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3000 1 4552K 

9 fi. loqo 







TO THE YEAK 1640. 





LOKGVANB ft Co., 89, Patebnostxb Bow; R Quabitch, 15, Piccadilly; 

Ajbhbb ft Co., is, Bedford Stbeet, Co vent Garden; and 

Tr6bneb ft Co., 57, Ludoate Hill. 

London, 1884. 







• • 

• • • 


TO THE YEAR 1640. 



QUJESTIO. Quaestio quod- 
libetica. An lioeat stipendia sub 
Principe religione discrepante 
merere. CanUinigiaey 1630. 4to. 

3936. d. 

QUARLES (Francis) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Esther. 
HadasBa : or the History of 
Qneene Ester : with Meditations 
thereupon, Divine and Morall... 
By P. Q. 1621. 4to. 

1077. b. 10. (2.) 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Jcb. Job Militant : with Medi- 
tations divine and Morall. Bj 
P. Q. 1624. 4to. 1077. b. 76. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Song of Solomon. Sions Sonets. 
Snng by Solomon the King, and 
periphras'd by F. Q. 1 625. 4to. 

1077. b. 77. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Lamentations. Sions Elegies, 
wept by Jeremie the Prophet: 
andperiphras'dbyF.Q. 1624. 4to. 

11626. c. 1. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Jonah. A Feast for Wormes. 
Set forth in a poeme of the his- 
tory of Jonah. By F. Q. 1620. 4to. 

1077. b. 10. 

VOL. m. 

1626. 4to. 

1077. b. 34. (3.) 


QUARLES (Francis) Arga- 
lus and Parthenia. [In verse.] 
Printed for J. Marriott, London^ 
1629. 4to. 11626.0.31. 

Titlepage engraved. 

— Another edition . Printed for 
J. Marriott, London, [1632?] 4to. 

11626. 0. 32. 

— Divine Fancies; digested 
into epigrammes, meditations, 
and observations. [In verse.] 
Printed by M. F. for J. Marriot, 
London, 1632. 8vo. 11623. c. 39. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by M. F. for J. Marriot, London, 
1633. 4to. 1077. b. 3. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy M. F. for J. Marriot, London, 
1636. 4to. 11623. bb. 31. 

— Divine Poems : containing 
the History of Jonah, Ester, Job, 
Sampson. Sions Sonets, Elegies. 
(Eleven pions Meditations. — Pen- 
telogia. — An Alphabet of Elegies, 
upon the... death of... Doctor Ail- 
mer) ... Newly augmented, etc. 
Printed hy M. F. for L Marriot, 
London, 1683. 8vo. 238. b. 51. 

With a frontiBpieoe, dated 16S2, 
but without the verses entitled 
"* The Minde of the Frontispice." 
Most of the pieces buve separate 





•titlepages, but the pagination is oon- 
tlnuuns. The History of Jonah is 
entitled : '• A Feast for Wormes." 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy M, F. for L Harriot, London, 
1634. 8vo. 1077. c. 4. 

Several of the pieces have special 
titlepages. There is also an en- 
graved general titlepage, dated 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy M, F. for I. M., London, 
1638. Svo, 238. b. 49. 

With a second titlepage engraved, 
bearing date 16H2, opposite which 
are eight lines entitlea ^ The Minde 
of the Frontispice.' 


QUARLES (Francis) An 
Elegie upon my dears brother, the 
Jonathan of my heart, M*^ J. 
Wheeler, etc. T. Cfor N.Alsop, 
and T. Nicholee, London, 1637. 8vo. 

G. 960. (1.) 

— Emblemes. (Lusus poeticus 
poetifi [by E. Benlowes] — Quar- 
leis [by Benevolus, i.e. E. Ben- 
lowes].) MS. KoTK. Printed hy 
O. M, and sold at L Harriots shop, 
London, 1635-34. 8vo. 1077. c. 80. 

The ** Lusus poeticus" and the 
** Quarleis ** are without pagination, 
and have each a distinct titlepage, 
that of the former bearing date 1634. 

— Another edition. MS. Notes. 
Printed for L W. d F. K, London, 
1635. 8vo. 11626. aa. 30. 

Titl^psge engraved. With em- 
blematical drawing and autograph 
bj Timothy Mauleverer. Also with 
the engraved titlepage and plates of 
H. Hugo's " Pia Desideria," printed 
at Antwerp in 1629. 

— Enchyridion containing 

, ,., , Divine I S""*^."'?^**^^* 
InBtitn- \ I Practical 

tions { ( Ethicall 

MoralW Oeconomicall 

( Politicall. 

r. Cotes, London, 1640. 12mo. 

8406. aa. 
Without pagination. 


QUARLES (Francis) Hiero- 
glyphikeeof thelifeof Man. [In 
verse, with copper plates by 
W. Marshall.] H Flesher for 
J. Harriot, London, 1638. 8vo. 

1077. c. 5. 
Engraved titlepage. Cropped. 

— The Historie of Samson. 
In verse.] Printed hy H. F. for 
". Harriott, London, 1631. 4to. 

1077. b. 34. (2.) 

— Another copy. 240. k. 32. 

— Memorials upon the death 
of Sir R. Quarles, etc. T. Cotes, 
for N. Alsop, London, 1639. Svo. 

G. 960. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

'— Sighes at the contemporary 
deaths of those incomparable 
Sisters, the Countesse of C leave- 
land, and Mistrihse G. Eillegme, 
Daughters of Sir J. Crofts, etc. 
T. Cotes for N. Alscp, London, 
1640. Svo. G. 960. (3.) 

Without pagination. 

QUARTIER (Jacques) 
See Cartier. 

QUELCH (Wiluam) Church 
Customes vindicated in two 
sermons [on 1 Cor. xi. 16]. Printed 
hy H. F. for N. Butter, London, 
1636. 4to. 694. d. 15. (1.) 

See Du Chesne. 

QUESTIONS. Certaine 
short Questions and Aunsweres, 
very profitable and necessary for 
all yong children, and such as 
are dcBirous to be instructed in 
the principles of the Christian 
Faithe. 90* H, Imprinted hy L K. 
for T. Han, London, 1584. Svo. 

3505. c. 51. (2.) 
Without pagination. 

QUIN (Walter) The Princes 
[Henry, Princeof Wales,] Epitath. 




...In obi turn ejtisdem Principis. 
Stances du m^me autheur 8ur le 
mesme snjet, etc. See Sylvissteb 
(J.) Lachrimae lachrimarnm, 
etc. [1613.] 4to. 239. k. 31. 

QUIN (Walter) Corona vir- 
tutum principe dignarum,ex variis 
Philosopborum ... floribus con- 
texta,...Cui adjunota sunt de vita 
...duorum Antoninorum, Pii, & 
Marci,... memorabilia, etc. Apud 
J» BiUium, Londini, 1617. 12mo. 

528. a. 6. (2.) 

— In nuptiis Principum In- 
compaTabilium, Caroli Britannici 
Imperii Monarch HenriettaB 
Marise, Henrici Magni, Galliarnm 
Regis FilisB, gratulatio quadri- 
Unguis. Laty Eng., Fr., Ital. 
0. Purdow, Londini, 1625. 4to. 

C. 28. g. 22. (4.) 

— The Memorie of the most 
wortbie and renowmed Bernard 
Stuart, Lord D'Aubigni renewed. 
W hereunto are added Wisbes pre- 
sented to tbe Prince at bis Crea- 
tion. [Botb in verse.] 0, Pur- 
flow, London, 1619. 4to. 

11623. bb. 34. 
Without pagination. 


R. See Donne (J.) Death's 
duell, eto. [Tbe address to tbe 
reader subscribed R.] 1632. 4to. 

1417. b. 23. 

R. Death's loud Allarum : or, 
a perfect description of tbe frailty 
of Mans life, with some admoni- 
tions to wame all men and 
Women to repentance. [A ballad. 
By R. C. ? t.e. Richard Climsell ?] 
B, Z, 2 pts. Printed ,.. for 
J, Wright the Toungler], London, 
[1636?] Broadside foi. Rox.L78. 

The initial following the B. has 
been cut oti*. 

R., A. Clavis Homerica...[by 
A. R., t.e. Antonius Robertij. 
Huic adjicitur brevis Appendix 
de Dialectis, autbore R. P. N. N. 
Anglo, Oxoniensi, S. I. [i.e. A. 
Roberti]. Editio eecunda, priori 
correctior... opera G. P[erkin8]. 
Typi8 E. 0„ aumptxbuB 0. Emersoni, 
Londini, 1638. 8vo. 11315. a. 9. 

R., B. See Greene (R.) 
Greenes Newes both from Heaven 
and Hell ...Commended to tbe 
Presse by B. R. 1593. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 39. 

R., B. See Herodotus. Tbe 
Famous Hystory of Herodotus, 
eto. [Translated by B. R., t.e. 
B.Rich.] 1584. 4to. 294. e. 11. 

R., B., Oent. Crossing of Pro- 
verbs : A merry book... Newly 
corrected with additions. The 
last part, by B. R. Gent. [t.e. 
Nicholas Breton?]. Printed for 
W. Whitwood, London, [1616]. 8 vo. 

C. 40. a. 47. 

The titlepage is slightly muti- 
lated. The titlepage of another 
edition of this book reads, "By 
B. N., Gtent." Without pagination. 

R,, B., JH*" of Arts. See Martyn 
W.) The Historic and Lives 
f the Kings of England, from 
William theConquerourto theend 
of tbe reigne of King Henry the 
VIII....Wbereunto is now added 
the historic of King Ed. VI., of 
Qneene Mary, and Q. Elizabeth, 
by B. R., M' of Arts, etc. 
1*638. fol. G. 4761. 

R., C. Friendly Counsaile ; or 

Here's an answer to all De- 
ma nders. 

The which He declare to all By- 

Thereby to teach them how to 

A perfect Friend from a flattering 

[A ballad. By C. R., i.e. Charles 





Reoords?] ». 1. 2 pts. PrintecJ 
/or I. Tr[rt<7*<] /Afl Younger, Lon- 
don, [1635?] Broadside fol. 

Rox. I. 16. 

R., D., 5. in Divin. A Prao- 
ticall Catechisme; or a view of 
those principall trutKs of the 
word, which most directly tend 
to Life and Godlinesse... Second 
Edition. By D. R[oKers] B. in 
Divin. T. Cotes for J. Bellamie, 
London, 1633. 4to. 3506. c. 54. 

— [A] Treatise of the two 
Sacraments of the Gospell : Bap- 
tism e and the Supper of the Lord. 
...Whereunto iu annexed an Ap- 
pendix .^ Third Edition. By 
D[aniel] RTogers], etc. 2 pts. 
Printed by T, Cotes for J, Bellamie, 
London, 1635. 4to. 4326. bb. 

The titlepage is Bitghtiy mutilated. 

R., P. Meditations of Instruc- 
tion, of Exhortation, of Reprofe : 
indeavouring the edifieation and 
reparation of the house of God. 
[By F. R., i,e. Francis Rous.] 
Frinted hy L 8. for G. Qihbs and 
F. Constable, London, leie. 12mo. 

4403. aa. 

R., P. Thule, or Vertues His- P. R[onsl The first 
( — second) booke. [In verse.] 2 
pts. Printed by F. Kingston for 
H. Loumes, London, 1598. 4to. 

1077. g. 24. 

Without pagination. Pt 2 has 
a special titlepage, but the register 
is continuous throughout. 

R, G. See Henry IV., King 
of France. A letter... to the three 
estates of Frannoe... Translated out 
of French by G. R. 1589. 4to. 

1193. h. 34. 

R., H. Mythomystes wherein 
a short snrvay is taken of the 
nature and value of true poesy 
and depth of the ancients above 

our modeme poets. To which is 
annexed the Tale of Narcissus 
briefly mythologized. [In verse. 
The author's dedication subscribed 
H. R., i.e. Henry Reynolds?] 
Printed for H. Seyle, London, 
[1630?] 4to. 11623. bb. 35. 

R.^ H. Newes from the Levane 
Seas. Discribing the... events of 
...E. Glenham (the troublesome of E. Glenham, Esquire, 
made ... 1593 into the Levant 
Seas v.. With a relation of his 
trouoles, and indirect dealings 
of the King of Argere in Bar- 
baric... Written by H. R. V. I. 
W. Wright, London, 1594. 4to. 

C. 32. d. 11. 

R., H., Esq. TafjLTfjXia. On the 
happy marriage of the most accom- 
plished paire, H[ugh] R[ogers] 
esq. and the vertuous A[nneJ 
B[aynton]. Printed by L, L., 
Oxford, 1640. 4to. 11626. d. 50. 

R., J. See Pitz-Herbert {Sir 
A.) Pitzharberts Booke of 
Husbandrie ... newlie corrected, 
amended, and reduced into a 
more pleasing forme of English 
than before. [By J. R., t.e. James 
Roberta.] 1598. 4ta 

966. f. 22. (3.) 

R., J. See HoBY (Sir B.) A 
Gounter-Snarle for Ishmael Rab- 
schacheh, etc. [Being a reply to 
"The overthrow of the Protes- 
tants Pulpet Babels," by J. R.] 
1613. 4to. 3935. b. 

R., J. See Lynde (Sir H.) A 
Case for the Spectacles... in an- 
swer to a Book written by J. R. 
[i.e. John Ployd] called A Paire 
of Spectacles, etc. 1638. 4to. 

3935. b. (1.) 

R.^ J. The Countrie Mans 
Comfort. Or Religious Recrea- 
tions, fitte for all well disposed 
persons . . . Printed in ... 1 588. And 




since oorTected...and enlarged by 
the same author J. B[hode8?], 
etc. Printed,..hjf M. D., Londorty 
1637. 8vo. 11623. aa. 32. 

Without pagination. Imperfect ; 
wanting the last leaf. 

R.^ J. The Displaying of an 
horrible secte of grosse and wicked 
Heretiques, naming themselves 
the Familie of Love, with the 
lives of their Authours [i.e. D. 
Joris,and H. Nicla8]...Newelyset 
foorth by J. R[oger8j..»Whereunto 
is annexed a confession of cer- 
tain Articles, which was made by 
two of the Familie of Love... 
touching their errours, etc. (The 
erroi-s of H. N(icholas,) taken out 
his own bookes.) [With an 
Epistle to the Beader by S. Bate- 
man.j 30. Z. Few MS. Notes. 
Impnnted for Q, J^wAop, LondoUy 
1678. 8vo. C. 40. a. 7. 

Without pagination. 6ig. A-K. 

Whereunto is added 

oerteine letters sent from the 
same Family mainteyning their 
opinions, which Letters are aun- 
swered by the same J. B. [With 
an Introduction by S. Bateman.] 
id* %« Imprinted for Q, Bishop, 
London^ 1579. 8vo. C. 21. a. 8. 

— Another copy. 6. 19988. 

ILy I. An Elegie upon the 
death of the most illustrious and 
victorious prince Gustavus Adol- 
phus king of Swethland, &c. 
Composed immediately after the 
first rumours of his death, etc. 
[By I. B.] [Limdon, 1640?] 
«. 9h, fol. 669. f. 4. (1.) 

R.. I. An Epitaph on the 
Deatn of. . . John [ Wh i tgif tl Arch- 
Byshop of Canterburie...Made to 
runne upon the letters of his 
Names and Tytles, etc. [By 
I. R] W. WUte, Lonian, 
1604. 8vo. 11626. d. 61. 

Without pagination. 

R., I. A paire of Spectacles for 
Sir Humfrey Linde to see his 
way withalL Or an Answeare 
to nis booke called, Via Tuta... 
By I. B. [i,e. John Floyd]. 
Copious MS. Notes [by Sir H.. 
Lynde, and another]. [Douayf] 
1631. 8vo. 3935. aaa. 

R.^ J. A Poeme on the Einga 
...Maiesties happy Progresse into 
Scotland . . . May 1 633. [S ubscribed 
J. B.] London, 1633. 8vo. 

11623. aaa.2T. 

R.^ L Purgatories triumph 
over Hell, maugre the barking 
of Cerberus in Syr £. Hobyes 
Counter-snarle. Described in a 
letter to the sayd Knight, from 
L B. [i.e. Bobert Jenison ?] Au- 
thourof the Answereuntothe Pro* 
testants Pulpit-Babels. 1613. 4to. 

3935. c. 


R., J. The Spy, discovering 
the Danger of Arminian Heresie 
and Spanish Treacherie ; Written 
by J. B. [In verse.] SircuburgK, 
1628. 4to. 239. g. 32. 

Without pagination. 

R., I. The Trades Increase. 
[With an address to the reader, 
signed L B.] N. Okes, London^ 
1616. 4to. 1138. b. lOt 

— Another copy* 104L g. 36, 

R., I., D. of Divinity. The 
Discovery of the Man of Sinne : 
wherein is set forth the changes 
of God*s Church in 
j^^j. j afflictions by his Baigne. 

( consolations by his Buine. 
First preached in divers Sermons 
to the Universitie and Cittie of 
Oxon, by a Beverend and judi- 
cious Divine I[ohn] B[ainolds], 
D[uctor] of Divinity ... and now 
publibhed ... By W. H(inde). 
J. Barnes, Oxford, 1614. 4to. 

4452. dd. 




R., M. A President for Yong 
Fen-men ; or, the Letter Writer : 
Contayning Letters of sundry 
sorts, with their severall An- 
swers ... Fourth Impression, 
newly corrected and amended by 
the Author. [With a preface 
subscribed M. B.J 90* H. Printed 
hy J. Okes, for m, Walbanke, Lon- 
don, 1638. 4to. 1086. a. 42. 

R., N. See Heywood (T.) 
England's Elizabeth, etc. [With 
an epistle to the reader, signed 
N. R.] 1631. l2mo. 610. a. 30. 

R., P. See FoRSET (E.) A 
Defence of the right of Kings. 
(An Examination of a Position 
published by P. R. [R. Parsons] 
in the Preface of his treatise... 
concerning the lawfulnesse of the 
Popes Power over Princes, etc.) 
1624. 4to. 3935. b. 

R., P. See Morton (T.) A 
preamble unto an in counter with 
P. R. [R. Parsons] tlie author of 
the ... Treatise of Mitigation. 
1608. 4to. 3935. b. 

R., P. A Quiet and Sober 
Reckoning with M. Thomas Mor- 
ton... containing certaine imputa- 
tions of wilfull falsities objected 
to...T. M. in a Treatise of P. R. 
[i.e. R. Parsons] intituled of Miti- 
gation, some part whereof he 
hath lately attempted to answere 
in a... Preamble to a more ample 
Rejoynder promised by him ... 
There is also adjoyned a peece of 
a Reckoning with Syr E. Cooke, 
...about a Nihil dicit, & some 
other points uttered by him in 
two late Preambles to his sixt and 
seaventh Partes of Reports. 
[Douay f] 1609. 4to. 860. e. 24. 

(especially Catholiokes and Pro- 
testantes) to live togeather in duti- 
full obedience... under the govern- 
ment of his Majesty of Great 
Britainy. Against the seditious 
wry tings of Thomas Morton,... 
and some others to the contrary. 
...By P. R. [i.e. Robert Parsons]. 
[Douay f] 1607. 8vo. 1019. i. 19. 

— Another copy. 698. c. 23. 

R., P., Gent See Faust (J.) 
D'. The history of the... life and 
...death of D\ J. Faustus ... 
Translated into English by P. R. 
Gent. [1636.] 4to. 113. c. 26. 

R., R. See Rknichon (M.) 
The Confession of M. Renichon 
...concerning the bloudy enter- 
prise which by him should have 
been committed upon the person 
of County Maurice ... translated 
by R. R. 1594. 4to. 1192. f. 1. 

R., R., Catholiqus Priest. See 
JoYEUSE (H. de) Duke. The Life 
of the Reverend Fa. Angel of 
Joyeuse... Written first in the 
Frenche tongue, and now trans- 
lated into English by R. R., 
catholique Priest. 1 623. 8vo. 

862. e. 6. 

R., S. See Appelius (J.) A 
true Relation of the... death of... 
Philippus Ludovicus, Earl of 
Hanau... Translated out of the 
Germane by S. R. 1612. 4to. 

611. e. 22.(4.) 

R., S. See Bell (T.) The 
Jesuites Antepast, conteining a 
reply against a pretensed aun^ 
swere to the Down e- fall of Poperie 
lately published by...R. Parsons 
...under the letters of S. R., etc. 
1608. 4to. 3932. d. 

R., P. A treatise tending to Jt., S. See Greene (R.) 

mitigation towardes Catholicke- Greenes Ghost haunting Conie- 

Subjectes in England, wherin is catchers, etc. [Edited by S. R., 

declared, that it is not impossible t.e. Samuel Rowlands.] 1602. 4to. 

for Subjects of different religion, C. 40. d. 40. 




1626. 4to. 1080. i. 27. (3.) 

R., S. An Answer to T. Bels 
late challeng named by him the 
Downfal of Popery. Wherin al 
his arguments are answered ..By 
S. R. [t.6. Richard Smith, Bishop 
of Clialcedon]. L. Kellam, Doway, 
1605. 8vo. 3932. aaa. 

— Another copy. 3935. a. 

This bean date 1606. 

R., S. The Betraying of 
Christ. Judas in despaire. The 
seven words of our Savior on the 
Crosse. With other poems on the 
Passion. [By S. R., i.e. Samuel 
Rowlands.] A. Islip, London^ 
i:>98. 4to. C. 37. d. 31. 

Without pagination. Big. A-H. 

R., S. Doctor Merry-man : or : 
Nothing hut Mirth. Written by 
S[amuel] R[owlands. In verse]. 
Printed for 8. Band, London, 
1616. 4to. C. 39. e. 58. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for S. Band, London, 1618. 4to. 

C. 39. c. 28. 

— Another edition. Printed 
h}j A. M. for S. Band, London, 
1623. 8vo. 164. 1. 68. 

R., S. The Knave [of] Clubbs. 
Tis merry when Knaves ra[eet]. 
[Satires in verse, by S. R., i.e. 
Samuel Rowland^.] Printed... by 
E. A., London, [1611]. 4to. 

1076. i. 10. 

Without pagination. Titlepage 

R., S. The Letting of Humours 
Blood in the Head-Vaine. With 
a new Morissco, daunced by 
seaven Satyres, upon the bottome 
of Diogines Tubbe [being epi- 
grams and satires by S. R., i.e. 

Samuel Rowlands]. W. White, 
for W. F., London, 1600. 8vo. 

1076. b. 23. 
Without pagination. Cropped. 

— Another edition. Few MS. 
Notes. W. White, London, 
1611. 8vOw 1076. g. 21. 

R, S. Martin Mark- All, Beadle 
• of Bridewell: his defence and 
Answere to the Belman of Lon- 
don. Discovering the long con- 
cealed Originall and Re«;iment of 
Rogues, ... by S[amuel] R[ow- 
lands]. Id. E. Printed for J. Budge 
and B. Bonian, London, 1610. 4to. 

0. 27. b. 24. 

Without paginati<Hi. Mutilated 
in binding. 

— Another copy. 

G. 631. 

R, S. The Night-Raven. [In 

verse.] By S[arauel] R[owlanas]. 

W. L for T. Baily, London, 

1634. 4to. C. 39. d. 

Without pagination. 

R., S. The Noble Souldier. 
Or, a contract broken, justly re- 
venged. A tragedy, [in five acts,, 
in verse and prose]. Written by 
S[amuel] R[owley]. Printed for 
N. Vavasour, London, 1634. 4to. 

644. c. 15. 

Without pagination. The run- 
ning title is : ** The Noble Spanish 

— Another copy. C.12.f.2.(2.) 

R., S., Oeni. and Student in the 
Universitie of Cambridge. The 
Choise of Change : Containing 
the Triplicitie of Divinitie, Phi- 
losophic, and Poetrie, Short for 
Memorie, Profitable for Know- 
ledge, and Necessarie for Maners. 
...Newly set foorth by S. Rfob- 
son], etc. Id. E. B. Warde, Lon- 
don, 1585. 4to. 12305. ccc. 2. 

— Another edition. Id. 31. 
T. Este, London, 1598. 4to. 

1077. e. 10. 




— Another edition. id« Z« 

T, Este, London, 1598. 4to. 

1077. e. 61. 

R., T. Ck>rnelianum Dolinm. 
Comoddia lepididissima, [in five 
acts and in prose,] optimorum 
judiciis approbata...AuctoreT. B. 
[t.e. T. Randolph ?]. Apud T. Ear- 
perum, Londiniy 1638. 12 mo. 

636. c. 36. 

With a second titlepage en- 

— Another copy. 6. 17391. 


R., T. Deuteromelia ; or the 
Second part of Musicks melodic, 
or melodius Musicke of Pleasant 
Roundelaies; K. H. mirth, or 
Freemens Songs and such de- 
lightful! Catches. [By T. R., i.e. 
Thomas Ravenscroft.] Printed for 
T. Adams, London, 1609. 4to. 

C. 31. f. 3. (3.) 

R.^ T. The Muses Looking- 
Olasse. [A Comedy, in five acts, 
in verse. J^ By Tfhomas] RTan- 
dolphl 1. Lichfield for F. Soto- 
man, Oxford, 1638. 4to. 643. c. 75. 

R., T. (A Reoeit to stay the 
Plague.) [A sermon on Num. 
XVI. 46, edited by T. R.] [Lon- 
don f 1625 ?] 4to. 4473. aa. 29. 

Imperfect; wanting all before 
sig. As. 

R., W. See Bacon (F.) Vis- 
count St. Albans. History ... of 
Life and Death, etc. [Edited by 
W. R., I.e. William Rawley.] 
1638. 12mo. 535. a. 6. 

R., W. See England, Church of. 
Begin, [p. 1] The Church of Eng- 
land is a true Church of Christ. 
(The people may be accounted 
members of a true visible Church. 
Their separation from us there- 
fore unlawful!.) [Preceded by a 

letter from the publisher... snb- 
flcribedW. R.] [1630?] 4to. 

117. f. 50. 

R., W. A brief;and deere con- 
futation, of a new, vaine, and 
vaunting Chalenge, made by O. E. 
Minister [or rather by M. Sutcliflfe] 
nnto N. V. [i.e. Robert Parsons] 
author of the Ward- word... By 
W. R. [i.e. Robert Parsons]. [St. 
Omer,] 1603. 12mo. 3935. aa. 

R., W. A Match at Mid-night. 
A Pleasant Comoedie [in five 
acts and in prose]. Written by 
W[illiam] R[owley]. Printed by 

A. mathewesfor W, Sheares, London^ 
1633. 4to. 644. o. 14. 

Without pagination. 
— Another copy. C. 12. f. 1. (2.) 

R., W. A Merrie and Pleasant 
Comedy,... called A Shoo-maker a 
Gentleman [in five acts, in prose 
and verse]. Written by Wfil- 
liam] R[owley]. /. Okes, London^ 
1638. 4to. 644. o. 16. 

Without pagination. 
— An other copy. C. 1 2. f . 1 . (4.) 

R., W., Esquire. Mount Tabor, 
or private exercises of a penitent 
sinner ... Also certain occasional! 
observations and meditations . . . By 
R. W. Esquire, etc. Printed by 

B. B. for P. Stephens and C. Mere- 
dith, London, 1639. l2mo. 4410. e. 

RABANUS, Mourns. 
See Hrabanus Magnentius, sur- 
named Maurus, 

RABBARDS (Ralph) See 
Ripley (G.) The Compound of 
Alchymy ... with certaine briefe 
additions... set foorth by R. Rab- 
bards,etc. 1591. 4to. C. 39. d. 26. 

RABBOTENU (Isaac) pseud. 
[i.e. Philips van Marnix van Sant 
Aldkgonde.] The Bee hive of the 
Romishe Churche. Wherein the 




Authour (I. R.)... under the per- 
son of a superstitious Papist,... 
doth...repell the grosse opinions 
of Popery. [In answer to the 
'* Missy ye...aen de verdoolde van 
den Christen geloove" of 0-. 
Hervet] . . . Translated out of Dutch 
into Englishe by G. Gilpin. 
». a. MS. Notes. T. Dawson, 
far J, SieU, London, 1579. 8vo. 

697. a. 30. 

Newly imprinted 

with a table, etc. 90. H* T. Baw- 
mmfw J. SUU, Lodon, 1580. 8vo. 

1225. a. 

— Another edition. V. S, 
T. Dawwrn, London, 1598. 8vo. 

3932. aaa. 

— Another edition. [With 
tables by A. Fleming.] V. H. 
MS. Notes. J, Datoson, London, 
1623. 8vo. 697. a. 31. 

— Another edition. 30. S. 
M. Daujson, London, 1636. 8vo. 

3935. a. 

There is a second titlepage, alightly 

RABELAIS (Francois) See 
Hayman (R.) Quodlibets, lately 
come over from... Newfound-land, 
...with two Epistles of...F. Rab- 
lais : Translated out of his French, 
etc. 1628. 4to. C. 34. f. 15. 

— A rayling epistle. — Another 
epistle, in praise of a grave 
Matrone. [Translated by R. Hay- 
man.] See Owen (Joannes) Cer- 
taine Epigrams, etc. 1628. 4to. 

239. i. 20. 

R A B L £ T (Richard) See 
CoBBE ( ") Cobbes Propnecies, 
etc. [Witn an address to the 
reader by R- K.] 1614. 4to. 

C. 30. d. 5. 

RACHIL (Jabal) psettd. See 
Nick, Oroofne of the HMe-Stahle, 
etc., pseud, A Curry-combe for 

a Cox-combe ... In answer to a 
lewd Libell lately foricated by 
Jabal Raohil ... entituled " Pur- 
gatories triumph over Hell," etc. 
1615. 4to. 873. f. 12. 

RACSTBR (John) William 
Alablasters seven mottlies [«tc]. 
Removed and confuted by J. Rao- 
ster. P. Short for Andrew Wise, 
London, 1598. 4to. 3932. d. 

With a second titlepage as fol- 
lows : — ** A booke of tne seven 
planets, or seven wandring Motives 
of W. Alablasters wit, retrograded 
or removed by J. Raoster." 

RADFORD (1.) ADirec- 
torie teaching the way to the 
truth in a briefe and plaine dis- 
course against the heresies of this 
time. Whereunto is added, a 
short treatise against Adiapho- 
rists. Neuters, etc. [Douat?] 
1605. 8vo. 3932. b. 

RAEMOND (Florimond de) 
See Beard (T.) AntichriKt the 
Pope of Rome ... Proved... by the 
weaknesse of the Arguments of 
Bellarmine, F. Raymond, etc. 
1625. 4to. 1019. 1. 4. 

— See Cooke (A.) Pope Joane. 
A dialogue ... proving that a 
woman called Joane was Pope of 
Rome against the surmises . . . made 
to the Contrarie by...Florimun- 
dus Rasmondus, etc. 1610. 4to. 

226. a. 22. 

RAGUENIER (Denis) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Deute- 
ronomy. The sermons of J. Calvin 
upon the fifth booke of Moses 
called Deuteronomie, faithfully 
gathered word for word as he 
preached them [by D. R.], etc. 
1583. fol. 1215. k. 14. 

RAIGNOLDUS (Richardus) 
See Reynoldes. 

RAINBOW (Edward) Bishop 
of Carlisle, Labour forbidden and 




commanded. A Sermon [on Jolin 
VI. 27] preacher! ... 1634. Printed 
forN. VavasouVy London, 1635. 4to. 

4474. b. 61. 

RAINOLDS (John) See 
Bible. The Holy Bible... Newly 
translated... and revised, etc. [By 
L. Andre we8,...J.R., etc.] 161 l.fol. 

466. i. 6. (1.) 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Ohadiah. The Prophecie of 
Obadiah opened and applved in 
8 >mdry... sermons, preached... by 
J. R., etc. 1613. 4to. 316$. a. 

— See DowNAME (Xi.) Bishop of 
Derry. A replye answering a 
defence of the Sermon preached 
at the consecration of the bishop 
of Bath and Welles, by G. Dow- 
name,etc. [ByJ.R.] 1613,etc. 4to. 

4135. a. 

— See France, Reformed 
Churches of The Apologie of 
the Reformed Churches of France. 
... Translated according to the 
French coppie[by J. R.]. 1628. 4to. 

700. f. 6. (3.) 

— [A letter, on the controversy 
l>etween Bishop Howson and T. 
Pye, concerning divorces.] See 
HowgON (J.) successively Bishop 
of Oxford and of Durham. Uxore 
dimissa propter fornicationem, 
aliam non licet superinducere, 
etc. 1606. 4to. 500. b. 1. 

— See N., S., Doctour of Dim- 
nitie. An Antidote ... against ... 
D. Reynolds, etc. 1615. 4to. 

3935. c. 

1622. 4to. 698. c. 24. 

— See Pemble ( W.) The Period 
of the Persian Monarchic; ... ex- 
tracted ... and Englished, much 
of it out of D* Raynolds, etc. 
1631. 4to. 1016.1.8. 

— See R., I., 2>. of Divinity. 

RAINOLDS (John) Doctor 
Reignolds his letter to Sir F. 
Enollis concerning Doctor Ban- 
croft's sermon at Panics Crosse 
9. Feb: 1588. See Scotland. — 
Parliament. Informations, or A 
protestation (oflFered to the Par- 
liament ... 1. Julii, 1606), etc. 
1608. 8vo. 4175. de. 22. 

— Oratio funehris. See Wake 
(J.) Oratio funebris, etc. 

— V. 01. D. J. Rainoldi...Ora. 
tiones Duodecim; cum aliis qui- 
busdam opusculis. Adjecta est 
oratio funeV)ris in obitu eiusdem, 
habita k M. 1. Wake. Few MS. 
Notes. Impensis Guilelmus Stans- 
heius [«tr] pro Henrico Feiherstone^ 
Londini, 1619. 12mo. 1090. a. 2. 

— Another edition. 5 pts. 
O. Stansheius, Londini, 1 628. 1 2 mo. 

8405. aa. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
but the pagination and register are 

— A Defence of the Judgment 
of the Reformed Churches. That 
a man may lawfuUie not onelie 
put awaie his wife for her adul- 
terie, but also marrie another. 
Wherin both R. Bellarmin the 
Je^uites Latin treatise, and an 
English pamphlet of a namelesse 
authoiir mainteyning the con- 
trarie are cofuted, etc. 1609. 4to. 

860. k. 15. (1.) 

— Another edition. O. Walters, 
1610. 4to. 5175. b. 

— J. Rainoldi De Romanes 
EcclesisB Idololatrid in cultu sanc- 
torum, reliquiarum, imaginum, 
aquas, sails, ... aliarumq; rerum 
consecratarum, & sacramenti £u- 
charistiee, operis inchoati libri 
duo, in quibus cum alia multa 
variorum papismi patronorum 
errata patofiunt : tiim imprimis 
Bellarmiui, Gregoriicp de Valen- 




tia, calumnisd in Calvinum ao 
ceteros Protestantes, argutiaecg 
pro Papistico idolorum cultu dis- 
catiuntur & ventilantur. Apud 
J. Bamesium, OxonisB, 1596. 4to. 

477. a. 9. 

RAINOLDS (John) Th* 
overthrow of Stage-Playee, by 
the way of oontroversie betwixt 
D. Gager and D. Rainoldes. 
Wherein all the reasons that 
can be made for thein are ... 
refuted [by the latter]. Where- 
unto are added... oerteine latine 
letters betwixt the sayed Maister 
Bainoldes and D. Gentiles ... 
concerning the same matter. 
[ Middkhurghy] 1599. 4to. 

641. e. 13. (1.) 

— Another copy. 82. e. 33. 

With a new titlepage bearing im- 
print, " R. Schilders, Middeiburgh, 

— The second edition. J. Lick* 
Jield, Oxford, 1629, 4to. 641. e. 3. 

— A sermon upon part of the 
eighteenth Psalm [y. 47-51] : 
preached to the publik assemblie 
of Scholers in the Universitie of 
Oxford, etc. i3. E« J, Barnes^ 
Oxford, 1586. 8vo. 3932. b. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. J, Barnes, 
Oxford, 1613. 4to. 3166. b. (2.) 

— The Summe of the Confer- 
ence betwene J. Rninoldes and 
J. Hart ; touching the Head and 
the Faith of the Church... penned 
by J. Rainoldes, according to the 
iiotes set down by them both : 
perused by J. Hart... Whereto is 
annexed a Treatise intitled. Six 
Conclusions touching the Holie 
Scripture and the Church. ..with 
a defense of such Things as 
T. Stapleton and Gregorie Martin 
have carped at therein. iO. 3l« 

J. Wolfe for Q. Bishop, London, 
1584. 4to. 860.1.16. 

— Another copy. 1019. m. 2. 

— Another edition. Id. Z. 
W. HaU for T. Adams, London, 
1598. 4to. 3935. c. 

— Another edition. 15. H. 
W. Hall for T, Adams, London, 

1609. 4to. 860. i. 17.. 

RAINOLDS (JoH2ff) Summa 
CoUoquii J. Hainoldi cum J. 
Harto de Capite et fide Ecclesi© : 
ubi variae obiter tractantur Quaes- 
tiones de Sufficientia et ortho- 
doxa expositione Scrip turarum 
una cum aliis quQ in religione 
agitantur controversiis ; ... a J. 
Rainoldo conscripta...examinata 
demum a J. Harto atq; ... com- 
probata: ante quatuor et vi- 
ginti annos ex anglico sermone 
in Latin nm versa, hunc autem 
primtim jussu cur&gg B. Bancrofti lucem emissa, H. Parreeo... 
interprete. J, BamesiuSy Oxoniee, 

1610. fol. 14. b. 4. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

1012. e. 7. 

— Another copy. 3935. g. 
With a diflTerent titlepage, bearing 

the imprint, "J. Norton, Londini, 

— Sex theses de Sacra Scriptura 
et Ecclesia, publiois in Academia 
Oxoniensi di sputa tionibus, pro- 
positae, explicatae, etc. H, Middle- 
tonus,Londini,l 580. 8vo. 1017. e.l6. 

— J. Rainoldi...Sex theses de 
sacra Scriptnra <fe Ecclesia, ut 
publicis in Academia Oxoniensi 
disputationibus explicatsB, sic 
edited, ante annos vigenti; nunc 
autem recognitsB, & apologia con- 
tra Pontificios Ely mas Staple- 
tonum, Marti num, Bellarminum, 
Baronium, Justum Calvinum ... 
auctae. (J. trans- 
marines typographos admonitio.) 




Impensts O. BUhop, Londint, of the World. [By Sir W. R.] 
1602. 8vo. 1020. d. 9. 1614. fol. C. 38. L 10. 

RAINOLDS (Richard^ 
[Voyagas etc.] iSee Hakluyt (R.) 
The principal Navigations, etc. 
Vol. 2. pt. 2. 1598, etc. fol. 

683. h. 5. 

RAINOLDS (William) See 
Whitaker ( W.) An Answere to a 
certeine Booke, ... by ... W. Rainolds 
entituled, A Riefutation of sundrie 
reprehensions, etc. 1585. 8vo. 

1019. e. 4. 

— A Refutation of sundry 
Reprehensions, cavils, and false 
Sleightes, by which M. Whitaker 
laboureth to deface the late Eng- 
lish Translation, and Catholike 
Annotations of the New Testa- 
ment, and the Booke of discovery 
of heretical corruptions. Paris, 
1683. 8vo. 860. f. 6. 

R A L E I G H (iSir Walter) 
See Azores. A report of the truth 
of the fight about the lies of 
A9ore8, etc. [By Sir W. R.] 
1591. 4to. C. 33. b. 13. 

— See Great Britain and Ire- 
land. — James I., King. A Pro- 
clamation declaring His Majesties 
pleasure concerning Sir W. Raw- 
leigh, and those who adventured 
with him (9 June, 1618). 1618. 
8. 8h. fol. 506. h. 12. (78.) 

— A report of the trueth of the 
fight about the Isles of A9ore8, 
the last of August 1591. betwixt 
the Revenge... and an Armada 
of the King of Spain. See Hak- 
LUYT (R.) The principal Naviga- 
tions, etc. Vol. 2. pt. 2. 1598, 
etc. fol. 683. h. 5. 

— The discoverie of... Guiana, 
etc. See Hakluyt (R.) The 
principal Navigations, etc. Vol.3. 
1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

. — See History. The History 

RALEIGH (Sir Walter) 
See M., R. Newes of S' Wl 
Ranleigh. With the true De- 
scription of Guiana, etc. 1618. 4to. 

1061. g. 12. (6.) 

— [Apprehensionj etc.] See 
Stucley (Sir L.) To the Rings 
most excellent niajestie, the 
humble petition. ..of Sir L. Stuc- 
ley... touching... the bringing up 
of Sir W. R. 

— The discoverie of the large, 
rich, and bewtiful em pyre of 
Guiana, with a relation of the 
great and Golden Citie of Manoa 
(which the Spanyards call El 
l)orado) And of the Provinces of 
Emeria, Arromaia, Amapaia, and 
other Countries, with their rivers 
adioyning. Performed in the 
yeare 1595, by Sir W. Ralegh, 
etc. B, Bchineon, London, 1596. 4to. 

C. 32. g. 25. 

— Another copy. G. 7169. (1.) 

— The History of the World ; 
in five bookes...By Sir W. Ralegh, 
etc. W. Jaggard, for W. Bure^ 
Lond<m, 1621. fol. 9005. h. 

With portrait, by S. Pass, on the 
titlepage. The last few leaves are 
mutilated. The cover is 8tam|ied 
with the Royal Arms ou each side. 
The iBrst edition, which was issued 
anonymously, will be found under 
the heading ** History." 

— Another edition. Printed 
for O. Lathum and B. Young, Lon^ 
don, 1634. fol. 581. k. 13. 

The titlepage of the edition of 
1614 is prefixed to this copy. 

— The Life and Death of 
Mahomet, the Conquest of Spaine, 
together with the Rysing and 
Ruine of the Sarazen Empire. 
Printed hy B, K for D. Frere, 
London, 1637. 12mo. 583. a. 5. 


RALEIGH (&r Walter) The 
Prerogative of Parliamente in 
England: Proved in a Dialogue... 
betweene a Conncellonr of State 
and a Justice of Peace. Midel- 
hurge, 1628. 4to. 1104. c. 31. (5.) 

— Another copy. 884. i. 3. (4.) 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

103. h. 49. 

— Another copy. 8122. c. 

This oopy differs dighUy from 
the preceding. 

— Another edition. Hamburgh^ 
[London f] 1628. 4to. 8122. d. 

■ — Another edition. [London ?] 
1640. 4to. 110. c. 18. 

— Tnbns HistoricoB : an Hifi- 
toricall Perspective; discovering 
all the Empires and Eingdomes 
of Uie World as they flonrisht 
respectively under the foure Im- 
perial! Monarchies. Faithfully 
compoeed out of the most approved 
Authours, etc. T. Harper for 
B. Fisher, London, 1636. 4to. 

799. c. 31. 

— A declaration of the de- 
n^eanor and cariage of Sir W. R., 
as well in his Voyage, as in, and 
si thence his returne ; And of the 
true motives and inducements 
-which occasioned his Maiestie to 
proceed in doing justice upon 
him, as hath hene done. B, Nor^ 
ton and J, Bill, London, 1618. 4to. 

C. 32. g. 23. 

Several of the leaves have been 
wrongly numbered. 

— Another copy. 292, e. 18. 

In this oopy the errors in the 
pagination of the preceding have 
oeen corrected. 

— Another edition. B, Norton 
and J. Bid, London, 1618. 4to. 

C. 32. g. 14. 

^ Another Qppy. 1418. c. 35. 



— Another copy. G. 2018. 

— Another copy. 119. a. 12. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting p. 63. 

RALEIGH {Sir Walter) 
Sir Walter Rawleighs Ghost ; 
or, England's Forewarner; dis- 
covering a secret Consultation 
newly holden in the Court of 
Spaine. Together with his tor- 
menting of Count de Gondomar, 
etc. [By Thomas Scott.] J.Schel- 
lem, Utrichi, 1626. 4to. 

E. 1943. (6.) 

*— Another copy. G. 2019. 

RAM (William) See Dodobns 
(R.) Rams little Dodeon. A 
briefe epitome of the new Herbal . . . 
collected and abbridged by W. R. 
1606. 4to. 987. e. 19. 

RAMSAY (Andrew) Poemata 
sacra. HseredeB Andrese Hart, 
Edinburgi, 1633. 8vo. 11408. a. 

There is a second titlepage, which 
reads: ''Miscelhmea&epigranimata 


— A warning to come out of 
Babylon, in a Sermon [on Revel. 
zviii. 4] preached at the receiv- 
ing of M"" T. Abemethie, some- 
time Jesuite, into the society of 
the truely reformed church of 
Scotland, etc. O, Anderson, J^cZtn- 
hurgh, 1638. 4to. 3935. o. 

— Another copy. 114. e. 28. 

RAMSAY (David) A ser- 
mon, or little treatise, upon the 
three last verses of the seaven- 
teenth chapter of Deuteronomie. 
E. Baban, Aherdene, 1629. 4to. 

4474. aaa. 114. (1.) 

RAMSAY (Elizabeth) Vis- 
countess Haddington. Marriage* 
See JoNSON (B.) The Description 
of the Masque, etc. 

RAMSAY (John) Viscount 
Haddington. Marriage. See JoK- 




SON (B.) The Description of the 
Masque, etc. 

RAMS DEN (Henrt) A 
Gleaning in Gods Harvest. Foure 
choyce Handfuls; the Gate to 
happinesse, Wounded Saviour, 
Epicure's Caution, Generation of 
Seekers. [Sermons. Edited, with 
an introduction, by J. Goodwin.] 
Printed far J, D, and B. M., Lon- 
don, 1639. 4to. 4452. c. 

RAMUS (Petrus) 
See La Ram^:e. 

review of the Councell of Trent... 
First writ in French by a learned 
Roman-Catholique (G. Ran chin). 
Now translated... by G. L(ang- 
baine). W. Turner, Oxford, 
1638. fol. 494. i. 16. 

RANDALL (John) The de- 
scription of fleshly lusts... A... 
sermon upon the first Epistle of 
Saint Peter chap. 2. vers. 11. 12 
...published... by W. Holbrooke, 
etc. Printed hy L JD. for N, New- 
hery and W. Sheffard, London, 
1622. 4to. 1418. f. 44. (2.) 

— The necessitie of right- 
eousnes. Or, a... sermon upon the 
fift Chapter of...S. Mathew, vers. 
20. ... publibhed ... by W. Hol- 
brooke, etc. Printed hy L D. for 
N, Newhery and W. Sheffard, Lon- 
don, 1622. 4to. 1418. f. 44. (1.) 

RANDOL (John) Noble 
Blastus: the Honor of a Lord 
Chaniberlaiue : and of a good 
bed- chamber-man : or, the Courtier 
justified in conditions of peace : 
being a Sermon [on Acts xii. 20] 
preacht the 27. of March 1631... 
with speciall relation to the Coro- 
nation-day, and the Plague and 
Dearth tnen among the people. 
Printed for T, Lambert, London, 
1633. 4to. 694. d. 16. (4.) 

— A Sermon [on Mark in. 24] 

preacht at S^ Marie^s in Oxford, 
the 0. of August, 1624. concern- 
ing the Kingdomes Peace. J, Lich^ 
field and W, Turner, Oxford, 
1624. 4to. 694. d. 15. (3.) 

RANDOLFE (Thomas) Am- 
hassador from Queen Elizabeth to 
the Emperor of Russia, Ambassage. 
See Hakluyt (R.) The prin- 
cipal Navigations, etc. Vol. 1. 
1698, etc. fol. 683. h. 5. 

RAND O L P H (Thomas) 
Dramatist, fife« Aristippus. Ari- 
stippus, or the Joviall Philoso- 
pher, etc. [ByT. R.] 1630. 4to. 

C. 34. e. 1. 

1635. 4to. 644. c. 10. 

— See R., T. 

— Poems; with the Muses 
Looking-glasse ; and Am juntas. 
3 pts. Few MS. Notes. L. Lich- 
field for F, JBotrman, Oxford, 

1638. 4to. C. 28. e. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage 
and pagiDation. 

— Another copy. 80. a. 30, 

— Another copy of pt. 3 only. 

644. c. 9. 

Pp. 1, 2, mutilated. 

The third Edition 

inlarged. Whereunto is added, 
the Jealous Lovers. London^ 
1643-40. 8vo. 643. a. 35. 

The " Amyntas '* was printed at 
Oxford by L. Lichfield in 1640; 
the ** Jealous Lovers" at Cam- 
bridge, by R. Daniel, in the same 

— The Jealous Lovers. A 
Comedie [in five acts, in verse], 
presented to their gracious Majes- 
ties at Cambridge, by the Students 
of Trinity College. The Printers 
to the Universitie, Cambridge, 
1632. 4to. 644. c. 7. 

— Another edition. The Printers 




to the Univerntie, Cambridge, 
1634. 4to. 644. o. 8. 

RANDOLPH (William^ 
Murder, See Wright (John) 
Two notorious murders, etc. 

RANGER (Philip) See 
Ephemerides. Ranger... An Al- 
inanacke...By P. R. 

RAN KINS (William) A 
Mirrour of Monsters : wherein is 
. . . described the . . . vices . . . canned 
by the... sight of Playes, etc. 
». H. Printed by I. C. for T. K, 
London, 1587. 4to. C. 40. d. 17. 

Chester. See Higden. 

RAPHAEL (Salomon) pseud. 
[t.6. Johann Pharamund Rhumel.] 
Avicula Hermetis Catholica. De 
Mercuric, Sulphure, & Sale Philo- 
sophorum in uno subjecfo. Hoc 
est, Brevis & perspicua declaratio 
trinm omnium rerum, principio- 
rum, quorum virtu te... Epilepsia, 
Calculus, Podagra & summatim 
omnes diutumi...fundamentaliter 
...toUuntur morbi, una sola aliqua 
medicina. (Elixir VitaB.) Autore 
Salomone Kaphaele in mundo R. 
2 pts. Apud T, Harperum, Lon- 
dint, 1638. 12mo. 1036. a. 15.(1.) 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
but the pagination and register are 
eontinuona thronghout. 

RAPIER. See Sword. Worke 
for Cutlers ; or, A merry dialogue 
betweene Sword, Rapier and 
Dagger, etc. 1615. 4to. 

1076. i. 15. 

R A S T E L L (John) Jesuit. 
&eFuLKE(W.) D. Heskins, D. 
Sanders and M. R. accounted... 
three pillers and Archpatriarches 
of the Popish synagogue... over- 
throwne and detected, etc. 
1579. Svo. 3935. a. 

RASTELL (John) Printer. 
See Dictionaries. Expositiones 
terminoru legura anglorum, etc. 
[ByJ.R.?] 1527. 8vo. C.40.g.2. 

An exposition of certain e 

difficult and obscure wordes, and 
termes of the lawes of this 
Realme, French and English, 
etc. [By J. R.] 1579. 8vo. 

1128. a. 18. 

1602. 8vo. 1128. a. 19. 

— See England. — Statutes, 
General Collections of the. Tlie 
statutes, etc. [An abridgement of 
the statutes, translated from the 
French and Latin by J. R., etc.] 
[1527.] Bvo. 505. a. 3. 

The grete abbregement 

of the statu tys, etc. [Abridged 
and translated by J. R.] 
[1531?] 8vo. 6146. a. 13. 

— See Fitz-Herbert (Sir A.) 
La Graunde Abridgement, etc. 
[With a table by J. R.] 1577. fol. 

508. e. 1. 

Tabula prime( — tertie) 

partis mRgniabbreviameti librorti 
legxi angloru, etc. [Revised and 
enlarged by J. R.] 1517. fol. 

514. i. 21. 

— — La table coteynant en 
sommarie les choses notables 
en la graunde Abridgement, etc. 
[By J. R.] 1565. fol. 507. f. 17. 

— See Frith (J.) A dispu- 
tacion of Purgatorye, ... an an- 
swere unto R., etc. [1533 ?] 8vo. 

C. 12. b. 9. (1.) 

An other boke against 

Rastel, etc. [1533?] Svo. 3932. a. 

— See Interlude. A new in- 
terlude and a mery of the nature 
of the . iiij. elements, etc. [By 
J. R.?] [1520?] 8vo. 643. b. 45. 

— The exposicions of the 



R A S 

termes of the lawes of England, 
with diver8...rulee and principles 
of the lawe, aswell out of the 
bookes of...Litleton, as of other. 
...Whereunto are added the olde 
tenures. [By J. Rastell? or 
William Rastell?] (Prologus 
Johannis Rastell.) Fr. and Eng. 
B. Toitil, London, 1567. 8yo. 

506. a. 19. 

The English is in Black Letter. 
In his preface John Rastell speaks 
of himself as the author of the 

RASTELL (John) Printer. A 
new boke of Purgatory, whiche is 
a dyaloge i dysputacyon betwene 
one Comyngo an Almayne a 
Christen man, i one Oyngemyn 
a turke of Machometts law, dys- 
putynge ... whether there be a 
purgatorye or no purgatorye, 
etc. 13. Z. J.JEUuteU^ [London'], 
1530. fol. 475. 0. 1. (3.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 6030. 

There are slight typographical 
differences between tnis and the 
preceding copy. 

— The Pastyme of People. The 
Cronycles of dyvers realmys and 
most specyally of the realme of 
Englond brevely copylyd i em- 
pryntyd in chepesyde at the sygne 
of the mearemavd next to pollys 
gate. )3« Z, J.Basielly [London, 
1529]. fol. C. 15. c. 6. 

Sixty-eight leaves, without pagi- 
nation ; 60 lines to a full page. With 
woodcut portraits of the kings of 
England the whole size of the page. 
The last leaf contains the device of 
Bastell on the verso. With the 
autograph of Thomas Grey, 2nd 
Earl of Stamford, on fol. 2, and his 
arms on the inside of the cover. 
The only perfect copy known of 
this rare work. The first leaf has 
been mounted. 

RASTELL (William) See 
Dictionaries. Expositiones ter- 

minoru legnm angloru, etc. [By 
W. R.?] 1527. 8vo. C. 40. g. 2. 

RASTELL (William) See 
England, King9 of, A Table 
collected of the yeares of our 
Lorde Ood, and of the yeares of 
theKyngesofEnglande, etc. [By 
W. K.] 1561. 8vo. 9510. a. 

1664. 8vo. 598.0.29.(1.) 

1567. 8vo. 8560.aa.(l.) 

1571. 8vo. 598. a. 21. 

1576. 8vo. 598. a. 34. 

— See England. — Statutes, 
Oeneral Collections of the, [A 
Collection of all the Statutes 
from the beginning of Magna 
Carta, to the year 1557. Jn their 
original languages. Arranged in 
alphabetical order and edited by 
W.R] [1557.] 4to. 505. e.l. 

1559, 4to. 505. e. 2. 

1565. 4to. 505. e. 6. 

1579. 4to. 505. e. 3. 

A collection in English 

of the Statutes nowe in fijroe. 
[Edited by W. R.] 1583. 8vo. 

506. d. 19. 

1588. fol. 505. g. 10. 

1591. fol. 505. g. 15. 

1594. 4to. 505. e. 5. 

1598. fol. 505.g.ll.(l.) 

1603. fol. 505. g. 12. 

1611. fol. 505. h. 1. 

1615. fol. 505. h. 3. 

1621. fol. 505. h. 4. 

— See Pitz-Herbert {Sir A.) 
La nouvelle Natura breviu ... 
aveoques un table... coposee per 
G. R.,etc. 1563. 8vo. 1379. b. 

1567. 8vo. 507. a. 9. (2.) ^ 




1636. 4to. 508. a. 3. 

RASTELL (William) See 
More {Sir T.) The workes of 
Sir T. More, etc. [Edited by 
W. R.] 1657. fol. C. 11. b. 14, 16. 

— See Natura. Natura bre- 
vium. The olde tenures, etc. 
[Edited by W. R.?] [1534.] 8vo. 

507. a. 18. 

— See Rastell (J.) The ex- 
posicions of the termes of the 
iawes of Eugland, etc. [By 
J. Rastell? or W. Rastell?] 
1667. 8vo. 606. a. 19. 

— A coUeccion of entrees, of 
declaracions, barres, replicacions, 
rejoinders, issues, verdits, ... & 
divers others matters. And fyrst 
an Epistle, with certayne instnio- 
tiiins, etc. 13. H. Few MS. 
Notes. In sedtbus JS. TotieJl^ 
[London,] 1566. fol. 6806. f. 1. 

Printed in doable oolumnau 

— Another edition. 13. H* 
MS. Notes. In sedibw JR. Tottel, 
[London,] 1674. fol. 608. i. 7. 

— A table collected of the 
yeeres of oxir Lord God, and of 
the yeeres of the kings of Eng- 
land, from . . . William Gonqueronr . 
... Newly corrected and aug- 
mented. Id. H* Printed by F. K. 
for T. Adames, London, 1598. 8vo, 

806. a. 19. 

Earlier editions of this work were 
published anonymously, and will 
oe found under the heading ** Eng- 
land, Kings of." 

Con tinned... Unto 

the first year of James I., etc. 
». *• Printed by W. I. for 
T. Adams, London, 1607. 16mo. 

717. a. 36. 

The oolophon bears date 1606. 

etc. tt. I. Printed for T. Adams, 
London, 1614. 8vo. 698. c. 34. 

Con tinued...Tin till 

Con tinned... nn till 

the twelfth yeare of... James [I.], 


thefifteenth yeare of. . . Charle8[I.]. 
... Newly corrected and augmented J. Booker. 15. H. Printed 
by JR. B, for A, Hehb, London, 
1639. 12mo. 9006. b. 

RATCLIFFE (-^Egremont) 
Politique Discources, treating of 
the differences and inequalities 
of Vocations... translated out of 
French by M. RatcliflFe. 15. H. 
Imprinted,,, for E. Aggas, London, 
1578. 4to. 232. h. 40. 

RATCLIFFE (James) Life 
and Death, See Ley (J.) A 
patterne of Pietie, etc. 

short Bumme of the whole Cate- 
chi8me...for the greater ease of 
the common people and Children 
of Saint Savories in Southwarke. 
V. H. E, Allrde, for H, Oosson, 
London, 1620. 8yo. 699. a. 42. 

The Surveyor in Foure bookes. 
W. Stansby for W. Burre, London, 
1616. fol. 628. n. 20. (1.) 

The titlepage is engraved. With 
two portraits : one of the author, the 
other of Charles, Prince of Wales. 


See Germany, Empire of, — Beichs- 

RATRAMNUS, Monachus 
Corbiensis. Bertram his Treatise 
of the Bodie and Blood of Christ. 
See Guild (W.) Three Rare 
Monuments of Antiquitie, etc. 
1624. 8vo. 698. b. 48. 

— The boke of Barthram Priest 
intreatinge of the bodye and 
blonde of Christ, wry ten to greate 
Charles the Emperoure, and set 
forth . VII. C. yeares agoo, etc. 
[Translated by Sir H. Lynde.] 

4 u 


R A V 


V* Z. T. Baynalde and A, Kyng- 
stone, London, 15^%. 8vo. 3932. aa. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 13. Z. 
T, BayncUde, London, 1549. 8vo. 

1076. a. 

Reviewed,... cor- 

rected, and nowe newly published, 
...1681 [by T. Wilcox]. ». l. 
T, Dawson for T. Woodcocke, Lon- 
don, 1582. 8vo. 698. a. 44. (2.) 

RAVAILLAC(Fran90I8) The 

terrible and deserved death of 
F. Ravilliack, shewing the manner 
of his strange torments at his 
Execution,... for the mnrther of 
the late French king, Henry the 
fourth, etc. 13. H. Printed for 
W. Barley, and J. Baylie, London, 
1610. 4to. C. 33. g. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — 
Psalms. The whole booke of 
Pgalmes : with ... tunes ... Newly 
corrected and enlarged by T. R. 
1621. 8vo. 1411. b. 17. 

1633. 8vo. 8434. b. 

— See R., T. 

— A briefe discourse of the 
true... use of Charactering the 
Degrees, by their Perfection, Im- 
perfection, and Diminution, in 
Measurable Musicke . . . Exampl es 
whereof are exprest in the Har- 
mony of 4 Voyces, concerning 
the pleasure of ... hunting, etc. 
2 pts. E. AUde for T. Adams, 
London, 1614. 4to. 1042. h. 1. (1.) 

Pt 2 has a separate pagination 
and register. 

— Another copy. 567. d. 13. (1.) 

mamn) See Groot (H. de) De- 
fensio Fidei Gatholic» de Satis- 
factione Christi . . . Cum G. J . Yossii 
ad judicium H. Ravenspergeri de 

hoc libroResponsione. 1636. 12mo. 

4255. a. 

See Ravaillac. 

RAVISrtJS (Joannes) Textor. 
See Heywood (T.) Pleasant Dia- 
logues and Dramma's, selected 
out of Lucian, ... Textor, etc. 
1637. 8vo. 1076. i. 29. 

— J. Ravisii Textoris. Dia- 
logi aliquot festivissimi. Item 
ejusdem Epigrammata. Ex offieina 
E.Bynnemani, Londini, 1 581 . 32mo. 

12330. a. 37. 

— EpistolsB J. Ravisii Textoris, 
non vulgaris eruditionis: nuno 
rec^ns ... mult5 qu&m antehao 
unquam emendatiores in lucem 
ed i ttt. Ex Academise, . . Typographeo, 
CantahrigisB, U36. 16mo. 10905. c. 

— Epithetorum J. Ravisii Tex- 
toris Epitome. Ex H.> 
cognitione. Accesserunt ejusdem 
Ravisii Synonyma poetica, mult6 
qn4m prius locupletiora. (Syno- 
nyma propriorum nominum. — Ac- 
cesserunt de carminibus ad vete- 
rum imitationem artificios^ com- 
ponendis pr8eoepta...colleota 4 G. 
Sabino.) Ex offieina Typographiea 
Sodetatis Stationariorum, Londini, 
1626. 12mo. 1089. b. 17. 

RAWLEIGH {Sir Walter) 
See Raleigh. 

RAWLEY (Sir Walter) 
See Raleigh. 

RAWLEY (William) See 
Baoon (F.) Viscount St. Albans. 
Opera F. Barunis de Verulamio. 
Tomus primus qui oontinet de 
Dignitate ... Scientiarum Libros 
IX. [Edited by W. R.] 1623. fol. 

C. 24. c. 5. 

Certaine Miscellany Works 

of... Francis Lo. Verulam... Pub- 
lished by W. R., etc. 1629. 4to. 

721. e. 9. (1.) 




r> ^J^ ^ ^ ( Wiluam) See RAWLINS (Thomas) The 

Bacon (F.) Viscount St Albans. Bebellion, a Tragedy [in five 

S>;lva sylvarum : or a Naturall acts and in verse]. J. Okes for 

Historie ... Published after the D, Frere, London, 1640. 4to 

Authors death, By W. R., etc. 644 f 37 

1627. 4to. G. 2449.(1.) Without pagination. 

1635. fol. 442. g. 5. — Another copy. 162. d. 60. 

1639. fol. 535. k. 11. 

Prancisci Baronis de Dignitate...Scien- 
tiarum, etc. [Edited by W. B.l 
1635. 8vo. 721. e. 12. 

^ MemoriflB Francisci Baro- 
nis de Verulamio ... Sacrum. 
[Edited by W. B.] 1626. 4to. 

1213. 1. 9. (9.) 

— See B., W. 

— A Sermon [on Matt. v. 5] 
of Meekenesse, preached at the 
Spittle upon Easter Tuesday, 
1623. J. Hamlandfor M. Lownes^ 
London, 1623. 4to. 4474. bb. 93. 

RAWLIDGE (Bichard) 
Begin. To the right honourable 
Sir H. Hamersley, Lord Maior of 
...London, etc. (A monster late 
found out and discovered.) [Being 
a Treatise against drunkenness.] 
[London? 1Q27,] 4to. 8435. a. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage, 
and a leaf, or leaves, of gig. F. The 
last two leaver are mutilated. 

RAWLIN (Thomas) Ad- 
monitio Pseudo-Cnymici sen Al- 
phabetarium Philosophicum 
quo D. D. Antonii aurom pota- 
bile obiter refutatur, & genuina 
veri auri potabilis...pra9paratio 
proponitur. Per Ed. AUde, Lon- 
dtm, [1620?] 4to. 1034. k. 44. 

RAWLINS (John) Thewon- 
derfull Becovery of the Exchange, 
of Bristow, from the I'urkish 
Pirats of Argier. See Purchas (S. ) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 2. 
1626, etc. fol. 679. h. 12. 

Fishermen Fishers of Men. A 
Sermon [on Matt. iv. 19], etc. 
A, Hatfield for E. Blount and 
W. Barret, London, 1609. 4to. 

4475. aaa. 5. 

— Quadriga salutis. Foure 
Quadragesimal or Lent Sermons, 
preached at Whitehall. J. Lich- 
field and W, Turner, for E, Peeree, 
Oxford, 1625. 4to. 4474. c. 86. 

Each sermon has a distinct pagi- 
nation. Imperfect; wanting two 

— Vivat Bex. A Sermon [on 
1 Sam. X. 24] preached... on the 
day of his Majesties inauguration 
March 24* 1614. J, Uchfield and 
J. Short, Oxford,1619, 4to. 3932. f. 

RAYNALDE (Thomas) The 
Birth of mankynde, otherwyee 
named the womans booke. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin of E. Boess- 
lin.] Newly set foorth, corrected, 
and augmented ... By T. Bay- 
nalde, etc. »• E* [London, 
1564?] 4to. 1177. h.l! 

This edition has four pages of 
woodcuts and a folding page. Muti- 

— Another edition. JJ. I. 
MS. Notes. [London?] 1565. 4to! 

235. d. 7.' 

This edition wants the folding 

— Another edition. », I. 
B. Wathina, London, 1598. 4to. 

7580. a«a. 

— Another edition. », 1. 
T, Adams, London, 1604. 4to. 

1178. h. 1.(1.) 




— Another edition. 13. H, 
Printed for A. J?., London^ 
1626. 4to. 7580. aaa. 

— Another edition. •©. 1. 
Printed /tir A. H., London, 
1634. 4to. 7580. a. 

RAYNALDE (Thom^^) A 
compendious Declaration of the... 
vertuest^f a certain lateli inventid 
oile, callid...Oile Impeiial. With 
ihe maner hov the same is to be 
nsid, etc. J. Oryphiue, VenetiiSy 
1551. 8vo. 1033. d. 2. (1.) 

RAYNARDE, tke Fox. 
See Reynard. 

See Eainolds. 

READ. See O., N. Bede 
me and be nott wrothe, etc. 
[1526?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 27. 

READ (Alexander) D.JD. A 
Sermon [on 1 Cor. xiv. 40]" 
preached April 8 1635 at a Visi- 
tation at Brentwood in Essex. 
Printed for J, Clarke London, 
1636. 4to. 4474. c. 87. 

— Anothercopy. 694. d. 15.(6.) 

READ (Alexander) M.D. See 
Wood (0.) An alphabetical book 
of physicall secrets, etc. [With a 
commendatory preface by A. B.] 

1038. d. 36. (6.) 

1639. 8vo. 

— The Chimrgicall Lectures of 
Tumors and Ulcers delivered on 
Tiisedayes ... in the Chirurgeang 
Hall ... 1632, 1633, and 1634. 
J. H. for F. Constable and E. J5., 
London, 1635. 4to. 7481. b. 

— The Manuall of the Ana- 
tomy or dissection of the body 
of Man... enlarged, etc. Printed 
hy J. H, for F. Constable, London, 
1638. 12mo. 548. b. 5. 

With another titlepagc, engraved. 

READ (Alexander) M.D. 
2<i)/Aaroypa^ia avOpunrivrf, or De- 
scription of the Body of Man, 
with the Practise of Chirurgery, 
and the use of three and fifty 
Instruments. By... figures repre- 
senting the members, etc. T. Cotes, 
London, 1634. 8vo. 548. f. 5. 

READ (John) See Aucs^usjF.) 
A most exccUentand compendiovs 
Method of curing woundes ... 
Translated by J. E. 1588. 4to. 

549. g. 22. (5.) 

READING (John) A faire 
warning, declaring the comfort- 
able use both of sicknesse and 
health. Delivered in severall 
sermons, etc. B, Alsop, for 
J. Hodgets, London, 1621. 4to. 

873. e. 65. 

— Jobs House : a sermon [on 
Job zvn. 13] preached at the 
funerall of Mistresse E. Trumball 
... Mar. 10. 1623. N. Ohes for 
J, Hodgets, LonSton, 1624. 4to. 

4474. b. 62. 

— The Old Mans Staffe, Two 
Sermons [on Prov. xvi. 31], etc. 
B. AUop for J, Hodgets, iJondon, 
1621. 4to. 4474. c. 108. (5.) 

REASONS. See S.y'R,, Priest. 
Certain general Reasons, proving 
the Lawfulnesse of the Oath of 
Allegiance, etc. 1611. 4to. 

1103. f. 8. (1,2.) 

REBUFFI (Pierre) Tracta- 
tus de Decimis. 5ee Duarenus (F.) 
De Sacris Ecclebiaa ministeriis, 
etc. • 1585. 8vo. 848. c. 3. 

RECALDE (Inigo Lopez db) 
de Loyola, Saint. See Ignatius. 

RECEIPT. See E., T. (A 
Beceit to stay the Plague.) 
[1625?] 4to. 4473. aa. 29. 

RECORD (Robert) The 
Castle of Knowledge. (Contain- 




iDg the explication of the sphere, 
bothe celestiall and materiall.) 
B, Wolfe, London, 1656. fol. 

526. 1. 6. 

— Another copy. 

— Another copy. 

59. i. 8. 
G. 2429. 

— Another edition. )3« IL 
V. Sinu, London, 1596. 4to. 

717. g. 14. 

RECORD (Robert) The 
groiid of artes teachyng the 
worke and practise of Arith- 
metike, moch necessary for all 
states of men. After a more 
easyer i exactor sorte, then any 
1 yke hath hy therto ben set forth : 
with dyvers new additions, etc. 
^.n. B.Wolfe,London,lb43. 8vo. 

G. 1G099. 

Now lately... cor- 
rected and beautified, with sundry 
new Rules ... Whereunto are also 
added divei-se Tables and instruc- 
tions that will bring great profit 
...unto Marchants...By J. Mellis. 
3$. I. Printed for J. Hariton, 
London, 1607. Svo. 8506. bb. 

— Whereunto is 

added a Compendium of interest... 
calculated by R.N [or ton], and now 
the second time... corrected, illus- 
trated and R. Hart- 
well ... New Tables of Interest 
upon Interest ... by R. C, etc. 
is* £• J. Beetle for JR. Jackson, 
London, 1623. 8yo. 8506. b. 

Augmented by J. 

Dee; and since enlarged... by J. 
Mellis... and now diligently pe- 
]'used...and enlarged with an Ap- 
pendix of figurate numbers and 
the extraction of their roots. . .and 
new tables of interest... with the 
true value of annu i ties ; . . . the first 
calculated by R. C, but corrected, 
and the. latter diligently calcu- 

lated by R. Hartwell. T. Ha per 
for J. Harison, London, 1 636. 8vo. 

8505. aa. 

RECORD (Robert) The 
Pathway to Knowledg, containing 
the first principles of Geometric, 
as they may moste aptly be ap- 
plied unto practise, bothe for 
instrumentes Geometricall, and 
Astronouiicall and also for pro- 
jection of plattes in everye kinde, 
etc. (The Second Booke . . . contai n - 
ing certaine Theoremes, whiche 
may be called approved truthes 
...wheron the practike cocliisions 
of Geometry ar founded. Wher- 
unto are annexed certaine de- 
clarations by examples, for the 
right understanding of the same, 
etc.) 2 pts. JR. Wolfe, London, 
1551. 4ta 530. g. 1. 

Without pagination. Each book 
has a diatinct titlepage and register. 

— Another ediition. i3«ll. 2 pts. 
[London f] 1574. 4to. 8529. b. 

— Another edition. 13* 31 « 
2 pts. J. Harrison, London, 
1602. 4to. 8530. a. 

— The Urinall of Physick. 
». a. JR. Wolfe, London, 1567. Svo. 

7321. a. 

— Another edition. i5« I. 
T. Dawson, London, 1599. Svo. 

1189. a. 4. (3.) 

Titlepage mutilated. 

— The whetstone of witte, 
which is the seconde parte of 
Arithmetike : containing thex- 
traction of R(/otes: The Gossike 
practise, with ihe rule of Equa- 
tion : and the woorkes-of Surde 
Nombers. 13. £• MS. Notes, 
J. Kyngston, London, 1557. 4to. 

530. g. 37. 

Without pagination. This Appears 
to be intended as a seque. to the 
" Ground of Arts." 

— Another copy. 52. a. 8. 




RECORDS (Charles) 
See K., C. 

— The Good-fellowe's Advice : 
Shewing what favour a man shall 

have while he hath meanes, 
But being in want, then all 

Friendship ends. 
[A Ballad.] 13. Il« 2 pts. Frinied 
for J, Wright^ junior, London, 
[1635?] Broadside foL Box. I. 520. 

Master in Arts. The Redemption 
of Time,oraBermon,eta 1607. 8vo. 

4473. a. 

REDMAN (JoHN^ A com- 
pendious treatise called the co- 
plaint of Grace compiled by... 
J. R....Nowe newly and first set 
furth by T. Smyth, etc. 15. 1. 
In sedibus Boherti Caly, Londini^ 
[1556?] 8vo. 4412. a. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting all after sig. It. 

REEKS (Richard) Faith and 
good workes unitt- d : in a sermon 
[on Ps. xxxvn. 3], etc. T. Harper 
for J, Harrigat^ London, 1630. 4ta 

4473. aa. 30. 

REEVE (Edmund) See Shel- 
FORD (R.) A Quench-Coale ... 
Wherein... all the... arguments of 
M^..E. defence of altars 
...are... answered, etc. 1637. 4to. 

698. g. 1. 

— The Christian Divinitie, con- 
tained in the Divine service of the 
Church of England; summarily 
. . . composed ; and with the . . . Scrip- 
tures . . . con firmed, etc. Printed for 
N. Fussell and H. Mosley, London, 
1631. 4to. 472. a. 17. 

REEVE (Richard) See C, R. 
A cruell murther committed... 
upon the body of A. 
Robert Reeve and Richard Reeve, 
...1635. [A Ballad.] [1635.] 
Broadside fol. Rox. I. 488. 

REEVE (Robert) See C, B. 
A cruell murther committed... 
upon the body of A. Gear8y,...l)y 
Robert Reeve and Richard Reeve 
...1635. [A Ballad.] [1635.] 
Broadside fol. Rox. I. 488. 


The Trial of Trueth ; or a treatise 
wherein is declared who shall be 
judge betwene the Reformed 
Churches, and the Romish : in 
which is shewed, that... the onely 
written worde of God ought to 
determine the controversies of 
religio; wherin also is declared 
which is the true Religion and 
Cutholick Church... Published in 
La tine by a certaine Hungarian, 
a favourer of the trueth; and 
translated into English by R. 
Smith. ». 31. J, Windet for 
B, Dexter, London, 1591. 4to. 

3935. d. 


See Germany, Empire of — Beichs- 


See Skene {Sir J.) Regiam Ma- 
jestatem. Scotise veteres leges et 
oonstitutiones, etc. 1609. fol. 

509. g. 13. 

Regiam Majestatem. The 

auld lawes and constitutions 
of Scotland, etc. 1609. fol. 

23. c. 16. 

REGINALD (Henry) See 
Heoendorff (C.) Domestycal... 
Sermons, . . . translated oute of laten 
into Eoglysshe: by H. Reiginalde. 
1548. 8vo. C. 37. a. 41. 

REGINALD A (Bathsua) 
Musa Yirginea. Graeco-Latino- 
Gallica BathsueB R. (filiee Henrici 
Reginaldi...) anno eetatis susb de- 
cimo sexto edita. E, Qriffin, Lon- 
dint, 1616. 4to. 1070. m. 5. (3.) 

Without pagination. 




REGISTRUM. R. omnium 
Brevium, etc. See England. Re- 
gistrnm, etc. 1595. fol. 708. i. 1. 

REOrtJS (XJrbanus) A godly 
Sermon upon the IX. chapyter of 
Mathewe, of the woman that had 
an iasew of blood. See Luther 
(M.) [Semums.'l A frutefull and 

fodly Exposition. ..of the Kyng- 
om of Christ, etc. 1548. 8vo. 

3932. 0. 

— See Turner (W.) The olde 
Leamyng and the new, compared 
t(>gether, etc. [Translated from 
the Latin of U. R.] 1 548. 8 vo. 

1020. b. 3. 

— A coparison betwene the 
Olde leamynge and the Newe. 
Translated out of latin by 
W. Turner. ». 1. J, Nocols^, 
Sawihwarke, 1537. Svo. C. 25. a. 5. 

Without paginatioD. 

— A declaration of the twelve 
articles of the christen faythe 
with annotations of the holy 
B4-riptnre, where they be grounded 
in. And the righte foundation 
and principall comon places of 
the hole godly scripture, etc. 
[Translated by W. Lynne,] ». 31. 
B, Jugge^ London^ 1548. 8vOw 

C. 25. a. 17. (3.) 

Without pagioatiou. 

— Another copy. C. 37. b. 25. 

— Another copy. 698. a. 9. 

Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf, 
containing the imprint. 

— A Homely or Sermon [on 
Matt. xvin. 10] of Good and Evill 
Angels: preached.. .at Zella in 
Saxony, anno 1537. First trans- 
lated into English, by B. E(obin- 
son) Citizen of London. »• %• 
Beprinted hy J. Charlwood^ London, 
1590. 8vo. 695. b. 5. (3.) 

— Another copy. 111. a. 43. 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
The Widdowe Charlewood^ London^ 
1593. 8vo. 114. a. 35. 

REGIUS (Urbands) An in- 
struccyon of Christen fayth howe 
to be bolde upon the promyse of 
Ood and not to doubte of our sal- 
vacyon...Traslated into Englishe 
[by J. Fox]. 3B.a, KSyngleton, 
lodo, [1560?] .8vo. 4409. aaa. 

Without pagination. 

— The Sermon which Christ 
made on the way to Emaus...Bet 
downe in a Dialogue by U. R., 
wherein he hath gathered and 
expounded the chiefe prophecies 
of the old Testament concerning 
Christ. [Translated by W. Hilton.] 
V. £. </. Daye, London, 1578. 8vo. 

4226. bb. 

— Another edition. 1$» Z. 
W. WhiU, London, 1612. 4to. 

4226. ca 

— The Solace of Sion and Joy 
of Jerusalem, or Consolation of 
Gods Church in the latter age: 
redeemed by the preaching of the 
Gospell universallie. Beeing a 
godly and learned exposition of 
the Lxxxvij Psalme... Translated 
into English by R. Eobinson. 
iS« £* B. Jones, London, 
1594. 12mo. 116. a. 34. 

Withoat paginatioB. 

PLANCHE (Louis) 
See L'IsLE (F. de) pseud. 

See Beginald. 

See Kainolds. 

See Ephemerides. Epoemerides 
tiium annorum [15]58 . 59. et . 60. 
ex E. R. tabiilis...}>er 1. Feild, ad 




meriilianum . . . civi tatis Londinen- 
sis Bupputatre. 1558. 4to. 

632. d. 12. (1.) 

RELATION. A Eelation of 
the state of religion: and with 
what hopes and policies it hath 
beene framed and is maintained 
in the Beverall states of these 
westerne parts of the world. [By 
Sir E. Sandys. With copious 
MS. additions and corrections by 
the author.] Printed for S. Water- 
«on, London^ 1605. 4to. C. 28. f. 

— Another edition. F. Sims 
for S. Waierson, London, 1605. 4to. 

1019. i. 18. (3.) 


Relations of the most famous 
Kingdoms and Common-weales 
thorough the world, etc. 1608. 4to. 

566. b. 32. 

RELIGION. True Religion 
explained and defended against y** 
Archenemies thereof in these 
times, in six bookes. [By H. de 
Groot.] Published by Authority 
for the comon good. Printed for 
B, Boyatony London, 1632. 12mo. 

857. b. 8. 

REMEDIES. See Anonymous. 
Remedies against Discontentmet, 
eic. 1596. 8vo. 8405. de. 

— See P., H., Esq, Sundrie 
new and artificiall Remedies 
against Famine, etc. 1596. 4to. 

C. 31. c. 

— Here folio weth the making 
of approved remedies for dyseases 
from the head unto the feete, after 
the diversitie of the members 
and first of the helppes for the 
Head. (An Antidotarie of picked 
medicines, etc.) V, 3l« [London? 
1600?] 8vo. 547. f.l. 

A frugment of a medical work. 
Leaves 91-187. 

— Present Remedies against 
the Plague, etc. ^.U. MS. Notes. 

Printed for W, Barley, London, 
1594. 4to. C. 31. e. 7. 

Seven leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed for 
T. Paoyer, [London,] 1603. 4to. 


Seven leaves, without pagination. 

REMEDIES. [Remedies for 
diseases in horses. Approved and 
allowed by divers verie learned 
raareshalles.] IS* E» [T. Purfoot, 
Londm, 1572 ?] 4to. 

C. 31. g. 15. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

REMEDY. The Remedy 
ay enst the troubles of temptacyons. 
End, [Sig. D ii., verso, line 1.] 
Here endeth y remedy ayenst 
the troubles of temptacyons. 
([Line 3] Here begynneth a de- 
voute medytacyo in sayenge de- 
voutly y^ psalter of our lady ^ 
dyvers ensamples.) 15. il. Wyn- 
hyn de Worde, London, 1519. 4to. 

C. 21. c. 22. 

Witliont pagination orcatchwords. 
Twenty -six leaves. Sig. A-D. 

— A Remedy for Sedition, 
wherin are oonteyned many 
thynges, concemyng the true and 
loyall obeysance, that commes 
owe unto their prince and sovo- 
raygne lorde the kynpe. [By Sir 
J. Cheke.] ^. a. MS. Notes. 
In aedihus Thomae Bertheleti, Lon- 
dini, 1536. 4to. G. 604. 

— A speciall Remedy for the 
Plague. Printed for M. S. Junioi; 
[London, 1636?] s. sh. fol. 

816. m. 9. (23.) 


REMNANT (Richard) A 
Discourse or Historic of Sees; 
Shewing Their Nature and usage. 
Whereunto is added the causes 
and cure of blasted Wheat. And 
some remedies for blasted Hops. 




...Together with the canses of 
smutty Wheat. B. Young for 
T. Slater, Lond<m, 1637. 4to. 

972. i. 26. 

Carleton (G.) successively Bishop 
of Llandaffj etc. Suffragium 
oollegiale Theologorum Magnao 
BritannisB de quioque contro- 
versis Remonstrantium articulis, 
etc. 1627. 4to. 4257. b. 

RENAUDOT (Th^ophraste) 
A question, Whether there bee 
nothing new. Being one of those 
Questions handled in the weekly 
Conferences of Monsieur Renau- 
dots Bureau d' Addresses at Paris. 
Translated into English. Printed 
by B, B. for J. Emery, London, 
[1640]. 4to. 1092. b. 28. (2.) 

— A question, Which is most 
to be esteemed an Inventive Wit, 
Judgement or Courage. Being 
one of those Questions handled in 
the Weekly Conferences of Mon- 
sieur Renaudots Bureau d'Ad- 
dresses at Paris. Translated into 
English. Printed by B. B, for 
J, Emery, London, 1640. 4to. 

1092. b. 28. (1.) 

RENECHER (Herman) The 
Golden Chayne of Salvation... 
Translated out of Latine into 
English [and edited by P. Alli- 
bond]. V, Simmes for T. Man, 
Lond<m,1604. 8vo. 4401. dd. 32. 

RENICHON (Michel de) 
The Confession of M. Renichon... 
concerning, the bloudy enterprise 
which by him should have been 
committed upon the person of 
County Maurice, Prince of Orange, 
as also the sentence deoounced 
against hym for that deede, in 
the Haghe on the third of June 
1594... Translated by R. R. 90. H. 
J. Wolfe, London, 1694. 4to. 

1192. f. 1. 
'Without pagination. 

RENIGER (Michael) De Pii 
Quinti et Gregoiii Decimi tertii 
Romanorum Pontificum furoribus. 
Contra Elizabetham Angliae Fran- 
cis et HybemiaB Reginam, etc. 
MS. Notes. Excudebat T. Dau8o(n), 
pro B. Watkin8,Londini, 15S2, 8vo. 

849. f. 12. 

— Another copy. G. 19499. 

REPORT. A Report of a 
Discourse concerning supreme 
power in affaires of Religion. 
Manifesting that this power is a 
right of Regalitie, inseparably 
annexed to the Soveraigntie of 
every State, etc. Imprinted by 
F. K. for J. Hardie, London, 
1606. 4to. 3935. b. 

REPPS (William) Bishop of 
Norwich. See Sawtry (J.) The 
defence of the Mariageof Preistes ; 
Agenst S. Gardiner bisshop of 
Wynchester, W. Repse, etc. 
1641. 8vo. G. 6909. 

REPSE (William) Bishop of 
Norwich, See Repps. 

RES. Eadem res duobus ven- 
dita, cui prius tradita, non cui 
prius vendita est, debetur. L. 
quoties : C. De Rei Vindicat. — 
Qui aliorum falso usus est insig- 
nibus, incuirit crimen falbi. L. 
eos qui : Pa. fin. ff. ad legem 
Corneliam, de falsibus. [In verse.] 
Ca^tebrigise, 1686. s. sh. 4to. 

C. 38. 1. 6. (10.) 

Printed in double colamns. 

The first Part of the Resolution 
of Religion, etc. [By R. B., i.e. 
R. Parsons.] 1603. 4to. 113. f. 31. 

RETORNA. Retuma Bre- 
vium. See Justice of the Peace. 
The contentes of this boke. Fyrste 
the boke for a Justice of peace, etc. 
1544. 8vo. 516. a. 2. 

1569. 8vo. 616. a. 6. 




RETORNA. Returna Bre- 
vinm. See Natura. Natura 
brevium, etc. [1634.] 8vo. 

607. a. 18. 

— Retama Brevium. ?J. Z. 
[J. BasteU, Limdon, 1630?] 8vo. 

1127. a. 2. (2*.) 

Without pagination. 

— Returna brevium. End* 
Explicit Returna brevium, no- 
viter castigatum fate]. 90. X. 
^er me W. Myddytton, Londintiy 
1543. 8vo. 1379. a. 19. (5.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. W^ I. 

[Landauy] 1646. 8vo. 616. a. 4. (6.) 


RETURN. The Retume of 
the Knight of the Poste from 
Hell, with the Divels aunswere 
to the Supplication of Pierce 
Penilesse [of T. Nash], with some 
Relation of the last Treasons. 
W. a. J. Windet for N. Butter, 
London, 1606. 4to. C. 27. b. 6. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 96, b. 16. (13.) 

RETURNA. R. Brevium. 
See Retorma. 


prologe of this reuelacion. The 
reuelacion that foloweth here in 
this boke tretyth how a certeyn... 
nionke in the abbey of Euishamme 
was rapte in spiritc.and ladde 
by...6eint N.ychola8 the space of 
. ii. days and . ii. nyghtes to see 
and knowe the peynys of purga- 
torye and the jowys of paradyse 
and in what state the sowlis ware purgatory e and... paradyse, 
etc. W. 2^. Copious MS. Notes. 
[ W. Machlinia, London, 1482?] 4to. 

C. 21. c. 3. 

Without titlepage, register, pagi- 
natioD,or colophon. Sixty -six lea vef, 
including a blank leaf at the com- 
mencement; 30 lines to a full page. 

The Terso of leaves 17 and 23, and 
the recto of leaves 18 and 24, were 
originally misprinted ; and other 
leaves with the correct text have 
been pasted over them. 

tion of the secret spirit. Declar- 
ing the most concealed secret 
of Alchymie. Written first in 
Latine by an unknowne author, 
but explained in Italian, by J. 
B. Lambye, Venetian. Lately 
translated into English, by R. 
N. E. Gentleman [Robert Napier, 
Esq. ? or " of Edinburgh ? "]. 
J. Havilandfor H. Skelton ; London, 
1623. 16mo. 8610. aa. 11. 


Majesties Shippes. 
Report of.*, the 
lies of Azores,... 
venge...and an 
King of Spaine. 

The, one of Her 
See Azores. A 
fight about the 
betwixt the Re- 
Armada of the 
1691, 4to. 
C. 33. b. 13. 

venger's Tragsedie. [In four acts, 
in prose and vense. By C. Tour- 
neur.] MS. Notes. O. Eld, Lon- 
don, 1607. 4to. C. 34. e. 34. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 644. c. 80. 

This and the following copy have 
a new titlepage hearing date 1608. 

— Another copy. C. 12. f. 8. (1.) 

REUSNER (NiooLiDs) N. 
Reusneri . . . Symbolorumlmperato- 
riorum Classis prima( — ^tertia)... 
Quintaeditio. 3 pts. ApudCruiU' 
elmum Turner, Oxonii, 1 633. 1 2mo. 

830. a. 14. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage 
and pagination. FoL 107 is muti- 

RE TITER (Adam) Contra 
Gonspiratorum Consilia Orationes 
Du8d habitae ..anno 1611., diebus 
Regiae liberationi» a conspiratione 
Gowrie, etc. M. Bradwood, Lon- 
dini, 1612. 4to. 600. e. 21. (6.) 




RETJTER (Adah) De oon- 
silio tTftctatns, eto. J. Lichfield d 
G. Turner, Oxonise, 1626. 4to. 

625. f. 8. (2.) 

— Ex L. Ut Vim 3. D. Just : et 
Jure. Quaestiones juris contro- 
versi 12. Auctore A. Reuter, eto. 
J. Bamesius, OxonisB, 1609. 4to. 

5255. a. 
Without pagination. 

— Libertatis Anglicauae De- 
fensio, seu Demonstratio : Reg- 
num Angliae non esse fendum 
Foil ti fids: in...Oxonien8i Acade- 
mia publice opposita M. Beoano. 
J. BeaU, Londiniy 1613. 4to. 

3935. d. 

RETMOND, Dominican Friar. 
See YiNEis (R. de) 


Betfin. [Sig. a 2.] This is the 
table of the historye of reynart 
the foxe. [Sig. a 3, verso .*] Hyer 
begynneth th^'storye of reynard 
the foxe. End, For I haue not 
added ne myuusshed but haue 
folowed as nyghe as I can my 
copye whiche was in dutche [en- 
titled *' Die Hidtorie van Reinaert 
die Vos"], and by me willm 
Caxton translated in to this rude 
1 symple englyssh in thabbey of 
Westmestre, fynysshed the yj 
daye of Juyn the yere of our 
lord . M.CCCC.Lxxxj. i the xxj 
yeie of the regno of kynge 
Edward the iiijth. Here endeth 
the historye of Reynard the 
foxe Tcp. 1^. a. Few MS. Notes, 
[]r«/intWer,1481.]fol. C.ll.o.3. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Eighty-two leaves. Sig. a 2-1. The 
leaf preceding sig. i i is printed on 
both sides, but oSlj half-way down. 

— Another copy. G. 10645. 

— [Another edition.] Here 
beginneth the booke of Raynarde 
the Foxe, conteining divers 

goodlye historyes and Parables, 
with other dyvers 
the which... men maye leme to 
oome unto the subtyll knowledge 
of suche thinges as daily ben used 
& had in y* oounseyles of Lordes 
& Prelates both ghostely & 
wordely, & also among marchautes 
<& other comen people. [Caxton's 
translation partly modernized.] 
90* X* T. Qaultier; London, 
1550. 8vo. 686. d. 15. 

Without pagination. 

REYNARD (John) The 
admirable Deliverance of 266 
Christians by J. Reynard [or 
rather Fox] Englishman, from 
the Captivitie of the Turkes, who 
had beene Gaily Slaves many 
yeares in Alexandria. [By A. 
Munday.] ©. X* T. Dawson, 
London, 1608. 4to. 1197. d. 21, 

Without pagination. 

REYNOLDE (William) A 
treatise conteyning the true 
catholike and apustolike faith of 
the holy sacrifice and Sacrament 
ordeyned by Christ at his last 
Supper: With a declaration of 
the i3erengarian heresie renewed 
in our age; and an anbwere to 
certain Sermons made by M. R. 
Bruce concerning this matter. 
J. TrogneHus, Antwerp, 1593. 8vo. 

4325. a. 

REYNOLDES (Richard) A 
chronicle of all the noble Empe- 
rours of the Romaines, from Julius 
Caesar, orderly to... Maximilian 
that now govemeth, with the 
great warres of Julius Caesar i 
Pompeius Magnus, etc. 90* X. 
T. Marahe, London, 1571. 4to. 

1308. b. 

The dedicatory epistle (to Loid 
Burghley) is signed: **Ricbardus 

REYNOLDS (Edward) 
Biifhop of Norwich, An Ezplica- 




tion of the hundreth and tenth 
Paalme... Second edition, revised 
and corrected by the Author. 
T. Kyngston for B. Bostocke, Lon- 
don, 1635. 4to. 3090. bb. (1.) 

^ REYNOLDS (Edward) 
Bishop of Norwich. The ehieldes 
of the Earth : a sermon [on Psalm 
XL VII. 9]... preached ... February 
25. 1634. F. Kyngstonjor B. Bos- 
tock, London, 1636. 4to. 114. e. 31. 

— Another copy. 3090. bb. (2.) 

— A treatise of the Passions 
and Faculties of the Soule of Man. 
With the... Dignities and Corrup- 
tions thereunto belonging. Printed 
hy B. H. for B. Bostock, London, 
1640. 4to. 528. k. 2. 

— Three treatisesof The Vanity 
of the Creature. The Sinfulnesse 
of Sinne. The Life of Christ. 
Being the substance of severall 
Sermons preached at Lincolns 
Inne. The third Edition, Revised 
and Corrected. 3 pts. B. Badger 
forB. Bostocke, London, 1634. 4to. 

4403. gg. 

Pts. 2 and 3 have separate title- 
pages, but the register aud pagi- 
nation are continuous throughout 

— The vanitie of the creature, 
and vexation of the Spirit. 
F. Kyngsion for B. Bostocke, Lon- 
don, 1637. 12mo. 4401. b. 6. 

REYNOLDS (Henry) Poet. 
See E., H. 

See Eainolds. 

• REYNOLDS (John) Mer- 
chant, of Exeter. The Triumphs 
of Gods Revenge against the cry- 
ing and execrable sinne of (Wil- 
ful! and Premeditated) Murther. 
With his Miraculous Discoveries, 
and severe Punishments thereof. 
In Thirtie sevei aU Tragicall His- 

tories, etc. Printed for W. Lee, 
London, 1635, 34c. fol. 12403. c. 22. 

There is a second titlepage, engraved. 

— Another edition. E. Qriffin 
for W. Lee, London, 1639. fol. 

1^403. c. 19. 

Imperfect; wanting History xxx., 
being all after p. 528. 

— Second edition. 

E. Qriffin for W. Lee, London, 
1640. 8vo. 6055. g. 

REYNOLDS (John) Tran 
slater. See Du Refque (E.) A 
Treatise of the Court... Done into 
English by J. R. 1622. 8vo. 

8406. bbb. 

— See Marande (L. de) The 
Judgment of Humane Actions... 
Englished by J. R. 1629. 8vo. 

8410. bb. 33. 


— See Tasso (T.) T. Tasso's 
Arainta, Englisht, etc. [By J. R. ?] 
1628. 4to. 643. d. 82. 

RHiEDUS (Thomas) SeeA.,B. 
1624. 4to. 1070. 1. 13. (11.) 

— Psalmi CIV. Paraphrasis. 
[In verse.] See Barclay (W.) 
J.Barclaii Judicium, etc. 1620. 8 vo. 

847. g. 16. (1.) 

RHODES. Begin, [fol. 2, 
recto, preceded by the dedication 
by the translator John Kay to 
King Edward IV. : S]y th that I 
have aplyed me to declare and 
publysshe to alle crysten people 
the siege of the noble and in- 
vyncyble cytee of Rhodes, etc. 
[A translation from the Latin of 
G. Caoursin, by John Kay, poet 
laureate.] W. JL. [Lettou and 
MaxMinia, London, 1482?] fol. 

G. 6209. 

Without titlepage, pagination, 
signatures, or catchwords. Twenty- 
four leaves ; 26 lines to a full page. 




except the two pages of dedication, 
whicn have respectively 30 and 31 

— Another copy. C. 21. d. 2. 

Imperfect ; wauting the last leaf, 
which has been supplied in fao- 

RHODES (Hugh) The Book 
of Nurture for menservants and 
ohildren (with Stans puer ad 
mensam) newly corrected, very 
utile and necessary unto all youth. 
[Inverse.] 15.%* Abraham Veale, 
lAmdan, [1550?] 4to. C.39.e.62. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Twelve leaves, with 35 lines to the 
full page. 

— Another edition. 90. S. 
[Thomas East.Londanf 1568?] 4to. 

C.18. e. 2. (3.) 

Thirty-five lines to a page. A 
fragment, being one leaf only, sig. 


— Another edition. 15* Z. 
H. Jackson^ London^ 1577. Svo. 

C. 21. a. 40. 
Without pagination. Sig. A-E. 

RHODES (John) See E., J. 

— An Answere to a Romish 
Kime (entituled, A proper newe 
Ballad, <&c.) late printed: wherein 
are oontayned Catholike questions 
to the Protestant, etc. [In verse, 
with the text of the Ballad.] 
8. Stafford, London, 1602. 4to. 

11623. bb. 36. 

Without pagination. The "An- 
swere " is printed in Black Letter. 

— A Briefe Summe of The 
Treason intended against the 
King & State, when tiiey should 
have been assembled in Parlia- 
ment. November . 5. 1605. [In 
verse] . . . With a few other Meeters, 
etc. (Some other Monuments and 
Memorandums of Popery, etc.) 
E. A. for E. White, London, 
1606. 4to. G. 11254. 

Withont pagination. 

See Baphael (Salomon) pseud, 

— See Solomon, King of Israel, 
pseud, Canticum Canticorum, 
Quod est Schelemonis de Medicina 
Universali, etc. [By J. P. R.] 
[1638.?] 12mo. 1036. a. 15.(2.) 

— Compendium Hermetioum, 
de Macrosmo [sic] et Microcosmo, 
totiuB Philosophisa & Medicinso 
cognitionem breviter ... complec- 
tens. Additum est Dispersatorium 
chymicum novum de vera Medioa- 
men tor um prsBparatione. [Lon- 
don, 1638?] 12mo. 1036. a. 15. (3.) 

RHYS (John David) Cambro- 
brytannicad Cymraecseve linguaa 
institutiones et rudimenta ac- 
curate, & (quantum fieri potuit) 
succinct^ et compendios^ con- 
scripta k J. Da vide Rheeso...Cum 
exacta carmina Cymraeca con- 
dendi Ratione, & Cambrobrytan- 
nicorum Poematum generibus, 
aliisqud rebus nonnullis e6dem 
spectantibus, etc. [With a pre- 
face by H. Prichard.] T. Ormnus^ 
Londini, 1592. fol. 628. 1. 3. 

— Another copy. 69. d. 6. 

1 — Another copy. 

G, 684. 

See ViLLEG AS (A.) Lives of Saints. 
...Whereunto are added the lives 
of sundry other saints... extracted 
out of R., etc. 1630. 4to. 

4827. bb. 

1636. 4to. G. 11748. 

— The Life of B. Father Igna- , 
tins of Loyola. Translated out 
of Spanish into English, By W. 
M., etc. [Parts ?] 1616. Svo. 

G. 14364. 

RIBAUT (Jean) Discoverie 
of Florida. See H., R. Divers 
voyages, etc. 1582. 4to. C. 21. b. 35. 

1302 RIB R I C 

RIBAUT (Jean) Last Voyage shewing what perilles are pro- 

into Terra Florida. See Le Shal- cured, where the people live 

LEUX (N.) A true... description without regarde of Martial 1 lawe. 

of the last voyage... attempted by With a short discourse conteyn- 

... J. Rybaut, etc. ing the decay of warlike disci- 

pline, etc. ». l. C. Barker^ 

— The whole and true dis- London, 1578. 4to. 68. a. 1. 
couerye of Terra Florida (eng- ...... . . x. 

lished the Florishing lande). • Without pagination. 

Conteyning aswell the wonder- — Another edition. ?J. Z. 

full... natures and manors of the H. Middleton for 0. B,, London, 

people, with the merveylous 1578. 4to. 8827. bb. 

commodities and treasures of the zT eroo 

Country : As also the pleasaunt — Another copy. G. 5528. 

Fortes, Hauens. and wayes there- j^jcH (Barnaby) A Catho- 

unto... Written in French by jj^j^^ Conference betweene Syr 

Captaine Ribauld the fyrst that Tady Mac. Mareall a popish priest 

whollye discouered the same. ^^ Waterforde. and Patnck Plaine 

And nowe newly set forthe in ^ student in Trinity Col- 

Englishe the XXX of May 1563. ^J^^ %^ jy^^^^^ -^ Ireland. 

T ^* ^^o f^^^'-'^ oo .i' Wberein is delivered the certayne 

London,1563. 8vo. C. 33. c. 17. ^^^^j, ^f execution that was 

Withoat paa:ination, Begister used upon a popish Bishop, and 

A-C. Twenty-three leaves. ^ ^^^^^ p^^^.^ ^^^^ f^j. geverall 

RICARDUS; Dunelmensis. matters of Treason were executed 

iSee AuNGERViLLB (R. d') Bishop at Dublin... 1611, etc. Printed for 

of Durham ^* -^^^m, London, 1612. 4to. 

C. 21. b. 22. 

RIC CI (M ATTEO) A Discourse 

of the Kingdome of China, taken — Another copy. 108. d. 10. 

out of Ricius and Trigautius. 5ea _ Another copy. G. 6533. 

PuROHAS (S.) Purchas his Pil- ^.^, '^'^ ^., ^ ^ 

grimes, etc. Pt. 3. 1625. fol. Titlepage mutilated. 

679. h. 13. — The excellency of good 

•B-rr^w /-D NOT women. The honour and estima- 

RICH (Babnabt) See Irish . ^^^ beiongeth nnto them. 

Prognosticatioh. a new Ineh ^j, i^f^i^^ ^|,te8 whereby to 

ProRBoeticat^n or Popish Cal- ^ ^ y ^ ^ J[^ 

lender, etc. [By B.E.J^ 1624^ 4to. ^g^g ^^^ 'g^jg^' 

o TLT n XT -k/rn-A.' J. — Faultes faults. And nothing 

r-vl ^% •' ^ J°^ » 4 1?* *■*"• else but Faultes. Printed M 

[Taken from B. Rich s » AlUrme j (^j^ L^^^on, 1606. 4to. 

to England, etc. J 1625. 4to. ' A g^oQ 

llUo. e. ^^. 

a ^r /n\ xr — Roomc for a Gentleman, or 

if7+- 4 r^i™"/ ^^T. p""'^ the second part of Faultes, col- 

Militis, eto. [laken from B. R s iected...for the true Meridian of 

-AllarmotoEngland. 11625. 4to. D^^lin, etc. LW.forJ.Chorlton, 

O. a».c. ». jr,^,^^^^ 1609. 4to. G. 5530. 

— iS^ R., B. . . , , a 

— The Honestie of this Age. 

— Allarme to England, fore- Proouing by good circumstance 




that the world was never honest 
till now. Printed for T. A., Lon- 
dim, 1614. 4to. 721. f. 45. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for T. A., London, 1615. 4to. 

1077. g. 22. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for T. Adams J London, 1616. 4to. 

G. 5536. 

RICH (Barnaby) The Irish 
hnbbub or, the English hue and 
one. Briefely pursuing the base 
conditions, and most notorious 
offences of this vile, vaine and 
wicked Age, etc. Printed for 
J. Harriot, London, 1617. 4to. 

12330, d. 25. 

— Another edition. (Apho- 
rismee.) Printed for J, Harriot, 
London, 1619. 4to. O. 5537. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hff A. Maihewes for J, Harriot, 
London, 1622. 4to. 12330. e. 10. 

Seven! leaves are slightiy muti- 
lated in the biDding. 

— My Ladies Looking Glasse. 
Wherein may be discerned a wise 
man from a foole, a good woman 
f i-om a bad, etc. Printed for 
T. Adawu, London, 1616. 4to. 

G. 5535. 

— A new description of Ire- 
land; wherein is described the 
disposition of the Irish whereunto 
they are inclined, etc. Printed 
for T. Adams, London, 1610. 4to. 

B. 671. (4.) 

— Another copy. C. 21. b. 27. 

— Another copy. G. 5632. (1 .) 

— A true and a kinde Excuse Defence of that Booke, in- 
tituled A Newe Description of 
Irelande,etc. Printed for T. Adams, 
London, 1612. 4to. C. 21. b. 23. 

RICH (Barnabt) Opinion 
Diefied [«<?]. Discovering the 
logins, Traps, and Traynes that 
are set in this age, whereby to 
catch Opinion, etc. Printed for 
T. Adams, London, 1613. 4to. 

721. f. 43. 

— Another copy. 721. f. 44. 

— Another copy. G. 5534. 

— A pathway to Military 
practise. Containinge Offices, 
Lawes, Disciplines and orders to be 
observed in an Army, with sundry 
Stratagems very beneficiall for 
young Gentlemen . . . W hereunto is 
annexed a Ealender of the im- 
battelinge of men, etc. 90. £• 
J. Charlewood for B. WaUey^ Lon- 
don, 1587. 8vo. 8825. b. 

Without pagination. 

— A right exelent and plea- 
saunt Dialogue, betwene Mercury 
and an English Souldier : Con- 
tayning his Supplication to Mars : 
bewtified with sundry worthy 
Histories, rare inventions, and 
politike devises. 90. S. [London, 
1574.] 8vo. 12350. aa. 18. 

— The Second Tome of the 
Travailes and adventures of Don 
Simonides, enterlaced with 
varietie of Historic, wherein the 
curteous and not curious reader 
maie finde matters so leveled, as 
male suffice to please all humours, 
etc. 90. H. Imprinted for B.WaUey, 
London, 1584. 4to. 12614. d. 

Without pagination. 

— A short Suruey of Ireland 
truely discovering who it is that 
hath so armed the hearts of that 
people with disobedience to their 
Prince. With a description of 
the Countrey, and the condition 
of the people, etc. Printed by 
N. O. for B. Sutton and W. Barenger, 
London, 1069 [1609]. 4to. 

C. 21. b. 36. 

Another copy. G. 6532. (2.) — Another copy. G. 5531. 




RICH (Barnaby) The true 
report of a late practise enter- 
prised by a Papist, with a yong 
Maiden in Wales, etc. W. H. 
B. Walley, London, 1582. 4to. 

C. 25. 0. 7. 
Without pagioatioD. 

RICHARD in., King of Eng- 
land. [The Tragedy of King 
Kichara the third. Containing, 
His treacherous Plots against his 
brother Clarence... and most de- 
served death. As it hath beene 
lately Acted by the... Lord Cham- 
berlaine his servants. By W. 
Shakespeare.] [Printed by Vaten- 
tine Sims, for Andrew Wise, Lon- 
don, 1697.] 4to. C. 39. i. 14. 

A fragment of the first edition of 
the play, published anonymonsly, 
conbisting of eight leaves only, 
being sig. C and D. The edges 
are uncut. 

RICHARDS (Nathakael) 
The Celestiall Publican. A 
Sacred Poem ... describing the 
Birth, . . . Passion, and . . . Resurrec- 
tion of our Saviour. The Spirituall 
Sea-fight. The...Deceites of the 
World, the Flesh, The Vicious 
Courtier. The Jesuite. The 
Divell. Seaven... Poems, with... 
Epitaphs and Anagrams; [and 
an additional poem intitled A 
solemne Passion of the Soules 
Love]. F, Kyngston for B. Michelly 
London, 1630. 8vo. 1077. d. 22. 

Without pagination. The " Soules 
Passion" has a distinct register. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. B4 and 6. 
Sig. F4 is mutilated. 

— The tragedy of Messallinfa], 
the Roman Emperesse [in five 
acts, and in verse], etc. T. Cotes 
for D. Frere, London, 1640. 8 vo. 

162. b. 15. 

Without pagination . With a por- 
trait of the author, and a second 
titlepage engraved. 

— Another copy. 643. a. 37. 
Imperfect ; wanting the portrait. 

The Price of our Redemption. A 
Sermon [on Matt. xx. 28] preached 
at Paules Crosse, the Sixt uf 
Aprill la«t. 1617. W. Butler, 
London, 1.617. 8vo. 4473. a. 31. 

— A sermon [on Psal. ci. 8,] 
concerning the punishing of male- 
factors. Preached at Paules 
Crosse. Printed for W. Buttar, 
L(mdon, 1616. 4to. 3932. f. 

— A workeman that needeth 
not to be ashamed : or the faith- 
full Steward of Gods House. A 
sermon [on 2 Tim. u, 15] describ- 
ing the duety of a godly Minister, 
etc. TF. 8tanshy,for W. Barret, 
London,1616. 4to. 

Of the state of Europe XIIII. 
Bookes, containing the historie, 
and relation of the many provinces 
hereof. Printed for H, Cripps, 
Oxford, 1627. 4to. 10107, i. 

Each book has a distinct pagi- 

See Bible. The Holy Bible... 
Newly translated... and revised, 
etc. [By L. Andrewes,...J. R., 
etc.] 1611. fol. 466. i. 6. (1.) 

RICHEOME (Louis) Holy 
Pictures of the mysticall Figures 
of the most holy Sacrifice and 
Sacrament of the Eucharist... 
Translated ... by C. A. [Douay f] 
1619. 8vo. 4327. c. 

— The Pilgrime of Loreto 
performing his vow made to the 
glorious Virgin Mary Mother of 
God. Conteyning divers devout 
Meditations upon the Christian 
& Cath. doctrine ... Written in 
French, & translated into Eng- 
lish by E. W[eston?]. Paris, 
1629. 4to. 4061. d. 

The titlepage is engraved. 




— Another copy. 4061. d. 
With the date altered to 1630. 

RICHWORTH (William) 

RICIUS(Matth£U8) See^iQCU 


JBegin. Be it knowen to all crjBte 
people wHch joyeth in theyr 
nartes of y* power of god shewed 
by his owne precyons body i 
fonrme of brede in y* chyrche of 
Rykmersworthe where wretched 
1 cursed people cruelly i wylfully 
set fyre upon all y* ymages i on 
the canape y' the blessyd Sacra- 
met was in, etc. [Announcing 
an Indulgence to those who will 
aid in restoring the Church.] 
V, £. [London, 1525?] «. sh. 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (96.) 

RID. (Sa.) The Art of Jug- 
ling or Legerdemaine, etc )$• £• 
O. Eld, London, 1614. 4to. 

1042. b. 8. (1.) 

Without pagination, 

RIDER (Henrt) See Hora- 
Tius Flaccus (Q.) [Carmina.] All 
the Odes and Epodes of Horace. 
Translated... by H.R. 1638. 12mo. 

1068. f. 9. 

RIDER (John) Bishop of Kil- 
laloe. R.'s Dictionarie ... Aug- 
mented by F. Holy-Oke. — Calen- 
darium Romanum. See Holyoke 
(F.) Dictionarium Etymologi- 
cum Latinum, etc. 1633. 4to. 

625. g. 3. 

— A friendly caveat to Ire- 
lands Catholickes, concerning the 
Daungerous Dreame of Christs 
corporall (yet invisible) piesence 
in the Siacrament of the Lords 
Supper. Grounded upon a letter 
pretended to be sent by some... 
Catholickes : who doubted, and 
therefore desired satisfaction... 

VOL. liU 

with the aunswere and prooffes of 
the Romano Catfaolicke Priests. 
...Perused and allowed for Apo- 
stolicall and Catholicke, by the 
subscription of ... H. Fitzsimon 
Jesuit, etc. /. Franehton, Dublin, 
1602. 4to. 1019. g. 5. (2.) 

— Another copy. C. 35. c. 8. 

RIDER (John) Bishop of Kil- 
laloe. Rideri Dictionarium seve- 
riore trutina castigatum. In quo 
(praeter ea, quae olim elaboravit 
F. do Sacra Quercu) etyma innu* 
mora supplentur ... operis ... N. 
Gray. Lai.-Eng. A, Islip, Lon* 
dini, 1626. 4to. 12933. f. 19. 

— Riders dictionarie corrected, 
and with the addition of above 
five hundred words enriched. 
Heereunto is annexed a Dictionarie 
etymologicall, deriving everie 
word from his native fountaine... 
by F. Holyoke. Eng.-LcU. 2 pts. 
A. Islip for T, Man^ London, 
1617. 8vo. 12934. e. 13. 

Without pagination. Pt 2 has a 
diatinot titlepage. 

— To which are 

joyned...many usefuU alterations. 
...By N. Gray. A, Islip, London, 
1626. 4to. 12933. f. 18. 

— Another edition. F, King- 
ston for B, Whiiaker, London, 
1640. 4to. 12981. g. 11. 

RIDLEY (Lancelot) See 
Bible. — New Testament. — Ephe- 
sians, A commentary upon 
Sayncte Paules Epystle to the 
Ephesy ans . . . Per L. Ridleum, eta 
[1540.J 8vo. 3266. aa. 

RIDLEY (Mark) See Bar- 
low (W.) Magneticall Adver- 
tisements . . . Whereunto is annexed 
a breife discoverie of the idle 
animadversions of M. R....upon 
this treatise, etc. 1618. 4to. 

1396. d. 1. 




RIDLEY (Mark) Magneti- 
call Animadversions... upon cer- 
taine Magneticall Advertisements 
lately published, from Maister W. 
Barlow. N.Okes, London, 1617. 4to. 

538. f. 42. 

— A*«liort Treatise of mag- 
neticall bodies and motions. 
N. Okes, London, 1613. 4to. 

638. f 40. 

Engraved titlepage. 

RIDLEY (Nicholas) succes- 
sively Bishop of Bocheaier and 
of London. Letters of Doctor 
Rydley late Byshop of London, 
etc. See Goverdale (M.) Bishop 
of Exeter, Certain most godly... 
letters, etc. 1564. 8vo. 488.a.l3. 

— See London, Diocese of — 
Injunctions, Injunctions geveu 
in the visitation of ... Ny colas 
byshoppe of London, for an 
uniformitie in the Diocesse of 
London in the fourth yeare of... 
Eynge Edwarde the Syxt, etc. 
1550. 4to. T. 776. (11.) 

— See London, Diocese of — 
Visiiaiion Articles, Articles to bee 
inquired of in the visitation of 
the Dioces of London, by Nycolas 
byshop of London, etc. 1660. 4to. 

T. 776. (11*.) 

— A Brief declaration of the 
Lordes Supper, "written by...N. 
Ridley... a litel before he sufired 
deathe for the true testimonie of 
Christ. W^a. [Qenef>af'] 1656. 8vo. 

698. a. 16. (2.) 

Without pagmation. 

— Certe godly, learned, and 
comfortable conferences, betwene 
the two Reverende Fathers, and 
holje Martj-rs of Christe,...D. N. 
Rydley late Bysshoppe of London, 
and...M. H. Latymer sometime 
Bysshoppe of Worcester, during 
the tyme of theyr empryson- 
nx^ntes. Wherunto is added; a 

treatise agaynst the errour of 
Transubstantiation, made by the 
sayd ... N. Rydley. 913. I. 
1656. 8vo. 3932. c. 

— Another copy. G. 19979. 

— Another copy, 3932. b. 

— Another edition. [Edited 
by J. 0., i.e. John Olde.] ». l. 
[Geneva f J 1656. 8vo. 

698. a. 16. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Whereunto is 

added a Treatise of the Lordes 
Supper made by N. Rydley. Now 
newly againe imprinted. 30. It. 
J. Awdetey^ London, 1574. 8vo. 

698. a. 28. (1.) 

RIDLEY (Robert) See 
GiLDAS. Opus Novum. — Gildas calamitate, excidio, & con- 
questu Britannisd, etc. [Edited 
by P. Vergilius and R. R.] 
[1625.] 8vo. C. 33. a. 6. 

RIDLEY {Sir Thomas) A 
view of the Civile and Ecclesias- 
tical Law, and wherein the 
practise of them is streitned, and 
may be relieved within this Land. 
)3, Z. Printed for the Company 
of Stationers, London, 1607. 4to. 

601. a. 8. 

The second Edi- 
tion, by J. G[regory]. W. Turner^ 
Oxford, 1634. 4to. 498. e. 2. 

RIGHT WISE (John) See 
Lily (W.) G. Lilii...aegeneribus 
nominum...Regul8B...Cum Nomi- 
num ac verbornm interpreta- 
mentis per Joanne Rituissi, etc. 
[1520?] 4to. 626. d. 11. (1.) 

1 633. 8 vo. C. 21 . a. 1 . 

RIOLAN (Jean) A Treatise 
of the principall diseases of the 
eyes, gathered out of Fernelius 
and J. Riolamus [or rather Riola- 




nxis]. See Bailey (W.) Two 
treatises, etc. 1616. 8vo. 

1186. b. 47. 

RIOLAN (Jean) A Treatise 
of the prineipall diseases of the 
Eyes, gathered out of Femelius 
and J. Riolamns. See Yauohan 
(Sir W.) Directions for health. 
Pt. 2. 1626. 4to. 1189. f. 11. 

1633. 4to. 1039. g. 

RIPLEY (George) The Com- 
pound of Alohvmy, or the ancient 
hidden Art of Arohemie : contein- 
ing the...meanes to make the 
Philosophers Stone... first written 
by ... G. Ripley ... Wherennfo is 
adjoyned his Epistle to the King 
...& other his workes never before 
published; with certaine briefe 
additions... set foorth by R. Rab- 
bards, etc. [In verse.] T. Ortoiny 
London, 1591. 4to. C. 39. d. 26. 


RIVE (EpMiTND) See Posse- 
Lius (J.) Dialogues. ..Construed 
out of Latine into English [by 
E. R.]. 1623. 4to. 826. f. 31. 

RIVERS; Anthony, Earl 
See Wydevile. 

RIVERS (Francis) SeeO^nz 
(A.^ A Relation of the solem- 
netie wherewith the Catholike 
Princes K. PhilHp the III. and 
Quene Margaret were receyved 
in the Inglish CoUedge of v alla- 
dolid... Written in Spanish... and 
translated by F. R.,etc. 1601. 8vo. 

0930. aa. 

RIVERS (George) The 
Heroinsd : or the lives of Arria, 
Paulina, Lucrecia, Dido, Theutilla, 
Cypriana, Aretaphila. B, Biehop 
/or J. OoQyy, London, 1 639. 1 2mo. 

610. a. 8. 

RIVERS (Peregrine) See 

Ephemerides. Rivers ... An Alma- 
nacke and Prognostication... By 
P. R. 

RIVIUS (Joannes) A Guide 
unto godlinesse, moste worthy to 
bee followed of all true Christians, 
...Written in Latin by J. Rivius: 
Englished by W. G(ace). ». ». 
O. Seton, London, 1679. 8vo. 

698. a. 44. (13.) 

— A treatise against the folish- 
nesse of men in differringe the 
reformation of their living, and 
amendment of their manors... 
translated into Englishe by J. 
Bankes. ». I. W. PoweU, Lon- 
don, [1 650 ?] 8 vo. 4404. e. 

Without pagluation. 

RIVIUS (Thomas) 
See Ryves (Sir T.) 

ROBARTES (Foulkb) Gods 
holy House and Service, accord- 
ing to the piimitive and most 
Christian forme thereof, described 
by F. Robarts, etc. T. Cotes, 
London, 1639. 4to. 4473. aa. 31. 

— The Revenue of the Gospel 
is tythes, due to the Ministerie of 
the word, by that word. MS. 
Notes. C. Legge, Cambridge, 
1613. 4to. 109. a. 18. 

— Another copy. 617. b. 8. 

Imperfedt ; wanting the last leaf, 
oontaining the errata. 

ROBERT, called the Devil, 
Hero of Bomance. Robert the 
devyll. End. Here endeth the 
lyfe of the moost ferefullest... 
Robert y* devyll wbicbe was 
afterwarde called the servaunt of 
our lorde Jhesu cryste, etc. 
[Translated from the French prose 
romance.] 90« ll« Wynkyn de 
Worde, [London, 1510?] 4to. 

C. 21. c. 

Without pagination orcatch words. 
Twenty-eight leaves. Sig. A-B. 



The last leaf is slightly mutilated, 
and has been mounted. The title- 
page is partly occupied by a wood- 

ROBERT, Earl of Huntington. 
See Hood (Robin) 

ROBERT L, King of Scotland. 
The Actes and life of... Robert 
Bruce King of Scotland. Wherein 
also are contained the martiall 
deeds of the valiant Princes, 
Edward Bnioe, Syr James Dow- 
glas . . . and sundrie others. Newly 
corrected, etc. [In verse, by J. 
Barbour. With a preface by the 
printer, A. Hart.] ©.l. A.Hart, 
Edinburgh, 1620. 8vo. C. 39. a. 21. 

— Another copy. 1076. k. 1. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage, 
preface, and table. 

ROBERT (J. A?-) 
See Ap-Robert. 

ROBERTI (Antonius) 
See R., A. 

ROBERTS (Alexander) A 
Treatise of Witchcraft. Wherein 
sundry Propositions are laide 
downe, plainely discovering the 
wickednesse of that damnable 
Art... With a true Narration of 
the Witchcrafts of Mary Smith, 
etc. Printed hy N. 0. for S. Man, 
London, 1616. 4to. 8630. f. 

— Another copy. G. 19135. 

ROBERTS (Frances) Baron- 
ets Boherts, of Truro. [Funeral ser- 
mon.] See Gamon (H.^ The Praise 
of a Godly Woman. A sermon, etc. 

ROBERTS (Griffith) See 
Welsh Grammar. Dosparth byrr 
ar y rhann gyntaf i ramadeg 
cymraeg, etc. [By G. R.j 
1567. 8vo. C. 33. a. 6. 

ROBERTS (Henry) Eng- 
lands Farewell to Christian the 
fourth, famous King of Denmarke, 


etc. Printed... for W. WeVby, Lon- 
don, 1606. 4to. C. 33. d. 7. 

Without pagination. 

ROBERTS (Henrt) Fames 
Trumpet soundinge. Or Com- 
memorations of the famous lives 
and deathes, of... Sir W. Mildmay, 
and Sir M. Calthrop, etc. [In 
verse.] W.l. LC.for T. Hacket, 
London, 1589. 4to. G. 11549. 

— The most royall and Honour- 
able entertainement of ... Chris- 
tiem the fourth, King of Den- 
marke . . . By H. R(obart6). Printed 
for H. B., sold hy W. Barley, Lon- 
don, 1606. 4to. C. 33. d. 6. 

— Another copy. 113. 1. 3. 

ROBERTS (Hugh) The day 
of Hearing : or, six lectures upon 
the latter part of the thirde 
Chapter of the Epistle to the 
Hebrewes ... Hei^eunto is ad- 
joyned a Sermon [on 1 Pet. ii. 11] 
against fleshly lusts & against 
certaine mischievous May- games, 
etc. 2 pts. J. Barnes, Oxford, 
1600. 8vo. 1159. f. 4. 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage, but 
is without pagination. The register 
is continuous throughout. 

ROBERTS (JA3fEs) Printer. 
See R., J. 

ROBERTS (John) of Weston, 
near Bath, Gent. The Compleat 
Cannoniere: or, the Gunner's 
Guide, etc. J. Okes, London, 
1639. 4to. 534. f. 29. 

— Great Yarmouths exercise 
In a very compleat and martiall 
manner performed by their 
Artillery men, upon the twenty 
second of May last, to the great... 
applause 6f the whole Town, etc 
T. Harper, London, 1638. 4to. 

8826. b. 
"Without pagination. 

ROBERTS (John) pseud, [i.e. 




Thomas SwrNKRTOK.] A mnstre of 
sciMmatj'ke bysshoppes of Rome, 
otherwyse Baming them selves 
popes, etc. [translated out of 
several authors by J. Roberts]. 
— (The lyfe of Hyldebrade, called 
Gregory the . vii. pope of that 
name : with the lyfe also of Henry 
the fourth, emperour of Rome 
and Almayne [translated from 
the Latin of Cardinal Benno by 
J.Roberts]. 1^. l. 2 pts. Wyn- 
kyn de Words for John Byddell^ 
otherwyse Saly^ry, London^ 
1534. 8vo. C. 36. b. 26. 

Without pagination. Pt 2 has a 
separate titlepage and register. 

' — Another copy of pt. 2 only. 

295. g. 21. (2.) 

ROBERTS (Lewis) The 
Merchants Mappe of Commerce; 
wherein the Universal Manner 
and Matter of Trade, is compen- 
diously handled, etc. 3 pts. 
Printed by B. 0. for B. Mahh, 
London, 1638. fol. . 30. f. 19. 

Each pt. has a separate pagina- 
tion and register. There is a second 
titlepage engraved, and a portrait 
of the author. 

Vit«B & mortis D, Robert! Rolloci 
...narratio. Adjectis in eundem 
quorundam epitaphiis. Apud 
Henricum Chartens, Edinburgi, 
1599. 8vo. C. 37. a. 11. 

Without pagination. Some of the 
leaves are cropped. 

ROBIN. See P., M. Robin 
and Kate : or, a bad husband con- 
verted by a good wife, etc. 
[1 640 ?] Broadside foL Rox. 1. 354. 

ROBINSON (Clement) A 
Handefiill of pleasant delites, 
containing sundrie new Sonets 
and delectable Histories, in diners 
kindes of Meeter. Newly deuised 
to the newest tunes that are now 

in use, to be sung... With new 
additions of certain Songs... not 
commonly knowen, nor used here- 
tofore. By C. RobiuRon and 
diuers others. Id. £. R. Ihones, 
London, 1584. 8vo. C. 39. b. 46. 

Imperfect; wanting sig. Be. 

ROBINSON (Francis) Life 
and Death. See Goodoole (H.) 
A True Declaration, etc, 

ROBINSON (John) Pastor of 
the English Congregation at Leyden, 
See Description. A Discription 
of what God hath predestinated 
concerning Man... As also an an- 
swere to J. K. touching Baptisme. 
1620. Svo, 4255. aa. 

— See Dove (J.) A perswasion 
to the Englitih Recusants, etc. 
[With an autograph of J. R.] 
1602. 4to, C. 45. d. 

— AManudiction for M^ Robin- 
son, and such as con8ent with him 
in privat communion, to lead them 
on to publick. Briefly comprized 
in a letter written to M'. R. W. 
See Johnson (Francis) The Uii- 
reasonablenesse of the separation, 
etc. 1614. 4to. T. 2108. (3.) 

— A justification of separation 
from the Church of Eugland ; 
against M^ R. Bernard his invec- 
tive intituled The Separatists 
schisme. [Leyden f] 1610. 4to. 

4135. b. 

— Another edition. [Amster- 
dam f] 1 639. 4to. 41 03. bbb. 

— Observations divine and 
morall, for the furthering of 
knowledg, and vertue. \Leyd* n,] 
1625. 4to. 4411. dd. 

— Essayes ; or, observations 
divine and morall... The second 
Edition. Printed by L D. for 
J. BeUamie, London, 1638. 12mo. 

874. d. 26. 




ROBINSON (John) Pastor of 
the English Congregation at Leyden, 
New EssayeB or observations 
Di vine and Morall . Collected out 
of the holy Scriptures, ancient 
and Moderne Writers, both Divine 
and Humane, as also out of the 
great Volume of Mens manners. 
Tending to the furtherance of 
Knowledge and Vertue. [Lot»- 
don f]1^2S. 4to. 4414. dd. 

— Of Religious communion 
Private, <fe Publique. With the 
silenceing of the clamours raysed 
by Mr, T. Helwisse agaynst our re- 
teyning the Baptism reoeaved in 
Engl[and]...As also a Survey of 
the confession of fayth published 
in certayn Conclusions by the 
remaynders of Mr. Smithes com- 
pany'. MS. Notes. ^Leyden?] 

1614. 4to. 4323. b. 

Cropped In binding. 

— A second manuduction, for 
M' Robinson. Or a confirmation 
of the former, in an answer to 
his manumission. [Lofk2on,] 

1615. 4to. 3908, d. 

— A treatise of the lawfulnes 
of hearing of the Ministers in 
the Church of England... by J. 
Robinsz...With a Letter written 
by the same Autbore (to... the 
Church of Christ in London). 
[Amsterdam?] 1634. 8vo. 

697. a. 62. 

ROBINSON (Ralph) See 
More {Sir T.) A fru teful . . . worke 
of the beste state of a publi- 
que weale, and of the newe 
yle called Utopia... translated... 
by R. R., etc. 1551. 8vo. 

C. 38. a. 11. 

1556. 8vo. 231. a. 39. 

1597. 4to. 12350. aaa. 44. 

1624. 4to. 523. g. 26, 

ROBINSON (Richard) 
Citizen of London. See Arthur, 
King of Britain. The auncient 
Order, Societie, and Unitie laud- 
able of Prince Arthure... Trans- 
lated... by R. R. 1583. 4to. 

90. b. 22. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
—Psalms. Portions. Part of tho 
Harmony of King Davids Harp. 
Conteining the first XXI. Psalmes 
...Expounded by...V. Stiigelius 
... Translated... by R.R. 1582. 4to. 

3089. bbb. 

A Proceeding in the 

Harmonie of King Davids Harpe. 
...Translated by R. R. [1591?] 
etc. 4to. 3089. d. 

— See Leland (J.) A learned 
...Assertion of the original. Life, 
Actes, and death of... Arthure, 
King of great Brittaine... Newly 
translated... by R. R. 1 582. 4to. 

C. 38. d. G. 


— See Meteren (E, van) A 
true Discourse historicall, of the 
succeeding Govemours in the 
Netherlands . . . Translated and col- 
lected by T. C(hurchyard) and 
Rio. Ro[binson], etc. 1602. 4to. 


— See Patrizi (F.) Bishop of 
Oaeta. A Moral Methode of 
civile Policie ... Done out of 
Latine ... by R. R. 1576. 4to. 

8005. e. 

— See Rkgius (U.) An Homely 
or Sermon of good and evill angels 
...tran8lated...byR.R. 1590. 8vo. 

695. b. 5. (3.) 

1593. 8vo. 114. a. 35. 

The Solace of Sion and 

Joy of Jerusalem... beeing a godly 
... exposition of the LXXXYIL 




Pnalme... Translated into English 
byE.E. 1694. 12mo. 116. a. 34. 

ROBINSON (Richjlrd) 
Citizen of London. Certain Selected 
Histories for christian Recreations 
with their several Moralizations. 
Brought into Englishe verse, etc. 
Imprinted,,. for H. Kirkhd, Londrm, 
[1576]. 8vo. G. 11177. 

Without pagination. Partly 
printed in Black Letter. Imperfect ; 
wanting all after fol. Gi« 

ROBINSON (Richard) o/^^ 
tan, A Golden Mirrour. Con- 
teining certaine pithie and %ib- 
rative Yibions prognosticating 
good fortune to England . . . Where- 
to be adjoyned certaine pretie 
Poemes wntten on the names of 
snndrie both noble and worship- 
fall. 90* X. Printed by B. Ward 
for J. Ptoeior, London, 1589. 4to. 

C. 21. c, 13, 
Withoni paginationw Sigi A-H. 

^ — The rewajrde of Wickednesse 
IKsooursing the sundrye mon- 
strous abuses of wicked and un- 
godlye worldeMnges, etc. [In 
▼erse.] 1$, I. W. Williamson, 
London, [1574]. 4to. G. H234. 

Without paginalioQ. 

ROBINSON (Thomas) 
Mariner. The Anatomy of the 
English Nunnery at Lisbon... Dis^ 
sected and laid open by one that 
was sometime a yonger Brother 
of the Covent, etc. O, Fwalotoe, 
for B, Mylboume, and P. Stephens, 
London,ie22. 4to. 702. d. 15. (6,) 

— Another edition. To bee 
Mould by B. MiVhrnme and P. Ste- 
phens^ [London,] 1623, 4to. 

702. d. 15. (7.) 

The lower half of tlie titlepage is 
oocnpied by a woodcut. It is pre- 
ceded by a copy of verses on the 
▼erso of the fly-leaf^ explanatory of 
the picture. 

— Another copy. G, 19576. 

— Another copy. C.37.d.61.(4.) 

The first leaf, oontalning the 
"Explanation of the Picture," is 
slightly mutilated. 

ROB SON (Charles) Newes 
from Aleppo. A letter by C. 
Robson ... Containing many re- 
markeable occurrences observed 
by him in his ioumey thither. 
Printed for M. S,, London, 
1628. 4to, 1425. g. 5. 

See R., 8., Q^nt. and Sivident in the 
Universitie of Oiimbridge. 

See Robinson. 

ROCHELLE; Assembly in. 
See France. — Beformed Churches. 

ROCHESTER, Diocese of— 

VisitcUiont Articles. Articles to be 
enquired of... in the first visita- 
tion of ... William, ... Bishop of 
Rochester, in the yeare...l605. 
^5JL. J. Windet, London, 1605. 4to. 

5155. c. 
Without paginaiioUk 

ROCHESTER, Joon, Bishop 
of. See BacKERiDGE. 

— See Fisher. 

ROCKINGHAM (Euzabeth) 
Sbe Stile (E*.) alias Rockingham. 

ROCQUIGNY (Adrian de) 
La Muse Uh<restienne...angmentee 
d*une Seconde Partie par TAu- 
theur. [London f]l6S4c. 4to. 

11475. d. 

With a portrait of the author. 

ROD. See V., B. The Riin- 
awyaes Answer, to a Booke called, 
A Rodde for Rnnne-awayes, etc. 
1625. 4to. C. 27. b. 28. 

pseud. Differences in matters of 
Religion, between the Easterne 

1312 ROD ROE 

and Westerne Churohes. Where- Pt. 2, Tr. 3 of the " Exeroicio de 

in the Romane Church may see Perfecoion"]. Bonen^ 1631. 12ino. 

her selfe charged with as many 4405. c. 

Errours, as shee...layeth to the «^« ,xt x m . i 

charge of other ChDrches. Ga- ,^9,? CNathanikl) Tabula 

thered by Iren®u8 Rodoginus. Logarithmic», or Two Tables of 

A. Mathewesfor J. Budge, iZncUm, Lc'garithmes : the first oontaining 

1625. 4to. 700. f. 15. (5.) *^® ^^»*"*^'!^^.^^ *^^ numbers 

^ -^ from 1, to 100000: contracted 

RODRIGUEZ (Alonso) A into this portable volume by 

short and sure Way to Heaven N. R. ... The other, the Loga- 

and present happiness. Taught rithmes of the right Sines and 

in a treatise of our conformity Tangents of all the Degrees and 

with the will of God. Written Minutes of the Quadrant... Unto 

by... A. Rodriguez... in his worke which is annexed their... use for 

entituled, The Exercise of Per- the resolution of all the moat 

fection and Christian vertue. necessary Problemes in Geometrio, 

Translated out of Spanish [by Astronomie... and Navigation. By 

J. C.]. [Douay?] 1630. 8vo. E. Win gate. 2 pts. P. StephtM 

698. b. 27. d C. Meridith, London, 1633. 8vo. 

— The two first Treatises of 

the first part of Christian Per- ROB (Sir Thomas) See Gus- 

fection...The one... intituled, Of tavus IL Adolphus, King of 

theEstimation and affection which Sweden. The Swedish IntelU- 

we ought to carry to spirituall gencer, etc. [By Sir T. R.] 

thinge8...And the other, Of the 1622, etc. 4to. 9435. c. 

Perfection of our ordinary Ac- — See TuiLO-BnnA^oos, pseud. 

tions. Translated out of Spanish "^ 

into English [by T. B.]. (The — Observations collected out 

third treatise. Of the... Intention of the Joumall of Sir T. R.... 

with which we ought to doe embassadour... to the Great Mug^l. 

our Actions.) 8 pts. [Douayf] See Purchas (S.) Purchas his 

1631-30. 16mo. 4412. f. Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 1. 1625. fol. 

Each pt lias a special titlepage ^^^' *^- l^* 

ft ^i"^::iJ^ it ''^' '' ROESSLIN (EucHAKius) See 

Raynalde (T.) The Birth of 

— Another copy of pts. 1, 2. Mankind, etc. [From the Latin 

4404. c. ofE.R.] [1565?] 4to. 1177. h.l. 

to ™r^^ ^' '''"'°''* *^' *'"'^^ 1598. 8vo. 7580. aaa. 

— [Two discourses : Of Mentall 1^^^- ^^' ll*^^- li- 1- (1 

Prayer, and : Of the Presence of 1034. 4to. 7580. a. 

God. Being Pt. 1, Tr. 5 and 6 of 

the " Exercicio de Perfeccion." — The byrth of Mankynde, 

Translated from the Spanish by newly translated out of Laten 

T. B.] [Douayf 1630?] 16mo. into Euglysshe [by R. Jonas]. 

4404. c. 13. I, T. B, Lon- 

Imperfect; wanting titlepage. *^» 1540. 4to. 43. d. 18. 

Am X* r TT 'I'x- Eighty-four leaves. Sig. A6 ii. 

_ ~ -^ ireatise ot Humilitie... .y. The pagination commofcea 

Translated into English [from with vx. on the second leaf. Im- 




perfect ; wanliog the plates to which 
there are referencee ia the text. 

R O E S T (Theodore) See 
NooT (J. VAN der) a Theatre, 
wherein be represented as wel 
the miseries ... that follow the 
Toloptuons Worldlings, as also 
the greate jojes ... which the 
faithfull do enjoy, etc. (Trans- 
lated out of French ... by T. 
Boost.) 1669. 8vo. 224. a. 11. 

ROGEFORD (Henry) See 
Ephemerides. An almanack and 
pronosticatio for ... 1560 ... made 
by H. R. [1660.] 16mo. 

C. 40, a. 46. 

ROGERS (Daniel) 
See K., D., B, %n Divin, 

— A practicall catechisme : or, 
a view of those principall truths 
of the word, which most directly 
tend to life and godlinesse...The 
third edition ... much enlarged. 
3 pts. John BeUamie d Balph 
Smith, London, 1640. 4to. 

3604. 6. 3. 

ROGERS (Henry) Pre- 
bendary of Hereford. An an- 
swer to M'' Fisher the Jesuite, 
his five propositions concerning 
Luther... With some passages of 
•...M' Rogers with M' Fisher... 
Hereunto is annexed M' W. C. 
his Dialogue of the said argu- 
ment, wherein is discovered 
Fishers folly. [Londonf] 1623. 4to. 

477. a. 33. 

The *' Dialogue" has a separate 

— The Protestant Church ex- 
istent, and their Faith professed 
in all Ages, and by Whom : with 
a Catalogue of Councels in all 
Ages, who professed the same. 
JB. Badger, London, 1638. 4to. 

1019. 1. 6. 

ROGERS (Hugh) 
See R., H., Esq. 

ROGERS (John) Author of 
" TAe Summe of Ghristianitie." 
See Christianity. The summe of 
Christianitie, etc. [By J. B.] 
[1679?] 8vo. 3932. b. (2.) 

-— See a,, J. 

— An Answere unto a wicked 
...libel, made by C. Vitel, one c)f 
the chiefe English Elders of the 
pretended Family of Love, main- 
taining their doctrine, <fe carp- 
ingly answeringe to oertaine 
pointes of a boke called The 
displacing of the Fam. 90. H. 
/. Daye, London, 1679. Svo. 

3932. b.(l.) 

Without pagination. 

ROGERS (John) of Dedham, 
Essex. The doctrine of faith ; 
wherein are practically nandled 
twelve principall points, which 
explaine the nature and use of it. 
...The third edition,... inlarged by 
the author. [With an epistle 
" To the Reader," by T. Hooker.] 
For N. Newhery d H. Overton, 
London, 1Q29. 12mo. 

Sixth Edition newly 

corrected, and inlarged by the 
Author. Printed by O. M. for 
N. Newhery and H. Overton, Lon- 
don, 1634. 12mo. 4408. aa. 

— A treatise of love ... The 
second Edition. J. Dawson for 
N. Newhery, London, 1632. 12mo. 

4401. b. 19. 

Third edition. M. Daw- 
son for J. Newhery, London, 
1637. 12mo. 4404. aaa. 

ROGERS (John) Prd)endary 
of St. PauTs. 
See Matthew (T.) pseiut. 

— See Melanohthon (P.) . A 
waying and considering of tne In-' 
terim ... Tias) J. Hogers. 
1648. 8yo. 1019. b. 3. (a.) 

1314 R G K G 

ROGERS (Nehemiah) Chris- ROGERS (Richard) Preacher 

tian Curtesie : or, S' Pauls Ulti- cU Wethersfield, A oommentary 

mam Yale. Delivered in two upon the whole booke of Judges, 

sermons, on 2. Cor. 13. 11, eto. preached first and delivered in 

ff. S. for E, Bretosier, London, sundrie lectures, sinoe collected and 

1621. 4to. 4474. aaa. 85. diligently perused, etu. F.Kyngsion 

forT.Man,London,l61b. fol. 3165.f. 

— The good Samaritan ; or an 

exposition of ... Luke x. 30-88. — A Garden of ppirituall 

Printed by Q. M. for E. Brewster, Flowers. Planted by Ri.Ro(gers) 

London, 1640. 8vo. 3226. c. (2.) Will. Per(kins), Ri. Gree(nham), 

^ M.M.andaeo.Web(be). Printed 

— The Penitent Citizen, or by T. 8. for T, Pavier, London, 

Mary Magdalen's Conversion ; in 1612. Svo. 4401. bbb. 24. 

an exposition of...Luk. 7. 40, eto. Without pagination. 

Printed by O, M. for E. Brewster, 

London, 1640. 8vo. 3226. c.(l.) ^— ^°,<^*^?F ^**^^^V.. t ?**• 

^ ^ Printed by T. S, for T. Pamer, 

— A Sermon [on Nehem. viii. London, 1622. 16mo. 4402. 1 

4] preached...l631. Q JUllerfor Corrected and in- 

^. -Br6M^»/6r, London, 1632 4to. j^g^^^ ^ pts. Printed by B, B, 

4474. d. 109. /or -R. .Btrd, London, 1632. 12mo. 

— The True Convert: or, an 4412. e. 
Exposition upon the XV. Chapter , ^^ P^ ^"^ a separate titlepage. 

n 'cit -r 1 r\ 11 J.** °^^ ^ue pagination is contmuon;! 

of S* Lukes Gospell, containing throughout/ 

three Parables. The lost sheepe, 

The lost groat, the loBt sonne. — Samuel's encounter with^ 

3 pts. O. Miller for E. Brewster, Saul. 1 Sam. xv. 13-30. E. Chiffin^ 

London, 1632. 4to. 1017. g. 9. f<^ S. Man, London, 1620. 12mo. 

Each pt. has a dibtinct tiUepage, ^^^' *' 

pagination, and regiater. _ g^^^^ treatises containing 

— The wild vine : or an ex- ^^^ direction as is gathered out 
position on Isaiah's parabolicall of the Holie Scriptures, leading 
Song of the Beloved: Isa. 6. 1, a^^ gvidmg to true happmes,...* 
2, 3, eto. Printed for E. Brewster, Now set foorth the second time. 
London, 1632. 4to. 3166. b.(l.) and corrected. Imprinted by 

H. Loumes for T, Man, London, 

ROGERS (Richard) Preacher 1605. fol. 8752. f. 

at Wethersjield. Certaine sermons ^^ x ^ xi_ xi 

preached and penned by B. . ——- Now set forth the 

Rogers...tending to these three f^^^^^ *^^^' corrected and en- 

ends. First, to bring any bad ^^%^: ? P^«- ^'^RT'Z ^"^ 

person... to true inversion. «^- -B^^Wamte. London, 1627. 8 vo. 
{Secondly, to stablish and settle all 4407. f. 

such as are con verted... Thirdly, ^- 2 haaa dUtinct register and 

to leade them the Pagination. 

ChriHtian life ... Whereunto are Now set forth the 

annexed, divers godlie... Sermons fifth time, corrected and enlarged. 

of...S. Wright, eto. J^. Kyngstan Printed by the Assignee of T. Man 

for r. Man, London, 1612. 8vo. for B. Thrak, London, 1630. 4to. 

4454. bbb. 4403. h. 




ROGERS (Richard) Preacher 
al Wethersfield. The practice of 
Christianitie. Or, an epitome 
of Seven Treatises ... published 
in ... 1603 by ... M' R. R(oger8). 
... Contracted ... for private use 
[by S. E., i.e, Stephen Egerton ? 
With a preface by W. Gouge]. 
Imprinied by F. K, for T. Man, 
London, 1618. 12mo. 4403. c. 

Third edition, cor- 

rected and amended. B. AUop 
for T. Many London, 1623. 12mo. 

4408. aa. 

Fourth edition, etc. 

The Assignea of T. Man, London, 
1629. 12mo. 4411. b. 

ROGERS (Thomas) Chaplain 
it) Archbishop Bancroft. See 
Augustine, SainL [Supposititious 
Works.'} A pretious booke of 
heavenlie meditations ; ... trans- 
lated... by T. Rogers. 1612. 12mo. 

4411. a. 

ROGERS (Thomas) Chaplain 
to Archbishop Bancroft. See Eng- 
land, Church of — Articles. The 
English Creede... Subscribed unto 
byT. R. 1585. fol. 3505. g. 17. 

The Faith, Doctrine, and 

religion professed... in... England 
...expressed in 39 Articles...ana- 
lised...and...prooved, etc. [By 
T. R.] 1607. 4to. 3506. b. 23. 

1629. 4to. 3506. aa. 46. 

— See Geveren (S. a) Of 
the ende of this world, etc. 
[Translated from the Latin by 
T.Rogers.] 1577. 4to. 114. e. 32. 

[1578.] 4to. 

1616. 12mo. 1111. a. 24. 

1629. 12mo. 874. b. 14. 

A right Christian Treatise 

entituled S. Augustines Praiers : 
Published... in tiie English tong 
. . . by T. R. Whereunto is annexed 
Saint Augustines Psalter : Trans- 
lated ... by the same T. R. 
1581. 12mo. 26. 

— See Bible.— Old Tbstambnt. 
— Psalms. Selections. A Golden 
Chaine, taken out of the rich 
treasure house the psalmes of 
King David. ..published... by T.R. 
1587. 8vo. 3090. a. 

— See CiBSAB (P.) A general 
discourse against the damnable 
sect of Usurers, etc. [Translated 
from the Latin by T.R. J 1578. 4to. 

4374. d. 

[1589.] 4to. 4473. bb. 10. 

— See Habermann (J.) The 
Enimie of English 
by T. R., etc. 1580. 12mo. 

1159. b. 29. 

— See Haemmerlein (T.) a 
Kempis. Of the Imitation of 
Christ... Newlie corrected, trans- 
lated and... illustrated by T. R. 
1587. 12mo. 4405. aa. 

1596. 12mo. 

704. a. 26. (1.) 

1602. 12mo. 3834. a. 

1616. 12mo. 4409. b. (2.) 

1617. 12mo. 4409. b.(l.) 

1629. 12mo. 4403. b.(l.) 

1636. 12mo. 4409. b.(l.) 

— — Soliloqium anim» ... 
Translated and corrected by T. R. 
1628. 12mo. 4403. b. (2.) 

1640. 12mo. 4409. b. (2.) 

— iSee MossE (M.) Miles Chris- 
tianus, or, A just Apologie of all 
necessarie... writers, Specialie of 
them which... in a...dififamatorie 




epistle [by M. Mosse] are unjustly 
depraved. [ByT.R.] 1690. 4to. 

4103. bbb. 

ROGERS (Thomas) Chap- 
lain to Archbishop Bancroft, A 
methode unto mortification : called 
heretofore, The contempt of the 
world, and the vanitie thereof. 
Written at the first in the Spanish 
[by D. de Estella], afterward 
translated into the Italian, Eng- 
lish, and Latine tongues : now last 
of all... reformed and published 
by T. R. J. Windet, London, 
1608. 12mo. 695. a. 45. 

— Of the ende of this world, 
and second comming of Christ, 
etc. [Translated from the Latine 
of S. k Geveren, by T. R.] 
T. Oardyner, and T, Dawson, for 
A, Maunsell, London, 1577. 4to. 

114. e. 32. 

— A philosophical 1 Discourse, 
entituled, The Anatomic of the 
Minde. Newlie made and set 
forth by T. R(ogers). ». I. MS. 
Notes. Imprinted by J. C, for 
A, Maunaell, London, 1576. 8vo. 

1387. a. 10. 

— A Sermon upon the 6. 7. and 
8. Verses of the 12. Chapter of... 
Romanes made to the Confutation 
of so much of another Sermon 
[by T. Cartwright, on the same 
text] entituled A Frutful Sermon 
&c, as concerneth both the depri- 
vation of the pradsent govern- 
ment, and the perpetual and 
uni forme regiment of our Church 
b}* certaine their described Officers 
to be in everie particular Parish, 
etc. J. Windet,lLondon,] 13 April 
1590. 4to. 

— Two dialogues, or confer- 
ences (about an old question 
lately renued...). Concerning 
Kneeling in the very act of re- 
ceiving the Sacramental bread 

and wine in the Supper of the 
Lord. The fonner betweene two 
Ministers of the word, the one 
refractarie, and depri'ved; the 
other not so. The latter be- 
tweene an humorous Schismatike 
and a setled professor. H. Bal- 
lard, [London,] 1608. 4to. 

117. g. 1. 

Without pagination. 

ROGERS (Timothy) See 
Roman-Catharist. The Romau- 
Catharist, etc. [By T. R,] 
[1621.] 4to. 4136. aa. 

— Good newes from Heaven : 
or, Safe-conduct discovering many 
Treasons and horrible plots against 
every ones soule, with help from 
God against them, that... the soule 
may come safe to Heaven at 
last ... Second edition enlarged. 
Printed by G. M. for E, Brewster, 
Ironiow, 1628. 12mo. 4403. d. (2.) 

The third edition, 

enlarged. Printed by O. M. for 
E. Brewster, London, 1631. 12mo. 

C. 27. d. 

Bound in white eatin, emhioi- 
dered with silver thread. 

— The Righteous Mans Evi- 
dence for Heaven ; or a Treatise 
s[how]ing how every one while 
he lives here, may certainly know 
what shall become of him after 
his departure out of this life. 
The Eighth Edition. Printed by 
O. M. for E, Brewster, London, 
1629. 12mo. 4403. d. (1.) 

The twelfth edition. 

A. Young for E, Brewster, London, 
1637. 12mo. 4403. d. 

ROGERS (William) Apothe- 
cary. Youths Waming-peioe. In 
a true Relation of the woefull 
Death of VV. Rogers of Cranbroke 
in Kent, an Apothecary, who re- 
fusing all good counsell, and fol- 
lowing lewd company, dyed 




miserably since Christmas last 

1635. [A Ballad.] IB, I. 2 pts. 
Printed for A, iT., Loridon^ 

1636. Broadside fo\. Rox. 1.434. 

ROHAN (Henbi de) Duke de 
Bohan. See Cjesab. (0. J.) Em- 
peror of Borne. The Complete 
Captain, or an Abbridgement of 
Cesars warres ; . . . and a part i cul ar 
Treatise of modern war written 
by... the Duke of Rohan, etc. 
1640. 8vo. 9039. b. 

— A Declaration of the Duke 
of Rohan... Containing the justnes 
of Reasons and Motives which 
have obliged him to implore the 
Assistance of the King of Great 
Britaine, and to take armes for 
the defence of the Reformed 
Churches. Translated according 
to the French Copie. Printed for 
N. Butter, London^ 1628. 4to. 

G. 16499. (4.) 

ROHAN (Hercule de) Duke 
deMonibazon. iSee France. Newes 
from France. A true Relation of 
the... fire in the Citie of Paris,... 
Together with the speedy dili- 
gence used by the Duke de Mon- 
bafion...for the quenching thereof, 
etc 1621. 4to. J. R. 2. 

ROJAS (Fernando de) of 
Moialvan. See Celestina. The 
Spanish Bawd; represented in 
Celestina, etc. [By F. de R., etc.] 
1631. fol. 644. k. 34. 

ROLAND. The Historic of 
Orlando Furioso one of the twelue 
Fieres of France, as it was plaid 
before the Queenes Majestic. [In 
prose and verse, by R. Greene.] 
J. Banter for C, Burbie^ London, 
1594. 4to. C. 34. o. 38. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. S, Stafford 
for C. Burby, London, 1699. 4to. 

C. 34. h. 

ROLLAND (John) Heir be- 
gin nis the Sevin Seages, trans- 
latit out of Prois in Scottis 
Meiter...With ane Moralitie eftir 
euerie doctouris Tale, and siklyke 
eftir the Emprice Tale, etc. 13. 3t. 
B. Smyth, Edinburgh, 1592. 8vo. 

239. h. 8. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 7-10. 
The date of imprint on the verso of 
p. 271 and in the colophon is 1595. 

— Ane Treatise callit the Court 
of Venus, devidit into four Buikis, 
etc. ». a. J. Boa, Edinburgh, 
1576. 4to. C. 34. e. 


ROLLS (Richard) of Ham- 
pole. Rioharde Rolle hermyte of 
Hampull in his contemplacyons 
of the drede and love of god with 
other dyverse tytles as it sheweth 
in his table, ife. H. Wynkyn de 
Worde, London, 1506. 4to. 

G. 12058. (1.) 

Without pagination. Sig. a-f. 
The titlepage is partly occupied by 
a woodcut. There is also a full- 
page woodcut on the verso of the 
titlepage, and another on the recto 
of the last leaf, the verso of which 
bears the printer's device. 

— The remedy ayenst the 
troubles of temptacyons. End. 
Hereendeth adevoutemedytacyon 
in sayenge devoutly the psalter of 
our lady with .dyvers ensainples. 
I3, 3t. On Vellum. Wynkyn de 
Worde, London, 1508. 4to. 

C. 29. i. 16. 

Twenty-six leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Register A-D, in sixes, ex- 
cept D, which has eight leaves. This 
copy is imperfect: wanting foil. 
Ai (titlepage), D2, and Ds; the place 
of which has been supplied by fac- 
similes taken from the copy of the 
edition of 1519. Unique ? 

— Another edition. U, J, 
wynkyn de worde, London, 
1519. 4to. G. 12058. (2.) 

Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 




ROLLENSON (Francis) 
Twelve Prophetical Legacies : or 
twelve Sermons upon Jacobs last 
Will and Testament, recorded... 
in the 49... of Genesis, etc. Im- 
printed by r. C. for A. Johnson^ 
Xondon, 1612. 4to. 694. d. 16.(2.) 

The last leaf is mutilated. 

ROLLOCK (Robert) See 
BiBLB.— Old Testament. — Daniel. 
LcUin. In librum Danielis...R. 
RoUoci . . . CommentariuB. 1591. 4to. 

1226. b. 39. 

— See Bible. — ^New Testament. 
— OaapeU. Harmonies. Lectures 
upon the history of the Passion, 
ResuiTection and Ascension of 
our Lord ... Preached by ... R. 
RoUocke. 1616. 8vo. 3225. df.l. 

— See Bible.— New Testament. 
— Oalatiane. Latin. Analysis 
logica in Epistolam..:ad Galatas, 
authoreR.Rolloco, etc. 1602. 12mo. 

3266. a. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Ephesiane. Latin. In Episto- 
lam... ad Ephesios, R. Rolloci... 
Commentarius. 1590. 4to. 

3267. c. 11. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Thessalonians. Latin, In Epi- 
stolam Pauli Apostoli ad Thessalo- 
ni censes prior om( — poster iorem) 
Commentfl^iusR.R.,etc. 1598. 8vo. 

1411. b. 14. 

English. Lectures upon 

the ... Epistles of Paul to the 
Thessalonians ; preached by ... 
R. R., etc. 1606. 8vo. 3266. ee. 

— &« Bible. —New Testament. 
— Hebrews. L<Uin. Analysis logica 
inEpistolam adHebrseos. Authore 
. . . R. Rolloco, etc. Accessit . . . trac- 
tatus de Justificatione, eodem 
AntLore. 1605. 8vo. 32G7. a. 

ROLLOCK (Robert) VOm A 
mortis narratio. See Robertsonus 
(G.) Vitas & mortis D. R. Rolloci 
...narratio, eta 

— Certaine sermons, upon 
severall texts of Scripture ... 
whereof the first eleven were 
before published, and the remnant 
seven are newly adjoyned there- 
unto. [Edited by H. C, W. A.] 
Heires of A. Hart^ Edinburgh^ 
1634. 8vo. 4453. de. 1. 

— Tractatua de vocatione 
efficaci...Adject83 sunt qu^stiones 
aliquot de modis illis, quibus Deo 
vibum est jam inde k principio 
homini verbum utriusque foederis 
sui revelare. MS. Notes. B.Walde- 
grave^ Edinburgi, 1597. 8vo. 

1413. b. 5. 

The treatise ** De modia," eio., is 
without pagination. 

— A Treatise of Oods effectual 
Calling, written... in the Latine 
tongue... and now... translated... 
by H. Holland, Preacher in Lon- 
don [with an address to the reader 
by F. Marbury]. F. Kyngston, 
London^ 1603. 4to. 85a f. 10. 

ROLTE (John) See Pala- 
tinate. — Frederick V., Elector. 
A full Declaration of the faith... 
professed in the dominions of... 
Fredericke Prince ... Translated 
into English byJ.Rolte. 1614. 4to. 

3906. aa. (1.) 


R.-C. : or the Papist is a Puri- 
tan. [By T. Rogers.] [London^ 
1621.] 4to. 4136. aa. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

FAITH. See W., C, B. A eum- 
marie of ControTersiee : wherein 
the chiefest points of the holy 
Catholike Romane Faith are 
compendiously ... proved. By 
C. W. B. 1616. 8vo. 3932. b. 




1623. 12mo. 3936. aa. 


See PoPBRY. A Pill to purge 
out Poperie. Or, a Catechisme 
for Romish Gatholikes, eto. 
[1600?] 16mo. 3936. b. 


See B., R. The lives of all the 
Roman Emperors, eto. 1636. 8vo. 

10603. a. 

LOGY. The Roman Martyro- 
loge, according to the reformed 
Calendar. Faith fally translated 
out of Latin into English, by 
G. K[eyne8] of the Society of 
Jesus. [Edited by J. W.] [Lon- 
don,^ 1627. 8vo. 1229. a. 

The titlepage is engraved. 

Romanus: liber de origine, pro- 
gressu, atque extinctione ipsins. 
[By M. A. de Dominis.] Ex 
Offidna Norloniana^ Apud Johan- 
nem JBfUtttm, Londini, 1617. 4to. 

475. b, 7. (2.) 

ROMAN (Melchiob) The 
Conversion of Signeur M. R.... 
sometimes Proctor of the order 
of Jacobins at Rome... which he 
bath publickly protested in the 
reformed church of Bragerak, eto. 
See B., W. Eight learned per- 
souages lately converted, etc. 
1601. 4to, 108. a. 45. 

ROME. See Bible.— Old Tes- 
tament. — Apocrypha. — Esdrae. A 
prophesie... wherein is declared 
all the most principall matters 
that hath fallen out, in, and 
about the civ ill and ecclesiasticall 
monarchic of Rome, etc. 1610. 4 to. 

718. g. 9. (1.) 

— The Serpent of Devision. 
Wherein is conteined the ti*ue 
History or Mappe of Romes over- 
throwe ...[written or translated 
by J. Lydgate] Whereuntois an- 

nexed the Tragedye [in five acts 
and in verse] of Gorboduc, some- 
time King of this Land, and of 
his two Bonnes, Ferrex and Por- 
rex. (Whereof three Actes were 
written by T. Norton, and the 
two last by T. Sackvyle.) ». I* 
2 pts. E. AUde for J. Perrin, 
L(mdon,1590. 4to. O.21.b.40.(6.) 

Without paginatioD. Pt. 2, oon- 
taining ** Gorlx)duc," has a separate 
titlepHgeandregister. Tho** Serpent 
of Devision " is the same work as one 
printed by P. Treverys, in Sonth- 
wark, about 1520, entitled, ** A lytle 
treatyse entytuled the damage and 
deatrnocyon in Realmes."* 

ROME, Biihops of. See Popes. 

ROME, Church of. See F., E. S. 
A Disputation of the Church: 
wherein the old Religion is main- 
tained, etc. 1640. 8vo. 3935. aaa. 

-*- See G., B., Citizen of London. 
A Newyeares Gifte, dedicated to 
the Popes Holinesse, and all 
Gatholikes addicted to the Sea[me] 
of Borne, etc. 1579. 4to. 3932. e. 

— See N., N. The Triple Cord : 
or a treatise proving the Truth 
of the Roman Beligion. 1634. 4to. 

3935. CO. 

— See Reformed Churches. The 
Trial of Trueth;...betwene the 
Reformed Churches and the Ro- 
mish, etc. 1591. 4to. 3935. d. 

— Here begynneth a boke, 
called the fault of the Romyshe 
church e, with all the abhomy- 
nations, where by euery manne 
may know and perceyue the 
diuersytie of it, betwene y* pry- 
matyne churche, of the whiche 
our souereigne Lorde and kynge 
is the supreme head, t y* maling- 
naut Church asunder. 90. It* 
[London, 154-] 8vo. 3932. a. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V, Z« 
[London, 1550?] 8vo. 3932. a. 




ROME, Church of. In this 
boke is cotejned the Articles of 
onre faytb. The . z. comaude- 
mentis. The . vii. works of mercy. 
The . Tii. dedely synnes. The 
. vii. pryncypall ^tues. And the 
. vii. Sacramentis of holy Chirohe 
whiche every curate is bounde for 
to declare to his parysshens . iiii. 
tymesintheyere. 90. %« Impres- 
turn per Bichardum Pynaon, [Lon- 
don, 1520?] 4to. G. 11907. 

Four leaves, without pagination 
or catchwords. 

— The sum of the actes and 
decrees made by diverse bishops 
of rome (translated out of 
Latyn into Englysh, and Im- 

Srinted by T. Gybson). 98. I. 
'. Oyhaon, [London, 1640 ?] 8vo. 

702. a. 36. 

Sixteen leaves, without pagination. 


— The Weather-cockeof Romes 
Religion, with her severall 
Changes: or, the World tumd 
topsie-turvie by Papists. [By 
A. Cooke.] O. Purslowe for 
J, Marriott, London, 1625. 4to. 

701. h. 4. (2.) 

ROME, Church of — Cancel- 
laria Apoatolica, A Mittimus to 
the Jubile at Rome: or the 
rates of the Popes Custome- 
House... published out of the old 
Latine copie (Taza Cancel larice 
Apostolicsd), with observations 
upon the Romish Text [which is 
given in English]. By W. Cra- 
shaw. 2 pts. Printed hy G, P. 
for J. White, London, 1625. 4to. 

111. a. 5. 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage and 

ROME, Church of — Cardinals. 
Aphorismes of state: or... secret 
Articles for the re-edifying of the 
Romish Church agreed upon. 
the Colledge of Cardinalls and 
delivered unto Pope Gregory the 

15. a little before his death... 
Whereunto is annexed a censure 
upon the chiefs Points of that 
which the Cardinalls had con- 
cluded. By T. Scott . . . Translated 
according to the Latine and 
Netherlandish Dutch into Eng- 
lish^ Utrech., 1624. 4to. 

1103. e. 18. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Utrecht, 
1624. 4to. 3936. bbb. 4. 

— Another edition. Utrecht, 
1624. 4to. 108. a. 49. 

— Another edition. Utrecht, 
1624. 4to. 292. f. 46. (l.) 

ROME, Church of ^Clergy. 
See L., G. The Anatomic of the 
Romaine Clergie, etc. 1 623. 4to. 

3936. bb. 7. 

ROME, Church of — Congre- 
gatio Lidids. Decretum Sacree 
Congregationis ... Cardincdium ... 
ad Itidioem ]ibrorum, eorundem- 
que permissionem, prohibitionem, 
etc., in universa Repnblica Chris- 
tiana deputatorum, ubique publi- 
candum. Lot, and Eng. See 
DoMiNis (M. A. de) successively 
Bishop of Segni, etc. A manifes- 
tation of the motives whereupon 
M. A. de Dominis... undertook his 
departure, etc. 1616. 4to. 

477. a. 26. (1.) 

ROME, Church of — Curia 
Bomana, [Acta Curias Romanse 
in Causa matrimoniali cum Ca- 
tharina Regina.J Begin. Divine 
implorato PrflBsidio. De licentia 
ac concessione Sanctissimi D. N. 
et ad instantiam praeclari D. ex- 
cusatoris illustrissimi, ac inviotis- 
simi Regis Anglise, Nos S. Don- 
dolus de Pistorio..., et Michsel de 
ConradisdeTuderto..., praescripti 
...Regis... Ad vocati in sacro pub- 
lico pontificio consi8torio,...infra- 
sciiptuB Conclusione8...8igillatiQi 




ac singnlariter defensare oonabi- 
jnvLTj etc. T. Berthelet, [London, 
1630?] 8vo. 877.6.8.(2.) 

Without titlepage and pagination. 
The title within brackets has been 
taken from Lowndes. 

ROME^ Church of. — Urban 
VI., Pope. Begin. Universis see 
matris ecclesie filii8...Jolie8 Whe- 
thm...oii8to8 capelle i hospi talis 
Bce trTini]tatifl de walsokon Nor- 
wyc aioc. et eiusdem loci ^fratres 
n ^sorores SaIutem...Nouerit vni- 
TtersitaB vra (]^...Urban^ papa . vj. 
...nobis indulfiit, c^ oes 4 de faoal- 
tatiB suis nobis 8ab[uee]iit...vij. 
ptem pme iniucte relaxauit ... 
Borne, [kalledas Aprilis potificat^ 
nri ano. i. [1378? An indulgence 
renewed by successive Popes till 
Julius II.]. 9B» I. [B. Pynsan f 
Landcm f 1 510 ?] s. ah. 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (9.) 

Cropped on three sides. 

ROME, Church of. — Sixths 
IV., Pope. Begin. Frater Johan- 
nes kendale Turcipelerius Bhodi 
ac commissarius. A sanctissimo 
...Sixto...papa quarto et vigore 
litterarum suarum pro expedi- 
tione defen- 
sionem insule Rhodi ... facienda 
ooncessarum . . . deputatus, etc. [An 
Indulgence granted to those who 
contributed to the defence of 
Rhodes against the Turks : dated 
1480.1 »* I* On Vellum. 
[W. Caxton, Westminster, 1480.] 
8. ah. 4to. C. 18. e. 2. (5.) 

Nineteen lines. 

— Another edition. 3d, Z, 
On Vellum. [John Lettou, London, 
1480.] a. ah. 4to. C. 18. e. 2. (133.) 

This edition differs from Gaxton's 
by the use of plural instead of sin- 
gular words in reference to the per- 
sons obtaining the iDduIgenoe : thus, 
** Provenit ex vestre (for tue) devo- 
tionis affectu." Seventeen lines. 

— [Sixtus diuina prouiden]cia 
you ui. 

papa quartus ... Datum die 
mentis CCCC.lxxxj., etc. [An 
Indulgence granted for service 
and assistance against the Turks.] 
90,31. On Vellum. [William Cox- 
ton, Weatminater, 1481 ?] a. ah. 4to. 

0. 40. 1. 1. (6.) 

This document was found among 
a number of waste leaves bound up 
* in the covers of a copy of Gaxton's 
edition of Boethius, formerly be- 
longing to the Qrammar 8ohool of 
8t. Alban's. 

ROME, Church of. — ^Innocent 
VIII., Pope. Begin. Joannes de 
Gigliis alias de liliis ApPicus Sub- 
diacon^ Et in Inclito Regno An- 
glic fructuu 1 prouentuu camera 
apl'ice debitoi^ Collector Et Perse^ 
de Maluiciis decanus EccFie Sancti 
michael* de leprosceo Bononien... 
sedis apostolioe Nuntii et com- 
minsarii ... In pdicto an glie regno, 
Uniuersis presentes litteras In- 
specturis Sal u tem, etc. [ A license 
giving power to confessors to 
grant indulgences to any Chris- 
tians in England or Ireland, who 
should contribute four, three, 
two or one florin towards a 
Crusade against the Turks.] 
^. E. On Vellum. MS. Notes. 
[WiUiam Caxtonf Weatminater f] 
1489. a, ah. OR 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (58.) 

— Another copy. On Vellum. 
MS. Notes. C. 18. e. 2. (59.) 

ROME, Church of. — Alex- 
ANDER VI., Pope. Begin. Hereafi 
foloweth the abreviacon of the 
graces, idulgeces [ ] Alexader 
vi. graiiteth to all true belevige 
people ; of every sexe [ ] nite 
of the great Hospytall of saynt 
James i Copostell, etc. 90. %. 
[Wyyihyn de Wordef London? 
1600?] a. ah. fol. C. 18. e. 2. (48.) 

The edges are mutilated. 





ROME, Church of, — Julius II., 
Pope, Begin, Willmus Permis- 
sione divina Catuarien Archie- 
piscopuB, etc. [An indulgence to 
those who shall contribute to the 
building of St. Peter's at Rome. 
Dated 3. May, 1508.] 13. »♦ 
[B,Pyn8on,Londontl 608.'] fol. 

C. 11. b. 11. (I.) 

— Begin. TJniversis scte mfis 
ecclesie filiis.^.T. Nortun miles 
ao mgr hospitalis de Burton set! 
Lazari JerFm in anglia i eiusde 
looi confratres salute... Veru q, 
dilectioni vre inotescim^ p ptsetes 
q^ scte romane ecclesie potiiices... 
nobis... induloerut q> oiB q d* fa- 
cultatiB et de bonis... nobis sub- 
venerit...unu annii injucte peni- 
tetie...relaxarut, etc. [With the 
form of absolution.] 13. %« On 
Vellum. [Jjdian Notary? Lon- 
don? 1510.J 9, sh. 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (7.) 
Twenty-three lines. 

— TJniversis sancte matris 
ecclesie filijs ad quos presentes 
littere puenerint... Thomas Wol- 
sey [Decanus?] EccFie Cathe- 
dralis Lincolnien Salutem, etc.. 
[A Bull, excommunicating liouis 
XII. King of France, and placing 
his kingdom under an inter- 
dict, for assisting Alfonso d'Este, 
Duke of Ferrara, in his oppo- 
sition to the Papal arms ; also 
for having himself ravaged the 
Papal territories, and for having 
called together a Council at Pisa. 
Published in England by T. Wol- 
sey, then Dean of Lincoln. — Sept. 
22.1512.] id.S. [Biehard Pynaon, 
London, 1512.] $, sh. Obi, fol. 

0. 18. e. 2. (70.) 

Forty-three lines. The side mar- 
gins are mutilated. 

ROME, Church of.— Leo X., 
Pope. Bulla Ro. Pon. ad regiam 
majestatem, pro ejus operis confir- 
matione. See Henby VIII., King of 

England, Libello huic regio haeo 
insunt, etc. 1521. 4to. 9. a. 9. 

ROME, Church of. — Leo X., 
Pope, Begin, Johanes Calipolen 
episcop^ Magister dom^ scti 
Thome martyris CatuarieF dicte 
de Aeon in civitate London... di- 
lect^nobis in xpo Salutis gram, 
etc. [A form of Indulgence or 
Absolution granted to benefactors 
of the above-named honse.] 13. X* 
[B.Fakes? LoncZon, 1515.] 8.8h. 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (122.) 

— Hereafter foloweth the newe 
pryvyleges and Indulgeces 
granted by our holy Father the 
Pope Leo . X. to the house of 
Seynt Thomas of Acres in London. 
90.31. [London? 1517?] 8,sh. foL 

C. 18. e. 2. (91.) 

Slightly mutilated. 

— The holy i great Indul- 
gence, etc. [A publication of a 
plenary indulgence attached to 
the Franciscan Convent at Ips- 
wich.] ».a. [London? 1517?] 
8. 8h. Obi. 4to. G. 11899. 

With a small woodcut. 

— Begin, These be the articles 
of the Popes Bulle under leade, 
translated from latyn into eng- 
lisshe. [A Bull authorising John 
Sargy to collect alms for the 
redemption of prisoners in the 
hands of the Turks. — ^21 May 
1516. — To which are added 
Letters of Protection from Henry 
VIII.— 26 Oct. 1518:] IB. a. 
[B. Pyn8on ? London, 1518?] 8.8h. fol. 

C. 18. e. 2. (8.) 

— Begin, Frater P. Mulart... 
Hospitalis sancti Spiritus in Sazia 
de urbe Romana ac totius ejusde 
ordinis ad regna Anglie, Ibernio 
1^, generalis Comissarius i Yi- 
carius...specialiter deputat^, etc. 
[A form of Indulgence or Absolu- 
tion to be granted to persons 




entering the above confraternity.] 
15 • Z* per me Bichardum Fakes, 
l^Lcmdan, 1519]. «. sh, 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (123.) 

— Another edition. 98. Jl» 
Per Bichardum Pynson, [London, 
1520]. 8. sh. 4to. C. 18. e. 2. (15.) 

ROME, Church o/.— Leo X., 
Pope, Begin. Venerabilibus ... 
Gardiano et MagiBtris...Gylde seu 
Confratemitatis Sancti Johannis 
in Eoclesia Ferochiali sacti Ni- 
cholai de wakering London 
diocesis fiindate...Frater w. Aiter 
...Prior Provincialifl ordinis Fra- 
trnm Eremitarum Sancti angus- 
tini in Anglia... Sain tern... Sano- 
tissimns . . . Leo -papa . X., etc. [A 
letter of indulgence, with the 
form of absolution.] !$« it. 
{^London, 1526.] s. sh. 4to. 

C. 18. e. 2. (16.) 

Thirty-nine lines. 

ROME, Church o/.— Paul III., 
Pope. See England. — Henrt 
YIII. , King. IlluBtriasimi . . . regis, 
senatus, Populi^ Angliae, sen- 
tentia, & de eo Concilio, quod 
Paulus episcopus Bom. Mantusd 
fnturum simulavit : &dee& bulla, 
quae ad calendas Novembres id 
prorogarit. 1537. 8vo. G. 1245. 

— Consilium delectomm Cardi- 
nalium et aliomm Praalatorum, 
de emend anda Ecclesia S. D. N. 
Papa Paulo 3. ipso jubente Con- 
6criptum...An. 1538. Libellus... 
in Concil. Tridentino primnm 
editus ... Nunc ... den no recubus. 
Ex bibliotheca W. Orashaui [the 
editor]. F. Kyngston, sumptibus 
Bichardi Boyle, Londini, 1 609. 4to. 

700. g. 11. (4.) 

— Another edition. Excudehai 
N. O. Sumpiibus B. Boyle, Londini, 
1609. 12mo. 700. a. 35. 

ROME, Church o/.— Pius IV., 
Pope. The Actes of the Ambas- 

sage passed at the meating of the 
Lordes and Princes of Germany 
at Naumburg in Thuring, con- 
cerning the matters there moved 
by Pope Pius IIII. in... 1561 and 
the fifth daie of February. Item, 
the aunswere of the same Lordes i 
Princes, geven to the Popes Nuntio 
upon the eight daye of February. 
Translated out of Dutche into 
Engli8he by R. W. W. it- 
J. Day, Londo, [1561]. Svo. 

4661. a. 1. 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

ROME^ Church o/.— Pius V., 
Pope. See Bullinger (H.) A 
confutation of the Popes Bull 
against Elizabeth, etc. 1572. 4to. 

3935. c. 

— See Jewell (J.) Bishop of 
Salisbury. A Viewe of a Seditious 
Bui sent into Englande, from 
Pius Quintus Bishop of Borne 
Anno. 1569. 1582. 8vo. 

698. a. 26. 

— A Bull [14 Aug. 1567] 
graunted by the Pope to Doctor 
Harding & other, by reconcile- 
ment and assoyling of English 
Papistes, to undermyne faith and 
allegeance to the Queue. Lat. 
Eng. With a true declaration of 
the intention and frutes thereof, 
and a warning of perils therby 
imminent, etc. [By Thomas 
Norton.] I3» !♦ J. Daye, Lon- 
don, [1670]. 8vo. 697. a. 23. (1.) 

Ten leaves, without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 5926. (3.) 

— An addition declaratorie to 
the BuUes [of 14 Aug. 1567 and 
25 Feb. 1570] ; with a searching 
of the Maze. [By Thomas Nor- 
ton.] id. L /. Daye, London, 
[1670]. 8vo. 697. a. 23. (3.) 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 6926. (5.) 




ROME, Church of, — Pius V., 
Pope. A disclosing of the great 
Bull, and certain calves that he 
hath gotten, and specially the 
Monster Bull that roared at my 
Lord Byshops gate. [By T. Nor- 
ton. In reference to the Bull of 
Pius V. depriving Queen Eliza^ 
beth.] 3d. Sf* J, JDaye^ London^ 
[1570]. 8vo. 697. a. 23. (2.) 

Ten leaves, without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 6926. (4.) 

— Another edition. 98* 31* 
J, Daye, London, [1570 ?] 8vo. 

C. 12. c. 26. 

ROME, Church of. — Gregory 
XIII., Pope. The Holy Bull, 
and Crusado of Rome: First 
published by the Holy Father 
Gregory the xiii, and afterwards 
renewed and ratified by Sixtus 
the fift : for all those which 
desire full pardon and indulgence 
of their sinnes : and that for a 
litle money, to weete, for two 
Spanish Eealls, vz, thirteene 
pence.... Together with a brief 
declaration (set downe in the 
beginning) which was founde in 
the Armado of Spaine, of the 
prowde presumption of the 
Spaniard : which through the in- 
stigation of the aforesaid BuUe, 
hath taken in band the setting 
forth of the invincible Army (as 
they terme it^ out of Portingale, 
towards England, and the Lowe 
countries... Imprinted first by R. 
Schilders Printer to the States 
of Sealund : with consent of the 
States, given at Middlesborrowe, 
etc. 98. 3l, /. Wolfe, London, 
1588. 4to. G. 6069. 

— Another copy. G. 6068. (1 .) 

A folding plate representing the 
Spanish Annada, and a wooidcut 
portrait of Queen Elizabetb, are 

ROME, Church of. — Sixtus V., 
Pope. See supra: Grboory XIII., 
Pope. The Holy BuU, and Cru- 
sado of Eome: First pnblit»hed 
by... Gregory the xiii, and after- 
wards renewed and ratified by 
Sixtus the fift, etc. 1588. 4to. 

G. 6069. 

— The Brutish Thunderbolt : 
or rather feeble fier-fiash of Pope 
Sixtus the fift against Henrie... 
King of Navarre, and... Henrie 
Borbon, Prince of Condie. To- 
gither with a declaration of the 
manifold insufiSciencie of the same 
[by F. Hotman]. Translated out 
of Latin into English by C.Fether- 
stone, etc. (The declaration of 
our most holy Lord Pope Sixtus 
against Henrie Borbon, etc.) 
id. %« A. Hatfield for Q. B. and 
B. Newhery, London, 1586. 8vo. 

699. b. 8. 

"The declaration," etc., is wlthoat 

ROME, Church of. — Clement 
VI II., Pope. See Ely (H.) 
Certaine brief e notes upon a brief e 
apologie [t.e. R. Parsons* " Apologie 
or Defence of the Catholike Ec- 
clesiastical Hierarchic and sub- 
ordination in England erected... 
by... Pope Clement the eight"!. 
Wherunto is added k severall 
answeare unto the particularites 
objected against certaine Persons. 
[1603.] 8vo. G. 11678. 

— An Answere or admoni- 
tion to those of the Church of 
Eome, touching the Jubile, pro- 
claimed by the Bull [dated May 
19, 1599], made... by Pope Clement 
the eyght, for the yeere of our 
Lord . 1600. Translated out of 
French. E. Allde for J. Wolfe, 
London, [1600 ?] 4to. 3901. f. 

Without pagination. Imperfeot; 
wanting Ai. 

— A briefe Apologie or 


defence of the Catholike Eccle- 
siaBtical Hierarchie and subordi- 
nation in England erected these 
later yeeres by our holy father 
Pope Clement the eight. [By E. 
Parsons.] [Lmdon, 1602?] 8vo. 

1019. e. 5. 

ROME, Church o/.— Paul V., 
Pope. The Bull of Pope Paulus 
the Fift, against the Common- 
wealth and Senate of Venice. 
See Baronius (C.) Cardinal Con- 
cerning the Excommunication of 
the Venetians, etc. 1607. 4to. 

111. b. 12. 

— See James I., Kifig of Great 
Britain and Ireland, An Apolo- 
gie for the oath of allegiance 
(against the two Breves of Pope 
Paulus, etc.). 1609. 4to. 

1009. e. 7. (2.) 

Apologia pro Juraraento 

Fidelitatis (adversus duo Previa 
P. Pauli, etc.). 1609. 4to. 

1009. e. 7. (1.) 

Apologie pour le serment 

de FidelitB que le...Roy de la 
grand' Bretagne requiert de tous 
ses Bujets... centre deux briefs du 
Pape Paul V., etc. 1609. 8vo. 

860. d. 8. 

— See Paolo, Servita, A full 
and satisfactorie answer to the... 
Bull thundred by Pope Paul the 
Fift against the renowmed state 
of Venice, etc. 1606. 4to. 4051. b. 

— A Declaration of the Vari- 
ance betweene the Pope, and the 
Segniory of Venice, with the 
proceedings and present state 
thereof. Whereunto is annexed 
a Defence of the Venetians, 
written by an Italian doctor of 
Divinitie [i.e. F. Manfredi?] 
against the Censure of Paulus 
Quintus, [of 17 April, 1606] 



prooving the nullitie thereof by 
Holy Scriptures, etc. 1606. 4to. 

860. d. 2. (2.) 

The "Answere of an Italian 
doctor of Divinitie, etc.," is sepa- 
rately paged. 

— Anothercopy. 1008.a. 11.(1.) 

ROME, Church o/.— Paul V., 
Pope. Triplici Nodo Triplex 
Cuneus. Sive apologia pro jura- 
men to fidelitatis, adversus duo 
brevia P. Pauli Quinti, & Episto- 
1am Cardinalis Bellarmini, ad 
G. Blackvellum Archipresbyterum 
nuper scriptam. [By King James 
I.] Few MS. Notes. B. Bar- 
kerus, Londini, 1607. 4to. 

175. f. 14.(11.) 

— Triplici nodo, triplex 
cuneus : or an Apologie for the 
oath of allegiance, against the 
tv70 Breves of Pope Paulus Quin- 
tus and the late Letter of Cardinal 
Bellarmine to G. Blackwel the 
Arch-priest. [By King James I.] 
B. Barker, London^ 1607. 4to. 

861. f. 21. (3.) 

— Another copy. 

C. 45. d. 23. (1.) 

This copy has King James's manu- 
script alterations for the edition of 
1609, published under his name, 

— The judgment of a Catho- 
licke English-man, [viz. R. Par- 
sons,] living in banishment for 
his religion : written to his private 
friend in England. Conceminge 
a late booke [by King James I.] 
...entituled Triplici nodo, triplex 
cuneus, or, An Apologie for the 
Oath of Allegiance. Against two 
breves of Pope Paulus V....and 
a letter of Cardinall Bellarmine 
to M. G. Black well... Wherein the 
said Oath is shewed to be unlaw- 
full unto a catholicke Conscience, 
etc. [Borne f] 1608. 4to. 

C. 45. d. 33. (2.) 

— The History of the quarrels 




of Pope Paul . V. with the State 
of Venice. [By Paolo, Servita.] 
...Translated out of the Italian 
[by C. P., i.e. Christopher Potter] 
and compared with the French 
Copie. /. BiU, London, 1626. 4to. 

1008. a. 14. 

ROME, Church of. — Urban 
Vni., Pope. The Baiting of the 
Popes Bull [by H. Burton]: or, 
an Unmasking of the Mystery of 
Iniquity, folded up in a most 
pernicious Breeve or Bull, sent 
from the Pope lately into Eng- 
land. [With the Bull itself, in 
Latin and English, dated 30 May 
1626.] Imprinted by W. I. for 
M. Sparke, London, 1627. 4to. 

697. e. 21. 

— Another copy. 3936. d. 

— Another copy. 111. a. 6. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and the preceding leaf, containing 
a copy of verses. 

— An Answer to Pope Urban 
his Inurbanity, expressed in a 
Breve [dated 28 Nov. 1628] 
sent to Lewis the French King, 
exasperating him against the 
Protestants in France. Written 
in Latine by Joseph Lord Bishop 
of Exeter: translated into Eng- 
lish by B. S. [With the original 
text of the Answer, and the Brief, 
versions of the latter in English 
and French, and a letter to Bishop 
Hall from G. Primrose.] W. Jones 
for N. Bourne, London, 1629. 4to. 

700. f. 6. (5.) 

ROME^ City of. The sacke 
of Roome, exsequuted by the 
Emperour Charles Armie even .at 
the Nativitie of this Spanish 
Kinge Philip. Notablie described 
in a Spanish Dialogue... Trans- 
lated latelie into the English 

tounge, etc. ». a. A. Jiffjfet, 
for B. Ward, London, 1590. 4to. 

1057. c. 25. (2.) 
Withont pagination. 

ROME, City of. — Basilieas. 

See Papal Exchequer. Fiscus 
Papalis. Sive, Catalogus Indul- 
gentiarum & Eeliquiarum septem 
principalium Ecclesiarum urbis 
Rom8d...A part of the Popes Ex- 
chequer, eta Lat. and Eng. 
1617. 4to. 4605. a. 

ROME, Empire o/.— Constah- 
TINB I., sumamed the Great, 
Emperor. A treatyso of the dona- 
tion or gyfte and endowmet of 
possessyons gyven and graunted 
unto Sylvester, pope of Rhome, 
by Constantvne, emperour of 
Kome, etc. (Translated out of 
greke intolaten by one B. Picem, 
etc. — A declamation of L. Valla 
...agaynst the forsayd privilege, 
etc. — The sentence... of Nyoolas 
of Cuse...of the sayd donation, 
etc. — Antony archebysshoppe of 
Florence of the same donation, 
etc.) id. %, Thomas Godfray, 
London, [1525 ?] fol. 3935. g. 

Seventy-three leaves, without pa- 
gination. Titlepage and first three 
and last three leaves mutilated. 

ROME, Secen Wise Masters 

of Begin. Here begynneth thys- 
torye of y* . VII. Wyse Maysters 
of rome conteynynge ryghe fayre 
1 ryght ioyous narracons, i to 
y* reder ryght delectable. 13. H. 
Wynkyn de worde, [London, 
1520?] 4to. C. 34. f. 46. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Sig. A-P. Imperfect ; wanting sig. 
A 6, Bi, Be, Ci, Di, Li, and Ls. 
With woodouts. 

ROMEI (Annibale) Count. 
The Courtiers Academic : Com- 
prehending seven severall dayes 
discourses,... written in Italian,... 
and translated into English by 


JPohn] KTepers]. V. Sinu, [Lon- 
don, 1598J. 4to. G. 16578. 


See EoME, Church of. 


M., T. An Exact Disooverie of 
Xtomish Doctrine in the caae of 
Conspiracie and Bebellion, etc. 
1605. 4to. 852. h. 2. 

— A jtist and moderate Answer 
to a most injurious, and slaunder- 
ous Pamphlet [by T. Morton, 
Bishop of Durham], intituled. 
An exact Disooyerj of Bomish 
doctrine in case of Conspiracie and 
Bebellion. Wherein the innocency 
of Catholike religion is proved, 
etc. [1605?] 4to. 8936. bbb. 

Withont pagination. 


Grantes ordinances and lawes of 
Bomeney marshe. Lat )$« %• 
In eedibw Thonue Berth,, Londini, 
1543. 8vo. G. 3968. 

Without pagination. 

— [Another edition.! The 
Charter of Bomney Marsn [with 
other ordinances, etc. concerning 
Bomney Marsh]. Lat. and Eng. 
90.x. J.Wol/e,London,1597. 8yo. 

G. 3967. (1.) 

RONDELETinS (Quliel- 
ifus) See L'Obel (M. de) Mat- 
thiae de L' G. Bondelletii 
... Pharmaceuticam Officinam 
Animadversiones, etc. (Bondel- 
letii Tractatus de Hydrope. Ejus- 
dem ... Elephantiasis nova ... cu- 
randi ratio, &c.) 1605. fol. 

C. 24. b. (1, 2.) 

RONSOVIUS (Henricus) 
Precepts for the preservation of 
health, published by S. H. See 
Academies, etc. — Salerno. — Schola 
Salerniiana. The Englishmans 
Doctor, etc. 1617. 8vo. 

1039. a. 8. (3, 4.) 



ROOKWOOD (Ambrose) 
See Great Britain and Ireland. — 
James T., King. Begin. Whereas 
T. Percy... and some other his 
Confederates . . . have been e dis- 
covered to have contrived the 
most horrible treason ... against 
our Person, etc. (|A proclamation 
for the apprehension of T. Percy, 
...A. Bookwood, etc.] 1605. fol. 

506. h. 10. (58.) 

ROOS, William, Baron. 
See Cecil. 

ROPER (William) The Mir- 
rour of Vertue in Worldly Great- 
nes ; or, the life of Sir T. More, 
etc. [Edited by T. P.] Part*, 
1626. 12mo. 275. d. 42. 

The titlepage ig engrayed, and 
[ the title sarmouiited hy a portrait 
of Sir T. More. 

— Another copy. G. 1580. 

— Another copy. 609. a. 12. (1 .) 
Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf. 


See O'MoRE (R.) 

ROS. Eos Coeli, or a Miscel- 
lany of Ejaculations, Divine, 
Morall... Being an Extract out of 
divers... Authors, etc. JB. Heme, 
London, 16-^0. 12mo. 3457. b. 18. 

ROS (Eichard) La bele Dame 
Sauns mercy ... translate out of G. Chaucer [or more 
probably by E. Eos. In verse]. 
See Chaucer (G.) [Two or more 
works.] Here begynneth the boke 
of Fame, made by G. Chaucer ; 
with dyvers other of his workes. 
[1526 ?] fol. G. 11584. (2.) 

ROSA (Thomas) Idasa, sive 
de Jacobi, Magnaa Britanniea... 
Eegis, virtutibus et omamentis, 
...enarratio, ej usque cum lauda- 
tissimis veterum 
paratio, etc. /. Norton, Londini, 
1608. 8vo. 610. a. 33. (1.) 




— Another copy. 292. a. 2. 

— Another copy. G. 2011. 

ROSARY, Society of the. The 
Societie of the Eosary. Wherin 
is contained the begining [««c], 
increase, 6s profit of the same, 
etc. [1600?] 8vo. G. 11676. 

ROSCIO (J. L.) psefid. [i.e. 
John Lowin.] Conclusions upon 
Dances, both of this age, and of 
the olde. Newly composed... by 
an Out-landish Doctor (J. L. Eos- 
cio). J. Orphinstrangej London, 
1607. 4to. C. 30. e. 23. 

— Brief ConclusionB of Dan- 
cers and Dancing. Condemn- 
ing the prophane use thereof; 
and commending the excellencie 
of such Persons which have... 
in all solemne Feasts... used that 
...Eecreation... As also true physi- 
oall observations for the preser- 
vation of the body in health, by 
the use of the same exercise. 
Written by J. L. Eoscio. J. Or- 
phinstrange, London, 1609. 4to. 

1039. i. 35. 

Withont pagination. A duplicate 
of the preoeding, with a new title- 
' page and without the dedication. 

R O S D E L L (Christopher) 
See Bible. — New Testa^ment. — 
JSomaTM. A Commentarie upon 
the...EomaneB, written in Latine 
by... Calvin, and newely trans- 
lated. C. E., etc. 1683. 4to. 

3265. b. 

— A godlie and short discourse, 
shewing not onely what time the 
inhabitants of this land first re- 
ceyued the Christian faith: but 
also what maner of doctrine was 
planted in the same, etc. h. l^ 
J. Wolfe, London, 1689. 8vo. 

3932. a. 

ROSIER (James) A true re- 
lation of the most prosperous 

voyage made this present yeer^ 
1606, by Captaine G. Waymouth, 
in the Discovery of the land of 
Virginia, etc. d« 2. O. Bishop, 
Londini, 1606. 4to. G. 7124. 
Without pagination. 

ROSNY, Mazimilien de B£- 
thune, Marquis de, afterwards 
Duke de Sully. See Bj&thune. 

ROSS, John, Bishop of. 
See Leslie. 

ROSS (Alexander) See Yir- 
GiLius Maro (P.) [Appendix.] 
Yirgilius Evangel izans : sive his- 
toria ... Jesu Christi YirgilianiB 
verbis ... descripta. Opera A. 
Eossaei, etc. 1634. 8vo. C. 46. b. 

1638. 8vo. 833. c. 14. 

— Commentum de terraa motn 
circulari : duobus libris refuta- 
tum. Quorum prior Lansbergii, 
posterior Carpentarii, argumenta 
...refellit, etc. Apud T. Harperum^ 
Londini, 1634. 4to. 531. k. 29. 

— The first and second booke 
of questions and answers upon 
the booke of Genesis... Collected 
out of auncient and recent writers A. Eosse, etc. F. Constable, 
London, 1622. 8vo. 3267. a. 5. 

— Eerum Judaicarum memo- 
rabiliorum, ab exitu ex -^gypto 
ad ultimum usque Hierosolymi- 
tanum excidium, Liber quartus 
(totam Josuad Historiam conti- 
nens. — ^Paraphrasis Psalmi CIV.). 
[In verse.] T. Harperus, Londini, 
1632. 4to. 237. g. 4. 

— Three Decads of Divine 
Meditations. Whereof each one 
containeth three parts. 1. A 
history. 2 an Allegory. 3 a 
prayer. With a commendation 
of the private Countrey life. 
[In verse.] Printed hy A. M. for 
F. Constable, London, [1630]. 4to. 

11626. d. 62. 




RO SS JEUS (GuLTeusxjB)p8eud, 
[i.e. Sir Thomas More.] Erudi- 
tdssimi viri G. BoBsei opus... quo 
... refellit ... Lutheri calumnias, 
qnibn8...Angliae...regem Henri- 
cnm...octaynm scurra turpissimus 
insectatnr: exousum 
junctis indicibas opera... J. Car- 
oellij. Few MS. Notes. Lon- 
diniy 1523. 4to. 697. d. 12. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 1211. (2.) 

ROTE. The Bote or myr- 
ronre of consolacyon and con- 
forte. 90. Z« Wyiikyn de Wordey 
London, 1511. 4cio. G. 87. e. 6. (2.) 

Without pagination. Titlepage 
partly ooonpied by a woodcut. 

Treatise of Metallica, but not 
that which was published by M'. 
S. Sturtevant upon his Patent, 
which is now cancelled... where- 
upon priviledge ... is granted ... 
to J. Bovenzon...for the making 
of Iron ... with Sea- cole, etc. 
Printed for T. Thorp, London, 
1613. 4to. 727. c. 14. 

Without pagination. 

ROULAND (David) 
See BowLAND. 

ROUS {Sir Anthony) [Fune- 
ral sermon.^ See Fitz-Geffrey 
(C.) Elisha his Lamentation, etc. 

ROUS (Francis) the Elder. 
See B., F. 

— The Arte of Happines, etc. 
W. Stanshy for J. Parker, London, 
1619. 12mo. 4412. f. 

With the autograph of John, Earl 
of Bridgewater, on the titlepage. 

— The Heavenly Academic. 
B. Young for J. Bartlet, London, 
1638. 16mo. 4377. a. 

— The mysticall Marriage ; or 
experimentall Discoveries of the 

heavenly Mariage betweene a 
Soule and her Saviour. Printed 
by W. I. and T. P. for L Emery, 
London, 1635. 12mo. 4403. aa. 

ROUS (FrancisI the Elder. 
Oile of Scorpions. I'he miseries 
of these times turned into Medi- 
cines and Curing themselves. 
W. Stansby, for J. Parker, London, 
1623. 12mo. 4412. f. 

— Testis Veritatis. The Doc- 
trine of King James ... Of the 
Church of England. Of the 
Catholicke Church, plainely 
shewed to bee One in the points 
of Frsddestination, Free-will, Cer- 
taintie of Saluation. With a 
discouery of the Grounds both 
Naturall [and] Politicke of Armi- 
nianisme. Printed by W. L, Lon- 
don, 1626. 4to. 4103. e. 

ROUS (Francis) the Younger. 
Archaeologias Atticsd libri tres. 
Three bookes of the Attiok An- 
tiquities. Containing the descrip- 
tion of the Citties gloiy, govern- 
ment, division of the People, and 
Townes within the Athenian 
Territories, etc. L. Lichfield for 
E. Forrest, Oxford, 1637. 4to. 

802. f. 13. (1.) 

ROUS (John) Ad magnifi- 
cum...Virum Dominum J. Ciren- 
bergium, Proconsulem Civitatis 
Gedanensis; ob Acceptum Syno- 
dalium Epistolarum Concilii Ba- 
sileensis avroypa<^ov sigillo ejus- 
dem in plumbum impresso obsig- 
natum, quod ... T. Boe ... Magnee 
Britanniaa regis Legatus,...Oxo- 
niensi bibliothecsB transmisit ac 
dono dedit ; carmen honorarium. 
[By various authors. Collected 
and edited by J. Bous.] L. P. 
/. Lichfield^ Oxonim, 1631. 4to. 

1071. m. 89. 

ROUS (Philippe) Lady. [Fu- 
neral Sermon,} See Fitz-Geffrey 
(C) Deaths Sermon, etc. 




ROWBOTHUM (James) See 

B., G. LuduB Scacohiae : Chesse- 
play ... Translated ... into the 
English tongue [by J. R.], etc. 
1697. 4to. 7915. a. 

— The pleasannt and wittie 
playe of the Cheasts renewed... 
lately translated out of Italian 

Sof Damiano da Odemira] into 
Trench, and now set furth in 
Englishe, by I. R. ». E* B.HaU 
for J. Boujboihum,Londony 1662. 8vo. 

66. a. 1. 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. 

— Another edition. V* 31. 
T. Marshe, London, 1669. 8vo. 

7916. aa. 

RO WE (5tr Thomas) SeeBoE. 

ROWLAND (David) See 

Latin Language. A comfortable 
ayde for Schollers, full of variety 
of sentences, gathered out of an 
Italian authour by D. Rouland. 
1678. 8vo. 12932. a. 37. 

— See ToRMES (Lazarillo de) 
The Pleasaunt Historic of Laza- 
rillo de Tornie8...Drawen out of 
Spanish... by D. Rouland, etc. 
1686. 8vo. 1074. d. 2. (1.) 

1696. 4to. G. 10136. 

ROWLANDS (Richard) The 
Post of the World. Wherein is 
contayned the antiquities and 
originall of the most famous Cities 
in Europe, with their trade and 
traficke, with their wayes and 
distance of myles, from country 
to country, etc. 1$. 31. T, East, 
London, 1676. 12mo. 800. a. 26. 

ROWLANDS (Samuel) See 
Knave. The Knave of Harts: 
Haile fellow, well met. [Sa- 
tires by S. R.] 1613. 4to. 

1076. i. 11. 

ROWLANDS (Samuel) 
See R., S. 

— The Betraying of Christ. 
Judas in despaire. At the Words 
of our Lord. With Poems on 
the Passion. A. lalip, London^ 
1698. 4to. 11623. c. 40. 


— Diogenes Lanthome. [In 
prose and verse.] 15. 2. Printed 
for T. P., London, [1608]. 4to. 

C. 27. b. 29. 

Withont pagination. Imperfect ; 
the third and the last leaves being 

— Another edition. V. 3C. 
Printed hy I. H. for B. Bird, Lon- 
don, 1628. 4to. C. 27. b. 31. 

— Another edition. 98. Z* 
Printed hy L N. for B. Bird, Lon- 
don, 1634. 4to. 11632. bb. 89. 


— The Famous History of Guy 
Earle of Warwicke. [In verse.] 
E. AU-de, London, 1632. 4to. 

G. 11467. 

Without pagination. With several 
woodcuts. Imperfect ; mutilated in 
several places, and wanting the last 
four leaves. 

— Humors Ordinarie. Where 
a man may bee verie merrie, 
and exceeding well used for his 
six-pence. [Being epigrams and 
Satires.] E. Allde, for W. Fire- 
brand, London, 1607. 4to. 

1076. m. 2. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 1076. g. 6. 


— A most Excellent treatise 
containing the way To seek 
Heavens Glory. To flie Earths 
Vanity. To feare Hells Horror. 
With Godly Prayers and the 
Bell-mans Summons. The third 
edition. 3 pts. Printed hy G. M, 




for Jf. ^parke Junior, London, 
1639. 12mo. 4412. e. 

Each pi. has a distinct titlepage. 
Pt. 3 is without pagination. There 
is also an additional titlepage, en- 
graTed, and dated 1638. 

ROWLANDS (Samuel) A 
sacred memorie of the Miracles 
wrought by... Jesus Christ. [In 
Terse.] B.Al8op,London,lGlS. 4to. 

C. 39. d. 39. 

ROWLEY (Samuel) See R., S. 

— When you see me, you 
know me. Or the famous 
Chronicle Historie of king Henrie 
the Eight, with the birth... of 
Edward Prince of Wales, etc. 
[A play, in verse and prose.] 
Printed for N. Butter, London, 
1613. 4to. C. 34. e. 2. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by B. A. and T. F. for N. Butter, 
London, 1632. 4to. C. 34. e. 3. 


— Anothercopy. C. 12.f.2.(l.) 

ROWLEY (William) See 
Day (J.) The Travailes of the 
three English Brothers, etc. [Dra- 
matised by J. Day, W. Rowley, 
and G. Wilkins.] 1607. 4to. 

C. 34. c. 22. 

— See MiDDLETON (T.) and 
Rowley (W.) A-Courtly Masque; 
the Device called The World tost 
at Tennis. 1620. 4to. 11773. b. 

A Faire Quarrell, etc. 

1622. 4to. 644. b. 80. 

— See R., W. 

— A tragedy called All's Lost 
by Lust. In five acts, in verse 
and prose.] T, Harper, London, 
1633. 4to. 644. c. 13. 

Withont pagination. 

— Anothercopy. C. 1 2. f. 1 . (3.) 

ROWLEY (William) A New 

Wonder, a Woman Never Vext. 
A pleasant conceited comedy [in 
five acts, in prose and verse]. 
Imprinted by O. P. for F, Constable, 
London, 1632. 4to. 644. c. 12. 

— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l.(l.) 

— A Search for Money. Or the 
lamentable complaint for the losse 
of the wandring Knight, Moun- 
sieur I'Argent. IS. 31. Imprinted 
,..for J, Hunt, London, 1609. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 47. 

ROWZEE (Lodowick) The 
Queenes Welles. That is a 
Treatise of the nature and ver- 
tues of Tunbridge Water, etc. 
cT. Dawson, London, 1632. 8vo. 

1171. e. 7. (2.) 

ROXANA. Rozana, Tragce- 

dia, [in five acts and in verse, 

written by W. Alabaster] olim 

Cantabrigias acta in Col. Trin. 

nunc primtim in lucem edita, 

summaque cum diligentia ad cas- 

tigatissimum exemplar compa- 

rata. Cui accesserunt etiam ar- 

gumenta. B. Badger, Londini, 

1632. 12mo. 238. 1. 24. 

Alabaster printed this tragedy as 
his own in the same year, complain- 
ing of its having been surrepti- 
tiously published. 

ROY (Willlim) See Bible. — 
New Testament. [The New 
Testament, with marginal glosses, 
translated by W.Tyndale, assisted 
by W. R.] [1526.] 4to. G. 12179. 

— See Erasmus (D.) [Para- 
clesis.] An exhortation to the 
diligent study of scripture 
Erasmus... traslated [by W. R.?]. 
... An exposition in to the seventh 
chaptre of the first pistle to tho 
Corinthians. [By W. R.?] 
1529. 8vo. C. 37. a. 25. 

[1540?] 8vo. 

C. 37. a. 31. (1.) 




ROY (William) See Gentle- 
man. A proper dyaloge betwene 
a Gentillman and a husbandma, 
etc. [By W. R. ?] 1530. 8vo. 

C. 37. a. 28. (6.) 

— See Jesus Christ. The true 
beliefe in Christ, etc. [Trans- 
lated by W. Roy.] 1650. Bvo. 

3932. a. 

— See 0., N. 

Rede me and be nott wrothe 
For I say no thynge but trothe, 
etc. [A satire, in verse, by 
W. Roy, against Cardinal Wol- 
sey.] [1526?] Bvo. C. 21. a. 27. 

See Academies, etc. — London. 

The Journal of frier W. de Ru- 
bruqui8...unto the East parts of 
the worlde, etc. See Hakluyt 
(R.) The principal Navigations, 
etc. Vol. 1. 1598, etc. fol. 

683. h. 5. 

— The Joumall of Frier Wil- 
liam deRubruquis... unto the East 
Parts of the World, anno Dom. 
1253. [Translated into English.] 
See PuRCHAS (S.) Purchas his 
Pilgrimes. Pt. 3. 1625. fol. 

679. h. 13. 

RUDD (Anthony) Bishop of 
Saint Davids. A Sermon [on 
Psalm xc. 12] preached at Rich- 
mond before Qneene Elizabeth... 
upon the 28. of March, 1596. 
Printed for T. Man, [London ^ 

1603. Bvo. 3932. b. 

— A Sermon [on Ps. ci. 2] 
preached at... Whitehall... the 13 
of May, 1604. [Edited by T. W.] 
Printed for T. Man, London, 

1604. 16mo. 4474. a. 49. 

— A Sermon [on Ps. in. 8] 
preached before the King's Ma- 
jestic at White-Hall... the ninth 

of Februarie . 1605. H. Lownes 
for C. Knight, London, 1606. 4to. 

694. d. 16. (6.) 
Without pagination. 

RUDIERD {Sir Benjamin) 
Sir B. Rudierd His Speech in 
behalfe of the Clergie, and of 
parishes ... destitute of Instruc- 
tion, through want of mainte- 
nance. Confirmed by the testi- 
monies of Bishop Jewel, Master 
Perkins, and Sir H. Spelman. 
Oxford, 1628. 4to. 698. g. 10.(4.) 

RUDIERD (Edmund) The 
Thunderbolt of Gods Wrath 
against hard-hearted and stifife- 
necked sinners, or an abridgement 
of the Theater of Gods fearefuU 
-judgements executed upon noto- 
rious sinners. Printed by W, L 
by the Assignement of A, Islip for 
T. Pavier, London, 1618. 4to. 

874. k. 33. 

RUDSTON (Thomas) See 
Ephemerides. Rudston ... A new 
Almanacke and Prognostication, 
etc. (By T. Rudston.) 

RUEFF (Jacob) The expert 
Midwife... Six Bookes compiled in 
Latine by the industry of lames 
Rueff...and now translated into 
English. Printed by E. G. for 
S. B., London, 1637. 8vo. 7680. aa. 

RUFF. 5eeBAND. Exchange 
Ware at the Second Hand, viz. 
Band, Ruffe, and Cuffe, lately out. 
...A dialogue, etc. 1615. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 5. 

RUFINUS (Tyrannius) See 
Apostles' Creed. Begin. Incipit 
exposicio sancti Jeronimi [or 
rather of T. R.] in Simbolum 
apostoloru5, etc. 1468 [1478]. 4to. 

167. b. 26. 

RUQQ (William) Bishop of 
Norwich. See Repps. 

R IT G G L E (George) See 


Ignoramus. Ignoramus. ComoBdia, 
etc. [By G. E.] 1630. 12mo. 

1070. b. 13. (1.) 

RULES. 5eeP.,D. Certaine 
brief and necessarie rules of Geo- 
graphie, etc. 1573. 8vo. 

12331. a. 80. (2.) 

— Begin. [Foh 2, recto :] Foure 

and twenty certaine Godly Eules. 

». a. [London, 1625?] 8vo. 

4404. b. 

Seven leaves, withont titlepage 
or paginatioD. The first leaf is 
blank on the recto, and has a wood- 
cut on the verso. 

RUN-AWAY. See V., B. 
The Eun-awyaes Answer, to a 
Booke called, A Eodde for Eunne- 
awayes,etc. 1625. 4to. C.27.b.28. 

RUNT (Harry) pseud. See. 
Dando (J.) pseud, and Eunt (H.) 
pseud. Maroccus Extaticus. Or 
Bankes Bay Horse in a Trance, 
etc 1595. 4to. C. 40. c. 29. 

See Alessio, Piemontese^ pseud, f 


RUSHWORTH (William) 
The dialogues of W. Eichworth 
or the judgmend [«c] of common 
sense in the choise of Eeligion. 
J. MeskUs, Farisy 1640. 12 mo. 

1019. c. 9. 
With the autograph of J. Locke. 

RUSSEL (Thomas) Diacatho- 
licon Aureum: or a generall 
powder of Gold, purging all 
offensive humours in Mans bodie : 
good in generall for all diseases, 
where there needeth any Purga- 
tion, as also for any sicknesse 
yearely incident, etc. V. 1. 
Printed for J. Flasket, London, 
1602. 4to. 1034. h. 18. (1.) 

RUSSELL (Francis) Earl of 
Bedford. BuriaU. 5ee Sparke (T.) 
A Sermon, etc. 



RUSSELL (John) M.A., of 
Magdalen College, Cambridge. The 
Two Famous Pitcht Battels of 
Lypsich, and Lutzen ; wherein... 
Gustavus the great lived and died 
a conquerour: with an elegie 
u pon his untimely death, etc. The 
Printers to the University of Cam- 
bridge, 1634. 4to. 1077. i. 11. 

— Another copy. G. 11469. 

RUSSELL (Walter) Doctor. 
See Smith (J.) Governor of Virginia, 
etc. A map of Virginia; with 
a description of the Countrey... 
Whereunto is annexed the pro- 
ceedings of those colonies, since 
their departure from England... 
taken out of the writings of Doctor 
Eu8sell,etc. 1612. 4to. C.33.C.18. 

RUSSELL (William) Agent 
at Moscow for the Dutch Merchants. 
See Moscow, City of The Eeporte 
of a bloudie and terrible Massacre 
in the Citty of Mosco, etc. [Bv 
W.E.] 1607. 4to. 0.32.g. 

RUSSIA. The late changes 
and manifold alterations in 
Eussia, since Ivan Vasilowich to 
this present. See Purchas (S.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 3. 
1625. fol. 679. h. 13. 


voyages of Persia, traveiled by 
the merchauntes of London of the 
company and felowship of Mos- 
covia, in the yeeres 1561, 1567, 
1568. See Anglerius (P. M.) The 
History of Travayle in the West 
and East Indies, etc. 1577. 4to. 

566. e. 10. 

RUTHVEN (John) Earl of 
Oowrie. [Treason.'] See Hart 
(Sir W.) The Examinations, 
Arraignement, etc. 

— See James I., King of Oreai 
Britain and Ireland. A short dis- 
course of the good ends of the 
higher providence, in the attemp- 




tat [by John Euthven, Earl of 
Gowrie] against his Majesties 
person. 1600. 16mo. C. 38. a. 17. 

RUTHVEN (John) Earl of 
Qowrie. The Earl of Gowries con- 
spiracie against the Kings Majestie 
of ScotlaDd. At Saint John-stonn 
...the fift of August, 1600. 93. %. 
F. Sinimes, London^ 1600. 4to. 

G. 5126. 

"Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 

— Another copy . 600.e.21.(l.) 
Imperfect; wanting sig. Ci-4. 

— De execrabili nefanda Era- 
trum Euvenorum in...Scotorum 
Eegis caput conjuratione apud 
Perthum Avgusto mense An. 1600, 
...narratio, etc. B. Charteris, 
EdinhurgiylQOl, 4to. 600.e.21.(3.) 

— Another copy. 287. b. 44. 

— Another copy. G. 5125. 

RUTHVEN (Patrick) See 
GuEAT Britain and Ireland. — 
James!., JKni/. A Proclamation for 
the discovery and apprehension 
of W. Euthen and P. Euthen, etc. 
11603. fol. 506. h. 10. (7.) 

RUTHVEN (William) See 
Great Britain and Ireland. — 
J AMEsI., Bn<jr. AProclamation for 
the discovery and apprehension 
of W. Euthen and P. Euthen, 
etc. 1603. fol. 506. h. 10. (7.) 

View of Valyaunce. Describing 
the famous feates, and Martiall 
exploites of... the Eomains and 
the Carthaginians for the posses- 
sion... of Spay ne. Translated (by 
a studious Gentleman) out of an 
auncient recorde of antiquitie 
written by E. E. [or rather 
written by T. Newton ?, who pro- 
fesses to be the editor only]. 
», a. T.Ea8t,Lond<m,lbS0. 4to. 

589. a. 20. 

RUTTER (Joseph) See Diaz 
de BiVAR (E.) The Gid ; a tragi- 
comedy out of French made Eng- 
lish [with alterations, by J. E.]. 
1637, etc. 12mo. 643. a. 40. 

— The Shepheard's Holy-day : 
a pastorall Tragi-Comaedy [in 
five acts and in verse]. With an 
elegie on the death of... Lady V. 
Digby. Printed by N. and I. Okes 
far J, Benson, London, 1635. 8vo. 

643. b. 41. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. d. 62. 

— Another copy. G. 18791. 

RUYTINCK (Symeon) Gul- 
den legende vande Eoomsche 
Kercke: mitsgadersHareHeyligh- 
. dommen ende Afiaten, aenden 
Toet-steen der Waerheyd be- 
proeft. 2pts. T. Snodham, Londen, 
1612. 4to. 4827. c. 

Partly printed in Black Letter. 
Each pt. has a separate pagina- 
tion, but the register is continuous 

RTBAUT (Jean) See Bibaut. 

R Y C E (Bichard) See Her- 
man V. [Von Wied], Archbishop 
and Elector of Cologne. The Eight 
institucion of baptisme ... trans- 
lated by...E. E. [1548 ?] 8vo. 

843. f. 1 3. 

R Y D L E Y (Nicholas) suc- 
cessively Bishop of Bochester and 
of London, See Eidley. 

RYE, in Sussex. The true 
Mayde of the South: or a rare 
example of a Maide dwelling at 
Eie in Sussex, who for the love 
of a young man of Lester-shire, 
went beyond Sea in the habit uf 
a Page, etc. [A Ballad.] 15. JL. 
2 pts. Printed for F. Cotdes^ 
London, [1635 ?] Broadside fol. 

Eox. I. 422. 

» tr 

RYV ^ 

RYVES (_Sir Thomas) Histo- 
ri« NavaliB, Autore T. Rivio, 
Lib. 1. Typis T, Harperi, London^ 
1629. 8vo. 634. a. 21. 

With two folding plates. No 
more pnblislied of this edition, 
ivhich contains only the first bonk 
of the work, afterwards published 
under the title of " Historia navalis 

— Historia navalis antiqua, 
libris quatuor. Ajpud Bohertum 
Barker,.,. et Wssred, J. Billiiy Lon- 
dinii, 1633. 8vo. 534. b. 4. 

With a folding plate. 

— Historise navalis mediaa libri 
tres. Autore T. Rivio. Apud 
Bichardum Hodgkinaonne^ Londini^ 
1640. 8vo. 634. b. 6. 

— Imperatoris Justiniani de- 
fensio adversiis Alemannum. 
G,8tan8beiu9,Ij<mdm%ylQ2Q. 12mo. 

600. a. 2. 

— The Poore Vicars Plea, de- 
claring, that a competencie of 
meanes is due to them out of the 
Tithes of their severall Parishes, 
notwithstanding the Impropria- 
tions. J. Billy London, 1620. 4to. 

883. g. 2. 

— Another copy. T. 800. (6.) 

— Another copy. 517. h. 26. (1.) 

— Regiminis Anglicani in Hi- 
bemia defensio adversus Analeo- 
ten. Libri tres. Excus. pro Jo- 
hanne Bartlet^ Londini, 1624. 4to. 

601. f. 8. (2.) 

— Another copy. G. 6700. 




S., M% Master of Art. ARyght 
Pithy, Pleasaunt anp [«c] merie 
Gomedie [in five acts and in 

verse]: Intytuled Gammer gur- 
tons Nedle : Played on Stage, not 
longe ago in Christes Colledge in 
Cambridge. Made by M' S., M' 
of Art [i.e. John Still. Bishop of 
Bath and Wells]. J3. a. T. Col- 
well, London, 1575. 4to. G. 11209. 

Without pagination. Cropped. 

S., A., Oent. See Tossanus (D.) 
A Synopsis or Compendium of the 
Fathers... Englished by A. S., 
Gent. 1636. 8vo. 846. i. 1. 

S., B. See Rome, Church of. — 
Urban VIII., Pope. An answer 
to Pope Urban his in urbanity 
expressed in a Breve [dated 28 
Nov. 1628]. Written in Latine 
by Joseph Lord Bishop of Exeter : 
transliftted into English by B. S. 
1629. 4to. 700. f. 6. (6.) 

S., C. A briefe resolution of 
a right Religion. Touching the 
Controversies that are nowe in 
England. Written by C. S. ». H. 

B. Ward for J. Proctor, London, 
1690. 8vo. 3932. e. 


S., C, Master. The Copie of a 
Letter [signed C.S.]...from Master 

C. S. neere Salisbury, to Master 
H. A. at London, concerning the 
proceeding at Winchester ; Where 
the late L. Cobham, L. Gray, and 
Sir GriflSn Marckham , all Attainted 
of hie Treason, were ready to be 
executed... the 9. of December 
. 1603; at which time his Majesties 
Warrant... whereof the true Copy 
is here annexed, was delivered to 
sir B. Tichboume, high Sheriflfe 
of Hampshire, commanding him 
to suspend their executiim till 
further order. Imprinted by B. jB., 
London, 1603. 4to. C. 27. c. 12. 

S., D. A godly, learned and 
fruitfuU sermon : made upon the 
fourteenth of John [23"* verse], 
in which is plainely set foorth the 




looue of Christ... By D. S. [With 
a dedicatory epistle by J. Jordan.] 
i^« X. Printed for Y. James, and 
2\ Lawe, London, [1684]. 8vo. 

4474. a. 50. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 114. a. 37. 

S., D. To all the Clothiers of 
England. The State of the dif- 
ference between the Clothiers and 
the City of London. [By D. S.J 
[London, 1630?] fol. 8246. f. 

S,, E. Britaines Basse: or a 
Computation aswell of the Charge 
of a Busse or Herring-Fishing 
Ship. As also of the gaine and 
profit thereby. With the States 
Proclamation Annexed unto the 
same, as concerning Herring- 
Fishing by E. S. W. Jaggard 
for N. Bourne, London, 1616. 4to. 

1029. e. 22. 

Without pagination. 

S., E. Cupids Whirligig. [A 
Comedy in five €W)ts, and in prose. 
By E. S., 4.6. Edward Sharpham?] 
E. Allde, London, 1607. 4to. 

643. c. 9. 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
by T. a, London, 1611. 4to. 

643. c. 10. 

Imperfect ; much cropped ; want- 
ing sig. H2 and s. Hi much muti- 

— Another edition. T. Oreede 
and B. AIsop, London, 1616. 4 to. 

643. c. 11. 

S., E. Be Bebus gestis Bri- 
tanniaa Commentarioli Tres ... 
Ad...H. Broncarem ... E. S. Ex 
officina ... H*. Binneman, Londini, 
[1670?] 12mo. 698. a. 29. 

S., E. The Discoverie of the 
Enightes of the Poste : Or the 
Knightes of the post, or comon 

common baylers newly Discried... 
By E. S. 1^. a. Printed by O. S., 
London, 1697. 4to. C. 27. b. 10. 

Without pagination. 

S., E., B. of D, Anthropopha- 
gus : the Man-eater. Or a caution 
for the credulous. Being a moral 
discourse upon Prov. 26. 26... by 
E. S. B. of D. Printed by G. E. 
for J, Harriot, London, 1624. 4to. 

4473. aaa. 34. 

S., E. C. The Government of 
Ireland under... Sir J. Perrot... 
beginning 1684 and ending 1688 ; 
Being the first booke of the con- 
tinuation of the Historie of that 
Kingdome, etc. [The dedication 
signed E. C. S.J Printed for 
T. WaUcley, London, 1626. 4to. 

287. a. 12. 

— Another copy. G. 5626. 

— Another copy. C. 21. b. 30. 
Imperfect; wanting sig. d i, a. 

S., E. G. See Cicero ^M. T.) 
[Somnium Sdpionia.'] Scipio's 
Dreame, etc. [Translated by 
E. G. S.] 1627. 8vo. 8403. aa. 

S., F. Pane Pipe, three Pa«- 
toraU Eglogues, in English Hexa- 
meter. With other poetical versea 
...For the Further delight of the 
Header, the Printer hath annexed 
hereunto the ... Poeme of the 
Fisher-mans Tale. By F. S., i.e. 
Francis Sabie.] B. Jhones, London, 
1696. 4to. 80. a. 6. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 
Sixteen leaves. Without the ''Fiflher- 
mans Tale." 

S., G. Sacrsd Heptades, or 
seaven problems concerning Anti- 
christ ... By G. S. [London ?] 
1626. 4to. 3186. e. 

S., G. E. 566 Heidelberg Cate- 
chism. DoctrinsB ChristianaE) Ck)m- 
peudium : seu Commentarii Cate- 

S S 1337 

chetioi, ex ore..'.Z. UrBini...ex- Ambassador. [£dited by J. S., t.e. 

cepti...Emendati ... et ... locuplo* James Shawe?] 1603. 8yo. 

tati [by G. C. S.], etc 1586. Svo. 596. a. 34. 

3558. a. 

S., J. See Spelman {Sir H.) 

S., H. See Sidney {Sir P.) De non temerandis ecclesiis, etc. 

The Counteese of Pembrokes [Edited by J. S.] 1616. 8vo. 

Arcadia, etc. [With a preface by 1360. b. 

H. S.] 1606. fol. C.39.h.8. 

S., J. Certain Worthye Manu- 

S., H. The Examination of script Poems of great Antiqaitie 

Usury, in two Sermons [on Psalm Reserved long in the Studie of a 

XV. 1, 5, by H. S., t.e. flenry Northfolke Gentleman ;...nowfirst 

Smith]. Taken by Gharacterie, published by J. S. 1. the tragedy 

and after examined. R, Field for of Guistard and Sismond. 2. the 

T. Jfan, Xofuion, 1591. 8vo. Northren Mothers Blessing; 3. 

4474. b. 64. the way to Thrifte. Imprinted... 

^ -w^ » ry -r ^ f<^ -B- ^M LondoH^ 1597. Svo. 

a, H.. of Greyes Inne, Gent. 238. a. 13. 

See Chassanion ( J.) TheConsola- ^.., ^ . .. m,. ^ 

tion of the SoX^.Engli^^^^^ . JS ^^^^0 V'le^^ 

H.S.,eto. [1690?] 8vo, 4227. a. titlepage. 

S., J. See Academies, etc. — — Another copy. 6.11189.(1.) 

Oxford. — University of Oxford* « t z^- xt_- t» 

Ilium in Italiam, etc. [A col- ^^'' ^: Cmthias Eevenge : or 

lection of Latin complimentary ^^.^^^^^f Extasie. [A tragedy 

verses from the different CoUeg^ '.^ 71*'^ g.''''^ '"^ T^"^' ^Z ^' ?- 

in Oxford, with their aris. ••«• John Stephens.] Printed /or 

Edited by J. S., i.e. John Sans- ^' -^"'^' ^""""^^ ^n^A \a 

byry.] 1608. Svo. G. 1760. U d4. e. jy. 

Without pagination. 
S., I. 5c6 BfezE (T. de) Adifl- 

cour8e...containing the life and — Another copy. 162. d. 63. 

death of M. John Gal vm... Turned g^^ j. ciidamas, or the Sicilian 

out of Frenche into English by t^i^^ Written by J. S. T.Payne, 

I. S.,eto. [1570?] Svo. G. 952. London, 16B9. 16mo. 

S., J. See Greville (B.) Baron Imperfect ; wanting the frontis- 

Broohe. The Nature of Truth. Pi®««- 

[Edited by J. S.] 1640. 8vo. g,^ j. Devotions. First Part, 

8408. aa. j^ the Antient Way of Offices. 

a, I. I. S[ylvester] his Elegie f^^^ Psalms,Hymn8, and Pray'rs 

upon the Death of...M[argaret] ^^^ eveiy Day in the We6k and 

H[ill]. ^e6HiLL(R.) The Path- ?.^®^^, ?pi.^^.*y ^ *^® J^"": 

way to Prayer, etc. 1615,etc. Svo. Second Edition; Corrected and 

gyg^ |j^ 1^3^ Augmented. [By John Austin. 

Edited, with an Epistle dedica- 

S., J. See Hooker (R.) Of the tory, by J. S., i.e. John Sergeant.] 

Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politic, Boan, 1622. 12mo. 8456. c. 14. 

etc. [With a preface by J. S., i.e. « t mi. t% n a* ^ 

John Spenser.] 1611. fol. 4103. g. ^ \ ^' /he Duello or Single 

"" ° Combat : from Antiquitie derived 

S., J. See HoTMAN (J.) The into this Eingdome of England, 

VOL. III. 4 K 



with seuerall kindee, and cere- 
monious formes thereof from good 
authority described. [By J. S., 
t.e. J. Selden.l Printea by Q. E. 
for L Helme, London, 1610. 4to. 

601. b. 27. (1.) 

— Another copy. 501. b. 28. (1.) 

— Another copy. 8426. c. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 2311. 

S., I. The Qenealogies re- 
corded in the Sacred Scriptures, 
etc. By I. S[peed]. See Bible. The 
Holy Bible, etc. 1612, etc. 8vo. 

C. 27. c. (1.) 

1617. fol. 1272. h. 4. 


1637. 8vo. 3050. a. 

S.,J. The Genealogies recorded 
in the Sacred Scriptures, accord- 
ing to every family and tribe. 
With the line of our Saviour 
Jesus Christ observed from Adam 
to the blessed Virgin Mary. By 
J[ohn] S[peed]. (A descrip- 
tion of Canaan, etc.) [London, 
1611?] 4to. 3061. cc. (2.) 

— Another copy. 3061. cc. (2.) 


— Another copy. 1276. e. 4. (2*.) 
Imperfect; wanting pp. 15, 16. 

— Another copy. 3061. bb. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting the **DeBcrip- 
tiou of Canaan." 

— Another edition. [London, 
1611?] fol. 1276.1.4.(2.) 

Wanting the "Description of 

— Another edition. [London 
1613?] fol. 1008. c. 12. (3.) 

Page 5 la mutilated. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1616?] 4to. 1008.0.6.(1.) 


— Another edition. [London, 
1616?] 4to. 1276. e. 8. (1«.) 

— Another copy. 218. e. 18. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting part of the 
last leaf. 

— Another copy. 141 1 . e. 2. (2.) 

Without the "Description of 

— Another copy. (1.) 
The titlepage is slightly mutilated. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1616?] fol. 1276. k. 3. (2.) 

— Another copy. 7. g. 6. (1.) 

In this copy the initials J. 8. have 
been altered to H. B. 

— Another copy. 691. h. 1. (1.) 

Wanting the "Description of 

— Another edition. [London, 
1619?] 4to. 3060. d. (2.) 

— Another edition. [London, 

1622?] 4to. C. 45. e. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 7, 8. 
Pp. 19, 20, and 21, 22 are mutilated. 
This book belonged to Wiliiam 
Hogarth, the artist. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1626?] 4to. 1411. e. 5. (2.) 

— Another edition. [London, 
1628?] 4to. 1276.e. 11. (1.) 

— Another copy. 3063. dd. (1.) 

— Another copy. 1276. e. 9. (2.) 
Wanting the "Description of 


— Another copy. C. 47. f. 

Wanting the "Description of 

— Another edition. [London, 
1628?] 8vo. C. 16. a. 7. (8.) 

— Another edition. [London, 
1628?] 8vo. 3050. a. (2.) 

— Another copy. 

3049. bb. 3. (1.) 




— Another copy. 1005. K 3. (3.) 

— Another copy . 1411. o. 1. (1.) 

— Another edition. [London, 
1629?] fol. 1276. h. 6. (1.) 

— Another edition. [London, 
1630?] 4to. 1276. f. 1. (2.) 

— Another copy. 3051. oo. (2.) 

— Another copy. 

1411. e. 10. (1.) 

— Another copy. 1411. e. 9. (1.) 

— Another edition. [London, 
1631?] 12mo. G. 19919. (1.) 

— Another edition. [London,"] 
1632. 8vo. 1106. a. 2. (1.) 

— Another copy. 3052. b. (2.) 

The titlepage and last two leaves 
are mutilated. 

— Another edition. [Edin- 
hurghf] 1633. 8vo. 1274. a. 13.(1.) 

— Another edition. [Ckm- 
hridgef 16337] 4to. 3049. e. 4.(1.) 

— Another edition. [London,] 
1634. 8vo. 1276. b. 14. (2.) 

The last leaf is slightly mutilated. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1634?] fol. 1276.1.5.(1.) 

— Another edition. [London,] 
1636. Bvo. 3060. aaa. 4. (1.) 

— Another edition. [London ?] 
1638. 8vo. 1274. a. 16. (2.) 

— Another copy. 3052. aa. (1.) 

— Another edition. [London,] 
1638. 4to. 8053. e. 1. (2.) 

— Another edition. [London, 
1639?] fol. 3405. g. (2.) 

— Another copy. 466. g. 2. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 23, 24, 
and 83, 34. 

— Another edition. [London,] 
1640. 8vo. 3406. b. 6. (2.) 

S., T. The Qrammar Warre: 
or the eight Parts of Speach... 
altogether by the eares. Together 
with the lamentable burning of a 
Petty Schoole. [Translated from 
the "Bellum grammaticale" of 

A. Quama, by W. Haywarde. 
With a Preface signed I. S.] [Lon- 
don, 1635.] 12mo. 623. a. 27. 

S.; J. Masqnarade da Ciel: 
Presented to the Great Queene of 
the Little World a Celestiall Map, 
representing ... the late Commo- 
tions, between Saturn and Mer- 
cury about the Northern Thule... 
By J[ohn] S[adler]. Prinied by 

B. B. for 8. C, London, 1640. 4to. 

E. 238. (3.) 

S., I. Match me this Wedding ; 
A health that was drunke in 

Sider and Perrie. 
And good strong Beere to, which 

did make the lads mery. 
[A Ballad.] [Signed I. S.l 90* »♦ 
2 pts. Printed for T. Lambert, 
London, [1640?] Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 272. 

S., J. The Summarie of Eng- 
lish Chronicles. Lately collected 
and published: nowe abridged and 
continued tyl...l566. By J[ohn] 
S[tow]. ^. !♦ T. Marshe, Lon- 
don, [1566]. 16mo. 808. a. 1. 

S., J., of the Society of Jesus. 
S. Mary Magdalens Pilgrimage 
to Paradise... By J[ohn] Sfmea- 
ton], of the Society of Jesus. 
1617. 8vo. 699. o. 48. 

— The Triall of the Protestant 
Private Spirit. Wherein their 
Doctrine, making the sayd Spirit 
the sole ground & meanes of their 
Beliefe, is confuted... Written by 
J[ameB or John] S[harpe, alias 



Pollard], of the Society of Jesus. 
Pt. 2. 1630. 4to. 3935. bbb. 

Imperfect ; wanting pt. 1. 

S., J. L. See James I., King 
of Cheat Britain, etc. Flores Eegii. 
...Collected by J. L.S. 1627. 8vo. 

1075. b. 9. 

S., I. U. The Sea Fight in 
the Eoad of Gibraltar in 25. of 
Aprill last, betwixt the K. of 
Spaines Carackts and Gallions, 
and the HoUandish men of Warre, 
reported by a letter written 
a-bourd the Hollands Fleete, by 
a commaunder in the same [viz. 
I. U. S.]... translated into Eng- 
lish. IS. il« Printed for J, Harde, 
London, 1Q07. 4to. 9414. aaa. 

Six leayee, withont pagination. 

S.; M. See Ahmad I., Sultan 
of the Turks. The Great Turkes 
Defiance: or his Letter... to Sigis- 
mond...Eing of Polonia...With 
the King of Poland his replie, 
Englished... by M. S. 1613. 4to. 

9135. aaa. 

S., M. See Bolton (R.) A 
short and private Discourse be- 
tweene M' Bolton and one M. S. 
concerning Usury, etc. 1637. 4to. 

492. a. 24. (2.) 

S., M. Newes out of York- 
Shire, etc. See St., M. 

S., M. The Cmms of Com- 
fort ; with godly prayers. 
(ThankfuU Eemembrances of 
Cxods Wonderfull Deliverances 
of this Land.) [Compiled by 
M. S., i.e. Michael Spark.] Cor- 
rected and amended... 7 edition. 
Printed for M. Sparky London, 
1628. 12mo. C. 27. d. (2.) 

'Without pagination. Pt. 2 has 
a separate titlepage and register. 
Three folding plates are inserted in 
pt 2. 

S., M. A true relation of 

En glands happinesse ; under the 
raigne of Queene Elizabeth. And 
the miserable estate of Papists, 
under the Popes Tyrany. By 
M. S. [i.e. Matthew Sutcliffe]. 
^.%. [ion^n,] 1629 [1600?]. 8vo. 

4705. bb. 

The titlepage is slightly muti- 
lated. This is another copy of 
'* The BlossinopB of Mount Gerizzim 
...By M. 8. Doctor of Divinitie," 
with a different titlepage and with- 
out the preface. 

S., M., Doctor of Divinitie. The 

Blessings on Mount Gerizzim, 
and the Curses on Mount Ebal. 
or, the happie estate of Protes- 
tants, compared with the miser- 
able Estate of Papists under the 
Popes Tyrannie. By M. S[ut- 
cliffe], Doctor of Divinitie. lU. %• 
Printed for A. Hebb, London^ 
[1600?] 4to. 1019. h. 8, 

S.| M. M. See Casas (B. de 
las) Bishop of Chiapa. The 
Spanish Colonie, or Briefe Chroni- 
cle of the Acts and gestes of the 
Spaniardes in the West Indies... 
nowe first translated... by M. M. S. 
1583. 4to. G. 7104. 

S., N. N. S[impson] arithme- 
ticee compendium. Cui adijcitur 
arithmetioorum 'Ava/xn/o^s [«c] 
A. G[ill]. [London,] 1623. 8vo. 

8504. aa. 
Withont pagination. 

S., P. See Paradin (C.) The 
Heroicall Devises of... C. Paradin. 
...Tran»lated out of Latin... by 
P. S. 1691. 16mo. 246. a. 24. 

S.,SirT. SirP[hilip]S[idney] 
his Astrophel and Stella. Wherein 
the excellence of sweete poesie 
is concluded. T. Neumany Loh- 
don, 1591. 4to. C. 34. f. 39. 

— Another copy. G. 11544. 

— [Another edition.] To the 
end of which are added, sundry 




other rare SonnetB of divers Noble 
men and Gentlemen. [With a 
preface by T. Nash.] Printed 
for T. Newman^ London, 1591. 4to. 

G. 11643. 

S., R. See Cepari (V.) The 
Life of B. Aloysias Gonzaga... 
Written in Latin... and translated 
into English by R. S. 1627. 8vo. 

G. 1304. 

S., R. See Drexelius (H.) 
Nicetas or the triumph over in- 
con tinencie... translated into Eng- 
lish by R.S. 1633. 8vo. 700. a. 30. 

S., R. See Drexelius (H.) 
The School of Patience... Trans- 
lated... by R. S. 1640. 12mo. 

1111. a. 25. 

S., R. A briefe Treatise to 
prooue the necessitie and excel- 
lence of the nse of Archerie, 
abstracted out of ancient and 
Modeme Writers by R. S. W. !• 
B. Johnes, London^ 1596. 4to. 

1042. 1. 41. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 785. d. 14. (2.) 

S., R. The Counter-Scuffle. 
Whereunto is added, the Counter- 
Ratt. Written by R. S[peed. 
In verse]. TT. Stanthy, Lmdon, 
1635. 4to. 11623. bb. 2. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. JB. Bishop, 
London, 1637. 4to. 1077. d. 56. 

S.; R. A dialogue between 

a blind man and death. [In 

verse, signed R. S.] [London, 

1610?] 4to. . C. 12. g. 33. (2.) 

Fonr leaves, without titlepage. 

S., R. The Jesuites play at 
Lyons in France, as it 'was there 
presented, both to the amaze- 
ment of the Beholders, and the 
destruction of the Actors, in 
August last past: credibly in- 
formed by a Factors Letter [signed 

R. S.] (who was an eye-witnesse), 
etc. Printed for N. Butter, Lon- 
don, 1607. 4to. 4632. b. 

S., R. Late Newes out of 
Barbary. In a Letter [subscribed 
R. S.] written of late from a 
Merchant there, to (J. H.) a 
Gentl. not long since impolyed 
[aicj into that countrie from His 
Majestic; con tainingsome strange 
particulars of this new Saintish 
Kings proceedings, &c. (An other 
letter [Bubscribed G. B. J received 
from another friend.) "With an 
advertisement prefixed to the 
work, subscribed : J. H.] Im- 
printed for A. Jonaon, London, 
1613. 4to. 1047. g. 25. 

S., R. MoBoniad. Or, Certaine 
excellent poems and spirituall 
hymnes : omitted in the last im- 
pre.«8ion of Peters Complaint;... 
by R[obert] S[outhwell]. V. Sinu, 
for J, Buslne, London, 1595. 4to. 

C. 30. e. 18. 

— Another copy. 238. g. 7. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 17, 18, 
which are supplied in MS. 

S., R. S. Peters Complaint 
[in verse], and Saint Mary Mag- 
dalen's Funerall Teares [prose], 
with Sundry other... Poems. By 
R[obert] S[outhweU]. MS. Notk. 
1616. 12mo. 855. a. 8. 

S., R. S* Peters Complainte. 
Mary Magdal. teares w*** other 
workes of the author R[obert] 
^ S[outhwell]. (MoeonisB, or, cer- 
taine excellente poems. — The 
Triumphs over Death. — Short 
rules of good life.) 5 pts. Printed 
for W. Barret, L<mdon,ie20. 12mo. 

11623. aa. 35. 

Without pagination. £ach pt. 
has a distinct titlepage. The 
general titlepage is engraved. 

— Another edition. J. Havi- 
land, London, 1630. 12mo. 

11623. a. 44. 




S., R., Doctor of Divinity, Of 
the author and substance of the 
Protestant Church and Eeligion, 
two "bookes. Written first in 
Latin by R. S[mith, Bishop of 
Chalcedon,]...and now reviewed 
by the Author, and translated 
into English by W. Bas. [Ijon- 
donf] 1621. 8vo. 3935. b. 

S., B., Esquire, See Phillis. 
Phillis and Flora. The sweete 
and civill contention of two amor- 
ous Ladyes. Translated out of 
Latine by E. S. Esquire. 
1598. 4to. 78. c. 45. 

S., B., Oentleman. See Du 
Moulin (P.) Heraclitus : or medi- 
tations upon the vanity & misery 
of humane life... translated into 
English by B. S[tafford] Gentle- 
man. 1609. 12mo. 4377. a. 

— Heraclitus,... Translated by 
B. S[taflford], Gentleman. See 
Smyth (B.) Munition, etc. 
1634. 12mo. 4410. a. 

S., B., Preacher of the word ctt 
j^ley. The Countryman with 
his Household. Being a familiar 
Conference, concerning Faith to- 
wards God, and Good Workes 
before Men... By B. S. ». a. 
E, Oriffin for J. Bartlet, London, 
1620. 8vo. 3506. a. 27. 

S., B., Priest, Certain general 
Reasons, proving the Lawfulnesse 
of the Oath of Allegiance, written 
by B[ichard] S[heldon] Priest, to 
his priuat Friend. Whereunto 
is added the Treatise of... W.Bar- 
clay concerning the temporall 
power of the Pope. And with 
these is joyned the Sermon of 
T. Higgons [on Ephes. n. 4, 5, 6, 7] 
because it containeth something 
of like argument. 2pts. F.Kyng- 
ston for W. Aspley, London, 
1611. 4to. 1103. f. 8. (1, 2.) 

Tlie "Sermon*' has a separate 
titlepage and pagination. 

S., S., The Honest Lawyer. 
[A comedy in five acts, and chiefly 
m verse.] Written by S. S. 
S. Purslowefor iJ. Woodroffe, Lonr 
dan, 1616. 4to. C. 34. b. 27. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. d. 64. 

The titlepage of this oop j differs 
slightly from that of the preceding. 

— Another copy. T. 1068. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepaj^e 
and the first leaf of the text, both 
of which are supplied in MS. 

S., S. G. The Lives of Epami- 
nonaas...and of Octavius Caesar 
Augustus: collected out of good 
authors. Also the lives of nine 
excellent Chieftaines of warre, 
taken out of Latine from Emylius 
Probus, by S. G[oulart] S[enli- 
sien], etc. See Plutarch. [Bto4 
HapaXX.rjXoL.'} The Lives of the 
Noble Grecians and Eomaines, etc. 
1603. fol. 10605. i. 2, 

1612, etc. fol. 609. 1. 7. 

1631. fol. 1305. m- 

S., S. G. See Saluste du Bar- 
TAS (G. de) Babilon, a part of 
the seconde weeke of G. de Saluste 
seigneur du Bartas, With the 
C ommentarie, and marginall Notes 
of S[imon] G[oulart] S[enlisien], 
etc. 1696. 4to. G. 11297. 

1625. 4to. 1073. i. 6. (1.) 

S.| T. See Marcon7ille (J. de) 
A Treatise of the good and evell 
Tounge, etc. [With a preface by 
T. S.] [1594?] 8vo. 116. a. 33. 

S., T. A Jewell for Gentrie. 
Being an exact Dictionary, or true 
Method, to make any Man under- 
stand all the Art, Secrets,... be- 
longing to Hawking, Hunting, 
Fowling and Fishing... now newly 
published, and beautified, etc. 
[An improved edition of the 




Book of Hawking, Hunting and 
Fishing by Dame Juliana Bemes, 
et^ted by T. S.] »• I. Printed 
for J. Hdmey London, 1614. 4to. 

C. 31. 0. 4. 

Without pagination. 

S.^ T. Margariton; a rich 
treasure discovered of Problemes 
and their Besolves, in three parts, 
amorous, natural!, morall and 
politique... Translated [by T. S.] 
out of French. B. Ahop and T. F. 
for 2>. ¥rerey London, 1640. 12mo. 

4404. aaa. 

With a second titlepage engrayed. 

a, T., of U. See Spain. The 
second part of Vox Populi . . . trans- 
lated out of the Spanish coppie by 
a well wilier to England and 
Holland (T. S. of U.) [or rather 
written by Thomas Scott of 
Utrecht]. 1624. 4to. 1103. e. 13. 

S., T. M. De Turco-Papismo : 
hoc est, De Turcarnm et Papis- 
tarum adversus Christi Ecclesiam 
& fidem conjuratione, eorumque 
in religione & moribus consen- 
sione & similitudine ; liber unus. 
Eidem prseterea adjuncti sunt, de 
Turoo-papistarum maledictis & 
calumniis, adversus G-. Giffordi... 
volumen illud..., quod ille Cal- 
Tino-Turcismum incripsit, libri 
quatuor, etc. [By T. M. S., t.e. 
Matthew SutcUffe.] Excudebant 
Oeorgiua Bishop, Badulphua New- 
bene, d Bober, Barker, Londini, 
1604. 8vo. 3906. aa. 

S.^ W. A Prayer... [in verse; 
translated by] W[illiam] S[eres]. 
See Papists. A Dialogue agaynst 
the Tyrannye of the Papistes, etc. 
1562. 8vo. 3932. aa. 

S-, W. See Salbsbury (W.) 

S., W. See Slatyer (Wiluam) 

S., W. See Shfth (Henry) 
Two Sermons, etc. (Foure Ser- 

mons, etc. [With preface signed 
W.S.]) 1610. 4to. 4454. b. 

S., W. See Smith (J.) Governor 
of Virginia. A map of Virginia, 
with a description of the Countrey. 
...Wbereunto is annexed the pro- 
ceedings of those colonies, since 
their departure from England... 
taken out of the writings of 
Doctor Eussell ... [revised] by 
W[iUiam] S[trachey]. 1612. 4to. 

C. 33. c. 18. 

S.. W. An Aunswere to the 
Proclamation of the Bebels in the 
North [T. Percv, Earl of North- 
umberland, and C. Nevill, Earl 
of Westmoreland. In verse, 
signed "q, (W. S.)," i.e. William 
Seres?], fc. I. W. Seres, London, 
1569. 12mo. C. 39. a. 36. 

Without pagination. One leaf 
following the titlepage appears to 
be wanting. 

S., W. The Complai n t of Time 
against the [Tu]multuous and 
Bebellious Scots... [In verse.] By 
W. S. Printed by B. A. and T. F. 
for B. Harper, London^ 1639. 4to. 

11626. d. 67. 

Four leaves, withont pagination. 
The titlepage, on which is a wood- 
out, is slightly mutilated. 

S., W. Instructions for the 
increasing of Mulberie Trees, and 
the breeding of Si Ike- worm es, for 
the making of Silke in this King- 
dome. Whereunto is annexed his 
Majesties Letters to the Lords 
Liefetenants . . . tending to that pur- 
pose. [The address to the Reader, 
in this edition, subscribed W. S.] 
Printed by E. A. for E. Edgar, 
London, 1609. 4to. B. 632. (2.) 
Without pagination. With plates. 

S., W. The lamentable tragedie 
of Locrine, the eldest sonne of 
King Brutus, [in five acts and in 
verse,] discoursing the warres of 




the Britaines, and Hunnes, with 
their discomfiture : the Britaines 
victorie...and the death of Alban- 
act... Newly set faorth, overseene 
and corrected. By W. S. [Some- 
times attributed to W. Shake- 
speare.] T. Oreede, London, 
1596. 4to. C. 34.b. 28. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 239. e. 82. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes [by G. Steevens]. 80. d. 1. 

S., W. A new Balade or Songe, 
of the Lambes Feast. — (Another, 
out of Goodwill.) [Two broad- 
sides of 27 verses."! 30. S* 
{^London,'] 1574. Broadside fol. 

Eox. III. 8, 9. 

S., W. The Puritaine, or the 
Widdow of Watling^streete. [In 
five acts, in prose and verse.] 
Acted by the Children of Paules. 
Written by W. S. [i.e. VVentworth 
Smith? frequently but erroneously 
attributed to W. Shakespeare]. 
O. Eld, London, 1607. 4to. 

C. 34.1. 4. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 15. 

S., W. The True Chronicle 
Historic of the whole life and 
death of Thomas Lord Cromwell. 
...Written by W[entworth?] 
S[mith ? A drama in verse, attri- 
buted to W. Shakespeare]. T. Snodr- 
ham, London, 1613. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 14. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. 1. 

— Another copy. C. 12. e. 19. 

S., W., Doct. in divinitie. Chap- 
laine to h%8 Majesiie. The Black- 
Smith. A Sermon [on 1 Sam. xiir. 
19] preached at White-Hall, be- 
fore the Kings ... majcstie, etc. 

MS. Notes. E. AUdefor M. Clarke^ 
London,1606. 8vo. 693. e. 10.(1.) 

The dedication Ib signed *' W. 8." 

S.y W., Franciscnn of the Order 
of Penance. See Staney (W.) 

S.y W., Gentleman. A com- 

pendiouB or briefe examination of 

oertayne ordinary complaints, of 

divers of our countrymen in these 

our dayes, etc. By W[illiam] 

S[tafford] Gentleman. ». I. 

T. MarsJie, London, 1581. 4to. 

8276. a. 

The running head-title is, "A 
briefe Gouoeipteof English poUioy." 

— Another edition. 30* Z* 
T. Marshe, London, 1581. 4to. 

G. 6138. 

S., Z. See H., T. The Chris- 
tians two chiefe lessons, viz. Selfe- 
Deniall, and Selfe-Tryall ... By 
T. H[ooker; edited by Z. S.]. 
1640. 4to. 4404. g. 

SABIE (Francis) See S., F. 

SABINUS (Angelus) See 
OviDius Naso (P.) [Ejfnstola 
Heroidum.'] The Heroy call Epistles 
of... P. Ovidius Naso... translated 
by G. Turbervilc.with Aulua 
[or rather Angelus] Sabinus aun- 
sweres to certaine of the same. 
1567. 8vo. 11388. a. 

[1569.] 16mo. 238. m. 44. 

[1570 ?] 8vo. 11388. a. 

1639. 8vo. 1068. g. 15. 

S A B I N U S (Georgius) See 
OvidiusNaso(P.^ [Metamorphoses.] 
Fabularum Ovidiilnterpretatio... 
traditain Academia Regiomontana 
k G. Sabino, etc. 1584. 8vo. 

1001. d. 19. 

— He carminibus ad vetemm 
imitationem . . . oomponendis . . . prss- 
cepta. See Ravisius (J.) Textor. 
Epithetorum ... epitome, etc. 
1626. 12mo. 1089. b. 17. 




SACKVILLE (Thomas) Earl 
of Dorset, The complaint of 
Henry Duke of Buckingham. See 
Baldwin (W.) A Myrrour for 
Magibtrat€«, etc. 1571. 4to. 

C. 21. a 32. 

— See Ferrex. The Tragidie 
of Ferrex and Porrex, eto. [The 
last two acts by T.S.] [1570.] 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 6. 

— The complaint of Henry 
I>ake of Buckingham. See Hig- 
GIN8 (J.^ The &Bt parte of the 
Miroor for Magistrates, eto. Ft. 2. 
1574. 4to. C. 21. 0. 33. 

1575. 4to. 

C. 21. 0. 51. (1, 2.) 

1587. 4to. 

1077. g. 5. (1.) 

— ' 1610, etc. 4to. 

C. 12. h. 2. 

cus dk) jS00 Holtoee. 

SACRIFICE. See Anontmus, 
Eremita. Of the visible sacrifice 
of the Church of God, etc. 
[1637, etc.] 4to. 3938. bb. 

SADEEL (Antoine^ See La 
BocHE DE CHANDisa (A.) Called 

Bickardi Sadleiri de procreandis, 
eligendis, alendis, freenandis, et 
traotandis Equis, Experientia. 
H, Midletonua^ Londirdy 1587. 4to. 

556. d. 16. 

SADLER (John) 
See S., J. 

SADLER (John) KD. Praxis 
Medicomm ; vel formula remedio- 
mm, per alphabetictim ordinem 
digesta, eta Copious MS. Notes 
[and Additions, by T. Bramhall PI. 
Apud Bic, OuUonf Impensis Phii. 
Stephens d Christ. Meredith, Lon- 
dini, 1637. 12mo. 547. a. 2f. 

-^ Another copy. MS. Notes. 

547. a. 24. 

— Another copy. Copious MS. 
Notes. 547. a. 26. 


SADLER (John) M.D. The 
Sicke Womans private Looking- 
glasse wherein methodically are 
handled all uterine affects, or 
diseases arising from y* wombe, 
eta Printed for P. Stephens & 
0. Meredith, London^ 1636. 12mo. 

1175. a. 7. 

Titlepage engraved. 

Priest, The Safegarde from Ship- 
Wracke,eto. 1618. 8yo. 3936. aa. 

SAILOR. A pleasant new 
Song betwixt the Saylor and his 
LoTC. V. %• 2 pts. Printed 
for F. a, London, [1640?] Broad- 
side fol. Box. I. 368. 

SAIN GTE S (Olaude dk) 
Bishop of Evreux. See Yigok (S.) 
Archbishop of Narbonne. Acts of 
the Dispute . . . bet ween two Doctors 
of Sorbon fS. Vigor and C. de S.] 
and two Ministers of the Re- 
formed Church, eto. 1602. 8vo. 

3902. 0. 

versity of 

See Academies, eto. — Saint An- 

SAINT ASAPH, William. 
Bishop of See Barlow. 

The ordre of the Hospital of 
S. Bartholomewes in westsmyth- 
fielde. [Published by order of the 
Lord Mayor.] V* Jl. B, Orafton, 
London, 1562. 8yo. 697. a. 16. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

Bishop of See Barlow. 




SAINT DAVID'S, William, 
Bishop of. See Laud. 


See Saint Osyth. 

SAINT OSYTH, Essex. See 
W., W. A Tnie...Eeoorde of the 
Information, Examination and 
Cionfession of all the Witches, 
taken at S. Oses, in the Countie of 
Essex, etc. 1582. 16mo. C.27.a.2. 

GATORY. ["Saint Patricks Pur- 
gatory." — A description and his- 
tory of the Cave so called, in an 
island on Lough Dearg, with an 
account of the superstitious prac- 
tices in use there, and their aboli- 
tion by the state in 1632.] [Lon- 
don? 1635?] 4to. 859. h. 24.(1.) 
Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

SAINT PAUL'S, London. 
The Meeting of Gallants at an 
Ordinarie: or. The Walkes in 
Powles. V. I. MS. Note [by 
G. Daniel]. Printed by T. 0. 
and solde hy M. Lawe, London^ 
1604. 4to. C. 39. c. 27. 

pher) [For the «'Dialogu8 de 
fundamentis legum AuKlie," and 
for the English translation of 
the work, which were published 
anonymously :] see England. 

— See Salem. Salem and Bi- 
zance. (A Dialogue betwixte two 
englyshe men, wherof one was 
called Salem and the other Bi- 
zance.) [By C. Saint German.] 
1533. 8vo. C. 21. b. 47. 

— See Treatise. A treatise 
concemynge the division be- 
twene the spirytualtie and tem- 
poraltie. [By C. Saint G.] 
[1530?] 8vo. 295. g. 21. (1.) 

— DialoguB de fundamentis 
Legum Angliee et de conscientia. 
PerC. de Sancto Germane commu< 

niter Seyngerman con feci us, etc. 
In sedibus Thomas Wight, [^Lon- 
don?] 1604. 8vo. 506. a. 12. (2.) 

SAINT JOHN (Oliver) 
Lord Chief Justice of the Court of 
Common Pleas. M' S* J.*s Speech 
to the Lords... January 7, 1640, 
concerning Ship-Money. [Lon^ 
don,] 1640. 4to. 110. o. 52. 

SAINT LBGER (Sir William) 
Death. See London, Tower of. 
Divers remarkable occurrences... 
in the Tower, etc. 

SAINT PAUL (Sir Qeorqe) 
Bart. Funeral, See Ghadwick (J.) 
A Sermon, etc. 

SAINTS. The Saints Cor- 
dials; as they were delivered 
in sundry sermons upon speciall 
Occasions, in... London, and else- 
where. [By E. Sibbes.] Printed 
for B.Dawlman^ London J 1629. fol. 

4452. g. 

Some of the sermons have sepa- 
rate titlepages, but the pagination 
is continuous throughout 

SAL A (Anqelo) Opiologia; 
or a Treatise concerning... Opium. 
Done into English and enlarged 
by T. Bretnor. N. Okes, London^ 
1618. 8vo. 1038. b. 3. 

SALAMANCA^ University of. 
See Academies, etc. — Salamanca. 

of Sally captives' names, etc. See 
DuNTON (J.) A true joumall of 
the Sally Fleet, etc. 1637. 4to. 

J. B. 5. 

SALEM. Salem and Bizanoa 
(A Dialogue betwixte two eng- 
lyshe men, wherof one was called 
Salem and the other Bizcmce.) 
[By C. Saint Germain.] ». I. 
Few MS. Notes. In aedihus 
T. Bertheleti, Londini, 1533. 8vo. 

C. 21. b. 47. 




SALERNO.— iS(^oZa Salemi- 

See Academies, etc. — Salerno. 

SALESBURY (William) See 
BitiLE,— Welsh. [Y Beibl Cys- 
Begr-Lan...l^he New Testament 
translated by W.S.,etc.] 1688. foL 

1. b. 13. 

— See Bible. — ^New Testament. 
Welsh, Testament Newydd, etc. 
[TranBlated by W. S. and E. 
Davies, Bishop of St. David's.] 
1567. 4to. C. 36. d. 3. 

— 5(06 Bible. — ^New Testament. 
— Epistles and Oospels, Welsh. 
[Kynniver llith a ban or yscry- 
thnr ac a ddarlleir yr Ecleis pryd 
Commtin y Snlieu a'r Gwilieu 
trwy'rvlwyddyn; o Cambereiciat 
W. S(aleBbury).] [1561.] 4to. 

C. 36. c. 1. 

— See Proclus, Diadochus. 
The Description of the Sphere, 
eta (Englysshed by...W. Balys- 
burye.) [1550.] Bvo. 717. a. 20. 

— The baterie of the Popes 
Boterenlx, commonly called the 
high Altare. Compiled by W(yl- 
l\am) S(ale8burye; in the yere 
of onre Lorde 1550. V. Z« 
22. Crowley, London, 1550. Bvo. 

C. 25. b. 17. 

Without pagmation. Sig. A-G. 

— A Dictionary in Englyshe 
and Welshe moche necessary to 
all suche tVelshemen as wil spedly 
leame the englyshei togne ... 
wherennto is Infixed a litle trea- 
tyse of the english pronuciacion 
of the letters. 30. 31. Few MS. 
Notes. J.ioaley,London,lb47 . 4to. 

628. f. 25. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. Q. 7512. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

872. k. 19. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepoge, 

dedication, sig. Ii, 3, and sig. S. 
Sig. Bi iB mutilated. 

SALESBURY (William) A 
playne and a familiar Introductio, 
teaching how to pronounce the 
letters in the Brytishe tongue 
now commonly called Welshe... 
Set forth by W. Salesbury 1550 
and now 1567 perused and aug- 
meted by the same, etc. 90. Z. 
JET. Denham for H. Toy, London, 
1567. 4to. 628. f. 26. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 7513. 

SALIGNACUS (Bernardus) 
See La Eam^e (P.) Kudimenta 
GrsBca e P. Bami Grammaticis 
prsacipue collecta : a B. S., etc. 
1581. 8vo. 622. c. 33. (7.) 

SALIM L, Sultan of the Turks. 
See G., T. The Tragedy of Seli- 
mu8, Empeix>ur of the Turkes, etc. 
1638. 4to. 643. c. 45. 

— The First part of the Tragi- 
oall raigne of Selimus, sometime 
Emperour of the Turkes, ... where- 
in is showne how hee... raised 
warres against his owne father 
Bajazet,etc. [ATragedy in verse.] 
T. Greede, London, 1594. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 43. 
Without pagination. 

SALISBURY, Diocese of.-- 
Breviaries. See Lituegies. — Eome, 
Church of — Salisbuey, Diocese of. 
— Breviaries. 

SALISBURY, Diocese of— 
Martyrology. The Martiloge in 
englysshe after the use of the 
chirche of Salisbury, i as it is 
redde ia Syon [translated from 
the Latin] with addioyons [by 
E. Whitford]. ». H. WyrJcyn 
de Worde, London, 1526. 4to. 

C. 25. c. (4.) 

SALISBURY, Diocese of— 
Visitation Articles. Aiiiiules of 




inquirie given in charge by... 
H.,... Bishop of Sarum, to be an- 
swered unto ... throughout the 
Diocesse of Sarum, in his ordinary 
and trienniall visitation... Anno 
Dom. 1614. id. 31* London, 
1614. 4to. 6156. 0. 

Without pagination. 

SALISBURY, John, Bishop 
of. See Davenant. 

— See Jewel. 

of. See Abbot. 

Bellarmino (K. F. B.) Cardinal. 
Eglurhad helaeth-la wn o'r Athraw- 
aeth Gristnogawl ... o'r Italaeg 
a gymreigwyd...drwy dhiwhyd- 
rwydh...V. B. [i.e. J. Salisbury]. 
1618. 8vo. 872. b. 6. 

SALISBURY (Sir Thomas) 
Bart. See Bible. — Old Testa- 
ment. — Psalms. Welsh. Psalmas 
y Brenhinol Brophwyd Dafydh, 
etc. [Edited by Sir T. Salisbury.] 
1603. 4to. 3433. e. 

— The History of Joseph, a 
poem. T. Harper for B. Ball, 
London, 1636. 4to. 1077. g. 19. 

SALKELD (John) A trea- 
tise of Angels: of the Nature, 
Essence, Place, Power,... and all 
other Proprieties of Angels, etc. 
Printed by T. S....for N. Butter, 
London,U13. 8vo. 1019.1.12.(1.) 

— Another copy. Q. 20029. 

— A Treatise of Paradise and 
the principall contents thereof, 
etc. E. Oriffin for N. Butter, 
London,16n. 8vo. 1019.1.12.(2.) 

s;allustius crispus 

(Caius) The workes of Caius 
Crispus Salustius, etc. [Trans- 
lated by W. Crosse.] [London,] 
1629. 12mo. 1306. a. 

Title page eograYed. 


(Caius) The two most worthy 
and Notable Histories... (viz.) the 
Conspiracie of Cateline, under- 
taken against the government of 
the Senate of Bome, and the 
Warre which Jugurth for many 
yeares maintained against the 
same state. Both written by G. 
C. Sallustius. [Translated from, 
the Latin by T. Heywood.] 2 pts. 
Printed for J. Jaggard, London, 
1608-09. fol. 687. h. 4. 

Each pt. has a distinct titlepage 
and pagination. 

— Here begynneth the famous 
cronycle of the warre, which the 
romayns had agaynst Jugurth 
...compyled in latyn by the re- 
nowmed romayn Salust. And 
translated into englysshe by syr 

A. Barclay, etc. Lat. and Eng, 

B. Pynson, London, [1620 ?] fol. 

C. 12. h. 15. 

The titlepage is partlj occupied 
bj a 'woodcut. A perfect copy 
should have 86 numbered and six 
unnumbered leaves. Imperfect ; 
wanting foil. 62 and 65. The Eng- 
lish version is printed in Black 

— Another copy. C. 32. m. 
This copy also wants folL 62 and 65. 

— Another edition. Lat. and 
Eng. B.Pynson,London,ll520?]foL 

G. 9128. 

101 leaves, of which the first eight 
and the last one are unnumbered. 
The verso of the titlepage is occu- 
pied by a woodcut of the arms of 
England and France supported by a 
dragon and a greyhound and flanked 
by two portci3lises. 

Christian and Beformed Churches 
in. An Harmony of the Con- 
fessions of the Faith of the 
Christian and Beformed Churches 
... of Europe, etc. [By — S.] 
1686. 8yo. 853. e. 1. 




SALO (Alexis de) An admir- 
able method to love, serve, and 
honour the B. Virgin Mary... 
£nglished b J B. F. 1639. 12mo. 

4402. b. 

SALOMON, King of Israel 
See Solomon. 

SALTER (Eobert) Wonder- 
full Prophecies from the begin- 
ning of the Monarchy of this 
Liand, etc. W, Jone$j London^ 
1627. 4to. 1217. a. 2. 

SALTER (Thomas) See Con- 
tention. The Contention be- 
tweene three brethren, etc. [By 
T. S.] 1608. 4to. C. 40. d. 33. 

— A Mirrhor mete for all 
Mothers, Matrones, and Maidens, 
intituled the Mirrhor of Modestie, 
no lesse profitable and pleasant, 
then necessarie to bee read and 

Practised. (A . . . Dialogue betwene 
Lercurie & Vertue. Made by 
T. S.) ». I. Imprinted far 
K WhiUy London, [1679]. 8vo. 

C. 40. a. 20. 

8ig. A-R. Without pagination. 

SALTERN (George) Of the 
Antient Lawes of great Britaine. 
Printed for J, Jaggard^ London^ 
1605. 4to. 508. c. 10. (1.) 

— Another copy. 883. h. 2. (1.) 

Titlepoge cropped. 

SALTMARSH (John) Holy 
Piiicoyeries and Flames. Printed 
6y B. F. for P. NeviU, London; 
1640. 12mo. 1362. a. 

With a second titlepage engrayed. 

— Poemata Sacra, Latin^ et 
Anglic^ sciipta. Lat, and Eng. 
3 pts. Ex AcademisB Typographeo, 
Cantabrigia,16B6. 8yo. 1213.C.34. 

Each pt. has a distinct titlepage 
and pagination, but the register is 
ooDtinuona thronghont. 

sebius, his Life of Constantino. 
[Translated by W. S.] See Ea- 
SEBius, Pamphili. The ancient 
Ecclesiasticall Histories, etc. 
1636, etc. fol. 4530. ffl 

— Clavis ad Portam... Wherein 
you may...fiude the Latin and 
French for any English words 

tin the " Porta Linguarum"]. See 
[oMENSKi' (J. A.) Porta Lingua- 
rum, etc. 1637. 8vo. 129u2. aa. 5. 

1639. 8vo. 68. a. 33. 

— See OvTDius Naso (P.) 
lEpistolee ex Ponto.'] Ovid De 
Ponto... Translated, [in verse,] by 
W. S(altonstall). 1639. 8vo. 

1068. g. 20. (7.) 

1640. 8vo. 1068. g. 29. 

— — [^EpistolsB HeroidumJ] 
Ovid's Heroicall Epistles. Eng- 
lished by W. S(altonstall). 
1639. 8vo. 1068. g. 15. 

[Tristia.] Ovids Tristia. 

...Translated ... by W. S(al ton- 
stall). 1633. 8vo. 11388. a. 

1637. 8vo. 11355. a. 

— PictursB loquentes. Or Pic- 
tures drawne forth in characters. 
With a poeme of a maid. MS. 
Note [by J. Mitford]. T. Cotes, 
London, 1631. 12mo. 11626. a. 45. 

The second edition, 

enlarged. T. Cotes, London^ 
1635. 12mo. 8410. aa. 1. 

SALVE. See A., I., Minister 
and Preacher of Oods Word. A 
Soveraigne Salve to cure a sicke 
Souie,etc. 1624. 12mo. 4404. b. 

SALVIANUS, Massiliensis, 
Presbyter, Sancti Salviani ... de 
Gubernatione Dei ... libri VIII. 
Ejusdem Epistolarum lib. L 
Timothei nomine ad Ecclesiam 
Catholic, lib. lY., etc. (Annoti^ 




tiones aliquot in Salv]ani...loca 
Tel subobficura, vel qu8B...digna 
visa sunt, ut ... explicarentur, 
Autore J. A. Brassicano.) 
Q. Turner,,.. Impenats H. Curteyn, 
Oxanise, 1629. 12mo. 1019. b. 2. 

— Another edition. J. Lich- 
field, impensia Henrid Curteyn, 
Oxanise, 1633. 12mo. 3833. a. 

SALVIANUS, MoifnliemU, 
Preihyter. Quia Dives Salvus. 
How a rich man may be saved. 
...With Annotations out of the 
Holy Fathers. Translated... by 
N.T.,eto. 1618. Svo. 3627. aa. 

— A second and third blast of 
retrait from plaies and Theaters : 
the one whereof was sounded by 
(Salvianus) a reverend Byshop 
dead long since, the other by a 
worshipful ... gentleman now 
alive: one showing the filthines 
of plaies in times past ; the other 
the abhomination of Theaters in 
the time present... Set forth by 
Anglo-phile Eutheo. JET. Dehham, 
London, 1680. 8vo. 641. e. 12.(1.) 

The «' First Blast" was entitled, 
•< The Schoole of abase.*' 

SALUS. Salutis cuique suae 
certa sunt inditia.-^Magici, sive 
noceant, sive juvent, verbo Dei 
notantur Ss damnantur. [In 
verse.] Cantahr%gise,loS6. fol. 

C. 38.1. 6.(11.) 

Printed in doable colamns. 


(GuiLLAUME de) Bethulians 
Bescue ... translated by J. Syl- 
vester. — Little Bartas, or brief 
meditations on the power of 
God, in the Creation of the World 
for man... translated by J. Syl- 
vester. See Bertaut (J.) Bishop 
of SSez, The Parliament of 
Vertues Eoyal, etc. [1614.] Svo. 

C. 34. a. 11. (1.) 

France. A canticle of the vict*>rie Yvry. [By G. de S. du B.l 
[1691 ?] 4to. C. 39. d. 32. (3.) 


(GuiLLAUME de) The Exord, or 
preface of the second week of 
DuB. The Furies. LaLepanthe 
de Jaques YI., faicte FranQoise 
par le Sieur du B. See James I., 
King of Great Britain, etc. His 
Majesties Poeticall Exercises, etc. 
1691. 4to. C. 12. g. 1. 

— The Triumph of Faith, etc. 
[Translated by J. Sylvester.] 
iSee Sylvester (J.) Monodia. 
[1594.] 4to. C. 39. d. 32. (1.) 

— See Sylvester (J.) The 
Sacrifice of Isaao. The Ship- 
wracke of Jonas. [Translated by 
J. Sylvester from the French of 
G. de S. du B.] [1692 ?] 4to. 

C. 39. d. 32. (2.) 

— Guilelmi Salustii Bartassii 
Hebdomas k G. Lermsso latinitate 
donata,etc. ApudBohertum Dexter, 
Londini, 1591. 12mo. 1070. a. 30. 

— Hadriani Dammanis a Bys- 
terveldt ... Bartasias ; de mundi 
creationeLibri septem, e G. Salustii 
Dn. de Bartas Septimana poemata 
francico liberius tralati et multis 
in locis aucti. Bohertug Walde- 
grave, Edinburgi, 1600. 12mo. 

1161. e. 2. 

— Bartas his Devine Weekes 
& Workes translated... by I. Syl- 
vester. (Fragments and other 
small works of Bartas with other 
translations by I. Sylvester. 
Posthumus Bartas. The third 
day of his second week, etc) 2 pts. 
H. Lownea^ London, 1605-06. 4to. 

11475. e. 

Each pt. has a sepante pagina- 
tion, bat the register is oontinnoua 
throughout. The iitlepage is en- 

— See Henry IV., King of — Anothercopy. L.P. G.H295. 

SAL SAM 1351 

Now thirdly oor- French-man English. With the 

rected & augm. (The historie of Commentary of S. Gfoulart] 

Judith,informeofaPoeme...Eng- S[enlisien]. ByW.L'Isle. LandoUy 

lished by T. Hudson.) H. Loumes, 1625. 4to. 1073. i. 6. (1.) 

London, Un. 4to. 1073. f. 30. g^LUSTB DU BARTAS 

dii^S^eSo -^^ ^S^n* (Gniix.t;MEDE)TheTlx^dDaye8 

Titiepoge engrayed. Creation... Done verse for verse 

out of the originall French by 

Now fourthly corr: T. Winter. Printed for T. Gierke, 

& augm. (Tetrasticha, or the London, 1604. 4to. 11475. ccc. 
Quadrains of G. de Faur, Lord of 

Pibrac, translated by J. Sylvester. — U- Posthumus Bartas. The 

— Sonnetsupon the late miraculous Fore-noone of the fourth Day of 

Peace in Fraunce. — The profit of ^^^ Second Week : Containing 

imprisonment, a paradox, ... by 1 The Tropheis. 2 The magniti- 

O. deLaNoue, Lordof Teligni... <»3ic©- Translated... by L Syl- 

translated by J. Sylvester.— The tester. JET. Loumes, London, 

History of Judith, in forme of 1^07. 4to. 11475. o. 

a poeme.. by G. Salust, Englidied _ ^ j^^^ Summary upon 

5^ i*A?Q T;^ ^•^^;^i^- the famous poeme (the First and 

dan, 1613. 4to. 11474. e. g^^^ ^ J^^ ^^ \y ^^ g^^^^^ 

^®*^i® ?f??^ ^"^^i? T *??.u',?®" I^ord of Bartas...Translated out 

pageof the" Hifltory of Judith." ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ rp ^ D. M. P. 

— Another copy. G. 11296. (1.) Printed for J. Qrismand, London, 

1621. fol. 12202. h. 5. 


(GuiLLAUMEDE) Du B. his Divine Titlepage engrayed. 

\Veekes and Workes, with a Com- — The Historic of Judith in 

pleate Collection of all the other forme of a Poeme. Penned in 

most delight-full Workes ; trans- French, by the Noble Poet, 

lated and written by ...J. Syl- G. ScJust. Lord of Bartas. Eng- 

vester, Gent: [with a portrait of lished by T. Hudson. T. Van- 

Sylvester]. M, Toung, London, trouUier, Edinburgh, 1584. 8vo. 

1633. fol. 11475. h. 1067. g. 19. 

— Babilon, a part of the seconde — L'Uranie ou muse celeste de 
weeke of G. de Saluste seigneur G. de Saluste Seigneur du Bartas 
du Bartas. With the Commen- Urania sive Musa Coelestis E. 
tarie, and marginall Notes of A8heleideGallica...delibata. Fr, 
S[imon] G[oulart] S[enlisien]. and Lat. J, Wolfius, Londini, 
Englished by W. L'isle. [In 1589. 4to. 1213. m. 10. (6.) 
verse.] Ed. Bollifant, for B. Wat- «*»,,«,«.•••« /t* 
kins,lLdon,im. 4to. G. 11297. S A L U T H I U S (Bartholo- 

' ^ ^ ^ . X J . MiEUs) See Cambi (B.) 

The Commentary is printed m ^ ^ ^ 

Black Letter. SALYSBURYE (William) 

— Part [viz. "La Seconde ««^ Salesbury. 

Semaine ; Jour 2 "] of Du Bartas, SAMPSON, Judge of IsraeL 

English and French, and in his See Samson. 

owne kinde of verse, so neare the 

French Englished, as may teach SAMPSON (Thomas) Dean of 

an English-man French, or a Chichester, An homelye of the 

1352 SAM SAN 

resurrection of Christe, and . of comedy, in five acts, in prose 

the power and fnite therof, writ- and verse.] J, Norton, London^ 

ten in Latyn by J. Brentius, and 1636. 4to. 162. d. 66. 

translated into Englyshe by T. Without pagination. 
S(amp8on). See John, Chryaoa- 

torn. Saint. A sermo made by — Another copy. 644. f. 45. 

John Chrisostome...of pacience, Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 

etc. 1550. 8vo. 3833. a. and the two following lea?es. 

SAMPSON (Thomas) Dean of SAMSON, Judge of Igraet. A 

Chichester. A letter to the trew most excellent and famous Ditty 

professors of Christes Gospell, in- of Sampson, Judge of Israel, eta 

habitinge in the Parishe off AH- ». *• Printed by the Asaignes of 

hallo wis, in Bredstrete in London, T. Symcocke, [London, 1625?] 

etc. »,a. Stra8hurgh,1554:. Svo. Broadaide fol. Eox. L 366. 

G. 5920. SAMUEL (John) The most 

Withont pagination. strange and admirable discoverie 

SAMPSON (Thomas) Poetical of the three Witches of Wavboys 

Writer. Fortunes fashion, pour- (J- Samuel the Father, A. Samuel 

trayed in the troubles of the the Mother, and A. Samuel their 

Ladie Elizabeth Gray, wife to Daughter), arraigned, convicted, 

Edward the Fourth. [A poem.] and executed at... Huntington, for 

Printed for W. Jones, London, the bewitching of the five daugh- 

1613. 4to. 1077. b. 35. *©« of K. Throckmorton... and... 

other persons... also for the be- 

— Another copy. G. 11263. witching to death of the Lady 

«««»-n«^«.-r /m N T^ .. Crumwell, etc. 30* 3l» Printed 

SAMPSON (Thomas) P^rttan ^ ^j^^ Widdowe Ormn, for T. Man, 

Divme. See Bradford (J.) Pre- ^^ j winnington, London, 

hendary of St. PauFs. Two no- ^593^ 4^^ q 2393. 

table Sermons, etc. fWith a Pre- _.^, ^ . ^. 

faoebyT.S.] 1574. Svo. Withont pagination. 

227. a. 17. SAMUEL (Robert) Letters 

_ 1 fil 7 8vo 4473 a 7 ^^ Maister R. S., a godly and 

^^^^' ^^^- ^^^•«"7- learned Minister ... bumte at 

SAMPSON (William) See Ipswiche, etc. See Covebdalb 

Markham (G.) and Sampson (W.) (M.) Bishop of Exeter. Certain 

The true Tragedy of Herod and most godly, fruitful, and oom- 

Antipater, etc. 1622. 4to. fortable letters, etc. 1564. Svo. 

644. b. 67. 488. a, 13. 

— Virtus post funera vivit or, SAMUEL (William) See 
Honour Tryumphing over Death. Bible. — Old TestameiIt. — Ahridg- 
Being true Epitomes of Honor- ments. An Abridgemet of all the 
able, noble, learned, and Hos- Canonical books of the olde Tes- 
pitable Personages. [In verse.] tament, written in Sternholds 
J. Norton, London, 1636. 4to. meter by W. S., etc. 1569. Svo. 

1076. i. 27. 0. 12. d. 19. 

— Another copy. G. 11555. SANGER (James) See B., S. 

— The Vow Breaker ; or, The — See Loarte (G.) The Exer- 
Faire Maide of Clifton. [A tragi- cise of a Chiistian Life...N6wely 




Cmsed & corrected by the Trans- 
tour (J. S.), etc. [1679 ?] 8vo. 

4409. 0. 

1584. 12mo. 44t)8. o. 


(Christophorus de) 
See Saint German. 

dius a) See Desainliens (C.) 

SANDERS (George) A 
Warning for Faire Women. Con- 
taining, the most tragicall and 
lamentable mnrther of Master 
6. Sanders of London, Marchant, 
nigh Shooter's Hill. [A tragedy, 
in verse and prose,] etc. 3S. i» 
"F. Sims for W. Aapley, London^ 
1599. 4to. 161. b. 13. 

Withoat pagination. 

SANDERS (Nicholas) See 
AcwoRTH (G.) De Visibili 
Homanarchia contra N. Sanderi 
Mouarchiam irpoXeyoficvtov Libri 
duo,etc. 1573. 4to. 697. f. 10.(1.) 

— See Bridges (J.) Bishop of 
Oxford. The Supremacie of 
Christian Princes... Against N. S. 
his Visible Monarchic of the 
Bomaine Church touching the 
oontroversie of the Princes Supre- 
macie. 1573. 4to. 1127. g. 2. 

— See FuLKE (W.) D. Heskins, 
D. Sanders and M. Rastel ac- 
conn ted . . . three pi Hers and Arch- 
patriarches of the Popish Syna- 
gogue ... overthrowne and de- 
tected, etc. 1579. 8vo. 3935. a. 

A rejoynder to Bristows 

Replie in defence of Aliens scroll 
of Articles... Also the cavils of 
N. Sander,... about the Supper 
of our Lord and the Apologie of 
the Church of England, teaching 
the doctrine thereof, confuted by 
W.Fulke,etc. 1581. 8vo. 3932. e. 

A Retentive to stay good 


Christians... Also a discoverie of 
the daungerous rocke of the 
Popish Church, commended by N. 
Sander, etc. 1680. 8vo. 1019. d. 2. 

SANDERS (Nicholas) See 
Mason (F.) Of the Consecration 
of the Bishops in the Church of 
England... Five bookes: wherein 
they are cleared from the slanders 
...of... Sanders... and other Roman- 
ists. 1613. fol. 491. i. 3. (1.) 

— — Vindiciae EcclesisB An- 
glican 88... Libri Y. In quibus 
Ecclesia Anglicana a ... Sanderi 
... calumniis ... vindicatur, etc. 
1625. fol. 4103. g. 

1638. foL 695. i. 6. 

— A briefe treatise of usurie, 
etc. Apud J. Foulerum, Lovaniij 
1568. 8vo. 8225. aa. 

— Fidelis Servi subdito Infideli 
Eesponsio, nnk cum errorum et 
Calumniarum quarundam ex- 
amine, qu» continentur in sep- 
timo libro de visibili Ecclesisd 
Monarchia, a N. Sandero con- 
scripta. [By B. Gierke.] Apud 
J. Dayum^ Londini, 1573. 4to. 

1008. a. 6. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 11870. 

— Another copy. G. 1250. 
Without the liat of errata. 

— The Eocke of the Church, 
wherein the Primacy of S. Peter 
and of his Successours the Bishops 
of Rome, is proved out of Gods 
Worde, etc. For J. Heigham, 
S. Omers, 1624. 8vo. 699. b. 22. 

— A treatise of the images of 
Christ and of his saints : and 
that it is unlawfull to breake 
them and lawfuU to honour them. 
With a Confutation of such false 
doctrine as M. Jewel hath uttered 
in his Replie concerning that 





matter, for J. Heigham, S. Omen, 
1624. 8vo. 3935. a. 

— Another copy. 3935. a. (2.) 

With a new titlepage and a 
*' Preface conteiainge a briefe decla- 
ration, which ia the true Ghoroh of 

SanderuB, duos continens dialogos 
... inter Tiros quosdam doctos 
Venetiis habitos : in quibus N. 
Sanderi aliorumque Romanen- 
sium calumniae...refelluntui', etc. 
[ By Dr. Court ? Edited by A. L.] 
Cantahrigiae^ 1593. 4to. 

697. f. 10. (2.) 

— Another copy. 1008. a. 5. (2.) 

SANDERS (Thomas) 
[Voyages, etc.] See Hakluyt 
(R.) The principal Navigations, 
etc. Vol.2. 1598, etc. fol. 

683. h. 5. 

Bishop of Lincoln, Ten Sermons 
preached I. Ad Clerum. 3. II. Ad 
Magistratnm. 3. III. Ad Popu- 
lum. 4. By R. Sannderson, etc. 
3 pts. Printed for B. Dawlman, 
London, 1627. 4to. 4454. de. 2. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
but the pagination and register are 

— Two sermons : the former 
concerning the right use of 
Christian Liberty [on 1 Pet. ii. 
16] preached... May 6 [1634] the 
later [on Rom. xiv. 23] concern- 
ing the perswasion of Conscience, 
preached... Aug. 22, 1634. By 
R. Saunderson. Printed by M. F. 
for B. Dawlman and L, Fawne^ 
London, 1635. 4to. 694. d. 17. (9.) 

S ANDES (George) 
See Sandys. 

SANDFORD (James) See 
Agrippa (H. C.) Henrie Cornelius 
Agrippa of the Vanitie and un- 

oertaiutie of Artes and Scienoes, 
Englished by Ja. San(ford), Gent. 
1569. 4to. 58. b. 7. 

SANDFORD (James) See 
Brocardo (G.) Begin, The Prae- 
face of J. ^rocard upon the Reve- 
lation. [Translated from the Latin 
byJ.S.?] 1584. 4to. 1016. f. 3. 

— See Epictetus. The Manuell 
of Epictetus translated out of 
Greeke...ByJ.Sanford. 1567. 8vo. 

714. a. 1 

— The Garden of Pleasure: 
Con tayninge most pleasante Tales, 
worthy deeds and witty sayings 
of noble Princes <fe learned Philo- 
sophers, moralized... Done out of 
Italian into English by J. San- 
forde, etc. )$• £• H. Bynneman, 
London, 1573. 8vo. 

12331. a. 30. (1.) 

Some pages are cropped. 

— [Another edition.] Houres 
of Recreation, or Afterdinners, 
which may aptly be called the 
Garden of Pleasure:... Done first 
out of Italian into Englishe by 
J. S....and now by him newly... 
enlarged, etc. 90* 3l« JET. Binne- 
man, London, 1576. 16mo. 

12316. aa. 27. 

SANDIES (George) 
See Sandys. 

SAND VS (Edwin) successively 
Bishop of Worcester and of London, 
and Archbishop of York. See Bible. 
The . holie . Bible. [Revised by 
E.S.,etc.] [1668.] fol. 469. g. 7. 

— See London, Dtocese of, — Fwi- 
tation Articles, Articles to be en- 
quired of in the visitation of the 
Diocese of London, by...Edwyn 
Bishop of London. 1571. 4to. 

698. h. 20. (10.) 

— Sermons, etc. H. Midleton 
for T, Charde, London, 1585. 8vo. 

4445. CO. 1. 




— Another edition. J, Beale 
for T. Chard, London, 1616. 4to. 

685. g. 1. 

— Another copy. 227. b. 24. 

— Another copy. 694. d. 1 7. (8.) 


S A N D Y S (5ir Edwin) See 
Belation. a Eelation of the 
state of religion, etc. [By Sir E. S.] 
1605. 4to. C. 28. f. 

— Europaa speculum. Or, a 
view or survey of the state of re- 
ligion in the Westerne parts of 
the world... Published according 
to the authours originall copie... 
Whereunto is added an Appendix 
of the Jesuits Pilgrimage, pro- 
ceeding, and present State of 
greatnesse ; of their Impostures 
and hypocrisie: by L. O. [i.e. 
Lewis Owen], etc. 2 pts. T. Cotes, 
forM. Sparke, London, 1 629-32. 4to. 

3935. c. 

— Another edition. HcLgse- 
Comitis, 1629. 4to. 4375. aaa. 

— Another copy. T. 775. (4.) 

— Another edition. T. Cotes 
for M. Sparke, London, 1632. 4to. 

4532. aa. 
Slightly cropped. 

— Another edition. T. Cotes 
for M. Sparke, London, 1637. 4to. 

225. a. 35. 

— Another edition. T, Cotes 
forM, Sparke, London, 1 638. 1 2mo. 

1019. b. 10. 

— Another copy. 

1355. a. 

SANDYS (Georqe) SeeBiBLE. 
— Selections, A paraphrase upon 
the Divine Poems. By G. S. 
1638. fol. 3104. c. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Psalms. A Paraphrase upon 
the Psalmes of David ... By G. 
SCandys). 1636. 8vo. 218. b. 20. 

SAND YS (George) iSfecGROOT 
(H. de) Christ's Passion, a Tra- 
gedie, etc. [Translated into Eng- 
lish by G.S.] 1640. 8vo. 643.a.42. 

— Sec Ovinius Naso (P.) [Meta- 
morphoses. ] Ovid's Metamorphosis 
Englished by G. S(andys). 

1626. fol, 11375. ff. 

1628. 12mo. 11388. aa. 

1632. fol. 75. h. 6. 

1640. fol. 833. m. 3. 

— A Eelation of a Journey be- 
gunue anno Dom. 1610. Eolations 
of Afi-ica taken out of G. S. his 
larger discourse. iScc Pdrchas (S.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 2. 
1625. fol. 679. h. 12. 

— A Eelation of a Journey be- 
gun... 1610. Foure Bookes. Con- 
taining a description of the Turk- 
ish Empire, of -^gypt, of the 
Holy Land, of the remote parts 
of Italy, and Hands adjoyning. 
Printed for W. Barrett, London, 
1615. fol. 679. h. 16. 

With engraved titlepage. A 
medallion portrait of the author has 
been inserted before the titlepage. 

The second edition. 

Printed for W. Barrett^ London, 
1621. fol. 567. i, 23. 

The third edition. 

Printed for JB. Allot, London, 

1627. fol. 981. e. 8. 

SANDYS (Sir Miles) Prima 
Pars parvi Opusculi...The first 
Part of a Small Worke, written 
by M. Sandys. Knight. MS. Note. 
Printed for W. Shear es, London, 
1634. 12mo. 1388. a. 7. 

— Prudence the first of the 
foure Cardinall Virtues. Printed 
for W. Sheares, London, 1 634. 1 2mo. 

8407. a. 

Titlepage engraved. 




SANFORD (Jahbs) 
See Sandford. 

SANFORD (John) ApoUinis 
et Musarum Euicrtica El8vXAia, in 
...Regiuffi Elizabethae...Oxoniam 
adventum ... M.D.LXXXXII. 
J. Bameaius, Oxonise, [1592 ?] 4to. 

11403. b. 14. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 17493. 

— Gods arrowe of the Pestilence. 
[A sermon, on Ps. xxxviii. 2.] 
i»,a. J.Baime8,Oxford,lQ04. 8vo. 

4408. b. 

— Another copy. C.12.d.l8.(5.) 

— Le Gnichet Francois. Sive 
janicula et brevis introductio ad 
linguam Gallicam. [By J. San- 
ford.] J. BamesiuSf OxoniaCj 
1604. 4to. 12953. c. 1. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 236. e. 3. 

— A briefe extract of the former 
Latin grammer [i.e, grammar of 
the French language written in 
Latin] done into English, for the 
easier instruction of the learner. 
[By J. Sanford.] J. Barnes, 
Oxford, 1605, 4to. 12932. o. 7. 

Without pagination. 

— UpoTrvXaLov, or An Entrance 
to the Spanish Tongue. T. Have- 
land, for N. Butter, London, 
1611. 4to. 627. e. 12. 

— Another copy. 236. f. 11. 
Imperfect ; 'wanting titlepage. 

SAN PEDRO (DiEoo de) 
See BoURCHiER (J.) Baron Bemera, 
The Castell of love, [by D. de 
San Pudro,] translated out of 
Spanyslie into Englysshe, by J. 
Bowrchier knyght, lorde Bernes, 
etc. [1540?] 8vo. G. 10332. 

SANSB YRY (John) See S. , J. 

SANSOVINO (Francesco) 
See Treasury. The Treasurie of 
aunoient and moderne Times... 
Traniilated out of. ..P. Mexia,... 
F. S., etc. 1613, etc. fol. 

12208. k. 1. 

— The Quintesence of Wit, 
being a corrant comfort of con- 
ceites, maximies, and pole ticks 
deuises, selected... by F. Sanso- 
vino... Translated out of the 
Italian tung [by E. Hitchcock]. 
)$. Z« E.Allde^London^lb'dO. 4to. 

232. 1. 35. 

SAPPHO. Sapho and Pbao. 
[A comedy in five acts and in 
prose, by J. Lilly.] Played bee- 
fore the Queenes Majestie on 
Shrovetewsday, by her Majesties 
Children, and the Boyes of 
Paules. T. Oadman, London, 
1584. 4to. C. 34. d. 17. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. MS. Notes. 
r. Orwin for W. Broome, London, 
1591. 4to. C. 34. d. 18. 

— Another copy. 161. a. 73. 

SARA VIA (Hadrianus) De 
diversis ministrorum Evangelii 
gradibus... liber unus, cui duo alii 
additi, alter deHonore qui debetur 
ecclesiarum pas tori bus, alter de 
Sacrilegijs & Sacrilegorum poenis. 
Few MS. Notes. Q, Bishop d 
B, Newherie, Londini, 1590. 4to. 

4103. d. 

— Defensio Tractationis de 
diversis Ministrorum Evangelii 
gradibus, ab H. S. editaa contra 
KespoDsionem T. Bezse, eodem 
H. Saravia authore. Londini, 
1594. 4to. 849. i. 6. 

— D. Saravia 1. Of the diverse 
degrees of the Ministers of the 
Gospell ; 2. Of the Honor which 
is due unto the Priestes and Pre- 
lates of the Church ; 8. Of Sacri- 


S A V 


lege and iHe punisbment thereof. 
[Translated from the Latin.] 
J, Wolf By London, 1592. 4to. 

698. g. 44. 

SARA VIA (Hadrtanus) Vin- 
diciaa Sacrse, a treatise of the 
Honor and Maintenance due to 
Ecclesiasticall Persons. Done out 
of the Latin of...H. Saravia [by 
J. Martin]. (An appendix to 
Saravia, etc.) T. Cotes and B. Cotes 
for J, Boler, London, 1629. 8vo. 

1413. b. 17. (7.) 

The '' Appendix " has a separate 

— Another copy. 698. c. 1 3. (1 .) 

SARCERIUS (Erasmus) 
ConSon places of scripture ordrely 
and after a copendious forme of 
teachyng, set forth... Translated 
into English by R. Taverner. 
Id, %, J. Byddell, London, 
1538. 8vo. 3128. a. 

— Another edition. )$• E* 
N. Hyll, London, 1553. 8vo. 

3128. aa. 

— Another edition. )0« Z* 
N. Hyll for J, Walley, London, 
1553. 8vo. 696. a. 18. 

Mutilated throughout. 

— Another edition. 13* Z* 
T. East, London, 1577. 8vo. 

3905. a. 


(Diego) Count Oondomar. See 
Raleigh {Sir W.) Sir W. Raw- 
lei ghs Ghost... Together with his 
tormenting of Count de Gondo- 
mar, etc. 1626. 4to. E. 1943.(5.) 

— [Embassy to England.'] See 
Spain. Vox Populi; or, newes 
from Spayne, etc. 


See SoAVE (P.) Polano, pseud, 

Voyage set out by... the Earle of 
Gumberlande, in. ..1586, intended 
for the South Sea, etc. See Hak- 
LUYT (R.) The principal Naviga- 
tions, etc. Vol. 3. 1598, etc. fol. 

683. h. 6. 

SARUM. See Salisbuby. 

SATAN. A Conference, con- 
taining a Conflict had with Satan, 
wherein are plainely set downe 
the true markes and tokens, 
whereby the afflicted conscience 
may prove it selfe, whether it be 
the childe of God, or the childe 
of Satan, etc. l!>» E» C. Barkar, 
London, 1577. 8vo. 4411. de. 

Without pagiDation. Some of the 
lower margins have been mutilated 
in the binding. 

SATIRiE. Satyrae seriae : or, 
the Secrets of Things; written 
in Morall and Politicke Ob.serva- 
tions. J. Okesfor A. Boper, Lon- 
don, 1640. 12mo. 8403. a. 

— Another copy. 524. a. 29. 
With a new titlepage. 


P., M. A Bill of Fare for a Satur- 
day nights Supper, etc. [1635 ?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 18. 

Ephemerides. Savage... a new 
Almanacke and Prognostication. 
...By W. S. 

E(AVELLI (Federigo) Duke. 
See Bernard, called the Great, 
Duke of Saxe Weimar, A briefe 
and true relation of the...Battell 
lately fought betwixt the Citie 
Colmar and Sletstat in upper 
Alsatia. between D, Bernard 
Saxon Weymar, ...and The Italian 
Duke of Savelly, etc. [1638?] 8vo. 

G. 6312. 

SAVILE (Sir Henry) See 
Bradwardinus (T.) Archbishop of 
Canterbury, T. Bradwardini... 




de causa Dei contra Pelagium... 
libri ires... opera et studio H. 
SaviHi. 1618. fol. C. 24. d. 16. 

SAVILE (Sir Henby) See 
Deloadillo de Avellaneda (B.) 
A Libell of Spanish Lies ; found 
at the Saoke of Cales, discoursing 
the fight in the West Indies 
twixt the English Navic.and a 
fleetc.of the king of Spaines. 
... With an answere by H. S. 
1596. 4to. C. 33. b. 4. 

— See Gregory, of Nazianzus^ 
etc. Sancti Julia- 
num invectivsB dusB, etc. MS. 
Notes [by Sir H. S.]. 1610. 4to. 

3670. bb. (1.) 

— A libell of Spanish lies 
written by Don B. Delgadillo de 
Avellaneda ... Concerning ... the 
last Yoyage of Sir F. Drake... 
With a Confutation... by H. S. 
See Hakluyt (R.) The prin- 
cipal Navigations, etc. Vol. 3. 
1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

— See John, Chryaostom, Saint, 
Tov €v dytots ETaTpos tJ/jmov 'Icoan'ov 
».,Tov XpucrooTOftov Ttt evpiarKOfieya 
Bi CTTi/AcXcias . . . 'EppiKov TOV ^a^iXxov 
.:.€ic3o^cvra. 1610, etc. fol. 

475. f. 3. 

See Tacitus (C. C.) The 
Ende of Nero and Beginning of 
Galba. Fewer bookes of the 
Histories of C. Tacitus, etc. 
[Translated by Sir H. S.] 
1591. fol. 9040. h. 1. 

1604. fol. 586.1.13.(2.) 

1612. fol. 586. i. 15. 

1622. fol. 586. i. 14. (2.) 

1640. fol. 1308. 1. (2.) 

— See Xenophon. [Kvpov Uai- 

Seta.] Scvo^cuvTos Kvpov TratSceas 
pifikia ff. [Edited by Sir H. 
Savile.] 1613. 4to. 586. e. 25.(1.) 

— Berum Anglicarum Scrip- 

tores post Bedam praecipui, ex 
vetustissimis codicibus manu- 
scriptis nunc primum in luoem 
editi [by Sir H. Savile]... Adjecta 
ad finem Chronologia. MS. Notes. 
O. Bishop, R. Nuherie, dt R, Barkery 
Londini, 1596. fol. 679. h. 4. 

SAVILE (John) King James 
his Entertainment at Theobalds : 
With his welcome to London, 
together with a salutatorie Poeme. 
T.Snodkam, London, 1603. 4to. 

C. 33. g. 28. 

Without pagination. 

SAVILE (Thomas) The rais- 
ing of them that are fallen. A 
discourse... Dialogue wise, betwixt 
a Knight and a Gentleman. Set 
foorth for the benefit.. vOf all 
such people as are afflicted ey ther 
in minde or Conscience. Printed 
for W. Welby, London, 1606. 4to. 

4410. L 
Without pagination. 

violo his Practise, in two Bookes. 
The first intreating of the use of 
the Bapier and Dagger. The 
second, of honor and honorable 
Quarrels. J. Wolfe, London, 
1695. 4to. 1042. 1. 28. 

Without pagination. 
— Another copy. G. 2370. 

SAUL (Arthur) The famous 
game of Chesse-play, truely dis- 
covered, and all doubts resolved. 
jB. Jackson, London, 1614. 8vo. 

56. a. 8. 

Now augmented 

of many materiall things ... by 
J. Barbier. J. Jackson, London, 
1640. 8vo. 785. a. 57. 

SAUMAISE (Claude de) See 
Florus (L. a.) L. J. Fieri 
rerum a Eomanis gestarum libri 
IV., a J. Stadio emendati... 
Cui accesserunt chronologicse... 

SAU SAX 1359 

C. Satmasii excerption es, etc. and dipthongues," etc. M8. note 

1638. l2ino. 9039. aa. *" ** vignette on a flyleaf; which 

statement seems confirmed by Ames. 

SAUNDERS (George) Mur- iF?® head-title dates, and the words 

jt a iT A ^ B^t^y -"*«•» « Laus Deo " at the end, only, are in 

iher. See G., A. A bnefe dis- white letter, 

course, etc. 

«. «,^, *.«.«« /-r X — Another copy. G. 11860. 

SAUNDERS (Laurence) ^"^ 

Letters of Maister L. S., parson of SAVOYAN. The First Sa- 

Alhallowes. See Coverdale (M.) voyan. Wherein is set forth the 

Bishop of Exeter. Certain most right of the conquest of Savoy by 

godly...letter8, etc. 1664. 8vo. the French, etc. See Mary [de' 

488. a. 13. Medici], Queen Consort of Henry 

— See EusEBius. A trewe IV., King of France. A true Dis- 
mirrour...wherin we maye be- P^'^,^^ ?( *^® ^^^^^ occurrences 
holde the wofuU state of...Eng- V" *^! Q^^enes voyage from her 

%and,eto. [ByL.S.?] 1556. 8vo. ^^Pf*''!! ^^^^^ ^^'"''^''^f^o.^*''- 

697. a. 18. l^^l- ^^' »^30. c. 

SAVONAROLA (Girolamo) SAUTER (Daniel) Theprao- 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — tice of the Banckrupts of these 

Psalms. Polyglott. An expo- times... written in Latine by M' 

sicyon upon the . Ij. Psalme. made D. Sauterius and made to speake 

by HieromofFerrarye. La<. and English, etc. J. Norton, for 

Eng. 1638. 4to. C. 36. c. 2. W. Qarret, London, 1640. 12mo. 

712. c. 31. 
Portions. An Exposicyon 

...upon the Psalmecalled Miserere SAWTRY (James) The de- 

mei deus whiche Hierome of fence of the Mariage of Priestes : 

Ferrary made, etc. [1640?] 4to. Agenst S. Gardiner bisshop of 

217. f. 12, Wynchester, W. Bepse bisshop 

. ... .V of Norwiche, etc. 90. tl« J. Troost, 

— An exposition upon the Auryk,154.1. 8vo. G. 6909. (2.) 
Psalme called Miserere mei deus * ^ ^ '^ 
and in te domine speravi. [By Withont pagination. 

G. 8.1 See Liturgies. — Eome, _ ^.,,^,^^ ,„ ^ ^ 

Church o/.-Salisbury, Diocese of , SAWYER (Elizabeth) Con^ 

—Primers. The prymer in Eng- demnatton and death. See QooT>- 

lysh and latyn. eta 1643. 4to. ^^^ (^0 ^he wonderful! dis- 

C. 86. e. 14. oovene of E. S. a witch, etc. 

— Sermo Fratris Hieronymi de BAKONY, Electorate of — John 
Ferraria in Yigilia Nativitatis ' George I., Elector. A Summarie 
Domini, oora Fiatribus suis re- extract out of the Treatie of 
citatus (de lingua vemacula Peace concluded betwixt the Em- 
Jtaloz^ in latinum conversus de perour and the Elector of Saxonie, 
verbo ad verbum per Bartholo- at Prague, the 30 day of May 
meum [Galium] Italiim Mutilia- 1636. See Stella (J.) A Be- 
nensem Prefibyterum). 13* !♦ waylingof the Peace of Germany, 
B. Pynson, [London, 1609], 4to. etc. 1637. 4to. 9326. b. 

224. g. 30. 
Font leavcB, without titlepage or SAXTON (CHRISTOPHER) [A 

pagination. ** The fint white letter Series of 36 coloured maps of 




England and Wales.] [London, 
1579.] fol. C. 43. i. 1. (1.) 

In this copy the plates are illu- 
minated in colours and gold. 

— Another copy. 794. 1. 2. (1.) 

Imperfect; wanting the Index, 
the "Oatalogus llrbium," and the 
plate of arms of the Peers, etc. 

— Another copy. 118. e. 1. 

Imperfect; wanting the Index, 
the "Catalogus Urbium," and the 
plate of arms of Peers. 

— Another copy. 794. 1. 4. 

Imperfect; wanting the portrait 
of Queen Elizabeth. 


See England. — Exchequer, Court of. 

SCALIGER (Joseph Juste) 
See Bible. — New Testament. Tiys 

Kaivq^ ALaOrjKT]^ d7raKTa...cuin No- 
tis... J. Scaligeri, etc. 1622. 8vo. 

C. 27. e. 11. 

1633. 8vo. 683. c. 13. (3.) 

SCAPULA (Joannes) Lexicon 
GrsBco-Latinum novum. ..cui ap- 
pendix e8t...Gr8Bci Idiomatis In- 
dex... Ad hsec, auctarium extat 
dialect orum omnium k J. Zwin- 
gero . . . Editio novissima, . . . auctior, 
annexe... Latino indice L. Martii 
...indi]stri& 8electo,...Huo acces- 
fiit... Lexicon Etymologicum Lin- 
guae Gr8ec8B...autore I. Harmaro, 
etc. Typia T. Harperi, Impensis 
J, Norton dc B. Whitakeri, Londini, 
1637. fol. 434. i. 20. 

Some portions of the work are 
separately paged. 

SCARPERIA. Hevy newes 
of an horryble earthquake whiclie 
was in the cytie of Scharbaria in 
this present yeare of xlij. 1'he 
xiij. day of June. Also how that 
a cytie in Turky is sonke. V, 5^ 
MS. Notes. JV. Bourman, [Lon- 
don, 1542]. 16mo. C. 40. a. 19. 

Four leaves. The second leaf 

and the border of the titlepage 

SCHARPIUS (Patriciub) 
DoctrinsB Christianae brevis ex- 
plicatio : in tria priora Geneseos 
capita, Symbolum Apostolorum, 
Baptismi, CoenaB Domini instita- 
tionem, Decalogum, & orationem 
Dominicam, etc. B. Waldegrave^ 
Edinhurgi, 1599. 8vo. 3506. df. 2. 


See Solomon, King of Israel, pseud. 

SCHICKARD (Wilhelmus) 
W. Schickardi Horologium He- 
braeum, sive consilium, quomodo 
sancta lingua spacio XXIV hora- 
rum a totidem collegis, aeu 
eorundem semisse sufficienter 
apprehendi queat, septies com- 
probatum & impressum ... quum 
prius ... emendatum, ... annotati- 
unculis elucidatum, et lexici 
compendium ... exauctum fuisset 
a N. H. (Oxoniensi) S[acrae] 
T[heologiae] D[octore, i.e, N. 
Homes?]. (Rota Hebraea pro 
facilitate conjugandi pridem in- 
venta...a W. Schickardo...Nimc... 
recusa denuo.) 2 pts. Typis 
Thomee Paine, Londini, 1639. 8vo. 

12906. a. 39. 

C. Shilander his Chinirgerie con- 
taining a briefe Methode for the 
curing of Woundes and Ulcers. 
With an easie maner of drawing 
Oyle out of Wound-Hearbes, 
Turpentine. ..and Waxe. Trans- 
lated out of Latin into English, S. Hobbes. IS. 5. B, Johnea 
for C. Burhie, London, 1596. 4to. 

549. c. 27. 
Witliout pagination. 

TiNUs) Schindleri Lexicon Pen- 
taglottonHebraicum, Chaldaicum, 
S3aiacum, Talmudico - Babbini- 
cum, et Arabicum; epitomen 
redactum a G. A,, etc. (Easche 




Theboth, sive AbbreviaturaB He- 
braBffi. [By] G. EeucheniuB.) 
ChUtelmiu Jones^ Londini, 1 635. fol. 

12904. g. 1. 

The " Basche Theboth " is with- 
out pagination. 

SCHLOER (Friedrich) The 
Death of the two renowned Kings 
of Sweden and Bohemia... pub- 
likely lamented in a Sermon [on 
2 Sam. I. 19, 20]... Translated 
out of the High-Dutch printed 
ooppie. Printed by J, D. for 
N. Bourne^ Londony 1633. 4to. 

10703. de. 


See Academies, eto. — Salerno. 


Alas pooro SchoUer, 

whither wilt thou goe : 
or — 
Strange altrations which at this 

time be, 
There's many did thinke they 

never should see. 
[A Song, by E. WildJ To the 
tune of Halloo my Fancy, eto. 
90. a. 2 pts. \L(md(m, 1640?] 
Broadside fol. Box. III. 633. 

SCHONiEUS (Cornelius) 
Terentius Christianus, sive co- 
moedisB duse Terentiano stylo 
conscriptse ad usum Scholarum 
seorsim ezcu88e...Tobseus. Juditha. 
His accessit Pseudostratiotes, Fa- 
bula Jocosa ac Ludicra. B. Bohin-' 
scntu, London^ 1595. 12mo. 

11712. a. 

At the end are some MS. memo- 
randa concerning the Fane family. 

— Another edition. MS. Notes 
on the fly-leaf. Ex typographia 
Societatis Stationariorum, lAmdinij 
1620. 8vo. 11712. aa. 

— Another edition. Ex Aeade- 
mUe ... TypographeOy Cantdbrigise, 
1635. 8vo. 11712. b. 7. 

SCHOOL. See B., W. The 

Free Schoole of Warre, etc. 
1625. 4to. 621.i. 1. (2.) 

— See H., G., Gent The Pri- 
vate Schoole of Defence, etc. 
1614. 8vo. 785. b. 33. 

— The Schoole of Vertue [of 
F. Seager], the second part [by 
B. West] : or the young schollers 
Paradice. Contayning vei ie good 
precepts, etc. [In piose and 
verse.] 98. !♦ E, Griffin for 
N. Buttery London^ 1619. 8vo. 

11623. aa. 37. (2.) 

Witlioiit pagination. Cropped. 
The author's name appears in an 
acrostic on the yerso of the title- 

tuous scholehous of ungracious 
women. A godly dialogue or 
communication of two Systers 
[Justina and Serapia; with an 
address to the Beader by W. 
Lynne],etc. V,%. [Walter Lynney 
London, 1600?] 8vo. 1030. a. 1. 


Schoolemaster or Teacher of Table 
PhyloKophie ... Gathered out of 
divers.-.Aucthors [or rather for 
the most part translated from 
" Mensa Philosophica **] : and de- 
vided into foure... Treatises, etc. 
[By T. Twyne.] IS. Jl. B. lohnea, 
London, 1583. 4to. 1077. d. 11. 

Without pagination. With two 
leaves of MS. notes inserted. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

1038. h. 5. 

SCH OFF E (Caspar) See 
Casaubon (I.) I. Casauboni 
Corona Begia. Id est, Panegyiici 
...quem Jacobo I....delinearat, 
fragmenta, ab Euphormione ... 
edita [or rather written entirely 
byC.S.]. 1615. 8vo. 292. a. 42. 

— See EuPHORMio, paeud. 




SCHOUTEN (Willem) The 
relation of a wonderful! Voiage 
made by W. Cornelison Sohouten : 
shewing how South from the 
Straights of Magelan, in Terra 
del-fuogo ; he...discouered a newe 
passage through the great South 
Sea, and that way say led round 
about the world. Describing what 
Islands, Countries, People, and 
Aduentures he found in his saide 
Passage. [Translated from the 
Dutch by W[illiam] P[hillip].] 
Imprinted hy T, D.for N. Newhery, 
London, 1619. 4to. 303. d. 27. (4.) 

— Another copy. G. 6738. 

— Another copy. B. 670. (3.) 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 72-82. 
Pp. 68-71 are mutilated. 

PHus) See Wjddrington (E.) A 
cleare ... Confutation ... wherein... 
are confuted the chiefest objec- 
tions which ... S. ... hath made 
against Widdrington's Apologie, 
etc. 1616. 4to. 3936. b. 

See Melanchthon. 


Esquire, Sciographia, or the art 
of shadowes... demonstrating out 
of the sphere how to project both 
great and small circles, upon any 
plane, etc. 1635. 8vo. 8534. bb. 

SCIPIO (PuBLius Cornelius) 
called Africanus. See B., J. B. 
Observations upon the lives of 
Alexander, Caesar, Scipio, etc. 
1602. Svo. 10606. aa. 

— History. See Cope (A.) The 
hystory of...Anniball and S., etc. 

SCLATER (WnxiAM) Pre- 
hendary of Exeter. See Sclater 
(W.) Vicar of Fitminster. Three 
Sermons preached by W. Sclater 
...published by his sonne (W. 
Sclater). 1629, 4to. 1368. b. 61. 

SCLATER (William) Pm- 
hendary of Exeter. See dclateb 
(W.) Vicar of Pitminster. Utri- 
usque Epistolsa ad Corinthio8 ex- 
plicatio analytics ... au there Gr. 
Sclatero...Nuno tandem k filio suo 
[W. Sclater] in lucem edita, etc. 
1633. 4to. 3266. aa. 

— The worthy Communicant 
rewarded ; laid forth in a Sermon 
[on John vi. 54]. Printed hy 
B. Y. for G. Lathum, London^ 
[1639]. 4to. 4474. c. 109. (2.) 

SCLATER (William) Vicar 
of Pitminster. See Bible. — New 
Testament. — Bomans, A Key to 
the Key of Scripture : or an Ex- 
position... upon the Epistle to the 
Eomanes, the three first chapters : W. S., etc. 1611. Svo. 

3266. c. 

1629. 4to. 3266. aa. 

— See Bible. — ^New Testament. 
— ThessaUmianB. An Exposition 
with notes upon the first and 
second Epistles to the TheBsalo- 
nians. By W.S.,etc. 1638,etc. 4to. 

3265. o. 

— A funerall Sermon [on Heb. 
IX. 27, 28] preached at the 
buriall of ... I. Colles ... 1607. 
T. Harper, London, 1629. 4to. 

1416. b. 24. 

— The Ministers Portion. 
J. Barnes, Oxford, 1612. 4to. 

873. e. 76. 

— The Qusestion of Tythes 
revised. Arguments for the 
moralitie of Tything, enlarged, 
and cleared... Mr. Seldens His- 
toric, so farre as Mistakers have 
made it argumentative against 
the Moralitie, over-ly viewed, 
etc. J. Legatt, London, 1623. 4to. 

5165. aa. 

— A threefold Preservative 
against three dangerous diseases 




of these latter times : 1, Non- 
proficiency in grace ; 2, Fals- 
hearted hypocrisie; 3, Back- 
sliding in Eeligion. Prescribed in 
a Sermon [on Hebr. vi. 4-6] at 
Pauls Crosse, Sept. 17, 1609. 
Imprinted by S. S. for B. Bonian 
and H. WaHey^LondonylBlO, 4to. 

3932. f. 

Without pagination. 

SCLATER (William) Vicar 
of Pitmimter, Three Sermons 
preached by W. Sclater ... pub- 
lished by his Sonne (W. Sclater). 
T. Harper, London, 1629. 4to. 

1358. b. 61. 

Each sermon has a difitinot title- 
page. The pagination is continuous 
through the first and second sermons, 
but not in the third; the register 
is continuous throughout. 

— TJtriusque Epistolae ad 
Corinthios explicatio analytica, 
link cum scholiis: authore Q, 
Sclatero...Nuno tandem h, filio 
Buo [W. Sclater]... in lucem edita, 
etc. GtUielmus Turner, Oxonise, 
1633. 4to. 3266. aa. 

SCOGGIN (John) See Bokde 
(A.) The first and best Part of 
Scoggins Jests. 1626. 8vo. 

1080. e. 26. 

— Here next foloweth a tretyse, 
whiche John Gkogan [sic, i.e. 
Skc^an] Sente vnto the lordes 
and gen til men of the kynges 
hows, exortyng them to lose no 
tyme in theyr yougthe, but to 
Tse vertues. [In verse.] See 
TESfPLE. Explicit the temple of 
bras, etc. [1478 ?] 4to. 

C. 40. 1. 1. (1.) 

SCOLOKER (Anthony) See 
Bible. — Selections. A Notable 
collection of divers and sodry 
places of the sacred scriptures, 
which make to the declaratyon 
of the Lordes prayer... Gathered 
by ... P. Viret ... And translated 

onte of Frenohe ... by A. S. 
1648. 8vo. C. 25. a. 13. 

SCOLOKER (Anthony) See 
Christian Shoemaker. A goodly 
dysputacion betwene a Christen 
Shomaker and a Popysshe Parson. 
...Translated out of y* Germayne 
tongue into Englysshe by A. S. 
1648. 8vo. 3932. o. 

SCORY (John) snccessively 
Bishop of Bochester, of Chichester, 
and of Hereford. See Augustine, 
Saint. [De prsedestinatione Sanc- 
torum.'] Two bokes of the noble 
doctor and B. S. Augustine, thone 
entiteled of the Predestinacion of 
saintes, thother of perseveraunce 
unto thende . . . fay thf ully trans- 
lated... by J. S., etc. [1656?] 8vo. 

3833. a. 

— See Cyprian, Saint. Certein 
workes of blessed Cipriane the 
martyr ; ...translated out of Laten 
into Englyshe, by J. S., etc. 
1666. 8vo. C. 37. c. 22. 

— An epistle wrytten by J. S. 
...unto all the. fay thf ull that be 
in pryson in Englando, or in any 
other troble for the defence of 
Goddes truthe : wherein he dothe 
. . . encorrage . . . them paci ently . . . 
to suffer the ... persecutios of 
y* Antichristian tor men tours, etc. 
h. a* [Christopher Truthal, 
Southwarh^'jUSb. 8vo. C.26.b.l4. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C.37.c.32.(2.) 

— Another copy. G. 1604. (2.) 

SCOT. See W., J., Gent. The 
Valiant Soot, etc. [A tragedy.] 
1637. 4to. 643. c. 44. 

SCOT (Edmund) A discourse 
of Java, and of the first English 
factorie there. See Purchas (S.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 1. 
1625, etc. fol. 679. h. 11. 




SCOT (Gregory) A briefe 
Treatise agaynst certayne errors 
of the Romish Church. Very 
plainly, notably, and pleasantly 
confuting the same by Scriptures 
and auncient writera [In verse.] 
)$»E« J.Awdeley^London.lblA:, 8vo. 

C. 39. a. 65. 

Without pagination, 

SCOT (John) Cousin of Lord 
ScotstarveL In Serenissimi ... 
Regis Jacobi Sexti, e Scotia sua 
decessum, Hodoeporicon per J. S. 
... Adjecta in super D. Joannis 
Scoti, a Soottistarvet, patruelis, 
Schediasmata miscellanea. [In 
verse. Edited by the latter.] 
A. Hart, Edinburgi, 1619. 4to. 

1070. 1. 28. 

Without pagination. 

SCOT {Sir John) Lord Scot- 
starveL Schediasmata miscella- 
nea. [In verse.] See Scot (J.) 
Cousin of Lord Scotstarvet. In... 
Regis Jacobi Sexti ... e Scotia 
sua decessum Hodoeporicon, etc. 
1619. 4to. 1070. 1. 28. 

SCOT (Patrick) See C alder- 
wood (D.) Calderwoods Recanta- 
tion, etc. [A fabrication by P. S.] 
1622. 4to. 4176. a. 

— A fathers advice or last 
will to his Sonne, etc. J. Parker, 
London, 1620. 4 to. 4400. g. 1. 

— Omnibus & singulis. Af- 
fording matter profitable for all 
men, ... alluding to a Fathers 
advice or last Will to his sonne, 
etc. W,Stansby,Londonyl619, 8vo. 

8404. a. 

— A Table-Booke for Princes. 
Containing short Remembrances 
for the Government of themselves 
and their Empire, etc. B. Alsop, 
London, 1621. Bvo. G. 2316. 

With a portrait of Charles I. 
'when Prince of Wales. 

SCOT (Patrick) 
of light, or, a true 
the Philosopbicall 
monly called the 
Stone. Printed for 
don, 1623. Bvo. 

The tillage 
discoverie of 
Elixir, oom- 
W. Lee, Lon- 
1033. d. 9. 

— Yox vera : or. Observations 
from Amsterdam. Examining the 
late Insolencies of some Pseudo- 
Puritans, Separatists from the 
Church of Great Brittaine, etc. 
B. Alsop, London, 1625. 4to. 

4135. 0. 

SCOT (Reginald) The dis- 
coverie of witchcraft, wherein 
the lewde dealing of witches and 
witchmongers is ... detected, the 
knaverie of con jurors,... the infi- 
delitie of atheists, ... the vanitie 
of dreamers ... the vertue and 
power of naturall magike, and 
all the conveiances of Legier- 
demaine and juggling are deci- 
phered ... Heereunto is added a 
treatise upon the nature ... of 
spirits and divels, etc. W. Brome, 
London, 1684. 4to. 719. b. 14. 

— Another copy. G. 19129. 

— A perfite platforme of a 
Hoppe Garden, and necessarie in- 
structions for the making and 
mayntenaunce thereof, etc. V« %• 
H, Denham, London, 1574. 4to. 

B. 178. (5.) 

With woodcnts. 

— Another copy. G. 2386. 

Newly corrected 

and augmented. V. £• H. Den- 
ham, London, 1576. 4to. 234. d. 28. 

— Another edition. IS. Z. 
MS. Notes. H. Denham, London^ 
1578. 4to. 966. b. 27. 

— Another copy. • B. 620. (6.) 

SCOT (Thomas) Philomythie 
or Philomythologie, wherein out- 
landish birds, beasts, and fishes, 




are taught to speake true English 

plainely. (Certaine pieces of this 

age paraboliz'd, etc.) [In verse.] 

2 pts. London, 1616, 15. 8yo. 

11623. aaa. 29. 

The titlepage is engrayed. On 
pp. 126, 127 a blank occurs in the 
text, also on p. 89, and on p. 104 a 
space is left for an engraying. 

— The second edi- 

tion much inlarged. 2 pts. For 
F. Constable^ London, 1616. 8yo. 

1077. c. 2. 

The second edition 

much inlarged. 2 pts. For F. Con- 
atabley London, 1622, 16. 8vo. 

238. f. 34. 

The second edi- 

tion much inlarged. (The second 

part of Philomythie, etc.) 3 pts. 

For F. Constable, London, 1622, 

16,25. 8vo. 11626. b. 48. 

Though called the second edition, 
this and the preceding differ from 
1077. o. 2. and from each other. 

SCOT (Walter) Phylarch- 

aram ScotorumGentilicia insignia 

... a G. Scot ... Chartis lusoriis 

ezpressa. J^tn6ur^t, 1591. 8vo. 

606. a. 31. 

Engraved on separate leaves and 


Some speciall arguments, which 
warranted the Scotch Subjects 
lawfully to take up artnes in 
defence of their religion and 
liberty when they were in danger. 
Extracted out of the manuscripts 
of one of their chiefe Reformers, 
etc. [London, 1639 7] 4to. 8142. b. 

SCOTLAND. See England. 
A briefe discourse touching the 
happie union of England and S. 
1603. 32mo. 601. a. 6. 

— See Skene (Sir J.) Regiam 
Majestatem Scotiae veteres leges 
et constitutiones, etc. 1609. fol. 

509. g. 13. 

SCOTLAND. See Skene 
(Sir J.) Regiam Majestatem, 
The auld lawes and constitutions 
of Scotland, etc. 1609. fol. 23.C.16. 

— The Beast is wounded, or, 
Information .from S., concerning 
their Reformation. Wherein is 
breifly declared, the... ground of 
all the late troubles there; and 
the reasons why they have re- 
jected the Bishops, with their... 
Service-booke. Hereto is added 
some fruitfuU Observations, upon 
the former declaration; by J. 
Bastwicks younger Brother. (The 
Confession of Faith of the Kirk 
of Scotland subscribed by the 
Kings Majesty. ..1580. ..and the Nobles, Barons... and 
Comons, in... 1638.) 2 pts. 
[Edinburgh?] 1638. 4to. 4175. aaa. 

The "Confession," etc., has a 
separate titlepage, pagination, and 

— Another copy. 111. g. 30. 

Imperfect; wanting the Covenant. 
Several leaves are mutilated in the 

— Certaine matters composed 
together, Genealogie of ... the 
Kings of Scotland, ... Whole 
Kobilitie, ... Arch-bishoppricks, 
Bishoppricks,... Knights of Scot- 
land, . . . Descri ption of . . . Scotland , 
etc. E, Walde-grave, Edinburgh^ 
[1597]. 4to. G. 5005. 

Without pagination. Cropped. 

— [Another edition.] Certayne 
matters concerning the Real me 
of Scotland. they were Anno 
Domini 1597. Imjmnied ... for 
J. Flasket, London, 1603. 4to. 

797. c. 32. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 287. b. 11. 

— Another copy. G. 5006. (2. 
Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

— Another edition. A, Hatfield 




for J. Flasket, London, 1603. 4to. 

600. d. 1. 

SCOTLAND. [The Com- 
plajmt of S., wy til ane Exortatione 
to the thre Estaita, to be vigilante 
in the Delfens of their Public Veil. 
Attributed to — Wedderburn, Sir 
J. Inglis, or Sir D. Lindsay.] 
[Pam? 1549?] 16mo. C. 21. a. 

Imperfect : wanting the titlepage, 
and leaves 59 and 142, eupplied in 
MS. Only four copies are known 
to exist. Foil. 46-53 mutilated. 

— The demands and behaviour 
of the Kebels of Scotland. Pub- 
lished by Authority. B. Young, 
London, 1640. 4to. 113. i. 45. 

— [The first booke of the 
History of the Keformation of 
religioun within the real me of 
Scotland [by John Knox] con- 
teanyng the maner and by what 
persons the light of Christis 
Evangell hath bene manifested 
unto this realme, after that 
horrible and universall defectioun 
from the trewth, which hes cume 
by the meanes of that Komane 
Antichrist.] (The second— thirde 
Booke.) MS. Notes [by Sir R. 
Twysdenl. [T, Vautrollier, Lon- 
cion,1587.J 8vo. C. 25. c.lO. (1.) 

Imperfect. Commencing with 
Big. B, p. 17, "By these Articles 
&o./' and ending with p. 560, 
the last leaf of sig. Mm in the 
fifth chapter of the Book of Dis- 
cipline, forming part of the Third 
Book of the History. No more 
perfect copy is known, as the work 
was seized at the press and sup- 
pressed by order of Archbishop 
W hitgift. The above title is taken 
from tiie MS. of 1566, from which 
this edition was printed. The run- 
ning title of the work is, "The 
Historic of the Church of Scotland." 
This copy contains on the fly-leaves 
some additional letters of Knox in 
MS., which were not printed till 
Buchanan's edition in 1644. In 
that, and in subsequent editions, 
the authorship of the work is 
attributed to Knox. 

— Another copy. G. 5253. 

SCOTLAND.— ^rmy of the 

Parliament. The intentions of the 
Army of the Kingdome of Scot- 
land, declared to their Brethren 
of England. By the Commie- 
sioners of the late Parliament, 
and by the Generall, Noblemen, 
...of the Army. B, Bryson, Edin- 
burgh, 1640. 4to. 113. i. 44. 

SCOTLAND, Church of See 
Perth Assembly. Parasynagma 
Perthense et juramentnm ecclesise 
Scoticanas, etc. 1620. 4to. 4175.C. 

— See Spotiswood (J.) Bucces- 
eively Archbishop of Glasgow, eto- 
Eefutatio Libelli de Begimine 
Ecclesisa Scoticanee. 1620. 8vo. 

701. b. 16. (2.) 

— The first and second Booke 
of Discipline. Together with some 
Acts of the Generall Assemblies, 
clearing and confirming the same : 
and an Act of Parliament. [Edin- 
burgh ?] 1621. 4to. 1230. a. 2. 

— A Dispute against the Eng- 
lish-Popish Ceremonies obtruded 
upon the Church of Scotland, etc. 
[By G. Gillespie.] 4 pts. [Edin- 
burghl'] 1637. 4to. 491. d. 29. 

— Another copy. 1018. d. 16. 

Imperfect; wanting the table of 

— A short relation of the State 
of the Eirk of Scotland since the 
Reformation of Religion, to the 
present time for information, and 
advertisement to our Brethren in 
the Kirk of England. By an 
hearty Well-wisher to both king- 
domes [J. Melville?]. [Erftn- 
bur^^?] 1638. 4to. 4176. b. 

— Another copy. 698. h. 6. (2.) 

— Another copy. 110. a. 7. 

— Another copy. 114. g. 68. 




SCOTLAND, C%«rcfco/. The the ... worde of God. ». %, 

Speach of the Eirk of Scotland B, Hall, London, 1561. 12 mo. 
to her beloved Children. [Edin- C. 12. c. 6. 

burgh f] 1620. 8vo. 873. b. 31. Without pagination. 

SCOTLAND, C*ar<5Ao/.— 
Catechism. A Cateohisme of 
Christian Beligion...for the nse 
of the Kirke of Edinburgh, eto. 
See Liturgies. — Scotland, Church 
of. — Common Order, The CL. 
Fsalmee, etc. 1602. Bvo. 

C. 26. c. 11. 

S C O T L A N D, Church of.— 
CcnfettUm of Faith, The con- 
fession of the Faith of Scotland. 
See Europe. — Christian and Re- 
formed Churches. An Harmony 
of the Confessions of the Faith 
of the Christian and Reformed 
Churches, eto. 1586. 8yo. 

853. e. 1. 

— The Confession of Faith of 
the Eirk of S., subscribed by the 
Kings Majesty. ..1580. ..and... 
by the Nobles, Barons ... and 
Comons, in... 1638. See supra: 
SooTLAND. The Beast is wounded, 
eto. Pt. 2. 1638. 4to. 4175. aaa. 

— The Confessioun of faith 
professit, and belevit, be the Pro- 
testantes within the Heal me of 
Scotland. Publisched be thaim 
in Parliament. And be the Estatis 
thairof Batifeit and apprevit 
[Aug. 17, 1560], as hailsu, & 
sound Doctryne groundit upon 
the infallible treuth of Goddis 
worde. !$• %. Jhone Scott, [Edin- 
burgh,] 1561. 4to. G. 11837. 

Without pagination. 

— The Confession of the 
Faythe and Doctrine beleved and 
professed by the Protestantes of 
the Bealme of Scotlande, ex- 
hibited to the Estates of the 
same in Parliament, and by 
their publicke voices authorised 
as a doctrine grounded upon 

— Another copy. G. 11838. 

SCOTLAND, Church of.— 
Confession of Faith. The Con- 
fession of the true and christian 
Fayth, according to Gods word, 
and Actes of Parliament holden 
at Edenburghe, the eyght and 
twentie day of Januarie ... one 
thousande, five hundred, foure- 
score and one, etc. 13. E» B. Wal- 
degrave, London, [1581?] 1 2 mo. 

C. 12. c. 5. 

Without pagination. Bcgister 
A-F, in fours. 

— Another copy. G. 11839. 

— The Confession of Faith of 
the Eirk of Scotland subscribed 
by the Kings Majestic and his 
Housholde, in the yeare of God 
1580 ... and subscribed by the 
Nobles, Barrens, Gentlemen, Bur- 
gesses, Ministers, and Commons, 
in the yeare of God 1638. [Edin- 
bttr^A? 1638?] 4to. 3505. e. 53. 

— Another copy. 116. f. 26. 

— Confessio Fidei Ecclesiea 
Scoticanaa. [Edinburgh f] 1638. 4to. 

116. f. 27. 

Without pagination. 

General Assembly. Actes of the 
Generall Assembly for cleering 
and confirming thc.bookes of 
Discipline, etc. See supra : Church 
of. The first and second Booke 
of Discipline, etc. 1621. 4to. 

1 230. a. 2. 

— An Information (revised ac- 
cording to the ordinance of the 
General Assembly) to all go<jd 
Christians within the kingdome 
of England, from the Noblemen, 



Barrens. ..of... Scotland, for vindi- 
cating their intentions and actions 
from the unjust callumnies of 
their enemies. J, Bryson, Edin- 
burgh, 1639. 4to. 4176. a. 
Slightly cropped. 

SCOTLAND, Church of.— 
General Assembly. The order and 
doctrine of the generall fast, 
appoynted by the geneiall as- 
sembly of the Churches of Scot- 
land. Holden at Edinburgh the 
25 day of December 1565. [Edin" 
burghf 1566?] 16mo. 4405.a.(2.) 

— Another edition. Printed for 
T.P.,London,1603. 8vo. 693.C.40. 

— The principall acts of the... 
General Assembly of the Kirk of 
Scotland... Conveened at Glasgow 
the 21 of November 1638. Edin- 
burgh, 1639. fol. 491. 1. 23. (1.) 

— The Protestation of the 
Generall Assembly of the Kirke 
of S., and of the... Subscribers of 
the Covenant lately, made at the 
Mercate Crosse of JEdinburgh the 
18. of December . 1 638. J. Bryson, 
Edinburgh, 1639. 4to. 

1225. c. 19. (1.) 

Without pngination. 

— Another copy. 110. a. 6. 

This copy differs from the pre- 
ceding in having an approbation 
printed on the last page. 

— Eeasons for a Generall As- 
semblie. [Edinburgh?] 163S. 4to. 

110. a. 6. 
Without pagination. 

— A Re-examination of the 
five articles enacted at Perth 
anno 1618. To wit. Concern- 
ing the communicants gesture in 
the act of receaving. The obser- 
Tation of festivall dayes. Epis- 
copall confirmation or bishopping. 
The administration of baptisme 
and the Supper of the Lord in 


-privat places. (A passage of 
Master William Cowper, pre- 
tended Bishop of Gallaway his 
sermon, delivered before the 
States anno 1606, etc.) [Perth,] 
1636. 4to. 851. e. 3. 


Ministers. See Borne (N.) The 
Disputation concerning the con- 
troversit Headdis of Eeligion,... 
betuix the prsetendit ministeris 
of the deformed Kirk in Scotland 
and N. Bume, etc. 1581. 8vo. 

699. b. 5. (1.) 

— Boanerges. Or the humble 
supplication of the Ministers of 
Scotlaad, to the High Court of 
Parliament in 'England. (Con- 
cerning non-residents, formalists, 
and other abuses of the clergie, 
etc.) Edinburgh,1624:. 4to. 4175. b. 

— The grievances given in by 
the Ministers before the Parlia- 
ment holden in June 1633. Pro- 
positions concerning kneeling bo- 
fore the bread in the Sacrament. 
Master W. Coupers Letter to the 
Bishop of Dumblane. The Bi- 
shops instruction to Master G. 
Hammiltoun, Bishop of Galloway. 
M'. G. Gladstones letter to the 
King. Master W. Struthers 
letter to the Earle of Airth. 
[Edinburgh f] 1 635. 8 vo. 

1369. a. 65. 

SCOTLAND.— Cbt?€nan/. The 

Protestation of the noblemen, 
Barrens, Gentlemen, Borrowes, 
Ministers, and Commons, sub- 
scribers of the Confession of Faith 
and Covenant, lately renewed 
w^ithin the Kingdome of Scotland, 
made at the Mercate Crosse of 
Edinburgh, the 4. of Julij im- 
niediatly after the reading of the 
proclamation, dated 28. June 
. 1638. [Edinburgh,] 1638. 4to. 

110. a. 3. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-G. 




SCOTLAND.— CW^an/. The 

Protestation of the Noblemen... 
and Commons ; subscribers of the 
Confession of Faith and Covenant, 
lately renewed within the King- 
dome of Scotland, made at the 
Mercate Crosse of Edinburgh the 
22. of September, immediatly after 
the reading of the proclamation 
dated September 9. 1638. [Edin- 
burgh,] 1638. 4to. 110. a. 8. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-G. 

— The Eemonstranoe of the 
Kobilitj, Barones, Burgesses, 
Ministers and Commons within 
the Eangdome of Scotland vindi* 
eating them and their proceedings 
from the crymes, wherewith they 
are charged by the late proclama- 
tion in England, Feb. 27. 1639. 
cT. Bryson, Edinburgh, 1639. 4to. 

873. e. 63. 

— Another copy. 113. i. 41. 

— Another edition. J. Bryson, 
^tn&ur^A, 1639. 4to. 111. d. 14. 

SC OTL AND, EpUcopdl Church 
of, — Archhiahops and Bwiops, The 
Declinatour and Protestation of 
the some some-times pretended 
Bishops, presented in face of the 
last Assembly. Befuted and 
fonnd futile, etc. J. Bryson, 
Edinburgh, 1639. 4to. 110. a. 9. 

— [Another edition.] The 
Declinator and protestation of 
the Archbishops and Bishops, of 
the Church of Scotland, and 
others their adherents within 
that Eingdome. Against the 

Eretended generall Assembly 
olden at Glasgow Novemb. 21. 
1638. /. Baw€rth,for Q. Thomaaon 
and 0. PuUen, London^ 1639. 4to. 

4175. a. 

— Another copy. 110. a. 8. 

— Een cort verhael van de 
Misdaden...die de Schotse Bis- 
schoppen te laate gheleyt werden; 

VOL. in. 

om 't welcke sy verworpen sijn 
uyt de Kercke van Schotland. 
Met de Namen der gene die op 
de laetste Generale Vergaderinge 
[held April 1562] waren, daerin 
de Bisschoppen verworpen wier- 
den. J. Bryson, Edinburgh, 
1639. 8vo. 4175. de. 20. 

SCOTLAND^ J^iscopoZ Church 
of. — Canons. Canons and constitu- 
tions ecclesiasticall gathered and 
put in forme for the governament 
of the Church of Scotland, etc. 
E. Baban, Aberdene, 1636. 4to. 

C. 37. d, 29. 

SCOTLAND, J^cqpoZ Church 
of— -Provincial Council.— Catechitm. 
TheCatechisme, That is to say,ane 
comone and catholik instructioun 
of the christin people in materis of 
our catholik faith and religioun, 
quhilk na gud christin man or 
woman suld misknaw: set furth 
be ye maist reuerend father in 
God Johne Aschbischop of sanct 
Androus, Legatnait and primat 
of ye kirk of Scotland, in his pro- 
vincial counsale haldio at Edin- 
burgh the XX vi. day of Januarie, 
the zeir of our Lord 1561, etc. 
)$* 2* sanct Androus ; 1552. 4to. 

C. 25. c. 3. 
Sliglitly mutilated. 

— Another copy. G. 12021. 

SCOTLAND, Kirk of 
See supra : Church of 

SCOTLAND.— rtn^<. Abriefe 
Chronicle of all the Kinges of S. 
E. Baban for D, Melvill, Aherdene, 
1623. 16mo. 682. a. 9. (2.) 

— A Catalogue of the Kings 
of Scotland. Together with their 
severall Armes, Wives, and Issue. 
London, IQIO. fol. 600. k. 4.(1.) 

— A table of all the Einges of 
Scotland, declaring quhat zeir... 
they began to reigne, etc. (A table 
of the moueable feastes for 60 





zeires to cum.) [Edinburgh? 
1597?] fol. 6805. b. (7.) 

A fragment ooDBisting of eight 
leaves. Big. F and G. Without 

SCOTLAND . — Parliament 
Informations, or a protestation 
(offered to the Parliament at S. 
Johnston's, 1. Julii, 1606) and a 
treatise (of Eirke Government) 
from Scotland. Seconded with 
D. Eeignoldes his letter to Sir F. 
Enollis. And Sir F. KnoUis his 
Speach in Parliament. All sug- 
gesting the usurpation of Papal 
Bishops. [With an "Epistle to 
the Keader" by the Printer.] 
1608. 8vo. 4175. de. 22. 

— Another copy. 4175. a. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage 
and the ** Epistle to the Beader." 

— Information from the Estaits 
of the kingdome of Scotland to 
the kingdome of England. [Lon- 
don,] 1640. 4to. 8142. a. 

— A remonstrance concerning 
the present troubles from the 
meeting of the estaees [sic] of... 
Scotlond, Aprill 16. [1640] unto 
the Parliament of England. [Edin- 
burgh f] 1640. 4to. E. 177. (6.) 

—Another copy. E. 1943. (16.) 

— A true representation of the 
proceedings of the Kingdome of 
Scotland since the late pacifica- 
tion : by the Estates of the king- 
dome: against mistakings in the 
late declaration, 1640. (The pro- 
ceedings of the Commissioners 
sent from the Parliament of 
Scotland to the King.) 2 pts. 
[London f]164cO. 4to. 

600. e. 26. (1, 2.) 

BCOTliAND.— Statutes. Thd 
Actis and Constitutiounis of the 
Bealme of Scotland maid in Par- 
liamentis haldin be thc.Eingis 
James the First, Secund, Thrid, 

Feird, Fy ft, and in Tyme of Marie 
now Queue of Scottis, viseit, cor- 
rectit, and extraotit furth of the 
Begisters be the Lordis depute 
be hir Maiesties speciall commis* 
sioun thairto. [Edited by Ed- 
yard Henrison.] B, Lek^eiUi, 
Edinburgh, 1666. fol. C.15.b.ll. 

Bound for Mary, Queen of Soot- 
land, with her arms on the coven. 

— Another copy. 509. g. 19. (1.) 

With a different titlepage, and 
wanting the Preface and Uie ** Com- 

SCOTLAND.— 5to<utet. The 
Laws and Actes of Parliament, 
maid be King James the First 
and his sucoessours Einges of 
Scotland yisied, collected and 
extracted furth of the Begister 
[by Sir J. Skene]. (The inter- 
pretation of the termes...used in 
the foure buiks of Begiam Majes- 
tatem and uthers, etc.) 3 pts. 
MS. Notes. B. Walde-grave, Edin- 
burgh, 1597. fol. 509. g. 12. 

With a second general titlepage 
engraved. Pt. 2 has a distinct re- 
gister, and pt. 3 has a distinct title- 
page and register. 

— Another copy. 

509. d. 1. (1 and 3,) 

This and the two following, each 
want the engraved titlepage. 

— Another copy. 5805. b. (1.) 

— Another copy. 23. o. 3. 

S C O T L A N T> .—Statutes.— 
James VI. [The Actis of Parlia- 
ment ofj . . . James the sezt . . . king 
of Scottis, begun and haldin at 
Edinburgh, the XV. day of De- 
cemb. The zeir of God ane thou- 
sand, fyve hundretth LXVll.zeir. 
15* S. Bobert Lelcp-euih, Edin- 
burgh, 1568. fol. 709. h. 10. 

Slightly mutilated. 

— Another copy. 509. g. 22. (1.) 

TiUepage in MS. 




— Another edition. [Together 
with the '* Actis and Aitickles... 
red in the face of Parliament, and 
ratifyit be the thre Estatis. At 
Edinburgh the 17. day of Augnst, 
the zeir of God . 1660. zeiris."] 
V.%. J.Bo8,Edinlmrgh,1575. fol. 

509. f. 19. 

SCOTLAND .—Statutes.— 
3 AMISS YI. In the Parliament be- 
gunne at Striviling, the XXVIII. 
day of Augnst,... ane thousand 
fyye hundreth thre sooir and 
elleyin zeiris ... The actis and 
Constitutiounis following war 
ooncludit to be observit as Lawis 
in tyme cumming. )3. E« 
Sobert Lekprevikj Sanctandrois, 
1573. fol. 509. g. 21. 

— Another edition. [With the 
Acts passed the last day of April, 
1673.J ».!• J. Bos, Edinburgh, 
1675. fol. 609. f. 19. (2.) 

— In the Parliament haldin at 
Striviling the 25 day of Julij, 
[and] (at Edinburgh the 20 day 
of October )...ane thousand fyve 
hundreth thre scoir, and auchtene 
zeiris. Thir Lawis, statutis, and 
Constitutiounis ar devysit, or- 
danit, and concludit be the richt 
Excellent... Prince James the Sext, 
etc. V* %• J. Bos, Edinburgh, 
1679. fol. 509. g. 20. 

— Another copy. 509. g. 19. (2.) 

— In the Parliament haldin and 
begun at Edinburgh the XXIIII. 
day of October the Zeir of God, 
ane thousand, fyve hundreth, 
four scoir, ane zeiris Thir Lawis, 
Statutis ... ar devysit. 3$. Z« 
H.Charteris, Edinburgh, 15S2. fol. 

509. g. 19. (3.) 

— In the current Parliament 
haldin at Edinburgh, the XXII. 
day of Maij, the zeir of God ane 
thousand fyve hundreth, fourscoir 
four zeirs, thir Lawis, Statutis... 

ar devysit, etc. V* %« A. Ar- 
buthnet, Edinburgh, [1585 ?] fol. 

509. g. 19. (4.) 

SCOTLAND .—Statutes.— 
James VL Begin. TheXVI(-XX) 
parliament of king James the sext 
halden at Edinburgh the XV day 
of November... 1600. (Collected, 
visied and extracted foorth of the 
Buikes and Register of the Actes 
of Parliament be... Sir J. Skene, 
etc.) [Edinburgh, 1609.] fol. 

5805. b. (2.) 

Withoat titlepage. 

— The acts made in the XXII. 
Parliament, halden ... at ... Edin- 
burgh, the XXVIII day of June, 
...1617. T. Finlason, Edinburgh, 
1617. fol. 708. i. 2. 

— [Another edition.] The 
XXII Parliament of... James... 
Kin g of Scotl and . . . &c. Halden . . . 
at Edinburgh the 28 day of June 
1617, etc. [Edinburgh, 1611.] fol. 

5805. b. (3.) 

Imperfect; wanting titlepage. 

— The XXIII. Parliament of 
...James. ..King of Scotl and... &c. 
Halden at Edinburgh the 4 day 
of August 1621. by... James Mar- 
quis of Hamilton... Commissioner 
. . . appointed . . . Extracted foorth of 
the registers... By Sir G. Hay, 
etc. jT. Finlason, Edinburgh, 
1621. fol. 5805. b. (4.) 

— Another edition. T. Fin- 
lason, Edinburgh, 1621. fol. 

C. 21. d. 17. 

S C O T L A N "D.-Statutes.- 
Charles I. The Acts made in 
the first Parliament of... Charles 
...King of Great Britaine... Edinburgh, upon the 
twentie eight day of June... 1638. 
B. Young, Edinburgh, 1633. fol. 

5805. b. (5.) 




— Anothercopy. 709.1i. 25.(1.) 

— Another copy. C. 21. d. 8. 

— Another copy. 21. f. 12. (1.) 

S C O T L A N D.— James VI., 

King. The copie of the Procla- 
matioun set furth be the Eiugis 
Maiestie and his Counsall, for ane 
Conuentioun of the professouris 
of the trew Eeligioun within this 
realmo, to consult and deliberate 
upon the imminent dangeris and 
Conspiracies of the Papistis. 
[Oct. 3, 1572.] Id. a* Robert Lek- 
preu%k,Sanctandrois,l672,, fol. 
' C. 18. e. 2. (112.) 

— Ane Declaratioun of the just 
and necessar causis, moving us of 
the Nobillitie of Scotland and 
uthers ye Kings Maiesties faith- 
ful Subjectis, to repair to his 
Hienes presence, and to remane 
with him for resisting of the 
present daingeris appearing to 
Goddis trew religion and profes- 
Bours thairof, & to his Hienes 
awin person, estait & croun & 
his faithful subjecteiB...(&.to seik 
redres & reformatioun of the 
abuse... of the Commoun wealth, 
etc. Derectit from Strivilling 
with speciall command and 
licence to be pren tit Anno . 1582. 
[Stirling f 1582.] 8vo. 

C. 38. a. 18. (1.) 
Without pagination. 

— A Declaration of the just 
causes of his Majesties proceeding 
against those Ministers, who are 
now lying in prison attainted of 
high Treason. Set foorth by his 
Majesties Counsell of his king- 
dome of Scotland. B, Barker, 
London, 1606. 4to. 1093. b. 69. 

SCOTLAND.— Charles L, 

King, Begin, Charles by the 
grace of God, etc. (His Majesties 
determination upon the first gene- 
rail Submissions.) [Decrees re- 

lating to tithes, etc. 2 Sept. 1 629.] 
Edinburgh, [1629]. fol. 

5805. b. (6.) 

Without titlepage. 

S C O T L A N D.— Charles I., 
King. Begin. Charles... King, etc. 

t Being Letters, empowering the 
^rovost and Baillies of Edinburgh 
to collect, in Edinburgh, the tax 
payable under an Act of the Par- 
liament of Scotland reducing the 
rate of interest from ten to eight per 
cent, and granting to the Govern- 
ment the two per cent, kept back 
from the creditor.] (Given at 
Edinburgh the twentie eight day 
of June, 1633.) lEdinburgh, 1633.] 
8. 8h. fol. 1851. d. 1. C30.) 

The blank spaoes are filled in, in 

— [A declaration annulling the 
Service Book, Book of Canons, 
High Commission, etc. The con- 
fession of faith of the Church of 
Scotland. With other documents 
relating to the Church of Soot- 
land.] Begin. Charles, by the 
grace of God, etc. B. Young, 
Edinburgh, IQSS. 4to. 111. g. 33. 

Without titlepage. 

— A large declaration concern- 
ing the late tumults in Scotland, 
from their first originalls: To- 
gether with a particular deduc- 
tion of the seditious Practices of 
the prime Leaders of the Cove- 
nanters: collected out of their 
owne foule Acts and Writings: 
By which it doth plainly appeare, 
that Heligion was onely pretended 
by those Leaders, but nothing 
lesse intended by them. By the 
King. [Drawn up by Dr. Bal- 
canquall.] B. Young, London, 
1639. fol. G. 5418. 

With a portrait of Charles L 

— Another copy. 600. k. 7. 

Without the portrait 




— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes. 186. c. 10. 

SCOT L A N D.— Charles L, 
King, His Majesties Proclamation 
in Scotland [dated, Deo. 8«» 1638] : 
with an Explanation of the mean- 
ing of the Oath and Covenant. 
By ... his Majesties High Com- 
missioner [i.e. James, Marqnis of 
Hamilton]. 2 pts. B. Young, 
London, 1639. 4to. 491. d. 30. 

Ft. 2 has a separate titlepage 
and pagination. 

— Another copy. 873. e. 66. 

— Another copy of pt. 2 only. — 

T. 1015. (8.) newl 

— His Majesties Declaration 
concern in g his Proceedings with 
his Subjects of Scotland, since the 
Pacification in the Camp neere 
Berwick. B. Young ; and B. Bad- 
ger^ London, 1 640. 4to. 8142. b. 

With a portrait of Charles I. 

SCOTS. See S., W. The 
Complaint of Time against the 
rTn]mnltnous and Bebellions 
Scots. [In verse.] 1639. 4to. 

11626. d. 67. 

— The Lawfulnesse of our [the 
Scots] expedition into England 
manifested. Printed first in Scot- 
land, by B. Bry8on...Beprinted in 
England, by Margery Mar-Prelat, 
1640. 4to. E. 1943. (15.) 

SCOTT (Edmund) An exact 
Pisconrse of the Subtilties, Fashi- 
shions [sic'], Pollicies, Beligion 
and Ceremonies of the East In- 
dians, as well Chyneses as lavans 
... the manner of trading with 
those people, aswell by us Eng- 
lish, as by the Hollanders: as 
also what hath happened to the 
English Nation at Ban tan... since 
the 2. of February 1602... Where- 
unto is added a briefe Description 

of lava Maior. Printed by W, W, 
for W. Burre, London, 1606. 4to. 

582. e. 3. 
Without pa^nation. 

— Another copy. G. 6947. 

SCOTT (Sir Michael) The 
Philosophers banquet. Newly 
furnished ... with severall dishes. 
...[Translated from the Latin of 
Sir M. Scott.] The second edition, 
newly corrected and inlarged... 
By W. B. Esquire. Printed by 
T. 0. for L. Becket, London, 
1614. 8vo. 1038. a. 37. (1.) 

The third edition, 

newly ... inlarged ... by W. B., 
Esquire. Printed for N. Vavas- 
8our, London, 1633. 12mo. 

1038. a. 37. (2.) 

— Another copy. 8404. a. 

— Another copy. 234. a. 25. 

SCOTT (Thomas) B.D., Mi- 
nister at Utrecht. See Belgic Pis- 
mire. The Belgicke Pismire : 
stinging the slothfuU Sleeper, 
etc. [By T. S.] 1622. 4to. 

491. b. 23. (1.) 

— See Belgic Soldier. The 
Belgick-Souldier, etc. [By T. S.] 
1624. 4to. 292. f. 46. (4.) 

— See Devereux (E.) Earl of 
Essex, Robert Earle of Essex his 
ghost. Sent from Elizian : to the 
nobility, gentry, and communal- 
tie of England. [By T. Scott.] 
1624. 4to. G. 6164. 

— See Digitus. Exod. 8. 19. 
Digitus Dei. [A sermon, by T. S.] 
[1623.] 4to. 1103. e. 8. 

— See England. England's 
Joy for suppressing the Papists. 
[By T.Scott?] 1624. 4to. 873. g. 7. 

— See I., S. R. N. 




SCOTT (Thomas) B.D., Mi- signed : " Thorn: Scott."] London, 
nUter at Utrecht. See James I., 1622, 23. 4to. G. 3801. (1-5.) 

King of Great Britain, etc. Cer- 
tain Kea8ons...Why the King of 
England should hereafter give 
over all further Treatie, and enter 
into warre with the Spaniard. 
[By T. Scott.] 1624. 4to. 

1103. e. 21. 

Symmachia : or, a True- 

Loves Knot, etc. [By T. S.] 
[1625?] 4to. 

With a portrait of T. Soott. The 
tracts of which this Tolume is com- 
posed have each a separate title- 
P^S^i pagination, and reg^ter, 
except "Vox Populi,'* which has 
no special titiepage. They were 
also issued separately. Imperfect ; 
wanting the third leaf of the addreas 
** To the Reader " in " Vox Eegis."^ 


SCOTT (Thomas) B.D,, Mi^ 
1103. e. 11^ nister at Utrecht. The Belgicke 

Pismire ; stinging the slothfull 
— See Netherlands, United Sleeper and awaking the diligent 
Provinces of the. A Kelation of to fast, watch and pray :... Where- 
some speciall points concerning unto is added the Projector (de- 
the State of Holland, etc. [By livered in a Sermon [on Prov. xi7. 
T. S.?] 1621. 4to. 8081. a. 34]), etc. [London f] 1623. 8vo. 

— See Parnassus. Newes 
from Pemassus, etc. [By T. S.] 
1622. 4to. 1103. e. 67. 

694. c. 38. 

Slightly cropped. 

— Christs Politician, and 
Salomons Puritan. Deliuered in 

— See Raleigh (Sir W.) Sir two sermons [on Matt. x. 17, and 
W. Rawleighs Ghost, or Eng- Eccles. vn. 18], preached before 
lands Forewamer, etc. [ByT.S.l the Kings Maiestie. E. Griffin 
1626. 4to. E. 1943. (5.) for F. Constable, London, IQ 16. 4to. 

— See Rome, Church of— Car- ^^^' ***' ^' ^^'^ 
dinaU Aphonsmes of State .. _ The High-Waies of God and 
agreed the Colledge of ^he King. Wherein all men 
Cardinals m Rome... W hereunto ought to walke in holinesse here. 
18 annexed a censure upon the to happinesse hereafter. De- 
chiefe points of that which the u^ered jn two sermons [on Prov. 

S% i^9A « ^''^±^- ?/ ^v.l2]. London, 1623. 4to. 
T. S. 1624. 8vo. 1103. e. 18. ■• ^^^Qg ^ ^^ 

— See S., T., of U. 

— See Spain. VoxPopuli. Or, 
Newes from Spayne, translated 
according to the Spanish coppie 
[or rather written by T. Scott], 
etc. 1620. 4to. 1093. b. 80. 

— Vox Populi. — ^Vox Dei. — 
Vox Regis. — Digitus Dei. — The 
Belgick Pismire. — The Tongue- 
Combat. — Symmachia or the 
True-Loves knot. — The High- 
Wayes of God and the King. — 
The Projector. [The preface 

— Another copy. 4475. a. 98. 
— Another copy. 694.d.l7.(10.) 

— The Proiector. Teaching 
a... way to restore the decayes of 
the Church and State both in 
Honour and Revenue. De- 
livered in a sermon [on Prov. xiv. 
34] before the Judges in Norwich 
...anno 1620. London, 1623. 4to. 

1103. e. 14. 

— Another edition. [London f] 
1 623. 8vo. 694. o. 38. (2.) 




SCOTT (Thomas) B,D., Mi- 
nister ai Utrecht A Briefe and 
true relation of the Mnrther of... 
T. Scott committed by J. Lam- 
bert ... 1 626. with his Examination 
...and Execution. (A Funerall 
Elegietipon...T. S.) Printed for 
N. BuUer, London, 1628. 4to. 

0. 27. 0. 18. 

SCOTT (Thomas) Poe<. [Four 
Paradoxes : of Arte, of Lawe, of 
Warre, of Service. In verse.] 
ILondan, 1602.] 8vo. C. 39. a. 63. 

Without pagrination. Imperfect; 
wanting the titlepage. 

SCOTT (William) An essay 
of drapery; or, The compleate 
Citizen trading justly, pleasing- 
ly, profitably. Eli, Allde for 
S. Pemell, London, 1635. 12mo. 

713. a. 4. 

With an additional titlepage 

SCOURGE. See D., J. A 

Scourge for Paper-Persecutors, 
etc. 1626. 4to. C. 39. e. 66. 

Ajdolphus) Triumphus Logic» 
BamesB, ubi tum in ipsa pree- 
oepta P. Bami addita, tum in 
nniversos ejus interpretes & ani- 
madversores, animadversiones ob- 
servationesA plurimaa proponun- 
tnr ... Editio secanda. T. Van- 
iroUeriua, Londini, 1683. 8vo. 

1134. a. 2. 

S C R O G I E (Alexander) 
JSetp. De imperfectione Sancto- 
rum in hac vita theses theologicsd. 
Prses. I. Forbesio. E. BahanuSj 
Aberdonise, 1627. 4to. 

4176. b. 4. (1.) 

SCUDAMORE (James) See 
Basil I., sumamed the Macedonian, 
Emperor of Constantinople. The 
Sixty sixe admonitory chapters 
of his sonne Leo... 

Translated out of Greeke by J. S. 
1638. 8vo. 1387. b. 

SC UDDER (Henrt) See 
Whately (W.) Prototypes... to- 
gether with M'. Whatelye's life 
and death. Published by E. 
Leigh and H. S. 1640. fol. 

3166. f. 

— The Christians Daily Walke. 
...The sixt edition, corrected... by 
the Author. [Edited by J. Daven- 
port.] Printed by M. X>. for 
H. Overton, London, 1636. 12mo. 

4402. b. 

— A Key of Heaven : the 
Lords Prayer opened... Contain- 
ing... Doctrines of faith and god- 
linesse, etc. [With preface by 
R. Sibbs.] MS. Note. B. Field, 
for T. Man, London, 1620. 12mo. 

4407. aaa. 

SCULTETUS (Abraham) A 
secular sermon [on Ps. CXLV. 9] 
concerning the doctrine of the 
Gospell, by the goodnes and 
power of God restored in the 
fifteenth age from the birth of 
our Lord Jesus Christ. Made... 
in the High-dutch tongue. After 
by another translated into Latin, 
and now out of Latin into Eng- 
lish. W.Jones, London, 161Q. 4to. 

3906. d. 

— A Short Information, but 
agreeabli unto Scripture, of Idol- 
Images ... Faithfully translated 
according to the High Dutch 
copie,etc. 1620. 4to. 873. e. 110. 

Without pagination. 

SCUTE ^Cornelius) A pro- 
nostication tor the yere of our 
Lord God M.CCCCC.xliiii., etc. 
^, a* B. Lant for B. Grafton, 
Xondon, [1644]. 8vo. C. 20. a. 36. 

Without pa^nation. Imperfect; 
wanting sig. Di. 




SEABROOKE (Hichabd) 
Seabrookes Caveat, or his Warn- 
ing pieoe to all his . . . Country-men, 
to beware how they meddle with 
the Eyes... In which is oontayned 
the exact and moste certaine 
remedies for all ... infirmities 
which shall happen unto the 
Eyes, etc. E, AU-de^ London^ 
1620. 12mo. 1186. b. 6. (1.) 

Slightly cropped. 

S E A G E R (Francis) See 
School. The Sohoole of Vertue 
of F. S.], the second part [by 
. West], etc. 1619. 8vo. 

11623. aa. 37. (2.) 


— The Schoole of Vertue, and 
booke of good Nourture for 
chyldren, and youth to leame 
theyr dutie by. [In verse.] 
Newely ... corrected and aug- 
mented by the fyrst Auctour F. 
S[eager]. Id, !• W. Searee, 
London^ 1557. Svo. 232. a. 45. 

Without pagination. The author's 
name ocoors on the Terso of the 

SEAMAN. The Sea-Mans 
Triumph. Declaring the honor- 
able actions of such gentlemen 
Captaines and Sailers, as were at 
the takinge of the great Carrick, 
lately brought to Dartmouth^ 
with her burthen and com- 
modities, with the manor of their 
fight, and names of men of 
accompt. With the burning of 
an other Carrick at the Hand 
of Flowers, etc. IS. X« Printed 
by R, B. for W, Barley, London, 
1592. 4to. G. 5951. 

Without pagination. 

SEAMAN (Lazarus) See 
SiBBES (R.) A glance of Heaven, 
etc. [With Address to the Reader 
by L. Seaman.] 1638. 12mo. 

4403. d. 

Sl&BASTlAN,Kingof Portugal 
[Advewtures.'\ See Teixeira (J.) 
The strangest adventure that ever 
happened, etc. 

— The Battell of Alcazar, 
fought in Barbarie, betweene 
Sebastian King of Portugal, and 
Abdel-meleo King of Marocoo. 
With the death of Captaine 
Stukeley. [By G. Peele. A 
tragedy in four acts and in 
blank verse.] Edward Allde for 
Richard Banhworth, London^ 
1594. 4to. C. 34. b. 1. 

Without pagination. 

SECRETARY. Here be- 
gynneth a dialogue betwene the 
oomen Secretary and Jelowsy 
touchynge the unstablenea of 
harlottos. [In verse.] IS. Z. 
[John Kynge, London, 1560 ?] 4to. 

C. 21. 0. 19. 

Four leaves, without pagination. 
There is a woodcut on the titlepage, 
and also on the verso of the last 

SECRETS. See D.,!., Esquire. 
The Secrets of Angli[ng], etc. 
[1630.] Svo. C. 31. a. 42. 

SE C U N D U S (Joannes) 
J. Secundi et M. Leii Regin» 
FecunisB Begia. See Leius (M.) 
M. Leii ReginaB Pecuniae. Liber 1» 
etc. 1623. Svo. 1070. 1. S. (10.) 

SECURIS (John) See Ephe- 
MERiDES. A Prognosticacion for 
...I662...B7...J. S. 1562. Svo. 

632. b. 1. (1.) 

— A Detection and Querimonie 
of the daily enormities and abuses 
comitted in physick, etc. IS* %• 
In sedihus Thomm Marshi, Londini, 
1666. Svo. 103S. g. 15. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

SEDGWICK (John) See 
SiUBES (R.) Beames of divine 




liiglit, ... in xzi. sermonti, etc. 
[Edited by J. S.] 1639, etc. 4to. 

873. i. 2. 

SEDGWICK (John) See 
SiBBS3(E.) Evangelicall Sacrifices 
...third tome. [With an Epistle 
Dedicatory by J. S.] 1640. 4to. 

4455. c. 

• The Fonntaine Opened, 

etc. [With a dedication by J. S.] 
1638. 4to. 4408. bbb. 

Light from Heaven ;... in 

fonre treatises. [Edited by J. S.] 
1638. 4to. 873. i. 1. 

— See Taylor (T.) A Good 
Hnsband and a G<x>d Wife... A 
sermon published by J. S. 
1625. 4to. 114. e. 43. 

SEDGWICK (Obadiah) 
Christs counsell to his languish- 
ing Church of Sardis. Or, the 
dying or decaying christian, etc. 
Printed hy T, B,for L, Favme, and 
8. OelUbrand, London, 1640. 8vo. 

4406. bbb. 

SEEING. Here begynneth 
the Seyng of Urynes, of all the 
coloures that Urynes be of, and 
the Medycynee annexed to euery 
TJryne, etc. 15» E» B, Wyer, 
[Irondon, 1530 ?] 8vo. 7461. a. 

Without pagination. 8ig. A-H. 

— Another edition. 15. S« 
[London, 1540?] 8vo. 1189. a. 3. 

Imperfect; wanting all after 
sig. F0. 

— Another edition. i3. Z. 
E. Bedman, London, [1544 ?] 8vo. 

1189. a. 39. 

— Another edition. V^ X, 
TT. Myddylton, London, 1 544. 8vo. 

1189. a. 42. 

— Another edition. V* Z« 
J. Waley, London, [1645 ?] 8vo. 

1189. a. 40. 

— Another edition. 3d* Z* 
A. Kitson, London, [1550 ?] 8vo. 

1189. a. 41. 

— Another edition. IJ* S* 
J. Waley, London, [1550 ?] 8vo. 

C. 31. a. 40. 

S E G A R (Francis) How 
Bichard Flantagenet Duke of 
Glocester murdred his brothers 
children usurping the crowne, 
and... was... deprived of lyfe and 
kingdome, etc. See Baldwin ( W.) 
A Myrrour for Magistrates, etc. 
1571. 4to. C. 21. c 

— How Bichard Flantagenet 
Duke of Glocester murdered his 
brothers children, etc. See Hxa* 
GINS (J.) The first parte of the 
Mirour for Magistrates, etc. Ft. 2. 
1574. 4to. C. 21. c. 33. 

1675. 4to. 

C. 21. c. 51. (1, 2.) 

1587. 4to. 

1077. g. 5. (1.) 

SEOAR (Sir William) Garter 
King at Arme. See Book. The 
Booke of Honor and Armes. [By 
SirW.Segar?] 1590. 4to. G. 1064. 

— Honor, Military and Civill, 
contained in foure Bookes, etc. 
1 Justice, and Jurisdiction Mili- 
tary. 2 Knighthood in generall, 
and particular. 3 Combats for 
life, and Triumph. 4 Frecedencie 
of great Estates, and others. 
[With a prefatory address to the 
reader by T. B.] B. Barker, Lon- 
don, 1602. fol. 2119. f. 

IVith plates. 

— Another copy. 

— Another copy. 

605. f. 2. 
605. f. 3. 

This and the two following copies 
have each a portrait of Segar pre- 

— Another copy. 

— Another copy. 

137. e. 6. 
G. 1183. 





SE JANUS (uElius) SeeM.,T. 
The Powerful! Favorite, or the 
life of Julius Sejanus, etc. 
1628. 4to. 112.0.2. 

— [Lt/c] See Matthieu (P.) 
Unhappy Prosperity, etc. 

SEILE (Henry) i&c Augustus 
C. J. C. O.) Emperor of Borne. 
ugustus : or, an essay of those 
meanes... whereby the Common- 
wealth of Rome was altered ... 
nnto a Monarchy. [With a de- 
dication signed by H. S., who was 
probably the author.] 1632. 12mo. 

8005. aa. 

SELDEN(John) i8^66 Arundel 
Marbles. Marmora Arundelliana. 
... Publicavit & commentariolos 
adjecit J. S. 1628. 4to. 604. d. 8. 

— See Drayton (M.) Poly- 
Olbion. [With illustrations of 
J. S.] 1613. fol. 641. k. 11. 

— See Eadmer, the Monk, Ead- 
meri ... Historiee Novorum sive 
Bui sseculi libri VI.... In lucem ex 
Bibliotheca Cottoniana emisit I. 
Seldenus, etc. 1623. fol. 597. k. 9. 

— See England. — Parliament. 
A Briefe Discourse concerning the 
Power of the Peeres and Comons 
of Parliament, in point of judi- 
cature. Written by a learned 
Antiquerie [J. S.], etc. 1640. 4to. 

6145. b. 16. 

— See FoRTESCUE (Sir J.) Lord 
Chief Justice, etc. De Laudibus 
Legum Angliae . . . Hereto are joind 
the two Summes of Sir R. de 
Hengham. . .Notes. ..are added [by 
J. S.] 1616. 8vo. 506. a 23. 

^ — See Montague (R.) succes- 
sively Bishop of Norwich, etc. 
Diatribes upon the first part of 
the late History of Tithes [by 
J. S.]. 1621. 4to. 858. g. 9. 

— See Nettles (S.) An An- 

swer to the Jewish Part of M' 
S.'s history of tithes. 1625. 4to. 

617. h. 26. (2.) 

SELDEN (John) See S., J. 

&6 SOLATER (M.) TheQusBS- 

tion of Tythes revised,... M' S-'s 
Historic ... over-ly viewed, etc. 
1623. 4to. 6155. 

— See Sempill (Sir J.) Sacri- 
lege sacredly handled... an Appen- 
dix also added. Answering some 
objections... against this treatise .J. S. historic of tithes, etc 
1619. 4to. 617. b. 5. 

— See TiLLESBY (R.) Animad* 
versions upon M. Seldens history 
of tythes, and his review thereof, 
etc. 1621. 4to. 617. h. 14. 

— The Historic of Tithes. That 
is. The Practice of Payment of 
them. The Positive Laws made 
for them. The Opinions touch- 
ing the Bight of them. A Beview 
of it, is also annext, etc. Few 
MS. Notes. [Londcm,] 1618. 4to. 

517. b. 4. 

— Another copy. G. 19838. 

— Another edition. MS. Notes. 
\L(mdon,'\ 1618. 4to. 5157. aa. 

— Jani AnglorumFacies altera: 
memori& nemp<^ & primul& Hen- 
rici II., ad U8^ abitionem quod 
occurrit Prophanum, Anglo-Bri- 
tanniaa Jus resipiens succincto 8^7- 
yrffiaTLKd)^ connexum filo. Typis 
T. S. procur. J. Hetme, Londini, 
1610. 12mo. 600. b. 33. (2.) 

— J. Seldeni I. C. de Dis Syria 
Syntagmata II., etc. O. Stans- 
heius,Londini,lQl7. 8vo. G. 19736. 

— J. Seldeni de jure naturali 
& Gentium juxta Disciplinam He- 
braeorum libri septem. Bichardut 
Bishopus, Londini, 1640. fol. 

495. 1. 11. 




8ELDEN (John) J. Seldeni 
• Successionibus in Bona De- 
fnncti, sen jure haereditario, ad 
leges Ebraeorum, ... liber singn- 
laris; ex Sacris Literis, utroqne 
Talmnde, & selectioribns Eabbi- 
ni8...de6umtn8. Typia G. Stanes- 
heii,Londini, 1631. 4to. 501. c. 3. 

— J. Seldeni Mare Glausum sen 
de Dominio Maris Libri Duo. 
WiU, Stanetbeius, pro Bichardo 
Meighen,Londini,ieS5. fol. 552.1.3. 

Accedunt M. Z. 

Boxhomii apologia pro naviga- 
tionibus HoUandorum adversus 
P. Heutemm, et Traotatus Mutui 
Commereii & navigationis inter 
Henricum YII. regem Angliad & 
Philippum Archiducem Austriad. 
2 pts. Juxta Exemplar W, Stanes- 
heii pro Bichardo Meighen, Londiniy 
1636. 8yo. 6915. a. 

— Titles of honor. MS. Notb 
[by P. Hargrave]. W. Stanahy 
for J, Helme, London, 1614. 4to. 

884. k. 2. 

Imperfect ; apparently wanting 
the last leaf of the Table of Con- 

The second edition. 

W. Stanshy for B. Whitaker, Lon- 
don, 1631. fol. 2119. f, 

— Another copy. 605. g. 13. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 261, 262, 
267, 268. Titlepage slightly muti- 

SELDOM. See Admonitio]^. 
Seldome comes the better ; or an 
admonition to all sorts of people avoid mutability, etc. [1630?] 
BroadMe fol. Box. I. 382. 

— See P., L. Seldome cleanely, 
etc. [1 635 ?J Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 384. 

SELIM L, SuUan of the Turks. 
See Salim. 

S E L M A N (John) The 

Araignment of J. S., who was 
executed neere Charing-Grosse the 
7. of January, 1612. for a fellony 
by him committed in the King's 
Chappell at White-Hall upon 
Christmas day last, in presence 
of the King and divers of the 
nobility. S. X. Printed by 
W. H, for T. Archer, London, 
1612. 8vo. C. 27. k. 2. 


Christian Answer. A Seminary 
Priest put to a Non-plus, etc. 
1629. 4to. 3908. d. 

SEMPILL (&r James) Sacri- 
lege sacredly handled, that is 
according to Scripture onely:... 
an appendix also added, answer- 
ing some Objections... against this 
Treatise, and some others... in 
J. Scaligers Diatribe, and J. Sel- 
dens Historic of Tithes, etc. 
W. Jones, for E, Weaver, London, 
1619. 4to. 617. b. 5. 

The Appendix is separately paged. 

— Another copy. T. 803. (1.) 

gentis tragedie ending with ane 
exhortatoun. [A Ballad, of 23 
stanzas, on the Murder of the 
Eegent Murray.] )$« E« Bcbert 
Lekpreuik, Edinburgh, 1570. Broad- 
side fol. Eox. III. 2. 

— The Sege of the castel of 
Edinburgh. [In verse.] 55. 3l« 
B, Lekpreuik, Edinburgh, 1573. 4to. 

C?21. c. 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

SENDABAR. See BidpIi. 
The Morall Philosophic of Doni... 
A worke first compiled in the 
Indian tongue (by S. [or rather 
Bidpai]). 1601. 4to. C. 33. f. 2. 

SENECA (Lucius Ann^us) 
[ Works.] The Workes of L. A. 
Seneca both Morrall and Naturall, 
...Translated by T. Lodge. (The 




Life of L. A. Seneca described by 
J. Lipsius.) W. Stanshy, Lon- 
don, 1614. fol. 524. k. 13. 

SENECA (Lucius Ann£us) 
[De BeneficiisJ] The Woorke of 
...L. A. Seneca, concerning bene- 
fy ting, that is too say, the dooing, 
receyving, and requyting of good 
tumes; translated out of Latin 
by A. Golding. J5* 3l« J, Day, 
Lmdon, 1678. 4to. 231. g. 37. 

— [Be Bemediis Fortuitorum,] 
L. A. Senecae ad Gallionem de 
Remediis Fortuitorum. The re- 
medyes agaynst all casuall 
chaunces. Dialogus inter sensum 
et Kationem. A dialogue betwene 
Sensualyte and Beason, Lately 
translated by E. Whyttynton. 
Lat, Eng, 15, it. W. Myddylton, 
London, 1547. 8vo. 524. c. 9. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 9245. (2.) 

Imperfect ; sig. A only ; wanting 
therefore the last 12 leaves. 

— [ Tragcedise.'] L. &M. A. Senecsd 
atque alioiiim tragoedise : Animad- 
versionibus et notis marginalibus 
fideliter emendatsdatqueillustrataB 
[by T. Famaby]. 2 pts. J, King- 
stonius impenm O, Welby, Londini, 
1613. Bvo. 11707. a. 

Each pt. is separately paged. 

— L. & M. A. SenecsB Tragoe- 
diad: post omnes omnium editiones 
recensionesque edited denu6 & 
notis T. Farnabii illustratse. 
T. Snodham, Londini, 1624. Bvo. 

11712. aaa. (1.) 

Editiotertia . . . opera 

& studio T. Farnabii. F. Kyng- 
8ton impensis P. Stephani d C. Mere- 
dith, Londini, 1634. 8vo. 

1000. d. 13. 

— Seneca his tenne tragedies, 
translated into Englysh. [Her- 
cules Furens, Thyestes,.and Troas 

translated by J. Hey wood ; Oedi- 
pus by A. Nevile; Hippolytus, 
Medea, Agamemnon and Hercolea 
Oetaeus by J. Studley; Octavia 
by T. Nuce ; and the Thebais by 
the Editor T. Newton.] 1$, »• 
T, Marsh, London, 1581. 4 to. 

237. f. 4. 

— Another copy. C. 34. f. 1. 

— Another copy of the Hippo- 
lytus only. 643. o. 7. 

A fragment oonsisting of pp. 55-75. 

SENECA (Lucius Ann^us) 
[ Tragcedise. — Agamemnon.^ The 
Eyght Tragedie of Seneca, En- 
tituled Agamemnon. Trana- 
lated out of Latin into English, 
by I. Studley. [In verse.] V^ 3t, 
T. Colwell, London, 1566. 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 9. (4.) 

Without pagination. 

— [Tragcedise, — Hercules -FV- 
rens."] L. A. SenecaB Tragedia 
prima quse inscribitur Hercules 
furens ... in Anglicum metrum con- 
versa... per J. Heywodum. The 
first Tragedie of L. A. Seneca, 
intituled Hercules furens, trans- 
lated into English metre,... verse 
for verse... By J. Hey wood. Lai, 
Eng. H. Sutton, London,156l. 8vo. 

238. L 26. 

Without pagination. The Eng. 
lish translation is in Black Letter. 

— Another copy. C. 34. a. 8. (1.) 

— [Tragcedise, — Medea,"] The 
seventh Tragedie of S., Entituled 
Medea: translated out of Latin 
into English, by I. Studley. [In 
verse.] »♦ I. T. Oolwell, Lon- 
don, 1566. 8vo. C. 34. a. 9. (3.) 

— [Tragcedise, — Oedipus,'] The 
lamentable Tragedie of (^Idipus 
the Sonne of Laius Eyng of 
Thebes out of Seneca. By A. 




Nevyle. [In verse.] 15. S» MS. 
NoT£S. T.Colwell^London,156S. Sro, 

0. 34. a. 9. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

SENECA (LuGiirs AxNiRus) 
[IVo^osdice. — Thyestes."] The se- 
oonde tragedie of Seneca enti- 
tnled Thyestes faithfully Eng- 
lished by J. Hey wood. [In verse.] 
V. %. In the hou8 late Thomas Ber- 
titelettes, London^ 1560. 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 8. (2.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 9246, 

— [ Tragcedim.-- Troades.] The 
sixt tragedie of...L. A. Seneca 
entituled Troas [in five acts and 
in verse,] with divers addicions 
to the same... set forth in Eng- 
lishe, by J. Heywood. ij, £« 
B. TotiyX London, 1559. 8vo. 

238. 1. 27. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 9440. 

— Another edition. 35. X. 
T. PoweU for O, Bucke, London, 
[1660 ?] 8vo. C. 34. a. 9. (2.) 

— [^Suppontitious toorJcs. — De 
moribuBj] A fmtefuU worke of 
L. A. Senec8B [sic: or rather of 
Saint Martin, Archbishop of 
Braga] called the Myrronr or 
Glasse of Manors and wysedome 
bothe in latin and in Englysshe, 
lately Translated by R. whyttyn- 
ton, poet Laureate. Lat. and Eng, 
!$• 2. W. Myddylton, London, 
1647. 8vo. 624. c. 9. (1.) 

Withont pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 9245. (3.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage, 
the whole of sig. A, and sig. C«. 

— [Supposititious Works. — De 
qwUuor virtutihus.'] Seneca mora- 
Ii88mu8[«tc]philoBophus [or rather 
Saint Maxtin, Archbishop of 
Braga] de quattuor virtutibus car- 

dinalibns, optimo commento illus- 

tratns. 13. 31. Per mnadu de 

worde, Lodon., 1516. 4 to. 

C. 40. e. 1. (11.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Sig. A, B. The titlepage is 
partly occupied by a woodcut. 

SENECA (Lucius Ann^us) 
[Supposititious works. — De quatuor 
virtutihus,'\ A fnitefuU worke of L. 
A. Seneca [or rather of Saint Mar- 
tin, Archbishop of Braga,] named 
the forme and rule of honest lyv- 
ynge . . . traslated by K. why tty n ton. 
LaL Eng. IS. 1. TF. Myddylton, 
London, 1546. 8vo. 524. c. 9. (1*.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 232. k. 20. 

— Another copy. G. 9245. (1.) 

— [Supposititious Works, — Oc- 
tavia,'] The ninth Tragedie of 
L. A. Seneca called Octavia. 
Translated out of Latine into 
English [verse], by T. N[uce]. 
1$. H. L. P. H, Denham, London, 
[1566]. 4to. C. 34. e. 48. 

Without pagination. 

— [Appendix."] See Cornwallis 
(Sir W.) Discourses upon S. the 
Tragedian, etc. 1601. Svo. 11707. a. 

SENHOUSE (Bighard) 
Bishop of Carlisle. Foure Sermons, 
preached at the courtupon several! 
occasions, etc. Printed for B. DawU 
nuin, London, 1627 . 4to. 846. g. 20. 


— Another copy. 694. d. 18. (3.) 

D. Sennerti... Epitome Naturalis 
Scientiae. Editio tertia auctior 
& correctior. Few MS. Notes. 
J. Lichfield Lnpensis Henrici Cripps, 
Oxoniae, 1632. Svo. 8704. a. 

— The weapon-salves maladie : 
or, a declaration of its insufficiencie 
to performe what is attributed to 
i t . . . by . . . D. Sennertus . . . translated 




out of his 5*** booke, part 4, Chap. 10 
Practic8B medicinse. Printed for 
J. Clarky London, 1637. 4to. 

1038. 1. 3. (3.) 

SENONOYS (John Veeon) 
See Veron. 

SENTENTIiB. See I., S. A. 
SententisB proverbiales de mori- 
bu8,eto. 1668. 8vo. 1070. k. 28. 

Genesius de) See Genesius. 

SERES (William) 56cS.,W. 

SERGEANT (John) See a., J. 

S E R G I E R (Richard) See 
Spain. The Present State of 
Spaino. Translated [by E. S.], 
etc. 1594. 4to. 8042. aaa. 

SERLES (John) See Epheme- 
RiDES. [An Ephemeris, from the 
year 1609 to 1617 : together with 
a treatise on the use thereof.] 
[1609.] 4to. 8610. bb. 

SERLIO (Sebastiano) The 
first( — the fift) booke of Archi- 
tecture, made by S. Serly,... trans- 
lated out of Italian into Dutch, 
and out of Dutch into English. 
)9. X. 5 pts. S. Stafford, Lmdon, 

1611. fol. 659*. f. 6. 

Each pi. has a separate engraved 
titlepage, pagination, and regifiter. 

SERMON. See B., J. A 

Sermon [on Eom. vi. 23]. By J. 
B[owle?]. 1616. 4to. 4475. a. 11. 

— See F., R., Doctor in Divinitie, 
A sermon [on Heb. vi. 16], etc. 

1612. 12mo. 4474. a. 41. (2.) 

— See S., D. A godly, learned 
and fruitful! sermon [on John 
XIV. 23]... in which is... set foorth 
the true loove of Christ, etc. 
[1584.] 8vo. 4474. a. 50. 

— See T., I., Minister of God's 
Word. A Sermon [on James iv. 8] 

preached at Paules Crosse, etc 
1596. 8vo. 4474. a. 61. 

SERMON. Se^ W.. T. A 

sermo . . . preached at Pa wles Crosse 
on Sunday the thirde of Novem- 
ber, 1577, in the time of the 
plague, etc. 1578. 8vo. 

4474. a. 33. 

— A fruitfuU Sermon, upon 
the 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. and 8. verses of 
the 12. Chapiter of the Epistle of 
S. Paul to the Bomanes, eto. [By 
L. Chaderton.] JJ. Walde-ffrave, 
London, 15S4. 8vo. C. 46. a. 8. (2.) 

— Another edition. id* Z. 
MS. Notes. B, WaJde-gratfe, Lon- 
don, 1586. 8vo. 4474. aa. 62. 

— Another edition, id. H. 
Printed for B. Walde-grave, Lon- 
don, 1589. 8vo. 114. a. 51. 

— A godly and fruitefuU Ser- 
mon made upon the 20 & 21 
verses of the 14 Chapter of the 
booke of Genesis. [By E. Pagit.] 
V. a. [London, 1 580 ?] 8vo. 

4474. a. 19. 
Without pagination. 

— A godly and learned Sermon 
[on 2 Sam. xxiv. 1] preached be- 
fore an honourable auditorie the 
26. day of Februarie . 1580. 
JT. Middleton, [London, 1580?] 8vo. 

698. a. 44. (7.) 

— A godly sermon [on 1 Cor. 
vn. 1, 2] preached at Detford... 
the IX. of June... 1572. [By B. 
Pagit?] i5.E. Printed for T/Man, 
London, 1586. 16mo. 4474. a. 9. 

— A godlye Sermon : preached 
before the Queens... Maiestie, upon 
the 17, 18, 19 verses of the 16. 
Chapter of S. Mathe w . . . shewin g . . . 
that the authoritie which the Pope 
of Home doth challenge to him- 
selfe, is... usurped, etc. i$« Z* 




Jl Windst for J, PeriUj London^ 
1685. 8vo. 114. a. 50. 

Without pagination. Register A-F. 

SERMON. A most excellent 
and heavenly Sermon upon the 23. 
Chapter of the Gospell of Saint 
Luke. Printed for A, Wiae^ Lon- 
don, 1595. Bvo. 694. e. 11. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— A most godly... Sermon [on 
Titus III. 1] preached at Pauls 
Crosse the 17 of November,... 
1583. », l» T. Orwin for 
T. Chard, London, 1589. 8vo. 

C. 12. d. 17. (7.) 

Without] pagination. 

— A Sermon [on Hosea x. 1] 
against Self-policy, etc. [By I. 
Bargrave.] [London, 1624. J 4to. 

4473. aaa. 35. 

Imperfeot; wanting all before 
rig. As. 

— A sermon [on Luke xvi. 2], no 
lease fruitful than famous. Made 
in the yeare . . . M.CCClxxzviij ., and 
fonnde out hyd in a wall;... set 
forth by the old copy, etc. IS. %. 
J. Awdely, London, 1575. 8vo. 

3932. a. 1. (4.) 

Without pagination. 

— A sermon [on Psal. Lxrx. 33] 
preached at Pauls Crosse the 
third of Sept. 1609. [London, 
1609?] 4to. 3932. f. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage and 

— A Sermon [on John yi. 34] 
preached at the Tower of London, 
the eleventh day of December 
. 1569. V. S« J. Daye, London, 
[1570 ?] 8vo. 4474. a. 43. 

Without pagination. 

SERMONES. Begin. He 
mayster of sentence in the second 
booo and the first dystynction 
sayth, etc. [Four Sermons on 
the Lord's Prayer, The Apostles' 

Creed, The Commandments, The 
Seven Sacraments, The Seven 
deeds of Mercy, The Seven prin- 
cipal virtues, The Seven deadly 
sins. Penance, The General Sen- 
tence, etc. Edited by VV. Caxton. 
These sermons are generally 
known as the **Quatuor Ser- 
mones."] Enprynted hy W. Caxion 
at Westmestre, [1483 ?] fol. 

C. 11. c. 5. (2.)- 

Without titlepage- or pagination. 
Thirty leaves. Begistera-d. Thirty- 
eight lines to a full page. 

— [The second edition.] W* £« 
[ W. Caxton, Westminster, 1491 ?] 4to. 

C. 21. d. 3. (2.) 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Printed in double columns; 83 lines 
to a full column. Big. Ai-De. Im- 

g$rfeet; wanting Di and all after 
6, which is mutilated. 

See Gaetani (E.) Cardinal. 

S E R R E S (Jean de) See 
CouGNY (G. de) Seigneur de Cha- 
tillon. The Lyfe of ... Jasper 
Colignie . . . Translated out of Latin 
[of J. de S.], eta 1576. 8vo. 

276. e. 27. 

— See La BamAe (P.) The 
three partes... of Commentaries, 
containing the whole and perfect 
discourse of the civill warres of 
Fraunce, under the raignes of 
Henry the second, Frances the 
second, etc. [By P. La Eamee, 
or rather J. DeS.] 1574, etc. 4to. 

286. c. 29. 

— See Pelegromius (S.) Syno- 
nymorum Sylva, etc. (J. Serra- 
nus de Synonimis ad lectorem.) 
1609. Bvo. 623. o. 6. 

— A general inventorie of the 
history of France, from the be- 
ginning of that Monarchic, unto 
the Treatie of Vervins, in... 1598. 
Written by I. de Serres and con- 
tinued unto these Times, out off 




the best Authors which have 
written of that Subject [t,e, P. 
Matthieu, etc.]. Translated out 
of French into English by E. 
Grimeston. 6^. Eld, London, 
1607. fol. 696. i. 8. 

SERRES (Jean de) A gene- 
rail Historic of France, unto the 
yeare . 1698. Contynued by P. 
Mathew to the death of King 
Henry the fourth... 1610 ... And 
again continued unto the Peace 
concluded before Montpellier in... 
1622. by E. Grimston. G. Eld d 
M. Flesher, [London,] 1624. fol. 

696. k. 16. 
With a portrait of Louis XIIL 

SERRES(OuviER dr) Seigneur 
du Pradel. The perfect use of Silk 
wormes, and their benefit, with 
the ... planting, ... of Mulberrie 
trees... and the figures to know 
how to feede the Wormes, and to 
winde off the Silkc.Done out of 
the French originall...into Eng- 
lish by N. Geffe. With an an- 
nexed discovrse of his owne, of 
the meanes...of England for to 
have abundance of fine silke, etc. 
F, Kyngston, London, 1607. 4to. 

B. 632. (1.) 

The Disoourse of Geffe has a 
separate titlepage and pagination. 

— Anothercopy. 446. c, 26. (2.) 

SETONUS (Joannes) Dialec- 

tica...annotationibus P. Carteri... 

explicata. Huic acceseit ... G. 

Buclaji Arithmetica. Few MS. 

Notes. Apud T, Marahum, Londini, 

1672. 8vo. 1134. a. 3. (1.) 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting all after sig. T m. 

— Another edition. Apud 
Thomam Marsh, Londini, 1674. 8vo. 

1134. a. 3. (2.) 

— Another edition. Ex Typo^ 
graphia Societatia Stationariorum, 
Londini, 1611. 8vo. 1134. a. 4. 

SETONUS (Joannes) Pane- 
gyrici in Victoriam ... Mariee, Ang- 
liaB . . . Eeginsd . . . Item in. corona- 
tionem ejusdem...Begin8e congra- 
tulatio. Ad haec de sacrosancta 
Eucharistia carmen. Ex offidna 
B. Wolfij, Londini, 1663. 4to. 

1070. 1. 2. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 6123. 

SETTLE (Diontse) The 
second voyage of Master Martin 
Frobisher, made to the West and 
Northwest Begions, in the yeere 
1677. See Hakluyt (R.) The 
principal Navigations, etc. Vol.3. 
1698, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

— A true reporte of the laste 
voyage into the West and North- 
west regions ... 1 67 7 ... by Capteine 
Frobisher, etc. IS. %. H. Middle- 
ton, London, 1577. 8vo. G. 6479. 

Without pagination. 

SEYMOUR (Edward) Duke 
of Somerset, iSee Weemueller (0.) 
A Spirituall, and most precious 
Pearle, etc. [With a preface 
by Edward Seymour, Duke of 
Somerset.] 1693. 16mo. G. 11664. 

— An Epistle or exhortacion, 
to unitie i peace, sent fro the 
Lorde Protector, i others the 
kynges moste honorable counsaill 
of England to thc.inhabitaunteB 
...of Scotlande. )$. 31. In eedtbua 
B, Oraftoni, Londini, 1548. 8vo. 

G. 5912. 

Without pagination. 

— The late expedicion in Soot- 
lande, made by the Eynges 
hyghnys armye, under the conduit 
of the ryght honorable the Erie 
of Hertforde ... 1644. »♦ *• 
B. Wolfe, London, 1644. 8vo. 

G. 6439. 

Without pagination. 

— A Spyrytuall and moost 
precyouse Pearle. Teachyng all 




Men to love and imbraoe the 
Crosse... Sett forth by... the dnke 
hys graoe of Somerset, as ap- 
peareth by hys Epystle set before 
the same [or rather translated by 
M. Goverdale from the original 
German of 0. Wermueller, with 
a preface by E. Seymour, Duke 
of Somerset]. (A humble peticyon 
to the lord, practysed in the 
commune prayer of the whole 
famylye at Sbene, during the 
ti oubleof the duke of SomerKet; ... 
gathered i set furth by T. Becon.) 
)$.%. Few MS. Notes. Iwipryntea 
...for O. Lynne, London^ 15o0. 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 35. 

— Another copy. 223. a. 21. 

— Another copy. G. 11668. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. Ai-4. 

— Another edition. 35. S. 
[1555?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 58. 

This edition does not contain the 
*' humble peticyon to the lord... by 
T. Becon.'^ 

SETNOE. See Seeing. 

peer) See Saint German. 

SEYSSEL (Claude de) suc- 
cessively BtBhop of Marseilles and 
Archbishop of Turin, See Thuct- 
niDES. The hystory writtone by 
Thucidides ... (brought into the 
French tonge by the Lorde Clau- 
dios of Seissell,) translated out of 
Prenche, etc. 1550. fol. 585. i. 6. 

SH., W. The first and second 
part o\r\ the troublesome Eaigne 
of John King of England. [An his- 
torical play in prose and verse.] 
With the discouerie of King 
Bichard Co[rd]elions base sonne 

i vulgarly named, the Bastar[d] 
^awconbridge :) also the death 
of King John at Swinstead Abbey. 
...Written by W. Sh[akespeare, or 


rather by C. Marlow ?]. F. Simmes 
for J*. Helme, London^ 1611. 4to. 

C. 12. h. 7. 

Without pagination. Titlepage 
cropped. This copy is inlaid, and 
hna the autograph of Geo. Steevens. 
For the edition of 1622 aee under 
** Shakespeare.*' 

— Another copy. G. 11182. 

— Another copy. C. 34. k. 15. 
Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf. 

SHACKLOCK (Richard^ 
See HozYUsz (S.) Cardinal A 
most excellent treatise of the be- 
gynnyng of heresyes in cure 
ty me... Translated out of Laten 
in to Englyshe by E. Shacklock 
...and intituled by hym : The 
hatchet of heresies. 1565. 8vo. 

Q. 5263. (1.) 

— See OsoRio da Fonseca (J.) 
Bishop of Stives. An Epistle... to 
...EKzabeth... Queue of England. 
...Translated cute of Latten in 
to Englishe by K. Shacklock. 
1565. 8vo. C. 21. a. 23. 

— Impii cujusdam epigram- 
ma tis quod edidit H. S. in mortem 
C. Scoti, quonda prsosulis Cestren- 
sis apomazis,T. I)ranta...authore. 
[With the epigram of E. S.] 
Also certayne of the Speciall ar- 
ticles of the epigramme, refuted 
in Englyshe by T. D. Lai. and Eng. 
iondint, 1565. 4to. 1070.1.3.(1.) 

SHAIKH^ Muldi, King of Fez. 
See C, Bo. A True Historicall 
discourse of Mulay Hamets rising 
to the . . . Kin gdomes of Moruecos . . . 
The di« civill warre 
... amongst his ... sonnes Muley 
Sheck, Muley Boferes, etc. 
1609. 4to. 1198. c. 20. 

[Dramatic Works.] Mr. William 
Shakespeares Ciimedies, Histories, 
& Tragedies. Publinhed accord- 
ing to the True Originall Copies. 

4 u 


sn A 


[Edited by J. Heminge and H. 
Condell.] 3 pts. Ed. Pr. J. Jag- 
gard and E, Blount, London^ 
1623. fol. Q. 11631. 

On the titlepage is the portrait of 
Shakespeare, engraved oy Droe- 
shout. It is preceded by a leaf con- 
taining on the verso ten lines *' To 
the Reader," subecrihed *' B. J[on- 
Bon].'* After the titlepage follow 
seven leaves of introductory matter, 
containing the Dedication and Pre- 
face "to the great variety of 
readers,^ each subscribed by J. 
Heminge and H. Condell ; lines ** to 
the memory of my beloved the 
Author, etc.," signed " Ben. Jonson ; " 
lines by Hugh Holland, by L. 
I>igp:es, and by I. M. ; ** The workes 
of W. Shakespeare" and a'^Cata- 
logue of the severall Comedies," etc. 
Numerous irregularities occur in the 
pagination and register. Each pt. 
IS separately p:iged. The tragedy 
of ** Troilus and Cressida," which 
occurs at the beginning of pt. 3, is 
without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 21. e. 16. 

Imperfect; wanting two leaves 
of the introductory matter, one con- 
taining the lines signed L. Digges 
and I. M., the other containing a 
lUt of '» The Workes of W. Shake- 
speare," etc. A portrait of Shake- 
speare and a facsimile of his hand- 
writing from another edition of his 
works have been inserted in this 

— Another copy. C. 39. i. 12. 

Imperfect: wanting the titlepage* 
for which is substituted one re- 
printed, with a space left for the 
portrait ; also wanting the leaf con- 
taining lines "To the reader," which 
is replaced by the corresponding one 
from the second edition. A second 
titlepage has been added in MS., 
and at the end is a copy of the 
autograpli of Shakespeare from 
another edition of his works. 

— Another copy. C. 9. d. 

The iitlepege of this copy differs 
from each of the preceding in 
having the word " and " printed in 
full, instead of " &." All the leaves 
have been pasted over on each side 
with tissue-paper, through which 
the text can be read. Imperfect; 

wanting the leaf containing B. Jon« 
son's lines " To the Reader." 

The Second Im- 
pression. T. Cote8 far B, AUot^ 
London, 1632. fol. G. 11632. 

In this edition the pagination of 
pt. 3 includes " Troilus and Cressida." 

— Another copy. MS. Notes 
[by T. Tyrwhitt]. C. 39. i. 13. 

The prospeotos of Malone's edi- 
tion of Shakespeare has been in* 
serted in this oopy. 

— Another copy. 

79. L 5. 

[HamleL'] [The tragicall Historie 
of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke. 
By William Shakespeare, as it hath 
beene divers Times acted by his 
Highnesse Servants in the Cittie 
of London : as also in the two 
Universities of Cambridge and 
Oxford, and else- where.] MS. 
Note [by J. 0. Halli well]. Ed. Pr. 
[For N. L. and lohn Trundell^ 
London, 1603.] 4to. 0. 34. k. !• 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 
Without pagination. Sig. B-I. 
Th& only other oopy known, which 
has the title, but wants the last 
leaf, is in the possession of the 
Duke of Devonshire. The present 
copy contains this leaf, and is inter- 
leaved with MS. notes and printed 
extracts from subsequent eiditiona 
of the play. 

— The Tragicall Historie of 
Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. 
By William Shakespeare. Newly 
imprinted and enlarged to almost 
as much againe as it was, accord* 
ing to the trae and perfect coppie. 
Printed by L B.for N, L., London, 
1605. 4to. C. 34. k. 2. 

In this edition, which is a re- 
issue, with a new titlepage, of that 
printed in 1604, there are altera- 
tions in the names of the characters 
and the order of the scenes, as well 
as much additional matter. Imper* 
feet; wanting the last leaf. Without 

— The tragedy of Hamlet^ 


Prince of Denmarko. Newly im- 
printed and .inlarged, according 
to the true and perfect copy 
lastly printed. Printed 6y W. 8. 
for J. Smeihwicke, London^ 
[1607?] 4to. C. 34. k. 3. 

— Another copy. C. 12. h. 14. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for J. Smeihwicke, London, 
1611. 4to. C.34. k. 4. 

— Another edition. JR. Young 
for J. Smethmeke, London, 

1637. 4to. C. 34.k. 5. 

IKing Henry IV.] See Henry V., 
King of England. The famous 
Victories of Henry the fifth, etc. 
[Being the play which furnished 
Shakespeare with the outline of 
the two parts of Henry IV.] 
1617. 4to. C.34. 1.10. 

— [King Henry IV., PL 1.] 
See Henrt IV., King of England. 
The History of Henrie the 
Ponrth; with the battell at 
Shrewsburie, etc. [By W. S.] 
1598. 4to. C. 34.k. 6». 

— The History of Henrie the 
Fonrth; with the battell at 
Shrewsburie, betweene the King 
and Lord Henry Percy, sumamed 
Henry Hotspur of the North. 
With the humorous conceits of 
Sir John Falstafife. Newly cor- 
rected by W. Shake-speare. 
Printed hy S. S.for A. Wise, Lon- 
don, 1599. 4to. C. 34. k. 6. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. h. 12. 

With the autograph of G. Steevena. 
ThiB copy is inlaid. 

— Another edition. MS. Notb 
[by J. 0. Halliwell]. Printed for 
M. Law, London, 1608. 4to. 

C. 34. k. 7. 

Only two perfect copies known. 



— Another edition. Printed 
hy W. W. for M. Law, London, 
1613. 4to. C. 34. k, 9. 

With the autograph of Q. Steevens. 

— Another copy. C. 34. k. 8. 

In this copy there are variations 
from the preceding at sig. Hi, line 
5 from the bottom, and at sig. H4 
verso, line 4. 

— Another edition. Printed hy 
T. P.;. hy M. Law, London^ 
1622. 4to. C. 12. g. 21. 

— Another edition. J. Norton, 
London, 1632. 4to. C. 34. k. 10. 

With a list of the characters in MS. 

— Another edition. J. Norton, 
London, 1639. 4to. C. 34. k. 11. 

[King Henry IV, PL 2.] The 
Second |)art of Henrie the fourth, 
continuing to his death, and 
coronation of Henrie the fift. 
With the humours of Sir lohn 
FalstafTe, and swaggering Pistoll, 
etc. Ed. Pr. Printed by V. 8, 
for A. Wiie, and W. Aspley, Lon- 
don, 1600. 4to. C. 34. k. 12. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 20. 
With the autograph of G. Steevens. 

— A copy of the original sheet 
E of this edition, consisting of 
four leaves only. The preceding 
copies have an enlarged sheet E 
of six leaves, containing an ad- 
ditional scene. MS. Notes, by 
J. 0. Halliwell. C. 34. k. 1 3. 

— [King Henry V] See 
Henrt v., King of England. The 
Croniole History of Henry the 
fift, eta 1600. 4to. C. 12. g. 22. 

1608. 4to. C. 34. k. 14. 

The famous Victories of 

Henry the fifth, etc. [Being the 
play which furnished Shakespeare 




with the outline of Henry V., 
etc.] 1617. 4to. C. 34. 1. 10. 

[King Henry VL] The whole 
contention betweene the two 
Famous Houses, Lancaster and 
Yorke. With the Tragicall ends 
of the good Duke Humfrey, 
Richard Duke of Yorke, and 
King Henrie the sizt. Divided 
into two parts : And newly cor- 
rected and enlarged. Written by 
W. Shakespeare, Gent. Prtnt&i 
for T. P., Limdon, [1619]. 4to. 

C. 34. k, 38. (1.) 

The Beoond and third pis. of 
Henry YI., as originally written. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 13. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. Cs and a. 

— [King Senry VL'\ The true 
Tragedie of Richarde Duke of 
Yorke, and the death of good king 
Henrie the sizt : with the whole 
contention betweene the two 
houses, Lancaster and Yorke, etc. 
Pnn<ed6yF;F:,Lo»kJon,1600. 4to. 

C. 12. h. 9. 

The third pt. of Henry YI., as 
originally written. Without pagi- 

— [King LearJ] See Leab, 
King. The True Chronicle His- 
tory of King Leir, etc. [Supposed 
to be the source from which 
Shakespeare drew the materials 
for his Tragedy of King Lear.] 
1605. 4to. C. 34. 1. 11. 

— M. William Shak-speare: 
his True Chronicle Historic of 
the life and death of King Lear 
and his three Daughters. With 
the unfortunate life of Edgar, 
soune and heire to the Earle of 
Gloster, and his sullen and as- 
sumed humor of Tom of Bedlam. 
As it was played before the 
Kings Majestic at Whitehall vpon 
S. Stephans night in Christmas 

Hollidayes. By his Majesties 
servants playing usually at the 
Gloabe on the Bancke-side. 
Ed. Pr. Printed for N. Butter, 
London, 1608. 4to. G. 34. k. 18. 

Without pagination. Sig. B-L. 

— Another copy. MS. Note 

[by J. 0. Halli well]. C. 34. k. 17. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting the genuine titlepage. 
This copy differs from the other in 
having several textual yariations, 
particularly on the verso of G2, the 
verso of H3, and the first page of Hi. 

[King Lear/] M. William Shake- 
speare, bis True Chronicle History 
of the life and death of King Lear, 
and his three Daughters. With 
the vnfortunate life of Edgar, 
Sonne and heire to the Earle of 
Glocester, and his sullen and 
assumed humour of Tom of Bed- 
lam. As it was plaid before the 
Kings Maiesty at White-HaU, 
vppon S. Stephens night, in 
Christmas Hollidaies. By his 
Maiesties Seruants, playing vsu- 
ally at the Globe on the Banck- 
side. [The second edition.] 
Printed for N. Butter, [LondonJ] 
1608. 4to. C. 34. k. 19. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-L. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 27, 

— Another copy. C. 34. k. 20. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage, 
which is supplied in MS., also one 
leaf sig. Bi. 

— [King Bichard IL] The 
Tragedie of King Eichard the 
second. As it hath beene pub- 
likely acted by the Eight Honour- 
able the Lord Chamberlaine his 
seruants. By William Shake- 
speare. [Second edition J^ Printed 
hy F. Simmee for A. nise, dc.^ 
London, 1598. 4to. C. 34. k. 42. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 




hjf W. W. for M. Law^ London^ 

1608. 4to. 0. 34. k. 43. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. PrinUd 
for Jf. Low, LandoHj 1615. 4to. 

C. 34. k. 44. 

Without pagination. BlighUy 

— Another edition. J. Norton^ 
London, 1634. 4to. G. 34. k. 45. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 19. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlcpage 
and tne whole of dg. A, which are 
supplied in MS. 


SKing Bichard IIL] See Richard 
II., King of England. [The 
Tragedy of King Richard the 
third, etc. ByW.S.] [1597.] 4to. 

C. 39. i. 14. 

— The Tragedie of King 
Bichard the third. Conteining 
his treacherons Plots against his 
brother Clarence: the pitiful 
mnrther of his innocent Ne- 
phewes: his tyrannicall vsurpa- 
tion: with the whole course of 
his detested life, and most de- 
serued death. As it hath beene 
lately Acted by the Right honour- 
able the Lord Chamberlaine his 
seruants. By William Shake- 
speare. [Second edition.] London^ 
1598. 4to. C. 34. k. 47. 

Without pagination. The last 
two leaves, sig. Mi and M2, are in 

— Another copy. C. 34. k. 46. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage, 
which is supplied in MS. The 
edges are uncut. 

— Another edition. T. Oreede 
for A. Wise, London, 1602. 4to. 

C. 34. k. 48. 

— Another edition. T. Creeds, 
£ondafi,[1612]. 4to. 0. 12. h. 10. 

Titlepage mutilated. 

— Another edition. T, Farfoot, 
XoiMi(m,[ld22]. 4to. G.34. k.51. 

The line containing the date has 
been out off. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 14. 

The two lines of the imprint have 
been out off. 

— Another copy. MS. Note 
[by J. 0. Halliwell]. C. 34. k. 60. 

Imperfect ; wanting sig. L and M. 
Slightly cropped. 

— Another edition. J, Norton, 
London, 1629. 4to. C. 34. k. 52. 

— Another edition. J. Norton, 
London, 1634. 4to. G. 34. k. 53. 

— Another copy. C. 34. k. 54. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. E2. 

[^Love's Labour* 8 Lost. ] A pleasant 
conceited Oomedie called Loues 
labors lost. As it was presented 
before her Highnes this last 
Ohiistmas. Newly corrected and 
augmented By W. Shakespere. 
Ed. Pr. Imprinted at London by 
W. W.for Outbert Burby, 1698. 4to. 

C. 34. 1. 
Without pagination. 

— Loues Labours lost. A wittie 
and pleasant Comedie, as it was 
acted by his Maiesties Seruants 
at the Blacke-Friei'S and the 
Globe. Written by W. Shake- 
speare. [The second edition.] 
Printed by W. 8. for J. Smeth^ 
wicke,London,l63l. 4to. 0.34.k.21. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. h. 11. 


— Another edition. MS. Note -r- [Merchant of Venice.] The 

[by J. O. Halliwell]. T.Creede;... most excellent Historic of the 

soldby M.Lawe,London,^605. 4to. Merchant of Venice. With the ex- 

C. 34. k. 49. treame crueltio of Shylocke the 




lewe towards the Bayd Merchant, 
in cutting a just pound of his 
flesh : and the obtayniug of Portia 
by the choyse of three chests. As 
it hath beene diuers times acted 
by the Lord Ghamberlaine his 
Seruants. Written by William 
Shakespeare. £d. Pr. Printed hy 
I. B. for Thomaa Heyes, dc, Lon- 
don, 1600. 4to. C. 34. k. 22. 
Without paginatioD. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 11. 

— Another copy, C. 12. g. 32. 

[Merchant of Venice,] The ex- 
cellent History of the Merchant 
of Venice. With the extreme 
crueltie of Shylocke the lew to- 
wards the saide Merchant, in cut- 
ting a just pound of his desh. 
And the obtaining of Portia, by 
the choyse of three Caskets. 
Written by W.Shakespeare. [The 
second edition.] J. Boherta, [Lon- 
don,] 1600. 4to. C. 34. k. 23. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 31. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy M. P. for L. Hayes, London^ 
1637. 4to. C. 34, k. 24. 

— [Merry Wives of Windsor.] A 
most pleasant and excellent con- 
ceited Comedy, of Sir John Fal- 
Btaffe, and the merry Wives of 
Windsor. With the swaggering 
vaine of Ancient Pistoll, and 
Corporal Nym : Written by W. 
Shakespeare. [The second edi- 
tion.] Printed for Arthur Johnson, 
[London,] 1619. 4to. C.34.k.27. 

Without pagination. 

corrected. Printed by T. H, far 
£. Meighen, London, 1630. 4to. 

C. 34. k. 28. 


Bfidsummer NighCs Dream.] A 
idsommer nights dreame. As 
it hath beene sundry times 

Eublickely acted, by the Bight 
onourable the Lord Chamber- 
laine his seruants. Written bjr 
W. Shakespeare. Ed. Pr. Jw- 
printed fur Thomas Fisher, London^ 
1600. 4to. C. 34. k.29. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. J. Roberts, 
[London,] 1600. 4to. C.34.k.30. 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 30. 

— [Much ado about Nothing.] 
Much adoe about Nothing. As it 
hath been sundrie times publikely 
acted by the right honourable, 
the Lord Chamberlaine his ser- 
uants. Written by William 
Shakespeare. En. Pr. Printed hy 
V. S. for A. Wise, and W. Aspley. 
London, 1600. 4to. G. 12. g. 29. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. k. 38. 

Imperfect; wanting the last leaf, 
which has been supplied in MS. 

— [OtheUo.] The Tragoedy of 
Othello, the Moore of Yeuioe. 
As it hath beene diuerse times 
acted at the Globe, and at the 
Black-Friers, by his Maiestics 
Seruants. Written by W. Shake- 
speare. Ed. Pr. Printed by N. O. 
for T. Walkley, London, 1622. 4to. 

C. 34. k. 32. 

After p. 73 the pagination is very 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 24. " Another copy. C. 34. k. 33. 

— The Merry Wives of Wind- 
sor. With the humours of Sir 
lohn Falstaffe, as also the swag- 
gering vaine of Ancient Pistoll, 
and Coiporall Nym ... Newly 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 97-99, 
which have been supplied in M8., 
with six additional lines. Hie title- 
page is mutilated. Sheet C has 
oecn wrongly imposed. 

— [The second edition.] Printed 

S n A 8 H A 13D1 

hy A. M. for B. Hawkins, London, — Another copy. C. 84. k. 38.(2.) 

1630. 4to. C. 12. g. 28. Imperfect; wanting the titlepage. 

^- Another copy. C. 34. k. 34. — Another edition. Printed hy 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 21, 22, L N. for B. B., LondonylQ^O. 4 to. 

which have been supplied in MS. C. 34. k. 39. 

SHAKESPEARE (Wiluam) _ Another copy. MS. Note 

[FencUs.'] See Pebicles, Prince [by J. 0. HalliwellJ. C. 34. k. 40. 

of Tyre. The Painfull Adven- The imprint in this copy is 

tnreB of Pericles... Being the tme shorter than in the preceding, and 

History of the Play of Pericles [by is in a diflfereut type. 

W.S.],etc. 1608. 4to. C. 34. 1.8. _ Another edition. T. Cotes, 

— The late, and mnch admired I^ondm, 1635. 4to. C. 34. k. 41. 
Play, Called Pericles, Prince of SHAKESPEARE (William) 
Tyre. With the true Relation of [B<meo and JuLxet.] An excellent 
the whole Historic, aduentures, conceited Tragedie of Romeo and 
and fortunes of the said Prince : luliet. As it hath been often 
as also, the no lesse strange, and (with great applause) plaid pub- 
worthy accidents in the Birth liquely, by the right Honourable 
and Life, of his Daughter Ma- the L. of Hunsdon his Servants, 
riana. As it hath been diners Ed. Pr. J. Banter, London, 
and sundry times acted by his 1597. 4to. C. 34. k. 65. 
Majesties Seruants, at the Globe ^jthont pagination. Several 
on the Banck-side. By W. bhake- leaves are slightly mutilated. 
speare. Ed. Pr, Imprinted for mi. i. n x j i 
fiOoMon, £<mAm. 1609. 4to. -The most excellent and la- 

n Q/i w QA mentable Tra£;edie, of Komeo and 

^.., . . .. luliet. Newly corrected, aug- 

pagma ion. ^ mented, and amended : As it 

— Another edition. Imprinted hath beene sundry times pub- 
for Henry OoMon, dc, London, liquely acted, by the right Hon- 

1609. 4to. C. 12. h. 5. curable the Lord Chamberlaine 

Althongh the titlepage is the his servants. Printed by Thomas 

same as the preceding, the variations Creede, for CutKbert Burhy, dc, 

in spelling in this edition are 1^,^^^011,1599. 4to. C. 12. g. 18. 

numerous, and maoy errors have ' b ^* 

been oorrecfed; the initial woodcut Without pagination, 

at sig. Aa is also different. This . .-, j... -n * . ^ ^ 

copy is inlaid. —Another edition. Printed for 

,. . „rt ^T J. Smethwicke, London, [ 1601 \ 4to. 

— Another edition. MS. Isote n 34 \ eg 

rbyJ.0.Halliwell].Pnnted6yS.flf., ' 

London, 1611. 4to. C. 34. k. 37. — Another edition. MS. Note 

Without pagination. Big. D has [hy J. 0. Halliwell]. Printed for 

two leaves only. •/• Smeihtoick, London, 1609. 4to. 

— Another edition. Printed for 

T. P., [Lmdon,] 1619. 4to. — Another edition. B. Young 

C. 12. h. 6. f<»'J.8meihtoicke,London,lQ37, 4to. 

Originally printed with " The ^- ^^' ^' ^^' 

whole contention betweene the two — {Taming of the Shrew,! See 

famou8hou8e8,l^n«ifiterandYorke," Taming. A Pleasant Conceited 

sig. K~Bb. Without pagination. tt« ^ • n t mi . e 

This copy has the autograph of Historic, called Ihe temmg of a 

O. Steevens. Shrew, etc. [Variously attributed 




toW. Shakespeare, toG.Feeleand 
toB. Greene.] 1696. 4to. 161.b.8. 

[Taming of the Shrew.'] A wittie 
and pleasant Coined ie called The 
taming of the Shrew... Written by 
Will. Shakespeare. [The second 
edition.] Printed by W. S. far 
J, Smethwickej London, 1631. 4to. 

C. 12. g. 25. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34, k. 69. 

Titlepage mutilated. 

— [ Titus Androniau.] See An- 
DRONicus (T.) The most lament- 
able Tragedie of Titus Androni- 
cus [by W. S.], etc. 1611. 4to. 

C. 12. g. 16. 

— [Troilus and Cressida,"] The 
Famous Historic of Troylus and 
Cresseid. Excellently expressing 
the beginning of their loues, with 
the conceited wooing of Pandanis 
Prince of Licia. Written by 
W. Shakespeare. [With the prose 
Preface.] Ed. Pr. MS. Note [by 
J. O. Halliwell]. G. Eld for 
B. Bonian and H. Walley, London^ 
1609. 4to. 0. 34. k. 61. 

Without pagination. 

— The Historic of Troy Ins and 
Cresseida. As it was acted by the 
Kings Maiesties seniants at the 
Globe. Written by W. Shake- 
speare. Imprinted by O, Eld for 
B, Bonian and H, Waller, London, 
1609. 4to. 163. i. 12. 

Without pagination. This is 
another oopy of the first edition, but 
'with the titlepage of the second. 
It is inlaid and has the autograph 
of G. Steevens on the titlepage. 

— [Poems.'] Poems : written by 

Wil. Shake-speare, Gent. T.Cotes^ 

London, 1640. 8vo. C. 39. a. 40. 

Without pagination. There is a 
second titlepage similar to the first, 
the date only being omitted. This 
oopy has not the portrait by W. 

— Another copy. G. 11183. 

With the portrait 

[Bape of LtKsreee.] Lucrece. 
Ed. Pr. B. Field, for I. Harrison^ 
London, 1594. 4to. C. 21. c. 45. 

Without pagination. Forty-seTen 
leaves. On the reoto of Aa is the 
Dedication to the Earl of South- 
ampton ; and on verso of the same 
is the Argument. Some changes 
'were made in this poem by the 
author, or at his instance, while 
the sheets were going through the 
press. As for example, in some 
copies the following couplet occurs : 

**And every one to rest himself 
Save thieves, and cares, and 
troubled minds that wakea." 

Corrected in this oopy thus : 

"And everie one to rest them- 
selves betake, 
Save theeves, and cares, and 
troubled minds that wake." 

•— Another copy. G. 11178. 

In this oopy the corrections men- 
tioned above have not been made. 

— The Rape of Lucrece... 
Newly revised. Printed by J. O, 
for J. Stafford^, London, 1616. 8 vo. 

C. 34. a. 44. 

— Another edition. Printed by 
L B. for B. Jackson, London^ 
1624. 8vo. C. 39. a. 37. (2.) 

— Another copy. G. 11179. 

— [Sonnets.] Shake-speares 

Sonnets. Never before imprinted. 

(A Lovers complaint.) O. Eld, 

for T. T[horpe],...solde by J. Wright, 

London, 1609. 4to. G. 21. c. 44. 

Forty leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The sonnets end at the recto 
of Ki, and the ** Lovers Complaint" 
commences on verso of the same. 
The inscription, "To . the . on1i<» . 
begetter . of . these . insuing . sonnets. 
Mr. W. H. Ac," is subscribed, « T. 

— Another oopy. G. 11181. 

Duplicate, except that on the 
titlepage W. Asplley appears as the 
bookseiier iustcail of J. Wright 




[ Venus and Adania,^ Yenus ana 
Villa miretnr vnlgns : mihi flavna 

Pocula Castalia plena ministret 

fThe second edition.] JB. JPicW, 
Ixmdon, 1594. 4to. G. 11180. 

Twenty-seyen leaves, ivithout 
pagination. The dedication to H. 
iVriotheBly, Earl of Southampton, is 
signed : "'W. Shakespeare." 

— Another edition. MS. Notes 
[by G. Daniel and T. Rodd]. 
Imprinted B. F[ield] for 
J, Harison^ London, 1596. 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 37. 

Twenty-saven leaves, without 

— Another edition. Few MS. 
NoTFS. Imprinted.., for W. Leake, 
London, 1602. 8vo. C. 21. a. 49. 

Twenty-seven leaves, without 

— Another edition. J. Wreit- 
toun, Edinburgh, 1627. 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 31. 

— Another edition. J. B^arri- 
son], London, 1636. 16mo. 

C. 21. a. 56. 

— [Supposititious WorJcs. — King 
Edward III.] The Raigne of 
King Edward the third. [A play 
in verse, supposed to have been 
partly written by W. S.] See 
Sdward III., King of England. 

— [Supposititious Works. — King 
John.] The first and second Part 
of the troublesome Raigne of 
John King of England. With 
the disconerie of King Richard 
Cordelion's Base sonne (vulgarly 
named, the Bastard Pancon- 
bridge :) Also the death of King 
John at Swinstead Abbey. 
Written by W. Shakespeare [or 

rather by C. Marlow?]. 2 pts. 
London, 1622. 4to. C. 34. k. 16. 

This play is not Shakespeare's, but 
an older piece on the same subject. 
Each pt. has a distinct titlepage. 
Without pagination. For the edi- 
tion of 1611, see under •* Sh., W." 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 12. 

[Supposititious Works. — Locrine.] 
See S., W. The lamentable tra- 

f;edie of Locrine ... By W. S. 
Sometimes attributed to W. 
Shakespeare.] 1595. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 28. 

— [Supposititious Works. — Lon- 
don Prodigal.] The London Pro- 
digall. As it was plaide by the 
Kings Maiesties seruants. By 
W. Shakespeare. Ed. Pb. Printed 
by P. C. for N. Butter, London, 
1605. 4to. C. 34. 1. 3. 

Without pagination. 

— [Supposititious Works. — Life 
and Death of Thomas Lord Grom- 
well.] See S., W. The true 
Chronicle Historic of the whole 
life and death of Thomas Lord 
Cromwell. ..Written by W. S. 
[Attributed to W. Shakespeare.] 
1613. 4to. C. 34. b. 14. 

— [Supposititious Works. — Muce" 
dorus.] See Mucedorus. A most 
pleasant Comedie of Mucedorus, 
etc. [Attributed to W. Shake- 
speare.] 1598. 4to. C. 34.b.34. 

1610. 4to. 643. c. 31. 

1613. 4to. G. 11213. 

1615. 4to. 643. c. 32. 

1619. 4to. 11773. c. 
[1629?] 4to. 161. a. 60. 
1631. 4to. 11773. b. 
1634. 4 to. 1346. b. 




[SuppositiUoua Works. — Furiian.] 
See S., W. The Puritaine or 
the Widdow of Watling-streete. 
...Written by W. S. [i.e. Went- 
worth Smith? frequently, but 
erroneously, attributed to W. 
Shakespeare]. 1607. 4to. 

C. 34. 1. 4. 

— \_Suppontitiou8 Works. — Sir 
John Oldcastle.'] The first part 
of the true & honorable history of 
the Life of Sir lohn Old-castle, 
the good Lord Cobham. [An 
historical Flay, in prose and 
verse.] As it hath bene lately 
acted by the Eight honorable 
the Earle of Notingham Lord 
High Adniirall of England, his 
Seruants. Written by William 
Shakespeare [or rather by A. 
Munday, M. Drayton, R. Wilson, 
?ind E. Hathwayo]. Printed for 
T. P., London, 1600. 4to. 

C. 34. 1. 1. 

Without pagination. Another 
edition, printed in the saiiio year, 
but differing considerably from tliia, 
and not having Sbakeepoiire's name 
on the litlepage, will l>e found under 
the heading '« Oldcastle (John)." 

— Another copy. C. 12. g. 23. 

— [Supposiiiiious Works. — Two 
Noble Kinsmen.] See Fletcugir 
(J.) and Shakespeare (W.) The 
Two Noble Kinsmen, etc. 
1634. 4to. 644. b. 33. 

— [Supposititious Works. — York- 
shire Tragedy.] A Yorkshii-e 
Tragedy. Not so new as lament- 
able and tme... Written by W. 
Shakspeare. Ed. Pr. Printed by 
B. B, for Thomas Pavier, London, 
1608. 4to. 0. 34. 1. 5. 

Only two other copies are known 
to bo extant. Fifteen leavee, with- 
out pagination. Big. A-D. The 
head* title roads : '* All's One, or one 
of the foure pluics in one, called a 
York-shiro TragLdy." 

— Another edition. Printed for 
T. P., [London,] 1619. 4to. 

C. 34. L 6. 

^ Another copy. C. 12. g. 17. 

— Another copy. C- 12. g. 26. 
The date has been altered to 1608. 

SHARPS (Jambs) or (John) 
alias Pollard. 
See S., I., of the Society of Jews. 

SHARPS (Leonell) Novnm 
Fidei Symbolum; sive de novis 
multis perduellionis & duodecim 
snperstitionis articulis Gatholic» 
Pidei nomine velatis, et a Pio 
quarto in symboli formam re- 
dactis, Dialogus. Prefixum est 
dialogo Speculum Papsd; id est, 
viva et expressa Antichristi 
Effigies. L. P. Eichardus Field, 
Londini, 1612. 4to. 476. b. 7.(1.) 

— Oratio funebris in honorem 
Henrioi...Wallise Principis, pro- 
priam atque intimam ejus effigiem 
}>ra3feren8, etc. Gulielmus Hall, 
Londini, 1612. 4to. 

1213. 1. 13. (2.) 

— Another copy. G. 6171. 

With two portraits of Prince 
Henry inserted. 

— A Sermon [on 1 Kings x. 9] 
preached at Cambridge, before the 
Universitie,...the 28. of March. 
J. Legat, printer to the University 
of Cambridge, 1603. 8vo. 

C. 12. d. 18. (4.) 

SHARPE (Lewis) TheKoble 
Stranger. [A comedy in five 
acts, in prose and verse.] Im- 
printed by J. 0. for J. Beckett 
1640. 4to. 644. f. 63. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. d. 72. 

SHARPHAM (Edward) 
See S.,.E. 




SHARPHAM (Edward) The 
Fleire. [A comedy in five acts, 
in prose and veree.] As it hath 
beene often played in the Blacke- 
Fryers by the children of the 
Eevells. Printed by F. B., Lan- 
don, 1607. 4to. 1177S. c. 

Withoat pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
far N. BuUer, London, 1610. 4to. 

11773. o. 

— Another edition. Printed 
far N. Butter, London, 1615. 4to. 

644. c. 36. 

— Another copy. 162. e. 1. 

— Another edition. J. Norton 
for W. Cooke, London, 1631. 4to. 

644. f. 54. 

— Another copy. 162. e. 2. 

SHARROCK (John) See 
O., C. Elizabeth Queeno. Or 
a short ... declaration of the 
peaceable state of England, nnder 
the government of ... Elizabeth. 
...Written in Latin verse by 
C 0[ckland]. Done into Eng- 
Ushe [verse], by J. Sharrock. 
1585. 4to. G. 11240. 

SHAW ( JoHN)Eer. /Sec Bible. 
'^Ahridgmenia. ^iblii Summula 
... alpha bet led distichis compre- 
hensa, etc. [By J. S.] 1621. 8vo. 

3125. a. 

1623. 8vo. 3125. a. 

— The Blessednes of Marie 
the Mother of Jesus. [A sermon 
on Luke i. 28, 45, 48.] (The 
Comfort of a ChriHtian, etc. [in 
verse]. — The Complaints of a 
8inner, etc. [in verse]. B. Field, 
London,1616. 8vo. 693. e. 16.(3.) 

SHAWE (James) See S., J. 

SHAXTON (Nicholas) Bishop 
of Salisbury. The Confutation of 
XIII Articles, [with the text,] 

whemntoN. Shazton ...subscribed 
and caused be set for the in print 
the yere of our Lord MDXLVI 
whe he recanted in Smitbfielde, 
etc. [By K. Crowley.] ». it. 
J. Day and TF. Seres, London, 
[1548]. 8vo. C. 25. a. 19. 

Without pagination. With a fold- 
ing plate. 

— Another copy. G. 19978, 

Imperfect; wanting the folding 

Eosecuiion, See G., H. Heavens 
speedie Hue and Cry, etc. 
1635. 4to. C. 27. c. 17. 

SHELDON (Bichard) 
See S., R., Priest. 

— Christ, on his throne; not 
in Popish Secrets. A Pi ophecie 
of Christ, against his pretended 
presence in Popish Secrets... In 
a sermon [on Matt. xxiv. 26] 
preached before his Maiestie... 
Also a briefe Inquirie made... 
into a late sermon styled The 
Communion of saints. H. Loumes, 
London, 1622. 4to. 

4474. 0. 106. (1.) 

— The first Sermon [on Heb. 
IX. 13, 14] of R. S.... after his 
Conversion from the Romish 
Church. Printed by J. B. for 
N. Butter, London, 1612. 4 to. 

4474. c. 88. 

— A Surrey of the Miracles of 
the Church of Rome, proving 
them to be Antichristian : where- 
in are examined and refuted the 
six fundamental! Reasons of 
J. Flood,... published by him in 
defence of Popish Miracles. 
E, Griffin for N, Butter, London, 
1616. 4to. 1019. m. 4. 

SHELFORD (Richard) A 
Qucnch-Coale. Or a briefe... 
Inquirie in what place of the 




Church... the Lords-Table ought 
to be situated... Wherein it is... 
proved that the Lords-Table 
ought to be plaoed in the Midst 
of the Church... All the... argu- 
ments of Mr. R. Shelford, E. 
Reeve, J. Pocklington, and A 
late Coale from the Altar [by P. 
Heylyn], to the contrary in de- 
fence of Altars... are here likewise 
».. answered... By a well-wisher to 
the truth of God, and the Church 
of England [W. Prynne]. [Lon- 
don,] 1637. 4to. 698. g. 1. 

pious and learned Discourses, etc. 
By the printers to the University 
of Cambridge^ 1635. 4to. 


SHELTON (Thomas) See 
Cervantes Saavedra (M. de) 
The History of Don-Quichote. 
[Translated from the Spanish by 
T. S.] 1620. 4to. 91. a. 23. 

— A oenturie of similies. 
«r. Dawson^ London^ 1640. 8vo. 

873. c. 11. 

SHEPRBVE ( John) J. She- 
previ ... Argumenta in Novum 
Testamentum; carmine elegiaco 
conscripta, alphabetic^ disposita, 
ut olim erant edita a D. Doctore 
Humfredo. See Bible. — Abridg- 
ments. Biblii Summnla, etc. 
1621. Bvo. 3126. a. 

1623. 8vo. 3126. a. 

— In Novum Testamentum 
Scheprevi . . . carmen. See Bible. — 
Selections. Ad Lectorem. Gemma 
Fabri,etc. 1698. 8vo. 11409. a. 

Ovimus Naso (P.) \^Epistolse 
Heroidum.] Ovids Heroical Epi- 
stles. Englished [in verse] by J. 
Sherburne, Gent. 1639. 12mo. 

1068. g. 14. 

SHERIFFS. In This boke 

is Gonteyned the oflFyce of Shy- 
reffes, Bailliffes of liberties. Els- 
cheatours, Costables and Coroners, 
...drawen out of bokes of the 
comon la we i of the statu te& 
[Extracted from " The new book 
of Justices of Peace " of Sir A. 
Fitz-Herbert.] ». 1. E. Pyher- 
ynge, London, [1540?] 8vo. 

1127. a. 31. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V. S. 
W. Myddylton, London^ 1545. 8vo. 

1379. a. (7.) 

— Another edition. V. S. 
J, Allde, London, 1573. 8vo. 

230. k. 28. 

SHERLAND ( ) Recorder 

of Northampton. Life. iSe6 Si bbes 
(K.) The Saints Safetie, etc. 

SHERLEY {Sir Anthony) 
See C, Ro. A... discourse of Mu- 
ley Hamets rising to the three 
Eingdomes of Morueoos, Fes, and 
Sub ... The Aduentures of Sir 
A. S. ... in those countries. 
1609. 4to. 1198. c. 20» 

— See Day {J. ^ The Travailes 
of the three English Brothers, Sir 
T., Sir A., Mr. R. Shirley [drama- 
tized], etc. 1607. 4to. C. 34.0.22. 

— [Voyages, etc.] See Hak- 
LUYT (R.) The principal Naviga- 
tions, etc. Vol.3. 1598, etc. fol. 

683. h» 6. 

— Voyage into Persia. See 
Nixon (A.) [The three English 
brothers, etc.] 

— Travels. See Parky ( W.) A 
new. ..discourse of the Travels, 

— A briefe compendium of the 
Historie of Sir A. S.'s Travels into 
Persia. See Purchas (S.) Pur- 
ehas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 2. 
1625. fol. 679. h. 12. 




SHE RLE Y (iSfiV Anthony) 
Sir A. Sherley liis relation of 
his travels into Persia... both by 
sea and land... Also, a true re- 
lation of the great Magnificence 
...of Abas, now King of Persia, 
with his great Conquests... Penned 
by S'. A. Sherley and recommended 
to his brother, S'. Robert Sherley, 
being now in prosecution of the 
like honourable imployment. 
Printed for N. Butter and J, Bag- 
/ef, London, 1613. 4to. 790. c. 28. 

— Another copy. G. 6671. 
With portrait of Sherley inserted. 

— A True Report of Sir A. 
Sbierlies Journey overland to 
Venice, . . . An tiooh, Aleppo, . . . Babi- 
lon,... Persia, eto. i3. H. Printed 
hy B. B.fur L I., LondoHj 1 600. 4to. 

G. 6674. 

Without pagination. 

SHERLEY (Sir Robert) See 
Day (J.) The Travailes of the 
three English Brothers, Sir T., 
Sir A., Mr. R. Shirley [dramatized], 
etc. 1607. 4to. C. 34. c. 22. 

— Proceedings and death. See 
Herbert (Sir T.) Bart. A relatipn 
of some yeares travaile ... Into 
Afriqne and...Asiay eta 

— [Emhasey to Poland,"] See 
MiBDLETON (T.) Sir R. Sherley, 
sent ambassadour, etc. 

— War8 against the TurJce. See 
Nixon (A.) [The three English 
brothers, etc.J 

— A briefe Memoriall of the 
Travells of the Rt. Hon. Sir R. S. 
See PuECHAS (S.) Purchas his 
Pagrimee,etc. Pt.2. 1625. fol. 

679. h. 12. 

SHERLEY (5tV Thomas) See 
Day (J.) The Travailes of the 
three English Brothers, Sir T., 

Sir A., Mr. R. Shirley [dramatized], 
etc. 1607. 4to. C. 34. o. 22. 

SHERLEY (Sir Thomas) 
Travailes. See Nixon (A.) [The 
three English brothers, etc.] 

SHERRY (Richard) A 
treatise of Schemes & Tropes... 
gathered out of the best Gram- 
marians & Ora tours... W hereunto 
is added a declamacion that chyl- 
dren even strayt fro their infancie 
should be...broughte up in leani- 
ynge. Written fyrst in Latin by 
...Erasmus, etc. id. X* J. Bay^ 
London^ [1550]. 8vo. 11900. a. 

Without pagination. 

— A treatise of the Figures of 
Grammer [«cj and Rhetorike... 
Whereunto is joygned the Oration 
which Cicero made to Cesar, gev- 
iug thankes unto him for pardon- 
yng ... M. Marcellus. In sedibua 
B. Totteliy Londini, 1555. 16 mo. 

11825. a. 

SHERWILL (Thomas^ 

t Funeral sermon.] See Grosse (A.) 
)eaths deliverance, etc. 

S HER WIN (Ralph) See 
Campian (E.) a true report of 
the death and martyrdome of M. 
Campion,. . .M. S., etc. [ 1 586 ?] 1 6mo. 

1370. a. 

— Execution. See Munday (A.) 
A Discoverie of E. Campion and 
his Confederates, etc. 

— iSeeWHiTE(;P.) Anansweare 
unto... the jesuiticall opinion of 
justification guilefully uttered by 
Sherwyne at the time of his exe- 
cution. 1582. 8vo. 3932. b. 

SHERWOOD (Robert) See 
CoTGRAVB (R.) A bictionarie of 
the French and English tongues. 
...Whereunto is also annexed a... 
Dictionarie, of the English set 




before the French by R. S(her- 
wood) L(ondoner). 1632. fol. 

626. 1. 13. 

French Tutour : by way of Gram- 
mar... Whereunto are alsoannexed 
three Dialogues . . . Second Ed i tion, 
...enlarged. B. Young^ London^ 
1634. 8vo. 12950. a. 1. 

— Another copy. 12950. a. 10. 

SHIERLBY (Sir Anthony) 
See Shcrley. 

SHILLING (Andrew) The 
true relation of that worthy Sea 
Fight which two of the East India 
Shipps, had with 4 Portingals,... 
in the Persian Gulph ; with the 
lamentable death of Captaine 
Andrew Shilling. With other 
memorable accidents in that voi- 
age. Printed hy L D. for N. New- 
bery and W. Sheffard, London^ 
1622. 4to. 0. 33. g. 17. 

S H I L O C K (Caleb) pseud. 
C. S. his prophesie, for... 1607. 
SeeYAijESOOjSigmor, pseud. Newes 
from Borne, etc. [1606.] 4to. 

C. 32. d. 

SHIRLEY {Sir Anthony) 
See Sherlby. 

SHIRLEY (Henry) The 
Martyr'd Souldier. [A tragedy, 
in five acts and in verse : edited 
by I. K.] L OkeSy London^ 
1638. 4to. 644. c. 55. 

— Another copy. 163. i. 23. 

SHIRLEY (James) 5ee Chap- 
man (G.) and Shirley (J.) The 
Ball. A Comedy, etc. 1639. 4to. 

643. d. 2. 

— See Fletcher (J.) The 
Coronation. A Comeay...By J. 
Fletcher [or rather by J. S.]. 
1640. 4to. 644. b. 29. 

The Night.Walker...A 

Comedy ...Written by J, Fletcher 

[andJ.S.?]. 1640. 4to. 644. e. 3. 

SHIRLEY (James) The Bird 
in a cage. A comedie Hn five 
acts, in prose and verse]. ^. AUop 
and T. Fawceifor W. Oookey Lon- 
don, 1033. 4 to. 644. c. 42. 

Without pagination. 
— Another copy. C. 1 2. f. 1 5. (8.) 

— Changes ; or, Ijove in a 
Maze. A comedie [in five act.s 
chiefly in verse]. Printed hy G, P. 
for W. Cooke, London, 1632. 4to. 

644. c. 41. 

— Another copy. C. 1 2. f. 1 5. (4.) 

— The Constant Maid. A 
comedy [in five acts and in verae]. 
J. RatDorthjforB, Whitaker, London, 
1640. 4to. 644. o. 59. 

Without pagination. 
— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l8.(2.) 

— A Contention for Honour 
and Biches. [A masque, in verso 
and prose.] Printed by K A, for 
W. Cooke, London, 1633. 4to. 

644. c. 43, 
Without pagination. 

— - Another copy. C. 1 2. f. 1 5. ( 5.) 

— The DukcB Mistris. [A 
tragedy, in five acts and in vense.] 
/. Norton for A. Crooke, London, 
1638. 4to. 644. o. 54. 

Without pagination. 
— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.(8.) 

— The Example. [A comedy 
in five acts and in verse.] J. Nor^ 
ton for A. Crooke and W. Cooke, 
London, 1637. 4to. 644. c. 48. 

Without pagination. 
—Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.(6.) 

— Another copy. 

C. 21. c. 35. (10.) 

*— The Gamester. [A comedy 


in five acts and in Terse.] J, Nor- 
ion for A. Orooke and W. Cooke^ 
London, 1637. 4to. 644. o. 49. 

Without pagination. 
— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.(6.) 

SHIRLEY (James) The 
Gratefull Servant. A Comedie 
[in five acts, in prose and verse], 
etc. Printed by B. A, and T. F. for 
John GrenCy London, 1630. 4to. 

644. c. 39. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 11-14. 

— Another edition. J. Okes for 
W. Leake, London, 1637. 4to. 

643. 0. 46. 

— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l5.(2.) 

Titlepage mutilated, where the 
date occurs. 

— Hide Parke, a comedie [in 
five acts and in verse]. T. Cotes 
for A. Crooke and W. Cooke, London, 
1637. 4to. 644. c. 50. 

Without pagination. 
— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.C4.) 

— The Humorous Courtier ; a 
comedy [in five acts and in verse]. 
Printed by T. 0. for W. Cooke, 
London, 1640. 4to. 644. c. 60. 

Without pagination. 
— Anothercopy. C.12.f. 17.(5.) 

— The Lady of Pleasure. A 
comedie [in five acts and in verse]. 
T. Cotes for A. Crooke and W. Cooke, 
London, 1637. 4to. 644. c. 51. 

Without pagination. 
—Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.(2.) 

— Love's Crueltie : a tragedy 
[iu five acts, in vei'se and prose]. 
T. Cotes for A. Orooke, London, 
1640. 4to. 644. c. 61. 

Without pagination. 
— Anothercopy. C. 12. f. 18.(1.) 
»— The Maides Revenge. A 



tragedy [in five acts, in verse and 
l)rose]. Printed by T. C. for 
W. Cooke, London, 1 639. 4to. 

644. c. 57. 
Without pagination. 

—Anothercopy. C.12.f.l7.(l.) 
Titlepage mutilated. 

SHIRLEY (JAMiffi) The Op- 
portunitie, a comedy [in five acts, 
in verse and prose]. T. d^tesfor 
A. Crooke, London, 1640. 4to. 

644. c. 62. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. f. 17. 
This oopy has a different titlepage. 

— A pastorall called the Ar- 
cadia. [A drama in five acts, in 
prose and verse.] Printed by L D. 
for J, Williams and F. Egleafeild, 
London, 1640. 4to. 644. c. 58. 

Without pagination. 
—Anothercopy. C.12.f.l7.(4.) 

— The Eoyall Master. [A 
tragi-comedy in five acts and in 
verse.] Printed for W. Cooke, 
London, 1638. 4to. 644. c. 56, 

Without pagination. 

— Another copj'. C.12.f.l6.(7.) 

— a\ Patrick for Ireland. [A 
romantic drama in five a<:ts, and 
chiefly in verse.] The first part. 
J, Baworthfor J.WJiitaker, London, 
1640. 4to. 643. c. 72. 

Without pagination* No more 

—Anothercopy. C.12.f.l7.(7.) 

— The Schoole of Complement. 
[A comedy in five acts, in prose 
and verse.] Printed by E, A. for 
F. Constable, London, 1631. 4to. 

644. c. 40. 

— Anothercopy. C. 12. f. 15.(3.) 

— Another edition. Printed by 




J. H. far F. Constable, London, 
1637. 4to. 644. o. 62. 

SHIRLEY (James) The 
Traytor : a tragedie [in five acts 
and in verse]. W, Cooke, London, 
1 635. 4to. 644. c. 47. 

Without pagination. 

— Anotliercopy. C.12.f.l6.(l.) 

— The Triumph of Peace, a 
Masqne [in verse]. /. Norton for 
W. Cooke, London, 1633. 4to. 

644. c. 44. 

— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.(7.) 

— The Wedding. [A comedy 
in five acts, in prose and verse.] 
Printed for J, Chrove, London, 
1633. 4to. 644. c. 45. 

Without pagination. 

— Anothercopy. C. 12. f. 15.(1.) 

— The Wittie Faire one; a 
comedie [in five acts, in prose and 
verse]. Printed by B. A. and 
T. Jr. for W, Cooke, London, 
1633. 4to. 644. c. 46. 

Without pagination. 
• — Anothercopy. C.12.f.l5.(6.) 

— The Young Admirall. [A 
tragi -comedy in five acts, in 
prose and verse.] T. Cotes, for 
A. Crooke and W. Cooke, London, 
1637. 4to. 644. c. 53. 

Without pagination. 

— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l6.(3.) 

SHIRL^EY (Sir Robert) 
See Sherlbt. 


A Merrie and Pleasant Comedy... 
called A Shoo-maker a Gentle- 
man, etc. 1638. 4to. 644. c. 16. 

SHORE (Jane) See C, A. 
Beawtie dishonoured, written un- 
der the title of Shores wife. 
1593. 4to. C. 39. c. 12. 

SHOT. The Foysonit Schot. 
[A Ballad on the murder of 
the Regent Murray.] )0. X.. 
Bobert Lekpreuik, Edinburgh, 1570. 
Broadside fol. Box. III. 1. 

SHUTE (John) See Cam- 
BiNi (A.) Two very notable CJom- 
mentaries ... of the originall of 
the Turcks... Translated oute of 
Italian into Englishe by J. Shute. 
1562. 4to. 1053. h. 5. 

— See ViRET (P.) The firste 
part of the Christian Instruction. 
...Translated... by J. Shute, etc. 
[1565.] 4to. 697. d. 38. 

1573. 8vo. 1360. a. 11. 

SHUTE (Nathaniel) Corona 
Charitatis, the Crowneof Charitie : 
a Sermon [on Nehem. xiii. 14] 
preach t ... at the ... funerals of . . . 
B. Fishbume, etc. W. Stanaby 
for S. Man, London, 1626. 4to. 

1417. b. 50. 

SHUTE (W.) See Fougasses 
(T. de) The generall Historie of 
Venice ... Englished by W. S. 
1612. fol. 803.1.9. 

— See Maurice, Prince of Orange^ 
etc. The Triumphs of Nassau... 
Translated out of French by W. 
Shute. 1613. fol. 801. k. 6. 

1620. fol. 9405. f. 2. 

SHUTTE (Christopher) A 
compendious forme and summe 
of Christian doctrine, called the 
Testimonie of a true faith, eta 
Id. ft. T, Dawson, London, 
1581. 8vo. 3505. c. 50. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— A... sermon [on Heb. xi. 7] 
preached before the j'ong Coun- 
tesse of Comberland, etc. 90. X. 
MS. Notes. C. Barker, London^ 
1578. 8vo. 114. a. 38. 

Withoat pagination. Register A-G. 




8IBBALD (James) Holinesse 
to the Lord; or a sermon upon 
the 36 Verse of the 28 Chapter of 
fixodns: in Commemoration of 
...Patrick, bishop of Aberdene. 
See Forbes (P.) Bishop of Aber- 
deen. Funerals, etc. 1635. 4to. 

696. d. 6. (2.) 

— Besp. Theses theologicae 
de primatu B. Petri. Frees, J. 
Forbesio. E. Bahanus^ Ahredontae, 
1627. 4to. 4175; b. 4. (2.) 

S I B B E 8 (Richahd) See 
Ball (J.) A IVeatise of Faith, 
etc. [With a commendatory pre- 
face to the reader signed R. S.] 

1632. 4to. 858. c. 5. 

— iSnea Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Hosea. The Returning Back- 
slider, or, a commentarie upon 
the whole xiiii chapter of... Hosea, 
etc. . (The Saints privilege, etc.) 
1639, etc. 4to. 3165. c. 

— See Bible. — ^New Testament. 
— Philippians. An Exposition of 
the third chapter of the Epistle 
of St. Paul to the Philippians... 
By...R.S.,etc. 1639. 4to. 8265.b. 

— See Capel (R.) Tentations, 
etc. [With a preface by R. S.] 

1633. 12mo. 4404. aaa. 

— See CuLVERWELL (E.) Time 
well spent in Sacred Meditations, 
etc. [The epistle dedicatory is 
aigned, R. Sibbs, etc.] 1634. 12mo. 

4406. aa. 

A Treatise of Faith, etc. 

[With Epistles to the Reader by 
J&.S.,etc.] 1625. 12mo. 4404. b. 

— See Gataker (T.) Christian 
Constancy crowned by Christ. A 
fnnerall st-rmon, etc. [Edited by 
R. S.] 1624. 4to. 1419. c. 42. 

— See Preston (J.) The Breast- 
Plate of Faith, etc. [With an 


epistle " to the Christian Reader," 
signed by R. S., etc.] 1634. 4to. 

3752. b. (2.) 

S I B B E S (Richard) See 
Preston (J.) The New Covenant, 
or the Saints Portion, etc. [Edited 
by R. S. and J. Davenport.] 
1629. 4to. 862. 1. 9. 

The Saints Daily Exer- 
cise, etc. [Edited by R. S. and 
J. Davenport.] 1634. 4to. 

4402. cc. 

— — The Saints Qualification, 
etc. [With an epistle ** to the 
Christian Reader" by R. S. and 
J. Davenport.] 1634. 8vo. 

4452. bb. (1.) 

— See Saints. The Saints 
cordials ; as they were delivered 
in sundry sermons, etc. [By R. S.] 
1629. fol. 4452. g. 

— See SouDDER (H.) A Key of 
Heaven, etc. [With preface by 
R. S.] 1620. 12mo. 4407. aaa. 

— See Threnoikos. ©fyrjvoucos 
... sermons ... By ... R. Sibbs, etc. 
1640. fol. 4453. g. 1. 

— Beames of divine Light, 
breaking forth from severall 
places of holy Scripture, as they 
were learnedly opened, in xxi ser- 
mons, etc. [Edited by J. Sedg- 
wick.] 2 pts. Printed by G, M.for 
N. Bourne, London, 1 639, 38. 4to. 

873. i. 2. 
Each pt. has a separate pagiDation. 

— Bowels opened, or a disco- 
very of the neere and deere Love, 
Union and Communion betwixt 
Christ and the Church... in divers 
sermons on the... Canticles, etc. 

Edited by T. Goodwin and P. 
3'e, with an epistle to the Reader 
by I. Dod.] Printed by G. M.for 
G. Edwards, London, 1639. 4 to. 

3166. c. 

With a portrait of R. Sibbes. 






SIBBES (Eichard) A Breath- 
ing after God. Or a Christians 
desire of Gods presence. [With 
an Address to the reader by H. I.] 
J". Dawson for B, JkT., London, 
1639. 12mo. 4403. d. 

With portrait. 

— The brides Longing for her 
bride-groomes second comming. A 
sermon [oq Kev. xxii. 20] preached 
at the funerall of... Sir T. Grew, 

. etc. [With an " Epistle to the 
reader subscribed G. H.] Printed 
hy E. P. far O, EdwardSj London, 
1638. 12ino. 1417. a. 3. 

— The bruised reede and 
smoaking flax... some sermons... 
Fifth edition, corrected. Printed 
hy M, F. for B. Dawlman and 
L, Faune, London, 1635. 12mo. 

4452. b. 

The sixt Edition, 

corrected. Printed hy M. F, for 
B. Dawlman and L. Faune, London, 
1638. 12mo. 4409. b. 

— The Christian's End ; or the 
sweet soveraignty of Christ over 
his members in life and death. 
T Harper for L, Chapman, Lon- 
don, 1639. 4to. 4452. d. 

With portrait. 

— The Christians Portion, 
or, the Charter of a Christian. 
Wherein are laide open those un- 
searchable riches and priviledges 
he hath by his interest in Christ. 
Published by T. G[oodwin] and 
P. N[ye]. [With an Epistle to 
the Reader by J. B., i.e. Jeremiah 
Burroughs ?] Printed hy J. O. for 
J. Bothwell, London, 1638. 12mo. 

4403. d. 

— Evangel icall Sacrifices. In 
XIX. sermons ... The third tome. 

iWith an Epistle Dedicatory by 
. Sedgwick and a Preface by 
A. Jackson.] 10 pts. T. B,for 

N. Bourne, and B, Harford, Lon- 
don, 1640. 4to. 4455. o. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage. 
Pts. 6-10 have a separate pagina- 

SIBBES (Eichard) The 
Fountaine Opened or the Mysterie 
of Godlinesse Eevealed. (Angels 
Acclamations: or, the Nativity of 
Christ, celebrated by the Heavenly 
Host. The Churches Riches by 
Christ's Poverty. The Eich Po- 
verty or the Poore Mans Eichee.) 
[With a dedication by J. Sedgwick 
and an address to the reader by A. 
Jackson.] 4 pts. E. Purslow for 
N. Bourne, and B. Harford, London, 
1638. 4to. 4408. bbb. 

— A Fountain sealed : or the 
duty of the sealed to the Spirit, 
and the worke of the Spirit in 
Sealing. Being the substance of 
divers Sermons [on Ephes. if. 30. 
Edited by T. Goodwin and P. 
Nye]. T. Harper for L. Chapman, 
London,16'd7. 12mo. 4403. d. (1.) 

— Another copy. 1112. a. 30. 


— A glance of Heaven. Or a 
pretious taste of a glorious Feast. 
Wherein thou mayst taste and 
see those things which God hath 
prepared for them that love him. 
[With an Address to the Eeader 
by L. Seaman.] Printed hy E. O, 
for L JB., London, 1638. 12mo. 

4403. d. 

— Light from Heaven : dis- 
covering the fuuntaine opened; 
Angels acclamations ; churches 
riches; rich povertie. In foure 
treatises, etc. [Edited by J. Sedg- 
wick.] 2 pts. E. Purslow for 
N. Bourne and B, Harford, Lon- 
don, 1638. 4to. 873. i. 1. 

Each pt has a separate pagination. 

— The Saints Safetie in evill 
times. [A Sermon on Psal. vii. 




14.] .., Whereunto is annexed a 
Passion Sermon (Christa suffer- 
ings for Mans sinne) [on Matt. 
ZX7II. 46] ... As also the Hap- 
pinesse of enjoying Christ 
(Christ is best) laid open at the 
Funerall of M^ Sherland [in a 
Sermon on Phil. i. 23, 24] ...To- 
gether with the most vertuous 
Xiife and heavenly end of that... 
gentleman. (The Churches Visi- 
tation.) [A Sermon on 1 Pet. iv. 
17-19], etc. 2 pts. M.Fleaherfor 
B.Dawlihan,L(mdon, 1 633,3 4. 1 2 mo. 

4452. 0. 

Ft. 1 is in three divisions, each 
with a distinct titlepage. 

SIB BE S (Highard) The 
Sonles Conflict with it selfe ... 
Third edition. Printed hy M. F. 
for B.Dawlmanj London^ 1636. 8yo. 

4409. de. 

— Fourth edition. 

Printed hy M, F. for B, Dawlman^ 
London, 1638. 12mo. 4409. dd. 

— The Spirituall-Mans Aime. 
Oniding a Christian in his Affec- 
tions and Actions, through the 
sundry passages of this life. So 
that Gods glory and his owne 
Salvation may be the maine end 
of alL Published by T. G[ood- 
win] and P. N[ye]. /. Norton for 
J, Boihwell, London, 1637. 12mo. 

4403. d. (3.) 

— Two Sermons upon the first 
words of Christs last sermon, 
John xiv. 1, being also the last 
sermons of E. S.... preached June 
21 & 28, 1635. T. Harper for 
L. Chapman, London, 1636. 4to. 

694. d. 19. (16.) 

— Third edition. 

T. Harper, for L. Chapman, Lon- 
don, 1637. 12mo. 4403. d. (2.) 

— Yea and Amen : or, pretious 
promises, and priviledges spiritu- 
ally unfolded in their nature and 

use.. .By B. Sibbs. Reviewed by 
himselfe...and since perused by 
Tfhoraas] G[oodwin] and P[hilip] 
N[ye]. M. Bishop for B. Dawl- 
man, London, 1638. 12mo. 4378.a. 

SIBTHORP(5fir Christopher) 
A friendly Advertisement to the 
pretended Catholickes of Ireland : 
declaring,... that both the Kings 
Supremaeie, and the Faith where- 
of His Majestic is the Defender, 
are consonant to the doctrine 
delivered in the Holy Scriptures, 
and the writings of the... Fathers: the end whereof, is added 
an epistle... by J. Ussher, Bishop 
of Meath: wherein it is further 
manifested, that the religion 
anciently professed in Ireland is, 
for substance, the same with that, 
which at this day is by publick 
authoritie established therein. 
2 pts. Printed hy the Societie of 
Stationers^ Dublin, 1 622. 4to. 

1019. e. 10. 

SIBTHORPE (Eobert) Apo- 
stolike Obedience. Shewing the 
Duty of Subjects to pay Tribute 
and Taxes to their Princes... A 
sermon, [on Eom. xiu. 7] preached 
at Northampton at the Assises,... 
Febr. 22. 1626. M. Flesher, Lon- 
don, 1627. 4to. 4474. c. 116. 

— Another copy. 694. e. 4. (12.) 

With a different titlepage, bear- 
ing imprint : ** Printed by M. F. for 
B. Mynne." 

— A counterplea to an apos- 
tates pardon. A sermon [on 
Jerem. v. 7] preached... Feb. 15, 
1617, etc. B, Ahopfor G. Faire- 
heady London^ 1618. 4to. 

4474. 0. 108. (3.) 

SIBYLS. Certaine Oracles of 
Sibylla agreeing with the Revela- 
tion and other places of Scripture. 
See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Bevelation. A plaine Discovery 




of the whole Revelation of Saint 
John, etc. 1593. 4to. 1412. d. 3. 

SIC EL IDES. Sicelides, a 
Piscatory [drama in five acts, and 
in prose and verse. By P. Flet- 
cher]. Printed by L N. for 
W, Shear 68, London, 1631. 4to. 

643. 0. 49. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 841. d. 2. 

— Another copy. 161. f. 40. 

SICILY. See H., S., A. B., e 

C, Ex. Sicily and Naples, or, the 
Fata 11 Union. A Tragedy, etc. 
1640. 4to. 644. e. 26. 

SICTOR (Joannes) Carmina 
lu^ubria de iiifelici casn et prae- 
mature obita,exnaufragio y . Jan- 
uarii die . 1629...influvio Yaapud 
Batavos facto . . . Principis Friderici 
Henrici,...Bohemorum Kegia Fri- 
derici ... Primogeniti filii, etc. 
Typis Thomee Cote8, Londini, 
[1629]. 4to. 237. g. 9. 

Four leaves, without pagination. 

— Epicedion in...E. Freeman- 
nnm,...[E]eipublic8e Londinensis 
Pr83torem llegium, etc. [London f 
1634.] 8, 9h. 4to. 1870. d. (7.) 

Slightly mutilated. 

— LachrymsB reipublicse Lon- 
dinensis sive Epicedia prsecipuo- 
rum quatuor senatorum [B. 
Freeman, Sir M. Lumley, Sir R. 
Dncy, and H. Perry], etc. Typi8 
Thonue Cote8, Londini, 1635. 4to. 

1213. 1. 9. (10.) 

— Panegyricon inangurale... 
Prsetoris Regii sive Majori8...Eei- 
publicee Londinensis, R. Fenn, 
Bub finem anni 1637. [In verse. 
With two Latin Epigrams in MS. 
by the author, prefixed, addressed 
to King Charles I.] Ex Chalco- 

graphia T. Harpert, [London^ 
1638]. 4to. C. 28. g. 22. (12.) 

Without pagination. 

SIDNEY {Sir Henry) BariaU. 
See White (T.) A godlie sermon, 

SIDNEY, afterwards HER- 
BERT (Mart) Countess of Pem- 
broke. See Antonius (Marcus) 
The Tragedie of Antonie. Doone 
into English hy the Countesse of 

Pembroke. 1695. Qvo. &. 11169. 

— See MoRNAY (P. de) Seigneur 
du Plessia-Marly. Discourse of 
Life and Death. Written ia 
French by P. Momay. An- 
tonius, A Tragedie written also 
in French by R. Garnier. Both 
done in English by the Countesse 
of Pembroke. 1692. 4to. 

11626. d. 42. 

1600. 8vo. 

1076. b. 3. 

1606. 12mo. 4409. b. (1.) 

1607. 8vo. 4406. b. 

SIDNEY {Sir Philip) See 
Academies, etc. — Cambridge. — 
University of Cambridge. Academiao 
Gantabrigiensis lachrymee tumnlo 
...P. Sidneiisacrat8e,etc. 1687. 4to. 

C. 34. h. 1. 

— See Academies, etc. — Oxford. 
— New College. Peplus. Illustris- 
simi viri D. P. Sidnaei supremis 
honoribus dicatus. 1687. 4to. 

G. 9967. 

— See B., N. Sir P. Sydney's 
Our&nia, etc. 1606. 4to. 

C. 38. 0. 13. 

— See Devereux (H.) Earl of 
Essex. Profitable instructions ; 
describing what observations are 
to be taken by travellers in all 
nations, etc. By... Robert... Earl 
of Essex, Sir P. S. and Secretary 
Davison. 1633. 12mo. B.679.(2.) 




SIDNEY (Sir Philip) See 
XiANT (T.) Sequitnr celebritas & 
pompa fiineris [of Sir P. S.], eto. 
Lot. and Eng. 1587. Ohl foL. 

C. 21. f. 

— See MoRNAY (P. de) Seigneur 
du PlemS'Marly, A Woorke con- 
cerning the trewneaee of the 
Christian Eeligion...Begtinne to. 
be translated... by Sir P. S., etc. 
1587. 4to. 1159.1.1. 

1592. 4to. 873. k. 7. 

1604. 4to. 854. i. 7. 

1617. 8vo. 4016. b. 

— See S., Sir P. 

— See Spenser (B.) Colin 
Clouts come home again. (Astro- 
phel. A Pastorall Elegie upon 
the death of... Sir P. S., etc.^ 
1575. 4to. 686. g. 22. (2, 3.) 

— An Apologie for Poetrie. 
Prtn/ed for H, Qlney, London, 
1695. 4to. C. 34. f. 12. 

\^ithont pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 11545. 

— The Gountesse of Pembrokes 
Arcadia. Ed. Pr. Printed for 
W. PofwofiWe, London, 1590. 8vo. 

G. 10440. 

— Another copy. C. 30. d. 22. 

Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf 
of Big. A, which is supplied in MS. 

Now the fourtb 

time published, with sundry new 
additions of the same author. 
(Sonets. — The defence of poesy. — 
Astropbel and Stella.) [With a 
preface by H. S.] Imprinted for 
■M. LowneB, London, 1605. fol. 

C. 39. h. 8. 

— [Another edition.] 

printed hy H. X. for S. Waterson^ 
London, 1613. fol. 682. d. 11. 

With portrait inserted. 
Now the fifth time 

published, with some new Addi- 
tions. Also a supplement of a 
defect in the third part of this 
history. By Sir W. Alexander. 
[With a preface by H. S.] Printed 
by the Society of StcUioners, Dublin, 
1621. fol. C. 40. 1. 6. 

The titlepage is slightly mutilated. 

Now the sixt time 

published. Imprinted by H, L, 
for M. Loumea, London, 1623. fol. 

12403. g. 8. 

Now the seventh 

time published ... W hereunto is 
now added a sixth Booke, by 
H. B[eling] of Lincolnes Inne, 
Esq. (Sonnets, etc.) Printed by 
H. L. and B. Y,, London, 1629. fol. 

12403. g. 

Now the eighth 

time published, eto. Printed for 
S. Waterson and B. Young, London, 
1633. foL 635. 1. 20. 

Titlepage cropped. 

— Now the ninth 

time published, with a twofold 
supplement of a defect in the 
third Book; the one by S'. W. 
A[lexander], Knight; the other, 
by M'. J. Johnstoun,... dedicated 
to K. James, and now annexed 
to this work, etc. Printed for 
J. Waterson and B. Young, London^ 
1638. fol. 12403. g. 

SIERRA (Pedro la) See Ttleb 
M.) [The Mirror of Princely 
eeds and Knighthood. Pts. 4-5 
by P. la S.] 1599, eto. 4to. 

12460. f. 

Now the fourth time published, 
with some new additions. Im-- 

Poland and of Sweden, See 
Ahmad I., Sultan of the Turks. 
The Great Turkes Defiance: or 




his Letter... to Sigismond..., King 
of Polonia...With the King of 
Poland hia replie, etc. 1613. 4to. 

9135. aaa. 

Poland and of Sweden. See 
Ahmad I., Sultan of the Turks, 
Tme copies of the insolent... 
Letter ... written by the Great 
Turke for denouncing of Warre 
against the King of Poland (Sigis- 
mund the third) and of the... 
Answere made by the said King, 
etc. 1621. 4to. 690. e. 11. (1.) 

SILESIO (Mariano) The 
Arcadian Princesse; or, the Tri- 
umph of Justice: Prescribing 
excellent rules of Physicke, for 
a sicke Justice. Digested into 
fowre Bookes, and faithfully ren- 
dred to the originall Italian Copy 
by K. Brathwait. (Composed at 
first by...M. Silesio^ (The Life 
of M. Silesio.) Th. Harper for 
Robert Bostocke J London, 1635. 8vo. 

G. 529. 

With frontispiece. 

— Another copy. 245. e. 34. 

Wanting the verses "upon the 
Frontispice" which should occupy 
the verso of the fly-leaf. 

a Countrie Farmar, etc. The Silke- 
wormes and their Flies: lively 
described in verse, etc. 1599. 4to. 

239. k. 19. 

SILVA (Nunc da) [Voyages, 
etc.] See Hakluyt (K.) The 
principal Navigations, etc. 
1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

SILVER rOEOEGE) Paradoxes 
of Defence, wnerein is proved the 
true grounds of Fight to be in 
the. short auncient weapons, and 
that the short Sword hath ad- 
vantage of the long Sword or long 
Rapier... with an admonition to 
the noble... nation of Englishmen, 

to beware of false teachers of 
Defence, and how they forsake 
their owne naturall fights : with 
a briefe commendation of the 
noble science or exercising of 
Armes. Printed for E. Blount^ 
London, 1599. 4to. 1042. L 42. 

See Sylvester. 

SILVIUS (^neas) 
See Pius II., Pope. 

SINLl^OJ^, Metaphroites. Vit» 
Sanctorum Evangelist. Johannis 
et Luc83 traductas a R. Bretto. 
€hr, and Lot. Ex officina typo* 
graphica J. Bameni^ Oxonim, 
1597. 12mo. 859. a. 6. 

SIMLER (Josias) See Bible. 
— Old Testament. — Psalms. De- 
votional Compilations. Most Godly 
prayers, etc. [Edited by J. S.] 
1569. 8vo. 3456. aa. 72. 

— An oration wherein is set 
foorth the life and death of... 
P.. Martyr Vermillius, etc. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin.] See Ver- 
HiGLi (P. M.) The common places 
of... P. Martyr, etc. 1583. foL 

3705. f. 

SIMON, The Anker of London 
Wall. The fniyte of redempcyon 
(prayers and fall devonte con- 
templations with thankynges of 
all the benefytes gyven to man- 
kynde. [Sig. D4, recto, line 4 :] 
praye for the Anker of London 
wall wretched Symon, that... 
hath compyled this mater in 
englysshe). [Attributed to R. 
Whitford.] 33. il* Wynkyn de 
Worde, ILondon,"] 1514. 4to. 

C. 21. o. 23. 

Without pagination or catch- 
words. Twenty-four leaves. 8ig» 

— Another edition. Wynkyn 
de Worde, [London,] 1530. 4to. 

C. 25. c. (3.) 
Without pagination. Sig. A-£. 




SIMOTTA (George^ A 
Theater of the Planetary Houres 
for all dayes of the yeare... com- 
posed by G. S. a Grecian of Con- 
Btantinople, Spagiric'k Physitian, 
to Monsieur, brother to his 
Majestie of France. Translated 
out of Greeke, into Frenche, and 
now into English, fitted to our 
calculation. A, MattheweSj London^ 
1631. 4to. 1141. a, 44. 

— Another copy. G. 19147. (5.) 

SIMPSON (Nathaniel) 

See S., N. 

SIM SON (Archibald) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Psalms, 
JPoriuma. A Sacred Septenarie, 
or a Godly... Exposition of the 
seven Psalmes of Eepentance... 
By Mr. A. Symson. 1623. 8vo. 

873. d. 26. 

— Christea Testament un- 
folded: or, seauen godlie and 
learned sermons on our Lords 
seauen last words, spoken on the 
Crosse. 1$. Z. E. Baban, Edin- 
burgh, 1620. Bvo. C. 37. h. 20. 

Without pagination. 

— Heptameron; the Seven 
Dayes : that is, meditations, and 
prayers, upon the worke of the 
Lords Creation. Together with 
other certaine prayers and medi- 
tations, etc. E. Bahan, Sainct- 
AndretD8,1621. 8vo. 3.(1.) 

— Hieroglyphica animalium 
terrestrium, volatilium, natati- 
linm, reptilium, in8ectorum,vege- 
tivorum, metallorum, lapidum, 
&c. qu8B in Scripturis Sacris in- 
veniuntur et plurimorum alio- 
runi, cum eorum interpretationi- 
bus, etc. 2 Tom. 2*^ lYnZowm, 
Edinhurgi, 1622-24. 4to. 

1015. b. 1. (3.) 

Tom. 1 ia in three pis., the two 
latter having a dibtinct titlepage and 

— Another copy. 453. b. 7. 

SIMSON (Archibald) Sam- 
sons seaven lockes of haire : alle- 
gorically expounded, and com* 
pared to the seauen spirituall 
vertues, whereby we are able to 
ouercome our spirituall Philis- 
tims. E. Baban, Sainct-Andrewes, 
1621. 8vo. 3457. de. 3. (2.) 

SIMSON (Patrick^ A short 
compendium of the nistorie of 
the first ten persecutions moved 
against Christiana Whereunto 
are added . . . treatises . . . declaring 
the noveltie of Popish Eeligion, 
etc. 5 pts. A, Hart, Edinburgh, 
1613-16. 4to. 4532. b. 

Ft. 1 is without pagination ; pts. 
2-5 are separately paged; pts. 2 
and 5 have separate titlepages. 

SIN. The Sinne unto death. 
1 John V. 16. See B., T. Begin. 
The author to the well affected 
reader, wisheth grace, etc, 
[1620?] 4to. 4473. aaa. 

— Whether it be mortall 

sinne to transgresse civil lawes, 

which be the commaundementes of 

civ ill magistrates. The judgment 

of P. Melancton (upon the xiii 

chapter of Paules Epistle to the 

Bomanes) in his epitome of morall 

philosophic. The resolution of 

H. BuUinger, and E. Gualter, of 

M. Bucer, and P. Mart.\r, con- 

ccmyng the apparrel of Minihters, 

and other indifferent thiuges. 

(A briefe and lamentable con- 

syderation, of the apparell now 

used by the Cleargie of England. 

Set out by a faithfull servaunt of 

God, for the instruction of the 

weake.) 1$, Z* Bichard Jugge, 

London, [1566 ?] 8vo. 877. b. 3. 

The imprint, which is on the 
yerso of p. 101, is followed hy the 
" Briefe and lamentable consydera- 
tion" and other matter. The pagi- 
nation and register are continuous 

— Another copy. G. 11997. 
Imperfect; wanting all after p. 102. 




SINGER (John) 
See Snuffe (Clunnyoo de Cur- 
tan io) pseud, 

SINGLETON (Isaac) The 
Downfall of Shebna: Together 
with an Application to the bloudie 
Gowrie of Scotland : as it was 
delivered in two severall Sermons 
[on Isa. XXII. 15] on that occasion 
in S'. Miirie*s Church in Oxford, 
and now published for a warning 
to all ill-aflfected Ogilviests. 
Printed for J, Billy London, 
1615. 4to. 694. e. 1. (2.) 

SINNE. See Bin. 

SINNER. See Jesus Christ. 
A Christian conference betweene 
Christ and a Sinner, etc. [A 
Ballad.] [1635?] fol. Box. 1. 493. 

— The confession of a psenitent 
Sinner. [A Ballad.] 15, Z, 2 pts. 
Printed for H. Oosson, London, 
[1635?] Broadside fol. Eox.1.494. 

— The Sinners supplication, 
confessing his sins, and humbly 
craving pardon of the Lord, etc. 
[A Ballad.] »• H* 2 pts. Printed 
for jBT. Oosson, London, [1630?] 
Broadside fol. Box, I. 378. 

SION. See Zion. 

SISTERS. The two loving 

Sisters : 

Wherein the one to the other 

doth shew, 
ITow Cupid in a dreame did her 

[A Ballad.] ». I. 2 pts. Printed 
pyr E. B., London, [1630?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 530. 

SIXESMITH (Thomas) See 
Brerewood (E.) Tractatus Duo, 
quonim primus est de Meteoris, 
Secundus de Oculo...Publici juris 
fecit T.S(ixesmith),etc. 1637. 8vo. 

538. a. 10. 

SIXTUS v., Pope [Fkucb 
Peretti.] See James (T.) Bel- 
lum Papale, sive concordia di»- 
cors Sixti Quinti, et dementis 
Octavi, circa Hieronymianam edi- 
tionem, etc. 1600. 4to. 1412. e. 3, 

— Antisixtus. [By M. Hu- 
rault Du Fay.] (S. Hen- 
rici Tertii Morte, Sermo. Bomo 
in Consistorio Patrum habitus, 
II. Septembris . 1589.) Few MS. 
Notes. J. Wolphius, Londini, 
1590. 4to. 8073. bbb. 

— Martine Mar-Sixtus. A 
second replie against the defen- 
sory and Apology of Sixtus the 
fift... defending the execrable fact 
of the Jacobine frier, upon the 
person of Henry the third, late 
King of France, to be...meritori. 
ous. Wherein the saide Apology 
is ... translated, ... answered, and 
fully satisfied. [By B. W.] 
». a. Printed for T. Woodcock, 
London, 1591. 4to. 3932. e. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 20076. 

SKELTON (John) of Peter- 
house, Cambridge. A Mirror of 
Modestie, grounded on I. Pet. 
Chap. 3. vers. 3. 4. and personally 
applied. ..By M. D. Doctor in Di- 
vinity. (A reproofe of the strange 
attired woman, The text Proverbs 
3. 9. — The sacred use of Christian 
funerals. — Peplum Modestiae, the 
Vaile of Modestie consecrated to 
the ... memory of Mistris Anna 
Bill. [Verses in Eng. Lat. and 
Greek.']) 2 pts. PrinUd for 
J. Hodgets, London, 1621. 8vo. 

1415. a. 54. 

There is a seootid titlepage en- 
gravwl, which reads, "A Monument 
of Mortalitie." Ft. 2, contiiining 
" Peplum Modestiae," has a separate 
titlepage and is without pagination. 
Imperfect ; wanting the portrait. 

— Another copy. G. 19699. (1.) 
Imperfect : wanting ** The Epistle 




Dedicatorie," signed ''John Skel- 
ton ; " wanting aJbo the plates. 

SEELTON (John) Poet 
Laureate. Howe kinge Edwarde 
the fourth... sodainly dyed, etc. 
See HiGOiNS (J.) The first parte 
of the Mirour for Magistrates, 
etc. Pt.2. 1574. 4to. C. 21.0.33. 

1675. 4to. 
C. 21. c. 51. (1, 2.) 

1587. 4to. 

1077. g. 5. (1.) 

1610, etc. 4to. 

C. 12. h. 2. 

— See James IV., King of Scot- 
land. A ballade of the scottysshe 
kynge. [By J. S.] [1513.] 4to. 

C. 39. e. 1. 

— Pithy, pleasaunt, and profit- 
ahle workes of Maister S. Poete 
Laureate. Nowe collected and 
newly published. B. a. T.Marshe, 
London, 1568. 8vo. 238. b. 38. 

Without pagination. Sig. Ti, 3, 
and 4 are mutilated, hut the defi- 
oienoies in the text are supplied in 

— Another copy. G. 1 1 1 64. 

— Here after f oloweth certayne 
hokes, oopyled by mayster Skel- 
ton, Poet Laureat, whose names 
here after shall appere. Speke 
Parrot. — The deth of the noble 
prince Kyng Edwarde the fourth. 
— A treatyse of the Scottes. Ware 
the Hawke. — The Tunnyng of 
Elynonr Rummynge. 1$. 3l« 
B. Lant for H. Tab, London, 
[1520?] 8vo. G. 11165. 

Thirty-two leayes, without pagi- 
nation. Register A-D. 

— Another edition. )3* Z. 
J, Kynge and T. MarcTie, London, 
[1565?] 8vo. C. 34. a. 17. 

Thirty-two leayes, without pagi- 
nation. Register A-D. 

— Another edition. 315. !♦ 
J. Day, London, [1570 ?] 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 14. (2.) 
Without pagination. Register A-D. 

SEELTON (John) Poet 

Laureate. Here after foloweth a 

litel boke called Colyn Cloute oom- 

pyled by mayster Skelton poete 

Laureate. [In verse.] )5* Z* 

Bycharde Kele, London, [ 1 550?] 8 vo. 

C. 39. a. 54. 

Without pagination. Fol. C2 is 

— Another edition. 95* Z* 
Jhon WaUye, London, [1550?] 8vo. 

11623. a. 48. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage, 
which has heen supplied in MS. 

— Another edition. 315. !• 
J. Wyghte, London, [1560?] 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 14. 

Without pagination. Thirty 
leaves. Sig. A-D. 

— Another edition. A. Kyison, 

Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 

— [Magnyfycence. A goodly 
interlude and a mery, etc.] 15* H* 
[/. Baaiell, London, 1533.] fol. 

C. 34. m. 1. 

Imperfect ; wanting the first leaf, 
containing the title on the recto, 
and the first page of the poem on 
the verso, which are supplied in 
MS. Fol. a iii. is wrongly num- 
bered fol. zxiz. 

— Here after foloweth the 
boke of Phyllyp Sparowe com- 
pyled by mayster Skelton Poete 
Laureate. [In verse.] 15. I. 
Rychard Kele, London, [1550?] 8vo. 

C. 39. a. 32. 

Thirty-two leaves, without pagi- 

— Another edition. 95. Z* 
J' Wyght, London, [1560?] 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 15. 

Without pagination. Thirty-two 
leaves. Sig. A-D. 



— Another edition. 1$, Jt. 
A. Kitson, London, [1565 ?] 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 14. (1.) 
Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 

— Anotheredition. ^.%, Ahra- 
ham Veale, London, [1570?] 8vo. 

C. 39. a. 56. 

Thirty-two leaves, -without pagi- 

SEELTON (John) Poet 
Laureate, A ryght delectable 
traytise upon a goodly Garlande, 
or Chapelet of Laurell, by Mayster 
SkeltonPoete Laureat, studyously 
dyvysed at Sheryfhotton Castell 
in y« Foreste of Galtres, where in 
ar coprysyde many i dy vers sola- 
cyons 1 rvght pregnant allectyvee 
of syngular pleasure, as more at 
large it doth apere in j* pees 
folowynge. IS. i, Bycharde 
faukes, [London,] 1523. 4to. 

82. d. 25. 

Without pagination. Twenty-six 
leaves. On the verso of titlepage 
is a full-length woodcut of Skelton. 

— Here after foloweth a lytell 
boke, whiche hath to name, why 
come ye nat to courte, etc. [In 
verse.] ». H. B. kele, London, 
[1520?] 8vo. G. 11166. 

Thirty-one leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Sig. A-D. On the verso 
of the last leaf is a woodcut portrait 
of Skelton, inscribed "Skylton 

— Another edition. U, a, 
B. Toy, London, [1555?] 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 16. 

Thirty-one leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Sig. A-D. 

— Another edition. i3, I, 
A. Kytson, London, [1565 ?] Bvo. 

C. 21. a. 14. (3.) 
Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 

— A Skeltonicall Salutation, 
Or condigne gratulation, 
And just vexation 

Of the Spanish Nation, 


That in a bravado. 
Spent many a Crusado, 
In setting forth an Armado 
England to invado. 
[A poem in the style of J. S., 
followed by a Latin poem en- 
titled : " Ad Begem Hispannm."] 
T. Cooke, London, 1589. 4to. 

C. 21. c. 

Without pagination. Eight leaves. 
Printed chiefly in Black Letter. 

SKENE (^iV John) See 
ScoTLA.^j).Siatut€s. The lawes 
and actes of Parliament, maid be 
King James the First and his 
successours Kinges of Scotland, 
...collected [by Sir J. Skene], 
etc. 1597. fol. 509. g. 12. 

— See Scotland.— iSfa/tito. — 

James VI. Begin. The XVI( 

XX) parliament of King James 
the sext, etc. (Collected. 
Sir J. Skene, etc.) [1609.] fol. 

6805. b. (2.) 

— Regiam Majestatem Sooti» 
veteres leges et cons ti tut iones, ex 
archivis publicis et antiquis libris 
manuscriptis collected. ..recognitao 
et notis Juris Civilis, Canonici, 
Nortmannici auctoritate eonfir- 
matis, illustratsB opera et studio 
J. Skenaei... mar- 
gine conoordantiae juris Divini, 
legum AnglisB, et juris novissimi 
ScotisB quod acta Parliament! 
vulgo vocant, etc. MS. Notbb 
[by Sir F. Hargrave]. 2 pts. 
T. Finlaaon, Edinburgi, 1609. fol. 

509. g. 13. 
Each pt. has a separate pagination. 

— Another copy. 509. g. 14. 
This and the follo'wing copy have 

different titlepages, bearing date 

— Another copy. 23. c. 9. 

— Regiam Majestatem. The 
auld lawes and constitutions of 




Scotland, faithfullie ^ collected 
forth of the Eegister, and other 
anld anthentick bukes, fra the 
dayes of King Malcolme the 
second, until 1 the time of King 
James the first... Translated out 
of Latine in Scottish Language 
... be Sir J. Skene ... Quhere- 
nnto are adjoined twa treatises, 
the ane, anent the order of 
proces observed before the Lords 
of Counsell, and Session; the 
other of Crimes and Judges in 
criminall causes. 2 pts. T. Fin- 
lason^ Edinburgh^ 1609. fol. 

23. c. 16. 

Each pt. has a separate pagiDa- 
tiou and titlepage. 

SK INKER (Tannakin) A 
certaine Eelation of the Hogfaced 
Gentlewoman called Mistris T. 
Skinker, etc. Printed by J. 0., 
London, 1640. 4to. G. 2188. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

SKINNER (»tV John) See 
Tatius (Titus) King of the 
Sahines. Rapta Tatio. [By Sir 
J, S.?] 1604. 4to. 600. d. 29. (6.) 

SKINNER (Robert) bucccs- 
BiTely Bishop of Bristol, of Oxford, 
and of Worcester. A sermon [on 
Psalm xcvi. 9] preached before 
the King. Imprinted by L L, for 
A. Hehb, London, 1634. 4to. 

114. a. 39. 

SKINNER (V.^ See Gonsal- 
vius MoNTANUS (R.) A Discovcry 
...of sundry subtill practises of 
the Holy Inquisition of Spayne 
...translated [by V.S.]. 1568. 4to. 

4071. 0. 

SKIPWITH (Edward) See 
Du Moulin (P.) An apology for 
the Holy Supper of the Lord... E. S. 1612. 4to. 

4355. aaa. 

SKOGAN (John) See Scoggin. 

SKORY (Edmund) An Ex- 

tract out of the Historie of the... 
French King Henry the fourth. 
...With an apprecation for the 
safeguard... of... James the first. 
jB. Barker, London, 1610. 4to. 

10662. df. 

Without pagination. 

SLANDER. A Plaine de- 
scription of the auncient Petigree 
of Dame Slaunder, togither with 
hir Coheires and fellowe members, 
Lying, Flattering, Backebyting, 
etc. IS. S« J» Harrison, London, 
1573. 8vo. 245. d. 4. 

Without pagination. 

SLATYBR( William). Geneth- 
liacon. sive Stem ma Jacobi: 
Genealogia scilicet Hegia, Catho- 
lica, Anglo-Scoto-Cambro-Britan- 
nica. As an Appendix, by way 
of a Genealogicall, Historicall, 
and Chronographicall Table, be- 
longing to the first part of Palee- 
Albion, etc. [A Genealogical 
table, engraved throughout, with 
printed prefatory and supple- 
mentary verses.] O. Miller, Lon- 
don, 1630. fol. 641. m. 7. (2.) 

— Another copy. 

— Another copy. 

G. 1190. 
135. 0. 6. 

Imperfect; wanting sig. A2 and 
the last leaf but one. 

— The History of Great Bri- 
tanie from the first peopling of 
this Hand to this presant Eaigne 
...uf...K. James. [In verse; Lat. 
and Eng.] L. P. W. Stansby for 
JB. Meighen, London, 1621. fol. 

641. m. 7. (1.) 

Engrayed titlepage. 

— Another copy. G. 11601. 

This and the followmg copy want 
the colophon. 

— Another copy. 77. h. 10. 

— ®fyrjv(ahia, Sive Paudionium 
Melos,inperpetuam ... Annee nuper 




AngliaB Beginas memoriam. Ele- 
gies and Epitaphs by W. Slatyr 1640. 4to. 
late Chaplaine to Her Majestie, 
etc. [With an address to Prince 
Charles, by the author, in MS.] 
J, BeaUy London, 1619. 4to. 

1070. 1. 1. 

— Another edition.] [London,] 

E. 206. (8.) 

Without pagination. The author's 
name occurs in an acrostic at the 
beginning, and in another at the 
end of the book. 

SLAVE. The Eoyall Slave. 
A Tragi-Comedy [in five acts and 
in verse. By W. Cartwright]. 
W. Turner for T, Robinson, 
Oxford, 1639. 4to. 644. d. 39. 

Without pagination. 

The second edition. 

SMART (Peter) Thevanitie 
and downe-fall of snperstitious 
Popish ceremonies : or, a sermon 
[on Psalm xxxi. 7] preached in the 
Cathedrall Church of Durham... historical! rela- 
tion of all those... Popish cere- 
monies... which M' J. Cosens hath 
lately brought into the said 
Cathedrall Church ... likewise a 
punotuall confutation of them, etc. 
The Heyres of B. Charteris, Eden- 
borough, 1628. 4to. 3935. b. 

This is a duplicate of 694. e. 1. (9.) 
with a new titlepage and prelimi- 
nary matter. 

See S., J., of the Society of Jemu, 

pseud, Fearefull and lamentable 
effects of two... Comets, which 
shall appeare in the yeere...l591, 
the 25 of March... By S. S., etc. 
"A jeu d'esprit.] 13. 31. Printed 
y I. G. for J. Busbie, London^ 
[1590?] 4to. 1077.1.24. 


W. Turner for T. Bobinson, Oxford, 
1640. 4to. 644. *b. 7. 

— Another copy. 

C. 21. c. 35. (11.) 

SM ALLE (Peter) Mans May 
or a Moneths minde : wherein the 
liber tie of mans minde is compared 
to the moneth of May. [In verse.] 
G. Puralowe for S. Band, London, 
1615. 4to. C. 39. d. 57. 

Without pagination. 

S M A B T (Peter) Begin. 
[Fol. B.] Novemb. 3. 1640. To 
the Honourable the Knights, Citi- 
zens, and Burgesses of the Com- 
mons House of Parliament, The 
humble Petition of P. Smart a 
poore prisoner in the Kings Bench, 
[complaining of illegal proceed- 
ings on the part of D"" J. Cosin ; 
together with (The Commons 
Declaration and Impeachment 
upon the complaint of P. Smart 
against J. Cosin), etc.] [London? 
1640.] 4to. 698. h. 20. (22.) 

— A Sermon [on Psal. xxxi. 7, SMETON (Thomas) Ad viru- 
on the Ceremonies, etc. of the lentum A. Hamiltonii Apoetatse 
Church of England], preached in dialogum, de confusione Calvi- 
the Cathedrall Church of Durham. niana3 Sect«e apud Scotos,.. or- 
[Londonf]1629. 4to. 694. e. 1.(9.) thodoxa responsio ... Adjecta est 

Execution. See W., C. The cry- 
ing Murther, etc. 

SMETIUS (Heinrich) Pto- 
Bodia...Editio Decimaquarta. Pri- 
oribus correctior, mantissaque... 
lociipletior...Cnm Appendice ali- 
quot vocum ab Ecclesiasticifi 
Poetis aliter usurpatarum. (Me- 
thodus dignoscendarum sylla- 
barum ex G. Fabricii ... de re 
poetica lib. 1. Eucharisticon [in 
verse] H. Smetii vitam compleo- 
tens.) Impens. Sodetatis Stationar.^ 
Londini, 1635. 8vo. 623. d. 10. 




vera historia extremsB vitae & obi- 
tas J. Enoxii, EcclesiaB Scotianad 
instauratoris fidelissimi. Apud 
J. Bo89ewnpro H. Charteris, Edin- 
burgi, 1579. 4to. 1019. g. 3. 

— Another copy. G. 20176. 

Logica M. SmigleGii...8electi8 dis- 
putationibuB & quaestionibas illus- qua quicquid in Aristo- 
telioo Organo vol oognita neoes- 
sarinin, vel obecuritate perplezum 
...pertractatur. Cum iudice, etc. 
2 torn. Excudebat L L. Impenais 
H. Crffpps, E. Forrest d H, Cur- 
teyne, Oxonii, 1634. 8vo. 8466. bb. 

Tom. 2 has a special titlepage, 
bot the register ami pagination are 
continuous throughout. 

SMITH, Families of, A Con- 
gratulatory Poem npon the Noble 
Feast Made by the Ancient and 
Benouned Families of the Smiths. 
[With a "woodcut of the exploits 
of J. Smith, Governor of Virginia.] 
Printed for F, Smith, London, 
[1630?] «.«*. fol. 835. m. 9. (37.) 

SMITH (Edward) The wofull 
lamentation of £. Smith, a poore 
penitent prisoner in the Ja^le of 
Bedford, which he wrote a short 
time before his death. [A Ballad.] 
V. Z« Assignes of T. Symcock, 
[Lottdon, 1626 ?J Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 367. 

SMITH (Henry) Minister of 
St. Clement Danes. Micro-cosmo- 
graphia: the little Worlds de- 
scription or the Map of Man... 
Translated by J. Sylvester. See 
Bkrtaut ( J.) Bishop of Seez. The 
Parliament of Vertues Royal, etc. 
[1614.] 8vo. C. 34. a. 11. (1.) 

— See Prayers. Three Prayers, 
etc. [ByH. S.] 1591. 8vo. 

3455. e. 37. 

1592. 8vo. 4452.0.(2.) 

SMITH (Henry) Minister of 
St. Clement Danes. See Trea- 
tise. A Treatise of the Lords 
Supper, etc. [ByH. S.] 1591. 8vo. 

4474. b. 

— See Wedding Garment. The 
wedding garment. [By H. Smith.] 
1590. 8vo. 873. b. 10. 

— The Sermons of Master H. 
Smith gathered into One Volume. 
Printed according to his corrected 
copies. T. Orwin for T. Man, 
London, 1692. 8vo. 4152. c. (1.) 

— Another edition. B. Field 
for T. Man, London, 1593. 8vo. 

4452. b. (1.) 

This edition contains, in addi- 
tion to the contents of the preced- 
ing one, the following tracts; 
" Three prayt-rs : one for the morn- 
ing, another for the Evening, the 
third for a sicke man ; " " The 
trumpet of the soule sounding to 
judgement ; " " The poore-mans 
teares;" "An alarum from 
• Heaven," etc. ; and " A memento 
for Magistrates." The pagination 
breaks off at p. 720, and takes up 
at p. 815. The *• prayers," etc., are 
unpaged, and are introduced between 
pp. 1092 and 1093; the register, 
however, being continuous. 

— Another edition. T. Short 
for T. Man, London^ 1594. 8vo. 

4452. bb. 

— See S., H. 

— Whereunto is 

added, Gods arrow against 
Atheists. F. Kyngstonfor T. Man, 
London,l604. 8vo. 4462. bbb. 3.(1.) 

"Three sermons, etc.," and 
"God's arrow against Atheists" 
have each a separate titlepage and 

— Another edition. F. Kyng- 
stonfor T. Man, London, 1Q07. 4to. 

851. d. 5, 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
pagination, and register. 

— Another edition. 6 pts. 
London, 1620-24. 8vo. 4452. d. 

Each pt. has a distinct titlepage 




and reg:i8teT; and pts. 1-3 ha7e a 
distinct pagination. Pts. 4-6 are 
without pagination. 

— Another edition. 3 pts. 
The Assignee of T. Man, P. Man^ 
and J, Man, London, 1631, 32, 
81. 8vo. 4452. bb. 

Pts. 2, 3, have each a separate 
titlepage, pagination, and register. 

SMITH ( Henry) Minister 
of St. Clement Danes. Twelve 
Sermons... With prayers, both for 
the morning and evening, there- 
unto adioyned. And published 
by a more perfect copy than here- 
tofore [by W. S.]. 2 pts. /. Ravi- 
land for O. Edwards, London, 
1629. 8vo. 4474. aaa. 93. 

Pt. 2, containing sermons 7-12, 
has a distinct titlepage and register. 
A separate titlepage is also prefixed 
to the last four sermons. 

— Seven Godly and learned 
Sermons. B. Field for T. Man, 
London, 1691. 8vo. 4462. b. 

— Sixe Sermons. (Two sermons 
of the Song of Simeon. The 
third, of the calling of Jonah. 
The fourth, of the rebellion of 
Jonah. The fift and sixt, of the 
punishment of Jonah.) ... With 
two Praiers of the same author, 
etc. Printed hy B. F. for B. Dex- 
ter, London, 1694. 12 mo. 

4474. b. 72. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy B. F. for B. Dexter, London, 
1694. 4to. 4462. bb. 

— Another edition. B. Field 
for B. Dexter, London, 1699. 4to. 

4462. bb. 

— Two sermons [on Jonah i. 
4-7] of Jonah's punishment, ... 
published by a more perfect copie 
then heretofore. (Foure sermons, 
...published by a more perfect 
copie then heretofore.) 2 pts. 

F. Kyngston for T. Man, London^ 
1602. 8vo. 4462. bbb. 3. (4.) 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage. 
The register is continuoua. 

— Another edition. 2 pts. 
MS. Note. Printed hy T. D.for 
E. Burhy, London, 1609. 4to. 

4454. b. 

— [Another edition.] Six 
Sermons... 1, 2, of Jonah's punish- 
ment. 3 The Trumpet of the 
Soule. 4 The sinfall man's 
search. 5 Maries choyce. 6 
Noah's drunkennesse . . . Published 
by a more perfect copie then 
heertofore. Printed hy T, D. for 
N. Browne, London, 1617. 8vo. 

4462. d. 

SMITH QEenry) Minister of 
St Clement Vanes. Foure ser- 
mons. (1. The trumpet of the 
soule. 2. The sinfuU mans search. 
3. Maries choyce. 4. Noahs 
drunkenness, etc. — Two sermons 
[on Luke xix. 1-9]. The sinners 
conversion. The sinners confes- 
sion, etc.) Printed hy P. S. for 
C. Burhy, London, 1699. 4to. 

4473. aa. 6. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy T. D. for C. Burhy, London^ 
1607. 8vo. 4474. c. 107. (2.) 

— [Another edition.] Two 
Sermons [on Luke xix. 1-9]... 
(Foure sermons, etc. [With 
preface signed W. S.]) Published 
by a more perfect copy then 
heeretofore. 2 pts. Few MS. 
Notes. Printed for W. Leake^ 
London, 1610. 4to. 4454. b. 

— [Another edition.] Sixe 
Sermons (The Sinners Conversion 
[Luke XIX. 1-9], etc.)... published 
by a more perfect copie then here- 
tofore. W. Stanshyfor W, Barret, 
London, 1616. Svo. 4452. d. 

Without pagination. 




SMITH (Henry) Minister of St. 
Clement Danes, Foure sermons, 
[on Luke ii. 29-32, and Jonah 
I. 1—3] ... published by a more 
perfect coppie then heeretofore. 
Printed hy J. B./or W, Leake, Lon- 
don, 1602. 8vo. 4452. bbb. 3. (3.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for W. Leake, London, 1608. Svo. 

4474. c. 107. (4.) 

— Another edition. Printed 
for W. Leake, London^ 1612. Svo. 

4474. CO. 99. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. E5. 

— Three Sermons ... I. The 
Benefit of Contentation. II. The 
Affinitie of the Faithfull. III. 
The lost Shee|)e is found. Printed 
for J. Smethwick, London, 1613. 4to. 

4452. d. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy W. S. for J. Smethwiche, London, 
1628. 8vo. 4474. cc. 100. 

— Two sermons [on Luke xix. 
1—9]:... with a prayer for the 
morning thereunto adjoyned. 
And published by a more perfect 
CoiJpie then heere- to-fore. Printed 
fey L B. for W. Leake, London, 
1602. 8vo. 4452. bbb. 3. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for W. Leake, London, 1608. 8vo. 

4474 0. 107. (3.) 

— Two Sermons [on Jonah l 
4—7] of Jonah's punishment, etc. 
Printed hy T. C. for G. Burby, Lon- 
Am, 1605. 8vo. 4474.0.107.(1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy T. D. for C, Burhy, London, 
1607. 8vo. 4474. cc. 98. 

— The Affinitie of the Faith- 
full... A... Sermon [on Luke viii. 
1 9-2 1 ]. Printed by W. Hoskins and 

H. Ohettlefor N.Ling and J. Bushie, 
London, 1591. 8vo. 4474. b. 68. 

Without pagination. 

Nowe the Second time 

imprinted, corrected, and aug- 
mented. Printed for N. Ling and 
J. Busbie, London, 1591. 16mo. 

4474. a. 20. 
Without pagination. 

SMITH (Henry) Minister of 
St. Clement Danes. The bene- 
fite of contentation. [A sermon 
on 1 Tim. VI. 6.] ^.1L. A. Jeffes, 
for B. Ward, London, 1 590. 1 6mo. 

4474. b. 65. 
Without pagination. 

Newly examined 

and corrected by the author. 
A. Jeffes, London, 1591. 16mo. 

1412. a. 29. 

— The Christians Sacrifice. [A 
sermon on Prov. xxiii. 26.] 
T. Orwin for T. Man, London, 
1589. 8vo. 1018. b. 18. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for T. Man, London, 1591. 8vo. 

4474. b. 69. 

— The Fall of King Nabuchad- 
nezzer. [A Sermon on Dan. iv. 
28-30.] Printed hy T. Scarlet, 
[London,'] 1591. 8vo. 

4474. b. 102. (2.) 

* Without pagination. 

— The first sermon of Noah's 
drunkennes [on Gen. ix. 20, 21]. 
A glasse wherein all drunkards 
may behold their beastlinesse. 
W. Kearney, London, 1591. 16mo. 

4452. a. 

Without pagination. 

— A FruitfuU Sermon upon 
part of the 5 Chapter of the first 
Epistle of Saint Paul to the 
Thessalonians [verses 19-22]. 
Printed for N. Ling, London, 
1591. Svo. 4474. b. 70. 



— Another edition. Printed 
for the Widdowe Broome^ Landofiy 
1591. 18mo. 4474. a. 22. 

SMITH (Henry) Minister of 

St, Clement Danes. Gods arrowe 

against Atheists. W» H. J. Banter, 

London, 1593. 4to. 4014. bbb. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
by F. K. for T. Pavier, London, 
1609. 4to. 4016. aa. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
by H. L, for T, Pavier, London, 
1614. 4to. 4014. c. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
by O, M. for E. Brewster, London, 
1628. 4to. 4014. bbb. 

— Jacobs Ladder, or the High 
Way to Heaven, etc. [A sermon 
on 1 Cor. IX. 24.] The widdow 
Orwin for T. Man, London, 
1595. 8vo. 4474. b. 74. 

Without pagination. 

— Jnrisprudentiae, MedicinsB et 
Theologies Dialogue dulcis. (Vita 
supplicium ; sive, de misera homi- 
nis conditione qnerela.) [Edited 
by B. Cave. VerKe.] 2 pts. Ex- 
cudebat L Banter, Impensis T. Man, 
Londinum, 1592. 12 mo. 

1213. k. 16. (3.) 

Without pagination. Each pt. has 
a distinct titlepage. 

— The Lawiers question. The 
answere to the Lawiers question. 
The censure of Christ upon the 
answere. [Three sermons on 
Luke X. 25, etc.] Printed for 
T, Oosson, London, 1595. 8vo. 

4474. b. 73. 

Each sermon has a distinct title- 
page. Without pagination. The 
general titlepage is slightly muti- 

— Maries Choise. [A Sermon 
on Luke x. 38-42.] With Prayers 
written by the same Author. 


T. Scarlet, for C. Burby, London, 

1592. 8vo. 4452. c. (5.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 874. c. 13. 

SMITH (Henry) Minister of 
St Clement Banes. The Prea- 
cher's Proclamacion...Eccle8ia8te8 
1. 2. [A Sermon.] W. Kearney, 
London, 1591. 8vo. 4474. a. 23. 
Without pagination. 

— A preparative to manage. 
The summe whereof was spoken 
at a contract and inlarged after. 
Whereunto is annexed a Treatise 
of the Lords Supper (in two ser- 
mons^ and another (in two ser- 
mons) of usurie. 3 pts. By 
T. Orwin for T. Man, London, 
1591. 8vo. 1018. b. 20. 

Each pt. has a special titlepage 
and separate register. Pts. 2 and 3 
are without pagination. 

— A preparative to manage, 
etc. (Three Praiers... Whereunto 
is annexed, a godlie letter to a 
sicke-friend ; and a comfortable 
speech of a preacher, vpon his 
death bed.) Newly corrected, 
and augmented by the Authour! 
4 pts. J. Charleioood for T. Man, 
London, 1591. 8vo. 4452. a! 

The "Treatise of the Lords 
Supper" and "The Examination of 
Vsurie," printed by T. Orwin, have 
each a separate titlepage, and ai« 
each "in two sermons" separately 
paged. The " Three Praiers " have 
also a separate titlepage, pagination, 
and register. The sig. M of the 
"comfortable speech" is continued 
from that of the Treatises of the 
Lords Supper and of Vsurie; the 
"Preparative to manage" having 
also a distinct register. 

— Another edition. JR. Field 
for T. Man, London, 1591. 8vo. 

4474. b. 103. 

— The pride of King Nehu- 
chadnezzar. Dan. 4. 26, 27. 
r. Scarlet, London, 1591. 12mo. ' 

4474. a. 21. 


— Another edition. T. Scarlet^ 
ILondan,] 1691. 8vo. 

4474. b. 102. (1.) 

SMITH (Henry) Minister of St. 
Clement Danes. The restitution of 
King Nabnchadnezzer. Dan. 4, 
veraeB 31, 32, 33, 34. T. Scarlet, 
London, 1591. 8vo. 4474. a. 24. 
Imperfect; wanting pp. 15, 16. 

— Another edition. T. Scarlet, 
[LofiAm,] 1591. 8vo. 

4474. b. 102. (3.) 

— Another edition. T. Scarlet, 
London, 1591. Bvo. 4474. a. 25. 

— A sermon of the benefite of 
contentation [on 1 Tim. vi. 6], etc. 
». a, B. Ward for J. Proctor, 
London, 1590. Bvo. 4452. a. 

Without pagination. 

— The Sinful! man's search. 
PA Sermon on Job viii. 5-7.] 
Prtnted for O. Burhy, London, 
1592. 8vo. 4452. o. (4.) 

— Another copy. 874. o. 12. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy T. S. for O. Burhy, London, 
1594. 8vo. 4474. b. 71. 

— The sinful! mans search, etc. 
(Maries Choise. [A Sermon on 
Inke X. 38-42.] With praiers, 
etc.) T. Scarlet for C. Burhy, 
London, 1594. 4to. 4452. bb. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for 0. Burhy, London, [1594t?] 8vo. 

4452. b. (2.) 
Imperfect ; wanting Big. D and E. 

— The Sinners Confession. [A 
Sermon on Luke xix. 6-9.] 
Printed for W, Leake, London, 
1594. 8vo. 4474. aaa. 92. 

Without pagination. 

— The Sinners Conversion. 
PA Sermon on Luke xix. 1-5.] 
l^rinted for W. Leake, London, 
1594. 8vo. 4410. o. 




SMITH (Henry) Minister of St. 
ClementDanes. The trumpet of the 
soule, sounding to judgement. [A 
sermon on Ecoles. xi. 9.] J. Perrin, 
London,1591. 16mo. 4452. a. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for the widdow Perrin, London, 
1593. 8vo. 4452. c. (3.) 

— [Another edition.] Where- 
unto is annexed, a Devout Prayer. 
JEf. All-de, London, 1621. 8vo. 

693. e. 11. (12.) 

— Another edition. 15. 2. 
Printed hy E. G. for O. Edwards, 
Xondon, 1640. 16mo. 4474. a. 45. 

— The Wedding Garment. 
[A Sermon on Rom. xiii. 14.] 
Printed for W. Wright, London, 
[1590?] 8vo. 4474. b. 66. 

— Another edition. London, 
1591. 8vo. 4474. a. 26. 

— Another edition. London, 
1591. 8vo. 4474. b. 67. 

SMITH (John) Governor of 
Virginia, etc. The Trauels and 
Aduentures of captaine I. S. in 
diners parts of the world. See 
PuRCHAS (S.) Purchas his Pil- 
grimes, etc. Pt. 2. 1625. fol. 

679. h. 12. 

— The Description of Virginia, 
by Capt. J. S., inlarged out of 
his written Notes. See Purchas 
(S.) Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. 
Pt. 4. 1625. fol. 679. h. 14. 

— See Smith, Families of A 
congratulatory Poem upon the 
Noble Feast made by the... Fami- 
lies of the Smiths. [ With a wood- 
cut of the Exploits of J. Smith.] 
[1630?] fol. 835. m. 9. (37.) 

— An accidence or the path- 
way to experience, necessary for 
all Young Seamen;... shewing the 
Phrases, Offices and Words of 

4 Y 




Command, belonging to the Build- 
ing, Kidging, and Sayling, a 
Man of Warre, etc. Printed for 
J, Man and B, Fisher, London, 
1626. 4to. 633. d. 3. (1.) 

— Another copy. 633. f. 21. (1.) 

SMITH (John) Governor of 
Virginia, etc. Advertisements for 
the unexperienced Planters of 
New-England, or anywhere. Or, 
the Path-way to experience to 
erect a Plantation. With the 
yearely proceedings of this coun- 
try in Fishing and Planting, 
since the yeare 1614. to the yeare 
1630. and their present estate. 
Also how to prevent the greatest 
inconveniences, by their proceed- 
ings in Virginia, and other Plan- 
tations... With.. .a description of 
the Coast, Harbours, Habitations, 
etc. J. Haviland, London, 1631. 4to. 

C. 33. c. 14. 

With folding map of New England. 

— Another copy. G. 7123. 

— A Description of New Eng- 
land: or the observations, and 
discoveries, of Captain J. Smith 
in the North of America, in the 
year 1614: with the successe of 
size ships, that went the next 
veare 1616; and the accidents 
befell him among the French 
men of warre : With the proofo 
of the present benefit this Coun- 
trey affoords, etc. H. Lownes for 
B, Gierke, London, 1616. 4to. 

C. 13. a. 11. (2.) 

This copy ie without the map. 

— Another copy. G. 7122. 

Also wanting the map. 

— Another copy. C. 33. c. 12. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and tbe last leaf, containing verbes 
to the author by Thos. Carlton; 
these, however, have been supplied 
in fac-simile. This copy has the 

SMITH (John) Governor of 
Virginia, etc. The Generall His- 
toric of Virginia, New-England, 
and the Summer Isles, with the 
names of the Adventurers, Plan- 
ters, and Governours from their 
first beginning An*: 1584 to this 
present 1624... Also the Maps and 
Descriptions of all those Conn tryes, 
their Com modi tie8,people,Govem- 
ment, Customes, and Beligion yet 
knowne. Divided intosixe Bookes, 
etc. L. P. Printed by L 2>. and 
L H. for M. Sparkea, London^ 
1624. fol. G. 7037. 

The titlepage is engraved. Sheet 
0,pp. 97-104, which was suppressed, 
is wanting in this and all the other 
copies. In this copy, after (he <tri- 
ginal prints of the £>uchess of Rich- 
mond and of Matoaka, the counter- 
feit prints are likewise added. 

— Another copy. 601. 1. 8. 

This copy bears date 1626. Im- 
perfect: wanting the portraits and 
all the maps, except that of tlie 
Summer Isles; wanting also fol. 3, 
containing "A Preface of foure 

— Another copy. 601 . 1. 9. 

11)0 date in this copy is 1627. 
Imperfect ; wanting all the plates. 

— Another copy. 666. g. 1. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and aU the plates. 

— Another copy. 984. f. 11. 

With a new engrayed titlepage, 
bearing imprint and date, '* Printed 
by I. D. and I. H. for E. Black- 
more, London, 1632." 

— Another copy. 147. d. 2. 

— A Map of Virginia. With 
a description of the Conntrey, the 
Commodities, People, Govern- 
ment and Religion. Written by 
Captaine Smith... Wherennto is 
annexed the proceedings of those 
Colonies, since their first depar- 
ture from England, with the dis- 
courses, Orations, and relations of 




the Salva^s... Taken faithfully... 
out of the writings of Doctor 
Bnssell, T. Stndley ... And the 
relations of divers other... obser- 
vers there present then. [First 
compiled by R. Pots; revised] 
by W. S[trachey and edited by 
T. Abbay]. 2 pts. J. BarneSj 
Oxford, 1612. 4to. C. 33. c. 18. 

With folding plate. Each pi 
has a separate titlepage, pagination, 
and register. 

— Another copy. G. 7120. 

SMITH (JoHN^ Oovemor of 
Virginiaj etc. Isew En glands 
Trials : declaring the successe of 
26 ships employed thither within 
these six yeares; with the benefit 
of that Countrey by sea and land : 
and how to bnild threescore sayle 
of good ships, to make a little 
Navie Royall. W. Jones, London, 
1620. 4to. C. 33. o. 15. 

Without pagination. Begister B, G. 

— New Englands Trials. De- 
claring the snccesse of 80 Ships 
employed thither within these 
eight yeares; and the benefit of 
that Countrey by Sea and Land, 
^ith the present estate of that 
happie Plantation... And how to 
bnild a Fleete of good Shippes... 
The second Edition. W, Jones, 
London, 1622. 4to. C. 33. c. 5. 

Without pagination. Big. A-D. 
— Anotheroopy. 1061.a.21.(3.) 

— Another copy. G. 7197. 

— A True Relation of such oc- 
cnrrenoes and accidents of noate 
as hath hapned in Virginia since 
the first planting of that Collony, 
ivhich is now resident in the 
South part thereof, till the last 
retume from thence. Written 
"by Th. Watson. Gent., etc. [or 
rather by Captain John Smith. 

Edited by J. H.]. ». I. Printed 
for J. Tappe, London, 1608. 4to. 


Without pa^nation. With a 
folding map. The editor's preface 
shows tliat the titlepage is in error 
in giving T. Watson as the author. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

C. 33. 0. 35. 

Imperfect ; wanting the map and 
the printer's address. 

SMITH (John) Governor of 
Virginia, etc. The True Travels, 
Adventures, and Observations of 
Gaptaine J. Smith, in Europe, 
Asia, Allrica, and America, from... 
1593. to 1629... Together with a 
continuation of his generall His- 
tory of Virginia, etc. J. H, for 
Hiomas Slater, London, 1630. fol. 

G. 7195, 

With plates and the map with the 
head of Smith by Passe, taken from 
his ^ Virginia." At the beginning of 
the volume is inserted: '*A Con- 
gratulatory Poem upon the noble 
Feast made by the Ancient and 
renowned Families of the Smiths. 
London, printed for Francis Smith." 

— Another copy. B. 273. (1.) 

— Another copy. 666. g. 1. (1.) 

Without the plates. 

SMITH (John) Minister of 
davering. See Jewel (J.) Bi- 
shop of Salisbury. 'AvoXoyia rrji 
*AyyXci>v "EKJcATyo'ias . . . Apologia Ec- 
clesiffi Anglicanaa Greece versa. 
Interprete I. S(mith), etc. Gr. 
1614. 12mo. 3505. a. 

Lat, and Gr. 

1639. 8vo. 
4109. a. 9. 

— Essex Dove presenting the 
world with a few of her Olive 
Branches ; or, a taste of the workes 
of ... J. Smith . . . Second edition , 
enlarged. [Edited hy I. Hart.] 
G, Miller for G. Edwards, London, 
1633. 8vo. 3752. b. 




SMITH f John) MinUter of 
CUwering. A pateme of true 
prayer. A learned and comfortable 
exposition or commentarie upon 
the Lords Prayer, etc. Printed 
hy L 2>. for T. Man, London, 
1624. 12mo. 873. f. 36. 

SMITH (John) WelUunller to 
the Mathematics, See Ephemerides. 
Smith... A new Almanacke and 
Prognostication... By J. S. 

SMITH (Jude) See Bible. — 
Old Testament. — Song of Solomon. 
A misticall devise of the spirituall betwene Christ... and the 
Church... set forth in verse by 
J.S.,etc. 1575. 8vo. C.37.b.47. 

— See Kynnestar (J.) A true 
reporte ... of an horrible . . . Murther, 
doen in the citie of Bristowe by 
one Jhon Kynnestar, etc. (An 
admonishment of the same [by 
J.S.].) 1573. 8vo. C. 34. a. 19. 

SMITH (Margaret) Lady. 
See C, B. An Elegie sacred to 
the Immortall Memory of Marga- 
ret Lady Smith, etc. [16 — ?] 4to. 

11626. d. 7. 

SMITH (Miles) Bishop of 
Gloucester. See Babington (G.) 
successively Bishop of Llanaaff, 
etc. Certaine plaine, . .. notes upon 
every Chapter of Genesis, etc. 
[Commendatory prefaces by E. 
Littleton and M. S.] 1596. 4to. 

479. a. 4. (1.) 

— Sermons of the... Bishop of 
Glocester transcribed out of his 
originall Manuscripts, etc. (A 
Sermon at the funerall of the... 
Bishop ... preached ... upon the 
ninth of November, 1624. by 
T. Prior, etc.) Elizabeth AUde for 
B. Allot, London, 1632. fol. 

4452. g. 

The funeral sermon has a Beparate 

IX. 23, 24] preached at Worcester, 
at an Assise, etc. [With a dedi- 
catory preface by R. Burhil.] 
MS. Notes. J. Barnes, Oxford. 
1602. 8vo. C. 12.d.l8.(3.) 

S M I T H (Nicholas) pseud. 
[i.e. Matthew Wilson.] See B., A. 
A defence of N. S. against a reply 
to his discussion of some pointes 
taught by Mr. Doctour Eellison 
in his treatise of the Ecclesiasti- 
cal! hierarchy. 1630. 8vo. 

701. a. 5. (3.) 

SMITH (Peter) D.D. See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Lert- 
ticus. Expository Works. Hezapla 
Leviticum ... finished by P. S. 
1631. fol. 3104. d. 

SMITH rBiCHARD) Bishop of 
Chalcedon. See Catholic Keli- 
GiON. Th[e] P[r]udentiall Bal- 
lance of Religion, wherin the 
Catholike and Protestant religion 
are weighed together, etc. [By 
R. S.] 1609. 8vo. 3936. aa. 

A Conference of the Catho- 
like and Protestante Doctrine 
wi th . . . Holie Scri pture. Which 
is the second parte of the Pni- 
dentiall Balance of Beligion. 
[ByR.S.] 1631. 4to. 3936. dd, 

— See Featley (D.) The 
Grand Sacrilege of the Church 
of Rome,... Together with two 
Conferences ; the former at Paris 
with D. Smith... the later at Lon- 
don with Mr. Everard. 1630. 4to. 

3935. b. 

Transubstantiation ex- 
ploded: or, an Encounter with 
R.[S.],etc. 1638. 12mo. 854.a.23. 

— See Great Brtfain and Ire- 
land. — Charles I., King. A Pro- 
clamation for the apprehension 
of R. S., etc. (Dec. 11, 1628). 
1628. fol. 606. h. 11. (114.) 

— A learned... Sermon [on Jer. A second Proclamation 




for the apprehension of R. S., etc. 
(24 March, 1628, 0.S.) 1628. fol. 

21. h. 1. (26.) 

SMITH (Richard) Bishop of 
Chalcedon. See B., S. 

— See S., R., Doctor of Diviniiy. 

— See Waferer (M.) An apo- 
logie for D. Featley against the 
calamnies of one S. E. in respect 
of his conference had with D'. 
Smith, etc. 1634. 4to. 

700. d. 19. (1.) 

SMITH (Bichard) Dean of 
Si- Peter*8 Churchy Douay, See 
Carlile (C.) a Discourse con- 
cerning two divine Positions... 
Written at the first by way of a 
confutation, against a Booke of 
R. S., of Oxford,... en tituled a Be- 
futation, imprinted 1562, etc. 
1582. 8vo. 847. a. 6. 

— See Cranmer (T.) Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, An Answer 
of... Thomas Arohbyshop ofCan- 
terburyc.unto a crafty...cavil- 
lation devised by S. Gardiner... 
Wherin is also... answered such 
places of the booke of D. B. Smyth, 
as may seeme any thyng woorthy 
the aunswering, etc. 1551. fol. 

475. d. 4. 

1580. fol. 475. d. 5, 

— See PoYNET (J.) successively 
Sishop of Bochester, etc. An 
Apologie fully aun8weringe...a 
blasphemose Book gatherid by... 
S. Gardiner, ... D. Smyth ... and 
other Papists,... against the godly 
mariadge of priests, etc. 1556. 8vo. 

C. 25. b. 7. 

— The assertion and defence 
of the sacramente of the aulter. 
Com py led and made by mayster 
Bichard Smythe, etc. 15. S. 
tT. Herforde^ London, 1546. 8vo. 

3932. c. 

SMITH (Bichard) Dean of 
St Peter's Church, Douay. A brief 
treatyse settynge forth diuers 
truthes necessary both to be be- 
leved of chrysten people, % kepte 
also, whiche are not expressed in 
the Scripture but left to y* 
Church by the Apostles traditio. 
i$« S* Thomas petit, London, 
1547. 8vo. 3932. a. 

— A defence of the Sacrifice 
of the Masse. »• I. W. MyddyU 
ton, London, 1546-47. 12mo. 

3932. a. 
The date of the oolophon is 1547. 

SMITH (Samuel) Licumbent 
of Prittleu>ell, Essex, See Bible, 
— Old Testament. — Psalms. 
Portions. Davids Blessed Man : 
or, a short Exposition upon the 1635. 8vo. 

3090. a. 

The Chiefe Shepheard. 

Or, an Exposition upon y* xxiri. 
Psalmc.By S. S.,etc. 1625. 8vo. 

4408. aa. 

Davids Bepentance; or 

a plaine and familiar Exposition 
of the 51. S. 
1640. 8vo. 3089. a. 

— The admirable Convert : or, 
the miraculuxis conversion of the 
Thiefe on the Crosse. With the 
final I impenitency of the other. 
T. Harper for T. Alchome, London, 
1632. 16mo. 4408. aa. 

SMITH (Samuel), of 
Magdalen College, Oxford. Aditus 
ad Logicam...Quarta editio, etc. 
Per Ouilielmum Stansby, Londini, 
1627. 12mo. 8468. a. 

SMITH (Thomas) of Berwick- 
upon 'Tweed. The complete 
sonldier, containing the whole 
art of Gunnery with certain e 
new and rare additions concern- 
ing fire works... set forth for the 




benefite of this Kingdome in 
these troublesome times of wane. 
The second edition, newly perused 
and amended. 2 pts. Printed 
for B.Dawlman, London^ 1628. 4to 

1399. c. 2. 

The special titlepage of pt. 1 
reads : ** The art of Gunnery," etc., 
and bears the date 1600 ; that of the 
additions is dated 1627. 

SMITH (5tV Thomas) Secretary 
of State. See B., I., Gentleman. 
A Letter sent by I. B. Gentleman 
...wherin is conteined a large 
discourse of the peopling... the 
Cuntrie called the Ardes...taken 
in hand by Sir T. Smith, etc. 
[1572.] 8vo. C. 21. b. 49. (1.) 

— Ohitu$. See Harvey 
(Gabriel) G. Harveii...Smithus, 

— De Bepublioa Anglorum. 
The maner of Governement or 
policie of the Bealme of England, 
etc. Eng. i$. Z. H. Midleton, 
for O. Seton, London, 1584. 4to. 

288. b. 16. 

— [Another edition.] The 
Common- Welth of England, and 
maner of government thereof ... 
With new additions of the cheefe 
Courts in England, the offices 
thereof, and their severall func- 
tions . . . Never before publi8hed. 
». a. Few MS. Notes. J". Win- 
detfor O. Seton, London, 1589. 4to. 

1137. f. 1. 

— Another edition. V* S* 
MS. Notes. V. Simmes for 0. Seton, 
London, 1594. 4to. 8007. a. 

— Another edition. 15, X, 
J. Boberts for O. Seton, London, 
1601. 4to. 6146. a. 26. 

Newly corrected 

and amended. 1$. %. MS. Notes. 
Printed for J. Smethwicke, London, 
1609. 4to. 6146. aa. 32. 

Newly corrected, 

etc. ». a. W, Stansby for 
J. Smethwicke, London, 1621. 8 vo. 

288. b. 41. 

— Another edition. W. Stans- 
by for J, Smethwicke, London, 
1633. 12mo. 1189. a. 1. 

With a second titlepage engraved. 
The date has been cut off from the 
printed titlepage. 

— Another copy. G. 15655. 

Wanting the last leaf, containing 
the colophon. 

— Another edition. W. Standby 
for J, Smethtncke,London, 1635.8 vo. 

8005. a. 
With a second titlepage engraved. 

— Another edition. B, Young 
for J, Smethwicke, London^ 
1640. 12mo. 1139. a. 2. 

With a second titlepage engraved. 

SMITH {Sir Thomas) Secretary 
of State, De Hepublica et admin- 
istratione Anglorum libri tres,... 
nunc primum J. Buddeni...fide... 
de sermone Anglicano in Latin um 
conversi. Pro offirina Nortoniana^ 
Londini, [1610?] 8vo. 

292. d. 10. (2.) 

— Sir T. Smithes voiage and 
Entertainment in Rushia. With 
the tragicall ends of two Em- 
perors, etc. Printed for N. Butter, 
London, 1605. 4to. G. 7285. 

Without pagination. With a fine 
portrait by S. Pass. 

— Another copy. 1056.g.7.(l.) 
Without the portrait 

— Another edition. Printed 
for N. Butter, London, 1605. 4to. 

150. d. 5. 

SMITH (Wentworth) 
See S., W. 

— The Hector of Germanic, or. 
The Palsgrave, prime elector. 




A new play, an honourable bys- 
torie [in verse]... With new ad- 
ditions. T. Creede for J, Harri- 
aoHj London, 1615. 4to. 162. e. 5. 

Without pagination. 

— Anotber copy. C. 34. e. 28. 

Cropped at the top. 

S M T T H (Edward) See 
L'EspiNE (J. de) a very excellent 
...Discoarse, teaching the Tran- 
quilitie...of the minde... Trans- 
lated into English by E. S. 
1592. 4to. 8403. b. 

SMYTH (Joftn) iS«ee Ainsworth 
(H.) A defence of the Holy 
Scriptares, Worship, and Minis- 
ter! e, used in the Christian 
Churches separated from Anti- 
christ: against the challenges 
... of M. S., etc. 1609. 4to. 

4103. d. 

— See Bernard (R.) Plaine 
Evidences : The Church of Eng- 
Lind is Apostolical 1,... against... 
Mr.S.theSe-baptist,etc. 1610. 4to. 

4135. a. 

— See Robinson (J.) Of 
religious communion ... Also a 
Burve)'' of the confession of fayth 
published in certayn conclusions 
by the remaynders of Mr. Smithes 
company. 1614. 4to. 4323. b. 

SMYTH (Nicholas) See 
Heropian. The History of 
Herodian ... translated ... out of 
Latin into Englyshe, by N. S., 
etc. [1660?] 4to. 198. c. 2. 

French by ...P. Du Moulin... and 
translated into English by R. S.) 
2 pts. Printed for W. Turner, 
Oxfordyl634. l2mo. 4410. a. 

Pt 2 has a distinct titlepage and 
paginatioD, but the register is con- 

tinuous throughout. 

SMYTH (Richard) Preacher 
in Barnstaple, Devonshire. Muni- 
tion against mans miserie and 
mortality ... Second edition. 
J. Barnes, Oxford, 1612. 12rao. 

4404. bb. 

SMYTH (Samuel) An Ex- 
position upon the sixt Chapter 
of. . . Hosea. Wherein is set do wne 
the true repentance of the Godly, 
as also the hypocriticall repent- 
ance of the wicked, etc. T, Pur- 
foot for B. Woodroffe, London, 
1616. 8vo. 3166. de. 

SMYTH (Thomas) See Redman 
(J.) A compendious treatise 
called the coplaint of Grace... 
No we newly and first set furth 
hy T. S., etc. [1556 ?] 8vo. 

4412. a. 

SMYTHE (Sir John) See 
Barwick (H.) a Breefe Dis- 
course concerning the force and 
effect of all manuall weapons 
of fire, etc. [In answer to 
the several discourses written by 
Sir J. S., etc.] [1594?] 4to. 

1042. 1. 40. 

— Certain Discourses ...con- 
cerning the formes and effects of 
divcTS sorts of weapons, and 
other verie important matters 
Militarie, greatlie mistaken by 
divers of our men of warre in 
these daies : and chiefly of the 
Mosquet, the Caliver and the 
long-bow, etc. B. Johnes, Lon- 
don, 1590. 4to. 1140. b. 1. 

— Another copy. 534. f. 30. 

With slight variations. 

(Heraclitus ... First written in 

— Instructions, observations, 

and orders Mylitarie, requisite for 

all Chieftaines, Captaines, and.,. 

officers to understand... Com posed 

Third edition, by Sir J. S. B. Joknes, London, 

1595. 4to. 634.124.(2.) 




SNAWSEL (Robert) A 
Looking Glasse for marled folkes, 
etc. Printed by N. 0. for K Bell, 
London, 1610. 8vo. 873. b. 26. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. J. Havi- 
land for H. BeU, London, 
1631. 16ino. 1388. a. 8. 

SNUFFE (Clunnyco de Cur- 
TANio) pgeud, [i.e. John Singer.] 
Quips upon Questions, or a 
Clownes oonceite on accasion 
offered, bewraying a morrallised 
metamorphoses [sic] of changes 
upon interrogatories, etc. [In 
verse.] For W. Ferhrand, London, 
1600. 4to. C. 30. e. 31. 

This contains inteiro^tories that 
were thrown at Singer on the stage, 
with the humorous, extemporaneous 
answers iA verse that he made to 
them, collected and published for 
his benefit 

SOAVE (FiETRo) Polano,p8eud. 
[i.e. PiETRO Sarpl] Historia del 
Concilio Tridentino, nella quale 
si scoprono tutti gl' artificii della 
Corte di Roma, per impedire che 
d6 la verity di dogmi si palesasse, 
1)6 la riforma del Papato, <fe della 
Chiesa si trattasse. [Edited by 
M. A. de Dominis.] Appresso 
O. BiUio, Londra, 1619. fol. 

491. i. 8. 

Written in Italian by Pietro Soave 
...and... translated... by N. Brent. 
22. Barker, and J, BiU, London^ 
1620. fol. 492. k. 14. 

TJnto this seoond 

Another copy. 
Another copy. 
Another copy. 

680. g. 16. 
198. f. 1. 
492. 1. 8. 

— The Historic of the Counoel 
of Trent. ..In which... (besides the 
ordinarie Actes of the Councell) 
are declared many notable occur- 
rences, which happened in chris- 
tendome during the space of 
fourtie yeeres and more; and, 
particularly, the practises of the 
Court of Rome, to hinder the 
reformation of their errors, and 
to maintaine their greatnesse. 

edition are added divers ... Passages 
and Epistles, oonoeming the 
trueth of this historic, etc. 
B. Norton and J. Bill, London^ 
1629. fol. 6017. d. 

SOC JNO TPausto) SeeQEooT 
(H. de) Deiensiu Fidei Catho- 
licae de Satisfactione Christi ad- 
versus F. Socinum. 1636. 12mo. 

4266. a. 

SOCRATES, SchoUuticus. 
The Ecclesiasticall Historie of 
Socrates Soholasticus... translated 
by M. H(anmer). See Eusebius, 
Pamphili, Bishop of Ckesarea in 
Palestine. TheAunoient Ecclesias- 
ticall Histories, etc. 1677,etc. fol. 

4630. f. 

1686. fol. 482. c 1. 

1607. fol. 4630. ft 

1636, etc. fol. 4630. flF. 

SOFFORD (Arthur) See 
Ephemerides. Sofford...A new 
Almanacke and Prognostication 
...By A. S. 

SOHN (Georo) a briefe and 
learned Treatise, conteining a 
true description of the Antichrist, 
who was foretold by the Prophets 
and Apostles... Written in Latin 
by O. Sobn...and translated into 
English [by N. G.]. J. Legate^ 
Cambridge, 1592. 8vo. 873. c. 23. 

SOLDIER. See M., G. The 

Souldiers Accidence, etc. 1626. 4 to. 

1398. d. 

1626, etc. 4to. 8826. bb. 

— See P., M. The Maunding 
Souldier, etc. [1629?] Broad- 
side fol. Box. I. 474. 




SOLDIER. See R., S. The 
Noble Souldier. Or, a contract 
broken, justly reveng'd. A tra- 
gedy [in five acts, in verse and 
prose]. Written by S[amuel] 
E[owley]. 1634. 4to. 644. o. 15. 

— A new Ballad of the Souldier 
and Peggy. i$« Z* 2 pts. 
Prifded for F, Caules^ London^ 
[1640?] Broadside M. 

Box. I. 370. 

SOLIMO,N, Stdtan of the 
Turks, See Sulaiman. 

SOLINUS (Caius Julius) 
The Excellent and pleasant 
worke of J. S. Polyhistor. Con- 
tayning the noble Actions of 
huinaine creatures ... translated 
out of Latin into English by 
A. Golding. See Mkla (P.) The 
rare and Singuler worke of P. 
Mela... of the situation of the 
world, etc. 1590, etc. 4to. 

304. b. 2. 

— The excellent and pleasant 
worke of J. Solinu8...contayning 
the noble actions of humaine 
creatures, the secretes & provi- 
dence of nature, the description 
of Countries ... Translated ... by 
A. Golding, Gent. (The life of 
Solinns by J. Gamertes.) V. Z. 
J. Charlewoode for T. Hacketj 
Londony 1587. 4to. 10003. b. 

Withoat pagination. 

SOLME (Thomas) Here be- 
gynnyth a traetys callyde the 
Liordis flayle handlyde by the 
Bnshops powre thresshere T. 
Solme. <K. X. T. Emlos, Basyl, 
[1540?] 8vo. C. 25. a. 36. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-E. 

SOLOMON, King of Israel. 
See D., I., Preacher of Ood's Word, 
Salomon's Pest-House, or Towre- 
Boyall. Newly re-edified, etc. 
1630. 4to. 1167. e. 22.(6.) 

SOLOMON, King of Israel 
Vindicia. See Dalbchamp (C.) 
YindicisB Salomonis, etc. 

— Solomons sacrifice ; with his 
prayer in Gibeon, and how God 
appeared to him in a vision and 
granted his request. [A Ballad.] 
0. %• Printed for H, Oosson^ 
L<md(m, [1640?] Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 390. 

— Solomons Sentences ; an ex- 
cellent Ditty, shewing the sage 
sayings and wise sentences of 
Solomon. ». a. [London, 1640?] 
Broadside fol. Box. L 391. 

SOLOMON^ JSTtn^ of Israel, 
pseud. Canticum Cantioorum, 
quod est Schelemonis de Medi- 
cina Universali. Additus est Leo 
Bnbeus Anti-podagricus fixns. 
[By J. P. Bhumel.] [London, 
1638?] 12mo. 1036. a. 15. (2*.) 

— A most briefe and pleasant 
Treatise of the Interpretation of 
sandrie Dreames intituled to be 
Josephs, and sundry other Dreames 
out of the worke of the wiso 
Salomon, etc. 1$. %• S. Stafford ; 
...sold hy B. Jackson, London, 
16U1. 8vo. 8630. a. 

SOME (Bobert) See G., L 
M. Some laid open in his coulers : 
wherein the... reader may... see 
ho we... be hath handeled the cause 
against M. Penri. [1588 ?] 8vo. 

848. a. 10. 

— A godly treatise containing 
...certaine questions moved of 
late in London and other places, 
touching the Ministerie, Sacra- 
ments, and Church... A defence 
of such points as M. Penry hath 
dealt against ; and a confutation 
of ...erronrs broached in M. Penries 
last treatise. Imprinted hy G. B , 
Deputie to C, Barker, London, 
1588. 4to. 702. g. 1. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 




by O, B., Depuiie to C. Barker, 
London, 1588. 4to. 851. e. 1. 

SOMEBODY. See Nobody. 
Nobody and Somebody, etc. 
[1600?] 4to. C. 34. b. 36. 

SOMER(PaulusvjI.n) Figurse 
varies fictae et sere exprestaa [sicV 
Lo»dtm, [1630]. 4to. 654. b. 6. (4.) 

Twelve plates, without letterpress. 

SOMERS (William) Vexation 
by the DeviL See Darrell (J.) 
A true Narration, etc. 

— See H., S. A Discovery of 
the Fraudulent Practises of J. 
Darrol...concernins; the pretended 
possession and dispossession of 
W. S., etc. 1599. 4to. 719. d. 7. 

SOMERSET, County of. 1607. 
A true Report of certaine wonder- 
full overflowings of Waters now 
lately in Summerset-shire, Nor- 
folke, and other places in Eng- 
land, destroying many thousands 
of men, etc. ii. H. W. L for 
K White, London, [1607]. 4to. 

1103. e. 68. 

Without pagination. The title- 
page is slightly mutilated. 

— More strange Newes of 
wonderful! accidents hapning by 
the late overflowings of waters in 
Summersetshire, Gloucestershire, 
Norfolke, and other places of 
England. 9». I. Printed by W, L 
for E. White, London, [1607]. 4to. 

1104. b. 52. 

SO MM ASTER (Henrt) 
[Funeral Sermon.] See Hieron (S.) 
Three sermons, etc. 

SOMME. See Caxton (W.) 
Begin. Whan I remembre, etc. 
End. This book was com py led... 
atte requeste of k) ng Phelyp of 
Fraunce [by Laurent, a Domini- 
can, and entitled: ''La S. des 

vices et dee vertus," or " La S. du 
Koi"], etc. [1488?] fol. 

C. 10. b. 22. 

SOMMBRS (Sir George) 
See C, W. A plaine aescriptiou of 
the Barmudas... with... their dis- 
co verie by the ship wrack... of... 
Sir G. S., etc. 1613. 4to. 

1061. g. 34. 

SOMNER (William) The 
Antiquities of Canterbury, or a 
survey of that ancient citie, with 
the suburbs, and cathedrall, eto. 
Printed by L L. for B. Thrale, 
London, 1640. 4to. 578. £ 17. 

— Another copy. 290. i. 41. 

S O N O. A song made of 


Yet he that doth read, or heare it 

shall find. 
Something of nothing to pleasure 

his mind. 
».fL. 2pts. Printed for J. Wright, 
London, [1640?] Broadside fol. 

Eox. I. 372. 

[Pandora. The Musyque of tlie 
beautie of his mistresse Diana.] 
Copious MS. Notes [by Geon^e 
Steevens and others, and cutting 
from the " European Magazine "]. 
)3. 31. [Thonuu Backette, London, 
1584.] 4to. C. 39. e. 35. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage and 
all before Big. A ii. Sevenil pages 
are slightly mutilated. 

SOPHISTER. The SopLister. 
A comedy [in five acts, in prose and 
verse. By R. Zouch?]. Printed 
by J. 0. for H. Mostey, London, 
1639. 4to. 643. c. 60. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. T. 1068. (4.) 

— Another copy. 161. b. 5. 

SOPHOCLES. Sophoclis 
Antigone. [Translated into Latin 




▼erse.] Interprete T. Watsono. 
Huic addantur pompas qusedam, 
ex Bingulis Tragedise actis deri- 
vatse; & post eas, totidem the- 
mata sententiis refertissima, etc. 
J. Wolfitts, Londini^ 1581. 4to. 

1070. m. 31. (2.) 

Dialogue, perswading the people 
to reaereuce and attend the or- 
dinance of God, in the ministerie 
of their owne pastors. Partly 
»• a, T. Orwin for T. Man, 
London, 1589. 4to. 4103. bbb. 

SOPPETH (Eduardus) See 
Petrus (Galfredus) Fratris G. 
Petri. vita...BanctiNicholai de 
Tollentino oomedia. [Edited by 
E. S.] [1510?] 8vo. 636. c. 21. (2.) 

SORANZO (Lazzaro) The 
Ottoman of L. Soranzo. Wherein 
is delivered as well a full... Report 
of the might and power of Ma- 
hantiet the third, Great Emperour 
of the Turkes now raigning...A8 
also a true description of divers 
Peoples, Countries, Citties and 
Voyages... most necessarie to bee 
knowen, especially at this time of 
the present Warre in Hungarie. 
Translated out of Italian into 
English by A. Hartwell. J. Windet, 
London, 1603. 4to. 1312. c. 19. 

SORBONNE. 5ee Academies, 
etc. — Paris. — UniversitS de Paris, 

SORRIANO (Giovanni) The 
Italian Tutor or a new... Italian 
grammar... to which is annexed 
A display of the Monasillable 
Particles of the language, by way 
of alphabet. As also, certain e 
dialogues made up of Italianismes 
... with the English to them. 2 pts. 
T. Paine, London, 1640. 4to. 

627. b. 17. (2, 3.) 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage and 
register, and is without pagination. 

SOTO (Andreas de) The 

Ransome of Time being captive. 
Wherein is declared how precious 
k thing is time ... Written in 
Spanish, by... A. de Soto... Trans- 
lated into English by J. H(aw- 
kins). O.Pin8one,DoiDay,16S4:. 8vo. 

G. 20020. 

SOTO(Ferdinandode) F.deS. 
His Voyage to Florida and Dis- 
couerie of the Begions in that 
Continent. See Pcrchas (S.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 4. 
1625. fol. 679. h. 11-14. 

— Virginia richly valued, by 
the description of the maine land 
of Florida, her next neighbour 
out of the foure yeeies travell and 
di8coverio...of F. de Soto and... 
his companie ... Written by a 
Portugal! gentleman of Elvas,... 
and translated... by E. Ilaklnyt. 
F, Kyngstonfor M. Lownes, London, 
1609. 4to. 278. c. 5. 

— Another copy. 

G. 7115. 

— The worthye... History, of 
the travailes, discduery, and con- 
quest... of Terra Florida, being 
liuely Paraleld, with that of our 
now Inhabited Virginia... Accom- 
plished and effected, by... Don 
Ferdinando de Soto, and ... his 
ft >llo wers. Printed for M. Lownes, 
London, 1611. 4to. C. 33. c. 19. 

This is another copy of the pre- 
eeding witli a new titlepage. 

SOUL. 5eeH.,T. The Soules 
Exaltation, etc. 1638. 4to. 

875. g. 1. (2.) 

The Soules Implanta- 
tion into the Natural 1 Olive, etc. 
1640. 4to. 876. g. 2. (3.) 

— The Soules Humiliation. 
\By T. Hooker.] The second 
Edition. Printed hy L L. for 
A. Crooke, London, 1 638. 4to. 

851. d. 8. 




The third edition. 

T. Cotes for A. Oroohe and P. Ne- 
viU, London^ 1640. 4to. 

872. g. 2. (2.) 

— Another copy. 875. g. 1. (1.) 

SOUL. The Soules Implanta- 
tion. A treatise, containing. The 
broken heart ...» The preparation of 
the heart..., The sonles ingraffine 
into Christ..., Spirituall love and 
joj. [By T. Hooker.] Printed 
by B. Young, London, 1637. 4to. 

4409. f. 

treatise oonceming the right use 
and ordering r)f bees, etc. 33. Z* 
T. Orwin for T, Woodcocke, London^ 
1593. 4to, 7295. o. 

Without pagination. 

SOUTHET (Robert) [Biogra- 
phical notice.'] See Chorley (H. F.) 
The authors of England. 

See Campian (E.) A true report 
of the death and martyrdome 
of M. Campion, ... M. Sherwin 
and M. Bryan...Observid and 
written by a Catholike preist 
[R. S.?] which was present therat, 
etc. [1586?] 16mo. 1370. a. 

— See Catholic Faith. An 
Epistle of Comfort to the Reve- 
rend Priestes ,.,& other of the Laye 
sort restrained in Durance for the 
Catholioke Fayth. [By R. S.] 
[1604?] 8vo. 699. b. 10. 

1605. 8vo. 3935. a. 

— See Passion. The Passion of 
a Discontented Mind. [A poem 
by N. Breton? or by R. S.?j 
1621. 4to. 1076. i. 20. 

— See Peter, Saint and Apostle. 
Saint Peters Com play nt, etc. [By 
R. S.] 1595. 4to. C. 39. e. 27. 

1599. 4to. C. 39. e. 29. 

[1600 ?] 8vo. C. 39. e. 31. 

1615. 4to. 239. e. 10. 

[1620?] 4to. 

11626. bbb. 14. 

SOUTHWELL (Robesrt) 
See Peter, Saint and Apostle, 
Saint Peters Ten Teares, etc. [By 
R. S.?] 1597. 4to. 

1602. 4to. C. 39. e. 30. 

— See S., R. 

— See W., S. 

— An Epistle of comfort to the 
reverend priests, and to the hon- 
ourable, worshipful! & other of 
the lay sort, restrayned in durance 
for the Catholike faith. By R. 
S(outhwell), of the Society of 
Jesus. 1616. 8yo. 3935. a. 

— S. Peter's Complaint, and 
Saint Mary Magdalen's funerall 
teares. With sundry other selected 
and devout Poemes. 1620. 12mo. 

11622. a. 41. 

Earlier editions of this and the 
prece'ling work were pnbllBbed 

— The Triumphs over Death : 
Or A Consolatorie Epistle, for 
afflicted minds, in the affects of 
dying friends... by R. S(outhwell), 
etc. V. Simmes for J. BuMe^ 
London, 1596. 4to. 873. e. 24. 

— Another copy. G. 742. (2.) 

SOWERNAM (Ester) pseud. 
[Ester hath hang'd Haman; or, 
an answere to a lewde pamphlet, 
entituled the Arraignment of 
Women [by J. Swetnam]; with 
the arraignment of lewd^ idle, 
froward and unoonstant men and 
husbands... Written by E. Sower- 
nam, neither maide, wife, nor 
widdowe, yet really all, and there- 

S P SPA 1420 

fore ezperienoed to defend all.] biting of mad Dogges, together 

[London, 1617.] 4to. with the cure thereof. Printed 

C. 40. c, 34. (2.) for J. BiU, London, 1613. 4to. 

Imperfect; wanting titlepage and 11^1. i. 1. [1>) 

an tefore dg. B, and the whole of s P A G N U O L I (Baptista) 

Mantuanus, B. Mantuani ... ado- 

SP., Ed. Complaints. Con- lesoentia, sen bucolica, brevibus 

taining eundrie small Poemes of Jodoci Badii commentariis illiis- 

the Worlds Vanitie... (The Ruines trata. His accesserunt Joannis 

of Time. — The Teares of the Murmelii in singulas eclogas ar- 

Muses. — Virgils Gnat. — Prosopo- gumenta, cum annotatiunculis 

paia, or Mother Hubberds Tale. — ejusdem in loca aliquot obscuriora. 

The Ruines of Rome [translated Accessit & index... novus... opera 

from the original of J. du Bellay]. B. Laurentis. Apud T. Marsh, 

— Muiopotmos, or The Tale of Londini, 1673. 8vo. 11405. a. 
the Butterflies. — ^Visions of the 

Worlds vanitie.— Bellayes vi- — Another edition. JS»«/ypo- 

sions. — ^Petrarches visions.) By graphia Societatia Stationariorum, 

Ed. Sp[enser]. MS. Notes. Im- -Lan4tm,1627. 8vo. 1213. b. 7.(1.) 

printed for W, Ponsonhie, London, mi t^ ^ n -r^ -^r . 

1591(90). 4to. C. 39. e. 5. (2.) -TheEglogsof. B Mantuan. 

"^ ^ ^ ,., turned into English verse, & 

Withont pagination. Several of get forth with the Argument to 

the poerns have special titlepages. e>vfirv Eo-loe-ft hv a Tiirbervilft 

The register is continuous. Pt. 4, JJ®^ Jligioge Dj tr. lurDerviie. 

containing " Muiopotmos," is dated »• *• -"• ^ynneman, London, 

1590. 1567. 8vo. 238. 1. 17. 

— Another copy. G. 11539. SPAIN. See P., T. The Copie 

. • of a Letter sent from sea by a 

— Another copy. 239. i. 1. GenUeman, who was employed in 

n««i.««r^« A« T?i««;« „,x«« discoverie on the Coast of Spaine, 

ihrdSfcttntblo'^iirvK ^^ ^^89. 4to. C. 33. 1 11. 

ona Douglas Howard, Daughter — &e M, D. F. R. de. A An- 

and heire of Henry Lord Howard, swer to the untruthes, published 

... By Ed. Sp[en8er]. Printed for and printed in Spaine, in glorie of 

W. Pontonbff, London, 1591. 4to. their supposed victorie atchieved 

G. 11538. against our English Navie, eta 

Without pagination. A second 1589. 4to. G. 6156. 
edition of this poem, bearing date 

1596, was printed to accompany the — The Present State of Spaina 

-FowreHymnes" of the same date, Translated [by R. Seigier] out 

J^uT^r^ ^^ *^^ *'''^°''' ^^ ^^•®^^^- (A oopie of speciall 

record, of the homage done by 

SPA. A briefe Discourse of Philip Archduke of Austria... to 

the... Substance of the Water of the ..King of France, Lewes the 

Spa w ;... translated out of French twelft...l409.) Imprinted hy P. S. G. T., etc. [London? for B. Serger, London, 169^ 4to. 

1600?] 4to. 1171. e. 9. (6.) 8042. aaa. 

SPACEMAN (Thomas) A Without pagination. 

Declaration of such greivous acci- — A true coppie of a discourse 

dents as commonly follow the written by a Gentleman, employed 




in the late Voyage of Spaine and 
Portingale [under Sir F. Drake 
and Sir J. Norris] : sent to his 
particular friend, and by hiru 
published, for the better satisfac- 
tion of all such, as having been 
seduced b}' particular report, have 
entred into conceipts tending to 
the discredit of the enterprise, 
and Actors of the same. Printed 
for T. Woodcock, London, 1589. 4to. 

292. e. 7. 

— Another copy. G. 6515. 

SPAIN. Vox populi. Or, 
Newes from Spayne, translated 
according to the Spanish coppie 
[or rather written by Thomas 
Scott, B.D.] which may serve to 
forwarn both England and the 
United Provinces how farre to 
trust to Spanish pretences. [6ror- 
cumf] 1620. 4to. 1093. b. 80. 

Without pagination. Thia work 
was afterwards republished with the 
name of Sir R. B. Cotton, as the 
author, on thetitlepage,and entitled: 
** A choice narrative of count Gou- 
damor's transactions during his 
embassy in England." 

— Another copy. 100. c. 4. 

— Another edition. 15. E. 
1620. 4to. G. 15499. (6.) 

Slightly cropped. 

— Another edition. 15. 3t. 
1620. 4to. 1103. e. 12. (1.) 

This edition has an engraved 
portrait of T. Scott prefixed, and 
an addreiss to the reader which i« 
not found in the preceding editions. 

— The second part of Vox 
Populi : or Gondomar appearing 
in the likenes of Matchiavell in 
a Spanish Parliament, wherein 
are discovered his treacherous... 
practises to the mine as well of 
England as the Netherlandes. 
Faithfully translated out of the 
Spanish coppie by a well wilier 
to England and Holland (T. S. 

of U.) [or rather written by 
Thomas Scott of Utrecht]. The 
second edition. A. Janss^ broricom^ 
1624. 4to. 1103. e. 13. 

STAIN,— Navy, Certaino Ad- 
vertisements out of Ireland, con- 
cerning the losses and distresses 
happened to the Spanish Navie, 
upon the West coastes of Ireland, 
in their voyage intended from the 
Northeme Isles beyond Scotland, 
towards Spaine. See Mendoza 
(B. de) The Copie of a letter 
sent out of England to Don B. 
Mendoza, etc. 1588. 4to. 

599. b. 3. (2.) 

— See Spanish Libs. A packe 
of Spanish lyes, [concerning the 
Spanish Armada,] etc. 1588. 4to. 

292. f. 24. 

— Certaine advertisements out 
of Ireland, concerning the losses 
and distresses happened to the 
Spanish Nauie, upon the West 
Coaistes of Ireland, in their voyage 
intended from the Northeme Isles 
beyond Scotland, towards Spaine. 
». a, I. Vautrollier for B, Field, 
London, IdSS. 4to. 292.e. 9. (2.) 

Another edition, with slightvaria- 
tions, of tlie '' Certaine Advertise- 
ments," appended to the ** Letter to 
Don Bemardin de Mendoza." 

— Another copy. G. 6075. 

— Another copy. G. 6512. (2.) 

— A notable and wonderfull 
sea-fight, betweene two great and 
wel-mounted Spanish shipps, and 
a small and not very well pro- 
vyded English shipp, eta V« %• 
O. Vefeler, Amsterdam, 1621. 4to. 

1093. b. 84. 

Without pagination. 

— A true Discourse of the 
Armie which the King of Spaine 
caused to bee assembled in the 
Haven of Lisbon... in the yeare 




1588. against England ... Trans- 
lated ont of French into English, 
bj D. Archdeacon, eta [Edited 
by E. B.] ». a. /. TToZ/e, Lon- 
don, 1688. 8vo. C. 33. a. 10. 

— Another copy. G. 6071. 

— Another copy. C 8. b. 10. 

SPAIN. — Navy. A true re- 
lation of a wondeifull Sea Fight 
betweene two great and well 
appointed Spanish Ships or Men 
of Warre; and a small and not 
very well provided English Ship, 
eta Printed for N, J5., London^ 
1621. 4ta 1093. b. 83. 

Without pagination. 

— A tTTiQ relation of that which 
lately hapned to the great Spanish 
Fleet, and Galeons of Terra Firma 
in America; with many strange 
Deliveries of Captaines, and Soul- 
diers in the tempest; . . . also, a cata- 
logue of those persons of account, 
which eyther perihhed in this 
tempest, or were miraculously 
preserved. Faithfully translated 
out of the Spanish, eta Printed 
for N. Buttery N. Bourne and 

W. Sheffard, London, 1623. 4ta 

1324. a 

— Another copy. J. R. 8. 

— Two famous sea-fights. 
Xiately made, betwixt the fleetes 
of the King of Spain and the 
fleetes of the Hollanders. The 
one in the West-lndyes: The 
other, the eight of this present 
moneth of February, betwixt 
Callis and Qravelin. Printed for 
N. Butter and N. Bourne, London, 
1639. 4to. 1103. d. 70. 

Without pagination. 

SPAIN.— Philip IL, King. 
See D,, K. A true Beport of the 
genefral] Imbarrement of all the 
xSngliah Shippes, under the do- 

E minion] of tlie Kinge of Spaine 
Philip IL], eta 1585. 8vo. 

G. 6059. 

SPAIN.— Philip IL, King. 
The kinges commission for the 
imbarment of all Fnglish ships. 
[Translated from the Spanish.] 
rAt Barselonia, 29 May [1585].) 
See Mote (H.) The Primrose uf 
London, with her valiant adven- 
ture, etc. 1686. 4to. C. 32. b. 1. 

— See Netherlands, United 
Provinces of the. A Treatise of 
the Peace made... bet ween the 
States of the Low Countries and 
the Prince of Orange... With the 
agreement and confirmation of 
the £ing*8 Majestic, etc. 
[1676.] 16mo. 721. a. 6. (4.) 

— A Treatise against the Pro- 
clamation published by the King 
of Spayne, by which he proscribed 
the late Prince of Orange : wher- 
by shall appeare the sclaunders 
and faloe accusations conteyned 
in the sayd proscription ([dated] 
Maestri cht ... xv, March ... 1580), 
which is annexed to the ende of 
this Treatise, etc. [Translated 
from the French of H. Ijanguet.] 
i>e//<,[1581]. 4to. 1055.g.l6.(4.) 

— [Another edition.] The 
Apologie or defence of the most 
noble Prince William ...against 
the proclamation and edict, pub- 
lished by the King of Spaine, 
[Philip II. ], by which he pro- 
Bcribeth the saide Lorde Prince, 
whereby shall appeare tbe sclaun- 
ders, and false accusations, con- 
teined in the saide prosciiption, 
which is annexed to the end of 
this apologie. Delft, 1681. 4to. 

154. g. 16. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 1 193. L 3. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and three subBoquent leaves. 




SPAIN.— Philip III., King. 
See Great Britain and Ireland. 
— James I., King. Articles of 
peace, enteroourse and commerce, 
concluded in the names of... 
James... King of Great Britaine... 
and Philip the third, King of 
Spaine, etc. 1605. 4to. 6955. a. 

— The Coppy of a Letter and 
Commission, of the King of S., 
Phillip the third, sent unto the 
Vice-roy of Portugall, dated the 
20 day of June ... 1 602. Wherein 
the dealings and trade of ships 
& marchandize is forbidden, with 
the snbjectes of Holland... and 
England, &c. with the said... 
countries of Spaine and Portugall 
. . . translated . . . into English . )$• H* 
Printed for T. Pavier, London, 
1602. 4to. 9414. b. 2. 

— A Proclamation of the Truce 
betweene his Maiesty of Spayne, 
...and the States GeneralL..Pro- 
claymed...thel4of Aprill,...1609. 
Translated out of the Dutch, etc. 
30« S« Imprinted for J. Budge, 
London, 1609. «. sh. fol. 

506. h. 10. (102.) 

— Newes from Spaine. The 
King of Spaines Edict, for the 
Expulsion... of more then nine 
hundred thousand Moores ... 
Translated out of Spanish... by 
W. I. Imprinted for N. Butter, 
London, 1611. 4to. C. 83. e. 

Withoat pagination. 

SPAIN.— Philip IV., King. A 
proclamation for reformation, 
published and commanded (to be 
observed as a law)... translated 
out of the originall Spanish, etc. 
Printed for N. Butter, N. Bourne, 
T. Archer^ London, 1623. 4to. 

884. h. 26. (4.) 

See Hutten (R.) The Su of 
divinitie, etc. [Translated from 

the *' Margarita Tlieologica" of 
J. Spangenberg.] 1548. 8vo. 

696. b. 26. 

Margarita Theologica, oontinens 
praecipuos locos doctrinse Chria- 
tianab per qusestiones breviter & 
ordine explicates, etc. MS. Notes. 
Apud Oerardum Dewes, Londini, 
1666. 8vo. 1018. i. 19. (2.) 

•— Another edition. Apud 
Henricum Bynnemann, Londini, 
1673. 8vo. 3559. aa. 19. 


Fig for the Spaniard, or Spanish 
Spirits, etc. 1691. 4to. 8042. aa. 

— See D., T. A new Ballet of 
the...cruell Whippes which the 
Spanyards had prepared to 
wnippe ... English men and 
women, etc. 1688. s. sh. fol. 

C. 18. e. 2. (63.) 

— See English Fuqitivks. A 
Discourse of the Usage of the 
English Fugitives by the S. 
1696. 4to. 8042. aa. 

— See G., C. A Watch-worde 
for Warre... Published by reason 
of the dispersed rumors amongst 
us, and the suspected comming of 
the Spanyard against us, etc. 
1696. 4to. 8122. aa. 

— The Spaniards perpetuall 
Designes to an universall Mon- 
archic. Translated according to 
theFrenoh. [Londonf] 1624. 4to. 

8042. aaa. 

Withoat pagination. 


See Spain. — Navy. 


See 6., I. The copy of a letter 
lately written by a Spaniahe 
Gentleman to his friend in Eng- 
land, etc. 1689. 8yo. 0.33. a. 12. 




PACTION. See W., W. A 

Dialogue betwixt a Secular Priest 
and a lay Gentleman being an 
Abstract of the more important 
matters that are in controversie 
betwixt the Priests and the 
Spanisher Jesoiticall . Faction. 
1601. 4to. 860. k. 13. (6.) 

of Spanish Lyes, sent abroad in 
the world : first printed in Spaine 
in the Spanish tongue, and trans- 
lated out of the originall. Now 
Tipped up, unfolded, and by just 
examination condemned, as con- 
teyning false, corrupt, and detest- 
able wares, worthy to be damned 
and burned. Partly V. £« The 
Deputies of 0, Barker^ London^ 
1688. 4to. 292. f. 24. (1.) 

The *« Spanish Lyes" and the 
** €!ondemnation " of them are printed 
in parallel columns, the former in 
Black Letter. 

— Another copy. G. 6155. 


Spanish Pilgrime : or, an admir- 
able discovery of a Bomish 
Catholicke. Shewing how neces- 
sary and important it is, for the 
Protestant Kings, Princes, and 
Potentates of Europe; to make 
warre upon the King of Spaine's 
owne Countrey, etc. [Translated 
from the Spanish original into 
French & augmented by I. D. 
Dralymont.] Printed by B. A.y 
Landofiy 1625. 4to. 1103. e. 23. 


An experim entail Discoverie of 
Spanish Practises, or, the Coun- 
sel! of a...Souldier, for -the good 
of his Prince and State. Where- 
in is manifested... the Cruelty 
and Policy of the Spaniard, eta 
(A 8€*cond Part... with more ex- 
cellent reason s ... to dissolve the . . . 
treaties... of the match and the 
VOL. in. 

Pallatinate and enter into warre 
with the Spaniards. Whereunto 
is adjoyned a worthy oration... 
wherein the right... of the Nether- 
landish warre... is approved, etc.) 
2 pts'. [London f] 1623-24. 4to. 

1103. e. 15. (1, 2.) 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage 
and register. Pi 2 is without pctgi- 

— Another copy of pt. 1. 

8042. d. 

— Another copy of pt. 1. 

100. a. 8. 


See Spanish Jesqitical Faction. 

SPARE (Michael) See 8., M. 

See Spabke (W.) 

SPAREE (Thomas^ See Albtn 
DE Valsergues (J. d') An an- 
swere to Master J. de Alhines 
notahle discourse against heresies 
...compiled by T. Spark, , etc. 
1591. 4to. 697. g. 29. 

— See N., S., Doctor of Divinity, 
An Antidote... against the pesti- 
ferous writings of all English 
sectaries... in particuler against 
D. Sparkes, etc. 1615, etc. 4to. 

3935. c. 

1622. 4to. 698. c. 24. 

— A brief and short cate- 
chisme, necessarie for all tbem 
that would be Christians in deed, 
to be able to understand and to 
answer unto. V. &. B. Newherie, 
[London, 1580 ?] 8vo. 

3505. c. 52. (1.) 

Without pagination. Big. E ii.- 
H V. Probalily only the second 
part of a work, entitled : '* A com- 
fortable treatise fur a troubled con- 
science," etc. 

— A brotherly Perswasion to 





XJnitie; and uniformitie in judg- 
ment and practise touching the 
received and present ecclesiasti- 
cal! government, and the au- 
thorised rites and ceremonies of 
the Church of England... Nfewly 
corrected and enlarged, etc. 
Printed for J. Hooke, London, 
1607. 4to. 700. f. 16. (4) 

SPARKE (Thomas) A sermon 
[on Isaiah lvii. 1, 2] preached... 
at the Buriall of... Arthur Lorde 
Grey of Wilton, etc. 13, il, 
/. Barnes, Oxford, 1593. 8vo. 

1359. b. 12. 

— Another copy. 1417. a. 32. 

— Another copy. 1417. a. 33. 

— Another copy. 1417. a. 34. 

— A Sermon [on Rev. xiv. 13] 
preached at the buriall of... the 
Earle of Bedford, etc. ». H. 
London,16S5. 8vo. 4903. aa. 14. 

Newly ... corrected 

by the Authour. )3. 3l. J, Barnes, 
Oxford, 1594. 8vo. 1415. a. 43. 

— Another copy. 1415. a. 44. 

SPARKE (William) Vis 
Natures, et Yirtus Vitas, explicates, 
oomparates, ad universum Doc- 
trines ordinem cons tituendum, etc. 
JB. Field, Londini, 1612. Svo. 

527. c. 26. 

SPARKES (Thomas) 
See Sparks. 

SPARRY (Francis) See 
Cattan (C. de) The Geomancie 
of Maister 0. Cattan... Translated 
...(byF.S.). 1591. 4to. 

SPAW. See Spa. 

pseud, Drinke and Welcome : or 
the... History of the most part 
of Drinks, in use in the King- 
domes of Great Brittaine and 

Ireland. . . ; with . . . the causes of all 
sorts of weather... Compiled first 
in the high Dutch tongue, by... 
H. van Speagle, ... and now ... 
translated into English prose and 
verse. By John Taylor for rather 
written by J. Taylor the "Water 
Poet]. A.Oriffin,London,1637. 4to. 

C. 31. c. 


Speculum Belli sacri: or the 
Looking-glasse of the Holy War, 
etc. 1624. 4to. 4404. g. 

SPEED (John) [For editions 
of Speed's Genealogies printed 
with the Bible and not issued 
separately :] see Bible. 

— See Bible. — Genealogies, 
Begin. The Genealogies of Holy 
Scriptures. [By J. S.] [1611.] fol. 

466. i. 6. (2.) 

— [For editions of Speed's 
Genealogies, which were issued 
separately, and under the initials 
J. S. :] see S., J. 

— A Clowd of Witnesses, and 
they the Holy Genealogies of the 
Sacred Scriptures, confirming 
unto us the truth of the histories 
in God's most holie Word, and 
the humanitie of Christ Jesus. 
(An Alphabetical table serving 
for the readie finding of any 
name contained in the Genealo- 
gies.) 2 pts. J, Beale far 
D, Speed, London, 1616. Svo. 

4377. aa. 

Pt. 2 has a diBtinot titlepage, but 
the register is oontinuoua. 

The second edition. 

2 pts. J. Beale, London, 1Q20. 8vo. 

4377. aa. 

— A prospect of the meet 
famous parts of the World... to* 
gether with all the provinces, 
counties and shires, contained in 
. . . Great Brittaines empire. ( A . . . 




description of the Civill Warres... 
in England, etc.) 2 pts. cT Daw- 
son for G, HufMe, London, 
1631-27. fol. 794. 1. 7. (1, 2.) 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage, as 
follows : '* The Theatre of the Em- 
pire of Oreat Britain," etc., and a 
separate pagination and register, 
and is preceded by three leaves, 
oontaining the *' description of the 
Civill Wanes, etc.," and paged (5) 
to (8). With portrait of Speed. 

SPEED (John) The Gene- 
alogies of the Scriptnres according 
to every Familie and Tribe. Wi th 
the lyne of our Sauiour Jesus 
Christ ohseryed from Adam to 
the ... Virgin Mary. [London, 
1620?] 4to. 689. e. 9. 

— [A Description of England 
and Wales.] T. Snodham for 
J, Sudburie and (?• Humble^ Lon- 
don, 1615. 8vo. 796. a. 1. 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
register. Printed on one side only : 
with a separate imprint to the 
description of each county. 

— The Theatre of the Empire 
of Great Britaine : presenting an 
exact geography of the kingdoms 
of England, Scotland, Ireland, 
etc. Xondon, 1611. fol. G.7884. 

With maps. The titlepage is 

— England, Wales, Scotland 
and Ireland described and 
abridged with y* historic relation 
of things worthy memory from 
a farr larger voulume [i.e, the 
•• Theatre of the Empire of Great 
Britain " of J. S.J. G. Humble, 
[London, 1 620 ?] Obi 1 2mo. 

669. a. 17. 

The titlepage is engraved. The 
date has been cut off. 

— Another edition. G. Humble, 
[London,] 1627. Obi 8vo. 

569. a. 33. 

— The history of Great Bri- 

taine under the conquests of ye 
Bomans, Saxons, Danes, and 
Normans... from Julius Caesar to 
our most gracious soveraigne 
King lames. [A continuation, 
or, the historical part of "The 
Theatre of the Empire of Great 
Britain, etc."] W. HaU and 
J. Beale, for J, Ludbury and 
G. Humble, London, 1611. fol. 

2072. e. 

The titlepage is engraved. 

— Another copy. L. P. 

201. i. 7. 

— Another copy. G. 7886. 

The second edition 

revised & enlarged. Sold by 
G. Humble, London, 1623. fol. 

697. 1. 8. 

Third edition en- 
larged, and newly corrected, with 
sundry descents of Saxons kings, 
their marriages and armes. 
/. DawBonfor G. Humble, London, 
1632. fol. 2072. e. 

With portrait mounted on the fly-leaf. 

— Another copy. 196. g. 12. 

SPEED (B.) See 8., a. 

SPEOHT (James*) A briefe 
demonstration, who have, and of 
the certainty of their salvation 
that have, the spirit of Christ, 
etc. W. HaU for T. Man, London, 
1613. 8vo. 874. c. 26. 

— Another copy. 693. e. 12. (6.) 

SPEGHT (Rachel) Mortali- 
ties Memorandum, with a dreame 
prefixed, imaginarie in manner, 
reall in matter. [In verse.] 
E, Griffin for J, Bhome, London, 
1621. 4to. 11626. d. 

— Another copy. Q. 11460. 

— A mouzell for Melastomus, 
the Cynicall Bayter of, and fbule 




mouthed Barker against Evahs 
sex. Or an apologeticall answere 
to that irreligious and illiterate 
pamphlet, made hy Jo. Sw(etnam), 
and hj him intituled, The ar- 
raigneiuent of women. N, Okes 
far T. Archer^ London, 1617. 4to. 

8415. e. 

SPEGHT (Thomas) See 
Chaucer (G.) iWorks,'] The 
Workes of our Antient and 
lemed Englih«h poet, G. Chaucer 
newly printed, etc. [Edited by 
T. S.] 1698. fol. 641. 1. 1. 

SPEIDELL (John) A geo- 
metricall extraction, or a com- 
pendious collection of the chiefe 
and choyse probleme8...out of the 
best ... writers. Whereunto is 
added, about 30. problemes of 
the authors invention. E. Allde, 
London, 1616. 4to. 8531. b. 

SPELMAN (Charles) See 
Spelman (Sir H.) Concilia... in 
re Ecclesiarum Orbis Britannici 
...opera... H. S., etc. [Vol. 2 
edited by C. S.] 1639, etc. fol. 

7. f. 4. 

SPELMAN (&r Henrt) See 
EuDiERD (Sir B.) Sir B. Rudierd 
his speech in behalfe of the 
clergie... confirmed by the testi- 
monies of... Sir H. S. 1628. 4to. 

698. g. 10. (4.) 

— H. Spelmanni...Arch8Bolo- 
gus. In modum Glossarii ad rem 
antiquam posteriorem continentis 
Latino- Barbara, peregrin a, obbo- 
leta et novatse si^nificationis vo- 
cabula, quae ... in Ecclesiasticis 
profanisq; scriptoribus, ... legibus 
antiquis, chartis et formulis oc- 
currunt. Scholii8...illu8trata, etc. 
Pt. 1. Apud Joannem Beale, 
Londini, 1626. fol. 625. i. 19. 

No more of this edition was pnUished. 

SPELMAN (5tV Henry) Con- 
cilia, Decreta, Leges, Constita- 
tiunes, in re Ecclesiarum Orbis 
Britannici ... opera et scrutinio 
Henrici Spelman. [Vol. 2 edited 
by C. Spelman.] 2 vols. ExeudeboU 
B. Badger.,. Lnpensis P. Si^hani A 
0. Meredith, Londini, 1639-64. foL 

7. f. 4. 

The imprint of the second volome 
is, *' Londini, Apud Aliciam Wanen 

— Another copy. 494. 1. 1. 

Vol. 2 is on large paper. 

— De non temerandis Ecclesiis. 
A Tracte of the Rights and Re- 
spect due unto Churches. Written 
to a Gentleman, who having an 
appropriat Parsonage, empluied 
the Church to prophane uses : 
and left the Parishioners un- 
certainly provided of Divine 
Service, in a Parish neere, etc. 
(A Sermon of S'. Augustines 
touching rendring of Tithes^ 
MS. Notes [by the author]. 
J, Beale, London, 1613. 8vo. 

857. b. 5. (1.) 

— Another copy. MS. Notes 
[by the author]. 867. b. 5. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the sermon. 

— Another copy. 857. b. 5. (3.) 

With a new titlepage. 

— Second edition. 

J. Beale, London, 1616. 8vo. 

517. a. 43. 

Titlepage and prefiEMie mutilated. 

— Another edition. A, Hart, 
Edinburgh, 1616. 8vo. 1360. b. 

SPELMAN (Sir John) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Pmlms. 
Polyghtt, Psalterium Davidis 
Latino-Saxonicum vetus, a J. 
Spelmanno...editum. 1640. 4to. 

1008. b. 6. 




S P E N C E (Paul) See 
Abbot (B.) Bishop of Salisbury, 
A Mirronr of Popish Subtil- 
ties: discovering sundry wretched 
... evasions ... which a secret ... 
Papist in the behalfe of one 
P. S. Priest ... hath gathered 
... for the ... discrediting of sun- 
drie allegations of scriptures... 
against the doctrine of the 
Church of Borne, concerning Sa- 
craments, etc. 1594. 4to. 

1019. f. 21. (2.) 

SPENCER (Benjamin) 
See Spenser. 

SPENCER (John) Bellum 
grammaticale ; sive, nominum 
verborum^ disoordia civilis, tra- 
gioo-comoetlia. Editio ... altera 
multo emendatior cur& B. Spen- 
ceri, etc. ExcudehcU J. Spencerus, 
Londini, 1636. 8vo. 11712. b. 

— Anothercopy. 636. c. 21.(4.) 

Spencer (J.) Bellum grammati- 
cale... Editio... altera multo emen- 
datior cur& B. Spenceri, etc. 
1635. 8vo. 11712. b. 

SPENCER (Bobert) Baron 
Spencer of Womdeighton, The 
Muses Thankfulnesse, or a Fune- 
raU Elegie,. consecrated to the... 
memory of the late ... Bobert, 
Baron S., of Wormleighton, etc. 
[London, 1627.] 12mo. 

11623. aaa. 30. 

With an emblazoned drawing of 
the family shield. Without pagi- 
nation; interleaved with bladic 

SPENCER (Thomas) The 
Art of Logick, delivered in the 
precepts of Aristotle and Bamus : 
"wherein the agreement of both 
Authors is declared ; the defects 
in Bamus are supplyed,...the pre- 
cepts of both are expounded, etc. 

J, Dawson for N. Bourne, London, 
1628. 8vo. 527. b. 29. 

— [Another copy.] Logicke 
unfolded : or the Body of Logicke 
in Englishe, made plaine to the 
meanest capacity. ByT.S(pencer) 
Gent. London, 1656. Svo. 

E. 1645. (1.) 

A dnplicate of the preceding 
with a different titlepage. 

SPENCER (Thomas) Mas- 
chil Unmasked. In a Treatise 
defending thin sentence of our 
Church: vidz. The present Bomish 
Church hath not the nature of 
the true Church. Against the 
publick opposition of M"" Cholm- 
ley and M' Butterfield,... revolted 
from ...the Church of England, 
W, Jones, London, [1629]. 4to. 

108. a. 43. 

SPENSER (Benjamin) Vox 
civitatis, or Londons complaint 
against her children in the Coun- 
trey. Shewing to them her infir- 
mitie, povertie, desolate misery, 
etc. Printed by L D.for N. Bourne, 
London, 1625. 4to. 7560. a. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by E, P. for W. Hope, London, 
1636. 4to. 873. e. 101, 

SPENSER (Edmund) See 
Harvey (G.) Foure letters and 
certaine sonnets, etc. [Including 
a sonnet to the author, sub- 
scribed E. Spencer.] 1592. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 

— The Shepheardes Calender. 
See Immebito, pseud. 

— See Nenna (G. B.) Nennio, 
Or A Treatise of Nobility... Done 
into English by W. Jones, Gent. 
[Preceded by four commendatory 
Sonnets by E. S., G. Chapman, 
S. Daniel and A. Day.] 1695. 4to. 

8407. d. 




SPENSER (Edmund) See 
NooT (J. VAN der) a Theatre, 
wherein be represented ... the 
miseries... that follow the volnp- 
tnous Worldlings, etc. [With 
sonnets and epigrams prefixed, 
the former translated from 
Petrarch, the latter from the 
Visions of Du Bellay, by E. 
Spenser.] 1569. 8vo. 224. a. 11. 

— Complaints. See Sp., Ed. 

— Daphnaida. See Sp., Ed. 

— A view of the state of Ire- 
land, etc. iSec Ware (iStr J.) The 
Historie of Ireland, etc. 1633. fol. 

601. 1. 1. 

— The Faerie Queen: The 
Shepheards Calendar ; together 
with the other works of England's 
Arch-poet, ... E. Spenser. Collected 
into one volume, and corrected. 
JT. X. for M. LoumeSf [London,] 
1611. fol. 79. h. 23. 

** The Faerie Qneen/' **The Shep- 
heard's Calendar," and the *' Proso- 

gopoia " are each separately paged, 
everal of the minor pieces h&Ye 
separate titlepages and are without 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy H. L. for if. Lownea, [London,'] 
1617. fol. 1346. 1. 1. 

These miscellaneons works are in 
several divisions, with distinct title- 
pages, and were all printed by H. L., 
1617. With the exception of the 
"Shepheards Calendar," they are 
without pagination. 

— Another copy. Copious MS. 
Notes [by T. Warton]. 

C. 28. m. 17. 

Imperfect; wanting fol. E iij. of 
Pt. 1, and having other leaves muti* 

— Amoretti and Epithalamion. 
Printed for W. Poneonby, London, 
1695. 8vo. G. 11184. 

Without pagination. 

SPENSER (Edmund) Colin 
Clouts come home agame. [A 
Pastoral.] Astrophel. APastorall 
elegie upon the death of... Sir P. 
Sydney, etc.) Printed by T. 0. 
for A. PoMonbie, London, 1595. 4to. 

686. g. 22. (2, 3.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 11536. (2.) 

— The Faerie Queene. Dis- 
posed into twelve books, fashion- 
ing XII. Morall vertues. (The 
Second part of the Faerie Queene 
containing The Fourth, Fifth, and 
Sixth Bookes.) 2 vols. Printed 
for W. PoMonbie, London^ 
1590-96. 4to. G. 11535, 6, 

YoL 1 contains the first edition 
of books 1-8, published in 1590, 
and dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. 
At the end is «'A Letter of the 
Authors (To Bir W. Baleigh,) ex- 
pounding his vhole intention in the 
course of this worke," etc., after 
which foUow several pages of Terses. 
Of these additions only the poems, 
*' A Vision upon this concelpt of the 
Faery Queene," "Another of the 
same," signed "W. R.," and "To 
the learned Shepeheaiti," are re- 
printed in the second edition pub- 
lished in 1596. Vol. 2 contains the 
remaining three books of the poem, 
of which no more was published. 
The titlepage to ToL 1 ia aUghtly 

— Another copy. C. 1 2. h. 1 7, 1 8. 

In this copy four leaves have been 
inserted between pp. 600 and 605 
of vol. 1, in place of the two of the 
preceding copy. They contain seven 
additional sonnets. There is also a 
portrait of Spenser inserted before 
the titlepage. 

— [The second edition.] 2 vols. 
Printed for W. Ponsonbie, London^ 
1596. 4to. 686. g. 21. 

This copy has the supplementary 
matter at the end of vol. I. The 
second vol. is a duplicate of the 
corresponding voL of the preceding. 

— Another copy. G. 11537, 

Without the supplementary 
matter at the end of voL 1. 




SPENSER (Edmund) The 

Faerie Qneene, etc. (Two cantos 

of miitabilitie: which, ...appeare 

to be parcell of Bome following 

booke of the Faerie Queene, nnder 

the legend of constancie.) MS. 

Note [by J. Haslewood]. Printed 

hf H. L, for Jf. LoumeSy London, 

1609. foL 11626. h. 9. 

Six books. The first folio edition 
of the Fairy Queen, and the first 
edition of the **Two Cantos of 
Mntabilitie," eto. 

— Another copy. 78. g. 13. 

The " Two Cantos " in this copy 
are of a later edition, and bear date 
16012 l$ie] on the Terso of the last 

— Fowre Hymnea, made by 
Udm. Spenser. (Daphnaida...By 
Ed.Sp.) PrintedforW.Ponsonhy, 
Xondon, 1596. 4to. 0.11541.(1,2.) 

— Prosopopoia, or Mother 
Hubberd's Tale. [Inverse.] MS. 
Notes [by T. Waiton], H. L, for 
M. Lownei, London, 1613. fol. 

C. 28. m. 17. (2.) 

— Prothalamion, or A Sponsall 
Verse... in honour of the double 
mariage of... the Ladie Elizabeth 
and the Ladie Eatherine Somerset, 
etc. Printed for W. Ponsonhy, 
London, 1596. 4to. G. 11542. 

SPENSER (John) See S., J. 

SPI C E R (Alexaiider) An 
elegie on the... death of... Sir A. 
Chichester, . . . Baron of Belfast, eto. 
M. F. for B. Bird, London, 
1625. 4to. C. 39. c. 17. 

SPICER (John) The sale of 
salt. Or the seasoning of sonles, 
namely such, as for whom the 
chapmen here doe come, and 
whom the Author, which taketh 
the name of a Salter, is willing, 
what in him lieth, to season with 
the salt of the Word, etc. Partly 
30.%* N.0ke8,London,lQll. 8vo. 

C. 37. b. 32. 

SPILBERGHEN (Joris van) 
Voyage... unto the East Indies, 
etc. See Puhchas (S.) Purchas 
his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 1. 1625, 
eto. fol. 679. h. 11. 

SPINOLA (Ambrosio de) 
Marquis. See Barry (Q.) The 
Seige of Breda... atchived by the 
conduct of A. S. 1627. fol. 

591. f. 21. 

— See Breda. A continuation 
of all the principall occurrences 
which hath happened to the 
Leaguers lying before Breda 
shewing into what great ex- 
treamity and necessity the armie 
of the Marquesse Spinola is likely 
to fall, etc. 1625. 4to. 9407. a. 

— See Germany. The Wars in 
Germany, with the taking of the 
severall townes by the Marquesse 
Spynola,etc. 1614. 4to. 9326. aaa. 

S P I R A (Francesco) See 
B., N. A relation of the fearefiiU 
estate of F. S. in the yeare 1548. 
1640. 12mo. 1371. a. 4. 

— A relation of the fearefull 
Estate of F. S., in the yeare 1548. 
[By N. Bacon.] Printed by L L. 
for P. Stephens' and C. Meredith^ 
London, 1638. 12mo. 4824. a. 

SPOTISWOOD (John) suc- 
cessively Archbishop of Glasgow 
and of Saint Andrews. Befutatio 
libelli de regimine Ecclesiad Sco- 
ticanad. ExOffidnaNorionianaapud 
J, BiUium, Londini, 1620. 8yo. 

701. b. 16. (2.) 

OGBBive] J Archbishop of Glasgow and 
of Saint Andrews, /See Sfotis wood. 

Concio J. Spottiswodii ... quam 
habuit ad Clerum Andreanopoli 
... pro gradu Doctoratus, etc. 
A. Hart, Ediiiburgi, 1616. 4to. 

4454. df. 4. 




The execution of Neschech and 
the confyniDg of his kinsman 
Tarbith, or A short Discourse, 
shewing the difference betwixt 
damned Usurie, and that wliich 
is lawtull. Whereunto there is 
subjoyned an Epistle of ... J. 
Calvin touching that same argu- 
ment;... translated out of Latine. 
A. Bart for C. PouTider, Edinburgh, 
1616. 4to. 104. e. 63. 

SPRINT (John) The anatomy 
of the oontroversed ceremonies of 
the Church of England, etc. See 
James I., King of Great Britain 
and Ireland, A true... defence of 
the petition for reformation, ex- 
hibited to the kings... majestie, 
etc. 1618. 8vo. 3935. a. 

— Cassander Anglicanus : 
shewing the necessity of con- 
formitie to the prescribed cere- 
monies of our Church, in Case 
of Deprivation. J, Bill, London^ 
1618. 4to. 873. h. 15. 

Mach mntilated. 

— Another copy, 108. b. 12. 

SPROT (George) Examina- 
tions, etc. See Hart (^tV W.) The 
examinations, etc. 

SPURWAY (Thomas) A 
letter... touching the wrongs done 
at Banda to the English by the 
Hollanders. See Purchas (S.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 1 . 
1625, etc. fol. 679. h. 11. 

SPYNOLA (Ambrosio be) 
Marquis, See Spinola. 

SQUIRE. The Squyr of lowe 
degre. [Inverse.] ». E, W.Cop- 
land^ London, [1560 ?] 4to. 

C. 21. 0. 

Without pagination. Twenty 
leaves. Sig. A-E. With the arms 
of David Garrick on the covers. 

SQUIRE (John) A sermon 

[on Acts VII. 67, 58]. See Ley (B.) 
Two sermons, etc. 1619. 4to. 

114. d. 48. 

SQOTRErjoHN) AThankes- 
giving for the Decreasing and 
Hope of the Bemoving of the 
plague ; being a Sermon [on Psal. 
L. 15] preached at S'. Pauls ... 
1 January 1636. Printed by B. A. 
and T. F. for J. Clark, London, 
1637. 4to. 696. f. 11. (8.) 

— A Sermon on the seoond 
Commandement [Exod. xx. 4-6] 
preached in Saint Pauls Church, 
Januarie 6. 1623. Printed by W, S. 
for N.Newbery, London, 1624. 4to. 

4474. c. 89. 

— Three Sermons: two of 
them appointed for the Spittle, 
preached in St. Paul's Church, 
by J. Squier ... and J. Lynch, 
etc. B. Young for H, Blunden, 
London, 1637. 4to. 4474. b. 76. 

ST., M. Newes out of York- 
Shire : or, an account of a journey, 
in the true discovery of a Sove- 
raigne Minerall, Medicinal Water 
. . . neere . . . Knaresbrough, not infe- 
riour to the Spa in Germany. By 
M[ichael] S[tanhope]. Printed 
by L H. for G. Gibhes, London, 
[1626]. 4to. 1171. e. 40. 

Cropped. The Dedication and 
Epistle to the Header aie each aub- 
Boribed " M. St." 

— Another edition. L ff. far 
G. Gtbbes, London, 1627. 4to. 

G. 3155. 
Cropped in the binding. 

STADIUS (Joannes) jS^ 
Ephemerides. Begin. Here after 
foUoweth a table of the Sunnes 
Declination. (Hereafter foUow- 
eth three tables : the firste of the 
conjunctions of the sunne and 
moone : the seconde of their oppo- 




sitions... drawn out of J. S. Ephe- 
merides, etc.) [1581.] 4to. 

632. d. 21. (4.) 

STADIUS (Joannes) See 
Plorus (L. a.) L. J. Flori rerum 
a Romania gestamm libri IV., a 
J. S. emendati, etc. 1638. 12mo. 

9039. aa. 

STAFFORD (Anthony) The 
Femall Glory : or, the Life and 
Death of our blessed Lady, the 
holy Yirgin Mary. T. Harper for 
T. Waterson^ London^ 1635. 8vo. 

699. a. 4. 

— The Qnide of Honour, or 
the Ballance wherin she may 
weigh her actions, etc. Print^ 
hy T. a for T. Slater, London, 
1634. 12mo. 720. a. 34. 

— Hononr and Vertne, Tri- 
umphing over the Grave. Ex- 
emplified in a faire devont Life, 
and Death, adorned with the 
surviving perfections of Henry 
Lord Stafford;... the last Baron of 
that ... Family ... This Worke is 
mnoh embelibh'd by the Addition 
of many most Elegant Elegies 
penned by the... Wits of these 
Times. J. OA:e9,Xam2(m, 1640. 4to. 

G. 2025. 

This and the two following copies 
want sig. N2 to O4. 

— Another copy. T. 797. (3.) 

This and the following oopj want 
the table of errata. 

— Another copy. 614. g. 11. 
Imperfect ; wanting all after dg. Ri. 

— Meditations and Resolutions, 
moral, divine, politicall. Century 
I. ... By A. Stafford. There is 
also annexed an Oration of lustus 
Lipsius against Calumnie, trans- 
lated out of Latine into Eng- 
lish. Printed hy H. L,, London, 
1612. 12mo. 8405. a. 

STAFFORD (Anthony) 
Staffords Niobe : or, his age 
of teares. A treatise... Wherein 
Deaths visard is pulled off and 
her face discovered not to be so 
fearefuU as the vulgar makes it, 
etc. Ft. 1. H, Lovmes, London, 
1611. 12mo. 722. a. 38. 

The second edition, 

etc. (Stafford's Niobe, dissolved 
into a Nil us : or, his age drown'd 
in her owne teares : serving as a 
second part to the former trea<* 
tise, etc. An admonition to a 
discontented Romanist.) 2 pts. 
H, Loumea, London, 1611. 12mo, 

8403. a. 

Pi 1 only is of the second edition. 
The ''Admonition" has a separate 

STAFFORD (Henry) Baron 
Stafford. Life. See Stafford (A.) 
Honour and Vertue, etc. 

— The true dyfferes betwen 
y regall power and the eccle- 
siasticall power. [By E. Fox, 
Bishop of Hereford.] Translated 
out of latyn by Henry lord 
Stafforde. 90. %. W. Coplad, 
London, [1548]. 16mo. 

697. a. 16. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

STAFFORD (Humphrey) 
The arraignement. Judgement, 
Confession and Execution of H. S., 
who... suffered, at Saint Thomas 
of Waterings. Printed by E. A. 
for A. L and F. B., London, 
1607. 4to. C. 27. c. 13. 

Without pagination. 

STAFFORD (Robert) of 
Exeter College. 
See S., H., Gentleman, 

STAFFORD (Thomas) Pa- 
cata Hibemia. Ireland appeased 
and reduced. Or, an historic of 
the late Warres of Ireland, es- 




pecially within the Province 
of Mounster, under the Govem- 
men t of S i r George Care w . . . Illus- 
trated with Seventeene several 
Mappes, eto. A. Mathewes far 
B. Milboume, London, 1633. fol. 

G. 5853. 

At the beginning are portraits of 
Garew and of Queen Elizabeth. 

— Another copy, 186. d. 8. 
Without the portrait of Carew. 

STAFFORD (William) 
See S., W., Gentleman, 

STAFFORDE (Kobert) Geo- 
grapher. A Geographical! and 
Anthologicall description of all 
the empires and kingdomes in 
this terrestriall globe, etc. JV^ Okes 
forS, Waterson, London, 1634. 4to. 

568. d. 24. 

pseud, [i.e. John Bale, Bishop of 
Ossoryi'\ The Epistle exhorta- 
torye of an Englyshe Ghristiane 
unto his derelye beloved contreye 
of En glande, against the pompouse 
popyshe Byschoppes thereof. (An 
Appendix joined to the foresayd 
Epistle.) ».a. [BasUf 1544.] 8vo. 

698. a. 13. 

— Another edition. 9B. IC« 
[Bash f 1544?] 8vo. G. 19985. 

Imporfect ; wanting the third 
leaf, which has been supplied in MS. 

Accidence. The longe accydence 
'of J. Stanbridge,] newly correcte. 
1520?] 4to. G. 7561. 

— See Qradus. Begin. Gradus 
coparationii cu verbis anormalis, 
etc. [ByJ. S.] [1525?] 4to. 

C. 40. e. 7. 

1531. 4to. 

— [Accidentia.] ^n^. IS. 31. By- 

chardePynson,London,[1520?'\ 4to. 

G. 7560. 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. 
Imperfect; wanting the titlepago. 
This work is a translation of R. 
Whittington*s **De octo partibuB 
orationis," reduced into the form of 
a catechism. 

— Another edition. Pew MS. 
Notes. Wynkyn de worde, London^ 
[1520?] 4to. G. 16866. 

Without pagination. Big. A-0. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. Ai and 2. 

cidentia ex stanbrigiana editione 
nuper recognita i castigata lima 
B. Whitintoni Liohfeldiensis in 
fiorentissima Oxoniensi academia 
Laureati. )$• £. Wynkyn de 
Worde, London, [1529 ?] 4to. 

G. 7563. (1.) 

Without pagination. Sig. A-G. 
The titlepage is partly occupied by 
a woodcut 

— Another edition. 30. Z« 
Wynkyn de Worde, London^ 
[1530?] 4to. C. 41. d. 7. 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

— Another edition. U. Z. 
Wynkyn de Words, London, 
1534. 4to. C. 33. b. 18. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 

— Parvulorum institutio ex 
Stambrigiana colectione. Eng. 
V. S* p€r,..Bichardum Pynson^ 
[London, 1520 ?] 4to. G. 7557. 

Without pagination. Sig. A, B, 
in sixes. The titlepage is partly 
occupied by a woodcut, which is 
repeated on the yerso of the same 
leaf. Clipped. 

— Another edition. 30. Z. 
[Wynkyn de Wordef London f 
1520?] 4to. G. 16865. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting Bi and B4. A7 and s are 
misplaced. The titlepege is partly 
occupied by a woodcut. 




— Another edition. M« l» 
Wynkyn de Warde, London, 
1621. 8vo. G. 7658. 

Twelve leaTes, without pagina- 
tion. The titlepage is partly oocn- 
pied by a woodcut. 

— Another edition. V. 3t* 
Wynkyn de Worde, Lodon, 1 528. 4to. 

G. 7563. (2.) 

Without pagination. Sig. A, B. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

[Quatnor partes Grammaticas.] 
id. &• B.pynson, in civitcUe LoU' 
dfm., 1505. 4to. G. 16864. 

Without pagination. Imperfect ; 
wanting Big. A. 

— Sum, es, fiii, of Stanbrige. 
[Otherwise entitled ^'Gradnsoom- 
parationum cum verbis anomalis 
simnl et eorum compositis.J Eng. 
ll^, %* Bycharde pynson^ [London, 
1615?] 4to. C. 33. i. 8. 

Eight leayes, without titlepage or 
pagination. Begister A 

— Vocabula magistri stabrigi 
prima jam edita sua salteeditione. 
Xol. and Eng. )$• S* Wynkyn de 
Worde,London,1510. 4to. G.7659. 

Without pagination. Twenty 
leaves. Sig. A-D. The titlepage 
ii partly occupied by a woodcut. 

— Vocabula Magistri, Stabrigii, 
nuper emendata acedita. V. £« 
A. VeU, London, [1560?] 4to. 

G. 7562. 

Without pagination. Big. A-E, 
in fours. 

— Vocabula Magistri Stan- 
brigii ab infinitis...mendi8 re- 
purgata, ... studio T. Newtoni. 
90. H. Excudehat E. A. Impensie 
... dementis Knight, Londini, 
1615. 4to. 625.0.23.(2.) 

Without pagination. 

— [Vulgaria Stanbrigi. — Being 
a Latin and English vocabulary.] 

V. Z. Wynkyn de worde, London, 
1508. 4to. C. 40. e. 11. 

Imperfect; containing only the 
last four leaves, with sig. A 

garia stanbrigi. V. X. Wynkyn 
de worde, London, 1518. 4to. 

C. 33. b. 37. 

Eleven leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Sig. A, B. The titlepage baa 
a large woodcut. 

— Another edition. 13. S* 
Wynkyn defoorde,Lodd,,[1528?]4:to, 

G. 7563. (3.) 

Without pagination. 8ig. Aa-s, 
B,and Ci-«. Imperfect; wanting Ai, 
which should contain the title, and 
the commencement of the vocabu- 

STANDISH (Arthur) The 
Commons complaint; wherein is 
contained two special grievances; , 
the first, the generall destruction 
and waste of woods in this king- 
dome, with a remedy for the 
same... The second grievance is, 
the extreme Dearth Of Victuals... 
Foure remedies for the same, etc* 
W. Stanshy, London, 1611. 4to. 

1028. i. 1. (1.) 

— Another edition. W.Stanshy^ 
London,ieil. 4to. 809. d. 3.(1.) 

— New directions of ex- 
perience to the Commons com- 
plaint by the incouragement of 
the Kings Most excellent Majesty, 
as may appeare, for the planting 
of Timber and Fire wood. "With 
a neere estimation what millions 
of Acres the kingdome doth con- 
taine; what Acres is waste 
ground... what... hath been... and 
...what. ..are Woods. ..and how... 
great store of fire- wood may be 
raised, etc. [London,"] 1613. 4to. 

966. c. 26. (2.) 

— New Directions of experi- 
ence ... for the increasing of 
Timber and Fire-wood, with the 




least waste and losse of ground, 
etc. [London?] 1615. 4to. 

1146. d. 32. 

STANDI SH (John) See 
CovERDALE (M.) Btshop of Exeter. 
A confutacion of that treatise, 
which one J. S. made agaynst 
the protestacion of D. Barnes 
in the year M.D.XL., eto. 
[1641?] 8vo. C. 25. b. 

— A discourse wherin is de- 
bated whether it be expedient 
that the scripture should be in 
English for al men to reade that 
wyll, etc. 13. a. MS. Notes. 
In sedtbus Boberti Caly, Londini^ 
1554. 8vo. 3125. a. 

Without pagination. Sio^. A-L. 
The author's initials are subscribed 
at the end of the text. On the 
verso of the same leaf is "A Prayer" 
in verse, the first letters of each 
line forming the words ** John Stan« 
ditish Author." 

— Another copy. 3932. c. 

Imperfect; wanting the list of 

In this second edi- 
tion the anthour hathe added 
sundrie thynges not unworthie to 
be noted, etc. (Made and com- 
posed by John Standish.) )$• Z* 
B, Calif, London, 1555. 8vo. 

3932. a. 

STANEY (William) A Trea- 
tise of Penance, with an explica- 
tion of the rule of the third order 
of S. Frauncis; commonly called 
of the order of Penance... W here- 
unto is added the epistle and 
annotations upon this rule, of... 
P. Gonzales... with a Catalogue 
made by him of the names of the 
chiefe persons of this order, as 
well Canonized Saincts, as Beati- 
fied, etc. /. Heigham, Douay, 
1617. 8vo. 1113. a. 3. 

The author's name occurs in the 

STANFORD {Sir William) 
one of the Justices of the Court of 
Common Pleas, See Fitz-Herbert 
(Sir A.) An exposicion of the 
kinges prerogative : collected oot 
of the great abridgement of 
Justice W. 
Staunford, etc. 1558. 4to. 

516. c. 1. (2.) 

1567. 4to. 884. h. 1.(2.) 

1573. 4to. 518. i. 1.(2.) 

1577. 4to. 6145. a. 8. 

1590. 4to. 6281. aa. 32. (2.) 

— Les Plees del Coron : divi- 
seea in plusiours titles & common 
lieux, per queux home plus rede- 
men t et plenairemet trovera, 
quel^ chose que il quira, toachant 
les ditz plees, etc. B, TottyU, 
London, 1560. 4to. 6282. aaa. 24. 

— Another 

— Another 
London, 1567. 

— Another 

— Another 
Notes. B. 
1574. 4to. 

— Another 
Notes. B. 
1583. 4to. 

copy. MS. Notes. 
6146. a. 27. 

edition. B. Tottel, 
4to. 516.0.1.(1.) 

copy. 516.0.2.(1.) 

edition. Few MS. 

Tottle, London^ 

229. g. 27. (1.) 

edition. Few MS. 

Tottel^ London, 

1379. o. 

— Another copy. 

6281. aa. 32. (1.) 

The arms of Bobert Harley, Earl 
of Oxford, are impreseed on the 

STANHOPE (Michael) 
See St., M. 

— Cures without care, or a 
summons to all such who finde 
little or no helpe by the use of 
ordinary phyeick to repaire to 
the Northeme Spaw, wherein... 




it is evidenced to the world, that 
infirmities in their owne nature 
desperate... have received perfect 
recovery, by vertue of Mineral! 
waters neare Knare6borow...AlBO 
a description of the said water... 
Faithfully ooUected for the 
publique good by M. St(anhope). 
W, Jones^ London^ 1632. 4to. 

1171. d. 47. 

— Another copy. 1171. i. 7. 

— Another copy. G. 19191. 

STANLEY (Sir William) 
See Allen (W.) Cardinal. The 
copie of a letter... concerning the 
yeelding up, of the citie of Daven- 
trie, unto his Catholike Majestic, 
by Sir W. S., etc. 1587. 8vo. 

G. 11910. 

— The yeelding of the towne 
of Devon ter, etc. See D., G. A 
briefe discoverie of doctor Aliens 
Seditious drifts, etc. 1588. 4to. 

3932. e. 

A treatise contayning a... descrip- 
tion of Irelande, with an intro- 
duction... oompy led by B. S. The 
thirde book of the historic of Ire- 
land. See HoLiNSHED (R.) The 
firste volume of the chronicles, 
etc. 1577. fol. 598. h. 3, 4. 

1587. fol. 2070. d. 

testants. Translated out of Latin T. Staple ton... Also a dis- 
course of the Translatour uppon 
the doctrine of the Protestants, 
which he trieth by...M. Luther, 
F. Melanchthon, and... J. Calvin. 
(A showe of the Protestants 
Petigrew [i.e. Pedigree], etc.) 
J. Latins, Antwerp, 1565. 4to. 

698. d. 1. 

Fol. Gg is a broadside in folio 
containing a woodoat tu which the 
wordd in parenthebis are the title. 
A portrait of the author is inserted. 

STAPLETON (Thomas) See 
Beda, the Venerable. The History 
o the Church of Englande ... 
Translated out of Latin in to 
English by T. Stapleton. 
1665. 4to. 1123. e. 3. (1.) 

1622. 8vo. 4707. a. 

— See ViBGiLius Maro (P.) 
[^^Sneis."] The first foure bookes 
of Tirgils ^neis, translated into 
English Heroicall verse, by B. 
Stanyhurst, etc. 1583. 8vo. 

1068. m. 25. (1.) 

STAPHYLUS (Fridericqs) 
The Apologie of P. Staphylus... 
Intreating of the true and right 
understanding of holy Scripture. 
Of the translation of the Bible in 
to the vulgar tongue. Of disagre- 
ment in doctrine amonge the pro- 

— See Bridges ( J.) Bishop of 
Oxford. The Supremacie of 
Christian Princes, over all persons 
throughout their dominions ... 
against the Counterblast of T. S., 
etc. 1573. 4to. 1127. g. 2. 

— See Fqlke (W.) Ad T. 
Stapletoni cotroversiarum cavil- 
la tiones & calumnias in sua prin- 
cipiorum doctrinalium demostra- 
tione methodica, contra satisfac- 
tionem ad Rishtoni postulata 
quaadam, lib. 4. cap. 10. et 11. 
adhibitas, G. FulconiB...respon- 
sio. 1579. 8vo. 1019. c. 32. 

T. S. and Martiall (two 

Popish Heretikes) confuted, etc. 
1580. 8vo. 3932. o. 

— See Mason (F.) Yindicias 
EcclesisB AnglicaneB ... Libri V. 
In quibuB Ecclesia Anglicana a 
...Stapletoni ... calumniis ...vindi- 
catur, etc. 1625. fol. 4103. g. 

— 5e6 Rainolds (J.) J.Rainoldi theses de t»acra Scriptura & 
Ecclesia... recognitad & apologia 




contra ... Stapletouum ... auct». 
1602. 8vo. 1020. d. 9. 

1603. 8vo. 1020. e. 8. 

STAPLETON (Thomas) See 
Eainolds (J.) The Summe of the 
Conference betwene J. Rainoldes 
and J. Hart touching the Head 
and Faith of the Church ... whereto 
is annexed a Treatise intitled, 
Six ConclusionB touching the 
Holie Scripture and the Church, 
...with a defense of such thinges 
as T. S. and G. Martin have 
carped at therein. 1584. 4to. 

860. i. 16. 

1598. 4to. 

3935. c. 

1609. 4to. 860. i. 17. 

— See Staphylus (F.) The 
Apologie of F. Staphylus... Trans- 
lated out of Latin... by T. S. 
1565. 4to. 698. d. 1. 

— See Whttaker (W.) Ad- 
versus T. Stapletoni . . . defensionem 
ecclesiastioad authoritatis ... Du- 
plicatio, pro authoritate ... S. 
Scriptures* 1594. fol. 3935. g. 

— — ' Disputatio de Sacra 
Scriptura contra . . . T. Stapletonum, 
etc. 1588. 4to. 3935. cc. 

— — Peccato 
originali ... adverHus ... libros T. 
Stapletoni de universa justifica- 
tionis doctrina, etc. 1600. 8yo. 

860. f. 3. (1.) 

1604. 8yo. 4255. a. 

— A Fortresse of the faith. 
First planted amonge us English- 
men, and continued hitherto in 
the universall Church of Christ. 
The faith of which time Protes- 
tants call, Papistry. J. Lciety 
Antwerp, 1565. 4to. 1123.e.3.(2.) 

With an engraved portrait of the 
author, from a print in the collection 
of Sir J. St Aubyn, inserted. 

— Another copy. G. 19616. (2.) 
Imperfect: wanting the laat leaf. 


See England. — Star-Chamber. 

S TAR E 8 M O R E (Sabine) 
See T., A. A Christian Beprofe 
against Contention. Wherin is 
declared... a just defence of the 
Church, against ... slanders ... 
which S. S. hath layd upon ns, 
etc. 1631. 4to. 701. g. 43. 

STAREEY (Qalfridus) 
See Galfbidqs, Anglicus. 

STATE. The true state of 
the bnsinesse of Glasse of all 
kindes, as it now standeth both 
in the price of glasse and mata- 
riaUs,etc. [Li>ndon,1640?l, fol. 

669."* f. 4. (7.) 

STATHAM (Nicolas) [Abridg- 
ment of cases down to the end of 
Henry VI.] ffi. 31. Per me 
B. Pynsofiy [or rather O. Le Tail- 
leurf Bouenf 1495?]. 4to. 

508. b. 2. 

Withont pagination. Big. for the 
most part in eights. Flreoeded by 
two leaves of index. 

— Another copy. 0. 11. c. 12. 

STAUNPORD (Sir Wiluam) 
one of the Justices of the Court of 
Common Fleas. See Stanford. 


See Stepney. 

STEENWYK A true de- 
claration of the streight siedge 
laide to the citty of Steenwioh, 
and of the skirmishes and bat- 
tailes which happened on both 
sides ;...Togither with the y eel d- 
ing up of the same. Printed first 
in Dutch, and truely translated 
into English, by J. T. J. Wolfe, 
London, 1592. 4to. 9405. a. 

STELL (John) See Nioolat 




(M. de) The Navigations... in to 
Turkie, etc. [Edited by J. S.] 
1585. 4to. 303. d. 11. 

STELL(JoHy) S^ea Eabbotenq 
(I.) pseud. The Beehive of the 
Komish Church, etc. [Edited by 
J. Stell.] 1598. 8vo. 3932. aaa. 

STELLA (Joannes) A Be- 
■wayling of the peace of Ger- 
many. Or a Discourse touching 
the Peace of Prague, no less un- 
happily than unjustly concluded 
at Prague in Bohemia, the 30. of 
May, 1 635. Wherein the subtilties 
and practises of the Austrians, 
the weaknesse of the Saxons, 
the dangers of the Protestants, 
and the justnesse of the Warre 
... set on foot by the French 
and Swedes, are most evidently 
declared. Written in Latine 
by Justus Asterius, otherwise 
Stella, a Germane ... Translated 
out of the Latine Copie. Where- 
nnto is prefixed a brief 'Sum- 
marie of the Treaty of peace 
concluded at Prague. Published 
by Authority. Printed by L L, 
for L JBL, London, 1637. 4to. 

9325. b. 

STELLA (JuLros Caesar) 
J. C. Stellae Nob. Bom. Colum- 
beidos, Libri Priores duo. [In 
verse. Edited by G. Castelve- 
tri.] Apiid J, Wolfium, Londini, 
1585. 4to. 837. g. 14. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

Mus) See Fitz-Stephen (W.) 

STEPHANUS (Hbnbicus) 
See EsTiENNE. 

STEPHEN (Hskbt) 
See EsTiENNB. 

STEPHENS (John) of Lin 
coin's Injk. SeeiS.t J* 

STEPHENS (John) of Lin^ 
coin's Inn, Satyrical essayes, 
characters and others; or accurate 
and quick descriptions, fitted to 
the life of their subjects. N. Okes, 
London, 1615. 8va 12330. a. 36. 

— Essayes and Characters, 
ironicall and instructive. The 
second impression. With a new 
satyre in defence of Common Law 
and Lawyers, etc. E, Allde for 
P, Knight, London, 1615. 8vo. 

722. a. 12. 

— New Essayes and Characters. 
With a new Satyre in defence of 
the Common Law, and Lawyers : 
Mixt with reproofe against their 
enemy Ignoramus. Printed for 
L, Faune, London, 1631. 8vo. 

12331. aaa. 3. 

STEPNEY, Manor of. Begin. 
Hereafter ensueth the Anncient 
... customes, of the severall 
Manners of Stebbunhuth and 
Hackney... newelie and fullie con- 
sidered off, ratified, allowed and 
approved, by...Henrie L. Went- 
worth, Lord of the saide... Man- 
ners... the X. day of November 
. 1587, etc. ». a. [London, 
1610?] 4to. 884. h. 8. (2.) 

Without titlepage or pagination. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1615?] 4to. 884. h. 30. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 

— The Free Customes, Benefits 
and Priviledges of the Copyhold 
Tennants, of the Manners of 
Stepney and Hackny in the 
Countie of Middlesex ... Before 
which is prefixed an Abstract or 
Briefe Eelation of the Assurance 
given by... Thomas Lord Went- 
worth Lord of both the said 
Manners, unto his ... said Ten- 
nants... for the ratifying... of the 
same. Whereunto two Tables 
Alphabeticall are fitted, the one 





containing the names of the said STEVENS (Chakles) 

Copyhold Tenants, now having See Estienne. 
compounded: the other... serveth 

for the ... ready-finding of any STEVENS (Johk) The godly 

note worthy matter herein con- ®^^ *^^ wofull lamentation of 

tained. », 1, MS. Notes. ^^^ J- Stevens, a youth, that was 

W. Jones, London, 1617. 4to. hang'd, drawne and quartered for 

G. 3712. (1.) liigt-treason at Salisbury, upon 

...o . , ,KX Thursday the seventh day of 

— Another copy. 518.1.1.(5.) March last, 1632. [A Ballad.] 

— Another copy. Few MS. ^- ^/ ^P*m«^J[?*^-^''';,^;^'1' 
Notes. 228. o. 11. "^^ London, [1632]. Broadnde foL 

T *V XI, IV . ri I^*- I- 490. 

In this copy the oolophon is fol- 
lowed by ** An Acte for confirmation S T E V I N (Simon) Disme • 
of the Copyhold ebtatefl and Cus- the Art of Tenths, or, Decimali 
tomes of diverse Copyholders, etc., A^*ii,^^4.:i,^ x x j i. a 
Anno . 21. Jacobi Regis." The pagi- Anthmetike ... Invented by ... S. 

nation follows on that of the first otevin. Published in English, 

pt., but there is a separate register, with some additions, by Hubert 

STEPNEY, Manor of. The ^orton. ». I, 5. SJor H. Asdey; 

Liberty of the Manner of Stepney -''«>»^. 1608. 4to. 1393. e. 

in the County of Middlesex, the Without pagination. 

Hamblets and Liberties of the _ The Haven finding Art. or 

same. (The Ex ent of the said the way to find any haven or 

Manner, etc.) [London, 1617 ?1 place at Sea, by the latitude and 

IT. 8h. fol. 228. c. 11. (2.) variation. Lately published in 

STERNHOLD (Thomas) See *^® Dutch, French, and Latine 

Bible. The Bible, etc. (The tongues... translated into English 

whole Booke of Psalmes collected ^^^ ^' Wright]. ImpriiUed by 

into Englishe metre by T. S.... ^' ■^' ^' ^' ««^ ^' ^f Lond^m, 

and others.) 1570, etc. 4to. 1^^^- ^^' 633. £ 27. 

1274. b. 5. STEWARD (Sir James) A 

— [For the editions of the Book lamentable Ballad of a combate... 
of Psalms, translated into Eng- between Sir J. S. and Sir G. 
lish metre by T. S., J. Hopkins Wharton, Knights, who were both 
and others:] see Bible. — Old slain near Waltham [or rather 
Testament. — Psalms. — Metrical ** Islington]. London, [1610?] 
Versions. «. sh. fol. 643. m. 10. (112.) 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Proverbs. Certayne chapters of 
the proverbes of Salomon, drawen 
into metre by T. stemehold, etc. 
[1550?] 8vo. C. 25. a. 29. 

— See Liturgies. — England, 
Church of. — Common Prayer. [The 
Book of Common Prayer. With 
the Psalms translated into Eng- 
lish metre by T. Stemhold and 
J.Hopkins.] [1680?] 16mo. 

3405. a. 

— Another edition. London^ 
[1610?] fol. Box. IL 269. 

STILE (Elizabeth) alias Rock- 
ingham. Arehearsallbothstraung 
and true, of hainous and horrible 
actes committed by E. Stile,... 
Mother Dutten, Mother Deuell, 
Mother Margaret, Fewer notorious 
Witches, apprehended at Winsore 
in the countie of Barks, and at 
Abbington arraigned, condemned, 
and executed, on the 26 daye of 




Febn]arie...l579. V« tl« Im- 
printed for E. White, London^ 
[1579]. 8vo. C. 27. a. 11. 

Withoni pagination. Begister 
A-Bij. Ten leaves. 

STILL (John) Bishop of Bath 
and WeUs. 
See S., JP., Master of Art. 

STOCK (Bichard) [Funeral 
sermon.] iSee Oataksr (T.) Abra- 
hams Decease, etc. 

— See Whitaker (W.) An 
Answere to the ten reasons of 
E. Campian... translated by E. S., 
etc. 1606. 4to. 226. a. 9. 

— The Chnrches Lamentation 
for the losse of the Godly: De- 
livered in a Sermon [on Micah 
vu. 1, 2] at the funerals of... John 
Lord Harington, Baron of Exton. 
Together with a patterne of Piety, 
and the power of godlinesse ex- 
pressed in his life and death, etc. 
J. Beaie, London^ 1614. Svo. 

695. a. 27. 

— Another copy. G. 20011. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1614?] Svo. 1418. i. 11. 

Titlepage mutilated. 

— A Sermon [on Isai. ix. 14- 
16] preached at Paules Crosse, 
the second of November . 1606. 
Printed by T. C. for E. Weaver and 
W. Welhy, London, 1609. 12mo. 

4474. a. 34. 

8TOCKER (Thomas) See 
Calvin (J.) An excellent trea- 
tise of the Immortalytie of the 
Boule ... Englished ... by T. S. 
1581. 12mo. 1360. a. 25. 

Two and twenty Sermons 

of... J. Calvin... Translated ont of T. S. 1580. Svo. 

3089. c. 

VOL. Ill, 

STOCKER (Thomas) See 
DiODORUs, Siculus. A righte noble 
...History of the Snccessors of 
Alexander . . . Translated . . . by T. S. 
1569. 4to. 9025. cc. 

— See Liturgies. — Bome, Church 
of. — Missals. The Cauteles, Canon, 
and ceremonies, of the... Popish 
Masse ... With certaine annota- 
tions... set forth by... P. Viret, 
and translated ... by Tho(ma8) 
Sto(cker), Gent. 1584. Svo. 

C. 37. b. 18. 

— See Thbophile, D.L. A 
Tragicall Historic of the.. .Civile 
warres of the lowe Conn tries... 
Translated by T. S(tocker). 
1583. Svo. G. 15080. 

STOCKLEY (Hamlet) 
Arraignment and Execution. See 
Sudlow (E.) The Arraignment, 

BkzE (T. de) A shorte . . . Treatize 
of the Plague. . .newly turned into 
English, by J. S. 1580. Svo. 

4404. cc. (3.) 

The Treasure of Trueth 

...newlie turned into English by 
J. S., etc. [1576.] Svo. 4256. a. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Minor Prophets. A fruitfull 
Commentarie upon the twelve 
Small Prophets ... turned into 
English by J. S. 1594. 4to. 

1017. 1. 7. 

— See Brentz (J.) A Bight 
Godly... discourse upon the booke 
of Ester, ... turned into English J. S., etc. 1584. Svo. 

3166. aa. 

— See BuLLiNGER (H.) Com- 
mon places of Christian Beligion. 
... Translated... by J. S. 1572. Svo. 

696. a. 14. (1.) 




Bartholmew Fairing for Parentes, 
to bestow upon their sonnes and 
daughters . . . shewing that children 
are not to marie, without the 
consent of their parentes, in 
whose power and choise it Ueth 
to prouide wiues and husbandes 
for their sonnes and daughters, 
etc. lohnWdlfe, London,! oS9. 8vo. 

C. 40. a. 16. 

— Disputatiuncularum gram- 
maticalium libellus, ad puerorum 
ill scholis trivialibus exacuenda 
ingenia primbm excogitatus : jam 
ver6 denu6 revisus ... Editio 
quarta: tribus prioribus casti- 
gatior, multoi^ locupletatior. 
Typia Joannis Batterahie, Londim, 
1619. 8vo. 827. a. 27. 

— A plaine and easie laying 
open of the meaning ... of the 
rules of construction in the Eng- 
lish Accidence appointed by 
authority to be taught in all 
Schooles of hir Majesties do- 
minions, etc. 90* S* The Assignes 
o/F. Flower, London, 1590. 4to. 

828. f. 7. (2.) 

Last leaf mutilated. 

— A Sermon [on Acts x. 1-8] 
preached at Faules Crosse ..., that it is 
the part of all those that are 
fathers, householders, and schole- 
maisters, to instruct all those 
under their govemement, etc. 
90 X. H, Bynneman for O, By- 
shop, London, [1578], 8vo. 

114. a. 40. 

— A Short Catechisme for 
House Houlders. With prayers 
to the same adjoyning [by E. 
Bering, B.D.]. Heerunto are 
added under the aunswer unto 
everie question, the prooves of 
the Scripture, for everie poynt of 
the sayd Catechisme. Gathered 

by J. S., etc. 90* l. J. Charle- 
wood, London, 1582. 8vo. 

3504. aaa. 12. 

Without pagination. 
Newlie corrected 

and abridged. 90* Z* J. Ckarle- 
wood, London, 1583. 8yo. 

3505. o. 49. (5.) 

very fruitfull and neoessarye 
sermon [on Luke xa, 41-44] 
of the moste lamentable destruo- 
tion of Jerusalem, and the heavy 
judgementes of God, executed 
uppon that people, etc. 90. %• 
T. Dawson, London, 1584. 8vo. 

3932. a. 

Twenty-one leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Cropped. 

— Another copy. 114. a. 41. 


— A verie godlie and profitable 
sermon [on Deut. xvi. 18] of the 
necessitie, properties, and office 
of a good Magistrate, etc. 90. 9.. 
Printed hy L C. for T. Butter, 
London, 1584. 8vo. 114. a. 42. 

Twenty-three leaves, without 

STOIC& The moral phno- 
sophy of the Stoicks. Written in 
French [by G. du Vair], and 
englished ... by T. J(ame8). 
F. Kingston for T, Man, London^ 
1598. 16mo. 8405. a. 

— Another copy. 8407. a. (1.) 

STOKESLET (John) Bishop 
of London. A Letter written 
by E. Tunstall, late Bishop of 
Buresme, and J. Stokesley, some- 
time Bishop of London.. .to R. 
Pole Cardinall. See O., B., Ciiixen 
of London. A Newyeares Gifte, 
etc. 1579. 4to. 8932. e. 

— See Tunstall (C.) sncoes- 




sively BMop of London and of 
Z>tfrAam,and Stokeslbt (J.) BUihop 
of London. A letter written by 
0. Tnn8tall...and J. Stokesley... 
unto E. Pole, Cardinall, etc. 
1560. 8vo. G. 11709. 

STONE (William) A cnrse 
become a blessing : or, a Sermon 
[on Pb. cxvi. 16] preached in the 
parish church of S. John the 
Baptist, in the He of Thannet,... 
at the fnnerall of ...P. Cleybrooke 
flsquire, September 17. 1622. 
«r. Haoiiand for W, Sheffard, Lon- 
don, 1623. 4to. 1416. b. 18. 

Much mutilated. 

S TO N £ HAM (Matthew) 
Two Sermons [on Ezra vii. 26 
and 2 Chron. xix. 6, 6] of direc- 
tion for judges and magistrates, 
etc. B. Field, London, 160S. 12mo. 

4474. aa. 67. 

3,D,, Pr, PI, A true and certaine 
Relation of a Strange-Birth, 
-which was borne at Stone-house 
in the Parish of Plimmouth, etc. 
1635. 4to. 1168. d. 10. 

STOOLE (George) A lament- 
able new Ditty made upon the 
death of a worthy gentleman 
named O. Steele, dwelling some- 
time on Qate-side Moore, and 
sometime at New-Castle in Kor- 
ihumberland, with his penitent 
end [in 1610]. V. X. 2 pts. 
Prtfiieli for H. Oosion, London, 
[1620?] BroadndeM. Eox.I.186. 

Practitioner in Physic. A rich 
Store-house, or Treasury for the 
Diseased, etc. 1596. 4to. 

1038. k. 34. (3.) 

1607. 4to. 1038. k. 34. (5.) 

1631. 4to. 1038. g 14.(1.) 

house of Physicall and Philoeo- 
phicall Secrets. Teaching to 
distill all manner of Oyles from 
Gummes and Spices, Seedes, 
Bootes, Hearbs and Mineralls &o, 
with their severall virtues. 2 pts. 
r. Harper, London, 1633. 4to. 

1039. g. 4. (2.) 

— Another copy. 646. f. 6. (3.) 

Interleaved. Imperfeot; wanting 
pp. 11, 12, and 33, 34. 

STORER (Thomas) The Life 
and Death of Thomas Wolsey 
Cardinall. Divided into three 

parts : His 

( Aspiring, 
is < Triumph, 
( Death. 


1612. 4to. 

236. k. 31. 

[In verse.] T. Dawson, London, 
1699. 4to. 1070. 1. 3. (3.) 

Without pagination. Register 
A-E. Big. E4 is entirely blank. 

— Another copy. G. 11250. 


STORY (John) A copie of a 
letter lately sent by a gentleman, 
student in the lawes of the realme, 
to a frende of his concemyng D. 
Story. W. 31. [London, 1571.] 16mo. 

C. 27. a. 34. 

Without pagination. Big. A-O. 

Choice sermons preached upon 
several occasions, viz. 1. The 
Happinesse of Peace: before K. 
James at... Cambridge. 2. The 
Love-sicke Spouse: at S. Paul's 
Crosse. 3. The Burning Light: 
at a Visitation in Christ's Church, 
London. 4. The Magistrate* 
Commission, or Wisdome justi- 
fied : before the Judges. 5. The 
Preacher's dignity and duty: in 
five sermons 2 Cor. v. 20, preached 
in Cambridge. 6. Christ crucified, 
the Tree of Life : In sixe Sermons, 




ou 1 Cor. II. 2 preached in Cam- 
bridge. [Published by A. B.] 
4 pts. Printed for J, BeUamie, 
etc,, London, 1640. 4to. 

1026. e. 16. (1.) 

Each pi has a difltlnot titlepage 
and pagination. 

XIII. Sermons preached in the 
Church of Aldermanbury, London. 
Viz. 1. The form of wholsome 
words... In three sermons on 2 
Tim. 1. 13. 2. The righteous 
mans plea to true happinesi^e. In 
10 sermons on Psal. 4. 6. To 
which is added an exact ... dis- 
course... concerning the definition 
and distribution of divinity : and 
the happinesse of man. 4 pts. 
J. Baworth, for J. Bellamy, etc., 
London, 1640. 4to. 4452. o. 

Each pt. is separately paged, and 
pts. 1-8 have separate titlepages. 

— Seaven Sermons preached 
upon seYerall occacions. Viz. 1. 
The Christian's prayer for the 
Churches peace,... on Psal. cxxii. 6. 
— 2. One sermon on 1 Sam. ii. 30. 

3. Baruchs sore gently opened; 
God's salve skilfully apply ed. In 
two Sermons on tferemy xlv. 6. 

4. The Araignement of Coveteous- 
nesse. In three sermons on Luke 
xii. 16. [Published by A. B.] 
3 pts. Printed by J. D. for 
J. BeUamie, and B, Smith, London, 
1640. 4to. 1026. e. 16. (2.) 

Each pi has a distinct titlepage 
and pagination. 

The Dignitie of God's Children. 
Or an exposition of i John ui. 
1, 2, 3. plentifully shewing the 
comfortable, ... and most blessed 
state of all Gods children, and 
also... the base,... condition of all 
other that are not the children of 
God. r. Havetand, for T. Man 
the yonger, London, 1610. 8vo. 

3227. aa. 

generall treatise against poperie ; 
and in defence of the religion 
by publike authoritie professed 
in England and other Churohes 
reformed, etc. (An addition 
of certain dainties of poperie, 
etc.) J. Legai, printer to the Uni- 
vernty of Cambridge, 1698. Bvo. 

3932. b. 

An Assertion for true and Chris* 
tian Church-Policie ; wherein 
certaine politike objections 
against the planting of Pastoura 
and Elders in every Congregation^ 
are ... aunswered ; and wherein 
also sundrie projectes are set 
downe, how the discipline by 
Pastors Ss Elders may be planted, 
etc. [London,"] 1604. 8vo. 

224. a. 41. 


STOW (John) See CHAacsR 
G.) [Works.] The woorkes of 
effrey Chaucer, newly printed, 
with divers addicions, whiche 
were never in printe before, etc 
[Edited by J. Stow.] 1661. fol. 

G. 11626. 

— [For the edition of the 
•* Breviat Chronicle " printed in 
1661, which has been erroneously 
attributed to J. Stow:] see Eng- 
land, Kings of 

— The chronicles of England, 
from the jeare 1676 to 1686, by 
J. S. and others. See Hounshed 
(E.) The first and second 
volumes of chronicles, eta YoL 3. 
1687. fol. 674. 1. 7. 

— See NoRDEN (J.) Speonli 
Britannias Pars. The desoiiption 
of Hartfordshire. MS. Notes 
[by J. Stow]. 1698. 4to. 

C. 28. g. 6. 

— See S., J. 




STOW (John) A sammarie 
of Englyshe Chronicles, conteyn- 
yng the tme accompt of yeres, 
'wherein every kyng of this 
Healme ... began theyr reigne, 
howe long they reigned : and 
"what notable thynges hath bene 
doone dnrynge theyr Eeygnes. 
Wyth also the names and yeares 
of all the Bylyffes, custos, maiors 
and sheriffes of the Citie of Lon- 
don sens the Conqneste, dyli- 
gentely Collected by J. Stow, etc. 
il. tl« In mdibus T. Marshi, [Lon- 
don,] 1665. 8vo. 9510. a. 

Continued til this 

present moneth of November in 
the yeare... 1567. (Of the Univer- 
sityes in Englande, etc.) 90* 3l» 
T. Marshe, London, [1567]. 16mo. 

570. a. 8. 

Continued unto... 

1573. v. %. T. Marshe, London, 
1573. 16mo. 808. a. 2. 

— Another copy. 570. a. 9. 

Imperfect; wanting sig. 0-Dd 
and the last two leaves. 

Unto this present 

yeare ... 1675 ... Corrected, etc. 
»• Z. B. OoUle and H. Bin- 
neman, London, [1575]. 8vo. 

9510. a. 

Continued unto... 

1604. V* %« J, Ramon, London, 
1604. 16mo. G. 5897. 

— Another copy. 808. a. 4. 
Imperfeot; wanting all after p. 458. 

STOW (John) The Abridge- 
ment or Summarie of the English 
Chronicle, first collected by... J. 
Stow, and after him augmented 
with sundry memorable Antiqui- 
ties, and continued with maters 
forrein and domesticall, unto this 
present yeare 1607. By E. 
H(owe8). ». a* Printed for the 
companie of Stacioners, London, 
[1607]. 8vo. G. 5898. 

— ^ ' — Augmented... and 

continued . . . unto the end of 1 6 1 0. 
ByE.HTowes). »♦ Jl. Imprinted 
for the Company of Stationers, Lon- 
don, 1611. 8vo. 598. a. 7. 

— Another copy. 292. d. 19. 

Titlepage mutilated. At p. 510 
of this copy is a quotation from 
Matthew Paris, which is not found 
in the preceding. 

Con tinned . . . unto 

Continued unto... 

1587. »•«. MS. Notes. B.New- 
herie and H, Denham, London, 
[1587]. 16mo. 808. a. 13. 

— Another copy. 808. a. 3. 

Without the Appendix containing 
the account of the UniYersities, etc. 

Unto... 1590. ».a, 

£. Newbery, London, 1590. 8vo. 

9505. aaa. 

Continued unto... 

1598. ». a. B. Bradoeke, Lon- 
don, 1598. 16mo. 570. a. 10. 

the beginning of... 1618. 13^ il. 
Imprinted for the Company of Sta- 
tioners, London, 1618. 8vo. 

G. 5899. 


— The chronicles of England, 
from Brute unto this present 
yeare of Christ, 1580. Collected 
by J. Stow Citizen of London. 
90. S* B, Newherie at the assigne- 
ment of H. Bynneman, London, 
[1580]. 4to. 807. c. 30. 

This is apparently the first edition 
of the *' Chronicles" in the complete 
form, to which the ** Summary" 
published in 1565 had formed a 

— The Annales of England, 
faithfully collected out of the 
most autenticall Authors, Eecords, 
and other Monuments of Anti- 




quitie, from the first inhabitation 
untill...l592. V«tl. B.Newhery, 
London, 1592. 4to. O. 5971. 

Encreased and con- 

tinued... untill this present yeare 
1605. ». a* Few MS. Notes. 
London, 1605. 4to. 291. f. 27. 

Cropped in the binding. Title- 
page and last leaf veiy slightly 

STOW TJohn) The Annales, 
or General! Chronicle of Eng- 
land, begun... by maister J. Stow, 
and after him continued ... unto 
the ende of this present yeere 
1614, by E. Howes. (An Ap- 
pendix, or Corollary of the 
Foundations and Discriptions of 
the three most famous Univer- 
sities of Englande, viz. Cam- 
bridge, Oxford, and London ; the 
matters whereof concerning the 
former two... were gathered by 
... J. Stow ... and continued by 
E. Howes... The thirde was col- 
lected and written by Syr G. Buck. 
— The Third XJniversitie of Eng- 
land, etc.) id* I. Copious MS. 
Notes, t. Dawson for T. AdamSy 
London, 1615. fol. 2070. d. 

— Another copy. G. 6058. 

Con tinned... unto 

the end of... 1631. (An Appen- 
dix, etc.) 90. !♦ Printed hy 
If. M. for B,, Meighen, London, 
1631-32. fol. C. 21. e. 11. 

— Another copy. 194. d. 2. 

— Another copy. G. 6029. 

— A survay of London, con- 
tayning the originall, antiquity 
& increase, modeme estate, and 
description of that citie ... also 
an apologie (or defence) against 
the opinion of some men, con- 
cerning the citie, the greatnesse 
there of ... With an appendix, 

containing in Latine, 'Libellom 
de situ & nobilitate Londini, by 
W. Fitzstephen, in the Baigne 
of Henry the Second. V* 9.. 
J. Wolfe, London, 1598. 4to. 

578. b. 1. 

— Another copy. 291. e. 16. 

— Another copy. Q. 6972. 

In this oopy a table of **Fai]ltee 
escaped" is printed on the verao 
of the last leaf. On the Terso of 
the titlepage is printed *' Elizabeth 
Btow," and the initials •* E. B." are 
impressed on each cover. 

STOW (John) A Survay of 
London,... written in 1598 by J. 
Stow... Since by the same author 
increased, with divers ...notes of 
antiquity, and published in 1603. 
Also an apologie (or defence) 
against the opinion of some men, 
concerning that Citie, the great- 
nesse thereof. With an appendix, 
containing in Latine Libellum de 
Situ & nobilitate Londini, written 
by W. Fitzstephen, in the Eaigne 
of Henry the Second. 19» Z. 
J. Windet, London, 1603. 4to. 

578. b. 2. 

— The Survay of London ... 
Citie. As also, the Eule and 
Government thereof ...from time 
to time. With a briefe Rela- 
tion of all the memorable Monu- 
ments, and other especiall Obser- 
vations, both in and about the 
same Citie. Written in the yeere 
1598. by J. Stow... Since then, 
continued, corrected and much 
enlarged [by A. M., •.& A. Mun- 
day], etc. 93* Z* O. Furshwe, 
London, 1618. 4to. 980. f. 5. 

— Another oopy. G. 5973. 

— The Survey of London ... 
With a Memoriall of th(>.ve 
famouser Acts of Charity, which 
for publicke and pious uses have 




beene bestowed by many ... Citizens 
and benefiskctOTs. As also all the 
Ancient and Modeme Monuments 
erected in the Churches, not only 
of ... London and Westminster, 
but (now newly added) foure 
miles oompasse. Begunne first by 
.. . J. S. . . . inlarged by . . . A[nthony] 
M[unday] . . . and now . . . finished by 
A. M[unday?], Hfenry] D[yson], 
and others, etc. [JSdited by C. J.] 
E, PwrOaw, London, 1633. fol. 

576. m. 14. 

— Another copy. 579. k. 23. 

STOW (John) A recital of 
Stows collection concerning the 
rise, profitableness, and con- 
tinuance of the Court of re- 
quests, or Court of conscience, 
in the city of London : together 
with the act of parliament of 
3 Jacobi regis, for establishing 
and confirmation of the same. 
ILondon, 1640?] a, sh. fol. 

816. m. 15. (1.) 

STRACHEY (William) A 
true Repertory of the wracke and 
Redemption of Sir T. Gates upon, 
and from the Hands of the Ber- 
mudas. See PaRCHAS (S.) Pur- 
ohas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 4. 
1625. fol. 213. d. 5. 

— See S., W. 

— See ViBGiNiA. For the 
Colony in Virginea Britannia. 
Lawes Divine, Morall, and Mar- 
tiall. [Edited by W. Strachey.] 
1612. 4to. C. 33. c. 30. 

STRADA (Famianijs) F.Stra- 
d» Bomani...Prolusiones Acade- 
miccB juxta exemplar Authoris 
reoognitaa, etc. 0, Turner, Oxonim, 
1631. 8yo. 1089. a. 13. 

Bcart. See Lipsius (J.) A Direc- 

tion for Travailers taken [by Sir 
J. S.] out of [the " Epistola de 
Peregrinatione Italica," of] J. 
Lipsius, etc. 1592. 4to. 

10024. aa. 5. 

BarL iSfee Lipsius (J.) Twobookes 
of Constancie... Englished by J. S. 
1595. 4to. 8406. bb. 

— Beati Pacifici : A divine 
poem, etc. [With portrait of King 
James I. engraved byE.Vaughan.] 
Imprinted for the Gompany of 
Stationers, London, 1623. 4to. 

11626. e. 54. 

— Divine Poemes. In seven 
severall Classes, etc. W. Stanshy, 
London, 1625. 4to. 1077. d. 20. 

— J. Stradlingi epigrammatum 
libri quatuor. Impensia O. Bishop 
A L Norton, Londini, 1607. 8vo. 

1213. d. 3. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 17398. 

psend.? [i,e. W. XJdall?] The 
Historic of the Life and Death Of 
Mary Stuart Queene of Scotland. 
[The Dedication signed: " Wil. 
Stranguage."] J, Haviland for 
B. Whitaker, London, 1624. fol. 

186. b. 4. 

With a portrait A 12mo edition 
of this work, in which the same 
dedication is signed : *• W. Udall," 
was printed in 1636. 

— Another copy. G. 1680. 

The Lamentation of G. S., who for 
consenting to the death of Master 
Page of Plimmouth, suffered 
death at Barstable. See Page (U.) 
JIf*. The Lamentation of Master 
Page's Wife of Plimmouth, etc. 
[1640?] fol. Eox. L182. 




STRASBURQ. — PreocW*. 

[A treatise deolaryng t shewig 
dyvers causes t^ake out of the holy 
scriptur, of the senteces of holy 
faders ... that pyctnres t other 
ymages which were wont to be 
worshipped, as i no wise to be 
sufifred in the temples or churches 
of Christen men... The authours 
of this litle treatise ar the ope 
preachers of Argteyne.] [Trans- 
lated from the Latin.] ]$• 31* 
Printed for W, Marshall, [LoTidon, 
1536]. 8vo. C. 37. a. 28. (3.) 

Imperfect ; wftnting titlepage. 

— Another edition. V* %• 
Printed for W. Marshall, [London, 
1537 ?] 8vo. C. 37. a. 29. 

The last leaf ifl mutilated. 

STRATFORD (Francis) 
See Prideaux (J.) The case of 
J. Prideaux, Esq; upon his peti- 
tion against F. Stratford Esq; 
the sitting member for... Newport. 
[16- - ?] fol. 816. m. 4. (66.) 

STRAW (Jack) The Life and 
Death of Jacke Straw^ a notable 
rebell in England : who was kild 
in Smithfield by the Lord Maior of 
London [in four acts and in verse]. 
J, Banter, London, 1593. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 46. 

Without pagination. 

See Bible. — Old Testament. — 
Psalms. Portions. A Proceeding 
in the Harmonic of King Davids 
Harpe ... An Exposition ... of 13. 
F8almes...from the 22. unto the 
36. Psalme ... by V. S., etc. 
[1591 ?] etc. 4to. 3089. d. 

Part of the Harmony of 

King Davids Harp. Conteining 
the first XX J Psalmes ... Ex- 
pounded by... V S., etc. 1682. 4to. 

3089. bbb. 

STRODE ( ) Lady. 

[Funeral Sermon,'] See Barlow 
(J.) The True Guide to Glory, 

STRODE (George) The 
Anatomic of Mortalitie : devided 
into . . . eight heads . . . The oertaintie 
of death, The meditation of 
death, etc. W. Jones, London, 
1618. 4to. 4411. g- 

— Another copy. 4402. n. 

Second edition. 

somewhat enlarged by the author. 
W. Jones, London, 1632. 4to. 

875. g. 12. 

STROP (Walter) See Ephe« 
MERiDES. Strof . . . A new Almanacke 
...By W. S. 

STRUTHER (William) See 
Scotland, CJnirch of. — Ministers. 
The grievances given in by the 
Ministers... Master W. Struthera 
letter to the Earle of Airth. 
1635. 8vo. 1369. a. 65. 

— Christian observations and 
resolutions. Or, the day lie prac- 
tise of the renewed man, etc. 
I.(-II.) Centurie. 2 pte. Heires 
of Andro Hart, EdinburgK 
1628, 29. 8vo. 4400. i. 14. 

— True happines, or, Eang 
Davids choice. Begunne in ser- 
mons, and now digested into a 
treatise. J. Wood, Edinhwrgh, 
1633. 4to. 4454. df. 6. 

STUART, House of. [Atrewe 
Description of the nobill Eaoe of 
the Stewards, etc.,... Containing 
the title and ten heads of the 
Scottish Sovereigns from Bobert 
II. to James VI. and his Queen 
Anne. By A. Hart.] Ad the ex- 
pensis of Andro Hart BuiksdUr in 
Edinhrugh, Amsterdam, 1603. fi4. 

600. k. 4. (5.) 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 




STUART (Frances) Duche88 
of BMhrnond and Lennox. See 
Dabctr (A.) Franoes Bachesse 
Dowager of Eichmond and Le- 
nox, ... her Fnnerall Teares. Or 
Liarines Funebres de...Francoifie 
Dncheflse Dowagere de Eichmond 
...pour la 8on...E8poux, 
etc. Fr.andEng. [1624.] 8vo. 

1077. d. 19. (1, 2.) 

STUART (James) Earl of 
Moray, Begent of Scotland. See 
James YI., King of ScoUandy etc. 
The Eingis Complaint. [A 
Ballad on the mnrder of the 
Kegent Moray.] [1570.] Broad- 
side fol. Eox. III. 3. 

— The Admonitionn to the 
liordis. [A Ballad on the murder 
of the Eegent Moray.] 90. %« 
Bobert Lehpreaih, Edinburgh^ 
1570. 8.8h. fol. Eox. III. 5. 

— The Complaint of Scotland. 
[A Ballad on the Murder of the 
Kegent Moray.] 90. S. [Edin- 
burghy 1570 ?] Broadside fol. 

Eox. II. 49. 

STUART (Lodovick) Duke of 
Bichmond and Lennox. Deaih and 
Funeral. See Cleland (J.) A 
Monument of Mortalitie, etc. 

— [Deaik.] See Darcie (A.) 
Frances Dachesse Dowager of 
Bichmond ...her Funerall Teares, 

— Obilue. See PiLOVius (C.) 
Epicedium, etc. 

— Deaik. See Tailboys (S.) 
A new... elegy, etc. 

STUBBE ( ) Fellow of 
Trinity College^ Cambridge. Fraus 
honcBta, comoedia [in five acts 
and in proee], etc. Tyj^ August. 

Maih.y impensia Bichardi Thrale, 
Londini, 1632. 12mo. 636. c. 34. 

— Another copy. 1 1 7 1 2. b. 

STUBBE (Peter) A true 
discourse. Declaring thedamnable 
life and death of one Stubbe 
Peeter, a most wicked sorcerer... 
Trulye translated out of the high 
Duch, according to the copie 
printed in Collin. 90. S. Printed 
forE. Venge.London, [1590], 12mo. 

C. 27. a. 9. 

With a folding plate. 

STUBBE S (Philip) The 
Anatomic of Abuses : Containing, 
A DiseoYerie, or Briefe Summarie 
of such Notable Vices and Imper- 
fections, as now raigne in many 
Countreyes of the World: but 
(especiallye) in a famous Ilande 
called Ailgna... Together, with... 
Examples of Gods Judgements... 
Made Dialogue-wise, etc. 15* £« 
B. Jones, London, 16. August, 
1583. 8vo. 697. a. 34. 

— Another copy. G. 10369. 

Now... augmented 

the third time, etc. 90. E. 
B. Jones, London, 1585. 8yo. 

697. a. 35. (1.) 

Now the fourth 

time, newly corrected and in- 
larged, etc. V. 3L. B. Jones, 
London, 1595. 4to. C. 25. c. 12. 

— The Second part of the 
Anatomic of Abuses, conteining 
The display of Corruptions, etc. 
Few MS. Notes. Printed by 
JR. Ward for W. Wright, London, 
1583. 8vo. 697. a. 35. 

— Another copy. G. 10370. 

The titlepage of thiB copy differs 
Tery slightly from that of the pre- 
ceding. Imperfect; wanting sig. 
As-s, including the dedicatory 
epistle and other prefatory matter. 




STUB BE S (Philip) [A 
crystal glass for Christian Women, 
etc.] £•%« [B.Jhona; London^ 
1692.] 4to. 1417. h. 6. 

Without pagination. Big. AjM)3. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

— A christall glasse for Chris- 
tian Women. Containing a ... 
discourse of the... life &... death 
of Mistresse K. Stubl)es...With 
a ... confession of the Christian 
faith which she made, etc. V* Z* 
Printed for E. White, London, 
1606. 4to. 4902. b. 22. 

Without pagination. Cropped in 
the binding. 

— Another edition. V^ 3l« 
Printed for J. Wright, London, 
1629. 4to. 4902. c. 6. 

— Another edition. )d« Z* 
Printed for J, Wright, London, 
1633. 4to. 4902. c. 2. 

— A perfect Pathway to Fe- 
licitie, conteining godly Medita- 
tions, and praiers, fit for all times, 
and necessarie to be practized 
of all good Christians. 90* %. 
R, Yardly for H, Loumea, London, 
1592. 16mo. 1121. b. 42. 

Without pagination. Big. A-Ps. 
Imperfect: wanting fs, which is 
supplied in MS. from the edition of 
1610; wanting also Di, Ds, E and 
F, and Pi. 

STUBBS (John) See Eliza- 
beth, Queen of migland. The 
Discoverie of a Gaping Gulf 
whereinto England is like to be 
swallowed by another French 
mariage, if the Lord forbid not 
the banes, by letting her Majestic 
see the sin and pnnishment there- 
of. [By J. S.] 1679. 8vo. 

G. 6929. 

— See Fabker (M.) Archbishop 
of Canterbury. The life off the 70. 
Archbishopp of Canterbury pre- 

sentlye Sittinge, etc [Trans- 
lated from the Latin original of 
J. Josseline? entitled: "Histo- 
toriola," etc., by a Puritan writer 
probably J. S.l 1574. 8vo. 

G. 11985. 

STUCELET {Sir Lewis) 
To the kings most excellent 
maiestie, The humble Petitioii 
and information of sir L. Stucley 
knight, vice admirall of Denon, 
touching his owne behaaiour in 
the... bringing up Sir Walter Ea- 
leigh, and the scandalous asper- 
sions cast upon him for the same. 
B, Norton and J, Bill, London^ 
1618. 4to. 1093. b. 77. 

STUDLBY (John) See Bale 
(J.) J5wAap of 088ory. The Pa- 
geant of ropes, contayninge the 
lyves of all the Bishops of Borne. 
...Written in Latin bv Maister 
Bale and now Englished with 
sondryeadditionsby J(ohn) S(tud- 
ley). 1574. 4to. C. 37. d. 3. 

— See Seneca (L. A.) [IVa- 
goBdim.] Seneca his tenne trage- 
dies, translated into Englysh [by 
J.Heywood, J. S.,etc.]. 1581. 4to. 

237. f. 4. 

[ TragcsdisB. — Agamemnon.'] 

The Egypt Tragedie of Seneca, 
Entituled Agamemnon. Trans- 
lated out of Latin into English, 
by J. S. 1566. 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 9. (4.) 

[TrcigcBdiee, — Medea.^ The 

seventh Tragedie of Seneca, en- 
tituled Medea, translated out of 
Latin into English by J. Studley. 
1666. 8vo. C. 34. a. 9. (3.) 

STUDLEY (Peteb) The 
lookin g-gl asse of Schisme : where- 
in bv a briefe and true narration 
of the... murders done by Enoch 
ap Evan, a... nonconformist, on 
the bodies of his mother and 




brother, with the canse moving 
him thereunto ; the disobedience 
of that sect, against Boyall Ma- 
jesty, and the lawes of our Ghnrch 
is.. .set forth. The second edi- 
tion enlarged... Together with an 
answer to certaine criminations 
[of B. More,] against this historie. 
2 pts. Printed hy B. B. for 
T. Jlehome, London^ 1635. 12mo. 

1120. a. 3. 

The ** Angwer, etc.," has ft sepa- 
rate pagination and a special title- 
page, reading: **A refutation of 
sn^ calumnies as the... malice of 
Bchismaticall fellowes hath scattered 
abroad to deprave the credit. . .of this 
historic." Each pi is separately 

STUD LET (Thomas) The 
Proceedings of the Englisn Colo- 
nic in Virginia, taken faithfully 
out of the Writings of T. Stndley, 
etc. See Pubcuas (S.) Pnrchas 
hiBPi]grimes,etc. Pt.4. 1625. fol. 

213. d. 5. 

— The Proceedings of the Eng- 
lish Colonic in Virginia . . . from . . . 
1606, till... 1612... taken faith- 
fully... out of the writings of T. 
Studley, etc. See Smith (J.) 
Oovemor of Virginia. A Map of 
Virginia, etc. 1612. 4to. C. 33.0.18. 

STITEELET (Thomas) The 
Famous Historye [in verse] of 
the life and death of Captaiue 
T. it hath heen Acted. 
». X. [Ijondan,] 1605. 4to. 

C. 21. c. 35. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. h. 47. 

— Newe Newes contayning a 
shorte rehersall of the late enter- 
prise of certaine fugytive Ee- 
belles ; fyrst pretended by Cap- 
taine Stukeley, and si thence con- 
tinued, and put in practise, by 
Mao Morice his Lieutenant upon 
the Countrey of Ireland, in the 

monthe of July last... Translated 
out of Dutch into English, etc. 
1$* Z* Imprinted hy L (7., ILon- 
dan f] 1579. 8vo. G. 5487. 

Without pagination. 

STURMIUS (Joannes) Slei- 
danus. See Fboissart (J.) An 
epitome of Frossard. Compiled J. S. and translated by P. 
Golding. 1608. 4to. 596. c. 3. 

— The Epistle that J. Stur- 
mius...sent to the Cardynalles 
and prelates, that were ... ap- 
pointed by the Bysshop of Eome, 
to serche out the abuses of the 
churche. Translated into eng- 
lysshe by B. Morynine. 90. £. 
In sedUme T. BerAeteti, Londini, 
1538. 8vo. 1019. b. 3. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— A ritch Storehouse or Trea- 
surie for Nobilitye and Gentle- 
men, which in Latine is called 
Nobilitas literata, written by... 
J. Sturmius, and translated into 
English by T. B[rowne] Gent. 
V. Z* H. Denham^ London, 
1570. 8vo. G. 10334. 

EovENZON (J.) A treatise of Me- 
tallica. But not that which was 
published by M' S. S., upon his 
patent, etc. 1613. 4to. 727. c. 13. 

— Metallica. Or the treatise 
of Metallica. Briefly compre- 
hending the Doctrine of diverse 
new Metallicall inventions, but 
especially how to neale ... and 
worke all kinde of mettle-cares... 
Also a transcript of his Majesties 
letters pattents of priviledge, 
granted unto S. Sturtevant for 
the said Metallicall businesses, 
etc. O. Eld, London, 1612. 4to. 

726. i. 28. 

— Another copy. B. 394. (1.) 
STYLE (Thomas) Nuptiae. 




See GoTTEBEAU (T.) In solennes 
nobilifisimi domini, eto. 

STYLE (William) See Dil- 
HERB (J. M.) Contemplations, 
Sighes, and Groanes of a Chris- 
tian... Englished by W. S., etc. 
1640. 12mo. 4410. f. 

STYWARD (Thomas) The 
Pathwaie to Martiall Discipline, 
devided into two Bookes, verie 
iiecessarie for young Souldiers, 
eto. W, a. T. E. for M. Jen- 
y[ng$]^ Londoriy [1581]. 4to. 

G. 2328. 

Part of the titlepage is effaced. 

— Another edition. 90. Z* 
T, East for M, Jenyngs, London, 
1585. 4to. G. 2329. 

SUAREZ (Fbanciscus) See 
Abbot (R.) Bishop of Salisbury. 
De suprema potestate regia, contra 
E. Bellarminum & F. Suarez. 
1619. 4to. 860. i. 22. (1.) 

— See DoMiNis (M. A. de) suc- 
cessively Bishop of Segni, etc. 
De Bepublica Ecclesiastica Libri 
X., etc. (Pars secunda...Additur 
Responsio ad magnam partem De- 
fensionisfideiF.S.) 1617, etc. fol. 

477. e. 7. 

SUCKLING (Str John) The 
Discontented Colonell. [A Tragedy 
in five acta and in verse.] Printed 
by E. O.for F. EagUs-fieid, London^ 
[1640?] 4to. C. 34. e. 30. 

Without pagination. 

SXTDBURYi Paul, Viscount. 
See Batning. 

S XJ D L O W (Edwabd) The 
arraignment and ezecuti[on] of 
E. Sudlow, H. Stockley, R Lester, 
J. Sutton, and one Howlton, 
Gentlemen, who were executed 
at West Chester, the three and 
twenty of September last [year] 
for the.:. robbery, and omell tor- 

turing of ... [Tholmas Worrall, 
alias Winterstore. V. Z. [London^ 
1609.] 4to. 6495. a. 49. 

Blightly mutilated. 


LUS (Gaius) The Historie of 
twelve Caesars, Emperours of 
Rome. Written in Latine...and 
newly translated into English, 
by P. Holland. Together with a 
marginal glosse, and other briefe 
annotations there-upon. Printed 
for M. Loumes, London, 1606. fol. 

10605. g. 

The ''Annotations'* have a dis- 
tinot pagination. 

SUFFOLK, Archdeaconry of — 
Visitation Artides. Articles to be 
enquired of in the ordinary visi- 
tation of... Doctor Pearson, Arch- 
deacon of Suffolke, anno Domini, 
1638. !r.Patne,IrOfuion,1638. 4to. 

5155. c 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting all after sig. A4. 

Anno... 1639. T.Paine^ 

London, 1639. 4to. T. 1566. (3.) 

SUINGLIUS (Huldebicke) 
See ZwmoLi (Ulrich) 

SULAIMAN L, called (he 
Great, Sultan of the Turks. A 
briefe relation of the siege and 
taking of the Citie of Rhodes, 
by Sultan Soliman the Great 
Turke, translated out of French 
into English. See Haklutt (R.) 
The principal navigations, etc. 
Vol. 2. Pt. 1. 1598, eto. fol. 

683. h. 5. 

— The Tragedie of Solimon 
and Perseda. Wherein is laide 
open, loves oonstancie, etc. [In 
verse. By T. Kyd?] E. AUde 
far E. White, London, 1599. 8vo. 

11773. c 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 18612. 




Newly oorrected and 

amended. E. Allde for E. WhiUy 
London, 1699. 4to. 161. b. 4. 

— Another copy. Fbw MS. 
Notes. C. 34. b. 45. 

This oopy has not the words 
''Newly oorreoted and amended'' 
on the titlepage. 

— Another edition. E. Allde 
for E. WhUe, London, [1599 ?] 4to. 

C. 34. b. 44. 

This edition differs very slightly 
from the preceding. 

SULPITIUS (Joannes) Veru- 
lanu8» See Whittington (R.) 
Editio roberti Whittintoni lich- 
feldienais grammatices . . . Declina- 
tiones noim ta latinoru ^ gre- 
corn patronymicoru i barbaroru e 
Priaciano, Sipontino, S. . . . amos- 
satim oollecte, etc. 1517. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 13. 

[1525.] 4to. C.40.e.2.(4.) 

— Begin. Sulfitii Verulani 
oratoris prestantissimi opus gram- 
matioes insigne feliciter incipit. 
13* Z* B. Pynaon, [London, 
1494?] 4to. 1075. 1. 7. (1.) 

— Begin. [Fol. 1, recto ;] Stas 
pner ad mensa. [Verso:] J. Sul- 
pitii Verulani . . . de moribus paero:^ 
precipne i mesa servadis. Car- 
men Juvenile pancis ab Ascensio 
explanatnm, etc. V. Z. Per 
Wynadum de Worde, Lddoniis, 
1515. 4to. C. 40. e. 8. 

Six leaves, without pagination. 
Cut olose at the top. 

— Another edition. V. Z« 
Per Wynandu de Worde, Lan, 
1518. 4to. C. 40. e. 9. 

Six leaves, withoat pagination. 

SUM. A short snmme of the 
tmeth which is according to 
godlines. Tit. I. 1. [London,] 
1592. 8. eh. fol. 816. m. 22. (91.) 

SUMMER. 566 Debate. The 
debate and stryfe betwene Somer 
and wynter, etc. [1530?] 4to. 

C. 40. c. 5. 

S U R FL E T (Bichabd) See 
Da Laurens (A.) A Discourse 
of the preservation of the Sight. 
... Translated ... by B. S., etc. 
1599. 4to. 1186. b. 4. 

— See EsTiENNE (C.) and Lit- 
BAULT (J.) Maison Eustiqne, or 
the Countrie Farme... Translated 
...byR.S.,eto. 1600. 4to. 7074. g. 

1606. 4to. 35. a. 9. 

1616. fol. 33. f. 9. 

SURGEON. 566 H.,S. The 
Examination of a Chynirgion, 
etc. 1612. 4to. 549. f. 27. 

SURGEONS. The qnes- 
tyonary of Cyrurgyens, with the 
formulary of lytell Guydo (of 
Cayllyac) in Cyrurgie, with the 
spectacles of Cyrurgyens newly 
added, with the fourth Boke of 
the Terapentyke [etc], or Methode 
curatyfe of Claude Galyen...with 
a... treaty of the cure of ul ceres 
(translated out of the Frenssho 
... by R. Coplande). »♦ 1. 2 pts. 
B, wyer for H. Dahbe ; B. Banckee, 
London, [1542]. 4to. 

549. b. 24. (1.) 

"Without pagination. Each pt 
has a separate register. 

SURIUS (Laurentius) The 
life of S. Otho Bishop of Bam- 
berge. The life of S. Antony of 
Padua. See Maffei (G. P.) 
Fuga SsBCuli, etc. 1632. 4to. 

1125. h. 10. 

— See ViLLBOAS (A. de) The 
Lives of Saints ... by ... A. Villegas. 
...Whereunto are added the lives 
of... other Saints out of...Suriu8, 
etc. 1630. 4to. 4827. bb. 

1636. 4to. G. 11748. 




SURREY. Begin. To the 
High and Honourable Court of Par- 
liament, The Nobility, Knights, 
Gentry, Ministers, Freeholders, 
and Inhabitants of the County 
of Surrey, etc. (The humble peti- 
tion of the Inhabitants of the 
BuiToughe of Southwarke, etc. 
"Against the Nonconformists.]) 
[Southwark, 1630?] 4to. 1104. c. 6. 

SURREY^ Archdeaconry of. — 
Visitation Articles, Articles to 
be enquired of... in the visitation 
of... the Arch-Deacon of Surrie. 
i$*X« B. Badger, London, 1635. 4to. 

5155. c. 

Without pagination. 

SURVEY. A suryay of the 
pretended Holy discipline. Con- 
tayning the beginninges, suc- 
cesse, parts, proceedings, autho- 
rity, and doctrine of it: with 
some of the manifold, and mate- 
riall repugnances, varieties and 
uncertaineties, in that behalfe. 
Faithfully gathered, by way of 
historicall narration, out of the 
bookes and writinges, of princi- 
pall favourers of that platforme 
anno 1693. [By R. Bancroft, 
Archbishop of Canterbury.] 
J. Wolfe, London, 1593. 4to. 

4135. b. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes. 4135. b. 

Imperfect; wanting the last leaf, 
oontaining part of the errata. 

SUSANNA. An excellent 
Ballad intituled. The Constancy 
of Susanna. %• Z. 2 pts. Printed 
for J. Wright, London, [1635?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 60. 

— Susanna, or the arraignment 
of the two unjust elders. [A 
poem, by E. Aylett.] Printed for 
J. Teaze, London, 1622. 8vo. 

11626. a. 46. (1.) 

— Another copy. 

11626. a. 1. (3. J 

This copy has a slight vaxiaiion 
in the titlepage. 

Epitome tropomm ao schematum 
et grammatioomm et rhetori- 
corum, 8ul authores tum prophanos 
turn sacros intelligendos, etc. Ex 
Tyjpographia Societalis Statumario- 
rum,Londini,1621. dvo. 11805. b. 

SUTCLIPPE (Alice) Medi- 
tations of Man's Mor tali tie. or, 
a way to true ble68ednes8e...The 
second edition, enlarged, etc. 
Printed by B. A. and T. F. for 
H. Seyle^ London, 1634. 12mo. 

4412. aa. 

SUTCLIFFE (Matthew) 
See E., 0. 

— See GiFFORDUS (G.) after- 
wards Gabriel, de Sainte Marie, 
successively Bishop of Archidiii' 
polis, etc. De Turoopapismo ... 
Liber unus. Eidem ... adjuncti 
sunt ... ad versus G. Giffordi ... 
volumen ... quod ille Calvino- 
turcismum inscripsit, Libri qua- 
tuor,etc. [ByM.S.] 1699. 4to. 

477. a. 10. 

— See 0., E. A Detection of 
divers notable Untruthes ... 
Gathered out of M^ Sutcliffes 
Newe Challenge, etc. 1602. 8vo. 


— SeeK,W. A brief and 
oleere confutation of a new vaine 
and vaunting chalenge, made by 
0. E. Minister [or rather by 
M.Sutcliffo]. 1603. 12mo.3935.aa. 

— See S., M. 

— See S., M., Doctor of Divinity. 

— See S., T. M. 

— See Throkmorton (J.) The 
Defence of J. Throkmorton, 


againat the slannderB of Maister 
S., eto. 1594. 4to. 4378. o. 

SUTCLIPPB (Matthew) See 

Thbokmorton (J.) An Answere 
nnto ... A defence of J. Throk- 
morton against the slannders of 
M. M. S., etc. 1696. 4to. 

4106. aaa. 

— An Abridgement or Survey 
of Foperie... opposed nnto M. Kel- 
lison's Survey of the new religion, 
etc Jf. Bradwood for C Burhie, 
London, 1606. 4to. 3932. f. 

— An Answer to a certaine 
libel 8upplicatorie...and also to 
certaine calumnious articles... to 
the slaunder of the Eoolesiasticall 
state... put forth under the name 
of a Petition directed to Her 
Maiestie [relating to the alleged 
wrongful condemnation of J. 
TJdall on an indictment for libel], 
etc. The B^puiies of 0, Barkery 
London, 1692. 4to. 4106. aaa. 

— De Presby terio, ejusque nova, 
in Ecclesia Christiana, Politeia, 
adversus cujusdam I. B. A. C. de 
politeia civili & ecclesiastica 
ubros duos,...eju8demque & reli- 
quorum-Preebyteriipatronorum. . . 
in poli teiae Judaicae & Christianae 
errores^M. Sutlivii dispatatio; in 
qua presby teriiim quod ill! tuen- 
tur, oppugnatur ; Christiani ma- 
gistratus potestas, quam illi op- 
pugnant defenditur, etc. Oeorgiua 
Bishop d BodolphuB Newberry , 
Londiniy 1691. 4to. 848. d. 12. (1.) 

— The Examination of ... T. 
Cartwrights late apologie, where- 
in his vaine... challenge concern- 
ing certaine supposed slanders 
pretended to have been published 
against him, is answered and re- 
futed. The BeptUies of 0. Barker, 
London, 1696. 4to. 1019. f. 7. 

— The examination and con- 
futation of a certaine scurrilous 



treatise entituled. The Survey of 
the newe Eeligion, published by 
M. Kellison, in disgrace of true 
religion professed in the Church 
of England. ». S. E. Allde for 
B. Serger and E. Weaver, London, 
1606. 4to. 697. g. 27. 

SUTCLIFFE (Matthew) A 
ful and round answer to N. D. 
alias Robert Parsons the Noddie 
his foolish and rude Wame-word 
[entitled "A temperate Ward word 
to the turbulent and seditious 
watch-word of Sir P. Hastings... 
by N. D."1, etc. ». E. Printed 
for O, Bishop, London, 1604. 4to. 

698. d. 29. 

— [Another copy.] The bless- 
ings on Mount Gerizzim and the 
curses on Mount Ebal, or the 
happie estate of Protestants, com- 
pared with the miserable estate 
of Papists under the Pope's 
tvrannie. »♦ It. Printed for 
A. Eehb, London, [1604]. 4to. 

697. e. 16. 

A duplicate of the preceding with 
a new titlepage. 

— M. Sutlivii adversus R. Bel- 
larmini de Purgatorio Disputa- 
tionem Liber. Oeorgius Bishop, 
Badulphus Newherie, Bchertus Bar- 
ker, Limdinif 1699. 4to. 

697. f. 17. (1.) 

— M. Sutlivii de Missa Papis- 
tica variisque synagog» Rom. 
circa Eucharistisd Sacramentum 
erroribus & corruptelis, adversus 
R. Bellarminum & universum Je- 
bus»orum 6s Cananaeorum Sodali- 
tium libri quinque, etc. 2 pts. 
Per Adamum Islip, Londini, 
1603. 4to. 846. f. 12. 

Each pt. has a separate pagination. 

— M. Sutlivii de Pontifioe 
Romano, eiusque iniustissima in 
Ecclesia dominatione, adversbs 
R. Bellarminum, & universum 




Jebusitarum sodalitium, libri 
quinque. Oeorgius Bishop^ Badul- 
phu8 Newherie^ d Boherius Barker, 
Londini, 1599. 4to. 4051. bb. 

SUTCLIFFE (Matthew) 
The petition apologeticall of Lay 
Papists, calling themselves the 
Lay Catholikes of England... con- 
tradicted, examined, glozzed and 
refuted. Printed for W. Cotton, 
and W. WeUby, London, 1606. 4to. 

873. g. 8. 

— The Practice, Proceedings, 
and Lawes of armes, described 
out of the doings of most valiant 
and expert Captaines, etc. )$. 31. 
The Deputies of 0. Barker, London, 
1593. 4to. 713. c. 5. 

— Another copy. G. 2324. 

— The Subversion of E. Par- 
sons his...worke, entituled, A 
treatise of three Conversions of 
England from Paganisme to 
Christian religion. S. X. Printed 
for J. Norton, London, 1606. 4to. 

3932. f. 

— A threefold answer nnto the 
third part of a certaine triobolar 
treatise of three supposed con- 
versions of England to the 
moderne Eomish religion pub- 
lished by B. Parsons under the 
continued maske of N. D. 10. 31. 
Printed for J. Norton, London, 
1606. 4to. 697. f. 19. 

— Another copy. 1368. c. 

— A Treatise of Ecclesiasticall 
Discipline wherein that con- 
fused forme of government, which 
cei teine under false preten ce . . . of 
Eeformation, strive to bring 
into the Church of England, is 
... confuted ... Newly corrected. 
O. Bishop, London, 1591. 4to. 

698. g. 3. (1.) 

— The Unma^iking of a Masse- 

monger, who in the counterfeit 
habit of Si Augustine hath cun- 
ningly crept into the closets of 
many English ladies. Or, the 
Vindication of Saint Augustines 
Confessions, from the... calumnia- 
tions of a late noted Apostate 
[Sir T. Matthew, in his trans- 
lation of the Confessions]. Printed 
byB. A. and T.FatDcetJvrN. Bourne^ 
London, 1626. 4to. 1225. c. 26. 

SUTTON (Christopher) Disce 
vivere: leame to live. Disoe 
mori : learn to dye. Two briefe 
treatises joyned together, etc. 
2 pts. JS. Badger, London, 
1634. 12mo. 4402. h. 16. 

— Disce Mori. Leame to Die- 
A religious discourse, mooving 
every Christian man to enter into 
a serious remembrance of his 
ende, etc. S. H. J. Wolfe, Lon» 
don, 1600. 12mo. 4402. aa. 

— Another edition. S. Z. 
J, Windet for 0. Burby, London, 
1604. 12mo. G. 11670. 

Newly enlarged. 

S. S. L. Windet for widdew Bwr- 
by, London, 1609. 12mo. 4403. b. 

— Another edition. V. H, 
O. Purslowe for N. Bourne, Lon- 
don, 1616. 12mo. 4410. e. 

— Another edition. 13. H. 
O, Purslotoe for N, Bourne, Lon- 
don, 1618. 12mo. 1020. a. 11. 

— Disce vivere. Leame to 
live. A briefe Treatise of Learn- 
ing to Live, wherein is shewed, 
that the life of Christ is the most 
perfect patteme of direction to 
the life of a Christian... Perused 
and corrected. S. H. E, Short, for 
0, Burby, London, [1604?] 12mo. 

G. 11669. 

This volume and the same author's 
" Disoe Mori " are bound together, 
front to back. 




— Fourth edition. 

V. X. W. I, for N. Bourne, Lon- 
don, 1617. 12mo. 873. b. 13. 

SUTTON (Christopher) 
Godly Meditations upon the most 
holy Sacrament of the Lords 
Sapper ...together with a short 
admonition touching the contro- 
versie about the Hdy Eucharist. 
Also godly meditations ooncem- 
ing the Divine Presence. Printed 
hy T. 8. for N, Bourne, London, 
1613. 12mo. 844. a. 13. 

— Another edition. B. Badger 
farN. Bourne, London, 1630. 12mo. 

873. 0. 20. 

SUTTON (John) Arraignment 
and Execution. See Sudlow (E.) 
The arraignment, etc. 

SUTTON (Thomas) D.D., 
Fellow of Queen*8 GoUege, Oxford, 
See Bible. — New Testament. — 
Somans, Lectures upon the ele- 
Tenth chapter to the Bomans, by 
...IK Sutton, etc. [Edited by 
J. D.] 1632. 4to. 3266. b. 

— England's Summons: a Ser- 
mon [on Hosea iv. 1-3]. W, HaU 
far m. Law, London, 1613. 8yo. 

4474. b. 98. 

— Eng1an[ds] first and seconfd] 
Summo[ns,] two Sermons [on 
Hos. 17. 1-3, and Rev. m. 16, 16] 
preached at Panics Cross... Jan. 3. 
1612.. .[and] Feb. 6, 1616. The 
second impression, perused and 
corrected by the authour. N. Okea 
for M, Law, London, 1616. 8yo. 

693. e. 12. (13.) 

The iitlepage is mutilated. 

— Jethroes counsel to Moses, 
or a direction for magistrates : a 
sermon [on Exod. xviii. 21,] 
preached at S^ Sayiours in South- 
warke. March 6, 1621. Before 
the . . . Judges, etc. W. Jones, Lon» 
don, 1631. 4ta 1111. d. 3. 

YOL. m. 

, — Another copy. 

694. g. 22. (19.) 

SUTTON (Thomas) Founder 
of the Charterhome. See Charter- 
house. The Charterhouse, with 
the last Will and Testament of 
T. Sutton. 1614. 4to. 

796. h. 21. (16.) 

SWADON (William) Upon 

the Death of Queene Anne, wife 

of... Ring James. Funeral verses. 

Lat. [London, 1619.] e. eh. fol. 

1876. f. (1.) 

This appears to have formed part 
of some work, title unknown. 

SWAIN. An excellent sonnet; 
or — 
The Swaines complaint, whose 

cruell doome, 
It was to love hee knew not 

».lt* 2pts. Printed for J. Wright, 
London, [1 640 ?] Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 110. 

SWAINE (Mart) [Funeral 
Sermon.'] See Langhorne (L.) 
Mary sitting at Christs Feet, etc. 

SWALLOW ( ) iS^eeEpHB- 
MERiDES. Swallow. Au Alma- 
nack, etc. 

SWAN (John) See Jack- 
son (T^ Davids Pastorall Poeme, 
etc. [Edited hy J. S.] 1603. 8vo. 

693. a. 18. 

— Speculum Mundi, or, a 
Glasse representing the Face of 
the World... Whereunto is joyned 
an Hexameron or a serious dis- 
course of the causes, continuance, 
and qualities of things in nature ; 
occasioned as matter pertinent to 
the work done in the six dayes of 
the Worlds creation. The Printers 
to the University of (Jamhridge, 
1635. 4to. 482. a. 13. 

— A True and breife Beport, of 
M. Qlovers vexation, and. of her 




Jebusitarum sodalitinm, libri 
quinqne. Oeorgiut BUhop, BaAtd- 
piltw Newherie, d Boberbu Barker, 
Loadini, 1699. 4to. 4051. bb. 

The petition apologeticall ' .-^ 
rapieta, calling ttiemae* ' ,^ 
Lay Catholikea of Engl ■ T%' 
ttadiote ^ 

refated. 8m 

««d W. ,rmer 

IB of 

— Tl 
and \m 

ont of tl 
and er 
The ' 

:. (2.) 

.j^jg^om of Sweden, to- S WEETMAN (Jom 
^*^ the goverment of MoirSA (A. db) A Treal 
i*^aie, might and power " ■ ■" " 

S^rZeaX £iDg, ft catalogue of 
/'^''o? the Kings of Sweden ; 
0>^ particularly oonoeming 
»>Cn« AdolphnB. Printed far 

1299. g. 

__ Another copy. 

1056. d. 13. (2.) 

— Another oopy. 150. d. 19. 

SWEDEN.— .<*n»y. The de- 
votions and formes of prayer daily 
used in the King of Swedens 
Army : being the first part of oar 
intended booke oonoeming the 
Swedish Disoipline, eto. Printed 
for N. Butter and N. Bourne, 
London, 1632. 4to. 3456. g. 80. 

SWEEPER (Walter) Israel's 
redemption by Christ : wherein 
is confuted the Arminian Uni- 
Tersall Bedemption. [A sermon, 
on Hatt. 1. 21.] W. Jone$, Londim, 
1622. 4to. 4255. b. 

SWEERTIUS (Fkakciscds) 
The Life of A. Ortell, written 
firft in Latin by P. Sweert of 

mongr ,/is,...and now traaskted 
haK Aiig'ishbyW.B. SeeOsTS- 
p- ,(A.} Theatnim Orbis Ter- 
^mm,etc 1606. fol. C. 46.1. 

SWEET (John) See Fbatut 
(D.) The Bomieh Fisher caught his owne net. Or, a tras 
Belation of the Protestant Gon- 
ferenoe [of D. Featley ... with 
J. Fisher and J. 8.], etc. 
1624. 4to. 224. o. 12. (3.) 

— Conference had between 
Dr. White,. ..and Dr. Featly witl 
Mr. Fisher and Hr. Sweet, Jeenites, 
etc See Fishek (J.) jwnul. Ths 
Fisher catched in bis owne net. 
1623. 8vo. 697. c. 40. 

Joan) Sm 

Mental Prayer... Translated... into 

English by ...[J. S.]. 1617. 12mo. 

4412. f. 

Mdkda (Cohstantia) jMsud. The 
Worming of a mad Dcgge, etc. 
[An answer to the tract of J. S. 
entitled: "Arraignment of lewd 
...women."] 1617. 4to. 

C. 40. c. 28. 

— iSm Sowbrdah (E.) pie»i. 
[Ester hath bang'd Haman; or, 
an answere to a lewde pam- 
phlet, entitnled the Arraignment 
of Women [by J. S.], eto] 
[1617.] 4to. C. 40. c. 34. (2.) 

— See Spkoht (B.) A monzell 
for MelastomnB...Or an apologeti- 
oall answere to that irreOgions.,. 
pamphlet made by J. S., and by 
him intituled. The arraignement 

1617. 4to. 8415.e. 

— The BTftignment of lewd, 
idle, fro ward and nnconstsnt 
women : or, the vanitie of them, 
choose you whether. With * 
oommendation of wise, Yertnoni 
and honest women, eto. 6. Pw- 




^or T. Archer^ London, 
o. 8416. bbb. 37. 

r edition. Printed 

\ondony 1617. 4to. 

C. 34. e. 31. 

aotber edition. Printed 
-. Archer^ London, 1619. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 34. (1.) 

— Anotber edition. Printed 
hy A. M. for T. Archer, London, 
1628. 4to. 8416. e. 1. 

— Anotber edition. Printed 
hjf T. C, London, 1634. 4to. 8415. e. 

BWETNAM (Joseph) Swet- 
nam the Woman-bater, arraigned 
by women. A new Comedie, 
etc. [in fonr acts and in verse. 
An answer to S.'s Arraignment 
of lewd women]. Printed for 
B, Meighen, London, 1620. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 48. 

Without pagination. 

— Anotber copy. 161. b. 9. 

SWIPT (John) The divine 
eocho or resounding voice from 
heaven... The first part. Printed 
for B.Benion, London, 1^12. 12mo. 

873. b. 6. 

Without pagination. 

SWIPT (William) A Sermon 
[on Bom. viii. 18] preached at 
the fnnerall of...tbat...faithfull 
servant of Jesns Christ, M' T. 
Wilson... in Canterbury, the 25. 
day of January 1621. [With a 
Postscript.] Printed hy i. D. for 
F. Clifton, London, 1622. 4to. 

1419. k. 7. 

briefe treatise of testaments and 
last willes, very profitable to be 
nnderstoode of all the Subjectes 
of this Bealme of England, etc. 

Few MS. Notes [by F. Hargrave]. 
J, Windet, London, 1590. 4to. 

515. e. 1. 

The date of the oolophon is 1591. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for the Comjpanie of Stationers, 
London, 1611. 4to. 6355. aa. 8. 

Newly corrected 

and augmented, etc. Printed hy 
TF. 8, for the Company of Staiioners, 
London, 1633. 4to. 515. e. 2. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy L L, for the Comjpany of Sta- 
tioners, London, 1640. 4to. 

515. e. 3. 

SWI NE RT O N (Sir Jomr) 
Lord Mayor of London, IBeception 
into the city of London, 29 Odoher, 
1612.] See Decker (T.) Troia- 
Nova Trinmpbans, etc. 

Church of A Confession of Fay th, 
made by common consent of divers 
reformed Churches beyonde the 
Seas [t.«. '*the Confession of 
Helvetia" of 1566, written by 
H. BuUinger] : with an Exhor- 
tation [by T. de B^ze] to the 
Reformation of tbe Churche. (A 
confession of Faith, made by com- 
mon agreement of suche Frenche- 
men, as desire to live accordinge 
to the puritie of the Gospel, etc. 
1561.) [The whole edited by 
I. 0.] »• !• 2 pts. H. Wyhee, 
London, [1668?] 8vo. 692. a. 12. 

Ft. 1 is unpaged. Each pt. has a 
separate regiater. 

— Another edition. H. Bynne 
man, London, 1571. 8vo. 

8505. bb. 5. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-8. 

SWORD. A Sword against 
Swearers and Blasphemers. Shew- 
ing the lawfulnesse of an oth, 
and how great a sinne it is to 
sweare falsely ... In this edition • .. 




inlarged with sundry examples 
of Gods judgements upon... blas- 
phemers, etc. [By A. Nowell.] 
13.%. O.Eld.L&ndonylQU. 8yo. 

4412. aa. 

Without pagination. 

SWORD. Woorke for Cutlers ; 
or, A merry dialogue betweene 
Sword, Bapier, and Dagger, acted 
in a shew in the famous univer- 
sitie of Cambridge. T. Oreedefor 
B, Meighen and T. Jones^ London^ 
1615. 4to. 1076. i. 16. 

Without pagination. 

Christian love-letter sent particu- 
larly to K. T., a gentlewoman 
mis-styled a Catholioke, but gene- 
rallie intended to all of the 
Homish religion, to labour their 
conversion to the true faith of 
Christ Jesus. W. Juggard, [Lon- 
dm,'\ 1606. 4to. 3935. d. 

Without pagination. 

SYDENHAM (Huhphret) 
Five Sermons upon several! Occa- 
sions preach'd at Pauls Crosse, 
and at Saint Maries in Oxford. 
6 pts. Printed for J. Parker^ 
Xofuion, 1626. 4to. 694. e. 4. (14.) 

These sennons oonsist of the 
original separate impressions, with 
the addition of a oollective titlepage 
and dedication. The first sermon 
bears the date of 1627. 

— Another copy. 1418. f. 10. 

— Another edition. J, Ham- 
land^ London^ 1637. 4to. 

4473. aaa. 37. 

— Sermons. Few MS. Notes. 
W. Stansby for N. Butter, London, 
1630. 4to. 4453. c. (1.) 

— Sermons upon solemne oc- 
casions, etc. J. Beale for H. Bchin- 
Bon, London, 1637. 4to. 4453. c. (5.) 

on Gal. V. 17] preached at two 
severall assizes held at Tann^ 
ton in Sommerset. J, Beale for 
H. BMnaon^ London^ 1637. 4to. 

4474. c, 90. 

SYDENHAM (Huhphret) 
Nature's overthrow and deaths 
triumph. A sermon [on Ecclesi- 
astes XII. 5] the funerall of 
Sir 1. Sydenham,... at Brimpton 
the 15. of Decemher, 1625. 
Printed for J, Ward, London, 
1636. 4to. 1417. h. 14. 

— The Rich Mans Waming- 
peece. A sermon [on Fs. lxii. 
10]. F. Kyngston for N. Butter, 
London, 1630. 4to. 4453. c. (3.) 

— The Royall Passing-Bell: 
or Davids summons to the grave. 
A sermon [on Ps. xxxix. 6] 
preached ... at the funerall of ... 
Sir H. Portman. W. Stan^, for 
N. Butter, London, 1630. 4to. 

4453. c. (2.) 

— Waters of Marah and Meri* 
hah: or, the source of hitternes 
and strife sweetned and allayed, 
hy way of advice, refutation, cen- 
sure, against the Pseudo-zelots 
of our age. [A sermon on Bom. 
XII. 1.] E, AUde for N. Bu^er, 
London, 1630. 4to. 4453. o. (4.) 

SYDENHAM {Sir John) 
Funeral Sermon, See Sydenham 
(H.) Five Sermons, etc. 

SYDNEY {Sir Phiup) 
See Sidney. 

SYDRACH. See Boocus, King. 
The history of Kyng Boccua, % 
Sydracke how he confoundyd his 
lerned men... Also his answeris 
to the questions of wyadome, 
hoth morall and natural, etc. 
[1510?] 4to. G. 11228. 

— The Christian Duell : in two — 
sermons [on Bom. vii. 25 and 

[1535?] 12mo. 
717. a. 5. (5.) 




Lachryinae laobrymamm : or the 
Spirit of Teares distilled for the 
imtimelv death of Henry (late) 
Prince of Wales. — An elegiao- 
epi8tle...for th' immature decease 
of Sir W. Sidney. See Bertadt 
(J.) Bishop of SSez. The ParUa- 
ment of Vertues Eoyal, etc. — 
(Bethnlians rescue — Little Bar- 
tas, etc.) translated by J. S. 
[1614.] 8vo. C. 34. a. 11. (1.) 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Job. The Second Session of the 
Parliament of Yertues Eeall... 
^from th' Originair) J. S. 
(Memorials of mortalitie — Henry 
the Great ... by P. Mathien ... 
Translated... by J. S.) [1614?] 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 11. (2.) 

— See Du Paub (Goi) Seigneur 
dePihrac, Tcrpaoriya . . . Translated 
by I. S. Ft. and Bng. 1 606. 4to. 

C. 28. g. 22. (11.) 

— See Fracastobo (G.) The 
Ifaidens Blnsh: or, Joseph... 
translated... by J. S. 1620. 8vo. 

C. 39. b. 47. 

— See Henbt IY., King of 
France, A canticle of the victorie Yvry. [By G. de Saluste 
dn Bartas: translated from the 
French by J. S.] [1591?] 4to. 

C. 39. d. 32. (3.) 

— A Hymn of Alms, or the 
Begfi^rs bell, heard from beyond 
the Uharter-Honse, to ring All-in 
to the Temple of Charitie, etc. — 
Honor's Farwel to Her Honorable 
Frends. Or the Lady Hay's Last 
Will, etc. See Louis IX., King 
of France^ Saint, St. Lewis, the 
King: or a Lamp of Grace... 
Translated by J. S. (The Batail 
of Yvry... translated by... J. S.) 
1615. 8vo. C. 34. a. 11. (4.) 

— The tropheis of the life and 
tragedie of the death of Henry 

the Great, translated [from the 
French] by Jos. Syl[veRter]. See 
Matthieu (P.) The heroyk life 
and deplorable death of... Henry 
the fourth, etc. 1612. 4to. 

610. d. 25. 

See S., J. 

— See Salustb du Bartas 
(G. de) Bartas his Devine Weekes 
and Workes translated... by I. S. 
(With other translations by I. S.) 
1605, etc. 4to. 11475. e. 

1611. 4to. 1073. f. 30. 

1613. 4to. 11474. e. 

1633. foL 11475. h. 

II. Posthnmus Bartas. 

The Forenoone of the fourth day 
of his second week : Containing 
l.The Tropheis. 2. TheMagni- 
ficence. Translated by I. Syl- 
vester. 1607. 4to. 11475. c. 

— Lachrim» Lachrimarum, or 
The Distillation of Teares Shede 
for the untymely Death of The 
incomparable Prince Panaretus 

t.e. Henry, Prince of Wales. 

n verse]. H, Loumes, London^ 

1612. 4to. G. 18913. 

A mourning edition. Without 
pagination. A preliminary leaf, 
preceding the titlepage and con- 
taining the printer's device and a 
second colophon, bears the date 

— Another edition. [London^ 
1613.] 4to. 239. k. 31. 

A monming edition. 

The third Edition, 


vtdth Addition of His Owne, and 
Elegies. (Sundry Funeral elegies 
on the untimely Death of the 
...Prince of Wales. Composed 
by severall Authors.) JET. LowneSy 
London, 1613. 4to. G. 11296. (2.) 

A mourning edition. 
— Another copy. G. 18912. 




Monodia. (An Elegie, m oom- 
memoration of the vertuous life 
and godlie death of... Dame H. 
Branch, eta [by J. Sylvester]. 
—The Triumph of Faith, of 
W. SalnstiuB, Lord of Bartas [and 
translated from the French by 
J. Sylvester].) 2 pts. P. Short, 
[Loiid(m.l694]. 4to. C. 39. d. 32.(1.) 

Pi 2 has a diBtinot pagination, 
but oontinuoiu register. 

— Fanthea : or, Divine Wishes 
and Meditations... Revised by J. 
M(artin) Master of Arts...Where- 
unto is added an appendix, con- 
taining an excellent elegy, written 
by the L. Viscount S*. Albans, 
eta Printed for F. Coulea, London, 
1630. 4to. 1076. i. 24. 

The "appendix** has a special 
titlepage, but the register is con- 
tinuous. Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 1077. h. 28. 

— The Sacrifice of Isaac. The 
Ship-wracke of Jonas. [In verse ; 
signed by J. S. as if he were 
author, but really translated by 
him from the French of G. de 
Saluste du Bartas.] [London, 
1692 ?] 4to. 0. 39. d. 32. (2.) 

Without titlepage. 

— Tobacco battered, and the 
pipes shattered about their eares 
that idlely idolize so base ... a 
weed. (Simile non est idem... 
or All's not gold that glisters. A 
Glimpse of Heavenly joyes, or 
New Jerusalem. In an old 
hymne extracted from...S'. Au- 
gustine. Auto-machia, or the 
self-conflict of a Christian. From 
the Latin of G. Goodwin.) 3 pts. 
[Iond(on,1633?] 8vo. 1038.a.43.(l.) 

A fragment, i.e. sig. F-L, of a 
work, probably an edition of S.'s 
translation of Du Bartas. 

— Anothercopy. C.34.a. 11. (3.) 

See Fiu& II., Pope, 

SYM (John) Lifes Preserva- 
tive against Self-killing : or, an 
useful Treatise concerning Life 
and Self-Murder, etc. M. FUeher, 
for B. Dawlman, and L, Fatone, 
London, 1637. 4to. 491. b. 23. (2.) 

SYMMEB (Archibald) Best 
for the weanr, or a briefe treatise 
tending to the comfort of a poore 
soule trulie humbled for sin. 
Printed by L N. for W. Skeret, 
London, 1630. 4to. 

4474. c. 106. (3.) 

Without pagtnatioD. 

SYMONDS (Joseph) The 
case and cure of a deserted soule, 
etc. Printed hy M. Flesher far 
L. Faume, London, 1639. 8vo. 

874. f. 35. 

SYMONDS (William) A 
heavenly Voyce. A Sermon [on 
Revelat xvm. 4]. MS. Notes. 
Printed for E, Weaver, London, 
1606. 4to. 3187. b. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Pisgah Evangelica. [A Com- 
mentary upon the Book of the 
Bevelation.J^ F, Kyng$ton, for 
E. Weaver, London, 1606. 4to. 

3187. b. (1.) 

— Virginia: a Sermon [on 
Oen. xiL 1-3] preached at 
Whitechapel in the presence of 
...the Adventurers and Planters 
for Virginia, April 25. 1609, etc. 
Printed by L Windet, for E. Edgar, 
London,1609. 4to. 694. e. 14. (17.) 

Slightly mutUated. 

S Y M S (Christopheb) An 
introduction to, or, the art of 
teaching the Latine speach ... 
Invented, practised and proved 
by the author G. Byms. 9* E* 


Printed hy ihs Society of Stationers^ 

Dublin, 1634. 8vo. 12932. c. 8. 

Without pagination. 

STMSON (Andrew) See 
Bible. — New Testament. — Peter. 
An ExpoBition upon the Second 
Epistle Grenerall of Saint Peter... 
by A. S. 1632. 4to. 3266. o. 

— See CuLVERWELL (E.) Time 
well spent in Sacred Meditations, 
etc [The Epistle to the reader 
is signed A. S.] 1634. 12mo. 

4406. aa. 

STMSON (Patrick) The 
Historie of the Church, since the 
dayes of our Saviour Jesus Christ, 
untill this present age ... The 
third Edition... inlarged. J, Daw- 
«m, for J. BeUamie, London, 
1634. fol. 491. i. 1, 

— A short Compend of the 
historie of the first ten persecu- 
tions moved against Christians, 
divided into III. centuries. 
W hereunto are added... treatises 
...clearely declaring the noveltie 
of Popish Heligion, etc. 5 pts. 
A. Hart, Edinburgh, 1613-16. 4to. 

4532. b. 

Pt. 1 is without pagination ; pts. 
2-5 are separately paged; pts. 2 
and 5 have separate titlepages. 

— Another copy of Pt. 1 only. 

112. a. 10. 

SYNESIUS, of Gyrene, Bishop 
cfPtolemais, A paradoxe, proving 
by reason and example, that 
baldnesse is much better than 
bushie haire, <fec. Englished by 
A. Fleming. Hereunto is annexed 
the pleasant tale of Hemetes the 
Heremite, pronounced before the 
Queenes Maiestie... Newly recog- 
nised both in Latine and Eng- 
lishe, by the said A. F. %• X« 
H. Denham, [London,'] 1579. 8vo. 

C. 40. a. 14. 

The running title occasionally 
eat in binding. 



SYNQE (George) A Kejoyn- 
der to the Reply [to Archbishop 
Usher] published dj the Jesuites 
under the name of W. Malone. 
The First Part, etc. The Soeietie 
of Stationers, Dublin, 1632. 4to. 

G. 5701. (1.) 

T.| A. A Christian Beprofe 
against Contention. Wherin is 
declared... a just defence of the 
Church, against suchslanderes and 
reproches which S. Staresmore 
hath layd upon us in his two 
bookes, the first... called A loving 
tender. The second is his Preface 
and Postscript befor and behind 
M'. Answorth's last Sermon... By 

A. T. Few MS. Notes. [Amster- 
dam f] 1631. 4to. 701. g. 43. 

T., A., Practitioner in Physic* 
A Eich Store-house or Treasury 
for the Diseased. Wherein, are 
many approved Medicines... not 
come to light before this time. 
Now set foorth ... By A. T. ». E. 
Printed for T. Purfoot, and 

B, Blower, London, 1596. 4to. 

1038. k. 34. (3.) 

Imperfect; wanting three leaves, 
viE. fiig. 04, H4, and Ii. 

— Another edition. V« X« 
Copious MS.Notes [by M. Wattes]. 
[London, 1600?] 4to. 

1038. i. 35. (7.) 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage and 

Now fourthly... 

augmented ... by G. W., prac- 
titioner in Phisicke and Chirur- 
Krie. MS. Notes akd Additions 
y M. Wattes], B. Blower^ 
London, 1607. 4to. 1 038. k. 34.(5). 

Imperfect; containing Big. A-C 



T., A., Practitioner in Physic, 
A rich Storehouse ... for the 
Diseased... First set 
G. W. And now fifthly aug- 
mented... by A. T., practitioner 
in Phisioke, etc. [Or rather 
originally written by A. T. and 
enlarged by G. W.] »♦ l. 
B« Bhwer^ London^ 1612. 4to. 

236. k. 31. 

The third edition. 

Printed by E. P. for J, 8.y...Bold by 
B, Lang/ordy London^ 1638. 12mo. 

8407. a. 

T., D., Oent, Essaies politicke 
and moral!, By D[aniel] T[uvil] 
Gent. Printed by H. L. for 
M.Loumea, [London,'] 1608. Bvo. 

523. a. 6. 

Now seventhly — Another copy. G. 10365. (2.) 

augmented ... by A. T., etc. V. 11* 

B. Badger, for P. Stephens and 

C. Merediih, London, 1631. 4to. 

1038. g. 14. (1.) 

T., C. An Advice how to 
plant Tobacco in England... 
With the dangers of the Spanish 
Tobacco. Written by C. T. 
MS. Notes. N. Okeg,,.,gold by 
W. Burre, London, 1615. 4to. 

1038. i. 38. 

Without pagination. 

T., D. The Dove and Serpent. 
In which is conteined a large 
description of all such points and 
principles, as tend either to 
Conversation, or Negotiation. 
[Signed D. T.] Printed by T. C. 
for L. Uisle, London, 1614. 4to. 

8408. b. 

— Another copy. T. 773. (9.) 

With a new titlepoge. 

T., D. Essayes, Morall and 
Theologicall. [By D. T., ie. 
Daniel Tuvil.] MS. Note [by 
J. Mitfordl. Printed by L W.for 
H. Edgar, London, 1609. 12mo. 

4405. b. 

— [Another edition.] Vade 
Mecum: a Manuall of Essayes 
morrall, theologicall. Inter- 
woven with moderne Observa- 
tions, Historicall, Politicall. [By 

D. T., t.6. Daniel Tuvil. Edited 
by Anonym. Musophil.] Printed 
for L S.,,.,8old by J. Day, London, 
1629. l2mo. 8407. a. 

T.,F. i8fe« Collins (S.) Epphata 
to F. T. [t.e. T. Fitz Herbert] ; or, 
the Defence of the . . . Bishop of £Iie 
...concerning his answer to Cardi- 
nail Bellarmines Apologie : against 
the slannderous cavills of a name- 
lesse Adjoyner; entitling his 
Booke ... A Discouerie of many 
fowle absurdities, etc. 1617. 4ta. 

3932. d. 

T.^ F. The Case is Altered. 
How? Aske DaUo, and Millo. 
[Signed F. T.,t.e. Francis Thynne? 
or Nicholas Breton?] V. X. Jin- 
printed by T. (7. for J, Smethicke^ 
London, 1604. 4to. C. 40. c 38. 

Attributed by J. P. Collier and 
W. G. Hazlitt to FranoU Thynne; 
by Rot. T. Gorser to Nicholas Breton. 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V. 7L* 
Printed by L N. for B. Bird, 
London, 1635. 4to. C. 34. b. 9. 

This edition does not contain the 
dedicatory epistle. 

T., G. See Spa. A briefe dis- 
course of the... water of Spaw... 
Translated out of the French... 
by G. T., etc. [1600 ?] 4to. 

1171. e. 9. (6.) 

T., G. See Travebs (Vf.) An 
Ans were to a Supplicatone Epistle, 
of G. T. for the pretended Catho- 
liques, etc. [1683.] 8vo. 

698. a. 32. 

T., H. See Bible. — Concord- 


anceg. A complete Concordance 
to the Bible of the last transla- 
tion. The whole reviewed... by 
G. Cotton and...againe reviened 
...byH. T. 1635. 4to. 3103. d. 

T., H. A Eelation of The 
TravelJs of two English Pil- 
grimes: What admirable acci- 
dents befell them in their jonmey 
towards Jerusalem, Gaza, Grand 
Cayro, Alexandria... Also, what 
rare Antiquities, Monuments, and 
notable memories (according with 
the ancient remembrances in the 
holy Scriptures) they saw in 
Terra Sancta : with a perfect de- 
scription of the old and new 
Jerusalem... Written by Hfenry] 
Tfimberlake] in the behalfe of 
himselfe and his fellow Pilgrime 

g. Burrelll. Printed by J. N. for 
, Perry, London, [1611]. 4to. 

G. 6724. 

The titlepage, which is partly 
occupied by a woodcut, is cropped. 

T., H., Minister, See Casmannus 
(0.) Yademecum. Goewithme; 
Deare Pietie, and rare Charitie. 
...Translated out of Latine, by 
H. T., Minister. 1606. 8vo. 

697. a. 39. 

T., I. See Bluom (J.) The 
Booke of Five CoUumnes of 
Architecture ... Translated ... by 
I. T. 1608. fol. 1732.0. 

T., I. /See BuLUNGER (H.) A... 
sermon of the Lordes Supper... 
Translated by I. T. [John 
Tomkys?]. [1570?] 8vo. 

4474. a. 66. 

T., J. See Steenwyk. A true 
declaration of the streight siedge 
laide to the oitty of Steenwick 
...truely translated... by J. T. 
1592. 4to. 9505. a. 

T., J. An Apologie^or defence 

agaynbt the calumnacion of cer- 
tayne men which... (do sclaundre 
those men, which for the better 
servinge of God...) have aban- 
doned theyr livinges and voca- 
cion, abydinge as exyles in poore 
estate oute of theyr natyve 
coutrye, etc. [By J. T.] S. Z* 
1555. 8vo. 696. a. 30. 

EleTen leaves, without paginatioD. 

T., I., Minister of Oods Word, 
A Sermon [on James ly. 8] 
preached at Paules Crosse... by 
I. T., Minister of Gods Word. 
Printed by the Widow Orwin for 
R. Ockold, London, 1596. 8yo. 

4474. a. 51. 
Without pagination. 

T., L. See Bible.— New Testa- 
ment. The New Testament... 
translated ... by T. Beza and 
Englished by L. T[om8on]. 
1613. 16mo. 1410. a. 24. (1.) 

T., L. See Bible. — ^New Testa- 
ment. — Timothy, Sermons of 
J. Calvin on the Epistles of S. 
Faule to Timothie and Titus. 
Translated ... by L. T[omson]. 
1679. 4to. 1107. e. 22. 

T., L. An Answere to certein 
Assertions of M. Fecknam [i,e, 
J. Howman] ... which he made 
of late against a godly Sermon 
of M. J. Goughes, etc. (By 
L. T[omson].) ». *. H. Bynne- 
man, London, [1570]. 8vo. 

696. a. 26. 

T., N.' See Saxvlanus, Mom- 
eilieneie. Presbyter, Quis Dives 
Salvus. How a rich man may 
be saved... Translated... by N. T., 
etc. 1618. 8vo. 3627. aa. 

T., R. A Brief Treatise of 
the use of the Globe Celestiall 
and Terrestriall : wherein is set 
downe the principles of the 

1474 T T 

mathematick8...B7R.T. B.Fidd, Kings... Collected by T. T[immg? 

far T. Jlfan, London^ 1620. 8vo. or Twyne ?]. Copious MS. Notbs. 

531. e. 6. (1.) J, deBeauche8ne,London,lb97. 4to. 

C. 33. b. 19. 
T.^ E. A Discourse, wherein 

is plainly proved ... that Peter T., T. New Essayes, Medita- 

never was at Borne. Farther- tions, and Yowes: including in 

more, that neither Peter nor the them the Chiefe Duties of a 

Pope is the head of Christes Christian, both for Faith, and 

church. Also an interpretation Manners. [By T. TJ Printed 

upon the second Epistle of S. hy N. 0....8old hy W. Bladon^ 

Paul to the Thessalonians, the London^ 1614. 12mo. 4403. b. 
second Chapter. [By R. T., i.e. 

Christopher Carlile.] V. l. T., T. A shorte and pithie 

MS. Notes. T. East and JET. Myd- Discourse, concerning the en- 

dleton far W, Norton, London, gendring, tokens, and effects of 

1672. 4to. 3936. bbb. (6.) ... Earthquakes. Particularly ... 

Cropped. conferred with that.. .within the 

citie of London... which hapned 

T., R., (3f<5n<Zema«. flfeeBoiARDO ...the sixt day of April 1580. 

(M. M.) Count di Scandiano. Or- By T. T[wyne], etc. »• *• 

lando inamorato. The three first London, 1680. 4to. 444. b. 21. 

Bookes ... done into English Without pagination. 
Heroicall Verse by R. T[ofte], 

Gentleman. 1598. 4to. 241. k. 8. T., T. A View of certain 

wonderful effects, of late dayes 

— See Tasso (E,) Of Mariage come to passe : and now newly 
and Wiving ...Done into Eng- conferred with the presignyfica- 
lish, by E. T[ofte?], Gentleman, tions of the Comete, or biasing 
1699. 4to. 1077. c. 64. Star, which appered in the South- 
west upo the . X. day of Novem. 

— See Varchi (B.) The ...1677. Written by T.T[wyne?], 
Blazon of Jealousie... Translated etc. %• ]l« B» Jhones, London^ 
into English, with special notes... , 1678. 4to. 1395. c. 3. 
by K[obert] T[ofte], Gentleman. Without pagination. 

(The Fruits of Jealousie, etc. 

[In verse, by R. T., t.e. R. Tofte.]) T., T., Sacristan d CaihoUhe 

1616. 4to. 8416. bbb. Bomaniat. The Whetstone of 

Reproofe. Or a reproving censure 

T., T. See Drouet (P.) A of the misintitled safe way [t.e. 

new Counsell against the Pesti- the work, by Sir H. Lynde, 

lence. etc. [Translated by T. T.] entitled : " Via tuta "] : de- 

[1578.] 12mo. 1167. d. 7. (6.) claring it by discoverie of the 

authors fraudulent proceeding... 

T,, T. A Booke, containing to be a miere by-way drawing 
the true Portraiture of the pore travellers out of the... corn- 
Countenances and attires of the men streete, & leading them 
kings of England, from William deceitfully in to a path of per- 
Conqueror, unto our Soveraigne dition...With a postscript of ad- 
Lady Queene Elizabeth . . . together vertisements, especially touching 
with a briefe report of some of the homilie & epistles attributed 
the principall acts of the same to Alfric... Author T. T. Sacristan 



& Catholike Bomanist. (An 
appendix to the Whetstone, or 
a oompendioQS anser to the 
by-way, eheefly consisting in a 
briefe discovery of the authors... 
false dealing, etc.) CcUuajpoU 
[Douot], 1632. 8yo. 3935. aa. 

The Appendix has a distioot 
tiUepage, pagination, and register. 

T., W. See Bible.— Old Tes- 
tament. — Jonah. The prophete 
Jonas, eta [By W. T., i.e. W. 
Tyndale.] [1531 ?] 8vo. 

C. 37. a. 28. (8.) 

T., W. See Bible. — ^New Tes- 
tament. — Johfiy Episilee of. The 
exposition of the fyrste Epistle 
of seynt Jhon with a Prologge 
before it: by W. T[yndale]. 
1531. Bvo. C. 37. a. 24. 

T., W. See Mexia (P.) The 
Imperiall historic : or the lives 
of the Emperours, from Julins 
Caesar... Unto the present yeere... 
Translated into English by W. T., 
etc. 1623. fol. 591. h. 8. 

T., W. See Nannini (R.) 
Ficrentino. Civill Considerations 
npon many ...histories... done into 
Ibrench by G. Chappuys...and 
out of French into English, by 
W. T. 1601. fol. 8007. ee. 

T., W. A Casting np of 
aooonnts of certain Errors, being 
answered in Items, to the Summa 
Totalis. (An opinion touching 
the pestilenceO [By W. T.J 
T. Creede, for J. Hippon, London, 
1603. 8vo. 698. d. 20. (2.) 

T., W. A Discourse of Eter- 
nitie. By W. T[yping]. Oxford, 
1688. 4to. 113. g. 51. 

T., W. The practyse of Pre- 
lates. Whether the Eynges 
Grace maye be separated from 
hys quene, because she was his 

brothers wyfe. [By W. T., ue. 

William Tyndale.] »• I. Mar- 

borch, 1530. 8vo. 697. a. 9. (1.) 

Eighty- two leaves, without pagi- 

T., W. VindidsB Ecclesiae An- 
glican» : or a justification of the 
religion now professed in Eng- 
land... By W. T. [Edited by 
A. BJ Printed hy T. C. d B. 6. 
for m. Sparke, London, 1630. 4to. 

858. d. 3. (1.) 

TABLE. A plaine Table and 
most perfit description of the 
yeare Politicall : Drought into 
a Circle... Also here is added the 
Gregorian Calendar, etc. London, 
[1592]. 8. eh. fol. 1253. k. (124.) 

The edges are mutilated. 

— A Table of good Nurture; 
Wherein, is contained a Schoole- 
masters admonition to his Schol- 
lers to leame good manners, etc. 
(The second Table of good 
Nurture.) [Two Ballads.] ». It* 
Printed ... for H. O., London, 
[1626?] Broadside iol. Box. 1. 402. 

— A Table plainly teaching y 
making and use of a Wetherglas. 
[An engraving, with letterpress 
description, also engraved.] [Lon- 
don, 1631.] 8. sh. fol. 

C. 18. e. 2. (120.) 

TABLES. See Ephemerides. 
Writing Tables, with a Kalender 
for xxiiii yeres, etc. 1581. 16mo. 

\j. o/i. a. «7. 

TABLET. A Tablet for 
Gentlewomen. (Here foloweth 
the Letanie, wyth certayne other 
godly prayers.) 1^. !• W. Seres^ 
London, 1574. 32mo. C. 18. a. 

Without pa^^nation. Begister, 
sig. A-Q, in eights; twelve Hues 
to the fall page. Imperfeot ; want* 
ing sheets A-0, and foil. Di, Hi, 
and Qi. Foil. Es and Pt are slightly 




TABLITURE. A Booke of 
Tabliture. See Book. 

TABOR, MotkiU. See E., W., 
Esquire. Mount Tabor, or private 
exeroises of a penitent sinner, 
etc. 1639. 12mo. 4410. e. 

TACITUS (Caius Cornelius) 
The Annales of C. T. The De- 
scription of Germanie [translated 
by B. Grenewey]. [Xfondow,] 
1604. foL 686. i. 13. (1.) 

— Another edition. [Loiidon,'] 
1612. fol. 10605. g. (2.) 

— Another copy. 197. e. 16. (1.) 

— Another edition. MS. Notbs. 
[London,] 1622. fol. 586. i. 14.(1.) 

— Another edition. Few MS. 
Notes. Priwled by J. L, for 
B. Whiidker, Londtm, 1640. fol. 

1308. 1. (1.) 

— The Ende of Nero and Be- 
ginning of Galba. Fower bookes 
of the Histories of C. T. The 
Life of Agrioola. (Annotations.) 
[Translated by Sir H. Savile.J 
J. Barnes, for B, Wright; Oxforde^ 
1591. fol. 9040. h, 1. 

The third edition. 

A. ffatfield for J. Norton, London, 
1604. fol. 686. i. 13. (2.) 

The date of the colophon is 1605. 

— The fourth edi- 
tion. A, Hatfield for J. Norton, 
London, 1612. fol. 586. i. 15. 

— Another copy. 10606. g. (3.) 

— Another copy. 197.e.l6.(2.) 

The fifth edition. 

Few MS. Notes. /. BiU, London, 
1622. fol. 586. i. 14. (2.) 

The sixth edition. 

Few MS. Notes. PrinUd by 
J. L, for B. WhitaJcer^ London, 
1640. fol. 1308. 1. (2.) 

TACimS (Caius Comteuus) 
La Vita di G. Agrioola... messa 
in volgare da G. M. ManelU. 
O. Woyh, Londra;'15S6. 4to. 

609. e. 11. (1.) 

TAETS (Elizabeth Goossems) 
Two most remarkable and true 
Histories, which hapned this pre- 
sent yeare, 1619. The one re- 
lating how God most miracalonsly 
restored to health £. G. T....The 
other shewing how a marvellous 
deformed monster was found in 
the belly of a oow which was 
killed by J. Vandel, etc. {Trans- 
lated from the Dutch.] x^rinied 
by G, E. for 2>. Speede, London^ 
1620. 4to. C. 40. d. 32. 

TAFFIN(Jean) Themarkes 
of the children of God, and of 
their comforts in afiictions. To 
the faithful 1 of the Low Countrie. 
...Over8eene...and augmented by 
the author, and tranuated out of 
French by A. Prowse. T, Qrwin, 
for T. Man, Lmdon, 1590. Svo. 

4400. g. 14. 

— Of the Markes of the ChU- 
dren of God... Over scene. ..and 
augmented by the Author, and 
translated out of French by 
A. Prowse. Printed by T. E. for 
T.Man,London,lQOS. Svo. 4410. f. 

TAGALTinS (Joannes) See 
Banister (J.) A needefull ... 
treatise of Chyrurgerie...draw6n 
fuorth of ... J. Tagaltius, etc 
1676. 12mo. 7481. a. 

1633. 4to. 649. f. 4, (2.) 

TAILBOYS (Samuel) A 
new Lachrymental and FuneraU 
Elegy : or a Distillation of Great 
Brittaine's Teares, shed for the... 
sudden death of ... Lodowickey 
Duke of Richmond and Lenox, 
etc. B. Alsop, London, 1624. 4to. 

1070. m. 4. (6.) 

Without pagination. Cropped in 
the binding. 




TAILOR (Robert) See Bible. 
— Old Testament. — PsoZfvw. 
Metbical Yersioms. Sacred 
Hymns. Consisting of fifti seleot 
Psalms... Paraphrastically turned 
into English Verse. And by R. 
Tailonr, set to be sung in five 
parts, etc. 1615. 4to. 785. g. 3. 

— The Hogge hath lost his 
Pearle. A comedy, eto. [in five 
acts, in verse and prose]. Printed 
forB. BedmeVy London, 1614. 4to. 

644. f. 64. 
Withoat pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. e. 8. 

TAISNIER (Joannes) Avery 
necessarie and profitable Booke 
oonceming Navigation, compiled 
in Latin by J. Taisniems... named 
a treatise of continnall Motions. 
Translated into Englisbe, by R. 
Eden. )$• E. B. Juggey London, 
[1579?] 4to. 51.0.1. 

Withont pagination. 

See Boyse (A. de) afterwards 

Khan of the Moguls. See TImur. 

I^AMING. A Pleasant Con- 
ceited Historie, called The taming 
of a Shrew. [In prose and verse.] 
Al8 it was Bundrie times acted by 
the Right honorable the Earle of 
Pembrook his servants. [Variously 
attributed to W. Shakespeare, to 
G. Peele and to R. Greene.] Im- 
printed.. .hy P. S.,...8oldhy 0. Bur- 
hie, London, 1596. 4to. 161. b. 8. 

Withoat pagination. The reaem- 
blanoe between this play and Bhake- 
apeare's ^* Taming the Shrew" is 
rerj close. 

TAMWORTH, Tanner of. 
See Edward IV., King of England. 
A pleasant new Ballad between 
King Edward the fourth and a 
Tannerof Tamworth. [1640?] fol. 

Box. I. 176. 

TANNER (Robert) A Mirror 
for Mathematiques : a Golden 
Gem for Geometrioians : . . . Gon- 
tayning also an order howe to 
make an Astronomicall instru- 
ment, called the Astrolab, with 
the use thereof, etc. )$« Z* 
Imprinted by J. F. ... eolde by 
B. Watkina, London, 1587. 4to. 

8532. a. 

TAPHiSA (Maulumpertus) 
pseud, f See Gonsalvius Mont anus 
(R.) De heylighe Spaensche in* 
qiiisitie...door M. M. T....over- 
gheset,etc. 1569. 8vo. 3906. a. 

TAPP (John) See Cortes (M.) 
The Arte of Navigation... lastly 
corrected and augmented, with a 
Regiment or Table of declination, 
and divers other necessarv tables 
and rules of common Naviga-^ 
tion. Calculated... by J. T(ap). 
1596. 4to. G. 7311. (2.) 

1609. 4to. 533.f. 29* 

1615. 4to. 

— See Ephemerides. The Sea- 
man's Ealender...By J. T(app). 

1602. 4to. 

1397. d. 

TARLTON (Richard) The 
Cobler of Canterburie. Or an 
invective against Tarltons Newes 
out of Purgatorie. A merrier 
Jest then a Clownes Jigge, etc. 
N. Butter, London, 1608. 4to. 

C. 30. e. 32. 

— Tarltons Jests. Drawne into 
these three parts 1 His Court- 
witty Jests. 2 His sound City 
Jests. 3 His Countrey-pretty 
Jests. Full of delight, Wit, and 
honest Mirth. )$. £• Printed by 
I. H. for A. Crook, London, 
1638. 4to. 12331. b. 42, 

Withoat pagination. 8ig. A>€. 
Imperfect; wanting the titlepage 
and Bi, which are supplied in fao* 

— Tarlton[s] Newes out of 




Pargatory. Onely such a Jest as 
his Jigge, fit for Oentlemen to 
langh at an honre, etc. )$• X. 
G. Pur8lowe^..,8old by F, Qrove^ 
London, 1630. 4to. C. 40. o. 31. 

TARTAGLIA (Niocolo) 
Three Bookes of Colloquies con- 
cerning the Arte of Shooting in 
great and small peecesof Artillerie : 
...Written in Italian... by N. T.... 
translated into English by C. 
Lucar...also...a Treatise named 
Lncar Appendix... to shew the 
office and dutie of a Gunner, etc. 
Printed.,, for J, Harrison, London, 
1588. fol. 62. d. 14. 

TASSO (Ercx)le) Of Manage 
and Wiving. An excellent, plea- 
sant, and Fhilosophicall Gontro- 
yersie, betweene the two famous 
Tassi now living, the one Her- 
cules the Philosopher, the other, 
Torquato the Poet. Done into 
English, by K. T[ofte ?], Gentle- 
man. )^«Z« 2pts. T.Oreede,,,. 
9old by J. Smythicke, London, 
1699. 4to. 1077. c. 64. 

Withont pagination. Pt. 1 is 
entitled, ^' The declamation of Her- 
ciiles Tasso... against marriage;" 
pt. 2, " A defence or answere...b7 
Torquato Tasso." 

TASSO (Torquato) [Aminta,'] 
See Frauncje (A.) The Coun- 
tesse of Pembrokes Yuy church. 
Conteining the affectionate life 
and unfortunate death of Phillis 
and a pastorall 
r translated from T. T.] Eng- 
lish hexameters, etc. 1691. 4to. 

C. 34. 0. 36. (1.) 

— Aminta, etc. See Quarini 
(G. B.) II Pastor fido, etc. 
1691. 12mo. 1071. a. 20. (2, 3.) 

— T. Tasso's Aminta. A pas- 
toral drama in five acts and 
in verse.] Englisht [by J. Eey- 
nolds?]. To this is added Ariadne's 
Complaint in imitation of Anguil- 

lara ; written by the translator of 
Tasso's Aminta. A, Matheufet/br 
W. Lee; London, 1628. 4to. 

643. d. 82. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. e. 37. 

TASSO (Torquato) [Diseorn 
e Dialoghi] See Tasso (E.) Of 
Manage and Wiving. An ex- 
cellent ... Gontroversie, betweene 
the two famous Tassi now living, 
etc. 1699. 4to. 1077. c. 54. 

— [Oeru8alemme LthercUaj] See 
Godfrey [db Bouillon], S&ng of 
Jerusalem, Godfrey of BuUoigne, 
or the Recoverie of Jernsalem. 
Done into English heroicall verae 
[from the Italian of T.], eto. 
1600. fol. 82. g. 16. 

— T. Tassi Solymeidos, Liber 
primus, Latinis numeris expres- 
SUB h S. Gen till. /. Wolfitu^ 
Londini,15S4, 4to. 1073. g. 31. (2. j 

Without pagination. 

— Godfrey of BuUoigne, or the 
Becoverie of Hierusalem... trans- 
lated into English by R. C[arew?] 
Esquire : and now the first part 
containing five Cantos, imprinted 
in both Languages. Ital. and 
Eng. [Edited by C. Hunt] 
J, Winaei for C, Hunt, London^ 
1694. 4to. 1073. g. 32. 

— Godfrey of Boulogne: or the 
Recoverie of Jerusalem. Done 
into English Heroicall verse, by 
E. Fairefax...And now the second 
time imprinted. Together with 
the life of... Godfrey. /. BiU^ 
London, 1624. fol. 682. e. 23. 

Titlepage engraved. With por- 
trait. The first edition, which did 
not bear the author's name, will be 
found under the heading ** Godfrey." 

— jn Padre di Famiglia.] 
FThe Householders] Philosophie. 
wherein is perfectly and pro- 




fitably described, the true Oeco- 
nomia and forme of Housekeeping. 
...First written in Italian by... 
T. T., and now translated by T. K. 
Wbereunto is anexed a dairie 
booke for all good huswives. 
V. a. Printed by J. 0. for 
T. Hacket, London, 1588. 4to. 

1037. d.. 41. 

Imperfect; wanting the ''Dairie 
booke.'* TiUepage mutilated. 

TATHAM (John) The Fan- 
cies Theater [a collection of 
poems]. (Love crownes the end, 
apastorall.) J. Norton for B. Best, 
London, 1640. Svo. 1076; a. 41. 

Withont pagination. ^ Love 
orownes the end " has a separate 
titlepafce, but the register is oon- 

— Another copy. 643. a. 36. 

— Another copy . C. 1 2. g. 1 0. (1 .) 

Imperfeet ; containing the second 
tract only, *' Love crownes the end." 

TATIUS (Trrus) King of the 
Sahinee. Bapta Tatio. The Mir- 
rour of his Majesties present 
Qcvemment, tending to the Union 
of his whole Hand of Brittonie. 
By Sir John Skinner? or by 
. Doufflas?] Printed hy W. W. 
for 8. Waterton, London, 1604. 4to. 

600. d. 29. (6.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 1077. e. 18. 

*- Another copy. G. 4665. 

TATTON (JoHN^ A Joumall 
of a y^age made oy the Fearle 
to the "EABi India [in 1612]. See 
PuBCHAS (8.) Purchas his Pil- 
grimes, etc. Pt. 1. 1625, etc. fol. 

679. h. 11. 

TAVERNER (John) The 
bella. — My harte my mynde. — 
Xfoue wyll I. — [Words and Music] 
£EmBook. Begin, [leaf 1, recto:] 
€1 BasBUB. [Verso :] In this boke 


ar coteynyd . xx. soges, etc. 
1530. Ohl. 4to. C. 31. b. 

TAVERNER (John) Cer- 
taine Experiments concerning 
Fish and Fruite. »♦ I, W.Pon- 
Bonby, London, 1600. 4to. 1257. d^ 

TAVERNER (Richard) See 
AuGSBURO Confession. The con- 
fessyon of the fayth of the Ger- 
maynes... translated by R. T., etc. 
1636. Svo. C. 37. c. 9. 

— See Bible. The most sacred 
Bible ... newly recognized ... by 
R. T. 1539. fol. 464. c. 14. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Psalms. Devotional Compilations. 
An Epitome of the Psalmes... 
Translated by R. T. 1539. Svo. 

1219. a. 34. 

— SeeBvBLE. — New Testament. 
— Epistles and Oospds. The 
Epistles and Oospelles with a 
brief postil upon the same, etc. 
[Edited by R. T.] 1540. 4to. 

C. 25. g. 8, 9. 

[1542 ?] 4to. 8227. aa. 

[1545?] 4to. C.10.a.5.(l.) 

— See Cato (D.) Catonis 
Disticha Moralia ex castigatione 
D. Erasmi...una cum annotationi- 
bus...Ricbarde Tavemeri...Mimi 
publiani, cum Anglicis ejusdem 
Kicharde scholiis, recogniti. 
1562. Svo. 11643. a. 

— See Erasmus (D.) [Adagia, — 
Seleetiane.'\ Proverbes or adagies 
gathered out of the Ghiliades 
of Erasmus by R. T. 1539. Svo. 

1075. c. 10. 

1552. Svo. 1075. c. 11. 

— — [Apophthegmala. — Selec- 
tions.'] Floresaliquot Sententiarum 
. . . The Flowers of Sencies gathered 
out of sundry wryters by Eras- 


T A V 


mu8 in Latino % Englished by 
K. T. Lot. and Bng. 1547. 8vo. 

1075. b. 7. 

1550. 8vo. 12315. a. (2.) 

TAVERNER (Richard) See 
Erasmus (D ) [De Qmscribendis 
I^iolis, — Matrimonii Encomium,"] 
A ryght frutefuU 
lande...of matrymouy, translate^ 
...byR.Tavernour,etc. [1530?] 8vo. 

8416. a. 

— See Sarcerius (E.) Comon 
places of scripture ordrely...8et 
forth... Translated into English 
byR. T. 1538. 8vo. 3128. a. 

1553. 8vo. 3128. aa. 

1577. 8vo. 3906. a. 

— The garden of wysedome 
conteynyng pleasaiit floures, that 
is to saye, propre and quycke 
sayinges of Princes, Philosophers 
and other sortes of men. Drawen 
forth of good authours, by R. T. 
Newly recognised and augmented. 
39. a. MS. NoTBS. 2 pts. 
E. Whytchurche, (JR. Bankea,) Lon- 
don, [1640?] 1539. 8vo. 

C. 40. a. 26. 

Book 2 is of the original edition, 
printed by R. Bankes, 1539. Book 1 
IB a reprint executed by E. Whyt- 
ohurche, about 1540. 

— Another edition. 39, £• 
2 pts. W. Copland for B, Kele, 
London, [1550 ?] 8vo. 

12315. a. 37. (1.) 

Pt. 1 is without pagination. 

TAYLER (Francis) A godly 
...Sermon upon the 18. 19. 20. 21. 
verses of the 10. Chap, to the 
Romaines. Wherein is set foorth 
...the greate meroy of God in the 
calling of the Gentiles, etc. 3S. Z. T. D(au>9on) for 
T. Woodcocke, London, 1583. 8yo. 

4474. a. 30. 

Without pagination. 

TAYLOR (Jeremt) Bithopof 
Doum and Chnnor and of Dromore^ 
A Sermon [on Lnke ix. 54] 
preached in Saint Maries Church 
m Oxford upon the anniversary 
of the Gunpowder - Treason. 
L. Lichfield, Oxford, 1638. 4to. 

694. k. 14. 

TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. See Book. The Booke of 
Martyrs, etc. [By J. T.] 1639. 8vo. 

G. 511. 

— See Coaches. The Coaches 
overthrow, etc. [A Ballad. By 
J. T.?] [1635?] fol. Rox. I. 546. 

— See Thames. The Colde 
Tearme, etc. [By J. T. ?] 
[1621.] 8. ah. fol. 831.1.9.(5.) 

— All the Workes of J. T. 
the Water-Poet. Being Sixty 
and three in number. Collected 
into one Volume by the Author : 
with sundry new Additions, cor- 
rected, etc. Printed by J. B.for 
J. Boler, London, 1630. fol. 

79. h. 22. 

— An Armado, or Navye, of 
103. Ships ife other Vessels ; who 
have the Art to Sayle by Land as 
well as by Sea. Morrally Bigd, 
Mand, Mnnitiond...and Victualed^ 
with 32. Bortes of Ling: with 
other Provisions of Fish & Flesh, 
etc. Printed by E. A. for H. GosBon^ 
London, 1627. 8vo. C. 30. b. 34. 

Without pagination. 

— An Arrant Thiefe, whom 
Every Man may Trust in Word 
and Deed, Exceeding true and 
Just. With a Comparison be- 
tweene a Thiefe and a Booke, 

SI verse.] E. AU'de,for H. Chsaon, 
ndon, 1622. 8vo. C. 30. b. 24. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 
for H. Go89on, London, 1625. Bvo. 

C. 30. b. 33. 




TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. A Briefe Bemembrance of 
all the English Monarchs, from 
the Normans Conquest, untill 
this present. [25 engraved por- 
traits of the English sovereigns, 
with aooompanying verses.] 
O. Eld for B. Oo89on, London, 
1618. 8vo. G. 11201. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. G, Eld, 
London, 1622. 8vo. C. 89. o. 57. 

— The Carriers Cosmographie. 
Or a Briefe Belation of the Lines 
...and other lodgings in, and 
neere London, where the Carriers, 
Waggons, Foote-posts and Hig- 
glers, doe usually come, from any 
parts of... England, ... Wales, ... 
Scotland and Ireland... As also 
where the Ships, ... Barges and 
wherries, do usually attend to 
Garry Passengers and Gk)ods to 
the Coast Townes of England, 
Scotland, Ireland, or the Nether- 
lands, eto. Printed by A. 0., 
London, 1637. 4to. C. 30. d. 32. 

Without pagination. 

— A Common Whore 

With all these Graces Graced : 

Shoe's very honest, 

beantifall and chaste. 
[In verse.l Printed for H, Oosson, 
London, 1622. 8vo. C. 30. b. 26. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for PL. OoiBon, London, 1 625. 8vo. 

C. 30. b. 31. 

— Di£fering Worships, or, the 
Oddes, betweene some Knights 
Service and God's. Or Tom Nash 
his Ghost,... newly rons'd, and is 
come to chide... Nonconformists, 
etc. [In verse.] Printed for 
W. Ley, London, 1640. 4to. 

C. 30. d. 33. 

— Another copy. 239. g. 38. 

VOL. lU. 

TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. An English-mans Love to 
Bohemia : with a friendly Fare- 
well to all the noble Souldiers 
that goe from great Britaine to 
that honorable Expedition, etc. 
[In verse.] Dori, 1620. 4to. 

C. 30. d. 26. 

With the arms of Sir M. M. Bykes 
stamped on the oovera. 

— The Fearefull Sommer: or 
Londons Calamitie, The Coun- 
tryes Discurtesie, & both their 
Miserie. [In verse.] Printed by 
L L. and W. T., London, 1625. 8vo. 

G. 11202. (2.) 

Without pagination. Mutilated. 

Printed... in the last 

great Infection of the Plague, in 
1625. And now reprinted with 
some Editions [sic] concerning 
this present yeere, 1636. With 
some mention of the grievous and 
afflicted estate of ...New-Castle up- 
on Tine, etc. [London, 1636.] 4to. 

C. 30. d. 31. 

Without pagination. Cropped in 
the binding. 

— Great Britaine, all in Blacke. 
For the incomparable losse of 
Henry our late worthy Prince. 
"In verse.] Printed by E. A, for 
\ Wright, London, 1612. 4to. 

C. 30. d. 23. 

Without pagination. 


— The great Toole. [A 
poem.] Printed for H. Oosaon, 
London, 1^22. 12mo. C.30.b.25. 

With portrait of "Arthurua Seve- 
ru8 O. Toole Nonesuch : aetatis 80.*' 
Without pagination. 

— Heavens Blessing, and Earths 
Joy. Or, A true relation of the 
supposed Sea-fights & Fire- workes, 
as were accomplished, before the 
...Celebration of the ... Mariage 
of ... Fredericke & Elizabeth, 
withTriumphall Enoonomiasticke 

5 G 




Verses, etc. 2 pts. Imprinted.,, 
for J. Hunt^ London, [1613]. 4to. 

C. 30. d. 24. 

Without pagination. The^'YerteB" 
have a separate titlepage, but the 
register is continuous. The first 
titlepage is slightly mutilated in 

TAYLOR (JoHu) the Water 
Poet. The honorable and memor- 
able Foundations, Erections, 
Raisings, and Ruines, of divers 
Cities, Townes, Castles and oth^r 
Pieces of Antiquitie, within ... 
Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, 
Barkshire, EsEex, Middlesex, Hart- 
fordshire, Buckinghamshire and 
Oxfordshire ... Also, a Relation 
of the Wine and 
throughout the said severall Shires. 
Printed for H. Oosson^ London, 
1636. 12mo. C. 30. b. 87. 

The head.title reads, ''A Cata- 
logue of Tavernes in ten Shires 
about London." 

— Jack a Lent : his Beginning 
and Entertainment: with the 
ma[d] pranks of his Gentleman- 
Usher Shroue-Tuesday that goes 
before him, and his Foot-man 
Hunger attending. With new 
additions, etc. S. Z* Printed 
for L T., London, 1620. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 31. 

Without pagination. 

— A Kicksey Winsey: or a 
Lerry Come-Twang : Wherein 
J. T. hath satyrically suited 800. 
of his bad deoters, that will not 
pay him for his retume of his 
journey from Scotland, etc. [In 
verse.] N. Okee for M. Walhanck, 
London, 1619. 8vo. C. 30. b. 21. 

Without pagination. 

— [Another edition.] The 
Scourge of Basenesse. Or the 
old Lerry with a new Eicksey, 
and a new cum twang with the 
old Winsye. Wherein J. T. hath 
curried or clapperclawed, neere a 

thousand of bis bad Debters, etc. 
[In verse.] Printed by N, O. for 
M.Walbancke,London,\l6l9'\. 8vo. 

0. 30. b. 22. 

Without pagination. The title- 
page is cropped at the bottom. 

TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. The life and death of the 
most blessed among women, the 
Virgin Mary Mother of our Lord 
Jesus. With the Murder of the 
Infants in Bethlehem, Judas bis 
Treason, and the Confession of 
the good Theife and the bad. 
In verse.] Printed. . .by O. E. for 
. T., London, 1622. 8vo. 

C. 30. d. 41. 

Without pagination. Big. A-a 


— A Living Sadnes, in Duty 
oonsecrated to the Immortal me- 
mory of our late Deceased albe- 
loved Soueraigne ... James [I.], 
etc. [In verse.] E. AU-de for 
H. Qoeson, London, [16251 4to. 

G. 11461. 

— A Memorial of all the Eng- 
lish Monarohs, being in number 
150. from Brute to King James. 
In Heroyicall verse, etc. London, 
1622. 8vo. C. 30. b. 29. 

Without pagination. Imperfect ; 
wanting poitrait of the author. 

— Another edition. /. Beale, 
for J. Bowler ; London, 1630. 8vo. 

C. 30. b. 35. 

To this copy have been added 
three plates, viz. an etching from 
a portrait of Charles I., by Vandyke; 
a series of portraits of the Kings of 
England surmounting a small map 
of the British Isles; and a represen- 
tation of Britannia, with the legend 
** Medulla Historisd Anglicansa.^ 

— Another copy. 1077. b. 73. 

Imperfect ; wanting all after sig. 
Gs. This copy contains an engraved 
full-length portrait of Charles L, 
dated 1631. 

— The Needles Excellency. A 




new Booke wherein are divers 
Admirable workes wrought with 
the Needle. [In verse.] The 
12"^ Edition inlarged, etc. 
Printed for J. Boler, [London^"] 
1640. OW. 4to. C. 30. d. 36. 

Titlepage engiaved. Without 

TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. The Old, Old, Very Old 
Man : or. The Age and long Life 
of T. Par,... who was Borne in 
the Baigne of King Edward the 
4^ being aged 152. yeares and 
odd Monethes ... Whereunto is 
Added a Postscript, etc. [In 
verse.] Printed for H, Ooswm, 
London, 1635. 4to. G. 34. f. 43. 

Withont pagination. With a por- 
trait of Old Parr as frontispiece. 
In this copy are inserted two folio 
single sheets, one dated 1635, headed 
*' The Wonder of this age," heing an 
acooant of Old Parr, with portrait ; 
the other dated 1636, headed «< The 
three Wonders of this Age," beinff 
an account, with portraits, of Old 
Parr, the giant £2 vans, and the 
dwarf Jeffrey Hudson. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for S. Ooaeon^ London, 1635. 4to. 

Q. 1046. 

— Part of this Snmmers Tra- 
vels, or News from Hell, Hall, 
and Hallifax, from York, Linne, 
Leicester, Chester, Coventry, 
Lichfield, Nottingham, etc. [In 
verse and prose.] Imprinted by 
J. O., [London, 1640?] 8vo. 

291. a. 54. 

— The Pennyles Pilgrimage, or 
The MoDey-lesse perambulation, 
of J. Taylor... How he travailed 
...from London to Edenborongh, 
...not carrying any Money, etc. 
[In verse and prose.] E. All de, 
X(mdon, 1618. 4to. G. 510. 

Withont pagination. 

— The Praise and Vertue of a 
Jayle, and Jaylers. With the 

most excellent Mysterie, and ne- 
cessary use of all sorts of Hang- 
ing. Also a touch at Tybume 
for a Period, and the Authors free 
leave to let them be hangd, who 
are offended at the Booke without 
cause. [In verse.] Printed by 
J. KforB.B., London, \62S. Svo. 

C. 30. b. 32. 

Withont pagination. 

— Another copy. 1077. b. 74. 

Leaf 16 is mutilated and the 
defect supplied in MS. 

TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. The Praise, Antiquity, and 
commodity of Beggery, Beggers, 
and Begging, etc. [In verse.] 
Printed by E, A, for H, Gossan, 
arid... sold by E. Wright; London, 
1621. 4to. C. 30. d. 27. 

— The Praise of Hemp-Seed. 
With the Voyage of M^ K. Bird 
and the Writer hereof, in a Boat 
of brown-paper, from London to 
Qninborough... As also a Farewell 
to the... deceased M' T. Coriat. 
Concluding with the commenda- 
tions of thc.Biver of Thames, 
etc. Printed,,. for H, Gossan, Lon- 
don, [1620]. 4to. C. 30. d. 25. 

The titlepage is mutilated. 

— A Shilling, or the Travailes 
of Twelve-pence. [A poem.] 
[London, 16227] Svo. C.30.b.27. 

Withont pagination. 

— SuperbiaB Flagellum, or, The 
Whip of Pride. (A few lines... 
against the Scandalous Asper* 
sioDs,...cast upon the Poets and 
Poems of these Times.) [In 
verse.] G. Eld, London, 1Q21. Svo. 

G. 11202. (1.) 

Withont pagination. With an 
engraved frontispiece. The epistle 
to the reader is preceded by a dedi- 
catory epistle to Sir T. Richardson. 

— Another copy. 23S. b. 11. 
Imperfect; wanting the frontis- 




piece and explanatory Tenes. In 
this copy a dedicatory epistle ad- 
dressed to W. Seymour Baron Beau- 
champ is substituted for that to Sir 
T. Richardson. 

TAYLOR (John) the Water 
Poet. Taylor bis Travels: from 
the Citty of London in England, 
to the Citty of Prague in Bohemia. 
... With many relations worthy 
of note. H. Gosson, London^ 

1620. 4to. C. 30. d. 35. 

Sixteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Taylor on Thame Isis: or 
the description of the two famous 
Bivers of Thame and Isis, who 
being conjoyned or combined 
together, are called Thamisis, or 
Thames, etc. [Li verse.] [L]on- 
don, [1632]. 8vo. C. 30. b. 36. 

Without pagination. The dato in 
the titlepage is cut off. 

— Taylors Farewell to the 
Tower-bottles. Dort [London], 
1622. 8vo. C. 30. b. 30. 

Without pagination. 

— Taylor's Motto. Et habeo, 
Et Careo, Et euro. [In verse.] 
Printed for L T. dt H, (?., London, 

1621. 8vo. C. 30. b. 23. 

Without pagination. The title- 
page is engraved. 

— Another copy. 238. b. 12. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

— Taylors Pastorall: being 
both historical! and satyricall: 
or the Noble Antiquitie of Shep- 
heards, with the profitable use of 
Sheepe, etc. Printed ,„hy Q. P. for 
H. Oo88on, and,,, sold at K Wrights 
shop, etc., London, 1624. 4to. 

C. 30. d. 30. 

Without pagination. 

— Taylors Waterworke or the 
Scullers Travels from Tyber to 
Thames: with his boat laden 
with a hotch-potch ... of sonnets, 

satyres, and epigrams, with an 
inkhorne disputation betwixt a 
lawyer and a poet, and a quar- 
teme of new-catcht epigrams, etc 
[London, 1614.] 4to. 239. g. 39. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage, dg. 
Da, 3, and all after sig. Gi. 

TAYLOR (John) ihs Water 
Poet. Three Weekes, three daies, 
and three houres, observations 
and travel, from London to Ham- 
burgh ... with Descriptions of 
Townes and Towers, Castles and 
Cittadels, artificial! Gallowses, 
Naturall Hangmen, etc. E. Grif- 
fin;,,, sold by Q. Chjbbs, London^ 
1617. 4to. C. 27. b. 32. 

Without pagination. 

— A Valorous and Perilious 
Sea-fight. Fought with three 
Turkish Ships... on the coast of 
Comewall ... by the ... Elizabeth, 
ofFlimmouth...on...thel7of Juno 
...1640. (The examination of J. 
Whiddon . . . Gunner ... A Friendly, 
true, deserved Commendation and 
encouragement of all Mariners, 
etc.) PrintedhyKP.forKWrighi, 
London, 1640. 4to. G. 30. d. 34. 

— A Verry Merry Wherry- 
Ferry- Voyage : or Yorke for my 
Money : sometimes Perilous ; 
sometimes Quarrellous, Performed 
with a paire of Oares, by Sea 
from London, by J. T., and lob 
Pennell... Written by I. T. [Li 
verse.] E.AU^,London,1622. 8vo. 

C. 30. b. 28. 

Without pagination. Titlepage 
slightly mutilated. 

— The Water-Cormorant his 
Complaint against a Brood of 
Land-Cormorants. Divided into 
fourteene satyres. G. Eld, Lon- 
don, 1622. 4to. C. 30. d. 28i. 

Without pagination. 

— Th eWorld runnes on Wheeles : 
or Oddes, betwixt Carts and 


Coaches. Printed hy E. A. for 
H. Chmon; London^ 1623. 8yo. 

C. 30. d. 29. 

Without pagination. 

TAYLOR (Stephen) A whippe 
for worldlings, or, the centre of 
content. [In verse.] [London^ 
1586.] 4to. C. 30. e. 30. 

Ten leaves, without paji^nation. 
The titlepage, which is engraved, is 
cropped at the top and the bottom, 
the date and imprint being cat off. 

TAYLOR (Thbophilus) The 
Mappe of Moses : or, a Guide for 
Govemonrs. Two sermons lately 
Preached before the Judges of 
Assize, and Magistrates of the 
Towne of Beding, etc. T. Harper^ 
London, 1629. 4to. 4474. d. 103. 

TAYLOR (Thomas) D.D., 
Fellow of Chri8t*8 College, Cam- 
bridge, See Bible. — New Testa- 
ment. — Titus. A commentarie 
upon the Epistle... to lHtns...B7 
T. T., etc. 1619. 4to. 3266. e. 

— See Threnoikos. <S)/>7voiico9. 
•.. Sermons ... By ... T. T., etc. 
1640. fol. 4453. g. 1. 

— Three Treatises : The Pearle 
of the Gospell, The Pilgrims Pro- 
fession : and A Glasse for Gentle^ 
women to dresse themselves by. 
To which is added A short Intro- 
duction to the worthy receiving 
of the Lords Supper. Printed 
hy L B, for J. Bartlet, London, 
1633. 12mo. 4405. bb. 

— The Beawties of Beth-El. 
Containing sundry reasons why 
every Christian ought to account 
one day in the courtes of God, 
l)etter then a thousand besides. 
[A Sermon on Psal. Lxxxiv. 10.] 
Printed by G. Eld for T. Man, 
London, 1609. 8vo. 4409. b. 

— Christs Victorie over the 
Dragon: or Satans Downfall... 



In a plaine and pithy Exposi- 
tion of the twelfth Chapter of 
S. Johns Bevelation. [Edited by 
W. Jemmat.] Printed by M, F.for 
B. Davolman, London, 1633. 4to. 

3187. a. 

TAYLOR (Thomas) D.B., 
Fellow of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge. Circumspect Walking : de- 
scribing the severall Eules as so 
many severall Steps in the way 
of Wisdome, etc. Printed for 
J. Boler, London, 1631. 12mo. 

4409. d. 

— A good Husband and a good 
Wife... A Sermon [on Luke i. 6] 
... published by J. Sedgwicke. 
Printed for W. Sheffard, London, 
1625. 4to. 114. e: 43. 

' — Japhets first Publique Per- 
^swasion into Sems tents : or, 
Peters Sermon, which was the 
first generall calling of the Gen- 
tiles, preached before Cornelius. 
Expounded, etc. C, Legge, Printer 
to the Universitie of Cambridge, 
1612. 4to. 873. f. 13. 

— A Man in Christ, or a new 
Creature. To which is added a 
Treatise, containing Meditations 
from the Creatures... The second 
edition. Corrected, etc. 2 pts. 
London, 1629. 12mo. 4402. e. 

Imperfect ; wanting pt. 2. 
The Fourth edition. 

2 pts. Printed for J. Bartlet, Lon- 
don, 1635. 12mo. 4409. c. (2.) 

Pt. 2 has a distinct titlepage, 
register, and pagination. 

— A Mappe of Home : lively 
exhibiting her mercilesse meek- 
nesse, and cruell mercies to the 
Church of God : preached in five 
sermons, on occasion of the Gun- 
powder Treason, by T. T. and 
now published by W. J(emmat), 




Minister. F. KyiujsUm^forJ. Bartlet, 
London, 1 620. 4to. 3935. b. 

TAYLOR (Thomas) D.D.y 
Fellow of CkrtBt*8 College, Cam' 
bridge. Meditations from the Crea- 
tures. The Second edition. Cor- 
rected by the Author. Printed 
for J. Bartlet, London, 1629. 12mo. 

4401. aaa. 7. 

— The Parable of the Sower 
and of the Seed, etc. F, KyngiUm 
for J. Barilet, London^ 1621. 4to. 

4226. bb. 

The second edition. 

Printed for J. Barilet, London^ 
1623. 4to. 875. g. 10. 

To which is added, 

A Mappe of Eome^in five Sermons, 
on the fifth of November... The 
third edition. 2 pts, T. Purfoot^ 
for J. Bartlet ; London, 1634. 4to/ 

4454. df. 

— The Pilgrims Profession. 
Or a sermon [on Ps. xxxix. 12] 
preached at the Funerall of M". 
M. Gunter...To which... is added, 
A short •Relation of the life and 
death of the said gentle- woman, 
etc. [Edited by H.Gunter.] Printed 
hy 1. D. for J, Bartlet, London, 
1622. 12mo. 1418. i. 10. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy J. H, for J, Bartlet, London, 
1625. 12mo. 1418. i. 9. 

Imperfect ; wanting all after p. 2. 
Bound up with it are pp. 9-172 of 
another work by the satne author, 
entitled : " The pearle of the 

— The Practice of Eepentance. 
... Second edition ... corrected by 
the author. Printed for L Bartlet, 
London, 1629. 12mo. 4412. e. 

The fourth edition. 

Printed for J, Bartlet, London, 
1635. 12mo. 4409. c. (1.) 

TAYLOR (Thomas) B,I)., 
Fellow of Christ's College, Caw^ 
bridge. The Principles of Chris- 
tian Practice. Containing the 
Institution of a Christian man, 
etc. Printed by B. Y. for 
J. Barilet, London, 1635. 12mo. 


— The Progresse of Saints into 
full Holinesse : described in sun- 
dry Apostolicall Aphorismes, etc. 
Printed by W. L for J, Bartiet, 
London, 1630. 4to. 875. g. 5. 

— Another copy. 854. d. 3. 

With a new titlepage bearing 
date 1631. 

— Regula Yitaa. The Bnle of 
the Law under the GospeL Con- 
taining a Discovery of the pesti- 
ferous Sect of Libertines, Anti- 
nomians, and sonnes of Belial, 
etc. Imprinted ,,. by M, F. for 
B. Dawlman, London, 1 6 35. 1 2mo. 

4256. a. 

TEDDER (Hichard) A ser- 
mon [on Luke xix. 46] preached the Primary Visitation of 
the . . . Bishop of Norwich. T. Bar- 
jper, for 0, Emerson, London, 
1637. 4to. 114. a. 44. 

TEDDER (William) The 
Eecantations as they were seve- 
ral lie pronounced by W. T. and 
A. Tyrell (sometime two Semi- 
narie Priests of the English Col- 
ledge in Eome and no we... con- 
verted ... unto profession of the 
Gospel) ... at Paules Crosse, etc. 
/. Charlewood and W. Brome, Lon- 
don, 1588. 4to. 105. a. 66. 

Besides the general titlepage, 
there is a special titlepage for me 
recantation of William Tedder, and 
another for that of A. Tyrrell; 
but the pagination is eontmuons 

TEELINCK (Willem) The 




Ballanoe of the Sanotiiarie, shew- 
ing how we must behave onr 
selveB when wee see... the people 
of God in miBerie... under the 
tyranny of their Enemies, etc. 

B translated from the Dutch by C. 
armar? Edited by T. Gataker.l 
Printed hy J. D, for W. Sheffard, 
London, 1621. 4to. 874. k. 44. 

Pauls Complaint against his 
jiaturall corruption. With the 
meanes how to bee delivered from 
the power of the same. Set forth 
in two Sermons upon the 24 verse 
of the 7. Chapter of his Epistle to 
the Bomanes, etc. [Translated 
from the Dutch by C. Harmar.] 
J. Dawson for J, Bellamie, London, 
1621. 4to. 4462. c. 

— The Besting-Place of the 
Minde, etc. (A Sermon upon 
Qen. ii. 4-6.) [Translated from 
the Dutch and edited by T. Ga- 
taker.] J. Hatiland for E. Brew- 
Bier, London, 1622. 4to. 1358. c. 

TEIXEIRA (Jos^) The 
strangest adventure that ever 
happened . . . Containing a discourse 
<x>nceming the successe of the 
King of Portugall Dom Sebastian 
from the time of his voyage into 
Afiricke,... in the yeare 1578. 
unto the sixt of «January this 
present 1601 [by J. Teixeira]... 
First done in Spanish then in 
French, and now lastly translated 
into English [by A. Munday]. 
Printed for F» Henson, London, 
1601. 4to. 1195. a. 1. (8.) 

— Another copy. G. 4663. 

TELIN (Gitillaume) Archaio- 
plutOB. Or the Biches of Elder 
ages. Prooving...that the aun- 
cient Emperors & Kings, were 
more rich and magnificent, then 
such as live in these daies. Heereto 
18 annexed, the honours of the 

brave Bomaine Souldiours ; With 
the Seaven Wonders of the Worlde. 
...Translated into English [by 
A. Munday]. Few MS. Notes. 
Printed hy L C. for B. Smith, 
London, 1592. 4to. C. 40. b. 9. 

TEL-TROTH (Tom) pseud. 
See La. (Jo.) Gent. Tom Tel- 
Troths Message, etc. 1600. 4to. 

C. 39. e. 39. 

TEL-TROUTH (Tom) paeud. 
The Araignment of Lewde, idle, 
froward, and unconstant women : 
Or the vanitie of them, choose 
you whether. With a commenda- 
tion of wise, vertuous, and honest 
Woman, etc. [The epistle to the 
Beader signed T. T.] J. Wreit- 
toun, Edirmrgh, 1629. 8vo. 

12352. aa. 28. 

Without pagination. 

TEMPLE. [Fol. 17, recto ;] 
Explicit the temple of bras [also 
called " The Assembly of Fowls." 
By G. Chaucer]. Here next 
foloweth a tretyse, whiche John 
Gkogan [«U5, i.e. Skogan] Sente 
vnto the lordes and gentil men of 
the kynges hows, exortyng them 
to lose no tyme in theyr yougthe, 
buttovsevertues. [Fol. 21,t;cr«o:] 
The good counceyl of chawcer. 
[Fol. 22, verso i] Balade of the 
vilage without peyntyng. [By 
G. Chaucer. — Fol. 24, recto:'] 
Thenuoye of chancer to skegan. 
[All in verse.] ». !• [WiUiam 
Caxton, Westminster, 1478 ?] 4to. 

C. 40. 1. 1. (1.) 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
register. Twenty-three lines to a 
fuU page. Imperfect; containing 
only folL 2-7, 17-24, and nothing 
beyond that point Foil. 3, 4, 7, 17, 
18, 19, and 20 are mutilated. These 
fragments were found among a 
number of waste leaves bound up in 
the covers of a copy of Caxton's 
edition of Boethius, formerly be- 
longing to the Grammar School of 
St. Alban's. 




TEMPLE. Begin. Here be- 

gynneth the T. of glas. 
by J. Lydgate.l V. Z. 
de Worde, Londim, 1500 ?" 

A Poem 
C. 13. a". 21. (8.) 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
catchwords. Twenty-eight leaves; 
28 lines to a full page. The verso 
of the last leaf has the cipher of 

TEMPLE, Inner J Society of the. 
The Masque of the Inner Temple 
and Grayes Inne: Grayes Inne 
and the Inner Temple, presented White-hall the twentieth 
day of Februarie, 1612. [By 
F. Beaumont.] Imprinted hy F. A. 
for 0. Norton, London, [1612 ?] 4to. 

T. 2058. (4.) 

TEMPLE (Hobert) A Sermon 
[on 1 Cor. iiv. 1] teaching dis- 
cretion in matters of religion, and 
touching certayne abuses now in 
the Ghurche : Preached at Panics 
Crosse, etc. Imprinted,,, hy B, B. 
for E, Agga$, London, 1592. 8vo. 

1413. b. 17. (2.) 

TEMPLE (William) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Psalms, 
Portions. A logicall analysis of 
twentie select Pealmes, performed 
by W. Temple. 1605. 4to. 

1215. d. 


The X. Commaundements in the 
Saxon and Englisshe tounge. See 
^LFRic, successively Bishop of 
Wilton and Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, A Testimonie of Antiquitie, 
etc. [1566?] 12mo. 4326. a. 

— See Calvin (J.) Sermons 
of... J. Calvine upon the . x. Com- 
mandementes, etc. 1579. 4to. 

3155. f. 

— See Erasmus (D.) [Cate- 
chismns,] A playne and godly 
exposition... of the oomune Crede 

...and of the . x. comaundementes 
of goddes law, etc. [1533.] 8vo. 

220. b. 13. 


A singular and &uteful maner 
of prayeng ... upon the Lordea 
prayer, the tenne commaunde- 
mentes, etc. See Luther (M.) 
The chiefe and pryncypall Ar- 
ticles of the Christen faythe, etc. 
1648. Svo. G. 19921. 

— A Declaration of the ten 
holy comaundementes of all- 
mygthye God, wroten Exo. 20. 
Deu. 5. Collectyd out of the 
Scripture Canonicall by J. Hop- 
per. [With the text.] ». 1. 
London, 1548. 8vo. 3932. o. 

With certayne new 

addicions, etc. %• %• B. Jugge^ 
London, 1550. 8vo. 698. a. 54. 

— Another edition. V. Z, 
B, Jugge, London, 1550. 8vo. 

697. a. 14. 

— Another copy. 3155. a. 

Imperfect; wanting all before 
sig. B2, indnding the titlepage and 
the address *'Unto the Coristiane 
Reader," also the last two leaTes, 
containing Tables. A fao-simile of 
the titlepage of the edition of IMS 
has been prefixed to this copy. 

— Another edition. B, Walde- 
grave for T, Woodcocke, London^ 
[1588?] 8vo. 3155. a. 

With a portrait inserted. 

— A plaine and familiar Ex- 
position of the Ten Commando- 
ments. [With the text.] With 
a ... Catechisme, containing ... all 
the principall grounds of Chris- 
tian Religion. Newly corrected 
and inlarged, etc. [By J. Dod 
and B. Cleaver.] A Lovmesfor 
T, Man, London, 1615. 4to. 

3155. c. 

The eighteenth 




edition... oorreoted and amended, 
etc. Printed hy the Assignes of 
T. Jfafi, P. Han, and, J, Man^ 
London, 1632. 4to. 3109. o. (1.) 

The nineteenth 

edition. Printed hy the Aasignei 
of J. Jlfati omd B, Fisher, London, 
1636. 4to. 1016. 1. 4. 


IbesuB. €1 The floure of the 
oommanndementes of God with 
many examples and auctorytees 
extracte and drawe as well of 
holy Scryptures as other doctours 
and good anncyente faders, the 
'whiche is moche atyle and pro- 
fytable nnto all people. End. 
...lately translated ont of Fresshe 
in to Englysshefby A. Chertsey], 
etc. %« i, Wyfikyn de Worde, 
London, 1521. fol. 1009. e. 4. 
Printed in double oolumns. 

TENERS. See Tenures. 

TENNIS (Margaret) See 
H., T. a True Discourse of the 
Two... upstart Prophets... As also 
of M. Tennis,... with the Hereti- 
call Opinions held by her, etc. 
1636. 4to. G. 20167. 

TENURES. [The Old 
Tenures.] Begin. [Sig, Ai, recto :] 
TEnir per service de chivaler, etc. 
Fr. ».il. MS. Notes. [B.Pyn8on, 
London, 1516 ?] fol. C. 40. i. 1. 

Six leaves, without titlepage, 
pagination, or catchwords. Forty 
lines to the full page. The initial 
letters are printea. 

— Olde teners newly corrected. 

V. a. MS. Note. In edihus 

B. Pyneoni, Londini, 1525. 16mo. 

G. 6908. 
Withont pagination. 

— The olde Tenures. Fr. 
V* X. MS. Notes. B. Bedman, 
dwMynge in the FUteetrete, [JLon- 
don,] 1532. 8vo. 1379. a. (1.) 

Sixteen leaves, without pagination. 

TENURES. Olde Tenures. 
)$« Z. In Aedibus Thomas Ber- 
t\helet\ Londini, 1538. 8vo. 

507. a. 37. (2.) 

Sig. A, B, without pagination. 
The date 1534 oconrs in the wood- 
cat border eDoloeing the title. 

— Begin. [Fol. 2.— T]enant en 
fee simple, etc. End. Expliciiit 
Tenores novelli, etc. [By Sir 
T. Littleton.! ». I. /. lettou, i 
W, de machtinia 7 Citate Londo- 
niaq., [1481]. fol. 0. 12. i. 9. 

Without tltlepage, pagination, or 
catchwords. Beveuty leaves; 38 
lines to a full page. Fol. 1 contains 
the table of the work. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

C. 38. h. 8. 

Imperfect ; wanting sig. d 2 and i. 

— Another edition* )$• S. 
jper mlhelmu de machlinia in..,Civi' 
tate Londoniai^, [1483 ?] fol. 

C. 38. h. 9. 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
catchwords. Sixty-eight leaves ; 40 
lines to a full page. Fol. 1 contains 
the table of the work. 

TEONVILLE (Jean de) 


TERCEIRA, Island of. A 
true and strange relation of fire, 
which by an Eruption brake 
forth out of the bowels of the 
earth in the depth of the Sea, 
and made... one of the Islands of 
the Tercera's, etc. Printed for 
N. Butter, and N. Bourne, London, 
1639. 4to. 444. a. 22. (1.) 

TERENTIUS (Publius) Afer. 
[Works.] Begin. [¥o\.l, recto:] Fuit 
olim urbs in grecia, etc. End. Hie 
finitnr C!omedia sexta et ultima, 
etc. 3S« X. B. Pynson, London, 
1497. 8vo. C. 4. g. 13. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
171 leaves. Each comedy has a 
separate register. There is con- 
siderable variation of type in the 




several plays. Imperfect; wanting 
sig. i. of the " Heautontimomme- 
nos " and a iiii.-v. of the " Adelphi," 
whioh, however, have been supplied 
in MS. The first and last leaves are 

TERENTIUS (Publkts) Afer. 
[Comedies.] P. Terentii Aferi 
ComoediaB sex. Ex offidna Johannia 
Legatt^ (hniabrigiae^ 1589. 12mo. 

688. a. 11. 

— Another edition. Ex Offidna 
B. Bchinaoni, Londini, 1597. 12mo. 

433. a. 19. 

Imperfect; wanting sig. a 6. 

— Another edition. A. Hart, 
Edinburgi, 1619. 8 vo. 1 1 707. a. 

Without pagination. 

— Terence in English. Fabulae 
•.. Anglicae factae prim^mque hao 
nova forma nunc editaB : opera 
ac indnstria R. B(emard), etc. 
Lat. and Eng, Ex offidna Johannia 
Legal, Cantahrigiae, 1598. 8yo. 

11707. c. 

— Another copy. 76. e. 16. 

Secunda editio mult6 

emendatior. Ex Offidna Johannis 
Legal, Cantahrigiae, 1607. 4to. 

833. f. 36. 

Qnarta editio mult5 

emendatior. Ex offidna Johannis 
Legatl, Londoni, 1614. 4to. 1 1 707 . c. 

— [ Two dr more Comedies.'] The 
two first Comedies of Terence 
called Andria, and the Eunuch 
newly Englished by T. Newman. 
[In verse], etc. Prinled by G. M. 
...sold al the house of M. Fenricus, 
London, 1627. 8vo. C. 34. a. 10. 

— [Andria.] Begin. Terens in 
englyuh [followed by the preface 
and the argument, both in verse. 
— Sig. As.] (The translacyon out 
of latin into englysh of the furst 
comedy of tyrens callyd Andria.) 

Lat. and Eng. )$« %. [ /. Baddl, 
London, 1620?] fol. C. 34. e. 66. 

Without titlepage or paginatioD. 
Twenty -five leaves. 

TERENTIUS (PuBLnis) Afer. 
[Andria.] The first Comedy of P. T. 
called Andria or the Woman of 
Andros, ... English and Latine: 
Claused for such as would write 
or speake the pure Language of 
this Author,... especially after the 
Method of I> Webbe [the trans- 
lator], K.Kyng8ton,forP. Water- 
house, London, 1629. 4to. 

833. f. 30. (1.) 

— Andria the first Comoedie of 
Terence, in English. A further- 
ance for the attainment unto the 
right knowledge, & true propria- 
tie, of the Latin Tong... Trans- 
lated out of Latin, by M. EyfGn. 
». a. Printed by T. K for 
T. Woodcocke, London, 1688. 4to. 

C. 34. e. 49. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 13. a. 6. 

— [Eunuchus.] The second 
Comedie of P. T. called Eunuchus 
... English and Latine : claused 
for such as would write or speak 
the pure Language of this Author, 
...especially after the Method of 
D' Webbe [the translator], etc. 
PrinledbyA. J. : .. . sold by N. Sintme^ 
Xondon, 1629. 4to. 833. f. 30. (2.) 

— [Selectiom.] Floures for 
Latine speakyng... gathered oute 
of Terence, and the same trans- 
lated into englyshe, together with 
the exposicion and settyng foorth 
as well of suche latine wordes, 
as were thought nedefuU to be 
anoted, as also of diverse gram- 
matical rules ... compiled by N. 
Udall. Newly corrected, etc. 
Lat and Eng. )$. Z. MS. Norss. 
Imprinted. the house late T. Ber- 
thelelles, London, 1660. 8vo. 

12932. a. 19. 




— Another copy. C. 12. b. 5. 

Impeirfeot ; wanting the titlepage, 
sig. A ij., and the table of contents. 
Slighay mutilated. 

TERENTIUS (Publius) Afer. 
\SdeciwMj\ Flowers or eloquent 
phrases of the Latine Speacb, 
gathered out of all the sixe Comoe- 
dies of Terence. Where of those 
of the first three were selected by 
N. Udall. And those of the latter 
three... by J. Higgins, etc. "Lai. 
and Btsg, 1$. £. T. Marshes 
London, 1575. 8vo. 12936. a. 47. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. T. Marshe, 
London, 1581. Svo. C. 12. b. 6. 

— 'Begin. Yulgaria quedam 
abs Terentio in Anglica linguam 
traducta. LaL and Eng. 39. %, 
IBoodd Hunt, Oxford, US6?] 4to. 

G. 33. i« 3. 

Part of a volume, but the subieot- 
matter complete in itself. Without 
pagination. Big. n-q. Thirty-two 
leaves ; 23 lines to a full page. The 
preceding leaves, it is probable, con- 
tained some grammatical treatise, of 
which there is a fragment in the 
University Library, Cambridge. 

TERRY (John) The Triall 
of Truth : containing a plaine and 
short discovery of the chiefest 
pointes of the Doctrine of the 
great Anti-christ, and of his ad- 
herentes the false Teachers and 
Heretikes of these last times. 
2 pts. MS. Note. /. Barnes, Ox- 
ford, 160(M)2. 4to. 4373. b. 

— Theologicall Logicke : or, the 
third Part of the Tryall of Truth, 
etc. J. Lichfield and W, Turner, 
Oxford, 1625. 4to. 701. h. 48. 

' T E S A U R O (Emmanuelr) 
Count. R. P. E. Thesauri... CsB- 
sares ; et ejnsdem Taria carmina : 
qnibns acces8emnt...Nobili6simo- 
mm Orientis & Occidentis Pontifi- 
cnm elogia & varia opera Poetica. 

Editio secunda emendatior, cum 
auctariolo. L. Lichfield^ Impensia 
Qulidmi WM, Oxonii, 1637. Svo. 

1070. d. 26. 

TESMOND (Oswald) See 
Great Britain and Ireland. — 
James I., King, Begin. It is so 
manifest... how slowe wee have 
been to extend the severitie of 
our Lawes ... even against the 
Romish Priests, etc. [A procla- 
mation for the apprehension of J. 
Oerrard...and 0. Tesmond.] (15 
Jan., 1606. N.S.) 1606 [N.S.]. fol. 

606. h. 10. (69.) 


The true Testimonie of a Faithful 
Subject, etc. [1605.] Svo. 

11623. a. 53. 

TETHERTON (Robert) See 
Bowes {Sir J.) A true report of 
the horrible murther [of J. Wil- 
son] which was committed... [by 
E. Wilson and R. Tetherton], etc. 
1607. 4to. 1077. i. 17. 

T E X E D A (Fernando de) 
Hispanus Conversus. Excudebat 
T. S, pro Boherio Mylboume, 
Londini, 1623. 4to. 3901. d. 

— Miracles unmasked. A Trea- 
tise proving that Miracles are 
not infallible signes of the true 
and Orthodoxe Faith; that Popish 
Miracles are either counterfeit or 
divellish, etc. Printed by T. S. 
for E. Blackamore, London, 
1625. 4to. 4375. c. 

TH., A. A. S. D. See Litur- 
gies. — England, Church of — Com- 
munion. Ordo distributionis Sacra- 
menti Altaris, etc. [Translated 
from the English by A. A. S. D. 
Th.,etc.] 1548. Svo. C. 25. b. 5. 

TH., R. In Obitum J. Bar- 
claii elegia [subscribed R. Th.]. 
(Venator [an eclogue, subscribed 




B. T.— By Raphael ThoriusJ.) 
Londini, [1621]. 4to. 

1070. 1. 13. (6.) 

The lower part of the titlepage 

Tliameiisis ex fundatione Johan- 
nis Williams Militis, domini Wil- 
liams de Thame ; [oontaining the 
Indenture of covenants between 
the Founder and others ; the deed 
whereby lands were assured to 
the School; the Statutes, etc.] 
Few MS. Notes. [Lonion,] 
1575. fol. 128. e. 23. 

The appendix Ib separately paged. 

— Another copy. On Vellum. 

G. 2465. 

This copy is withont the two 
leaves containiug *'The Evidences 
of Thame School, etc.," and the 

THAMES. The Colde 
Tearme ; Or the Frozen Age : or 
the Metamorphosis of the Biver 
of T. [A Ballad, by J. Taylor?] 
[1621.] 8. 8h. fol. 831. 1. 9. (5.) 

E. W. his Thameseidos, devided 
into three bookes, etc. 1600. 4to. 

C. 39. 0. 

THAYRE (Thomas) A Trea- 
tise of the Pestilence: wherein 
is shewed all the causes thereof, 
with the most assured preserva- 
tives against all infection ; and 
lastly is taught the true... cure of 
the pestilence, by ... approved 
medicines. V. X. E. Short, Lon- 
don, 1603. 4to. 1167. e. 30. 

— [Another edition.] An Ex- 
cellent and best approoved Trea- 
tise of the Plague. Containing 
the Nature, Signes, and accidents 
of the same, etc. Printed for 
T, Archer J London, 1625. 4to. 

1167. e. 36. 

THEATRE. The Theater 

of the little world. [Lotuioiif 
1598 ?] 8vo. 854. a, 14. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage 
and part of the table at the end. 
The above ia the head-title of the 

THEBES. Begin. [Sig. a ii.] 
Here begynneth the prol(^ae oi 
the Storye of Thebes. ([Sig. a iv.] 
Here begynneth the Story of the 
destruccyon of the Cyte of 
Thebes.) [ A Poem by J. Lydgate.] 
)d. X. MS. Notes. [ Wyn^ de 
Worde, London, 1500?] 4to. 

C. 13. a. 21. (1.) 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
catchwords. Kighty-four leaves ; 
28 lines to a fall page. The first 
leaf has on the recto a woodcnt of a 
knight on horseback, and on the 
verso one of the bnilding of Thebes. 
On the recto of the last leaf is the 
cipher of Gaxton. 

digest des Briefes originals, et 
des choses oonoernants euz, etc. 
MS.NoTi!^. In .SIdihus B. ToUeUi, 
Londini, 1579. 8vo. 510. a. 1. 

— Another copy. 6282. aa. 8, 

las) The Posie of Godly Prayers, 
. . . W ith an . . . exhortation to forsake 
the World, and a perswasion not 
to feare Death . . . Now newly . . . en- 
larged, ... and the twentie and 
ninth time imprinted. Imprinted 
.„hy L L. for B* Thrcde^ London, 
1638. 12mo. 1159. b. 27. (2.) 

The colophon roads : ** Printed by 
John Dawson, for Richard Thrale, 

THEOCRITUS, the Poet, 

The Shepherds Starre, now of 
late scene, and at this hower to 
be observed merveilons orient in 
the East, <feo. (A paraphrase npon 
the third of the Canticles of 
Theocritus.) [By T. Bradshaw. 
Edited by A. Bradshaw.] [Lon- 
don,^ 1591. 4to. 115. a. 64. 

Thirty leaves, without pagination. 






See Thbodulus. - 

CyruB. The Mirrorof Divine Provi- 
dence. Containing a colleotion of 
Theoret his arguments : declaring 
the Providence of God to appeare 
notabl J both in the heavens and in 
the earth. . .Taken ont of his workes 
De Providentia. [Edited by J. C] 
Printed... hy T. C. far J. Smithick, 
London, 1602. 8vo. 4402. aaa. 

Burgundy and Austrasia. The 
Tragedy of Thierry, king of 
France, and his brotherTheodoret. 
In five acts and in verse. By 
.Fletcher] Printed far T. Walk- 
ley, London, 1621. 4to. 841. b. 1. 

— Another copy. 644. d. 5. 


Liber theodoli cum comento in- 
oipit feliciter. )$. X. B. Pynson, 
[London, 1500?] 4to. C. 40. e. 33. 

Fifty leaves, without pagination. 
Big. A-H. Forty-Bix lines to a full 
page of the smaller type. The title- 
page has a woodcut. 

— Liber theodoli, cnm comento. 
Noviter impressns. Impensis Judoci 
pelgrim d Benrici Jacohi, Londoni, 
1508. 4to. 1125. g. 2. 

Fifty leaves, without pagination. 
Sig. El is erroneously marked Di. 
The Commentary is in Black Letter. 

— Another edition. IS.X. Few 
M8.'S(yT¥S.PerWinandum deWarde, 
Londoniig, 1509. 4to. 11409. g. 

Thirty-eight leaves, without pagi* 
nation. The last leaf is mutilated. 

— Liber theodoli cnm comento 
incipit feliciter. 90, X« MS. Notes. 
S. pynson, [London, 1510 ?] 4to. 

G. 9492. 

Without pagination. The first 
leaf is partly occupied by a woodcut. 

— Liber Theodoli cnm com- 
mento noyiter Londoniis impres- 

Bus. IS. Z. Lnpen8i8...wynandi 
de worde, Londoniis, 1515. 4to. 

1125. g. 27. 

Thirty-eight leaves, without pagi- 


TragicaU Historie of the troubles 
and Civile warres of the lowe 
Countries... And there wit hall, the 
Estate and cause of Beligion, 
especially, from the yere 1569. 
unto the yere 1581 ...Translated 
out of French... by T. S(tocker) 
get. IS. X. J. Kyngston, London, 
1583. 8vo. G. 15080. 

PHiLUS. A Dialogue betwixt Cos- 
mophilus and Theophihis anent 
the urging of New Ceremonies 
upon the Kirke of Scotland. 
1620. 8vo. 698. c. 34. 

— See EusEBius. A trewe 
mirrour...wherin we maye be- 
holde the wofuU state of...Eng- 
lande; set forth in a Dialogue 
betwene Eusebius andTheophilus. 
1556. 8vo. 697. a. 18. 

THEOPHILUS^ pseud. See 
Laud (W.) successively Bishop of 
Saint Vavid's, etc. Divine and 
politike Observations newly trans- 
lated out of the Dutch language 
...upon some Lines in the speech 
of the Arch. B. of Canterbury, 
pronounced in theStarre-Chamber 
...1637. [Translated by Theo- 
philus.] 1638. 4to. 4106. a. (1.) 


morall Characters. See Epicie- 
Tus. Epictetus Manuall, etc. 
1616. 12mo. 1385. a. 

of Achrida. See Bible. — New 
Testameht.— Epistles of St. Paul. 
Polylott. &€o<l>vXaKTov . . . c^i/yi/o-ts 
Tctfv cirioToXwv Tov dyiov IlavXov 
[with the text]. Ctr. and Lat. 
1636. fol. 9. d. 9. 




THEVET (Andr£) The New 
found worlde, or Antarctike... 
written in... French... by... A. T. 
And now... translated into Eng- 
lishe, etc. [by T. Hackit]. ». *• 
H, Bynneman for T, Hacket, Lon- 
don, 1568. 4to. 798. c. 34. 

— Another copy. G. 7107. 

THIERRY, King of France. 
See Theodoric II., King of Amirc^- 
aia and Burgundy. 

THOMAS, of Reading. See 
D., T. Thomas of Beading: or 
the sixe worthie yeomen of the 
West, etc. 1632. 4to. 1077. f. 10. 

THOMAS [1 Becket], Saini. 
See B., A. The Life, or the eccle- 
siastical! historic of S. Thomas, 
Archbishope of Canterbury. 
1639. Bvo. 4827. b. 

— Begin. Here begynneth the 
lyfe of the blessed martyr Saynte 
Thomas. End. Thus endeth the 
lyfe of the blessed martyr saynt 
Thomas of Caunturbury. Im- 
prynted by me Eycharde Pynson, 
prynter unto the kynges noble 
grace. [By A. Barclay ?] U. %« 
B. Pynson, [London, 1620?] 4to. 

G. 1344. 

Eight leaves, withoat titlepoge or 

THOMAS, Saint and Apostle, 
See BowND (N.) The Unbeliefe 
of St. Thomas... laid open, etc. 
1628, etc. 8vo. 4405. aaa. (1.) 

THOMAS (John) Astrologer. 
See Ephemerides. Thomas ... A 
Prognostication... By J. T. 

THOMAS (Lewis) Preacher 
of Oods Word. Seaven Sermons. 
...Together with a short Treatise 
upon the Commandements...Editio 
quarta. 90. X* F. Simmes, Lon- 
don, 1602. 8vo. 4452. b. 

M. I. T. Purfoot for V. Sim, 
London, 1610. Svo. 4452. b. 

Being the tenth 

time Imprinted. 90* X. MS. 
Notes. Printed hy N. O. far 
T. Langley, London, 1619. 8to. 

4452. b. 

THOMAS (Lewis) Preacher 
of Oods Word. DemegoriaL Car- 
taine Lectures upon sundry por- 
tions of Scripture, etc Printed 
hy L B. for E. White^ London, 
1600. Svo. 4452. b. 

Without pagination. 

THOMAS (Oliveb) See 
Welsh. Car-wr y Cymru : yn 
anfon ychydig gymmorth i bdb 
tAd a mam sy'n ewyllysio bod 
eu plant yn blant i Dduw hefyd, 
etc. fByO.T.] 1630. 12mo. 

872. h. 43. 

1631. 16mo. 872. b. 4. 

THOMAS (William) Clerk of 
the Council to Edward VL «L The 
historic of Italic, a boke excedyng 
profitable to be redde: Because 
it intreateth of the astate of many 
and divers common weales, how 
thei have ben, i now be governed. 
)d. X. MS. Note. T. Berthelet, 
London, 1549. 4to. 172. c 18. 

— Another copy. G. 6196. 

— Another edition. 90. X. 
T. Marshe, London, 1561. 4to. 

1057. b. 3. 

— [Principal Eules of Italian 
Grammar, with a Dictionary, eta] 
U. S* 2 pts. T. Berthelet, Lon- 
don, 1550. 4to. 12941. b. 30. 

Without pagination. Impeifeot; 
wanting titlepage and prefisMse. 

— Principal Eules of the 
Italian Grammer, with a Dio- 
tionarie for the better under- 
standynge of Boccace, Petrarcha 
Editio septima. and Dante... Newly corrected and 




imprinted. )d.X, 2pts. T.PaweUf 
L&ndMi, 1562. 4to. 12941. b. 29. 

Without peginatioD. 

— Another edition. U. Z. 
2 pts. In sedibus H, Wyhet, L<m- 
dim, 1567. 4to. 72. a. 13. 

See 07IDIU8 Naso (Publius) [Metti- 
morphoees.l Fabulanim Ovidii 
Interpretation... in nnnm coUeota 1618. 4to. 
& edita studio... T. T[homa8ii], 
etc. 1584. 8vo. 1001. d. 19. 

impenrie 8. Watersan^ Londinij 
1604. 8vo. 1213. 0. 35. 

The •« Sylva»' has a separate title- 
page and register, but the pagina- 
tion is oontinaous throughout ooth 

THOMSON (Richard) of 
Cambridge, Diatribns de amissione 
justifioationis. See Abbot (R.) 
Bishop of Salit^ry, De Gratia 
et Perseverantia Sanctorum, etc. 

C. 27. f. 7. 

— T. T. Diotionarium...long^ 
anotihs locnpletitiBque redditnm. 
Hnic eti4m...noyissim^ accessit, 
ntilisfiinms de Pondemm, Men- 
Bnramm, & Monetarum yetenim 
rednctione ad ea, qnad sunt Anglis 
jam in usn, Traotatus. Septima 
editio, etc. Ex officina J, Legati, 
CatUabrigim, 1606. 4to. 

12933. c. 16. 

Undecima editio. 

Ex officina J. Legati, Londini, 
1619. 8vo. 827. b. 39. 

THOMPSON (Thomas) B.D., 
Minister of Montgomery, A Diet 
for a Drunkard. Delivered in 
two sermons [on Esther i. 81, 
etc. Printed for B, Bankworth, 
London, 1612. 4to. 4473. aa. 32. 

Slightly mutilated throughout. 

— A Friendly Farewell from 
a Faithful Flocke, taken in a 
Sermon [on 2 Cor. ziii. 14]. 
T. Snodhamfor J, Hodgets, London, 
1616. 4to. 4474.0.109.(1.) 

THOMSON (Qeobge) of St. 
Andrew^s. 'AvoJcc^ixXiuaxrts sive de 
Reductione Regnornm BritannisB 
ad nnnm Principem, Poema. Ad 
...Jaoobnm Angli89...Regem, etc. 
(Ad eundem Jacobum .. . De Pompa 
in ejus introitu in Londinum 
Sjlva.) 2 pts. If. Bradtoood, 

— Elenchus refatationis Tor- 
tnrsd Torti pro Episcopo Eliense 
[L. Andrewes] ad versus M. Beca- 
num. [The "Tortura Torti" 
written by Bishop Andrewes and 
the "Refutatio Torturro Torti" 
by the Cardinal Bellarmino.] 
B, Barkenu, Londini, 1611. Syo. 

847. k. 20. (1.) 

T H O R I U S (John) See 
Fblippe (B.) The Counseller... 
Englished by J. T. 1689. 4to. 

8005. CO. 

THO R I US (Raphael) See 
E., R. A. Lessus in lonere 
R. Thorii, etc. 1626. 4to. 

1070. 1. 13. (4.) 

— See Th., R. 

— HymnuB Tabaci. Antore 
R. T. (Ejus-dem Hyems^ 7m- 
pensia Joannie Waterson, Londini, 
1626. 12mo. 1213. k. 22. (1.) 

successively Bishop of Limerick, of 
Bristol, and of Worcester, A Dis- 
course plainely proving the evi- 
dent ntilitie and urgent necessitie 
of the desired. ..Union of... Eng- 
land and Scotland: by way of 
Answer to certaine objections 
against the same. B, Field for 
T, Chard, London, 1604. 4to. 

601. e. 25. (1.) 

— Another copy. 600. d. 29.(3.) 

Imperfect; wanting the last leaf, 
which is supplied in MS. 



succeBsively Bishop of Limerick, of 
Bristol, and of Worcester, The 
Joiefull ... Eeuniting the two... 
Kingdomes England & Scotland 
with their ancient name of Great 
Brittaine. By John Bristoll. 
J. Barnes, Oxford, [1604]. 4to. 

600. d. 29. (4.) 

— Another copy. 601. e. 25.(3.) 
— - Another copy. 100. a. 4. 

— The last Will and Testa- 
ment of Jesus Christ, touching 
the blessed Sacrament of his 
body, and bloud, Signed, Sealed 
and Delivered to the use of all 
fai thfull Christians . . . Exemplified, 
copied out, and explaned, etc. 
W. Turner, Oxford, 1630. 4to. 

4326. d. 

— iLiOoOetopiKo^, sive Nihil, 
Aliquid, Omnia, Antiquorum Sa- 
pientum vivis coloribus depicta, 
Philosophico-theologic^, in gra- 
tiam eorum qui Artem auriferam 
PhyBico-chymic^& pi^ profitentur, 
etc. J. lAchfield d J, Short; 
Oxonise, 1621. 4to. 1034. h. 32. 

THORNE (William) ^Ea-ovrpov 
Baa-LkiKov. Or, a Kenning-Glasse 
for a Christian King. Taken out 
of the 19. Chapter of the Qospell 
of Saint John, the 5. verse, in 
these words; Behold the Man, etc. 
Imprinted by JR. JR. for J, Harrison, 
London, 1603. 8vo. 695. a. 38. 

THORPE (Thomas) See 
LucAKUS (M. A.) LucauB first 
Booke translated, etc. [With a 
dedication by T. T.] 1600. 4to. 

237. 1. 1. 

THORPE (William) The 
examinacion of Master W. Thorpe 
presto accused of heresye before 
Thomas Arundell, Archebishop of 
Caturbury, the yere...Mcccc. and 
seven. The examinacion of... 


Syr J. Oldcastell, etc. IS. %. 
[Hans Luft, Marburg, 1530 ?] 8vo. 

G. 12012. 

Withoat pagination. 

THOU (Jacques Auodsie db) 
the Elder, Monumenta Litteraria^ 
sive Obitus et Elogia doctorum 
virorum, ex historiis J. A. Thuani. 
Opera C. B[arksdale]. J, Norton^ 
Sumptibus J. Kirton d T. Warren, 
Londini, 1640. 4to. 276. g. 16. 

THRACE. A pleasant His- 
tory of a Gentleman in Thracia, 
which had foure Sonnes, and three 
of them none of h-is own ; shew- 
ing how miraculously the true 
heire came to enjoy his Inherit- 
ance. [A Ballad/] 30. X. 2 pts. 
Printed ... for M. O., London^ 
[1630?] Broadside fol. Box. 1. 300. 

THRENOIEOS. ®prfyouco^. 
The House of mourning; fur- 
nished with directions for... the 
houre of death. Delivered in 
XLYII. sermons, preached at the 
fuueralls of divers... servants of 
Christ. By D. Featly, M. Day, 
B. Sibbs, T. Taylor.. .and other 
...Divines. [With a preface by 
H. W.] Printed by J. Dawson for 
B. M, and.,, sold by P. Nevill; Lon- 
don, 1640. fol. 4453. g. 1. 

cis) A discoverie of the treasons 
practised and attempted against 
the Queenes Majestic and the 
Bealme, by F. Throckmorton, 
who wis for the eame arraigned 
and condemned in Guyld HaU, 
in the Citie of London, the one 
and twentie day of May last past. 
[London,] 1684. 4to. G. 6142. 

Withoat pa^nation. 

The Apprehension, Arraignement 
and Execution of M. T., Porter 
and Bishop, Oten,, who were all 




executed... the 26. of Februarie, 
1608. U. %. [London? 1609?] 4to. 

6495. aa. 35. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting the tiUepage. 

The Defence of J. T., against the 
slaunders of Maifiter SntclifTe, etc. 
[London f] 1594. 4to. 4378. c. 

— An Answere unto a certaine 
calumnious letter published by 
M. J. T., and entituled, A defence 
of J. T. against the slaunders of 
M. Sutcliffe, wherein the Yanitie 
both of the defence of himselfe 
and the accusation of others is 
manifestly declared by M. Sut- 
cliffe. [With the text of the 
*' Defence of J. T., etc."] Imprinted 
...6y Ihe BepUies of 0. Barker^ 
London, 1595. 4to. 4105. aaa. 

tory writtone by Thucidides the 
Athenyan of the warre, whiche 
w^as betwene the Peloponesians 
and the Athenyans, ^brought into 
the Frenche tonge oy the Lorde 
Claudius of Seissell ... Arche- 
bnshopp of Turyn;) translated 
onte of Frenche. T. NicoUs, 
etc. U. Z. London, 1550. fol. 

586. i. 6. 

— Another copy. Copious MS. 
Notes. 201. e. 8. 

— Eight Bookes of the Pelo- 
ponnesian Warre ... Interpreted 
urith faith and diligence imme- 
diately out of the Qreeke by 
T. Hobbes, etc. Imprinted for 
U. Seile, London, 1629. fol. 

199. f. 15. 

From the address to the readers 
it appears that the book shonld 
haTe a general map of Greece and 
one of Sicily. These maps aze 
wanting in this copy. The title- 
page is engrayed. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
VOL. m. 

for H, Mynne, London, 1634. fol. 

9025. h. 

THULE. See B., F. Thule, 
or Vertues Historic ... by F. R[ous]. 
The first( — second) booke. [In 
verse.] 1598. 4to. 1077. g. 24. 

THYBAULT(John) Pro- 
nostycacyon of mayster John 
Thybault, medycyner and as- 
tronomer of the Emperyall ma- 
jestic, of the yere of our lorde god 
. M.ccccc.xxxiii. coprehendynge 
the . iiii. partes of this yere, and 
of the influence of the mone, of 
peas and warre, and of the syke- 
nesses of this yere, ^ the constel- 
lacions of them y^ be under the 
. yii . pianettes, and the revolu- 
dons of kynges and princes, and 
of the Eclyppes and Comete. 
30. Z. [T. BoiUUf London, 
1533.] 4to. 8610. b. 

Four leaves, without pagination. 
Considerably mutilated at the edges. 

THTNNE (F&AKCifi) See 
F., T., Student. Newes from the 
North. Otherwise called the Con- 
ference between Simon Certain 
and Pierce Plowman. Faithfully 
collected and gathered by T. F. 
Student [».e. F. Thynne?]. 
1585. 4to. G. 2356. 

— See T., F. The Case is 
Altered, etc. [Signed F. T., i.e. 
F. Thynne? or N. Breton?] 
1604. 4to. C. 40. c. 38. 

THYNNE (William) See 
Chaucer (G.) [The workes of G. 
Chaucer, etc. Edited by W. T.] 
1532. fol. 75. h. 14. 

1542. fol. 641. m. 9. 

[1545?] fol. 644. m.l. 

NERO CiESAR, Emperor of 
Bome. The Tragedie of Claudius 
Tiberius Nero, Bomes greatest 





Tyrant. [Inverse.] PHfdedfwr prin ted Pamphlet divulged agaiuBt 

F. BwUm, London, 1607. 4to. the former. (Philological pafisagee 

643. 0. 34. examined.) 2 pts. N. 0ke9, for 

Without pagination. In this A. Johnson, Ixmdon, 1621. 4:U>. 

edition the play is not divided into 

— Another copy. 161. a. 12. 

517. h. 14. 

The *'PhilolQ{rical passages** are 
separately paged. 


TIONONVILLE (Guil- English Pilgrims. A True...di8- 

LATTMB db) See Wydkvilb (A.) course of the travailes of two Eng- 

Earl Bivers. Begin, wHere it is, lish Pilgrimes : what admirable 

etc. fFol. 3.] (sEdechias was the accidents befell them in their 

first Fhilosophir, etc. [Fol. 73, jonmey to Jerusalem, Graza,... and 

recto Q hEre endeth the book other places, ... written by one 

named the diotes...of tiie philo- of them [H. Timberlake], etc 

Bophhres, etc. [Translated from 1603. 4to. G. 6722. 

Latin into French by Jean de ^ c^oa 

Teonville, or rather G. de T.] ^^^^' ^^' ^' ^^^^' 

1477. fol. C. 21. d. —See T., H. 

TILENUS (Danibl) A De- — A True and strange Dis- 

fence of the Sufficiency and per- course of the Travailea of tw^o 

fection of the holy Scripture. English Pilgrimes: what admir- 

Against the Cavillations of the able accidents befell them in their 

Lord Du Perron, Bishop of Evreux : journey towards Jerusalem, Gaza, 

by the which hee endevoureth to Grand Cayro, Alexandria and 

maintaine his Treatise of the un- other places... Written by H. T. 

suffioiencie and imperfection of on the behalfe of himselfe and 

the holy scripture, etc. [Trans- his fellow Pilgrime (J. Burrell). 

lated from the French.] Printed Printed for T, Archer^ London^ 

by L, S, for N. Butter, London, 1609. 4to. 10076. aaa. 

1606. 4to. 

115. d. 1. 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
— Parsenesis ad Scotos, Gene- N, Okes for T. Archer, London, 
vensis DisciplinsB Zelotas. Typis 1616. 4to. 303. d. 18. 

€hd, Stanthy, pro N, Buttero, Lon- 
dint, 1620. 8vo. 4175. a. 

TILLESLET (Bighard) 
Animadversions upon M' Seldens 
History of Tithes and his review 
thereof: before which... is pre- 
mised a Catalogue of Seventy two 
Authours, before the year... 1215. 
maintaining the Jus divinum of 
Tythes, etc. MS. Notes. J. BiU, 
London, 1619. 4to. 517. h. 13. 

— Another copy. T. 803. (2.) 

Second edition... 

oorrected . . . and . . . augmented, to- 
gether with an Answer to an un- 

— Another copy. G. 6723. 

— Another copy. G. 15754. 

InipeTfeot ; wanting the titlepage 
and first leaf. 

TIME. See P., M. Times 
Alteration: or. The Old Mans 
rehearsall, etc. [1635?] Broad- 
side fol. Box. I. 406. 

[1640?] Broadside foh 
Box. I. 396. 

— Take Time, while Time is : 
being an Exhortation to all sorts 
or Sexes, eta [A Ballad.] 90. Z. 
2 pts. Printed by Jf. P. for 




S. 0a89(m^ London,[l6S5?] Broad- 
Me fol. Box. I. 398. 

TIMME (Thomas) ' 
See Tymme. 

TIMMS (Thomas) &e T., T. 

TIMOTHY, of Lystra, See 
C., A. B. The Unbishoping of 
Timothy and Titus, etc. 1636. 4to. 

700. g. 6. (6.) 

TIMUR, GrecU Khan of the 
Mongoli. History, See Da Beo- 
Crespin (J.) The historie of the 
great emperor Tamerlan, etc. 

— Tamburlaine the Great. 
Who, from a Scythian Shepheard, 
by his rare and wonderfall Con- 
qnestes, became a...mightie Mom- 
aroh:...The first part of the two 
Tragicall discourses, eta (The 
second part). [Two dramas, 
each in five acts and in verse. 
By C. Marlow.] »• !♦ B. Janes, 
London, 1592. 8vo. C. 34. a. 4. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. )$• Z. 
2 pts. Few MS. Notes. Printed 
/or E. White,London, 1606-06. 4to. 

644. e. 67. 

— Another copy. 82. c. 22. (1.) 

TIKDALL (William) 
See Tyndale. 

TIRONE. See Tyrone. 

TISDALE (Boosr) The 
Lawyers Philosophy: or. Law 
brought to Light. Foetized in aDi- 
vine Bhapsodie or Contemplative 
Poem. Printed for L T. and H. 0. ; 
Xondaii,1622. Svo. 238.h.34.(2.) 
Without pagination. 

— PaxVobis, or. Wits Changes: 
tnned in a Latine Hexameter of 
Peace. Whereof, the Nnmerall 
Letters present the Yeare of our 
Lord: and the verse itselfe... 
admitteth 1623... Transpositions, 
remaining still a true Yerse... 

Composed in celebration of this 
yeares Entrance of his Majestie 
into the XXI. yeare of his... 
Beigne...and of the...Joumall of 
...Prince Charles into Spaine. 
G, Eld and M. Flesher, London^ 
1623. 4to. C. 39. e. 44. 

TITLEPAOES. [A Collection 
of Titlepages of various sizes, 
plain and engraved, of books 
printed in Great Britain, France, 
and Holland, but chiefly in 
London. Together with some 
separate printed leaves, and 
specimens of MS.] [1542-1707.] 
Mounted on fol. 618. k. 17. 

— [Another collection in nine 
volumes, made by J. Bagford.] 

463. h. 


Armes of the Tobachonists. [Sa- 
tirical verses with emblematical 
woodcut.] B. Shorleyher, London^ 
1630. 8. 9h. fol. 831. 1. 9. (7.) 

TOBIAS. A pleasant new 
Ballad of Tobias, etc. l^.X. 2 pts. 
Printed ... for F. Coulee, London^ 
[1635?] Broadside fol. Box.L420. 

TOBIAS, Mede-older mit JT. 
Nidas in dem Husgesinne der 
lAeften. Mirabilia opera Dei: 
Certaine wonderfuU Works of 
Qod which hapned to H. N[iclas] 
even from his youth: and how 
the God of Heaven hath united 
himself with him... and how he 
hath chosen and sent him to be a 
Minister of his gracious Word. 
Published by T., a Fellow Elder 
with H. N. in the Houshold of 
Love... Translated out of Base 
Almain [by C. Yiret?]. »• I- 
[London, 1550?] 4to. 852. g. 1. (1.) 

— Another copy. 850. h. 23. 

— Another copy. G. 19766. 

TODKILL (Anas) SeeSuim 
(J.) Governor oj Virginia, etc A 




map of Virginia. With a descrip- 
tion of the CoTintrey, etc. Wbere- 
unto is annexed the proceedings 
of those Colonies, since their first 
departure from En gland... taken 
out of the writings of A. Todkill, 
etc. 1612. 4to. C. 33. c. 18. 

TOFTE (Robert) See Ariosto 
(L.) Ariosto's Saty res, ... In Eng- 
lish, by Gervase Markham [or 
rather by R. Toft]. 1608. 4to. 

C. 34. h. 40. 

Ariosto's seven Planets 

Governing Italic, or his satyrs... 
together with a new Addition of 
three Elegies,... by the same L. 
Ariosto. [Translated by R. T.] 
1611. 4to. G. 18149. 

— See JuLiBTTA. Honours 
Academic. Or the famous pas- 
turall of ... Julietta ... Done into 
English by R. T(ofte) Gentle- 
man. 1610. fol. 12403. c. 

— See T., R., Gentleman. 

TOMBE S (John) See Pem blk 
(W.) Five godly... sermons, etc 
[Edited by J. T.] 1629. 4to. 

T. 799. (7.) 

ZAR. Albumazar, a Comedy, etc 
[Written by — T.] 1615. 4to. 

644. c. 78. 

1634. 4to. 644. c. 79. 

TOMKYS (John) See Bul- 
LiNGER (H.) a most godly and 
learned Discourse of the woorthy- 
nesse, authoritie, and sufficiencie 
of the Holy Scripture... Trans- 
lated... by J. T. 1679. 8vo. 

4376. a. (1.) 

The Summe of the foure 

Evangelistes ... Translated into 
English... by J. Tomkys. 1582. 8 vo. 

4376. a. (2.) 

— See T., I. 

TOMSON(John) iSeeL.,M. 
A merry Jest of J. Tomson, and 

TOIL. See B., J., Preacher of Jakaman his wife, etc. [A ballad, 
the Word of Ood. A Toile for 
Two-legged Foxes, etc. 1600. 8vo. gide fol. 

874. d. 28. 

signed M. L.] [1635?] Broad- 

Rox. I. 254. 

TOKENS. Faire fall all good 
Tokens. Or, 
A pleasant new Song not common 

to be had. 
Which will teach you to know 

good tokens from bad. 
U, 31. 2 pts. Printed ... for 
H. Oo88on, London, [1630?] 
Broadside fol. Rox. I. 114. 

— Begin, Yn this begynnyng 
so wyl I writte of the xv. Tokens 
they whiche shuUen be shewed 
afore the drefull daye off dome of 
our lorde Jhu xpe, etc. (Trans- 
lated out of frenshe in to Eng- 
lishe.) 90. %• Johanfro doeshorch, 
iln«erpe,[1510?] 4to. C.25.e.39. 

Without titlepage or pagination- 
Sig. ar-d, in uxes. Imperfeot ; want- 
ing sig a 1 (probably a blank leaf), 
o I, 2, and e, and d 5. 

TOMSON (Laurence) [For 
editions of Tomson's revision of 
the Genevan Version of the New 
Testament:] see Bible; and Bible. 
— New Testament, 

— See T., L. 

TONGUE. iSeeP., M. Keep 
a good tongue in yonr head, etc 
[1640?] Broadside fol. Eox.L512. 

Nick, Oroome of the Hobie-stable 
Beginohurgi, pseud. A Cnrry- 
combe for a coxe-combe, eta 
(Appendix de Jesuitica Batracho- 
logia in Ministrorum Britanno- 
maohia ... per A. Tonstallum.) 
1615. 4to. 873. f. 12. 

TOOEER (William) Cha- 
risma sive donum Sanationis. 




Sen Explicatio totias quaestionis 
de mirabilium Sanitatum Gratia, 
in qaa ... agitur de ... curat ione 
strameB, cui Beges Angliee ... 
dmnitiis medicati sunt, & quam 
... Elizabetha, ... Begina ... indies 
sanat. J". Windet, Londinij 
1697. 4to. 1187. h. 1. (1.) 

— Another copy. Ot. 2351. 

TOO K E R (William) Duel- 
Inm sive singulare certamen cum 
M. Becano Jesuita, futiliter refu- 
tante Apologiam . . . et . . . dogmata . . . 
Jacobi Begis Magnae Britanniee. 
O. Eld, Impensis N. Butter d 
S. Mcib, Londini, 1611. 8 vo. 

860. g. 6. 

— Of the Fabrique of the 
Church and Church-mens livings. 
MS. Notes. M. Bradvoood for 
J, Nortofiy London, 1604. 8yo. 

4105. a. 

TOP (Alexander^ Saint 
Peter's Bocke, under which title 
is deciphered the Faith of Peter, 
etc. 1597. 4to. 873. k. 26. 

TOP SELL (Edward) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Buth. 
The Beward of Beligion. De- 
livered in sundrie Lectures upon 
the Booke of Buth. [By E. T.] 
1696. 8vo. 3165. a. 

1601. 8vo. 3165. b. 

1613. 8vo. 3165. a. 

— The Historic of Foure-footed 
Beastes... collected out of all the 
volumes of C. Gesner, and all 
other Writers to this present day. 
TF* Jaggardy London, 1607. fol. 

444. i. 4. 

— Another copy. 435. h. 6. 

In this copy the figure of the 
Gorgon is substituted on the title- 
page for that of the hyena. 

— Another copy. 444. i. 5. (1.) 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage» 

and the whole or portions of several 
other leaves. 

TOPSELL (Edward) The 
Historic of Serpents. Or, the 
second Booke of living Creatures ; 
etc. W,Jaggard,London,lQO%, fol. 

435. h. 8. 

— Another copy. 444. i. 5. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting the last 
seven leaves and portions of others. 

— The House-holder ; or, Per- 
fect Man. Preached in three 
Sermons, etc. Printed for 
H. Bockyt, [London,] 1610. 16mo. 

4452. a. 

— Times Lamentation : or, an 
exposition on the Prophet Joel, in 
sundry Sermons, or Meditations. 
E, Bollifant, for 0. Potter, London, 
1599. 4to. 3165. c. 

TORMES (^Lazarillo de) 
The Pleasaunt Historic of L. de 
T. a Spaniarde, wherein is con- 
teined his marveilous deedes and 
life . . . Drawen out of [the] Spanish, 

Sof D. Hurtado de Mendoza,] 
)avid Bouland. 90* X. A. Jeffes, 
London, 1586. 8vo. 1074. d. 2.(1.) 

Withont pagination. Sig. Ht is 

— Another edition. M, E. 
A. JeffeB, London, 1596. 4to. 

G. 10136. 

Without pagination. 

de) The Spanish Mandevile of 
Miracles, or the garden of curious 
flowers... Translated into English 
[hy F. Walker] ...Devided into 
sixe treatises, composed in man- 
ner of a dialogue, etc. E, Matte, 
L&ndon, 1600. 4to. 1424. c. 26. 

— Another edition. B. Alaop, 
hy the Aeeigne of B. Hatokins, Lon- 
don, 1618. 4to. 94. e. 6. 





Admirable Life of S. Francis 
Xavier. Devided into VI. Bookes. 
Written in Latin by Fa. H. Tur- 
sellinus ... And translated into 
English by T. F[itz-Herbert ?]. 
Parts, 1632. 4ix). G. 1340. 

The tltlepage is engrayed. 

— The History of onr B. Lady 
of Lore to. Traslated out of Laty n , 
etc. [By T. P., i.e. Thomas Price.] 
MS. Notes. [Saint Omer,} 
1608. 8va 4807. a. 

The tltlepage is engraved by 
GuU. du Tielt. 

TO R S H £ L L (Samuel) See 
Bible. — New Testament. — Oala- 
tiana. The three Questions of Free 
Justification, Christian Liberty, 
The use of the Law. Explicated 
in a briefe comment on S^ Paul 
to the Galatians...By S. T., etc. 
1632. 12mo. 870. d. 27. 

— The Saints Humiliation. 
Being the substance of nine pro- 
fitable sermons, etc. J, Dawson 
far JET. Overton, London, 1633. 4to. 

4453. c. 

TOSSANUS (Daniel) The 
Exercise of the faithfull soule: 
that is to say, Prayers <& Medi* 
tations ... Englished out of the 
French ... by F. Filding. MS. 
Notes. JET. Middleton for H. Den^ 
ham, London, 1588. 8vo. 

1361. c. 16. 

— A Synopsis or compendium 
of the Fathers... of the Church, 
as also of the Schoolmen. Wherein 
is shewed,... with what Caution 
they are to be read... Written in 
Latin... Englished by A. S., Gent. 
Printed for D, Frere, London, 
1635. 8vo. 846. i. 1. 

Tltlepage ellghtly mntilated. 
TOURNEUR (Cyril) See 

REVENaEB. The Revenger's 
Trag8Bdie. [By C. T.] 1607. 4to. 

C. 34. e. 34. 

TOURNEUR (Cyril) The 
Atheist's Tragedie : or the honest 
Man's Revenge, etc. [In five acts, 
in verse and prose.] MS. Notes. 
Printed for J. Stepneth, and B. Bed- 
mer, London, 1611. 4to. 

C. 34. e. 33. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 1 2. f, 8. (2.) 

— Another copy. 1077. k. 5. 

Imperfect; wanting tltlepage and 
all before sig. B. 

— A Funerall Poeme, upon 
the Death of... Sir Francis Yere, 
...Captaine of Portsmouth, etc. 
Printed for E, Edgar, London, 
1609. 4to. 1070. m. 4. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Three Elegies on the... 
Death of Prince Henrie, 
The first \ ^C. Tonr- 


J. Web- 

T. Hey. 

Printed for W. Welbie, London^ 
1613. 4to. 1070. m. 4. (3.) 

Without pagination. 

TOUSSAIN (Daniel) 
See TossANUS. 

TOWNSHEND (Aureuan) 
Albion's Triumph, personated in 
a maske at court. A, Mathewes^ 
for B. AUet, London, 1631. 4to. 

162. e. 16. 

For another copy, see under 
'< Albion." This only differs in 
having the author's name subjoined. 
Much mutilated In binding. 

— Tempe restord. A Masque^ 
etc. (The verses ... by M'. Towne- 
8end...The descriptions ... by L 

The second 
The third 

-written by- 




Jones.) Printed by A, Jf. for 
B. AUet, and G. Bakek \9ic\ lAm- 
don, 1631. 4to. 644. o. 82. 

TOZER(Henrt) AChriBtian 
amendment, delivered in a sermon 
[on 2 Cor. v. 17]... in St. Mar- 
tines Chnrch in Oxford, eta 
J. Lichfieldy Oxford, 1633. 16mo. 

4474. a. 32. 

— Christian wisdome, or the 
exoellency, fame, and right 
xneanes of true wisdome. As it 
-was briefly delivered in a sermon 
fon 1 Kings x. 24] in St. Maries 
Clhnrch in Oxford, eto. L, Lick- 

fidd, Oxford, 1639. 16mo. 4408. a. 

— Christns : sive Diota k Facta 
Christ! : prout k quatuor Evange- 
listis sparsim recitantur. CoUecta 
& Ordine disposita ab. H. T., etc. 
e. Turner, Oxomm, 1634. 8vo. 

4226. a. 

TRACT. Here begynneth a 
newe tracte or treatyse moost 
^fytable for all hnsbade men, and 
very frutefnll for all other per- 
sones to rede, newly oorrecte i 
amended by the auctour, with 
dyverse other thynges added 
thernnto. [By Sir A. Fitz-Her- 
bert ? or J. Fitz-Herbert ?] ». I, 
P. TreveryB, L<md<m, [1525 ?] 4to. 

C. 42. c. 8. 

— A Tract against Usurie. 
[By Sir T. Culpepper.] Presented 
to the High Court of Parliament. 
Printed by W. L for W. Burre; 
Lond(m,1621. 4to. 1029. b. 1.(1.) 

See P., I. B. S. P. Tractatus de 
Persecutione toleranda, eto. 
1622. 8vo. 3901. b. 

TRACT (Richard) See Frtth 
(J.) Von Piscis ... contayning 
Three Treatises [by J. Frith, or 
by B. T.? viz.] (The Preparation 
to the Crosse; — ^A Mirrour, or 

Glasse to know thyselfe;— A 
Briefe Instruction to teach a 
person willingly to die). 1627, 
etc. 12mo. 694. c. 30. (1-3.) 

TRACY (William) The testa- 
ment of maister w. T., ex- 
pounded by W. Tyndall. See 
WicuF (J.) Wycklyffes Wycket, 
etc. 1546. 16mo. 3932. c. 

[1548.] 16mo. 1360. a. 3. 

[1550?] 8vo. G. 11996. 

— The Testament of master 
W. Tracie esquier, expounded 
both by W. Tindall and J. Frith. 
Wherin thou shalt perceyve with 
what charitie ye ohaunceler of 
worcetter Burned whan he toke 
up the deed carkas and made 
asshes of hit after hit was buried. 
M. a, [Antwerjpf] 1635. 8vo. 

C. 37. a. 28. (6.) 
Without pagination. 

TRADE. See B., I. The 

Trades Increase. [With an ad- 
dress to the reader, signed I. B.] 
1615. 4to. 1138. b. 10. 

TRAGEDIES. T. and Come- 
dies [by J. Marston] collected 
into one volume, viz. 1. Antonio 
and Mellida. 2. Antonio's Be- 
venge. 3. (The Wonder of 
Women, or) The Tragedie of 
Sophonisba. 4. What you will. 

5. (Farasitaster, or) The Fawne. 

6. The Dutch Courtezan. A. M, 
for W. Sheares, London, 1633. 8vo. 

644. a. 23. 

TiuB cop7 does not contain the 
author's name, but in later issnes of 
the same year a new titlepage 
appeared, reading : ** The Works of 
Mi. John Marston." Copies will be 
found under the heading *' Ifarston 

TRAGEDY. See England. 
A Divine Tragedy lately acted, 
or a Collection of sundry memo- 
rable examples of Gods judge- 




ments upon Sabbath-breakers... 
happening within the Realme of 
England,eto. 1636. 4to. 4355.b.l. 

TRAHERON (Bartholomew) 
See Ouns (BESTRALUki) pseud. 

— See Vigo (J. de) The most 
excellent workes of chirurgerye 
made... by maister J. Vigou... 
translated into English [by B. 
Traheron], etc. 1543. 4to. 

782. n. 40. 

1550. fol. 7481. g. 

1586. 4to. 43. a. 23. 

— An Exposition of a parte of 
S. Johannes Gospel made in 
sondrie readinges in the English 
Congregation at Wesel...<fe now 
published against the wicked 
enterprises of new sterte np 
Arians in Englande. [Weself} 
1557. 8vo. C. 25. a. 31. 

Without pagination. 

Overseen againe... 

and augmeted in manie places by 
the autor, with addition of sondrie 
other lectures, etc. [Weself] 
1658. 8vo. 4224. a. 

Without pagination. 

— An Expositio of the . 4 . chap, 
of. S. Joans Bevelation made by 
B. T. in sondrie Headinges before 
his countre men in Germanic. 
Where in the providece of God is 
treated, with an aunswer made to 
the objections of a gentle adver- 
sarie. (An exposition of these 
wordes, Leade us not in to tenta- 
tion. made by B. T., logo before 
these former lectures, & now 
added hereto, etc.) (H. X. MS. 
Notes. [Weself ]1667. 8vo. 3265. a. 

— Another edition. )$• 31, 
r. DawBon and T, Oardyner, for 
E, Aggae and T. Charde, Londony 
1577. 8vo. 3186. a. 

TRAPP (John) God's Love- 

tokens, and the afflicted Man*B 
lessons: brought to light, and 
layd before him in two frnitfiill 
and seasonable discourses upon 
Revel. 3. 19, etc. B. Badger, 
London, 1637. 12mo. 4404. 

TRASKE (John) See Nohice 
(E.) The New Gospel, not the 
true Gospel : or, A Discovery of 
the Life, and Death, Doctrin, and 
Doings of Mr. J. T. 1638. 4to. 

698. g. 9. (1.) 

TRAT ( ) Muriher. See 
W.,C. The Crying Murther, etc. 


The forlorn Traveller, etc. [A 
baUad.] [1635.] Broadside M. 

Box. I. 524. 

TRAVERS (Walter) See 
England, Church of. A fiill and 
plaine declaration of Ecclesiastical 
Discipline, etc. [Translated from 
the Latin generally attributed to 
W. T.] 1574. 4to. 3932. e. 

1580. 8vo. C. 21. a. 16. 

1617. 4to. 

4106. b. 

— See Hooker (B.) The An- a Supplication pre- 
ferred by M' W. T. to the HH. 
Lords of the Privie OounselL 
1612. 4to. 4256. b. 

— A supplication made to the 
Councell by W. T. — Master 
Hookers answere to the Supplica> 
tion, etc. See Hooker fB.) Of 
the Lawes of Ecclesiasticai Politie, 
etc. 1617, etc. fol. 4103. g. 

1638, etc. fol. 3753. CC.1. 

— An Answere to a Supplica- 
torie Epistle, of G. T. for the 
pretended Catholiques: written 
to the right Honorable Lords of 
her Majesties privy Councell, etc. 
)$• £. Printed for T. Smith, Lon- 
don, [1583]. 8vo. 698. a. 32. 




TRAYTTB. End. Heyr 
endysh the traytte of god lyuyng 
and good Deyng et of paynys of 
hel et the paynys of pnrgatoyr 
the traytte of the cnmmyng of 
ante cryst the . xv. syngys goyng 
afor the ingemet general of god, 
etc. (Translatyt in parys the 
xiii. Day of May of franch [i.e. 
Verard's edition of L'Art de bien 
vivre et de bien mourir] in eng- 
lysh oon thowsand . v. hondreth 
et . iii.) [With woodcuts.] ffi. JL. 
Imprentyt \hy A. Verard] in parys 
ike . XXX. Day of.,. May ^ [1503]. fol. 

C. 21. d. 25. 

Without pagination. Doable 
oolnmns; 83 lines to the oolumn. 
On the verto of the last leaf is 
Yenurd's devioe. The woodcuts are 
the same as in the French edition 
by Yerard. This copy is imperfect; 
wanting all before sig. d i. The 
remaining portion consists of 183 
leayes ; register d-3, % aa-ii. 

TREASURE. This Booke is 
called the Treasure of gladnesse 
...made above . 00. yeres past... 
Whereby it appeareth howe God 
in olde tyme, and not of late only, 
hath been tniely confessed and 
honoured, etc. 9B. X* W. William- 
mm for J. Charlewood, London^ 
1572. 8vo. 4412. e. 

The titlepage is mutilated, but 
has been restored in fac-simile. 

Newly Imprinted. 

V* ai. [London,] 1579. 16mo. 

C. 37. b. 13. 

Imperfect ; wanting the last two 
leaTes, containing the table of con- 
tents and imprint. 

— Here beginneth a good boke 
of medecines called the Treasure 
of pore men. U. X. B. Bedman, 
London, 1539. 8to. C. 31. a. 

— Another edition. U* %• 
T. Petyi, London, 1539. 8vo. ■ 

C. 31. a. 

— Another edition. U* X* 
T. OohoeU, [London, 1540?] Svo. 

7383. aa. (3.) 

— Another edition. V. l. 
W.jpowell, London, 1551. 8vo. 

1036. a. 41. 

— Another edition. U* I. 
J. Waylande, London, 1556. 8vo. 

7383. a. 

— Another edition. U* Z. 
T. Colwdl, [London, 1562?] Svo. 

C. 31. a. 

surers Almanacke, or the Money 
Master: Wherein with... Tables 
of Interest, the Lenders gaine, 
and borrowers lo8se,...are easily 
composed... The Second Edition. 
Printed for M. Sparke, London, 
1628. 8vo. 1139. c. 23. 

Withont pagination. 

Fourth edition, 

corrected and augmented. Printed 
for M. Sparke, Lwkdon, 1630. 8vo. 

1105. a. 12. (3.) 

TREASURY. See P., I. W. 

The Treasury of Devotion... Col- 
lected by I. W. P. 1622. 12mo. 

3456. a. 28. 

— The Treasurie of aunoient 
and modeme Times. Containing 
. . . collections, . . . Eeadings and . . . 
Observations... translated out of 
...P. Mexia, ... F. Sansovino, ... A. 
Du Verdier, etc. [by T. Milles]. 
rAp;(ato-nXovros, containing ten 
lollowing bookes to the former 
Treasurie, etc.) 2 vols. W. Jag- 
gard, London, 1613-19. fol. 

12208. k. 1. 

Imperfect; wanting the second, 
engraved, titlepage to yoI. 2. 

— Another copy of Vol. 2 only. 

121. e. 2. 

— The Treasurie of hidden 
Secrets, common lie called the good 




huswives Closet of proyision, for 
the health of her Houshold... 
newly enlarged, etc. U. Z, 
Printed hy J. B. far E. White, 
1600. 4to. 1037. e. 2. 

Without pagination. 
— Anotheroopy. 1038.k.34.(4.) 


Knight A little Treatise of Baile 
and Maineprize, etc. 1635. Svo. 

6146. e. 8. 

— See Clark (J.) The con- 
verted Jew, etc. (An appendix, 
wherein is taken a... survey... of 
a pamphlet [by Q. Abbot, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury] intituled : 
" A Treatise of the visibility and 
succession of the True Church in 
all ages." 1630. 4to. 3935. b. 

— See H., S., Studious in Phisicke, 
A new Treatise of the Pesti- 
lence, etc. 1603. 4to. C.31.e. 16. 

— See HuTTEN (L.) An answer 
to a certaine treatise of the Crosse 
in Baptisme, intituled A Short 
Treatise of the Crosse in Bap- 
tisme, etc. 1605. 4to. 4325. a. 

— See R., D., B, of Divin. 
[A] Treatise of the two Sacra- 
ments of the Gospell, etc. 1635. 4to. 

4326. bb. 

— See S., R. A briefe Treatise 
to proove the necessitie and ex- 
cellence of the use of Archerie, 
abstracted out of ancient and 
Modem Writers. 1596. 4to. 

1042. 1. 41. 

— See T., R. A Brief Treatise 
of the use of the Globe Celestiall 
and Terrestriall, etc. 1 620. Svo. 

531. e. 6. (1.) 

— See also Traytte. 

— See W., D. J. P. B. R. A 

shorte Treatise of politicke power, 
and of the true Obedience which 

isubjectes owe to Eyngea and 
other civile Qovemours, with an 
Exhortation to all true naturall 
Englishe men, etc. 1556. 8vo. 

1389. b. 

TREATISE. A brief treatise 
conteinyng many proper Tables 
and easie rules... for the use and 
comoditie of al people, etc [By 
R. Grafton.] V. %. J. Waley, 
London, 1576. 8vo. 8610. aa. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V. Z* 
J, Walley, London, 1579. Svo. 

12203. aa. 20. 

— Another edition. 90« Z« 
/. WcUley, London, 1582. 8vo. 

12203. a. 5. 

Perused, corrected 

and augmented. 1$. E, MS. 
Note [by W. Herbert]. Printed 
hy F. S. for T. Adams, London, 
1595. Svo. 717. a. 34. 

— A breefe • Treatise of the 
vertue of the Crosse : andthetrae 
manner how to honour it. Trans- 
lated out of French into English. 
Printed for E. WhiU, L^idan, 
1599. Svo. 4412. g. 

Withont pagination. 

— A briefe Treatise touching 
the preservation of the eie sight, 
consisting partly in good order of 
diet, and partly in use of medi- 
cines. [By W. Bailey.] [London f ] 
1586. Svo. 7610. a. 

The sixte Edition. 

J, Barnes, Oxford, 1602. 12mo. 

1186. b. 46. 

— Anothercopy. 1170. a. 5. (1.) 

— A Godlie treatiase dedaiyng 
the benefites, fruites, and great 
commodities of prayer, and also 
the true use therof. Written in 
Latin, fourtie yerea past, by an 




Englyslie man ... fCardinal J. 
Fisher,] ... and lately translated 
into Englyshe 1560. ». i. MS. 
Notes. J, Cawoody London^ 
[1560]. 8vo. 3932. b. 

Withoat pagination. 

— Another edition. V* X* 
Jmprinied by H. B. for J. Oawood, 
Xondon, 1577. 8vo. 0.21. a. 20. (2.) 

TREATISE. Here begyneth 
a newe Treatyse deuyded in thre 
The fyrst parte is to know,'i hane 

1 mynde 
The wretchednes of all man- 

The seconde is of the codyoion 

and manere 
Of the nnstedfastnes of this world 

The tbyrde part i this boke you 

may rede 
Of bytter death, and why it is to 


Sin verse. By Miles Hogarde?] 
0.1;. B.Wyer,[L<md(m,U50?] 4to. 

C. 40. 0. 11. 

Thirty-six leaTos, without pagi- 
nation. On the titlepage Ib a wood- 
ont, and on the last leaf is the 
print^B doYloe. 

— [Here begynneth a treatyse 
[in verse] how y* hye fader of 
heven sendeth dethe to somen 
every creature to oome and 
gyve a counte of theyr lyves in 
this worlde, and is in manor of 
a moraU playe.] V. X« Copious 
MS. Notes [by W. Herbert]. 
B.Pyn8(m, London, [1620?] 4to. 

C. 21. c. 17. 

Withoat pagination or catchwords. 
Imperfect; a fragment, oousisting 
of the last 10 leaves only. 8ig. 
B, C. A complete copy probably 
contained 16 leaves. The titlepa^ 
and missingportion are supplied in 
MS. by W. Herbert, from a copy of 
an edition printed by J. Bkot, the 
TSjiationB in the text of which are 
added in MB. on the InterleaYes of 
this copy. 

TREATISE. Beffin. Here 
begynneth a treatyse of a galaiit. 
[In verse.] 15* S. WyrS^iyn de 
Worde, London, [1610 ?] 4to. 

0. 21. c. 18. 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
catchwords. 8ig. a. A fi»gment; 
containing the first and last leaves 
only of a ballad, which consisted 
originally of four leaves. 

— Another edition. V* Z, 
WynJcyn de Worde, London, 
[1520 ?] 4to. C. 40. 0. 12. 

Four leaves, without titlepage or 
pagination. At the end is the 
printer's device. 


— [Another edition.] Here 
begynneth a treatyse of this 
Galaunt with the maryage of the 
bosse of Bj'llyngesgate. unto 
London Stone. [In verse.] V« Z* 
Wynkyn de tVorde, [London, 
1622?] 4to. C. 40. 0.13. 

Six leaves, without pagination. 
On the titlepage is a woodcut, and 
on the verso of the last leaf is the 
printer's device. 

— Begin. A plaine and godlye 
treatise, ooneemynge the Masse 
1 the blessed Sacrament of the 
Anlter, for the iDstruccion of the 
symple and nnlemed people. 
»* ». [London, 1557?] 8vo. 

3932. c. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Big. A-H. 

— Anotheroopy. C.35.b. 21.(3.) 

— A short and pretie Treatise 
touching the perpetuall Bejoyce 
of the godly, even in this lyfe. 
V« X* Ja. Denham, London, 
1668. 8vo. 695. a. 40. 

Without pagination. 

— A shorte Treatise against 
Stage-playes. 1625. 4to. 

T. 1068. (3.) 

— A shorte Treatise, of the 
crosse in Baptisme, etc. [By 




W. Bradshaw.] Amsterdam, 
1604. 8vo. 698. b. 15. (1.) 

— Another copy. 116. a. 4. 
Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf. 

TREATISE. A theologicall 
...Treatise of the nature and good- 
nesse of Salt, out of the Holy 
Scriptures, learned Writers, and 
approved practise, etc. F. Kyng- 
ston for B. Boyle^ London, 1612. 4to. 

7076. a. 

— A treatise ooncemynge the 
division betwene the spirytualtie 
and temporaltie. [By C. Saint 
German.] 98. E. M, Bedman, 
iowion, [1530?] 8vo. 296. g. 21.(1.) 

— A Treatise of blazing Starres 
in generall as well supematurall 
as naturall: to what countries 
or people soever they appeare in 
the... world. [By A. Fleming.] 
B. Al8op,„.8olde hy H. Bell, Lon- 
don, 1618. 4to. 8562. a. 

Without pagination. 

— A Treatise of the Cohabi- 
tacyon of the faithfuU with the 
unfaithfull. Whereunto is added. 
A Sermon made of the confessing 
of Christe and His gospell, and of 
the denyinge of the same. [By H. 
Bullinger.] ». S. MS. Notes. 
[HanaLuftf Marhurgf 1555?] 8vo. 

696. a. 19. 

— Another copy. 695. a. 29. 

— A Treatise of the grounds of 
the old and newe Religion. De- 
vided into two parts, Whereunto 
is added an Appendix, containing 
a briefe confutation of W. Cra- 
shaw his first Tome of Romish 
forgeries and falsifications. 2 pts. 
1608. 4to. 3935. cc. 

Each pt. has a separate pagination. 

— A Treatise of the Lords 
Supper, in two Sermons [on 1 Oor. 
XI. 23-28; by Henry Smith, 

Minister of St. Clement Danes]. 
B. Field for ThomoB Man, London^ 
1691. 8vo. 4474. b. 79. 

TREATISE. A Treatise of 
the nature and use of things in- 
different. Tendinge to prove, 
that the ceremonies in present 
oontroversie Amongst the min- 
isters of the gospell in the Bealme 
of England, are neither in nature 
or use Indifferent. l^Amiterdamf] 
1605. 8vo. 4106. a. 

— A Treatise of the Nature of 
God. [By Bishop T. Morton.] 
T. O^eae for B. Dexter, London, 
1599. 8vo. 3833. 

— A Treatise of the Perpetuall 
Yisibilitie, and Succession of the 
True Church in all Ages. [By 
G. Abbot, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury.] H, Loumee, for B. Mil- 
bourne, [London,] 1624. 4to. 

T. 774. (4.) 

— Another copy. 702. d. 15. (8.) 

— Another edition. A. Mai- 
theu>e8 and J. Norton, for B. Mtl- 
houme, London, 1624. 4to. 

700. f. 15. (1.) 

— A Treatise of Use and Cu»- 
tome. [By M. Casaubon.] Printed 
hy L L., London, 1638. 4to. 4380. g. 

— Another copy. 722. d. 7. 

— Another oopy. 625. e. 1 6. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage 
and Big. A 2. 

— A two-fold Treatise, the one 
decyphering the worth of Specu- 
lation, and of a retired life : the 
other containing a discoverie of 
Youth and old age. 2 pts. 
J, Bamea, Oxford, 1612. l2mo. 

8405. a. 

Each pt has a distinot.paginatkm. 

— A very proper treatise, 
wherein is briefly sett forthe the 




arte of Limming, etc. V* Z. Fraebendary of the Church of 
B. ToUiU, London, 1573. 4to. Linoolne. [London? 1630?] 12mo. 

1044. h. 38. 4404. bb. 

— Another copy. 1 327. b. 1 . (3.) 

— Another edition. )3. Z« 
B, ToUiU, London, 1581. 4to. 

1044. h. 37. 

— Another edition. Id* X* 
T. Purfoote, London, 1583. 4to. 

1044. h. 36. 

TREATISE. A proper Trea- 
tiae, wherein is briefly set forth 
the Art of Limming, etc. )3« Z. 
T. Purfoot, London, 1605. 4to. 

C. 31. c. 

TREATISES. Three severall 
Treatises concerning the Truce at 
this present propounded. The 
first, laying open divers Conside- 
rations and Reasons why a Truce 
ought not to bee Contracted: 
Propounded unto the ... States 
Generall of the United Provinces : 
by the...CommiBsioner8 and depu- 
ties of the most Hon: authorized 
Company of West India. In 
their own behalfe. The second 
...whether or no it bee lawful! to 
make truce with the King of 
Spaine. Lastly, ... a Remonstrance, 
represented to the States theyr 
Excellencies, in the behalfe of the 
King of Bohemia, which hath a 
respect unto the affaires in Qer- 
manie. All truly and faithfully 
Translated out of the Low Dutch 
oopie. Printed for N. Butter and 
N. Bourne, London, 1630. 4to. 

E. 1943. (9.) 

— Three small and plaine 

1. Of Prayers, or Ac-> 


2. Of Principlee, or^jj. . .^ 


3. Resolutions, or Op- 1 


Translated and collected out of 
the Auncient Writers... By an old 

TRE a ON Y. Somewhat: 
written by occasion of three 
Sunnes scene at TregDie in Come- 
wall, the 22. of December last. 
With other memorable Occur- 
rents in other places. [Lon- 
don ?] 1622. 4to. 1103. e. 60. 

— Another copy. 965. g. 16. 

briefe Institution of the Common 
Places of Sacred Divinitie. Where- 
in the Truth of every Place is 
proved, and the Sophismes of 
Bellarmine are reproved,.. Eng- 
lished by J. Gawen. Lnprinted 
by T. P. for F. Burton, London, 
1610. 8vo. 874. c. 7. 

TREMELLIUS (Immanuel]) 
See Bible. — La^tn. Testamenti 
Veteris Biblia Sacra sive libri 
canonici...Latini recens facti ab 
I. Tremellio et T. Junio, etc. 
1580, etc. 4to. 1409. h. 7. 

1681. 4to. 1409.i.l.(l.) 

1686. 4to. 1409. i. 2. 

1693. fol. 1. b. 12. 

1640. 12mo. 1408.a.l7. 

— See Bible. — Abridgments. 
The contents of Scripture ... 
Gathered f rom T. . . . and others, etc. 
1596. 12mo. 1016. a. 13. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Psalms, Latin, Psalmi ... in 
Latinum oonversi scholiisque... 
illustrati ab I. T. et F. Junio. 
1680. 16mo. 1220. a. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
Laiin. Jesu Christi . . . Novum Tes- 
tamentum . . . T. Beza interprets 
...Cui additur...translatio Latina 
1. lYemellii, etc. 1686. 4to. 

3020. oc. 




TRENT, Couneil of. See B., H., 
Becto/ of St. Matthews, Friday 
Street, London. Truth's Trinmph 
over Trent; or the great gulfe 
between e Sion and Babylon, etc. 
1629. 4to. 3936. c. 

— See SoAVE TPietro) Polano, 
p9€ud. The historie of the Counoel 
of Trent, etc. 1620. fol. 

492. k. 14. 

— A godly and neoessarye ad- 
monition of the Decrees and 
Canons of the Counsel of Trent. 
...Wrytten for those godlye dis- 
posed persons sakes, whych looke 
for amendement of Doctrine and 
Ceremonies to bee made by generall 
Counsels. Lately translated out 
of Latine. V* Z. /. Bay, London, 
1564. 4to. 5016. b. 

TRESWELL (Robert) A 
Relation of such things as were 
obsemed to happen in the Journey 
of ...Charles Earle of Nottingham, 
...his Higbnesse Ambassadour to 
the King of Spaine: being sent 
thither to take the oath of the 
sayd King for the maintenance of 
peace betweene... Great Brittaine 
and Spaine, etc. M. Bradwood 
for O. SeaJUm, London, 1605. 4to. 

E. 1940. (12.) 

— Another copy. G. 7333. 

TRE VISA {Sow) See 
Brftain. [The Description of 
Britain and Ireland. By J. T. 
The latter translated from Hig- 
den's Folychronicon.] 1480. fol. 

C. 10. b. 24. 

— The descrypcyon of Eng- 
londe. End. Here endeth the 
descrypcyon of Brytayne ... and 
also... Irlonde... taken out of Poly- 
crony con ... acoordynge to the 
translacon of T., etc. See Enoland. 
[The Chronicles of England, etc.] 
1497, etc. fol. C. 11. b. 1. 

1502. foL 194.0.16.(2.) 

1510. fol. 9510. h. 

1516. fol. C.33.nu2. 

1528. foL C. 15.b.4. 

TREVISA (John) See Guls- 
VILLA (B. de) Bartholomeu^ de 
proprietatibt r&if. [Translated into 
English by J. T.] [1495?] 4to. 

C. 21. d. 26. 

1535. fol. 456. a. 1. 

1582. fol. 456. b. 15. 

— See HiGDEN (R.) 
Cronica Banulphi Cistrensis lio- 
nachi. (the book named Prolo- 
oonycon ... translated in to eng- 
lisshe by [J.] T.) [1482.] fol. 

G. 6011. 

1495. fol. C:il.b.2. 

1527. fol. C.15,b.3. 

TRIAL. See B., M. The 

Triall of true Friendship, etc. 
1596. 4to. C. 40. b. 8. 

— See P., M. Tryall brings 
truth to light, etc. [1640?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 528. 

— See W., J., Priesi. The 
fiery tryall of God's saints, eto. 
[1612.] 4to. 1019. i. 18. (2.) 

— A new and mery Enterlude, 
called the Triall of Treasure, etc. 
[In verse.] ». Z. T. PwrfooU^ 
Londd, 1567. 4to. C. 34. b. 49. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting one leaf, sig. E liL 

TRICK. See D., B., Geni. A 

pleasant... Comedy, called, A new 
tricke to cheat the Divell. 
1639. 4to. 643. i. 20. (1.) 

— See M., T. A Tricke to 
Catch the Old-one, eto 1608. 4ta. 

C. 34. d. 42. 




TRIOOE (Fbangis) jSee Bible. 
— New Testami&nt. — Matihew. 
Latin. AnalvsiB capitis vice- 
simi qnarti Evangelii secunduin 
Matth8BiiiD...Anthore F. Triggo. 
1591, 4to. 3166. 0. (2.) 

— An Apologie, or Defence of 
onr dayee... Wherein is. ..proved 
that onr dayes are more happie... 
than the dayes of onr forefathers. 
V«Z. J.Wolfe, London, 16S9. 4to. 

8409. bb. 

— A godly... Sermon [on Isai, 
zxiv^. 1-^] preached at Grantham 
Anno . Dom. 1592, etc. )3. %• 
J. Bame8, Oxford, 1594. 8vo. 

C. 12. d. 18. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— To the Kings most excellent 
Majestie. The humble petition 
of two sisters; the Church and 
Common- wealth : for the restoring 
of their ancient Commons and 
liberties, eta V. X* Impensia 
Georgii Bishop, Londini, 1 604. 8 vo. 

288. a. 51. 

Withont pagination. 

See Academies, etc. — Dublin. 

TRIPLET (Bobert) See 
Ephemeribes. Writing Tables 
with a Ealender for XXIIII 
yeeres . . . The Tables made by B. T. 
1604. 16mo. C. 40. a. 44. 

1611. 16mo. C. 32.a.l. 

TREPP (Henry) See Gerar- 
Dus (A.) HyperiuB. The Begiment 
of the PoTertie . . . Translated ... by 
H. T(ripp) minister. 1572. 8vo. 

4412. aaa. 


The Triumphs of the Prince 
d' Amour. A Masque, etc. 
1635. 4to. C. 33. d. 12. 

— See M., T. [The Tiyumphs 

of Honor and Industry, etc.] 
[1617.] 4to. 11773.0. 


H. Justini ex Trogi Pompeii His- 
toria, Libri xliiij. Supra pluri- 
morum editiones doctorum homi* 
num opera oastigatissimi. Cum 
eruditissimis scholiolis, etc. Co- 
pious MS. Notes. Apud Henricum 
Bynneman, [London,'] 1572. 8yo. 

1306. a. 7. 

— Thabridgment of the His- 
tories of Trogus Pompeius, col- 
lected and wrytten in the Laten 
tongue by... Justine, and trans- 
late into English by A. Goldyng, 
etc. )3. a* MS. Notes. T.Marshe, 
London, 1564. 4to. 302. g. 22. 

Newlie conferred 

with the Latin Copye, and cor- 
rected by the Translator. 98. Z. 
T. Marshe, London, 1570. 4to. 

586. c. 24. 

— The Historie of Justine 
[abridged from that of Trogus 
rompeiusl. Containing a narra- 
tion of Kingdomes ... unto the 
raigne of ... Augustus. Where- 
unto is newly added a briefe col- 
lection of the lives... of all the 
Emperours succeeding ... Newly 
translated into English, by G. W. 
W. Jaggard, London, 1606. fol. 

9026. k. 

TROJANS. See Britons. 
Fuimus Trees... The true Tro- 
janes, beiug a story of the Bri- 
taines valour at the Bomanes fLrst 
invasion, etc. 1633. 4to. 

643. 0. 53. 

TROILUS. Begin. The 
double sorow of Troylus to telle, 
etc. [Troilus and Cressida. A 
poem in five books by G. Chaucer, 
edited by W. Caxton.l Id. I. 
Eacplicii per Caxton, iWestmin" 
8t€r,US2?] fol. C. 11. c. 10. 

Withont tiUepage, pagination, or 



catchwords. Sig. a ij.-p iii. 117 
leaves ; 35 lines to a full page. 

— Another copy. G. 11589. 

TROILUS. Here begynneth 
the boke of Troylus and Creseyde, 
newly printed by a trewe copye. 
End. [Sig. k 6, recto :] Here 
endeth the boke of Troylus and 
Creseyde, etc. [By G. Chancer. 
In verse.] 13. E, B, Pynson, Lon- 
Jon,[1626?] fol. G. 11584. (1.) 

Without pagiDation or catch- 
words. Sig. A-E 6, in sixes. Printed 
in double columns. The recto of the 
first leaf bears a woodcut which is re- 
peated on the verso. On the verso of 
the last leaf is the printer's device. 

TROTMAN (Edward) See 
Coke {Sir E.) Lord Chief Justice^ 
etc. Heec Epitome XJndeoim Li- 
bromm Belationum Edvardi Coke 
cum yenia Beverendorum... Judi- 
cum prsBlo commissa fuit : et hoc 
opnsculum E. T. . . . Interius Templi 
Socius . . . Honorabili Societati ej us- 
demHospitii...dedicat. 1640. 8yo. 

514. a. 3. 

TROUBLE. See P., L. Bee 

Patient in Trouble, etc. [A 
ballad.] [1635?] Broadside io\. 

Eox. I. 496. 

TROY. The ancient historic 
of the destruction of Troy. [By 
R. le F^vre]... Translated out of 
French into English, by W. Cax- 
ton. Newly corrected, and the 
English much amended. By W. 
Fiston. W. a. T. Oreede, Ixm- 
don, 1607. 4to. 12450. e. 

For the earlier editions of this 
book, bearing the author's name, see 

— The fifth edition. 

)3.S* B,AUopy London, 1617. 4to. 

12450. e. 

— Here foloweth the . C. 
Hystoryes of Troye, Lepistre de 
Othea deesse de Prudence, en- 
Toyee a lesperit chevalereuz Heo- 


tor de Troye, avec cent Histoires. 
Nouvellement imprimee. End. 
Thus endeth the . C. Hystories 
of Troye, translated out of 
Prenche into Englysshe, by me. 
R. W(yer). W. H. B. Wyer, 
[London, 1530?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 34. 

Without pagination. Sijr. A-V. 
Imperfect ; wanting sig. E 2-7. 

TROY. The hystorye, Sege 
and dystruocyon of Troye. [In 
verse. Translated with additions 
by J. Lydgate from the Latin 
original in prose of G. delle 
Colonne.] )3« H. B. Pynson, 
[London,] 1513. fol. C. 11. b. 7. 

Without pagination. 162 leaves. 
Printed in double columns ; 50 lines 
to a full column. 

— Another copy. G. 11607. 

TROYLUS. See Troilus. 

The Evaporation of the Apple of 
PalsBstine : that is, the Sifting of 
the Answeres and Rescripts, lately 
given, in the Cause of the Restitu- 
tion of the Palatinate. Together 
with a... Demonstration of the 
Nullities of the clandestine dis- 
positions, by which, the Elector- 
ship and the Palatinate hath 
beene transferred on the House 
of Bavaria. Translated out of 
Latine. Printed hy A, O, for 
J. Norton, and B. Whitaher, Lon- 
don, 1637. 4to. 1054. h. 24. 

Without pagination. 

WALDBURQ (Gebhardt) Elec- 
tor and Archbishop of Cologne. 
See Gebhardt. 

TRUE (John) Two Unfor- 
tunate Lovers ; or, a true relation 
of the lamentable end of John 
True and Susan Mease. [A 
Ballad.] )3« Z. 2 pts. For 
H. Oosson, London, [1630?] 
Broadside fol. Rox. I. 428. 




TRUSSELL (John) A con- 
tinuation of the Collection of the 
History of England, beginning 
where S. Daniell... ended, with 
the raigne of Edward the third, 
and ending where... Yicount Saint 
Albones began... being acompleat 
history of the beginning and end 
of the dissention betwixt the two 
houses of Tprke and Lancaster. 
With the Matches and issue of all 
the Kingft, Princes, Dukes, Mar- 
quesses, Earles, and Yiconnts of 
this Nation, deceased, during those 
times. By I. T(ru88ell). Printed 
by M, D. for E. Dawson, London, 
1636. fol. 9606. tif. (2.) 

TRUSSELL (Thomas) The 
Souldier pleading his own Cause. 
...With an Epitome of the quali- 
ties required in the... Officers of a 
private Company. The second 
Impression, much enlarged with 
Military Instructions. N, Okes; 
,..9old hy T. WcUkley, London, 
1619. 8vo. 1077. d. 17. 

TRUTH. Truths integrity; or, 
a curious Northeme Ditty, called. 
Love will finde out the way. 98* 2. 
2 pta Printed for F. Coules, Lon- 
don, [1630 ?] Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 426. 

TRYALL. See Trial. 

T R YA M OU R E, Sir. Syr 
Tryanioure. [A poem.] V, E« 
W. Copland, London, [1560?] 4to. 

C. 21. a 60. 

Without pagination. Twenty-four 
leaves. Big. A-F. 

TUKE (Thomas) See Perkins 
(W.) A Christian ... treatise of 
the manner ... of Predestination 
...First written in Latine...and 
carefully translated into English 
by...T. T. 1606. 8vo. 4266. aa. 

— See Vincent, of Lerins, Saint. 
A yery christian... discourse con- 
yoL. 111. 

cerning the...CHtholike Faith... 
translated...byT.T. 1611. 12mo. 

1020. a. 8. (2.) 

TUKE (Thomas) Concerning 
the Holy Eucharist, and the 
Popist Breaden-God to the Men 
of Borne, as well Laiques as 
^' " '"' " (Second 

1636. 4to. 
697. g. 30. 

Cleriques. [In verse. 
Impression.) [^London f 

— A Discourse of Death, bodily, 
ghostly, and etemall : nor unfit 
for Souldiers Warring, Seamen 
sayling, Strangers travelling, 
Women bearing, nor any other 
living that thinkes of Dying. 
W. StansUe for O. Norton, London, 
1613. 4to. 873. e. 1U4. 

— The High-Way to Heaven : 
or, the doctrine of Election, eS'ect- 
uall Vocation, Justification, Sano- 
tification and etemall Liie, etc. 
N. Okes, London, 1609. 8vo. 

873. i. 13. 

— The Picture of a true Pro- 
testant : or Gods House and Hus- 
bandry : wherein is declared the 
duty and dignitie of all Gods 
children, both Ministers and 
People. N. Okes; ... sold hy 
T. Archer, Londm, 1609. 8vo. 

4408. b. 

— A Treatise against paint[i]ng 
and tincturing of Men and Wo- 
men : against Murther and Foy- 
souing : Pride and Ambition : 
Adulterie and Witchcraft ... 
Whereunto is added the picture 
of a picture ; or the Character of 
a Painted Woman, etc. T. Creed 
and B, AUsope, for E, Merchant, 
London, 1616. 4to. C. 40. d. 18. 

— The true Trial and Turning 
of a Sinner. Or, three . . . Sermons, 
etc. T. Creede, London, 1607. 8vo. 

4474. aa. 42. (2.) 




TUNSTALL (Cothbert) suc- 
cessively Bishop of London and of 
Durham. See Bible. The Byble 
in Engly8he...0versene and pe- 
rused ... by ... Cuthbert, bysshop 
of Duresme, etc. Novemberj 
1541. foL C. 18. d. 

— De arte supputandi libri 
quattuor Cutheberti Tonstalli. 
(Appendix ex Budaei libro de 
asse excerpta : in qua prisoa 
Latinorum et Gr^ooru supputatio, 
ad aBstimationem pecuiii^, turn 
GalliosB, turn Anglicaa revocatur.) 
MS. Notes. In sedihiu B. Pynsonij 
Lmdini, 1522. 4to. 629. f. 1. 

Without pagination. 

— C. Tonstalli in laudem Ma- 
trimonii Oratio habita in Spon- 
salibuB Mariae, ... regis Angliaa 
Henrici Octavi filiaa, et Francisci 
...Franoorum Regis primogenita. 
Few MS. Notes. B. Pynsony 
Londini, 1618. 4to. C. 24. a. 82. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagi- 

— A Sermon of Cuthbert Bys- 
shop of Du res rue [on Philippians 
II. 6-11] made upon Palme son- 
daye laste past, etc. )3« E* In 
eedihus T. Berthdeti, Londini, 
1539. 8vo. 1026. a. 7. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 224. b. 18. 

— Another copy. G. 11842. 

— Another edition. T. Harper, 
London, 1633. 4to. 694. e. 6. (12.) 

TUNSTALL (Cuthbert) suc- 
cessively Bishop of London and of 
Durham, 8knd STOKESLEY 
(John) Bishop of London. A 
lietter written by C. Tunstall... 
and J. Stokesley, R. Pole 
Cardinall. See G., B., Citizen of 
London. A Newyeare's Gifte, 
etc. 1679. 4to. 3932. e. 

stall... and J. Stokesley...unto B. 
Pole, Cardinall, then beyiige at 
Bome, and late bj^shop of Canter- 
bury. rUrging him to retume 
to the side of Henry YIII. in his 
conflict with the See of Bome, 
and controverting the Papal su- 
premacy.] ]$• %• B. Woulfe, 
London, 1660. 8vo. G. 11709. 

Without pagination. Slightly 

See Art. The Noble Arte of 
Venerie or Hunting... Translated 
and collected... out of the best ap- 
proved Authors, etc. [By G. T.] 
[1575.] 4to. C. 31. g. 1. (2.) 

1611. 4to. 987. h- 1.(2.) 

— Certaine letters in verse, 
written by G. T. out of Musoovia, 
...1568. ..describing the maners of 
the countrey and people. See 
Hakluyt (B.) The principal 
Navigations, etc. Vol. 1. 1698, 
etc. fol. 683. h. 5. 

— See Mancinus (D.) A plaine 
Path to perfect Vertue... trans- 
lated ... by G. Turberville. 
1568. 8vo. C. 39. b. 27. 

— See OviDius Naso (P.) 
[Epistolss Heroidum.] The Heroy- 
call Epistles of... P. Ovidius Naso 
...translated by G. T., etc. 
1567. 8vo. 11388. a. 

[1569.] 8vo. 238. m. 44. 

[1570 ?] 8vo. 11388. a. 

1600. 8vo. 238. k. 33. 

[1605.] 8vo. 1068. f. 19. 

— See Spagnuoli rB.) Jlfa»- 
iuanus. The Eglogs or...B. Man- 
tuan turned into English verse, 
& set forth with the Arguments 
to every Egloge by G. T. 
1567. 8vo. 238. 1. 17. 

— A letter written by C. Tun- — The Booke of Faal[conrie 




or Haw]king for the o[nely de]- 
light and pleasure of all Noble- 
ine[n & Oentlemen]. Collected 
out of the best Auothors aswell 
Itali[an as French men] and some 
^English practises withall con- 
cerning Faiilconri[e], etc. )3. il« 
Imprinted... for C. ^Barker, London, 
1575. 4to. C. 31. g. 1. (1.) 

First edition. The titlepage is 
slightly mutilated. The deficiencies 
have been supplied in MS. 

— Another copy. G. 2372. (1.) 
Corrected, and aug- 

mented with many new Additions 

? roper to the present times, etc. 
I Purfoot, London, 1611. 4to. 

987. h. 1. (1.) 

— Another copy. 62. a. 29. 

The titlepage and four following 
leaves are mutilated. 

TUKKBY. The Policy of 
the Turkish Empire. The first 
booke. J. Windet for W. S., 
London, 1597. 4to. 280. c. 12. 

No more published ? 

T U R K E Y.— Sultans. The 
History of the Imperial Estate of 
the Grand Seignenrs. [By M. 
Baadier.] ... Translated ont of 
French by E(dward) G^rimeston) 
S(6r]ant at) A(rms). (The His- 
tory of the Court of the King of 
China. Written in French by 
M. Baudier... Translated by E[d- 
ward] G[rime8ton]^ 2 pts. 
W. otantiby for jB. Meighen, Lon- 
don, 1635. 4to. 1053. i. 10. 

There is another titlepage, which 
reads: ''I'he history of the Senail 
and of the court of the Grand 
Beig^eui," etc. 

TURKS. See S., T. M. De 
Turoo-Papismo : hoc est, De Tur- 
camm et Papistarum adversus 
Christ! Ecclesiam & fidem con- 
jnratione, eommque in religione 
A moribus consensione & simili- 
tudine; liber unus. Eidem prad- 

terea adjuncti sunt, de Turco- 
papistarum maledictis & calum- 
niis, adversus G. Giffordi...volu- 
men . . . Cal vino-Turcismum . . . libri 
quatuor,etc. 1604. 8yo. 3906. aa. 

The Traveiler of J. Turler, de- 
vided into two Bookes. The first 
conteining a notable discourse 
of the maner, and order of tra- 
veiling oversea... The second com- 
prehending an excellent descrip- 
tion of thc.Bealme of Naples 
in Italy, etc. [Translated from 
the Latin.] 98. E. MS. Notes. 
W. How, for A. Weale, London, 
1576. 8vo. C. 21. a. 6. 

— Another copy. G. 7281. 

TURNBULL (Bichard) 
See Bible. — Old Testament. — 
Piodms. Portions. An Exposition 
upon the XV. Psalme divided into 
foure Sermons. Compiled by B. T. 
1591. 8vo. 3932. aaa. 

[1606.] 4to. 3266.0.(2.) 

— See Bible.— New Testa- 
ment. — James. An Exposition 
upon the . . . EpistI e of Saint James. 
...By R. Tumbul, etc. (An ex- 
position upon the... Epistle of 
Saint Jude...By B. Tumbull.) 
1606. 4to. 3266. c. (1.; 

TURNER ( ) Chaplain to 
Charles L A sermon [on Matt. 
IX. 13] preached before the King 
at White-HaU, etc. B. Badger, 
London, 1635. 4to. 4474. aa. 70. 

TURNER (Peter) The 
opinion of P. T. ... concerning 
Amulets or Plague Cakes. Printed 
for E. Blount, London, 1603. 4to. 

C. 31. e. 14. 

TURNER (Bichard) See 
TouTH. Youth Know thy selfe. 
[By B. T.] 1624. 4to. C. 39. d. 33. 

— Nosoe te. (Humors.) [A 




collection of epigrams.] Printed 
by I. W. for J. GhorlUm, London, 
1607. 4to. C. 39. b. 20. 

Without pagination. 

Ephbmeridhb. Turner ... An Alma- 
nack... By T. T. 

TURNER (William) See 
Heidelberg Catechism. The Oa- 
th echi6me...uised in... the... domin- 
ions that are under ... Prince 
Frederike, the Palsgrave of y* 
Ehene... Translated W. T., 
etc. 1572. 8vo. 3504. a. 39. 

1578. 8vo. 3505. c. (4.) 

--- See Hdtten (R.) The Su of 
divinitiedrawenout of ...scripture, 
etc. Drawen out of Latine into 
Englishe by R. H. [Revised, and 
with a preface, by W.T.] 1548. 8vo. 

696. b. 26. 

— See Reqius (U.) A copari- 
son betwene the olde learnynge 
and the newe. Translated by 
W. T. 1537. 8vo. C. 25. a. 6. 

— The rare treasor of the 
English Bathes. See Vicabt (T.) 
The EngHshmans Treasure, etc. 
1586. 4to. 7420. a. 

1626. 4to. 780. b. 32. 

1633. 4to. 1039. g. 7. 

— See Wraghton (W.) peeud. 

— A Booke of the natures and 
properties, as well of the bathes 
in England as of other bathes in 
Germanye and Italye, etc. 98* Z. 
A. Birckman, OoUen, 1568. fol. 

G. 3068. 

— TheHuntyngof theRomyshe 
Yuolfe, etc. [A satirical dialogue.] 
»*a. [1655?] 8vo. 3932. a. 

Without pa^nation. Sig. A-F. 
The last leaf is mutilated. 

— Libellus de Re Herbaria 

novus, in quo herbarum aliquot 
nomina greca, Latina, & Anglica 
habes, una cum nominibus offici- 
narum, etc. Apud J. Byddellwmj 
Londini, 1538. 4to. C. 27. k. 5. 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

TURNER (William) Tbe 
names of herbes in Greke, Latin, 
Englishe, Duohe & Frenohe wyth 
the commune names that Herba- 
ries and Apotecaries use. V. %• 
J. Day and W. Seres, London^ 
[1548]. 8vo. 434. a. 24. 

Without pagination. 

— A new booke of spiritnall 
Physik for dyuerse diseases of 
the nobilite and gentlemen of 
Englande, etc. V. H. MS. Notbs. 
Marcus AnUmius Gonstantius, Borne 
[Basle f], 1555. 8vo. 856. a. 2. 

— A new Boke of the natures 
and properties of all Wines... used 
here in England... Wherunto is 
annexed the booke of the natures 
and vertues of Triacles, newly 
corrected and set foorth againe, 
etc. )3* %* W, Seres, London^ 
1568. 8vo. 1038. b. 13. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 31. a. 13. 

— Another copy. B. 675. (1.) 

— A new Dialogue wberin is 
conteyned the Examinaoion of the 
Messe, and of y* kynde of Priest- 
hode, which is ordayned to say 
messe, etc. [A Satire in prose.] 
98* Z« H. Wyer, [pmdon, 
1550?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 53. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V* X« 
J. Daye and W. Seres, London, 
[1660?] 8vo. 1360. a. 5. 

— Another edition. V. X. 
J. Daye and W. Seres, London, 
[1570?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 60. 




TURNER (William) A new 
Herball, wherin are conteyned the 
names of Herbes in Greke, Latin, 
Englysh, Duch, Frenche, and in 
the Fotecaries and Herbaries 
Latin, with the properties degrees 
and naturall places of the same, 
gathered and made by W. T., 
etc. V« Xr« 8. Mierdman, London^ 
1551. fol. 447. i. 5. 

Without pagination. 

— The seconde parte of W. 
Turners herball, wherein are con- 
teyned the names of herbes in 
Greke, Latin, Ihiche, Frenche, 
and in the Apothecaries Latin, 
and somtyme in Italiane, wyth 
the vertnes of the same herbes,... 
Here unto is joyned also a booke 
of the bath of Baeth in Englande, 
and of the yertuee of the same 
wyth... other bathes... in Almany 
and Englande, etc. )3* X« 2 pts. 
A. BtTchman^ Collen, 1562. fol. 

448. f. 4. 

Pt 2 has a distinct titlepage and 
pagination ; the titlepage reads : " A 
Booke of the natures and properties, 
as well of the bathes in England, as 
of other bathes in Germany and 
Italy, etc.*' 

— Another copy of the two 
preceding entries. G. 2466. (1.) 

— The first and seoonde partes 

of the Herbal of W. T.... lately 

oversene, corrected and enlarged 

with the Thirde parte... Here unto 

is joyned also a Booke of the bath 

of Baeth in England, and of the 

vertues of the same with diverse 

other bathes, etc. )3« X. 4 pts. 

MS. Notes. A. Birdcman, CoUen^ 

1568. fol. 546. 1. 21. 

Each pt. has a distinct titlepage, 
register, and pagination. 

— Another copy. 34. f. 17. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
NoTiflB. 447. g. 2. 

Imperfect; wanting the ** Booke 
of the bath of Baeth.'^ 

TURNER (William) The 
olde Leamyng and the new, com- 
pared together, wherby it may 
easely be knowe which of them 
is better and more agreying wyth 
the everlasting word of God. 
[Translated from the Latin of U. 
Kegius.] Newly corrected and 
augmented by W. T. V, il» 
B. Stoughton, London, 1548. 8yo. 

1020. b. 3. 

Without pagination. 8ig. A-H. 

— A preservative, or triacle, 
agaynst the poyson of Pelagins, 
lately revived, i styrred np agayn, 
by the furious secte of the 
Annabaptistes, etc. 1$* Z. MS. 
Notes. [London, 1551.] 8vo. 

4256. a. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting leaf Li and the last leaf. 

TURN OR (William) See 
Great Britain and Ireland. — 
James I., King. The Copie of the 
Kings... Letters Patents for the 
making of Allomes...inade by 
W. T., etc. [1610.] 4to. 

712. g. 17. (6.) 


(Joannes de) Cardinal. Incipit 
tractatus q intitnlatur salus 
anime alias stabilimentii fidei 
catholice. See Qulielmus, de 
Saliceio. Begin. In hoc libro 
hec ptinetnr. Sains corporis. 
Salus anime, etc. 1509. fol. 

C. 37. f 8. 

See ToRSELLiNO (0.) 

Dove. Or, the Wooing in the 
Wood, being a pleasant new Song 
of two constant Lovers. 98, %. 
2 pts. PrirUed hy the Assignee of 
T. Symcocke, [London, 1625?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 410. 

TURTLES. The paire of 
Northeme Turtles, 



collection of epigrams.] Printed 
hy L W, for J. Okorlton^ London^ 
1607. 4to. C. 39. b. 20. 

Without pagination. 

Ephembridhjs. Turner...Ap ^'>»*** 
nack...By T. T. . ^. ^- ^l^- 

TURNER (V: yof The 

Heidelbeeg Catkt- /JT^^ merrj 
thechi8me...ude'' ./^^^>s6ing from 
ions that a- /;.' {^^es-End. The 
Frederike, -PJ^' freighted with 
Rhene../ J^%£n'd^^.. ^rotter, 

etc. 1^ A^^^^^^^^' * Cobler... 
/^^^ad-merry fellowes, 

^X of them Telling hie 
V^r ^- ^- P««<«tf for 
kJ^, I^^> 163a 4to 
Z^^*^ C. 40. D. 6. 

^ If S S E R (Thomas) A 

^reth good pointes of hnsban- 

iwfl [In verse.] »• H- JS. ToWei, 

^^, 1557. 4to. C. 31. c. 26. 

Thirteen leaves, without pagi- 

— A hnndrethe good points of 
husbandrie, lately maried unto a 
hundrethegood points of Huswifry 
newly corrected and amplified 
with dyvers proper lessons for 
housholders, etc. [In verse.] 
»♦ a. B. Tottyl,Londm,\bl\. 4to. 

G. 11233. 

— Five hundreth points of 
good husbandry united to as 
many of good huswiferie, first 
devised, andnow lately augmented 
with diverse approved lessons 
conceining hopps i gardening, and 
other needeful matters, together 
with an abstrltct before every 
moneth, conteining the whole 
effect of the sayd moneth, etc. 
H^.IL. 2 pts. jB. Totidl, London, 
1673. 4to. 987. h. 2. 

Pt. 2 is separately paged. 

— Another edition. 3$. Z* 
jR. Totiell, London, 1573. 4to. 

G. 19196. 


^^^H^ Another edition. ». I. 
?^Tr^«e«, London, 1574. 4to. 
^' 697. g. 2. (2.) 

— Another edition. Jtf. l« 
B. TotteU, London, 1577. 4to. 

1077. g. 28. 

TUSSER (Thomas) Five 
hundred pointes of good Himt 
bandrie, as well for the Champion, 
or open oountrie, as also for the 
woodland, . . . mixed ineverieMonth 
with Huswiferie, over and besides 
the booke of Huswiferie, cor- 
rected, ... and ... augmented to a 
fourth part more.... Also a table 
of husbandrie ... and another of 
huswiferie, etc. 1^, Z. B.. Deur 
ham, London, IbSO. 4to. 

1077. c. 71. 

— Another edition. 19. 1« 
H. Denham, London, 1685. 4to. 

C. 34. g. 12. 

— Another edition. 19* Z* 
B. TardUy and P. Short, Lond4m, 
1593. 4to. 7074. bb. 1. 

— Another edition. H. I. 
B. Walde - grave, Edinburgh, 
1599. 4to. 1077. g. 27. 

The table at the end is imperfect 

— Another edition. U. !• 
Printed for the Company of Sta- 
tioners, London, 1604. 4to. 

79. a. 23. 

— Another edition. U, »• 
Printed for the Company of Sta- 
tioners, London, 1620. 4to. 

11623. e. 14. 

TUVIL (Daniel) See T., D. 

— See T., D., Cent, 

TWINE (Thomas) 
See TwYNB. 

TWISSE (William) A. dis- 
covery of D. Jacksons Vanitie. 
Or a perspective Glasse, whereby 
the admirers of D. Jacksons pro- 


T W Y 


discourses may see the 

%nd weaknesse of them, 

MS. Notes. [London f ] 

4376. b. 

^hn) a true report 

^j undertaken for the 

^dies by M. Christopher 

port. See Hakluyt (R.) 

u.he principal Navigations, etc. 

Vol. 3. 1699, etc. fol. 566. i. 11. 

TWITTBE (Thomas) Ad 
Clemm pro forma concio [on 1 
Pet. III. 8] habita in Templo 
Beat8d Mari» Oxon: Martii 13. 
1634. L, Lichfieldj Oxoniaey 
1640. 4to. 4474. c. 92. 

TWYNE (Brian) Antiquitatis 
Academiad Oxoniensis Apologia. 
In tres libros diyisa. J. Bar- 
nesiuBj Oxonimj 1608. 4to. 731. k.l. 

— Another copy. 273. d. 37. 

— Another copy. G. 745. 

TWYNE (John) See Boocus, 
King. The history of Eyng 
Booons, 1 Sydracke how he con- 
foundyd his lemed men, etc. 

tWith a preface by J. Twyne.] 
1510?] 4to. G. 11228. 

— J. Rebus Albio- 
nicis, Britannicis atque Auglicis, 
oommentariorumlibiiduo. [Edited 
WT. Twyne.] L.P. MS. Notes. 
M BolUfaniuspro Bicardo Watkins, 
Londini, 1590. 8vo. 600. b. 47. 

— Another copy. G. 4434. 

TWYNE (Thomas) See 
Daneau (L.) The wonderful! 
Woorkmanship of the World... 
Englished by T. T. 1578. 4to. 

476. a. 24. (3.) 

— See DiONTSius, Periegetes. 
The Survey e of the World,... 
englishedbyT. Twine. 1572. 8vo. 

10003. aa. 

— See Llwyi) (H.) The Bre- 

viary of Britayne ... Englished 
by T. T. 1572. 8vo. 

598. a. 22. (2.) 

TWYNE (Thomas) See 
Petrarca (F.) Phisicke against 
Fortune,... Englished by T. T. 
1579. 4to. C. 13. a. 7. (1.) 

— See Schoolmaster. Tlie 
Schoolemaster or teacher of Table 
Phylosophie, etc. [By T. T.] 
1583. 4to. 1077. d. 11. 

— See T., T. 

— [For Twyne's translation 
of the -ffineid :] see Virgilius 
Maro (P.) [Mieis.] 

— The Garlande of Godly 
Flowers, BewtifuUy adorned as 
most freshly they flourish in the 
Gardeins of... Christian writers... 
Carefully collected, and. ..digested 
into ordre, by T. T., etc. 1$. E. 
W. How^ London, 1574. 8vo. 

C. 12. c. 17. 

Without paginatioD. 

Newlv corrected 

and augmented. 98. IL. Printed 
by the Assignee of W. Seres, [Lon- 
don,'] 1580. 16mo. C. 30. a. 

— Another edition. )3. Z* 
Printed by P. S. by the assigne of 
W. Seres, [London,] 1602. 16mo. 

4403. aa. 

TWYSDEN (iStV Roger) Bart. 
See Geneva, English Congregation 
at. The Confession of Faith, 
etc. MS. Note [by Sir R. T.l 
[159-?] 8vo. C. 25. c. 10. (2.) 

— See Scotland, Church of 
[The first booke of the History 
of the Reformation of religioun 
within the realme of Scotland... 
by J. Knox.] MS. Notes fby 
SirR. T.]. [1587.] 8vo. 

C. 25. c. 10. (1.) 




TYGHBORNE (Chidiock) 
T.'s Elegie, written with his 
owne hand in the Tower, etc. — 
Hendecasyllabon T. K. in Cyg- 
neam Cantionem C. Tyohbome. 
See Elizabeth, Queen of England. 
Verses of Prayse and Joye, etc. 
1586. 4to. C. 39. e. 43. 

TYE (Christopher) SeeBiBhE. 
— New Testament — Acts. The 
Aotes of the Apostles, translated 
into Englyshe Metre... by C. T., 
etc. 1663. 8vo. C. 37. a. 2. 

TYLER (Margaret) [The 
Mirror of Pnncely Deeds and 
Knighthood.— Pts. 1-3 by D. 
Ortimez de Calaborra, Pts. 4, 5 
by P. la Sierra, and Pts. 6-9 by 
M. Martinez] translated out of 
the Spanish by M. Tyler [Pts. 
2-4 translated by R. P., ie, 
Robert Parry ? or R. Parre ? Pts. 
7-9 by L. A.] W. H. 9 pts. 
London, 1599-83-1601. 4to. 

12450. f. 

The original work is in four pts., 
pt. 1 belDfi^ divided into three, and 
pts. 2-4 into two books each. The 
pts. of the translation correspond to 
the books of the original . Imper fee t ; 
wanting titlepage to pt. 1, all after 
pp. 251 of pt. 3, pt. 6, sig. S and 
all after sig. Uu of pt. 9. The 
several pts. were printed at different 
times by various printers, and have 
each a separate titlepage. Pts. 7-9 
are without pagination. 

TYMME (Thomas) See Adri- 
CHOMius (C.) a briefe Descrip- 
tion of Hierusalem and of the 
Suburbs therof, as it florished in 
the time of Christ... Translated... 
by T. T. 1595. 4to. 10076. b. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Genesis. A commentarie of I. 
Calvine upon the first booke of 
Moses called Genesis : translated 
...byT.T. 1578. 4to. 219. e. 8. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 

— Jonah. Newea from Ninive to 
Englande brought by theProphete 
Jonas . . . translated ... by T. T., etc. 
1570. 8vo. 219. 0. 19. 

TYMME (I'HOMAs) See Bible. 
— New Testament. — Matthew. A 
catholike... exposition of the holy 
Gospell after S. Mathewe ... By 
A. Marlorate... translated oat of T. T. 1570. fol. 

4. o. 12. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
—Mark. A catholike ... Exposi- 
tion of the Holy Gospell after 
S. Marke and Luke... Translated T. Timme, etc. 1583. 4to. 

3225. e. 

— See Bible. — ^New Testament. 
— Corinthians. A Commentarie 
upon S. Paules Epistles to the 
Corinthians. Written by M. J. 
Calvin : and translated... by T. T., 
etc. 1577. 4to. 3265. b. 

— See Bible. — ^New Testament. 
— Thessalonians. The Figure of 
Antichrist, ... disciphered by a 
Catholike ... exposition of the 
seconde Epistle. the Thessalo- 
nians,... Published by T. T., etc. 
1586. 8vo. 695. a. 39. 

— See Du Chesne (J.) The 
practise of chymicall and herme- 
ticall physicke ... translated by 
T. Timme. 1605. 4to. 

1039. g. 4. (1.) 

— See Guevara (A. de) suc- 
cessively Bishop of Guadix, etc. 
A looking Glasse for the Court. 
...Now newly printed, corrected 
and set forth wyth sundry apt 
notes in the margent by T. T. 
1575. 8vo. 522. a. 2. 

— See La Ham^e (P. de) The 
three partes( — the fourth parte) 
of Commentaries, containing the 
whole and perfect discourse of the 
civill warres of Fraunoe, under 




the raignoB of Henry the seoond, 
Fianoea the second » and of Charles 
the ninth ... Translated ... by T. 
Timme. 1574, etc. 4to. 286. c. 29. 

TYMME (Thomas) The 
Chariot of Deyotion. Id* Z* 
Q. Eld, for T. Baylie, London, 
1618, 8vo. 3477. a. 

— A Dialogue Philosophicall. 
Wherein Natures secret closet is 
opened, and the cause of all 
motion in Nature shewed out of 
matter and forme ... Together 
with the wittie invention of an 
Artificiall perpetuall motion fbj 
C. DrebbelJ...All which are dis- 
coursed betweene two speakers, 
Philadelph and Theophrast, eta 
Prinied by 2\ 8, for 0. Knight, 
London, 1612. 4to. 8467. aa. 

— Another copy. 537. e. 1. (1.) 
Imperfect; wanting pp. 66-70. 

— [A Disco]vevie of [ten Eng-^ 
lish lepers] ... setting before our 
eies the iniquitie of these latter 
dayes, and inducing us to a due 
consideration of our selves, etc. 
P. Short, London, 1592. 4to. 

4103. e. 

Titlepege mutilated. 

— A Silver Watch-Bell. The 
Sound whereof is able {hj the 
grace of God) to winne tne most 
profane worldling... to become a 
true Christian, ... Whereunto is 
adjoyned a Treatise of the holy 
Sacrament of the Lords Supper, 
in part augmented. (Prayers for 
private houses and families.) 
The twelfth impression. 98« 2* 
FrinUd for C. Knight, London^ 
1617. 8vo. 4403. d. 

— The eighteenth 

impression. V. Z« J, Hamland 
for T. Alchom, London, 1638. 8vo. 

695. a. 37. 

Imperfect ; wanting pp. 5-20. 

TYNDAL(iStVJoHN) 8eeJ.,^. 
A true relation of the ground, 
occasion, and circumstances of 
that horrible Murther, committed 
by J. Bartram...upon the body of 
Sir J. Tyndal, etc. 1616. 4to. 

6496. a. 24. 

TYNDALE (William) [For 

the editions of Tyndale's version 
of the Bible, the Pentateuch, and 
the New Testament :] see respec- 
tively BiBLK. 
BiBLB. — Pentateuch. 
BiBLB. — New Testament. Poly- 

Bible. — ^NewTestament. — English. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Maithew. Anexposicionuponthe 
. V. vi. vii. chapters of Mathew, 
etc. [ByW. T.] [1530?] 8vo. 

0. 36. a. 

[1550?] 8vo. C. 36. a. 

— See Crowley (R.) The 
supper of the Lorde after the true 
meanyng of the sixte of John and 
the . XI. of the fyrst Epistle to 
the Corhinthias, etc. [By W. T.J 
1533. 8vo. 1020. a 2. (2.) 

— See Henrt VIII., King of 
England, The practyse of Pre- 
lates. V\ hether the Kinges grace 
may be separated from his queue, 
etc. [ByW.T.] 1530. 8vo. G.1229. 

— See More (i^tr T.) The cofu- 
tacyon of Tyndales answere made 
by syr T. More, etc. 1532. fol. 

G. 12078. 

The second parte of the 

Cofutacion of Tyndals answere 
in whyche is also confuted the 
chyrche that Tyndale devyseth, 
etc. 1533. foL 475. c. 1. (2.) 

[Syr T. More's answere 

tho the fyrste parte of the poy- 
Boned booke, which a namelesse 
heretyke [W. T.] hath named 




the Souper of the Lorde, etc. 
[1534.] 8vo. 3932. aa. 

TYNDALE (William) 
See T., W. 

— /See Tract (WV) The Testa- 
ment of master W. Tracie esquier, 
expoTinded...b7 W. Tindall, etc. 
1 536. 8vo. C. 37. a. 28. (6.) 

— The testament of maister 
wylliam Tracie, ezponnded by 
W. T. See Wiclip (J.) Wyck- 
lyffes Wycket, etc. 1646. 16mo. 

3932. 0. 

[1648.] 8vo. 1360. a. 3. 

[1650?] 8vo. G. 11996. 

— The whole workes of W. Tyn- 
dall, J. Frith, and Doct. Barnes, 
three worthy Martyrs, and princi- 
pal! teachers of this Chnrohe of 
England, collected and compiled in 
one Tome togither, beyng before 
scattered, i now in Print here 
exhibited to the Church. To the 
praise of God, and profite of all 
good Christian- Headers. [With 
a commendatory preface by J. 
Fox, and the life of each author 
prefixed to his works, extracted 
from the Book of Acts and Monu- 
ments of the Church by J. Fox.] 
Id. Il« 2 vols. cT. Baye^ London^ 
1673-72. fol. 8. b. 12. 

Printed in double columnB. The 
paging of TyndeJe's works is sepa- 
rate; that of Frith and Barnes's 

— An answere unto Sir T. 
Mores dialoge made by W. Tin- 
dale. First he declareth what 
the church is, and geveth a 
reason of certayne wordes which 
Master More rebuketh in the 
traslacion of the newe Testament. 
After that he answereth particu- 
larlye unto everye chaptre which 
seraeth to have anye apperaunoe 
of truth," etc. V. *• [London, 
1530.] 8vo. C. 37. a. 26. 

TYNDALE (William) A 
Briefe declaration of the Sacra- 
ments... Compy led by the godly 
learned man Wyllyam Tyndall. 
IS. X. B. Stoughton, London, 
[1650?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 36. (2.) 

Without pagination. The title- 
page has been mounted. 

— The Obedience of a Christen 
man, and how Christen rulers 
ought to goveme, where in also 
(yf thow marke diligently) thou 
snalt fynde eyes to peroeave the 
crafty conveyaunoe of all jugglers. 
Newly Printed and diligently 
corrected. IS. %* At Marlborow 
in the lande of Hesse, [London f^ 
1635. 8vo. C. 26. a. 35. 

— Another edition. K. %• 
IF. (%>p2an(2e, Loniofi, [1640 ?] Svo. 

G. 11684. 

— The OBedyEnce of A 
Christian man, etc. K* %• 
j;iF. ffi«, l^wkion, 1648?] 4to. 

C. 25. d. 11. 

— The Obedyence of A Chris- 
tian man, etc. )d« %* {London f 
1550?] 4to. C. 37. e.24. 

Imperfect; wanting fol. !▼. 

— Another edition. K* Z. 
Few MS. Notes. W. Ooplande, 
London, 1661. 8vo. 3932. a. (1.) 

— Another copy. C. 21. a. 16. 

— [The Parable of the Wicked 
Mammon.] Begin. That fayth 
the mother of all good workes 
justifieth us / before we (» bringe 
forth anye good worke, etc. ([Sig- 
A 6, verso ;] The parable of the 
wicked mammon.) <Sr. 3t« Hans 
lufi, at Malborowe in the lande off 
hesse, 1528. 8yo. C. 87. a. 23. 

Without titlepage. 

— A treatise of the justifica- 
cyon by faith only, otherwise 
(Mdled the parable of the wycked 




Mammon. V. Z* PrytUed„.for 
J, NycoUon, Southwarke, 1 536. 8 vo. 

G. 11679. 

TYNDALE (William) The 
parable of the wycked mammon, 
taken out of the . zvi. Ca. of Luke, 
with an ezposicyon therupon 
lately corrected i printed. IS. 31* 
WyUyam hiU, London^ xv. Sept, 
[1548?] 4to. 3932. f. 

— Another copy. 

3932. f. 

— Another edition. IS* Z* 
W. Copland^ London^ 1549. 8vo. 

3932. a. 

— Another edition. V. Z* 
Few MS. Notes. H. Lufi, Mai 
borowe^ in the lande of Heue^ 1528 ; 
llxmdml 1550?] 4to. C. 37. e. 21. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titieiMge 
and three following leaves, which, 
however, are supplied in faoHsimile. 

— Another edition. )d« %• 
W. Ooplande, London, [1560?] 8vo. 

3932. a. (2.) 

— Another copy. G. 11685. 

— The Praotyse of prelates, 
etc. V* %* MS. Notes. A. Sco- 
loker and W. Seres^ London, 
[1625?] 8vo. 697. a. 8. 

Imperfect; all after sig. H8 being 
supplied in MS. 

TYNLEY (Eobert) Two 
Learned Sermons. The One, of 
the mischievous snbti 1 tie ... the 
other of the false Doctrines, and 
refined HsBresis of the Bomish 
Synagogue. Preached, the one 
at Panles Crosse the 5. of Novem- 
ber 1608 [on Psalm cxxiv. 1-8] ; 
the other, at the Spittle the 17. 
of April 1609 [on Matt. vii. 15, 
16]. In the first are examined 
divers passages of that lewde 
English Libell written by a 
Prophane Fugitive against the 
Apologie for the Oath of Allege- 
ance. In the second are answered 

many of the arguments published 
by R. Chambers, Priest, concern- 
ing Popish Miracles, etc. W. Hall 
for T. Adams, London, 1609. 4to. 

3932. f. 

TYPINQ (William) See T., W. 

being fragments of bonks pub- 
lished at different periods, in 
several languages, and by various 
Printers, English and Continental ; 
but chiefly the latter; including 
detached titlepages and colo- 
phons; with autographs, etc.] 
[1470-1600.] Mounted in fol. 

618. 1. 18. 

TYRELL (Anthony) See 
Tedder (W.) The Recantations 
as they were severallie pronounced 
by W. Tedder and A. Tyrrell, etc. 
1588. 4to. 105. a. 66. 

— A PruitfuU Sermon [on Mat. 
XII. 43-45,]... preached.. .by A. T. 
sometime a Seminarie Priest... 
Conteining an admonition unto 
vertue, and a dehortation from 
vice, etc. IS* *. MS. Notes. 
«r. Windet,.„8old by A. Kitson, Lon- 
don, [1589]. 8vo. 693. e. 15. (13.) 

Without pagination. 

TYRIE (James) The refuta- 
tion of ane ansver made be Schir 
Johne Knox, to ane letter, send 
be J. Tyrie, to his umquhyle 
brother. Sett furth be J. Tyrie. 
Apod T. hrumenium, Parisiis, 
1573. 8vo. C. 37. d. 23. 

TYRONE, Hugh, Earl of. 
See O'Neill. 

TYRWHIT (William) See 
Cheiotian States. A Mirrour for 
Christian States . . . Translated ... by 
W. Tyrwhit. 1635. 4to, 8006. aaa. 

— See QuBZ (J. L.) Sieur de 
Balzac. The Letters of Mounsieur 
de Balzac. Translated into Eug- 

1624 T Y S V 

lish... By W. T(irwhyt) Esq. deYeAen.] B. del Campo;[B. Field, 

1634. 4to. 10909. e. London,] 1599. 8yo. 4061. aa. 

1638. 4to. 1455. f. (1.) V.,D. See Bible.— CbncorAiiw«. 

N rrii ▼ '^^ Christians Concordance : con- 

TYSON (John) The Lanca- taining the most materiall words 

shire Wonder, to warn all Sinners jn the New Testament, etc. [Bv 

to Repentance. Being a fall... o. Cotton. With an address to 

Account of Mr. J. Carter... who... the reader by D. V.l 1622. 4to. 

fell in a deep Tranoe... for... four 3103. d. 
Days, etc. [Subscribed J. T., and 

others. Achap-book.][1630?]12mo. V., E., wmeiime Fellow of Si. 

4402. b. John^s College, Cambridge, Mathew 

the Publican, a funerall Sermon, 

[on Matt X. 3] preached in 

S' Stephen's Walbrooke, the 11 of 

U V March 1615, by B. V., sometimes 

Fellow of S* John's CoUedge in 

v., B. The Run-awyaes An- Gamhridg^. K Griffin for N.Bntier, 

swer, to a Booke called, A Bodde London, 1616. 4to. 1418. h. 62, 

for Runne-awayes. In which are _- » <« tx •>«• ,▼* ^ 

set downe a Defence for their ▼., I. &6 Du Moulin (P.) 

Running...Theusageof Londoners l,f,^i?^f '^"^^J^^ Z 

by the Coantrey-People : drawne French by I. V. 1620. ^^^-^ 

in a Picture, etc. [Signed B. V., ^^^^' ***• ^^• 

S. O., etc.] [London?] 1626. 4to. V., I. D. The Translation of a 

C. 27. b. 28. letter [signed: "LD.V.,"] written 

Without paginatioii. Much muti- by a Frenche* Gentilwoman to 

lated in binding. another Gentilwoman straunger 

v., C. D. See Perkins (W.^ ii;r^''^?'^f^V-^^^'i-Jf^r 

Catholico Reformado, etc. [Wit6 Elenor of Roye, Prmces of C^^^ 

1? • XI X XI. J •■ v contaynyng her last wyll and 

an Ep,stle to the reader, by Testament? Doone by H.Myddel. 

?^Q^ ftv;' '^"^ ft^^T n^ore, etc. »• 1. Y Daye, for 

1699. 8yo. 850. b. 6. j. Toy^, London, 1664. 8vo 

— Dos Tratados. El primero 721. a. 6. (2.) 
es del Papa y de su autoridad Without pagination. 

colegido de su vida y dotrina...El _ Another copy. G. 969. 
segundo es dela missa,eto. [With a 

prefacesignedC.D. Y.,t.e.Cipriano V., R. See Bible. — New Testa- 

de Yalera/j En ca»a de Amoldo ment. — Colossians. Acommentarie 

HatJUdo, [London f] 1688. 8vo. of. ..J. Calvine upon the Epistle 

4061. aa. to the Colossians, and translated 
into English by R. V. [1681?] 4to. 

— Dos Tratados, ... Iten, un 3267. a 8. (2.) 
enzambre de los falsos milages 

con que Maria de la Yisitacion, V., R. See Bible. — New Testa- 

Priora de la'Anunciada de Lisboa mbmt. — Ocdaiians. Acommentarie 

engano ^ muy muchos...Segunda of... J. Calvine upon the Epistle 

edicion, augmentada por el mesmo to the Qalathians : and translated 

autor. [The Epistle to the Reader into English by R. Y. 1681. 4to. 

is subscribed C. D. Y., i.e, Cipriano 8267. c. 8. (1.) 

U V A L 1525 

U., R. See Chemnitius (M.) the house of Parliament from the 

A disooverie and batterie of... the late horrible treason. [Signed 

great Fort of unwritten Tradi- B. V., i.e, Bichard Venner.] 

tions... translated into Euglishe Lanion, [1605]. 8vo. 11623. a. 53. 

by R. U. 1582. 8vo. 8932. e. Without pagination. 

v., R. See Jewel (J.) Bishop y T., Mr of Arts, 

of Solitary, A Sermon [on 1 Pet. gee Vicajls (T.) 

IV. Ill ... translated ... by R. V. 

[1586?] 8vo. 698. a. 44. (5.) VADE-MECUM. SeeT.,B. 

Vade-mecum : a manuall of essay es, 

v., R. See Litubgies.— Rome, etc. 1629. 12mo. 8407. a. 
Church of, — Primers. The primer 

or office of the Blessed Virgin 1638. 12mo. 8407. a. 

Marie, etc. [Edited by R. V.] vADES-PORTE miKoo de^ 

Lai. and Em. 1604. 12mo. VADES-FOKTE ^iJiEOO de; 

1219 a P^^^* ' ^^^ vJolmenebo DE Ledesma 
(A.) A curious Treatise ... of 
v., R. Englands Joy. [Verses Chocolate... Put into English by 
on occasion of the defeat of the ^' d® Vades-forte. 1640. 4to. 
Irish Rebels under the Earl T. 339. (8.) 
of Tyrone. Signed "R. V.," VALDES (Juan de) The 
\t\.V^' Verstegan.] [I^ondonf Hundred and Ten Considerations 
1601?] 4to. G. 11242. ^f gignior J. Valdesso: treating 
Without titlepage or pagination, of those things which are most 
Thefiretleafwith a woodcut border, TiTofJtAKlft moHf TiAo^flfifl.rv and 
oontaiDB an acrostic, "Elizabetha P^^^^ie, most nec^ssaiy, ana 
Begina,'' and on the reverse is a "*<»* perfect m our Christian pro- 
woodcut of Saint George, fession. Written in Spanish... 

and now translated out of the 

v., R. Jonahs contestation Italian copy into English, with 

about his gourd. In a sermon [on notes [by G. Herbert]. Where- 

Jonah IV. 9]... By R. V. Few tinto is added an epistle of the 

MS. Notes. Printed hy I. L. for authors, or a preface to his divine 

J{. Sirdj London^ 1625. 4to. commentary upon the Romans. 

114. e. 60. L. Lichfield, Oxford, 1638. 8vo. 

v., R. The olde Fayth of 3901. d. 
greate Brittaygne, and the newe V A L D B Z (Pedro de) See 
learnyngeoflnglande. Wherunto D., T. A joyful new Ballad, de- 
is added a sympTe instruction con- claring the happie obtaining of 
pemynge the Kinges Majesties the great Galleazzo, wherein Don 
[Edward VI.] procedinges in the Pietro de Valdez was the chiefe, 
comunyon. Compyled by B. V. etc. 1588. «. sh. fol. 

V. ** A. Seohker, London, C. 18. e. 2. (62.) 
[1549?] 8vo. C. 21. a. 44. 

Without pagination. Big. ^ ^ VALENTIA (Gr^rius de) 

^ See Rainolds (J.) J. Ramoldi de 
v., R. The true Testimonie of Romann EoolesiaB Idololatri&... 
a Faithful Subject : containing operis inchoati libri duo in quibus 
severell exhortations to all estates Valentia Calum- 
to continue them in their due niee in Calvinum ac ceteros Pro- 
obedience:... also a thanksgiving testantes ... disoutiuntur, etc. 
to God for the happie delivery of 1596. 4to. 477. a. 9. 




VALENTINE. See Vincent. 
Cyvile and unoyvile life. A dis- 
course... in forme of a Dialoge 
[between Vinoent and Valentine], 
etc. 1579. 4to. 722. e. 1. 

— Valentine and Orson. The 
Two Sonnes of the Emperour of 
Greece. Newly Corrected and 
amended, with new Pictures 
lively expressing the Historic. 
M. £• T. Pnrfoot [«c], London, 
1637. 4to. G. 10481. 


See Borgia (G.) Cardinal^ Duke de 

VALENTINE (Henry) Foure 
Sea-Sermons preached at the 
annuall meeting of the Trinitie 
Ciompanie, in the Parish Church 
of Deptford. M, Fleeher for 
J. Marriott London, 1635. 4to. 

4474. bb. 114. 

PoMARius) Enchiridion medicum: 
containing an epitome of the 
whole course of Physicke with 
the examination of a Chyrurgian, way of dialogue betweene 
the Doctor and the Student. . .And 
an Antidotary. Second impres- 
sion enlarged... with a second 
part, containing... the Flowers of 
Celsus, etc. 2 pts. Printed by 
N. ' 0.. for J. Boyston, and 
W. Bladon, London, 1612. 4to. 

774. d. 4. 

VALERA (Cipriano de) See 
Barbary. Tratado para confirmar 
los pobres cativos de Berueria en 
la catolica y antigua fe, etc. [By 
C.deV.] 1594. 8vo. 851.a.8.(i.) 

— See v., C. D. 

— Two treatises : the first, of 
the lives of the Popes and their 
doctrine ; the second, of the masse. 
...Translated into English, by 

J. Golburue. J. Harison, London, 
1600. 4to. 3901. d. 


CGiovanni Pierio) See ViRGiuas 
Maro (P.) [The Works of Virgil, 
with the commentaries and anno- 
tations of G. P. V. B., etc.] 
1529. fol. 11375. k. 

VALERIUS (Corneuus) The 
Casket of Jewels : oontaynynge a 
playne description of morall phi- 
losophic... Lately turned out of 
Latin into Englishe, by J(obn) 
C(harlton). 15. *. W. How, for 
B. Johnes, London, 1571. Svo. 

C. 40. a. 38. 
Without pagination. 

VALESCO, Signiar, pseud, 
Newes from Home of two mightie 
armies, ... the first of the great 
Sophy, the other of an Hebrew 
people... from the mountaines of 
Caspij ...[Signed Siguier Valesco.] 
Also certaine prophecies of a Jew 
...called Caleb Shilo[ck]... Trans- 
lated out of W. W. 
^. a. Printed by L B. for 
H, Oo88on, [London, 1606]. 4to. 

C. 32- d. 

Without pagination. Titlepage 
out in binding. 

VALE Sins (Michael) In 
serenissimi Regis lacobi ... ab 
immanissima Papanee factionis 
hominum oonjuratione libera- 
tionem foelicissimam carmen 
hnxapTLKov, B, Field, Londini^ 
1606. 4to. 11408. ee. 24. 

VALKER (Febdinando) 
See Walkeb. 

VALLA (Laurentius) The 
declamation of L. V....agayii8t 
the untruly forged % falsely 
beleved donation... of Costatyne. 
iS06 Rome, JErmptrd of — CoNSTAirairE 
l^yBuruKmodi the Great, Emjperor, A 
treatyse, etc. [1626?] fol. d936.g. 

V A L V A R 1527 

VALLADOLID, Univernty of. T. Yandermers seaven yeares 
See Academies, etc. — Yalladolid. studie in the arte of Magioke, 

•* • * ^^, - ,^, . . ,. upon the twelve moneths of the 

VALTBLLINA. Adiecouise ^^^, ^j^^^^j^ many secretB are 

upon the Reasons o^ the Eesolu- ^^^^^ unto the world. [London,] 

tion taken in the Valteline against j^gg ^^ 8610. o. 

the tyranny of the GriBons and ^, _ ..^ . . .. 

Heretiq.^ To the King of TiS^j^'aa'SS:*"* ^''*""'- 

Spame, D. . Phillip the Third. '^^ 

Written in Italian by the author VANDERSTEGEN (Mi- 
of The Coancell of Trent FPaolo ohabl) See Brandenburg, mar- 
Servita, i.e. Pietro SarpiJ, and graviate of. — John Siqismund, 
faithfully translated into £kiglish Elector. A Proclamation ... Pro- 
[by Philo-BritannicoB, i.e. Sir T. hibiting all manor of Scandal Is. 
lloe]. With the Ti-anslators ...Translated... out of the high- 
Epistle to the Commons House of Dutch coppy, by M. Vander Ste- 
Parliament. [With the text of gen. 1614. 4to. 3905. d. 
the "Eeasons."] Printed for 

W. Lee, London, 1628. 4to. VARAMUNDUS (Ernestus) 

700 f. 6. (4.) P^^^' L*'^' ERAN901S HoTHAN ?] 

Theauthorshipofthe-Disoorso!" I>e . Furoribus Gallicis, horrenda 

which was published anonymously, . «* indigna Amiraliij Castillionei, 

appears exceedingly doubtful. Nobilium atque illustrium viro- 

A xt_ trfx- i_ n/> /o \ rwn^ osede, scelerata ao inaudita 

—Another copy. 591. b. 26.(3.) ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ p^i^ ^^^ p^^ 

VALUATION. Thevaluacyo complures GalUeB civitates, sine 
ofgolde and sylver made iryere ^Uo discrimine generis, sexus, 

MCCCCLXXXXIX holde i the ^Jf.^iL ^. ,'^^^^^T'^^T''''^^^ 
markeunoe englice quart' troye ^*^^rgt,1573. 4to. 4632.0.(1.) 

dewes and aes The manor for to _ Another copy. 707. a. 2. (2.) 

weiffht wyth penes and graynes ,„. , . , - 

and herein is sett y fy^ri of ^^'^ *^^ autograph of W. Camden, 

y^ spaynysh and poortyngalysh _ Another copy. G. 1318. 
docates whiche is now. [Trans- 
lated by S. AndreweJ IS. H. — Another edition. Edijiburgi, 
[ilii/toeiy?1520?] 8vo. C.21.a.64. 1673. 8vo. 696. a. 14. 

Twenty-four leareB, without pagi- . . _. . _ ,„ 

nation. — Another edition. In sedwus 

H.Bynnemanniy Londini, 157 S. 8vo. 

VANDEL (Jan) See Taets 286. b. 19. 

(E.G.) Two most remarkable... 

histories ... shewing how a ... — A true and plaine report of 
monster was found in the belly of *^® furious outrages of Fraunoe, 
a cow which was killed by J. V., & the... slaughter of Chastillion, 
eto. 1620. 4to. C.40.d.32. eto.StrivelinglLondonf],167S.Syo. 

696. a. 16. 

VANDERMAST( ) See „^«^„t,^ ^ „,. 

Bacon (R.) The Famous H^torie VARC HI (Benedetto) The 
of Fryer Bacon... With the Lives Blazon of Jealouaie... First written 
and Deaths of ... Bungye and 1? Italian... and translated into 
Vandermast. 1627. 4to. 1077.e. 58. English, with speciall notes upon 

the same, by R[obertj T[ofteJ 

YANDERMER (Tarquatus) Gentleman. (The Fruits of Jea- 




lousie, oontayning the disasterons 
ohaDoe of two English Lovers, 
etc. [In verse, by E. T., i.e. 
B. Tofte].) Printed by T. 8. for 
«r. Bttdfie^ London, 1615. 4to. 

8415. bbb, 

VARENNIUS (Joannes) 
J. Y....7rcpt TrpoorttfSuuv, id est, de 
Accentibus Orsecorum. SeeToasE- 
Lius (J.) J. Posselii Swra^tg 
GraBca, etc. 1640. 8vo. 

12924. aa. 31. 

Water- Workes ; containing the 
manner of Winter and Summer 
Drowning of Medow and Pasture ; also a demonstration of a 
IVoject for the great benefit of 
the Commonwealth generally, 
but of Herefordshire especially. 
Few MS. Notes. G. Eld, London, 
1610. 4to. 966. f. 19. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting the plate. 

— Another copy. 234. e. 35. 

Q. 538. 

VASSEUS (Joannes) Here _ Another copv. 
begmnith a litel treatise con- 
teyninge the jugemet of urynes VAUQHAN (Sir William) 

most necessary for al such as be See Orpheus, Junior, psead. 
desirouse to knowe the state of 

their owne body s... wry tyn in the — Cambrensium Caroleia. 

latyn tong ... and englished by Quibus Nupti^ Regales celebran- 

H. Lloyd, etc. IS. H, i^. Tottyl, tur, Memoria Regis Pacific! i-eno- 

London, 1553. 8yo. 1189. a. 43. vatur, & Pr^oepta necessaria ad 

Without pagination. Slightly Rempublicam noetram foeliciter 

mutilated. administrandam intexuntur : re- 

TrAam-ciT A-Drra/TT n portata a Colchidc Cambriola ex 

VASTBLABUS (Hermannus) Australissima Novce Terr» Placa 

See MuftAMMAD II Sultan of the q ^^ ^ ^^^^^ q j^^j JunioriL' 

% The Turkes Secretone. ^r^^ dedication signed : " Guli- 

Translated out of the Latine ^^^^^ Vauhannus." In yeree.] 

£""^1 ^Tf^'ni * A* «nn T ol <^ Stansbeius, Londini, 1 625. 8vo. 
H. v.] 1607. 4to. 800. d. 24. ' q. 17451 

VAUQHAN (Joan) See 
Browne (Agnes) The Witches of 

Northamptonshire. A. Browne. mi. /^ 1. ^r-i-j. x tt- 

J. Vaughan...Who were all exe- , " ^^^ ^""JP^ Militant. His- 

outed at Northampton, the 22. of ^"cally continued from the 

July lafit. 1612. 1612. 4to. ^^'® ^^ ^'^^ Saviours Incama- 

Without pa^nation. With 
folding map of Newfoundland. 

G. 2394. 

VAUGHAN (Richard) suo- 
oessively Bishop of Bangor, of 
Chester, and of London. See Ban- 
croft (R.) successively Bishop of 
London, eto. Certainedemandes... 
drawne out of holy Writ and pro- 

tion 83, untill this present, 1640. 
[In verse.] T. Paine for H» Blun- 
den, London, 16iO. 8vo. 1077. b. 5. 

— Another copy. G. 18838. 

— *Epci>ro9raiyvcov pium : conti- 
nens Canticum Cantioorum Salo- 

pounded ...unto ...Richard Arch- T»onis, et Psalmoe aliquot selec- 
bishop of Canterbury, Richard *^^^^' "^* ^^™ quibusdam aliis 

Bishop of London, etc. 1605. 4to. 

T. 499. (4.) 

VAUGHAN (Rowland) Most 
approved and long experienced 

poematis e sacris Scriptursd fon- 
tibus petitis. Item elegia gratu- 
latoria in honorem...C. Hovardi, 
Gomitis Notingamin, 23 Octobris 
1597. meritifisime creati. Apttd 




B.Johnetum,Lond%niy[lb97]. 16ino. 

1213. c. 33. 

Without pagination. Titlepage 

V AUG HAN (Sir William) 
Erotopainion Finm ; Gontinens 
1. Nativitatem & qnaedam Christi 
acta. 2. Speoulum Pudicitiae. 
3. Fsalmos aliquot aeleotiores. 
Pars Beounda. ApudOeorgiumShaw, 
Xo»d«m,1598. 8vo. 11408. a. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— The Golden-grove, moral- 
ized in three Bookes: A worke 
very necessary for all such, as 
would know how to goveme 
themselves, their houses, or their 
countrey ... The second Edition, 
now lately reniewed and enlarged 
by the Authour. 8. Stafford^ 
London, 1608. 8vo. G. 512. 

Slightly cropped. 

— Naturall and artificial Di- 
rections for Health, derived from 
the best philosophers, as well 
modeme, as auncient. B. Bror 
docke, London, 1600. 12mo. 

4902. aaa. 22. (5.) 

— Another edition. V. %* 
B. Bradoeke, London, 1602. 8vo. 

1038. f. 1. (6.) 

The third edition. 

Printed for B» Jackson, London, 
1607. 16mo. 1038. g. 35. (1.) 

— Directions for health ... 
Newly enriched with large addi- 
tions... the fift edition. Printed 
by jT. a for B. Jackeon, London, 
1617. 8vo. 1039. f. 24. 

lanus. 2 pts. F. Williams, Lon- 
don, 1626. 4to. 1189. f. 11. 

The seventh Edition 

Sixth edition re- 
viewed by the author. Where- 
unto is annexed Two treatises of 
approved medicines for all diseases 
of the Eyes ... The first written 
by Doctor Baily...The other col- 
lected out of Femelius and Bio- 

VOL. m. 

reviewed by the Author. 2 pts. 
Pew MS. Notes. T. Harper for 
J, ff orison, London, 1633. 4to. 

1039. g. 8. 

VAUGHAN (iSiV William) 
The Newlanders Cure. As well 
of... violent sicknesses which dis- 
temper most minds, in these 
latter dayes : as also by a cheape 
and newfound dyet, to preserve 
the body sound and free from all 
diseases, untill the last date of life. 
,.. Wherein are inserted ... reme- 
dies against the scurvy, coughes, 
etc. [Partly in verse.! Ivwrinted 
hy N. 0. for F. Oonstdle, London, 
1630. 8vo. 1038. e. 5. (3.) 

— Poematum Libellus; conti- 
nens 1. Encomium... Roberti, Go- 
mitis Essexii. 2. De Sphaerarum 
ordine tractatiunculam. 3. Pa- 
laemonis amores philosophicos. 
Apud Oeorgium Shaw, Londint, 
1598. 8vo. 11408. a. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Speculum human^ con- 
dicionis, in Memoriam patris sui 
. . . Gual teri Yaughanni . . . Edi turn 
oper& . . . G. V. (In obitum . . . Gual- 
teri Yaughanni . . . epitaphium a 
J. Davies...constructum.) Apud 
Oeorgium 8haw,Londini, 1598. 8vo. 

11408. a. (3.) 

Without pagination. 

VATTHANNUS (Gulielmus) 
See Yaughan. 

VAUX (John) See Ephbme- 
BiDES. Yaux ... A new Almanacke 
and Prognostication... By J. Y. 

VAUX (Laurencb) a cate- 
chisme or Ohristian doctrine 
necessarie for children and igno- 
rante people... with an other later 

5 F 




addition of instruction of the 
laudable ceremonies used in the 
Catholicke Churche. Whereunto 
is adjoyned a brief form of con- 
fession... accordiag to the use of 
the Catholicke Churche. 2 pts. 
[Antwerp?] 15SS. 16mo. 3658. a. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
pagination, and register. 

VAUX (R.) See Gerardus 
(A.) Two Common Places taken 
out of Andreas Hyperius... Trans- 
lated into English by R. V(aux). 
1581. 8vo. 8630. b. 

VAUX (Thomas) Baron Vaux. 
See Edwards (R.) The Faradice 
of Dainty Devises . . . Devised ... for 
the most parte by M. Edwardes 
... the rest by sundry learned 
Gentlemen (Lord Vaux the 
Elder), etc. 1596. 4to. 239. k. 21. 

— See Howard (H.) Earl of 
Surrey. Songes and Sonettes, 
written by ... H. Haward ... and 
other [among whom are probably 
Sir F. Bryan, Thomas Lord Vaux, 
etc.]. 1557. 4to. G. 11170. 

UBALDINI (Petruocio) 
Parte prima delle . . . dimostrationi, 
et i quali si trattano 
diversi propositi^con- 
yengono ancora ad ogni nobil 
matrona, etc. MS. Notes. [Lon- 
don?] 1592. 4to. 525. f. 33. (1.) 

— A Discourse conceminge the 
Spanishe fleete invadinge Eng- 
lande in the yeare 1588, and 
overthrowne by her Ma**" Navie 
under the conduction of the 
Right-honorabletheLorde Charles 
Howarde Highe Admirall of Eng- 
lande: written in Italian by f. 
Ubaldino ... and translated [by 
R. Adams]... Tin to the w*** dis- 
course are annexed certaine tables 
expressinge the severall exploites 
and conflictes had with the said 

fleete. IS.Z. MS. Notes. A. Hair 
field, London, 1590. 4to. 

292. e. 9. (1.) 

The titlepage is eni^ved, and ii 
preceded by a frontupieoe. The 
plates referred to on the titlepage 
are in foUo in 192. f. 17. (2.) and 
were by B. Adams. They also 
appear to have been published 
separately with the titlepage, which 
there precedes them, which reads : 
" Ezpeditionis Hispanorum in Ang- 
Ham vera descriptio." 

UBALDINI (Petruocio) 
Expeditionis Hispanorum in An- 
gliam vera descriptio anno do. 
MD.LXXXVIII. C. 43. i. 1. (2.) 

This is another copy of the platea 
to the preceding. 

— Militia del Gran Duca di 
Thoscana. Capitoli, ordini ^privi- 
legii della militia... con Taggiunta 
de i nuovi capitoli...oonoes8i... 
alia nuova militia de i cavalli, 
etc. [London ?] 1597. 4to. 

634. e. 1. (2.) 

— La Vita di Carlo Magno 
Imperadore, etc. Giovanni Wolfio, 
Londra, 1581. 4to. G. 8. g. 14. 

— Another copy. G. 9987. 

Di nuevo oorretta. 

[Oxford?] 1599. 4to. 

696. b. 17. (2.) 

— Le Vite delle Donne lUustri. 
Del Eegno d'Inghilterra, & del 
Regno di Scotia, & di quelle, che 
d*altri paesi ne i due detU Begni 
Bono state marltate, etc. OiovaHni 
Volfio, Londra,lb91. 4to. 137. b.l. 

— Another copy. G. 1364. 

Imperfect; wanting sig. A, fonr 
leaves containing the ''Proemio^ 

UDALL (John) See Bible.— 
Old Testament. — LamenUUion$, 
A Oommentarie upon the Lamen- 
tations of Jeremy, etc. [By J. U.] 
1596. 4to. 3166. c. 




1599. 4to. 3166. aa. 
1637. 4to. 3166. aaa. 

UD ALL (John) See Dio- 
TREPHES. The state of the Church 
of England e, laide open in a con- 
ference, etc. [By J. Udall.] 
[1588?] 8vo. 109. a. 7. 

— See Jesus Christ. A 
Demonstration of the tmeth of 
that Discipline which Christe 
hath prescribed ... for the gov- 
ernement of his Church, etc. 
[1588.] 8vo. C. 12. 0. 21. 

— — A Bemonstrance : or 
plaine detection of some of the 
faults... in a Booke, entituled A 
Demonstration of Discipline [by 
J.Udall],eto. 1590. 4to. 109.a.l0. 

— See Martinius ^P.) 
tnpn ne^ nneo that is The key 
of the Holy Tongue . . . Englished . . . 
byJ. U. 1593. 8vo. 621. d. 16. 

— [Condemnation on an indict- 
ment for libel.l See Sutcliffe (M. ) 
An Answer to a certaine libel 
supplicatorie, etc. 

— Amendment of life: three 
sermons upon Actes 2, verses 37, 
38, etc. ^* H, Imprinted for 
T, Jtfan, W. B, and N. X., London^ 
1684. 8vo. 4452. b. 

Without pagination. 

— Certaine sermons, taken 
out of Beverall places of Scripture. 
MS. Note [by J. Mitford], A. Mip 
far T. Man, London, 1596. 8vo. 

4452. b. 

Without pagination. 

— Obedience to the Gospell : 
two sermons... upon the words of 
... S. Luke, chapter 2, verses 
15-20, etc. ». l. Imprinted for 
T. Man, W. B. and N, I., London, 
1584. 8vo. 3932. o. 

Without pagmation. Big. A-G. 

UDALL (John) Peters Fall. 
Two Sermons [on Matt. xxvi. 34 
and Luke xxn. 56]. IS* £* J.Win- 
det, London, 1584. 8vo. 114. a. 45. 

Fifty-two leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Register A-G. 

• — The true remedie against 
famine and warres. Five Sermons 
upon the first chapter of the 
prophesie of loel, wherein the 
councell that the Holy Ghoste 
gave the Israelites to redress the 
famine which they felt... is ap- 
plied in particular unto our 
present time. Preached in the 
time of the dearth, 1586. IS. Z. 
Printed hy B. WcUdegrave for 
T. Man and T, Ouhbins, London, 
[1587 ?] 12mo. 4452. b. 

UDALL (Nicholas) 5ee Bible. 
— New Testament. The first 
tome or volume of the paraphrase 
of Erasmus upon the newe testa- 
ment [translated by N. Udall]. 
1548, etc. fol. 6. e. 12. 

1551, etc. fol. 3225. f. 

— See Erasmus (D.) [Apo- 
phthegmata.] Apophthegmes ... 
translated into Englyshe by 
N. U. 1542. 8vo. 1075. g. 1. 

1564. 8vo. 1075.1.14. 

— See Geminus (T.) Compen- 
diosa totius Anatomic delineatio, 
etc. [The text translated into 
English by N. U.] 1553. fol. 

C. 43. h. 2. 

1559. fol. C. 43. h. 3. 

— See Terentius (P.) [Afer. — 
Selections.} Floures for Latine 
speakyng, gathered oute of Te- 
rence, ... translated ... by N. U. 
1560. 8vo. 12932. a. 19. 

1575. 8vo. 12935. a. 47. 

1581. 8vo. C. 12. b. 6. 

— See Vermigli (P. M.) A dis- 





oonrse or traiotise of P. M, Ver- 
mill . . . conoemjDge the Sacrament 
of the Lordes supper [translated 
from the Latin by N. U.]. 
[1550?] 4to. 478. a. 23. 

See Stranguage (William) paeud.f 

— The Historie of the Life and 
Death of Mary Stuart Queene of 
Scotland. [The dedication signed : 
" W. Udall."] J. Haviland, Lan- 
dan, 1636. 12mo, G. 1750. 

With portraita, and a seoond 
titlepage eDgraved. A folio edition 
of this work, in which the same 
dedication is signed, " Wil. Stran- 
guage," was printed in 1624. 

UDNY (Alexander) A Golden 
Bell, and a romgranate. A sermon 
[on Col. 17. 17] preached... 7. of 
Aprill, 1 624, etc. Printed by A. M. 
and L N. for A, UphiU, London, 
1626. 4to. 4902. bbb. 10. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 4473. aa. 40. 

— The Voyoe of the Cryer. 
Containing 1. A denunciation of 
Gods Judgements. 2. An invita- 
tion to repentance... Id two ser- 
mons [on Mat. in. 10 and Joel ii. 
12]. Printed hyT. a for J. Bowler, 
London, 1^28. 4to. 38. 

VEARE (iStr Francis) 
See Verb. 

VEER (Gebrit de) See Hol- 
land. The True... Description of 
three Voyages ... performed ... by 
the Ships of Holland and Zeland, 
on the North sides of Norway, 
Muscovia, and Tartaria, towards 
the Kingdomes of Cathaia & 
China,etc. [ Veer. Trans- 
lated by W. Phillip.] 1609. 4to. 

G. 2767. 

— The first Nauigation of 
W. Barents. ..into the North Seas. 
— A Brief Declaration of Barents 

his second Nauigation, made in 
anno 1595. behinde Norway, 
Muscouia, and Tartaria. — The 
third Voyage northward to the 
Kingdomes of Cathaia and China 
in anno 1596, See FoRcaAS (S.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 3. 
1625. fol. 679. h. 13. 

VEERE (5tr Francis) 
See Vere. 

VEGA (Garcia Lasso de la) 
El Inca, See Lasso. 

de) See Castile. The Pilgrime 
of Casteele. Written in Spanish 
[by L. F. de V. C, under the 
title : El Peregrine en sua Patria], 
etc. 1623. 4to. 12612. o. 


^lavius) See Du Castel (C. de) 
iegin. Here begynneth the book 
of fayttes of armes (which zpyne 
of pyse made % drewe out of the 
boke named vegeoius de re mili- 
tari),etc. [1489.] fol. C.21.d.33. 


Christian Belioion. The Founda- 
tion of Christian Religion, etc. 
[Translated into English by 
S. v.] 1612. 8vo. 874. g. 29. 

VEOIUSjllAPHECJs) LaudenaiM. 
[For the editions of the ^neid 
containing the thirteenth brx>k 
by M. V. :] eee ViRoiuus Maro (P.) 


VELCURIO (Joannes) 
J.V.commentariorum libri 
universam Aristotelis Physioen: 
nunc recen8...ca6tigati & excusi. 
Eerum prssterea & vocum ...index 
pradfixus. O, Bishop^ Londku^ 
1588. 16mo. 8708. e. 3. 

LIJS (Caius) V. P. his Bomane 
Histone... Exactly translated out 
of the ... edition superrised by 




I. GmtemB ... By S' Bobert Le 
Gryg. Printed hy M. F. for 
B. Swaine^ LandoUj 1632. 12mo. 

9040. a. 

VENDinO. Venditio jurig- 
jnrandi relligione minoris ob- 
ttriota, firma permanet. See 
Lbqatum. Legatum distribuen- 
dnm in niiptiis mnlierum panpe- 
mm, distnbui debet in nuptiis 
yirginnm, non vidnarum, etc. 
1586. 9,8h. OU.Syo. 

VENICE. The protestation 
of the Duke and oenat of Y. 
ai^inst the Bull of Pope Panl the 
Fift. See Baronius (C.) Cardinal, 
GoncemiDg the ezoommnnication 
of the Yenetians, eta 1607. 4to. 

111. b. 12. 

— See Bomb, Okarch of, — Paul 
v.. Pope, A declaration of the 
varianoe betweene the Pope, and 
the Segniory of Yenioe, etc. 
1606. 4to. 860. d. 2. (2.) 

— — The History of the 
quarrels of Pope Paul Y. with 
the state of Yenice, etc. 1626. 4to. 

1008. a. 14. 

VENICE. — Ckmeiglio de' Died. 
A tme oopie of the Sentence of 
the high Gonnoell of tenne Judges 
in the State of Yenice, against 
R. Poma, M. Yiti,...A. Parrasio, 
John of Florence... and Pasjuall 
of Bitonto; who... attempted a 
...murder upon the person of... 
Paolo Servite... Translated out of 
Italian. (A Proclamation made 
for the assecuration of the person 
of... Paolo Servite,... in execution 
of a Decree accorded in the... 
CounoeU of the Pregadie upon the 
27. of Oct. 1607. — A Decree made 
in the...Councell of Tenne, 1607. 
the 9. of Januarie, etc. [With two 
Latin Poems, '*In Innooentiam," 
by 0. Mavinus, and ''In Mere- 
trioem dolosam."] JJ. Loumee^ for 

S. Macham^ London^ 1608. 4to. 

1009. c. 5. (12.) 

See Y., B. 

— An Apology : written by 
B. Y.... abusively calld Englands 
Joy. To represse the contagious 
ruptures of the infected multi- 
tude, etc. [An autobiography.] 
N. Okes, London, 1614. 8vo. 

G. 38. a. 25. 

VENNER (Tobias) The 
Baths of Bathe; or, a... Treatise 
concemiDg the nature, use, and 
efficacie of those ... Waters ; ... 
whereunto is also annexed a cen- 
sure concemiDg the water of 
Saint Yincents Kocks neere Bris- 
tol!. F. Kyngston for M, Moore^ 
London, 1628. 4to. 1171. d. 46. 

— Another copy. 234. h. 24. 

— A briefe... Treatise, concern- 
ing, the taking of the fume of 
Tobacco... in which the immode- 
rate . . . use thereof is reprehended, 
etc. Printed hy W. Lfor B.Moore^ 
London, 1621. 4to. 1038. i. 44. 

— Yia recta ad vitam longam, 
or a plaine philosophicall dis- 
course of the nature... and effects, 
of all such things as... make for 
the preservation of health... 
Wherein also ... the nature and 
choise of habitable places, with 
the true use of our famous 
bathesof Bathe,is .. . demonstrated. 
The second edition ... enlarged. 
B. Moore, London, 1622. 4to. 

1190. g. 29. 

Whereunto is an- 
nexed... a... treatise of the famous 
baths of Bathe... as also an ac- 
curate treatise concerning To- 
bacco, n. Hood, London, 1638. 4to. 

541. b. 20. 

— Yifld rect89 ad Yitam longam 
Pars Seounda. Wherein the true 




use of Sleepe, Exercise, Excre- 
tions, and Perturbations i8...dis- 
OTiBsed, etc. G. Eld for G. Winder^ 
London, 1623. 4to. 117. 1. 1. 

— Another copy. 643. b. 33. 

VENUS. SecA., H. The 
Sconrge of Venus . . . By H. A. 
1614. 8vo. C. 39. a. 37. (3.) 

1620. 8vo. C. 39. a. 50. 

VERE (Edward) Earl of Ox- 
ford. See 0., E. 

VERE (Sib Francis) See 
Flanders. Newes from Flaunders. 
A new Ballad of the great over- 
throw that... Captain Oraue Mau- 
rice, Sir F. Veere, and other of 
the Queene of Englands friends : 
gaue to the Archduke, etc. 
[1600?] 8.8h. fol. 806. k. 16. (58.) 

— Extremities Urging the 
Lord General Sir F. Veare to 
offer the late Anti-parle with the 
Arch-Duke Albertus. Written . . . 
from Ostend...With a declaration 
of the desperate attempt made 
since, by the sayd Arch-dukes 
forces, for the winning of the 
olde Towne. 19* 31. Printed for 
T. Pavier, London, 1602. 4to. 

G. 6102. (3.) 

— Anothercopy. 1055.h. 18.(2.) 
Cropped in the binding. 

— True Newes from one of Sir 
Fraunces Veres Companie. Con- 
cerning Delftes-Isle, and sundry 
other townes in the Lowe Coun- 
tries, yeelded to the Generall 
since May last. Of the great 
armie, nowe comminge out of 
Germanic for the aide of the 
French King... With the...perse- 
oution and Marterdome which 
sundry... persons of account did 
lately suffer in Spaine, etc. IS* X, 
Imprinted.,. for T. Nehon, London, 
1591. 4to. G. 5948. 

Without pagination. 

VEREP-ffiUS (Simon) S. Ve- 
repaBi de epistolis Latine conscri- 
bendis libri V., denuo...illa8trati 
et . . . postremum aucti . ExcudAai 
J^. Field impensis J. Harisani, Lon- 
dini, 1592. 8vo. 1092. b. 22. 

— Another copy. 1084. i. 8. (1.) 

successively Bishop of Modmsch 
and of Capo d^Iatria. See Duran- 
TIBUS (V. de) Bishop of Termoli, 
pseud. Consilium quorundam 
Episooporum Bononise congrega- 
torum ... quod ... Julio 3. Pont. 
Max. datum est^ [By P: P. V. ?] 
1613. 4to. T. 785. (1.) 

— See LiTURGiis. — London, 
Foreign Beformed Church in, — 
Liturgy. La Forma delle Pub- 
liche Orationi, qual si usa 
nella chiesa de forestieri, etc 
[Edited, with a preface, by 
P. P. v.] [1550.] 8vo. C. 35. b. 25. 


See GiLDAS. Opus Novum. Gil- 
das ... de calamitate, excidio, & 
conquestu Britannia, etc. [Edited 
by r. V. and R. Ridley; with a 
prefatory letter by the former.] 
[1525.] 8vo. C. 33. a. 17. 

1568. 8vo. 598. a. 3. 

— An Abridgement of the 
notable woorke of P. Vergile 
conteignyng the devisers ... of 
Artes, Ministeries, Feactea i 
civill ordinaunces, as of Rites, 
and Ceremonies, oommoly used 
in the churche : and the originall 
beginnj^ng of the same. Copen- 
diously gathered by T. Langley. 
V. H* B. Grafton, London, 
1546. 8vo. G. 3259, 

— Another edition. V. Z» 
J^. Grafton, London, 1546. 8vo. 

720. a. 36. 

— Another edition. V, X« 




B, Orafton, London, 1546. 8yo. 

9005. aa. 

Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf 
of the preface and all after Big. x iiii. 
of the table. 

— Another edition. )d, 3t* 
B. Orafton, London, 1551. 8vo. 

721. a. 6. (1.) 

— Another copy. 

— Another copy. 

56. a. 32. 
G. 12262. 

— Another edition. IS. %• 
J. TMale, London, [1570]. 8vo. 

721. a. 40. 

— Another copy. 7956. a. 

Imperfect ; wanting the leaf after 
the oolophon, containing a woodcut. 

Chalmeteus) See Ghalmeteus. 

VERHEIDEN ( Jaoobus) See 
Protestant Divines. The His- 
tory of the modeme Protestant 
Divines. Faithfully translated 
out of [the] Latine [of J. V., etc.]. 
1637. 8vo. 1112. c.l. 

VERMIOLI(PiFrR0 Mabtire) 
See Bible. — Old Testament. — 
Judges. Most fruitfull...Comen- 
taries of.. .P. M. Vermil (upon 
the Booke of Judges), etc. 
1564. fol. 1277. a. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Piolms. Devotional Compilations. 
Most Godly prayers compiled out 
of Davids Psalmes by Peter 
Martyr, etc. 1569. 8yo. 

3456. aa. 72. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Bomans. Most learned and 
fruitfuU commentaries of ... P. 
Martir Yermilius ... upon the 
Epistle of S. Paul to the Bo- 
manes, etc. 1568. fol. 1277. a. 7. 

— See Jewel (J.) Bishop of 
Salithury, Apologia Ecclesiee An- 
glican», etc. [With a prefatory 

letter to the author by P. M. V.] 
1581. 12mo. 3932. aa. 

VERMIGLI(Pietro Martire) 
See London, Ministers in. 'A 
briefe examination ... of a . . . De- 
claration... of certaine ministers 
in London refusyng to weare the 
apparell prescribed by the Lawes. 
...In the end is reported the 
Judgement of. . .doctour Bucer and 
dootour Martir, etc. [1559?] 4to. 

C. 37. c. 1. 

— The resolution of Hen. Bul- 
linger and P. M. concernyng 
thapparrel of Ministers. See Sin. 
Whether it be mortall sinne to 
transgresse civil lawes, etc. 
[1566?] 8vo. 877. b. 3. 

— See White (John) Bishop of 
Winchester. Diacosiomartyrion id 
est ducentorum virorum testi- 
monium, de yeritate corporis, et 
sanguinis Christi, in Eucharistia . . . 
ad versus Petrum Marty rem... con- 
Bcriptum,etc. 1553. 4to. G.17790. 

— A briefe Treatise, Concern- 
ing the use and abuse of Daunc- 
ing. Collected oute of the learned 
workes of ... Peter Martyr, by 
Maister Bob. Massonius and 
translated... by L K. [or T. K. 
according to the epistle dedi- 
catory], M. H, J. Jugge, London, 
[1580?] 8vo. G. 19991. (3.) 

¥^ithout pagination. 

— An epistle unto the right 
honorable and christian Prince, 
the Duke of Somerset written 
unto him in Latin, anone after 
hys deliveraunce out of trouble... 
translated into Englyshe by T. 
Norton. )d» ll« lmprynted...for 
Gaulter Lynne, Londd, 1 550. 8vo. 

G. 5919. 
Without pagination. 

— Loci communes D. P. M. 
Yermilii ex variis ipsius authoris 
scriptis in unum locum collecti & 




in quatuor Classes distributi, eto* 
[Edited by B. Massonius, with 
the preface of R. Walther, and an 
oration upon the life of the author 
by Josias Simler.] T, VautroU 
ler%U8fLondini,16SS, fol. 3705. g. 4. 

The Common Plaoes of ...Peter 
Martyr, diuided into foure prin- 
oipall parts: with a large ad- 
dition of manie theologicall and 
necessarie discourses, some never 
extant before. Translated and 
partlie gathered by A. Marten, 
etc. (An oration wherein is set 
foorth the life and death of... P. 
Martyr J. Sim- 
lerus.) )d*X* 6pts. Imprinted at 
the costs... of H, Denham, T. Chard^ 
W. Broome and A, MaunseU^ Lon- 
don, 1583. fol. 3705. f. 

The pagination of this collection 
is irregular, and runs thns: Pp. 
1-640; 1-898; 1-335 [331]; 101- 
252; 1-165. The oration of Simler 
is withoat pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 21 . e. 9. 

— Another copy. 13. b. 4. 

— Tractatio de Sacramento 
Eucharisti6B,habita in celeberrima 
universitate Oxoniensi per D. 
Petrum Marty rem Vermilium... 
Ad hec, Disputatio de eode Eu- 
charistisB Sacramento, in eadem 
Universitate habita...anno 1549. 
2 pts. Londini, [1549]. 4to. 

\j» Of. e. iS. 

Ft 2 has a distinct titlepage and 
pagination. At foil. 8, 10, 11, 12, 
and IS of the *' Disputatio " are 
notes in the handwriting of King 
Edward VI. 

— A discourse or traictise of 
Petur Martyr Vermill a Floretine 
...wherein he openly declared his 
...iudgemente ooncemynge the 
Sacrament of the Lordes supper, 
etc. [Translated from the Latin 
by N. [JdalL] IS, S. B. Stoughton, 
London,[lb50?] 4to. C.37.e.3. 

Martyr) See Vermigu. 

VERON (Jean) See Zwikqli 
(II.) [A short pathway to the 
rygnte ... understanding of the 
holye . . . Scriptures . . . Translated . . . 
by J. v.] 1550. 8vo. C. 36. a. 11. 

— Certayne litel Treaties, set 
forth by J. V. for the erudition 
and leamyng of the symple i 
ingnorant [sic] peopell. H. Powell^ 
London, 164^. 16mo. 1020. a. 4. 

Withont pagination. Sig. A-H4. 
The running titles read : ** The Bible 
is the Word of Gtod ; *' " The father 
hath no humayne Ijmmes;" ''The 
Mass is an Idoll.*' Imperfect ; want- 
ing sig. Bi and Gi. 

— A Dictionary in Latine 
and English,... corrected and en- 
larged . . .bv R(odolphus') W(ad- 
dingtonus). A Middfeton for 
J. Harison, London, 1575. 4to. 

625. g. 2. 
Without pagination. 

— A frutefnl treatise of pre- 
destination and of the divine 
providence of God, with an 
Apology of the same, against the 
swynyshe gruntinge of the Epi- 
cures and Atbeystes of cure time. 
Whereunto are added... a very 
necessary boke againste the iiree 
wyll men, and another of the 
true justification of faith, and of 
the good workes proceadynge of 
the same, made Dialoge wyse, etc. 
V. S. 2 pts. J. TisdaU, London, 
[1563?] 8vo. T. 1595. (1.) 

Foil. 1-8 of pt. 1 are without 
numeration. Pt. 2 has a separate 
numeration and register. 

— The godly Saiyngs of the 
old auncient faithful fathers upon 
the Sacrament of the bodye 
and bloude of Chryste. Newlye 
compyled and translated oute of 
Latin intoo English by J. V. 
Senonoys. V* S. J. Oswen, Wor- 
ceter, 1550. 8vo. 692. a. 41. 




VERON (Jean) The Hunt- 
ynge of Purgatoiye to death, 
ma^e dialogewise ... Newly set 
foorth, etc. tT". Tysdale, London^ 
1561. 8vo. 697. a. 19. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

C. 12. 0. 4. 

— A moBte necessary treatise 
of free wil, not onlye against the 
Papistes, bnt also against the 
Anabaptistes. Made dialoge wyse 
by J. V. »♦ I. J. Tisdale, Lon- 
don, [1660?] 8vo. 3901. a. 

Without pagination. 

— A stronge battery against 
the Idolatrous invocation of the 
dead Saintes, and against the... 
setting up of Images in the house 
of prayer, ...made dialogue wise, 
19, %. H. Sutton for T. Hacket, 
London, 1562. 8vo. C. 12. c. 9. 

da) Kelation of J. Verrazano of 
the land discovered by him. See 
H., E. Divers voyages, etc. 
1582. 4to. C. 21. b. 35. 

VERSLYN (Francis) The 
State of the suite in Chancerie, 
betweene F. Verslyn pi* : agaynst 
P. Manning, M. Palmer and theire 
wives &c. defendants [in relation 
to lands devised by the will of 
Jacob Verslyn]. [London, 1626.] 
8. 8h. fol. 190. g. 12. (219.) 

VERSTEGAN (Richard) 
See v., R. 

— A Restitution of Decayed 
Intelligence : In antiquities. Con- 
cerning the most noble... English 
nation, etc. [With engravings.] 
Few MS. Notes. iJ. Bruney, Ant- 
werp, 1605. 4to. 687. e. 33. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes. 598. d. 13. 

Imperfect; wanting the laat six 
leaves, containing the table. 

— Another copy. G. 5940. 

— Another edition. J". BiU, 
London, 1628. 4to. 292. f. 29. 

— Another edition. John Norton 
for Joyce Norton and B. WhitaJeer, 
London, 1634. 4to. 7707. aa. 27. 

cub) See Barthema. 

VESALIUS (Andreas) A.V. 
...suorum de Humani Corporis 
fabrica librorum Epitome. See 
Geminus (T.) Compendiosa totius 
Anatomic delineatio, etc. 1545. fol. 

C. 43. h. 1. 

WAIT (R.) The last Trumpet... 
Translated from the ... Latine 
Prose of R. Brathwait, ... into 
English Verse, by J. Vicars. 
1635. 8vo. G. 11206. 

— See Goodwin (G.) Babels 
Balm. ..Sung in... Latine, by...G. 
Good-winne. And Translated 
into ... English ... by ... J. Vicars. 
1624. 4to. G. 11267. 

— iSee Herring (F.) Mischeefes 
Mysterie: or, Treasons Master- 
peece. The Powder-plot... truely 
related. And from the Latine of 
...Doctour Herring translated, 
and very much dilated. By J. V. 
1617. 4to. G. 11266. 

— See ViRGiLius Maro (P.) 
[JEneis.] The XII. iEneids,... 
translated into English deca-syl- 
lables, by J. Vicars. 1632. Svo. 

1068. e. 6. 

— A Prospective Glasse to 
looke into Heaven, or the Coeles- 
tiall Canaan described... Sung in 
a most heavenly Hymne, etc. 
W. Stanly for J. Smethwicke^ 
London, 161S. 8vo. 11623. b. 32. 

Without pagination. 




VICARS (Thomas) SeeC.G. 
'AarpoXoyofiavia, The Madnesse 
of ABtroIogers... Published by T. 
V(icarB), B. of D. 1624. 4to. 

718. e, 14. (2.) 

— See Kbckermannus (B.) A 
Manuduction to Theologie...done 
into English by T. V(icars), etc. 
[1620?] 8vo. 3559. aa. 

— See Mandevill (R.) Timo- 
thies Taske, eto. [Edited by T. 
Vicars.] 1619. 4to. 4473. aa. 19. 

— Xctpayoryta. Manudnctio ad 
Artem Ehetoricam, etc. Typia 
A. Maiihm, Londiniy 1621. 8vo. 

1089. a. 2. (1.) 

Editio tertia altera 

parte auctior. TypisJohawnia Ham- 
landy impensis B. Milboume, Lon- 
dint, 1628. 12mo. 11805. a. 

VI GARY (Thomas) [The 
Englishmans Treasure . . . with the 
true Anatomic of Mans Body, 
etc.] W. I* [London, 1580?] 4to. 

549. b. 24. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

— The Englishemans Treasure 
...with the true Anatomye of 
Mans Body, compiled by ... 
T. V. ...Wherunto are annexed 
many secrets appertaining to 
Chii'urgery...Also the rare trea- 
Bor of the English Bathes, writ- 
ten by W. Turner. Gathered 
and set forth ... by W. Bremer. 
W. I. J. Windet for J, Perin, 
London, 1586. 4to. 7420. a. 

Now seventhly aug- 

mented . . . with . . . medicines .. . oynt- 
ments and G. E., 
etc. 19. %« B. AUop and T. Faw- 
cet, London, 162Q. 4to. 780. b. 32. 

Now eighthly aug- 

mented ... with... medicines ... and 
...remedies for the plague, and 
pestilent fever... By W. B(oras- 

ton), eto. *• S. Copious MS. 
Notes [and additions]. B, AUop 
and T. Faucet, London, 1633. 4to. 

1039. g. 7. 

VICARY (Thomas) A profit- 
able Treatise of the Anatomie of 
mans Body compyled by...T. V. 
...chsdfe Chirurgion of S. Bar- 
tholomewes Hospital. Which 
work is newly the 
Chirurgions of the same Hospital 
now beeing. id. %, H, Bam- 
forde, London, 1577. 12mo. 

548. b. 2. 

VICTOR, Bishop of Vita. 
The memorable and tragical his- 
tory, of the persecution in Africke : 
under Gensericke and Hunricke, 
Arrian kinges of the Vandals, 
written in Latin by ... Bishop 
Victor . , . With a briefe accomplish- 
ment of the same history out of 
best Authors; togither with the 
life and acts of the holy Bishop 
Fulgentius, and his conflicts with 
the same nation. [Translated by 
R. Y. S. M. L. A. D.] Printed 
with Licence, 1605. 8vo. 698. b. 20. 

VICTORY. See Y., R. 

The Victory of Patience, eto. 
1636. 12mo. 4401. b. 12. 

VIDA (Marcus Hieronymus) 
Bishop of Alba. Scacchia Indus : 
Chesse play [translated into Eng- 
lish verse]. See B., G. Ludus 
Scacchiad. 1597. 4to. 7915. a. 

VIENNA. Newes from 
Vienna the . 5. day of August 
. 1566. of the strong Towne and 
Gastell of Jula in Hungary, zL 
mvles beyond the river Danubius, 
wnich was cruelly assaulted by 
the great Turke, but nowe... re- 
lieved, 1 the sayd Turke... dis- 
comfited and over throwen. Trans- 
lated out of hye Almaine into 
English, etc. id. %« J. Awdeleff, 
London, 1566. 4to. G. 33. b. 28. 




yiEH^N'E, Heroine of Romance, lated into English [by B. Tra- 

See M., M. Vienna. Wherein is heronj. Wherennto is added an 

storied, y* . . . atchievements . . . of . . . exposition of straunge termes and 

S' Paris of Vienn8B[«ic] and... the unknowen symples, belongyng to 

foire Vienna. [1640?] 4to. the arte. E. Whyichurch, London^ 

0.40. c. 2. 1543. 4fco. 782. n. 40. 

— See Paris, le Chevalier. 
Begin. Here begynneth thystorye 
of the...knyght Parys, and of the 
fayr Vyene the daulphyns dough- 
ter of Vyennoys, etc. 1486. fol. 

C. 10. b. 10. 

[1510?] 4to. 12512. d. 

VIEW. See T., T. A View 
of certain wonderful effects, of 
late dayes come to passe, etc. 
1578. 4to. 1395. o. 3. 

VIGNIER (Nicolas) The 
answer of N. V. unto C. Ibaronius 
(his advice unto Pope Paul the 
Fift, to excommunicate the Vene- 
tians). See Babonius (C^ Car- 
dinal. Concerning the Excom- 
munication of the Venetians, etc. 
1607. 4to. 111. b. 12. 

VI OO (Joaknes be) The 
whole worke of that famous chi- 
r urgion ... J. Vigo [translated from 
the Latin, with a Dedication, by B. 
Traheronl Newly corrected, by 
men skilniU in that Arte fviz. G. 
Baker and B. Norton]. Where- 
unto are annexed certain works 
compiled and published by T. 
Oale, etc. (Certaine Workes of 
Oalens, called Methodus medendi, 
with a briefe declaration of the of Medicine, the office of a 
Chirurgion, and an epitome of 
the third booke of Galen, of 
Natnrall faculties : ... all translated 
by T. Gale.) »• E. 3pts. T. East, 
London, 1586. 4to. 43. d. 23. 

Pts. 2 and 3 haye each a separate 
titlepoge, pagination, and register. 

— The most excellent workes 
of chirurgerye made and set 
forth by maister J. Vigon...tran8- 

— Another edition. E. Whyi- 
church,[lKmd(m,'] 1550. fol. 7481. i. 

VIGO (Joannes de) This 
lytell Practyce of J. de Vigo in 
Medycyne, is translated out of 
Laten into Englyssche, for the 
helth of the body of man. id* 3l« 
Bxiheri Wyer, in seynt Martyns Pa- 
rywAe, [Londofi, 1540?] 4to. 

7383. aa. (1.) 

Sixteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Twenty-four lines to a full 

— Another copy. C. 31. a. 

— Another edition. 19. X« 
B. Wyer, [London, 1541 ?] 8vo. 

C. 31. a. 

Sixteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. W. I. 
A. Kiteon, London, 1564. 8vo. 

C. 31. a. 

Sixteen leaves, without pagination. 

— The interpretation of woordes 
used in the translation of Vigon. 
[London, 1570 ?] fol. 8. b. 12. 

IiD perfect, being a fragment of 
an edition of Vigo's works. Tho 
register commences Zz. The run- 
ning title LB, '*The interpretation 
of straunge wordes." 

VIGOR (Simon) Archbishop of 
Narhonne. Acts of the Dispute 
and Conference holden at Paris,... 
July and August, 15 66... bet ween 
two Doctors of Sorbon [S. Vigor 
and C. de Sainctes], and two 
Ministers of the Beformed Church 
[J. de L'Espine and H. Du Rosier]. 
...Translated out of French by J. 
Golbume, eto. T. Oreede, London, 
1602. 8vo. 3902. c. 




VILLAGASTIN (Thomas de) 
See Ignatius [Lopez de Begalde, 
de Loyola], Saint. A Maniiall of 
Devout Meditations ... Drawn ... 
out of...S. Ignatius. Written in 
Spanish V....and tran- 
slated... by H. M., etc. 1624. 12mo. 

4405. b. 

VILLAINIES. Yillanies dis- 
covered by lanthome and candle- 
light and the helpe of a new cryer 
called Per Se 0. Being an 
addition to the Bel-mans second 
night- walke ; and laying open to 
the world of those abuses which 
the Bel-man (because he went i' 
the darke) could not see. With 
canting songs, and other new 
conceits never before printed. 
Newly corrected and enlarged 
by the Author [T. Decker]. 
i9« S, A. MatheweSf Lotidcn, 
1620. 4to. C. 27. b. 7. 

Without pagination. 

8U8 de) De Libero Arbitrio, ad- 
versus Melancthonem, etc. In 
aedibua PineonianiSf Londini, 
1523. 4to. 479. b. 2. 

Without pagination. 

VILLEGAS TAlfonso de) 
Flos Sanctorum. Tlie Lives of 
Saints. Written in Spanish by 
...A. Yillegas ... Translated out 
of Italian into English, and 
compared with the Spanish Bi 
W. &E. 

K. [Preceded by the dedi- 

catory letter of the Translator, 
signed: K.E.] Tom. 1. [1609.] 4to. 

487. f. 29. 

The work waa to haTe been in three 
torn. ; but no more of this edition 
appears to haTe been published. 

— Lives of Saints... Whereunto 
are added the lives of sundry 
other Saints ... extracted out of 
F. Bibadeniera, Surius, and out 

of other approved authors. The 
third edition. (An apendiz of 
the Saints lately canonized, and 
Beatified, by Paul the fifth, and 
Gregorie the fifteenth [translated 
into English by E. Ainsman].) 
2 pts. [J. Heigham^ St. Omer,] 
1630. 4to. 4827. bb. 

Pt. 2 has a separate register and 

— [Another edition.] 

With the lives of S. Patrick, S. Bri- 
gid and S. Columba ... All newly 
corrected and adorned with many 
brasen picteurs, etc. /. Cowturier^ 
[Bouen,] 1636. 4to. Q. 11748. 

The titlepage is engrayed, by 
Jasper Isac. 

See Loyseleub (P. de) ViUeHuB. 

VILLIERS (George) Duke 
of Buckingham. See M., P. The 
Powerfull Favorite, or the life of 
^lius Sejanus. By P. M[atthieu, 
i.e. translated from his work en- 
titled " Julius Sejanus, histoire 
romaine," and published as a 
satire on the Duke of Bucking- 
ham]. 1628. 4to. 112. c. 2. 

— r^^lie Duke of Buckingham 
his Speech to the King in 
Parliament Aprill 4, 1 62 8.1 MS. 
Notes. [London, 1 628.] 4to. G. 8276. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 
The title given aboye is taken from 
the reprint of 1641. 

— A Journall of all the 
proceedings of the Duke of Buck- 
ingham the Isle of Bee... 
Whereunto is added the names of 
the French Nobilitie that were 
slaine, etc. (A Continued Joumall 
of all the proceedings of the Duke 
of Buckingham, etc. August 17.) 
2 pts. MS. None Printed for 
T. WalMey, London, 1627. 4to. 

G. 3276. 

Slightly mutilated. 

V I L V I N 1541 

VILLIXRS (GEORaE) Duke of and truth leadinge from Anti- 

Buckingham, A Continued Jour- christ and errour, made and set 

nail of all the proceedings of the furth in the Latine tongue, by 

Duke of Buckingham his Grace, in that famous and great olearke 

the Isle of Bee, since the last of Vincent... against the most per- 

July. With the names of those nitious and detestable crafte of 

Noblemen as were drowned and heretikes ... And nowe the same 

taken in going to releeve the Fort, worke is englished, and by the 

As also the portraiture of the Knife Queues hignes authorised to be 

with which his Excellence should sette furthe, etc. [Translated, 

have been Murdered, etc. Aug. with a preface, by J. Proctor, 

30. Printed for T.Walkley, London, from the work entitled "Pro 

1627. 4to. G. 6216. (2.) Oatholicra fidei antiquitate ... 

liber."] ». I. Bobert Caly, 

— A Manifestation or re- Lodon, 1566. 8vo. G. 11999. 
monstrwice of the Most Honorable Without pagination. 

the Duke of Buckingham ; Geoe- 

rall of the Armie of the most VINCENT, o/ Lerins, Saint. 

Gracious King of great Britaine, The Golden Treatise ... for the 

containing a Declaration of his antiquitie, and universalitie of 

Majestiesintention for this present the Catholicke religion: against 

Arming. Translated out of the the prophane novelties of all here- 

Originall French Copie. [Dated sies : newly translated into Eng- 

21* July, 1627.] Eng. and Fr. lish by A. P., etc. [London, 

Printed for Thomas WalUey, London, 1559?] 8yo. 3833. aa. 
1627. 4to. G. 6216. (1.) 

The last leaf bears a woodcut of 7"^^ J^^ Christian, learned 

the English fleet ^^^ bneie discourse, concerning 

the ... Catholicke Faith, against 

yiNCBNT. Cyvile and un- all wicked up-start heresies : serv- 

oyvile life. A discourse very ing...for a preservative against 

profitable, pleasant, and fit to bee the profane novelties of Papists, 

read of all Nobilitie and Gentle- Anabaptists, Arrians, Brownists 

men. Where, in forme of a and all other sectaries, ... trans- 

Dialoge [between Vincent and lated...and illustrated with cer- 

ValentineJ is disputed, what taine marginall notes. By T. 

order of lyfe best beseemeth a Tuke. N. Okes, for L. Beeket, 

Gentleman in all ages and times: 1611. 12mo. 1020. a. 8. (2.) 
aswel for educatio, as the course 

ofhis whole life. B. Jones, London, VINCENT (Augustine) See 

1579. 4to. 722. c. 1. Brooke (B.) A Discoverie of 

Errours m the first Edition of 

VINCENT, of Lerins, Saint, the Catalogue of Nobility, pub- 

Peregrini, id est, ut vulgo perhi- liahed by E. Brooke... 1619. ..By 

betur, Vincentii Lirinensis, ad- A. V. 1622. 4to. 2119. f. 
versus prophanas haereses, Com- 

monitonaduo. Editio repurgata VINCENT (Margaret) A 

... Adjicitur Augustini liber de pittilesse Mother. That most un- 

Haeresibus. Excudebat G. T....Ito- naturally at one time murthe[red] 

pen9i8Q.Weth,0xoniae,USl. 12mo. ^^o of her owne Children at 

4377. a. Acton... uppon holy thursday last 
1616, the ninth of May. Beeing 

— The waie home to Christ a gentlewoman named M. Yin- 

1642 V I N VIE 

cent ... With her ExaminatioD, domynik doctor of deuynyte, and 

Confession and true discovery of cofessour of this holy virgyn, etc. 

all tfhe] proceedings ... Where- [Translated from the Latin.] 

nnto IS added Andersons Repent- [Sig. p v., recto :] Here endetn 

anoe — w[ho] was executed... the the lyflF of that gloryous vyrgyn 

18 of May 16[16]. [In verse.] and Martyr Saint Katheryn oflF 

!$• S* [JLondon, 1616.J 4to. Sene. [Sig. p. y,, verso:] Here 

1077. i. 20. begynnen the reuelacios of Saynt 

Without pagination. The titie- Elysabeth the kynges doughter 

page is slightly mutilated. of hungarye. [Translated from 

«*<..<^x^-R.-^*m /T» \ mi. T ^^^ Latin of J. Montanus. The 

VINCENT (P.) The La- ^^^^^ ^.^^ ^ ^ ^^^^, 

mentationB of Germany. WW ^ .g^ [WynhyideWorde^Lon:- 

in, Ab m a Glasse, -we may be- ^, 149^3 ,-, ^1. C. 10. b. 4. 

hold her miEerable condition... „. , . ..., . .. 

illustrated by Pictures Where- eolTpSrS^J.?^" nL^ 

unto are added three Letters, one g^ leaves. Printed in double 

whereof was sent to the Dutch columns; 43 and 44 lines to a full 

Consistory in London, under the column. Part of the first and the 

hand and seales of 14 distressed ^T^^'^lf *^® last leaf in this copy 

-AJ-- • X r a x. • /^ have been supplied in fac-simile. 

Ministers of Swy burggen m Ger- ^'^ 

many. Printed by E. O. for — Another copy. G. 10642. 

John BothweU, Londony 1638. 8vo. 

1077. c. 19. — Fragments of foil, e 2, 8, 4, 

^ 6 ; f 1, 2, 8, 4, 5, 6 of the preceding. 

— Another copy. G. 6312. (4.) c. 18. e. 2. (131.) 

— A True Relation of the late V I R E L (Matthieu) A 
Battell fought in New-England, learned and excellent Treatise, 
between the English and the containing all the principall 
Pequet Salvages... With the pre- grounds of Christian Eeligion... 
sent state of things there. T.Har- written first in French by mais- 
per for K Butter and J. BeUamie, ter M. Virell...and now turned 
London, less. 4to. G. 7143. into English [by S. Egerton?]. 

Without pagination. **Authoris ...The second Impression, cor- 

carmen, etc.," at the commencement, rected, etc. [With a Preface by 

iB8igned,«P.Vincentius." g^ Egerton.] Few MS. Notes. 

VINCENTIUS, BeUovacenns, -B- ^^^^ f^ -B. Dexter, London, 

See Caxton (W.) ["thystorye l^^^- ^2mo. 3606. a. 32. 

and lyf of the noble ... prynce Fourth... impression. 

Charles the gretekyng of frounce. Copious MS. Notes. B. Bobinmm 

...Translated and compiled from y^ jg. jy^^ Londcm, 1697. 8vo. 

...a translation of the " speculum 8605. aa. 83. 
Historiale" of v.] 1486. fol. 

C. 10. b. 9. Ninth impression. 

«*««.«*^*« r-n N -. Now newly revised, etc. Jtf". Brad- 

VINBIS (Raimundus de) de ^^ f^' j^ ^^^^ j^,„^^ 

Oapoa. B6(7tn. [Sig. ai,r^o:] ig^g. 8vo. 3669. a. 
Here begynneth the lyf of Saint 

katherin of Senis the blessid Fourteenth edition. 

virgin... This legende compyled Now newly revised, etc. Trinied 

a worshypfull derke fryer Bey- 6y B. T. for O. Latham, London^ 

mond of the ordre of Saynt 1636. 12mo« 3668. a. 




VI RET (Christopher) See 
Tobias, Mede-older mit H, Niclas 
in dem Husgesinne der Lie/ten. 
Mirabilia opera Dei : oertaine 
wonderful! Works of God which 
hapned to H. N.... Translated out 
of Base Almain [by C. V. ?]. 
[1550?] 4to. 852. g. 1.(1.) 

VIRET (Pierrr) See Bible. — 
Selections. A Notable collection 
of divers and sodry places of the 
sacred scriptures, which make to 
the declaratyon of the Lordes 
prayer ... Gathered by... P. V.... 
And translated . . . by . . . A . Scoloker. 
1648. 8vo. C. 25. a. 13. 

— iSeeLiTURGiBS. — Rome, Church 
of, — MissaJe. The Cau teles, Canon, 
and ceremonies, of the. ..Popish 
Masse ... With certaine annota- 
tions... set forth by... P. V., etc. 
1684. 8vo. C. 37. b. 18. 

— The Christian disputations. 
...Translated out of French into 
English by J. Brooke of Afihe. 
[With prefatory Epistle by J. 
Calvin.] 19. il« T. East, London, 
1679. 4to. 3901. e. 

— The firste parte of the Chris- 
tian Instruction, and generall 
some of the doctrine, conteyned 
in the holy Scriptures, wherein 
the priocipall pointes of the Ee- 
ligion are... handled by Dialogues. 
...l^nslated into Englishe, by 
J. Shute [fi-om the French], ac- 
cordyng to the late copy set forth, 
by...Maister P. Viret . 1665, etc. 
id.%. c7.2>ay,Xondan, [1565]. 4to. 

697. d. 38. 

— A Christian instruction, con- 
tevning the law and the Gospel 1. 
Also a Summarie of the Princi- 
pall poyntes of the Christian fayth 
and Religion and of the abuses 
and errors contrary to the same. 
... Translated by T. S(houte). 
»« S. MS. Notes. A. VeaU, 
London, 1673. 8vo. 1360. a. 11. 

— Another copy. 3901. a. 

VIRET ^Pierre) An epistle 
to the faithiuU, necessary for all 
the children of (}od, especially in 
these dangerous days. Written French and Englished [with 
an " Epistle dedicatory "] by F. 
H. Esquier. »♦ *• For T. Smith, 
Xondon, 1582. 8yo. 698. a. 44. (8.) 

Without pagination. 

— A faithfull and familiar ex- 
position upon the prayer of our 
Lorde Jesus Christ, and of the 
things worthie to be considered 
upon the same.... Translated into 
English by J. Brooke. [With a 
preface by J. Field.] HI Middle- 
tdnforB. Sergier, London, 1682. 4to. 

3225. b. 

— A verie familiare i fruite- 
ful exposition of the zii articles 
of the christian faieth conteined 
in the comuno crede, called the 
Apostles Crede,... translated into 
englishe. 33* 2. J, Day and 
W. Seres, London, [1548 ?] 8vo. 

&506. b. 


Yirgidemiarum Size Bookes, etc. 
1602, etc. 8vo. 1076. a* 8. 

— Yirgidemiarum, sixe bookes. 
First three bookes, of tooth-lesse 
satyrs. 1. Poeticall. 2. Acade- 
micall. 3. Morall. (Yirgide- 
miarum the three last bookes. 
Of byting satyres.) [By Joseph 
Hall, Bishop of Norwich.] 2 pts. 
(Pt. 1) T. Oreede; (pt. 2) -B. Bra- 
docke, for B, Dexter, London, 
1597-98. 16mo. C. 39. a. 3. (1.) 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
pagination, and register. 

VIRGIL, the Necromancer. 
See YiRGiLius Maro (P.) [Ap- 

uus) [ Works.] Opera P. Yirgilii 




Maronis. Pauli Manutii annota- 
tiones breviB8imae...noiiieri looa 
magis insignia, quae Virgilins 
imitatus est. Oeorgii Fabrioii 
Cbemnicensis Observationes Vir- 
gilianae lectionis. [Followed by 
tbe 13*»» Book of the ^neid by M. 
Vegins ; and by the minor poems 
attributed to Virgil.] MS. Notes. 
Excudebat H, Middletonus, Imperma 
J.K,L<mdini,15S0.16mo. 11355.a. 

Lius) [ Works.] Pub. Vergilii Ma- 
ronis Opera [including the minor 
poems], scholiis doctissimis mar- 
ginalibus illustrata, etc. (P. V. M. 
vita per ^lium Donatum, ut 
fertur, edita. — ^M. Vegii... liber.) 
Ex typographia Sodetatis Stationa- 
riorumy Londini, 1616. 16mo. 

11365. a. 

— P. V. M. Opera Buoolica, 
Georgica, ^neis, notis admar- 
ginalibus illustrata k T. Farnabio. 
Few MS. Notes. F. Kyngaton, 
impensis B, Allot, Londini, 
1634. 8vo. 11385. aa. 

— [.^nei9.'\ The first booke of 
Virgils jEneis [translated into 
English verse]. See OviDius Naso 
(P.) [Metamorphoses.] Ovid's 
Metamorphosis Englished, etc. 
1632. fol. 75. h. 6. 

1640. foi. 833. m. 3. 

— End. Here fynyssheth the 
boke yf Eneydos, oompyled by 
Vyrgyle, whiche hathe be trans- 
lated oute of latyne in to frenshe, 
And oute of frenshe reduced 
in to Englysshe by me Wyttm 
Cazton ... the yere of our lorde 
. M.iiijClxxxz, etc. [This is not a 
translation but rather a compen- 
dium or abstract of the ^neid, 
with some additions.] id« S* 
[ W. Caxton, Westminster, 1490.] fol. 

C. 21. d. 24. 

Withoat titlepage or pagination. 

Register A j.-L iiij. Eighty-four 
leaves ; 31 lines to a full page. 

— Another copy. C. 10. b. 12. 

The fifth leaf, sIr:. A iij., is a 
lithog^phed fac-simile. 

— Another copy. G. 9723. 

Lins) [.Mfieis.] The xiii bukes of 
Eneados of the famose poete Vir- 
gin. [Book XIII. from the Latin 
of M. Yegius.] Translatet out of 
Latyne verses into Scottish metir, 
bi...Mayster O. Douglas, Bishop 
of Dunkel...Euery buke hauing 
hys perticular prologe. Id. S* 
[W. Copland,] Londo, 1653. 4to. 

78. b. 17. 

The last leaf (Gcdzxxi.) is slightly 

— Another copy. G. 9722. 

— The seven first bookes of the 
Eneidos of Virgill, converted in 
Englishe meter by T. Phaer 
Esquier, etc. (Sr. X. J. Kyngston, 
London, 1558. 4to. 11355. aaa. 

This copy has the autograph of 
Thomas Kashe on the verso of the 

— The nyne fyrst Bookes of 
the Eneidos... converted into Eng- 
lish vearse by T. Phaer... with so 
much of the tenthe Booke, as since 
his death coulde be 
his house, etc. [Edited by W. 
Wightman.] ». E. B. Hall for 
N. England, London, 1562. 4to. 

1068. e. 4. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 78. b. 19. 

— The whole xii. Bookes of the 
iElneidos of Virgill. Whereof the 
first ix. and part of the tenth, 
were converted into English 
meeter by T. Phaer... and tbe 
residue supplied, and the whole 
worke together newly set forth, 
by T. Twyne...There is added... 




Virgirs life out of Donatus, and 
the argument before every booke. 
». a. W. Haw, for A. Veale, Lon- 
don, 1573. 4to. 1068. m. 22. 

Lius) [.^Jneis,'] The thirteene 
bookes of iElneidos. The first 
twelve being the worke of... 
Virgil, and the thirteenth, the 
Supplement of M. Yegius. Trans- 
lated into English verse, to the 
first third part of the tenth booke, 
by T. Fhaer: and the residue 
finished and now newly set forth, T. Twyne. (Virgils life set 
forth, as it is supposed, by iEllius 
Donatus; done into English.) 
jB. Ahop, hy the As8ignemeni of 
C. Knight, London, 1583. 4to. 

237. f. 2. 

Without pagination. The date on 
the titlepage is effaced. The pre- 
face is dated 1584. 

— Another edition. 1^. S« 
W. How for A, Veale, London, 
1584. 4to. 1068. e. 14. 

— Another copy. G. 9699. 

— Another edition. 5B. %• 
T, Oreede, London, 1596. 4to. 

11355. 0. 

— Another edition. id« S* 
MS. NoiES [by J. Mitford]. 
T. Oreede, L&ndon, 1600. 4to. 

11355. o. 

— Another edition. 33. %• 
T Oreede, London, 1607. 4to. 

1068. e. 6. 

— Another edition. 13* Z. 
Printed hy B. Alaop hy the Aseigne- 
ment of 0. Knight, London, 
1620. 4to. 1068. e. 11» 

— The XII Aeneids of VirgQ, 
the mostrenownedLaureat-Prince 
of Latine-Poets ; Translated into 
Etiglish deca-svUables, By J. 
Vicars. Sold hy N. AUop, [London,] 
1632. 8vo. 1068. e. 6. 

The titlepage la engrayed. 
VOL. in. 

— Another copy. G. 9666. 
The last page is mutilated. 

Lius) [JEkeis.] The first foure 
bookes of Virgils ^Eneis, Trans- 
lated into English Heroicall 
Verse [Hexameters,] by R. Stany- 
hurst: With other Poeticall de- 
vises thereto annexed. Id, X* 
H Bynneman, London, 1583. 8vo. 

1068. m. 25. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 9644. 

— Certain bokes of Virgiles 
^nsdis turned into English meter 
by the...lorde, Henry Earle of 
Surrey. Id.S. B. TotteU, London^ 
1557. 8vo. C. 21. a. 17. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-G. 
The fly-leaf bears a portrait of the 
Earl of Surrey drawn in Indian 

— The Destruction of Troy, or 
the acts of Aeneas, translated out 
of the second booke of the Aeneads 
of also a centurie of 
epigrams and a motto upon the 
creede. By Sir T. Wrothe. LcU. 
and Eng. 2 pts. Printed hy D. T., 
Lond<m, 1620. 4to. 11355. c. 

Withont pagination. 

— [Bucolica d Oeorgica,"] The 
Bucoliks of Publius Virgilius 
Maro... together with his Georgiks. 
. . . Translated into English [blank] 
verse by A. F[raunce ? or Flem- 
ing?]. W. »♦ Imprinted hy T. O. 
for Thomas Wooacoeke, London, 
1589. 4to. 1077. e. 53. 

— [Bttcolica.] The lamentation 
of Corydon for the love of Alexis. 
Out of Latine. [In hexameters.] 
See Feaunce (A.t The Countesse 
of Pembrokes luychurch, etc. 
1591. 4to. C. 34. c. 35. (1.) 

— [The Eclogues of Virgil, 
with a commentary.] End. Publii 
[Ma]ronis buccolica carmina ut- 

5 a 




cum^ ezposita, etc. 19. %« Per 
wynandum de worde, LcmdoniiSf 
1512. 4to. G. 9645. 

Imperfect; wanting all before 
Big, Di, on which Eclogue VI. eom- 
mences. Matilated. 

Lius) [Bucolica.'] Yirgils Eclogues, 
with his Booke De Apibus, trans- 
lated graminatically [by J. 
Brinsley] and also according to 
the proprietie of our English 
tongue. B. Field, for T. Man, 
London. 1620. 4to. 237. 1. 18. 

— Another edition. Printed hy 
the Assignee of T, Man, P. Man 
and J. Man, London, 1633. 4to. 

1000. h. 21. 

— Yirgils eclogues translated 
into English : by W. L[isle] 
Gent. W. Jones, London,162S* 8vo. 

1068. b. 29, 

— [(Julex,'] See Sp., Ed. Com- 
plaints. Containing sundrie small 
roemes of the Worlds Vanitie... 
(Virgils Gnat.) By Ed. Sp[en8er]. 
1591. 4to. G. 11539. 

— [Oeorgica,'] N. Grimoaldi... 
in P. V. Maronis quatuor libros 
Georgicorum in oratione soluta 
Paraphrasis, etc. [With the text.] 
Few MS. Notes. Excudehant 
O. Bishop d B. Newhery, Londini, 
1591. 8vo. 1001. b. 14. (2.) 

— Virgils Georgicks. Eng- 
lished by T. May. Printed for 
T.Walkiey,L€{ndon,]ie2S. 16mo. 

1069. a. 40. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 9793. 

— [Selections.] The Epigrams 
of P. V. M. and others. With 
the praises of him and his workes. 
Also his epitaphs composed by 
divers illustrious persons. And 
lastly, the arguments of his 
workes. Englished by I. P(en- 

kethman), lover of Learning. 
PrintedhyO.P.,London,1624. 8vo. 

11355. a. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

Lius) [Appendix.] Virgilius evan- 
gelisans. Sive Historia ... Jesu 
Christi, Virgilianis verbis & ver- 
sibus descripta. Opercl A. Bossni 
Aberdonensis. (A. Bossei pero- 
ratio seu Hymnus ad Deum Pa- 
trem.) Per J. Legatum pro 
B. Thrale, Londini, 1634. 8vo. 

C. 46. b. 26. 

The "Peroratio" is without pagi- 

— Another copy. G. 17416. 

— Virgilii evangelisantisChris- 
tiados libri xiii. In quibus om- 
nia quae de Domino nostro Jesu 
Christo in utroque Testamento, 
vel dicta, vel prsedicta sunt, alti- 
sona divina Maronis tuba suavis- 
sime decantantur. Inflante A. 
Bosaeo. 7)fpis Johannu Legate^ 
sumptibus Bichardi Thraie^ Londini, 
1638. 8vo. 833. c. 14. 

— Virgilius. This boketreateth 
of the lyfe of Virgil, and of his 
death, and many other marvayles 
that he did in his lyfe tyme by 
witchecrafte and nygromancy, 
through the develles of hell. 
V. &. [W. Copland? London? 
1550?] 4to. C. 21. 0. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting sig. D2, 3, and all after sig. 
D4. No other copy known. 

VIRGIN. See P., M. The 

distressed Virgin, etc. [1640?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 90. 

— The Virgins A. B. C. ; or, 
an alphabet of vertuous admoni- 
tions for a chaste, modest and 
well-governed maid. [A Ballad.] 
W. a. 2 pts. Printed by M. P. for 
F. Chides, London, [1630 ?] Broad- 
side fol. Box. I. 430. 





Good Speed to V. 1609. 4to. 

694. e. 8. (12.) 

— See I., B. The new Life of 
Yirginea, etc. 1612. 4to. 

C. 33. 0. 31. 

— — Nova Britannia. Off- 
ring most excellent fruites by 

Slanting in Virginia. [With a 
edicatory Epistle subscribed : 
R. I.] 1609. 4to. C. 33. c. 29. 

— For the Colony in Virginea 
Britannia. Lawes Diuine, Morall 
and Martiall, etc. [Edited by 
W. Strachey.] (A praier duly 
said morning and evening upon the 
Court of Guard, etc.) Printed for 
W. Burre, London, 1612. 4to. 

C. 33. c. 30. 

The prayer is withontpagination. 
With a MS. address by W. Strachey? 
to '*W. Orashawe minister in the 

— Another copy. G. 7126. 

This copy has an additional leaf 
immediately following the titlepage, 
on the recto of which is a printed 
dedication to ** S' A. Anger Knight/' 
with the antograph of the editor. 

— A true and sincere declara- 
tion of the purpose and ends of 
the Plantation begun in Virginia, 
of the degrees which it hath re- 
ceived ; and meanes by which it 
hath been advanced: and the 
resolution and conclusion of his 
Maiesties Councel of that Colony, 
for the constant and patient pro- 
secution thereof, etc. Printed for 
L Steijgneth^ London, 1610. 4to. 

C. 32. d. 13. 

— [True Declajration of the 
estate of the Colonic in Virginia, 
with a confutation of such scan- 
dalous reports as have tended to 
the disgrace of so worthy an 
enterprise. Published by ...di- 
rection of the Counoell of Vir- 

ginia. Printed for W, Barret, 
London, 1610. 4to. G. 7125. 

Cropped in the binding. 

VIRGINIA^ Qovem<yr and 
Council. By his Majesties Coun- 
seil for Virginia. A briefe declar- 
ation of the present state of 
things in Virginia, and of a Divi- 
sion to be now made, of some 
part of those Lands in our actuall 
possession, etc. [T. Snodham, 
Xoik^on, 1616?] 4to. G. 7136. (2.) 

Probably wanting the titlepage. 

— A Declaration of the state 
of the colony and affaires in 
Virginia with the names of the 
adventurers, and Summes adven- 
tured in that Action. By his 
Majesties Counseil for Virginia. 
22. Junij 1620. T. Snodham, Lon^ 
don, 1620. 4to. 1447. c. 11. 

VIRGINIA, London Comjpany 
for the Colonization of 
See London. — London Company, etc. 


Virginia trade stated. [A re- 
monstrance against levying any 
further customs duty on tobacco.] 
[London, 1QS5?] fol. 

816. m. 14. (14.) 


VIRTUE S. [The seven theo- 
logical Virtues, Faith, Hope, 
Charity, Temperance, Justice, 
Prudence, and Force, eulogized 
each in a verse of ei^t lines. By 
J. Lydgate.?] W. % [London f 
1500?] fol. Tab. XL b. (1.) 

Printed from a block, with black 
ink, on one side of the page. The 
Virtues are divided from one an- 
other bj a border of two horizontal 
lines, enclosing on the left ^e name 
of the yirtue described below, and 
on the right a figure indicating the 
arrangement of the virtues, thus: 

I, II. III. nil. IIIIJ. /I. /II. 

These figures are rendered necessary 
by the fact that the virtues are not 
arranged in their proper order, but 




thuB : Fayth, Gharite, Attemperanoe, 
Justice, Force, Hope, Prudence. The 
first four lines of each verse form the 
left column, and the last four the 
right. The letters are yery larg^ 
and the paper is evidently intended 
to be hung up and to be legible at 
a distance. This copy is mutilated, 
having lost one and a half lines 
from the top and the same from the 
bottom, and several letters down the 
whole left margin. 

VIS. Minima vis potest mo- 
vere mazimnm pondns. [In verse, 
"with a woodcut.] Aurifica alchy- 
mia non est impostura. [In verse.] 
[Cambridge, IbSb?] 8, an, fol. 

C. 38. 1. 6. (7.) 

VITELL (Christopher) See 
Elidad, pseud. A good and fniit- 
fuU Exhortation unto the Familie 
of Love... Translated [by C. V. ?]. 
[1674?] 8vo. 697. a. 26. (7.) 

— See FiDELiTAS, pseud. Fi- 
delitas. A distinct Declaratio of 
the Requiring of the Lorde... 
Translated [by 0. V.]. [1574?] 8vo. 

697. a. 26. (8.) 

— See N., H.- Dicta HN. 
Documentall Sentences ... Trans- 
lated out of Base-almayne [by 
C. V.]. [1574?] 8vo. 

697. a. 26. (5.) 

Epistola XT. HN. Correo- 

tio and Exhortation out of heartie 
Love ... Translated out of Base- 
almayne [by C. V.]. [1574?] 8vo. 

697. a. 26. (6.) 

Evangelium Eegni. A 

Joyfull Message of the King- 
dom ... Translated out of Base- 
almayne [by C. V.]. [1575?] 8vo. 

697. a. 26. (3.) 

The Prophetic Spirit of 

Love... Translated out of Base- 
almayne into English [by C. V.]. 
1574. 8vo. 697. a. 26. (1.) 

VITELL (Christopher) See 
N., H. Proverbia HN. The Pro- 
verbes of HN.... Translated out 
of Base-almayne [by C. V.]. 
1575. 8vo. 697. a. 26. (4.) 

A Publishing of the Peace 

upon Earth... Translated out of 
Base-almayne into English [by 0. 
V.]. 1574. 8vo. 697. a. 26. (2.) 

— jS^ Booers (J.) An answere 
unto a... libel... by 0, Vitell, etc. 
1579. 8vo. 3932. b. (1.) 

VIVES (Joannes Ludovicus) 
See Augustine, Saint. [De dvi- 
tote Dei.] St. Augustine of the 
Citie of God: with the learned 
comments of J, L. V., etc. 
1610. fol. 3805. c. 

— J. L. Vivis...Ad Sapientiam 
introductio: Enchiridion repur- 
gandis ssdouli hujus vitiis accom- 
modatissimum. JS. Babanus, Im- 
pensis Davidis Melvil, Aherdanim, 
1623. 12mo. 8410. a. 5. 

— [An Litroductionto Wisdom. 
Translated into English by Sir 
B. Morison.] tf. H. In adibus 
T. Bertheleti, Londini, 1540. 8vo. 

527. f. 13. (1.) 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting titfepageand intrcMluctory 

— An introduction to wyse- 
dome, . . . Translated ... by B. Mory- 
Bon. [With " Sentences of wise 
men, gathered together by Eras- 
mus... and translated into Eng- 
lysh."] 1d« Z. J. Daye ; London, 
[1640?] 8vo. 1031. a. 7. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 5B. X. 
In sedibus T. Bertheleti, Londini, 
1 544. 8vo. 8405. b. 

— A very ^tefull and plea- 
sant boke caUed the Instructio 
of a Christen woma, made fyrst 




in L. Vivee, and turned 
out of Laten into Englysshe by 
E. Hyrd, etc. »• l. T. Berthdet, 
London, [1540]. 4to. G. 11884. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. !$• H. 
MS. Notes. T. Berthelety London^ 
[1540?] 4to. 697. g. 9. 

Imperfect ; wanting tlie first three 
leaves, including the titlepage and 
the dedication to Queen Catharine. 

— Another edition, id* S. 
T. Berth., Londini, 1541. 4to. 

1413. e. 14. 

— Another edition. 33. S. 
H. WykeSj Londini, 1557. 4to. 

697. g. 10. (1.) 

— Another copy. 224, d. 8. 
Imperfect; wanting the titlepage. 

— Another edition. id. X« 
J. Banter, London, 1592. 16mo. 

3901. a. 

VIVES (Joannes Ludovicus) 
LingU89 Latinro exeroitatio. 
[Dialogues, in the Latin lan- 
guage.] Andreas Hart, Ediriburgi, 
1620. 12mo. C. 24. a. 

Printed in italics. 

— The office and duetie of an 
husband, made by the exceUet 
Philosopher L. Vives, and trans- 
lated into Englyshe by T. Pay- 
nell. id. S. J. Cawood, London, 
[1550?] 8vo. Q. 10325. 

Without pagination. 

ULRIC, Saint, Bishop of Augs- 
burg. An epibtel of moohe leamig, 
of Augusta, called Augsburgh, 
unto Nicolas Bysshoppe of 
Borne, tlie fyrat of that name: 
agaynst the unmaried Ghas- 
titie of Pryestes. id. X. [Lon- 
don, 1550?] 8vo. 3932. c. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The hist leaf is blank. 

ULSTER. A Collection of 
such Orders and Conditions, as 
are to be observed by the Under- 
takers, upon the distribution and 
Plantation of the Eschaeted Lands 
in Ulster. B. Barker, London, 
1608. 4to. 601. f. 10. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 5544. 

See Heliodorus, Bishop of Tricca. 
An Ethiopian Historic ... Eng- 
lished by T. U., eto. 1587. 4to- 

1074. b. 34. 

1622. 4to. 1074.1.10. 

-- See OviDius Naso (P.) [Ibis.] 
Ovid his invective against Ibis, 
translated into English meeter 
[by T. U.], etc. 1569. 8vo. 

238. m. 41. 

1577. 8vo. 11388. a. 

UNDERBILL (John) Newes 
from America; or, a new and 
experimental discoverie of New 
England ; containing a true rela- 
tion of their War-like proceedings 
these two yeares last past, with a 
Figure of the Indian Fort or Pali- 
zado, etc. Printed by J. D. for 
Peter Cole, London, 1638. 4to. 

C. 33. c. 25* 

With a folding plata 

— Another copy. G. 7142. 

Batcheler of Bivinitie. The Un- 
masking of the Politique Atheist. 
1602. 8vo. 3935. a. 

UNTON {Sir Henry) Fune- 
bria...H. Untoni ad Gallos bis 
Legati Begii, ibiq; nuper fato 
fuucti, . . . dr Musis Ozoniensibus ap- 
parata. [Edited by B. Wright.] 
/. Bamesius, Oxoniae, 1596. 4to. 

1070. 1. 4. (2.) 

Without pagination. 




VOBT (Gijsbert) See Ga- 
TAKEE (T.) T. Gatakeri Lon- 
dinatis Antithesis, partim G. 
Amesii, partim G. Yoetii, de sorte 
Thesibus reposita. 1638. 4to. 

718. e. 23. (2.) 

VOGELSANG (Andreas) 


Gerard) See Germany, Empire 
of. — Beichstctg. The actes of the 
disputacio in the oownoell of 
the Empyre holden at Begens- 
purg [1641]: That is to saye, 
all the artycles concemyng the 
Christen relygion both agreed 
and not agreed upon: even as 
they were propowned of the Em- 
proiir unto the nobles of the Em- 
pyre to be... debated, etc. [Sup- 
posed to have been drawn up by ' 
J. Groepper, D. G. Volckruck, 
and M. Buoer.] 1642. 8vo. 

G. 11688. 

VOLUSENUS f Thomas) See 
Adamson (P.) ArcJunshop of St, 
Andrews, Beverendissimi in 
Christo Patris, Sacro 
Pastoris Munere Tractatus ... 
Oper& T. V. recognitus, etc. 
1619. 8vo. 701. b. 16. (1.) 

VOLUSIANUS, Bishop of 
Carthage, Epistol» du» ... ad 
Nicholaum Papam primumde c^li- 
batu oleri. Inquisitio discipuli 
et solutio magistri de eade causa 
nuper reperta inter manuscriptos 
libros Anselmi olim Cantuariensis 
Archiepiscopi. Decretum Synodi 
Anglican^ in cocilio Wintoniensi, 
cui pr^sidebat Lanfranous olim 
Gantuariensis Archiepiscopus. 
Epistola Girardi Archiepiscopi 
Ebor. ad Anselmum Catuariensem 
& ejusdem responsio ad eundem. 
Te8timo^ium quoddam Athanasii 
Alexandr. Archiepiscopi in epi- 
stola ad Dracontium. MS. Notes. 
H. BynnemaUj Londini, 1669. 1 6mo. 

1360. a. 10. 

— Another copy* G. 11998^ 
Wanting the table of errata. 

VORST (Conrad) See Dort, 
Synod of. The Judgement of the 
Synode holden at Dort... as also 
their sentence touching C. V. 
1619. 4to. 5015. o. 

— See Great Britain and 
Ireland. — James I., King. His 
Majesties Declaration concerning 
his proceedings with the States 
Generall of the United Provinces 
of the Low Coimtreys, in the 
cause of D. C. V. 1612. 4to. 

859. i. 16. (4.) 

VOSSIUS (Gerabdus) See 
Groot (H. de) the Elder. Defensio 
Fidei Catholicad de Satisfactione 
Ghristi ... Gum G. J. Vossii ad 
judicium H. Bavenspergeri de 
hoolibroEesponsione. 1636. 12mo. 

4266. a. 

— G. J. Vossii Ehetorices 
contracted, sive partitionum era- 
toriarum libri y....Editio altera 
castigatior. Pro Ghdliel, Turner d 
Th, HugginSf OxoniaSj 1631. 12mo. 

1089. a. 3. 

V O W E L L^ otherwise 
HOOKER (John) The seconde 
booke of the histories of Irelande 
[composed by Giraldus, translated 
by «f. Hooker]. See Holinshsd 
(B.) The First volume of the 
chronioles,etc. 1677. fol. 698. h. 3,4. 

— A Catalog of the Bishops of 
Excester, with the description of 
the Antiquitie and first founda- 
tion of the Gathedrall Church of 
the same. Collected by J. Vowell 
alias Hoker. !$• £• H, Benham^ 
London, 1684. 4to. 291. e. 23. (2.) 

Without pagination. Nineteen 

— Another copy, G. 938. 

Cropped in the binding. 




V O W E L L, otherwise 
HOOKER (John) The discrip- 
tion of the Cittie of Excester, col- 
lected and gathered by J. Vowell 
alias Hooker . . . Chamberlain of the 
same cittie. V. &. Few MS. 
NoTJSs. [London, 1680 ?] 4to. 

291. e. 40. 

Withont pagination. The lower 
part of the tltlepage wanting, and 
first Biz leaves slightly mutilated. 

— The Order and usage of the 
keeping of a Parlement in Eng- 
land, And the description of 
tholde and ancient Cittie of Ex- 
cester. W. a* Few MS. Notes. 
[Exeter f 1676?] 4to. C. 21. b. 3. 

Without pagination. 

— Orders enacted for Orphans 
and for their portions within the 
Citie of Excester, with sundry 
other instructions incident to the 
same. Collected and set forth by 
J. Vowell alias Hooker. W. S. 
AUdeiLondon,[1675?]4io. 797.d.4. 

The titlepage and some of the 
commenoing leaves are mutilated. 
The epistle dedicatory is dated, 
" Exan. iiij Jviij 1575." 

— A Pamphlet of the Offices, 
and duties of everie particular 
swome Officer of the citie of 
Excester. By J. Vowell, alias 
Hooker, etc. !$• Z* H, Denham, 
London, 1684. 4to. 291. e. 23. (1.) 

Without pa^ation. Nineteen 
leaves. The dedication is subscribed, 
** John Hoker." 

VOX. See M., G. Vox MiH- 
tis : foreshewing what perils are 
procured where the people of 
this, or any other kingdome, live 
without regard of Marshall dis- 
cipline, etc. 1626. 4to. 1103. e. 22. 

VOYON (Simon de) A dis- 
course upon the catalogue of 
Doctors of Gods church . . . Together 
with the continuall succession of 
the true church of God untill the 

veare 1666. Written in French 
by S. de Voy on... translated into 
English by J. Golbume. B, Brad- 
docke for J, Browne, London, 
1698* 8vo. . 3901. aa. 

VOYON (SmoN de) ATesti- 
monie of the true Church of God 
confirmed as well by the doctrine 
as lives of sundry holy men... 
With a catalogue of their names. 
Tran8lated...byW.PhiBton. 19,11. 
Printed by H, M. for T. Oharde, 
London, [1660 ?] 4to. 

8936. bbb. (3.) 

UPOOTE (Augustus^ See 
Ephemsrides. Upoote. A new 
Almanackc.By A. TJ. 

URSINUS ( JoACHiMus) pseud. 
[i,e, I. Gentillet? or J. Beringer?] 
Concilii Tridentini ... histories 
relatio, et nullitas...demonstrata. 
...Edita k J. Ursino Anti-Jesuita. 
Few MS. Notes. Per J, Schon- 
feldium, Amberg», 1616. 8vo. 

8908. a. 

— The Bomane Conclave : 
wherein, by way of history, 
exemplified upon the lives of the 
Bomane Emperours, ...the forci- 
ble entries and usurpations of 
the Jesuited Statists, successively 
practised against the... said em- 
pire; and so by Application 
against the residue of the Chris- 
tian kings, and free States, are 
lively acted and truely reported. 
By Jo. Ursinus, Anti-iJesuite. 

iWith a Preface, signed : C. H.] 
^rinted for J. Jogger, London, 
1609. 4to. 9326. b. 

URSINUS (Zacharias) See 
Heidelberg Catechism. Doctrinss 
Christiansd Compendium : seu 
Commentarii Catechetici ex ore 
...Z. U....excepti, etc. 1686. 8vo. 

8668. a. 

Explicatiouum Catecheti- 




carum, quae traotationem locorum 
theologiconim Kar hriTOfirfv com- 
plectuntur, siouti illss ex repeti- 
tionibus D. Z. U....collect83 sunt; 
editio altera, etc. 1587. 8vo. 

1226. b. 27. 

URSINUS (Zacharias) See 
Heidelberg Oatechism. The 
Summe of Christian Beligion : 
delivered by Z. U. in hia Lec- 
tures upon the Cateohiem, etc. 
1587. 8vo. 3559. a. 

1595. 8vo. 1361. c. 

1601. 8vo. 3505. f. 
1617. 4to. 3557. oc. 

URSULA, Saint. The con- 
fraternyte of Seynt Ursula in 
seynt Laurence in the Jury. 
Sancta Ursula cum sodalibas tuis 
ora pro nobis. ^A woodcut of 
Saint Ursula with the above 
words.] V. Z* MS. Noris. 
[London f 1550 ?] s. ah. 12mo. 

C. 18. e. 2. (33.) 

USHER (James) successively 
Bishop of Meath and Archhiah^ 
of Armagh. An Epistle ... con- 
cerning the religion anciently 
professed by the Irish and Scot- 
tish. See SiBTHORP (Sir C.) A 
friendly Advertisement to the 
pretended Catholickes of Ireland, 
etc. 1622. 4to. 1019. e. 10. 

— An Answer to a Challenge 
made by a Jesuite in Ireland 
(W. B.). Wherein the Judge- 
ment of Antiquity in the Points 
questioned is truly delivered, and 
the Noveltie of the now Bomish 
doctrine plainely discovered ... 
Whereunto certain other Treatises 
of the same Author are adjoyned, 
etc. (A Sermon [on 1 Cor. x. 17] 
preached before the Commons 
house of Parliament, the 18^ of 
February, 1620. Second edition 
corrected, etc. A briefe declara- 

tion of the Universalitie of the 
Church of Christ, and the Unitie 
of the Catholike Faith professed 
therein; delivered in a Sermon [on 
Ephes. IV. 13] before the kings 
Majestic, the 20^ of June, 1624. 
... Third Impression, corrected, 
etc. A Discourse of the Religion 
Anciently professed by the Irish 
and Brittish. A Speech delivered 
in the Castle-Chamber at Dublin, 
the 22"" of November 1622. con- 
cerning the oath of Supremacy), 
etc. 5 pts. Printed hy B. Y(oung) 
for the Partners of the Irish Stocke, 
London, 1631. 4to. 697« e. 23. 

Each pt has a separate titlepage. 
pagination, and register, and the 
names of other publishers appear on 
some of the parts. 

— Another copy. 697. e. 22. 
Pt. 1 wants the special titlepage. 

— Another copy. G. 19842. 

The pts. are arranged in a 
different order in this copy. 

USHER (James) successively 
Bishop of MecUh and Archbishop of 
Armagh. An Answer to a chal- 
lenge made by a Jesuite in Ire- 
land [i.e. W. B.]. Wherein the 
judgement of antiquity in the 
points questioned is truely de- 
livered, and the noveltie of the 
now Romish doctrine plainly dis- 
covered. Printed hy the Society of 
Stationers, Dublin, 1624. 4to. 

3942. aa. 

— A briefe declaration of the 
universalitie of the Church of 
Christ, and the Unitie of the 
Catholike faith... in a sermon [on 
Ephes. IV. 13]... Second impres- 
sion. MS. Notes. JB. Toung for 
T. Dotones and E. Dawson, London, 
1625. 4to. 4475. b. 100. 

Third impression. 

/. Dawson for E. Dawson, London, 
1629. 4to. 4103. d. 




USHER (James) succeBsively 
Bishop of Meath and Archbishop of 
Armagh. Britaxmicaram Ecolesia- 
rum ADtiquitates. Quibus inserta 
est pestiferaa adverstis Dei gratiam 
h Pelagio Britanno in Ecclesiam 
inductsB haareseos histor ia. (.., Ap- 
pendix gemina : altera additiones 
& emendationes ; altera ohrono- 
logicum remm indicem oomplec- 
tens.) Ex offidnd Typographic^ 
SocieUUis BiHiopolarum, Dublinii^ 
1639. 4to. C. 46. d. 

The Appendix has a distinct title- 

— Another copy. G. 19841. 

— Gotteschaloi, et Praadestina- 
tiansd controversisB ab eo motaa, 
historia: un^ cum duplioe ejus- 
dem Confessione, nunc primhm 
in lucem edit&, etc. Ex Typo- 
graphid SocietcUis BtbUopolarum, 
Dublinii, 1631. 4to. 4255. bb. 

— Gravissimae qnaastioniB de 
Chris tianarum Ecclesiam m, in 
OccidentiB praesertim partibus, 
ab Apostolicis temporibus ad 
nostram usque eetatem, continii& 
snccessione et statu, historica ex- 
plicatio. B, Norton^ Xofultm, 
1613. 4to. 490. f. 1. 

— Immanuel, or the Mystery 
of the Incarnation of the Son of 
God; unfolded, etc. Printed hy 
L H. for J. Parker, etc., London, 
1638. 4to. 4474. cc. 108. 

— The substance of that which 
was delivered in a sermon [on 
1 Cor. X. 17] before the Commons 
...Feb. 18, 1620. MS. Notes. 
F. KyngstoUyfor J. Bartlet, London, 
1621. 4to. 4475. b. 101. 

— Vetemm Epistolarum Hi- 
bemicarum sylloge ; Quae partim 
ab Hibemis, partim ad Hibernos, 
partim de Hibemis vel rebus Hi- 
bemicis sunt oonscriptaa. J. 
TJsseriuB collegit & recensuit. 

Ex Offidnd Typographicd Societatis 
Bibliopolarum^ Dublinii, 1632. 4to. 

601. d. 3. (1.) 

— Another copy. 698.h.ll.(8.) 

— Another copy. 831. b. 14.(1.) 

— Another copy. G. 4773. 

USURY. Usnrie araigned 
and condemned. Or a discoveiie of 
the infinite Injuries this Kingdom 
endureth by thQ unlawfull trade 
of TJsurie. Printed hy W. S. for 
J. Smethwicke, London, 1625. 4to. 

104. e. 57. 

U T H A L M U S (Lerimos) 
pseud. [t.e. Thomas Willmek?j 
Fasciculus florum ; or a Nosegay 
of flowers, translated out of the 
gardens of severall Poets, and 
other authors, etc. Printed hyA.M., 
London, 1636. 12mo. 238. a. 3. 

— Another edition. Printed hy 
M. P., London, 1638. 12mo. 

11623. a. 54. 


W., A. A Booke of Cookerie... 
Gathered by A. W. and nowo 
newly enlarged. 90. Z. E. AUde, 
London, 1594. 8yo. 7953. a. 

W., C. The crying Murther: 
Contayning the cruell ... But- 
cher[y] of Mr. Trat...For this 
faot...r. Smethwicke, A. Baker, 
C. Austen, and A. Walker, were 
executed, etc. [By C. W.] 
E. AUde, Lmdon, 1624. 4to. 

C. 27. c. 19. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
the titlepage is mutilated. 

W.^ C, B, A summarie of Con- 
troversies: wherein the ohiefest 
points of the holy Catholike 
Bomane Faith are compendiously 




and methodioally proved. By 
C. W. B. [Bouen,] 1616. 8vo. 

3932. b. 

— Another copy. 3936. b. 

The 11. edition. For 

J, Heigham, S. Omers, 1623. 12mo. 

3936. aa. 

On the tltlepage of this edition 
the initials 0. W. only occur; the 

P W 

preface, however, is signed ^ ' 

as in the preceding. 

W., D., ArcM. Certaine articles 
very necessarie to be knowen of 
all yong sohollers of Christes 
Schoole. Done by D. W. Arch- 
d[eacon?]. 5ee Instructions. Cer- 
taine necessarie instructions, etc. 
[1580?] Svo. 3505.0.(4.) 

— Oertaine godly instructions, 
verie necessarie to be learned of 
the younger sorte, before they 
be admitted to be partakers of 
the holie Communion ... dooen 
by D. W. Arch. Also certaine 
Articles, very necessarie to bee 
knowen of all young Schollers of 
Christes Schoole' dooen by D. W. 
Arch., etc. " 1^* Z. Imprinted far 
H, Kirkhamy London^ 1580. 8vo. 

4323. a. 

Without pagination. Slightly 

— [Another edition.] Certaine 
necessarie instructions, etc. (Cer- 
taine Articles... Done by W. D. 
Archd.) V* 3l« Imprinted by 
I. C. for H, KirJchamj [London^ 
1580?] 8vo. 3505. c. 51. (4.) 

Four leaves, without tltlepage or 

W., D. J. P. B. E. A shorte 
Treatise of politike power, and of 
the true Obedience which sub- 
jectes owe to kynges and other 
civile Governours, with an Exhor- 
taoion to all true naturall Eng- 
lishe men. Compyled by D. I. P. 
B. R. W. [i.e. Dr. John Pojnet, 

successively Bishop of Boohester 

and of Winchester]. MS. Not£s. 

1556. Svo. 1389. b. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. [LoimZoii,] 
Beprinted 1639. 4to. 100. k. 33. 

W.^ E. See England. The 
Safegard of Saylers, or great 
Butter. ..Translated. B. Nor- 
man... corrected and augmented 
byE.W. 1612. 4to. 8805. bb. (2.) 

W., E. See Passe (C. de") A 
Garden of Flowers... Translated 
[by E. W. or rather T. Wood ?]. 
1615. 4to. 463. b. 8. 

W.J E. See Bigheome (L.) The 
Pilgnme of Loreto performing 
his vow made to the glorious 
Virgin Mary Mother of God... 
Translated into English by 
E.W[eston?]. 1629. 4to. 4061. d. 

1630. 4to. 4061. d. 

W., E. Good Newes from New 
England: or a true relation of 
things very remarkable at the 
Plantation of Plimoth in New 
England. Shewing the wondrous 
providence... of God, in their pre- 
servation... Together with a Bela- 
tion of such religious and oivill 
Lawes and Customes, as are in 
practise amongst the Indians... 
As also what Commodities are 
there to be ray sed... Written by 
E. W[inslowl. Printed by I. D.for 
WiUiam Bladen and John BeUamie^ 
London, 1624. 4to. C. 33. c. 9. 

W., E. E. W[ilkinson] his 
Thameseidos, devided into three 
books, or cantos. Printed by 
W, W. for 8, Watereon, London^ 
1600. 4to. C. 39. 0. 38. 

Without pagination. 

W., G. See Tboqus Pompbius. 
The Historic of Justine... Newly 
translated into English, by G. W. 
1606. fol. 9026. k. 

W W 1655 

W.^ G. The CeuBure of a loyall dajes) of Madona Aurelia, Queene 

Subject (in forme of a Dialogue), of the Christmas Pastimes... By 

Upon certaine noted Speach and G. W. Gent. [i.e. G. Whetstone], 

benaviours, of those fourteene 90» 31. MS. Note. B. Johnes^ 

notable Traitors [J. Ballard, London, 1593. 4to. 92. b. 7. 

A. Babington and others impli- «» n r> .•.• • i^r • 

Gated in the "Babington Con- ^^'f ^'^ PracMwner tn Phystc. 

spiracy." The Dedication signed: SeeT.A.,PractitumerofPhy8tc. 

G. W..i.e. G. Whetstone. Edited ^. ^'''} Storehouse ...for the 

by T. C, i.e. Thomas Churchyard], diseaaed... Augmented... by G. W. 

».*• i^.Jbn^, London, 1587. 4to. Practitioner m Phisicke and 

G. 6064. Chirurgerie. 1607. 4to. 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. ^^^^' ^' ^^' C^') 

— Anothercopy. 292.e.l6.(4.) ^^^2. 4to. 236.k.31. 

Imperfect; wanting the last two — 1631. 4to. 

leaves, 1038. g. 14. (1.) 

— Anothercopy. 600. c. 23. y^ ^ g g^ NwHEaiANDs, 

With a new titlepage. Cropped Southern Provinces of the. The 

in the binding. second admonition, sent by the 

W., G. The Cures of the siibdued Provinces to Holland... 

Diseased in remote Eegions. Pre- with the Hollanders auns were... 

venting mortalitie, incident in Translated out of Duteh into Eng- 

Porraine Attempts, of the English ^^^ ^H. W. 1698. 8vo. C. 33. e. 

Nation. [Signed G. W., t.e. W.,H. SeeTHBENOiKOS. ©pwot- 

George Wateson.] Pnn^ed by kos... Sermons... By D. Featly,ete. 

F. Kitngalon) for H. L(ownes) ^y^^^^ ^ preface by H. W.l 
Zo7iAm,1598. 4to. 1170. L 1.(1.) ^540. fol/ 4453. g. 1. 

W.,G. The Hymnes and Songs y^.^ h. A Meditation upon 

of the Church. Divided into two the XXII"* Chapter of Genesis by 

parts. The first part compre- h. W. Printed by A. M. for 

hends the Canonicall Hymnes... q^ Baker, London, 1631. 4to. 

The second part consiste of 701 h 4 (3 ) 

Spirituall Songs, appropriated to g.^ ^^^^ ^j^i^^^t me^ig^ or 

the several Times and Occasions pagination, 
observeable in the Church of 

England ... Translated and com- W., J. See Academies, etc.— 

posed by G. Wpther]. Printed Paris.— I7ntrcr«<^ de Paris. The 

for G. W., London, 1623. 16mo. copie of a late decree of the 

1076. b. 5. (2.) Sorbone... Condemning of that... 

opinion touching the murthering 

W., G. Newes out of Cheshire of Princes... maintained by the 

of the new found Well. [By Jesuits, eto. [With additional 

G. W.] F. Kingston for T. Man, matter by J. W.] 1610. 4to. 
Xondcw, 1600. 4to. 1171. e. 9.(1.) 701. h. 2. (2.) 

Without pagination. Sig. A-O. ^^^ j aeeQuiBmT (P.) The 

W., G., Oent, Aurelia. The Charitable Physitian, shewinff 

Paragon of pleasure and Princely the manner to ... prepare ... aU 

delights ; eontayning the seven those remedies which are proper 

days solace (in Christmas holy- to all sorte of diseases... Trans- 




lated into English... by J. W. 
1639. 4to. 1039. b. 7. 

W., I. See Lbssius (L.) The 
Treasure of vowed Chastity in 
Beoular Persons. Also theWidowes 
Olasse... Translated into English 
byI.W. 1621. 24mo. 4404. a. 

W., I. See Molina (A. de) A 
Treatise of Mental Prayer, etc. 
[Edited by 1. W.] 1617. 12mo. 

4412. f. 

W., I. Copie of a Letter... by 
a learned Physician... wherein are 
. . . detected the . . . Errors ... of the 
Apothecares in preparing their 
Compositions, etc. [Signed: I.W.] 
[Lmdmf 1586.] 8vo. 1038.d.36.(2.) 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Sig. A, B. 

W., J. De Nentralibus & Me- 
diis, grosly Englished, Jacke of 
both sides. A Godly ... ad monition 
touching those that be Neuters, 
holding no certaine Beligion, nor 
Doctrine, etc. [Translated from 
the Latin of J. W., i.e. Johann 
Wigand.] Fnnied by G. M. for 
E. Blackmore, London, 1626. 4to. 

701. g. 37. 

W., I. A table briefly pointing 
out such places of Scripture, as... 
condemne the principall points of 
Popery; gathered by L-W., etc. 
[London,] 1625. b. sh. fol. 

816. m. 22. (92.) 

W., J., Esquire. Sciographia, 
or the Art of Shad owes. Demon- 
strating out of the Sphere, how 
to project both great and small 
circles, upon any Plane. ..with a 
new Conceit of reflecting the 
Sunne beames upon a Diall...all 
performed, by the Doctrine of 
Triangles ; ... by helpe of . . . Log- 
arithmes. By J[ohnJ W[ell8,] Es- 
quire. r.flarpcr,Xonaon, 1636. 8vo. 

oo^t e* o. 

— Another copy. 8584. bb. 

The date has been altered to 
1735, and the work is followed by 
a series of logarithmical tables, 
which are without pagination, and 
have register A2-Mi(wanting Ia-b), 

W., I., Oent, A Speedie Poste, 
with certaine new letters. Or, 
the first fruits of new conceits, 
never yet disclosed. Now pub- 
lished for the helpe of such as 
are desirous to leame to write 
letters. By I. W., Gent. ». l. 
Printed by M. F. for W. Skearea, 
London, [1629]. 4to. 1092. b. 21. 

Without pagination. The date 
has been cut off in binding. 

W., J., Qent. The valiant Scot; 
by J. W., Gent. [A tragedy, in 
five acts and in prose and verse, 
with a dedication by W. Bowyer.] 
T. Harper for J. WcUerson, London, 
1637. 4to. 643. c. 44. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. e. 17. 

W., I., Priest. See Johann 
Justus, Landsberger. An Epistle 
or Exhortation of Jesus Christ to 
the Soule . . . translated, etc. [ With 
a dedication, signed: **I. W., 
Priest," i.e. John Watson?] 
1610. 8vo. G. 20019. 

W.j J., Priest. See Boman 
Marttrology. The Boman Mar- 
tyrologe, etc. [Edited by J. W., 
f.e. John Watson.] 1627. 8vo. 

1229. a. 

W., I., Priest. The English 
Martyrologe, oonteyning a sum- 
mary of the lives of thc.SainteB 
of the three kingdomes, England, 
Scotland and Ireland, collected... 
into moneths, after the form of 
a calendar, according to every 
Saintes festivity. Whereunto is 
annexed... a Catalogue of thoee 
who have suffered death in Eng- 
land for defence of the Catholicke 




cause, BinoeEing Henry tbe 8. his 
breach with the Sea Apostolioke, 
...unto this day. By a Catholicke 
Priest [J. W., i.e. John Watson ?]. 
1608. 8vo. 1126. a. 13. 

— Another copy. 1126. a. 14, 

W., J., Prie8t. The fierie trial of 
Gods saints ... As a counterpoyze to 
J. W. Priest, [t.e. John Watson?] 
his English martyrologe. (A post- 
script to the wel affected reader.) 
2pt8. PrifUedhyT.P.forA.John- 
Mm, London, 1612. 4to. 1125.b.26. 

The " postBoript " has a distinct 
register and pagination. With a 
portrait of Queen liary. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
NoTBS. 1019. i. 18. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

W.y M. Academiarum quae 
aliquando fuere et hodie sunt in 
Europa, catalogus Ss enumeratio 
brevis. [By M. W., t.e. Miles 
Windsore.] (Europeei orbis 
chronographia sive origo ooUe- 
giorum Oxoniensis Academiae... 
conscripta . 1666. [By T. Neal.]) 
O. Bishop d JS. Newheriej Lon- 
dim, 1590. 4to. 731. c. 41. 

— Another edition. Lon[dtm, 
1590]. 4to. 731. e. 10.(1.) 

The lower part of the titlepage 
is mntilated. 

W.j M., Master in Arts. The 
Bedemption of Time, or a sermon 
[on Eph. V. 16] contayning verie 
good remedies for them that haue 
misspent their time... By M. W. 
Master in Arts [i.e. William 
Whately]. T. Esie, London, 
1607. 8vo. 4473. a. 

W., M. T. See Loqub (B. db) 
An excellent... discourse of the 
Church... translated into English, 
by M. T[homa8] W[ilcox]. 
1582. 8vo. 873. i. 20. 

W., N. The most pleasante 

historic of Albino and Bellama. 
A Foeme. To which is annexed 
the Vindication of Poesie. By 
N. W[hiting]. N. Fussell, Lon- 
dan, 1639. 12mo. 1076. e. 21. 

There is only an engraved title- 
page, and a printed one seems to be 
wanting. With the exception of 
the titlepage, this is a dnplicate of 
the edition of 1637 -by N. W., 
Master in Arts, of Qaeenes Col* 
ledge in Cambridge." 

W., N., Master in Arts, of 
Queenes CoUedge in Cambridge. Le 
bore di recreatione: or, the 
pleasant historic of Albino and 
Bellama... To which is annexed, 
n Insonio Insonadado, or a sleep- 
ing-waking dreame, ... by N. 
W[hiting] Master in Arts, of 
Queenes Colledge in Cambridge. 
[In verse.] Printed by J. D. for 
C, 0{reene), London, 1637. 12mo. 

C. 39. b. 44- 

There is also an engraved title- 
page, bearing the date 1688. 

— Another copy. 238. a. 7. 

In this copy the printed titlepage 
bears date 1638. 

W« P. See Augustine, Saint. 
[De Vivitate Dei.] A shorte lela- 
tion of divers miracles,... trans- 
lated... [with a preface,] by P. W, 
1608. 12mo. G. 19947. 

W., P. See Gregory I., Saint, 
sumamed tlie Great, Pope. The 
Dialogues of S. Gregoric.With 
a shorte Treatise of sundry 
miracles... Translated... by P. W. 
1608. 12mo. 846. b. 22. 

W., P. A checke or reproofe 
of M. Howlets l^t.e. B. Parsons] 
untimely shreeching in her Majes- 
ties cares, with an answeare to 
the reasons alleadged in a dis- 
course thereunto annexed, why 
Catholikes ... refuse to goe to 
Church, etc. (An appendix or 
addition for answeare to the 




Authors recapitulation in theende 
of his Treatise, [signed P. W., i.e. 
P. Wibum].) »* a. T. Dawson, 
for T. Smyth, London, 1581. 4to. 

697. f. 12. (1.) 

W., E. See Ferdinand II., 
Emperor of Oermany. The Par- 
ticular State of the Government 
of. . . Ferdinand the second . . . Trans- 
lated. E. W. 1637. 4to. 

591. c. 24. (3.) 

W., E. See Nevill (A.) Nor- 
folkes furies : or, a view of Rett's 
Campe ... Translated ... by E. 
W[oods]. 1615. 4to. E. 1941.(9.) 

W., E. See SiXTUS V., Pope. 
Martine Mar-Sixtus. A second 
replie against the... apology of 
Sixtus the fift... defending the... 
fact of the Jacobine frier, upon 
the person of Henry the third, 
ete. [ByE. W.] 1591. 4to. 

701. h. 1. (3.) 

1592. 4to. G. 20076. 

W., E. A Looking-glasse for 
Papists : to see their owne Defor- 
mities in matters of Faith, and 
Eeligion, and for formall Protes- 
tants, etc. [By E. W.] Printed 
hy T. S. for N. Newhery, London, 
1621. 4to. 1225. b. 

— Another copy. 3932. oc. 
The titlepage is slightly mutilated. 

W., 5- Lots Wife. A Sermon 
at Paules Crosse [on Luke xvii. 
82]. [By E. W., i.e. Eobert 
"Wilkinson.] F. Kyngston, Lon- 
don, 1607. 4to. 874. e. 2. 

W., E. The pleasant and 
stately morall of the three Lordes 
and three Ladies of London... By 
E. W. [In verse.] »♦ C 
JB. Ihmei, London, 1590. 4to. ^ 

C. 34. b. 31. 

Without pagination. Titlepage 
slightiy cropped. 

W.j E. A right excellent... 
Comoedy [in verse] called the 
three Ladies of London. Wherein 
is notablie declared and set foorth, 
how by the meanes of Lucar, 
Love and Conscience is so cor- 
rupted, that the one is married to 
Dissimulation, the other fraught 
with all abhomination... Written 
by E. W., etc. »♦ *• JB. Warde, 
London, 1 584. 4to. G. 34. b. 30. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-F. 

— Another edition. V. Z« 
J, Vanter, London, 1592. 4to. 

643. c. 28. 

Imperfect; wanting two leaves, 
fiig. a 2, 3. 

W., E. Begin, To my in- 
genuous Friend, E. W. When we 
are dead, and now, no more, etc. 
End. Wee'le kisse, and smile, 
and walke agen. [Poems.] 
[1630?] 12mo. 1077. c. 6. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

W.^ E., Esquire, Mount Tabor. 
Or private exercises of a penitent 
sinner. Serving for a daily Prac- 
tice of the life of Faith, reduced 
to speciall heads comprehending 
the chiefe comforts and refreshings 
of true Christians... By E. W[iUis] 
Esquire, etc. Printed hy B. B, 
for P. Stephens and 0, Meredith, 
London, 1639. 12mo. 4410. g. 

W.,S. The Appollogieofthe... 
Prince Emestus, Earle of Mansfield 
&o. [ByS. W.] Wherein from his 
first entertainment, are layd open 
the occasions of his warres in 
Bohemia, Austria, and the Pala- 
tinate... Translated out of the 
Originall French Coppie. HeideH-' 
lergh, 1622. 4to. 8072. aaa. 

— Another copy. C. 33. b. 32. 

W.y S. [Marie] Magdalens 
Funerall Teares. [Signed S. W., 
i.e, Eobert Southwell.] Printed 




by L B. far W, L., London^ 
1602. 8vo. 11623. aa. 42. 

The top of the titlepage is tora off. 

— Another edition. Printed 
far W, Leakey Landon, 1609. 4to. 

G. 742. (1.) 

W., T. See Airay (H.) The 
jnet and necessary apologie of 
H. Airay, etc. [To which is added 
an Attestation ''for the farther 
clearing and inlarging of some 
passages in the preceding Apolo- 
getiqne," by T. W.] 1621. 12mo. 

513. a. 2. 

W., T. iSee BfezE (T. de) Two 
...Sermons... Whereunto is added 
a treatise of the substance of the 
Lords Supper... By [the Editor] 
T[homas] W[ilcox]. 1588. 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 

W., T. See Calvin (J.) Three 
Propositions or Speeches... Trans- T. W. 1580. 8vo. 

3901. aa. 

W., T. See Cicero (M. T.) 
{Epistles, — Selections.'] Princi pia 
Latine loqnendi scribendique, 
sive selecta qnaddam ex Ciceronis 
epi8tolis,...adjecta interpretatione. 
...TranslatedbyT.W. 1575. 8vo. 

10920. aa. 

W., T. iSee GouLART (S.) The 
Wise Yieillard... Translated out 
of French by an obscure English- 
man, etc. (T. W[illiam8on ?]). 
1621. 4to. 8405. c. 

W., T. See Lambard (W.) A 
Perambulation of Kent, contein- 
ing the description, Hystorie and 
Customes of that Shyre, etc. 

tWith an introductory epistle, 
►y T. W. i.e. Thomas Wotton.] 
1576. 4to. 578. f.l. 

W., T. See Lb Ma9on (R.) 
called De La Fontaine, A Cate- 
cbisme... written in French. ..and 

lately translated into English by 
T. W[ilcox ?]. [1580?] 8vo. 

3505. c. (5.) 

W., T. See Ratramnus, Monk 
and Priest of the Abbey of Corbie. 
A booke of Bertram the priest, 
concerning the body & blood of 
Christe ; ... translated, . . . corrected 
and published [by T. Wilcox]. 
1582. 8vo. 698. a. 44. (2.) 

W., T. See Eudd (A.) Bishop 
of St. David^s, A Sermon [on 
Ps. CI. 2], etc. [Edited by T. W.] 
1604. 16mo. 4474. a. 49. 

W., T. See William L, Prince 
of Orange, etc. A supplication to 
the Kings Majestic of Spayne. 
...Faithfully translated out of 
Duytsch into English by T. W. 
1573. 12mo. 1055. a. 22. (1.) 

W., T. A catalogue of the 
Nobility of England, Scotland, 
and Lreland. With an addition 
of the Baronets of England... 
Collected by T.W[alkley]. Printed 
far T.Walkley, London, leSO. 4to. 

518. k. 1. (14.) 

W., T. A Catalogue of the 
Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, Vis- 
counts, Bishops, Barons, of the 
kingdomes of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland. . .Whereunto is added 
a Catalogue of the knights of the 
Qarter, the Baronets of England, 
...the knights of the Bath... Col- 
lected by T. Wfalkley]. Printed 
far T. WaUdey, London, 1632. 4to. 

607. g. 1. 

— Another copy. T. 784. (4.) 

— Another edition. Printed by 
T. Walkley, London, 1635. 8vo. 

605. a. 33. (1.) 

— Another copy. 607. d. 1. (1.) 

— Another edition. MS. Notes. 
Printed by L D. far T. WaUdey, 
London, 1640. 8yo. 9904. aa. 




W., T. 

III. 1-3] 
Orosse on 
don, 1678. 

A Sermon [on Zepb. 
preacbed at Fawles 
Sunday tbe nintb of 
1576. By T[boma8] 
90. a. F. Coldock, Lon- 
8vo. 4453. aaa. 10.(1.) 

W.. T. A sermo [on Zepb. iii.] 
preacbed at Pawles Crosse on 
Sunday tbe tbirde of November 
1577, in tbe time of tbe plague, 
by T. W[bite]. »• H. F. Coldock, 
London, 1578. 8vo. 4474. a. 33. 

W.. T. A Succinct Pbiloeo- 
pbicall declaration of tbe nature 
of Clymactericall yeeres, occa- 
sioned by tbe deatb of Queene 
Elizabetb. Written by T[boma8] 
W[rigbt]. Printed by T. Thorpe, 
London, 1604. 4to. 1141. a. 43. 

— Anotber copy. 7409. aa. 

W., T., the Lords unworthie ser- 
vant. See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Proverbs, A sbort . . . Commen- 
tarie ; written on . . . tbe Pro verbes 
of Salomon, etc. [By T. W., tbe 
Lords unwortbie servant, i.e, 
T. Wilcox.] 1589. 4to. 3165. dd. 

W., T., Master of Artes. Tbe 
Optick Glasse of Humors, or, tbe 
toucbstone of a golden tempera- 
ture, or tbe Pbilosopbers stone to 
make a golden temper. Wberein 
tbe four oomplections, sanguine, 
cboleriokC) ppbbligmaticke, melan- 
obolicke are succinctly painted 
fortb ... by T. W[alkington], 
Master of Artes. Printed by 
W. T., Oxford, [1605?] 8403. bb. 

The titlepage ib engraTod. 

— Anotber edition. Printed 
for 0. !>., London, 1639. 8vo. 

8406. aa. 

— Anotber copy. 784. a. 8. 

W., T., P. See White (J.) Tbe 
Worka of J. Wbite with a Defence 
of tbe Way to tbe true Gburcb, 

in answere to a Popisb Treatise, 
written by T.W.P[riest]entituled 
Wbite died blacke, etc. 1624. fol. 

475. d. 17. 

W., T., Preacher of the Word, 
Tbeologicall rules, to guide us in 
tbe understanding and practise of 
Holy Scriptures: two centuries: 
draune partly out of Scriptures 
themselves ; partly out of Eocle- 
siasticall Writers... Also ^nigmata 
sacra, Holy riddles... Foure Cen- 
turies ... By T. W[alkington] 
Preacber of tbe Word. 2 pte. 
E. Chiffin for F. Burton, London, 
1615. 8vo. 874. c. 22. 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage and 

W., Sir T. Tbe abortive of an 
idle boure : or a centurie of epi- 
grams. And a motto upon tbe 
creede. Imprinted by T. D., Lon- 
don, 1620. 4to. 239« k. 32. 

W.,W. 5ceC„H. TbeCatbo- 
like Moderator: or a moderate 
examination of tbe doctrine of 
tbe Protestants... Translated [by 
W. W.]. etc. 1624. 4to. 

1018. 1. 29. (4.) 

W., W. See Elizabeih, Queen 
of England. Important Considera- 
tions wbicb ougbt to move all 
true acknowledge 
... tbat tbe proceedings of ber 
Majesty... witb tbem...bave been 
...mercifull. [Edited by W. W., 
f.a W. Watson.] 1601. 4to. 

860. k. 13. (3.) 

W., W. See Jambs (T.) ITie 
strange... voyage of...T. J. in bis 
intended discovery of tbe North 
West passage into tbe Soutb Sea. 
. . . Witb ... an advise concerning tbe 
pbilosopby of tbese disooveryes 
by W[illiam] W[att8]. 1633. 4to. 

792. d. 10. 

W., W. See Plautus (T. M.) 
Menaecmi. A ... Oomsedie 





written in English, by W. 
W[amer]. 1696. 4to. C. 34.e.47. 

W.,W. See Treatise. Abriefe 
treatise containing many proper 
tables, and easie rules... Corrected 
and augmented by W. W. 
1596. 8vo. 717. a. 34. 

W., W. See Valesoo, Signior, 
pBeud. Newes from Rome. . .Trans- W. W. [1606.] 4to. 

C. 32. d. 

W., W. A Dialogue betwixt a 
Seoular Priest and a lay Gentle- 
man being an Abstract of the 
more important matters that are 
in controversie betwixt the Priests 
and the Spanisher Jesuitioall 
Faction. [By W. W., i.e. W. Wat- 
son.] Bhemea, 1601. 4to. 

860. k. 13. (6.) 

W., W. Important Considera- 
tions, which ought to move all 
true ... Catholikes ... to acknow- 
ledge... that the proceedings of her 
Majesty, and of the State with 
them, since the beginning of her 
Highnesse raigne, have bene both 
mild and mercifuU. Published 
by sundry of us the Secular 
IViests, in dislike of many trea- 
tises... written... to the contrarie, 
etc. [The prefatory epistle sub- 
scribed W. W., t.6. W. Watson.] 
Newly imprinted. [Frankfort on 
the Main f] 1601. 4to. 3932. dd. 

Another oopy of this work will be 
found under the heading*' Elizabeth, 
Qneen of England." 

W., W. A new, and merrie 
prognostication : devised, after 
the finest fashion. 
Made and written for this present 

By foure witty Doctors as shall 

etc. [By W. W. In verse.] 
E. AUrde, London, 1623. 4to. 

C. 39. c. 46. 

Without pagination. 

VOL. m. 

W., W. Physicke to cure the 
most dangerous Disease of Des- 
peration, etc. By W. W[illymat]. 
Printed for B. Boulton, London, 
1605. 8vo. 693. c. 41. 

— Another edition. Printed for 
B. Boulton, London, 1607. 8vo. 

693. c. 42. 

W., W. A sparing Discoverie 
of our English Jesuits, and of Fa. 
Parsons proceedings under pre- 
tence of promoting the Catholike 
faith in England : for a caveat to 
all true they em- 
brace such very uncatholike, 
though Jesuitioall deseignments. 
[By W. W., i.e. W. Watson.] 
1601. 4to. 860. c. 7. 

— Another copy. 860. k. 13. (5.) 

— Another copy. 105. d. 54. 

W., W. A True and just Be- 
corde of the Information, Ex- 
amination, and Confession of all 
the Witches, taken at S. Oses in 
the countie of Essex... by W. W. 
V. 31. T. Dawson, London, 
1682. 16mo. C. 27. a. 2. 

Without pagination. At the end 
there is a folding leaf containing 
« The names of xiii. Witches, and 
those that have heene bewitched by 

— Another copy. G. 2359. 
Without the folding leaf at the end. 

W., W., Doctor in Divinity. 
En glands unthankfulnes for Gods 
mercie... A sermon [on Ezech. xiv. 
12-14J...By W. W., Doctor in 
Divinity. Printed for J. Marriott, 
London,1621. 4to. 4474. c. 108. (6.) 

W., W., Gent. See jESurre. A 
Briefe Belation of the Persecution 
lately made against the Catholike 
Christians, in the kingdome of 
Japonia... Newly transUted into 

5 H 


W A 


English by W. W[right] G«nt. 
1619. 8vo. 867. e. 12. 

WA: (Iz:) The life and death 
of Jy Donne. [By Iz: Wa: i.e. 
Izaak Walton.] See Donnb (J.) 
LXXX. Sermons, etc. 1640. fol. 

480. f. 6. 

See Veron (JV) A dictionary in 
Latine and ifnglish ... corrected 
and enlarged by B.W. 1675. 4to. 

625. g. 2. 

WADSWORTH (Jambs) The 

copies of certaine letters which 
have passed betweene Spaine and 
England, in matter of Beligion, 
concerning the generall motives 
to the Eomane obedience. Be- 
tweene J. W. and W. Bedell. 
[With a dedication by W. BedelLl 
tr. Staruby for W. Barret and 
B, Milbaume, London^ 1624. 4to. 

701. h. 4. (1.) 

— Another copy. 105. a. 24. 

— The English Spanish Pil- 
grime. Or, a new discoverie of 
Spanish Popery, and Jesuiticall 
stratagems. With the estate of 
the English Pentioners and Fugi- 
tives under the King of Spaines 
Dominions, . . . Also laying open the 
new Order of the Jesuitrioes and 
preaching Nnnnes, etc. Printed 
by T, C, for M. Sparlce^ London^ 
1629. 4to. G. 7334. (1.) 

English Spanish Filgrime, oon* 
oeming Spaine. Being a second 
part of his former Booke and con- 
taining these particulars: The 
description of a ramous Monastery 
...called the Escuriall... a... rela- 
tion of certaine Dsdmonicall 
stratagems of the Spanish Inquisi- 
tion exercised on divers English 
Men,... a relation of the founding 
of a Military order in Bome, to 
wit, of the Immaculate Conception, 
etc. F, Kyngeton for N. £utter^ 
London, 1630. 4to. 860. k. 18. (3.) 

— Another copy. G. 7334. (2.) 

In this copy the titlepage bears 
the imprint ''F. EyngBton for 
B. Allot" 

The present estate of Spayne; 
or a true relation of some remark- 
aUe things touching the Court 
and government of Spayne ; with 
a catalogue of all the Nobility, 
with their revenues. Imprinted 
by A. M. for B. Thrale, London^ 
1630. 4to. 10161. b, 

WAFERER (Mtbth) An 
apologie for D. Featley,... against 
the calumnies of one S. E., in 
respect of his Conference had 
wiui Doctor Smith... conoeming 
the reall presence. Printed by 
L D. for N. Bourne, London, 
1634. 4to. 3935. c. 1. 

— Anothercopy. 860.k. 18.(1.) — Another copy . 700.d.l9.(l.) 

With a different titlepage bearing 
date 1680, and with tne epistle to 
the Earl of Holland, which, in the 
eeoond edition, was substituted for 
that to the Earl of Pembroke, to 
whom the first edition was dedicated. 

The second edition. 

corrected and amended. Printed 
by T. Cotes and B. C.for M. Sparke, 
London, 1Q30. 4ta 860. k. 18. (2.) 

— Further Observations of the 

Janssen) The Mariners Minour, 
wherin may playnly be seen the 
courses, heights, distances, depths, 
soundings, flouds and ebs, risings 
of lands, rocks, sands, and shoalds, 
with the marks for th' entrings of 
the Harbouroughs, Havens and 
Ports of the greatest part of 
Europe; their several traficks 
and commodities: together w^ 




the Rules and instmmets of 
Navigation. First made Ss set 
fourth in divers exact Sea-Oharts, 
by that famous navigator L. 
Wagenar...and now fitted with 
necessarie additions for the use 
of Englishmen by A. Ashley. 
Heerin also may be understood 
the exploits lately atohived by 
the right honorable the L. 
Admiral of Englad with her 
Ma^ Navie, and some former 
services don by that wort^ 
Knight Sir F. Drake. V. S. 
2 pts. London, [1588]. fol. 

794. k. 21. 

The titlepages of each pt. are 
engraved and oolonred. The maps 
also are coloured. The plates re- 
ferred to in the last part of this 
title belong to a work by P. Ubal- 
dino, entitled: '*A Discourse oon- 
oemlnge the Spanishe fleete, etc." 

WAOER (Lewis) A new 
Enterlude, ... entreating of the 
Life and Bepentaunoe of Marie 
Magdalene, etc. 90. Z« J, Charle- 
wood,Londan,1567. 4to. C.34.e.36. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. e. 36. 

Imperfect; wanting the last 
fifteen leaves and part of the title- 

WAOER (William) A very 
mery and Pythie Gommedie [in 
verse], called The longer thou 
livest, the more foole thou art, 
etc. 90*2* W.HowforB.Johnes, 
Xondon, [1580?] 4to. C.34.e.37. 

Without pagination. 

WAKE (IsjULc) Oratio fune- 
bris habita in templo Beatae 
Mariae Ozon...quum moesti Oxo- 
nienses, piis manibus J. Bainoldi 
parentarent. See Bainolds (J.) 
V. CI. D. J. Bainoldi... Orationes 
duodedm, etc. 1619. 12mo. 

1090. a. 2. 

1628. 12mo. 8405. aa. 

WAKE (Isaac) Oratio fune> 
bris habita in Templo beatae 
Mari» Oxon. ab I. Wakc.Maij 
25... 1607, quum Oxoniense, mani- 
bus J. Bainoldi parentarent. 
J. Lichfield, Oxonise, 1627. 12mo. 

610. a. 33. (3.) 
Without pagination. 

— Bex Platonicus : Sive, de 
potentissimi principis Jacobi 
Britanniarum Begis, ad...Aoade- 
miam Oxoniensem, adventu, Aug. 
27, ... 1 605. J. Bametius, Oxoniw, 
1607. 4to. G. 1761. 

The mnning title is: **Bex 
Platonicus, Sire linsaa Begnantes." 

— Editio tertia. 

J. Bamesius, Oxonise, 1615. 8vo. 

807. a. 22. 

— Editio quarta. 

J. Lichfield, Oxonise, 1627. 12mo. 

610. a. 33. (2.) 

— Another copy. 688. a. 28. 

Kotser oodicis B. Wakfeldi, quo 
prater ecclesi^ sacrosanct^ decre- 
turn, probatur conjugium cum 
fratria carnaliter cognita, illici- 
tum omnino, inhibitum, interdic- 
tumq; esse turn natur^ jure, turn 
jure divino, legeq; evangelica 
atq; consuetudie catholica eoclesi^ 
orthodoxe. T, Berthelet, [London, 
1528]. 4to. G. 1252. 

Without pagination. 

— B. Wakfeldi ... oratio de 

laudibus & utilitate triu lingua9 

Arabic^ Chaldaicse & Hebraic^, 

atq; idiomatibus hebraicis quae in 

utroq; testameto iveniutur. Apud 

Winandum de Vorde, Londini, 

[1^24]. 4to. C. 33. b. 17. 

Without pagination. The first 
book printed in England, in which 
Hebrew and Arabic characters were 
used. Mutilated in binding. 

— Another copy. G. 7523. 




WAKEFIELD (Robert) B. of. A coppy of the oath taken by 

Wakfeldi syntagma de hebr^omm his Commanders (to be faithfoU 

codicu incorruptione. Item ejus- nnto him) but a little before the 

dem Oratio Oxonij habita, una cum same, etc. T. Harper^ for N. Butter 

and N. Bourne^ London, 1634. 4to. 

1054. b. 28. 

— Another copy. 118. a. 23. 

quibusdam aliis leotu ao annotatu 
non indignis. [W. de Worde, 
LondonylBSO?] 4to. C. 40.e.33. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 1226. WALES. 5c« England. [The 

— . ^-r. V «,, Chronicles of England with the 
WAKEMAN (Robert) The fniit of times, etc.] Thedescryp- 

poore-mans preacher : a sermon ^yon of Englonde [with that of 

K reached [on Eccl. xi. 1] at S. 
[aries Spittle in London... April 
7. 1607. ». a. A. Hatfield for 
J.BiU,London,lQ07. 8vo. 3932. a. 

— Salomons Exaltation. A 
sermon [on II. Chron. ix. 8] 
preached before the King's 
Majestic at Nonesuch, April 30, 
1605. J. Barnes, Oxford, 
1605. 12mo. 1113. a. 1. 

WALBANCKE (Matthew) 
Anualia Dubrensia; [being a 
collection of verses by various 
writers] upon the yeerely celebra- 
tion of M' R. Dovers Olimpick 
games upon Cotswold-Hills. 
[Edited by M. W.] B. Baworth 
for M. WaJhancke, London, 
1636. 4to. B. 630. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 11418.(1.) 

With a printed presentation title 
and the autograph of B. Dover on 
the fly-leaf. 

— Another copy. C. 34. f. 14. 

Imperfect; wanting the frontis- 

— Another edition. London, 
1636. 4to. 81. a. 30. 

A reprint of the original edition. 

Wales, in verse]. 1502. fol. 

C. 15. b. 2. 

1515. fol. G. 5995. 

1528. fol. C. 15. b.4. 

— See England. — ^Elizabbth, 
Queen. A treatise containing the 
equity of an humble Supplication the behalfe of the Countrey 
of Wales that some order may be 
taken for the preaching of the 
Gospell among those people, etc. 
1587. 8vo. C. 37. a. 

WALKER (Ferdinando) See 
ToBQUEMADA (A. de) The Spanish 
Mandevile of Miracles... Trans- 
lated into English [by F. W.], etc. 
1600. 4to. 1424. c. 25. 

WALKER (George) B.D., 
Minister of S^ John the Evangelist, 
Wailing Street. The Doctrine of 
the Sabbath. Wherein the first 
institution of the weekly Sabbath, 
with the time thereof, the nature 
of the Law binding men to keep 
it,... are laid open and proved out 
of the Holy Scriptures... Delivered 
in divers Sermons by G. W. 
Amsterdam, letSS. 4to. 4355. bb. 6. 

WALDSTEIN ( Albrecht WALKER (George) Puritan 

Wenzel Eusebius vonJ Duke of Divine, of Hawkshead, Lancashire. 

Friedland. The Relation of the Fishers folly unfolded: or the 

Deathof...theDukeof...Fridland. vaunting Jesuites Vanity di*- 

... Together with the cause there- covered in a challenge of his... 




Undertaken and answered by 
G. W. [Londm,] 1624. 4to. 

3932. e. 

WALKER (John) Doctor in 
Divinitie. See Bible. — ^Old Testa- 
ment. — Obadiah, Certaine godlie 
Homilies ... upon the Prophets 
Abdias and Jonas, etc. [With an 
"Epistle dedioatorie" by J. W.] 
1673. 8vo. 219. c. 18. 

— A remembrance of the Con- 
ference had in the Tower of 
London betwixt D. Walker and 
W. Charke opponents, and E. 
Campion, Bespondent, 27 Sept. 
1581. See Nowell (A.) and Day 
(W.) A true report of the Dis- 
putation ... had ... with E. Cam- 
pion, etc. 1583. 4to. 

860. k. 12. (1.) 

WALKER (John) Preacher. 
See Darrell (J.) The replie... 
to the Answer of J. Deacon and 
J. W. concerning the doctrine of 
the Possession and Dispossession 
of Demoniakes. [1602.J 4to. 

8630. f. (2.) 

A survey of certaine 

dialogical discourses, written by 
J. Deacon and J. W. concerning 
the doctrine of possession and 
dispossession of Divels, etc. 
1602. 4to. 8630. f.(l.) 

— See Deacon (J.) and Walker 
(J.) Dialogicall Discourses of 
Spirits, etc. 1601. 4to. 8630. d. 

A Snmmarie Aoswere to 

all the material points in any of 
Master Darel his bookes, etc. 
1601. 4to. 8630. d. (2.) 

WALKER (William) See 
Neck (J. van) The Joumall... 
containing a true manifestation of 
the Vovage... under the conduct 
of J. CT. Neck, etc. [Translated 
by W. W.] 1601. 4to. 582. a. 32. 

WALKER (William) Pastor 
of Ohiewick, A sermon [on Bom. 
II. 22,] preached in St. Pauls- 
Church in London... Novemb. 28. 

1628. Few MS. Notes. B.AUop 
and T.Fawcet.for S, Allot, London, 

1629. 4to. 111. a. 47. 

— Another copy. 114. e. 69. 

See W., T., Master of Artes. 

— See W., T., Preacher of the 

— Babboni ; Mary Magdalen's 
teares, of sorrow, solace... [a ser- 
mon on John xx. 16] preacned at 
S. Paul's Crosse after the rehear- 
sail, and newly reuised and en- 
larged. E. Griffin, for B.Whitaker8, 
Xondon, 1620. 8vo. 693. e. 16. (2.) 

WALKLEY (Thomas) 
See W., T. 

WALL. See Weakest. The 
Weakest goeth to the Wall. 
1600. 4to. 161. b. 15. 

WALL (John) Alee Seraphicse. 
The Seraphins Wings to raise us 
unto heaven. Delivered in six 
Sermons, partly at Saint Peters in 
Westminster, partly at S. Aldates 
in Oxford, 1 623. Printed by O. M. 
for B. Aliot, London, 1627. 4to. 

4452. bb. 

— Evangelicall spices, or, the 
incense of the Qospell... A sermon 
[on Bev. viii. 4], etc. Printed hy 
m, F. for J. Clarke, London, 
1627. 8vo. 1004. b. 23. 

— Jacobs Ladder or Christian 
Advancement ; delivered in a Ser- 
mon- [on 1 Pet. V. 61... this late 
heauy visitation. J. Lichfield and 
W. Turner for W. Turner, T. Hug- 
gins, and E, Forrest, Oxford, 
1626. 8vo. 693. e. 16. (4.) 

— The watering of Apollos 




Deliyered in a sermon [on Acts 
xviii. 28] at St. Maries in 
Oxford, etc. J, Lichfield, and 
W. Turner, for E. Forrest, Oxford, 
1626. 8vo. 4474. b. 87. 

Without pagination. 

WALLACE (Sir William) 
Life and Acts. See Blair (J.) 
The Life and Acts of... Sir W. 
W., etc. 

— Begin. Tlie actis and Deidis 
of the lUuster and Yailzeand 
Campioun, Schir W. W. Knicht 
of Ellerslie. [By Henry the 
Minstrel. In verse.] 90* S* 
JS. LekpreuiJc, Edinburgh, 1570. 4to. 

C. 39. d. 24. 

J^ithout titlepage. 184 printed 
lea?es. 8ig. Ai-Z, in eights. 

— [Another edition.] The Life 
and Acts of the most ramons and 
valiant Campion, Sir W. Wal- 
lace, etc. 30« Z« A. Hart, Edin-' 
burgh, 1611. 4to. G. 11257. 

— Another edition. 90. Z« 
E. Bahan, Aberdene, 1630. 8vo. 

1076. k. 4. 

WALLE Y (Henry) pseud. 
See Garnet. 

WALRAVEN(J.) See Whet- 
STONE (G.) The honourable repu- 
tation of a souldier, ... verduytscht 
... door J. W. Eng. and Dutch. 
1686. 4to. 8826. c. 

WALSAL (Samuel) The Life 
and Death of Jesus Christ... 
summarily comprising his infir- 
mities and sorrowes. Li a Sermon 
[on Isaiah liii. 4] preached before 
the Kings Majesty at Boyston. 
V. I. Printed for J. Wright, 
London, 1622. 24mo. 4474. aa. 72. 

WALSH (John) The Ex- 
amination of J. W. before Maister 
T. Williams, Commissary to... 
William bishop of Excester, upon 
oertayne Interrogatories touchyng 

Wytohcrafte and Soroerye, etc. 
30. Z. J. Awdely, London, 
1666. 16mo. C. 27. a. 12. 

Without pagination. 

WAL SHE (Edward) The 
office and duety m fightyng for 
our oountrey. Set forth with dy- 
versestrongeargumentes gathered 
out of the holy scripture, etc, 
90* Z* J. Serford. At the eostes 
and charges of JS. Toye, Londoii, 
1646. Svo. G. 2303. 

Withont pagination. 

Boma/a CathoUc Priest. A Search 
made into matters of religion, 
by F. W.... before his change to 
the Catholicke, etc. [Doaay?] 
1609. 4to. 698. d. 26. 

Second edition. 
3936. o. 

1616. 4to. 

Francis) Obitus. iSe6 Watson (T.) 
Melibaaus T. Watsoni, etc. 

Historia brevis T. Walsingham 
ab Edwardo prime ad Henrioum 
quintum. Apud H. Binneman, 
Londini, 1674. fol. 9606. g. (2.) 

— Another copy. 192. a. 6. (2.) 

— Ypodigma Neustrisa vel Nor- 
manni8B...ab irruptione Norman- 
norum usq; ad Annum 6 regni 
Henrici quinti. InMdihusJ.Daij, 
Londini, 1574. fol. 9606. g. (3.) 

— Another copy. 192. a. 5. (3.) 

WALTHER (Hudolph) See 
Bible. — Old Testament. — JoeL 
The Homilies... of M. B. Gualther 
Tigurine upon the Prophet Joel. 
Translated... by J. Ludham, etc. 
1682. Svo. 698. a. 44. (4.) 

— See Bible. — Old TBSTAMKsrt. 
— Obadiah. Certaine godlie Homi- 




lies... upon the Prophets Ahdias 
and Jonas. ..Made b7...B. Gualter 
of Tignre. And translated into 
Englishe,etc. 1573. 8yo. 219.0.18. 

WALTHER (Rudolph) To 
the reverend Father in Christ 
D[r.] Jfohn] Karkhurst] ... B[i- 
shopj 01 N[orwion], eto. [A letter 
by fi. W. on the Apparel of the 
olergy^ etc.'] See England. — Par- 
KamefU, An admonition to the 
Parliament, eto. [1572.] Bvo. 

854. a. 5. (1.) 

— The resolution of H. Bul- 
linger and B. Oualter...oonoem- 
ing thapparrel of Ministers. See 
Sin. Whether it be mortall sinne 
to transgresso civil lawes, eto. 
[1666?] 8vo. 877. b. 3. 

— See Yerscioli (P. M.) Loci 
oommunes D. P. M. Yermilii, eto. 
[With the preface of R. W.] 
1583. fol. 3705. g. 4. 

— De Syllabanun et Oarminum 
ratione, libri duo. Qulidmue WU- 
l%amionu8f Londini, 1573. 16mo. 

11805. b. 

Last leaf mutilated. 

— Another copy. 12932. b. 49. 

— An hundred, threescore and 
fiftene Homelyes or Sermons, 
uppon the Actes of the Apostles, 
...made by R. Gualthere Ti^- 
rine and translated out of Latine 
into our tongue, etc. [by J. Bridges, 
Bishop of Oxford]. V.X. H.Sen- 
ham^ lAmdon, 1572. fol. 14. b. 3. 

— The sermons of Master R. 
Qualter upon the Prophet Zepha- 
niah written in Latine. Trans- 
lated into English by M. Wilton. 
V.X* T.Daw$(m,London,16S0. 8vo. 

3166. a. 

See Wa: (Iz:) 

WANTON. A preaty Inter- 
lude called, Nice Wanton, 
Wherein ye may see. 
Three braunoes of an yll tree. 
The mother and her chyldren 

Twoo naught, and one godlye, 
eto. [In verse.] 90. Sr. J. Kyng^ 
London, 1560. 4to. G. 12. e. 20. 

Without pagination. Slightly 
cropped. Only two copies known. 

W A PULL (George^ The 
Tyde taryeth no Man. A moste 
pleasant and merry oommody, 
right pythie and full of delight. 
[In rhyme, without division into 
acts.] R,JacksonjLondonjl576. 4to. 

C. 34. f. 45. 

Twenty-eight leaveSfWithout pagi- 
nation. Sig. A-0. Only one other 
copy is known. 

WARBECK (Pebkin) History. 
See Oainsford (T.) The True and 
Wonderful History of P. W. 

WARD (^ ') See MotjNTAauR 
(R.) successively BifAop ofChichea- 
ter, eto. Appello CaBsarem. A just 
appeal from two unjust informers, 
[J. Yates and — W. in reference 
to their comments on the book 
entitled, A new gagg, etc.]. 
1625. 4to. 479. a. 7. 

WARD( ) Captain. Begin- 
ning^ overthrowea ana now present 
estate. See Barker (A.) A true 
and certaine report, etc. 

— A Famous Sea-Fight be- 
tween Captain Ward and the 
Bainbow. To the Tune of. Cap- 
tain Ward, etc. [A Ballad.' 
». !• W. Onley, London, [1620?' 4to. 112. f. 44. (19.' 

— Newes from Sea, of two 
notorious Pyrats Ward the Eng- 
lishman and Danseker the Dutch- 
man. With a true relation of all 
or the most piracies by them 
committed unto the sixt of Aprill 





.1609. ». I. Printed for N. But- 
ter, London, [1609], 4to. G. 7343. 

Without pagination. With wood- 
cuts. The titlepage ia mutilated at 
the foot. 

WARD ("Nathaniel) See Ward 
S.) Jethro 8 Justice of Peace, etc. 
Edited by N. W.] 1621. 8vo. 

874. g. 12. 

1623. Bvo. 874. f. 18. 

WARD (Samuel) B.D., 
of Ipsmch. See Perkins (W.) 
G. Perkinsi Problema de Eomanad 
fidei ementito Catholicismo. . .Edi- 
tum...oper&...S.Wardi. 1604. 4to. 

476. b. 1. 

— A Collection of such Sermons 
and Treatises as have beene writ- 
ten and published by...S. W.... 
Here gathered into one volume. 
9 pts. Printed by M. F. for 
J, Orismandy London, 1 627-28. 8vo. 

4453. aaa. 

Ft. 5 is dated 1628 ; pt. 7 is with- 
out date. Each pt has a separate 
titlepage and pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for J, Orismondj London, 1636. 8vo. 

4453. aaa. 

— All in All (Christ is all in 
all). [A sermon, on Coloss. m. 11.1 
A, mathewea for J, Marriott, and 
J, Gfrismand, London, 1622. Bvo. 

874. f. 17. 

— Balme from Gilead : to 
recouer Conscience : in a sermon 
[on Heb. xiii. 18,] at Paule's 
Crosse, Octob. 20, 1616. [Edited 
by T. Gatacre.] Printed by T. S. 
for It, Jackeon, and W. Blades, 
London,161S. Bvo. 1026. a. 12. (2.) 

— A Coal from the Altar to 
kindle the holy fire of Zeal in 
a Sermon [on Rev. in. 19], 
etc. [Edited by A. Wood.] 
Third edition. Printed by E. G. 
for Joyce Macham, fjoidow, London, 
1618. Bvo. 1026. a. 12. (1.) 

The titlepage is mutilated. 

— Fourth edition, 

corrected and amended. Printed 
by A, M, for J, Marriott and 
J. Chrismand, London, 1622. Bvo. 

4475. a. 113. 

WARD (Samuel) B.D., of 
Ipwnch. The Happinesse of 
Practice. [A sermon on John 
xin. 17.] Printed for J. Mar- 
riott ana J. Chrigmond, London, 
1621. Bvo. 1026. a. 12. (5.) 

— Another edition. Printed 
for J. Marriot and J, Grismand, 
London, 1622. Bvo. 874. f. 20. 

— Another edition. M, Flesker 
forJ.Gri8mand,London,1627, 12mo. 

4474. b. 80. 

— Jethro's Justice of Peace. 
A sermon [on Ezod. xviu. 21-23. 
Edited by Nathaniel Ward]. 
A. Mathewes, for J, Marriot and 
J, Griamand, London, 1621. Bvo. 

874. g. 12. 

— Anotheroopy. 1026.a. 12.(3.) 

— Another edition. A. Math, 
for J. Marriott and J. Grismand, 
London, 1623. 8vo. 874. f. 18. 

— The Life of Faith. Second 
edition, corrected and amended. 
A. Mathewes for J, Marriott and 
J, Grismand, London, 1621. Bvo. 

1026. a. 12. (4.) 

Third edition, cor- 
rected and amended. A. Mathewes 
for J". Marriot for J. Grismand, 
London, 1622. Bvo. 874. f. 23. 

— The life of faith in death : 
exemplified in the living speeches 
of dying Christians. A, Mathewes 
for J, Marriott and J, Grismand, 
London, 1622. Bvo. 874. f. 27. 

— Another edition. A. Maihewes 
for J. Marriot and J. Grismand, 
London, 1622. Bvo. 874. g. 9. 

— A Peace-offering to God 




for the blesBings we enjoy under 
his Majesties reigne, with a 
Thanksgiving for the Princes 
safe return. A Sermon [on l.Thess. 
V. 28]. A. Math, for J. MarHott, 
andJ,Chr%8mandiL<mdonyl62^, 8vo. 

874. e. 3. 

WARD (Samuel) jB.D., of 
Ipswich. Woe to Drunkards. A 
Sermon [on Prov. xxiii. 29, 32]. 
A, Math, for J. Marriott, and 
J*. Orismandy London, 1622. 8vo. 

G. 20012. 

WARD (Samuel) Master of 
Sidney College, Oambrtdge. Gratia 
Disoriminans. Concio[onPhilipp. 
u. 12, 13] ad Clerum, etc. See 
Garleton (G.) successively Bishop 
of Llandaff, etc. Suffragium col- 
legiale Theologorum Magnao Bri- 
tannia, etc. Pt. 2. 1627. 4to. 

4257. b. 

— Gratia Disoriminans. Concio 
Ton Philipp. ii. 12, 13] ad clerum 
nabita Cantabrigiad ... Jan. 12. 
1625. M. Flesher : impensis B. MyU 
houme, Londini, 1626. 4to. 

4473. aaa. 40. 

— Magnetis Heductorium 
Theologicum Tropologicum, in 
quo ejus ... verus et supremus 
usus indicatur. Impensis A. If., 
Londini, 1637. 8vo. 538. a. 29. 

— Another edition . Typis L L, 
Impensis P. Stephani d C. MeredHh, 
Londini, 1639. 12mo. 1136. c. 4. 

— The Wonders of the Load- 
Stone, or the Load-Stone newly 
reduc't into a divine and morall 
use. [Translated from the Latin 
by Sir H. Grimston.] Printed 
hy E. P. for P. Cole, London, 
1640. 12mo. 8756. a. 

W A R D E ( Wiluam) See 
Alessio, Piemontese, pseud, f The 
Secretes of. . . Alexis of Piemount . . . 
Translated...byW.W. 1558. 4to. 

7954. aa. 

1562, etc. 4to. 7955. a. 

1568, etc. 4to. 236. k. 19. 

WABDE (William) See Ar- 
CANDAM, psetul. The most ex- 
cellent... Booke of...Arcandam,... 
newly turned... out of French... 
byW. W. 1626. 8vo. 8610. aa. 

1630. 8vo. 8610. aa. 

— Gods Arrowes, or two 
Sermons, concerning the yisita- 
tion of God by the pestilence. 
90. E« H. BaUard, London, 
1607. 8vo. 873. c. 9. 

WARE {Sir James) Archi- 
episcoporum Casseliensium & 
Tuamensium vitsd : duobus ex- 
presssB oommentariolis. Quibus 
adjidtur historia Coenobiorum 
Cisterciensium Hibemiad. Ex 
officina Soeietatis Bibliopolarum, 
Dvhlinii, 1626. 4to. 861. i. 10. 

— Another copy. G. 14444. 

— De Praeeulibus Lageniae, 
sive Proyinci» Dubliniensis liber 
unus. Ex Officina Soeietatis 
Bibliopolarum, Dublinii, 1628. 4lo. 

G. 6738. 

— De Scriptoribus Hibemiae. 
Libri duo. Prior continet Script- 
ores in Hibemi& natos. Posterior, 
Scriptores alios qui in Hibemi& 
munera aliqua obierunt. Ex typo- 
graphid Soeietatis Bibliopolarum, 
DubUnii, 1639. 4to. 601. d. 3. (2.) 

— Another copy. 274. d. 24. 

— Another copy. G. 5737. 

— The Historic of Ireland, 
collected by three learned authors 
yiz. M. Hanmer. £. Campion, 
and E. Spenser. (H. Marle- 
burrough*s chronicle of Ireland. 
Published by Sir J. Ware.) 3 pts. 
Few MS. Notes. Printed by 




the Sodetie of Slatianers, Dublin^ 
1633. fol. 601. 1. 1. 

Imperfect ; wanting the separate 
titlepage for the histories of Campion 
and ilanmer. The several histories 
are found in the following order: 
1. Spenser's; 2. Campion's; 3. Han- 
mers, with Marleburrough's con- 

— Another copy. G. 6800. 

In this oofj the several histories 
are arranged in the following order: 
1. Hanmer's Ohronioie; 2. Cam- 
pion's; 3. Spenser's. 

— Another copy. 185. b. 4. 

latter newly continued and added 
...performed in verse and prose 
by W. W. ». at. T. Ortoin far 
T. Cadman^ London^ 1589. 4to. 

0. 39. 0. 33. 

WARNER (William) Albions 
England : the third time corrected 
and augmented. Continuing an 
history of the same countrey and 
kingdome...untiIl her no we Ma- 
ieBtie8...raigne,eto. 90«Z« T.Or- 
win far L JB., London^ 1592. 4to. 

11623. d. 15. 

— Albions England : a con- 
Imperfect; wanting the general tinned historic of the same Idng- 
titiepage. In this copy the several ^ ^ ^ originals of the 

histories are bound in the following ^^ », V^T".. ^^ J? - -bi- x 
order: 1. Campion's; 2. Hanmer's, ""* inhabitants tnereot...rirst 
withMarlebnrrough'soontinnation ; penned and published by W. W., 

and now revised and newly in- 
larged by the same author. 
Printed by the Widow Orwin, far 
I. B., London, 1597. 4to. 

11623. d. 17. 

3. Spenser's. 

WAREUS (Jacobus) 
See Ware {Sir James) 

WARFORD (William) 
See DouLEY (G.) pseud. 

A moderate defence of the oath of 
allegiance ; wherein the author 

— Another copy. 1 1 623. d. 1 6. 

With a different titlepage, bearing 
date 1596. 

— Another edition. E. BoUi- 

nroveth the said oath to be most y^^^ yj,^ q p^^^ ^^^ 

Iawful,notwithstandingthePopes \qq2. 4to. 1077. k. 11. 

breves prohibiting the same ; and 

Bolveth the chiefest objections that 
are usually made against it ... 

— Another copy. 

G. 11252. 

— Another edition. Printed for 

Whereuntoalsoisannexedstrange ^"^^r T T^Yo ll 

reports or newes from Kome. (^' -f'^ London, IQ12. 4to. 

[London,] 1612. 4to. 3936. d. 

WARMS TRY (Thomas) ~JT J^^^^JP"^ 

Suspiria Eoclesiae & Reipublicie ^^?*^* .^^ ''^^^^ "^* -'"i" 

Anlucanae. The sighs of the ^^^^^^^J *? ^rA^^T^Tf^'^ 

ChLh and CommoLealth of -^ ^^^^ pt^X'^L^ 

1076. e. 5. 

or Pipe, 
Reedes : m- 

England : or an Exhortation to 
humiliation, with a help there- 
unto. London, 1640. 12mo. 

873. b. 21. 

[1584]. 4to. C. 21. c. 37. 

Without pagination. Big. A-T. 

WARNER (Wiluam) 
See W., W. 

— Syrinx, or a seavenfold his- 
toric, handled with varietie of 
pleasant and profitable both com- 
micall and tragicall argument. 
— The first and second parts Newly perused and amended by 
of Albions England, the former the first author. T« Purfoot, 
revised and corrected, and the London, 1597. 4to. 12613. c. 




WARNING. See P., L. A 

warning to all lewd livers, eto. 
[1640?] BroadMeM. Box. 1.442. 

— See P., M. Fayre Warning, 
etc. [1640?] BroadMe io\. 

Box. 1. 124. 

WARRE (James) The touoh- 
fltone of truth; wherein veritie 
by Bcriptnre is plainely confirmed, 
and error confuted. Third im- 
pression inlarged and corrected. 
A. Maihewes^ London, 1630. 8vo. 

1105. a. 12. (1.) 

Fourth Impression. 

A, McUheweSf London^ 1634. 8yo. 

3936. aa. 

WARRE N^ (Arthur) The 
poore mans passions. And Pover- 
ties patience. Written by A. W. 
Anno Dom. 1605. [In verse.] 
Printed by L B. far B, B., London, 
[1605]. 4to. C. 89. c. 41. 

WARREN (John) Minister at 
Much Clacton %n Essex, Domus 
ordinata. A funerall sermon [on 
Is. xxxviu. IJ preached. the 
buriall of...Mistre6se Needes, etc. 
N. Ohes, London, 1618. 4to. 

4902. b. 12. 

WARREN (John) Prt68<. See 
NicoDEMUS, pseud, Nichodemus 
his Gospel. [Edited by J. W.] 
[1620?] 8vo. 1004. b. 11. (1.) 

WARWICK (Arthur) Spare- 
minutes; or, resolved meditations, 
and premeditated resolutions. 
The fift Edition. Printed by 
O. M, for W. Eammond, London, 
1636. 12mo. 8405. a. 

Each pt. ia separately paged, but 
the regibter ia continuoua through- 

Sixt edition. Printed 

hy O. M,,for W. Hammond, London, 
1637. 12mo, 4408. a. 

— Another copy. 1362. a. 

WARWICK (Wybrant) See 
Nbck (J. van) The Joumall... 
containing a true manifestation... 
of the Voyage... under... W. v. 
Warwick, etc. 1601. 4to. 

582. e. 3. (3.) 

NicoLAi (N. de) The Navigations 
...into Turkic... translated out of 
the French by T. Washington 
the younger. 1585. 4to. 303.d.ll. 

WASTELL (Simon) jSee Bible. 
— Abridgments, A true Christians 
daily Delight : being the summe 
of every chapter of the Old and 
New Testaments. S. Wastell, 
etc. 1623. 8vo. 1076. b. 4. 

Microbiblion,or the Bibles 

Epitome... By S. Wastell, etc. 
1629. 12mo. 11623. aa. 43. 

WATERHOnSE (Edward) 
A Declaration of the State of the 
Colony and Affaires in Virginia. 
With a relation of the barbarous 
Massacre . . . executed by the Native 
Infidels upon the English, the 22 
of March last, . . . the names of those 
...massacred ;... and a Treatise an- 
nexed, written by...n. Briggs, of 
the Northwest passage to the 
South Sea through the Continent 
of Virginia, and by Pretum Hud- 
son... And a Note [on a folding 
sheet] of the charges of necessary 
provisions fit for every man that 
intends to goe to Virginia. Pub- 
lished by Authoritie. [The dedi- 
cation signed: E. Waterhouse.] 
G, Eld, for B, MyJboume, London, 
1622. 4to. G. 7128. (1.) 

— Another copy. 1447. c. 12. 

Imperfect ; wanting the *' Note of 
the charges" at the end, and the 
engrayingB of a seal, which in the 
preceding copy face the titlepage. 

WATERMAN (Wiluam) 
See BoRMUS (J.) The Fardle of 
facions conteining the annciente 




maners ... of the peoples enbabiting 
... Afirike and Asie. [Translated 
byW.W.] 1666. 8vo. G.6313. 

IDES. Waters. A new Almanacke. 
...By F. W. 

WATESON (Oeobgb) 
See W., G. 

— The Cures of the Diseased, 
in remote regions, preventing 
mortalitie, incident in Forraine 
attempts, of the English nation. 
Printed hy F. K(tngst(m) for 
H, L(oume8)j London^ 1698. 4to. 

7462. aa. 

Without pagination. Another 
copy, bearing the anthor^s initials 
only, will be found under the head- 
ing *' W., G." 

WATKINSON (William^ 
See La Roche de Chandieu (A.) 
Moste Excellent Meditations 
nppon the xxzii. Psalme... trans- 
lated... by W. W., etc. 1679. Svo. 

3089. aa. 

WATREMAN (William) 
See Waterman. 

WATS (Qii^ert) See Bacon 
(F.) ViacourU St. Albana. Of the 
Advancement ... of Learning ... 
Interpreted bj G. W. 1640. fol. 

635. i. 8. 

WATSON (Christopher) 
See PoLYBius. The Hystories of... 
Poly bins... Englished by C. W(at- 
son),eto. 1668. 8vo. C.12.b. 1. 

— Briefe principles of religion, 
for the exercise of youth: done 
by C. W. ». *. H. SingleUm, 
London^ 1681. 8vo. 3606. c. (6.) 

Four leaves, without titlepage or 

WATSON (John) 
See W., I., Prieet. 

WATSON (Bobert) See 
Ephkmkrides. Watson. 1698. A 
new Almanacke and Prognostica- 
tion... Gathered... by B. W., etc. 

WATSON (Thomas) Biehop of 
Lincoln. See Crowley (B.) A 
setting open of the subtyle So- 
phistrie of T. W.... which he nsed 
in his two sermons, ... before 
Queene Mary, to prove the reall 
presence of Christs body and 
blond in the sacrament. 1669. 4to. 

697. g. 17. 

WATSON (Thomas) Bishop of 
Lincoln. Holsome and Catholyke 
doctryne ooncerninge the seven 
Sacramentes of Chrystes Church, 
...set forth in manor of shorte 
sermons to bee made to the people, 
etc. 90. Sr* B. Caly, London, the 
X. of February, 1668 [O.S.]. 4to. 

3932. e. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

226. e. 29. 

— Twoo notable Sermons, made 
... before the Quenes highnes, 
conceminge the reall presence 
...1 also the Masse, etc. 90. Z« 
J. Oawoody London^ 1664. 8vo. 

G. 11848. 

Without pagination. 

WATSON (Thomas) of Ftr- 
ginia. See Smith (John; Cfopemor 
of Virginia. A True Belation of 
snch occurrences. hath hapned 
in Virginia... Written by T. W. 
Gent, etc. [or rather by Captain 
John Smith]. 1608. 4to. 

C. 33. 0. 35. 

WATSON (Thomas) Poet. 
See Fraunce (A.) The Countesse 
of Pembrokes Yuychurch. Con- 
teining the affectionate life and 
unfortunate death of Phillis and 
Amyntas: that in a pastorall 
[translated from T. Tasso]; this 
in a fnnerall [translated from T. 
W.] both in English hexameters. 
1691. 4to. C. 34. c. 35. (1.) 

— Am3^tas T. Watsoni, ... 
J. U. Studiosi, etc. [A poem. 




H, Marshy ex aasignatione Tkamm 
Marshy [London^] 1585. 8vo. 

1213. d. 5. (4.) 

Without pagination. 

WATSON (Thomas) Poet. 
Amintad gaudia. [A poem, edited 
by C. M,] Impensis O, Ponsonbeiy 
Landini, 1592. 4to. 11408. aaa. 2. 

Without pagination. 

— An Eglogue npon the death 
of the Ri^ht Honorable Sir 
Francis Walsingham ... Written 
first in latine by T. Watson... and 
now by himsefie translated into 
Englisne. B. Bobinsony London^ 
1590. 4to. 161. m« 56. 

Without pagination. 

— The 'Eicaro/Aira^ia or Passion- 
ate Centurie of Love, divided into 
two parts, eto. J. Wolfe for 
O, Cawoody Londouy [1575 ?] 4to. 

C. 14. a. 1. 

— Meliboeus T. Watsoni, sive, 
ecloga in obitum...F. Walsing- 
hami, ... Div89 Elizabeth® & 
secretis, & sanctioribus oonsiliis. 
T. Maxey for T. Qarihwaity Lon- 
dim, 1590. 4to. 1070. 1. 4. (1.) 

See Dbcaoordon. A Deoaoordon 
of ten quodlibetical qnestions, etc. 
[ByW.W.] 1602. 4to. 4091. dd. 

— See Great Britain and Ire- 
land. — jAMEsI.,£tn^. Beg%n.Wee 
have by our late proclamation, etc. 
(16 Jnly 1603.) [A proclamation 
lor the apprehension of W.W.,eto.] 
1603. fol. 506. h. 10. (22.) 

— See Jesuits. The Jesuites 
Catechisme . . . Published in French. 
...Translated into English ri>y 
W.W.?],eta 1602. 4to. 860.1.4. 

— See W., W. 

— See Weston (W.) A true 
relation of the fiction begun at 

Wisbech, etc. [By W. W.?] 
1601. 4to. 860* k. 13. (4.) 

WATSONUS (^Robertus) 
Aetiologia E. Watsoni qua 
explicatur, quare deprehensus 
annum unum & menses pend 
quatuor, propter Evaugeliu in- 
carceratus fuit : qu^na inter ipsu 
& eins Antagonistas in oaroere 
habita fuit disceptatio, de Tran- 
substantiatione, & reali Christi 
pressentia in Sacramento, & quo 

f»aGto...expedivit eum Domiuus. 
London?] 1566. 8vo. 1371. a. 2. 

Without pagination. 

WATSONUS (Thomas) Poet. 
See Watson (T.) 

W A T T O N (John) See 
Christian. Begin. Incipit liber 
qui vocatur Speculum Xpiistiani, 
etc. [ByJ.W.] [1480?] 4to. 

C. 11. a. 28. 

WATTS (William") See 
James (T.) Captain. The Strange of Captaine T. James, 
...with an advise concerning the 
philosophy of these late dis- 
coveryes, by W[illiam] W[att8]. 
1633. 4to. 792. d. 10. 

— See Paris (M.) M. Paris 
monachi...historia major... editore 
W. W., eta 1640. fol. 2070. d. 

— See W., W. 

— Mortification apostolicall. 
Delivered in a Sermon [on Coloss. 
m. 5], etc. Printed by I. L. for 
J. Oowpery London^ 1637. 4to. 

4473. aa. 36. 

WAY. SeeB.yQ. The Narrow 
Way, and the Last Judgment, 
etc. 1607. 4to. 114. a. 3. 

— See C, B. A Direct Way 
whereby the plainest man may 
be guided to the waters of Life, 
etc. 1610. 8vo. 4412. aa. 

— The way how a religious 




Correspondencie may be pro- 
cured and maintained amongst 
the Churclies, for their mutuall 
safety and the advancement of 
the Gospel at home and abroad. 
[London, 1636?] 4to. 4745. bb. 

W A Y E R (Wiluam) See 
History. The History of the 
tryall of Ohevalry with the life 
and death of Cavaliero Dicke 
Bowyer. [A play, in verse, by 
W.W.?] 1606. 4to. C.34. b.50. 

WAYMOUTH (George^ 
Voyage,,. f 1606. See Eosier (J.) 
A true relation of the most pro- 
sperous voyage, etc. 

Plaine and Easie Table, whereby reade...tbe whole Bible in 
a yeere. F, Kingston for W. Wei- 
hie, London, iei3, 8vo. 1016.0.24. 

Without pagination. The verso 
of eaoh leaf of the "table" is 

WAYS. See H., T. The 
equall wayes of God, etc. 
1632. 4to. 4409. e. 

WEAKEST. The Weakest 
goeth to the Wall. [A tragi- 
comedy, in prose and verse.] 
jf. Cr'eede for B. Olive, London, 
1600. 4to. 161. b. 15. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy O, P. for B. Hawkins, London, 
1618. 4to. 643. c. 54. 


Table. A Table plainly teaching y* 
making and use of a Wetherglas. 
[1631.]«.«A. fol. C. 18. e. 2. (120.) 

WEAVER (Robert) See 
JuvENTUS. An Enterlnde called 
lusty Jnventus, etc. [By R. W.] 
[1555?] 4to. 

' WEBBE (Edward) The Eare 
and most wonderful thinges 
whioh £. Webbe...bath 

hi8...travailes, in the cities of 
Jerusalem, Dammasko, Bethelem 
and Oalely: and in the Landes 
of Jewrie, Egipt, Grecia, Russia, 
and in the Land o Prester John. 
». Z. B. Blower, for T. Pavier, 
London, [1590]. 4to. G. 6932. 

Without pagination. Slightly 

Newly enlarged 

and corrected by the Author. 
i^. a. Printed for W. Wright, 
London, 1590. 4to. G. 6931. 

WEBBE (Georoe) Bishop oj 
Limerick, See Rogers (Richard) 
A Garden of spirituall Flowers. 
Planted by R. Ro(ger8) ... and 
Geo. Web(be), etc. 1612. 8vo. 

4401. bbb. 24. 

1622. 16mo. 4402. f. 

1632. 12mo. 4412. e. 

— See Terentius (P.) Afer, 
[AnfZrta.] The first Comedy of P. 
Terentius, oalled Andria... English 
and Latino : Claused for such as 
would write... the pure Language 
of this Author,... especially after 
the manner of D' W. [the trans- 
lator]. 1629. 4to. 833. f. 30.(1.) 

\Eunuchus^ The second 

Comedie of P. Terentius called 
Eunuchus... English and Latino: 
Claused for such as would write 
...the pure Language of this 
Author, ... especially after the 
Method of IK W. [the trans- 
lator],etc. 1629. 4to. 833.f.30.(2.) 

— The Bride Royall, or the 
Spiritual Marriage between Christ 
and his Church: [a sermon on 
Psal. XLV. 13-16] delivered by 
way of congratulation upon the 
Marriage between the . . . Palse- 
grave and thc.Ladie Elizabeth, 
etc. W.Stansby,London,l^l%, 8vo. 

693. e. 17. (8.) 

— Catalogus Protestantium : 




or, the Protestants Ealender, 
containing a surview of the Pro- 
testantsreligion. . .even to the time 
of the Apostles, etc. Printed for 
N. Buiier, London, 1624. 4to. 

110. g. 43. 

WEBBE (Georoe) Bishop of 
Limerick. The practise of quiet- 
nes. Directing a Christian how 
to live quietly in this troblesome 
world. 6* Edition amplified. 
Few MS. Notes. Printedhy M. F., 
London, 1633. 12mo. 873. c. 18. 

Titlepage engraved. 

WEBSTER (John) See 
Decker (T.) and WEBSXBa (J.) 
The. ..History of Sir T. Wyat, 
etc. 1607. 4to. 239. f. 16. 


— North-ward Hoe, etc. 
4to. 644. b. 26. 

— — West-ward Hoe, etc. 
1607. 4to. 644. b. 26. 

— See Marston (J.) The Mal- 
content... With the additions... 
written by J. W. 1604. 4to. 

G. 34. e. 40. 

— See TouRNEUR (G,) Three 
The 7"* edition Elegies on the. ..Death of Prince 

Henrie,...the second... by J. W. 
1613. 4to. 1070. m. 4. (3.) 

profitably amplified by the 
Author. Printed hy M. F,, Lon- 
don, 1638. 12mo. 851. h. 3. 

WEBBE (Joseph) See Cicero 
(M. T.) [Ad Famxliaree.'] The 
Familiar Epistles of M. T. 
Cicero. Englished ... by J. W. 
[1620?] 12mo. 246. b. 19. 

— An appeale to truth, in the 
controversie betweene art, & use ; 
about the best and most expedient 
course in languages. To be read 
fasting, etc. Printed hy H, L. for 
O. Latham, London, 1622. 4to. 

1077. h. 30. 

— A petition to the high court 
of Parliament, in the behalfe of 
auncientand authentique authors, 
for the universall and perpetuall 
good of every man and his 
posteritie: [with respect to the 
teadhinff of the Latin tongue, 
etc.]. [London,] 1623. 4to. 

12933. b. 15. 

— Usus et authoritas, id est, 
liber loquens feliciter incipit, sub 
titulo Entheati materialis primi 
hexametra & pentametra... prime 
introitu abund^ largientis. Ex- 
eudehat FeUx Kyngstonue, Londini, 
1626. 12mo. 11825. a. 

— The Devils Law-Case. Or, 
When Women go to Law, the 
Devill is full of Businesse. A 
new Tragecomcedy [in five acts 
and in verse]. Printed hy A. M. 
for J. Qriamand, London, 1623. 4to. 

Withont pa^nation. The head- 
title of the whole is : '* Yittorla Co- 

— Another copy. 82. c. 26. (2.) 

— A monumental Columne, 
erected to the living Memory of 
the ever-glorious Henry, late 
Prince of Wales. [In verse.] 
Printed hy N. 0. for TT. Weiby, 
London, 1613. 4to. C. 34. f. 21. 

Without titlepage. 

— TheTragedyoftheDutchesse 
of Malfy. [In five acts, and in 
verse.] ... The perfect and exact 
Coppy jwith diverse thingsprinted, 
that the length of the Play would 
not beare m the presentment. 
N. Okes, for J. WcUereon, London, 
1623. 4to. 644. f. 72. 

Without pagination. 

— The Dutchesse of Malfy. A 
IVagedy, etc. Printed hy J, Ba- 




worth, for J, Benson, London, 
1640. 4to. 644. f. 73. 

Without pag^ination. 

— Another copy. 82. c. 26. (3.) 

WEBSTER (John) The 
White Divel, or, The Tragedy [in 
verse] of Paolo Giordano Ursini, 
Duke of Brachiano, with the Life 
and Death of Yittoria Corombona 
the famous Venetian Curtizan. 
Printed by K 0. for T. Archer, 
London, 1612. 4to. G. 34. e. 41. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed hy 
J. N. for H, Perry, London, 
1631. 4to. 644. a. 7. 

— Another copy. 82. c. 26. (1.) 

W E C K E B (Hanss Jacob) 
A compendiovs Chyrurgerie : 
gathered & translated (especially) 
out of Wecker at the request of 
certaine, but encreased and en- 
lightened with certaine Annota- 
tions, Resolutions, & Supplyes, 
not impertinent to this treatise, 
nor ynprofitable to the Beader. 
Published ... by I. Banester. 
J, Windet, for T. Man d 
W. Brome, Lcmdon, 1585. 12mo. 

548. a. 3. 

dolf) Triumphall Shews set 
forth lately at Stutgart, written 
first in German, and now in Eng- 
lish. J, Wyrich Besdin, Stutgart, 
1616. 8yo. 605. a. 26. 


Scotland. [The Complaynt of 
Scotland ... Attributed to W.] 
[1549?] 16mo. C. 21. a. 

See Bible. — Selections. Ane com- 
pendius Buik of Godly and 
Spirituall Sangis, eta [By John 
and James W. ?] 1600. 8yo. 

G. 39. d. 63. 

[1621.] 8vo. C.39.d.27. 


Bible. — Selections. Ane com- 
pendiuB Buik of Godly and 
Spirituall Sangis, etc. [By John 
and James W. ?] 1600. 8vo. 

C. 39. d. 63. 

[1621.] 8vo. C.39.d.27. 

Abredonia Atrata, sub obi turn Se- 
renissimi...Monarch8a Jaoobi YI. 
... Britanniad Magnsd ... Begis, 
etc. [In verse.] Excudehat 
Edwardus Bahanus, Abredonise, 
1625. 4to. 11408. ee. 

Without pagination. 

— In Obitu summed spei 
Principis Henrici, Jacobi VI.... 
Britannisa magn» ... Begis filii 
Primogeniti Lessus. Excudebat 
Andreas Hart, Edinburgi,l6\2. 4to. 

11408. e. 

Witlioat pa^nation. Titlepage 
and last leaf alightly mutilated. 

— Institutiones grammaticsB... 
Editio secunda. MS. Notes. 
E.Babanus, Abredonise, 16S3. 8yo. 

12935. de. 16. 


The Wedding Garment J A sermon 
on Eom. xni. 14, by H. Smith.] 
Printed for W. Wright, London, 
1690. 8vo. 873. b. 10. 

WEDLOCKS (Walter) A 
lyttle treatyse called the Image 
of Idlenesse, conte3^ynge oer- 
teyne matters moved betwene 
W. Wedlocke and Bawdin Bache- 
ler. Traslated out of the Troyane 
or Comyshe toungeinto Enelyshe, 
by O. Oldwanton, etc. «. E« 
W. Seres, London, [1660?] 8vo. 

627. 0. 37. 

Without pagination. Fifty-two 




WEEMES (John) The 
Workes of J. Weemse... contain- 
ing ... eight Bookes. 3 Vols. 
T. Cotei, for J, BeUamiey London, 
1636. 4to. 3752. b. 

Imperfect ; wanting vol. 3. 


Bookes. 4 vols. T, Coieafor J, Bel- 

lamiej London, 1637-32-34. 4to. 

493. b. 1-4. 

Vols. 2 and 4 are 'without any 
general titlepage. Seyeral of the 
pieces have each a separate titlepage 
and pagination. 

— The Christian Synagogue; 
wherein is contayned the diverse 
reading, the right pointing, trans- 
lation, and collation of Scripture 
with Scripture; With the Customs 
of the Hebrewes and Proselytes, 
and of all those nations, with 
whom they were conversant; 
digested into three Books. 2 pts. 
Prinied by J. 2>. for J, BeUamief 
London, 1623. 4to. 483. b. 7. 

Pt 2 has a separate pagination 
and register. 

Third edition, cor- 

rected. T. Cotes, for J. Bellamy, 
London, 1630. 4to. 3129. ddd. 

— The Pourtraiture of the Image 
of God in Man, in his three Estates 
of Creation, Bestauration, Glorifi- 
cation. Digested into two parts, 
etc. Printed for J, BeUamie, Lon- 
don, 1627. 4to. T. 798. (2.) 

WEEMSE(John) SeeWEEMsa. 

W E E B T (Jan van) Baron. 
A true and brief Belation of the 
Bloudy Battell fought... betweene 
Duke Bernard van Wimeren . . . and 
John de Weerdt, etc. See Geb- 
JCANT. The Invasions of Ger- 
manic, etc. 1638. 8vo. 9326. a. 

WEEVER (John) Ancient 
Funerall Monuments within the 
united Monarchie of Great Bri- 
taine, Ireland, and the Hands ad- 

voL. ni. 

jacent, with the dissolved Monas- 
teries therein contained... Wher- 
unto is prefixed a discourse of 
Funerall Monuments, etc. J. Har- 
per, London, 1631. fol. 2062. c. 

With a second titlepage, en- 
graved, and a portrait. 

— Another copy. 209. d. 1. 

— Another copy. Copious MS. 
Notes [by E. Chamberlain]. 

677. k. 1. 
Wanting the portrait. 

WEEVER (John) The Mirror 

of Martyrs, or the life and death 

of that thrice valiant Capitaine 

and most godly Martyre Sir John 

Old-castle Knight, Lord Cobbam, 

[A Poem.] V. S, for William Wood, 

[London,] leOl. 8vo. C. 39. a. 61, 

Without pagination. The title- 
page is in fac-Bimile. 

WELBY (Henry) ThePhoenix 

of these late times : or the life of 

H. W., who lived at his house in 

Grub-street forty-foure yeares, 

and in that space, was never scene 

by any ... With Epitaphs, etc, 

N. Okes, London, 1637. 4to. 

1419. c. 36. 

Without pagination. With por- 

— Another copy. 613. k. 6. (6.) 

— Another edition. N. Okes, 
London, 1637. 4to. 276. i. 37. 

WELDE (William) iSec Janua. 
Janua Linguarum, etc. [Trans- 
lated from the Spanish by W. W.] 
1621. 4to. 625. b. 8. 

wishing to a place. (An Incon- 
stant female, etc.) [Ballads.] 
90« H. 2 pts. The Assignes of 
T. Symcocke, [London, 1636?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 454. 

WELLES (John) TheSoules 
Progresseto the Celestiall Canaan, 
or Heavenly Jerusalem . . . Collected 

5 I 




out of the SoriptnreB and out of the 
writings of the ancient Fathers. 
Printed by E. O., London, 1639. 4to. 

873. i. 3. 

WELLES (Swithune) See 
Geningbs (E.) The Life and 
Death of M' E. G^eninges, etc. 
(A briefe Belation, by way of 
appendix, concerning the life and 
death of M. S. W.) 1614. 4to. 

1418. b. 10. 

The late commotion of oertaine 
Papists in Herefordshire, occa- 
sioned by the death of one A. W., 
a recusant, etc. [Edited by 
T. Hamond.l Imprinted hy 8. 8, 
for L ChorUonj and F. Burton, 
London, 1605. 4to. 1368. a. 

WELLS (John) 
See W., J., Esquire. 

WELSH. Car-wr y Cymru : 
anfon ychydig gymmorth i 
db tad a mam sy'n ewyllysio bod 
eu plant yn blant i Dduw hefyd : 
a chael o honynt wir wybodsieth 
o ffordd iechydwriaeth. Neu 
ymddiddan ysprydolrhwng rhieni 
a'u plant, etc. [By 0. Thomas.] 
N. Okes, Llundain, 1630. 12mo. 

872. h. 43. 

— Car-wr y Cymru, yn annog 
ei genedl anwyl, a'i gyd-wlad- 
wyr er mwyn Crist ai heneidiau i 
chwilio yr Scrythyrau,,..Y rhai, 
yr awr'hon yn diweddar 6 brinti- 
wyd o newydd yn Qymraec, etc. 
[By 0. Thomas. — IVeceded by 
remarks on Welsh pronunciation, 
by E. EyfSn; and ending with 
an address to the Beader by 
B. Lloyd.] F, Kyngston, Llundain, 
1631. 16mo. 872. b. 4. 


dilediaith, nai scrifennu *n iaun. 
(Dosparth ar yr ail rann i ramadeg 
a eluir cyfiadLydiaeth. — Y rhann 
divaethaf i ramadeg a eluir Tony- 
diaeth. — Dosparth ar fessaraa 
cerd dafod, yn dangos bath yu 
messur a phessaul rhyuogaeth syd 
o honynt.) [By G. Boberts. With 
some MS. SfoTES by B. Morris.] 
4 pts. [Milan,] 1567. 8vo. 

C. 33. a. 6. 

The work is inoomplete, breaking 
off abraptly at p. 56 of pt. 4. It jb 
doubtful whether any more was 

— Another copy. G. 7611. 

€k>ntaining pt. 1 only. 

WELSH (John) A reply 
against M. Gilbert Browne Priest, 
wherein is handled many of the 
greatest... pointes of con^ouersie 
betweene us and the Papists, 
and the truth of our doctrine 
clearly proued ... Whereunto is 
anexed a severall treatise, con- 
cerning the masse and Anti- 
christ. 2 pts. B. Walde-grave, 
Edinburgh, 1602. 4to. 3936. bb. 9. 

Pt. 2 has a special titlepage. 
but the pagination is continuous. 

WELWOD (Willum) An 
abridgement of all Sea-Lawes 
gathered forth of all writings 
and monuments, which are to 
be found among any people or 
nation, upon the coasts of the 
great Ocean and Mediteranean 
Sea, etc. H. Loumee for T, Man, 
London, 1613. 4to. 1093. b. 75. 

— Another copy. 228. o. 34. 

— Another edition. Hie As- 
signee of J, Man and B. Fisher, 
London, 1636. 8yo. 506. a. 28. 


Dosparth byrr ar y rhann gyntaf 

i ramadeg cymraeg le cair lauer 

o bynciau anhepcor i un a chu'en- thodica. ComnopoJt, [London f 

nychai na doedyd y gymraeg yn 1615. 4to. 

— De dominio maris, juribus- 
que ad dominium prsedpu^ spec* 
tantibuB assertio brevis et me- 

oH, [London tl 
884. h. 26. (1.) 




WEMIXTS (Joannes) de Craig- 
toune, Baa-iXcctfS \nr€poxrf- Sive, 
de Regis Primatu Libellus. In 
quo summa R^s seonndiim Deum 
anthoritas cum in Givilibus ttim in 
Eoclesiasticis, supra & Populum 
& Clerum breviter & methodioe 
probatur. T. FihUuan^ EdivhtMrgi^ 
1623. 4to. 600. d. 9. 

See Winifred. 

See Stepney, Manor of. Begin, 
Hereafter ensuetb theauncieut... 
customes, of the ... Manners of 
Stel)bunhuth and Hackney ... 
newelie ... considered off, ... and 
approved, by...H. L. W., etc. 
[1610?] 4to. 884. h. 8. (2.) 

miscellanie, or, a Begistrie and 
Methodicall Directorie of Orizons: 
exhibiting a presentment of the 
sonles requestes in the high court 
of the heavenly parliament ; pre- 
faced with Meditations of a three- 
fold distinct nature, etc. 2 pts. 
Imprinted for J, Hariaon^ London^ 
1616. 4to. 3465. d. 36. 

Each pt. has a Beparate pagination. 
— Another copy. 1220. e. 

Pithie Exhortation to her majestic 
[Queen Elizabeth] for establish- 
ing her successor to the crowne. 
Whereunto is added a discourse 
containing the Authors opinion 
of the true and lawful! successor 
to her Majestic. 2 pts. 1698. 8vo. 

O. 3266. 

Each pt. has a separate titiepage 
and pagination. 

Baron Wentworth, See Stepney, 
Manor of. The free Customs... 
and Priviledges of the Copyhold 
Tennants of the Manners of 
Stepny and Hackny ... Before 

which is prefixed an abstract... 
of the Assurance given by Thomas 
Lord Wentworth ... unto his ... 
Tennants... for the ratifying... of 
the same. 1617. 4to. G. 3712.(1.) 

Earl of Strafford. Depositions 
and Articles (of the Commons as- 
sembled in Parliament) against 
Thomas Earl of Strafford Febr. 
16. 1640. [London,] 1640. 4to. 

1103. f. 10. (3.) 

— Another copy. 100. c. 8. 

— Another edition. [London,] 
1640. 4to. T. 1076. (2.) 

WERBUROH, Saint. Lyfe 
and history. See Bradshaw (H.) 
Begin. Here begynneth the holy 
lyfe, etc. 


Jesus Christ. The hope of the 
fay thful, etc. [Translated from the 
German of O.W.] [1664?] 16mo. 

4410. e. 

— See Seymour (E.) Duke of 
Somerset. A Spyrytuall and moost 
precyouse Pearle, etc. [From the 
German of 0. W.] 1650. 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 

— A Spirituall, and most pre- 
cious Pearle, teaching all men to 
love and imbrace the crosse... 
Written... by... 0. Wermulierus. 
And translated into English by 
M. M. Coverdale. [With a pre- 
face by Edward Seymour, Duke 
of Somerset.] 90. Z* B.Bobinson, 
London, 1693. 16mo. G. 11664. 

WESCOMBE (Martin) 
Tabul» Pontificisd evangelicas 
veritatis radiis dissipatsB. L. Lich- 
field, Ozonise, 16S9. 8vo. 1226. a. 

WEST INJyiES.— Oeoctroy- 
eerde Nederlandsehe West-Indische 
Oompagnie. See Netherlands, 
United Provinces of the. — Stolen 




Oeneraal, Orders and Articles... 
oonoerning the erecting of a West 
India Companie. Together with 
the Privileges and rights given 
unto the same. 1621. 4rto. 

1029. e. 5. (1.) 

WEST INDIES.— Geociroy. 

eerde Nederlandsche Wesi-Indische 
Companie, Divers considerations 
and reasons why a truce ought not 
to bee contracted : propounded by 
the commissioners and deputies 
of the most Hon. authorized com- 
pany of West India. See Trea- 
tises. Three severall Treatises con- 
cerning the Truce, etc. 1630. 4to. 

E. 1943. (9.) 

WEST (Hichard) See School. 
The School of Vertue [of F. 
Seager], the second part [by 
B. W.], etc. 1619. 8vo. 

11623. aa. 87. (2.) 

— The Court of Conscience or 
Dick Whippers Sessions. With 
the order of his arraigning and 
punishing of many notorious, 
dissembling, wicked, and vitious 
livers in this age. [In verse.] 
a. Eld, London, 1607. 4to. 

C. 39. b. 21. 

Without pagination. 

WEST (Thomas) Baron Be 
La Warre. The Relation of the 
Bight Honourable the Lord De- 
La- Warre, Lord Qovemour and 
Captaine Generall of the Colonie, 
planted in Virginia. W. Hall, 
for W. Welbie, London, 1611. 4to. 

G. 7136. 

Without pagination. 

WEST (William) &«Littlb- 
TON (Sir T.) Les Tenures du 
monsieur Littleton, etc. [Edited 
byW.W.] 1581. 8vo. 1128. a. 7. 

— [Symboleography, etc.] 
(Three treatises, of the second 
part of Symbolsdographie. First, 

of Comprimises and Arbiterments. 
2. Of Fines, Concordes, and Com- 
mon Kecoueries. 3. Of Offences 
and Indictments... Whereunto is 
annexed another Treatise of 
£quitie, the iurisdiction and pro- 
oeedinges of the high Court of 
Chauncerie, etc.) Lnprinied by 
C, Tetsweirt, Esq.,Londony 1 594. 4to. 

6190. aa. 19. 

Incomplete ; wanting the fiist pt 

WEST (WiLLLiM) The first 
( — second) part of Simboleo- 
graphy which may be termed the 
Art or description of Instruments 
and Presidents. Newly aug- 
mented with divers presidents 
touching Marchants affaires. 
Printed for the Companie of Sta- 
tioners, London, 1610^11. 4to. 

6145. bb. 24, 25. 

— Another edition. 2 pts. 
Printed for the Companie of oia- 
tioners, London, 1618. 4to. 

1130. k. 2. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage 
of pi 1. 

— Another edition. 2 pts. 
Printed for the Companie of Star 
tionerB, London, 1622, 27. 8vo. 

6146. aaa. 20. 

— Another edition. 2 pts. 
The Assignee of J. More Esq., 
London, 1632-27. 4to. 

510. e. 25, 26. 

The second pt. is a duplioate of 
the corresponding pt. of the pre* 
ceding edition. 

The faithful subject; or Mephi- 
boseth. And Salomons Porch... 
Two Sermons. Printed for O. Setk- 
ton, and S. Waterson, London, 
1608. 8vo. 3932. £ 

— Jacobs Well : or, A Sermon 
[on John rv. 6] before the Kings 
most excellent Maiestie at Saint 
Albans, in his Summer progresae 




. 1612. J. Beale for M. Lawe^ 
London, 1613. 8vo. 873. e. 28. 

WE STERNE (Thoma8> The 
flamiDg bush. Or an embleme 
of the true Church. N. Ohes, 
London, 1624 8vo. 873. o. 1. 

Bishop of Hereford. A Treatise 
of Beformation in Beligion, 
diuided into seuen Sermons 
preached in Oxeford... Hereunto 
are added two sermons touching 
the supper of the Lorde. 90. Z* 
T. Dawson for O. By shop, London, 
1582. 4to. 1025. i. 21. 

WESTMINSTER. Conference 
at, in 1559. The declaraoyon of 
the procedynge of a conference, 
begon at W. the laste of Marche, 
1559. concerning certaine articles 
of religion and the breaking up 
of the sayde conference by default 
and contempt of certayne Bys- 
shops, parties of the sayd con- 
ference. 90« %• B. Jugge and 
J. Cawood, London, [1560?] 8vo. 

G. 11986. 

Eight leayes, without pagination 
or register. 

turn at. See Canterbury, Province 
of — Convocation, 


Beges, BeginsB, Nobiles, et alij 

in Ecclesia Collegiata B. Petri 

Westmonasterij sepulti vsque ad 

annum... 1600. [By W. Camden.] 

L. P. E. Boilifantus, London, 

1600. 4to. C. 32. e. 4. 

This copy has the anns of the 
persons mentioned beautifully em- 
blasBoned on the margins, etc. Im- 
perfect; wanting the last leaf, con- 
tainlDg the list of errata. 

— Another copy. 

G. 3698. 

usque ad annum 

...1603. M. Bradu>oodus, Londini, 

1603. 4to. 677. o. 14. 

With an index in MS. at the end. 

— Another copy. MS. Addi- 
tions. G. 3699. 

— Another copy. 296. k. 10. 

usque ad annum 

... 1 606. If. Bradwoodus, Londini, 
1606. 4to. 578. b. 47. 

— Another copy. G. 3700. 

WESTON (Edward) 
See W., E. 

WESTON (William) See 
H., S. A Declaration of egre- 
gious Popish impostures... Prac- 
tised by Edmunds alias Weston, 
etc. 1603. 4to. 8630. e. 

— A true Belation of the 
faction begun at Wisbich by 
Fa. Edmonds alias Weston, a 
Jesuite, 1595, and continued 
since by Fa. Walley alilis Garnet, 
...and by Fa. Parsons,... against 
us the secular Priests... that dis- 
liked of novelties, etc. [By W, 
Watson?] [London f] 1601. 4to. 

860. k. 13. (4.) 

— Another copy, 860. i. 6. (1 .) 

WH., Ih. English Paradise. 
Discovered in the Latine prospect 
of Jacobs blessing. Gen. 27. 27. 
Ecce odor filii mei sicut odor 
agri h, domino benedicti, etc. 
By Ih. Wh. W. Hall for B. Bed- 
mer, London, 1612. 4to. 114. e. 65. 

Imperfect; wanting leaf Fi. 
Several leaves mutilated in the 

WHALLEY (John) Gods 
plentie feeding true piety : in 
a sermon [on Psal. lxxxi. 10] 
preached at Pauls Crosse... 18... 
June, 1615, etc. W. Stanshy, 
London, 1616, 4to. 3932. f. 

WHARTON (John) See Bible. 
— Old Testament. — Song of 
Solomon. A misticall devise of 
the spirituall ... love betwene 
Christ ...and the Church ... set 




forth in verse by J. Smith, eto. 
[Edited by J. W.] 1676. 8vo. 

C. 37. b. 47. 

WHARTON (John) Whar- 
tons Dreame. Conteyninge an 
invective agaynst oertaine ab- 
hominableCaterpillers as Usnrers, 
Extorcioners, Leasmongers and 
such others, etc. [in verse]. V. S* 
J. Oharlewodyfor P, Canyngtan, Lon- 
don, 1678. 4to. C. 21. 0. 71. 

Without pagination. Big. A-E. 
Slightly oropped. 

WHATELY (William) See 
W., M., Mcuter in Arts. 

— A Bride-Bush ; or a direction 
for married persons, plainly de- 
scribing the duties common to 
both, and peculiar to each of them, 
etc. F. Kyngston for T, Man, 
London, 1619. 4to. 8415. bb. 

— Another edition. B. AUop 
for B. Fisher, London, 1623. 4to. 

8415. CO. 

— A Care-cloth : or a treatise 
of the cumbers and troubles of 
marriage : intended to advise 
them that may, to shun them : 
that may not... to beare them. 
F. Kyngston for T. Man, London, 
1624. 4to. 8415. cc. 

— Gods Husbandry : The first 
Part. Tending to shew the differ- 
ence betwixt the hypocrite and the 
true-hearted Christian. (Second 
Part. Tending chiefly to the Re- 
forming of an hypocrite, etc.) 
2 pts. B. Alsop for T. Man, 
London, 1622. 4to. 4465. a. (2.) 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage 
and pagination. 

— The new birth : or, a trea- 
tise of regeneration, delivered in 
oertaine sermons. F. Kyngston 
for T. Man, London, 1618. 4to. 

4266. b. 
Imperfect; wanting pp. 79-82. 

— Another edition. B, Alsop 
for J, and P. Man, London, 
1622. 4to. 4455. a. (1.) 

— Another edition. 7^ 
Assignes of J. Man and B, Fisher, 
London, 1635. 4to. 4454. d. 

— Another copy. 4452. bb. (1 .) 

WHATELY (Wiluam) Pro- 
totypes, or, the pAmarie nrecedent 
presidents out of the booke of 
Genesis ... practically applied to 
our information and reformation. 
Together with M'. Whatelys Life 
and Death. Published by E. 
Leigh and H. Scudder. Printed 
by G. M. for O. Edwards, London, 
1640. fol. 3165. f. 

With a portrait of the author. 

— The Bedemption of Time, 
or, a Sermon [on Ephes. v. 16,] 
containing ... remedies for them 
that have misspent their time: 
shewing bow they should redeeme 
it, etc. F. Kyngston for T. Man, 
Lon<2cm,1619. 8vo. 4474. b. 109. 

— Sinne no more, or a sermon 

Son John v. 14,] preached in the 
i^arish Church of Banbury... upon 
occasion of a... fire that happened 
there, etc. Printed for O. Edwards, 
London, 1628. 4to. G. 20130. 

The third time 

published and enlarged, eto. 
Printed for O, Edwards, London, 
1630. 4to. 4452. bb. (2.) 

— Another copy. 114. e. 66. 

— Another copy. 694.e. 9.(12.) 

In this oopy the words "to be 
aold by E. Ijsuigham, of Banbnry," 
have l>een added to the imprint. 

WHE AB (Diogory) D. W. . . . 
Pietas erga benefactores : con- 
tinens, parentationem historicam 
manibus Camdeni oblatam, dedi- 
cationem imaginis Camdenianae 
in Schola Historica, necnon episto- 
larum eucharisticanun fasciculum. 




(T>. W. ... Oharisteria.) 2 pts. 
thUldmuB Turner, Ox(m.,162S. Svo. 

4373. a. 

WfiEAR (Digoort) Beleo- 
tiones hyemales do ratione & 
metbodo legend! ntrasq. bistorias, 
dviles et ecclesiastioaB ; quibus 
historiGi probatissimi, non Bolam 
ordine qno sunt legend! ...reoen- 
Bentnr, Bed doctorum etiam viro- 
mm de singulis judicia subneo- 
tnntuT, etc. k D. W(hear). L, Lick- 
fidd^ impensU H. Curteyne, Oxoniae, 
1637. 16mo. 8407. a. 

— Anotber copy. 580. a. 11. 

This copy has the words ''im- 
pensiB Ed. Forrest & H. Gurteyne" 
in the imprint. 

WHEATLIE (William) A 
Caveat for tbe Covetous; or, a 
sermon preacbed at Paules Crosse 
...out of Luke 12. 15. Printed 
by T. 0. for T, Man and M. Lawe^ 
London, 1609. 12mo. 4410. e. 

WHEELER (JoHN^ A trea- 
tise of oommeroe, wberin are 
sbewed tbeoommodies [mc] arising 
by a wol-ordered...Trade...sucb 
as tbat of Merobantes Adventurers 
is proved to bee, eta B. Schilders^ 
MiddleOwrgh, 1601. 4to. 

1029. e. 3. (1.) 

— Anotber edition. J, Hariaon, 
London, 1601. 4to. 1102. b. 1. (1.) 

— Anotber copy. MS. Notes. 

1029. e. 3. (2.) 

A Discourse of tbe Abuses now 
in question in tbe Cburcbes of 
Cbrist, of tbeir creeping in... and 
flowrisbing in tbe Babilonieb 
Cburcb of Eome, etc. [London, 
1606.] 4to. 108. a. 47. 

— Anotber copy. 4103. d. 

Wanting an nnnmnbered leaf, 
beginning: '* Jerom conoeming some 
Bishops in his time.*' 

Indulgences, etc., granted by 
J. W, by commission from Pope 
Urban YI. :] see Bome, Ohurck of. 
— XTbban VI., Pope. 

Sacristan d Catholihe Bomaniet. 
The Wbetstone of Beproof, etc. 
1632. 8vo. 3935. aa. 

See W., G. 

— See W., a, Oent. 

— Tbe Enemie to TJntbryfti- 
nesse: publisbing, by Lawes, 
documents and Disciplines. A 
Bigbt Bule, for Beformation of 
Pride, and otber Prodigall and 
Biotous disorders, in a Common 
wealtb: For tbe wortbines of 
Directions, a Perfect Mirrour for 
all Maiestrates: (especially) of 
Cities, etc. (An addition: or 
Tovcbstone for tbe Time: ex- 
posynff tbe daingerous Miscbiefes, 
tbat tbe Dicyng Howses ... do 
dayly breede witbin tbe Bowelles 
of tbe famous Citie of London.) 
». n. MS. Note [by P.- Bliss]. 
B. lones, London, [1586]. 4to. 

C. 40. c. 35. 

The titlepage is slightly muti- 
lated ; the aate is cut off, and the 
date 1584 erroneously supplied in 

— Tbe Englisb Myrror. A 
regard wberein al estates may 
behold tbe Conquests of Envy: 
Containing mine of common 
weales, murtber of Princes ... 
Publisbing tbe peaceable victories 
obtained, by tbe Queenes... Ma- 
jesty, etc. 1^. E. J. Windetfor 
0. Seton, London, 1586. 4to. 

231. 1. 18. 

— Anotber copy. G. 10444. 

— An beptameron of civill 
discourses. Containing tbe Cbrist- 
masse exercise of sundrie well 




oonrted Oentlemen and Gentle- 
women ...Wherin, is renowned, 
the Tertnes of a most honourable 
... gentleman (Phyloxemis). The 
Reporte of G. Whetstone. V. ]l« 
B. Jones, London, 1582. 4to. 

1077. i. 32. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. Q. 10445. 

The Honorable Reputation of a 
Sonldier : with a morall report of 
the yertnes, offices, and, by abnse, 
the disgrace of his profession. 
id«]l, B, Jones J London, 15S5, 4to. 

8825. bb. 
Without pagination. 

— The honourable reputation 
of a Boiildier...Drawen out of the 
lives, documents, aDd disciplines 
of the most renowned Romaine 
Grecian, and other famous mar- 
tiali8tes...Ende nu...yerduyt8cht 
. . . door J. Walraven. Hier volcht 

och d'[Engel]sche pronunciatie. 

Eng. and Dutch. By Jan Faedtz 

Jacohszoom ende Jan Bouwenszoon, 

Leyden, 1586. 4to. 8825. c. 

The English part is printed in 
Blaok Letter. 

— A mirour for Magestrates 
of cyties. Representing the or- 
dinaunces . . . of . . . Alexander . . . Seve- 
rus, to suppresse ... the ... vices 
noorished in Rome by the super- 
fluous nomber of dicing-houses, 
tavams and...stewes: suffred by 
...Helyogabalus, with sundrie... 
orations by the said... Emperor, 
cocerning reformation, and here- 
unto is added A Touchstone for 
the time containyng many...mis- 
chiefes, bred in London by the 
infection of some of thease sanc- 
tuaries of iniqui tie. id.]l« B.Jones, 
London, 1584. 4to. 1103. f. 6. 

— Another copy. G. 10443. 

— A Remembraunce of the 
Life, Death, and Yertues of... 

Thomas, ...Erie of Sufsez, etc. 
[In verse.] J. Wolfe and B, Jones, 
London, 1583. 4to. 276. i. 7. 

Without pagination. 

The right excellent ... Historye 
of Promos and Cassandra: de- 
vided into two CommiccJl Dis- 
courses, etc. [Each being a play 
in five acts and in verse.] V. %• 
B. Ihones, London, 1578. 4to. 

C. 84. e. 42. 

Without pagination. 

— The Rocke of Regard, divided 
into foure parts. The first, the 
Castle of delight... The second, 
the Garden of Unthriftinesse... 
The thirde, the Arbour of Yertue. 
...The fourth, the Ortchard of 
Repentance : wherein are dis- 
coursed, the miseries that foUowe 
dicing, the mischiefes of quarrel- 
ing, the fall of prodigalitie, etc. 
[Mostly in verse.] id. Z« Im- 
printed for B. Waley, London, 
1576. 4to. 1077. g. 7. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 69-76. 

WHITAKER (Alexander) 
Good Newes from Virginia, [a 
sermon on Eccl. xi. 1] sent to the 
Counsell and Company of Vir- 
ginia resident in England ... 
wherein also is a narration of the 
present state of that countrey, 
and our colonies there, etc. 
F. Kyngston for W. WeWy, Lon- 
don, 1613. 4to. 694. e. 9. (13.) 

WHITAKER (Tobias) Ucpi 
vSpowoa-ia^ : or, a discourse of 
waters : their qualities and effects, 
etc. Printed for J. Orismond, 
London, 1634. 12mo. 1171. a. 5. 

— The Tree of humane life, 
or, the bloud of the Grape, prov- 
ing the Possibilitieof maintaining 
humane life from Infancy to ex- 
treame old age, without any sick- 

W H I W H I 1586 

neflse by the use of Wine. Printed lation and Catholike annotations 

by L D. for H. 0., London, of the New Testament, etc. 

1638. 8vo. 1088. h. 17. 1583. 8vo. 860. f. 6. 


fnen Funebre. See ^ORj,m (G.) ^^,^^3 t. Stapletoni...Defensio. 

InobitumornatissimiYinG.W., ^^^ eoclesiasticiB authoritatia, 

qnam ipse luonlentam & accura- 

— See Lambeth Articles. Ar- tarn inscripsit, tribusque libris 
ticuli Lambethani : id est, I. digessit, duplicatio, pro anthori- 
Articnloram Lambethaa exhibi- tate atqne avromoTia S. Scriptn)*8B. 
torum historia. II. Articuli de J. LegcUus, Cantabrigise, 1594. fol. 
PrsBdestinatione, & annexis capi- 3935. g. 
tibns kk D. Whitakero Lambethaa 

propositi, eto. 1631. 12mo. — An answere to a certeine 

4902. aaa. 22. (3.) Booke, written by...W. Rainolds 

...entitnled, A Refutation of sun- 

— See N., A. Cateohismus drie reprehensions, cavils, eto. 
parvus, pueris primiim qui edis- MS. Notes. Imprinted 6y T. TAohmm, 
catur, proponendus in Soholis. Printer to the Univerntie of Cam- 
Latins <fe Graeo^. [Being a trans- bridge, for T. Chard, London, 
lation of the Church Catechism, 1685. 8vo. 1019. e. 4. 
with additions, into Latin by A. 

Nowell, and into Greek by W. W.] — An Answere to the ten 

1574. 8vo. 843. c. 21. (2.) reasons of E. Campian, the Jesuit, 

1KQA o oKAc AH ^^ ooufidenoe whereof he offered 
1584. 8vo. 3505.O.46, disputation to the Ministers of 

— See N., S., Doctor of Divinity, the Church of England... Where- 
An Antidote... against the pesti- unto is added in briefe marginall 
ferous writings of all English notes the summe of the defence 
sectaries... in particuler D. W., of those reasons by J. DursBUs... 
eto. 1615, etc. 4to. 3935. 0. with a reply unto it Written 

first in the Latine tongue by... 
1622. 4to. 698. 0. 24. w. W. and ... translated ... by 

-&6N0WKLL(A.) Xpurrcavtcr. ^' |*^^^' % RKyngsUm for 

^i;<rTotx€ta,crts...ChristianiBpieta- f;^?^*"^/**^ ^' ^«»^^.^^. 

tis prima institutio. [Translated ^^^^' ^^^' 226. a. 9. 

into Greek by W. W.J Gr. and _,. ^ ^. , « « . 

Lat. 1575. 8vo. 3505. 0. — Disputatio de Sacra Scrip- 

tura contra hujus tempons Fa- 

1577. 8vo. 3505. a. pistas, inprimisR.Bellarminum... 

QjQ v iQ <fcT.Stapletonum,...sexqu8Bstioni- 
^^^^' ^^^' 843. b. 18. bus proposita et traotata it G. Whi- 

KaTi7Yi<ruos...Catechismu8, *?^«r^- . .^ ^ffi^^^ ^^ Thomani, 

etc. [Translated from the Latin Cantabngm, USS. 4to. 3935. co. 

byW. v.] (?r. and La<. 1573. 8vo. ^ , .. 

1353. a. — Prsdlectiones ... m quibus 
tractatur Controversia de Con- 

— See Rainolds (W.) A re- oiliis contra Pontificios, imprimis 
futation of sundiy reprehensions R. Bellarminum Jesuitam, m sex which M. W. laboureth to Quaestiones distributa ... Edita... 
deface the late English Trans- oura J. Allenson...His adjeota est 




...alia ejusdem Prsalectio alterins 
argnmenti, etc. Johannes Legate 
Oantabrigise, 1600. 8yo. 

860. f. 3. (2.) 

The last ''Pneleotio'* is separately 

W H I T A E E B (Wiluam) 
Prsdlectiones, ... in quibas tractatur 
CoDtroversia de Eccleeiia, oontra 
Pontifioios, inprimis B. Bellar- 
minnm, in septem QusostioneB dis- 
tributa...oura J. Allenson ... Ac- 
ceBsit ejusdem W. ultima Concio 
ad Clerum, nn& oiim desoriptione 
vitee et mortis, Authore A. Asshe- 
tou ... quam sequuntur oarmina 
fanebria. 2 pts. Ex officina Jo- 
hannis Legate Academise Canta- 
hrigienns Typographic 1599. 4to. 

861. f. 20. 

Ft. 2, oontaining the ** Concio/' 
has a separate titlepage and pagina- 

— BesponsioniB ad deoem illas 
Bationes, quibus fretus E. Cam- 
pianiiB oertamen EoolesiaB Angli- 
oan» miniBtris obtulit in catusa 
fidei, Defensio oontra confnta- 
tionem I. Dnrssi, eto. Henricus 
MidletonuSf Xondtm, 1583. 8vo. 

860. f. 1. 

— Tractatns. . .de Pecoato origi- 
nali in treB libroB diBtributus, 
adversTiB tres primos libroB 
T. Stapletoni de universa Jostifi- 
cationiB dootrina . . . edituB . . . oura 
J. AUenBon, etc. Ex officina 
Johannia Legal, Academiee Cania- 
hrigienns Typographic 1600. 8vo. 

860. f. 3. (1.) 

WHITBIE (0.) Londons 
Betnme, after the aeoreaBe of the 
Bicknes: in a Bermon Ton Hosea 
VI. 12], etc. Printed by N. and 
L Okea, London, 1637. 4to. 

4473. aaa. 41. 

the laying open of oertaine onor- 
mities and abnseB committed by 
Bome that trade to that oonntrey, 
etc. F. KyngsUm, for W. Barrel, 
Loikicm, 1620. 4to. 278.0.31.(1.) 

— Another copy. 1196. b. 43. 
Imperfect; wanting the titlepage. 

A diflcoarBe and discovery of 
New-fonnd-land...Al80 an invita- 
tion: likewiBe oertaine Lettem 
Bent from that Conntrey, etc. 
2 ptB. F. Kingston^ Land(m^ 
1622. 4to. G. 2907. 

— Another edition. F. Kingston, 
London, 1623. 4to. 982. a. 28. 

— Another copy. 798. d. 19. 

— A diBCOurse oontainine a 
loving invitation... to all Biich as 
shall be Adventurers ... for the 
advancement of his Majesties... 
Plantation in the New-fonnd-land. 
^Letter from CaptaineE. Wynne, 
Govemonr of the Colony at Ferry- 
land. ..unto... Sir G. Calvert, his 
Majesties Prinoipall Secretary, 
Jnly 1622. [Followed bjr other 
letters.]) 2 pts. F, Kyngsion, 
Xonion, 1622. 4to. 278. c. 31. (2.) 

The second pt., oontaining Captain 
Wynne's letter, has a separate pagi- 
nation and register. 

— Another copy. 

1196. b. 41, 42. 

WHITE (Anthony) Truth 
and error discovered, in two ser- 
mons in St. Maries in Oxford. 
J. Lichfield for H. Cktrteyne, Oxford, 
1628. 4to. 3935. b. 

WHITE (Charles) See 
Clerk£(B.) Sermons... published 
...byC.W. [1637.] fol. 478. c. 9. 

WHITBOUBNE (Bichard) WHITE (Christophbb) Of 
A Disoonrso and Discovery of Oathes ; their Object, Forme, and 
New-fonnd-land. Together wiUi Bond; the Panishment of Per- 




jane, and the Impietie of Papall 
Dispensations. Delivered in three 
sermoDB [on Josh. ix. 19] in Oxen- 
ford, to the Universitie. ImprirUed 
for B. Mab, London, 1627. 4to. 

694. g. 23. (16.) 

WHITE (Christopher) A 
sermon [on Bom. xiii. 1] 
preaohedin Christ-Chnroh, Oxford, 
eta B. Norton and J. BiUf Lon- 
don, 1622. 4to. 4475. aaa. 119. 

WHITE (Francis) siiGcessively 
Bishop of Carlisle, of Norwich, and 
of Ely. See Fbatley (D.) The 
Bomish Fisher his 
owne net. Or, a true Belation 
of the Protestant Conference [of 
D. Featley and F. W. with J. 
Fisher, etc.]. 1624. 4to. 

224 c. 12. (3.) 

— Conferenoe had between Dr. 
White,... and Dr. Featly, with Mr. 
Fisher and Mr. Sweet, Jesuites, 
etc. See Fisher (J.) pseud. The 
Fisher oatched in his owne Net. 
1623. 8vo. 697. c. 40. 

— See Fisher (J.) pseud. The 
Answere unto the Nine Points of 
Controversy proposed by our late 
8oYeraygne...and the Bejoynder 
nnto the Beply of F. W. Minister. 
With the Picture of the sayd 
Minister, or Censure of his 
Writings. 1626, etc. 4to. 869. h. 6. 

— The orthodox faith ... ex- 
plained... in answer to a Popish 
Treatise, entitnled White died 
blaoke; wherein T. W. Pfriest] 
in his...aocuBation of D. White... 
is proved a trifler. See White 
(John) The Works of . . . J, White, 
etc. 1624. fol. 475. d. 17. 

— A replie to Jesuit Fishers 
answere to certain questious pro- 
pouded by... King James... Here- 
unto is annexed a conference of 
the right: B: B: of S* David's 
[W. Laud] w^ the same Jesuit. 

(Answered by B[ichard] Bfayly?] 
chaplain to the B.) 2 pts. A, Islip, 
London, 1624. fol. 477. e. 11. 

Each pi. has a separate titlepege, 
register, and pagination. The title- 
page ifi engraved. 

WHITE (Francis) successively 
Bishop of Carlisle, of Norwich, and 
of Ely. A treatise of the Sabbath- 
day : containing a defence of the 
orthodoxall doctrine of the church 
of England, against Sabbatarian- 
novelty. Second Edition. B. Bad- 
ger, London, 1635. 4to. 1113. g. 3. 

Third edition. Printed 

by B. B., London, 1636. 4to. 

4365. d. (2.) 

WHITE (Francis), of 
Magdalene College, Oxford. Lon- 
don's Warning by Jerusalem. A 
Sermon [on Micah vi. 9] preached 
at Pauls Crosse on Midlent Sun- 
day last. G. Purslowefor B. Flem- 
ming,London,1619. 4to. 873.e.25. 

WHITE (Harim) The Ready 
Way to true Repentance: or a 
Godly and Learned Treatise, of 
the Kepentance of Mary Magda- 
len: opened in divers Sermons... 
begun in... London,... 21. day of 
Septemb. 1616. and continued in 
...Sandwich ; contayning Doc- 
trine of Faith... Whereunto also, 
by request, are added certaine 
other Sermons, preached by the 
same Author, etc. Prinied by 
Q. E{ld) for T. B., Lon- 
don, 1618. Svo. 693. e. 18. (6.) 

The ''other SermoDB," of which 
there are three, have each a sepa- 
rate titlepage, but the pagination and 
register are continoons throughout. 

WHITE (John) Artist. The 
true pictures... of the people in... 
Virginia . . . Diligentlye collected . . . 
and draowne by J. White, etc. 
[23 plates.] Som picture, of the 
Fictes which in the olde tyme 
dyd habite one part of the great 



Bretainne. [6 plates.] See Bry 
(J. de) a briefe and true report 
of the new found land of Vir- 
ginia, etc. 1590. fol. G. 6837. (2.) 

WHITE (John) Bishop of Win- 
chester. Diacofiiomartyrion id est 
ducentorum virorum testimonium, 
de veritate corporis, et sanguinis 
Christi, in Eucharistia... ad versus 
Petrum Martyrem...con8criptum, 
etc. [In verse.] MS. Notes. In 
aedtbu8[B.]CaU,Londiniyl55S. 4to. 

G. 17790. 

WHITE(John) D.D., Minister 
of God's Word at EccUs, See 
G., W., Frofessour in Divinity, A 
Discovery of certaine notorious 
shifts... and untruthes uttered by 
M. J. a booke... intituled 
A Defence of the Way, etc. 
1619. 4to. 117. g. 36. 

A Treatise of the Church. 

In which is proved M. J. W. his 
Way to the true Church, to be 
indeed no way at all to any 
Church, etc. 1616. 4to. 117.g.35. 

— The Protestation of J. W.... 
written... to the end the Papists 
might understand he departed 
out of this world of the same 
opinion, etc. 5c6 Hill (R.) The 
Path- Way to Prayer and Pietie, 
etc. 1629. 12mo. 875. b. 26. 

— The Workes of... J. White. 
...Together with a Defence of The 
Way to the true Church, in an- 
swere to a Popish Treatise, writ- 
ten by T. W. P[rie8t] entituled 
White died blacke. By F. White, 
etc. 4 pts. Printed for W. Bar- 
ret, London, 1624:. fol. 475. d. 17. 

Each pt. has a separate titlepage, 
pagination, and register. With a 
portrait of the author and a seoond 

— The way to the true church: 
wherein the principall Motives 
perswading to Eomanisme...are 


familiarly disputed and driven to 
their issues... Contrived into an 
Answer to a Popish Discourse, 
concerning the Bule of Faith 
[by A. D.]...The seoond impres- 
sion. Printed for J. Bill and 
W. Barret, London, 1610. 4to. 

697. d. 24. 

The third Impres- 
sion corrected and augmented. 
Printed for J. Bill and W. Barret, 
London, 1612. 4to. 873. k. 18. 

WHITE (John) D.D., mniMer 
of God's Word at Eedes. A de- 
fence of The Way to the true 
Church, against A. D. his Beply. 
Wherein the Motives leading to 
Papistry, and Questions, touching 
the Bule of Faith, the Authority 
of the Church. ..are fully ... dis- 
puted. Printed for W. Barret, 
London, 1614. 4to. 3935. co. 

WHITE (John) MalhemaHcian. 
See Ephemkrides. White... A new 
Almaoacke and Prognostication. 
...By J. W. 

WHITE (Matthew) Newee 
from Ipswich: Discovering oer- 
taine late detestable practises of 
domineering Lordly Prelates, to 
undermine the established doc- 
trine and discipline of our Church, 
extirpate all orthodoxe sincere 
preachers,... usher in popery, etc. 
Ipswich, [1636?] 4to. 4103. d. 
Six leaves, without pagination. 

Edition 3. Ips^ 

mch, 1636. 4to. 4106. b. 

Four leaves, without pagination. 

WHITE (Peter) Anansweare 
unto certaine crabbed questions 
pretending a reall presence of 
Christ in the Sacramento, latelie 
propounded by some secret Papist. 
...Together with a discouerie of 
the Jesuiticall opinion of justifi- 
cation, guilefully vttered by Sher- 
wyne at the time of his ezeon- 




tion. 2 pts. J. Wolf e and E. Kirk- 
ham, London, 15S2. 8vo. 3932. b. 

The Beoond pt. is printed in 
Black Letter. It has a distinct 
titlepage, pagination, and register. 

WHITE (Thomas) Founder of 
Sion College. See W., T. 

— A godlie sermon [on 1 John 
III. 2, 3] preached the zzi day of 
June 1586 at the 
bnriall of... Sir H. Sidney. %• S* 
H, Midleton, London, 1586. 8vo. 

4903. a. 2. 

— Another oopy. 1419. a. 6. 

— A Sermon [on Lnke in. 10- 
14] preached at Paules Crosse the 
17. of November An. 1589. In 
joy full remembrance ... for the 
peaceable yeres of her Majesties 
... Baigne over us, now 32. 
B. Bohinson and T, Newman, 
[London,] 1589. 8vo. 

4453. aaa. 10. (2.) 

WHITE (Thomas) B. C. Priest. 
See EusHWORTH (W.) 

WHITE (Thomas) a Writer 
c^ainst the Broumists. A Dis- 
covery of Brownisme : or a briefe 
Declaration of some of the errors 
and abhominations . . .practised . . . 
among the English Company of 
the Amsterdam. 
Printed hy E. A. for N. FoArohe, 
London, 1Q05. 4to. 698. g. 4. (7.) 

— Another copy. 105. a. 28. 

WHITE ^Tristram) TheMar- 
tyrdome of Saint George of 
Cappadocia: Titular Patron of 
England, etc. W. Barley, Lon- 
don, 1614. 4to. 1076. i. 12. 
Without pagination. 

See Maochiavelli (N.) The 
Arte of Warre ... set forth in 
Englishe by P. Whitehome, etc. 
1560, etc. 4to. 1397. h. 

1588. 4to. 1 140. h. 2. (1,2.) 

WHITFELD (Henrt) Some 
Helpes to stirre up to Christian 
Duties ... Second Edition ... en- 
larged. Printed for John Bartlet, 
Xondon, 1634. 12mo. 4401. aaa. 3. 

— Third edition, cor- 
rected, etc. Printed for J. Bartlet^ 
London, 1636. 12mo. 847. a. 24, 

WHITFORD (Kichard) See 
Bernard, Saint. Here begynneth 
a goodly treatyse, and it is called 
a notable lesson, otherwyse it is 
called the golden pystle. [Edited 
with great alterations by R. W.l 
[1531?] 4to. C.40. o. 17, 

— See Charlibr de Gerson (J.) 
The folowyng of Christ : Lately 
translated out of latyn in to Eng- 
lysshe [by R. Whitford], etc. 
[1535?] 16mo. G. 19949. 

— See Simon, the Anker of Lon- 
don Wall. The fruyte of redemp- 
cyon. [Attributed to R. W.] 
1514. 4to. C. 21. c. 23. 

— A dayly exercyse and ex- 
peryence of dethe, gathered and 
set forth, by a brother of Syon 
R. Whytforde. ». %. John Way- 
lands; Lodon, 1537. 8to. 

4402. aaa. (2.) 
Without pagination. 

— A dialoge or comunicacion 
bytwene the curate... i the paro- 
chiane ... for a due preparacion 
unto howselynge. The werke for 
housholders ^ the golden pystle 
(ascrybed unto saynt Bernarde) 
and Alphabete or a crosrowe 
called an A. B. C. (of Saynt 
Bonayenture\ id. 8, 2 pts, 
John Waylande, London, 15S7. 4to. 

4402. aaa. (1.) 

Without pagination. " The 
Werke for housholders, etc.," has a 
separate titlepage and register. 
Big. D4 of pt. 2 is mutilated. 

1673, etc. 4to. 8825. bb. — Here foloweth dyvers holy 




instmojons and teachynges very WHITOIIT (John) sucoeB- 

necessarye for the helth of mannes sively Bishop of Worcester and 

sonle, etc. V. E* W. Myddylton, ArclAishop of OanieHntry, Life. 

London, 1541. 4to. 4408. cc. See Paule (Sir G.) The Life, etc. 

WHITFORD (Richard) A 
Werke for Housholders, or for 
them that have the guydyng 
or gonemannce of any company. 
Gadred and set forth by a pro- 
fessed brother of Syon R. W. : 
and newely corrected and prynted 
agayne, etc. V. S. Few MS. 
Notes. B. Bedman, London, 
1537. 8vo. 8403. aaa. 

Without pagination. 

WHITGIPT (John) succes- 
sively Bishop of Worcester and 
Archbishop of Canterbury. See 
C, T. A Replye to [an] Answere 
ma[de of] Doctor [W.l agaynste 
[the admonition] to [the Parlia- 
ment by T. C.]. [1573 ?] 4to. 

108. b: 4. 

[1574?] 4to. T.2108.(1.) 

— See Cartwrioht (T.) A 
defense of the Ecclesiasticall Re- 
giment in Englande, defaced by 
T. C. in his Replie to D. Whit- 
gifte. 1574. 8vo. 1413. b. 17. (1.) 

— — The Second replie of 
T. Cartwright agaynst... Doctor 
Whitgiftes second answer touch- 
ing the Ghurche discipline. 
1575. 4to. 225. e. 22. (1.) 

The rest of the second 

replie of T. Cartvuright agaynst 
Master Doctor Vuhiteifts second 
ansvuer, touching tne Church 
discipline. 1577. 4to. 

225. e. 22. (2.) 

— The copie of a Letter written 
by a Gentleman in the countrey, 
unto a Londoner, touching an 
aunswere to the Archb. articles. 
See Enoland, Church of. A parte 
of a register, contayninge sun- 
drie memorable matters, etc. 
[1593.] 4to. 697. f. 14. 

— See Penry (J.) Th* Appel- 
lation of J. Penri unto the Highe 
Court of Parliament, from the... 
injurious dealing of the Arch- 
bishop of Canterb., etc. 1589. 8vo. 

C. 25. b. 19. 

— See Prelates. The unlaw- 
full practises of Prelates, etc. 
[Written against J. W.] 
[1584?] 8vo. 111. a. 8. 

— See B., J. An Epitaph on 
the Death of... John Arch-Byshop 
of Canterburie, etc. 1604. 8va 

11626. d. 51. 

— An Answere to a certen 
Libel intituled, An Admonition 
to the Parliament [by T. Cart- 
wright]. »♦ a. MS. Notes. 
H. Bynneman for H. Toy, London, 

1572. 4to. 1019. e. 3. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

108. b. 3. 

Newly augmented 

by the Authour. V. %• H. Bynne- 
man for H, Toy, London, 

1573. 4to. 697. f. 11. 

— The defense of the Aunswere 
to the admonition against the 
Replie of T[homas] C[artwright]. 
)9« Z. H. Binnemanfor H. Toye, 
London, 1574. fol. 475. d. 18. 

. — Another copy, 14. b. 8. 

— A godlie Sermon [on John 
VI. 25-27] preched before the 
Queenes Maiestie. March 26. 
id. S. H. Bynneman for H. Toy, 
London, 1574. 8vo. 114. a. 46. 

Without nagmation. Imperfect; 
wanting leaf B i. 

WHITHALS (John) A short 
Dictionarie for yonge beginnera. 




Gathered of good authours, (by 
Jlion Whithals), eto. Eng, Lot. 
J. Kingstiunyfor J. Waieyand A. Vele^ 
London, 1556. 4to. Q. 7494. 

Without pagination. The Eng- 
lish is in Blaok Letter. 

See Whitehobne. 

WHITINO (Nathaniel) 
See W., N. 

— See W., N., Mtuter in Arts, of 
Queen^s Cottege, Cambridge. 

WHITNEY (Geffrey) A 
Choice of Emblemes and other 
Deyises, for the moste parte 
gathered out of snndrie writers, 
Englished and moralized and 
divers newly devised by G. Whit- 
ney, etc. 2 pts. In the house of 
C, Plantyn, by F. Baphelengius, 
. Leyden, 1586. 4to. 637. g. 20. 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage. 

— Another copy. 89. e. 11. 


— Another copy. G. 11572. (1.) 

WHITNEY (Isabella) (A 
sweet Nosgay, or pleasant Posye : 
contayning a hundred and ten 
Phylosophioall Flowers, etc.) [In 
verse.] »• !♦ [London, 1573. J 8vo. 

C. 39. b. 45. 

Without pagination. Imperfect ; 
wanting titlepage and all before 
Big. A ^a 

WHITTEL (Thomas) 
See Whtttbl. 

WHITTELL (Bobert) The 
Way to the Gelestiall Paradise, etc. 
E, Griffin, for B. Bounihwaite, 
London, 1620. 4to. 4403. gg. 

[For the editions of the Book of 
t^salms ooUected into English 
metre by Stemhold, Hopkins and 
Whittingham and others:] see 

Bible. — Old Testament.— P^oZtw. 
— Metrical Versions. 


See Bible. — New Testament. 
The Newe Testament... conferred 
diligently with the Greke and 
best approved translations. [By 
W. W.] 1557. 8vo. 0.17. a. 15. 

— See Frankfort on the Main. 
A brieff disoonrs off the troubles 
b^onne at Franckford, etc. [By 
W. W. ?] 1575. 4to. 697. g. 20. 

— To my faythfuU Brethren 
now afflycted, eto. [An epistle 
by W. W. ?] See Popish Apparel. 
Begin. To my lovyngo brethren, 
eto. [1566?] 8vo. 3932. a. (4.) 

See OiCBRO (M. T.) [Cato Major, 
$eu de SeniBcttUe.] Tnllius de 
Senectnte... Translated by R. W., 
etc. [1535 ?] 8vo. 0. 38. a. 9. 

[De officiis.] The thre 

bookes of Tullyes offices... trans- 
lated by R. Whytinton, etc. 
1534. 8vo. C. 21. a. 9. 

[1540.] 8vo. 526. a. 16. 

— Grammaticnlomm institntio, 
sen vnlgaria Whitintoniana. 
Lat. and Eng. See Olarke (J.) 
Dux grammaticus, etc. Pts. 1 
and 4. 1633. 12mo. 12934. a. 2. 

— R. Whitintoni ... contra G. 
Hormani invectivas literas re- 
sponsiva. Sec Horman (W.) Anti- 
bossioon, etc. [Satires on R. W.] 
1521. 4to. 1069. b. 12. (2.) 

— iSeeLiLY(W.) Antibossicon. 

G. Lilii in Aenigmata Bossi 

i.e, R. W.] Antibossicon), etc. 

1521. 4to. 1069. b. 12. (1.) 

— iS6€ Opusculum. Opusculnm 
aifabre recognitnm et ad ungnem 
elimatum. De nominum generi- 





bus. De verboram preteritiB 
et supinis, etc. [By R. W.] 
[1620 ?] 4to. G. 7550. (2.) 

See Seneca (L. A.) [De Bemediis 
ForiuiiorumJ^ L. A. Seneoae ad 
Oallionemderemediis fortuitorum. 
...Translated by R. Whyttynton. 
1547. 16mo. 524. c. 9. (2.) 

[ Supposititious Works, — 

De JtfortbtM.] A frutefull worke 
of L. A. Senecae, called the 
Myrrour or glasse of maners and 
wysedome... Translated by R. W. 
1547. 16mo. 524. c. 9. (1.) 

[ Supposititious Works, — 

De Quaiuor Virtutihus,'] A frute- 
full worke... named the forme and 
rale of honest lymynge ... tras- 
lated by R. W. 1546. 16mo. 

524. o. 9. (I*.) 

— See Stanbridgb (J.) Acci- 
dentia ex stanbrigiana editione 
nnper recognita i castigata lima 
R. Whitintoni, etc. [1528?] 4to. 

G. 7563. (1.) 

[1530 ?] 4to. C. 41. d. 7. 

1534. 4to. C. 33. b. 18. 

— [ Declinationes nominum, ] 
Editio roberti Whittintoni lich- 
feldiensis grammatices... Declina- 
tiones noim ta latinoru % greoorii 
patronymicoru i barbaroru e 
Prisciano, Sipontino, Sulpitio et 
Ascensio amussatim collecte cu 
comentariolo interliniari % dic- 
tionu interpretatinnculis. In 
qnib^... seryatnr median! sylla- 
bamm productio i abbreviatio, 
etc. 30. A. Per wynandU de uforde, 
London,, 1617. 4to. C. 40. e. 13. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. With the printer's device on 
the titlepage and on the verso of the 
last leaf. 

— Another edition. ]0« S. 

MS. Notes. Per wynandU d$ 
words, Londini, 1519. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 15. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagins 

— [Another edition.] Whyt- 
thynf^ni Editio. Declinationes 
nominu tam latinorum eg gre- 
oorum, patronymico27 et barba- 
rorum, etc. l5. S. Per wjfnan- 
dum deworde, JLondon, [1520?] 4to. 

G. 7550. (1.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 

— [Another edition.] Editio 
R. Whitintoni ... DeclinationeB 
noim, etc. 30. S. Per Wynadum 
de Words, Londini, 1521. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 1. (6.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The titlepage has a womiout 

— [Another edition.] Gram- 
maticae Whitintonianse Liber 
secundus de nominum declina- 
tione. 13. 2. In sedtbus Winandi 
de Words, Londini, 1528. 4to. 

G. 7551. (2.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. A-0. 

— Another edition. V. S. 
In edibus Winandi de Words, 
Londini, 1525. 4to. G. 7555. (1.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 

— Another edition. V. S« 
In eedihus B. Pynsonia, Londini; 
Christi ab incarnations anno 25. 
supra sesguimiUssifnum, [1525]. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 2. (4.) 

Fourteen lieaves, without pagina- 
tion. With engraved border to the 

— [Another edition.] Editio 
R. Wnitintoni...ntiperime recog- 
nita. Dedinatioues nominum, 
etc. i3« %• Impressum diligeiUerq^ 




eorrectum per me P. Treverig 
[Southvfark, 1 633 ?] 4to. C. 40. a 29. 

Twenty leayes, without pagina- 
tion. The last leaf has the 
printer's device on the verso. 

[De heteroclytis.'l De heteroclytis 
nominibus. Editio R. Whitin- heteroclytis noibus at 
gradibiis coparationis. i3. £« 
Apud toynddu de worde^ Londinij 
1520. 4to. C. 40. e. 1. (4.) 

The short edition. Ten leaves, 
without pagination. Sig.A,B. This 
work wns subsequently enlarged 
and considerably altered. 

— De heteroclitis Nomini- 
bus. 6rammatic8B Whitintonianse 
Liber tertius de nominnra hetero- 
clisi. )$• il« in qdibus Winandi 
de Worde, Londiniy 1524. 4to. 

G. 7551. (3.) 

Eight leaves. Without pagina- 
tion. Big. A, B. 

— Another edition. 3S. S. 
Apud jprodum,,. Winandi de Worde, 
Xondtm,1527. 4to. G. 7555. (2.) 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. i3» £• 
Per me B, Pyneon, Londini, 
1627. 4to. C. 40. e. 2. (5.) 

Ten leaves, without pagination. 
With an engraved border to the 

— Another edition. i3* 31* 
Impressum per me Petrum Treveris, 
[8(mthwark,15S0?] 4to. C.40.e.25. 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. MS. Notes. 
id. 31, Impressum per me Petrum 
Treveris, [Southwark^ 1530]. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 26. 

The enlarged edition. Twenty 
leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition, id. S» 
Impressum per me Petrum Treveris^ 
[Sott/^warA;,1530?]4to. C.40.e.27. 

The enlarged edition. Twenty 
leaves, without pagination. 
VOL. m. 

[De heteroclytis.] De heteroclitis 
nominibus Whitintoni aeditio re- 
centior, et limatior, etc. W» 31. 
[London] Impresmm per me Winan- 
dum de Worde, anno ah incamatione 
domini 1533. 4to. C. 40. e. 30. 

The enlarged edition. Twenty 
leaves, without pagination. Sig. 
A-E. This edition contains on the 
reverse of the titlepage Latin verses 
by the author, complaining of Peter 
Treveris' printing his grammars in 
a bad manner and spoiling them. 
The printer's device occurs on the 
last leaf. 

— [De metris.] Whittyntoni 
Editio cum interpretamento P. 
Nigri diomedes de accetu in pe- 
destri oratioe potius ^ soluta 
observando. 13 ♦ %* Per Bichar- 
dum Pynson, London, Anno domini 
M.OCOCaVX. [1515?] 4to. 

C. 40. e. 12. 

Twenty-two leaves, without title- 
page or pagination. Sig. A-G. 
Probably this, like other editions of 
the same, was published as pt. 2 to 
Whittington's tract "De syllabarum 

— [De nominum genertbtut,"] 
Grammatices Primae partis Liber 
primus Roberti W. L. L. nuper- 
rime recognitus, De nominum 
generibus, etc. 13* 31. Ex typis 
Winandi Wordensis, vigesimo prima 
verhi incamati supra sesquimille' 
simum anno, Pridie Nonas JPe&ua. 
[London, 4 Feb. 1621 O.S.] 4to. 

T. 1340. (2.) 

Thirteen leaves, without pagination. 

— [Another edition.] i^. %. 
Ibid, Bridie Id^ Octohr. [London, 
14 Od. 1521.] 4to. C. 40. e. 1, (2.) 

Thirteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. id« 31. 
Ex typis Winandi de Warden, [Lon- 
don,] 1524. 4to. G. 7551. (1.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The last leaf has the printer's 
device on both sides. 





— Another edition. 13. S. 
MS. Notes. Per me Petrum Tre- 
veris^ in suhurhio Londoniensi vuU 
gariter Southtoarke nuncupato^ 
[1630 ?] 4to. C. 40. e. 24. 

Sixteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The last loaf oontalns the 
printer's device. The text of this 
edition differs considerably from 
that of the others. 

— Another edition. iS. ]l« 
Impressum per me Petrum Treveria, 
[Southtoark, 1 530 ?] 4to. 

C. 40. e. 23. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. D. S« 
Ex typU Winandi Wordensis, [Lon- 
don,^ trigesimo quarto verhi tncar^ 
nati eupra sesquimillesimum anno. 
[1534]. 4to. C. 40. e. 2. (2.) 

Sixteen leaves. Imperfect ; want- 
ing sig. Ai, 2. 

[De octo partibus oration%8,'] B. 
Whittintoni ... de octo partib^ 
orationis opusoulu: de novo re- 
cognitum, etc. 13 • S. per Wynd- 
dum de worde, Londini, 1519. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 16. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Sig. A-C. 

— Another edition. H* Z. 
In edibue Winandi de Wordey Lon- 
dini, 1521. 4to. C. 40. e. 1. (1.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. 13* £• 
In eedibue Winandi de Worde, Lon- 
dini, 1523. 4to. G. 7646. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. H. Z« 
Impreseus p me wynddu de worde^ 
Lodini, [1526?] 4to. 68. b. 26. (2.) 

Fourteen leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. 30« Z« 
Impreaeum diligenterq^ enndeaium 

per me Petrum Treuerie, ISoiUh- 
wark, 1530?] 4to. C. 40. e. 2. (1.) 

The arms of Henry VIIL, im- 
paling those of Anne Boleyn, are 
stam^d on the oover of the volume. 
The titlepage has an ornamental 
border. Fourteen leaves, without 

— Another edition. 13* Z* 
MS. Note. Londini, In eedibfis 
Winandi de Words trigesimo tertio 
supra sesquimiUesimum nostre salutis 
anno [1533]. 4to. C. 40. e. 31. 

Fourteen leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The titlepage has a woodcut 
border. On the reverse of the title 
are metrical lines against Treveris 
the Printer. The printer's devioe 
occurs on the verso of the last leaf. 

[De syllabarum quantitatwus.] B. 
Whi tin toni . . . de Byllabarii qnan ti- 
tatibus Opusculii ... Seciida pars 
gramatioe de syllaba % ei^ qnati- 
tate. De prima media i ultima 
BjUaba cognoscenda cum comenio 

1 interpretamento interliniari. 
De aocentu secundum diomedem 
grammaticii. De accetu apud re- 
centiores magis obBervato. De 
impedimentiB aooentus. (Editio 
nuperrime reoognita, etc.) 13* Z. 

2 pts. per toinddu de worde^ Lodini^ 
1519. 4to. C. 40. e. 17. 

Sixty-six leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Pt. 2 has a dtstinot register. 
The printer's devioe is on the title- 
page and tibe verso of the last leaf. 

— Another edition. Pt. 1. 
13. Z. MS. Notes. Wynkyn de 
worde \London\ Anno dni aix. 
supra sesquimiU^mum [1 519]. 4to. 

12932. aaa. 11. 

Forty-six leaves, without pagina- 
tion. The printer's devioe is on the 
titlepage. Imperfect; wanting pt. 2, 
containing ** De accentu," etc. 

— [Another edition.] R. Whi- 
tintoni L. Secunda grammatics 
pars de Bjllabaru quantitate, 
acoetu (fm Diomedem gramma- 
ticum, cum interpretameto F. 




nigri) & variis metroru generibus, 
nuprime recesita ... adjectis co- 
pluscnlis, etc. id« %• 2 pts. In 
dedibm Winddi de Worden, Lon- 
dint, vicesimo primo supra sesqui- 
miUeaimu noairae scdutis anno, 
[1521]. 4to. C. 40. e. 1. (7, 8.) 

Beventy-six leaves, without pagi- 

— Another edition. 13* E« 
2 pts. In ^dibiu Winandi de 
Warden, Lddini,lb2^. 4to. G.7648. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V. S« 
2 pts. In officina Petri Treveria, 
I^dtnw, [1630?] 4to. 

C. 40. e. 2. (9.) 

Eighty-two leaves, without pagi- 
nation. The titlepage has an en- 
graved border, and on the verso of 
the last leaf of pt. 1 is a woodcut of 
a schoolmaster and his scholars. 


{De synonymis.^ E. Whittintoni 
ichfeldiensis gramatices magistri 
...Lncubrationes. De noim ap- 
pellatiuoru...synonimi8. De epi- 
thet is ... De variadi formulis ta 
pedestri q^ soluto sermon e. Ex- 
perlentie de virtntis immortali- 
tate. De veteru romanoru magis- 
tratibns. 13* 31* per Wynandu de 
W<}rde,Lddm.,1517. 4to. C.40.e.l4. 

Thirty leaves, without pagination. 
The printer's device occupies the 
verso of fol. De. 

— R. Whitintoni ... lncubra- 
tiones. De synonymis. — De epi- 
tbetis, eto. 13. IL* In edihus 
Winadi de Worde, Londini, 
1521. 4to. C. 40. e. 1. (9.) 

Thirty leaves, without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 7552. 

— Another edition. 15. X* 
In ^dibua Winandi de Worde, Lon- 
dini, 1528, Mense Augusta. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 20. 

Twenty-eight leaves, without pagi- 

— Another edition. J5* 31. 
In mdihus B. Fynsonis, Londini: 
Ckristi ah ineamatiane . anna . 23. 
supra sesguimillesimum . 16. die 
Ittnty. [1523]. 4to. C. 40. e. 2. (8.) 

Thirty-two leaves, without title- 
page or pagination. 

— Another edition. 13* 31* 
In ^dibus Winandi de Worde, Lon- 
dini, 1626. 4to. 68. b. 25. (3.) 

Twenty-eight leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Sig. A-E. 

— Another copy. G. 7558. 

[Syntaxis.'] Whi ttyntoni . . . Editio 
de oonsinitate gramatices et Con- 
stractione noviter impressa, etc. 
». 31. MS. Notes. Per.., Ursyn. 
Mylner, Ehcrq., 1516. 4to. 68. b. 21. 

Twenty-four leaves, without pagi- 

— Another edition. 13, 3t. 
Per uiinandu de worde, London, 
1517. 4to. G. 7545. 

Twenty-six leaves, without pagi- 

— Syntaxis ... R. "Whitintoni 
Lichfeldiensis...Opusculu de Syn- 
taxi sive constnictione recensitu 
xxi snpra sesquimillesimn nre 
salutis anno, etc. 13* JL* In 
^dibus Winddi Wordensis, Londini, 
1520. 4to. C. 40. e. 1. (5.) 

Tliirty-four leaves, without pagi- 
nation. The printer's device occurs 
both on the recto and the verso of 
the last leaf. 

recensitu XXII. 

snpra sesqnimillesimnm n?e sa- 
Intis anno Idi. Februa. 13. E. Im- 
pressum per me P. Treveris, [South- 
wari, 1522?] 4to. C. 40. e. 2. (6.) 

Thirty-six leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Engraved border to title- 
page. Sig. A-I. 

— Another edition. 13* 3l« 
In sedibus Winandi Wordensis, Lon- 
danii, 1524. 4to. G. 7549. 

Thirty-four leaves, without pagi- 




— Another edition. 13. 3l« 
In ^dibus Winandi de Worde, Lou- 
dini, 1526. 4to. 68. b. 25. (1.) 

Thirty-four leavee, without pagi- 

— Another edition. W. S» 
In sedibus Winandi Wordensis, Lon- 
dani, [1 527]. 4to. 66. a. 23. 

Thirtj-three leaves, without pagi- 

— Another edition. 93 ♦ !• 
MS. Note. Londini in mdibua 
Winandi Wordensis Gliristi ab in- 
carnaiione anno xxxiij supra sesqui- 
wi7Ze««wttw[1533]. 4to. C.40.e.32. 

Thirty-four leaves, without pagi- 
nation. The printer's device occurs 
on the verso of the last leaf, the 
recto being blank. 

[Verborum prseterita.'] Verboru 
praeterita & supina. Gramma- 
ticae Prima Pars R. Whitintoni 
L. L. nu^rime recesita. Liber 
quintus De verborum praeteritie 
et siipinis, cu commento necnon 
interliniari dictionu interpreta- 
tione. (Liber Sextus, de Verbo- 
rum Formis, de defectivie et ano- 
malis, etc^ i3, 31. In ^dib^ 
Winddi de Worde^ Lodini, 1521. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 1. (3.) 

Twenty leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Sig. A-B. Imperfect; want- 
ing foil. Bs and 4. 

— Another edition. 35. U. 
In qdibu8 Winddi de Worde, Lddini, 
XXI. supra sesqmillesimu noairq 
redemptionis anno [1521]. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 18. 
Twenty leaves, without paginatioir. 

- — Another edition. i3. E« 
In qdib^ Winddi de Worde, Lddini, 
xxvj, supra sexqmillesimtl nostr^ re- 
dcpiiois anno [1526]. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 21. 

Twenty leaves, without pagination. 
Sig. A-D. 

— Another edition. 35. S. 

in ^dib'^ Winddi de Worde^ Lddini^ 

1524. 4to. G. 7547. 

Twenty leaves, without pagination. 

— Another edition. 15. X» 
In ^dUP Winddi de Word^, Lodini^ 
XXIX. supra sesquimiUesimu nostr^ 
redeptiois anno [1529]. 4to. 

C. 40. e. 22. 
Twenty leaves, without pagination. 

^Verborum prseterita.'] Verborum 
praeterita & supina : Grammaticas 
prima pars B. Whitintoni L. L. 
nuperrime recesita [sic] liber quin- 
tus, etc. (Liber sextus de verbora 
formis, etc.) 13. E. MS. Notes. 
[P. Treveris, SouthwarJc, 1 530 ?] 4to. 

C. 40. e. 28. 
Twenty leaves, without pagination. 

— Liber quintus primae partis 
grammatic83 Whitintonianse, de 
verborum praateritis. (Liber sex- 
tusj> v. 2. Lodini in eedtb^ Winddi 
de Worde . xxxiij. supra sesqui miUo- 
sirnH nostrse redemptionis anno 
[1533]. 4to. C. 40. e. 2. (3.) 

Twenty leaves, without pagina- 
tion. Imperfect; wanting sig. Ai, 
which prooably contained the title. 

— Grammatice prima pars, R. 
Witintoi L. L. noviter diligeterc^ 
recensita, Liber quintus, etc. 
(Liber sextus.) ».ll. [PeirusTre- 
verisy Southwark, 1535 ?] 4to. 

12932. aaa. 12. 

Twenty -nine leaves, without pagi- 
nation. This edition contains a 
fuller comment and interlinear in- 
terpretation than the others. 

— [Vulgaria.] Vulgaria R.- 
Whitintoni ... et de institutione 
grammaticulorum opuBOulum : 11- 
bello suo de concinnitate gram- 
matices acoomodatu: i in quat- 
tuor partes digestum. V. S. MS. 
Note [by Dr. Bliss]. Londini^ i 
edibus Winandi de Worde, XXL 
supra sesquimillesimum nostre salutis 
anno. [1521.] 4to. C. 40. e. 19. 

Forty-four numbered leaves, pre- 




ceded by one, and followed by three, 
unnumbered. Begister A-H, alter- 
nately in fours and in sixes. The 
tltlepage has a woodout border. The 
Latin metrical rules of syntax which 
form the text of this work are iden- 
tical with those in Whittington's 
work " De Syntax! ; " but the trans- 
lation of, and examples on, these 
rules are peculiar to the present 

— Another edition. Id. X* 
In edibus Winandi de Worde^ Lon- 
don, 1626. 4to. G. 7554. 

— Another edition. Id. I. 
Ex calcographia B. Pynsonis, Lon- 
dini, 1625. 4to. 827. d. 38. 

The date in the colophon is 1526. 

— Another copy. C. 40. e. 2. (7.) 
Imperfect; wanting foil. Ms and 4. 

WHITTLE (Thomas) 
See Whyttel. 

WHORE. The Costlie Whore. 
A comical Historic [in verse]. 
Acted by the companie of the 
Bevels. A, Mathetoesfor W. SheareSy 
London, 1633. 4to. 643. c. 66. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 161. b. 16. 


P., M. The Whoremongers Con- 
version, etc. [1636?] Broad- 
side fol. Kox. I. 478. 

WHYTTEL (Thomas) Cer- 
tayne letters of mayster T. Whyt- 
tel, a godly e ... minyster and 
preacher of Gods worde. See 
GovERDALE (M.) Btshop of Exeter. 
Certain most godly, frnitfall, and 
comfortable letters, etc. 1664. 8vo. 

488. a. 13. 

See Whittington. 

WIBURN (Perceval) 
See W., P. 

WICKHAM (William) suc- 
cessively Bishop of Lincoln and of 

Winchester. See Lincoln, Diocese 
of. — Visitation Articles. Articles 
to be enquired of and presented 
to the Bishop [W. Wickham]. 
1585. 4to. 698. g. 30. 

W I C K I N S (Nathaniel) 
Wood-Street-Corapters Plea, for 
its Prisoner, or the sixteen reasons, 
which induce mee N. Wickins... 
to refuse to take the oath ex 
officio, etc. [London^] 1638. 4to. 

617. f. 11. (2.) 

WICLIP (John) See Bible. 
— Appendix. The dore of holy 
scripture. [Being the prologue 
to W.*B translation of the Bible, 
revised, etc.] 1640. 8vo. 

C. 25. d. 7. (1.) 

— See James (T.) D.D., Sub- 
Dean of WeUs. An apologie for 
J. Wickliflfe, shewing his oon- 
formitie with the now Church of 
England, etc. 1608. 4to. 

T. 775. (2.) 

— The true copye of a Prolog 
wry tten ... by J. Wy cklife . . . the 
Originall whereof is founde writ- 
ten in an olde English Bible bi- 
twixt the olde Testament and the 
Newe, etc. [Edited by R. Crow- 
ley.] Id. 31. B. Crowley y London, 
1650. 8vo. 697. a. 13. 

132 leaves, without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 12. b. 2. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

1413. b. 12. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

— Two Short treatises against 
the Orders of the Begging Friars. 
...Printed according to two an- 
cient manuscript copies extant, 
the one in Benet Colledge,... Cam- 
bridge, the other remaining in 
the Publike Librarie at Oxford. 
[Edited by T. James.] J. Barnes, 
Oxford, 1608. 4to. T. 776. (1.) 




— Another copy. 106. a. 22. 

— Another copy. 

C. 21. b. 11. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 12061.(1.) 

WICLIF (John) Wycklyffes 
Wycket : whyche he made in 
Kyng Eycards days the second, 
in...M.CCC.XLV. (The testament 
of maister wylliam Tracie, ex- 
pounded by W. Tyndall.) ». 2> 
Noreriburch, 15^6. 16mo. 3932. c. 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. 

— WickliefiFes Wicket. Fayth- 
fally overseene (by M. C[over- 
dale?],) and corrected after the 
origiDall and first copie...Here- 
nnto is added an Epistle to the 
Eeader. With the protestacion 
of J. Lassels late burned in 
Smythfelde: and the Testament 
of W. Tracie, Esquire, expounded 
by W. Tyndall and J. Frythe. 
», a, [1648.] 8vo. 1360. a. 3. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Id. Z* 
[1660?] Svo. G. 11996. 

This edition differs very slightly 
from the preceding. 

— Wickliffes Wicket, or a 
Learned and Godly Treatise of 
the Sacrament... Set forth accord- 
ing to an ancient printed copie. 
[Edited by H. Jackson.] J. BameSj 
Oxford, 1612. 4to. 1018. d. 15. 

— Another copy. 114. a. 56. 

Imperfect; wanting all except 
the first four leaves, consisting of 
H. Jackson's Preface. 

WID DO WES (Daniel) 
Naturall Philosophy, or a Descrip- 
tion of the World and of the 
severall creatures therein con- 
tained... The second edition... en- 
larged. T. Cotes for J. Bellamie, 
London, 1631. 4to. B. 745. (6.) 

WIDDOWES (Giles) The 
Lawlesse Eneelesse Schismaticall 
Puritan ; or a Confutation of [W. 
Prynne,] the Author of an Appen- 
dix, concerning bowing at the 
Name of Jesus. Printed.., for the 
author, Oxford, 1631. 4to. 

1018. m. 22. (1.) 

— The Schysmatical Puritan. 
A sermon [on 1 Cor. xiv. 40] 
preached at Witney, concerning 
the lawfulnesse of Church-Au- 
thority, for ordaining, and com- 
manding of Kites, and Ceremonies, 
to beautifie the Church. Printed 
for the Author, Oxford, 1630. 4to. 

114. f. 4. 

The second edition, 

augmented. Oxford, 1631. 4to. 

1018. m. 22. (2.) 

A cleare . . . confutation of the . . . Re- 
ply of T. F., who is knowne to be 
Thomas Fitzherbert ... Wherein 
also are confuted the chiefest 
objections which D. Schulckenius, 
who is commonly said to be Card. 
Bellarmine, hath made against 
Widdringtons Apologie for the 
right, or Soveraigntie of temporall 
princes. By R. Widdrington, an 
English Catholike. 1616. 4to. 

3935. b. 

— R. Widdringtons last re- 
ioynder to M' T. Fitz-Herberts 
Reply concerning the Oath of 
Allegiance and the Popes power 
to depose princes... Also many 
replies . . . of . . . Bellarmine in his 
Schulckenius, and of L. Lessiua 
in his Singleton are confuted, and 
divers cunning shifts of...Peron 
are discovered. 1619. 4to. 

697. e. 19. 

doctrine of the Saobath, handled 
in foure severall bookes, etc. 
F. Kyngston for T. Man, London^ 
1604. 4to. 4355. de. 2. 




WIDOW. See C, W, The 
Widowes Joy, etc. 1622. 4to. 

873. e. 40. 

— The Widdowes Treasure, 
plentifully famished with sundry 
precious and approved secrets in 
phisike and chirnrgery, for the 
health and pleasure of mankinde. 
Heereiinto are adioyned, sundry 
prittie practises and conclusions 
of Cookerie, with many profitable 
and wholsome medicines for sun- 
drie disecuses in Catell. id. Z* 
J. Boberis for E. White, London, 
1696. 8vo. 1037. e. 1. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 30. Z. 
[London, 1600?] Bvo. 1038. f. 43. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

— Another edition. 3d* Z. 
Printed by B. B. for B. Bird, Lon- 
don, 1639. 8vo. 1038. d. 36. (7.) 

WIEFIN (Richard) 
See WiFFiN. 

WIFS. A good wife, or none. 
[A Ballad.] 3$. Z. 2 pts. Im- 
printed for F. Coulee, London^ 
{1636?] BroadeideM. 

Rox. I. 140. 

— The good wives fore-cast ; 
or, the kind and loving mothers 
oounsel to her daughter after 
marriage. [A Song.] 3$. Z* 
[Londony 1626?] Broadeide fol. 

Rox. II. 194. 

WIFPIN (Richard) See 
Smith (J.) Governor of^ Virginia, 
etc. A map of Virginia, with a 
description of the Countrey ... 
Whereunto is annexed the pro- 
ceedings of those Colonies since 
their departure from England... 
Taken out of the writings of R. 
Wiefin, etc. 1612. 4to. 

C. 33. 0. 18. 

WIGAND (Johann) See Neu- 
TRALES. De Neutralibus et Me- 
diis. Grossly Inglyshed, Jacke 
of both sydes. [Translated from 
the Latin by J. W.] 1662. 8vo. 

1360. a. 

1691. 8vo. 3932. c. 

— See W., J. 

WIGHTMAN (William) See 
ViRGiuus Maro (P.) [^neis.] 
The nyne fyrst Bookes of the 
Eneidos of Virgil converted into 
English vearse by T. Phaer. 
[Edited by W. W.] 1662. 4to. 

1068. e. 4. (1.) 

WIGMORE (Michael) The 
Holy Citie. 1. Discovered. 2. 
Besieged. 3. Delivered. A ser- 
mon, etc. [on Eccles. ix. 14, 161. 
Printed by A. Jtf"., for B. Bed- 
mer, London, 1619. 4to. 

4474. b. 82. 

— The Meteors. A sermon 
[on Matt. V. 14], etc. T, Harper, 
for N. Butter, London, 1633. 4to. 

4474. aaa. 108. 

WILCOX (Thomas) SeeB.,T. 
A Discourse of the true and visi- 
ble Markss of the Catholique 
Church. By T. B[eze. Trans- 
lated by T. W.]. 1622. 16mo. 

702. a. 43. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Psalms. Expository Works. A 
right godly and learned Exposi- 
tion upon the whole Booke of 
Psalmes... Newly... set forth by... 
[T. W.]. 1686. 4to. 1107. g. 4. 

— See England. — Parliament, 
An admonition to the Parlia- 
ment. [By J. Field and T. W.] 
[1672.] 8vo. 864. a. 5. (1.) 

— See W., M. T. 

— See W., T. 




WILCOX TThomas) 
See W., T., the Lords untoorthie 

— The Works of that late... 
divine, M^ T. W.... containing an 
exposition upon the whole booke 
of Davids Psalmes, Salomons 
Proverbs, the Canticles, and part 
of the 8. chapter of St. Pauls 
Epistle to the Bomans. 4 pts. 
J. Havilandf London^ 1624. fol. 

3752. f. 

Each pi. has a separate titlepage 
and separate pagiaation. 

— A Discourse touching the 
doctrine of doubti n g, etc. J. LegcU, 
Printer to the Universiiie of Cam- 
bridge, 1598. 8vo. 1105. b. 16. 

— [A short Narration of the 
fearefuU fire, that fell in the 
towneof Woobourne . . . on . . . the 1 3. 
of September last . 1595.] [Lon- 
don, 1595.] 8vo. 10351. b. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepage. 
The last leaf is slightly mutilated. 

WILCOX (Thomas) and 
FIELD (John) The copie of a 
letter, with a confession of Faith, 
written by two faithfuU servants 
of God [T. W. and J. F.] unto 
an honorable and vertuous ladie. 
See England, Church of. A parte 
of a register, contayninge sundrie 
memorable matters. [1593.] 4to. 

697. f. 14. 

WILD (Robert) See Scholar. 
Alas poor Scholler, 
Whither wilt thou goe, 
etc. [A song. By R. W.] [1640?] fol. 

Rox. III. 633. 

— See W., R. 

WILKES (William) Obedi- 
ence or Ecclesiasticall Union, etc. 
O, Elde for i2. Jackson, London, 
1605. 4to. 698. g. 4. (6.) 

— Another copy. 700. f. 15. (6.) 

WILKIN S (Geouge) See 
Day (John) The Travailes of 
the three English Brothers, Sir 
Thomas, Sir Anthony, Mr. Robert 
Shirley, etc. [Dramatized by J. 
Day, W. Rowley, and G. Wilkins.] 
1607. 4to. C. 34. c. 22. 

— The Miseries of Inforst Mar- 
riage. [A play, in prose and 
verse.] Printed for O, Vincent^ 
London, 1607. 4to. C. 34. f. 42. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for O, Vincent, London, 1611. 4 to. 

644. f. 81. 

— Another copy. 162. e. 19. 

— Another edition. A, Mathetoes 
for B, Thrale, London, 1629. 4to. 

644. c. 84. 

In this and the following edition 
the play was divided into five acts. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by I. N. for B, Thrale, London^ 
1637. 4to. 644. f. 82. 

— Three Miseries of Barbary : 
plague, famine, ciuill warre. With 
a relation of the death of Mahamet 
[or rather AHmad Al Mansiiir] the 
late emperour : and a briefe report 
of the now present wars betweene 
the three brothers. V. S. Printed 
by W. I. for H. Gosson, [London, 
1604?] 4to. 1047. g. 23. 

Without pagination. 

WILKINS (John) Bishop of 
Chester. See Discovery. The Dis- 
covery of a world in the moone. 
Or, a Discourse Tending to prove, 
that 'tis probable there may be 
another habitable World in that 
Planet. 1638. 8vo. G. 19098. 

1640. 8vo. Q. 16096. 

See W., E. 




WILKINSON (John) 0/ 
Barnard's Inn^ Oent A Treatise 
collected out of the Statutes of 
this Kingdom, and according to 
common experience of the Lawes, 
concerning the oflBce and autho- 
rities of Coroners and Sherifes. — 
Together with an easie and plain 
methode for the keeping of a 
Court Leet, Court Baron, and 
Hundred Court, etc. V, 1L. 
Few MS. Notes. Printed for ike 
Companie of Stationers, London, 
1628. 8vo. 1382. b. 

Translator of Aristotle's Ethics. 
See Akistotle. ['H^wca.] The 
Ethiques of Aristotle traslated 
into English [by J. W.]. 
1547. 8vo. C. 27. a. 19. 

— See AviLA y ZuSfiGA (L. pe) 
The comentaries of Don Lewes 
de Avela, and Suniga which 
treateth of the great wars in Ger- 
many made by Charles the fifth... 
translated... (by J. W.). 1555. Bvo. 

C. 33. a. 20. 

VrCLKINSON (Richard) See 

^ Babington(G.) successively J5t«?*qp 

of Llandaff, etc. A Sermon [on 

John VI. 37. Edited by R. W.]. 

1591. 8vo. 695. b. 5. (2.) 

See W., R. 

— A Jewell for the eare. [A 
sermon on Matt. xiii. 6.] 1$. il. 
Printed for T. Pavyer, London, 
1905 [1605], 8vo. 116. a. 36. 

Without pagination. 

— The Merchant Royall. A Ser- 
mon [on Prov. XXXI. 14] preached the Nuptials of... Lord Hay 
and his Lady [the Lady Anne 
Lyon], etc. F, Kyngston for 
J. Flmket, London, 1607. 4to. 

695. h. 13. (1.) 

— Another copy. 114. f. 7. 

— Another edition. F. Kyng- 
ston for J, Flasket, London, 
1607. 4to. 694. e. 9. (20.) 

— Another edition. T, FinlO' 
son, Edinburgh, 1607. 4to. 

696. b. 13. 

— Another edition. O. Eld for 
E, Blount, London, 1615. 4to. 

4474. b. 90. 

— Another copy. G. 1 2057. 

paire of sermons [on Job xiv. 1 
and on Prov. iv. 3, 4]... The for- 
mer as an ante funeral! to the late 
Prince Henry... the latter to... 
Prince Charles. . F, Kyngston, for 
W. Aspley, London, 1614. 4to. 

114. f. 8. 

— A Sermon [on Matt. iv. 4] 
preached at North-Hampton the 
21. of June... before the Lord 
Lieutenant of the County, and 
the rest of the Commissioners 
there assembled upon occasion of 
the late Rebellions and Riots in 
those parts committed. Printed 
for J. Flasket, London, 1607. 4to. 

1358. c. 81. 

Without paginaCioD. 

— The Stripping of Joseph. 
Or the crueltie of brethren to a 
brother. In a sermon... [on Gen. 
XXXVII. 23]... at Whitehall... With 
a consolitarie epistle, to the Eng- 
lish East India Companie, for 
their... wrongs sustayned in Am- 
boyna, by the Dutch there. Pub- 
lished and presented unto them, 
by T. Myriell. Printed by W, S. 
for H, Holland and G. CHlis, Lon- 
don, 1625. 4to. 4473. aa. 

WILKINSON (William) A 
Confutation of certaine articles 
delivered [by H. Niklaes] unto 
the Familye of Love, with the 
exposition of Theophilus, a sup- 
posed Elder in the sayd Familye. 

1602 W I L W I L 

...Hereunto are prefixed By... I. — Another copy. 

y[oung] Byshop of Eochester, 4902. bbb. 10. (2.) 

certaine notes collected out of 

their Gospell, and aunswered by — Another copy. 113. f. 1. 

the Fam[ilifltsl. By the Author, _____ , „^ ,_ x « -r^ 

a description o^ the tyme, places, ,^^^"-^1 (?'^=^^^) ^"^ ?^?^ 

Authors and manner of spreading (?') ^^e History of travayle m 

the same: of their lives, and *^t^l^**"^^"^.^?^^^?-;^^7^^^ 

wrestyng of Scriptures: with -finished by E.Willes. 1577. 4to. 

Notes in the end how to know an ^^^- ®- ^^* 

Heretique (out of Mr BuUinger's _ r. ^nieii poematum liber. 

booke agaynst the Anabaptistes. etc. (In suorura Poemat. librum 

— Hereticall affirmations, and un- r. Willeii Scholia, ad Custodem, 

godly expositions of Scriptures by Sooiofl,atq; Pueros Collegii Wioca- 

H. N[iklae8] out of the documen- ^ici apud Wintoniam. Hia ao- 

tal sentences). ». %. J, Daye, cesserunt C. Jonsoni Poet^ 

London, 1679. 4to. 862. g. 1. (3.) ^ina de vita ao rebus ab ejusdem 

The "Hereticall affinnations, Collegii Fundatore gestis, turn 

eto," have a diBtinct register, b 1, 2. custodum... series ab eodem dis- 

Without pagination. ^^^^.^ explioata.) 2 pts. Ex 

WILL. A mad kinde of woo- Biblioiheca TottelUna^ Londini^ 

ing ; or, a dialogue betweene Will 1573. 8vo. 1070. d. 18. (1.) 

the simple and Nan the subtill, Pt. 2 is unpaged. The laat leaf 

with their loving agreement. [A is slightly mutilated. 

Ballad.] », a. 2 pts. The As- . ^, /> ,^.tQ /, n 

tignes of T. Symcocke, [London, — Another copy. Q.17413.(l.) 

1626?] Broadside M. Rox.1.246. WILLET (Andrew) ^ Biblb. 

— Slippery Will ; or, the old —Old TiSTXumr.—Levitieus. Ex- 
Bachelors complaint, with his po^itory Works. Hexapla Leviti- 
advice to all yong men not to cum, etc. [ByA. W.] 1631. fol. 
doe as he had done. FA Ballad.] 3104. d. 
». %. 2 pts. Printed for E. J5., _ « ^ __q Testament 
Wo«.[1636?] Broods iol _.i>i^fS;V^^ 

Kox. 1. d»U. ^^^^ jg ^ six-fold Commentario 

W I L L A N (Robert) Con- upon the . . . Prophesie of Daniel . . . 

spiracie against Kings, heavens By A. Willet, etc. 1610. fol. 

scorne. A sermon [on Ps. ii. 1010. e. 2. (2.) 
1-4] preached . . . before the Judges 

upon the fifth of November. — 5cc Bible.— New Testament. 

J. Bill, London, IQ22. 4to. —Bomans. Hexapla: that is a 

4474. bb. 119. S^^-fold Commentarie upon the... 

Epistle... to the Eomanes, etc. [By 

— Eliah's Wish: a Prayer for A. W.] 1611. fol. 3266. h. 
Death. A sermon [on 1 Kings 

XIX. 4], preached at the funerall of 1 620. fol. 3266. h. 

...Viscount Sudbury, Lord Bayn- « t> -^t m 

ing. Printed for L 8., Hypo-Bib- —^«« Bible.— New Testament. 

liothecary of Syon Colledge, London, — •'w^- A Catholicon, that i^ a 

1630. 4to. 10816. b. g®^®™l preservative or remedie 

against the Pseudooatholike reli- 

— Another copy. 1417. h. 10. gion, gathered out of the Catho- 




like epibtle of S. Jude, etc. [By 
A,W.] 1602. 8vo. 3935. a. 

WILLBT (Andrew) SeeO.,E. 
A Detection of divers notable 
Untruthes... Gathered out of...M^ 
Willets Synopsis Papismi, and 
Tetrastiion Papisticum, etc. 

1602. 8vo. 3935. aa. 

— An antilogie or counterplea 
to an apologicall (be should have 
said) Apologeticall epistle pub- 
lished by a fauorite of the Bomane 
separation, and (as is supposed) 
one of the Ignatian faction, etc. 
Printed for T. Man, London, 

1603. 4to. 3935. c. 

— De Animae natura et viri- 
bus Queestiones qusBdam, etc. Ex 
offidna T. Thomasii, ... Acade- 
mies Cantahrigiensia Typographic 
1585. 8vo. 524. c. 16. (1.) 

— De universali et novissima 
Judaeorum vocatione, secundum 
apertissimam Divi Pauli prophe- 
tiam, in ultimis hisce diebus 
praestanda, liber unus, etc. Ex 
offidna J. Legati Cantahrigiensis 
Typographic 1590. 4to. 4034. e. 

— Ecclesia Triumphans : that 
is, the joy of the English Church 
for the happie coronation of ... 
James [I.]... With a briefe expo- 
sition of the 122 Psalme... Second 
edition. (Thesaurus EcclesieB... 
set forth in the 17 chap. of... 
St. John ; A catholicon... gathered 
out of the. ..Epistle of S. Jude.) 
3 pts. J. Legat, Printer to the 
University of Cambridge, 1614, fol. 

1217. k. 

Each pt has a special titlepage, 
but the pagination is continuous. 

— Another copy. 3166. f. (3.) 

Scripture reconciled, etc. Printed 
for L. Oreene of Cambridge, 
1607. 4to. 3165, c. 

— Another edition. C. Legge, 
Printer to the Universitie of Cam- 
bridge, 1614. fol. 3166. f. (1.) 

WILLET (Andrew) An har- 
monic upon the second booke of 
Samuel, ... the divers Headings 
compared, doubtfuU questions ex- 
planed, etc. Few MS. Notes. 
C. Legge, Printer to the Universitie 
of Cambridge, 1614. fol. 

3166. f. (2.) 

— Hexapla in Exodum: that 
is, a Sixfold Commentary upon 
the second booke of Moses called 
Exodus... according to the method 
propounded in Hexapla upon 
Genesis... Wherein in the divers 
readings these translations are 
compared together: l.TheChalde. 
2. The Septuagint. 3. The vulgar 
Latine. 4. Pagnine. 5. Montanus. 
6. Junius. 7. Vatablus. 8. The 
great English Bible. 9. The 
Geneua edition. 10. And the 
Hebrew originall ... And in the 
same there are well nie two 
thousand theological! questions 
handled. ..Divided into two parts 
or tomes. 2 pts. F. Kyngston for 
T. Man and J. Norton, London, 
1608. fol. 1010. f. 6. 

The second pt. is divided into 
two books, each having a separate 
titlepage, but the pagination and 
register are continuous throughout. 

— Another edition. 2 tom. 
The Assignee of T. Man, P, Man, 
and J*. Man, London, 1633. fol. 

3107. d. (2.) 

The second tome is divided into 
two books, each having a distinct 
titlepage, but the pagination and 
register are continuous throughout. 

An harmonic upon the first — Hexapla in Genesin, that 

booke of Samuel ... The divers is, a Sixfold Commentary upon 

readings compared, doubtful! Genesis, wherein sixe severall 

questions explaned, places of translations, that is, the Septua- 




gint, and the Chalde, two Latin, 
...two English,... are compared,... 
with the original, Hebrew, and 
Pagnine and Montanus... together 
with a sixfold use of every chapter 
...wherein above a thousand theo- 
logical questions are discussed... 
now the second time revised, and 
... enlarged. 2 torn. T, Creeds 
for T. Man, Londm, 1608. fol. 

1010. e. 10. (1.) 

Tom. 2 is divided into two pts., 
each having a distinct titlepage, 
but the register and pagination are 
continuous throughout. 

Now the third time 

WILLET (Andrew) Synopsis 
Papismi ; that is, a generall view 
of Papistrie ; wherein the whole 
mystery of iniquity set down. 
...Together with an antithesis of 
the true Christian faith, and an 
an tidotum... against the whore of 
Babylon's filthie cuppe of abomi- 
nations... divided into 5 books ... 
Now this third time perused and 
publishel by the former author, 
and augmented, eto. F. Kyngstan 
for T. Man, London, 1600. fol. 

C. 46. k. 

Now this fourth 

re vised... and... enlarged. 2 tom. 
Few MS. Notes. The Assignes of 
T. Man, P. Man, and J. Man, Lon- 
don, 1632-33. fol. 3107. d. (1.) 

WILLET (Andrew) Loidoro- 
mastix: that is, a scourge for a 
rayler; containing a full and 
sufficient answer unto the un- 
christian raylings... vented of late 
by one E. Par kes... against the 
author of Limbomastix, etc. 
O. Legge, Printer to the University 
of Cambridge, 1607, 4to. 4105. a. 

— A retection, or disooverie of 
a false detection: containing a 
defence of two bookes [by A. 
Willet], intituled, Synopsis Pa- 
pismi, and Tetrastylon Papisti- 
oum... against ...a certaine libell 
lately published. Wherein the 
unjust accusations of the libeller 
...are displayed [by A. Willet]. 
F. Kyngston for T, Man, London^ 
1603. 8vo. 3932. b. 

Many of the leaves are mutilated 
in the binding. 

— Sacrorum emblematum cen- 
turia una...a...Scriptur8efontibuB 
derivata & Anglolatinis versibus 
reddita. Lat, and Eng, Ex offi^ 
cina I. Legate,., Academise Canta- 
hrigiensis Typographi, [1596 ?] 4to. 

637. d. 32. 
Without pagination. 

time perused and published by 
the former Author and augmented 
with divers ... additions, eto. 
J^. Kyngston for T. Man, London^ 
1613. fol. 483. f. 14, 

— Tetrastylon Papismi: that 
is, the foure principal pillars of 
papistrie;... collected as a neces- 
sarie supplement or fit apperti- 
nance to the authors former 
worke, intituled. Synopsis pa- 
pismi, etc. F, Kingston for T. Man, 
London, 1599. 4to. 3932. e. 

— A treatise of Solomon's 
Manage, or, a congratulation 
for the happie... manage between 
... Frederike V., Count Palatine 
of Rhine ... and ... Elizabeth ... 
daughter unto... James... King of 
Great Britaine, etc. [In two dis- 
courses on Pa XLV. 10-16.] Itn- 
minted by F, K, for T, Man and 
V. WeU>y, London, [1612]. 4to. 

694. e. 10. (4.) 

— Tractatus de Salomonis nup- 
tiis velEpithalamium in . . . Nuptias 
inter ... Fridericum V. Gomitem 
Palatinum ... et ... Elizabetham ... 
consummatas, etc. Excusum ... 
typis Felids Kingston, impensis nero 
Thomae Man, Londini, 1612. 4to. 

605. b. 1 5. 

WILLIAM. The down right 
wooing of country William and 

W I L W I L 1605 

his pritty Peggy. [A Song.] King of Spayne by which he 

V. I. Printed for W. Thackeray, proscribed the late Prince of 

[London, 1625 ?] Broadside fol. Orange, etc. [1581.] 4to. 

Box. III. 136. 1055. g. 16. (4.) 

WILLIAM L, called the Con- WLLTAAML, Prince of Orange, 

queror. King of England, Life. Stadholder of the Netherlands, 

See Hayward (^Sir J.) The lives A declaration and publication 

of the III. Normans. of the most worthy prince of 

wrxT ▼ ▼ A ««- T-r 71 J T> ^ Orange, contayning the cause of 

ynialAAM 11., called Bufus, ^is necessary defence against the 

Ktng of England. Ufe See Hay- ^^^^ ^^ ^j^ Translated out of 

WARD(^»rJ.) 1 he lives of the French into English, etc. (20 

III. Normans. j„l^^ 1558)^ j^f j^ j ^^^^ 

WILLIAM IV., Landgrave of London, [1568?] 8vo. 1313. a. 

Eesse-OasseL See Frederick III., Without pagination. 

Elector Palatine of the Bhine. A _ ^ Supplication to the Kinges 

Christian contes8ion...whereunto ^^^^^^ie of Spayne, made by the 

18 added the Lantgrave h.s an- y^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ 

swere to the French King, etc. Holland and Zdand, with...his 

^^^^- ^^^- ^^^^•*- faithfuU subjectes of the low 

WILLIAM, of Cloudeslie. See Countreys, presently suppressed 

Bell (A.) Adambel, Clym of ^7 t^^© tyranny of the Duke of 

the cloughe, and Willyam of ^^^^ ^^^ Spaniards... Faithfully 

cloudesle. [1550?] 4to. translated out of Duytsch into 

C. 21.C. 64. English by T. W. ».il. H.Mid- 

dleton, London, 1573. 12mo. 
1632. 4to. C. 39. c. 39. 1055. a. 22. (1.) 

WILLIAM L, Prince of Orange, Without pagination. 

Stadholder of the Netherlands. See — Antwerpes Unitye. An 

Netherlands, United Provinces of Accord or Peace in Religion, and 

the. A Treatise of the peace Government, concluded by his 

made... between the states of the Highnes [William I.] and the 

lowe Countries and the Prince Members of the Citie to the Com- 

of Orange, the states of Hoi- mon Weale and quietnes thereof, 

land, etc. [1576.] 16mo. there lately proclaymed the 12. 

721. a. 6. (4.) of June Anno 1579. Printed in 

T A -LI J i-L a -n r^ French and Duteh, and Englished 

- LamentdbU death. SeeV.,0. ^^ ^j^^ p^^^^^ hereof [R Day], 
ine true report, etc. ^ ^^^^^ London, 1579. 8vo. 

— See Spain.— Phiup II., King. 9*14. a. 3. 
The Apologie or defence of the _ ^ justification or cleering of 
meet noble Pnnoe William against ^^e Prince of Orendge agaynst 
the proclamation and edict, pub- t^e false sclaundera whlrwith 
hshed by the King of Spame by ^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

which he proBcnbeth the saide... ^^ wrongfully. ». ffi. J.D^y, 

Pnnoe,eto. 1581. 4to. Xo«do«, 1676. 8yo. 1055. b. 29 

164. g. 16. (1.) 

. „ ^. . . xt — Another copy. 157. a. 20. 
A Treatise against the 

Proclamation published by the — A true discourse of the 




assault committed upon the 
person of... William Prince of 
Orange... by J. Janregni Span- 
iarde. With the true copies of 
the writings ... Depositions ... of 
Sundrie offenders ... FaithfuUye 
translated out of the frenche 
copie. 15, Z. Imprinted for 
T. Charde and W. Broome, London, 
1582. 8vo. 1193. b. 36. 

Without pagination. Big. A-L. 

— [Another edition.] A briefe 
discourse of the assault... upon the 
...Prince of Orange, etc. T. Daw- 
son for T. (7. and W. B,, London, 
1682. 4to. 10760. b. 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. 

WILLIAMS (Caleb) Auto- 
didactus a round-hand coppy- 
book... invented, written and en- 

f:raven by C. William. Sold by 
. Pack at If 3 Ink Bottles, [Lon- 
don,] 1593. 06Z. 12mo. 1414. a. 

There is a second titlepage, which 
reads : " Nuncius Oris, around-hand 
Copy-book," etc. 

Warning for all Murderers. A 
most rare, strange, and wonder- 
full accident, which by Gods just 
judgement was brought to passe, 
not farre from Kithin in Wales, 
upon three... persons, who had... 
murdered a young Gentleman 
named D. W....and how... it was 
revenged by a childe of five 
yeeres old, etc. [A Ballad.] V.Z. 
2 pts. Printed for H. Gosson, Lon- 
don, [1 636 ?] Broadside fol. 

Rox. I. 484. 


of Ossory. The Kight Way to the 
best Beligion, wherein is largely 
explained the summe and princi- 
pall heads of the Gospell. In 
certaine Sermons and Treatises, 
etc. Few MS. Notes. O. Miller, 
for P. Stephens and 0. Meredith, 
London, 1636. fol. 3557. k. 

— Another copy. C. 21. e. 14. 

In a handsome binding of the 
17th century, with the arms of 
Charles I. on the coyers. 


of Ossory. The true Church: 
shewed to all men that desire to 
be members of the same, etc. 
Few MS. Notes. J. Haviland 
for N. Butter, London, 1629. fol. 

3557. h. 

WILLIAMS (Joannes) Oxoni- 
ensis. See Baoon (B.) Libellus 
B. Baconi ... De retardandis Se- 
nectutisaccidentibus,eto. [Edited 
by J. W.] 1590. 8vo. 

1039. d. 6. (3.) 

WILLIAMS (John) succes- 
sively Bishop of Lincoln and Arch- 
bishop of York. See Cole (H.) 
The Holy Table, name and thing, 
more... properly used... then that 
of an altar: written. a minister 
in Lincolnshire [J. W.J in answer 
to D. Coal. 1637. 4to. 700. d. 55. 

— See Gr., Vicar of. A Coale 
from the Altar. Or, an answer to 
a Letter... written [by J. W.] to 
the Vicar of Gr[antham] against 
the placing of the Communion 
Table at the East end of the 
Chancell, etc. 1636. 4to. 4106. c. 

1637. 4to. 

700. g. 13. (1.) 

— See Heylyn (P.) Antidotum 
Lincolniense. Or an Answer to 
. . . The Holy Table, name, & thing, 
&c.... written... by a Minister in 
Lincolnshire [J. W.]. 1637. 4to. 

700. g. 13. (3.) 

— See Lincoln, Diocese of — 
Visitation Articles. Articles to be 
enquired of within the diocese of 
Lincoln... by John [Williams],... 
Bishop of Lincoln, etc. 1635. 4to. 

T. 1013. (14.) 




. WILLIAMS (John) succes- 
sively Bishop of Lincoln and Arch- 
bishop of York, Great Britains Sa- 
lomon. A Sermon [on 1 Kings xl 
41-43] preached at the... Funerall 
of. . . King James ... at Westminster, 
the seventh of May 1625. J. Bill, 
London, 1625. 4to. 1419. b. 32. 

— Another copy. 1419. b. 83. 

— Another copy. G. 11857. 

— Another copy. T. 802. (5.) 

Wanting the last leaf, which con- 
tained the imprint oaly. 

— Perseverantia Sanctorum. A 
sermon [on Job XLii. 12] of per- 
severing in Patience, Bepentance, 
and Humiliation, in time of 
afflictions : preached before the 
Lords of the Parliament, at the 
last general! fast... the 18. day of 
February 1628, etc. J. BiU, Lon- 
don, 1628. 4to. 694. e. 10. (3.) 

— Another copy. 114. a. 47. 

— A Sermon of Apparell, [on 
Matt. XI. 8] preached before the 
Kings majestic and the Prince at 
Theobalds,... 22 Feb. 1619. J.Bill, 
London, 1620. 4to. 694. e. 10. (2.) 

— Another copy. 694. k. 3. ( 1 8.) 

— A sermon [on Gal. vi. 14] 
preached ... the sixth of April, 
1628, before the ... Lords, etc. 
J.BiU,London,ld2S, 4to.ll4.f.ll. 

WILLIAMS ([John) succes- 
sively Bishop of Lincoln and Arch- 
bishop of York, pseud, Punition 
de Dieu arrivee a Londre8...Du 

fraud nombre des morts en 24 
cures, & marquez d*une main sur 
le corps, etc. {End. Ceste lettre 
estoit euuoy6 [sic] du grand 
Chancelier d'Angleterre, au Chan- 
oelier de France, & estoit signe 
[sic"], Yostre amy, Jean Ligolnes, 
batt^ du 2. Febr. 1626.) S. Omer, 
1626. 8vo. G. 16087. 

WILLIAMS (^tVHooER) ^ee 
Barwick (H.^ a Breefe Discourse 
concemiDg the force and effect of 
all manuall weapons of fire, etc. 
[In answer to the several dis- 
courses written by Sir R. W., etc.] 
[1594?] 4to. 1042.1.40. 

— The Actions of the Lowe 
Countries. [Edited by J. Hay- 
warde, with a dedicatory epistle 
by Sir P. Manwoode.] H. Lownes 
for M. Lownes, London, 1618. 4to. 

1055. g. 2. (3.) 

— Another copy. G. 5957. 

— A Brief Discourse of Warre 
... by ... Sir R. W. ... with his 
opinion concerning some parts 
of the Martiall Discipline. Few 
MS. Notes. T, Ortoin, London^ 
1590. 4to. 534. f. 24. (1.) 

WILLIAMS (Thomas) Dic- 
tionarium Latino - Britannicum. 
See Davies (John) Antiques lin- 
guae Britannic8B dictionarium 
duplex, etc. 1632. fol. 628. m. 1. 

Williams Will. 
Well-wishing Williams Will and 

Which to the Ballad-singer he 

hath sent, 
etc. [A Ballad.] )d. £« 2 pts. 
Printed for H. Oosson, London, 
[1640?] Broadside fol. Box. 1. 460. 

See W., T. 

— A comfortable meditation of 
Humane frailtie, and Divine 
Mercie, in two sermons upon 
Psalme 146. 4. and Psalme 51. 
17. the one chiefly occasioned by 
the death of Katharine, youngest 
daughter of Mr. T. Harlakenden, 
etc. J. Haviland for J. Boler, 
London, 1630. 4to. 1418. b. 45. 

— The Sword of the Spirit to 
smite in pieces that Antichristian 




Goliah who daily defieth the 
Lords people, etc. E. Griffin, 
London, 1613. 8vo. 3935. aa. 

— Another copy. 701. c. 20. (2.) 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

WILLIMAT (William) 


WILLIMOT (Joan) See 
Flower (M.) The Wonderful 
Discoverie of the Witchcrafts of 
M. and P. Flower ... Together 
with the Examinations and Con- 
fessions of A. Baker, J. W. and 
E. Greene, Witches in Leicester- 
shire. 1619. 4to. C. 27. b. 35., 

WILLIS (Anne) See 
Barnes (E.) Natures cruell 
Step-Dames : or matchlesse mon- 
sters of the female sex, E. Barnes 
and A. W., etc. 1637. 4to. 

6485. a. 1. 

WILLIS (Edmond) An Abre- 
viation of Writing by Character . . . 
With plaine... rules for the speedy 
performance thereof... The second 
edition, much enlarged, etc. 
(?. Puralowe, London, 1627. 12mo. 

7942. aa. 

There is a second titlepage en- 

— Another copy. 1043. b. 60. 

Imperfect ; wanting the engraved 
titlepage. Several leaves are muti- 

WILLIS (Edward) The 
blind Mans Staffe, or the Poor 
Mans comfort : dialogue- wise con- 
taining an exhortation for every 
christians conversation in this 
life, etc. O. Puralowe for H. Bell, 
London, 1615. 12 mo. 4404. c. 

WILLIS (John) The h rt of 
Stenography or Short- Writing, 
by spelling Characterie ... The 
ninth edition. Whereunto is now 
adjoyned the Schoolemaster to 

the said art, etc. Printed for 
H. Seyle, London, 1628. 8vo. 

1043. b. 61. 

Imperfect; wanting "The schoole- 
master to the art." With a second 
titlepage engraved. 

The tenth edition. 

Whereunto is now adjoyned the 
Schoolmaster to the said art... 
fitted for this tenth edition by 
the author ... before his death. 
2 pts. Printed for H, SeyU^ Lon- 
don, 1632-28. 16mo. 1043. a. 63. 

"The schoolmaster to the art,** 
which is of the second edition, has 
a separate titlepage bearing date 
1628 ; also a separate register. 

WILLIS (John) Mnemonica, 
sive Eeminiscendi Ars : h puris 
artis naturaeque fontibus hausta, 
& in tres libros digesta. Necnon de 
memoria natural! fovenda libellus, 
etc. Per Humfredum Lownes, sump- 
tibus Nathanaelis Broume, Londini^ 
1618. 12mo. 526. a. 38. 

See W., R., Jaaquire, 

WILLIS (Timothy) Propo- 
sitiones tentationum : sive pro- 
paedeumata de vitis et faecun- 
ditate compositorum naturalium: 
Quae sunt elementa Chymica. 
Excusum per Johannem Legatt, 
Londm, 1615. 8vo. 1033.d.6.(l.) 

— Anotheroopy. 1036.a. 13.(1.) 

— The Search of Causes. Con- 
taining a Theophysicall investi- 
gation of the possibilitie of trans- 
mutatorie Alohemie. J. Legatt, 
London, 1616. 8vo. 1036. a. 13.(2.) 

VrCLLOBY (Henry) Willobie 
his Avisa: or, the true picture 
of a modest Maid, and of a chaste 
and constant wife. In Hexa miter 
verse, etc. [Edited by H. Dorrell.] 
J. Windet, London, 1694. 4to. 

239. i. 16. 




The fifth time cor- 
rected and augmented. W. Stans- 
by, London, 1635. 8vo. C. 39. a. 24. 

See John, Chrysostom, Saint. 
Theorremcon... selected and trans- 
lated faithfully by J. W. 
1602. 8vo. 1223. a. 

WILLYMAT (William) See 
James I., King oj Great Britain 
and Ireland. A Princes Looking 
Glasse,... excerpted... out of that 
...BA2IAIK0N AOPON, or his 
Majesties instructions to...nenrie 
the Prince, and translated into 
Latin and English Verse... by 
W. W. 1603. 4to. 1077. h. 57. 

— See W., W. 

— A Loyal Subjects Looking- 
glasse..., to yiew...him8elfe in... 
Whereunto are brieflie added 
Sixe speciall causes of undutifuU 
subjects disloyaltie. Q. Elde for 
£. BouUon, London^ 1604. 4to. 

8403. c. 

— Physicke to cure the most 
dangerous Disease of Desperation. 
... By W. W(illimat). Printed for 
B. Boulton, London, 1605. 8vo. 

693. c. 41. 

WILMOT (Robert) The 
tragedie of Tancred and Oismund 
[in five acts and in verse]. Com- 

filed by the gentlemen of the 
nner Temple. [The first act by 
Bod. Staf. ; the second by Hen. 
No., i.e. Henry Noel ? ; the third 
by Q. Al. ; the fourth by Ch. 
Hat.,t.6. Sir Christopher Hatton ? ; 
the fifth and epilogue by R. W., 
i.e. Robert Wilmot.] Newly 
revived and polished according to 
the decorum of these daies. By 
R. Wilmot. T. Scarlet, London, 
1592. 4to. C. 34. e. 43. 

Without pagination. The second 
leaf is soiled and mutilated. 

— Another copy. 161. k. 71. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

— Another copy. C. 34. e. 44. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and following leaf. 

W I L S 9 N ( ) Actio 

contra Mariam, Scotorum Regi- 
nam, etc. [By — Wilson ? or G, 
Buchanan ?J See Mart, Queen of 
Scotland. De Maria, Scotorum 
Regina, etc. [1671.] 8vo. 

600. b. 24. 

WILSON (Christopher) Selfe 
Deniall : or, a Christians hardest 
taske. [A Discourse on Luke 
n. 23.] N. Ohesfor B. Whitdker$, 
Londm, 1625. 4to. 873. e. 7. 

WILSON (Edward) See 
Bowes (Sir J.) A true report of 
the horrible murther which was 
committed in the house of Sir J. 
Bowes [by E. Wilson and R. 
TethertonJ, etc. 1607. 4to. 

1077. i. 17. 

WILSON (Galfridus) See 
Epheherides. Wilson ... A new 
almanacke and Prognostication, 

Commendation of Cockes, and 
Cock-fighting. Wherein is 
shewed, that Cocke-fighting 
was before the coming of Christ. 
V. a. Printed for H. Tomes, 
London, IQ07. 4to. 1079. f. 2. (1.) 

Without pagination. Slightly 

WILSON ( Joanb) See 
Bowes {Sir J.) A true report 
of the horrible murther [of 
J. W.], which was committed in 
the house of Sir J. Bowes, etc. 
1607. 4to. 1077. i. 17. 

WILSON (John) Preacher 
of God's Word in GuUford. 
Zacheus conyerted, or the Rich 





Publicans Bepentance-BeBtitu- 
tion. In whioh the Mysteries of 
the Doctrine of Conversion are 
laid open. Also of Biches ... 
their getting, keeping, expend- 
ing, and many other material 
points. T, Cotes for F, Clifton, 
London, 1631. 12mo. 873. b. 32. 

WILSON (John) Boman 
Caiholie Priest. See Black well 
(G.) In Q. Blacvellum . . . Quaestio 
bipartita, etc. [Translated from 
the English by J. W.] 1609. 4to. 

860. f. 14. (1.) 

— See W., J., Priest. 

WILSON (Matthew) See 
Divine. A Beply to N. Smith 
his Discussion of some pointes of 
M. Doctour Kellison his Treatise 
of the Hierarchie. 1630. 8vo. 

3935. aaa. 

— See H., I. 

— See Knott (Edward) pseud. 

— See Smith (Nicholas) pseud. 

WILSON (Bobebt) See 
Oldcastle (J.) Baron Cobham. 
The first part of the true ... 
historic, of the life. ..of Sir John 
Old-castle, etc. [Attributed to 
Shakespeare, but more probably 
by A. Munday, B. Wilson and 
others.] 1600. 4to. C. 34. 1. 2. 

— See Shakespeare (W.) 
[Supposititious Works. — Sir John 
Oldcastle.'] The first part of the 
true... history of the Life of Sir 
John Old-castle... Written by W. 
Shakespeare [or rather by A. 
Munday, B. Wilson and others ?]. 
1600. 4to. C. 34. 1. 1. 

WILSON (Thomas) one of 
the six preachers in the Cathedral 
Church of Canterbury. See Bible. 
— New Testament. — Bomans. A 
Gommen tarie upon the . . . Bomanes 
...byT.W. 1614. 4to. 3265. b. 

1627. fol. 3266. g. 


— The Coblers Prophesie. 
A drama in verse and prose.] 
". Danter for C. Burbie, London, 
1594. 4to. G. 34. e. 45. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting four leaves, being sig. £. 

— \_FuneraJ Sermon.'] See Swift 
( W.) A Sermon [on Bom. Arm. 18], 

— A Christian Dictionary. 
Opening the significations of the 
chiefe Words dispersed generally 
through Holy Scriptures of the 
Old and New Testament... The 
fourth edition; augmented by 
addition of divers thousands of 
words ... Whereunto is... added a 
large edition, both of words and 
phrases, by J. Bagwell. T. Cotes, 
London, [1640?] 8vo. 3109. c. 

— Jacobs ladder, or A short 
treatise laying forth. . .the seyerall 
degrees of God's etemall purpose, 
whereby His grace descends upon 
the elect, and the elect ascend 
to the predestinate glory. (A 
dialogue about justification by 
faith, Sec. — A receite against 
heresie, &o. — A sermon [ on 
2 Cor. V. 17] of Sanctification, 
Sco. A sermon [on Bom. vii. 
22, 23] of the spirituall combat 
betweene the two lawes of sinne, 
and of a mind renewed by grace, 
etc.) Partly W. I. 5 pts. 
W. Hall, for N. Butter, London, 
1611. 12mo. 874. f. 2. 

Each pt has a separate titlepage 
and pagination, and pt. 1 has a 
separate register. Tne seyeral 
treatises are included in the general 
table appended. 

— Saints by calling : or called 
to be Saints. A godly Treatise 
of our holy Galling to Ghrist, 
by the Gospell. With the 
severall gifta proper unto the 




called, etc. W. Jaggardy [Lon- 
don,] 1620. 8vo, 4409. gg. 

WILSON (Sir Thomas^ 
Master of St. Caiharine^s Hospital, 
See Demosthenes. The three 
Orations of Demosthenes ... in 
favour of the 01ynthians...with 
those his fower Orations ... 
against King Philip of Mace- 
donie... Englished... by T. Wyl- 
Bon, etc. 1570. 4to. C. 13. a. 1. 

— See Haddon (G.) D. G. 
Haddoni ... Cantabrigienses, etc. 
[Edited by Sir T. W.] 1652. 8vo. 

1213. c. 1.(1.) 

— The Arte of Bhetoriqne, for 
the nse of all suche as are stndions 
of eloquence, sette forthe in Eng- 
lish, by T.W. 13,a» B.Graftonu8, 
[London,] 1553. 4to. 75. a. 20. 

now newlie sette 

foorthe again with a Prologne to 
the Beader. 30« 3l» J, Kingston', 
London, 1567. 4to. G. 19399. (1.) 

Newly set foorthe 

again, with a Prologue to the 
Eeader . 1567. 15. H. J. Kyngston, 
London, 15Q0. 4to. 1086. e. 6. 

— Another edition. 9J. S* 
J. Kingston, London, 1584. 4to. 

11805. c. 

— Another edition. 1$. IS,, 
O. Bohinson, London, 1585. 4to. 

C. 13. a. 2. 

— A Discourse uppon usurye, 
by waye of Dialogue and oracions, 
etc. 13« %« In sedihus B. Tottelli, 
Londini, 1572. 8vo. G. 19352. 

— Another edition. V. S. 
Few MS. Notes. B. Warde, Lon- 
don, 1584. Bvo. 516. a. 14. 

— The rule of reason, contein- 
ing the Arte of Logique. Set 
forth in English, and newely cor- 
rected, etc. 30* 3l« B. Grafton, 
London, 1552. 8vo. 1133. a. 23. 

— Another edition. V. S* 
MS. Notes. B. Orafton, London, 
1553. 4to. C. 27. b. 15. 

— Another edition. V. S* 
J. Kingston, London, 1563. 4to. 

8466. bb. 

— Another edition. 3d« £• 
J, Kingston, London, 1567. 4to. 

231. f. 46. 

— Another edition. 13, £• 
J. Kingston, London, 1567. 4to. 

G. 19399. (2.) 

— Another edition. V. S. 
J. Kyngston, London, 1580. 4to. 

C. 27. b. 34. 

WILSON {Sir Thomas^ 
Master of St. Catharine's Hospital. 
Vita et obitus duorum Fratrum 
Suffolciensium, Henrici et Ca- 
roli Brandoni prestanti virtute, 
et splendore nobilitatis duoum 
illuBtrissimorum, duabus epistolis 
explicata. Adduntur epitaphia 
et acroamata in eosdem grsBce et 
latine conscripta... AfSguntur... 
quaedam epigrammata in alios 
praeclaros; cum viros turn mu- 
lieres, etc. In sedibus B. Graftoni, 
Londini, 1551. 4to. G. 33. g. 18. 

WILTON (MosEs) See 
Walther (B.) The sermons of 
...B. Gualter upon the Prophet 
Zephaniah, written in Latine. 
Translated into English by M. W. 
1580. 8vo. 3166. a. 

WILY. A Pleasant Gomedie 
[in prose and Terse], called, Wily 
Beguilde. The chiefe actors be 
these. A Poore Scholler. Bich 
Foole. And Knaye at a Shift. 
W. W. for 0. Knight, London, 
[1606?] 4to. 643. c. 60. 

Without pagmation. Titlepage 
slightly mutilated. . 

— Another edition. [London, 

1613?] 8to. T. 1068. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and prologue. 




— Another edition. T. Furfoot 
for G, Knight, London, 1623. 4to. 

642. 0. 61. 

— Another edition. A. Allde 
for T. Knight, London, 1630. 4to. 

1346. b. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for T, Knight,.,, sold by E. Black- 
more and JP. Coulea, London, 
1635. 4to. C. 34. b. 55. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hy L B. for T. Alchom, London, 
1638. 4to. 643. c. 59. 

— Another copy. 161. d. 34. 

WIMBLEDON (B.) A ser- 
mon [on Luke xvi. 2] no lesse 
fruitful! than famous. Preached 
at Paules Crosse, on the Sunday 
of Quinquagesima...l388. And 
found out hid in a wall, id* %* 
J. Charlewood, London, 15S2, 8vo. 

114. a. 48. 

Forty-four leaves, without pagi- 
nation. Begister A-F. An earlier 
edition, printed anonymoaslv in 
1575, will be found under the head- 
ing '* Sermons." 

— Another edition. 13* Z» 
/. Charlewood, London, 1584. 8vo. 

4474. a. 29. 

— Another edition. )$• Z* 
J. BobertB, London, 1593. 8vo. 

C. 12. c. 23. 

— The eleventh 

edition. !$• H. W. Jaggard, 
London, 1617. 8vo. 3165. aa. 

— Another copy. 4474. a. 27. 
Thirteenth edition. 

)$, Z. T. Cotes, and B. Cotes, 
London, 1629. 12mo. 4474. aa. 74. 

Fourteenth edition. 

iS.Z. T. Cotes, London, 1634. 8vo. 

693. e. 18. (15.) 

Fifteenth edition. 

V*Z. T.Ootes,London, 1635. 8vo. 

693. e. 18. 

D., T, The pleasant history of 
J. W., etc. [1633.] 4to. 

1077. e. 14. 

WINCHESTER, Diocese of— 

Visitaiion Articles. Articles to be 
enquired of... within the Diocese 
of W., in the trienniall visitation 
of ...Thomas, Lord Bishop of Win- 
chester, holden in the yeare... 
1606. is. Z. H. Lownes, London, 
1606. 4to. 6155. c. 

Without pagination. 

— Articles to be enquired of the trienniall visitation of... 
Walter Lord Bishop of Winton, 
within the Diocesse of Winchester 
anno 1636. )$• Z* London, 
1636. 4to. T. 1566. (1.) 

Six leaves, without pagination. 

Anno 1639. /, Nor- 
ton, London, 1639. 4to. 

698. h. 20. (21.) 

Six leayes, without pagination. 

Bishop of. See Mountague. 

Bishop of. See Oardineb. 

Bishop of. See Bilson. 

See W., M. 

WINE. Wine, Beere, Ale, and 
Tobacco. Contending for supe- 
riority, a Dialogue. The second 
edition, much enlarged. Printed 
hy T. C. for J. Orove, London, 
1630. 4to. 643. c. 62. 

Without pagination. Sig. A-D. 
This work is stated on the titlepage 
to have been written first in Dutch 
by ** Gallobelgious,*' and a copy will 
be found under that heading. 

WING (John) The best mer- 
chandise, or, a cleare discovery of 
the evident difference, and ad- 




mirable advantage, betweene our 
traffike with God for the tnie 
treasure and with men for tem- 
poral! commodity. M. A. vander 
Nolck,Flu8htng,1622. 4:to. 4377. e. 

WING (John) The Crowne 
Gonjugall or the spouse royall. 
A discovery of the true honor 
and happines of Christian Matri- 
mony, etc. (In two sermons on 
Prov. XII. 4.) J. Hellenius, Mid- 
deUmrgh, 1620. 4to. 8415. cc. 

— Another edition . J. Bealefor 
B.Mylb(mmejLondonyl6S2. 12mo. 

8415. cc. 

WINGATE (Edmund) See 
Britton (J.) Bishop, of Etereford. 
Britton ... The second edition, 
faithfully corrected E. W. 
1640. 8vo. 616. a. 16. 

— LogarithmotechnisB Frag- 
mentum, or the use of Log- 
arithmes, in Geometric, Astro- 
nomic, Geographic, and Naviga- 
tion. See Roe (N.) Tabulae Log- 
arithmicsB, etc. 1633. 8vo. 

8548. bbb. 3. 

— The construction and use of 
the Line of Proportion, by helpe 
whereof the hardest questions of 
Arithmetique & Geometry, as 
well in broken as whole numbers, 
are resolved by Addition and 
Subtraction. J. Dawson, London, 
1628. 8vo. 629. b. 20. (1.) 

— Aoyopi^/Aorc^ia, or the con- 
struction, and use of the logarith- 
meticall tables ... The second 
edition,... enlarged, etc. (A log- 
arithmeticall table, whereby the 
logarithme of any number under 
400000 may bereadily discovered.) 
2 pts. M. Flesher, London, 
1635. 12mo. 8548. a. 

Pt. 2 has a separate tiilepage 
and register. 

compendious . . . treatise . . . conteyn- 
ynge certeyne Preceptes neces- 
sary to the preservacion of healthe, 
and longe continuaunce of the 
same. S. H. B, Stoughten, Lon- 
don, [1551 ?] 8vo. 1039. f. 21. (2.) 

— Another copy. 1170. a. 1. 

Imperfect ; wantine the titlepage, 
which has been supplied in MS. 

WINIFRED, Saint. Begin. 
Here begynneth the lyf of the 
holy 1 blessid vyrgyn saynt 
Wenefryde (reduced in to Eng- 
lysshe by W. Caxton). [Followed 
by Latin prayers to be used on 
the days sacred to St. Winifred.] 
[W.Gaxton,Westminster,US5?] fol. 

C. 10. b. 19. 

Fifteen leaves, without titlepage 
or paginatioD. Register a ij.-b iiij. 
Thirty-eight lines to a full page. 

WINNE (Edward) A Letter 
from Captaine E. Wynne, Gover- 
nour of the Colony at Ferryland Newfound-land^ unto... Sir 
G. Calvert... his Majesties Prin- 
cipal Secretary. July 1622. 
[Giving an account of the state 
of the colony.] See Whitbournb 
(R.) A discourse containing a 
loving invitation, etc. 1622. 4to. 

278. c. 31. (2.) 

— A Letter . . . to . . . Sir G. Calvert, 
...his Majesties Frincipall Secre- 
tary : from Feryland in New- 
foundland, the 26. of August. 
[Containing an account of the 
Country.] (Another letter of 
the 28. of August, etc.) [Londonf] 
1621. 8vo. 1196. b. 6. 

WINSLOW (Edward) 
See W., E. 

WINSTON (John) SeeB.,J. 
Two sermons on the third of the 
Lamentations of Jeremie, etc. 




[Edited, with a preface, by J. W.] 
1608. 8vo. 3109. c. (6.) 

WINSTON (John) See Dod 
(J.) Ten sermons, tending chiefly 
to the fitting of men for the 
worthy receiving of the Lord's 
Supper, etc. [Edited by J. W.] 
1634. Svo. 4452. bb. 

WINTER. /S«fl Debate. The 

debate and stryfe betwene Somer 
and Wynter, etc. [1530?] 4to. 

C. 40. c. 5. 

WINTER (Frig.) See Ephe- 
IIERIDES. Winter. An Almanack F. W. 

WINTER (Robert) See Great 
Britain and Ireland.— James I., 
King. Begin. Where amongst 
other persons discovered to bee 
Confederates in the late ... Treason, B. Winter... is knowen to 
be a principal!, etc. [A procla- 
mation for hiB apprehension.] 
(18 Nov., 1606.) 1605. fol. 

506. h. 10. (60.) 

WINTER (Thomas) Con- 
fession taken the xxiii of Novem- 
ber 1605, in the presence of the 
oounoellors, etc. See Enqland. — 
James I., King. His Majesties 
Speach, etc. 1605. 4to. 

E. 1940. (10.) 

— See Great Britain and 
Ireland. — James I., King. Begin. 
Whereas T. Percy... and some 
other his Confederates ... have 
beene discovered to have contrived 
the most horrible treason. . . against 
our Person, etc. [A proclamation 
for the apprehension of T. Percy, 
... T. Winter, etc.] (7 Nov. 
1605.) 1605. fol. 506. h. 10. (58.) 

— See Saluste du Bartas 
(G. DB) The Third Dayes Crea- 
tion... Done... oat of the originall 
French by T. W. 1604. 4to. 

11475. ccc. 

WINTER (William) FuneraU 
Sermon. See Gatakeb (T.) 
Christian Constancy crowned by 
Christ, etc. 



WINTERTON. 5«5 England, 
North Coast of. Reasons why the 
contribution of one pennie per 
tunne of every ship that goeth 
forward and backward on the 
Noi*th Coast of England, towards 
the maintainance of the Light- 
houses at W., should not be any 
grievance, etc. [ 1 620 ?] fol. 

816. m. 7. (116.) 

— A true medium of the 
monies payable from 1613. to the 
yeare 1618. by the Masters and 
owners of divers Ships. ..for the 
lights at W., etc. [London f 
1620.] 8.9h. fol. 816. m. 7. (115.) 

WINTERTON (Ralph) See 
Gerhard (J.) Gerards Prayers... 
Translated and revised by R. W. 
1635. 12mo. 844. d. 12. (2.) 

— — A Golden Chaine of 
Divine Aphorismes... Translated 
byR.W. 1632. 12mo. 4407. aa. 

— — The Meditations of J. 
Gerhard... Newly translated into 
English by R. W. 1627. 12mo. 

873. a. 1. 

1635. 12mo. 844. d. 12.(1.) 

1638. 8vo. 4403. 0. 

The Summe of Christian 

Doctrine... translated by R. W. 
1640. 12mo. 3559. a. 

WINTON. See Winchester. 

W I R S U N G (Christoph) 
Praxis Medicinae universalis, or 
a generall Practise of Physicke 
written... in the Germane tongue, 
and now... translated... and aug- 




mented by J. Mosan. )$* S. 
Impeneis Ueorg, Bishop, Londini, 
1598. fol. 41. b. 8. 

W I R S U N G (Christoph) 
The General Practise of Pbysicke 
...translated... and augmented by 
J. Mosan. id. %• ImpeTisU Qeorg. 
Bishopf Landini, 1605. fol. 

773. m. 5. 

WIRTZUNG (Christoph) 

WISCHART (William) See 
Lord's Prayer. An Exposition 
of tbe Lords W. W., 
etc. 1633. 12mo. 874. c. 10. 

WISEMAN (Sir William) 
Tbe Gbristian Knight, etc. 5 pts. 
MS. Notes. J, Legati, London, 
1619. 4to. 4411. h. 

Each pt ha8 a separate pagina- 
tion, but the register ia continuous. 

— Another copy. 114. a. 55. 

WISHART (George) Martyr- 
dom. See JjiinvsAY (Sir D.) The 
Tragical death of D. Beato, etc. 

WIT. A pleasant Comoedie 
[in one act and in prose], wherein 
IS merily shewen : Tbe wit of a 
Woman. Printed for E, White, 
Lcmdon, 1604. 4to. C. 34. b. 56. 

Without pagination. Big. A-O. 
The running title is, ' The wit of a 

— Wit's never good till 'tis 
bought ; or — 

Good coansell for improvident 

Fit to make use of now and 

[A Ballad.] »• !• 2 pts. 
jPrinted for T. Lambert, London, 
[1640?]- Broadside fol. 

Eox. I. 456. 

— Witts Recreations. Selected 
from the finest Fancies of Mo- 

deme Muses. With a thousand 
outlandish Proverbs (selected by 
M' G[eorge] H[erbert]). 2 pts. 
Printed hy B. H. for H. Blunden, 
Xottdon,1640. 8vo. 11601. bb. 23. 

Without pagination. The gene- 
ral titlepage is engraved. Each pt. 
has a distinct titlepage and register. 

WIT. Witts Tearme. [By 
T. Decker?] ». a. London, 
[1610?] 8vo. 12316. aa. 37. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting all before 
sig. A2. 

— Wits Theater of the little 
World. [Compiled by J. Boden- 
ham.] Printed hy L B. for N. L., 
[London,] 1599. 8vo. 1078. a» 26. 

— Another copy. G. 10376. 

WITHALS (John) See 
Evans (L.) A short dictionary 
most profitable for young begin- 
ners, etc. [Compiled by J. W.] 
1581. 4to. 828. d, 27. 

— A short Dictionarie [JEng, 
and Xa/.] for yonge Beginners. 
Gathered of good authours, 
specially of Columell, Grapald, 
and Plini. (Compiled by J. 
Whithals.) ». !• J. Kingston 
for J, Waley and A. Vele, London, 
1556. 4to. 625. g. 1. 

Without pagination. The run* 
ning title is, "A littell dictionarie 
for children." 

— Another edition. 13* £• 
MS. Notes. H. Wykes, London, 
[1568]. 4to. 828. d. 36. 

— A short Dictionarie [JEng,' 
Lat,"] ... The seconde tyme 
corrected ... By L. Evans. 
r. Purfoote, London, 1574. 8vo. 

12933. aa. 22. 

— A Shorte Dictionarie in 
Latine and English ... Compiled 
at the first by J. W. : afterwardes 
revised and increased with 
phrases... by L. Evans. And nowe 




lastlie augmented with ... ryth- 
mical! verses, whereof many be 
proverbial, . . . some never before . . . 
seene...iQ the Latine tongue, as 
having their originall grace in 
English, by A. Fleming, etc. )$*3l, 
T. Purfoote, London, 1686. 4to. 

12935. bb. 14. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. T. Purfoot, 
London, 1599. 4to. 12932. c. 30. 

WITHALS (John) A dio- 
tionarie in English and Latine 
for children ... Compiled at the 
first by J. Withal ... now aug- 
mented... by W. Clerk. T. Pur- 
foot, London, 1608. 8vo. 

12934. a. 13. 

— A Dictionarie in English 
and Latine... with Phrases... Be- 
cognised, by Dr. Evans; after 
by A. Fleming : and then by W. 
Clerk. And now, at this last 
impression enlarged with an en- 
cre€tse of words, sentences, etc. 
T. Purfoot, London, 1616. 8 vo. 

12935. aa. 37. 

WITHER (Fabian) See 
Dariot (C.) a briefe... Intro- 
duction to the Astrologicall 
Judgement of the Staries ... 
Translated by F. W(ither), 
Gent, etc. 1598. 4to. 1141. a. 42. 

W1TB.'ER(Qeobge) Archdeacon 
of Colchester. A View of the 
marginal notes of the Popish 
Testament, translated into Eng- 
lish by the English fugitive 
Papists resiant at Bhemes in 
France. ». I. E. BoUifant for 
T. Woodcocks, London, [loSS]. 4to. 

854. d. 2. 

WITHER (George) the Poet. 
See Bible. — Old Testament. — Se- 
lections. The Songs of the Old Tes- 
tament, translated into English 

Measures... By G.W. 1621. 12mo. 

1076. 0. 15. 

WITHER (George) the Poet. 
See Bible.— Old Testament. — 
Psalms. — Metrical Versions. 
The Psalraes of David translated 
into Lyiick- Verse ... By G. W. 
1632. 16mo. 1076. b. 5. (1.) 

— Psalms. Portions, Exercises 
upon the First Psalme ... By 
G.W. 1620. 8vo. 1076. c. 14. 

— Thirsis and Alexis. See 
Browne (W.) Begin. The Shep- 
heards Pipe, etc. (1614.) 8vo. 

11623. a, 4. 

— Mast. Johnsons Answere to 
Master W. See Description. 
A Description of Love, etc. 
1629. 8vo. C. 39. a. 42. 

— See Nemesius, Bishop of 
Emesa. The Nature of Man... 
Englished... by G.W. 1636. 12mo. 

1076. d. 3. 

— See Phil* arete, pseud. 

— See Terrje-Filius, pseud. 

— See W., G. 

— The Workesof...G. Wither. 
...Containing Satyrs, Epigrams, 
Eclogues, Sonnets, and Poems. 
Whereunto is annexed a Para- 
phrase on the Creed and the 
Lords Prayer. /. Beale for 
T. Walkley, London, 1620. Svo. 

1076. c. 12. 

Without pagination. Some of the 
pieces have separate titlepages. 

— Another copy. 238. e. 41. 

— Abuses stript, and whipt. 
Or satirical essayes.... Diuided 
into two bookes. (Certaine Epi- 
grammes, etc.) Q. Eld, for F. Bur- 
ton, London, 1613. 8vo. 

11623. aaa. 33. 
Without pagination. 




— Another edition. G, Eld 
for F. BurtoHf London^ 1613. 8vo. 

1076. c. 2. 

— Another edition. G. Eld 
for F. Burton, London, 1613. 8vo. 

G. 11197. 

— Another copy. 1076. c. 1. 
Lnperfeot ; wanting pp. 109-122. 

— Another edition. G. Eld 
for F. Burton, London, 1613. 8vo. 

11623. aa. 44. 

Imperfect; wanting sig. Ei, 6, 

Ll, 8. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by T. S. for F. Burton, London, 
1614. Svo. 1076. c. 3. 

— Another edition. H. Lownes 
for F. Burton, London, 1616. Svo. 

1076. c. 4. 

Imperfect; wanting the portrait 
of the author. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes 
[byA.Dalrymple]. I076.c.33.(l.) 

Imperfect; wanting the portrait 
and the last leaf of the "Epistle 

— Another copy. 238. a. 6. 
Imperfect ; wanting the portrait. 

— Another edition. (Prince 
Henries Obsequies, or Mourn e- 
full Elegies upon his Death.) 
MS. Note [by A. Dalrymple]. 
H. Lownes, for F, Burton, London, 
1617. Svo. 1076. 0. 16. 

With portrait. 

— Another copy. 1076. c. 6. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and ** Prince Henries Obsequies." 

WITHER (George) the Poet. 
Britain's Bemembrancer, contain- 
ing a narration of the Plague 
lately past ; a declaration of the 
mischie£3 present, and a prediction 
of judgments to come, if repent- 
ance prevent not, etc. [In verse.] 

Sold by J, Grismond, [London,'] 
1628. 12mo. 1076. d. 1. (4.) 

There is a second titlepage en- 
graved, which is preceded by a leaf 
containing ''The meaning of the 
Title page " in verse. 

— Another copy. 238. b. 67. 

— Another copy. G. 11199. 

WITHER (George) the Poet. 
A Collection of Emblemes, An- 
cient and Modem : quickened 
with metricall Illustrations, both 
morall and divine: and dis- 
posed into lotteries... The First 
( — Fourth) Booke. Printed by 
A. M.for Bobert Milbourne, London, 
1635-34. fol. 641. k. 16. 

Each book has a distinct titlepage. 

— Another copy. 87. h. 6. 

Imperfect; wanting the separate 
titlepages to books 2, 3, and 4. This 
was a presentation copy to Lady 
Ann Carr, afterwards Countess of 

— Another copy. 641. k. 14. 

Imperfect ; wanting the last three 
leaves. First leaf mutilated. This 
and the following copy bear the 
name of H. Taunton instead of 
B. Milbourne as bookseller. 

— Another copy. 641. k. 16. 

Imperfect ; wanting the first leaf, 
illustrated frontispiece, sig. As, 3, 
containing part of the preface and 
tlie author's portrait, several illus- 
trations, and the last five leaves. 

— Another copy. G. 11603. 
This copy bears the bookseller's 

name, B. Boyston. 

— Another copy. 641. k. 17. 

The name of the bookseller on 
this copy is B. Allot. Imperfect; 
wanting the first leaf, sig. A3, con- 
taining the author's portrait, and 
the last leaf. The last leaf but one 
is much mutilated. 

— Another copy. 641. k. 18. 

This copy was " printed by A. M. 
for J. Grismond." Imperfect ; want- 
ing the first leaf and the author's 
portrait. The last two leaves are 




WITHER (George) the Poet, 
Epithalamia : or nuptiall poems 
upon the ... happie manage be-