
Cheney. 471 pp. portrait, 12". Frovi- 
denee, G. H. Whitnen, 1853. 

Day (Henry N.) The science of Eeathetics; 
or the nature, kinds, laws, and uses ol 
beauty, xvii, 434 pp. 3 pi. 12°. New 
Smien, C. C. Chatfield 4- eo. 1372, 

Day (John W.) Biography of n 
Conant,1873. See Coiiant (Era 
or mrs. John Hubbard). 

Day (Samne) PhUlipa). Monastic institu- 
tioDs; their origin, progress, nature, and 
tondeucy. With au introduction by 
clergyman of the ohnrch of Ireland. 


Days' (The) doings — continued, 
3, 1870, to noT. 23, 1872. v. 6-9. fol. Nm 
York, Dosfs" Arings eo. [1870-72]. 
Deacon (William Frederick). Warreuiana : 
■with notes, critical and explanatory. By 
the editor of a quarterly reyiew. [W. G. 
pseiuton.i 192 pp. ,16°. Boston, Tivkim; 
Eeed 4- Fields, 1851. 
Dean (Philotus). Tbe intellectual arithme- 
tic: [etc.] 176pp. 16°. Pittsburgh, (_Pa.) 
A. S. English 4- co. [1861]. 

Tbe primary aiithmetic. Designed 

as an introduction to mental and written 
arithmetic. 108 pp. 18°. Filtahargk,(Pa.) 
A. H. English 4- 00. [I860]. 

Tbe public school arithmetic, 320 pp, 

12°, Pittsburgh, {Pa.) A. M. English f co. 
Dearborn (Nathaniel). American text 
book for letters, with copious remarks ou 
the various letters now in use. 3d ed. 
52 1. inc. 46 pi. (script eng.) 53-101 pp. 
obi. 8°. Boston, 1846. 
De Burgh Ol- Bnrgli (Ulick, 5flt earl 4- also 
marquess of Clan-ricarde). Tbememoirsand 
letters of Uliok, marquiss of Clauricarde, 
and earl of Saint Albans. Printed from au 
antbentio manuscript, and now first pub- 
lished by the present earl of Clauricarde. 
XX, 444, 65pp. fol. London,.!. Haglui, for 
E. 4- J. DoiUey, 1757. 
Decandolle. See Candolle. 
DeemB(CharleBP.ti.(!.) Tbe home-altar. Au 
appeal in behalf of family worship ; with 
prayers and hymns. 281 pp. 12°. New- 
Yoj'fc, M. W. Dodd, 1850. 

The same. 281 pp. 12°. Miv- York, 

M. W. Doda, 1851. 
Debarbe (Joseph, s. j.) Grosser katboliscbet 
katechismus mit einem abrisse der reli- 
giouBgeschiohte fiir die reifere jngeud und 
fUr erwachseue. Neueste, vermebrte anfl, 
des sogen. " Lehrbegriffes," no. 1. xvi, 
240 pp. 12°. Bcgembm-g, F, Pustet, 1865. 

KatboUsoher katechismus, oder lebr- 

begriff, nebst einem kurzem abrisse der 
religions-geBohiebte, no. 1. 218 pp. 13°. 
jVeic York 4- Cincinnati, F. Pastel, 1867. 
DelaGeld (Erancis, m. A.) A hand-book of 
post-mortem examinations and of mor- 
bid anatomy. 2 p. 1. 376 pp. 8°. Hevl- 
York, W. Wood 4- co. 1872. 

Dublin, W. CvrrUtjr. 4- 00.1844. Delbaire (Pierre Jean). Diotionnaire de 
Days' (The) doings. Hlustrating estraor- siglllograpbio pratique. See Cliaaaant 
diuaryeventsof theday. [Weekly]. Dee. [ (A. A. L.) oniZ Delbarre. 

db, Google 


Delehanty (Martin). Manual for tbe com- 
mon oonncil of tbe city of Albany, IWl. 
See Albany (Citif of). 

Delepieire (Ootave). Chronitjues, tradi- 
tions et l^gendes de I'anoienne Listoire des 
Flamantla ky, 302 pp H iiHe B on 
ii« Baiiiiens 1834. 

Sopeiclieriea litt^nnes p-istiches 

snppositiOQa (Vauteut, daus leu lettres et 
dans les aits. 4 p. 1. 333 pp 16 I j) 
Loiiilies, A^ IWaiMi-^me 18^2 

Deletanville (Thoinaa). A f sDch diction- 
ary: in two parts; tbe bist Ireuch and 
english: the Beoond, engliab and fLencli. 
4tb ed. By Des Cairieies xi. pi 4fj5 1 
B". Zonaon, L. Hanford, 1804. 

Deleuzs (Joseph Philippe Fran pois). Prac- 
tical iuatmotion in animal magnetism. 
Translated byTliomas C. Hartaborn. Be- 
viaed ed, Witli an appendix of notes Ijy 
the translator, [etc.] descriptive of cases 
in the United States. 408 pp. 12°. Neio 
York, D. AirpUton ^- co. 1843. 

Delineations of the heart. See Raithby 

DeU (EffP. William). Select works, vii, 
584 pp. 8". Londtm, for J. EenHall in Col- 
chester, 1773. 

j's spirit a ohi latian a strangtli 

The way of Iiqb peaea and uuity in the ti ue 

cliuroli of ChnsL 
Tbe oi-atdfled and qnlok«ied oLnatimi A dia- 

conrae on G)nl ii 1 J 30 
The Btmnbling-stone ii a dlacouiae (onMatt. si. 

Bmrrwuwf Sitaxii. Or. tbo dootime of baptlfima. 
The trial of aplrita. |A aannon]. 
A eonfntatlon of errors, deliveFod to tbe nnWersit; 

A teawnony ag^at divlnltjKlfigi'flea ia nte uai- 

Delia Balcom. [aitim.] 333 pp. 4 pi. 18^. 
Boston, Mass. s. s. soeieii/, [1863]. 

Delmont [The] family; or, £imiliar con- 
Teraationa on practical subjects, [fiiton.] 
182 pp. 4 pi. 13°. New York, Carltm f 
PhiiUp), 18S6. 

De Long^ (G.) Coutumea dnpayaet duoh6 
de Brabant. Qii art ier d'An vera. Tom 
Contumea de la viUe d'AnYCrs. S p. 1. 611 
pp. 4°. BruxelUs, F. Qobbm-ts, 1873. 
[BeLQTUH. ^imatbre de (a jaslKe. Recneil 
suoieunes oontnmes de la Belgtque}. 

Democrat (The); oriutrignes and adv 
tni'es of Jean Le TJoir. [atioji.] 2 y. ii 


Democrat (The)— continued. 

xii, 136 pp; 2 p. 1. 163 pp. IfP. New- 

Torli, J. Emngtoii, 1795. 
Demorest'e illustrated monthly. And mme. 

Demoreat's mtrrar of fashions. Jan. to dec. 

1872. V. 9. 4°. INeiB Yoi-!c, W. J. Demorest, 

Young America. A boys aiid girls 

monthly magazine. Jan. to dec. 1873. v. 

6. 8°. [New York, W. J. Demoreet, 1872]. 
Denlson(Mi'S. Mary Andrews). Stolen from 

kome. 399 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, S. 

Soyt, [1873]. 
Victor Norman, rector. 9fi2 pp. 13". 

Pltiladel:ehUi, J. B. JUp^coU f co. 1873. 
Denman (Jacob S.) Deuman's library for 

children. The eagle primer, uos. 1-6. 6 y. 

16°. SeiB York, Fm-mer, Brace f CO. 1854. 

Tbe student's primer, designed as a 

first book for children. 48 pp. 12°. Nm- 

Yorh, Pratt, Woo^ord ^ co. 1850. 

The students' aeries. 4 v. 18<'&13°. 

New York, Pratt, WoiH^ford 4- co. 1851. 

The stndenf^s speater, a new collec- 
tion of pieces, in prose, dialogues, and po- 
etry. 144 pp. 18°. New-Ywk, Pratt, 

The atudeut's spelling-book, designed 

to teach the orthography and orthoepy of 
the english langni^, as contained In Wob- 
stei''s amerioan dictionairy. 158 pp. 16°. 
New-York, Pratt, Woodford ■y' co. 1851. 

Denmark. Gelieimc-etatsratul og (Hrtcteiir for 
gradmaalingen. Ben danske gradmaaliug. 
Andet bind, indeholdende meridianbnens 
hOYed triangler iVa Elben til Lams og deres 
forbindelse med maaliugerue pna Ijiel- 
land. UdgiYetaf C.G. Andrro. 40. Kjp- 
benkam, F. 8. Malile, 1879. s. 

De Pni (Ew. James). An exposition of the 
prophecies of the apocalypse. 3d ed. re- 
vised and enlarged, viii, 13-396 pp. 2 pi. 
12°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Bemsen 4' Saf- 
felfinger, 1873. 

De Quinoey (Tliomas). Confessions of an 
english opinm eater. Being au extract 
from the life of a scholar. 190 pp. 16°. 
Boston, W. D. "Rchnor, 1841. 

Essays on philosophical writers and 

other men of letters. 3 v. 3 p. 1. 292 pp ; 

db, Google 


De Quincey (Tliomaa)— contianecl. 
3 p. 1. 291 pp. 120. Boatmi, Tkkiior, Beed 
# Fkm, 1854. 
[De Quiscsrs writinga, t. 13-14]. 

Memciials, and otiier papora. 2 v. 

348 pp; 347 pp. 12P. Boston, Ticknoi- ^■ 

Fields, 1856. 

(De Quikcev'S writings, v. 15-18). 

Derby (Elias Haskot). Tlie catholic. Let- 
ters addreasedty a jumt toayoungkina- 
man proposing to join tlie church of Rome, 
xii, 293 pp. 120. Boataa, J. P. Jeiveit ^ 
CO. 1856. 

Dermott (G. D.) A concise deaeription of 
the locality aad diatrihution of the arterifts 
in the human body, viu, 144 pp 9 pi 
12°. London, S.mgUeg,!*^ 

De Sanctis (L. d.d.) Eomcj chrietiau ami 
papal; sketches of its lehgiouH monu- 
ments and ecclesiastical hierarchy, with 
notices of the jesnita and the luquisition 
261 pp. 17 pi. 12°. New Turl, Smptt ^ 
ti-oift«)-s, 1858. 

Des anciens gouvememeuta, ffidSratifs, 
[etc.] deCrfete. See Sainte-Croix (GuU- 
lauroe E. J. G. de 0. L. Mron de). 

Description of Latium; or, la oampagua 
di Roma. See Knight (E. Cornelia). 

Deshou (Ew. George). Guide for catholic 
young woman, especially for those who 
earn their own living. 332 pp. 1<P. Xtxo 
Yorlc, n. ^ J. Sadlier # co. 18fi3. 

Deahouli&rea (Antoinette Dnligier de la 
Garde and Antoinette Th^rfeae). (Euviea 
ohoiaies. 2 v. in 1. sit, 108 pp ; 107 pp. 
portrait. 24°. Londres, 1780. 

Deemotilins (Antoine). Hiatoire natnreUe 
dee racea hnmainea du nord-eat de I'En- 
Tope, de I'Asie bor&ile et orlentale, et de 
l'Afric[ne anstrale, d'aprfes dea reohercUes 
sp^iiftlea d'anticiuitea, de physiologie, d'a- 
natomie et de zoologie, applic|u6e h la 
reclierche des origiues dea anciens peuples, 
etc. xssiv, 392 pp. 1 1. 7 pi. 8°. Paris, 
M«qaigvon-Marvis, 1826. 

Deanoyers (Louis). Les miSaaventurea do 
Jean-Panl Choppart. Illnstr^ea par H. 
Giacomelli. [1786 ^d,] 9 p. 1. »t, 332 pp. 
8°. Paris, J. Hetzel, [1865]. 

Deaportes (Philippe). (Euvrea. Avecune 
introduction et des notes par Alfred Mi- 
chiela. Engd, tit. icii, 530 pp. IG". Fans, 
A. Delahags, 1858. 
[BiblioUi^ue gaulolee). 

fitnda anr PhlHppe Deaporl 

Desportea (Philippe)— continued. 

Les amours d'Hlppolyte. 

C(6onico, dernitos nmonrs de Desnottoa. 

filSBies. ^ "^ 

AngSIiquB. "™ 

Mealangfls — DiTeraea amouts. Bergeriea. Mns. 
quamdes. lEpitaphea. [ate.) 

DesR. (C. S). Petit diotionnairehistorique 
et chronologique d'^dncation, ou recnoil 
alpliabStique des traits d'hiatoire ancienne 
et moderue lea plus propres fb former le 
ccent et I'esprit de la jeunesse; n5dig6 
aur le plan do celni de J. J. Pillassier, et 
pubM par C. S. dea R— . lanon.} ii, 582 
pp. 1 pi. 16". Pom, Ledentii, 1819. 

Dbb sociiSt^s aeci'fetes en Allemagne, et en 
d'autcea contoSes ; de la sectedea illnminfe, 
du tribunal secret, de Taaaaaainat de Kotza- 
bue, etc. [iMwn.] 259 pp. 8^. Paris, 
Gide, fih, 1819. 

Denther (Charlea G.) The life and times of 
the rt. rev. John Timou, first roman cath- 
olic bishop of the diocese of Buffalo. 338 
pp. 2 pi. 8°. Buffalo, aathor, 1870. 

DeutBches gesangbuoh, 1849. See Lu- 
theran clinrch. 

Dentaoh-franzoaiache (Der) krieg 1870-71. 
1972. See Prusaia. KriegsminUterium. 

De Vere (Maximilian Scheie, U. d.) The 

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The same. New household ed. Fully 

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db, Google 

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quioqnid apnd Delplios oelebre erat, e 
losuiB hietoria, scriptisque saoria efBnxiaae, 
rationibns hand iuconcinnia ostenditur. 
Et qnampinrima, qnse pliilologiie studio- 
ais apprime juonnda fatura sunt, aliter ae 
vnlgo aolent, enarrantur. Appenditur 
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ejiisque nofflinibus etbnicis; neo non de 
origiae druidum. His accessit oratiuu- 
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sesBitp of placina tbe 

S'litiaal entyecCs. 
ament escapted) 

politi ribl^r. a p. 1 70 pp, 1 1. 

u-C An aualytiual review of various libels, 

"sk : 

le pnblicOitiou 

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[librixKii,sKxvii-lviii] : tradotto di greco 
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opera nnonamente nenuta in luce, ne piu 
in lingua alcuna stampata. 6 p. I. cclssKJI 
pp. am. 4°. [Fifieyio, S. d'AristoHU di 
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13th ed. [Also], a sermon on 
ire of the soul, xiv pp. 3 1. 33G pp. 
New York, J. Harri«oit,for Sew York 

db, Google 


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Bociety for pi-oMotinff oftiisiian Icaowledge ajid 
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his iiimily, and Mends. Also, a selection 
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Thompson (Mortimer M.) 
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The orthographer ; containing above 

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to their parts of apeeoh, with about five 
tbousand scripture names, &c. [Also], 
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PkilaAelpkia, author, 1S14. 
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McorAi, laboHt 1^0]. 

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obi. fol. MOmio, a. JikwdS, labonl 1843]. 

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weaning, and the general treatuient of 
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ton, PMllips, Sampson f co. 1859. 
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euglish lexicon ; principaDy on the plan 
of the greek and german lexicon oi 
Schneider. 1st am, from 2d Lond. ed. 
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atorer (Harriet G.) 
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or, Lorenzo's thoughts, on different relig- 
ious subjects, in an address to the people 
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hma, [Cffirn.] J. Bj/me, 1804. 
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aud fruit-trees of America ; or, the eul- 
tare, propagation, aud mauagemeut, in 
the garden and orchard, of fruit-trees gen- 
erally ; with descriptions of all the tinest 
varieties of fruit, cultivated in this eonu- 
try. Second revision aud correction, with 
large additions and an appendix of 1872, 
by Char!^ Downing. [Part 1]. Apples, 
xs, 465, 43 pp. 8°, Neiv Ym-ic, J. Wiles 'f 
sun, 1872. 
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Kobert Hatton, including his moat im- 
portant public speeches; with mnch of 
his Washington & array correspondence, 
si, 458 pp. portrait. 8°. NaehmUe, Teiiit., 
Marslmll ^ Brwx, 1867. 
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viii, 191 pp. 4°. J\'eto Yoi% \_BraAfm-3, 
clahl, 18(i0. 
[BiwoKiiu) dui) aoviea, nn. S], 

db, Google 

Drake (Samuel Gardner), Biography and 
liiBtory of the Indians of Kortli Amorioa ; 
also a Iiistoiy of their wars, nasaacres and 
depredations; with an aooount of their an- 
tiquities, manners and customs, ireligiou 
and laws ; likewise aa analysis of authors, 
who have written upon the first peophng 
ofAmenoa. 5 th ed. 5 books in It. SP. 
Boston, Antiqawian iTtstitule, 1836, 

The same. Sth ed. with large addi- 
tions and corrections. 708 pp. 16 pi. 8'^. 
Bostim, AnUqam-ian ioolcatore, 1841. 

Draper (John C. m. d. eMtor). See Year- 
book of nature and popular science, for 

Drayton (J. B.) A free poetic version of 
the first part of the Pilgrim's progroee. 
See Buuyan (John). 

Drayton. A story of amerioan life. [anon. ] 
374 pp. 12°. NeioYorlc,Ha>-pei-^firoihei-s, 

DraytOii-liall scries, 1871. See Matllewa 
(Julia A.) 

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triumphs of the Moreland family, [anon.] 
191 pp. 18°. Boston, J. S. French, 1846, 

Dreams and realities in the life of a pastor 
anil teacher. By the author of " Boiling 
ridge," [etc oiion.] 430 pp. 12°. New 
Yorlc, J. C. Deris, 1856. 

Drelsbach (Johannes) anA Niebel (Heio- 
rich). Bas geistliohe saitenspiel, Oder eine 
sammluug aiiserlesener, erbaulicher, goist- 
roicher lieder. Iste anfl. 5 p. 1. 436 pp. 
4 I. 16". Heie-BerUn, {Pema :) S Miller 
4' 3. Hiebel, fiir dk «ja«j/eiiscfte gemeinschuft, 

Dreaser (Amos). The bible against war. 
252pp. 18^ OSsiZin, [O]fl«l»oi,1849. 

Dressier (WUliam) Peters' C'itholio diss 
book; a collection of copyright songs, 
dnets, trios, and choruses. Including an 
easy course of elementary instruction, 
with exercises 256pp 12° Sew ¥ork, 
J. S. Peters, [1873]. 

The singing festival, (siinger-fest,) a 

collection of popular glees, trios, qnartets, 
and choruses, for male voices. Selected 
from the best anthers. 240 pp. obi. 8°. 
Nmo Fork, J. ^.Peters, [1873]. 

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and literary labours of Samuel Drew. By 
hia eldest son. 9d ed. 543 pp. portrait. 
8°. Zottdon, Fialier, son f eo. 1835. 


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sey prison-ship; taken and prepared for 
publication from the original manuscript. 
By Albert G. Greene. 167 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
Prom^enee, S. H. Broicn, 1830. 

Drlttea lesebuch. See Lesebucli (Drittes). 

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to oct. 1372. New series, v. 18-19 ; [com- 
plete series, v. 70-71]. S^. Londoit, Burns, 
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and political journal, [Monthly]. Jan. 
to doc. 1872. V. 79-30. 8°, DiMin, G. 
Herbert, 1872. 

Du Calvet (Pierre, edifoi-). The case of Pe- 
ter Dtt Calvet, of Montreal, in the pro- 
vince of Qnebeck. Containing an account 
of the long and severe iuiprisoQmoQt he 
suffered in the said province by the order 
of general Haldimand, without the least 
offence, or other lawful cause, whatever, 
si, 284 pp. 8°. Xoih!o», [outRw], 1784. 

Du Cliastelet (Paul Hay). Histoire de Ber- 
trand Dv Gvescliu, connestable de France. 
Compos^e nounellenient, & donu^ au 
public anec plusieurs pieces originates 
tonehant la prdsente histoire, celle de 
France &. d'Espagne de oe temps ih, & 
particuliiiremont de Bretagne. 12 p. L 480 
pp. 10 1. fol. Paris, L. Billaire, 1666. 

Duchess (The) RcmSe and her court, 1S73. 
SeeB. (L.) 

bucloe (Charles Fineau). Considerations 
eur les mosurs de ce sifeole. 7e ^d. xii, 
392 pp. 2 1. I60. Paris, Frawlt, 1780. 

Dudley (J. L.) Tides and tendencies of re- 
ligious thought 307 pp. 13°. Pkila^el- 
pMa, ClaaUm, Bemsen 4' Saffelfinger, 1873. 

Duffieia (George, S. d. Jt. 1794.) Spiritaal 
life : or, regeneration, illnstrated in a serifs 
of disquisitions, relative to its author, 
subject, nature, means, etc. xii, 613 pp. 
1 1. 8°. CarlUU, Pa., G. Fkming, 1833. 

a>id Bamee (Albert). Disconrses on 

the sabbath, vii, 13-156 pp. 18°. Fhih 
adelpMa, O. W. Donahue, 1836. 

Dumas (Alexandre Davj). Andr^ de Ta- 
veraey: or, the downfall of the french 
monarchy. Being the final conclusion of 
"The memoirs of a physician," "The 
queen's neukla,cc," " Six years later," and 

db, Google 


DiimaaXAlesaiidi'e DaTy) — eojtiuiiiMl. 
"CountMsof Charny." Tianslatod fioiu 
the french, by H. L. Williams. 2 v. 2 p, 
1. 21-160 pp ; 2 p. 1. 21-166 pp. B°. Fhih 
addphia, T. li. Peterson ^ bi-oihtfta, [1863]. 

The Mohicans of Paris, Tvauslated 

expressly for thia eA. 189 pp. ?P. FMl- 
adelpJila, T. B. Ptlerson <(■ hrothere, [1859], 

Hapol6oH. With conTersational ei- 

erciaes, explanatory notes, and references 
to the "new flrench method," by Louis 
FasquellB.ll. d. 373 pp. 13°. NmYork, 
Iviaon ^- Phhinen, 1855. 

The same. Trajialation, compositiou, 

conrersation. With conversational exer- 
cises, [etc.] by Lonia FasqnsUe. 273 pp. 
12°. Neio York, Iviaon, FUnneg ^- co. 1861. 

DumaB (Alexandre, fiW), Camille; or, the 
cameli^lady : ("La dame aiix cara^Uas"). 
A literal translation from the frenoh. 249 
pp. 13°. FhihiMpli^a, T. B. Feleraoa 4- 
irothera, [18tiO]. 

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rirat series, nos. 1-5. Aug, 15, 1860, to 

april,1861. 179pp. 8°. mie-York,J. A. 

H. Hasbrouct:, [e(o.] 1860-61. j 

aVite.— B'oe.l-4oiitiOBd,onooTBrs, "Tliemeiloa 

vttpfm- — Themexioui queation, tbe grcAt Ajne 

(can, vith peiBiBial telaimsceDoetL A aeris 

iesaaa Bcml-moithly " ; No. 5. " The meiioa 

apera, wmbuning the hiatory of the rise »i 
aline of commercial slavery in Ameiica, 'Vil 
reference to ilie future of Mexico. April, 18G1 
Dunbar (George). A concise general history 
of the early greeian states : with some ob- 
servations on the nature and policy of the 
spartan and athenian governments. 99 pp. 
8°. [iftw ToTk, 1825]. 

[Wilh Potter (John). Archieologia giwca, otc. 
8=>. j¥««-ror*, COHiJurfeo. leasj. 

Duncan (P. B.) Essays and misoellanca, 
[owDrt.] 2v. 5p. 1.596 pp; 420 pp. 16°. 
Oxford, T. Combe, 1840, 

Dungaji (D. R,) On the rook; or, truth 
stranger than fiction. 358 pp. 12°. Os- 
kalooaa, J<ma, Call, Bristol ■(■ co. 1872. 

Dungll^on (Eobley,m.(I.) Medical lexicon, 
A new dictionary of medical science, con- 
taining a concise acconnt of thn various 
eubjecls and terms ; with a voeahnJary of 
synonyraee in different langnages. 2d ed. 
Yii, 821 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea <f' 
BlaneUrd, 1839. 

The practice of medicine ; or, a trea- 
tise on special pathology and therapentioa. 
[1st ed.] 2 V. lii, 25-573 pp ; 750 pp. 
8". PMUuklpUa, Lea 4- Blanehard, 1842. 
13 c 

Dunlap (S. F.) 
AdoaL 216 pp. 
Nbrgaie, 1871. 


imigliaoii (Kobloy, ni. d.)— continued. 
The same. 2d ed. 2 v. lii, 25-fi32 

pp; 683 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea 4- 

Blanehard, 1844. 

Sud, the mysteries of 
8". Londutt, Witliama if 

of the man. xsii, 152 
London, WHliama 4 Norgate, 1861. 
Dunning {Mra. A. K.) Grace Avery's in- 
fluence. BuKd. tit. 389 pp. ino, 1 pi. 16°. 
Bosioa, D. Loihrop 4- co. 1873. 
[The thousand dollar prise series]. 

Duperron fle CaBt€ra (Louis Adrieii). Ex- 
traita de plnsieurs pieces du th^Atre es- 
paguol. See Vega Carplo (Fdljs Lope 

Duppa (Richard). A brief account of the 
subversion of the papal government, 1798. 
2d ed. xii, 200 pp. 8". London, G. G. ,j- 
J. liolintion, 1799. 

Du Pratz. See Pratz (Le Page Da). 

Dnpuy (Miaa Eliza A.) Waa he guilty t 
1 p. 1. 19-456 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, T. B. 
Peteraon 4- Irothei-a, [1873]. 

Who shall be viotort A seqnel to 

"The cancelled will." 1 p. \. 19-364 pp. 
Philadelphia, T. It. Peteraon 4 brothers, 

Dui'bin (John Price, d. d.) Observations iu 
the east, chiefly in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, 
and Asia minor. 2 v. xi, 347 pp. 5 pi. 2 
maps ; x, 299 pp. 13 pi, map. 12°. New 
Yorlc, Harper f brothera, 1845. 

Durivage (Francis Alexander). Lifesoenes, 
skebcbed in light and shadow from the 
world around na. Engd. tit, 403 pp. 5 pi. 
13°. Boston, B. B. Musset/ 4- co. 1853. 

Dutcher (George M.) Disenthralled: a 
story of my life. 276 pp. 7 pi. 12°. Bart- 
fard, ColumUan book co. 1872. 

Duval (John C.) The adventures of big- 
foot Wallace, the Texas ranger and hnnt- 
er. 291 pp. 8 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, Clax- 
toii, Itemsea ._[■ Haffeljinger, 1871. 

Duvsrger ( — ). Eeeueil de pifeoes choiaios, 
^ I'asa^ des persounes qui veulent ap- 
prendre le fran^ais. v, 439 pp. 1G°, Zon- 
dres, B. Applesard, [eto.'] 1795. 

Duvergier de Hauranne (Prosper). His- 
toire du gonvernement parleoientaire en 
France— 1814-1848— pr6c6d6e d'une intro- 
duction. V. 10. 8°. Paria, M. L£nj frh-ea, 

d by Google 


Duyokinok (Evert Aiigastiia). History of 
the world from the earliest period to tho 
present time. Illustrated with engrav- 
ings from original paintings hy Chappel 
[and others], 4 v. 8°. Xcfo Toi% John- 
son, Fi-y .^- m. [1869-71]. 

and Chappel (Aloiixo). Liviis and 

portraits of the presidents of the TTnited 
States, from Wnshingtoa to Grant. Tlie 
biographies, by E. A. Dayckinok, and tie 
portraits, hy Alonao Chappol. [Also], the 
constitution of the United Stivtca ; Wnsli- 
ington's farewell address, oto. Engil, tit. 
S48 pp. 4 1. of faes. 18 pi. 4^^, JVfcti' Yorlt, 
Johnson, Wilson ■?■ w. [1873], 

DuyckinclE (George Long), Tho life of 
George Herbert. 197 pp. 3 pi. portrait, 
18°. .A'fHi York, Gw. 2»'ot. episoojia? s. s, 
union and dhaveh buol) eodeig, 1858. 

The life of Jeremy Taylor. 1S3 pp. 

portrait. 16°. New York, Gea. proi. ejitseo- 
pal s. i. )(JiJoB aii& church book aockli/, ISGO. 

Dwi^t (Nathaniel), A scriptural answer 
to the question, how may I know that I 

- amanadoptedohildofGodl 210pp. 12°. 
^0lmLh, ICoun ] J DujiMrn, 18.T(J 

A short but comprehensn e "( attm of 

the geography of the world By way of 
question and answer Tho 1st Albany 
ed horn tlie 2d Haitford ed enlirged. 
199 pp 16" iJba«y, IX 1 ^ C P ? (f 
WiMer, laboat 1706] 
[ Imperfoct i wanting pp. aS-fiO Bi"l 7l-70| . 

Dwight (Theodore, ^i'.) The father's book ; 
or suggestions for tho govei'ument aud in- 
atrnetion of young children, on principles 
appropriate to a oUristiau country. 2 p. 1. 
199 pp. 12°. Spi-i«sfiem, [Moss.] G. .;■ C. 
Mei-riam, 1834. 

Diwight (Timothy, i(, it.) Additional hymns, 
designed as a supplement to D wight's 
psalms &. hymiis. See Bacoa (Leonard). 

Hymns seleol>efl from dr. Watts, dr. 

Doddridge, and various other writers. 
See 'Watta (Isaac, 0. d.) Tbe psalms of 
David, 1817. 

Dwyer (G. P.) The immigrant builder ; or, 
practical hints to handy-men. Siiowing 
clearly how to plan aud construct dwell- 
ings in the hush, ou the prairie, or else- 
where, cheaply and well, with wood, earth, 
or gravel. 145 pp. 1 pi. 8^. I'Hladtlphia, 
Claxlm, Eemm. .f' Uaffelfiagei; 1872. 

Dyckman (J. G.) The aaiorioau miJitaa 
officer's manual, being a plain and 
syHteni of instruction lor iiirimtry, Held A 


Dyokman (J. G.)— continued, 
horseartillery, cavalry and riflemen. WilU 
an appendix, containing forms for orders, 
returns, and directions for holding courts 
martial. In conformity to the militia laws 
of the state of New York, 2d ed. 216 pp. 
1 tab. 13°. mxo-yorl:, A'. B. Holmes, 1825. 

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CO. [1872]. 

E. (J.) Slow Iioraos made fast, aud fast 
horses made faster. A historical view of 
the amorioan trotter. With approved aud 
successful methods of developing thespeed 
of horses, [auoit.] 101 pp. 10 pi. r?\ 
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A eompendyoHs regjmeiit or it djetary of lieltli 
compyled bj Androwe Boorde. Baroer "~ """ 
ilefeniie of tbeberde; a trea^se iDade. 

Andi'cwe Boorile. Barnes in ilia 

ebardai atrsatose mofle. aiiBHer- 

iiga tha trcatjBB of doctor Horde upon bardes. 

^Utod1)y:F, J.FnmivHll. [Bxtriis^4eB,no.lO}. 
C. <B.) Tho timee' irtilstie : or a newe iaaaix of 

BOTBn BBtlres, and other poema: oompilod by E. 

0. WiUilntrodQotioubyJ.M.Cowpar. fNo.4S1. 
CnAiroBK [Q.) A. tveatlsa on tlia astrolabe ; mi- 

ili'eaaedlohlssDnlrfiwTB. Eaited by rov. W. W. 

8kaat^1ffia. [Bxtia aerlBB, no. 16]. 
CHBVBLBna ASBiuNK. Th8 conuuiuo of tlio obev- 

elare Aiaigiie. lie.editcd by U. H. Gibbe, 1£S8 

[Extra ssnea, no. fij. 
CoMFLAJBT (Tha) of Sootlando, vyth ajie eiorta- 

tlooe to iha thre eHlalls to bs vigilante hi tho 

dafibna of their mibllovBU, 1MB. [ancn.] Witlt 

aa appaudix 1^ ooDtemporary englioh traota. 

lieattiled tnaa the orlglhale by Jamag A, n. 

Mun'^T, Fart 1, lins. [Extni eeriBB, no. II]. 
OiioWLUT (E,) TLB BBleot works of Boftett Crow- 

Iot. Edited with nates by J. ilL Covpec, ISiS. 

iExitu BeiisB,no. IS]. 
Ellis (Alemnder J. aKtor). On aarly ansliah 

proEonoiation, with espeoial roference to Shak- 

apare and ChanOBr. Ttat in, UloaCraliona of ' ' 


Jf tha 5 



FuKHivALL (Frefloriok J.} ank Cowpbb (J. 1 
nmulicaoyon tor the boagBra. 'Written 

tha year 1S39 by Simon IlBli. How re-adited bv 

E.J. Enmivnlt. With a su— ' — ■'— •- '-■■ 

■ ■ kyng 

deaaya of &giand by 

DinltltudeofBhepB (1550-3 at d.) E(1it«d 

BOTeraieno lorda kynge Henry the e^lit 
;. d.) A anpplioaljon of the poore coui- 
iHona (1546 lud.) Tha deaaya of Eueland by 
tkiegceatiDnItltudeofBhepB(1550-3akd.) E(1it«d 
by 3. U. Cowper. [Extra aeries, no. 13). 
GueuosTl, tha gnat iSaiiitt). King Alfred's weet- 

anengiishtr . __._ 

nn Inuoaootjon, Edited liy Henry Sweet. Parti. 

1871. [iro.*5]. 

The same. Partil. 1ST3. Ko. ; 

Lindsay (SH-Dnrid). Tho minor pneni. 

sny. Sir David l^ynrtesay's worlis, p 

i[C!.\ liy J. A. H. Jtliirmy. |No.47]. 

db, Google 

. WitliintEodaotlon.tranalatloiiE, 

Pali^diue Du haabHudrio. Eilitoilfl'omMiBiiiitq.nn 
raa. of about 1420. By rov. Borbm Lodge. Part 
', 1873. rfCo-Sa]. 

_ - OB (Elolmrd le, 6feJ 
of St. Jnliana, from. _ _ _ 

1330, a, d. Witli I'enaaiiii^ Into modem eugllsb 
Ly rev. O, Cociityjie and EOmond Biflok. J8T3, 
[S'o, SI]. 

S'lAaKBl (ThonlBB) . England 1h the reiga of kire 
Henry tke dcbbb. A dialosno betvieen CBi'di- 
iinl Pole and Thomas Lopaob. Editeil, with 
lirefaiB; notea, aurt clossary, by J. M-Cowner. 
And witb an inti'odactloa, ODntaining the lite 
Bad lettera of Thomas Bturltoy, by the r9v. J. 8. 
lii'ower, whioli will foim parH. Pnrlil. 1S71. 
rEvtra. BflrlM Tin. la], 

d Vusmviu. (F. J.) 


VuBfl (Ed , 

The fratemityeof T , , 

ftom the ed. of 157S. A oaveot or nareaing for 
commeiL curHetors vnlcai'BlT oalled Tagawnen 
byThoraBBHamaii.rrDnitheSd Bd.of Bev. A 
sermon in prajse of thieves and thlsrery by 

SntBOti 'Haben or Hyberdyne ^om the Laita- 
owne ma. 98, and Cotton vegp. a. SS. Thoae 
3>art3 of the ETonudworke of ODony-catohiu^ (ed. 

series, no. 9] . 

Reports of tlie conimittto. Juii. 1365, 

to Jnu. 1S70, and Jou. 1872. lst-6th aud 
8th. 8°. [XoniioM, Eaiii) engliaJi text soc. 

Jfote— l8t-4th reporls mOi EiliM enjjliali texta, 
DOB. 5, 13,25,31. 

Early (The) life, campaigiia, nod public 

, servicea of Robert E. Lee, 1870. See Pol- 
lard (E. A.) 

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[The tliouaand dollar priae aeiioa. ] 
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cultural chemistry. In two parts. No. 1. 

7, 13-160 pp. 12°. Utica, R. H. Hawle-j 

>t- CO. 1847. 
Eaton (J^uiea S ) The common school 

arithmetic , oombioiiig aualyais aiaH syn- 

thesia. 300 pp 13" Boston, F. A. 

Broivti tf eo 1862 
The same J13 ip IS'^. Bogfoii, 

Tvgyanl 1 fUnqi on l^iT 


Eaton (J ail! PS S.) — coutiniied. 

The same. Enlarged ed. 33G pp. 

12^. Boatoii, Taggard 4' Thomjison, 1863. 

The same. Enlai'ged ed. 348 pp. 

12°. Boston, Tagyanl ,}■ Thompaon, 1867, 

Easy lesBOus in inantal arithmetlo, 

upon the inductive method ; adapted to 
the beat m.o(le of iTistrnotion in primary 
achools. 98 pp, 16°. Boston, Brown if' 
'Ihgganl, 1860. 

The elemoiita of wrifctoii aritbmetio. 

Combiniug analyais auii synthesis. 188 
pp. 16°. Boston, 'JUggard ij- Tkom]mit,1868. 

in iutelleotiial arithmetic upon the 

induotive [of Pestalozaian] method, with 
tin introduction to wcittou arithmetic. 
176 pp. 16°. Boston, Taggard tf' Thomp- 
son, 186-1. 

A treatise on arithmetic. Comhia- 

ing analysis and syutheais. viii, 355 pp. 
12°. Boston, Brown, TaggarA 4- Chase, 1857. 
Eberle(Jobn,in.(i.)itndIliI'ClelIan (George, 
m. a.) editors. See Medical (The) review, 
and analeclic junrual, 1824-26. 
Sclairear (The), a military joaraal devoted 
to the interests of the military forces of 
the atato of New York, and the official 
military oircul.w of the 9th brigade, N. T. 
a. m. f. V. 3. August 1, 1S54, to angast 
1,1855. J. Watts de Peyster, editor. A. 
T. Cowmau, editor of v. 1. 8°. roiigh- 
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See Glasgow. 
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Quartfirly. Jan. to oot. 1872. v. 135-136. 
8°. Zondott, Lo7tginans, 1872. 
Edinburgh (The) university calendar, 1872- 


'•gh, for llie uiiimsify Inj 

db, Google 


Edmoiid (Amanda M.) Ruligions aud otlier 
poema. S63 pp. 13". Boston, Gould 4' 
Lincoln, 1873. 

Sdaon (N. I. ^eiirfiMi.) Silent Tom, 1 p. 1. 
377 pp. 3 pi. 16°, Bostvn,D. Lothrn}>4-cO' 
[TliB thousand dollac ptias Beriea] , 

Edvrards (Bela Bates). Classical stndica: 
essays on ancient literature and art. See 
Sears (Barnas), Edwards, and Pelton. 

Bgerton (Sir Thomas, oarl of Willon). Od 
the sports and pastimes of tbe eoglisli, as 
bearing npon tteir national olmracter. x, 
334 pp. 12°. London, Harritoa, 1868. 

BggleBtoii (iJeu. Edward). The mystery of 
Metropoltsville. 320 pp. inc. 10 pi. 13°. 
New Tork, 0. JtiM ^ oo. [1873]. 

Hggleflton (George Cary), How to educate 
yourself: with or without maaterB. viii, 
151 pp. 12°. A'etti Twfc, Q. P. Pntrnm .j- 
nana, 1872. 

[PurNAH's hajidy-boot aerioa]. 

Egliaeau (S. S.) Slietches for ;on. 232 pp. 

3 pi. sq. 16°. FhUadelphia, Pfeshyterian 

loard of piiblicaHon, [1858]. 
Elcliberg (Julias) and others. The fourth 

mnsio reader: a course of musical iastme- 

tion. vi, 330 pp. 8°. Jloilon, Ginn hroth- 

era, 1872. 
Elements (The) of asttouomy, 1850. Sue 

Lowell (Jfrs. Anna C.) 
Bliot (George, psBudoii.) Sec Evajis (Ma- 

Bllot (Wniiam Greenleaf, d. d.) Diacoutsea 
on the unity of God, and other snbjects. 
168 pp. 12°. Boiion, Ci'oslj/, 2^hols f co. 

Elizatietli Benton ; or, religion in connec- 
tion with fashionable life, [ohoii.] 1B7 
pp. 18°. S^ew-York, Harper 4- lirotkers, 

Elkswatawa, 183(1. See French (J.) 

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tions on the revision of the engliah ver- 
sion of the new testament. 178 pp. 8". 
New Tork, Harper f brothers, 1873. 
[ScHAi-B (FliiUp). The raviBion of thu eiicliBb 
Tersion of the aew teatamenc, part 3J. 

Ellis (Rev. William). Sketch of the life of 
mrs. Mary Mercy EHis, wife of rev. Will- 
iam Ellis, (of the South Sea island 
eion). lauoH.'i 160 pp. portrait. 
Philadelphia, Am. 1, 9, unifM, 1837. 

ft'nfe.— Compiled from n memoir by V. EiliH, 


Elmer (l^noiua Q. C. II. d.) Tlio oonatitu- 
tion and government of the province and 
state of New Jersey, with biographical 
sketches of the governors from 1776 to 
184.'). And leminiaoencoa of the bench 
and bar, during more than half a, century, 
viii, 6, 495 pp. 8°. NeiPark, N. J., M. B. 
Dennis ^ co. 1872. 

[KBW jBHSBYliiatorical Booicty collectioDS, v. 7]. 

Elooutionlst's (The) annual, comprising 
nuw and popular readiugB, Teoit&tious, 
declamations, dialogues, tableani, etc. 
By J. W. Shoemaker. [1873]. No. 1. 194 
pp. 16°. PUU&elshw, J. W. Davghaday 
4- CO. 1873. 

fim^rlc-David (Toussaint Bernard). Jupi- 
ter. Keohorchea aur co dien, sur son culte, 
et sur le9 mouumeus qui le reprfiaentent. 
Ouvrage pr^c^diS d'un essai sur I'eaprit de 
la religion grecque. 2 v. 3 p. 1. ccxcvi, 
349 pp. 1 pi ; 3 p. I. 612 pp. 2 pi. 8°. 
Paris, Vimprimerie royale, 1833. 

Emerson (G«orge Barrel!, II. d.) Upon 
studies for practical men ; with notices of 
books suited to their nee. 

(MSl ,, 

130, Boston, Ric/utrdsoa, jju- 
Appendix, or pp. 1»5-US|. 

Emeraoii {Rev. John Edwards). See Clark 
(JJeii. Enfua W.) 

Emeraou (L. O.) and Palmer (H. E.) The 
atandard. A collection of aacred and 
BOOular music. 399 pp. obi. 8"=. Boston, 
O. Dileon 4- CO. [1875]. 

Emerson (Nannetto Snow). A thankagiv- 
ingatory ; embodying the ballad of "Betsy 
and I are out," and other poems. 200 pp. 
12°. Neio York, G. W. CarUton ^ co. 1873. 

Emevy (E. B,) Queens. [A novel]. 379 
pp. 16<=. Boston, Bales f Lauriat, [1873]. 

Emery (Sarah A.) Three generations, 
niuatrated by iniss L. B. Humphrey. 1 
p. 1. 244 pp. 6 pi. 8°, Ilo3if>n, Lee # Sheg- 
ard, 1873. 

Emllj and uncle Hause. liy the author of 
Amy and her brothers, [etc. unon.] 150 
pp. 3 pi. 18^. Nem York, Am. tract 
sooiety, [1861]. 

Emily Ashton; or, light burdecs lifted, 
[awoii.] 312 pp. 16°. .Veio Ym% Am. 
trael sooiety, [1872]. 

Eminent Americans and patriots of the rev- 
olution, [anon."] 151 pp, 1 pi. 16°. mtit 
Yoi%J.S. Toyhi;lSiS. 

d by Google 


iCnuua Horliei't, ur bu yopei'fuut. [nitui'.J 
175 pp. 3 pi. 18°. PMlaitelpltia, I'l-csbU' 
lerian board of pjiblkation, [If^]. 

Emtna Parker; or, eceuoe iu tlio liomes of 
the city poor. By the antlior of " Wit- 
nessing for Jesua." laiioii.] 408 pp. 16°. 
S^eiv Ywk, A. 1). F. Eanilolj)h .f- co. [1871]. 

Bmmona (Kioliartl, iit. d.) Tlio frodoaiad: 
or, indepenfleiico presoryed. Ad epiok 
poem ou the late war of 1812. 4 v, 12°. 
Sosion, author, 1827. 

England (CUuroli of). Tlie 1jook of com- 
mon prayer. With the psaltcjr or psalins 
of David. Ip, 1.238 pp. 18°. fow.'foii. 
Shepherd 4- Sutlm, 1843. 

Tha same. La liturgie, ot les autres 

c^rdmonies &■ coHtntues de I'dgliso, scion 
I'asage do I'lSgllBe aDglionne : avoc lo 
pseantier, ou lea pseaumes de David. 17 
p. L 344 pp. 10°. LoiUlres, B. JSvci-ingliam, 

England (Kojal collogo of auigeoiia of). 
Calendar, lB7a. 8°. London, Taylov 4- 
Wranas, 1872. s. 

English (The) musical repository : a choice 
BelectioQ of esteemed eoglish souga, adapt- 
ed for the voice, violin, and germau flute, 
[onon.] 293 pp. 1 pi. 18=*. Eilinhwgl, 
Oliver 4- Bosd, ISn. 

Englieli reading lessons, to servo as au in- 
troduction to the models of en glish liter- 
ature. [onoK.] 316 pp. 120. llalliinore. 
Metropolitan pi-ess, 1843. 
Abte.— The compiler Is sold to bu tlic rer. Eilwanl 

Bn6lfBh(The)Bpellingboolc; with a critical 
analysia of the langaage, and a classifica- 
tion of its elements; on a new plan. 
[onoB.] 156 pp. portrait. 12°. New York, 
LeoDitt, Trow 4- co. 1846. 

English synonymous, 1803. See Truslet 
(John, II. d.) 

English (The) Theophraatus; or the man- 
ners of the age. Being tho modern char- 
acters of the court, the town, and the city. 
[aflOB.] 3d ed. 7 p. I. 384 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
London, B. Lintott, 1708. 

Entettalning (An) account of all the cohu- 
tries of the known world, desoriljiag the 
different religions, hahita, tempera, ons- 
toms, trafflclt, and manufactures, of then' 
inbahitante. [etc. anoa.'\ 3ded. 490 pp. 
SL13pl, 8°. iondon,^. Goodftff, 1752. 


ArcooKT (Au) of Pnloetlne, or, the holy lan.l. 

With a tlBBcription ot JernsiUeni. pp. 3lB-:i!)I. 
Ak60?* (Oowmoaore George). A voyage I'ouiiil tlio 

\™rlcl, n« to 1744. pp. 415-49U. 
Casihpiub {Eeo. Georgei. An nceonut of (ho 

ialanll Formnsa. pp. Hl-flB. 
DiSCOVjjBir jTho> of tha Weat-Tnaies (oall'd thii 

now world) Ijy Clirletonhor (Jolnmbna. uij. S-Til. 
IDKS (B. Xabrants), TU trayalB of JiiS eioel- 

lenoy S. TabrKUts Ides. Giving a. coplons no- 

(Q)i.) A Toyngo to Vl^uia. pp. 987- 

0, ambasB&dor fntja ulng Jamc 

VoiAQB (Tho) of Focdhiond Maglianea, or Magel- 
lan, ttom. the Eontli eone to tho ISast IntUea. 
(Being tiio first voyage made round Uie woild). 
pp. 173-300. 

Brasmiis. The hible exposed hy Brasmua. 

[)!seii(JoJi. Fred. May] t viii, 351 pp. 8". 

Boalov, J. P. Mmdam, 1862. 
ErIclESon (D, 8.) Tho Wadsworth hoys ; 

or, Agnes' decision. 1 p. I. 378 pp. 2 pi. 

16°. BoeUyii, D. Loihrop 4^ co [187"] 

[Tlie thousana dollar prise soriea] 
Erskine {Bbb. Ealph). Gospe 

spiritnal songs. la sin pa 321) p 

16°. Aberdeen, G. 4- B. King 84 
Ereldne (Thomas, lord). Spee hes d 

Erskine, while at the bar. Ed ted 

James Lambert High. v,4. 503 pp. 8 . 

Chicago, CallasJian ^ Cockoroft, 1870. 
Ertheiler (Moritz). English coIlar|uijtl 

phraseB, al[)habetieally arranged, with a 

A:ee translation Into the german, a literal 

translation of the german into the en- 

glish, and the position of the german words 

in eiiglish. 19, 199 pp. 12°. Laaoasler, 

[Pa.] for the author, 1843. 
Aphraso-bookinenglish aod german. 

Arranged on the plan of a dictionary. 179 

pp. 16°. Nciv-Tork, Greeley 4- MeElralh, 

"Brvie." [j)s«((Ion. ] Echo-bauk. Atempor- 

aace tale. By "Ervie," 269 pp. 13°. 

Neas Yorle, NaXlonal temperanoe Bocietij a«d 

jrabZioaHon hoitee, 1368. 
Ess. See Van Ess. 
Essays and uiiscellauoa, 1810. See Duncan 

(P. B.) 
Essays on various subjects of taste, morals, 

and national policy, 1823. See Tucker 

(Henry St. G.) 
Essex county (iUass.) Tho Essex county 

directory, for the year oommenoing May 1, 

1871. 8°. Boston, Briggs 4 co. 1871. 
Estelle Grant; or, the lost wife. [«Mon.] 

3r)0pp. 12°. JN'tiwrorf,-, (7mTf(?,fi'o. [lai-l]. 

db, Google 


Estenio (Fetdiuaud Heuri-PhiEppe (T). 
]Jes pl'ivil^gi€8 do raneieu r^me eu 
Tiauce et doa priviMgii^s du uonvean. 
2 V. 3 p. I. 589 pp; 1 p. 1. si, 523 pp, 8'^, 
I'ai-is, Guillaumia 4- ole. 1867. 

Eatra^ {3oa& Mannel). Ensayo liisWriuo 
sobre la tevolnciou do loa oomnnoros dol 
Paraguay en el siglo sviii, seguido do ud 
apiSudice solote la deeadeuoiadel Pavaguity 
y 1ft guerra de 1865. x, 366 pp. 16°. 
liiienos-Airm, impreila tie la X^acioii argen- 
tiaa, 1865. s. 

Memorift solire 1» ednca<ioii comun 

en la provincia de Bueuos Airos. 284 pp. 
8". Bmnm Aires, imprenfa omericana, 
1870. B. 

Entvka (B.) "War pictures from the south, 
■viii, 352 pp. 120. Sew Tori; D. Jt>pleton 
^ CO. 1863. 

Eetvail (Matliildo). Harry Delaware. Oc 
an American in Germany. 143 pp. 8". 
A'biu Foi'fc, G. P. Futnam ./ sons, 1872. 

Ethel Somers, 1857. See Siujthe (James M.) 

Eulenspieg;el (Till). Lea aventures de Til 
Ulospifegle. Promifcre traduction complbte 
faite sar I'original aJleaiand de 1519, pn?- 
c6ASa d'une notice et anivie de notes, par 
m. Pierre Jannet, xri, 213 pp. 16°. 
Paris, E. Picard, 1866. 
[NouTelle collection JanDct]. 
!foie,—A. tcunelatlon o( Thomas Muruoi's tlloti- 
Bpiegtil, herausffegflbDU vou J. M. Lapueuberf. 
Zcipeig. 1854. The -nork iteelt' IwlougB to tbe 

BiimeKea. [pseudoii.'} See (Jrifflth (Will- 

Eutropius, Eutropii liistorliv roiaatiio bre- 

vorliuuide verboexprimitnr; notis (j;uor[ue 
Si. indice : or, Eutropius' compendiona liia- 
tory of Rome, with an englisli translation, 
notes aud an index. By John Clarke. 3d 
am. ed. Eeviaed liy Samnei Endd. 176 
pp. 2 1. 12°. New Yorlc, IS. BiigcUw^, 

Evangeline, [paeiidoii.'] See Newman ( 3/i's. 
A. E,) 

Evangeliaclie agendo. iStcBvangeliscliei- 
kijclien\u! di.s nestnng 

Evai^eliscber kirchenyeruni dea westens 
ETingeli*"clie igende HeiausgegoTieuYon 
del E\angel]scliea sjnode dea ne&teua, 
fniber benanut LvaDgeliscliei kirclien 
verein des westens 1 p 1 i\ , 364 pp S'- 
Sf ioHiJ, Mo,L E Nollau, 18C7 

Evangeliaches geaangbiioh. Ilorans- 

gcgolioii von (lern Evan gal ischeu kirclien- 


Evangelisolier, otc— ooutiuned. 
verein des westena. 480 pp. 4 1. 12°. f>l. 
Zoiiis, Mo., L. [j;.] Nollau, 1862. 

Tlie aanie. 1 p. 1. 461, 98 pp. 1H°. 

St. Louie, L. IE.} Nbllaii, 1803. 

The same. 1 p. 1. 461, 98 pp. 18°. 

St. Louis, Mo., L. E. NoUau, 1867. 

Evangellsch-latheiisohe kirclie in den 
Vereinigteu Staaten. Seo Lutheran 
(Evftugelical) chnrcL.. 

Evangellecbe roformirte gemoiue, Das 
neue and verbesserte gosauglmeL, woriu. 
die psalmeu Davids aauimt eiaer aamni- 
lang alter und ueuor goiatreicher lieder, 
sowolil filr privat- und hauaaadaohten, als 
aneli filr den offeutliclien gotteadienst 
enthalten sind. Haoli einem synodal- 
schlusB zuaatnmen - getragen und einge- 
richtet fur die evangeliaoh- reformirten 
geffioiueu in den Voreinigten Staaten von 
Atnerika. 7te aufl, 539, 29 pp. 16°. 
Sumnytami,lFa.'i X Bemier, 1838. 

Evans (B. R,) The repul>lican compiler, 
comprising a seriea of pieces, in prose and 
verse. Selected from the best araerioan 
ivritors. By a citizen of Pittsburgh. 
[OKOn.] 202 pp. ia°. Pittsburgh, Cfamer 
# Spmr, 1818. 

Evajis {Jiei). Christmas), Sernioua, on 
various anbjeuts, translated from the 
welsh, by J. Davis. 408 pp. 13°. Bea- 
ver, IPenn.-] W. Smrg, 1837. 

Iivans (Bew. Jamea Harington). Psalms 
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db, Google 


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TToCe.— No morB pnblisliGd. 

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db, Google 

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Beatiug & manual! to lier luistceBse, fur- 
uiebed with iuabrnGtioua, hymns & prayers. 
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Felinae (Arstins pauidon.) Sm Bucer 

Fellowes (Piaucis) haoied hidtoiy of the 
deluge illustiated , and ooiTobovated by 
tiailition mytliologT and geolopfy. Witb 

an introductory essay, Ijy tot. C. Colton, 

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Eey 4- BiddU, lS3t>. 
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See Sears (Baruas), Edwards (Bela B.) 

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Ferdosl. See Hasan ben Mohammed d 

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Peirell (William). Convaigiug s 

pressing the ratio between the diameter 

and the circumference of a circle. 6 pp 

4^. [^Washingioii, SiaiHiaoman UistiliiUoa, 


[SiUTHBOSiAK courtibiittoiia, \ la .ut S] 

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son, como ae aupoiie qne son, y coino de- 
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Fin dn rdportoire dii th&Xtre fraiieaia, ftvec 
nn nouvean chois dos pibcea des aatrea 
tiif^dti'K^ rossHiiiLloeH \ [I'. M. SI.] Li 

Fin du riipertoire, etc. — contiuiiud. 
peintre. v. 1-38. 18". Puris, uiii 
Dabo, 1334. 

Ti-agidieg, 3 r, v. 1-3. 
A.sci!ijiT(J.A F.P.) ri69qne,T.3. 

AitSAnLT (A. V.) f '— - -" 


BlB(IL) Attll»,v.! 

(N.L.) Eamlonin, emperi 

MORAOT) {P. de). ChiiaeriOpT.l. 
Uosvn,!.! (P.XA.) Alkl^limi 
PficiiANTHfi ( a6ta,T.l. 
Souu^ (A.) Saul, T. 3. 

Comidies en vers, 7 1>. i 
AsnUTKUKF.G.J.S.) Moli^raavec 
AUTBEAU (J.) .Mtnoorite, prfttendn 

La ma^a 6o Vaniour, v. 6. 

SoKJOUit (C.I La la^e livale. v. S. 

T.'firl.i™tinii. T. H. 

. et I'amitie 



Leg plaideurB nans untBOB, v. j. 

Gossli (& > Le miidisant, v. B. 
HADTEaofHB (N. LoB. d'). Le aouper mul np- 

L'aapiit IbllBt, on la da,mfl iuviaible. t. 4. 

Lafont (J. de), L'nmnur TeD^^fi, v. 5. 
Lata (J. L.) L'muls des lols, v. 10. 

LBKHAKDfM.A.) Lft fBinraBmiBetTBIlTO,V..'i. 

and DoiriKiguK (P. P. B.) Agn*s do Chall- 

iu6aeo_, .... 

Palibsot de Mohtbnoy (C.) les courtiaauot 

— ■ Le aatirique, v. 7. 

Picabb (L.B,) MSdiocre et rampant, T. 10. 
Pf.ANAiiu (F. A E.) Le faux paysan, v. 10. 
:Bouac:j]Ssi (J. A.) SamsBn, t. 6. 

Oomidiei tn prose, 18 v, v. 1 l-aii. 
AianniiiEaa (J. D. D, <V1. Lavate amon 


Eaudouin dit D'AUiiiGsr (J.M.T.) Les ] 


s(P.F.G.d6), Lepoil 

ate, V. 

CAiiUOirrELLE (N.) Lea hammos fi la ma^c, r 

(Proverbes di-ama^qitss.) 
. — - — ' La bi^bia entre dear loupa, v. 13- 
A bon cbat boo rat, v. 13. 

■ — ■ — Jimot, ohoB le dfiaraiaaeur, v. 13. 

Le 3<mtd,^Y. 13. 

Lb Talet ile cbambre et lo pajsau, v. l;i. 

— — Lee mnana oMens, t. 13. 

La veuve ridionle, v. 13. 

' — L'azoaat molade. v. 13. 

La mae patBroelle, v, 13. 

L» veute em1)an'aH»6f>, v. 13. 

L'iniuicencfl Bauv6B,v.ail. 

Le e^6 Wgne, y. 30. 

— Les denx 

— Le obanei . . . 

— Le fiipon orguBllleux 

s chanBlne de BeiiiiH, t. 20. 

db, Google 


Pin du repertoire, etc—contimied. 

Pins haurani que sage, T. SB. 

— — — TjO aeignenr nnteur, v- Sfl. 

La elatoe. t.26. 

Ls manihand de 'byoar, v. 26. 

La morohaiLde de orrises, v^ ^■ 

CoLALTO<A^ LeBlroiajaineaiiT v^uitieil 
DjNcoDBT (C. C.) Laparfeleniie. v. 11. 

La fomine d'lnnignes, t. 11. 

DBBiwuOHHBfP.N.) L^batade imprtTU, ' 
DoaujiiiuB (P. F. B.) and KoMAGNfiHI {J. A, 

1* B jMide, T. 14. 

DosHBAU DaTiBfi (J.) and Cohseiim (T.) La 

DoiivjaKY (L.) On iiiit ce qn'on pent, y. SK. 
DulvjL (A, V.P.) 1.1 tapissaiie. t. 19. 

Le feux Btanfalas, V. 19. 

DtJVAL (S.) and Dossion (E. A.) La mouolie da 

eooho, V. 10. 
FL0aiAN(J.P.C.d6). La bonne mfra, V. n. 
FuzBLiBR (L.) Momus fabnliate, v. 15. 
Gahnibe (C. a. 1.1 Lebonp^re-T.m 

Leg habitB des uoc«s, t. 30. 

La. CaiTEiLE (J. da). Lea camjaaes d'OrliSana, 

(J. C. P. da). Helv61ina 4 Vnr6, 

(A. H. da). 


— L'^eole dea u^res^ v, 

— La m^peoDnfldaD 

— Ailequln Boli pm 

.- La doBble aurprlae de 

Lftrtnaion de 


1'emnr d« Feaprit, 
MoaAND (P, de). L'l 

Lft rtnaion des Bi , 

>LL1EE BBS ViVETiaREa (B. J.) C6pbiB( 
— ^-Veapritv.lS. 

ie dfl MolariL..j 

■■ — La Tlaille tonte, v. 33. 

Le oafB dn prinMma, i 

Le oaplialne Belronda 

Le susceptible, v, 32. 

Lb viaui oomsaien, t. 

Lea deni Phillberti t. 

and Camas (L O.) Dutimtooura. on le 

PiLHGB (J.) La bWMt auonyiDe, v. IS. 
PoHT-DB-VaiLB (A. E. de). Le fa6 pnni, v. n. 
GiocouoNi (A ?,) Lea caqneta, v. 16. 
EoH*OKfiai (J. A.) B!ui PROCOiB.CouTEiui: (M. 

C.) Lea ffies, V. 14. 
KouGHiiOKT( lea troia eecr^lairaa, 

Sfeiuu (L. P. do). Crispin du^nB,v.n. 
SouQUElJ.F.) LeehBTOlterdeCanoIle.T.IS. 
VIAI. (J. k C ) Le premier venn, t. 35. 

VlLLEMAlN D'AtAMCOUBT (J. P.) Lo UOavut Al- 

(A.J.M.) L'Scolier d'Oxford, T. 13. 
JOrOTOes en prow, I ml, v. ST. 
MeiKTOB (L S.) Jeaa Hannnyer, ireque de Li- 
Pigauit-Lebbiih(G.C.A.) Cbaiiea et Caroline, 

L'orpheline. v. 37. 

pi)^iii*-!omijues enpi-ose, i v. v. HS-31. 


DUPATY(KB.1'.C.M.) Ninon obez madfline da 


Pin (ill repertoire, ate.— coutinued. 
FAnSuBB IE, G. F, da), liabetb, v. ao, 
GiUHiRAH-NiHTBUiL (P, C.) Lully air Qiiliiault, 

GUILBBBT DE PlSfittfiOOUBT jR, C.) KoulOUf, T. aO. 

JalAbbbi (O.) L'anberge de bagni^res, v. ;». 
MAaaoLUHR nsg ViVEmBEB (K J, ) Ato&ie, ou 
rerrenr d'mi bon jfire, v. 38. 

Edmona et OarolmB, v. sa. 

Nou¥Eio (Le) srfgneor de village, v. 

Plaiiiabd <F. A, E.) Lemi 

I>iEULAFOY(J.M.A.M.)imdGBEaiN(H.) Jeanne 

Jouir {V. J. E,) omi lONHCHAurs (C. do). 

Sansqu^ei^olsBommaa-nansI v. 33. 
DUYBTIUKB da MfiLBBVILlB (A. H. J.) Le pr6- 

eeptenr done rembHiras, v. 33. 
Favabi (C. 8.) owl Guftttm db FbSmicourt (J. 

S.) Lbs rfiveries TSUDavelliSeB das Greue. v. as. 
HATDfi (J. B. A.) CfilasMne et Faldoni, v. 3fl. 
LACOsra dU 8t. Amahd (A.) La veure du Mala- 

LArA(J. LJ Falkland, V. 
MKttLB (J. T.) Bkazibb (S 


(B.) Los danr pv5oeptenr8, v. 33. 

Ekvbl <V. A. V,) LefilrednroidoPruB36,v.34. 
ItouasBAU (A.) DiiSAUUiEBS (U. A. M.) ana Mes- 

NABD (J. B.) Le Juif, V. 34. 
ScHiBE IE.) La m^treeee an logia, v. 31. 

Lb logo du portiar, v. 3S. 

SOKIBB (E.) and M.". La sollldtour, T. 35. 
Allabdb (M. F. D. T. la Koi, bar. d') and 

Bkajueu (N.) Pactle et roTanohe, v. 37. 
emd Delavionk (J. F. O,) L'avare en 

gognettea, v. 3T. 
Le Tieus garson ei la petite fllle, v. 

and Dei 

N (C, t 


de la gardo natiuaaJe, V. .. 

Le nouvean pouroeaucnae, v, 35. 

Une viaite k Badjam, v. 35. 

— . Dui'iN (J. H.) and DnuBBflAN (T. M.) La 

pension bourgeoieo, v. 37. 

"" " B di( MeLbsville (A. 

H, J.> 


La meuteur riridiquo, v. 37. 

Le bon papa, t. 38. 

cmtiSAiNT-eE0K6E(, L'ooart*, 

iHimcolndu aalon, v. 38. 

— mid Vabneb (A. F.} Lea doui maria, v. 35. 

— rraiBET (J. G.) and Tabseb A. F.) L'in- 

H (C. J 

d OUBKY (E. 1 

Paul et Ji 

Finley (Martha), Elsie's girlhood: a se- 
qnel to "Elsie Dinsmore," and "Elsie's 
holidaya at Eoselands." S p. 1, 432 pp. 3 
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A week in Lilly's life. By Martha 

Farquhajson. [yseMAm.] 180 pp. 3 pL 
18", FHtaAel^Ma, Fresbi/tei'lan hoarit of 
publicaU^n, [186&]. 

Finotti (Kev. Joseph M.) Biloliograpliia 
catholica americana ; a Hat of works ivritr- 

db, Google 


Flliottl (Beu. Joseph M,)— contiuiiod. 

ten by catholic authors anil published iir 
the United States. Part i. 1784-1820. 
319 pp 8° ]fm York, The fittlioUc puili- 
catum hmue, l'fl'3 
Firdusi See Hasan ben Mohammed, 

et Tua£ (Abil kasiin) 
Plrenide (The)<'ompamon Sii WewYork 

fireside compiDiun 
FiTBt leaaon^ in tlie history of the United 
Stites Bv a prattieal teicher. [amon.] 
19R pp maps IS" JSn'ton, HUikliTtg, 
^Hdii^ ftowrt,ie56 
First lessons iii intellectual philosophy ; or, 
a familiar explanation of Uie nature and 
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coln 4- Edmands, 1832. 
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mental and written; with 
blca of money, weights, 
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Taglor ^ CO. [1871]. 

[BnsiNaOM'S mathematiml Betiea] . 

rish (Honrj). Memoirs of Joseph Pearson, 
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the institutioB of the sabbath day, its uses 
a.ud abuses; with notices of the puritans, 
the Quakers, the uatioual and other sab- 
bath conventions, and of the union be- 
tween chnrch and state, vij, 5-195 pp. 
12°. PkilagelpMa, J. Feningfon, 184^. 

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Greek exercises; containing the 

stance of the greek syntax. Adapted to 
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^ Wilkine, 1831. 

Fitch (Anna M.) Bound down, or life and 
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Pitch (Samuel Sheldon, m. d.) Six lectures 
on the rises of the lungs ; and causes, pre- 


Fitch (Samuel Sheldon, m. d.) — continued, 
veution, and cure of pulmonary consump- 
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on the laws of longevity ; [etc.] 324 pp. 
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FIttig (Rodolph). Wohler's outltues of 
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Fitz (Asa). An elementary geography, 1845. 

See Powle (W, B.} ana Fitz, 
Fitz (James). The southern, apple and 
pea«h culturist, containing full and prac- 
tical instructions in successful culture, 
[etc.] with descriptive catalogues of the 
most esteemed orchard fruits, Alsoati'oa- 
tise on insects and their extermination. 
J. W. Fitz, editor, vii, 336 pp, 1 pi. 8'^. 
Jficfiniond, Va. J. W. Eandoliih <f' Mmjliah, 

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Travels [in the air]. 

[In Glaibbbb (James). Trnvels in the air. K". 
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Fleck%re (Jean Gnillanme de la). See 

Fletcher {Jtev. John William). 
Fleeta. Q)se«d(iM,] Horah Neil, or "The 
way by which he led thee." By Fleeta. 
179 pp. 3 pi. 18°. FUkttUphi», Freebyle- 
rian board of pabUcaiioa, [1864]. 
Fletcher (Bev. John WDliam). An appciil 
to matter of fact and common sense; or, 
a rational demonstration of man's corrupt 
and lost eetate. 165 pp. 13°. New- 
York, J. Emory ^ E. Watiglt, 1830, 
Plier (Gerrit Jacobus van dor). Historisoh- 
kritisch onderzoek naar de echtheid van 

Eom. xvensvi. Aoademiech proefsohrift. 
Viii, 193 pp. 8°. UtrcM, J. L. Bcijera, 
1866. 8. 

Flint (Austin, jr. m. d.) The physiology of 
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state of physiological science, as applied 
to the functions of the human body. v. 
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Flint (S. A.) The conqueror. By the au- 
thor of EUen Murray, [anow.] 213 pp. 
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db, Google 


Floating; tlowera. See S. (T. H.) 
Flourens (Marie Jean Pierre). Del'iaatinct 

et de I'iatelligeiioe dea animaox, 3e <5d. 

2p. 1.176 pp. 16°. Faris,L.SaoUm4- 

etc 1851. 
Flowers of loveliness : a, token of remem- 
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adelpkia, H. F. Annera, [1851]. 
Flowers by the irayside. [snoj!.} 187 pp. 

1 pi, 8"^. PMladelpMa, Am. s. s. wnioit, 

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school te,3± books, uos, 1-3. 3 v. 18°. 

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So, 1. tessona in bibie history. Tlio oil! teatn 

ment. SMpp. [1881,1 
No. 2, LesBonB 10 now teatement hiskiry. am pp. 


"" enea, 271! pp, llSa'l). ' 
Fly leaves ; or, scraps aud sketches, literary, 
bibliographioal and miaoellaneoua. [Two 
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tnve. [Moatbly]. George Lowell Anatin, 
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4'^. BoHtm, Wliite, Smith f Perry, 1S73 

Folk Bonga. Part 4. See Songs of nature 

Folleii (Charles, d. d.) A getman lendei 
■ e<l. with additioni, by G A 

E pp. 


Munroe ■ 

Fonsaagrives (Jean Baptiste ) The moth- 
er's work with sick children. Translated 
from the 4th Paris ed. by F, P. Foster, 
ra. d. 10, 244 pp. 12°. New York, G. P. 
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[PursAM'sbonfly booh aeiifa no 111 
Fontana (G, B,) Ao. elemeQtaiy grammar 
of the Italian language, progressively ar- 
ranged for the nae of schools and colleges, 
vii, 236 pp. 1S° Sogton, Plulhps, Saw}}- 
30H 4- CO. 1858. 
Fonvlelle (Wilfrid? de) and Tissandier 
(Gaaton). Aenal travels 
[la &LAI9HER (James) Travels m the air. S=. 
Zmdm.Ji.Benaey lavi pp a>l-ia8). 
Foote (Edward, m d) Medical common 
sense; applied to the causes, prevention 
and euro of chronic diseases, and nnhappi- 


Foote (Edward, m. d.) — continued. 

neas in marriage. Enlarged ed. xviii,390 

pp. portrait. 19°, New York, author, 1863. 
For everybody, [An illustrated family 

paper. Monthly] Jan to dec 1872 

V. 3. 4°. Baffalo S S Sage 1873 
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viii, 265 pp. 16" i¥ew ioil Suid 4 

Hongbion, 1872. 
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Forest warbler, [psmi^n,] See McCor- 
mick (M. R.) 

Forichon (L. abhf) and Maupied (F. L. M.) 
De I'origine de I'homme et de I'anit^ de 
I'esp&oe humaine. vi, 222 pp. 1 tab. 8°, 
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F6raaxi(Siiao>ie,da^lieg^n). Laspositione 
sopia I'Orlando f vrioso di m, Lvdovioo 
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- The S! 

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Forster (Thomas). Sketch of the new 
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fystemofdrs. Gall and Spnrzheim, 
imprehendiug a complete 
system of zoonomy. With observations 
on its tendency to the improvement of 
education, of punishment, and of the 
treatment of insanity. 149 pp, 1 pi. 8'', 
London, Law 4- WUildker, [1815], 

Fortia d'Urban (Agricol Joseph Francois 
Xavier Pierre Esprit Simon Paul Antoine, 
■marguit de). M^moires pour servir il 

db, Google 


Portia d'tTrban (Marquis itc)— coutinneit, 
I'Jiistoire ancienne da glolie terroatre. 
10 V. 12°. Fane, Deiermlle ^- Xhivuel, 

T. 1. Hiatolre auoieime dea Salleus, oatiou llgnri 
enne cm Geltiane, et des SaIi«Da, nr^tea At 
Mors. lail. 

T. !i. CoiiBideiiitiaiia sat rot^cine et I'hletoin 
Id globe, ou lunoduction k I'liis 

3. H^molre et plan de tmniil 
Geltea on CHfcnlotfi, o'est^du-D, 
de Waaae aiimt OLovie. IBOI. 

d'O^Ste. St. ISOT. 

d'nne tItWte des o 

nt le delngf 

le Titerbe, on les aiitiqu 

V. B. Easri snr uuelqoes-uns dfs pins an 

moiLimieDB de la injaf'rapliie^ rtoachai 

deioKee). 1803. 
V. El. HiBtolrs et ttitorte Sn 66\«se d'Ogie^ flu de 

Kfle,etdela8ubmarsioDderAtlanliae. 1809. 
T. 10. NonTeau alatfemaprtadamlto, on In oonollin- 

tion de la Oen^ iivoc I'antiquibS de I'bie- 

tolce. 1809. 

Fottls (Antonio). Fbilosophia nej^tiya, 
sea disputatlones pbilosophiciB, in quiDque 
libros diviste, quibus probari contenditur, 
philoaophlam pure humauam, siltirelictam, 
in argamenta negative passim reaolvi. 
Ed. novissima. Opua poathmnnm. 3 p. 1, 
576 pp. 1 1. 4°. Tmetiis, ex typoffi'aplda 
J. B. AlbritU Hieroa-flUi, 1744. 
Ifote.—v. 3 flnly, oontHiDiDg parts 4 Hsd 5. 

rortnifhtly (The) review. [Monthly], 
Edited by Joiin Morley. Jan. 1 to Aeo. I, 
1873. News6ries,v. 11-12; old series, V, 
17-18. 8°. London, Chapman 4" ^oil, 

roxtschrltte (Die) der pliysilc £m jahre 
1367, Dargeatellt von der Physikalieclien 
gesellaobafii zu Berlin. 33. jalirgang. Ee- 
digirt von dr. G. Quincke und dr. B. 
Schwalbe. 8°. SerKn, G. Jidntec, 1870, s. 

Foadiok(CharIeaA.) The sportsman's olub 
in the saddle. By Harry Oastlemon. 
[pseiidoM,] 310 pp. 4 pi. IQP. I'kiladel' 
pida. Porter ^ Coates, [1873]. 
[Tlie eportmina'B club aerlts] 

Foedlck (David, jr ) Introdnction to the 
french language comprising a freuch 
grammar, [etc ] a frenoh reader, and a 
vocabulary adapted to the seleotu)ns 
403 pp. 12°. Aado^m, Ooiild ynmaii S 
Saxton, 1840. 

Foster (Bei^amin Frankliu), The clerk's 
guide, or commercial instructor : eompris- 
ing the principles of trade, commerce and 
banking; irith merchants' accounts; in- 
land andforeiga bills; par of exchange; 
equation of payments, etc, 9d ed. viii. 


Foster (Benjamin Franklin)— con tintied. 
13-S59 pp. 12°. Bogton, Perkine 4- Mar- 
vin, 1840. 

A concise treatiae on commercial 

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ton, Perldm ^ Mm-vin, 1836. 

Poster (Randolphs. d.A.) Jfatureandbless- 

. edness of christian purity. With an in- 
troduction, by Edmund S. Janes, d. d, 
326 pp. portrait. 13°. Neic-Tm-Tc, Harit^ 
4- bi-others, 1851. 
Fouoh€ (Joseph, iluc XOtrante). M^moires, 

1825. See Beauchamp (Alphonae de). 
Fourdrinler (Harriet Elizabeth). Hinffl for 
happy hours; or,amasementsfor aUages. 
xi, 215 pp. 1 pi. 16°. London, J. 4- C. Mon- 
ies, 1950. 

Onr new parish. Its privileges and 

progre^. 3 p. 1. 328 pp. 13°. Zondrnt, 
W.PiBkeHng, 1852. 
Fo'wie (William Bentley). The bible read- 
er; beinganewselection of reading lessons 
from the holy scriptures. 283 pp. 13°. 
Boston, author, 1839. 

The common school geography, 228 

pp. 12°. Boston, W.'B.F(ni!le4-N. Capen, 

The common aohool speaker; a new- 
collection of original and selected pieces, 
for reading and recitation. 288 pp. 16°. 
New Saven, S. SalKoeJc, 1844. 

The common school speller; in which 

about 14,000 words of the english lan- 
guage are carefully arranged according to 
their sound, form, or other characteristics, 
[etc.] 204 pp. 12°. Boeton, W. B. Foivle 
# N. Capen, 1842. 

The companion to spelling hooks, 

in which the orthography and meaning of 
many thousand words, most liable to be 
misspelled and misused, are impressed 
tipon the memory by a regular series of 
written exercises. 144 pp. 12°. Boston, 
W. B. Fowle 4- N. Capen, 1843. 

Familiar dialogues and popular dis- 
cussions, for exhibition in schools and 
academies of either sex, and for the amuse- 
ment of social parties. 386 pp. 12°. Bos- 
ton, Tappm 4- Denmt, 1841. 

The frenoh first class hook; being a 

new selection of reading lessons. 388 pp. 
12°. Boston, Crocker 4 Breivster, 1832. 

The hundred dinlogncs, new and 

original; designed for readiiif;: and exhi- 

db, Google 


FoTwle (William BeDtley) — continuecl. 
bitioii in schools, academiea, and private 
circles. 312 pp. 13°. £oiiUm,awt}wi;lS5i. 

Parlor dramas ; or, dramatio scenes 

for amusement. 312 pp. 13°. Boston, H. 
Cotton, 1857. 

Practical geograpliy as taught in the 

monitorial school, Boston. Part first. 106 
pp. 18°. I!oston,T.F.^J.S.FouiU,ll^^. 

Sunny honrs of clUdhood: or, selec- 

tiona for the improvemeut of the mind and 
heart. [«Btm.] 159 pp. 16°. SeiD TorJi, 
A. S. Bm-nes ^ co. 1873. 

The teaohere' inetitate; or, Btmiliar 

hints to young teachera. 258 pp. 
Boston, W. B. Fotvle,18i7. 

and Fita (Asa). An elementary 

geography for MassfWilinsetts cliildren. 
224 pp. sq. 16°. Boston^ Mwie ^- Capeti., 

Fowler (Orson Squire). Education and 
self-improvement, founded on physiology 
and phrenology; or, what coustitatea good 
heads and bodies, and how to make them 
good, by enlarging defioienoies and dimin- 
ishing esceaaea. 2d ed. t, 1. 252 pp. 
*P. Nm York, O. S. f L. N. Fowler, 1844. 

The same. Education and self-im. 

provement; partaecond. Phrenology and 
physiology applied to the cnlfcivation of 
memory; the intellectual education of 
children, and the strengthening and 
panding of the intellectual powers. 3^ 
lie pp. 8°. NeiB Yorlc, 1844. 

I TFifft fti« Tidooalion anil aelf-improveinent, v. 

Powler on memory ; or, phrenology 

applied to the enltivation of memory. 

ed. 69 pp. 

Fowler, 184^ 
IPhrenol gi al 
Th am 

F. Nm York, 0. S. <?■ L. N. 
Mm y d a 

improT m 
and jnv n 

app w to 

u n 20 h e( 2. 


12° jtf" r 


[The lamily]. Supplement to The 

family," [Parts i-ii]. Offspring, and 
their hereditary endowment ; or, paterni- 
ty, maternity, and infancy; inclading 
sexuality; its laws, facts, impairment, 
restoration, and perfection, as tanght by 
phrenology and physiology, together with 
warning and advice to yonth. 1 p. 1. vi, 
5-278 pp. 8°. So8fo«,O.S.FoiDler,[_1869'}. 

The same. Part iii of Supplement to 

"The family," — Sesnal acienoe; or man- 


Fowler (Orson Squire) —continued, 
hood and, womaahood, inoludiug perfect 
husbands, wives, mothers, and infants. 
Together with maternity; as tanght by 
physiology, 1 p. h 236 pp. 8°. Boston, 
0. S. Fowlei; [1870], 

Human science : or, phrenology ; its 

principles, etc. as applied to health ; men- 
tal philosophy; God; immortality, intel- 
lect, etc, iviii, 1211 pp. 8°. PMladet- 
pUa, National pubUaMng compang, [1873], 
Offspring, and their hereditary en- 
dowment: or, paternity, maternity, and 
infancy; including sesuality, (Supple- 
ment to " The family," part 1). . 128 pp. 
8°. Boat<m,O.S.:mmler,llS69'i. 

and Fowler (L. N.) The illustrated 

self-instructor in phrenology and physi- 
ology, .175rp, 12°, Netv York, FoivJer 4- 
Wells, 1859. 

Fowler (Samuel P.) Salem witchcraft ; 
oomprising more wonders of the invisible 
world. Collected by Robert C.^ef; and 
wonders of the invisible world, by Cotton 
Mather : with notes and explanations by 
Samuel P. Fowler. 1 p. 1. iW pp. 12°. 
SaUm, Maes. S. F. Ives <*■ A. A. Smith, 1861, 

Pownes (George, jiA.ii.) Elementary chem- 
istry. Theoretical and practical. Edited, 
with additions, by Robert Bridges, m. d. 
xvi, 13-460 pp. 12°. FMladelphia, Lea .|- 
Blandiard, 1845. 

Fox (George Patrick, taiior). Fashion : tlie 
power that influences the world, Tho 
philosophy of ancient and modern dresa 
and f^hion. Series 1850, 1860, 1872,— 3d 
ed. xxiv, 17-277 pp. 8°. New York, 
Ant. news CO. 1872. 

Fos {Rev. George Townshend). A brief 
memoir of the rev. Henry Watson Fox. 
[Abridged]. 281 pp. 4 pi, portrait. 18°. 
Philadelphia, Am. ». «. imion, [1853]. 

Fos; or Foxe (John). Geschichte der miiv- 
tyrer naeh dem ausfflhclichen original des 
ehiw. Jobanu Fox und anderer. Xurz 
gsfaszt und ana dem engliachen lilieraetitt 
von I. Daniel Eupp. 2 v. in 1. 226 pp. 3 
pi; 988 pp. 11. 1 pi, 12°. Ciiicinmti, Boh- 
inson ^ Fairbanks, 1830. 

Fragments and scrapsof history. SeeHai- 
on (George). 

Fragments on woman ; being obaei-vations 
on her character, and influence on society. 
[oJMH!,] 3d ed. 156 pp, 18°. Lojidon, 
LonpaoM, [1839]. 

db, Google 


Pramingham (Ifass.) Directory for 1873-73. 
See Marlborougli, Hiidaoi, and Fraiaicg- 

Prance. MinUlire de Vagrwultm-e et du oom- 
merce. Budget dea dfipensBs de I'eseroico 
1852. 4°, Parie, impiimeHe naHonale, 

Compte rendu par le ministre 

de ragricnltnre et du commerce. Compte 
d€finitif dea dfpecsea, ezetcico 1849, au 
ler Jan. 1951. 4°. Paris, impHmerie na- 

iiatiale., 18G1. 

Conaeil g^n^ral de I'agricul- 

ture, dea manufactnrea et du commerce, 
session de 1850. 4 v. 4°. Paris, 1850. 


Nottee 8Hr las docamenta cslatifs an 

NoUne but le i^gime On coniiueFCed« laliDncliorio. 
NoMoB sur le ceglmB dil tommBroo do In bonlllD- 

Statistiqiie de la France, [le 

sfirie]. "V. 10-19. fol. Puns, imj»'imeHe 
1-oyaU. 1847-50. 

IndusWle, V. 1-3. 

Tliasame. aes&ie. fol. Slrus- 

lowrg 4- Palis, 1858-60. 

V. S. SlaUallqiiB is raseiHtimcB pnbllnuo de IG-I^ il 

1B53. Btrasft™™, 1858. 
V. 8. StfttlBHque agrloole, 2e partiB. Pafh, 1860. 

Ministire de Vinstruatioa ptibligue. 

Arohivee de 1» commisdon scientiflque du 
Mexique. t. 1-9. 8°. P«w, impiimetie 
hnpAiale, 1865-67. 

Collection de documents in^- 

dits sur I'hiatoirede France pulilife par lea 
soius da ministre de I'instruetinn publique 
le a^rie. Hiatoire politique 3p I cssxii, 
D71 pp. A°. Pans, lm]ynmaie nahonale, 

LflttFes iln oardiDHl Mssarla pendant 

l^tat de 

T.l, dte. 164a— jnin 1644 

Rapport ftu loi ani 

I'inatruction primaire, et snr I'f 
fonds Tot^s an budget de 1832 en faveur 
de oette instruction, 4°. Paris, impri- 
mmie royale, [1833]. 

Rapport an roi snr I'instrnc- 

tion secondaire. 4". Paris, imprimerie 
royale, 1843. 

Mimalh-e de VintMeiir. (DirecUon 

giniralede VadmimstraUfmint4ricare). Eap- 
port a sa majesty Temp^reur aur I'adminia- 
tration des ^taWissements p^nitentiaires 
par le miniBtre de I'iut^rieur. Statistique 


France — continued . 

de cea ^tabliBsementa, (anin^e 1852). 

Paris, P. Dupont, 1854. 
Mimstire de la marine et des co^oni 

Eevne maritime et colouiale. See Eevue 

maritime et colouiale. 
Mmistire des affaires ^trangh'es. 

faires ^trang&res. Documents diplOE 

tiqnes. N^gociationa avec I'Angleterre pour 

la revision du traits de oommerco. Avril 

1872. fol. Palis, imprimefie nationah, 

Ministire des fravaux publics. Travanx 

publics des State-Uuis d'Amdrique, en 

1870. Bapport do mission, 1873, See 

Malezleux (E.) 
See, also, Annalea des ponts 

et ohauBS^ea, 1870, 1871. 8 v, 8*'. Paris, 

Dunod, [1870-71]. 
See, also, Jottrnal officiel de la riipub- 

liqne fransaiee, 1872. 
Prance (/itstttul de), Annuaire pour 1872. 

12°. Poi"iB, imprimerie naHonale, 1872. 
Pranoia (C. S. ^' co. pu.1ili$}iers.) Francis 

& co's cabinet library of ohoioe proae and 

poetry. 16°. Ifew Ym-k, C. S. FraHcta ^ 

CO. 1844. 

TALFOUiiD (T. N.) Trageaies, aounefs and verses. 

Francis's new guide to the cities of 

Hew-York and Brooklyn, and the vicinity. 
1 p. 1. 148 pp. 31 pi. 1 map, 18°. Niao 
Ywk, C. S. Fi-anms # no. 1853. 

Francis (John Wakefield, m, d.) New York 
during the last half century : a discoorae 
in commemoration of the 53d anniveraary 
of the Hew York historical society. 232 
pp. 9°. Mw York, J. F. Trow, 1857, 

Frank and Amy in Palestine ; or, illustra- 
tions of the scriptures. [mMHi.] 223 pp. 
7 pi. 18°. Boston, Mass. s.-a, society, imi. 

Prank Austin's diamond. By tbe author of 
"Tlie golden-ladder" series, [atiiw.] 196 
pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, P. Carter 4- 
hrotJiers, 1871. 
IDrayWn-hllll sBcies, no. 4]. 

Frank Lealie'a boy's and girl'a weekly, [etc.] 
See Leslie (Frank). 

Frankie's book about bible men. By the 
author of " Sabbath talks about Jesus," 
[etc. flflOH.] 180 pp, 4 pi. 18=. Boston, 
J. E. Tilion §■ co. 1861. 

Pranklln (Benjamin). Works of the late 
dr. Benjamin Franklin; oonaisting of 
of hia early life, written by Iiim- 

db, Google 


Franklin (BeujamiD) — coutioued, 
self; together ■with a collcctiou of bis 
essays, Immorons, moral and literary. 
New ed. reviaed and enlarged. 274 pp. 
16". Ea«U>n, [Ph.] B. W. Gibba, 1810. 
The select ■works of Benjamin Frank- 
lin ; including his antohiogtaphy. With 
notea and a memoir by Epes Sargent. 
502 pp. IS". Boston, PftiKiys, Sowpwm # 
CO. 1853. 

A collection of the familiar letters 

and uiscellaneona papers of Benjamin 
Franklin. Now for the firat time pub- 
lished. [By Jared Sparks], xvi, 305 pp. 
V>P. BeaUm, C. Bowen, 1833. 
Franklin (William, U-anelafor). See Lovee 

(The) of Camarlipa and Climalata. 
Franklin (The) family primer, 1811. See 

Willard (Samuel, d. d.) 
Fraser {Eev. Robert W.) Day and night; 
or divine truths in nocturnal and diurnal 
phenomena. Engd. tit. vii, 199 pp. 3 pi. 
16°. HBnbia-gli, -A. Fiaiartoii ^ eo. 1855. 
Praser's magazine. tMonthly]. Edited 
by James Anthony Froude. Jan. to dec. 
1872. New series, v. 5-6 ; [complete 
series, v. 85-86]. 8°. London,, Longmans, 
Green f w. 1872. 
Fredet (Peter, fl.d.) A treatise on the 
encharistio mystery, or defence of the 
catholic dogtua of the eucharist. 156 pp. 
16°. Bal^nore, Me^opoUlan- press, 1844. 
Free (John, d. d.) A oontroveray with tbe 
people Galled metbodieta, concerning the 
truu nature of the christian religion. 6 
parte in 1 v. 8°. London-, W. Saadhg, 


Free church of Scotland. Sec, Scotland 
roo church of). 

Freeman (.lohnC.) Selections from various 
gieek authors, 1872. See Boise (James 
R ) ami Freeman 

Freemasons IliiMW. Tbo templar inaii- 
nal : containing a full and comprehen- 
sive system of tactics and drill, toge- 
ther with all ceremonies appertaiaiiig to 
the oiders ol knighthood, [etc.] Prepared 
by authority of the grand oommandery of 
Iliinoia. 10th ed. revised. 4 p. 1. 170 pp. 
18". Chieago, E. B. Myers, 1873. 

MasiachaseUa, {Grand lodge of Massa- 

diimtls). Proceedings. Quarterly com- 
munication, March 12, 1873. 8°. ISoston 
Boohivell ^f ChuroMU, 1873. 

Pieire Se Andrade (Jacinto). Vidadedom 
loao de C astro, quarto viso -rey da India 
Agora teroeira vez impress*. 4 p. 1. 490 
pp. fo). lAsboa, kerdeiros de M. DesJ^i^des, 

Freitag (A.) Professions and trades in the, 
United Statea of North America. Znm 
gebrauch filr auswanderer und in schuleu 
herauBgegeben. vi, 370 pp. 8°. Gottiii- 
geit,Dielerioh'sBke buchlmndlmig, 1849. 

French (John Henry, It. d.) Fi-ench's 
mathematical series. 8 v. Neio York, 
Harper f Irotliers, 1866-72. 

1. AdiRnlsyoftlieliadprincipIosDfthemGUia. 
diets : m certaia articles proposeil ta the 
coDsfdentttoii of tbe compHOy of SHlters, 
iuLoDdan. tided. 32pp. 1739. 

I. Siilea for the diseoveiy ot fiilse' proplieis : 
[etc.] A. aetmon. 3d ed. 1 p. 1. irii, 
38 pp. 1158. 

3. Dr. Free'a edition of the rev. mr. John 
Weslas'B first peuuy-luttet, etc 3i\ impr. 

i. Dr. fee's edition of the mt. mr. John 
Wesley's aejjond letter, elo. 73 pp. 1750. 
L. Ti. — t 1 Joaes' letMr. 

No. 5. Dr. Free' 

No. 0. The whole spueoli 


Thiih w 

uieetisg at Sion college. 3S pp. [ITSS]. 
Fiee-aiid-easj (The) song book: selected 
by the leader of a Philadelphia "Free-and- 
easy." [»««».} 273 pp. 1 pi. 24°. PMU- 
dvlpliia, J. Kan, jr. & irotlier, 1834. 

1. Tirst lessons in numhers, ISSfi. ICP. I'JO pp. 
!!. SlemenUry arithmetic, for the slate, 18«i. l&>. 

:ffi same, 1870. 16°. 330 pp. 

SB.- Key to rrenoh's elemontarr ariOuootlo, 
I1S711. lfl°. 85 pp. 

3. llentaJarlthBieticlBTO. 16=. leopp. 

4. Common acbool Brithmetlo, iseg. lilp. 3:16 pD. 

4a. Key to Fiench's common si^iwl adthmetic, 
isns. 16°. 116 pp. 

French (J. W. d. d.) Grammar ; part of a 
course on language, prepared for instrnc- 
tiou in the U. S. corps of cadets. 1 p. 1. 
467 pp. 12°. Mw TorJc, D. VrnMstrand, 

French (William M.) Life, speeches, state 
papers and public services of gov. Oliver 
P. Morton. 406 pp. portrait. 13". Cin- 
cinnati, Moore, WiUtaclt # Baldii^n, 1864. 

XYenah (James S.) Elkawatawa; or, the 
prophet of the vrest. A tale of the 
ftontior. [auon.] 3 v. 246 pp; 354 pp. 
12°. New-York, Harper f Tirofhers, 1836. 

Frey (AndreTF). A true and autlientio ac- 
count of Andrew Frey. Containing the 
occasion of hia coming among the herrn- 
hiiters or morarians, his obseiTatioDS on 

db, Google 


Prey (Andrew)— cotttinueiJ. 
their [cnstoms] ; and the reaeous for which 
he left them. Faithfully translated from 
the german. 72 pp. 8°. Lon^a,J.Eob- 
sftron, 1753. 

[KiHius (Heiniieli). Tlie Liatory of tho nioravi- 
ims. Appauflii, no. \]. 

Piey (Heinrich). The microscope and ml- 
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Friendly (Annt,2)se(i^i>».) I860. SeeBii^ei 

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Sveriges atliga oeh giftiga svampar 

teckuade efter uatnren uuder ledning af 
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I IFtlJi Ais Lappiek mj^ologl]. 

Lappisk mythologi, eveutyr og folko- 

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Eu sonimer iFinmark6n,rn88i8kLap- 

laad og Nordkareleu. Skildringer af land 
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Frlta (F.) Fraktisohes lehrhuoh fUr schji- 
fer, Oder kurze einleitnng zur zuoht and 
pflege der schafe, wwle zvo- kenntniaa und 
hehandlnng der wolle. sii, 186 pp. 4 pi. 
1*>. Stattgm-t, Ebner ^ Seii6e»-f, 1866. a. 

From dawn to daylight, 1859. See Beecher 
(Mrs. H. W.) 

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44epp;lpl. 13°. FhilaMpUa, E.G. Bid- 
die, 1837. 

Easy eseroises iu composition: de- 
signed for the use of beginners. [Illus- 
trated]. 120 pp. 12=. Philadeli^hia, W. 
MarelMll f eo. 1839. 

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tions from classical flench writers. 352 
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Frost^s pictorial family museum. [II- 

luBtrat«d]. 648 pp. 8°. Ajibnrn, [,N, Y.] 
Deris 4- mil&; 1853. 

Lives of the heroes of the araerioan 

revolution: also— embracing the deolaiar 


Frost (John, ll.d.) — continued, 
tiou of independence and signera' names ; 
the constitntion of the United States and 
amendments; together with the inaugu- 
ral, first annua] and farewell addresses of 
Washington, [anon,'\ 370pp. 4 portraits. 
13°. Boston, FhiUips ,_[■ Samjison, 1848. 

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Short studies on great snbjeota. 2d 

series. 3 p. 1. 487 pp. 8°. London, Long- 
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"Thumping engliah lies." Fronde's 

slanders on Ireland and Irishmen. A 
course of lectures delivered by him iu 
Association hall. New York, 1872. With 
preface and notes, by eol. Jas. A. UcOee, 
and Wendell Phillips's views of the situa^ 
tiou. 224 pp. 16°. Neiv YorJc, J. A. Mc- 
Gee, 1873, 

Fiihrer (Der) zu Gott. Eiu gehet- und er- 
baunngsbnchfiir katholisohe christen aller 
stilnde. [oiMW.] 476 pp. 32°. New-York, 
a # N. Bendger, 1868. 

Ful (A) and plaine declaration of ecclesias- 
tical discipline ovt of the word of God, 
1580. See Travers (Walter). 

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a new and natoral method of learning to 
read and speak the german language. 
438 pp. 12". I'hiladel2>]iia, Ltppiiicnlt, 
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Fulton street hymn book, for the use of 
union prayer meetings, sabbath schools 
and families, [aitou.] 340 pp. 34°. Neio 
Yorb, Board of pahlicalion of r^ormed prol- 
e»t<mt datiih chun^, 1662. 

PmretiSre (Autoine). Le roman boargeois, 
onvrage oomique, Avec notice ot notes, 
par m. Pierre Januet. 3 v. xii, 201 pp ; 
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[NORTelle collecljon Jonnet]. 

FumesB (William Henry, d d) A. history of 
Jesus. [Ist ed.] 291 pp 12 SoMon, 
W. Ci-oiby <F' H. F. Nichols, 1650 

Futliey (J. Smith). Histonc'd diseonrae 
delivered on the occasion of the one hun- 
dred and fiftieth anniversary of the Upper 
Octorara presbyterian church, Chester 

db, Google 


Futbey (J. Smitli}— oontiuueil. 
county, Penn., Beptember 14, 1870. IH^ 
pp. 4 pi. B°. P/iif(i(!e(j>fiJa, K. B. A^k- 
mead, 1870. 

G(E. 8.) Eeligious oousolatioa. laiion. In- 
tcodnotion snbscvlbed E. 8,G,] xxiv, 237 
pp. 18°. Boston, J. Dome, 1836. 

G (W.) i. e. ■WiUiftui GifEord, pseitdmi. See 
Deacon (William Frederick). 

Gage {Mi-8. William L.) Helen oa her trav- 
els: wliftt bIis saw aad what she did iu 
Europe, [flnoji.] 1 p. 1.186 pp. 12°. Keiv 
Yo,% Sard <(■ SoughUm, 1868. 

Galaxy (Tlie). An Illustrated magaaine of 
entertaining reading. [Montbly]. Jan. 
to dec. 1672, V. 13-14. 8°. Jfmn Yoj% 
SheJtlon 4' eo. 1872. 

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Bcientifio mannalB. 2 v. 18°, London, 
Longmans 4- co. 1869-71. 

OnuBKE (J. E.) A nrnnnal of tlio enb-tiii 

coelentorala, 1883. 
A miiiiual of the euU-Jiingdoai protoaoo. 

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containing a map, and general descrip- 
tions of Iowa territfiiy. 32 pp. 1 col. map. 
8". amiwihB, [0.] W. 0. Jones, 1840. 

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oliild's book on tlie soul. 2d ed. 2 v- 
128 pp; 157 pp. Bii. 16°. Sai-t/oril, Coolce 
4- eo. [1850]. 

Disoonrsea on vaiicus points of ebris- 

tian faitii and practice, vii, 239 pp. 8'=. 
Sartford,S. G. Goodr%cli,18l8. 

The Iiistory of Jonah, for children 

and youth, iv, 0-184 pp. 16°. Boston, 
Croetcei- if' Sreinsiei; 1933. 

— : — The history of Joseph for children 
and yonth. 210 pp. 18°. Seie York, 
Am. tract sooietn, [1834]. 

Scripture biography for tbo young, 

with critical illustrations and practical 
remarks. Adam to Jacsb, 300 pp. 6 pi. 
18°. A'eic Jbi*, Am. tmct society, [1838]. 

The same, Adam to Moses. 2 v. 217 

pp; 2G9 pp. 2 pi. 18°. JVeio Fori;, Am 
ti-aet soeiely, liS39i. 

The youth's l>ook on natural theol- 
ogy, illaetrated in familiar dialogues. 248 
pp. 16°. EaHforg, Cooked CO. im2. 

and Hooker (Horace), A practical 

spell in g-book, with reading lessons. 16G 
13°. Hitrifoi-d, Bdkna]i if HamersUtj, 



Gallier (Jamas, aycUleei). The ameiican 
builder's geueralpvioeboolvwuJ estimator, 
[etc.] fram prime cost of materials a.nd 
labour in any part of the United States, 
[also], a variety of useful tables, memo- 
randums, etc. iv, 128 pp; 1 1. 73, 18 pp. 
8°. NeiK Yorli, Lafecer .j' GalUer, 1832. 
Gallimaufry (The); or, theatrical speak- 
er's entertaining repository ; [etc. aaon.l 
2 p!. 272 pp. 24 1. 1 pi. 13°. London, J. 
SmUh. 1838. 
Gallitzin (Demeti'ins A.) A defence of 
catholio principles, in a letter to aprot- 
estant minister. [Also], an appeal to the 
jirotostant public. 2d am. ed. 160 pp. 
13°. Bammore,J.Marcs,i&i'!. 
GaUlx (— ) anil Guy (— ), ie VBcmall. Hia- 
tuire complete et authentique de Lonis- 
Hapoifioa Bonaparte dopuis sa uaissance 
Jusqu'il ce jour; prficiSfifie d'uii avant- 
propoB intitule Le 2 decemhre devant 
I'histoii.'o. 2 p. !. 504 pp. 8°. Fai-h, H. 
Morel, 1853. 
Gait (William). Railway reform : its im- 
portance and practicability considered as 
affecting the nation, the shareholders, and 
the government, xxiv, 268 pp. 8°, Lon- 
don, Woo^all if Kinder, 1864. 
Gardeners (The)chronicleand agricultural 
gazette. [Weekly]. Jan. 6 to dec. 28, 
1873. fol. London, W. Rieliards, 1872. 
Gardner (Jlfrs. H. C.) Rosedale; aatoryof 
self-denial. 410 pp. 12°. Cineinnati, Foe 
4- EUt^eoelc 1863. 
Gamer (John). Le uonveou diotionnaire 
univei-sel, fraufoia-augloiSjetanglois-fran- 
Cois. [Or,] The new universal dictionary, 
englishBndfrench,andfrenchaud english. 
3 V. 2 p. 1. lii, pp. 3381; 2p.I.lxiv,3a31, 
4°. Boiwn,laveKveP.]>ame»nil,j-flla,lSOZ. 
Gamier (Francis, ediloi-). Voyage d'explo- 
ration en Indo-Chine, effectoS pendant les 
ann6es 1866-68 par nne commission fran- 
paise pvdsid6e par m. le oapitaine do 
Ir^gate Doudart de Lagrfie, et publid par 
les ordres dn miuistre de la matine sous 
la direction de m. le lieutenant de vais- 
seaa, F. Garnier, aveo le eoncours de ni. 
Delaporte, et de mm. Joubert et Thorel. 
2 V. 2 p. 1, vii, 580 pp. inc. 36 pi, & plans, 
2 pi. 10 maps ; 3 p. L 523 pp. inc. 3 pi. 3 
maps, 4°. Atlas, fol. Faris, Hacheite iC' 
eie. 1873. a. 

Gan-et (William). SeeRight(A) pleaBaunt 
and famous book of histories, 1818. 

14 c 

d by Google 


Garrett (PLiuciisj. Oue liumli'w.1 clioice bc- 
leetioHB, no. 4, containiEg exercises for 
declamation, recitation & general reading. 
180 pp. IGo. PhiladeliiMa, P. Gai-relt ,y 
CO. 1871. 

One linndred choice selections, no. 5, 

containing stantlai'd aud recent pvodao- 
tions, for fleclamatiou, seliool esereisea, 
public entertainments, family reading. 
180 pp. 16". PM}adelpMa,F.G(iiTM4'iio. 

Oue huiiilrefl elioiee aelectioiiB, No. 6. 

A repository of literary gems, eloquent, 
patlietic, serious and amusing. 180 pp. 
12°. FMMelphia, P. Oanetl t^- go. 1873, 

The speaker's garland and literary 

bonqnet. -Combining 100 clioice selections, 
noa. 1, 3,3and4. [ajioit.] 4 v. in 1. 12°. 
PkUadelphUi, P. Gan-elt ^- eo. 1S79. 

Garrett (William). Eeminiscences of pub- 
lic men in^abama, for thirty years. With 
an appendix. 809 pp. H°. Atlanta, Ga., 
Plantation puUlahlng eo's jjrass, 18i^, 

Garteolaube (Die). lilustrirtea faniilieu- 
blatt. [Woohenblatt]. Jahrgang 1879. 
[v.SO]. 4°. Leipsi{i,E.E6U,ilS72']. 

OattiDa. See PetruccelU della O-attma. 

Gattola (ErSsmo). Ad historiam abbatiffi 
cassineueis accesaioncs. 9 parts in 1 v. 2 
p. 1. 907 pp. 11 pi. fol. Venetiis, ajjiHi 

nalis, [Doeem parEeaJ, pp. 1-69S. 
Dissertatio si?onndgt, de pFiestanUs 

trSTie (ksoiiptlD clvltatum Can^ini, saacti Gov 
ihTOniomildoliai-di de saiieto Qermano. p]?. 765 

Anonymornm innunoliorum. ooslne 
Index' dlpScauatiun [et] unlos rerani 

pp. 81 

Gaudln (Maro-Antoine). L'arcliitecture dn 
monde des atomea (l^voUant la strncture 
des composes cliimiques et lenr oriatallo- 
g^nie. xis, 231 pp. 12°, Pavle, Giiu- 
thie>--miar3, 1873. 

Gavairet (Jules). Traits d'lSleetriciti?. 2 
Yi, 595 pp ; 3 p. 1. 604 pp. 12°. Paris, 
Mtxsmi, 1857-58. 

Oeer (EUiiu). Geer's Hartford eity direct- 
ory. See- Hartford. 

GeJofat aey Jesus Cbvist. Eiu gebetbucli 
fiir fromme chcisten. Ton dec Versamui- 
]ung dea lieil, erlosers, 448 pp. 34°, 
Salt^ioi'e, J. Marpliff, 1845. 

General (A) eateoMam of the christian doc- 
trine, Se,i: Roman catholic chnrcli. 


General (The) clnss-hool;, 1838. See 'Wil- 
lard (Samuel, J. d.) 

Genoa. Mesio Utitaio t^lOllieo i-adaUriale-pro- 
fessionaleedl taaHHa mercantile delia pwvln- 
cia dl Geaova. Atti. Fubblicati pee cura 
od a spese del municipto di Geuova. 2 v. 
2 p. L 1030 pp. 1 pi; 1 p. 1. 836 pp. 15 pi. 
8°. Genoea, eoi tipi del r. i. d^ sorAo^mali, 

I (CbvIh). Snll' oilffiiio o aui prosreesi 

della geoioebi-ias r- 1, pp. aB5-4LQ. 
BoooiHDO (Gsrolamo). 1ft ooneaslono dollo ael- 

enee, v. 9, pp 1-aa. 
Canals (M. G.) DbU' oriaine efl ocdiniiniontfl ilBi 

Gomuni e ioDa repnlibUohe d'ltaliH, t. 3, pp, 

Cabcbllucoi (R.) AnUina, s snoi derivati eolo- 

ranti, V. 1, pp. 4^~5Kl. 
Cattaseo (G.) Snnto di uiia lezlonB pnpolara 

anU' etmilibrio degli avoUi. v. % pp. 1539-074. 
Cblesia ffl.> is teogonie dell' antlua llguiia, v. 

Cio'ccA IF.) Svll' importanza ft dellft tooria dollft 

nave, v. a, pp. 793-&;!. 
COBi'i (A.) t;onfildai™ioui Intomo all' taaogmi- 

meiit« ilelle matomaaolie elementtici. v. 1, pp. 

DeiiAiuiiBUi (F.) Snnto di alonne lozione dl gc o- 

metria Auailtloai t. 1. pp. QST-393. 
X>El.UT {G.) Del glomhle di Maury. Moment 

Erbok (M.) Come Bin nMie stadlara ia oomputle- 

totia e la menieoloeia. v. S, pp. .113-809. 
FdiracH (ML) Vsnt^io e otigine dolla llnguft 

tedeaea, v. S, pp. eST-TOB. 
GAiiiiiALDi (P. M.) Lb railiaziono nel loro rap- 

nsFti col vapors d'Boguft e altrl eorpi goBaoai, 

[etc.] V. l.pp. 4i3-447. 
GAUASaDil IS) Bcevi cenni aiiHa macoliina a va- 

pure, dallft suft ftpplioasioao nllamaiiua ftj^omi 

noBtri, Y. Stjp. 675-fi8a. 
GuiLLO (S.) KBpoBiiiona dl foi'mole aeinplioi per 

la misurft delle pili eomuui specie dl volte, v. S(, 

pp. 67J-a97. 
Ibsaud (S. J.) Hints on lancnu'e oa a means of 

mratal Oisolpline, v. a pp.^ll^lW. 
Haksaso (G. B.) Sallft eomma delle potonso 

aimile d« uamerl In pTogreesloue per difia- 

lenift, p. V. pp. 4»-lli0. 
, — gnlla aomma del prodotti ad emme ad eiii. 

Ine di enne irameci hi - - 

KB, elevaM 


hi progressiouo d 
potenze aupeiiorl 

lologia dalla ei 

Bafaneltj: (B. G.) Homorla tecnico-oDoaoiulft 

I'eaeroisio doUe ferrovlo, v. 1, pp. 557-768. 
Saukto (G.) Dulla sloria de' Ouesitl, t. 2, pp. 37- 

ViOGiLio (J.) Irfi moralo economioa, v. 3, pp. 979- 

Gentleman (The) in black, 1840, Sea Ir- 
Tlng (W.) 

Gentleman's (The) magaziiie. [Monthly]. 
Jan. to dec. 1872. Entirely new [Oth] ae- 
ries, V. 8-9j [complete series, v, 232-233]. 
8^. London, Grant ^ co. 1872. 

Gentleman's (The) medical pocket-book, 
and health-adyiaer : with directions for 
liis conduct in case of aooidenta on the 
roadoi at sea. By a medical practitioner. 
\_aiton.-] 160 pp. 1 pi. 21°. PhiladdpMa, 
J.KaijJr.Ji-co. [1839], 

db, Google 


George Millet and Ilia motlier. {anon.'} SIS 

pp. 3 pi. 16°. FMladelpMa, Freshyiei-lan 

ioai'd of puilicalioii, [I860]. 
Georgetown (The) courier. [Waelilj]. 

Nov. 18, 1B65, to nov. 3, 1873. t. 1-7 in 3 

V. fol. Georgetotvih, D. C, J. B, MoG'tll, 

G^ramb (Fei'diuand or Marie Joaepb, loj'oa 

Se, n6W ef pmeareitr gSniral cJm trappiBtes). 

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and nioant Sinai. 

3v, 299 pp; 300 pp. 12°. FkilaMpIda, 

Caren f Sart, 1840. 
Gerard (Georges). Le cabiuet dea fiSes, or 

recreative readingSj in frencli. 333 pp. 

12^-'. Mm Tori, B. Appleton 4- eo. 1859. 

JPbfe.— A BRleotion fcom the "Contos Aea fCies" nf 
Charles Perrault, and tlie "Contefl mornox" ol 
madame Leprinoe de BeaaTnont. 

Germain {Liyril George). Correspondauce, 
1782. See Great Britain. Foreign office. 

Germain (Miohel), Museum itallontn, 1687. 
See Mablllon (Jean) aiii! Gaimalu 

German reformed oliiirch. Sof Evange- 
llsclier liircbenverein deswestens, <iho, 
Bvangeliach-reformirter Tereiu 

Geraoni (Henry). Sketolies of jewish life 
and tistory. 224 pp. 16° Neiv Yoil, 
Sebrew oiy/mB oiglwin^rinUitg eslalJishnuiit, 

Geseuiaa (Friedricli Heiniicli Willielm) 
A lielirew and english lexicon of the old 
testament, inolnding the bildioal ohaldec 
From the latin. By Edwaid Eohinson 
With corrections and large additions Stli 
ed. si, 1160 pp. 8°. Boston, Ciookm ^ 
Sremalei; 1854. 

Gibba (Josiah Willard, d.d) A maunal 
liebrew and english lexicon, including 
the biblical ehaldee. Sd ed reTieed and 
enlai^d. iv, 236 pp. 8^ ^uo ITaien, 
fi^.B"(WM, 1832. 

Gibson (John) and FessendenJL G) 'Ihe 
prairie YooaliBt ; a collection of cliiirch 
muflic, from the best amerioan and eiiro- 
peftn composers. 320 pp. obi. 8°. Ciii- 
cluMaii, Moore, Anderson, Wdstach •)■ Keys, 
[1853]. s, 

Gibson (William). A vision of faery land, 
and other poems, vii, 214 pp. 12°. Los- 
ton, J. Mimroe 4- co. 1853. 

GifFord CWilliam, pmiidon.) See Deacon 
{Frederick W.) 

Gift (The); a Christmas and new year's 
present for 1842, 1843, 1844. [onon.] 12° 
& 8". Fhil-adflpl'm, Cm-ey .f' Jlm-t, [1841 


Gift (The) of friendsliip : a token of remem- 
brance, for 1848, 1850, 1851, 1852, and 1854. 
[v. 3,4,5,6,8]. 5v. 16°. FkiladBliMa, 
JI. F. Annei-3, [1847-53]. 

Gift (Tlie) of the knees ; or tlie ministry of 
prayer, the ministry of power, [anon.] 
328 pp. 18°. Boston, Am, tract socieig, 

Gilbert (Walter B.) Hymnal, with masic, 
1872. See Protestant episcopal chnrch. 

GUbert (William K. m. a.) Blbllotheca 
americnna. Catalogne of a large lUid 
valuable private library illustrating amer- 
ioan antiqnitics and general and local 
history, [etc. Auction ontaJogiie]. ISSpp. 
8°. JVciU Torh, Baiigs,Merwiii ,;■ ao. [1872]. 
[With, partial list of piloBs]. 

Gilder (William H.) New ilietorioal reader 
and elocntlonist. 336pp. 12°. NetvYoyi^, 
J. 0. micei; 1853. s. 

Giles {Bee. Henry). Chriatian thought on 
life. Id a scries of discourses. 4 p. 1. 
287 pp. IS". J?08(o«, Ticlinor, Beed ,)■ 
Fields, 1851. 

Lectures and essays. 3 v. v. 300 

pp ; 2 p. 1. 317 pp. 16°, Bo»iott, Ti<ikiior, 
Heed ,/ Fklds, 1850. 

GUea (Samuel M. aiul others). Hymns for 
the use of the african method ist episcopal 
zion church. SevAfrioaix mothodist epis- 
copal zion church. 

Gillmore (Parker). All loiind the world. 
Adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and 
America, iv, 270 pp. 7 pi. 12°. Loudon, 
Chapman 4- Ball, 1871. 

A hunter's adventures in the great 

west. 1 p. 1. vii-x, 336 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Loa- 
ami, Swet .f' Blackett, 1871. 

Prairie farms and prajrie folli. 2 v. 

2 p. 1. iv, 331 pp. 1 pi; 3 p. 1. iv, 282 pp. 1 
pL 12°. Loudon, Murst 4 Jlladxtt, 1S72. 

Gillmore (Quincy Adams). Engineer and 
artillery operations against the defences 
of Charleston 1863; comprising 
the descent upon Morris island, the demo- 
litiou of fort Sumter, the reduction of 
forts Wagner and Gregg. With observa- 
tions on heavy ordnance, fortifications, 
etc. With the official reports of chief of 
artillery, assistant engineers, eto. 354 pp. 
76 pi. (15 col.) 5 maps. 8°. New York, 
D. Van Koslrmd, 18G5. 

Glliiiaji(3f?'s. Caroline Howard). Thesibyl, 
or, new oracles from the poets. 313 pp, 
12°. New Yorh, WiUij .)■ F.ilmiu, 1848. 

d by Google 


Gilpin iSev. William). Tlio life of Bemaril 
Gilpin. WitL. aa introductorj essay, by 
the rey. Edward Irviag. 2d ed. HM pp. 
portrait. 12°. Glasgow, W. Collins, 1830. 

Giorg {Kara, pieudou.) Poosien des urwalda. 
Von Kara Giorg. viii, 240 pp. W. Neiv 
Yorli, Ben^iger In'otliers, 1871. 

Oiomale del genio civile. Seconda aerie. 
1371-73. T. 3-4. fP. AtIa3,1bL [FVfenjo, 
tijiografia del gior^ale, 1871-72], e. 

G-laisher (James, edtioy.) Travels iu the 
air. Bj J. Glaiater, Camille Flammarion, 
W. De Fonvielle, and OaBtoa Tissandier. 
Edited hy James Glaisher. xv, 398 pp. 
57 pi. 8^. London, E. BeatUg, 1871. 

Glance (A) at Kew Yoi'k: embracing the 
city govemnieiit, theatres, hotels, chnrcb- 
es, mobs, monopolies, profeasiona, news- 
papers, rogues, dandies, fires and firemen, 
■water and other liquids, &o. [itnon. By 
Asa Greene]! vi,2a4pp'. 18°. Kew Yorl:, 
A. Greene, 1S37. 

Glascock (WOiiam Nugent). Tales of a 
tar, with characteristic anecdotes. By 
one of the antliors of " The naval sketch 
hook." [rtH(m.] 6p. 1.333 pp. 13°. Lon- 
gm, M. Colburii ^ E. BeRtley, 1830. 

aiasgow (The), Greenock, Edinburgh and 
Leith commercial list, 1873-74. Fifth and 
sixth years. By Estell & co. fol. Lon- 
don, [Sei/d._f-co.]ia73. 

Qleaiiings from the poets, for home and 
school, 1850. See Lowell {Mrs. A. C.) 

Gmelln (Xicopold;. Eeckerohes expiSrimen- 
tales, pbysiologiipiefi et ohimiques sur la 
digestion. See Tiedeinann (Friediich) 
ami Gmelln. 

Gobat (-Eep, Satuuel). Journal of throe 
years' residence in Abyaainia. Preceded 
by an introduction gfograpbical and his- 
torical, on Abyssinia, translated from the 
frenoh, by rev. Serono D. Clark. With a 
biographical sketch of bishop Gobat, by 
Robert Baird, d. d, 480 pp. portrait, 1 map. 
13". S^eiP Tork, M. W. Dodd, 1650. 
Gcflron (Domioique Alexandre). De I'es- 
pi^ce et des races dans les Stres organisers 
et spifoialement de I'nuit^ de Pesp^oe ha- 
maine. 2 v. Sp.l. 473pp; 2 p. 1.429 pp. 
S°. Park, J. B. Baiimre 4-flls, 1859. 

Godsdienatig jaarhoekje voor hijxoudere 
ea hnisselijke stichting. Naar het boog- 
dnitsch. Door Bemardns Vet weij. Tweede 
stnkje, 1 p. 1. viii, 28G pp. 1G°. Aiiialet-- 
iJam, G. I'onielje, 1857. 


GofHne (Leonbard). E. P. OofGne, christka- 
tholiaehpa unterrichts- und erhaunngsbiicb, 
Oder kurze auslegnng allev sonn- und fest- 
tiiglichen opisteln nod evangelLen sammt 
darans geaogeaen glaubeus- nnd sitten- 
lohreu, nobst einer deatlicben erklitrnng 
det vorziigliclistou kircbengebiiiachc, 
einer hans-mess-andacht, nnd einer he- 
sohreibung des heiligen landes von Georg 
Ott. Zwei theile. sli, 684, 24 pp. 1 pi. 
8°, CiaeUmaU, F. Fastet <?■ co. 1871. 

The Bame. Devont iiiBtiuctions on 

the epistles and gospels for tbe Sundays 
and holydaya ; with explanations of cbris- 
tiaa faith and duty, and of church cere- 
monies Ti'inslatedfiom the german, by 
the rev Theolore Hoethen xxxiv, 13- 
901 pp IJ \eB \ol E D nigan ■;■ 
hrotlier, [1859] 

The same Ei-plaaat on of the epis- 
tles anl gospels for the sindajs holidays 
and festivals tbtonghout the ecbleaiastioal 
year. [Also]; instructious ou christian 
faith and morals, explanations of different 
ceremonios and practices of the church, 
and tbe lives of many saints. Edited aod 
enlarged by rev. George Ott. Translated 
from tbe newest [29th] german ed. by rev. 
Gerard M. Pilz. xvi, 616 pp. 8°. Citiein- 
mti, F. PttsUt -t CO. 1871. 

Golden (The) age. [Weekly]. Theodore 
TUton, editor. Jan. 6 to dec. 3a, 1873. 
V.2. fol. Mw York, T. TUton, 1S7U. 

Golden (The) legacy, 1857. See Moore 
(if™. H.J.) 

Goldsbury (John) ami Russell (WUliam). 
The auierlcau cocamon school reader, 1644. 
See Rnssell (William) and Goldsbury. 
Goldsbnvy and Eussell's common-school 
series, I8i4-45. 

Good-better-beat: or three ways of mak- 
ing a happy world. [ajMtii.] 321 pp. 1 pi, 
18°. Fluladelphia, Am. s. s. union, 1844. 

Good cheer. The Christmas number of 
Good words. Edited by lev. Donald Mac- 
leod. Christmas, 1873. Zoiidoii, Strahait 
[TFtfftGooD wordaforlSlJ]. 

Good. (A) life, 1836. Sec True ( fhe) phiii 
of a living temple. 

Good words. [A montlily magazine]. Ed- 
ited by Hormau Maclood. Jan. to doc. 
1872. V. 13. 8". LoiitloH, StraMa .;■ eo. 

d by Google 


Gooaell {WiUiam, d. d. 
stmUnopU). Tlie old and the : 
cliongea of tliirty years in tlie east, with 
some allasious to oriental ciiatoms as 
cidatJQg Boriptiire. 'With au introduotiop 
by rev. William. Adams, xx, 240 pp. 7 
coL pi. portrait. 13P. 2i'aD Yoi-ii, M. W. 
Dodd, 1853. 

GoodeU (Eev. Wniiam, of miB York). Slav- 
ery and anti-sJayery ; a history of tlie great 
struggle in liotli lienii spheres ; witli 
view of tbe slavery c[aestlon in tlie United 
States, s, Q04 pp. 8°. N^eio-Yorh, W. 
Saned, 1852. 

Gkradenow (JUisa Clara A.) Cecil's autnmn 
adventnres. By tlie author of "Oeoil's 
summer at Elm terrace." [ation.] 3-186 
pp.2p]. 16°. rki}adelpMa,Am.s.-s.miion, 

Ceoirs summer at Elm terrace. 

[tmon.] 166 pp. 3 pi, 18". I'kilade!j>Ma, 
Am. s.-a. union, [1871], 

Goodiioli (A. B. d. <i.) cmd Gilbert (Wal- 
ter B.) Hymnal, with music, 1673. fiee 
Froteataut episGopal church. 

Goodrich (Frank B.) Remarkable voyages; 
or, maa upon the sea : a history of mari- 
time adventure, exploration and discovery. 
560 pp. 24 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Llp- 
jjincoM^'w. 1873. 

Goodiioli (Jeiemialj and Anna F,) The 
spelling reader, or concordant spelling 
boot. 3ded. 156 pp. 16°. AJbaiiy,Hm- 
iltcf GooiMoft, 1829. 

Goodrich (Samuel Griswokl). [The com- 
prehensive readers]. 5 v. Boston, Otis, 
Broadere <f' eo. and LoiiisaUJe, [E>/.] Morton 
■f- OrieiBoU, 1839-41. 

The coiniDOQ acliool primer; Inti'oduetory. ei pp. 

Tlie'flrat'resdor. 36 Dp- ^^- 183D. 
ThBaeoODdroafiOT. 144pp. 18°. 183B, 
The tbictl reader. 180 pp. 1B=. 183!). 
Tbefonrthreiwler. SiSpp. 13". 1839, 

The same. Eevised comprehensive 

seriefljUos. 4-5. 3 v. 1S°. Zonmille, Kg. 
Morton tj- GHdwold, 1847. 

i. Tlie fuuitli Boliool raador. 240 pp. 
5. The fifth Bohool llsoflBr, 384 pii. 
JVote.— Hos. 4 aoil 5 of tlilfl seiiee corteapoud to 
EOS. 3 aud i of the fonuar aories, respeotiTely. 

The same. American school series. 

Edited by Noble Butler. Electrotype ed. 
•Nos. 1-6. 6v. 16°i&12°. LonieviUe, Kn. 
Morton .;■ GHstoolO, [1857-58]. 

I. Goodrich's Pi^sl 


3. Gloodrich'H third reHder. BIS pp. 16°. (18571. 

4. Goodrich's fourth reailor. 210 pp. 12°. [IBSIJ. 
6. Goodrich's fifth reader. 336 op. 13°. (1857]. 
6. Goodrioii'8 flixth reader. 541 pp. 19=. [1858). 

Peter Farley's book of bible stories. 

For children aud youth, [pseiiiJoB.] 256 
pp. sq. 16°. Boston, Mlhj, Wait .;■ co. 

The same. 256 pp. sq. 16°. Boston, 

5. Cohnan, 1835. 

Note.— "A London book, with ndditione." 

Peter Parley's book of cuiioaities, 

natural and arttfieial. l_p86adon.'\ 224pp. 
aq. 16°. Boston, Hiehardson, Lord <f- Hol- 
6coofc, 1832. 

Peter Parley's short stories for long 

nights, 140 pp. 8 pi. eq, 16°, Boston, 
Allen ^- J^hior, 1334. 

Peter Parley's taJes about ancient 

Eome, with eoaie account of modern Italy, 
208 pp. 1 map. sq. 10°. Boston, Carter, 
Sendee <f- co. 1833. 

A system of school geography, chiefly 

derived from Malte-Brun, aud arranged 
according to the inductive plan of inatrnc; 
tion, 320 pp. 16°. Hartford, S. .j- F. J. 
Huntington, 1830. 

See, also. Life (The) of Benjamin 

Fi'ankliu, 1832; and Life (The) of Christo- 
pher ColnmbuH, 1832, 

Goodvrin (WiUiam \V.) oiici! Allen (Joseph 
H.) Greek reader, (prose), conaiating of 
selections from Xenophon, Plato, Herodo- 
tus, aud Thnoj'dides. With notes, ix, 210, 
120 pp. 2 maps. 13°. Boston, Gian bro- 
thers, 1871. - 

.Gordon (Bee. A. J.) The vestry hymn and 
tune hook. 21>2 pp. 12°. Boston, H. A. 
Youjig ,j- CO. 1872, 

Gordon (C.) Boarding-school days. By 
Vieux Moustache. [jweiidoH.] iv, 291 pp. 
7 pi, 16°. Miv YorK, Sard tf' Sotightou, 

That good olil time ; or, onr fresh aud 

salt tutors. By Vieux Moustache, [pseii- 
don.] iv, 245 pp. 10 pi. 16°. INew York, 
Surd .j- Bonijlttoii, 1867. 

The same. Our li*sh and salt tutors ; 

or, that good old time. By Viens Mous- 
tache, [pseudon.'] 215pp.9pl. 16°. Sew 
York, Hard ,j- Hmnjhton, 1870. 

Gordoii (Thomas), A cordial for low- 
spu'itH; being a collection of valuable 
tracts. [EditedbyEichardBarron], 2ded. 

db, Google 

Oordon (Tliomaa) — continued, 
v.l. 288 pp. 1G°. LoMoa,lt.GHXIith.%i: 

adoveriiigwliatwill lie tlic pi 
)f nfihirB a thDusana veaca hei 
Jl Swift]. 1T18. 
L upon old women, mnle nnil 
"' — ""— -)orBl,inBlliig93. [ 


, [By ^otA Hervej. 

in naaaj upon tJie present 

forpirrdon [cardbml] Allieio- 
of t!ie olinicU. 

ietBtlliOD 1719 
idont wliU [Bj 

■ Gibiiatai to tlie 

1 til" iq 

mid upuu tlie importuu< 

Initiali omplre 

Tlio Bame Being a onlleotiou of 

cnnoiiB traeta [Editeil toy Rioh-irtl B nan. 
3d ed !] Y. 2. 2 p. 1. 407 pp. IS^. Zon- 
aoii, mUon ■(■ Fell, 1763. 

GOKDOM (T.) Tlie oi'ooa of au liidcpenclunt w]iig, 

A letter to the antlior of tlio Indapeudpnt 

wbia, ITSO. [SniiposotltolwGoiaoii'H Montb. 

Priestianitj! or, a viow of ilio illaparlty 

trno piotnr© of a m<xlorc toij: or 
irolimiui painted to tlie life, 1792. 
'itiiiicAtion of tl]B quokera, [Also], 

mnSlng : 

KwlM. Ey Gilbert Dali'jniple, . I, 

flpolocT for prleBtoTflfb, ta 
le sentilcn, tritli a nnmll dii 
S.iiire didno, taste, oroedn, nnd 
faltli. £y a clirlatlau. laaan.] 

n, wltb dr. Hiokes's thirty 
i.] ""■ 

menta, iiiini ibS tight of iiatn'rB.for ttiB tiit'lie- 
lAtio dootriDe of tlie trislty. [anoTi.] 1720. 
WicLiPffa (iTabn, psffadon.) Ttenmrks njKin two 
Iftte preeentmente nf Mie grimd-jnry of lie ooiin- 
tj 01 Middleaex : wheceln are aliewn, tbe foily 
and Inlnatioe of mBn'a peraecntlnj; one Hnoflier 
for dimirenoe of opinion in jnattfra of T^ell^on, 

nal artldea (by 

. 1750, B 

a Uat of at 

lot Bd Tlic _ __ __ 

i. «, A sober reply, and A lettra to dr. Shorlook. 
Gordon (Tliomas F.) A gazetteer of the 
state of PonuBylvanJa. Part first, con- 
tains a general description of tlie state, 
[etc.] Pait second, embraces ample de- 
scriptions of its counties, [etc. Also], a 
table of all the post offices in tLo state, 
[oto.] 503 pp. 1 col. map, 8^. PliilaM- 
pltia, T. Belknap, IBH9. 


Gordon (William E. il. d.) Croqnet; or, 
social prayer illiistrated. 17 pp. 1 pi. 18". 
JTciP Yuri', Board of xiiihlicatioit of r. c. J. 

Gorrle (^Eev. P. Douglass). lipiaoopal nieth- 
odism, as it was, and is ; or, an aocouut of 
the origin, progress, doctrines, chureli 
po'ity, usages, iastitutions, and statistios, 
of the inetliodist episcopal church, in the 
Tliiited States. Emhraoing also a skotcli 
of the rise of methodism iu Europe, and of 
its origin and progress in Canada, sxii, 
354pp. 12°. Aiil>uni,Deri>!i4-Miller,18o2. 

1'Iie lives of eminent metbodist min- 
isters; containing hiographical sketches, 
inoidents, anecdotes, records of travel, re- 
flections, &o. 408 pp. 5 pi. 12°. Aiihuiii, 
Derhj ^ Miller, lfK2. 

<3tOBBanQcom.'pajiy,eoiiaulHiig surgeons. The 
aigis of life, a uou-medioni commentary 
on the indiscretions arising fivjm hnman 
ffailty, in which the causes, symptoms, 
and baneful effects of lues venerea, go- 
norrhceo, stricture, seminal wealcuess, &o. 
iiro expJalued iu a famUiar manner; 
[also], very extensive practical observa- 
tions on sexual debility, and its attendant 
sympathies; the whole illnstrated hy 
striking ciiSes 18th efl w'" ^03 ip 
8 Zv doa r a B ell f CO fa lleai 
tho a W*l 

Gotliaiacliei gen alog scl er liofkaleudoi 
Alma acli de Gothi. Ann a re goni5alo- 
giq d plomat que ot statist que llOe 
anmSo 1873 24° Goifta J Ti Hot [1872] 

Gott [Ada Augusta). Dare Fairias. 174 
pp. 12". NcwYoi%B.J.Sale,S-soK,lS72. 

GoTiga (Thomas). Christian directions 
sliowiiig how to wallt with God all tho 
day long. Corrected and improved, xi, 
387 pp. 18°. Zondait, for proprietor, 1742. 

Gould (Augustus Addison). Principles of 
zoology, 1873. See AgasBiz (Lonis) anil 

Gould (Miss Hannah Ilagg). Hymns and 
otiier poems for children. 160 pp. I pi. 
IIP. Boston, W. J. BeyTwlde tf- CO. 1854. 

Now poems. 1 p. 1. viii,287pp. 12'^. 

Boston, W. J. Eeijnolds if' CO. 1850. 

Tho youth's coronal. [Poems]. 200 

pp. 12°. NBw-yorTc,D.Ai}pleton^Bo.imi. 

Gould (Nathaniel D.) Chnrch music in 
America; with notices of the schools, com- 
posers, teachers, and societies. 240 pp. 
12'\ DoBton, A. 2f. Joluisoii, IS-IS, 

db, Google 


Qouldiag (,B«v.i\ E.) Eol)ci't and Ilai'oia, o»- 
■ tbe yoang maroouers oji the Florida coaat. 
423 pp. 6 pL 1 map. 16°. PUladeljilda, 
W. S. MarHen, 1852. 

GauBsault (— , VahM). L'uaagedii monde, 
ou le paifait modMe A'an lioniieste liomme. 
Aveo les symboles tie Pjtbagore. Tca- 
duita & expliquez par m. Daoier. 6 p. 1. 
208 pp. 2 1. 180. I'arie, M. Bmnel ,f Ri- 
gaut, 1707. 

Q-raoe (William). The ai'my sm-geou's man- 
ual, for the use of medieal oncers, cadets, 
obaplains, and hospital atewai'da. 200 pp. 
13°. Nete York, Baillio-e brolhers, ISM. 

Graluioi (Graoe, yseiirfoitf) Mabel Living- 
stone, or, ohriatward led. 282 pp. 3 pi. 
16°. Sostoa, B, Lothrop 4' co. [1S72]. 

Graliom (J. Murroy), Aa historical view 
of literature and art in Great Britaiu from 
the accession of the honse of Ilauover to 
the reigii of q^noen Victoria. i:v, 480 pp. 
8°. London, Longmans, Grecs, cf- co. 1871. 

araham (Thomas). Elementsof oliemistry, 
inclndiog the applications of the acieiico 
in the arts. Witli notes and additions, by 
Eohert Bridges, m. d. [1st am. ed.] 749 
pp. 8^. Phi}adel2>hia, Lea .j- Slaacliard, 

The same. 2d am. fi-oni an eularged 

eng. ed. Edited,withiiote3, by K. Bridges, 
m.d. [Parti], xiii, 33-430 pp. 8°. PfttJ- 
iwieijyRio, Blanekard <f- Lea, 1853. 

Graindtloa&auoraa,l850. SeeVlnsiit(F. J.) 

Granaather Wisliwell. See Ide(SimooD). 

Grajadmother's sorap-hook; or, tbe way to 
do good. [ajw>».] xi, 384 pp. 1 pi. 13°. 
Boston, CrookBT ^ Brewstei; 1864. 

Grawert (Wilhelm). Tnmer-sobnlhiioher. 
vi. Leitfadeo. der iveltgesohi elite. Her- 
ansgegebecL dnrcli den Yorort dos Nord- 
amerikaoiseben turuer-bnntlea nnter be- 
gntacbtung einer commission von schul- 
luanuern. 177 pp. l-l'>. Tcip York; E. 
Stcigei; 1867. 

Gray (John Edward). Catalogue of riiiui- 
uant mammalia (pecora, Linuatns) in tbe 
British maseiini. viii, 103 pp. 
Londott, trasUm, 1872. 

Hand-list of the speoimena of sbield 

reptiles [testudinata, emydosanti, rbyn- 
cbocepbalia, and ampbisboinLa] in the Brit- 
ish museum, iv, 124 pp. 8°. iflBlZow, 

4 pi. 


Gray (0. W.) New toposTapliieal atlas of 
Ohio, 1872. Sei! Walling (H. F.) and 

rsat Britain. AilmiraJly, The navy list, 
oorreotod to tbe 20 th deocmher, 18J2. 13°. 
Loudon, J. Mari-ai/, 1873. 

Tbe same Carrected to tbe 

20th marob, 1873. 13°. Lonilsii, J. Mur- 
ray, 1873. 
(Board of loiigitsde), Blnnt's 

edition of tlie uautLoal a!mmi»B, ami aa- 
tronomioal epbemerls for tba year 1SJ5. 
[Rovisecl]. By Daniel Stansbury. 6 p. 1, 
182, 31 pp. 13°. New York, K M. Blimt, 

Forvigiioffloc. Case presented on tbe 

part of tbe goveramaut of her britannic 
majesty to tbe tribunal of arbitration coa- 
etituted under article I of tbe treaty con- 
claded at Washingtoa oa the 8tb may, 
1871, betvreen her britannio majesty aad 
the United States of America. 3 p. 1. 168 
pp, fol. lLoadoit,B:arriaon4-aoiis,lB72-]. 

The same. M(!moire prfeentiS 

par le gonveruenient dc aa majeat^ britan- 
nicine au tribunal' d'arbitrage oonstifcufi en 
vertu de i'article ler da traits conclu il 
Waabiugton, le 8 mai, 1871, entre sa ma- 
jesty liritaimique et lea iStats-TJnia de 
FAm^rique. 3 p. 1. 183 pp. fol. [ZiOiidres, 
SmvisoK .ffils, 1873]. 

The same. Appendix to tbo 

case presented ou tbe part of tbe goveru- 
nieut of her britannio miyesty. 7 v. fol. 
ILoiidoa, Harrisou 4- sons, 1873 J. 

sjiilrft," anil otliec vessel 
JorrespondeiLoe reapeoidn 


ileiilaratioas of neutrality of 

mil the nnilod Stnte 
inrlflDCO on f " ■ 

itrality laws of 

-■""Rteoi &o. 


settled loWi tin c 
i relating M the Plorlda, Alaliare 
'oHh, GhiolEamaugn, Tnllnhaaar 

ana EetnlniJon i , 

Kovernmeat of the Uoited BtatoB. ai... .,,.„ 
lune of Uiilted States' attiomeya-general, 
■■'-"— totha preBervatioa of iieiittHliiy, 

I'elaMve tt 

. (i. CoiTflspoudeiiO- ,__,. _o j._ 

confederate DraieecB in poi-ta of otbei- coub- 
trlea: papera relatlug to the supply of 
aims to the Uuitod Stalee bom Qi-oat Urit- 
alTL dnrTng ihe olTil war. 

. 7. Iteports of coDunlttea appouited hy tlio hoard 
of trade enS admii'olty to eimniDo the lists 
of ulaims cout^ned In vol. vil, of the ap- 
ponflis to tho Cuse of tlie United States, 

db, Google 


Qieat Britain — contiunuil. 

Tlie same. Appoiidice an lue- 

liioira prSaeiit^ par le gouverDemeiit tie sa 
majesti? britauniqne. 4 v. fol. Ttirls, A 
Vimprimerie natlonak, 1S73. 

V. 1. CoireapondanoeoOECflmniit InFloiirlfi, rj 
bamo. la Georgia, et le Sbenaudoah. 

T. 3. Correspinidanoa conoemant la KaalivlllB, 
Bermndo, I'HBotor. la GeorKinna, le Pli 
tom. rAlexandrs, le Hawk, I'Ainphlcm. ( 

T. 3. CorreBpondanoB lelaHve gn oommBiiooiai 
._ , .^. fitats-Uuie. 

An neutrality de la Grnudo-Bretagno 
jelaUve f> I'Alnbninn, H 

des itats-Unia, 
v,4. CorreapoDds — ~ 

fronWre , 

InsfruotionB, pmtocolea 
toDnas h WnaliiiiEton. 

Counter- ease 

pavt o£ the govornment of her britaonic 
majesty to the tribunal of arbitration oou- 
Btituted uuder article 1 of tlie treaty con- 
oladed at 'WaaLinEton. ou t!ie Stli May, 
1871, between Let britanoio majesty and 
tVie United States of America, vi, 154 pp. 
Imap. fol. lLovdon,Haii-i>ioa^;-mt»,1872-\. 

Tlie same. Contre-mfimoire 

priSaeutfi par le gouvernement do sa m»- 
jest4 britaiinique, an tribunal d'arbifcrage 
constitn^ en Tertu de I'article ler 
trnitiS conolu k Wasbington, le S mai, 1871, 
entre sa majesty britauniqne et les fitnts- 
Unis do rAmSririne. \i, 173 pp. 1 map. 
fol. [j(.j). 1872]. 

— — - Copies of tlio argomeuta ad- 

dvesaed by ber m^esty's counsel to the 
tribunal of arbitration at Gecova, on va- 
rious points raised during the proceedings, 
and of tbe replies of the counsel of the 
United States tbereto, aa received fii 
her majesty's i^nt. (Supplement to The 
Londou gazette, oct. 4, 1872). pp. 4 
4744. fol. [£oM0M, T. <{■/. 17. ffsi-r 

Gorrespondanoe du lord G. 

Germain, avec les g^ufiraus Clinton, Corn- 
waUis et les amiraux dans la station de 
I'Am^rique, aveo plusienrs lettres inter- 
ceptiSes du g^n^ral Waabiugton, dn mar- 
quia de la Fayette et de ni. tie Barras, 
chef d'escadre. Tradnit de ran™lois sur 
lea originans pul>lii5s pat ordre de la 
Ob ambre despairs. svi,304pp,3tablea. 8^. 
Berite, Laiwitifellesocl^f^ tgp(igrapMqne,17S^. 

Parliameiil. An abstract of the evi- 
dence delivered before a ueleot committee 
of the bouse of coimnous in tbc yeai-a 1790, 


rieat Britain— eoutinaed. 
iiuil 1791; on the part of tbe potitionorti 
for tbe abolition of the alavc- trade. 
[«iioji.] 2a ed. 1 p. 1. X5:, 141 pp. 1 pi. 
12°. London, J. PhilUpa, 1791. 

The same. Abrogd des preuvea 

donnfes deyant un oomitiS de la cbambre 
des communes de la arando-Bretagae, en 
irOO et 1791, eu faveur de I'abolitiou de la 
traito des uegtoa, laaon-l Tradnit do 
I'angloia par Jean de Carro. siv, 186, iv 
pp. 3 pi. 8°, V!en«e, A. Slraiixa, 1814. 

Ilansai'd's patliamentai? ilc- 

bates, third series : commencing with the 
Mc&ssiou of William IV. 35° & 36° Vic- 
toriio, 1872. Comprising tbe period from 
tbe 6tli day of february, 1872, to the lOth 
day of nugnet, 1872. v. 20^-913. 8°. 
London, C. Back, 1873. 

— — Report, together ivith tho 

iniuntes of evidence, and an appendix of 
papers, from the committee appointed to 
consider of provision being made for the 
better regulation of mad-hoiises in En- 
gland. Each subject of evideuee arranged 
nnder ita distinct head, by J. B. Sharpe. 
sii, 400 pp. 8°. Lon^oii, rojn'iiil^ foy B. 
Ci-adoek ;? Jos, 1815. 

Eoyal commission on soion- 

tifie iustrnotion and the advancement of 
science, v. i. First, supplementary and 
second reports, -vribh minutes of evidence 
and appendices, xxsiii, 629 pp. 1 1. 138 
pp. sm. fol. Lomlon, for luir mAjmUJs »la~ 
tioner-j o^e, 1872. 

Substance of the debates on a 

resol itioa foi abolishing the alive tiade 
which 1 13 moied in the house of com 
mons on the lObh june 1803 and in tho 
house of lords ou the 34th june IPOo 
With au appendix coutiining notes and 
illuacrations iii J16 pp 1 pi b X 
doii,Flii1hpa ^ raidon, IbOb. 

[Parliamentary reports and 

papers]. Session of 1870. 7o v. in 72. 
fol, ILoMdoa, 1871]. 

The same. Seasiou of 1871. 

74 V. in 73. fol. iLondon, 1872}. 

Frivji couikM o^iae. Veterinary depari- 

meiit. Report on tbe cattle plagtie in 
Great Britain, during the year ltJ65-67, 
with appendix, tablea, and diagrams show- 
ing the progress of tlio disease, yji, 408 
pp, 17 pi. 4 maps. fol. Loiuloii, G-. E. Ki/ra 
.f' W. UpoUiMt'OOdi;, 1808. 

db, Google 


Great Britain — eoutiiiued. 

Fiiblic record office. Caleudat of tha 

Carew manuscripts preserved in the arehi- 
cpisoopal liljrarj a,\> Lambeth. Edited by 
J. S. Brewer atttlWiUiamBuUeu. 57. 
1 1. 8^. Loudon, XoHjjJiwii 4- co. [etc] 

- — — Calendar of state papers, do- 
mestic seiies, of the reigus of Elizabeth 
and James I. Addenda, 15S0-1623. Ed- 
ited by Mary Anne Everett Greeix. 4 p. 

1. 811 pp. SP. I,ondoit, Liyiigmaiie, 1873. 
iVoto.— Thia f olnrae coioplates the setlea of do- 
meetie oalendais, fioia 1347 to 1B2S. 

Calendar of state papers, for- 
eign Bei'ies, of tlie I'eign of Elizabeth, 
1066-68. Edited by Allan James Crosby. 
8°. Xoiidoa, Longiaaa <f' eo. 1S71. 

__ [Calendaf of state papeiB]. 

Letters and papers, foteiga and domestic, 
of tlie reign of Henry VIU. Arrangedand 
catalogued by J. S. Brewer, v. 4, part 3. 
[1536-28]. 8". London, ioiiijmoiw, 1872. 

Calendar of the state papeca, 

relating to Ireland, of the reign of James 
I, 1603-1608; preiserved iu her majesty' 
putilio record office and elsewhere. Edited 
by the rev. C. W. Eassell, d. d. and John 
P. Prendergaet. 1 p. L cxviii, 659 pp. &>. 
London, Loiiigaiaite, 1873. 

Eerum hritanuioiirnm n 

levi ecriptores, or ohtouiclea and men 
als of Great Britain and Ireland daring 
the middle ages. 8 v. S^. Loiitioii, Loiiff- 
man <f- co. 187^-73. 

Bekyston (ThoiOM). ;ir iinti i'- •■!■ 11 ■- 11 iiiu nf 

HlQDES (Bslph). l'(. , I . 

den monacfii 1 — .ii. 


! of Coventcy. v. 1-S. 1 


WlUGHT (IhomaB). TLe anfflo-latin aaliricnl 
poet^auaei^igi'ammatiataoltlLO twult'ClicBiilni'y. 
Great Britain (The pharmacentical society 
of). The calendar of the pharmaceutical 
Kociety of Great Britain, 1873. 268 pp. 
8°. T^}iil»if, 1'h.anii, son. of Gr, llritaiii, 
IH7-S. s. 


Great (The) m t p 

g a 


York for lS4b^8 

dl8 1 


4th a d 

7th pablic t IS 



7 HW! 

son, [1845-50] 

Greaiasa(I C) C 

d N 


1 18 

See Alvaxez {U ) 


G-resn(Horic I) 



US tb 

pithology f p 



ks a t 

1 m a 


[ I 

ed J XVI, 1 lOS PI 



Y k r 

WiJei/, 185' 

A pr t al t 




tuberoulos Emb 


tory la- 

thology, and iircatment 


un, A>i. 

lip 13 col pi 8" Alio York, J. WUen, 
Green (Mary Aiiiie Eveiett) Calendar of 
state {laperH. Sm Great Britain. I'liblic 
record o^ice. 
Gresn (Nathan), The tall man of Wiuton 
and hia wife. By "Over furty." [p«e«- 
doH.] 303 pp. 18". NaghviTle, Tenu. Cmii- 
bcrlaml pieKbijlerian loitril of paUlcation, 

[GomULrary, V. 2]. 
Green (Rachel W. > Grace lilling an eai-then 
vessel with glory; or, letters of 11. W. 
Green. Edited by W.E. Caii'oll. 190 pp. 
16°. Pbilaieljiliia, Prot. epiac. iooi gooiBty, 
Green (William Heuvy). A grammar of 
tho hehrew language, x, ^2 pp. 1 tal>. 
8°. JVbiu raJ*,J". rfi% 1861. 

A hebrew chrestomathy ; or, iBSSons 

in reading and ivriting hebrew. vii, 167 
pp. 8^. mu! Yorh, J. mien, 18133 
Greene (Albert G.) Recollections of the 
Jersey prison-ship. See Dring (Thomas) 
Greene (George Waahiugton). Companion 
to OEendorffs new method of learning to 
read, write, and speak the fteuth Ian 
giiago; or dialogues and a vocabnlary 
273 pp. 13". jV'eiD Tori:, D. Jppleloa.^ to 
Greene (Joseph Reay). A manual of the 
sub-kill gdoiit cQjlonterata. Hew imp 
siii, 271 pp. 18". London, Tjnigmans, 
[(jAUiiuii'H & llougliluii'8 soioutifiu IU munla] 

■ A manual of the snli-kingdom. pro 

tonoa. With a general introduction on 
the pi'inoiples of zoology. New imp i\.s, 
88 pp. Iff*. London, Longmans, 1871 



d by Google 


Greener (W. W.) Modem 'bieeoli-loaders ; 
eportiug and military. With numerous 
illustrations, svi, 256 pp. 1 talJ. folded. 
12°. London, CasseJl, Fetter ^- Galpin, 

G-reenleaf (Benjamiu). Mathematical ee- 
riea. New elementary arithmetic. 1871. 
See Maglathlin (Henry B.) 

Greenleaf (Jonathan). A history of the 
churches of all denominations, in the city 
of New York, from the first settlement to 
the year 1850. 2d ed. 430 pp. 18°. I^ew 
¥oi% E. French, 1850. 

Green Mountain (Tlie) bojs, 183'J. See 
Thompaon (Dauiel P.) 

Greenock (The) comiucrcial list, 1873-74. 
Sen Glasgow. 

Greeiiough (James B.) A latin grammar, 
1872. See AUen (Joseph H.) nvd Greeii- 

Greenough, Jones & oo's directory of 
the cities and towns on tho line of the 
Eastern, Boston and Maiue, Portland, 
Saco & Portsmouth, and Maine Central 
railroads, comprising complete 
directories of more than seventy- five ■ 
and towns. 8°. Boston, Grcenoagh., Jmiee 
4- CO. 1672. 

Greeuough (Mrs. Richard S.) In extremis. 
A novelette. 3 p. 1. 202 pp. 12°. Bonion, 
BoierU h-others, 1872. 

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By the author of "A present heaven." 
With an introduction hy J. G. Whittier. 
[aiion.-] 171 pp. 12°. Soaton, r,chioi- ^f 
Fields, 1369. 

Greenwood (Fraooia "William Pitt, d. d.) 
A collection of psalms and hymns for 
christian worship, 235 1. 16". Boston, 
Carter ^ Sendee, 1630, 

The same. 14 th ed. sxvi pp. 214 1. 

18°. Boston, Carter, Seadm 4' 

The same. 16th ed. 2341,iinp. 12°. 

Boston, Carter, Hendee if- co. 1835. 

The same. 26th ed. sxvi pp, 220 1, 

16°. Boston, C. J. Beiulee f G. W. FalMer 
f CO. 1839. 

The same. 43d ed. [With suppli 

ment,hy H. C. W. i. e. Waterston]. 546 
pp. 16°, Botton, Jenhs ^ Palmer, 1846. 
iMfftWATliRSTDN (B.C.) Service hoolt ! for the 
Cbmoliof thoaayipurl- 

Uvea of the twel ve apostles, to which 

is prefixed a life of John the baptist. 2d 
ed. viii, 252 pp. 16°. Boston, HilUard, 
Graij f CO. 1635, 


Greenwood. (F, W. P. d. iJ.)— continued, 

The miscellaneous writings of F. W. 

P. Greenwood, d, d. vi, 393 pp. 12°. 
Boston, C. a UUU ^ J. BrotDn, 1846. 
GreenTO'ood (Giaee, pseudan.) SeeJiippia- 

oott (Mrs. Sara J. C.) 
Ch:eey (Edward). Tbo (|ueen'a sailors, 
A nautical novel. 3 v. 16°, A'eio Tort, 
E. Greey f co. 1870. 

The same. Blue jackets ; or, the 

adventures of J. Thompson, a. h. among 
" the Iieatben, Chioee." A uautioal novel. 
ByEdwardGreey,(8ung4ie). 238pp. 1 pi. 
8°, Boston, J. E. TUton ^ co. 1871. 
Gregg (J.) Selumiel, or a visit to Jerusa- 
lem ; and the most interesting Boenes in 
and around it. a. d. 40. [imon,] 228 pp, 
18°. PUUtdelplua, Am. s.-s. mion [1833]. 
Gregory I. the great (Saint andpoiK). King 
Alfred's weat-aaxon versbn of Gregory's 
Pastoral care. With an english transla- 
tion, the latin text, notes, and an intro- 
duction. Edited hy Henry Sweet. Part 
2. pp. v-xlii, 1 I. pp. 389-509. 8=>. Lon- 
don, N. Trubaer <p co. 1873. 
[Eakly BUKliali ieit aoofetj publlcationa, no.aO]. 
Gregory (Seo. Benjamin). Walter Powell, 
of Melbourne and London, merchant, phil- 
anthropist, and christian. Edited and 
largely rewritten from [his] " Memoirs of 
Walter Powell, merchant." By L. P. 
Brookett, m. d. viii, 357 pp. 13°. 2<'ew 
York, G. Boutledge # sons, 1873. 
Gregory (Bee. John). Tho works of the rev. 
mr. John Gregorie. la two parts. 4th ed. 
2 V. in 1. 12 p. I. 175 pp ; 8 p. 1. 173 pp. 
sm, 4°, Loudon, M. Cla>% for B. Bogsfoii, 

v. 1. Notes aufl olraervirtioiis upon aome psesagea 

of acriptnro. 
V. 3. Greeorii poatluinm. Together with a short 
ncoouot of the »utlio?s lite. Piiblisbefl 
l)j J[olinl G(iirgauy]. 1683. 
Contents of PosIAunwi. 
A diaconnieoF tha Ixx iaterpreteca ; the pltioe, 

Bud manuer of tbeir lulerpvetatloQ. pp. 1-43. 
A diacoorae iteolarln^ what Idme tha uioaue oreod 
began ia he sung in ihs obaruh. pp. 43-33. 
Gtrler (J. B.) Studies iuthe english of Bun- 
yan. 150 pp. 12°. FhiUuteljMa, J. B. 
Lippincoit 4- CO. 1872. 
Griian(C.W.) Memoirofcol.Chaa. S.Todd. 
174 pp. 8°, FltiladdjiMa, Clarion, Bansen 
4- Eaffelfiagei; 1373. 
GilfBn (Edward D. d. d.) An humhle attempt 
to reconcile the diSerencea of christians 
respecting the extent of the atonement. 
[In Pahk (E. A.| The ntonemiiiil. a^. Basltm, 
lS5a. pp. 137-4971, 

db, Google 


Q-ilinn (George, U. d.) Tlie gospel its own 

advocate. 352 rP- 12^. New -Yorh, D. 

Jfpleion 4- CO. 1850, 
Gtiffln (G. W.) Studies in literature. 2d 

efl. 998 pp. 12°. FUladeljiUla, Ciaxlon, 

Bmten ^ Saffelfinger, 1S71. 
OrifBn (Josepb,*eacfiec)- Atlas, designed to 

iilnatrate [the author's] "Elemeots of 

inoclern geography." 9 1. [covers], 9 eol. 

maps, 4 charts. 4°. Gkn'a Palls, IN. Y.} 

A. SmUh, 1333. 
Elenienta of moclem geography. 228 

pp. 18°. aim's Falls, IN. T.] A. SmWi, 

Griffin (Joseph, p-intei-). History of the 
press of Maine, 1873. 2S4 pp. 4 pi. por- 
trait. 8°. £i~ans<(iii:k, ike jiress [of J_ 
GriffiH} established 1819, [1873]. 

Griflln(M.) Impressionsof Germany, hy an 
american lady, lamx-l 451 pp. 12°, 
D}-eeden, B. G. TeuJiner [1^^] 

Griffis (William E.) Thefirat reader ftUa 
new Japan Beriea 60 pp 12° Sm 
Frauciaco, A. L. B taofiS co 1873 

The new Japan p ctor il i mei In 

trodactory to the now Japtn leilers 
1 p, 1. 43 pp. 16° ban F a s A L 
Bancroft ^ CO. 1873 

The new Japan spell ng hool Lea 

sous in spelling, w th exer ses a read 
ing, writing, diotit ou A. translat on 
for Japanese papils leim ag engl sh "04 
pp. 13°. Sm F, A L Bn aojt i 

CO. 1872. 

Griffith (Allen Ay raidt). Leaaoua m elooii- 
tiou and drill hook, foi' practice of the 
prinoiplea of vocal physiology, and for 
aeqniring the art of elocution and oratory. 
240 pp. 12°. Chicago, Adams, Slaekmer ^ 
Lyon jniblisliing w. 1373. 

Qrimth {Bev. Thomas). The spiritual life. 
Sa ed. XY, 988 pp. 16°, LoMon, T. 
Cadell, 1836. 

Orifflth CWilliam). Eumaues ; a collection 
of papers written for the purpose of es- 

of the constitution of Kew-Jersey, etc, 

[anan.i 154 pp. S°. Tieidon, G. Croft, 


[WOICOTT pamplilata, v. 57], 
Gtriggs {William N,) Thai 

story," SeeLooke (EichardA,) 
Grildrig (Solomon, paeiUUm.) The 

tare, by Solomon Grildrig, of the college 

of Eton. [jisci((7oir,] 2d ed, 9 v, fi p, 1. 

G-rlldrlg (Solomon)— continued. 
985 pp ; 4 p. 1. 25i pp. 16°. Loiiihri, J. 
Murray, 1806. 

JfofB.— The Joint proauotiou of dr, Eennell, inr. 
Kniglif, mr, OoQninf!, anil the aona of the ma,i'- 
nuia of Wellealey.— Lowndes. 

Grimes (J. Stanley). Ethei'ology, and the 
phreuo- philosophy of meamerisra and 
ma,gic eloqneuce : including a now philoso- 
phy of aleep and of consciousness, [etc.] 
ttevised and edited by W. G. Le Dne. 
[Also, A new syateiii of phrenology]. 951, 
191 pp. 13°. Boston, J. Miinroe 4- co. 

Grimm (A. Th. von), Alexandra Feodoro w- 
na,emprees of Russia. Translated by lady 
Wailace. 9 v. xv, 325 pp. portrait; viii, 
424 pp. portrait. 12°. Edinhurgh, Edmon- 
sioa 4- Douglas, 1870. 

Qxinm»(Hemiann), Uniiberwindliche raiicli- 
te, Itoman. 2toaufl. 9 v. 384 pp; 388 
pp. 12°. Berlin, W. Rm-tx, 1870. 

Oilfiwold (B(. rer. Alexander Tiets). Pray- 
ers adapted to variona occasions of social 
worship, for which provision is not made 
in the Boot of common prayer. 190 pp, 
12°. FliiladelpUa, W. ManUll 4 ao. 1835. 

. The same. 271 pp. 12°. PUUdel- 

pUa, W. Marshall 4 co. 1836. 

Griswola (J,) James' traveler's compan- 
ion, 1853. See James (Uriah P.) 

Griswold (EufiiB Wilmot). The poets and 
poetry of America. With additions by K. 
H, Stoddard. Heviaed, enlarged, and con- 
tinaed to the present time. 669 pp. 19 
poi-traits. 8°. New Torlc, J. Miller, 1873. 

Gi-osh (Aai'on B.) The odd-fellow'a man- 
ual r illustrating the histoiy, prlnciplea, 
andgovemmentof the order, [etc.] Engd. 
tit. 384 pp. 1 pi. 12°. FUlaSelphia, B. 
CPetA^r. Bliss, 1852. 

G^OBB (Jiev. Joseph B.) The doctrine of the 
lord's sapper, as set foi-th in the Book of 
concord, critically examined, and its fal- 
lacy demonstrated. 191 pp. 16°. PAi(- 
adelphia, J. B, ZippiHCott 4 co. 1873. 

Gross (Samuel D.) A manual of military 
surgery ; or, hints on the emergencies of 
field, camp and hospital practice. 186 pp. 
18°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4 co. 

,A practical treatise on the diseases 

and injuries of the nrinary bladder, the 
prostate gland, and tho urethra. 726 pp. 
8°, PMlndelpMa, Blancliard 4' i«"7 1851. 

db, Google 


GroEu (Sam 11 el D.) — oontiaued. 

A Bjatem of Burgery; patliologioal, 

diagnostic, tlierapeutie, and operative. 
Stli ed. greatly enlarged and tborouglily 
revised. 2 v. xxxviii, 49-1098 pp ; xxix, 
19-1170 pp. 8°. PhiladeJpMo-, If. C. Lea, 
GroBse (Dr. Ernst). Deutacblauds kultnr- 
pftanzen. vi, 193 pp, 8°. icijwiff, A. 
Abd, 1858. 

fBoTiNicAL paroylilolfl, V. II]. 

Oroezes leBel>ucii fiii- sloven iseli-deutsclse 

sohnlen. [Oc], Veliko berilo za slovensko- 

iiemSkeSole. [niion.] 44Cpp. 16°. JV« 

Ihinaja, v c, Jc. zaloibi SoUMk luko; 1879. 

Grote (George). Aristotle. Edited by Ales- 

nnder Bain, 11. d, and G. Crooni Eobertson, 

2v. sui, 476pr; Sp.l.469pp. H°. Zaii- 

don, J. Murray, 1872. 

Onmd (Francia ,T.) Elements of Matnral. 

pliilosopliy, TvitU queationa foe review, 

2ded. 294 pp. 13°. Boaton, Carter, Ben - 

itee f CO. 18.15. 

Eiiercisos in arithmetic, Tvitli partieu- 

lai refferonce to tlioae rules [nsed] in com- 
mon linainess, accompanied by a key_ 
viii, 187 pp. 12". Boston, Carter, JTiin- 
ilee 4- CO. 1833. 
Gmyer (L. A.) Des causes conditionnelles 
et produotrices des id^s, on de I'enoliali 
ment naturel des pi-opri^trSs et des pbfi- 
jiomenes de I'ilmo, 1 p. 1. xi, SS7 p 
Ftirle, Ladrange, 1844. 
Gnardia. (J. M. ra. d.) Essai snr I'onvrage 
de J. Huarte: examen des aptitndea di- 

geiiios para laa cienciaa). 4 p. 1. 338 pp 
8°. Paris, A. Darand, ia55. 

Giiell y Rent6 ( Jos6). Poesia-s, con nn pro 
logo de A. Fernandez de los Rios. 2 p. 1. 
viii, 338 pp. portrait. 8°. Paiix, Bonne 
Jiei'iiuinos, Danon y Freaii^, 1867. 

Guerioke (Heinrioh Ernst Ferdinand). A 
manual of chitrob biatory. Translated 
from the germau, by W. G. T. Sbedd. An- 
cient oliurch history, comprising the first 
six centuries, ivi, 432 pp. fP. Aiiilover 
TV. F. Draper, 1857. 

Guemaey (Clara F.) Boys of Esgtewood ; 
or, life at school. 400 pp. G pi. 16°. 
PMladeljiMa, Am. s.-e. Miiioit, 1872. 

Guernsey (Lucy Ellen). .Jenny and the 
birds. By the author of " Jenny sind tlie 


Guernsey (Lucy Ellen) — oontlnned. 
insects," "Irish Amy," [etc. anon,"] 309 
pp. 4 pi, ICP. PliUadelphia, Am. ».-a. union, 

On the mountain; or, lost and found. 

228 pp. 2 pi. liP. FkHaiUlpHa, Am. 3.-9. 
■union, [1873]. 

Ready work for -willing hands; or 

the atory of Comfort Allison. By the au- 
thor of " Irish Amy." [onort.] 316 pp. 5 
pi. 13°. Pliila(leJ2)l'ia, Am, s.-s. m>ion, 

Ehoda's education ; or, too much of a 

good thing. 1 p. 1. 5-317 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
FMladetpliia, Am. e.-a. union, [1873]. 

The Round spring stories. 2 v. 18°. 

PliiladelpMa, Am. $.-9. viiioii, [1872.] 

rcmj'fi hoUilnj-Si or Lormwing trcrolilH. 104 pii. 
TUe rod plniit 11! pp. 8 pi. 

The straight path; or, the story of 

HopeConroj. [onon.] 377 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
PMUMpliia, Aia. s.s. anion, [I860]. 

The tame turtle; or Geordie McGreg' 

or-a trouble. 199 pp. 3 pi. 16°. PMUidel- 
phia. Am. B.'S. union, [1873]. 

TJie tattler; or, the history of Patty 

Steele. Hy the author of "Irish Amy." 
[fliioji]. 393 pp. 1 pL 12". PhilaiMpMa, 
Jm. s.-8.iH!i(HJ, [1863]. 

Guenllette (Simon), An easy method of 
learniug the romaii history ; with a 
chronologj' of the roman emperors, and 
an abridged account of the roman us^es 
and customs. Translated from the frenoh, 
■with additions, by George Watterston. 
1 p.l. 204 pp. 13°. Waahwgtov, D. Eopine, 
IfSO. (rrancesco) The historie of 
Guiooiardin ; contammg the ivarrea of 
ItaJie and other partes, continved for mar- 
nie yeares vnder eundfiektug' .indprinoefi, 
together with the variation? and accidents 
of the same. Reduced int-o english b.v 
Geffray Fenton. 4 p 1 944 pp 6 1. fo'l. 
London, M. Field, 1599. 

Guide book of the Lehigh valley railroad. 
See Chamlierlaiii (Lloyd). 

Guide (The) to domestic happiness. [anon.'\ 
ad am. from 5th Loud. ed. 154 pp. 1 pi. 
16°. }iete Bavea, Sidneys p>'ess, for I. Cooke 
4- CO. 1807. 

GuiUemin (Am^d&). The sun. From the 
french by T, L, Phipsoa. sii, 296 pp. 1 pi. 

12°. London, T;. BmiiUij, 1870. 

db, Google 


GHJlIemin (Am^dSe)— ooutiuueil. 

Wonders of the moon. Translated 

from tie frenoh T>y mias M. G. Mead, Ed- 
ited, Willi jwlditioas, by Maria Mitotell. 
341 pp. 5 pi. Igo. Seiv Toi% Sorihner, 
Armsii-ong ^ co. 1873. 
[ILIUBTRATED library of wouileral. 

Gruilleminot (Jean). Opnsciila philoso- 
piioa, ([aibiis coutineatur principia philo- 
eopbiae antiquisslina« & receufjssiinae, 
pMlosophia vulgaria refatata. [nnon.] 
144, 340 pp. 24°. Atmteloaami, 1690. 
[With Soorn rtJ. C.) Lvoil Coroelli ovropaei 
monarobia eolipsorvm. Ed. Fen^Mfe, 1051], 

Gniiinai'd (A.) Three years' slavery among 
the Patagouians. From the 3d french ed. 
hy Charlea S. Cheltnam. x, 375 pp. I map, 
8^. Xmiiton, It. Beniley lJ- son, 1871. 

O-ummei-e (Samuel E.) The progtessivc 
spelling-hook, ia two pai-ta ; containing 
exercises in spelling, pronnueiation, and 
derivation, 916 pp. 12°. PMladelphia. 
mniber ^- SMrpless, 1S36. 

Gnndlaoh (W.) Liederhnch fiir acini- nud 
volkageeang in worten nnd -weieon. Eine 
saramlnng zwei- und dreiatimmiger lieder. 
Ip. 1. iv, 174pp. 12°. Kew-Yorlc, L. W. 
SclmiAt, 1872. 

Gunn ( Jolm C.) Ganu's domestic 
or poor man's ftieud, in the honra of afflic- 
tion, pain, and sickneaa. ]2tU ed. 768 pp. 
W. Zoiiiaville, Ky. C. Fool, 1838. 

Tlio same. New revised ed.— im- 
proved and enlarged. 893 pp. portrait. 
8°. jVeiu Torh, C. M. Saxton, 1853. 

The same. Gnnn'a new domestic 

physician : ov, home hook of health. 791 
]ip. 1 col. pi. 8°. Ciiiclnnall, Moore, 
WiMach, Kens ^- eo. 1857. 

The same. With an appendix on 

anatomy, physiology, etc. 1016 pp. S(^ pi. 
portrait. 8°. Cinciitnati, Mooye, Wil- 
siaelt, Eeyi f co. 1859. 

The same. With supplementary 

treatiaes on aaatottiy, physiology, and 
hygiene, and on nnraing the sick, and the 
management of the sick room. 1129 pp, 
portrait, 23 pi. 8°. Ciiicimiatl, Moore, 
WlUtaeli, Keija ^- eo. ISG.'i. 

The same. Guun's nener hausai-zt, 

Oder hnndbnoh der gesundheit. Ein voll- 
stiindigeE leitfaden file familien. Haoh 
der 17ten atereotyp-anflage des engliaoheu 
originals ftlr das deutsche publikum hoar- 
baitet von dr. C. A. Eodia, tijiter mit- 


Gunn (John C.) — continned. 
wirknng von Johann Eggera. 1038 pp. 
20 ool. pi, 3 pi. portrait. 8°. CiiieiHiiafi, 
Moore, Wilslaoh ^ Baldwin, 1864. 

Gunn (Moaes, m. d.) &ee Peninsula (The) 
and independent medical jonrnal 1358-59. 

Gunn {Bev. William) anil Harrison (£ei'. 
Thomas). The christian melodist a col- 
lection of popnlai songs, loi use lu public 
and social meetings 341 pp 18° Lou- 
iaville, Ky. Morton 4 GilguoM, 1800. 

GiiTley (iSeii. L. B.) Memoir of i-ev. Will- 
iam Garley, of Milan, Ohio, a local min- 
ister of the methodist episcopal chnrch r 
including a slietch of the irisli inauirec- 
tion and martyrs of 1793. 268 pp. por- 
trait. 12°. Cincinnaiiifwfhe m1k(yr, 1850. 

Gurowskl (Adam G. do). America and 
Europe. Tiii, 411 pp. 12'^. A'cii- York, D. 
Appleton ^- eo. 1337. 

Gute (Der) same. Ein kathollsches gebet- 
buch. Herauagegehen von der Versanim- 
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1 1. 12^. Biienoa-Aires, imprmiUt de Mayo, 
1860. e. 

[BibHot«cii amaricima, v. 7]. 

Estudios biografieqa 

algnnos poetas aud- 
al aiglo jdr. v. 1. 
Biteiwa Aires, impren 

Noticias hiatorioas aobre e 

(lesarroUo de la onseQanza piiblioa. anpe- 
rior en Bnenos Aires, desdo la ^poca do la 
estincion do la Compaflia de Jesue en el 
iino 1767, haata poco despues de fandatla 
la universidad eu 1831. Con notas, bio- 
grafias, dates ostadiaticos y documentoa 
onrioaoa infiditos 6 poco conocidoa. six, 
941 pp. fol. Buenos Aires, J. M, Cantilo, 
1868. 8. 

3'oic.— Iq this volume (pp. STS-CIS) is contiiined ■— 
" Cotftloffo de los libroa didScUoos one bb lian 
pnbllofldo a eacrlto en Bnsnoa Alcea, deade ol 

Aires, C. Cosavaile, 1869. a. 

Guy ie I'SA-ault. Hiatoire complete et an- 
thentiqne de Louia-Napol^on Bonaparte. 
.S>c GalliK and Guy. 

y criticos aobre 
pp. 1 1. 19°. 
18S5. s. 

d by Google 


Ghiyon (Joanne Maiie Boimtre? &e la 
filothe} Spiritaal toirents Translated 
1>y A T, Ford With parallel passages 
from tbe writings of Emanuel Sweilen- 
Ijorg 303 pp lf° Boitmi Clapp, 

Guyot (Arnold) Giiyot a geogftpliical 
aeries. Physical geography. 2 p. I. 124 
pp. ino. 9 mapa. 4°, Hew Yinl,Smibn^, 
Ai-mstnmg 4- co. [1873]. 

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tor : or, an exposition of the new teata- 
ment, in the form of a puraphrase. Gth 
efl. 6 V. 8°. Ediniitrgh, 1797. 

The standing nse of the scripture, to 

all the pnrposea of a diy ine revelation. la 
eleven sermons. With an account of the 
author. 334 pp. 13°. Glasgow, G. CaU- 
mell, 1790. 

H. {Bev, E. potior of the seeoni presbnUi-iait 
cftweft, Troy). The family ft religious 
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Preface snhsorihed E. H.] 904 pp. 19°. 
Ti-oy, N: r., E. Gates, 1840. 

H. (H.) See Hunt (Mrs. Helen M. F.) ' 

H. (J.) 'Ek tuv ircpi Su/ipaTouf, in nsum 
scholte regitB westmonasteriensis. [anon.] 
3 p. 1. S40 pp, 3 I, 8°. XoMiIini, S. Sar- 
ker, 1760. 
JVotc— Estraeta from Pinto imd Senoplion. 

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of some friends whom I have known, 
[niion.] 242 pp. inc.! pi. 16°. New Torlc, 
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dv cardinal de Bervlle. 6 p. 1. 907, 53 pp. 
1 pi. 4°. Paris, J. Camvsat, et Fierre le 
j)e(i(, 1646. 

Hackett (Horatio Balch, d. d.) A brief 
statement of the best estahliahed results 
at which biblical interpreters have arrived 
respecting infant baptism. 

[In Ohabh (Inili, d. d.) Bnpti! 

. Boston, 8a\M iSi Ixiwoln, \i 

A commentary on the original test 

of the Acts of the apostles, vii, 407 pp. 

8°. Bomn, J. F. Jemeti ^ co. 1852. 
lUnBtratious of scripture ; suggested 

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The same. New ed. 354 pp. 13°. 

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New York, S. Jpphion ^- eo. 1860. 


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nieurs. KSpett-oire da oartea public par 
rinsti tut royal desingfinienrsn^erlandais. 
liv. 1-9 in 5 V. 8°. La Mays, van Langen- 
Mysmfrh-es, 1854-63. s. 

E, [E^pertoire cIgsc^ 

pn. 1854-55, Also, 2s 
. 1336. 
3 de Fempire bunjais. 

v&jie eb dn DnDemark. t 

L rojantua An B 

Habu-Haha (Ma Maria Louisa Fiedrika 
Gustava, conntesi). Faustina. A novel. 
From the german. 398 pp. 13". New 
Ym-lc, G. W. CarUton 4- eo. 1872. 

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eve and ohristnias day. Ten Christmas 
stories, 4 p. ], 294 (inc, 39i-39") pp, 1 pi. 
16°. Boslott, Roberta brotkera, 1873. 

Hia level best, and other atoriea. 4 

p.l.993pp, la". Boston, J", B. Osgood^- 
00. 1873. 

Ninety days' worth of Europe. 1 p.l. 

224 pp. 12°. Boafon, Walker, Wise 4 eo. 

Upa and downs. An evevy-day 

novel, iv, 319 pp. 16°. Boston, Roberts 
hroilwB, 1873, 

editor, (i. sol on I h'ilf a 1 

of the other, Au e j lay no el L 
Harriet Boeohe Sto e Ade! ne D 1 
Whitney, Luc et P Hale IrederoW 
Loring, Frederic P P rl ns Edwi 1 E 
Hale sv, 345 1 p 1 B to B I I 
biotlieis, 1872 

Hale (Edwin M d) [Hono3opatl e 

m'tteni medica] Tl e cl aracte st cs of 
the now remed ps 3 1 e 1 remodelo 1 
and re written 544 pp 8 col pi 8° 
Detxnl, JUicft , lo?/ » lo a-oiatk j! a 
macff, 1873 

Hale (Lnereti i P ) 'it n ^le lor 1 fe By 
the author of "The C[ueen of the red chess- 
men," [etc. anon.] 311 pp. 12°. Bos- 
ion, Wallcer, Wise 4- co. 1861. 

Hale (Sarah Josepha). Flora's interpreter : 
or, the ameriean book of flowers and senti- 
niouta. 234 pp. 1 1. 1 col. pi, 12°. Bos- 
ion, Marsh, Capm 4" Lyo-a, 1832. 

A sketch of the life [of dr. John 

Aikin]. Sec Aikiu (John), 

db, Google 


Half bouis witt irish authors, 1873. See 
McOee (Jamca Edward). 

Hall (Baynard East, d. d.) Somotliing for 
every body : gleaned in the old purchase, 
from fields often reaped. By Kobart Carl- 
ton. [psewAiJi.] 22B pp. 12°. New-York, 
D. Appklon ^ CO. 1846. 

[ArtLBTOS'BliferaryiniacellHBy, no. 16]. 

HaU(CharlefiH.^d.)oitd'Wliiteley(S B) 
Hymoal, 1872. Se? Piotestant epiai^opal 

oil arch. 
Hall (Edward B.) Memou of Mncy L 

Ware, wiffe of Henry Wmo, jr. Fourth 

thousand, vii, 434 pp. portrait. 

ton, Croebu, NiehoU # eo. 1853. 
The eame. Fifth thousand. 

pp. portrait. 19°. Boston, Crosbti, SktioU 

4- CO. 1853. 
Hall (Edwin, d. d.) An. exposition of the 

law of baptism, aa it regards the mode 

and the subjeots. 216 pp. 18°. J^orival}!, 

CL, J. A. Weed, 1840. 
Thegaine. [Newed.] ^1 pp. 12°. 

PkiUuUlpkia, Presbyterian jiMli'itniioiV wvn- 

wiilee, [1864]. 
Thepuritaosandtheirprinciplefl. 440 

pp. 8°. MemTm%Eakfr^Sc>-lbmr,18i&. 
Hall (John, oaptain Mttsh arms). Ths his- 
tory of the oivil war in America, v. 1. 

Coiopvebending the cainpaigus of 1775, 

1776, and 1777. By an offlcevof thearray. 

[anon.'\ 3 p. 1. 413 pp. 3 1. 8^. London, 

/or T. Panne ^ son, 1780, 

(tfo more pnbliahedj. 
The same. 2d ed. lanon.} 6 p. 1. 

467 pp. 1 map. 8°. London, for T, Payne 

,;■ son, 1780. 
Hall (,E<!c. John, of Treiitait, N. J.) The life 

of rev. Henry Marty n. With some account 

of Abdool Messeeh, a, hiudoo convert. 

346 pp. 3 pi. 18°. FMladel^'hia, Am. s. e. 

union, 1832. 

.Vote.— PrlneijiHlly eompilHl from tlie lOUi en- 
irlish ed. of tlie Memoirs of nir. MBrtyu, hj 
llie tev. John Sargent. 
Shelpmith's son ; the eurseraad blas- 
phemer. By the author of the " Harvey 

boys." [OHo».] 14G pp. 18°. -PliilMel- 

l>Ma, Am. a.-s. union, [1856]. 
Ha.11 (Jfra. Louisa J.) Miriam, and Joanna 

of Naples, with other pieces iu 

prose. 403 pp. 12°. Boston, W, Croehj 

Hall {Mim Mary Lucy). Oor world, or first 

lessons in geography. 177 pp, 13°. JJiis- 

Im, Crosby f McMs, 1864. 


Hall (Miae Mary Lucy) —continued. 
The same. 116 pp. (iuo, 9 col, maps). 

sni. 4°, Boston, .S. F. mekoU, 1866. 
Hall (Robert, of Arnshs). Help to Zion's 

travellers. Illustrated with notes, by rev. 

Joseph Warne. To which is added the 

author's life. 274 pp. 1 pi. le'-'. Boston, 

Lincoln, Edmands ^ oo. 1833. 
The same : relating to doctrinal, 

esperimeutal and practical religion. 253 

pp. 18°. PMladelpliia, Am, J/aptlst pabli- 

catiou aocietji, 1851. 
Hall (Heir. Samuel Eead). The iustruotor's 
manual : or, lectures ou Hchool-keeping. 
Revised ed. 233 pp, 16°. Baatmi, J. P. 
Jeweil f CO. 1852. 
. Lectures to female teachers ou school- 
keeping. 179 pp. 16°. Boston, Eichard- 
SOH, Loi-d 4- Solbrook, 1833. 
Lectures to sehoolmaslers, on teach- 
ing. 4th ed. revised and enlaiged. 168 
pp. 12". Boston, Carter, Sendee 4- eo. 

Hall {Mrs. Sarah Bwing). Conversations 
on the bible. By a lady of Philadelphia. 
[oMi>n,] 4th ed. 353 pp. 12°. Philadel- 
phia, author, 18S7. 

HaU (William White, m.d.) Ttie guide- 
board to health, peace and eotopetence; 
or, the road to happy old age. 752 pp. 
33 pi. portrait. 8°. Springfield, Maes, D. 
-£. J^fc^co.[1872]. 

Health at home, or Hall's family doc- 
tor, 1 p. 1. 799 pp. 4 pi. portrait. 8°. 
Hartford, Conn. S. M. Belts l$- eo. 1873. 

Halleck (Fitz Greene). The croakers, 1860. 
See Drake (Joseph IS..) and, Halleck. 

Hallett (Mse E. V.) Natalie; or, a gem 
among the sea-weeds. By Fema Vale, 
[pseuitoii.] 334 pp. 12°. Andover, W. P. 
Draper, 1858. 

Hallowell (Benjamin). Geometrical analy- 
sis, or the construction and solution of 
various geometrical problems from analy- 
sis, by geometry, algebra, and the differ- 
ential calculus; also, the geometrical con- 
struction of algebraic eijuations, aud a 
mode of eoustruoting curves of the higher 
order by means of points. 279 pp. port- 
rait. 8°. Pklladelphia, J. B. Lippinoott 4 
eo. 1873. 

The young friend's manual; contain- 
ing a statement of some of the doctrines 
and testimonies of friends, [etc.] 175 pp. 
^8". FUlmUplda, T. E. Zcll, 1867. 

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Halloy (J. B. J. d'Omalius d'). See Oma- 
lius d'Halloy (J. B, J. d'). 

Halsey (LeRoy J. d. d,> Hfepioturesfrom 
the bible, or illiiBtratious of aoriptare obai'- 
aoter. 460 pp. 12", FUUdMpMa, Fres- 
bytei-ian board of pablimUoit, [I860]. 

The literary attrafltions of the bLble ; 

or a plea for the word of God, considered 
as a classic. 3d ed. 441 pp. 12°, Nern 
YorJc, C. Sm-ibner, 1S58. 

HamiU (8. S.) The science of elocution: 
n'itlL eseToises siii(l selections syetcmoitio- 
ally arranged for acquiring the Mfc of 
reading and speaking. 888 pp. 12°. Xeie 
York, Nehoa f FUllips, 1873. 

Hamilton (Frank Hastiugs, ill, A.) A prac- 
tical treatise on fractures and disloca- 
tions. 4th ed. 789 pp. 8^. FhitaMpUa, 
S. C. Lea, 1»?1. 

The priaeiplea and practice of siir- 

gory. ssyi, 17-943 pp. 8°. miiiToi%W. 
Wood 4- CO. 1872. 

Hamilton (G. m. d.) liiidiinents of vege- 
table physiology, [onoii,] Revised and 
improTed, by D. M. Reese, lu. d. 162 pp. 
12°. FUladeljfhiti, Soi-m cf BaJl, 1846. 
[Ciiahbsbb' ecluoational conisc. Dr, Beeae's iin- 
ptcived ei uo. 3]. 

Hamilton (Gail, imendan.) See Dodge 
(Mary Abigail). 

Hamilton (George, mirsean). A voyage 
round the world, in his majesty's frigate 
Pandora. Performed nndec the direction 
of capt. Edwards in the years 1790, 1791, 
and 1792. With the discoveries made in 
the South-sea; aiid the many distresses 
experienced by the crew from shipwreck 
and famine. 164 pp. portrait. 8", Fei-- 
wick,[Ei}g.:\ W.Phoraon, 1793. 

Hamilton (John), The garden of Florence; 
and other poems, xvi, 175 pp. VP, Lon- 
don, J. Warrm, 1821. 

Hamilton (William). The history of sir 
William Wallace. .%fiHenry, tJiemlnMret 

Hamilton (WUIiam T. d. d.) The "friend 
of Moses ;" or, a defence of the Pentatewoh 
as the pTOduetion of Moses and an inspired 
docnmeut. xviii, 7-552 i^p. 8°. J\'ew 
Tofli, M. W. Dodd, 18S3. 

Hamliae (Leouidas Lent, d. d.) Works. 
Edited by F. G. Hibbard, d. d. Sermons. 
432 pp. portrait. 12". Ciacinnali, HHiili- 
cocfc <f Walden, 1869. 

Hammock (Elijah B. bi. li!.) Thu i'umily 
physician and guide to health. luoliiding 
a treatise on midwifery and tho diseases 


Hammaok (Elijah B. lit. d.) — continued, 
peculiar to women. 648 pp. 8°. St.Laitis, 
SotiihtDeaUra took and pablisMng co, 1869. 

Hammond (Charles D. m. d.) . The fallacy 
of cauterization [in sperm atorrlicea] ex- 
posed ; or, praotioal observatious for young 
men. 273 pp. la''. jVciu Yoi% aaikoi; 

Hammond (.Mrs. L. M.) History of Madi- 
son county, state of New York. 775 pp. 
5 pL 8<*. Suraeaae, [5^. F.] Ti-tuiir, Smith 
tp CO. 1S?2. 

Hammond (Samuel H.) Hunting adveii- 
tui-es iu the northern wilds ; or, a tramp 
in the Chateiwigay woods, [etc.] 340 pp. 
4 col. pi. lao. N6iBYork,J.C.DerT>s,\S^. 

Hanrniond (William A. m. d. editor.) Mili- 
tary medical and surgical essays, prepm-od 
for the United States sanitary commis- 
sion. [By various authors}. 552 pp. 8". 
FhUadeheMa, J. B. UppiacoU .j- co. 1864, , 

Robert Sevorue, his friends and his 

enemies; a novel. 369 pp. 12^. JV(i(- 
adelplm, J. B. Llmmott ^- co. 1867. 

Hammond (W. P.) Potter & Hammond 'a 
system of book-keeping by double eutrj', 
1862. See Potter (S. A.) anil Hammond, 

Haaaford (_Mra. Phehe Ann). The life of 
George Poabody. With an introduction 
by dr. Joseph H. Haiiaford. 308 pp. 5 pi. 
12". Boston, B, B. Sassell, 1870. 

Hanoock (Charles). Gaieties and grayitica 
for holy days and holidnys. s, 419 pp. 8". 
London, Smstidm-B ^ OtUy, 1857. 

Hanger (Charles Henry). Proverbial and 
moral thoughts. In a series of essays, iv, 
204 pp. 16°. London, J. f!ornis!i, 1857. 

Hanna (John Smith). Houna's complete 
ready reckoner, and log, table aud tbrm 
book: (IT, S. standard). Consisting of a 
correct set of tables for the measurement 
of timber. [Also], a table of wages, 
board, rent or other expenses. 3d ed. 203 
pp. 18°. FliiladelpJiia, J. B. LipplvcoH ^- 
00. 1S71. 

Hauna (Eee. Thomas B.) Life aud diary of 
thelateroT.T.B. Hanna, pastor of the As- 
sociate congregation of Clinton, Pa. By 
Thoa. HaDna Beveridge. With selections 
from his sermons. 231 pp. portrait. 12^. 
Fhiladelplm, W. S. Tomg, 1852. 

Hannali Maria, [jiflcudoii.] Dolij's resolu- 
tions; or letters &om abroad. By Hannah 
Maria. l.W pp. 16°. PUUdefjtkia, Glax- 
/oil, liemsen # Safelfinyci; 1873. 

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Hansard's pariiamentaTy detiates. See 
Qreat Britain. Parliament. 

HaiiBon (J. H.) Preparatory latlii proso- 
liook; containing all the latiu prose nec- 
essary for entering college. With refer- 
ences to Harkaesa's and Aodrews and 
Stoddard's latiu grammars, notes, a to- 
cabulary, [etc.] I4th ed. xxii, 881 pp. 1 
map. 13°. Boston, Groshy ^ Ainsmovlli, 1S66. 

and, Rolfe (William J.) A hand book 

of latin poetry, containing selections trom 
OTid, Virgil, and Horace, with notes and 
grain m at ic ill references, vii, 776 pp. 12°. 
Boston, Croiby .f Aiasmrth, 18S5. 

Happy hours at home, [atim.] 432 pp. 6 
pi. 18°. Boatott,Masa. s. s. aoeiety, [I860]. 

Harbaugh (Henry, d. d.) The golden cen- 
ser; or, devotions for yonng christians. 
■419 pp. 1 lith. 18°. Fhiladdpliia, LinSsaij 
4- £ZoM8(0)t,1860, 

The tme glory of woman, as portrayed 

in the beautiful life of the virgin Mary. 
2 p. 1. 363 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Zdndsay 
4- BUUeton, 185S. 

Harcourt (Helen). Bertram Raymond; or, 
the ornise of the Dolphin. 356 pp. 1 pi. 
13°. FhiUtdelpkia, Cl(uU>n, Memaen f Maf- 
MJinger, 1ST2. 

Hard maple, 1859. See Wainer (AnnaB.) 

Hardwiolce'a science-gosaip; an illustrated 
medium of interchange and gossip for stu- 
dents and lorers of nature. Edited by J. 
E. Taylor. [Monthly]. Jan. to dec.l87a. 
v.S. 8°. LoaSortf B. Kardinidke, XSIZ. 

Hare (Augustus J. C.J Walks in B^ime. 2d 
ed. 2 V. xxv, 446 pp. 1 map ; vi, 464 pp. 
13°. London, Straluin ^ co. 1871. 

Hare (Jiev. Jnllns Charles). A charge to 
the clergy of the archdeaconry of Lewes. 
Delivered at Hastings, sept. 36th, and at 
Lewes, sept. 28tli, 1854. 24 pp. 8°. ion- 
don, J. W. Parkm- ^ son, 1855. 
[Wilft his TindJooaoD of LutUer, 1353]. 

The mission of the comforter, with 

notes. From the 2d Lend, revised ed. 
With the notes translated for the am, ed. 
498 pp. 13°. Boston, Gould 4- IAncoln,l?&i. 

Vindication of Luther against his re- 
cent english assailants. SA ed. reprinted 
and enlarged from the notes to The mis- 
sion of the comforter, iv, 308 pp. 8°. 
London, J. W. FarTcer ^ son, 1M5. 

Hare (R.) Standish ; a story of our day. 
Ist od. 1 p. 1. X85 pp. 8°. Boston, Loring, 
■ 1865. 

■ 16 c 


Harkay (Itec. Simeon W,) The chnroh's 
best state; or constant revivalsof religion. 
2d ed. with appendix. 256 pp. 13°. Balii- 
more, PubUcatioa rooms, 1843. 

Harknese (Albert). First greek book ; com- 
prising an outline of the forms and inflec- 
tions of the langoage,acomplete analytical 
syntax, and an iutrodnetory greefe reader. 
With notes and vooabnlarieH. xii, 376 pp. 
12°. New Tork, D. Appleton ^- co. 1861. 

A lotio gramraac for aotools and 

colleges, xii, 355 pp. 13°. New YorJc, 
D. Appietoa ^ co. 1861. 

Second latin book; oompiiaiag % 

historical latin reader, with notes and 
rules for translating; and an exercise- 
book, xi, 362 pp. 12°. Nem-Yorli, B. 
Appletoti ^- CO. 1^3. 

HarkiiesH {Bev. J.) Messiah's throne and 
kingdom ; or, the locality, extent, and 
perpetuity of Christ's kingdom, x, 218 pp. 
13=. itiD York. J. Mofnt, 1855. 

HarkhesB (William, nt. d.) Observations 
on terrestrial magnetism, and on the devia- 
tions of the compasses o£ the United States 
iron-clad Monadnock during her cruise 
from Philadelphia to San Francisco, in 
1865-66. v, 220 pp. 4°. IWasMnglon, 
SwitJisoman inBtitalion, 1873]. . 
[SaiTHHONiAN coDtribntiona, t. IS. art. 4]. 

Harland (Marion, peeiidon.) See Terliune 
{Mrs. Mary Virginia Hawes). 

Harman (Henry Martyn, i. d.) A journey 
to Egypt and the holy laud, in 1869-70. 
331 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. iipjjJn- 
cott 4- CO. 1873. 

Harness (The) and carriage journal. De- 
voted to the trade in harness, carriages, 
trunks, coach and saddlery hardware, 
accoutrements, etc. [Weekly]. Aug. 5, 
1871, to July 37, 1873. y. 15. 4°. New 
Yoi% [efc.] Dexter 4 co. 1873. 

Harper's baaar. A repository of fashion, 
pleasure, andinstraction, [Weekly]. Jan. 
6 to dee. 38, 1873. v. 5. fol. New York, 
Harper j- hrothers, 1872. 

Harper's hand-book for travellers in Europe 
and the east : being a guide through Great 
Britain and Ireland, France, Belgiiim, Hol- 
land, Germany, Italy, Egypt,Syria,Tnrkey, 
Greece, Switzerland, Tyrol, Spain, Russia, 
Denmark, and Sweden. By W. Pembroke 
Fetridge. Eleventh [and] twelfth years 

db, Google 


Harper's Land-book, etc. — contiuueil. 
2 V. 12°. Mw Tork, Hcerper # Jiivlha-a 

— SiipersiribBil "The Hmerioan ti'aveUer'i 

Harper's new moutlily magazine, Dec. 
leri, to noT, 1872. V, 44-45. 8°. A'eic 
Yorle, Sarper ^ Irothas, 1372, 

Haiper'9 weekly. A Jonrnal of civilization. 
Jan. 6 to dec. 28, 1872, y. 16. fol. m,i> 
York, Sarper ^ Iroihers, [1872], 

Harrington {Isaac, ieaiSiei-). A key to illus- 
trations of arithmetic. 157pp. 16°. JVcjc- 
Yarl^ Baker, Crane f Day, 1845, 

Harris (Alexander). Aliiograpliicftlbistory 
of Lancaster county [Pa.] beinga history 
of the early settleiB and eminent men of 
the county. 638 pp. 1 1. 8°. Lancasler, 
Pa., E. Barr ^ eo. 1S72. 

Harris (Isaac). Harrifs' general business 
directory, of the cities of Pittsburgh and 
Allegbany, and also of thamost flourishing 
and important towns and cites of Pennsyl- 
vania, Ohio, western Hew York, Virginia, 
etc 336 pp. 12°. FitlaMrgli, A. A. An- 
derson, 1841. 

Harris (Jerome). The futnre life; or, im- 
mortalitj.aerevealedin the bible. 288pp. 
120, Portland, [Me.] S. S. Coleswrn-fhy, 

Harris {Bev. John Andrews). Sunday not 
themoaaio sal>batb.— A sermon preached 
in S. Paul's church, Philadelphia, septei 
bor 23d, 1866. 2:1 pp. 3°. Philadelpki 
T. L. Chase, 1860. 
Harris (Nicholas). A complete system of 
practical book keeping, in four sets of 
hooks, [etc.] Aleo a series of concise 
rules for performing variona computations 
in business. 222 pp. 1 1. B". Earifmd, 
Brmcn 4- Parsons, 1838. 
Harris (^Mrs. S. M. Fuller). Memoir cf the 
- rev. Jacob Thomas, miBBionnrj to 
With an introductory essay, by John 
Dowling, li, d. 241 pp. 18°. Nm Toi-k, 
E. S. FUtcha; 1850. 

Harris (Thomas L.) First book of the 
christian religion. 175 pp. 18°. Kmv 
Forfc, Seta ehareh publisliing aasoeialiori, 

Faith of the new churoh. 
Leesei oatechism, 
ApoBflBs' oreeannfoldea. 
Buuday-ecliool bymnB and sorvlce. 
Hanis (William L. editor). The doctrines 
and diaoipline of the metbodist episcopal 


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.See Hivington (— ) *"^ Harris. 

Harrisburgh (Pa.) " The patriot " Harria- 
burff directory 1872-73; and a business 
directory of Carlisle, Chambersbnrg, 
Greencaatle, Hamroelstown, Lykens, Mid- 
dletown, Meohanicsburg, NewviUe, Ship- 
pensburg, etc. , Compiled and published 
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. 1. Oq f be 1 

onologj of the Greets 

Observations reepBoling tl , 

the arondeliui maiblee, orlnnioni socaiu 
lanEnagB, the pariaa ohroniolo, 26 pp. 
AnnotBtiona on Mitford'e History of Groei 

j. A coDciae aeoonnt of the Ganla, from tl 

earliest perioda of their recotdad luafory 

the capt-ure of Eome. 53 pp. 
ObssTvataons Introdnctory to a history 

Great Brliain. 35 pp. 
Cieaar'a flrat [and second] iuTasions of Br 

atn, pceoeded by at — -"" — • -' >■" "■ 

tory, previously to * 
Britain) fiom Ctea — ^ 

b. C. 54, milil the close of the reign of 

gula. pp. 18J-2I)9. 

ously to that 

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nouncing alphabet, [for proper names], 
and a nniversal short hand alphabet, show- 
ing the relations of spoken sounds and 
written languages. 24, 300 pp. 12°. Neui 
I Savea, [Cotiti.] J. H. B&iham, 1847. 

db, Google 


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coQsistiiig of selections from english and 
ameriean authors, firom Chaucer to tlie 
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A manual of amerfcan literature: a 

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■ Thoughts on Babbatb-sohoois. 215 

pp. 12°. Philadelpliia, Presbytei'ian board 
o/j)ttWioi((!o», [1864]. 

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contiuning 10,000 questions on the most 
important features of the maps of the 
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by the addition of maps and exercises for 
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ples. 190 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. 
LippiiicoU f eo. 1860. 

Hartung (Georg). Die Azoren in ihrer 
rscbeinung und naoli ibrer 
I natur gesobildert. Mit be- 
scbreibung der fossilen reste von prof. 
G. Bronn. Nebst eiuem atlas, enthnlteiid 
19 tafelQ und eiue charte der Azoren, viii, 
3j0 pp. 1 I. e°. Atlas, 1 map, 19 pi, 
(4 col.) 4°. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 


Hartwell (Ben. Joseph). The business 
man's bible. What tile bible says of busi- 
ness life and morals. With an introduc- 
tion by rev. T. De Witt Talmage. 192 pp. 
16°. 2fm York, tl872]. 
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Harvey (Gideon, m. d.) The city remem- 
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great plague, at London, 1665; great fire, 
1666; and great storm, 1703. [Also], 
observations and reflectious on the plague 
in general. With historical accounts of 
the moat memorable plagues, fires, and 
harrioanea. t. 2. Of tbe fire anil storm. 
1 p. 1. 232 pp. 8°. London, W. Nieoll, 
Hasan ben Mohammed et-Tusi (Abu'l- 
tasim, Firdnsi). The poems of Ferdoai. 
Translated by Joseph Champion, v. 1, 
["Shah Nam6"~-8 books]. 1 p. 1.x, 315 pp. 
4°. Calcittia, J. Ray, 1785. 
NoU. — Ho mote published. 
Hasoall (Daniel). The elements of theol- 
ogy, ix, 2G1 pp. le^*, New York, L. 
Hasa (Karl). A histoiy of the christian 
church. Translated from the 7tb im- 
proved geriuan ed, by Charles E. Biumen- 
thal, aad Conway P. Wing, xxx.vii, 729 
pp. 8°. New York, D. Appleton 4 00, 1855. 
Haskel (Daniel) and Smith (John Calvin). 
A complete descriptive and statistical 
gazetteer of the United States of America ; 
with an abstract of the census and statis- 
tics of 1840, exhibiting a complete view of 
the agricultural, commercial, manufac- 
turing and literary condition of the coun- 
try. 752 pp. 8°. New York, Shm-man 4 
Smm, 1843. 
HaakeU (B, D.) Zetbar, the celestial visit- 
ant. A poem. 176 pp. 16°. Saverkill, 
IMass.'i SmUey 4 Jaeg^aen, 1863. 
Haale-wood (Joseph). Tbe secret history 
of the green-room : containing authentic 
and entertaining memoirs of the actors 
and actresses in the three theatres royal. 
A new ed, [With] a sketch of tbe his- 
tory of the english stage, &c. [<inon,] 
2v, Ix, 361 pp; 3 p. 1. 390 pp. 12°. 
London, J. Owen. 1795. 
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db, Google 


Hassler (Ferclinantl Rudolph}— continuod. 

The same. A new stereotype ed. 

216pp. 12°. Jfeup-rwfc, C.5a»-He«, 1828. 

The same. A new stereotype ed. 

lp.l.Tii, 230pp. mw-Yorl:,G.^C.^-S. 
Carvill, 183a. 

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Principal docamenta relating to the 

survey of the coast of the United States, 

since 1816. 180, ir pp. 1 map. 8°. New 

Torh, W. Van Norden, 1834. 

(Mahkob pampMata, t. 5], 

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graphical snrvey of the county of Kent. 
Containing the antient arid present state 
of it, civil and ecclesiastical. 4 v. fol. 
Vanterburg, author, Simmons if- Xirby, 

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between God and man. Its origin, pro- 
gress, and end. Third thousand, vii, 11- 
ler pp. 16°. Providence, H. L, H. L. 
Sasiings, 18Q1. 

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The christian psalmist ; or, Watts' psalms 
and h jnius, [et-c]. See Watts (Isaac, d. d.) 

Hatch (Alice J.) Tinder the cedars; oi 
what the years brought 264 pp. 19' 
Boston, Lee ^ Skepaid, 1873 

Hatoli (Co!. William Stanley) A chapfce 
on the history of the war of 1812, io th 
north-west. With a. biographical sketch 
of the Indian chief Tecumaeh 1 p. 1. 7-15(J 
pp. 16°. Cineianati, Mmihi pi UiUng 

HatQeld (Edwin F. d. d.) The church hyr 
boot, with tunes; for the worship of God. 
[Music arranged by S. P.Warren]. 585 
pp. 8°. NeiB York and Chicago, IvisoVj 
Blakman, Taylor ^ a>. 1872. 

Hatln (Jnles). Compendiam of operati 
midwifery; or, the manual and iiistr 
niental operations of preternatural labours 
reduced to the greatest simplicity : pre- 
ceded by an investigation of the mechan- 
ism of natural labor. From the french. 
By Richard Tuite, m.d. 171 pp. 12°. 
Neio Foj-fc, 0. S. Frmcla, 1828. 

The same. A manual of practical 

obstetrics. From the french, by S. D. 
Gross, m. d. With a physiological memoir 
upon the brain. From the french of m. 
Magendie, by Joseph Gardner, m.d. 2p, 1. 
108 pp. 12°, Philadelphia, J. Grigg, 1828. 


Hattie (Aunt). -,%« Baiter {Mrs. Harriet 

Haudicquer de Blaacourt (Jean). De 
I'art de la verrerie. Oti I'on appread ii 
faire le verre, le oristal, & I'iSmail. [etc.] 
8 p. 1. 602 pp. 3 1. 8 pi. 16°. Paris, J. 
Jombert, 1697. 

Hauff (Wilhelm). The caravan; a collec- 
tion of popular tales, translated from the 
german. By G. P. Quackenbos. 219 pp. 
inc. 1 pL 16°. A'eiu York, D. AppUton ^ 
CO. 1850. 

Haughton (Samuel, m. d.) ScientiSo manu- 
als. See Galbraith(J.A.)ini(JHaughton. 

Havana. Seal colegio de Belen. Observa- 
ciones magniSticas y meteoroldgicas del 
real colegio de Belen de la compafiia de 
Jesus, en la Uabano. ASo meteorolligico 
de 30 de noviembre de 1870 £i noviembre 
de 1871. 8°. Sahana.imjn'eata y liln-eria 
religiosa, 1872. 

Havana (Uwiveraif!/ of). Memoria a cer- 
ca del estado de la eoseSanza en la uui- 
versidad de la Habana en el ourso de 1869 
d 1870 [y] 1870 S, 1871. Anuario de 1870 
d 1S71 [y] 1871 fi 1872. 9 v. 8°. Sa- 
iaKo, imp. del goMerno y oapilania general, 
1871-73. e. 

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Joseph O.Neal). Coutentmeat better than 
wealth. 1 p. 1. 188 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Nm- 
York, D. Appletan ^ co. 1853. 

The Coopers; or, getting under way. 

336 pp. 12^. New York, D. Appleton ^ co. 

The gossips of Eivertown; with 

sketches in prose and verse. 3d ed. 327 
pp. portriut. 12°. Philadelphia, Masard 4' 
Mitchell, 1850. 

" No such word as fail ;" or the chil- 
dren's journey. 1 p. 1. 177 pp. 2 pi. 18°. 
Neie York, D. AppUton <f- co. 1852. 

Patient waiting no loss; or, the two 

Christmas days. 1 p. 1. 183 pp. 3 pi. 16°. 
New-Yoi-k, D. AppleUm ^ co. 1853. 

Watch andpray, or Helen's confirma- 
tion. A sequel to Helen Morton's trial. 
By cousin Alice. Ipseadoa.'i 248 pp. 1 pi. 
16°. New York, General prot. ^iscopal «. s. 
union, 1851. 

Haven (Joseph, d.d.) Moral philosophy: 
inclnding theoretical and practical ethics. 
366 pp. 12°. Boston, Gould ^ Lincoln, 

d by Google 


HaTO-ker (Robert, d. d.) The poor man's 
evening portion; being a eelectioa of a 
verae of 8eriptnre,witb abort obaervations, 
for eyevj- day in tlie year, Kew eel. 360 
pp. ia°. FkiladelpMa, T. JFar^fe, 1845. 

Ha^vkina (Johu Sidney). An inqairy into 
the nature and history of greek and latin 
poetry; morepattioularly of the dramatic 
species ; tending to ascertain the lawa of 
comic metre ia both those langni^a. 
xvi, 479 pp. 10 1. 8°. Loitdon, E. Williama, 
lete.2 1817. 

Ha-wkins (Ltetitia Matilda). Roaanne; or, 
a father's labour lost, 3 v. 8°. Laadati, 
P. C. ^ J. Eivinglon, 1814. 

Hawks {Praneis Lister, d.d.) The adven- 
tures of Daniel Boone, the Kentucky rifle- 
man. By the author of " Uncle Philip's 
conversations." [anon.] 174 pp. 1 pi. 
18°. New York, D. Appletm 4- co. 1844. 
lA library for my yonng oountrymen, t. 5]. 

The adventuree of captain John 

Smith, the founder of the colony of Vir- 
ginia. By the author of " Uncle Philip's 
conversatioiia." [anon.] 201 pp. portrait. 
13°. Nea> York, D. AppUton ^ co. 1842. 

Natural history ; or, nnele Philip's con- 
versation with the children about tools and 
trades among inferior animals, [anim.] 
Enga. tit. 213 pp. 1 pi. 18°. New York, 
J. f J. Sai-pm; 1833. 
JVoK.— The boy's anfl girl's liljrarj, no. 6. 

Hawks (The) of Hawk-hollow, ienon.'] 
See Bird (Robert Montgomery). 

Hawthorne (Nathaniel). Biographical sto- 
ries for children. Beiyamia Waet, sir 
Isaac Newton, Samuel Johnson, Oliver 
Cromwell, Benjamin Franklin, CLUeen 
Christina. 1(51 pp. 18°. Boston, Tappan 
4- Deanet, 1842. 

Famous old people ; being the second 

epochof Grandfather'scbair. 158pp. 24°. 
BosUin, B. P. Feabodij, 1841. 

Grandfather's obair; a history for 

youth. 140 pp. 24*^. Boston, E. P. Fea- 
Uds, 1841. 

Septimiua Felton; or, the elisjr of 

life. 1 p. 1. 229 pp. 12°. Boston, J. B. 
Osgood 4 CO. 1872. 

True stories from history and biogra^ 

phy. [Being the whole history of Gran d- 
fatbor'a chair, etc.] vi, 33!j pp. 4 pi. 16°. 
Boston, Ticlcnor, Reed <(- Fields, 1851. 

Ha7 Du Chastelet. See Du Chastelet 
(Paul Hay). 


Haygood (Atticua G. d. d.) and Mcintosh 
(R. M.) The emerald ; a book of aongs, 
hymns, anthems, chants, aud concert 
pieces, for the sand ay-school. 160 pp. 
obi. 1C°. Nasliville, TetiJi. A. H. Bedford, 

Hayley (William). An essay on history; 
in three [poetical] epistlea to Edward 
Gibbon ; with notes. 1 p. 1. 159 pp. 
London, J. Dodslei), 1780. 
[Mbcellakbous pamphlets, V.53111. 

Ode inscribed to John Howard, 1795. 

-- - ----- 

ela, oud pliilii 

»ariL IS". Soston.Man 

Haywaide (Ricliard). Priamatics. Illus- 
tratecl, from designs by E. D. K. Hicka and 
Kossiter. 235 pp. 12°. Neio York, D. 
Appleton 4- CO. 1853. 

Hazel (Harry, jjsendon.) Red King, the 
ooraair chieftain. A romauce of the oci 
By Harry Hazel. 123 pp. inc. 4 pL 
Neio Yorh, S. Long # brolhm; [1850]. 

The three pirates; or, the virgin of 

the islet. By Harry HazeL 112 pp. i 
4 pi. 8°. Nem Yarle, S. Long 4 hrotJier, 

Hazen (Edward). The speller and define 
or, olnsa-lKiok no. 2. 215 pp. 16°. New- 
York, M'Elratli 4 Bangs, 1829. 

The symbolical primer; or, clas 

book, no. 1, 72 pp. 18°. New-York, M'El- 
rath 4- Bangs, 1829. 

The symbolical apelling book. 

95 pp ; 140 pp. 16°. FUladolpMa, W. W. 
Walker, 1839. 

Hazen (Jasper). The primary instructor 
aud improved spelling book. In two 
parts. 156 pp. 16°. Woodstock, [ F(.]D. 
Watson, 1823. 

Hazen (William Babcock, U. S. a.) The 
school and the army in Germany and 
France, with a diary of siege life at Ver- 
sailles. 408 pp. 8°. Neio York, Sarpei- 
4 Irothers, 1872. 

Hazlett (Helen). The cloud with a golden 
border. 4 p. 1. 13-413 pp. 19°. Fkiladel- 
pkia, T. E. Zell, 1861. 

Headle; (Joel Tyler). The beauties of J. 
T. Headley. With a sketch of his life. 
1, 13-188 pp. 5 portraits. 18°. New-York, 
J. S. Taylm; 1851.- 

Letters fro m Italy, vii i, 224 pp. 12°. 

New York, Wiley 4 Putnam, 1345. 
[ WrLEi and Putham'b library of american 
books, no. 3]. 

db, Google 


Hsadley (Joel Tyler)— con tinued. 

Italy and tlie Italians, in a Beries of 

letters. 64 pp, 8°. Heia YorJi, I. S. 

Flait, 1S44. 

Lnthei- aud Cromwell. 3S4 pp. 3 

portraits. 13^. Xew Yot%J.S.Tayloi;l^^. 

EambleB and Bketches. 1 p. 1. 313 

pp. 4 pi. Nm York, J. S. Taylor, 1850. 

Headley (Piiinsos Camp). Historical and 
descriptive sltetohea of the women of the 
bible, from Eve of the old to tlie Marys of 
tlie new testamunl. EDgd. tit. 284' pp. 
12°. Aiibimi, [iV. r.] Derbi/, Miller ^- co. 

The life of the empress Josophiao, 

first wife of Napoleon. 379 pp. portrait. 
ia°. Aul)mi\,lN.F.'\ Derby, Miller t^ eo. 

Tlie life of general Lafayette, vi, 

377 pp. portrait. 13°. Aitburn, IN. Y.-\ 
Derby 4- Miller, 1B51. 

Healy (Mary). A summei's romanco. 314 
pp. 16". Boafmi, Roberts hrothere, 1879. 

Beam (Rnfus), Bell (Joseph a.) and Ran- 
dolph (Jesse), eojiipito's, Zion's hymns, 
for the use of the original free- wUl baptist 
chnroh of North Carolina, and for saints 
of all denominations. 303 pp. 24°. Falk- 
lanO, N. C. 1854. 
JTofe^-Printea ia New Xoi'ls. 

Hearoe (Samnel). Voyage da fort ilii Prince 
do Galles dans la baiede Hudson, ai'oo^an 
nord, entrepris par ordre de la compagiiie 
de la bale de Hudson, dans les ann^es 
1760-72, et ex^eut^ par terre, ponr la d^ 
eouverte d'un passage au nordouest. Tra- 
dnit de I'anglais [par m. Lallemand]. S v. 
2 p. 1. Iviii, 374 pp. 4 pi ; 2 p. 1. 333, xxis 
pp.' 1 1. 5 pi. 8°. [PflJ-is], Fatri), an 7, 

Hearth aud home. [Au illnstrated weekly 
newspaper]. Jan. 6 todec.28,1872. -f.4. 
foi. Neio Ywk, O.Jadd ^ c30.1872. 

Heavenward paths for little feet : by the 
author of "At Jesus feet." [omom.] 146 
pp. sc[. 18°. New York, E. P. Sutton # co. 

Hecker (7!«ii. Isaac Thomas). Questions of 
. the soul. 294 pp. 12^. Neiv York, D. Jp- 
pleton ^' CO. 185&. 

Hector (James). FisLes of New Zealand, 
1872. See Hutton (Frederick W.) 

Hedges (Jfra. Mary J.) Workiug and win- 
ning, [anon.] 235 pp. 4 pi. 16°. New 
York, Am. trad Bocktg, [1872]. 


(Arnold Lud wig). Ancient Greece 
the gerioan. By Ge ge B n oft 
2d am. ed. viii, 344 pp. (f B t C 
C. LiUle # J. Brown, 1842 

Hegliibotham (E.) The pen us la coUec 
tion of elinrch music, cont ng at 

variety of metrical tunes w tl the ud 
mentiS of mosic, solfeggio exercises, chants, 
anthems and songs. 176 pp. obi. 8°. 
Balliniore, J. W. Bond, [18G3]. 

Heilig; (G. W.) Selections from the Meta- 
morphoses and Heroides of F. Ovidins 
Naso. See Ovldlus NaBO (Fublius). 

Heine (Heiurich). ScintiUationa from the 
prose works of Heine, i. Florentine 
sights, ii. Excerpts. Translated from 
the german by Simon Adler Stem, xxi, 
185 pp. 16°, Jfeiu York, Holt ^ Williams, 
[LekUbe boQc eeriesl- 

Heis (Dr. Eduard). Atlas coelestie uovvs. 
Stella* pet mediam Evropam solis ocvlia 
eouspiovae seevndvm veras Ivcis magnl- 
tvdines e coelo ipso desoriptae, [or] Neaer 
liimmcls-atlas. Darstellung der im mitt- 
leren Europamitblossen augen siclitbaren 
steme nacb ilireu wahren, nnmittelbar 
Yom himmel entnommeneu grjissen. siii, 
181 pp. fP. Atlas, 19 Ubies. obi. fol. 
KSln, M. Dii Moiit-Schaaberg,lli72. ' 

Heies (M.) The four gospels examined aud 
vindicated on catholic principles. 2,1li 
pp. 8°. Milwaukee, Boffman» bros. 1863. 

Helen on her travels, See Gage {Mrs. W. 

Helffensteiu (Jacob, <?. it.) A pastor's ap- 
peals : a series of sermons on important 
subjects connectedwith christian doctrine 
aud experience. 355 pp. 12°. FMlaAel- 
pMa, H. B. Askrnma, 1861. 

HeliodoruB, of Mtnmue, biihop of Trieca. 
Histoire ^tliiopiqne d'HiSliodore, ou les 
amours de ThiSagfeno et Chariclfie, traduc- 
tion d'Aujyot, revue et corrigfie pat m. 
Trognon. Aveo des notes de mm. Corray, 
0...,eto. 2v.ini. 426pp; 403pp. 16°. 
Farit, A. Corr&urA, 1822. 

HellebiiBch(B.H.F.) Katliolischea gesang- 
u, gehet-bnch, Eine auswahl der vorzUg- 
lichsteu ohoriile uud kirchenlieider, fUr awei 
stimmen gesetiit, mit den gewohnllchen 
andaohtsUbungen. 8te and. 238, 82 pp. 
16°. New York wid Ciaemnati, gebrSder 
Beiisiger, 1864. 

db, Google 


Helmojit (Franciscus Meronrius Tan). Two 
liundrefl queries moderately proponoded 
coccetning the doctrine of the revolution 
of humaiie souls, and its conformity to 
the truths of Christianity, [onon.] 3 p.l. 
166 pp. 18°. London, It.J?:ettleii}oll,imi. 

Help (A) in aoquiring a knowledge of the 
englisb. language, designed for the henefit 
of those in Uiia country [Hludoostan] who 
wish to study the english language and 
science 160 pp. 8", Bomhan, Mieaioa 
jires3, 1831- 

Help (The) of chrmtiaua; a manual of Jn- 
structiona and prayers. Compiled from 
approved sources by the sisters of mercy. 
1 p. 1. xxxviii, a^9 pp. 1 pi. W. Gmcla- 
nati, B. Morgan ■?■ aoits, ISM. 

Halpe (A) to discovrse : or more merriment 
inist with serious matters. Cousiating of 
witty philosophical!, grammatical!, physi- 
call, aatronomicnll questions and 
[etc.] Together with the oonntry- 
counsellor, and his yearely oiacle and 
prognostication, etc. [anon.] 
3 p. 1. 389 pp. 18°. London, .W. Vaeasoar, 

Helpa {Sir Arthur). Brevia ; short essays 
and aphorisms. By the author of " Friends 
in council." [anon.] 4 p. 1. 308 pp. 12°. 
London, Sell ^ Da.ldg,1871. 

The life of Hernando Cortes. 3 v. 

xiv, 277 pp; vii, 307 pp. 12°. London, 
Bell 4- Daldy, 1871. " 

HelBiBgfore. Fineka Utteratar-eSilekapet. 
Suomalaisen kiijallisnnden senran toimi- 
tuksia. 30. osa. 4°. BekingiaaS,, 1856- 


Hempel (Charles Julius) — eontinned. 
[v. 1]. s:iv,214pp. 12°. miii-Yoi%G. A. 
Neasman, 1842. 

The same. v. 2. 192 pp. 13° Nno 

Torh, 1842. 


eoknlng of™ 

a. akrifter 

paFiuaknr (Pon P. tV. Pipping], 
Hemans (Felicia Dorothea). The poetical 
worksof Felicia Heioans. With a 
by mrs. L. H. Sigourney, A new ed. from 
the last Loud. ed. with all the introduc- 
tory notes. Engd. tit. 1 p. 1. 19-691 pp. 
pi. portrait. 8°. Bo$toii, Fkillips, Sampaon 

4- CO. ims. 

Heming (T.) An enciuiiT into the pro- 
gressive colonization of the earth, and the 
origin of nations; illustrated by a map of 
the geography of ecclesiastical and anc ' 
civil history. 2 p. 1. si, 168 pp. 1 map. 
Zondon, W. FkilUp), 1816. 

Hempel (Charles Jnlius). A grammar of 
the german language, arranged into a new 
system on the principle of induction, 


-Title-paffe of v. 


Henderson (Julia Putnam), Miss Mary 
and her scholars; or, the lord's prayer 
explained and illnstrated. By Theta. 
[pseadon.J 122 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Richmond, 
Freibsterian oormniiteeof publioaUon, [1871]. 

Hendryx (Warren B.) The teacher, the 
class, and the book : a series of fifty-two 
Sunday school lessons, v. 1. 190 pp. 16°. 
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Henkle (W. D.) A teat spelling-boot : for 
the nseof advanced classes. 144 pp. 12°. 
dndJinafi, Mb(»n, Hmkh ^ eo. [1872]. 

Henman (Charles, jr.) lUvstrations of the 
medieval antiqvities in the covnty of 
Dvrham, See Perry (J. T.) and Hen- 

Hennequin (Pierre), Conrs de littSratnre 
anclenne et moderne, conteuant nn trait<S 
complet de po^tlqne, estrait des meilleurs 
critiques et commentatenrs ; eurlchi do 
700 [900] notices sur les po&tes les pins 
cSlfebres de tons les temps et de toutea les 
nations. 4 v. 8°, Moaeoa, A, Semen, 

19 promis d'abnrcl qne troi9 





Hennequin (Victor Aatoine). Sanvons le 
genre hnmain. 3e 6d. xxxi, 356 pp. 13°. 
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Henry (James, jV.) The family and school 
monitor, and educational catechism. 176 
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Henry (James P.) Ecsonroes of the state 
of Arkansas, with description of counties, 
railroads, mines, and the city of Little 
Eock. 2d ed. 152 pp. 1 map. 8°. IdlUe 
Eoek, Fiiee f WCUre, 1872. 

Henry (Lonis). Only ask ; or, avenue and 
alley, 318 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Graves 

Henry, ihe minstrel, or Blind Harry. The 
history of the life and adventares, and 
heroio actions of the renowned sir William 
Wallace. [Done in modern scots verse, by 
William Hamilton, 1721. With] the life 
and martial achievements of that valiant 

db, Google 


Henry, the m»«s<cel— eoutinued, 
Iiero, fiobert Brnce. By John Harrey. 
234 pp. 1 pi ; 1 p. 1. 107 pp. 16°. Ai)-, J. ^■ 
F. Wihon, 1T99. 

I proae and 

writers of tliat language, 

poetry. 2 parts in 1 v. 364 pp. 12°. 

Boston, Ridtardion ^ Lord, 1825. 

Hepburn (J. C. «i. d, II. d.) A japanese- 
english and engliab-japauose dictionary. 
Sd ed. 2 parts in 1 v. xxsi, 632 pp ; 1 
p. 1. 201 pp. 8°. Shas'jhai, Am. pre^- 
b^erian mmion press, 1872. 

HeriDg (C. m.i?.) Homiiopatliisolier haus- 
arzt. Fur die dentsoliea burger der 
Vereinigten Staafcan naoli den besten va- 
terliindiechenwerken uiideignenerfahrun- 
gen bearbeitet. Tiii,352pp. 12°. AUen- 
tmm oil der LeoM, J. Beklert, 1337. 

Herkem or Herkeren. Tlie forms of Her- 
kern, corrected from a variety of manu- 
seripte, supplied with the distinguishing 
marks of construction, and translated into 
engliah: with an index of arable words 
explained, and arranged nnder their proper 
roots. By Francis Balfour, m. d. A new 
ed. [Arabic and englisli]. sli, 332 pp. 
B°. London, S. Ltonssean, 1804. 

Heimaiia von Lelminn. [pseudon.} Estrait 
d'an uanuscrit relatif il la proph^tie du 
friire Hermann de Lehninn. Titre de 
ce niauusorit: MerYeOleuse proph^tie du 
frfere Hennanu de Lehninn, conceroant 
les destinies du monastfere de Lehninn ; 
cellesdclamaisondeBrandebourg; [etc.] 
Avec des notes eKplicativea, par Louis de 
Bouverot. 314 pp. 18". BruxelUs, C. 
Yogler, 1846. 

A'oie.— AccordlDg to Joclier, Hermann von Lflhniim 
DKver eiieted, and tlie above ia probsbly tbe 
work of tiio burgomaster von Seidel, wx'ltlen in 
ills joutli. 

Hennea (Dr. Karl Heinrich). Die entdek- 
kuug von America dnrch die Islander im 
zehnten and eilften jahrhunderte. 1 p. 1. 
V, 134 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Bi-aumchweig, F. 
Vietceg ^ Sohn, 1844. 

Hermit (The) in the country. See Surr 



Hermit (The) in Loudon; or sketches of 

english manners. See Surr (Thomas S.) 

Hermogenes hisensis. 'Epiioyevovg Ttxvii 


[7n Poet 

I6l>. [flElieciM], Biiofto™ I. 

Oiv^lbtd, 1570 

Herodotns. 'Hpo^oTou laropiav Xoyot 8. — 

Herodotus, from tlie text of Sohweighieu- 

ser : with euglish notes. Edited by C. S. 

Wheeler. 2 v. xis, 440 pp. 1 map ; 2 p. 

1. 430 pp. 12°. Boston, J. Munroe 4- co. 

The same. Histoire d'HiSrodote. 

[Jusqn'it I'au 479 avant J. C. Traduite 

du greo, par P. H. Laroher]. 

[In BucHON (J. A. C.) Choix des bistoriene grcoH. 
&'. Paris, A. Dttrai, 1S3S. pp. 1-3315]. 
Vie d'Homfere. [Spurious]. 

[711 Buenos (J. A. C.) Chuiifleshlatoriensgreos. 
8°. luris, A. JJesrez, 1838. pp. 3a3-34a]. 

Hersey (John). The identity of the tn'O 
apocalyptic witnesses, their character, 
death and resnrrection, as connected with 
theintroduction of the millennium, [Also], 
pious reflections. 297pp. 18°. Baltimore, 
Anmtrong ^ Berr^, 1857. 

Hervas y Paaduro (Lorenzo, s.j.) Catii' 
logo de las lengoas de las naciones coao- 
cidaa, y nnineracion, division, y clases de 
estaa segun la diversidad de sns Idiomas y 
dialectoa. 6 v. sm. 4°. Madrid, imprenta 
de la adrainisiracion del real arliitrio de henejl- 
eenda, 1800-05. 

Hervey-Salnl-Denys (Matie-Jean-L^oa, 
marqais d'). Mistoire de la revolution 
daus lea Deus-Sioiles depuis 1793. viii, 
411 pp. 8°. Paris, A-myoi, 1856. 

Hewins (James M.) Hints conceruiiig 
church music, the liturgy, and kindred 
subjects. 180 pp. 12°. Boston, Ide ^ 
Button, 1856. 

Hewitt (8. C.) Messages from tbe superior 
state; commnnieated by John Murray, 
through John M. Spear, in the summer of 
1K2. 167 pp. 12°. Boston, B. Marsh, 

Hewlett (Eeu, J. Grigg). Thoughts upon 
thought. For young men. In four parts. 
6th ed. 181 pp. 16°. London, Simpkin, 
Marshall ^ eo.[lS^J. 

Hewlett (Beir. J. T.) The Penscellwood 
papers. Comprising essays on capital 
punishments ; on the evangelical alliance ; 
on the endowment of the protestant and 
roman catholic churches of Ireland ; and 
on the education of the people. By the 
author of "Dr. Hookwell," [etc, anon.] 

i 2 p. 1. a 

' PP- 

London, B. Benilei/, 1853. 
Heweon (Addinell, m. d.) Earth as a topi- 
cal application in surgery. Being a full 

db, Google 


He'wson(AddIuoI1, m. A.) — coutiiiuetl. 
exposition of its uae in Bill the cases re- 
qntilng topical upplioations admitted id 
the men's and women's snrgical wards of 
the Pennaylvania hospital during a period 
of six months in 1869. xx, 25-309 pp. 
4 photographic pi. 8°. FltUaileJphia, 
Lindsay ^ Blakistoa, 1872. 

HewBon (William). Principles and prac- 
tice of emhaniing lands from river-floods, 
as applied to " levees" of the Mississippi. 
[1st ed,3 171 pp. 8°. New Yot-k, J. J. 
Heed, 1859. 

Hezamer (Ernest). Insurauce maps of the 
city of Philadelpbia surveyed and drawn 
by [him]. Reyiaeded, v.2-:i. fol. PUl- 
adelphia, E. Sexamei-, 1873. 

Beydenreicli {Eev. L. W.) Elementary 
german reader, on the plan of Jacohs' 
greek reader; with afnllvooahulary. 164 
pp. 13°. Nea)-Ym%D.A^pleUtn^co.ViW. 

Htatt (James M.) The political manual, 
comprising numeroaa important docu- 
ments connected with the political history 
of America, compiled from ofGoial records, 
with biographicsd sketches and comments. 
339 pp. 13°. InAianapolie, Asker <?■ Adams, 

The test of loyalty. 180 pp. 1^, 

Iniianapolia, Menill ^ Smith, 18fi4. 

Hibbard (Bee. Freeborn Garretflon). Pales- 
tine; its geograptiy and bible Iiiatory. 
Edited hy D. P. Kidder, xix, 13-354 pp. 
33mapa. 19°. Mic-TwK Lane4- Seott,l851. 

The religion of ehildhood ; or, chil- 
dren in their relation to native depravity, 
to the atonement, to the fainlly, and to the 
church. 411 pp. 12°. CiBciniiat*, Poe if' 
Hiteheock, 1864. 

Hibberd (Shirley). Eustic adornments for 
homes of taste. A new ed. corrected, and 
enlarged, with wood engravings. 
403 pp. 9 cob pi. snfc 4°. London, Gr 
bridge ^ sons, 1870. 

Hiebl (Charlea). Hand- und reisehnoh :Kir 
die Ver. Staaten, 1873. See Miller (Ber 

HieronymuB Sophronius. D. Hierouyi 
epistola od Nepotiannm, de vita clericorum 
& monachorum ; cum notis J. Martiantei. 

[In Benmbt (Thomoa, d. d.) Direotiona for atudy- 

ing [divlnitjl- iP. London, ITSV. pp. 109-ietf]. 

Higden (Ralph). Polychronioon Eanulphi 

Higden monaohi cestrensis-; togetherwith 

the english translations of John Trevisa 

and of an unhnowii writer of the fifteenth 

17 C 

ing. By 


Higden (Ralph) -"Continued, 
century. Edited hy rev. Joseph It. Luni- 
by. V. 4. 2 p. L xlix, 480 pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, Longman <(■ co. 1873. 

[QnBAT Beitaih. Eceorga.fflne. Eecnm bvitanBi- 

High (The) school hook, Beir 
of lessons for reading and s' 
an experienced teacher, 
pp. 19°. Jfeic-Saven, L. S. Young, tISSS], 

Hilbourue (Mrs. Charlotte 8.) Effte and 1 ; 
or, seven years in a cotton mill. A story 
of the spindle city, xii, 976 pp. 12°. 
Camiiridge, [Moss.] AlUn 4- Faraliim, 1863. 

Hlldebrandt (C.) Winter in Spitzbergen. 
A book for youth. From the german. By 
E. Goodrich Smith. 300 pp. 16°. JVcip 
Yoi% M. W. Dodd, 1852. 

Hill (B. L. m. d.) Illustrated midwifery ; 
or lectures on obstetrics, and the diBcasea 
of women and children. Eevised hy S. 
S. Oaliu, m. d, 300 pp, 46 pi. 8°, Ciit- 
cimati, J. W. Sewell ^ co. 1S60. 

Hill (Gteorge Canning). American biogra- 
phy, 2 V. 13°. iJosion, E. 0. Libhg ^ co. 



Benjamin Franklin, A biography. 

333 pp. 8 pi. portrait. 16°. PMlamffhia, 

J. B. Uppiitcott 4- eo. 1865. 
HIU (Henry F.) The saints' inheritance; 

or, the world to come. 247 pp. 19°. Nein 

York, R. T. Yomg, 1853. 
Hill(0'DeUTraver8). English mouaeticism; 

its rise and influence [a, d, 63-1539]. 

viii, 540 pp. 8°. London, Jackson, Wal- 

ford 4- Hodder, 1867. 
Hillard (George Stillman). [HiJlard'a 

class readers]. 4 v. 12°. Boston, Sich- 

Una, Sivan ._? co. 1856-57. 

. smm 

,. J rMdar. -., „. 

3. A thiTiil clasB reader, xlvi, 1^ pp. 1857. 

4. A fourth olaaB reader, xl, iS2 pp. 1851. 
The political duties of the educated 

classes. A discourse delivered before the 
Phi beta kappa society of Amherst college. 
1863. 48pp. 8°. Boiiov,Tickmr4-]mds, 
Hillem (Wilhelmine von). By his own 
might. From the german. 1 p, 1, 5-397 
pp. 12°. FhUailelphia, J. B. Lippincoti .f 
c". 1872. 

d by Google 


BUlman (Joseph). 'I'lie revivaiiBt: a col-1 
lection of choice revival liyitius and tunes, 
oi'igiual and selected. Eev. L. Hartsongli, 
innaical editor. Revised and enlarged ed. 
335 pp. 12°. Ti-os, JV. y., J. milman, 

The same. Additional liymns, tunea 

andohornaes toThereTivaliat. 161. 16°. 
Albany, [y. J".] Fan Benfhnysen printins 
honse, 1873. 

Hinde (JoLn Hodgson). A liistory of Notth- 
iimberlaud, in three parts. [Bj John 
Hodgson]. Part I containing tlie general 
history of tliB county. Wttli a narrative 
of events from the norman conquest to ilie 
accession of the house of Hanover Under 
taken by tlie Society of antiiiniirieaof New 
castle-upon-Tyne. [Compded hy J H 
Hinde]. x, 400 pp. 3 pi 4° Keacaallp, 
T. 4- J. Fujg, 1858. 

liatory of Nuithnmljcrinnd 

Hintloha {Johann Coutifl} Verzelcliuiss 
der Mcher, landkarten, &c welulie vom 
jaiinar bis zum decemhei ltt73 neu eisehie- 
uen Oder nen aufgelegt worden sind. i 
V. in 1. 12°. Leipzig, J. C. HinHcka, 1872. 

Hinsdale (-Een.B, -A.) The gennineness and 
authenticity of the gospels; an argu- 
ment condueted on historical and critical 
grounds. 276 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Boi- 
worfh, Ckase ^- Mall, 1873. 

Hippocrates. Tradnotiondesteuvresm^di- 
cales d'Hippoorate, aur le teste gree, 
d'apris ]'6dition de Foes. 4 v. 8°. Tou- 
louse, Wages, Metlltac 4' oie. 1801. 

HirHcli (A.) Longitude, etc. See Plan- 
tamour (E.) and Hirscli. 

Hirsoli (Theodor), and otha-s, edilors, Sei 
Sctiptores rernm prussicarnm. 

Hlrzel (Hans Kaspar). The rural Socrates 
or an account of a celebrated philosophical 
farmer, lately living in Switzerland, and 
known by the name of Kliyogg. xv, 203, 
xiii pp. 8°. Sallo^eell (Maine), E. Edes, 

fl'otj—TniH slated fi-ora tTie frencli, anil edited liy 
Aitbnr Youug. Eeyriuted from the eDg. ed. 
T be work won odglaallj pabliahed in germiui. 

Histolre de ce qvi e'eet paies^ en Ethiopie, 

Malabar, Brasil, et ^ Indes Orieutalca. 

See Dettere annvo d'Ethiopia, Malabar, 

Brasil et Goa. 
Histolre QJ) do Palmerin d'Olive. Sew 

Falmerin de Oliva. 


Histolre des intrigues galantes de la roino 
Christine de Su&de et de sa cour, pendant 
sou 8i5jour fl, Eonie. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 300 
pp. portrait. 16"^. Ameterdnm, •T. Sem% 

Histolre du stadhoudorafc, 1750. See Hay- 
nal {,AhU QnUlanme T. F.) 

Historical and literary tour of a foreigner 
in England and Scotland, 1K25. Hee Pl- 
clict (AmM^o). 

Historical collections, or a brief account, 
of the most rema.Fkable transaotions of 
the two last parliaments held and dis- 
solvedat Westminster and Oxford, [ajton.] 
3 p. 1. 302 pp. 1 pi. 16°. LonAos; S. NeaU, 

Historical (Thu) magaziue, and notes and 
queries, concerning the antic[oitie3, his- 
tory and biography of America. Jan. 
1870, to June, 1871. 2.1 series, v. 7-9 ; 
[complete series, v. 17-19]. SR. Morr'm- 
ania, (N.Y.) 3. B. Da-mmn, 1870-71. 

Historfcalstetohesof the old painters, 1841. 
Sedgwick (Catharine M.) 

heathen, from their commencement to the 
present time, [anon.] 724. pp. S°. Wor- 
cester, Simoner ^- MowlaM, 1840. 

. jmtnla^oQ- 
V. Joseph Ira- 

: of tlie baptist ^neral 

[ietory of UiB Amorioan honnl of et 

3. HiatoiTof t-- — 

oopal cliuTob. By ri 

4. Miaeionary efibrts of tbe proteatnnt ei 

churob la tbo DDited States. By \,^,^^ 
Cnttec. pp. 563-504, 
5- Hidtorj of tbe Free-will bapinst £6rdgn mla^on 

society. By Enoob Mocli. pp. 595-S15. 
6. History of tbe Board of ItoreignmlBBloDH of the 
eeueral aaaembly of tbe presbyMEiui obuccb 
m tbe Uulted States of Amerlaa, and of. Itfl 
Dilseious. By Joeepb Tmoy. pp. 709-7^. 
History (The) of Christ. 1854. ^"ee "Wilbur 

History (The) of Eliisii Wanviclc. [«noB.] 
2d ed. 2 v. v, 263 pp; 1 p. 1. 2S2 pp. 
16°. London, J. WalUi; 1791. 
History (ITie) of Emily Montague. Sue 

Brooke (Mm. Frances Moore), 
History (The) of Georgina Neville ; or, the 
disinterested orphan. A novel, [anon.] 
2ded. 2v. 5-252pp; lp.L247pp. 16°, 
London, printed for the aiUhoreae; and sold 
bg T. Mookhant ^ J. Carpettter, 1793. 
[Imperfect; title of v. 1 ■wnutlngi T. a, pp. US- 
ISO imperfect]. 

History (The) of lady Julia Mnndeville. 
See Brooke IMri. I'r.iiices Mooi'p). 

db, Google 


History (The) of sii' George Wari'iagton ; 
OK the polilioal Quixote. Bj- the author 
of tlie beiievolent Quixote, etc. [anoit.] 
V. 1, 3. 16*=. London, J. BM, 1797. 
yuic— Wi'DDgly ftswibeil w Cbarlotte LoHiini. 

History (The) of the civil war in America. 
By an ofHoor of tile hritisli army. See 
Hall (Captain Jdhu). 

History of the great ooiiflsvgration ; or,BoB- 
tou and its destruction. Embracing a 
brief biatory of Tthe city] : with a full ac- 
count of ita destruotioii by fire nov. IK'2. 
[fliiON.] 143 pp. 1 map. 8°. rhaaSelphia, 
W. Flint .;■ BO. 1872. 

History (A) of the holy catliolio iuqnisi- 
tion, compiled from various anthors. With 
an iutroduotion, by the rev. C. Mason. 
iano>t.-\ xi, 193 pp. 1 pi lao. FhiMeJ- 
phia, H. Fei-Mm, 183S. 

[Markoe pampbletB, v. S], 

History (The) of the life and a^iveu tares of 
don Alphonso BIoss de Lirias, son of the 
celebrated Gil Bias of Santillane: from 
the Spanish original, [iwwb.] 3 p. 1, 394 
pp. 12°, Zon^a, J. Hodges, 1742. 

Hitchcock (Edward, d. d. and Bdwarcl, ji: 
m, d.) Elementary anatomy and physi- 
ology. Revised ed. 443 pp. 13*^. New 
Tork, luisoft, rhianey 4- to. 1860. 

Hitchins (Fortescne). .The seashore, with 
other poems, lip. 1.175 pp. 13°. Sher- 
borne, for aafhor, 1810, 

HltopadSsa. ou rinatmction ntile. Bucueil 
d'apolognes et de contes traduit du San- 
scrit aveo des notes historiq^nes et litt^- 
raires, et un appeudice contonant I'lndioa- 
tiona des sources et des imitations par 
m. ifidouard Laneoreau. si, 3SS pp. 16°. 
Patie, F. Jannet, 1855. 
[Bibliothaqno elKevirlennel. 

Hoard or Hotd (Samuel). God's love to 
manliind, manifested by di'sprovinghis ab- 
solute decree for their damnation. 2 p. 1. 
230 pp. 16°. London, J. CXarlc, 1673. 

Hobart (Rev. Noah). A second address to 
the members of the episcopal separation 
in New-Eoglaud. Occasioned by the ex- 
ceptions made to the former, by dr. John- 
son [and others]. 172 pp. 8°. Boston, 
D. Ftni-U, 1751. 

[MooEE pampliletB, v. ISS). 
Hobbs (Isaac H. and suit)- HubW archi- 
tecture: containing designs and ground 
plans foi' villas, cottages, and other eiii- 


Hobba (Isaac H. a'lid son) — contiuued. 
£ces, both suhnrban and rural, adapted to 
the United States. 189 pp. 8°. FMla- 
delpMa, J. B. Lippincott f eo. 1873. 

Hobba (Capt. James). Wild life in the far 
west; personal adventurea of a border 
mountain man. Illustrated. 438 pp. 17 
pi. 8°. Harlford, Wilen, Watemxaa ^ 
Eaton, imZ. 

Hodder (George). Memories of my time ; 
including personal remiuisoeuces of emi- 
nent men. ss, 420 pp. 8^. London, 
Tins7ey h'Others, 1870. 

Hoddlck (F. organist). Die aiimmtliohen 
dem gemeinsohaftlichen 
a gottesdienstlieheu ge- 
brauoh der lutherischen uud reformirteu 
gemeinden in Nord-Ameriha. 39 pp. 18°. 
New-York, Kooh 4- eo. 1850. 
( With Neuesiss gemeinschiiftliiilies gesBB^bucliJ. 

Hodge (Charles, d. d.) The constitutional 
history of the prosbyterian. church in the 
United States. 1705-1788. 2t. 256 pp; 
516 pp. 8°. FhiUdelpUa, W. S. Mtirti^n, 

Proceedings connected with the semi- 
centennial commemoration of the profes- 
sorship of rev. Charlea Hodge, in the theo- 
logical seminary at Princeton, N. J. april 
24, 1872. 128 pp. 8°. New York, A.' D. 
F. Randolph, 11872']. , 

Systematic theology, v. 3. viii, 880 

pp. 8°. New York, SeHbaei; Ariastroag 
4- 00. 1873, 

The same. Index to systematic the- 
ology. 1 p. L 81 pp. 8°, New York, Scrib- 
nei; Armstrong <f- co. 1873. 

The wayoflife. 343pp. 18°. Fhiia- 

delpUa, Am.». 3. union, [1841]. 

Hodge (Hugh L. w. d.) On diseases pecul- 
iar to women, including displaeemenfs of 
the uterus, xx, 17-469 pp. 8°. Fkila- 
Mpliia, Blaaiiiard # Xen, I860. 

The principles and practice of obstet- 
rics, xxiv, 17-550 pp, 23 pi. 4'^. Pldla- 
Mpliia, BUnehard 4- Lea, 1864. 

Hodgea {John Tyler). Hodges' new bank 
uotesafe-guatd; giving fac simile descrip- 
tions of upwards of ton thousand bank 
notes, embracing every genaine note 
issued in the United States & Canada. 
4th quarterly ed. 2 p. I. 353 pp. fol. 
New Yorh, J. r. Hodges, 1Sj8. 

Hodgea (Richard M. m. d.) Tlio iiKuision 
of the joints, viii, W\ pp. S-'. iiw/uii, 

db, Google 

Hodges (Eicbard M. m. d.) — coutinaed. 
ipnnted at CanibHdge, Wdch, Bigeloxo •? ■ co. ] 

Hodgson (Bev. Johu). A history of North- 
umberland, in three pavta. 7 v. 4°. iVeiii- 
oaetle iipon Tgne, 1820-58. 

T. I. Part i. Containing the general history of tUe 
ODuaty. nadeitBken.1iy the Snolet; of au- 
tiqiiarlea of Newcastle. Compiled bvJoLn 
Hodgson Zlnde. 1853. 

T. S-4. Fart ii. Cont^nine tlie parocLlid lilstory 
of theoounty. 1^-40. 

lilsbirlcti papera. Ie30-3S. 

Hodgson (Joseph). See Alabama (The) 
manual and etatistioftl registei? for 1871. 

Hodson (James Whitworth, editor). The 
history and antiquities of the county of 
Dorset. 3d od. 18G1-70. See Hutchlns 
(Eev. Jolin), 

Hoffinami (Franz). Kuight and peasant. 
Prom the germau. By rev. D. P. Eosen- 
miUer, 195 pp. 4 pi. 16". I'ldJadelpkia, 
Laiheran board of pullitsaiioii; 1872- 
[Fatherland (The) aoriea]. 

Self-willandrepentanee. Translated 

from til© germau, hy rev. Charles A. 
Smith, d.d. 189 pp. 4 pi. 16°. PUladei- 
ptda, Lwlheran boavd of publicatien, 1872. 
[FATHEniiA^n (The) series], 

Hogatth. (George). Memoirs of the opera in 
Italy, France, Germany, and England. A 
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Note.— A aeoond volnme was publiabiHl In 1199. 

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db, Google 


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. 36pi 

pictorial iirimet, o 
The Bontlieni elementary spelling bootc. 

The aontbei 
Tlie I ■• 

pictorial second readar. 

piotoriai tliird. reader. 1' 

piolariKl foarth reader. 

le sontliBiii pietorlal flSli rwider. 

The same. University series. 

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.ffiifs.— Saceassor to Loulavilie aoiiool messenger. 

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Engd. tit. 35 p, 1. 310 pp. 3 1. 4°, Rotter- 
dam, A. Willis, 1731. 
Ko(e.— Eluatratcd wiiJi 100 cnta prfnted iu tlia 

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and ultra-protestantism : in sermons. 
From the last Loud. ed. viii, 13-292 pp. 
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Five sermons proaohod before the 

ity of Oxford. Mod. 3 p. 1. 16(5 

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db, Google 


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Scripture biograpljy for the yoi 

■with critical illustrationa and practical 
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Daniel, Ezra, and Esther. Gallaudet't 
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18°. New ¥01% Am. traet sodetn, [1853], 

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ence to a plan forgeneraledncation. 2 v. 
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Hope (James n d) A t eat se on the 
diseases ot the heirt ind greit vessels, 
and on the aflect one wl oh may be mis- 
taken fo them 1st amerioan from the 
3d Lond ed W th notes by C. W, 
Pennock, m. d. o73 pp. 9 pi. 8". Phil- 
adrljilda, Lea ,f Blmwliard, 1842, 


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ing boroughs. From actual surveys & 
official records. 118 pp. inc. 53 col, maps. 
40. PUUi^iIpkUi, G. M. Sophlns 4 00. 

Atlas of West Philadelphia, including 

the 2'lth &. 37th wards of the city of Phila- 
delphia. 1 p, 1. GO pp. inc. 16 maps. fol. 
PhmdelpMa, G. M. Roplana f co. 1872. 

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signed to illustrate the second and third 
questions of the Westminster catechism, 
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lAneohi, 1851, 

The pastoi-'a daughter ; or the way 

of salvation explained to a young in quirer. 
From reminiscences of the conversations 
of her late father, doctor [Edward] Payaon. 
viii, 13-^36 pp. 18°. Nm Tork, S. Gar- 
to> 4 Iroth&'s, 1650. 

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livered before the Congregational library 
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theological student. 256 pp. 13°. A'eio 
York, D. A^iletoit .f co. 1854. 

Hoppin (William J.) Eulogy on general 
[Jamea S.] Wa<lBwortli. 
i/» Centuby asawjlation, Pi^oaeaiiigs. e°. Ifezo 
Y<n% 1865, pp. 7-30], 

Hopton (Arthur). Aeoncordanoy ofyeares. 
Containing a new, easie, and moat exact 
computation of time, according to the 
englisb aeconnt. [etc.] 4 p.l,3,Mpp. 21, 
16". ILondonf'] I. Jdaiii9, 1G!5. 

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of Horace, with engliah notoa, hy the rev. 

A. J. Maoleaue, Eevised aud edited by 

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[Mass.] J. BartUtt, 1856. 
Lbs odes rHoraee en vers bvrlosrives. 

lanon. Par Hvgvoa de Pieovd]. 3 p. I. 

116 pp. am, 4°. Parts, T. QvUiet, 1653. 
HombloWer (Mrs.) "TheJulia." Bytlie 

autior of " Varii," fete, <uion.] iv, 9-388 

pp.- 12°, JV«!0 York, IL Carlei- # hrofln^s, 

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vespondeuce of Francis Homer, m. p. 

Edited by his brother, Leonard Horner. 

2 V. xsviii, 554 pp. portrait ; sxiii, 575 pp. 

1 pi. S>. Boston, UtUe, Brown 4- CO. 1853. 
Hornachucli (Chriatian Friedrioh, edifoi-)- 

See Archiv aliandinaviacher beitrage znr 

iiatui^achioht*, 1845-50. S. 

Horry (Col. Peter) and Weems (Rev. Mason 

L.) Thelifeof major gen. Francis Marion. 

By col, Horry audM,L.Wheeins [Weema]. 

253 pp. G pi. ia°. New York, F. M. TMms, 

HbrBchelmaatt (Perdinand). Handbnch 

der geographie nnd atatistilt. Sm Stein 

(C. G, D.) arid Horsclielinanii, 
Horseo'wnet's fThe) companion, 1873. See 

Hoorbaoh (O. A.) 
Horse Shoe Bobinaon, 1835. See Kennedy 

(John Pendleton). 
Horticulturist (The) and Journal of rural 

art and rural taste. (Established by A, J. 

Downing, 1846), Devoted to horticulture, 

landscape gardening, rural architeoture, 

rural embellisluneuta, pomology, floriool- 

ttire, and all subjects of rural life, litera- 

tnre, art aud taste. [Monthly]. Edited 

by Henry T. Williams. Jan. to dec. 1872, 

V.27. 8°. NmTork,n.T.mUiams,lS}il. 
Horns ApoUo, [pseiidon.] Higroglypbi 

dits d'Horapolle. Ouvrage traduit du grec, 

parm. Eeqtiier. lp.l,svi,326pp,ll, 16°. 

Antal^dam, J. F. Sastieit, 1779. 
Hosmer (Margaret). Lilj'a hard words : a 

atory for little people. 172 pp. 16°. 

FMiadeli>liia, Claxlon, Beimm ^Haffelfmger, 

Hoamer (William). Theyounglady'sbook; 

or, principles of female ednoatlon. 301 

pp. 1 pi. 13°. Jiihtrn, Dm-hji 4- Miller, 



Hoamer (William) — continuod. 
The young man's book. Or self-edu- 
cation. 291 pp. portrait. 16°. Aiilmra, 
D&'bg 4- Miller, 1S52. 

Houel (Jean Pierre Lonia Laurent). Voy- 
age pittoreaqne des iales de Sicil6,deMalte 
et de Lipari, oti I'on traite des autiqnit^s 
qui s'y ttouvent encore; des principans 
phSnomfenea que la nature y offre ; du cos- 
tume dos habitaus, & de qnelquee usages. 

4 V. fol. Paris, rimprimerie ^e muiiaieiir, 


Nalc.— With 2114 Ml. pi. numboreil confleoutively. 

Hoagh (Benjamin Franklin). American 
oonatitutions ; comprising the constitution 
of eacti state tn the union, aud of the United 
States, with the declaration of independ- 
ence and articles of confederation ; each 
aecompanied by a hiatoricai introduction 
and notea, with a claaaified analyaia of the 
constitutions. 2 t, viii, 886 pp. 23 pi ; 
iv, 941 pp. 27 pi. 1 map. 8°. Atbang, Weed, 
Parsons ^ co. 1871-72. 

Gazetteer of the state of New York, 

embracing the history and statistics of the 
state. With geological and topograph- 
ical descriptions, and recent statistical 
tables, viii, 745 pp. 8 pi. 1 map. 8°. Jf- 
bmy, N. T, A. Boyi, 1872. 

House (The) on the rock, 1^. See Mac- 
kainess (Matilda PlanchiS). 

Housmaii (Robert Fletcher). A oollectiou 
of english sonnets, [1540-1840]. xsxiii, 
358 pp. 12°. London, S'm^kiit, Marshall 
^- CO, [1841]. 

Hovey (Alvah,(J.(Z.) A memoir of the life 
and times of the rev, Isaac Backus. 369 
pp. 12°. Boston, Gould ^ iiiicoiw, 1858. 

HoTtrard (Clarence J,) Howard's book of 
drawing-room theatricals. 178 pp. 16°. 
New York, Dick f JHIegei-aU, [1871]. 

[Tn-eBty.stt short and amnaing plnya, v. 1]. 

Howard's recitfttiona. Comic, serious, 

and pathetic. 180 pp. 16°. New York, 
i)icjt <f- mtngvraU, [1872]. 

Howard (Henry, earl of Northainplon). A 
defenaative against the poysonof supposed 
prophecies. Not hitherto confuted by the 
pen of any man, which haue been causes 
of great disorder in the common-wealth, 
especially among the simple and vnlearned 
people. Very noedfull to he pnbiished, 
coiAsideriug tlie great offence, which grew 

db, Google 


Howard (Henry)— contiuucil. 
by most palpable and groase errors iu as- 
trologie. Now newly reuised. [Reprint- 
ed], 7 p. 1. 151 1. sm. fol. London, W. 
laggard, [/oi'] M. Lowaes, 1620. 

Howard (Matthew, m. <l.) Life in (leatb 
and deatb Id life. A paradox ; illnstrating 
what we know, and what we believe. 
With criticiams on the luorals and manners 
of modem society. 209 pp. IS^. Nao 
Tm-lc, W. L. Allison, [1S72]. 

Howard Grey, 1655. See M. (C. L.) 

Howe (Eliaa, danoiag master). Amerioan 
dancing maflter, and ball-room prompter. 
[Alao], first Imsous in dancing, the fire 
positions, etc. 160 pp. aq. 16°. Rostov, 
E. Sowe, 1862. 

Howe (Fiaher). Oriental and sacred scenes, 
from notes of travel in Greece, Turkey, 
and Palestine. 408 pp. 6 pi, 1 map. 12'^. 
Nm York, M. W. DoM, 1854. 

Howe (Henry). Our whole country ; or 
the past and present of the United States, 
1861. See Barber (John W.) and Howe. 

HoweU (Rei>. Eobert Boyte C.) The terms 
of cojamunion at the lord's table, and 
with the church of Christ. Reprinted 
from the am. ed, 6 p, 1. t, 477 pp. 12°. 
London, for tlie IBapUst traof] soviety &y 

Howells (William D.) Italian jounieya. 
New and enlarged ed. 398 pp. 1S°. 
toa, J. B. Osgood tf- CO. 1872. 

Suburban sketches, New am 

larged ed. With illustrations by A. Hop- 
pin. 2,'K pp. 10 pi. 12^. Boston, J. B. 
Osgood 4- CO. 1872. 

Venetian life. New and enlarged ed. 

437pp. 12°. BosUm,J.E.Osgood4-co.mi% 

How8(JohnW.8.) The shakspeari an read- 
er, 1849. See Shakespeare (William). 

Hubbard (Harvey). Ixion,andotherpoei 
viii, 165 pp. 12°, Boston, Tieknor, Becd ^■ 
Fields, 1852. 

Hubbard {Bee, WiUiam). A narrative of 
the indian wars in New-England, from the 
first planting thereof iu the year 1607, to 
the year 1677. 228 pp. 16°, Noncich, 
IConn.] John Trumiull, [about 1780]! 

Habbell & Craven, The national legal 
directory, embracing the names of one or 
more of the leading and most reliable at- 
torneys in over three thousand cities and 
towns in the United States and territories. 


Habbell & Craven — continned. 
Also, a synopsis of the collection laws of 
each state- 268 pp. 12°. St. Louis, Siilt- 
Ml # Craven, 1870. 

Huber (Aune L.) The nursery rattle, for 
little folks. 136 pp. inc. 12 col. pi. aq. 
12°. I'hUadelpliia, Glaxtm, Bemsw ^- S<^- 
felfingei; 1873. 

Hubner (Chai'lesW.) Historical sou veuirs 
of Martin Luther, 155 pp. 4 pi. 16°. 
OiMOTnnoit, BilcAeocft ^ Walden, 1873, 

Hiibner (Johann, 1608 -1731). Centvm qva- 
tvor historiaa sacra s, qvas e sacris litoria 
colleetas, pverorvmc[v6 captvi acoomo- 
datas germanioo sermone edidit I, Hvb- 
nervs, cvm praefatione de insigni hvivs 
libellivsvdivvlgat AbrahamvsKrigel. Ed. 
nova, 8 p, 1, 272 pp, 2 1. 1 pi, 16°, Up. 
siae, apvd J. O. GleditsMmn, 1760. 

Hudson (Francis). Hudson's private the- 
atricals for home performance. 179 pp. 
16°, New Yoi% Dick <?■ Fits:gerald, [18J1]- 
[IVenty-six short and amusing plays, v. a], 

Hudson (Frederic), Journalism iu the 
United States, from 1690 to 1872, 2 p, 1, 
789 pp, 8°, New York, Harper 4- brolliei-a, 

Hudson (JlfasB.) Directory for 1872-73. See 
Marlborough, Hudson, nn4 Framinghan 

Huevgo (Lais A.) and Feterason (Pedro). 
Ferro-oarrilea eooniimtoos para la Repftb- 
lioa Argentina, Serie de articulos pub- 
lioadoa en La tribuna, Y las observacic 
nes del ar. [Pedro] Feterason. 163 pp, 8< 
Buenos Airea,imp. de" La iriSuna," 1872- t 

Ferro-carriles econcimicoB d 

la Reptiblioa Argentina. 74 pp, 2 tab, 8' 
Baenoe Aires, *n^. de Laprensa, 1872. i 
[Withtlieta- Ferro-catrllea eoonSmiooa para laKe- 
pilblica Argeotiua]. 

Huergo (Palemon). Poesias. vii, 472 pp. 
8°. Paris, C. Lahure, 1869. 

Hufeland (Christoph Wiihelm). Traits de 
la maladie sorophuleuse, Traduit de Tab 
lemandetaooompagnfi denotes; par J.I 
Bonsqnet, et sutvi d'nn m^moire sur les 
sorophnles, acoompagn^ de quelques riS- 
flexions snr le traitement da cancer, par 
m. le baron Larrey. 3 p. 1. xxsii, 398 pp. 
2 pi, 8°. Paris, J. B. Bailliire, 1821. 

Hngesseii{EdwardH.Knatchbuil-)- Moon- 
shine. Fairyatories, xi,336pp.8pl. 12°. 
London, MaotnUUm 4' eo. 1371, 

Hughes (Edward). Ontlinea of scripture 
geography and history: illu.itrating tlie 

db, Google 


Hughes {EcUvan!)— coiitiiiuod. 
Iiistotieal portions of tlte old aiiiT uow 
testamenta. 355 pp. 12 maps. IS"^. Phil- 
adelpliia, Blanchard 4" Lea, ISW. 
Hughea (Jaboz). Clandiaii the poot bis 
elegant hiatory of Bnfi.uus. Mouut .^tua 
poetically deaccibetl, [by Lucilins Junior ; 
also], tlie most Ijuantiful passages in 
Claudian, Statius, Orpbens, Aratiis, and 
Euripidea, rendered into englisb Tcrse. 
Also letters moral and entertaining. 10 
p. I. S93pp. 8°. LonaoH,. T. BoUnsim,n il. 
Htigliea {Mrs. Mary). Tbe life of WiUiam 
Penn, compiled from the usnal authori- 
ties, and also many original manuscripts. 
831 pp. 13°. FMladeJphUi, Cares, Lea ^ 
Cares/, 1828. 
Hu^ee (Thomas). Brown and Arthur; an 
episode from "Tom Bromn'a aehool days." 
Arranged for tbe press, by a mother, 
[Anna Mead Cbalmera]. 184 pp. 16°. 
Bieltmoad, [ Fo.] West ■(■ Johnston, 1861. 
Hughs or Hughes (Mary Eobson). The 
new eaipositor : containing tables of words, 
from one to seven syllables inclnsive ; ac- 
cented, explained, and divided. Tiie whole 
corrected and enlarged. 192 pp. 12°. 
Fhiladelpkia,B. S. Small, 1837. 
HugliB (Thomaa). The new ameriean 
speaker: being a selection of speech os, 
dialognea, and poetry. 252 pp. 12°. 
FhUagelphia, Keif ^ Miellce, 1831. 

The universal class-book; being a 

seleotioa of pieces, in pCMO and verse. 
300 pp. 12°. Fiaiadeljpkia, Hunt, laSO. 
Hugo (Victor Marie). Lee feuilles d'an- 
tomne, Los chants dn crfipusenle. lanon.'] 
Ip.l.SOapp, 16°. Faris, Ckarpmtier, 1841. 

Gavroche : tbe gamin of Paris. From 

" Les misfirablea." Translated and adapt- 
ed by M. C. Pyle. 225 pp. 1 pi. 16°. 
FMladelphia, Foi-Ur ^' Coates, [1872]. 
Hulboit (D. m. d.) An eye-opener. " Cita- 
teur, par Piganlt," Le Brun, doal)ts of 
infidels; embodyingthirtj important qnea- 
tioas to the clergy. Also forty cloae qnea- 
tions to the doctors of divinity. By Zepa. 
l^eiiAort.1 leSpp. \(f. BoBlm,W. 
^ CO. 1871. 

Hull (William). Memoirs of the campaign 
of the uorthwcstoru aimy of the Unitetl 
States, 1812. With a sketch of the 
lutionary services of the ftuthor. 929, x 
pp. 8°. Boston, Ti-wf Green, 1824. 
TnOBHDIitE Iiiimpblols, v. 6]. 
18 c 


Hullah (John, eiUtor). The sons book. 
Words and tnnes front tbo best poets and 
musicians. 9 p. 1. 363 pp. 13°. Loadoii, 
Maemillan ^ co. 1866. 
[OoUen tceaanrj Heciea], 

Hulse (Oeorgie A.) Sunbeams s,ud shad- 
ows, and bnds and blossoms; or, leaves 
from aunt Minnie's portfolio. [A novel]. 
262 pp. 12^. iVeic Tork, D. Appleloa .f oo. 
HtLlsebos (Gerardus Aasisna). Disputatio 
antiquaria inanguralis de edncatloue et 
inatitntione apnd Hamanos. xiv, 228 pp. 
8°. Ti-ajeeti ad Elieaum, Kemlak et filim, 
1867. s. 

Hulshoff (Maria Aletta). Peace-republi- 
cans' manual; or, the fronch eoustitation 
of 1793, and tbe declaration of the rights 
of man and of oiti^ena, aocordiug to the 
Monitenr of June 27th, 1793 ; in the origi- 
nal french, together with a translation in 
english. To which is added; debatea on 
this constitntion in the national conven- 
tion. Translated extracts from pieces 
seized iu Babceuf 's rooms ; extracts from 
a translation of Bousseau's work on the 
social ooutract; and varlons other ex- 
tracts. 1 p. 1. vii, 161 pp. 8°. Neui York, 

Hiunboldt (Carl Wilhelni von). Letters 
of William von Humboldt to a female 
friend, [Charlotte von Stein]. Translated 
from the 2d germau ed. by Catharine 
M. A. Conper. With a biographical no- 
tice of tbe writer. 2 V. XX, 318 pp. 1 fao- 
sim; viii,244pp. 8°. London, J. Chapman, 

Htune (David). The history of England, 
from the invasion of Julius CiBsar, to tbe 
revolution iu 1688. With notes and refer- 
ences, exhibiting tbe most important dif- 
ferences between this author and dr. 
Liugard. 2 v. 780 pp; 756 pp. 8°. Fhil- 
adelpkia, M'Carty ^ Davis, 1832. 

The same. The student's Hume. A 

history of England from the earliest times 
to the revolution in 1688. Abridged. 
Incorporating the correotions and re- 
aearcbes of recent hiaf«rians; and con- 
tiuned to 1858. xvi, 789 pp. 12°. Neip 
York, Harper <f brothers, 1859. 

Hume (J. F.) Five hundred minority; or, 
tbe days of Tammany. By Willys Hiles. 
[pseuaon.2 200 pp. 8°. New Yor&, O. F. 
Pui>ia«i .>■ SODS, 1872. 

d by Google 


Hume (Mrs. E. S.) Woman's -wroDgs; a 
Matory of Mary and Fidelia. 223 pp. 12°. 
Portland, B. Tliurstoa 4- co. 1873. 
Humming (The) bird ; or, morsels of.infor- 
inatiou, on tbe subjeot of slavery ; witb 
various raiBoellaneons articles. [A 
uiontbly. onoii.] ¥.1. x, 3-3li4 pp. S°. 
LHcestci; A. Cockehwa, 1325. 
Humphreys (F. w. d.) Hnmphreys' bomeo- 
pathic nieutor or family adviser in tbe use 
of Bpeoific bomeopatliic medicine, vi, 
3-36* pp. e°. Neai Yorli, Samphreya' 
speci/io homeopatliie medieliie co. 18J2, 
Hunsberger (I. K.) Readable notes for the 
STinday-sehool. See Allebacll (J. C.) and 

The temple liaiii, 1872. See AUe- 

bach (J. C.) and Hunsberger. 
Bunter (Eev. Joseph). Hallamsliire. The 
history and topography of the parish of 
ShefSeld in the county of York. With 
hiatorjoal and descriptive notices of the 
parishes of Eeclesfleld, Hansworth, Tree- 
ton, and Whiston, and of the chapelry of 
Bradfleld. A new and enlarged ed. by Al- 
fred Gatty, d. d. xviii, 508 pp. 11 pi. fol. 
Xoiiiton, edil^»^, 1869. 

South Yorkshire. The history and 

topography of the deauery of Doncaster, 
the diocese and county of York. 2 v. 
p. 1. xsviii, 406 pp. 9 pi. map ; 4 p. 1. 498 fol. ZonAm, aa/Ao!", 1828-31. 
Huntington (Jfew. B. S.) Wreck and rescue. 
The life and labors of John Byrne, lay 
missionary to Beameii in New Yoik. 113 
pp. 16". mw ¥(»% Hard .f- HoiiijhtB 
Huntington (Frederic D. d.A.) Chiisfj; 
believing and living. Sermons, v, 5' 
pp. ViP. BosiOtt, Cj-osbg, MclioU ^ 1 

Elim : or hymns of holy 

xvi, 331 pp. 15°. Boston, E. P. Datloa 4- 
w. 1865. 

Steps to a living faith : being letters 

to an indifferent believer. A tract for 
pariah use. 115 pp. IS''. Sew Yorlc, E. 
P. Diitton 4- eo. 1873. 

Hurdls (James, d. d.) Poems, viz.— tbe vil- 
lage curate ; Adriano, or the first of ji 
and tears of affection. [Also], the boiiuet, 
a collection of scattered pieces. 1 p. 1. 
270 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, V. Hmina, 


Hnrley (John). Tho light. A treatise on 
man's natare when created, and the design 
of his creation aa revealed in the holy 
scriptures. 156 pp, 18°. New Ym% 
author, 1856. 
Hurst (Samuel H.) Journal-history of the 
seventy-third Ohio volunteer infantry. 
254 pp. 12°. amieoiTie, 0. 1866. 
HuBsey (Joseph). The glory of Christ nn- 
veil'd, or the exeeUency of Christ vindi- 
cfttad iu his person, love, righteousness, 
Slo. Occasion'd by divers notorioas 
errours in the writings of mr. John Hnnt, 
of Northampton, and many other writers. 
5 p. 1. 918 pp, 27 1. 4°. Load<m,N.SilUei; 
Hutcheson (Francis, U. d.) An essay on 
the nature and conduct of the passions 
and affections. With illustrations on. the 
moral sense, [nnoii.] sxiii, 333 pp. 12°. 
London, J. Smith, 1728. 
Hatchins (K«w. Charles L.) The canticles, 
etc. 1872. See Protestant episcopal 

The church hymnal, 1872. See Prot- 
estant episcopal church. 
Hutohins (Eea. John). The history and 
antiquities of the county of Dorset : irith 
a copy of domesday book and the inqnisi- 
tio gheldi for tbe county ; interspersed with 
some remarkable particulars of natural 
histoi-y. 3d ett. augmented and improved, 
by William Shipp and James Whitworth 
Hodson. 4 v. fol. Westminstm; J. B. 
Mchols 4- son, 1861-70. 
Hutohiua (Joseph, d. d.) An abstract of 
the first principles of english grammar. 
3d ed. 1 p. 1. 207 pp. 12°. FhilaclelpMa, 
J. Biwen, 1810. 
Hntcbiusou (Alexander H.) Try Lapland. 
A fresh field for summer tourists. 2d ed. 
xi, 228 pp. 8 pi, 1 map folded. 13°. Lon- 
don, Chajman ^ Sail, 1870. 
Hutchlnsou (William). A view of North- 
umberland, with an excursion to the ab- 
bey of Mailross in Scotland. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 
xxviii, 301 pp 5 1. 62 pp. 9 pi. 1 tab. folded, 
1 fac-sim ; 2 p. 1. 473 pp. 3 1. 20 pp. 13 pi. 
4°. Neittcastle, T. Sai-al, for W. Chamley, 
[eic] 1778. 
HntcMson {Eev. Patrick). A dissertation 
on the nature and genias of the kingdom 
of Christ, viii, 13-344 pp. 12°. Gretn- 
ock, Smtf, Abm-cromhy f co. 1810. 

db, Google 


Hutton (i'l'edotiok Wollastoii) ami Hector 
(James), Pishes of New Zealand. — Cata- 
logue witii aiagnosea of tho spociea by F. 
W. HuttoH. Notes on the edible Bahea by 
James Heotor. xvj, 133, ii, iii pp, 13 pL 
8°. TFeUington, J. Hughes, 1872. e. 

[Nsw Zbaiand, Colonial museum aiid geoloaicul 
am^ dfpartmeaC\. 

Huxley (Thomas Henry, U. d.) Critiques 
and addresses. liv, 350 pp. 8°. Zondojt, 
Maamillan 4- eo. 1873. 

LeHSons in elementary physiology. 

4th ed. xsiii, 348 pp. 1 pi. 18°. LoMon, 
MoEmillmi ^ co. 1970. s. 

A mannjil of the anatoniy of verte- 

Itrated animals, vii, 510 pp. 16°. London, 
J. 4- A. CliwehiU, 1871. 

The same. 431 pp. 12°. 2fewYoik, 

D. JppUlon ^- 00. 1872. 

By^ciuth (The) ; or affection's gift. A 
cliristmas, new year, and birth-day pre^ 
ent, for 1848, 1S51, and 1852, 3 v. 16°. 
PhiladdiMa, E. F. Annera, [1847-51]. 

Hyatt (Jamea). The elements of chem- 
istry; embracing the general principles, 
with, a description of the chief inorganic 
and oi^aujc substances. [Also], a copious 
gloBsarial index. 240 pp. 12°. Jfeic Yorlt, 
Claris, Aastin ^ SmitJf, 1855. 

Hyla. [^seudon."] The convent and the 
manse, 342 pp. 12°. Boston, J. P. Jm 
ett if CO. 1853. 

Hymnal (The), 1873. See Protestant epis 
copal chnroh. 

HymuB. The additional and selected 
hymns, 1862. See Protestant epiacopil 

Hymns for the sanctuary. [ajioB.] sss 
520 pp. 12°. Boston, W. Croshi ^- B P 
McIwU, 1849. 

Hyraus of worship. Selected ind anauged 
by a pastor, [onoii.] 440 pp lb° 
Philaclelj)Ma, W. 8. 4- A. Mm-itea, 1858 

HymuH to the supreme being I73U See 
King (Edward). 

Hyneman (Leon) Ancient York ind Lon 
don grind lodge? A review of iiee 
masomy in England ftom l''G7 to V^l'i 
192pp 13 p;iiMe7j)Jio 11113 W Cat 
lis 18-2 

edtUii The nniYersal misonio ree 

ord or links in the golden chain of 

brotheihood Coctaimng thi, name busi 

ucai piofeaaion ind residence of aabscnb 

■! [ trl (.ontiiniig lis 1 1 t 1 


Hyneman (Leon, idiloi) — coniinued 
inasonio lodges in Ameiica and Luiopo 
234 pp 3= PMa^eJplm L Bunenmn 

Iddo , ail historical sketcli illusti iting 
Jewish history, during the times o£ tho 
Maccabees. B, C. 167-150. laiton.-] 243 
pp.3pl, 13°, Philaa(iti)lUa,Am.a.s.nmon, 

de (Simeon). The young Franklinsoaian, 
grandfathei-'H stoi'y : writteu, for the obil- 
dren of mechanics and farmers, by their 
wellwiaher. [anon,] 138 pp. 8 pi. 16°. 
Sariford,}V.L.Mott, [1872]. 

Ijpeij (A.) Geschiedenis van de kristlijke 
kerk in de nchttiende eeuw. 12 v. in 13. 
8°. Uti-ccht, W. van Ijzemo>-Bt, [efc] 1797- 

Illiger (Johann Karl Wilhelm), Vei'BUoh 
eiuer systematiaclieu voJlatftndigen ter- 
miaologiefiirdas thierreieh uudpflanzen- 
reioh. xlvii,439pp, 8°. SelmsmU,C.O. 
FiecMsen, 1800. 

lUinols {Staieof). CumtUalional conneatioa. 
Debates aad proceedings of the ooustitu- 
tional Eoaventiou. Convened at the city 
of Springfield, dec 13, 18139. 3 v. 4 p. 1. 
1-1076 pp; 3 p 1 1077-1893, 132 pp 4° 
bjDuisJield, E L Meiiitt j hi other, 1870 

Jonrual ot the constitutional 

convention, 1869 1022 pp 1 1 xi pp 8' 
V ngJieM, State jodrnaJpaitwg office 1S70 

Depai iment ofpMte taati Mctioti Man 

ml of instruction explanatory of tho 
common school law of the state of Illinois 
tB^ John P Brooks] 380 pp 1 pi 8° 
JlmJfoiA ASamB^-Blackmei 1864 

School laws of Ililnois as 

amended feb Itith, Ibb'i, with official ■wid 
jndiciil decisions in relation to common 
sfhools By Newton Bateman 208 pp 
8° Spiiiigfield, in Jcliisoa ; Bia^ul, 

lUtoiitlie doouiMfiil' Rppoifcs made 

to the genei il assembly of Illinois at its 
twentv seventh session, 1871 4 v 8° 
S2>riiifffi(,ld, Ilhnoia joai-nal puiiUng office 

6ejiei«( assembly Journal? of the 

senate and house of repreaenlativcs of the 
twenty-seventh general aaaembly, 1871. 
5 V. 8°. SpringfieW, Illinois journal print- 
ing qffice, 1871-72. 

JMitsfmJ universitff. Fourth annual 

report of the board of trustees for tho year 

db, Google 


Illinois (State o/)— contiuued. 

1870-71, With lectures, etc, 8^'. SpAug- 
f.eJd,Illiniiis journal jniniing office, 1873. 

Sailroad and uHire/ioiise commission. 

Second annual report. For year ouding 
HOT. 30, 1872. 8". ^-ingfieM, Slate jour- 
nal stemit piint,1373. 

Illinois state agricultural eocietj. Traus- 
actions, with reports from county and 
district agrionltoral societies. Edited by 
John P. Eeynolds, secretary, t. 8. 
1869-70. 8°. Siiri«s/ield, Jllinoia jom-nal 
printing o^e, 1871, 

The same. Edited by A. M. Garland, 

secretary, v. 9, old series, v. 1, new 
series. 1871. 8°. Springfield, lUinoh 
journal piiniing office, 1872. 

Illinois state gazetteer and business direct, 
ory, for the years 1864-5, embraoing de- 
scriptive slietches of all the cities, towns 
and villages throughout the state, [etc.] 
8=. Chicago, J. C. W. Bailey, 1864, 

ILLuatrated (The) catholic family almanac 
for the United States, for 1873.' 12°, Neia 

Illnstrated (The) cliriatian weekly. Jan 6 
to dec. 28, 1872. v. 2. fol. A'cip Y<n% 
Am. tract society, [1873], 

niustxated (The) hand-book, » new guide 
for travelers through the United States of 
America. [oim)«.] 233 pp. 1 map. 18". 
JTew Yoi-Jc, SJiet-man ^ Smilli, 1846. 

UlTiBtrated (The) library of travel, etc. 1873. 
See Taylor (Bayard). 

IlluBtrated library of wonders. 1G°. New 
Yorlc, C. Soribtier ^ eo. 1869-73, 

1 the great & 

GuiLiEMiNlA.) Wondera o 

Meunier (T.| AdTBDtQres 

grouuda of the world. 1B( 

lUuatrated (Tlie) progressive series of read- 
ing books, 187L See O'Shea (Patrick). 

Illuatrated sketches of the countries and 
places mentioned in bible history. Prom 
the german by J. F. Kennedy, [anmi.'i 
383 pp. inc. 13 pi. rhOadelphia, Am. e. 8. 
union, [1847]. 

Illuatiirter farmer freund. Landwirth- 
schaftlicher kaleuder, bearbeitet von H. 
Nicholas Jarohow. 1873. 12°. 2\^ew Tork, 
-O.Jtm^-co. [1872], 

Ilsley (Charles F.) Forest and shore, or 
legends of the pine-tree state. 4th thou- 
sand. 436 pp. 19°. Boston, J. P. Jnveit 
^- CO. 1856. 


IIuBtracioii bispano-americaua. [Semi- 

mouflual]. Alio i i! aflo iv. 15 de oetnbre 

de 1857 d 31 de diciombro de 1860. 3 v. 

fol. Poj'is, 1857-60. 
Iniltatione(Do)Christilibricinalnor. Nova 
1 p. 1. xii, 210 pp. 1 pi. 32°. Veeun- 
iG, Baillij, 1339. 
ImpreBsions of Germany, by an ameiioan 

lady, [1866]. S«e QriiHn (M.) 
In exile, 1871. See St. (W. von). 
Inconnu (L'),romanv&itable, onlettresde 

m. l'abl)<5 de "*' et de mademoiselle B*"*. 

[aiiow,] 167 pp. 16". La Sage, 1765, 
Independent (The). [A religious weekly 

newspaper]. Henry C. Bowen, editor. 

Jan. 4 to dec. 23, 1872. v. 24. fol. New 

York, H. a Bowen, [1872]. 
Indian (The) cottage : a unitarian story. 

By the author of " Father Rowland," &c. 

[a»«ra.] 159pp. 13°. Baltimore, F.I/ueae, 

jr. [1831]. 
Indiana {State of), ^^iitaiit general. Re- 
port of the adjutant general, 1861-65. 

8 T. 8°. Indianapolis, slttte printer, 

v.l. Caut^Dlnglndianatnthowaroribersbellion, 
and BbatlBtiDB and daomnenta, 18S9. 

V. it. Contajuiog rosters of goremor'a military 
Btaff, ludluia affioBra oommissioned bj tiie 
preaideat, offloera sjidhlstorlcel memoranda 
of Indiana legLments, nrnnbered &om tbo 
CtlttDUie74t£ln(!luBlve. 1S6S, 

V, 3. Cnutainlng ToslieTS of ofBeBra and MatorioHt 
momor^mda of Indiana ngimonta. num- 
berad itaat tbe 75th to the l^th Indnsive ; 
DftbeSSthTB^mBnt oflT. 8, DOlorcd troops; 
and of Indiana batteries of Ught aitilleryi 
nmuhered tbim the 1st to tlie iiflth inclu- 
sivo. Also, roatersofthe officers of the U.S. 
navy, anntdnted &om Indiana, and of 
officers of the Indiana legion. Also an 
alphabetloa] list of all offlceia. ISBfl. 

V.4. ConlfflnlngrostBTf -"'-'--'-' ' 

V. 5, ContiuniuK rosters of enlisted men of Indiana 
leslmenfa nnmberad from the 30tJi to the 

jn of Indiana 

nabered from the Stli to the 

B, Containiogioatersi^eidiateam 

. 7. Con 

llDth inelualve. ISBS. 
"ontfl'ininff rofiters of eidlsted men of Indiana 
regimeiSa nmubered &;om the lUtb to the 
150th luclnHlTe ; oolored troops r and bat- 
teries light artillery, nnmbered fiMim tlie 
1st to the sath inoloslTe. 1887, 
V, S. Cont^nin^ adiLltloiial infeFmatton. goituc- 
tioas of prevlona Tohunes, a list of ofHcms 
and men who lost thdr Utos In Mie sorvioo, 
and a liat of deeertera. 1869. 
Indiana (The) series [of readers], 1853. 

See Stirling (Samuel G,) 
Indisor^tions, 1798-1830. Souvenirs auec- 
dotiques et politiques, 1835. See R^al 
(Pierre Franfois, ooaite). 
Industrial drawing for beginners. Free- 
hand. [««o».] 160 pp. 12", Boston, 
J. It. O«f,ood X- CO. 1872, 

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Industrial (Tho) monthly ; a pi'a*tjcal 
journal for mauufiustuiers, meclianics, 
bnililera, inToutors, engineersj aroliitBCts, 
witli a record of railway progress. Jan. to 
dee. 1872. v. 3. 40. Note Twlc, The ii 
dttatHal pvJilicaUoit eo. 1^2. 
Jfofc.— -v. 1-3 Brostjlofl The Teciikolooibt. 

Infant (The) tirotber. By the author of 
" Wonders of the deep," [etc. mwn,] 156 
pp. 1 pi. 18=. New York, Gemral prot. 
episo. 3. a. union, 1839. 

Infant (The) Hohool manual, or teacher's 

aaaiatajit. Alao a yariety of useful Iebsoub. 

[anoJi.] Till, 13-293 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Ww- 

ceatet; Boir §■ Eowland, 1830. 
Infidel (The) ; or, the fall of Mexico, 1835. 

lanmt.} BceBird (KoberfcM.) 
Ingalls (Henry Augnatus). Selections from 

the ■writings of H. A. lugalls. 

[In BUBSAP (JJsc, G. W.) Memoir of H. A. Ingalla. 
12°, Jlosioti, J. lltcaroeii CO. ISie. pp. 75-2i0!. 

Ingelow (Jean), Off the SkeJligs. A novel. 
[Author's ed.] 3 p. 1. 66S pp. Boston, 
Roiei'is irolhers, 1872. 

Ingeraoll (Lurton Dnnham). Explorations 
in Africa, by dr. David LiTlngstoue, and 
others, giving a full account of the Stanley- 
Livingstone expeditiou of search, under 
the patronage of the New York " Herald." 
1 p. 1. 420 pp. £0 pi. 1 map. 8°. Chicago, 
Union puilishing co. 1873. 

The life of Horace Greeley, founder of 

the Hew Tork tribune, with 
notices of many of 1 
stateameu and jonrnalista. 688 pp. 24 pi. 
2fao-sim. 8". Chicago, TJaion pMishing 
CO. 1873. 

Inglis (Heury David). Eamhlea in the 
footsteps of doa Quixote. 180 pp. 13°. 
PhilaMpkia, Lea f BlanSiard, 1940. 

Ingraliam {Ee«. Joseph H.) BoDfleld: or, 
the outlaw of the Bermudas. A nautical 
novel. 98 pp. S**. Islm Pm*, S. L. Will- 
iams, 1846. 

The oorsair of Casoo bay; or, the 

pilot'a daughtei-. 58 pp. 8". Gardinei; 
Me., Q. M.Jtwood, 1844. 

The dancing feather ; audits sequel 

Morris Grieme. Ip.L 92 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Nete 
YorJc, WUliama brothers, 1845-47, 

nsemioltoThodnnoIiigfiuitliw. ■pii.'Kt-B-i.'i 
Ki^a-ierk, WilliamB lirotiiers, 1847. 


Iiieraham (liev. Joseph H.)— coutiuiied. 
Forrestal: or, the light of thereof. A 

romance of tho bine waters. 93 pp. 8*^. 

2feio YorJc, Mm-Hini/ sUtr office, 1850. 
The free-trader: oi", the cruiser of 

Narragansett bay. 96pp. S°. Nme-York, 

Williams brothers, 1847. 
Lafitte: the pirateof the gnlf. 1 p.l, 

11-200 pp. 8°, New Yorli, Be Witt ^- Ba- 

Miiporf, {about 1840], 
Der iurst aus David's hause, oder 

droi jabi'e in der heiligen stadt, 475 pp. 

1 pi. 12°. Neie YorTc, Pudmij ^ Bussell, 

Inland (The) Eioutlily magazluo, Mary 

Nolan aud Charlotte Smith, editors. 

March to dec. 1872. v. 1-2 in Iv, 8°, St. 

Louis, C.Sniilk, [1873]. 
Innes (Cosmo, editor). Origincs parochiales 

Scotiae. The antiquities ecclesiastical 

and territorial of the paHshes of Scotland. 

[Edited hy C. Innee, assisted by rev. W. 

Anderson, Joseph Robertson, James B. 

Briohan, and J. M'Nab]. 2 v. in 3. i°. 

Edinim-gk, Bannatyne cEiiS, 1851-55. 9. 

[BAMBiTVNS elub puLlicationa, no. 91). 

V. 1. Tbe diocoae of Glnagow; compriaing tlio 
aesneriea of Eatherglea, Lennos, pnrt of 
Kyle and Cuningham, taaarlt, PeeWcs, 
imfl Teviotflale, 

V. 9. Parti. Tho dioeesB of Argyloi oompHaing 
the rteaueries of Eintyre, Glassary, Lorn, 
and MoFvsrn ; tha diocese of the i^es. 

V.?. Tart a. The dioceae of Eoaa, the diocese of 
Caitbneas. Also additioos to tlie diocoao 
of Argyle and the dlooose of the tslos. 

Innocent (The) fugitive ; or memoirs of a 
lady of quality. By the author of the Pla- 
tonic guardian, [aiiom.] 2 v. 1 p. 1.238 
pp; 1 p. L 227 pp. I60. iojidoii, T. Moolo- 
ham, 1789. 

Inquirer (The). By the author of "The 
best friend," [etc. «iioii.] 349 pp. 3 pi. 
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Inquiry (An) into the present state of the 
foreign relations of the union, as affected 
by the late measures of administration, 
[onon.] 183 pp. 8°. Fkiladelpliia, S. 
Bradford, 1806. 
IDUABB pmnphleta, v. 138). 

Inquiry (An) into the state of the nation, at 
the commencement of the present adminis- 
tration. [anoH.] 3d ed. 318, xviii pp. 
Loadoa, LoHgiaam 

[DUAHE pamphieti 

r. 1041. 

lastauratio : or the new era. [Selected 
thoiights. anmt.l 311 pp. 10°. Hartford, 
Cose, LoclLwood 4- BrahiiiM, 1872. 

db, Google 

lgIi, editor 
mu> Yoill, 

I See Mer- 


iDStitut to^al ([« iDgiSDieuTs uueiluiid iia 
See Hague KoiiwlJijh iiisMant la i 

Iiistitntioa of civil ouj,meers rUe etluci 
tioa and statua of civil engineers, iu tlie 
united kingdom aud iu foreign oonntries. 
Compiled from doonntents supplied to tbe 
counoiloftlie Institution of oivil engineers, 
1868 to 1870. xYin, 21fi pp 8^" London, 
Inatitwiion, 1870 s. 

Inenrauce (The} monitm Di-\oted to tlie 
Interests of insiiiinoe Are, marine, life, 
casualty and other wise [Monthly]. 
C. C. Hine, editor Jin to dec. 1872. 
V. 20. 4°. Nm York, C. C. Eiiie, [1972]. 

Insurance reporter. [Weekly]. C. Albert 
Palmer, editor. Jan. 4 to dec. 36, 1872. 
V. 14. fol. FliiladelpMa, C. J. Palmer, 

Insurance (Tlie) times. A journal solely 
devoted to life, fire and man 
[Monthly]. Stephen Eug 
Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 5 4= 

Intelligent (Tlie) reader, 13 
riam (Chaiios). 

Interior (The). [A weekly leligious news- 
paper]. Benjamin W. Dwigbt and J H 
Trowbridge, editors. Jan. 4 to dec. 2G, 
1872. v. 3. fol. CMeago, Weatei'n preshy- 
teriaa imhlisMvg CO. [1872]. 

Internal (The) revenue record and 
journal. A weekly register of official 
formation on internal revenue and CTis- 
toms. Jan. 6 to dec. 28, 1879. v. 15-10. 
4°. JV™ Torlc, W. C. 4- F. P. Church, 

International congress of prehistoric au- 
tiiiuity. Congrfes international d'anthro- 
pologie et d'archi5ologie priShistoriquea. 
Compte rendn de la 2e session, Paris, 1867. 
2 p. 1. 442 pp. 1 1. 8°. Fm-ia, C. Beimmld, 
1S68. s. 

The same. Transactions of the third 

session which opened at Norwich, and 
closed in Loudon, aug, 1868. xxs, 419 pp. 
53 pi. 8". London, LongmanSi Green 4' eo. 
1869. 8. 

International penitentiary congress. Pris- 
ons aud reformatories at home and abroad, 
being the transactions of tlie International 
penitentiary congress beld in London, 
July 3-13, 1872. Edited hy Edwin Pears, 
11. b. secretary of tlie cougreaa. xs, 796 pp. 
8°. Lomlon, Longman, Green 4' cd. 1879. 

International scion tiSc series, v. 1-2, 12", 
Km Toi% D. JiipJetoK 4- co. 1872. 

V. I. Tbo fomiB of water in 0I0111I9 onfl tivBrs. ico 

and (■'twisra. Hj Joliu aVndall. 
y. 3. PbjaioH and poUlics. Bj Walter Bngehot. 

Introduction to populai lessons, 1831. See 
Robbing (Miss Eliza). 

Investor's (The) monthly manna], a'news- 
paper for investors in british, oolouial 
aud foreign stocks, [etc.] Jan 27 to doc, 
28, 1872. New series, v. 2; [corajtleto 
series, V. 8]. fol. I^ndon,iT. S.Merediai, 

Iowa (State of). Legislative documents, 
autiniitted to the fourteeuth general as- 
sembly, 1872. 55 reports in 2 v. 8°. Dea 
Moines, etate printer, 1872. 

Ireland (Samuel). Oraphio illustrations of 
Hogarth, 1794. See Hogarth (William), 

Ireland. Calendar of the state papers re- 
lating to Ireland, of the reign of James I. 
1603-1606. See Great Britain. FuVlia 
record office. 

Iilarte (TOmas). 
cnetdos historic 


argontiaas y re- 
1818-1825. 2p.l. V, 
2-343 pp. I I. 8°. Buenos-Aires, Ubrm-ia 
de U Fictmia, 1858. a. 

Iriarte. See ITriarte. 

Iriaarri (Antonio Joail de.) CuestionesfUo- 
Idgieas sobre alguuos puntoa de la 
ortografia, de la gramStiea y dol origen 
de la lengua castellauai, y sobre lo g^ne debe 
la literatara eapaijola 6 la nobleza de la 
nacipn. v. 1. sis:, 398 pp. 12°. miera 
York, imjnmta de E. Sallet, 1861. 

Irish life : in the oasUe, the conrts, aud the 
country, [nnoii.] 3 v. 12°. LonAoii, 
Mow # Farsons, 1840. 

Irish (The) song and dance book. 116 pp. 
18°. New York, A. J. maker, llSrS]. 

Irving (Sev. Edward). A preliminary dis- 
course to the " Coming of the messiah," by 
J. J. Ben Eara. 
[In Lacdbza (Mannel) 

, linden, L. B. Seeleg d 

, m». 

Irving (Theodore). "More than conqueror," 
or memorials of col. J[ohu] Howard 
Kitchiug, By the author of "The con- 
quest of Florida," [ution.] be, 230 pp. 
portrait. 16°. Neto York, Surd 4 Kough- 

toii, lers. 

Irving (Washington). The crayon reading 
book; comprising selections &om the va- 
rious writings of Washingtonlrviug. 255 
pp. 12P. Miv-Yori, G. F. Fiitnam, IBi'X 

db, Google 


Irviiig (WiiBliiDgtooJ— coutiuuml. 

The gentleman in black, and tales of 

other days, [oiion.] With ilinatrations 
hy George Crnitshauk nud others. 1 p. 1. 
V, 393 pp. 18 pi. 13°. London, C. Dnij/, 

The life and voyages of Cliristoplier 

Colnmbiis. Abridged i>y the [anther]. A 
new oil. hy the anther. 367 pp. 16°. 
m«>-Yoi% a. ^ C. cf S. Cai-siU, 1831. 

The same. luolnding the anthot's 

visit to Palos. xii, 9-325 pp. 1 map, per- 
traib. 13°. Boston, Marsh, Capen, Lyon f 
Webb, 1839. 

The Eocliy mountains; or, seones.iu- 

cideuts, and adveutnres iu the far west ; 
digested from the journal of capt. B, L. E. 
Bounoville, and illnstrated from vacions 
other sonrces. 9 v. 248 pp, 1 map ; 248 
pp. 1 map. 12°. FMladelphia, Carey, Lea, 
^ BlaneharA, 1837, 
and Paulding (James Kirke). Sal- 
magundi; cr, the whim-whams and opin- 
ions of Launoelot Langstaff, esq. and 
others, [jgeiidon.] Engd. tit. 244 pp. 1 
pi. 16<5. Nm Yorb, G. P. Putnam ^■ 
■ 1857. 

Isabel : or, the trials of the heart. A tale 
for tlie young, lanon.'] 182 pp. 
Mm Tori Marker ^ irothers, 1845. 
laherwood (Benjamm J.) Experimental 
researches in steam engineering. The 
whole hem? original matter composed of 
extansive ei,peiiments made by the U. " 
navy department ^ 1 iKxxi, 355 pp. 10 
tab. 17 pi 4= FMaOelphia, W. Hnmii- 
foii, 1863. 
leidorua Sispoiieiwis. Isidoms de 
bono. [At euA: Impressum ParisiL per S. 
Jehannot]. Issxxlv I. nnmb. 21. 
[Pai-is], Jefton Feiii, [1495] 

AciA— ff. l-ll. liHX-lsssslv irregularly num- 

iBle (June, ^seadoa, ) Maple giove stories 
for little readers By June Isle. 24°. 
Cim\nnaU, Foe 4 Sttoieoci, [1804]. 


laraelitiali church. Sim Jewish chnrch. 

leraelitish prayer book, 1873. See Szold 
(MaiJii Benjamin). 

Italy ^Kingdom of). Statistioa del regno 
d'ltalJa. — Le opore pie nol 1861. [Com- 
partimento del Piemonte]. fol, Firenee, 
tgpOffrafiadelsuoemeoriLeMonnier,l^S. e. 

The same.— Opere pie. Anno 1861. 3v. 

fol Mllano, iijpografia reale, 1871. B. 

rompartimanto daUa Bafiihcato. i^TI. 
CompartiiDBDln ilella Calftlirie. 1871. 
Compartiiusuta della Campnuia. 1871. 

Mmieiero per gli ajfari esteri. Bollet- 

tino consolsre pnbblioato per cnra del 
ministero per gli affari esteri. t. 8, parte 
1. Oen.-giug. ISra. 8"=. Soma, CivelU, 
[1873]. s. 

Baooolta dei trattati e delie 

convenaioni commerciali in "vigore tra 
I'lialia e gli stati stranieri, oompilata per 
cnra del ministero per gli affari eateci, 
[1751-18tf2]. xsx, 1020 pp. 8°, Torino, 
G. Favale e comp. 1832. 8. 

Eaecolta del trattati e delle 

convenzioni conobiuse fra il regno d'ltalia 
ed i governi esteri. [18^-68]. 2 v. xii, 
393 pp; xii, 467pp. 8°. Torino, G. B. Fa- 
ravia e oomp. 1865-69. S. 

Ministero di agricoltura, indaatria e 

cmiaei-eio. Annali, 1870-71. 12 y. 8". 
Prafo, [eto.-\ 1870-73. 


Thebittern _, - 

Mamma's journal ftoin Maple groTe. 
Nanny's epitapSi ! Henrietta Mjirali. 
LacreWa and her garden : How hnppj ttv 




The flag of truce : litile Tommy'fl epivit. 

Israel (A.B.) Anhiatoricalgeographyof the 

bible. 1 p. 1. 388 pp. 22 ool. pi. 8 maps 

portrait. 8°. Saint Louie, Ennie^eo.lSS2. 

Parte 1. Agricoltura, 4 v. 

Partes, latmzione teoniea. Qcouomato, alatia^ioa. 

Parte 3. Cemmeroto e indnatria. 4 y. 
li'fite. — Tlie year being divided into quarters, all 

infiiimat.inn TOiatinir tfl gnltjects in HBj depart- 
quarterly report, or vol- 

Gl'istituti teonioi in Italia. 

[Eelaaione di Domenioo Berti, il presi- 
dente del consiglio superiore per I'istru- 
zione induetriale e professionale]. xxxlk, 
307 pp. 4". Firease, G. Barbbra, 1869. e, 


Parte eeoonda Osservazioni a proposte iu ordiae 

all il 



■ Ministeio deUe finame Annaario pel 
1871-72, anni i-xi 9 v 6° Urenze, 
statnpe) la ) eale, 1871-72 8 

Cameia doi deputiti (Sea 

sione 1870-71) Pro^ttto di Icgge pre 
sentato dal ministro delle flnanze Bi 
linoio di definitivi preTiaioue doll' en 

db, Google 

Italy (EingtJoM o/)— ^ioutmul!^.^. 
trata e della spoaa pet I'anno 1971. 20.0(1. 
4°. Fireme, stamjiena redk, 1871. 8. 

The Biime. Stati Hi prima 

previsioDe dell' entrata e deUa spoaa per 
I'anno 1873. 4°. Firenze, slampena reaU, 
1871. S. 

Eaposlzione fi-Qaiiziaria fatta 

alia camera dei depiitati uella totnata del 
12 die. 1871. 8°. .Koniii, tipogntjia m-edi 
Botta, 1872. s. 

(^DiresiOTie geiierale delle gahelle). 

Movimecto commevcinle del regno d'ltalia 
uel 1870. i°. Milano, stamperia reals, 

1871. H. 

Mliiiateio deU mtuno Calendano 

generale del regno d'ltalia, compilato per 
cnra del miuistero dell' interno Auni 
90-10°, 1871-73 3 V 8° Faeme, O. 
BarMra, 1871, Banta, tipogtajia Barh^ia, 

1872. 8. 
(Commissiojie dt esanunnte II 

mcrito delle asioat di eoraggto) Ricom- 
peuse per atti di valor civile aooordate 
daU' ott. 1860 a tntto gtngno 1871 Pnjs- 
pettistatisticipreaeutatias e il ministro 
dell' intemo dalla commisilone i^lituita 
colr.decieto30apnl6l851 4p 1 159 pp. 
8°. Mrenze, tl-pograjia ceitninwnoi, 1871 8. 

(D etno g e <a d U oa ei )■ 

Cai tol to 1 1 se a o di f n t ra 1 gli 
stall 1 meat & eran del regno 
Fir n p g fia dJla Oa a Wlala, 

St t t a d He a 

peiia del regno d Italia per gli aniii Ibfi 
fol. Tonno, 6. Fawtle ^ comp. 1866. 

Statistioa delle oa 

pena, [1865-67] ; oaroeci giudizi 
[18S3-67]; caae di cuatodia pei 
[1863-67]; e iatitutii pii, [1863-67], v. 
2-3. fol. FWensx, H^ografia eeiintniaiin, 
1867-70. 8. 

{Serviilo di sanila nuiHUtTiia). 

Instrnzioni ministeriali pel eervizio di 
eanitii matittima in rolazioue al r. deoreto 
organico 24 die. 1870. Ill pp. 8°. Biynia, 
regia Upograjia, 1871, e. 

Mimslero delta ktriislone pulMica. 

Aunuario della istrnzione pnbblica del 
regno d'ltalia pel 1870-73, 2 v. 8°&4P. 
Mret^e, Hpigrafia olaudiana, 1870-71 ; Roma, 
regia Upografia, 1871-72. s. 

Eiordinamento delle uuivei- 

uLtru Legge 31 Iiiglio 18G3. lielaalouo a 


,ltaly (I'ltjl a o/)— uoiitiiiued. 

s n t e ncsaa al roale docreto 14 Bcttom- 
b 18o p I'approvaziono del regola- 
mento en ale delle university del regno 
e de el menti epeciali delle singole 
facoltfk Testo del tegolamenti stesni. 4 
p I xs i 11 C7pp. fol. 2b!-ino, Blnmperia 

MinUtero dei lavoH ^mbbtiui Camera 

dei deputati. Eelazione snl Bervizio dei 
porti, spiaggie e fari dal 18S7 al 1870, pre- 
seutata doJ miniatro dei lavori pnLblici, 
12 marzo 1873. 4°. IS^ma, 1873]. 9. 

Camera dei deputati. Siillo 

spese per i lavoi'i puliitlici. Eslazione pre- 
sentata dal ministro delle fiuanze (Sella) 
e dal miniBtro dei lavori puljlilici (Devia- 
cenzi). 13 dio. 1871. 4°. \_Eoma, E. 
Botta, 1872] 8 

(Due w c gfiieiaie det ponti e 

eUadf) fetrade comunali oI)ligT,toiie 
eaeouzione della lei;ge 30 agosto 18(>8 
Instroziom genetali ai siguon sindaci 
dei eomtini del regno Feb 1872 4° 
IBoma, BojMjo, 1873]. 8. 

(^Segvetai-iato generale. Diiiisio- 

ne teehnica). Bulazioue Btatistlca sulle 
eoatrnzioni ferroviarie a earioo dello stato 
per ranao 1S71. 4°. Boiaa, regia Ujio- 
grajia, 1872. s. 

See, also, Qiomale del gento 

Ministero della, marina. See Hlvlsta 


EeaJe eomilato gmlogieo dd regno. 

Memoiie per eervire alia descrizione della 
carta geologiea d'ltalii pubblicate a cura 
dei r. eomitata geologico del regno, t. 1. 
sxsv, 363 pp. 25 pi. and maps, (10 col.) 
4°. mrenne, G. BairWa, 1S71. 8. 

ifooie CMimiMJone degli stadi ieaiiei e 

pi'OfeasionaU. Istmaione teoniea. latituti 
indaatriali e prof^ssiosali e soaole niilitari 
e di marina militare, [18S8-69]. sm. fol. 
Mreme, Upograjia Tofa/ni, 1870. a, 

[Statleljca del cogua d'lkilin] . 

.Eeofe oommissiime Ual\a>M ealla ceposi- 

jjiinifl Kidtei'sale di PaH^i, 1867. Eelazioui 
deigiarati Italian! snlla esposizione uni- 
versale del 1B67. V. 1, [faso. 4]. v. 
2-3, [faao. 1-4]. »>. Mi-ettse, G. Pella^, 

d by Google 

della eepoBisionH ii 
Uarco Miiiglietti. 
[2]. Delle Bostnuse alii; 

13]. gcultara, del &ii 

[1J. Lapltbaramode 

oia. del Fasquolc 

3. [1]. Pi-odotte delle n 

ia dl GLullo Cariont. 

[yj. iVilatietawiitidllauA,. 

di laaa eodula, di Aleswuidro Itnst.. 
[3]. ProdotU del focu^o e del paetkoloro, del 

.veiwde del imi di 

a in Italia od iu Fiim- 
' ""e dellft racfallur. 



le Ocoai. 

._, Jl aitmeiil 


See, also, Bollettiiio indnati'iale del 

regno d'ltalia, 1871. 

Iteaa Madeen (Mii-ea), Hhigavl uiiiuali-i- 
velaet ; or, excellent intelligenoe coaeeru- 
ing Enrope : lieiiig tlie travels of Micza 
Itesa Modeen in Great Britain anil France. 
Tranalatecl from the original persian 
maunsoript, by James Edward Alexander. 
ii, 233 pp. portrait. 8°. London, J. I'a^- 
lor, 1827. 

Ztin^raire claBSici^ne de I'ltalie, conteiiant : 
1°. Des instructions snr la, mani&re de 
voyj^er flana les difKreus <5tats. 2°. L'in- 
dication dea relais de poste ear toutes lea 
routes MrLnentfia par la poste, etc. 3°. 
La topographie ou description exacte dea 
voea, sites, vUles, boargs, lieux pitto- 
reaiines et remarquables par leurs produc- 
tions, Industrie, commerce, <^tabliBsemens, 
Bocifitfe litt&aires, et les curiositiia de la 
nature et de I'art. 8e 6d. [etc, anon.] 
1 p. 1, Issiviii, 388 pp. 3 maps. 12''. Paris, 
H. LangJois, 1828. 
Jfotc.— Imperfect i wanliiig 1 map. 

lu-klao-li, on les dens oonsiues; rouiau 
chinois, tradnit par m. Abel RiSntnsat; 
pri5o6d4 d'une priifaoe oti se trouve un 
pnrallMe des lomanH de la Cbine et de 
oenx de I'Earope. 4 v. in 2. 1C°. Pai-is, 
Mont^dUi; 1836. 

Ives (E.jV.) Alpers (W.) ai"! Timm (H. C.) 
The Beethoven collection of sacred music ; 
comprising themes from the worlts of 
Beetlioven, Hajdn, Mozart, [etc.] and 
original tunes, [etc.] with an accompaui- 
mentfor the organ. New ed. 934 pp. ohl. 
4°. Nm York, D.Burge>is,;- CO. 118^]. s. 

The same. New ed. 

•334 pp. obi. 4°. Sastoit, 0. Dilson .f' m. 
[1857]. s. 

Ivy Feaniiaven ; or, womanhood in Christ. 
A story of processes, [ajioii.] 300 pp. 
13°. Boston, D. Loilwop <J' co. [1873]. 
19 C 


IzaK (Ikabod, jiseoiiUH.) My satchel and I, 
or literature on foot. By Ikabod Iwax. 
2m pp. inc. 5 pi. 12^. SxirinQfield, Mass. 
1). E. Fiek 4- vo. 11873^. 

Jack in the forecastle, IStiO. flee Slsapsi' 
(John S.) 

Jacksoii(<S»'Gteorgo). The diaries and let- 
ters of sir George Jackson, from the peace 
of Amiens to tlie battle of Talavera. 
Edited by lady Jaoksou, [1801-09]. 2v. 
XV, 470 pp ; siii, G^ pp. 8°. London, li. 
Beatleg <? son, 1873. 

JaokEKUi (Bev. William). The christian's 
legacy : with an appendix, containing a 
compendium of the holy bible ; with illns- 
tr.itions, &o. 6th ed. 430 pp. portrait. 
13°. PhilaMphla, aiithoi; 1843. 

Jacobi (A. at. ^.) Contributions to mid- 
wifery, and diseases of women and chil- 
dren, 1859. ^« Koeggeratli (Emil) 
and Jaoobl. 

aoobs (Christian Fiiedrich Wilhelin)- The 
greek reader. The 3d am, [1st New 
York] from the 9th german ed. With 
improvements, [etc.] by David Patterson, 
iv, 363 pp. 1 1. 84 pp, 8°. NuK TorJc, 
Collins f Bannaa, 1827. 

The same. The 2d New York from 

the 9th german od. With improvemeute, 
[etc.] by David Patterson, vi, 257, 78 pp, 
&>. New-York, Collins f Mannai/; 1829. 

The same. With improvements, 

[etc.] by David Patterson. 9th Hew 
York, froto the 9th german ed. Coi'- 
reoted and improved, [etc.] by Patrick S. 
Caaserly. 214, 97 pp. 13". New York, 
W. E. Dean, 1836. 

The same. 10th New lork, from the 

Qth ed CO ectoil 1. mj 1 

by P t k S C i&se ly 14 97 pp 8 
V r 1 n E D 184 

th 7th t. 


f B tt 
HU d t J Lta 

i t 

Th 4tl f m 

ad pted t th g 

irk -w til 

d by Google 


Jacobs(C. F. W.}— coiitinUBi.1, 
Stoveot. ed. viii, 356 pp. ly. ISo^lon, 
HilUard, Gray # v). 1833. 

The same. A new ed. with eii}<liab 

notes, critical and exiilauatoiy, a metrical 
iudes to Hoaiei' and Anooreon, and a co- 
pious lexicon. Bj Cbarles Anthon. xiv, 
614 pp. 12^. Nete-Yoi-h, Hardier 4- brutkera, 

A translation of Jacobs' gveeli reader, 

witli copious notes, critical and explana- 
tory ; illuatrated 'wJtL parallel paeaa^a 
and quotations from tlio greek, latin, 
freuch, englishj Spanish and Italian lan- 
fjuages; and a complete parsing index, 
xvi, 338 pp. 13°, Wew Ym-k, W. E. Dean, 

and Doring (Fiiedrioli Wilhelm). 

" Eleiuentarbuoh," or latin reader, lat 
part. See Cleveland (Chnries D.) Sec- 
ond latin book. 

The eame. The latin reader. 

Prom the 5tli german ed. By Frederic 
Jacobs. [Edited by George Bancroft. 
First part], vi, 150 pp. 12°, mrtliamp- 
ard, 1825. 

). First part. Stereo- 
p. la°. Boston, Ml- 
f- mikin), 1827. 

Tie same. ITie first part of 

Jacobs and Daring's latin reader : adapted 
to Andrews and Stoddard's latin grammar. 
By E. A, Andrews. 266 pp. 12". Boston, 
Crookei' ^ Breiostei; 1837. 

The same. The fli'st pai't of 

Jaoobs' latin render, adapted to Bullions' 
latin grammar; with aa introdnotiim, on 
the idioms of the latiu language ; an im- 
proved voeab alary ; and exercises in latin 
prose composition, on a new plan. By 
Peter Bullions, d. d. 336 pp, 13 
Yo)% Pratt, Woodford, 4' eo. 1845. 

The same. An expeditions 

method of learning the latin language, 
exemplified in a literal intorlineary trans 
lation of the first part of Jacobs' latin 
reader. [<iuon. By James 8. Gerrish and 
Miles Ward]! 198 pp. 12°. SaJsat, 
[Mass.] Foots cf Brown, 1823, 

The same. Stti-eotype od. of 

Jacobs' latin reader. First part [and] 
second part. [Edited by George Ban- 
croft], av. S59 pp; iv, 184 pp. 12°. 
Boston, EilHard, Graij, I.UtJe 4- Wilkiiis, 


Jacobs mid Doling— font n ed 

The same The lit pa 1 

With notes and Uiftr tons i rtlyt us 
lated from the german and partly Irawn 
from other sonroea. By John D. Ogilby. 
1st New-York od. 2 v. hi 1. vii, 238 pp ; 
s, 127 pp. 12°. Xm YorhiColliiiB 4- Han- 
nay, 1830, 

ffofc.— Pai't first, fi-orn tlio 7th ffaiiaan ert. Part 
Beouad, &Din tlie Stli geiTaan ad. 

ITio same. From the 7th ger- 

ed. Eighth [pai-t 2d, 7th] New-York 

I, Mass. A. W. S 

The SI 

type [3d] ed. 231 
hard. Gray, LittU ^ 

e.1. 2v 

p. Lit 

1 p. 1. V 

126 pp, Nme York, W. E. Dean, 1845. 
ffote,— Both parts from the 7th gerinan eil. 

Jacobs (J. A.) Primary lessons for deaf- 
mutes. 2v. 159pp; 153-353pp. portrait. 
18°. JVeiH Yoi% J. F. Trow, ISGO. 

Jacobs (Hee. Samnel), The seventh angel ; 
or, the millenninm about to commence. 
281pp 1<>° Li)utsBiJle,Ky. A. F. Cox, 1856. 

Jacobus (Melancthon W. d. d.) Hotes, criti- 
cal and explanatory, on the Acts of the 
apostles, l&Vt f-ee Bible. {Eiiglisli). 
A'eHj testament Ada 

JacoUict (Lonis) The bible in India: hin- 
doo origin of hebrew and christian revela- 
tion. Translated from "La bible dans 
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fcamstiillning af don finska syntaxen. 
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BeUhigfors, J. C. m-enckeil ,/■ non, 1871. s. ■ 

d by Google 


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l)ook of secret diBeases, aDtl otlier secvets 
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The same. 2d ed. 213 pp. 13". 

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uovel of tbe days of queen Auue. 1 i>. 1. 
11-160 pp. ?P. FliiladeJ^liin, T. B. Pelei'- 
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[Lllipaiy of aterlios uovelsl . 

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4 p. 1. 159 pp. 9 pi. em. 4°. London, M. 
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JVbfe,— WltU eioei'pts nnQ ninnnBCi'ii)! adilltlcms, 
apparenfly bj tlie anOior. 

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James (Uriah P.) James' travelers' com- 
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the west and south, to the gulf of Mexico 
and the Paoific, with historical notes, 
[etc. Also], a new and complete railroad 
anil route book. (Compiled, by J. Gris- 
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JaneTway (Jacob J. A. d.) — coutiuued. 
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The same. Au exposition of the 

epistle to tlie Eocoans, in the form of 
questions and answers. [Without text]. 
180 pp. 18°, FkiladelpMa, Fr^ligteHan 
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(P.) Contes fentasHqoas, lem I. 
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Sohlemilil. [I» JiSHET (r.) Uontea t'autafl- 

tiquoe, 1867]. 

oargBuis, onvrage 
B3 fuiliaBtic[neB. [For 

KAr.iDABA. Ill teoonimisaanoe do Satovmtala. 

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oesse do CiereB. ISB8. 
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etGU1o6. TradDodon d'AmyoC. IBflC 
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KKT(P.) Contea faDtMliciiiaa. 1867], 
Malhbbdb (F. da), Fo^e "'— ' — 


Pablo de i 

A. Germantl de Lt,^ 
KiHSLAiBlF.) <EiiTrea. 


. Traduil 


iletVirgiiiie. 1807. 
ViLLOS (F.| CEnraes oomplfites. 18877 

Contea fantaatic[nes. — Le diablo amou- 

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[N.] Machiavel. Merveilleuse biatoire d» 
Pierre Schl^mihl, par Adelbert de Cha- 
misso. 207 pp. 16°. Paris, E. Fieai-d, 


ello colleotiou Jaiirut]. 

db, Google 

Janvier (Mrs. Emma H.) A sammov l)y the 
sea; or, Lilian Howard's choice. By the 
author of "Forgiveness." [anoii.] 304 
pp. 4 pi. 16°, FUladelphia, PresbyteHan 
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faith. By the anthor of "Frnit gathei'- 
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adelpkUi, Am. s. s. itnion, [1872]. 

Who took those coins! By the an- 
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ami? The confessions of an ini;|airer. Id 
three pari-s. Part 1. Hearl^-experience; 
or, the ettncatiou of the emotions. 330 pp. 
13°. Boston, FhiUips, Samiyimn ■;■ eo. 135T. 

Jarvis (Samnel Farmer, d. d.) Two dis- 
conises on prophecies ; with au appeudisi 
in which nir. Miller's scheme, ooucerning 
our lord's second advent, is considered 
and refuted. 2 p. 1. 183 pp. 12°. Mw 
Ym% J. A. .^arJes, 1843. 

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Jehan de Paris roy de France. Eeva ponr 

]a premifere fois snr deux manuscrits de Li 

lin du quinzifeme sifecle, par m. Anatole de 

Montaiglon. xlviii, IGO pp. 10°. Paris, 

E. Pieard, 1867. 

[Kaarelle eollectiou Jaimct]. 

JVuU.— Tbe two oldest eiliCloiis are those of PieiTS 

(<e Ssinte-Lnole and of Ch«iss»rd, imprtnted nt 

Lyon. 1533 and 1M4. ILe woik ia mentioned in 

tlie 3d book of Eabelaie, fmptintefl at Lyon tlio 

HuniB year, 1533. The autbor was, probably, n 

Lyonnaise (prefiiOB, p. sKivi), pmalbly, the 

editor tiinks, Piaire Salft, primte secretary to 

Jeauie Morrison ; or, the discipline of life. 
By the author o£ "The pastor's family." 
[aflOB.] Engd. tit. 348 pp. 5 pi. 16°. Nem 
Yorlt, B. Carter <f- hroiliers, 18ffi>. 

Jemiaon (Mary), Deh-ho-wa-mis; or a nar- 
rative of the life of Mary Jemison : other- 
wise called the white woman, who was 
taken captive by the Indiana in 1755 ; and 
who continued witli them seventy eight 
years. Carefully taken from her own 
words. By James E. Seaver. The whole 
revised, corrected and oulftrged; with 


Jemison (Mary)— continued, 
descriptive and historical sketches of the 
six nations, the Genesee country, and 
other interesting facts connectecl with the 
narrative; by Bheaezer Mis. 3ded. 192 
pp. 18^. BaUivia, N. ¥., W. Seaver f son, 

Jemmat {Mrs, Catherine). The memoirs of 
mrs. Catherine Jemmat, daughter of the 
late admiral Yeo of Plymouth. Written 
by herself. 2d ed. 2 v. 14p. 1.167 pp; 
2 p. 1. 148 pp. 16°. Lrnidmi, 1771. 

Jeuklas (Edward). Little Hodge. By the 
anthor of "Ginx's baby." [anon. Am. ed.] 
vii, 176 pp. 12°. New Toi% BodA c^ Mead, 

Jenkins (John StillwcD). The life of James 
Knox Polk. 395 pp. inc. portrait. 8°. 
Aiibarn, J. M. Aldea, 1650. 

Lives of the governors of the st*te of 

Kaw York. 826 pp. 14 portraits. 8°. Atir 
Inrn, Derby ^ Miller, 1851. 

Jeuka (William, d.iZ.) The comprehensive 
commentary on the holy bible; embracing 
nearly all that is valuable in Henry, Scott, 
and Doddridge. 6 v. 8°. lirattUboro', 
[R.] 1835-33. 

bl. An( 

aiuEle olphabet Hv the 
,,.A. Anewoditi'-- ^~ ' 
Co wMoh aro added 

the holy eoii] 
. Ey the rev. Jolm I 
on, V Adam Cli ' 
thodaf ■ ■ 

feto.] nndor tlie anperintandonoe of roy. Will- 
iHin. JeukB, d. d. aA irp. 
Part S. A gaide lo the reading jmd atndy of the 
bible. By WilliOin Carpeater. Abridged, -with 
odditicme, hy Joaeph. wfUiimi Jeaka. I!t8 pp. 

Tart 3. Biography of blLUoal trriters and otbern 

a noted ill the oonipTohenelTe oonunentary. In 
lia work inll he ibnnd fall blogi'apbleB of 
Heury, Doddcidge, and Soott, and some notice 
of nearly evHy writer qnoteu tn. the oompi'o- 
hsnsive oommentary. IStJ pp. 
Part 4, Inder to the Mble,- dn whioh the varions 

lU^iabeCia^T an.'anged,- with noourata refei'' 
enoes to aD the books of the old anil new tesin- 
ments. Ori^naDy prepared f6r Ha^ter'a com- 
pi'ebomnva wble. wS pp. 

Part S. TaUes. Sfi pp. 

Parte. The symbol illotlonnryi being a toy to the 
nyjnbolical language of the scriptnre, Founded 
ou the symbolloal dloMoriotv of f Charles] Dan- 
bus, [olc.l By Thomas 'Wemyas. SGpp. 

Pai-t T. General mdex to the comprehen^ve com- 
mentoiy: eontalaing referenoea to all the im- 
pm'taut facta^ opinlona, or seutlmejiba, exhibited 
la that work. 5S ^. 

Jenkyii (Thomas W. d. d.) The extent of 

in its rolatiOQ to Qod and 

3d ed. earefnlly revised by 

the author for the am. ed. 376 pp. 13°. 

Boston, Goald tf' Liacola, 1859. 

Jenny and the birds. See Guernsey (Lncy 

Jerome (S„uil)- 'S'ce meronymna (Si.) 

db, Google 


Jess (Zacliaviah). Tho amei'ioaii tutor's 
assistant, imptoved : ol' a compeudions 
system of deoimal pnujtical avitlinietie. 
Containing, also, a coarse of book heeptcg, 
liy single entry. 187, [28] pp. W. 
FimiurgJi, (Pa.) L. Lootais ■(■ co. 1838. 

A compendious system of praotical 

EUiveying, and dividing of land. [WitL 
traverse table, and logaritlims from 1 to 
10,000]. 3 p. 1. 212, 92, 60 pp. 8°. WiU 
mingloa, [Be?.] Bonsai i(' Nihs, for !/(« 
compiler, 1799. 

Jesse (John Heneage). Loudon : Its cele- 
brated cliaraetera and remarkable places. 
3 V. 8°. London, M. Beatl^, 1871. 
JFofe.— "An amalgamatitra o£ ' Ijtacary and histori. 
calmemorisla of LDnaou,' and ' London nnd its 
celebriljee/ " 

Jeifir (Tbe), at home and abroad.. 138 pp. 
18°. PMladelplikt, ^m. e.-s, «nion, [1845]. 

Jeivell (Jecemiah P. mi. d.) History of 
Bamstea*!, [N. H.] from its first settle- 
ment in 1727 to 1379. Since kia decease 
revised, enlarged and published by Bob- 
ert B. Caverly. 264 pp. 11 pi. 8". Xotu- 
ell, Mardeii ^ BtiweU, 1872, 

Jewett (E. G.) Koveriesof avfOodBawyer; 
or, "sum" siloings of cord-wood, being 
sorio-eomic views of life ae It is, as takeu 
from the top of a saw-bnok. By Jonas 
Simpkins. [pseiidOT*.] 230 pp. 2 pi. 12°. 
Jfew Yort, for awSior, 1873. 

Jevrieb. ohnrck. Featgebete der Israelitou, 
mit vollstiindigem, sorgfiiltig durehgese- 
henem texte. Nen tlberset^t und erHntert 
von dr. Michael Sacbs. [Hebrew and 
germau]. 3te aufl. 9 v, in 5. 8°. Berlin, 
L. Gersehel, 1859. 

Prayers of Israel, witb au euglisb 

translation, [anoii.] 7tk (stereotj-pe) ed. 
1 p. 1. 210, 229 pp. IS". X«i» Yarl,, L. E. 
Fi-aiih, 1864. 

■■ Servioe for the two first nights of 

paasovei". Hebrew and euglisb, 4th ed. 
73 pp, 13°. Nm York, H. Fraii&, 18G7. 

Jillsoa (Arnold). A treatise on iustrnmeut- 
al arithmetic : or, utility of the slide 
rale. Desigued as a pocket companion 
for the mechanic, manager and operative. 
194 pp, 33°. FroDiOeinx, (B. J.) KjiowUs, 
Anthony ^ eo. 1859, 

JillBOD (Clark), Iiiklings of song; a me- 
mento of my leisure boors, 1.59 pp. IIP. 
Wm-ueater, [JWiws.] F. M. Slox^ell, 1851, 

Joaiuiis ( — de). Prinoipes d'anthropo- 
logie, ou des lois de la nature oonsidiSr^es 


Joauuis ( — de) — continued, 
dans ITiomme. 2 p. 1. viii, 69 pp. 3 pi. 
folded. 3°. Paris, Delaunai/, 182C. 

Jocher (Adam). Obrae bibliografioBno-his- 
t-oryoBuy lileratnry i naufc w Polsce, od 
wprowadaenla do niej drukn po rok 1830 
wiacanie, [etc] Wydanie Adama Za- 
wadzkiego. 3 v. 8°. Wilno, J. Zawad^ki, 

y.l.Literatnra i filolog)* staroiytiia. Nanki rn- 

£em irsleto. Zblory. Polygrafla. 1S40. 
V. S. TeologiB. ' 'WBt^piio TriHdouD^a!, Llstoiia. 

V.3. Prakljka.pcawokoBciolno.dziPje. 1857. 

Jocler (Joseph). Esegese. Dieparabelvom 
reichen manne nud Lazaraa. Scbrift- 
miiasig erkliiret. 13 pp. 16°. Blooraing- 
ton. III. druci: iJes " Bloomingtoa aiizeiger," 

Johlaon (J.) Instruction in the mosaic 
religion : translated from the gerinan. 
By Isaac Leeser, [New ed.] vii, 213 pp. 
12°. Pltikulelpliia, mtJior, [i. e. iraiolator, 

John (.Ilev. D. C.) Tke Raiding star for 
Sunday scbools, a new collection of snn- 
d ay school songs. 169 pp. obi. 13°. Phila- 
delphia, Lee 4- WalUr, 1873. 

Jolin (E.) The little moorland princesB. 
Translated from the germau of E. Marlitt, 
[psewton.] by mrs. A. L. Wiater. 408 pp. 
13°. PhitaadpUa, J. B. LijipiticoU <V- co. 

John Ball. [A weekly uewspaper]. Jan. 

6 to dee. 28, 1872. v. 53. fol. Loiulon, 
J. S. Baity, [1873]. 

John Chryaostom {Saint). An exposition 
upon the epistle of a, Paule the apostle to 
the Epkesians, ^eeBible. {EiiglUb). New 
testament. I^plieslans. 

John EUard, the newsboy, [awoii.] 173 pp. 

7 pi. 10°, Philadelphia, W. S. ^' A. Mur- 
iiea, 1860. 

Jolines (Bennett G.) The book of poetry, 
[anon.] New ed. xii, 136 pp. 18°. Loh- 
(Ion, F!. Limley,[iUT\. 

Johns (Montgomery, tn. (Z.) A clinical phrase 
book; in english and germaii, coutaining 
the asual questions &. answers employed 
in examining and prescribingfor patients; 
etc. With an onglish-german and ger- 
man-english pronouncing lexicon ; gram- 
matical appendix, table of idioms, &c, 
XX, ia-308 pp. 16°. PklUdelsMa, Lind- 
say £(- BlaMsttni, 1853. 

db, Google 


Johnson (Aona C.) The cottages of the 
Alps ; or, life and luanoers in Switzerland. 
By the author of " Peasant hfe iu Ger- 
mauy." lanon.l 433 1'p, 13°. Noiv Yorh, 
C. Sciibnei; 1660. 

JohnBon (A. N.) Melodia sacra; etc. See 
Balder (B, T.) Johnson (A. N.) and Os- 
good (Josiah) 

Thotiao juvenile soug hook foi tlie 

thorongh mitrttotion of children lu the 
art of smgiHg 216 pp ohl 12 Cm 
oiinaH J- Ch%adk ^ CO [I'TS] 

Jdhnson (Charlea) Hiatoire dea piiates 
•jnglois depuie lenr Ct'^hlissmeut dans 
1 Isle de la Pioyiileiite jiisciu \ pi€aent 
Avec li Me et les avaiitares de deux 
temmea pirates Marie Bead et Anne 
Bonuy Traduite de 1 angloia Ivi JbO 
pp 4 1 1( Jitroitr pc la eunijKjnie 

[ExcjlEUIIUH (A. O) Tiiatohe il ■i imnt nen 
flUbi Bl or? T 3 ert 1744] 

Johnson (G. W.) The poultry boot, 1^3. 
Sw ■Wiiigfield (EeB. W.) trad Johneon. 

Johneon (H. C. Eobb). A loDg vaoatiou in 
the argentine Alps, or where to settle ia 
the river Plate states, viii, 180 pp. map. 
8°, Zondon, B. Bentleg, 1868. 

Johnson (H. M.) The farmers' guide to hee 
keeping : being a practical treatise in hee 
cnltuie and bee mauagemeiit. 233, iv, 
pp. 16°. AnnArTiorjlMidi-ICoHiierelema 
pritttiiig luntse, 1872. 

Johnson {Rev. John Lipaootnb). The 
versity memorial biographical aliotehea of 
alumni of the university of Virginia who 
fell in the confederate war. 765 pp. 1 pi. 
8 portraits. 8°. Ballinun-e, TiiiiibMU hrolli- 
ers, 1371. 

Johnson (Naucy C.) Simple sketches, aud 
plain reflections. By tlio author of " Let- 
tera from a sick room." [oiiora.] 130 pp. 
inc. 1 pi. 16°. Sosto^, Mass.s, s. aodelp, 

Johnson (E. Byvou), Very far west in- 
deed: a few rongh ejiperiencea on the 
north-west Pacifle const. 2ded. vii, 280pp. 
12°. London, S. Zmv, Maralon, [ein.] 1879. 

Johnson (Bew. Samnel, of Li/im, Mass.) 
Oriental religions and their relation to 
universal religion. India, vi, 802 pp. 
>P. Boiton, J. li. Osgood f co. 1972. 

Johnson {Mrs. Sarah Barolay). Hadji in 
Syria; or, three years in Jerusalem. 303 
pp. 12 pi. 12°. PhiUideli>liia, J. Chalkii ^ 
s«ns, 1858. 


Johnson (William. BnUeiu). The gospel 
developed through the government and 
order of the churches of Jesna Christ. 
230 pp. 24°. Eichmond, IVa.i U. K. El- 
lyson, 1846. 

Johnston {Capt. I. N.) Four months in 
Libby, and the campaign against Atlanta. 
191pp. 16°. Ciji<mium,/or the author, ISGi. 

Johnston (James D. Ueabinant U. S. it.) 
China and Japan : being a narrative of 
the ernise of the U. S. steam-frigate Pow- 
hatan, in the years 1657, '58, '5S>, and '60. 
Including an account of the Japanese 
embassy to the United States. 448 pp. 8 
col. pi. 1 map. 19°. FldMelpkla, C. 
Besihe^; 1860. 

Johnston (John). A mannal of ehemistry 
on the basis of dr. Tumer'a Eleineula of 
chemistry. See Turner (E.) 

Johnstone {Mrs.) Diversions of Hollycot, 
or the mother's art of thinking. By the 
anthor of Clan-Albiu and Elizabeth De 
Bruce, lanon.^ 2 p. 1. 371 pp. 18°. JTeiu- 
Yoi% W.B.Gilley,lSW. 

Jollet (Charles). Les jisendonymeB du jour. 
3 p. 1. 131 pp. 1 1. llv'. I'arli, A. Faure, 

Joly (Gni) mid others. Memoirs of Guy 
loli, Claude Joll; and the dutchess de 
Nemours. These several histories form a 
supplement to, and an illnstration of the 
Memoirs of cardinal de Bctz. Translated 
by B. Taylor. 3 v. viii,300pp; lp.1.325 
pp. 16°. l)abli)i, W. Watmi, [e(c.] 1777. 

Jomini (Henri, Mroii de). The political and 
military history of the campaign of Water- 
loo. Translated fuom the ftench, by 8. V. 
Benet. 227 pp. 1 map. 12°. Sea-Yorlc, 
Bedfield, 1853. 

Jones (Abner). The psalina of David, ren- 
dered iuto english verse of various mBiOs- 
ures, divided according to their musical 
cadences, and comprised in their own lim- 
ita. 6 p. I. 294 pp. 18°. Hew Yor'k, 
MoMOV, TyrotlierB, 1854. 

Jones (Elisha) and Boise (Jamea E.) 
Exerciaes in greek prose composition : 
with references to Hadley's, Goodwin's, 
and Taylor's Kilhuer's greek grammars ; 
and a full euglish-greek vocabulary, m, 
101pp. 12°. Chicago, S.O.Grioga ^00.1812. 

Jones (Erasmna W.) The captive yontlia 
ofJudnh. 4K)pp. 12°. JVew Yoi% J. C. 
i)ra-5j/ ^ CO. 1856. 
JCoie.— Iinptrfoct i wniitiiig tille. 

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Jonea (George A. ^ co.) TravellerB'guiile.— 
A oompletoliet of thestationa, distances & 
fiicCB, from Portlaad, on tlie railroads and 
eteaiuboatB iu tbe state of Maine. 33 pp. 
Ife'', Poi-tlatid, G. A. Jonei ^ co. 1S73. 

Jones {Rev. Jolin). Bisliop Hall, liis life 
and times : or, memoira of tlie life, writ- 
ings, and snfferings of Josepli Hall, d. d,, 
with a view of the times in which he 
lived ; and some of his unpnblislieil writ- 
iiiga, his funeral eormon, &.B. xvi, 581 
pp. 1 pi. 8^. LonHon, L. S. Seeles .f- son, 

Jones (Commodore Jolin Piiul). M^moires 
(1e Panl Joues, oil il expose sea prinoipaux 
services, et rappelle ce <ini Ini eat arrJviS 
de pins roinariiuahle pendant le 
la r^volntioaamfiricaine, pai'tioaliferemeut 
en Europe, dorita par lui-m6me en auglaie, 
ot tratliiits sous sea yens par [J. F.] An- 
drfi. 3 p. 1. six, 244 pp. 18". Poi-is, Louis, 
JVofe.— Iui|ierfoct i wantiug portj'alt. 

Joues (Joseph, m. d.) luveutigations upon 
the nutnro, causes, and treatment of hos- 
pital gangrene, as it prevailed in the 
federate ai'mies, 1861-1665. 8°. l^'eip 
rorfc, 1871]. 

[In Unmbd Status siultary eoiiimiesloii momoii's 
V.3. pp, M3-5T(i, 5 pl.| 

Jonea (Pasolial). My uncle Hobsou and I 
or, slashes at life with a i^ee broad-axe. 
SJeepp, 13°. Kew-York, TJ. Appldton .j- CO. 

Jones (Dr. Pleasant, psendvit 1) Tlie slave- 
holder abroad ; or, Billy Buck's visit, ivitli 
liis master, to England. A series of letters 
from dr. Pleasant Jonea to m(\(or Joseph 
Junes, of Georgia. 513 pp. 7 pi. 13°. 
i'/iiimfcJpftin, J. B. Zippiaeott ,S- bo. 1860. 

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ty of Brecknock. 3 V. Engd.tit.ii[-|-v], 
371 [-1-30, 3] pp. 6 1. ins. 10 pi. 2 maps 
folded; 3 engd. tits. 1 p.l. xii [H-vi], 
pp. 4 I. iuB. 20 pi. 4°, BrechiocJc, for tlie 
. author, iiSOS-mi. 

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lions on chemistry. On the foandation 
of mra, Marcet's " Conversations on chem- 
istry." 332 pp. 1 pi. 13°. PhilageJphia, 
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line of the organization of the animal 
kingdom, and manual of comparative 
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s and practice of ophthalmic medi- 
and anrgery. 3d am. ed. with addi- 
iona, &orn the 2d Lond. ed. [By Walter 
Franklin Atlae'J. 455 pp. 4 pi. 9=-. Phila- 
delphia, Blanehard .j- Lea, 18S3. 
Jones (hRcw. William, of Nai/land, 1723-1800). 
The catholio doctrine of a trinity, proved 
by above an. hundretl short and clear 
argumenta, expressed in tbe terms of the 
holy Bcriptnre, compared after a manner 
entirely new. [Also], a letter to the com- 
mon people, in answer to some popular 
arguments against the trinity. Ist am. 
from 7th Lond. ed. 186 pp. 12°. A'ew 
Yorh, V'kiting ^' Walson, 1813. 
Jones ( — ). Life and adventure in the 
south Pacific. By a roving printer, 
[anoit.] 361 pp. inc. 23 pi. 13°. jS>t« 
Ym-k, Marpia' <(■ brothers, 1861. 
Jonquil. IpeeiidoH.'] Was ahe engaged f By 
"Jonquil." 330 pp. 19°. I'hiladi-lpliia, 
J. B. Lippiitcott 4- CO. 1H71. 
JooB {Dr. Wilhelm). Anatflmie dur messe. 
lOte auil. 3 p. 1. xvi, 479 pp. 1 pi. 8°. 
Seliaffhaaeea, CfrJioch, 1868. 
Josepli Bun Goiion. A compcndioiia and 
most marnciloua histoiie of the latter 
tymes of the Icwes common weale, [eio.] 
Translated into englyahe [from the epit- 
ome by Sebastian Muuster] by Peter Mor- 
wyug, newly oorreotei by the same. 4 p. 
1.357,(257)1. b.l. 18a. Loi.don,]}.Iiig'je, 
Josephe in Erankfnrt mid Mainz, witbreud 
derfranzOsisehen invasion. Eiii komischur 
roman. [dKOii.] I p. J. 261 pp. 16°. 
m-aitkfarl am Main, W. Firfsoftc]-, 1794. 
Josephine (Marii^). See Marie Josephine. 
Joseplius (Flavins), DiewerkedeaFlavius 
Josephns, nnd daa leben des Josephns vou 
ihm selbst gesohrieben, AUes aus deni 
grieebischen originalo hbersetzt dnrch 
prof. I. P. Cotta. und prof, A. Fr. Gfriirer. 
Das ganze von nenem nach dem grieehi- 
schen bearbeitet; mit erkllironden an- 
merkungen von Eosenmiiller, Burder, Mi- 
chaelis, Whistton, Jost, Funk n. a. beglei- 
tet; uud mit den nothigen tabeUenund 
registern versehen durch C. E. Demme. 
903 pp. 4°. Philadelphia, Eimber >^- Scltarp- 
less, 1839. 
Josh Billings' faviiiev's allmiuax, 1873-73. 
[T, 3-4]. 8°. New York, G. W. CarUton 
.;■ GO. ltfr3-73. ■ 

d by Google 


Joiiffroy (Thomas Simon). lukoclucbioLi to 
etliics, inclnding a critical survey of moral 
Bj'atema, translated from the fi'encli. By 
William H. Chaouing. 3 v. xxii,324pp; 
yiii, 358 pp. 12". Boston, Hllllard, Grag 
^- eo. 1840. 

(KiPi.Er (Genr^o). Sneuiinona of foreign ataud- 
ard ItteiBturo, v. 5-8]. 

Jourdan(IiOuiB). Les femmos dorant I'fioha- 
faiid. 2 p. I. 313 pp. 16°. Faris, Bal- 
lay, 1862. 

Uu Ijovmaphrotlite tCiiarles Ijouise 

Augnato Andn? Geneviilve Timothfie d'Eou 
do Beaumont]. 2p.l. 304 pp. IS". Pajts, 
E. Dentit, 1861. 

Joainai do Vinstructiou publitiuo. Bee Jour- 
nal of edacation for Lower Cauatla. 

Jonmal dea fictiuomistes.- Eevue do la soi- 
euce 4oonomitiiie et de la atatiatique. 
30o anuie. Depiiia oot. jnsq^u'i fl^o. 1871. 
3q s^rie, 6e annfe. v. 24. 8°, raris, 
&)iillaDmia i^ de. 1871. 

Jotimal gSufirale de riinpi'imorie et de la 
librairie, 2a Biirie. v. 15. 1871. le par- 
tie. Bililiograpbie. 2epartio. Clironiqne. 
36 partie. Fenilleton. 2 v. SP. Poiis, an 
asvle de Viniprimerie, [«fo.] 1871. 

Joumal of an africau oniiser, [1843^4]. 
See Bridge (lAeiit, Horatio). 

Jouinal (The) of auatomy and pliyaiolegy. 
¥.5-0. (Second seriea, V. 1-5). SP. Cam- 
bndge, [fiiff.] Maaaillaii .]■ eo. 1871-72. 

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voted to cliBiniatry aa applied to tlie arts, 
manu^tnrea, metallargy and agricnl- 
tnre. [Monthly]. Jan. to dec. 1873. t,7. 
4"=. Ifm Tork, [efc] Bacfer <?■ cj. 1873. 

Journal (TLe) of applied science, and record 
of progresa in the industrial arts. [Month- 
ly]. Editedby P. L. Simmonds. Jan. to 
due. 1872. T. 3. fill. London, W. Kent ^ 
eo. [lS7a]. 

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iutendent of education, John Eadiger, 
[aud others. Monthly]. Feb. 1857, to dec. 
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of educaUon, [1857-66]. s. 

JCoii!.— Wanting, V. 8, for 1864. ■ 

The same. The journal of education, 

provinoeof Quebec. Pnblished under tbe 
direetioii of tbe miuister of public iosbrnc- 
tion. Edited by Henvy H. Miles and P. 
Delaney. [iUonthly]. Jan. 1867, to den. 
1872. V. 11-16. 4"^. Quebec, E. Sen-Seal 
,J'i. Broiiescau, [18BT-73]. s. 


Journal (The) of edu cation, etc.— continued. 

The same. Jouroal de I'inatructiou 

pabliijQc. Kedigfi par Pievi-e J. O. Cbau- 
reau, [etc.] Jauvier 1857 jasqn'^ doc. 
1872. V. 1-16. 4°. Moiitrdal et Quebec, 
[1857-72]. s. 

Journal (The) of education for Ontario. 
Edited, under the dti'cctioti of the rev. 
Egerton Ryerson, d. d. chief superintend- 
ent of e<luoatiou, by J. (ieorge Hodgius, 
depntysnperiutendent. [Monthlj]. Jan. 
to dec. 1673. v. 35. 4°, aiiJ-onfo, mutter, 
Hose S- CO. 1872. 

Journal (The) of prison diaoipline aud pbi- 
lauthvopy. Published annually under tbo 
direction of " The Philadelphia eoojoty for 
alleviating the miseriee of public prisons " 
January, 1864. New aeri^B, no. 3. 8<'. 
PUlMelx>hia, J. B. CkanUlei; 1864. 

J'oie.— A oontinufttion of The PennBylvaiiiji jour- 
nal of prison discipline and pMlimtiiioijy. 

Journal (TLe) of psyohological medicine ; 
a quarterly review of diseases of the nerv- 
ous system, medical Jurisprudence and an- 
thropology. Edited by William A. Ham- 
mond, m. d. Jan, to oct. 1872. t. 6. 8°. 
A'biD Torh, D. Appletun 4- co. 1873. e. 

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B. Harris Cowper. [Quarterly]. April^ 
1855, to Jan. 1862. v. 1-14. »=. London, 
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Norgate, 1855-fi3. s. 

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Edited by Wm. T. Harris. [Quarterly] 
Jan, to oct. 1873, v. 6, 8". St, Louis, R. 
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record cf the progress of the telegraph, 
and of electric science, v. 5. 4°. New 
YorJc, Western unlontelegi-aph (X).il871-72'i. 

Journal ofBoiel de la r^pnbliqne fran^aise. 
4e annrSe. Icr janvierflSO jniu 1873. Nos. 
1-178. 3v. 40. FerMtHM, 1872. 

Juan (Jni^) and Ulloa (Antonio de). IJe- 
laeion hiatorica del viage a la America 
meridional hecho do orden de s. mag. para 
meilir algnnos gradosde meridiauo terres- 
ti-e. 2v. llp.l.683pp.21pl;4p.].601, 
cscv pp. 13 pi. fol. Madrid, A. Marin, 

Juan Manuel (Prince don). Count Luca- 
nor: or, the fifty pleasant stories of Patro- 
nio, written a. d. 1335-1347. First done 
into eugliah from the Spanish, hj James 

db, Google 


Juan Manuel {Prinea doii) — continued. 
York, lim. xTi, 346 pp. VP. Westmin- 
alee, B. M. Piokei-ing, [1868] 1 
Juaiia Ifles ^ la bfoz, T>orit Asbaje. Poemas 
de la UQica poetisa amerioana, □msft <le- 
zima, que ea varies inetros,idionia3,yesti- 
1(18 fertiliza varios asaumptoa. Con ele- 
fjantes, sntiles, claros, ingeoiosoa, vtiles 

vtraoa, para enselianaa, reorao, y admira- 

tirm. Saoo loa a luz don Juan Carmaoho 
Cayua. 3a ed. Coctegida, y aliadida ] 
811 ftuthora. 8 p. 1. 352 pp. 4 1. am. 

Valencia, A. Bordazar, 1700. 

|ImpecfM6; wanUagpp, 17-18,37-44, 347-^0]. 

Jubilee days. An illustrated daily record of 
tho humorous features of the World's 
peace jubilee. Witli illustrations by Au- 
gnstus HoppJD, eugraved by the Chemi- 
ciil eugraving company. June 17 to July 
i, 1873. Nos. 1-16. 3 p. 1. 68 pp. 2 1. 8°. 
Boatov, J. B. Osgood 4- co. 1872. 

Judd (David W,) The story of the thirty- 
tliii-d N.Y.s.vola: or two years camp aigu- 
tus in Virfjinia and Maryland, iv, 349, 
76 pp. ,12°. Bocheaiw, [JV. T.] Beaton 4 
Aitdreuts, 1864. 

Judd (Kbb. Sylvester). Richard Edney and 
the governor's family. A rua-urban tale. 
By the author of " Margaret," [etc. onon.] 
468 pp. 13°. BoBtoa, Phillips, Sampeon ^ 
00. 1850. 

Judex (Matthens). See Ricliter. 

Judge (Jonathan J.) The southern orator: 
being a collection of piecaa in pvoae, po- 
etry, and dialogue. 400 pp. 8°. Moitt- 
gomerg, lAla.] BritUin f De Wolf, 1833. 

Judson (Edward Z. C.) Cruisinge, afloat 
aud ashore, from the private log of Ned 
Buutline. Sketches of land and 
the author of " The mysteries and miseries 
of Few York," eto. [a«oji.] 102 pp. inc. 
1 pi. 8°. Netv York, B. Craighfod, 1848. 

Juason {Mrs. Emily Chnbbuok). Trip- 
pings in author-Zand. By Fanny For- 
ester. [pseuilOTt.] vi, 13-281 pp. TiP. 
Nmo-York, Paine ^ Burgess, 1846. 

Juge (Le) pr^venn. [anon.] See Ville- 
neuve (Gabrielie Suaanne Barhot, dame 
<ie). . 

Jukea (Joaeph Beete). The student's man- 
ual of geology. 3d ed. re-caat and in 
great part re-written. Edited by Archi- 
Imld Geikie. XX, 778 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Edin- 
bargli, A. ,f- C. Blade, 1872. 

"Julia (The)," 185H. See Hornblower 


20 c 


Julia de Pontenelle (Joan Sfibiistian Eu- 
gi'.ne), Manuel de physique amusante, on 
nouvelles r^orSations physiques. 2e 6d. 
2p.l. 43.3 pp.2 pL 18°. Fans, £ornt, 1827. 
Jullian (Pierre Louis Pascal de). M^moires 
de JoaephFouoh^, 1825, SeeBeauohamp 
(Alpbonse de). 
Jnng-Stllling (Johann Heinrich, in. d.) The 
life of John Henry Stilling, doctor of medi- 
cine and philosophy, eonrt-counselor and 
professor of political economy in the uni- 
versitj of Marburg in Germany, aud au- 
thor of many religious -works. Translated 
by E. L. Hazelius, d. d, 3 p. 1. 416 pp. 
8°. Oeitusiarg, [Pa.] H. C. MinsMt, 1831. 

Theory of pneumatdlogy; in reply to 

the question, what ought to be believed or 
disbelieved conoeruing presentiments, vis- 
ions, and apparitions, according to na- 
ture, reason, and aoriptnre. Translated 
from the german, with notes, by Samuel 
Jackson. 1st am. ed. edited by rev . George 
Bush, ssix, 386 pp. 15°. Nm Yarh, J. 
S. Bedfield, 1851. 
Juvenile (The) port-folio, and literary mis- 
cellany; devoted to the instruction and 
amusement of youth. Conducted by 
Thomas G. Condie. v. 2-4 in 1 v. 8°. 
Juvenile (Thel speaker; comprising a col- 
lection of pieces original and selected, 
from various authors. By an instrnetor. 
[atioB.] 180 pp. 18°. Boston, Raaaell, 
Odiorne # co. 1833. 
Juvenile (The) tourist: or, the poetical 
geography of Europe, By an irish lady. 
[onOB.] 600 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, C. P. 
Pernj, 1358, 
K. (O. A.) Hints for living. A book for 
young people, 309 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Boa- 
D.Lotftrop^ CO. [1871]. 
Eaime (GeorgeS.) Phil Granger's fcriamph. 
2^6 pp. 5 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, Milner t(- 
Stargis, 1872. 
Kaliascli (Stephan, de Zalonkemeny). Iter 
persicvm, kurtzo, doch aasefuhrlicbe und 
■warhafftige beach rei bung der persiani- 
sehen reisE; welohe anff der rflni: kay; 
may: aller gnedig. befelch, im jabr 1602. 
und alsz derselbig unterwegeo zu Lautzen 
in Medier land todes veraohieden; von 
Beinem reisabefeherten Georgio Tectandro 
von der Jabel voilends contiouiret nnd 
verrichtet wovden. Nu mit fleisz iiberse- 
hen, und in drnck vertertiget. 8 p, 1. 178 

db, Google 


Kaltaaoh (StepJian) — continued, 

pp. 4 1, 7 pi. 16°. AUenhirg, H. Crosaen 

dma jiin(je>-ii, 1609. 

(Imporfeot; wanting 1 plate]. 
Kalender fiii das konigrcicli Sachaen, 

1879. Bee Saxony. 
Kalevala, Kolraae paiuos. Kaatannettn 

Kellgreii'm rahastoii varoilla. [onoB.] 

2 p. 1. xi, 348 pp. 1 L 8°. HeMngUsd, 

Saonuilaiiea Mijalliiiaden Seiiran Mrj'apai- 


[EeismoFons. ( 

malaiseu kiiJiUlau 

Kfilidfiaa or C^Uddsa. La 

de SakonutalfL Drame en sept a«tes. 

Traduit da sanakrit, par P. E, Fonoanx. 

xsiv, ISS pp. 16°. Paris, E. Pivard, 


[NonTelle colleetlon Jannut], 

The same, Saeontalil ; or, tlie fata! 

ring; an Indian drama. Translated from 
the original Sanscrit and pracrit. [By 
sir William Jones]. 8°. L<ii\doa, J. Stock- 
daJe, 1807. 

[InJoscstBr'W.) Worlts. v. 9, 1'D- 363-533], 
Kansas (The) magasiue. [Monthly], Jan. 
to dec. 1879. v, 1-2. 8°, Topeka, Kan- 
sas magazine pahlUhing eo. 1873. 
Kate iCousiit peeudmi ) Sei- Mcliitoah 


A h 

K tifmann F 



BB g 

d h h 


fTp p 


B D 
^<Mft- Bo 


K anagli 




Keach. (Benjamin)— COD tinuod. 
memoir of hia life. By Howard Malcom. 
208 pp. 16°. Boaioit, Lhuxitn <J- Ediaariila, 


Keble (John). The christian year: 
tlioaghta in verae for the Sundays and 
holydays tlironghout the year, [anon.] 

1st am. ed. 415 pp. 12"=. PUlaaelpliia, 

Careg, Lea ^ Btandkard, 1834. 
Keen (William W. m. ^) Gunshot wounds, 

1864. See Mitchell (S. W,) Morehouse 

(Q. R.) and Keen. 
Keenan (Bei), Stephen), A doctrinal C!ite- 

ohism; wherein divers points of catholio 

fiiith aod practice assailed hy modern 

heretics are sustained hy au appeal to the 

lioly scriptures, the testimony of the 

ancient fiithers, and the dictates of reason . 

On the basis of Scheffinaclier's cateehism. 

Ist am, ed. 395 pp. 16°. J^eict York, E. 

Dmigan ^ brother, 1848. 

[Inaiile title wanting]. 
Keene (J. W.) Notes on mineralogy, 1873. 

See Vniitmaii (A. G.) and Keene, 
Keep (John E.) School stories, with ques- 
tions, 102 pp, 16°. Columliita, O,, Insfi- 

taHonfor dea/and damJi,W72. 
Keeper's travels in search of his master. 

[iiiioM.] 14th ed. enlarged, iv, 374 pp. 

13°, London, Baldimn, Oi'adoch tf Joy, 

Thesame. Auewed.revised, [ainra,] 

120 pp. 18°. Boston, mil/. Wait cj- co. 1833. 
Keetels (Jeau Gnstave), An analytical 

and practical frenoh grammar. 523 pp. 

19°. New Torh, Mason, Bakee ^ Prait, 

A collegiate course in the freuch lan- 

(Apflbtok'b library of choice novele, no, 43], 

Seven years, and other tales. 3 v. 

16°. London, Sm-at if Blac^tf, 1860. 

Silvia. 3 T. 16°. London, Rarst ^ 

BJadkeU, 1870. 

Kazan, Iiaperat. ItazanskM vnivefdHel. 
Catalogue des monnMes et des mfidaiJles 
dn cabinet numismatique de I'nniversit^ 
imp^riale de Casau. Drefis6 par !e prof. 
E, Ber^ine. 6 parts in 1 v. 4°. Gaaan, 
Vuniver^ti, 1855. 8, 

Keaoli (Benjamin). The travels of true 
godliness. Revised and improved, with 


i pp. 

12°. Neiv York, 

Jilakeman ^ co, 1857. 

A key to the eagliat e 

prof, Keetels' new method of learning the 
freuch langaage. 37 pp. 12°. Xeio Tork, 
Sheldon # eo. 1359. 

Kelm (De Benneville Randolpli), A report 
to the secretary of the treasury, upon the 
condition of the oonsnlar Bervice of the 
United States. 442 pp. 8°, WasUagton, 
govemrmnt printing offce, 1879. 

Keitli (Geoi^). Immediate revelation not 
ceased, but remaining a standing and per- 
petual ordinance in the church of Christ, 
[etc.] 2d ed. With an appendix contain- 
ing an answer to some ftirther objections. 
4 p, 1. 259 pp. 9 1, 8°. [ZondoH], 1675. 

db, Google 


Keith (Tbomas)i Keith's arithmetic, prac- 
tical and self-explanatory. ReTised and 
adapted to american currency. [Alao], 
a comprehensive treatise on menauration 
and an original and petapicnous system of 
book-keeping. 290 pp. 16°. Philadel- 
pkia, C. Sherman 4- co. 1838. 

Froblfemes amnsana d'astronomi© et 

de sphere ; saivis de leurs solutions. Tra- 
duit de I'anglais sur la 7e ^d. Engd. tit. 
ss, 231 pp. 12°. Pcifis, Aadin, 1625. 

Keller (Jacob). See Weue (Der) welt-bott. 

Kelley (Hall J) Th 
book, conta n ug li 
glisli langQ ^ essons 
and readin w th th 
Walker's c al p ■on.oi 
168 pp. 1 Cn wi 

tern spelling 

ts of tlie en- 

n ortliography 

I ng dictionary. 

mands, 1832 
Kelley. See Kelly. 
Kellogg (Elijah). The pleasant cove seriei 

T, 4. 16°. Boston, Lee 4- Sliepard, 1872. 

V. 4. ITie ciua of the Island glen. 

The wbisperiiig pine aerlca. v. 1-' 

16°. Bosloit, Lee ^ Shejiard, 1872-73. 

I, The flparlt of geniuB ; or the college life of 

V. 3. The viiapatiag 


V. i. WiimiHg his apni 

pine* ' 



trial isra. 

Kellogg (Uaitin). Ars oratoria. Selections 
from Cicero and QuintJllan on oratory. 
Witli notes. 157, 3 pp. 12°. New Tnrlc, 
Ivieon, Blalceouta, Taylor §• eo. [1873]. 

KelJy (Mra. Sophia). The life of nire. Slier- 
wood. Abridged. [By T. H.] 152 pp. 
portrait. 12°. FMlakelpMa, Preebyfei-tan 
ItoardofpubUcatUin, [18.^7]. 

Kelly. See Kelley. 

Kelaey (3fr». Charles E.) The Tail family, 
ordoinggood. ByTheodelinda. ipeeadim.'] 
392 pp. 1 pj. 18°. FhiUMphUi, Presby- 
terian loari ofpnUieaiion, [1862]. 

Kempel (Charles Julins). A grammar of 
the german language, arranged into a new 
system of the principle of indnction. siii, 
314pp. l^. New-Tork,G.A.Newman,18iS. 

Kendall (Amos), Aatoblography of Antos 
Kendall. Edited by his son-in-law, Will- 
iam Stickney. is, 700 pp. 4 pi. 1 fac-aim. 
8°. Boston, Lee 4- Sliepard, 1879. 


Kenfiall {Mrs. E. D.) The Staniforda of 
Staniford's Folly. 337 pp. 3 pi. 16=^. 
Boatoa, D. Lotkrop ^ co. [1872]. 
Kendilck(A8aheiCIark, (f.d.) The okild'a 
book in greek, being a series of elementary 
esereises in the greek language. 1 p. 1. 
es pp. sq. 18°. SoMilion, N. Y., S. C. 
Grigtje, 1847. 

An introduction to the greet lan- 
guage, containing an outline of the gram- 
mar, with appropriate exercises. 193 pp. 
12°. mica, Beuneit, Backus <f Sawley, 
Kennedy (Benjamin Hall, d. cl.) Hymnolo- 
gia Christiana; oc psalms and hymna se- 
lected and arranged in the order of the 
ohriatian seaaonB. six, 404 pp. 16°. Lon- 
dmi, Longmans, 1873. 
Kennedy (John). A history of the civil 
war in the United States, from its com- 
mencement in 1861, to January, 1862. 
3 p. 1. 308 pp. 8 pi. 12°. PhlladelpUa, 
Kemiedn 4- co. 1861. 
Kennedy (John Pendleton). Horse Shoe 
Bobinson ; a tale of tl)e tory ascendency. 
By the anthorof" Swallow barn." [anon.] 
2v. V, 13-335 pp; 298 pp. 12°. PUU- 
delpMa, Carey, Lea 4 B'^niSuxrd, 1835. 

— Rob of the bowl : a legend of Bt. 

loigoe's. By the author of " Swallow 
bara." [amon.] 2 v. 2 p. 1. 13-370 pp ; 
275 pp. 13°. PUkiMpUa, Lea 4 Blantli- 
ard, 1838. 
Kennedy (Stiles, m. d.) The magnetic and 
mineriil springa of Michigan, to which is 
prefixed an essay on the climate of Michi- 
gan. 115 pp. 6 1. 4 pi. 1 map. 8°. Wit- 
mington, [-Dei.] James 4" W^b, 1872. 
Kennedy (William). The privilege of the 
writ of habeas corpas under the couatitu- 
tion of the United States. [o»on.] 16 pp. 
8°. PUladelpUa, 1862. 
2«ott.— With 3 ieoves ot ms. odiliaons. 
Keimet (White, d. d.) A glossary to es- 
plain the original, the acceptation, and 
obsoleteness of words and phrases ; and 
to shew the rise, practise, and alteration 
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db, Google 


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rie same. Das prioiat des aposto- 

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feitigt 3te aufl. UebersetEt von H. Steiu- 
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ch^ulogiaciuitiaitia; being traasaobioDS of 
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I C. paeadon.) See Ne'ro'ell 

the lord." 1 
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zweyT-!' H-l- [tempel-herrn] alaetwaa 
fiir freymaurer und die es nicht Bind. 
[nnoB.] 3 V. in 2. 16°. Zaip^g, J. G. 
JacobSer, 178ft-87. 

V. 1. Anti-Saint-SieBiae, (fltc.l 

v.B. ArchirtemirtBi. odec (tea Anti-Saint-NicBlso 

SalntSlealee dritWr uud letzter thell. " 

Kettlevrell (John). Of christian prudence, 
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2d issue, with a paper on the pronouns 
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the management of btp^ to the greatest 
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Khnen (Andreas). Iili<.ke lu das lehnn der 
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CoIumSus.J', iriZ6om-B,1826. 

The same A eontiuuition of the 

■work oiiginally compiled b\ John Kil- 
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Bdy. pp. \-m! (1663). 
Tbe parson's wedilicj;; n comedy, pp. fJD-lj 

Theoilsrim: atTBgedy. pp. 155-9J4. (IB53). 
GaMs. &ud Clorlnaa! of, Idvu lu attaa: a trsg 

camed;, in tno parts. pp.1ilS-3<IS. {ISC'!). 
ThomasOi or, the wanflorec; b ooinsdy, iu tw 

parta, pp. 311-464. (1663). 
Bellamirilber dreBm ; or, tbe tore of aliiLdaws: 

tragicomedy, ill tiro parte. : 


imady. ] 

The parson's weddiag, a comedy. 8^. 
London, Miller, 1810. 
[ A.M01BNT liritisb drama, v. 3, pp. 354-404] . 

— ■ ■ - The same. 12°. LonAon, Prowdt, 1827. 
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KlmbaU(HoraoeE.) Kim baU's new method 
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ive and practical system of instruction, 
and oontaluiag a choice collection of vocal 
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8°. Cleveland, S. Braiiiard!s sobs, [1872]. 

Kimball's organ voluntaries; care- 
fully arranged and adapted fro ilthe works 
of Beethoven, Schumann, Wely, Hesse, 
Andre, Eorner, aud others. 128 pp. 1 1. 
obi, 8°. Chvelaad. S. Lirainard 4' eons, 1871. 

db, Google 


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biographical history, embracing a period 
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King's chapel (Church at). See Boston 
Church at King's <^pel. 

King's (The) godchild: anl oth tales 
[anfln,] Translated from tho g rraa bj 
M.A.T. Engd. tit. 198 pp I \\ 16 
FkiUidelphia, Claxloa, Jleiis n 4 Hajffel 
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The kingdom and reigu of the messiah ; 
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'with preliminary remarliis on the bible. 
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conrse of elementary instructions, pro- 
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1, obi. 4°, mm York, J. L. Peters, ^197^], 

Kiraly (Franz von). Betracbtuugen uber 
Boeialismus und oommmiismns in ihrem 
verhiiltiiisH ku den grundformen des reohts. 



Kiraly (Frana von) — continued, 
zur politischeu oekonomio, zur sooialen 
praxis und zur politifc. xi, 151 pp. 8°. 
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EitaheahoSer (Hermann). The oracle or 
book of fate, formerly in tbe possession of 
the emperor Napoleon, and now first ren- 
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one of the royal tombs, near mount Liby- 
cus, in npper Egypt. 22d ed. isxi, 32, 
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Garden walks with tbe poets. Hid. 

title, sii, 9-340 pp. 12°. New-York, G. P. 
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such an improvement of time as will pre- 
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(Mc8. G. L.) 

Kitty Footii, or the true way to peace. 
[anoK.] 180 pp. 3 pi. Iff^. Philadelphia, 
Presbijtei-ian hoard of publieation, [1864]. 

db, Google 


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■woehenblatt. 7 januar bis 29 dec. 1872. 
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critique des travaux de feu m. Champol- 
Hoc, sur les hiirogly plies, viu, 175 pp, 3 
pi, folded. e°. Park, Don,des-Dapr^, p^re 
etfils, 1833. 

Hfin tsd By y poii ou supplement an 

dietionnairo diinols-latin du p. Baailo do 
Glemnna (imprim^, en 1813, par les boiub 
de m. de Guignos). 5 p. 1, 168 pp. fol. 
Paris, imprimeKe resale, 1819. 

Klauslng; (Auton Ernst). A compleat en- 
glisti diotionary, odec yollstiindlges eug- 
liBch-dentsclieB -worterbttoli, anfaoglioh 
von Nathan Bailey herausgegeben; jetzt 
ftberfastganz umgearbeitet, vermehret und 
Terbeesert. [Or], Vollstandiges dentsch- 
englisebes worterbncb, eliemals zusammen 
getragen von Theodor Arnold, nud jetzt 
aufs neue verbessert nnd vermobrt. 6te 
anfl.^on Anton Ernst Klaasing. 2y. 4 p. 
1,958pp. Ipl; lp.l.6l3pp. 8°. Zeipstg 
^ ZUIUchaK, oaf kosten der way»eahaiis- u» 
fi'onnaamiUehm tuohkandluiig, 1783. 

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{korperliobe) erziehung det kinder bis 
zum mannbaren alt«r. 416 pp. 12°. 
York, T. Bergmanii, 1353, 

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valley, commenoing with its occupation 
by the French in 1680. [Also], sketches of 
some of its moral and matenal resources 
as they exist in 1872. 6(i7 pp. 34 pi. S°, 
ToleAo, Blade puhliaMvg lu>use, 1872. 

Enapp (Samuel Lorenzo). Iiife of lutd 
Timothy Dexter; with sketches of the 
eccentric characters that composed lite 
associates ; inclading hia ovrn writings, 
"Dextev's Pickle for the knowing oaes," 
&c. An introdnction by " Cynion." 157 
pp. 16°. BvatoH, J. E. Tilloii <f- eo. 

Enapp (William I.) Chreatomathie fran- 
paise A &enph reading book ■ containing 
1 8 I t f mth b tf k writers, 
th f t th a tl 8 french 

g m Th i^t pieces of 

Ml K B 1 a I Voltaire, 

W th pi t t b graphical 


Eiiapp (William I.) — continued, 
notices, and a Tooabnlary. 1 p. 1. 480 pp, 
12°. mw York, Uarper ^ h-otliers, 1863, 

A practical grammar of the french 

language. Containing a grammar, ex- 
ercises, reading lessons, and a complete 
pronouncing vocabulary. 503 pp. 13°. 
Ifm Yoi% Harper ,j- brothere, 1864, 

Knatchbull-Hugesseii. See Hugessen. 

Kidgge (Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig 
von). Ueber den umgang mit meoschen. 
lite origiual-auBg. Durchgeseljen and 

au& neuo stark vormebrt von F. P. 
Wilmaen. 3 v. 12'^. Hannover, in der 
haTm's<^ieit liofbuMandhmg, 1830. 

Ueber eigenuutz uad nodank. Eiq 

gegenstuck zu dem buohe : TJebei den 
nmgang mit mcnsolien. 2te nnveranderte 
ausg. 438 pp. 1 1. 16°. Leipzig, in der 
jacoMei'schen hiKJiItMidluag, 1815. 

Knight (E. Cornelia). Description of La- 
tinm ; or, la campngna di Eoma. [anon.] 
xi, 268 pp. 20 pi, 1 map. 4°, London, 
Longman, 1805. 

Knight {Mrs. Helen Cornelia, editm'). Lifo 
scenes. 180 pp. I pi. 16°. Boston, Mass. 
8, B. society, 1846. 

A new memoir of Hannah Mote ; or 

life in ball and cottage. Engd. tit. 
311 pp. portrait, 13°. New York, M. W. 
Doitd, 1851. 

The same. Engd. tit. SS3 pp. por- 

trait. 12°. New York, Am. tract eocieti/, 

Spare momentM, and other stories, for 

boys. Being contributions to the Well- 
spring. 179 pp, 18°. Boston, Maee. s. s. 
eocietij, [1853]. 

Knights of Pythias. Pennsylcania. Adigeat 
of the laws of the order of Knights of 
Pythiaa in Pennaylvauia. Compiled by 
William Blancbois. 4 p. 1. 13-190 pp. 
18°. FUladeiphia, Knights of FijIMasjour- 
nalprifii, 1873, 

Kniphauaen {G&^aiiy), Sammlung dcr 
laudesherrlichcn verordonugen uud re- 
scripte, 1828-R7. xxii,355pp, 8°, Farel, 
W. Wesclie, 1839. s. 

Knocker (Edward). An account of the 
grand court of Shepway, holden on the 
BredenstoDO hill, at Dover, for the instal- 
lation of Henry John. Temple, viscount 
Palmerston, as constable of h, m. castle of 
Dover, and warden and keeper of h. m. 
Cinque Ports, etc. Aug. 38, 186L xix, 

d by Google 


Knooker (Edward)— eontinuetl. 
164 pp. 2 pi. 4°. Zoiiiloa, J. Jl. Smiih, 

Know nothing (The). (!) [anon.] 347 pp. 
12". Boston, J. P. Jeivetl ^ bo. 1855. 

Kno'wlea (Ecu. Jamea Davis). Life of mis. 
Ann H. Judaon, late missioiiat; i>o Biiriuah ; 
with an acoonnt of the americam baptist 
miasion to that empire, 364 pp. 11. 9 pi. 
18°. FMlampkia, An. s. ». niuon, 1830. 

KnOTrles (James Sheridan). Koowlea'a 
elocntioniat ; a first-olaBS rhetocioal reader 
aud recitatioQ boolc. Altered aud adapted 
bj Epea Sargent. 333 pp. 13°, MwYoi-J:, 
J. MoieaU f w. 1844. 

Kuoiwlton (Cfljit. Minei). Authorized 
tactics, U. 3. a. — lustcuctioas aud regula- 
tions foi the militia aud voluuteera of the 
United Statea. With manual for non- 
commissioned oflicers of the infautr? aud 
rifles— U. S. army. By oapt. Alfred Sully. 
Prepared aud arranged from Cooper's 
taotioa, Scott's taoticB, Gilham'a manual, 
Hardee'a tactics, aud other authorities. 
Parts 1, 4, 5, 6, in 1 v, 13". FhilaM- 
phia, C. Desilwr, 1861. 

TSjxox (Alexander). The doctrine of the 
sacrameu^ as exhibited in several treatises 
first published in the remains of A. Knox. 
iv, 302 pp. 16°, LoaSm, J. Dunoan, 1838. 

Knos(Hugh, d. d.) The mora] and reUgious 
miscellany ; or, aixty-one aphoretioal ea- 
aaj'S, on some of the most important chris- 
tian doctrines and virtues, 3 Y. 2p. 1. S34 
pp ; 3 p. 1. 231 pp. 16°. Ean-ishargh, J. 
Wyetk, 1808. 

K.aox (John, (fte scotHmh r^ormer). The 
works of John Knox j collected and edited 
by David Laing. 6 v. in 7. 8°. Edinburgh, 
ISannatyne club, 1846-64, s. 

(Bannatekk dub publloationB, do. lla], 

ia Seotliuiil, 

An epintle to the con[[regalion of the oastio 
of Sli. Aodrena, preSied to tbe treaUeo 
by Henry Balnavea on JuatificfltioD by 
f^tb, viA a summary of tbe work, 1548. 
A TiDdicaiiou of tbe doctrine tbat the sacrl- 
fios of the msas is idolatry. 1550. 

L snmmaij aooording to the scriptures of 


V. 1-3. History of tha r 


jf the lord's ( 

in London, HewcaBlle and Ber- 

ions concerning oliedieDCe to 
iStrat«a, -with anawera by Bul- 

Kuoic (John)— continued. 

ohareh. 1551. 
A feitV'-' -•■-- 



A laithfiil admonldoQ ta the profeasoia of 

Ood'a trnt.l, in RnBlaud, 1554. 

{iTsabeth Bowes anS her 

y, 1553-54. 

Inuves 00 jostificalioii by 

an the Main, 

queen dowager, regent of 

poo Uatthew it. oODCerninir 
1 of Christ, 1558. 

^aeme eonusel, addpeasad to 
a Scotland, 1556. 

to. used in ike eoglish oou- 

FainiUar episUes, 1565-^8. 

Letters Co hla brethren aad tlie lords profes- 
sing the tmth in Scotland. I55T. 

An apology for the pirotestants who are 
holdenin prison atParls, IKl. 

The flrat blast of the trampet against the 

A letler to the queen dowager, aagmented 
aud explained by the author, 1558. 

Tha appellation from the sentence pro. 
nounoed by the bishops and clergy, 1553. 

A letter addressed to the commonalty of 
Scotland, 155S. 

Anthony Gilby's aamonition to England and 

. 5, A letter to mr. John Foie, at Basel 3 
An answer to the cavilLiiloD n d 

sary reBpe«iiuiE the doctrine p ed tiaa- 

tiOD, 1560. 
An epistle to the inhahilanta H w 

andBerwiok, I55a 
A brief eiboi'tatiou 1o £ngaiid th 

speedy embracing of the go p 1, 553 
The names of the martyrs in th manan 

. e. part 1. Biograpbieal prefaee, 1> DaHd Laing 

ett«rs chieny relH' 
the refhrmatlon in 

elating io the 

the progress of 

he reasoning betwixt tbe abbot of C 
ragnell and John Kuoi, oouceruing 

acraments, etc. approved and received by 
ibe churcb of Seotlaml. 1564. 

The order of the general fiist^ and tJie form 
of excommnnication, approved by the gen- 
eral assembly of the clinrah ot Scotland, 

An answer to a letter written by James 

I.ettera, etc. dnriag the later period of 

Knox's life, 1.163-T3. 
Appendix, coutaioiug additional not«s and 

Kobelt (Wilhelm). Catalog der im euro- 
paischen fannengebiet lebenden binnen- 
conchylien. Mit beaonderer beriiekaich- 
tigung der in Eossmassler's sammlung 
enthaltenen aiten. xvi, 150 pp. 16°. 
Cassel, T. KscAw, 1371. a 

Fauna dor nassauischeo. mollusken. 

Aus den jalirbliohcrn dea Nassau iachen 
vereins flic natnrkunde. SS6 pp. 9 pi. 
8°. WicKladen, J. Niedner, 1871. s. 

db, Google 


Ko oh (Rosalie). UoUy aud mistletoe. Tales 
translated from tUe germau. By Traaer- 
raantel. 3 p. 1. 349 pp. G col. pi. 16°, 
JSo»toti, Crosby, Nickols 4- im. 1860. 

Koechlln-Schlnmberger (J.) and Schim- 
per (Wiihelm Pbilipp). MSraoire snr le 
terrain de traoBition des Yos^es. Fartie 
g&>logique, par J. Kceclilin-Schluniljei'ger. 
Partie pal6)tttologic[oe par Wm, Pli. 
Selaimper, 3 p. 1. 483 pp. 30 pi, 4°. 
Bhatboia-g, veave Berger-Lem-aalt, 1863. e. 
natnSillM de StraBWg]. " ' ™ aciencea 

Kolil (Johanu Qeorg). Austria. Vienna, 
Prague, etc. S p. 1. 9-104 pp. 8°. Pkil- 
a^lpMa, Careij 4- Mart, 1844, 

Koninck (L. G. de, ni. d.) Notivellos re- 
cliercbes snr les animaas fossiles da ter- 
rain oarboniftre fie la Belgique, corapre- 
nant la ulaasi&catiou m^thodiqiie et la 
ejnonjmie de toutes lea espies connaes, 
ainsi qne la desoriptiou et les fignres des 
espfeeea nouvellea on mal d6fluie8. le par- 
tie. [Poljpea]. 2 p. 1. iv, 178 pp. 8 1. 15 
pi. 4°. BruxelUs, F. Hoijez, 1873. 
ft'ofa.— Extrait Aa tome S9 des MSmnires de VAa 
Himla royale des aeiencea, [etc) de BelgLq^oe. 

Koninklljb instituut van ittgeuieurs. St 
Hague (The). 

Koae (Rndolpli &.) Milwaukee. 474 pp. 1 
pi. 8°. Mitviaaliee, Wis., SchneV^D-essBn- 
draek des " Herold," 1871. 

KosBUth (Lnjos). Eosentb in New Eng- 
glaufi: a fnU account of the huugarian 
governor's visit to Massacbusette ; witb 
bis speeches, and the addresses that were 
made to hiu), carefully revised and cor- 
rected. Witb an appendi:c. Tii, 343 pp. 
portrait. 8°. Boston, J. F.Jeweit^-eo.lS^Z. 

Kost (Jobn, m. d.) Domeatie medicine. A 
treatise on the practice of medicine, adapt- 
ed to the reformed system, oompriamg a 
materia raedica. 624 pp. 8°. Cin^mtati, 
MeUck 4- Biinn, 1868. 

Kotzebue (August Friedrich Ferdinand 
von). The sufferings of the fiimily of Or- 
tenberg. A novel. Translated from the 
german, Tjy P. Will. 2 v. in 1. 154 pp ; 
160 pp. 13°. Philadelphia, J. Biorenjor 
S. 4- F.Biee, ISOO. 

Zaida ; or, the dethronement of Mu- 

hamed IV. A novel, founded on historic 
facts. [Also], Tho beautiful unknown, a 
dramatic history. [From the german], 
by Charles Smith. 1 p. 1. 5-213, 50 pp. 
16°. New-York, Burnlon # Darling, 1811. 

celni qu'on 

Erafit (Georg Wolfgang). Description et 
representation exacte de la maison de 
k St. P^tersbourg au niois 
1740, et de tous les meublea qui 
avec quelques remarques snr 
n^ral, et partionli^renient sur 
sentl oette mSme ann^ dans 
toute rEurope. Traduit de I'allemand, 
par Pierre Louis Le Roy. 32 pp. 1 1. 6 pi. 
folded. 4°. Si. Petersbourg, de Vimpnmeyie 
de I'acaMmie dee aeieaeea, 1741. 

Kratteir (Charles V. m. d.) The Poles In 
the United Statoa of America, preceded by 
the earliest history of the Slavonians, and 
by the history of Poland. 3 p. 1. iv, 196 
pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Kiderlen 4- Sloll- 
mei/er, 1837. 

Eraus or Kraase (Johauu Ulrich). Tapis- 
series du roy, oh sout representea leaquatre 
S14meua et les quatre aaiaons. Avec les 
devises qvi les accompagnent &. leur ex- 
plication. 2 eugd. tit. 2 p. 1. [142] pp. 43 
pi. fol. lAiigaparg, 1690], 

Erauss (Ernst Carl Friedrich), Elements 
of german grammar. 3d revised ed. xv, 
133 pp, 12°. Bosloa, Tkompeon, Bigelow 
4 Brown, 1872. 

First book in german. 9d ed. 5 p. 1. 

158 pp. 13°, Boston, Thompson, Bigeloiv 
4- Brown, lSr8. 

Krauth (Harriet Reynolds). Churcb book, 
for the nae of evangelical lutheran congre- 
gations. Withmnsio. Published with the 
recommendation of the general council. 
8 p. I. 135, 469 pp. sra. 4°. Philadelphia, 
Lutheran booh store, [1872], 

ErebB (Johann Philip). Guide for writing 
latin ; consisting of rules and examples for 
practice. From the german, hy S. H. 
Taylor. xi,479pp. 12°. Jwdowr, [jlfoss.] 
Allen, Morrill 4- Wardwell, 1843. 

EreSt (Gerard). The snakes of Australia; 
an illustrated and descriptive catalogue of 
all the known species, xxv, 100 pp. 13 col. 
pi, 40. Sydneg, T. Richards, gov't printer, 

Eretchmer (E.) The american hee-keep- 
guide ; a new edition of The bee-keep- 
guide book. 244 pp. sq. 18°. Chi- 
1, Wabash sfeaia printing house, [1873]. 

KrllofF (Ivan Audtievich). Fables russes 
tiroes du reonoi! do m. Kriloff, et imit^es 
en vers franfais et italiens par divers au- 
teurs; pr^c^d^ea d'une introduction fran- 
faise de m. L^montey, ot d'une priSfaue 

db, Google 


Kriloff (Ivan Au.lrioviebJ-couUiiae.l. 
JtitliBUue de m. Salfi, Publi^es par m. le 
eonite [GriSgoiiro] Orloff. 2 v. . 3 p. 1. Ixi, 
«45 pp. 2 !. 3 pi; 3 p. 1. 3J8 pp. 2 1. 2 pi. 
S°, Paris, Boasaitge, 1835. 

Tlie same. Fables de m, J. Krylof. 

Trailuites Ha rasse, d'aprGs I'Sdition com- 
plete de 1825. Par Hippolyte Masolot. 
5 p, 1, V, 370 pp. 8°. Moeean, A. Saiien, 

KrlsB Kringle's cliristraas ttce. A lioliilay 

LQd girl 



pp. aq. 16°. riiiladdjihia, E. Ferrett 4- co. 

Kranleln (E. W.) Die offeDC wLindboliaud- 
lung nacli crifthrtingen. a«s doi" ebinw- 
gislieii klinik za Ziirich. 1 p. 1. 139 pp. 
1 tab. 4°. Zurich, ZUrchet- f Futi-er, 
1872. 8. 

KrusidsM (Jitdnsz TlaHmis^., 9. j.) Biiriclit 

Tou dem letitarn aauocli wivbi'endeni 

fcrieg im kiiaigteich Peraien, [1725]. 

[In M"bdb <Dct) wdt-lwtt. fol. ..Auasjim-a, P., 

M.<6J. YMaiarUa,113Jl. T.3,paTtl8,pp.l-1511. 

Kiyoayfiaki (J, N.) Tbe recovery of Po- 
land. 2 p. L 9-323 pp. 12". FliiliuleJiMa, 
Ki'ya^jasM 4- WaeiUmU, 1847. 

Krylof. See Ktilof 

Kngler (Fi'anz Theodov). A linitdbook ol 
theliiatory of painting. Partii. The ger- 
man, flemiab, and dutch scliools of palDt- 
ing. TranHlated from tiie germaii, by a 
lady. Edited, witb notes, by sir Edmnnd 
Head, lii, 377 pp. 12°. London, J. Mur- 
ms, 1S16. B. 

KiiliiiGr (Raplioel). An elementary gram- 
mar of tlie greek language, and an appen- 
dix on tbe bomerio verse and dialect. 
From tbe germau, by S. H. Taylor, xii, 
:i55 pp. 12°. ^H^oi'fii', [itfass.] Allen, 
Mornll 4 Wm-dioell, 1846. 

Elementary grammar of the latin 

language, 'with a aeries of latin and tax- 
glisb exercises for traoslatioji and a ool' 
lection of latin reading lessons, 'witb tlie 
reciuiaite vooabnlariea. Translated from 
tbe german by J. T. Cliamplio. 384 pp. 
12°. Boston, J. Maaroe ■{■ co. 1845. 

Kiihner'B latin exercise book ; intro- 

dnctory to bis latin grammar. Translated 
and romodellecl by J. T. Cliamplin. vi, 
145 pp. 12°, BohIoh, I'kiUips, Snmpgon ■[- 
CO. 1851. 

Kunkel (C.) Essay on tbe use of varions 
.■vlloys, for the founding of cannon, 1872. 
Spe Moatefiore-IiEvy (C.) and Kunkel, 


Ktittz (Jobaun Iloiuricb). Text-book of 
eburch history. [From tbe tliinl german 
ed. (Ediubnrgh. traualation), improved 
from the fourth oiigiual ed. By J. H. A. 
Bomberger]. 2 v. 18, 36-^4 pp ; xii, 
27-454 pp. &\ J'hUaMtma, LbuUay 4 
Blaiigtoii, 1853. 

Ku3rpera (Gerard, editor). Sec All ben 
Abu Taleb. Carmioa. 

L. (E.L.) «(!eLaaBelle(Mr8. E. L.) 

L. (L.) SeePratt (I. Loring). 

L. (L. E.) See Landon (L. E.) 

L. (M. A.) The young student'^ eonipaiiioii, 
or elementary lessoua and exorcises iu 
translatiog fV'oin engliah into frenob. 
[fljiutt.] 3d ed. 180 pp. ia°. Phila/!i:l- 
phia, Siaitlh ^ English, 1853. 
Nole.—'Peetsae aabeoiibad M. A, L. 

L. (8. W.) Whisperings from life's shore ; 
a bright shell for children, [otion.] viii, 
160 pp. 16°. Boston .(■ Cambiidi/e, J. Man- 
roe 4 co. IS lH. 

Laar (G. van). Magaxiju van tuinsiera!^ 
den. Of verzameling van modellen van 
aauleg en aicraad, yoor groote en kletne 
lust-liovon, voornamelijk van dezulke die, 
mot weinig kosten, te maalcea zijn. 2 v. 
3 p. 1. iv, 130, viii pp; 190 pi. 4°. Am- 
sterdam, J. de Buyter, [1802]. 
JVd(s.— pp. 31-33 lire omitteil in tbe Uiigiiiatinii of 
tlie text. 

Labagh (Kev, Isaac P.) Twelve lectures on 
the great events of unfalflUed prophecy, 
which still await their aocomplishinent, 
and are approaching their fuIAllnton.':. 
288 pp, 13°. Nmv Twk, author, 1859. 

Labbs (Pbilippe, 8. j.) Eruditie pronnntia- 
tionis oatliolioi indices. Opns omnibus, 
qui latino loqni, reoitare, ao perorare de- 
bent, onmino necossarinm. Ab E. Leedes 
rooensiti. 3 p. 1. 191 pp. 16°. Londiai, 
J. Hughs ij>ro\ J. 4 J. liivlngton, 1751. 

La B^doUifere (Euiile Giganlt de). His- 
toire de la mftre Michel et de son chat. 
Aveo nne priSfaee et un vocabnlaire, par 
mme. C. R Corson. 134 pp, 16°. I'Mla- 
delphia, .V, Zegpoldt, 1865. 

Labile (Jacques). Couronae po^tique do 
NapoMon-le-grand ; on choi.t de po&ies 
compos^es en son honuenr. [Aveo nne 
table des auteurs], viii, 458 pp. 5 1. por- 
trait. e°. Pnris, A. Bei-frund, 1807. 
IXAroi,Ho:i painpliipts, v, 1|, 

d by Google 


Laborde (Alexauilro Louis Jusepli, itoaite 
(le). Deaoripoii^ii de iiu pavimento on 
mosayco d«soii1)ierto eu la antigua It^lica, 
hoi Santiponce, en las cercanias do Sevilla, 
a«compaGatla oou Yatias investigaciones 
Holire la pintura en mosayco de los luiti- 
guoa y eobre loa monnmect«s de este 
geuero ineditoa. Eogd. tit. 1 p. 1, 103 pp. 
ai pi. fol. Paris, 1806. 

Labrador (El) argentiiio, revista de agii- 
eultura, pastoreo, economia rural y do- 
iiilsticft, artes y ofl-cioa. 2a ed. Bevisada 
y aumenlada, con el informe del eomiaio- 
nado de agrionltiira de los E. U. 435 pp. 
13 1. (cats), 5 pi. B". Buenos Aires, imp. 
Hei or^eii, 1867. 

Labrosse (Joseph, kninoa m j^i-e Ange 3e 
St. Joseph). Gazoplj jiaeiam lingnia Persa- 
lom, triplicl lingaarum clavi ItalicEe, lati- 
na>, gallicee nee non specialibna prieceptis 
ejusdem lingaae reseratum. Engd. tit. 9 
p. 1. IS, 474 pp. 19 1. fol. Amatdodami, ei 
ojgiciiidJamonio-Waesbergimia, 1684. 

La Caille (Nieolaa Lonis de), Aatto- 
nomite ftindamBnta novlBflimia solia et 
Btellaium observation bua stabilita Lute- 
tisB in coUeg o n Tzirmjeo et n Africa ad 
capat Boast Spei pera«t g a N oolas-Ludo- 
vico de la Ca lie 4 i 1 "44 pp. 4°. 
PariHia, J. J H CoUon bat 1 7. 


La Clieaiiaye (Kieulas do). La comdamiia' 
oiou de Ijanetinet, Moraliti! [yers a. d. 
r/ii L\cnoTi (P,) Keoueil du fareoa &a iSa sitcle. 

16°. rai-is,lSSO. pp. 807-454]. 

La Clfede (~ de, d. 173(i). Histoire g6a6- 
rale de Portngal. [Jnsq'il, 1713]. 2 v. 
16 p. 1. 783 pp. 1 map ; 18 p. 1. 844 pp. 1 
map. 4°. Paris, P. F. Giffm-f, 1735, 

Kote.-Oa\j a 

>o Aleuds of (he a 

n prill 

ocl fill 

La Calprenfede (Gauthier de Costes,sdgneHi 
de). Cassandra: the fam'd roiiiauce, the 
whole worlir in fire pavta. Written orig- 
iually in freneh, and now elegantly cen- 
dr«d into english by sir Charlea Cotterell. 
[aiKm,] Engd. tit. 5 p. 1. r>76 pp, ful. 
LoMon, P. Parker, 1676. 

Laoaea (Pedro), Poesias y eacritoa, o8, ^4 
pp. 8°. Biieiioe Jii-es,iiii]). (JeT.a dlamiaioa, 
1870. s. 

,Vfl(a.— In this volume are mutainea"Vidainlirt(ir 
y politioa del general argentono A. Juan La. 
voile," (354 pp.) with a pmbct tlUe-nagB, oud 
" Eio^rafEa del brie', ^m. d. Hiffoel Estnnalfto 

La Chaese ( — de, s, j.) Brief r, patris de la 
Cliasse dern missionea der gesellsohafft 
.lesu in Neu-Frankrcich obersteu vorste- 
hers. An einen gewiaaen priester aiis ge- 
dachter aocietiit zn Paris. Gescliriheii ku 
Kebec den 29 ootohris, 1734. 
{In Neue (Der) wel 

iO M]. 

Afig^nrg . 

4, pp. 

fonae, JnBqn'i eelw da iiom Joan 111, In- 

3. L^s ri^snaa do ^ebaatioii, dn Philippe li. &c. 
jnaqu'i celiu iln iiii Joan iV preaeut regii- 

Laoonr (Lonia, editor). [Deux pi6ces im5- 
ditea, viK :] Mfimoive dv voiage en Eiis- 
sie fait en 1586 par Jehan Savvage avivi 
de l'exp6dition de Fr. Drate en Am^rique 
fi la mfeine ^por[iie [voiage de sievr 
Drach]. FuljIiiSs poor la premifere fois 
d'apriis les maunscrits de la bibliothgc[ne 
impSriale, par Lovis Lacovr. x, 30 pp. 
Ifio. Paris, A. Avhry, 1855. 
[TiifiBoa (Le) de pifees rares m\ in6ditea], 

Lacour (Pierro). iEIoiin, on les dieiix do 
Moise, 2 V. in 1. sxxiv, 336 pp. 6 pi ; 2 
p. \. W, 404 pp. 30 id, tP. llor&eaux, J. 
Teychencji, 1839. 

Laoroix (Fri5d&-ic). Les myatferes de la 
Eussie, tableau politiq^ne et moral de I'em- 
piro tnsse. Ouvrago I'^digd d'aprfca les 
inaunacrita d'nn diplomate et d'nn Toya^ 
goiir. 2 p. 1. 472 pp. 2 1. 29 pi, portrait. 
8°, Pw-is, Pagnerre, 1845. 

Lacroix (Jean Frangoia de). Diotionnaire 
portatif des femmes cflfebrea, contenant 
I'hisloire des femmes aa.vantea, des a«tri- 
ces, & g^mSralement des dames qni ae aont 
leudues fameuses dana tons lea alleles, par 
lenra aventures, lea talons, I'esprit & le 
courage. Nonv. ^d.revne &. conaid^raWe- 
ment angment<5e. [anon.] 3 v. iv, 808 
pp; 1 p. 1.724 pp. 16°. ParU, Betin 4- 
YoUaiHl, 1788. 

Laoroix (Panl), The arts in the middle 
ages, and at the period of the renaissance. 
[Translated from the frencli, 2d ed. and 
edited, with notes, by Jamea Daffome]. 
lis, 530 pp. 19 chromolith. 8". London, 
CVjnHflB if- Hall, 1870. 

Paris ridicalo et burleac[ue an dix- 

aeptiemo sifecle. Par Le Petit, Berthod, 
Searroii, F. Colletet, IJoilean, etc. Nonv. 

db, Google 


Laci'oix (Paul)— -uoutiuueJ. 
i5tl.revne et ooiTig^o avoo dea iiotuM par P. 
L. Jacob, Ijibliopliile. [pscHiJflJi.] 3 p. 1. 
ssiv, 371 pp. lip. I'ui-is, A. Delahai/s, 

SCAKEiM (W la folre SiJu( 

Eeoneil de farees, Botica et ujolalitfe 

(In quiuzi^me siuole, r^uiiies poor la pre- 
miure fois et pnbli^ea avoo ties uotices et 
des notes par P L JtcoIj |JM«iidon.] 2 
p. Lssxis, 455rp 16" Paris, A.Dela- 
littije, 1859. 
[BluuOTH^qiE ^nlolsel 

III GasssskfE IKlculaB de) La co iiilamuaclon He 
lianiquet, |Aersl5OT] pp iHT-lul. 

— MoraUte de I'avengle et du boite 
Maibtbb Kerre PaOieltn. [Faros 

I, [14%]. 

J ^«) Pfttlielin. , 

pp. ii»-na. 

TEBTiUEST (le) de Patliolin. [] 
onim,] pp.n5-S10. 

J'ote The fissares in liraokets rcfo 

tlie oompoaitioii. 

Laoiois (SilTEstre Francois) and B6zout 
(Etieune). An elomeutaiy treatise on 
plaue and spbericftl trigoiiomett*; ; and on 
the application of algebra to geometry. 
I'rom tie matbematicB of Laorois and 
Beaout Ti-mshtefl fiom. the fcenoh 3d 
ed V, l[5pp 5 pi t^ Iioalmi HiUiai-d, 
Giay f CO 1S33 

La Ciolx ( — s ; ) Btscliitibu ig dLsa ge- 
genwirhgen ynstauds der giiecliaimen- 
nud maromtiscbeu sowohl kiiclien als 
dienstbaikeit in der Piiiokey Sobnfffclioli 
verfassot anno 16<tl getlruekt 7n Pariss 
1695, liud abermal antgelegt im jahr 
1715 Jetzt zirni erstennial i eitentBclit, 
Tind vielfiiltig VBibPSstit von p Josepho 

[ZnlfBUElDoOftcltLult. lol lujtpi I P M. 
it J YstXhseel erbei HJj t J parbiD ^4 pu. 

ZiacxOLS. de Rochambeau (ALbiUe) 'iee 

Iiactantiua Finoiaiiua (Lii(,iii8 C [lui-i or 
CiEGilius). lb iinuani Laotnntii opeia Ad 
optimornm librorum lidem emendavit et 
cum sfilccta lectioTiiiiii yarictate ediilit 0. 


Iiactantiua Firniiauus (L. C.) — coutinued. 
F. Fritzsobe. 3 t. si, 276 pp ; sii, 311 pp. 
12°. Lipeiae, B. Tauchititz, Jan. 1642-44. 

■(GKR9D0RF (E. G.) ElbliotliHift patnim oeclfal- 
asticoraiu latiDomm selects, v. 10-llJ. 

V. I. Inatttutionnm dh-inarum liljri v. prioroa. 

v.S. lustltQtiomim div. 1. 8 & T. Epitome. Iil>. 
de apifioia Doi ; L de ice, Dei ; L Oe moctibue 
peteeoiitoruni ; ftagmeulai caimina. 
The same. Tbe works of Lactantiua. 

'IVanslated by William Fletober, d, d. 2 v. 

sii, 487 pp; 2 p. ]. 240 pp. %°. Ediii- 

TiurgTi, T, ^ T. Clarh, 1871. 

[ AsTE-siOESE ehrlatfan liliravy, v. Sl-!«] . 

Ladreyt (Caaimir). Eepertorj of i'l'onob 
literatnre, from tlieoriK'i of the laugiiage. 
[Ot], Repertoire de litt^ratnre franjaise, 
depuia I'origine de la langne. sii, 473 pp. 
12=. PMailelpMa, Gilion, FairchiU 4- eo. 

Lady's almanac fui- IS73. (v. 20). S4°. 
Boiioa, G. J. CooUdge, [1872]. 

Lady's (The) friend. Edited by mrs. Hen- 
ry Peteraon. [MouthlyJ. Jan. to dec. 
1H72. V. 9. 8". PliiladelpMa, Deaooa 4- 
Feieraoii, [1872]. 

Laenneo (Kenl Th^opbile Myaeintbe). Note 
snr nne nonvelle eepfece de hernie, qne I'ou 
poiivroit appeler extra-p^rlton^ale. 
[In Scarpa (Antonie). Traits prataqoe des lioi- 
uiea. if. Farle,aaban,ieiS. pp. 3a7-413J. 

La Payette (Maiie Madeleine Pioche de la 

Yorgne, coiittesse )U). Henrietta, princess 

royal of England, daughter of king Charles 

I. An historical novd. From the french. 

xii, 166 pp. 16°. Dublin, .7. lilee, 1796. 
La priucesse de Clbves, viit, 238 pp. 

16°. Paris, E. Pieard, 1853. 

[Convene eolleotioa J^net]. 
Lafond (Gabriel, de Larog). Qiniiize ana de 

voyages autour da monde. 2 v. 346 pp ; 

2p. 1.380 pp. Paris, Society dea puilicatioiiii 

fosmopolitei, 1840. 

[Imperfect 1 wonliDg tUo (4) plateo]. 

La Fontaine (Jean de). Contcs et uoii- 
>elles [en vers]. Nonv. 6Ci. revue et cor- 
ligSe d'apris lea manuscrita et los <Sdtttons 
originalea, avec toutes les vattantes ct 
pliisienrs contea iniSdits. AccompaguiSo du 
notes et pr^cM^e de I'histoire de la vie et 
des ouvragea de La Fontaine, par Mathieu 
Mai'ais. 2 p. I. ei, 480 pp. portrait. WK 
Paris, A. iJe?aJia^s, 1856. 
lEuirjOTHfiiiuB gauloiee]. 

The same. Avec pri5fa<ie, uotcw et 

glosaaico, par in, I'ierre .Tamiet. 2 v. yIM, 

db, Google 

LA FO^'TAIX]':. 

La Fontaine (Jeau da) — coutiumjd. 
232 pp ; 19.2 pp. 16°. Paris, E. Tktird, 

Fables choisies, luisoa oa vors. Aveo 

iiti nouveau coiuiuentaire par ill. Coste. 
Nuiiv. ^il. 2t. iul. xxKvi, 166pp; 286 
pp. 16°. Parle, la oompagnie, 1763. 

Tlie same. Fablea <le La Fontaine, 

avee lies notes Ijstociquea, mythologiquea 
et grammatioales, ikl'ufw^edeB colleges et 
<lei3 dooles. Par 1\ Sales, si, 330 pp. 18°. 
Boston, J. Manroe <?■ me. 1838. 

The same. [Kevus par ruuteiii]. 

Aveo preface, uotes et glosaaire, par ni. 
Pierre Janiiet 2 v. xvi, 175 pp ; 220 pp. 
16". Paris, E. Pioai% 1868. 
[Xonvelle oolieotion Jannet). 

IiafoBse. See ToucIiard-'Lafoeae. 

Lagr€e (Ernest Marc Louis de GouzaifUB 
Doudart de). Voyage d'exploration ea 
Indo-Cliine. See Gamier (Francis). 

Laing {Mre. C. H. B.) Tlie seven kings of 
the seven hills. 244 pp. 4 pi. 16". Phil- 
atklpliUi, Porter .J- Coalea, [1872]. 

Laing (David). Tlie Baonatyne miscellany ; 
coDtaiuing original papers and tracts, 
chiefly relating to tho history and litera- 
ture of Scotland, v. 3. [Edited by David 
Laing]. lii, 436 pp. 1 pi. 3 fao-airaa. 4°. 
Edinburgh, 1855. s. 

[Bannatysb olnb publications, no. 10. v. 3|. 

Koyal letters, charters, and tracts, 

relating to tho colouizatiou of New Scot- 
land, and the iastitntion of the order of 
knight baronets of Nova Scotia. 1621- 
16;!8. [Edited by David Laing]. 5 p. 1. 
[357] pp. 17 1. portrait, 1 fae-sini. 2 maps, 
4". EdiHburgJi, im7. s. 

[BAXSATyKBclnbirabUoatioua, uo. IH]. 

a 1500; 
[1 notis bisto- 
Q illnstranti- 
?; 2 p. 1.464 
a Kl filiiim I'. 

a. Novaaeotia. The Mine's patent to sir William 
Aleianiler, knight, fin: tha planlaticm of Now 
Scotland in AmsriOB, and biB proceedings 
tboieiji. Land. 1S3S. 

^. An encDTraaramont to colonioa, Ijy sir Williai 
Alexander. Zand. Ifi34. 

i, EnooTFaeemeutB ftir vuder-lakere |at| oape'Br 
ton, noiT Wbw Galloway in Anierita by rat 
r^Eobert Gordon of] locMnvar. Bdinh.Wi^. 

5. cWterMinlBtinjnnder the srsat Heal granted 
to sir William Alexioider ofMcnstcie, and sir 
Bohert Gordon of Locbinvar, of bmfla in '" 
Scotia. ICiil-ieat!. 

Laing: (Sidney Herbert). Darwiuisw re- 
futed. An essay on inr. Darwin's theory of 
" The descent of man." 78 pp. 16". I^ia- 
doii, E. Sloel;, 1871. 

Iiaire (Frautois XavLcr). ludes iibrornm 

ab invonta typograpbia ad a 

chronologice dispositus ci 

riain typogrnphioo-litterar 

bus. a V. 3 p. 1. viii, 475 

pp. 8". SaiiaaiH, apod nJA 

HariUini Tarl^, 1791. 
Lake (The) and the desert; or, miss ion ary 

adventures in sou thern Africa, [ohoii.] 

239 pp. 9 pi. porfcr ait, 1 map. 16". Fllil- 

addphia, Am. ». s. anioii, [1860]. 
Lateaiae (Tiio) monthly. July to dee. 1872, 

V. 8. 8". Chicayn, Univcrsifj/ piibtisMug co, 

La Lands (.losepli J^i'uuie Le Francis de). 

Bibliographie astronomiqne; aveo I'his- 

toire de I'astrouomie, depnis 1781 jusijn'ii 

1802. 2 p. 1. viii, 916 pp. 4". Paris, imp. 

de la r^piibllque, 180d. 

jVbfo.— Table of autbora attlie unfi. 

Lalla Eookh (The) songstar, and a clioiuu 
collection of the songs of the day. [onoii.] 
119 pp. 21". ..Veil! Yoi-].; Fiahm- ^- Deniaan, 

Lamarck ( Chevalier Jean Uapt iste Pierre An- 
toine de Monet de). Syst^me des nnimaux 
sans vertebres, on tableau gi^nSral des 
classes, des ordres et des genres de ccs 
auimanx ; pr6c&16 du disoours d'ouverturo 
du conrs de zoologie. viii, 4:t2 pp. 8 tab. 
fol. B". Pm-is, Taatcm; 1801. 

Lamartino (Alphouse Marie Louis Prat, dit 
Alpbonsa de). GroaieOa. Translated 
from the fcouch, by S. C. B. 203 pp. 12°. 
Pkiladelpkia, J. B. LipxiiiimU tf eo. 1S72. 

Lectures pour tons, on extraits des 

nruvrea giSnfirales do Lamartine, choisis, 

destine et publifis par loi-mflme, ft I'usago 

de toutes les families et de touts las il£OS. 

viii, 600 pp. porti-ftit. 18". Paris, Grosact, 


[IiniHii'foefc ; wanting a p. L ino. title J. 

La Martiniere (Pierre Martin (In), .s'ei! 

Lame Letty, or " bear ye one another's bur- 
dens." By the author of " Annandalo," 
[etc. aitoji.] 161 pp. 1 pi. 18=. Phii^ 
adglpkia, I'resbjjleriaa, baard of puUloalioii, 


La Mennais (Ungues l^'i^licitiS Eobert du), 
Tho people's own book. From the frenob, 
by Nathaniel Greene. 183 pp. 34<-\ lliis- 
ioit, C. a UiUe ^ J. Brown, 1839. 

La'mert (Samuel). La conservation de soi- 
mflme, traits medical sur raJfaiblisseinenl. 

db, Google 


Ls'inert (Sainiiel) — coutioned. 
et les maladies tloa organes gi^iiitaiis. 
Tradnit de I'auglaia (aaetfil.) 2 p.I.lTS 
I)p. 2 1, 2 pi. folded. 12°. Bnixtlhii, 1848, 
liaiiiotlie-Laiigoii (I^tieoDe Ldou Lamothe 
Houdauooiirt, liaroa de). Si>ii'68B deCharlea 
X, recneilliea et niises ca oi-dre par m. le 
dQO, de *••, antunr dos soinSes <Ie Lonis 
XVIII. [fliroH.] 3v. 9p.l. 383pp;2 
p. I. 367 pp. 8°. Pans, «j)f(c«ma«n, 1836. 

Soirees de s. a. r.le due tie Bordenns, 

Henii do Franco: publiiSes Bur des doOTi- 
iiientB oiitlieDtic[aes et in^dits pai un roj- 
iilisto quaod mSme et rsTnes par v.n aaci- 
eii miiiistre d'fitat. [aiiow.] 2 v. 9 p. 1. 
xxvii, 347 pp ; 2 p. ], 398 pp, 8°. I'aHg, 
Diibey, 1840. 

Laioour (Jeao). lleuneil dcB oiivrages cu 
aerrnrcrie que Btanislaa le Lieu&ueant, Toy 
<le Fologne, a fait poser aur la place lojaie 
de Nancy, it la gloire dc Lonia le l>iou 
a\m6 ; avec no diaeoura snr I'art de la ser- 
I'ni'erio et plusieuca antres dessiiia do aoi: 
inrenlian. Engd. tit. 1 p. 1. 8 pp. 35 pi. | 
M. Fm-iB, A. Levi), [«6oui 1860] ! 
yote— Orfginal iinprlumtnr aated 1T6I, 

tiameon (iien.Alvaii). SermoBS. vii, 424' 
pp. 12°. BostoB, Ci-oshi;, NielMls <f' ra. 1857. 

Ziancastei: beobacliter, [WooljenWatt]. 
24 april, 1830, uiul api-il 13, 1832, Ijis o,priI 
4, 1834. V. 1-2 in 1 v. fol. LnHcnsta; 
(I'eim.) S. Wm«i'>; 1830-34. 
[WantiBg ibpril ST. aaajaoy. SB, ISJiJ. 
.Vote.—'So mmB pnbllHhBil, Uiflted withlliv 
CAtmtB ToHiBneimd. uud IjeoUaOhtcr. 

Lancereau (Edonai-d). See Hitopadeaa. 

Iiaudenberger (G. F.) Kirclion-clicive. Bi- 
ne aammlnng dor l>eliebt«steu nnd beaten 
gesangsttieke flir kireliliclie gefiaiig-ver- 
eiiie. 235 pp. obi. 8°. rhilndeljyMa, J. 
mollis; 1868. 

Lander (Sarali W,) Spectiicius fur jonng 
eyes. Ziirioh, 205 pp.0 pi. 16^^. Boilmi, 
Walker, Wise J'- a>. 1864. 

Landeia, Praiy & Clark (A'eiu lirilahi, 
('«««.) Illiisti'nted catalogue and price 
list of table cutlery aud lianlwaco, manu- 
factured l>y [them]. 2JJ2pp. fol. Itlm-l- 
fonl, ir. C. Matchinijs ■;■ eo. 1969]. 

Landi. See Lando. 

Landia (Eobert W.) Tlie doctiiuo of tlie 
resurrection of tlie body assorted and de- 
fended; au ansirer to the exceptions re- 
cently preaontetl by rev, George Bash. 
379 pp. ia°. FliiMelphia, Feriins .;■ 


Landis (Simon M. d. d.) An entirely new 
feature of a tbrilling novell entitled, Tbe 
social war of tbe year 1900 ; or, tbe con- 
spirators and lovera ! 401 pp. 12''. Fltil- 
udeTpMa, "Landia publiehing soctetij," 1873. 

Iiando 01' Xiandi (Ortenaio). Sotte libri do 
catlialoghi a vaiie ooae upparteaenti, noii 
!JOlo antiobo, ma anclte moderue : opera 
vtilo uiolto alia bistoHa, et da cvi pcender 
ateria di favellare d'ogni propoaito 

, GMita 

9 pp. 


« /,-«t^m. 

1 Iiaudon (Lotltia Eliaa1)etli, <ifliiricarils mrs. 
; McLean). Tlie golden violet, witli its tales 
j of romance and chivalry; and other po- 

eraa. ByL.E.L. [ftwOH.] 344pp. 12°. 

I'hilagelpMa, H. C. Cai-ej) 4- 1. Lea, 1837. 
Landoii (Melville D.) Saratoga in 1901. 

I!y Eli Perkins. \_psendoii.~}i Illustrated by 
' Arthur l.nmloy. vii, 250 pp. 12°. Ntas 

York, Sheldon <?■ ea. 1873. 
Lando'WTier (The). Ajoumalofrealesfate, 

building and improvement. [Monthly]. 

Jan. 1870, to dec. 1372. v. 2-4. 4° and fol. 

Chicago, J. M. Watg ^- eu. [1870-72]. 

NoH. — Inooniplele; ■ 

i\ad a™i 

to deo. 18T1. 

LaiidrS-Beauvaia (Augnatin Jacob). Sd- 
mi^iotique, on traits des ajgnea des mala- 
dies. 2e iSd. revne, oorrigiSe et augment^e. 
xxvi, 038 pp. S\ Fai-h, J. A. Itmsson, 

Ziaiidretb (KeD. P.) Life and ministry of 
the rev. Adam Tliomaon, d. d, Coldstream, 
aud hia labours for free and cheap bible 
priuting. By hia aon-in-la'w. xi, 624 pp. 
8°. Edinburgh, A. Elliot, 1869. 

Iiaud-wirthachaftlichea wochenblatt iiir 
Sehlesivjg-Holsteiu. Jahrgang 1871. [Her- 
nusgegebon durcb die direction des Sohlea- 
w ig-holsteiuiaohen landwirtbsohaft. geii- 
eralvereins, untor redaction des geuernl- 
spcrefairs F. A. Haob in Kiel. 4". Kiei, 
A. F. Jensmi, 1871, 

Lane (Ree. Benjamin I.) The mysteries of 
tobacco. With au introductory letter ad- 
dressed to the hou. J, Q, Adams, by tbe 
rev. S. H. Cox. 1 p. 1. 185 pp. 12°. Sew 
i'oi'k, Wiln-u tf' Fulnam, 1845, 

Lane (jB«is. James Fillabury.) Historical 
Bket«hea of the first congregational church, 
Bristol, E, I. 1637-1872. 1 p. 1. 12B pp, 
12°. Providence press coiHixoty, 1873, 

db, Google 

liaiifrey (Pierre), The history of Napoleon 
the first. [Fi-om the freuoh]. y. i. vii, 
610 pp. 8°. London, Moeiaillan if- co. 1873. 

Ziange (Joliann Peter, d. d.) A oommentiu-j 
ontheholyscupture^ 'j^Blble (7 jglisli) 

Tiie life of the loitX Jesns Chiiat 

a Eomplete ciitieal examination ot the 
oiigin canteuts ind connection ot the 
,!^pela Iranilited tiom. the aCimiii 
I^diteil with aMitional notes hy the lev 
Marcus Doda. 4 v. 8°. EdtnhargJi, T. # 
r. Clai% 1872. 

V. i. Translated Ly Sopliia Tajlor nuil J. B. Ry- 

V, a. Tranioktea liy J. E, Ejlauil aud M. C. Hiix- 

V. 3. Tcanslftted by tot. E. E. Wallia and rov. S. 

Y. i. TrflOBlatdl by rev. S. MaDsoii ami rev. K. 
Soil Ik. 

Laugevin {Hector L.) British Columbia. 
Eeport of the Jion. H. L. Langevin, c. b. 
minister of piihlio "works. Printed by 
order of patliamont, vi, 94fi pp. 8°. 
Otlaiva, J. B. Tayloi; 1873. s. 

Langllle (J. H.) Secrets revealed. 230 pp. 
4 pi, ICf. jfew York, Am. fraot sodely, 

Langley (Thomus). The liistoiy aud an- 
tiquities of tlie hundred of Deshoroagli, 
and deanery of 'Wycombe, in Bucking- 
hamshire; in oinding the borough towns of 
Wycombe wid Marlow, aud sixteen par- 
ishes. XV, 463 pp. 3 pi. 2 tab. 1 map fold- 
ed. i°. Loadoa, B. FaiiJder, [efo.] 1797. 

Ziang1;ofl (Peter). Peter Langtoft's chroni- 
cle, (as illustrated and improved by Eob- 
ert of Briinne) from the death of Cadwala- 
der to the end of king Edward the first's 
reign. 8°. [Oj^flii-d, ot tJie theah-e, 1724]. 
|7ii Hearse (T.) Works, ed. Oxford, 1124, v. 3, 
pp. 1-330; V. 4, pp. 331-S41). 

Lanman (Charles). Dictionary of the Unit- 
ed States congress, compiled as a mauuaj 
of reference for the legislator and states- 
man. [2ded.] 556pp. 8°. IWasMngtoii'l, 
GoverRTmat printing office, 1864. 
[Imperfect; ivantine pp. 5ai-aiH,5.'»-a3(i]. 

Lansmg (ilficA.) Brown's directory of Laos' 
ing, Michigan. Compiled and published 
by C. Esera Brown. 8°. Laiidng, W. S. 
George 4- co. 1873. 

Lanz (Carl), Maria, iinsere zufliicht. Voll- 
stiindigcs katholisches gebet- nnd an- 
dachtsbuch. 2te originalansg. 448, 48 pp. 
16 1. 4 pi. 24°. A'eio YorJc «. Cincinnati, 
ijdn-imr K. ,?■ X. Hcii:ig<r, IfifiT. 


Lauaa de Casalauza (Dr. F.) II p 
indnstriale agronomioo del secolo applicar 
to ai biaogni patij con illustrazioui inter- 
calate nel test*. 4 p. 1. 255 pp. 8°. 
Trieste, tipografia del Llogd aaaii-iaeo,ie70, b. 

Lape (Rev. Thomae). A manual of the 
christian atonement. 158 pp, 18°, Nate- 
York, M. W. Dodd, 1851. 

La Planolie (Louis Eeguier, aienr de). His- 
toii-e de I'estat de France, tant de la r^pub- 
lique que de la religion, sons le rDgne do 
FraJieoia II. Poblies par E<I. MeDDeohet. 
2 V. svi, 404 pp. inc. 1 pi ; 9 p. 1. 353 pp. 
13°. Paris, Techenei; 1836. 

Sniiano, vfiniticD, tonohant sou ninbassiwle de 
-'"" ' ■ •■ Bonier, 

rede Pari 

Laporte (Laurent). Sailing on the Sile. 
Translated ftom the frencli by Virginia 
Vaugliau. iv, 291 pp. 16°. JSoaion, Itoh- 
erts hrotJiers, 1873. 

Iiaporte(ThdodoreCharles,oojii<(;de). Speak- 
ing exercises, for the illustration of the 
rules and idioms of the french language. 
2d ed. viii, 13-153 pp. 12°. Boston, IV, 
J). Ticlinor <(■ co. 1847. 

The same. A key to the freuoh ox- 

eroises. 2d ed. 93 pp. 13°. lioeton, W. 
I>. JM'iioj-<E'to. 1847. 

Larolier (Pierre Henri). Esaai de ohrouoio- 
gie d'HiSrodofe. [Avec un canon clirouo- 
logiqne]. 8°. I'm'is, 1838. 

1 Jn Buenos (.J. A. C.) Cbols des liiwtorieiia unws, 

pp. 4eO-87J]. 
Lardier (Joseph Alexis) ami Barbarous 
(Charles Og<5). M^moires do Robert Guil- 
lemard, sergent en retraito, anivia de doou- 
mens historic[ues, la pliiparts intidits, de 
1.S05-23. [uNon.] 3 v. 3 p. 1. iv, 376 pp ; 

2 p. 1. 360 pp. 1 map, 8°. Paris, Iklafor- 
est, 18^. 

Iiardner (Nathaniel, d. rf.) A letter written 
the year 1730, oonoerning the question, 
whether the logos supplied tlie place of an 
humau soul in the person of Jesus Christ 
[etc.] viii, 172pp. 8°. ILondoa'], Societgfor 
promoting the tciioioJedje oftkesei-iptaree,n8S. 

La Hooliefauoaald (Fraugois, due de). Les 
pens6es, maximes et rSfiexions morales de 
m. le due "". Nouv. 6H, angmeutee de 
remarques critiques, morales & Iiiato- 
riques, snr ohacune des ri5fiexions. Par 
I'abb^ de la Koche. [anoii.] 14 p. 1, 300 
pp. I.-!". Pans, Ihoican, liar,. 

d by Google 


La Rochefonoaiild (F. duo di;)--ci>utiuued. 

The same. RtSflexiona oti seuteuces 

et masimes morales. AngmontSes tie plus 

imeB&pensiSesdiveraes. toHOii.] 2 parts 
in It. 15 p- l-168pp.4 1; 4 p. 1.50pp. 31. 
1 pi. 18°. I'arlK, <': Itarbin -t ^f. Cra- 
1110181/, 1693. 

La Roch&re (EiigiSuie D. Mmlesse do). Tlie 
castle of Eoussillon ; or Qnercy in tlie six- 
teentb century. A tale. Translated from 
tlio freuch. By mrs. J. Sadliex. III. tif. 
316pp. 1 pi. 18". XmYi>ri:,n..^J.S<,d- 
licr, [1850]. 

La Hooqiie 01' La Eoque (-de). M^moirc 
analytiqne: oil Ton dfidait les principes, il 
I'aide desqnels on ponrvafaiMi proap6rer de 
iioiiTelles colonies. Snivi de Vesamon de 
qneations relatives aui eftets c^ae les pro 
jrrba de la population & des onltnies An 
liouvean moade prodniront am 1 Europe 
aveo un talilean de la popul ition &. des 
prodnits de I'avcliipal de 1 Amuiiqne mv 
6, xv-sxsii, 175 pp. 1 1 ~P loiihe-t 
W. 4- C. SpilsMry, 1796. 

Ifole.—Also, with a full epaniah tiOe, l)iit mi tost 
in ttrntloD gunge. 
LarousBe (Pierre). Grand dictionnaire nui- 
versel dn xlse si&ole fron^ais, historiciuei 
g^ographiqne, mylhologiciue, bibliogra- 
pLlque, littfiraire, artiatiquo, aoientifique, 
etc. V, 7, E-EzK. i°. Faris, Laimisse el 
Sojer in 

Laitey(Bn on 
le oh lorgie 


3 T 


tr H TF JI.T) hns h W e T 

lit ma adia ac op n B 86 if Po J B 
BaimrB ISSl pp 369-392] 
Laraen (Jnan Mar ano) Am r ca into 

c lorali an-i 6 sea not c as sobre algnuaa 
nteresante^ ru naa y aoljte los t a^e^ en 

AmiSnca ante lorea a Colon 4i 1 b pp 

la B OS 4 11 1 1 1 {jo 

LaSalle(Te n 13 It i,f A ne t at se 

of tlie lutes fT 1 tauton rdsGod 

Ijeiug an iiuproved version of the original 

treatise. Translated from the frenoh liy 

the christian brotliers, siij 418 pp. 12°. 

We«t Chentei; N. Y. Jfein Toi-l: caihoHo 

proteelwj, 187S. 
Laaat (S.) Tlie liymnaj-y, with tunea. A 

wUection of niuaic for Sunday schools. 

176 pp. ohl. 12°. A'crw Yorl; Blghri: .J- 

Main, [1H72]. 


La Serre (Jean Paget Ce). Le htdviairo 
des courtisaua. 188 pp. 1 1. 6 pi. 18". 
Beuxdles, P. Vleugm-f, 1671. 

Lasaelle (ATi's. E. L.) Magdalen the en- 
ehantreas. By E. L. L. [aBon.] 302 pp. 
13°. PJil'ddeliMa, J. li. LippineoU 4- ci). 

Latham (Baldwin). Sanitary ongineering; 
a guide to the construction of works of 
aewerage and house drainage ; with tahles 
for facilitating the caleulationa of the 
engineer. 4 p. 1. 353 pp. 31 pi. 8°. Lon- 
don, E. # F. N. 5jwn, 1S73. 

Ziathrop (David). The hiatflry of the fifty- 
ninth regiment Illinois volunteera. 213 
pp. 3 pi. 13°. IitSiiana^foliB, Sail .f- 
Sai(Mnmn, 18155. 

Lathrop {Mra. Henry). The villagers of 
Gilead ; or, gntheriug unto Sliiloh. By 
the author of " Elm-grove cottage." 
[aiioii.] 287 pp. 3 pi. W. Nm' Tori; 
Board of publication r. c._ a. [1873]. 

Latimer (Miss E.) Life and tUonght : or 
cherished memorials of the late Julia H. 
Parker Dyson, siv, 314 pp, portrait. 12°. 
Boston, Whittemore, Kiles 4- Hall 1850 
a Tour & Auvergiie-Corret (ThCophilo 
Malo du) Originea g'iuloiaes, cellee di-s 
'^Viv anciens psuples de I'Europe, puia(?os 
dans leut vraie source on iecheiche>B sut 
la laugue, loiigine et les antiquity des 
Celto-Bretons de I'Arraoiiqae 'S42 pp 
8> Pnji", OndUn, [1796] 

Precis hiatoriqne sur 1 i ^ ills do 

Keiata, en fianjais Cirhaix, dins le 
di^ptrtoment du riujsterie, et sui letj 
inologie de son noic I p 1 12 pp 4 I 
8° Pmw QnxlUm [1796] 
[n'liftftM Oiigtnes ^lUolseo] 

Laughing gas, an encj clop.edia of v,it, 
wisdom, and wind, \_anon. By Samuel 
P. Avery] J 156 pp. 12°. iNexv Yorl; 
Biok 4- Mizgerald, 1859]. 
[ With Atsrt (Samuel P ) The liook of lOOQ oom. 
jcal etonie) 

Laurent (rkan^ois) lltudea anr I'hiatoire 
de I'humanit^ — La philosophie de I'his- 
toiie 0^ pp 8 Faris, librairie hiter- 
nntiOaale, 1870 

droit lies goDs et de.1 

Laune (Joaeph, m d) The homeopathic 
domestic mediome Lditett and revised, 
with numerous important additions, by 
RobertJ McClatchey, m. d. 1st am. from 
the 21st eng ed si, 1034 pp. Pliila- 

d by Google 


Laurie (Ew. Tiiouiaa}. Woiiiiiii and Iiei' 
saTiour iu Persia. By a retiirDod raisflion- 
ary, laiion.'] 303 pp. 1 Diap. 19". Bos- 
ton, OonU ,^ Lincoln, 1863. 

La Vloomterie de Saliit-Samson (Loiiii! 

Clovis jnsqii'ik Louis soizo. Nouv. <5d. 
aiigmeDWa des dernicra crimes de Louis 
XVI. a p. I. 484 pp. 5 pi. 8". Pm-ifjOn 
hureaa des r^notiitions de Paris, 1792. 

Lawfulness (The), esoelloncy and a<lvau- 
triigeofinBtriimeiitalnmaic.— AaJed. (wiEL 
necessary improvements, whicli uow render 
tbe sunae entirely plain) of tlie lawfnl- 
neaa, esoellenoy and advantage of ioBtra- 
mental ninsie, in tlie pulilio worship of 
God, bnt chiefly of organs, lanon.l 16 
pp. 18'=. Philadaljikia, A.-Steimrt, 1783. 

Lawrence (Philip), The Lawrence 
speaker. A. selection of literary gems in 
poetry and prose. 17-624 pp, 12°. I'Mla- 
delplda, T. B. Peiei-eoa <j' hrotlters, [1872], 

La'n'rence (^Sir William). Lectures ou com- 
parative anatomy, physiology, zoology, 
find the natnral history of raao, 9Hi od. 
viii, 396 pp. 8 pi. 12°. ZoH(7on, M. G. 
Bolm, 1848. 

Lawxenoe (William Bcacli, 11. d.) Com- 
TOentaii'o sui" les filaments dn droit inter- 
national et anr I'histoire des pvogres dn 
droit des gens de H. Wlieaton. Pr6c6dfi 
d'ane notice sur la carriere diplomatiqne 
de m. Wheaton. v. 3. xxii, 474 pp. 8°. 
Zelpeig, F. A. Broekhaiis, 1873. 

Lawrence, Mass. (,Gity of). The Lawn 
(liveetory, with an almanac for 1864. By 
Adams, Sampsou & co. 18°. lAin-rencc, 
J. C. Dow 4- CO. 1864, 

The same. The Lawrence directory, 

for 1871 and 1S73. By Sampson., Daven- 
port &, co. 8°. La»mtce,WM\foi-A c^- Bice, 

Laivs (The) of etiq.nette ; or, short rnles 
and reflections for condnct in society. By 
a gentleman. [anon.] 172 pp. 18^, 
Pliiladelphw, Carej/, Lea <}■ Btandkard, 1836. 

Layman's (A) reply to elder Kuapp on close 
commnnion. [nHon,] 36 pp, 18°. J 
ton, Kidiler ^ Wmjld, 1843. 

Lazelle {Capt. Henry M.) One law 
natnre, A new corpuscnlar theory, ci 
prehending unity of fotco, identity of 
matter, and its mnltiple atom constitu- 
tion ; applied to the physical affeetions oi 


Lazelle (C'ly)/, Henry M.)— continued, 
modes of energy, vii, 319 pp. 1 tahlo. 13^ 
Hm York, D. Van Xoatraiul, 1373. 

Lea (William). Catecbisings on the [com- 
mon] prayor book. Eevisei!, with addi- 
tions and alterations. 115 pp. IS''. Xmr 
Twi;, Pott, Tonng ■)■■ eo. 1873. 

Leach (Daniel), The completo spelling 
book. 174 pp. 1G°. Pliilaihlplila, Tf. 
Coivperthieait 4' eo. 1356. 

Leaflets of memory : an ilhiminnted 
foe 1848, 1847, 1618, 1850, [and] 1852. 
Edited by Eeynell Coates, m. d, 5 v, 
8°. Philadelphia, E.S. Butler ^^ eo, 1340-53. 

Leaven'wortli (Tbo) lueilical lierald. 
Edited by C. A. LogaLi, m, d. aud T. Sinks, 
m, d. [Monthly], June, 1867, to may, 
1870. V. 1-3. 8°. Loamnwai'lh, The 
times printing Iimme, 1837-70. 

Leavltt {Eto. Joshua). Lcavitt's reading 
series. Parts 1-4. 4 v. 16^ and la^. 
Bosttyn, J. P. Jewett 4- co. 1817. 

Pavt 1. Piiinoi' ; or, Utile Icseone !m littlo Icura- 

Part 2. Easy lesBoos in rBniiiiig, For the jonager 

Psji) ;l. Beodiag iBasons. tat the mitlina clnsaeR <n 

oommon solools. S40 Di;. 13°. 
Part 4. SelfloHonB for I'eiulinj!; and epeakhig, foi- 
Uie liigliei dkHnes in ooinmau muIiooIs. 31^ 
pp. 18°, 

Le B, (Sieur). Le voyagovt cvriovx qvi 
fait ie tovr dv monde, Avoc sea mati&res 
d'entretien rivt composeut I'histoire ovri- 
evso. [niioH.] 8 p. 1. 424, 300 pp. sm. ^°, 
Paria, P. Clotilcr, 1664. 

LeTjen nnd wirken des J. F, Oborlin, 183!. 
See Memoira of J. P, Oberlin. 

Leblals (Alphouse), Mat^rialisme et spiri- 
tnalismo; itnde de philosophie positive: 
prdc^dd d'nno priSfaoe par E. LittriS. xxi\', 
101 pp, 12'=. Pm-is, G. Baia^re, 1805. 

Le Blanc (SiBur Thomas), Histoire de 
Bavifere. Qni traitte do I'origiue des peu^ 
pies, quiles premiers habiterent la Bavifere, 


religion, & des princes, lui ont regu6 

jnsqn'il [la mort de J'lSiecteuc Masimiiien, 

1651]. 4 r, 10°, Paris, veavc Milk He 

Beaujeii, 1690. 
Lebruii (Antoiue Lonis). Epigrammca, 

madrigaus, et cliansons. 8 p. 1. 418 pp. 

1 pi. 8". Paris, K Le Bi-eloa fih, 1714. 
Lebi-un (— , do Grcnoik). Porte-feuille po 

liticine d'un ex-employ^ an ministfero do 
■ la police giSnfij'ale, ou essai snr I'iostruo- 

tion publiqne. 2 p, I. xxiv, iii, 313 pp. 

8°. Pm-if, I'milnir, -iSOO. 

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Le Bnitt de CJiorniettea (Philippe Alex- 
andre). Histoire de Jeanue d'Aro, aur- 
nomm^o La pnoelle d'Oi-Maaa, tiriSs de ses 
propres diSclarafions, de cent qnarante- 
qnatra dfipositioiia de tfimoins ocnlaires, 
et dea mannsorita de la l>ibliotIi6qae da 
rol et de la toiir de Loiidres. 4 t. 8°. 
Paris, A. BertranS, 1317. 

La Cat (Claude Hioolas). Traits de la 
conleur de la peau bnmaine en general, de 
collo dea nfegres en partionlier, et de la 
metamorphose d'line de oes coaleaca en 
I'atitre, soit de naissauca, aoiC acoideiitelle- 
ment. 1 p. 1. siv, 191 pp. S^, Ainaler- 
daiit, 1763. 

Leoointi-e (Laureut), Les Crimea de sept 
raembres cles aaoiena eorait^s de ealut 
public et de Burets g^niSralo, oa d^nonota- 
ticin formelle h la couvention natioiiale, 
centre Billaod-VarenDe, Barfere, CoUot- 
d'Herbois, Vadier, Vonland, Amar et 
David, [etc.] 2e ^d. viii, 250 pp. 8°. 
Paris, Maret, [1794], 
[DuAS.'E pampMots, T. 119). 

IiO Comte (Lonis). Momoira atid obserTa- 
tiona, topograpbical, plijsical, matheniat- 
ica!, mecbauical, natarol, oivil, aad ecclesi- 
aetieal. Made in a late jonrney tJirongb 
the empire of Cbiua, and pabUabed in 
eeveral letters. Translated from the Paris 
ed. 12 p. 1. Ca7 pp. 3 pi. 1 table. 1S°. 
London, B. Tooke, 1697. 

Iiedyard (John). The life of Johu Led- 
yard, tbe americnu traveller; comprising 
seleetiona fi'oni bis journal and oorre- 
apondeuoe. By Jared Sparks, xii, 325 
pp. 8°. Cmibridge, [Mass.] EillUra f 
Brown, 183(1. 

The same. 2 p. 1. x, 419 pp. 16°. 

Iloeton, C. C. Litth f J. Broion, 1S47. 
[In Sparks (Jared). The library of amavicau 
blDgiupty, V. Si ; Si serleH, v. H]. 

Iioa (Day Kellogg). Summerfleld ; or life 
cm a farm, xv, 246 pp. 13'=. Juhm-n, 
[,T. r.] Derhy ^ Millei; 1853. 

Lee (Eleanor Percy, Ion Ware). The wife 
i)f Leon, and other poems, 1844. See 
'V7arBeld (Catharine A.) and I>ee. 

Lea (_Mrs. Eliza Bnckmiusler). Florence, 
I lie parish orphan; and a sketch of the 
village in the last nentnry. 2 p. 1. 176 pp. 
1G°. Boston, Tioknor 4- Fl^da, 1852. 

Life of Jean Paul Frederic Ricbter. 

Compiled from, various souroea. Witb hie 
ante biography. TranaUted from the ger- 
inan, [«no«.] 2 v. xi,3f,r.ppi viii, riGS 
22 c 


Lea (Mrs. Eliza Buokminater)^contiuued. 
pp. 13°. Bosion, C. 0, Uitle f J. Brownt, 

Naomi; or Boston two hundred years 

ago. Sded. iT,334pp. la*. Boston, W. 
Crosbff f E. P. NlclioU, 1848. 

Lea (Franoea). Laying the keel. 178 pp. 
inc. 4 pi. 18°. New York, Carlton 4" Lana- 
Mrt, [ia73]. 

Le9 {Sev. Lather). Enoleaiastical manual, 
or aoriptucat church government stated 
and defended. 264 pp. 13°. New York, 
Weslegaa metlt^iliat book room, 1850. 

Lbs (Minnie Mary). The heart of Myrrha 
Lake; or, into the light of catbolioify. 
5-207 pp. 1130. New York, Catholic publi- 
oation soolety, 1873. 

Iise (3fra. E.) See Lee (Mrs. Sarah). 

Las (Mrs. Sarah, iora Wallis), Memoirs of 
baron Cnvier. 197 pp. 12^. Neie-York, 
J. 4- J. Harper, 1933. 

Lse (Thomas J.) The national class book ; 
a selection of exeroiaes in reading, for the 
higher classes in oommoa aohools. 288 
pp. 13°. Ballow6U,lMe.-\aia^er, Masters 
4- eo. 1830. 

Leeuweiihoek (Antoni van). Ontlodiugen 
en onttleklciugen van levende dierkens 
in de teel-deelen van vorschelde dieren, 
vogelen en ^isscben; van hat Lout met 
der selver meeuigvuldige vaaton; van 
hair, vices, eii vis ; ala niede van de groote 
meeuigte der dierkena in de excremeuten. 
[23-53 missive]. Se druk. 11 parts in 1 
V. Bin. 4°. Lcidcii, C. Bouteatein, 1696. 

)iQ Dot prinlecl ; ' 

Ifole.—'Tbe i 

te bFief di 

die gflcln^t ia."- 


[Vervolg der brieven, etc.] 7 v. in 

.-!. ma. A<^. Delfl, 11389-1704. 

1. VerYolg der btlevan. [53-60 mlaBfTO], 4 p. 1. 

pp-l-lM. Leydtn, O.Bouteilean,[imi. v.SJ. 
a. NivtHura vBrliopgeiiEliaaenoutdekt; aijndeoeii 

tweode v&ti^sA™ hrieven. [81-67 luiMlvB]. 

1 p, L pp. 15B-350, 6 pL Delf, A. TmrsUui. 

i. Vleide vervolg dec lirieTon. [Tli-SS mlsslvel, 
1 p. Lpp. 53S.T3U. a pL Delfi, H. mm. Krome- 
iieB,1694. It. 3]. 

5-li. Vijfde [— HBsde] vervolg dor brieven, ge- 

en galeerde loijdeii. I'M-IIR laisitivej. 4p,L 
pp. 1-178,5 LTpl; 3p.Lpp.n3^!L5I,4pl. 
Zia4)liffi™n£™oB™*(,l«9H-97. [v. 3). 
",'. SBVBudaverToledcrbrievBn, waaringeliaodelt 
'werd, THU veele opmfirkQiia en verwondereDa- 
waordige nataurs-geltelmBn, vervat Id Teer- 
tiff brieven, woar Tan de meoBM eesclirHTeii 

db, Google 


Iieeuvrenboek (Antoni van) — coDtintied. 

cieteit in l^ntleD. 1 1 06-146 taisslw.). 3p.l. 

■152 pp. U 1. 25 pi. bel/t, S. van Ki-oonemld, 

1702. lY,!]. 

Seud-brieven [1-46], zoo !ian (ie 

boog eilels heeren van <le Koniokljke so- 
eieteit te Londen, als aan andere aansie- 
nolyke en geleerde lieden, over verscheyde 
verljorgentliedeH der natuare, namentlyt: 
over hot wonderljk gestel van tie veselon 
fier spieren in veeldetley gedietto; do 
pesen en derselver wecklng; [etc] 7 p. 
1. 460 pp. 14 1. 33 pi, »m. 4=. n,Jfl, A. 

Beman, 1J18. [v. 5]. 

Lefebvre {Dr. D.) LouUo Lateau, the ec- ! 
statica of JJoia (T'Haiiie; her life, stig- 
mata, and ecstnsies. From the frenoh by 
J. S. Sliepard. With a sketch of several 
former oasea of the same nature, 141 pp. 
18=>. West Cheutm; N. Y. fTm Yori eaiUUc 
protectors, IST^- 1 

Lefevre (-Sir George, m. d.) An apulogj foi- 
the nerves : or, their iafiuence and impoct- 
ance in health and diseaae. xii, 363 pp. 
12°. LoMon, Zongmana, 1844. 

LefFel (James, ^ eo.) Illustrated hook of 
Lefifel'a improved double tarbine water 
wheel, for 1872 [and] 1873. 2 v. 4°. 
SpHngfield, O., leffel nma priv^t, 1^72-73. 

LefEel's illuatrated mechanical news, j 

A.i[ioothlyjonnial devoted to science and' 
the mechanical and indnstriaJ arts. March, 
1873, to feb. 1873. v. 2. fol. SpringfleM, 
O., J. Lejfd ^ CO. [1872-73]. 

Legends and traditionary stories, [niion.] 
Tiii, Z(HMi(w,aiiiw%,[18d3]. 

Leg«ada of saint Joseph, patron of the nni- 
versftl church By abh^ *•*. Tranalated 
from tlie frenoh, by mra. J. Sadlier. \_anon. ] 
340 pp. 16°. AVio Yorlc, D. f J. Samw 
4- «?. 1873. 

Le ©oblen (Chai-Ies, a. j. ridacteur). Brief 
auB Nord-Amerioa, und zwar ioaonderbeit 
von der nunmehro entdeoktea laiidsohafi't 
California, [etc.] 

[r«HKUK(DBrtwe1t-bott ibi. A^spvro a Oi-aii, 
r.. M. a J. Tdlhs erbci, 1736. v. 1, part 3, pp. 

Lettrea de quelquea missiouD aires do 

la compi^oie de J^sus. idlcrites de la 
Chine, & des Indes orientaiea. 15 p. 1. 11 1 
pp. 18°. Paris, impr. de J. Josse, 170.3. 

Legnat (Fransois). Toyago et arentnres 
de Franfois Legnat, & de sea compagnons 
en deux Jlea deserts dea Indes orientalea. 
[etc.] 2 y. ill 1. 14 p. 1. 164 pp. 18 pi. 1 


Leguat (Fraugoia) — coGtinued. 

map, 1 tab ; 1 p. 1. 180 pp. IG 1. 8 pi. 16-^. 
LoMres, D. Mortier, 1721. 

Leicester (Miws.) public library. Cata- 
logue of the Leiceatei public library, with 
the regulations for ita use. 3d publication . 
75 pp. 12°. Woroesfei; C. SamiltiM, 1873. 

Leidy (Napoleon B. m. d.) Dr. Leldy's 
Monitor aud advisor, 192 pp. 18". Plul- 
adelpMa, 1860, 

LeJgh (Evan). Tlie science of modern cot- 
ton apiuning: embracing mill arcblteo- 
ture ; machinery for cotton ginning, open- 
ing, scutching, preparing, and spinning, 
■with all the latest improvements; [etc.] 
2d ed. St. 2 p. 1. vii, 1-153 pp. 4 1. 3G 
pi ; ix, 153-320 pp. 22 pi. fol. Manches- 
ter, Palmer ^- Sowe, 1873. 

Leianre hour series. 16°. ^ew YorJe, Bolt 
4- Williams, 1867-73. 

ChebbUliez (V.) ConM Koatlfl, 1813. 

— Joaeph Noire- ■"*" 

ms IMme. A,) 


FatJioT end eons. 13G7. 

Out-be BTB. 1873. 

Smoke ; n riisaiivu novel. IBTM. 

IiB-Juge (Pierre). Histoire g^u^ralle do ]a 
vie et miracles de ste. QiSu^viefve, patrone 
de la ville de Paris, Ensemble lea noma 
& fflita remarqnables dea abb^a qui out 
regy I'abbaye, & de lonra sepultures, 
iusQuea h present. Ei I'institntion dea 
confi-Sres & porteura. 14 p. 1. 430, 36 pp. 
GI. 16°. Paris, I. Diisasl, m31. 

Iieland (Charles Godfrey). "Walter Asii- 
wood. A love story. By Paul Siogvolk, 
[yseudoii.] 296 pp. 12°. IS'ew York, Eudd 
4- OarWon, 18G0. 

Leland {Dr. Thomas). A dissertation on 
the principles of humau eloquence ; with 
particular regard to the style aud composi- 
tion of the new testament. 9d ed. correct- 
ed and amended by the author. [With] 
a letter to the rev. dr. Thomas Leland, in 
which the dissertation is criticized. Also 
an answer to the above letter, sii, 27C 
pp. 13°. Dahlia, A. ImiJdey, 1735. 

IiO Iiouterel (P. P.) The company drill of 
the infantry of tlie IiQe, togeSher with the 
akirmiahing drill of the oonipauy aud 
battalion. See Monroe (J.) 

Lflut (Louis Francisqne), Du dSiuon de 
Socrnte, specimen d'linc appiicatioB de la 

db, Google 


Lelilt (LouIb Fraacisqne) — oontiuued. 
science psyoliologiqae fl oelle de I'hiatoiie. 
a p. 1. 365 pp. e°. raris, Triaquart, ISW. 

Ijemalre (Henri). Beaut^a de I'bistoite des 
voyages lea plus fnmeux aatotir du moode 
et daoa lea dens hSmispbferee, ou tBbleau 
lies d^convertea, enterprises, avenfcni'es, 
naufragea, captivity, mallieni's et snccfes 
des pins o^lfebceavoyageaw, [etc.] 3o€d. 
2 7. 3 p. L viil, 370 pp. C pi ; 5 p, 1. 3fi8 pp. 
6 pi. 16°. FarU, Bijmery, Frnger f oie. 

Jiemaltre (Cliarlea). Eodolplie (le Bratich- 
ievve, roman. 318 pp. U. 6 pi. B". Xoii- 
velU-Oiiiam, J. L. SolUe, 1851. 

Iiempilere (Jolin, d.d.) Bibliotheca clas- 
sloa : or, a diotiouary of all tlie principal 
names aad terms relatinjc to the ge«gca- 
pliy, tojjogirapliy, liistcny, literatnre, and 
Mythology of antiquity aud of the an- 
cients: ■with, a chvonological table. Ee- 
vised and corrected and divided into three 
pafta. By Lorenzo L. Da Ponte and J. D. 
Ogilby. IBtli am. ed. greatly enlarged in 
the historical department, hy L. L. Da 
Ponte. 803 pp. 6". iimi>-Xovl;lT.E.Vea», 

Xia NalH as Tillsmoat. See Tillemont 
(Lonis SSbastieii Le Nain de). 

IiSiidermaii. [yseu^n.] Lendermaa'a ad- 
ventures among the spirit ualisU and free* 
lovera, explaining how the "rappinga," 
"table-tipplngs," playing on loatrnmenta, 
eto. are done, and where the spirit eont- 
mtinioaiions oome from. 305 pp. 8 pi. 12°. 
CincinnaH, M. A. Arnold, 1B60. 

IiSnTaDt (Jacques). Histoire de la papesso 
Jeanne, 1730. See Spanheiuj (Friedrioh). 

Leiiglet Dufresnoy (AIM Nicolas). Geog- 
raphy for oh Idren o a eliort an 1 easy 
method of teach ng and lea n ^ ^eogra- 
liby. F om the french and now great- 
ly angmeuted and raxrovel lOtU ed. 
I With] a method of learn ng geography 
withont aoinste foi grown pe'soni. xiij 
149 pp. 1 L Ao ,G Ee tk, 1776, 

IiSniioa: (Charlotte). The memoirs of the 
eount-eaa of Beroi. [qjioii.] Taken from 
Iho french. By t]ie author of the Femalo 
(Jnixote. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 304 pp; 1 p. 1. 250 
pp. 16". London, A. Mlttm; 17m. 

IjQ STonuand {Madatae Camille, peeadoaf) 
Fortnne-telling by cards; or, oartomauoy 
matle easy. [Also], a treatise upon chiro- 
iDatif^y : nud a full de.'jeriptioti of tIiea;iored 


Le ITormaiicl (Madame C.) — continned. 
book of Thot, the egyptian oracle of des- 
tiny. 193 pp. 16°. New York, B. M. De 
Witt, [1872]. 

Napoleon's eowplete dream-book ; 

containing full, plain, and accurate ei- 
plauatioDS of fortnne-telling by dreams, 
visions, andreverles. [etc.] 192pp. 16°. 
Mw Torb, B. M. De Wilt, [1872]. 

Lena (The); a qnarterly journal of micro- 
scopy and the allied natural acienoea; 
with the transactions of the state micro- 
scopical society of lUinoia. Edited by 
S. A. Brigga. Jan. to oet. 1873. t. 1. 
8°. Ckieago, State mkroseopkd soeletg of 
JHfiwis, 1872, e.' 

LeonariS (Levi \V.) Tlie north simericau 
spelling book, conformed to Worcester's 
dictionary; with a progreaaiTe series of 
easy reading leasoua. New ed. enlarged. 
180 pp. la°. Eeeyie,7:r.3.,G.^ 
den, 1859. 

IieoiTO'wens (Mrs. Anna H.) 
of the harem. 5 p. 1. 277 pp. 16 pi. 
Boston, J. B. Osgood 4- co. 1873. 

Le Page Du Pratz (— ). 
Lonisiana, exhiMtin}^ a com pend ions 
sketch of ita political and natural bistoiy 
and topography, with a oopione appendix 
containing several important documents. 
3 p, I. 372, csviii pp. 1 1. 18°. Nen'Ttera, 
Franklin # Gwtoiu, 1804. 

Lepelntre {Pierre Marie Michel). 8m Pin 
du repertoire da th€S,tre fraufais, 1834; 
also. Suite du repertoire. Collection des 
thMtres franpais, 1829. 

Le Petit (— ). See Petit (— Lo). 

lie Pierre. See Delepierre. 

Leprinoe de Beaumont (Marie de). Contes 
des f^ea. 

[In MaQAZIN (Le) dee «e8, [etc.] 15°. Pafit, 
Didier, IMS pp HS-30^j 

Lettrea dfimeranoeiLucie. 3v. s, 

378 pp ; 4 1» 1 ^1 Pl> 24 Leide, P. H. 
Jacquean, 1766 

Mdmonea do m id ima la baroune de 

Batteville on It VLUve parfaite. 2 p. 1. 
324 pp. Vd° L/iidiej, T Xourse,17m. 

Le Rou3i de Line; (Adrien Jean Victor). 
Le livre Am proverbes francata, [xiie-xve 
sifeole]. Pri5o4d^ de recherchea historiqnes 
aur lea proverbes francais, et lenr emploi 
dans la littfiratnre du moyen Age et de la 
3e 4i]. revue et augment^e. 

mt of 

db, Google 

liE KOUX. 

Le Roux de Liiicy (A. J. V.)— uoutiuuwl. 
2v. 2p. 1. cxv,409pp; 3p. LOlOin). 16^. 
Paris, A. Delakays, 185D. 
[BiGLiom^UE gaaloise] . 

iVbte.^"Le leoaBil le nliia cnmnleb aa'on altea 
""■'" " ' Ttia 3tl a-" — — ■- 

Le Roy (Atphouse). Liber memo rial! a 
L'uiiiverBlt^ de LMge depais sa fundation 
Ouvrage r^digfi et pnl)lii5 en vertu cl'riQ 
d^ision du oouseil aoad€L!iic[ae, L I'ucoa 
siou du premier jubii^ setiii-BiSoulaii'e d 
I'nnivereit^ (3 uov. t8B7). 2 p. 1. 80, Ixsis 
1179, cslivpp. Ip]. 8". LMge,J.G.Cm 
maiwe, 1669. s 

Leroy (Charles Georges). Tiie iuteiligeuee 
and perfectibility of auimak fcom a p!ii- 
losophic poiut of view. Witli a, few let- 
ters on man. Written by C. G. Leroy, 
tl768], partly under tlie pseiidouym of 
"'file naturalist of Nnremberg." [From 
tliefrencli]. 3 p. I. 372 pp. 12". Lon- 
don, Chapman ^ Hall, 1S70, 

It^ Sage (Alain llen4). Lo diable bolteux. 
Seuie Edition eoiuplfete, suivie de I'Entre- 
tien des olieuiin^eB de Madrid et d'LToe 
jouru^a des parques, jiar le mftme autenr, 
et pr6o€d6 d'nne notice par m. Pierre Jau- 
net. 2 V. xvi, 236 pp ; 279 pp. 16°. 
Polls, M. Fieard, 1867. 

ISaavells eoUeoUon JanoetJ. 

Jfota.— First pnUllahad Id liOT. " Coat reillcion do 

Lesoonoel (Pierre de). Anecdotes seerfetes 
des r^goes deCbarles VIII. et de LouiaXII. 
Avec cles notes historiques. [anow..] 3 v. 
1 p. 1. 126 pp ; 1 p. 1. 152 pp. 13°. La 
Haye.J. Neaitlme, 1741. 

Lesebuch ( Drittes) liir dea deutaclieii 
Hpraohuaterdctit iu nioht-deutsolien 
volksscliulen. [anott.] 248 pp. 16". 
Wien, im Ic. k. BckalMdter-vei-lag, 1867. 

Lesebuch (Zweitea) fUr die dentsclten ka- 
th'olischen sehnleu in den Vereinigten 
Sfcaaten. Boarbeitet von mebreren prie- 
Bteru unci Jehretn. 130 pp. 13°. New 
TorTi, Beazig^ h-otliet-B, [1873]. 

Jjesebucb (Drittes) fiir die dentsciieu i^a- 
tboliscben sohulen in den Vereiuigten 
Staaten vou Nord-Amerika. Bearbeitet 
von mebreren prieetem und lehrern. 276 
pp. 12°. NeiBYoi%Bemigwhi-ofJiere,[lB73']. 

Lesebach fiir die dritte klasse der laud- 
scbilleu. (Otine die erztibiungen aus dei' 
bibliscben gesokiohte des alten buudes). 
[anon.] 82 pp. 1 1. 16°. Wien, im k. k. 
aclmlhikltei'-verlage, 1862. 


Lesabiicli fiir die di'itte klassu iler folks- 
BCibulon. [oMon.] 340 pp. 1G°. Wien, 
im fc. k BchalbueJiei'-verlai/, ISGD. 

Laaebuoh fiir die obei'klassa d r laudscku 
1 [ -j SiS PI IC n PI, 1.11 / k 

d lb (elie lag IB 

Iiseebu h fa di b t klas. dt.T ei lo 



Ed h it 

t 1 b b 


lith i ij a 
i 1 1 ^4j-4tO pp 1 1 16 li\en iu, 
k If I Ibioh eiUg IJb3 
Lasley (Joseph Peter), iko iron manulac 
tnrer's guide to the faro aces, foigbs and 
j'oUing mills of the United States with 
discussions of iron as a cheiuictil element 

tide, in oommeroe and lu kistory 1 p 1 
ssslv, 773 pp. 3 pL 3 mips Apu 
York, J. mUs, 1859. 

Leslie (Mise Eliza). Dirottioni for lookei v 
in ita varions brancbea 20tk ed Witk 
iniprovemeutB, Bopplementaiy leoeipfs, 
and a new appendix. 511 pp. 12°. Pkila- 
OelpMa, Caren # Mart, 1844. 

Mies Leslie's new oook book. A com- 

plete mauual of domestio cookoi'y in all its 
branches. 1 p. 1. 2S-^Ga pp. 13°. Pldla- 
a^lpkia, T. B. Feimoa ^ bmthers, [1S73]. 

The young revoluHoQistsr containing 

the stories of Buasol and Sidney; and 
Chase Loring; tales of tlis americaii 
revolution. 187 pp. 18°. Kew York, C. f. 
Fi-anoU f eo. 1845. 

Leslie's (Frank) boj-'s and girl'B weekly. An 
illustrated journal of amusement, adven- 
ture and instrnotion. April 33, 1870, to 
oot. 13, 1873. T. 8-13. fol, Nm Yoi% 
F. Leslie, [1870-72]. 

Leslie's (Frank) budget of fon, [Monthly]. 
Oct. 1870, to dec. 1873. Noa. 151-177, in 
Iv, fol. New Yoi% F. Leslie, 11S70-T2}. 

Leslie's (Frank) chimney corner. [A 
weekly litoi'ary uewapapevj. May 35, to 
uov. 1, 1872. V. 15. fol. New York, F. 
Leslie, [1873]. 

Leslie's (Frank) illuatrated iiowspapei'. 
[Weoidj]. June 6, 1857, to sept. 7, 1872. 
V. 4-34. fol. New York, F.I^slic,\l8B-- 

Leslie' a (Frank) illuatrirto neitung. 
[Wookonblatt]. 37 jannar 1873 bis 18 
janiiar 1873. v. 30-31. fol. Mid Ynrf,; 
JP.ZesHe, [1873-73]. 

d by Google 


Leslle'B (Frank) lady's journal. Duvoted 
to fftsliionandclioioo literature. [Weekly]. 
May 18 to cov. 9, lBr2. v. 2. fgl. ITm 
York, F. LeeUe, 1973. 

Leslie's (Frank) lady's magitziue, aud 
gaziitte of fiisliiou. [Montlily]. Jan. to 
<leo.l873. T. 30-31. am. fol. [.Yoio rwt, 
F. Lesik, ISra]. 

LeoUe'B (Fraok) modenwelt. Illustrirte 
zeitung fdc toilette, IiandatteiteQ and 
uQterbaltnug. [Woohentlicha uml vier- 
zehntagliolie zeitsolirifb]. 16 nov. 1870 bia 
98 okt. 1971. V. 1. Noa. 1-31. fol. Xm 
¥oi%F.LeslU [1870 71] 

JVoto.-Ho rame pnbUHhad 
Ii9SUe's (Fraak) pleasant houiu Dcvotud 

to light and entertaining literatuie 

[Monthly] Fel] 1873 to jaii 1573 v 

13-l;l. SP Aeo 7ork F Leslie 1872 73 
Leslie (lifts Madelme paeiuloit ) "et ^oker 

(Mrs. Hamet N W ) 
Leseon (Tba) oompeud clioice evtrn<-t& 

from emiQpnt W lical scliolara on the 'ub 

jects of the uniform Ibssodb for 1B73. 

Selected liy two hible students, laaoit."] 

With an introduction by rev. George H. 

Whitney, iv, 101 pp. 12°, Nma Yorlc, 

Carltmi ^ Laitahmi, [1873]. 

[Eclectie aimday aciool lilirBfj. v. 1]. 
Lessons (First) in gteok, 1833. SeeC'levo- 

land (Ohariea D.) 
Lessons on objects, Lesf^ons on things. 

Edite(i by John Frost, [anon.] 180 pp. 

13'^. FhiJadelpMa, Cares 4" ien, 1831. 
The same. Lessons on common 

things; their origin, natare aud uses. 

[anon.] Edited by J. Frost. 304 pp, 18°. 

Philadelphia, T. Adit, 1835. 
Leeteir (Charles Edwards). The ivttist.the 

merchant, aud the statesmaii, of the age of 

ihe Medici, aud of one own times. 2 v. 

viii,237pp. portrait ; 8 p.l, 2K1 pp. portrait. 

13°. 2fm Ywlc, Paine ^ Burgess, 1845. 
~^ The oondLtion and fate of England. 

[anon.] 2d ed. 2 ¥. Engd. tit. 278 pp ; 

engd. tit. 307 pp. l^. Xeif Tori-, J. H, 

4- G. La^fjUy, 1843. 
L'Batrange {Ben. Alfred Guy Kinuhani). 

llie literaiy life of the rev. William Har- 
ness, is, 313 pp, 8^. London, Karst 4' 

Blackefi, 1871. 
Lettei: (A) from a trooper In Flanders, to 

Lis comrade; shewing that Lnscmburg is 


Letter (A) from a trooper, etc, — continned. 
a witch, and deals with the devil. [«iiO».] 
S=. ILoadon, G. Sawbridge, 1713], 
[In. SiwEBmoB <G.) CoUecUoa ot papers, pp. 
Letter (A) from Feverahara to a diviEe in 
London. [Coucernlug kiuj; James II. 
>. [Loitdoa, G. SaiDhridffe, 1712]. 



d£ I 


Letter (A) fram the anthor of the Argainout 
a^ainat a standing army, to the anthor (if 
The balancing letter, 1713. See Ireuoh- 
ard (John), 

Letter (A) of advice to the citizens of Lou- 
tioa, aud others, eleotors of meiobera to 
servo in parliaraont. [««(}».] 8". ]^Lon- 
doit, G. Sawmttgs, 1713]. 

{Bi SAWBRiDnE (G.) c'olluotion of pspoi'a, pp. 

Letter (A) ont of Lanoashire to a friend 
in LondoD, 1713, Si^e WagBtaff (Bets. 

Letter (A) out of the oountry, to tho clergy 
in and about the city of London, [aitoi),] 
8°. [London, G. Smvbiidge, 1712]. 
" " (G-,) Colleoiioa of papers, pp. 

Letter (A) to a frieud in the country, [Con- 
ceruiug the legality of parliament. niHui.] 
8°. ILondon, G. Suipbi-idge, 1713]. 
IIji Sawiirid<,e (G.) Colleolioo of pupere, un 

Lettera annve d'Ethiopia, Malabar, Brasi! 
e Goa. — HLatoire de oe qvi s'eat passS en 
^thiopie, jlilalabar, Brasil, et 6a Indes 
orieutales. Tir^ dea lettrea escrites (5a 
ann^es 1630, iaaqnes k 1634. Addressee au 
r. p. Mvtio Vltellesohi, g^n^ral de la 
compagnle de lesvs. Traduite de I'italien 

pngnie [lean Darde. avoit.] 3 p.l. 451pp. 

16°. Farie, 8. Cranuyisn, 1638. 
Lettere di siii hvomini illuatri, tSfil. See 

Atanagi (Dionigi). 
Letters from Eome, a, d, 138, 1^4. See 

Bryant (William C alien). 
Letters fromScandinavia, 1796. iSee Thom- 
son (William, 11. d.) 
Letters on the Chiokaaaw aud Oaage mis- 

siotia. By the anthor of Conversations on 

the SanUwioh islands, [etc. anott."] 161 pp. 

13°, Boston, Mass. s. s. union, 1831. 
Letters on the female mind, ita powers and 

pnrsnita. [oitott,] 2 v. 3 p. !. 311 pp; 

9 p. 1. 211 pp. 16°. LotifTon, RooJcham 4- 

CaipenUr, 1793. 

d by Google 


Letters to Ma, from : 
By the autlior of " 
[etc. anoii.} 130 pp, 
Harper ^ brotUn, 1834. 

Iietterg to rclmnnd Bu 

JEF brother-iu-law. 

Father EowlnQtl," 

16-"'. Jeic York, 


"] : 

[PraCB s troctfl, T " also MiBO pnm v 3B3] 
Letters to WiUiam Paley, aioliUeaoon of 
Carlisle, on Lis objeotioDS to a refurm Id 
the representation of tliB commoDs, and on 
ilia apology for the influOQce ot the orown 
in parliaincnt; hemg Httictines on the 
pssay upon the bntish coustitution iotro- 
(liiced 111 his Ptiuoiples of uioi'ol and 
political philosophy, with an appendix. 
lanon ] 156 pp B^ Lomhn, J, Johnson, 

6«- etX. Eogd. tit. 
London, Chapiaan 



r. liO]. 

LetUe sterling, [1973]. See Sliaw {Mt 

Jane E.) 
Lettre de messIenrsdeG missions ebraug^res 

an pape, Bar lea idolatries et Bur les Bnper- 

stitions chinoisey. 1 p. 1, 914 pp. 16°. 

[Bruxaies, D. Wttttia; 1700]. 

[With Status citiKBtioniB Bomie nunc teruporis 
tabilffi, ato.] 
Lettres il une araie, aiiv le inoyon de tronver 

le bouhenr, [nnon,] 3e ^d. 185 pp, 1 ], 

13°. Genice, J. J. Pasdhoud, 1633. 
Lettres d'elle et de lal. Par one dame de 

la oour &, qui n'est pas d'iiae aead€inie. 

[oiion,] 1 p. 1. iv, 91 pp, 12°. Londm, 

[Paris], 177S. 
Lettrea da qnelqnea mi ssioun aires de la 

eompagniede J&tiB I'Oa 'peLeGobien 

(Charles, s. j.) 
Bettrea ^difiantes et u iii,u '>ci' ITeue 

Lettreia jnives, uq coirespond mm philoac- 

phique, historique eb ontiqii" 1750. S<^ 

Argena (J. B, de Boyer) 
Letture per la t^cza olaase dellu stuolu ele- 

mentari. [amn.-\ 247 pp. 16°. Fi^m, 

Sail' I. r. tlisp^nea del libH scokstid, 1870. 
Iieupold (Jaooli). Thpatrniii inaehinamm 

generale. Schan-platz dits grandes 

nieohaiiischer wisBensoluifltoii, das ist : 

dentliche anieitung znr mechanic oder 

bewegungs-kanst, 10 p. 1. 344 (ip. Tl pi. 


JLevalloia (Jules). Deisme et christiau- 
isme. xxii, 154 pp. 19°, Pm-\a, G. 
BailUh-e, 1866. 

Leven (Het) Tan Gaatou Juan Baptists, 
maigraaf van Eenty, 1744. See St. Jwio 
(.Jean B. de). 

Lever (Charlea). Lord KilgoUbin. A novul. 
208 pp. 1 pi. S^. .Keir. Yoric, Sarper 4- 
Imthers, 1872. 

One of them. 

is, 471 pp. 20 pi. i 

# Sail, 1873. 

[Imperfeotj 1 plate wwitinKl. 

The Dodd family abmad. Kew ed, 

Engd. tit. 5 p. I. 565 pp. 38 pi. S°. Lon- 
don, Ckipman ^ Sail, 1872. 

Leverett (Ebb. Charles Edward). A me- 
raoir biographical and genealogical, of sir 
John Leverett, governor of Masaaohusetts, 
1073-79 ; of hon. John Leverett, judge of 
the supreme oonrt, and preBide'nt o£ Har- 
vaid College; and of the family generally, 
[oHOB.] 203 pp. 4 pi. 1 chart. 8°. Bos- 
ion, Crosbji, Ifieliols ^ eo. 1856. 

Leverett (Frederic P.) The new latin 
tutor; or exerciser in etymology, ayntax 
and prosody compiled ohieflj flom the 
best engbsh woiLa feteieotype ed. vii, 
3aO pp Boston, Sdhatd Gray, IAUJ<- 
4- Wmme, 1830 

Leve&que (Pieiie Cliailes) Hntoire do 
Eaaaie Houv 61 ansment^eparl'autear, 
et oondmte juaqu'^ la moit de I'lmpfira- 
trice Catherine II, 9 v. v. 1-8, test, 8° ; 
V. 9, planches, IG p. 1. IS pi. folded, sm. 
4°, Hamloarij 4- Briimiricli, P. F. Fanofio 
^ ok. 1800. 

Penates morales de divers autenra 

cliiaols, recneillies et tradnites da latin 
& da msse. 167 pp. 18". Genk-e, AK De 
Eodon, 1783. 
[CollFOtioii iea laoroMates aucisDs, t. 3] . 

L^vi (D.) Petit mns^e olassiqne, on 6uig- 
mua historiques, gi5ographiqnes, ioonolo- 
giqnes, etc. pr^seutant, par tableaux, les 
priacipaux ^viSnemente de I'iiiatoire g4a6- 
vale. 5e eil. 180 pp. I80, Poj'is, A. 
Johanneau, [1842]. 

Levingia (Bm^. Koah). A ti'cutise 011 pride. 
Bazter (Bee. Eiohard). 

Levisao (Jean Pons Victor Lucontz, I'abhn 
Progressive fceneh grauimar and 
ihe basis of Leviaac's french 
grammar. See Collot (Alexander. 6.) 

A theoretical and practical grammar 

of the ifciioh language. With numeTOii.^ 

db, Google 


Iievizao (J, P. V. L. VahM <le)~ooat uued 
correetioaa and improvements and w th 
the a<IdUioQ of a complete tie^t ee ou tbe 
genders of the french. nunna as hImi 
with the afldition of all tte iienoh verl ' 
By A. Bolraai, x, 294 pp ; 173 n 1" 
PhUo^elphla, Carey ^ Mart, 1834 

Levy (Abraham G.M. d.). Then age win! 
and medienl gaide. [Oa private 1 seases] 
256 pp. 7 pi. aq. 18°. Neio To I alio 

Levy (Winioin HanLa) Blmdue^ au 1 th 
blind ; or, » treatise on t1 e so ence of 
typlilology. xvi, 518 pp 1 ° Lo Jo 
CMpvian 4- Eall, 1872 

Lewin (George, mi. d ) Tlie tieatment of 
syphilis with subcutaneous euoliinat« m 
jeotions. Translated [fiom tbe germau] 
l>y Carl Proegkr and E H Gale 249 pp. 
1 pi. 12°. PMladdi 1 a L Uaj $ Bla- 
ktston, 1872. 

XiewLs (Dio, m. d.) Or! ge'it on or my 
jolly friend'a secret 407 pp 4 pi por- 
trait 12°. FMladBliUa a M eUa 1872. 

Levria (Enoeh). Memoirs of the life of 
William Penn. 8°. [PUladd^pUa, J. 
Rakestraie, 1841]. 

iEv*J8 (W. and 1.) Frieiida llteoiy, t. 5, pp. aa- 

A treatise on plane and spherical 

trigonometry ; including the ooustritotion 
of the auxiliary tables ; a concise tract on 
the oonic sections, and the principles of 
spherical projection. 228 pp. 8°. PMla- 
aelpMa, S. Oir, 1844. 

lievria (Sir George Cornew all, tori.) Let- 
ters to various friends. Edited by his 
brother, the rev. sir GOberb Frankland 
Lewis, bart, xiii, 449 pp, portrait. 8°. 
Zondon, Longmaa», Gi'eert 4" eo. 1870. 

Lewis (Mrs. S. Anna). Child of the sea, 
and other poems. 179 pp. 12°. J^eiv 
York, B-. P. Fiitmm, 18*3. 

Lewis (William Henry, d. d.) Sermons for 
the christian yeai'. ivi, 446 pp. 6°. Neiv 
YorH), C. Shepard f CO. 1851. 

Le'wlstoii & Aabiim (_M<me). Oreeuougb, 
Jones & oo's directory of the cities of 
Lewiston & Aubnrn, for 1872. 8°. Bos- 
ton, Greenoagh, Jones ^ eo. 1872. 

Lexow (Friedrieh). Gediehte. 13a pp. 
portrait. 18°. New York, E. Stmger, 1878. ' 

Leybold (Fedetioo), Escuraion a las pam- 
pas aijentinas. Hojas de mi diario. Fe- 
hrero de 1371. Segiiido da tablas de oh- 
servaeiones barometricas, i au hooato de 


Leybold(Fele co}— cont n el 
larntato aH lO^pi Ima] b ^a 
i ajo n p e in, ^a J 1871 

Lliomond (CI ales Fianpois) De v h 
ill tr I us u b ^ Eom'o a Eomnlo ad 
Aogustam 16* pp If \o Ebo 
J SejTiO 181 

El to na h sto a c El o i 

omn n nterpr tat one ado aav t Geo 
g us I ■ODB le El 20i quan eo esifc et 
emendaviti Thomaa S Joy 1 S p] IST 

2.0 Ebo ao G Long V*"^ 

Vir Romffi w th ntroductorj e r 

cisea, intended (ifi a first Ijoolt in the atafly 
of latin ; with engliah not«s. By F. P. 
Leveret^ and T. G. Bradford. 2 p. I. 210 
pp. 12°. BoBioit, miUard, Gray, Little ^ 
WiUcin), 1830. 

The same. 2 p. 1. 311 pp. 12°. 

Bo^ii, EUliara, Gray 4- 00. 1833. 

The same. [With a lexicon]. 1 

p. 1. 29a pp. 12°. Boston, Milliard, Gran 
4- CO. 1841. 

The B.ime. Adapted to Andrews au<l 

Stoddard's latin grammar. With notes, 
and a copious dictionary. By E. A. An- 
drews. 276 pp. 13°, Bonion, Croeker 4' 
Bnmtei; 1842. 

Liberator (The). [Weekly]. William 
Lloyd Garrison, editor. Jan. 5, 1833, to 
dec. U, 1836 ; Jan. 5 to dec. SS, 1838 ; Jan. 
3, 1340, to dee. 29, 1865. v. 3-«, 8, 10-55, 
in 15 v. fol. Boston, 1833-K. 

iVoW.— DlsoontJnned at the doae of 13B3 ; wanting 
V. 1, a, 7, and 9, for 1S)1, 1S33, 133J, aud 1333. 

Library of engliah literature : a oolleotion 
of the most nsefu! and entertaining por- 
tions of the worts of nearly all the stand- 
ard authors of the engliah language. Fol- 
lowed by a new chronological table of the 
era, the country, and the writings of 
learned men, and of remarkable events, 
from the creation to the present time, 
[oiwii.] 6 V. in 2. S°, FhUaMeMa, E. 
H. Batler f oo. 1847. 

Libro di lettnra per le classi del giuiiauio 
inferiore. ianon.l 2 v. viii, 25S pp; 
viii, 343 pp. 8°. Vienna, daW i. r. dh-e- 
siione ^r la vendita del llhri seholaalid, 

Liadsll (Henry George, d. d.) A history of 
Rome &om the earliest times to the estab- 
Jjshment of the empire. 2 v. xxii, 470 
pp; sis, 476 pp. 8°. London, J. Murray, 

d by Google 



Lidell (John A, m. d.) A treatise on apo- 
plexy, cerebral bemorrliage, cerebral em- 
bolism, cerebral goat, cerebral rbeuma- 
tiBin, and epidemic oerebro-EpiQal menin- 
gitis, xix, 395 pp. 8°, Jfsip-Foi'J-, W. 
Wood 4- 00. 1873. 

Lieber (Francis, II. S.) On civil libetty and 
self-goverQment. Eolarged ed. Gii) pp. 
8°. PMladel^Ma, J. B. Lippbicoff ^- ca. 

Lleblg (Justus, baron vou). Letters on 
modem agricultnre. Edited by John 
BJjtJi, m. d. Witb addenda, by a praoti- 
cfti agricnltnriat. Embracing valuable 
enggeatiuns, adapted to the wants oi 
ameviean formers, xxvi, 275 pp. 12°. 
New Yorle, J. WlUy, 1859. 

Lieblein (Jena Daniel Cavolus). Diction- 
naue de nom^ bi^ioglyphiciues en ordie 
gifnSilognine et alpbabfitiqae PuWii 
ilaprfes les monuniens figyptieua TOi], 
oen wbiterbnuli ge- 
und alpliabetiBch geordnot. 
Nach den ae^yptisolien denirmaelem 
heiaus^egeben 1 v in 9 Sp 1 n 553 
pp 8^ Pktehana, Bioggit 4 fhialie, 
[\\ 1011118 pp S*J "! 

IilSge (Province de). Expose dela aitnatiou 
admin iatrativo de la province <ie Lifige 
fait par la deputation pavmanente du 
oonseil provincial. 1843, 1845-43, 1851-53, 
18S7-58, 1S60, ie62-li5, lS6r-09. 13 v. 
W . Li^e, 1843-69, 

Frocfes-verbans des siJacces du con- 

seil provincial de Ll€go. Sessious de 
1845, 1851, 1857, 1859-60, 1868-69. 7 v.' 
8°. Zi^ge, [1845-JG9. 

lASga ( Vnivenlti S«). Lilier mamoriaUs, 
1869. See Le Roy (Alpbonse). 

Iiiesegg (Andreas). Die spelctralaualyse. 
Erlilamng der apektralersolieinaiigen nnd 
decen anwendnng fiir wissensobaftlLolio 
nnd praliiisoiie aweoke. viii, 99 pp. 1 col. 
pi. 8°. Wasimr, B. F. Voigt, 1867. s. 

Life and jidventnre in tbe ai>nth Pacific, 
1861. See Jouea (— ). 

Life and alone, [anon,] 40? pp. IG^. Boa- 
ton, Lee 4- Shepard, 1870. 

Life (The) and campaigns of Victor Moreau, 
1806. See Moreau'a leben und feldziige. 

Life and death ; a novel. By yonr hnnible 
servant, [anoit.] I p. 1. 264 pp. 13°. 
KeK Tori, Carhioii, 1871, 

Life (The) and death of Mariit Antoinette, 
late qneen of France. [oHon.] 190 pp. 
SP. [n. p. aboai llO'A']. 

[DuANB pamplileta, v. 110], 
Life and opinions of Jnlins Mellmnrn, 1847. 

See Melbourn (Julius). 
Life and public services of Abraham Lin- 

coin. [axon.J; 1 p. 1. 17-187 pp. S". 

Philadelphia, T. JS. Felmwit 4' hrotJiera. 

Life (The) and travels of the apostla Paul, 

[nnoj^.] 9?3 pp. 1 map. IG", Soalo«, 

Lillg, Walt, Golmart 4 Solden, 1833. 
Life (The) and writings of nirs. Harriet 

Newell, 1831. 5ec Woods (L^nard, Ad.) 
Life-book (Tlie)of a labourer. By a worlt- 

ing clergyman, [niiora.] 1 p. 1. viii, 359 

pp. 16°. Lundoit, Smith, BMer 4- co. 1839. 
Ufa (The), campaigns, and public services 

of genl. [George Brintou] McClellan. 

[anon.] 1 p. 1. 17-184 pp. 8°. Fhiladel- 

phia, T. B. Fderson 4- broSiers, 1864. 
Life illnstrated. See Fhrenolo^rlaal Jouruni 

and life illustrated. 
IJfe (The) of Benjamin Franklin. IUi\:j- 

trated by tales, sketches and anecdot-ea. 

[anon.'] 180 pp. 18°. JVeiu-rorfc, GoUins 

f Sanmy. 1833. 

JVole EadorBea " Pnrlaj's IfraiiMIii.'' 

Life (The) of Christ, [«m». By Daniel B. 

Bradley? Hiudostaui]. 130 pp. 1 map. 

8°. Bangkok, A. 6. o./.m.«iJBSioMyres8,1841. 
Life (The) of Christopher Colnmbna. 

[onon.] 137 pp. 18°, Mib York, Collinn 

^ Mannay, 1832, 

Wote.— Eaaorseil "Fiirloy's Ct 
oluJoied bj 8, G. GoooHcli. 
Life (The) of Elijah, [njiow,] 197 pp, 18^. 

PAifadeipAio, Ata. s,-3, union, [1835]. 
Life (The) of George Washington, illustrat- 
ed by talcs, sketches and anecdotes, 174 

pp. liP, jVfiu York, CnlliM 4' JlamiOAj, 


JVoti— Ei»lin>3ecl "Pm-lny'a Wiwliliigtiiu ;■' ouo uE 
tbe " Parlay" boulta OiMTOwed by tlis authnc. 

Life (The) of John Nowtou, 1831. Sen 

Life (The) of madame Louise de Fcauoe, 
danghter of Louis SV ; known also as the 
mother T^rfeae de st. Angnstin. By the 
author of "Tales of Kirkbeck." [anon,] 
xi, 291 pp. 16°. Lmidoii, [eic] Biuingfons, 

Life (The) of rev. Legh Kichmoud, 1*13, 
Sw -Wlcblns (Stephen B.) 

w'3 Columbus," but dis- 

db, Google 


I.if9 (T!ie) of St. Alphonans Maria <le Ligii- 
ovi, bishop of st. Agatha of the Goths, 
aud fouutler of tlie Congregation of tlie 
most holy redeemer. Compiled, from the 
puhlisliocl memoirs of the saint, by one of 
the reclemptoriat fathers, [([jmib.] 534 
pp. portrait. 13^"', Biiltiatore, J. Marphg 
,S- CO. 1855. 

Iiife(The)oftherev.JameaHerver. [Also], 
ftooUection of hia letters. [«noB.] 3d ed. 
238 pp. 16°. BeyiekTc, R. Taylor, 177-2. 

Lift (A) for the laay. [Containing the ori- 
gin of many words and expreasions. anon.} 
195 pp. 12°. NewYorkjG. P. Putnam, 18i9. 

liigSxt and love for the nursery gronp. 
[nnovt.] 166 pp. inc. 12 pi. 13". Pftlto- 
ddphia, Am. b.-b. WJiioit, [1851]. 

Iiightfbot (Joseph Barber, d. d.) Ou a fresh 
revision of tlie englisU new testament, 
aa ed. rev. 1^ pp. 8°. Nem Yoj-li, Har- 
per ,f irollwra, 1873. 

(SOHAPF (Philip). TUe levLaiou of tlia ensjllsh 
vereion of the ue^ testBtuent, pnrt IJ. 

Iiig;Moa {Bev. William B.) The mission 
book : a manual of instrnetiona and 
prayers. Drawn chiefly from the worlcs 
of St. Alplionaua Liguori, 1 p. 1, 534 pp. 1 
pi. 18=, New Fork, E. Bmtigan if' brother, 

Sai'rative of the life and aiift'eriugs 

of the rev. William B. Lighten. Written 
hy himaelf. New aud revised ed. Eogd. 
tit. 258 pp. 8 pi. portrait. 13°. Boston, *'. 
N. DicJeinwit, 1840. 

Iilguori (Alfonao Maria de). 
des allerheiligsten aakramentea dea altais, 
nnd begrnasnugsn der allerael. jungfraa 
Maria fitr jedeu tag dea monata. Nebst 
den gewohuliohen andaohtaiibnugen. 24D 
pp. 24°. Einskdelii, leta.] C. .^- iV". Beiiil- 
ger, 1873. 

Liliaa and her cousioa ; or a tale of planter 
life in the old dominion. By the anthor 
of "Thomas Jaokaon." [oson.] 367 pp. 
1 pi. 18°. A^eic Xorh, Geiteral jiroteetant 
episeopal s.-s. nitioii, 1860. 

Lilly (Lambert) jjsbii^oh.) The Liatory of 
the middle states, New York, New Jer- 
aey, Pennaylvania, Delaware, aud Mary- 
land. Illuetrated by lalea, aketohea and 
anecdotes. With numerous eugravings. 
By Lambert: Lilly, aohoolmaater. 156 pp. 
16°. liosUm, Alien .f' Tic^nor, 1833. 

Limburgr. Kspoa6 de la aituatirtu .'ulmiiu- 
strative do la province do Liraboiirg, fait 
an conaeil i>vovinolal par la deputation 


Limbnrg— CO iitinaud. 
permanente, dana la aasaiou oidiuaii'u da 
1341. 330 pp. 8= LUne, J. Desoer, 1341. 

Llmlers (Henri Pliilippe do). Ahrfige chro- 
nologiiiae de I'histoire de Franoe, oouto- 
nant les r^gnea de Loiiia Xltl &, Louis 
XIV, pour servir de suite il oelai de MSao- 
ray. Noav. i5d. augmeutde [de la vie do 
[la WiauUi.t (Fi'aa^ala Eiirles tie). AUitii 

e da Fi'M 


PV- 2 

Liacolu (L. E.) Diar[ 
pheoies of Daniel, w tl 
hibitiuj{ the fultllme t of the iiophecy 
" In the third year of C^ r a k ng of Per- 
sia," to the present t u 16^ i p 16°. 
Loicell, iMms.} 1843. 

Lincoln (Robert W.) Livca ot th p 
dentsof thellnitedStatea; withb g pi 
cal notices of the signers of the d la 
tion of independence; akct h f th 
most lemarLable events iu th h t v t 
the country, vi, 532 pp. 1 pi. 8° I t 
tUbm-o', Vt., Tgpographio co. 18:!9. 

Lind ( Jamea, HI. ij. ) An esaay on diaeaaea 
incidental to Enropeana, in hot climatea, 
with the method of preventing their 
oooaequeuces. [Also], an. appendix, con- 
cerning intermittent fevera; aud a simple 
and easy way to render sea water fresh, 
and to prevent a scarcity of pvoviaioaa in 
long voyages at sea. 1st am. from the 6th 
Loud.ed. viii, 2B8 pp. 8^. Fluladdphia, 
W. Duane, 1811. 

Lindsay {Sir David). The minor pnoLna of 
Lyndeaay, namely ; 1. The deplo ration of 
([ueneMagaflJene[compylitl537]. 2. The 
answer quhilk schir David Ly ndeaay maid 
to ye kingis fljting [1536]. 3. The com- 
plaint and pnbliotoonfeaaioun of (he kingia 
auld honnd eallit Bagache [about 1536]. 
4, Aue supplicationn to the kingis grace 
iu cnntemptionn of syde taillis and mis- 
.aellit :^is [about 1533]. 5. Kilteis oon- 
fessionn [between 1537 and 1541]. 6. The 
jiiatyng betuix: James Watsoun and Jhune 
"Barbour [abo at l.'>38; reprinted from the 
warkia, 1568]. 7. Ane desoriptioun of 
peder coffeis having ua regaird till honea- 
tie in thair vocatioon [printed from the 
Bannatyne ms.] Edited by J. A. H. Mur- 
ray, liv, 54y-500, 13 pp. W. ZuiiHoii, 
N. Ti'ilhHcr^y CO. \(i7 1. 

d by Google 


Lindsay (David). Tbo claims of pnstorB of 
cbarches, and preachers of the gospel, for 
raaintenance; considered io the liglit of 
lioly scripture, ivj 1155 pp. 19". New 
¥01% G. MeGweaii, 1343. 

Lindsay (Walter M.) Poeius. 197 pp. IG'^. 
A'ew York, D. JjjjjfetoB ,]■ eo. 185«. 

Lindsey (Charles). The life aud times of 
Wu). Lyon Mackenzie. With an acconnt 
of the Canadian rebellion of 1837, and the 
snhsequent frontier dieturhancee, oliiefly 
from nnpuWislied documeuts. 2 v. in 1. 

401 pp. portrait; 400 pp. 7 pi. 8°. Fliil- 
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[Natoleon parapUeta, T. 37], 
flfptc— Altliough aaY6tUHecl to apyeai- iu fonr 
pavts. thrae only were publislioa. 

Iiitiguet (SiiMOtt Nicolae Henri). Histolre 
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Political and philosophical specula- 
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century; with occasional reflections on 
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fDUAKE pampWeta, v. 53]. 
JVoie.— Tille-psge wanting. 

Thatreespagnol. [«Jto".] 4 v. l(P. 

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1. CAtUEKOH nn Li Eauca (Pudrn). II y n rti 
miens, en espBgaol, M^or ustAva, aaui&Hln 
pp. 403-498. 
Vkqa CakpiO (lope Felis flp). Lnf — ' — 
n fll'fipienv" '""■ ^* ".^1- 

en eapusiial, ij& vaolava Aa 1 


ia^cj, Ja dojQ 
- I* vioi poni. 

meliiidrosa, com^clio. 
ra eapagnol, L'itI 
pi^ncil, SI eseoviliiio y 

La jonrato diftlcile, eu enpnguo], Los 

empeaos de seia hDiBS, oom^die. p, 3^ 

3. On ne baiUiie point aveo ramoiir. ■__. __ 

pasiud, Ho ti Iniuas oon el umor, com&lie. 

JtoEBTO (Agnaliu). I.a olioae ImpOBsiUa, f. 

BBpaenol, Bo pnede aer, oomiiiia. p. 103. 

1-Xb reaaemblanoe. en eeiiaBiiol, El iMir 

dlffldlo. en espagiiol, El dui 

Matob IffBAQOSO (Juan de}. Lo 
retralte, en ^e^agaoi, El aabio 

Sous (Antonio de). Le fan it] 
cspftinol, Uu bobo UlOM oioi 

lutefmbde dea mol< 
on oapognol, Eiil 
reepondr— - ■"■ 


lideTu nialado 

. . diVo. 

de la relic — 

de Ins banuelos. p. 
Intonnide r"- — '-' 
nol, I>oni , 

cspagnol, Intermea 

ipofnol, £n- 

liguitt. p3et. 

lutonu^de de I'^colier moKlolen, on espagnol, 
dolBDusvttdeSalaiuaiica. p.401. 

Liiisolioten or Llnschotten (Jan Hnygeii 
van). Navigatio ao itiaerarivm Johannia 
Hvgouis LinaootaniinoiIeiitalemsiveLu- 
eitanoTTm Indiam. Descriptiones eiTsdem 
terriB ac tractTvm littoralinm. Collecta 
ao descript-a belgicfe ; unno lotinii reddita. 
Eagd. tit. 2 p. 1. inc. 1 pi. 124 pp. 30 pi. 
10 maps folded, fol. Bagm-Comitie, ex offi- 
einaA. Heiiiid, impensU avtlwrie tf' C. Meolrti 
proitanique apiid Xgidium EUev^'imi, 1590. 

Deseriptio totivs Qviueae tractvs, 

Congi, Angolae, et Monomotapae, eo- 
rvmqve locorvni, qvie e regione c. s. Av- 
gvstiui in Brasilia Jaeent, Acceditnoviter 
historia navigationvm Batavorvm in sep- 
teutriooales oraa. [oiioit,] 45 pp. 1 1. 2 
maps folded, fol. Sagos Cimiitia, ex offimna 
A. Hearici, 1.509. 


Liuscotanns. ftte Linechoten 

Liiiwoods (The), 1=3) s 6 Sedgwick 
(C. M ) 

Linz. Mantkle uiid guceiheLaaiiiiQ: Snni- 
niarischei beiioht betreffend die rerhalt- 
nisse der Industrie, des liandels und ver- 
kohrea Oborosteireieh's im jairs 1870. 
167 pp 8° Liiiz, obtnMen haiidels- vnd 
geieerHlamme) , 1871 a. 

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science. [Monthly]. Jan. to deo. 1872. 
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eoli ,S- eo.l&72. 

Lippinoott's proiioiiiLoing gazetteer. 

Revised ed. with an appendix containing 
10,000 new notices and the oensoa of 1870. 
A complete pronouncing gazetteer or gco- 
|fraphical dictionary of the world. Edit- 
ed by J. Thoni.ia, ni. d. and T. Baldwin. 
1 p. 1. sx, 9-23;i(! pp. »'. riiiUiMpMa, J. 

II. LimuHcoti 4- CO. iw:!. 

d by Google 


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doti.] viii, 190 pp. portrait. Vl". lim- 
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aotiijuitioB of tlie count? of Bnokingliaiii. 
iv. i°. London, J. 4- W.EoUns, 1847. 

Iiii-eus (Auguate). Asaembl^e nationale 
coinic[ue. lllnatr^ pav Ctaui, [». e. Am616e 
(leMofi], 2p.J.625pp.20pL R°. Faris, 
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tiist (Fciedrioh). Das nationale sjatem der 
politisolieu oekonomio. later hauA. 2te 
iiDveranderte aufl.. 8°, Siait/jart, J. (t. 
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V. 1. Der ioternationala bandal. rlio LauiMapolitili 
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LeotiireB on tlie operatious of sur- 
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quiring operationa. With numerous addi- 
tions, by Thomas D. Mlitter, ra. d. 565 
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to dec 1871]. v. i. 8°. Cosfon, -H". L. 
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Little (The) corporal. An original maga- 
zine for toys and girls and for older peo- 
ple who have young hearts. [Monthly]. 
Emily Huntington Miller, editor. July, 
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Little Mabel's friends: aseq^uel to "Little 
Mabel and her sunlit home." By a lady. 
[aiinn.3 145 pp. 4 pi. 18°. New York, 
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Liturgiea and other documents of the ante- 
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[ANTB-NicBsa ehrtstlan lilirarj-, v. Si]. 

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(C. M.) 
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young men on their moral dangers and 

duties. Hew ed. 160 pp. 13°. Bomo, 

J. Munroe ,/■ co. 1847, 
Liverpool naturalists' field elati. The flora 

of Liverpool. A list of tbo imligenoua 

db, Google 


Liverpool uaturalista' flolil oliib— coiit'il. 
(loweriug plants aiid fei'us growing witbiii 
fifteen miles of tlie Lirerjiool exoliange 
and two miles of Sontliport. [By the flora 
committee], vi, 178 pp. 2 1, 8°. Liivr- 
j)nol, W. Feariiall, 1S72. K. 

Lives (The) of Chtistoplier Colnniliua, the 
ilisoorerer of Ataerioa, and Ameriotis Vea- 
pocins, the Florentine. [unoB.] 1 p. 1. 278 
pp. 1 pi. 16". Boston, Marsh, Capen,Ljion 
.(■ Wehb, 1840. 

Lives of the apostles of Je-^ns CUviat, 1838. 
See Bacon (David F.) 

Lives of tho heroes of the amerioan revola- 
tioD, 1818. See Ftobt {JohJi, 11. d.) 

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ple of the United States, on the measnreB 
pursued by the executive witli respect to 
tiehatture at New-Orleans ; [with] docu- 
ments; ate. 377 pp. 1 map. 8''. Neip- 
OrJeans, Bra^orA ^- Andermn, 1808. 
[WoLCOTT pamplileta, v. Ofl], 

Livingstone (David). Livingstone's Africa. 
Perilous adventures and extensive discov- 
eries iu tlie interior of Africa, [abridged] 
from the personal narrative of David Liv- 
ingstone, together with the remarkable 
success and important results of the Her- 
ald-Stanley expedition, as furnished by H. 
M. Stanley. [Also], a sifetoh of other 
important discoveries in Africa, including 
the celebrated diamond diggings at Coles- 
berg Kopje, xvi, 598 pp. inc, 25 pi. 2 
portraits. 12°. PliiUMpUa, ITnhMrd 
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Livingstone lost and found, or Africa and 
its explorers. With a biographical sketch 
of dr. David Livingstone, and a most in- 
teresting account of his discovery by the 
american expedition, in command of Henry 
M. Stanley, Compiled from the most 
authentic sources, with an introduction 
and chapter on SataJ, by rev, Joseph 
Tyler, missionary, [aiioit.] 782 pp. 8". 
Sartford, Conn., Mittaal publishing bo. 1873. 

Livlus (Titus). The histories of Livy, 
books i, xxi, and :^%.\\, with extracts fVom 
liooks ix, xxvi, xxxv, xxxviii, xxsix, xlv. 
Edited and nnnotfited by Thomas Chase. 


Livius (Titus)— coiitiuucd. 
'JG4 pp. 10". I'MlaSdi'Ma, Elili-edge <f 
Irother, 1872. 
[CnASB ana SruAUT'a elsaeical flerioa]. 

The same. Selections from the first 

flvo books, with the twenty-iirst and twen- 
ty-second books entire. Cliiefly from the 
text of Alsohefski. With english notes. 
By J, L. Lincoln, vi, 329 pp, 2 maps. 
12°. New York, D. Appletoa ^- m. 1847. 
The same. With an interlinear trans- 
lation. By rev. I. W. Bieber. 1 p, 1, 601 
pp, 12". Philadelphia, C. Desilmi; [«'e.] 

Livoy (Timothoe de). Dictionnaire do 
synonimes franfois. lanon.] xvi, 566 pp, 
1 1. 8='. Ptn-is, Saillant, 1767. 

Lizana y Beaumont (Francisco Xavier, 
arehhialwp of Mexico). lusttnccion pas- 
toral sobre la costumbre de llevar las se- 
uoras el jieoho y broaos desnndos. 1 p. J. 
42 pp. 8°. Mexico, M. Ferniimhs! de Jan- 
regni, 1808. 

Llewellyn (E.) Walter Stockton, or my 
father 's at the helm, 230 pp. 2 pi. 16°. 
Philadelphia, Presbi/terian loard of pnbliea- 
iioH, [I860]. 

Llewellyn (E.L.) Title linnting. 357 pp. 
12°. I'hiladelphia, J. B. lAppineoU 4- co. 
J 860. 

Llorente (Jnan Antonio). Diacui'eos sobre 
una coostitucion religiosa, considerada 
oomo parte de ta ci vil nacional. Su antor 
un Americano, [anon.] Los da li Ina A. 
Joan Antonio Llorente. xvi, 223 pp. 16°. 
Pa™, StaM, 18S0. 

Lloyd (WiUiam). Considerations touching 
the true way to suppress popery iu this 
kingdom ; [etc. Also], an historical 
account of the reformation here in Eng- 
land, [onoji.] 8 p. 1. 164 pp. 4°. Lm 
(foil, if. Broome, 1677. 

Lool^e (David Boss), The struggles (social, 
financial and political) of Petrolenm V. 
Nasby, \_p8eadon.~\ embracing 1> is trials and 
troubles, nps and downs, rejoicings and 
wailings; likewise bis views of men and 
things. Together with the leotnres 
" Cussed be Canaan," " The struggles of a 
conservative with the woman question," 
and " In search of the man of sin." With 
an introduction by Charles Snmcer. lUus- 
trated by Thomas Nast. 720 pp. 24 pi. 
portrait. 8°. Boston, J. If, Michardeon ^1' 
00. Ifl72. 

db, Google 


Locke (Jaiio Ei-raiiia), Tlio rocalleJ ; iu 
Voioesof the pnst, and Poems of the ideal, 
vii, 246 pp. portrait. 13", Boston, J. 
M-ma-oe ^- m. 1854. 

Locke (Kichard AdaiuB). [Great astronom- 
ical diacoTerioe lately mode by sir Jobo 
Heraohel, at the cape of Gflod Hope]. The 
celebrated " moon story," its origia and 
incidents ; '^'ith a memoir of the author, 
and an appendix. By William N, Griggs. 
143 pp. IS'-). A'em York, Birinic« <$■ Fr'xwe, 

Looks (Una). Sen Bailey {Mrs. U. L.) 

Lockbart (Jolia Qibaon). Life of Napoleon 
Bonaparte, emperor of France. A uew e<l. 
3*3 pp. portrait. 12=. A»bv.rn, [jV. T.] 
Detb^ 4- Millei; 1S51. 

Eeginald Dalton. [onoii.] 2 v. 358 

pp; 296 pp. ia°. Kuw York, Smjjer ,)■ 
brollim, 1!K3, 

The same. New eil. 3 p. 1, 505 pp. 

12°. JSdMurgh, W Jllailicooa 4 soif, 

Locquet (Pieter). Catalo^ua v.iu een 
nitmuntend kabinet met konatige Bohil- 
deryen, verEaroeld en nigriaaten door 
wjlen den heer P. Loeqnet, alle bet 'welke, 
benevens de rai'iteiten verkngt zal wor 
den sept. 1783. yiij, 178 pp. 8°. lAm- 
sterdam, 1783]. 

Catalogns van aohilderyen, nls meede 

leer fraape rariteiten ; uitmakende het 
beroemd kabinet van wyleu den beer P. 
Looqaet, beneYons een korte beschryving 
dor sohilderyen, [ena.] Verkocht sept. 
1783, 8". AmaUrdam, J. W. Smit, [1783]. 
[ JFiM the preOBding] , 

IioSand (Julm, m. d.) The poetical and 
prose writings of John Lolland, coutaiu- 
iag moral, sentimental, humorons, and 
patriotic poems and essays. 332 pp. por- 
trait. 12°. BalUmore, J. Marx/hs, 1846. 

Loftle (Biv. W. I.) A century of bibles: 
or, the authorised version from 1611 to 
1711; to wliicli is added William Kil- 
bnme's tract on dangoroas errors ia the 
late printed bibles, 1659; with lists of 
bibles ia tlie British museum, Bodleian, 
Stnttgart and otiier libraries. 4 p. 1. 249 
pp. 1 1. 8°. London, B. M. Picheiing, 1872. 

Logan (James, aecreiarg of ifte provinee of 
FennBijlvania). Correspondence with Will- 
iam Penn. ^ee Penn (William) aiiA 

Logan (01i\ 


Logan. [iMCTinlon.] The uiaster'B honeo ; a 
tale of southern life. 391 pp. 6 pi. 12°. 
Xeiv-Yori:, T. L. MoElmth f co. 1854. 

LogaUr 18!^ See Keal (John). 

Lolli (Giovanni Battista). Osservazioni 
teorioo-pratiohe septa il giuoco degli 
Bcacchi. 3 p. !. 632 pp. fol. Bologna, 
T. d'Aqiiino, 1763. 

;c Sikes (J/cs 


Leggi riguu^auti )1 glooco f Qa GicuicMno Grteco]. 

pp. B-S. 
Preoetti teorioi [dall' ammimo autor modoneBe]. 

OaseFrazloni prabiche sopra II ginoco ^egli BcancliI 
nogU varie apsrturo de' ginooi, proposte d»lr 
ftuonimo outoc toodonaee [uolle diohiaraaioiii 
fatte sopta le meaealme, da G. Lolli]. pp. SJ- 

Trattato (Tn) pratico della difeaa contra a van- 
titgglD del primo tr^tto (dall' anoaimo autor 
modoDeBe, oolle diohiaraalonl dl G. Lolli]. pp. 

Lettera d'infoFmazfone sopra II llliro del PblUdor, 
dall' ouanimo autor moibmese. pp. 3S5-3ea. 

Di iftostrafilonlpratlohe dhe lignardono H fiidmflato 
dol glnooo degll BcaooM. pp. S39-514. 

CNitnria dl pardtl soeltl aa dlvsrsl gtnooaiorl 

detl'autore. pp. dl5-614. 



ooromentaiy and esplonatlons. The remainder 
of tile work, from p. 369 to bbe end, 13 by Lolli. 

Lombard de La&gree (Vincent). MiSmoire 
pour L. Fanche Borel, centre Charles Per- 
let, aucien joumaliste. 2e €d. reme. 1 
p. 1. 188 pp. 1 fac-siui. 8^. Paris, L. Cl. 
Miehaud, 1816. 

[NapOLHOB pampMetH, v. 35]. 

Le royaume de Westphalie, Jdrdme 

Buonaparte, sa cour, sea fovoris et ses 
ministres. Far nn teinoin ooulaire. 
[onwi.] 266 pp. 3 1. (pp. 271-274). S^. 
Paris, ches lea niardiande i 

London. Aeademy of ancient lanaia. Letters 
from the Acailemy of ancient musiok at 
London to sigv. Antonio Lotti of Venice: 
with his answera and testimonies. 1 p. 1. 
41 pp. 8". Zondon, G. James, 1732. 

itojuJ geographical eoeietg of. Classi- 
fied catalogne of the library of the Eoyal 
geographical society, to dee. 1870. 2 p. 1. 
478 pp. 8°, London, /. Mwrray, 1871, 

Journal, v. 41. 1871. 8^. 

London, J. Mun^y, [1871]. 

Proceedings, v. 15. Session 

1370-71. Nob. 1-5. Editedby the assistant 
secretary. 8°. London, 1871. 

Royal mia'oscopical socktu of. Trans- 
actions. See Monthly (The) microscopical 

Societj/ for ffie nii%n(ton and graduiO, 

iiMUioii of sidiviy lli>vii!)Jioiit tlte hiilish 

db, Google 

1 O^DON 

Iion doii — con Liuucd 
5ofl»nioni Second report of the ■ 
8° LonSoajfortheBooietn, 1835. 

Socteti/ of m ts The jonrnal of 

Society of atta, of the institutions in uu 
[and o£Scial record of annniti international 
exhibitions], v. 1-19. 8°. Zoitdon, aocivti), 

Statlafieal sodeiy of. Statiatieal iUna- 

trations of the territorial extent and pop n1 o- 
tion, rental, taxation, finances, commerce, 
coasumption, insolvency, panperiam, and 
crime of the british empire. 3d ect. [lii], 
170, xii pp. 1 tab. 8°. Tjm3on, E. Wilson, 

London (The) and China telegraph. Nov. 
1858, to dec. 1869. 11 v. in 10. sni. fol. 
London, at the o^ce, 1858-69. 
(Imperfect i v. 4 wanting (noe. 73, 77, 901 iip, 1-34, 

af-iao, 40B-43B]. 
Satc—v. 1 waa issued xiniler tlio Wtle of "Tlio 
China telegraph." 

London (The) catalogue of boolca, with 
their aizee, prices, and publishers. Con- 
taining the books published in London, 
1800-22. 2 p. 1. 237 pp. 8°. London, W. 
Beat, 1833. 

TU same. 1800-27. 2 p. 1. 309 pp. 

8°. London, exeeator of W. Beat, % Long- 
man, [efc.] 1827. 

London (The), Edinburgh, and Dublin phi- 
losophical magazine and jonrnal of science. 
Jan. to dec. 1879. v. 43-44. 4th series. 
8°. London, Taylor ^ FraTieis, [_18?^2- 

London (The) gazette. Published by an- 
thority. [Semi-weeltlj]. Jan. 2 to dee. 
31,1872. 4v. 8m.fol. Louilort, Bairlsoii 
,;80H8, [1873]. 

London illustrated news. Sec Illustrated 
London news. 

London (The) practice of midwifery ; [also], 
instrnotions for the treatment of lying-in 
women, and the principal diseases of 
children, [dinui.] 1st am. from the 4th 
Lond. ed, xi, 303pp. 81. 16°. New-Yorh, 
J. V. Seaman, 1820. 

London times. See Times (The London 

Long (George). The Egyptian antiquities 
in the British museum, [etc.] 2 v. viii, 
399 pp; yi, 448 pp. 16°. London, M. A. 
KaltoM, iabont 1840]. 
[LlBKA.ay of entertaining knowledge, v. 25-26). 

Long (John St. John). A critical exposure 
of the ignorance and malpractice of cer- 
tain medical practitioners, in. their theory 
it of discn.^o; likc^viso obscr- 


Long (John St. John)— contiiiHcd. 
"vations on the primary cause of ailments, 
connected with the discoveries of the an- 
thor; [also], acoaunentai-y on the medical 
evidence in the cases of the late miaa 
Catherine CaEhin and mrSi Lloyd, xi, 405 
pp. 8°, London, C. Chajijite, 1831. 

Longoroft (Charles John), A topographical 
account of the hundred of Bosmere, in the 
county of Southampton, including the 
parishes of Havant, Warblington, and 
Hayling. viii, 94, 343 pp. 20pl. 8°. Lon- 
don, J. B. Smifli, 1857. 

Lons^(G. de). S^DeLong^ (G.) 

Longfellovr (Henry Wads worth). Christna, 
amystei-y. 3 v. 12°. Boston, J. It. Osgood 
,f CO. 1873. 

T. 1. The dlviao tragetly. 3 p. L 15P pp, 

V. 2. The iraldeu legend. SOO pp. 

y. 3. The Srew-En^and trugeiliBB. xvl, 186 pp. 

Longlnus (Ca«sar), Trinam magicnm ; sen 
secretorum magicoruDi opus, contineus 1) 
de magia natural:, artiQciiz, et enperstiti- 
onihus disqaisitioues ; 3) theatrum magi- 
cae, ptaeter cnram magnetioam et veterum 
sophoramsigilla, etiamconclusionesphyai- 
cas. 3) Oracula Zoroastris, et mysteria 
mysticae philozophiae Haehraeornm, Cha!- 
daieorum, Aegyptiornm, Arabum, Persa- 
rnm,Graeoorum,orphioorHm, pythagorico- 
mm et Latinorum. <i35 pp. 19°. Franco- 
fiirti, 1663. 
jro(e.-.-Without title-poge. Zeillor ews, "Caosav 

LongLnus hat elue aamioluit^ von ^marra uiid. 

Bnlleret ibCCT magiaoJioii BUhtiffben nntarm titul ; 

TriDum maKlenm, zu Pianckfai't, 1614 in IS. 

herans gBp;oijoii." 

LonginuB or Dlonyelus CasBltie Longi- 

nviB. IlEpi vij/ov^ Xoyoii ^i,07j,oo. Db grandi, 
aire svblimi genere orationis. 16°. 
[trenewie], ffpud I. Criipinvra, 1570. 

[POUTUB (¥.) Oi iy TB biTOIKHri T<X'B ttO(PV*nioi, 

Longman (Joseph). Sentences, divine, 
moral, and historical ; in prose and verse j 
with copies for the alphabet. The whole 
being the beauties of Addison, Johnson, 
Rollin, Wealey, and other eminent anthers ; 
extracted from'their works, and arranged 
in alphabetical order, vi, 360 pp. 8°, 
Salisbiir'j, B. ISaatoa, 1786, 

Longman (WUliam). The history of the 
life and times of Edward the third. 2 v. 
xviii, 415 pp. 17 pi ; viii, 348 pp. 15 pi. 8°. 
London, Longmans, 1860. 

LongBtreet (A. B.) Master William Mitten: 
a youth of brilliant talents, who was 
iiRit hy bad hiol;. By the a.ntlior of 

db, Google 


LongBtreet (A. B.)— eoutitmoil. 

"Georgia Bcenes." [a»io».] '£i9 pji. 
Mitoon, Ga., Burlce, SoijUn 4- eo. 1864. 

Iiaagus. Les pastorales de Loup;ns, 
Daplinis et Chlod. Traduction d'Amyot 
revue et eompMt^ par P. L. Courier. 
Nouv. €d. aocompagnfie d'uu gloBsaire des 
mots difQciles, par m, Pierre Jauoet. 
175 pp. W>. Pm-is, E, Flcai-d, 1868. 
[SottTelle ODUeotion Jannet]. 

LoDgworfch. (Ootaviua). The aolectio 
paalme and by mns io use of tlie protostaut 
episcopal oil urot, in the 17. S. of A.alphi 
betioally arraDgeil iu liaes. SOT pp. ff 
WiUiamsharg, N. 7,, 0. Loiigiwrth, IMSl. 

LouBdale (Henry). A sketch of the life aud 
writings of Robert Knoi tlie anatoi 
xs, 420 pp. 2 pi. 13°. London, Macmillan 
,<r CO. 1S70. 

LoomlB (Alfred L. m. A.) Lessons in phjai- 
cal tllagaosia. 3d ed. enlarged. 240 pp. 
8°. NeiB Yo)-h, W. Wood 4- eo. 1873, 

Zioomis (-E«K. A. W.) English and ohiiieHe 
lessons. IBS pp. 12°. JVciii Yoi% Am. 
Iraot raeicfj;, [ISi'S]. 

Loomis (Elias, 11. d.) The elements of arith- 
metic. 166 pp. 16°. A'eiD York, Harper 
> Srofliffl's, 1863. 

LoomlB (Silas L. 111. i7.) Aualjitical arith- 
metic : an introdnotion to normal arith- 
metic. 200 ]>p. 18°. Philaaelphia, J. B- 
LippinooU ,j' CO. 1860. 

Normal aiitlimetie : a tcst-hoolc^ 

theoretical and practical. 300 pp. 12°, 
FMadelpltia, J. li. Lipphtcott 4- co. 1859. 

Ziope de V^a. iSm Vega Carpio. 

Lopez (Vicente F.) La coyia del hereje 6 
la inquisicion de Lima. 3 «. 2 p, 1. xvi, 
355pp; 2p.l. 430pp. 8". Buenos Aires, 
C. CasavalU, lS/0. s. 

Lord (Eleazar, U. d.) Analysis of the booli 
of Isaiah. Part lirat — ^introduction, 
cclsxsijc pp. 13°. JVfto Fort, J. A. Oroy, 

The prophetic offioe of Christ, as re- 
lated to the verbal inspiration of the holy 
scriptures. 154 pp. 13°. ^aw-Yorl, 
A. B. F. Randolph, 1859. 

Iiord {Rec. John King). Sermons. With an 
introttuctory notice, by Natlian Lord, viii, 
114 pp. 13°. Boalon, I'erUns 4- Whljyple, 

Lorenz (Otto). Catalogue giSuiSral de la 
librairio fcanfaiae pendant 25 nns (1840- 
1605). [Formaut la continuation de la 


Loreaz (Otto) — continued. 
LittSrature fraufaise coutcnipoviiino, do 
Qu^rard]. 4 v. 8°, Paris, O. Lores^, 

Lorenzo, or the empire of religion. By a 
scotcli non-conformist, a convert to the 
catholic faith, [onon.] Translated from 
the ftench, by a lady of Philadelphia. 
311 pp, ^°. Baminove, J. Mitrphy, 1844. 

Iiossing (Benson John). A eommon-scboo! 
history of the Uaiteil States; from the 
earliest period to the present time. [Sup- 
plemented by the text of the constitution, 
with foot-notes J 'also, review questioDs, 
etc.] 373 pp. 12°. Ifem York, Maaoa 
hrotlteis, 1804. 

The same. 378 pp. 12°. A'eio York, 

Mason brothei-s, 18S5. 

A history of the United States. For 

families and libraries. 672 pp. 8°. A'eio 
Yor]c, Mason hroSmrs, 1857. 

The life and times of Philip Schuyler. 

V. 9. 548 pp. portrait. 13°. A'eif Yorl; 

iSMdon <f- eo. 1873. 

[y. 1 was pnblialieil liy Mnsoii brotlieia, N, Y. 

Lives of celebrated Americana : com- 
prising biographies of three hundred and 
forty eminent persons. Illustrated with 
over 100 line portraits. By Losaing and 
Barritt. 437 pp. 8°. Hartford, J. BO- 
Icnap, 136!). 

A pictorial history of the United States. 

Revised ed. 371 pp. 12°. Jfm York, 
MasoJi irotliera, 1858. 


Hiuetfated 233 pp ir° i'm YoiJ, 
MtisoH liiotkms, 1857 

The same A new ed moluding a 

history of the gieat relielhon 238 pp 
16' Am Yoil,MaaoahotIteis,186t< 

The statesman's minnal, 185H Set 

Williams (Edwm) and LoBsing 

Lost (The) huntei-, 1856. See Adams (J T ) 

IiOttl (Sigr, Antonio). Letters firom the 

Academy of ancient music at London to 

[hiin] ; with his answers and testimonies, 

1733. See Louclou. Acadoiny of ancteut 

Loud (Mrs. M. St. Leon). Wayside flowers ; 

a collectiou of poems, xii, 376 pp. por- 

ti-iiit. 19°. Boatoii, I'lclnor, Beed .f- FieJda, 


Loudon (Archibald). The wonderful mag- 

'ue, and extraordinary muaenm ; beinj; 

ioniplote repository of tho wonders of 

db, Google 


Loudon ( Ai'oli ib ii] d >— COD tiu ue (I . 
nature and art. 9-504 pp. 8°. CarUaU, 
\_Pa.-} 1808. 
JTolc— Wanting tiUe-pnse and all bctore p. B. 

Loughridge (Rev. E. M.) and Winslett 
(David). Natookv esjTliiketv. Muskokee 
liymna. Collected and revised. 3ded. 316 
pp. 18^. JTmc yori', iffeaion AoMse, 1859. a. 

Loiiiaa. A novel, Ijy the author of Meliaaa 
aadMaroia; or, the sisters, [amw.] 3 v. 
16°. London, T. HooTckam, 1790. 

IioviiBe (Th^ophile). De la soroellerie et de 
U jnstice oriminelle ^ Valenciennes (xvie 
et sviie sifecJes). 4 p. L six, 216 pp. 6 
pl. 8°. Valeiidenites, E. Prigrtet, 1861. 
A'ote.— pp. 165-166 are dropped in the paglnatiou. 

LouiBiana {State of). Boonments of the 
second session of the fifth legislatnre. 36 
doo. ia 1 ¥. 8°. Baton Eouge, state^rinler, 

Board of health. Annual report of the 

board of health to the general assomhl j of 
IjoniBiana. Dee. 31, 1873. S°. jVctu 
Oi-kana, 1373. S. 

State univefsitj/, Baton Boage. An- 
nual report of D. F. Boyd, superintend- 
ent, for the year 1871. 22i pp. 1 map. 8". 
Xew Orleans, Bepahlieau office, 1872. 

OfBciaJ register of the officers 

and cadets. Session [1871-73]. 8°. Nm 
Orieam, A. W. Hyatt, 1872. 

Louisville (Ky.) The Lonisvilie directory 
nnd buaineaa advertiser for 185U-^. Com- 
piled by Henry Tanner. 8°. Zouiwille, 
Maxtaell ^ oo. 1859. 

LouiBville school messenger. [Qnarterly]. 
William J. Davis, editor. April to nov. 
1871. V. 1. [36 pp.] 4°. Louweille, J. 
P. Mortoit tS- 00. [ISn-]. 
jVefc.— Wo more puTjliaLod; auoooeiloa by Home 

Louvet (Jean Baptiste). Quelques notices 
pour I'histoire, et le r^oit de mes p^i 
depuisle31mai,1793. 307pp. 8°. Pa 
J. B.ii)MW<, [1795]. 

Louyrette (W. H.) and Croy (Comie A.'aSv^ 
Eodolphe Raoul de}. Louis XI et le Pies- 
si s-Ifea-Tours. s5siK,24Spp.lOpl. 1 plan. 
2 fac-sim. 8°. Toura, F. Chmier, 1841. 

Love ( if BD. Christopher). Remains; contain- 
ing Ma last sixteen sermons, six letters in 
prisoD, and his prophecy; with a sketch 
of his life, and notes on the accomp 
ment of his predictions. By W. Ward 
and rev. E. Daviw, 1 p. !. 2(iri pp, 
Oungay, C. liriijUhj, 1807. 


Lovell (Joliii E.) luti'odnctory arithmetic ; 

prepared for ttie pupils of the Lancastrian 

school, New-Haven. Part first. 238 pp. 

18°. New-Haven, S. Wadsmith,lS2.7. 
A key to Introductory arithmetic. 

166 pp. 13°. Xew-Haven, S. Wadmortli, 

Lovell's progreaaivo readers. Noa. 1, 

2, 4. 3 V. 16*> & 13°. Xi-iu JTifueu, Diirrie 

.f ■ Peek, 1855-57. 

The youDg pupil's second book : com- 
prising a great variety of interesting les- 
sons, the emphasis and infiectious of the 
voice being appropriately marked, with a 
view to promote a correct and tasteful 
style of i-eading. [lat ed.] 204 pp. UP. 
New Haven, S. Baioock, 1836. 

The aame. 2d ed, 21G pp. UP. 

New Manen, S. Bdbeook, 1838. 

The yonng speaker : an iatroduction 

to the United States speaker. [1st ed.] 
300 pp. 12°. Neiv Haven, Ditrrk .;■ Peck, 

Loveniucli(Eb6iieaer,j)S«Mi[WH.) him! Muck- 
le'wrath (Marcins, ^seudon.) The cham- 
pagne club. A chronicle and critic of 
military and fashionable events and 
things, and criminal record of literary 
and other misdoings. By Ebeiiozer Love- 
much and oapt. Marcins Mucklewrath. 
Aided and abetted by a secret society of 
bored gentlemen. 13 nos. 156 pp. 4°. 
WaMngion, 1834. 

Loven (Sven). Itidrag till kauuedouien 
am ntvecklingea af mollusca aoephnla 
lamellibraachiata. Aftryk ur K. veteu- 
skaps-akademiens handlingar. 109 pp. 1 
tab. 6 pL 9°. Stockholm, [1848], 8. 

Loves (The) of Oamardpa and CSmaiati, an 
aucient Indian tale. Elucidating the cus- 
toms iwd manners of the orientals in a 
series of adventures of rajah Camanipa 
and his companions, ianon.'] Translated 
from the peraian by William Franklin, 
vii, 284 pp, 13°, JMuilon, T. CadeU, 1793, 

Low (James W.) Low's railway directory 
for 18G1 ; an ofQcial list of officers and 
directors of the railroads in the United 
States and Canados. Compiled annually 
by James W. Low, late Low & Burgess, 
ssviii, 219 pp. Ipl. H'. New Ynrk, E. 1!. 
lleunet 4' CO. [18(!I]. 

d by Google 


Iiowe (A, T, m. d.) The Colombian class 
book, consisting of geograplilcal, histori- 
cal and biograpliioal exbroota. 355 pp. 4 
1>1, 12°. Worcester, Dorr^-SowlaiUl, I8S4. 

Iiovrell (ifi-s. Anoa C.) The elements of 
iistronomy ; or the worM ae it is, axiA as it ' 
iippears. By the author of "Theory of: 
leaohing," [etc. aitoa.'] -viii, 13-376 pp. j 
2 pi. 12°. ISostoB, Croekcr 4- BreiDetur' \ 

1850. ; 

Gleanings from the poets, for home 

imd Bohool. Seleoted by the author of 
"Theory of teaehiug." [«noii.|l Now ed. 
xiii, 430 pp. 12°. Boshit, IF. Croshj^^M. 
P. mckoh, [etc] 1850. 

Iiovrell {Bev. Boliert Trail Speoee), The 
pooras of E. Lowell. New ed. (with many 
new poeiiis). 206 pp. KP. Jtoaton, E. P. 
Diiibm ^ CO. 1864. 

Lo^^ell, JLfoss. {CUyof). City docaments, , 
for the year 1371-72. 10 doc. in 1 v. iP. ■■ 
Lowe'l, Stone 4- Hose, 1973. j 

The Lowell directory, for 1655. By 

George Adams. 12°. Loictll, 0. March, 
1855. s. 

The Lowell directory, no. 21, [for 

li^ei}. By Atiams, Sampson & 00. Bos- 
ton. 120. ZoiceU, J. Merrill 4 B. C. Sar- 
geant, 1361, 

Lcwer (Mark Antony). The worthies of; 
SnsBe:c : biographical sketclies of the most 
eminent natives or inhibitants of the 
county, from the earliest period to the 
pceaent time with incidental notices, 
illustrative of Sussex history. 6 p. 1. 346 
pp. 1 1. 7 pi 4 Lenes foi stiiserifici'a ty 
9. F. Bacon 18b5 

Iiovnle (John SI ) Lsthii lud her tiuiee. 
lu a series of lectures on the book of 
Esther. 276 pp. 1 pi. 12". FUladelpMa, 
i'reebgterian hoari 0/ pabliealiim, [1859], 

Lowxie (Walter). Memoirs of the rev. 
Walter M. Lowrie, missionary to China. 
Edited by his father, -viii, 500 pp. 3 1. 
portrnit. 8°. -?Jei« Fori:, B, Carter 4' 
lirothen, 1649. 

Iiomis {Eev. W'alter Macon). Bermons 
preached ia China, viii, 454 pp. poi-trait. 
8°. Jvew York, R. Carter ^ brothers, 1851. 

Labbock (Sir John, hart.) Monograph of 
the colleuibola and thysannia, s, S76 pp. 
T9 pi. 8°. London, Ban saeieig, 1873. 
[lUr Bonlely irablitatlonB]. 

Iiubin (EUhard). Epistolac vetemm Graj- 
oorum : nempe Hippocrntis, Democritl, 
24 c 


Labia (Eilhard) — continued. 
Heracliti, Diogenis, Cratetis, Phalaridts, 
Bruti, aliorumque ad eosdem : editie grtcu^ 
BO simul latin^. Accedit methodus con- 
Borihendarum epistolarnm, gr^ci^ao latiu^. 
3 V. in 1. 12". In SiftfiopoJo commcUmaiio, 

V. 1. Eplsfiilie Hl^pocratia, Demoeiiti, Hei'aolitl. 

V, 9. £puitDliie Apollosii byanei. Anachnrsidia, Ev- 
rlpldlB. Ihenvs, alionimq^ufl ad, eoBilsm. 

v.ftPlialHriais&BrrtleiJstolafl. 15BI. 
Ltioas (Charles). The iufei'nal Qnixote. A 

tale of the day. 4 v. 12°. Loadon, Mi- 

»efmpreas,for W. Lait«, 1801. 
LncaH (Hippolyte Julien Joseph). Docii- 

iiients relatife il I'bistoiro du Cid. S p. I. 

212 pp. 8°. Paris, Alwa-ia, 1880. 

Cbap. 1. 


je Cid do Guillen de Oasti 
Lb Ciil Hb Cnrneille. 

I!. Opinion dBB eorivoiae anilias aur la CId. 

Lucas (Louis). Le romaii alchiniique on 
les dens baisers. 3 p. 1. 353 pp. 1 1. 12°. 
Paris, M. Liug frerea, 1857. 

Lucinda; or, the self-devoted daughter. 
[<iMOi(.] 286 pp. 16°. Loudon, T. Eook- 
Mat, 1781. 

Lnckey (Samuel, d. d.) The lord's supp«r. 
: With an inti'od notion, by hishop Janes. 
vi, 3-284 pp. 18°. New York, Carlton 4- 
■ Porter, [1859]. 

Luddeii (William). The lyra sacra, or 
songs of the chnrch; cotitainiog all the 
psalms and hyinus of the protestant epis- 
copal chnrch, adapted to appropriate 
tnnes for congregational nse; [etc.] The 
whole being compiled and arranged with 
especial reference to congregational use ui 
1'riulty parish. New Haven, Conn, iv, SS4 
pp. 8°. Nctt) Hareii, by tl)e masio commute, 

Ludeu (W.) School tor the voice; heiug 
an analytical, theoretical and practical 
treatise npon the proper use and devolop- 
meut of the vocal organs ; [ with exer- 
cises]. 175 pp. 40. Jffiw York, J. L. Pe- 
tere, [1871]. 

Ludlam (R. m. d.) I^^ture^ clioical and 
didactic, on the diseasesof women. 2d ed. 
3 p. 1. 613 pp. 8°. Ckicwjo, C. S. Halscn, 

Ludlow (J. L. lit. d.) A manual of exami- 
nations npon anatomy and physiology, 
sni'gery, pr.ictico of mediciiip, ohemistry, 

db, Google 


Ludlo'OT (J. L, m, d.)— con tinned, 
obstetrics, materia medica, pharmnoy, and 
therapeutics; [also], a medical fotmiilarj'. 
2ded, 689 pp. 12°. Philadelpllia, M. Bar- 
rmgton ^ G. D. Haamll, 1«46. 

Ludlow (Park). Kick Hardy : ov, once in 
fun, twice in earnest, 375 pp. 4 pi. 16°. 
Boston, H. A. Yoitrtg ^ eo. [1872]. 

Ludvlgh (Samuel). Ladvigh's englisolie 
Bprachlehrefilranfanger. Nebat leaeliacli. 
Viirztiglioh zam Keliranche der Deutacheo 
in Amerika. 193 pp. 16°. BaUimore, S. 
Liidnigh, 1843. 

Luff (Lorry, pseiidon.) Tbe texan captain 
and tli« fenmle sniiignlfr. A ntexican tale 
of lanil and wftt«r. By Lorry Lntf. 98pp. 
8°. A'dw-Forfc, W. F. Burgess, IH50. 

Luis de Granada. Libro fie la oracion y 
meditiicioii, en eloiial ee trata de la con- 
eideracion de los principales misterius de 
uuestra fa, y de las partes y doctrina para 
]a oraoion. [8°. Paris. Baudry, 1847]. 
[CoLKCClos: ds antores eBpaflolea. v. 18, pp. STl- 

Luijettefl (Henry, pseadoii.} The 

gt^ntleniaii'u (;nide to politeness and fusb- 
ion ; or, luniiLiar letters to bis nepliews. 
By Hynry Lunettes. New ed. 4K0 pp. 
ia°. PhUadelpMa, J. B. LippincoU 4- co. 

Lutli«r (Martin). Der Icleiue cntccbiemns 
dea sel.dr. Martin Liitbers,mit seiner eige- 
nen vorrede an pfarrberrn nnd predigeni, 
nebst tran- und taufliiiclllein, beide inU 
vorreden, nnd ein brief an die Praiikfnrter 
am Mayn. So wie auch die ordnung des 
heils, mit deni inbalte der bibtiscben ge- 
sebiebte, nnd drei lieder, Zani drntk be- 
fSrdert rtorch J. F. Bogana. 300 pp. 16°. 
PkiludelpMa, 1839. 

Tbe life of Martin Lntber. Gatberefi 

from bis own writinga. By in, Micbelet, 
Translated by G. H. Smith. 311 pp. lii°, 
Nev) York, D. Applelon 4- eo. 1846. 

Luther's smaller and larger cate- 

chisnis, together with an biatorical iutru- 
d notion. [Also], hjmne and prayers. 
Tranalated from the germao. iv, 272 pp. 
12°. Newmarlcet, [ F«.] S.D. Eeiikel # bros. 

i The eame. [Also], tbe unaltered 

Angabnrg confession. Sdecl. 260 pp. 12°. 
NevimarJtet, S. D. Eenlcel ^ 1iro>. 1855. 

Select treatises of Marlin Lntber, in 

tbe original german, with philological 
notes, and nn essay on german and en- 


Luther (Martin) — continued, 
glisb etymology. By B. Sears. 3xviii, 382 
pp. 12°. Andover, IMasa.} AIU«, Morrill 
4- Wardwell, 1846. 

Luther (Seth), An address to tbe working- 
men of New England, on tbe state of edu- 
cation, and on the condition of the pro- 
dncing classes in Europe and America. 
With particular reference to the effect of 
manufacturing, (as now conducted,) on 
the health and happiness of the pour, and 
on the safety of our republic. 39 pp. 8°. 

Boston, author, 18:J2. 

Iiutherciii church. Tbe christian book of 
concord, or symbolical books of the evan- 
gelical Imberan chavch. [With] an his- 
torical iutrodnction. Translated from the 
german. [By the rev. A. & S. Heukel]. 
iKiLvM, ma pp. 8°. Mwmai-ket, [ To.] ,S. 
D. Senkel 4- In-OB. 1851. 

^ole.— At^analalllonor"Dles;;mbuliBclleal)iiohel' 
<ler tivaugeliBcb'ruformJrtffii kirctni." 

DoulscheB gesangbuch fiir die evange- 

liseb-lutberiHcbe kirohe in den Veieinigten 
Staateu. Herausgegebeu ruit kircblioher 
gBuebniigniig. svi, 594 pp. 16°. PhU- 
ad^lpMa, L. A. Wallenwtbi^, 1849. 

Kvang.-lntberiscbea gesangbncb. 

Heranagegeben von der evang.-lutbei'i- 
schen syiiode von Wisconsin u, a. etaateu. 
xvi.i, 546 pp. 16°. Miiwatikee, O. Brmader, 

Gosangbaeh filr gouieinden dea evau- 

geliBcb luthurisc'hen bekeunCnisses. Her- 
auHgegebeu von der allgeuieiuen ev. Inth. 
synode von Ohio n. a. St. xi,6%ipp. 16°. 
Golmabue, SulmUe 4' Gasamann, 1870. 

Lifurgie nnd agende; ein kircheu- 

buch fiir die evangeliacb-latheriaohe kirohe 
in den Vereinigten Staaten. Ste aufl. 449 
pp. 12°. Naa-York, H. Liidwig, 1857. 

Luxembourg (Procinee tie, Belgium). Bul- 
letin des s&inces du couseil provincial 
de LusembourK- Sessions de 1815, 1851, 
1856-60,1868-69. 9 v. 8°. Ji-fon, 1845-69, 

ExpoaS de la situation administra- 
tive de la province de Luxembourg, 1843, 
1845-48, 1851-53, 1857-58, 1860, 1863-65, 
lf67-69. 18 V. 8°. Arloa, lSi43-69. 

Lyell (Charles). Principles of geology ; 
being an inquiry how far the former 
changes of the earth's surface are refer- 
able to causes now in operation, lat am. 
from the 5tb and last Lond. ed. 2 v. 546 
pp. 6 pi ; 553 pp. 15 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, 
■J. Kaij,jn». 4 brother, 1837. 

db, Google 


Lyndsay. See Liactaay. 

Lyim (Corra}. Durham village ; a tumper- 
ance tale. 174 pp. 16°. Banlon, J. P. 
Jeieett 4- eo. 1854. 

Lyon (Johaon Christian). Kurze erklaiimg 
cler offeiibaruug st. JubauDia, worin Aia 
eriUlliiug ihrer weiBBagiingen bia anf (lie 
gegenwartige aeit nacbgewieeen wiM aiis 
lien nntrtiglicben zeujjiiisaen der gesoliioli- 
te. 248 pp. 18°. CindaitaU, wrfassei-, 1859. 

Lyra catbulica: coiitaiuiiig all the byuitis 
of the roiuati breviHcy aud n.iasal, with 
others from vai'iuns sources. Witli a selec- 
tion of hymua, aDtbeiiis, and sacred poe- 
try, laiion.] 576 pp. 1 pi. 18°. Jiw 
York, E. Dimigan f brother, 1851. 

Lyt«ria: a dramatic poem, 1954. SeeQuin- 
oy (Josiali P.) 

Lytton (iSii" Edward George Earle Ljtton 
Buimer, baron). The coming race, [aiiow.] 
2 p. 1. 393 pp. 8°. Edwbm-tik, W. Black- 
1871. ed. [anoii.] 2 p. 1. 
EHiiibimjli, W. Blachvood 4- 

] 2d am. from 3d Loud. ed. 
ia°. PhUadelpkia, Careg 4- Hart, 


Pelliam ; 01, the adveutures of a, gen- 
tleman. [nnoK.] Yli,479pp. 8°. Paris, 
BaMrs'ifor^gn, library, 1832. 
[Collpotloii of ancient &a& moderu biltish 

A satirical talo 
of the times. With other poems. By the 
author of "Pelbam," [etc. aiion.'\ 301: 
pp. 12°. NmihTiyrh, J. 4 J. Harper, 1831, 

A strange story. A novel. 1 p. 1, 

9-199 pp. portrait, ff. yeia Torh, Sarper 

4 brothers, 1862. 

[Lllirary of aelBOt Borels, uo, 219]. 

The same. 371 pp. 8°. Mobile, 

[ J7o.] S. S. Goelzet 4 CO. 1863. 

M'*" (A. D. B.) Une ann^e de la vie 
de remperenr NapoMon, ou precis histo- 


ler avcil 1814 jusqa'au 20 mars 1815, [etc.] 
Par A. D. B. M. [anon.] 303 pp. por- 
trait. 8°. Paris, A. Ei/mern, 1815. 
[NapOleom pampbletB, v. IS) 
M. (C. L.) Howard Grey: a story fur 
bojs. By n young lady of Pliiladelpbii 
[aaoii. Preface siiiiscvibed C. L. M.] 20 
pp. 18°. FhiladelpMa, Farrn 4 McMillan, 


M, (F.) A brief sketch of the republic of 
Costa Eica. By F. M, [oiion.] 15 pp. 1 
map folded. 8°. XotMEna, aatlior, 1849. 
[""* (Panl Hyppolite de). See Murat 
(Paul HvppohtB <ie) 

Mabel [pseiwio t ] Tom Cinoll and his 
plwe 111 the woill 39) pp 2 pi. 16°. 
Boston Couiji egat%anal ptilUihmg moiety, 

MabiUon (lean) and Qsrmain (Michel). 
Miiseain itUicmn sau oollcctio veterum 
Bori^turum es biblinthecis itihLis Toiuas 
1 in duas partes dmtiuctne. Prima para 
coinpkctitur eomndem iter italionm lit- 
terariom altera vero vana patruni opus- 
cola & \eteia mouumenta, cnm saora- 
mentanj &, pseuitentiiU gallicano. 2 
pirta in X V 10 p 1 244 pp 17 pi ; 396 
pp 5 1 4° LuteauB Fansioi am, apad 
iHduam E Martin J Baudot 4 S Martin, 


XpU-v awanllDg 

HiTCartney (Washingtou). The origio and 
progress of the United States. 404 pp. 
13°. PIdladelphia, E. H. Batler 4 eo. 1S47. 

M'Caity {liev. J. Hendrickson). The black 
horse and carryall : or, outdoor sights and 
indoor thoughts. 314 pp. 1 pi. lO". 
Cincinnati, Hitobeock 4 Walden, 1873 

Maoaulay (James, m.d.) Aciossthefeiry 
first impressions of Ameiica and its pi-o 
pie. viii, 424 pp. 16^. London, Soddej 
4- .Sioaghlojt, 1871. 

Macaulay (Thomas Babington, baron) 
Critical and historical essays contributed 
to the Edinburgh review, New ed. vii, 
855 pp. 12°. London, Longmane, 1873. 

Speeches. 3 v. 403 pp ; 401 pp. 

13°. ifeo York, Bedjleld, 1853, 

McBeth {Mrs. S.) Practical talks with 
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tracts in 1 v.] 1 p. 1. 411 pp. 16°. Sf. 
Louie, J. W. Mclntyre, 1868, 

McCarthy (Justin). Lady Judith. A tale 
of two continents. 306 pp. 4 pi. 8°, New 
York, Sheldon 4 co. [1872]. 

MoClellan (George Briutou). The armies 
of Europe : comprising descriptions in 
detail of tlie military systems of England, 
France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sar- 
dinia, adapting their adrautages to all 
arms of the United Stater service : and 
embodying the report of observations in 
Europe during the Crimean war, as mili- 
ttiry commissioner from the United States 

db, Google 


MoCIellaa (Gliorge Briutou) — contiuiied. 
govern ment, ia 1855-56. 499 pp. pottvaif 
8°. PliilaMpliia, J. B. LippiiieM if- co. 

MoClellan (E. Guy). Tbe gold.iti state : a 
history of the region west of the Eoclij 
mountains ; embracing California, Ore- 
gon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idabo, Wasb- 
iugtoQ territory, British Columbia, and 
Alaska : with a history of mormonistu and 
the mormons. 1 p. 1. 15-685 pp. 81 pi, .; 

maps. g^. FhaaHelpMa, W. Flint .}• oo. 
McClelland (Alexander, a. d.) A sermoi 
in vindication of tlie religious spirit oi 
the age. 

[ill iULUKOFFEB (JohiUlll). A D6wly openp 

leSJ. pp. 5-31]. 

McClintock (JamM, m. d.) Medical lee 
tures to gentlemen. 144 pp. 18°. FhUa 
dtlphia, J. McClMoclr, 1872. 

M'CIiatock (John, ft. d.) A second tool 
in greek; containing syntax:, with read 
ing lessons in prose ; prosody and tin 
dialects, with reading lessous in verge 
forming a sufBcient greek reader. Witt 
a vocabulary, vi, 347 pp. 12=-. Xeu 
York, Harper 4- brothers, 1850. 

and Crooks (George E.) A firs' 

book in latin ; containing grammar, eser 
ciaes, and vooabntaties, on the method o 
conatant invitation and repetitioti. xti 
4<^ pp. 13°. Kew York, Hnj-jjci- tf' /trolftei's 

Moulung (John A.) 'Westoni adveDtart 
315 pp. 12°. C'lnetnnati, J. A. James ^ eo 
^ole.—Iioperfeet! wonting tide-ptigeaoapp, 1-1! 

McClure (Sainnci). The psalina of David 
and aong of Solomon, in metre, 304 pp. 
18° Lemstowu, Pa. 8. McCture, 1850. 

MboCoU (Rev. Maloolm). The Ober-Am 
inergau passion play. (Reprinted from 
the "Times"). With iutrodnctory re- 
marka oo the origin and development oi 
miracle plays, and praotioal hints for visi- 
tors. 4th ed. 113 pp. la'', Lmiiloii. 
SiviTtgton), 1871. 

MeConausliy C-^™- J- E.) The iire fight- 
ers. 294 pp. 3 p!. 16°. iVei« Fork, Na- 
tional temperance society and pubhcatiou 
house, 1872. 

MoConnell {Johu L.) Talbot and Vernon 
A novel, lanoii.] 513 pp. 1S°. jVeii 
Tort, Baker # Scrihmr, 1S50. 


MoCook (.Rev. Henry C.) The teacher's 
oommentavy on the gospel narrative of tho 
last days of Jesna. xii, 4f)0 pp. 3 pi, 1 
map. 12°. Fkiladelphia, Proihutirinii 
board of pahlication, [1873]. 

McConnlck (bl. R.) The diike'a ohaso ; 
or, the diamond riug vs. the gold ling. 
By Foreat Warbler, [jweadOK. v. 1]. 2 
p. 1. 10-271 pp, 13°. Cintlmali, B. Clarke 
f eo. 1871. 

M'Culloch (Jolm Ramsay). A djofcionaiy. 
practical, theoretical, and historical, of 
commerce and commercial navigation. 
Edited by Henry Vethake. With an 
appendix. 2 v. viii, 7Sr pp ; 803, fi7 pp. 
8". FkiladelpMa, A. Sart, 1851-53. 8. 

EtlcCullok (Richard S.) A report of the 
computation of tables, to be used with tlio 
hydrometer recently adopted for tho use 
of the United States custom honaes, made 
under the saperiutendence of prof. A, D. 
Bache. 163 pp. 8°. I WasUngloit, IB^l']- 
[Tech MOLOdiCAL pamphlets. T. m). 

Reports from the secretary of the [U. 

S.] treasury, of scientific investigations 
in relation to sugar and hydrometers, 
made under the superintendence of prof. 
A. D. Bache. Revised ed. viii, (K)3 pp. 9 
pi, 8°. Waghinfflon, Weiidetl ^ Vm ISeii- 
thuj/iea, 1848. 

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baud of hope speaker. SOO pp. 16°, Boi-' 
ton, J. P. Magee, I860.. 

Maodonald (George). Dealings with the 
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LondDU, A. Strahan ^ eo. 1868. 

The vicar's daughter. An autobio- 
graphical story. 3 v. IIP. London, Tinx- 
ley brothers, 1873, 

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2d ed. Kiv, 9-376 pp. 12°. New Tork, 
C. Sarlbner, l&'i6. 

McDonald (W. N.) A grammar-school 
history of the United States. See Black- 
bum (J. S.) and McDonald. 

Maoduff (J. R. d. d.) Saint Paul in Rome ; 
being sermons preached in Home in the 
spiingof 1871 ; with an introduction. 4th 
thousand. 342 pp. t photo. 10°. Lon- 
doH, J. Nisbet 4- CO. 1872. 

Mciaiigott (James N. II. d.) Manual, ana- 
lytical and synthetical, of orthography 
and definition, iv, 9-207 pp. 8°. 2feui- 
Yorl, Van harden f King, 1845. 

db, Google 


MlJwen {Rei>. William). Gnco aud tnUli, 
or, the glory and fuluesa of the redeemer 
displayed ! ia an attempt to explain tbe 
most remarkable types of the old testa- 
ment, [Also], thoughts on varioua anb- 
jeots. 328 pp. 18°. PiU'i'IelpUa, If. W. 
WoiMlward, 1831. 

Maoferlaiie (Charles). Tiie canip of refnge. 
[anon.] 2 v. 233 pp; 340 pp. 16°. Lon- 
<lon, C. Mnighi ^ w. 18«. 

[KsiOHfB weekly Tolnino. Old Eiiglaaa noT- 
Macfarlane (Rev. John, II. d.) The hidiug 

place ; or the fiinner fouQd iu Christ. 

xiv, 370 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, W. S. ■?■ 

A. Martkn, 1855. 
MoGee (James E.) Thaaiping english 

lies. [Slanders on Irelandandlrislimeu]. 

See Froude (James Anthouy). 
Maogowan (John). Tholife of Joseph, tb© 

son of Israel. In eight hooks. 203 pp. 

24". Nm Saven, W. M. Morse, 1802. 
The same. 179 pp. 18°. Uratile- 

borougli, Ft. IF. Fesmiiden, 1813, 
The same. 180 pp. 16°. WilUami- 

hiirgh, E. Whibaan, 1818. 
Macgowan (J. K.) Sabbath-school psalmu- 

dist. Containing new and revised ver- 

sioiia of the psalms as adopted by the gea- 

eral assembly of the a. p. [united pveaby- 

terian] church. Sot to original and 

selected tones. Also, musical notation in 

anut-ahell. 160 pp. obi. 16°. PhiUM- 

pMa, J. M. Mrguson, [ 1872]. 
M'Q-uffey (William H.) [Eeleotio aehool 

series. — M'Gnfiev's (old) eclectic readers]. 

4 V, 18° and 13° C cinnaU, Tnman^- 

Smith, 1830-41 


Tlie scloctjo Stent roodor ealargad 24tli ed. 1(13 

Vp. 13°. mi 
Xhe eeleotio scixma render [l3t ed?} IfiS 

Bdviswl edition of [t2ie aamoT ISS pp, 

thirdioaler [late! 1 lOBpp. ; 


Eeleotio Beriea — newly improved, 

M'Guffey's newl7 revised readers. 4 v, 
18° and 12= i i ah W B. Smith ^ eo. 

TliBecleotloflpatnaler lO'pp 18°. [134J]. 
The eoleotic BMood reader Si pp. J8°. il8«]. 
The eeleotio third reader aiB pp ia=. 1M43. 
The eelecldo fourth reader 336 pp. 13°. IlS4i]. 

Eclect educational aeiiea. 5 

CincimaU, IF. B. Smith ^ eo. [1848-60]. 

M'Gnflfey'B newly reslued enlentl 

M'Gwffey (William H,)— con tin nod, 

— TbeBniDe.|flnlargedl. S34pp. \m. [ie,i31. 
Uuffijy'a newly reviaed eeleotio tbitd reader. 

I. jrieed eoleeilo fonrtU render. 
r reviaod rhetorioal isulde, or 
fifth vimdeF. 480 pp. ia=. 11853]. 
M'Guftey's neiv laveiiilo speaier. SaSpp. IS". 

Eclectic educational aeries. — M'Gnf- 

fey'a new eclectic readera, 5 T. 16° and 
12°. Cincinnati, IF. B. Smith ^- en. [1857- 

[Eoleotic eilooational seriea. — Leigh's 

prononnoing edition], S v, 12°, Cinein- 
nati, WiUon, Sinlcle S- co. [1868], 

Leigh's M'Gnfte^'B new eol»otio ptinier. lo pro- 
nounclne oithograpliy, by Bdwiii Leigh. 64 pp. 

Leigh's M'Gutft-y'fi new primary reader. In pro- 
nounoing orttiography, by Edwin Leigh. 144pp. 

M'Heury (Jamea, m, d.) The antedilnvi- 
ana, or the world destroyed; a narrative 
poem. 1st am. ed. lp,l.Kr,3-373pp, 18°, 
Philadelphia, J. B. XAppincott ^ eo. 1840. 

MacMavelU (Niocol6). Le dSimon mariS. 
16°. Paris, E. Picard, 186 



Note.— This work first appeared io Italian, al 
Rome, 1545. Trsnalated^ into frenob by Tnn- 
neeuy Lefebre under tbe title of " Manage de 
Hrffapor ft Banmiir, 1864)." It wae repiiutod in 
1748 under the title which it now beara, 

The florentine histories. Translated 

from the Italian ed. prepared in 1843, by 

6. B. Kiceolini, of Florence, by C. Edwards 

Lester. 2 v. 224 pp ; 227 pp. 13°. Jfm 

York, Paine <f Burgees, 1845. 

. [MeniC! (The) eeiieaof !tallaQproee,no3.a-3]. 
M'HTaine (Joahna H,) The tree of the 

knowledge of good and evil, "siii, 344 pp. 

16°, JTew Torh, M. W. DoM, 1847. 
Mcintosh (Maria J.) Emily Herbert ; or, 

the happy home. 2 p. 1, 165 pp. 1 pi. 18==. 

Hea York, D. Appletoa Sf cc. 1855. 
Meta Gray; or, -what makes home 

happy, 207 pp. 12°. Netv Yoi% D. Ap- 

pUtoR 4- eo. 1869, - 
Eose and Lillie Stanhope; or, the 

power of conscience. 2 p, 1. 9-152 pp. 1 pi, 

18°. Nm Ywh, D. Appleton 4- co. 1855. 
Two lives ; or, to seem and to be. 2 

p. 1. 318 pp. 12°. Nev:-Yoi% D. AppUtoit 

f CO. 1846. 
Vioietta anil I. By cousin Kate, 

[iweiiiiOn.] Edited by M, J, Mcintosh. 57 

pp. 8°. .Boston, Lonng, [1870]. 
Woman in America; her work and 

her reward. 155 pp. 12°. jVeio Yorlc, D. 

AppUlnii 4- CO. 1850, 

db, Google 


Mclntoeh (R. M,) The emeraW ; a book of 
BoiiKS, etc. Id73, See Haygood and Moln- 

Mack (Ebeoezor), The cat-fight; a mocfc 
heroic poem. Siippurted with copious ex- 
tracts from ancient and madHrn olasBio 
authors. [Part 2, Patrick W. O'Noal'a 
job of journey-work, a metrical piece, and 
other poeuia]. 276 pp. 1 pi. 8°. SeiB 
Toric, 1334. 

Maok (BtfK, Euooh). Histoiy of the Fcee- 

[ Jn HlSTOKY of ainericai 
8°- WitrceafJfr. ^onn 


Mackaroesa (Mn. Matilda Planch^). The 
house on the rock. By the author of " The 
dream chinte," [etc. anon.] 1 p. 1. 157 
pp. 1 pi. 18°. Boston and Cawhridge, J. 
Mmroe ^ eo. 1853. 

A peerless wife. 3 v. 16'^. London, 

E. BeiiUei) <f- son, 1S71. 

— Sibert's wold. A tale. By the au- 
thor of "Sunbeam stories," [etc. minH.] 
258 pp. 160. Boaton, J. Mimroe 4- co. 1856. 

Maokay (Charles). The gouty philoao- 
phec; oFj the opiuiona, whimaj and eccen- 
tricttieaof John Wagstaffe, esq. of Wilbye 
grange, viii, 335 pp. 8". London, Savn- 
aera, Otley f co. 1863. 

Voices from the mountains and ftotii 

the crowd. [Poems], -riii, 373 pp. 12". 
Bostm, Tichaor, Beed f Melde, 1853. 

editm: A thousand and one gems 

of euglish poetry, iv, 602 pp. 7 pi. VP- 
London, 0. RmUledge ^- smis, 1869. 

McKeen (Phebe F.) Thornton hall; or, 
old questions in young lives. 325 pp. 19". 
Nem York, A. D. F. Bandolph * co. [1872]. 

McKeever (Harriet B.) Edith's ministry, 
viii, 13-431 pp. 12°. Philndelphia, Lind- 
say 4- BlaJciaton, 18S0. 

Twice crowned. A story of the daya 

of queen Mary. 360 pp. 13". PMladeJ- 
piiia, Claxton, Bemaen ^ Saffeljlngei; 1873. 

MacKellar (Thomas). Ebymes atween- 
tlmes ,t36 pp. 12°. PMladelpMa, J. S. 
Li^niBott 4- CO. 1873, 

Mackenzie (Alexander Slldell). The Amer- 
ican m England. [aiiOTi.] 3 V. 238 pp; 
939 pp. li". Nein-Yoi%Hm-per4-h-oilter», 

Mackenzie {Eeo. John). Ten years north 
of the Orange river: a story of everyday 
life and work among the south aftioan 
tribes from 1359 to 1809. sis, 533 pp. 8 pi. 


Mackenzie (Kcr John) — ooutinued. 

1 map folded. 12° hdinbmgk, Edmonston 
4- Doaglaa, 1871 

Mackey (Albert Gallatm, m S) A text- 
boolc of masonic juriBprudenee , illustrat- 
ing the written and unwritten laws of 
freemasonry. 570 pp 12° hew Yorh, JR. 
Macon, li^^- 

Mackfe (John Milton). Life of Godfioy 
William von Leibnitz. Outhebneisof the 
german work of dr. G. E. Qiihraner. 238 
pp. 16°. Boston, Goald, Eeadall # ii"- 
coln, 1S45. 

Life of Schamyl ; and narrative of 

the oiroassian war of independence agninst 
Russia, viii, 308 pp. 13°. Boston, J. P. 
Jewett ^ CO. 1S56. 

Life of Tai-ping-wang, chief of tlie 

Chinese insurrection, xi, 371 pp. 5 pi. 
12°. Neiv rorfc, IHx, Edivards # w. 1857. 

MoKillop & Spragae oo. The commercial 
agency register fur January, 1873. fol. 
ifeiD York, MeEillop 4- Spi-agne co. [1873], 

Mackintosh (D.) The scenery of England 
and Wales, its character and origin : being 
an attempt to trace the nature of the geo- 
logical causes, especially denudation, by 
which tlie physical features of the country 
have been produced, xsiii, 399 pp. 1 pi. 
8°. London, Longmans, Qreen 4' eo. 1869. 

Mackintosh (Sir James). Vindiciie gallicte. 
Defence of the french revolution, and its 
english admirers, against the nccnsatLons 
of Edmnnd Burke. New ed. viii, 172 pp, 
IC". London, W. H. Cox 4 J. CMdlq/, 1838. 

Macklatoah (John, ni. d.) Principles of 
pathology and practice of medicine, 4tU 
am. from the last Loud. ed. With notes 
and additions, by B. G. Morton, m. d. xx, 
13-893 pp. 8°. FUUMpMa, Lindsay 4 
Blakhton, 1844. 

Mcliallen (Bobert L.) A new and int-er- 
esting arithmetic, in which, is explained 
the method that Zerah Colburn must have 
pursued in answering the very difficult 
questions proposed to him. [Also], the 
surveyor's art — abridged. 213 pp. 19°. 
Jforth Adama, {Mass.) J. M, Briggs, jr. 18ii. 

Moliane (Mary Jane). Trnth and fancy ; 
tales legendary, historic, and descriptive. 
By Mary Jane Windle. Ipseudon.'] 303 
pp. 12°. PhiladelpJiia, C. Sheyntm, 1850. 

Maclamin (He*. Jolin). Discourse on the 
cross of Christ. 

d by Google 


Maclay {Bse. R. 8.) Life among the Chi- 
nese : niCli oliUTaoteriBtio sketciies aud in- 
citlenta of missionary opscatiouH and pros- 
pects in Cliina. 400 pp. 13°. A'eiD Yoi-k, 
Carlioa <f- Foriei; 18S1. 

McLean (Mrs. Letitia E.) See Landon 
(LPtitia E.) 

MaoLeod (iieu, Donald). The liloodatone. 
216 pp. 12°. Ifew York, C. Suribaer, 1853. 

MacMickfng (Robert). EecoUeotions of 
Manilla and the Philippines, duriDg 1843, 
1849, aud XS50. iv, 320 pp. 13°. Zondoii, 

M. Beniley, 1851. 

The same. 13°. London, im2. 

Macmillan'B luascaKJue. [Monthly]. May 
to Oct. 1873. V. 2ii. 6°. London, Maemil- 
la» 4- CO. 1873. 

HMoMalUu (Mary A.) Poems; by Una, 
[paeudoii.-] 216 pp. 12°. Ciiidnnati, L. O. 
Cobb, 1861!. 

McMunn (Jolin B.) Mc^nuu's graphic 
grammar. — A gram mar of the eDglish lan- 
guage, desigoed for the illnstratiou of a 
series of grammar charts. 151 pp. 13°, 
New York, Laaqiorl, Blakemmi 4' Law, 1853. 

McNair (Ruhert t'rench). The colours of 
the british army; comprisinK the staud- 
ards, guidons, and flags, of every regiment 
in her m-gesty ' " 64u 21 il 

4°. Loado V s4- [I'^Gl'] 

MaPbersoQ (Ed A II d) Al dbk 
of politi f 1872 be g a oo d f 



state, from j ly 15 1870 t j 1 15 ISTJ 
vii, 225 pp 8 W li j PI Ip 4 
Solinaone 18^ 

Macrae (Da 1) Th Am th 

pen and k 1 t hes t m 
mannersa d tt C 3 3 

pp; ¥i,40Sip U El b gl El 
eion 4 D il 1870 

MoRobsrt (J h A ) Ih Helt t u t ng 
model english grammar. [Also~J, a com- 
plete key to the method of analyzing and 
parsing. 252 pp. 13°. Fhil(ulel;plda, C. 
Desiher, 1855. 

M'Sparran (Archibald). The irish legend; 
or, M'Donnell, and the norman DeBorgoa: 
a biographical tale. 1st am. cd. I p. 1. 
238 pp. 8°. FUtaddpMa, A. Grose, 1846. 

MacUson (James). An esaminatioa of the 
britieh doctrine, which subjects tocaptnre 
a nentral trade, not open in time of peace. 
[awoM.] 204 pp. 8°. [n. p. 180G]. 

WOLCOTT ptunp blots, T.^I], 


Madrid, Seai academia espaRola. Gramatica 
de la leogua castellana, oompaeata por 
la Real academia espoQala. [la impr.] 
7 p. 1. ssii, 376 pp. 13°. Madrid, J. de 
Ibarra, 1771. 

The same. 2a impr. 7 p. 1. sail, 384 

pp. 115". Madrid, J. de Ibarra, 1772. 

Madvig (Johann Hicolai), A latin grammar 
for the of schools. Translated from 
the original germau, vith the sanction 
and cooperation of the author, by the rev. 
George Woods. The Ist urn. from the 5th 
eng, ed. oarefnlly revised aud compared 
with the german eds. of 1857 and 1857, 
with re translations of portionsof the wort, 
by T.A.Thaoher, si,504pp, 12°. Sosloit, 
Ginn broilwi-a f co. 1870. 

Ma&elCA.) IcaasQadieri,poesia,. See'Vei61 

Magic, pretended miracles, and remarkable 
natural phenomena, [onon.] 193 pp. 18<-'. 
Fliitadelpkia, Am. b.-s. union, [1855]. 

Magle (David, d. d.) The apriug-tilue of 
life ; or advice to yonth, 328 pp. portrait. 
1<P. A'eip York, M. Carter 4 brothers, 1853. 

Maglll (Edward H,) A french gmmmar. 
[AUo],afronoh,etiglish, and latin vocabu- 
lary, containing the most common words 
in french which are derived from the lat- 
in. lUh ed. lp.l,44:Spp. 12°. Soslou, 
Wooheorth, Ainmorai 4 co. 1870. 

MagrlatMin (Henry B,) The national speak- 

oiid dialogue. [Ist ed.] 324 pp. 13°. 
Boston, S. S. Davis, 1849. 
The same Bth ed enlat^e i 360 1 1 

1 •° Bosto B S Dave J cv 1852 
New elen entary arithmet o embrac 

i " n ental and wr tten exercises for 
beg nner^ Piej areil to accon i a y the 
B athe nat cal se ea of Be jan u Gr fn 
leaf [0 ] 208 ir IC Bosio B 
Davis 4- CO. 1871. 

Magnet (Louis), Paraphraeia poetioa in 
psalmos Davidis et cantica breviarii ro- 
mani adiectis ad textura acholiis. Ed. 3a. 
6p. I, 411 pp. 4 1. 16°. Boiid), F. Bernard, 

Magnin (Charles). CauHcriesetmdditatious 
historiqneset littfiraires. 2t. sii,507pp; 

2 p. I. 539 pp. 8°. Fans, B. Dupr/d. 1843. 
Magnus (Olaus, arciUsliop of Upsal). Toon- 
nee! der noordache lauden, daer op in 't 
kort en klarelijck al de wonderen en 
vrecmdighedcn, die men in die l,^^don 

db, Google 


MagnttB (OlaiLs) — coutinuod. 

Tindt, vertoont ■wocden. In 't latija be- 

Bchieven door Olaus de Groot. Met 

korte en klare besobryvingb van Yalaadt 

en Groenlandt, door Dithmatus Biefkeniaa, 

beyde uy t ket latijn vertaelt. [etc.] 3 v. 

in 1. Engd. tit. 11 p. 1. S63 pp. 6 1. 4 maps; 

38 pp. 11.4 maps folded. 18°. Aiaakriiam, 

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Magulre (Adelaide A.) Lizzie's secret. A 

Btorj for little children. 126 pp. B pi. 

16". NeiB York, E. P. Dultoit ^ co. 1B72. 
Maguiro (fieii. Eebert). Self; its dangers, 

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Mahalln (Panl). Les galants de laconionne. 

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Les favoria de Marie-StuHj-t. pp. l~a(>. 

Lea amaiiW lie lii Testtile. pp. Bl-143, 

Lee amoiireux d'Auue rl'Autrichs. pp. US--233. 

LeiD&deoiiidelareiueMiithUde. pp,^[lS-S44. 

Les maogllis de Ontkerinu n. pp. 24S-Sse. 

Mahan (Aaa, d. d.) Scriptare doctriae of 
ctiriatiau perfection; witli other kindred 
snbjeets, illustrated and conlii'med in a 
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A system of intellectnal pliilosophy. 

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Mahon (Paul Augustiu Oliviei'). Hiafcoire 
de la m^decine cliniqne, depnissonoriginc 
jusgu'il DOS jours, at reclierches impor- 
tantea snr resjsteuco, la nature et la coiu- 
muuicatioudes maladies syphilitiquesdana 
les femnies enceintes, dans les ODfiius nou- 
veanK-D^a et ilaus les nonrrioes. Et ma- 
ui^re de trailer les maladies syphilltiqueB 
dans lee femmee enceintes, dans les euliuis 
nonveaus-nfls et dans lea nonrrices; par 
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Mahnl (Atpbonse Jacques, redaeteur). fine 
Annuaire nfcrologique, 1820-27. 

Mailly ( — , le cheoalier de). Voyages et avcn- 
tures des trois princes de Sarendip. Tra- 
Uuits du persau ; ■pax le chevalier de Mailly, 

Maimbourg (Claude, religieiix augiistin). 
The life of at, Thomas of Tillanova. 

[In Faber (F. W.) The lives of st. Thoiuos, of 
Tillanova, mi of Et, Fmnois Solsno. VP. SVic 
rcir*, IB47. pp. l-aS4). 


Maine {Slate of). Hccond annual report 
npou the natural history and geology of 
the stat« of Maine, 1863. [By Ezekiel 
Holmes and C. H, Hitohcock]. 447 pp. 

Maine (The) register for tbe year 1855 ; 
embracing state and county offioers, and 
an abstraet of the laws and resolves ; to- 
gether with a complete basineas directory. 
By George Adaraa. 432 pp. 8°. [Bosfow], 
G. Adams, [efc] 1855. H. 

Mair (Bev. William). Ssrinooa. Tweiitj- 
oight lectures on the first four chapters of 
Matthew. Withtwosermona; i. preached 
on a fast-day, sept. 18, 1759 ; ii. preached 
00 a thauksgiviug-day at Muckart, nov. 
15, 1759. xvi, 369 pp. 8^. ainxgoiv, J. 
Brffce, 1731. 
[KiZiliO paui^lilota, t. M\. 

Mairliofer(Theodar, c^lor). IFikundeubucb 
des aiigostiner chorherren-stiftes Neustift 
in Tirol, vl, 745 pp. &>. Wien, K. Ge~ 
ivld's sahn, 1871. 
[VlEHKA. KaiserlSelie aJiadeaiU der t 



Maitland (James A.) The three cousins. 
384 pp. 12°. F]nUideJ2)liia, T. B. Petermi 
4- Iroihera, [I860]. 

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edging the authority of the holy roinau 
see. 248 pp. 12°. PhihiOalphia, for llie 
author, 1846. 

Major (KicharU Henry), The bibliography 
of the first letter of Christopher Columbus, 
descrihiug his disooyery of the new wc)rld. 
a p, 1, 61 pp, 12°, f^ndnit, ElUa ,?■ White, 

175 00 

as pmtaAi. 

The life of prince Henry of Portugal, 

suruatued ttie uavigntor; and its results: 
comprising the discovery, within one eeu- 
tury, of half the world. With the history 
of the naming of America. 2 p, 1, Hi, 487 
pp, 6 pi. 7 maps. 8°. London, A. Asher .('■ 
CO. 1863. 
Malcom (Howai'd, d. d.) A dictionary of 
the most important names, objects, and 
terms found in the holy scriptures. 336 
pp. inc. 1 map. 16°. Boston, Qoiild .('■ 
iincoin, 1853. 

Malet (S'ir Alexander, hart.) The overthrow 
of the germanio confederation by Prussia 
in 1866, xsv, 431 pp. 5 maps folded. 8'\ 
LoiiiJon, Loa<jman«, Green ^- en. 1870. 

db, Google 


MalSaieiLx (E.) Travails publics Ses fitat:- 
TJiiia d'Am^rique ea 1870. — Rapport de 
mission, pat m. Mal^ziens, tng^tiieur 
en ohef. 2 v. Teste, 2 p. 1. 572 pp ; atlas, 
2 p. 1. 3 pp. 61 pL 4°. Paris, Diinod, 1873. 
[FuAKCK, MiniiliTe dta tyavaux publics], 

Mallierbe (Frangois de). Poesies completes 
deMalherbe. Avee preface, notos et gloe- 
eaire, par m. Pierre Jaonet. viii, 321 pp. 
16°. Paris, E. PUxird, 1867. 
[KonYelle (HtllectioQ JunDSt]. 

Mallbran de Boriot (Mine. Maria relicita 
Garoia). Letters. 

[In Meblin (Merc*il*3 J', comtesie de). Meminre 
and letters of Mallbran. 12". Pkiladelphia, 
Oiireg<eSart,lSil>. T. a, pp. H5-172]. 

Mallet (Allaia Hanesaon). Bescriptioa de 
I'nnivers, coDtenant les dift^renta s;s- 
tbmes du monde, lea cartes g^n^ralea & 
partiuuli^ces de la g4ogcn\i\i\e aocienne 
&.Dioderue: les plana & les profils des 
principales villas & dea antres lieux plna 
considerables de la terre ; avec lea por- 
traits des souveraina qui y commandent, 
lenrs blasons, titres &, livr^es : et les 
mceuva, religions, goiiveraemeua & divers 
habillemene de cliaque nation. 5 v. 8°. 
Pm-is, D. Thierrs, 1683. 

flnrperftiot: t. 1. waning litlo; v. 5, title and pp. 
lfil-190, STJ-aiBl. 

Mallet (Robert). Sketch of the present 
state of knowledge of terrestrial vnlcan- 
ioitjr, the cosmical nature aad relations of 
volcanoes and earthqnakes. 
[m PjTjinKRi (LuLi^). The eruption of Vesnvios 
in 1873, fl^. Jjimdon, 1873. pp. 1-73]. 

Mallory, 'Wheeler &,co. manufaetar&s. 
Dour locka, knobs, padlocks, ete. illus- 
trated and described. 292 pp. fol, Jftiu 
Haven, 1871. 

Malo (Charlea). Hiatoiro d'Haiti (ile de 
Saint-Doming lie), depuis sa d^oouverte 
jnsqn'en 1824, epoqne des dernterea nfigo- 
ciatioDS enfre la France et le gouverne- 
ment haitieu, Honv. 6A. vii, 48 pp. 8°. 
Paris, L. Janet [^] Pontliiea, 1825. 

Rose b, donze feuiUes. Femnios & 

fienrs. Petitea photographies I>adinea. 2 
p. 1. iv, im pp. 24". Paris, J. Faare, 
[1S7^] J 

Malo bcrilo za sloven ske-neniske sole, [or], 
Kleinea lesebnch fiir aloveniach-dautsche 
schulen. [hhoh.] 233 pp. 16°. Wien, 
im k. Ic. eohiMUeker-verlage, 1868. 

Malpi^e (D. Bazin de). La Chine et les 
Cliinois. Mcenrs, usages, pelnes et cliditi- 
iiionts, ffitea, cSr^monies roligiouses. — Cos- 

25 c 




lin de) — continued, 
inilitaires. Ai'ts et meti- 
ers.— Architecture, monuments, [etc.] 
D'apr^ les dessius originanx lithogra- 
phi6s. Avecdesnotioesexplicativos. Pr^- 
c4i6ea d'une Introduction pr^seatant I'Stat 
aetnel de I'empire ohinois, [etc.] Par ni. 
[C.]Baiin. 2eM. 4 v. 4°. Paris, J. 
Cabodie, DemermtU # cie. 1848-49. 

Malvezzi (Virgilio, marek^e de). Diacovr- 
ses upon Cornelius Tacitus. Written in 
italian. And translated into english, by 
sir Richard Baker, knight. Eugd. tit. 9 
p. 1, 504 pp. fol, London, E. a. for B. 
mitalcer ^ T. Whltake,; 1643. 
[With TACrruB (U, C) Tte anualea of Taoitva, 

Man (John). The history and antiquities, 
ancient and modern, of the borough of 
Beading; in the county of Berks. 2 p. 1. 
iii, 430 pp, 1 1. SKKvi pp. maps &, plana, 
21 pi. [6 ooL] 4°. Heading, [Enj.] Siiai-e 
f Man, 1816. 

Man as he is, A novel, 1792. See Bage 

Man is love. An american story. By one 
whoknows. [anon.-] 47Lpp. 12°. [PhiU 
dikipftio], foJ- the author, hg J- B. Lippiii- 
oott f CO. 1873. 

Mancheater ( JV. H.) TheManchesterdireo- 
tory, with an almanac for 1864. By Adams, 
Sampaon & CO, 18°, Manchester, W. B. 
Fisk, 1864. 

The same. The Manchester directory 

for 1873. Ho. 11. S°. Bostoit, Sampaon, 
Dacenporl ^- eo. [1873]. 

Manchester (The) eociuian cootroveray ; 
-with introductory remarks, and au appen- 
dix. [olWB.] Iii, 219 pp, portrait. 8=. 
London, F. Westleif, 1825, 

Mancur (.Tohn H,) The palaia royal. An 
historical romauce. 252 pp. 12°. Netv- 
Yoric, W. S. Colnei; 1845. 

Mandevllle (Henry). A oourae of reading, 
on the plan of the author's " Elements of 
reading and oratory." 387 pp. 12°. New 
York, D. AppUlon t(- co. 1846. 

The elementa of reading and oratory. 

[tst ed,] 443 pp. 1 chart. 8°. Vliea, 
[JV, J".] E. NortUeay ^ co, 1845. 

The same, A new revised ed. 353 

,pp, 1%°. New York, D.A^Uton^eo.lM9. 
The same. New ed. raviaed and cor- 
rected, 356 pp, 12°, NmYorh,l).Appl<i- 
ton S- CO. 1850. 

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niandevllle (HeuTj) — coutiuuofl, 

Maudeville's series. Nos, 1, 2, 3. 3 ■ 

16°. yeic Yorh, D. Appleloa tf- co. 1849. 

uuler. aiSpp. ISIU. 
me. Mandeville's new series. 
V. 16"= & 12°. Weio Yvrlc, D. 
■>. 1855-56. 


Manning (Hentj Edward, »■. c. arcliiisltop 
of Westminster), Petri privilegium: tlireo 
pastoral letters to tUe clergy of the diocese, 
3 V. in 1. 8°. London, Longmans, 1871. 

16 fonrtli rearlor. 

trae. Seriede libros de Miinde- 
d 12^. IfiiBca York, D. AppUton 

Til. ie°E 
#ca. 1853 

Mandevllle or Maundevllle {Sir Jobii). 
Traotato dele pin maraiiogliose oose re- 
duole e ooll« sobto brevita in lo psente 
Gompudio dni strenuiBBimo caualter 
eperon doro Joliaae de Madauilla anglii 
76 1. 4°. Bologna, V. de Ragwlj, 1488. 

JVolP.— The test is gothio, arranirea in S oolnn 
of 3B lines eaob. There were origiually 
lenTGH. or these, however, the Sth, nth, IC 
mill 17Ui Hie ATeoting. 

Manesca (Jeaa). Au oral sj-stem of teacfa- 
ing liTing languages ; illustrated by u prac- 
tical course of lessoQs in frencb, tlirongh 
the medium of the eaglish. In 
V. 1. 372 pp. 1 1. 8°. mn> Yorlt, B. B. 
CUyUm, 1834. 

Manhattan (The) sonreuir. See New 
York (CII3 of). Direolories. 

Manley {Mary de La Kivifere). The power 
of love : in seven novels, viz. 1. The fair 
hypocrite. 3. The phyaioiaa's stratagem. 
3. The wife's reaeotment. 4, 5. The hus- 
band's resentment, ia two examples. 6. 
The happy fugitives. 7. The perjui^d 
beanty. xvi [xiv], 368 pp. 8°. London, 
a J>avi3, 1741. 

Mann (Horace, 11. d.) Twelve serinona ; de- 
livered at Antiooh college. 314 pp. 13°. 
Boston, ncMnor f Fields, 1860. 

Mann (W. J. d. d.) Lutheran ism in Amer- 
ica : an essay on the present condition of 
tbelntheran ohncehinthe Uaited States- 
1 p. 1. 7-152 pp. 130. Philadelphia, Lmd- 
earj 4- BlaJciglon, 1857. 

Manners (_Mrs. — ,pseudi>!i.) See Richards 
(Ifj'S. Cornelia H. Bradley). 

centenary o. 

P ie 

(Owei ) d B ay (W ) Th 
history and an h 

Surrey. By th O M 

Continued t« th p m by W 

Bray. 3 v. foi. Lo d te 

mne # eo. 1801-14. 

Mannkopft (Emil, m. A.) tJber meningitis 
oerebro-spinalis epidemioa, anf grundlage 
dec in der medioinischen, uutei leltnng 
des geheimen medicinalrathes and profs. 
dr. Freriehs steteudou universitiitslilinik 
za Berlin, gemachtenbeobaehtungen. xii, 
288 pp. 1 tab. 8°. Bramtsdiwrig, F. 
Vieioeg ^ »ohn, 1866. s. 

Mansfield (Bebert Blachfurd). Tlie Water 
lily on the Dannbe; abrief account of the 
perils of a pair-oai- daring a voyage from 
Lambeth to Pestb. By the author of the 
"LogoftbeWatetliiy." [anon.] Engd. 
tit. si, 216 pp. 7 pi. 13°. London, J. W. 
Parker ^- soa, la^S. 

Manahlp {Heo. Andrew). Thirteen years' 
experience in the itinerancy. 2d ed. 9 p. 
1.398pp.3 pi. portrait. 13°. I'kiladel- 
phia, Biggins <f- Pa-Jcinpiae, 1856. 

Maneon. See Manzon. 

Mante ( — de). TraitiS des prairies artifi- 
oielles, des eiiclos, et de I'l^dueation des 
montons de race ang5oiae. [aiwn.] sx, 
199 pp. 5 pi. 4°. Paris, Hoehereau, 1778. 

Mantegaaza (Steffiino). Eelatioue tripni- 
tita del viaggio dl Gierusalemme, nella 
quale si racontano gli auuenimenti dell' 
autoro, I'origiai, & cose insigni de' luoglii 
di passaggio visitati. 10 p. 1. 476 pp. 6 1. 
m\. 4°. Milano, per Vlier. di P. Pontlo, <(■ 
G. B. PiecasUa, 1616. 

Mantilla (Louis Felipe), Sarie de lihros de 
leotura. — Libros de leotiira, nos. 1, 2. 2 
V. 132 pp ; 333 pp. 13°. Neuva Yorb, 
Ivkon, Fhinneg, Blakmian y ca. 1865. 

Manual for the aged. In large type. 2 p. 1. 
[2S0 pp.] 13°. London, Eeligiom tract 
Bociets, laboat 1840}. 

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Manual (A) of catliolio devotions, for tbe 
Mseof tbefaithfal. 76i pp. 1 pi. 18°. 
Baltimore, J. Mmyig <}• CO. 1859. 

Manual of jjeograpby, emTiraoing the kej 
to Mitchell's sericB of outlioe maps, i-e- 
Tised and improvefl. By a teacher. 
[anon.~\ 168 pp. 16°. Sartjonl, J. E. 
Mather ^ eo. 1848. 

Manual (A) of prayev; designed to assist 
yonug Christiana in learning tlie sabjeetfi 
and modes of devotion. Witt an intro- 
duction by re-T. A, Barnes. 1 p. 1. S5B pp. 
18°. PMMerpSio, S. FerUiia, 1838. 

Manual of the sodality of the Idessed Tir- 
gia Mary. 3d revised od. 204 pp. 24°. 
BalttTiKyre, Miir^hi/ 1^' eo. 1855. 

The saiae. Compiled by a catholic 

clergyman. [rtWJi.] 360 pp. 1 pi. 18°. 
PkilaSelpMa, E. CanemiaTcey, [1863]. 

Manuel (Z>on Jnan). See Juan Manuel 
(Pi-iBce dtni). 

Manufacturer (The) and bnilder. A month- 
ly journal devoted to the advancement 
and diffusion of practical soienee. Editors, 
P. H. Vail Dor Weyde, m. d. Benj. K. 
■Western, and Park Benjamin. Jan. 
dec. 1872. v. 4. 4°. Ifew Ym-lc, Engini 
^ iBiMH!Ae'"ref8'_pM6. eo. [1872]. 
Manzolli (Pietro Angelo). Tlie zodiake of 
life, twelve lahours pointing out the 
reformation of manners. By Marcellits 
Palingenius Stellatus. [ps^iifox.] Trans- 
lated ont of latine into engliaU, by Bama- 
bee Googe and by him newly recognished, 
[etc.] b. I. 4 p. 1. 242 pp. 9 1. em. 4°. 
Lottdon, E. JUibinson, 1588. 
ManEon (Marie Francoise Clarisse Eiijal- 
ran). M^moires de inadame Manson, ex- 
plicati& de sa conduite dans le proofs de 
I'iissassiuat dem. Fnald^s; Merits par 
mSme. 7a M. xssii, 191 pp. portrait, 1 
fac-sim. 8°. Paris, Fillet, 1818. 
Maple (James). Discoarses on christian 
doctrine. viii,208pp. 12°. Springfield, 

0. The goapellieeald o^e, 1^1. 
MapletofE (Martaaduke, paeiiSon.') Sec 

Merobant (The) taylors' misoeUauy, 1833. 

Marcellus (JMarie Louis Jean AndrS 

Cliarlea Demartin du Tyrac, eomie de). 

Episodes littfiraires en orient. 2 v. 2 p. 

1. vi, 416 pp. 1 1 ; 2 p. 1. 472 pp. 1 1. 8°. 
Faris, J. Xeeo/cfl <f- eie. 1851. 

Marcet (Mrs. Jane Haldimaud). Conver- 
sations on chemistry; in wiiicli the ele- 
ments of that Bcieueo are familiarly os- 


Marcet (^Mrs. Jaue H.)— con tinned, 
plained. 8th am. from the 6th Loudon ed. 
[Also], explanations of the text, [etc.] 
By dr. J. L. Comstook. latum.'] xii, 383 
pp. Ipl. 12°. Martfi»-il,0.i>.OooTie,lSISi. 

Note.—Wronsly asoribeil to Mai^oret Bryan. 

The same. See Jones (Thomas P.) 

New conversations on chemistry. 

4 V. in 1. so. ISO. 

-The s 

Fhiladdphia, Lea cf Blaacltard, 1842. 
March (Anne, j)8e«do».) See'Woolson(C.P.) 
Maiohand (Pi-oaper). Disaertatioo liis- 

foriqne et critique sur I'Anti-eotton. 

[Ill pLiiX (CSsar dal. Anti-cotton. I2=. La 
H«!/S, 1133. iip.l-filj. 

Marcjr (Eantlolpli Benton). TLe prairie 
traveller. A hand-book for overland ex- 
peditions. Wew ed. 381 pp. 1 map. 16°. 
New Tork, Marper ^- hothfiis, 1861. 

Mar^chal (Pierre Sylvain). Dictionuaire 
dea honn6tes gens, r^dig^ pour servir de 
eorreotif aux diotionnaires dea grand 
hoinmes; pr^cfidfi d'nne nonvelle Edition 
de I'almanach des houn&tes gens, xiii, 
127 pp. 3 tab. 8°. Paris, Qiieffier jeujig, 

Mareet (Gabriel, s.j.) Brief ad patrem de 
Lambreville. Geschrieben in Americft, in 
der landsohafft Nen-Franckreioh, im jakr 
1700. lunUalt : Betrifft aeine reis zn was- 
ser von Quebeck in Nen-rranckreioh, bis 
niich dem sohioss Pornetton, [etc.] 
[In Neue (DbtI woltliott. fol. Awgsprtrg d 
eralt, T., M. ifi J. Teiais eebBti, 1725. r. 1, part 
2, |)p. K-S5]. 

MargoU^ (filie). Les ascensions cSlfebrea 
atix pins hantes moutagnes du globe. See 
Zurcber (Fr^d^rio) and Margolin. 

Marguerite d'Angoul^me, rdue de Na- 
vaire. L'heptamfiron des nonvelles de 
trfes-haute et trfes-illustre prinoeaae. Mar- 
guerite d'Angonlfeme, royne de Navarre. 
Kouv. 4d. Fublifie d'aprfes le teste des 
niannsorits [oontemporains], avec dea 
notes et nne notice, par P. L. Jacob. 
[pseiidoH.] 2 p. 1. iiviii," iii, 438 pp. 16". 
Poj-is, A. Delaliai/B, 1858. 
[BiBLiOrHSsjIIB ganlolae, v. n]. 
JTote.— Almost a rBmodnotion of tho tK(t nna edi- 
tion of Leltons deLinoy, iUI5'i). 

Maria de J^sus, ahheea of Agreda, Divine 
life of the moat holy virgin Mary, being 
an abridgment of The mystical city of 
God ; by Mary of Jeans of Agreda. By f. 
Bonaventnre Ami5deo de Cissare. Trans- 
lated from the tonch of the abM Joaeph 
A. Bonllan. 434 pp. 12°. Fhiladelphia, 
P. F. CamiiitgMm, 1872. 

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Maiia, fiUe natiirelle de la comtesse D***, 
ou Venfaat de I'infortune. [anon.] Seficl. 
3 V. io 1. xii, 133 pp ; 153 pp. 1 pi. 33°. 
Paris, Hedde, 1801. 

Mariana (Jaan de). Hiatoria general (le 
Eapaua; iluatrada en esta nueva impto- 
slun cte tablas cronologicas, notas -j oli- 
servaoionesoriticas : con la vida del autor' 
9 V. fol. VaUneia, B. Mov/oH, 1783-96. 
JfotB.— Title-page of v. 9 imparfact. 

Marianne. [pseM^on.] Kight 



of the dQt 

oliildren. By Marianne. Ifi3 pp. 16''. 
Bosion, W. Pelree, 1834. 

Marie Joaepll (aiM et pracureiir gtuA-al de 
La Trap3>R). See Orhtatab (Fetdiaand Ma- 
rie JoBepli). 

Maiie Joeepbins (.(Kmventaal name)? TLe 
mystical rose; or, Mary of Na^aretb, tlie 
lily of the hoase of David, ix, 290 pp. 
1'2°. Keio York, D. Ap^leUin ^ co. 1865. 

Mariette (Aiigoste), Notice desprinelpans 
inonunienta exposes dana les gaieties pro- 
de s. a. le klifidive h Boulnq. 4e 4A. 37ti 
pp. 8°. Fm-is, F. Fieiuej/, 1873. s. 

Matin (Fraiigois Louis Clande). L'liomme 
aimable. Avec des reflexions &■ dea pen- 
Efies eor divers sujeta viii, 218 pp. 1 1. 
16°. Parts, Pi auUJih, 1751 
[TTiift BiOATELLKS moralea Londres 1164). 

Marinl (Giovanni Ambrogio) Le Caloaudre 
fidfele, [tradult de I'ltalion, par le oomte 
de Caylas]. 2 ^ 365 pp, 315 pp. 8^ 
Fm-i», rUse, 1787 

[CATLua (A. C. P de T dc) (Eiviea badinei 

Marlon Leslie, orttie ligbt at borne. Witb 
an introduction by tbe rev. H. A. Board- 
man, d. d. [anon.] 395 pp. 3 pi. 18°. 
PhitadelpMa, Pivsbuleiian hoard of publica- 
Uo», [I860]. 

Marivaux (Pierre Cliarlet CbamUaia de). 
[Commies, 1736-96], be legs, en un aote ; 
Les fausses confidences, en trois actee; 
Le Jen de I'anionr et du hasard, en trois 
actes. 178 pp, 16°. Farts, Didot, 1846. 
[DinoT (A.r.) Cliefs d'tenTre des aateui-s eo- 

[Comedies]. La surprise de I'amonr, 

1727 ; Le jen de I'aniour et du Iiasard, 
1720; Laiiifere confidente, 1735; Le legs, 
1736 ; Les faueses coufidenoea, 1737 ; 
U^preuve, 1740 ; aveo une notice de Mari- 
vaui. 3 V. 8°, Paris, Perlet, 1804. 
[Pbtctot (C.B.> EfipertolTB ilutlifeitreft: 

V, 13, p 

0, pp. 1-S67I. 

Markham (Clements E.) A life of tbe great 
lord Fairfax, oommander-ln-ciiief of the 
army of tbe parliament of England, xiii, 
480 pp. portrait, 7 maps. 8°. London, 
Maemillan ^ co. 1870. 
Marks (Bernbard). First lessons in geome- 
try, objectively presented, and designed 
for tbe nae of primary classes in grammar 
scLools, academies, etc. 158 pp. 12°. 
New Yorlc, Ivison, Fhiniieg, Btaieman ^ co. 
Marks of Barbamville, [psea^oa.-] El- 
freide of Guldal, a soaudiuavian legend ; 
and otber poems. By Marks of Barbam- 
ville. 186 pp. 13°. Mtv-York, D. Apple- 
ton ^ CO. 1850. 
Marlborougli (Moss.) Tlie Marlborougb, 
Hudson, and Framingliam directory, for 
1873-73. 8°. Boston, Brlggs ^ co. 1872, 
Mar ot (Clement). CEuv res completes. Re- 
vues sur lea Editions originales, avec pr^ 
fluse, notes et glossaire, par m. Pierre 
Jannet. 4 y. 16°. Paris, JO. Picard, 

[Nonvelle collaotlon Jannet]. 
Marquart (John). 600 valuable receipts, 
worth their weiglit in gold. [Also], two 
simple gauging tables, to enable mer- 
chants to take inventory of their stock. 
311 pp. 12°. Lebaaoit, Pa. C. Seers, 1860, 
Marquez (Jos^ A.) Seiie de iustrocciou 
primaria, Toino 1, El alfabeto. 211 pp. 
13°. Neie York, N. Ponoe de Leon, 1873. 
Marriage and divorce, [anon, By James 
O, Powers?] 152 pp. 18°. Neiiu-York, 
Araei'lcas, neics co. 1S70, 
Married women. A novel. By tbe author 
of "Broomhill; or the county beauties." 
[awDw.] 3 V. 13°. London, T. G. Mwhy, 
Marryat (Fioreuce), .Sec Oliuroli (Mrs. 

Marryatt (Joseph). Thoughts on the aboli- 
tion of tbe slave trade, and civilization of 
Africa; witli remarks on the african iu- 
stitntion, and recommending a general 
registry of slaves in tbe british West 
India islands, [anon.] vii, 335 pp, 8°. 
London, J. Bidgway, 1316. 
[UiacELLANEOUE pamptilets, v. 74], 

Marsb {Mis9 Catherine). Memorials of cap- 
tain Hedlej Vicars, ninety-seventh regi- 
ment. By tbe author of " The victory 
won." [niion,] 300pp. 16°. Sme York, 
11. CarUr ^ brothers, 1857, 

db, Google 


MarBh(-Eeii. Samuel). Uncle Hatlian; or, 
strict agvoenieiit with God in his word. 
218 pp. 16°. M&ii^lier, Vt. Ballou 4- 
Xmieland, 1354. 

Marshall (BanjaraiuFranliliUjjV.) Tlieao- 
countaut'a Tade-mecum, a fraclional mul- 
tiplier and graia calculator. 4 p. 1. S96 
pp. fol. Cliarlestim, S. C, Walker, JEvaws 
^ CogBtaell, [1872]. 

Maraliall (Cliarles). Tlie Canadian domin- 
ion, ix, 331 pp. C pi. 8°. Lotiiloii, Long- 
mana, Greea ^ co. 1871. 

Marshall (Edward Cliaunco;). Tlio book 
of oratory : a new collection of extraols in 
proae, poetry and dialogne. 500 pp. 1 pi. 
12°. New Yorlc, B. Appleton 4- co. 1851. 

Marshall (EUbu F.) A spelling hook of the 
english lauguage; or, the amerioan tutor's 
assistant. 156 pp. 12°. Saratoga ajirings, 
IN. r.]j)roj))-ie(oi-8,1820. 

The same. 156 pp. 13°. Saratoga 

springs, G. M. Davison, 1821. 

The same. Marshall's spelling book 

of the english language ; in wliioh the 
orthography and pronunciation are in 
aooordanoe with Walter. 1st revised 
ed. 156 pp. IS". Bocbester, Jf. Y.,Mar- 
Bliall tp Spalding, 1836. 

Martainville (Alphonse). Buouapartej ou 
Tabus de I'abdicatioti, pi^ce h^roiico-roiuaD- 
tico-bouffonne, en cinc[ aotea et en prose. 
[anop.J 1 p. J. ii, 156 pp. 8°. Paris, J. 
G. Dentil, 1815, 
[NiKiLEON pamplileta, v. SO]. 

Martel'fl elements ; containing [aalections 
ironi the french]. v. 2. 3 p. 1. 139-680 
pp. 16°. Acto YorJe, author, 1797. 

Martell (Martha). Secondlove. viii,13-356 
pp. 12°. mw-Yoi% G. P. Patnam, 1851. 

Martens (Friedricli). Gedeuckwaerdige 
rejs, gedaen, met d'aldemanwkenrigliste 
opmerckingh, nae Spitsbergen, of Green- 
land, in't jaer 1671, 

10. ^nwWdam, IBKs! pp. lJl-334, 16pl.] 
Martialis (Gargilius). Curae bourn. 13°. 
[ Veaetiis, T. Beltimlli, 1784]. 


r. 5, ed. 

Martin {Mrs. E, Throop). Songa in the 

house of my pilgrimage; selected and ar- 

rauged by a lady, [aiiow.] 315 pp. 1 pi. 

16=*. SeiB Yorlc, S. Carter # brothei-s, 1852. 
Martin (Edward Winslow). Behind the 

Boenee in "Washington, Being a complete 


Martin (Edward Winslow)— continued, 
aud graphioacconntof the federal capital. 
lp.l. 5-578pp. 17pl. 8°. [jVeiii York^, 
Continental publishing company, [1873], 

Martin (Eliza). Going home. A catholic 
novel, 436 pp. 12°. FMladclpliia, E. 
dimmisTceg, 13J3. 

Martin (Frances). Angi51iciue Artiaiild, ab- 
bess of Port Koyal, |;1602-61]. viii, 328 
pp. 13°. London, Macmillaii -j- co. 1873. 

Martin {Pere Jacques). La religion dea 
Ganloia, tiriSo flea plas pures sources de 
I'antifiuit^. Parler.p, dom. **' [onon.] 
2 V. 2 p, 1. xxxvi, 5.36 pp. 21 pi ; viii, 
404 pp. 1 1. 23 pi. 4°. I'mis, Smi{irain 
fila, 1737. 

Martin (John Hill). Historical aketeh of 
Bethlehem ia Pennsylvania, with sojne 
. account of the moravian chucch. 2 p. 1. 
101 pp. 1 pi. portrait, 8°. PMladelpkia, 
for O. Eog^-a, ly J. L. File, 1873. 

Martin. (Joseph G.) Seventy three years' 
history of the Boston stock market, 1798- 
1871; with the semi-annual dividends 
paid iirom commencement of the Boal:ou 
banks, insntanee, railroad, manufactnc- 
ing, and miscellaneoua companies. Also 
the prices of amerioan gold, government 
seonrities, state, city and railroad bonds, 
and miscellaneous stocks. With fall ex- 
planatory notes. 104 pp. 8°. Boston, 
author, 1871. 

Stock flnctuationa, Jan. 1870, to Jan. 

1871, 3 pp. 8°. Boston, aatlioi; 1871. 

Martin (Lutlier). Modern gratitude ; [in 
five numbers : addressed t^) Eichard E. 
Keene, oonceroing a family marriage], 
163 pp. 8°. [i!.)). 1802]. 
[Tttl8.paEB wanting]. 

The same. 

[DUANE pamphleta, v. 3], 

[Imperfeot: Trantlng titlK-nnsfi fiiul piisres before 
119 and after ISS]. 

The same, 

[DUiNE pamphlets, v. 63]. 

Martin (P. Alexander). Perlun aus Jerusa- 
lem, ein katholisches andachtsbuch. 
Engd. tit. 1 p. 1. 280 pp. 1 I. 3 pi. 24°. 
Boston, W. NeU, 1847. 

Martin (Rev. Samuel). Twelve discourses 
to youth. With an introduction by rev. 
J. A. James, sii, 166 pp. 12°. London, 
D. Murray, 1815. 

Of artlndale (Joseph C, m. d.) Human anat- 
omy, phyeiology, and hygiene. 242 pp. 
12°, PhiladelpUa, Eldreilge ^- hrother, 1872. 

db, Google 


Martingale (Haw-ser,j)seiiiJoH.) See Sleeper 
(John S.) 

Martinifere {Pierre Martiu do la). A new 
TOjage to the north; containing, a full 
aecoaut of Norway ; the Laplands, hoth 
(lanisb, Swedish and musoovita; of Bo- 
randia, Siberia, Samojedia, Zembla aud 
iBoland; with the description of the reli- 
gion and cnstoma of these several nations. 
[Also J, a particular relation of the conrt 
of the czar ; and a short history of Mns- 
covy. Aa it was ta&eu hy a frenoh gen- 
tleman TTho resided there maiiy years. 
Written by •'*. Now done into english. 
[niioB.] 7 p, 1. 258 pp. 1 pi. 8°. London, 

The same. Nienwe, aenniaerkelijcbe 

reys van de beer Martiniere, door (le 
noordaohe laudsohappen i [eto.] 
[In VEiEa (SlmoQ de). Ds noorilaclie -weereld. 
4". jlmsteiiton, 1085. pp. 1-111, 4i)]. 1 mapi. 

Martire d'Anghiera (Pietro). De ovbe no- 
TO. Ande-r theil, der newen welt vnd iu- 
dianischen nidergangiachen kfiaigreicha 
[etc.] Dessgleichen, von der indianiaohen 
volkkecnTnd wildeu leiitfressernirnnder- 
barlichen sitten, regiment, aberglanbeii 
[etc.] Erstlich darch Petrvm Martyrem, 
in latiniacher sprach ordenlich vnd wahr- 
hafftig auB9 der spaniet mniidt, so die 
inaelu znm eraten erfnndeu, hcschrlebea: 
erst jetzt aber anas dem lateiu verteuaobet, 
dnrch Hicolaum Hoiiiger von Kiinigshofen 
au der Taubar. 6. [. 13p.l.ceslv-doiii>p. 
1 L fol. Basel, S. Henrio^its, 1583. 
[Bbnsoni, MABTniB D'A£Gi9iiiRA, and Ai-oLUJinus. 
Uewe Welti v. s). 

Martiufl (Cirl Fnedui,h Philipp \on) 
Flora brazilienaia 6ive ennmeratio plan 
tarum la Brazilia haotenus deleotaram 
quas oura musei caes reg palil vindo- 
bonensw snif aliorumque botanicornm 
studus descriptis et muthodu naturili 
di^estaa sab auspiciis Ferdinindi I 4u& 
triae impeiatons et Ladoviei I Eavariae 
regis edidit Cai Fiid PbiJ de Mwtius 


dob. Edaardi Fenzl. [Piospettns]. 170 
pp. 1 p!. 8°. lAj^siae, F. MeUcher, 1857. e. 
[BoTjNiCAl pamplilete, v. 7]. 
MartoreU (Juan). [Tirante lo bianco], 
Histoiro du vaillaut chevallier Tiran le 
blauo. [Tradnite de I'eapagnol par le 
comte de Caylus]. 2 v. 379 pp ; 427 pp. 
8°. Paris, risee, 1787. 
[Citma (A, C. P. de T. de). 


Martjn (JJeu. Heiiry). Journal and lettera 
of the rev. Henry Martyn. Edited by tbe 
rev. 8. Wiiberforce. 1st am. ed. abridged. 
466 pp. W. Km York, M. W. Dodd, 

Martyn {Mrs. S. T.) Margaret, tbe pearl 
of Navarre, [niiou.] 239 pp. 16°. Mv> 
York, Aia. traot sooiety, [1867]. 

Martyrs of tbe mutiny ; or trials and tri- 
umpha of christians in the sepoy rebellion 
in India. With an introduction by the 
rev. John. Jonkins, d. d. [ono«.] 334 pp. 
1 pi. 16°. PUladelpli,ia, FretbsUritmpiili- 
Ueation committee, 1860. 

Marrln (James), iDtellcctual arithmetic 
for amerioan youth, oo the analytic 
method. 180 pp. 18°. Alfred, If. Y., L. 
Alien, 1854. 

Marvin (Wmiani F.) Tbe battle of Monte- 
rey, and other poems. 219 pp. portrait, 
12°, Danville, Ey. A. S. MoOroi-ty, 1851. 

Mary {Anut, paeiidon.) The Philadelphia 
honaewife; or, family receipt book. 104 
pp. 12°. PhilaiielpMa, J. B. Lippineoti ^• 
CO. 1855. 

Mary of St. Angelo. The metropolitan il- 
lustrated series. Koviseded. 7 v. 16° and 
12°. Mm York, D. 4- J. Sadlier f co. 1971, 

Tlio metropolitan illnakaied spBllnr. 180 pp. l«o. 
, Tiie metropolitnn flrat reader, ISO pp. 10°. 
Xlie metro^Utoa seoond leader. SIB pp. 10°. 
Tho meEropollteii third reader. 33B pp. 12°. 

The metmpolitau flleh reader. ' The Cook of orit 

tory. e& pp. 13°. 
lutermedlate seriea. „„ 

betveCD the Becood and third ri 

metropolltiui setlOB. 340 pp. IS". 

Mary Francis Claris, skier of tte order of 
Pool' Clares. Hornehurat rectory. 2 v. 
in 1. 705 pp. 12°. New York, D. 4- J. 
SoMc^ 4- CO. 1872. 

Mary of Jesus, of Agreda. See Maria da 
J^sus, (ibiess ofAgretla. 

Mary Stuart, qaeen of Scots. Iiinentairea 
[inenbles] de la royne desooase douairiSre 
de France. Catalognes of the jewels, 
dreaaes, lurnitare, books, and paintinga of 
Maryqueen of Scots. 1556-1569. [Edited 
by Joseph Eoberfcson]. 2 p. 1. clsviii, 223 
pp. 2 fac-aim. 4°. Mdliibargh, 1863. a. 
[BAKHiTXsa club pnhlicaiions, no. 111]. 

Maryland {State of). The constitution of 
the stale of Maryland, reported and adopt- 
ed by the convention of delegatea aaaein- 
bled at Annapolis, 1850, and anbmitted to 
the voters of the state for adoption or re- 

db, Google 


Maryland (S(flfe o/)— continiiocl. 
jcotiou, jane, 1851. Published !ij autlioi'i- 
ty. 70 pp. S°. Baltimore, J. Mavfiliy 4' 
eo. 1851. 

Maryland penitentiary. Eeports, 

la-JS, 1863. a T. 8°. SalUmore, 1853-63. 

Eeport of tlie oommittee on prison 

wamifactnroa, 1843. 33 pp. 8°. Balii- 
more, Lactts 4~ Dcavm; 1812. 

Maacou (Johann Jaooli). Tlie history of 
the ancient QeriaanB ; inclutliog that of 
tte Cimbti, Celtie, Tenfconea, Alemanui, 
Saxons, and otlior ancient northern nations, 
who overthrew tlie roman empire, and 
eata,blislied t&at of the Gei'mans, and mosl^ 
of the liingdomB of Europe. Written 
originally in high geroian. Now translat- 
ed into euglisli, by Tho. Ladiatd. 3 v. 
1 p. 1. xxsvi, 663 pp. 1 1. 1 map; 1 p. 1. 
xsvi, 678 pp. 1 ]. 1 table. 4°. London ^ 
We»lrnin»Ui; J. Mechell, [ete.} 1737-38. 

Maedeu (Jnan Francisco). Historia oritica 
de EspaHa, y de la onltiira espfinola. 
Obra compnesta y pnblioada en italiauo. 
[Ti-adnoida poi N N ] 30 v 8°, MaHi-id, 
A.ee8ancla 1783 1805 

V. 4-8. Bspfli a TO nana Pait 1 5 

V. 9-11. I^pauft go la. Part 1-3 

V. 13-15. EapaDa an I>a I ^rb 1-4. 

T. ie~X3. Siipp ementos. 

T, SO. Espalia resta raflora Ubro 1 ! I!u9tm 

Maaerea (Fiantis So n amirilev). Oooa- 
sional essays on vaiioua subjects, chiefly 
political and historical; extraeted partly 
from the publiok newspapers, during the 
present reign, and partly from tracts pub- 
lished in tlie reigns of Elizabeth, Charles 
I. Charles II. and from bishop Bnrnet'e 
history of his own times, [anon.] xtj, 
607 pp. e°. London, B. Willie, 1809. 

Mason (Erskine, d. d.) A pastor's legacy ; 
being sermons on practical subjects. With 
abrief memoir of the author, by rer. Will- 
iam Adams, d. d. liv, 471 pp. portrait. 
8°. Jfew Yoi% C. Sm-ibaer, 1853. 

Mason (Henry M. (id) Solect£e e pattihus, 
sou. theologiiB summa clerieis. 314 pp 
12°. Noii!^EboTaoi, Stanford 4- Smrds, 1847. 

Mason {Bev. John, viear of Water-SU-atford). 
Gems of piety, from the select remains of 
rev. J. Mason. Revised, with additions of 
poetry. 181 pp. 16". Boslaii, J. Eiiffn 


[Mason (John). A treatise on self knowl- 
edge; showing the nature and benefit of 
that important science, and the way to 
attain It : intermixed with various reflec- 
tions and observations on human nature. 
191 pp. 18=". Mavei-Ull, (Maag.) W. B. 
Allen, 1813. 

The same. Self-knowledge : a trea- 
tise sliowing tho nature and benefit of 
that important science, and the way to 
attain it. BeviseQ, with a life of the 
author, by Jolin Mason Good, lii, 246 pp. 
18°. Zondoit, W. BajjWia ■(■ eon, 1834. 
lason (,Re«. Jolin, 1708-63). The student 
and pastor; or, directions how to attain 
to eminence and usefuluess in those re- 
spective charaotei-s. 2d ed. 4 p. 1. 163 pp. 
13°. Londm, J. Buckland 4- E. <(- C. mill/, 
[oioiit 1755J. 
Mason (Lowell). The sabbath hjmn book. 
^eePark {Edwards A.) 
Olid Greene (David). Church psalm- 
ody : a collection of psalms and hymns 
adaptefi topuhlioworship. Seleotedfrom 
dr. Watts and other authors, [onon.] 576 
pp. 16°. Boston, FerkiM ^ Mai'vUt, 1831. 

The same. 576 pp. 13°. 

Boston, Perkins 4- Mania, 1833. 

- The B 

:^. - 

i, 37-5 

I pp. 

l-2°. Boston, T. R.Mtrcin, 13iJ. 

The same. Manual of chris- 
tian psalmody : acolleotiouofpsalmsand 
hymns, for public worship. [Revised for 
the baptist church by Eufus Babcock]. 
Ixs, 85-611 pp. V2°. Bodlon, Perkins 4- 
Mai-vln, 1838. 

Jfofe.— WitU the esooptioa of a few deiiomlDational 
lymns. "The 'raajmalof ohiiaiianpsBlmodr' is 
enbataatlally tbe eame aa the 'cburuU pBUliIi- 
oily.' "—Prefatory uote. 

and Mason (T. B.) The harp: a 

collection of choice sacred music. 352 pp. 
obi. 8°. Cineinnati, Moore, WiUtaelt, Keys 
f eo. [1859]. 

Mason (Luther Whiting). [Music reader, 
no. 1], Pi'imary or first musio reader : a 

10 of 

of V 

cal music and sight-singing, vi, 90 pp. 

obi. W^. Boston, Ginn Irotkei-s, 1372. 
The samo, [no. 2]. Second music 

reader; a course of exercises in tlie elc- 

meuts of vocul music and sight-siiiging. 

96 pp. 16°. Boslon, Ginn brotliers, 1872. 
■ The same, [no. 3}. Third music 

reader; a course of musical iustructiou, 

db, Google 


Mason (Lutbor Whiting) — contiuuecl. 
witll songs in two and tliree parts, bnaod 
on tlie elements of harmony. 9fi pp. 16°. 
Boston, Ginn hrothers, 197S. 

The same. Sfiooud and tliird ua- 

tlonal music readers. — Intermediate music 
reader : a ooarae of mnsical instruotiou iu 
vooa! music and sight-singing, with songs 
in two and three pacts. 3v.ini. 9Bpp; 
96 pp. 16°, Bosloii, Gim brothers, 1873. 

KotB.—A combination of tlie preoeainH, eHoli with 

The national mnstc teacher: a prac- 
tical guide in teaching vocal mnsic and 
siglit-singing to the youngest pupils. 72 
pp. ohl, 8°, Bostoa, Ghm broOiera, 1872. 

A preparatory course and tey to the 

second series music charts, and second 
music reader, is, 20 pp. 12°, Boston, 
Gim liTotUrs, 1873. 

Maaon (Richard, m. J.) Mason's farrier 
and stud-l>ooIc — new cd. — The gentle- 
maa's new pocket farrier. [Also], a prize 
essay on mnles [by S, W. Poineroy] : an 
appendiK, [etc,] With a supplement. By 
J. 8. Skinner. S -a. in 1. 415 pp ; 101 pp. 
5 pi. 12°. PhiladBVphia, Claxtoit, Semeen 
4- JSaffelfmger, 1673. 

Maequed (The) weddings, a novel, ia a 
series of letters, [unon.] 2 v. 1 p. 1. 251 
pp; 1 p.l. 255 pp. 16°. London, T. Hooh- 
ham, 1781, 

MasBaohusetts (Pi-oviiice of). Letters to 
the earl of Hillsborough, from governor 
Bernard, general Gage, and the conneil of 
Massachusetts. With an appondi 
[anon.] 165, 8 pp. 8°. Loudon, icprhited 
for J. Almoii, 176'J. 



and 34 1]. 


(Siat« of). 

Alexander H. Ballock to the two branches 
of the legislature of Massachusetts, jan. 
4, 1867. 176 pp. 8°. Boston, Wi-ight 4- 
Fotler, 186T, 
[MJacELLASEOiis painpMota, v. 430], 

Adjiitaat-gemral. Record of the Mas- 
sachusetts volunteers, 1881-65. Published 
by the af^ntant-general, under a resolve 
of the general court. 2 v. 3 p. 1. 79^ pp; 
3 p. 1. lOaS pp. 1 1. 4°. Boston, jiriatera to 
mmte, 1B70. 

Board of health. 2d-4th annual re- 
ports, 1871-73. 3 V. 8°. Boston, Wright 
4- Bolter, 1871-73. 8. 


Masaachusetta {Slate 0/)— continued. 

Board of slate eharilks. Eighth an- 
nual report, Jan. 1872. Bost^on, Wright ^ 
I'otter, 1872. s. 

CoitatUational coavetition. Journal of 

debates and proceedings intlieconventiou 
of delegates, chosen to revise the coustitu- 
tionof Massachusetts, 1820-21. Reported 
for the Boston daily advertiser. [By Na- 
than and Charles Hale, editors]. New ed, 
viii, 677 pp. 8°. Boston, ojce 0/ the Dail}, 
adueiiiser, 1853. 

Insuraam comialssioners. Thirteenth 

[to] seventeenth annual reports of the in- 
sarauoe ootnmissioners, 1863-73. 5 v. go. 
Boston, slate pnntere, 1833-73. 

art I. Fire 

a. Lifa ana uociaeat insuFiuioe. leCE-Tl. 

Le^lature. Debates and proceed- 
ings, at the session, 1353. Reported for 
the Boston daily advertiser, viii, 424 pp. 
8°. Boston, C. Sale, 1856. 

Debates and proceedings in 

the MassaoUusette legislature, at the regu- 
lar session, which was begun at the state 
hoiisein Boston, ou Wednesday, the seventh 
day of January, aud ended on Saturday, 
the thirtieth day of may ; and also at the 
special session, wliioh was began on tues- 
day, the fourteenth day of jnly, and ended 
ou I'riday, the thirty-ftrst day of the same 
month, 1857, Kejiorted for the Boston 
daily advertiser, vi, 462 pp. 8°. Boston, 
C. Sale, 1857. 

Public documents of Massa- 
chusetts; being the annual reports of va- 
rious public officers and icstitatious, for 
the year 1871. v. 1, nos. 1 to 4. 8°. 
BoHon, state pHnUirs, 1872, 

Stale librai-^. Report of the librarian 

. for the year ending sept. 30, 1870. 8°. 
Boston, state printers, 1871. 

MassBohnsetts agrionlturo! college. Tenth 
annual report, Jan. 1873. 8°. Boston, 
Wright 4- Potter, 1873. 

Massachusetts geueral hospital. Fifty- 
ninth annual report of the trnstees of the 
Mass, general hospital, 1872. 9°. Boston, 
J. F. Cotter # bo. 1873. 

Massachuaetta histerioal society. Publi- 
cations. 8°. Boston. 1856. 


■ of riymoiaL pl.^u 

db, Google 


Maaaaohuaetta (Tho) manual ; or political 
and liistorical register, for tlie political 
year 1814-15. By WiUiam Burdick. v. I. 
12°. Boston, C. CalUnOei; 1814. 

Maseachuaetts medical society. A report 
OH Bpasmoilic ebolera, prepared by » com- 
mittee under the direction of tlie oounsel- 
lors of the Massacliu^etts medical society. 
IV 190 pp 1 map 8^ Boston Carter i(" 
Emtdfe, 1832 

Slassillon (Jean Bapti^te) Conferences 
Bt diBCOutB sjaodans eur les pnnoipaus 
devoiia dos ecol^siaatiquea avec un reeueil 
de mandemena ant les difl^rens snjets 
3v. 13°. ramJrh-esEsUennefVne. 

Pens^ea aar diff^rens snjets de morale 

et de pi^te. 6 p. 1. 436 pp. 12'='. " ' 
J. F. Frmil!^, 1787. 

Sentimens d'nno 4ino toucliee tie 

Dieu, tirfo dea psaumes de David; 
paraphrase morale de plusiewrs 
en forme de prifere. 2 v. 7 p. 1. 360 pp ; 4 
p. 1. 300 pp. 12°. Paris, FivalU, 1791. 

Sermons 9 r 12" FiH'is, FroulU, 

[e(. 3 1776-1801 

V. 1-J Cjrfeme 1-B7 
■ y. 6 PinSgTiiqnes. llli 

t! B Omlflona foD^bres «t prof asloas Fc]l|^{au9C9, 

Maaay (J. Robert de). Des lialles et mar- 
cliils et da commerce des objeta de eon- 
Bommationi Londrea et i Paris. Eapport 
k le miniatre de I'agriculture, du com- 
merce, et des travaus publics. Separtie. — 
Paris. 3e partie. — Comparaisou entre 
Londtes et Paris. 8°. Faris, inipHma-Je 
impAiale, 1863. 
A'oW.— Ja porfie wantlHg. 

Master William Mitten, 18G4. See Long- 
street (A. B.) 

Maanry (John W.) The amerioan grain- 
era' hand-book ; a popular and practical 
treatise on the ait of imitating colored 
and fancy woods. By the author of " How 
ahall we paint," [etc. oiton.] 109, 21 pp. 
inc. 15 ooL pi. Nmo York, J. W. Masary 
^ BOB, [1872J. 

Mather (Cotton, d. d.) A brief history of 

the war with the Indiana in New-England. 

[ftiMATIlEB (Inereaae, i d.) Tka liisffliy of king 

PliUip'swBC. am. 4". .Boston, 1862. pp. 45-213]. 

Jfbte.— Ptlnted on the same psjres as tbe histOTy of 

*$ liiatorlcol SI 

V. 8]. 



Mather (Cotton, (!. d.)— continued. 

Esaaya to do good, Eovisod and im- 

proTed by George Bnrder. 2d ed. lii, 
167 pp. lao. London, editor, 1808. 

The same. 108 pp. 34°. l^eio York, 

Am. traet sooiety, [^ahout 1820]. 

The wonders of the inTisible world ; 

being an account of the tryals of several 
witehea lately executed in New-England : 
and of several remarkitbie cnriosities 
therein occurring. 3d ed. Printed first 
at Boston, in N. E., and reprinted at Lon- 
don, 1693. 

tJn TowtBE (Samuel P.) Salom witchcraft; etc. 
12°. Salem.S.P.Incsi&A.A.SimlliAeei. pp. 

Mather (Increase, if. il.) Now or never is 
the time for men to make snre of their 
eternal salvation. Several sermons. Ip. 1. 
ii, 113 pp. 8°. Boeton, B. Eliot, 1713. 

Mather papers. [Being the correspondence, 
mainly, of Increase, Samuel, and Cotton 
Mather], svi, 736 pp. 8°. Boston, Mass. 

4th a. 

Mather (J. II.) and Brockett (L. P. m. d.) 
Geography of the state of Now York, 
Embraoing its physical features, climate, 
geology, mineralogy, hotany, zoology, hia- 
tflry, goverament, education, internal im- 
provements, &o. With statistical tables, 
and a separate description and map of 
each county. 433 pp. 12°. Hartfoi-d, 
[Coim.] J. M. MatUr f bo. 1847. 

Mather {Mrs. Sarah A,) Tonug life: or, 
the boya and girls of PJeaaant valley. 251 
pp. 6 pi. 16°. Cineianati, mtchcoDb ^ 
Walden, 1873. 

Mathewa (Cornelina). Chanticleer : a 
thanksgiving story of the Peabody familj'. 
[n«on.] 2a ed. 155 pp. 13°. Boston, B. 
B. Mumy Sr &>. 1850. 

The Indian fairy book. From the 

original legends. With illustrations by 
McLenan. Engraved by Anthony. 
[ojioB.] 338 pp. 4 pi. 12°. JTew York, 
Mason brothers, 1856. 

The motley book; a series of tales 

and sketches. By the late Ben Smith. 
[ps^MdOB?] With illustrations by Dick 
and others. New ed. 1 p. 1. 190 pp. 10 pi. 
8°. New Yorlt, J. ^ B". G. Langley, 1838. 

Mathevrs (Joanna H.} Sltty'a robins. 
230 pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, B. Carte>- f 
brothers, 1872. 
[Kims and Lulu books, no. S]. 

db, Google 


Mathews (Joanna H.)— continued. 

Kitty's scrap book. 214 pp. 3 

16°. Neiv York, B. Carter ^ Irotltei-ii, li 
[Ei-rir and Lnlu TjooIb, qo. 6]. 

Kitty's visit to grandmamma, 

pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, S. Carta 

In-otliers, 1873. 

[Kitty and Luln Tjoote, no. 5]. 

Mamie's watchword, S33 pp. 1 

16°. JVeiM York, B. Carter ^- brothers, U 
{LiiTLB sanbaame). 

Nellie's lionaekeeping. 267 pp. 3 

16°. Neio York, B. Carter ^ hrotjiers. If 
[Little snabeams], 

Budie'a goat. 237 pp. 2 pi. 1 

Neiv Torh, S. Cas'ter 4- hroUiers, 1873. 

Toutou and pussy. 243 pp. 3 pi. 1 

Nem York, B. Carter f IrotTim-a, 187S. 

[KrrTY and tnln tooiiB, no. 1]. 

Violet's idol. 229 pp. 3 pi. 1 

mw Ym% B. Carter ^ hrotliers, 1370. 

[rtOWEEBTS, T. 1). 

Tbe white ral>l)it. 2dO pp, 3 pi. 1 

Jffflu Yorh, B. Carter ^ Irothers, 1S73. 

Mathews (Julia A.) Drayton-liall ser 
By tlie author of the " Golden-ladi 
series," etc. v. 4-6. [a«on.] 1S°. J 
York, B. Carter ^ Iroihei-s, 1871. 

IF. 4. Franks 

T. 5. Eagle ocag. 

nstin'B diamcind. 

\a Lis flag, 
Oni four 1)0J8. 324 pp. 2 pi. 16^. 

Xeio York, B. CarUr 4- brothei-s, 1872. 
Mathews (J. M. d. fi) The bible and oiril 

government, iu a course of lectures. 363 

pp. 12°. MJO-Tork,B. Cart^ 4 Irotherg, 

MathewB (William). Getting on in tlie 

world; or, hints on snccess in life, viii, 

365 pp, 12^. Chicago, S. C. Griggi ^- co. 

Matilda Berkeley, or, family anecdotes ; by 

the author of the History of la*Xy Emma 

Meloombe and her femily, &o. [nviin.] 

224 pp. 12=. Balelgh, N. C, J. Gales, 

Matrimpnial brokerage in the metropolis. 

By a reporter of the New York press. 

[flMon.] 355 pp. 6 pi. 12°. Km York, 

Thalclier ^ Bntokmaon, 1859. 
Matson (N.) Beminiscences of Bureau 

county [Illinois], in two parts, ■with 

illnstrations. 406 pp. ino. 15 pi. I photo. 

6°. Princeton, III., Ee^vhliean hook and job 

office, 1872. 


MatteaccI (Pictro). Dell' origine del 
raomlo, ojot do' prinoipii tlelle cose ; opera, 
nelle quale si comprende, oltre il varie 
istorie ; la teologia de gli antiohi gentili ; 
ed 1 sensi de* filosoU, intorao alia diaina 
essenza : aUa sostonza de' cieli ; ii gl'in- 
fluBsi dellestelle; aU' eternity ; &gllaii- 
geii; a demon!; eon I'opitiioni teolojji- 
ehe, seoondo la vera fede, dell' anima, e 
del sno stato prima, ch'infornii il oorpo, 
Del oorpo, e separata del oorpo. 4 p. ]. 
196 pp. 6 1. 4°. YetMtia, I. Gimdi, 1639. 
■ Mattel (Domenico Baruaba). Memorie 
Engd. tit. 6p.1. 195 pp. 8 1. sm. 4°. Boma, 
6. F. Bmgni, 1711. 

Jfo(t— By yaiiouB authorities, it In no6 known on 
wliat groands, tliis book is nsoribed ttt Fompea 

MatlheiT Paris. Matthsei parieiensis, 
monachi sancti albani, chronica majora. 
Edited by Henry Kioharda Luard. v. 1. 
The creation to a. d, 1066. Published by 
authority. [Lat.] 4, sci, '543 pp 1 I pi 
8°. London, Longntan ^ co lb72 
[Great Bbtcaih. PubUe reea d JUe. R 
brilaunlcarum medil ievi sci pto ] 

Matthews (John, d. A} Th d ue p 
pose : displayed lu the w Lb of p o 
deuce and grace. 186 pp. 18 Fh ladel- 
))M([, Presbglerian hoard of jpuSiicadon, 

Mattoon (Charles H.) Analytic series, 
no. 2. — Common arithmetic, upon the 
analytic methodof instruction. Also: the 
principles of eanoellation, and other mod- 
ern improvements. Illustrated and ap- 
plied, sis, 338 pp. 12°. [CoiimtBiM, O.] 
S. Medarg, 1850. 

Maudit (Le), par I'abbiS *"' [aiiora.] lie 
M. 3 V. 8°. Faris, librairie iitterita- 
iionale, 1866. 
[Imperfect ; wanting v, SJ. 

Maudult (Antoine Franjoia). Dfioouvertes 
dans la Troade. Dissertations sur les 
monuments de la plaiue de Troie et la 
position de cette viUe. Monuments si- 
gual&i au pas des Thermopyles. ificlair- 
cissemeuts sur la marche de Xercfes dans 
la Troade. 2 parts in 1 v. 4 p. 1. 242 pp ; 
2 p. 1. 223 pp. 4 pL 1 map. 4°. Paris, 
J', mdotfi^ee, 1840. 

Mauduit de La Varenne (P. J. fitienne). 
Dictionnaire des oiseaux:, aveo discoura 
g^n&aux sur la nature des oiaeaus. 2 v. 
4°. Pat-is, Fanckoucke, 1782-84. 

V. 116, pp. 331-800 ;v- 

db, Google 


Mannder (Samnel). Tlio hiatory of tlje 
world ; oompriaing a general hiatoty, l)otIi 
iiiicient SDd modem, of all tlie principal 
nations of the glolje. Including a com- 
plete liistory of tbe United States to the 
present time. Edited by John Inman. 
2 V. X, 19-771 pp. 20 pi ; 741 pp. 20 pi. 
8°. ifmYorlc,M.mtt,li&2. 

MaundevlUe. See Mandeville (Johu). 

MaQpeouaua ; on, correspondauce Becrette 
et famili^re da ohancelier Maupeou arco 

Sorhouet, 1773. See Pldausat de I^edxo- 

beit (Matthien Franfois). 
Maupied (F. L. M. abM). De I'oritjine de 

rhomme et de I'nnit^ de I'espece hnraaine. 

See Foriohon (L. aM) and Maupied 
MaTuice (Frederick Denison). Tlie religions 

of the world and their relations to chria- 

tianity. From the 3d revised Lond. ed. 

263pp. 12°. Boston, Gonld 4- Lincoln, 185i. 
Maury(J,C.F. jpseudojt. o/AagusteTiUet). 

Treatise on the dental art, fonnded on 

actual experience. Translated jrom the 

french, with notes and additions, by J. B. 

Savier. 324 pp. 20 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, 

Lea 4- SlmdliaTd, 1843. 
Mani7 (Jean SifreiD, cardinal). Essai Bur 

raoquence de la chaire. 1 p. 1. 589 pp. 

18°. Paris, LeJ^re, 1845. 
Maniy (Matthew Fontaine, II. d.) Maurj's 

geographical setics. 4 y. i°. Ifeiv York, 

Vniverini]/ publiaMag co. 1868-71. 

rirat IfssoDa in gBnecaphy. 69 pp. ino. 1 I 
BU^ps. em. 4°. {Oiiliardtim fi co^ 1S6S, 

ThesTiiDB. (Uniwrdt!/ publishing CO.) K 

Mnooal of eeogcapEiy: a complete ti'eatisa 
maUiamfllaoal, civil, anil plijsioal — -■ ' 

The world »■ 

(iDtermediaif). IDi pp. inc. 

1 geography of the sea 
and ita meteorology. 8th ed. revised and 
greatly enlarged. 1 p, L xsxii, 474 pp. 15 
pi. 8°. Mw York, Harper ^yirot!iere,lQel, 

Masimiliea Bohespierre. [aito».] 166 pp. 
8°. Caen, B. de laporte, 1847. s. 

Maxwell (Mrs. Mary H.) Congin Mary'a 
letters to children. 180 pp. portrait. 18°. 
BosUya, Maaa. s. e. sockti/, [1853]. 

Maxwell (Mrs. Susan Charlotte Farley, 
eliildreaof). Our mother; a memorial of 
nirs. 8. C. Farley Maxwelh [ation.] 312 
pp. portrait. 1 pi. 12°. Bostna, Mass. s. 9. 
soeiety, [I860]. 

May (Caroline). Hymns on the collects for 
every Sunday in the year, iv, 150 pp. 12°. 
New Yoi% A. I). F. ICandolph f co. [1872]. 


May {J. B.) Saiot-P^tershourg et la Russia 

en 1829. 2 v. 2 p. 1. vii, 396 pp ; 2 p. 1. 

39epp.3L 8°. Paris, leoMiwaeMi-, 1829-30. 
May (-Eeu. Bohert). A voice from Eiohmond, 

and other addresses to children and youth. 

With a brief account of the author. 300 pp. 

3 pi. 18°. PMladelpMa, Am. s.-s. union, 

May Martin, [etc.] 1652. See Tliompsoii 

(Daniel P.) 
Mayer (Brantz). Tah-gah-jute ; or, Logan 

and Cresap, an bistoncal eaany, 2 p. 1. 

s, 204 pp. 8°. Alian!i,J.Munsell, 18G7. 

IMuMSELL's BBTiea of local american hietocy, v. 1]. 
Mayer (Charles Joseph). Amours de Guil- 

laume de St.-Vallier, troubadour. 

[riiMsLiavartaeGrtee. 13=. Paris. f!SS. v. 5, 


Amours de Jeanne, relnedeJ^rnsalem, 
de Haples, de Sicile, oomtesse de Provence ; 
roman historiciue. 

[In t!iB aame, v. S, pp. aOS-SM). 

G^nevifeve de Cornouailles, et le 

damoisel eaus nom, roman de chevalerie. 
Nouv. 61. 1 p. 1. 273, 2 pp. 1 1. 1 ph 18°. 
Lo«drea, 1784. 

Lisvart deGrfeee, roman tie chevalerie ; 

on suite d'Amadis de Gaule. 5 v. 18°. 
Paris, 1788. 

Mayer {Dr. Karl). Verzeiohnesa der ver- 
steiueruugen das helvetian der Sehweiz 
nnd Schwabene. 

[In SiTiTZEBLAND. Qeolontsclie camimasioit der 
BChwffCz. n<UttrforseJt. geseUscht^t. Beitiitge. lite 
lieferniiB. i". Bern, J. Dalp,\ffl%. pp. 488-511 

Mayhe'w (Ira). Popnlai education. Pre- 
pared and published in accordance with 
a resolution of the senate and house of 
repreaentatives of the state of Michigan. 
467 pp. 1 pi, 12°. New York, Sarper # 
brothers, 1850. 

Mayhew (Jonathan, d. d.) Observations 
on the charter and conduct of the Society 
for the propagation of the gospel in for- 
eign parts; designed to shew their non- 
conformity to each other. WitU remarks 
oa the mistakes of East Apthorp, in repre- 
senting the sense of said charter, &o. Aa 
also reflections relative to the churcU of 
England, and the state of religion in Nortli 
America, [etc. Also], Apttiorp's consid- 
erations. 164 pp. 8°. London, W. Nicoll, 
IMlsCELtAKBOUB pampMels, v. S58I. 

Mayo (WiUiam Starhuok, m. d.) Never 
again. 3 p. 1. 9-714 pp. 10 pi. 13°. New 
York, a. F. Putnam ^ sons, 1873. 

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Mayo (WOliam Starbnct, m.d.)— continued. 
Eomanca dust from the hiatorioplaoer. 

231 pp, 12°. Miv^York, G-. P. Futttam, 

Mazaria (Jules, cardinal). Lettres du 

caidinal Mazorin. pendant son miniBt&re, 

reoueilliea et publi^es par M. A. Chfiruel. 

T. 1, d6). 1642 ^ jnia 1644. 3 p. 1. oxsxii, 

971 pp. 4°. Paris, impHmerie natioiiale, 


[Fhanck. Mima/ire OeVinstniction puWinKe, Col- 
lection de dooumeuta In^dlCs but I'hlalolre de 

Mazzinetli {Abbdte Aleasandro). The ofSoe 
of holy week, ■with the ordinary rulirios, 
summaries of the psalms, explanations of 
the ceremonies and mysteries ; ■with oli- 
servatious aad devout refleotioDs. Trans- 
lated from the italian. 560 pp. 16°. Sal- 
timcre, Kelly, Median ^ Piet, 1860. 

Mazzini (Giuseppe). Joseph Maazioi, Ms 
life, ■writings, and political principles. 
With an introduction by WiUiam Lloyd 
Garrison, sxsii, 366 pp. portrait. 13°. 
New York, Sard ^ Sowghton, 1873. 

Mazzolari (liario). Le reali grandezze 
dell' Escvriale di Spagna. Hel fine vedesi 
vn diacorso, co'l quale si paragona il detto 
edifioio oo' molti notabili del mondo, ed in 
partioolare eo'i tempio di Salomone. 4 p. 1. 
302 pp. 1 1. 1 pi. sm. 4°. Bologna, O. B. 
Feiroui, 1648. 

Mazzonl (Jacopo). Delia difesa della 
Comedia di Dante, Distinta in sette 
libri. Nella quale sL tisponde alle opposi- 
tioni fatte al discorso di m. laoopo Maa- 
zoni, e si tratta pienamente delP arte po- 
etica, e di molt' altre cose pertenenti alia 
philosophia, & alls belle lettere. 3 v. 
66 p. I. 739 pp. 2 tab ; sxkxsxk, 604 pp. 
Stab, 4°. Oeeena, B. Eaamij ^ S. Verdoni, 


le of T. 
■n ^Tk\ 

. The 

spasa di Manro 'VeidonI 

Mcizsaoli (Giroiamo Francesco Maria, called 
Paimigiano). [Variidisegniinventati dal 
celebre Francesco Maazuoli detto II Par- 
megiauino,trattidallaraccolta zauetiana, 
incisi in lime da Antouio Faldoni]. 14 pi. 
fol, [Fenesiii, 1723-35]. 

Mead (Charles). The school esercise, iu 
■which the variona branches of education 
are introduced as subjects for reading in 
schools. 275 pp. 12°. Fkila^elpMa, J. 
MaxmU, 1821. 


Mead (Daniel M.) Ahistoryof the townof 
Greenwich, PairBeld county. Conn, with 
many important statistics. 7, 13-318 pp. 
IS-^. Nexv York, Baker 4- Godwin, 1857. 

Mead {Eev. Mathew). 'Ev oXiyi^ KpiOTiavo;. 
The almost christian, discovered: or, the 
false professor tried and cast. Being 
the substance of seven sermons. First 
preached at St. Sepulchre's, London, 1651. 
19th ed. ssiv, 180 pp. portrait. 16°. 
London, G. Keith, 1765. 

The same. With an introduotion, bj 

Willlara E. "VVilUams. xxiv, 21-^9 pp. 
18°. Neia York, L. Colby, 1850. 

Mead (Beu. Stith). A general selection of 
the newest and most admired hymns and 
spiritnal songs, now in nse. 2d ed. 204 
pp. 3 1. 16°. Ljfnchhirg, [Fa.] J. Haoi, 

Mechanica' (The) magazine and journal of 
science, arts, and manafa^tores. [Week- 
ly]. Jan. 6, 1872, to Jan. 4, 1873, [Ne-w 
series, v. 27-28; complete series], v. i)6-97. 
sin. fol. Zondon, [0. W. Bradley'], 1873. 
JVbfe.— Title obongedaftar Jan. 1873, to "Iron; a 
journal of science," eto. 

Medbery {Mrs. Eebeoca B. Txtm Stetson). 
Memoir of mrs. Sarah Emily York, formerly 
miss 8. E. Waldo; missionary in Greece, 
xii, 420 pp. portrait. 12°. BoaUm, FMU 
lips, Sampson ^ oo. 1853. 

Medhnrst (Walter Henry). The foreigner 
in far Cathay. 4 p. 1. 190 pp. 1 map. 12°. 
London, E. Stanfm-d, 1872. 

Medical (The) and anrgioai history of the 
wavof therebellioa. (1861-65). Prepared, 
under the direction of surgeon general 
Joseph K. Barnes. [Part 1, v. 2. Surgical 
history. By Geo. A. Otis], civ, 650, xiv 
pp. 13 pi. 4°. WaslUagton, Qovei-nmeitt 
piinting office, 1870. 

MediCEd (The) record. A semi-monthly 
journal of medicine and surgery. Edited 
by George F. Shrady, m. d. March 1, 1872, 
to fob. 15, 1873. V. 7. 8°. New York, W. 
Woua ^ CO. [1872-73]. 

Medical (The) register of the city of New 
York and vicinity, for the year commenc- 
ing June 1, 1867. Published under the 
supervision of the "Mew York medico- 
historical society." By John Shrady, m. d. 
editor, [v. 5]. 16°. New York,' N. T. 
prmting oo. 1867. 

The same. The medical register of 

New York and vicinity for the years cora- 
moncing June 1, 1872, [and] 1873, Pub- 

db, Google 


Medioal (The) register, etc- 
lished nuder the sapetvieion of the Now 
York medico-historical Bociety. Alfred E. 
M, Purdy, m. d. editor, v. 10-11. 13°. 
Mw yoi% W. Wood 4- CO. 1873-73. 

Medioal (The) reporter. A quarterly jour- 
nal, pnblislied under the direction of the 
Chester and Delaware county medical ao- 
oietiea. t. 1*3. 3 v. in 1. 8". Westelwe- 
ier, Pa. H. S. Mvans, [1853^6]. a. 

Medioal (The) reTiew, and analectie jour- 
nal. Condnoted by John Eberle, m. d. 
Gleorge M'Clellan, ni. &. [etc. A quar- 
terly]. 1834-1826. v.1-3. S^, FMlaiU- 
pUa, A. Slwmmi, 1824-2G. 

Medioal (The) times. See Philadelphia 
medical times. 

Medway (Lewis). An inquiry into the 
Teaaonableness and conaequencea of an 
anion with Scotland. Containing a brief 
deduction of what hath been done, de- 
signed, or proposed, in the matter of the 

. union. 8 p. 1. 156 pp. 2 !. 13°. London, 
B. Bragg, 1706. 

1) 'g" typo phi- 



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312 pp 10 




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M g I 

(mn h) 

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f, lien, 

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M son (A te-Th^ ph 1 ) M niel- 
1 1 d i t d N pi f gment 

htoi tdtdlllmd [Par 
L t d] Ip 1 lOBpp 8 Tenne, 

Mekleuburgiaches urkundenbnch Hcr- 
ansgegeben ion dem Terem fill meklen- 
burgiaohe ge^cbichte ucd alterthama- 
kande. btei band 1313-31 2 p 1.648 
pp.11. 4° 5oft(«eiin, bWto, 1870 s. 

Melaalna; or the force of passion [anon.'^ 
2v. 2p.l.204pp; lp,1.304pp.21. 16°. 
ioMtoit, J. Bell, 1793. 

Melboum (Julius). Life and opinion' of 
JuliuB Melbonrn; with sketches of the 
lives and characters of Thomas Jetferaon, 
Jolm Qnincy Adams, John Eandolph, auil 


Melboum (Juhua) — continued 

several other emmeut auiericaa at'ites 
men. Edited ly a lite member cf con 
greaa. 339 pp 1 pi 1. sjj i t se Hill 
4- Dickaon, 184" 

Melbourne (The) university calendar For 
the aeademic yeit 1S73 73 13° Mtl 
loitrne, [Avat ] fai the nniieistfj hy J Fer 
res, 1872. 

Malcher (Josnh P ) Hill and oity M Dunt 
Zion; five books introduetion sealed 
book. Little book bible istronomv Citv 
of the trae faith Indes to the little boolt 
Armynea. 300 pp. 18 . Bloommgton, III. 

Melek-Hanum, wife of Kibrizli-Mehemet- 
Pasha. Thirty years in the harem ; or 
the autobiography of Melek-hanuat, wife 
of h. h. KibriEli-Mehemet-Pasha. x, 427 
pp. 8^. London, Chapman ^ Hall, 1872. 

Melendez {JPraij Juan). Tesoros verdade- 
ros de las Yndias en la hiatoria de la gran 
prouiuoia de San Ivan Bavtista del Perv, 
de el orden de predicadores. [etc.] 3 v. 
fol. Soma, 2^. A. nna^do, 1681-83. 

Melia (Pius, d. J.) Hints and fitcts on the 
origin of man and of his intellectual facal- 
tiea. 6 p. 1. 103 pp. 12°. London, Long- 
tnam, Green ^ CO. 1873. 

Mellora: aquarterly review of social soieaoe 
in its ethical, economical, political, and 
ameliorative aspects, [1858], v. 1. 8°. 
London, Partridge f oo. 1850, s. 

MeUichampe, 1836. See Simma (William 

Melva. [pseudiiB.] 
husbanda and wives. 
York, Am. female ^ardian soeietg, 1859. 

Melville (Herman). The confidence-man: 
his masquerade, vi, 394 pp. 12°. Jfew 
York, Die, Edwards f eo. 1857. 

Macdi : and a voyage thither. 2 v. 

3e5pp;2 12°. New Yorlc, 
Harper ^ hothers, 1849. 

Pierre; or, the ambiguitiea. Tiii,495 

pp. 13°. Mw York, Harper # brotherB,18Si. 

Eedbum ; his first voyage. 390 pp, 

12°. Mw York, Harper 4 brotheis, 1849. 

Melville (William Leslie, editor). Leven 
and Melville papera: letteis and state 
papers chiefly addressed to George, ear! of 
Melville, secretary of state for Scotland, 
1689-1691. Ixxv, 668 pp. 3 f^o-aim. 4°. 
Edivlmgh, 1843. g. 

[IjAB^ viiNJ; club imDlicalions, no. 11]. 

12°. New 

d by Google 


Memmlnger (Ree. Robert Withers). Prea- 
, ent issues ; or, facts observable in the con- 

BoioQsnessoftlieage. 955 pp. 13°. Fkil- 

adelpUa, Claxton, Renisen 4" Saffeljiiigtr, 

Memoir (A) biographical aod genealogical, 

of sir John Leyerett, 1856. See Leverett 

(Charles Edward). 
Memoir of Braaa Croaiiy, 1899. See But- 

tees fEobert). 
Memoir of Mary Anne Hooker, [anon.] 

177 pp. 18-3. PhiladelpUa, Ara. s. s. union, 

Memoir of nira. Jane Greeuleaf, of New- 

burjporfc. Mass, [anon.] 3d ed. 347 pp. 

18°. Boston, Mam. s. s. society, [1855]. 
Memoir (A) of the rev, Edward Paysou, d. 

d. lat* pastor of the second church in 

Portland, [ajwn.] 444 pp. portrait. IS". 

Pm-tland,, A. L. Fapon, 1830. 
Memoires de Gaudenoe de Luqu&s, See 

Memoirs of GaMdentio di Lucca. 
Memoires de la belle Gabrielle, but la ville, 

la conr et Ics salons de Paris eoua Henri 

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[ChroDiqnea popnlaires]. 
M^molrea de m. de "*, pour servir 4 1'hie- 

toire du XVII siScle. [aiiOH.] 

[Petitot (C. R & A,) Collection eomplSte ilea m6- 

!, FOUC: 

(87. 2d sei-k 


[Mjchmjd & FoujoulAT. Nonvello collection tlaa 

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[GAnNmnlC.G.T.) Voragea Imftsinaires, |oto.' 

Amsterdam. 1787. v. 6], 
ffolc.— long attoibulea to blahop HerlieloT, liui 
air 6. O. lewis aaja it " was in lact the worli 
of SJmoQ Bcringtou, a catholic prioat." 


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The same. Lebeu und ■wirken dea 

Johann Friedrich Oberlin, predigers m 
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setzt "pon D. Christian. Lehmus. Mit einem 
vorwott an den deutachen leser veraehen, 
von S. S. Schmucker. Isteam.aufl. [anon.] 
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Memoirs of lord viscount Cheriagton. See 
Muller (Capt. Bichard). 

Memoirs of pious women, [v. 1 and 3]. 
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[V. l].Ann Bacon, Marj Cooper, Arahella Daviea. 

alieth Smith, 7ran. 
pp. portrait. 

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[Mboellaneous poniphleta, t. 16fl]. 
Memorials of capt. Hedley Vicara, 1857. 

.See Marsh (Catherine). 
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Finckard], 1865. 
Memphis public ledger. See Public ledger 

(Memphis daily). 
Men of the time, 1873. See VTalford (Ed- 
Menage (Gilles). In Diogenem Laertium 
Aegidii Menagii obaervationes et emeuda- 
tiones hac editione plurimum aaetae. 
Quibua aubjungitur Historia mnlierum 
philoBopharum eodem Menaj^io seriptore. 
[4°. Amntela^ami, H. Welstm, 1692]. 
[Jit DioOBKDS Laebtius. De TitiB, dogmotia *t 

EeciuSte de Petrua Montmaur fk n. 

seigneur de parlement. 

IJnSiLLKKoiiB (Albert Henri ae). HIstoire 

db, Google 


Menage (Gilles)— continued. 

— — ~- \jta Gargilii Mamurae parasitop»- 
(lagogi sonptote Marco Lieinio. Gargilii 

[Jn Sallenghk (Albert Hencide). 

Histoirs de 


J? <6 e WeHtBiM; LaSaye, O.van Lom, [etc.] 

nn -rl pp. 37-128,1 

Manage ^Lp) pariden, 1773. Sc 


la Bietonoe {N L } 

de I'liistoiro dea empereurs 


Justin, et Tibfeie [558-583]. 


da greo par L Coosln. 102 pp. 16°. 

Faru, B JbMcauJf, 1685. 

[Cousis (L.) Hiatoire de Couslan 

inople dopnis 

I'anoleuJastin, T.3]. 

MendelBsohn-Bartholdy (Folisj. Souga 
without words. (Latest and correct ed.) 
Carefully fiogered l)y Charles H. Jarvis. 
137 pp. portrait, fol. PftHaJelpRtn, Zee ^ 
TTaito-, [1873]. 

Mendez Pinto (Ferdinand). Be^ Pinto. 

Mendo (Audres). Crisis de la compaliia 
de Jeaua, de au piedad, dootrina, y multJ- 
plicado fruto, quo ha cogido i 
mnudo. Eacritn eu lengua latiua 
traducida en. eastellano por 
afecto de esta sagrada religion. 8 p. 1. 284 
pp. 31. 18°. \M.i^\(f)\, eolegU) de s. Ilde 
fmao, 1765. 

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JtfbrHiamjjfon, [Jfas«.] W. Batlei; 1798. 

MeagM or Mengl oi' Mengua (Gerouimo) 
Compeadio dell' arte easoroistica, et possi 
hilita delle mirabili, et at vpeude operation! 
dolli demoni, et dei malefici. Con li rime 
dij opportani alle inflrmiti malefioiali 
Con vna oopiosisaima gionta dell' iateisso 
autore. 8 p. 1. 616 pp. 27 1. 16°, Bologvn, 
& Bom, 1586. 

-This if 


of Ma 


" I\iBti 


lormidabilea," etc. Bologna. Kob 
Mengus h-'O Menghi (G.) 
Memiaia 'iee La MeiuiaiB. 
Meiinonites (The). See Christian spiritual 

cou^erflttion on saving faith, [etc.] Lan 

casi(i,Fa 1357. 
Mentelle (Edme) aitd others. Anecdotes 

OTJentalea, premi^ro partie, conteuant 

dynasties perses, turques & mogolea, ( 
ee Bont aeviSca aucoeaeiyeinent on Ai 
jnsqu'aox califca & aus soptis ozelusi' 


Mentelle (Eflme) and others — continued. 

ment. [anon.l xii, 748 pp. 16°. Pans, 

nnceitt, 1773. 
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Translated from the german. By C. C. 

Felton. 3v. 13°. Boston, HilUai-d, G rag 

^ CO. 1340. 

[RiPLcv (Qaorge). SpBoimeuB of foreign altinckird 

Merard de Saint-Just (Simon Pierre). La 
ooartisane d'Athfenoa, on la philoaophie des 
grAoes; ooute dialogue en vers librcs; 
Huivi de pofisles diversea. 72 pp. 18°. 
Paris, Legras f Cordier, 1801, 

MSray (Dr. E. P.) Gi5os ; on, liistoire de la 
terre, fle sa erfiation, de son d^vdoppe- 
nient, et de soa oi^anisatiou par Taction 
dea eansea actnelles. G^logie philoao- 
phique. 2v. 2p. 1.479 ppi 2 p. 1.533 pp. 
8°. PiiHs, Gamier frh-ea, 1861. 

Mercelii(if«v. Thomas F.Randolph). Natu- 
ral goodneas ; or, honour to whom honour is 
due. Suggestions toward an appreciative 
view of moral men, the philosophy of the 
present system of morality, and the rela- 
tion of natural virtue to religion. 386 pp. 
13°. Nm Yorh, Carlton ^ PMlU^a, 1854. 

Mercliants (The) and banliers' almanac, 
for lfl^-l'i73. 5 v. 8°. Jfero York I. S. 
Homans,j> 1869-73. 

Merohanls (The) and mannfaotiirers' agen- 
cy Trade register of the manufacturers 
and leading dealers in machinery and 
kindred interests, embvaciog a directory 
of the principal dealers in all hinds of 
miohmeiy, [etc.] in the cities of New 
York, Boston & Philadelphia, 1872-73. 
Prospectus. Iviii, 58 pp. 4°. iftiu Tork, 
Merchants and taanufaotiirer^ agenei/, 1873. 

Merchants' association, P/(iia^fj)/(ia. Com- 
mtiGiil reports. Pennsylvania, 1872-73. 
V 1 J E Sprague, W. R. Elmore, com- 
pilers 1041, 3 pp. fol. lPhUa4elj)hia, 
Mochuiiis' a^sooiatioa, 1873]. 

Merobante' (The) banking and legal direc- 
tory of the United States. 1873. 8°. 
Chicago,!^ W. Faal, 1873. 

Merchant (The) taylors' miscellany. March, 
l&31,tojnne, 1832. Couduotedhy Marma- 
dnke Mapletoft. [pseiidiMi.] v. 1. 3 p. 1. 
354 pp. 1 !. 8°. London, Sansard, 1833., 

Merciei (Louis Sfibastien). Songes et 
visions philoaophiques. 2 p. I. 335 pp. 3 pi. 
8°. Amsterdam, 1788. 

[GAninEtt(O.G.T,| Voyagos imnsiuairoa, [etc.J 
Ainsierdam, ns& Y.Sa]. 

db, Google 


Metian (CaBpar). Topograpliia GaJliie, 
1655-61. See Zelller (Martin). 

Merle D'AubignS (Jean Heuri, il. H.) The 
conncil and infallibility. An address, 
translated by rev. Hivrciaso Cyr. With 
introdnctory note, 68 pp. 18°. Bost 
Am. ti-aet sodels, [1873]. 

lyAubignfi, and bis writings; [prior 

to bis history of tlie reformation]. With 
a sketch of the life of the author, by 
Robert Baird, d. &. 2 p. 1. 13-300 pp. 12^. 
Ne<B ¥or}c, Baker ^ SciiSnei-, 1846. 

Sistor; of obrietianiam. 
The cbuFolL anil her vocation. 
The children of 6od. 
Confession of the name of ChriKt 
ChriBtianity and foi'eign miaaiouB. 
Family "^oreliip. 

Faitli and knowledge. 



Lnther E 

History of the great reformation of 

thosisteeiithcentnry in Germany, Switzer- 
land, &c. [v. 1]. ssii, 493 pp. 8°. 
Loncton, Z>. Wal(hm; 1838. 

Merlin {MercSdfci Jarnco, comtosede). Me- 
moirs and letters of madame Malibran. 
With notices of the progress of the mneical 
drama in Englaufl. a v. 1 p, 1. 240 pp ; 
vii, 13-226 pp. 12°. Philaael:^Ma, Carey 
^ Hart, 1840. 

Mis dooe primdros auos. Tradiioidos 

del ftancea por A. do P. 336 pp. 1G°. 
miaMlfia, 1838. 

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libros de arte ^itraria notje. 1S°. [ Jni- 
sferodami, 1658]. 

[In Hem (Antonio). De arte -vitraria, pp, a35-15«l. 
Meiriam. (Charles). The intelligent reader: 

designed as a sequel to The child's guide. 

[ojion.] 252pp. 16°. S^-ingfield, [Jfiws.] 

fit. 4- C. Meiriam, 1834. 
Itlenlani (George). The child's gnide; 

comprising familiar lessons, designed to 

aid in correct reading, spelling, defining, 

thinking, and acting, [cthob.] 178 pp. 

18°. Brooi^eU, Maea. E. ^ G. Meniam, 

The easy primer; containing chil- 
dren's first lessons in readiogand spelling. 

[anoji.] 70 pp. 18=. SpHiiff^M, [M«ss.] 

a. 4- C. Mm-iam, 1833. 
Mei'rlam(Georgenji(! Cliarlea). Thevillage 

reader: designed for the use of schools. 

By the compilers of The easy primer, 


Merriam (George and Charles) — continued. 
Child's guide, and Intelligent reader, 
[anon.] 300pp. 12". SpHnsfield,lMass.] 
6. ^ C. Mej-riam, 1840. 

Merrill (Eliphalet and Phinehas). Gazet- 
teer of the state of New-Hampshire. 218 
pp, 7 1. 8°. Exeter, [N. ff.] 0. A'oiris ^ 
00. for mfhoTS, 1817 

Merrill (Guorge) Bittles lost and won. 
487 pp 3 pi 10= Boston, D. Lothrop f 
CO. 1873 

Merry's (Rjbort) museum [Monthly]. 

Edited by & G Qoodiich Feb. 1841, to 
dec. 1850 V 1 20 in 10 Y 8°. Boston, 
and Mw Tot fc, 1841-50. 

The same. Merry's museum, and Par- 
ley's magazine. [Monthly]. Edited by 
S. G. Goodrich. Jan. 1851, to dee. 1852. 
v. 21-24 In 2 V. 8°. New Jorlc, S. T. Allen 
# CO. 1851-52. 

The same. Merry's museum for boys 

and girls. [Monthly]. Jan. to June, 1870. 
[t. 57]. 8o. Boston,S.S.Fnlkr,Wt(i. 



ants feb. apr. may, Jnne, 1 

ants iiUy, aue. nor. deo. 1 

anta jnoe, 1S5S. 

ante apr, and .inns, 1833. 


Merryweather (F. Somner). GUmmeringa 
in the dark; or lights and shadows of the 
olden time. 334 pp. 8". LonSon, Simp- 
tira, Mca-alian ^ eo. 1850. 

Merton (Arthur). Snfena; or, the mental 
constitution. Published by the matnna. 
186 pp. 18°. PMlaaelpkia,l87S. 

Menila (Paul). Panlli Merulie cosmo- 
graphifB generalis libri tres : item geo- 
graphiieparticvlarislibriqvatvor: quibua 
Evropa in genere; speciatim Hispania, 
Gallia, Italia, desorlbantnr. Engd. tit. 
7 p. L 1076 pp, fol. Aiasferodami, apud 
S. Sondiitm, 1621. 

JfotB.— Colophon : Lvodvai JBalavonna, tapit I. 
Elseciri, mmptlius I. Hondii, Hi20. 

Metcalf (John). The life of John Metcalf, 
commonly called Blind Jack of Koares- 
borongh. With some particnlars relative 
to the espedition against the rebels in 
1745, in which he bore a personal share ; 
and also a sncoinct account of his various 
contracts for making roads, ereetiug 
bridges, and other undertakings, in. Tort- 
shire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, and Che- 
shire, vi, 153 pp. portrait. 12°. Y<yrlc, E. 
^- S. Feck, 1795. 

db, Google 


Metcalfe (Willi aru, m. d.) Out of tlis clouds 
into tha ligUt. Seventeen discoaraes on 
the leading dootriaes of tUe day, ia tlu 
light of bible Christianity. With a memoii 
of the ftutlior, by Ma son, rev. Joseph Met- 
calfe. 258 pp. 13°. PbUadelpIiia, J. B. 
Lippinoott ^ CO. 1873. 

Methodiat (The). Au advocate of lay le- 
presentation. George E. Crooks, d. d, and 
Abel Stevens, 11. d. editors. [Weekly]. 

, Jan. fi to dec. 23, 1873. t. 13. fol. New 
Yorh, G. C masted, [1873], 

MethocUst (The) almanac for 18S7, 1358, 
1860, 181)2, 1864, 1865, 1867-69. 9 v. 1C=>. 
Mm Ym% Carlton 4- Porter, [1856^9]. 

The same. The methodist almanac 

for 1870-73. Edited by W. H. De Pny, d. 
d, 4 T. 12°. New York, Carlton ^- Laaa- 
hati tm^ NeUm 4- FUUi^s, [1870-73]. 

Metliodist epiaoopal ohnrch. A eolleetion 
of hymns adapted to tlie use of the moth- 
odiHtepiseopalclinroh.ineludiHg the whole 
coUectionofrev.John Wesley. 544 pp. 24^. 
j\''ew-Tork, Methodist epiaeopal divrcli, 1830. 

A collection of hymns, for the use of 

the methodiat episcopal chnrch: priaoi- 
pally from the collection o£ rev. John 
Wesley. Eeviaed. 543 pp. 13". New 
York, Methodist qiisoopal cliui-di, 1833. 

The same. [With the artieles of i-o- 

lision, etc.] 583 pp. 13=. Neto Yorli, 
MeiboUist episcopal diardh, 1834. 

The aame. With a Hnpplement. 635 

pp. 12°. Nein-Yorli, G. Lane 4- C. B. Tip- 
petl, for Sie metliodist episcopal chwch, 1845. 

Tfiesame. Rev. ed. 736 pp. 24°. 

NeiihYorli, Carlton 4- Foiier, 1857. 

Methodist epiaeopal chnrch aonth. A collec- 
tion of hymns for pabIio,BooiaJ,aud domes- 
tic worsbip. [Compiled by a committee 
of tlie general oonferenoe of the church]. 
793pp. I80. BicIi7aojid,lVa.2J.Sarl!i,liii8. 

Methodist protectant ohuroli. Hymn book. 
Compiled by anthority of the general con- 
ference. 16th ed. xxsii, 25-642 pp. 18°. 
Baltmoi-e, Book coiicera meth. pivt. oltm-ek, 

Metropolitan (The). A jonrnal devoted to 
faahioa. [Monthly]. July, 1370, to dec, 
1873. V. 5-9. 8° aad 4°. New York, E. 
BatterM 4- eo. [1870-73]. 

MetropoUtan (The) of Hew York. [An il- 
lustrated monthly jouraal]. Oct. 1871, to 
sept. 1873. V. 1. 40. jVeru York, [_Meli-o- 
poUtan lye iimtranec eo. 1871-73]. 


Metteinlch ^Lineito duelph ln>on vra). 
E"lit,io exculpiti ii toie Ahtophilo le- 
h„ionis d-ULtibu^ dndnm immeisu, tandem 
per Dei gritiim &, indetessaai enatandi 
operim emerao lanon ] 4 p I 459 pp. 
4° [n i> ] 1684 

JVoK.— Btttblec and tlis Bi'liislv lanseiiin citoloaoo 
BSCTilH tbiB to Mattaruloli, and Ills u»tue h 

Meunier (Victor). Adventures on the great 
huntiag grounds of the world, ix. 997 pp. 
S3 pi. 16°. New York, G. Serlbaer 4- eo. 
(iLLuaTHATED libiiivj ol' wonaors]. 

Mexico. Bepartaimiito de eeiado. Meiuoria 
qne el secretarlo de estado y del despaoho 
dejusticla e instraccioo. publioa preseuta 
al conj^reso de la union en 15 de novietu- 
bre de 1869. 1 p. 1. 233 pp. fo!. Mexico, 
impreiUa del goUerno, 1870. s. 

Meyeii {Br. Fianz J I'ne Fei-dinaud). 
Eeise am die e de a isgef hrt auf dem ko- 
niglich prena> ichen seehi idlnnga-sohifEe 
Prinzess Louise com and rt von capitatu 
W. Wendt, in den jahren 1830, 1831 und 
1833. 2v. 1 p 1 VI 494pp.2pl; vi, 
412 pp. 1 L 3 pi 4° Be ha »n der saader"- 
scAen baohbandlaug, 1834-35. 

Mloali (G.) Monnmenti per aevvire all* 
Storia degli anticlii popoli italiani. 3a ed. 
3 1. 121 pi. fol. Firenze, 1833. 

Mich. See Migt. 

Miohaeli3(JohannDavirt). Introduction to 
the new testament. Translated from the 
4th ed. of thegecaiau, and augmented with 
Botes and a dissertation on the three first 
gospels. By Herbert Marsh. 3d ed. 4 v. 
in 6. 8°. London., F. 4 0. RMngton, 1803. 

Michelet ( Jnlcs). The life of Luther. See 

Michie (Peter I.) Eoport on the fabrica- 
tion of iron for defensive purposes, 1871- 
73. See Barnard (J. G.) Wright, and 

Michigan (Stale of). Joint docnments, for 
the year 1871. 2 v. 8°. Laming, state 
printers, 1373, 

Journal of the senate and house of 

representatives, extra session, 1872. 3 v. 
8°. Laming, state priaters, 1873, 

Seoretanj of state. Fourth annual re- 
port of the secretary of state, relating to 
tlie registry and return of bii-ths, mar- 
riages, and deaths, for 1370. S°. Lansing, 
stato printers, -iS7S. 

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Michigan univoisitynietlical.ioui'Dal. Con- 
ducted by the faculty of the medical de- 
partment. [Monthly], v. 1. 8°. Ann 
Arboi; E. A. Beal, 1870-71. 

Middletoii (Co]iyers,(i. (!.) A treatise on 
the romau aetiate. In two parts. 3d ed. 
I p. 1. 188 pp. 13°. Londou, E. Matibij, 

■ 1748. 

(9Ifi<GELL.iNEOiT3 pEimpblela, T. 403}. 

Mlgnatj (Albana). An hlBt^oiical sketch 
illnatrative of the life and timea of Dante 
Alighlerl, with an oatliue of tba legeiitlary 
history of hell, purgatory and paradise, 
previous to the Divina commedia. viii, 
393 pp. portrait. . 13°. Florence, A. Bet- 
iiai, 1805. 

Mignoa. A tale. Translated from the 
french. [rtHa.i.] 203 pp. 12°. Km York, 
F. O'Sliea, 1868. 

Migt 01' Mich. ha. riches^^e do 3a Hol- 
laude, onvrage dans leixnel on expose, 
I'orlgiue da commerce & de la puissance 
des HolJaDdois; I'accroiasemeut succe^sif 
de lenr commerce & de leiir navigation 
les causes qui ontoontribn^^leur progrbs, 
celles qui tendent & les d^Cruire; & Ics 
iiioyens qni peuvent servir k les relever. 
[rtiioB.] 3 V. xvi, 384 pp ; 3 p. 1. 373 pp. 
4 1, 4°. Loiidres, aii3: iZ^jejis de Ja com- 
pagnie, 1778. 

Milbum (Bew. William Henry), Ten years 
of preacher-life ; cliapters from au auto- 
biography. 3C3 pp. portrait. 12°. Nen 
York. Derbs tf' Jackson, 1359. 

Miles (Henry H. II. d.) Tlie history of Can- 
ada under frenclir^ime, 1535-1763. With 
illustrative notes, sxvi, 531 pp. 6 u 
12". MoRtreal, BaiDSon livihevs, 1873. 

Miles (Pliny). American phreno-mn< 
technj, theoretical and practical. 2 
1. 310 pp ; 1 p. 1.58 pp. 8°. A'eiu-] 
W. Taglor # co. 1846. 


nemoteciiiiy, pact li 
xtaAa prinoiplua, apj 

.. m phi-eno-mnerooteohnj'. part a* 

or plireDO-muemnteclmia (UotiDnoTj-. 

Miley (Bev. John). Treatise on class meet- 
ings. With an introduction, by T. A. 
Morris, d. d. 324 pp. 16°. dninnnati, 
MvfhoAul hoolc concern, for the author, 1851. 

Milford {Mats.) Greenongh. Jonefi & co.'s 
directory of the town of Milford, for 1872-3. 
8°. Milford, W. Emers, 1872. 

Mill (David). CataJecta rabbiuica, in usnm 
Roholarura privatanim, 7 v, in 1. [18 p. 


Mill (David) — continued. 
1. 943 pp.] lfi°. Trajeoti ad .fl(^«iiH(n, J. 
JBroedeUt, 1738. 

Mlllaud (Albert). P6ck6a vfiniels. 94 pp. 
18°. Faiis, VAcaiittiie dm UMophUes, 18G8, 
[PoftTES (Lea) do la Eex-ue de pooliel. 

MlUsr (Eeo. 0. W.) Infant baptism. 157 
pp. 16°. St. Lmi'e, Souihecetein book and 
paMialiivg eo. 1872 

Miller (Hugh). Popular ,eologr : a series 
of lectures read hetore the Philosophical 
iuatitntiou of Edmbnigli W th. deeorip- 
tiye sketches from a geologists portfolio. 
With au iu trod History ifisumi of the prog- 
ress of geological science within the last 
two years, bymrs. [Lydia] Miller. I p.l. 
433 pp. 13°. JSoaton, GouU # Lincolv, 

Tfote.— Suporaoribcil " Sketoli book of popular ge- 

Miller (James). Tlie practice of surgery. 
3d am. from the 2d Edinburgh ed. Edit- 
ed, with additions, by F.W. Sargent, m.d. 
ssKi, 17-720 pp, 8°. PMlatleliyllia, Blanch- 
ard ^- Lett, 1853. 

Miller (Rev. John). The desigu of the 
cburch, as aniudex to her real natnre and 
the true law of her communion. 198 pp. 
12°. FMladclpMa, J. M. (kmphell, 1816. 

Miller (Josiah). Singers and songs of the 
church : biographical sketches of the 
hymn-writers in all the principal collec- 
tions. With notes on their psalms and 
hymns. 2d ed. sviii, 617 pp. 12°. Loa- 
don, Longmaae, Green ^ co. 1869. 

Miller (Samuel, il. d.) Letters from a father 
to his sons in college. 344 pp. 12°. FUl- 
adclpliia, Grigg tf Elliot, 1843. 

Miller {W. H.) On the construction of the 
new imperial standard pounds; on the 
comparison of the new standards with the 
kilogramme dcs archives ; and on the con- 
struction of secondary staudawl pounds, 
a ten-pounds weight, a kilogramme and 
a aeries of troy ounce weights. From the 
PbiloBophical transactions. Fart 3, for 
1856. 3 p. 1. 753-946 pp. 8°. UnSon, 
Taylor <f ■ Francis, 1857. ». 

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d by Google 


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tbe principles of the varioiia opetatious of 
the civil engineer into one poiat of view. 
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lot's Elements of general laistocy] from 
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19°. N'eio Yoi% Infeiiietional pnblishing CO. 
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sailing directions for the St. Lawrence. 
184 pp. 8'3. Wasliiiigton, Tlwmpsan ^ So- 
mim, 1832. 
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The poetical works of Henry Hart 


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Mwav, 18"0 

. Sect a h ry h Jews. Fro 

the death H h g eat to the pre 

ent day. 

[In Smith Ulia T ettftted history 

thoMble iff w 871. ]>p.9a5-im 

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twelve bo k h d To which is pre- 

fix'd an accflunt of his life, zxxvi, 524 
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The same. A new ed. with notes of 

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Consisting of Paradise lost and regained, 
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— -The state of Innocence: and the fall 
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loBt. Render'd into prose. With histori- 
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From the fcerieh of the learned Raymond 
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Journal of the senate and house of 

representativeB of the thirteenth [and] 
fourte«nth sessions of the legislature. S v. 
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num in novum d. n, Jesu Cbristi testa- 
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Mirabean (Gabriel Honor^ Kiquetti, comte 
de). Lettres d'amour de MIrabeau [il 
Sophie Monnier^. Prficfid^es d'une fitnde 
eur Mirabean par Mario Proth. 2 p. 1. 35G 
pp. portrait, 12°, Paivs, M. Dentti, 1861. 

Miracle denostre dame, de Robert le dyable, 
filz da duo de Normendie, k qui il fu 
eujoint pour ses meffaiz qu'il f^ist le fol 
sans parler; et depuis ot nostre eeignor 
mercy de li, et espoasa la filie de I'empereur. 

db, Google 


Miracle de uostre dnnio, etc.— coutiuuetl. 
PnljliS, pour la premifere foia, d'aprfes n 
ms. dn xive sifeole, de la liibliotlifeiiue d 
roi, par plusienrs membres de 1» Sociei 
dea anti^naivea de Normautlie. [Avi 
uno notice bistorique sut RolMi-t-le-diable, 
par Acbille Deville]. 2 p. 1. t, xl, ISO pp. 
21. 8°. Monea, F. BaudiTi ponr E. Frire, 


a Li R 

:s do H 

de iTori 

Miriam; or, the power of tmtli, 1843. See 

Anley (Miss C.) 
MiiTor (The), A periodical paper, published 
at Edinburgh in the jears 1779 and 1780. 
[Edited by Henry Maekeuzie]. 2d am. ed. 
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(Af)u L. C. H.) 
"MiserrimuB," 1833. See Reyiioiaa (F. 

MisB Katy's little maid. Bj the author of 
"The visit to Derby." [ajion.] 180] 
pi. 18°. FMadeJiiMa, Am. c.-s. ir 

MiBaionary (The) herald, oontainiDg the 
proceedings of the American board of com- 
missiouera for foreign missions; with a 
view of othtr benevolent operations. 
{Monthly]. Jan. 186i>, to dee. 1872. v. 
62-68. 8°. So3ton, Mivei-Hde 2»-esB, 18G6- 
Missionary records. Northern countries, 
[anon.] viii,195pp. 1 map. 18°. Londmi, 
SeligioiiB traet eoeiety, 1839. 
Mlaslonary voyages umong the South sea 
islands, [aiioji.] viii, 5-200 pp. ■ eq. 16°. 
Bosim, Clapji ^ Bj-oaders, 1834. 
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ftto and houao of representatives, 1872. 
3 V. 8°. Jadkaon, elate pHnUra, 1872. 

Appendix to the journal of the house 

of representatives, for the session of 1872. 
8°. Jaeksoa, stale printers, 1873. 
Missouri {Slate of). Insurance depaHment. 
Third annual report of the superintendent 
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8'^. Jeffers<m dty, Began 4- Edwards, 1872. 

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[and] fifth annual reports on the noxious, 
beneticial and other insects, of the state of 
Missouri. By C. V. Eiley, state entomolo- 
,gist. 3v. 8°. Jefferson citjj, Began 4- Ed- 
wards, 1872-73. 


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Misaourl (The) state gazetteer and busi- 
ness directory. [J.] Sntherland & [H, 
N.] McEvoy, publishers and compilers. 
8°. Sf. XoKis, ISfiO. 

Miasouil {UitivereiUi of the state of). Ex- 
port by the curators to the governor, con- 
taining catalogue, annonn cements, and 
other matter pertaining to the university. 
Year ending Juno S6, 1872. 8°. Jeffeison 
city, Regan f Carter, 1872. s. 

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of Pond du Lao, Wis. from its earliest set- 
tlement, to the present time. 96 pp. 12°. 
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ary and stellar worlds. 336 pp. 17 pi, 13°, 
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mentary treatise on the snu, planets, satel- 
lites and comets. 376 pp. 9 pi. 12°. New 
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245 pp. 3 pi. 16"^. Xew YorJ:, B. Carter <f- 
h'otliei's, 1872. 

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a new sheaf from the old fields of conti- 
nental Europe. lij Ik Marvel, [psendon.'] 
iv, 336 pp. 8°. XeiD YorJ~, Harper if 
h-othm-s, 1817. S. 

Reveries of a bachelor; or a book of 

the heart. By Ik Marvel. [psea<b>n.'\ A 
new ed. 271 pp. 16°. New York, C. 
Sci-ibnei; 1863. 

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Eachel Kell. By the author of " My 

mother," [etc. tnion.] 312 pp. 12°. Neio 
Ym-k, M. W. BoM, 18ri3. 

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says, [niedioal and physiological]. Edited 
byS.WeirMitohen,m.d. xis, 13-371 pp. 
12°. Philadelpkia, J. B. Lippbicott ^ co. 
MitoheU (Samuel Augustus, S. 1732, d. 1868). 
Au accurate synopsis of the sixth census 
of the United States; also the aggregate 
amouot of the different classes of the peo- 
ple and their pursuits, the value of the 
produce of the mines, agriculture, marni- 
faoturea and ooramerce, WitJi lists of the 

db, Google 


Mltcliell (Samuel Angostas)— contiuiied. 
universities aad colleges, [etc.] 1 p. 1. 
01-209, iv pp. S". Fkiladelplaa, S. A. 
MiK^ell, 1845. 

[TFifftMiAoooinpaiiiinent to Mitolieira roferonce 
and aiBtimcfi map of tlie U. S., ad. 1845). 

Mitohell'a ancient geography, A sys- 
tem of classical and sacred geograpliy. 
With aa aueient atlas. 916 pp. 12°. 
Fhiladelphia, Thomas, CowpgrtUvmU .^' co. 
[AOae ■wanting]. 

Tlie same. Au anei 

classical and sacred. An entirely new ed. 
drawn from the best authorities, ancient 
and modera. xiv, 11-339 pp. 18°. FIiR- 
aOolphia, E. S. Butler, 1860. 

Mitchell's 8ohcM»l geography. — A e 

tern of moderu geography, comprisin; 
desciiption of the present state of 
world, and its five great divisions, Ameri. 
ca, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica, 
with thoir several empires, kingdoms, 
states, territories, &o. 339 pp. 16°. At- 
las, 2 p. 1. 16 col. maps. 4°. Pftiltwklp'iia, 
Tkmnae, Cow;pertlni>aU ^ co. 1839. 

The same. 2d revised ed. 336 pi 

16°. FkiladdpMa, Thomas, CowiieHliwaii ^ 
CO. 1849. 

The same. Now revised ed. 336 pp. 

16", Fhiladel^laa, M. H. Bailee ^ eo 
ffoie— Mr. James H. Tonng ori^nnUj pi 

aU the matter, and drew all Uib maps U 

iiig MitdioU's eei'iee of ycbool geographies. 

MitcheU (Samoel Weir, m. d.) Injuries of 
nerves and their conseiiuences, 368 pp. 
8^, PUladelphia, J. B. LippinixiU # co. 1872, 

Morehoaa© (George B. m. <t.) ami 

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wounds, and other injuries of nerves, vi, 
9-164 pp. 12°. FhtladdpMa, J. B. Li^pii 
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The philosophy of spiritualism, 168 
l(p. Albany, Weed, Parsons ^- co. 1872. 

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[ZiiMitTOS(John). Poetical works, IS". Xonrfnn. 
jr. PiekBrins, 1815, v. 1, pp. xsl-osvij. 

The same. 

[In Milton (Jolin). poetical wurks. 
don, W. Ficksfing, 1B51. v. 1, pp. v-ec.j. 

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other tales. 2 p. 1. 11-437 pp. portrait, 
12°. Boatott, Ttchwr ^ S^eUs, 1854. 

Letters [to Charles Boner], with notes 

by [him]. 

[In BONBE (Cliariesl. Memnits and letters. 3 v. 
e=>. London, Ji. lisnaey iC eon, K7L v. 1, pp. 85- 


Mitre (BartoloniiS). Estudios histiiricos 

eobre la revoluciou argeotina, Betgrano y 

Giiemes, 264 pp. 8°. Biwiios Aiivs, imp. 

del Comerolo del Flativ, 1364. 
Mivart (St, G«orge). On t!ia genesis of 

species. 314 pp. 12°. Kew Yofl; D. 

Appleton 4- CO. 1871. 
MobUe (The) daily register, John Forsyth, 

editor. Jan. 3 t< ~ 

Mobile, Begister^i 
Mobius (Tbeodoi 

islandiGorum el 

!. 31, 1672, 

Hag association, [1872], 

Catalogus librornm 

me lire editomm leraorum illustratoinm 
Sliuldatal sive poetiinm reoensus eddo 
npsaliensii xiii 20b pp 1 J '^ Li}>9i r 
apud IT Etgelmnmim IS5b 

Modeiia Bnllettino meteorologico dell os 
servatono •istionomieo delli regii uni 
veisitX di Modena, Compdito dal piof 
DomenicoRi^oni 2^ 1865 66 1 p 1 
110 pp. 2 tables, 1 p. 1, 164, vii pp, 6 pi. 
4°. Modena, 1B66. 

Modem (The) miniature. A novel, [aiimi.] 
2 V. sii, 2S8 pp ; I p. 1. 382 pp. 16°, 
London, for T. Hookliam .f- ■/. Carpenter, 

IiIadeBt^r and merit; or, the Gray-bird's 
story of little May-rose and John. Trans- 
lated from the gerraau. [at(o».] vi, 232 
pp. 4 col. pi. sq. 16". Boitton, Walker, 
WUe 4- CO. 1869. 


igs of FewlLnand 

.L tlie cLildrei 
JfDtP.— SeleetPii from tl 
Scbmiat and Oustav J 


ModSt (Helen). Light. [A novel]. 336 
pp. 12°. Wcrr Toil, D Appleton 4 "> 

Mohammed ben Khondshih ben Mahmud. 
Imown as Mirkhond Histo:re des 
Perse de la dynastie dea fcassanides, tra 
duite du persau pal A I Silvestre de Sacy 
[In SlLTEf 



pp. 321-417]. 

Motur (Daniel Matthias Heinrich). Beitriige 
zur natnrkunde, 1805-10. Sec Weber 
(Friedrioh) and! Molir. 

Molae (afias Feniua). Fancy's sketch book, 
159 pp. 16°. Charleston, S.C, J. S. Barges, 

Molafi (Mariano Antonio). Deseripcion 
historica de la antigua provlncia del 
Paraguay, correjida, aumentada y anotada 
per A. T. Carranza. 388 pp. 8°. Biienot- 
Airm, imprenia de Mayo de C. Caaavalle, 

db, Google 


MoUfere (Jp^nBaptistePcMjTielio), (Euvros. 

iPv6c6d6&a de la vie de Moli&ro, par 

Voltaire]. 6 v. Iff^. Puris, Ledmix ^■ 

Tem-i, 1812-lS. 

Jfots.— ImpBrfect ! iviindng, of v. 5, all after p. 430 ; 
pfv. 8, all after p. 318. 
Moll (Gael Bei-nliarfl, 8.. A.) Tlie paalraa, 

1872. See Bible. (Eagliah). Coameiittirles. 

A commentary on tte holy soriptaves. By 

J, P. Lange. Old testfunent. v. 9. 
Moller (Axel). Planet- Oct komet-obaerva- 

tioner, ansttillda uc 1871 pB, Lunda oliaer. 

vatorium. (Ur Lunds nniveraifcets firs- 
skrift, torn. Tiii). 1 p. I. iv, 907 pp. 4°. 
Zaitd, Berliii^slta Mitrijckeriet, 1872. S. 

Monoreiff-"WeUwood {SW Henry, hart. 
A. A.) Account of the life and writings of 
John Erakine, fl. d. Witli an appendix 
and notes. 3, 537 pp. portrait. 8°. EAiii- 
hm-gk, G-. Samsag ^- co. for A. ConstaWe 
cj- CO. 1818. 

Mouey ; of, the Ainaworths. By the author 
of "Day-dreamB," [eto. fliimi.] 234 pii 
Ipl. IIP. PUlaSelpMa, rrcsb>i*er\(i}i inilli 
cation, commitfee [1^60] 

Monitor (The) post offl e hank ug in 1 
shippers g de Comj led a d p bliahi 
hyKWEulI ge 8 ^evTo}ln 

Monoa (Adulphe) Sa nt Piul fl 6 d s ' 
courses 1 anslitod f om the 1 ench hj 
J, H.M era d 1 lOlip 1 J lo 
W.F.Di 1 bO 

Monod (F el o J ) M m of J li s 
Chailes B en F o u the tie h W tli 
iutrodi oto y rema ks by A Ale^aude 
d. d. 6j pp 11*- P/ M fj7! r 1 
4- Perk 1833 

Monro (Thomas cS f ) TheoUapod la 
a periodical work oiiiplete n fo ty foar 
numbers 2ded 1| 1 44 pi " To 
don, J. A liol. 1 fa.. 

Monroe (J ) The company dr 11 ot the 
infantry oi the 1 ne w th the ak m sb n^ 
drill of the company an 1 battal on after 
the method of „en [F P ] Le Lo terel 
Bayonet fen ag W th a uuiplement on. 
the han 11 n^, u 1 serv ce of 1 j^ht nfant y 
158 pp "A \ Yol DTa Mta I 

Monroe (Lewis B. ) Puhlio and parlor read- 
ings: prose and poetry for the use of read- 
ing clubs and fur pnblic and social enter- 
tainment. Hnmoi-ons. vjji, 318 pp. 13^. 
Boslon, Lee ^- She2>aril, 1871, 


Monroe (Lewis B.)— ooutiuned. 
The same. Public and parlor read- 
ings. MiaoellaneouH. Tiii, 353 pp. 12". 
Boston, Lee ^ Sliepard, X873. 

Headers. 16° and 12°. Pmadeljilna, 

Cov)^ri!m-ait ^ co. 1871-73. 

le Ihiid reader. Z2i pp, Ine, 1 pi. "i 


ITiB flfth reader. 313 pp. 1 

Ttis Bixth reader. 403 pp. l 

. ISTl. 

MonaalvatKe (Eamou Bandilio Eataban). 
The life of Eamon Mousalvatge, a convert- 
ed Spanish monk, of the order of the ca- 
pnchios. With an introduction, by Robert 
Baiui, a.d. 170 pp. 13^. Ncie YorTc, J. 
F. Trow ,;■ CO. 1845. 
Monsanto (H. M,) Neue methode die apa- 
niaohe spracke lesou, sprechen nnd achret- 
ben an Icruoa. SeeWrage (Hermann D.) 
ami Monsanto. 

Sehliiasel zu der neuou methoile, die 

spaniache aprache zu lecuen. Sev Wi-age 
(Hermann D.) and Monaanto. 
Mont Conis (The) tunnel: its couatrnctlon 
and probable oonsec[uen068. [amm.] si, 
91 pp. 13°. London, C. J. Sleet, 1873. 
Montefiore-Levy (C.) mid Knnkel (C.) 
Essay on the use of Tarioaa alloya, especi- 
ally of phosphoi-ons bronze, for the found- 
ing of oivnnoa. Brnssels, 1870. Traus- 
lated from the french by John D, Brandt. 
133 pp. 4 pi. i°. WaahingUin, .Gotermneni 
in-inting office, 1973, 

[UsrrSQ States. iVoBii Hspcwimeiit (Barcaaaf 
Mont^pJn (Xavier Aymon de). Lea Tiveuvs 
de Paria. Le cJnb des hirondelles. " v. 3. 
323 pp. 8°. Paris, Baadry, [1332]. 
Montesquien (Charles de Seoondat, bai-oit 
de La Brede et de). The spirit of kws. 
Translated from the frenoh by Thoaia.^ 
Nagent, 11. d. A new ed. [With] a me- 
moir of the life and writings of the au- 
thor; and an analysis of tke work by m. 
D'Alombert. 2 v. S p. 1. xssiv pp. 5 1. 
330 pp. portrait; 7 p. 1. 353 pp. 15 1. 6°. 
London, J. ColUnoiBOod, [eto.] 1833. 
Montgomery (H.) The life of miyor-geu- 
era! William H. Harrison. 3d ed. 465 pp. 
portrait. 13°. Cleveland, 0. Tuoker if- 
Gatckell, 1853. 
Montgomery (James). Greenland, and 
1 other poema. 3d ed. viii, 953 pp. IS". 
I Xondoji, Longmans, 1835, 

db, Google 


Montgomery (James)— coutiumsd. | 
The waudetec of Switzerland, and 

other poems, 175 pp. 16°. London, Ver- 

lior >? Rood, [ete.2 1606. 
Mouth (The) of Mary, or the moutli of may, 

GODtaiitingaseriesof meditatious, prayers, 

[etc.] arranged for each day io the month. 

Tranalatei! from the fEenct. [nnoJi.] 28S 

pp. 24°. BaUiinore, F.Liims, jr. IISZO}. 
Monthly literary miBoellany. A compendi- 

nm of literaiy, philosophical ancl religious 

knowledge. Edited by Daniel F. Quinby. 

V. 4-5 in 1 V. 3 p. 1. 576 pp. 1 pi. t>°. 

Detroit, Beecliei- 4- Qainlg, 1851, 

JVofc.—Iinperfeot; wantina pp. 481-538. In llidr 

place OTobooall Dp, 19r-344(^W6llman'B!ltor»ry 
mlacellany (aaLno.) 1830. The flrattnonnmboi^, 
pp. 1-96. vers i^afld hb WeUoiHn'e litetary mia- 

Montlily (The) micTOSCopieal Jotmial, 
Transactions of the Eoyal microBOopioal 
society, aud record of hlBtological research 
at houie and abroa<l. Edited by Henry 
Lawsoo, in. d. Jan. 1 to dec. 1, 1B73, v. 
7-8. SP. Loiiilon, J!. 3ai-<U-kke, 18T3. 

Montliolon-SlmonTme (Charles Tristan, 
comfe do, edilor). M^muires pour sorrir il 
rhistoire de P'rance sons Napolfion, See 
JTapoIeon I. 

Montloeier (Frauj^ois Doiciuiqiio de Eey- 
iiaud, emtite de). Les jcsnites, les congr^ 
gations et le parti pr6tce en 1827. Mi^moire 
il m. le oomte do ViUule. Sa 60l. 2 p, 1. 
231 pp. H°. Paris, A. Dupont 4- e'le. 1828. 
VWiOt his DBBafisordresnotuols de la FrmiM [eta.] 
Fas-is, 16(5]. 

Petition it la cliambre defl pairs. 

ci^d^ de qiielques observations s 
ealamit^s, objet de la petition, pour faire 
suite an m^inoire & consnlter. 1 p. 1. 184 
pp. 8°. Fari8,A.D»pom4-eie.im7. 
Pntis, 1S13], 

Montuiaur (Pierre de). Petri Slonmanri 
opera in dnos tomoa divisa, Qnornm 
alter solutom orationciu ; alter versus 
complectitur. Iternm edita, et uotis nunc 
primum illuetrata a Q, Jannario Frontone. 
jQsta eseraplar Luteciio, 1643. 
[In SauLEsHEK (Albert Eenii Ai). Hiatolre He 
Plevra Ae Moiitmaur. 16°. imslerdam, nn, 
V, 1, pp. 135-lM]. 

Montpensler (Louis Antoine Philippe d'- 
Otleins, diio de) Memoirs of his 
highness, Antony Phihp d Orleans, dake 
of MontpeuHier, wiitteuby himself. Traus- 
lited ftom the fiench xyi, 364 pp. por- 
tj lit t Lonilon TicnilO .j- TFiirls, [etc.2 



Moodie (Mrs. Sasauua Striekland), Eough- 
iu^ it iu the biish ; or, life in Cauada. 
Sew eil. 260 pp. 1 pi. 12°. London, F,. 
Beiifley, 1857. 

Moody (Loring), The prohlein of life aud 
immortality. Aw inquiry into the origin, 
coiupositiou, and destiny of mau. A lec- 
ture delivered before the Boston young 
men's ehristiau union, jan. 3, 1861 ; with 
additions. 194 pp. 16°. Baatoii, W. WMtn, 
^ CO. 1872. 

Moot (James, 11. (!.) Elements of the greek 
language, exhibited for the most pait, in 
new rules, made easy to the memory by 
their brevity: being a traaslation of dr. 
Moor's celebrated greek grammai. With 
additions and improvements from the 
latest editions, by professors Danbar aud 
NeilsoD, and from the late works of Mat- 
tliiio, Battman, Thiersch, and others. By 
the i-ev. Peter Bullions, xii, 408 pp. 13^. 
XeK York, ColUyie # Maitna-y, 1631. 

Moore (Be\>. Asher). A memoir of the late 
rev. SaviUion W. Fuller. [Also], original 
leotures, sermons, t&c. selected fhtm the 
■writings of mr, ruller. 214 pp. I pi. 1B°, 
Fhiliule'tpMa, J. M. Glhou ^ eo. 1840. 

Moore (Augusta). Hotes from Plymouth 
pulpit, 1859. See Beeoher (,Reo. H, W.) 

Moore (Uee. Charles). A foil inquiry into 
the subject of suicide. [Also], two trea- 
tises on duelling and gaming. 3 v. iu 1. 
18 p. 1. 388 pp. a 1; 8 p. 1. 405 pp. 13 1. 4°. 
Louilon, J. F. f C. Mvington, 1790. 

Moore (Edwatd). The life of Horace, and 
au explanation of the metres. 
[la HoHATttiB FtACCUS (Q,) WorkB. 12°. Cam- 
6rMae,3foss.j;j;or(ica, 1850, pp, i!3a-4a!i]. 

Moore (George). Elements of science; de- 
signed for use in grammar and primary 
schools. 160 pp. 162. ^ew York, Maaoit 
bivthci'a, 1859. 

Moore (George H.) Historical notes on the 
employment of negroes in the american 
army of the revolution. 34 pp. 8°. Jfeiv 

Moore (Sep. Henry). Poems, lyrical and 
miscellaneons. xvi, 191 pp. 16°. Zan- 
don, J. JoJmaott, 1806. 

Moore (Mrs. H, J.) The golden legacy; a 
story of life's phases. By a lady, [onon.] 
vii, 383 pp. 13°. A'ew Yoi% I), Appleton 
^ CO. 1857. 

Moore (Sir Jonas). Moor's arithmeUok, 
In two hooks, [Also], two treatises. 

db, Google 

Moore (Sir Jonas) — conHuued. 
5 parts ia 1 v. iiio. 4 titles, parti'ait. 
S°. London, J. G.for JT. Brook, 1660, 

S, 2d Iwok. Aiithmetlak In spBuia 

[Al^limJ. H p. L its pp. 1 pL 
3. A now ODittemplatlnn eeomek'iDllI upon tLe 

elUpsls. "- ' —- " ■ 

4. Coi 


ig aa anal 
%be two 

__ _ficitIiod- 
it Ijoolis of 
le papera of 

.ml 0[Q(cht™di; 
"' "" 'bBra'Qmlor 1000. Of the aqnarafl'sqiiflrEB 
nnder 300. And of the Bqoaied onbea and 
cubed cnbes under SOC^. 4S pp. 5 pL 

Moore (Mrs. J. F.) A home ia a mugh 

suliutb. 299 pp. 3 pi. 10°. Boston, M. 

Hoijt, [1873]. 
Etseued. S p. 1. 7--J34 pp. 3 pi. 16°, 

Boston, H. Hoyt, [1873], 

JTofe.— Autbor'B nnnia printed " Mre. 3. S. Mooio " 
on title, bj miatnlie, £ov J. F. Moore. 

Moore (Mary Ann). Musings of a blind 
snd a partially deaf girl. 144 pp. 12°. 
Phaadelpliia, J. B. Lippincott 4- eo. 1873. 

Moore (Katlmniel F.) Lectures on the 
greek language and 1 teratute. 165 pp. 
13° >e« Toil m at 4- CoaraA, 

Moore (Thon ■« tie loet). Fables for the 
I oly all anoe ihjmes on the road, &o. 
iLc By Thon as Browne, the yoHogor. 
iiee 7o(] XV 19 ip 1 1. 16°. Loadon, 
Lo gi a 1123 

I t w(l sciLg:: Moore's 
;r cau poems ; a biogra- 
phy ft d a CI t oal rev ew of Jjric poeta, 
b; dr. B. Shelton Hackenzie; and a col- 
lection of choice melodies, arranged with 
piano aceompanimeut, by sir Julin Sto\ 
enson, and others ninstrated Uj Daoiel 
Macliae, and William Eithes 504 pp 
4°. Meis York, Iiiicinahonal piiblishiag CO 

Moore {Eee. Thomis) An inquiry into the 
scriptural ' autbo ty for social wor^h p 
with ohseryations ou ts reason ableneBs 
and utility; [etc] 3 1 ] 1 ip 1" 
London, for the autho 18 1 

Moore's rnral New Yo Iter A uat oual 1 
iustrated rural hterar\ and lam ly news 
paper, [etc. Weekly]. Conducted by D. 
D. T. Moore, Jaa. 6 to dec. 28, 1873. 
25-26. fol. miB Torlc ^ EocImtei\ B. 2). 
r, ^ooi-o, [1872]. 

Moorman (J. J.) The Virginia sprinj 
;iiia springK of tlie south and west. With 


Moorman (J. J.) — con tinned. 

maps and plates, and tlie routes aud dis- 
tances to the various springs. 403 pp. 5 
pi. 3 maps. 13°. Philadelphia, J". B. Lip- 
2>iacott 4- CO. 1859. 

Moral (The) world displayed, 1T91. See 
Stewart (John, caJUd Walking 8te\yart). 

Moravians See United brethren. 

More abont ) sus 1-* 3 See Mortimer 
(Jfts Lhaabeth) 

More thin eonque 01 1873. See Irving 

Moreau s leben und loldziige, 1804.— The 
life and caiiipai^s of 'Vi«jtoc Moreau. 
C oniprohendiug his trial, justification and 
other events till the period of his em- 
biikation for the United States. By an 
otflcer of the staff [anon.] Translated 
fiom the french [By John Davia]. 288 
PP portrait IG-^ ^iio-Yoil ,J Eiky 4' 

The e 

Aeii Ioil,D i 

! pp portiait. 16^. 


il with Ibe pieoediu^ ■ 


Morehouse (QLOige E iw (7) Gunshot 
wounds, 1864 iu Mltoliell (S. W.) 
Moreliouse (G K) u nl Keen 

Morel de Rubempr^ (II J vt d ) Lus 
su.refs de la gfiniSiatiou, oul'iit de pro- 
eriier fl volenti^ des filles on dcs gar^ons, 
[eti, ] 4e od 256 pp 1 p! 1^ Bnix- 
eUed, Goeta 4- cie 1830 

Morell (J S ) An histoiioal aud critical 
view of the specuUtivo philosophy of 
Einope m the nineteenth ceutniv Com- 
plete in 1 vol From the last Lond. ed. 
7^3 pp b^ 2fcioYMl.,B Cai lei, 18iS. 

Moreno (Jo'<l Mana) Estadioa sobre las 
quiebias Diseitaoion 268 pp. 8°. 
Buenos Aiies, iinpicnfa d(J Com rcio iM 
Plata, 1864 s. 

Morenos (Ojos) be Ojo^ moreiios. 
\_pseudoa ] 

Morey (Cornell) Esplantlions of the 
prinoiples of aiitbmetio on a uew plan, 
94 pp li^ Soihcstei [W T] J" Grenea, 
1850 s. 

rhe same Mortj's pnttioii arith- 

nictic, m which the explanatious of the 
principles aie guen on a new plan, 176 
pp 12° Moohcstei,E Dmiott 1851. 

Morflt (CampUelJ, m il) A piactii,al treat- 
ise on pure fertilizers, and the chemical 
conversion ol lock gmnos, mailstones, 
toiioliti.'i II 1 th) eiudn phosphates of 

db, Google 


Morfit (Campbell, ni, d.) — continued, 
lime aud alumina generaUy, into various 
vaUiable prodaots, xvt, 547 pp. 28 pi, 
folded. 8=. Xew Tori; D. Vim Nostrand., 

Morford (Henry).. The oow.ird. A novel 
of society and the field in 1863. 2 p. 1. 
91-520 pp. 13°. PhUadelpMa,T.B.Feier- 
son ^ brothers, [1864], 

Morford'8 short-trip gaide to Amecicft. 

(United States and Dominion of Caniwla). 
1 p. 1. 320 pp. 1 map. 16°. New York, 
SItemon f CO. [1372]. 

Morford's short-trip guide to Enrope 

(1873 and 1873). Comprisiug tours Id 
England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, 
France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, 
Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, &c. 
With hinta for Russia, Sweden, tlie east, 
&o. a collection of travelers' phrases in 
french aiid german, and skeleton tours in 
America. 3 v. 16°. Neii> York, Stteldon 
4- CO. [1972-73]. 

Rhymes of twenty years. 240 pp. 

portrait. 12°. J^ew York, B. Dejiter ^ eo. 

Sprees and splashes; or, droll de- 
scriptions of town and country. 240 pp. 
I pi. 120. _ye^ York, Carleton, ISSS. 

Morgan (George H.) Annual statement of 
the trade and commerce of St. Louis, for 
the year 1872. See St. Louis (Mo.) Uniou 
merdhant^ excliange. 

Morgan (Henry). Ned Nevins, the news 
boy ; or street life in Boston. 424 pp. 
16°, Boston, Lee 4- Shepard, 1866. 

Morgan (John). History, ancient and mod- 
em, of Oran [Waharan] and Al-maraa. 
With ajournal of the Spaniards procedure 
in those their late african eon([aestB. 158 
pp. 1 pi. 8°. LonHon, 0, Fayne, 1736. 
[AppendiitoLAPAYECJ.B. dc). Savecal voya-'ea 
to Batbaty] . 

Morgan {See. K. W.) Christianity and 
modem infidelity, their relative intellec- 
tual claims compared. With an index, 
prepared for the am. ed. riii, 430 pp, 
l-a°. mio York, D. Dana, jr. 1859. 

Morgan (Samnel, m. d.) Popular guide to 
homeopathy, for family and private use ; 
compiled from the standard works of 
Pulte, Hering, Hempel, and Enddock. 
For the use of twenty-seven homeopathic 
remedies, 192 pp. 24°. Ciitdniiati, 
Smiih tf WortUngton, 1871. 

Morgan (Samuel, m. d.)— continued. 
■- ■ ■ — Text book for domestic practice 
being plain and concise directions for th 
dm' ' t t' fh CB p th' med' 
eomm f ms f dise 2d ed 

1 d 111 pp 3^ C 10 t S I 
j W ti gt 18-1 
M sn(Sm IT) U6 mpo t d t 



1 1 

d d 20 Id PI B U 10 T 

I Uh 11 ,18? 
Morgan (SLdney Osrenson, ladi/). La 
France, [Traduite de I'anglais, par P. A. 
Lebtan des Chattaettea. le 6A.] 2 v. 
sii, 326 pp ; 2 p. 1. 465 pp. fP. Poi'Js, 
Ti-eiiUel 4- WiirU, 1817. 

Jfole.— With maonaciipt aSilitioQa iatcrlosved auil 
appaadeil tu v. 2. 

The O'Brieua and the O'Flahertys. 

A national tale. Annotated by R. Shelton 
Mackenzie. 2 v. 345 pp; 384 pp. 13". 
New York, BeSJieU, iaj6. 
Morgan (Sylvanus). The sphere of gentry : 
deduced from the principles of natvre, an 
historical and genealogical work of arms 
and blaaon, in four books. In which is 
contained, the genealogies of the patri- 
archs and heroe's, staadards of the Jews, 
hieroglyphioks of the Egyptians, symbols 
of the Grecians, autiqaitiea of the Romans, 
arms & ensignea of the english nation. 
4 V. in 1. 8 p. I. [472] pp. 10 I. 8 col. pi. 
fol. LoTuUm, W. LeijboarHifor auiltor, 1661. 
[Iioporfeet In several places]. 
Morgan (Thomas, m. d.) A collection of 
tracts, relating to the right of private 
judgment, the sufBcianey of scripture, and 
the terms of ch nrcb-co mm anion ; upon 
christian principles: oocasiou'd by the 
late trinitftrian controversy. And now 
revised and published all together; with 
a preface; by the author, xxsii, 488pp, 
1 1. 8°. London, J. Osbora 4' T. Longman, 

Tlie iiHiare oaA conaegneDDee of ontlindasm ooii- 
siitei'd ; jn eoiuB ahnrC remarks on tlie doobriae 
of the blessed tr1u1l;YetAteda,ad defended, p.1. 

A postscript, occasioned by mr. Bradbury's lil8- 
course, Inll tied, Tbe neoeadty of eoiitoailing tor 
reveal'd religion, p. 43. 

Tlie natiire and ooDaegneDOoB of entbtisinam de- 
fended; ae^DBt tbe Tedeol^oDs of the rev. mr. 

talntyaiid''infaSSb'tlIty.'*p!61. ™°°*'''""'' ''^'' 

A defence of tbe two foregoing letters, .Igaiost 

mt. FaBCOUrt'B BnlJinsiaBm retorted, p. 103. 

db, Google 


Morean (Thomas, ni. d.) — oontinned. 

Tbe abaimlity of opposing talih to reason : 
ilefmice of tibrietiauit; against tbe powoi' 
tlm^Bm, 111 anawer to mr, BiaillJiiry'a St 
eatltuled. TbenHtareof&iUi, p-i^- 

Tliegfoimdeuid.pTiuciplfls of obrj 


a letter 

Jolm Cumming, occaeian'd bj 
concamlag tbe autboritv ol 
qnencea. p. 181. 

. tbe 


iabari Bluolrmoro. OcoaBioBocl 
by bis book, intitied. Modem stlaois unmoslt'd. 
p. 355. 

Fefatatdon of tbe false piinoiplee asdamed and 
apply'd by the rer. mr, Josepb Pyke, in liia 
book, entdtnled. An impartial view of tbe prin- 
cipal difBcallJea that ofiect the trinilwlau, or 
olof the aFian aDheme, &A. [AlAOl. some ahort 
rsmnrhs on ^ SiotiBid BlBOkmore^s Justprpja- 
Olcm uolnse the orion bypntbesis. With e 
postsoript aonoemlng tbe real agreement ba- 
» A it ^jj„ ^^,3^ sooiwons in ibe 

_r. waforUud, oooaaion'cl by 

bia late writiiige in defenoe of tbo athsnasian 
bypot^eeie- v- 339- 

Eeflootlone upon resson. In a letter to Tbile- 
lentbenu britannions- p- 389- 
A pDstBOtipt to SutboBlaain in iJisti'eaa. Decs' 
Moned t^ a pampMet, inUtled, Gomprehenaion 
moTBproperlytliffiiffiitEinsiasmibdiatj'esa: said 
to bo written by ono mr. Peter Hiebett, in de- 
feuoe of Fbilelentliema brltannicus, p. 441. 
ond postaorLpt to BDthosiaem In distress. 
--■— Ibymr. HIabett's second letter, inti 

Moilart; (P- E, <l. <l) Tho life of st. An- 
gnstine, bisliop, confesaor and doctor of 
the ohuroli. 362 pp. 1 pi. 12°- Pkiladul- 
2>hla, P. F. Cimningkam, 1873. 

Motin (D. M. P.) Manuel thSoriiiue et pra^ 
tiiiiie d'hygifine, ou I'art da eonseryer sa 
santiS. 9 p. 1. 338 pp. 18°. Purls, Roret, 

Morison (David). Poouia, ctioily in tiie 
acottiah dialect. svU, 924 pp. fp. Mont- 
rose, D. Biwltanau, 1790. 

MoiiBOU (David). The religions liititory of 
man ; in which religion and euperatition 
ava traced from tlieir source. 9d ed, Xl, 
384 pp. 12°. London, Smith, Elilcr <(■ co. 

Morley (Heury). Clement Marot and otlier 
studies. 9 V. Tiii, 316 pp; 9 p. 1. 314 pp. 
1 1. 12°. London, Chapman ^ Hall, 1871. 

editoy. Sketches of rusaian life he- 
fore and during the emancipation of the 
aerfs. vii, 1. S98 pp. 19°. London, Chap- 
.maa 4- Hall, imS. 

Morley (John). Eonsaeau. 9 v. xiv, 344 
pp ; X, 342 pp. 8". Loudon, Clutpimn ^f- 
Hall, 1873. 

Toltaire. siv, 346 pp, 8°. London, 

Chapman 4- Sail, 1879. 

Mormon. ("Book of), iSec Smith (Joaeph,^)-.) 


Motnaud (P^Iis) and Vilbort (Joseph). 
Voyage illustr^ dana lea dous mondea 
d'aprfes lea relations authentic(URS les plus 
nouvelles. 775 gravures. 9 p. 1. 404 pp. 
4°. Paris, Le Chevalier, 1869. 
Jfoto.— The engravings are from '■ L'illnstration." 

Morphy (Paul) and Iio'wentbal (J.) Mor- 
phy's games : a selection of the beat games 
played by the diatJnguiahed champion in 
Europe and America. With analytical 
and critical notea by J. Luwenthal. xxvii, 
473 pp. 19°. New Toric, D. Appleton ._(■ eo- 

Morrell (Ben. Deacon). Letter to the lord 
bishopof Loudon by PhilalethesQ'ssii^i'n.] 
denying any peouliai real presence in the 
administration of the sacraments; with 
appendix and prior letters against romaU' 
jsm, oalyinism, and the athauastan creed. 
Eeprinted. 48, [31] pp. lijo. ionrfoB, 
W. Boone, 1S43. 

[TFiiftMrnntBTOMjConyera iLd 1 A u™- edition 
of A free enquiiy 18«] 

Morrell (G. Herbert) Ihe student's man- 
ual of comparatii e anatomv, and gnide to 
diaaootion. Part I Mimmalia. (Anato- 
my and dissection) vii, 26Q pp. 2 tab. 
8°- London, Longman ^ co 1872 

Morrell (Luke A.) Thearaeiican shepliurd; 
being a histoi? of the sheep, with tlieir 
breeds, management, aud diseases. With 
an appendix, embracing upwards of twen- 
ty letters from eminent wool-growers, etc. 
■, 13-437 pp. 19°. Km York, Hai-pcr 
4- Invtliers, 1845. 

Morrell {Z. N.) Mowers and fruits from 
the wilderness; or, thirty-six years in 
Texas and two winters in Honduras. 3H6 
pp. 12°. £oetOtt, Oould ^ Uncoln, 1872. 

Morren (i5doiiard). Mi5morandum dea 
travaus de botanique et de physiologie 
vggfitale qui ont 6t6 puhlifis par 1' Acade- 
mic royale des sciences, des lettres et des 
beaux-arts de Belgiqne pendant le pre- 
mier Bi^ole de son existence (1772-1971). 
Rapport sdculaire. ii, 96 pp. 8°. Bmx- 
elks, F. Hayez, 1872. a. 

Morres (Harvey Redmond, lt>i-d Mountmor- 
res). The crisis; a. collection of essays 
written 1793 and 1793, upon toleration, 
public credit, the elective franchise in 
Ireland, the emancipation of the Irish 
catholics, [etc.] s, 189 pp. 8°. Dublin, 
P. Byrne, 1795. 
[DUABE pampLleta, v. XI 

db, Google 


MoiriU (Fred. K,) See Amateurs' (The) 
guide for 1872. 

Morris (CUarlea d'Hrban). Principia lati- 
na ! an intcoduction to tlie latin language, 
ssxiii, 287 pp. 1^. New TorJc, MiKon 
h-otliera, 1860. 

Morris (Edward Joy.) Holes of a tour 
throogh Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Arabia 
Petrisa, to the Holy laud ; inoludiag a 
visit to AtheuB, Spatta, Delphi, Cairo, &o. 
2 V. ii, 17-353 pp. 1 pi ; vi, 11-303 pp. 
4 pi. 12°. Philixdelphia, Carey <f- Hart, 

Morris (George P.) Poems; with, a memoir 
of the anthor. 366 pp. \&>. New York, 
C. SoHlver, [1860]. 

Morris (John, pseiuJtjn.) See O'Connor 

Morris (Lewis). Papers, while governor 
of the province of New Jersey, 1738-46. 
With au introductory memoir by William 
A. Whitehead, xxxii, 333 pp. 8^. Jftw 
York, G. P. Ftitaam, 1852. 
[New Jbsbev hlatoFicii! society's colleoliona, v. 4] . 

Morris (Ken, Kichard, editor). An old 
english miscellany containing a bestiary, 
keutisli Bormons, proverbs of Alfred, re- 
ligious poems of the thirteenth century, 
from manuscripts in the British museum, 
Bodleian library, Jesus college library, etc, 
svi, 308 pp. 8°. London, N. TrilJiiua- f 
CO. 1872. 
£E ABLY english tost aooiotj Bnli!icationa,no.JB]. 

Morris (Robert, ll.d.) Freemasonry in the 
Holy laud ; or, haudmarks of Hiram' 
builders ; embracing notes made during a 
series of masonic researches, in 1868, in 
Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and 
Enrope, and the results of much corre- 
spondence with Ireemasous in those coun- 
tries. 608 pp. portrait, 8". New Yorlc, 
author, 1872. 

The miniature monitor, 1872. See 

"Webb (Thomas Smith), 

Morris (WOliara). Love is enough : or the 
freeing of Pharamond. A morality. 3 
p.l. 134 pp. 1S°, Boston, lioberls Iroikers, 

Monis. See Morres. 

Morrisoa. See Moriaon. 

Morse (Jedediah, d. d.) The american uni- 
versal geography, or, a view of the pres- 
ent state of all the empires, kingdoms, 
states, and republics in the known world, 
and of the United States of America in 


Morse (Jedediah, d. d.)^coutvuaed, 
particular. 2 v. 69S pp. 7 maps ; 3 p, 1. 
552 pp. 3 maps. 8°. Boston, I, TftomiM if' 
E. T. AHdrmm, 1793. 

Elements of geography, exhibited 

historically from the oreatiou to the end 
of the world : on a new plan. 6th ed. 
Ifl3pp,4map3, 18''. NewSaveii.H.Sowe, 

Morse (Sidney Edwards). The cerographic 
bibleatlas. Ip.l.Smftpa. £ol. A'eiv-TorTi, 

S. E. Morse 4- co. 1844. 

Mortimer (Charlotte B.) Morton Mouta- 
gu ; or a yoang christian's choice. A nar- 
rative founded on facts in the early history 
of a deceased moravian missionary clergy- 
man, 255 pp. 13°. Ifete-Yorh, 3). Apple- 
ton 4- CO. 1850. 

Mortimer (Mrs, Elizabeth). More about 
Josns. By the author of "Peep of day." 
[nnon.] 24G pp. sci, 16°, Weiu Toi-k, 
Harper ^ ftj'oWiera, 1859. 

Mortimer (Thomas). A new and complete 
dictionary of trade and commetce: [etc.] 
2v. 3781.4maps; 2561.9 maps, 10 plans, 
fol. Xondon, atitftor, 1766-77. 

Mortimer (William Williams). The history 
of the hundred of Wirral, with a sketch 
of the city and county of Cheater, com- 
piled from the earliest authentic records. 
2 p 1 svii pp 3 1. 440 30 pp. 8 pi, 1 tab. 
folded, 2 1 ins 4 London, Whitlaker 
ij-m 1847 

Morton (Eleiz-tt) A key to true happi- 
ness, and ountaining a syatem of ways 
and meins for its attainment in a series 
of letters lb4pplp! \2° Hadsoa, 0., 
Sawjfi , lagersoU ^ eo 18*1 

Morton (Oliver Perry). Life, speeches and 
public services, 1864. See Frenoli (Will- 
jam M.) 

Morton (Pierce). Geometry, plane, solid 
and spherical, 1847. 

[In Society for the aitfiision of useful knowloage. 
Matheniatjue. 2v. 8°. iomion, 1830-47. v.3, 

Morton (EiH-Idoni o/). Eegistmm honoris 
de Morton, 1853. Sm Thomson (Thomas, 

Morton's monthly. Home and school. See 
Home and school. 

Mosheim (Johann Lorena von, d. d.) An 
ecelesiastioal history, antient and modern, 
from the birth of Christ to the beginning 
of the eighteenth century. Translated 
from the origiiial latin, [with notes, etc.] 

db, Google 


Moslieim (J. L. voo, d. (?.)— coutiuiieil. 
by Archibald Maclaine, (1. <1. 6 t, 8°. 
LonAm, B. Ogle, 1302-3. 

The Bftiue. Institutea of ecclesias- 
tical history, ancient and modern. A new 
and literal translation from the original 
latin, with copious additional notes, origi- 
nal and selected. By James Mnrdock, 
d. d. 5th ed. 3 t. 8°. Mn York, Staor 
ford 4- Sviorda, 1854, 

Historical commentaries on the state 

of ohriBtianity during the first three 
hundred and twenty-fire years from tlie 
christian eri being a translation of "The 
commentaries on the affairs of the chii"* 
tians before the time of Constintine the 
„reat ' 3 ■( T. 1, translated frtm the 
original latin, by Bobeit btndley Yiddl 
Y, 2, translated and both volumes edited 
by James Mnrdock, d. d 2 p 1 xxvii 
9-537 pp; xii, 512 pp. ■^ New Toilc S 
Convei-ae, 1851. 

Mota Fadilla (Matias de la) Histona de 
la conquiata de la ptoviucn fle la Nuevi 
Galicia. sis, 523 pp. 10 1. B°. Mexico, 
impreata del goJiierno, d cargo de J. M. 
Sandoval, IBTO. s. 

[Mesico. Sociedad mRtinma de geoyrafia y ;e(n- 

Mothe Le Vayer {Francois de La), 
parasite Mormon, hiatoire oomique. 
[ Zn SALLBNOiin (Albert 


Mother's (A) prayers answered, [ojiob.] 
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board of iniblication, [1360]. 

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Mouliy {Charles de Fienx, clieoalier de). 
Lamekis on les voyages estraordinaires 
d'un:figyptien dans la terre lnti5tleure, aveo 
la dfieonverte de I'lle des sylphides, 
[Waknich (C G.T.) Voyages imaglDBires fete.] 
so. AmsUidam,nSI. v. SO, pp. 1-4®: v.21,pp. 

MoulBon (D.) Exercises in reading ; ar- 
ranged as a class book. 373 pp. 13°, 
FhUadetpkia,far the compihr, 1836, 

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book, A collection of tales. 434 pp. l'i°. 
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Mountain (The) gleaner. By a lady, 
[anon.] 178 pp. 1 pi, 18°, Boston, M<ise. 
s. s. society, 1842, 


Mouaer (J W ) Follies of free thought. 
In wh I most of the popular phases of 
skeit ism s eh as pantheism, darwinism, 
SI r t alism materialism, are briefly ex- 
am ned 109 pp, 18°. Be^yord, Ind., J. 
M MaOies 1872. 

Moustache (V eux). [ii'cifrion.] See Gor- 
don (C.) 

Moutou-Pontenille de Laclotte (Marie 
Jacques Philippe). La France en dfilire, 
pendant les deux usurpations de Buona- 
parte. [Atoo dea notes], xs, 187 pp. S 1, 
1 col. portrait. 8°. lAjon, Guyoi fi-eres, 
[Napoleos paiBpUfltB, T. 33]. 

VnvUn a. Des M 

Moyiiier (— ). De la trnffe, traits complet 
de ce tubercule, oontenant sa description 
et son histoire naturelle la plus d^taiUfie, 
son exploitation commeroialeetsa position 
dans I'art eulinaire. 404 pp. 8°. Ports, 
Barlia, [eic] 1836. 

Muoklewrath. (Marcins, pseudoii.) The 
champagne club, 1834, See Lovemuch. 
(Ebenezer, jpseMiJoii.) and Muoklewrath. 

Mudge (Bev. Enoch). History of the mis- 
sions of the methodist episcopal cburch, 

[iiiHS'TORVof amarican missions to tlielieathen. 
8o. Worcester, Spooner t6 Howtand, 1S4(I. pp. 

Mtidge (ThomaSjj'r.) A reply to the answer 
of the rev, dr, Maalielyne, to a narrative 
of l^cts relating to some time-keepers con- 
structed by mr. Thomas Mndge, for the 
discovery of the longitude at sea, &o, 
[Also], a short explanation of methods of 
calculating a mean daily rate, by count 
de Brnhl. 2 p. 1. 171, 16 pp. 1 plah. 8°. 
London, T. Fay-ae, 1792. 

Miihlbaoh (Lonlse, pseadou.) See Mandt 
{Mrs. Clara Miiller). 

Muhlenberg (W. A.) The psalter, or the 
psalms of David, etc, 1847, See Protest- 
ant episcopal ohnroh, 

Muir {Bev. George), An essay on Christ's 
cross and crown, [Also], six sermons, 
2d ed, 3 p, 1, 314 pp. liP. Paisleg, Weir 
4- MLean, 17fi9. 

Mulchlnook (William Pembroke). The 
ballads and songs of W, P. Mnlohinock, 
262 pp. 12°. NeiB Yoi% T. W. Strong, 

lyiilller (Frederic Mas). Lectures on the 
science of religion ; witli a paper on bnd- 

db, Google 


MUlIer (Frederic Mas)— continued, 
dhiat niliitism, and ft translatioii of the 
Dhammapada or "path of virtue." iv, 
300 pp. 12°. Neil) Ym-le, C. ScHbiier # co. 

JUuller (George). The life of trnst : being 
a narrative of the lord's dealings with 
George Mflller, written by himself. Edited 
and condensed hy lev. H. LiQooln Way- 
land. With an introduction by Francis 
Wayland. 476 pp. 1 pi, 12°. MHon, 
GoaM 4- Lincoln, 1861. 

A narrative of some of the lord's deal- 

iiigs with George Miiller, written by him- 
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Miiller (Johann Heiniicb). Esercitatio 
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Rom. 1 p, 1, 24 pp. 1 1. sm. 4°. leimo, 
litterU nisianis impr. I. F. Lindaei; 1707. 

Miiller (Johannes, ni. d.) Elements of phy- 
siology. Translated from the german, by 
Wm. Baly, m. A. Arranged from 2d Lond. 
ed. by John Bell, m. d. 1 p. 1. xis, 
13-886 pp. 80, PUlofleljpkia, Lea 4- 
Blaitchard, 1843. 

Miiller (MiehaeJ). The catholic priest. 163 
pp. 18°, BalUwore,Ei-eazer brothers, IBTH- 

The "our fether." v. 1. 221 pp. 

18°. Baltimore, Ktmzer iroihers, 1872. 

The religions state, 2 p. 1. 275 pp. 

18°. BalUmore, Sr^xer broibera, 1873. 

Triumph of the bleased sacrament 

[in exorcism] ; or, history of Nicola 
Aubrey, 146 pp. 18°. Baltimore, Krea- 
zer In-ofhers, 1872. 

MuUer (Gapt. Richard). Memoirs of lord 
viscount Cherington, containing a genn- 
ine dcBoription of the government and 
maunera of the Portuguese. [ono».] 2 v. 
in 1, sviii, 190 pp ; v, 191-384 pp. 1 pi. 
16°. London, J. Johnson, 1782. 

Mnlligian (John). Exposition of the gram- 
matical structure of the euglish language ; 
being an attempt to furnish an improved 
method of teaching grammar, siv, 574 
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Miinch.-Belliagba.'Hseii (Eloia Franz Jo- 
seph, laron von), The gladiator of Ra- 
venna: a tragedy in five a«ts. Transla- 
ted from the german of Friedrioh Halm. 
Ipeeadiyn, By W. H. Charlton], 
[In Ctiarltos ("W". H.) Poema and plays, ie=. 
Zioniian, IMS. pp. 303-450], 



Miinoh-BellioghauBen(BiH'Omvon) — con'd. 

The son of the wilderness: a dra- 

. matic poem. Translated from the german 

of Friedrioh Halm, [jiseadon. By W, H. 


[i™ Cbahlton (W. H.) Poama atul playa. 16'. 

Muncker (Thomas). Mythographi latini. 
C. Jul. Hyginus. Fab. Planciades Fu!- 
gentius. Lactantius Plaoidns. ALbricus 
piiilosophns. Priemissa eat diasertatlo de 
auctore, atylo, &. state mytliologlffl, qiiiB 
C, Jul. Hygini Aug. liberti nomen prtefert. 
2 V, in 1. Engd, tit. 26 p. 1. 488 pp. 30 1. 
portrait ; 16 p. 1. 330 pp. 13 1. 8°. Aw- 
ateladawi, ex officina vida<s J. d iSomeren, 

Mundt (Mrs. Clara Miiller). The story of a 
millionaire. By h. Mtillbach. [psewdon.] 
Translated from the german by Natbaaiel 
Greene. 356 pp. 12°. New York, D. 
Ai>pUton ^ CO. 1873, 

Mundy (G.) Christianity and hindooism 
contrasted ; or, a comparative view of the 
evidence by which the respective olaims 
to divine authority of the bible and the 
hindoo shastrus are supported. 3d ed. 
2v. viii,280pp; v,41Ipp. 16". Sm-amn 
pore, 1834, 

Munk (Eduard) The meties of the Greeks 
and Eomans Translited from the ger- 
man. By Chwles Beck and C C Pelton, 
xvi,349pp li Boit- n J M mroe j- eo. 

Munn (Lewis t ) Autognphs The anier- 
ioan oratoi appendix containing the dec- 
laration of independence with the fac- 
similes of the autogiapha of the signers; 
the constitntioii ot the United States ; 
Washington s faiewcll addiess and fac- 
similes of the intographs of a large num- 
ber of distmgaished individuils bth ed. 
sii, 381-454 pp 12. Wo <.estei, Z. 
Bakei- ^ CO. 1856. 

Mtiusclier (Wilhelm). Elements of dog- 
matic history. Translated from the 2d 
ed. of the german. By Jamea Murdock. 
d. d. 203 pp. 13°. New Sami, A. H, 
Malthy, 1830. 

Miinater (Sebastian). La geograSa di 
Clavdio Ptolemeo, con alcuni comenti ik 
agginnte fatteni da S. Munstero, 1548. See 
Ptolemsens (Claudius). 

Miinaterberg {ISvangeliaches echullehrer- 
seaiinar sn). Volkasohnl-lesebuch, [etc.] 
Erater theil. Erstes leseljnch fiir don 

db, Google 


Mansterberg — c ontm ued 
veri imgteR lese-, schreib , sprict sacli 
und zeiuhenunternolit Am auigalie 
106 pp 1 I li^ Mttioaulee Wiseonsta 
6- Biamdei, 18bd 

The aame Zweiter tliuil Zwuites 

lesebuoli als grondlage fur den veremigten 
sach- uud eprach-untemclit. Am. aus- 
gabe. 176 pp. 1 1. 12°. Milwaitleee, Wis- 
consin, G. Bramder, 1869, 

Muntaner (Ramon). ChroDik des edlen en 
KamoD Muntaner. [OIiroQioa, o dessorip- 
cio dels fets, e hazanyee del iuolyt rey don 
lavme primer rey Darago], Herausge- 
geben von dr. Karl Lanz. [Catalan], 
sixvi, 550 pp. 8°. StaUgm-t, oaf Tiostea 
dei UleraHsdken vavini, 1844. 
IStuttbaht. LiterariSBher vercm. Bibliothel!, 
V. 81. 

Miinter (Baltliasar). Coant Struenz^e, the 
sceptic and the christian. Translated 
from the french of the german, by mrs. J. 
H. WUson. si, 243 pp. 16°. Boston, J. 
P. Jewett 4- CO. 1853. 

Marat (Henriette Julie de Castelnan, com- 
teae de). Les lutioa dii chateau de Ker- 
noay. Nonvelle historique. 
fGARNIBR {C. Gr. T.) YoysfeB imafin^reB [eto ] 
if. Amsterdam, rOiB. t. 35 pp 151 li)] 

Le voyage de Campagne 

;n(C.G.T,) Voyagsa imafcinairp? [eto] 

Muiat (Panl Hyppolite de ) Les pai adoxei 
.dtt capitaine Marc-Luo-Eooh Bivole Pir 
Panl Hyppolite de M'". [anon ] 4 t 
16°. Paris, LevroMltfrhre^ 130i 

MuroMe (William). Troth & love or the 
oalvinist &■ the aiminian reconcileil, and 
the unitarian reclaimed, in a new develop- 
ment of scripture doctrine, xvi, 390 pp. 
13°. Glaegmo, G. GaUie, [1847]. 

Mnrdooh (James E.) Patriotism in poetry 
and prose; being selected paasages from 
lectures and patriotic readings by James 
E. Murdoch. Also, poems by Thomas 
Buchanan Bead, George H. Buker, Francis 
de Haos Janvier, and other american au- 
thors, oommemorativeofthegallant deeds 
of onr noble defenders on land and sea. 
172 pp. 1 pi. 13°. Fldladd:pMa, J. B. Lip- 
pincott 4- CO. 1864. 

Murger (Henry). Le dernier rendez-vons. — 
La r^aunectiou de Lazare. % p. 1. 313 
pp. 16°. Paris, M. Uiyyfrirm, 1856. 

Murphy (James G. U. A.) A critical and 
esegetical commentary on the book of 
Genesis, with a new translation. With a 


Murphy (James G. II. t!.)— continued, 
preface by J. P. Thompson, d. d. And an 
introduction by Alvah Hovej, d. d. xvi, 
519 pp. 6". Boslon, Kites ^ Lauriat, 

Murphy (Johu Nicholas), Terra incognita, 
or the convents of the united kingdom, 
xi, 753 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, Green 
# CO, 1873. s. 

Mujphy (Joseph John). The scientific 
bases of faith, iliv, 474 pp. 8°. Lon- 
don, MaBraillait if- Co. 1873. 

Murphy (iBei). Robert). A treatise on the 
theory of algebraical ec[uati<ins, 1830* 
[In SociUTi: far tlie Effusion of nseful knowledge. 

Mathematics. 8". Loadan, 1339. v. 1, xii, 171 

Mutpliy (S, Agassiz). Key to Murphy's 
new ontline and military map of the 
United States, comprising the descriptive 
geography of every state and territory in 
the union. 323 pp. 12°. St. Louis, Mo. 
author, 1864. 

Murray (James R.) Pure diamonds: a 
choice collection, of new words and music 
[for devotion]. 160 pp. obi. 16°, Cfewe- 
tand, [0.] Bmittord^s sons, [1873]. 

Murray (Bee. Jehu). Records of the life 
of the rev. John Murray. Written by 
himself. [Also], a brief continuation to 
the closing scene. 3d ed, with notes and 
remarks, by rev. L. S. Everett. 338 pp. 
portrait. 12°. Boston, Marsh, Capen <F- 
Zgon, [eta.'] 1831. 
[trmvEnaAiiST librmy, v. 1). 

The same. The life of John Murray, 

preacher of universal salvation. [By him- 
self]. With notes and an appendix, by 
Thomas Whittemore. 271 pp. 13°. .Boa- 
ion, Ti'timpot office, 1833, 

Murray (John, publisher). A handbook for 
travellers in Denmark, Korway, and Swe- 
den. 3d ed. 3 v. in 1. 12". London, J. 
MiM-ray, 1871. 

Handbook for travellers iu southern 

Germany : being a guide to Wiirtemberg, 
Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Stjria, 
Slc. the austrian and biivarian Alps, and 
the Danube from Ulm to the Black sea. 
11th ed. xii, 635, 73 pp. 10 maps. 13°. 
London, J. Murray, 1871. 

A handbook for travellers in Switzer- 
land, and the Alps of Savoy and Pied- 
mont, 14th ed. lixiv, 557, 72 pp.23maps 
and plans. 16°. London, J. Murray, 1871. 

db, Google 


Murray (Jolin, puhUeher) — eontianed. 

Handbook fortraTellera in Turkey iD 

Asia, iaelading Constantinople, tke Bos- 
phorus, Bardanelles, Brousa and plain ot 
Troy. New eel. sii, 492,64pp.7 maps and 
plans. 12". London, J. Murray, [1871], 

Murray (Eiw. Jolia Hale). Travels in Urn- 
guaj. South America ; with an account of 
the present state of sheep-farming and 
emigration to that country. [1868]. -viii, 
234 pp. 9 pi. 12°. London, Longmans, 

Murray (Lindley). English grammar, 
adapted to the different classes of leam- 
ers. Witli an appendix, containing rules 
and observations, [etc. lat am ed.] 232 
pp. 16°. Boston, Manning if Lonag,for 
J, Kanerede, 1800. 

TUesame. 12,282pp. 12°. [_BoHon, 

orN&e Fori;, 1802-05] ! 

[WanHng UOaJ. 

.—The flrat ed. was puWialied at YorJt, (Eng.) 
!l6w York, 1805. 

■ The s 

An english 

comprehending the principles and rnles of 
the langn^e, illustrated hy appropriate 
exercises, and a, key to the exercises. 4th 
ed. improved. 2 v. 544 pp ; 515 pp. 8°. 
Y(irk,{Eng.) T. WiUon^-som,for Lonffima 
1^00.-} London, 1819. 

The same. 21st ed. 339 pp. 12°. 

Ym-h, (_Eng.) T. WiUon^- mi, for Longman, 

[ilHMloB], 1311. 

The same, 228 pp. le-^. Windsor, 

Vt, N. C. Goddard, 1836. 

The same. Murray's english gcam- 

luar, revised, simplified, and adapted to 
the inductive and explanatory mode of 
instruction. By H. T. N, Benedict, 
pp. 12°. FrankfoH,Ey.A.G.Sodgea,] 

The same. An epitome of the english 

language ; or, a catechetical grammar, 
with an appendix ; being in snbstance mr. 
Murray's english grammar, put into ques- 
tions and answers. With alterations and 
improvements. By C.Bacon. 108 pp. 18°. 
Neiv Yorlc, S. Marks, 1819. 

English exercises, adapted to the 

grammar, lately puWished by L. Murray. 
4th ed. 11, 192 pp. 13°. London, Long- 
man 4- Eee», 1799. 

The same. Exercises adapted to 

Murray's english grammar. 171 pp. 16°. 
PkaaaelpUa, Bennett f Walton, 1812. 

Thesame, English exercises adapted 


Murray (Lindley) — oontinned. 
to Murray's english grammar. From the 
last eng. ed. 180 pp. 16°. "Sem-York, 
Collins .^' Hannas, l<ibout 13.^0]. 

The same. Murray's exercises — Im- 
proved ed. — Murray's english esercisos, 
revised : being a counterpart to the En- 
glish teaoher. By Israel Alger, jnn. 252 
pp. 16°. Boaton, B. 5. Davk, 1838. 

A key to the esercisea. 156 pp. 12°. 

London, T. Jf. Xonprnan ^ O. Iteos, 1799. 

Grammatical tables. With an appen- 
dix. Designed for the use of classes en- 
gaged in the study of Matray's grammar. 
Collected and arranged by N. Brashears. 
1.56 pp. 18°. Waalnnglon, Davis 4- Force, 


Introduction to the english reader; 

[also], rules and observations for assisting 
children to read with propriety, 166 pp. 
12°. Fkiladelphla, S. Frobmco, 1824. 

The same. Improved ed. 1C3 pp. 

12°. Geoi-getowu, [J>. C] S. S. Bind, 1830. 

The same. 162 pp. 16°. Fhiladel- 

pUa, R. Christy, 1931. 

Murray's english reader ; or pieoea in 

prose and poetry, selected from the best 
writers. With ol>servations on the princi- 
ples of good reading. Improved by the 
addition of a concordant and synonymising 
vocabulary, consisting of about 1500 of 
the most important words, arranged in 
columns, and divided, defined, and pro- 
nounced according to Walker. Wallter'a 
pronouncing key is prefixed to this work. 
By Joreraiah Goodrich, 287 pp. 12°. 
SaraiDga springs, N. Y, S. Mwtoa, 1824. 

Thesame. Theenglishreader. [Also], 

the definitions of infleotiona &■ emphasis, 
and rules for reading verse, with a key, 
exhibiting the method of applying those 
principles to the pronunciation of written 
language. By M. E. Bartlett. 252 pp, 
18°. Utifxt, IN. r.] W. Williams, 1S23. 

The same. The english reader, [etc. 

Also], a key to the modulations of the 
voice. By M. E. Bartlett. 252 pp. sq. 18°. 
FMladelpMa, B. W. Dcsilver, 1839. 

The power of religion on the mind in 

retirement, affliction, and at the approach 
of death. From the 16tU eng. ed. 252 pp. 
16°. New Yorb, Collins $■ co. 1818. 

The pronounoing introduction. — lu- 

trodaction to the english reader. [Also], 
rules and observations for assisting chil. 

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Murray (Liadley) — t n d 
clrea to road, w tl p i tj ys tli 
appendix, con ng f w d ltd 
from, the readiu 1 n w tb. 1 ba t na 
By Israel Alge jnn 163 pp 1 pi 

12°. Boston, Li I j El a»^ 1833 

Setiuel to th ngl h ad 1 

gaat selections in prose and poetry. 1st 
Boston ed. 303 pp. IS". Boston, Liacoht 
.)■ Edmunds, 1809. 

Swett's Mnrray. — An engliah gram- 
mar; com preh ending the principles and 
rules of tlie language: on. tlie basis of 
Murray. By J. Swett, Jr. [1st ed.] 180 
pp. 1&>. Windsor, Vt., J. Smtf,jr. 1843. 

The same. Improved [2d] ed. 192 

pp. 12°. CUtreiaoat, ^, H., Claremoni 
nM7{f. CO. 1814. 

Murray (Rev. William Henry Harrison). 
Words fitly spoban. Selections torn the 
pulpit utterances of W. H. H. Murray. 
[ByJ.M,B.] syiii, 417 pp. portrait. 8°. 
Boston, Lee <(■ Slie^ard, 1873. 

Murray {Lient.) The adventurer ; or, a 
wreck on the Indian ocean. A land and 
BCft tale. 3 p. 1. 11-100 pp. 8^. Boston, 
F. GUason, 1848. 

Fanny Campbell, the female pirate 

captain. A tale of the roTolution. 2 p. 1. 
9-100 pp. inc. 4 pi. 8o. Boston, F. Gleor 
eon, 1845. 

Muses (The) mercury; or the monthly mis- 
cellany. Consisting of poems, prologues, 
songs, sonnets, translations, and other 
curioas pieces, never before printed. By 
the earl of Roscommon, mr. Dryden, dr. 
G— th, N. Tate, esq. mr. Dennis, dr. N— n, 
capt. Steel, mr. Manning, &c. Jan. to dec. 
1707. 4<^. London, A. Bell, 1707. 



[formed at the world's peace 
ternational muaical festival, 
ine, 1S73. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 
Boston, 0. Bllsoa if* oo. 

177 pp. 

Musnier Desclozeauz (Ernest). Indiscre- 
tions, 1798-1830. See Real (P. F. comte). 

Musset (Alfred de). Premieres poesies. 
1829-35. Nouv. M. 2 v. 3p.l. 356pp; 
2 p. 1. 283 pp. 16". Farie, Charpeaiim; 

[ImpBrfeot; pp. 1-10 of v. 1 wanting]. 
Must ; or, Ann Holbrook's girl-hood, 1864. 
Si^c Atkins (M. A.) 

Muatapha (Ismail effendi), 
coefficients de dilatation et ^talonnage de 
I'appareil k mesurerles bases g6od6sigaes, 
appartenant au gouTernement ^gyptien. 
Ouvrage pnbli^ par ordre et sous lea au- 
spices de son altease Ismail-Pacha, vice roy 
d'figypte. XX, 169 pp. 11. 5 pi. 8", Parts, 
V. Soupy ._? vie. 1864. 8. 

Mutteiings and musings of an invalid. 
\:anon.-i lp.l.9-S81pp. 12°. Ifeiv-Tork, 
J. S. Tmjlor, 1850. 

Muzaey (Bep. Arteoiaa Bowers). The 
christian parent, xv, 330 pp. 1 pt 16°. 
Boston, W. Crosby ^- S. P. mchoU, 1850. 

My heroine. A story, [aiwit.] 1 p. 1. 279 
pp. 13°. Botiiion, Tinsley brothers, 1871. 

My little lady, [anon.] 3 v. 16°. Lon- 
don, Suret 4- Blaelc^tt, 1871. 

Mydorgiua. See Moore {Sir Jonas). 

Myers (John C.) A daily journal of the 
193tl reg't Penn'a volnnteers commauded 
by col. William B. Thomas in the service 
of the United States for one hundred days, 
203 pp. 12°. FUladelpkia, Crissy ^ 
MarkUij, 1864. 

Myers {Mre. Sarah A.) The little shoe- 
maker ; or, the orphan's victory. 232 pp. 6 
pi, 18°. New-Tork,Carlton f'S^Ti. 

Parson Hubert's school; or Harry 

Kingsley's trial. QTiSpp, 18°. Nm Toi% 
Carlton ^ Porter, [1861]. 

Myrtle (Lewis). Dovecote; or, the heart 
of the homestead. By the author of " Cap 
sheaf." [anon.] iv, 361 pp. 12°. Bos- 
ton, J. P.Jemtt 4- CO. 1854. 

My stores (Les) du christianisme approfon- 
dis, 1771. See Bebescotirt. 

Kaok (JaiUBS). The romance of the ring 
and other poems. 3 p. 1. 233 pp. portrait. 
12°. Sew Yorlc, DeHsser <(■ Procter, 1859. 

Nadaad (Gnstave). Chansons. 3o ^d. aog- 
ment^e do chansons nonvellea. 2 p. I. 419 
pp. 12°. Pm-ie, E. Deaia, 1857. 

ITall (Josephine). The widow's sixpence, 
or go thoa and do likewise. 204 pp. 3 pi. 
18°. PMladeVpkia, Preebyterian board of 
pitblieatioH, [1858]. 

Namiir (Province de). Expose de la situa- 
tion de la province de Namur. 1843-48, 
1851-53, 1857-58, 1860, 1862-65, 1867-69. 
19 V. 8°. Nanmr, 1843-69. 

Frocfes-verbaus dea stances du con- 

seil provincial de la province de Namnr. 
1845, 1851, 1356-59, 1867-69. 8 v. 8°. 
A'anmr, 1845-69. 

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Hani (GiovaDiii liattiata Felice Giiapare). 
The liistory of the affairs of Europe in this 
present age, but more particularly of the 
repabliotofVeHice. Written in italiaalty 
Battista Nani. Eugliaiie'l. by sir Eobert 
Honywooil, [1st eag. ed.] 6 p. 1. 574 
pp. 9 1. fol. London, J. M. for J. Starken, 

ITanni (Giovanni) or Annlus (Johannes). 
Antiqnitatu variarti volttmina xvH. — Im- 
presB. rursns opera aacensiana. 6 p. 1. 
171 1. numb. fol. [Xateiiae], venandatiir 
ab J. Farao et J. Badio, 1515. 

ITapbejs (George H. m. A.) Modern tberar 
peutics; a compendium of recent formnlie 
and apecifle therapeutical directions. 390 
pp. 16°. FhUadelpMa, S. W. Butler, m. d. 

The physical life of woman ; advice 

to the maiden, wife, and mother. New ed. 
enlarged. 426 pp. portrait. FIdladelpkut, 
J. G. Mrgus 4- co. 1873. 

The prevention aud cure of disease : 

a practioal treatise ou tbo uursiog anti 
home-treatment of the atck. [Ed. with 
additions]. 1 p. 1. 9-1151 pp. 20 pi. 8°. 
Sjn-in^ld, [Mtss.] W. J. SollMtd ^ co. 

Napier (Charles O. Groom). The hoot of 
nature and the hook of man, in which 
man is accepted as the type of creation — 
the microcosm, — the great pivot on which 
all the lower forma of life turn. With a 
preface by the late lord Brougham. IJ- 
liistrated. Eugd. tit. viii, 479 pp. 3 phot. 
8°. London, J. C. Hoiteii, 1870. 

BTapier (ilew. Henry Alfred}. Historical 
notices of the parishes of Swyncombe and 
Ewelme in the county of Oxford. 
454 pp. 39 pi. 6 tab. 4". ftc/oi-d, /oi 
thor, 1858. 

Kapoleoii I. {Faeudo-). Private bouts of 
Napoleon Buonaparte, from, his earliest 
years to the period of bis marrii^e with 
the aich-ducbeas Maria Louisa. Written 
by himself during hia residence : 
island of Elba. 3 v. 1 p. 1. ii, 240 
p. L 247 pp. 12°. Fari8, a. MatUot, 

Napoleon and the marshals of the empire, 
1855. ,?c:e Reed (William B.) 

Kapoleoii III. Histoire de Julea OiSsar. 
■ Tome i. 39G pp. 8°. Nam Yorlc, D. Ap- 
pMoa <(■ CO. I8G5. 


Uarbone (Alosaio). Bibliogtafia sicola sis- 
tematioa o apparato metoiiico alia stotia 
letteraria della Sioilia. 4 v. 8*^. Fdlaitia, 
G. Fedone, 1850-55. 
»b(e.— The pasination of v. * 

Natragansett club. Pablioations. (First 
series), v, 4-5. 4-^. Fromdence, B. I. 

a leaves 


by S. £.' Cald- 

V. 5, GwreeB)siligK'iloutoflii9l)nrroTi-H. [By 
Eoger ■WllUamBl. Edited liy rev. J. L. Di- 

Narrative (A) of some of the adventures, 
dangers and sufferings of a revolafionary 
soldier. Written by himself, [onojt. By 
James Sullivan Martin!] 913pp. 12°. 
SaUomll, Glower, Maslerg # co. 1830. 

Naaby (Petrolenm Vesuvius, ^seadon.) See 
Locke (D. E.) 

Nash (Treadway Russell, d. d.) Collections 
for the history of Worcestershire. 2d ed. 
with add. 2 v. 3 p. 1. scii, 609 pp. 32 1. of 
pedigrees, 38 pi. 1 map ; 2 p. 1. [830] 
pp. 17 1. of pedigrees, 34 pi. fol. [Jon- 
don], J. While, 1799. 

JVote.— V. 1 lias a flnplioftt* Htle witli tbB imprint 
"J. Kichula, nsl." The materials wero eol- 
teciod by Wm. HabiugtOD, the poet. 

Nashua (JT. H.) Greenougb's directory of 

the city of Nashua, for 1870-71. S". Bob- 

ton, W. A. Greeaough, jr. 1870. 
The same. Greenough, Joaea & co's 

directory of the city of Nash na, for lS?2-73. 

fP. Boston, Greenough, Jones <f" eo. 1872. 
Nashville joamal of medicine and surgery. 

Edited by W. K. Bowling, m. d. [etc.] 

New series, v. 1. 8°. Nashville, Tenn. J. 

T. 8. Fall f aoiis, 1866. 
Nason (JEtu. Eliae). Life of Henry Wilson. 

iSee Haeeell (Thomas) andNaaoa. 
A memoir of mrs. Susanna Eoweon, 

with elegant and lllustTative extracts from 

her writings in proae and poetry. 213 pp. 

portrait. 8°. Albanif, J. Munmll, 1870. 
Nast (Thomas, artist). The struggles of 

Petroleum V. Hasby. Illustrated. 1873. 

See Loake (D. E.) 
Nast'a illustrated almanac fur 1873. 

8°. i'eui Yorle, Harpei- §■ h-ofkers, [1872]. 
Nation (The). A weekly journal devoted to 

politics, literature, science, and art. Jan. 

4 to dec. 36, 1873. v, 14-15, 4°. Mw 

Foi-t, E. L. GodMu <(■ CO. 1S72. 

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Xfational association fut tlie promotion ot 
social science. Transactions. Leeds meet- 
iug, 1871. Edited by Edwin Penra. 8=. 
Lmuloji, Longmans, [eJe,] 1872. 

Tranaaotions. Plymouth and Daven- 
port meeting, 1872. Edited liy Edwin 
Peara. 8°. LoMon, Longwiam, \.ele.'\ 1873. 

ITatlonal (Tlie) association of wool man«- 
faoturers. Bolletin. For tlie years 1869 
[and] 1870-7L Edited liy John L. Hayes, 
secretary. 2 v. vi, is, 419 pp; vii, 608 
pp. 8°. Boston, 1309-70. 

National baptist ediioatioiia] convention. 
Proceediiif;s of the [second] natiouaJ bap- 
tist edneational conventicm, held in Phil- 
adelphia, may 28-30, IOT9. Official ed. 
?P. S&c Torh, Sheldon ^ eo, 1873, 

National (The) oar builder. Devoted to 
tlie interests of railway rolling stock, 
[Monthly], July, ISTO, to June, 1873. v. 
1-2 in 1 V. 4°. Nett) Yo>% Voae, Dinsntore 
■fw. [1870-72], 

National conference of unitarian and other 
christian churches. Beport of the fourth 
meeting, held in New York, N. Y. ocfc. 19, 
20, 21, 1870. Together with the confer- 
ence sermon, the constitution and by- 
laws of the conference, and a list of the 
accredited delegates. 162 pp. 8°. Bos- 
ion, A. Milage ^f son, 1870, 

National educational association. The ad- 
dresses and jonmal of proceedings of the 
National educational association. Sessions 
of 1871 at St, Louis, Mo. 8'^. Neu> Yorlc, 
J. S. Bolme«, 1872, 

National (The) legal directory, 1870, Sec 
Hubbell Bl Craven. 

National (The) live-stoch journal : a 
monthly publication, devoted exclasively 
to live-stock ioterests. John P. Eeyuolds, 
editor, Sept. 1870, to aug. 1871, v. 1. 4P. 
Ckivago, G-. W. East ^ co. [1870-71], 

National magazine, v. 1, nos. 1-3. [Ed- 
ited] by James Lyon. 290 pp. 8". llivli- 
mond, (Fo.) editm; 1799. 
[DUiKEpampHota.T. 41], 

National medical conveutiou. See Phar- 
maoopceia (The) of the United States of 

National medical journal. [Quarterly and 
monthly]. Edited by Chris. C. Cox, m. d, 
and by S. C. Busey, m. d. and William 
Lee, m, d. v, 1-3, 8°, Washington, Judcl 
.f- Dehcelhr, 1871[-72]. 


National (The) normal. An educational 
monthly. Edited aud managed by E. H. 
Holbrook. Jan. to dec. 1873. y, 4. 8°, 
dncirmati, [J, Holhroo'k <f- co. 1872] , 
National police gazette. [Weekly]. Nov. 
3, 1866, to march 39, 1873. v. 22-27. foJ. 
New York, G. W. MaUell ^ co, [1866-73], 
[Imperfect^ wanting sopt. I to oct. 21, ISGG], 
National (The) gnarterly review. Edited 
by Edward I, Sears, II. d. June, 1860, to 
sept. 1872. V. 1-25. 8°. New York, Fud- 
nejf 4- Bassell mid E. I. Sear), 1860-72, 
National (The) recipe boob, containing 
nearly one thousand recipes on all sub- 
jects, iQoludiug many never before made 
public. [moH.} 148 pp, IS". Batlh 
Cj'eek, Mickigaa pablisMng co. 1872. 
National (The) recorder. Jan. 1819, to 
jnly, 1821. 5 v. 8°. PMladeJpMa, LiiteU 
4- Senrs, [1819-91]. 

mte.—v. 1 wantioe pp. 37-38, 385-388. t. 1 was ia- 
Ba«d nndar tlkeUfie " The PhilailelpliLii register 
and nallonid recorder." A aeaouS Beciee, coa- 
siating of 2 v.jnlT, 1^1, to July, issa, waa iasueci 
under tbe title, ''TJio eaturdi^ magaziae." 
National (The) reformer. Secular advocate 
aud freethougbt journal. [Weekly], Ed- 
ited by Charles Bradlangh. Aug, 13, 

1871, to dec. 29, 1872. New series, v. 18- 
20, fol. Loiidoa, [C. Bradlaiigk, 1871-72], 

National republican, [Wasliington daUy], 
W, J, Mortagh, editor. Jan. 3 to dec, 31, 

1872. 2 V. fol. Washiiigloa, IF. J. Mar- 
iagh, [1873], 

National (The) spclliiig-boolc, and scholar'a 
guide, in acquiring the radimouta of or- 
thography, pronunciation, and good read- 
ing, according to Walker's principles of 
english orthoepy. By an esperiencod 
teacher, lanon.'\ 168 pp. 12°. Concord, 
IN. jff.] C. Hoag, 1S39. 

National (The) standard. An independent, 
reform, and literary journal, [Weekly], 
Aaron M, Powell, editor. July 30, 1870, to 
dec. 23, 1871. New series, v, 1-2 in 1 v. 
fol. New York, [1870-71], 

The same. A temperance and literary 

jonmal, [Monthly]. Aaron M. Powell, 
editor, Jan, to dee, 1872, v, 3, fol. New 
York, [1873], 

Note.—WUJt the preceding. United, later, with the 
Sajiosul tetapenmee advooate. 

National (The fifth) sunday-school conveii' 
tion, held at Indianapolis, april 16-19, 
1872, With an historical introduction, by 
the rev. H. Clay Trumbull, 159, sxviii 
pp. 8°. New Ym% for the convention, % 
A. 0. Fidi Lenneji, 1872. 

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National (Tiie) a outlay school teacher. 
l>. 7, 1872]. fP. CMaago, Adams, JSfocJt- 
mer <}- Lijon, 1B72. 

Katloiial teaciiere' nssociation. See Amer- 
ican normal scliool anil Natioual teach- 
ers' associations. 

National women's lights conveutiou. Piv- 
ceedinga of the natioQal women's rights 
eonveution, held in Clevelantl, Ohio, oct. 
5th, 6th and 7th, 1853, 188 pp. 8°. 
Clei^eland, [O.] Gi-ai/, Beardalfs, flpear ^- od. 

Native (The) ameilcan; a gift for the 
people, [onoii. By Hector Orrt] 199 pp. 
5 portraits. 8°. FUla^lpMa, H. On; 

Natural history, lH3:i. See Hawka (Frftu- 

Nattiralist (Tlic) of Nnromlterg. \_j>scadoii.~\ 
See Zieroy (Charles Geovftes). 

Naturaliste (Lo) canadieu. Bulletin de 
reoherches, ohservatlons et.ii630UVortes se 
rapportant il I'histoire natiitellc Ha Ca^ 
nafla. Tome 1-3, JJaMiS L. Provan- 
cher, riidacteur-propri^taire. 2 v. 8°. Qu^ 
bee, C. Darveaa, 1868-71. a. 

Nature. A weekly iilnstrated journal of 
science. Nov. 2, 1871, to oob. 31, 1872. 
V. 5-6, 4°. XiJiSitn., Maomllan 4' "O- 

Nangatuck {Conn.) Haud-book uf the 
Naugattick and Derby railroads, contain- 
ing a desoripti ve sketch & business direct- 
ory of each place having a station, on 
cither road ; also, the history and latest 
official time tables of each road. 303 pp. 
1 1. 16°. mwbiirgh, N. Y. Curler ^ Sulk- 
ei'laad pahUahing co. 1872. 

Nanman (Mary D.) Clyde Waidleigh'a 
promise. 2 p. 1. 11-300 pp. 12°. FliiJa- 
delpMa, Claxloa, Bemeeit <^- Haffelfinger, 

Nautical almanac. See Great Britain. 
AdialraMs- {Board qf longitude). 

Nautical (The) magazine. ■ For 1S72. New 
series, [v. 41]. 8°. London, Sim-pMn, Mar- 
akall ^ CO. [1872]. 

The same. Christmas number, dec. 

1872. No. 1. 12°. London, Sim^Un, 
Manhall 4- eo. [187-2]. 

Nau'wkeuriee beschrijvlngh van Green- 
land aen heer de la Mothe le Yayer ver- 
deelt in twee boecken, 't eerate vatt't oud 
(nn verloome) Groenlaudt, [etc.] 't tweode 
van 't nieuw (door 't soecken van 't oad' 


Nauwkeurige besohi-ijvjngh— continued, 
gevondene) Groanland, [etc.] Neveiia 't 
kort begrijp der seldsaeme reysen, gedaen 
oin Oud-Groenland weer to vinden door 
M. Porhoiaser uyt Eugelland, in 't Jaer 
1577. Door GotzkeLindauaiiwnytI>aene- 
maroken, in de jaeren 1605. en 1606. Door 
Karaten Richards, in 't j'aer 1601. Door 't 
Qroenlandsoh geselscha^ te Koppenhagea, 
in 't jaer 1636. Met aonhangingh van 't 
dagh-verhael der wonderlijoke h^egenin- 
gen des deensohen hoofdmans Johan 
Munck, in 't soeoken van een wegh tnsschen 
Groenland en America Da« Oost-Indien ; 
gelijek oock van den korten inhond en 
seldsaeme gevallen der hollandsche en 
zeenwsohe sckeeps-iiytrustingh nae Nova 
Zambia, gedaen ten selveu eynde; der 
ontmoetigon van seven persoonen; nock 
seven, en noch audere seven, gebleven op 
Spilsbergon, oni aldaer t'overwinteren, o. 
s. V. Vertaeld, enmet veelerleyhistorisolio 
byyoegbselen doorgasna vergroot, door 
S[imon3 de V[rioa. anon.} Engd. tit. 3 
p. 1. 128 pp. 1 pi. 1 map. am. 4°. Amster- 
dam, J. Claeaz ten Moom, 1678. 

Havarrete. (Euatatinio Fernandez de). 

Vida del celubre poeta Garcilaao de La 

Voga. S87 pp. 8°. Mudnd, Catm-o, 1850. 

[Oolecclon de rfooiimei.tos para la bistoTin da 

Espuia, V. l(i}. 

Noticias para la vida de d. Hernando 

Colon J y noticias da d. Bartolom^ Colon, 
kermano del alniiraute. 985 pp. 8°. 
Mailriil, Calero, IKO. 

n de doci 
V. IS], 

i para 

i hiatoi 


Navin (John Nicholson). Navin's veteri- 
narypraotice. 2v.ini. 506, is pp. 3 pi ; 
399 pp. 25 pi. In/Hana^olis, J. B. Hahn, 

V. 1. IPnrt II. Navin's Teterinary practico : or ox- 
plnnatory Jioras doiitor. ITur tlis ubb of tlio 
farmer, breeder, [etc.| 

T.a. [Fart 2), A praotionl treaUm on the diaeaaoa 
and tbeir treatmeDC, the breei!s, braedlug, 
[etc,] of cattle, bogs, abeep and poultry. 

Naylor & 'Willard, laan-afaetiirera. Illas- 
trative and descriptive catalogae and price 
list of nhistles, gauge cocka, oil cups, and 
other fistores, used by locomotive and 
stationary engine builders. [Eng. & 
Spanish]. 114 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Nrnv rwt,185t). 

Neal {Mrs. Alice Bradley). See Haven 
{Mrs. Alice Bradley). 

Neal (John). Logan, a family history. 
iaaon.-] 2 v. 317 pp ; 342 pp. 12°. 
Philddelpliift, S. C. Oarey tj- /. Lea, 18^. 

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Neal (Joliii) — contiuued. 

SeveDtj-six. By flie an tli or of Logan. 

[owon.] 2 V. vi,13-S68pp; Ip.l.l3-2e0 
pp. 1 1. 13". BttJtiinore, J. EoMiison, 
Neave (Sir Digbj). Four days in Coune- 
mata. vi, 306 pp. 8^. London, E. Beat- 
ley, 1852. 
ITecker de Saussure (AUicrtiuo-Adrieuue). 
Progressive edueatioD, commeuoiDg with 
the infaut. Translated from, tlie frencli : 
irlth notes and an appendix ; by mrs. 
■Willard and mi-s. Plielps. 348 pp. 1S°. 
Boston, W. D. TictJior, 1835. 
Nsctouz (Hypolite). Voyage daus la 
baate Sgypte, an dessns dos cataraotes, 
aveo dea obSBrvations sur les diversss 
osp6c63 de a^u6 cini sont ri5pandna dans le 
oommeroe. 1 p. 1. xii, 23 pp. 4 pi. ful. 
Paris, Gamery, 180S. 
Neely {Bev. Johu). Neely'a olomeutary 
speller and reader. 4tb ed. 178 pp. 16°. 
Fltiladelphia, J. B. ZtppincoH ^ eo. 1873. 
Heely (Kate J.) Ellie Kaudolpb ; or, tbe 
good part. 342 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Mw York, 
B. Cartel- 4- h-otli^-s, 1859. 
Neff (Jacob K. m. d.) The army and navy 
of America; containing n view of the 
beroic adventnres, battles, nayal engage- 
ments, remarkable iticideDt«, and glorions 
acbievments in the cause of freedom, from 
the period, of the frencb and Indian wars 
to the close of tbe Mexican war. 684 pp. 
6 pi. 8°. Lancaster, Fa. a. EilU, 1849. 
ITegii (Gialio). latoria degli scrittori 
fiorentini, la qnale ahbracoia intoruo St 
due mila autori, ohe negli nltimi cinqno 
secoll hauDO illnstrata eo i loro soritti 
qnella nazione, in qualunciue materia, ed 
in qnalunque litjgua, e disciplina ; eon la 
distinta nota delle lor' opere, cosl mauo- 
scritte, ohe stampate, e degli scrittori, obe 
di loro hanno con lode parlato, o fatta 
menzione. 6 p. 1.553 pp. fol, Fcrrara, 
Pomatelli, 1723. 
Wegio (The) forget-me-not songster, tbe 
only work published, containing all tbe 
negro songs, that bave ever appeared. 
[aiWB.] 256 pp. 24°. PMladeljih 
Iter 4- mslier, [1844]. 
Neill (John, m. d.) awij Smith (Francis 
Gnrney, m. d.) A bandbook of anatomy, 
Being a portion of an analytical compend- 
ium of the various branolios of medicine. 


Neill (J.) and Smith (F. G.)- continued. 
9d ed. 192 pp. la''. PMUtdelpUa, 
Slancliard 4' ^^"1 1852. s. 

i handbook of chemistry. 

2d ed. 106 pp, 12°. Philadelphia, Blaiwh- 
ard 4- Lea, 1853. s. 

Nefll (WOliam, d. d.) Lectnrea on biblical 
history, comprising the leading fects from 
the creation to tbe death of Josbna. 343 
pp. 12°. PJiiladelphia, W. 8. MarUen, 

NeilBon (Williiim, tl. cl.) Eserciaea on tbe 
syntax of tbe greek language. [Also], 
exercises in metapbrasis, parapbrasis, 
dialects, and prosody ; tlie doctrine of the 
middle voice ; a statement of opinions re- 
specting the greek accents; and two 
appendices, illustrative of the leading 
principles of the greek syntax. By Charles 

T. 4 J. Sii 
topb von; 

, 211 pp. 12°. JfeLi Yi»-k, 

• NeitEChiitz (Georg Chris- 
Des weiland herm George 
on NeitzaohitB sieb-jahrige 
nud gefahrlicbe -welt-bescbaunng duroh 
Enropa, Asia uad Africa. Durcb den 
drnck mitgetheilet von Christoff Jagem, 
I. I. Engd. tit. 390 pp. 10 1. am. i°. 
Badia^in, hei/ B. Krelmsehmarn, 1673. 

Nellgan (Eev. William H,) Saintly char- 
acters recently presented for canonization . 
1 p. 1. 352 pp. 16°. Hem-Torh, IS.Bnnigati 
4- brother, 1859. 

NeU (,Dr. A. M.) FUafBtellige logai-itbmen 
der zahlen und der trigonometriscbea 
functionen, uebst einigen andem tafelu. 
2to Terbesserte aufl. sx, 104 pp. 8°. 
Darmstadt, J. F. IMkl, 1870, 8. 

Vorschlag zn einer nenen cbarten- 

projoktion. Inangni-alscbrift. 1 p. 1. 33 
pp. 2 pi. 8°, Maim, F. Kti^ferJierg, 
1852. s. 

Hellea {Mrs. Annie). Eavenia; or, the 
ontcast redeemed. 251 pp. portrait. 8°. 
Ibpefco, Eanma, Commonwealth fitting co^s 
^ress, 1S72. 

Nellie Grey; or, ups and downs of every- 
day life, and their lessons, [anon.] 216 
pp. o pi. 18°. FMladeljihia, Am,. ».-e. 
union, [1855]. 

Nelson (John). A letter to the protestaut- 
dissenters in the parish of Ballykelly; 
occasioned by tbeir objections against 
tbeir lato minister. 150 pp. 1G°. .Eef- 
faBt, J. May, 1766, 

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KTelson {RIcLard). Helson' 

aritlimetio ; containmg tlie applioation of 
arithmetic to tbe general purposes of life, 
Hnd tlie metric system of weiglits and 
measures, recently adopted by congresB. 
2tl ed. 299 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, B. W. 
CaiToll f CO. 1867. 

Melsou'e mercantile aritlimetio, for 

sotools and colleges: a liand-book for 
merchants, professional men, meohanica, 
farmers, anil household use. 264 pp. 13°. 
Ciiiofnnoti, Nelaoii, Sizet- §■ eo. 1859. 

NemoiiTB (Marie d'Orl^ans-Lougneville, 
iudtesse do). Memoirs. Containing tlie 
most material iuoideuts which bappeued 
in France, during the war of Paris, to the 
time of cardinal de Beta's imprisonment, 
in 1652. 

llnJoislQmi and others. Momoira. ICO. Dub- 
lin, W. Watson, ele. 1777. r, 2, pp. n5-3iSl. 

Nepoa (Cornelius). Cornelias Nepos do 
vitisesoellentiumiraperatorum. Interpre- 
tatioue &. notis illnatravit Kioolaus Coiir- 
tin. Ed. 5a, emend. 1 p. 1. iv, si pp. 7 !. 
173, Ixvii pp. 8°. LoMini, 
J. Eobe>-ts, 1729. 

Tlie same. De Tita escelleutium 

imperatornm. From the 3d ed. of J. H. 
Bremi. With onglish notes, iv, 174 pp. 
13°. Boston, Cimmings, Bitlkird if co. 1S26- 

The same. Accodunt nofce anglioie, 

atqne index historious et geographions. 
iv, 192 pp. 12°. Boston, mutara. Gray, 
little ^ Wilhim, 


Netherlands. Sepai'temeitt van Hnnmlaiiil- 
aohe zakeit, Statistieohe hescheideu voor 
het koningrijk der Nederlauden. 2e deol. 
2e stuk. le gedeelte entel proviaciale en 
huiahondelijko rekeningen, 36 gedeelte 
gemeenterekeningen over 1885 en 1386. 
2 p. ]. 684, iii, 3 pp. 3 tables. fP. Te 
'a Gravenha-je, Vaa Wedlden ^ Mtngelen, 
1870. 8. 

DepartemeM van finantlen. Staatsbe- 

grooting voor het dienstjaar 1373. 100 
patta in 1 t. ['s Gra^enhage, ISJS] V 

KoninMijkitBderlandechinaHtimt, Ca- 

talogns bibliothecae Institoti regii belglci. 
ISl I. 8°. Amtdod. Fiqiei- f X^ihmr, 

Ontwerp van oonstitutie voor 

bataafsohe volk, door de aationale 
gadering tor good- of afkenriug aan het 
zelve volk voorgedragen. 2 p. 1. 194 pp. 
1 1. 8°. Saag, tw 's laais drahhery, 1797. 

Statistiek van. den handel en d« 

scheepvaart in het koningrijk der li 
landen, 1846-70. 29 v. fol. '* Graven- 
liage, geln'oeiera Gianfa J'^Iftani, 1846-71. 

Nettement (Alfred-Fran pois). Mfimoirea 
histoririaes de madame, duchesse de Eerri, 
depnia sa naissance jusq^u'il cejour. 3 v. 
8°. Paris, AUm-din,lS37. 

ITettie and friends, 1873. See Scott {Mrs. 



, 193 pp. 13°. 

BoaionkB, HilUard, Gi'ay ^ 
The same. Cornelina Nepos. With 

onawered qnestioiis and imitative CKor- 

eisos. Part 1. By the rev. T. K. Arnold. 

Kevised and corrected by E. A. Jobiiaon. 

213 pp. 13°. NeiB York, D. Api>Uton .f- co. 

mexi (Antonio). De arte vitraria libri sei»- 

tem, & in eosdein Christopli. Merretti ob- 

servatiouea & notte. In guibus omne 

gemmarum artiflcialium, eucaastorum &, 

laccarom artificlum ezplicatur. 13 p. 1. 

456 pp. 8 L 6 pi, 18°. Amsfelodmm, opjiii 

A, JMsmm,lGe8. 

[With EiLDWra jCliiiatiau Adolpb) Anrnm au 
p^na &. infenoa, kermeticmu, IfiTp] 

NeBtoriaii biography: being sketches of 
pious nestorians ■who have died at Oioo- 
miah, Persia. By the missionariea of the 
A.b.c.f.m. is, 284 pp. 5 pi. 12°. Bos- 
ton, Mass. sabbath sehool society, [1857], 

0. W.) 

Neue (Das) ABC- and buohstabir-buch, 
znm gebranch far dentaoba volkssohalen 
in Pennsylvanien nnd andern ataaten. 
[ojion.] 47 pp. 16°, SumnytoiDn, Fa. JH. 
M. Banner, imi. 

The same. Daa none bnchstabir- tind 

lesebuch. 3te vermehrte anfl. [anon.'] 144 
pp. 16°. Saimiytov)ii,Fa.E.Bmnei;imi. 

Neaa (Der) welt-bott. AJlerhand ao lehr- 
als gcist-relehe brief, schcifften uiid reis- 
beaohrelbnngen, welobe von denen mia- 
sionariis der geaellschafft Jesu aus beyden 
Indieu, nnd andern fiber meer gelegenen 
laudem, [1642-1745], in Europa angelangt 
seynd. [Zusammengetragen von Joseph 
Stockleia (v. 1-3), Petro Probst (v. 4), 
Francisco Keller (v. 5)]. 36 parts in 5 v. 
fol. AagspKys wnd Griitz, [etc.] P., M. ^ 
J. Veith seel, erben, [ete.] 1736-58. 

Jfofe.— Contains triinBlatlons of many lettora of 


db, Google 

ITeue (Der) welt-l>ott — coatiQucd. 
Stoa, 13-ie. 
Siid-AiueFicB, 17-27- 
Mogac and Oet-lncUen, zwiacben dons 
Gaagea and loduB, 34-33. 
T.l,part3. [1888-17001. 
MaFianiache nnd Philippinische insula 
Sina, TnnoMa uad Crwlcciua, 3»-43. 
Sad-AjueHoB, 4e~51. 
Kord-America, &S-5fi. 
Mogor, Hadnrn, BeDgala, mid Oat-Iiid 
- ' —Its. JlTOO-21, 

Mmionlsclie Ina 

Ttord-Amerloa, 71-73. 
Mogoi. MadniK, Caiuate, 73-TA 
Taroker, and von dem jostBiaclicn moor, 79 
T.l.part*. [1703-41. 
MaplBDiache Inaoln, 81. 

Siid-Ameiioii, 90. 

Mogol, Madari, [efo.] Ol-M. 
v.l,par65. [1704-11]. 

Clflna, Japon, Coceo, Oat- nnd West- Tart 
Tanldno nnd Cocinoinft, 07-Jll). 

Sud-Ameiioo, 111-115- 

MoKor. Oat-Xn^an, Bengaila, &d. IIS-ISC. 
T-LpartB, [1711-151. 

Nan-phillppmiBOlis insuln Palaos, ISI- 

China and Tnnkjn, IHB-ISS. 

H(n:d-,AniBrica, 139-140. 

Mogor, OaHndieo nnd Bengalfl, 11I-148. 

Tilrokey, 149. 
-r.l,par6 7, [1716-201. 

MarlanlacheiuBulii, 150-151- 

China and TanMn, 152-164- 

Sud-Ameriea. 165-170. 

Uord.Amerioa, 171-174 

Oet-tndi^, Malabarien, BengHla. tlilbolau 
Tartaiey, 175-184. 
v.l.parte. [1720-25J. 

Marlanlsohelnanln, 135-180- 

phUipptnladie ineoln, 187. 

China, Tanklno nnd ostlicLe Tartaroj, 168-204- 

Snd-.Anietloa, aOS-SlO- 

Hor<l-,Ajnerica, 211-313. 


V. apart 9.' Ivarloiie datesl. 
Mailiuilecne Inseln, 213. 
China nnd Taniino, 219-238- 

Osfrlndien, Mogor, Csrnate, nnd Madura, 233- 

v.2,nalt 10. [Variona dates], 
Bud-,Anierica, B49. 
Egyptm, 350-852- 

-ArmeDieu, Pi 
SyriBn, 270-27 



- and Idi^eD.gcscliiclitsn, 

id brief aasCbLua, 
.aelD. und Peiaos, 3( 

Gelobtes land, 301!. 
Syrian, 301-308. 

Tunkino, 313-313. 
Coolnoina, 314-317. 
Slam, 318. 

Barbarey in -Africa, 
Nord-Amerloa, oder 
SuiS-Ameile% 3^-320. 
AnaziiB nus ilenen brlefen 

Kaicb dea groaa-moEols nnd Ost-Indien, 33B-337- 
Cllinaund sinlaulieTartarey 33S-343 
Marlaniacbe and Ne I'CarohniBi.lie tnaeln und 
Palaos, 34! 

ejcyptiBObne, jndlaabim griecbiadieu nnd ro- 
mtaeheB jalir reobnnngen zwey uber bejde 
ParftRnarfou ge-«iebnate land karteu, [oto.| 

V- 3, part n 
KlBine Taitarey, 378. 

China, 3«0-38l!" ^ 

Schweden, 3S2. 

Klein.Aaien, Persien, Moaoan, grosso Tarlaroy, 

Sibetien,Poblen, 383-387. 
Sud-Ameriea, 383-391. 
Asoriache inaelu, 3!I2- 

V- 3, part 18. 

fegrelf t in aioh r. p- Judan TbadcliEi Krusin- 
aki6 a.i.nnd das l.ei'un Durrl effandl, nacli. 
richtenvondorletatenunruboinParsien, 394- 

AnaBug des Toloks Israel bus Eg 
■ in dem Jordan, 42S-42S, 



Andere brief ana America, 4S6-447. 

Tier sendsoirifilen p. Eosai, 448-453. 
T, 3, part 83-34. 

Ilea boch-edelgBboIimea berm de La Croix, bc- 
scliTeibong ueea gegenw^rtigen zuetands dor 
ffriech-armen' una maronitiaohen ae wolil klr- 
Chen als dienstbatkait In der Tiirokey, 454-505. 

Ausaoe [ana brieftn des] H- PeBolike, A, Tho- 
maa, C. Matter, M. Strobel, L. Ores, F. MiireVl, 
S. Maderay und Mart, 500-530. 

^'cii^na, Ciiamafe, nnd Tunotin, 531-539. 
Sud-Amerioa, 530-531. 
Pbilippinisaba inaeln, S32-533. 

Bescbrubung deren Pbilippiniacben iuaein In 
apanisolier spraob TBrfaaaet von F. Colin, an- 
jetaa aber von J. Cropff In dae teuteobe iiber- 

^'Pk^pin'tacbe inaeln, 534-538. 
Marianiaobe inaeln, 539-541, 

Cblna und CDobincbiuo, 540-550. 

Hord-AmeriOft, 507-508- 
Carnate, 569-570- 
An^aug, 573. 

'■^Sna, 573-594, 

Oai-Indien, Mogor, Madura, Malabar und Car- 
nato, 595-«07- 

CttifJlniscli-Pliilippinleeli nnd Marianisolie in- 


db, Google 


'elite; aes-caa 

V. 5. part SB. 


Neues jahrbuoli fUr miueralogie, geo 
nud palaeontologie. Gegriindet vou K. C. 
von Leonhani und H. G. Broun, und 
fortgeBetzt von. G. Leonliard und H. B. 
Geinitz. Jahrgaog 1872. 8°, StaWjc 
F. SelitBelseriai-t, 1873. 

Neaestes gemeinsohaftliclies gesangbucU 
znin gottesdieastliohen gobrauoli der lu- 
tlieriaohen uud reformirten gemeinden in 
Nord-Amerika. Eiae sainmluDg von 652 
liedem mit dem dazu geborigen anbaiig, 
enthaltend die melodien zn allea ge- 
sangea [etc, Von F. Hoddiok]. xxv 
344,79,39 pp. ISO. mw-Tork, Eoch ^ 

The same, ssviii, 344, 72, 3-44 ] 

18°, HeiB-York, J. 0. Kooli, 1859. 

Neukomm (Sigismund). The hyma of tlie 
night, a sacred ivork, to he performed by 
the Handel and Haydn society, at Boyli 
ton hall, October 1, 1837. 4 pp. 8°. Boi 
ion, Marden ^ Crawford, 1837, 

[MiscBLLiSEOUS pamphlets, v. 380). 

Nevada state library. Catalogae, 1872. 116 
pp. 8°. Caraoit cili/, etate pi-inter, 137S. 

Nevin (John wniiamson, d. d.) Die augst- 
hank, UeherBetst ane dem engliachen, 
nach derzweiten, vermekrten anfl. 154 
pp. 18°. ChamiersMrg, Fa. " Christlielie 
zeitBclirift," 1844. 

— ' The mystioal presence. A vindica- 
tion of the reformed or calvinistic doc- 
tiine of the holy euobarist. 25fipp. 12°. 
FMladelphia, J. B. MppineoU ^ eo. 1846. 

A summary of biblical antiquities. 

447 pp. 9 pi. 12°. Fkiladdphia, Am. s.-8. 
union, [1849]. 

ETevin (Robert P.) Blaok-robea, or sketches 
of missions and ministers in the wilder- 
ness and on the border. 36S pp. 12°. 
Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott ^' eo. 1872. 

New (A) and exact description of Moscovy. 
[omon.] 2 p, 1, 28 pp. portrait, am. 4°. 
London, B. Baldioin, [1693]. 

New (The) baptist magazine and evangeli- 
cal repository, for 1825. v. 1. viii, 503 
pp.21. 8°. London, for the 2>roprietors, 
[MooKE panipbleW, v. 78] 


New (The) commandment, 18U9 See S. 

New (The) dispensatoiy, 175J iSee Qumoy 

New elemenUiy anthmeti o, 1871. See 
Maelathlm <Henry B.) 

New (A) english-dutok-germaa-french dic- 
tionary, composed by a society of learned 
men. [onoH.] 8°. 's Graven3iage,K.FuliH, 

ISjeuw woordenlJoeltflornmlerdnitMlio-fraiiacliB- 
eDgeleche en hiwediutsotie t^leu, v. 3] . 

Ne-w (A) general atlas, ooutaining a, geo- 
graphical and historical account of all the 
empires, kingdoms, and other dominions 
of the world : with the natural history 
and trade of each country. [Also], an in- 
trodttction to geography, [etc. iinoii.] 4 
p. 1. 272, 141-261 pp. 5 1.^ maps. fol. 
London, D. Browne, letc.} 1721. 
(Imperfact ; maps of Loudon and of Miasiaaippi 

New mannal of private devotions. In three 
parts. [aiiOB.] 3d am. ed, 371pp. 12°. 
mw-Yorlc, T. 4- J. Sirords, 1817. 

New (Tke) monthly magazine. Edited by 
William Francis Ainsworth. Jan. to dee. 
1372. New series, v. 1-2 ; [ complete series, 
V. 150-151]. 8°. London, Adams ^y Fran- 
mi, 1873. 

The same. The new monthly maga- 

zineandlitetarjjoumal. Am.ed, v.1-2, 
1833. 8°. Boston,Anen^Tiekmr,W33. 

New (The) night-caps told to Charley, By 
the author of " Night-oaps." [nnon,] 207 
pp. 8 pi. sij. 16°. New York, D. Appleton 
<?■ CO. 1860. 

New (The) picture reading-hook. See PIc- 
(The new) reading-book. 

Newr (The) plaindealer ; or freeman's budg- 
ets. Nos. i-iii. Containing an Impaitial 
state of the case between John Bull and 
G. E. [etc.] 166 pp. 2 pi. 8°. London, 
J. W. Fores, 1791-93. 
[MiscELLAtnuouB pamplileta, t.S9(I|. 

New (A) practical system nf human reason. 
,] xxsv,156pp, [n.^). <i6o!(!1800]. 



New (The) universal letter- writer ; or, oom- 
plete art of polite correapondenoe. [flTwn.] 
316 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Olaxton, Betn- 
sen 4- Saffelfinger, 1873. 

Nevrark {N. J.) Pierson's Newark city di- 
rectory for 1863-4. v. 29. By Charles H, 
Polwell. 8°. Ntwark, The dailg advertiser 
office, 1803. 

d by Google 


Ne'wark <-ff. J.)~coutiunod. 

Haud book and guide for the city of 

Kewark, New Jersey, [anoii.] 130 pp. 1 

map. 12°. I^ewark, Nhiuarh daili/ ndrei'- 

tiser p-iHf,W7fl. 
NeTwark daUy advectisei. MarcliSS to aug. 

31, 1832; Jan. 2, 3833, to jnne 30, 1855; 

Jan. S, 1856, to dec. 31, 1858; jan. 3 to June 

30, 1860 ; jau. 2, 1861, to dee. 31, 1862. 57 

V. fol. Newark, (_If. J.} 


__ with ni 


p jnn.a, law' 


newborn (_Bev. William J.) The baptist 
Jiynm-book, 1835. Sae BidOle (WUliam 
P.) and ETe'w'bom. 

Newb«rgIi(J7", J",) Catter'aNewMvglicity 
directory, with linsineBs directories of 
Newburgh, Cornwall Lauding, Oanter- 
bory, Moodna and New Windsor attached. 
For the year ending may Ist, 1873, [v. 6]. 
8°. Ifmhtrgh, 2f. T. Cartel- 4- Sutli^-lanil 
piiblUking co. 1872. 

Hntchinaon's Kewburgh directory, 

for 1860-61, aud annppendis. By Thomas 
Hutchinson. 12°. Jfeitftwrjirt, I>. SinWi-, 

Hawbiirypoi't (Mass.) The Newbuvyport 
directory, containing a new map of the 
town, an almauac, [etc.] January, 1851. 
By John E. Tiiton. 164 pp. 1 1. 1 map. 
18°. NeivTim-s^rt, J. G. Tilioii, 1850. 

The same. The Newbnry port direct- 
ory, with an almauac for 1860, Ho. 10. 
By Caleb Miles Haskell. lff=. A'eioftiH'i/- 
pm-t, S. T. Crofoot, [1859]. 

The Newbnryport directory, 1873. 

No. 15. By Sampaou, Davenport & 00. 
Neivbwypm-t, [Mass.] S. T. Crofoot, [1879]. 

Newcomb (Dan. ra. d.) When and how; 
or, a collection of the more recent facta 
aud idcaa upon raising healthy children. 
324 pp. 1 pi. 13°. Chlcaijo, A. W. Fmwj 
^ CO. 1873. 

Neiwoomb (iJef. Harvey). How to be a 
lafiy : a book for girls. 224 pp. 18". ISos- 
Im, Gould, Kendall .^ JAncoln, 1847. 

How to be a man : a book for boya, 

containing uBefnl hints on the formation 
of character. 234pp. W. Boston, Gould, 
Kendall ^ Lincoln, 1847. 

' A practical directory for young chris- 
tian females: being a series of letters 
from a brother to a younger sister. 283 
pp. 18°. Boston, Mass. sabl/ath scJiool so- 
del;!, 1633. 


Mewoomb {Beo. Harvey)— continued. 

The young lady's guide to the har- 
derelopment of christian charac- 
ter. Eevised ed. With an address on 
female educatiou. 330 pp. 16°. 2fme 
York, M. W. Bom, 1^3. 
Ne'WQ zeittnug. von dem lande. das die 
Sponier fnndeu habeu ym 1521. tare ge- 
nantjncatan. [nnoii.] b.l. 4L sm. 4°. 
[n. jp. about 1521 ; reprint, about 1850]. 
2fofe.— Fao-alraila (I'nn Uvro uninue (Tans la biblio- 
tUidUB Eoysle do Uortlo. 

Uewell {Mrs. Harriet), Life and writinga, 
1831. See Woods (Leonard, d!. d.) 

HeweU (M. A.) aU Creery (William R.) 
The Maryland serira. 6 v. 16° and 12°. 
BaUimore, Kelly^Fiet^- co. [1868], 

Tbe first reaflor: tor pclnmry aoboole. 72 pp. 

Tlie BBcond cender : for prlmmy schoola. 13ji pp. 

The third reotlet ; for the uss of acliools. S18 pp. 

The fonrtb reader ! for tlie aao of sohooJa, 276 pp. 

The£fthreni1ei': for the iiae of schools. 360 pp. 

The slith reader ; for the use of aohooU. Hi pp. 

Newell (Robert H ) The O phe s C Ke r 
papers. [_ps do ] 38 pi 1 i ic 
Yorh, BlaU an ^ M so I8u2 

New England (The) lusness d ectcy 
[1860], b B to A% K Samiso f co 

The bitm Ih 1 and 1873 8 Bos 

ion, Sanp Da n^o i j eo 18 1 3 

New-England (The) h atoncal and genea- 
logical eg ate and ant q ai an jo nal 
published jua te ly nude the due t ou 
of the New En^lan 1 hiato c genealog cal 
society Jau to t 18 2 v 26 8 
BosUm, f! e so etj 187 s 

Kew England nsnriuce gazette ind 
monthly financ al eoo d W U am Had 
den, ed tor May 1%9 to ap il 1873 
r. 8-11 4 IBot IF S Id 1869- 

Wew-Ha pshire CM /) Joirnals of 
the senate and hou e ot ep aentat vea 
jane aes ou 18- & ^ si a O C 
Mowe, 18- 

New-Hampsh re (The) reg ste firme a 
almanac aud l»u& ess d ectory for 18*^ 
184 pp 1 1 l*" CI -mt [Y S-\ 
Claremo f its tifactarlng co 1373 

ITevr HampaMre state agr cultural soo ety 
Ti-ansaot ons fo 1<^ 0-5 fc 1853 2 v 
8°. Co I r tt 1 nj If /; 1 i 4 

d by Google 


New Jersey (State of). Docuiueuts of t!ie 
eightj-siith legislature of tlie state of 
New Jersey, and tlie twenty-eiglith, nnfier 
the new conatitntioa. 8^. Freehold, J. S. 
Yard, 1872. 

Acljtttant genm'al. Official register of 

tlie ofQoers and men of New Jersey In tbe 
revolutionary war, compiled by WUliam 
S. Stryker, a<ljatant geueral. Printed by 
authority of the legislature. 878 pp. 8°. 
Ti-eatojt, W. T. NwUUon ^ co. 1872. 

Dii-eelorkB. Boyd's New Jersey atate 

directory, 1872. 8". S^acnae, N. Y., A. 
Bogd, 1879. 

Kirkbride's Hew Jersey bnai- 

neas directory, general register and adver- 
tising medium. Carefully collected, ar- 
ranged and published by Stacy B. Kirk- 
bride, jr. for 18130 & 1851. 8'^. Ti-eiiton, 
K. J. 1850. 

Wew-Jeraey biatorical aociety. Collections 
of the New- Jersey liistoiical aociety. 
Newarlc, ihe socieiij, 1873. 

T. 7. TLB ooBfilltntion and government of tlio 
province imd atate of New Jeraej. witli 
tiiwraphioal aketoLea of the governors 
from 1770 to 1845. And remlniscBncea of 
the hencli and bsr, dnring moie tbnu haU 
a century. By Lnoina Q. C. Elmer, U. d. 
New Jersey (The) magazine. The north- 
ern monthly. See Northern monthly. 
New-Jerusalem, orSwedenborgiauchureb. 
Book of pnhlio worship, for the use of the 
new church signified by the New Jerusalem 
iu the revelation. 396 pp. 13°. Soaion, 
O. Olapjj, 1836. 

Centenary addresses. Centenary of 

the New Jeraakem. Twelve addresses ij 
commemoration of the last judgment ii 
the spLrituaJ world, 1757, delivered before 
the general convention of the new church 
at its annual session in Cincinnati, 1857 ; 
with a aketeh of the life and writings 
Emaunel Swedenborg. xsxvi, 345 pp. 
13 nos. in 1 v. 8°. Jfeo York, general 
convenUoit of the Neic-JerHsalem chiireh in 
IM United Slates, 1859. 
New-Loudon (Oothi.) Boyd's New Lou- 
don directory, 1873-3, with a buaineaa 
directory of New London county. Com- 
piled by A. Boyd. 12°. Nev; London, C. 
Prmee, [1873]. 
Newman (Mrs. A. E.) Enropean leaflets, 
for young ladiea. By Evangeline, [pseu- 
doii. Preface subscribed G. P. D.j First 
series. 207 pp. 13°. New Yorlc, " ~ 
Jialdwii), 1801. 


Newman (John. B. m. d.) First book in 
physiology ; with anatomy, and the laws 
of hygiene. 187 pp. 12°. New York, 
Cady 4' Bargees, 1851. 
Newman (Beu. John Henry). Easays criti- 
cal and historical. 3 v. xi, 434 pp; 2 
p. L 453 pp. 12°. London, B. M. Pickering, 

Two esaaya on acriptuce miracles and 

on eocleaiastical. 2d ed. si, 393 pp. 8°. 
Undon, B. M. Pickering, 1870. 
Newnhain (William). Man, in his physioal, 
intellectual, social, and moral relations. 
192 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Am. «.-». miott, 
New-Orleana {Oily - of). Now-Orloana 
directory, for 1841. Published by Michel 
& CO. 12°. N6ic-0rteans,J. L. SolI&, 1840. 

The same. New-Orleans directory 

for 1843, compriaing New-Orleans, Lafa- 
yette, Algiers and Gretna. With biatorical 
notices of the state of Louisiana, the city 
of New-Orleans, [etc.] 3 y. in 1. 8°. 
Ne>ii-Orleam, Pitl» ^ Clarke, 1843. 

Michel & 00. New Orleans annual 

and commercial register for 1846. 16". 
Neni Orleam, E. A. Miohel 4- CO. [1845]. 
Newth (Samuel). The elements of statics, 
dynamics, and hydrostatics, with an ap- 
pendix on the laws of light, the formation 
of images by lensea, and the nature of 
sound. 2 p. L 155 pp. 12°. London, 
Taylor, Walton ^ Maberhj, 1850. 
Nevrton (A.) The song of Solomon com- 
pared with other parts of scripture, [in a 
commentary npon it]. 3ded. vi, 230 pp. 
16°. London, J. Nisbel ,;■ eo. 1852. 
Ne'wton (A.E.) Lessonsfor children about 
themselves. Part 1.— The body, 141 pp. 
18°. Boston, Newton ^ co. 1873. 
Newton (Bev.. D. F.) Digging roots. 
Lying and making liars. White lies and 
black lies. Satan in the pulpit— in the 
press. Swords and fires, fires and swords. 
Gospel fires — fires of the gospel. And 
little Mary in a nut shell. 320 pp. 16°. 
Ne>B York, [author, 1872]. 
A holiday present ; or, ednoating lit- 
tle Mary for the heavenly kingdom. 540 
pp. portrait. 12°. New York, a«.thor,lS71. 
Newton (Bee. John). The life of John 
Newton, [nnon.] 160 pp. portrait. IS". 
Philadelphia, Am. e.-it. tmion, 1831. 
Ifofe— " Taion from Newton'a narrative of him- 
self, iiu<l lijs memolra, hj mr. [Elohnrd] Ccuil." 

db, Google 


Ne-wton (Richard, (i. d.) The heat things. 
Engd. tit. 293 pp. 3 pi. 16='. Neiv York, 
B. Carter ^ brotliers, 1859. 

H'e'wton (Eichard Heher). The children's 
chiiroh: a service boolc and hymnal for 
nseiutbesnad^iy-scbool andchurcb. xiii, 
240 pp. Bci. 24°. N'aa Y(n% A. D. F. Ran- 
dolph, [1872]. 

JftrtSp—Eiobard Newton's "Children's otorob oec- 
T/iee" Is Ineorporatad In this volume. 

Newton (Thomas, d. d. bUhop of Erisiol). 

Disam^t^tiona on tlie prophecieST which 
liava remarkably been fnifilled, and at 
this time are falfllling ia ttie world. 2d 
ed, 3 V. 8°. London, for J. ^ B. Tomon, 

Newton (Keii. WiDiam). Leotnres on the 
first two Tiaiona of the book of Daniel. 
250 pp. 12°. FhimelpMa, W. S. 4- A. 
MarUen, 1859. 

New York (Frovinoe of). Names of per- 
sons for whom marriage licenses were 
issned by the secretary of the province of 
New York, previous to 1734. Printed by 
order of Q. J. Tucker, secretary of state. 
ix, 480 pp. 8''. Albany, Weed, Parsona tf- 
eo. 1860. 

New York (Stefe of). Adjutant geaeraVn 
office. Annual report of the adjutant gen- 
eral, Jan. 12, 1873. S°. Albany, The argug 
oompany, 1873. 

Ckmmisaion of steam <ni the caaah. 

Steam on tbe canala. Second annual re- 
port of the commission appointed by ohap- 
t6r86S,lawsof 1871. 164pp. 8°. Jlbmy, 
Tiie argus coaypaiay, 1873. 8, 

ConanUBiona-s of taxes. Eeport of the 

commissioneis appointed by the governor 
nnder authority of a joint resolution of 
the two honaes of tie legislature, paaaed 
april 26, 1870, to revise the laws for the 
assessment and collection of taxes. 154 
pp. 8°. Albany, Argus co. 1871. 

The same. Second report of 

the commission era to reviae the laws for 
the assessment and collection of taxes in 
tho state of New York, with a code of laws 
relative to assessment and taxation. D. 
A. Wells, E. Dodge, G. W. Cuyler, commis- 
sioners. 103 pp. 8°, Albany, The argus 
eo. 1873. 

ConaiUutionalconve)ition,l^l-<}!i. Doc- 

nments of the convention of the state of 
New York, 1867-68. 185 nos. in J 
8°. Albany, Weed, Parsims ^ co. 1863. 


Hew York {State of ) — continued. 

Constitution adopted in 1840. 

With a comparative arrangement of the 
constitutional provisions of other states, 
classiBed by subjects. Prepared by Frank- 
lin B. Hough, i, 239 pp. 4°. AlUny, 
Weed, Parsons ^ co. 1867. 

Journal of the convention of 

the state of New York, began jnne 4, 1867. 
8°. Albany, Weed, Faraons 4- CO. ise7. 

Proceedingaand debates of the 

constitutional convention, held in 1867-68. 
Reported by Edward F. Underbill. 5 v. 
8°. Aliantf, Weed, Parsons ^ co. 1868, 
' ■ Eeviaion documents of tlio 

constitutional convention, 1667-68. fol, 
Albany, Weed,, Parsons 4- co. 1868. 

Insarance department. New York in- 

snrance reports. Condensed ed. By Will- 
iam Barnes. 1830-1863. 2 v. B°. Al- 
bany, N. T. Weed, Parsons 4- eo. 1873. 

Legislature. A. compilation of cases 

of contested elections to seats in the as- 
sembly of the state of New York, with the 
reports of committees on privileges and 
elections, and tlio action of the house 
thereon, from 1777 to 1871 inolnsive. With 
an appendix of the election laws of the 
state of New York. Prepared and ar- 
ranged nnder the direction of C. W. Arm- 
strong, clerk. 2 V. 8°. Albany, The argjia 
eo. 1871. 

Documents of the assembly. 

Ninety-fonrth session, 1871. 126 nos. in 
12 V. 3'^. Albany, Argus company, 1871. 

Doonments of the senate. 

Ninety-fourth session, 1871. 38 nos. y. 
1-3, 8°. Albany, Argaa contpoiij/, 1871, 

General indcK to the docu- 
ments of the state of New York, from 1777 
to 1871, inclusive. Prepared by Walter 
A. Cook under the direction of 0. W. Arm- 
strong. 8°, Albany, Argus company, 1871. 

Journal of the assembly at 

their 92d, 93d and 94th sessions, 1869-1871. 
6 V. 8°. Albany, Argue company, 1869-71. 

Journal of the senate at thojr 

92d, 93d aud 94th sessions, 1869-1S7I. 3 v. 
8°. Albany, Argus emnpany, 1869-71. 

The legislative manual for 

186(K 8CI.I60. Alhany,Weed,Farsons4-co. 

Metropolitan board of health. Second 

annual report of the metropolitan board 
of health of the state of Hew York, 1367, 

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New York (Sfaie o/)— contiaueil. 

320 pp, 5 col. maps. S°. Neiv Yori:, Union 
printing Iwuae, 1868. 8. 

PtibUo inainfotion. Thirteenth [to] 

eighteentli annnal reports of the Btiperin- 
tendent of public instruction. 5 v. 8°. 
AUany, The argus co. 1867-72. S. 

Beports, The final report of John 

Eomeyn Brodhead, agent of the state 
of New-York, to procure and transcribe 
documents in Europe, relative to the colo- 
uial hlstoiy of said state, 1845. 1 p. 1. 3T5 
pp. 8°. Albany , pHniei' to the senafe, 1345. 
(Senate doc no. 41). 

N'ote^ — Tranacrllred from tbe oF^glnala in tlie tojaI 
atcbives at the Hagoe. io London, and in Taria. 

In senate, jau, 14, 1853.— Re- 
port of the committee appointed to exam- 
ine and report the causes of railroad acci- 
dents, the means of preventing their 
156 pp, 8°. [Aliaii'j^, 

[Teohnolouicai. pmnpbletfl, v. 25]. 

Slate agnBidtural miaetg. Transac- 
tions, with an abstract of the proceedings 
of the county agricultural societies, v. 
30—1870. 8°. Albany, The argna co. 1873. 

State engineei' and eurvegor's office. An- 
nual report of the state engineer and sur- 
veyor on the railroad statistics of New- 
York, 1855. 528pp. Imap. 8°. {_Albany~\, 
1855. s. 

[TECHHOLoeiCAL psmplilete, T. S4]. 

State library. Catalogue of the New 

York state library, 1872. Subjeot-index 
of the general library, xvii, 651 pp. 8°. 
Albany, Van Beittliuysea pHnting Iu>uae, 
1872. 8. 

Fifty-fourth annual report of 

tbe trustees of the New York state library. 
Jan. 18,1873. 8°. Jlliany, The argu3 com- 
pany, 1873. 

Universify of the state. Twentietli an- 
nual report of the regents of the uni- 
versity of the state of New York, on the 
condition of the state cabinet of natural 
history, and the historical and autiqna- 
rian collection annexed thereto. Revised 
ed. 8°. Albany, C. Van BeatMysen ^ sons, 
JfoM.— Pulilialied in 1871. 

NewT York (,City of). Manual of the cor- 
poration of the city of New York, 1869. 
Joseph Shannon, clerk of the common 
council, [compiler]. 8°. Ifevi York, 
1869. 8. 



New York (Ci(j) o/)— continued. 

of the joint investigat- 
of supervisors, aJdermeii, 
and associated citizens, appointed to ex- 
amine the public accounts of the city and 
county of New York. 1 p. 1. 225 pp. 8°. 
Neiv Ym% Eveaittg post presses, 1872. 

Department of public parhe. Second 

annual report of the board of commission- 
ers of the department of public parks, for 
the year ending may 1, 1372. 8°. Neie 
Tm% W. C. Bryant 4- 00. 1873. 

Seallh Aepm'tment. First [and] sec- 
ond annual reports of the board of health 
of the health department of the city of 
New York,— april 11, 1870, to april 10, 

1872. 2 V. 8°. JViw York, 1871-72. 8. 
Almanacs. The New York almanac 

and yearly record for the year 1858. 226 
pp. 18°. New York, Mason brothers, 1858. 
The New York almanac for 

1873. Edited by Julius Wilcox. 8°. 
Jfetc-roWc, F. Bart ^- co. [1872], 

DirectoHcs-.'Slate and city. 'Boyii^s 

New York state directory, 1873, 1873, 1874. 
With post-offices, post-masters' names, aud 
telegraph and express stafjons throughout 
the state, history of the states and territo- 
ries, and brief sketches of the principal 
places contained in the directory. By 
Andrew Boyd. 8". Syracuse, Traair, Smith 
4 CO. 1872. 

Elliot's improved New-York 

[city] double directory. 8°. Nevi-Y<n% 
W. Elliot, 1812. 

The Manhattan souvenir, and 

New York sketch book, for 1850. [iinon.] 
16°. Nrnv-Yoi-k, W. S. McDonald ^ co. 

New- York as it is, in 1833 ; 

and citizens' advertising directory. With 
a eoiTect map of the city. Edited by Ed- 
win Wdliams. viii, 224 pp. 1 map. 24°, 
New-York, J. IHstitrneU, 1633. 

New Y'ork central business 

gazetteer of cities aud towns on the N. Y, 
c, r. r. 287 pp. 8°. Eoehesler, N. Y. 
Carters 4- Fhjnn, 1871. 

The New York merchanta' and 

mauufactuiers' advevtisiug business di- 
rectory for 1857-8 [and] 1858-9. 3 v. 
4°. New York, T. W. Bamum, 1857-58. 

See, also. Medical (The) reg- 
ister of New York and vicinity. 

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New York (Cltn o/)— continued. 

Tbo great metropolis; or gniilo to 

New York for 1845, 1846, [aud] 1848. 
[First], second, [and] fourth pablicatious. 
3v. 18°. NemYorlCjJ.Doggettijr.ilSii-iT]. 
Tcow'a New York city direct- 
ory. H. Wilson, compiler, v, 86. For 
tbe year ending may 1, 1873. [Also, 
The New York oity commercial register. 
The New York city register, etc.] 8°. 
Weio Jin-fc, Ti-oiv citij directory co. 1873. 

Buaiitesa direclaries. The New York 

buBinesa directory for 1841 and 1842. 2d 
ed. 13°. New York, J. Doggett, jr. lUh 

Doggett'a New York husiness 

directory, for 1846 & 1847. 4th publica- 
tion. 18°, New Yorlc, J. Doggell, jr. 1184Q}. 
Carroll's New York city di- 
rectory to the [business portion]. By G. 
Danielson Carroll. 216 pp, 1 map. 18°, 
Nmo To>% Carroll f co. 1859. 

Wilson's business directory of 

New York city, [1871-72 and 1872-73], 
T. 25-26, 2 T. 16°. Jfetv Yorle, Trow city 
direolora eo. 1872-73. 

Copartjierahip dii-eetmies. The New- 

Tork city and co-partnership directory, 
for 1843 &> 1844. 8°. New Tw% J. Dog- 
gettjjr. [1S43]. 
Wilson's New York city co- 
partnership directory, for 1363-G4. 8°. 
New York, J. F. Tro^v, 1863. 

Slreet diredorg. Wilson's street and 

avenuo directory. (Corrected may 1, 
1871), 32°. NeivYor'k,H.WiU<m,Vi7\. 

Annals of public education in Kew 

York, 1626-1746. See Pratt (Daniel J.) 
Hew York bible and common prayer book 
society. Liturgio worship. Sermons on 
the book of common prayer, by bishops and 
clergy of the proteatant episcopal churoh. 
203 pp. 12°. New Yorh, J. Pott, 1864. 
New Tork (The) citizen and round table, 
July 17, 1869, to aug. 5, 1871, v. 6-7, 
sm.fol. NeiP York, [18m-711. 
New Totk city misaion and tract society. 
45th [and] 46th annual reports, with brief 
notioes of the operations of other socie- 
ties, church directory, list of benevolent 
societies, and statistics of population, etc, 
2 y. 8°. [.New York-], 1872-73, 
New York (The eclectic medical society of 
the state of). Transactions for the years 
1866-70. 4 V. 8°. Alhang,[etatep)ml^re'\, 


New York (The) evening mail. [Daily], 
Jan. 2 t-o dec. 31, 1873. 2 v. fol. Nm 
Fork, lEvening raa'tl assodation, 1872], 

New York evening post. See Evening 
post (New York daily). 

New- York (The) farmer, and hortic