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7 ^ 



Uri. J. E. 







Copyright, 1917. by 


Prioted March, 1917 



'/J . 


Contents 2 

Publisher's Preface 4 

Bditots' Preface 5 

Chftpter Roll in order of establishment 7 

Statistics and Chapter Abbreviations > 8 

Assodate Bditois 9 

Catalogue by Chapters arranged in Alphabetical Order 1 1 

Catalogue by Geograidiical Location 303 

UNITBD STATES (including all possesions) 303 


Belgian Congo 506 

British East Africa 506 

Egypt 506 

Natal 506 

South Africa,. 506 

ASIA 506 

British India. 506 

Ceylon 506 

China 506 

Japan 507 

Java 507 

Korea 507 

'' Persia 507 

?' Syria 508 


v. EUROPE 508 

^ Austria 508 

1. British Isles 50S 

3 Bulgaria 509 

France 509 

Gennauy 509 

Greece 509 

Holland 509 

Italy 509 

Norway 509 

Turkey 509 

NORTH AMERICA (outside of United States) S09 

Canada 509 

Central America 316 

Mexico 516 

West Indies 517 


Argenrina 517 

Brazil 517 

Chile 317 

Colombia 517 

Equador 517 

Pe™ 517 

Venezuela 517 

Alphabetical Index to Members 519 


Publisher's Preface 

Ten thousand membeis ot Delta Upailoa are under obligstkni to those who 
have derrrted time and energy to the production of this Fistemity catabpie. 
Combinins the practical with the sentimental, such a compilatioa operates 
through years of its cutreiuy as an im[demetit of friendship. 

This catalogue was authorized by the Convention of 1914, and late in 1915 
the Trustees assumed resiwnsibility for its publication. The editors are Lynne 
J. Bevan, Chicago '03 and CaUfomia '05. and W. H. Dannat Pell, Columbia '09. 
Soon after organizMg the wwlc in the ^ring of 1915 Brother Bevan was compelled 
to make a protracted professional sojourn in Canada, Brother Pell then was 
made editor and with great Hiiig^nr^ snd intuitive skill continued and expanded 
the search for "lost" members and the correctkni of addresses, until the call of his 
regiment of the National Guard of New York to the Mexican border. Brother 
Bevan, having meanwhile returned to New York, again assumed the editorship 
and with tactful persistence completed the preparatkni of the copy and brou^t 
half the book throu^ the printing office. Brother Pell returning in the I^ 
of 1916 heartily joined with Brother Bevan in completing the publication. 

We trtio shall use and enjoy it should never take this volume from its shelf 
without a grateful thought of the brothen who gave it to us. 


January i, 1917, New York City. 


Editors' Preface 

To MembeiB of Delta UiMiloii: 

We here pment to you the fint cfttakvue of Delta Upsiloa publided amce 
1903. In the faiterveiiinK yean the membenhip roll of the Fraternity has stowd 
hoin 8,238 to 13,505 and the number of active cht^itera from 3S to 43. In view 
of thi) growth, it was deemed advisable to eliminate the bioEraphical data appear- 
ing in earlier catalogues and to give only the name, cf^ge, year, occupatain, 
bnnness and residence addreoses. 

The editors have spent all available time and ingenuity in obtaining up to date 
addremcs for every member. If any reader find an error or omission let him 
blame the individual who foiled to keep the Fraternity or his diapter posted as to 
his address and occupation. 

The geographical list was set up later than the list by classes so that in case 

of discrepancy in addresses the one in the geographical list should be used. The 

asterisk (*) is placed before the name of each member who is known to be deceased. 

Chapter abbreviations are interpreted on page 8. Other abbreviations are 

beieved to be plainly evident. 

In the geographical list it is to be remembered that the City of New York is 
(ubdivided into Astoria, Brooklyn, Corona, Ehnhurst, Par Rockaway, Flushing, 
Pordham, Fewest Hills, Jamaica, Maspeth, New York, Richmond Hill, Staten 

The editors have appreciated the careful reports of the Associate Editors, 
Secretaries of Delta Upsilon Alumni Orgaoizations, Registrars of Colleges, and 
Town Ckrks, who have greatly assisted in providing us with Up to date data. 
We also express special appreciation of the services of Bradford Gill, Chicago '10, 
in the second largest batemity center — Chicago. And we are under obligations 
to the assistants in the Fraternity office — particularly Miss Luella L. Bovordand 
Miss Florence A. Decker for their patience and care and for their many helpful 

January i, 1917, New York City. 



Chapter Roll in Order of 






Waahinctoit and Jeflenon 







fe nm j l vMiiK 




Pennaylvanla S 

November 4, 1834 

July 31, 1847 
July 29, 1847 

October, 1830 

October 3, 1856 
October, 1837 
October >S, 183S 

Novunber 31, 1865 
Dccetuber 19, 1863 
Uarcli, 186S 
June I, 1S68 
May 17. 1869 
December, 1869 
April >3, 1870 
November 14, 1873 

Apfu 10. 1876 
Febriwry t8, 1880 
Pebmaiy 19, tSSt 
May 6, 1885 
May 30, 1883 
June 6, iSBj 
October 10, 1885 
December 4, 1S86 
April I. 1887 
March 33. 1888 
May >3. 1890 
November 1 1, 1891 
March 3, 1894 
March 13. 1896 
March 13, 1896 
November 11, 1898 
December 9, 189S 
December 15, 1899 
^nuary 3, 1901 
Deoember 9, 1904 
December 11, 1903 
December 9, 19 10 
December 8, 191T 
December 6, 1913 
December 6, 1914 
December 11, 1915 

Clevclaiid, Oikt. 
Middletown, Coon. 
Waterville, Me. 
Rocberter, N. Y. 
Middkbury. Vt. 
Bnmnrick, Me. 
New Bnmswidk, N. J. 
WaArngtou, Fa. 
Hamilton, N. Y. 
New Yori!, N. Y. 
Oxford, O. 
Providence, R. I. 
Ithaca, N. Y. 
Hartford, Conn. 
Marietta, Ohio. ' 
SyracuK, N. Y. 
New Yoik, N. Y. 
Ami Arbor, Midi. 
Bvanston, 111. 
Cambridge, Mas*. 
MmUmmi, Wb. 
Qaatoo, Pm. 
New York, N. Y. 
South Bethlehem, Pa. 
Tufta Cidleic, MaM. 
Grecncaatle, Ind. 
Philadeljriiia, Pa. 

Boston. MaM. 
Swartlnnore, Pa. 
Stanford Univetihy, Cal. 
Montreal, Canada. 
Lincoln, Neb. 
Toronto, Canada. 
Chlcaxo, 111. 
Columbus, CMiio. 
Champaign, 111. 
Seattle, Waah. 
Sutc Odlege, Pa. 
Amea, Iowa. 
Weit Ufayette, Ind. 
BlDomiafton, Ind. 


Statistics and Abbreviatiops 

Abbrevio-' livinf Deccaaed 

' tiocu ' Mem- Mcm- 

ben ben 



















D. P. 











I. a 






















N. Y. 


Ohio State 

O. S. 


Pa. St. 





















V. - 




Wes. - 

Western Reserve 

■ W. R. 





Total 10,839 3.676 341 13,846 ' 

Total Fraternity Membership — excluding those counted twice, ti^oy 



Associate Editors 

Amhent Alfred H. Washburn, '16 

Bowdmn Samuel B. Furbish, A. '9S 

Brown Sheldon J. Howe, '08 

California David T. Babcock, '11 

Chicago BndfordGill, '10 

Colby J. Franklin Pineo, '14 

Colgate Alexander B. Yonng, '16; Seneca B. Burdiard, Jr. 'U 

Columbia.. W. H. Dannat Pell, '09 

Cornell Alexander G. Adieson, '17 

DePauw LeRor O. McI.«od, 'ij 

Hamilton Edward N. Abbey, '05 

Harvard F. Stanley Howe, 'oS; Tbaxter Baton, '08 

Blinob L. T. Ericson, '04 

Indiana John D. Miller, '17 

lowaSUte T. R. Truax, 'la 

Lafayette Robert E. Bacon, '17 

lehigh T. P. Hbnore, '94 

MtKM James B. Woodyatt, '07 

Iilanhattan Harry M. White, '77 

Marietta Robert W. Parr, '16 

Miami Tom L. Morgan, '15 

Michigan N. Russell Crawford, '17 

Middlebmy Harold D. Leach, '10 

Minnesota Wendell T. Bums, '16 

Nebraska Warren P. Day, '06 

New York F. M. Crossett, '84 

Northwestern Theodore H. Krumtriede, '13 

OhwSUte Milo B. Smith, '17 

Pennsylvania Harrison Townsend, Jr. 'ii 

Pennsylvania State. ..... .Hairy A. Hey, '09 

Purdue Dale S. Cole, '10 

Rochester John S. Briggi, 'go 

Rutgers WiUiam H. Van Steenbergh, '77 

Stanford James E- Mead, '16 

Swarthmore Philip T. Siarples, '10 

Syntcuse Claude L. Kimmel, 'oj 

Technology Clifford M. Swan, '99 

Toronto Thomas R. Merritt, '18; Ridiard A. Seymour. '18 

Trinity Flavel S. Luther, '70 

Tufta William G. Brooks, '15 

Union John F. Putnam, '04 

Washington Carl H. GeU 

Washington and Jefferaon.John D. Shafer, '66 

Wesleynn Melville B. Mead, 'ji 

Western Reserve H. Ranney Comer, '14 

Williams John N. Leonard, '15 

Wiscsonnn.. Marshall G. Simcmdi, '15; HiilipB. Desnoyers. 'lA 




Ambtnt CoU*g«, Aniwnl; Mua. 

Eaubliihcd July ag, T847; Inactive 1863-1869; Re-fstablished Juljr ag, 
1869; 65 Classei; 731 Uemben. 

'Fnmeii Artfanr UninliM. Ctartrmaa, d. 
April I], ifoi. 
d. Ifweli A, i>M. rmeott V«r> (lait. br WtllUau), Pndt 

. Ckrcrmu, i Dae Cnltnrt and Horticaltun, 16 Cwural 

u, ■«>}' Sl, Fnminibam, llan. 

•MiTtia LnAtT Oarlord. Editor, d. If >r r. •Dulal FrueliOaddard, Onvrau. d. 

i«ii. July 11, 1883. 

•Sab«rt DnMT HlUcr, Clvfriiiu, d. Jao. •■frram JumMm Hualtia^ Chau Editor Md 

•Job ^bcT 'Mbodr. OcrfTBua. d. Nor. •Hnih itcLMd! OnrfTiiiu, d. Fab. M, 

•hWb AMn Pratt. TtaiAtt ni Pris- •L^OardnMt Mink, (Init. br Buoil- 
eipaU d. No*, u, 1901. ton), Ocsriiiin, d. Feb. i§, i»o([. 

••Mw liatli MclTill, l>rnicut, d. Jad. 

*In l«ri*tom Moon, PbTiielaii. d. Oct. 
•Charia Hutmtl, Ifiuiowuy, d. Jan. js, i, 1S97. 

i»es. ' .< < aildMr Kahli Boad ParUu, OarfTnu, 

ajaama Loriaa HatciL Oarmaam md d. Oct 10, 1014. 

aHnbart Piatra Harrlck, Ubaiasarr. d. Iiami), Lawjcr. d. Apr. as, iSt«- 

Dtc ao, iSS7. aBdward Dlckaaa Rawaoa. Taaebar, d. 

■BUA Howa, laaataDcc, d. Hay 7. tM- Anx- «, 1859. 

awifil^ Sa>dall Palmar, aarnnuB, ^ -^ ■ <r- 

Pak la. rSSa. itia 
aHirtla HaUoa Soot Drnniit, d. Jalr 

aS, iSo(. Otaoa Pardr AUaa, Katirad FotaliB Ifli- 

ajoliB Abaao larBovr, Ckinritiao, d. aioBanr, ja Hiahland St. Bannr, lla 

llarch 7, igii. •Oaorca I.a«li Backar, (Init by Uamil- 

aOaoTs* la(waoII Staaraa, Ckrsrnua, d. ton), Clartyman, d. Ati|:. 14, 1903. 

Mar. 14, iB6a. QanM Bliaa, Ketind UiaiioBary, BainM, 

aBUafa Woodward Itoddard, ClcTByinaii, Syria. 

d. Oct rg, 1911. , 'JoMph Masly Claik. School Suparlntaad- 

aOaorsa Fndarick Walkar, OBrirmaa, d. est, d. Feb. ao, 1S70. 

Fab. ai, iStJ. asujtb Shiimway Fiab, OcrcyraaB, d. Fab. 

•Albart QrabBB Baabaa^ Clarfymaa, 

aSnd Jndd HawUai, Taacbcr. 

■Hanry Kim, Oarnnaa. d. Aiw. 19, illt. 

ajacob WflUan fl:arcBaaoba, Clarfyaaa. 

c. t, iSm. - _. , ^^ j^^^^ 

ajoha Uwln Cory, OarcyBu, d. Nor. •Fuatta Hayaard, Dantiat, d. May •. 
aDaoW w'oreaatar Paaac^ Qartyaua aad a|i)[aaa Moort, ClariTiiiaa, d. Dae la, 

*"""• " '"■ '■ '•"• .<&t, H|«, p„»» a-„«., i 

'*" •C^n'Uliii Pertw, T.kIict, d Dm. 

''•ni°°- "^"^ ''°'~"' ^ "" •&'»*&'■•-». Ml». d. U^ 
aWifiiam Otia Baldwia, Oarsjinaa, d 

•Idward tiyaoa Bataa. luiiraiica, d. Jul 

ailmaa Maaard CarlMo^ Miaaionary, d. ■■» 

aiam Hawtoa Cnadalk Taacbcr, d. Jul- arboBaa DwUftt Adaau. Tudur, d. May, 

adIwrgawaahiBCtaa Cnriar, I.nryar, d. •TtoStix Coataa AUIaaa. aarsyman. d. May 

'Fra!&l& 'sniUay Doa, Clariyiiiaii, d. aNatbaaUl B^y BUschard. Clorcmua. d. 

Bradlay Doa, ClariyDiaii, 

aBbanaiar Daatlaaa, Haaafcr, d. Atv. 4 

i Backlu^ Oarsyman, d. Aofr aa. 



•Oaoru Wbiifidd CUrk, UiuioiiAry and 

Ad^di, (L Not. id. i»i1. 
•Edwin Atht CchhcTi Fumtr and 

Teacher, d. Aug. ji, lUl. 
•Amof HOI CoolOie, a^aynuui; d. Ptb. 

•Sunud CbiM Dau, Qevrn^.d.,.S^ . 

*£iodi Krtis Braai, Clcrniiun, d. Dec 

18, i87g. ■ I . ^ 
' 'JoMpb Lertit'Atmlr PUh, Oersynun and 

Teacher, d. Mar. 36, iS»o.. 
•William Dodd nacc, Clerirrmin, d. Mar 

•Daniel Clapp LItclifialilL' Broker, d. igoT. 
•CbarlM- Filch HOna. .Clersyinan, d Hu. 

•Sal'ph Lyman , PanBaa, . Phyncian and 
Proprjetor of' Iwalid tt«ne,-d. Feb. aj, 

•Vlbijdga, Papper, Oergymiui, d. Sor.. ij, 

rilenry Beufetn Pkrce, Teacher, d. Mar. 

14, 1861. 
•Bdward Hearr pTilb. Cnrtytnan, d..NDT. 

13, .1878. 
*OUDert , BraiaaH Rieliardaon, Clarnmac, 

d. Feb. ao, i88j. 
•Oeorae Edinrd Sanberae, OeTsyman, 

d fan. 7. 

. d July I, 

•Sanliora Tenaer> Colleaa Proieieor, d 

er, d April 


*]ohn Corti* Cddwdl, U. S. UinlMcr, d. 

Ave- je, i^ia. _ 

•MicA Sampaon Cronrall, Clcriyman, 
.. 'Uan>>cr,,(Init. by Colby), d. .^r. 6, 

•Charlci HaiTle CrewdL School Snpciin- 
' ^Iamea''l^il*on CrowtU. Stodent, d July 
•Apileton'llowe Fitdu Btuincia, d A««. 
•]«b'n !llartw^ aercyman, d Dec. iB, 
Mar^ Stoddard Howard, aerrrman, Wil- 

braham. Uaa». -' 
•Savillaa Richard Hall, Lawyer, d 1(05 

*Chiiatar Daaiala Jrfeida, aergyman, d. 

Nov. 11. 186a. , „ 

•Jamei Brawn Lord, Lawyer, d . Mar,; 14, 
•W^ian Inri* HoBMEne,. College -Pro- 

fCMor and Author, d July »», 1908. 
' Moaea Noerr, Retired ClerKyDiln,^i«.^im- 

Itrong Ave., Kaniai C^y, Kan. 
Lev! ■ SewaU Packard, Retired KnebMlf. 
•Henry Jickaoa Riebardaoo, Cleriyman, d 

Dec 10, i8m. l.- _, . 

•Horace Lwinard SiBilaton. Clergyman, d 

•Em Thompaon Sprapia. Ljwyer and 

Conrt Clerk, A Dec, ]0, 188B. 
•Ocorge Waabbum, Uluionary and Co!- 

, Clergyman, 4 Nf 
•Henry CJIdidb Fay, Clergyman, d July 

•Hcnun 'klthrid 

liaioa), Secd*t 
•Adonlram Jud 

aeller, d. Jb" 
•aeoriB Diab 
■. Sec 

•Lyman Bartlatt, Uiaaionsry, d Oct. 14, 
JamMAtwood Batea. Clergynuoi, South 

■omer, Oergyman, d Feb. ai. 
manon Bradbury, Grocer, d. 
-othlngfaam Bradbury, Teacher, 
legman. Clergyman, d U>y aj, 

..oitph ] 
luik^Biok. ,^^i^ 

— .__ Hetiard, aergyman, eiiuiSiT™ 

d Oee. 14, 1870. d yJS. 

♦Milan HnWrlf -Hi«chcocfc idnit. ,by .(^Ji,r' 

- -Hamilton),.aergvman, djan. it, igfo. ,0", ' 

*JS''^ 'i"''^ P"?'?^^'- 5"'™'' S*S 1*. eciieatBr Lemuel Cuahnun, Clergyman, d 

Tenth St,,'ffii)Bdelphia, Pa. ■ Aor ai"tSffr " 

P'ranfclia Hubbard Biuineai Muuger, 4 ajo^ah Hamilton Ooddaid Phyaician, d 

•Edward Piyao'n Ooodwio. Oergyman, d 

•Chariea^'S^^ Oaigga, Lumber Dealer 
and Peniion Attorney, d. Aug. 0. 'OS;- 

•Oeof gc Uortfaner - OMnaey, ■ School Su- 
perintendent, d Oct. 4, iSSj. 

•Hiram Collina Haydn, Clergyman, d Jiny 

•T^winae^ Pereriy- Herrlck, Farmer, d 
•Jan^ %dwin HMcblnaOB,- Student, d, 
•Edward' Five^n Kmball, -Lawyer, ■ -d 
•p'rad^ck Warren.Lane, Student, d..D«t 
•John Vdiiam Lane, Clergyman, d. May 
>i Llnaiey. Farmer. 

. — . tJubbard Suaineaa Mauger, 

•Charlti Auguilui Stmball, Lawyer, d 

Dec t>„»l«o. 
•John Cahrin Kimbatl, Clergyman, d- Feb. 

•Wiilu^'^Merrill, Inturance, d. Aug. 8, 

•Herman AlUng Prentiaa, Teacher, d Jan. 

•Clfarl'i^^arka Rugg, Teacher; d June 9, 

iM-' - ■..■■"■ ■..-■■ ..■ , ' 

•Uriel Whitney Small, Clergyman, d.jHor. 

•Silaa icilton Smith, .Buaineaa, d Sept. j, 

18SS. '' ' 

BII Gilbert Bennett, Oerk, iSi Gaifield 
■ PI., BrooklyliLN.Y.' > 

•Albert Henry Bridgmao, Poatal Qerk, d 
- Aug. a,' tgoB.^ ' 
•Francia Frederick Brown, Phyaician, d 

•FraakHn ' Buirougha Morton, 
Agent, d Apr. tj, 189s. 



Cjnw Hcat7 Pandlttoa, PhyiicUn, Heb- 
ron, Ct. 

•Mathu C Pcmd, HaBuluIunr, d. igoM. 

kUrtia Luibar JdchinUaa. defsyman (n- 
timt), Monusuc, litM, 

*JUBa Xnnall, Clcrcviiuui, d. Jniia 14, 

*Waiun SwiDtoo, Author and Edncator, 
d. Oct s5, iSsi. 

•Cfaarlaa Blbridf* AUao, PhraicuB. d. 
•haniy Fraakila Blodcatt, Lawr«. d. July 
*Jamaa Thaodora Biic(i^ Merchant, d. Jan. 
*w'iUl«n Otia Cair, Ocrsyman, d. April 
•Jacob'Cawford Clapp, Clcrgjmun, d July 
•Aaahal i.cwii Clark, acrayraaa, d. Oct. 
•Oadrc* Traak Hlslar, l^wjt and Judp, 
•Hnuy'Whita Jonca, acrgyman, d. Feb. 


Richardaon, Qcrgyman, 

Qanial Foatar ! 

Sanaa, Apiaiiit, can of 

, n», K. D. 1, Box 19, Hop- 

kiniTitla, Kj. 
*Ablal Harrlntton Slaytoa, Diaappcarad u 

Ave., E. Oranie, > 


•Jamaa Brown Bcaomonli Sstired dcrn- 

man, d. Feb. «, 1016. 
*I>aa)«l Jar BUai, Cleriyman, d. Apr. lo, 

Wllllaia Louii Brar, Katircd Clargrmai 

ii£ CoDSTua St, Kcnoiba, Wii. 
•Andrew 7oalah Clapp. darnniaa, < 

too), Clerijnnan, d. Fek i 
JobB Francii Qlcaaoa, Qersyiuui, ^. ^^ 

hent. Maaa. 
•Stephen Harrii, Gcrsyman, d. Junt il 

•Henry Haalinii, Cteriymin, it Jan. 11 

•Cbatar Warner Hawley, Clerjrnun, < 

•KMn'iiu^r'Teacher. d. Uay M, l8S< 
•Henry Hardn K*Uo(K. Soldier, d. Ifa 

ao, i84j^ 
•Edwla sliaha Kerrlam, ClergTmu, 1 

Feb. ty, 18(5. 
•Oaoraa Harvey HUta, ClerByman. 
Samud Bartlatt Sbcrrill. Retired Clern 

man, 41c HumiArey St, New HaTei 

•HiTllafa Howry Spra(B«, Phyiician, 1 

•Oaruur t>erTT Stlckoey, TbeolOBical Stu- 
dent, d. Uir. 19, 1S61. 
•Janea Edwin Towal, Clergyman, d. Atlg. 

•JuailB Edwarda Twllchall, ClersymaD. d 

John^WhitehST* Clcrsyman, Korth Attle- 


WUaoo, Clargyirfad, d. 

•Sanford Watara BUlinia. Private Tutor. 

i Dec. JO, — - 
•Haniy Jamai 


ica, Ifinionaiy, d. ICay 

'e'.'i'Soi. ' 

■Samuel Bdward Harrlck, Ctergyraaa, d. 

•Luther Keene. Cleriyman, d. Apr. 17, 

•Frederick mUlam Pike Student, d. Nor. 

•WUIard jobBaon Pataam. Student, d. 

Not., iSjt. 
•Philander Bead, aerfyman, d. Uar. 9, 

•Amoi Franklin Sbattuck. ClergyBisn, d. 
Not, «■ 1895- 

•Wedey Sqaiar. Student, d. July tS, i»i9- 

Hcary Marin StCTeaa. Retired Phyiician, 
BloahiU, lie. 

Jamei Nelw» Thraehar, Retired Cleriy- 
man. 36J South Atc, BridBcpOTt, Conn. 

•Joaaeb Oemond Tiffany, Teacher and Sn- 
perintendent, d. Dec 17, iRoi. 

•HaniT Martin Topper, Collerc Preaident, 
■ " iflpj. 

laniT Martll 
d. Not. .1, 

•William Brews, ClcrfTBian, d. 1910. 
•Horace Cannon, Teacher, d. Dec as, 

•Gaoriv Curtla^ Retired Clergyman, d. 

•Oeorge''DMUr, Banker, d. May iS, igoa. 
■Luciua Hopkina Hlggina, aergymu, d. 

dtnwn'lkeUen Jonca, aergynuo, Weit 

Woodatodc, Conn. 
■Oeorge Allen Seene, Teacher, d. Uar. 11, 

•Joacpb Maaon, Phyaician, d. Sept a], 

•Luciua Lathrop Merrick, Clergyman, d. 

Oct 7, 1M4. 
•Horace Parkav, aergyman, d. Mar. 15. 

•WUlard Putaam, Farmer, d. Sept 11, 

•Samue) John Stotia. Lawyer, d. July a], 

■Bdwud Seed Whaclar, Phyiician. d. 

Apr. 3 


•Francia Haydan Boynton. Clergyniaa, d. 

•Fraaklln Charle* Flint Oergyman, d. 

Uar. ai. ig;& 
•Jamea Laird, Clergyman, d. Aug. >o, 

•Oaorga Franklin Mairiam, Clergymaa, d. 

AuB. s. '9"- 
• David Starrett Morgan, Gergyman, d. 

Jan. 10. 1879. 
Daniel Tburbei Nalaon, Pbyaician, >4oo 

Indiana Ave.. Chicago, 111.. 
•Bben Pope, Student, d. Oct I, l8«i. 



PnUic School!, ioa4 PanDinston Ava.. 
Wcit H*rtfac^ Ct. 
HniT AmaH KiaB, Juilin of (ha Su- 
perlar Coort oi Ifau., Court Hoiue, 
*■ HULl " - " . 

iHu. Terrace, SprinafieU, ICaai. 

John Ooddard, CleioTmiii, PMtor Swedes- Caltb Sodnty Carno, Jr, Secretary of 
borgian Cbardi. NewtonviUe, Haia. Sute, Georceiown, DeL 

•William Southwonb HowlaBd. Miu 


Frank Herbert Loud, Ketiicd Prolcu 

o( Colorado ColUiei Rei. 1103 n. 

Teion St., Colorado Sprinn, Colo. 
*Lnclua Parkar Harriaa, Teaclier, i. 

Sept. JO, i8Bj. 
•Charlaa HtKler. La' 
CraBTUle W. "' 

N. H. 

*Au*tiB Phalpa Carr, Bookkaepcr, d. Oct. 

10, iS«j. 
*And[tw Kmer Ford, Teacher, d. Au|, 11, 

Wii^i^ H. Harutll, (Init. by Wiihiaston 
and JeBlerioii). Retired Clergyman, 349 
Eait Beaul St., WaihingtoD, Pa. 

George Hilton Howe. Clerlrmin, UrotoD, 

Herbert Gardiner Lord, Pi 

bia UniTCrsity, New Yo] 

611 We.t iijth St., Nr 
•Charlei w'"'— "-'' — 

Sept a8, 
WUham Wi 

Clairiville, Ohi.. 
*Bdward Payaon Root, Clernmi 

■ William HadorT. Clei 
' Morton, Cleri 

r, Colum- 
y, ; Ret 

k, jj. y. 


_ , _._. _., ■; Jan. 

>avld_Aacniti» Shaw, Famier, d. Jan. 

IP. »e«4. 

■■liaha Parka BartholoitMW, Lawyer, d. 

July aj, i(H)i. 
Arthur lared Benedict, ClergymBD, 

R. F. D., Pearce, Arii. 
Otia Carr. Mii.iomry, Karaaumarti-dori, 

IchijojaKarn, Kyoto, Japan. 
Gtorge Powter, Farmer, Durall, Waih. 
Loranu* Eaton Hitchcock Jualice of the 

Superior Court of Maai., Conn Hoait, 

Boiton, UaiL, 46 Mt. Vemoo St, Can- 

bridi*. Mail. 
•Cbarlei Fitch Morae, Clergynun, d. Aug. 

14. i8;6. 
•Waltar Negler, Farmer, d. Oct 10. iBoD. 
Prancii Parker, nergvman, Enfield, N. H. 
•Stephen Alvah Thurlow, Teacher, d. Jan. 


John Alvin Btnn 

Parker Herriaa, 

Lawyer, d. Apr. 6, i< 
H&a. Cleriyman. T 

Lrwia Spany, Lawyer, Hartford, Ct. t 

Rei. Eait Wiosor Hill, Ct 
Jacob Oeori ~- ™ .. . ..._ 

Bm., 830 

Rei. aSi9 

oodi. Law Student, d. 

Winfred Ban 

way, South 
Benjamin Fn 

The Browi 

10 Uain S 
*Salem Dariu 

•George Bolivar Copp, Phyiician. 

William SUiot Judd. Teachar, m Pair- 
field Atc., Holyoke, Mail. 

Oeoige Henry Hellcn, lawyer, ij Beacon 
St., Boiton, Ua», ; Rea. 191 Lake 


William Craia M 

Micheltorena £ 
Nathan HocM. 

Aliron. Ohio. 
Howard Burr^Scott, Judge, Lock B 


bury. Ct 

Charle* C 

Poh! Ct' 

•Ocorae Y 

d. Dec., I 

Charlea An 

ibury. Ct; Rei, 

i Weil St, Dan 

1. Hartford Or- 

luaga Waihbnm, Clergynan, 


, 111.; fee.. 

t Randolph 

Uwyer. « 

Sti BJiton,' Ua*^ ' *'" '" 
Edward WildaT Chaae, Teacher. ] 

St., Hnntincton, W. Va. 
HeiUT OibbMiB, Profeiior at UniT. of 

Peno., Philadelphia. Pa. : Re*. 4411 

Cease Aoe., Philadelphia, Pa. 
•Qeorge William Hale, Photographtr, d. 

Her. t, i»c>e. 
Wmlam HBtchiBB Hall, Superintendent of 

id, Lawye 
St. t-nicago, 1" 

Frank Irving Bibeoek, Lawyer, ij Park 
St, Attleboro, Haii. 

JamM Poole Bacon, Stenographer, Short- 
hand Reporter. Hem. Bacon ft Uud(e, 

*Dnid"wUdeT*dooiUle?"'Clcrninan, d. 

PranV Afva'n°&aimer, Late Prei. of Oahu 
College, Honolulu, T. H. ; Kcl 22 
North Proapcct St, AmherM, Uau. 

Rudolph KauffmaiL BJiim- "»-.„!»• 
Star," Waahiniton 

D. C: Rei. 

•Cha'rica Pierce Littl^ld.' Student, d Apr. 
Uniard ^tlm 



*WuT«n nwBpBa, Student, d. Dec ii, 

■Hory Thonui Whitncr, Ucdicil ita- 

t HlriB CIuRh. atrk, d. July 
(WufainctSB Ckuk, Qeto'cuD. d. 
384 Hkt- 

Qwia* KewtoB Crou, T< 

•rd St, Cambridge, Mi — , ^ ^ , 

Kab«n Edmrd Denfield, Stipt. of Schooli, 

CcDtral Hiah School, Dnlnth. Mina.; 

Rtt. iS Oxford St., Dulutli, Minn. 
•Robert Kir, Student, d. Nov. 3. i«rSv 
Robert Henrr Fulton, QeriynMn, Weih- 

John HowUnd^ Uiliioniry, Colesio In- 
tcrnscionil, Gu»d»laj»r«. Mexico, 

Clurlee Frmncil Wiylud Hnbbud, qer^r- 
man, Union Foieian Cfaucch, Fckin, 


•SmoeT SndieHord Jobnlton, Tead 

FnnUi^'' I?bWi. M»nul»cturer, 

BUnliet Mill., Troy, N. H. . 
•WeUinfton jiirvii White, Mii»ionB 

CUresce Homrd Bu-ber, Clercyuun, 3 

Broad St., Danielson, Conn 
•Albert Honttomtrr Chadwlek, Lavfer 

and Jodjte, d. Feb. i*. 1884. 
*0*otge Henry Ferrr, Student, d. June 16, 

•Ib^rt Orlando Oraham. FroleiM>r, d. 

Joccph Beaumont Hinialer, Cor. Sec. 
' Board of Conlerr •-••! •■ ""« 

ga6 Arrington Ave 

, Chicago, lU.J R«». 

r, d. Oct 18, I003 

, Clergyman, Field 

Sec. for New Enri.nd of iTie.Congrega- 
doiul Church Biiildina SocieW. Con- 
gregationil llouie, m Beacon St, Bol- 
ton, Msas. ; Res. 3«! Cabot St, New- 
tonvine. MaM. 

Arthur Haydn Ptaraon, Teacher. joT Elm 
St, Northfield. Minn. , „ 

■Wellinston Ketord, Pbyeician, d. KoT. 

EraitiH Gilbert, Smith. Profeiaor, Beloit 

liege. Beloit, Wi 

ind Trei 

tor-. Co.. 
Walnut Si 

Waplea, Sec. l 

KCHiatration and IncoriKira- 
Wirminron. Del.: Rei. . 
-iladelphia. Pa. 

•Horace Hall Bnck, acrryman, d. Nor. 

Franele Oiilld Bnrteu, Ckruman, Care 
Baring Broi. & Co.. t,ondon, E. C, 

•Louia EmU Danfiild, Lawyer, d. Mar. 13. 

Cotton St, Leo- 

Thoraa* I<egate Fiaher, 

St. Mark'i ChurcX, 

. Mill. 

Andrew Duff Hdfem. Clerimaan. Phila. 
Diyinity School, sooo WoodUnd Are.. 

Philadelphia. Pa.; Kc*. 4Si« Kinnea- 
ling An., PhiladelphU, Fa. 
Out Hlnadala, Physician, Hot Sprinn, 

bun?"'n a"' ' *° ^'"" '^' ^^ 

Xdward Newell Kiunbory. Fhyaician, 187 
BlacSaione St. Woon^tkel. R. I. 

Stephen AUun Norton. Clergyman, Pat- 
tor Pint Coni Church, Wobnm, Uui. 

Lorenio Whitney Searle, UwTcr, 56 
Pine St, New York,^ N. Y,! Res. iig 
Fort Greene Place. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Eira AUeo Slack, Clergyman, 198 Harwd 

PhUlp DeitBT Stoop*. Missionary, Safanoa 


I. d. July 

Nchemiah Boynton, Clergyman, 34* Wash- 

inpon A.e., Brooklyn" N. t. 
•William Pbillipa Burgess. Siock-raiscr, d 

■sywn Crowell, 
19, Quincy St, ai 

M^lyn,. n: Y.; R< 

rin. Public 
409 Jeffer- 

Darlus Auguadne Nswton, Clcrgymai 

Edwin asrence Norton, Frofetsor, De* 
of Faculty. Pomona College. Claremon 
Cal. ; Res. 137 West 7th St, Oan 
mont. Cal. 

Edwin Auguatni Rayner, Lawyer, So 
Broad St; Newark. N. I.; fees. 10 
Linden Atc.. Glen Ridge. N. J. 

Howard Tracy, Broker, 1639 Hinma 

John feUi., , , 

Queen St. York, Pi 
•Arthur Wilton Wheel 

Tuttle, Cleigymia, 7 Nor 

Bnmntr HolUa Whittca. Hydraulic Ea- 
ginee^ -Holyoke Machine Co., 305 Lo- 
cuat St. Holyoke. Mas*. 

1 Parki 

•Fred Arthi 
ij. 1887. 

Charle* Freemai. ._,, 

Perkins BIdg.. Roiebui 
»8 Ca*< St. Roiebnrr, < 

Cbarles Henry Libbey. Edit 

Fisher, Oergyman, Weat- 
Gaylord, Teacher, d. Mm, 
Hopklna. Lawyer, 410 

.--n St.. East Mi Hoi 
Joseph Frank HcOreg 

:, 30 Sqna 

Charle* Somerlv Noyes. Lawyer, leS 

Bro»dwsy, New York. N. Y. ; He*. 

Glen Road, Montclair, N. J. 
•Cbarlea Hilllard Sawyer, Lawyer and U. 

S. Consul, d. Jsa. 17. 190IS. 
James Turner, Retired, M Broadway, New 

York. N. Y.: Res. 19 West MtJi St, 

New York. N. Y. 
Prank Albert Whiting, Coal and Wood 

Dealer, Holyoke Coal and Wood Co., 4S 

Main St. ITolyoke. Mass.; Rei. 139 

Morgan St. Holyoke, Masa. 


■Xdcar Cop*, CUistoub, d. Uarck iB, 

WtSilm Fndtfkk D«ddd, Uvrcr, lu 
H. Wubinrtoa St., Suisaw, Mich. ; 
Kci. 6oi Cherr* St, Sa|iii>«, UidL 

CbarlM Xlbvt Danbhdar. Book Dealer, 
30 Broad SL, New Yorlc, N. Y.; Ru. 
RnUiCTfotd. N. J. 

Wtlliam Alran KauwltDn, Lawrer, n Sum- 
mer St. (Room (]), Bolton, UaaL; 
Ko. ij Hancock St., AntranxUte, 

■Rnnell Tkrall Low, Lawrer, d. Sept. t, 

•^uk Lonia lltllaa. Teacher, i. Mar. 14, 

Starr Joeeln Huiphr, Ifiwyer, i6 Broad- 
way, New YorkrW tT; Rea M Proa- 
peel Terrace, UoDtclair, N. J. 

■Daniel Nuon, ^wv«r, d. Htr. 4, 1911. 

WllUain Sbedd Nelwa, (Init. b|t Hamil- 
ton), UiMiooarv, TriDoli, Syria. 

OaoriB Gilbert Pond, Dean, School ol 
Natural Science, Feiul Slate Collefc, 
State CoUen, Fa. 

Benrj Benajab SiuBall, Editor, Spdng- 
Geld Homeittad Co., Spriaffield, Una. 

Frederick Amd, Lawyer, The Ttookerr 

Bid*., Chicaso. II'-; Rea. Eraiuton 

GcdTclub, EranatoB, IlL 
•Walter Craaford Blancbard, Saltaman, d. 

Feb. i«, 1890. 
*Oeorie Van ftantmord Camp, Bank 

Clerk, d. Feb. a, lOiS. 
OurdoB Rueaell Flahn, Architect, aSj 

Uke Atc, Newton HJghlaoda, Maaa. 
*Fcanb Dleklnaon Haatioci. Teacher, d. 

Seth Eetciiain Howei, (IniL by Colnte), 
Real EiUte. 17 Snmmjt A*e^. StTiiil, 

WlUlam Tra*er( Jeronc. Lawrer, Ucm. 

SiTorae, Hand ft Kreacl, 37 Watl Street, 
ew York. N. Y.r Res. 611 Cathedral 
Parkway, New York, N. Y. 
Prank Lnrii Ntaon, (Init by Uiddte- 
bory), Geoloriit and Mining Enfineer, 
Weat Hayen, Ct 
Frank Charlaa Partridie, tlnit by Middle- 
bory^ Prei. Vermont Marble Co., Proi- 

Bdward Clark Potter. Sculptor, leS North 
St, Grcenwicb, Ct 

•Fletcher Ihmen Proctor, (Init. by Uid- 
dlabury), Harble Prodncer, former Got- 
emor of Vermont, d. Sept >;r. i$ii. 

i» Weit 



J^D Hart 

Aleaaader Dana Hoi 
York Et. ■ " 
Veiey St. 

Editor, d. May 
Tucher, Aado««r, 

Hor^ JoarulUt, New 
Poat, Editorial Koomi, 10 
w York, N. Y. ; Kea. i6a 

New York, N. Y. 

RoBiida, Stenosrai^ier, d. 

School. VacaTille. Cal. 

Prwlerlck Whltlnc Phya 

47th St, New York, N. 

Terminal Suuon, Boats-. , 

15 Vernon St, Brookline, Unt. 

FotMT SBonc Haven, Phyaician, iij Weal 
64tb St, New York. tf. Y. : Rea. Sher- 
nun Sq.' Hotel. New York, N. Y. ■ 

Georte Blaworth Hooker, Otic Stcrcurr. 
Qty Club of Chicago, 31J Plymonth 
Court, Chicuo. liL ; Rea. Sao Sooth 
Hilaled St, Hall Houae, Chicago, IlL 

Edward Mnrrajr Baaaett, Lawver, ioroici 
Conireaimaa, (Init by Hamiltoa). Baa- 
•ett, Thompaon A Gilpatric, 177 Broad- 
way, New York, N. Y.> Rm. l/lt New- 
kirli Are., Broaklyn, N. Y. 

Caailua Hontaomerr Clark, (loit by 
Rocheiterl Lawyer, Peabodv, Kan. 

*Wlllard CrafM Crocker, Phyaician, d. 
Sept 4, 19"- 

Robert Timothy French, Pbyaiciao, 69 
Alexander St, Rocheeier, N. V. 

Webiter Jonea. Coffee and Teaa, itaa. 
Jpnea-Thierbach Co., 447 Battery St, San 
Vranciaco, C»L 

Samuel Fiaher Miller, Lawyer, 1493 Bnwd- 

, (init by Rochci- 

.-., ,-., Phanaway, Pierce Co., 


Hamilton Ftaae Kiehardaon, Machinerr, 
80 E. Jackaon St, Chicago, 111. 

John Johnaton Robcrtaon. Uuilding Inapec- 
tor, it Hanaon PUce, BrooklTn, N.Y.j 
Rei. Cocyman Ave., Notler, N. J. 

Fred Herwia 8mi(b, Town Treaaorcr, 
South Hadler FalLa, Maaa. 

Alonar ' - "^ — — -- 

lit by Co 
St, Lawr 

Clarence Mttdn Analia, Broker, Boaton 
Block, Seattle, Waih. 

Chu-laa Hill Feaaeoden, Phyiician, 34 Pel- 
ham St, Newton Center, Maaa. 

Herbert Gardner Mank, (Init by Colby), 
aertyman, ssS Haverhill =- * 

Jaciuon St, Chlcafo, 

•Frank Colbr Pcabodr, Student, d. Nor. 

10, 1B83. 
•Jeremiah Banman Rax, Lawrer, d. Sept 

Edward Slnunda. Interior Decorator. 17 
LiTingaton Piece, New York. N. Y. 

Edward Bllma Skeelt, Lnmber, Mem. 
Skeele, Roedter Lumber Co., Fiabcr 
Bldg.. Chicago. IIL; Rea. 197- W. Md 
St, Oiicagq, III. 

■dwfn Starr Tlrrall, Jr, Teacher, Nahant, 

Edward* Roawell Utler, Phyiician, River- 

bank Court, Cambridge, Maai. 
Wallace WstMin Willard, aergyman, jiS 

Galena St.. Aurora, ill. 


•Arthur Wamn Barrett GoTemment 

Oeor^ Haaaa Baiaett. Wool Spinning Ma- ' 

chinery: Hem. Johnaon ft Baaaett, 15 

Ripley St, Worceitcr. Maaa. 



Joba Fiuklia BlckMot^ (lait. b^ Colb^}, 
Seal Eitate, jzi Uajatic BUa-, Deonr, 
CoL; Ses. 4>JS Htrioa St. Dchtct, CoL 

Junn Hack Huur Frederick, Superin- 
tendent of School*, ClereUnd Board of 
EdocetioD. 1410 Wasar Are., Lakewoed, 

*PnncU BoutweU Holt, Y. U. C A., Sec- 
retarr, d. Oct. 17, iSSj. 

Viederick Burritt Peck, PcoCciior, l^ar- 
etie CoUe«e, EastooTPa. 

Henr Brown Ferine, Michincrv mercbuit, 

,n„« Firet Ave., S., Seattle, W"h-^ 

01$ Fruklin Afe., Seattle, 

ler •»-•"■--■- " ■ ■■- 


•WaaiiB FreokUn Walker, Bank Caahiei 

d. Jan. 14, 1914. 
Hani! Hawthorne Wilder. Profeuor Smill 

CoUe«, Northampton, Mail. 
"-■^— Archar Woodi, "- ' ' " 

S6tli St., New York, N. Y. 

WUlaon Hamilton Periaa. Grain Menihast, 
Mem. W. H. Ferine A Co., jii-i] Foital 
Telesriph Bld|., Chicago, IlL; Ket 
II30 Lake Shore Drive, ireniton, IlL 

*Arthur Brron Suiaell, Clcrgymait, d. 

>. Ncn 


It Co., Hartford, Ct 

Albert Duff TUleiT, Lawrcr (Coua^ 

Judn), PerTT, OkJa. 
Saniuei P*x(«f WuTiner, Freeident Lehi^ 

die), PerTT, OkJa. 

uel Dcxuf Werriner. Freude 

Coal A Navigition Co., 437 Chi . 

Philadelphia. Pi.; Re*. iSjj PiM St., 
FhitadeliJiU, F*. 
Blbrfdn Cutler Whidnc ClerETnian, Whit- 
ing Hall, South Sadburr, HMa. 

•Wmiam Edwin Clarke, Lawyer, d. Oct 6, 

Slmer Humpbrer Copeland, Phyiidan, iG< 

Elm St., Northampton, Him. 

Frederick Perler Johnion, Tencher (Prin- 
cipal ol High School). Union High 
School, Heyward, CaL; Kcl. iija A Sl, 
HlTWard. CaL 

HeniT Valentine Tonea. Wboleiale Hard- 
ware Saleaman, with Chaae, Parker Co., 
Sj Pearl St., Boiton, Mms. 1 ' He*. 4 
Gar St., Newtonville, Mais. 

•Walter EltiBgc Uerrftt, I.awyer, d. Sept 
a6, iSoo. 

AlODio Hilei Uurpher. HorTaage I.oan(, 
Mem. Murphey, Farre A Co., 4»J Ei- 
cbange Bank Bldg., Spokane, ^iih. ; 
Ret 1418 lad Ave.. Spokane, Wash. 

Fruk Helion Najr, Lawyer, Mem. Bstea, 
Nay A Abbott, Tremont Bldg., Boiton. 
Mau. : Be*. 9 Uaplc St., Roibury, 

Samuel Frencb Nlehol*. Hanufacturer of 
R. ». Mackinerr, logo Old Colony 
Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Ret 400 6tk Ave, 
LaGrange, III. 

Edward Brace Rogeri, State of N. Y. 
Public Service Com., Albany. N. Y.; 

— J, Hu*. 

George Abner White, General Merchandi 

Wal^'^ltort^ Wfalt*. Rciearchc 

phyiicaT Laboratory, Waihiogton 
Rei. 1861 Ingleiide Terrace, V 
ton. D. C 
Sdwin Hunt Whltehilt, Teachei 
School, Watenown, kfaiB. ; S 
Chcitcr St., Watertown, Maaa. 

Iter Hutdilna Dodd, Li 
L, New York, N. Y.J 

, Prick Bldg., Pitt* 

bur^, Pa.; Rea 916 St. Jamei Sd 
Pituburgh, Pa. 
rbomai Arthur HighOl, Chemiit. witl 
Stone A Webiter, MrMUk St., Boaton 
n._ .._ Huron Ave, Cam- 

Diitrict, Picitie Gai A Electric Co., 

Colfax, CaL 
Eugene lliaTer, Phyiician, 16S3 Waibing- 

ton St., Botton, Mail. 
•William Herbert Tiogler, Student, d. 

Simuel Ooddard Antln, Jonrnaliat, ajea 

Budlong Atc. Loi Angelei, CaL 
Albert FraneU Buck. Stoneham, Mai*. 

John Mantel Clepp, Pnifusor, Lake For- 
eit College. Leke Forest, III. 

Frank WUOain Dewejr, (Init. bv Lafay- 
ette), Editor and Puhliaher, The Weil- 

erly Time*, Westerly, R. : 

D. Ci •Humphrer 

Ridgefield Park, N. J. 
.lumphrer Everett Moody, Clerk. 
Frederick William MoTu. atrgymaa. 

iiel Rlehardion. Adferiiaing 

"••■>■ Edwin H. Harih Adv. 

' St., Wocceiler, Mao. ; 

Herman Vandenburf Am**, (Init _, 
Brown), FrofelKW, Deen of Graduate 
School, UniverailT of Pennaylvania, 
Philadelphia. Pa. ; Re*. 110 S. jnh St, 
FhOadcI^ Pa. 

Walter £Untwood Bunten. Traveling 
Saleeraan, io« Hone St., Kingitoa, N. Y. 

Jamee Ewing. Fhyiicien. Cornell Uni- 
Tcnity Medical College, New York, 
N. Y.: Rea. a«4 W. jjth St, New 
York. ^. Y. 

Edwin Pntnam Olaaaaa, Fhytician, Onaet, 

Agency, 193 Mam St 

Rea. Horden, Hasi. 

WUliam McBlroy Weldon. Lawyer. );S 

N. Main St, Hanifield, O. ; Res. 5S 

t , Cambridge. Maas. 
Boutwell, Supt. of Bleaching 
e. Smith A ^ *"" *"" 

Theodore 'Breck,' Physii 

Arthur TrulE Boutwell, Supt. of Bleaching 
and Dyeing, Smith A Dove Mfg. Co., 
Andover. Maar 



*H«tlMTt Mocg4B Ch>H, LawTCr, d. Nm. 






T. A Apr. ». 

liion El 





UUiunr College, Oieitcr. P4.i 
nn. rii Eut ulh St.. Cheiter, Pa. 

Frank L0W17 Clark, Uniieriitv AmmUM 
Miami UniTeriity, Oxford, Ohio. 

Charle* William Dltbrow. (ioit. br HtmU- 
■on), Tetcber Eut Higfa Scbifdl. Clen- 
' 0.1 Rtt. UmTcnitr Qub, OeT*- 

Henry Lincoln Billou, Clersynun, Cheater, 

: Rea. J) Well 6tli St, Oiwego, 

land. O. 


Henry BIdHdgg, Teach ei, 


Frinela Richmond Fletcbw, Indiutrial En- 

K'neer, iltm. Cutler, Fletcher & Co., 
ic. 79 Milk St., BoMioa, Maaa. ; Kei. 
Welleiley Hilli, Uaia. 
Salem W. OocdiU, Phyiician. ijSg Uia- 

aion St., San Franciico, Cal. 
Halafa Harden Loud, Clerajnuti, Hainp- 

Koftat William Lynan, Proltiaor, Ober- 
lin Theoloiical Seminary, Oberlin, O-i 
Rei. ;o South Cedar A*e., Oberlin, 0.; 

June, Camclford MacInaM, Orchirdiit, 
White Sahnon, Wuh. 

Mark Durbora Mltchd^ Oil Prodncar, 
iDdependencc, Kan. 

•Benjamin ]. Moon, Real Eitata, d Nor. 
aS. 1900. 


*HcarT Been, d. Feb. ai, ilM. 

Frederic Ledyard Bill, Farmer, If em. Bill 

A Daniel, ^aritoni UilU, Uall. 
William Burr, (Init by New York), 

Teacher, 1141B Cheitertcld An., OeTC- 

Iloaea Tanart Day 

Auto Supply, with 

_Huntirron Ave,, bultalo. (j. .. 
Thornton Jenkina, Teacher at Uaiden Hieh 

School Uaiden. Haaa. 1 Rea. 14 Geiri- 

neau St, Uildea, Maaa. 
Charlat Btakealac Law, Lawyer, 44 Court 

St., Brooklyn, N. Y.j Rea. «6 Jerwne 

St, Brooklyn, N, Y. 
□uido Conti Sleeper Hetcalf, 6$s6 Wallace 

St, Engrewood. 111. 
Henry Radclitfc Noyca, Lawyer, tot 

Broadway, New York, N. Y.; tea." 

Weilover Road. MonlrUir. N. I. 
Charlea Ray Otil, Phyi 


Tbomaa Bellowi BulTum, Fhyaician, WaU 

Lewia Tlwmaa Byron, Leather Mfr.. Wit- 
_ hamsport, Md.; Rea. Hageritowo, Hd. 
■Braaai Amii Crockett, OcuHat and Auriat, 

Cbeatar FarVer Dodge. Hay. Grain and 
Flour, Uem. A. Dodge ft Son Corp., 71 
Park St, Bnerlv, Maw,; Rei. g Colum- 
bui Atc.. Beverly, Mais. 

Warner Duane Hunt Manufacturer. Mem. 
Wuesl Baumao Hunt Co., Cleveland, O. ; 
Rei. 98 or South Boulevard, G eve land, 

Cbarlet Hedgei Keating, Lawyer, 74 
Sturgei Ave., Mansfield, O. 

Harry Gilbert Kimball, Lawyer, Evan* 
BIdg.. Washington. D. C. ; Res. ti 
Quincy Place, N. E., Waahington. D. C 

Frank John Ralcy, Real Eitate, 717-8-9 
Pittock Block, Portland. Ore.; 375 
East Hit St N. Portland, Ore 

Sta.. Dtmdet, N. V. 

WUliam T.*« Corbin, Asiociate Profeaaor 
of English, Well* College. Aurora, N. Y. 

□eorge Edward Hurd, Lawyer, Mem. Nor- 
ris & Hurd, ]-8 Odd Fellows Bldg., 
Great Falls, llont, 717 Fourth Ave., 
North, Great Falli. Mont 

Herbert Lealie Kimball. Farmer, North- 

Bid... Los Angeles. Cal. 

Roble Ave., Lot Angelei, 

Nathan Dunphe Loud. She 



High Sch« 
Ok»bc Ernnt UaAam, < 

touph Edvnrd' Mcrriun, Lawvcr, Seal 
Etute, and Imnruicc. Uem. Unriva & 
Ticksor, Mount XiKO, N. Y. 

Sd¥nrd PrinUin Ptrrj, Phviician, sfi Elm 
■"- " "Zl.; Het - ' " ''• 

ii6 Gron St., 


Putnun, Ct. 

bu-lH Job Staplo, Lawyer, at 10*6 
ElEicotl Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Sei, i4« 
Parker Xtc. Baffalo, N. Y. 
J.IU* Diiter Tirlor, ClerEvman (Mll- 
(ionary), ImpolweiJ. Natal, Soalh Airica. 


William Jobo Ballon, Clerayman, Ludlow, 

J<Ab UauB BoutwelL Uininv Gcolosilt 

wiih Phcltn, Dodn Sl Co., Howard-(^- 

field BIdf.. Santa Barbara, Cal.; Xe*. 

iiai De La Vina SL, SanU Barbara, 

Robot Thotnat Elliott, Teacher. In 

Arbor, Uich.: Rei. 

Ann Arbor. Uich. 
Artbar Herbert EimbaL 

Parrignt, Waihington, _. —, .._ 

North Carolina Atb., Waabington, D. C 
Araui Monroa. Lawyer, Spencer, Uaa*. 
Bmnt Chandler Mora*. Lawyer, Putnam, 

Robert Qllhert Perry, Lawyer, 5] John St., 

oohlyn. N. 
y Stitrmaa 

Sovn, Printer, ifi 
MaiL! Rea. 31^ 
r«i Hilli, Maaa. 

■Charlea AUu Boyd, (Init. by Brown), 

Teacher, d. Feb. 11, loii. 
Haven Darllnz Brackett, Frofeaaor, Clark 

Collene. WoTceiter, Uau.; B«l ii> 

Woodland St, WorctatCT, Uau. 
Salpb Nathanid Bryant, Reporter, Real 

EiUte Fideiily Baildinr, Portland. Ue. ; 

Rt>. 141 Beacon St. Portland. He. 

. _. ■, N. J. 
Cbarln AuRuitua Candct, Hi 

F. W. Woolworth Co., 60? 

St. Lancaiter, O. 
Alfred Tbunton ChUd, Aiiayi 

St. Stait 

.. Ct 

Eaat Main 

r, la Hoyt 

Henry Irvine Ei 

Plimpton Prrs 

I Morse Ave., norwood. Mail. 
Samael Beaton Furblih, Treaiurcr of Bow- 

doin CoUeire, Brunawick, He. 
Hury Parker Oreeley, Lawyer, 86 Main 

St, Kaahoi, N. H.; Sea. 34 Manchea- 

ter St, Naato^ N. H. 
Harry Wollinston Hobart, Uerchant Fem- 

berriile, O. 
*S«rroonr Sly Stralcbt, Uerchant, d. 
Hory Idwardi Tobcy, Lawyer, Hen. 

ui> orXmeriu, it Wil- 
iiaiu ^1., .lew York, N. Y. : Rea. 619 
Eaatem Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

L«wU Bodmaa Canterbury, Bij 43rd St., 
Rock laland, IIL _ 

Paul Putnam Gaylord, Salei UgT. for Ken- 
tnckv oi Burrousha Addina Machine Co., 
110 Soiilh 4th St, LoaiiTiIle, Xy.; ScL 
Pewee Valley, Kt. 

Walter Hodfea Oupatric, Lawyer, Uem. 
Baiiett, Thompnn & Gilpatnc, ir7 
Broidwiy, New York, N. Y; B«. i*J 
84th St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

_nica Freaiy Haliey. Oakiidd, N. Y. 
Oeorn Alftn How*; Lawyer, M< 
wCwler ft He- -' -^ ■ • - 
uwick. Ue. 

ag)j Fed< 

„. Church, 64 Waal 

Keene. N. H. 

Cherlta Wbldden StowelL Accident and 
Liability rnaurance. with Fidelity ft 
Caaualty Co, of New York, ga Liberty 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 113 Baat 
7Sth St.. New York, N. Y. 

Uward Donald Tolle*. Lawyer, Ja Broad- 
way, New York, N. Y.; Rea. 419 We«l 
n8th St, New York, N. Y. 

Lnciut Dudley Wilcox, Teacber, Pnltaa, 
N. Y. 

Oamond Jeaae BillinKa, QerByman, Three 
RiTcra, Uaai. 

~ JtbI Brisbam, Inaurif - — 

Oaorfe Albert Swertfaiar, 4106 Lake Park 
Are.. Chicago, 111. 

Warren Haatinn Yonnc, Phyiician, Lit- 
tle Palli, N. 7. 

Francii Ober Conant, Real Ealate and In- 

auiance, 4 Poatoffice 5q., Boaton, Uaaa. ; 

Ru. Brookhaven, Uiiaiiaippi. 
Elmer Noble Curtia, Stock Clerk, Baker 

Extract Co.. Springfield, Maaa.; Rea. 

Weatfield, Mass. 
Edward Payaon Dayia, Uetropolilan Ditt 

UgT., with Fel> ft Co.. loe Hudaan SL, 

New York, N. Y.; Rei. 131 Weat 130th 

St. New Vork, rf. Y. 
Ererett Edward Qreen, Uannlacturer, with 

Gail-Webb UIg. Co., BuBalo, N. Y.; 

Rei. Elma, N. Y. 
George Patnam Smnntr, Abington, Ct 


tt, Heehanieal Eni-ii- 
Chain and Ufg. Co., 
.._, , Sea. 1609 N. Dela- 
ware 31., Tndianaitolii. Ind. 
Howard Francia Bidwcll, Freight Gaim 
Agent, B. ft H. R. R., North Sution, 

George Miller. E 



Rei. 426 War: 

t St, 

Sidge, M. ,. 
reremlui Frucla QaBey, Tremont St, 

Peabod*. Uaaa. 
Edwin Cheater HawUr> (IniL by Hamll- 



ten), Teidur, Hish School of Comracrce 
Annex, laa W. 46II1 St., New York, 
N. Y.; Rb. iu W. lajrd SL, New 
York. N. Y. 
Silph Chiprau HewUr. (Init. bf Hamil- 
ton). Profeiior, Yele Forex School, 
New HiTen, Ct. ; Re*. 200 llaple St, 
New Hiven, Ct 

Frednic Nttheniel Stone, Feti 
incr, U. S. Patent Office. V, 
D. C; Rei. joii Macomb St 
ion, i>. C 


Kalpb C AnUon, 

i Lamb, Teacher, Uanna) 
Trainmg High School, Brooinyn, N. Y.; 
Rei. Oil Eul uth St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hiirj Burnett Miller. Buiidch with Keith 
Paper Co., Tuinert Falli, Maat : KeL 
American Houie, Tumcri Falli. Uaaa. 

*Bitn fiurnetl Sanlord, Bookkeeper, d. 

ederick ! 

"!«„ Tr^ 

itt, TrOT, N. Y. 

Wilber AflibrOM Andareon, Commiu 
Broker, Uem. Andcrion A Poley, 
Timken Buildiaa. San Diego. CaL ; E 
aiS Fourth St San Diego, CaL 

Percy WUioa Blancbard. Fire laiurii 
aiJ-9 Yeon Bide., Portland, Ore.: I 
139 Eait 5;ird St, Portland, Ore. 

Harold Caverly, Lawyer, iS Tremont 
Boiton, Mill.; Bel. : 99 Plnkoey 


■•ell Cook, Lawy 

" ■ I N. y. : 

I Chamber! 
I Weal 

s;"(i. ' 

New York, N. Y.; Res. 719 8lh At 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
William Henry Swift. Jr.. Manager Ri 
way and Lilhting Dep't, with Weitit 
home Electric Co.. 111 S- Baltini 
St.. BallimDre. Md, ; Res. 3410 Fa 
view Ay*.. Rallimort, Hd. 

Woodberry, Grocer, 

raTelinj S 
laflin Corp. 

■Oeorge Hoiatio Hoyt Clersymjio, d. Oct 

Ralpti Pryne Huyck, Phyiician, lay Conrt 

St, Herkimer, N. Y. 
PriBcii Jame* Rooney, 400 Riyeraide 

Drite, New York. N, V. 
Rcfinald Wanen, u Chandler St, Wor- 

Pranci* 'Spaphroditui Whltnora, Coat Ac- 
counlaat, with Libhey tilaii Co., tijt 
Parkwood Ave. , Toledo. O. 

WUliam I 

94lh St, New Vorh, (/. Y. 
Franklin Barber Peaae, L«»i Tobacco, with 
Steane Hirtman Co., Inc., 3i3 Laurel 
St. Hartford, Ct ; Rea. yj Trenoni St, 
Hartlord, Ct 

Sanford Pipet, Pirmer. Holden, 

, Salt Uke 
Clergyman, 61 Oak St, 
:omb Stilet, Joumaliit, with 

Jamci Dctb 
i Cona. Churel 
37 AlTinjton S 
n Dlvia Baton. 

Ret.: 1914 Kendall Ave., UidiiOD, Wl*. 
Albert Frank Noble, Felroleum. with The 

TcHi Co., lao Boyliton St, Boaton, 

Uaig.; Res. 4 jeniion St, Ncwtonnlle, 

Paul Willard Norton. Architectural En- 

Iineer, with Maginnis & Walsh, 100 
oylslon St, Boston, Mass. ; Rc)., Mass. 

John Joseph Raftery, with Western Elec- 
tric Co., 463 West St., New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. 41 Rockland Atc, P.Irlc Hill. 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Royal Paul Richardson, Teacher, Hope St, 
High School, Providence, R. t.j Res. 
Dighlon, Mas.. 

Alfred Edward Roberta, Teacher. High 

with Bnwkline Print, iS Davit Ave., 
Brookline. Mass.; Res. 17} Appletoo 
St.. Arlington Heishls. Mass. 
Joseph Creiay DeWolf, Editor, jy Oiford 

Joha'Huitapha kindt, atfgyman. New- 
castle, Neb. 
Rtynond Wataon Jones, Teacher, Han- 


1 West 77th St. New Y- 
•s. 413 West iiSih St, 1 

York. N. ■-. 

lanes Bailey CroL_. 
eral Electric Bidg.. Buffalo, _.. _ , 
Res. 413 Potomac Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Everett Francis Dodge. Salesman, with 

1 Co., 6j South St, I 



TickiDD, Micb. 

Clifton Kuncn HiU, „..„»„, . ,u»»,., 
Princeton UniieriTlY, 4S> Cuyler H.ll, 
Princeton, N. J.j &U. JO Conant Su, 
DinTcri, Hut. 

aintOD Harold Haiucll, Ntw York Tele- 
phoDC Co., Diitrict Traffic Chief. Utica, 
N. y.i its. 6 HtutingtOD PL. New 
Hanford, N. Y. 

Odrdon Kline Howe, Baking, «iih The 
Hove BakeiT, it] South Ave Ut 
Vernon, N. Y. : Ret ii6 North Colum- 
buB Ave.. Ht. Vernon, N. Y. 

aifford Benion Lewie, Broker, Bj] Old 
South BIdg., Boiton. MaiL : Rei. 48 
KJdder Ave., Wut Somerville, Uus. 

Cbarlea Edward P«ih;br[d(e, Teacher, 
Tabor Academy, Marion, Utu.; Re.. 
Tabor Hall, Marion. Man. 

Harold RemlBttoo, Mill Suppliea, with 
Kamargo Supply Co., W.lerlown, W Y. : 
Rch J08 Flower Ave. W., Walertown, 
N. Y. 

Horton Ivei Snyder, Teacfaer, Newark 
Academy, Newark. N. J. 

Frederick Oillei Tharer, Adveriiiiag 
(Trade Joumaliim), with Konri & At- 
wood Pub. Co.. 6B1 Atlantic Ave.. Boi- 
ton, Uisa.; Rei. 6a Willow St.. Wol. 
laiton. Mail. 

Edwin Arthur Wrlaht, 31 Pearl St, 
Somerville. Hat*. 

Tbaodore Benton Averill, 

Ave., PInihing, N. Y, 
Harold Harver Comini, 


of Co 


rical S^o 

ol, Bos- 

ton, U. 

dinB Ri 



c^ 9 Irvington Si 

MuItDiIII. Lawvr 
, 14 Wan St, Ne. 
341 Bedford Ave., 

1., Bo>- 





r. Red- 

Lonnie Orant Peagana. Uetn. Feagani ft 

Co.. L». Annlei. Cal. 
Williani Hiller. rinit. bv Columbia^. 

Teacher. Columbia University. New 

York. N. Y.: R-«, 603 Weat 139th St, 

New Ynrk. N. Y. 
~ ' I Huhbard Keyea. Principal of High 

19s Hilliide n.t, unu D..uac. «. j. 
•Horace Wright Cilkiiu, d. Dec 16. 1909. 
DtWltt Atkini Clark, UCe Inaarance, iios 

American Bank Bids., Seattle, Waah.; 

Re«. 4338 19th Are.. N. E., Seattle, 

Daniel joeepb Coyne, Jr., (Init by Chi- 
cago), Mem. Covne Broi., Commia.ion 
Merchant, 110 W. So. Water St, Chi- 
'■■ Hea. lasB Columbia Ave.. 

1, FartDcr, Uadiaon, Oinn. 
'id Duolap. Wholeiale Paper 
, 110 Waahlngton Ave., 

r. Y. 

Kiting. Farmer, S. D., Hart- 

id Ollplttic, Steel Goodi, Hfg. 
Stanley Workt, New Britain, 
US Black Rock Ave.. New 

Bd'w*rd"^ute Goodwin. Lawyer, 43 Ex- 
change Place. New Tork^ N. Y.j Rea. 
aoo Hillside Ave., Glen Ridge. N. J. 

a no Hii: 
Philip Kii 

Ridge, N 

- ^^demy'Aye.rprovo, Utah. 

lid Dana McKay, Bond Salesman 
,rris. Forbes & Co., Devonabir< 

Franklin Townaend Seaman. Real Estate. 
Sec'iy of M. Momanihan Jr. Co.. «i 

Liberty St. New York, N. Y, : Res, 

Biyaide Boulevard, BaysiSe, N. Y. Carroll 

„^~.«.., „...=. , ..^.... Add. Btlpre, O. 
■Qeorgc Kewitt Plough. Student, d. Har 

IS, 1008. 
Bert Nichola Smith. Telephone Engineer. 

with Bell Telephone Co., Springfield, 

Mo. ; Res. 509 St Louii St. Spring- 

Reld, Mo. 
Harold Lidd Smith, Ass't Purchasing 

Agent, Vermont Marble Co., Proctor, Vt 

Harold Edmund Bardwell. Automobile En- 
gineer, Gadabout Motor Corp.. Badger 
Ave., Newark, N. J.; Res. I3.> St 
Marks Place, New Briahtou, N. Y. 

Joseph Daniel Brownell. President, North- 
land Colletre. Ashland, Wis.; Ret. 1301 
Second Ave., W. Ashland. Wis. 

Harold SIma Carter, Corn Products, with 
Com Products Refinina Co., •? Battery 
Place, New York, N. Y. : Res. loao 
Sterling Place, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Harris Lorenzo Corey. Adv. Mgr.. Cham- 
pion Spark Plug Co.. Toledo. O. ; Ret. 
>.. ■■•— ny,,^ Place. ToWo, O. 

ilem Danicla. with R. G. Dun A 
9 E. Fulton St, Grand Rapidi, 

Clarence Francis. Michin 
Com Products Refininj 
BIdit.. Detroit, Mich.: 

7th St.. Denver. Col,; R«. t3«S 
■ St., Denver, Col. 
Robert Stontalfer. 6 Pine St, 

Chrul** Ruisell Rumpf. Stin't 

Aiatv Sdwwd BriatoL Lawyer. . 



N. v.: Rci. Ill Mclniirc Atc, Zinei- 

nll«, O. 
WUUun Bucker Bailn. Law Slndent, 

with BowCTi & Sudi, 4G CeiUr St., 

New York, N. Y.: Ru. 160 Hucock 

St, Brooklyn, N. V. 
Norman I.M Btldwio, Iniurance, with 

Conklinc, Price & Webb, irj W.Jack. 

■on Bl^., ChiciiD, 111. ; Ru. ut Pleu- 

ut St, Oik Puk. IlL 
Robert Loncler Bridtsuo, Life Insurance, 

Conn. Hutnal Life Ina Co., 631 Fam- 

1. Ct 

, P. o. : 


BImv WIIkii 

SJ Houi* 

CmpbeU ki , 

Library, Mem. Campbell Mi 
1461 E. v* St, Ue. " 


la; Rei. jBji 

, III. 


10 ^isfa 

1 Roi 

in i Co., 
in ft Shel- 
.. ChLcMo, 
ATe.. aU 

(Iniu bjr Swarth- 

e ATI 

berta, (lail. by Swarth- 
>f Physical Ed. Dep't, 

Lm Dutton Van Wocrt, lawyer. Ui 

Woert Li 

Van Woe: 

N. Y. 
Edmund Sumner Whittni, Ti 
- - ■ of Boil 


i En. Pvk HiU, 

St, New York, N, ' 

Yonkeri, N. Y. 
Harben Cbarlei Alio. Jr- W 

ber, with C CSIstht ____.. .,., 

Marine Bank Btdn,. Buffalo, N. Y. : 

Ke>. Cawdenpon, 7s. 
Praton Rogen Bassett. Chemiit, with 

Spcrry Gyroccon Co., 116 Naaun St, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Res. „,6 Newkirk 

Are., Brooklyn. N. Y.- 
Louis Goldsboroufh Caldwell, Law Sln- 

dem, Norlhwisiern UnlT. Law School, 

31 West Like St, ChicsKO, III.; Res. 

no So. East Are.. Osk Park. Ill, 

' Paal Carter, Government official 
~ >u of ForeiED & Domestic 

v.uii..i...u., WMhington, D. Cj Res. 

SBiB P. St. N. W., Washington. D. C 
Howard Charles Hardinc. Sales Dep'i, The 

Ohio Bran Co., MansGeld, O. ; Res. 

311 West ird St, Usnilidd, O, 
Charle* LinrUey Johnston. Jr., Broker, 

with F. S. Smithert A Co., 44 Exdunse 

PL, New York N. Y. ; itw. Iji Han- 

with Burei 

Mk St, Broolilrii, B.' Y. 
erschel Scott Konold. with Ludlow ] 
(acturior Asso., Lndlow, Uau. 
'alter Weaver koore. Jewelry Bu. 


Harold Henrr Plonch, Graduate Student. 

Columbia Unir., New York, N. Y.; 
Res. iBos Creston A»e., New York, 

Fra^ Monroe SmlA, 77 West Main St, 

Freehold, N. J. 
Judah Edgar Voorheea. Dry Goods, J. 

•John Hadock Deninc, Student, d June 
Hac'Vin»at Bdda, Director of Playground 

at HnBiingtonTN. Y. ; Res. n S. lath 

Ave.. Ml Vtmon. N. Y. 
John Emberton Holmes, Silverware, c/o 

Oneida Community Limited, Oneida, 

N. Y.J Res. Kenwood, N. Y 
Isaac Spaldiiw Keeler, Mfg. of Auto. 

HafdwareTKeeler Brass Co., Grand 

Rapids, Mich. : Res. i» College Ave., 

S. E., Grand Rapidi, Mich. 
•Henrr Faster Lee, d. 
WUllsn Baker Norri*. Jr„ Sttident at 

Georgetown Law School, 30 Ocuvia. 

Wsshington, D. Ci Res. lois Clay St, 

Sl Joseph, Mo. 
Walter Stuart Orr, i« Wall St, New 

York, N. Y. ; Res. Orr's Mills, N. Y. 
Wayland HiU Sanford, Student of Law, 

Phi Delta Phi House, Ann Arbor, Mich. -, 

R«. 1411 East lit St., Duluth, Minn. 
Wynne Chard Steveu, Teacher, Clinton, 

Philip Liyton Turner. Medical Student, 

Coraell Univ. Medical Collwe, New 

York, N. v.: Res. 14G lolb St, Elm- 
hunt, L. I., N. Y. 
Clifford Hsll Vroom. Shipping QerV. with 

Newmarket Mfg. Co., Newmarket. 

N. H. : R«. 8 Center St. E>eler, N. H. 
Rsrraond Tliomas Whcaton, Farmer and 

Builder, Wheilon Bldg. and Lumber Co., 

Putnam, Conn.; Res. 17 Park St, Put. 

nam. Conn. 

1 A Co., 

York, N. Y. ; Res. 
Montclsir, N. J. 

1] diorch St, New 

John Damoi 


Dickson, Law Student, De. 
.gelics, S. Y. 

, Booti and Shoes, with Hit- 

.11 Field & Co., Chicsgo, III.; Res. 
•" th Ave.. Oak Park, 

Frederick Raymond Hallar. Telephone En- 
gineer, with Southern New England 
Telephone Co.. Stamford. Conn,; Rci. 
36 Schuyler Ave,, Slamlord, Conn. 

Henry MaxweU XlnhsU, Student, Mass. 
Inst of Tech.. Boston. Mass.; Ret. i» 
Upton St., BoMon, Mass.; Home Add.; 

1 R. R, 

r. Chicaco 81 Nortb- 
-Lwaukee, Wifc-. Res. 
Ave, Oak Park, IlL 

Stanwood HUler. Seci 

Nathan Dumont Potter. Artist, can of 
An Students League of N. Y., ai* 
West j7ih St, New York, N. Y. ; Eea. 

Res. 194 Lenox Road. Brooklyn, N. V. 
George Bdward Wasfaburn. with the Ver- 
mont Marble Co., Ptoctor. Vt; E**. 
Bm Bt]. Proctor. Vt 


0«ar>( CUvcliad BritL Teuhtr, Robert 

Colkia, CODItutinopti, Turkc/; Home 

Add. : 8>8 BiidEC St., Grand Kipidi, 

Qtorst Doulu ClapHrtan, Stndcnl, ji7 

ijlayette Ave. N. &., Grand S«pi(U, 

FhilliH FMter Orctai^ Sindcnl, Hirrard 

Mcdicil School, Boiton, Mus. i Scl 

I3S BdlcTuc Atc Upper Montclur, 

N. L 
John Dould Hird, 1806 LunoDl St.. N. 

W., WubLnEton, D. C 
Sdwia Harold Kooold. Mail order BbiI- 

scM vilb Stari, Roebuck & Co., Cbi- 

caso, IlL; Re*. Ludlow, Man. 
Prancia Chaudlei NeirtDB, Stndent, Hir- 

Tlrd Medical School, Bostoa, Uasi. ; 

Rh. <6 Linden St, Readmi, Mas*. 
Stuart Kucene Price, Clerk, wiU The Orr, 

Brown e. Price Co., Columhui, O. ; 

RcL 709 Brydea Road, Columbus, O. 
Bdward Alfred Van ValkemnirKh, Grad. 

Student. Columbia UniTenitr, New 
Ret. Greene, N. Y, 

nhnr Hort Waahbura, Teuher, Robert 

CDllege, ConiUntinopIe, Turtey; Home 


u NortL Main SL, South Badler Fall*. 

Alired Haullii Waihburn, Asao. Grad. 
Secretarv Amhcrtt Collese dtrutian 
Aiao. Amhent, Uau. ; Rei. Uanchea- 

Arthur Hort iVaihburi 

CDllege, ConiUntinop... 

Add.; 377 Harlborouita St., 

305 Locuit St., Holyoke, Mait. 
laiS . 

Sdward Dcmlna Andrewi, Student: Rei. 

41 ainlon Are,, PilUiield, Maia. 
Harold Volk Andrew*, wilb Berkibir) 

Hardware Co., Pittilield, Wm>. ; Rer 

41 Clinton Ave., Pittifield, Man. 
William Albert Bower*. Secreury, Me- 

chanica Bldg. i * ' """ ''" *' "" '" 

Herbert Greene BriitoL with the Frank 
Seaman Co. of N. V.. lao W. Jii St, 
New York. N. Y. ; »«■. 76 Hi^land 
Ave, Glen Rld«, N. T. 

Bcott kilroM Buclianan. Aiki. Grid. Sec- 
retary Amherst Collese Chriatian Aun.. 
Amher«t, Mail.; Rea. Whit* Terrace. 
Pittifield, Mati. 

Charle* Noble Cbtuch. Student at Ver- 
mont Univ. Medical School, Barlinston, 

Theodore Read DaTioii, Student; Rei, 
R. F. D. 41, Gen'"!""" ft 

Lawla Haiufietd : 
Groton. Haii. 

Kadcliffe Dana 1 

Glen Road, Mon. _ , 

Samuel Smith Oabom, Student : 
Reading Ridne, Ct 

WiBtfarop Hiram Bmith, Student, 

Sludeni ; 


, lidee, N. J. 

Theodore Ivlmcy. 5ludeal| Re*. 60 

ton Place, New York, N. Y. 
Bradford Pliher Kimball, Student.; 

Amhent. ffiia. 
Crril Francli Norton, Student; Ret 

North St, Northampton. Mat*. 
Paul Hanmod Plouih, Studeol: 

. Student ; Re*. 

N. J. 
Theodore Meyer Oreenc. S 

11D East Collesc St. Oberl 
Frederic Michewa. Student: 

(tyctte St., White Plains, 
Walter Rlchardioa Peabod 

Ret. 40 Col. - ■■ 

Harihall Elb< 

Sludest 1 Ret. 


Student, Ohi« 

aiaie umv., i.ommDut, O, ; Sea u 

E. 17th St, Columbu., O. 
Owen Uiepard White, Student; Ret. 1541 

Cretlon Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Philip Newell Youta, Student; Ret. 165 

North St., Auburn, N. Y. 

OttD EmU Freer, Student; Ret. 63 Weil 

Ontario St, Chiciio, III. 
WUIard Lealer Oodwio, Student; Re*. 

S Dina St, Amherst. Mai*. 
Joieph Martin Lyman. Slodent ; Ret. Ill 

Thomlt i^alm°™^i. Student; Ret. 30 

Grand St, Sevmore. Cl. 
Charlet Scott Porter, Student; Re*. iS 

Keniineton Ave., Northampton, Mist. 
Lincoln Bardwell Smith, Student; Res. (4 

N. Main St., So. HaJley Full*, Mai*. 
Henry Birrett Staplea. Student; Rei. 111 

E. Ferry St.. Buffilo. N. Y. 
Joteph Francl* Voieliu*, 'Jr.. Student. 

Res. 49 Fremont St, Bloomfield. N. J. 



Bowdois Colkge, Bmniwick, lie. 

Established 1857: Inactive 1862-1893; Re-established 1893; 33 Classes; 
286 Members. 

Roll of If cmbcn 

•WillJun Allen Abbott, Lawyer 
•L^nSar' Hill, Uwycr, d. Nov 

tciatyit, Lavrer, 

d. Uay 

*Stsphcn loact CoB^ d. Dec jS, 190J. 
•Ab^cw Kobiowa Oiddlnc Saitb, ny- 

ikUn, d. Feb. », igiir^ 
■iMith Trulut. Teacher, d. Jalr at. iSm. 

■ailc* Smidi, aerKyman, «i Proa- Harbcrt Llndaay McCans, Clerfymu, 
it., Lawrence, Uaii. ^ ^^,^ Unit, br Colby), 3B1 StaTCni Arc, Fort- 

midi, Qen 
, Mi__. 

, Uem. Spear, 
L e vr.t„ E 

*Edwla Alphonao Harlow, HiHionary. d. 
*Lavi Randhtt' Laa*ltt, Parmer, d. June 
•Winthrop Nortoa, Soldier, d. Sept. id, 
•Charlet Pox Pen&ey, aergyman, d. Hay 
•Jaioai \lddall PhlUipa, Uiiiionary. d. 

■ BM. 



■John Edward Butler. lAwya, d. June ij, 

Jamea Briarr Cochrue, Phyilcian and 

Parmer. Doier, Me. 
•Nelaon Ferler Cram, Soldier, d. SepL 18, 

•Sdwird Parion Loriiu. (IniL by Colbyl. 

Lawyer and Sute Official, d. Oct. jo, 

■Albert DaPornt Palmar, Qergyman. d. 

■Guatiivui Steward Palmer. Dentitt, d. Oct. 

*Oeor(e Lorlnc Pierce. Fbyaician, d. 

•Lsuriiton Lloyd Purinton, Fanner, d. 

Nov. IS, igei. 
•Seubeu Ausuatua Hideout, Teacher, d 

( Smith. Phyiician, 

•WUlUm Albert Hobbie. Parmer, d. Avg. 

eSa'miie? Wiciin Pearwin, Manufacturer, d, 

John"lIefv^'peaH, Clergyman, 2630 Third 

Sl. San Dieco, CaL 
HarcD* Wight. Maaonic Home. Charlton, 

Kellon I 

Harry Km 

George Cunia Webber, Lawyer, i 
St., Auburn, «e.; fct S4 
Promenade, Aabarn, Ue. 

Homer Ralph Blodgett Buaineaa, tyu W. 

loifl St, Chicago, UL 
■Prank Bmeraoa Bradburr, Lawyer, d. 

John Kmarion Burbank, Farmer, StrOBB, 

: Otia Clough, Teacher, Deep River, 


, with John 

«i i,iie in.urance Co., 

Bei. 49 Federal St, 

, _.-.„, , ...jt Con- 

I Church, Hardwick, Maii. 
Wallace Seymour HltchelL Joomalinn, 1] 

Manument So,. Ponland, Ue. ; Kea. ?o 

Concord St, Ponland, Me. 
Robert Orange Small. School Superintend- 

em, 70 Dane St, Bererly, Maia. 
Albert Perley Ward, Public Acconnlant, 

Uem. Ward. Fiiher A Co., sj6 Groi- 

Tenor Bldg., Prondeace, R. I. ; Rea. W. 



SmbiwI PMe Acklcr, Hcaliu tad VbdHI- 
tiag, EnsiBKr, with B. F. Sturtciant 
Co., 759 Honidnock Bldg., Sin Frin- 
ciico, Cal.j RcL jJ4i Girfield At*., 
AlimedB, (^L 

*OMrte Sunutl Btao, L*w Student, d. 

School, ChelKa, Uui.; Re 
mont Ave., ChelKi, Hais. 
laUr Frlncit MicCormlck, Teacher, 

ArAuT WinfioM Blake Bu>iaeta, ao7 York 

Sl. Portland, Ue. : R«l an Vaiij^ui 

St, S. Portland. Mc 
John Wilbur Condon Tournaliam, "The 

Union," Mancheiter. N. H. 
CUnnc* EktT Eaton, StenogTapher, with 

Berlia UiU) Co„ Portlaad, fie. ; R«. B49 

Conireai St., Porlland, Me. 
Onj' ChaHa Howud, (Init. by Tuftt), 

Publisher, e/o T. H. Cochnne, Uoore 

Atc, Hcmpalcad, N. Y. 
Clarnce Pairbaaka Kendall. PliTiici*", 60 

South St., Biddcford, Ut. 
Hanr Remiond llelntire. Fanner, R. F. 

D. "D.'' Biddeford, Me. 
Joteph EroHt Odionie, Phyiician. North 

Whiiefield. Me. 
William Emcrioii Prable, Phyiician. 416 

MarlbOTWOKh St., Boaton, Uaii. 
John Andrew Scott. Teacher, Ellaworth, 

I Cumberland Atc., 

Bdiriii 'siinball Watch. Principal. Coc'i 
Northwood Academy, Northwood Centre, 

N. « 

7 Wat< 

Sebool, 1 

. Pa. 

Hcsry Kdward Manton, Phyiician, Pitti- 

field. Ue. 
Cbarlca Henry KairUl. Phyiician. Lynn, 

N. V. 

Academy, 447 Yatea St, Albany, 

Cheaajr DaiUr SowaU, Electrical Engin- 
eer, with Fittibart Steel Co., Uoneiien. 
Pa. ; Re*. 47^ Keed Ave., Moneixeii, Fa. 

George WUklna Ruaaell, Buiineaa, Kev 
targe, N. H. 

*Haiold Preatan Weat, Teacher, d. Uar. 

High St. Uiddlebtiry, Vt 
lamea Howard Horna. Buiineaa, Wolfboro 

Falli. N. H. 
Frederic Parker, Clergyman, Sherman 

Milli. Ue. 
Joteph Snow Stetaon, Dcntiit, aS Uainc 

St, Bruniwick, Me. 
*Bdward Kent Tapler, Student, A. Uar. 

tk St, 

OeoTEe "Lothrop I.ewla, Librarian. Weat- 
lield. Mail. 

George Laring Pratt Phvaician, Parm- 
ington. Me. 

Clarence Byron Rumtiy. Lawyer, 1.17 
Main St. Biddeford. Me. ; Ilea, ai Myr- 
tle St, BiddeFord. He. 

Walter Lyman Sanborn. Jonmaliat, with 
"Reporter," Lanidale, Pa. 

Oeorge Curtla Whcelar, Lawyer, 101 Ex- 
chann St, Portland, Me.; Rea. 3a Or- 
chard St., PortUnd, He. 

Frederick Henry Dorman, care of Stone dl 
Webiter, BoatoD, Maai. ; Rea. Cam- 
bridge, Uau. 

Benjamin Franklin Hayden, PhyaiciaD, 
Soldiera' Home, Loi Angelea. Cal. 

Harold Woodward Htynti, (Init by 
Colby), Photographer., Canton, N. Y. 

John Warran KlEglna, Lawyer. Stark, Ue. 

Witllan Elery Wing. Teacher, 83 Bancroft 
St. Portland, Ue. 

Frank Leille Dutton. Lawyer, 

St, Augnita, Me.; Rea. 51 acwaii ai.. 

•Frederic 'Arthur Pogc. Teacher, d. Noi. 

». >0>J. 
Bdwin Samuel Hadlock. Railroading, laat 

known addreaa, St Louia. Uo. 
Loton Draw Jenntnga, Lawyer, ao Pern. 

berton St, Boaton. Uaaa.; Rea. tg% 

Beacon St. Newton Center. Uaaa. „ 
~ " " wia Laremi, Teacher, ~" 
PottatowB. Pa. ; Sei. 

. High 

niylTania Charter School, 8 • 

:ith St, Philadelphia. Pa.; Rei. 443 
W. Brimhurii St, Germantown, Pa. 

Farniworth Oroaa Marahall. School Super- 
intendent, Maiden. Maia. 

KUea Lee Perklna. Quinermaiter. Na- 

bany Bldg.. Boaton 

nod Columbia Rd., Waahing- 

ton. D. C . "a 
Arthur Harria Stockman. Lawyer, K«- 
d Shipper (or United Statet Tire 



Hwiii LlBWOod WablMf. Lavrw. ii 
Toraer St, Aubnra, Uc; Ku. rt; Gun- 
kge Arc, Aolmra, lie 

Pivu OtmUt Alln. Hud WiiUr, Wnt- 

wood. CiL 
EnuiT OlivB Bcuu^ Lawver, Snd St., 

Hiflowdl, Uc 
■HniT ClwrlM CUit, d. Dec ji, 1909. 
WiU Dw Qmild. Biuithh. with Anencin 

Hiwaiiu Slcunihip Co., jio Suiomi 

St., San PiuciKO, CiL: Ko. 1649 

ChacninK Way, BtrLcley, C«L 
Waltn Tlunnai Headnon, Bbiidcu, EI- 

utlan, Jaluco, Hex. 
Ranioad Joba lIcCutch«i>ii, Literaturct 

Farminnon FalU, M«. 
Harold Wood Robluoii, 1 

with B. P. Wood Mmi^ _.., _,. 

m« St., Boiton, Man.; Ko. 11 WaTcr- 

ler Ave., Newton, Masa. 
Ralph Stanley Smith, Teicher, Wuhiiu:- 

lon Acadonr, Eut Hachiai, Ue. 

Herbert Francu Cole, i« Flcaiai 

Portland, lie. 
■Fhlllp KKbora OrecB*; d. July a 

Pubtiihtr, Jabn X*i 

ti^h BncMU Sawjw, Biulntu, WUton, 
■Claicnc* B. Stetrcn, Teacher, d. Uar. jj, 

Kar^ Braratt WIUoo, TourDaliim, Boom 
405, ii« S. 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Rei. 48 W. Berlwltr Arc, Lvw- 
dowiM, Pa. 

Joaepb FreacU Woiaa, Bnaioeai, los Lin- 
cdId St., Boalon. Uau.i b!cl i6d 
Waihiniton Sl, Briihton, llaa*. 


Cfaarlei Harlow Otmm, Teacher, Gro- 

Harrr Haimaii Hajrc^ BaokiDB, with 

!w 'yot^' N, '^" """* 
Uncaid, Biuinaii, as Mid- 
•tonTUe.; Ro*. 497 Main 


u6^ Buiii 

1 S. Fifth Ate, Mt Vctnoa, N. Y. 


Hanr MUttin' 

port, Ue. 
Harold Everett Marr, Lieulenant, U. S. A., 

circ of Adjutint General, U. S. Army, 

Wuhington, D. C ; Kei. Camp Stolxn- 

bor,, P. 1. 
Paul Oould Robbini, Railroading, 10 

Florence St., Andover, Hall. 
Balph Carton Stewar^ Phviician. joj 

Wyman'i Exchancc, Lowell, MaM. 


ChulM Henry Bradford, Bniineai, Liver- 

Otit'FninUin Blmnuina. B2 India St., Port- 
land, Me. 

William Hiina Stone Lawyer, Mem. 
Stone & Stone, 5 Graham St., Biddeiord, 

Tboraa* Butler Walker, Lawyer, Uem. 
N. B. A T. B. Walker, 11-11 Mawnic 
Bide., Biddeford, Me.; Res. iSo Alfred 
St, Biddeford. Ue. 

Willlera Edwaid Youlaod, Jr., Phviician. 
N. V. Sute Dept. of Htalih, Div. of 
Liboratorics and Reiearch, Albany, 
N. y.l Ret. 13J Stltc Sl, Albany, 
N. Y. 


John StuTjii Bradbury. Tampa. Fla. 
Oiutcr Snanar Klncaley, Slate Bac- 

ttriolotiit, Uaine State Laboratory of 

Hrsiene, Augusta, Me.; Re*. 11 S. 

Chcitnut St., Anniila, Me. 
Bart* Haggett MacHicha*!, Phyticiaa, 56 

Snmm^^St. Maiden, hfaai. 
Frank Sherman Piper, Teacher, Kctar 

Bllnn WhittcmoT* RuMdl, Phyiidan, 97 
Pine St., Uwiaton, Me. 

Manric* Llnwood Blair, Tewelery Uannfae- 

tnrer. Attleboro, Mast. 
Oeorae Henry Buck, Phyaiciao, Hciler 

Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Mathew HaU CoopM', TravtUing Salet- 

man. Great Fall., Mont. 
Reed Hobart Ellii, Kcsl Eaule ft Ltunber, 

Range ley. Me. 
•Leo Edgar Hafford, d. Oct. iit, 1911. 
Roy Clifford Harlow, Branch Manager, 

-"- Republic Rubber Co., ir-» >■- — -' 

St., - 


Rei. Univeri 
. Department U 

and. Me.; Rea. 64 Saco St., ■ 

■ iiu •^uiuniai oiirKg, i-aini Mfrl., Ill 
florman Ave., Brooklvn, N. Y.: Rea. 
.;« Montgomery St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
raid Sewall Pratt, Phyaiciao, Farmiog- 

Floyd Sevnll, Phyiici 

Harold M^erton Smith. Uwyer, 
greii Block, Portimooth. N. Hj no, 
331 SouDi St., Portsmouth, N. H. 

Gardner Wealey Sucr, Manager, with 
Goodyear Tire ft Rubber Co., Akron, 
O. : Rea. 7i Merriman Rd., Akron, O. 

Parlay Conant Voter, ProCewor. Middle- 
bury College, Middieburv, Vi.: Re*. 19 
Seminary %l., Middlebury, Vl 

WUIUm Blbridge Atwood, Trcuurer, 

Hebron Academy, Hebron, Me. 
Thomas Cbarlei Comraint, Somcrrille, 

■Harry Joieph Dugan, Student, d. July 

illiam Farrar, Teacher. San Jtian, 





Joba Benedict Huvaham, U. S. Con- 

■tabuUry, Uuiili, P. I. 
JvnM Antbonj' Hubbard. Biuinc)*, Ver- 

Prank"Ald«n' KimbalL Biuinui, Gifford, 

Colby Lonnn Morton, Chemist, 6ss 

Uourd St., Brooklrn, N. Y. 
Tfaomu Coo]« Phalpi, Butineai, Wil- 

Comeliui John TBylor, Phjticiui, Ban- 

Ruph Luie 'niomptoa, BaslncftE, »a 

Kaliih Lu 

FVanltlin __. ____. _, 

Concord Sq., Baalon, Mui. 
Alfred Wltbalm Wandtka, Marrard 

Graduate School, Cambridge, Mui. : 

Res. iS Bridce St.. Lewiiton, Me. 
Bdward Harlan Wabitct, Teaclicr, 87 

Uomoouth St, Springfield, Uais. 
Carl Lrtton Wiat. Cawyer, lCing£e1d. 

HanuoB Morton Burr. Accountant, Bell 
TeL Co. of Pa., 416 ScTcnlh Arc, 
Pittsburg, Pa.; Res. 1171 Dagnur Ave., 
Pittsburg, Pl 

Robert ' Bradford. Buiineas. LiTcnDOrc 
Fall.. Me. ' 

Wmard Hallo well Curii*, Clergrnun, East 

Ralph Qilbraith Oake*. Teacher, Farm- 
in gton Falls, Ue. 

Lyde Stuart Pratt, Asit. Fro(c)Sor, Uui*. 
of Virginia, CharloIteiTiUe, Va. 

Carl Dana SkilUn, Cletgyman, Hancock, 
N. H. 

Qeqrge Alton Tibbetta, Pbyaician, sa 
Thomas St.. Portland. Mc. 

Ernest Bugena Wecka, Teacher, Frre- 

Bdward Oliver Baker. Teacher, Uniiersity 

Percy Claieoc* BucV 'shipping Qerk, 
with Defiance Paper Co., Niagara Falls. 
V V . »„ ... Tu;.j c.__ NUgai* 

5o£ Miller 

_._3n Noye*. Electrician, 15 Her- 
«i I.., Quincy, Mas*. 
*Uward Jlracs Bam« Palmer, Student. 

Waldo iWoiiaon' SkilliD, Physician, Uaine 
General Hospiul, Portland, Me. 

Abraham Jacob Somct. Insurance, 176 
Federal St, Boston, Ma>..: Res, SMh 
Muiachuietts Ave., Cambrulge, Mass. 

Richard Wesliy Sullivan, ij Concord °- 
Boiton, Mass. 

Andrew^^Cobum Swan, Business. Pri 

, PhyiicU_ _ 
l-onland. Me. 

Jamea Balky Allen, Business, iSio Tarri* 

„Ave., Fort WorSi, Tex. 

UCTCditb Bodine Autcn. Banking, Cast 

Sokimoa Morrison Blanch srd. Farmer, 
R. F. D. 2. Woodiords, Me. 

Letter L-odg* Bragdon. Business, with 
Continental Paper Bag Co.. 17 Battery 
Place, New York, N. Y.: Res. ii v/. 

_9Sth St., New York. N. V. 

Kendrlck Burn*, Chemist, Cumberland 


Matvice Pierce 

Rockland. M< 
LendaU Di 

HtU, Bnsii: 

sa. Mail 

dall Durant Lincoln, Business, iSn N. 
—am St, Altleboro. Mass. 
WiUlam Alexander MacCormick. Y. M. 
C. A. Secreury, 688 Washington St, 

, Colgate Co.. Pari 

Pwiy'itramn Mathcwt, Teacher, Dan- 

lorth School. Friminglan Mass. 
John HoMatOB MiiBin, UnioD Switch & 

Mcllcn St, Cambridge. Mass. 

Jamaa Augustu* Norton, Reporter, with 
Evening Express Pub. Co.. 11 Monu- 
ment Sq., Portland, Me.; Res. iiB 
Winter St, Portland, Me. 

Clilton OrvUis Page, Teacher, Springfield 
Tech. High School, Springfield, Mass.; 
Bes. 39 Dumiaer St, Bath, Me. 

Sumnn Tucker Pike. AccounUnI, with 
Savannah Electric Co., Ssvannah, Ga. : 
Res. Y. M. C A.. Savannah, Ga. 

Lester Borden Shacklord. Business, Poland 
Spring Water Co.. iiSo Broadway, New 
York. N. Y.j Res, 11 W, 9Sth St, 
New York, N. Y. 

*HsroId Arthur Tucker, d. Apr. 77. 1916. 

Umar Smmons Tnlts. Student. Harvard 
Univer^ty. J6 Hammond St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; Res. Kingt^cld. He. 

Harry Burton Walker. Medical Student, 
ja CumberLand St, Brunswick. Me. 

Pearl Bmltfi Bordeaiu, Business. Ut 

Desert, Me. 
Samuel Wood Chaac. with Agassis Mus- 

cum, Cambridge, Mass.; Res. 174 Ux- 
ingtoo Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

WUham Haakell Farrar, AcGountanl; Res, 
Brunnwick. Me. 

Leonard Henry aibK>n, Jr., Student, Har- 
vard University. Cambridge, Mass. ; 
Res. IDS:. High St., Bath. Me. 

Vernnn Waldo Marr. Principal High 
School. Old Orchard, Me.'. Res. Fann- 

- — Rice Audit 

Fidelity Bldgj. Pop-' ' " 

r St. l>ottland. Me. 


HcBn Allen Nichola, Publi 
widi Houohtan Miffiin 
W.tHili Arc Cbicago, 


mouui (.ollcn: kcl is IjcBool M., 

HanoTer, N. H. 
Herbert Merer Shei, Buiinai, i6 Page 

Si., HaIlo*cll, Uc 
Bdmrd Alfred Ttotdet, Wool, with Arns- 

Brtdsei Co., BoMoo, Unta.; R». 88 

Vanatixj Rd., BrooUine. Ums. 

Harry Everett AUan, Uedical Student; 

Stt. 73 Fleaunt Su Bnmiwiclc, Me. 
KobcTt BlUmrth Bodiutba, Teacher, 

Geneiee Wetleyan Seminary, l,inu, 

Arthur KaTmoad Piah, Stndent; Kei. 

lonnick. Teacher, 
niwiclc, Ue. 


Park Atadetny, 

Auatin karbi 

Bowdoin Cc 
Cllford Thompion Perkina, irilh 

Warren Paper Co.. Coinberlana Mini, 

Weilbrook, Me.; Res. OgBnqoil, Ue. 
Harold Milton Prncott, Principal High 

School, Roikpori, Me. 
Charlea Talbot Konra, 

Boainesa Colleie. Xcwiat 

Gray, Me. 
JoaepB Rubin, 

Chicago, III 
Wflliam, Ceorf e Tachabarry, Teuher High 

School, Lewiiton, He. : Rea. jai Balet 

St., Lewiaton, Me, 
Verdeil Carlton Thnratoib Student! Rea. 

Chealerrille, Me. 

Jamea Scott Brackett, Publiahe 
Wood«," PSLllip., Me. 

John Doana Churchill. Teacher 
Seminary, Eailhimpion. Mat 

Alfred Hall Croiaman, Insurance 
England Mutual Life Ins. Co 
era! St., Boston, Mass.: Rti 
, Newli 



Henry Dyar, 

Samuel Praaec, Bb&iness with Reminston 

Arms ft Amunition Co., Bridgeport, Ct ; 

R». Maiardis, Me. 
Qaorg* Douflas Gricraon, Res. Sawyer St., 

S. Portland, Me. 
George ETerett Greeley, Sludentj Res. 50 

Church St.. Hudson, Mais. 
Paul Revere Ladd, Student, Hsmrd CoT- 
' lege, (.'ambridge. Mass.; Rea. Mesilla 

1 St., Huds 

Lee Duru_ . 
W. S. Cumi 

_, Mais. 

ingUl, Bus 

ninai t — - — , 

„... ,,8 College St.. Lewi 

Leroy Addiaon RamadelU Stude 

0t6 Waihington Atc., Woodft 
Earle Severe Stratton. Busine 

FisVe Tire Co., Boston, UaJ 

Gleasondale. Mass. 
John Glenwood Winter. Graduate _. 

Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Masa. 

Kingfield, He. 


Edward Heniy Bond, StodcBti Sea. IS 

Linden St. Allalon, Hasi. 
William Binclair Cormuk, Jr., Sttldent; 
- ■ - iTewton, Maaa. 

sBigelow Tl.— 

ern Fremont Crane, 

^^iting. Me. 

BO Francia Creaden, 

Fuller ft Smith, Cie. _ 

— °- ".. looth St., Cleveland. O. 
Horilll GiUeapie, ^•<>'«"< 
St. GarJi 

1% Mt 

Jeny I 



reland. O. ; Rea. 


Frederick William ilar 

klmball. Stndeni, Medical 

Cine Brunawick, Me.; Sea. 

Brunswick, Me. 

r, Student, Tuft. 

Winihrop Sl, 'SpringBeld, Maaa. 
Henry Weiton Owen. Student ; Rea. 

Beach St, Saco. He. 
Le Clare Pall Parmenter. Student; Sea. 

ij Nevena St, Woodforda. Me. 
Harry Tlhurt Pledra. Student: '" Wall 

St, New York, N. Y. 
Joaeph Burton Stride, Student, 104 Gra. 

ham St, Biddeford, He. 
Harold Seba Young, Student, 40 Court 

St, Auburn, Ue. 

ucseri. ne. 
Calvin Leilla Bachelder, 
I?4«n A«.. G.f 


'with New 
, 176 Fed- 
97 Lake 

Derby, with Christian 
science noniior, Falmouth ft St Paul 
Sts., Boston. Mass.; Res. is Norway 
St, Boston, Mass. 

John Benjamin Freeie, Student; Rei. 144 
Union St, So. Framingham, Masa, 

Francia William Jacob, Student: Rea. 
S. China. Me. 

FnnUln Dugald IfacCormick, Student; 
Res. 44 Union St., So. Framinghatn, 

Roland Hall Peacock, Student; Sea. Free- 

Hen Thomaa. Student; Rea. S. F. 

Raymond Luring Atwood, Stndent; Rea. 

Paris, Me. 
John Waley Coburn, Student; Rea. ipj 

College St, Lewiston, He. 
Lincoln Benner ParTar, Student, Rea. 38 

Maple St, Bath. He. 
Harold Dunn Hanum, Student; Rea. IS 

DaKon St.. Waterville. Me, 
William Ellis Hntchinaon. Student T Rea. 

6? Girard Ave., Springfield, Haia, 
Howe Samuel Newell, Student; Rea. SS33 

Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Howard Patrick. Stni^nt ; Res. 8 Concord 

Terrace, Framingham. Mass, 
Ether Shepley Paul, ind. Student; Rea. 

50 Western Promenade, Auburn. Ue, 
Lloyd Robert Pendleton, Student; Sea. 

Dark Harbor, Me. 
Duncan Scarborough, Student; Rea, 4 

Prospect St, Dedham, Mais. 
Donald Harmon Tebbeti, Stndeni ; Sea, 

17 Proapcct St, Aabnm, Ue. 



Brown Univer^ty, Providence, R. I. 

Established June i, 1863; 57 Classes; 524 Members. 

tSflj Charla HcuT BrowD, FtTfncr, 

Samaal Hartwvll Pritt, C1erg)nnin, £71 
Coranado St., Lot Ad(c]ci, CaL 

'HauT Clixk Bowra, Utnnfactnrcr, 
. Bowtn, Phyi 

, No 


■te, ig 1 
3tTid Pal 

_ St.. Fall RiTcr, Uaii. 
Choitc care of Leonard S. ChO' 
- High St, Newburyport. Mass. 
iln Lawyer, ifi^ Dearborn St., 
kJiicago. 111. : Rei. Lake Forett, I[L, 
■SiiMOn Oallup, Stcrturj, d June, ai, 

•Nithulal Oku Onr, LawyM, d. Uar. 

•Ratellie Hicka, CoiporatioD Prciidcni. 

d. Sep. 19, 1006. 
*Jobn Sopbua Holmaa, Cleriymaa, d. July 

•Fra'ncb WarUnd Lova, Lawyer, <L 

■Jofao Albert jfonroo. Civil Envioeer, d. 

Ang., i3«i. 
*Joabii> FoaUr Ober, Architect, d. Ads. 

11, 1896. 
■Wiulam Randan Sarla^ Bookkeeper, d. 

•Dmn'%iX^' SloMui. CtertynUD, d. 

'Oeori* Rowland Waterman, Uerchint, d. 

t Alaaeoa Houch. Clergyman, Dan- 

LaRoy Freeae OrUFcn, ProfesBOr and Pat- 
tor of Baptiat Church, Weitwood, Ma«». 

Preatoa Corne*, Clcrgrciaa, 471 H. St 
K. W.. Wiihinarton. D. C 

Beneiet Aluwoa Hou, ' "' 
bnry. Ct 

Gearge Olcott King. Clergyman, Fiedtm 

Bras I.*wia, Clergyman, care of U. 

garet D. DickinsoD. 143 Euclid Ai 

Waterbur?, Cl. 
John BnnraeU Pack, Farmer, Peace Da 

R. I. 
■Crnia Benedict Peckham. Physician. 

Oct. 14. I»I4- 
•Cbarlaa Mania StIllwelU Chemiat. 

Jotcph Flaodar* Fielden, Clergyman. 

Weymouth St., Pitchhurg, Maaa. 
•Charlas Edwin Harvey, Court aerk, . 

•Jmlt ^cW^lLiia, Jr., (Init. by Rochei- 

tr) Ciergyman, d. Mar. a, i«ga. 
larlca Anael Remlngtoa, Student, d. 
Jec. II, 1870. 
iarrlaon William Staama, c/o S. Roger*, 

Greelev. Nebr. 
'John Clarke Sutlivao, Lawyer, d. Oct. 

•Israel Martin Bullock. Lawyer, d. Oct. 

Ja^'l^^KHi Field, Clergyman. R. F. D. 

I. Springfield, Hd. 
•Alfrwl FrancU Hanmar. Student, d. Apr. 

•GH^ge ijnn Hanna. Asiayer, d. May 

•WtftUm Carey Ivaa, Uwyer, d. Jan. aS. 

•Prank Jacob Leonard. UerchanI, d. J- 

*G'«rge"'WslI«ce Shsw. Oergynun, d. 

•Wetcoms a1*s)i Smith. GrDcer, d. Oct 

I a. iaa«. 
Chaitea Hubbard Spaldln 
.Eiani Hd. " 
•Anstin Valei 

Not. ij, itMij. 
•Levi CatT Walker. Soldier, d Feb. 

•Charlaa Praderlc White. 


•UraHam Cook Angall. Phriician. d 1 

•Henrr Wheaton Allen, Lawyer, d Apr. 

•CUraadon Dwight Belden, Editor and 
aeigyman, d Aug. 11, lots. 

Francia WayUnd Douglas, Iniutance, with 
Conn. Mutual Life Insurance Co., 914 
Hume-Mansur Bidg.. Indianapolis, lad; 
Rc). ?i The BlacEenie, North Uadis 
St.. Indianapolii, Ind 

•Gaorga Roswell Read. Clergyman, d 

Xenopbon Demoathanes Tingley. Pub' 
School Teacher. j4 School SL. Cloueei- 
ler. Mass. 

Alvin Miller Crana. Cler 

liam St, Maiden, Uaaa 
Oeorse Hurlburt Felton. 

and Physician, Berea, K,, 
•John Carver Hopkins. Teacher, d Sept 

Arttiur Jiidsoo Hover, Clergyman, Poca*- 

laaac RobinKm Whcelock. Real Estate 
and In.nrance. 1.40 Columbus Ave., 
Rozbury. Boston, Uais. ; Res. 15 S. 
Fairview St. Roslindsle. Mass. 



Aim Frud* Wood, PHncipal G 
School, New Bedlord, Uui.; I 
Bfdford St., New Bedford, U*« 


B4B Pr 

Wifliilm' ' Aihmon. 

June* OiUi Bullock, Pbyiician, I,oiia- 

•HewclT' Tncr Dulton, acrErmui, d. 

Oct. s, 1900. 
Tbomai Gardner Field, CleiayiiKii, Craii- 

Tille. O. 
•Ulrciu Morton Johuon. Phfiiciu, i. 

HlTTcr Vnittr, Clcrcynun, Pomonl, Cal. 

William Thane Peck, Prmcipftl CtiHical 

Hi)lh School, ProTidence. S. I.; So. 4S 

•Robert Mitchell Hartia, ClcriTinaa, d. 

Daniel Aurdta Haaon, Bnltleboro Sc- 

treat, Brattleboro. Vt. 
Daniel Khodev (Init. br Colnte), Got- 

cmmCDtal Official. Penaion Office, Wa«h- 

inrton, D. C; Re*. j6o Euletn Ave., 

Takoma Park, D. C 
Alvin Orover 8*dlcr, LawTcr, State Inuac 

A>r1iUB, Taunlon. Halt. 
*"-niel AnuM Tejlor, HaanfacMrer, d 

•John Eira Burr, ClerfTman, d. Sapt. 4, 

•raij& WUIiam Hendrick, Lawyer, d. 

Sent. 17, igij. 
Denial Webater Hojt, Clersynuo, us 

Lincoln St, Worc?.ter. Uua. 
Comeliua Channinv Pluramer, Lawyer, loS 
John St., Providence, R. I. 
•David Henrr Taylor, CleriynuD 

1 A«., Primdenee, R. 1 


Oraoa Porter Beetor, Clersyman, Prairie- 

rille, Uicb. 
•Prank Atvit Coetci, Phyiician, d. Sept 

•Rlcta'T^' Hoaa Klllot, Vocal Teacher, d. 

Sept. ]. ipoS. 
•Benjamin Allen Greene, Clcrfyman, d. 

' Herrins, 


e & Tru 

: Co., 

•John Joaiah Holbrook, CiTil Eos 

Uar. 24, 1SS4. 
Wiltian VaU Kellen, Uwyer. < 

William Warren Landnun. Clerirman, 
_ijiS S. Pint St, LoaiiTille, Ky. 
•WUIiam Shieldi tiicorab. College Pro- 

feitor. d. Sept. $, 1893. 
•John Heiekl^ Olcott. GoTenunent 

Clerk, d. Apr. tj, 1908. 



Jamea Pardval Abbott, Cleriyman, Roek- 

ford. 111. 

iel Richardaon Blood, Uerchant, d. 

'Seth Tarl^ Pamham, Clergyniaa, d. 

Sept 7, 1884. 
'Samnel CheMbioncb Gallup, Lawyer, A. 

Jan. 10, iftge. 
Orrin Piiilip Qitfard. 

Aug. JO, 18B1. 
'John IfcKlaacjF, Cleriymaii. d. Apr. a, 

E4<rard HUlar, Manulactora^ Uerlden, Ct. 
''Louie AAariaa Pope, Oergynan, d 

'John Uyron Potter. Puhliihcr, d. Feb. 

George Tberon Raymond, aergyman, 

Owanita, Fla. 
Barnard Cook Taylor, Frofeiior, Croiicr 

Theological Seminary. Cheater, Pa. 
•Albert George Upban, Qergyman, A. 

July aa. igoS. 
Cnbai Borpee Welton, aergyman. Salt 

Poinl, Dntcheii Co., K. Y. 
Frank Linnaeua Youag, Hanufacttircr and 

Merchant, 11 1 Putctaa*e St, Boiton. 

Maaa. ; Rea. 194 Aahmont St, AahmODI, 

•Frank Sanderaoa Aahmore, Clergyman, d 

Tbomaa Stai 

ren. Clergyman, North 

Sttntid bladdlng, Chcmiit, tSi 
St, n7w York, S. Y.: Rea. ija 
Ave. Uontclair, N. J. 
IrviBi Hopkina, Teacher, 8jj 
St., V»nc^ ■■ " 

•Bdward Henry Poti 

, d. May 

Henry Anguitua Blake, Qergyman, Col- 

cheiter, Ct 
•Leonard Tuttle Brownell, d. July 11, 

Edwin Pickett Famham, Clergyman, Supt 

Baptiit Church Exlcniion Society. 

Brooklvn & Queeni. N. Y„ 450 Elm 

St, Richmond Hill, N. Y. 
•Stephen Greene, Mill Architect and £0- 

Horace Ptanklla Brown, Clergyman, 

""* "" '" Haidac*. Physician, 

. 'Theological School 
Center, Ua». 

.ohaaon, C' 

g Woodbine St, Botton, lias 

■ceding Hi 
rge Edwi 


*OMr(« Hmij Uattcmo^ d. Nor. ig, 

WilUrd Coombi Parker, I^wrcr, Flcm- 
iutoa NMionit Bank BIdg., rlemini- 
ton, N. 1.1 KcL 141 Main St., Flem- 
WBtoo, N. T. 

S<iii>B Stuart Ropor, Promoter and Agent, 
witb Prancii I,ana Co., 378 Uain St, 
But Oraact, N. JT; K». a Winana St., 
Eaat Orange, N. f. 

CromwaU Tdtht Schnbanli, Merchaodiu 

1 Chach. 

Oorhain Eutarbrook, Cterarnuii, 3B4 AmM 

St., FatI, H>«>. 
^Fnderick William Elliott, Fhyiician, d. 

Jane it, 1899. 
Bdau' Tlwmaa FarrUl, Clerjmntn. Field 

Sec. of the Wiieoniin Qiriatian Eo- 

. Milwaukee. Wis.; Oca. 

t7ii Cedar St, Uiloankee, Wia. 
StpibcD Ooodwin HaatiBia, ClercymaD, 

Hnrr Wcbater Kalcwin, Teacher, Evan- 

dcr Childa H. S., New York, N. Y.; 

Rtt. n N. »th At«., Mt VeraOD, N. Y. 
•Charlaa Henrr Einna, CollcBe Inatruc- 

tor, d. Uai. 31. '899. 
•Samual AuBuatua Saveranea, Oergiman, 

d. Sent 13, 1801. 
JndaoB Irving W»od, Educator ; Hei. 74 

Woodland A*e„ Gardner, Utn. 

Sreen, Clergrman, The 
Mnase, Exeter, N. H. 

_ ..e St, Bo>i.._. , ____. ,_, ___ 

St, Chctlnut Hill, Hau. 
Qeorge Taylor Baker. Dentin, 419 B' 
■ton St, BoBtoD, Uasa. ; Kea. Welleal 

Prank Kingman Pratt, LawTCr, iio New 
York UleBldt., Uinneapolii, Minn. 1 
Rfi. 1437 Grand Are., Minneapolii, 

CliSord Snyder, Flour, Feed, Hay and 
Grain, iitm. C H. Snyder ft Son, 31 
South St., Freehold, N. T- Rei. !i 
Broad St, Freehold, N. T. 

Prank Arthur Spence, Principal and 
Treai. of Lowell Commercial College, 
Inc.. ^Lowell, Mbi9. ; Rea oi River- 
aide St, I^wtll. Man. 

Prank Lonia Sullivan. Field Reoreaenta- 
tive Watchman-Examiner, aj E. 16th 
St, New York, N. Y. 

Wlllli Prye Tbomaa, Hiaaionary, Inaein, 

*Joaepb Henry Tyler, Uanufaetuter, d. 

Ocorge O'ti* Ward, Fhyaician, 8t< Uain 
St, Worcwtcr, Haa*. 

RcL B4 Conn &t,. New Bedford, Maa. 
laaiea Wallace Dairow. Editor and Special 

Writer, Chatham, N. Y. 
William Herbert Penr Paunce, Univera- 

ilr Preaidcnt. Brown Uoiversty, Pmn- 

He^'bano Hardy, Uaaufactoicr Paiwr 
Art Cooda, S. B. Hardy, «43 Clermont 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Rea. iiS Cum- 
berland St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Jamea Tobey Pyke, Retired, Riveraidc, 

George Wlllum Rlgler, College Pretl- 
dcnt. Hartahom Memorial College, 
Riehmond, Va. ; Re*. Richmond, Va. 

*Wcal*y Lorenao Smith, Clergyman, d. 

Albert Nelio'n Daiy,' Ciergyman, 11 Prca- 

cott St, Nashua, N. H. 
Clarence Uilca Ooddiog, Physician, 311 

Benefit St, Providence, R, I. 
Charles Leroy Pulaifer, Banker, Lakeport, 

Laconia, tf, H. 
Comeliua Samuel Savage, Baptiat Uinia- 

ler, Hillcreit Ave., Dover, N. J. 
•Walter Gardner Webatcr. Clergyman, d. 

Oaorgc ^raddia Wiitotk Retired, Pal 

L, C«L 

i, Uwj^er, Uem. 

— . . Clergyman, 396 

Harvard St, Cambridge, Uaai. 
Alva Bdwln Carpenter Clergyman, iw 

George Blckford Brigham, Shoe Manu- 

w! iVfri St? W^t'borq,"MMi. 
William Sheafe Chase, Clergyman: Set 

4S1 Bedlord Ave., Brooklyn. N- Y. 
Charles Walter Connea Fhyaician, B}< 

Highland Ave., Pall River, Uaas. 
William Frederick Denfeld, (Tnit by Am- 

herit). Lawyer, iii N. Washington St, 

Saginaw, Uich. : Res. 605 Cherry St, 

Saginaw, Mich. 
•Alfred Howland Hood, Uwyer, d June i, 

Chulea Svana Hughes, U. S. Supreme 
- — ■ 21T0 ST-teenth St, Wash- 

imev Humford. Lawyer. Indni- 

it Co. Bldr., Providence. IL I.-, 

' Idt Ave. Providence, 

lifarTriT<?o. Bld^''?i 

Black BIdg., Loa Aueleu. _- 

■III S. Figueroa St, tiO* Angeles, CaL 




WlUten LInrtUrn Pfafllis*. Ccaeral Pur- 
chxini Agtat, witli G«aerk1 Fire Ex- 
tiD(iu>kei Co., iji W. Excbuic Sl, 
Providence, R. I. ; KtM. 34; Poltet Ave., 
Pntrideoce, R. 1. 

Jobn Alvih Taylor, Bank Caihier, ji E. 
Uain St., GeorECtown, Uut. ; KeL jo 
E- Main St., Georgeiown, Ma». 

Waller Jame* Tama, Teacher, Hope Si. 
Hish School, ProTidence, K. I.: R«. 

E16 Pawtuckct Atc, Eait FroTidenGe, 

•Prad CUreace Angevin*. Studeol. d. Apr. 

19, 1881. 
*WillUni BtajF, Fanner, d. February, j, 

PhyiJcian. d. 

ryman, (Init 

PredaKck Lulhtr Oamace, Heidmaiter. pn 

Ptirliag School, Pawling. N. V. : Ka Hon 

Oeorre Huniineton, Uanuiactarer'i Aaent, •Thai 

tjiB MijulTc Bldg., Detroit, Mich.; Oc> 

Res. Geddc* Kd., Ann Arbor. Uich. 

Walter Billou Jacoba, Profciior, " 

R. L; iif. ]io 

..1UCU«, R. I. 

Jillaon. ProICKOr, Ripon 

t AlUwm Bakac. Lawyer, 49 Weat- 

miDBter St., ProTidencE, R. I.( Sea. n 

Cabot St., ProTidence, R. I. 
William Hlnnel Perai Bowen, Lawyer, 

1036 CrotTCoOT Blda.. Providence, R. I. ; 

Rei. 34 Humboldt Av*., ProTidence, 

R. I. 
Frank Melville BronaoiL Teacher. Uor. 

■an Park Academy, Uorain Park. III. 

"--irse Coleman Oow, Praleaaor, Vauar 

loTle^e, Poughkeepiie, N.Y. ^ Kei. Col- 

CoTleae, P. 

Aufuatua Er 
Toledo St 


>n. Mich. 
d i'ritt TuUer. Clirsyman, la Far- 
Ion ATe, AIlitOD, UaH. 
I Alfred Triiar, Grammar Uaater. 
a. Lvman School, Parta and Grorc 
E. Boston, Maai. 1 Ret. tiio Cea- 
St.. Roslindale. Boston, Uaaa. 
t Hclvin Wadawocth, Teacher, (Inil. 
Colby), Pope School, Somenille, 
a.: Rei. ti" Waahinston St.. Whit- 

ie Bulkelay Wakcman, d. Jnne iG, 


I Page Abholt, Phyaician, aij 

^na Ban 

inaJl To 

I BuBena Brigham, Boot and Shoe 
>icUn. d. 


r, Hamilton, K. Y. 

Anthonr, Retired Pro- 

Norman Leonard Richmand, Soperintend- 
eni, wiih The Peter* Cartridge Co.. 
Kinin Uilli, O. 

■Henry Reaben Skinner, Lawyer, d. Aug. 

, Win< 

em St, 

laker, Tei 

s Baker 

:her, S t 

. . .... - .1 School Aa*. 

%ii Broad St. Newark, N. T- i Re>- 317 

Belmont Ave. Newark, N, J. 
Wilton Gardner Croiby. Lawyer. aio7 E- 

Fiisl St, Duluth, Minn. 
Alfred William Fjti, Lawyer, care of 

Brown. Shipley Co., 133 Pall Mall, 

•M0Ka°cllcment Oile, Profeaaot, d. Apr. 

Rajr Woodville 

St., Worcote 
Howard Wlllia 

i. Fhyji< 

1 Weal 

Charlea Monro* Sheldon. CI 

Topeka. Kan. 
William Edward Simonda. Profeii 

College. Galeiburg. Ill 

Frank Howard Andrem. Refiner: Res. 1 
Carpenter St, Proyidence, E. 1. 

en Swift Brooki, d. Oct s. 1SB3. 
I Clifton Bumham, Designer, with 
er Co., P. O. Box (38, Hopedale, 

liel Hunt Fuller. Phyaici 

cipal Technical Hiah School. Providence, 
H. I. ; Rei, tgj'Xlbert Ave., Edgewood, 

*Jam« Honrae Paine, Lawyer, d. Oct., 

Wilbur Brown Parahley, Uiaiionary, Liv* 
Oak. Fla. 

Frank B. Tlngler, Manufacturer, iSo 
Weeden St., Pawtucket, R. I.; Re*. iiS 
Cottage St., Pawiuekel, R I. 

Allan Herbert WUIett; Protealor, Car- 
negie Inilitute of Technology, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. ; Res. Glenihaw. Pa. 



Waller Cochrane 

, P 

____"_ City"T^i 

Eaile Sock, CaL ; S». £ll»w 
■• ■ Roek, CaL 

Enile Rock 
Warlud Jol 
fofor, Uni 
■on, Wia.; Ket. 141 aummit Ave., Hsai- 

Wflliam NcUon Chau, Electricun, 30 

Washinston St.. HirtEord, Ct. 
Fnuk 81*1*1 Dietrich, Judse U. S, Dia- 

trict Conn. Federal Bldg., Boiae, Id.; 

Re*. iDiIeffenon St., Boiie. Id. 

BeUiDfhani, Ma». *™"' "«'™' ' 
*AuKuitui liinlcl Wheelar, d. Aus. a, 

Charle* Llhcoln White. AiMociate Corrc- 
spoDding Secretary A. B. P. Societir, aj 
t. iSth St, New York. N. Y. ; Rea. 7So 
Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y 

*Benalah LobbUt Whitman. 

ril Edbid- 


yer. with 

-Dad- Co., 


[, d. Not. 

14, lBO«. 

Lrnin Churchill Ncwall. Profcaaor, Boi- 

'■ -T Boxlataa St., Bos 

HenniB VaadcBbUTE Amia. Dei 

uate School, Univenily of Pen~., ib.hi- 

delphia. Pa.; Sea. 110 S. i;th St, PhiU- 

delpbin. Pa. 
WilUuD Xranhlin Arlington, with Boston 

Ameiican Ncwipaper, So Summer St., 

Boalon, U i». ; Sc*. 37 Walnut St, 

Somenille. Hais. 
Auaten KcBoedr dcBloia, aernman. 

First BapHat Church, Boiiaa, Uarn. 
Cfaulta Kdwaid Dennis, Principal, Hope 

St High School, Providence. R. I.; 

Res. 114 Taber Ave., Proridence, R I. 
Clarence Oraot HamlltoD, Aisociate Pro- 

fesaor, Wtllesltr CoMcBe. Wellesley, 

Maas.; Sei. 16 Cottage V, Wellesler. 

•JtdiB Powell Hunter, Physician, d. Mar. 
•W^b^'lIarTln Lippltt. Mia>0( Engin. 
Keorr Wtos Pln^ham, Uniurian Clcrr 

arian Clcrcy- 
14 Vine St., 

cS^T^t^'^Vitn, Teacher, Warwick. 

Prank WilUama CarlMnt. 
Coal. Men. Carpenter C _ . 

Co., Wall and South Main 



Fuller St, Bn> 

John William Scott, Merchant. Hem. Car- 
■on. Pirie, Scoit ft CO;, Chicago, 111.; 
Res. Hubtwrd Wooda. III. 

Frederick Emcnon Stockwall, GErnman, 
First Preabyterian CITurch, Newburgh, 
" " "~. g« Grand St, Newburgh, 

N. Y. 

i William Watjen, Clergymi 

Miller St., Wan 

WUliam Hadier 

I South Main St, 

Jer BarrOB, Commercial 

rith General Eclipae Co., 

Daoielson, Ct ; Re*. 38 Rernoldi St, 
Danielson, Ct 

Bdward Bailev Bin*. Dlrtelor of Mtaic 
in Public ^hool^. Indianapolis, Ind. ; 
Rei. igi4 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Indian- 
apolis. Ind. 

Samuel Andrcm Sverett Utrchaat, 11; 
Canal St, Providence, R. I^ Rci. 303 
Preiident Ave., Pivvidcnc*, K. I. 

George Hooper Ferria. Clergyman, Hamil- 
ton Court, Philadelphia. Fa. 

Charle* Albert Ucader, Clergrman, 44c 
Wellington Ave., ProTidence, " R I. 

Qcrald Birnay Smith, Profeasot, Univers- 
ity of Chicago, Chicago, 111.; Res. 5556 
Kenwood Ave., Chicago, III 

Alfred Sirapaon Tavlor, Fhyiicisn, 115 W. 
ssih St, New York, N. Y. 

Ktmer Almy Wilcoi, Prolesaor. loi Law 

William Gilbert Lathrop, ClargymaD, Ut 

Carmel, New Haven, Ct. 
Richard Raayoa Martin, Lawyer, Mem, 

ent. N. y. and PenDsylvania 
plain Milla. Wellsboro, N. .. 
a*orga Packard. Uwyer, is» FlrM Na. 

Georgs Frederick Andrewa, Writer, Tufia 
CoRege, Mass. 

Bertram Blaiadell, Lawyer and Insurance 
Aitent, Meredith, N. H. 

Walter Lincoln Chase, Publi.her, Mem. 
W. L, Chase & Co., 14S High St. Bos- 
ton, Mass.; Res. 43 Judkins St, New- 
tonville, Mass. 

Albert Edward Hrlan. Clergyman, Med- 
field, Mass. . , ,. 

Louia Manson Lincoln, Uanaaer. with K, 
A. Eddy Machinery Co., Eaat Green- 
wich. R. I. 



J Horcia Slone, Clerj 

WmUm Burdick. Phyiii 

ij Weit 
1, d. Apr, 

Arthur Anudn Hicurdi, Tctchcr, Stat* 
Nornua School, Lot Angelu, CU ; Ret. 
1714 Harrard BlTd., Los Anselu, Cal. 

John Avery TlUiaabut, Lawyer, Ueto. of 
Murdoclc ft TilliDghait. loio GroiTcnor 
Bids., PioTidence, R. I.; I&i. M Bar- 

Bcnjunin Willii 

a*ideBce, K. I. 


lie Athlttio L««ini«, 801 Garrelt Bldg., , Jld^, J.ekionTl 

Bandore, Md. ; to.. »703 El»inor A»t, John TfouiiB. Profi 

Biltimoif, Mi «0-. Vonken, N. 

*Rlcba[d Ira Fish. d. Oct ;, 1B90. 

Horace EdK>r Jtcobh Teacher, gi PrMi- , 

, Bidsa 

Leslie Eliu Learned. Ctercynuiii, i 
Euclid Ave., Fisidena, Cal. 

Arthur Joeeph Alfred LlewcUro. Han 
with Siegel-Myeia Correspondenct Si 
of MuHC, Chicago, 111.: Res. 
Oalienwald A-vi., Oiicago, 111. 

Thonaa Harwood RothweU, Lawyei 
Browiway, New York. N. Y. ; 
While Plains. N. Y, 

Leonard Apolliniire Thcrriei 

Carl VernoD Tower, 

College, Co" 
Hioghim. & 

■; Que. 

College, CollegeTilic. 1 

Charles Spauldini Aldrleh, Lawyer. 

Keenan Bldg., Troy, N. Y.; Res. 7 

Collini Ave., Troy. ^. Y. 
Riuaell Hall Birge '^ " -- 

, Cleveli 


1871 E. 

J3 St., Oevetand 
Clayton Bedjprick _ 

Author, Rockledge, Sivc 

son, N. Y. 
Oeorge Marcus Crowell, Physician. Au- 
burn, N. It. 
Jay Schoyler Vox. Principjl of High 

School, Poughkeepiie, N. Y. ; Res. 11 

Virginia Ave., PoUKhkeepsie, N. Y. 
Archie Norwood Frost. (Init. bv Colb- ' 

Lawyer, MuskoBee, Okia, 
•Robert Stuart HacOregor, Physician, d. 

Mar. aj, igo?. 
Joseph Bellield Mi 

J. ft P. Cc 

R. I.; Kes. 

edEwick Cooper, Gergyman and 
Rockledge, Siverdale-on. Hud- 
son, N. Y. 

Thread 'Co., 


■Charles Allen Boyd, Teacher, d. Feb. 

Burton SaDderaon.Flagg, Insurance Under- 
writer, Pres. MeTrWck Mulual Fire 
Insurance Co., Andover, Uaas. 

Irving Henry Oamwell, Lawyer, M North 
St., Pittifiald, UaM.; Rea. Oxford St, 
Pittslield, Uasa. 

Oardnet Kirfc Hndaon, Lawreri 41a Main 
St, Fitchburg, UaM.; Rea. «] Sooth 
St., Fitchburg, Mata 

Frederick Aagustut Jonai, Lawyer, 49 
Wesirainater St, Providence, R. 1.: Rea. 
139 Shaw Ave., Edgewood, S. I. 

Howard Day Kanron, Junior Master, Me- 
chanic Arts Hi^ School, Boston, Masa ; 
Res. 39' Forest Rd., Sharon, Uaaa. 

Harrr Saiton Mabia. Minister, Firal Bap- 
tist Church, Bluefield, W. Va ; Rea. 
7 Duhring St, Bloeiield, W. Va. 

Haven Mctcalf, (Init by Colby), PUnt 
Patholoitiit, U. S. Dept. of Agricul- 
ture, Wsshington, D. C: Kes. 1113 
Vermont Ave., Washington, D. C 

Taha Samuel Murdoch, Lawyer, Mem. 
Murdock ft Tillinghast, Grosvenor Bldg., 
Providence, R. I. { Rei. Sg Keane St. 
Providence, R. I. 

Mason Martin Swan. Lawyer, Mem. Field 
& Swan. J4-18 Savings Bank Bids.. 
Waterlowo, N. Y. ; Rea ijj Winslott 
St., Watertown, N. Y. 

Sumner Rcdway Vinton. (Init. by Col- 

Tarleton Rd.. Newton Center. Mats. 

lakepeace, d. Nov. 

WilKa Wood Aldrieh. Farmer. Homedali 

lallou. Cteri 

14 Everell 
•Artert Josei 

Chester. N. H. 
Chester WiUard t 

Frederick Otia Ctapp. 

Beacon St, Han- 

1874 Broad St.. 
ivil Engineer. City 

Willi Gen 

Angell sT.; pJ^vidence 



1 Setchell Learned, with Carnegie 
dalion. New York. N. Y, i Re'. 
".ramatan Ave.. Mt. Vernon, K. V. 
t Cleaveland Miller, Secretary and 
ral Manager, with Everett ft Bar- 
Ci. M17 Canal St, Providence, 
. ms President Ave., Provi- 

geti Peck, Menu 

>iih Waiie Thresher ^.., 

Abbot Park PL, Providence. R. I. : R 

Ti Everett Ave., Providence, R I. 

■George Washington Rapaon. Student, 

Harru vltwooA' 8tarr, 

.„— I Ave. 

1 Henry Thornlev. Law 

ner. Pierce & Thomle 

Bldg., Providence,' R 

, Ct. 
rer. Mem. 
t. Turk'i 
I.: Rej. 
R I. 

nehaha St, St Paul. 



Pliny Anbur Bord, Vice 

N. J.; Ru. 30 «■ 
Alberf HUton Dunh& 

, , ...J. of Erefett 

A Batron Co; of Proridence, R. I., 
Bloomficld Tnut Blda., Bloomficld, 
" ' " ~ enilon Pi., Btoom- 

FrOTidence, R. 1.; Ret. 17 Gardner Si., 
Attleboro, Mms. 

iUtcUffi Owirce Eul Hicki, Lawyer, s; 
Eddv St., FrOTidence, R. I.; R». 16^ 
Aranngton St, Edaewood, K. I. 

Ocorg* Alfred Mcllcn, Puliluher. Law- 
rence Daily Eaile, Lawrence, Mua. 

William AduB* ^de, Chief of Periodical 
Division. Library of Cansresi, WashinE- 
too, D, C; Rt». 1713 Kilbourne P., 
Washington. D. C. 

SlacT RMlben Warburton, Clergrman, 
Fiiai Baptiil Church, OKdeniburE, N. 
v.; Kes. U7 Sl*(t Si., Oj|den>burc, 

William Kticeae Wincbcatat, Buiinua, 
with Deerinit. Miliken & Co.. to Leon- 
ard St. New York. N. Y.: Sei. 601 
W. iioth St. New York, N. Y. 

Walter Boitdnan BuUath Missionary, 
Newton Centre. Mas*. 

Prederick WilUam Murphy. Uwyer. Mem. 
Murphy & Fulti, 4t Wall St, New 
York. K. Y.; S«. S30 Mansfield PI., 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Charlea Cidr Kcminston, Lawver. oni 
ITnion Tmit Bldi.. Proiidence. S. T. ; 
Res. II UniTtriity Ave., PrOThtence, 
R. I. 

Albert Heorr Sheffield, Butldini Con- 
Mraclion. with Dailine ft Eitel Co.. 
Sute BldR,. Chicago. III. ; Res. 95] Fos- 
ter Ave,, Chicaeo. IIT. 

Bdward Amoi Stockwetl, Lawyer, iiS 
Butler Exchanee, Providence. R. \: 
Rea. «i E. ManninR St., Providence. 

■Ne'bon AHen Wood. Teacher, d. Jan. 1 

ClifTord Spence Anderaon, Lawyei 
Stiles » Anderson, 314 Main Si 
ceiter. Mass.: Res. ii Wheelt 
Worcester. Mass. 

Aaa Warren Antiiaston, Salesma 
" imp ft Low " 

Mass.: Res. 31 Parker 
ler. Masi. 
Pred Tarbell Field, Lao 

., Ne« 

, 1, Mass.; Ris. 3 Acorn 

St. Boston, Mass. 

Senneth Riplejt Forbn, Clerayman, St 
Mary's House for Sailor*, no Harginal 
St, E. Boston. Mass.: Res. 166 Web- 
ster St.. E, Boston, Mass. 

Waldo Gifford Leland, Historical Re- 
search, with Carnesie Institution of 
Washington, Washington. D. C 

Clarence Brown Leiler. Legislative Refer- 
ence , Librarian, Wiacontin Library 

Res. Raleigh Ave, Pawtncket, B. I. 
Albart Lyon Scott. Etuineer. Treasurer 
of Lockwood. Greene & Co., 60 Fed- 
1 St. Boston, MaM.; Rea. jo Quae 

Klmer Seymour Chac^ Lawyer, City Hall, 
Providence, R. I. ; Res. a Rhode Island 
Ave,. Providence, R. I. 

Edwin FarnhaiB OreeHB. Treaaurer, Pacilic 
Mills. 60 Federal St. Boston, Mass.; 
Res. 70 Kilby St, Boston, Mass. 

Slephsn Harold Greene, Cotton Mill Treas- 
urer, 18 Alden St, Newton Center, 

Lewia Curtis Parsons, Manager L. C Par- 
sons s and 10 cent Store. Norwich, 
N. Y. 

Byroo Lee Smith, Civil Engineer, with 
Uwyeri Title & Trust Co., j6o Broad. 
way. New York, N. Y. ; Res. 103 Malone 
Ave., Belleville. N. J. 

Winthrop Honon Sonthwortii, Printing, 
Advertising, Fnbliihing, Needliain 
Chrooicle, Needham, Hiaa. 

William Pmn Bate*. Civil Engineer, aiv- 
318 American Nadoul Bank Bldg., San 
Diego, Cal.; Res. 4m Thirty-ei«hth St, 
San Diego, Cal 

Wiafield Haines Dennett, <Init by Wil- 
lianul, Business, with GUsgow Mfg. 
Co.. South Hadlcy Falli^ Mass. 

Bverett Jarvia Honon. Merchant. Turk's 
Head Bldg.. Providence, B. I.; Res. 11 
Belair Av*., Providence, R. I. 

Norwood, Engineer, with 

Harry Yorke 

N. Y. : Rea. eT Chestnut' St'"Ro5iei 
I Arnold Keeae, Phyaician. MUford 

Charf*. . 

N, H. 

Philip Darren Sherman, Aasociate Pro- 
fessor. Oberlin College, Oberlin, O, ; 
Res. 35 Colleee PL, Oberlin. O. 

Irving Soutbinirth, Superintendent of 
Cotton Milts, Pacific Mills, Cocheco 
Dept, " " " 

Robart Lincoln Barrows, Manager, Ad. 
veriisin. Dept o( Curtis Publishing Co., 

Imer Ellsworth Butler, News Editor, with 
The Boston Traveler. 171 Tremont St, 
Boston, Mais,; Res. H. D., Newton, 
w. uwn Ave., Mamaon, wia. _ N, H, 

Norman AUao Kott, Teacher. English Philip Bardvrell Hadlay, (Init by Uari- 
High School. Boston, Maas.: Rea. 17 etia). College Professor, Rhode Island 

AInsworlh St, Roalindale. Mass. State College, Kingston. R. I. 

Charles Pickett Round*. Salesman, with William Thomson Hastings, Assistant Pro- 
Hope Webbing Co.. Providence, R. I.; (»«»or, Brown University. Providence, 



K. I.i Ku. 13 John SL. PrOTidence, 
R. I. 
L«l» Robert Hlckt, Eteclricil Kn^BKr 
with Chirlei H. Ttnncy ft Co., aoi 
DtvOMhire SL. Bosiod. Hut.; Ru. i 
Fnnklin Tcmce, Uelrose Hiahlindi. 

ArAur Uphun Pop*, Aiiiatant Profciior, 

Univerul; of CiL. Berkeley. Cal. 
John L. 0. PotWrE, Teacher, Norlb Hish 

School, Cuion, O.j Kea. 6o« TBiciri- 

WM St, Cintoa, O. 
Latar BurreU Shippcc, Profe>»r, Wuh- 

■nron Stile C^ece. PbIIbuh, W>ih.: 


ton, N. I. 
OMrge Bl&B 

tli^ t 

:itT Ubr 
a Maple 

..,, — Jncfield, M 
St. Springfield, Mi 

HanJt MeiTiU Barbour, Cleriym 

ion College, Millon, Wis. 
George Tiinottir Colony. Drugtisi 

Joahna Wilbur Kaaon. 1146 N 

Ave., Trenton. N. J. 
Leonard Auguitui Prouty. Teacb 

S. C; Re^u Charlt 
Waller Douclaa Swa 

ter, DanielaoH, Cl 
Theodore Elliott To 

Academy. Ckarleaton, 

Sl, Nen Y 

Rich (Id Dana 

Iilind Nora 

Ralph CahooD Whim 

ick, Colleic P 
ly, Tokyo. Japi 
Araiaka. Tok 

Lawyer, ji Cham- 
N. Y.; Res. i W. 
Hilt SL. new xork, N. y. 

Warren Wcitoa Loomia, Aiiiilant Pur- 
chaaina Aient. with The Stone ft 
Webiter Engineerini Corporalion. 147 
Milk St., BoitoR, Uam. : Rei. 66 Quint 
Ave., Afl>tD», ^a». 

Junei McPhenoB, Buoiness, loB Owen 
Are., Piwtucket, R. I. 

Robert Oraut Martin, AbsL Pr<ile)»r, 
Northweitern UDivenilT. F.TiBalon, 
Iir. ; Rei. IS70 Asbury Ave., EranMon, 

•Richard HonUfue, Student, d. Feb. 16, 


LMnard Wolaey Crenkbilt, Importer and 
Agent, Officer. The Leonard W. Cronk- 
hite Co.. 1S5 Devonihire St., Boston. 
HaM,; So. js Sacramenio ^t.. Cam- 
bridae. Mass. 

•Caleb ^anU Pamum. V. S. Poreitry 
Service, d. Aug. 17, iflnj. 

Spear, Htrdioa, Civil Engineer. 

. _ "'"'M^'iciral B^Hdrn*; New 
York, N. Y.; Res. .fjo Maeomba Rd., 
New York, N. Y. 

Charlea Hadlai Hull, Lawyer, New Lon- 
don, Cl; Re>. 73 Vaunhall St.. New 
London, Ct. 

Warren ApplctOB Whitney, Art Publisher, 
with Geo. C. Whitney Co., 67 Union 
St.. Worceilei, Hau. ; Res. 15 Trow- 
bridge Rd.. Worcetler. Haas. 

Hollla Bradford Wilcox, Metal Stamping, 
General Uanacer. W. W- Wilcox Co.. 
173s Annitage Ave., Chicago, 111.; Res. 
03 Creaceot °Dr.. Glencoe, Til 

"-^* Bolie Wood. ■■ 

Harold Learned Brown, Phyiician, tot- 
605 Security Bank Bldg., Sioux City, 
la.; Res. 909- Ninth Si, Sioox City, 

Harry I>uane Brace, Lawyer, General At- 
torney for The Solvay Prweai Co., 
Syracuse. N. Y.; Re*. 9^3 WcltcoU 
St. Svracu«. N. Y. 

*Ralph Norton Dennett. Lawyer, d. Sept. 

Dana l^jSoi Otllup, Lawrer, with Blod- 
getl, Jones, Bumham 4 Bingham, ta 
Federal St, Boston, Uaia.; Sea. Old 
Myitic, Ct. 

Alfred Henry Ournay, Newipat>erBuiB, 

R. L; Res. 48 Proipeci'st, Aubnml 

jeorge Hurley, Lawyer, iji« 
BEdg., Providence. R. 1-; 


N. Y.i Res. 

HacgragoT, Rug*, with 
W. 4id St, New York, 

W. 8)d St. New York. 

IcXaight Herrltt, 1 

Co., 59 Temple PL. 

WiUlam Whi 

Whrte Reynold!, Enginen and 
o( CoostriKiion, with J. H, Sol- 
Co.. Brighton St, Boston, Maai, ; 

Jon Jenckea Howe, Ant Inatrnctor, 
irvard Univeraity; Res. 396 Harvard 
. Cambridge. Miis. 
•Id WtUiam Lyall. Bacteriologitt 
^w York City Antitoxin Laboratory, 
isville. N. Y.i Res. Otitville. M- y' 
CT Snail Paine, Uanuficturer, with 
ickes Spinning Mills, Pawtacket, 
1. : Res. 41 Methyl St., Pmidence, 



bartet PniBcu Potter, Clcrsynun, Pat- 
ter UniUrLin ChnrcS, lofljS Eigbtiith 
Atc, Edmoaton, Albcftn, Can. 

Edward Lord Kei^tt. Mi 

liiltDn BickuU Hunt (Init. by Colby). 
Socul Service, SecreUrT, Board of 
Kecr(al[on, City Hall. Waltham, Maas. ; 
Res. 6 Garlaad St., BostoD, Mass. 

Arthur JoKph Kirltjr, Enameer, Rox- 
bury Coal Co., aoS Florence St. Ro>- 
liadale, Hua. ; Res. a Aahiield St., 
Roilindak. Maas. 

Lawrence LjiU Lainbet, Lawyer, 314 
Title Insurance Bide., Loi Anselea, 
CaL; Res. Upland, C.f. " 

Marion KUia HltchelL Res. care of Rev. 

Uiichell, Wicklor'd 
* " ■ Ih, F 



Rea. J Li 

John Banjunin Westeott. 
wit!. J. S. Bache & Co. 

Ctrl Winalow Atwood, Business, with 
Wuhington Uills Emery Ufs. Co.. Boi 
60, Nortfa Graflon, Uass.; Res. North 
Gririon, Mass. 

Albert AraoM Bennett Inaiructor. Prince- 
ton Univ. ; Res. js Park PI., Princeton, 

EloMr Stuart Horton, Advntiaer, with 

Providence Journal, Providence, R. I.; 

Res. ; Woodbury Ave., Providence. 

R. I. 
Warm aiSord Johnaon, Teacher, High 

School, Winchester, Uisa. 
Ahunder WrcllSe Mnlr, Civil Ensioeer. 

with County Engineer, care of P. W, 

Salmon, Ketcons, N. J,; Res. ij6 Main 

St, Newton, NT T. 
StrahcB Donald I^l*. Student, Union 

^ - ■ - Seminary, New York, 
4«9 Washington Ave., 


, Ballicid, UasB.; Res. 220 Sum- 
ner St, Ualden. Hast. 
AJu JewMt ToDBC. Btuiness, Hem. Wood- 
ier ^oap Mfg. Co., a4-49 Norfolk Ave., 
BoMon, Uaaa. ; Res. 10 Oakwood Ter- 
race, Newton Centr«, Ifaas. 

J^B Bdward Dudler, Jr., Scientific At. 
■iatant. Bureau of Eniomoloty, U. S, 
Depaitment of Agriculture, Vienna, Va. 

AllOB OrMDa, Traveling Salesman, with 

N. Y. 

, with 

BmenoB Lawrcoc* Chandler. Astt Engine 
eer, Providence Water Supply Board, S. 
Sciiuate, R. I, ; Res. N. Sciluate, R. I. 

NnnOB Gladding Chase, Investmen' " 

.- Eiiinguiahcr Co., Sjo 

mile Bldg., Rochester, N. y!; 
lao Frank St, Rochester. N. Y. 

Cuahman Murphy, Zoologiat, 
im of the Brooklyn Inatitute of 
and Sciences, Brooklyo. N. Y-i 
IM E««f~ "-' »— ^1— 


I William Suton, Auioi 
lica UilchelE Motor Cc 



__, _ 19 Plant 

St, Uiica, N. Y. 
Claiii Edwin GilcOa, Congregational Uinit- 

Ravmdnd Samuel Tavlor, Agent, with 

Prudential Life Ina. Co., Natl. Really 
Bldg., Tacoma. Waah. ; Rea. 6iti S. 

Ellii Laurie Yatman. Lawyer, \ 
Huddy ft Emerson, to Weat 
St, Providence, R. I. ; Rea. ijj 

lu Uoyd Bon'thworth, I^rinting. Fire 
E*roteclive Apparatus and Suppliea. 
U--JI fl ^r^-i^ fcr ji *v:_. ' 

ronto, Ont 1 Res. lao Donglu Dr., 

Toronto, Ont 

Warren Rnndolpb Burgess, Pastor's As- 

aisuni, Htnmanuel Congretalional 

Church, Montreal, Can.; ^cs. tij 

Drummond St., Montreal, Can. 

Douglai Duval Cdroing, Mgr. Wvnan'i 

Lunch, ij Central Ave., Lynn, Mass.; 

Res. 5B Hamilton Ave., Lynn, Mass. 

Robert Cloutman Denter, Social Worker, 

General Secretary Charily Organization 

„__._. . ^. Montreal, P. Q. ; 

, JUolre r - "- 

, Can. 
d, Uwyt 
er, Ums 

Kari' Hi^hrey, Broker, with Richard- 
son A Clsrk, Providence, R. Ij Res. 
18a Waylind Ave., Providence, R, I. 

Ralph Gibney Hurlln, Inatructor, Clark 
Univaraily, Worceater, Maia. 

Charles James Keppel, Teacher, Voca- 
tional High Schoor. New London. Ct : 
Rea. 13 Gorton St, Ne« London, Ct. 

Arthur Franklin Newell. Student; An- 
dover Theological Seminarv and Hai- 
vard Grad. ^bool, Cambridge. Maia. ; 
Res. 15 Hammond St. Cambridge. 

Preaton Franklin Arnold, Teacher. Ur- 
bane University Schoola, Urbane. O. 
•Charles Ellon Burgeaa, Student; d. Feb. 

Mass.; Res. 871 Hope St, Providence, 







, Mul.; 





n St, 











sL I 

6 Veraoo" 








(. with 





New York. 




77 Gr 





Pcihim Norti_ 

dent; Ku. R. D. t, Wiymui 
Aduiu Thnrber Kica, Sase 

Bonitecle Stock Co.; Ru. lo 

St., Neman Center, Mul 
Junet Cmvuieu Rickner, Res. 

Pbllip Call Schtter, 

Slillw." ■■ 

Res. sj 

HUI, N. ■ 

11 Auiiin, (lait br I 
with Clawion & WiUoa 
. Y.; Res. 51 Rodney 

1 Eddr, Rei. ji 'fabn Are., 

rrOTiaente, R. 1. 
Gordon Banhim EwinE, Student; Kei. 314 

Wird St.. Newton Cenlcr, Mui. 
Arthur Warren Falrehild. Ret. Newton. 

L. C Smith Bldg.. 

North Union St., Burliopon, Vi. 
Harold Raymond Hall, Student; Set. 

Hackettilown. N. 1. 
William Henry Huriin, 157 Williams St., 

Providence, R. I.; Rei. Antrim, N. H. 
Paul Cnnue Lyall. Advertbini, with 

Diris & Geek, Jnc, ai7 Du&eld St.. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Res. 177 Greene Ave.. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Harold Hidiun Meiscr. Res. Blodntt 

Unding, N. H. 
Edward Tilpey Willsoo. Jr., Student ; 


■ Nettleton Johnsi 
School. Si, Bart 
- York. N. Y.; 
ew York. N. 
Lee Jones. ! 
I. Barber, Wai 
Baker Hoyei 


Alfred Williams Anthony, Jr., General 
Electric Co., 24 Baker St., tynn, Migi. ; 
Res. Thompson Club, Lynn. Mass. 

Theodore Chandler. Clerk Natl. City Bank. 

n Rubber 

li St.. Meli 
Joy Cro 

Estate'; '^eli 

$9 W. 95th 

otm Wrighl Burnham, Student; Rea. 

ipedsle, Mass. 

on Herbert Day, Student; Rea. ij 

ruce St., VValtbam, Mass. 

s Gordon Fernald, Student; Res. 107 

mine Ave., Upper Montclair. N. J. 

er Kenneth Spraeue, Student; Res, 

.rtbessi, Pa. 

Storer. Jr.. Student; Res. 14 John 
, Providence. R L 

Nichols Swaffield, Teacher, High 
hool; Res. Box 731. Danielion Sl, 

Chaplin. Student; . 
•Jew York, N. Y. 
L Dilts, Student; 

56 Williams Sl, Bradii 
MTison Miller, Student; 
St., New York, N, Y. 



} Charlei Field St., pTo*ldeflce. B. ] 

bat Wrlie Gramhaltb, Student; Ru 

S Mulberry St, " ~ ' 

igr Ru ■ '• 

Tboou* FraacU BUck, Jr., Student; Re*. Dougtu AJbctt Holrok*, srudent; ko. 

i07 Broidwir- Proridtnce, R, I. ■" ■ " * *■ I. 

Xeiuuth NuOB Burehuu, Student ; Rci. i O. Bos 

N'orthrop St, Hopedila, Uau. 
Bocer Imtnghut CUpp, Stadent; Re*. Kei. iia 

So Oiiote ATe.. Proridence, R. I. 
WiUUm Dana Crllcherion. Jr., Student; Rm. u 

Rei. ao High St., Weaterlr, R. I. t*. 

Archibald Hooit Dodta, Studeut; Rea. 6 its B«a. 

Cochrane St., Uethuen, Uaaa. 
Arthur Wamn Duryaa, Student; Rea. jt iMdaat; 

Aldrich St, KofLllndile, Maas, Uaai. 

Jamca Sanlle Eaitham, Student; Re*. 41 :; Re*. 

Broad>ar. Methmn, Um). , _. , 

Perrr Kdaon Faunca, SludEBt; Rea. 180 Fred Bartlett Parkina, Student', Rea. it 

Hope St., ProTidence, B. I. S. An(ell St., Pr^idence, R. I. 

Rutdi Clinton Puller, Jr., Student; Re*. 


Uninraity of CalifoniU, Berkeley, CmL 

Founded M»rch 13, 1896; 25 CUiics; 300 Uemben. 


i|B< Bank Bld|., Sui Ftc 

^' M7S Prince St.. Bcrlwier, i.u. 

WuTca Xttallc Uard. Ltwrer, Men. Albm CIrd* OIb«t, SutwriBMndeat of 

Uoyd, Cheney 4 GeLbel, 906 Central Qtr SchooU.SanU Bulnn. (^1 K«. : 

Suifdins, l/x Annlei, Call Rei. 1157 4» E Vaterio St., Sanu BartMia, CaL 

S. Houer St., I^ Angtlu, CaL 

' Ralph ChandlB DaBial*. Principal, High 

------ - - School, ■«! Gaffey St.. San Pedro, Car ; 

Re*. ; B. D. g. Box «3S, Loi Anfelei. 

I4J1 Cc<IaT St^ Berlieley. CaL 

Charle* Hiiam Harwood, Secretair Print- 
era- Board of Trade, 344 Monadoodt 
Blda., San Franciaco, CaL; Ret 4J3S 
California St., San Francisco, CaL 

John Gilson KowaU, Importei and Pab- 
lisher, laj Grant Ave., San Franciaco, 
CaL; Kel.: aojj Bcrrjman St., Berke- 
ley, Cal. 

Arthur Walbridse North, Farmiiu and 
Uterary Work. 108 North St., Walton, 

Habart Coke Wyckoff, Uwytr. Mem. 
WyekoB & Gardner, WataonTilie. CaL; 
Rea.; 40* E. ]d St., WatHjnTille, CaL 



I, Teacher, d. May 
i Bank B]dB7.~ 

ley, CaL ; Rea! is«> DnranI Ave., Berke- 
ley, CaL 

Edward Currier Oaie, Rancber, Uem. Ca(C 
Brolhers, Chico, CaL; Res. 1329 Mar- 
ket Su Oakland, CaL 

Frank Tade, Lawyer, J03 Fi 
Mechanics' Bk. BldE., Sacrai 
Res. 1011 Eye St., SacrameKw. <.^. 

Alfred CUrencc Wrekoff. Real E>Ute and 
iDiurBDce Aaenl, iiai Shattuck Are., 
Berkeley, CaT.; Rea. Eocalyptui Path, 
Clareraont Pk., Betkeley, CaL 

Tbeodot* Loekwood Bantet, Sand and 
Granl Buaineai, Central Morlgage Bl<' 
San DicBO, Cal.; Res.: ]43; Fourth St., 
San Diuo, Cal. 

•Herbert Tame* Bias, Teacher, d. Jan. 19, 

Qaorse Clark. Attorney, uS Market St., 
Sui Francisco. CaL; Rea Hotel Vic- 
toria. San Francisco. Cal. 

R« Moattomery Fryer, Rancher. Spadra. 

Jamet Morris Jones, Fanner, Harrington, 

AveiT Morgaa, Architect; Rei. ti4 Fonr- 

teenth St., Oakland, Cal. 
Ja»M HoxMy Oliver, Lawyer, Humboldt 

Tbomaa Sidney Slat 

ity of Calitornia- 
_Cambridr ■ 


;ambridae Apt 
ulea Edntimd 

ty, Man 

Berkeley, CaL; Res. 
Berkeley, Cal. 
cr, Proieiior, UcGi 
al, Can, 

Arlyn J , -„ — -. --- 

Co.. Publishert, ija Sonlh SpHng St.. 

Loi Angeles, CaL; Res.; a3a9 W. isth 

St, Los Angeles, CaL 
Ratph Brand Lloyd, General Bmineas, 

3J4 Union Oil Bldg.. Los Angelas, Cal. ; 

Res. : 1011 S. AWarado St., Lo* Angeles, 



WlUiam Hardy Alexander, (Init by Tor. 
onto), Proiessor, University of Alberta, 
Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. ; Res. : 74)} 
Saskatchewan Drive, Stralhcon*. Al- 
berta, Canada. 

Fred Window Blanchar^, Banking, Cdi- 
tornia National Bk.. Sacramento, Cal.; 
Res. : Sis H St.. Sacramento, CaL 

Harold Comeliui Bradlo'. Auociate Pro- 
(,.«.r Tlniveraity of Wisconsin. Madi- 
Rea. : 106 Prospect Ave., 

I, '-A-is. 

Collina, Capitaliat, San 

and Benjamin I'ranklin Driver, Lawyer, JiM C 
Ul ; Stj^acramento, CaL ; R**. : Tollar Near 

J. J St:, Sicramenlo. CaL 

Willow St., Stociiton, taL 
Ray Howell. Oriental RepreseuMtive, 

with Yule & Towne Mfg. Co., ol New 

York, care of Mostard & Co., Rong 

Kong, China. 
Parkar Lowry Jaekaon, Note Teller. WcUi- 

Fargo Nevada NatL Bk., San Francisco. 

CaL; Rea: si' Vernon St., Oakland 

Edward Qerhard Enster. Lawyer, jaa Van 
Kuy) Bldg., Loa Angdea, Cat.; Res. 
San Gsbncl. Cal. 

Edwin Leita Oliver, Igngineer, J03 Mar- 
ket St., San Francisco, CaL; Rea: aja 
Vernon Ave^ Oakland. CaL. 

Roland Letta Oliver, Exploaive* and Com- 
mercial Minerala. witk California Cap 
Co., 88 Bacon Building, Oakland, OU.; 
Be*. 1 SSI Vernon St.. Oakland, Cal 

*Prank Aides Porter, d. about 190] or 



Williun Adan 

WcUon PI., LoVXniieli 
Rar WtaitmaB SimoDi' ' 
MachiDcry Co., ii: 
ery St., Sui Franci 
Spruce St., Berkelc 

CaL; Rm.: i8js 

Salph WilliuB Bia*, Real Eitati 
aurance, with K. S. Browne I 
Pott St., San Fianciico. Cal. ; 
jjd Aie., Smd Franciaco, CaL 

•Fradarick Bdmond CvoMy, Ra 


, Re..; V«rn 

Rcl: iSii U Si., Saci 
Challn Roaera Parker, 
Anglo & London Pa.» 
Saniame St. San Fiancisc 


*Joha Abamethy Brnrer. Lawyer, d. Dec. 

Sdwin Mill Brooke Real Eatate, with 
Wright Calendar Co., 403 South Hill 
St, Xoi Angclei, CaL : Re>. : 411 North 
Atc, 66, Loi Angelei, Cal. 

Bdwin Hoorc OarriaoB, Banking, Bank 
of Willows, Willows, Cal.; Rea.: Wil- 
lowB, CaL 

Ralph I.ewU Langmrthy, Real EsUle and 
loanrancc. 111} University Ave. Berkc 
Icy, CaL ; Rei. : tiu College Ave.. 
Berkeley, CaL 

Tboraton Anthony HUla, (IniL by Tufts), 



•John Aloy 


[ Chrill 

1 Unioi 

s Horlartr. 

HODvi Siblsy, Froleuor, University at 
California, Berkeley, CaL; Res.: 1619 
Lc Conte Ave., Berkeley, CaL 

Charles Frank Stern, Cbaimati State 
Highway Commisaion, Sacramento. CaL : 
Rea. ; Spmce St. and Ridge Rd., Berke- 
ley, CaL 

Thomas Albion Stoddard, (Init. by North- 
westctnj. Orthopedic SaraeOD, tfi 
Geary St, Sao Francisco, CaL; Kcs. 41 
Woodland Ave., Sao Francieco, CaL 

4Jd StB., l^a Angeles, , 

WUllam Buckhout Orecley. (init. by Sun- 
ford), Foteitry, Aiautani Forester, U. S. 
Foreal Service, Washington, D. C ; Rei. : 
Chevy OisK, Ud. 

Nathan llontgomery Iforan. lawyer, 14 

Labis Hanton Pratt, Real Estate, with 
Prall £licalyptus Inveitment Co., Laugh- 
lin BIda., Loi Angelea. CaL; Res.: 164 

*Harald Hcathcota Harvey, d. ab 

John Murray KandaU. Scotland 

Victoria ^bankmenl. tondon 

Eng.; Rea.: Savov Club, Lond 

Oeotge Benjamin Lor em, Banl 

Oti* Dyer Baldwin, Fire Iniursnce Agent, 
with Niagara Fire Insurance Co.. 1404 
Baker- Del* iler Bldg.. Los Angeles, CaL ; 
Rea.; lao E. Ave^ jS, Loa Angeles, Cal, 

Herbert Cflifford Cheek, Telephone and 
Telegrsph Builnesa, with Pacific TeL ft 
Tel. Co., Shreve Bids., San Francisco, 
CaL; Res.: 351s Hillegass Ave., Berke- 
ley, CaL 

Arthur Montania Coolev, Real Estate and 
Imurance, Berkeley NatL Bank Bldg.. 
Berkeley, Cal.; Re>. 1714 Sonoma Ave., 
Berkeley, Cal, 

Wallace Henderaon Foster, District Man- 
ager, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.. 8a6 4th 
St, San Rafael, CaL: B«. Belle Ave., 
near Irving St-, San Rafael, Cal. 

HeUen Chamberlain KaK>B Hatch. Su- 
perinlendenl. Fuel Service, with Del., 
Lack. & Weit Ry., Scranton, Pa.; Rea.: 

ijS Quincv Ave., Sera "- 

:ar]eloa Hubbell barker, 


ve.any of Cslilornia. Berkeley, Cal.; 

Rei. : jg Mosawood Road, Berkeley, Cal. 


Ik.. 1 

Minufaclming, with Titus & Co., 414 


Railway Exchange Bids., Portland. Ore- ; 

Rea. : 6?3 E. 47U1 St., N. Portland. Ore. 

Arthur James Todd. Frofeaaor and De- 


Ralpi Wwo'^l^fariweU. Civil Engineer, 




with C. C. M. Oil Co., Fellows. CaL; 

Rei. : Fellows, CaL 




Raymond Hawthorne Bailey. Real Eaiale, 
IID7 Addisin St-, Berkeley, CaL; Rea.: 
ms Dana St, Berkeley. Cal. 

Lyune John Bevan. (Init by Chicagn). 
Hydraulic Engineer, with Vide BUck- 
well A Buck. 49 wall St. Hew York, 
N. Y.; Res. 15 Warren PL, Uontdair, 
N. J. 

William Clark Crittenden, Lawyer *' — 

St, San 
^ U Con^ 

& Si 

iiell Halle 

I Califom 

I 'iVus Shaw, Lawve 

1. ft TeL Co.. 1 

— . „ty Editor, 

Republican, Fresno, CaL ; 

'M9 College Ave., Berkeley^ Cal" 
en&nin IUndall_ Walker, j:i- 



ird. Archit.... 

ic, 9 Botbia Build- 
CtL; Riu: Uilpas 

Trading & Oil Co., Section X5. Coalinta. 

Leiici HudwB Hibbatd, Architect. U>r*h- 

Sirong BDildiDK, otta and Main Su., 

U» Aogclei, CaLi Rei.: »o6 WulJake 

Arc, l.ot Aqnlet, CaL 
fioyal Aubrer Lindt Merchant* San Lull 

Ubiipo, CaL 
fiobert MontcomeiT Sheridan, Aaaiitant 

Diitrict Ally., Mem. BowkerA Sheiidin. 

Veoturia, CaL; Ret.: Aah & Foli 

Ven ' ■ 


*Carrick Hallorr Borden, d. May 14, 
Joaeph Alexander Harller. Labo 
Suppliei, Secretary, The P 

■ .3*3 J 

New Hiah 

IS iC I 

1^1 Angelea, CaL; Kea. 

part Blvd., U ' 
Carl HofCmaB, T> 

Franciaco Bulleo 

H«.: II Hatdwi 
Harrv Sherman Itoore, Aiaiacant 

ager, with S. G. Hoore. lai S. Hi 

Loi Aneelea, CaL 
Kdmund Sirketcrii Rofan. Fruit Ci 

wilb Califemia Fruit Canneri Aa 

lion, 113 Market St., San Fran 

Cal.; Reg.: 3914 Aaahy A*e., Ber 

Roy Eton Warner, CoUeclioD Teller. 

Wells Fargo Nevada Natl. Bk.. 

Francisco, Cal.; Rei. : «ii Kic 

Ave., Piedmont. Cal. 
Henry Ouiuv Wattera, Phyiician 

Surgeon, 406 Main St., Wataoi 

Cal.: Rei. : ai W. Lake Ave., Wi 

Tille, CaL 
Norton Edward Wilcox. Placer M 

Harry Lane 

eral Inspe. 

t Englebright, Em 


William Egbert Golcher, Mechan 

Bineer, Mos Miision St.. San F 

Cal.; Bes. : 1186 Fulton St., Si 

Williun Reddick H«ider»n. T>L 
The Picf ~ 

<I lDt< 

1. & Tel Co,, Fteaoo, 

—J. 239 Mathes St., Oafclaod, CaL 

Richard IxHmia Nordi, Law 

Cal'.; R< 


ander Van Voorhiei 

I PbimMy. Hai 

^. ....„>.., Vice-President. 

A. Van Voorbies & Co.. Sacramen 

Cal. ; Rea. : 1600 L St. Sacramento. C 

Adolph Teichert Jr., Contracting Eng 

eer, Mem, A, Teiehert & Son, jaT Ocl 

r BIdg., Sacramento, CaL; S 

Preierick Xdam'i Whfti 

, Cal. 

.... CaL 
Bugenc Stern, laturai 

Archer Bowden, Attorney, with Dialrict 

Attorney, Court House. San Jose, CaL; 

Bet.: «7S Morse St.. San Jose. CaL 
Garth belt Campbell, Attorney, 19S7 

Mariposa St., Fresno, CaL: Res.: losv 

N St., Fresno, CaL 
William Ralston Dixon, Lumber, with 

The Vancey Lumber Co., Newman, 

Donald Criswold Dorr, Vice-President, 

Los Angeles Aulo and Taxi Co., Loa 

Angeles, CaL; Rei.: ijii Manbatlan 

PL, Los Angeles, CaL 
Jamei Aleaander Kallett, Ranching, West 

Burneii Hamilton, Ciri] Engineer, witb 
Daniels & Wilhelm, loSs Monadnock 
?ldg., San Franciaco, Cal,; Res.: M] 
Central Ave., San F'ranciaco, CaL 

William Hari Hammond. Credit & Oains 
Agent with Mt. Whitney Power & El(- 


St, Vist 

Cal,; Rea. 
, CaL 


"E^'ti * 


ChlckerLng & Gregory, 

change BIdg., San Francisco, CaL; Res. 

474 Lake Park Ave., Oakland. CaL 

John Jamas UcLeiUo. care of N. W. Hal- 
sey & Co.. 4»1 California St., San Fran- 
cisco. CaL: Res. iioi Aihmont Atc. 
Oakland, Cal. 

Harry Fredericl " -' 


Pacific Metal Work 
Res.: - - 

Alfred Chandler North, Mining Engineer. 
with Alaska Codlish Co.. Shasta, CaL; 
Res. : 2130 Dwight Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

Lc Roy Brigga Sherry, Physician, Uke 
Side Hospital, Cleyeland. O. 

George Eaton Sperbeck, Ciril Engineer, 
with North Weiteru Pacific R. £ Co., 
San Francisco, Cal: Rea.: 1137 Green 
St, San Francisco, CaL 

Alfred J*m» Snow. Merchant. Mem. Snow 
& Cal grain, S17 Second St, San Fran- 
cisco. CaL; Kes.: 4JI I71h Ave., San 
Francisco. Cal 

William Kirby Tucker, Rancher, Mecca, 

on Babcock, (Init by Stan. 

:r & Cq., 704 Merchant! Ex- 
Ig., San Francisco, CaL: 

Jar Dwlggina. Jr., 

versity of Califon 
Res.: 37 IS Le 





Aft, F , 

Herbert BuciU Johnioa. Ji 

=." Sol.ffl»MKrE ifu. 
d Bk. Bldr.. OiUi 

■ Hubbird. Binkcr, Vice- 
ol Citiieni SmniiKi Baok, 
Cal.; Rm. 414 N. Madisoc 

1 Ben-en 

:^ District Uu- 
rely Co., Pint 
'--■■ CaLiK*!.; 

-ey, C«l. 

,...,.. Muth HcCor, Civil Engiiiecr, 
with Heily-Tibtiitts Conslructian Co., 
Market and M.ine St... S»n Franeiico, 
Cal.; Res. 1155 Coluii Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, CaL 
WiUiun Lawnnce Warran, FhotOKTaphic 
Supplies, with Honolulu Pholo aupuiy 
- " " Boi 769, Honolulu, T " 
iton Hotel, " 

Res. Plea 

aolulu, T. H. 

William Harold Conlin, Lavyei, iiil-ao 
Merchants Nail. Bk. Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; Res. 1404 McAlliacer St, 
San Francisco, Cal. ^ 

Samuel dc U Cueata, Rancher, Sanu 
Ynei, Cal. 

Latuel Reval HiUer. 1S22 Santa Cnu St, 
Los Aagtles, CaL 

Jamea Letter Pierce, Lumber Mannfactur- 
ina. with Pacific Uanufacturini Co., 
Sania CUra, Cal.; Res. Gould St., 
Bojt SS4. Santa CUra, Cal. 

Robert Rutland Scarboroush, Rancher, 
Banning, Cal.; Perm. Add. 632 S. 

_ Alexandria A-e., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Ward Spencer Smith. Contractor and En. 
gineer, General Delivery, Viclorrille 
Cal.; Res. 4631 Kingsvell Ave., Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

RlHsdl Heniy Stafford, Clergvman, (Init 
bv Minnesota), Uorningaide and Open 
door Consregslional Chunshes. Uince. 
apolis, Minn. ; Res. 2412 West Lake ot 

'ount Real Es 

It Company. 



Oeorge Howard 
with The Bostor 
Ret. 906 West 

fan Nilon, Law 

,l»n. MM. , Ne? 

, Nerada 

evao» ^"y, ^-"i' 
in. Dry Goods, 
San Dieco, Cal. : 
Sl, San Diego, 

Henry Ar 

with Hi 

SUrn, ^holi . 

iboldi Commercial Co., Eureka, 
tai.; Kes. 1891 H St., Eureka, CaL 

Robert Wadaworth Wilton, Property 
Broker, with W. Rois Campbell Co., 
6lr S. Spring St, Lot Angeles, Cal.; 
Res. 2A46 Echo Pk. Atc, Loa Angclei, 

Stephen NlchoUa Wyckoff. Agi 

leley, CaL 

in, .(IniLjjs^ Harya 

Lta. CaL 

ilu, (Init. by Penn. Slate), 

04 W. 

Co., Bunira 

Otia Frank Bi . 

Bancroft Apt 

York, N. Y. 
Roy Leela Colllna, 

Luther Burbink 

Rei. care of Mulfo 

dro. Cal. 
Paul Le Roy Edward*, Diplon 

tary U. S. Legation, Rio d. 

Braiil; Res. 919 Caton St., Redlan 

George Gent MtckfesteL Ri 

buckle, CaL 
W ilium WaCkin Morgan, Jr., G 

chandise, Brentwood, CaL 
Heniy Allen Hicholt, (IniL bj 

Publisher!' Agent, 

orliculturist, with 
Hayward, CaL; 

! ^Ofr 


es. Po 


Chicago, HL| 
Robert Clarence 

Res.' 2336 Vald'ei™!!' oSlantl^' ( 

Stanley Noble Partridge, Insurance, with 
w «___=. T__ ^. __^ Spreckels 

1 Wabash Ave., 

.sriculturist, Uni. 

Mutual Benefit 

1 St.,_ Berkeley, CaL 

, Cat; Ret. 2413 

Melvin Letlie Campbell, Rancher, Arteiia, 
Cal. ; Res. West Orange Ave., Artesia, 

Victor Ford Collina, Lawyer, iij6 Mer- 
chani! Nat. Bank Bids., Los Aoeelei, 
CaL; Res. 15D5 Oak St., S. Pasadena, 

WUIiani Holland Englebright, Mining En- 
gineer, Nevada City, Cal. 

Leslie Alexander Crier. General 
tractor, with The E. A. Lord 
struciion Co., 4"4 Safely Bldg., 
Island, II). ■- Rm. Mnnmonth. Ill 



- Bldg., 

Elmer GranvUle 

Ellis St.. San Fr 
Chester Broomhal 

with Detroit Sie 

Mich.; Res. 2 

Resinaldo de U Cueita, Rancher, 

Ynei, CaL 
Charles Edgar Driver, Private Sei 

with W. F. Holt, 52? N. Hobi 

Holt, 52? 

Angeies, CaL; 

Joseph Fenalem 

ard University, C 

1140 T Street, Fr 

Waiiam Hederma . ._ 

" ipany of Hawaii, P. O. Box 

ilulu, T, H. ; Ret. 601 Jodd 

St., Honolulu, T. H. _ 

en De Witt Knapp, Studeni, 3601 Chan- 

."'."te ■ 

rline W 
Audil ( 

, , Chicago, in. ; Perm. 

Add. 1209 Marsh -Strong Bldg.. Lot. 
Angelei, CaL 

Charlei White Peters, 

. CaL 

-r. Stu ■ 
I, Poull 

', CaL 


Saperior Egg 

Hirold Uitclwll Picice, 
lacluiini, with Pacifii 


X. D. 1, 

Fradtrick Bu HcComuc, Stud 

lUD TdIo Ave, Berkeley. CaL 

Pruk HuDouM Ofdcs, Stud 

;, OrKinist and Stu- 


ling Way, Berkeley, Cal. 

Leslie HoUii Brlihun, Student, 
-— "--i Verdnio. CL 

XT, Com 


.., - Unjf h 

_., Ctntnl Bldi... _. 

Anielrg, Cil. ; Res. 1630 NiDth An., 

Dwifht Xwirda.* CofFe* snd Tea Im 

Siter, with DwiRht Edward) Co., 34 
Front St, PonUnd, Ore.; Ra. I1S3 

Thorman Si.. Portland, Ore. 
Horace Pendleton Scarborouih, lait 

WuhinmoD Bld|., L<» Ansetea, Cal; 

Ret 3679 Henia Ave., Lot * '-- '^-' 

Ricbard Jamca Smilh, tUIIr 

Contractor, 097 Mt ' 

Franiiwo. Cal.: I 

San Franciico. CaL 

icelei, CaL 

..._jk Bldjr-. San 
IJJ4 Fell Si., 


I jDMf Car 

, E.. Saer. 

Ralph CowgUl, RedUndi 

laadi, Cll.j Rei 302. vr. ra 

Rcdiands, Cal. 
Frederic Puller Janney, Student; : 

S. Valerio St.. SaaU Barbara, 
Lawrence Kmuer, Student: Re 

ChanninR Way, Berkeley, CiL 

Sltidcnt; Rea. 
Student; Rei. 

DouElaato... _ . _ . 
Karl llowaid SehiUlDX, 
JJ16 Le Conte_Ave., Be 

llowaid SehiUl. 
. Le Conte Ave., _ 
t Maynatd Smith, ; 

Student; Res. 

, CaL; Res. 1 711 Broderick 

WiUlain Glenn Water'bouae. Student ; Res. 

S8s N. Marengo Ave., Paaadena, CiL 
mwood Welbsau Wright, Student; Rea. 

i6H Wavrini Si . Berkeley. Cal. 

RuaacU White Bell, Student; Rei. 126 
Edcewood Ave., Su Franciico. CaL 

Ocorg* Marco Hicka, Student; Res. 2723 
Forest Ave, Berkeley, CaL 

BunM Poolar Hratt, Student: Res. MS 
W artit SL, Lob Angelv, Cal. 

Ronald Squire Robinton, Student; Res. 
1SO4 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 

Francti Hill Sanborn, Automobile Acces- 
sory, with F. C Howland, M^a HoIIr 
wood Blvd, Los Anselci, CaL; Re<. 
I7ji Viae St; Ld» Annies, CaL 

Carrell Hutchinson Smidi. Student: Ret. 
"■ - ■ n, Cai. 

jrks. Student: Ret. HZ Souih 

El Caion, 
Kerce Won 

. Kincslty 

John Oeorae Atcheaon, S 



Res. itS 

eckfeisel7~ Student; Kes. 

-old Pratt Student: Res. nth 
" " il tity, Cal 

t St, Woodland, 

Russell Gc 

Berlin, f 
Bugeaa Hi 

snd Prov— — .. - 

John Sbirley Ward, Student; Res. i 

W. iiM St. Lo> Annie*. CaL 
Robertson C. B. Ward, Stndaatj ki 

itjo W. aiBI St., Loi Antclc*, CaL 


Univerritjr of CUcagO' Cliicaco> Ill- 

Established Jan. 5, 1901; 19 Classes; 165 Ucmbers. 

Artfau Burat h—Ku, PrMideni, Cban- 
lauqni loMitution, 450 Pcople'i Gw 
BMc., CbiuBo, IlL; Ko. 5717 Simtwrk 
Atc, ChkicD, IlL 

J^n Hilit, EngiDCtr, wilb Amtncu Telc' 
pbone ft Tclegnph Co.. is Diy St., 
New Yoilc. N. Y.; Kcs. 89 Uiorcl St., 
WyoniDf, N. J, 

John tUmoun Duter. Reit Eaiite Loans, 
16 W. Uain Sl. Ardmorc. Okla. 

WiUtUD Hcary Bifttlh, Patent Altorncr, 
MIS Stephen GirardBldr. Philidelphia, 
Pa.; Re*. 431 W. Price St, PhiUdel- 
phia, Pa. - 

Francla Harry Qllchriit, Varnish Ulr., 
fasten) Represenutive, Stewart-Mowry 
C^, so Church St., New York, N. Y.; 
Res, Tttinfidd, N, J. 

Bbwit BrJaham Jackion, Architeclural 
CooUdge & Hodnaa, 11 ■ 
it., Chicaso, 111.: Se>. 

e., Chicago, ilL 

Etaldwis Jewalt, Aia't Chief En- 
■meer, with Wenern Electric Co., 463 
Weat St, New York, N. Y. ; R*>. 
Wroraiat, N. J. 

Ravmoad ^colt McCurdr, Sec'r. Grand 
Rapid! Underwear Co., St S. Divilion 
Ave., Grand Bapidn, Mich. : Rei. 746 
Wealtli Sl, Grand Rapids, Hich. 

Bertram Crlfeth NelM», Initruclot, Uni- 
Tcnity of Chicago, Chicago, III.: Ret. 
5714 Dorchater Ave., Chicago, It). 

CharlM HaSTT Van Tuyle, Teacher, Lake 
r.raeva, Wii.j Res. 613S Greenwood 
Ave., Chicagc, 111. 

— - — .. Atwood, Farmer, Ne- 

CaritoB"'Tiadcl Beck, Manager, with Fed- 
eral Sign Srstem (Klecinc), tog Jeffcr- 
»D A»e., Dettoit. Mich.; Rei. 163 
Englcwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Lfiue JohB Bevin, Hydraulic Engineer, 
with Vielt, Blickwell & Buck, 4« Wall 
St., Ne* York, N. Y. ; Res. 15 Warren 
PL, MoBtelair, N. J. 

Rsbtrt Hilasr CamplielL Insurance (Suie 
Agl.), CohUDbus. O.; Rca. 47 N. iiit 
St, Cohimbui, O. 

James Wrj^t Lawrie, Chemist, with Jas. 
W. Job&ne, Inc., 31, Walnut St., 
Aurora, IlL 

Frank llacDanald I-ow*. (Init br Uichi- 
Jtan), LawTcr, 61 1 Chamber of Coni- 
meree Bldg,, Chicago, IIL : »«»■ 
S. Sheridan RiJ "'^'- • ^ • ' 

lAmen Howard I 
Treainrer Seattle Mercnant 
tnn Bldf., Seattle, Wash. 

•Robert SdaaoD Slubird. Instructor, d. 

March 1, 19 it. 
CharlcB Julian W*bb„ Uwyer, Kettla 

Prank RaiBsay Adams, Writer. Whitdiall. 

Walter Bcnjamla Fulsbtm, As>t Sale* 

Hgr., with Victor Taking Machine Co., 

Camdca. N. J. 
Thomaa Andrew Hamilton. Hgr. Branch 

House, Swift & Co., Rock Island, IIL 
Frederick McKsndrla Lows, PhTaician. 

«is Armie Bldg., Kanuu City, Ma 
Harold Havdin Holaon, Syrian Proleatant 

College, Beirut, Syria. 
Wilbur B. Poat, Phyiician, lai S. Uitki- 

gan Blvd., Chicago, IIL; Ru. 1119 E. 

Sid St., Chicago, IIL 
Merrilt Berry Pratt. Asat Professor. Univ. 

of California, Berkeley, CaL; Re*. 630S 

College Ave.. Oakland. CaL 

Oaorge Remington Beach. Jr. Real EsUlc 
Loan*, with H. O. Stone ft Co., 7« W. 
Monroe St, Chicago, IIL ; Rea. Lom- 
bard, 111. 

WUmcr Carlyle Harria, Hiatory Dept> 
Ohio Slate Univeriity. Colambus. O. 

Jeaae Robinson Kaullman. Physician, 141 
York St. Blue Island. IIL 

Herbert In MarkBun, General il$t., with 
Federal Sign System (Electric), Uo 
W, Lake St, Chicago, IIL; He*. S4aj 
Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, IIL 

John Hanry Weddcll Publicity Ugr.. Cage 

=-„ _. ^ ..._... -^.J Chicago. 

Chicago. ItL 

E. J. Bruce Co., Little Rock, Ark.; Rea. 

171 Uke St, River Forest, III. 
Carl Huntley Hitchcock, with Western 

Electric Co.. Hawthorne, IIL; Res. sm 

N. Catherine Ave., UGrangc, HI. 
Felix ,Tume^ Hughes, Vice-Pre*ideat 

Harvef Brace Lamon, Physici Dept. Uni- 
versity of Chicago, Chicago, llL: Rea 

Galcsburg, II 

Galeiburg, II 

Edwin Eugene 



B*aa Zartmin Vagx, Riacbmsn, Rami 

.,. ... Like i 

66} Contelia Ave, Chiuao, III. 
Arthur Bridnnan, Western Farm La 

660 Bush St., San FrancJKO. Cal. 
Richard Jmeph Davit, Advertishit Sc 

tor, Christian Science Monitor, Bo! 

Miu.: Res. J3I Honlingian Ave., 

JimM Howird Dannody, Mir. Ice 
chines, with M. Dennedv, iggj 
Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 

Clarence Addison Dyksira. Poll 
Science Dept., Kansas UniTcrsily, I 

John iffyer 1 

Edwin Rudd 

Bldg., Los Angclc 

; ffl ' 

(Init. by Roches 

noyd Erwin Ber 

Icr), Sector, si. Ann a cpiicuiiai 
Chiitch, Chicago, III.; Res. aoi8 N. 
Kimball Ave., Oiicaso, IIL 

Latbtr Dana Fenuld, Asit. General Man- 
ager, Leslies Judge Co., aij Fifth Ave, 
New York. N. Y. : Res. lij Beverly 
Rd., Upper Montclaii, N. J. 

George Bbier Fuller, with The Electric 
Service Co., jij S. Dearborn St., Chi- 
cago, IIL; Ites. 3615 Pine Grove Ave, 
Chicago, IIL 

Harvey Benjamin Puller. Jr„ Decorator's 
Supplies, with H. B. Fuller K Co., 
i86 W. 3d St., Su PaQl,,Min- "- 

Cii^ Piarreponi Jones 

, (Inil. by Rutgers), 

of Health, Sacr, 

Paul Kins Judion, Manuficturere' Aien 

Res. 107 Dorfel Dr., Seattle, Wash. 
aarence RusmU, Athletic Director. Ni 

•Walter W. Wynek^, (Init by North- 


St. Loui 

tr.n Ave.. 


ku Uiuii 

DepL Editor 

ral St-, Aobumdale, Mass. 

Hebberd, Mechanical En- 

Bldg., Milwaukee, 


o«B i!^. 

irineer, 1007 Majestic BIdg., Milwanke 
Wis.; Res. i]os E. sjd St., Chicagi 

can Hadiion Kennedy, District Traffic 
r.hiff. American Bell Telephone Co., 
Cal. ; Rci. Rampart Apts., 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

James Richard Tali 
with Gerlach Bark 
merce Bldg, Kani 
(4 E. Or ^ "- " 

•Ralph B< 


> Harvey Wellinc. 

Holbroofe BldK.75a 

Hotel Serip Co., 

•David Baltantyne Anderwn. Physician, d. 

John Ralph 'Beniie*. Motion Pictures, 536 

S. Hope St, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Ivan Haveltfck FerEuaon, (Init by 
Illinois), Aetna Ace. i Lia. Co., 
Chicago, III.1 Res. 4619 Grand Blvd., 
Chic.Ro, IIL 
Bradford Gill. Insurance, with Fred S. 
James & Co., ijs W. Jackson Blvd.. 
Chicago, III. ; Res. soo) Blackstone 
Avr.. (-).;.->«.. TI1 

OB, ' Bond Salesman, 
cm & Co., »07 S. 
>, IIL; Res. jgii N. 
Lgo, IIL 
inj, with ""■- 

rAVheellii„ _ 

reeman urneM Morgan, Sup'I Sausage 
Dept.. Swilt & Co., Union Stock Yards. 
Chrcago, IIL; Re>. 1447 £. Marquette 
Rd.. Chicino, IIL 

■wald Prithiof Nelson. Asi't to Bus. 
MgT., Wallace's Farmer, DesMoines. 
la.; Res. 144J Capital Ave.. DesMoines. 

Albert Dean 
with Kisse 
LaSalle St, 

LcRoy Albert ^linf,,wTib Whcdini 

t Post, Banker, 

Norman Lee Baldwin, (Init. by Amherst 

Insurance, with Conkling, Price 
Webb, US W. Jackson Blvd., Chieag 
TIL; Res. 341 Pleasant St. Oak Par 

Hllmar Robert Baukhage. Advertisin 
with LesIieJudBe Comnany, .a; Fil 
Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Drover Karl Baumgirlnir, Ranchma 

)Dhn Craig Bowman, Physician. 

Sandusky, O. 
Daniel Joseph Coyne. Jr., Comm 

Merrhanl, Mem. Coyne Bros,, U 

So. Water St, Chicago, III. 1 Rea. 

Columbia Are., Chicago. tlL 
Edward John Dykstra. (Init bv R 

Paul Hailict Davis. Mgr, Bond 

Frederick Valentine Degenh 

Ilvde Park Blvd., Chici 

-ardinal Lyie Kelly, Teachi 


Surgery, 1 
I. Minn.; B 



John Douslu ScoM, Life Ininnnce Mgr., 

Una. Scott » Son, Illinoii Liie tniur- 

mnce Co., ip S. l.aSille St, Chicago. 

IIL ; Res. tgig Maniolia An,, CbicmEO', 

Alfnd Edwird Suikei, with U. S. Fidelity 

ud Guaranty Co,. 134 S. LaSallt St. 

Chicago, 111. ; Kes. 6043 Iniluidc Ave,. 

Chicago, IIL 
Charlei EdwiD Watt*. Banker, with 

PloTCT SiTings BankrPlover, la. 
Cbarlea Oliver Wood, Fanner, Steptoe, 

Chicago, 111. 

Bamtt Harper Clark. Dr _ 

Lecturer, care (•( Samuel FrcDcb, 
W. jSth St., New York, N. Y.; I 
4t6 W, laid St., New York, N. \ 

Fred WUloa DickloMiii. Advmia 
Mgr., with Hupp Uotor Car ( 

Hugo BilUatync AndeiMo, Lawyer, Mem. 

Anderson ft Wooten, Keann Bldg., 

Salt Lake City, U. ; Rei. 1S68 lath Sl, 

E., Sail Ukc City, U. 
William Storn Baldwin, Inaurance Broker, 

vith Coakling. Price & Webb, I7S W. 

Jackson Blvd., Chicago, III.; Sea. jiij 

Kimbark Ave., Chicago, IIL 

ic & Hclvtlle RuaociL i.fiui, Acai caiaie, mj 1 
Washington St., Chicago, IIL; R«. 311 
So. Etmwood Ave. Oak Park, 111. 
Jamei Kenneth Cordon, Student, College 
of Phy.icians and Surgeoni^ .jj; *.■ 

fiicians and Surgeonj^ ijs 

Dramatic Critic, 46 

New York. N. Y. 
Edward Wation RuaielL Banker, with 

National Bank oi Commerce, 31 Naiiau 

St., New York, N. Y. 1 Res. Allendale, 

N. J. 
Ashton MelvUI* Tenney, with WetUngtou 

Scan & Co.. 66 Worth Si., New York, 

N. Y.; Res. 531 W. iBsth St., New 

York, N, y. 

Robert Virgil Tltui, Buyer, with Ma 
Field & Co., (Relail)^ Chicago, 
Rfs. 1418 E. sjd St, Chicago, III. 

Sumner Merrill Weill, Phygrciao, with 
Presbyterian Hospital, 1753 W. Con- 
gres. Sl, Chicago. IfL i Ke«. N. Coii 
Ave., North Park, Grand Sapidt, Mich. 

David Butler Adams, Writer, Whitehall, 

Williain Varner Boweri, Salesman, with 
Liquid Urbonic Co^ 3100 S. Redcie 
A»e., Chicago, IIL ; Re*, jjao Kimbark 
Are., Chicago, IIL 

Robert Eliot Clark. Maga lines, srat 
Blackslone Atc, Chicago, IIL 

Paul Jerome BUel (IniL by SUnford), 
Efficiency Eipert. with The Municipal 
League, 607 Equitable Blk., Los Ange- 
les, CaL; Res. 376 S. Wilson Ave., 
Pasadena. Cal. 

Fiord Wilfred EUiott, (Intt. by Roches- 
ter), Contiacior. Mem. Sparrow & 
Elliott, 88 fith St.. San Francisco. CaL; 
Res. S19 Mission SL, San Francisco, 

Donald Hopkina Holllngiwortfa, 5468 
Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, lU. 

Brran Cole Howea. Mgr. Northern Illinois. 

I Blvd., Chicago, IIL; 

Mom.; Res. Dakota 

John Francis HcGinnii, Attorney, Com- 
mercial Bldg., Alton IIL; Rei. 1117 
Stale St., ATlon. 111. 

Lewis Hilts Norton, with Community 
Motion Picture Bureau, ChauUuqua, 
N. Y.; Res. 1336 £. sSlh St, Chicago, 

Herbert Ethelbert Redding. Insurance Ad- 
juster; Res. 400 N. boulevard, Oak 
Park, IIL 

Vincent Jewell Valletle, Student; Univers- 
ity of Wisconsin, Madison. Wis. ; Re>. 
' -. Waahinirlon St, Goshen, lod. 

Ira Wilder Allen. Jr.. (Init by lUino .■ 
610 Grand Ave., S. Pasadena, Cal. 

Thaddeua Elmore Allen, Teacher, Sewanee, 

StanwDod Fulton Baumgartner, Baseball, 
Philadelphia National League Tean\, 
Philadelphia, fa.j Res. 4612 Lake Park 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Edion Morris Finney, Cattle Buyer, with 
ArniQur ft Co., Armour de la Plata, Re- 

^"i^l^Rei'' i43T"cllle '(Sllas.'^Se "o^ 

Aires, Argentine, S. A. 
Leon Raymond Ourler, Salesman. C. & 

C Eleclric Mfg. Co., 38 S. Dearborn 

St., Chicago, III: ; Res. 6642 Woodlawn 

Ave., Chicago, III. 
Alvin Lawrence Hanson. Student: Res 

9031 Exchange Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Lawrence Scott Harpole. Onk. Mar^lrall 

Field & Co., Wholesale., Chicago., IIL; 

Res. SD19 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Thomaa Hollingaworth, with Quaker Oats 

Co., Railway Exchange, Chicago, " 

Res. 6131 Kimbark Ave., Chicago. IIL 
Gerald Charles Hunt, Student, College o( 

Physicians and Surgeons, iSai W. 

Adama St, Chicago, IIL; Res. Park 

Ave., Dei Uoines, la. 



Ralph De Witt KvUou; Clerk, NiIioDil 
City Bank, New y«k, Calle Su Uv- 
tin S4, BiKDOs Aires, Arcenlina, S. A. 

Bvlc Kalgfat, (laiL by Stanford) ; «.». 
4741 Kenwood Ave., Chicuo, IIL 

Hanild Zarle TlCiu, witb iTanbBll Fir' ' 
ft Co., (SetaiO, Cfaicaso, UL ; Res. 141S 
E. iii Sl, Chiur>. lU- 

J. 8t**«ai Tolman. Bdi. with KoMnbiuni 
Gt»in Co., Fl W'orth, Tex.j Ret S7S0 
Woodlawn Ate., Chicago, III 

Hirben COmatock Otis, StndeU: B< 

U3' Woodlawn Are., Ckicaao. IIL 
Jamei Webb. loiunncc Actnup 

, N. V'i ittt 

HaniT F. Albright. Jr., Student; 

rredaric William BurcW, Student: Res. 

6641 S- Halited St.. Cfiicaco, IlL 
BeBJamln Lintoa DiU, Real Eitatc, 6g W. 

WaihindDD St. Cbicaco, IIL; R«. ]ii 

S. Etmwood Atc, Cfaicago, IIL 
HarioB Davidwa, Stndent, Art InMitule, 

Chicago, III.; Rei. 5747 Blackalone Ave., 

Chicajio, IIL 
Ralph Waldo Davii, Sludent; Re*. 6411 

Kenwood Atc.. Chican, III. 
Lyiidoa Hear* LcMh. Student ; Rea. 6<» 

Invleiide Ave, Chicaio, III. 
William Kenneth HacADietcr. Bank Clerk, 

P[r>t National Bank, Uason City, la. 
Jamaa Stephen MacVlcar. Tutor, (Init b'- 

Uichigan), care of HacNally Ranch. La 

Miradi, &L 

Francii Johuon BroomeU. Student; Res. 

S7Sa Midway Pk., Chicago, IIL 
Hanr Michael Chaae, (Init. br Uiami). 

Credit man, with National Cadi Register 

Co.. i£3 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 

Rei. S74S Drexel A»e., Chicago. III. 
WUlii KogeM OoDwani. Student; Res. 190 

isSth Si, S. Holland, IIL 
Sayraond Ja* Hccht. Real Estate, with 

T. F. Hecht, 6)11 Broadway. Cbicagn, 

ta ; Rea. iu« Early Aye,. ChicaRo. ■ 
NorsuB OeislCT UcLaod, Seari Roebuck 

& Co., Chicago, III, ; Res. 4041 Prairie 

Ave., Chicago, III. 

5701 DiacKiione Ave,, unicago, ui. 
Kafold Richarda Clark, Student; Rea. ijij 

Cedric Oifford, Studi 

■ ■ S^i 

!., Chlei 


I Ken- 

fLodei a' 
Wrlalev Bar 

Lombard, llL 
Orrin Burton Peek, Student: Rea. «4i 

Woodlawn Pk., Chicago. III. 
Harry L« Vkiena, Student; Res. «755 

Emerald A>e., Chicaga, IIL 

Ronald Stewart Allen, Student; Re), (ai 
S. 38th St.. Muskogee. Okla. 

Noman Edward Duahring. Student ; Res. 
704 7th St N. W.. WaahiBglon. V. C 

Wbllam I. Hatbcr, Student; Sea. S ' 

ij. Hatbcr, Student; Sea. Spting- 

t HouItoB, student; Rea. 6140 
1 Ave.. Chicaira. IIL 

Qeorge W. Scticr' Jr., Student; Res. aSo 

Main St, Aurora, IIL 
Ralph Cherry Sulllvao. Student: Res. 411 

S. GrOTC Ave,, Oak Park,, IlL 
OUnn I. Tenntr, Sludent; Res, i]7J 14th 

St., Des Uoines, la. 


Colby CoUese, WiterriUe, He. 

Established 1832; 63 Classes; 476 Members. 

, aerj[ytnui, d. Uiy }i. 

Richard*. Bink Treii- 
1 '%«bber. Temcher, d. 

I Hail Humphrey, Qersyman, d. 

■Juuei Hanei' Pumdca, Clergy man, 

•Oiltwrt Mcrmu Cupraler, HcTChint. d 
*B^i^ 'Khuc Teacher, d. Mar. 10 

■Ocorie Waahinstoa Dow, Man 

d. Oct 6, ISW7. 
•Bbcneaer Hawki Libb)', ClerE 

SepL 18, 1868. 
•GaorBc Marahall Praiton, Cleri 

•D^Sc^'w^biiuT Wncox. (Ini'L 
hem), librarian, d. Majt 8, 


■Osborne Pratt Bicelow, 

Sept. I], i8s5. 
-'-■-- *-'^' Lowell. Clercymaa, 

■Columbua Comfotth, Clemynun. d. Feb. 

Abijah Itobinun Crkiu, Teacher and 
QersymiD, 6g EiUbemiui At«., Ar- . 
linfton, N. J. 

•Frederick Bartlett DuQMs, Phytician. 

■Andrew JackaoD Laos, Teacher, i. Aug. 

13, 1870. 

•Charlea Carroll Low, Farmer, d. Dec 

*Aaa' Perkina, ClerKymiD and Bk. Treaa- 

■JoiaiA AuEuatui Bail, Lawyer, d. Apr. 

•RoKoe Greene Smith, Teacher and 

ClerKyman, d. December 31, 1S60. 
■Albion Parrii Trie]', aergymaii. d. Sept. 


aept. I], lass- 
•Jofan Atklnaon 

Oct, 1B08. 
•JoihuB Woodman Woaton, Dru 

Real EsUtc, d. E>ec 6, 1° " 

18, iSoa. 


■lohn Bracken Bradbui?, Teacher, d. 

•w£u^''joh™n Corthell, Teacher and 

Politician, d. Not. 1, 1908. 
■John llurrar Qrake. Teacher and 

Soldier, d. Oct. ag. 1863. 
•Auguitui Allen Fletcher, School Super- 

•JoDBihan ' SpiuMini ' Houston, Fh|t- 

aician, d. Tuly 2, 1^64. 
George Hellen Prentiai Kins, Prolessor, 
Virginia Union Unir., Richmond. Va. 
ncli 11*70, Lawyer, d. Jan. », iSga. 
— =- •-'— • Itorae, Profesi— -■ 

Feb. 5, 1904. 
•loieph OdelL Editor, d. Oct 19, 1B71. 
■Hoaea jcwett Prcscott, Clcrnrman, d. 


CE Boardman Taylor, Student, 

TyUr Bradbnrr, Teacher, d. Jui 


d. ^eb. 

'Uiciui Sampaoa Cnwwell, Clergyman, 
'Peteg bprafne Haakell, Physician. 
irer. Tl 

Thoma* Foxwell Bachelder, Fruit Grower 

and Uwyer, Oakland, CiL 
Jonatlun CUtay Palei, Coltege Profeaior 

and Librarian, Central College of Ky.. 

Danville, Ky. ; Kea. 141 Fifth St, Dan- 

lille, Ky. 
■Isaac Small Kaiublea, Clergyman, d. 

Sept 16, i^. 
■WaihlDtton Irving 
lo(ic*l Student, d. 


I FranUin Stiepardaso, C 

ton Dunreath Plumbei 
ber, d. Aug. 11. 186? 
nin Knight Wilkcc, 


NelioD Allen Luce, Educ 



6. 186a. 

Juatln Paj 

r Puller, Clerayman, 1 
ir'ed)"," BMker,' 


•Samuel Hubbard FiBeld, Soldie 

ao. 1861. 
•John Ooldthwaite. Soldier, d. 

^enry Wtlion Harmon, Lawye 

2, 1874. 

■John Mci 

tnry Jackao 


1 Norton, Merchant i 

[erriam Pi'rct Mrrrhi 
:, d. Apr. 

•ScUloian Herser kc 
i Leclurer, d. A] 
nund Fuller Wei 



an Moore^ Librarian, 43a 
Eichge. fildg., San Fran- 
; Res. SS9> Talt Avt, Oak- 

t Philbrook, Teacher, d. 1S7S 

Adoniram Judion Rich, Clergyman, 

Zemro Xuauiti^a Smith, Editor, d. '. 

'li>rti'n°&radfoTd Soul« Laner. 
'Solomon Sarient Slearna, Physician 

Addiion Blanchar 


Nalhaniei Bryant Colman, Fhyiician a< 

Surgean (Retired). Loi Gatoa, Cll. 
Charle* Melvia Emerr. Clergyman, SoutI 

Waahintton FoUinsbee Wiggln, ciuHe 


L Underwood Chaae^ Merchant, Rio 

la, Solano Co.. Cal. 

nnlle Parke Cochran*, Cterk. d. Sept. 

Jamea BHair Cochrane. Physician, DoYer, 

*Ceorge Stickney Flood. Merchant, d. Jan. 

7, 1896. 
•Cjnii Hamlin, Soldier and Lawyer, d. 

Aug. 18. 1867. 
•Amoi Ueaaer jackion. Teacher. Soldiei 

and Ph}'sician. d. Sept. 14. 19U. 
Randall Blvln Jonet. Master Mariner and 

.•Edward Paiiion LorinK. Lawyer, d. Oct 

•Sanmel Baldwin Morte, College Presi 

dent, d. Nov. ij, 1897. 
•Llewellyn Powen, Congressman, d. Jul> 

•Bar'tlett Tripp, Lawyer and Diplomat, d 

Dec. 8, 1911. 
•Cytua Oraenleal Warren, Lawyer and 

Teacher, d, Oct. 11, 1S98. 

•Marceltut Lovewe 

Dec. 8, 1891. 

t Dana Steve 

William RIckei 

New Ipswich, N. 

leaina. Lawyer, d. 

Merchant, Bon sail, 

Thompaon, Clergyman, 


Roacoe Foaa. Medical Student, 

•WUbH Wheeler Fraeman. Phyaician. d. 

Abner 'Hardy Keiar, Mgr. «f a DeleciiTC 

Agency, San Francisco, CaL 
•Henry Clay Merrtam, Army Officer, i. 

Boardman Carey Spaulding, Soldier, 

Steven's Point. Wit 
•Edward Payion Slearnt, Soldier, d. Mar. 


•William Thomaa Cbaie, Clergyman, d. 
•Wimai^'HiS'^' Soldier, d. i86j. 

•Aretaa Guitavua Barker. Medical Stu- 
dent, d. Apr. 11, 1867. 
•WlllUm Carey Barrowa, Clergyman, d. 

•Ai^u'^igel!^, Jr„ Soldier, d. Dec s. 

H.^«*"pin^eV'- McK«.ick. Publisher's 
Agency, Downey, Cal. 


•Edward Payaon Bartlelt, Oergyman. d. 
Hen55' Wire'liile. Clergyman (Retired) 

Iiiae'selden CliBord. Farmer. Springdale, 
Nkhoiaa OaUaher, Farmer and Merchant, 
•Samid"Hambleii. Lawyer, d. June 8, 
•Elhvard Everett Harmon, Teacher, d. Dec. 

R. R. I. Savannah, Ga. 



John FrinUiD Hoodr, T«»cher, Hrbioii, 

Willi^ KiBR lloodv. Bus. (nd Fin. Edi- 
tor, Boston Herald^ Boston, Miss.; Res 
;6 BowdoiD Ave, Boston, Miss. 


•Divid WUben PalDwr. acrgymin, d. 

Nithan Hunt, Clergy nun. Chirlcslon, llr 
•June* Jenkins, Tcicher, d. Feb. 7. 1903. 
George Memim, CLergymin. Skov,- 

'V/Wva Kmttr Uoring, College Prote<- 

■or, d. June 30, iBSj, 
AUen Peretl*h Soule, Agent, American 

Book Co., Boston. Mass.; Res. llmi> 

Charles Prinklin WaracT, Prin. Techniul 
High School, Snringfield, Mist.: Res. 
41 Dirtmoulfi St.. Springfield, Mass. 





Church, Philadelphii, Pa.: Res. itjo 
N. iStti St., PhTladelphii, Pa. 
•Arthur Elijah Fish, Student, d. May S, 

Fred ^Nathaniel Fletcher, Mine Superin- 
tendent, 4Dg W. sth St., Reno. Nev. 
•BerleUe Elmer Qige. Student, d. July 

CcoFEc Howard Gould, Tei 

Mills, N. H, 
Sunuel ; -■ 

Alfred k 

Eugene I _., 

Chicigo Herald, 405 Tim__ _. _, , 
Chicigo, III.: Res. 1155 S, Austin Ave., 
Oak Park. 111. 

•John Chirlei Ryder, Teacher, d. Feb. 16. 

Herbert Spurdin Weaver. Teicher, 31 
High RMk Way, Boston, Mass. ■ 

Windsor Herbert Wymin. Clergyman, 
North Abington, Mass. 

•Charlei Hajmes Caaew Teacher, d, June 

John 'Elijah Caie. Missionary (Retired), 
Soulh Acton. Mill. 

CarroU Winn Clark, with American Seat- 
ing Co., Boston. Mass.; Res. 99 Har- 
vard St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Janca Edward Cochrane, Clergyman, 
Chaplain of National Soldier's Home, 
Togns. Me. 

•Caleb Bufrum Frye, Teacher, d. Aug. 1, 

Harry LymaD Koopman, Librarian, Brown 

UniversitY, Providence, R. I. 
•Jamet Hadison Sanborn, Lawyer, d. Feb. 

•Asher Hlnda Barton, Lawyer, d. Mar, 18, 

•Frank Burton , Cushing. Medical Student, 

Librarian,, Free 

John Francis Davies, 

Public Library, Bulte, MonL ; 
r_ Bow BlocJc, Bulte, Mont 

Cambridge. Qergyman, 

Charles Henry Hanson, Lawyer, u Jud. 

son St., Maiden. Mass. 
Qeorgi William Hanson. Lawyer, San- 

forS, Me. 
Willard Albert Hill, Y. M. C. A. Secre- 

Davld' Waldo Knowlton. Lawyer & Cus- 
toms Broker, Masonic Temple. Minne- 
apolis, Minn-i Res. Tonka Bay, Minn. 

•George Wesley Harding Libber, 
Physician, d. July 31, i8Sg. 

•Henry Harriaoa Hanaer, Clergyman, d. 

•Charlea Sumner Richardson, Merchant, d. 
•George Wiliiun* Smith, College President, 

^ —aster. Pope 
ass. ; Res. 4J0 

a.; Res. Hi 
. . .able. Clergym> 
, Auburn. Me.; Re 

i8j, North- 


St., Bangor. Me. 
Chirle* Clarence Speare, Clcr, 
^ Baldwinsville, Mass. 
Edgar Weeks. Lawyer, 47 Pteisa 

Marlboro, Mass. 

William Albert Builon, cler^m^a"! Spava. 

Hubert Artton Dennison. Desisner, i« 

Court Sq., Boston, Mas,..; IRes. 41 
Saunders St.. Allston. Mi*J. 
George I.ora Dunham. Wholesale Boot & 
Shoe Merchanl. Braltleboro, Vt. 

Edwin Palmer Burtt. Missionary. Sh 

Hing. China. 
WUIird Kimball Clement. Advertisii 

Agl., P. O. Box 147, Evanston, III. 

_u... I :_.... n.. ','...1.. 8( Chan 

ftgl., r. \j. DOK ^47, c, 
thur Lincoln Doe. Tea< 

; Res. 51 Highland 

Dudley Watson Hobnan. Editor, Taunton 
Herald-News. Taunton, Mass. 

John Conani Keith. Contractor, Green- 
ville, Ky. 

Herbert Miyhew Lord, Major IT. S, Army, 
Quartermaster Corps, Washington, 
D. C; Res. Washinglon, D. C 

Chirles Henry Howell, HerchanL 

■ Ired Irving Thayer, Physician and Pro- 
orietor ol Spa Samtarium, Ballston Spa, 


nln Francis Turner. Clergyman 



Burlcigb Smart AiinU, Hiaiifiietarcr, vJIb 

Chaitanoosa Raot^ni & Foundry Co., 

Chaitanooga, Tenn. 
dorgc fiickcr Serir. Collecc ProlCMOC, 

CoToile UniT«nitT, Hunihon. N. Y. 
JoicpE Halc7 Lord, Pre*. Florida Cattle 

Co., Siraula, Fla. 
Habm Oaidncf Hank, Clcrgjniun, ssi^ 

HavtihUI St, Lawrence, Maaa. 
■JBdward Wntworili Hcrrill, 'Joninalut, 

d. Hay II, 1886. 
Pnd AlScrtii Snow, Oerfymao, Freeport, 

.Jirv Snvdtt, 
I V» Falmoi 

John Abiafai Shaw, Cleriymaa. ijot Olym. 

pic Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
John Freemin Tilton, Cleraryman. 66 Albi 

St. Portland, Ue . 

Juitin Dariua AaiM. Pbyiician, Horridte- 
wock, Maine. 

WallaM Siedmin Kldan, Profeaaor ol 
Latin, Ohio State Uniteriiti, Columbu*, 
O. ; Kea. 1734 Siunmii St, Colnmbm, O. 

•WUlian Carer Sbeppard, aergymwi, d 

Hcoiy Baine* Wooda, aeriymsn, Laredo, 

Majeaiic Bide.. Denrer, ( 

Marion St., CoL 
Kandall JiUlaoa Condon, Snpt Schools, 

Cincinnati, O. ; Ret Winding Way, Cin- 

cinnati, O. 
Horatio Run Dunham, Merchant, 45 Elm 

St, Waterrille, Me. 
Charfea Albert Flaeg, Mail Cl>rk. Boi- 

ton A Maine R. R. Ci 
Seldoo^ """'"'" ' 

Rea «;a Hur 
nsmp'EULt, MasL 
Ovarlock, Physician, Fob 

Lafayette St, Call 
Albert Uarthall R 

Maine Suit Sanio 


Elliha Stndarvon, OerErnu' 
■ Center. Me. 
Jabn Ryder Wellington. : 

Connecticut Are., Washir 
Charlea Samnel Wilder, 


Holmao Day, Author. aSS Slate St, Port. 

land. He. 
Charles Bdwaid Doltey, Public Accounl- 

Horaee Davanport Dow, Fhyaiciao, a« 

Grand St, Uaipeth, N. Y. 
Stanley Harijr Hounn, Supt oC Schools. 

leremlafa Bdmund Burke, Aaat Supt of 
Scboola, Hawn St, Boston. Haas.: 
Res, 60 Albiee St. Dorchester Center, 

*Huth Rou Hatch, CoUeic Profeasor, d. 

•Peter Butlerfield Merchant, d. June aS, 

Snith. Prin. Hi(h 
N. H. 
Spule. , Ph^.ici.n^ «t 

School. DoTC 


Whelien. _.. 

..„ _'ortland. Me.: 

ion St., Portland, Me. 

', »s £>- 

Qiarlti Frederick LeadbattET, Teacher, 

Eliot. McL 
Fred Alien Luce, Teacher, Bmiuwick 

School, Greenwich, Ct 
Herbert Ronell Purinton. Proleaaor, }( 

Mountain Ave., Leviaton, Me. 
Leland Pollard Sturtevant, Farmer, R. F. 

D. I, Fairfield. Me. 
Arthur TUlev Wataon. Teacher, t]a4 W. 

lolh St. Dea Moines. la. 

ewnilam Sertram Andrewt, Hiith School 

Principal, d. Hay 14, 'O'S- 
Frank Collins Dunbar. Lawrence, Mass. 
Georn Pcrtey Fall. lawyer, yG William 

Elmer Aaa Richer, M|tr. Insurance Agency 
KquiUble Life Ann. Soc, J14 New- 
house BId>., Salt Uke City, V.; Res. 
1374 E. South Temple St, Salt Lake 
City, U. 

Edward Park BarreU. Pro I 

o.k, N. Y;: 

xr. Clergyman, Bry 

nt Banker 
Wf. Co., Jfc 

t Falls, Me.! Res, 

! I^Ui. Me. 



joo W. ii»t St, Ntw York. M 
•Cfaukt For«tt FtUrbrother, Sli 


Smith Oalcbell. Waiter 

' ~ 'ockioa, Uiu. ; Re*. 

Brockton, Mm». 

u Jordan, M«r. B. F 

Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa.; 

Sellen An., Uil]bourrie, Pa. 

JtiHC Hoanw ^Oiier, Owner of 


Watenilk, He. 
Alben XobiaKn. School Supt 

& Co., 

dent, d. 

if Hi|h 
14 Chei- 

tea. II 


D Fcrkiai, Supt. ol S 


Pnacia Braoa Ktutell. Supt. ol Schd 

Brvhton, He, 

Joel Byron Sk. , 

Bfoadwsir. Norwich, 

__, BaOfOT, He.; — _. . 
St., Bangor, Ue. 
Archie Morwood Froit, 
Conlaon & Froit, Bay S 

Daniel Webater Kimball, 1 

chanki Falli. Ue. 
■Jacob Klelnbana, Jr., Teacher, 

St., Waterrille. U< 
PriDcb Bumbaoi Pt 
."d Cement, Mem. 
1 Wati '- 

id^^MetTill, Physiciu, Si Elm 
oal. Wood 

Green St., Augu , 

Victor AaCHtua Seed, Physician. 
Eun St, Lawrence, Mau.;- Bei 

Sidney St. Lawrence, Mail. 
liara Bodlc Tuthlll. aergymin. 
Beacon St, Portland. Ue. 

, Gilbert 

Cbaile* Benjamin Puller, Phytic 

Uain St, Walthain, Mua. 
BTentt Lament Getchell, S« 

" mam School. _Bo5t( 

field. Maia. 

John Bradbuiv IferrilL Teachi 
Kd., Weymouth Heights, Mai.. 

Haven Utisaif, PUnI Patholoaial, U. S. 
Dept. of Acriculture, Waihinnon, 
D. C; Rei. 1311 Vermont Ave., Wash- 
ington, D. C 

■George Lorimtr Baker. Phvsician, d. 

Charles LlPomt Cbamberlaio, Clergy- 
man, Lacoola, N. U. 

William Hcdtt Holmea, Supt ol Initruc- 

tiOD. to S. Third Ave., Mt. Vernoii. 

Und, Me.: Res. 

Han; k»\ju Wat 
V. U. C, A. J I 
Concord, N. H. 

Arthur Wordi worth Cieavea. Pastor lit 

Bapt Church, Newburyport, Uaia. 
Harry Mellin Gerry, Y. M. C. A. Secra- 

^f'S': Res. 

Cambndgc, naHs 

Frederick Gardlne 


change St. Portland, 

Kverett Carleton Herrir 

High St., Charles 10 • 


John FotWr Phllbrook, I 
Supt, Danforth, He. 

Cbarlga Edwin Purinton, C< 
Cement. Prca. Purinton 
Water St, Augnn*. Me. ; 
-r St, Ann"- *■■ 


1. J) B» 

.J" St, Aagnst*. Me. 

'Kup "rtUtoTliMa, Student, d 1894. 

Mdria BrwtBi iBawtdle. Lawyer, loj 

Winlbrop St, Aiiknsta, Ue. ; Rck 9 

Patterson St. Augusta, He. 
Ranr L«IM Springer, R. R. Postal Cletk, 

Foxcroft, He. 
Ferdolpbo Olfrer Watch. Merchant, with 

Dmdop Crain Co.. Fontanetle, la. 

Sumner Phllbrook, Clei 


Fred Parker Hamilton Pike. Teacher 

W. Tremlett St. Dorchester, Mass 
Henry Howard Pratt. Clergyman, H 

dak. N. H. 
John Brrin Stephi 

ist National Sank, i>u. 

9D« W. Silver St., Butti 
Everett Eomcs Trewor 

(Unitarian), First Psi 

Aihby, Mass. 
Justin Owen Wellman. 

Academy. New London, 

in. Bank Cashiei 

•Banjamih CofGn. Lawyer, d. May 11, 

Albert Sawyer Cole, Supt. of Schools. 

North Dartmouth. Mass. 
Charle* Bdward Dow, Lawyer, loii Cti- 

sens Natl Bk. BIdg., Loa Angeles, CaL 

Joaeph Oliver Eells, I 

St, Lyon, Mass. 
George Atwood Martin. Gergymj 

Johoabury, Vt 

in, jSS r.s-rx 

lan. St. 

Puker fnlH Pearsoik Teacher, Weymonlh. 



LlnwDod LciffhtDD 

entoB Warren, Tiacher, U 
Arta High School. Boilc 
CI. ID Noitinehani St., D' 
i>t., Boiton. Sail. 

Rea Chenrfteld, 

Carl Cotton, Treaaui 
Co., Nashua, N. 
St.. Nashua. N. 






"physVUn, 5.> 
Maia.; Res. 48 

_ "»i^*'<i Tapper. 
Gardner Warner, Clert 

[yman, Han- 

Harold Carleton Arcy, Pbriiciao, 

Hospital. Worcester, Maia. 
Caleb Albert L*wU, Garage Propiicti 

College Ave.. Waterville, Me. 
Lewli Oarfield Lord. Oakland. Me. 
Leon Carver Suptea. Merchant, 1 

HaYcn, Me. 
Oeorse Wooitcr Thomaa. Clergymai 

Ave, Three Forks. Mont. 
WendeU Croiby Waahbum, China. M 

' Stanlcv Amet, Principal High 

Rubeni brvani; Tracher. High 
il. Dover, Mass. 

Stephen Clyde Davia. Real Eiute. Meoi. 
l5a.ii Brothers, Corinna. Me. 

" ■" ■ , Li(;hthou« Keeper. 

3t,, Harttora. i_t. 
Louia Arthur Hamnopd, Papermaker, with- 
Howland Pulp & Paper Co., Howland, 

Clarance Garfield Morton. Lumber Mer- 
chant, vith Paris MIg. Co., S. Paris. 

Sumner Edward Harvell. Teacher. eS Ar- 

Res. 7"< Union St.. Bangor. Mo. 


Greenville Jitnction, Me. 

Harold William* Soule, Inslnictor, Uni- 

WlUace Purl.«2n. Merchant, Me<n. Purio- 

ton Bros. Co., 313 Water St., Augusu, 
Mc; Rea. 31 Cedar St., Augusta, U<- 

Minn. ; Res. 1011 14th A»*., S. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edwvd Cannon Rice. Lawyer, Mem. Rice 

Albert Ansel Towne, Proprietor Ashland 

ft McGarry, Herald Bldg-. Jacksonville, 
Fla. J Res. 1501 DellwooJ Ave,, Jackson- 

Garage, Ashland. Me. 

ville Fla. 

Forest Ardetl Rowetl ij N. Main Si., 

Sprinrfeld. Mas.. V, 
Ernest Beu Ventres. ClergJ'man, Nortb- 

David Kenneth Arey, Teacher. High 

School, Winsted, Ct. 
Hannibal Hamlin Bryant. Jr.. Physician. 


Gorham. N. H. 

%".«'T:5..S"JiJ"~ "■ 

Ralph CarletOB Bean, Teacher, Girls' 
High School. West Newton St.. Bost-- 

"K sr "■"-"'^ ■■"■"'•"■ ■=• 

Mass.i Res, 48 Emerson St. Wakefidd, 


Bira Kempion M»6eld, Inslruclor Co»^v 

Julius Howard Bradlord Fogg, President, 

College, Waterville. Me.; Res. 17 W. 
St., Waterville, Me. 

Co-operative Really Co., i6j W. 34 St., 
\ew York, N^. 1, ; Res. Hotel Aslor, 

Solon White Purinton. Banker, with Au- 

New York, N. Y. 

gusta Trust Co.. Richmond, Me. 

Prank Percival Hamilton. Lawyer, with 

"='!?;„?"??:;!„?.■;;%.=""■ " »■--• 

Fleming & Fleming, Law Exchange 

Johns Ave., Jacksonville. Fla. 
P«cival Edward Hathaway. Principal 

*Charlea Lester Whittemore, d. July ">. 


High School, Norway, Me.; Res. South 

Paris. Me- 

John Wesley Coombs, Base Ball Flayer, 

Harold Woodward Haynei, Photographer, 

wilh Brooklyn Natl. League Team. 

Canton. N. Y. 

Btooklvn. N- Y, 

Martin Henry Long, Lawver, 314 Law 

E.change Bldg.. Jacksonville. Fla- ; 

Baltimore Ave., Kansas City. Mo. 

Res. [«4' Herscfaell St., Jacksonville. 

Clarence Edward Jewell. LasI known ad- 


dre^s, Medford TliU'ide, Medford, Mass. 

Charles Francis McKoy. Clergyman, Long 

Percival Willard Keen*. 

Branch. N. J. 

Luther Mark Lanidell. Auctioneer, Willon, 

Harry Eugene .Pike. Lawyer, Iloo^ick 

N. H. 

F,L. NY. ' ., , „. 

Ellioil Curli. Lincoln. Teacher,. Fergus 

County High School, I.ewiston, Mont 

(tinson & Co.. 36 Pearl St, Haitiurd. 

Hoyl Newton HcCauley, Teacher, 60 Ben- 

"■^.te."a'":'• ft„ .._, 

nington St. Quince 'Mass. ^ 

Spring Steveaa. 



Guy Winfred Vui, 1 

Hctmaa BrudeDcU Bctu, Tticher, 3I 

Summer St, Adami, Mass. 
Robert Alder Colpitti. ClerByinan, Craci 

MMhodist Church, BBltimore, Md. 
Eldridic G«ry Davia, Lawyer, witi 

Bates, Nay & Ahbolt, fj Tremont Si. 

BosiQn. Mass. ; Res. 16 Ketnwood St. 

Maiden, Mass. 
Hilton Bicknell Hunt, Social Service Sec 

retary, Bnard of Kecreation, City Hall 

Waltbam Mats.; Res. 6 Garland St 

Bdward 'pajnon Putnun, Civil Ensineei 
with Cenlral Me. Power Co.. Water 
viUe, Ue. ; Ses. 60 Burleish St., Water 

Frank BramhaJI Coadon, Prop, Birch Poinl 

Camp, North Pond, Smilbheld, Me. 
Iiaac Roia McCombe, Lawyer, with Wing 

1 St., Chici 
\Ye., Chica. 
ler Bitabro- 

., III. ; Rei. 3407 

; Linneui, Me. 
Kaipn b,awtn namaun, 84 A a trim St., 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Ray Wood Ho(an, Salesman, wilh Swilt 

& Co., Chicago, 111.; Res. 4111 Grand 

Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Willi) Rlwood Jones, Teacher, So. China, 

Maurice Edwin Lord, Physician, Mary 

Fletcher Hospital. Burlington, Vt.; 

Malcolm Dana S 

Howard Arthur 

Navy, Dept. 

D. C. 

George Carl Aoderi 

Joseph Chandler, Fi 

Tufls College, M 

Wilbur Garland Fc 

lith. Farmer, Mars Hill, 

ribou. Surgeon in U. S. 
}f Navy, Washington, 

in. Teacher, Fairfield, 

N. J.^ 

ibndjn-. Mass. 
IcI^lian, Prin. Higgins 
Classical Seminary, Charleston, Me. 
Leonard Oakman Merrill, Teacher in 

High School. Dover, N. H. 
Walter Morgan. Sharon. Mass. 

Bart Hartwell Brownlow. AasL Ugr. In- 
surance Agency; Rei. fi North St.. 

Roland "tester Dodge, Manager, Tolly- 
And Farm. Greenwich. N. Y. '^ 

Ralph Nelson Good. Teacher and Coach- 
Hiih School, Ameshury, Mass.; Res. ii 
Hillside Ave.. Amesbury, Mass. 


litary Schi , _ ._ 

Aldorous Tidd, Clergymi 
, Merriraac, •' 

tay Cecil Carter, 


Bos re 

Soul^ Sales Manager, W. 

Smith Co. 530 AtTlnlic . 

I Res. HiBgham, Ma 

Milchen &' Co., 'wateriille,""Me.'; 

r St., Waterville, Me. 

High School. 
Faiiview PL, 

Social Work, 

_ ., N. T. 

Arthur Brobaton Herdam, 

Boston Children's Aid bociety, 43 
Hawkins St.. Boston. Mass.: Res. 19 
Unlversiiy Bd., Brookline, Mast, 

Thomas Putnam Packard. Teacher High 
School. HouKon. Me. 

Cheater Hanson Pletee, Cost Accountant. 
wilh Ayer, Houston & Co., 1 Beach 
St.. Portland, Me.; Res. 701 Tretawney 
BIdg., Porlland, Me. 

James Corey Sichardson. Medical Student. 
Mass. School of Osteopathy. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. ; Res. North . Billerica. 

uavia uaum, anoe Dusmeas, n. jn. jav- 
Elwain Co., Nashua, N .H. ; Res. Stag- 
ger Im, Nashua, N. H. 

Irvin Levi Cleveland, Connecticut Mutbal 
Life Ins, Co., iSj Devonshire St., Boa. 
ion. Mass.; Res. 9 Grove St.. Maiden, 

Roy Frederick Good, Itentisl, Forsyth 
Dental Hospital, Boston, Mass.; Res. 


Elmer Horace Hussey, Principal North 
Kingston High School. Wickford, R. I. 

Charles James Keppcl, Teacher. Voca- 
tional School. New London. Conn. ; Res. 
13 Gorton St., New London, Conn 

Merton Clark Lirrihee, Piiisfield. Me. 

Albert Bdgar Leach, Sti 
pathy, 11 Craigie St., C 

Charles GranviHe Reed, 

George 1 

Me.: F 


■, Ball Player 
/o Hartford Cl 
masarms. Me. 
[ess Rollins, Tracher, Higl 

;m'''fenow Salesman witf 
lall Cure' Co., Old 'Town 
care of Rev. C L Snow 
N. H 
'eacher. East Maine Confer 

t Mall Bowen. Student al Cnlu 
versilv. New York. N. Y. ; Res 
imit Ave., Mt Vernon, N. Y. 



Harold liirun Dunham, Ocrk, vilh H. 

Dunham, W. Pari.. Ue. 
aaytod Earle Eamea, I^v Student, 

Aoaon, Ue, 
Hgrle Fuller Hunt, Student: Res. Char 

Bvcritt Pfaoaoix Smld), Stndcoli Kei. 

Waterboro, Ue. 
Scott Dana Staplo, Swdcu; Kes. HorA 

HaTen. Ue. 
Baric Rarmoiid Stevaa, ClBrsrauD, Well 

TowomI, Ue. 
Vredcrick Vnaci* StUlr, Student; Ke*. 

WaterriUe, Ue. 
Lnnaa Icvlai Tbajer, Sttideni: Be*. 

BalUtoo Spa.. NTy. 
Daniel Percr Toaitr, Oakland, He. 

Harold Spcoccr Brown, Studcal: Eat. 

Witerrme, Ue. 
Oeorge Freil Lull Bryant Student ; Rei. 

Walcrnlle, Ue, 
Willian Helmi Erbb, Student; Sei. Hat- 

lowell, Ue 
Donald Glaaaon Jacobi, Student i Kc*. 

PeperUI, Uiu. 
Tbomaa Pruuu Jorce, Student; Res. it 

W. »d St. New York, N. V. 
Claude Archer LaBcUa, Student; Rei. 

Concord. N. H. 
Bmaat Rarmoad Sciibncr. Student; Itci. 

HoultonT Ue. 
Harrr Hariiio Upton, Student; Xei. 

Portland. Ue. 
Wintfarop Lanbtn Webb, Student; Rea. 

Rwinond Eugene Plaialed, Plumber, with 
Charlen O. Emerv. Sanford, Me. 

Kent Trier Roral, Student, Harvard 
Urdical School, Boston, Mass.: Rei. 
Harrard. Uass. 

, Rem. North Ha«e: 

R^h ~ 

Elliot Steveaaon Adama, Student ; Re*. 

Waverly. Uais. 
Howard Cilker Boardman, Student; Res. 

Dark Harbor, Ue. 
Jame* Hugh Dunn, Student ; Rea. Scttuate, 

Rte llansinc Newlon, Bea. South Paris, 

Student; Res. 

HouKhton Yea too, Clerl 

United Shoe Uachi 

Alden Warn Allen, Student; Res. Cai 

Donald Steami Barilett, Student. 

Denial School, Boston. Mats. ; Res. 

way, Ue. 
Arthur Dugdale Craig. Student; 

Attlebom, Maas. 
John Hn(h Crawford. Student; Res. 

Richard Lothlai 
Wat*r"i1l. M 
Fred At 

Sprague, Studest ; Res. 


.UEuat TarboH. Athlet 

Normal School, Uachi-. 

Id Carlrlc Whitney. Student ; Ri 

KoSi Wood, Student; Re*. Wi 

Charle* LePorci 

Ruland Chanberlaii 

leibert Henry Fletcher, Student 
167 CoUeie Ave. WaterriUe, U 
Lubrep Eutene Greenlaw, Studen 

Cyril Uatthew Joly, Student ; Ret. 

WaterriUe. Me. 

Hurii Gordon HcXay. Student, Tufta 

Ervin Moore UlUer. Student; 1 

BinBham. Ue. 
Walter rrancia O'Brien, Student; 

Uwrence, Uaaa. 
Arthur Howard Robbioa. Electrical C 

tractor, with Smith ft Kent. 1 

Ualden, Walt.; Res. id Cheater 

arold Johoton. Student; Res 
IT St., West Concord, N. H. 
lewey Lave> Student; Re». 

Qeitld S. Port 

Tame< Ave., 
[h Allen Si 

Cabbot Stephenton, Student; 


S High St. 

Student ; Res. leo St. 

chartsviile, N. j7 
. Student; Rea. Cary, 

ish '■ . ... --. 

Ferdinand Sweet, Student ; 

uy R. Whitten,' Student; Res. Praa^cct 



Colgate UniTenity, Hamiltoti, N. Y. 
EsUblished Nor. 21, 1865; 55 Classesi 4^ Membera. 

AdoalraM Jndiom Ljtix^ 10S7 
A*«^. Denver, CoL 

'Oarln T. ■■toa, L*w Stadent, d. Apr. 

6. 1B68. 
■Cecum I^cdUt CurwB Hanoi, Clergy' 

nuD, d. Jul j, 1897. 
•BUoha pDtBui Hlckok, 

WilUuB Sc£ WitcbdI. Pbinnuisi; E 
413 Wcit UuB St, SiugutbanM, ~ 

HailcUB Clark Baker Oakley, (Ini 
KochHter), Ciiy Misiiona-- - 
iist SL, Me« York, N. Y 

HcBTp Karriaon FeabcMIr, Oc 
ThaBMi St, Rome. N. Y. 

•WiUian Giorte Walker, 1 
d. JulT 17. 19.0. 

•OmtIu KU Becker, aemman, d. Uar. 

■DaTid^BcnJunhi Jnttcn, (Init by New 
York). O^jmi. A May «. i!>ij. 

Albert Ifehrille Prentice. Clergyman. 51 
Ford Ave,. Troy, N. Y. 

Jaaea Morford TBrli>r. Profciior, Colgate 
UniTcnity, HamLKoo. N. Y. 

Adonk-aB Jadmi Proat, Clergyman, Pa>- 

Klh St, Uinneatwlis'. MinJl" ' '*" 
TboBaa Alaaada- ThomioB Hanna. 

ClergTBian, Quakertovn, Pa. 
'Joaepfc FraakBs Sboardi. Clergyman, d. 

Apt. », i88>. 

'Bdivud Stvaiord Chandler, College 
PrOl»«n, 4 July 16. i^+ 
lOHi Waltoc* Ford, Qergymin, Box 191. 
WalpBje, Ifaaa. 

Jilaa IMclit Hatch, Clergyman and 
. Editor, d Har. tj, 1881. 
Charlm PnM, Farmer. Presidcm, Pratl 
" - - - ,1,, Cal. 

*Oeorgc 'OE*cr Whitney, GerB- 
Dec iR, 1 871. 


FraKb Ilviini Becbe, Clcrg>-mi 


liil. by 
MJ W. 

Henry Cortii Leach, Clergy mi 

Branch. N. Y. 
John Prancia Hsrpl: 

Rector of St. Mar 

•Ju« Joa^h Townacnd, aergyman, 4. 

■Theodore' ^ed TnUt Tntre, Clergy- 
man and Editor, d. Feb. j, 1910- 


*WardwcU Beacb. Lawyer, d. Oct. 11. 

■Woodley Wiltiamaon Campbell, Uiiaion- 

Harcelliu Austia C'hucehilL Uanolac- 
turer, with Buffalo Scale Co., Buffalo. 
N. Y. ; Res. 154 Lexington Ave., Bal- 
falo. ti. Y. 

■Leonard John Dean, Clergyman, d. July 

Eslale, d. Jan. a, i 
*Edward Sllia, Clen 


, d. Oct i. 

Alfred Free, Clergyman. i>T Front St,. 

Winchendon. Maai. 
•Philo WUliam Sackett, Stadenl. d May 

1:1, i8m. 
■Eugene Monro Searl, Merchant, d. Nov. 

1. 1871. 
Thomai Hougbton Tuaon, Prints, Jo Kan- 

r St. Mao 


■Horatio Brotherton, Clergyman, d. Oct. 

Adonlnun Jndion Chandler, Clergymao, it 
Squire St, New London, Ct 

George Tbontat Dowllnc, ClergvinaD, uv 
wnijam St, East Orange, N. J. 

Marcua Clark Haaon, Miisionary, Tora. 
Assani, India; Perm. Addreaa, ■« Pel- 
ham St. Newton Center, Ma«a. 

Judton Orren Perkina. Clergyman (Re- 
tired), Caienovia. N. Y. 

EInathan Ooodlng PhUlipi. Uiasiaaarjr. 
Tura, A«>Bm, India. ; Rea. Cnson- 

■Charlea' Albert Piddock, aergynao nd ' 

Author, d. April 11. 1907. 
Ifyauah Pokway. Miasionary. Sgaw Karen 

Church, Bassein. Burma. 
Daniel Shodea. Government OfGcial. Pen- 

aion Office. Waahington, D. C: Sea. 

360 Eaitem Ave.. Takoma Park, D. C 
Hugh Owaia Rowland*, Oergymao, 1441 

Indiana Ave.. Oiici 

I Wall Street. 


New York, N. Y. 
New York, N. \. 
•Peltg Edward Tlnkleptuib, Uerchanl, 


»**■ IS5 W. 9id St., •Seward Robton, Clen 


Barker. Conu 

., d. Sept. ._, _,__ 
Everidc Bate*. Clergymaa, (Re- 
El Dorido, Kan. 

■Bartlett Walten 

Tra - - - 


June Q. iHSii. 
•John Henry Copeland. Manufacturer, d. 

•Joel Parker CotDell, Student, d. Uar. 

2S, iSti. 
•Albert Teele Dunn, Cleigjmsn, d. Apr. 

•William ' Webei Eaitman. Land Altor- 
nty and Clerk, d. Aug. ij, igii. 

PerguKD O'Coanor Ekinn, Clergyman, 
Ml. Holly, N. J. 

Jamei William Ford. Ranch Owner. Box 
S?R. Eugene. Ore. 

Samuel Harrlaon Greene, Clergyman, Pai- 
tor Calvary Bapliil Church, Waihing- 
ton, D. C; Res. ijio Q St, N. W!, 
Washington, D. C. 

Alvah SabiB Hobart Clergyman, Pro- 
lessor in Croier Theological Seminary, 
Chester. Pa. 

-ChaHea Firman Hull, Cleigyman, d. Aug. 

Crrua Howland Merrill. Clergyman, Pat- 
tor Emmanuel Baptist Oiurch, Ji 
Union St, Gloyersville, N. Y. 

William Leroy Paddoek, Physician, Pitt»- 
held, Mass.; Kes. Dilloa, Mass. 

■Jamea Andrua Pierce, Clergytnan, d. fan. 

•CMrg'e°Bdgar Week*, Oergyman, d. Nov. 

19, 1896. 
Aaa Judion Wilcox. Clergyman. Uncas- 


Clark. Nursi 

retary, with N. 
pression of Vice, 
York, N. Y. : Res. 
Brooklyn, N. -- 
•Archibald Cyr 

er Miller, Salesman, d. Aug. 
ill_ RowUnda. Financial Sec- 
' Si.! Ni« 


3 Wesimi 

I. Cler 

Judsoa Clarence Barber, CI 

River. N. Y. 
Thomai BickFord, Princii 

School for Girls. Brewate 
Edwin laliuf Brownion. < 

Easl tack Court, Cedar 
•Amoa Darwin Clark. Cler: 

•Henry Cotbin Lyon, Enci 

Ilergyman and 

William LcKgetc Kolb, Retired Cleigy- 

man, 40:1 Radcliffc St., Bristol, Fa. 
•Pitt HolUnd Moore, Missionary, d. Mar. 

vord Nichola. Uis^ 
.siein, Burma, 
efferaon Whitaker, 




■r Call College Professor, 

I Dean, Clergyman. ± Oct 

BdwarlT'wiUii DougUt, Lawyer, Cor. 

Broadway and id St.. Troy, K. Y.i 

Res, 107 Pawling Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

Albert Clark Hill, Inipeclor of Schools. 

^t>te Education Dept,, Albany. N. Y.I 

. 865 Madison Ave., Albany, N, Y. 

— •'-lor Spinney, Clergyman, 

laon Walrath, Clergyman, d. 

5. A 

William ' 

Hightatt . 

•Adtftirani Judaon V 

SheMon^Edgar Wilcox, aergynan, S 
L. Building, Dei Uomet, U, ; Bei. i 
W. 9lh ?- "-- *•- - '- 


Brown, Fanner, Maionville. 

Lcwia Caaa. Lawyer, so State St.. 

N. Y.i Rea. 15a Elm St. Albany 
■Thaddtui OuUford Can. Clergyi 

•C^r'neliua John Clark, Merchant. 

Si^i't^ 'l^raiaa Ford. Clergyman, 

61 PI., Chicago, III. 
William Smith Oarnsey. Physician 

Main St, Gloversville, N. Y, 
Cbarln Clarence Habart. Merchan 

Fifth Ave. Ba 

Troy. N, Y. 

•Alfred Taylor 

cuse), Theoto 
Benjamin Stuvl 

versity of Ch 
5496 EaM E. 

•Edmund Turr 
Rufus' Numo 

Partridge, Clergynu 
list Churcli, 9 Myrtle f 

ner Allen. Physician, d 

Backut, Merchant, with 
d Co., .100 Basin St, Syra- 
: Res. 866 Lancaster Ave., 

n Barney, Teacher, d. July 



r Cecii.Heith, A^itracloc of Tiilei 

m°Wo^bur7 t^ratt, acrsyman. d 

d 'Diu-ant Rlcbardton. Brick Minu 

liter, Claycrafl Mining- and Brick Co. 

wn«, O. ; Rti. jSS W. 8lh Atc. 

imbui, O. 

Daniel Temple, Retired. Clergyman 

ud, Cal. 

liDgloD Durando Under hill. Teacher 

I.eiri> Anion Entoo, Clergyman. Raynhan 

WillaDd HcDdrlck. Principal N. Y. T. 

ing School lor Teachen; Rei. N) 

N. Y. 
WiUum Joieph Leonard. lawyer 

Fann«r, Atlantic Highland!, N. J. 
■JOKph Judion ' Pierioii, Clergyman 

Ian. i8, 1699. 
•Georfc Butler Turobull. TcBcher, d. 

6, 1B99- 

-- ge, KalL . 

Ij6 Thompion Si., KaUmaioo, H 

•Uarcoa Clyda AUen, Manufacture 

Dan£l lunea'siliion. Clergyman, Lil 

N. Y. 
Cbarlea Franklin Hahn, Clergjman 

Donald Dnunraond Mj 

Cl.a« i 

:Liurli), Clers 

•Frederick Aucuilua Potter, Qergymai 

Oct. 17, TSg«. 
*Gtorga Wilaon Schuyler, Herchaal, 

July I4> 1879. 
•Charlea WUaoa Sheldon. Teacher, 

Mar. 12. 180J. 
•Albert King Sutton, Accounlut. d. 1»ity 
Ibany, N. 

y.: Ke>. 781 Oitrom Ave 

Henry Alden Uuiieli, Clergynian, 607 

Washington Ave.. Uelleville,. N. }. 
Albert B. Coati, Clergyman, Gen. Secy., 

Conn. Baptist Convention, 614 Conn. 

Mutual Bldg., Haltford, Ct : Kei. 7aa 

'— ' — *— "--ford, ■" 

Army Recruiting bu- 
Bradley -Sts., Daven- 
port, la.; Res. fijg S- 8tli St, Daven- 

Edion' Joieph Farley, Clergyman, 7} 
Chestnut sTl., Oneonla, N. S. 

Charlea Arthur Fulton, Clergyman, Paitor 
First Baptist Church, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Willi! Edgar Heatoiw X^wyer, 70 Second 
St, Troy, N. Y. ; Rei. Hoosick Falls, 

Klmer Howard Loomia, Professor, Prince- 
ton University, Princeton, N. J. ; Res. 
30a Nassau St., Princeton. N. f- 

■Hardy Critlenden SCona, Teacher, d. Feb. 
1°, i88j. 

Ralpli Wilmer Thomai, Lawyer, St«te 

L,oreiuo Brown, Qergyman and 
, Eagle Bridge, N. Y. 

Caldwell. Clergyman. 

,. rv" 

Edward Othemao Smith, Clergynua, : 
£. 7alh St., Cleveland. O. 

•Albert Jay Truesdell, Newspaper \ 
ager, d. Ape. 14, 1894, 

Willis Gilbert Babcock. Phyiician, Cleve- 
land, N. Y. 

Sidney Clarke. Banker (Retired), 1*43 
Peiidergflst Ave.., N. Y. 

•Pred Saniull Pullon, Phyiician, d. Mar. 

Arthur Thomai Lawton, Norwich Suie In- 
sane Asylum, Norwich. Ct. 

Charles Sdward UcKinney. Banker. Sioux 
Falls. S. D. 

Henry Herbert Parry, Clergyman, 1150 
Hakey St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

■ ■ n Walter Phillips. Clerjo-man; Res. s 
, PI.. Mobile. Ala. 



X Ely, l>hysician, J04i 

_... delphia, Pa. 

John I^ren Fesierson, Magicine 
....... ...- -nineer Pub, C 

St.. Phils 
John I^rei. 

with Univi 

k Arthur 
Item Ave., 
e S. Xelse- 

I Pope, (Init. by Colbvi. 
Man. with Chicago Herald. 
Bldg.. Chicago. III.: Res. 
TISS S. Auatin Ave,, Oak Park. 111. 
Welli Bradford Siier, Resort, Sawyer. 

nwille loomia. Teacher. Central 
High School, Scranton, Pa,; Res, irai 
lefferson Ave., Scranton, Pa, 
John Stanley Lyon. Clergyman (Baptist). 
Chamber of Commerce, Ilolyoke, Mass, : 
Res, 21^ Chestnut St., Holyoke. Mais. 



•Chuln Juna 

dent, iL AuB- 

WurcD TVyr- • 

Theoloiical Stu- 
CUpp, iiccrcuiy of Board 

• "■ f-ir 

m Cobb, Lai 


ytr, d. Ftb. ii, 1914. 
■Bdwin Newton Flctchei 

Jam™ G«ir«e Grant, 

■Frederick Chaunce; Craiet, Phjiician, d. 

Frvdeiick Lolic Sanborn, lait known ad- 

drua, S. Pueblo. CoL 
Albert Sr&eat Scairave, Uiaiionarr, A- B. 

F. U. Society, bsaw Karen Miaiion, Ab- 

lone, RaDBOon, Burma. 
Frederick jitmca TumbtUU HIah School 

Principal; Ret, ji* North St., Oil City, 

-. --, D darenx] 

York, N. y. 
William Calvin Whitford, Proleii 
tred University and Alfred The 
Sitnmary, Alfred, N. Y. ; R». 
race St., Alfred, N, Y. 


■Owen Canidr, Lavyer, d. Jan. ij, ion, 
Bdward Hartbalt JeSen, Clerayman, Pas- 
tor South Oltumwa Ba pi ill Church, ig? 

c Univl 

Oacar Reed 

Fred^ck ^WUIiam"!! 
ConitntmiLn, Prea. 
& Co., Inc.; Maohi 
Treat. Brooklyn 
Tii Eastern Parkvi 
kes. 137" Union 1 

[ly. TfTraih 

an Bndne tc Lin 

R Supply O 
00k lyn, N. 1 
; Brookfyn, N. 

301-J04 Tremont Bld<., Boitoa, Mass. ; 
Rei. >g Foreit Arc. WeM Ne*»n, 

Creicblon Richard Storey, OerByDUB, Ktc- 
tot Trinity Episcopal Lburch, Albany, 
N. Y.;' Ret. Summit Park. Albuy, 

N. y. 

Alfred Waaler Wiihart, OerETmaii, Fomi- 
■in St. Baptist Cbnreh, Terrace Ave.. 
Grand Rapid). Hich. 

r Butler. Lawyer, Hem. Per- 
ler, jS Park Row, New Vuk. 
1. 49 CoLIege PL, RidsewooJ, 

n John Ford, Clerayman, « W. Park 

Aibiou. NY. 

r Foiur Hallory, SecreUry Oa- 

—- ' — ! Study DepL, UniieiMty of 

fiicafo, Chicago, III.; Res. 
de Ave,, Chieago, IlL 
lliam Luther lliyoard. ' 


Mar. :.. .-„. 
HowUnd Cynii HerriU, Prolesior, Frank- 

hn Collefc. Franklin, Ind. 
*Edwin Drew Horgan. Teacher. 
John William Roberta, Clerirman. Fox 

+John 'juitin Sheldon, Student, d. Jan. 

Ki^k William Thampaon. Teacher, Jamaica 
Hiih School, Jamaica, N. Y. ; Rei. 54 
Corumbii Ave, Woodhaven, N. Y. 

Ulyuea Grant Weatherly. Profeisor. Indi- 
ana University, Bloomington, Ind.: Res. 
517 e. Third St. Bloominglon, InA 

Charlca Albert Wheat, School Superin- 
(endenl. Los AnRclc) Co. Hall of Rec- 
ord], l.oi Aiigeleii. Cal. : Rei. Alhimbra. 

DeorEe 1 


60a Chestn 
' Win. 


•Irving AIouo Houglaa, Editor, d. Dec. 

10, .s«e. 

CUyUn Grinnell, Clergyman, ijij Beale 

Ave., Altoona. Pa. 
*F*alOB Craig Rowell, Teacher, d. Apr, 

'}. "S9», 
•Wllliam Henry Wiltae. Oerk. 

William Marvin Bennett, Principal. Wcit 
High School, Rochester, N. Y, : Res, t« 
Warwick Ave., Rochenter, H. Y. 

Hubert Horgan Brown, N. Y. 

Carl Deloa Cat*. Oetgyman, Baptist 
Church, Delaware Ave,, Buffalo, N. Y, ; 
Res. 136 Anderson PI., Buffalo. H. Y, 

Adoni Judson Hartnex, General A ■em. 
Representing La France Ufg. Co, "I 
Philadelphia. Pa,, Whiteabora, H. V. 

Walter Simon Howard, aergymaa. m W. 
4>st St.. St Paul. Hinn. 

George Dicker Knighta, Clergyraas. lj>- 

Geor^ Angnitus Btoady, Physician, 
JaDwOiy Finn. Physician, Findley Uke, 

John Cnahman Ford. Qerflyaian, Paslor 

Fair Oaks Baptist Church, 6ji Seborn 

Ave^ Zsnesrille. O. 
Ordieln Sidney Langwortby. PhysicTan. 

HamlKon. N. Y. 
Fred Smith Rctan, Hanager, New Eng- 

b>d Dept., Home Life Ins. Co,, Suite 

Res. I 

.. Hamilton Ave.. H( 

Cher. Uarwland 
lalCimore. Hd, : 
irard Paric Bal- 

Ave,, Ridgewood, K. J, 
un Yale. Principal ol SchMl. 
:.»ke, N, Y, 

9 Case. Clergyman, Flvreace, 



Hirvcy Williui ChoUir, ClerEymui, Bo 
Oiennut Si., Binihimton, NT Y. 

Archibald Softh Knight, PHncipal, Hill- 
side Cranmur Scbool, Uontcia»^ N. J. ; 
Ra. »c Valley Rd., MoatcUir, N. J, 

Albert Gook MacOrejory. High School, 
~n)cktoa, Mass.; Sei. ]i Silver Rd., 

rt Norct, Prtj. Oneida Com- 
., Oneida, N. Y.; Rtt. Ken- 


Baptist Church, Bloomheid, N. J. : Rea. 

4^4 Frsnklio St., Bloomfield, H. J. 
John HentuQ Randall, (Init. by Uinn.), 

aergyman, Futor ist. Uom's Baptist 

Church. New York, N. Y. ; Res. »8 W. 

taMh St, New York, N. y. 
•Arthur Grant Taylor, Physiciso, d. Mar., 

Charles HeniT Adams Wager, Profesior, 

Oberlin Cofletie. OberHn, O.; Rea. 291 

Second St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Jckfaa CaUop Brtssi, Clerayman, First 
Baptist Church, 115 E. Vue SL, Owa- 

ThooMs' Cain, Clercyinan, NewtoiiTille, 

Arthur Dc Vere Camenter, aergymaD and 

Editor, with Church USt Company. 

1410 Ninth Ave., Seattle, Wash.: Res. 

fiio Maiden Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Rnlud Palmer Oraj".' Profe»sor, Uni- 

nrsity of Maine. Orono, He. 
Judaon Defoe Looderback, 6911 EBglcston 

AfEj ChicaBo, II!. 
Will Bertrand Smith, Printer, with E. I. 

Hildreth & Co., Haimony PI., Brattle- 
-- " Osk St., Brattle- 


I, Vt. 

ank White, 

ler, d. Nov. 
■dvay. New 

Frederick Cnrtias Becker, Real Estate and 
Builder, with F. C Becker Realty Ci>. 
and ComtBonwealth BIdji. Co., so Church 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Ret joo W. 
49th St.. New York, N Y. 

Geone Albert Britgi. Clergyman. 16 Par- 
ker Aie., Buffalo. N, Y. 

Clark TinkhaiB Brownell, Clerfymin. Pas- 
inr South Baptist Church, aa Walnnt 
St. Newark. K. J. 

Ceorg* WataoD Cobb, Asit General Han- 
anr of Sales. Ameiican Can Co., 447 
Welt 14th St., New York, N. V. ; Res. 
U6 Lloyd Rd.. Montclair, N. T. 

John Honktss Leete, Dean ol School of 
Applied Science, Carnegie tnst. ol Tech- 
nology, Pittsburgh. Pa. : Rea. looS Far- 
ragnt St„ Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jamea Warren Many. Clergyman. Station 
H. R. D. a, Washington, D. C 

•Prank Richard Uorria, d. Aug. iB. 1911. 

aWord Stark. New YoiV StateEducalional 
Dept., of D. Appleion & Company, js 

W. 33d St., Hew York, N. Y.; Res. 
,,84.iangstan St. Rochester, N. Y. 

" '"aT, Br«.' ■ *" "" 

Hospilali (or Dept. of Public Cha 
of City ot New York, New York 
Hospital, Blackwdts Island, Ni ' 
N. Y. 

. Oty 

•Byron Arthur Bown, Physician, d. Mar. 

7. 189?. 
Jasse Buttrick Davia, Prtncipal Ccatral 
'■=-'- '■-'---l;' Rea. JS4 Fountain St., 
Is. Hich. 

Grant. Assistant Frofeasor of 
, Michigan College of Mini 

High Schoo 

Houghton. Mich.; Res. 114 Hnbbelf 

Atc.. Houghton. Mich. 
'John William Griffith. Teacher, d. Apr. 

18, itiij. 
:harla Blakeslec Law, Lawyer, 44 Court 

St., Brooklyn, N. Y. : Rei. «£ rerome 

Special A 
Mar. Ins. 
N. C; - 
field, r 

N. Y. 

Agent, Wilh_^pri_B^ 

Co.. Realty I 


1 Fire & 


James Paddock Tayhw, Commercial Ex- 
ecutive. Greater Veimont Aasn., Stan- 
nard Memorial Bldir., Burlington, Vt. 

William Parmelee Waterhonse, Manufac- 
turer. Mem. Waterhouie & Freeman 
I Mulberry St., _Hew_arl 

N. J.; iits. 84 S. I 
Orange, N. J. 


. St., Eas 

•William Edward Bradford, City Agent, d. 

June 19, 1899. 
Joseph Bertram Crandall. Newspaper Edi- 
' lor. with The Evening Sun, New York. 
N..Y.: Kes. ajo Park St., Upper Hont- 

■PranlE Ernest Ford. Student, d. Sept iS. 

Burt Budlngton Grewell, General Manager 

and Treasurer of Chapman & Smith Co.. 

1017-1D13 Washington Blvd.. Chicago. 

Ill; Rei. II] N. Waiola Ave., La 

Grange, 111. 
Jamea Smith Parsons, Merchant, Oiclord, 

Chenansa Co^ N. Y. 
Arthur Chase So we. Lawyer, i Rector 

St, New York. N. Y.; Ret. 144S Union 

St., Bmoklvn. N. " 
Herman Harrff" *" 
Harry English 

Sumner Redway Vinton. Missionary and 
Lecturer, Vinton's Pamda Ijnd Lee- 




^rigga. Clergyman, 
pal. Higb 

, N. Y. 

L. Jay Caldwcti, A 

School, East Orange, n. j.: fies, » 
Overlook Ave.. West Orange, N. J. 

Nelson Leonard Coleman, Real Estate and 
Con*truciion, President and Genl Mgr. 
of San I>iejg:o Construction Co.. 41B B 
nt. San T)iego. Cal.; Ret. jjia Dale 
St.. San Diego, Cal. 



John Barber CreiahtoiL Public OBkJal. 

Borough Halt, Stooklyn, N. V. i Re>, 

iSog Are. 11, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
BtBiy David Cray. Educator, Siaolard 

Un..ersity, Cat; Rei. Palo Alto. Cal. 
Glen Arnold CrOTe. Teacher. Packacd 

School, ni Leiioglon Ave.. New York. 

N. Y, ; Rei ■■' ■ - " 


Harry Bmcraon Foadicl 

Edsar Shugeit lasrahan. Professor, 

Tlale Uoivetsily. Columbus, O. 
Clartnce Darwin Kingaler. HiRh S 

BDMan, kais. 1 Res. 6s' Langdon 
CambridM, Mais. 
Charles Ermendorf MilU, Silesmia, 
P. J, Collier & Son io!,Wa.hmg;toi 


I Mar- 

Ush High Sch 

idolpb, InKructor, Eng- 
. MoDtgomery St. Bos- 
. 63 Sunton St., Dor- 

Arthur Weiman Rhiaeharl. Michiniit; 

Res. 41D £. Castle St.. Syracuse. N. Y. 
Cbarlea Hatch Sear*. Clergyman - 


S«rctaiy Mi 

■ ■ . Nei _ _ 

Terrace, New York, 

:ty, 166 

Slilea. 'Apiariat, bepn 

ladiet Professor, Union 

Theo. Seminary, New York, N. Y. ; Res. 
Maple Sl, Englrwood, N. J. 
niiiMm Lord Root, with Benjatnin & 
lohnet, iiSi Biuadwav. New York. 
N. Y. ; Res. Locust 

SSO W. i44th St., New John 

Star Lake Inn, ! 

6B1 Hudson Ave 

Hlnry RusseU W. 

Nanuei. N. Y. 

lylm. Teacher and Hotel 
"'Lake, "y.; lies.' 

Ibany, N. 
itt, Jr., CI. 

H. Loren Passett, Drunist and Sec 

Chamber of Commerce. Hem. Mercer & , 

Pasaett, Medina. N. Y. 
FrHlcrlcIt Cbarlea Hicka, Law Librarian. 

Columbia University. New York, N. Y. ; 

Rei. sio W. iiid St.. New York, N. Y. 
Richanf Dwight Hudaon, Business, with 

Waterman Fountain Pen Co.. 17} 

Broadway, New York. N. Y. 
Cbarlea HcKcntie Newton. Editor, Port 

Forest Preston Hunter, Clergyman, 44 

Washington St., Middletovrn, N. V. 
•Herbert Wbeeler Marean, d. Jan. 13, 

Cbarlea Belding Phippi, Chemist, with 
Dept. Waterliupply Gat b EleclHcily, 
City of New York, ML Prospect Labor- 
atory ; Res. E. Rockaway, N. Y. 

□eorge Henry Smith, Lawyer. 6jj Marine 
Bank Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Re*. 96 
iDvood PI., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Tbomaa Longland Thompson. Lawyer, i; 
William Street, New York. N. Yl; Res. 
aiji Broadway. New York. N. Y. 

John Ambler Williama, Lawyer, Williams 
Bldg., Norristown. Pa.; R«. Norril- 

Prederick Wahn BcaL Instructor. Univ. of 
Pennsylvania; Res. 300 Brooks Hall, 
U. of P.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Roscoe David Brownell, Clergyman. 
Olathe, CoL 

Clarence Edwin Ford, Inspector of Charit- 
able Institutions, with Slate Board of 
Charities, 187 Fourth Ave.. New York, 
N, Y.; Res. Wolcotl. N. Y. 

Samuel Monroe Oravei. Superintendent of 
Schools and Instructor. Weltesley Col- 
lege, Wellesley Hills. Mass. : Res. Squir- 
rel Rd. Welleslej HiUs, — 

d., Welleslev 
Winficld H 


Ocorge Kitkpatrick Hamilton, Cleri 

(Baptist), Odessa, N. Y. 
Claude Carl Lytic, Physician. 431 S. main 

St., Geneva, N. Y. 
Walter Clark. Mason, Missionary, Tura, 

Chari<i'°'He?b«t Oliver. Farmer. Cha««. 

N. Y. 
Corneliua Edward Schaibic, Ciernryman and 

Professor. Union Univ.. Richmond. Va. ; 

Res. Dumbarton, Va. 
'Clyde Herwood Sunderland, Manager, d. 

Louis Clark Tinker. Insurance, with Pra- 

.- _-.. Glens 

I High School: Res. aj Fallon St., 

i.ieni Falls. N. Y. - 
Edward Albert Parker. Teacher, New 

Brunswick Hifih School, New Brunswick, 

N- J. 
Wilaon Newton Perkins, Teacher, Pnn- 

cipj High School, Brasher Falls, N. Y. 

i»oj / 

Murray Beat. Business, 
jhone Co.. iSi Wash 
irk, N. J.; Res. loi i 

Newark. N. J. 
I Clarke Davis, Superv 
at Music & Choral Com 

with N. Y. 

iogton St., 
[eller Park- 

Olcnn Blacbnar EwelL Clergyman and 
Librarian, Rochester Theological Semi- 
Rochester, N. Y. ; Res. to Brigh- 

, Logan 
hia. Pa. 



10 iSlcaly Bldg., Allmta. Gi. 
Earle Garfield Lindcy, Profe^ 

Collegt, Oikland, Cal. ; Res. 3-j- ^-.^.- 

son St., Oakland, Cal. "s 

JuBH Patrick HacFarlue. Sales Manaier,, 

with ColumbUn Ropt Co,, Auburn, 

K. v.: Sua. 3d Grover St., Auburn, 

N. Y. 
Barl Athmorc Partridge Teacher, Easi 

High Sehool. Kochetler. N. Y.: Res. _-, -- 

Of Middlesex Rd., Rochester, N. Y.__ Ave., Uea 

..._ Poller, Graduate Student, 

£arvard Univ., ii College Hpuse. Cam- 
iridge. Maes.; Res. Pueblo. CoL 

«__.„;_ po„eii_ Clergyman, 

nal Church, Meriden, 

i St., Meriden, Cl. 

Calvin Ward. Professor. Allegheny 
~ "- "U Park 

Center Conj 

" " '\ 

College, Meadvilie, Pa.; Res. 


i"St., New YotIi.'n. "t. 
Clayton Byton Simmoni. Professor, »3 

looa Sl, Cedar Falls, low*. 
Charle* Stpwell Smith. Assi. Dist. Pc 

SCO, Cal. ; Res. 857 

C^vary Bap°i 

Herman Thcodor Rendtorif , 
ant Professor, Carnegie 
Teehnology, Pittsburgh, Pj 
Woodlawn PI., pj--'- ' 

ilawn PI., Pittsfurah, Pa. 
Garfield Bailey, Clergyman, West 

Side Presbyterian Church, Englewoou, 

N. J.: Res. 110 W. Palisade Ave., 

Engliwood, N. J. 
■rmond Blaine Poidick, Lawver, 61 

_Broadivay,_New York, N. Y. ; ftes. ajS 

Bllii . _ 

, N. 


lohn Leonard Brothera. Jr^ Ser 
ager, Ericson Mfg. Co. ; Res. r 
Ave., Buffalo. iC Y. 

Archibald Cu) Heller. Advertising. »«. 
The Charles William Stores. 1 Main 
St. Brooklyn. N. Y.J Res. 8 Lake St., 
Jamaica, N. Y. 

Chirlei Sahler Kcom, Resort Hotel Man- 
agement, 301 Fifth Ave., New York, 
N. Y, 

New'Ymk. jj! .. 

Charlea Leber, Teacher, Technical High 
School. Scranton, Pa. ; Res. 016 W. EFm 
Street. Scranton, Pa. ^ 

Hu-rr HanniiiK Rt»t. Public Accountant, 
with N. Y. and Buffalo Audit Co., ?i 
W. Eagle St., Buffalo. N. Y. ; Res. 190 
Richwood Ave., Buffalo, N. V. 

Wijne Addiion Root, Sec, and Treas. New 
York Wire Cloth Co.. 133 Broadway, 
New York. N. Y. ; Res. Prince George 
Hotel, New York, N. Y. 

Kenneth Osborn Smith, Newspaper Man, 
with The Sun, New York, N. Y: Res, 
60T W. T4oih St., New York, N, Y. 

Souire Hurl burl Snell, Principal Henry 
W. Longfellow School. No. 16, Roches. 
ter, N, Y, ; Res, j Nelson St, Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 

Prankltn Strong, Teacher, SonOi ^de 
High School, Newark, N. J.; Res, 184 
W. Qinlon Ave,, Irvington, N. J, 

Borden Smith Veeder, Physician, soo S. 
Kingshighway, St, Louis, Mo. 

Wayne GUbert Benedict, Principal, 

School. Greene, N, Y. 
Edward JudaoD Coleman, Farmer bd 

surance. Red Creek, N. Y. 

,„„ , N. Y,; 

Hodge Ave,. Buffalo, N, Y, 
Libert Brnest Nichols, Teachei 

Metennan, Standard I-ight. Heat Sc 
Power Co,, Sidney, N. YV; Res, Grand 
St, Sidney, N, Y. 

David Dudley Slawell, Fhvsician, 113 E. 
78th St.. New York. N. Y, 

Frank Fuller Sutton. Representing Hough- 
ton Mifflin Co , Boston. Mass. ; Res, 66 
Lexington Ave,, Columbus, O, 

WUliam Hotcbkiis Yocum, Dry Goods, 
with Cook & Feldher Co., Jackson. 
Mich,; Res. iij Lydia St, Jackson. 

Letter David Beert, Teacher. HiRh 
School; Res. gii Union St, Plainfield, 

WUl'iarn Elmer Blake. Clergyman, First 

Baptist Church, Grafton, Mass.; Res. 

Worcester St,, Gralton, Mass. 
■Robert Cilleipie Dean, d, Apr, g, ic>a7, 
Oscar Frederick Howard. Artist, with 

Morning Telegraph. New York. N. Y. ; 

Res. Nassau, New Providence, Bahama 

Robert Miles Northup, Superintendent of 

Schools, Franklin Academy, M alone, 

N, Y,; Res, ta Morton St., Malone, 

Arthur Broughton Cronkhlte, Salesman. 

with Henry Holt & Co,. 34 W. Jjd 

St., New York, N. Y,: Res. No. 7 The 

Lorraine, Utica. N, Y. 
Stephen Cunliffe, Clergyman, Gilberls- 

vUle. N, Y. 
John Elbert Day. Asst. Dist. Traffic Chief 

with N. Y, Telephone Co., Kingston, 



imrD An,, KinsitOD, Joacph B, L«uclct, witt 

». y. 

OcoTBe Arthur Qtani, Teacber, Ceotra] 
High School, ClcveUnd, O.; Ru. 1617 
E. ;3d St., acTCliiDd. O. 

Pnderick Maun Jcmta, Aut Fioleuor, 
Colgate UniiBtity, Hamiltoo, N. Y. 

" ' " — T LangwoTthr, Phriician and 

'■ " "1 Aye., Brooklyu, 

Hoirard Ti 

N. • 

I Tracy L» 
!on, 480 I 

Edward A. Park*. Salennan, with 
Almninum Cook in i UCcnul Co., 4 
Ford Bids., Detroit, Mich.; Rei. On 
opU, N. Y. 
Theodore Charlea Weller, Theatrical, wi 
The Dramatic Mirror. Putnam Bld| 
'•>h St. and BroadwlT. New Yor 
I Rm. Hor«bcadi, N. Y. 
■Vright, Teachi " 


Edwin i^iner V _^ 
School, Rochesi 

N. Y.: Rm. 

, N. V. 

Lumen Arthur ChriunM 

with H. H. Van Sevall, 

Syr«cu«. N. Y. ; Rea. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Lovit Bainbridse Qro 

Barker. N. Y. 
John Lanla, ^teamihi^ 

York, n: i.j nc 

Uackcnesck, N. ]. 
Brewater Brick Karc, Teacher 
°-'- St., New York. N. Y. ; 
;, U. Y. 
' Rial Pack, So. America 

Pa.; Res. :>o6 Woodlawi 

Alwia'jahn''Schieil, Newspap< 
Poil-Standird, SyracaK, 1- . 
]J« Gilford St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

SfHz Btdg., 

Rohert BlaliM Baker. Fi 

3, EarliHllf- N. V. 
Harold Joi 




... T[ 

York, N. _. 
Archie Shepard 
dent, Vr^-^- 
IlLi Rei. 

—jrrilL Graduate Stu- 

ity ol ChiOBo, Chicago, 

" ' Ave., dicago. 

John Qwilrm Rtea, 

American Can Co., 10 Powen Bids-. 

Rodiciler, N. Y. : Rw. Fairport, N. V. 
Theodore Haaon Sprasue, Farmer, Ut. 

Kisco, N. Y. 
William Micholu TobiM, InHiraace 

Broker, with The Walter Walton Co.. 

BJohn Sl, New York, N. Y.; Rei. 
ickeniack, N. J. 

Bids.. Grand Rapids,' Uich; Rh. S05 

S. College A»e^ Grand Rapidi. Mich. 
Philip Sidney Baldwin, via. Paleitine, 

Florence, lialy 
Stanley Bvtrett Baldwin, Qergyman, Piral 

Baptist Church, Whiteiboro, N. Y. 
Bdwin Walker Leonard. Bond Salesman, 

1 1< Broadway, New York, N. Y. ; 

Res. Skaneateles. N. Y. 

chow. China. 
Philo Woodworth Psrkc 
Oil Company. Export 
way. New York. S. 

5th St. 6uqueine. ^a. 
Frederick John Twogood, Aasi 
Standard Oil Company, Wi 

lord St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
. Bonacll WardUw, Cotton Uet- 
ehant, with A. G. Hyde & Son, 3S8 
Broailway, New York, N. Y. ; Res. 
Weatwood, N. J. 

Clpde Loomli WiUiaraton, Merchant, Hem. 
Willianuon ft Shapley, Earlville, N, Y. 

Clarence Lbo Woodman. Teacher, Plain- 
field Ht«h School; Res. 918 Union St., 
Pla infield, N. J. 

with American Gaa C 

Re>. ii]o Highland J 
LvIe Bishop Chapman, ( 

vay Process Co., Syra 

ijj Clairmnni Ave.. S 
Theodore i 


Chic » go. III. 
Robert George Ingraham, 

gate University. Hamilt 
Roben Webber Moore. 

New England Mutual 

esler, Ps. ; 
heater. Pa. 
;, with Sot- 

It Travelmg Sales- 
Milligan Mfg. Co., 

, .... Jniicago, III.; Res. 

W. 34th St., Norfolk, Va. 
*— "- Howard, (I nit by Cor. 
- -no Unnicipal Bldg., 

laon. NewBpape^ 
1 L. Gueoeto No. 

Bernard Sugene Keller, Saleiman, with 
Goodyear Tire ft Rubber Co., Syracuse, 
N. Y. : He». 309 Sooth Main St., Elmira, 

wood, N. r. 
Qeorge Vaughn, Jr., Gas Appliance Uana- 
iacturers, with W. U. Crane Co., Gates 

Aldrich Wood, Ii^edical Student, 
acuse Uniiersity, Syracuse, N. Y.i 
. Constantia, N. Y. 
[ RadibuB Wright, Chemiil 



Loui* Charlci Baldwin, Uedicil Student, 
Columbia UniTCnily, Medical School, 
New York, N. Y. ; Res. 336 W. B8ih 
St., New York, N. Y. 

Alvafa Warlaod Bourne, Jr., with Sland- 
ard Oil Co. of N. Y.. aS Broadway, 
New York, N. Y.; Sea. 41 Peno St.. 
K airport. N. Y. 

PrankTm Gcorse Btehmer, Chemist, with 
Oiarlea Pliier & Co., 11 Barileit St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Res. 41 Clifton PL, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Jerome Bdmund Gravel. Clerk, with Ni- 
lional BiKQJl Company, New York, 
N. Y. i Res, «a) E. 3d An., Roselle, 
N. J. 

Robert Sae Harkniu, Salesman, AIIfd & 

Paul Henry ^Axiell, Student 1 Res. De- 

Few York 
hbr St., 
iff, N, Y. 

ith Frederick H. Hurdraan, «as FiM 

- - ■ -.yracuse, li. Y, i Re. 

SyrscuM^^ N. Y. _ 

Bk. Bldg., 
Adelbert Psge^Dan 

Product Hla. 

... , uel Mia. 

with Phenijt Cheese Co., Zeeland, Mich. 
Alfred Charles Ramaav. Teacher, Gouver- 

neiir High School, Gouvemeur, N. Y. 
Charlei fflward Riler Science Teacher, 
Maiiena Hiitb School, Maisena, N. V. : 
Res, 4954 Slone Si., Oneida, N. Y. 
John Jam« R07, Teacher, The Hotch- 
)>;» School, Lakeville, Cl. 

Southwood Vauihan, EngineerinK 

mt, Columbia University, New 

, N. Y.; Res. 146 E. sth Ave., 

■ N. )- 

' don Win. Grain Broker, wiih 

..._ ._ Witl, 616 Board of Trade, 

lianapolis. Ind. ; Ret. 046 N. Merid- 

St, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Walter (^rdon 

1119 Jtf- 

GeOTEe Lyon Andrewa. Ijw Sludent. Cor- 
nell University. Ithaca, N. Y. ; Rei. 
133 Front St,, Owego, N. Y. 

John Harold Blacker, Student, Tnfta Den- 
tal College, Boston, Masa, ; Rea, 19 E. 
Chearnul St, Brockton, Mass, 

Seneca Barton Burchard, Jr., Student: Res. 
543 Lake View Ave,, Jamestown, N. Y. 

Charles Edgar Adam*. Underwriter, will 
Aetna Ace. & Liability Co., Hartford 
Conn.; Res. jo Hopltins Ave., Hartford 

William Calvin Bugbee, Student, Colum 
bia Universilv, New York. N. Y. j Res 
775 Bloomfield Ave.. Montclsir, N, J, 

Harold HiU Caasidy, Student. Columbi: 

Harold HiU Caasidy, Student. Colui 
University, New York, N, Y. ; Res. 1 

N. .. 

Howud llDBro Cere. Contractor, 1 

David U. Gere, S09 Hilton Ave,, S; 

cuae, N. Y.; kes, joj Erie St., S; 

cuse, N. Y. 
nieodore Whiddin Oibaon, Teacher 

Gradoate Student. Colgate Univere 

Hamilton, N. Y, "- 

..:._ .::_.:"s<: 

bury). Student : Res. 29 Ooean Ave,, 
Mew tendon. Ct, 

Loyal Clay Porter, Teacher, Pingry School, 
Eliiabeth, N. J.; Rei. saS Monroe Ave., 
Eliiabeth, N. J, 

Elmer Newton Sweetland. Clerk, with Na- 
tional Biscuit Company, 409 W. ijlh 
St., New York, N. Y, : Res. 4'i E, 
Third Ave., Roselle. N. J. 

Ruiiel Eric Whittle. Chemisi. Solvay 
Process Co,, Syracuse, N. Y, ; Res. 
Auburr., N. Y, 

Samuel Jeiaup White, Franklin, N. Y. 

1 Eaile jonea, Stu 

I Si,, Glens Palls, 1 
Smith Jones, Stude 

XinE'ilev* II 
CliC N, \ 

t; Res. Burke, 
Student : Res. 
, Sludent: Res. 

imp. Student ; Res. 

666 E, Madison St,, Washington, Pa. 
Guerdon Wrichl Whittaker, Student; Res, 

ason Byron Barton, Stadenti Ri 

cnnecb Prenklin Calc Student; Res. i 

D . e. fi — rsville, y " 

1. Sluden 


Robert lonii Given. Teacher, C 


I H 

tarr Academy 

Culver. Ind. 

Renaelear Rnaaell HalL (Init, 



em Reserve): 

Res. .1830 Qi 


Lakewood, O. 

Michael Joseph 

I ayes. Student 




WiniBB HcHtsry Horse Stsdent; Kcs. igig 
«. . vT «% A. ^ In4iuuLpali», Ind- 

a Lanswwthr, StnileBt; Carl WUhcbn BKkmao, Student; 

tarn. nnuHOB, N. Y. New Bedford, Mut. 

Albcd HauTlin, . Student: Bea 7J3 E. Cadi UMxrjmi Borcstt, StndeBtj 

ifai U. ,P»-_St.^ InjiMuipiJa. Ind; 
Sst. Hi 

i^th st.rB™ijrir'N\'v. ' _, 

"---^ Jinut Ruuar,. PoattTT DalEr, JoMph MltchslKn C 

_ld™i^«~»u4 5I.IK.I 

i71h SL, Fliuhias, M. ¥. 
■n Burca Smith, Student 

Burke, K. Y. ioliaiic, N. Y. 

Walter Puller Speacer, Student; Re*. 41S Qcorse HornB 
Summer Ave., Sprinffield, Ifau. Huniiton. N. ' 

-incfield, ICau. 
Kocer Peck Smith, Student; Sci. Caaa- 

ji Pucock. J[„ Student; Rea. Ptaim- 

ficld. N. J. 


CohnnbM Unlvenltr, New York, N. Y. 

EaUblished June 6, 1885; 35 Classes; 299 Members. 

Omtcc Dm* Elbert Clerirm*!], Puior 

Pint Cong. CG., FluthiBB, N. Y. 
NelKMi OlcBB IlcCru. AdAod Proiuior, 

*Ou«r JOHph Cobn, Clcigymaii, d. Apr. 

•Hamiltoa' Lajdliw Htrehall, d. tgio. 
•Joho EliBcr SimjiioB. L^vyer, d. Apr. 

JoMph &auld Snyder, acrEvman, P»- 
tor Olivet Prub. Ch.. ;o4 BerHri .s. 
BrooklTn, N. Y. ; Ru. : 9 EJEhOi Ave.. 
Brookljn N. V. 

Wnilun Elocun Bacitoir, Electrictl En- 

■ineer, Preiident, W. 5. Baritow & Co.. 

SO Pine St, New Yort, N. Y, ; Re..: 

Great Neck, L. I. 
Edward Hala Bnuh, Editor and Haga- 

liae Contributor. 8 Herriman Avenue. 

Jamaica, N. Y. ; Su. : Hollii Court, 

Cbariet I.eopold BJdUu. Electrical Eniria- 
eer. iiSS Broidwir. New York. N. Y. ; 
Kea. M' W. ;til St, New York, N. Y. 

■Robert Qoeller, Lawyer, d. Apr. 9, 

Percy Foiter Hall, aeraryraan (Epiicopal). 
Cbarch of the Epipbany, Waahinirton, 
p. C: Ret: ijjo I St. N. W., Waili. 

404 Wilcox BuildiDA, f oruanu, <_fJC» 

Rck: UniTCrsity Qub, Portland, Or*. 
Heniy Well* Bniah, Lawyer, ' "-- 

County Saving! Bank BW-. 

N. Y.; Ee«.: ij6 Liyir 

falo, S. Y. 
Smith Ely Jetiffe, Phytic! 

- New York, N. " 

""" "' "New 

lum St., Bnf- 

, 64 W. iSth 

Wuiard"vintoVKinc,"Pre>ident, Columbia 

Y^, N. ' 

Y.: feet 

it. J. 

•i.JuiT^ Engiiieerinx 
wi --''JiP"''jj '^ • 

Samuel Ateiuder 

IWrtmeDt Hei... .... 

7 EMt 44th St., N«* laiK, a. i.j 
Sea. : ajfi Whilford Atc, Nulley. N. J. 

Harriton Teller Sloison, Lawyer, a6i 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. : Be*.: 
93 W. Main St, Mt KiKO, N. Y. 

•Danford Newton Barney Sturcta, Archi- 

•Henry Browti Tttrnc- Jr, Merchant, d. 

Charlea Seabnry Eytlnie, Foreign Freight 

Contractor, with The Baldwin Shipping 

Co., 8-10 Bridge St, New York, N. Y. ; 

ReL: Hotei Lucerne, Amitcrdarn Atc. 

and 79th St, New York, N. Y. 
William Oaateo, Uwyer, Norwich, N. Y, 
•Maurice OottUeb Qennert. Photographic 

Materials, d. Oct >, 191s. 
Warren Ethclbert Sammia, Lawyer, i 

Liberty St, New YorkrN- Y.; Ret,: 

Edgewater HeighU, N. J, 
•George Godfrey Saze, Phyiician, d. 

S^wCr If all ^Snyder, VicePreiident Cat- 
ikill Engineering Linei, Piet 43 North 
River, New York. N. Y.; Set. 121 
Palisade Ave., Weit Hoboken, N. I. 

*Chaancey Bansard Stone, Oerk, d. Jnnc 
J?, 1893. 

Leonard Dalian White, Slock Broker. 
Mem. White ft Bla^iwell. _5i Broad- 
way, New York. N. Y.; lEn. Great 
Nect. L. I, 

Warrea Scott Bhuvel^ Engineer with 
Sleere Engineering Co., 6 Horton Aye., 
Detroit, Mich., Kes. : Grouc Tile, 

'Hrwhttt Ralaton ComKll, Civil Engineer, 
d. Not. II, iSos. 

•WQbur Irviag Follctt, Mannfacttu-er, d. 
Feb. aS, igoS. 

Charlei Bdmrd Gudewill. Onl Engineer, 
70J Moimlain St, Montreal. Que. 

Bertrand Chate Hinman, MeuBlurgieal 
Chemist, Coventry Hodbc, S. Place, 
London. Eng, ; Rea. : Heathfield. Syden- 
ham Hill, London, S. E., Eng. 

Huntington Wolcott Merchant Lawyer, 

INastau St, New York, N. Y, ; Re».: 
ayiide, N. Y. 
Albert Brace Fattom, Maiical Bareaa, 151 
W. 4sd St., " " ■ " " *• ' 
.S3 W. . ■ - 


W. 4«i SI 


36 Hiple ^t, 

Francis Richard 

William St, N 

•William /ohi 


,'^' „ 

Charlei Peek Warren, Aaaiitant Fro- 
feiior, Colambia UoivertTlv, New York, 
N. Y. : Set. : Hillsdale, N. T. 

Howard Fairlngton Welsh, Mining En- 
gineer, Mt Harris, Roott Co.. Col 



ki Gilbert A«e., Cincii 

Gloss Atc, Pluiu 

Robert Fnnklin Aduoi, ManuCacturer ol 
Collon Goods. Treuurer nf Adama Ulg. 
Co., ji E. jad Sl, New York, N. Y.; 
«M. : 3 E. Tfiih St., Mew York, N. Y. 

Richard C^Una. R«l £>Uie, ti Wall St., 
New York, N. V. ; Kci. : Futchace, 
N. Y. 

Erneil Frederick Eidliu, (Init. br Cor- 
nell), Uwyet, Mem. Eidliu » Hulsi. 
31 NauiD St. New York. N. Y.; Rm. ; 
110 Uii^Und Ave., OraoRe, N. J. 

Huch HiTlar Haimer, Lawyer, i Uaduon 
Atc., New York, N. V.; Re». i «jo W, 
ilSlh Si.. New York. N. Y. 

Claud* Bank! Uayham, Lawyer, Scho- 
harie, N. Y. 

Jacob Herbert Shaffer, Uwyer, lis 
Broadway, New Y'ork, N. Y.j Kea. : 97 
Marlborough Rd.. Brooklyn, K. Y, 

Edward AUan Siaion. Banker, Aiaiitant 
Sec, Central Trust 8t Sale Dep. Co., 
CincinDati. O.; Kes. : 3551 Homeitead 
l-L. Cinciniuiti, O. 

William Buclid VoirnE, Jr, Broker with 
Hatrit Wintbrop & Co., H Wail St., 
N. Y.; Res.: 384 Park PI., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Jobn Colerids* Travi^ Lawyer, 31 Naai 

St, New \ork, N. Y.: Rea. 3S0 ' 

7nt St, New York, N. Y. 

Auguit Paul Windolph, Aichiiect, Uc 

Wwner & Windotpb, 37 W, ijd i 

' York, N. Y.; Res- 31S W. SI 

•■ork, N. Y. 

it. Ne« 

I Rector St., New York, N. Y.: Res. 
- ■■. TBlh St, New York, N. Y. 

I 8«anun BaJabridie. V 

-_. rV.. New York, N. Y. 

Richard Swe« Polapm, lawyer. 

■gs & Pifer, tSa>-r6 W. 
_.., _hica«o, IIL; Rea. »tS 
Ave., Chicaio, IIL 


ifiald Guy'Poiter, Civil EnBiBear, 611 

ty Hall, Chicaio, IIL; Ret. Ills N. 

-awford Ave., »5.ica|0. IIL 

iam Van Valiah Hayea, Physician, 34 

. s»th St, New York, N- Y. 

ed Biileiton Holcomb, Uwyer. 15 

ey St, New York, N, Y.j Rm- 30a 

, «gth St. New York. N. Y. 

-'■— " -"-c Hopkina, ClerBymu, d. 

Cart Bennett AueL Director oi S 

Processes and Materials. ■Wesoua^.^.,^ 
Electric & Mta. Co.. East Pjl'sbur),. 
I'a. ; Ret. 6jj Whitney Ave., Wilkins- 

Haroll' Rofer Bacon, Minina Knpineer, 
.S16 Third Ave., Los Anaeles. CaL __ 
Georae Albert Biker. Lawyer, is8 
Ilroadway, New York, N. Y, : Res. 47s 
\V. isBth St., New Vork, N. Y. 
•John Reginald Blake, Lawyer and Jour- 
Benjamin Lord Buckler, Ilead Master ol 
Buckley School (or Boys, 696 Madison 
A«., New York, N. Y. : Res. 480 Park 
Ave., New York. N. Y. 
Harris Robfains Childi, Hiporter. Mem. 
Childs, Parr Sc Joserli. 60 Wall St., 
New York, N. Y. ; Res. 149 E. 78th 
St, New York, N. Y. - „,. 

•Joaiah Fraaier Cromby. Jr. "" 

•Arthur Powert Dunkfy, Cashier, d. Sept ^" 

Hlerick Goodwii 
ni, U. S. Armj 
ral, U- S. Am 

sen. i^ra. . 

mer, Pint Lteulen- 
re □( Adjotant Gen- 

merman Wilton. Real Estate, ScC' 

' K. B. C, Smith Realty Com- 

Tenafly, N. J, ; Ret. Tenafly, 

*Clinton Bowen Piik, Editor, d. Nov. 19, 

■Henry Eugene Holdridee. Lawyer. 

Edward 'riwoat HorwilL I-awyer, iiS 
Montaaue St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 Res. 
1.86 I&an St, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Will Walter Jackton, Manufacturer of Fire 
Placet, Supt aiid Manager ol Edwin 
A, Jackson B; Bro,, Inc., jo Beekman 
St, New York. N. Y. : Res. 50 Pine- 
apple St, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

John Patteraon, r,awyer, Mem. Patterson 
* Brinckerhoff, 43 Cedar St.. New 
York, N. Y-: Ret. 41a Rlrerside Dr., 
New York, N. Y. 

Letter Homrd Riley. Theatrical, with 
F. F. Proctor, 1564 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y.: Res. IjTchmont, N, Y. 

•Leoncio Roll, Fhysibian, d. Apr, 30, 

Charlei KaraUton Siuon. Piano Manu- 
lactnrer, with Baldwin Piano MIg. Co., 

I Minor, Jr., Sccrctair Gen< 
inic Company. Watbiai:ton 
iheth, N. J.; Rea. 1380 N. 
beth, N. J. 

londe Power, Lawyer, tS 
New York. N, Y.: Res. 10a 
, New York, N. Y. 

Rhoadea, Clergyman, 

■ ■ -TmrEh, 13 

, Uaai. 

Vinfred Chetney Rhoadea, Clergy 

Pastor Eliot Congregational OmrEl 

y Judson '^haw. Inv'i 

: Investment Banking, 
lore ft Co., lit Braad- 

. G. N. Williai 



Herbert Doty Btowh, Cut Stone, with B. 

A. & G. N. William*, ijjd St. and 

Walnut Ave, New York, H. Y.; Res. 

as4 W. iSiBt St, New Yorlt. N. Y. 
Hu Dobbiu, Miaing Engineer in Bureau 

of PublirWoiki, Manila, P. I.; Res. 

William 6aear Gennen, Lawyer, 34 Niiiau 
St., New York, N. Y. ; Ke«. 164 River- 
side Dr., New York, N. Y. 

BcDJamin Eaitmin Harwood, Slock 

- FaTmer, Chester, Ct. 

Richard Peabody Kent, Guaraniefd Mort- 

B.ges, with Lawyers Morleage Co., 184 
onugue Si ..Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Rev 

Urrrick. N. Y. 
Robert Valentine Uathewi, T.awyer. jo K. 

4ad St., New York. N. Y. ; Res. los 

W. 7Bth Si., New York, N. Y. 
Richard Uontgomcry Sthell, Arc hi net, 

Mem. Bannister & Schell, 6j Wall St, 

New York. N. Y. 
William Dana Street, Clergyman. Pastor 

Wb'tl PUms, N""fr*^«.""4 Ridg^view 
Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 


Ward Btower,' Lawyer. Mem. Browcr & 
Sloul,_5a Broadway, New York, N. Y. i 
Res. HiiTTimBD, N. Y. 

William Samuel Cheny, Physician, 7 J 
Seventh Ave., New York, N. Y.; Res. 
315 W, nth St, New YorV. N. Y. 

Hcnrr Temple Dodge. 

Goldwin Goldsmith, Pro(e!snr of Archi- 
tecture, University of Kansas, 30a Mar. 
Tin Hall, K. V., Lawrence, Kan 
Lawrence, Kan. 

Everett Willonghbr Gould. Physt 

Co.. SDS9 Jenkins Arcade, Piilsburg, 
Pa.; Res. 11 Centennial Ave.. Sewick- 

Chvfea NeiMn Kent. Jr.. Architect, Chief 

Inspector Man. Boro. Bureau of Bldgs.. 

New York. N, Y.; Res, log Jamaica 

Ave,. Flushing, N. Y. 
William Oaklev Ravntond. Architect, 1123 

Broadway, New York. N. Y. j Res. 307 

Webster Ave.. New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Josiah Thonui Tubhv. Jr., Archilect. Bi 

Folton St.. New York. N. Y. : Res. 

414 Hillside Ave., Westfield. N. J. 
Joseph Van Vleck, Jr., Architect, Mem. 

Vsn Vleck A Goldsmith. 111 Fifth Ave., 

New York, N. Y.: Res. «t N. Mounl- 

ain Ave., Uontclair, N. J. 

PbiliD Ernest Brodt, i< 

.__ _, __ ard St, Dans- 

ville. N. Y. 

Eugene Carroll Brown. Poultrr. ai Mon- 
roe Sl-j Brwiklyn, N. Y. 

WUlram JoseDh Clarke. Lawyer, with Cor- 
poration Counsel of the Citv of New 
York. Municipal Bldg-. New York, 
N, Y. ; Rra.! 1S9 W. gslh St. New 
York, N. Y, 

Herbert Wheaton Congdon. Architect, 
Uem. Henry U. Congdon & Sons. iS 

Broadway, New York, N. Y.: Ret, i»4 
Clinton Sl, Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Deitcr Newell Force, Jr., Electrical En- 
gineer, with Crocker-Wbeeler Co.. Am- 

^^ir MonicUir,*" N?^J. '"'" ""' 
Arthur Lockett Marvin, Lawyer, 31 Nassau 

St. New York, N. Y. ; Ret. Linden 

Ave., Englewo&d, N. J- 
Burdetic Kellogg Marvin, Orchardist, Box 

ys. Riverside, Cal.; Res. 144s W. sih 

St. Riverside, Cat. 
Oscar Bloodgood Smith. Jr., Archilect, 15 

Madison Ave., New York, N- Y. ; Res. 

ig Franklin St., MorHslown, N. J. 

icwia Gregory Cole, Physician, 103 Park 
Ave., New York. N, Y^ : Res. aa Ridge- 
view Ave., White Plains. N. Y. 

rank Holme) Currv. Lawyer, 45 Broad- 
w.v N,w York, N. Y. ; Res- aSi Be- 
i.W..New Brighlon, N. Y. 


neur korVia Htshell. Klectric 

I Win 

I En- 

Cable Co., 114 Liberty St, New York. 

N. Y.; Res. S4 Harlewood Rd., 

field. N. J. 
Christopher Meyer Lowlher, Real Instate. 

^oo Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. ; Res. 

Riverside, Ct. 
William James MeClure. Electrical Kn- 

Sneer, 113 East Kingsbridge Rd.. 
rooj. N. Y. 
Ralph Brouwer Pomeroy, Clersyman, 
Reclor of Trinity Church. Princeton. 
" J.: Res. Princeton, N. J., 

*H»rry Herbert Sutro, Chen 

It, d. Jan. 


..." _?"._ "'-Joi"'N'.'j.' 
Irving Glffin. Clerk, with Lawye 

Ins. & TniH Co., 160 Broadwi 

York, N. Y,: Res. 311 Liticol 

Orange. N. J. 
William Bertram ' 

9 Wes 

Imlach. Mechnn 

, Nen 

Miles Re« Moffatt. Textile Chemist, wiih 
Amoskeag Mfi. Co., Manchester. N. H, : 
Res. ;a; Pine St.. Manchester. N, H. 

Bumelt Smith, Geologist- Syracuse Univ.. 
Syracuse, N. Y- r Res, Skanealeles. 

n; y. 

Myles Joseph Tierney, Physician, Mamaro- 
neck. N. Y. 


„.. Superintendenl of Mines, with De- 

Beers Consolidated Mines, Lid-. K<m- 

berlev, S, Africa; Res. 21 Park Ril.. 

Kimherlev. S. Africa. 
John Bn>Lkin>, Pro lessor. Columb-a Univ.. 

New York. N. Y. : Res.: 609 W. iisth 

St. New York, N. Y. 
John Allen Fulton, Mining Engineer, wilh 

Melones Mining Co.. Melones. Cal. 
William King OreEoiy. Assistant in 

Paleonrology. Amerfcan Museum of Nal- 
■ ural Hislnry. W. ?rth St.. New York, 

N. y,: Res. Sherman S<i""te Ifolil. 

'nth L. 
N. Y. 


Xdmrd CharlM Hsnmod. (Ini 

lord), Kuchcr, Upliud, Ck.. 
Kobut Ch^mu HuU, dcrimun, Pu- 

tor Fini Bnptut ChurcL, Summili 

N. J. ; Rei. : 3 DiTuion Ate., Smnmil, 

N, J. 
Owrci Hilin DtTii KeUy. PUrIet, NiI- 

cbu. Min. 
•Thomu JoTca Lcoiun Kemudv, Ph]'- 

■[cUn, <£ Oct., iiw}. 
Charlai Dowsinx Lav, LuuIbcah Archi- 

lect, 15 E. 40tli Sl. New York, N. Y.; 

Rti. : Strstford, Ct, 
Archibald lIcLialDck, Uininc Eniinetr, 

St. Lawrence Prritei Co,, DeCaJb 

Junction, N. Y. 
Kobcrt JOKpb ReUey, Architect, «r; Fifth 
'^ A»t, New York, N, Y.; Rw.; 14 E. 

80th St., New York. N. Y. 
•Roben Lawrancc SpUtcr, CiTil Eosiii' 

eer. d. Mar. 16, igog. 

Percr Haifht Bradihaw. 

Ti Brgadway, New York. _.. _ 
16 Tremonl PJ., Orange, N. J. 


br Stan- 

Farrand Dodd 


r, ' Law 

wer & Sto 

] Broad 


k. N. Y, 





ction, Offic 





ction Co. 


Filth A»e.. 



k. N. V 

. Lawr 



niiille, N, 




, The Ne 

w Yo 

k Tnu 


jrk, N. 




Y. ^ 




■rht: He., 

ih V. 86th 



St.. New Yotk, N. Y. 

William Major Collina, 
Fifth Ave., New Yorl 
Hotel Narrmnieft. Ni 

LtBtrtt Hut 

Ficldini WUlioB, 
d F. Wniaon Co., 



! Henry AU<n, Physict 
•ray. New York, N. Y. 
Filch AUia, Lawyer 
cvereii. Clarke & Benedict, 
Si.. New York, N. Y. ; Res.: 
Tent Ave.. New York, N. Y. 
Herbert Corliei BrinckerhofF, _.. 
Mem. Paiteraon ft BrinckerhofF. 
Cedar St, New York. N. Y. : Kei. 119 
S. Third Ave.. Mt Vernon. N. Y. 
Franc ii Jouph Brine, Lawrer, Hem. 
HiiRheM ft Brine, 5 Bow Sl„ Somer- 

Paul Henry Harwooa, 1 
aolidattd Really Buitdi 

neas, with The Edc -. 

I^eonard St. New York. N. 
6} W. 73d St. New York, 1 

ilnoreland Blid., 
Dry Goods Bnsi- 

•Triatam Buisea Johnaon, (IniL by Wil- 
liimj). Lawyer, d. July 10, itiii. 

Harold ChaSee McColloin, Lawyer, with 
Dayiei, Auerbacb ft Cornell, J4 NaMW 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Rei. 134 W. 
sSlh St, New York, N. Y. 

Frederick Stfb*k HcLIntock, Adrcrtu- 
inc. with Jdaclar ft Uallaly, 6e Broad- 
way, New York. N. Y. ; Rea. 9 TraTcn 
Atc. Uamaroneck, N. Y. 

*Charlc« Henry SmiOMn, Stodent, d. Oct 

Henry Clark Townaend, Jr., InTeitment 
Securitiei, with Kean Taylor ft Co., 
Hanover Bldz-, Pine and ^laaaau Su., 
New York, N. Y. ; Ret. ao Gramerey 
Pk., New York, N. Y. 

Ralph HeniT Wadd^ (Init br ICinne- 
■ola), Uorlnce Broker, no Broadwi 
New Yorl^Ti. Y. ; ^ }» - ' 
An., Brooktyn. N. Y. 

William Bralnard Whilaar, Ri 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


David WoniU FoUom, (Init by Sun- 
ford), Aiaociate Profeator, Stulord 
Univcriity, Stanford, Cal. j Ra. Stan- 
ford Umversily, Staniord, CaL 
*Arthnr Thomjii Kerr, d. July 17, igoS' 
Elwood Cronon Smith, Lawyer and Special 
Surrogate Orann: Co., 58 Second St, 
■■rwhurgh N. '' - *■ " " 


ft Ream, ( 

York, N. Y.; Set ( 

Physician. 180 W. ngth 

New YorL, .,. ., 

Wllmot Edgar Whittler, Hnit by Stan- 
ford), Civil Enjineer, Cily En«ineer'» 

landolph Colclonjrh , . __ 

Witt Ointon Hiah School, lom n> 
and jpth St, New Yotk. N, Y,; Ri 
616 W. 138th St. New York. N. Y. 

P«rc7 WIUiaoM Donovio, (Init br 
Minneuta), Mioioa Encineer. with E. J. 
Lonsytar Company. Brainerd, Uinn. 

llanciui SmedM Hutton. Director ESci- 
cDcy Bureau, Automobile Qab of 
America, 147 W, uch St, New York, 
N. Y.: Rei.: »sf W. 86lh St, New 
York. h. Y. 

Arthur Gordon Lane (Init by Toronto), 
Aisijtant Engineer, with Hydro Elec- 
tric Power Commiaiion. Continenlal 
Life BIda., Toronto, Can.; Rea. 6j St 
Clair Ave., E. Toronto, Can. 

Jamca Michael Hangu. Lawvei. 414 In- 
surance Bids-, Rocheiler .N. Y.j Rea. 
7S Weitminster Kd., Rocheiter. N. Y. 

M» Morae, (Init by Ohio Slate), In- 
sliuclor, UniTcrsily ol Wiiconain, 
Madiion, Wia.; R«. 1408 N. Wadliog- 
ton Ave.. Madtaon. Wit. 

Amoa Dake Palmer, (Init by Rocheatcr), 
Saleiman, with Viior Koitting Co., 
Niagara Falls, N. Y. ; Bea Lockport, 
N. Y. 

Frederick Carl RawoUe, ManulactorBr, 
Mem. Han ft Rawolle. 100 WiUiam 
St, New York, N. Y.; Rea. Betlc 
Haven, Greenwidi. Ct. 

Theodore Gardner Sobinion. (Init by 
New York). Manufacturer, PrM. aod 
Treas. of J. T. Robinson ft Son. 4s B- 



tTlh St, New York, N. Y. ) &*■. Cold 
frills, N. Y. 

WiUtain Aodtau Wsftnar, Lavrer, Sao 
Bt<Mi^»j, New YoTt, N. Y. : Aa. Cir- 
cuit R±, Nn Sochelle, N. Y. 

Obot B. Winn. Uwrcr, 15 W>U St., 
N<w York. N. Y. 


;■ John Callaban, Advcitiiiiif, witb 
■ Ntw York Herild, sjth St wd 
i*dw>r. New York, If. Y. : Ro.: 
oio E. lolh St., Brooklyn, " '' 
Wmiiun LcoiKild Sua, Cli 

Oiorsa WlUiuiuon, ^ectriul Enr 
with Ciocker-WiiecleT Co., An 
N. J.; Ru. KidKcwood ltd. N 
Jeffeiuo Ave, Mmpliiwood, N. J. 

St., Brooklyn, N. if. 

)ld Suez, ClerBTDUn, St 

Fcter'i Church (P. £.), Si. Looii, Uo. 1 
Ru. 114 N. Sprint Ave., St. Lonii, 


■, wilh 

linuoona Pettrttch. l^w 

i S. ainch, 41 Park Row, New 

York, N. Y. ; Rcl 43* Ft. WMhinBton 
Ave.. New Yoik. S.Y. 

Clerencc Illchael Huiht, Hinioj; Eorin- 
eer, with The New J««e!r ZiDC Co., 
Frenklin Furn»ce, N. J.; Ret Frank- 
lin Futnice, N. t. 

0«orEa I^oniird Llndlley, Lie* Import- 
in,, with J. Wild-Memmen ft Co,. 101 
Filth Ave.. New York, N. Y. ; Re«. 
16 Evergreen PI., E. Oruic. N. J. 

Bdirin Tajlor lUrnud, 1414 Fuilic St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y, 

•Hury Eltoc Temple, Architect, d. Ang, 


, Csnil Zone. 

fork, N., N. :. 

William Hcnr; Dannit Pall, Lawyer, 5 

Nasuu St.. New York, nTY.; Rea, 404 

W, 115th St, New York, N, Y. 
Robert Sitphenwn. (Init by Rutgerg), 

Foreitry, with Foteil Service, Al- 

vil Ennneer, 

1S9 W. osli 
Harold Willii 

Henry Kasle Chapln, Lawyer, witb Cri- 
vath &Hender*OD, $> William St, New 
York, N. y.; Sea. «S Fairview Ave., 
New Brighloo, N. Y. 

Harry Edward Clarke, Coramiiaioa Mer- 
chant, Hem. of H. E. Clarke ft Co., 
" ■ 1 St, New York, N. Y.: Re.. 

■ ■• N. *. 

coiM. witb 

., .any. kiagara 

FaUi, Onlario, Can.; Rea. if Ryer- 
aon Ave., Niaaara Falla, OoUrto. Can. 

John Tliootu Robert*, Jr., Uinins Enpn. 
eer, Uanager Wanak^ Uinint Com- 
pany, Onray. Col.; Rea. Onray, CoL 


Bdmid Nonoan Abber, (Init by HimiU 
ton). Lawyer, ly Cedar St, New York, 
N. v. and Smithtown Branch, N. Y. ; 
Ren. 18 Gramercy Park, New York. 
N. Y ; Sun«nicr Res. Smithtown Branch. 
N. Y. 

Sufiierford Stltt Falter, Coal and Lom- 
ber Merehwii, with Felter Coal and 
Lnmber Co.. Bogota, N. J. 1 Rei.: 
Bogota, N. J. 

WniUm Hallet, Teadier, Columbia Univ., 
New_York._N. Y^i Res. 6oj W. 139* 

eer, Cartemine, Ga. 
Joyce Kilmer, (Init by Ratgera). Author 

and Newnwpennan, with New York 

Times. Time* Square, N. Y. ; Rea. Mah- 

wah, Vt. T. 
•Robert Ripley Haatla, Student, d. Feb. 

1 Lynton Pl, White Pl'aiu. N.' Y. 

*Heiuy Morgan Barker, Produce Mer- 
chant, d. Nov. 10, 191]. 

Paul Sidney Barrett, Phyaiciaa, too Puri- 
tan Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Hilary Earl Corwin, Lawyer, with Bayli* 
ft Sanborn, 141 Broadway, New York. 
N. v.; Res.: HuDtiagton, N. Y. 

Martin Louii Dcgavre, Chemiat, with Col- 
gate & Co., Jersey City, N. J.: Rea. 
37< Parker St, Newark, N. J. 

DenTi Donohue, jd. Efficiency Engineer, 
with The Studebaker Corporation. De- 
troit, Mich.: Rei. S61 Lc Hay Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Morton Brinckerhoff Doremua, with Roger 
Peel Co., 84a Broadway, New York, 
N. Y. : Res. : 10 W. 4th St, Ut Vemon, 
N. Y, 

Robert Scarborough Erakine, Lawyer, with 
Convers ft KirTn, i? VVillian St, New 
York, N. Y.; RtJi. 600 W. iijth St, 
New York, N, Y. 

I.eon Maxwell Oiroos. Student of Archi- 
tecture, Columbia Univ., New York, 
N. Y.: Res. tr W. gitt St, New 
York, N. Y. 

Frederick Haabauaen, Mining Engineer, 
Business Address: Cia Real del Monte 
y Pachuca, Pachuca Hgo, Mexico; Per- 
manent Mailing Add. Southampton, 
N. Y. 

Aoelln Ocrry Marsh, Mining Engineer, 
with Nevada Consolidated Copper Co., 
McGill, NcF.; Res. Box IS7. McGill, 

Alcuoder Becbt Morris, Insurance Ad- 
justers, with Albert R Lee, is William 
St., New York, N. Y. ; Res. TC9 War- 
ren St, BrooMyn. N. Y. 

Malcolm Lindaay O'Neale, Mining Engin. 
eer, Sut>erintendent Coal City Mining 
Corporation, Coal City, Ala. 



Thomu Arret Spirk^ Clernrmia, Atch- 

d«KOn Diocese o( Saline. Saline, Ker. 

Edfer Cleeveleiul Tiupin. Sea Cliff. N. Y. 

Wiiliun Bancker Bailer, (Inii- by Am- 
hent). Law Sludent, with Bowen & 
Sandi. 46 Ceder St.. New York, N. Y. ; 
Re>. 160 Hancock St. Brooklyn, N. ^. 

Walter PhUip Bracnder. Rubber Manu- 

Ntw York, N. Y ; Res. 

^w 1 OTK, n- 1 - nes, 
., New York. N. Y. 

Central n. n. 

New York. N. 

Wellei Haniltoi 

KUImao. Valuati 

gineer, with Canadian Car & round.v 
Co., Kinssiand, N. J.; Res. Portland, 

Si.. E. cfranH. N. 1.; Re: 

nil Si., E. Oranse, N. J. 

in Allen Weaver, Architect, s» Colui 

lia Terrace, Wethawken, N. J. 

1 Liberty 

31., new lom, N. Y. : Res. 344 Con- 

venl Ave, New York, N. Y. 
Howard Todd Clinch. Architect, with Oar- 

ence W. Brwer, 1133 Broadw.v, New 

York, N. Y. ; Rei. 133 W. laist St., 

New York. N. Y. 
Sandlord Dana Ely, Architect, Mem. of 

Merten & Ely. S Erie Avt.. Rutherford. 

N. J.; Ro. ID Elycroil Pkway., Rulhcr- 

iord. N. J. 

Uooroe CiutiB, (Init. by Weaiern Re- 
ser«). Lawyer, Secretary 10 Conpesi- 
man U. L Emerson, 18s Houie Office 
BtdK, Waihinpon, D. C; S». ibaS 
Adelbert Rd., Cleveland. O. 

DoiiEUt P«rT7 Dickie, Law Student. 95 
LiberlT Sl, New York, N. Y.: Rec 13s 
W. jstli St., New York, N. Y. 

Oirard Lindtley, Architect, with Ludlow 
« Peabody, 101 Park A»t., New York, 
N. v.; Rea.; 68 Oevelind St. Orange. 

Winthiiw Uirtiii. Grain Broker. iiA 
Md Pine Sts., Pat Roblea, Cal.: Rei. 
iSih and Oak Sts.. Pas Robles, Cal. 
Wharton Miller. Gnduale Woi^, Stale 
Library School. Albany. N. Y. ; Rea. 
971 A St. Johns Pl„ Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Alfred Staonton Moiet, Lawyer, 9S 
Uberty Si., New Yorit. N. Y. ; Res. 

' ■ e.. New York. N. Y. 

w. Editorial Bureau. 
. i;tb St and Irvinri 
v.: Res, 113 Ridge 

Daniel Uaton Garber, Build in) 
■ iruction, with North Ei ' 
tion Co.. us Fifth At... _. 
N. Y. ; Res. 460 Riverside Di 
York, N. Y, 

James Handforlh Mackintosh. R( 


New Yo 

ley, Wes 

GeorEr ^i 


— - - , Country Life 

, Grand Central Terminal, 
, N. Y.: Res. Jefferson Val- 
hester Co.. N. Y. 

I Stat< 

are of Adjut 
-nt. Washing 

D. C: Res. Camp Gaitlard, 

Canal Zone. 

Carl Letchwortb Reed, Exportinfc Busi- 
ness, with Atlas Commercial Co., Ponce, 
Porto Rico: Res, San Juan, Pnrlo Re.. 

Dempster Durand Sherman. Salesman. 
with Consolidated Filters Co., 36 W. 
7ad St, New York, N. Y. ; Res. joi W. 
.lolh St, New York. N. Y. 

Charlei Goodwin Sinclair, Jr., Electrical 
EDnLneer, with New York Telephone 
Co., IS Dev St, New York, N. Y. ; Res. 

N, Y. Edison Co. 
PL, New v™i, K 
Road. Ri 

York, N. Y.; Res. 

Ave.. Ne. 
N. /. 

Irving David SmiA, Jr., Electrical Engin- 
eer, with Gen. fclec. Co., Scheneclady. 
N. Y.; Res. Monroe. N. Y. 

Stephen Ernest Smith. Manager Univertal 
Ellipsoitraph Co., 331 Madison Ave., 
New York. N. Y. ; Res. 65 Fisher 
Ave,. While Plains, N. Y. 

Milton Chase White. Business with Nail, 
Surely Co., 11, Broadway, New Voik, 
N-. y,: Res. Urchmonl, k Y. 

Russell Li 
nell), X.... 
Copper Co. 

ity, (Init. by Cor; 

_ Allen Cromwell, Arcditect, New 

York Cotton Eichanae, New York, 
N. Y.; Rej. Larchraonl, N. Y. 

Richard Field Griffen, Reporter, Journal 

N. Y.T'"Re7.*'j?'Brevoor't'f'l.. b!o«V°L'. 

N. Y. 
James Saunders O'Neale, Newspaper Man. 

with New York Tribune, New York. 

N. Y.; Res. 600 W. lUlh St, New 

York, N. Y. 
John Henry Scnntacken, Mechanical En- 

S'neer. with U. .S. Rubber Co., 1700 
roadway. New York. N. Y. : Res. 497 
Decalur St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sianier "Watton Smith. Engineer, with 
Sperry Gyroscope Co., Manhattan 
Bridie Plara, Pfassau St., Brooklyn, 
N. v.: Res. 1701 Albemarle Rd., Brook- 
Ivn. ti. Y. 

WitlUm Frederick Wuntar, Busineaa, with 
Green Fuel Economiier Co., 9a W. St, 
New York, N. Y.; Res. 317 Lenox 
Avt., New York, N. Y. 



CbaanioE Whcdci Baiter, StudenI; Rci 

ua ColurnbL. HeiBhls, Broolilyn, N. Y 
Lamncc Xiclunoiid . Bntn, \In>urBTiq( 

Broker, lao Williua St. Ne» York 

N. Y.; He. ssS W, luth St., N*. 

York. N. Y. 
BmcBt Bird Uoorchouie, Stadent, Nei 

York Uninrsily. New York, N. Y. 

Kes. M M«in Si., T.rryiown, N. Y. 
Henrr WiUiuD Michola, jd, (IniL b] 

Porn Slate), Student; Ret. 15T Gran 

' — Vandergiifi, "- 

ColoBibU . 
Rea. 468 . 
N. Y. 
Heniy Chriatopher Seedorff, Ii 
" ■ with Johnion_ft_HiK| 

York, N. Y. ; Res. 71 Gatei Ave., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Juluui BankdcM Barrett. Biuineis, with 
SolTay Proceu Co., Solvav, N. Y. ; Rts. 
SolTiy Clab, Solvav. N. V. 

Harold Hill Canidr, (IniL by Collate), 
Student; Rei. Watkins, N. Y. 

RutacI Junea Clinch;, (Init by Rutgeri). 
StudenI, Union Theological Seminary, 
New York, N. Y. ; Res. 194 SpriDgdale 
Ave., E. 6r.nge. N. J. 

Charlea Randell HeadenoD, Student; Re>. 
I a Greenridge Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Creach Mitchell Heydecker, Student: Res. 

w York. J 

John Lambert Turner. Student: 

W. Uain St„ Grove City. P«. 
Roser Lytle Wenale- - *'-'■ 

New York, N. Y. 

Aye.- Brooklyn, N. i . 
Felix EdBK Wormier, with Snake Biver 

Mine Co.. Boi is*, Huntinjrlon, Oregon. 

Waller Clarke Allen, Sludent; Rea. 1901 

Milvia St.. Berkeley. Cal. 
Conrtoer Niioa Aten, with Weatinghotiae, 

a Earl RuimU, Jr^ Siudei 

.--. by Le- 

prKn^, 3iDucnt; Res. 01 Hamilton Ave.. 

Paterson, N. T. 
Jamea Paul Chapin. Sludent; Res. «s 

Fairview Ave.. New Brighton, N, Y. 
Kirtland Flynn. Student; Res. zoo W. 

70th Sl, New York, N, Y. 
Wdter Cuernaey Frey, Jr., Sludent; Res. 

MS Grand Aye., Asfoila, N. Y. 
Jamea Herbert Macmillan, (Init. hv New 

York), StudenI; Rm. : 313 Webster 

Ave.. Jersey Cily, N. J. 
Ntthaniel Green Pendleton. Buiiness, with 

Vacuum Oil Co., 61 Broadway, New 

York._ N; Y.; Res. 336 W. gslh Si.. 


n Huiwi, jr., ocuaenLj 
Jl Sl, New York, N. Y. 

Charlea William SengiUckea. StudenI 
497 Decatur St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rene Albert Wormier. Student; Res. 10 
W. 9iit St., New York, N. Y. 

George Roawell Baxter, Sludent; Res. 173 

CoTumbia Heights. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
FirringtoD Wade Brown. Sludent; Res.: 

301 Bemeni Ave., W. New Brighton, 

N. Y. 
Wesley Hardenbergh, StudenI; Res. While 

Sulphur Springs, N. Y, 
Leonard West Knox, Sludent; Res. 14] 

Washin_gton Ave., Glen Ridge, N. T. 
Albert ^Icer Lithrop, StudenI; Res. 

Ml. Carmel, New Haven, Ci. 
Joseph John Mooney, Student ; Res. 

Frederic Ducloa Baritow, Student 

Great Neck. L. I. 
Joieeh Henry Broderiek, Sludent 

1,6 Park Ave., YoDkers, N. Y. 
Alexander Hamilton Frey. StudenI 

30S Grand Ave.. Astona, L. I. 
Reiiord Shilliday, Student; Rei. 

ahoe, N. Y. 
Richard Wilbur Weatwwd. £ 

1 St., Nen 

, Maas. 



Com^ UniTenitjr, Itluca, H. Y. 

Established May 17, 1869; 53 Classes; 435 Members. 

Duid Rbod^ (loit. hj 

9d^ (loi 

OficUl. J 

M oScc Vuk- 

■Jaoxa KtrfcUpJ, Cterfyoua, d. Feb 

*Thc(Mlor« Br^ut Coiutock, G«oloaiit and 

Uininv EnEinecr, d. Jul; att| 1915- 
•BdwinToRHt Sobb, aemnuu, 3. Oct. 

OwrEC AldM Benton. Lawyer, Cour 

Houie, Rocheiui, N. Y.; Rn. Rcichea 

t*r. N .Y, 
Santord Freemu Huntlir, Ketind Clergy 

mtn, Weuintton Sptiaii, S. D. 'ui 

•Geocve Vnnfield Scott iBctlhuo, Pbr' d- 

liciu. d. Oct. 18, 1S84- Ullt 

'Robert Oiiiui KeuocK> ClerKrinuL at 

Sliibi Drer Leffinirwall. PhraicUB, Oi- Joht 

we»o, S. Y. it 

..erbert Smith HowiT, Pimer, Naion- 

Tille, R. I. 
Junei O'Neill, Circuit Judse, NeiUa-rille, 

•Frederick Hiram fiemlncton. Lawrer, d. 

Frederic ScboS, Proprietor of Stoi 

a Bsrins St., 

ibit Shaft Co., >6th aod Cillowhil] Sis. 
Philadelphia. Pa.; ReL 34)8 Bsi' 
Fbiladelplua. Pa. 

««d. Clergrman, ijs E, 
Ul Airy, PhiiadelphU, 

Oeort* Filch I 

John Uanly ChaM, Real EiUle, with Tt 
Realty Syndicate Co., 407 Syndica 
BldR., Oakland, CaL ; Rci. S8 Baj 
Vista Ave., Oakland. CaL 

Auitin WUliam Dinton. Manufaclnre 
with Leiterihirc Lumber Box Co.. Le 
lirshire, N. Y.; Ret «» Front Si 
Binghamlan, K. Y. 

'Herbert Bdion Copelanil, Teacher, 

Romrn Hitchcock. Chen 

David Starr Joi 

UniTcrjity. ^t_ _ _ 

Louli Frederic JudKin, 

•John Warren Hack, Edilo 

don. Chancellor Stanford 

, Regiitrar, American Uni- 
bii^on, D. C ; Rei. Wuh- 

■ •7J 

•Frederic John Ahlcrs, BntincM, d. Aog. 

Wlured Barach Hanttfacttmaa Unei. 
Boiton, Uaai.; Bea. jo Goaa A*c., Ud- 
roie, Uau. 

IrriBs Porter Church, Profeiiar, Comr" 

UnTTeraity. Ithaca, N. Y. ; Rcl 9 SooA 

Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 
•Edwin Coddard Donaldaon, Lawyer, i. 

Uar. I, iSgj. 
WilUam Uenrr Franch, Tyiw Founder, ;i; 

S. Dearborn St., Chicaao. Hi ; Sea. ail 

S. Eiat Ave.. Oak Park, IIL 
•Lawrence Lealle Grinnril, Stock Raiacr, 

d. Aui. 38, 1B81. 

in Campbell Johaiton, Farmer, Syd- 

'Oeorge' Koore, Retired Profeawr. 
Univeraitr Atc, S. &., MiwK- 

Oeorte Crane Morahouaa. Lawyer, AOA-Att 
Arcade Bld(., UticaK. Y. ; Se^ 1J44 
Oneida Sl-Tutica, N. Y. 

•Joho Cray Hewkirk, TraTtlisa Acent, d. 

Caleb Dciter Pace, CiTil and Irrinlion 

Eagineer. Greeley. CoL 
•Richard Hannins Parmelr, Bank Preli- 

dent. d. Nov. 19, 1901. 
•Oeorie Edward Patrick, Chemiat, d. Uar. 

aa. igi6. 
Ceorie Harwood Phelpa, Lawyer, Marke- 

Alexander Qoudy Robb, General Afcnl, 

, LawTcr, Uem. 

Green, ,3 Mof- 

n Block, JackaonTille. III. ; Re). M 

GrOTC St., iackiomille. ill. 


Jonathan Cowlci Andrua, Retired Clergy- 
man, Oberlin, O. 

Chirlca Duane Baker, Lawyer: Ba*. iid 
W. ij3d St, New York, N, Y. 

Oeorge Holt Berry, Merchant, Afton, 

John Caipcr Branner, Univeraity Prciident, 
Stanford Uniieraity, Stanford Uni*.. 

John Henry ComitDck. Profeaaor, Em«t- 
itu), Cornell University, Ithacr " " ■ 
Res. 113 Robert'! Pl„ Ithaca, I 

. N, Y.; 



^John AUundn Dobrahibaff. Civil 1 

pBtti, <L ibout iBSa. 
■4aiiam RuueU Dndltr. Profutor, 

HcraU^Le«''F>irchild, Prof«! 

Leiud Oulan Homid. Chief si Burei 
of EnloDolojy, U. S. Department 

*Tteab«B Burdlck Foster, Ciril Eniiocer, 

d. Not. T, igflt. 
Lauii Founiquet Handenan, Froleuar ud 

Plant P«tlioloF*t, Hood Riier, Ore. 
•Williun Aahbreok Kcilvrmui, Profeuor, 

d. Uar. 8, 190S. 
•HoTRca ItUton Kea»dr. Teacher, d. 

Apr. 14. iSBj. 
Andrew Jackaon Lamoutciu, Libruian. 

AgTicuhnral Ubrirr, Cornell UniTer.ity. 

Ithaca, N. Y. ( Sea. Porol Home, 

Ithao, N. Y. 

Srneat Roicoe Copcliad, Fhyiiciiai 

Unixersitr Clob, Milvanliee, Wis. 

Cburlea Sumner Harmon, Lawyer 

National Bank Bids,, Chicato, 111. 1 

ii„ATe.. Chicago, UL 

Nichol^ Ftofeitor, 

.lichola, P 

CorniU UaiveriitY, Iihaca, N. 

s South Are.,, K. Y. 
Phdip HnuT FerUna. Countr Jadge, 

Douglu County. Superior, Wii. ; Res. 

171a N. lath St., Superior. Wi>. 
•Kbeacaar Jnntt Prnton. Pamer, d. Mar.. 

Jer^i, :^ort Jerrii. _ .. _ 

tx St., Port Jerri,, N, Y. 
•Amo* Merchant Etuisn, Reporter, d. Feb. 

Euiene'Srayer, Lawyer, Mem. Frayer & 
Alden, 141 Broadway, New York, N. Y. : 
Re», J13 W. 104th St, New York, N. Y. 

•Willia Qarlord McDowell. CiLy Official, d. 
"Jan. 16, looS. 

•nuiraaa Archibald Murray. Bookkeeper, <! 

Chaclea WinMrlorce AmaL Publithcr, 
Pre*, of Welt Publiabiog Co., St Paul, 
Minn.; Sea. 501 Grand Ave.. St Paot. 

William Campball Borl*. Attorney, 
Squire, Sanderi A Dempae*, 
Leader.Newi Bldg., "•■■'' 

_ 3hn Ferffuaon Monttsuni, Lawrer, d. 

Edward Tyr^ Channlns Ruiiell, Lawyer, 
30]-»iS Bank Electric Bids.. Lewiiton. 
Hont; Kea. gaj Water St., Lewiaton, 

Charlaa Mont Youmanl, Lumberman, 

May ji, 1B70. A«., Chicaso, 

Howland RaaeL Anhitcet. ia« Maaan St. Ono Mare SldUt 

Milwaukee, Wi». ; Rea. 50* Newberry ' " 

BIk.. Milwaukee. Wii. 
Jamea Henry Stnbba, Civil Enfineer, 

Bacai del Toro.iRepablic of Panama. 
Charle* Braekett Whaalock, Inaurancc and 

Tmitee of Eatalea, Boaton Hanaser of 

Phoenix Inaurance Co.. 107 Water St, 

Boaton, Mali. ; Rea. 109 Babcock St., 

•SnhlchI Yatab^ Collcse Profeuor, d. 

Fradf' <Sll^er ^Touna, Real Catate, 79 W. 
Monroe St. Cbkaio, III.: Sea. iij:i 
Elmwood Ave., Wilmeite, llL 

vwmUm Noble Davia Bird. U. S. In- 

•pector, d. Not. 30, 1913. 
Charlea John Pennock, Lumber Dealer, 

Kennett Square. Fa. 
WUlii Nathaniel Rudd. Preiideot of ML 

Greenwood Cemetery, Morgan Park, 

Chicago, III.: Res. 514 Maple Ave., 

Blue Iiland, IlL 
John Neal TillDn, Architect, »6 S. La- 

Salle St, CUeaBO, IlL; Rea. tij S. 

Kenainston Ave.. LaGrange. IlL 
Paul Henry Tlllon, Artiat, ss Colonial 

Ave., Trenton, K. J. 
William Treleaae. Botaniat, Univenity of 

Illinoia, Chaopain, lU.: Res. 1004 & 

Lincoln Ave., lj?ban.. "llL 

Henry Wilaon Battin, 407 Grand Valley 
Bank Bids., Grand Junction, Col. 

Frank ■ Gary. Physician. 30 N. Michigan 
. . .,.,„. ^ ^ p„V,ij 

ita. Builder. Mem. Marc 

New York. N. Y. 

Krwin William 

r, Dcpt. of Animal 

in Dennia. Teacher, 
3iicago, lU. 

ProfeaaoT. Cornell 




Elkworth Bellowi, R 



North Aduns. 

ard from at ^ 

.A^^fc ^-o. 

I'lrunn, V.teti 

A S 



'C^'p^. Publ 


h. : R 

t, 343 Central 

_ W« 


Bliig^ ClrvcUdd, '6. ;' ^es. a loS 
93d St.. Clercland, O. 
•Semrd llott. Army Officer, d. M»r 

Daniel Addlicn Pierce, lawyer, 201-104 

WietiDK Block, Syracuse, N. V.; Rn. 

»15 BdlcTue Atc. Syricuw, N. Y. 
Felix Raclieinaiiii, Lawver, Uem. Dunbar 

& Kackemann, Ames Bldi., Boston, 

Uxts.; Res. Rtadvilie. P. O., Mats. 


UeniT Collier Olmited. Lawyer, Joi Sav- 
ings Bank Bids., Bmabamlon, N. ^ . : 
R«. la; Oak St, Bmi^amton. N. Y. 

Benjamiii Warner Snow, Proleilor. L'ni- 

Charles Henry Hull Culilwin Smtlb Pro- 
lessor, ConuU University. Ithaca. N. V : 
Ret. 41] E. Buffalo St., Ithaca, N. V. 
1 AtuEuatua Packard, Architect, Supcr- 
linc Supt. of Con«I., Trtamry Dept-, 
am 47; Federal BIdi., Chican, lU.; 
IS. 7609 East I ->- * ^i— .„ 

Amtis Bralnard, Law ye 
"hatt" Hoffman. Mayor, 

Frederick Louia Roehrii, , 
American Bank Bids., 
Cal.; Res. 501 Oakland A 

. T,oft., 

. MNlerii 

ChaHea ^mntr Jonea. ^bysici 
Delaware Ave,, Buffalo, N- ■>. 

Wilbur Stoddard Knowlea. Architect; Res 
640 Park Ave., East Orange. N. J- 

Ployd Carter Overton, Real Estate. Adams 

^!, Y. 

John Henrr SkilUcom 


, Alban 

*Guatave Praitcli Tauiali, 
Nov. II, 190- 

Frederick Staple* Benedict 

N. Y. 



. York & E 

, N. Y.; 

Cole,. Physi. 


Bd.. Wilto 
Oeorse Llei 

Surceon, I 

Ancelei, Cai. ; nes. ivicxanaria iion 

Los Annies. Cal. 
ChariM Elbert Curtn, Supt. Bitildini 

and Ground). Cornell iTniv., Ithac 

N. Y.; Res. lit Quarry St., Ithac 

N. Y. 
Robert Junea Bidliti, Builder, Mem. Ma 

anh William Shepard. 

Feb. 18, iBgi. 
1 Klliwurth Sloan, Sat 


:hican, 1 

I Engineer, 
an, d. OcL 


Frederick Whiimore Hebard. Principal 

Iliah School, Angola. N. Y. 
Charlea William Horr, Farming and 

cattle breeding. Wellington, O.; Res. 

S- Main St., Wellington, O. 
George Ilontayne IfanhaU. ColleR Pro 

lessor. University of Utah, Salt Ijke 

City, T'.: Res. laj First Ave., Salt 

Lake City, U. 
Jamci Barf Rusaell, Dean of Teachers' 

CollfB*, Columbia Univeraiiy, New 

York. N. v.; Res. 500 W. iiist St., 

New York. N, Y, 

The Whife cS^'be«™d. 'o'': Reii.' 
loGr E. Sjd St., Cleveland. O. 

■Edward 1 

radford Bamtt, EdiU 


n Bridge Co.. 

orfc, n; Y. i 

Res. Hamilton, 

r York, N, Y. 
rh.r)ea Edgai 

__._ _ lY'is.n 

Cheslnnt St., Albany, N. Y. 
George Jndd Tanaey, President of Si. 
Ij3uis Transfer Co.. 400 S. Broadwav. 

Eada Bates, Parmer, care of Hr. W1 

Lyons, Col. 
Biyant Harmon Blood. Engineer. 1 

The Celluloid Co.. 140 Fenr 

Newark, N. J. ; Res. 705 DeGraw » 

Newark, N. J. 
Leonard Callender Crouch. Joatice 

N. Y. Sup""i- r™iri. Ati r 

Arthur Hilll Cutub, 1 raii^n-. ^laic itu, 
mil School; Res. 84 Maple St.. One 

Rd.. Chicago, III. 



Ceora* Chapnua Sbepin), Gcncrd Man- 
»g«r, with The Poole Engineering & 
Uuhine Co., Biltimore, Ul; ReJ. Ml. 


Bldf,.. I 

Re»."3SS« Woolwof'th At*., Omaha. 

H«nJy P 

■ ineer. with Inter.Hle 
Co., Crown Point. Ind. 

JoMph Walker Cowlei, Electrical Supcr- 
intendenl. with Ediaon Electric Illumin- 
atini Ca, IP Bayliton St. Boaton, 
Maas.1 R«. 131 Tfiorndike St., Brook- 
line. Mau. 

Emeat Frederick Eidliti. Lawyer, 31 
Naaaau St, New York. N. Y.: Rea. l>a 
Hi^Und Ave.. Orange. N. J. 

•Harrr Silaa Poakett, Student, d. Oct i). 

Co. Bldg., Albany, N. Y.; Rea. SJ' 
Western Atc., Albany, N. Y. 

Ocorge Elijah Stanford, Insurance, Round 
Late. lit 

Prank SyWeatw Tirlor, Paper Biuineal, 
" -la, Maaa. : Rea. 71 Church 

Charles Prank Hammond, Li 
Pads, N. Y. [ Res. 71 " ' 
Palla, N. Y. 

WUUrd CartwTight Jacki 

Fall £ 

Henry Banncater Whitney, Confideni 
Agent, with Labor Dept, Cap]tol, . 
bany. N. Y. ; Res. Phelps, N. Y. 



Robert Henry BUckall. Manufacturer of 

Railway Sunilies. iipj Fanoers' Bank 

Dldg., Pittsburgh, Fa.; Res. BillfieM 

DwSlingj, Pittsburgh. Pa, 
Walter Fraier Brown, 81] Second Are., 

East Kalispell. Mont 
Cuido Hugo Man. Profeaior, Stanford 

University, Cal. ; Rea. jjfi Lincoln Aye.. 

Palo Alto, Cal. 
Edward Carr Rice, Lawyer, Fatrfield. 

N. Y. 
Dwight Collina Sbepard, UilliiUE, with 

O. C Shepard Co., Medina, O.; Res. 

Medina. O. 
Charlea Henry Strong. Jr., Dry Goods, 630 

Euclid Ave., Cleveland. 6.; Sea. a7 

Proapetl Avtj ClcTcland, O. 
John Bennett Tuck, Lawyer, cot Dillayt 

Memorial Bldjr., Syracuie. N. Y. 1 Rev 

.aS Concord P!.. Syracuse, N Y. 
Oeorge Bradner Warner. Parnier and 

Stock Breeder. Wcllinron Slock Farm. 

A. R. & R. B. Warner, Propi., Wel- 
lington. O. 

trat. Washington, D. C; Res. Fori 
Leavenworth, Kan. 
Louia Warren Emerick, Banker, Pres-- 
dent. First National Bank, Fulton, N. 

n!'y. " 

•Albert Peiry Fowler, Lawyer, d. May 

Karriaon Stldham. SecreUry and Man- 
ager Washington Fertiliier Co.. Wilkins 
Bldg.. Waabington, D. C: Bel. 3312 
"—ark St, Washington, D. C 

Carl Bennett Auel (Tnit. by Colombia), 
Director of SUndaida, Process and Ha- 
teriala, with Westinghonae Electric A 
MIg. Col, East PilUburg, Pa.; Res. 
613 Whitnev Ave.. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Samne) Onatavua Beckett Architect, 
Lient-Col. 75th Bat., Canadian Exped. 
Force, Toronto, Ont.: Ret. 404 Bruns- 
wick Atc, Toronto, Ont. 

•Koeliff Morton Breckeoridge. FinaDciat 
Editor, d. May c, 1914. 

JUBt* Emmett Gleason. Manufacturer, 
with Gleaaau MIg. Co., Rochester, 
N. Y, ; Bea. 17 Hamilton Ave., Roches- 
ter. N. Y. 

Wmlani Diabrow Hurd. Lawyer, Watkins. 
N. Y. 

Fnncjt Pierce Ide, Manufacturer,- Res. 
8a« S. ath St.. Springfield. IlL 

Gilbert WOlUm Laidlaw, Cleriryman, Rec- 
tor of St Paul'B-hy-lhe-rjke, Chicago, 

,-.. - B'- 

Frtderitk Pomeroy Paien, Shipbuildin- 
Assistant General Manager, Newport 
News Shipbuilding & I>ry Dock Co.. 
«3 Broadway, New York. N. Y. ; Res. 
The Dorcheater, ajth St. and Riverside 
Drive, New York, N. Y. 

Herbert Olvtna Rich. Publiahet, Secretary 
and Treasurer of H. S. Rich & Co., 
431 S. Dearborn St, Chicago. < 

Will^m' ^Emtwo"'schJoeder*'"wh'olei^le 
Shoes, Secretary, The Western Shoe 
-■ Clair St. Toledo, O.; Res, 


I13S Scottwood Ave., Toledo. O. 
'tlliam GUleapie Strong, l^wver, (4 W. 
Randolph St., Chicago, III.; Res. 8a4 N. 

1 Rd^ Oiicago, III., 

John Corley l^eaterrelt Architect, 36 W. 

34ih St, New York, N. Y. ; Res. ttidce- 

Reld. Conn. 
Jamn Buoy Yard, Archite 

Bldg.. Erie. Pa.; Rea. 

St, Erie, Pa. 

1; Penn 
. W. Sth 

Bertrand Aultin, Mechanical F". 
■r, los.ioj S. Calvert St, Balti- 
. Md. i Res. Ludbrook Park, Hd. 



N. y.; Bu. loj St. Jam** St., KmRito:!. 

N. Y. 
Kdward Ulruw Hcon, Ldrycr. Bcfcm in 

Binlmiplcy, ioo< Ceatrsl Bank Blda., 

Peoria, lit ; Rta. 803 Perry Aye., 

Peoria. IlL 
Alfred Seuel Hotr, Treu. Equiublc Life 

Asiurance Soc.. .ao Broadwav, New 

York, N. Y.: Rm. 131 Rii-erslJ« Dr., 

New York, N. Y. 
'Lonia Baidwin Homll. Journalist, d. 

Chart ei Edward Barry. Eiport and Im- 
port, with Henry W. Pcabody (t I 
17 State St. New York. N. Y. : Re.. P 
S. Fullerlon Ave.. Montclair, N. J. 

•RaTRiond Ljran Coffin, (Init. by Michi- 

John Jay Criin.' (Init. by MiMgkn), En- 

B Inter, with Waterbury Tool Co., New 
ritain. Ct. ; Kea. Wallmgford. CL 
SoTal Arch Ounniion. lawyer, Mem. 
Gunniion & RoberliDn. Suite 101, 13 
Front St., Jnnesu, Alatka: Rea. 709 <:> 
Sl, Juneau, Alaaka. 
Ediar HaU Howea. Oil Bu.inesa, 33? N. 

Malhewi St.. Los Angeles, Cal. 
•Frederick Beardsler ifatthewa. Business. 

Homer Pr«nk Coi. (Init. b^ Lehiihl. 
Chief EnBineer. with Scranton Gas /• 
Water Co. 115 Wyoraioj Ave, Scran- 
ion. Pa.; Res. <30 Colfax Ave., Scran- 
Ion. Pa. 

Luchis Chapman Puller. Advertising, 131 
S. Michigan Blvd., Chicago, III.; Rea. 
1734 Asbury Ate., Eranston, IlL 

Walter Schon Lenk, Secretary and Treas- 
urer, Lenk Wine Co.. W, Toledo, O. ; 
2238 Collinawoof " - - ■ - 


Austin John HcMahon, 1 

ware, Lackawanna & Wei ,- 

Wesi St.. New York, N. Y. 
Ralph Frederick Roian, Adiertisini Man- 

ajrer, for The Proctor ft Gamble Co., 

Gncinnaii, O. ; Res. Gtendale, O. 
Chwlts Hendee Smith, Physician, 157 W. 

74th St, New York. N. Y. 
lAhn Hawler Tausaic. Engineer, with 

TTniled Gas Improvement Co,, Broad and 

a«-h c** tih,i*,i>iAi,;,^ P4 . Kea E 

, PhTudelphia, 

fsrda, Ni 

Norfolk, < 

Aleiundcr K 

. w'.°8ipr^it 

iHolk, Vi. ; Res. Edgewatcr, 


WiUiam UcKeere: 
viDia), Gh Eng 
Sts , Philadelphi 
Uke, N. J, 

Floyd Yard Parsoi 

by Penn 
road and ■^ 

oat, (Init by Rutgers), 
Broadway, New York. 
dB £. jgth St, Pater- 


1 Rich, 

1 BeU E 

^r., Iteel Ct 

Res. 1 

. . .- - -. >os W. 

4aih St, New York. N. Y.; Res. 16- 
HamiltoQ Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
Andrew Bdward Tuck, Lawyer, Hem. 
Motchkias ft Tuck, aoj Qiamber of 
Commerce Bids,, Rochester, N. Y, ; 
Res. 61 Prince %t.. Rochesier, N. Y. 

Royal Storr* Haynei, Physician, aii W. 
70th St. New York, N. V. 

William Booth Miller, (Init by Swarth- 
more), Contracting Engineer, Wabaih 
Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. : Res. 331 Thorn 
St., Sewickley, Pa. 

Frederick Marion Mellia, Westinghoase 
Air Brake Co., 165 Broadway, New 
York, N. Y.; Res. Ridgewood. "- J- 

Charles JoMph Ramaburg, Engineer, 

Edward Sciireiner, Lawyer, Prick Bldo. 
Pitlsbarg, Pa.; Rea. J6ii Howe St, 
Pittsburg. Pa. 

Walter lArtin Zink, General Insurance. 
with H. A. & A. H. Zink, 110 Frank- 
lin St, Buffalo, N. v.; Res. 01a Elm- 
wood Ave,, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Richard Harold Dearborn, I 


Roche ile. N. Y. 

N. Y. ; Res. New 


I Sib., Chicago, IlL; Re* 
lone Ave. Chicago, III. 

. Hematreet, Lawye 



133a Bergen fet, BrooHilyn, 
Francis Eugene Yeates Joannes, Arcniteci, 

SI Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Karl Frederick Kallerman, Assistant Chief. 

Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. Dtpl. 

of Agriculture, Washington, D. C 
John VaDBbaa McAdam, " " ' "■ 

fliaa McAdam, (I 
resident of Rar 

417 E. 93d St^ New York. N. Y. ; 
Hastias«-on-Hndson, N. Y. 
Stantmn Paleo, Cent. Hgr., Man- 
an Development Co., Harbin, Han- 



t LTinia Juaei, Tnutee EsUli 
W. J»n««, Sw^Moa. Sprinp. N. ! 

■ *mr U>^1T FnoTp^jH- ^*1i Urn 

1 St. S«n Fr«i 



Olmiuad Dret 

. C-l". 

JobD ^scwick Gay, Law, 

St, Seneca Falls. N. Y.: Kes. 7 ^roi- 
pect St, Seneca Falli. X. Y. 

Enseni Lereriai Norlon, Banlier, Presi- 
dent oi The Equitable Tniit Co., Biltl- 
mOTC, Md-i Reg. 4107 Grecnwar, Bal- 

DlTid Pun& Lawyer, with Fowler, Vann 
& Paine, Dillaye MemoHsl Bldg., Syra- 

"-•--- OBI IIBaay, 

."".,.'"!., ™.' ..*"w."Fer_, ._, 

Buffalo. N. Y, 
SiTi SaileT Whitman. CiTil Enoineer 
Norton. Bird & Wkitnin, Baltlmare, 
Md.; Rca. 1431 N. Chailea St, Balti- 
more, Hd. 

"n. y'. 

Frederick ^ttle Connor, Kailwav Suf 
pliei, with Carbon Steel Co. of Pitta- 
bur^, Fa,, Ei» Bailway ExchaDae, 
Cbicago, lil. ; Rea. 133 Dempaiet St, 
Chicago, IIL 

Howard Weddle Douglau, L»yer, 195-6 
Frielt Bldge., Piitibura, Pa. i Res. Manor 
Ave. and 15th St, McKeeiiport, Pa. 

Benton OvBrman, Uiaiat EnfiOM' »"» 
W. J4th St., New York, N. Y. 
Arlinnon Ave.. Spuyten Duyvil, 

Hax CTyrui Ovennan. Treao. ant 

Mgi. Overman Cu.hion Tirf Co., aso 
W. ;4th St, New York, N. Y.; Kea. 
434 W. iiotfi St, New York, N. Y. 

araham Creishton Pattanon, Adrertijiikc, 
hB Marquette Bldg., Chicago. IIL ; Bei. 
iS=a Davi, St, Evanaton, III. 

Harold Elmore Santet, PhyiicutB, us E. 
S7th St, New York. N .V. 

Leonard Ori&n Sbepard, Electrical En- 
Kineer, with Federal Sign Syatem, Lake 
and Deiplaine* Sts.. Evaaston. 111.; 
■■-- ■'- Ridge Ave., Eva '" 

Henrr Walter farai7,'lnd 

- E. 4»d St, New 

13 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 

ter Toraar. Induainal Engin- 
. 4»d St, New York, N. Y. ; 

Hiibland J 


Archibald Uarvine Gilbert 6vi! 

with Delia Land & Water Co., Millo 
O. ; Rea. Box mi. Boite, Id. 

WUIiam John Norton. Conaolting En| 
eer, Mem. Norton, Bird & Whitman, 1 
W. Uuaroe St, Chicago, 111.; Rea. : 
Ridge Ave.. Winnetka, 111. 

John Rea Patteraon. Commercial True 
with Autocar Co., .ad and Market S 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Rea. 314 Cynwyd B 
Cynwyd. Pa. 

Julea Andrt Smith, Artist, aajs Broadwi 
New York, N. Y.; Rea. «ii Weat E; 
New York. N. Y. 

Charlei Ausnat Tanaai*, Lawyer, 
Broadway, New YoTkTN. Y, ; Rei. ; 
W. 86th St. Now York, N. Y. 

Ourlei Paddock Walei, Wooda Supei 
teodent. with Dare LBmber Co., B 
(alo City, N. C. ; Res, Edenton, N. C 

■Henry Fitch Blount. Jr„ Student, d. Sept. 

Herbert Stanley Boon*, (tnit by Michi- 
gan), Inveetment Bankins, with N. W, 
Halaey Co., 414 CalKomia St. San Fran- 
ciaco, Cai.j Rei. agjs Aahby Ave., 
Berkeley, CaE. 

Lonb Frederick Bnice, Cotton, with 
Vaughan & Barnes, Inc., Norfolk, Va. ; 

■ n<U Rd, Cleveland. O. 

WillUm Wright Baldwin. Jr., General 
Agent with N. Y.. Wettchciler & Boa- 
con R. R Co. iSoIh St and Morris 

Walter Ramei Blount Lawyer, Fru 
Grower and Officer, Blount Plow Work 
Evansvillc, Ind.: Rea. Summer, Blui 

Exped. Fori 

Arthur Dutta: 

lional Carb 

oaeph ] 

, Ct 

Goodrich, Contrai 

, Cor. 

veriiiy, Ithaca, N. Y.- "• 

N. Cayuga St, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Warren sSit Schult, Noveliat, Uaplccrofl. 

Ithaca. N. Y.. 
William Cbambcra Shepard. Forester and 

Farmer, Berlin, Cl. 
Morgan Babcock Smith. Chemical Engin- 
eer. ChieF Chemiic and Combuaiion En. 
Sneer, with Detroit United Linea, 371 
twaler St. B.. Detroit, Mich. ; Sea, 
316 Hogarth Ave., Detroit, Mich. 


KeiUT Paator 0% Boi*. laTeatment 
Bukcr, Vice-Prei" - - * 

Securitie* Corp., 


Yorl., N. Y. ! Rei 
wood, N. J. 

CharlM PerguMa Cook. JiTdrmulic Enain- 
eer, itia Uoion Bk. Bldl^, Pituburs, 
Pa.; R«. IJ4 Grove P]., Utiu, N. Y. 

Jiun Honrd Nnrton. Uechinical Rub- 
ber Goods, vicli B. ft S. Rubber Co., 
N. Brookfield, Mu>. ; Rca. iSo Belmanl 
Alt, Springfield. U>». 

Robert Prctton Hicbolt, 30 Race St., 
Philadelphii, Pa.; Rcl Tfae Dclmar, 
Chellen Ate., UermmUiwD, Pa. 

Paul Leon Pierce. Kngjoeer, with Canadian 
Car & Foundry Co.. no Broadsay, 
New York, N. V. : Rei. ComeU Club, 
6s Park Art.. New York, N. Y. 

Henrr Bdmond Smith, Ci*il Enginta. 
ViccPreiident. Henry Smith ft Soia, 7 
E. CermaD St, Baltimore, Md. ; Rei. 
1510 Park A-rt., Baltimore, Ud. 

Wickham Curtia Tavlor. Ardiilect, xsi 
Citiieni' Bank Bids., Norfolk, Va. ; 
Rei. gio CJiremont St., Norfolk, Va. 

Charlea Henir Tuck, ProfcHOr, Cornell 
- eraily, tlhac N. Y. 

■' ice, Secretary and 

leral Rubber 


IB4 Engle Sl, Ensle- 

Co., 1, 
Kes. c 

ot Uni. 

1 Rd., C]< 

Club ~ 

Douslaa Bertrin Weaaon. 
Aaenl, Smith T 
MaiB.; Ke«. F 
meadow Uass. 

..-.Jland, O. ; 

Cleyeland, O, 
rS.. Long- 

Buenoi Airei, Ara. Rep. 
Henrjr Emeraon Davit, (fuit. by Colgat. 

Fannmfr. Newton. Ga. 
Arthur Wood Duboia, Farming and Kani 

, Hallitc 

., .,, Open Hearth 

I ft Uughlin Sleel Co., 

latiaon Keener 

Frank C -.-,-^ -, -.. 

fate). Agricultural ImplemenU, with 
xwgler ft Ladd, 104-10^ Terrace, Buf. 
falo, N. Y. ; Res. 137 Hodge Ave., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 
George Harrlaoa Phaln, 146 Ferrr Ave., 
F-, Delroil.^ Uich. 
[ Smith Wcat Jr„ Live Slock Fi 

ig. Owner 

I Woodland Far 

., Baton 


Soger AUan Baldwin. Atil. Caahiet 

Saving! Bk., Burlington. la.; Re 
N. 6tTi St.. BurlinBton, la. 

Thomai Low* Bogardua, Hardwi 
Bogardus ft Co., UL Vernon, 
.John Halkick Bromler. Aait Inairucior, 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.; Ret. 6 
Osborne Blk., Iihaca, N. Y. 

George* de Soma CanaTarro, Forester, 
Smilhionisn Institute, Washington, 
D. C; Res. 1057 Billmbre St., Wash- 
ington. D. C. 

Abrun Baldwin Chtttcodm, Wholesale Fur- 

Loul* Deaman Sact, Haaofactariag, Sec- 
reury New York Wire OoUi Co., m 
Broadway. New York, N. Y.,' Ro. 
Hartadale. N. Y. 

Harold Kent Schoff, Uanufactoter of Ui- 
chinery, with Stow Flexible Kiaft Co., 
i6Ih and Callowbill Sta., Philadelpbia, 
Pa.; Res. Jiii Harallton St.. Riila- 
delphia, Pa. 

David Airara Stoddart, Uunitions. with 
E. I. Du Pont de Nemoori Powder Co.. 
Carnev'a Point Worka, Pennairove, 
Pa.; Res. 1417 WoodUwn Ave., Wil- 
mington. DeL 

Samuel HlmiU Abbcr, Electrical Engin- 
eer, with General Electric Co.. Schenec- 
tady, N. Y.; Ret. an Seward PL, 
Schenecudy, N. Y. 

Lawrence Gale Bcnaett, Lawyer, with 
Fiih. Richardson, Herridc ft Hem, 5 
Nassau St, New York, N. Y.; Re& ji 
W. nth St, New York, N. Y. 

Ricbard Evett Biahop, Engineer, with Cut- 
ler Hammer Mfg. Co., Ajladelphia, Pa.; 
Res. 4J0 W. Onondaga St, Syracmc, 

Robert Karl Coulaon. Lawyer, wiA Simp, 
son, Thacher ft Bartlett, 61 Cedar St, 

S" JSi: S: V' "^ " "■ "» ^'' 

Hart Cummin. Civil Engineer, with Hor- 

C Engineering Co., City National 
k Bldg., Dayton. O. ; Rea. gas 
Summers St. Dayton, O. 
Harold ^Lewis Dahl^ Uortgage Broker, 

Borlinrton, la. 
Irland DtvU, Limber. Manager The 
Pine-Fir Co., 1004 White Bldg., Seattle, 
Waah.i Rei. 1010 Seneca St. Seattle, 

William' Edward Harriet, Landscape Archi- 
tect, 71 Bay St, Toronto, Out ; Res. 
15* Carlton St., Toronto, Ont. 

L A. 

Angeles, Cal. ; 

, Los 


es. 4« 

1, Cal, 

*gs. Bldg., 
160 N. " 


Filti Femow, Lawyer, with Kenefick, 
Cooke, Mitchell ft Bass, .jjo Marine 
Bank BldB., Buffalo, N. Y.: Res. Uni- 
versity Cftb, Buffalo. N, v. 

Richard Hamilton Gurley, Student, Phila- 

j.1.1.:. T.:„,_=._. ,,_L._. _ Woodland 

ssr Har- 

AvT, P_ 

y School, . 

Jebn Llewclyi 

Pa.: Stea. 

maniowE, Pa. 

Kuachlie, (Init by I 
ler Collegiate ScbwS, 1 
New York, N. Y. 

Fla.: Res. H< 
ville. Fla. 
John Charlei Wheeler. Lawyer. Comi 

,.-il Engineer, At- 
Bldg., Jacksonville. 
Burbndge, Jackson- 

N. Y. 
N. Y. 

irlee Wheeler. Lawyer, 
Res. at4 Wall St, 

Floyd. Building Snperin- 

h Aberthaw Con 

Bertram F 


S Beacon St, B, 

Chester. Mass. 
Sargent Glenn Hoffman. Ranchini 

Geyserville, Cal 
Henry Andrew K 

»d St. 

ford). Ran..... 

Ave.. Pasadei 

John Wallw S 

. Uoort ft 
■It, N. Y. ; 
1*. Y. 

. , by Stan- 

■! Rea. J4S N. El Molino 
I, Cal. 

ilth. Architect, with Nor- 
W. Uonroe St, Chi- 
isco Park Ave., Bil- 

Samuel Charles Stoeker, Engineer, with 
Dodge Mfg. Co., Hishawaka. Ini.; 
Res, lot Edgewater Dr.. HiAawaki, 



Jobn Philip Swift, Live Stock CammisiiDa 
McrchmDI, Hem. Swift & Henry, 141 
Live Stock Exch., Kanus Cilv, Ho.; 
Ro. 4S E. SSth St.. Kanus Citv, Mo. 

Huotd FnokUn Welch. Machine Tool*, 
with NUei Bement Pond Co., 111 Broad- 
war, «ew Vock, N. Y. ; Ret Jj8 Weit- 

Predcrick Haay Bird, Travelina Sasineer, 
w[th Am«ic.n St«l Fcl». ..40 HcCof- 
mick Blda., Chicago, III.; Rei. 47JS 
Kenwood Atc., Chicaffo, HI. 

Ralph Edgar Chapman, Marine Com 

ineerina, with Merritt It 

, jick and Wrecking Co., i? 

Uatlerx PL, New York. N, Y, ; Rei. 

4 Tennis Court, Biooklyn, N. ¥. 
John Rlppon Hogan, Steel Maaufactnrer, 

Mem. of HoBSn & Son, 373 PMrl St., 

Mew York, K. Y.; Rei. ag HighlanJ 

Ave.. Montclair, N. ], 
David Auitia Howard, Engineer, loo 

■■ ■ ■ 1 Bldg., Wajhington, D. C. : 
: Wyoming Apt.. Waihinglon, 

Municipal B.ldg.,. 


Quintan Keiibev, _ __ 

Broker, with Brewster & Co., sj Libi 
St., New York, N. Y. ; Res. n Union 
St., Montclair, N. J. 

Herbert Hay Lafferty, Manufacturer, with 
Red Jacket MIg. Co^ Davenport, la.; 
Re>, 38 Oak Lane, Davcoport, la. 

Norman Langler McLcod. Conaulling En- 

Bneer, witli Norton & Bird, >tl W. 
onroe St, ChicaiiD, 111.; R«. ijoS 
Greenwood Ave.. Chicago. III. 
James Santee McNctt (Init. by Toronto). 
Physician, ilS Aduma Ave., Endicott, 
N. Y. 
Alfred Smith Meldrum. Mechanical Engin- 
eer, with Pord Motor Co.. PitDburg, 
Pa.: Res. 4}g S. Rebecca St, Pitts- 
John HentT Nugent, Physician. Soothunp- 

ton. R. I. 
Henry Blodgctt Warren, joa Sheridan Rd., 

Arthur Jacob Menoer, Hotel, Mem. 

Messner & Swenion, Powers Hotel. 

Roehetler, N. Y. 
Frank Moore, Mem, Moon & Co.. is 

Broad Sl, New York, N. Y. ; Bet. HS7 

Dean St, Brooklyn, U. Y. 
Karl Erwia PleiSer. with Maryland Slate 

Board of Porestry, Baltimore, Md. 
Harry Bdwin Smith. (Init by De Pauw), 

Profeswr, University of Washingloii: 

Seattle, Wash.; Re). 4S04 >6lh Ave, 

N. E., Seattle. Wash. 
William Albert White, Construction Divi- 
sion City of Chicago, III.; Room 40a, 

City Hall. Chicago, III. 

Edmund WUIiun Butler, Stevedore, 
Pellegrino « BulUr, 31 Union 
Brooklyn. N. Y. ; Rei. $31 Thin 
Brooklvn, N. Y. 

Fcaacii Goodrear Craft*, Res. 1431 
marie Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y, 

new lui-K, 11. 1. nei. 300 «. looia 
St., New York. N. Y. 

Leo Nelson Hopkina, Healing and Ventil- 
ating, with John W. Danforth Co.. 70.1 
Ellicolt St, Buffalo. N. Y. ; Res. tift 
E. Wood PI., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Cedric Aylwin Major, with Bowers & 
Sands. 46 Cedar St, New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. 1S3 LeHeris PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Charle* Hardv Newman. Student, Harvard 
Law School, CamhridEc, Mass.: la Say 
ings Bank Bldg., Ithaca, N. Y. : Perm. 
Add. Cayuga Heights, Ithaca. N. Y. 

Henrr Otis Newman. Chemisi, with The 
B. F. Goodrich Co.. Akron, O.; Kes. 

iug with Bucyrus Co., S. Milwaukee. 
Wis.; Res. 3Si Oneida St, Milwaukee, 

Ardim- GleaMa Bogudus. Contulting En- 
gineer, with Fuels & Lang Mfg. Co., 
lie W. 40th St. Ntw York. fl. Y.; 
Rei. 61 Hawthorne Ave.. East Orange. 
N. J. 

Curtis Delano, Mechanical Engineer, with 
Submarine Signal Co., ijs Atlantic Ave., 
Boston, Mass.: Res. lo; Harvard St. 
Newtonville. ^ass. 

Jacob Paul Dold, Packing Business, with 
Dold Packing Co., BufAlo, N. Y.j Res. 
J6j Richmond Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

SidneT Randolph Dresser. Power Enlin- 
eer, with The United Electric Light 
A Power Co., 130 E. ijlh St, New York, 
N. Y. ; Res. 194 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Leslie Flood, with Oxweld Acetylene Co.. 
JS90 Jasper PI.. Chicago, III.: Kes. 
4937 WoodlawQ Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Hotel. Newark. O. 

Arthur Murray Acheson. Bonda, with H 
ris, Forbes ft Co., 56 William St, N 
York, N. y. : Res. Ardsley-on-Hud* 
N. Y. 

Cbarlea Kingman Baiactt, Secretary, B 
falo Meter Co.. igio Main St-, B 
falo. N, Y.; Res. 691 W. Ferry ! 
Buffalo. N. Y. 

Frederick Perley Bill*. Student : R 
Si Washington Sq., New York. N. Y 



Linton Hart, Ciiil Engineer, with John*- Hulo Luo, Studeat; Rm. 33 W. JIM 
Uinville Co., New York. N. Y.j Kc^ St., New York, N. Y. 

404 Jamalu Atc^ Brooklyn, N. Y. Loftu Ony Lorauen, AdTcniiinti. Pitti- 

Ar£ur Sherman Hoyt, Bond Butincat. burfh Poil-Snn. PittiburEh. Pa. : R**. 

~ " " " "" ■ iSjS Kenilwonh Ayt, C£ica(o. lU. 

WilUun Poat Ni^aDt, Rca. Sonthamptoti, 

Robert Nabon Olia, Student: Rei^ 91 
LiTinntoD St.. Boffilo, N. Y. 

Werlind PfeiSer. R«. P. O. Box. S8 
Scatidale, N. Y. 

Daniel Frederick Potter, Jr- wilh Kobeit- 
HOD Cauract Electric Co., 147 W. Uo- 
hawk St., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Kea. 485 Ao- 
bun, Are., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Emot William Sauer, Merchudiae Broker, 
with Ruukle A Peacock, Inc., 11^ 
Durango St, £1 Faao, Tex,; Rei. 1401 
Hawthorne St, El Paw. Tex. 

Htr^Krt Snyder, Haaler, St. Mark*! 
School, SoulbboTODcfa, Uaai.; Rea. 114 
Uni»er»ily A»i.. Iihaca, N. Y. 

Alexaadar Olencaim Achaaon, Studant; 

Rea. ArdalCT-on-Hudlon, N. Y. 
Heorik AnteU. Student; Rea. jii «tk 

Atb., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
DaTid Beale, Studtnt: Ru. Brookline, 

.._ 1 W. AllM 

rpee a \,o., cm aud Bultoncood Sti., 
iladelphia. Pa. ; Rei. Fordhoo' ~ 

Doylealowa, Pa. 
Wublnston Adaa Burpee, Jr., Seedatnan, 
..... .. ..I ^. Philadelphia. Pa.; 

^ Doyldown, Pa. 

47]-8( N. 5th ^St. Philadelphia, 


_4; Lee A«.,Yonker», N. Y. 
William Wallace Robertaon, Jr., Sniaeni 
H«. joi Crtnindry St, North Toiui 

Robert Upton Carr, Student j no. jj 
Burp« Windior Ave,, ButTalo. N. Y. 

' "-•' William Frederick Dohraiann, Student, 6tk 
and Garrard Sli., Covington, Ky. 
Jamaa Lcland Edwarda, Student; Rea. I»J 

Ufayette A-rt, Paaiaic, N, J. 

John Rnapp Herrlck. Farming at Iron- 

dequoil, N. Y,, care of Geo. Diahy: 

Ret jy Lucai A-rt, Kinpton, N. Y. 

Sidney Preawick Howell, Stndmt: Rei. 

loi Proapect St. Ithaca. K. Y. 
Henry Blcoi Leonard, Student; Rea. it 
Hawthorne Aye., Eait Orange, N. J. 
I ChauBcey McCoy, Student; Ret. 
'^ Are., Yonkers, N. " 
1 Wallace Robertaon, Ii 
- Si 

. Donald" Bain'Vatl. Student: Rea. 141 

ro. 111. Heijhta RA. Ridgewood, N. J. 

eia. with Our Brown Wlaer, Student; R«. laia 

Ret. (95 Hfshawaka Aye.. South Bend, Tnd. 


Edwin John Hanpt. Student: Res. jis He- 
lin St, Alpine A.e., dneinnali, O. 

ly St, Arthur LewJa RoHman, Stndent: Ret. Coj 

Hoffman St, Elmira. H. Y. 
: Re>. Carloa Laao. Student: Rei. 33 W. jtat 
I, St. New York, N. Y. 

Hiicago Donald Jamee Nurhtincale, Student, (Tnit 
40.1; by New YorkTT Res, »i} Weal End 

Aye.. New York. N. /Y. 
Penn. Ralph Chapnun Van Horn. Student; Sea. 
i Colo- 711 W. Grav St.. Elmira, N. Y. 

Sidney Sardua Warner, Student; Rei. We!- 
34 S N, lin (ton, O. 

t Rnb- "" 

Uarket Charlet Nott Baker, Jr. Stndent; Re*. 
Selkirk. N. Y. 



John Wridt daPorwt Stndoiti Ret. Jt Kobort Bnber Sehro«t«r, Student: Kei. 

KawsonRd.. Brookluc, Uus. 5B1 E. Cuter St., Uirion, O. 

Gsorie Eul OQletpie, Student; Kea. t6f Heoiy Spahr Smell, Student; KeL 163 B. 

GouDdrr St., North Tauwud*, N. Y. Market St., York, Pe. 

John Hottsner Gleuoo. Student 1 Kei. au Juna Bentlei' WlUoo. Student; Re*. S7> 

Franklin St, Grand HaTeo. Micb. Niagara St., Bofftlo, K. Y. 
Harry Imnc Howard, Student: Res. toS 

"The Wjomina," Waahingioo, D. C ifa 
^Ullan Uorfan Kendall. Student: Sea. 

407 Norwood Are., Buffalo, N. V. Aaron VanDuier WaUace, Jr., Stndcnt; 

Rom HcKcbb Freiton, Stndent; Re*. 30a Reg. 6 Golden Hill Ave., G«ilien, N. Y. 
Stewart A»e., Itliaca. N. Y. 


De Paaw Uoivenitj', GreencasUe, lad. 

EsUblished April 3, 1887; 35 Classes; 249 Members. 

llwmu Hotrte Ooild. I 

•Ediar Everett Sboila, <L Dec u, li 
Edward EUii SIuh, Lawjcr, Too PieK 

SaTJnd & Triul Bldf., Inditup. 

Ind.; R». 9Ss4 Centrd Are., Indi 

HahlOB Lewi*. Oercyn' 

Fiuk itoBiH Smith. Sec Ii 

105] _Ltiac]fit Anaei, Iiidiaiupalii. Ind. 

•Willlem La Bsn* Liubnaa, ClerBynun. 

d. Seplj i»Dg. 
•Elmer Klnnrlli Hereditli, Lawyer, d. 

Juljr iS, 1S97. 
latin Fietdliw Heredith. Lawyer and 

Pmident Delaware Coaniy Abstract. 

Tide and Loan Co., SpilXer Blk., Itun- 

_.. ,_. _.. ,jj^ J, Walnut Si,, 



■Hilton Daniel Carejr, Lawyer, d. Mar ' 

Rarmood Clarenec B«t Title E»b 
with "Hie Riveraide Abitract Co., 
Kirtth St, SJTeriide. Cal.i R«. 
l.enian St., RiTtraide. Cal. 

William Addr Boyd, Clergynian, Jac 

John Franklin Robei 
K. Uichinn St, 
Rei. «s "■ Rit'er 

HI. Physician, 

, IndaiMpolii. 



St., Indianapoliti 

Fenton Whitlock Booth, Lawyer, Uarahall, 

Frank Caldwell. Coloniiatinn In Rio Detta, San Benito, Tex. 
Hanr EUawDTth Cole. Tourailiil, Editor 

Barabce Daily and Weekly New), »S 

Atb St., BariboD, Wii. 1 Res. 408 Oak 

land. ^n± 

, Spie^ 

•David Penn UcLcod. Real Eitate, d. 

Jan. IS. 189;. 
Alvin Otia Soyae. Joumaliit, Evanaton. 
111.; Res. 3817 Gladys Arc, Evanston, 

Sharp, Fanner, Gallon, 

[ Evan*. Fa 

Hamilton, Uor 

•WUUara Wrilht Lewis. 

Frederick Praa* Stauffcr, Teacher, Lin- 
coln Hiih School. FDrtland. Ore.,' Res. 
607 Ellii An.. Porllind. Ore. 

John Slsveni. Uwyer, Plilte Citf. Uo. ; 
Res. R. F. D. 1. Platte City, Uo. 

William Adolphut Thornbuta. Usr. Hold- 
crficld Supply Co., 1901 E. Jackson Sl, 
Muncie. Ind.; Res. 6ii N. Elm St., 

•Ralph William Beat, Hor 

ruiy s. "JoS- 
WillUra OlfTcr Bowera. Teacher, lo] K. 

High St., Munfce, Ind. 
Watt Ernest Hull, Farmer, Jewel City, 

•Frederick John Ban 

Melville Thurston Cook, Professor, Rnt- 
seri ColleBe, Plant Patholasist, Naw 

New Brunswick. N. I. 
Albert Burr Crane, FaTmer. Zlonsville. 

Lnris Frederick Dlnmitt, Clergyman, 

Paslor, M. E. Church, Galesburg, 111. 
Thomas WiUiam Field. I.Bwyer, ijot 

Hnwell St., Lafayette, Ind. 
Edward Benjamin Raub, Lawyer, Vice- 

Caldwell. Sup^ De- 

•Fred Staalcr, Uerchan 



Krncii Ifanlull ConruL Phyik 



kndCTMin, IniL 


WlUiun ^Hioit Life, Factory Snpcrin- 
icndeut, Oneid* Camaninlv, Ltd., Ken- 
wood, N. Y. 

Emcnon Everett Schncpp, Lawyer, Soo-j 
Timci Bldfl., SL Louis, Mo. ; Rea. *Sa3 
Ladyette Ate, St Loiiii, Ho. 

Zcrah ClrUr Smith, Fanner, H. F, D. 
}, Lebanon, Ind. 

AlcMsder Black, FL Defiance, Arii 

" Cfeirlea Haa^ Clergyman, 

" ~. Church, 433 Uein Si., 

tor M. E. 
Vernon, Ino. 
Qcorn Wilmer Keialing, Clerg 

CbarlM PhlUp KcUct Supe 

Chailet Hlllet Cuip, Accountant, Hith 
Lunte & Lome Lumber Co., iij N. 
Third St., Walla Walla, Waah. ; Ren. 
6ii University St, Walla Walla, Wash. 

Willard Beharrell Ceramlll, Lawyer and 
State Senator, Mem. Charles h Gen- 
mill, 315-jiS Glass Bik., Marion, Ind; 
Re>. 731 W. Second St, Marion, Ind. 

James Peter Huihei, Lawyer and Or- 
cuil Court JudKe, Greencastle, Ind. 

I Creek, Associate Pro- 
ity of Illinois, Cham- 
501 W. Hi|4i St, Ur- 

rrar. Clergyman, M. E. 

Kes. ?,s W. LenJa 

Ft Worth, Te*. : 
Si., Ft Worth, Tex_ 

Watson Lorenio Lewis, Clergyman, Pal- 
lor U. E. Church, Whitewater, Wis 

Frank Mann Llle. Dean ol Uuncie Nonriil 
In>t, Muncie, Ind. 

Kdward Sherwood Meade, Professor Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 
Pa; Res. Longlands Farm, Holicong, 

HcBry Arthur Sayburn, Bookkeeper, Ko- 

Benjam'ia B. Rowe. Wholesale Grocer, 

■ £1 "ifr^ 

with Can ._._ _ 
Bldg., Pituburgh, 
Highland Ave., Pilltburgti, I_ 
Jamct Burdette Little, Lawyer, 605- 1; 
Ijw Bldg., Indianapolis, W.J Res 

N. M., and TrareUnE Salesman for Fills 
Mfg. Co., Pueblo. Col.; Res. Mountain- 
air, N. M, 
CharJei Weebom Richards. Law* 

Bk. Bldg.. Indianapolit, 
nathan Perry" Wolf, 


Robert Arthur Cuihmaa. Physic in 

" ' " "' n St., Prii 

in St, Prir 

Kdgar Lee Davis, Real Estate, with A. J. 
Mever & Co., 136 E. Market St, 
Indiana^polis, Ind.; Rce. 1163 N. IJela- 

rhomas Newell *Rwing,'' Clergyman. Pas- 

it, Litchfield. 111. 

David skerriU Hulfiah. Banker. 19 Wiede- 

33, .Sgr. ^ ' ' 

marcfc St, l.nndon, Knglani 

•John Ellington La Hines, Journalist, d. 

Oct 7, .514. 

Surgeon for New York Central Lines, 

Earl H. Blahely. Prop. Blakely Graniie 

Saiir""p!ISl *'Po^ier. Journalist. Editor 

Sullivan "Time* " Sulfivan, Ind. 
Joseph Reynolds Raub, Secretary Inrfian- 

John Wllliain Foreman. Principal Hiiih 

John Luther' Iver. Cl-rgynian, Pastor. I.a 

a|>oli< Life Ins. Co., Board of Trade 
Bids. Indianapolis, Ind.; Res. a^M N. 

's:x,ti."«^. '^'"^- ■" ■-■'■"■■■ 

wS;SS. 'Aibirt"EtS''"*-™"«sor, Cornel, 

Edward Orion Lillle, Physician, Kramer, 

ITniversily, Ithaca, N. Y. ; Res los Fair- 

WiTiam McCrory Neal, Virginia City, 

mount Ave.. Ithaca. N. V, 

WDIiam John Sandy. Physician, 131 E. 

Sheet « Tin PUi" Co.^Mo'nesson" p'a"" 

Francli Calvin TUden. Librarian and Pro- 

lessor, De Pauw University, Creen- 
<:a<l[e. Ind. 



WiUiun Albert Slick, Uwyer, Mem. Slid 
A Slick, Union T-" ^•'- "'-' 
Bend, Ind.j Rei. i 
South Bend. Ind. 

Sabot rruklla Panom, Merchaiit, witk 
Vauncter ft Co., Blwanfield, Ind. 

Lm Tuckw, FKmer, J»nT — ■"-' 

.J ... ^jjjj 

3iif]i[toD, Ind- 

Winiami, Dmssi^ 

nt, with Bullock'i 

DepKrlDKDt Store. Loi Ansclo. CmL 

John Rupert Greiory, County SarreTOr 

■nd EngiEMr oi Warren Conntr, Wil- 

*Crrui Floyd Lnrlcr. 

Iiewli Edwin Kichardi. Teiclier, Public 

School!, JefferiaoTiUe, Ind. 
Welter Karr Scott, A»L Cukia- Iowa 

Swie Bauli, Ht Arr, la. 
Charln Haniaon Smith, Clerirmaa, If. E. 

Church, Peru, Ind. 
Charlci Sudrenaki. Fhysiciaa, Greem- 

caatle, Ind 
Herbert Corwin Tarlor, Cleik, Graeoi- 

bors, Ind 

Robert I.ewi* Senick, Banker, witk 

Farmera State Guarantf Bank, NiTa- 

lota, Tei. 
Jeaaa Dwl^t Bailee, Teacher and Lectma. 

Lowell Hiefa School, 63 Jamea An.. 

L,oirclI, Hu*. ; Sea. 310 Piae St.. 

Lowell, Maai. 
Phillm Albert Sandy, Farmer, OorcrdaU, 

Ralph Aaron Sandr, Panner, dorenjale, 

CecU Btrl Smith, Bond Sail 

Inreitori Syndicate, HumeapoUa, 

Kea. ElwDod, Ind. 
Hanr Kdwin Smith, Proicaaor, Uut. oI 

Wuhionton, SeatUe, Wa*h. 

dward Carl Witeon. Teacher, Short- 

ridie Hi^ School, Indiananolii, Ind; 

n„ ..__ V, '■->— a^t, Indian- 


Ret. .-., 
apolia, Ind 

Oeorie Phillip Schwln, Toun 
PMtmaster. Editor "T^e 
Friend," CoTlngtou, lod. 

Penr Reed. Freicht Solicitor, P. C C 
ft St. U Rt., n W. Adami St., 
Chicsso, Itl. ; Be*, jiji Hatcliinwn St, 
Chieaeo, IIL 

John Walter Sale, Chemist. U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agricujjnre. Waahington, D. C: 
Res. No. a, The Washington, Wi*h- 
ington, D. C. 

Bugene Taylor, Aatiitant ProCeoor, Urn- 
Yeraitr oi, Uadison, Wia. 

Carl A. Tucker. Farmer, Lixton. Ind. 

Tbomai Fred WilfiaioB, Ocrarmin, 
PlainGeld, Ind 

mea Hcnrr Pudee. Aisistant Manager, 
with M, Born Dry Goods Stoie. Great 
Bend, Ind.; Rea. i6ig O'Dell St., Great 

■n, Clergryman, Firat 
urch, Hanorer Cen. 

Edwin Hoopa Oibi 

Cnp-egalional C 

ttr. Hau. 
William Raymond Hickman. Lumber Salei 

Manager, with Nice [a. Stone ft Myen 

Co.. CleveUnd, O. 

iohn Marian Kteag. Farmer. Cicero. Tnd 
teed Alexander Letainger, Lawver, Mem 
Letsinger ft LeCstnger, BloomHeld, Ind 
Emeit Sdward Lidlkay, Salesman, Willi 
Ely, ft Walker Dry Goods Co., St 

Cheater E. Dove, Oitcopathic Phyiician. 
Dion Bldgj Glendive. Mont. ; Rea, 401 
E. Berry Si., Glendive Mont. 

C. E. Sho. 

tor Cloudcrolt Oi 

Roy Witlard Rawlinga. Fi 

fkcturer, with iflnigr, 
Wyoming. R. L 
Jamea Sanlord Rtcka 
Schools, Ft. Loudi 

ft Co., Lewistown. 

Uana. Orchaildist, Proprie. 

■ - ■ ■ - ak, Wash. 

■nd Maan- 

rda. Teacher, Public 

George Franklin Baker. Jr., Ass 

Engineer, Room 8, City Hall. : 
O. : Hea. Y. M. C A., Divlon, 
Morris Benjamin Dewey. Policema 
JR St.. Detroit, Mich. 

Cari Stephena E 

nt Dean Co- 
School, 316 
. M»sa.; Rea. 



Bu-I B. ^ill. K. K. S, Bos 96, Brosd Kip- 
Jacob' "williun Holdcnnu, 

with llilwi 
Hury O. Pooland, 

MilWMlkH. WiL 

,. -"HdrtforiiCitr, ^nd. 

LAC S. Strocc Phyiicun, vje W. Ji 
SL, IndiiBapolii, Ind. 

»s, Loi Anselea, CmL 
WcndaU PhlUip Cotton, Phnidtn ud 

Propricior Aihland Dnis Slot*, Aili- 

luid, Uohl 
Chu-lei KhimIU OibaOB. Fumcc, Hin- 

DTcr Centre MaM. 
ClintoB NalwB Hurii. Eorticnltarut. 

tlto repraeatuiB Air Tiriit Steel Twk 

Co., of Pittsburs, Pi., BoK »i, IL K. 

I. Sogera, Ark. 
Ivan AlTta HIU, Dentiit, vith Dn. Smith 

Broi., e Chovnnfhea Kd., CalcntU, 

Harn FiioUls Hnsfaw, Teadur, Hi^ 
Scbool. Greencutle, Ind. 

lUlph Cnnia Mann, Orchardiit, Pro- 
prietor Cloiulicroft Orchard!, Omak, 

Clrda Webitar Raub, Banker, with Bank 
of Chalmer*, Chabnera, Ind. 

Walter Frtemoat RaaBan, Teacher, High 
School, Braiil, Ind. 

Clarence Arthur Shaka, ClergTinatl, Grand- 

WilUam Briatol Slaaihter, Uechinical Ed- 
^neer, hot Anaelei County Hall ol 
Records, Loa Angeles, Cal. : Sea. 1739 
W. 43d St, Loi Anfelei, CaL 

Ret Albert Whiinand, Teacher, Hiah 
School, Richmond, Ind; He*. Uain Sl, 

Blmei Kdward BlUi, 7IS> Unir. Ave., 

Laramie, Wyo. 
Roy Ritchio DewcTi Farmer, Cicero, Ind. 
Charle* Ranneli Gtbioii, Farmer, B. K. 

S, JacksonTille, IlL 
Robert Judd Onive. Coner D'Aline, Id. 
Roier Horl Hardin, Firmer, Greenfield, 

Parker Pollard Jordan, Y. it. C A. Sec- 

retirr, Unirenitr of Colorado, Boulder, 

Hirry Burba Hatihewi, Confectionery, 

witb Geo. Hill & Soni, San Princiico, 

Cal.: Rei. New Harcourt Hotel, San 

FranciKO, CaL 
Robert Brown Ifonttomery. 
Ralph Eirle Smith, Merchant, with H. B. 

Smith & Sons, Uoran, Kan. 
Emeit Ilanh Venun. Banker, I>t Na- 
tional Bank, Vennum, III. 

Georse Birch Hnahea, with Atnerican 
Bridge Co., Gary, Ind.: Rea Y U. 
C. A., Gary, Ind. 

Ralph McUon Jean, Poultry llerekani, 
wJth C W. Jean Co., Oakland City, 

HarriU Otii Letter, Piator H. E. Church, 

Cirmel, Cal. 
John Spear* KcNin^ton, New Lebanon, 

Randolph Churchill Pittao, Pmit Grower, 

Orioae, CaL 
Banjamln Harrlaon Racl^ Medical Sta- 
dent. Harvard UniTeraitr, Cambrid^, 
Uaaa.; Bei. log Lczlngton St., £. Bat- 
Arthur Sawyer, Itunrancc^ with lodian- 
■polia Life Inaorance Co., aii-jia Board 
of Trade Bids., Indianapolli, Ind. ; Ret. 
Y. U. C A., Indianapolii, Ind. 

Union Carbide Salei Co., Peoplea Gai ' 
BIdg., Chicago, IlL; Rea. tA49 Uni- 
Tcraity An., Oiicaso, 111 

RoMeU Plcmon WiUur, V. M. C A. 
Secretary, Indianapolii Y. IL C A., 
IndilDapolii, lod- 

Dala Wolf, Secretary, Y. H. C A., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

I Uni 

Charlei Bernard Auitin, 

Avalon Orchards, Kuna, 
OtW Roy Beyler, Law £ 

Sh^rL™.. "'""' 
William : 

dent. Y 

N. J. 
Harry Hudion Cilvert Sdiool Supena- 

tendeot, Wideiville. Ind. 
Ivan Chandler Clearwiter. Cost Account- 
■ """' ■ StMl Co., Gary, Ind.; 


riit,, Pri. 

Re.. Y. M. C A.. Gary. lod. 
Herbert Ruiaell Uorin, Oiemist, a 

St., Chici 

1 Co., 

, IlL : Re*. : 

1 N. GroTC 

A«,. Oak P'trk. flL 

Arthur Elbridga Tobey, CitiI Enaineer. 

with Hanion Constnictiofl Co., ;o 

Kilby St.. Boston, Mus. 1 Rea. W. Han. 




on, Merchani 


;or of 





. H. 


N, C 


, Atki 

1. Neb. 



n. Mechanics 


1 ,S. 



aik Airt!"c' 

1 Rei. R. P. D. : 

Roy Kttgir Alford, Mipleton, N. D. 

R. O. Aubrey, Mail Carrier, Indianapolis, 

Harry Paircblld, Box 36a, Leadvi] 

i Chaffee Taylor, Superintendent of 



AItu Olcnwood Atheu. Studeatl Jolmi 

Hopkins Unirertity, Baliimorc, Ud ; 

Ro. isip N. Brawlwiy, Baltimore , 

Jacob BiTctt Brlckin, Automobilei. Frrd- 

irickibnTK, V». 
JoMph Lorta KDiott Fanaer. Wabash, 

Cbarlia Arthur J> 

" ■try and £g«, \ . , 

.1 Boat UcCulloiuh, Siudea 

Columbus. Ind, 
LeRor Oliver HcLcod. Far 

Ooadaall Warran Hbtob, Student; Ru 

GrHncBstle. Ind. 
Bamuel Oirld Howard, Slsdnt; S«. 

Clcnnooi, Ind. 
Kuaaell 0I« iMnbarscr, Stadent; Res, 

Karl H. Jarrard, Student; Sea. Greens- 

bura, Ind 
JOTce Kowr, Student; Sea, Oorerdalc, 

Samuel Purdue Slodent; Kc*, NciAi«r(, 
with KobcrKm 

Fara. Browns V^y, Jnd ' 


J. Jama Heti. Foiemaa, with Sanitary 

Sal^ ni^d 8f«(e".'sn 

DsTi., Ind. 

Ralph Carleton Minion, Student, Builer 

hart. Ind. 

Collfgc, IrrinitoD Ind: Re*. 1611 

Willard B. Sinlleton, Stud 

ington, IIL 

cer'« sand 10 cent Store, Pru^^, 
Ind.;"Rei 1051 E. Clinton St, Frank- 


Jamct RutuU Austin, Eiprcs* A sent 

__■! Clint. 

Ind N. ' 

Marion, lad. 
SiDMn Bldridie Inland, Jr., Stndcnii 

Res. Madison. Ind. 
Wsndell Qladslone LflwcUen, Student ; KcL 

Muncie, Ind 
HoUia Ltou Lone. Student; 314 W. WU- 

n Rd. c£ica(a, IIL ; Peno. 

4ao« Sherid 

Add, D-ni _ 

Lester Earl Kilter, Teacher, Decatur High 
School, Decatur. Ind ; Res. Decatur, 

HoUia Ltou Lone. Student; 3 

liuni SL, Ft. Wayne. Ind 
Lewis Oard Meyers, Student 

David W^ter Stanlorth, Stodeni; 

CrawiordsTille. Ind 
Ruuell Stout Stepbeaa. Student; Res. 

. Ko- 

Harrr Wan 


; Res. Greencutit, 

dianapolis. Ind. ; Re». 2916 Rad 
Robert Bdward Williania, Student ; 

Claude Leila Chittain, Business, with 
Intala Stone Co., Bedford, Ind; Res. 
714 H- D. Si., Bedford, Itut. 

James Oeel Hanner. Rosedale, Ind.; Se>. 
Bloomingdale. Ind 

Millard Edwin Ailea, Studsnt; Res. Bour- 
bon. Ind. 

Bar] Cranston Cbsndtst, Student; Rei. 
PennTille, Ind 

Warrea Finlcr Cook. Student ; Bei. La 
Crosse, lud 

Claude Layrue FUhlc. Student ; Rcl 
Pennville, Ind. 

Voluer Blaine Fowler. Student; Res. Sej 
S. Gallatin St.. Marion. Ind. 

tlount Middleton. Student; Res. 


Hanuhoii ColleKe, Clinton, N. Y. 

Established July zi, 1847; 74 Classes; 474 Members. 

•Lni Tenner. Mill 

aiQCJE HaiBcr, a. jan. la, 191a. 
*AuKustui OalatJB OauJd, Theologicit 

Sludenl, i. Nov. 7. ii*9- 
•Klchird OoodaU Ktr«. Clcrnman, d 

•Oeorge Rtwiell Uutla, Aitut. 

'Nathuiel HsritL 

•Stvnrt Sheldon, Home Uissioniry and 

Aulhor, d. July JJ, 19... 
HiltoB Waldo, Clertymin, The Jam man, 

St. AuBUttine, Fla. 

■ ■49 
•Darld Edwaidt Blaine, ClerEymin, d. 

•lolia Campbell,' CUrgyman, d. Mar,, 1869. 
•Vatea Hicker, Clergyman, d. Nov. 1, 

*Hinni Kbeneaer Johnion, Clergyman, d. 

■Henry CUr Kingsbury. Lawyer, d. May 

■(ftorge 'whitefield Hcwcomb, Lawyer, d. 

•mfwn'Robbina, Teacher, d. Mir. 1, 1S64. 
•Altred MartuiStowe, aerKyman, d. Apr. 

•In Wilder Allen. Teacher, d Feb. 9. 

•L!e'rl^ BUsa. Fanner, d. Nov. n, iS6j. 
•Byron Bonrorth, ClerKyman. d. i«a4. 
•Sarantl St. John Camp. Farmer, d. I9gj. 
•Gile* Butler Qeveland. ClerRrman, d. 

Mar. T, 1SB8. 
•Cut Kimball Cleveland, Lawyer ard Ed[- 

101. d. Feb. 19, 1B7B. 
•Laurentine Hamilton. Clergynian and 

Callece President, d. Apr. o. i8S>. 
•Edward Oicar Hamlin, l.awj'er and 

Tudae, d. Feb. 4, -Bo,. 
"Oiarlei H. MeiiE, Editor, d. tSgt. 
•Ueedi Townler Tiithlll, Editor and Au- 

•Jabei' Ralph Ward. Lawyer, d. Dec. 14. 

•Elbert Laotdon Bangs, Lawyer 

Teacher, d. lou. 
•CeoTE* Lester Brockett, 
4, >SSo. 

Edward RntKn DaviL aerfyman 
-Home Missionary,. d.7u]y 7, 1897. 
■Thomas Evani, t>hyiic;an, d. Jar 

kett. Teacher, 4 Apr. 

by Williams), d. July j6, iBg6. 
■Seth Eliaha HUlt, Civil Enginee 

" ^er, d. May 7, 190 

Henry Jeokint, C 
.. 88j. 
'L«vi Gardner Manh, C 

epb Cliibe Ford, Lawyei 



I St, Kanai 

■ FeoeloB Ford. ClerBrmsn (Inil 

-I'johBaon Pra' 

or, d. i 

Ward, Teacher 

It Lcwia Backer, Clergyman, 

HeiUT Barton Boynlon. Lawyer, d. Mi 
S, >863. 
Edwin Otway Burnham. Clergyman, 
' . 1. 1871. 

Cheslei Donaldson, rnmer, 
ell Henry Kinner, Auth' 
leacher, d. Nov. 10, iSSs. 
■William John Knox, Farmer, d. June 7, 

Cvcrett De Roy Stark. Lawyer, d. rgoi. 
Iinson Tilden, Clergyman (Retired). 
Waverlv, N. Y. 
Hoory &nger Weltoo, Merchant, d. July 

John Martin Brayton, Lawyer and Judge. 

'Theodore Weld Burnett. Student, d. June, 

'iiliim Burt Dada. Clergyman, d. tooe. 
neon Hackley. Commission Merchant, 
riij Channing Way. Berkeley, Cal. 
leaander McLean. Oergyman and Sec- 
■etary American Bible Society, d. Mar. 

dward Payaon Powell, Clergyman and 
.Author, d. Mav 14. 1915. 
■Joieph Smith Winans, Hnit. by Wtl- 

■Charlei Baylias, Student, d. Oct. i&. rS'iJ. 
'Milan Hubbard Hitchcock, Oergyman, d. 
28, 1910. 



. Colgat. 

•Gurse Spiadinc Motm^ Dcntiat, d. Jan- 
•Wi&iam Ltertat Pace, Ottgym^B, d. Dec 
*Wi![Uair'iUclitnond. Teacher, d. Not. 5, 
•Dwlaht Scoiel, Clernnun. d. Uar. S> 


•Nelaon Nemll Avety, aergyman, d. 

Feb. le, 1S60. 
•Harlow Bawman. 
•Hilton TjriM HDla, Fanner, d. Mar. mB, 

•Jimn Francii KandklL Clersjin'O' ^ 

•Jm) MerwiaHunraring, Pbyaiciaii and 
Ttaeher, d. Jan.. 1B91. 

•Trnmaa Qardnen Ave(7i Lawyer, d. Uir. 

•Tbtodor* Beird, Teacher, d Har Mi 

•Alpbonao Loosii* Beaton, Clersriuaii and 

Author, d. Nov. 3, igil. 
William Jacob Erdmu, deravman. Mil 

Moiri* St., Germantown, Philadelpnia, 

Prederieh WUwn Flint, CleTCTiuati,_»i9 

W. Washington St, Loi Angelea, CaL 
•William Chauncer Orar, Farmer. 
•Hilton Howe, Lairrer, d. Aus. i, I9'l- 
.■□eoric Channcev Paltereon, Buiineu, d. 

Tone 30. 18S9. 
•Archibald Huirhaad Shaw, Qerirman 

(Retired), d. Not. »6, IBIJ. 
•cKarlM Edwin Stebblna, Cle 

•AlTinui Baker, Oergyman, d. Dec ]i, 

•Morton Wateri Boomer, Teacher, d. Apr. 
I, iSBj. 

Oeorge Wlllii Kellof. Cnitodiaa (Retired), 
In charge of Mctropolitui Iftuetnu of 
Art; Re*. Bayonne, N. J. 

Delaran Lerant I>cosard, Qcrrrinui, Au- 
thor and Editor, Oberlin. O. 

•Iielcctter Jortum Sawyer, Qergyman, d. 

Dec I 


^Edward Brown Allen, aergynan, d. July 
■Jatne* Shaw Baker, Fnblither, d. Not. 

>jDlin Henry Dilliniham, Clergyman, d. 

May 14. iSgS. 
•Peter Walter Emeu, QcrgTman and Pby- 

■Duncan UcArthur Parker, I^awyer, d. Jan. 

T, 1861. 
•Arthur Tappan Pieraon, Oergyman and 

Author, d. 101 1. 
•Louil Beojamin Bogen, Oergyman. d. 

wiftCT Smith. Farmw. 
Toieph Emerson Tinker. Clergyman, Cliy- 
ton, Hb». : P. O. Addnss, Canaan, Ct. 


' Edward Payson J 

Author, d. Jan. z 
^ynw Carpenter C 

-iea Winsiow Hamlin, Lawyer, 
i ■ Fitch Tanner, Oergyman. d. I 


Augnatna Wolcott, C 

Not. ag, [SG6. 

lamuel HiUer, Oergyman, 

N. Y. 
rfaoodore Smmg Pond, 

Caracas, Venciaela, S. * 

•Confort isnel 

t FoweU. aergrnu, d. i 


•Poner iCorndnla Bliaa, Editor, Diplomat 

and Author, d. Feb. 1, iSSj. 
•Albert Lucaa Childa, Lawyer, d. 1904. 
Jamct Sandford Orera, Lawyer, jog 

Broadway, New York, N. Y.; Sea. s 

W. Sid St. Hew York, N. Y. 
DaTid Litchard Siehle, Oergyman, ia6 

B. S8th St, Portland. Ore. 
William Henry Harriun HUler, Lawyer 

and Sutesman: Res. 1117 N. Delaware 

St, IndiaDspolls. Ind. 
"" rge Jay Hortfi, Lawyer, d. Feb. a. 

•Prancb a 
•William < 

r Torrey, Broker, d. i 

John Newton Bear 

Merchant, 17S S. 
jklvB, N. Y. 
lecker, Banlier, d. Uar. 

•Seymour HaitUigi Dibble, ' 
Official, d. June iB, iBS;. 

Horace Hobart HoUlster, 
Rutherford, N, J. 

■John Quincy Adama HoUiater. 
d. Feb. 10, idor. 

•John UcLean, Oergyman 1 

•Levi Duncan 

Miller, Teache 

r, d. 


'■ -John '^bert 

Moore, Lawyer 



•L^ni'tord Stuart Page, Theologies 

dent, d. Aug. 0^ '™3_.. 
"Jamea Johnson Pease, Editor and 
d ince, d. June 7. r8g4. 

•Lorenio Smith Boaworth Sawy«-. 

"■ He^n';iV^".il'e-r;^n, ,.aSwa 
Buffalo. N. Y. 
•Henry Ward. Jr., Editor, d. Oct., 


a St, 



a. -Myron Adam 
c. 'Henry Porte 

Cook. Soldier, 

nd Author, 
d. July 1 



■Patar Quick Eckcnon, Lawrer, d. i[h)4. 
*Adaa GvlUard ■Urkhaia, Clercyman, i. 

*Qttu(a WHsh't Shaldon, Soldiar, d. Scpt- 

■Jouthan Swinoui SUa, Uuucian, d. Apr. 

■Aucnitni Btnjamla Southwick. Phyaician, 

■Ocoiae BhUh, Clcrrrman, d. 1910. 
Tbaodon FnliBchiinaD Jatanp, Ottfj- 

man, BoooTille, S. Y. 
■Henry IicnniBier, Qncynuii. d. JqIt 

ImA, SlBdest, d. 

Cenaral, IT S. A., d. Aoi 
■OMraa Waihlocton Hartin, aarirmin, 

d. Tuoe 2. iBti. 
Luther Allan ( 

Lyoai, N. Y. 
J>m« Bodsar^ aergym.B,. 4 

Atc, S. Hinneapolia, Mini 
Jamea Fattcraon Stratton, Clc 

'Joseph York Chapin, Lawrer. d, Feb, I7i 

Henrv Loomli, Missionary, A Mat of 

Amerlciin Bible Society (BetiredJ.; Res. 

6;S HiihUnd An.. Kewuk, N. J. 

*Oear|e Norton, Teaclier, d. Sept. II, 


'Charles Simpson, aergrman, d. fulr IS. 

•Samuel Darwin Wlleoi, College Professor 
and Editor, d Mar. 31. 1874- 


•Jamea Earl Hall, derrrman, d. Jane, 
HoUistar, Cleriyman, d. 

July 31, (889. 
Charlet Edmund _ 

Superior Court i. , ,„ 

tind) ; lies. 1S7 S. Fianklin Sl, Wilke 

Sunuel William Wetnl, Merchant, 6 Card. 

ner Bld(., Utica, N. Y. ; Set. so6 Sute 

St. Utica. N. Y. 


*Norman Cfaeatv 

Oct. 9, 1864. 
•ASrtd Am Morse, Soldier, d. Hot. u. 

•Knlich Solomon Putnam, Acconnlant 

and Author, d. Mar. 7, i«is. 
■Dsilua Carter Sackett, Clnsyinan, d. 

Feb. 10, 1S70. 
*Juatin Smith. t,awyer and Merchant, O. 

Apr. 13, ifloo. 
■HaiMi Colbnn Smith. Soldier, d. Mar 

10, 1S64. 
•Oaorie Galniln Tnair, Editor, d. July 

IS, 1S8S. 
•Oaoixe Abel Wataon, SoUier, d. lUr 

•diulci ^enrr Wast. Soldier, d. Mar «. 

•Albert Pajnon Worthlncton, Teacher, d. 

•Jamea Alaxondar VufiuoB, Clerfyman, ± 
■HeniT Foord, ' Phrsidon, d. Mar. 14, 
Pelci KbnbatL Asst. Surgeon- 

.1, tr f ' ^ *- 

Janes Billious Avery, Real Estate, Oneida 

Castle, N. Y. 
Inac Oiirer Beat, Oersyman, Broadalbln, 

N. Y. 

Charles Baldray Amtin, Qeriyman, Tom's 

Caiaiui HoratlB Dibble, Qertymaa, Perry. 

Otii' Judd Kddr, Physician (Retired), 3t<- 

iSd St, iTw., Woahlnston, D. C 
•Edwin Mills Hebon, Fhysieiaa, d. Sept. 

•Henry Nelaaa Payne, Clertyman and 

■Lonia Dllri«ht*l''nieroy, Teacher, d. Apr. 
4, 1871. 

•Uauy Randall Walta, Editor, Author 
and Statistician, d May i, looo. 

Myron Gilbert Willard. Fire Inanrance, 
Secretary Lokewood Sayings ft Loan 
Co., 19 Kentucky Bide., Lakewood, 
FIa.i Res. jo? N. Iowa St., Lakewood, 

Francis Morion Burdick, Professor and 

Author, Law School, Columbia Uni- 
Tersily, New York. N. Y. ; Re*. 601 W, 
iijth St, New York, N. Y. 

William Lee DowninK, Teacher. Utica 
Free Academy, Utica, N. Y. ; Rei. 4>S 
Genesee St., Utica. it. V. 

DeLinioa Wini Greenfield. Merchant, 111 
N. WishinEton St, Rome, N. Y. ; 
Res. 71S N. Washmgion St, Some. 
N. Y. 

■Oeorge Eugene King. (luit. by Western 
Reierre), Uwyer, d. June i«, 1881. 

Martin Dwelle Kneeland, Clergyman. Tre- 
mont Temple, Boston. Mass.; Res. 10 
Svmmes Rd., Winchester, Mass. 

*WmBrd Merrick LiUlbridgc, Judge Su- 
preme Court of MiL^igan, 1 Oct 1, 

Rliot Robertson Ptyson. Professor, Rut- 
gers College, New Brunswick, N. J.; 
Res. lit College Atc, New Brunswick. 
N. J. 

•Charfes Henry Searlt. Lawyer, d. igii. 

•Seldan Haines Talcott, Medical Soper- 
iniendent and Author, d. June 15, 190a. 


•John Edgar Elmer, Lawyer, d. May 17, 

•DeLos Edwin Fink, Uissionaiy Lee- 

•Sylvester Qardner,' Bookkeeper, d. Feb. 

Freiftrlck ' Hamilton Gouge, Architect, 
Mem. Gouge & Ames. 70 Genesee St, 
Utica, N. y. ; Res. 11 ainton PI., Utiei, 

Henry CUy 1 

81 Lake Are., Rochester. N. Y. ; Res. 
»io Oxford St, Rochester, N. Y. 
•Homer Wellington Searle, Lawyer, d. 


Bdmrd William Abba, G 

Smilhlown Branch, N. Y. 
Cbvles Redww OTjtr, Teacher 

thof, Oah Knoll. Fort Wayn 
Daniel Anuuh FercuHii, C 

HanuBond, N. Y, 
•Georie Cal*ia lartDn, Uerchan 

JO, iSg8. 
Abkm AuEuatiu Kiahle, CI 

Uvonia. S. Y. 
'Homur Perkiai McKoob, 

Albm cl'ailf 


■Eneu McLcao, ClergTmaB and Anthi 

d. June 1 1, igg;. 
WtlUaa Jan*«B Wooda, laaurancc Ai 

(Retired), " * 




FhilUpa. LawT< 

f, n'tV. 

Alban Lyndon Blair, Lecturer and Editor, 

TO St Francii PL, Brcxiklyn, N. Y. 
•Snrard Manderille Dodtc, R»l EaUle, 

Daniel 'ooidon Dorraac*. Banker, Cam- 
den, N. Y, 

Samuel Glover Koore, Phyiician (Re- 
tired). i>i S. Hill St., Us Anaelet. 

Leiria Halt Kotey, Clcrnman, San An- 


•WnUan Hcner AUbritht aeraynun, d. 
*Iiniea kairbaJm Brodia, CleTcriau, d. 

Robert McLean.' Cleiayman, Home Ui>- 

■iocary Board. >ii O. T. lahnaoa BldR.. 

Id! Anaelei. Cal. 
Charlea Cillatt Matteion, dergjmaa and 

Author, 4114 Brandon A*c. Sichmonil 

Hill, iJ. Y- 

t Lockhardt Baiid, (Init by lliami). 
rge Griffith, Schoo'l Supcrinteadenl, 

*WiUiam ZeUna Luther, Teacher, d. Ai 
jS. 1881. 

John Thomaa Perkina, Vice-Prsaidi 
Corn Exchann Bank, ij William i 
N^H York, N. Y-: Rea. Gmnvii 

O fiver 

broke Bids. Manchea 

Samuel Lnter Beoaetb Farmer, Sotithnlil. 

N. Y. 
"- ' - ardglty Mawkina. UiDager . of 

St.. Herkimer, N. Y. 

Oeor(« Hubbard Payai 

Profesior, Rutcen 

CoUtgt Profesi 

Julian Adelbert Clark. Hanulacturer. 39'^ 

Lake Are.. Cbica«o, III. 
Edgar AiBnoa, Clergyman. 51 Third Si., 

•Chvlea Saekiel Havcna. Clergy man. d. 

•H«»^ Daniel Hull. Pliysician, d. iod«. 

•William Wallact Niion. Commercial 
Traveler, d. July 14, iSSj. 

•Oeorie A In Penny, Theological Stu. 
denl. d. Sept. ifi. 1874- 

Pranklin Potter. Editor, Ca.'telton Re- 
porter, Ca^tllon. N. D. 


Frank Samuel Child. Clergyman and Au- 
thor, Fairfield. Cl. 
Junlua JudaOD Cowlea. Clefgyiiian, Amema, 

■Joaiah Auguatua K^land, Lawyer, d. Nov. 

Frank'sugene Lewi*. Merchant (Retired), 

•Eugene William LytUe, College T 

•Jamea Brier ilcdiSert, Electr'ical' Engin- 
•WmW Ca^han McGilTert, Phyaician, 

Htnrr Axtdi Porter. Clergy tn an. F>v 

etievilte. N. Y. 
Clartnee Romcyn Smith, Inaurance, la"! 

known address, Kan<aa City, Mo. 
•Edward Joieph Stone, Insurance, d. Feb- 

Charlea Gilbert Alton, Engineer, 8431 Wis- 
wdl Avi., Jlnrlwell. crncinnali. O- 

Herbert Malcolm Hill. Chemist, with The 
Hill Laboratory, io W. Eagle St.. Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; Rr». 339 Bryant Si., Buf- 
falo, N. V. 

■Benjamin Fay Hllli, Clergyman, d. May 

nkielow Btcbwidi. Phyiiciai 
I Ave., Oakland, Cal. 
lonroe Curtia. Professor, W*» 
irve Huiveriity, Cleveland, O. 
3 Adelhert SL, Cleveland, O. 



Pu-k, Jamaica , 

Xdnr NelKin HcOiffen, Phviician, 

404 FrovidcTice Bldg,. Duluth, Mian.; 

Rt>. isii E. id St, Dulutb, Minn. 
•Qcorse Wain Severance, Lawyer, ± 

Mh. u, 1B84. 
•Onoa Lincola White, Cterrymao. d. 

Gcorse Weeden Wiltli, L»wyer, Law- 


Edaoo Cut Dayton, Clergyman, Canan- 

daigna, N. Y. 
LeiUe Ricbard Orovet, Chaplain (U. S 

Aimy), care ol Adjoianl General, Wsah- 

mflon, D. C; Res. R. F. D. i, Pau- 

dena, CaL 
OliTCr Arehible Heu. Chemist, 11 Sea 

Cliff, San Francisco, Cal. 
•Francis Wayland Jodin, Hdilor, d. Aug. 

•W&ao'n'JIiorer, Tuchei, d. 1006. 
William Shcdd NaUon, Miuionxiy, Tripoli, 

■Ro^ J 

PUto Tydvil Jonea, ClerK 

»e), Cler, 

, by Syra 

David Robert Kodger, Physician, 614 Frea- 

dom Ave, Richmond Hill, ij. V. 
•Lowell Cluton Smith. Oergyman, d. 

J amn 'Decker Woley, Lawyer, Hem. Sil- 
ber, luac^ SiEber & Woiey, ijy La 
Salle St.. Chicago, 111. ; Rea. 9j6 Lalte- 
>ide PL, Chicago, ilL 


Ana, (Init. by Colgate), 
School!. UniTersity ol the 
York, Albany, N. V. ; Rea. 

fe> bsir^Are., ijiicuU'tll Yi 
Robert George Brodie, Real EaUle, joi 

I>wight Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 1 So. 

Box 194 Kaniai City, Ho. 
Edmrd Newton Jonca, (Ii 

gate), (Retired)., School Pi 


ChariM Lawaon Luther, Clei 

George Realty ' Luther, Cle 

Totu, Mich. 
•George Hunm Rodin. 1 

Feb. 5. >9io- 

N. \. 

I. Wei 

r York, N. Y.j Ret. 

ert College, ConsUnCinople, Turkey. 
•Charica Nichali Severance, Clergyman, 

dmund Jay Wager, Uoyer, Mei 
& Wager, 401 Arcade Blda. 

N. Y. 

Ig., 1 
PL, I 

Root Fitch, Farmer. Walervliet, 

Pi^'erick Winur OrlSth. Uanufacturer, 

Palmyra. N. Y. 
Philip NoTM Hoora. Qergyman, Ballaton 

Center, N. Y. 
Jamei Bowne Paraona. Teacher, Bidge- 

wood, N, J. 
Charles Sumner Van Auken. tnauraoce, 

J18 Pearl St. UCrosBeTWiL 

Hemy Danielnn Hopkiaa. Teacher, New 
', Southampton, 

main St.. Worcester, Hasa. 
Andrew Hadlev Scott. Manuiacturei 

Merchant, Uem. Scott & Ward, 

et», O. 
•Frank B. Severance, Clergyman, d. Uar. 

Harry' Percival Woler. Fhysician and. Sur. 


La Si 
, ^ine 

John Edward Bverett, Clergyman, Cen. 
Waran ' D. llore, Qerr 

William Harder S<in!rct, Profi 

WlJta, Uwyer, d. Uar. 

Joacph Alexander Adair, Clergyman and 

Author, Stockhridge, Hicb. 
Edward Murray Baaaatb Lawyer, Former 

Congressman, Mem. Basselt, Thompson 

A Gllpatric, ay? Broadway, New York. 

N. Y.: Re*. lyit N'ewkirk Ave., Brook. 

lyn, N. Y. 
Cheater Dooaldion. Consul. Port Simon. 

Costa Rica. C A. 
•Benjamin Sheldon Phillip. Student, d. 

Charle* Frederick Porter, Librarian, New 
York Sute Edocation Dcpt., Albany. 
N. Y. ; Res. 14 N. Allen St., Albany, 

Scovcl, Physic! 

, d. Apr. 

Hiram Horsburgh Bice, Teacher, Poly. 
Prep. School, Brooklyn, N. Y.i Kea.' 
o Montague Terrace. Brooklyn, K. Y. 

Edward Wilson Hyatt, Lawver, 39 S. 
Main St. Homer, N. Y. : Res. g Clin- 

. PL,"'Siraciike; 'H. ' V. 

Eddy Rippcy Whitney, Principal, High 
School, Schenectady, N, Y.; Res. io« 
Gienwood Blvd., Scbcneclady, N. Y. 

Helvln Gilbert Dodge, Lajtislalive Refer- 
ence Librarian, State Library. Sacra- 
mento, CaLi Rea. aSij J St, Sacra- 
men la, CaL 



Robert Jama Hu>b«h MmiciaD, Hud 
Vocal Dept., Louii Uotlcnluaei' Coq- 
•ervitory, Broaklrn, N. Y. ; Eei iij 
UcDonou«h 'St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

John Kutharford HcGiffirt. Maaufictunr, 
Clyde Iroa Work*, Duluth, Minn.; 
Res. 1314 E. sell St, Dnluth, Mipn. 

Jamct Auidn Toolejr. Mercliuit, Stamford, 

! Howvd Hukacii, Lawye 

Qaorga Aides Bataa. Herchant, Man. 

Batet Mniic Co^ Bjj Ninth St., Greeleir, 

CoL; Kea gi* Twdfth St., Grecler, CoL 
Fnak PatteniiU Xnowlton, ProfcHOi, CoL- 

■en of Uedicinc, Syiaoue Uniteriity, 

STracuK, N. Y.; Kei. i«iB E. Gcdbkc 

St, SyracuM, N. Y. 
WilUam Throop Maara, Lawrcr, Saratofa 

Sprinn, N. Y. 
Alaundcr Joaeph Oitrandar, ICuaician. , 

Lyotu. N. Y. 
Artbur pwight Scoval, Huater ' 

MonutODCfc Bids., San Frasciaco, CaL ; W. Hoiuton 

Kei- ■»! OajF^t, San FranciKO, Cal. Sc*. 11 ChesI 

Prank Kdwin Hoyt. ClerfyniBn, Oakfield, N. Y. 

netka, lU. 
Hari7 Heiaer Fay, Pabliaher, Hem. Elliat, 

Fay & Sou, Potadam. N. Y. ; Rea. ao 

Elm St, Pottdam. N. Y. 
PentOB Carlyla Jonea, acTKyami, Platte, 

■Edwlii Harbcrt HcHutM', (Init by 

_Northw«tem), Student, d. Feb. », 18*0. 

WUliam Plvee Shapard, Profuior, Hamn- 
ton Colleae, ainlon, N. Y. 

Walter Nallla Van Doren. Inanrance (Re- 
tired], 4>5 Glloia Atc., Paaadana, CaL 


Carroll Barton Bacon, Phytleiaa, u W. 

Uain St. Waterloo. N. Y. 
CbarlM WUllam Diabrow, Teacher, E. 

HIsh School, aereUnd, O.; Re*. Uni- 

rran Harkneai Bnrett, Physician, 
em. N. Y. 

neliua Joaeph Olbaon, Lttraber Dealer, 

' I, G. P. Gibion A Son. 468 GeneKC 

.... „ „ _ J Cenaee St, 

Albert WUhalm BoMche, ProfcMor, Cor- 
neU Unireraitr, Ithica, N. Y-- "- "" 

Henry Ward Ttotiaton, Qeriymaa 

lin, O. 
•Jama Bruce Turnbnll, loatffan 

St. Utica, N. Y.i 


N. Y. 

William, Albert HerMy, Jr., Aatiatant 
Cashier. The Tohnstown Bank. Johns- 
town, N. Y.: tte*. joB S Melcbcr St, 
Johnstown. S. Y. 

Lcror Parrtecton Oatrander. MIsiionary. 
Samohot. BulsarU. 

■Burton Marcua Balch. Teacher, d. Uar. 
*Pra'nk Alexander Burrowa, Student, d. 
Jar Ilerberl HacConnall. Cleraymin. tlj 

tone. Miss 


■, d. June 

Cook Oifford. (Init by Hiddle- 

bury). Physician, 146 G e neaee St. 
Ulit*. N. Y. 

Robert But Searl^ District Stifwrintend- 
ent of School!. 4^10 S- Salina St. 
Syracuse. N. Y. 

Harry Lo*eU Stone, Secretary, with Lacka- 
wanna K. R., Secaucus. N. J. ; P. O. 
Address Box i7«, Hoboken. N. J. : Rei- 
Athenia, N. J. 

Byron Bucena Turnbnll, Clyil EnaiBeer 
and Contractor, Hem. Phillips. Turn- 
bull Co., 46$ St James Bldg.. Jackson- 
Tille. Fla. ; Res, 11*9 Rireraide Aic, 
TicksonTJlle, Fla. 

Henry White, aeriymaii, 74> Bryson St, 
YouUBstown, O. 

Hesry Otia Batai 

Secretary, National 

sauoaey seat, i eacncr, j 
School, FlainGeld, N. 
Uadison Are.. Plainfield, n. j. 

William Henry Callahan, U. S. Food ud 
Drai Inspector, Room iSat Transporta- 
tion ^Ida.. Chicajrp, IU.1 Sea. iii] Park 
Atc., Utica, N. Y. 

Francia Theodora Fitch, Boolckeaper, 
Wstertown, N. Y. 

Frederick Arthur Oatea, aersyman, 
Corinth, N. Y. 

Fred Rodierford Keck, Teacher, Erurnns 
Hiah School, BroolilTn, U. Y. ; Ee* 
J5S Arsvle Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Curtis Hmer, Teacher, Waterrille, N. Y. 


Utica. N. y.i Bei. 1430 Oneida St., 

Utic. N. Y. 
ChvlH I^tincr Hoifao-. Schcnl Supcrin- 

lendent, 161 OrcuUr St., Ssratoaa 

Spriojp, N. Y. 
Huh Kimball Honlten, Rancher, Rcva, 

John H. O'Brien. Lawrer, Uem. Pitcher 
ft O'BricD, Flower Bide, Watertown, 
N. Y.; He*. 144 Park A»e., Watennn, 

;.l Bid... 

Joanib Kill Carraichad. Teacher, Rock- 
_Tille Center. N. Y. 

Charlet Keere* Clark. HannFaeturer, 
"— ^'-' -■ " "Itkin & Co., Comm«. 
, N. Y.; Rei. ; 

He Atc 

ft. Y. 

Bdward Jamei Oniian, i 

School!, City HBllTMorwicn, 1^1. ; K«. 

_JjB Wwhington St, Nonrich. Cl 

Ocorae Kenneth Grant Henry, ProfesKir, 
UniTeraitr of North CaroliDi, Chape 
HiJl, N. C .1^ 

Friend Huion MUler Hull, Fanner, Red 

, Yonliers 
,1 Rei. i; 

pnlters, N. ' 


•Hanr CharlM Keith, Lawrer, d 1908. 
•William Catlette Schuyler, Student, d. 

No». u. 1901. 
•Frederic WilUam Zeigler, Student, d Mv. 

Paul mchard Abbott, Uiuionarr, Ameri- 
can Frelbrterian Miision, Cheloo, ChinL 
Theodore Day Beckwith, State Bacteriolo- 

Eit, Profeaaar, Oreson Agricultural Col- 
gc and Experimental Sta., Corrallit, 
Ore. ; Rea. 1710 Arnold Way, Comllii, 

Albert Leali* Srans, derayBun, Bid)- 
Held Sprinn, K. Y. 

WmUm Archibald Funion. Lawyer, iii 
Broadway, New York, N. Y., Secrelatr 
to the Preiident of the Boroush of Man- 
hattan, Municipal Bldv., New Yorli, 
N. Y.; Rea. New Rochelle. N. V. 

•Francia Jonathan Knedaad, Student, d. 

Chcato' Parioni Scovel Confidential Sec»- 

tirv tn Treaaurer Conaolidated Gaa Co., 

iSth St.. New York, N. Y.: Rea. 

•MontiEue White, CoUet* Froieiior 

Edward Norman Abbey, Lawyer, 17 
Cedar St, New York, N. Y. and Smith- 

Arthur Henry Child, Seal Batate, Demiac, 

N. M. 
Xdward Kichaid B*an^ Phyaician, M9 

Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. ; Rea. sjo 

Stale St, Utica, N. Y. 
•Charlea WilUam Loftia. Merchant, d. Nor. 

Charlea ^inthrop Sockwdl. Hanufacturer, 
31 £. Walnut ^t., Onaida. N. Y. 

WiUiam Saaoath CoUioa, Commercial En- 
rneer, with N. Y. Telephone Co^ Tele- 

Shone Bld^.. 44 Church St, Buffalo, 
r Y.: Rea. iflo Cleveland Atc., Buf- 

Robert Thomaa Duffy, Salesman, 31 State 

St, Boaton, Hata. 
•Frederic Oiant Miller, Teacher, d. Jan. 

Georie Woodford Pania, Profeaaor, Hc- 
Uinneville College. UcltinncTille, Ore.; 

_Ee«. iiao S. B ^t,. HcHiDnevillc, Ore. 

Edward Jothua Ward, U. S Dept of Edu- 
cation, Waahlncton, D. C 

Colin Kaedooald, Fruit Grower, Grand 

Bv. Ala. 
Robert Norria lIcLcan, Profeaaor, Dubuqu* 

German CoUcie and Seminary, Dnbuque, 

la.; Re*. 63 Auburn Atc. Etubuque, la. 
Arthur Bennett If aynard. Rancher, Portal, 

Aril., lia. Kodei, N. U. 
Charlea Theodore Rooaa, Clergyman, 

Groveland. N. Y. 
Charia Elmer Bpedlek, Lawyer, Uen. 

New, Gilchriat i Sp^ck, a( Court St. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Sea. Center Morichei. 

N. Y. 
John Sudden Tumtr, Teacher, Atlantic 

City, N. J.; Rei. 93' Blandina St., 

Utica, N. Y. 

Frank Samuel Child, Jr., Phyiician, E. 

Broadway, Port Jeffcnon. N. Y. ; Rei. 

Belle Terre, Fort lefferaon. N. Y. 
Vemon CalhDnn DeVotic, Mining, P. O. 

Box ApBTtado (g, Guanojuaio, Mac. 
Henry Looia Jaebo^ State Chemiit ; Rea. 
_to»4 K. iiA St, Boiae, Id. 
Robert Hatdl Jouil. Uerchant, Hem. W. 

R. Jones ft Son, Carthage, H. Y. 

Cady Hewa Allen, Hiaaionary, Ainei 
Preibytf^-- "=-'- " J- ■>- 

Crover Clc , 

Tnitt and Deposit 
Lafayette Sts.^Utici 

and Clark. Banker, wfth Utici 

i.atayetie sis.,_ uuco, n, >. 
Howard An.,^tica, N. Y. 
dman Munaer Maaaecu Teacher, Hack- 
ensack High School, Hackensack, N. J. ; 



°-y"»?K. °v"f-SS' V.'i.Sr N*t: "" 

Liniiu Drhu ll«l>«; PHncipal ' HiEh 

School, Sirinac L<k(, N. Y. ; Re*, ida 


Re.. CuEden, N. Y. 

Wuren Cauttnl DuBoit. Lswyer. with 

Ivcnce Horcon Trippe. FhyaieUa. St 

llUlud Kvoti. UmKn. Vernoo C«t«, 

New York, N. Y. 


George Hoyt Allen, Jr., Clersymu 
State SL, Brockport, N. Y. 

Frederick Williun Branch. Lawyer, I 
Branch & Branch. ;g] Elm St, 1 
Chester. N. H. ; Rcl »9 Proapcct 
Mancheiter. N. H. 

Rayinond Lockwood Dudln. Man nf act 
Men. Dadlty ft Co., Fairtwit, N. 
Rei. ID Potter PL, Fairpon, N. V. 

Carruth Parkar. Saleiman, with Bear 
Mfi. Co., no Franklin St. New 
:, N. Y. ; Rea. igi Etna St. Btook- 
... N. Y. 
Lcctcr RcKin, Coniiacior, Cliaton, 

N. Y. 
Robert Beach Warren, Student. Hairard 
'" ■ - - ■ -^ . R,^ J, yon- 

Beach Warren, ! 
Cambndie, Uaa; 

Gordon Butfiald. Plantation Uanacer, 
AntaDxaiille, All. 

Paul Dwells KnccUnd, Forcatcr, Aisistant 
FotMtcr of Ha»., 6 Beacon St, Bos- 
ton, Mail. ; Ra. Eierett Rd., Winchti- 
ter, Mass. 

Clarence BIdredn Leavenwordi, Proleaior, 
Randolph-Macon Woman'i CollCfC, 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Howard Jofan MacOarry. 

John Kasley Spencer, Oergyman, Rogue 

Gceite Lanb Abbott, Clerk, with The 
Garlock Packinr Co., so Main St, 
Palmyra, 14. Y. : Rei. The Wayne. *2 
Main St, Palmyra, N. Y, 

Jama Daniel Bart, ad LieuL. United 
States Army, uth InCanlry, care ol Ad- 
jutant GenefairWanhiogton, D- C J Res. 
Manila, Philippine Islands. 

Arthur Lcwla Bvant, Lawver, jii Elm- 
wood Aw., Ithac*. N- Y. 

Loyal BIdrtdM Leavmwortlv Physician, 
Clerelaiid City Hospilal, Qewland, O. : 

Theodore Curler Corlia, Student, Chicago 
College of bateopathy, >mj W*. Jackson 
Blvd^ Chicago, m. : Res. loj S- Oxford 
St., Brooklyn, N. V. 

Raymond Duraton Fear, Student, Johns 
Hopkins Medical School, sio N. Broad- 
way, Baltimore, Md. ; Res. Holland Pat- 

il, U. S, 
. Jan. 8. 

Tliomai Chrlatopber Mabsdy, V. S. Radia- 
tor Co., Weidner Bldg., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Rea. 6dj; Ludlow St, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. 

Edwin Hofhc* Slmonda, SCndcnt, Albany 
Law ScKool. 301 Park St, Albany, 
K. V. : Res. Canhage. ». Y. 

■ E. 93d St. Oeyelan 

Walton Baker Fawcatt nacher. High 
School. Ridgewood, N. J.; Rea- 117 
Ridgewood Art,, Ridgewood. N. J. 

Tliomai Cook Jeisup, Assistant Supeiin- 
lendent, with Conn. Mills Co., Inc., 
Danielaon, Ct 

Emery Howard Jonea, Merchant. Mem. 
W. R. Jonea & Sons, Water St., Car- 
thage, N .Y.; Res. West St, Canhage, 
N. Y. 

Stanley WHgbt Jonei, Law Clerk and Stu- 
dent with Osbome, I..smb « Garvan. 11^ 
Broadway, New York. N. Y. ; Rc3. Ii^£ 
Miller St. Utica. N. Y. 

Henry Lcc Sherwood. Teacher, Albion. 
N. Y. 

Harry Jobs Al 

N. Y'rfees." "iosV B^a; 
haren, N. Y. 

Walter Hay Akna. Exe 



Uniieriity, 9 Conant Hall St, Cam- 
bridge, Ha>i.j Rea. Angetici '^ " 
BalphWilUam Leavenword, Y 

Lakewood, O.; 

K< Grandriew Ave., Clereland, O. 
arder Cole, Student, Harrard 

Balph^ilUam Leavenwor£! Y. H. C A- 
Secretary, Central Y. M. C A., Ckye- 
land. 0-: Res. 114 Holyoke Ave., Qcre- 
Und, O. 
ViUiam Karl Menaarink. Student, Albany 
Uw School, Albanv, N. Y.; Rea. 180 
S. Goodwin St, Roctleiter, N. Y. 

Killer, (Inil. by Williams), 

" " £. Miller, 34 Maiden 
Y. ; Rea. 3M Qnul 

Edgar Nash, wiin : 

Uoe. Albany, S. i. 

St., Albany, N. Y. 
*Francla Lm Regia, Teacher, d. Aug. 

Ro'l^ Wray Rodger, Manager, 1 
Saxon Motor Co-, Columbus, O,; I 
Hotel Virginia. Columbua O.; Pe 
Add. 614 Freedom Ave., Richmond E 

N. y. 

John L«wU K*ddy, Student, 



Jar Qtcna PracotI, with Beechnut Pick- Frederic L«f>rctt« Warren. Saleimin, wi 
>DB Ca, Catiajoharie, N. Y. ; B». i«4> Brown, Ruiiell & Co., 104 Kingiton S 

Oneida St., Ulica, S. Y. Boston. Mais. : Res. 59 Monmouth S 

Eail Boston, Una. 
igiS CliftoB Bion Whitman, Student i Ri 

Crotoa, N. Y. 
Norman Whiitieaor Adams. Student, We«- 


Owen CTibtfa 

Reginald Austin Caviaash, Studea 

BooDville. N. Y. 
Hcarr WatBDU OriiEUi. Student 1 Ri 

myra, N. Y. 
Mark Worden Lowell, " ' ' 

tes. 1631 Faiwell 

icia EBaaae' Ludlow, Student; Res. 
'illiam Nelson Robsoo, with J. H. Pitkin Deposit, N. Y. 

& Co., Newark, N. J. ; Res. j Bartle Charles MaishaU Peck, Student 1 Res. 

AT^, ncwark, N. J. 
John William Rushnsre, Ir„ Friacipal 
.HolUnd Patent High Siiool, Holland 
Patent, N. Y, ; Ret. Pilmrra. N. Y. 

I gig 

Fred Bentler. Jr.. Slttdeat; Re*. Tuxedo, 
J Belle Atc. , Troy, N. f . ' Lmo^ Cutfabert Percnson, Student ; 

Joseph Chiiatopfaer Bdan, Jr~ Stadcnti N. Y. 

Stwieni: Sea. Richfield Re>, Hammond. N. Y. 

Springs, N. Y. Fulton Thatcher Qraat Student 1 Rei. tjx 

Bdward Jfneph Emenr, Student; Res. E Spring St., Ridaewood, N. J. 

Chadwicks. N. Y. Barton Duncan Miller, Student ; Res. 

Braest Stacey OriStlL Student; Res. "The Deaosboro, N. Y. 

Foitoris." Oneida Sl, tJtica, N. Y, Leslie Kanock Pane, Student; Res. 4 

John An((l Jonei. Student i Rea. Qinton, WUliam St., Utica, N. Y. 

N. Y. Harold Harper Heed, Student; Res. 314 

Predcrick Hunter Hiller, Jr., Studrati SlurTcsant An, Lrndhnrst, N. J. 

Rea. 40 JewEtt PL, Utica, N. Y. Rusbmore BowLev Valestinet Student; 

Paul Chatham Squires, Student; Res. Clin- Rei. 334 E- Uaia St, Fatchosue, N. Y. 



Harvard Univeriity, ' 
Established February 19, 1681 

3 6 Classes; 727 Members. 

1 Uitchdl, Principd, Aibe- 

Gwyniie Bids., Cimu 

Uni*er«it)r; WotCMter, ', 
Prank Oarlord Cook, Liw 

, Cunbridgc, Hau. 

E« Wuhincton DLckcmun. Vice- 

iBident Retningtcm Tvpfwritrr Ci>-, 

Louii Arthur Coolldae, Tr 
aioe ^Mtchini^ Co., 1 

-civBl jamn Baton, Phyiii 

Archibald Livi 

I, 53 Slate St., BoiloD, UiM-i 
>, numpton Falla, N. H. 
Im Frcdciic Cania-, Lawrci, Santa 
rbat», C»L 

ga Arthur Craicln, PbyiiEian, 18 
rcCord Sl, Boiton, Ubh. 
Ici Itnthcr HarTiniton, Lawrer, 
}Ta. HarriDrtan. DaTidsou ft BarrcU, 
14 Prudential Bids., BuCFilo, N. Y.; 
1. s»S Aibland Atc, Buffalo, N. Y. 
T nieodorc HildrcUi, Proleaaor Roi- 

D. C; Sn. ijij K. St., Wai 

Res. i?s Hanc 
William Chriito] 

. Piltiburg. Pa. 
Ulersyman, Enlield, 

lology, Beaton, Mali. ; 
ck St., Cambridsc Uaai. 
,ar Smith, Lawyer, Out- 

Weld, TranapDrtation, 
id R. R. Co., Room 809 
New York, N. Y. : Rea. 

71S Eichauge Bldg., Bottau, Uaai.: 
R», iSo Dartmouth St, Boiton, Uaia. 

Auinatul Mendon Lord, CTeTgyinan, 
Cuihins St. Providence, R. f 

Sup't Meter DepL with Narrasinielt 

Electric Liahting Co,, as South St, 
Providence. R. L; Re«. 17 Salisbury St, 
Providence. R. I. 
Richard Baker Wilcox, I.a«-j-er, Racine, 

litchelL Oer 
oro. Maia. 

BraSierd WUion. Clergyman, la 
ford St Concord. N. H. 
1 Humford Wiattoo, Uanulacturer, 
Peoplei Gai Bids,. Chiciio III; 

Victor CliftoD Aldenf 

., Boston, Mats. 

■Henry Iloruin Ayara, Lawyer, d. Apr. 

Ralph Waldo Black, Gov't Service, Fed- 
eral OfEce. Detroit, Mick. 
•Walter Thomas Oark, Phyiician, d. 

Charfea iJ'uei Fletcher, Mananr with The 
Eiolon Co., Blaadell, N. ?.; ScL 5" 
Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Henry Edward Fraaer, Pharmaciat, tio 
Meridian St. E. Boston, Uasa. 

Albert Aupiatua Gleaaon, Lawyer, 

flin Rd., Brookliue, Mass 

Binney Ounniaon. Profesi 

Collece. Galesburg, IB. 1 

11 Oa- 

Selwyn Lewi* HarJlnc Student, d. 
Jan. 7. 1887. 

irtram Curlia Henry, Frofeasor, GeorfC- 
t-min College, Georgetown. Ity, 

! Edwin Howes, Teacher, Professor 
" ■■ , Williamstown. Maai.; 

Beorge Edwl 

Williams College, 

Res. College Pfc. WuiianiBiown, Hau. 
William Voorbee* Judson, Colonel in U. S. 

Armv, c/o Adjolanl General, U. S. A, 

Washington, D, C. : Res. 609 Rush St, 

Chicago' 111. 
Nehcmiah Samuel Kenlion, Chiropodial, 

413 Commereial Bldg., St Louis, Mo.; 

Res. aia6 Wavetly PI., St Louil, Mo. 
William Fogg Oagood, Pralessor, Harvard 

I'niversiiy, Cambridge. Mass.; Rei. 74 

Avon Hill St, CamGridge, Uiis. 



lowph Newell Palmer, Uvver, 4i iiUk 
St., Boiton, UasL; Be*. Lombud St., 
NewtDO, Mms. 

Hrron Wallace Ricbardioii. Educator, 
Headmaster Girli High Scbool, Boiton, 
Mass.; Res. 67 Bfdolidale RfL, Bri|li- 
ton, Maai. 

• Edmnnd Nathaniel Snydv, Teacher, d. 

.i!^ . 


Henry Willvd Bean, (IniL bv Rochester). 
LtVTCr. 110 Broadway, New York, 
N. V. ; Res. UniTcrsily Club, New York, 
N. Y. ■ 

Howard Hcnir Charlea Bintham. Princi- 
_pal High School, AmfltcrduD, K. Y. 

WUtOB LiBCOln Currier, Lawyer, i« Myr- 
tle St., Boatoa, Masa. 

Ditlaw Konrid Predcrikgen. Real Estate, 
PrES. ScaudinaTiaD- Canadian Land Co. 
ft D. U. FrederikKn Land Co., «i] 
Phoenix Bids., UiDneaiHilis, Minn.; 
Bes. Mil SEeridan Ave. S., Minne- 
apolis, Uimt. 

John Henry Orsy. Proleiior, Univ. of 

... g,- ifi„n.. Rei. 

E., Minneapolis, 


113 V ■ ~ ' 

Charlea Frederick Hall. Teachi 

eneetown. N. S. 
Grant Hunay McDonald, Fini 

" " ■ Sju Pifth / 


York, N. Y. 
Prank NelKin NS] 


Ave., t 

Lawyer, Hem. ^ates. Nay, Abbott i 
. Tremont BldB., Bolton, Mas 
o I'aple Sl,^ Roibnry, Uau. 

Ids., Bolton, Masl., 

.__. — , Hoibtiry, Mali. 

Arthur Henry Oacood, Dentist. 46) Boyl- 
I St., Boiton, Mail. 

Joseph levins Bennett, Lawyer, iB Tre- 
mont St. Boiton, Mass.; Res. 46S Com- 
monwealth Ave, Boiton, Mail. 

• Harrie Beekman Drake, Teacher, d. Anc 
17. i8m. 

John Rice Sldndge, Physician, 1817 Gar- 
ber Sl, Berkeley, CaL 

Samuel Stickney HalL Iniurance,_ Aisoci- 
ate Actuary, with Mutual Lilt Ins. Co.. 
34 Nassau St.. New York. N. Y. ; Res. 
17 Upper Mountain Ave., Montclair, 

William Pride Hend«non. Teacher. Boiton 

Latin School, Boston, If "- " 

Meredith St.. W. Roxbur 

* Bdwird Hamllwn Kiddtr, Phyiici 

July 16, iSbS. 
Harry Roberta Uilea, aergyman. 

PL Church, 1404 Chapel St. N( 
.n, Ct 



Jamei Harrey Robinaon, Proleisor, Colum- 
bia Univeriity, New York, N. Y. : Res. 
914 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. 

BIwood Gardner Ten^sbury, Miisionary, 
Gen'l Secy. China Sunday School Union, 
ShanihiL China. 

George Herman Tvltte, Fhyiician, So. 

Fraak™V(N^'" Professor Hasi. Init o( 
Tech.. Boston, Masi.: Kes, 9S Rob- 
inwoDd Atc, Jamaica Plain, Masi. 

Harry Clifford Wood. Lawyer. 

Clarence Alfred Bunker, Lawyer, eoj Bar- 
riiten HslI, Boston, Mass.; Rei. 46 
Chestnut St, Welleiley Hilli, Mau. 

Luther Davies, Dry Good* Mercnani, 
Mem. Luther DiTWI ft Co., 163 Main 
St., Oshkoih, Wis-i Res. 116 Church St., 
Oihkosh, Wis. 

Stillman Roberta Dunham, Teacher, Stone 
School, Boston, Maai. ; Rei. 48 Aihlord 
St., Allston, U^asa. 

Edear Eldredge, (Init by Bro 
Circuit Court, OlUwa, III 
DiTliion St, OlUwa, IlL 

George Cook Pord. (Imt by Weatem Re- 

Bldg.,' Cleveland O.; Rei. i960 E. »7Ih 
Sl, Oeveland, O. 

Leon Stacy Qniwold, Mining Engineer ft 
Geologist, S3 State St, Boiton, Masi.i 
Res. Plymouth, Mui. 

Guy Harold Hollidiy, Lawyer, Am. Clerk 
Superior Court, 117 Court House, Boi- 
ton. Meat. ; Bes. 97 Uouutforl St., Bos- 
Bran' Charles Ffeiffer. 

WUIiam Forreat Pillsbury. Stock Broker, 
Mem. Lovell ft Co., B Congress St., 
Boston. Mssi.: Res. 13 Berwick Rd., 
Newton Center. Mssi. 

Jamea Savage Stone, Physician, 134 Uarl- 
borough St., Boston, Masi. 

Clarence Allen Wai^ Building Manager, 
940 S. Illinois Ave., Decatur, III. 

WUUam Homer Warren. Profeiior, Whea- 
ton ColUge, Norton, Mais. 

George ElRot Wright. Lawyer, Mem. 
Wright. Kelleher ft Caldwell, 40a Burke 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; Res. 1117 jBth 
Ave., N. Seattle, Wash. 

Charlea Priiut BUocy, Lawyer, Mem, 
Walrtdt ft Blaney, a£ Liberty St, New 
York, N. Y. ; Bei. 306 W. 94ll> St, New 
York. N. Y, 

Frederick P*ge Cutting, Canning Buiiness, 
Prei. Cutting Packing Co.. sio Kohl 
Bldg., San Frsndsco. Cat. : Rci. iMo 
Harrison St., OaW.nd, Cal. 

Richard fflwood Dodge, Fanner and Au- 
thor; Res. Waihinpon. Cl. 

Louia Henry Dow. Professor Dartmouth 
College, Hanover, N. H. 

Benjamin Fisher, Inveitment Bonds, 35 
CongrcM St., Boston, Mass.; Res. 
Manh St, Dedham, Mass. 

Winthrop Edwards Piske. Teacher, Phil- 
lips &ieter Academy, Exeter, N. H. 

Edward Richard Kcllam, Wholesale Fuel, 
Pres. Diamond Coal Co., Los Angeles, 
Cal.; Res. iijo S. Orange Grove Ave., 
Pasadena, Cal. 

Walter Mann, Publisher, U16 Wintbn^ 

Andrei^ Marcus' Mortom Oerk, »s Waih- 
ington St. Boston, Mass. 



■ Hidden Pi«e, Pi 

ince. with The 
St, New York. 
lOSth Si., New 

:r Pond. Publishini Buii- 

r%b«ta. Teacher, Allen 
Newton, Usu-l Rn. 67 

Tiler Perry, Insi; 
,e In.. Co., $6 Cedn 


St.rp"rt CI 
Arthur Sweei 


, Hdi Sei. >b6 

Chancery St, Guillord,B.llimore, Md. 

JUrmoDd Leslie Wwk^ >ro(««sor ColMm- 

Wa L'ni«r.itY. New Vork, N. V.; Rei. 

™o W. («J Si., New Yort, N. Y. 

Perler Doe, Letwr Carrier, Re*. J* Mil! 

St., Arliofton, Haaa. 
Henry Robert OlfdhUl, Physician, Jeraey- 

ClwrlU Borton Gulick. Te»cher, Prpjci- 
- "■ Uaiveriity, Cambodge, 

bridge. Ml 

; Rw. jg Fayerwea 

St., Can 

• Alfred 'Samuel Hares, Lawyer, d. Not. 

PraiA'^HaRi* Hitchcock, Minim, Rfi- 

Metropolitan Club, New York, H. t. 
Williun GuUd Howsrd. Aist., Profcisor, 

„ „-■ a Re»l 

y Bldg.. Portland, Uc. 

•Hugh McCulloch, Jr, Author, d. Mar 

Ibcrl ^andell Itoore 


r, Mem. Dur- 

mem, Moore & S 


6i6 Geman.a 

Lilt Bldg., Si. Pa 

u1. Mi 

n.j Res. *64 

Holly Ave., St. P 
ewis Kennedy Mori 


er & Trustee. 

JO, Deyonshir. St. 


, Mass.; Res. 

* QeorEC Livecmore Potter, Real Estate, d. 

John Orrille Powers. Advertising. Pres. 

John O. Powers Co., ii W. a^ih St, 

New York, N, Y.,; Res. Nutley. N. J. 
Willard Reed, Principal Browne S Nichols 

School. Cambridge, Mass.; Res. la) 

Walker St. Cam bridge. Mass. 

Kin Wesley Rice. Music, Rot:kland, Mass. 
gan Herbert Roots. Missionat]' Bishop 
(Episcopal). American Church Mission. 

Charles L«ris SUttcry, Otrgytaaa, Rector 

ol Grace Church. S04 Broadway. New 

York, N. Y. 
■John Dunbar Stult*, Stndeot, d. July 

II. iSgi. 
ChaiUa Henrr Conrad Wrigfat, Professor, 

Harrard Uninnity, C>i^rid», Mut; 

Ret. s Buckinflum PL, Cambridge. 


William Tenn] 
luDibia Univ 
Colleae. Nei 
dsle.V Y. 

.. Teacher. PhiUips 
Cottage, Andonr, 

Teacher, Phillips Exeter Academ) 

ter. N. k. 
Carlos Csrletoo Closson. Social V 

J16 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, Cal. 

1J07 W. jrd St., Los Angeles. Ca 
Maurice Henry Ewer. Finance, 314 

way. New York, N. Y.; Res. ij \ 

Pi., Monlclair, N. J. 
Joshua Hale, Electrical Engine 

, D. b., Rei 


lege. Was 

da1l Greei., . „. „ 

Robert Anson Jordan, Lswyer, 60 Sute 

St, Boston, Mass.; Res. a SaltonstfU 

Rd.. Haverhill, Msss. 
Robert Morse Lorett, Professor, UniTcr*- 

iiy of Chicago, Chicago, IIL; Res. »» 

E. 6ath St, Chicago, IIL 
Harris Peyton Mother, Physician, Sag 

Beacon St., Boston, Hast. 
* Herbert Kayea Norton. Lumber Buti- 

ThoniM Fatiinge'r Patterson, Broker. 
Mem. Winslow & Co.. u Wall St. New 
York, N. Y.; Res. 114 SiuyTCsanl PL. 


, S. I. 

Mgr. Cen 

felephone Co., 

Thresher An 

Ocean Vien 

•Alfred Und 

Lawrence' W 

.aide Dr., 

i Sis., Boston, Mai 
., Cambridge. Mass 
icis WiUird. Educ 

Sidnir Miller BallotL Lawyer, 1 
rado Bldg., Washington, D. 
MSO Connecticut Ave, Wi 

St DevDi 
. Lynn. > 


Charlci Bmcrton Cook. Ijtcfiff Work, 

Buiness Mir., Beluca Theitrc. New 

York, N. \^; R«. Limba Otib, New 

York, N. y. 
Robert Gray Dad|C, lawyer. 5] State St, 

Baslon, Masi.j Kea. Si Bay Slate Kd., 

Boston. Mau. 
Walter Caienove Douslaa. Jr., Lawyer & 

Pro(es40T, Temple Law School, 701 

Stephen Girard Bidg.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Frank Ediar Farler, ProfeiBor, SimmonB 

Colleae, Boston, HasB. ; Ret. loS Fuller 

St., Srooklme. Maes. 
Philip Becker Ooeu. InMnictor, Uniters- 

iiy of BufFito, Bultalo, N. Y. ; Ret 

North Evans, N. Y. 

• Oliver Bndgei Htnahaw, EdilOT, d. July 

• A'arold Hutchinaon, Lawyer, d. Jaly 15, 

Bmeit Parlin Joae, Mannlaeturinc, John- 
■on, Vl. 

Ralph Clinton Larrabed PbyBician, 011 
Beacon St.. Boston, Masl. 

WilUam Luce, Fanner, Mgr. Port Smith 
Pure Milk Co., R. P. D. i, Fort Stnitb. 

Walton Brooks HcDaniel, Professor, Uni- 
versity al Penn. Philadelphia, Pa. ; Res. 
441 1 Sanaon St., W. Philadelphia, Pa. 

• Wmiasi Vaughao Moody, Poel & Play 

wriEht. d. Oct. 16, igio. 
DaviiT SaviUe Muiier, Associate Profes- 
sor, Columbia University, New York. 
N. V,; Res. *ga Van Cortlandt Pack 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

• Howard Gardner NIcbola, Msnufaclurer, 
d June 13, 1896. 

WUllam Hear? Robey, Jr., Fhyiician ft 
InstiuclDi, Harvard Medical School. 
BoMon, Masi, : Res. aoa Commonwealth 

HuntinBton Saville, Lawyer, joi Barris- 
ters Hall, Boston, Mass.; Res. 5 a 
Shepard St., Cambridne, Mass. 

Fred Mautke Spaldine, Physician, B 
Evans Rd. Brookline, Mass. 

WiUiam Janet Henry Stroni. ManuCac 
Inrer, Boi S8S, Chicago, III; Res. 64 
Chizrch St., Beloii, Wis. 

Loreuo Webber, Bank Cashier, witi 
Webber Stale Savings Bk., Portland 


Gaorn CoBverae 
sor, Uni 

Fiake, i 

I ol V" 

-, — - -, Jou Ct, 


Richard Talbot Pox. Manufi 
Old Cofony B(d«., Chlt-- 
E. Goethe St.. Cbicag< 

Arthur EuE*ne Cr"- ' 








, Mass. 


r Bab*on 


Alfred I 





, London 
kenry's 1 
, Eng. 


' 1- 






• William 


Lee, Ar 



rge No: 

n & Co., 8a S. Mar 


Mass. ; Res. 6 

Ocor^ Rapall Noyet, A 



well Slater, 



. UaircTi- 

of So 

ter, N. 


; Re*. 


^ ""'r<^ 


tr, N. 








ikiine. Mu 


' C^eU Wells 




, City 

Library, Spiinrtield, Maas. : ] 
Rimmon Ave., Springfield, Hasi 

Horton ArHoId Aldrich, Professor A Dean 
of the College of Commerce & Business 
Administration, Gibson Hall, Tutan* 
University, New Orleans, La. 

Randall Thomas Capen, F 


Albert Edward BtUey 

Ce"erVW». '" " '^'"" 
Aleitnder HilcheU Crane. Lawyer, sj 

Wall St., New York, N. Y. ; Res. Scars- 

dale, N. Y. 
*Jobn Frincia Crosby, Lawyer, d. Oct. 

wlili*m°''WaBbbum Cutler, Mercantile, 

Sec. & Treas. Noyes Bros. & Culler. 

Inc. 396 Sibley St., Sl. Paul. Minn.; 

Res. 91 Crocus PI., St. Paul, Minn. 
Lindsay Todd Damon, Professor. Brown 

Uniyersily, Providence, R 1. 1 Res. 

Sharon. Mass. 
Franklin Abbott Donnan, Physician, 133 

E. S7th St.. New York, N. Y. 

Herbert Baldwin Foster. Teacher, d. 

Edmund ' Howard Oreen, Wholesale Pro- 
duce, Mem, Green & Co.. Boston, 
Mass.; Res. 54 Garfield St., Cambridge, 

Daniel Crosby Greeny Physician, 483 Bea- 
con St^ Boston, Mass. 

Waller Thomas Huizell. Printer & Pub- 
lisher, 631 Hamilton St.. Allentowa, 
Pa.; Res. 130 N. 9th St., Allentown, Pa. 

Wilford Ptraoni Joy. Architect. Webster 
Groves, Mo. 

Prank White lltrriman. Hanufart..r.r 
Mem. Merrimaa ~ ' ' 

Cambridge. Mas 

1.. 185 Amory St., 
IS Whittier St., 

It- Smith, Lawyer, 

Frederick .Aipgood Nash. Lawyer., Mei 
Choate. Hsir & Stewart, jo State S 
Boston, Mass. ; Res. Weston. Mass. 



'Albert HanUiiE Nnrtnaa, 
<L Umr. II, iai6. 

nd DMier, 

irlcton Bldrcdse No7«, A 

Fnocis An., Cunbrid(e, Mi 
PrankUn Olborne Poole, Libraiiin, loj 

CUT^anont A«., Mt. Viraon, N. Y. 
Plinio da SUva Pndo. Coffee Buiinesi, 

Sto Paulo, BraiiL 
Hcnrr Waaliiiiaton Preieotc. Professor, 

Umrenity of Chicaoo, Chiciso. III.; 

Rea. 5719 Kenwood Aie., Chica«D, III. 
•JoHph Sobbina, Ucrchaol, d. Oct. 15, 

Ocori* Frederick Schwart, Cansulttns 

Foreiter, 1470 Beacon St. Bcookline, 

CarletoB Anderaon Shaw, Principal, Red 

Houie School, Graton, Mas). 
Harriaon WUIard Smith, Aiiociale Profei- 

aor. Mail. Inst, of Techoologr, Bos- 
ton, Mass.: Rea. 1S8 WoodUnd Rd.. 

Auburndale, Uasa. 
Herbert Laird Winiate Snell. aeriyniaii. 

Rector, St. Lulcea Churdi, Jamestown, 

N. Y. 
Waltv Lindsar Van Klccck, Lawyer, 

Millii, Mass. 
William Sterling Yonnsman, Lawyer, 19 

Congress St, Boston, Man.; Res. to 

Orkney Rd., Brookline, Mui. 

Coliunbia Uniierai 
f. v.; Rea. sj7 W. 
irk. N. Y. 
BllUnai AtpinwaU, 

i of Stale >Ionnal 1 
,. St, Woreeater. M«m. 
Eroeit Blodje 


lldg., Delto 

^. Vjo'lroquois AxeT,"' Detroit." 
Clarence KBtcae Bnbb, TraTeliag 

St" Bosf "■ ^"^ ^°' '^ ' 
si'. Will: 

>-S Co., 19 E 
; Res. io^( ■ 

niversiiy, Cambridge, Man.; 
rkland Rd., Cambridge, Uasa. 

Marry Gaylotd Dormao. Professc 


wiy. New York, N. V. 

Charles Stimner Puller. Manufacturi 
Agent. i»3 Stale St. S. Boston, Mas 
Rei. II St Paul St, Cambridge. Mas 

Edward Martin Greene, Professor, But 

Bion Bradbury Howard. Asst- Europe 
Auditor, with American Rsdiator C 
149 Blvd. Hauiimann, Paris, Franc 
Rea. 4 Ave. Erlancer, Pari., France 

Jonatlian LconariL Tutor, Sandwich, Ma 

Arthur Gardner Lcwla, Lawyer. 53 So 
St. Boston, Maia.1 Rea. 140 Oint 
Rd., Brookline, Mass, 

William WataoB HcKibbiD, Physician, 
WachQMtt St, Worcester, Haas. 

OMrg* WnUuiii Hadiewa, Lawyer, Ue 
Mathewa, Thompson ft Spring, Trein< 
Bldg., Botton, Mass. ; Res. Cant. 

Leeler BIcclow Unrdock, Shoe Mumlac. 

, 14J Lloyd A 

Bldg., Providence, 

Jobs Lord O'Brlan, Lawyer, Special Ass't 
to U. S. Atty. General, 604 Irquaii 
Bldg,, Buffalo, N. Y.: Res. 190 W. 
Utici St, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Wmiain Wilkv Orr, Managing Edttor, 
with Nal'l Asi'n. of Credit Men, 41 Park 
Row, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. Scarsdalc, 
N, if. 

Loull de Poreit Smith, Inaurance, JM 
Walnut St, PUUdelphia, Fa. ; Res. Fal- 
mvra, N. V. 

Frederick Hainea Stillwagcii, Lawyer 55 
Wall SL, New York, N. Y.j Rea. 391 
Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Raphael Clarke Tfaomai, Clergyman, Sec. 
ond Ave. Baptist Church, 164 sod Ate., 

■ New York, N. Y. 

■ Joseph Parker Wartcn, Aiit Professor, 

Roiwell Parker ADgier. Aiat Professor, 
Yale University. Ktw Haven, Ct i Res. 
140 Edgebill Rd.. New HaVen, Ct 

Hugh Bancroft, Lawyer ft Publisher, ]0 
KiLby St., Boston, Mais. ; Res. ajj New- 
bury St., Boston, Uass. 

Prank Sawyer Bayln, Lawyer. '" ' - 
Hew. Bayley ft Wilson, 900 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; Res. i 
Ave., W. Seattle, Wash. 

Arthur Walker Blakcmore, 

John Maun BoutweU, (Init by A^herat), 
Mining Geolagiit with Phelps, Dodge i 
Co.. Howard Can£eld Bldg., Santa Bar. 

. C.I.; R«._. 

I De la Vim 

BarUra, Ca£ 

Frederick WlUla Brown, Froteasor, Bow. 

doin College. Brunswick, Ue. 
Kdward WilRam Capen. Bond Dealer, so 

Congresa St, Boston, Hasa. ; Res. Win- 

throp Ave^ Wollaston, Mau. 
Sturgis Coffin, sod, Real EaUtc. Mem. 

Coffin & Taber, 14 Milk St, Boston. 

Mass.: Res. s6 Spooner Rd., Chestnut 

Hill, ilta. 
Edward Randall Elder, Tracking Bualness, 

jj Thomas St, New York, N. Y. ; Rei. 

S3 Sylvan St, Rutherford, N. J. 
Joaeph Fyffe. Pay Inspector, U. S. Navy, 

Navy Dept, Washiagtoo, D. C; Res. 

7] Perkins St, W, Newton, Uasa. 
Wiillam Waltl QUe, Pnbli^ing, with 

Americaa Book Co., too Wasiiington 

Sq., New York, N. Y. ; Rei. «7 W. 

86th St., New York, N. Y. 
Jaraea Edgar Crcgg. Clergyman, PirM 

Church of Chriat, 13s Eaat St, PitW- 

field. Mass. 
Jonathan Balcom Hayward, Lawyer, with 

Kerr, Page. Cooper ft Hay ward, jj Lib- 
erty St, New York, N. Y.; Rei. 104 

E. 40th St, New York, N. Y, 
Frederick HeUig, Lawyer, 411-s Mohawk 

Bldg., Portland, Ore. ; Rea. Heilif 

Theatre, Portland, Ore. 
Frank Hendrick, Lawyer, 43 Cedar St., 

New York, S. v.; Res. 1 E. J9th St, 

New York. N. Y. 
•Harrr Howard Hill. Stndent, d. Mar. 



HnuT BuTsR Muntiiigtini. Tcichn, Ai- 
icKiitf ProfcuoT, Brown Uninnity, 
Providence, R. I.; Rei. ij John St, 
Providence, H. I. 

Robert Edwin Oldi; Lawyer, with Dmrii 

5-"°H/ ~ 

, Uerchanti' NatL 

JW(., St P»ul, Minn.; Ret g 

Crocni PL, St. Paul, Utnn. 

Bernvd Sutro Oppenheiiner, Phyiician, 
.as W. 86th Sl, New York, N. Y. 

WUliun Belmont Pukcr, Editor & Pub- 
lisher, with S. Pearson ft Son, jj Broid- 
wa*. New York, N. Y. : Res. Westfield, 
N. J. 

CeoTEe Selbr Proutr. Manufacturer, 
Spencer, Maia. 

Bdward Eiclestan Rica. Publisher. Sup't. 
Pictorial Review Co., 303 Equiulile 
BIdg., Boston, Uas>.i Res. 14 Fenwick 
Rd., Winchester, Uass. 

Louis Srdner Bassford Robinson. PhysiC' 
ian, 017 Lowrv BlAg., St. Paul, Umn. ; 
ReL 744 UniTcriity Ave., St. Paul, 

Elmer Emest SoBthard, Physician, Direc- 
tor Psychopsthic Hospital, Boston. 
Uasa. 1 Res. 70 Francis Ave., Cambridge, 

Cbarlea Alfred Weatherbr. Bounist, 749 
Uain St.. E. Hartford. Ct. 

■ lloaei Hannibal Wright, Civil Engineer, 
d. June 8, i«(>6. 

Wmtom Wilwn Baker, Assodan Profes- 
sor, Havcrford College, Haverford, Pa. 

James Stewart Barsow, Teacher, 341 E. 
£ist St., New y*lc, N. Y. ; Res. ija 
Brunswick Ave.. Gardiner, Me. 

Edmund Blake Burton, Principat New 
School, Hillside Rd., Wellesley Hllb. 

Carrol] Oeorg* Dolnan, Principal. Hi 
School, Haute VilU, Col. 

William BdwlD Dorman. Lawyer w 
Donnan ft Newhall, i& Exchann i 
Lynn, Has).; Bes. as Red Rock i 

ing St, Arlington, Uass. 

Samuel Tufta Proat, Lawyer, j; Equitable 

tldg., Boston, Mass.; R— - '«n Sivin 

IHrAve., Boston, Mau. 

d Dwight Fallcrtoi 

ie, Bobbins ft Ft 

B Sl, Bbston, Mas. 

Frederick Bugenc Garland, Physician, 4SJ 

Beacon St, Boston, Mass 
Charles Orilk, Lawyer, Mem. Wilson, 

Grilk ft WiljSDB, aoi Putnam Bldg., 

Davenport, la.; Res. Davenport, la. 
Charlca Blcaier Hawker Physician ft 

Snrpeon, jjs Thayer St. Providence, 

>nal Phosphate Co., aj Sutc 
an, Uaas. ; Ret. Winchendoa, 

Henry Tme Hooper, Furniture Merchant. 

Uem. Oren Hooper's Sons. 136 Middle 

St, Portland, Me.; Res. go Prospect 

St, Woodlordi, Ue. 
Arthur Henry Howard, Salesman, with 

Amencan Sheet ft "Hn Plate Co.. aoS 

S. La Salle St, Chicago, IlL; Res. 

IOJ5 Willmette Ave., Wiflinetle, IlL 
Joseph Edwards Hubbarit, Y. M. C A. 

SecreUrr, Epdio la, Havana, Cuba; 
Percy Adama Hutchison. Toumalist, 27 

W. 4«th St, Now York, N. Y.: Res. 

14 Prospect Ter., B. Oraafe. N. J. 
Frederick Brastua Hydt T'-. I7 Park 

Ave., New York. N. Y. 
Haitian Spaulding Eellr,. Lawyer. 14 

Milk St, Boston, Mass. ; Res. 37 Glen- 

ville Ave., Boston. Msss. 
Kenneth Lamartine Mark, Teacher 'Sim- 
mons College, Boston, Mass. ; Rea, »i4 

S, Huntington Ave.. Boston, Mast. 
Our NewhalL Lawyer. Mem. Dorman ft 

Newhall, iS Exchange St. Lynn, Mass. ; 

Rei. 31 Atlantic Terrace, Lynn, Mass. 
Raymond Tasker Parke, Lawyer, ica 

Devonsliire St.. Boston. Mass.; Res. lal 

Winthrop Rd, Brookline, Mass. 
Eben Fenunore Phillins, Publisher, Mem. 

Silver, Buidett ft Co., Boston, Mass.; 

Res. la Orient PL. Melrose, Mass. 
WillUm Howard Porter, Saleamsn, 16; 

Lincoln St, Boston, Mass. ; Res. S9 

Main St, Haverhill, Mass. 
Henry Howe Richards. Teacher, Groton 

School. Groton. Mass. 
Hiram HaU Roberta, Mechaaicat Engineer, 

1037 Oranm St, Yoongtlown. O. 
Curtia Nye Smith. Lawyer, ip Congress 

St, Boston, Msss.; Res. Newton, Mass. 
Ralph Stout. Lawyer, ji Chsmbers St, 

New York. N. Y.; Res. sa Forest Ave., 

Glen Ridge. N. T. 
Fullerton Leonard Waldo, Editor a 

•- sicDl Critic, with Public Ledger. 
itadelphis. Pa, ; Res. 1830 Riiienhouse 
, Phfladelphia, Pa. 

1 BarClett Wells, Teacher, Lake 
cid School, Uke Placid Qub, N. Y. : 
>. 4] Hunnewell Ave.. Newton, Mass, 

Hiddleton Ooldaraith Beaman, Lawyer, 
r..-o;.l>i;.P Ttr,H\„ir Research Fund, 
York, N. Y.i 


Richard Stanwood 

Maple St. Sprinelield. Mass. 
Clement LiacolD Bouvi, Lawyer, Union 
Trust Bldg., ijih ft H Sti,. Washing- 
ton. D. C; Res. 3133 jSth St, Wash- 
ington, D. C 
Charles Thomas Brown. (Init by Swarth- 
'»'»^), Treasurer, A. H. Sickler Co.. 
Ludlow St. Philadelphia. Pa.; Rat. 
"' ■ - 'loorest.— " ' 

belL L- 

. Y.; Rea. BrooxviUe, 

d. Har. 10, I9ia. 

.- Contulllog ArcU- 

tect. with Regal Shoe Co., 368 Summer 
St. Boston. Haas,; Bet. 40 Bcacoa St, 



1 St, Cunbiidgt, Mas 

r, Mem. 

1 DtTOO- 

1.9 Ox- 


I School, ( 
1 Galbrai 

a Col Leg 


. ._ .„ II Si.. Williamsion 

Sot Gurluiil. Physician, 96 Mii 

Gbucuter. Ma>a. 
Frank Butlsr Gianccr, Phvsici 

Beacon St., Boitoa, Miif. 
Joha HaUiday. I'hyiician, 1391 1 

wealth Ave., Boston, liui, ; Ke 


1. Cairc 


i Brown Hanii, Lawyer, 59 Zeis 
Block, Sppkane, Wash.; Res. 711 
ion Si., Spokane, 

Horace Hill, Bn^ih MinuEacturer 

with T. I. Whilin,. J, J. Adams Co. 

700 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mais. 
Robtrl Loui. HoEuet, Uwyer. Uem 

Ivins, WolR & llopiet, 17 Williann 

St.. New York, N. Y, ; Res. 47 E 

Bind St., New York, N. Y, 
Manhall Sumner Holbrook, Lawyer, Gar 

field Sl., Cambridge. Man. 
Henry Minor Huiley, Patent Lawyer 

Mem. Bell A Huiliy, i-' " '- =-"- 

St., Chici •■■ -^ 

New ■ York. k. -. 
Jlmuel LamaoD Wonaon. Bridge Enfineer. 
with MiatoDTi P»e. Ry. Co., loss R». 
Exchann BIdg.. St. Louia, Mo. i RcL 
5537 A CabaniK Aip«.. St Loail, Mo. 

Charlea L.awr*ncc Adanu. Clergy man. 
Rector of St Paul's Church. WiTliinaD- 

Wall'er Conrad Arenaben, Literary Work. 

3J W, 67ih St. New York, N. Y. 
Rei Mitchell Baxter, AdTenising. Federa- 

■ - irily & PhiUnthropy, Cham- 
■ , CleyeUnd. O.; 

Rdwvd Clark Ci 

J.l«, ao8 S. La 
I Res. 1014 Orri 

, 111. 

^ Boston, i 

Benjamin Paul Merrick, 
Travis, Merrick & Wan 

Sin Trust BIdg., Grand 
cs. >i9 Collfge Ave., 

Adolphe 'Moneli Sayrc. F 
Sec> The Church Pen 
Wall St.. New York. 

logical Surrey, Waihinj 

. 3^149 Newark Sl„ 


< Ruiiell Stobba, I.,a 

Wayerly I 
Penion Ton 

Charles Edward Willi 

IJM S. loth St. Terr 

HenrjF Felix Wolff. U» 

Cher Wbitney. Banker. Mi 
:odBes & Co.. 14 Wall ! 
, N, v.: Res. S3" Riyers 

York. N. y. 


Hessler Rcf, Qeyelan 

General Secretary 
idia & Ceylon, 86 

"■.^ Uwyer, 31 
jri., N. Y.; Rea. 
» York, N. Y. 
■lociate Profeswir 
, Middlelown. Cti 


. Head. 
Its. « Temple PL. 
so Buckingham St. 

Cambrj^dge 1 

Owen David ■ , .,,„,.,t_., 

Continuation School, 55 Brookadale Rd., 


Albert Parktt Pitch, Clergyman A Presi- 
dent Aodover Theolooical Seminary, lo 
Pollen St., Cambridge, Masa. 

Martin Moor* Poai. Publisher. Secretary 
McGraW Hill Book Co.. ijo W. 10th 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. Shippan 

Robert 'John Qra<«a, Phytician, Concord, 

•Frederick Carleton Oulick, Teacher, d. 

Sept 16. igoi. 
•Nomao Fiaher Hall, Teacher, d. Sept 


r Conant Hatch, 

Teacher, Smith 

ademy, St 


Mo.; ies. 4" 

Lake Axe.. St 




a Edward McCloikey. Jr.. Lawver. 


rmeri' B.njc 


PltCsbura. P..1 


. 6410 Sea 
er 6ur H 

on 5t, Pittsburi. Ft. 



Businesa: 601 



. Legley ft E^rae 

Piltsburj, Pt; 
Sts., Pittsburg. 

ric Palmer. 

Jr, A 

sociate Professor, 

■rerford Colle 

gf, H 

Tcrford. Pa. 


Potter Perry 

Genera! Mannfaciurini 



n Mfg. Co., 17 


w Yo 

rk, N: Y.; Ret 


kside & Princeton 
'^' Austin Richard*. 

Pi:. Upper Mont- 


'^ilifffiS^"' t\ 

non Churc 

. 383 


Ion. Mas. 


Pitta Sanb 

m, J 

., Editor, with 


Y. Globe. 

» »?? 

St. New York, 


I, City 

Lalamah St, 
, Physician. 91; 


Hiichliind Bldg., Pilisbura, Pa.: Res. 
54'a Stinlun Ave, PitlsburE, Pa. 

llDiray SeuoDEOod, l^awyer, M«n. Pax- 
ton, Wwrinnon & SeasooRood, Soi 
Cwynne B[&.. Cincinnili. O. ; K«. 
3T'i WMhiimon Avt, Cincinnali. O. 

William Nithaiud S«avtr, Librarian, 
Ai^tt Municipal Reference Librarian, 
SCM Municipal Bldg., New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. Sciiuate. Mau. 

Winlicld Lowit Shaw, Shoe Uanulaclurer, 
with W. H. McETwam Co., 3S4 Con- 
srcBs St. Boston, Uans. ; Ro. 20 Cocb- 
ato Rd., Braintree, Mass. 

Frank Hcrben SimoBda, Journalist. Asso- 
ciate Editor, wilh N. V. Tribune, i;4 
Nassau St, New York. N. Y. ; Res. 71 
Orerlook Rd., Upper Montclair. N. J. 

Hvbert Addmiton Wadldgh, Banker. 4 
Post Office Sq.^ Boston. Mass.; Res. 
g Hillside Ave.,\Vinche5ter. Mass. 

•Simon Svarard WUIiama, Pharmacist, d. 

Ccorga Jeat« Writbt, Physician. 117 Roup 
St, Pittsburg, Pa, 

H«niT Aaron Yeomana, Prolessor and 
Dean. Harvard University, Cambridge, 
Mass.; Res. University is, Cambndge, 

ChatlM Frederick Covert Arcnsberg, Law- 
yer, 1917 Oliver BWg.. Pitttburgli, Pa. ; 
Kes. Oakmont. Fa. 

John Rotsman Bertholf, Branch Manager, 
with Pacific Fire Extinguisher Co.. 34 
Ellit St. San Francisco, Cal. ; Res. 166 
HillcKst Rd., Berkeley. CaL 

Harrison Winthrop Bowker, Lawyer, tii 
Slater Bldg., Worcester, Mass. ; Sea. uB 
Elm St., Worcester, Mass. 

John Gaylord Brackett, Lawyer. Special 
Justice, Municipal Ct of the City of 
Boston, S3 Slate St., Boston, Masa. ; 
Rea. 34 Lombard Rd.. Arlington, Mass. 

•Ramon Davisson Brackeit. Stodent, d. 

Oliver Winslow' Branch, Judge. Associate 
Justice. Saperior Cl. of V H.. iiS 
Prospect St., Manchester, N. H. • 

Edwin Marin Brush, Fire Insurance, with 
Penn. Fire Ins. Co. ,3? Hilk St., 
Boston, Mass. ; Res. » Hawes St., 
Brookline. Mass. 

Hesrjr Alexander Plandera. Ice Business, 
Ass't Manager, with Independent Ice 
1 St, Cambridge, Mass.; 


Roads. Willard Bldg.. Washington, 
D. C. ; Res. 7S0S Blair Rd,, Washington, 
D. C 

icndenl Newell Works, Gee 

ical Co.. Newell, Pa,; Res. 

Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
WillUm Henry MeOrath, Electrical En- 

Kineer. with Pugei Sound Traction 

Light & Power Co., 860 Sluarl Bldg., 

Seattle. Wash, 
ThoBu* Russell Robinson, Superintendent, 

Worcester Suburban Electric Co., Ux- 

bridge. Mass. ; Res. ji Court St, Ded- 

fiobert Wilcox SaTlts, Curator, Geological 
Museum, Harvard Umversity, Cam- 
bridge Mass.; Res. 363 Hammond St, 
Chestnut HiU, Mass, 

Carl Clapp Shfppee, Broker, with Hom- 
hlnwer A WfpIx.. ., Broadway, New 
. Maple Ave., 

York, N. Y. ; 

ri&VBi anuTuen, i^awyer, ig Congress St, 
Boston, Mass.; Res. Winchester. Maaa. 

Howard Ward Taggart, Accountant ft 
Office Mgt. with Slick Broa. Construc- 
tion Co., isio N. 16th St, Boise. Id,; 
Res. 317 Campbell St-. WiUismaport, Pa. 

Samuel Thucber, Jr., Teacher. Newton 
Technical Hi^ School, 59 North St., 
Newtonville, ^ass. 

Charlei Edward Aldrich, Jr., Shoe Manu- 
facturer, wtih Thomas & Co., Box u 
Sta. A. Brooklyn, N. Y.i Res. oc 
Clark St, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Ralph P. Benedict Journalist. Editorial 
Writer, with Denver Express, Denver, 
Col.; Res. Hotel Auditorium, Denver, 

Bmest Bernbaum, Instructor, Havard 
University, Cambridge. Mass.; Res. SS 
Sparks St.. Cambridge, Mass. 

Ricbsrd Joseph Cotter, Lawyer. Meat 
Warner, Warner & Suckpole, 84 State 

Rn>', 93 Emerson St, Melrose, jfass. 
Harald Waldo French, Rubber Broke 

with Gore & " ' ' ' " - 

Bldg., Akroi 

Akron, O, 
Paul Burtr Hi 

II E. jSth St. New York, N. Y. 
I xwi a 'David Humphrey, Business, at 

Maple Ave., Cambridge. Mass.: Res. 

General Delivery, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Waiiam MiUs IvIdb, Jr., Lawyer, with 

Cravath & Henderson, 51 William St., 

New York, N. Y. ; Res. 7S W. jsth 

St.. New York, N. Y. 
I.awr*ace Steliner Jackson. Manuti 
■Jolden - •-■ 

, N 

o Woodcrest Ave. _ 

Edwin Warier James. Civil Engineei 

"■ - - -1 U. S. Office of Fubli 

Leland Turner Dntton, Business. Gelatine 
& Glue. Mem. Milligan ft Higgins Glue 
Co., asi From St.. New YorV N. Y. ; 
Rea. 46 E. 4'st St, New York, N. Y. 

•Joseph William QlUes, Lawyer, d. Jan. 

Rob^l'li'DntravUle Green, Physician, 78 
Marlborough St., Boston. Mass, 

New York, N. Y. 

. aee Steliner Jackso_. 

Secy.-Treai. Golden Gate MIg. Co^ 1 

Deslirossei St, New York. N. Y.; Res. 

Woodcrest Ave., While Plains. N. Y. 

New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 1.8 Garden Pi- 
Brooklyn, N, Y, 

Charles howniag Lay, (Init by Colom- 
bia), Landscape Architect. 15 E. 40th 
St, Ne«» York, N. Y.; Res, Stratford, 

Roger Irving Lee, Professor. Harvard 
University, Cambridge, Mass.; Res. 51 
Brattle St.. Cambridge. Mass, 

Edward Hance Lctchworth, Lawyer, Mem. 


JoMph AloTiii. 
St., Webiter, 
St., Webitcr, 

Bcrfia - ■■ 

Roxbury, Mau- 


Real EtUU. Tt* 
olonio. To,: Ro. 
_.. ,_o Anlooio, To. 
Gilker, Clcraynuo, Hyde 
Qiurch, Cliicigo, IlL 

, Hill, Liwyer, lai UUk 

St., Boston, Mui. ; Kci. N. Ponbrokc, 

ick. Cooke, Milchell & Bui, 113 
le Bank BMg., Buffalo, N. V. 
106 Windior Am., Bi " " - ■ 

•■rk Ai 

„.. »J W 

; K». 65 1 
n, N, Y. 


AUan I 


3& Miuiey St., Lcxinvtoi 
H«io1d Stanln Pol'—" •- 
-■■ 1 Writer 

Hullikeo, Coil 

Union Sl, EaU BridKcvi 

ItanlB Huln UroB. PI1 

7th Ave., Cincinnati, O. ; 

HcMillaa St., Walnut Hi 

■rd Runlet Van Law, Real Eitat* 
ustee, with Alonio O. BHo Proptr- 
I, 3S B St, WaMhiocton, D. C. : Rei. 
'he Veotou," Wa^JlinBto^, D. C. 




il. Ont 


Robert William Ifaaranc, Lawrer, 
" — -■— ■ *'-- York, N. Y.: Re- 
' York, N. V. 

V, J4t1 

Lawyer, 314 
, Uai*! " 

DunUp Pearci 

ClauceitcT St., ooiion, isui. 

Conyere Read, Teacher. Alit. Pro 
Uniieraity of Chicaio, Cliicafo, 
Res. 171S E. 5jlh St.. Chicaio, 

Henry Schcnck, Res. "Beaumont," 
Orange, N. J. 

Oeorae Stanley Stnenaon, Jr., (In 
Corby). Broker, with Lee Hicgin 
Co., ]fi Pearl St., Hartford, Ct. 


Elijah Swi 
N. ). 

Henry Tru 

, &a Murray PI., Pi 
ibull William*, Law 

John Daniel WUllama. T] 
Bjter, with Chai. Frol 
Theatre Bldg^ New Yorl 
74 SheptoD St., Amhtrsi 

1 Man- 

Kdwin Hale Abbot. Jr., Lawye 
Treraont Blda., Boston, Mass. 1 
Pollen St., C^mbridie, Mass. 

Ralph Abercrombie. Si Providem 

Clark Rd., firookline, Man. 
Arthur Black. Lawyer: Res. 16 Everett 

Ave,, Winchester, Mass. 
Edward Portetquc Breed, Manufacturer 

of Cnt Soles, Vice-Pres. Henry W. 

Breed & Co., 761 Wsshlncton St., Lynn, 

Mass.1 Res. ti Kings Beach Rd., Lynn. 

Elmer Elbert Craii, Teach 1 
Hiah School, Philadeli^i 

73 W. W">>i— "•" '— - 

_».; Rtl 

Harold Dark DeLong; Engiarer, with 
B niton Transit Commission. Boilon. 
Mass.; Res. Brooktine, Mass. 

John Francis Dever, Jr., Bond Salesman, 
with Homblowet & Weeks, 60 Congress 
St.. Boston, Mass.; Res. Newtonville, 

Frank Richard Pltipa trick, RiilroadinK, 
Foreman, LocomotiTe Super-Heater Co., 
Co., )0 Church St, New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. j4 Centre Ave., Bellmont, Mass. 

Ralph Stanwood Poia, Publisher, Asst 
Mai ~ . J. 

Rob Roy Alexander, Banker, Cleveland 

Trust Co., aeveland, O. ; Res. 14611 

Lake Ave.. Lakewood. O. 
Charie* Ediwr Andrews, Banker, New 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
WlUiam OoodeU Bur, Advertiainv, aua 

CheWnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Emerson W. Baker Lawyer, Baker & 

Baker, 140 Main St, Fiichbsrg, Haas. 
Harold Hotchklis Bennett, Manufaclurer, 

Supl. Morley Button Mfg. Co., Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
Arthur Herbert Damon, Lawyer, 60 State 

St, Boston. Mass.: Res. Melrose, Mass. 
Albert de Roode. ^ Lawyer, e» Wall St, 

New York, N. V.; Res. W. Brighton, 

N. Y. 
Francis Howard Fobes, Asst. Prolessor, 

Union Cotlege, Schenectady, N. Y. : 

Res. 3 Chindler St., Lexington, Mass. 
Charles Oalway, (Init. by liew Yorit), 

Teacher, Stoneteigh Court, Washington, 

D. C 
Edwin Oscar Hall, Insurance, ifith Blake, 

Barrows A Brown, _o Central St, 

Bangor, Me. ; Res. 49 Kendnskeog Ave., 

Bangor, Me. 
Jaaeph Pierre Hoguet. Surgeon, xe I 

4'SI St., New York, N. Y. 
Edward Clement Kerens. M. 

14 Conant St, Danvera, Maa 
Richards CarroU KIbbey. Far 


with AmL.._ 
in Sq., New 


N. Y. 

■ Ches 

; Res. tjarshall- 
r Lan<^ Publisher, Director 




AiiL Surgeon, U. S. Public Heilth Ser- 
Tic., 141a G[r.rd St, W»ahia«on. 
D. C; Km. Hyrienic Laboratory, Wuh- 
innoD, D. C 
Danial Ctcil Mumins, Lawyer, Salem, 
Mail.; Res. 97 dam St., Peabody, 

Pbillipi Bndicott Ouood, Clergyman, 5031 

Pine St.. PhiladelphU. Pa. 
Sidur Lewji Robarti, Dairy- Farmer, 

P. O. Box lis. Halvcm, Pa. 
Herberi Fcrlindo Schmri, Publiiher, 

Secy. & Director of P. A. O. Sctawari. 

303 Fifth-ATC, New York, N. Y. ; Rn. 

3SJ W. 108th St., New Yorlt, N. Y. 
K*nd>11 Kerbot Smitli, Aatt. Professor, 

R.n.n Univeriity, Proridence, R. I.; 

~ emor St.. Frorideace, K. 1. 

d Tharc Ltwyer, 44 Ccn- 

York, N. Y.; Sei. i;6 Si*tr*idc Dr.. 
New York, N. Y. 

John Fletcher UenderaoB, Funeral Direc- 
tor. 6» Main St., lohnitown, Pa.; Re«. 
»:i Uavnes St., Johnstown, Fa. 

Frank Burdwjn Holaappl*. Lawyer, £01 
Warren St. Hudson. N. Y. ; Res. 549 
Union St., Hudian. " " 

I St, ,.,_.. 

ward St, Banior, Me. 
" ■ ■ - ■ Toppan. 



RsUnd I.eile' 

Green St, Ncwburyport, Mass. j Kes. 

10 Toppans Lane, Ncwburyport, Maes. 
Anhul Tyne, Expert Appraiser with 

Stale Tax Dept Albany, N. Y.; Res. 

UuiTcrsity Club. Albany, N. Y. 
Roy Smith Wallace, Social Worker-Secre- 

Isry Peun. Society to Protect Children 
Cruelly, 41J.S. ijth St, ' ' 

trom (Cruelly, 419 S. 

phia. Pa.; Re», Meat 

BarHett Walton, Shoe Uai 

Wake&eld, Mats. 
William Stewart Whittemort. 

39 Brattle St, Cambridge, M. 


Jr„ Bond Salesman, 

, Boston. Mass.: R( 

a Atc. Brookllne. Mass. 

, Ct 

Hnrold ^gwdiich. Physician. 60 Harvard 

Ave., Brookline, Mass. 
Panl Pembroke Crosbie, Life Iniarance. 

19 Broadway. New York, N. Y. ; Rei. 

P.terson. N. J. 
BronsoB Crothcr*. Physician, Lowry 

Bldg.. 5t Paul, Minn. 
Wniiirn Hawley Dan*. Profesior, Bow- 

doin College, Brunswick, Me.; Be*. 4 

Page St. Brunswick, Me. 

KaiOld Simpson nmininv. Imrr M>Tn 

Gwynn & Demi 

■Minj, s 

New 'York, 'n! y"" 

Frederick BeaimioDt R 

The Bryant Electric 

reenleat OoodaU, Lawyer. Men 

Goodale & Nasi 

H Morgan GroTea, Y. U. C A. Secre- 
y, Manila, P. L 

In Daniel Haya, Lawyer. Uem. Hay* 
nhlield & Wol[. 115 Broadway. New 

Warren St. Hudson. 
Union St, H " 
Harold Pendei 

ft , 

, Mass. ; Re*, a 

Carl Lawaoo, Blectrlcal Engineer, with 
- ■ "■ " ting Co., 39 

II johnaon. Lawyer, 1 

ft Johnson, 340 Main 
" k a Fairmount 

Boylslon St, L , . ,„ 

Lexington St, Waltham, Mi». 

Willard Lewis. Mechanical Engia 

Riverside Mills, Augusta, Ga.; Rea. 1 

Troupe St, .' - "- 

-?o WV>jrd"'St'.;~New~Yorfc,'N. i. 
Thomae Page Smith. Jr., Advert ising, 
Mem. Davig.Smilh Co., 530 AtUntic 

Frank Aimlngton Spencer, Jr. Lawye 
Wall St, New YV>rk, N. Y. i Res. 
Faile St., New York, N. Y. 

Charles Adams Weiasert, Toumalist, ! 
ingl, Mich. 

Lawrence Hai" '■"-'^— ™ — • - 

Frederic Lester Wood*, Executive Secre- 
tary, National Security League, 30 
Congreu St, Boston, Mass. ; Ret. to 
Ocesn Ave,. Swamp«ott. Masi, 

Quincy Adams Brsckett, Electrical En- 

gjneer, Westinghouse Electric ft Hlg. 

Co., E. Pittsburg. Pa. : Res. isS East 

End Are., FitltbiirE. Pa. 
John DeQuedville Bnggs, Principal, St 

PtuI Academy. St Paul, Minn.; Re*. 

University Qub, St Paul. Minn. 
Joseph Lawrence Bums, Lswyer. Ttemont 

Bldg.. Boston, Mass.; Res. i6y Main 

St, Andover, Mass. 
John Hall Deane. 
ArBiur Norman Holcombc, Astt Profei- 

sor, Harvard University, Cambridge. 

Has).; Res. 31 Pollen St. Cambridge, 

aS E. 19th St, 

'—- Sales Mgr. 

Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. ; Res. 

Fryeburfc Me, 
Theodore Franci* JoiMi, Astt Professor, 

New York Univeriity. University 

Heights, New York, N. Y. ; Res. J374 

University Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Clarence Kempner. Lawyer, 44 Court St, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John Richard Lueuby, Lawyer, jv Eqoit- 

able Bldg., Boston. Mass.; Re*. 16 

Garden St, Cambridge. Halt. 
Robert Howard Lord. Teacher. Harvird 

University, Cambridge, MiM.i Km. 

Westmorly 11, Cambridge. Hu*. 




a ]u McCorakfc. Law) 

la J« U.. _. . 

St.. ffissouU, Moat. 

._ rr* llaaahao, Chcmiii: lui, 

Ednhill Rd.. East Uihon, Hais. 

Charlm Hltchcll. with WilUam Kea 

Sooi, 3U Waihington St., Ro 

Mass. : Rci. fto Forut Kl. Nc 


Joi*pli ,Hcrbt 

Joha I 

Fiilh & UoT. 

phii, r 


. N. H. 

omery Ani., Philadcl- 
Klkini Park, Pa. 

Ralph Irving UndcThill, Teacher, Soger 
Atchim School, g Myrtle St., White 
PUins, N. Y.; Res. Kiogiwood Camp, 
B lid lion. Me. 

•Kany Watnn Upham. d. Oct. 6. i«il. 

IrviDB Tuppet Wortfaley, For 
Penn. R. R.. 41S Commei 
Bldr. PhiUdel^ia, Fa.: 
Angora Terrace. PniUdelphi 

Ptaak Ifoore WrighL Phyaici 

icbard Amea, SecreUry, Harvard Law 
School, Cambridge, Mass.; Rei. Way- 
land, Uatf. 

•orge Lawrence Auatin, InTettmebta, 
Mem. Beach & Austin, iS Aaylum Sl, 
Hartbrd, Cl. ; Rea. Hartford, Ct 

-vicg Widmtr Bailer > Reaearch, Ap- 
plied Biology. 41 Shepard Si., Cam- 

leorge Wil 

i8lh 5l.[ 

iaiB Bricka, 

The Brie " 

■ York. N, Y,i 

, New Roc 

> Ckrler Brown. I 

B. Williams ° =■- 

leiie. if. Y. 
Bit Hanuiacturer, 
,, Dover, N. H. ; 
, er. N. ri. 

Raymond Gooid Brown, Lawyer, Ameri- 
can Tobacco Co., 111 Fifth Ave., New 
York, N. Y.: Res. jo W. nth St., 
New York, N. Y. 

Edward Robinaon Briimley. Lawyer, 
Claimi Attorney Cor N. Y. N. H. A 
H, R- R. Room 3837, Grand Central 
Terminal, New York, N. Y.J Re*. S3 
Downing St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harold Gardner Dunning, Businesi. Aut. 
Mgr., Springfield Printing & Binding 
Co., Spring^eld, tiisi.; Tla. S7 Har- 
vard St., Springfi'ld, Mass. 

b. Phynici 
Highland St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Wrnton Brown FUnt, Lawyer, 85 Dev 
»hire St, Boston, Mass.: Res, US 
Chestnut Si., Wakefield, Mass. 

Harry Phidias Fortt, Engineer, w 
" ech Mut Packing Co., Canaiohit 

N. 1 


La Grand Qlfford, 

Hanley. Lawyer. Mem. 

William Aiuui' 
Feeney. Brady & 
ton Bldg.. Bostot 

[aniey. Lawyer. Mem. 

Hanley. 709 Pember- 

OUbert JuUbs Hirach. Writ 

HIbert JuUa 
vard Club, 

17 w. 44th St-, ^ 

Oilberi WUUan HoDgh, Physicii 
W- Boylaton St., Worcester. Ma 

David Heath Howie, SecreUry, wi 
Higginson ft Co., 44 Stale St., 
Mass.; Res. 17 William St.. Can 

Res sjjg 

Wilford Henry Keeling. Social Worl 
Educ. Sec'y Cleveiand^ Associated Ch 
ties. Cleveland. O.; Rea. 1614 £• <- 
St.. Cleveland, O. 

Hanty Xenpaer. Inslructor, Pratt In 
tDte. Brooklyn, N. Y.; Res. 44 Moa 
PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

James Kerana, Business, Dolben « Sc 

Tfaeodar Whitman Ki 
Knaulh, Nachod & Ki 
St., New York, N. Y. i 
-lushing. N. V 
Roy MacAui 



ind, Surgeon, 140 

.. N. v.: Re> 

arcy, .J Ch 
e>. 51 Cleve 

smuel Kacabrooks' 

with American Su 
Wall St., New Yi 
Montague Terrace, 
Theodore H albert 
Skowhegan. He. 

John William Baker, 

Mass.: Res. Walertown. Masa 

Samuel Babcock Booth, Clergyman. Rector 
of St. Lukes Church. i<« E. Huntinc- 
ton Si., Philadelphia, Pa- 

Hatlan Phillipa Breed, with Paine. Web- 
ber h Co.. Boston. Mass. ; Res. 30 Har- 
wood Si,. Lynn. Mas*. 

Carlisle Whitney Burton, Accountant. 810 
Iroquois Bldg., BuRalo N. Y. 

Joacph Stancliffe Davis, Instructor, Har- 
vard Vniv.. Cambridge. Hus. 

Thaller Eaton, Teacher, 140J Park Ave.. 
Baltimore. Md. 

WUIiston Merrick Ford. Clergyman, Vicar 
of Si. Andrews Church, Ayer. Maas. 

Paul N. Oarland, Business, joo Barrtsten 
Hall, Boston, Mass.: Res. The Alwinor. 

iridge. bas 
iCmanuel Hi 
^side Dr., • 
ick SUnit 

New York, N. Y. 

y Howe. Secretary, care 
jnery'a Sons. 414 Wdnut 
ii. d: Res. 3130 Francis 

, Pa.1 Res. Har 

jH Lloyd Rd,. Walenown. Mas 
: Pulton Kimball, Buaineas. ! 
[. 7a Franklin St, Boston. M 


Ptaderick Dwiiht Lowrcr, Lumbci 

., r&"6 

S. King ^c, Uoaololu, H. L I Res. am 

Jon« SL. Honolulu, B. I. 
Georse Albert HcKaif, MannlBctuTcr, iijr. 

Ciiy Mills Plani Americ»n Fell Co., 

Norlolli, Mms-i Rcb. Dubui;, Ci. 
I.CWU Blincr KkRaoo, Account*Dt, 4738 

Cilumcl An., Chioio, 111. 1 Ke*. 

UaKinviilc. N. V. 
Edwin Van BUrcom Pirkc, SecrcUiy, 

AssL Secy. Chambtr of Commirce, 

1444 Hyde Pk. Blvd., Chiofo, 111. 
Heniy Robiuion Shipherd. Pnifeuor, 

Penniylvanii Collcse, Getlysburi, Pa. 
Dayton OrUndo Slater. Real Eatatc^ Sec 


Lafie Ci 


irUndo Slater. ] 
Jaj. S. Hoi- 
, Delroit, Ui' 

Lsckwood Stevenv 1 
with United Papeitward Co., 
" r YorV, N, Y. ; Re! 
New York, N. 

. rd VarauB, ( 

S Wolieley Ave., WJni 
Bradlar Wadterell ~ 
HiBb Scbool, Chclaci 
Alden "■ ■'' 

.8s AtVin- 

JOO jih 
6jo W. 

970 E. Sth South St., Salt 


Ilgniaai IllddlemaM, Actor, 
« a. HigB St, New Britain, Ct 

RoGert Lrraaa Nile*, Buildina Construc- 
tion, with HoBgHin Btd».. 485 Fiftli 
Ave.. New York. N. Y. 

Lawreac* Bradford Packard, Inttructor. 
University of Eochester, XDcheMci, 
N. Y. 

ChariM HalUck Price, Uiaazine Writer. 
J7 W. 44th St.. New York, N. Y. 

Chedn Conrad Rauach. Conatruciion En- 

Sineer. with Fiske & Co., Inc., ij Arch 
t., BoBton, Mass.! Res. Route 8, Bed- 
ford, N. 11. 
Willlain Berifman Richardi, Lawyer, SOO 
Security Bidg^ Minneapolii, Minn. ; Rei. 
Minneapolii Club, Minneapolii, Minn. 
Arthur WallBce SunpaoB, AdTcrtiiibf, The 
Cutler Publicitioni, 166 E»ei St., Bos- 

, Uaai. 


Robert Hincklcr Townaei 
Engineer, wild San Lu 
San Di 

T St, Pali 


San Di-iJii, Durango, Mexico.; Rei. 65 

Langdon St. Cambridge, Mass. 

Charles Croawlale Trump, Mechanical 

Engineer, with Humphrey Gas Pump 

■"- -- "^ * & K. Bldg.. Syracuse, 

1 S. A. . 

I W.'GeneMC St, Syra- 

N. V. ; Res. 1 

cuse, W. y. 
Edward Tuhba Wannrartfi, Physidan, 

1131 Uke Atc., Rochcater. H. Y. 
Paul Withiugton, Surgeon, a Ann St, 

Cambridge, Maat. 

Kilby St. L , 

St, Wincheiter, Hals. 

John, aark BUla, Jr., GineTiunent Ser- 
vice, Chief Bureau of Labor, Sao Juan. 
Porto Rico. 

Lyman Foster Black, (Init bgt Amherst), 
Publishing ft Printing, Buaineas Mgr., 
with Elgin Daily Newt. Elgin, 111. ; Res. 
77a Hieliland Axe., Elgin, HL 

Ll^ WOliam Brooke, Lawyer, with P. G. 
Cruikihank, Dodwortb Bldg., Pasadena, 

Secv.-Treai. with Falls Macbi 
Sheboygan Falls, Wis.: Res. 

R. L; Res. 
R. I. 


ct Hill. Whit 

N. Y. 
Baail Douglas Hall, Clergyman. Hunt\ 

Point Presbyterian Church. 710 Coster 

St. New York, N. Y. 
Paul Bdwud lUman, Social Worker 

of Well 

,._i Nati. 

Cash Reg_._ 

Sidney P lake Kimball. Instructor, Univer- 
sity nf Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; 
Res. Norway Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Otto Ludwig Martin Henry Lyding. 
Clergyman, S Buckley St. Dorchester, 

Lytnan Royal Hartiaaau, Jr., Lawyer, 
317-310 Judge Bldg., Salt Lake City, 

impton Say Atfen, Adrtnising, with 
[>assaic Metal Ware Co.. aoo Fifth Ave., 
■ ' York, N. Y.: Res. 70 Amherst 

r St., Boston. Ma. 

Harrjr Clayto 

man, 148 Summer ot., oaaion, nas 
Res. 46 Burton St., Brighton. Mass. 

HcywDOd Campbell Broun. Journalist, 
with N. V. Tribune, 154 Nassau St, 
New York.N. V,; Res. icjs Qaremont 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

David Bradlce ChUds, Insurance Broker, 
jn4 Scarritt Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.; 
Res. 5917 Brookslde Blvd., Kansii City, 

Forest Harwood Cooke. Teacher, Thacher 
School, XoTdholI, Cal. 

Guy Spalding Deming. Hydraulic En- 
gineer. Asst. Engr. to Arthur T. Saf. 
ford, 66 Broadway. Lowell. Mass.; Res. 
Lowell, Mass. 

James Albert Secies. Finance. 178 Devon- 
shire St.. Boston. Mass. : Res. 86 Hovey 
St.. Watertown, Mass, 

CUjrton Holt Em.i. Editorial Work. - 

Y'ouih's Comi 

St, Nev 

I. Chief 

Henry Pope Fowler, La .^-., 

Information Div. U. S. Chamber of 
Commerce, Washington, D. Cl Res. 
7j6 I7th St. N, W.. Washington, D. C 

Clarence Earle Hale. Bond Salesman, with 
P. W. Brooks & Co., II] Broadway, 
New York. N. Y. ; Res. 3518 Qnail St, 
Albany, N. Y. 

Harold Esdale Keays. Broker, V. Pres. 
Cube Mixer Mfg. Co.. pjS Und Ave.. 


Broiu, N. Y.; Re«. jjo W. g^lb St, 

New York, N. Y. 
Paul Kob«t Lieder. Inilmctor, UtM. 

IdiL of T«hnoloar, BoMon, UaiL ; 

Rc). Holyokc 6, Cimbtidgt, U*>i. 
Cbirlet Harold Livinaitoik Studrnt, Har- 

viLrd Graduate Scbo^, Cunbridn. 

Uaii.; Res. 4>l4>i Haiel Ave, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 
Hanicl Clark Loni. Initnictor. Carnesie 

Institule oi TcchnoloEy, Piltiburs, Pa. ; 

Res. iis9 Beeler St.. Pittsburs, Fa. 
WlUUm Richard Ohiw, Phviiciau, Interne 

at Boston Citr Hotpiial, Boston, Man. ; 

Kt%. Belhet, Ct 
Lcwia Smith, Eleclricsl Eniiarer, Kura- 

fard Falli Power Co., Rumford, Mr. 
Reiinald Keber Smith. Lawver, CoufiBtl 

for BoitoD L««al Aid Soc'y.. jo Court 

St., BgBtaD, ITaiB.; Ro. 4nrvmK St., 

Cambiidar, Maia. 
CIrde Carman WaUacf; Peraonal Loan 

Company, i E. 14th St., New York, 

N. V. 1 Rea. 31 Wallace St., Freepon, 

N. Y. 
FrtdcHck Algcraon WUmo^ nergyman, 

W. Somerrille UniTCnaliat Church, 4 

Park Ave., W. SDmerville. Mat*. 

Horria Coptland Allen, Ranching. El 

Cajon, Gal. 
Richard Uituit Allen, Citrui Culture, with 

Sweetwater Fruit Co.. Boniu, Cal. 
Emeit Angell, Lawyer, with Squire, San- 
ders & Dempaey, laor Leader Blda.. 

Cleveland, O. ; Rea. 1933 E. 73rd St., 

Cleveland. O. 
Howard Hohnea Barton, Architect, ill 

Brattle Blda.. Cambridte, Mat).; Ret. 

II Orient Ave., Newton Centre. Matt. 
ArOiur Baaoa. Y. M. C A. Secretary. 

Grad. SccreUry Fh.llips Brooks House, 

HilUard Place., Cambridge, Mast.; Rei. 

Massawippi. One. 
Warren KcndalTBIadfetc, and, Instructor. 

Estex Countr Aericultural School, Dan. 

vers, Mass.: Res. Middl^on, Masi. 


Jamaa Parker Long, 


wn. Me. 


n Din 


d. Ci 

il E 



St.. W 








Bliot, Clern 

t Parish 







Waldo Colbum Hodgdon, Lawyer. Ded. 

RobeTt Ha"ld Halt Lawyer, S5 Congieta 
St., Boston. Uais.1 Res. 396 Harvard 
St.. Cambridae. Mat 

Lawrence Louia Adolph Ilfeld. Wool 
Business, with Eisemann Bros.. 196 
Summer St, Boston, Mass.; Res. too 
Summer St, Boston, Mass. 

Jamaa Craik Jannay. Physician, %Vynne- 

Theodore Stanwood Kemron, Patent Law- 
yer, with Kenyon & Kenyon. 61 Broad- 
way. New York, N. Y. ; Res. 3*1 W. 
Sand St., New York, N. Y. 

N, Y. 

Charlea Bernard HcLaaghlio, Real Es- 
tate & Insurance, 51 Creighton St. 
Jamaica Plain, Uaia. 

Philip Curtia Naih, Civil Engineer, with 
Boston Transit Commisaion, ,15 Bea— 

: Rea. ; 

: Leather Co., 
, Mast. 

Watenown, MaaL. 
Henry Edwin Ohler, Leather Businett, 

with A C Lawr---- "--- "- ■'■ 

South St, Boston, Haas, 

Pleasant St, Newton Ccntei 
Irving Poole, Real Eatate Broker, wnit- 

comb & Co.. 16 State St.. Boston, 

Mass.; Rea. *6 Mt Vernon St. Soraer- 

ville, kaai. 
Harola Alton Rogers Lumber Bualness, 

Nehalem Timber & Logging Co., 

Scappoose, Ore.; Rea. 735 Everett St. 

Portland. Ore. 
•Philip Snedeker, Student, d. Feb. J, igii. 
Paul Scbuater Twitchell, Teacher. Ham- 
den Hall School, So Cottage St, New 

Haven. Ct 
Crandin Tracj Vought. Jr.. Lawyer, ja 

William St., New Yort N. Y,; H». 

i]9 E. 44th St, New York. N. V. 

Richard Cedric Babaon, Buainess. with 
American Felt Co., 100 Summer St, 
Boston, Maia. ; Rea. 47s Broadway, 
Cambridge, Mata. 

1003 aiain at, vvorcestei, a 
Edwin Stanton BIodgMt. Con 

atruction, with Aberthaw Consnunion 

Co., S Beaver St, Boston, Mass. ; Rea. 

South Lincoln, Mata. 
John RoUin Deiha. Private Secretary, to 

the Delegate in Congrest from Hawaii. 

1S3 House Office fildg., WaahingtOB, 

D, C 
Robert FuUer Duncan. Pnbtiahing with 

The Republican, Spring eld. Matt. ; 

Res. 40 High St, Spnngfield. Uaaa. 
Frederick Steinman Emat. Teacher, 75 

Centre St, Dorchetter, Mata. 
Henry Thomta Gibton, Manufacturer, with 

Bemit Bra. Bag Co.. 40 Central St. 

Boston. Mast. ; Ret. 45 Lexington St. 

Jamea Gordon Gilkay, acrgvman, Atat 
Minister. Madison Ave. Presbyterian 
Church, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. too 
W. uind St, New York, N. Y. 

Prank Roland Hancock, Teacher, Hotcb- 
kits School, LakevUle, Ct; Ret. 1611 
Oxford St.. Cambridge. Mast. 

Oacar William Hauaaerman^ Student, 
Harvard Law School, Cambridga, 
Mats.; Res. gi6 Waakington Ave., 
Evansville. Ind. 

Arthur Jamea Kellr. Butinett. with B. P. 
Goodrich Co.. 413 S CUnton St, Syra- 
cute. N. Y.i Ret. la Abboltford St, 
Botton, Mita. 

Joaqih Patrick Kennedy, Banker, Presi- 
dent of Columbia Tmat Co.. E. Boston. 
Mass.: Res. 83 Beal St, Brookline, 

Eatlern Metal & Retinii 

Church St, 



|ua« BucU HuBa, Sludeat, Harvird 
Graduilc School, ii Prucoti Hill, Cun. 
bridge, Uau.; Re*. iS W. sSth SU 

iTertising, McUin 

1 St., Pliiladclplii*, 

WUlon St., W. 

Fccett Rcevct, TrUTclIiot Salei- 

I Sudbury -St., Botloo, Him. 1 

SicTunento St., DunbridBC, 

HcCUIn Rclohirt, Inaurtnce, 
Gi> Blda.. Chicaao, IIL 

WUlUm Ifawn Danner, Jr., Y. M, C. A. 
SeerMaiy, Home StcreUry Boston 
Y. M. C A., ji6 HuntingloD Ave., 
Boston, Masi. ; fici. 105 Raymond St., 
Cambridge, Mais. 

Hauricc Fremonl-Snith, Student, Harvard 
Medical School; Rea. 1S08 Uauachu- 
lelta A»e., Waahington, D. C 

Brerett Clarkaon Hacdr, Saleaman, Whole- 
■ale Diamonda, «ilh D. C Percival & 
3 WaahiagtoD Si., Beaton, Mua. ; 

Maia.; Rei. 110 Maplt 

Perceval Howard Keayi 

.^L St., Dorchea,^,, -..o.. 
Hodgdon. Snident, Har- 
"-'--' Cambridfe, 

. WilUa . 

, Cam- 

in^on £ 

liuDg Roieraon, Coti 

n Broker, 

Cambridae', Uus." 
Carleton Maunce Burr, 

mfsl. " 


Conatmetion Buai- 
Co.; 17 

_. .. __. Mau.; .. 

Ashlon Park, Newton Center, Maa*. 
Frank Huriion CaiBadaTi AdTerliaing, 

150T Garland Bldg., Chicago. IIL; Sea. 

4j8 Belden Bldg., Chicago, IIL 
Jamea Bryant Conant, Teacher, Teach Log 

Fellow Harvard Univeraity, Cwnhridge. 

Maia.; Rea. Duxbury. Maat. 
Charlea Hind* Crombw, Architect, Btv- 

rouf ha BIdg., Detroit, Mich. 1 Kei. jsfi 

Penn. Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Henry Oilbart Prancke. BuiinesB-Salet 

Dept, Barrett Mie. Co., Boatou, Maaa. ; 

Rea. ^ Berkeley PI Cambridge, Mala 

4 68 Riv( 


Richard himpton I,ewia, Walpole, Hast. 

Arthur Cuahman HcQiffert, Jr., Student, 
Union Theological Seminary, New York, 
N. Y.; Rea. 606 W. iiand St., New 
York, N. Y. 

William Ktnlnwra Herrlll, (In it by 
■ erary Work 4i S. Waah- 

Jamei Alciander Henderion, Advertising, 
with H. R. UcCann Co., 61 Broadway, 
New York. N. Y. ; Res. 91 Haynes St., 
TohnltDwn, Fa. 

John Richard KuntwmaD, Student, Man. 
Inati. of Tech., Boaton, Maia. ; Rea. 
Abbott Rd.. WFllesley Hilla. Haas. 

Henry Coe PUcfe Student, Harvard Law 

. School; Rei. Charlotte, N. Y. 

Ocorg* Paulknei Pllmptoc, Wholeaale 
Drag Businesa. So Oakland PL. Buffalo, 

N. y. 

William Erwin Quinbr, Telenhone Buit- 
oesa. Bell TeT Co., iJjo Arch St, 
Philadell^ia, Pa.; Rea. Herion Sta., Pa. 

William Corbam Rice, jr.. Student, Mar- 
*aid Law School, Cambridge. Mass.; 
Rea. ijj Washington Ave., Albany, 

nl, Harvard Law 
■■"■"• "all. Cam. 

bridge. Mass. ; Mcs. (irei 

'rank Habbarton Storms, 

DepL, Babson's Statistical Oiganiiation, 
Boston, Mass.; Rea. 404 Washington 

Wellwley ^ll>, Uas! 
Joseph Paiae Wingate, Buiineas- 
iiponiiion Dept., N. E. Coal A 

Timodiy Mather Spelmaa, and. Student, 
Res. 14 Pierrepoot St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Perry Jar Stcana, Student, Harvard Law 
School, Cambridge. Haia. ; Sea. 1380 
Richland Court, Hilwaukee, Wis. 

Andrew Williams Welch, Manufacturing, 
Amoafceag Ufg. Co., Centre & Brickforcj 
St.., Jamaica Plains, Maaa.; Res. 133 
Blue Hill Ave., Roibnry, Masa. 

Robert Douter Whittemore, St>ti<'iri><< 
with Babaon Staliitical Orgai 
Liberty St, New York, N. 
Llewelira Pk., Orange N. J 

Floyd Hdracc Blackman, Businesa, D. F. 
Monroe Co.. 199 Congreat St., Boston, 
Maaa.; Res. 13 Agaasu St, Cambridge, 

Willion Mitchell Breed, Lumber Businesa, 
Woods Dock Lumber Co., 40 High St., 
Springlicld, Mass. : Ses. 935 Beacon St, 
Hewtoo Center, l/asa. 

WiUiam Bradler Breed, Medical Student, 
Harvard Univeraily, Cambridge. Mass. [ 
Res. jn4 Oak St., Syracuae, N, Y. 

Charles Sdward Bnckley, Football Coach ; 
Res, lao Vine St, Everett, Uaas. 

Cyril Francis Damon, P. O. Box JM, 
Horn ■ - - - ' ■ 

^B Donald Flsiier ' Fenn, Student. Mast. 


Roger Carlyle Fenn, Teacher, Middlesex 

Tchool, ConcotdrMass. 
John Shgrvnwd Fleek; Bet. Hudson Ave., 

Newark. O. 
Hugo Prancke. Ludlow Ufg. Associates, 

Ludlow. Mass.: Res, 1 Berkeley PL. 

Cambridge, Mas. 
Hugh Qallahet; Res. Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Thomaa Huir OtllK Mana_ger, Riegel 

Sack Co.. Norfolk, Va.: Res. Mirtoo 

Sd., Upper Hontclair, N. J. 



Stdncv Fo_„ ._ , 

Sullivan Machinify t-., , 

Btds- Chiugo, 111.; Rn. 6sB Miple . 
Am., MiuMiki, IIL 

Lionel da JerKv Harvard, Lieutenant 
Britiih Amy ; Rei. >s SmcUir Gudfai, 
Wast KeuHngton, Sag. 

ChiuoccT Chntn Lnnai*. Oicmist Offi- 
cer, L. P. C Uboralorie«, Queeas, L. 1. 
N. Y. : -Sm, Cambridp, Uaii. 

Htnrj Ooldiborough Madurc; Rei. El- 
drcdn St., Newton, Uau. 

Out WartJBKT ll(c Vicar, Sleel Buiineii, 
fonei & Uughlin Slee! Co., Pittsburf, 
Pa.; Kea. jo] S. Kebccca St., E., E. 
Pittiburs, Pi. 

N. Y.i 

W. GmcKC St, 

Wairen Brnte Pirnie, SeereUrr Y. M. 

C. A. Spnn«<ield, Maai.: Rei. lu Maa- 

nolia Termite, Sprinctield, Miif. 
Cecil Hunthil Smith, Law StudcDt; Ret. 

i6 Francis At*., Cambridge, MiH. 
Georie Campbell Smith, Jr., Buiiueii, Sa 

71h Are., New York, N. V. ; Rei. jg W. 

S6th Si,, New York, N. Y. 
Norrii L«well Tibbeta, Studeni. Unioa 

Theological Sftninirr. New Yorit, 

N. y.; Ra. Lowell, Mau. 
1 Scbarmana Ziaiier, Student, Colnm- 

Rolla Dicrei Campbell. Student; Bei. 

Huntington, W. Va. 
Robert Stroni Cook. Student; Bei. Brig- 
ham Hall. Canandaigiii. N. Y. 
Roland MUler Cook. Student; BeL la 

C.eimain St., Worcester, Uais. 
Andrew Kerahnv Dunn, Student; Ko. 

Qit S. 6lh St., Charleston, III. 
ThoiBM Hooper Eckfeldt, Jr., Student; 

Res. Concord. Mast. 
Thomii Knighi Piihcr. Student: B«. 

l,egite Hill. Pratls Junction. Utn. 
Ruaiell Ttauraion Frri Student; Rea. 

Claremont. N. H. 
Pbilip Curtii Lewis, Student: Rea. 3o6t 

1 St., 

s Jr.. 

, Ind. 

1 Ku. 

169 Dalr A»e., Ottawa, Ont 
Richard HortoD NorHa, Jr., Student; 

195 Uanin St., Uilwiukee, Wis. 
John Winthrop Pansock. Student; Sea 

laai W. Gcnnee St., STricuse, K. Y. 

William Ju 
R«i. II P 
WaltB I 

It Smith, Jr„ Studi 
chuselts Atc., Wi 

I Romeyn Tarlor, 

Benjamin Prciton Clark, Jr., Stud' 
Rea. i;i Marlborough St., ^omton, U 

William Fairleigb Bnright, Student: 
JU Cothy Hldg., St. Jiwenh. Mo. 

William Jamea Alvey, Student: Rn. 

Chute* Waaler Ad 
Franklin, S. H, 
Donald Appleton. Student; Rea. 

II Ho 

..J Rd., _- 

nil Foremu 
e St., Atlin 

igton. Student; 



.ridge. M=* 

Jimn Tilcoit Ji 

87th St, New lorK, 
Roger Thayer Twitchdl. 

1$ Alban St., Dorcheiler. uaa 
Harold Prancii Weaton. Sludei 

Jr., Student: Rea. 

1 .Willian 

William Chauni 

Rea, 38 Sever a"., won 
Dwigbt Harold Ingram, 

i?z4 E. sGth St., Chici 
Warner William* Kent. 

838 Weat End Ave., Ne' 
Henry Ludwig Flood Kr 

Rea. 41 Weatem Ave.. F 
Gordon Lamont, Student : 

wood, N. J. 
David Loring, Jr.. Student; Kei. 81) 

Marshall St., PoHland. Ore. 
Kenneth BaUard Hurdock. Student; Rea. 

81 UiddlescK Bd., Chestnut Hill. Miis. 
Henrr>b Naih, Studeni ; Res. Cam- 

Sludeni: Res, 60 W. 
■ork. N, Y. 

Sludtni 1 Rea 

Marlboro St., Boaton, Ma**. 
James Coggeiball. Jt„ Student; Res. 10 

Ashford St., Alliton. Haaa. 
Alan Augustvi Cook, Student: Sea Bng- 

ham Hall, Canand«ipi*, N. Y. 
Lawrence Higgint. Student; Res. ijo 

Commonwearih Ave.. Boston, Mass. 
Felii Whitman Knauth. Student: Res. .loa 

W. 761h St.. New York. N. Y. 
Victor Whitman Enaudi. Student; Bes. 

.101 W. T6lh St, New York, N. Y. ' 
Julian Langaon Lathrop, Student; Be*. 

New Hope. P 
Lawrence Barbi 

1 Nichola Si. 

Res. WaliEi 

ia Horris. Student; Res. ags 

.. Milwaukee, Wia. 

;hnioBd. Jr.. Student; Rea. 

riplon, R. I. 

It Wheeler. Jr., Student: Bea. 



*OMr|* Bachelor Pttk, Ucrchuil, d. Fab> 
•Bidtlcl 'OUnuu) KabinH 

•Ehiutlai Ptimuii, 6aoker, d Dae. 


Hcnrr Ephnlm Robbiu, Thwilogiot 
School PrafHKir and Anlhor (Ketircd) : 
R«, jS MiahUnd Arc, Greeaneld, 

•Thomu Da*li A'sdenoD. Clergyman, d. 

Dec 19. 1883. 
•ThouM ArmiUKC Clergyman, d. Jan. ai, 

•John ' Dowling. Clcrgyniin, d July *. 

•Kirara Hutctiina, aergt-maa, d. Apr. 19, 

■Wm£im Henry Pendleton, Clergymaa, i 

Theological Seminary, d Feb. 6, 1909. 
•Leo Miller Woodruff, Cleriynun and An- 

■Juitin Smith Morrill, United Suta Sen- 
ator, d Dec as, 1S9S. 

•Wiiliaoi Palton, Clergyman and Author, d. 
Sept. 9. 1879. 

•John Wolcott Pbelpe. Artny Officer and 
Author, d Feb. a, lagj. 

•BedGeld Proctor, United Stitei Senator, 
d Mar. s, ipo8. 

Heu7 Martin Seely, Profeuor Emeiittu 
of Middlebury College; Kei. Middlebiiry, 

•Wairen Weaver Wlncheiler, aergyman. 

ihor, 4 Sept 10. '1898. 

New Yorfe 


•"ffliSJS;„?;d"S..;slsr'i «::. 

•WUIian Chutoing Rtiuel. College Pro- 

•uii,cVtrH. Chancellor New York UnU 

fessor, d. Feb. 34. 1896. 


.,».';£, 'WZ'AA-T,,,.^ »« 

York Uniyertil)' end Author, d July 

•Albert Barnes, Clergyman and Author, d. 

.8. .851. „ , 

•Benjamk MichoUs Martin. Profeiior 

•Wimatn^'Stanton Cuctia. Clergyman, d 

New York Univertity and Author, d 

•l"m ll'e^'Miller, Clergvman. A .901. 
•HcBty Addison Nelson, Clergyoun and 

Dec. 16, 1883. 

•Joel Parker, fiergytnan, d. May *.'«p- 
•Heman Howes Sanford, College Profec 
»or, d June n. 1909. 

!wart Henbesi ( 

of John B. Capper, Athenaeum Qob, 
Pali Mall, S. W., London, England. 
■ British Territorial Force, Port Said, 

WilSi^ Bdgar Deeks, Physician, St 

Nichola. Club, 7 W.- 44lh St, New 

York. K. Y. 

Richard John Durley, CoasnlUng Englo- 

err, 4 Beiver HaU Hill, Montreal, 

n„. r.piain. Musketry InlCrtKlion, 

iRicers Training Corps: Res. 

crhill Atc., MoQIreaT Que. 

Michigan BWd^ Chicago, HI. 
George Wilkins. Fhyiician, S38 Doiebesicr 
St., West, Montreal, Que. 

itch. Grand Duke, d 

md Author, d Feb 

•Oeorge Weshiogtoo Atherton. President 

Penn. Stale, College, d July 14, 190$. 

•Jacob Sncdlker Wyckoff, Clergyman, d 

July 3' 


•Ralph Hart Bowles. Oergyman, d Oct 
■di'arlei°Richmond Fisher, Clergyman, d 

•Judeon Stuart Landon, Judge, 

AppeeU of N™ York, d. Sept 

•Darhis Alonso Moore. Merchanl 

Western Reierve 
•James Shaw, Clergyman, d. Apr. ; 


Univcndty of IlUnoia, ChunpuKn, Ill- 
Established Dec 31, 1905; 16 Classes; 183 Members. 

lohnjusn Hannao, Hcduniol Entisecr, 
member Hflmun Hnginecriiu Ol» Pe- 
oria, IlL 1 Res. Sa8 WindomSL, PeDrii. 

ChulM WMler Malcolm, Auociate Editor, 
with Knfuwcrinc and Cootracting, $08 
S. Dorborn St, ChicasD, IlL; Rtm. Ilj] 
GraHTille Ave, Chicafo, IlL 

John Hilton Berfet, Phriiciaa and Sur- 
geon, CoUese of MeiUcine, Univenitr 
of Illinois, Oiicaio, IlLj Ra. 400s W. 
Madiaon St., Chicaao, IlL 

BmeiT Roe HaThurit, Physic iin, Ohio 
Sute Bd. of Healtli, Past Hall, O. S. 
U., Colombiu, O, ; Rca. 1344 N. 4th 
St.. Colnmbas, O. 

Wallace LawtOD Howard, Lumber and Im- 
plementi, Sheffield. IlL 

Robert Haydoa Xtna, Uechanical^ ^,!!^.'' 

Bkls.. (^ica^, UU 

A»t. Chicaio, la 
"-•- '"--1 LacaoD. ' 

Judn, ttoca iiiana \ 

md. IIL; Rrs, mi IS 

Moline, IlL 
Fred Elmer Rlghtor, Civil Eniine 

Contractor, wiUi Texai Bitbulith 

60T Scarbroujli BIdg., Austin. Tex 

John Heor? Schacht, Archiieci. with O. F. 
Cervin, Saiety BIdg, Rock Island. 111.; 
Sea. 1S19 t4tii St, Uolinf, IIL 


inidt Teacher, 

D«pt of Agriculture, State Normal 
Scfiool, Whitewater, Wts. 
Leonard -Ftaderlcfc W. Stcube, Architect, 
with aty of Dannlle. III.. log The 
Temple. Ttanville. IlLi Ret. ij'ja W. 
Withama St, Danville. III. 

Lambert Theodore Kricion, Sales Engin- 
eer, with American Creosoting Co., ij 
Balteiy PL, New York, N. ^.[ Ret. 
611 Magie Ave^ Elliabeth, N. J. 

Bartlelt Stephen Gray, Lawyer, City At- 
torney, loi'A State St, Cf^neseo, III; 
Res. aoi W. Pear! St. Gem 

Oho Knehlcke. Civil Engl 
ock Istaui 

■ N;..J- 
!r, Oty . 
rneseo, II 

Eueaeo, III. 

-, U.„^. Gov 

Jantea John Orafaun. Lawyer, Springfield 
IIL; Res. ai6 S. 5th St, Springfield, IIL 

KaiTT Alexander Huntoon, Nianager Trac- 
tor Dcpt, with Uoline Plow Co., Moline, 
IIL; R^ Sac fltf Ave., M^iiine. IIL 

Frederick Williau Kaalen, Civil Engin- 
eer, 1701 Commerce St., Tacoma. Waah. 

Arvid L. Liindahl, Mcrcfasnt Mem. Lun- 
dahl Bros., Moline. IIL; Rea. iitb 

„ATe. and lath St, Moline, IIL 

WaUaca HlcUIng Marah, Civil Engineer, 
with S. P. i S, Ry., 713 Pittock 

_Bk>ck, Portland, Ore. 

CharlH Edward Rapp, Civil Enginaar, 
with American Bridge Co., aoS S. La 
Salle St-, Chicago, in. ; Rea. 4001 Lain 
Park Ave., Chicago, IIL 

W- 3d St, uavenpon, ja. 
Guy Henry Rump, General Superintendent, 

with Ids. T. Ryerion & Sons, Chicago, 

IIL; Rei. Riveraide. IH. 
Peter Frederick William Timm, Merchant. 

with Great Lakei Stone ft Lime Co., Al- 

—na. Mi.-. 
Joaapb Oarfidd Worker, Mechanica 
gineer, with Weitinghouie Machim 
Eaat Ftttaburg, Pa. ; Rei. syia 
Blvd., Fittabnrg, Pa. 

Henry Ai 

A^ikm Bowe: 
Hcrmaa Wlnfc 



Bergert, Mechanical Engin- 

. Bandy, Phyaieian, 

I, lit. 


igan. Salts Manager, witli 
,.^.11 Jillina Co., Peoria, IIL ; Rea. 
Rebecca PL, Peona. IIL 
Henry Frost, Civil Engineer, Bair. 

Bert W. Hardy, Physician and Snrgaon. 

St Anthony Hospital, Dennr, CoL 
Clarence Lakiog HIcklina, Coke ft Gaa 

Engineer, care of H. Koppers Co., lat 

NatL Bk. BIdg., Pittsburg. Pa.; Rea. 

4S) Lehigh St, So. Bethlehem, Pa. 
John T. Kuley, Herchant; Rea. iia W. 

id St. Kewanee, IIL 
Leon RuaacU Helvln. Hardware Dealer, 

Greenfield, IIL 
Charlea Albert Rtmip, Ciril Engineer, 

with Delta Farma Co., Lockport, La. 
Parkar Gilbert Sterena, Manager, with 

C K. G. Mfg. Co., 70 DeTonahire 5t, 

Boston, Mass.; Res. i6rs Beacon 5t, 

Brookline. Mass. 
Edward Owen Wagoner. Insurance, wia 

The Aetna Accident and Liability Co., 

617 Ininranea Exchange, Chicago, Ii' 

Res. 4Ji8 W. Monroe St, Chicago, HL 
Thomaa ll. Yatea, Farmer 1 ' ^■'■•• 




St, Tslaa,'"dkra!7 Ilea. 'ijiT So. Boa- 
Ion, Tnlta, Okla. 
Ralph Edward Chanbara, Fanner, SadoriM, 
I En- ifL 

. Co., I'ufa PhUlipa Cook, Electrical Sncinew, 

Baum QuincT, iK ".•-™-. 

Charlaa Raymond Dammitt, Baaaball 



Quincr Allen Hall, Inipectini and Tc«t- 
mg ETigmceT. !tS pTODCcr Bldg., Sl 
Paul Uinii. ; 8m. 496 Dayton An., 
Sl. fanl. Uinr 

9 Howard Kdok, Hechanical Eneinec] 
33S Lakeahore Blid,, Oakland. CaL 
Lin Waiiair •^'- • - "---' •^—- 

: Blid,, Oaklan 
^sit Uni„ 
ral Bids., 

Rot Smat CI 

with U. S. F 

610 Corn Kxcluiage Bk. Bide,, ijnicago, 
IIL; Bei. 831 Uontroie BItI, Chicago, 

llaik Deenu Diaoaway, Foreman, with 
Fresi Dept., Fulton Co., Knoiville, 
Torn.-. Rm. mj 3d S(.. KnoKiLlle, Tenn. 

JeiH Tbonaa Bogliih, CitiI Engineer, with 
The Prairie Pipe Line Co., 809 Com- 
merce Bldg., KinsM C;iv, Mo.j Rej. 
- - "■- ■-■» St, Kaniaa 6ty, ^o. 

Karl M. DaUenbacb. Instruct 
State Uni»eriiiT, Colombui 
Frederick LeRov Bodaley. 

Minneapolia, Sav-- " 

♦010 Virginia St 
Geiild H. FinUr, __ _., . 

N.. Great FiUi, Hoot 
Frank Slmpion, Farmer, R. F. D. Na 

Charle* Arthur Stewart, Live Stock E 

John Jar Bradln, 

Automobile Ba«m< 

nk }■ Ginacehio, 

Jr.. .- 

Wallar WtMon, Physician, 
ian'a Bldg., Boulder, CoL ; Rei. 
niT. Alt, Boulder, CoL 

_ Souther 

Bldg., Little Rock, Ark.; Kea. aioe 
Lomaian* St. Little Rock, Ark. 

Jama Thomaa Hanler, Sale* Engineer, 
with CorrugalEd Bai Co., 10 W. Jmk- 
■on St, Chicago, IIL ; Rc>. 4745 Maiden 
Sl, Chicago. TIL 

Qeoree Charle* Hinrichten. Ueehanical 
Engineer. Bettendori, la. 

Leon Benjamin LUtt^ Ci>il Engineer ; 
R«. no lilt St, Rock Island, IIL 

Bihrin Morton Miller, Physician, 4Ji6 
Irving Pk. Blvd., Chicago, III 

"• ■ •' — hard! Morae. Civil Engineer, 
.go Surface Lines, 1165 N. 
■_jHKc oi., Chicago, IIL 

Harry Viggo Petersen, Mechanical En- 
nneer, with 'De Uval Steam Turbine 
Co.. 6^9 People's Gas Bldg., Chicago, 
IIL: Res. 3949 Wavcland Ave,, Chicago. 


Leroy Briggt Sherry, (Init by CalrFomia), 
Physician, with Lakeiide Hospital, 
Cleveland, O. 

Samuel Jacob Tumes. Advertising and 
Satei Manager with Geo. P. Bent Co., 

t Jennlngi ^ 

■■iRS..!f"?'r' £".'„? "ffir-BS;" 

Pittsburg. Pa-: Res. 708 Mill St. Wn- 

Kil^KjVl'aL'l.ter. Physician. 4S Holley 

St, Pheoni., Cal. 

Joe Bari Beatty. with B.rminiton- Seaman 

Paper Co-. >4>8 Tribune Bldg.. Chicago. 
DiTld Huntar, Jr.. Faimer, Hocfcford. T" 

Ma. ■ 

Bugenc PitHck Eealr. Lawyer, 134 S. La 
Salle St, Chicago, 111 ; Rci. 4417 Waih. 

WillUrn Harrleon Cawrence, Farmer, 

Vertua B. Hathera, Farmer. Mason City. 


Albert Penn, Salesman, with Gen. Elec- 

tric Co.. Dei Moines. la.; Res. 671 

R. P. D. 1, Leiinglon. IIL 

38tb St.. Dea Moines. la. 

Irwin Artfiur Madden. Head of Agricul- 

Gcorg* Roai, Superintendent, with St. 

tural Dept, Normal Uoiveraily. Normal. 

Lotti* Portland Cetnent Worka, Inler- 


»tiond Life Bldg.. St Loui^. Mo.; 

Joseph Warren _Madd«l. Profejaor with 

Res. I1I1 Hontclair Ave.. St Louii, Mo. 



Rts. Hi a 

L*ifh Burtii F 


LaoDUd Victor Hcwt — , — , „ 

Uotor Vehicln. Chicua TelcphoDe Co.. 
Ill W. WmhinglOB SI-, Chicwo. 1 
R«i. SKi I,akewood Atc., ChlU(o, 

I, UeulloTBUt, wilh 

Harold Che 


ChiuRo. I 

W*lt*r Cotm 

Indi Be*. . 

. &4tli St., 

Chiugo. III. 

1 Incleaidc A*«., 

Orrillc ThoDiu Bri^t, Jr., Aut. Countr 
Supt. of School!, _so« Cmin Hotiie, 
CbScaBO, III-; R". Homewood, III. 

Louli Edwin DiUcnbich. Poultry Parmer, 
with L. E. Dallenbach Poultrv Farm. 
R. R. I, Champajfn, 111. : Ret. ii; 
W. Park Ave, Cliainpiign, 111. 

Juntt Ortvcy Froit, Rock. Sand A Gravel 

. Merchanl. with Fcnloa-Siunption-BarlKa 
Co., San Dietio, Cil. ; Res. 1740 Oreaon 

In Wilder Allen, Jr., «u Crand Ati., 

Paiadena, CaL 
Cbarlci Wilbur Diaoiway, Farmer, Sb 

doa. 111. 
Walter Valentine FacUcr, lawyer, wi 
Cavender A Kaiier, loj W. Monr^. 
St., Chicago, IlL; Be«. 383* W. Polk 
St., Chici 

with Yor! 


Edwin Hall Nell, Conltactor, with Ji 
T, Neil Cons. Co., 11; Midland Bti 
Kanaaa Cily. Ma.: Rei. looS E. . 
St.. Kansas Cilr, Mo. 

fiaviBond Ranri Thoma*. Professis 
Baseball Player, with Terre Ha 
Baseball Team, Tern Hsule, Ind. : I 
I2j> Garrison Ave., Rockford, 111. 

Joha Rutclea Caae. Teachei 
San Jose, Cal. 1 Res. 994 
Jose. Car. 

Conrad Lee Cattron. Fan 

•Eugene Lyon Hill 

Fred Xlberl ' H?i!rich 

10.10 Hill St.. Dave 

Charles liateer Lot 

a Kail 

■P>, IlLi 
Chicago, III. 
D. Fiiher, Architec 

William Sumner Gtntrr. Promolion Sales- 
man, with Barrett M(ir. Co.. ist and 
Campbell Sts., Kansas Cilv, Ma.; Ret. 
IDOS Charlotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Delbert George Girton. Packing Busine-t. 
with Swift Beef Co., Ltd.. sS W. Smith. 

- field, London, E. C. England. 

Joseph Peacock Green, Secretary oi 
Excelsior Laundry Co., Chicago, III.; 
Res. i2i9 Dr'xel Are., Chicago. IlL 

Bdward Cary Hayea, Professor. UniTCn. 
itv o( Illinois. Urban., Ill; Re*. 9'J 
Nevada St., Urbane. III. 

Eraerii William Hodge. Farmer, Kewani 
IlL : Res. £1 1 So. Cbeslnut St.. Kewani 

Herbert Fred Kemman. Baseball Play 
and Farmer, with Toronto Interna 
League Baseball Club, Toronto, Ont. ; John 

Lac A.e 
cliETe Gamble, Far 

iral Eng 

a Wlltlam Hanley. 
will A Co., Chicago, 
. Sstb St., Chicago, 
1 HenderuB, t'aimei 

r Stevi 

. Centi 

I Hm, Li 

Millers Fert 

ndscapt Arcl 
BIdg., Peori 

Ravmond Roia Jardine, Salesman, viti 

National Tube Co., itioS Prick Btdi. 

Pittsburgh, Ps. ; Hes. 40J W"l Si. 

Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Wayne Alvtn Johnston, Student, St 

Joseph's Sanitarium, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

, Efficlrica 



■, Kentls 

ilh C&N, W."l^. Co.,'*ffil- 
■■ M. C A.. MQ- 

wauki.. .. . 

waukee. Wi. . 
Paul Wright Pogue. Student of Law, Har. 

vard Universitv. Cambridge, Mass.; 

Res. 44 Haslings Hall, Cambridge, Mass, 
Frederick William Ryder (Init by Le, 

high). Student. 141 Samboame St., 






Le Rof Smart, J 

:er, with Chic., Ind. & Looisi 
47 S Transportation Bldg.. Chici 

ville Rv., 

TranspoTtation Bldg.. Chicago. ]T< : 

6041 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Reginald Vames. ._WhoIeiiale_ Hardwa 


, with Sim 
O.J Res. 
i. 6. 

Ben Allen Anderson. Rei 
quelte Ave., Chicago. IlL 

Ruaaell Warden Brown, Ac 
Central Union Tel^one 
Washington St., Chicig 
Marshall, III. 

James Orville Craig, Busini 

unlant, with 
:oy ai> w. 
III. ; Res. 



1 Duntr, 


', Whei 

Chu-lci l^BiwIli GibKO. FuTtner, (] 
by De Pauw), Haaover Cenin', U 

Jnlliu Qninibr Om, Uerchant, vid J 
Gill Rubber Co., S05 Uaia St., P« 
III: Kn. 110 UuHwri Ave. Fe< 


L«oD Sarnoad 0iulc7, (Init. by Chici 
c/o Paul Herbert & Co., St. U 

_.._. 6S41 WoodUn.. _. _ 

cuo, 111. 
WillUm BiDcroft I*rvli, Jt., Sludent, 
Nonhwcstcfii Uo.»., Sf uacon. IIL ; 
Kes. gSjt Vinderpoel An.. Chicago, 

IrriBK WMt JoboitOB, Farmer, Dewey, 

Wajnw Robert lUwIinii, Hotel Clerk. La 
Salle Hotel, Chicaag. III. 1 Rei. igiS 
Lincoln Atc. Apt. B.. Chicago, Ilf. 

Nathaniel Smith Vial. Teacher, 404 S. sUi 
Atb., La Grange, 111. 

Edward Allan WiUiford, Salesman, with 
Warner Electric Mfg. Co., 6400 
Plrmouth Ave.. St. Louis. Mn. - Dh. 
S88i Julian Ave. St. Loui 

Waldo Bornton Amct, Student, (Inlt. br 
Amherit); Rei. 331 W. HarrcT A™., 
Oak Park, IIL 
Clyde Gobel Alwikod, Stadent; Sea. 600 
^X Johc -- - -^^ ''■ 

Hanby LewiaFord. D. H. Sears Pickle 

Co., Fott Wayne, Ind ; Res. Flat 

Rock. III. 
Eater William Oouwena, Student; Bea. 

South Holland, 111. 
Byrd Hury Harn>d, Student; Res. J141 

Hanna St. Port Wayne, Ind. 
Gordon Otto, Student; Kea. am W. 

i°9th St, Chicaao, 111. 
Harry Hubert Porter, Student; Rei. Ger- 

law, IIL 
Herbert Cbarlaa SmlA, Buaineai with 

American Radiator Co., Atlanta, Ga. ; 

Res. 4S40 Cote Brillianle Atc, St. Louii, 

lay. IIL 

r 'feriiht. Fa'rraer, 

I, Student'; Rea. 

- "iTan, Ind. 
em: Rei. 

, ifL 

John Howard Bannialer, Student. 

n, senooi St., Nomuj, in. 
Jorjren Edward Jenaen, Student; Rei. 
W. Erie St.. ChicaRO. 111. 

QeoTEe Uariol Clark. Student; Rei. jir 

Main St., CarthBKe, III. 
Julian Caleb Condennan. Advertis'ni. 

wjth Cole and Fmt 1318 Peogles_Ga?i 

X C&eiaoB, P..- 
, 111. : Rei. Sar 

846 Bar 

t National Ban 
I, HI. 

109th St., Chicago, 
Edward Jefferaon Sec 

Homewood, IIL 
Elmer T. Sundquiit, 

Hana P 


Banr John Hanh, ... 

■urance, with Hamh & Son. Sullivan. IIL 
Jamci Brace Hcnderaon, Student; Res. 

Milter* Ferry. Ata. 
TliamH Dlckertsn Lewis, Salesman, with 

Cro. Carpenter & Co.. Chicago, III.; 

Res. Whealon. IIL 
Jooeph Hume HcCormack, Res. 1359 8tb 

St., La Salle, IIL 
Robert Sackett Martin, Teacher, Box sjS, 

Fallon, Nev. 
Arthur Helgeaon Haton, Slndent: Res. 

40S W. Illinois St, Urhana, Til. 
Raymond Hooney. Res. 6- 

Ave., Chicano. Tli, 
Prank Howard Sutton, Student; Res. 34)' 

W. Adams St.. Chicago, 111. 
James Marshall Waiuer, Rea. 33S S. Eatt 

Ave., Oak Park, III. 

St.. Har,, . ,.., 
K. Thomaa, Student, ijti Garrison 
Rockford. 111. 
id Allen Waihburn, Student; Koox 

10312 S 

Seeley A 


HowslI Han Barnn, Student; Res. S4S 

Eastwood Ave., Chicago, IIL 
Joe Miller DavlMn, Student; Rei. 114 

N. 5ih Sl, Marshall. 111. 
William HenderK>a. Student; Rea. Miller's 

Paul Hooney. Student; Res. «aoD Cbap- 

pel Ave, Chicago, IlL 
Richard Heniy Mueller. Student; Ret. 

371S Rokeby St., Chicago, DL 
Walter Brown Remley, Student; Bcs. 


Indiaiu Univeralty, Bloomington, Ind. 

EsUblished Dec. ii, 1915; 12 Classes; 71 Member 

Owen B. Windle, Bnaioesi. »i->-i Citi- 
tens Bit BldK.. South Bend, Ind; Ret. 
3t7 N. Scott St., South Betid, Ind. 

Ambnne Vniliam Benkert^ with Anct 

Emerick A Co., 105 So. La Sitle St., 

Chicego, IlL; Rei. 934 CrcKnt PL, Chi- 

nr3, TIL 
CUrcnce H. Brown. Lawrer, Oeliom 

BIdff., Mewciatle, Ind. r Ro. (us W. 

Ind. Atc. Newcutle. Ind. 
Floyd Korna Ctotgmt, Teacher, Uni- 

venitT of Mirni.. Minneapolii, Uinn. ; 

Rei. «75 iSlh Ave.. S. E., Minncapolia, 

Ralph keodall FonrA, Sec'v Indiana Au- 
tomobile Am'ti, Indianapofii, Ind. ; Sm, 
Doom 1114. Hotel Sererin, Indilniimlii, 

HcniT llTTon Smltb, 
Student! Book Co.. Ii 
of Waahiojton, Pulli 

Haasll Tarkinaton 

•iih the Pal1adi_._. 

Sea. Y, U. C A. Bids-, Richnumd, Ii 


i«n, Cily Editor, 
Richmond. Ind. ; 

Hafalon Sari Baih. Jodn of Probate 
Court, County Court Hou«, ladian- 
apolia, ID E. Ifarket St, Indiaaapolia, 
Ind.; Rei. Y. M. C A., IndianapoCi, 

Runctl W. Oeyer. Lawyer, Ifem. Qan 
& Ceyer, South Bend. Ind.; Rcl 301-1 
T. U. S. BIdK-, South Bend, Ind. 

Kdnr Raymond Hiatt. Phyilcian, Bimd 
Block, Portland, Ind, 

John Hark Powell. Rea. >«< Wedienfield 
Atc., Hartford, Ct. 

John AmbroM Any, Medical Student. 106 
K. Senate A*e., Indianapolis, Ttid.; Bea. 
I5S W. Jackaon St., Hope, Ind. 

John Cochrane, Student; Rei. Waihins- 

Bdward Ben* Orlwll, Inanrance A 
with John Hancock Life Ini. Co., 1 
Tille, Ind.; Rei. Fortrillc, Ind. 

Wilb-ed Qlenn Handerifaol; Teacher, Sey- 
more. Ind. : Ret. Spencer, Ind. 

Arthur Blank Lelblc Student: Rea iSja 
N. Delaware St.. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bmery Earl Llnea, Teacher, Almiina. Tml. • 
Rei. ConneriTille. Ind. 

Walter O. Lewla. Lawyer, Colonial Bldg., 
Richmond. Ind. ; Res. »s W. Uafn St.. 

Richmond, " ■ 

Beojatnin Rudolph Beltley, 711 Hain St., 
Peona, 111.; Res. ii] N. Haplcwood 
A*e.. Peoria, III. 

Cheater Alyin Daiii. Lawyer, Sg2S FU>w- 

Bwer«tt Lett, 

can MortsBue C.i 
apoli.. " • 

I, 111.; Res. PennTille, I 

e^Co,,' oi Ind 
St. Ind.1 1 

., m". c. a.; ii_ ,. . . . 

Robert Farkman Lln(, Credit Mirr., with 
South Bend Wholesale Grocery Co., 
South Bend, Ind.; Rea. laoj S. Ifaln 
St. Sotith Bend, Ind. 

Dale Baaler. 

»"icric»n Cob 



_._. ail, fnd. 

H. Conrad, Teacher, Sossnlla. 

Qray, Chemist, *ri<h Eli-Tilly Drng 
[ndianapolis, Ind : Res. 1030 Leon- 
L, IndHnanolia, Ind. 
e P. HInchman. Medical Student. 
Aahland Atc, tndianapolii, Ind.; 

Ai^r Hunt (Ini't. by De Pauw), Law 
Student, 3tE S. Henderson St., Bloom- 
inBlon, Ind. ; Res. Bell Union. Ind. 

Edward E. Johnston, Physician, UethodlM 
Hospital. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Fred Anaui Shonkwiler, Student; Se*. 
Raub. fnd. 

Herman Wane Snalmr. Physician. St. 
Vincent Hoipitat. Indiaoapolia, Ind. ; 
Ses. Falmouth, Ind. 



or*. lad. ' ' ' Bdgu Halnlle Stur, Student; hu. 
U Scott Walluc, Director ol_ / ' 

Hi^ School, Aberdeen, S. D.; Williun P*ul Wallace, Student: S 
' ' " D, Bedfonl Are., Waihinrton, Ind 

~ 'int; Rea. »J GMrga Hubert Wear. Stndenl; 
1, IniL R. I, Danville, Ind. 

HuIau^Shircj YbuiCj^ Stadent^ Rea. »J GMrga Hubert Wear. 

VhxU Francii Barnhart, Student; He*. Herachel Philip Bowwr, Student; Bci. 

Wallcerton, Ind. Syracuse, Ind. 

Bdtnrd Roaa Bartlev, Seporter, with Bunell Orant Hathamr. Student; Sea. 

United FrcH Assn., Timei Bldfr.. Indian- Ducger, lad. 

apolia, lad.: Ed. Darton, Ind. Glenn HaTden Hitc*. Stndent; Sea. Kemp, 

WlUiam Donald Beeler. Student; Rea. joS lU. 

E. Founh Sl, BIoominEtni, Ind. Ganld Warn* Landu, Student; Ret. Lin- 

Huvld John Bowiar, Student; Sea. Syra- ton, Ind. 

coae, Ind. Spencer Ooidon Pope, Student: Sea. aiij 

Brerett Trier Burton, Automobile Fore- S. Penn. St., Indianapolit, Ind. 

man, 701 Philip Ave., Detroit, Uick ; Joseph Jamei Ryan. Student; Sea. 1113 

Set. Brook. lod. N. Penn. St, Indisnapolii, tnd. 

Marold Ddo( Carlor, Medical Student, Clande Kenneth Tnrman, Student; Sea. 

PennTille, Ind. Crnthiana, Ind. 

— — _..._ ^ _% ^^^ Allaton Wcit, Student; Sea. 

TUie, xnn. suiiNlin, Ind. 

Donald Eatex, Stndent; Sea. Columbus, Lawrence Paul Windla. Farmer; Rea. 


SuIIinn, Ind; 


. Ortr. Student; Sea. FeanTille, 

it, Waahinfton, 1 

Fred TavenncT, Medical Studen 

lahiofton St. Marion. Ind. Fred Tavenncr, Medical Student Bloon 

ler. Student; Ret. Sheridan, ioston, Ind.; Sea. 141] Shelby Ave 

MTT, Student; Sea. Roch- 



lorn State College. Amei, Ik. 

Established Dec. 6, 1913; 16 Classes; 99 Memben. 

■BO« John Own RaoUn, PTofeiw 

I Welch Ave., Ami 

Pney Bd(» Brown, Pnileiaor Iowa 
Slate CoilCRc, Amei, la. ; Bei. ; 603 
NDrthwuteni Ave, Ames, Ii. 

Harry O. Biicknuii, Aaiiiunt ProfeHor, 
CnrniH Univeriily, Ilhaca. N. Y. ; fiei. 
S>9 E. State St. Iihacs, N. Y. 

Ralph Waldo Crouie, Proleiior, Hampton 

MoKh western Bank BuildiDg. 
Eutene Petef Humbert, Aip-onomiit, Airi- 
cuUural Experiment SutVon, CoILchc Su- 
• 'on, Tex. 
c Albert Pilhcl. Gralo, 

Hugh Erneit Bek. Enfcineer, with Triple 

Stile Electric Co.. i6 UcFarUna St. 

Charleston, W, V». ; Res. 708 SUK 

St. Charleston. W. Va. 
Jesse Alfred IfcKeen. Uem. HcSeen- 

Rosch Motor & Supply Co., Tanu, 


Co.. 1 

lis. Tei 

a Palls, 

La_n, General ! 
I ^ttsbHrsh, D 

ij Schley Ave,, Ingram, Pitlsburita, Pa. 

Evan I.lo»ct liorHs, Chief U. S. Grain 
Stand ardiiat ion I.ab., too Federal Build- 
ing, Kansas City, Mo.; Rei. 3231 Uont- 
nfi Are., Kansas City. Mo. 

Herbert Atkins Sayre. Engineer, Treas- 
urer Easie Coil ft MininR Co.. flh and 
Mulberry Sis.. Des Moinei, la .J Ret. 
iSii Collese Atc, Dm Moines, la. 

Holmei Stuart Batcbelda, Atriculturiil, 

Three Fork), Uont 
Ernest Friend Darla, Creamery Mtnaser, 

with Corydon Creamery Co., Corydon, 

Carl' D. 

y Co., Red Oak. la. 

Kalph Stteam Fuhraciater. Aiiricullurist. 

with Amencan Ranch, Wallia. Mont. 
Frank C Qearhart, Veterinarian. Manila, 

Philippine Islands. 
Henry Herbert KUdec. Pro(es<or Iowa 

State College, Amet. Is.; Res. 231Q 

Knapp St., Ames. la. 
Howard PhUlips. Agriculluralist, Maquo- 

Frask Deni 

Iowa Sta.. . 
Sirtth St, . 
y Floyd Wi 

ne. Aiti 

It Profess 

701 C'ii. BrBundinRro^J^oi^i 
Res. 1S03 W. 28th St. Des I 

', 926 Hilton Ferdinand Beecbei, Cerai 

fon"c^! w""s"er, Msslf^ 
Briehli - ■ — -^ 

Dick Ve 

Verrill Cooley. Engineer, with Fair- 
ikt Morse Co., Portlaod, On. 
,rd Slatt Estel. Dairy Expert, with 

erry St., i, Keokuk, la.' 

22d St, John Irwin Thon 

1 S<^ool, DsTia, 

H^^ Lee Thornlon, Agrieulturist, Mem. 
0. E. Thornton & Son., Millersbuti. 

Herbert Walter Wagner, Electrical En- 
gineer, with Iowa Engineering Experi- 
ment Station, Ames, la. ; Ret. 70J 
Carroll Ave.. Amet. la. 


John Hall Buchanan, Astt ProfeMor, 
Iowa State College, Amet, la.; Res. 
718 6th St, Ames, la. 
Harler Clemens Cowan, AgricuUnritt. 
Eagle Grove, la. 

■rl Plindt Qobble, Aist Piofeisor, Pnr- 
Univertily. W. La Fiyetle, Ind.; 
.^ 223 Waldroa St, Lm Parette, Ind. 

due Univertily. W. La Fiyetie, 
Ret. 223 Waldroa St, La Parette, Ind. 
Ray Lawrmce Howe*. TravelinE Sales- 

Jotin uowman l-imion. Agncultansl, with 
C. B. & Q. Ry., 547 Will Jackson Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. ; Res. Fairfield, la. 

' - " I Lee, Traveling Salesmu, with 



WilliuB Bdwird Jodo, Civil Eas>ne«r, 
mth low* Stite HiihnrBv Cnninin., 
Anus, II ; Re*. 60i NorthwHIeni 
Atc, AttWB, la. 

Jehn Clement Kerrigan, Ciril Eniineer ol 
O'Brien Co., lows, FriTn~h>r T. 

Homrd CUdIdd Molibern 
with Am. ■ - ■■ ■" 


Wbeelt. ^.., c 
Dos Bnidl^ SlMw, 

BDildinK, Dt ^ 

J9th St., Dei 

Let Turlor, EnEtneei 

Co., Kline. Mont. 
Tbomam Roy Tnui, 

r«"?o., J 

Stock Ex 
_ . . th Tex.; 

St, Ft. Worth, Tet 

'- r. Attorney, soS Crock 
ifoinel. I*.; Sex. 61 

IIS Cai 

Kintyre Stite" 
John Hi 

I ^yton, 'c»4hLet, ir 
Unk, Kin lyre, N. b. 

Ill Wolfe, Chemiit a 

Worl.1, S. Avon St., Kockl 
ScL 544 K. Court St., Rod 
[•rrjr F. Wrifht, Geologiit, with Gypsy 
Oil Co., 4to Cliolon BiaR., Tulu, Okla. 

310 South Denv 

I Batcbeldet, 'Agriculturii 

Charlei Auon iurie, ' Instnictor, Uui- 
Tertity of California, Farm School, 

Eaer Fit MCg. Co., Grinnelt. la. ; Re». 

iMl Main St., Gfinneil, U. 
William Roral TydemaB, Instruclor High 

School, Watcrtown, S. D. 
Leon, JoMph Well*, Drauihisman, Rock 

Island Anenal: S». iHe Park Ave.. 

Davenport, la. 

Caldcrwood, Ajricultur- 

Harold Luclen 

Irwin Theodoi 

vice; Rei. Moclini, wasn 
Genre* Edward Conon, T 

State Colleae, Amen, la. 
EbcTt Pitch Foliate Agricii 

Oale Xnieikern 

Tooth Ranch, 
Cheater r' 

E. Jeffi 

Kei. lOlS 

— Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Raymond Truu, Veterinarian, Sac 

Paul Prandi Crfu. Student: 
W. Uain St, Washington, \l 

Flovd L. Crotite. Teacher and Manager, 
Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va. 

Bdward ~ * ' - t - 

[ampton Institute, Hamptoi 
nrd Thayer John, Sludeni 
.ih Ave., 6inton. la. 
Praneli Raphael Kerrigan, Sludent; Rea. 

70% W. iTIh St, Davenport, la. 
Charlei Sllat Lamaan, Exp. Sta., Oiil' 

licothe, Texas. 
Charlea Irvin Merrick, Sludent; Rei. £1- 

Clair 'oiadalon* Mann, Student : Res. 

Union, la. 
Fred R^mond Tucker, Student ; Res. 

Panora, la. 
Raymond Jamei Wleie, Student: B'<- 112 

Paul Redman Busenhark, Studen 
M9 6th Ave., Ml. Vernon, la. 

WillUm Thomas Evans, Student 
Beama" !• 



Union, IB. 
Raymond Floyd Mitten. Comi 
tographer, with Victor A 
Co., Davenport, la. ; Rei. 1 

Victor' B. Pelen, 'student; Res. Keokuk. 

Sludent; -Rc!. Eagle 


Hariey 1 

Charles ^iVealey Truax, Deputy Auditor o( 

Guthrie Co., Guthrie Center, la. 
Louii Ellsworth Wheeler, Student j Rea, 

Bank, Wheatlan 

Lynn Holmei Cowan, Agriculluri 

D. 3. Eagle Grove, Ta. 
UewcUyn WlUiam Kube, Salesman, with 

Swift & Co., Omaha, Neb.; Res. Har. 

rison St. Road, Clinton, la. 
Lee S. Packman, Concrete Inspector, with 

Universal Portland Cement Co., soS S. 

La Salle Si., Chicago. HI. 1 Res. 

61C9 S. Park Ave,, Chicaao. IlL 
Ralph Ewlng Reullag, 414 Hnlberry Ave., 

Walter Haib Taylor, Agriculturist, Red 

Hugh Franu Atkinson, Student; Res, 
goo S. iSth St, Lincoln, Kebr. 

Vincent George Bromwell. Student; Res. 
Cedar Rapids, la. 

Raymond Everett Gaylord, Student; Rei, 

MD S. Madison Ave., U Grange, III. 

vald Kioss Helaeth. Student; Res. Ap- 

Hovald KJoss H, 

pie ton, Minn. 
Donald Franklin 

t St., Keokuli. la. 
ward Paine^ Student; 
1 Ave., Eaarle Crave. 

Bode^U._ S. Poreat Ser- 
ifesBor. Iowa 
unit, Eldora, 

r Lea ftart, 
nando Rd., Albi 
Ingwenen. Studi 
, Davenport. '- 
r Rarnond Si 

vans, Sludent; Res, 
on, la. 
Stodeni; Res. 17 

ml; Res. IJ4T Sootb 

c St,, Sacramento, N. Y. 


I^arette College^ Butoo, Pa. 

Esublished May 30, 1885; 35 Classes; 268 Uembers. 

Stutrt CroiwUle, HBUUnrsiU, tS74 York 

Oaorca XcrBcr Angle, PhTiiciu, Li 

JimtL Colo. 
Cpnu DtWitt CarMT, E^tor, BUititown 

Preu, Blunlown. N. J. ; Re*. High 

SL.^Uintown, rf. J. 
HuTT Prtwpcr Cortcf, HiuionuT, 

Wriosle. AUidci. 
•BnUmin Wilnui KcOmllurd, PhTiiciu. 

Wllliun Blucbu^ Muib*!!, Zoolosiit. in 
GoTcnuncDt EmptoT, Wuhington,^. C ; 
Ru. 1332 Vatler Place, S. &, Wufa- 

Ovorga Wuhiuton Koon, hairyvr, 

Bloonubnrgh, Pl 
WlUuB Webttn Waller, avgrsun. 

Sunnd BarlMr, Oeri 

Clurl«i JeremUh Alien, CleTgrmui, 361 

Ocean Farkwiv, Breoldrn, N. Y. 
Jn Wunn Angle, HiamucUt, Tis 

Tuapiw Are., Hot Springa, Ark. 
Frederick Theodore fhuaonti Aznericaq 

Connil, American Coninlate, Ploreact. 

Benjvnla He Km Oaamil, dergrnun, 

iTyland, Pi. 
ChriMiaa Howird Omb*. dergTiiiao, Su 

Dieeo, CaL , 
FrankliB Jonathan UUlar, Clargymtii, 

, Philadelphia, Pa. 

.. . .1 Kmorr Henkell, aeri 

S. Fifth St, Reading. Pa. 

ence Lincoln Baall, CitU Engiaear, 

li The Pittibi 
Burgh, Pa. : K 
Pituburrii, Pa. 

Scnaey Jokni Stnrart, dergrinan, Carrol- 
ton, O. 

JoMpb Hnur TndoTj Aiiociate Profc*- 

CoDgreai St., Da«id Llirti 

IB Oloret, LawTcr, Uifflia- 

DougUa Percy LaFarrav Citr Bngineer, 
'^— '■—'—■ *'-■ ■ Rea. »83 Wailiiai- 


Cumberland, Ud. ; --._ ^, 
imuT IWKK, Aaaociaic rroica- ton St. Cumberland, Ud. 

PenniTlrama Stale College, State WUIiam Dorw^ Bobbina, Cinl Engineer, 


; Km. 1139 Bloomfi^ St., Ho- 

John Otlbart Conn 

, Uerchant, Prcaidcnt 

,-j Conner Hillwork Co., and Vioc- 
Preiidem, H. M. Voorbeei & Brot. 

Bridge Co., Martini Perrr, O. 

Aaron Howell Van Clavc^ (Jnlt. br Le- 
high), Chief Office Aaaiatant «i^ 
Amencan Soeietr Ciril Enaiiieer*, ia« 
W. jTth St, New York, N. Y.; R« 
»*6 W. sSth St. New York. N. Y. 

Clinton Blmer Walter, Clergrman, BeaT«r 

■Soberl Joahua Rankin, dergrman, d. 
John NaiwnKM, Pbyiician, 1443 Gate* 

Bugene Hanter Oriffidi, Ueichant, wiA 

Ohio Robber Co., aiS JeSeraon A*«.> 

S., Detroit. Mich. 
Hairy Newton Hempatcad, Baaincai, 
. Frea. N. Y. Baseball Onh. National 

Leane, 100' Fifth Art, New York. 

N. Y. ; Rea. jjs Park Aye., New York. 

WUilam Tar Eartlaha, AHlttaal Proteaior, 
Iowa State Univ., Iowa Gtr, la. 

WOUam Oltna IfcKinnay, Phraician, Cua 
Anrelia St., Pittiburgh, Pa. 

David Harvey Morgaa, Phyalclwi, t( 
Doyle Block, Akron. O. 



Ardmr ClvreUod Pilmt^ Teacher, Fom- 
fret Schcwl, Pomfnt, (X; Rcl Pomfiet 
Centre, Ct 

Bdmrd I.iW*U Selp, OpticEin, 104 E. 
aid St., New Yorli, nT Y. ; B«. SJO 
I&Tviiilc Dr., New York. N. Y. 

Sokiuu Yuud*. CJTil Enaineer. 

I BUirrclt. (Init by Col™ 


Ourlci Edfar Dmre, CinI Ensincer, with 
The Uiinlenince o! War Dept., Wilh- 
iajiton Southern S. R. ; Re>. 6ao Duke 

Archibald Howard Lawyer, Mem. Him 
Howard & Katlel, Secnrilv Mutual 
Bids., BinghamtoD, N. V.; Rel. 
Oak St, BrngfaamtoD, N. Y. 

Aud AuKuatui Tyler, Profcitor, Ji 
Uillikcn Univenity, Decalnr, IIL 

Frank Kirbr BrcA Railroad Hanager, 

with Uorgantown gi Kingwood R. R.. 

Morgantown, W. Va. 
Siigene din Hammond, Toumaliat, with 

Eveniag Teiegnph, Philadelphia, Pa.; 

Hea. Gwynedd^'alley, Pa. 
Aldua Kcff Herahcy. Chemiit, si Uain 

St. Norwich, N. Y. 
Pcrclval La Touiettc Hoag, Ovil Engin- 

cer. Uanhauet, N. Y . 
Owtrae Hsrbcrt Keeker, Frofeaior. Uedico- 

Chi. CollcBe, PhUadel^ia, Pa.; Rei. 

I7th and derry Sti., Philadelphia. Pa. 
Samuel Koitenbauder Reifanydcr. TeacBer, 

Ocean GrOTe High Schaol, Ocean Croie, 

N. T.; Kci. }ai First Ate., Aabnry Park. 

N. J. 
■John Hau Sfacllanbert«T. Teacher, d. 

May ao, iBgj. 
Samuel Taylor Wilaon. Ciril Engineer. 

Pro. Tippet ft Wood. Phlllipahurf. 

N. J.; Reo. Seeder St. Eaaton. Pa. 

Staole* 'nwnw Braiefii^d^ Frofesaor. 'Rut- 
■"-•J^— , New Bnmawick, N. J- 

If 'Etwnw B 

.-a Colfcge, N _- 

l«iw William Bdwaida. Lawye 
Geld, Pi. 


Ruuel Hindman MacCullough, Gergyman, 

Dehnar. la. 
Harvay Cheater Slckler, Manufactunr, 
witl) The Atlantic Fertiliier ft Oil Co.. 
165 Broadway, New York, N. Y.; Res. 
9 W. 68tb St, New York, N. Y. 

mouth St. BoBton, Uais.; Kea, 611 
NorfoU St, Haltapan, Maas. 

ArtliuT Lacay Job Dion, School Superin- 
tendent. Cranford, N. J. ; Rea. ao Holly 
St, Cranford, N. J. _ 

Fred Norton Lereh, Contractor, with Th« 
F. J. Lerch Co., Fine and Weat Stt., 
Eaaton, Fa.; Rea. 613 Wolf St, Eaa- 
ton, Pa. 

*Harrr Straub Sheirer, Physician, d. Jon- 

town, A.'i ' P'trS,. Add." 1 . 
Wiiiahickon, Pa. 
Guatav Hugo Tafel. Fharmaciat. with 
Boerickc ft Tafel. loii Arch St. Ph>U- 
delphia. Pa. ; Rea. gie St Bernard St, 
Philadelphia. Pa. 

Walter Scott Bavan, lawyer, Pi 
Bank Bids.. Scranton. Fa.; Rei 
N. Hyde Park Ave., Scranton. Fa. 

WinBeia Hartley Fellowi. Eagip — 
The Potomac Electric Ca. la 
N. E Washington. D. C 

Francla Mtarray Qardasr, 

sr. with 
k St, 

Bamnel TUden CliltoD, Clergyman. Cox- 

aaelde. N. Y. 
*8t*pbcn Craoa. Anihor and Noveliat, d. 

william Shirley Duur. Bnainaa. 
•William Waya* Haaaoo, Student, d. ]■ 

Walter AMn Harper, Accountant, 894 S. 

iSth St, Newark. N. J. 
Floyd Amandus Haydcn, Deputy Recorder 

ot Deeds. Media, Fa.; Sea. 304 Aubrey 

A»e. , Ardmore, Pa. 
William Bradley Landin. Chemist, with 

The Erie R. B. Co.. Ueadyille. Pa. 
Herbert Day Litaenberg, Partner, Elkton, 

Jomca Harvey Smith, Phyaieian. Lima. 

■ Coniur Attiz, Pro: 

Eigh^ St, Wilo. - 

George Wathlngton Heck, Merchant, 

Cool, Hay and Wood, 100 S. Third St, 

Eaaton, Pa.; Rei. 71S Lebigh St, 

Eaaton, Pa. 
Charles Morton Sciple, Clergyman, Napa- 

Bruce 'Phdipa' Tyler, Engineer, with Th* 
Clinchlield Coal Corporation, ai} Weat 
Unaka Aye., Johnston City, Tenn. 

•Daniel Weatarrett WardelU Broker, d. 

--,. .with The 

ight Steel Tank Co^ Suita "909. 
viiTer BIdg.. Pittahura^. Pa. 
Henry Cnnnlngham, Clergyman, Eaat 
Lake Pre*. ChuTcb. WiUngton, Del.; 

- Victor St Clafa- Domoat Manager, witt 
Henihel Silk Co., Paterson^ N. J.j Res. 
1119 Bloomfield St. Hobolien, H. J. 
Lambert Hendelman, Electrical Engineer, 
with The Central Electric Co., Cliicaao. 
III.; Res. 4J4D W. VinBurca St. 
ehieago, IIL 



■cfirUM, Broker, iritli The 

" I Worlu, - 

,„ _olnn»n Bid., 
tcCIi; SclMibler, 

^1 H5'colmm'^ldr''sJ:«llr, "wMh! 

Arb» Blodnt Tlie»tric»l Work, wiih 
Henrv Wl Snytgt. Inc., io8 W. 4Sth 
St., New yorlt, N. Y. [ Ro». Lochiel 

AjL, U. S. Dipt. 

WuhinBton. _. _ 
Arthur Bcnuo Walllct, Teacber, Head o 

Enslish DepL, Shipptmburg Normi 

School, ShippcDtburg, Pa. 
Aleunder Taylor WeUer, Engineer 

Carliale, 415 S. Carliale St.. PbiUdet- 
phia. Pa. 

R«h^aTd Recae Huehea, Teacher, Scran- 
Ion Tech. HijTfa Scbool, Scriaton. Pa-l 
E«. 731 N. Uain Ave., Scrunon, Pa. 

Willlvn Andarwiil HcHunHe. PhyiicUn, 
Mendham, N. J. 

Allred Hugh Horriaon. Clergyman, Fint 
PreibylerUn Church. Girard, Kan.; 
Kei. 108 Walnut i^l.. GErard, Kan. 

eho Franklin Snyder,. 
artin Lather White. Electrical Eopneei, 
with The Aluminum Specialty Go., Fal- 
lon, N. Y, 

CuTOlt Htrrer Yerkai, Misiionarr, Pru- 
hvlerian Mission, Yihiien, Shantnnl, 
Qiina, via CbinhiaiiK. 

Chulea Yon, Real Eit. Agent, with The 
Pittibursh k Lake Erie R. S. Co., Pitti- 
burgh. Pa. ; Rei. Coraopolia. Pa. 

John Leonard Baer, Insurance, Delta, Pa. 
William Whiteley BryaB, Merchant, with 

LR. Shimer Co.. 16 First St., Phillipi- 
Tth, N. J.; Res, 114 £. PaxinOM 

ier. Uerchint, d. 

Phftician, Brock- 

•Victor Vaalcw Cui 

Sept., igo7. 
Daniel Cbeiltr Orovei 

Warren Snrder Buch, Lawyer 

John Morgan OjokT' Journalist 
Philadelphia Inquirer, F 
Pa. : Res. 3046 BondwDod Si 
ton. Pa. 

Harry CUrk Oatea, Banker. 
Natl. Bank. Canton. Pa. 

Stuart Nre Hutchli 

Presbyterian Ch 

i. s8 Westoi 

I Wl 

George Belt. Sales Engineer, with R 
Electric Co.. 1613 E, , Grand Bl 
Detroit, Mich. : Res. 39 Tyler A*e., 

John 'Canfield Howe. Sec. and Tt 
" ■• Handkerchief Co., Pas. 
Res. 17 Randolph St., Pasi 

Jacob 1 


lesboro Natl. Bank, Bar 


Norfolk, Va. ; 

Norfolk. Va. 
Sccniary. New 

, Co., Camden. 

N. J.: Re*. 1404 Princess St.. Camden. 

John Villa Sowe. Jr., Merchant, Mem. 

John M. Rowe. Son tc Co., ii] N. 

Water St., Philadelphia. Pa.; Re.- ." 

Church RiL. Merchantville. N. J. 
Charlem Albert Sandi. SecreUry, Ja> 

Mills Co.. Odenwetdertown, Pa.; 

Ea<t Ave. and Monroe St., Easton 
Robert Lawrence Shepard. Salesman, 

dlelown. N. Y. 
Ceorge Aiher Stiadet, Physician, 


larenee Webater ' HacDowell, Builder, 
with S. B. MacDowell & Son. 191? 
Montgomery Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 1 
Res. iiji Van Pelt St. Philadelphia. 

rank Launti MiUer. Uwyer, Office Sot 
Citiiens Natl. Bank Bldg., Los Angelei, 
Cal.; Res. Banning, CaT 

ernard Wolf Thomaa. Uwyer, last 

Calvin Dufour Wright, Jr., 
eer. West Newtown. Pa. 

Villlam Lobb Blake. Electrical Engineer, 
Sixth and Market Sts., Bangor. Pa. 

ohn E^arl Carpenter. Merchant, with I. R. 
Shimer Co,, 16 First St., Phillinsbure. 
N. J.; Res, 131 Lafayette St, Easton, 

, }7th Howard Albert Clark. ( 

lllar Morey. Lawyer. 
Sookane, Wash, ; 
~ Spokane, Wash. 


MadiL,.. „-. ^,. 

Reuben Stanler Raub, 
Northampton St.. Eair 
S. Seventh St., Eastoi 




Stmcr LlpplBcoR Rabvn, b 

KujiM Ki 

1 ^tiry i 

JoMpb TIUDu* Rou Ckldwell, Saleunan, 

LibcrtT GroTc, iti. 
BltDB Hector CImi. Mohican Slora, 

' L«rii KoriaattCTD, Civil Eniin- 

York, N. Y. Re*. 

■ H. J' 

neiie Ave., Eut Oran 
Attfaur Law^rn Raub, Mi 

Raub Silk Co., S. Main at., umgor. 

Pa.; Sea. 35S S, Second St.. Bangor, 

HarxT Recic. El«ctrical Enainetr, Sopt 

SuHiuehanna Coal Co.. Wilkea-Barre, 

Pa.; S«. 116 S. Fraoklin St., Wilkei- 

Ban«, Pa. 
Lee SpanKlet White, Real Ettate and Int., 

Ih Are., S.. St. Peierabure. FU. 

irton Wilev, School Soperiniend- 
irrislown, S. J. 

Joicph Burton Wilejf, 

Soacoe Clifford Baraller. Buiinesa, Phili. 

& Reading Hug Co., CoateSTille, Pa.; 
_Re). j*8 Charlea St.. ConesTille, Pa. 
Kreider^tinKe Kurtz, Milltr, Hew Bloom- 
William Uhlinnr More. Banker, wilh The 

Cumberland Trust Co.. BrtdRton, N. T. ; 

Re.. I.J N. Pearl SL, Bridgeton, N. J 
Frank Elmer Reeder. Phyaician, Flint. 

Thomaa Alden Shieldi, Buiinesi. Sec- 
Treas., Shields- Chamberlain Co.. Liberty 
St., Hackettstowu, N. J. 

Charlea Sharp Ware, Banker. Caihier, 
Swedesboro Trust Co., Swedeiboro. 

on. Lawyer, 1 
on, N. J.; R 
2"- .^- J- ,. , 

Prank Rockwood Baco:. 
merce St. Bridgeton 

Kilea Caran Dalea. Baniina, nan. n 
of Hobart, Hobart, N. Y. 

John Andrew Hamilton, Civil Engin 
with The American Water Woiki 
Guarantee Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.; '. 


Lerch, Civil Eng 

D Sterner, Salesman, wii 

16 E. 4'd St.. New Yor 

8j6 NoBtrand An 

, Bordentown, N. J. 

Anirar Clemen 

es. JO Fretinihnyien Rd., 
lie, rf. Y. 

t Dewitt, MiisionaiT, Recht, 
reraia via Berlin and Baku. 
Anrnatna Sealer Hutchinaoa, Teacher, 

Hendham, N. J. 
Praak Herbert Kinnv, Engineer, BacketU- 

'■-•■--— HcCachioB, Civil Enain- 
■gh. Pa. 
- Vorgmutero. CivU Rn- 

Bneer, with D. I, flt W- R- R. Co., 
oboken, N. J.; Rea. 147 W. Ti4th 
St., New York, it. V. 

VimUm aavaland Raoe, Phyiieiaa, lit 
So. Franklin St. Wilkei-Birre, Pa. 

Oliver Smith S^er, Qvil Engineer, with 
Pratt & Ca^, Hartford. CL; Rea. 
Y. M. C A. Bldg., 76 Garden St., Hart- 
ford, Cl 

BIlia Whitfield WadL Teacher, Boy)' In- 
dustrial S-±oo[, Newark, N. I.; Rea. 
Hackettslown, U. J. 

cong Public Schools, NetcoDg, 
Remeon Du BoU Bird, Clergymai 
feasor, San Francisco Theological ^semi- 
nary, San Pranciaco. CaL; Rea. San 
Antelmo, CaL 
Walter Liu Bateiell. Florist. Frankford, 
Philadelphia. Pa.; Rea. 4819 Penn St.. 
Frankford. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Lincoln Cook Dodge, Civil Ennncer. 
Bridge Dept.. Missouri Western H. R., 
Railway Eichange Bldg., St. Louis, 
Mo.; Res. I] Oak Terrace, Webster 

Pa.; Res. ijS E. Fro 

Public . 
Citv. Fii 

a I Grove St., Jamaica, N. Y. 
iam Stanley Lanterman. Journalist 

Uth and Bushkill ^tt. 

Ivin Clyde Noll 
with The Of 

Harry Lewia Raul, Scu 

in (ton Blvd.. Eaiton. 1 

William Crosby Ross, C 

Sbner Walker, Clergymi 

?tor, S09 Waah- 
1, Downinglown, 

Wilcoa Brown, Enginee] 
I. Mgr. Water Supply Co. 
a. sfi? W. Church St., 

, Siq>t 

Daniel Ackerman Herrick, wilh The Julian 
D'Eate Machinery Co., Charlaton, 
Maas.; Res- 6 Arthur St, Winter Hill,, 
John Francis Uoott, Lawyer, 4s Cedar 
St, New York, S. Y. : Res. ««4 W- 



Philip Allen Smm, Student Volanlcer 
Uo.oiifnt. 35 Uidiion Ave, New York. 
N. Y.; Kes. lot Conn St, Forcit Hllla, 

Electrical En- 
ServiCe lUU- 
BLa. iS Bromd 

Eleciricl En 
Scrricc Rail- 
.. N. J. 

BdwiD Clyde Fotmduuw TMchet >nd Aih- 
letic Director, Lawrenceville Scbool. 
' "- N. 1, 

KufUich, Uinins 

>c« Bids., WUke 

Franklin St, 

Hcnrr 'Stanler McGirrah, Elsctrkal E"- 
Kineer. Co»! Dept.. D. L. & W. R. K. 
Co., Scranton, Fa. ; Rts. 510 Quincr 

Pom, Havana, Cuba: Rea. While 

Plain., N. Y. 
Archibald Strei, Civil Enaineef 1 Bei. 

Wallhichin. British Columbia. 
Charla BenjamiD Swuti, Student, Union 

ThwlogicJ Seminary, 600 W. laad St, 

New Yorli, N. Y. ; Kei. loi Gonn St, 

Fore.t Hilli, N. Y. 
HaiiT Walter Vetter, Civil Engineer, 

A»t Warren Coanly (N. J.) Enfineer. 

Sunhope, N. J. 

.. _. N. Y. 

Richard WinSctd Horc Secretary, with 

The Critetioo Theatre Co., Bndfcton, 

N. J.; Rea. aia N. Pearl St, Brid^ewn, 

David Ober Woll, Salti Mar., Atit Sale* 
Met. PhiUp Sheet & Tin Plate Co.. 
and Apollo Steel Co., Tpi Lincoln 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.; Bet. m> S. 

44 Ih St, Philadelphia, Pa. * 

Harold Robernon Bnien, Bond Salesman, 
with N. W. Halser & Co., uii Cheat- 
nut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 1 Rea. Rock- 
away N, J. 

Richard Benjamin Chriatie, Teacher, Port- 
land Academy, Portland. Ore. ; Ket jiB 
lolh St., Portland, Ore. 

Verill Alvjn Daviaon. Engineer, with 
Western Electric Co., 463 West St, 
New York, N. Y. 1 Rea. 366 Van Houien 
Ave,, Patiaic, N. 1. 

Oerafaom Porter EUIi. Electrical Eogin- 
eer, with The Kerr Turbine Co., Welli- 
ville. N. Y. 

Ward Jfahlon Snyder, Salesman, with The 
Snyder Shoe & Rubber Co.. Third St, 
Easton, Pa.1 Res. m BuahkUl St. 
Eaaton, Pa. 

Howard Villeror Swartz. with Lister CO. 
American Agricultural Co., Newark, 
N. J. ; Res. Y. M. C A., Newark, N. J. 

Everett Rankin Wilkinson. Bond Saleanun, 
with Perry, Coffin & Burr, 60 State St, 
Boston. Uaat. ; Res. 170 Bay State Rd., 

' Wall St. Nen 

York, N. Y.: Ret 

Harold Dumont B catty. Student, Ne* 
York Law School, ^iew York, N. ^ 
Rei. 113s Bloomiield St., Hoboken 

Panama; Hon.. 

Alexander Richter Gallenkamp. Uanager, 
F. W. Woolwonh Store, OranK, N.J.; 
Res. 84 Snyder St., Orange. I?. T. 
Louis Eugene Griffith, Jr., General Man- 
ager ZAner Meul Sash & Door Co., 
■Canton, O. 
William Vila. HUl, Civil Engineer. Chel- 
tenham Revere. Atlantic City, N. J.; 

tngineir, nriogciDn, «. J.; ives. 5 00. 

Laurel St., BridBelon, N. j. 
Elmer Leror Hanning, Phys. Director, 

Shadyside Acadrmy, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Paul Morgan Thomas, Insurance and 

Candy Manuiacturer, Gth and Ferry 

Sts., Easton, Fa.; Res. 19th and Buab- 

kill Sta., Easton, Pa. 

-, J-ison Avt, Jersey City, li. J. 

Howard Strong Conklin, Jr., 44 Court St, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. : Rea. Paichogue, N. Y. 
D wight Uoody Decker. Chemist, with 

Du Pont Powder Co., Parlin, N. J.; Rea. 

Boi 4S, Parlin, N. J. 
Joaeph IgnatiU) Diamond, Advertising 

Manager, with Diamond, McDonnell & 

Co., 409 N. 4th St, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 

Res. Tij Montgomery Ave., Cynwyd, Pa. 
Frank Arthur Ern.l. Civil Engineer, with 

the Thomas Iron Co., Wharton, N. J.; 

Res. Central Hotel, WhaHon, N. J. 
Gerald Gamer Grant Scovil Hig. Co., 

Waterbury, Ct ; Res, 116 Lincoln St, 

Walerbnry, Ct 
George 1"— "^ — ' 

Pa.] Rea. ijj N," SKond"St," Eastoo, Pii.' 
Carl Fawcell Scbarpf, Uw.Student, Univ. 

of Pittsburg, PiitaWg, Pa.; Rea. 9jo 

State Ave." Coraopoli.; Pa. 
Lewla Grant Tettaell, Research, with Pay- 

ton-Hunt Co., ijg? Sedgwick Ave., New 


edewtck Ave., Ni 
S John St., Tan 

William Anailm Lynahan, Bookkeeper. 
with Spencer Keltog & Sona, Delaware 
Are., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Res. 310 Penn- 
Bvlvania Ave., BuiTalo, N. V, 

Webater Clarendon Moore, Salesmui, with 

' Ammtraan. Student 1 Res. 

.1 St, Scranton, Pa. 

DelRoy Crneling. with J. J. 

: — t ^. .jj Liberty _ Ave., 

iktyn, N. 1 
, Brooklyn, 

■ 1^' ' 


Samuel Brown Flanlng, witH tbc Flaniac 
S.rse Co., uj OilTSt. Su Fraaciico, 
CaL; Re>. aosS Creen St, Ssn Fian- 

ciico, CbI. 


Paul Herbert Ttrlor, Student; Set. 510 
M. Second St., Ciusdcn, N. J. 

CUlr UuweU WalUca. Student it Swarth- 
more Colleite, Sw.rthmDre, Pt; Bet. 
]oo Gayley Terrace, Uedia, Fa. 

ton,. Pa. 
KnincA Alttoa Haxwdl, ! 

udent ; Rea. 

„ __, -. . Pa, 

Holmas Weir, Cleik. with The 

Meadowbrook, N. Y. 
RmtcU BasDMt 8ton& 

NcaqaehoniDg St., Si 
Jaoua Holmas Weir, 

JuoeiTille Iron Wtu., .... 

Kta. Y. IL C A., Hailetoi 


: Rm. ; 

Taapaw Atc, Hot Sptinn, Ark. 
Sobert Karlc Bacoo, Stndentj Rea. 

W. Commerce St, Bridseton, N. J. 
John Kar Chriitmaa, Student; Rea. Sulli- 

▼an'a Ifaiw, Eaaton, Fs. 
Palmer Cievicr Dawaon, Lumber, with E. 

fi. Dawaon Co., Boouton, N. J.; Sei. 

S08 Waahinpon St, Boonton. N. J. 
John Patrick Diamond. Rea. lis Mont 

Komery At*., Cynwyd, Pa. 
OvdiHi Oanti, Student; Re>. Lead. S. D. 
Qeorge Hatthewa Henrr, Lehish Portland 

Cement Co., Allen*— "- ■ '>'— 

oaS Cnmberland " 
Oicar Rmmona 

Neaqnebonins S.. 
Claade BHnaer Leri 

rch, Rea. Higbsn 

lertjaekaon Otto, Rei. a'— * 

. PfiiU ■ ■ ■ ■ - 

: Highspire, I 

. L 1613 Jefieri 

_-, .niUdelphia, Pa. 

iUA Charlea Snldi, Jc, Staden 

SoUivaa'a L— "-- — »- 

a Lane, Eaaton, Pa. 

STerett Kelts' Daver, Student; Rea. 
Church St, Hockaway, N. J, 

John Edward Doheny, Sludenl ; Rea. Stew- 
art Atcv, HaTerford, Pa. 

Frank Smith Jonea, Student; Kea. Dela- 
ware. N. J. 

Cbarlei Andrew Kaloney. Student : 

uS Vcn 

■iDney. oiuaeni : Ka 
., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Herbert Can. .. 

' lajg Bloomfield St, I 

Waller Frederick Chni 

SolliTi ■ ■ 

Wlnthrop Parker Culver, Student; Re 
- -^- - - tdair, M. T. 

Student; Rea. iii 

- __._oken, n! J. 

land Hlltoa Feiguaon, Student: He 

_S7; W. i?ad St, New York, N. Y. 

WiilUiB Orme Hiliabidle. Jr.. Studen 

Rea. a«i7 Thirteenth St, N. W 

Waihinglon. D. C 

Robert Hamilton Lcwii. Student; R< 

Robert Glandar krnit, 

BloomReld St, Hob< 
Ferdinand Hlltoa Feii 


Etliworih ParkhuTit, 

)err & Broa., 

170 N. FrankUt 

hur.t, Jr.. Thomp- 
Wilkea-Barre. Pa.; 
1 St, WIlkea-Barrc 

John DeWitt Toll. Jr.. with The American 
Africuliural Chemical Co.. a Rector St. 
New York, N. Y. ; Rea. at W. Sinteenth 
St, New York, N. Y. 
Howell Holriwad VanClrre. Student; Ret. 
--- Burke SL^Eaaton, Pa. 

Clinton Wolfe, Student; Rea. 44 
;._ ._- », ..,. jj J 


I^eUgb UoiTcraitr. South Betblebent, Ps. 

Established Oct. lo, 18S5; 33 Classes; 330 Members. 

Williun Antbonr Lrdod. Prnidi 
Ldcci Dndn & Dock Co., 104 

Sin A*t, <Sic«i:o, la ; Re*. 4; 
iTd.. CbiuiD, IlL 
•Oeorge AtAnc Suddic Teacher, d. Mar, 

I Grud WUlum 

Baajunln Amoa Cuimifiriiun, I.ocatiT<> 
Eopaecr, with New York Ccatnl H. R. 

Grand Central Tmninal, New York, 
N. Y. ; Set, i]6 UcLcan A*e., Yonkcri. 

, N, Y, 

John Hycra Howard Superintendent, with 
Railway Steel SprinE Co., Latrobc, Pa. ; 
Rh. 1S15 Liffonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Cbarla* Pope Pollak, Superintendent, with 
American Diathci Tdevraph Co., 1S9 
Broadway, New York, N. Y ; Res. En- 
giaten' Clnb, 31 W. ^olh Sc, Neir 
York, N. Y. 

•Otway Owen Terrell, An i slant Super- 
intendent, d. OcL 12. iSBa. 

Robert Lee Whitehead, Chemiit, with 
Ameiiean Smellint ft RefininK Co.. 
Perth AmbojF, N. Lj Rea. 107 Hilth 

Charlei Edward Pink, Chief Drafteous, 
Pros & Switch Dcpt.. PenniTl*ania 
Steel Co., Sleellon, Pa.; Rea. Camp Hi, 

'ufiam Jenninia. Prea. Conunonweilth 

Truit Co., jai Market St., Uarrilbori, 

Pa. : Rb>. Duncannan, Pa. 
Charlea Piatt, Phyiician, Hamilton Conit, 

.igth and OicBlnuI Sta., PbiladelpluB, 

Joaepb Wiiliam Stona, W. A. Kennedy 

Co,, II Wall St, New York, N. Y.; 

Rei. Pelham, N. Y. 
Sdnardo Perec Triana. BOKOta, Colombia, 

Aaran HoweU Van Clerc. Chief Office Af 
liitani, with American Societr Civil En- 
■ineera. iia W. S7lh St., Kew York, 
N. Y. : Rei. ja6 W. ]6th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Samuel Dexter Warriner, (IniL by An- 
hcrti), Preiident, Uhish Coal & Na*in- 
■ion Co., 437 CheiiDut St., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; Rei. i8]j Pine St, Philadelphia. 

Harlan Sherman Hioer, Chief Chemiit, 
with Welibich Lisht Co., Gloucester. 
N. J.; Res. 9IJ Honmooth St,. Glou- 

Ha^Scmple Morrow, Automobilei, Presi- 
dent, PillibutB Haynes Automobile Co., 
591> Baum Blvd., Pittsburg. Pa.; Set. 
7 Olympia PL, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Chirle* Jeremiah Parker, PHncipal Aiat 
Engineer, with New York Central R. R. 
Grand Central Terminal, New York. 
N. Y. : Rea. Lawrence Park, W. Bronx- 
vilie, N, Y. 

•Luther Reeie ZoUinEer, Engineer, d. Oct. 

e Aikinisn, Soldier, d. Aut- 4 

iogineer J4I Catle 

•Pranklin (blark't. Jr., Engineer, d. Ang 

Bdwird Blickatoue Hural. 

Rdward Juhler, Manager Uachiner)' 
ness with Rudd-Belnap Hack. Co., 
Ldelaide St. W, Toronto. Ont. 
Havo Paine. Librarian, SrracOM 
ic Library, Syracuse, N._Y:j_Re». 



. Syr* 





. Retired; 

deoa, Cal, 



V Banker. Vice- 


dent, Ba 

nk of 




Ret Fra 




Knight Shelby. 




alo Divii 

on, Penniylvan 

a R. E.. 


n. N, Y, 


109 E. 

State St. 


n. N. Y. 

• ■83 





Rea. 4)7 

d St.. S. 

Bethlehem. Pa. 

Charlea Lincoln Keller. 

Firat Ai 

iatant Sn. 


r, with 


ler Ro ling Lift 

ge Co., 


k Block, 


fgo. 111.; 


4S4 Ev 

rett Ave.; 



'•_ 5?'«, 

"i 5L^- 

logical Survey. Waihington, D. C. ; Rea. 

"The Kenetaw." Washington, D. C 
Jane* Edeir Miller. Engineer, with J. C. 

While Engineering Corp, 43 exchange 

PI., New York, N. Y.; Re>. jSj Grand 

Ave.. Brooklrn, N. Y. 
Oharlea WUliam Parkbunt, Electrical En- 




I, SupcriBtaiid«Bt, with Cainbrti 

ami Co., Jehnitowa, Fi. ; Bo. 34* 

Luttn* St., Johiutowa, Pa. 
rrwltrlck WtUlwB BvBpv. Chemiit, with 

ConU-Kt ProcHi Co., BuSila, N. Y.; 

Ru. 876 Utchisui St., Boffalo, N. Y. 
Alcuador BMR7 Shur, Vicc-Praidcnt 

ud Secretary, with Ohio Foundry sTid 

UCr. Co„ SlenbeDTille. O.; Re*. 310 

Qinton St. SteabenTill*, O. 

-^ L«WD Ave., Stu , __ 

Jtmu Lindiar Burin. Architect, J47 Fifth 
Ayt. New York, if. V. ; Ree. ^la W. 
"-' ' ""» York, r " 

«ter CO;, UJ V 
, Pli Re*. 43< 

*Alb*rt Bma Bramolkb, Jr., SmdeM, d. 

Jomcph HcciT SieceL Gothins Biuineii, 
Mem. Sicgel Clbthini Co., u8 Main 
St, Salt Lake City, U. : Bei. Branilord 
Apartcienu, Salt Lake City, U. 

It Foviet C9., Georgetown, 



St., S. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Oltnated Curtii, Ci' 

ril Sciin- 





Robert Ifycr* Lnckaabuh, Buiinm. 

D. ft A. Luckenbach, Bethlehem, I 
JoMsh Ehy Stott, Hachini " ' 

Eby Mr---' '■- - 

I Paper Goodi Co., Cinomnati. 

0.| Preiident, The Georn Automatic 

Roller Bniing Co., HamiltOP, O.: Rei. 

Gleodale, O. 
•Herbert Ridley Stratford. Biuiii»>, d. 

Feb. a8, igo?. 
Charlea Walker Undarwood, Electrical En- 

Buffalo, N. Y. : Rei. <44 AAland Are., 
Buffalo; N, Y. 
1 Chuea Warrlnt^ Genetal Manaier, 

Franklin Baker. Jr„ Uanufactarer Cocoa- 
nut Pcoducta, 700 a. Delaware Ave, 
Philadelphia, Fa.; Sa. fioo W. Hortter 
St., Germantown, Fa. 

Bliaha Barton John, Railroadina, Super- 
iutendent Delaware Diviiion,, P. B. & 
W. R. S., PennsylTania Aldg.. W11- 
minston, DeLj Sea. jco W. nth St., 
Wilmington, Del. 

Bart Melville ^McDonald, Dii 

Walhmgton St, BHnaio, 11. 1.: . 
tsa« D^aware Aie., Buffalo, N. V. 
John Blaki SUck, Lawyer, BartUtt Bids., 
AtUntic City, N. J.; Rei. ij S. Sten- 
ton PL, Atla— -- " — " ' 

Whitnover, Salet Mi 

.._ _ ..: ■ -.Vutin^ouia Elect 
HfB. Co., Trafford Tar) 

BHiiab Well 

-0., Tr»ffor_ 

Rea. Green Walk, Bowdon 

Cbarlea Champlia Walker Baudar, ' 
Buaineia, with Pleaiant Valley ' 
Co., Rheima, N. Y.; Rea. Hammi 

Herbert Huebeur Beck, Profeator, Fi 

il. ; Rea. 

Aye.. Berkeley, C„ 
Geotsc Fred Vowiackel, Jr., Contrac 
CUrion. Pa. 

Lee Holmea Hanhall, Elevator H 
President. Uanhall Broa.. . 
Mary St, S. S.. Piltaburj, 1 
aao B. NtgJtr St, Pittihurg, P 

Rafael Fiandaco Sanchei, Din 
Ensineer, with Santa Lucia S 
Santa Lucia, Oriente, Cuba. 

Frank Herbert Shenck. F( 

l*fr.. Vice- 

Varren Worthington, Superinleodent Cam- 
bria Steel Co., Johnstown, Pa.; Rea. 

Charlei Ford Carman, Preaideat, National 

Silica Works, Berkeley Springa, W. Va. 
Jaraea Hecry OledhilL Sopcrintandcnt, 

with Warwick Furnace Co., Warwick, 

Chartci Feaie Mathcioa. with Tyler Tuba 

ft Pipe Co., Waahinjton, Pa. 
Elmer Fellman Huaaelman, Buaineaa, 10 

Atlantic St, Newark, N. J. 
William Harold Spcirt, Aaiiaunt Epstneer. 

with n L. ft W. R R^ DiTiaioa 
> Office, Hoboken, N. J.: Rea. 

46 S. H 

John GeoTEe Hatoi, Aiajstant Eajpaeer, 
with U. 5. Reclamation Serriea, Sunny- 
side, Wash., D. C. 

ailiott BoBWorth Kitchell, Set. 561 Proi- 
pect Si.. S. Orange, N. T. 

George Rohrer ICorrow. Highipire, Pa. 

Frederick Jay Payne, Copenhaten, N. Y. 

Henry Harger ScotH. Asaiaiint Secre- 
tary, with Railway Steel Sprbu Co.. ja 
Church St., New York, N. Y.j Rm. 
asi W. 8sth St., New York. N. Y. 



Junn CtM? Ry*a, Ekctncil Engineer, 
Poreiax UCPU Geo«al ElKlric Co., 
Schencclady, N. Y. ; RcL 8«4 Union 
St., Schencctwlr, N. Y. 

Alfredo Jorie Sanchez, Director, Santa 
Lucia SuKir Co., SanU Lucia, Oriente. 

Jame* HitchcU DanUl, Jr„ Uine Owner, 

Pari I, Teiai. 
Claudio Dumaa, Generkl Superintendent, 

with Central Perfaersa, Calimete, Ua- 

t»>za>, Cuba. 
Charlei Edcar Xendif, Aiiidant Din- 

aion OperaloT, with PennivL.ania R. S., 

Union Slalion, Baltimore, UiL : Rel. tit 

E. Lafayette Atc, BaKinore, Ud. 
Joie Maria Uendoia. Aient, with Balli- 

raore LncomoiiTC Worlu. Lima. Pern; 

Ra. Malambito 779, Lima, Peru. 

Hanry. AbIobIo Firpo, 

Paris, France, 
bael Poland Jonea, 

> Rue r 

eer, wij^h 



Res. M« Lincoln St., 

Paul Petera Kecae, Sup 

at Fad Steel Worki. 

I Lattic, Hannfaclurer. Glen- 

itmod Litch, Chemiat, in 
w.i.«. Piit-ri, SteeltoB, Pa-i 

Steelton, Fa. 

intendent. Home- 

PI., Pituburg 

i Ku. i 


, New York, N. Y.: 

Dr.TQ Cooltadlin; 

tional Bank Bldf. 

aao2 Shady Ave, j:,. j^, rit 
QurEC Waihinfton Laadrua. 

Tech.). Sales Aienl. willi 

Steel Co., Conimen:iaI Nati 

Bldg., Chicago, III.; Rei. la: 

St., Cbieaito, 111. 
WillUra Calland 

Brdraulic Co. 

10.14 Noble At 

, Kidi^w^, i4. J. 
ion. Engineer, with 
DiaBioQd Na- 

1900 Fourteenth Si., S. 

D. C. 
8l«w*rt Sumner Sbtre, I 

with Jeffrer Ufg. Co.. 

Ave., Chicago, III.; B 

St, Chicago. III. 
Boben Warren Strania, 

S. Proapect St., Cbattai 

FrtiBcia Henrr ualnB, 54 Kejrca St, E 
ton, Uaia. 

Jamea Hemphill, Salea Manager, with 
U. King & Sob, laag SeTenlfa I 
Sacrameato. Cal. ; Rea. loth and " 

Engineer (Miniaa}, with W. A. Claik, 
506 Miner Bldg., Butte, Modl ; KeL 
619 W. Granite St, Butte, Mont 

Henrr Etebbina Philllpa, Orange Grower, 
Covina. CaL 

Edward Suaaell Tatter^iaU, Acting Sn- 
pervtsor B. & B., Adirondack Dinaion, 
New York Central B. R., Malone. N. Y.j 
Rei. IS' Elm St.. Malone. N. ¥. 

Charle* Wealer WUllama, Stale Depan- 
ment, Waihington, V. C: Ru. 747 
Varnnm St, Wsihington, D. C 


Clyde CeBlinger, Steel IBnaiBeia, widi 

Cambria Steel Co., TohaiiowB, Pa. ; Rci. 

J44 Market St, JohBatown, Pa. „, _ 

Berkeltr WlUard Oeyar, igij S. St, Waah- 

ington, D. C 

Harrr Cuthbertaon UanhalL Mechanical 

Engineer, with E. M. Erb Utg. Co., Ji- 

a^liorri. Sl, Jersey City IT J.; Sict. 

169 Glenwood A»e,, Eaat Orange, N. J. 

■ ■ "■ ;ler Hoot, Wood Working 

Mem. B. M. Root Co., 

ea. 150S Second Ave., Ehn- 

Walter 'Cria'pell Smith, Relii 

Walter Criapell Smith, Refining, with U. S. 
Meuis Kelining Co., Chrome, N. T- 

Jacob William Stair, Wood Working Ma- 
chinery, with B. H. Root Co., York, 
Pa.: Res. 17 E. King St. York, Pa. 
'ill Roymond Waman. Assistant Super- 
intendent of Scweri, Citv ot Tackaonnlle, 
Fla.: Res. 1D14 Perry St, JackaonTille, 

nal Bank 
N. State 

llitt, with Bridgeport 
iridieport. Ct. ; Rea. 
Bridgeport, CL 


er, d. Uar. 


eer, 1043 Argyla St, Chicaio. 111. 
William Honter, New EngVand Salea 

Agent, Republic Iron A Steel Co./ 17 

Battery Pi.. New York, N. Y. ; So. 

Algonouin Club. Boston. Maaa. 
Arthur Barlow Harahall, Orange Grower, 

, C«!. 

rnhr. Assistant 
County Road 

Coulter St.. Crafton. 

Oaorc* Edward Colilnon. S 
Reuil Asaodation, Char 
merce. Denyer, Col. ; Rci 
St., DeoTer, CoL 

I Brennao. Engineer, with 
rrilt. Port Chatter, Vl. Y. 



Bruca Smrtlie Divin, Engineer, with 
Sprine Brook Water Co., 30 N. Frink- 
Ud Sl, Wirkei-Barre, Pa.; Res. 138 
Pierce Si., Kinaiion, Pt 

Walter Francii Oeiler, 134 E- 93(1 Sc. 

New York. N. Y. 

ParksiJe Ave., I%i]adclnhia, Pa. 
Ror Ntith Williama. Wholesale Grocer, 
with Suker & Williinu Co., LaekavanOK 

Roberl Fulton Crawford, SleubenTille, O. 

Res. 11 S. ititb St., Steelton, F 
Ocorge Waller Romncll. Aiilstin 
intendenl, with Olympia 'Mil 
and Ellsworth Sti., Philadelpb 
Se*. Jiii N. 19th St.. Philadeli 

John Hall Dillon 
"■ 1., N, Y. 

ick Georie F«rber, Gen 

Bldg., Scranlon, 

Ave., Scrinlon, 

Jane* White Trei 

Bcnncrille, Kine Ahren 

. Automobile Ba)i- 

UnE Ahr , .._ 

1 Renl Motor Car Co., D«- 

troit. Mich.; Be«. 301 Hendrie Ave., 
Detroit. Mich. 
Alfred Peter Skilhnau Bellta, Engineer, 
with John A. Roeblinga Sona Co., 
Trenton, N. J. 1 Res. sjA Tyler St., 

iell jn ■ ' 

York, N. Y. 

William Harris PhillipTil. with Worden- 
Allen Co.. Milwaukee Wis. ; Rei. Auer 
Coort, ijlli and State Sts., Milwaukee, 

with California Highway Conunistioi 
Ret P. O. Bojt Sis. Mill Valley. Cal. 

Oarrell Dc Forrest Speira, Draftsman, wlin 
Bethlehem Steel Co.. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Barl Haiwell Spry, Engineer and Real 
Eslale A«enl, with New Jersev Zinc Co., 
and The Chester Securities Co., Frank- 
lin, N, J. 

Harry J. Walton, Manufacturer. Mem. 
Jacob W. Walton San,, Comb MIrb., 
Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa,; Res, 6ii 
Elkins Atc., Tabor. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ludier Cleveland ZoUlncer, Engineer, 
with Dravo Contr.clin» Co., Diamond 
National Bank Bldg.. PiltibDri. Pa.; 
Res. 71& Walnut St., Swissvale. Pa. 

Qeorge Joaquin AballL with Parke Davia 
ft Co., Hudson and Veslrv St>., New 
York. V. Y.; Res. ai' W. 117th St., 
New York. N. Y. 

George Bvani Carver, Owner and Man- 
■aer, Charleston Mine ft Mill Supply 
Co.. Charleston, W. Va.; Rei i" 
Kanawha St., ChirleMon, W, Va. 

Holden Ira Tripp. Engineer, with D. L. 
ft W. R R.. Division Eoginee.'s Office, 
HoboVen, N. J.; Home Add. iii; 
Providence Rd.. Scranton, Pa. 1 Res. 18 
Humboldt St.. Newark. N. T. 

Edward Atictiataa Warner. Jr.. Signal 
DepL. Pennsylvania R. R., Broad St. 

■ Peoples Bank 



, Engioe__, 

n Steel Co., S. BetGlehem. Pa 
'crsit/ Club, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Crucible Steel Co., 

anager, Did- 
n, Pa.1 Rea. 

Gordon Black, Opei 

Dcpt pEit-kh*.. r'*..^ht- c 
Uidland, . .. 

Bdward Carll Cole, Traffic 

ier-March Co., S. Belhic 

Monongahela Lumber Co., riS House 

Bide,, Pittsburg, Ps. ; Rei. not N. 

Part St.. McKeesport, Pa. 
Lester Bunn Knox, Metalinrgitt, with 

j. A. Crawley ft Co., Detfoil, Mich. 
William Hill Luarus. Construction DepL, 

New York Cenlrsl R. R., Grand Cen- 

tral Terminal, New York. N. Y, 
Horgan Rusacl Lesher, Supply Agent, 

with American Smelting ft Reiining Co., 

Hayden, Arii, 
John Moir Price. Sales Agent, with Bethle. 

■-— - *" — ■ "- ioij People's Gas Bldg., 
Rr- — -" '-'-- "— ' 

, Wilkes, 

Steel Co.. 

'■■ 3938 

'I'er^llEcr, Inspector oT 
with Lehigh Valley Coal 
Barre. Pa.: Res. %6 Car- 

IkesBarre. W 

tra Alnon iWheaton, Asaiitsnt Superin- 
tendent Special Open Hearth Dept.. with 
Bethlehem Steel Co., S. Bethlehem, Pa.; 
-Jniversity Oub, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Bradford Williams, WhoteiaU 
, with Sanker ft Williams Co., 
on. Pa.; Res. 118 S. Main Ave.. 



Hilton Baldwin Bate*. Jr.. R. P. D. No. a, 

Coreopolis, Allegheny County. Pa. 

George Maclennan Donaldson, with Booth 
Bros., loS Broadway, New York, N. Y. ; 
R«, 4t4A Green Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Walter John Dugan. Electrical Engineer, 
with Natl. RubW Co.. Poltstown, Pa. i 
Hei. Hanover Apia., Poitstown. Pa. 

Aueust Frederick Bberly, Jr., Stoves and 
Plumbing Business, with A. Ebcrlv'b 
Sons, Inc.. 718 Seventh St., N. W., 
Washinglon, D. C. ; Res. t8ii Biltmom 
St., N. W., Washington, D. C 

Charles Lewis Taylor Edwarda. Aasialaot 




Daniel llln»m»ii Bvuu, Satiattt, witli 
Oiatuiu[>T Ore & Iron Co., Lyon 
Mounuui. N. Y.; Res. Hold Oiiteaa- 
(■r. I-Ton HounUin. N. Y. 

Edmund Quincr, R>il*aT Suopliei, with Q. 
& C. Co., 90 Wot St, New Yorl. 
K. Y.: Kta. 780 RlTCrtide Dr.. New 

Frederick P*reiv>l Houghton. Student, 

Geatr*! Thenloiical Seminerr, ChelKB 

^ Sj., New York.JN. " ■ "— ' "- 

. [ St ... _... _ 

Adolfo R. Suchei, Chemtil. with Fr 
CISCO Susar Co., Pranciico, Cauiasuer, 
Cubi; Re*. ATtUanedi 6. Citnaguey, 

I.; Ilea, care of F. Gcial 

VjrTyna Trealown, Msnuriclurei 
1 Houta Uig. Co., 1700 Elmwoo 
i^ Buffalo,, N. Y. ; 'Rei. 46 Atlanli 

St., buRalo. JI. Y. 
Lcwia Ferdinand Turnbull. Gai Easineer- 

injt, with Baltimore Coniolidated G» 

Efectric Light A Power Co.. 1066 N. 

Front St, Baltimore. Md. : Rea. Allaton 

Apattmenli. Battimore. iid. 
Carl Diehl Zimmerman, Student. Reni- 

telaer Polytechnic loatitute, Troy. 

dclphia. Pa. ; Rea. SS04 Baltiioore A-n., 

Philiddpbia. Pa. 
HniT Horace Mann, Sttident; fiea. 806 

N. 3d St, Readina. Pa. 
Sardi* I«wr«ee Patterwo, Wholcule 

Grocery Saleiman, with StoUwerck 

Broi., Inc., Carbondale, Fa. 
Charlee Elmer Paul**, wi'tb Guerber En- 

gineerina Co., Beihleheia, Pa.; Kei. 

516 Pawnee St, S. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Frederick William Ryder, with Lckith 

Valley Coal Co.. ijj No. Ri»er St. 

Wilkci-Barre. Pa.; Rea. 141 Sambourue 

Si.. WilkM-Barre. Pa. 
Gearge Sawtelle, (Init by HarietU). Stn- 

dcnt; Rei. aerelind, Okla. 
Robert WlUiim Scbrackensoal^ Ensineer. 

Boi oa, Springboro, Pa. 
Stuart Bnacoe Scruan, Student; Rea. 1711 

Coriicana St, Ddlai. Tex. 
Edward Hanlen ZoUinnr, Student i Bea. 

601 North St, Harriiburs. Pa. 

Paul Jouea Aucona. Student; Rei. I5]« 
Mineral Spring Rd., Reading. Fa. 

John Ayrtnlt Jr., Student ; Rea. 4.90 Dela- 
ware Ave., Tonawanda, N. Y. 

John Fulmar Clark, Student; Rea. oog N. 
Third St, Reading, Pa. 

George Harter Crawford, (Init by Mid- 
dlebury), Student: Sea- 915 Van Bnm 

Ralph bonaldaon. Ranch 

Hcnrr Datii Jay, Jr„ Engineer, with 

Beihlthem St«! Co., S. Bethlehem. Pa. ; 

Rei. University Club. Bethlehem, Pa. 
Robert McBrvde Purvia. with Hawaiian 

Audit Co., Honolulu. H. I. 
George Leror Sehmula, CiTil Engineer 

and City Engineer, Niland, Cal. 
Carl Edward Slebeckcr, Salesman, with 

Weston Dodson & Co^ 17 Battery PL, 

New York, N. Y. ; Res. 60 W. Mth 

St, New York, N. Y. 
Milton Chaa* Whit*. (Init by Columbia). 

with National Surely Co., iij Broad- 

._... „ ... >, Y.; Rea. Larch- 

Ralph Braeat Billiborrow, Student, Colm 
biB University. New York, N. Y. ■,_ Rf 
D, Hamillon A»e., Palerson, N. J. 

Albert Wayre Chanoweth, Student 
iiS N. Stanton St., El Paso, Ti 

Loufi Edward Qrumbach. Student 

:th. Student; Rei. 
— " . Tejt 

lent; Rci. 

„.., RockTilL. __ 

Joteph Stanley Hilton, Farmer, Hoorea- 

town, N. J. 
•Charlea Rahia Kienan, Student, d. Jan. 

Arthur Bomberger Light. Medical Sta- 
dent, UniTeraity of PennayWaaia. Phila- 

5t, Wil 


N. ssth : 

Joseph Marvin Jobnaon. Student. Tohi 
Hopkini UoiTeraily, Baltimore^ Md,, 
Res. 19 High St, Cambridge, Md. 

Robert Latham, Engineer, with Bethlehen 
Sleel Co.. S. Bethlehem, P> < n.. f 
E. North St, Belhlebem. : 

IV. norm ou, Dein 
iworth, John McKay, Studen 

Res. 1501 ft. igth 

.... _ ...ladelphia, ._ 
Howard ludd Pardee, Student: Rea. 

Cherry Valley, N. Y. 
Thomaa Stanley PengeUy. (Init. by 

Rochester), Student; Rei. Haalelon. Pa. 
William Cadwalader Price. Jr., Buaineis; 

Res. I3S S. Main Ave.. Scranton. Pa. 
Walter Sumpler Smith, Student; Rei. 

T3DI N. 31st St^ Birmingham, Ala. 
Clarence Edward Twombly, Stadent; Re*. 

330 Fellway St W.. Medford. Uasi. 
Hugh Groom Black Wylie. Student; Re*. 

New Castle. Del. 

Richard ChampofT Alden, Student; Rea. 

401 Pine St, Steelton, Fa. 
Percy Louit HallowtU. Student: Res. 

7th Are. & Forest St., Conahohocken, 

William West Jennings. Student; Sea. 

Dun cannon. Pa. 
Carl Oscar Llad. Student; Res. ji Hill- 
side Ave.. Campelto, Mass. 
Augustus Creth Mavera, Student: Re*. 

806 N. Third St.. Reading. Pa. 
John Weatley Parker, Student; Res. Siao 

Greene St., Cetmantown, Philadelphia, 

Paul Wellar Reed. Res. Berkeley Springs, 

William Paul Roblnaon, Student, Unin 

Ity of Pennsylvania, '" " 

Re*. Tjoi N. Wsihini 

Ity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 
Re*, ijoi N w..i.i„«™ a~ 1 
on. Pa. 



Hubert Don Soob Stodenti 

bethtown, Pl 
Walta OVcTton Snrdir, Stnden 

3047 St P»nl St, ?--- ' 

Pranklin Baily Spciki 

SiralhaMn, N. J. 

Walter WiUiun HanU, Student; 
Ii3> DiniioB St., Scrinton, Pa. 


UcGUl Univerntr, Hootreat, Qae. 

Established November 11, 1898; 22 Classes; 159 Members. 

WiUiun Gordon 

&«. Cor, Leopold, 

I BUhop, Conmc- 
an BuMdins Cod- 
tS, Rtama. Suk-i 
fuccnl »d Angiu 

John 'AugUitin* Ewut CunpbcU, Phy- 
■ician, Canadiaa K^tpedilioiuTy Force ; 
S«._ai] ViDcouYcr Block, VancouTcr, 

ID, Manuf. 

, Mfg. Co., 

I Atwrdeea An,, 

Ai»u''l^U %'rd Divii, Mininc En- 
I'neei, Bciliih Expeditionary Force, 
177th ComtJiny, Royil Engiaeeri; R«, 
ewt ol H, W. Davii.Ho.le A Daris. 80 
Sl Francoii Xavier St„ liontreil. Que. 

Alexander HuntlT Dufi. Lawvec, Mem, 
Dufll & Merrill, i]i Si. Janifi Si,, 
Monlreil, Que,; Rei. 419 Mount Sle- 

M,*'C. A 

well Heine. Lawyer, Kin- 
wark, N. J, and 1 Liberty 
1, N. Y. : ttei. Maplewood. 

It McConnell. Phyi 


easl .' 

ike, N, y. 

AttxandeT feitcbie . 

swerv Bids . St. Piu 
It Marl-- ■ " ■■ 

Medical Corp. 

Robert Chiidi P 

Shepard Art, S -, 

Jtck WolCeriUD Thomai, Mem. Meyer- 
Thomas Box Co,. 10 St. Nicholat St., 
Montreal. Que, ; Rel. 165 Edgeliill Road, 
WMtmouBt, Que. 


Charla Paul Hluiiu, Phyiician and Sur- 

Eoo, jo7« Fort St. Viciori», B, C; 
M, ]ji Moil St,, Victoria, B, C 

Archibald Cameron Naab, Pbyiician, 3*9 
£. lojth St.. Qtreland, O, ; Kea. 10501 
St, dair A«., Cleveland. O, 

Frank Stewart Patch, Surgeon, jl Bitbop 
St., Montreal, Que.: A»I. Director. 
Medical Sctviee. jlh Divijion, Lytton, 
B, C: Rei, 68 Weitniount Bonlerard. 
Wejtmount, Que. 

*Siuart Aird Rota, PhyaicUn, d. Jidr g, 

W*?m Aahby Wilkiiu, Phyiician, Mo 
■real General HoipiUl; Rei, jo Stanl< 
St, Montteit, Que. 

Laish Allan. (Init, by Stanlord). Civil ■: 
Mining Engineer, 406 S. joth St, T 
coma. WaiS. 

Wiltn- Hawea Coriitine, Lee. Hui, 

Qeorta Wardrop* Orier, Uem. G. A. 

Cncr & Soni, Ltd., ml Noue Due 

St. W. Montreal. Que.; Re*. 6s Oa- 

..-;- ._. "-,auea.i; Que. 

- Hall, Phyiician. Jli 

_. ., St Paul. Minn,; Rei. 

The Iifirlborough, St Paul, Minn, 
Arthur William llckaitcr. Coal Merchant 

with Dominion Coal Co.. Montreal. 

Que.: Rea. 7B Arlington Arc. Weil- 

moQDt. Que, 
George Archibald Hontgomerr, Vice. 

Preiident and General Manager, Lincoln 

Gil & Electric Light Co,, LincolD, 

Neb,; Rei, ijoj A St, Lincoln, Neb. 
WUliara Edward Rowley, Phyiician. 1B4 

Prince.. Si,, St. John, N. B. 
Harry Luuiooi* St George, Contractor. 

Mem, Cairnie and St George, 117 Sun. 

ley St,, Montreal, Que.; Rea. 4038 Tup- 

pcr St, Montreal. QiM. 

AuguBtui Rowley Archer, with Aetna 
Chemicil Co.. Carneaie, Pa.; Rea. ll 
Walnut St„ Crafton. Pa. 

*Mvold Lothrop Borden, killed in action 

Conway Cartwriiht Phyiician, Canadian 
Expeditionary Force; Rei. Fort Moody, 
B. C. 

Andrew Roil IfcKaiter, Lawyer, Men. 
Campbell. McMaiter & Papincau, 189 St 
Jamei St, Montreal, Que,; Rei. ]<5 
Metcalfe Ave.. Weltmounl, Que. 

Charlc* Tupper, Civil Engineer, Canadian 
Expeditionary Force; fiei. Barclay St, 
Vancouver. B. C. 

Gerald Verncr White. Cinadian Expedi- 
tionary Force; Res. Pembroke, Ont 

Bart Karl Wiley, Phyiician and Surgeon, 
Kaliipell, Mont 

Uyt Coulion, Mi 
ier. Bank Bldg^ I 
tosedale Rd,, Toi 
) Ray Johnaon. P^ii 

luebec. Que. 
ling &i£uieer. Sot 

!». i** J7«h At«. 

William Neaa, Phyiic 

Lewiilon. Me. 
Oliver Ruiiell Peteri, Phyiic 

:ian, Sotheaay, 
Oftorgt Doitglaa White, Bookkeeper, Tren- 

la Atwood Davl^ ajE Uetcalte A 


Frank Huold MtcLartn, CiTil 

HuntiDadon, Que. 
•Edwud Vcmon Nott, d, tai4- 
Lome Eldon Sowlar, Manulactai 

cire of J. E. Dyer ft Co., 33 

~ " " r Sutherlisd. Fim 


I Engineer, 

fiontrcal, Q 

lacial Re- 
1 SI., UoBlreal, 
rooke St., W., 

I, SurgeoT,, ■ 
rce: Res. a 


Major, with : 

pedilioalry Fo 
Toronlo, OnL 

..._ Liaduj, CasullIT i 

■icil Officer, Middlesu Hoipitaf, I 
don, Eng. i Rei. 3J Elgin An., Mi 
Vile, LoBdor. Enff. 

G»rce Brie -->-•-■''■ — 

--, __aad^iin Expediiio 
I. 6S1 MouctaiD St., Man 
im AUen Mather, Aait. 
Indian Pacific Railroad, 


Freter Baillie Ourd, Physitian, Royal Army 

Medical Corps ; Res. 406 MacKay St., 

Montreit, Que. 
•Harry J. A. Haffner, Civil Engineer. 

killed in action June, igifi. 
Ocrald AUIen Holland. Chemicali. Mem. 

Winn & Holland, Shaughnesiy Bidg., 

Monireal. Que., with Canadian Exp. 

Force; Re». u6 Sherbroolie St.. W., 

Montreal, Que. 
Lodwig Stewart Hi 

Atc., £7 Calgary, v\hb. 

Talbot Mercer T>aplneau, Lawyer, Mem- 
Campbell, HcMaater & Papineiu, Adro- 
catea, 189 St Jamei St., Montreal, Que.. 
Lieut, Princess Patricias Clnadian Light 
Infantry; Res. 316 Sherbrooke St, West. 
Hontrexl, Que. 

Frederick Chuicey Douglaa WDkea. Man- 

R«'. iioa ConlUntiDOple St, New Ot- 

Joha Stoac Hunter Wurtelc. Electrical En- 

S' icer, with Algoma Steel Corporation, 
ult St. Marie, Ont.; Res. 14] Mc- 
Gregor Awe., Saull St. Maria, Ont. 

' Stewart Bluchard, Law- 
^idlaw, Blanchard ft Raad, 
'' ■■ ■ : Hat, AlU; 

irman Field Pcdley, Student, d. Jan. 
I, 1909. 

n Wood Duabar Sutherland, with Lio- 
In, Leonard ft Co., Michigan aty, 
d; ReL 4351 Prairie Are., Chicago. 

er Sarlei WtUEh, Physiciaa, Red 
'0». SerrU; Rei. Boyd Block, Winni- 

Albert Hickman Backwith, 

Spokane. Wash. ; 
Kca. abiD i^iicgc ATB., Spokane, Waah. 

IWilliam Ondfrey Banka Brown, Thomaa 
Davidson Mfg. Co.. Montreal, Que.; 
Res. St. FoyeTld., Quebec, Que. 

iTrank Frederick Criffin, Electrical Engin- 
eer, Canadian Expeditionary Force : Re*. 
Suite j. Dorchester Apartments, Wiasl- 

Enia ' Leed* HdKB. with Semi-Ready 
Limited, a7' Guy St., Montreal, Que.; 
Res. J9S Victoria Ave., Westmouot, 

Harold Bdgar Shorey, An 
Expeditionary Force; R 
eriM St.. W., Montreal 

Arthur J.ucius Spafford, 
Spatlord, Lennt- -"- ' 

:, Canad 

I Sti 

James St., Montreal, Que- 

Charlet Stewart Tupper, Canadian Ex- 
peditionary Force; Res. Raicnsconit, 
Winnipeg, Man. 

Logan Hanning Watennu, with Walerons 
Engine Co., Branilord, Ont. ; Re>. Si 
Lorae Cretceni, Bianlford, Ont 


St Cith- 

ol S. L. 

Lawyer'," Mem. Stewart 
FiiL. loD St. James St., Mon- 
ue. ; Res. 43 St. Mark St. Mon. 

Stewart Lawyer. Canadian Ex- 
■ry Force; Res. g Selkirk Are., 

■rle^alker. Lawyer, Mem. Hen- 
lauvin, Biker^ Johnson ft Walker, 

S9 Trafalgar ««., munirc, 
Jamea Blain Woodyatt, Supi 
with Southern Canada Poi — 
43 St FraiMMtia Xavier i 
Que.; Res. s Hudson Ave. 


Co., Ltd.. 

1., Montreal. 


Thomaa Reginald Davidson. Manufaclur 
Mem. ThoB. Davidson MfR. Co.. Mc 
treal. QtM. ; Rea. 601 Roslyn Ave., We 

lian Exp. ^orce; 
Rea.~ Redwood, Winnipeg, Mao. 

Arthur Harold Grier, Canadian Expedi- 
tionary Force; Res. 169 Bishop St, Mon- 
treal, One. 

Henry Hadley, Civil Engineer, Canadian 
Expeditionary Force: Res. loii Welling- 
ton St, Montreal, Qne. 

Thomaa Craik Irving, (Init by Toronlo), 

Brie Boawell Fiahcr. Army Service Corps; 
Res. 6tia Shcrbrooke St. Montreal, Che- 

Archibald Edward Grier. Canadian Ex- 
peditionary Force; Res. 443 MscKay St, 
Montreal, Que. 

•Allan Grant MacKay, d. June g,^igi4. 

Kdvrard Samuel Reid, Physician, Clarence- 
ville. Que 

Francis Norlaadc Rottan. Architect. Sol 
Confederation Life Bldg.. Winnipeg, 



If an. : Set. loat DorcheMcr A*a., Winni- 
HE. buL 

WUErnl Cfaarln WickitHd Whitcha. 
Militia Dept, Rod Bldg., Ottawa, Ont.; 
Set. 88 CirliBg Atc. Otuwa. Ont 

Force; Ra. S9» Pin« At*., W., Hm- 

cal £asltl«cr, 
W Pt^ St, 

Ouilea Stewart Lclfeiimcr, Lawrn, 
vilh Heneker, Chaurin, Baker, Tohaion 
ft Walktt, lat St Jamei St., Uootrul, 
Que.; Lieut i]d Battalion, Can. Ex- 

Editionary Force; Rea. li UcTariah St, 
ontTcal, One 

Buch StoweU Pedter, Lawyer, with Cook 
ft UcGec, AdTocatea, ■ Place d'- 
Armei, Hontreal, Que. ; Lieut 7jd Bat- 
talioo. Can. ExpeditioDarr Force; Km. 
730 Univenitir St., Uontreat, Que. 

Oordon Douelaa Powi*. Capt 6jd Bat- 
talioD, Canadian Expeditionary Force ; 
Kea Boi loi, Ediaonlon, Alta. 

Stanler Oraham Koaa, Phjriiciao, 6th Field 
Ambnlaaci, Canadian Eipeditionary 
Force; Kei. iii Durocher St, Montreal, 

A(4«r NontMB Selater, Canadian Ei- 
pedilionar* Fore*, Quarteimutcr 6th 
Field Amtnilance; Rei. 43]i Montroae 
Atc Weitmount, Qae. 

Charlac Stuart Townthend, ManaEcr 
Camaquay Electric Co., Camaquay, 
Cuba; Rei. can of Sir Qiarlea Town- 

Hany Said Cockfield, Secretary, Adyer- 
tiiint Serricc Co., 45 Alexander St, 
Uontreal, Que.; Re>. 30 Durocher St, 
Hontreal, Que. 

Francla Thornton Cole, Civil Engineer, 
with Eaitem Canada Steel Co., Quebec, 
Que. ; Rea. 7) De Salaberry St, 'Quebec, 

JoSa Stuart Junitaoa, Lawyer, Meo. Wil- 
■on ft Jamieion, 9U-5 Rosera Bldg., 
Vancouver, B. C; Kea. Bamaby Uke. 
B, C 

Charlea Edward SouIl Jr., Uanager, Uer- 
chant Panel 77-Si HcCort St, Detroit, 
Mich.; Be>. idS Parmlworth Atc, De- 
troit, Mich. 

William Edward Tonland, Phyiician, 
, (IniL by Bowdoin), N. Y. State E)ept 
of Health. Dif, of L«boraiorie* and Re- 
■earch, Albany, N. Y.; Rei. iij SUte 
St, Albany, N. Y. 


John Bryaon McOIU. : 

Canadian Light Infant 

ndrew Angna Wa; 

Palriciai Canadian 

Francia Stapben Berarley Haward. Canad- 
ian Officeri Training Corpa: Rea ■]< 
Uanafield St, Montreal, Qoe. 

Frank Stanton Malliewion. Lieut 13^1 
Battalion, Canadian Eiped. Force: Rei. 
11; Drummond St, Montreal, Que. 

Fran^ Alexander Moaelrr, Heayy Artil- 
lery, Canadian Expeditionary Force; 
Rea. 409 Guy St, Montreal, Que. 

Earle Sydncr Spefford, Tobacco, with Tha 
Meladirino Co., New York, N. Y. ; Rcl 
"The Greyalana," Johnson Park. Buf- 
falo. N. Y. 

Qarald Arthur SucklinK, with Canadian 
Explosiyes Co.. Bcloel, Que. : Rea. 4193 
Sherbroolie St, Weat, Wesimonnt, Que. 

Charlci VrUaoB, Manufacturer, with John 
Bertram ft Sona, Dundal, Ont 


Carl Goodwill DayidaoB, Rojal Firing 
Corpi ; Rea. aga Stanley St, Uonlrcal, 

Kenneth Locke Dnggan, Lieut, jth Canad- 
ian Mounted Rifles, Canadian Expedi- 
tionary Force; Res. lao McTayilh St. 
Montreal, Que. 

•Arthur Guy Emburr Fiaher, Student, t 

Clamce Norman HcCaaig. Capt 13th Bat- 
talion. Canadian Expedilionary Force; 
Rea. 681 UounUin St., Uonlrcal. Que. 

Walter Cenge Wright Leeiurer, MdJiO 
Universitv, Montreal, Que.; Rea. 30a 
Hyman St, London. Out. 


T Abbott. Student, d. Dec 

Light InfantTX. killed 

Charlea Prsderich Woodyatt, Canadiai 

Sdilionary Parte; Res. 36 Willian: 
antford, Ont ^ 

Henry Bruce Chown, Lieut Light Artil- 
lery, Canadian &peditionary Force: 
Res. 163 Broadway. Winnipeg, Uan. 

Oeorte Collier Draper, with Canadian ^- 

Sajives Co., Nobel, Out; Rea. 47 St 
ark St. Mantieal, Que. 

Kenningtoa Harry Scott Hagu*, Sanitary 
Corpi. Canadian Expeditionary Force; 
Res. 389 Mountain St. Montreal, Que. 

Walter Court Hvda. .td Brijiade Field Ar- 
tillery, Canadian Expeditionary Force; 
Res. 6«6 Pine Atc., Montreal, Que. 

Rnfua Clement Holden, Jr- Captain Army 
Senice Corps. Canadian Expeditionary 
Force; Rea. 311 Kenaington A*e.^ Welt- 
mouat. Que. 

William Harry Blake Sharman. Merchant, 
with W. J. Sherman. Winnipeg, Man.; 
Rea, 197 Academy Rd., Winnipeg, Man. 

B « — .. — .. giaSop St, 

3d Bricadc, Canadiai 




AIUb , 

CiiudiBn Expeditic 

John ArAiir Wlckioa, Arar itnii 
Coiplj Exp, Force, «i Kcoucdy Si 

WuUUpCB, M 4D. 

, CftDAdiAU Ex- 

Boral Horie Anil- 
it Blvd., Wutmooct, 

Votmount Baltcrr, 

(Init. br Stttcuie) : 

B.,.-N. Y. 
Oar Adanuon Ltadur. Lintcnut, 

natn C«Q«ditB Exp. Foicc "-* 

WclluijRon Lrucnit, Vf'-''" 
Ctarka Hall Pophun, Li 

WT C»ii«dr- "— " 


__ Eip. Force; Kfi. 3*4 

kTt, WinBipcg, Uu. 
Baillic Kobvtaon, Licnt. jflk 
Bitltrr, Caudiu ExiwdiIien«T Fore*; 
Ka. Ij8 CrcKCBt St., UobituI, Qoc 

Omts* AnfauT Asdatta, t6i Ddy Art, 

- OtUwa.ODt. 

OaOTic Dnunmond Bura, CinidiaD Es- 

HditioMi? Force ; Xe*. J5S Meleallc 

St. Ottiwa. Oat. 
■Charln Uannli Camaron, Cotii. Priiic«ai 

Fatriciu Ciiudisa Uabt Infaatn, killed 

iBacllan, 191S. 
Norman Scolt Camcroo, Wincheiter, Ont. 
DiTld Nawtoa Craig, Canadian &<p*di- 

tionarr Force; Sea. 36S Biihop St, 

Montreal, One 
Pruik Sclift'-- "- 

N»T»1 Ail 

Station, Eb«. ; Biu. Add. London Joint 

Slock Bank, c FTinceo St. London. 

Sag.; Perm. Kea. aB Summeiliin At*., 

Montreal, Que. 
JaniM HillaiT Hume RobertMo, Siese Ar- 

tiUerv, Canadian Exp. Force; Bea. 4IS6 

Dorcheiter St, Weit, Weitmonnt, Que. 
Biuana LcTciJnc Schallcaa, Sailroail, with 

Omadian Sac S. R. Ca, a6 HcTaTiih 

St, UoDtreal, Can.i Sea. ij Broad St, 

Grolon, Ct 
DoueIu Stewart Scott, 949 Ta^ria St, Van- 

cou*er, B. C 
Norman TrMbolme WUllanuon, HcGill 

Hoipital. Canadian EipcditionarT Force; 

Rm. 141 Wcetmouot Blvd., Wutmonot, 

Alan Harcourt BUck Borden Uotor Bat- 
tery, Canadian ^ipeditianary Force; 
Kea. at Cote de Neicei Hold, Mon- 
treal, bt«. 

FliUip S^nar Flahcr, Soral Naral Air 
Serrice; Re^ E«s Sherbrooke St, We«t, 
Montreal, Que. 

Hanrr Starenaon Fry, UcGill Hoipital, 
Canadian Expcdiliooarr Force; Sei. S6 
McTaTiih St, Montreal. One. 

Louia John Hartma^ Medical Student. 

Thobum Stephana Allan. Liautanwit> la- 
fantry Canadian Exp. Force; Rea. <Soa 
13th Atb., Calnry, Alt*. 

QeOT^C Irrina Bulll*. Lient. fioth Bnl- 
taliOB, Canadian Expeditionarr Force) 
R«. ij] Crncent St, Montreal, Que. 

John Bamud Brown, Canadian Annr 
Medical Corp*; Ret. St Foye Roail, 
'Juebec, Que. 



.-. CockBeld, Heary Battery, 
Expeditionary Force; Rea. I] 

Canadiat _ 

Selkirk Atc, 
Wliaon Kllla , 

Patriciai Canadian Lilht Infantry; Ret. 

II McGregor, St, Montreal, Que. 
Hugh McLean, u Linton Aparttnenta, 

Sherbrooke St, W., MontreiS, Que. 
John Elliot SutherUnd, Canadian Expedi- 

lionarr Force: Rei. aoo Fine Aye., 

Weit. Montreal, Qae. 


Winiam McLaraa McL«>d. Student; Sai. 
HcGill UniTCrsity Obscrvalory, Mon- 
treal. Qot 

John Bulmer Kutherford, Studei^ Field 
Artillery Canadian Exp. Porci; Rea. 
ia» Cote St, Antoine Road, Weatmouat. 

Arthur Maluire Terroux, Student; Sei, Jaj 
UniTcniiy St, Montreal, Que. 

Bernard Wetliagton Walker, Student. 
Siege Artillery, Caaadian &cp. Force; 
Rei. Victoria St. Haaiillon, Bennnda. 


Sidney Jamea Hfidgioa. Student, Field 
Artillery, Canadian Exp. Force; Rcl 4G7 
Slralhcona Atc., Wegtmount, Que. 

Harold Edgar Kott. Sindent, Air iienice, 
Canadian Exp. Force; S«. i]« Mid- 
dle Gate, W'Dnipeg, Manitoba. 

Aim Qordon Ftter, Student; Rei. W«*t 
Indiea Rouae. Dunnottar. CMlrie*, St 
Lucia, W. I. 



College of the City of New York. 
Established 1874; Became Inactive 1878; 4 Classes; 19 Members. 

Thomu WDlluB Biuchc, FhTiiciu 
e»t iSth St., New York. N. Y. 

*Joieph Newbujn Goldbachcr, Lawtct, d. 
Au|. 3. 1906. 

*Eui«ic Fraacii JoMph Oiitiscll, Teacher, 

Fre'dericit cVpfiirt Riishlcr, Bookkeeper, 
120 Broadway. New y<irk. N. Y. 

Chirlei H. Brown. 

^ " • in United S 

*Ro« Purdr, d. Dec, 1875. 

•Banjunia Wood Pilmer, 

before i»(>5. 
Rufua Ktnry Pufc, Qerk. 

one and G 

my., care of AdjuU 
, WaibinxtoD, D. 

t General, U. & 

Lane Stcanii, Lawyer; Ra.: 1178 
betb Atc, Elizabedi, N. J. 
Wilun Tarlor, Heal E>taie, lOj 
uroadwav. Mew York, N. Y.: Res.; 33 
W. Bn'h St, New York, N. Y. 
HaiTT UiltDD White, Jeweler, with TifflDT 
& to., 401 Fifth ATe., New York. H. Y.; 
Res.: tarchmont, K. Y. 
•Williun Stoim Whlt« PbnieiuL 

William Rbodei Ballard 

•Henry Wellcr Borland, Lewrer, d. Feb. 

Albert 0. llePhenoB, latt known iddrcif 

Manchelter, Ens. 
* Otii Hondmer Mustoe, Banker, d. Apr. 

9. 'B'S- 



MarietU CoU«se, Marietta, O. 
Established April 23. 1870; 49 Classes; 297 Members. 

Seymour JndKin Hathawmr. Lawyer, Cook 
Bids., Marietta, O. ; Rei. 313 Third St., 
Marletia, O. 

AujiHtui W>ni«r Wlllianu, . ClerEynun, 
Cunbrii. Cal. 

Amtr. Aian. of R. R. Supti., loi Carew 
Bldg.. Cincinnati, O. ; Hei. : 34S7 Ox. 
forcT Terrace. Cincinaati, O. 
*Gmrie Preiley Dje. lojunnee, d. JuIt 

William Rodner Coddtrd, Farmer, Ames- 

ville, O. 
*Lawrciice Amer Hall. Clerk, d. Mar.. 

Don Aimer Judd, Railroad, oith Senti Ft 
Ry. Co., 719 kerckbofif Bldg., Lot An- 

Klei, Cat; Re.. Z137 Nicholion Ait., 
mona Acres. Cal. 
•Oscar Howud Kitchell. Teacher, d. Hit. 

ag, T8R9. 
*Chriitiaii Howery, Clereymaa, d. OcL 


David Maiee Be Lone, HininK £«■ 
•JaiDci Heiir7 Dye, Piiysiciaa, d. Ar 

•Charlea Louii Ktui, Editor, d. Mar. iS. 

WOliam Barton Pnnc, Cleririoui, Arbor- 

ville. Neb. 
•Theodor* Norton Woodrnff. Court Qsrk. 

PrtBcia Edear Andrews Teacher, 

sonTJIIe. Ind. 
*Th«odor< Breeken. dernrman, 




1, d. Ai 


rB, T910. 

John Klbert 


L by Ml 


U. S. Dii 

ilrict Court, 

Fed. C 


1. 0., Rea. 


'r Are.,' 

, 0, 

John Cotira 

d Schtnioke. Physic 

J37 W. 

4Bth St.. 

New York. 

Samuel Froom. Shaiplei. 


Feriui Falls, Hinn, 

•WUiram Van Vleck, 


Student, d. 

Sept as. 


BreckeDridse, Retired, 

WlUiam l^tn'am Curtia. aerk. Wheeling 

and Lake Erie R. R.. Oeveland. O. ; 

Res. 4S Dehnoal Ave., CicTclind, O. 
Kdward Duncan Kelser, Initructor in 

Music, 14]' 73<S St.. Brooklyn, N. V. 
Prank Abbott Layman, Editoril Writer. 

The Pklibnrgh Diipatch, Pittsburgh, 
_Pa.; Re.. 627 Oyde St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Charlci Wesley Rarlck, Physician, Green. 

Tille, O. 
•Sidney Rldteway, Teacher, d. Jan. 8, 

•WdUim WaUac* Rowlands, Lawyer, d 

Omaha, Neb. ; Res. SoutS Omaha, Neb. 
Richard Qre^i Lewis. Osteopath, Madison- 

WillUm 'H^^Uto'n HcHillen. Uwyer, 

North Baltimore. O. 
•Charles WiUIwn Van Vleck, 

oaworth. Banker, 

•John Austin Dickey, PEys 

6, iB83. 
Charles Edwin Keyes. Prii 

•John Hilton Bucklnaham, Pfayiit 
John Bush Bnrwcll. Musician, 

Pa.: Res.: 7941 Taconu St., Pittsburg 
WilHun Chivta* Coodw, Secy.-Tre: 



DaVid SUiufr Dnla. Ncwi Dulcr and 

Book Broker, St. Pctcra, Uiaa.! Ra. 

1916 Oman Ave., Minauipolii, Minn. 
Hnur Cippcrlv Dlnund, Pbyiieiui, IZS 

Brud St.. fhiladelpliia, Pl 
Omt^I VaiUat. Orut, Pbrticiui, t6 W. 
^.nn« St7SpTmrt,ld. 6. 
•Whtkrer Bndw HiwkM, I 

•ThnoB Holbrook HawkM, Jr., RmI b- 
Kob«n OnBtXIolind, SaperrUor oi Clca 

; RcL distOB- 

BnMt UmiBtU HcMOUb, dersymu ud 

Pamer, Lcbuwd, Kt. 
Kdwia Kam Uitdull, Thcolosiul School 

Profeuor. Kinford Thtoloncal Semi- 
; Kc& 57 GillcttE 

_St, Hartford, ( 
*Barl*r Jacob Btowan, CI 
WdUactOB Skiucr Wall 


'David V 

laraal f^mam, Optonietnat, i 
St. Elmira, N. Y.; Bca. : 
Atb.. Elniirfc N. Y. 
'-'■- *— '-- lin Webb. Bn>r - 
_Mj, Ksw YorL^ 
c St, BrookljB, W 

Frank LaasdoB ChMtnut Ucrchant, tj 

Scaton St., Toronto, Ont. 
Daniel Jnratt Davia*. atrBrman, 47 Vcr- 

WUUan Wallaca Klnkaad, Pbraiciaii, Stat* 
Homniul, Columbu, O. 

— T. R. F. D. Ma I, 

Orin SoutfawJck Hoor*, ' Acc< 

Eqnit. Bldg,, KeDTCr, Col 

, Lalayine S,, Wanrley, D< 

Joacph WUUam Uonat. Clen 

AWa Joaaph AfM, Profeitor, 
_lt««, Naw Bmuwick, N. J. 
Bpmat B«tka«t PoblSc School Si 
taadeiit, 147 Eait ATe., Lockpart, 
•CoiT iawin Corlll., pUor-^ 

Kottera Col- 

•CoiT Edwin Corlll., Pianter/d. 

BrroD NawtOB Hlnafaaui^ Fanm.., 

Colorado Sprinn. Col. 
John Quigltr Mitchell. U. S. Coatomi 

Ser^ce, 641 WaahingtoD St., New York, 

•Boo^ Knik, Theological Student, d. Mar. 

Howard William Stanlay. Merchant, care 
of Stanley & Graii, 166 Front St., 
Uarietia, O.; Sei. S14 2d St, Uarieita, 

•Hanr Howa Walter, CoDuniaaion Annt, 
d. Abk. II, i«oi. 


*WiUUm WilaoD Haau, Student, 
17, 1878. ^^ 

Edward fitnntr PeddJofbaBa, 
rapher, 1034 Pint Ave., Bin 
Ala-: Re*. 1224 IroqBoii St, 

DoBBlaa Putnam. laanraBce, Sec, 

LSlt. 496 Portland Are., it Pa. 

*Wil]iaii] Thomaa RIcbarda, Sli 


d. Dec. 

, The 


Charlea Godderd Black. 
Fourth St, Marietta, O. 

Vniliain Hearr Slack. Vic. _ _ 
Tille Railwar * Power Co.. Gi 
Ga.: Rei. Rireriide Drire, Gi 

•LnciB* RcBiT Whippla, County Treaa- 

Waltcr WcEMa- Woodrnff. Seal Eitate. 
62 St Fianci* St. Mobile, Ala.; Bei. 
•■Park Place," Crichton. Ala. 

AuKuatua Htni 
al WeU», W. Vi 
HaBTT Shane^ 

». ni 

1, Milo, 

iBc, aeraymi 
"ua. O. 

d. Aug. iS, 


*AllcB Edward Baieh, Political Editor, 

d. JaB., 1916. 
Henry Clauda Butler, Picture Showa 
Bowie, Tex.; Rea. Jl3 £. Jefferioa 
St, Dallaa. Tex. 
Daniel Dytifallt Daviaa, Immigralion In- 

.pector, Waterloo,^a. 
Charlei Oat** Diwea, Banker, Prea. CcB- 
■ "■ " Central Truit Bldi., 

.ea. 225 Gfccnwood 
,T»n.iDn, ilL 

Frederick Dunn, Uerdunt, 

7uaii, Taft ft Co., Hiah St, 

Ji, O.; Rea. 987 A. Broad S., 

Columbua, O. 

Frederick WlllUra Hucbea, Merchant, 4* 

North Hiah St, Columbua, O. i Rm. 

B31 Franklin St. Columbus. O. 

»j — n-_^. -..u.... . Harden 

.._ r BtntoB Kinhaad, Lawye.. _ 
Bids-, Columbua, O.; Kea. 1944 

, 'Coliiinbu*, 6, " 

David Hutbca LOe, . ... 
Uaple Ave., Kiagaton. Pa. 


Reel Lioyd, Gaa Co., Uttlc Rock. 

Fcaak KUtwordi McElm, Phyaiciao. laj 

jd St, Marietu. O. 
Hlnei Mori-ia. Phyaician. Hopkina. Minn. 
Friend Flack Thomley, Farmer, Raccoon 

: Curtia, 
I andTh 
es. P. (i. 

nan. Real ^Uie, 

ietu. O, 
, Geol. M«T. South 
Wtric Co., Shrere- 

Rlliaon Cooki , ... 

Harold Mcana, KeUred, 

Aahland, Ky. 

E- Cortii 

•wrenca Mlila, Dergymu, ill 
....ation Church. Neponait, III 

Frank QardDer Moore. Profeiaor, Colum- 
bia Univeraity, New York, N V. ; Kea. 
IS Claremonl Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Lonia Reppert Putnam, Uaoufacturer, 
Treaa. and Gen. Ugi., Aahland Steel 



; R«. Ul W. Bath 

Co.; Aihluid, Ky.i 
Are^ Aihlaod. Ky. 
John RdhcI. PresidcBl, AihUnd HuL Blc. 
AdilaDd, tCy 

ttahat Catlcr Dams, Gas BuaJDC*!, 
Harrii Truii Bids., Chicago, JILj 
iSoo Sheridaa Rd.. Evaniton. III. 

•Charlo Spcacer Uilchall, Mercliiuit, d. 
Nov. 30, igii. 


Fr*dirick Elmar Coniar, Bookkeeper, with 
The HablcT ft Carcw Co., 10 E. Fifth 
St., Cincinnati, O.; Ru. 1238 11 iff 
Ate., Price Hill. Cincinnati. O. 

Edward BeU Haikell, MiMionary, Salonica, 

a AmbroM Shcdd, Hiiiionair, Am. 

DO, Uro. 

Williuo Blnee Addr. Seattle, Waihing- 
tOB Lightins Co., Seattle, Wuh. ; Res. 
JO/ ajd Are., N., SeaiUe, Waih. 

WUter OretDwood Beach, Profeisor, 
Waahingion State UniTersity, Seattl*, 
Waih. ; Rc9. 4510 12th Ave., N. E., 
Seattle. Wash. 

•RoUin Wall Curtla, Dniggiit, d. July 11, 

DaTld Hugh jonei. Clergyman of lit 

Freabytenaa Church, jii Greenwood 

Blvd.. ETanslon. UL 
Oren Jamet HitchcU, Lawyer, ii»K 8. 

High St., Columbui. O.; Rea. 37 S. 

5th St., Columbua, O. 
John Cudec Shedd, Prof. Olivet Colteg*. 

OliTet. Mich. 
Tbomai Haihiai Shetta, Banker, Citiaeni 

N'att. Bank, Cor. Putnam and id Su., 

MatietU, O. ; Re*. 213 Sacra VU, 

Marietta. O. 
Walter Cowen Short, Anny Officer, care 

of Adjntant General, Waahinjton, D. C ! 

Rea. : Schofield Barracka, Hawaii 

iS< B. 

1. -'The 


Adduon Klngabury, Orthodontia 

Sute St, Columbua, O. ; H__. _. 

MeCleTe,"' Columbm, O. 
Benjamin Wooda Labaree, Hiaaionar 

Am. Misiion, Uroomiah, Peraia. 
Robert llcEwen Labaiee, MiiiionarT, Ai 

Million, Uroomiah, Feraia. 

Howwd WaiUta Dickinaon. Adyertiiing, 
with Geo Batten Co., Tremont Bid*.. 
Boiton. Mail.; Rea. 21 Rice St.. New 

Baman Gatet Dawea, Ga> Butinei), Pre*. 
Ohio Cities Gas Co., iia N. Front St., 
ColumbiK, O. ; Res..; 840 E. Broad St, 

Artlinr BockweU Addy, Physician, 30a W. 
143 St, N™ York. N. Y. ; Rea. 808 
Lenox Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Arthur DeVol Barker, Farmer and Insur- 
ance. R F. D. No. a. Marietta. O. 
.......... .. ... - ,, Professor Leiand 

, Stanford UniirerailT, 
Emerion St, Palo 

II Buiinesi, Laneat- 

Clarence Bugene Drake. Phyiician, Kingl- 
ville, Tex. 

Bdward Sverett lIcTaggart. Oil Producer, 
with The Akin Oil C^, iit Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Tulsa, Okla.i Res. Tulsa, Okta. 


Edwin Theodore Harward, Phyalcian, 

Watertord. O. 
Samuel Shipmaa Klngihurr, Principal ia 

Prep. School for State UniTCraity, 

Boulder, Col. 
Douglai Putnam Morrison, Electrical En- 

Sncer. P. & L- E. R. H., Beaver. Pi. 
raim Cutler Shedd. Teacher in Heath- 


Xlnnburr, Commeri 

Agent, Noriolk &Westetn R. R.^_ 

J Bldg., Chicago, _... , 

,470 Hyde Park Blvd., Chicago, III. 

Frederick Auguitua Hoore. Banker, with 
Brown Bros. & Co., j9 Wall St., New 
York, N. Y. ; Res. : 43* Both St, 
Brooklyn, N. V. 

Homar Morris, Lawyer, Plymouth Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn. ; Rea. Hopkins, 

Theron' Monroe Rlplay, Diy. Engineer of 
N. Y. State Highway Dept, Cleveland 
Bldg., Walertown, N. Y. ; Rea. 312 
Muirin St, Watertown, N. V. 
Charlea Henry Smldi, Phnician, WU- 
liamstown. W. Va. ' 
.William Daniel Stoughton, Parmer. Can- 

Charla* Auguania Ward. Vice-President 
and Treaaurer, Dayton Gaa Co., Day- 

Kialt. Rooms 407, 10 Okmulgee 
Okmulgee, Okla. : Res. »> S. 
ncle Ave, Okmulgee. Okla. 

Robert Alexander Brown, Teacher. Presby- 
terian College, Coyoacan. D. P., Mexico. 

Archer Butler Hulbert. Professor. UarietU 
College, Marietta, O. ; Res. »i6 5lh 
St. Marietta. O. 

Edwin Fulton Rorebeek, sd Vice. Pre*. 
Metropoliun Truai Co., 49 Wall St, 
New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 640 Wast End 
Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Henry May Dawea, Gas Basiness, 161; 

Harris Trust Bldg., Chicago, III.; Re*. 

131 Greetileaf St^ Evanston. IIL 
Harry Baraillal Hoyt with Jacksonville 

Gas Co.. 117 W. Church St, Jackson- 



3 W. Gth St, Jack- 

Ctrl Hiyei Lund. Phytic 

Slut. Doaglig. Aril. 
I., Douk1»», Aril. 

N. y.; Rei. Pondfield Koad. 1 
Tille, li. Y. 
ChulM Alirad 8tuU*r. Jr.. Mini 
Tien Tsin, China. 

I Saleunan, witli 
th and Putnam 

VIoMnt Smith. Clerrr Offices, atS Broad' 
way, New York. N. Y. : At*.: 3*S 
Amiterdam Atc, New York. N. Y. 

Univerial Uotor Co., »7 Water St., 
BioiAamloa, N. Y. ; Sea. 214 Main St., 

WUiram^WMtbrook Jonci. Caihier. Ucr- 
chanll National Bank. San Franciico, 
Call Res. 901 Powell St.. San Pmn- 

Samuei' Biselow Xirby, Associate Editor, 

(^'caao New). Oiicago. IIL; Has. 

t. .jBth Si., Chicago IlL _ 


Motile. Ala. 

'■^h sT. ■ Mr 

St, MariWta. 


Charles FtedeHck Moore. Oil Basiness. 


Merle Newton Foe. Lawyer. Hyatt Bldf, 

Market Sts. 


Pindlay. 0.; Res.; «>] S. St., 

Findlay. O. 

Re.. IJ36 Sp 

in, St, 



Verne MoraaD Bovie, Lawyer. JO Pine 
St., New York. N. Y, ; Res- : Ufce An.. 

David R. 6>op 


New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Frederick Thomas Drake. Enirineer, with 

r. Hydr 


n, ^th and 
, W. Va.J 

BldR.. Marietta. O. ; Res. : 
MarietU. O. 
ClaDdiui Heakhic, Secv. 


..._ ... _ _ - Engineer. J9 

Cortland St., New Yatk, N. Y. ; ReL 
- ■■■ ro7lh St.. New York, N. Y. 

■ Hadley. Proti!!or,Jlhod« 


Island Sute ColIeaF. KinRSIon. R. I. 
•Frederick Shtvely Harmany. Oil Bun- 

nesi. d. Feb. S, ipi). 
Say Bonnrth Plumer. Mrt. R G. Dan 

Collectinn Agency, BeiTcr Fall*. Pa.; 

Re*. : Beavet, Pa. 

John NeUon Chan 
gineer. with Paci 
Howard St.. Sal 

. Parkersburirh. W. Va. 

Steel John Fi 

Fred SIncoe Chapmaa. 

Beman Anderson Plumer. Cashier and Di. 
rector, GeoniTi Natl. Bank. German 
Natl. Bank BldR.. Marietta. O. ; Res.: 
Rathbane Place. Marietta. O. 

Groavenor Cook Story. Farmer, Beverly. 

Harry Percy Warreocr, Sec*, and Genl. 
Mjrr., Whitakcr Paner Co.. «th and Lock 
Sta.. Cincinnati, O. ; Res. SCU nigh- 
Itnd An.. Cincinnati. O. 

I Holbnwk Forbea Merchant. Ster- 
Rnn Stone Co.. Sterlinit Rao, Pa.; 

junes"G«Hner. 'Real Estate. Realty 
ird Bidg., Lob Angeles, CaL; Res. 
. 3d Ave., I^ AniMles. Cat. 

--iklln OorreU Physician, Everett, 

in Spencer Mitchell, Auditor, Ameri- 

Exchange Bank. Dnluth. Minn-: 

I. : g Cheiter Terrace. Dnluth, Uinn. 

Dean Chadwtck. Coach of Ath- 

and Phvsical Training, Ml**. A. 

College, Agricultural College, 

■vey, H. D. I. Santa 
mlth. Civil and Con- 

i. 202 S. J9lb St., Philadelphia, 
annibat Weit. Student, d. Oct, 



Jobn Hawtoii Codk& CcnL Hgr. Jack- 
■onrille Uod & Ferry Co., Foot of 
Main St., licksonTillc, Fli. ; Kci. 46 
Cenler St. South JackionTillc, Fli. 

Latimer Porter Jonaa, Phyaiciin, Pennt- 
boro, W. Va. 

Ocsrsa Arthur La Vallac, Preiident Obn 
Chemical Co.. Unioo St., Uarietla. O. ; 
Rei. 113 Sacra Via., Harietia, O. 

HatTT Ferkini Sparlins, Phyiiciao, Nev 
London. O. 

Lee Galliher Stcaley, with St Charlaa 
LighlinB Co., 114 N. Uain St, St 
Chirlei, Mo.; Ho. 430 CUrke St, 
St Charlei. Ho. 

Georn Fcrciu Wicaer, Buainesa, with 

.■ & Cawl., ., 

Putnam St. Haiiett 
4ih St. Marietta, O. 

Charlci Bdrar HUl. Portimoulli. O. 

OeoTBe Rintom Lord, Chemial, with Mag- 
nolia Oil Co., Beaumont, Tec.; R». 
77S 3d St. Beasmoiit, Tex. 

Samnaf Spencer Stone, Farmer. Vienna, 
W. Va. 

Barl Lawia Weinatock. Uaniger Winnetka 
Coal, Limber ft Supply Co.. 813 Sprace 
St; Winnetka ID.; Se^ 850 Pine St, 
Winnetka. lit 

'alter ABSuitua Windaor. Lawyer, Gtt- 

m»n Nat" Bank Bldn., Marietta,, O-i 

St., W. Mari 

ock Wolfe, Chen 

., Akron. O.; Rei. 

Allan Crawford Hall, Mgr. The Hall Grind 
Stone Co.. Marietta. O.; Sea. 230 3d 
St, Marietta, O. 

Bdur Ward Hill, Student. Ohio Sute 

Rca. 229 John Stanley Adam*. Ticket Seller, Unioi 

Benton Almon Beatty, Student. Wiiconiin 
Univenity, Madison, Wii.; Res. lOtl 
Market St., Firkerahurgh. W. Va. 

Lockwood Hya Dan«, Busineaa, Pahner, 

,.;>! A. & M. CoHege, Agricultural 

Coltese. Misi. 
Fred Chilitenien, Ranch Manager, Citlin 

P. O.. N. D. 
Wyndham C. Sparling, Student, Ohio 

State Medical College, Columbua, O.i 

Kea. 796 Neal Atc., Columbua, O. 

9 W. 4th St, Wati 

Hospital, B E. ifilh V, Nen 

N. v.; Rei. BcTerly, O. 
Hcla Chriitensea, Rancher, Dickinaon, 

N. D. 
Frederick Carter Cutter, with Standard 

Oil Co., Neodeiha, Kana. 
Oeorgc Richard Dana, Mgr. Dana Grocery 

Co.. Parkersburg. W. Va. ; Rea. Bel. 


Irwin Oearae jenningi. Director and Sec- 
retary, crorer Farina, Inc., S34 W. 48lh 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Sei. trSB E. 
iSth St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Robert Benton Kinkead. Dairy Inspector 
and Field Snperrisor, with Licking; 
Cresmeiy Co., Mt. Vernon, 0.; Rea. 
ClintouTiUe. O. 

William Auguitui Krepa, Oil Business. 
P. O. Boi 1469, Muskone, Okla. ; Rea. 
SisVi Deniaon St. Huakoitee, Okla. 

Archie MacTaggart Oil Buainesa, 404 E. 
Osage SL, Kowata, Okla. 

Prank Bagleston McKim, Dentist. German 
-- 1. Bank Bif., Manelta. O.; Rea. 

Charlea Leroy Boyer, Law Student, Har- 
vard Umveriily, Cambridite, Masa. J 
Res. 19th St, Parkersburgh, W. Va. 

John Dudley Chamberlain. Insurance. 
Marieiu, O.: Rea. Putnam St, Ma- 

Harold Steen Coil, Student 
Michigan, Ar - ' ' - "-■ 
ad St. Mari. 


Mich.; Rea. 232 

western Keserre uaw ;>chool. Bos 
O. ; Res. 603 3d St, HarietU, O. 

John Stewart HcClure. Chemi^at, with 
Obex Chemical Co.. Box 6o3. Marietta, 
O.; Rea.: 603 jd St, Marietta, O. 

Robert Palmer Haynard, Gas Boiiness. 
with Central Indiana Gas Co.. Mnncie, 

CleTc^and. _ , 
Clereland. O. 
Waiiam Gerkea O'Brien. Chemist. 
Goodyear Rubber Co., Akron. O.i 
S9S N. Howard St, Akron. O. 

land Hish School, St Louis, tio. 


5th St., Hirl 


itr, Lihruun, ttui- L«wii Hollomy Robert*. Stadcol; Re*. 

r CorwiD, Credit Mu, wEtl 

Sidurd Thomw Gcrkcn, Chemiit 
Goodyur Tire ft Rubber Co.. 
O.; H«. 1172 Ijiird St, Alrron. 

Ralph Anderion Liuihlin, 

"The Anchari^., , _. 

Lucdon TbauBMii While, Student; E 
Ann St, Parkenburg, W. V*. 

Kdwia Kellv Banr. Student; Re*. . 

coal, W. Va.; Bm. C»nil 
Stanley Clarence Morrii, 1 

School, Wallace. W. Va. 
Donler Joaeph Pan, BuiiU' 

ton G» Co.. Dayton, O. 
Ralph Richardaon, with De 

Rv. Co., I0S4 W. Ptarie 

Co., High- 
dge, O. 
ncipal High 

, with Day- 

Ltir Lifht ft 
it, Decatur, 

; Hei. «0S Id 

WiUlam Clark Senr, Medical Studen 
Western Reserve Univerjity, Cleyelan. 
O. ; Rea. 1556 E. 22d St., ClcTiland, t 

iUlph Newton Osdin, with Metropolita 
•lVu.t Co., 49 W»U_St^_New Yorl 

Broi., Dry Good! Store, Parkeraburf, 
W. Va.; Rea. 1073 JuUana St., Park- 
erjbura, W. Va. 
•John Carlyl* Finch, Siudenl, d. June 13. 

Rupert Delano Foley, with WheeJing Uold 

& Foundry Co., Wheeling, W. Va.; 

Res. 222 Uirkel St., Whedmg, W. Va. 
Robert Arthur Crimea, Student: Re*. 

Sarihtville, Ohio. 
Gerald FUnderi Kellr, Student; Rea. 

Hi Putnam St., Marietta, O. 
Dudley Dodte Nre. Student; Rea. 406 

4th St., MarietU, O. 
Herbert Bmil Roaa, Stndent; Rea. Are- 

nue House, Eianiton, 111. 
Stephen Nicholaa Eehuidt, Student; Rea. 

6i4! Racine Atc, Chicago, HI. 
Harry Charle* Smith, Iciurance, II arietta. 

Knnaironc. atuneni; eiea. 
Ave., Perkertburgh, W. 

r, Student, Murdock Ave, 

_, V. Va. 

HcKmley Donler, 


;t., Phiu- 

Leroy Addiaon A 

.J A Co.. Union Tr. Rid" 

Firkersburg, W. Va.; Res. 1033 Lynn 

St., Parkersburof, W. Va. 
Clarence Seller* AUender, Furniture buii- 

ness. with C. S. Allender Fum. Co., 

303 Oilman Ave.. Marietta, O.; Rei. 

CO. jd St.. Marietta, O. 
Clinton William Bill, Mifling EnQUeer, 

Hesiina Ttaasraal, S. Africa, Home 

Add.: West Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 
John Hoyt DeNoon, Sale-Cabinet Co., 

Marietta, O. ; Rei. 43^ Sth St., 

Marifiu, O. 
Paul Shober Jonea, Lawver, Law Bids., 

MarietU, O.; feei. Y. M. C A., 

Marietta. O. 
Roderick CambttU Merrick, Student; Rea. 

Redwood, Parkeriburg, W. Va. 
Prank Mitchell. Student; Re*. 214 5th 

fildg., Pittsburu, 
■ 'e.. Can 

■-' "-1, stuaenf, i... 

.»,..., Farkeriburg, W. V*. 
niram niicncock Haynard, Student, Re*. 

8aa W. 4th St., Waterloo, la. 
Rugene Holti Ogdin, Student; Res. 620 

id Si., Marietta, O. 
Richard Pratt Richardson, Student; 

Res. Elizabeth. W. Va. 
Harry Edgar Schram, Student; Re*. 82! 
Foster Ave., Cambridge, O. 


Arthur Benedict 

Williain HUl* iSawea, Stui 

Byera, Sto 

Charles Philip Dudley, Jr.. Student 
'-idler Ave., Farkeraburg, \ 
Newton Or***, Student; 


Dudley Ave., Farkeraburg, W. Va. 
. "_ ._ T. ja. Stti"^ 
th St., Marieila, Ohio. 

S09 41h — . 

Kent Dunn Lahmer, Student; Re*. 503M 

Washington St.. Hnrietta, Ohio. 
Harry Harriaoa Marah, Jt„ Student; Rei. 

«50 nth St.. Parkersburg W. V*. 
Ernest Edgar Mlkeiell, Student; Res. 411 

S. Meridian St., Winchester, In± 
Henry Ray Sherritt, Student; Res. aoi 

. Jul 

HarwDod Shialer, Student; Ret. 
rille, W. V*. 
Fergua Talt. Jr.^ Student: Re*. 


Miami Univenitr, Oxford, Ohio. 

•CUntea W. Ovard, LiwjrB' and Author, 

•Lonii I>« V«« Holmn, Lawyer ud An- 

Ihot, d. Jin. s(, 1911. 
Joba IlilUD LoeUuib Lairjcr, B. D. 

•CharUa Wrlfbt BaroM^ Liwyw, d. April 
WmtuD P. Dtirath, I^wrer, Lcbason. 
•John HIliDD Jamison, Firdct, d. Dae 
•Laonldaa Hamlliia UcClimb Mw7cr, d. 

John Rudolph Hooray l^Mjet, Ham. 

Uoor« ft Uoort, Georgetown, O. 
HafaamUli Wada, Real Eatata Brokar, 

UonroTia, CiL 
*Jacob Polk Wlnataid. Lawrcr. d. Jan. 

30, 10*7. 


*Nalaan Cair, Prafeiior, d liar 14, iBoj. 

•John McCurdr Soblawa. . (ImL br 

WeMeni Rcierre), Oerfyoua. d. Dec 

■lUiTlJ Chamberlain 8eot^ Fanner, d. 

•H^ml'v/t^i Clartrmin, d. April m, 


*ABdr«ir Roblnaon BoUn, Lawyer, d. Sept. 

X<A«rt (ialrln Hamilton, Phriician, 63tj 

S. Aihtand Ave.. Chieagp, III. 
•JeramUb Haraton Kun^ FaRscr, d. Jnne 

Robert Satan Lowir. Lawyer, Eaton, O. 
Frank Fillmore Scott. Farmer, Roit, O. 
DDin Calvin Sbnpion, Clergyman, TS41 
Cambridge St., Cambridge. Maif. ; Bes. 

•John Hanhali Van Dyke, Pbyiician, d. 

Bliai Rernolda ' Zellar, Retired Fanner, 

•Frank BlUa CalUcot^ Lawyer, i. Jan. 

Jamaa Maiton Cochran, Farmer, Glca- 

dale, O. 
•Juan Doa Faaaoa Damaicano, Ovil En- 

gmccr, d. i8eg. 
•William BUiott Findlay, Architect, i. 

Dec. JO, igoB. 
Alfred Auguanu Lovett, Phyiician, Eaton, 

ville, O. 

•WilUam Pollock Shannon, School Sa- 
pcrintendant, d. Dec. 16, ig«7. 

Harry Lafavn Strohm, , Lawyer, fia Ft. 

Dearborn Bldg., Chicafo, til: Be*. 

]«ia Lake Park Ave, Chicago, 111. 
*Ki*ln Dicker Walker, Cletfyman, d. 


•Jaaaa Lockhardt Baird, Phyiiciaa, d. Hay 

Char'le* HUta Colbum, Contractor, En- 

dora. Ark. 
•Charlea Spinning Cowan, Phyiician, d. 

•Albm 'iiobSn'Vft. Uerchant, d. Dec 


I HtwtOD Jamlion. Fan 

wifUam^ilurii McFarland. Nati 
retary. The North Americai 

•Rohnt nenry Adama, aergyman, d. 

Thomaa Mediaon Qoiaard, Clergyman, 
[111 Vine St, Hollywood, Lm An(«lea, 

Abdatlah H. Howe, Phyiician. 1034 K. 
Uwrence Ave., WichiU, Kan. ' 

Joaeph Clevbauch HcKee, Lawyer, Judge, 
Ickeld idni^ipa] Codn. 90/ ^JmiMr 
BIdE., San Franciico, Cal. : Rea. Sij 
Market St. Sen Franciico, CaL 

^John Hatthaw Oriea. Lecturer, Harvard 
Univeraity, Cambridge, Mats.; Rea. ij 
Bellevue Ave., Cambridn. Maia. 

Clarence D. Walden. Teacher, Woodward 
HiRh School, Cincinnati. O. ; Rai. 414 
Creitline Ave., Cincinnati, O, 



Hurr S^ Rodibtucl: 
Uatoa Central Life li 


Hubert WUion, E>cp>rtnenlal Held, 
Tcan. StMe Namul School, Ifem- 

r, Awlyt Higli 

eiclicr. HiRh 
atn™ij^ «.«. 414° r""» Tt., or- 

Prtnk K>« Hoomaw, Covotj Sarrcror, 
Carroll Conniv, Honiintton, Tom. 

CUrence Sihclbart Pattiaoa, Tucker, 
Norwood Hiah School. Norwood, O. : 
Bea. 4713 Pcabody Ave., Cincionili, 

Pranklin Leror Todd. Farmer, Oiuwa, 

Charlei Rambaugb Hecter, 

r. Piper Sale»- 

Kith The Wliltlftker Paper Co., 

DiylOB, O.; Kas. lojo W. Third St., 

and Pulti. Aul 

Caifaier ol 

WaOon Barmond . 

Bank, College Corner, _. 
Raymond Tibhltt* Bpaoccr,- Uannfactunr 

of PicklH and Preierrei. with W. U. 

Spencer Soni Co., Cincianati, O. i 

Sei. isoi Erie Ave., Hjde Park, Cia- 

Lomber Uerchant, 

Uarion County Cumber Co. 

Tire & fiubber Co_ Akron^'o. "°™*"' 
UwU L. Rupert, fnTeitmeui Securttiei, 
with R. M. Swiford & Co.. 611 Repob. 
lie Bidg., Kan»> City, Ho.; Sea. 
Ill] Paaeo St, Kanaai City, Mo. 


Carl John Duniweiler, Dralum 

4iin Hpdnon Am., Cleieland. _. 
Harry Frank Iitkd. Drugpit, with Iited 

Drug Co., Lewi.tou, fit. 
Artfanr Raymond Head, Auociate Pre- 
leiior, Ohio Wesleyaa Univ., Delaware. 
Ohmet Conrad Hlnnleh, County Snpt o[ 
School >. Nor walk. Q. 

ler, Piofesu./ Ohio 


sdabauah, Stocki and 

and Geo. Mgr. R. U 

llingi Co., iQt.i; loi^ana Pylhian 

)■., Indianapolii, Indj Res. 3053 

k Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bourne Shafer, Bondi and Inaur. 

e. <io Fairbanks Bld».. Springfield, 

E. Madison Aie., Spring- 

with Dayton Mfi, Co., niB 

St., Dayton, O. ; Kes. gii N. ] 

Davlon, O. 
Joieph Pugh EldtoiL ' Uedical Student, 

Johni Hopkins Unir., Baltimore. Md.; 

Ses, Elton, O. 
HDward Davis Falrley, Manager Hitls- 

boro Hardware Co., Hillaboro, O. 
James Homer OUberl; Ugr. W^itakv 

Paper Co^ leo Filth Ave., New York. 

N. Y.;_^_Kei. 181 W. 8?tli St, New 

Junk, Lawyer, Waihington 
Kohler, Teacher, High 

Troy Yhomai 

C H.. O. 

Samuel Deetei 

Hugh Ballard "SoUarsi Farmer, R. D., 
Good Hope, O. 

Herahill Clyde Walker, JeRersoD Medical 
College, Philadelphia, Pa.; Bea. Hilla- 
boro. O. 

Robert Karl Wilton, TraTeling SalcamaB, 

field, O. 
Clrde Vernon Zimmerraai 
PrOTident Bk. Bldg., Ci 

Homer Balllneer. Lumber Merchant, with 
Clark County Lumber Co., 1734 W. 
"-■- "- ■'— ingfieU, O.; Bei. itii4 

, Cleveland. 

rWhiUker Psper'CcL~4is Guilford 
Ave., Baltimore, Md.: ReE 1711 Hil- 
ton St.. Baltimore. Md. 

Dwlght Blmcr Minnich. Graduate Stu-' 
deut. Harvard University. 30 Conant 
Hall, Cambridge. Hasa.; Res, Oxford, 

Wlllian Oillenie Pickrcl. Uwyer. with 
Burkhardt, Heald ft Piekrel. Sehwind 
Bldg., Dayton. 0. 1 Res. Dayton, O. 

Alva Earl Rupert, Parmer, R. D. 4, 
Spencerville, O. 

Harry Wingata Dauthttrs, Ticket Agent, 
Union Depot, Columbus, O. ; Bei. Wash- 
ington C H., O. 

Roy Culbtrtaon Harkrader. Professor, 
Cincinnati Dentsl College, Cincinnati. 
O. ; Res. 818 Hntchins Ave., Avondalc, 
Cincinnati, O. 

Ohmer Miles Miuleh. Real Eatate and 
ReHUt Business, St Peteraburg, Pla. ; 
Res. tD6 Eightb St., N., St Peters- 

William Lloyd Price, Waihinfion C H., 

Rari White Reed. Graduate Student: Ohio 
State Univ.. Columbus, O. i Res. 1840 
N. 4th St., Columbus. O. 

Raymond John White. Importer Tea ft 
Coffee. RepresenUtive of f. A. Folger ft 
Co.. 401 sth St. Uwiston, Id. 

James Lisle Wineland. Teacher; Rea. at; 
SleTTCI Ave., Covington, Ky. 

Kdward EIII* Rider, Teacher High School, 
Youngttown, O. 

George Taggart Bvana. Salesman Smith- 
Dixon Division. Wfailaker Paper Com. 
pagy, 41J Guillord Ave. Baltinore. ltd.; 
Ret. 3510 Walbrook Ave.. Baltimore, 



Clyde Abraham Hrtt, Teacher, Trot- 
wood, O. 

WataoD Biierow llomiw, Uiniser £a>t- 
rm Drno.. Th* Hor.e Siview Co., uafl 
I York N. y.: Rci. 13 

Chlcasp, III; K«. 6063 Stoay Iiland 

Ave., ^icago, IlL 
-luwcll Ctkih Dice. Rt-rl-nt ■ TtrL 

W.»hinjlOB C H., O. 
VcrnoQ Baric tt Fairley, 

Hunt St.. Ehnhurit. N. 

mouth College. Hanover, N. H . ; Re». 

Richard Ro« Nawbold, 

jomaliy, Mt. 

404 N. Hidh St., Hillsboro, O. 
initon Blvd.. Chicago, III. 

Vernon, O. 

•Robert L. Wanti, Acto 

r, d. April 16. 


Joi^h Lindner. Stndeatl Kea. K. D. 8, 
Hamilton. 0. 

Frederick Lee Black. Sale 


Stuart StaSoid Lowe, Student: Re). Piqn*. 

Paper Co.; Re>. 807 


Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

°';ST,."lffi1,.r!ss.?S"" -- 

Cheater E.eretl Hathlvr 

y. L. B. Har- 

iHioo Hotel, Cincinaali 
Tom^LindiobBrB MorBIn. 

0.: Rea. Hat- 

Principal High 


School. Ohio City. 

; Rea. Freder- 

Toloni^ IlL 

Prank Todd Petit. Studen 

: Re>. 

Ill E. 

Brown St., Bellcfontaine 


Frank Grain Reed, Shoe 

, wit!) 

Lunn & Sweet Co., Wa 
Fred Brown Wallace. Te 


C. H. 

-Cher, t 

j6 W 

High St.. Olford, 0. 
John Raymond Ward. 


John" Kdiimrd Witi™Ke' 



t Ohio 

Med. College, Cincinn 

ati, 0. 


Peeble*. O. 

: Henry Ballinger, Student ; Ref. 

Liillet, O. 

r- Johnton Bunce. Standard Oil Co., 

dolph St., Chici 

°"f'^ich ™"l'iin At 

;. Jr., Student, Univi 

Leater Allen Cowan, Sludenti Rei. W. 

Columbus St.. Kenton, O. 
Theodore Wayland Douglai, Student; Rea. 

i8t9 Broadway, Indian apolii. Ind. 
Louii Edward Hoffman. Student: Rel. 109 

a Paint St.. Chillicothe, O. 
Ray Bickel HulL with Delco Electric Co., 

Dayloo, O.; Res. 44S S. Sununil St., 

Elmer C^riatlan Kaeier, Student: Rei. 

1013 S. Second St., Hamilton, O. 

Robert Lanum. Student; Res. Washing- 
ton C. H.. O. 

Felix C. Perrone. Student: Re<- ]S66 
MoDlieth Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

William Harold Rooey. with American 
Rolling Hill Co.. Hiddletown, O. ; Res. 
Middlelown. V. 



8. Werner, Studen 

Res. Henael 
Re»- 1S34 

iv., Colmnbna.'o.: Res. bay 

1 Hathaway Crandall. Student: Re>- 
j W. Fifth Sl, Dayton. O. 
Bdwln DaiKr, 34 W. Lake St, 

. (A. B. Ill, -OS). 


I Butler 

rg. O. 

N. Wood St. Oxford. O. 
Howard Edward Joaeph, Student; Res. 

Batavia. O. 
Richard Leonard Owena, Stndent; Res. 

Vendocia, O. 
Gilbert C Perrone, Student; Rea. jsM 

Roben ' Splndler' Weaver^' 'Student: Res. 
400 N. Gray St., Mt. Vernon, O. 



University of Hichigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Established April lo, 1S76; 43 Classes; 356 Members. 
>•}• •WUlUm Ktoptr Joati, Li«r* 

•DiTid NaUt DtTir. Phriiciao. d. 

wiU«°D«i<tM HIdcU*]', Fr«iil[DB 
trici Jaiae. Court Houtc. Wamn, 
Rn. ]i£ CooewaDgo Atc. W> 

Janmiih WhIppI* JcbIh. Profeuor, New 
York Uni.eriity, ,3 Aitor PI.. N.- 
York. N Y.: »«. )« Grantrcy, 
Ne* York. ft. Y. 

WilUun L« JcBki, Liiryer, 1416 ICili- 
Uty Sl. Port Haroa, Mich. 

•John BntlcT JohniOB, College ProEtMor. 

OHi*D Col* SltBOod*. LudKipc Gar- 
dener, Ucm. Simoad* ft Ca, i loi 
Biwiu Atc.. Chicafo, tIL ; Sea. »a» 
Uontroae Atc, Chican, III 


Pa.; Oaorge Hoble 

Carman. Director. Lcvia la- 
caao, ill; Rat. 1911 W. 

Maaisoo >t., Chicago, III 
David Pahnliv. PrcHdent State Normal 

Unineriiiy, Vonnal, lit.; R». ao7 N. 

School St., Noroul. IlL 
Frederic Hurii Goff, Baalcer, acHland 

Tiu.l Co.. Clevtland, O., 
•Arthur GiUnpia Hall. (Init by Syraciue), 

Teacher, d. Mar. 31, iS8t 
Charlei Hutcblnaon. Farmer,' K. H. No. i, 

Baltic Creek. Mich. 
William Albert Lttcy, Profeaaor. North- 

'■- --ity. Era '" " 

laloo, ill.; Ra. 

. ^ anaton. i(L 

St. John, AatTon 
Inat. oT Waahii 

174S Orrmron J 

Charlea Kdward L„ ,„., 

with Caraene Inat. of WaahinrtOB, 
Paaadeoa, Cal.: fiea. 7 Bowen ^urt. 

Paiadeoa, Cal. 

t St, South Bend 
^"'peVUlo Whipple, Banker. Owo* 

Charlea Sumner Heaolng, Civil Eng., with 
Maicott & Weilern TL R , Doa Cabeioa. 
- den Hill El Paw. Tex. 
[enney, Minulacturer, d. 

Aogelea, Cal. ; 
M.. s4'4 ii.u«3cii jiTc. Loa Angele*. 

•Wimot Gmith PenBlngtoB, d. Oct. ma. 

•Lyman Balcom Sailor, d. Uar. 5, iBSi. 

•Edward Walter 
_ Febq. i807. 
Jeeat Ponda — ' 

Bel School. Loi 

•Harry Soaldlog Banga. d No*. 4, 1SR4. 

Arthur William Burnett. Pnbliaher. with 
Henry Holt & Co., M W. aid St, New 
York. N. Y.j Re*. 4J DePoreat Ave., 

Franklin Corydon Bailer. Clergyman. Pat- 
tor Kaiota Prea. Church. Kaiota. Uinn. 

•Carl WUliain Belicr, College Inaimcior, 
d. Jan. 14. 1S9B. 

Clareacc Herbert Childi, Lawyer, cot 
Minn. Loan A Truat Co. Bldg.. Uiaae- 
apolia, Uinn.; Ret. 198] Queen At*, 
Minneapolia, Minn. 

Jacob Bllavrorth Reigliard. Profeiaor, Uni- 
veraily of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; 
Rea. ijot Cambridge Sd.. Ann Arbor, 


Howard Avert. 1 

turing. with Ni 

Reedv Co.. Cin< 

ing Waya and > 

Alfred ICiller Huycka iSi W. College St.. 

Oberlin. O. 
Robert Oravet Ifonow, Lawyer and Judge. 

Jamn'°'Theophi1ua Bagleti 

Meridian St., Inditaapolit 
;. Ontn, Banker, d. Nov. 4 

■ Court 
AldcD Howard 


ft., S. Ui 

-. and. Ore , 

St., Portland, Ore. 
ter. Farmer. aS4« 
nneapolit, Minn. 

Carr^M* M™1 _ 

Sugar Mfg.. Owoiio Sugar Co., Bay 
City. Mich. : Re*. lolB Center Ave., 
Bar City. Mich 

Jaitiea HcKean Ttiompton, Real EtUt* 
' " » '- Secnrirv Bldg., 




Jab Tatfflll, ' ,._ 

lion Dipt., N. Y. Cmtral R. R, CUt*- 
land, O. ; Rei. 610 N. KiTaniila Ave, 
St. Clair, Uich. 

SamutI Cooler Tu thill. Ltundarcr, with 
Elfia Sxttm Laimdry Co., -- "'— 
■ion Si., Ellin, T" "■■ " 
ter At*.. El«ii^ 

I En(ia«cr. with Valiu 

Clark St, Chiciio, III j Rcl ijis Lunt 
An., Oucatco. lU. 

Hcoiy DarliDK BurDcR. Supt. Montreal 
Lamp Woika. Caudiu General Electric 
Co., S Ounn St. llontrei], Canidai 
Kei. jaB Land^down Are.. Wcatmounc, 
Uontrcal, Can. 

*Xuiene Aluandcr Byna. Lawyer, 
(Init br Kocholer). d. Aug. i, 1913. 

■mile Clauda Caltrron. 

Ourlet Wbitan Caiman. Betlred, 70 1 Ter- 
race Atc, Grand Rapidi. Mich. 

WlndiTOp Burr Chamberlilii, Aiaociat* 
Editor, Minn. Joam.l, Jfinn.apoUi, 
Mian : Ell. 14 S. i]th St, Mianc- 
apolia, Minn. 

Wtlliau Qeorse Clark, CitiI and Coniult- 
mg Enpnccr, 1047 Spilier Bide, Toledo, 
O. : Sea. 1014 Glenwood An., Toledo, 

Avon 8uer Hall. Teacher. Uedill Htah 
School, ulh PI. and Throop Ave., CSi- 
cuo. III.; Set. 439 E. 45ih Fl,. Chicato. 

•Harry William Hawlay, Joumaliat, d. 

Arthnr WfllUn^' Stalker. Oergrman, Pai- 
tor Pint M. E. Chnrch. 4'i N. Sute 
St. Ann Arbor. Uicli. 

•Albert Ctuhnun Stuard. Phraieian, d. 

K. Y.; Res. go Uoaataii 

mit N. J 
Joaeph Horac* Drake, Profeiaor, Univeri. 

ity of Michiran, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Re>. 

«0] Lincoln Atc. Ann Arbor, Mich, 
"aander Frederick Lance. Director 


Berkeler, Cal. 

Samnel Loomft Prentlai,' Banker, PrCL t)e- 
paiiE Bank. Winona. Hinn.; Rea. Briar- 
combc Farm. Winona. Minn. 

Horace Qrceler Piettrmaa, Owner Van- 
ity Laundry, cor. Liberty and slh A«., 
Ann, Arbor, Uich.; Ret. loaj N. Uni- 
Tenity Atl, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

niii Froioiit Schall. School jnd Library, 



S15 Pratt 
Dlvn., <.J1ICIE0, 111. 
•Nathan Daria Corbio. Joumaliit, d. Mar. 

Cha'rl*t"''wrlaht Etodie, Profeiior, Uni- 

veraity of Rocheiter. Bocheiter, N. Y.; 

Rei. ijo Oxford St., Bochealer. N. Y. 
Frederick Charlea Hi^a. Profeaior. Unl- 

fenily of Cinn.. Cincinnati, O. ; Set. 

The Alexaadr*. Cincianati. O. 
•Qtorge Cbriitoph Schemm, Brewer, d. 

Oct 10. 1004. 
Chauncey Alvan Wheater. Poll OBca 

Clerk, O. S. Poai Office, Chicago. Ill; 

Re). 36s Wood Ct. Wilmelte. IIL 


Arthur Lincoln Bene 

U Phyii. 

■burah'I Fl; KeT'sewicUy' 
irae Clark. Coilece Profcf 

iVilllam Prank HathawaT. Inaui 
Broadway, Chicago, 111. 

[oicnh Moaei Kramer, Wholeai 
Mem. Kramer & Sod, Inc., 

^ichtcr. Lawyer, Ui 
eh, La Pone, Ind. ; I 

Charlea Upham Champion. Lawyer. Cold' 

water. Hich. ; Sei. iSi E. Chicaao St, 

Coldwatcr, Mich. 
Slmer miaworth Dark. Banker. Cathlat 

Hamilton Sannn Bank, Hamilton. Mo. 
Oliver Oeorge Frederick. Aatt Supt 

School!, so Brvadvay. Detroit, Hlch.; 

He«. J3 Lalhrop Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Jamea MacNauihton. Gen. Msr., Calu- 
met & Hecia Mines. Cal'""" Uirh 
Benton HIddlekauB. (Ini 

western). Lawyer and 

Benlah tigti., Oakland, 
Henry Hervele Hottdw. 1 

U. S. Arm, 

U. S. A.. 

Manilla, P. I. 
Payton Albert Read, Salea aad Gen. I 

with KalimaiDO Blanket Hilli. 1 

maaoo. Mich.; Rei. SU Locuat 

Kalamaioo, Mich. 
Vnniara Harvey Turner. Lawyer. 

Penobacotl Bldr., Detroit. Mich.; 

by North- 
^« Book), 
rut. Colonel, 


•Chart** Edw. Decktr, Phy*ieian. d Oct 

Richard Khuan. Jr.. General Hanafer, 
American Sridge Co.. Prick Bids.. Piitl- 
hurith. Pa. ; Bea. Edffeworth, PL 

Fredarlck Human LaTeridce. Eni' 
W. Jackaon Blvd "' ' 

<1vd,, Chicaso, lit.: Bea 

:an Ave., C£lea«i, III, 

lam Nafa, Broker, witt 

Albeit Levi Ainer, KeKiMer of Vital Sta- 

■iatici, »8 HcKee Ave.. Uoneiien. Fa. 

Raymond Walter Btach, Lawyer, Mem. 



Philip Robert WhltDun, Mining EnginHr, 
nil W. J7lh Dr., Lot AngeTei, C«L 

Ariliur HicNcil. Phyiidan, 3147 Oak 

P»rfc Ave , Beiwyn. f IL 
*JOKph Lynn HcAlliitcr, Smdent, d. Apr. 

Imnt Georte HcCoU, Summer Cunp Di- 
rector, Hotd McAlp.11, New York, N. Y, 

Edmund Scliuyler Colfu Uty. Tel. Eng, 
with Am. Tel. & TeL Co., i»J Btoaa- 
wHy, New York, N. Y.; Res. 9S N. olh 
St., Newark, N. T 

Arthur DautUii Matt, CItjI Eoaineer. 

Pitti^rih, Pa. ; Bei 

Blvd., p'miiuigh. Fa. 
Fred Hyda Jeiome, Si 

Bids, and Loan A»s 

Si., Siginiw, Mich.; »» v<> ..».- 

cock St.. Saginaw, Mich. 
Richard Owisht llariill, Lumberaun, 

Mem. Merrill & Ring Lbr. Co., 919 

While Bldg., Seattle, Vaih. ; &« gi« 

Howard Ave.. Seattle. Waih. 
•Carl Dio Perry, Teacher, d. June iS, i»i)f. 
Homer Ecwin Safford. Fliyiiciin, 154 1 -4 

David Whitney Bldg., Detroit, Uieh.; 

Rei. la W. Hancock St., Detroit, 

Paul HtniT Sermour, UeUllurnlt, wi< 

Hoover i Strong, Inc., ii« W. Tvro 

St., Buffalo, N. V. : K "' 

mont Ave.. Buffalo, 

Bldg., Chicago. HI.; Rei. 
wood Ave, Oak Park, I 
Harrr Nelaon Quigley, Uw] 
CiDcJonali Northern R. 
Union D«pot & Office C 

-, Gen Atty., 

k. Central 
B1dB_^ Ciu- 
ilyn, dtilton. 

Ret. Alhambra, £al. 

Lot AngeTe«V Cat"; 

etary, Saginaw 
, 116 JeSerton 


Gamual Bate* Ombba. Phyaiciac, U. S. 

Public Health Serrice, Waahington, 

D. C; Rea. U. S. Marin* Hoepital, 

Louiiville, Ky. 
HarriaoB llacAllitUr Raadall, Pioftaior, 

Univeraitv of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 

Uich. ; R«. laoS Proapcct St , Aoa 

Arbor, Mich. 
Oaorge Whidng Sanborn, Gvil Bngiuetr 

and Orange Grower, San Gabriel, CaL 

Juno Hugh Harria, School Soperintand- 

ent, Dubuque, la.; Bet. Jlo W. Third 

St , Dubuque, la. 
Clarence Linton Header, Profeiior, Uni- 

*ei>ity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; 

Rei. 1941 Geddei Ave., Ann Arbor, 

Char)** Wilbur HiddlekauB, Lawyer, jaa 

Tarbox Bldg., Fieeport, III.; Re*. M 

Lincoln Ave* Freeporl, lU. 
Rwbea Rice Moore. Manufacturer, with 

Diwnoad Cryatal Salt Co., Sl Clair, 

Mich.; Re*, iiij OikltoJ Are., St. 

Clair, Mich. 
•William David PUnb (IniL by Amherat), 

with M. 

CooIhf Tuthill, ' 
'. C P ° — 

R, R. 

,, uinnit, MicO. : K« 
id Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 
I Damoth Warner. E< 
■tian Science Uonitoi 

laj] E. 

Jurr Oak, li^ich. 

Luciu* Hubbard. Lawver, Mem. 
rd A Hubbard, 810 J. U. S. Build- 
;outh Bend, Ind. ; Re;.. 6oj W. 
ngtpn Ave.. South Bend, In<L 
deiick Augnatu* Ltnga. Profeieor, 
College, Northampton, Ub*l; 
Proapective Hgu., Nonhamplon, 

omel. U 

lulaclurer, with Safford 
IDS W. Uidiion St., 
Re*. Magnolia Hotel, 

Carlton Raymond Ro**. Chemical Engin. 

eer, with Smith Emtry Co., a^i How. 

ird St.. S*n Franciico, C*1 ; Re*. 3410 

Eunice St... San Franciico, CaL 
Lewi* Groirer Seeley. Banker, Cashier 

Com. Savinn Bank. Caro. Uich. ; Rm! 

418 Frank St.. Caro, Mich. 

Cfaarle* Coleman Bancdlct. Lawyer, Mam. 
Darby & Benedict, iiar-jfl Union Truit 
Bldg., Cincinnati, O. : Re* Glndale, 

Irving William DurfM, Lawyer, is La- 
SalTe St._ Chicago, iTl. ; Re*. 5«*7 Dor- 

L* Porte, Ind. 

HariT Paaton Baker, Dry Goodi, Vice- 
Prei. The U. W. Tanner Co.. iio-ii« 
N. Franklin St., Saginaw. Mich.; Re*. 
714 Park Ave., Sapnaw, Uich. 

John Adam Bendlnger, (Init by Roches- 
ter), Teacher, Otterfiein CoUege, Weat- 
erviile. O. ; itet. Lincoln A*e.' Wuter- 
vitle, O. 

Jamei Henry DIckaon, Clnit. by Norlh- 
weitem), Miiiion.ry, Am. Bd, ot For- 
eign Misiiona. BoMon, Ua**. ; Rta. 
Tellippolai, CeylotL 




Albtrl Emtraon Oraena, CitU Eosinecr, 
- with Gu-dner S. Williami, Aon Arbor, 

Mich.1 Ru. 41J £. Williun St., Ana 

Arbor, Uich. 
ScTBOldi Cornlliiu Hafaancy, Phyiidin, 

311 N. Ball St, OwoHo. Uich. 
Bdward Quy Hattar, Eaa , Muuaer, 

tfational Acme Ufg. Co., iJ3£ Uijeitic 

B ]<](., Detroit, Uich. 
Fradaric Boyd Rlchvdaoa. Banker, 7£ 

Bayo Viiu Ave. , Oakland, C»L 
Bdwatd Caiaiua WakaScld, Clersrinin, 

Pastor Kes, Hemorial it. £. Qiurch, 

BirminBham, Uich. 

Kei. )ti N. Tharcr St., Ann. Arbor. 

•Frederick Atm»d UcVar- 
William Potter HcVar. Coal and Tuobcr, 

Preitonburg, Ky. 
Hurr Wead Nichola, Uerchant, 1015 

Catherine St., Ana Arbor, Uich.; Kca. 

Sio l^wrtnee St., Ana Athor, Mich. 
Archibold Whitf " " " ' ' 

Hi|h Schoo- 

Franl - " 

Charlai , 

■: Bldg., Lawi 


Pl; Bea. GSsi Walt Are 

William Anc -_ 

1 100 Security Bldg., 

Rea. Kirkwood, Ua 
'Kaymand Lynn Coffin, Lmwyer, d. Jan. 

JdwalL A 
St Looii 

, Saiiaaw, W. S., 


John Hcnrr Dicta, Mechai 
6s6 Leaife-New. Bldg . 

•Jamea Alired LcRoy, U. S. Coniul, d. 

Carl CoHland' Paraona. Uaaager, with 
Shao-Walket Co., 60 Franklio St. New 
York, N. v.; Ret. Hutiait-on-Hudwn, 
NY. ' 

Lonia Albert Pratt, AdTertiiisK acancT, 
Mem. Lonii A. Fran Adr. Co., iai6 
Ford Bids., Detroit, Uich.; Rea. j(« 
Virfinia Pk., Detroit. Uich. 

Lonia Carliale Walker, Uanufacttmr, 
Frctidnit Shaw-Walker Ca, Utukeeon. 
Uich.; Re*. ao5 Webitcr At*., Unake- 

Joha Robert Croiwit G«i. Salea Ugr., 
National Lamp Worka, Ganeral Electric 
Co., Halt Park, Clewland, O.J Rei 

aS9] BucUd Hciihta 1 

c IitDBbet Co., San 

Oaors* Henry Allen, Author, 9 Nymphcn*- 
bnrnratraaaa, Berlin, Germanr; Perm. 
Ai± lif Horrii Ave., Grand Rapidi, 
Mich.: TemparBry Add. dnrinK war, 914 
Hill St, Ann Arbor, Mici. 

Claranca Henry Braad, Miller, with Brandt 
« Hardin Milling Co.. Saginaw. Uich. ; 
Rea. Ill S. Granaer St, Saginaw, W. S., 

HarrHt MattlaoB Hawxhnrab InnraBce 
Ascni, with Niagara Fin Ina. Co., jig 
CCorcli St, Ann Arbor. Mich 

Vradaric Horrii Loomia, Profeaaor Uni- 
vcrdty of Ulchifan, Ann Arbor, Mieh. ; 

Francla Miller Bacon. Head Maaier, Nor- 
folk Academy, Norfolk, Va. 

Harold Dunbar Corbuaiar, Phyiidan and 
Snrgeon, 6>i Park Atc, PUinSdd, 

Lawrence La Touratta Dricga, Lawyer and 
Rancher, 135 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y.; Rea. 3 W. Sth St. New York, 
N, Y 

Arthur Jobs Farmer, Publiaher, with Silaa 
Farmer A Co., Farmer Bldg., Detroit, 

Donild' Fuller, ' Geaeial laauranci, loiS 
Ford Blds^ Detroit, Uich.; Sea. a 
King St., Detroit, Uich. 

Thomaa Starr Gray, Ljurrer, looi Broad- 
way, Oakland, C^L ; Rea. El Granada 
Apt... Berkeley, Cal. 

Arthur Uaitick Hyde, Uwytr, Ham. Ira 
B. Hyde and A. U. Hjdc, Prioctton. 

er, i 

tj I._.., 

Orexal Ats., 

Chicaeo, 111. 
Jame. Henry Sawyar, Engineer. City HaU, 

Chicago, 11!.; Re*. lai S. Uanard St, 

Chicago, IlL 
Bdward Bchrainar. (Init by Camen), 

Lawyer, Frick Bldg., Pitlatmrgh, Pa.; 

Rea ]6ti Howe St. Pittlburgii, Pa. 
Nelaon Walter Thompson. Phyiician, 

Flower Hoipiul, 450 S. 64th St., New 

York, N. Y. 

Norman Bwain Atchaaon, Architect, Mam. 
Alcheion and Adams, i4oS-id Darid 
Whitney Bldg., Detroit, Mich. ; Kca. 311 
McGnw An.. Detroit, Mich. 

Kupart John Barry, Lawyer, Mem. Barry 

and Prnolau in T^ «.11. ". n.: ! 


•Tt John B ,, ,_ 

Id Crowley, 30 La Salli 
' Kei. 40ig Clarenf- 

, , — ,.. CiDiiriay, Lawyar, Ucm. 

Barry and Crowley, js-La Sails St. 

Chicago, ItL; Res 741 Jtmior Tarraca. 

Chicago, IlL 
Walter Qradl*, li 

ilk Produce „.. . 

Chicago, III.; Rs*. 6 

Charlss Henry KsyiuldB. Dlit Sapt. 
IT.i>»4 r-;—, Storss Co., lysfi Firtt 
—dg^ Chicago. IlL i -" 
,TS™niton IlL 

United Cigi. 

National Bank Bldg^ ... , 

1J17 Jadaon Ave., Ennitou, IlL 
'HarHaoB Standlih Smallay, College Pre- 
(estOT. d. Sept r - 


WueluuB) Strosc Baldwin, Conil 
Ennncer, with United Cu Im 
Broid and Arch Su., PhiUdttphi.. 
Rt*. isjo Jefferioo A»e., petroil, . 

Stnhn nrcntii Cobb. SnpL Gi* Di< 


1 CiiT, Utah; Ko. j Gibbon* ApU., Salt 

Lake at/, Uuh. 
Hajinrd Nor* Hoyt, with United TrnM' 
Co., Detroit, Uich. ; Ilea. PoH Cilr> 

ical Work*, Detroil, &lich. ; Kea 
Webb An., Detroit. Mich. 
Kollin Ltwreac* Drake, Superiniei 
Ca« and Pkg. DiTJiion, The Teiai 

_ ._.-io. Car. 

•WUlUn RtUMU Lloyd, d. Sept. lo, 100s. 

Frank Uac Donald Idwa, Cawyer, 61B 
Chamber of Commerce Bldc„ Chicar>' 
IH.: Re*. 44a S Sheridu Rd., Hi(h. 
land Park, lU. 

Karl Jama* IfcL^ulhlin, Real EMat*. 
UcLaufhlin Realty Ca. Re*. 1107 
Amcrifin Bank Bids., Seattie, Waab.i 
Set. ijis Olympic View Dr., Seattle, 




'orak. Chief Deputy 
Co., Colville, Wa»h. 
in. General Merchant, 


Webet Kiefir, Mtchankil Enain- 
iih Mich. Sulphate Fiber Co.. Port 

tluron, Mich.; Rci. 143a UlllUir St., 

Port HaroD, Mich. 
[ax Edward Neal, Lawyer, SavinB* Bank 

Bldg., Maniitee. Mich.; Re*. 410 Third 

St., Manistee. Mich. 
iTln Sprasut Pratt. Banker tnA Uer. 

chant, Caihier Wa - - - - 


:, Wexford. 

York, N. Y.: He.. 551 W. luth St, 
New York. n1 Y. 
Ftedcrick Starr Buseia^ Newapaper, with 
Toledo Blade, Toledo, O, ; He*, aji] 

Mich. ; Re*. iSj Kirby Ave., Detroit. 

WillUm Offutt KoiiitDn. DiTl*ion Sag-. 

M. C R. R., JackBon, Mich ; Rea. la] 

Fourth St., lackson, Mich. 
Dan Barle HcOuEin. tawrcr, Pirat NalL 

Bank Bids. RaihTillc, Tenn.; Sea. 

Ciaiiihcid Atc, NaahTilie, Teno. 
DonaliT Enkine McPheraon. Butte. Mont 

■rry Richmond Kern, Credit Uinagcr, 
with Hart. Schaffner ft Marx, 36 5. 
Franklin St. ChicaEO, IIL; Re*. 1146 N. 

■!<'<• St., Chicago, 111. 

-. -J .„ n, B f D 

Wilfred Byroa Shaw. Secreury and EdJ- 
inr *i„m„i *..n,.i..ion. Uniieriily of 
, If ich. ; Re*. «M 


Edward Lee, FIi 

. Chi 

nlle. Va. 



jgSS Aahley Are,, Berkeley, Cat 
Seeinald Pcacnck Dryer. Aiat Gen. Salea 
Met., Canadian Alfia-Chalmera Co.. iii 
Ki^« St, W. Toronto, Can. ; Rei. 9 

linpeon, F 
rolt, llici 

Alfred Birch Roaeboom, Broom Com. with 
W. L Roieboom & Co., JS44 S. Mor- 
gan St, Chicago. III. : Rei. 63} Wellist- 
ton Are., Cbicaio, III. 

Smart WelU Utley, Vice-Prei., Gen. 
M^., Detroit Steel Caatin^ Co., "- 

jonn sargeaat >aTBtow, HecB. i^ng., witn 
A. C. Wood, PenniyNania BIdr., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. ; Be* Saji Pine St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Lei and Flint Bean, Lawyer, 1 Uaaonic 
Temple. AdHan. Mich. ; Sea. St S. Main 
St, Adrian. Mich. 

Wlllam Cutler Cole, (Init by UarietU), 
Automobile, with UniTCraal Motor Co.. 
317 Water St. Binahamton. K. Y.; 
Re*. 914 Main St.. Binghamton, N. Y. 

Henry Cadby Dewey, (Init by Rochta- 
teri. Saleaman. wJth Sweeper Vacuum 

Theodore Ferdinand Freeman. Grocery 
Svnd, 31S9-61 N. Qark St. Chicago. 
III. ; Re*. 460 Belmont Atc.. Chicago. 

Alexander Joieph Olbbona. (Init by 
Nebraakal. Contractor, Hem. Gibbon* 
BroB. ft Reed, Keami BIdg., Salt Lake 




Fifth St, 




n. Contract 

or-B Ua- 

rle* Houaton Co.. 



, Minn 

eapolii, HI 

The Leamin 

rton. M 

nneapolie, Minn. 

e Cameron 





John W. Go«. N 

Y. Sa- 



ireme Court. 61 W«ll St., New York, 

N. y.: Sea. Sa MoaUgng St., Mew 

York. N. Y. 
Auiiunit Uartyo JohDwn, Advertiaing, 

The New Republic, isoi GirUnd BMe., 

Chiuso, 111.; Hei. loa C. Wdter* PI, 

ChicflBO. Ill 
HuTT Price Kerr, Wholiule Lianor 

Dealer, Sj Seaeca St., BufFllo, N. Y. 1 

Bes. 145 Hugbea Ave., BoSilo, N. Y. 
FriBcii Ru^n HiUer, Banker, Caihitr 

Bank of Jordan Valley, Jordan Valley, 

Cbarle* Stowell Smidi, (Init. by Colgate), 

Forester, V. S. P. 5., iii Nail. Bk. 

Bldg., San.Franci«c>>, Cal. ; Rea. Sj? San 

Diego Rd.. Beikeler, Cal. 
Nathan Thomai Vlger. Hanager, Darid 

Wbitney BIdg., Detroit, Micl; Rei. 40 

Uonterey An., Hig>il>ad Pk., Mich. 
FloTd Girriaon Whiu. Oil Producer, Lake 

View No. > Oil Co., igii Wright A CoU 

lender Bldg., Loi An(elei, Cal ; Rea. 

lOT N. Union Ave., Loi Angelei, Cal. 

Clougb TnrTill BiutMtt. Phyiieitn, ]b 
Mcrcaniilc Bank Bldg., Boulder, Col. 
Rea. Doo Lincoln PI.. Boulder, CoL 

i^eneraj ^lectnc km.. scnnecuoj, 
N. Y. 1 Rea. Uni>eraity PI., Schenectadr, 

Lewi* Alden Eatea, Salca Ens., Truiaed 
Concrete Sleel Co., 141 Milk St., Boa- 
ton. Maaa. ; Res. 1376 Commonweiltb 
Are.. BoaiDD, Maaa. 

Haaon Wilber OraT, Jr, U. S. Ann* 
Officer, care of Adjutant General. U. S 
A., WaahingtOQ, D. C. ; Kta. gth U. S. 
Iniantrv, Lareda. Tet 

Donald Juatna Sterling. Sunday Editor, 
Oregon Journal, Portland, Ore.; Rea. 
610 Vain St.. Portland, Ore. 

Southard John CnttisK. Mfs., The Cur- 

lainleia Shovei Co., 5 Wabaab An.. 

Chicago, IIL; Rea. 760a £. L*kt Ter- 
race, OiLqjgo, 111. 
Paul Dickey, Playwright, Lamba Qub. 

New York, N. Y. 
Frml Page Fellow, Sccreterf , -with Capital 

Trtist Co., St Paul, Minn.; Rei. pgS 

Grand Ave, 5l Paul. Minn. 
Han7 Searle* Oradt*. Opbtbalcaologist, 31 

H. SUle St. Chicaigo IIL j Rea. 131T 

Pargo Are.. Chicago, III. 
Tenton Barle Qiiaiby, Lawyer, 5oti Wilcox 

Bids.. Portland, Ore: Rea. 157 AU- 

medi Dr., Portland, Ore. 
S« Varnon Mswiand, Credit Manager, 

Seed Mfg. Co.. Newark, N. I,; Rea. 

IS E. Maple St., Newark, N. J- 
Thomaa Martin Jachaon, Prea. and Gen. 

Ugr. Saginaw Table and Cabinet Co., 

Saginaw, Mich.; Re*. B14 Caaa St, 

Saginaw, Mil ' 
Frtdciick Erw 

e«, with Mc... ,_, -..., 

Res. J444 Michigan Arc, Chicago, 111. 
Somen Hayca Smitti, Lawyer, Mutual Life 

Bldg., Seattle, Waah. 
Arrigo Hanueato To« 

Slmct. Eng., Henry ... 

Waah.; Ro. 6311 i0th Aye 

Seattle, Waah. 


Hinrr Holbert Brodhead, Secy, and 
Trcaa., Oieoiung Sprin* Waicc Co., 
Cheoiang. N. Y. ; Res. Waverly, N. V. 

Itaac Dai?d Hunt Lawyer, Mem. Wood. 
Uontuue 81 Hunt, Spalding Bldg,, Port- 
land, Ore.; Rea. aji Cornell Rd., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Bom Taft Lorall. Parmer, Crowley, La. 

Walter Carleton Packard, loTealnienta, 3>p 
Pint Katl. Bk. Bldg, Denver, CoL; 
Sea. aoyo Sheridan Blvd., Denyer, Col. 

Janea WltUim Rle^ Coal Mining, Secy. 
Treaa., The W. P. Rice Mining Co., 
tio5 W. B. Bldg, Dayton, O.j Sei. iiS 

, LcxingtDn. Deylan, C. 

Barold Julian Ween, Contracting Kngin- 
ccr, »T B. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, 
Mich; Sea. 4th and Aim Sta., Ann Arbor, 

•Arthur Wynn Yate* i 

Arthur Sayer Brodhead, 1 

DenTer, Col, 
Harlay BUine Eikenberry. : 

■ Co., Grei 


Eltaorc B. Gray, U. S. Amy Officer, care 
of Adjutant General. U. S. A.. Wash- 
ington, D. C ; Rea, Weal Point, N. Y. 

LeRoy Wetmon Hna Phyaician. B63 Por- 
ter Ave., Detroit. Mich, 

John Reed Pirkhurit, Banker, Vice-Fret. 
Firat Natl Bank, Reed CitT, Mich. 

William Whitney Payne, Advertiaing, wiA 
Martin V. Kelly Co., Toledo, O. 

Jease Daniel Sniro, Advertiaing Manager, 
with Troy Wagon Wks„ Troy, O, ; Rea. 
-I. W, Race St. " -- " 

Roy"~Sheldoi» Wiiwa. 'F«d°'and^ Grain 
Broker, Mem. Wilson Bros, aij Clum- 
ber of Commerce, Buffalo, N, Y. ; Rea. 
iS Colonial Circle. Buffalo. N. Y. 

DmhertD Toung, Clyil Engineer, Tucton 
Land Co,, Tucson, Aria. 

•Carl Henrjr Oacat Adams, i. June a4, 

David Way AUerdica. Buyer. Ind. Abat- 
toir Co., Indianapolis, Ind.: Res. laia 
Park A«., Indianapolia. Ind. 

Walter Asahel Hoyt Physician, Injimc- 
tor University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
Mich.; Rea, 1110 Michigan Ave,, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

Robert Thornier Hughes, Lawyer. Mem. 
Martind.le and Hughes, 1107 Fletcher 
TriHt BIdK,. Indlflnapoli., Ind.; Ret 
,1 The Hartwell, Indianapolia, Ind. 

Victor Rodolnh Joae, Jr.. Lawyer, tat 
Ind, Tnial Co. Bldg.. Indianapolis. Ind,; 
" " " St,. Indianapolis. Ind. 



Pcterion & Co., iii Ri«r St., Chicap), 
IlLj R«. i]ij Lelud Atc, Clilca(a. 
HuiT Frederick Shiefar, Uerdunt, Uem. 
ScfiacfoT Hardware Co., 114 Uichiaan 
Am.. YMilanti, Hicb.: Se*. itj N 
Adanu Sl, YpiUaati. ICiCh. 

WUliam Balhatchel, Jr., Cootractor, Uca. 

Wo. Bilhatchet 0>., 111 W. Waibiag- 

ton St., Chicago, III.; Ru. 144! Hinny 

Ave.. Efamton, IlL 
Hcrli Olcnn Campbell, LawTcr and Gen- 
eral Iniuraiice, Hem. Campbell, Smith 

Co., Corbett Bldg., Portland. Ore ; 

Rci. 451 30 th Sl, Portland, Ore. 
ArtbUT MurtlB Fournitr. 7°« Ameticu 

NalL Bank Blda., San Diefo. Cal. ; 

Rei. UniT. Club. San Dieso. CiL 
Uartin MewtoB Qainea, c/o Conntr Stn- 

TCyor, Independence. Uo. 
Carl Blackwood Grawn, I^WTer, 1 109 

Ford Bide., Detroit, Mich.i ReL 117] 

Can Aie. Detroit. Uicb. 
Oordon Willi* Kinaibur*, AdreniaiDK 

Minaiei, irilb Diamond Cryital Sah 

Co., St. Clair, Uicb. 
Donald Geldon Kiakadden. Lawyar, Ford 

Hoior Co., Detroit, Uicb. ; Bea. Lenox 

Apli,. Detroit, Micb. 

Howard Sea SmiA, L,aDd>cape Gardener, 
vitb O. C Simondg. 1101 Bueaa Ave., 
Chieaco, III. : Re*, ogj Green Bay Rd.. 
Hubbard Wooda. Ilf. 

Henry Lawrence Thackwall, Citil and 
Hydraulic Engineer, with T. W. Jaycoi, 
lois Poller Bldg., Denier, CoL ; Rei. 
■ 345 Fianklin St., Denrer, CoL 

Ban Haven Weeka. Builder*' Suppliei. 
witb United Fuel and Supply Co., Frea 
Preia Bide, Detroit, Mic^ ; Re*. ScotI 
A[>arimenti, Detroit. Uicb. 

Bids., Detroit, Uich. 

Ate, Detroit. Mich. 
Allen Wiley Knrdock, Fonitar. U. S. 

F. S,, Dulioii, Wyo. 
Rdiar llonroe Parkburab Rancher. Reed 

Harray D**la Scott, Lawyer. Marchant'a 
Adjuitina Oo^ 706-10 Dune Saringa 
Bank Bldg.. Detroit, Mich.; Ret. fij4 
Cat! Ave., bctroit. Mich. 

Jarvli BaanatI Wabb, Architectural Sei>- 
raaenUtive, B. W. Tohni-Uaninlla Co., 
7a Jefferaon Ave., Detroit, Uicb.; Rea. 
3ti Seward An., Detroit, Uicb. 

Bn. 54S Rirenid* Dr., New York. 

N. y. 

Rodney Arc, Buffalo, H. Y. 
Ralph Traak Baldwin, Engineei 

Mich.; Ret. 71; Fulle_ _. _. 

Grand Rapids, Uicb. 

Jainea Kdwin Hancock, Electrical Engin- 
eer 11 Halitead St., E. Orange, N. T. 

Hunt Coleman HilL Lawyer, Uem. Hill 
and Sealby, 607 Kohl Bids., Sid Fraa- 
Cisco, CaL ; Bei. «JB Taylor Arc, San 
Franciico, Cal. 

Roger Simpson Hurd, Flour Uilling, with 
Red Star Millinjr ft Eleyator Co., Wich- 
ita, Kansas.; Res. 115 FoanUin Aye., 

Bdwin Ray Johnion, Promoting Sccreury 

American City Bvean, 87 Nassau St., 

New York, N. Y, ; Per, Add. Box «. 

Dearborn, Uicb. 

Robert Wells Lasenr, Orchard ist, Cen- 

■ " ,. Bk. Bldg.. DeoTer CoL 

olea Longlay, Lawyer. 

. Cboate, 706 Dime Bank B 

Detroit, Mich. ; Res. Tbb SherMon 

Arthur Stanley NewhalL Lawyer, aaf 
Louis. Trust Bldg.TLouisyille. K*.; 
Res. iSaS Betchwood Are., Ljuiiirille, 

Ardiur Snencar Penoyar, Automobiki, 
with Girber-Buick Co., to* N. Watb- 
ingtoa St, Saginsw. Uicb.: Raa. ui 
N. Porter St., Saginaw, Uich. 

Karl Sawtelle Belt*, (I nit by Korth- 
wcntern). Teacher, cpi East St , lola, 
Kan. ; Res. j6ig OUtb St, KanaM 
City, Mo. 

Ralph Gilbert Conger, T^fe loBoranca, with 
FreCerred Life Ins. Co., 301 Mich. Tmat 
Bldg., Grand Rapids, Uich.; Res. ua 
Terrace ^ Aye., S. E.; Grand Rapids, 

'Baton Scott Finn, Student, d. Sept u> 

WtltluB Rile* Hancock, Adjuiter with 
Geo. W. Pangbom. rioi-6 Fletcher 
Trust Bldg., Adianapolia, Ind. ; Re*. 
417 B. igth St, Tndianipolii, Ind. 

Herbert Oao Joaa, President. Indiana 
Wall Paper Co., 51 Virginia Are., 
Indianapalis. Ind.; Be*. 116 E. astb St, 
Indiinapolit, Ind. 

William Harold Kingaley, with Grand 
Rapids Preis, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ar' William K-<hlt'. c/o Tones & 
Bsker, so Broad St. New York, N. Y. 

John Irwin Lippincott 811 Thompson St. 
Flint. Mich, 

Dwight Htisoii I^nglay, Archtlcct, Uem. 
Rmg A Longley, UclRenna BMg., Bar- 
berton, O. ; Res. aoi Hopocan Aye. W., 

flarksoB Meek, Soliciting FT«ii»l 
-...., with International ft Great 
Northern R R., S16 Main St.. Hanston, 
Tex. ; Res. Bender Hotel, Houston. To. 
'. Hovatan Rat***, Engineer, wlA 
- Highland Park, - *-■' 
tiland Park, Mich. 

. , Detroit, Uich. 

Feiad Wernicke, Uannftclnrct, 
\dains St.. Saginaw, Uich 




Carl MnuT Becker. Saleimin, *;ih Dodge 
Bcot., DetroLt. Mich.; fici. IJ31 John 
R. St., Detra;i, Mich. 

C*cil Auncer Brown, Stadent, 10J14 IjOii(- 
vood Drive, Chicajv, IIL 

Htiraon Hirriioii Cole, Hedical Student, 
718 S. *ih St., Springfield, Ohio, 

Paul Deppen Doherty, Lawyer, with Brace 
& Bnllilt, LiacolD Bank Bide., l,ODii- 
»ille, Ky.; Ki5. i3S8 Firsl St, Loui*- 
tille, Ky. 

John Pomcror Hancock, SecreUry. with 
Niagara Falli Triiul^ Co., 724 Park 
PI., Niagira Falls, N, Y.; So. 19 
Lochiel Apts., Niagara Falli, N. Y. 

Harry Hack Hawley. Qeik Firit NatL 
" ■ ■ ■ ■ ■, Mich.: R«. 171T S. 

Gerald Lea Kaaler, Student; Kea. 138 

Gladstone Sl. Detroit. Mich. 
William Cameron KcCoimelL (IniL by 

Weitem Reserve), with United Sted 

Co., Canton, O.; Rei. 1102 Market 

Atc, N. Canton, 0. 
Edwin Kramer Uarihall, Rei. S06 Fair 

Oaka Ave. Oak Park, la 
Arthur Douglaaa Mott, Jr, Student; Ret, 

.c8 N. eimwood Are,, Oak Park, T" 
Malcolm Dunlap "-■-■- — ■ - ' 

;6 Divisi. 

Charlei Willi 

harlei William Moore, Engineer, with 
Detroit Ediion Co,, Whitney Bldg., De. 
troit, Mich.; Res. Y. M. C A , Detroit, 

ilvin MontEOiBci 
iVayne LumEer t 


Beavn, with Ft 
BnudwY' ^* 

Rea, 201s 

Fort W^ayne, ti__ 

John Wlltla Bennic, Jr., aifton, Aiii. 

Joieph Horace Drake, Jr.. Re». 903 Lin- 
coln Ave,, Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Paul Bennett Gtllet. Buiineii, 711 E. 
Mansion St., Marahall, Mich, 

Clement Hooven Manhall, Student; Sea. 
4U W. Fourtli SL, Greennlle, O. 

Harold HaiwDod Perry, Student; Sea 
»]D Center Atc, Bay City, Mich. 

Frederick Homer Tlnamin, Student; Ke*. 
iaa7 Volland St.. Aon Arbor, Mieh, 

WiUiam Bruce Young (Init. bf. Nebrai- 

Ins! Co,, l7o s'ee BIdg.? Omlhfr^eb.t 
Rei. 180S Lathrop St., Omaha, Neb. 

■. Syra. 
1 aL., Amiu.. 
Nance, Stud 

, N, Y, 



litago, II 

llvd,,, Chicago, IIL 

; Kea. 6951 
g. Student: 

Hea, ijS Palmer , _ 

Juliua Reginald St. Clair, Student; Sea. 
— "wellth St,. Duiulh, Minn, 


Splaw;. Buai 


The B, 


,it\ch Rubber 





N, Peal 

"st.. -0: 


!;7S 1"" 



S?~i ^A-- 


Lyl« Haven Smith, (Init. by Nortbwnt- 
ern). Student; Sea, 1331 Hill St,. Ann 
Arbor. Mich. 

Praticia Bulkley Veddcr, Student; Be*. 
1331 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Micb. 

laid Marion Wella. 3SI Jirocmion nTC, 
iverside. Cal, ; Bet. North Fk., Grand 

Alan Wilaon Boyd, Student; Kea. IS4« 

Park Are., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Raymond Pierre Brown, Student; Sei. 

10334 I.ongwood Dr., Chicago, III. 
Ban Rollin Clark, Student; Sea. 116 W. 

Waahinglon St., Greenrille, Mich. 
Cheater Weill Clark. Stndenl; ~R*a. 3}i 

E, Williams St., Ana Arbor, Midi. 
George Edward Dake. Student; Rea. aSy 

Webiter Aie., Muikegon. Mich. 
HeiUT Frederick Dake. Student; Re*. 

Grand Rapids. Mich. 
Herbert Aleaandtr Guttin, Student] Ret. 

1307 McKinley Are,, Bay Cilv, Mich. 
Christian Hlllcboe. Student; Sea Park 

SiTer. N. D. 
Lee Mlddleton Limbert, Sttident; He*. 

30a Washington A»e., Greenrille. O. 
Donald Carr Slun*on. Student: Sea, 711 

S. Main f "- — "- '- l"--^ 

. Eaton Rapid*, kich. 

., Owoiao, Mich. 

Crawford, TraTCling Repre- 

^cKiaiive D. M, Ferry & Co,,VindVor, 

Oat; Re*. 14 Gold Atc., S. W., Grand 

Rapids, Mich, 

Dick Beckwith Gardner. Student; Rea, 

(It Green St. Dowagiac, Mich, 
Bifirln Jay Huntiagton, Student; Sei, Ced- 
de* Kd,, Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Robert Scott Daugherlv, Student; Re*. 

ats E, Main St, Weflinroo, O. 
Jamm Allen Doraey, Student; Re*. 913 

n Horr, Jr., Stndent; Rea. 



Hiddlebnry CoUege, lliddlebiiry, Vt 

EsUblifhed Oct. 3, 1856; 62 Classes; 379 Members. 

■ ■j7 
'AUnUB Salmunfa Bu-toii, Clnsynun, 

d. Dec 8. iSEi. 
•Thonui Hvberi Dav)!, Soldier, d. Sept. 

■JeremUh Nixon Dtainnt, Cttgytama, d. 

June a. iftg*. 
•Loral Dorui EUiedEe. Lawyer, d. SepL 

Smigi Fmte.. Lawyer J retired), S46 

Henry Smith Foole. Lawyer (■ 

Trapela Soad, Waieilr, Mm>. 
•HehemUh White, Teacher, d Ht 




John Gravt 

Biirwells, lei. 
•sua) Lsror Blake, Cler. 

Bailey, Home Mliiionaiy, 
nan, d. Sept }, 
■Hriei Powell Squire Cidwall, Soldier. 

d. Aus. ><}■ T86a. 
•OeorEe Eraatua Lane, Phyiician, d. No*. 

•Se'th Willard Senr, ClercynaB, d. Sept. 

M. iStS. 
•Hilton Leonard Severance, Clergyman, d. 

•Lyman Variant Watti, Clerjyinai), d. June 
J, l87i. 

I Ida 

•Bovette Bardolph Biihop, Lawyer and 
•Henry Foil Hil'ley,' Clwfyman, d. June 

•OJjia'Voiter Kontcomery. Miiaionary, d. 

Dec. A. 1888. 
•Elijah Bernl) Sheman. Lawyer and Uaa- 

ter in Chancers, d. May i. i«ip. 
•Charlee Outilaff Steele, Journaliat. d. 

Dec. I, 1503. 
•John Bacon Steele, aergyman, d. No*. 

Henry Hobart Vail. Publiihinit (Retired), 

•Edward Payaoi 

John EilbouTi 

Feacham. Vc 

•Joieph O. C«lt, d. prior to itai. 

•Jamei Taber Cove, Teacher, d. Apr. lo, 

•Ciorte Edward Joalin, Teacher, d. Feb. 

Kaitin. OercymaD, d. 

FaitrldE*. MUiicnary, d. 

K. F. D., 

•Charlm Frederick Abbott. Clergyman, d. 

Sepl. JO, ,866. 
•Oeorge.Fiiher. Lawyer, d. Dec. 19. 1900. 
•Calvin Hubbard Flower, Inaurance. d. 

Oct. s6. T871. 
•Denlcl Keeker Howard, Fanner, d. June 

S, 18S6. 
•Oeorge Arden Rochwood. Clergymao. d. 

Joitua Wilcox, Jtoumaliel, 81 Palton St., 
N'ew York ; Res. 29 Grace Conrt. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Lynun Walker Pect. Fanner, 

Uiddlebury. Vt. 
•Jamet Edward Pierce, ProfcMoi, d. July 

•Lin'ui Blia* SfaemuB, U. . S. Land OSce 

.ibert RoUftMn, 

•WiUitm Albert I 

Oct 18, 1910. 
•Artfanr Tappan Wilder, Stndeal, d. May 

•Albert Abilah Crane, Soldier, d. Kay !. 

George Graham. Lawyer. Mem. Graham A 

Graham, Toniah. Wia. 
•Daniel Holmea. Farmer, d. Sept, tgi]. 
WUliam Henry Proctor, Clerk, Waahng- 

lon, D. C; Refc ijoj N. St., N. W,, 

Waihington. D. C 
Frank H&am Bealey, Clergyman, Delhi, 

N. Y. 


•George Hamilton Bailey, Clergyman, d. 

•Henr^'v^aUi^'uenaett, Soldier, d. Jone 

i6. 1861. 
•Francla Monroe Sdgerton, Real Eatalt, 4. 

Dec. IT, 1907. 
•CaWin Day Nobia, Clergyaun, d. Jtdy 

•Charlei Edward Preotiafc Librarian, d. 


•Eiekiel Webitar Dlmood. College Pr»- 

fcHor, d. July 6, iSyS. 
•Henry Joaaa Flint, Stadeni, d. Mar. li, 

Svartt Eent. CleronnaD. Grafton, Hau. 
William Henry Rand, Phyiician, South 

Sctbronk. N. H. 



Sept. ij, iBo^ 
John V/aiti LoTitt, Fumcr, K. F. D. 

No. », VetgennM. VL 
Matlian Round Nichols Clerirmu, Wir- 

'■■rrit BatM F*t*, Cl«rg>mu, d. Sept 6, 

Larar HitAmr Pinca, Putor Emaritiu, 

Wedford. Ifau. 
*bics( Jobn Ruulow, Clcrgymu, d. 


robmburi, N. Y. 

Lawnnc*, CItrgyinaD, 

Lwiiurd Walker, Phfiic 


ClBr«BC«' Eviea* BUk*, Prinic tulor, M 

Garfield St., Spriniriield. Mui. 
■0«r|* Wolcott Brook*. ClergrmUi d. 

Harbert kalvilla Tennay, Fruit srawiag. 
with San Uonlc Fniit Co.. WaUoKTilt*, 
Cal.; R«L ]it £. Laka Atc. WstMO- 
Tille, Cat. 
'-•■- '" Utlar. aBTgrman, d. Jan. 

Crrni Clark Bonnn, Preiident Fidelitr 
SaTlnn and Loin Amd., *i7 Srock- 
man Sldfr, Loi Angelei, Caf; Bet. tjt 

•WelU Kinm 

.4, i8m. 

■ ■74 

Loren Harriaon Batcbaldat, Deaa aad 

•Charlai Naah Bait, LawTcr, d. Feb. t, 

Alfred Kniitni Hlalar, Farmer, Rei. "Tba 

Old Homeitead? Caitleton, Vt. 
Bdirin Kail Hiclaj, Teaser. Grotoa 

Sekool. Groton, Mail. 

•Hanry Srlvaatat Bakar, Teacher, d. Oct 
IfartU Bverti Cadr, Clarn'mao, RiTcrilda, 
Anthonr Carr, CIt!) Engineer, Soldien' 

■ WUtnar Daiiiaa, 
' "- Stoneham, H 

Eaton, Lavyai, » . 

I Qore, Clergrman 

Daiiiaa, aergyniin, ao 

Gould St.. Stoneham, Haaa. 
*Otia Smith Eaton, Lavyar, d. Aur., lOoV. 
f — :. #..-i_ n i-i — ^,„_ Oakfiald, 

Ctutii Carloi 

N. Y. 
*Oaorg* OrasTilla Sraa, Taacber, d. Mar 

flra^ord Polk Saarrow, Lumberman (ta- 

tired), Hontpelier, Vt 
*Auitin Orange Spoor, Clergyman, d. Dec 

Lrmaa Danlal Brair. Clarnrman, Epping, 

N. H. 
John Franklin Reraplia, Uerchant 
■HatUT Thomaa whitnar. (IniL bv Am- 

herit). Ucdical UinioBary, d. 

eraaca. Civil Engineer, 

Edward Hookv Banter, Ph' 

r St., Hrde Park, 


Elia* Hnntin Eton. Bottom, Lawyer. Hem. 

FlandcTi, Bottum. Fiuiett ft Boltum, 

Pab)t Bidg.. Milwaukee. Wii. i Sea. 

:loo4 Weill St., Milw.ukee. Wli. 
Alfred Andrew Fulton. Uerchant. Hoaani- 

burg, NY. 
•Chriitopfaer Webber Hall. Profeisot, d. 

•Walter feuien* Howard. Proleiaot. d. 

Thotnai Kmeraon . .. _ _. .. _ 

Sorreror, Middlebnry, Vermont 
Walter lagalli Brown. Vice-Prei. The W. 

I. Brawn Real EtUte Mortgiee Co.. 

U«6 So. ijih St E.. Salt Like City. U. 
•Rlnion Cranogrib Evan*, Clergymu, d. ~ 

M«, =7, ,gi,o. 
•Charlci Qurdon Farwell, Broker, d. 

Aog. 10. I9M. 

Horace Ptnt J«"aa. Frnit Grower, aoj 

I Lewia Liniler, Fan 

Itemcla, Clergyman. Wait*- 
Bilden Wlllard, PbyaiciaB, 

_ 1 Place, Dundee, _. 

Robert Horria Bailey, Printer. UniTenity 
Preii. Cambridge. Ha».. Res. 50 Col- 
lege Ave., Weit Somerrille, Mail, 

•Charlai Belt Cooke. Probate regiiter, d. 
Sept 13, 1873. 

Charlei Willird Howard. Phyiician, Shore- 
bam, Vt 

•Charlei Francil Kingiley, Lawyer, d. 

•Henry Hartto ^-add. Clergyman, d. Feb. 

Jimei Heacham OlSord. Lawm, Mem, 



New York. N. Y. 

Blodgett Moodv. Clergymin. Pre^- 

KingRiher College, Kingfiiher. 

'' Pilmer Stii 


*WtllUm jMtph Pbh. RtnchBUQ. d. H«t 

j4iiH« WtMon Plan, Ocrnmui, Ucrri- 
•attln ^mblc Ooodricb, htwjtt, ± 

•Fiuk AbafljtTB U f Ui Ih , Stndcat, d. 

Oct IS, i8r6. 
Sdwird Kvorctt Roffcn, Otrfynun, no 

So. Church St., Bowlini Green, O. 
•William HudMa Shaw. Tiachcr. d. Sejit. 

Lecnirer, d. Feb. 


H*iitT Woodward Hnlbcrt Ovfyman, 34 

Honumcnl St., Crolon. Ct. 
*Ir* Bdward Loonard, Stddest, d. Jtdr 

II, 1878. 
Htdrr Wad^ Phrticlan, Stirkiboio, Vt. 


t Qtorie Hilln RowUnd, Uiai 

poro, Japan. 
Ctiude itUtOB Severance, 

Howella, K. Y. 
•Frederick Birton Sheldon, Bank Caahier, 

wtllf* J 

ferrill Parker, Loma and In 
B. with Midland Realty Co., 
HHi Block. Billinn. Mount. ; ] 
'c D., BlIliDgi, Moat. 

d. Uir 

•Robert Jieab Barton, Ctergynun, d. JtB. 


BllawoTtfa Cowlea, 

Springfield St., Chicopce, Uata. 
Jamci Ten Btoack*. 7roltttot, 
trr Uni«nitr. Toronto, Ont ; 
Ellin Are., Toronto, On^ 

Waterbnry, Vt 
Heiuy Lincoln Bailer. Clerfymaa. Lonf- 

""]}. t" 

, iJJ E. Jjth 
, tfumber Dtaltr, 

June* L«vi Barton. Secjr. of Amei 
of CoRimtiHoneri for ForeifS h 
14 Beacon St. Boston, llaia 
Newton Centre. Uua. 

Henrr Olin Cadi. Cteroynan, ao; 
.... ., 1,111. 

•■r,tS' .. 
La Salle 



leer, Weil Hu 

Charlea Parlridi*. Pru 
.le Co., Proctot, Vt 
er DuttoQ Proctor, Marb 
■ and Goiemor of Vera 

•WiUiam Buxton Clift, CierBTman, 

BerMrd'^'Mvih Cooledc*. Profeinr 
" -- Wendell, Idaho. 


1 Utiev, 
St„ Chi. 



Clark HUl, Phraiclan. 1 
--^-" Mat.. 


" Clergrman. 

Fanner. Hechanicanlle, 

LTil Engineer, 

I Hall. Boit< 

n Juliui 

Joalah Kutnphri 

N. Y. 
John Dnncan Hulchin 

Antrim. N. H. 
•Clarence Greemnan Leavtnwottb. Marble 

Dealer, d. No*. 4, 1911. 

S Founh Ave., N. E., Seattle, Waah. 

/llliam Praneia Aldo. Lawyer, i. Oct 
en'tlii Cheney- Hoyt, Teacher, Oark 

with LichCenitein-Pachner Co., Inc., ]■ 

West 4lh St., New York, N. Y.; Re^ 

966 St. Nicholas ATe., New York. N. Y. 

Carlton Spencer Snaranee, Clo't- by Wil- 

Jcaie Burdetia Felt. Clersymao, Little 

Valley, N. Y, 
•Fred Elmer Priabia, Lawyer. 

Edwin BuKton Clift. Phyiician, 4 Weak- 

intrton St, Fair Haren, Vt 
Henry Martin Ooddard, Clersyman. Np. 

TleidiRji, Mail. 
iui Edaon Mead, Clercyman, Platte 



Juoa Edwi 

Htny Woodruff JohatoD, QerETmuip 

Hirfoid, Pl 
Carl Abel U«d, Lawyer, with SbeainuD 

& StHling, SS W»ll St., New York, 
N. Y. ; Kea. 116 W. 79tli Si., New York, 
N. Y. 
- JudBc ■ 

uo, w: Y., - 

Ri'chnioiid'Aw.'rBiiSalo.' ' "" 
Albert Noble FrcBtiM, Freifriil Tranipor. 

(■lion, Office of and Ami. Poitmaatet 

Gen.. Watbingioo, D. C; Bet. Chery 

Chue, Ud. 
ClvvDce Henry Willey. Supt. of Schooli, 

1 DeU- 

BriitoU Vt. 



^ Pbyaician, Wat- 

.™«urB, N. Y, 
Guy Caleb Lamaoa MiHionary Sec'y, 1701 

Cbcatnut St, Fhitadelpliia, Pa. ; Ru; 

Sji Pelham Koad, Phiridelphia, Pa. 
Jamn Uoore, Lawyer, i» Uain St., 

Oneida. N. Y. 
•Chirl« WlUiam Piintlaa, Piofelior. d. 

June la, lois- 
■Edward Mortiiaic Roacoe, SupL of 

Schoola, d. Api. 16, igis. 
DsDiel Pomecoy Taylor, Educalional Work. 

Bbner Qerriah 

Bdsai Bnuell Brown. 
Co., jis _Broadw>^ " 

? Sorr(itb*l'l. 

Oilbert Evert! Cady, ClcrKymi 

Heaty, V. Y. 
lamea Bernard Donowi 

bury, Vt, 

iiw Yort'li? Y."; 
Newark. N. J. 

Lawyer, Middle- 

•Soy faradley Plan, Teicbet, d. July 7, 

Oeorsa I.eTi Hmeltlnc Lawyer, 

St., " •--- "- 


ler, Vt. 

Prank I 

I PL, 

: Kea. 

Ctcil Klcbardion Benton. Mec 
(ineer. Vergenne*, Vt 

Frank Hoffnaiee Siielow, 
R«lor Trinity ChurSi, Limi 

•Willian PhUip Clark, Studc: 

Albert Aaa Sarient Lt 
"••- "--re, Vt; Ret. 

Sock, I 

1 Sbtdrick. Witt 
_.., Jja Seneca 
1 Ret. 129 Hiddleae: 


Charlea Carroll Ballty, in GeoeraJ Office!, 
A. T. & S. F. Ry. Co., Topeka, Kan. i 
Rta. 711 Tyler St.. Topeka, Kan. 

Audley Janei Bliu, Clergyman, Somer- 

" "■ Botaford, Lawyer, loJi 

. ... _... Henry Bo.. ._,_., 
Merchaau Row, Rutland Vt.; 
Kinnley Ave.. Rutland, Vr 
Burt Hyron Briitol, Dentia.. .., _ .. . 
St, Boston, Mau. ; Re*. Cohutei 

9 BoylMi 

Blanchaid Jar 

iekney, Phyaician, 91) Elm 
SL, ai^cnciier. N. H.: S«. 488 Han- 
over St, Hancheater, K. H. 

John Barlow, Profeuor, Bbode laland 

State College, Kin«lon, R. L 
Ken Joel Fullan, T'reat., The F.llowi 

Gear Shapcr Co., Springfield, Vt 1 Rea. 

15 Orchard St, Springfield, Vt ' 
Qiarlea Lealie Leonard, Principal. Troy 

Conference Academy. Ponllney. Vt 
RUbard Orlando Wooiter, wit] 

weitem Uutual Life Ina. Co., 

kec. Wit.; Rea. 357 19th St. M 


liel Stlckncy Coombt. Teacber, d. 
lea Henry Jordan, Teacher, Stamford 
S., Stamford Ct; Rea. 44S Atlantic 

') Andrew ' Lobban. Principal, High 
hool, Webster, Mail.; Ret. 76 School 
, Webater, li^a>a. 

ua Pientiaa, Clerk, with Standard 
I Co., BaUvia, Java. 

Colby, Money Oe 
eia Co.. Concord. N. I 
N. H. 

:, Oergyman, R. 

Bwyer. 97 N. H. 
I.; K«. 29 Aubii 

Stonel' Lawyer. Vergenn 

Harry Foa: 

St, Concur. 

St., Concert 

Oeorge Williai 

UaiB.; Rea. 7 To* 

Cook Oiffotd, Phyaiei 

.Frederic Henry Allen, Lawyer and Judge 
of Probate, iS Aaylum St. Hartford, 
Ct.; Re*. Warehooae Point, Cl. 

William Thomai Barnard, Grocer, Mem. 
Barnard Broa., Granville. N. Y. 

Samuel Booth Botaford. Lawyer, S38 Prti- 
dential Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Rea. 90 
No. Pearl S., Buffalo. N, Y. 

Edward aarandan Hooter. Qerk; with 
Phelpa Dodge Co., <» John St, New 


York, N. Y.; Set. Arlinroii At«., ow. 

W. iiotb Sl. New York. N. Y. 
Ola RolMrt Hoofhtoo, Cltrnmui, Wall- 
John BJinrd StMwMi, Tnu., Brraot 

Chuckioj Grindn Co., SpcmaAcId, Vl; 

Ru. 9 Fiirvicw St., SpriagfieTd, Vt. 
Charlci EverMt WhMlcr, Principal. Er 

berti Hi|ti School, Cohou, N. Y.: T 


Fndarick John Ballfr. Buiean of Uin*i. 

Waihinitoo. D. C; K«. 17S4 Unier 

PL, Wiihingtos, D. C 
WalMr HlKD Barnird, Grocer, Item. 

Boraird Bro.. GruiTille. N. Y. 
L«lc«Ur Felix Benton, Jr^ Dranahtiman, 

with American Thread Co.. Willimantic 

a.; R». 2S5 Windham Kd.. WiUi- 

mantic. Cl. 
Ltmual ItanKim Brown. Teacher, Normil 

Training Schoal. Clerdand, O.; Rea. 

iiSio Kelton A>e., CleTiland, O. 

..... ~ I - KimberlT, 


FC, cor. L«am*J Kaj Hobta, lawyer, Wc*t I 

Oavld PlMK ClarL, 

John bila Parker. Teztilei, witl 

Oeorse Herbgn Baotlow. Druvsiil, Sum 
mer buiineii at Brelton Woodi. K. H.: 
Se>. 65 Veipcr SL, Portland, Ht. 

Bert Linue Stafford. Lawyer. Mem. Law. 
rence, Lawrence ft Stafford. jjK Mer. 
cbanti Row, Rutland. Vt.; Kei. 9B No. 
Main St., RuHand. Vt. 

Henr7 Charln Tone Principal, Buiincii 
UniTcrijty. ig CoDgreii Square, St-r 
Hitch. Ct ; Bo. 52 Sronnell St., Nen 
Haven, CL 


Bdwla Albert Baker, Teacher, Boulder 

Orvla K. Colliaa, Supt. o( School*, Hini 

ham, Mtat. 
Far Alton Sinmona. with N. W. Hirrii 8 

Co.. Binkeri, jj Fedi " " " 

i U..S 

ley H. ._, 

WUfrcd Judion 

41 Union 
Apt. 56 

I Clarke bill 

Rouj, Welles 

lal Eiti 

L. W»»h. 

Colleee. Clint .. 

William John Darnell. Fanner. Batavj 

N. Y. 
Frank Richmond Inialtbc Mining E 

rinefr and Geologist, U. S. Dent. 

Agriculture. Federal Bids., Miiiool 

Mont. ; Rea. 423 Rollina St., Miiioul 

Olden, Oiath 
a Tho^iM. F 

Antanr WUUam Udy, Snpt of Sekoola. 

WiddUburr, Vl. 
William Henrr HamMrvlnr, CIcrSTnaa. 7 

North Main St.. MechaniciTille. K. Y. 
Rot Warner Jocelrn, Lawyer, 11 Secoad 


:h Oarfiald Lrada, 

Ennncer, witli N. Y. 
.Si ^aahinnton Si, 

Bet. 97 Halaey SL, 

laveratick A Co., 

St., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Rot MartiB Reed, with Han. ,. 

66 Exchange St., Rocheiter, N. Y 
R«. 39_Uu]berTT St. Rocfacater, N. 1 

WUllun Rmett Sloeum, Helhodiat Qers 

Dcy St., 

Charlea Qardiner Baminn. Phyilciaa. I 

Fleaiant St. Croton, CL 
Jeiae Carlyle French, Soldier in Can. Bx^ 

Force, io;th Battalion; Ret. WinnipCf, 

Harria Katelton Holt. Dean, St Toh» 
Military Acideniy, DelaReld. Wis. 

Bdward Hamilton Poet. Farmer, Con- 
wall. Vt, 

Roy Marlon PIckard, Lawyer, Eeene, 

Adoishui Chriitian Pllger. with N. Y. 
Telcnhnne Co.. iRi Waihinfton St, 
^^ N. J. : Rei. 170 Garfield Place, 

h Reed.' aj'fi Liberty St., New- 

Chal^ln ' Bean Weld, Tnatruetor ia 7>tt 

South On 

School. Wati 

Harold Riford Bird. Accountant. wlA 
Standard Oil Co., ■'—'-— »"--'- ■ 
Res. lTni« C" 

*Aa(tia Bdward Bar 

L«1iV'B«r'c C 

btiiKh, Vt 
Clifford De 1 

Hennilter. N 

I. Mail Carrier, Feir!)- ' 
n Cuahman. Fanner, 

. ClilciRO. III.: Res. 1454 E. 6Rth 

D. C.r — - 

Jmi'n Mark Hicker. 
Higli , School. - 
S«6 Washinpo 

Indgwon. Ct.; Re«, 
Ive., Bridgeport. Ct 

ov Google 


luh Tennmal 

■Chtrln Aloiuo AcUn, Student, d. Oi 

WJter Lawnnu BiTDum, Teacher, T 
■hip Hish School, ETsustoa, III., 
Ridge Atc, Ennsioo, 111. 

Roben iDleruU Hiidtine, Teacher, 
CtoUtBC, Baltimore^ UL; " 

■ Hish Schoo 


'* ."^3 

Vork, Albert 

Ctrl Lille Perc?. acriymu, Chirl 

I Life 

In*. Co., Pembroke Bldg., 

N. H.: Rea. 47 Rusaell St., aiancDesier, 

N. H. 
Ceoree Harold Learatd, Profesior, PaciRc 

Unirttaily, Foreit Grove, On. 
Edward Coot HcGinity, Lawyer, Moore A 

UcCinity, UechanicaTQle, K. V. 
Jtmei Leiiti Richmond, iS W. gth St., 

New York. N. Y. 

, TcKher, Potsdam, 

i66g Dell 
Harold Sh< 

Julf™ Apti^^ri. 
Robert Fletcher Mi 

Sales Co., 41 U 

N. Y.: Res. Mor 
Harold Denio Lead 

Yort'^N. """'a^' MS X 26iii "s" 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ibcrt Kidder Parker, Wool Saleaman, 
-■*- ■■- i«r & Avery, is6 Summir St, 

OiV llavDird 


Lsvtna. Shoe Manufactur- 
. F. Haiiird Co., Gar- 
te«. 31 Hishland Ave., 

M'WrlBht, Dealer in Uin'i 

tractor, Weill River, Vt. 
Encenc I.cilie Rddy, Supt of School), 

Sboreham, Vt. 
•Guy Harold Fliher, Dentiit, d. Mar., 

wluu^ Henry Rayford. Teacher, Paler- 
ion Ui^ School, Paterton, N. J. ; Ret. 
Y. M. U A., Pateiaon, N. J. 

Moody Dole Holmet. with Nit: 

>Hcrb«« Alfred Bumhun, Teacher, 

Young & Young, Newport, t 
rederick Ame* Coatn, Teai 
Central Ave. Milton, Mail. 

Ruuell Paui bale. Lai 

Union St., " ■ ' 
Lincoln Si 
Willlun Hen 
T. A. Seoli 
New Londo 

dry Buiinesi. 471 
, Mail.: RcL 1 

.r J, H»»>. 

Hull. Civil Engineer, with 
0., Inc.. a«l Pequot Ave., 
. Ct.; Rei. 313 Ocean 
. _. _ _ . _.idon, Ct. 
SoUo Alvord KUbura. Clergyman, Vail 

Gate. N. Y. 
•Edward Martin Noj'ci, Teichei, d. April 

J. Gordon Peach, Lawyer, with Botaford & 
Lytle, SjS Prudential Bldg., Buffalo. 

Frank Cinedy Ryder. Salea Mjr., with 
Delaware Hard Fibre Co.. so Church 
St, New York, N. Y.; Res. 16 Ddtou 
St. Boielle Park, N. J. 

'cc, apnngneJO, Juaia. ; i 

.,, ,.: St. Springfield. Mass. 

Gtoi^ Albert Waterman, Farmer, So 

Charlea Adam* Breititadb Physician, ;7i 
Park Ave., New York, N. Y. ; Rei. »5 
Summer Ave., Newark. N. J. 

William Cbriitie Duncan, with New Eng- 
land Telephone Cd.. Uiddlebury, Vt 

Ralph Warner Hedgea. PHncipal, High 
School, Briitnl. Vt ■ 

Arthur Burt "- ^ . . 


Frank Eddy. Qerk. with How( 
[^a, Rutland, Vt; Rea. Z3 Ken- 
re.. Rutland. Vt 
— Ella. Clerk, Great Kortherr 

' KUbc 

i P""" 

IT aAd 

Ofer K 

Wil^"' MeJri'tt'"'MDmi'i^' ~SmdeAt,"~Ya1e 
Medical School, New Haven. Ct; SeL 
Coi Cob, Ct 

Hugh Olin Thayer, with E. I. Dn Pont 

. Taft 

Royal Alexander Wr», with Ocea 
dent & Guarantee Corp., Ltd.. : 

St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Walter Brail Danciak, Salumui, with 
Hud Fibre Salei Co.. 41 Union So- 
New York, N. Y.i Rea. 138 So. llth 
St, Newark, N. J. 

Soaaall Warran Kalloek. with Fanner*' 
Commiiiion Home, 17 Harriion St, 
New York, N. Y.; Res. 54 W. 71lt St, 
New York, N. Y. 

WUliam Franci* Pollard, Inilructor in 
Weirbrook SemiViary. Woodiord'* Sta- 
tion. Portland. He. 



\ Colleie. 


Scheoectadr, N. 

Brmn DtHui HcC'loikey, Publi 

Work, with N. Y. Sute Char. 

Ai.ociiition, 105 E. "d St, New York, 
N. Y.; Rei. 101 W. 6tli St, Oawefo, 




Robert Uetcalfc. 

Uetcalfc. AdTeitiainc. wi 

1 & Goulding Co., 36 Fmer S 
ester. H»t. ; Res. 2! Witliun S 

Richard Stakes Wall. Freishl Acent, E 
Line Elec. R*. Co., New I.ondoB. 
Res. E45 Bank St., New London, C 

Ilion Frick Cronk, Teacher in I 
School. Simsbury, Cl i Res. Gr 
wich. Ct 

tlenilniin Warner Fiiher. with E-'l. 
Pom At Nemeuri Powder Co.. Wilm 
1109 Jeffer»oo St., ' 

Res. 63 DaT 

Haner Edward GoodeH. Stude 

Waylmd. Ky. 
Wayne Martin Haller, Teacher, 

burs Academy, Mercersbun, I 
. Shefburne Fak Mass. „ 

Bugenc Field Boyce. Student; Sea. Mid- 

dlebunr, Vt 
Robert Frankland Coatea, Student; Rei. 

Harold' if. Dana, Student; Res. Ualone, 
N. Y. 

Karl WQliain Dan*. Stadent; Ret. Ches- 
ter, Vt. 

Theodore Henry Dcwhirst Student, Init 
by Tufts; Res. Groveland. Uass. 

Randall Douclaa Ssteo. Studeol ; Re*. 
M E. Main St., Webster, Miss. 

Harold BUkc Oamradl, Student: Rei. 
East Bsmet, Vt 

Harold Edmiuda Holliater, Student; Rei. 
Corinlh. N. Y. 

Clvde Adarat Ieft^ Shoe Business, Bel- 
lows Falls, Vt.; Rei. lo Schocd St, 
Bellows Falls, Vt 

Carl Smith Kueblcr. Student; Res. ISO 
Park St, HaclLeniack. N. J. 

Charlei Lynn Mont(omeiT, Student; Re). 
Soulb Shadsbury, Vt 

Rowland VemoB Ricket, Student: Res. 
Wilerbury, Vt. 

Wellswordi Coyle Phelps Thoraat. Stu- 

Co., 41 Union Si 

... i".; Res. 3fi W _. 

Orange, N. J. 
Oicar Bincby Roaera, Civil Engineer, 

with ElkHom Mining Co^ Wayland, Ky. 
Michael Francia Shea. The TeleKrapfa. 

Valbridge Biraey Pullinstou, Stodenl ; 

Res. Johnson. Vt 
:.aurence De Loss Havens, Student; Ret. 

Co.. Flint Mich.; 
Kes. £in n. sannaw St., Flint. Mich. 
Oscar Voott In Bond Department, New 
York Life Ins. Co., J46 Broadway, New 
York. N. Y.; Res. 64 Myrtle Ave.. 
Montclair, N. J, 

Harold Eugene Adams, Lake Torpedo 

Herbert Cecil Brokenahirc. Student; Res. 

iQ Kossuih St. Pawtucktt. R. I. 
Witliam Wallace Bullit. Jr., Student; 

Res. Corinlh. N. Y. 
Leroy Seymour Hammond. Student; Res. 

Frankhn" Adnan Hebaid. SludentT Res. 

Holland. Mast. 
Hirold Olsen. Student; Res. New York. 

N Y. 
Andrew Georre Osteyee, Student ; Res. 

RandolDb. Vt 
James Dayton Searlea, Student; Res. 

IS Marie St.. Corinth, N- Y. 
M.TTTon Kisnhnda, Student: Res. 
t Oranie, N. j. 
— Student; Res, 
, Uaas. 


Universi^ of HiimMota, HinncapoIU, Minn. 

Established May 23, 1890; 30 Classes; 262 Members. 

WilliuB Artemu* B«eh, PhTiiciui, Uan- 

kilo. Minn. 
tnhk JoMph Brtbcc, Fhyiiciin, Per- 

FriBk' Bdwud CotcII, Legal Fnbliihing. 
with Commercial Ugal Frintinf Co., 
Ill fith St. S.. Minneipolii. Minn.; 
Ko. aso4 W. tath St., MInnfapoHs, 

•Rnllin Eilwud Cuto, PbysicUn, d Sept, 

OiHtaVc Axel Petri, Lawyer: 330 Temple 
St., MmneipoliB, iiioB.: Kes. 1715 W. 
ji.t St. MmuMpolw, Minn. 
*OKar Relier KichardKiB, Pfayiician, d. 

Albert Woodmrd Shaw, Initvuice, Ifani- 

field. O. 
Ola KnuM Wflnn, Grain Uerchant, with 

« TT ,„-, ^_ >iii„,o„e. Saikatcfce- 

or. Upaa and 181I1 

sT Uinneapolis, Minn. 
Franklin Wadey Spriniar, 1 
veraity of Minneapolia, 
Minn.; Rei. Sa6 Delawa 
MinntapoUi. Mian. 

Trevor Amctt, AudiBor, Uni*er«ity 
Chicaco, ChicaEo,. IlL: Kea. ;6]i K 
wood Ave.. Chicago, III. 

John Gallup Bclggt, Clergyman, (I 
by Colgate), Firit Baptiit Qiurch, 
^ Vine St, Owatonna. Minn. 

Earl* Ruaaell Hare. Phyiic!aa and Surge 
61^ Syndicate Bldg., Uianeipo 

O. K. WElion Co., 
wan. Can.; Ra. ' 

St*., San Diego, CaL 

Jamn Bdwud CarrotL CiTil Engineer. 
Snpt of CoBitmction and Kqiair*. City 
of St Paul. Uinn.: Re., ififa Lincoln 
Atc., St Panl. Hinn. 

Walter Abnm Chmrco. Casualty Inior- 
snee, Mananr California Ins. Inspec- 
lioit Ratins Bureau, San Francisco, Cal.i 
R«. g. The Uplands. Berkeley, C«I. 

Oeorge Archibald Clark, Professor, Sun- 

Beniamin Franklin Clarke, Te 
Township Hish School. l.a 
Res. 110 S. Uaditon Ave, 

■Anhor Eugang Covell, Cash 

Leo Goodklnd. Dry Goods. 

Minneapolis. Mini 

,. Seym. 

^Hbttt Bintowa Hare, Salesman, d. Dec 
38, 191], 

•Frank W. Leavitt, AdTCrtising Busi- 
ness, d. July ig, 1914. 

Jennings Crawford Litienberg, Pbyuciaa 
- ■ " ' - "onaiaaon ■"" 

Profeuor, ,. 

Minneapolis, Mictt : Kca. 

Rd., Minneapolis, Uinn. 

Frad Paul Strathera, Phyaici 

1 E. River 
I, St. Peter, 


HanT Wioalow Allen, Fhvsicias, 903 aoth 
Atc., N. Minneapolisi Minn.; B!ea. aiis 
Emerson Ave., N. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Edwsrd Taylor Hare, Business with 
Eclipse Stove Co., 104a UcKnight Bldg., 
Minnespolis, Minn, ; Res. 1506 Emerson 
Ave, N. Uinneapolis, Minn. 

Lumsn Clendcnin Simons. Banker. Presi- 
dent Twin City Sute Bank, St Paul, 
Minn.: Res. 13B1 Riynond Ave., St 
Paul. Vinn. 

Nerilla Dayton Staughton. Electrical and 
fienersl Conlrscling, 134 Holly A»e.. 
Takoms Park. D. C 

MacLaughlin White, Lawyer, with Title 
Guaranty ft TrasI Co.. Los Angeles, 
Cal.; Res. yig KaUigh St, Glendlle, 

. Church, New 

John Blaekmer, Gi 

Albert Cornelius Knudson. Professor, Bos- 
ton University School ol Theology, Mt 
Vernon St. Boston, Mass.: Kes. as 
Rockland Ave.. Maiden, Mai*. 

Ja^sfc ^■■■■c HedlcT, Newipaper Man, 
with The Minneapolia Tribune, Hnnw 
applii, Minn.: Res. 4041 Harriet Atc, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

McMilfan Elevator Co.. 64 Chan 

■ " imerce. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Ginton Ave., MinneajX'li 

Ubert Morgan Bureh. Steel Cons 
with Minneapolis Steel ft " 
Co., 19S4 Minnehaha Ave., i 

polis. Minn. 

ics Woodward Gear 

urgeon, eoS Phys. 




Pitt Panon Colsrovi, Supci 

Schoof.. VirginV tfmn. 
•Frincu Siylor Hcrdon, i 

Frlnk°aicenwoad Jcwctt, Mm 
wilh H, J. Longreir Lo., 
Bids.. Mmacapafis, Minn. 
Premom Ave., S.. Idinnup 

John Vaugfaui lIcAdira, Eni 
dent of Revo Lute Machine 
Qii St, Ntw York, > 
Haslmg«^™.Hi.d.on, N. 

Walui Aarion Ober, Asuy 
*9j6 jut A»t, S. E., P 

arl Hou, Lumber, with H. ' 
Lumber Co., 611 Lumber I 
MianeapoUi, Minn.; Rei. 11 
Atc. S., Minneapobi, Minn. 
Pr«cotI Stewart. Lav List Pi 
with The National Lilt, Inc., 
St., New Vork, N. Y. ; fe 
d, N. J. 

. v.: Rei 
rSand. Ore! 

Arthur Laurie Abbott, Electrical Contnc- 

lor, with Electric Construction Co., 174 
E. 6lh St., St. Paul, Minn.; Ret 406 
Oak St., S. E. Uinncapolia. Hina. 

Clair Elwood Amei, QergymaD. (IniE. by 
Northwestern), The Church Federation 
ol St. Louis, fii4 New Bask of Coin- 
merce Bids.. St. Louia. Ho.; R«>. tiijS 
Simpson Ave., 5l Louit, Mo. 

Arthur Tubal Caine, Physician. Anoka, 

Georte Hutchint Towler, Salt) 

X., Mini 

illon), Venlable 
Uankato. Minn. 

o & Adams, List 


, C; Rei. Redfield, 

Fted Lyman Adair, Snrgeon, Sao Don- 
aldson Bids., MinneapoTis, Minn.; Res. 
»i8 S. Coliax Ave., Minneapalia, Minn. 

John Leatir Adami. Physician, to? Audi- 
torium Bldg., Los Angeles, C^. ; Res. 
asas 7lh Ave., Los Anfelea, CaL 

Qayton Junes Dodce, Lawyer and Banker, 
Moose Uke, Hmn. 

Leon Marclsae OiUcttc, Architect, Hem. 
Walker A Gillette, laS E. 3Tth St, New 
York. N. Y. : Bm. Larchmont, N. Y, 

John Borland IrwiiL Stock Breeder, Sta- 

Joaeph Bailey Southerland Mcintosh. Min- 

r Ensii 


Christopher Dinehart, Sute 

Lester John Fitch, 

Arthur Byron Whiti 

Mortgages and 

._ ._ __^olis Trust Co., 

UmneapoUs, Hinn. ; Res. 113* Dayton 
Ave,, Uerriam Pk., Hinn. 

E. Third St, Wuth, ilinn. 
Benjamin Kilboome Edwarda. Lumber, 
>^th B. K. & W. R. Edwards Lumber 
Co., s'4 Capital Bank Bldg., St Paul. 
"-- ■ " "aiimont Ave., St 

, Min 

Doaa Calvin. ReUil Lumber, with 

. Lumber Yard), Ltd., 607-B Con- 

■-- Life Bldg-, Winnipec, Can.; 

"■-'- Ave.. Winnipeg, Can. 

Hirtls, Wholesale Lum- 

ith Prince Albert Lumber Co.. 

" ikalchewan. Can.; 

Hcs. 3i» list at,, vf. Prince Albert. 
Saskatchewan. Can. 
Oliver John Henderson, Lawyer, Web- 
ster City, la. 
. •■■--- HercUk, En. 

Res. 17S Yale 
Bruci Prank''- ' 

Llif.. Princ 


HercUk, Engineer. ■ 

■■t & Derrick Co., 

Minn. ; Bej. 1816 Thomas 

Uinneapolis, Minn. 

Angus Donald McRinnon. 1 

Publisher. Goodrich, N, D, 

Prank Densmore Monty, Rand 

St Paul. 

> Clinic, Rochesti 

r Badger. Ini 

Waller Itty Tfaonpson, Merchant Room 

31) Federal Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 
*Walter Caleb Walker, Stadeni, d. Sept 



fty. do,, Tot ____. _. _.._ 

Rd., Toronto. Ont 

Brayton Byroii, Clergyman, Canon Pro- 
Calhedral Church, ud Chaplain oi Le- 
high Univetsilv, S. Bethlehem, Pa. 

Allen Xoglsald Brown, Uwyir, ii Bioad- 
way. Hew York, N. Y.; Rei. B.yiide.. 

N. ir. ' 

Eue<n« Piul CuDpbell, Phyiician and 
Surgeon, gio Lowiy Bldi, St Paul, 
Minn.; Rea. 191a Carroll St, St Paul, 

BlandinK Flther, Banking, with Bamaey 
Co. National Bank, Deyill Uke, N. tf. 

Claude Leonard Haney. Phyiician and 
Surgeon, ivjo W. Superior St., Duluth, 
Minn. ; Bet. 430 13d Aic, W. Dululh, 

WicUwm MUli Jackion, Cashier, Fortes- 
ter-Nace Box Co., Kansas City, Mo.; 
Rei. 3608 Jeffenon St., Kiniu City, 

Stanley Shurawajr Kilbourne, Clergyman, 

Director CollCKi*!' Educilion Gen. Bd. 

of Relirious Education, aBo Fouith Are., ' 

New iTork. N. Y- 
Karl Peternua lUUoty, Life loturance, 

ill People's Gas BIiIr., Chicago, 111.; 

Rei. 444 Diveiiey Parkway, Chicago, 

I'ar^ BIdr." San 

Roy CuweU Elocum, Milling, v 
Kll-Miller Milling Co., Securi 
UiDneapolis, Minn. [/ Res. 413: 
Aye. S., Mlnneapolit, Mmo. 

' Mil ton Walter 
Commission, 1 
^ Franciaco, &,!. 
Oeorce Lyle Stanley, UenhBi 


•Edwin Arthur Tyler, Merchant, d. Mar., 

Ralph Henry Waddell, Mortgaie Broker, 
... T, — J v.._ ^Yotk, _ N.,, Y._; 

Mion. ; Be*. 3547 £ 

WUIiun George Anglim, Wholesale Mer- 
chant, Mem. Whaley & Aoglim, St 

l-'t-TuL.""- '" '■'™"»' ^'- 

Richard Deloa ColUn. Hilling, wiih Win- 
dom Roller Milla, Windom, Minn. 

Norton Henry Edwards, Horticulture^ with 
H. M. Bradley Groves, Riverside, Cal. 

Archibald Ray Gibbona, Printing, vilh 

Wash.; Res. jgiS 

tie, Waah. 
Fred Roberl HlUt, Sales Engineer. Allii 

Chalmers Mig. Co, iij fackson St, 

Seattle, Wash.; Ret iSs 3Jth Aye., 

N., Seattle, Wash. 
Benjitdin Gearce Hoerger, Beal Katile, 

Fvibault, Minn. 
Bdward Engeae HcCannnoo, U. S. Army 

Officer, care of Adjutant General, Waih- 

iatton, D. C 
Walter Peny HcOuire, Editor, Boy 

Scouts Publications, aoo Fifth Aye., New 

YorV. N. Y.; Res. Jasmine St, i^ush- 

ing, N. Y 

Harry Eldon Gerrlah, Broker, Heating ft 
Ventilating Equipment, Mem. Morgan- 
Gerrish Co., Sii Plymouth BIdg., Minne- 
apolis, Minn.: Bes. agog Knox Ave. 
S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Walter William Lvtieu, Minina Encn- 
eer, with Anaconda Copper Mining Co., 
Butle, Moat ; Res. Box tirs. ButU, 

KAchefl. Nev 



Morning OregoniM, 
Res. jas N. £ 18th 

Henry B. O'feriea, 

wick, Waah. 
Charles Pearsall Schoulen. Casualty Ii 


tb Fred 
itjfi Coi'iax Ave. 

l,. Gray C 
«olis, Minn.! 

Si, Minnespoli,, 

Marion Craig W'alslon. Reuil Lumber, 
with Empire Lumber Co., Ltd., 701 
Canada BIdg., Winnipeg, Can.; Re«. 
165 Dromare Ave., Winnipeg, Can. 

Blner EUgwenh Adim|, Engineer, with 
Great Northern By. Co., 310 King St 
Sta., Seattle, Wash.; Res. aia 35th Ave., 
N., Seattle, Wash. 

Harvey D wight Bamett, Demist, 414 
Wabash St, St Paul, Minn. ; Ret. 1803 
Ashland Ave., St Paul, Minn. 

Herbert John Charlet. Lawyer, with Theo. 

Hamm Brewing Co., St Paul, Minn. ^ 

j 39? Bates Ave., St^ Paul, Minn. 

Fifth Ave 

Max Howell Dackct, Telephone Apparttus, 
Mir. with Western Elec. Co^ Haw- 
thorne Sution, Chicago, 111. ; lies. 41s 
N. Parkside Ave., Chicago. 111. 

Ned bstoo. Bookkeeper, with Easlon & 
Haslermsn Pub, Stillwater, Minn. 

Fred Page Fellowa, Secretary, with Cap- 
ital Truit Company, St Paul, Minn.; 
Ret. 7G1 Osceola Ave., St Paul, MiiUL 

Mark Delo* Hawklot. Automobiles, with 
Hawkini Motor Car Co., T130 Sprague 
Ave., Spokane, Wash. ; Ret. Spokane 
Hotel, Spokane, Wash. 

Myron Duttin Holcomb, Civil Engineer, 
with Jamel O. Heyworth. 606 S. 
Michigan Blv4, Chicago, 111.: Res. 734 
S. Michigin Ave., Evaniton, III. 

John Humphrey Haynard. Merchant. 
Waubay, S. D. 

Frederick Bdwvd Wieaner, Civil Engin- 
eer, with Great Northern R. R.. Great 
FaHs, Mont; Ret. iia 13th St, S., Great 



1 907 

AleuDdcr Barclar, Fbyiicun uid Surgeon, 

Cloquct. Minn. 
Lawince Firkiiit BrooBhun. Lumber 

Fotuch, Id. 
PcrcT Porter Bnub. Lawjrer, with UuiU, 

McKcnae;r ft Biuib. SiS Horfui BQg., 

Portland, Ore. ud KelM>, Wuh. ; Ke*. 

KelK, With. 
•Hui7 H. Killer, d. AprU 16, 1913. 
Welter Hubbard Sprapu, Uauger. with 

T _, ,._„_., Q[, ^ Cotton Co., £1 


., C»l. 

Rei. J046 3rd Atc. S., Ifinneapoli*, 
Lero7 Vemoa CruuUlI,. Count]i Afcot 

with Nortbweilem Nedonel Ufc la*. 
Co.. Cor. Nicollet Are. ud iitb St, 
Mianupolis, Minn.; Ret. 41*8 Linden 
Hillt bW, MiDneapoIi), Uinn. 

Wiltiui SermDnr Lennx^ Collection Ad' 
iuilnienti, with F. W. Dodge Co., 119 
W. Jdih St, Now York, N, Y.; Kee. 
Hotel Breilin. New York, N. Y. 

Lnm Kood, Sb-uctnral EngineeT, wilk 
Nslioiul Iton Co., W, Daluth, Minn.; 
Res. Olnsy St, W. Duluth, Uinn. 

"" " ~ Seeger, Befrige 

Hintng Engl 

Georget de Soui- , , _, 

Cornell). FDreiler, Smithsonian Init, 
Waihington. D. C ; Kea. ige? Bilttnore 
St, Wuhington, D. C 

Clifford CailetOB Chumpii - • - ■ ■ 

_i David P. Jones & Co., 136 Mc- 
Knighl Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. : Kcl 
- - - ive.. Hinneapoli.. ^i 


, with Sec 

i'^et 6s"*'pi™ 


IS15 PLeisanI Ave.. Hinneapolts. 

. 'Uler Baldwin Crotby, BtiiiDfti Man- 

«g". "'Montevideo Leader," Monte- 

TrdtD, Minn. 
Edwin Gustav EUund. TeachM', S7 W. 

.Dlh St. New York, N. if.; Ke*. 

Moarheid, Hinn. 

"BiT.'st'-'KS. "Sis X.'^Z 

Lombard Ave., St. Paul. Minn. 

John Marco Lowe, Oil Businei*, with 
Midland Linseed Product! Co., 159 
Menonia Ave., Menonia. N. J. 

Prank J. Lowe^. Pattern _ Mai 

•Vernon Bell Mania. s'l°udent, d. igoj. 

John Dunning Herecn, Etectiical &ig., 
with C A. Smith Lbr. and Mfg. Co., 
MarshBeld. Ore. 

ayde Wood Horioa. Autoniobile Busi- 
ness, with Bingham & Norton, Bjr 
Grand Ave., St Paul, Minn.: Ret 77S 
Fairmouni An., St, Paul. Minn. 

Adin Parker Trier, Motorcycle Baaineis, 
with H a rley- Davidson Motoreyde Dealer, 
!ii« Grove St, BoiR. Id.; Rei. 711 Ellii 

son & Thoreen, si" Lumberman's Ex- 
change Bids., Stillwater, Minn.; Rea. 
63] S. Broadway. Stillwater, Minn. 

E. Hvnilton Broughton, Butiness, with 
Fnlierton Kru get Lumber Co.. 91s Lura- 
ber Exch.. Minneapolis. Minn.; Res. 
4J04 Xerxes Are.. S., Minneapolis, 

I E. i^i St. Minueapoiis, Minn. 

Prank W. AdamL Dentist, 141J Uonttaa 
Bik.. Billings, MonL; Res. 714 N. jtd 
St. Billing) Moat 

Frank Leon Bibb. Pianist, Accompanist 
Coach. Sig Carnegie Hall. New York, 
N. Y. 

William Ror Cammack. Creamery Bnsi. 
dcBs. with Crescent Creamery Co., St 
Paul. Minn.: Ses. i5i Amherst. St Paul. 

Stephen Alphonaus Donahoe, Phvaidan, 
Soux Falls, S. D. 

Hubert Aloyiiu* aeraghU'. Secretary, with 
Peyton Paper Co.. Dofuth, Minn.; Re*. 
anij W. jd St.. Duluch, Minn. 

PhLlo Bmaat Jone*, Contractor, with Ben- 
der-Jones and Reed. Sidney, Mont; 
Res. Box 561, Sidney, Mont 

Eugene Hills HcDemiott Advertising, 
with Northern Display Adv. Co.. 40) 
Sth Ave.. S., Minneapolis. Hinn. ; Res. 
Soi Irvins Ave.. N., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Arthur Mallory. keal Estate and Insur- 
ance, 8og Pioneer Bldg., St. Paul. 
Minn. ; Res. S16 Dayton Ave, St Paul. 

Frank J. Murray. Judge 

J Court. 

3 N, Oak St. Lon- 

Hugh'jamea Pye. Banker, with Bank of 

Italy. Los Angelei. Cal. ; Res. Hillcreit 

Apis., Ocean Pli., Cal. 
Arthur Sherburne, Salesman. Great FalU, 

Mont. : Res. Browning. Mont. 
Ward Allen Stanley. Rancher, with K. S. 

K. t.iveitock Co.. Hot Springs, S. D. 
Loreiuo Maurice Williama, Manager, with 

American Adding Co., *a6o Harris St, 

Omaha. Neb. 

Edward Earl Betl. fi 

~ ■ Hldg,, Minneapolis, Minn.; Res 
.. ,^ „jt[ax Ave.. S., Idinneapolii. Minn. 

Hagh Brian Campbell Lumber and Log- 
ging, with Tidewater Logging Co.. zsj 
SavaOT-Schnfield Bids., Tscoma. Waah.; 
Res. Ansonia Apts.. Tacoma. Wash. 



John PhlllD Cuwm, Jt^ with Korthern 
Electric Co., }!} Witcr St, Vucauver, 

Frank Amaltai Cox, Lawyer, Summer- 
field Blk., Ooquel. Miim. ; Kei. 33 S. 
Cheitnot St, Cloquet, Minn. 

Cbarlec Loli* Qednajr, ICinufactivcr of 
"-'-■-- - -"^ M. A. Gedney Co., "- 


FiDl, Minn. ; Ret. 14T4 Goodrich Ave., 

St Pint. Minn. 
ClurlH EUiotl Map-aw, Inveitment Bank- 

tna, with F. £. Macraw, 6aa Globe 

Bids., St Panl, Hun.; Se*. 1067 

Carter Ave., St Paul, Minn. 
Robcct CortMIt Oram, Appraiial Enoin- 

eer. with Pacific Tel. 6 Tel. Co., 8jj 

Howard St, San Pianciico, CaLi Rci. 

', CaL 

I, Slon 

h lodiai 

1 Quar 

; Sea. 45 Emeicliffe 

Frank Reet^ Uaonfactnrer'i Afent, Mem. 
Reese ft Cto., SJ4 Plrmoulh BIdri 
Uinneapolii, Minn. ; Rei. i«£o Sheridan 
Ave., £, Minneapolii, Minn. 

Onatir Robert Seeger, RefriaerBtor Manu- 
facturer, with Seeger Re^inrttor Co,, 
St Panl, Minn.; Rei. Bij ^ound St, 
St Paul, Minn. 

Rudolph Paul WdacI, Saleamao, '-<th 
Standard Oil Co., Seattle, Wuh. ; Rea. 
S«I9 X^tona Ave., Seattle, Waih. 

: : '__. Co., aoquet, 1 

Res. D. U. Houat, Hadiwn, Wia 
Walter Frederick BaTcr, Fiie Inau 


Sharp Bibb, Lawyer, 910 M 

- ~Mb., Minneapolis, Minn.; Ri 

Frankliit Are., Minoeapoli 

Kea. Swinford Apta., Minno- 
Wrlcbl Oram, Dentist, Badc*r, 

Oeorft Hunter Paaamore, Publisher, with 

Frederick A. Stokes Co., 449 Fourth 

Ave., New York, N. Y.: Ret. I7i W. 

73d St, New York, N. Y. 
RuiacU Henrv Stafford, Clererman, Mora- 

insstde and Open Door Consientional 

Churches. Mianeapolis, Minn. ; Rea. 

1419 W. Lake of the Islea BUd.. MinM- 

apolis, Minn. 
WilliBm Leslie Tarlor, Mini 

with Oliver Iron Mininf <_... 

Minn-: Ret. 117 Cedar St, 

Robert WUson. Education, wi 

Mian., Exteniion DepL, Mor 

Clarence ATerr Bush, Teacher, Flathead 

Co. Hisb School, Kalispell, Moat ; Rea. 
8js 3d Ave., E., Kalispell, Mont 
Hanrp J. Doennann. YT M. C A._Sccra- 

, Univi 
ioward Haasl. 

Minnesota, Mini 

---- ___isley, EnBii____ 

oad Valuation, 011 Karpen Bld|., Cbi> 
"■■ i Res. Cloquet, "■ 

lad Furnisher, 'ken 

-, SoB Nicollet Ave., 

Res. 4633 Collaj 

uet,, Minn. 

IS, Wholesale Seedf, 

ins & Co., 10 Henne- 
eapolis, Mian. ; Res. 

foore ai 


Quy Norman Bjorgt, Miains Ensineer and 
Geolosiat, with Old Dominion Copper 
Mining ft Smeliins Co., Globe, Ani.; 
Res. Box M34, Globe, Ariz. 

William RaTmbnd Oymer, CoQSultiat For- 
ester and Land Expert with Records- 
Buhler, 50S Pioneer Bldg., St Paul, 
Minn.; Rci. i6i6 Laurel Ave,, St Paul, 

John Keller EEsa, Advertisins, with 
Brown ft Bieelow, '"■ " ' "- 
Res. 710 Lincoln At< 

■potis, Minn. 
Ai^nr Wealed Hodcman. Forester, ,Ba E. 

4di St., St Faal, Minn, i Res. &B3 Holly 

Ave., St Paul, Minn. 
Robert Wilton Hotehkis*, Investments, 

with WelU ft Dickey Co., Minneapolis. 

Minn.; Res. Virsiaia Apt*., 177s Henne- 

pin Ave., Minneapolis, Mian. 
Edward Hoffman Keatlni, Life Issnrance, 

with Equitable Life Assurance Society, 

411 Aadrtii Blda., Hinneapolit. Hino.; 

Res. lODi Penn Atc, S, Minneapolis, 

k^alcy ft Anirlin, 

■tant at John. Hopkins 
norcj Md. 

rt Giles Porter, Uwye: 
- ft Pocter, Republic, 

4145 Gsrfield Ave., Mini 
Edward Arthur Cammack, 

St. j>aul, Mi'nn. 
Hels Cbristcnson, 

Amen WeUs Lc 

with The John : 


:, N. D. 

by MarietU), 

Wholesale Paper, 
..eslie Co., 301 Sth St, 
Minn.; Res. 1114 Fc«- 
mont Ave., s Minneapolis, Minn. . 
erbert Ellis Turnquist. Dentist, Uem. 
C H. ft H. E Tumquial, (06 Essex 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.; Res. 1418 
Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, Min 



HarrT Dean Campbell, Student; Ret. 

ISI34 Oakland Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, 
niarln Mllbr Dale, Student, Rei. 911 

Univeriity Ave., S. E.. Minneapolia, 

, Loi Angeles, i 



David MucTir GUdiuii. Student: Ru. 317 

S. £. Hirvird St.. Minncapolii, Uinn. 
Eirl John HoUingci, lucructor, Kanui 

Univfuity, Liwieoce, Km.; Sa. S08 

Misnuri St., Laxrence, Kan. 
WUUain Albin Johnuo. Lumber, Cloquet 

Lumber Co.. Cloquil, Mian. 
Joha Charnley McKinler. Teichcr, VbW. 

of Uinaeaou, UinaeapoUa, MmiL ; Ke>. 

Mil IrrirfT Ave., S. Minneapolis, M-t,. 
Carl llanahetmu. Student; Rea. 56J Uar- 

ahall Atc., St Paul, Minn. 
Arthur Htaiy Nobbi, Dentiit, ;ii N. 

Snellins Ave.. St. Paul, Minn.: Ke>. 

oil Univeriitj Atc, S. E., Uinneamlis, 

Albert Jamea Robcrtaon, Busineiig with 
Mian. Loan ft Tr. Co., Minneapolis. 
Minn.; Re*. iSao DuponI Aye., S. 
Minneapolia, Minn. 

Alvin Eutna Scott, Cotton Broker, with 
D. Felder ft Co^ 301 Cotton Eiehangt. 
Dallaa, Tex.; Rea. 1810 Moxr Ave., 
Dallai, Tex. 

Paul Chaae Thouai, Lawyer, 330 Gil- 
miaa Bids.. St. Paul, Minn.; Rea. 731 
Lincoln Atc.. Si. Paul, Minn. 

Frank Blrchaid Toombs. WiT« Maautac- 
lutcr, with Chieago Steel & Wire Co., 
ii»3 W. 37th St, Chicago. HI.; P- 
68js Chappel A«., Chicago. III. 

George Lawrence Beach, Pavii 

r Co.. 

,-. Rea. , 

I Co., 

Pi, Uinneanlii. i^inn. 
''°,;;?" jf*°? Bjorge. Student: Res. isaj 

Woodland Ave., Duluih, Minn. 
Wendell Tipton Burnt. Student: Ret. 

Munoer Terrace Duluth, Minn. 
Howard EuEene Cammack, Sludent, fioi 

Goodrich Ave., St, Paul, Minn. 
iiel Robbina Croiwell. Rea. Brainerd, 

cnl; Res. R. 

■nt; Rea. 7ji 


— ler JuBM Harper, Slutl 
F. D. 3. Excelsior. Minn. 
Ubert Bnkiiie Hatria, Stud 

Osceola Are.. St Paul. M 

in Inrio Packer, Rea. Bowbelli 
ihn Reid Ritchie, Student; Ret 
Alt, Spokane, Waih. 
irague Pillibury Townaend, 

Harmon Hugh Watt, 
bii Lumber Co.. 
Res. lAii Du Po 

Lumber, with Colum- 
nt Ave, S,. Minne- 

Kolf Cirkler Aiinieat, Drugcist, 1 
cler Drug Co., Utnneapolit, 
Res. 1937 Park An.. S., Min 

Karl Bugana Bleaaer, Student; S 
bank, S. D. 

Edwin Harallion Chapman, Stnde 

Fraaklia Petri Student; Ret. 171s W. jiat 

St. Minneapolit, Minn. 
Stephen Quinn, Studeoti Res. Uinneapotit, 

P. Romaine Taylor, Student; Res. Uiaot, 

Tryon. Sti 

., S. Minni 

Studen': Ret. 

Edward Lntfacr Ainsworth, Lumbennan'l 
National Bank, Chippewa Falla, Wit-i 
Ret. Chippewa Falls, Wia. 

Pierce Acwaier, Student; Ret. isis S. 
Humboit Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, 

BviD Falkland Can'. Student; Res. Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wit. 

Kenneth DicUnton, Sludent; Res. a7M 
Fremont Ave.. S. Minneapolia, Minn. 

George Htdualel Hadden, Sludent; Rea. 
a&i5 Fremont Are., S, Minneapolii, 

Harold CaUdiT Keen, Student : Rei. 
loai Laurel Ave., S., Uinoeapolit, 

Harold' WlUard Hltteliuedt, Student; 

L Millbank, S, D. 
L, Mof 

Sludeni; i 

Amoa David Owen, Student; Rea. jl]t 
(th Ave. S,, Minneapolia, Minn. 

John Arthur Rusaell. Student; Sea. 
1731 Stevent Ave,. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Carrol T. Sfaerwin, Student; Ret. Monti- 

Ave. N., Mini 

apolia, Mini 

Gilbert Buffingtsn, Student; Res. iiio S. 

Third St, Slillwaler. Minn. 
L. W. Donnellr. Student; Rea. Anoka, 

Samuel' George Mara. Student: Rea. De- 
lano, Minn. 

I-eoa Jay Slade, Sludent; Res. 103] River 
Rd., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Richard Tryon, Student; Sea. 111; Cir- 
ard Ave.. Minneapolii, Minn. 



University of Nebratka, Lincoln, Neb. 

Established Dec. g, 1898; 23 Classes; 183 Members. 

Hvrit Miller Benedict, Proleiuir, UoE 
TCrsity of Cincinoati, Cincinnali, O.; 
Bes. 514 Eraniwood FL, CincinoBti, O. 

*Thom«a Dwight Luna. Studeot, d. Sept. 
1;, 1898. 

Alvln AuKuniu Miller, Manager of Rail- 
war & IjjriiliaE. DiTiBion. WcsIioEliouie 
Electric MIj. to., 1400 Aliika ^Idg., 
Seattle, Waih. ; Rea. 4jia 6tli Ave., 
N. E., Seattle. WbsIi- 

Hifhland Bachelor 

lam St, Omahi, Neb-i Res. 
Are., Omaha, Nt' 

Robcrt Dale Elliott, ProfH..., 

ot Soulb Dakota, Veimilion, S. D, 

Frederick Henr? Kueile. Physician, Ni 
oU> Senn Hospital, Omaha, Nc" ' 
ai49 & il'i St, Oioaha, Neb. 

II Heffner, Dentist 31 

Meredith An., Omaha, Neb. 

Bldg., Lincoln, Neb.; Re's. 3i)» R- St., 

Lincoln. Neb. 
John Emorr Lester. Manaeer, U. 

draulic Ram & Irrigation do., N 

Beahy Bldg,, Tacoma. Wash. 

1413 N. Proapect SL, Tacoma, 
Ravmond Dark Pollard, Fanner, N< 


er. MansEer, U. S. Hf- 

Irrigation Co., National 

Tacoma. Wash. ; Rea. 

- - Wash. 

•Ediar Leon Rhodes, 

Chambers, I 

Res. Alfred 

Jrinn, ' 
cd Wall 

n Pub- 

ander Joseph Gib] 

Rea. ja4 Waahio. 

Kmio Adolsh__ 

Oerk, with Wella Fargo Expresi Co., 

giS Central Bids-, Los Angeles, Cat.; 

—..... ...J jj|,^ Loi Antelei, 


Bnice Willet Benedict, 

Laboratories, Uniren 
Cliampaign, IIL ; Res. 

Frederic Mturer Lipp, Cashier Firii Na- 
tional Bank, Hardin, Mont. 

Cbarles Petersen, Merchant, Jules buiK, 

Walter Byron Stcen, Harness ft Hard- 
ware, with Sleea Mfg, Co., St. Paul. 

Sheldon Roacoe WUls, Adveriisin(, with 

Bdiar Lyle Chambers, Office Equipoeat, 

:s. ato Gtenn Jamea Richard Cooper, Editor and Pub 
lisber, with the ProEreas Printing Co. 

ral Asent Ne- 419 Eaat Are., Holdrefre, Neb.; Rei 

Loan Aas'n, «t6 West Ave., Holdrege, Neb. 

b. ; Res. seas Philip John Harriaon. Designing Engi 

neer, t" S, ipth St, Lincoln, Neb. 
Field Agent. Jacob Kaniler, Lawyer, 41S Railway Ex 

ire. Bureau ol change BIdg., Portland, Ore.; Res. ijj; 

E. 3i>t St, Portland, Ore. 

reacber, Higb Harry Hayea Keugy, Teacher, Logan 

lion, Aaat Field En- 

Conunerce Commis- 

go Btdg., Sin Fraa- 

John AobroiB WUaon. Rutehman, Stan- 



IfklcDim P«tar Campball, Jewclir S>le*- 
min, with Brock ft Co., Loi Anfclu, 
CmL; Utt. III! Barliactoii Atc, I.oa 
Aocdu, CmL 

Strrj AocuMui Dildlac, Jeweler, Kum- 

John RIddIa Ponr**. Silcinun, Tri- 
Stite Salu Co., Great F*ll«, Mont.; 
Ku. so6 Fifth An., Great Filla, Uont. 

Soy DiTid KUe, Liunbernuii, Gerinf, 

. jij iStb Ave., Se- 
mnie, n luu. 

Ror AllcD HcNawB, Biuineu with Bar- 
low Adnrtuinc Ca. City Nltional 
Buk BIdK, Omeha, Neb. ; Eei. jiij 
Cut St,^wha, Keb. 

OeorB* Franclt H; " 

Nn TraTcUjng S*Ie*- 
/. CbtM Mere--'"- ''- 
JoMph, Uo.j Rei. Kein 
AddlMO Pollard. DiT 

nHD, with G. W. Chaae Ifereuitile C 
St Joenh, Mo.j Rei. Keuaer, Neb 

r_QB!rMa, Electtieal Caa- 

I, B58 S. HiUiard St., 

Iridn E p g inc rf, 
& SeattkB. R., 

with Spokane, Portland 

Fortland, Ore.; Rei. £44 Ei 
Portland, Ore. 

Ulla Ror Black, Aatomobili 

with Schofield Anto Co.. 40 c, m 
North St., ProTo, U.: Rea. 170 N- iK 
Eait St, ProToTU. 

WUhelm Bridxw SonAvniwr, Silci Ugr., 
with Wett Oreson LBmber Co., Linn- 
ton, Ore. ; Rei. ic Fordham Apartmentt, 
Portland, Ore. 

Charlei. Abner Clark. Salei llcr 

i. Neb. 

iDUan Addiaon Pollard. Diniion Uar., 
with Thi WcTman-Bmton Co., 50 Un- 
ion Square, New York, N. V. ; Rea. 
Salem, Neb. 
Edwin Roiar Walton, Sale* Enaineer, 
with AUu Chalmeri Utg. Co., iSip 
Ford Bids., Detroit, Uich. 


Prank Axel Anderun, Lawyer, Holdrefe, 
Ridiard ^hn Clarh, Sanchman, Hill- 
Claude All BiTii, Uwrer. Ord, Neb. 
Warren Tranch Day,- Civil Eoiioeer, 

1941 B St. Uncolo. Neb. 
Jamei ArleuEh Green. CoBinhini engi- 
neer, III W. Uonroe St, Chicir>. Ill; 
Ret Kenitworth, IIL 
Rdmund Herbert Haaendck, Electrical En- 

Bneer, with Onuha A ConncU Bluffi 
y. Co., Omaha, Neb.; Ret. 49'1 N. 
>7th St., Omaha, Neb. 
John iKJcan Henhir, Oty Engineer, 

Yale Bryant Hnffman. Banker, Ueraa, 

Alfred Hetmer Londin, Protecutins At- 
tprnev, King County, 1116 Alaska Bldg., 

!!•;."■ ^"^■- *" "« "^ A™' 

necta'dy, N. Y.; Rei.'"i)^'Ftninan St, 
Schenectady, N. Y. 
Oeorf e HcOreEor Tuaiton. Lawrer, Hem. 
JeSeris & Tnnison, iiii Woodmen of 
the World Bldg., Omaha, Neb.; Rei. 
jiiS Webiter St-, Omaha, Neb. 

ark. Salet llcr., with 
ry Co., tjei Court St, 

Eneer, with Omaha ft Conncil Bin 
y. Co., Omaha, Neb. ; Ret. ajDi 
iBi Ave., Omaha, Neb. 
Victor Grant Humphrey, Planter & Real 

Eitate DealBT, Ocean Springi, Mi». 
Homer Sherman Slapheoa, Lawyer, Hemi 
Sticie & Stephent, Clarinda, la. ; Rei. 
... S. ,7th St, badBda, la. 

•■ Yoder, Banket, lfel>eta. 

Hal Edward Cornell, Diy. Engr.. Ida 

_.ugineer, 2C 

! H^"""? 

Lotiit Paul Hatniaiclu CI 
C B. A g. Ry. Co., 

Ro. 1017 S. iSlh St, 

1561 Camden Aye., 

Victor Alphonte Lnnler. Caihier, Hinen 
ft UerchanU Saringt Bank, Lsad, S. D. 

Floyd EmertOB Hatton, Editor, with The 
Star Bulletio, Honolulu, HawaiL 

Jamee Henry Feterton, Jr., Tea Importer, 
llem._T. H. Felerton ft Co., 3" River 
Sti Oiicago, IIL; Rei. ijij Leltnd 

IIL; Res. 6031 Woo 

innecticut llntual 
Kk filk., Chicafo, 
wn Atc, Chicago, 

, Smith Hike, Ranchman, Buffalo, ^WK,"'?''^ WePer. Lwnbennan, Hem. 

Oi^ Logan HatTner, Anditor, with Cndahr 
Packing Co., Ill W. Uooroe St, 
Oiiugo, IIL; Ret 7748 S. Horgan St. 
Chicago, IIL 

Waller Alfred Koier, Saletman, with 
WettlnghoDie Electric & Hfg. Co., 

rum flairwui yveuer. ^vul 
Weller Brot., Ord, Neb. 

Bailey, Contractor. 74> 
SDokane, Waih. ; Rm. 
n St, Seattle, Waih. 



Albvt Iitoa Beckley. Ceolosiit. with S. 
Par»n & Soo, Ltd., 7 Richmcmd Ter- 
race, Whitehnll. London, S. W, ; Re«. 
?oi N. ifith St.;, Lincoln, Neb. 

Jowph Hitthn* Bleakiron. Rul EiUte, 
wich SaDjoBquin Vdley Land Co., 
FreiBo, Ctl. ; Su. Uninraitr Club, 


John AIJcB BunuUid, SapL Trunporta- 

tion ft Equipment, Sedpilli ChaaungiM 

Co., Coltrmbui S«Tint> A Tnut BO., 

Columbu*, O.; Ru. 30s i8th Atc. 

Columbus, O. 
Alfred Ernst Burr. Mem. Hidweit Gro- 
cery Co.. OQuba, Neb. 
Honcc Jackion Ctzy, Ruicliintn, llilt- 

Br«ok, Wyo. 
WlUiui Huvn Coddinnon, Salesman, 

138 N. i6th St., Lincoln, Neb. 
Killip Henry Cilroy, Bookkeeper, with 

P. J. McHuih Pacing Conitiuction Co., 

606 ird Ave., N. Seattle. Waih. ; Sea. 

6o6ii ird Ave., N. Seattle. Waih. 
William TumbuU Hall, Dry Goods Mer- 
chant, Waverly. la. 
Joe A. Hull. Kearney, Neb. 
WUbur Anpiit Jones, Mem. Midveat 

Grocery Co., Omaha, Neb. 1 Bes. 591} 

Florence Blvd., Omaha. Neb. 
Samuel Gleason Rose, Mlgr. of Projec- 

lion Apparatus (or Motion Pictnres, 

with llie Victor AbsmstaaT'sph Co.. „ . „ . 

Davenport la. •""•'-• 'v "■.. gonard Mortimer < 

<Jene Hrett' Sige. Chief Qerk & Sgpt. ftSV „'?r''f "S" 

of Telegraph. C B. & Q. Ry. Co., . ™- *Si? T St-j 

"■'"^sT.^iJ .?"■ So^o^For/estviU; Arf,„ daU, D.™ 

WllUMn LaVeriM Bate*. Ranchman, 

Lodfcpole, Neo. 
John Alcumder Chiiatmai. Lawyer, Kem- 

Jamea t>atterBon Oibson, Businet) with 
The Frank Grares Saab, Door & MiU 
Co., i6t N. Ave, ig, LoiAnieles, Cil. : 
Res. 116 A Ave., si, Lo* Anielei. CaL 

Thomas Albert James, care of NatL Bank, 

sij8 W. 

ler, Phvsicwn, 

Monroe St., Chicaio, IIL 

Richard Alien Ruasell, Lumberman, with 

Lumber & Coal Co., Hazard, 

W. Jackson Blsd., 6iicBgo, IIL: Res. 
i8ia Sherman Ave., Evanston, Ttl. 

Frank Herbert W^ter, Heuel Music 
House, Harlan, la. 

L«ii» WiUUm Waaver, Jr., Sapt- of Man- 
ual Trainins, City Scbools. Lincoln. 
Neb.; Res. s6o* R St-, Uncoln, Neb. 

Frank Waldo Scott. Physician, Lodfc- 

Frank' John Wlnlsra, Director of Physical 
Education, City Schools, Rockford, IIL; 
Res. 183s Harlem Ave., Rockfor<[, lU. 

Co., Lincoln, 

„j. . , Lincoln, Neb. 

AiaoT oaley Dbtil Ensifn, U. S. Navy. 
- Navy Dept, Washington, D. C 

Binest Grimison, Manufacturers 

"" ' '" '^ - -U St, Kansas 

. Lumber Co., 

S. ijtd St, "Lincoln, 'Neb; 

Sidney Uomson Collins. Lawyer, Medi. 
cine Hat, Canada. 

OMwge Davis Galloway, Lumberman, with 
C A. Galloway Co., Holdrege, Neb. 

William Barl Hamilton, Rancher & Farm- 
er, Earlham Farm, North Platte, Neb. 

Jamea Hnaton Harpham, Harness & Sad- 
dleiy Mfgr,, Mem. Harpham Bros., 
Lincoln, Neb.; Res. 154^ S, sand St, 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Henry Cook Hathaway, Pre>. Hathaway 
Ice Cream Co.. aoio O Si., Lincoln, 
Neb.; Res. 1B44 D St, Lincoln, Neb. 

Haiiy Ross Minor. Manager, California 
Dept Redpath Bureau, 1301 Baker- 
Detwiler Bldg., Los Angeles. Cal. 

Alfred Case Munnr. Lawyer, with Sioul, 
Rose ft WeltsTOmaha, Neb.; Res. 174S 
E St., Lincoln, Neb. 

fiamuel Haney Rathbone, Real Estate & 
Insurance, lao Little Bldg., Lincoln, 
Neb.; Res. lOSJ Pepper Ave., Lincoln, 

Waited CUtna Wcis*. Uwyer, Hebron, 

LealieAadrew Welch, Lawyer, with Hack- 
ney ft Lyons, Loi^ Bldg.. Kansas City, 
City,' m" '" '™"'" ■■ """ 

J'' Union""; 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Clayton Samuel Radcliffe. Lawyer, County 

Altomey, Sidney, NeK 
George Clinton Sheldon. Farrner ft Mfgr. 

of Concrete Machinery, Nehawka, Neb. 
Franklin Rynaldo Willsey, with Bankers 

Realty laveslmenl Co., Omaha, Neb. 

Clayton Farrington t 

indent, University ol 

Lgton Andrews, Medical 

1 Ciiy, M< 
.-cmont Hl_ 

CUler Nelu^ Sila Dept, with 
Motor Co., igi6 Harney St, 
a. Neb, ; Res. 5101 Underw(»od 



It J LaRoy Juncm Huatr, Student; Ru. Wif- 


>rd F 


Finl.,, 5020 











e Co 






rorreit Jc 

IS! MUler, 











Btctblni. St 

dent. d. 


Jorey & Stewart. Edgar, Neb. 
8»niuef CUrk WtUBh, Mgr. Inioranee 

Dept., First Tni.t Co., Cincoln, Neb,; 

Ret. 130? S. ijd St, Liocoln, Neb. 
WiU Wentworth, Sileinun, with I^w 

Weatworth, Inc., 4"" Cuininings St., 

Omaha, Neb. : Kia. ]0i4 Daveoport St, 

Omaha, Neb. 
Bernard Giley Weitover, lawyer, Tenn- 

inal Bld^., Lincoln. Neb.; Ssi. Y. U. 

Snut Chriiitian Hemun Hopp^ Jr., 
Happc Hardware Co., Lincofn, NeV; 
Rei. 1504 Q St. Lincoln, Neb. 

Loyal Grcan lloway. Bank Qerk, Scottl 
BlufF. Neb.; Ret. 1701 B St. Lincoln, 

Frederick Snirely Seacreat, with the "In- 
' dependeni Farmer," care of State Jour- 
nal, Lincoln. Neb. 

Rudolph ChriitUn Fuchi, Student 

Gny Cleveland Cbambcn, Lawyer, Pnnke 

Bids., Lincoln, Neb. 
Victor Rupert Dlcken, Student ; Sea, 

Harlan, fa. 
Kent K. KimbaU, Student; Sei. 116B S. 

aoth St. Lmeoln, Neb. 
Elmer Klngaholm Neiion, CiTil Cnaineer, 

Medicine Bow, Wyo. 
Edward Joieph Shoetmker, Sileioian; 

- . Sidney, Neb. 

-I'stTst J 

Louie Emeat Tbomaa, JeweJe 

Hebron, Neb. 
Gut Landia Thompion, Pbarmac 

^e«t Pofnt'NelT 
Richard Yoder ThoiDpaon. Med 

ect; Res. Wttt Poinl. Neb. 
Earl Shafer Young, Banker, E< 
Willlun Bruce Young, Student; 

Sidn^, 1 
Ko. Line 

Cheeter Quay Than 

ion, Slude 

Kenneth Levi Thompion. Medical Stndeal, 

«ao Dewey Ave., Omaha. Neb.; Rel. 
est Point, Neb. 
Lloyd Mailer Tully, Student; Rea. Alli- 
ance, Neb. 
Edward Ucyeri Weaver. Student; Ru. 

315 W, lith St., Columbni, Neb. 
Raymond Paachal Weitavcr, Medical] 
Student, 4110 Dewey Ave., Omaha, 
Neb.; Ret. Raihville, Neb. 

Homer Vb-jiil Canon, Student; Set. St 
Joicph, Ma. 

Cleofv Hemaa Hubrouck, Student; Rat. 
Idatia Falla, Id. 

Robert Lamb Haikell, Student; Rea. Lin- 
coln. Neb. 

Alexander Rote Kriiue. Student ; Km. 
Weit Point, Neb. 

Arthur Carl Loepp, Student; Rel. Wag- 

Stewart Bamei Claar, 1st Natl. Bk.. Lin- 
coln, Neb.; Res. 1720 M St, Lincoln, 

Albert David Oreeolee, Student; Rea. Sid- 

Robert Readinger 1 
West Point. Neb. 

Robert St Clair Wi 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Merrill Bverelt WI 
Ord. Neb. 

Moodie, Student ; 

'lUianu, Student; Ret. 



New YoA Univenity, New York, N. Y. 
Established Dec. 19, 1865; 52 Classes; 398 Members. 

lUi N. Y. ; Winter AddrciB 33 PuDtiat St, 

Jsnuic, N. Y. 
tPriibTter- 'John Reid, Clergjtmaa, (Prubyterian), 

N. C. 

•Simuel Bowna Dniyea, Anihot ind 
Cipitaliit, d June ;, 1^1. 

Sllvanui Ccdner KeyKr, Clergyman, Pal- 
lor M. E. Church. Stockport, N, Y. 

.,____ ._ . -ji,^ Oshicr, A 

Tfaeologicil Student, d. 

July aa. 187s. 
•John Oe>*. Jr.. 

" - ^'n^liua'^D DercDter, 
rmed Dalch). d. Nov. 8 



•Borden I>uker Bowna, Profesior, d. Apr. 

•Theodore- Fr«lio(huyi«n Bumhain. Clergy- 
man (Preibvterian), ± Apr. a?, 1010. 

Abram Samuel laaaca, Profeiior and Lec- 
turer. New York tTniveriitT, WaahiUB- 
ton Sq., New York, N, Y.; Re*. +47 
F.LIiinn Rl.. T>at«r<nn. N. T. 


•David BenUmin lutien. Clergyman (Bap- 
list), d. Uay 10, igij. 

Jamet Ford Rhode*. Hialorian, 391 
Beacon St.. Boston. Haia, 

•Frank Alphonio Wood, Mitiionary (Prei- 
byteriao). d July ao, 1B78, 

John Love. Clersyman. Faator Firat Bap- 
ciit Church, ma Louden St., Logan, 
PhiUdelphia. Pa. 

William L«|U« Ladlam. Banker (retired). 
Bank of New York, 48 Will St, New 
York. N. Y. ; Rea. 301 Qaramont A««., 
MontcUir, N. J. 

John ■•-• "-■- 

•Wiiliani Henry Atwood, Ciiil EnEJnaer, 

d. Sepi, 4. 1890. 
Uarcua Dariui Buell, Prafeaaor, Botton 

UnWefiity, School of Theology, 7a Ut. 

Vernon Sc, Boston, Maaa. ; Bei. New 

biiryport, fjiH. 
Ma/bnry WllllaRi FleminE, Editor and 

Writer, New Brighton, N. Y. 
•Herbert Auiuatni Loring, Qergynua 

(Congregational), d. Jan. 6. 1004. 
John Oarren Van Home, Civil Engineer, 
- ^ >rk, N. Y. 1 So. 

, Talmaic Lawyer (Retired). 

Broadway, New York, N. Y. : Bet. 
rsdala, N. Y. 

•George Frederick Behringer, Clergytnm 
(Lutheran), d. Mar. ji. 1909.' 

Robert Walter Hatkint. Clergyman. Pas- 
tor Congregational Oiofch, Lvnnfield. 
Mass.; Res. 97 Salem St., Reading. 

•Charlea Edward Hore, Chemist and Color 

Expert, d, Feb. aS, 190S. 
•Edward Selden Towoaend Kennedy. 

Uanufactum. d. Mar. id, tooj. 
•Joho Wellborn Root. Architect, d. Jan. 

•HflKin Buell Siier, Physician, d. Jan. 17, 

Jamea Carter Thomi 

Dallas Couri 

.rk!*U. Y 

Hans StavenaoB Seattle Lawyer (retired) 
and Ei-Sarveyor of the Port of New 
York; Sea. Cropsey and ijd Avea., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
•John Knoi Brigham, W»t« Regiatrar. 

James " IVUnn '^Hi'Uman. Chaptain, iSth 
Infantry, United Stales Army, care of 
Adjutant General. U. S. .A., Washing. 

Cisco, Cal. ' 

•Wniiam Moor. 

Hoff, Teacher and in 

Custom House 

Serrice. > 

i. Jan. ao. 1909. 
lierehant and 

•Richard Piatt 


Bank Preiideni 

t. d. Feb. 

. a, iei4- 

•Janet H 

anuUcturtr. d. 



Res. u' 



rem Ei 

New y 

. .so Miwiiwa 

Are., N 

Charlea J 

.awyer, toS F 



St. N. W., Wuhi 



, \VuJ 

'IltUm MorEan Mwlcalfi 


waclder A Co., muinficlarcra of office 
fumitoie. Chicheiter, N, Y. *nd IS E- 
ifitii St. New York. N. Y. ; Ilia. 
ClucheWer, N. Y. 
AtHlndar Stuirt Duff ThoauoB, AdTO- 
ttn of Scottish Bar, Averlr. Grtit 
Wwlm Kd., Gltacow, ScotUnd. 


.Ikiruon. Dentist. 

Ba»n. <Init by ] 
Mni, iMcaet, a, Feb. 17, 1896. 
ID Sewill LiniOB, Uerchant, ] 
:r Uorgan & LinMn, (Cold ato 
1 countiT produce). 37-jo Cli 
. Albion, N. Y, : Re«. « Wot J 
3ion, N. Y. 
I Villa Riker, Pniit Grower. On 

Wilbur H 

- ;«'s S. 
..., ... _.; Res. 
10k lyn, N, Y. 

N. T. Swi 

Yo"l.', N.'V. 

& Co., wholeiale 

Exebange, New 

17 HcDonoucb St, 

Chaplain •■Churih of the Se»" 
Home and Institute, 507 Vesi st 
New York, N. Y. : Res. Hotel Marl 
ton. i W. 8th St. New York. N. Y. 
WOlilRi Rbodea Ballard. (Init by Man 

MeniT Randal Baremort, Caahier, Theo 
dore Presser Co.. 1711 Chutnul St. 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Res. 6439 JcHcrsoi 


Del^ncv Carter 

St., New Yorl 
*3amuel Lia^cni 


rr. UTLi cnein- 
•ublic Works, d. 
M.T 8. lOij. 

■William Charlei Dotcher, Beat Estate, 
d. Apr. ]o. 19 1 1. 

Albert Warren Pcrria, Physician, Ency- 
clopedia Editor, and Superintendinic 
Director, N. Y. State Reservation. 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

William Aucustua Howell, Civil Ennin- 
m. Engineer Streets «nd Highway*, 
City Hall, Newark, N. J.; Res. 6B4 
Parker St., Newark, N. J, 

Robert Hamilton Taptor Ifarrenner, Civil 
Engineer, Concord, Cal. 

Warren Moore Oabom, Conwhing Ensin- 
«r. McCormick BIdg., Chicago, III.; 
Re«. S4JO Cornell Ave., Chicago. HI. 

•William ^lenrr Scudder, Clergyman (Re- 
lormed Dutch), d. May a6, 191 1. 

Oulord Thompaon, General Manager and 
Vice Pres. New Jersev & Pennsylvania 
Traction Co. and of Buck* County In- 
terurban R R, Co., Trenton, N. J.; Res. 
7i6 W. State St., Trenton. W. T. 

•Jsmci Duncan Turner, Real Estate, d. 

i Ut Vernon St, 

', Drr Gooda OtA. 

, I^iladelph 

Emeat Lac Alexander, L. 

Jamct Demartit Ferrla. J 

Lea and Ftbin, medical pubtiihcrs. 

delphia. Pi 

•Ccphaa Bralaerd, Jr., Lawret, <L Jnlr 

Henry Hotlistei Davraon, Lawyer, 716 
Essex Bldg^ Ointon St, Newark, H. J. ; 
Res. 603 High St, Newark. N. J. 

•Luther Stewart Bluer, Lawyer and Aiit 
Chief Oerk, U. S. P. O. Dept, d. Mar. 

laaae Hamburger. Stenographer U. S. 


: Court, Vildei, 

Underwood. Mii 


t Sugene Mclntrre, Clerk, d. No*. 

, ., , Pastor 

... _.. Church, Fatilkl ' - ' 

Abbott Buah, Dentist 

cock St. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Frederick Helriii Crotaett, President 
..,___ f „_ .__ ^.|j_ jj Libert] ~ 

.. _ — , „ „.bertv St. 

, N- Y.j_ Res. 3IJS Andrews 

'harlei Henry 
Oct. s. 1901. 
Lewis Baylea Paton. Prolesaor, Hartford 

Theological Seminary, ijo? Broad St, 
Hartford, Ct ; Bm. •« Fnn-Ht St. 
Hartford. Ct 

Watteri, Clergyman, 
iciiiMle Presbyterian Churc 
. and Baum St.. Pittsbutgn, ra-i 
. 30a S. St Qair St.. Pitts^rgb. 

'Chiireh. Euclid 

•Frederick Deniaoo Brews, Stnden 

Mar. 1.1, 1883. 
George Andrew* Hinaaian. Lawver, 

Nassau St, New York, N. Y. j 

Glen Rtdge. N. J. 
•Herman Washington Wrage, Ir 

menul Musician, d. Sept 14, 19 10 

- — , . N.' J. 

,_ I Stanley Lyon. (Tnit bv Colgate). 
Clergyman (Baptist) Chamber of Com- 
merce, Holyoke. Mass. : Res. iii. Chest- 
nut St. Hotyoke. Mass. 

Chirlei Holmes Roberts. Builder. Presi- 
dent Rtiberls, Nash ft Co., Builders, 
ro Franklin PI.. Flushing. N. Y. : Res. 
01 Amitv St. Flushing, N. Y. 

•Clarence Rea Sanford. Drug Salesman, d. 

Challes Cior^nd Wright, Bank Qerfc (Ht- 
lired), IS, Petham Rd.. New Roehelle, 



Harold SnnxHU Andmr, Civil Encinccr. 
Uarvland DndEini ft CantrBctins Co. 
PimlDce Exchiwi^, New York, fT.Y.; 

Be*. laBr UtdSon Ave, New York, 
N. Y. 

Robert WillUra BUka. Profeuor, L<hl(h 
UoiTCTsilT, S. Bcihldiem, Pi. i Ha. 
St. Ltiks'i PL tnd Oatriim St, S. Beth- 
lehem, Pa. 

Artbnr Herbert Cuneron, Lewyer, Amo- 
clated Pr««, N™ York, K. Y. ; R». J37 
BilnbHdie St., BrooklTs, N. Y. 

WBlUm Fruidi CimpbeU, Sornon, Ao- 
Ihor and ProfcsioT, Long Iiland Hos- 

K'tal Uedical CoIIckc. BrooklTn, N. Y. : 
_ ti. 304 Qinton A«., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Cbarlia Herbert Church. Fhyiiciao, iioc 

Broad St, Newark, N. J. 
Butt Wallace Kaihell, Phvalcisn, 961 

Bedford Ati., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Wmiam Hard HUl, Uanafacturer, Treu- 

urer, The Croiby Co., Mfi, of Sheet 

Uelala. 171 189 Pratt St., BuRalo, 

N. Y, ; Sc9. IDS Windsor An., Buffalo, 

N. Y. 
Isaac Lyon. Dentist, 164 Herkimer SL, 

Brookhrn, N. Y. 
•Alexander Bryan KcEelvey, Salesman, 

d. Jan. iB. .9.0. 
Henry Bnmham Haurer, Secretary N. Y. 

Sute Iniliatire and Referendum Leaiue, 

199 Broadway, New York, N. Y. r Res. 

616 E. 3Sth St.. Brooklyn, N, Y. 
Harrr Ksiwr Honnie, Teacher. Head of 

EnRlish Dtpt., Bryant HiRh School. 

Lon« Island City, N. Y. r Rei. S4 

Woolsev St, Lon^ Island City, N. Y. 

son a™., irooklyi,' N. Y. 

Joaeph Cyrna Stedman. Physician, 

vine PL, Jamaica PUin, Ifass. 

Chariea_ CHddtocs, Lain 

T. Uen 


Bgt, Lawyer. M _ _ 

ft Gtddinia. Grest Barrington. Has*, i 
Res. Housstonic. Usss. 

■lari Kdwin Harby. Lawyer, 31 Nmuu 
St., New York. N. v.; Be>. Hunt- 
ington, N. Y. 

EphHam Adolehns KaralMn, Lawyer, By 
Nssaau St, New York, N. Y. : Sei. 
T70 W. 73d St., New York. N. V. 

George Alexander HacDonald, Lawyer, 40 
Wall Si., New "--'- ^ « - *- 
Essn Countv 







in, 72 Usin St, 





,d Mano 

r, Fo 








ies Co., , 

0, Psrk 



N. Y 

.; Res. 




N, Y, 







I Uwye 


Vsller Coal ft Oil Co., Summersville. 
W. Va. 
IiOidi Otctr Rotenbach, Clerryman, Pas- 
tor Bethany Presbvlerian Church. Mc- 
Donouith St and Howard Ave., Brook- 
" Y.; Res. us Macon St, 

■Howard Chaoncay Anderson. Lawyer, d, 

Frederick' Lincoln Davis. Clerrvman 
(CoiKTiegalional), Librarian Hiah 
School of Commerce, iss W. 63th St.. 
New York. N. Y. : Res. 6»a Leonard 
St., Brooklyn, N. V. 

Renry Ereratl SeheO, Salesman, Carbie 
Corporation. s» Vandarbilt Ave,, New 
. York, N. Y.; Res. aiSi Bedford Ave.. 
Bnoktyn, N. Y, 



N. Y. 

isend Oreen Smith, Civil Engineer, 
Kdward Travis. Lawvcr 00 Nas- 


rVii^. „„ 

„...jbeth. N. J. 
Walte. Hanutacturer X- 
>. Wsite & Bartlett Utg. 
Oth St. New York, N, Y.: 
:m. Whitestone Landinn, 

James Jay Finn (Init by Colgate), 
Phv^ician, Findley Lake. N, Y. 

*Winihrop Qatea. Clergyman (Presby- 
terian), d. AuB, t8, 1807. 

George Qumee Setbert Clergyman, Pas- 
tor Reformed I>nt<:h Church, Owsico. 
N. Y. 

Arthur Lester Wolfe. College President 
(acting). Park College, Parkrille, Uo. 

vale Ai_ ._.._ , 

R», TH.ii Fmitvale Are., Oakland. Cal. 
John Christonber Judge, Lawyer, 44 

Court St. Brooklyn, N. Y.: Ras. Belle 

Harbor. N. Y. 
•John Thomas HahU Civil Engineer and 

Director of Railroads, d. Har. 30, 1901. 

Ijind Co., Pre! 

,,7 LakefiW, Alberi Leal MJn:_. 
Joaeph Pulford Polsom. Clergyman, Pastor 

Third Preibylerian Church, S.. Newark, 

N. T.: Res. «ii S. iSib St. Newark, 

N. T. 
Theodore Sherwood Hone, Advcrtiiins 

Manager "Eliie Styles." E. 37th St.. 

New York. N. Y. ; Res. Ridgewood. 

N, J. 
•William Lonis Hadiob Lawyer. Depot* 

and Police Commiaaioner, New Yorli 

City, d. Nov. », 1907. 



Ardmr Cecil Perry. Jr^ DIatrict Snpcr- 
mlendenl of Schooli. New York. N. V. : 
Hm. 163 M»con St, BrookliQ, N. Y. 

WillUm Llord Kobtrti. MininoE Editor, 
Advertisini and SelUni Masuine, iSi 
Fouith Afc, New York, NT Y. ; iCea. 
1604 Universiiy Alt, New York, N. Y. 

Robert LIvlnEilDa Rudolph. Biihop, Ke- 
lomwd Episcopal Cburch, and Proles lor 
Refgrmed Episcopal 

r, 43d ■ 

I CbesUint Sis. 


dtlphii. Pa.: Res. aji W. ju 

New Y'orlt. fS. Y. 
Walter Skkelt, Phrsician, 101 Newtown 

A»e.,^A»tori», N. Y. 
Louis WiUtani StoteibufT (loit by SiK- 

■ers). Lawyer, SS Libtny St. New 

York, N. Y. : Adjuunt Gcnenl Slate of 

New York, Albaqy N. Y. ; Kei. i M W. 

74th St, New York, N. Y. 
Oliver Cromwell Wcbiter. United States 

Osstoins AppraiKr, 641 Wsshinitou St. 

New York. N. Y.J Res. 11 Adsms St, 

Mt VemoB, N. Y. 

I Pierre Weed, Lawye " 


, N. y. 

! Berkeley 

16 Map! 
Albert P(, 

,). C!erfymi_ 
:e Y. M. C A 
Stj New Yor 


YalJeu, Su[ 
nt DaroD de Hirich Trade Sc 
: S4II1 St., New York, N. Y.; 

Theodore Bame 

irlnjer. Jr., Physician 

and Prolesior Cornell UniTtnitT Ued- 
'.,: Res. J4 

Henrr Beraman Sinzer, L^awirBr, 55 
Ubeny St. New YoTk, N. Y.: Sea. 411 
West End Ave.. New York, N. Y. 

Williatn Sydney Stevens, Teacher, DeWitt 
Clinlon High School, New York, N. Y,; 
Sea. 3] Greysloae Park, Yoakers, 

herst), Phyaieian," W«lpo"li,"N."H. 
•Theodore Coi, Banker, d. Apr. 1. 190S 
Iieandm Pedro Pemandcs. Physiciaii, ti 

Elm St.. E*n Qaire. Mich. 
Howard Croaby Lithniw, Mason am! 

Builder, M King St, New York, N. Y.; 

Res. 41 King Si., New York, N. Y. 
WUlUm Sagtic. jr., " " ^ 

Bdward Wililam Brvant. Anthor. JSS W. 

156th Sl, New York, N. Y. 
•B«ward Blaekstone Hurat, Joumalut, 

(Ihit by Lehii*}. 
John WillCam HutciiiuDn, Jr- Lawyer, ]7 

Wall St, New York. N. Y.: Res. 353 

W. s»lh St, New York, N. Y. 
•Julien Myer Isaacs Lawyer, d. Uar. 

•Robert Roy HcKae, Lawyer, d. Tulr 5' 

Permln Pcrrer Martyn, Clergyman. Paa- 
tor First ' Baptiat OiuTCh, St Lonia, 
Ha; Res. 1330 aark Ave., St Louia, 

Penfield (I nit. by 

., Seal ^tate, 413 

-. Vork, N- Y. 

Horgsn Robert Shafer, Hachine Tools. 

Mem. U. R. Shaler & Co^ so Church 

Sl, New York, N. V.: Rea. S70 W. 

iS6th Sl, New York. N. Y. 
James Henry Shipley, Teacher 

High Sehool, '■^ ' ' ' 

N. Y.: Res. 

York, N. Y. 

.cal Schon!, New York, N. ... 

W. 84th Sl, New York, K. Y. 
James Bddy Blake. Physician. 3 S. Fair- 

lifw Avt, Roiliodale, Mass. 
John Lewie Clark, Clergyman, Pastor 

Buihwick Ave. ConiTegalional Charch, 

BrDoklyo, N. Y. ; Bet. 4? Linden St, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Herbert Eber Pratt Sales Manager. Gould 

Storage Battery Co., 30 E. jsd St, New 

York, N. Y.: Hea. 169 E- iTSth SL, 

New York. iJ. Y. 
Samuel Jay Stiebel, Importer, Japanese 

Fan (St, 49 E. »m St, New York, 

N. Y. ; Res. 46s West End At*., New 

York, N. Y. 
John Francla Tucker, Lawxar and D>- 

Albert Arthur Anderton (Init by Syra- 
cuse). Clergyman, Paator Victory and 
Westtury ll. E. Chureli, Calo. N. Y. 

•Harry Prime BiaMll, Bank Qark, d. 

•Oswia Dickerson Carlson, Bank Clerk, 
d. Not. as, 1S98. 

*LaareIl Wealcy Demeritt, Ciergyman. d. 
Feb. 1. igoi. 

John Waaley OUn^ Clergyman, Pastor 
H. E. church, Dolomi, Alaska. 

William Augustua Hudion, Electrical Ea- 
(ioeer, Boston Edison Co., iifij Maasa. 
chuaettt Are., Boston, Mass.; Res. j 
Wsshbum Terrace, Brookline. Maaa. 

Lewis Hontefiore Isaaca, Lawver, Mem. 
M. e - - - - ■-'..-. 


46 W. 7(ith St, New York, I.. .. 

John Hal! McKay, Capitalist, 47 Cedar 
St, New York. N. Y. ; Rei. 364 Lex- 
ington Ave., New York. N. Y7 

Kengo Moriya. Toumaliit (Inii. by Syra- 
cuse), G04 McLean Atc, Yonkers. N. Y. 

Charle* Frederick Napier, Jr., Auditor and 
SystematliEr, ^S Hudson St., New York. 
N. Y.; Res. Xane Avt, W., Caldwdl, 

N. J. 

Howard Edgar Carlson. Bank Cerk, Dun- 
Up, Cal. 

Harrr Bernard Ooldamlth, Silk Goods 
Manulactarer, Mem. Hess, Goldsmith « 
"- --- "- -<- ' - New York, N. Y.J 



Agenl, 80 Brosd Sl, New Vorlc, N. Y.; 
Sea. 4109 7tli Are., Brooklyn, ^. Y. 
rnndi JoHpb llcCourt, Pbriician, BctU 
Ave.. Troy, N. Y. 
a Rice Pnxtj Clergyman, P»itiw_^Fin 

Pnitt Clergyman, f 
itioaal Chnrch. Veri 

with "The Rail Joinl Co.," 61 _._ 

way, New York, N. Y.j Rej. No 

Ave., New Rochelle. N. Y. 
Cfaarlee Bndd Hayeo, Lawyer. 
Swnuel Deems IlcCamb. Uarine Insur 

ance, S. D. He Comb & Co^ 56 Beaver 

St., New Yoilc, N. Y.: Ree. Shiag- 

Tille. N. Y. 
Nath*nl«l Parker TurDar, Civil Engineer, 

"-- _f Highway!, Marshall Tex.; 

- iqj & Border St., UanhaCl, Tex. 
Ic* Puller Uhl, Lawyer, with Ti"- 
arantee ft Tnial Co., lyS Broadw 

Yorlc, N. Y.; 

: £. 14th 
New York, N. Y. 
Carlton Woodward. Ciiil Engin- 
■ ■ I City, Kans. 

St, New ^ork' N.' 'y. 

Herman Arnold Brecber. Uanqfacturer oE 
Pun, I iS £. sSth St.. New York, N. Y. ; 
Re*. Hotel Berkeley, i;a W. ?4lh St, 
New York, N. Y. 

WUIiuB Prancii Catherion, Phviiclan, 37 
Hamilton St, Paterion, N. T. 

CUrsnc* Albert Holmes. Physician, 116; 
'Boiton Rd, New York, U. Y. ; Re^i. 
axai Uoiyerjily Ate., New York, N, Y. 

William Jordan Holmea. Sicteury, ii6s 
Boiton. Rd., New York. N. Y. 

Klebard Taylor Lynch, Judge of Cily 
Coon, ]i Chambers St, New York, 
N. Y.; Rea. i«a Rinrside Dr., New 
York. N. Y. 

J(Aa Derb7 Comeliui ■lacke)'. Civil En- 
gineer, Aaat Engineer Bureau of Sewen, 
BoToocfa of Qaeens. gist St and Hayes 
Atc. Corona. N. Y. ; 8«. iia Main 
■ St, Port Wubington, N. Y. 

Joba Treiettc Allen, Teacher, Manual 

Training School. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Ret 

4S1 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
deiijamiii Alvin Betta, Traveling Salea- 

man. Raleigh, N. C 
Heniy D«ritt Carey, Actor, Biograph Co., 

Lo» Aogelea, Cat; Re*. City l»land, 

N. Y. 
Hillard Fillmore Tompkloi, Lawyer, 

15 Broad SL, New York. S. Y. j Sea. 

34 Midwood St, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Ttaomai Bytnea Brogan. Civil En ginw. 
niTiiiiii of Hinhwavf, 50 Court St, 
Br^Myn. N^.: 6^ S*? Sixth St. 

JW^^'Gil^" ^lem«.l.. Banker, Sw. 

,6™ Xoomi. St, Winfield, Kana. 

Everett OUU Civil Engineer, Ed."n 
Illuminating Co., Wbitney Bldg., 

H^JSld^'Adolpb Link*. Mining Enpnew. 

^o?'/d'o"*'aff':'R«"'4'" ^i s"''(^-- 

■fl. Y. 
net viern, wilh St. 
ixniia iron innu..i».u & Southern R. R. 
•wm^ fieniV Soown, Civil Engineer, 
•{^/g'SVa^^iM'Trede, Civil Engineer, d. 

Ch^Ut^'PrSnci. Twi-lT^ Ci?l,„^°<J"?- 
41; Homeatead Ave., Ut Vernon. N. Y. 

Alhert LonU WUcox, Civil Enpneer. w>lh 
Pacific Ga. ft ElM- Co-._44S Sutter St, 
San Fraticiieo. CaL; Res. Marlmei. 

-- ,-_ -- Engineer. 

— Service Commission. i»s Lafay- 
St, New York, N. Y.; ftes. 3" 

Albert Jaffertoo HayeU. Civi 

_ 'i^slt St^ New"'York, N*. Y. 

Stanley Hotcomb Hollaon, Lawyer, 4a 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. ; Kei. 
aaf W. iiiat St.^ New York, N. Y. 

Frederick Allen Wilkln»n, Civil Engin- 
eer, Uanager of Ice Factories, Santiago, 
Cubai Re*. Santiago. Cuba. 

Roswall Sampson Bowlbr, Teacher. High 

School, Horriitown, N. j. 
Arthur Leightmi Dencfafield, Phyiiclan, 

Asheville,7hr. C 
Charlea Oalwey, Teacher, Stoneleigh 

Court, Waihington, D. C 
Jaha Prand* O'Svut. Major General of 

the National Guard, Stale of New York, 

Unnicipal Building, New York, N. Y.; 

Re*. 640 Bivenide Dr., New York, 

N. Y. 

iSS Lexington Ave., 
V.J Res, ao Prospect 

H^ sSdSi Sidle, Mechanical Dnfts- 
man. with Seagrave Co.. ao7S S. High 
St. Columbua, O, ; Res. 3ai '7lh Ave.. 

Lo'iSa'^arie?' Frew. Buildina ^<J«; 
""' , New"Y«fc 
N. Y.; Iter — «'•'-•■'■■ 
York, k. Y. 

es. Louis^^C Fre 

E. iSa'd St, New 

Bdward Pe'rcyXing, Surveyor, Qof,™! Co. 
Topographfeal Bureatl, Oty flail, Long 
Island City, N. Y.J Res. 3S Ackroyd 
Ave., Jamaica, N. <f. , 

Clarence Albert Leavitt La 

JoTgeVifle^N" y" 
Walter Clai 

ryer. S«< 
Realty ( 

wilS'cimon' liinari Teacher. Public 
School No. M. New York, N. Y. ; Re^ 
rS W. "il^t. New York. N, T^. 

Jam** Leater Horait, Refrigerating En- 



gincer. Johni-Manville Co., 41" St. 

■ nd Madijon Avt., New Ygrl., N. Y. ; 

Res. ai Church Si., While Plains, N. Y. 
CbarlM Aluinder Honiion. Jr.. Salei- 

man. Americaa Sugar Refining Co., 00 

Wtst St., New Yort, N. Y. ; R»8. Hock- 

Tille Center, N. Y. 
Frederick A«» RuMeU, Lawyer, Wool- 

worlh Building. Orchard St., Tarrytown, 

N. Y.; Hei. 143 Main St., Tairjrtown. 

N. y. 


,_.r«7N. I. 

e Sand^ord Blake. Lawyer, Wolber 

& Blake, 186 Broad St, Newark. N. J.; 

Rev ?co Harrison Are., Harrison, N. J. 
George Vteeland Halacr, Lawyer, ajo 

W. Ridgewood Are., Rijgewood. N. J.; 

■ J. 

I W. Franklin 

Toronto, Ont; Res. 68 Dugg.r. 

Toronto, Ont 
Cbarle* Rarmond Hulaart. Civil En^n- 

Seventh Ave 

RCK : 

Howard Clark Ulxoa. Saletman. with Sus- 

Siehanoa Silk Mills, iS W. iSth St, 
ew York, N. Y.; Res. ai4 Edgecombe 
Ave., New York, N. Y. 

tlion*! Thornton Reilley, Lawver, Assem- 
blynua, 1 1 1 Broadway, New York. 
N, Y.; Res. ais W. 137th St, New 
York, N. Y. 

Ralph Anthony RleiKO, avil Engineer, 
with Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Indian 
Orchard. TJass. 

Theodore Gardner Robinion. Manufac- 
turer, Prea. and Treas. J. T. Robinson 
& Son, Cold Spring, N. Y. 

Bennett Seele* Run die, Phviician, Port 
Jerrt.. N. ¥. 

Frederick Snrdcr, Physician and Surgeon. 
44 Ointoo Ave, Kingiion, N. Y. 

Prcd Montroie Tibbetta, MaauCacturer, 
Vice-Pres. and Secretary J. T. Robin- 
son A Son, Cold Spring, N, Y.: Hes. Ji6 
Lorraine Ave., Ml Vernon. N. Y. 

Ralph EdMin Tibbetta, Lawyer, with 
Whipple. Sears A Ogden, 831 Tretnont 
Bldg., Boston, Mais.; Rea. i] Over- 
look Rd., Melrose Hichtands. Masa. 

Kirtland Allen Wilsoo. Managing Editor 
■'Daily Financial America." 40 Slone St. 
New York, N. Y. ; Rea. Scarsdale, 
N. Y. 

New York, N. Y. : Sea. Westficld. 
N. T. 

Pierre Malcolm Hulaait, Civil Engineer. 
Board of Water Supply, 150 W. slOi 
St. New York. N. v.; Res. 3340 
Seventh Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Smith Carl Setcham. Civil Eniineer. with 
John Lowry. Jr., Btulder, 8 W. 40th 
it.. New York. k. y.i ies. aio Am- 
herst St., East Orange. N. J. 

James Wallace Laird. Susineis Manarer, 
Palace Theatre, Toctenvllle, N. V.; 
Res. ai7 Center St. Tottennlle, K. Y. 

Edward Leon Lewia, Jr., Auctioneer, 
Hem. Woodrow & Lewis, 94 Pearl St. 
New York, N. Y, : Rel. S44 W. 157tb 
S>„ New Vork, N, Y. 

Floyd Francis McDowell, Civil Entioee', 
Borough of the Bronx, irrlh St ud 
3d Ave.. New York, N. Y. ; Res. 151 
lie Ave.. Yonkera, N. Y. 

Charles Philip Madden. Civil Encineer, 

Fred La Rot Nafii, Amo-tire Saleamao, 
Enterprise Rubber Co., no Federal St, 
Boston, Mass. ; Bes. ConEreaa Sq. Hotel, 
FonUnd, Me. 

Daniel Rogge. Contractor, Gist St and 
>6th Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Rea. 307^ 
Perry Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Baker Ttppett Lai 


Service Corporation, Bo Park PI., 
Newark, N. f . ; Res. 397 Turtell Ave., 
S. Orange, N. J. 
'-"■ — Shipley Coffey, Lawye- ' 

,. First Nat' — 1 n-i' ' 

I, N. Y.j I 

nal Bank Bidg., Mt 
I.: nes. Wittenburg Ave., 
™. ..,,.«.,, N'. Y. 
Everett Burr Hedden, Civil Engineer, with 
Board of Public Works, South River, 
N. T.; Rea. g6 Onawanpum St, White 
Plains, N. Y, 
Robert Van Amborg Hoffi 
"The Field Illastnled," i 

Emery St, Jeney City. N. J., 
iver, N. J.J Re»- 8*8 Seventh 
New York. N. Y. 


Walter WilUamaon. Inltmctor, College of 
the aty of New York. 139th St and 
Convent Ave., New York, N. Y. : Res. 
962 Anderson Ave., New York, N. Y. 

I Baiter, Jr., Lawyer, 


,-,_ Rice Brown. Safe«ni_.., 

Supply Co.. Valpariso. Ind. ; Res. tl 
W. Park St., Albion, N. Y. 

George Joseph Franela Cany, Civil En- 
gineer, Board of Water Siqniy, City of 
New York. Coniwall-on-nw!>on, N. Y. 

Andrew Francii Cbunberlala, dercymaB, 
Pastor Method iat Spiacopal Cnorelu 
Rye, N. Y. ; Res. 94 Bolton Post Rd., 
Rye. N. Y. 

LIndiey Cocks, Mortgage Broker, 
Cocki & Dowtiea, i Liberty St, 
York. N. Y.: Rea. i« S. Seventli 

MB, Manager 

Mem. Cocki A Dowtiea. i Liberty St, 

New York, N. Y. : Rea. i« S. " -^ 

Ave., Rockaway Park. N. Y. 

Frank Stephenson DanfocA (In it br 
Technology). Private Secretary to E. F. 
Danfonh, Orient. N. Y. 

Miles Henander Dawson, Lawyer and 
Actaary, 141 Broadway, New York. 
N. Y.: Res. 13S W. osth St, New 
Yort. N, Y, 

Norman Chester HUL Civil Engineer. 
Public Service Commisaion. mg E. 138th 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Ret. 90* Or- 
chard St., PeeksViU. N. Y. 

Charles Milton Kcefer. Sttperlnlendenl 
Charity Organiiation Society'a Indnilrlil 
Bldg-. (iS W, s8th St. New York, 
N. Y. ; ltt*._4 RoauD Ave., Poreal Hitls, 
t. L, K. T. 


dwrlei Edward LiUi*. Teacher, Dickin- 
son High School, Jersey City, S. J. ; 
Re*. Park Ave. ind Marshall St, Cald- 
well. N. J. 

Rodolph AforiiUi HcGovern, UininE £n- 
gineei, Caloric Co.. 30 Broad St., New 
York, N. y. and A»enid« do Cae», 437. 


Richard Blaine 

York, N. Y. ; 

lalne Dawaon, Lawyer, Mem. 

& Wolff, 141 Broadway, Ne* 

John Edwin Teihuoe. Civil Eacioeer, U. S. 
Ensineer'i Office, 15 N. Pearl Si., Al- 
bany, N. v., 64 N. Allen St.. Albany, 
N. V. 

Albert Buaene Van Houtan, U. S. Diplo- 
matic Serrice, U. S. Embasty. Berlin, 
Germanv. ca.e ol Sute Dep»rlDi«nt, 
, D. Q; Sea. 7J ClifE Are., 

r. Y. 

..._ cV.."jii 

Fourth A»t, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 
1741 Sedswiclc Atc, New York. N. Y. 
Lawrence White Wtlaon, Fanner and Con- 
tractor, Wilioa Conlriclins Co., Inc., 
Staunton, Vi. ; Res. "Hilliide," K. F. 

Edwin Johniton Barr, Salesman with Lord 
A Burnbam Co., Irrinnon, N. Y. 

Frank Joseph DuSr, Asaiitant Depart- 
mental Head, will) National Braii & 
Copper Tnbc Co., Haition-on. Hudson, 
N. v.; Res. St itTine Ave., Vonkera, 
N. Y. 

un-nnunni, n. X. 
Oeorn Pan! Heala, Teacher, Berkcler 

ScCooI. ?id Sl and Weal End An.. 

New York, N. Y.j Res. » £. J4th 

St., New York, N. Y. 
WillUm FrancU HcOorem. Salennan, 

HcGovern & Co., woolens and worsteds. 

45 E. i7tb St, New York, N. Y. ; Res. 

II Fort Wathinston Ave., New York, 

Yonkers, N. Y. 

I John Durand. Fsirmer, Capititiit, 

- .^_ e Sale*. 

lal Benefit UI« Ins. Co., 
ijS Broadway, New York, 

^MllhcdUnd, Farmer. 

Ilatcalioo Atason, Jr.. Mechanic 

William Fraods Brodhead, Physician and 
Surgeon, 46] W. JJd Sl, New York, 
N. Y.; Sea. aja W. 119th St., New 
York. N. Y. 

Howard Blauvelt aeaveland, Iniurince, 
with American Mutual Compensatias 
Iniurance Co., 18 E. 41st St., New 
York, N. Y. : Res. 131 I^e Dr., 
Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

Bdwin Wrlcht Cooney, Uwyer, with 



N. Y. 
Conwliui Chetter Dallond. Fruit Grower, 

Ueia. DoMoad Brotheri. Airdcn Farm. 

tJliter Park, N. Y. 
John Wllioa Haee, Clergymin. Putor 

Howard A>«. H. E. Church, New Hiven, 

Cl; Rea. 7S Fourth SC New H*«n, 

Anlbonv Prank Adriu, 606 W. iij<l> 
St., New Yorli, N. Y. 

Roberto AntriutD Andradc Scluman, with 
General PireprooGnE Co., Lonja del 
Comercio 418-419 Hivini, Cuba; Ku. 
Lima, Peru, S. A. 

Laurence OriSdii Deckar, Hilk, iridi 
Scheffietd-Farma-SIawaon-Decker Co., 

514 W. jBth St., New York, N. Y.: 
Rei. 6)8 W. iM<h Sl, New York, N. V. 

WiUiam Ardiur Elder Saieaman, wiih 

AlcuBder Besn Wilkle, Life Inst 
Travellers Tnsurance Co., A 
N. Y.i Res. Selkirk, N. Y. 

George Albert ZbnmennaDn. Cenera 
iraclOT. Hem. Jacob A. Zimmerm 
Son Inc., rS E. 4t»t St., New 

_... 36 Broad Sl,, New 

lori.. N. Y.; Ret Park HiH, Yonkert, 

N. -i. 

John HUaiT BauUIon (Init. br Colum- 
bia). Lawyer, wilh Dans. Donohue, 
Thompson & Deiti, r Uberty St., New 
York, N. Y. : Res. J44 Convent Ave., 
New York, N. Y. 

Ynsve Pierre Brundin, Real Ealate, wilh 
William A. While & Sons. ^6 Cedar St., 
New York, N. Y. ; Res. iii 40th St., 


I York, N. Y. : 

, Roches 
_ __«nr7 H 

1 Sehechler I 

ock St., Brooklyn, ., 

Orlando Hiyford Daniels. T 

School, Greenwich, Cl. ; 

Mason St., Crcfnwich, Ct. 
Thomas Webster Edgar. Physician, 406 

W. 17th St., New York. N. Y. 
John Willis IfcCoimack, Civil Engineer, 

Church s" Ne^'York, N.' V.T'Res" 
410 Broadway, Mrchanicaville, N. Y. 

Edwin Campbell Moran, Firmer, William- 
son, N. Y. ; Res. 11 Church Sl., While 
Plains, N. Y. 

Clarence OUbert Norton. Civil Engineer, 
Public Service Commisjion, 31$ Lafay- 
ette St., New York. N. V. ; Rea. 819 W. 
180th St, New York, N. Y. 

Warren Jamei Taussig, Flour Broker, 
with Samuel Knighlnn & Son, Flour 

. Produce ExcbanRe, New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. Jfl W. i84lh St., New York, N. Y. 

Horace Horton Underwood. Inalnictor, 

B W. 

1 W. lotl 
loo V?. 

N. Y.; Bea. 4S» 

icnoiler, N. Y. 

Hamilton, Jr., Lawyer, 
■im atiictnier & Lotsiil. LawyerB, to 
Wall St. New York. N. Y.: Rea. lajs 
President St, BTOoklyn. N. Y. 

Albert John llaedonald. Public Account- 
ant, 11 Exchange PL. New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. s6i W. 1471b St, New York. 
N. Y. 

Cbirlea Jerome Hoore, Engineering Con* 
•..,.,.r ^iih John Lowry, Jr., Builder, 
li St, New Yor)., N. Y. : Res. 
. 187th St, New York, N. Y. 

Aioert Benjunln Nixon. Accountant. 
Museum of Natural History, Central 
Park, New York. N. Y. ; Res. >jl6 Uni. 
versity Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Elmer ElUworth Odell, Denial Student. 
ITniversity of Penn., Philadelphia, Pi., 
Rrs. 1104 Jeasup PI., New York. N. Y. 

Ravmond Humford Seiburri Paper UsnU' 
facturer. Holyoke Card & Paper Co., 
Springfield. Mass.: Rea. iSS Florida St, 
Sprinjrfeld, Uaas. 

John Washington Springer, Moving Pic- 
tures, Adelphi Theatre. Broadway and 
80th St. New York, N. Y.: Res. S5J 
W. i8)d St., New York, N. Y. 

Jesse Stanton Thome. Civil Engineer, 
building and engineering con struct ion, 
wilh The Whitney Co.. ss Hansom PL, 
Brooklyn, N. Y.j Res. 140B Vyse Ave., 
New York. N. Y. 

Peter Joseph White, Garage Proprietor, 
The While Garage, sia-Si4 W. 37* 
St, New York, N. Y. : Res. 139 W. 
■osth St, New York. N. Y. 

"denl, Fordhan 
N. Y. : Res. p, 

, New York, 

ler, High 

Paul HardeB Carruth. Artist. 14 

Ave., Highbridge, N. Y. 
Lawrence Webster Guild. Salesi 

New York, N. Y. ; Re»- 

.^, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ibeU Hunicke, Law (patent) 
- ■ - ■ ■ Wall St., 

Clarence Campl 

with Russell 

New York, N. Y. ; Res. Pi 

V/ynnt Ivan Jefferds, Civil E 


I. PI.; 

; Res. 155 

I. Siln 

ork, N. Y. 

, Har- 

Cambridge. ^aaJ 
Clerk, wilh 

vard Univeraity, 
Rea, Roibury, N. .. 
Erneit Gerald WunderUch, 

W. R. Grace & Co., Bankers. 7 nan- 
over So., New York. N. Y. ; Ret jo» 
W. swih St. New York. N. Y. 




Arthur Ro«eoi Cornell, Fumier, Clinl 
Ave, Utile Neck, 1_ I., N. Y. 

Tbeodore Albeit vod Qlahn, Jr., r' - - 
with Public Servici 
Bld»., New York, ... ,.. 
nn. 121 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Alfred Dudler Wide, Uechinicsl Engin- 
«r. with Neir JirKv Public Service 
Ornimisiion; Rei. ss W. Piiiiic Ave., 
Rotherl^ H. J. 

Htrold PhUllsa Whit.. _._ . _, _. _ 
lor, with P. Welch, *04 Wellon Bldi., 

rhiu. Railwiv ( 
■'-'■ - Welloii 

St."v»nc'™»w, B^'c"'" 

Feny Tonnelj, New York, N. i. ; Ret. 
4i3 W. j*lh St., New York, N. Y. 

Huso C*apar CunMcnall. with Guaraiit)) 

Trust Co., 14a Broadway, New York, 

fJ. Y.; Res. 110 W. iSjrd St, New 

York, N. Y. 
Lool* CampaEiuili, 4001 Dille Ave., S. E. 

ClevelaTKl, 0. 1 Res. aoSg E. looth St., 

Cleveland. O. 
Phillipi Culin, Student: Rei. Soi W. 

I44tli St., New York, N. Y. 
Roland Hann B1I1«, Civil Bneineer, with 

Town Engine^iTMuaicipal Btdg.. Mont. 

cJair, N. J. 1 Rea. 4^1 CUeitnut Sl, 

Arlington, ^S. J. 
Qmusc Clare Preed, Student; Res. 707 

Pennsylvania Ave., York, Pa. 
WObur Biuen Frcttehi, Student; Res. i]0 

Underbill Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
James Joseph Aloruu* Healy, Real Ei- 

lale, H. I, Moaley ft Co., 310 Broad- 

wav. New York, N. Y.; Res. s6i W. 

I47S1., New York, N. 'Y. 
Edward Rudolph KahleBtMrfer. Student; 

Res. 715 Newark Ave.. Etriabeth, N. J. 
Dould CwBcroD KcOeachls. Derk, with 

Witcombe. McGeachin & Co.. ao-14 W. 

jrth Sl, New York, N. Y. ; Res. Larch- 

mont Manor, N. Y. 
Junes Herbert Macmillan, Student. Colum- 
bia Univenity, New York, N, Y. : Res. 

313 Webster Ave^ Jersey City, N. J. 
Cari Edgar Ria, Parmer; Res. no W. 

144th St.. New York, N. Y. 
Theodore Edward SchoJU, Jr., Student; 

Rtj, 3089 Broadway. New York, N. Y. 
Ralph Charles Jordan Sonera. Student; 

Res. 7 Belmonl Ave,, Jersey City, N. J. 
Bdtsr Call Wauih. Student; Res. 174 

Perry Ave., W. New Brighton, N. Y. 
Mardn Joseph White, with Public Service 

r,ai Co.. St. Pauls and James A-res., 

Jersey City. N. J.; Res. 155 Belmont 

Ave.. Jersey Citv, N. J. 
John Sehenek Williamion, Studeni: Res. 

Boo Linden Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Francis Bnrkl"jt.. Student, New 
York College of Dentistrr, E- ajd St, 
New York, N. V.; Res. 30 Jotwb SL, 
Jersey City, N. J- 

Gcrald Vincent Carroll, Student: Ret. i]4 

318 W. 39th St.. New York. N. Y.j 

Rei. 608 W. ufilh St. New York, N. Y. . 
William Alfred Fash, Student; Res. 6 

Louisa PI., Weehawken, N. J, 
Henty Cbarles Kranichfeld, Student: Res. 

iBS Audubon Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Denia Wren Ilaloaey. Student; Res. 14th 

St on the Bay, Bayonne. N. J. 
Gordon Dickinson Huller, Chemist, with 

American Sugar Refining Co.; Res, IJ6 

Clilton PI.. Jersey City, N. J. 

:io77 Fifth Ave., New'Y'ork, W 
Alfonso Fernaodei, Student; Res. S6ti E. 
is6th St. New York, N. Y. 

^"port^ChSte?."??'^ ^"- ^""""'' *" 
Howard Hand,' Student; Res. 40s Park 

Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Gerard John Heraon, Student. University 

of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Res. 

4S' S. Fourth Ave,, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
George WUIiam Horrc, Jr., Student, New 

York University Medical School, New 

York N. Y.; Res. 96° E. Jersey St, 

Elizabeth. N. J. 
Hugh Albin Lund. Bus,. SS Wail St. New 

gork, N.^Y.: Res. s8 Eaton PI.. Ejist 

Alfred G«rge Kohrman. Audtior, Navarre 
Hotel, sBtfi Sl. «nd 7th Aye., Ntr York, 
N. Y. : Res. 415 E. 9ih St, New 
York. N. Y. 

Donald James Nightingale. Student, Cor- 
nell University, Ithaca, N. Y. ; Res. 
817 West End Ave., New York. N. Y. 

Walter Jay Rembc Student; Res. ito7 
Main St. Peekskill. N. Y. 

Janes Walker Storer, Jr.. Student; Ret. 
i Elmcrest Terrace. Norwalk. Ct. 

Robert Erford Terwiltlger, Accountant. 
with U. S. Printing & Lithograph Co., 
91 N. Third St, Brooklvn, NT Y.; Res. 
S6i W. !47lh St, New York. N. Y. 

Adrian Van Karane ' -.. ^ . 

n A Fa 

i, Jr., with Snyder 


Benjamin Harrison' Chriabibiier.' jr.*' Stu- 
dent; Res. tjoS Chestnut St. Pine BlufF, 

Harry Eugene Bsterhrook. Student: Ret. 
R. F. D. Newburgh, N. Y. 

Ruiietl WalkST Finch. Student; Rei. B 
Van Zandt St. South Norwslk, Ct 

Fr>nk James OolT. Box 403 Bay View. 
Mich.; Res. 223 Chelsea Ave., I^nc 

Harold*^ ilcheooT 6reen. Studrnt: Ret. 

IS43 Grand Ave., New York. N. V. 
Lou's John Klaes, Student; Re«. n Ter- 
rell Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. 
Thomas Edward Hanlv, Student : Res. 

I9T4 Prospect Ave,, New York. N. Y. 
Chariet William Ifarlow, Siudfii: Res. 
■ 38< Franklin Ave.. Brooklyn. N, Y. 
Charles McDonald Hatthewn Studmt ; 

Res. 1411 Grand Ave.. New York. N. Y. 
George Washington Robbing Student 1 

Res. «oo W. load St., New York. N, Y. 
Henry Rogers. Stud-nt: Res. 10 W. lS4th 

St. New York, N, Y. 
Alfred HtrtiD Srbmldt S'udeni; Res. giS 

Cattle Point Terrace. Hoboken, N. J. 


NorthweBteni Univendty, 

KsUblishcd Feb. 18, 18S0; 39 Clsuea; 293 Uemben. 

John Clirlu Butcher, Minionur. Liboic, 
•WiUiun Konnll ChunbHUin, LawyGr, d. 
Jo*eph jleek Comuck, Ocrirmui, De- 

•Williun HcBiT Hiuton, Gonnuust 

Official, d. Apr. i, iSgg. 
Nalhia Clark limer, Lavycr, Grand Janc- 

■Predcrick Porter, Clcrsrnun, d .Apr. ij. 

.-iide U. E. Cho._, „ 

P*iker Stewart Wsbater, LawT 
tor Bldg., Chicago, III: T 
GroTC Arc. Chicato, III 

Frank Cook, Dry Goodi, Mem. Cook k 

Wood, GcncMO. IlL 
WUlian Horton Foater, Author, Social 

Worker and Lnturer, 41 Hontingtos 

Are., Boiton, Ifua. 
*Sua*u admrd HcDomott, College Pro- 

feaaor, d. Feb. aS. lOoS. 
Walter Bertram HcOmn, Electrician. 

YotkTille. IIL 
■George Frank RernoUa, Engineer, d. Jia. 

19. iS«i. 
*I#eonard l#awBhe Skelton, FhraiciaD, i 

:r, 70. t 
3601 I 

Waller Allen Evana, Faimar, Plain6eld, 

•Nathan Jamei Harkncea, Clergrman, d. 

Robert ^eunier HcPharrln, Ice Uanu- 
iscturer, with Berkeley Ice Work), Nor- 

Peter ' Downer UlddlekanS, Ketired, 

480S KenmOTc Atc, Chicago, IIL 
Rdiert HeniT Poolef, Clcrgjuaa, loi S. 

Hugh Dowlinc Atchiaon, Clergyman, 1141 

Main St, Dubnqae, la. 
•Charle* Herbert Brand, BoaineH, d. May 

Pooler. Clcrgraiaa, i 
, UGrange. la 

Wilbur Flak Atchison, 

Wood Sl. Morgan Pi 

Leon Edwin BellT Diit 

Nimrod Fraacii 

Cfaarle* CriSn Flurai 

Surgeon, 4«S E. I 

Salt Uke City. U. 
Ghaile* Lincoln Khodea, Proprietarr 

Medicines, with The Viart Co.. 636^1 

Phvaician 1 

c EdT, 

lenton Hiddlekauff. Lawyer and Dealet 
in Uw Booki, 950 W. Waabiogtoa St.. 
Loi Angelei, Cat 

Fiank Cibion MiddlekaoS. Uantifacttiret, 
d. Mav 10, 1900. 
•Edward Lealer fiinard. Lawyer, d. Mar. 

Hentv Olln Cadr. Oergyman, (Init. by 

Middleburr), ioa< Sherman Are., 

Erinilon, IIL 
Alfred Bmeet Hilli, Cattle railing and 

rancher. Rand, CoL; Ret. i40> Joie- 

phine Sl, Denver, CoL 
•Arthur Charlei Smith. Manufacturer, d. 

Columbua Bradford, ClersTBua and Au. 

thor. Kinderpoat, Mo. 
AtliBOD Franklin - Clark, aergrmaa, 

MeihodiM EpifCDpal Oiurch, loG S. 

Madiion Are., LaOrange, III. 
Charlet Elijah Linebarger, Teacher, Lake 

View High School, ^(cago, ItL 1 Res. 

.... . _ ... _.ipU of Schools, 

Dgford, Vt 
Aninah Clark, Phriician, 30 N. 
iRin Ave., Chicago. IIL ; Res. aiao 
'■* »—., Chicago, IIL 

' '"ikina. Clergyman, Hart, 


St, Corvali 
~ , CoiT ■■ 

n Wheat Battejr, Lawyer, < 

e Ave-, \^aicagD, jiu 
auff. Lawyer. 13) Second 
Ore.; Rea. no N. 17th 

Ardiar E. Fattiaon, Mem. Day ft Hansen 
Security Co., Spokane, Waih.: Rea. 4" 
Wrightwood Ave., Chicajto, IIL 

•Frank Waahington PoweU, Student, d 
Not. i«. i8Sg. 


John Quiner Ad ami. Secretary of Art 
Commission, Room 11, City Hall. New 
York, N. .Y; Rea. 48 Seeood Aye,, New 
BriRhton, N. Y. 

Pormt WUliam Beers, Preabyterian Min- 
ister, South Amenia, K. Y. 

Arthur Early Rlmare, Cooiniaaioa Mer- 
chant, 6j6 W. «3d SI., Chicago. 111.; 
Res. S4I4 Lakewood Ave.. Chicago. I)< 

Samuel Silai Farler, Clerfyman, ^eel- 



liutiT William Kuntmui. Seal E>tat< 
104 N. Dearborn St., ™ ' "" "" 

140 N, LAcliwood A 

Jamei Prtnkl 

wkh. iiL 


■ch. Sccrcunr P»tlie- 
Kuuc ui uiicwiu, Chicago, lu. t Bm*. 
634 Colf« St. |*»n-— *" 

JodioB V. Clucr. CiergTiiun, 6 Dut St, 
Boerly, Mus. 

■Frederic Ca« Dcmora^ CoU*|e Prai- 
deat, d. Feb. 4, 1915. 

OmrlM Iforton DennT, Finn lUoda, 
Preaident, The Denny Land Co., 713 
FlymDuth BIda., Mlnnupolii, Minn. 1 
Kei. 3867 Lake ol lalea BlTd., Hinne- 
■polii, Minn. 

•Sobert Hyde Holden, Newspaper Man, d. 

Joaepb HatM Odger^ aergyman, Sogers 

Park, Chicago, IIL 
William Rosa Farkct, Surgeon, Sheridan 

Bd. and UniT. PL. Evanaton, IIL 
mvin Eliaa Scott, Aist. Auditor, with 

Eqaitable Life A.aoc. f 

way. New York, N. Y. : 

Ave., Rutherlord, N. J. 



■John Hanrr Haggard, Studcat, d. May 

I, 1S01. . 
Ray Clarkaon Harka^ Clergyman, ia6 

W. Monroe St, Phoenix, Aria. 
Amarr Sherman Uaakina, Clcrgytmn, 380$ 

V. KccIet Atc, Chicago, la 
Eiman Jean Sidgwu, Fobliaher. Vice- 

Seaideat Butterick Co., Butlerick Bide.. 
ew York, N. Y. ; Bea. Montclair. 
N. J. 
Shelbr HagoSn Singleton, Lawyer and 
Secietary, Citiicna' Aaiociation of Chi- 
cago, gii Hartford BIdg., Chicago, III.; 
Re». s=i Hill St, Wilmelte, III. 
William Bradley Walrath. Preiident Wm. 

Bldg., Chicago. 

'llL ; "ri 

. Sand- 


Paul And! 

ille. Wi*. 

a Tulleya, Banking and I 

„j, 111.; Res. 61SB 

Chicago, IIL 
"' — Cleigjmad, New 

WUlia Edward Way, 

Lenox, 111. 

Horace Plummer Wilaon, PhyaiciaD, Whit- 
tier. CaL 

WlUiam BenaoB Bonnifiald, Preaident Firat 

Naliooal Bank, Odnmwa, la.; Bei. iji 

N. Jeffenon St, Ottnmva, la. 
Joha Wallace Bickay, Lumber Merchant, 

with Mount Adams Liuufaer Co.. White 

Salmon, Waah. 
Jamea Haniy Dlckaon. Hiaaionary, Am. 

Bd. of Poteiga Miaaiona, Boaton, Maaa.; 

Res. Tellippolai, Ceflon. 
SImer laaac Goaben. Clergyman, Salt Lake 

City, U. 
John Royal Lemon, Insurance, 15 ij 

Brooklyn Ave.. Loi Angeles, CaL 
•Howard Taylor Ricketta, Pbyiician, d. 

wood A*e., Chicago, IIL 
Henry Banniater WUkinaon, Title Inatu- 
ance, with Phoenix Title & Truat Co., 
iS N. Fii ■ 

imeaon Aahac, Lawyer, Mem, 
k JohBiione, Spaldmg Bldg., 
, Ore.; Rea. S60 £. Main St, 

May I 

■ 8m. 

ill Barton, aergyman, d, 
;n Ooble, OcTgyman, 2111 

William _ 

Ridge Ave.. Braoiton, IIL 

William Prentiat Drew, College Proft 
Knox College, Galesburg, ITL ; Res. 
Garfield Aye., Galeshnrg, IIL 
■S." . •"=»"» , ' B^|,i^„_ [J. y' 

'Edwin Herbert AcIIa 



Oakland, CaL; Bea. 

Charle* Haiiard, Physician, Oateopi 
iS W. J4th St. New York, N. Y. : 
40 N, Fullon Avt, Mt Vernon, N 

Daniel Jamea Holmea, Aaditor, Pall 

John Calhoun Singielon. Preaident I 
born Duster Co^ Si' W. Harrison 
Chicago, III.; Res. £53 Hmnun . 
Eyanalon. IIL 

Albert Weatey Skelaey, Physician 
Surgeon, Gao Front, Fargo, N. D. ; 
601 Fidh St N., Fargo, N. D. 

Clarence Arthur Wella. Physician, Mi 


. Mich.;, Rea. iS8s Sec- Claii 


Church Federation of St Louir '- 
" ■ ■ " Bldg.. ■ 

son, Secretary, The 
w York Life Bldg, 



..; K«». 4SJ* N. 1 
- >^ ill.: 

Duette Bldg.. 

Grind BWd., Cliii:»,( 

Loiiii Goldnnitb lonn, 

Pub. Co. of Idisil 

" L Ualden. ' 

Count.. ____ 

111. ; Res. JI4 S. Tiei 

Mar- Kobe 


William Eutcne : 

Muikcgon, Mich. 
Andrew KUiliB Puckrin. Ttniraili 

American, New York, V. Y. 
Trancii Riveri Sinfleton, Fubli 

Araerluta Bank Bldg., Sea III 

Res. i?73 14th A«. S^ Seallle, 
•Gcorgs ihklrr Tubbi, CipitaliK, d 



Will Earoeit Bennett, Cltrgyman, 31° » 

Nevada Ave., Colorado Sprmgs. Col. 
CUvton Dariui Lae, Firit Vice-P resident. 
United Suies Presi AtsocialiDns, World 
Bid*., New York, N. Y. ; R«. Ridge- 
■"""d Rd,, Maplewood, N, I. 

rd Joseph Ridings, Clergyman. Pal- 
Howard Cong'll Church, Oak Park. 
■ , Oak Park. 

Char'lea Edgar Witter, 

Hit] School, St. Uniii, 
Berlin Ave,. St Louii, 



Hark Win&eld Creup. Whc 
Vice-— '-■-- "-!^ ■'->- 

16 £. - 

Kenilwortb, IIL 

Herle Wilfred Jan 

t Hart, SchaSner & Mar 

e Glass 61.,' 

ifiiS FHck Bldg., 

Edgewood. Pa. 

Edgar OriDt Siiaon, E 
Sagazine, 119 w! 4 
N, V; Rei. a 14 Va 

N. J. 
Oeorgt Horace Tomlinioi 
and Sfcreury, with Stai. 

W. 4oth SI., New'vork. 
4 Valley Bd., Montclair. 

A"t, Cashier 
laiik of Evans- 
1046 Sheridan 

Hd., Ertnslon, 111. 
Kulus Herbert Wllklnaon. Jr.. Sec 

and Real Estate, «ot-! ' " ' 

Bldg., Warren O. ; Rei. 

I Natl. Bk. 

rt Kingiley Crawford, Real Eiute, 

:s. The Ohio Land Co., sat Akron 

& Loan Bldg., Akrxjn, O, ; " 

106 Hamilton Ave, Akron, 6. 
WllUuu CUtk Danfordi. Phviician, liM 

Hlnman Ave., Evanilon. Ill 
Irwin SuaHlI HalU Fumlliue. with 

Besancott-Hall Furaiture Co., 118 Fine 

Ave., Long Beach, Cal. : Rea 1811 Park 

Blvd., Long Beach, Cal. 
George Blake Knowlton, Merchant, 11;- 

iji S. B road wav, Rochester, Uino. ) Rei. 


e Franklin Hatteun 
ch Advertising Cc 
ai Bldg., Chreago, 
leridan Sd., aiicag< 
raai Albion Stai 
ithriin Bldg. 

- Cu) 

i Anacpa St. SanU ^arbata^ 

Northwestern Univereily. Evan»ton, 1 
Res. iSia Hinman Ave., Evanston. 
David Irwin Williara*. Adjusttr, v 
Uarihall Field & Co., Wholesale, 
W. Adam* St. Chicago, III. : Res. 4 
Magnolia Ave., Chicago, III 

Richard feeler Bunt, Dyer. C C Divi- 
sion St, Chitago, 111; Rei. us* Dear- 
barn Ave., Chicago, III. 

Lesley Lenoo Kenncdr. Basiness. with 
Larkin Co., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Kes. 819 

_ „ Buflalo. N. ■_. 
Clarence Elliott Xiwwiton, Dry Goods, 

Rochester, Minn.: Res. 410 S. Dakou 

St. Rochesler, Minn. 
Ralph De Leon Hacteson, Lawyer, jji 

Railway Encbange Bldg.. Chicago. 111.; 

Res. 6639 Woodfawn Ave., Chicago, III 
lohn Henry NevUIa. 
Lucius LiVerne Pariih. Manager Oeve- 

land OtHce. with Field Richards & Co.. 

loii Citizens Bldg., Cleveland, O. ; Bes. 

and, O. 

r Clea 

-, The 

vnicago, jii, ites. iflsa i*(. A-cnvaie 

Ave.. Cdicago. IIL 
Walter J. Smith. Shorthand Reporter, 140} 

Ashland Block, Chicago. IIL; Res. loSa 

Luni Ave.. Chicago, III. 
George Craig Steward Clergyman, Rector 

'^I . T.iilr^i rtinrrh l^xifialnn Til ' 

Eira Cook. Publisher. ' 
.00k Pab. Co.. Elgi" '11 
pel St, Elftin, III. 

Webiter Harold Bntka. Uwyer. ! 

Burke, Jackson & Burke, Room 1 

S, Dearborn St. Chicago, IIL; 

isii Chase Ave.. Chicago. IIL 
Far Cooper Cote, Anthropologist, r 

Museum of Natural History, Chici.... 

jtL; Rea. 5Sii Dorchester Ave.. Oiieago, 

Manly Thorne. Teacher, d. George Woolston Egler. Garage. Onarga, 

Chapel St, Elftin, III. 
Karl David King, Manager Canulty In- 
■uranci Dept., with Frtd S. James S 
Co., ,7S W. Jackson Blvd.. Chicaao. 
III.; Res. 914 Greenwood Ave., Wil- 




TlismM Blakt Sco 

Charlc* Syrd Etder, Lawyer, 70a RkIot 
BIdE., Oiicago, III.; Ro. 131a FarweJI 
Aoc, Racers Park, Chicani. IIL 

Gtorgc Lerant . HuTouD, Lawyer, Uem. 

Blda.', Stattlc'WillSi'. ; ^Bea. 45*8 Uni- 
versity Blvd., Seatll*. Wuh. 

Huty EdiTard Smoot, Lawyer, with Hac- 
Ch«»M, A Beckei, 30 N, L»Sh1!« St., 
Chicaso, IIL; Rei. 1138 Hinman Ave., 
Evsnston, III. 

Charlea Edward Stahl, Salei Manatcr, with 
CoDsecticut Telephone & Electric Co., 
EvSistSn, lU.""' "■ ' " ° '^ "■■ 

Charlea William Ward. Commercial Secre- 
Ury, Chamber ol Commerce, Battle 
Creek, Mich.] Res. js Frelinghuyaen 
Ave.. Battle Creek, m'^. 

Gilbert Mavea Wynekoop. Physician 
and Surgeon, 4500 Slieridao Rd, 
Chicago, 111. 

•Walter Willard Wynekoop, Lawyer, d. 


, Mem. Hot- 

. S'S W. Hiihland Ave., Redlands 

Ralph Haney Burke, Engineer, with Sani 
tary Diitrid, gig S. Uichiaan Ave. 
ChicaRo, IIL; Res. iiaM Creuent Aie. 
Chic*BO. la 

Kenneth Howard Davanpot^ Lawyer 

Benjamin Pranklin Brown, Teacher 
School. Unsins. Uich.; T 
chard Si,, Lsnling, Mich. 

"' " — ■- " — -rnlng, Dep«iLiuiu 

all Field & Co., : 
licsp), III.: He. 
■^lumma .nve., ChrcaBO, 111. 

Gilbert Haven Cadv, Geologist, 
Stale Geological Snrrey, Utbana, 

John William G anna way ,_Ca>hi 

:r H^h 
aij tSi- 


-.with Man 

;. Char 

with C( 

Ct. : Re_. 

Roy Khvd 

■ Porter HlDckley 

Res. 417 E. 4Slh St., Chicago. Ill 
Irod Bowser, Lawyer, Mem. Frier- 
- -- . . - 3,j^ 

iwyer. Mem. : 
-ican Trait L.„ 
1345 S. Madisc 

William Garfield 

■navel, Sedgwick, 
Riley, Salesman, 
i Utjx. 36 S. Frai 

St, Chicago, 111.; Rea." 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Marshall Anderson Smoot, Physician, 413 

Hitchcock Bldg., Naihville, Tenn. 
Bliot Churchill Williams, Life Insnrance, 

with Aetna Life Ins. Co., got Harris 

Trust Bldg., Chicago, IIL; Rea. 4SJS 

Maiden St, Chicago, III. 
Frank Davis Young. 

Robert Howard Lord. Ins 


John Paul Gilbreth. Mining, Bealson C« 
per Co. LiTouche Island. Alaska. 

Herman Orotboll. Petersburg, IIL 

Ehner John Schafer, Secretary, wi 
Meeker Magner Co., Inc., 17s W. Jac 
son Blvd., Qiiesgo, 111.; *--'*--- ''- 
Ave., Chicago, III. 

William Clay Smoot, Banker, Boi 507 
Clinton, Okla.; Res. 510 Terrace Ave.. 
Qinton. Okla. 


•Thomas Carlyle Diven, Student, d. Feb. 

Fletcher Barry Poole. 

Miner Raymond Tillotson, Deputy Poreal 
Supervisor of the Shasta National For- 
est, U. S. Forest Service, Sisson, CaL 

i Salesman, with 

La&ille St'.',"chicago"llf.';''fees?'ti64 N. 

Shore Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Edwin Winfield Day, Fire Insurance, 

with C M. Bishop ii Co., Insurance In. 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
"" '■ ■ ^ Chemist, Inler- 



1 Shore 


, Gergyman, Vicar 

: Hall Bedellngs, 

_._yo Clinic, Roches 

John Migani **- 

with fnte. 

"■... Mayo Clinic, Roc! 

"It*" John Migann ihumw 

Harold Lymi 

bnrg III 
Rex Weeks, Groi 

y, Adverluing Dept, 
Harvester Co., 6o(i 

e., Chicago, 111.: Res. 

Evanston, ill. 

Grand Blvd., Spokane, Wash. ; 

Res. 814 14th Ave.. Spokai 

Winfield A. 

Chicsgp, Milwaukee 

Co., Chicago, 111.: 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
William Gordon Berg, 

I. Berft 

. Res. iiG N. Ashland Blvd., I 

t Milton Brashingham, Froi 
wney'a Office. Cily of ( 
' Hall, Chicago, III.; Sea. 



LorioB Ototgt Cr>r»cr, Saleunao, Nuh- 
YJUc. Teno. 

•hall Field A Co!! Wibuh udWuhini- 
ton SU., Chicaia, IIL; Ke*. ilJJ Jud- 
Mn Ave^ &Tanit<m, IIL 

Chirlu WilUrd JickuB, AdTcrtismi, 
Cundlach AdTcrtiiias Co., ijii Feo- 
p]« Gu Bids., Chicato, III; Ra. 1133 
Judson Atc. ETuuton. IIL 

Ifrron Soban Lugibilili Prafcuor, New 
Mexico Sute HoTDul School. Silver 
Oty, N. M.; Be*. 1015 Sanu HiU St.. 
Silver City, N. H. 

Oeorge Hamilton SwUb Fhyaicitn, Sinr 

Hnmond Chunben, Gcaduate Student, 
BaiTUd UniTCnitT. Cvnbndn, Hasi. ; 
Rea. j» Uain St., Emuton, IIL 

lamM D. FellowL Bncm, On. 

■dwln Albert IdJ, BuW, Cadiier lehl 
ft SoDB, UelvioTllL 

Jeai* Imns llarfh, S*le«nas, with Hart 
Schefiner ft Man, j6 S. Franklin St, 
Chicago, IIL; Be*. lajj JtuUon An 

ScBBeth Auon Pack, Ensiaeer, Commo 
wealth Ediion Co., 7a W. Adam* S'_, 
ChlcaBO, lU. ; Be*, lua £*te* An., 
Kofen Pirk^Chicai " 

•&• • 

*LoDu Penr ^fcra, Stndent, d. Etcc i, 

HaiT^ Barle Eweitxar, AdTCrtinaa Man- 
aeer, with Appleton Ufg. Co., BaUna, 
IIL; Re*. Bos 49, B. F. D. No. ], 
Anrora, 111. 

Walter Talmasa Ward, aerBrnuD, Bo**- 

Tille, Kan*. 
Frank Oaorn Yoimc, Ir„ Ladiea' 1 

*- .. ^cODd 

lo-wear, Vouno'*, 1704 
Rock Illaad. llLi Be*. 
Bock IiUnd, IIL 

Irnn J. Atwood, Lawjer, with Chicago 

Cil> Railwayi, Chicaro, III ; Re*. 5340 

Kehmore Art.. ChiciTBO. IIL 
Homer HaTTi*oD Clark, Stewart Warner 

Speedometer Co., Chicago, 111.; Sei. 

[gig Diversey Bird.. Evanstoo, IIL 
Paul Rarmond Prank*. Teacher, High 

School, Ponliac, luTBe*. 63a E. WmTi- 

inglon St., Pontile, IlL 
Plord Jame* JuUea, Pannar, R P. D. 2. 

Harrr Grant Merabon, Graduate Sta 
Yale UniveriLty, New HaTCD, Ct; 
JD7 Oak St., Rockford, IIL 

Orlo Dean Smith, Manulacturina, 
Manufacturing Co., Kewaoee, Ifl. ; 

Box 101 UniV. Sla., 
. 70s W. **th Sl, 


New Haren. Ct ; Rei. Muskegon. Mich 
EUwood Criawm, Jr, Im — "-- 

vereity of ttxai, Box 10 

Aualin, To " 

Anitin, To. 
Joba Donald Hick*. Auiitanl, Univeraity 

of WiicoMin, loig Uniyeraity A—- 

Uadiion, Wia. ; Be*. Dongla*. W^ 
I.aigfau>n Samnal Ktjt, Beal 

Saline Bealty Co.. Sahna, Kan. ; ju*. 

141 & SeTenth St., Salina, Kao. 
Theodore Henry Kmmwlada, Real E*- 

late, with Baymond G. Hancock & L. 

3i N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IlLj Re*. 

1*33 Judaon At*., BranatOL IIL 
Harrr Carl Hark*. Sale* Dcpt, with 

Illinois Steel Co., aoS S. Ij. Sabe St., 

Chicago, 111. ; Be*. 3906 Ni Secley Aye., 

Chie*So, 111. 
Oaorga Sarmoar HcCnnon^ Ciril En- 
gineer, Gypium Pireprooting Co., aoj 

W. Monroe SL, Chicaco, HI.; KaiL 114" 

on, IIL 

Wiaalow Henry Randall, Saleinuu. with 

Sbaw Walker Co.,^u*kegDn, Uich.; 

Rei, icijS Centre Aye., HimT, IIL 

Arthur fialentlne Shenk. Cifil &iciaeer. 

' ~ 'eraent Title Co., Ham- 

" ■rello, Inl 


with Federel 

Percy hanunond WaUh, Piic 
with Marsh ft UcLennan, 
: Exch, - ■ ' 

'iu'°^La. aji 

Wrightwood Ave., (^cago, I 
Clarence Beryl Wert*. Adyertilina, wit 
J. S. Morer Co., Denter. CoL; Be*. S 

Thoma* Howard Annett, Director of Dent. 
of Muiic. Epworth Seminary, Epwsrtb, 

Karl Sawtelle Betta, Teacher, soi E. St, 
lola. Kan.; Be*, jdig Olim St., Kanws 
City. Kan. 
ClaytoB WiBthtop Chandlar, Farmer, Eel- 
William ' Onnan DeSouchet, Law Student, 
Northweslem UniTenilT. Lake and 
Dearborn Sts.. Chicago, III.; Bea. laji 
■ W. Monroe St, Chicago, IIL 
Nathan June* Harkneaa, Jr., caie of 

eaao, IIL 
Charlea A. lakater, Gra 


Dealer, Melria. 

»n MeCoah. Medical Studeel, 
Chicago Unirersily, Chicago, IIL i Res. 
6037 Ellis Aye., Oiicago, IIL 
John Elliot Moschel. Grain Dealer. Mem. 
Moschel & Rob bins, Washburn. IIL 

" " 'i Pratt Advertiaiog, with G. 

atk Chici 

164S Orec 
, IIL 

it Aye., 

Sphrabn H. Atwood, Lawyer, with 
Chicago City Railways, Chicago, IIL; 
Res. 140 West Oak St. Chicago. 111. 

Arthur Dartnell Brant. Efficiency Ex- 
pert, with Hotpoinc Electric Healing 
Co.. ai40 Ogden Aye., Chicago. I" 
Res. 5744 Brentwood Aye., Chicago, IIL 

WUIiam Freeman Galpin. Graduate Stu- 
dent, Yale Uniyenity, 7S Lake PL. 

John Colwell Scott Medical Studen 
Northwestern Uniyenity, Lake an 
Dearborn Sts.. Chicago. IIL; Bei. 151 
Prairie Are., Chie»«o. HL 

Robert Hensley Smith, Insurance, wit 
N. Y, Ufe Ina. Co., La Salle and Moi 



Merit LmII* 

' LmII* Wrjilit, Instructor, Korlh- 
itern Univ., ErsnitOD, III.: Res. ig^i 
.j-ri^ Atc, ^Tanaion, III 

B«ddow. Banlier, 
Bank. Wankon, 



Gtueoa' Sti... 

Frad KHnn ] 

ntJTc, llutual L,T»am Bareau, »io 
Steinwar Hall, ChlcaBs. 111.; Rca. 708 
S. Adami St., Marion, Ind 

Arthur Conrtenay Bnrch, Vice-Preiidenl, 
PathHcope, Chicaso. HL 1 Kea. 61S 
Colfaa Si., ETan.lon, IlL 

Dosald RaTmoDd Clanc;, Sandwich, III. 

Charlea Oarr Claypool, Real Eitaie and In- 
surance. Marsbalt. IlL 

KcoBcth WavDC HurpbT. Editor, with 
Acetylene Journiil PubU.hing Co., 4*0 
5. Dearborn St, ChicaEO. 111.; Ru. 9'1 
LaFayelte Parkway. Qicago, 111. 

Rarmond Thomr " ' ----■■■ 

^/ iS Slieridui Ed., ^..liK^iu, aj^ 
Amer Cook Patteraon, CJut Dent., 

Cyclone Pence Co., Waukcsan, IlL; 

Rea. J18 Cory Ave., Waukegan, IlL 
Maurica Daj Pwaawr, Student; Be*. Osagt, 

Ridze Atc, ETanston, IlL 
Lrl« ^aven Smith, Stodenl, Univeraiti' 
of Uichioaa, Ann Arbor. Mich; Kee, 
1331 Hili St., Ana Arbor, Mich. 


Ralsh True AUlaon, Adrertisint, with 
Holooini Electric Heating Co., 114a 
Og^ Are., Chicago. IlL ; Res. Arling- 
ton Heighta, IlL 

Frank JoMph Cdla. Stodcct. Chicaao Col- 
lege of Medicine and Suigcty, Cticago, 
IlL: Res. lai & Central Park BWd.. 
Chicago, IlL 

Blaina Thomai Davldion, La« Student. 
Univenitr ot lUinoia, Urbana. IlL; 
Rta. 6og S. BtuCT Atc, Urbana, IlL 

George Qleannaa Doble, Student; Rea. 
ana Ridge Are., Ennalon, III. 

Wilbert Cart K«ia«r, Slndent; Re*, tin 
Ridge Ate., Ennston, IIL 

Robert Eackatt Ifartin, Teacher. Room 
_SJ6. Fallon, Ner. 

Vmliain Frederick Werar, Jr., Newapapar 
Bniinei*, ArlinMon Heigfau, IlL 

Robert Nerille. Jr., Oaco, III 

George Fred SchB«befte^> Student; Set. 
Arlington Hel^M, III, 

L-ealJe Qeorge White, Student, Chicago 

Pleasant St^ Kewsn 
Harold Paul Caraon, E 

Lto^ i*nie* Taylor, 

Student : Re*. 

WrighL Commercial Qerk, 
Telephone Oi., Chicago, 
B Lnat Arc, Rogen Park. 

Frank H. Alt, Jr., Stnden 

Farwell St., Oiicago, IIL 
Gilbert WUIlam Bach. Student; Se*. 4 
W. Wincheaier ' " ' 

Reuben Reual Ben 

, Chicago, la 

N. I 

a St., Chici 

I. Slude 



- „win Crowder, Student; Rea. Elk 

Coint, S. D. 
Hanr Adalbert Deao, Jr.. Student; Ret. 

Ciyital Lalte, IIL 
Waiiini Segrue Dobia, Student; Sea. Mi> 

Ridge Are., Evanston, IIL 
Janaa Donald Fiaer, Student; Rea. 

Halinta. O. 
William Heon FuUar. Student: Re*. 45a& 

Ilavenawood Atc, Chicago. ItL 
Harlan Oantt Greenfield, Student: Kc*. 

S614 Winihrop Atc., Chicago, IIL 
Phillip Walter Heal. Student; kes. Ga* 

City, Tnd. 
Mark Wotden 

Farwell At,_, 

John J. McCarthy, 

Aba St., Chicago, IIL 
Joyce Ten Bvck Sheridan, 

Evanston. III. 
Lloyd William Thompion. wil 

Motor Car Co., Cleveland, O. ; 

E. 148th St., Cleveland, O. 
Laurence Stiness Tilden. Student 

.Greenwood Blvd., ETanslon, 
Minor Frederick Williamaon, Stu< 

S06 La Salle St.. Racine, Wis. 

Student; Res. 

Joienb Taykir Qrant^ J 

Hamilton St, Evanaton, IIL 
George Curtl* Harlan, Student; 

Walnut St., Trinidad. CoL 
Herbert Charlea Loth, Student ; Sea. 7aas 

Princeton Ave., Chicago, IIL 
Xugane Davia HeLaughlbi. Student; Bes. 

115 N. Perry Ave..>aoria. IIL 

Arthur Haynet Fell. Student; Re*, i 

"--- =' . Valp — •■"■ ■-' 

...., II!. 

Georta Leland Nichola, Student; Re*. 1 

iih Ave., LaGrange. III. 
Philip Sinn Pattiaon. Student: Res. , 

Wrightwood Ave., Chicago, IM. 
Kingiley Loui* Sice. Student; Sea. 1 

Centra! Ave., Wilmelle, IIL 
Qeorge Adelbert Shaw, Student; Res, it 

Sucker Ave., Everett, Wash. 
Frank Vera Cook Silver, Student ; H 

fill Barry Ave.. Chicaoo. Ill 
a Edward Stube, S 


Ohio State Viaveiutji Colnmbna, Ohio. 

Established Dec. 9, 1904; 18 Class 

HariT S. Cimcroa, 

fincR, wilh The 
rick Bldg, ~ 
Park Ri, - 


Ice lad Coal Co., Piqu>, O. i Kei. 
N. Wayne SL. Piqua, O. 
Kndolph Hinch. Chcinitl snd BuTcr, ' 
Tbe Ridfnour Baker Grocery Co., 
lion A, Kanaai City, Mo. ; Rts. 14 
";iy, Uo. 

R<w Donaldwn McClure, Physician. Tht 

Henry ford Hoipital, Detioit, Mich. 
Clarence Oldieu HcPlMnan. Physl--- 



St ho^. ^.^^ ™ 
St. Louis, Mo.; H 
Poplar Blulls. Mo 
Kalph Cbartea Uille 
with the PenniylTi 
mit SL, Office, T. 
HolIywoDd A*e., ' 

. do; N. Main St.'.' 

■ ^Zurmehly Boitwick.^ Lai 
1' Huil,""N; 


Pittsburg. Pa.; Res. £19 War 

E. E.. PiltsburB, Pa, 
Frank Wilbert Schwab, Iron I 

with The Jamea B. Clow & Son. 

romerstown. O. ; Res. Cost'~-'"" 
Jame* Altnu Stocker, G 

with Toledo & Ohio Cent 

Columbus. O. : Res. 1; 


Jamea Reed Harker, 

Chief Engineer lor 
Brick Manufatturer* 
Bldg., " ■ 

Sis., Xenii 
I St.. Xenia. O. 

rhe Ohio Pavini 

PrcdcHck Cookman Nesbitt. Electrical 
gineer, with E. W. Clark & Co., W) 
doite Bldg., Columbus, O. ; Ret. 1 

Allen Thurman Willianiaoa. (Inil. by 

Marietta), Lawyer, Meijn Build" 

Marietta, O. ; Res. 314 id St.. Marietta, 

Clvde Blaine AOttt, Manager, with the 
National Fire Proofing Co.. gjt V.--,<l 
ward BIdi,, Washington, D. C, ; Ret. 
141a Madison St, Waihington, D. C. 

Matthew I.eon Bigger,' Lawyer, ooa Colum- 
bus Saving! & Trust Bldg.. Columbul, 
O. ; Res. i?. 131!. Ave., Columbui. O. 

Walter B. Karria^ Hopkins, Minn. 

St., Nen 

J°'''t. N. y-. 

*SMn!er F. Kanhin, Studen 
Ralph A. Youn^, Chemiat ai 

New York. N. Y. 

n iBconsin. maoisou. n is. : <tes. 140S 
N-. Washington Ave., Madison. Wis. 
Clyde Carlton Porter, Lawyer, Hem. 
Watson A Porter, ii!i Court St. 
Tiffin, O.; Res. io« Main St, Tiffin, 

Baniamin T. Brook*, Profeaior, Uniyeriity 

of Piltsbufg, Pa. ; Res. jBlS Nicholson 

St., Pittsburg. Pa. 
•Harold Lee Croy, d. Not. 3. ,9.3. 
Theodore Hainea Felger, Box iqiS Lcth. 

bridge, Alta. Canada. 
Hugh Ktnnedy Liadser, Ciyil Entineer, 

Slate Commission, Columbu!. 

O.; Res. S73 E. Spring St. Columbus, 

t Pearl McK< 

[cKee, Lawyer, 3 
Idg., Toledo, 6.; 

tree Bldg., Toled< 
* St. Toledo, O. 

Res. iBoS 

CUfFoTd O. Salt. Teacher, West High 
. M^innea 

!.. Minneapolis. Minn. 
> ZeUer, Mining Engin- 




Detmli, Minufactonr < 

J>m« Y«t HuiBK, wicli Syracuse LiEht- 
ina Co.; Rea. 344 Jickmn Ave.. Long 
Iilind tity. N. Y. 

SOata Clukion Hint, SCilc Forester, New 
H*mj»bire Sute Hauie, Concaid, 
K. H.; Res. 8aM Wsrren Si., Concorn. 
N. H. 

Treror B. Simon, Scotudilc Ps. 

HtBiy Barla Surfuce. U. S. Forest Serv- 
ice, Cheiokal Eniinecr of Forest Prod- 
uct Laboratory, U. S. Dcpt of Agri- 
culture. Midison, Wis.; Sen. 13a Bnesc 
Tcrrtce, Madison, Wis. 

Harold HenderaoD Talbott, Physician and 
Surgeon, Haydenvillc, O. 

Charlea Chaaey WlUia, Uechatrical Engin- 
eer, with Denniiou Mia. Co., Fram- 
ingliam, Haas.: Res. Warren Rd., S. 
Framinsham, ^ass. 

CUude Sex Banker, Lawyer, 40; Bank 
ai Commerce Bide.. Toledo, O. ; t. 
3404 Franklyn A.e., Toledo, O. 

Jamea Park Cilderwood.' Teacher. Penn 
Stale Coltege. State CoIIcec, Pa. 

Howard Smmett Critchfield. Insurance Ad- 
iuBter, TraTCllera Life Ini. Co., Royal 
Ins. Bldic.. San Francisco, Cal. 

Atthnr WiUiam Durr, Mechanical Engin- 
eer, with Miller Rubber Co., Akron. O.; 
Res. »77 Crosby St.. Akron, O. 

Carlylc Bancroft Freenao, with William 
P. Cannichael Co., Sii Livgelt B)d 
St. Louis, HO-; Res. jaii Cobanne Ave., 
St Louis. Mo. 

Daniel Park Lane^ with Unit Consiruciioii 
Co., International Life Bldg., St. Lor 
Mo.: Res. 4144 Washington Blyd., St 
Lours, Mo. 

Hiny Rusael Keigart, Lawyer, tio-tii 
Rentschlet Bld(t., Hamilton. O. ; Res. 

Jtojr Harden HcElror, Automobile, with 
Cadillac Motor Car Co.. Detroit, ilich.; 
Rea. 16 Erskine St. Detroit, Mich. 

■John Leland Sotnun, Student, d. Aug., 

Ralph Han Aiher, Deputy County Sur- 
veyor, Madison Co., London, O. 

Ruilell Jeffords Burt. Lawyer. Uem. 
Welly & Bun, Schaefer Block, Canton, 
O. ; Sei. 716 Gordon PL. Canton. O. 

Harry Clenn Crawford, Electrical Knaii'- 
eer, with Allia. Chalmers Ufg. Co., Bul- 
lock Works. Norwood, O. ; Res. at}} 
Jefferson Ave.. Norwood. O. 

Robert Clarence Klein. Hardware Sales- 
man, with the Bostwick Braun Co., 
Toledo, O.; Res. 1924 Vermont Ave., 
Toledo. O. 

Frank J. Murray, (Init by Minnesolal. 
Judge Probate Court. London. O. ; Res. 

II Ken- 

I, Chilli- 

gh Brown Nichol. 
iducing with Univers 
7 Times Bldg.. New 
I. 15S5 (ilenn Mawr . 

r James Oibom. Insi 

*, St'^LoSii 

'c, Colutnbus, 

idway and Lo- 

1 Schorgar, 

joreai aerrice. Forest Product 
tory, MadisDn, Wis.: Res. 1 
dall Ave.. Madison, Wis. 
Eugene Cyrus Waten, Physicia 

Harry 'if. ' Williams, Chemical 
with the Natl. Cash Register 
ton, 0.i Res. E. Haryard Bl 
ton, O. 

Henry Wetter WIllOB. Gai and 


Waller Daviea Barrington, Fuel EnEin- 
eer, with the ConsTlJdalion Coal Co.. 
Fairmont, W. Vs.; Rea. 91' Sth St, 
Fairmont. W. Va. 

Harry Bolton, Enpineer, 30s Potiage Ave., 

Allen^'BoaJL^'Advenising Manager, with 
The Ohio Brass Co.. MansReM, O. : 
Res. Niman Flats, Park Ave., West 
Mansfield, O. 

Smipaon. PI., St Louis, Ho. 
Harbart John Schorr, Coal and Ice, with 
the Scbory & Schellhorn, l-oal and 
lee Co., 71J oth St, N. E-. Canton, O. 
Rea. 131 N. Clatindoo Ave., Canton, O. 


Qeorge WlliUm Alsdorf, Mining Engineer, 
wuh U. S. Indian Irrigation Service, 
51S Federal Bldg., L°s Angiles, Cal.; 
Res. S14 Golden Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Charles Grant Augustus. Physician, Spring- 
field, O. 

Qcorge Elliott Davis. (Init by Western 
Reserve), Consolidation Coal Co., Fair. 
mont, W. Va. 

Howard Dock, Soap Business, with Wil- 
liam Dockli Co., Cincinnati, O. : Res. 
JI5 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Earl William Gable, Lorain. O. 

Armln A. Leibold. Chicago Veterinary 
College, =533 State Ave., Chicago, lit 

Charlea Evert Lemmon, Medical Student, 
Nu Sigma Nu House, vVestern Reserve 
University, Cleveland, O. 

William Albert Perry, General Manager 
of Mines, with Grecnsburg & Connells- 
ville Coal & Coke Co., Ligonier, Pa. 

Ra1i«i Hlller Schorv, Superintendent. 
wl^ Metropolitan Paving Brick Co., 
Canton, O. ; Res. Minerva, O. 

Letter P. Slade, Civil Engineer, with New 
York State Barge Canaf, Triangle Bldg.. 
Rochester N Y ■ Res 114 Vassar S- 
Roehester! ^'. v'.' ' 

Frank Hauch Strodtbeck, Contractor, Mem. 
Strodlbeck Bros., Middletown. O.; Res. 
aoj 3d St, Middlelown. O. 

Philhi Agerter Von Blon. Architect, with 
John A. Cbapin. Lima, O. ; Res. Lima, 

PhQip Harvey Webster, Business, with 
PiriRon Refining Co., Toledo. O. ; Res. 
133 Weatem Ave.. Toledo, O. 

Sanrael Drlacoll Wonders. Civil Eni^in- 
eera, with MeCropolilaa Brick Pavmg 
Co.. Canton. O. ; Res. 607 Tusc. St. W.. 



igis HuBh Emory N«bitt 

Mat Spencer Bethd, Civi 
Box 1S4. Bryan, Tex. 

Jacob B. Bitbop. Agriculture, 
chealei, O. 


change St, Akro'.., _. 

*I>mei Smmett Haanaa, d. Hay n, iqm. 

Orval HiTley Henke. Diviiion Znginetr. 

Mo. & Kani. TcL Co.. Wichita, Kan*. : 

Rm. IIJ7 N. Sl Francrt St, Wichita, 


Bernard Stanley Purinion, Minalacturer 

" ~ajt Liverpool Potler- 

ml, O. ; Ret. m4 W. 

30l. O. 

Diylon Power anil 
■■ O.; Ret. us S, 

William Henry Noble. Man 
coin Electric Co.. Mol.u 
Chicago, IlL ; Kes. D. U. H. 
ton. 111. 

Oicar Bishop Phlllipt, Medini 
PoBer Co., Medina, O. 

Alwyn Cbirlea Purinton. Te 

loe Sheridan, Lawyer, J. 
dan, N. B. BIdg., Day 
N. Blvd., Dayion, O, 

Hrer Heiowa Sualey, I 
& Trees, of the Stan 
Cannon St, Dayton, ( 

e-Prtt Colom- 
ibiu, O. : Ret 
lombui, O. 

WUion Clark* Brooka, 515 Cro)by St, 

David ^Ttn Canon, Departmt 
with Carbon Steel Co., Pimt 
He». Roislyn Fanu, Camegi 

Jamea Henry Erwin. Frincipa 
School. Dyeraburg. Tenn.; B 

i Co., Day 

I iijr.. 
b. A.; 


Henchel Byron Barnet, Banker, N'ational 

Bank of Fairmont, Fairmont, W. Va.; 

Res. Barry Ht, Edgemont. W. Vt 
John HigBon Cover, Diplomilic Service, 

U. S. Embasiy, Vienna. AusiHa; Re<. 

437 Napoleon St, Johnitown, Pa. 
Frank Alien Dilatuth, Osleopaikic Phy. 

Eician. eoT Tracl.on B)d|i., Cincinnati. O. 
Frederick Courtright Dunn, with Duon- 

Tid » Co., Columbus, O.i Kea. gSs 



Western ReierveL ' 

ler Btperimeotal S 
George Waihingii 

Sute Telephoni 
Robert 8. Sinlooa, Autom 

neti, with Goodrich Tire & Rubber 

Akron. O.) Se>. loy Hamilton J 

Akron, O. 
Clarence Francia WnUanu. Ice Cream 

Confectionery, 16 r8 W. College 1 

Wefterville, A.; Re«. 94 W. flaio 

Westervine. O. 


Maurice Don 
Toledo Fu. 
rilliam Edwin Jenkii 

£"■■ .■J"' N;..P™!!' 

St., Colnmbus 


Fiamben Ave.. C 
Robert Bruee Mar 
chanic. with R«t__. 
Youngslown. O, : Ri 

Republic Iron & Steel Co.. 

;er. Pi 

Scboot Cumberland, O. ; Ret. 

tea. We 

il High 



ood Ave., Akron, O. 


Crothera Yergea. TravcUina 
Salesman, Adrian Knitlingllillt, Adrian, 
Mich.; Res. 313 W. v£ Ave, Colam- 

William Alban Cannon, < 
of Pennsylvania, I^la 
43J 7th St, Niagara 

Eroetl Alfred boenchuk, 
rick Rubber Co., Aki 


Bdwvd W. Hot, (In 


. by Rochciter). Businat, 6110 

Euclid Ate., Cleveluul, 

Porat Ward Innahun, Student, ( 

by Rocheim) ;^te>. Peon Ym, N. 
Ralph Uelhorn. Student; Res. Kid^e 

John Elmer 01m*te>d, Student 1 Hh. 

Hury Randolpb LuVi Student; &e«. 498 

Schiller Ave., Akron, O. 
Hiny Edsar Rotch, Student: Kea. Nev 

Philidclphia, O. 
Robert Butlv Smallwood. Student: Rei. 

with Main Auto Sslea Co., 6110 Euel 

Are., acTelond, O. ; Ilea. 630a £acl 

Ave., CleveUnd, O. 
Ciil SuueU Trautman, (Init. by Miami 

Res. lie Wyomins St, Dayton, O. 
Hu John ZcUer, Deputy County Si 

dS^ _ 

with Gebbharl-Winchet Lumb 
Dayton, O. : Res. 64} Saperit 
Dayton, O. 
Lincoln lliller Brown. Stndent; 1 

N. Williami St., Dayton, O. 

. Nia, 

. Fails, N. Y.J Ke>. . 

> Falil, N, v. 
Howard Orav Courtney, Student; Rei. 

i6m Ut. Vernon Atc., Columbui, O. 
William Edmund Curran, OicinUl, with 

Eepublic Iron and Steel Co., Young<- 

town, O- ; R«». Comiog, O. 
Robert HonC, Student; ^s. 116 W. 5th 

Ave.. Columbus. O. 
Robert Hosaaek Earch. Student; Ret. 17 

E. HoBBck Ave.. Columbus. O. 
WlUIant Oreeo Kearney, Automobile Tiie 

lert Bartlv i 
./aTerly, O. 
Hllo Benton Smith. Student; Bei. loS 
Wesiwood Ave.. AVton, O. 


Glenn Howe? Aleunder, Student; Sea. 

75 Forest St.. Akron, O. 
Eeaneth Miller Beery, Student; Bo. S9* 

E. Rich Sl, Columbus, O. 
Darwin Grant Brown, Student; Ses. 331 

N. Williams St., Dayton, O. 
Cyril Frederick Cuder, Student: Bei. MV 

Pine St, Coming, r' " 
Harold Joseph Couriu.j., ^^u 

i6» Ht. Vcmon St., ColnmL_. 
Eennrth LtooI Bwart, Stodest; Ke 

madge, O. 
Gordon Stark Frambe% Student 

189 Frambet Ave., Columbni, O 
David Robert Jenkins, Stadent; S 

KellogK Arc, Columbus, O. 
CbeetcT llenry Konnlne. Stndent 

Harry Alonio Robinson, Jr., Student; Re*. 

Middlefield. O. 
Duane BmertoB Roller. Student; Se*. 

. Studen 

Ycrges. Stud 
., Columbua, I 



Univeraitjr of PeaDijrlvania, PhiUdelpfaia, Pa. 
Established March 23, 1888; 32 Classes; 378 Members. 

Norman Sturgea Baai 

: St.. Phila 


John Harpef birvin, Phyiiclan, 
nut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

GcoTic Hajtunekeo KUl. City 
Bludicld. W. Va. 

Clarence Seara Katei, Airiculli 
loch. Pa. 

H«ir» Aahton Little Lawver, 
Bids., Delaware Co., Philade 
Re>. Folcrolt. Pa. 

1. Nay 


Pbiladelphia, Pa.: Res. 

St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Topliff Johnaon, Publisher 

Ptei. T. &). W. JohnaDQ 

nut St., Philadelphia, I 

Locud Aye., Gemttnlown, ri. 
Frederick Leaer, Jr., Poatmaater. Mayi 

Suez. Porto Kico; Res. 6J78 WoodbiD 

All.. Ovtrbrook, P». 
John RoGcrt White, Interior Decorallon 

Mem. Calilornia Fumilurt Co.. 6t 

Broadway, Loi Angelea. Cal. 
Prancii Yirnaa QerEyman. St. Peter 

B«lory, Fernandioe, Fla. 

St. Pail', 
Charlei Jame 

•Joieph Will 


Pine g 

; Phi: 



Fell, L 


d. Dec 

William Stewart Jaiiiiaon, 

46 W. Walnu 
Broker, wil 

Mellor & Pen 

TV, Banker), Fhilai 
W. Ml. Airr Ave., 

iiiriF Halpin Lafferty, La*i 

Conoyar Thoraton, Miii 

I Sturge* Baaia, Denliat, i;oa Lo- 
St, PhiUdetphia. Pa. : Rei. 4408 

John Horner Ruckman, I 

William HcKeei ,_. .. 

and Arch Sti., Phil 

Spring Lake, N, j 

Beojamin Thickara. J 

Duball, Clergymi 
Woodbury, N. J. 

ittiaw Colladay, Clergy man, 
. Mark's Cathedral, Salt Lake 
Res. 331 E. First South St, 
City, d _ 

, R. F. 

ng Co., 


„ Hinckley, Lawyer, 8i3 

Witherspoon Bldi., Philadelphia, Pa.: 

Re*, ijfi S. i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

BenJamTB Franklin Murphy, Jr., Plaoler, 

liomai Lutfaer Coler. Physician, ijfi S. 
ijth St, Philadelphia, Pa.; Re*. Tawn- 

ahip Line Bethayres, Pa. 

Edwin Scinble Bor< 
SL, New York, 

N. Y. ; Res. 9 
ifield. fJ. J. 
! Caatlc. Physi< 

Norwood Comly, Asai 

John Jacob Poulkrod. Jr„ Lawyer, ', 

& McCullagh, 



BIdg., Philaddphii. Fl; Theodort Koi 


na. 4JI 

PhiUdclphL, -_ 
Fruik Bacon Hincock. Phviiciau u 

Sarseoo, io6s N. 6jd St., Fbiladelpbi 

•Rufm Arthur Stairitt, Student) d. Sci 

aS, iSgG. 
LOBJa Lcc VoiEht, Dentist, S14 N. Hie 

Und Ate., Filtsburgh, Pa. 


Wniiani Walker Paii 




1 Bant Bldg., Montiqrilo, III. ; 
S. Cbartei St., Monlicello, !U. 

Walt Pond 

Pacific Ave., Aliantic ".ily, n, J, 
L««ter Everett Cox. Relired: Rci. 1730 

Srcunore Avt, Hollywood, Cal. 
OUver Griaai&cei LoRgeotcker, Dentist 

and Leaf Tobacco (Wboluale). M«n. 

F. ^ I^nsenecker & Sou, Ut Joy. 

De Witt Clinton KoblnaoB, Lawyer, 550 
Dmel Bids., Philadelphia, Pa.j Sm. 
144.3 K. I9tb St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Witteo Booth Ruaa, PhysicUn, Hicks 
Bide.. San Antonio, T». : Kes. 1516 
Ham Ave., San Antonio. Tei^ 

Louii Uadlion Thorn. Architect, with 
Bldg. Dept. Bogrd of Education, wth 
St. and Park Are., New York, N. Y.; 
Res. Fairview Are., Tatrytowii, N. Y. 

Thomai Brian Wade, DcntiM, 1710 Ril- 
ner St, Fhiltdelphii, Pa. 

Wniiun Clifton Drein. Physician, Hec 
Eianiner, Hetropolitan Life Int. 
ijli N. islh St, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Leon Narciise Gillette, (Init by Mil 
Architect, Men>. Walker A Giltetie, 
E. 37th St, New York, N. Y. ; I 
Larchmont, N. Y. 

•Paul Althouae Hagy, d. Sept afi, igo 

■'ph^'iic'irii? I3*i6 W. Alle- 

__._ ., Philadelptia, Pa. 

Wmiam Bettram Imlach. (Init by Coliun- 

'--- ""ing Engineer; Res. 309 Weat 
. ...„, Ifew York. N. Y. 
r Woodruff Jonei. Dry Goods Com- 

u...iion, with Wm. Simpioc Sons & Co.. 

348 Bourse Bldg., Philadelpbia, Pa.; 

Rci. 411 W. Chelten Ave., Germantowu, 

PbilaJelphia, Pa. 
Leiter Kinuing. Aichilect, 4;]} Grand 

Central Terminal. New York, N. Y. ; 

Res. HaitinBa-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Danial John Layton, Lawyer, George- 
town, Del. 
L«on SUuffer Oliver. Lawyer, 141S Land 

Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. ; Res. 

Kose Valley. Moylan, Pa. 
Leidy Rodger Real. Dentist, 400 Dime 

Bank Bldg.. Scranton. Pa.; Re». Bij 

Gibion St. Scranton, Pa. 
Oscar Schraidti Real F ... 

Commonwealth Bldi., Philade] 

Be*. iiaS Locust St. Philadi 
Harry Bowera Mingle. Lawv< 

worth Bldg., New York. N. 

Llewellyn Park, West Oranjp 
Thomat .M«T Peiree, Jr., Pa 

sr. Wool- 
Y.J Res. 

acturinp Con>i 

ibert Plll'ing. Jr.. Manuliclurer, d. Oct 

, PhvslcUn. d. Jan. i-. .,—. 

AODuuon Hanhall Traitt, Rngineer. vitl 

P. J. Stoke* Machine Co.. irth am 

tj. o. phEiBdelphia. Pa.: Res 

Wayne ft WeMview Ave 
Charlei Satnner Wesler. 

Lawyer, Mem. 
1 Cheslnnt St., 
4»1S Pine St, 

ft Sam, 




eni Schmidt 
let. Indian- 

by Columbia). 

Geologisl. Syracuae TJniveriity, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.; Re*. Skaneateles. N. Y, 

Iberto Camllo Suarei. Phyaiciaa, CncaU, 
Saniador, Columbia. Central America. 

imei Andrew Walker. Lawyer. 1106-17 
Cotninonwealth Truat Bldg;.. Philadel- 
phia. Pa.; Res. jiii Baltimore Aye.. 
PhiladelphU, Pa. 

William Frederick Ben 

tt, Physician, 30$ 

r, Mem. 

& Co.. 

George Schuti Capelle. Jr., Broke 
UcCreery. Capelle, McCown 
Land Title Bldg., Philadelphi 
Re*. 1311 Gilpin Ave., Wilmingt 

Herbert Spencer BraBtj Elccnical 

... in«- Elcctt — 

„ ._ General Electric Co., Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. i Ret. 7 Hamilton Rd., 
Glen fildge. N. J. 

GregoiT Cook Kellr, InsaraiH 
Stephan Girard Bldg., I 
Pa.; Res. 141 SpHngAeid f 
nut Hill, Philadelphia. " 

CharlM Dean Elabr, Fan 




Trust B 

Martin, Lawyer, Welt 
idg., Philadelphia. P*. 
rPhelan, Trustee Est 

._ . E ilynn. liass 

Sih St. Philadelphia. Pa.; Res 
am Rd,, Mt Airy, Philadelphi*, 

Honer Bowea Wiicoi. Phyaician, 

ion. Pi. 
Matthew Will* Wood. Lawyer. 

worth Bldg.. New York, N. Y. 

416 74th St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ai:ent Pei 

St. Phi 

Philadelphia, Pi 




Wcitiitw Atc, GcrDUBtowD, PhiUdel- 
phi». Pa. 
IrYinK Taylor CUrk. Phytician, iia 

, Fhila- 

t Waao'n Morton. Banker, 

Ralph Hodic* Plumb, J« 


iefphia. Pa. 
Paoli. Pa. 

dore Foiter Thomaa, Lawjer, IjaS 
;h St, PhiUdtlnhia, Pa. ; Res. W. 
[|-Eliena Si., (ftrmanlown. Fhifidel- 
a. Pa. 
>1 Wand WUlettfc Physitian, Di>- 

Albnt LI«wcUrii HuUord. Dcntiat, i«ai 
Wilaui St., Philadelphia, Pa.: K«. 
1411 S. jist St., Philaddshia, Pa. 

Frederic Vfilioa Prichett. BaDLer, iiith 
Fraiier & Co., Philadelphia. Pa.; Rea. 
1434 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clarence Ptatl StarBar, Lawyer, 6iJ-ai 
Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Res. iai7 Arrott St., Philadelphia. P*. 

Fraotoia Joseph Torchiana, jd, Mf(. ot 
Leather BeliiDg, with V. S. Bcltmf 
Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. and Con- 
solidated bellinK Co., PhiUdelphia. 
Pa.; Re>. Maylan, Pa. 


Jimea Harold /Awdn, Physician, i«is 
Spruce St., Philadelidiia, Pa. ; Re*. AnT- 

Ji^"spetry Bojardua, Civil Eniioeer, 

with Flinn O'Rourke Co.. ij Battery 

PL, New York. N, Y.; Hei. teo Slate 

St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Emeat LcRoy Oreen. Lawyer. Gleave 

Hill, Media, Pa. ; Rea. t Jeffer«,n. 

Media. Pa. 
Robert HeDr)> Ivy, Physician, 412 Pir« 

Naliooal Bank b\ig.. Milwaukee, Wis.; 

Res. 146 E. Center St., Wauwatosa, 

WilllaBi Thomaa Oaley, Jr. 

with Aberfoyle Mfs. Co, 
Res. 6446 SberwooiT Rd.. 

John instil 

Htbben. : 

■— York, 1,. ... 
New S'ork. N. 

Willet Lippincoit. Special Machinery, 
with Huffhes-Lippincoll Co.. 1015 Com- 
mnnwealtli Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa.; 
Res. Haddon Heights, N. T. 

Napoleoo Bertiand Rosa, Physician and 
Surgeon, 36 Henty St, Binghamton, 
N. \._; Res. 34 Henry St, Bin(ham. 

19th St" Philadibiiia, K'.*^"°* 

Benjamin Abrahan 

Co.. 1608 Walr 

li la delphia. Pa. ; 
:, PhlUdelphU, 

Otto Charlei Brodersea, Lawyer, Saj 
w;>i.«-.poon BIdg.. Philadelphia, Pa.; 
r6 S. islh St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
hoDiaa Oaley, Jr., Teitiles Mfg.. 


jDuel Amslcr. Ph' 
., Rochet--- " 
iry, Man 

c BIdR. 

heater. N. Y, 
to~..(.cturer>' Agent. «oj 
PhiUdelphia, _Pa. ; 

t it., Gcrmuiiown, Phila. 
''Gordon Willard Crist, d 

Frederick Sfael 

>a Foulkrod, Eniineet, 

'oulkrod Co.. 1400 Com- 
Bldg.. Philadelphia. Pa.; 

Frank Holt Galey. Mfg. Texliles. Mem, 
Caley & Lord Mlg. Co., Chester, Pa.; 
Res. "Linden." Merlon. Pa. 

Edward HTodman, Grocer, 96 Broadway, 

nil Creadick, Physit 

Paul Max Kempf, Edito 

Co.. S05 JA Atc., _ _ _ . _ . 

Res. as Berkeley Heights Pk.. Bloom. 

ictor' O.' tt'arquistee, (Init bv Wiscon. 
sin). Court Reporter, Guilben & 

lewis. CIO Land Title Bids.. Philadel- 
; Res, 1119 S. Willon Ave,, 

^': _.._..., 

William Otto MilU 

■Edwin H. W. : 

Ralph Menrr Lachmund, (Init by Stan- 
ford), Opera Sinner Neue Opera of 
Hamburg, Germany; Res. 15 E. Flora 
St.. Stockton, Gil. 

Forreater Holmea Scott, Ijwyer, yot St. 
r.irard BIdg., Philadelphia, Pa.; Ret. 
4141 Spruce St, Philadelphia. Pa. 

loieph Adalson Abrima, Lawyer, jo« 
Croiier Bldg.. 1430 Chestnut SL, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; Res. 4109 Loeuat St, 
Philadelphia. Pi. 

William Ellery Allyn. Heal Estate, New 
I.ondon, Ct 

Boyd Atkin. Engineer, — ' 


kesha. Wis. 

, & Electric Co., Wiu- 



Rolwrt Henrr Calhcart, jr.. Florist and 
Seediman. gi Water St.. NtwbiUKh, 
X. Y.: Res. 4S8 Liberty St., Newburgh, 
N. Y. 

Wutar Uorris Emot, Lawyer, Williami- 
port. Pa. 

Edwin Hichener Pialeitcr, Lawyer, tSjs 
Land Title BldR., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Res. 6707 Cresheini Rd.. Philadelphii, 

Norman Seal DarliBTEon. Dentin, }|8 S. 

Warnut St., West Cheiler, P». 
SudikI Harver Dty, AuL Mgr. U. S. 

Finishing Co.j_ PawtudieL R. I.; Rei. 

) "Svne / 

Edward H. Bennii. Rea 
Ave. and Chew St., I 
Rea. 736 E. Chellen A 

Eitite, Chellen 


t Ulf. Co.. I 

York, 1^. I.; 

, Fhiladelnhia, 

- «r, Jr.. *. 

:ed Mills. 

Pa,: ~- 


ioth St., New York, N. Y. ; Res. . 

~ ■ ■ ... r::._:_:_jia. Pa. 

1 WiUian Qreer, Jr.. Manulac 

., Phila^ 
enhouse Si 


'p^^' 1 

4J.1 Lyceum J 
delphia. Pa. 
Samnri Babbitt 

Philadelnhia. *Pa. ; Re'- 
ve., Ronboraush, Phils 

3DBrd HawB, Superintendent nl 
cation. CitT Hall. Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
SI 10 LarchwQod Ave.. Philadelphia. 

Geflrftc Raluh Morrli. a<> 
Buffalo. N. Y. 

Ledie Frank Mulfard, Phvs 
«jd St.. Philadelpliia. Pi 

Albert Tate Smith. Merrhi 
with The Permutit Co.. ji 
Stw York. N. Y.; Rea. 3 
Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Joieph Jphnion Vogdet, CI 
with Concrete Steel Co.. 

Bndd. Coal B<»i 
h Diamond Coal & 
c. Ky.i Res. Will 


c liecrow, Generi 

11 J. Sando, ' 
H, Wis.: Ski 
Buffalo Club 

ThooMi Scott Utrtin, ad, Civil Ensin- 
eer. Bureau of Highways, m City 
Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.: Res. 770 N. 
41M St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Arthur Roland Moore, Civil Engineer, 
with O. W. R- R, & N, Co., Arling- 


'; Rel 
atk, Pa. 

■^a Bid. . 
of D. A. 

N. y. 


-- ,— ---- Penna. 

Bldg.. Philadelphia. Pa, j Res. 4S]i San- 
(om St., Phiuielphia. ^a, ^ 

Waller Stewart C 

CambridRe, Mass. 
Charles Howard Cuilbert, Jr.. 

Telephone Co., 1130 Arch I 

Walnut St., Knoxyille, Tenn. 
Boyd H. Hagee, Central Realty. 
-■-'^ Edward Hutchinson, Jr., u. 
It.. Philndelphia, Pa.; Res, 

11th St.. Philndelph 

N, 3Sth Si., Philadeli 

George Raul HUler, laa 

care ot Wm. Miller 

Jacob R»lph Baltx. Wor 

... Sq., Phili , 

o Marshall Hollenbick, Mar. L „.._ 

Office of C. L. Ames Coal Co., Har- 

ri.ion BIdg., Philadelphia. Pa. ; Res. 

"The Normandie." itth and Ctiesiout 

Sts., PhiUdelphia, Fa. 
WmUm Hunter. (Iiiit bv Lehigh), New 

England Sales Agent Republic Iron ft 

Steel Co., 1? Battery pL New York. 

N. v.; Res. Algonquin Club, Boston. 

'1.. Ventner City, N, J. 

Lanigan Daily, Real Es 
. ReaT Eslale Oflices, Arl 

unac St., Benjami 



. s Nowlan, Newspi 

American. Philadelphia. Pa.; 

S. Cleveland St., Philadelph 
Harrv Swing Parker, Architi 

Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. : Res. 

tor. Pa. 
Roy Lewis P< 


South amp- 

lupt. Electric Dept 
■- ■- "leclric Co.. 

s a Elec. 
, 31 War 

George Leroy Aldeodifer, with The }■■' 
Cromplon Paper Box Co., 3ifi to 340 

Randolph St.. Philadelphia, P>. ; lies. 

• field. _.__. ,. _... 

Springfield, Masa. 
Adelbtrt Deiter Gail, Jr., U. S. Gov't 

Inspector Fruits and Produce, Nor- 

rinu. Mgr, Republic Hub- 

. Republic 1 

I, goB Main 





Buff.lo. N. Y. 

HuioiilUi HcniT 




n Uiir 



n'l. ; 

R... 1.17 W. Lfhlgh A 

vt. P 



i P»- 


dolt PiuU. 






lo, N. Y.i 

5«. 7 




ti. Y. 





T D. h. W 

rd Co 









itho&r _J crone H 
CoH« fierr'^ - 

ChirlM Stinc Bdnuindt, Lawyer, Cr 
Bldg,, PhiUdclpbia, Pa. : Rci. 401S 
timore Ave.^ Philadelphia. Pa. 

John Henry Hall, Traffic Inspector. 
Bell Telephone Co.; Res. 117 Han 

William Torbert tnsram HalL Bond S 

man; Res. Weit Chester, Pa. 
BdiTdrd Mocuiogcr, Saleii 

kiln Dmtow. Business with 
I Co., Marcus Hook. Pa.; 
>[ D. A. Decrow. Buffalo Qub, 

Rollis Pfiilip Qale. Seal Esii 

Ralph Clarton Giffon 
Mueller Si Martin. : 
rille, Ky. ; H«. (niWei 
^nls.. LouisWUe, Ky. 


I Co., 


1 PtovideEt Life & 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

David Hertou Hunt. Architect. Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; Res. 1D14 Green St. Phila. 
delphia. Fa. 

H. mil Sunton Jonei, Business, with 
Dept iS, Goodrich Rubber Co.,_Akroa, 

iQwn. Philadelphia, 

Kdward Dliton IlcDc 

Balea ft Gamble, 

Toledo, O.; Res, 

. Genu 

del it y & Deposit Co. of Md., Balti- 
more, Md.; Res, Moylan. Pa. 
•Samuel Leigh Pownalt StDdenl. d. Oc\. 

RiJha^'weslord Stout, laS Lake Ave.. 

Asbury Park. N. T. 
Harrison Towasend, Jr., Architect, 4'oj 

Baliiraore A«^ Philadelphia, Pa. 
L«WJi Brosius Wei ton. Architect, with 

Marshall & Fox. ist NatL Bk I' 

Chicaio. 111.; Re*. S & Sim St., Chi- 

Rarma'ad William Wattles, Commistion 
Merchant, with G. M. Wattles ft Son. 
15a Michigan St.. Buffalo, K. Y. ; Rc). 
SiD Richmond Ave.. Buffalo, N. Y. 


Eugene LeSov Mercer. Physician and Di- 
rector of Physical Education. Swarth- 
more Col,. Swarthmore, Pa. 

Lott Mitchell Peck, Staff of NewHMHr, 
Watertown Times, Wateitown, N. V.; 
Res. 11 Emerson Pl^ Watertown. N. Y, 

Harry Fred Raab. Electrical Engiaeer. 
Cambria Steel Co.. Electrical TleuL. 

Rtudnitt, Banker, with 

in William* & Wiamore. Inc., 140 
dway. New York, N. Y. ; Res. 10 
3d St., New Yorit, N, Y. 
Foster Stevenson. Paper Box Ufg. 
:nson Mfg. Co.. Huntingdon and 
c Sts.. Philadelphia, Pa. : Re*, jjit 
uine St. Philadelphia. Pa. 

, Jr., Clerk, PhiUdel. 

Ave.. Philadelphi 

ifith and Alle- 

Pran'cia Ooodyea 

netl): Res. 141 

lyn, N. Y. 
Horacp *-..?r™ 



lelphia, J'a. 

with Samuel C. Wagner, Jr., ja? Com- 
mercial Trust BIdg., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Res, Ardmore. Pa. 

Oeorge Sardc Howell, General Carting, 
wia G. S. Howell Co^ 15-19 Center 
St., Bultalo. N. Y.T Res. 11 Orton 
PI,, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Rees Lockwood Ji 

I Nel! 



, Chesti 

t Hill. 

..... ,,J St. Mar- 
I Hill, >hiladelpt)ia. 

Prancli OrUlel Harrison. Physician, Jili 

N. Y.; Res. lis W. fi4lh St. Mew 

Chester Ave., Philadelphia. Pt. 

York. N, Y. 

John Harrison, Jr.. Insurance Broker. 

Waller Rustell Ketcham. Paper Busine<<- 

with Platl-Yungman ft Co.. 4« Wal- 

Law, with n. L. Ward Co., 18 So. (Sth 

nut St., Philadelphia. Pa.; Res. aoaS 

St., Philadelphia, Pa.; Res. $979 Drerel 

Locust St.. PhiUdelnhia, Pa. 

Rd.. Orerbrooh. Pa. 

William Francis Hanity. Jr.. Student at 

Joseph Cornelius Riga. Sales Manacer. 
with J. G. Rig* i Sons Co.. SprTn^- 

Ijw, Temple Univ.. Phfladetpbia. Pa.; 

Res. Sjio Sherwood Rd.. Overbrook. 

field. Mass.! Res. jB Leyfred Ter.. 

Philadefnhia. Pa. 

Sorinrfield. Hats. 

William Seton Hemon, Private Banfcer. 

Eari Wilbert Seenr. Auditor and Ac- 
countant, with Chsmberlair ft Bi-h-. 

New York. N. Y.i Res. 113 W. 64th 

6^S Kllicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Res. 

St., New York. N. Y. 

6go Ellicott St.. Buffalo. ^. Y. 



Anbnr Aodan 

Rarmond LuiBwarthy Wi 

wih PhUa. T'apeitty Cu,, n. 
Alleglieiiy Ave, Pfailadelpbii. P 
6iD N. ]id St. Hilwlelpliia, Pa. 

at Chea- 

St., Franklord, Philidclphi 
Walton Theodore Cone — 

P. SleLnmfti & Son^ 

St., Ptkin, 111.; Re 

St., PekJn. IIL 
Thomaa lamn Dunttan 

with Walwn ft Bed 

Si., Philadelphia, Fa. 

St., Fenni Cron, N. 
- - Wcthcrald " 

tea. was 
Bldg. Uate 


niaarv Ne. 
Sl. Warrei 

tie* York, N. Y. ; 

Tonawaoda. N. Y. ; Re 
St., N. Tonawanda. N. 
Reiford Oict ToKwell. 
veraity o7 PennsyU.n 
Pa.; Rea. 491G War 

Res. J09 High Sl. Warren, O. 
Frederick WlUiain Silveilhonie, Frea. Sil- 

, . ,-. „.^,, N. 
lOi Chriitiana 

, JO Ave, Phila- 
delphia. Pa. 

Or*>r Aaguatna Walea, Rubber Business, 
with I, G. Jonea & Co., log Seiti Bldi.. 
Syracuse, N. Y. ; Res. Y. U. C A., 
Syracuae, N. Y. 

Clement Biddlt Webiter, }r.. Student; 
Res. 483a Penn. St., Fraukford, Phila- 
delphia^ Pa. 

WUllam Taylor Webiter, Chemical EuKin. 

1 Taylor W 
Berlin, N. 

. Philadelphia, Fa. 

delphia. Pa. 

Seymour Harmon, Student ; 
Ufayette Ave., Buffalo, N, Y 
[olbrtnk Hawkea, Jr., Lake Su- 

P..: Res. 47 Breroort PL, : 

N. V. 
Wade Willlami Judse, Manager, 1 

W. Judfre Stores, Mansfield, Pa, 
Joaeph Sellers Kite, 1491 Cheatni 

Philadelphia, Pa.; Re>. 3939 Bari 


Otorrc FraDklin I 

, with Alexande 
Md.; Rei 

Edward Clarendon RuaaiU, Sludl 

Uaufield, Pa. 

Hamilton Heath Wende, Stude 

10] Iiancaater Aye., Buffalo, I 

:., Clurlaa Edward Williama. Stude 

id siat Spnice St., Philidelpba, 1 

Junta Ifitchell Eparka. Jr., 

Fort Smith. ArL 
Adolph WolL Jr„ Student 

3lS St, Philadelphia, Pi 

Student; Res. 

Will Alban Cannon, (InlL by Ohio Stale). 
Featherly i Cannon, 727 Main St., 
NiBsara Falla, N. Y.; Be>. U Salle, 
N. V. 

David UacLaren Church, with United 
Press, Albany, N. Y. ; Res. Oxioid, 

Frank Henri Forater, with Goodyear Rub- 
ber Co., Akron, O. ; Rea. 166 Firat St., 

Rochford Seymour 
Res. 61a Lafi 

Theroo Holhrot- 

peHor Electrical Co., SupeHor, Wia. ; 
Res. 210 N. 16th St., £., Duluth. MiniL 

Karla Hanhall Humphreys, Res. 5173 Bell- 
field Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Leslie Weill Joy. Graduate Student, Uoi- 
-' '--- PhilsdeliAis 

Clarence Healy Benham, Student; Res. 

jd Wesllake Ave., Auburn. N. Y. 
Prank Wadsworth Dyer, Student; Res. 

Parkhorat Place, Uontclair, N. J. 
Gcorce Frear Pry, Sludestj Rei. 158 W. 

River St, Wilteibarre, Pa, 
Lee Reiinald Gaynot, Jr., Student; Rei. 

1611 6th Ave., Des Moines, la. 
Grant Hohart Lisht Student; Res. Avon, 

Henry John Hillcr, Student; Res. 933 

and John Lynde Rd., Des 

Rumoad Bliul Young. Siui 

S. ;7th St, Philadelphia, 


Ree* HtgT Barkalow, Studeni 

Hudson St, Freehold, N. J. 
John Clendennin Bi>"<> «•«' 

Huntington, N. V. 
Charlet Rrancii " 

957 High St 

Bandamin Allen Pordyce, bmui^iii, » 

10 Cayuga St, Union Springs, N. Y. 
Oeorie Raymond Hahn, Student ; R< 

1409 Buchanan St, N. W., Waahingtt 

D. C 
Don Raymond Hlnktey, Student ; B> 
-■ ■ ■ Bullalo, N. Y. 


's^. Main StT^HsfiUld?' Mi" ' 
ward Wood Loughridge, Student 
; N. Mulberry St, Mansheld, O. 

WiUUm ^^ford Thomp! 

Res. 30a Prospect A»e., I 
Edgar Dowlin iS'ler, Sluden 




Pennarlvanu State CoUeEe, State College, Pa. 

Established Dec. S, 191 1 ; 14 Classes; 108 Uembcrs. 

John Carl GoCwali, C 

Paul Bomberger Bcnnctch. County A/n.. 
Uept. of Airiculturc, Sute of N. J., 
Newton. N. J. ; Re.. 79 High St, New- 
Ion. N. J. 

John Lynn Elliott. Coffee SaleEinin, New- 

Mineral Products Corp., Mar>-!ville, U. ; 

Res. 76 Carey Ave., Wilkts-Barre, Pa. 
Ft^etick Benton Guiahu, Adveriiiing 

\iaDager, with John Royle & Son^. 

Pilerwn, N. I.: Res. 137 Ellison St., 

Palerson, N. ]. 
OMTge Weidtnan Croff, RcKisirar. Canton 

Chr^lian College, Canton. China. 
Edcar Franklin Heckect. Mech. Engineer, 

with Southern Utilities Co.. Nail Bank 

Bldg., Jackioniille. Fla. 
Walter L^wle Herah, Electrical Engineer, 

with Panama Canal CommisBion, Gatun, 

Panama Canal Zone. 
Birard Dickinaon Kunkle. Electrical En- 
gineer, with Westinghouse Electric & 

Mfg. Co.. East Pitisbutgh, Paj Rei. 

-Tj Teannetle St., Wilkiniburg, Pa. 

Aihbridge Mitchell. Hechanici 

Harrv Albert Hey, S 

will) Singer Ulg. 




iwood. Mill. 

PDndniDo Avery Sainey, Electrical En- 

iiinrer, with Pa. R. R. Co.. Reading, 

Pa. ; Re>. IGS W. Greenwicb St, 

Reading. Pa. 

Llovd Beechei Smith, Consulling Miniag 

- Engineer, with the Associated fTeoIoiical 

Engineers, 331 Fourth Are., Pittsburgh, 

Pa.: Res. Tulsa, Okli. 

Bruce Smull Cramley, Purchaiing Agt., 
with [.ong Island I.ighlini Co., jo 
Church S., New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 
Mt, Vernon, N. V. 

Jamn Howell Johnnn, Civil Engineer, 
with V. S. Engineer Der.!., it« I.nm- 
berion St.. Trenton, N. J. ; Res. Mor- 

BldH., 1 


r Elliott Miller, Electrical Engineer, 
ith Westinghouse Electric & Mfa. Co., 
. Pitt»hiir|3i. Pa,: Res. <47 Ella St., 

- ta. Can»d_ 

Charlea Raymond Suh', Enginei 
E. E- White Coal Co., Slotesb 


t Lindley Lawiing. < 
. I, Marshall, N. C, 
r Donald Matter. S 
■ " ■ rgh Filler 

sburgh Filler Mfg. Co.. Pitti- 
■fl.: ^es. Millersberg, Pa. 
' Noll. Instructor, Bovi High 
W. Philadelphia, Fa. ; Bo. 

Roy Benner Fehr. Instructor, Penn. State 
College, Slate College. Pa. 

JOHph Harvey HitriaoB, Civil Engineer, 
with Biter-Conlcy Mig. Co., Pittsburgh, 
Pa.: Res. 1473 Alabama Ave.. Dor- 
mant, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Warren MattbUa Heim, District Salet 
Manager, W. N. Matthews & Bra., so 
Churcli St.. New York, N. Y., Bei- 
708 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Karl Baptiate Lohmano. Landscape Archi' 
lect. Miners Bank Bldg,. Wllkes-Barre, 

Our Fletcher Spet 

state College, Pa.; 
itate College. Pa. 

. EleclricaT Engineer, 

with Highway Dept., 
Washington. Pa. 
Ore X. IfcClellan. Box 

Charlea Pairfamb Preiton. 

Dept. of Agriculture. „ . _, 

West Chester, Pa.; Re». ZOO Pmr St. 

r, Wyoming, 

:ivil Engineer, 
State or Fa.. 

71, Drnmright, 

Citv Engine-^. 

I.emoD St.. 

Counly Agent, 



Louii Roberl Vori^ Chmiil, with Da 

Pont Powder Co.. Woodbury. N. J. 
Richard C. Walton, Chuniat. with Agri- 

William Dixon Townicad. Farmei, 

legeiille. Pa.; Res. 4103 Baiti: 

Ave., Philadrlphia. Pa. 
Chulu Dou(la> Winter, Railroad, 

Del. K Hudson R. H. Co., Scrai 

Pa.; Res. Jermyn, Pa. 

Harold Everett D'*"*.,, SuMfinlendent. 

with Waltham Emery Wheel Co., Wal- 

tham, Mais.; Res. 32 South St.. Wal- 

Iham. Maw. 
Alexander Prinile Qray, ad. Concert 

SiB«er, Sheridan Rd. and Noyes St., 

ink Hoahini 

William Btwr Hoikina, 50 Chu 
New York. N. Y.; Res. 118 
St. New York, N. Y. 

William Schlottet Xiiebd. Jr., S 
Ansonia Forest Product* Co., 
Conn.; Res, 70 S. Cliff St., 


Robert Prank BigliMn, Jt, Cijil ^fra- 
eer. with DraTO Contracting Co.. Pftti- 

hurgh. Pa.LR". S5< WasWngton A«.. 

Carnegie, Fa. _ „- . j 

Herbert Oravei Clark. Boi iii, Richwood, 

W. Va. „ = 

Lloyd Francis Engle, Farm Bureau. Bran- 

Pr«lerick James Harrison, Ringling, Okl»; 

Re«.^ Camegie, Fa. 
Benjamin Reed Hcndcnoo, Instrvclor, 

West Chester High School. Pa.; Res. 

3.7 S. Walnut St.. West q.Mter Pa. 
Jodd Walter' L«wii, Teacher, Genl Del, 

Norfolk. Va.; Res. Box 2S3 Berkeley, 

John Frederick Miller. Test Plant. Pa. 

R B. Co.. Tyrone, Pa. „ „ ., 

Dtiter W. Very, with HepMnstall Knife 

a Forge Co.. 47th and Hatfield Sts.. 

PittsbSih. Pii*fees. Y^l^ C. A., 45th 

and Bufler Sts., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ralph Jones Cahall, Rubber Busineu, with 

Cahlll-Pell Rubber Co., 833 N. Broad 

St., Philadelphia, Pa.: Res. 531S B. 

Angora Terrace, Philadelphia, P». 
Frank Bdwin Knatice, Parmer, with 

Walker -Gordon Laboratory Farm, 

Plainsboro, N. J.: Res. 436 Highland 

A,e., Arlington. ^. J. 
John Prancii Oallagher. Salesman, P. O. 

Boi »6«, Colorado Springs, C6I. 
Randall llacDonald, Student, Rensselaer 

Polytechnic Inst.. Troy, N. Y. ; Res. 

Scran ion, Pa. 
Chiuncey Dana HiUer, Medical Student, 

Uqit. oI Pa., Philadelphia. Pa.; Res. 

Webster Ave., Scranlon. Pa. 
Henry William Nichols. Law Student. 

Columbia Univ., New York, N. Y, ; 

James' Harris ^lSiewine,*'Assislant. Uniyera- 

ity of lUinais, Urhana. IIL ; Res. 411 E. 

Daniel St.. Champaign, 111. 
Gilbert Palmer Pond. Medical Student, 

UniT. of Fa., Fhila^lphia, Pa.; Res. 

48 Rodney Hall, Uni? of Pa.. Philadel- 

James Alfred CUrk. Secretary. Y. M. 

C. A.. Steubtniille, O. 
WillUm Augustus Craig. Contractor, with 

Robert Grace Contracting Co., 409 

Electric BIdg., ClertUnd. O. : Res. 

Scolland. Pa. 
Clifton Reel Denny, Student: Res. 427 

Hummel St.. Ilarrisburg, Pa. 
Tliomaa Lee Entwisle. Salesman. Browker 

Fertilizer Co.. 60 Trinity PI., New York, 

N. Y. ; Res. IA16 W. Lchi^ Atc, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Ocorgt Vintlne Fleck, 471 Hatfield St., 

Pillsburg, Ps. ; Res. 199 40th St., Pittt- 

°'ii,'r."s"w''^sT!V™"J. S"'} 

»— — Lynn Fleming, Inslructor, Eri' 
I Academy. I3>4 Locust St, Phils 



John" Doniid Hoi 

PhiTadeiphia, 'Pa. 
- '— Iciy dockley. I 
'■--— ity. Car 

Allison Kaymono l-almer. Maraen, un 
& Hastings. Newark Meadows, V. J 

Res. .07 Halaey Si., Room 5.?, Newarl 

Bmer* Clyde Reach, Pack in 

fijlS Uni 
7trieT Rii 

tary. Uniyeraity Heiafits, 
N. Y.. care ' " - ^- ' 
C A. 

PranklrB Taylor Amdb Student ; Res, 

441 Wyoming Aye., Scranton, Pa. 
Richard Thatcher Bright, Sludentj R«t. 
- - ■ - - -^ epsie, N^. Y. 

.Jini, Swarth- 


Thomas Reese Evans. Business, v 
& Hud. Coal Co., Carbondale, F 
• 3 Washington St.. Carbondale, 

nicimu Edwin Kriebel, Studen 
Oaks. Pa. 



WilliaiB Henlui Locke, Sludent; Rei 

Oil CitT. P«- 
Jouph ShomaB Obcrl*. Student ; Scl 

Laftyflle HiU P. O.. Pb. 
Walter MoreU Sudan. Student: Ret. 
E. SlTitford Atc. Lansdowne, Pa. 
Stodent; Rc*. 
owns. Fa. 
ihilL Student 
re., Lanidownei 

William HavaH RoEtn, Stodent: : 

Si Dean St., Weit Oieiter, Pa. 
ur Oeorgt Schauta, Student ; '. 

Aliert ,... 

Laoadoirne Arc, Lai 
Arthur Blackburn Ui 

Res. Zl E. Stratford 

n Ave,, Newark, N, J. 

t John- 

Bver*tt W. Bark^ Scudcnti SeL li S. 

Brishton An., Atlantic City, N. I. 
Charlet Htnli FaaL Student; Res. 27 

N. 17th St, HarrisBorg, Pa. 
Oeorc* Fraar Ptr. Student; Rn. 1S8 W. 

RiTer St, Wi!ke»-B«rre, Pa. 
Georie Kdward Kratt, LeaTittabura, Ohio; 

Res. 1054 Ninth St., Lorain. O. 
Plord CettinKer Ptniiti, Student; Bas. 

J78 Chestnut Ave., Kinrston, Pa. 
Charles Dewrr Pnilnnan, Student; Res. 

SOI Franklin St, Palmciton, Fa. 

Res. }I2 W. Miner St., Wa«t Oe 

Carroll Kunkle Dennr, Sludent; Rea. 

Hummel St, Hvrisbiirs. Fa. 
Charles Sarscer Qraeber, Sludent; 

3«ii Sidse Ave., Philadelphia. Fa. 
John Allred Liubach, Student; Rei. 

N. I2th St. Allentown, Pl 
Robert Ascousb Livinsston. Stud 

Rei. 9S E. Slewsn ^t, Uanidc 

Allen Curt Oberla, Student; Res. 

fayette Hill., Pa. 
Alfred Whitaker Pond, Student; 

State College, Pa. 
Alfred John Porter, Student; Res. 

Colorado Ave, Bridgeport, Ct 


Pnrdne Universitr, West Lafayette, Ind. 

Established Dec. 5, 19141 15 Classes; 85 Members. 

Sou Wlnalow Harrw. EUctricU Engineer 
■Dd Tnctian Expert, liadison, Wia.; 
Re«. iSog Usduon St.. Uadiun, Wi*. 

Clyde Edwin Lurtoa, Public Utility Ed- 
fineer and Csntrulor, with Kolfomo 
Saniury Uiik Ca, Koltomo, Ind. : Rcl 
Sweeny Flat, Kokomo, Ind. 

L«c Waber Dnncaa, Electrical Engineer, 
witli Ft Wayne Electric Wlu.. Ft. 
Wayne, Iad.j Res. iisi Dayton Ave, 

Co.. 811 Plymouth Bldg. 
Minn.; Rei r - — "- 


1 Bids., Minneapolii. 
W. 4ptli St., Uinne- 

t Uitthew Qrei 

jw QreeuD, DepU Uaniger, 

with Sanborn Electric Co., Indianapolis. 

ind. : Res. 149 West tath St. ladian- 

apolia, Ind. 

Lealia HuntinEton Hatria, Prole 

! PitUboreh, Piiu"- 

, Wilkin. 

muiam Homer Harti, S« 

Prog ft Crossing Worl 
Salle St. Chicajo, '■ 
Blackiionc Ave., Oiica 

rgh, Piltibargh, Fa 

: "iL 

S. La 

Orewiy KaHehaum, Inspector of Com- 
plainla, with Claim DepL of City of 
Chicago, Chicago, III.; Res. 4141 N. 
Racine Ave., Oiicago, 111. 

Frederic Jacob Rapp, Electrical Cngineei. 
with Ft Wayne Electric Works, Ft 
Wayne, Ind. ; Set 3B14 Fairfield Ave., 
Ft Wayne, Ind. 

Robert Lewii Stevenioii, R. F. ,D. >S 
South oorl, Ind. 

Byron Glenn Tarklngton. Power Engineer, 
with Hodcnpyl-Hirdy & Co.. CoDUnon- 
wealth BIdg., Jackson, Uieh.; Ret, 113 
Second St., Jackson. Uich. 

' Dyar Cobb,. Agricultural 

Tboniat Botti Crislar. Retail Drursial. 

Attica, tnd. 
Olana CIvda If organ. Ventilating and 

Power Plant Equipmef "'- ■■— -■ 

S36. B 

I, Ind. 

Gerriab Cbai 

with A. Scbil] 
Sis., San Pr 
Eighth St.. J 

1 Polsom 



•7 t*u 

-. Cal. 

lericin RoIlinVUill C^.'^W^Ie- 
'.; Res. 50] S. Broadway, Hid- 

d. Fanner, R. D. 

rigbb Proprietor, 
^Vabash, Ind. ; 
, Wabasb, lad. 

Res. 45^ West Hill 
Chase DUJon Smelaer, 

Oswald Albert Tislow. Structural Engin- 
eer, with Albert Kofan, Architect. J)t- 
troit, Mich.: Res. oi VancouTer Atc, 
Detroit, Mich. 

uiicago, 1 1 
Clarence Bug 

tice, with _ _ _ _ _ 
Indianapolia. Ind. ; Rei, 
Jersey St., Indianapolis. ''- 

' Aun., 801 Gas 1 

Noble Lee Beaton, Salesman, 1 

Light Co., Beaver Palls, Pa. 

Vernal Albert Diggs, Di ■ ~ 

Ofaio R. R., Ballimc 

Ml Royal Ave., Baltimore, ifd. 

Dale Stevens Col*. Sales Manage^ The 

Traffic Chiel 

KanVaV'City. Mo.'^Res. 4J14 CampbSt 

arl'sdward Egcfcr, Publicity Engineer, 
with National Lamp Works, Nela Park, 
"■ ■ ' " " . 79 Belmore Rd., 

Oeveland. O. 
Rurmond Winsioa Hark, Proprietor Hark 

Hardware Co., Swayiee, Inr 
Archie Blair Roberta, Farmer, 
La Porte. Ind. 

■ Charies Schoch. Sape 
■ . d. July 7, >9iS. 

Henry C 



Pbllip CUflon Wymond. Gndu 
lice, v[th Westini^ouM E 

Minufactiirins Co., Pitlsburgl 
rio Umar Ave.. WNkiDibBTti. 


; Rti. Y. U. 

Forest Jimn ^ank, Ai 

1, Mats, Irnl. 

S«. lit St. 

Boiolph Si., Boiton, Mass, and MiElers- 

erbe^'t Alien Ilinturo, Cbiti Engineer. 
Sun Motor Cir Co., Elkhart, Ind,: Rea. 
6ii W. UxmRlon Av<^, Elkhirl, Ind. 
imuel Abrwn Peek, Oiief Deipatcher, 
with Diamond Chain & Mfg. Co., Indisn- 
apoli), Ind.; Res. Y. M, C. A., Indian- 

Rar, Stliwon Pomeror, Civi 

e Co., CJcTCland, 6. 

lishineCo., CJ 
Ralph Ward Sii 

wTih Victor Chemical 
St.. Chicago Height 
.106 E. Walnut Sl. ! 

Works, 1540 Thor 

Chirte* Uarrln 
A«i. Mgr., « 

Rait, Gravel Busini 

Hornbeck Erickerwn. Fam 

a Johnaon, Student 

i Hark. Teacher 

n Lake. Hm 

High Schot. 

Pittsbura. Pa. 
Vasiie Bdwln Smith, with FlatI Iron 

Works. Dayton, O, ; Rei. laB T.inden 

A*e.. Dayton, O. 
Robmt Bckfaard Tafel. H. C Tafel Elec 

trie Ca. >j6 W. Tefferson St.. Louis- 
ville. Ky.; H«. 1^04 Tyler Fii[kw.iy, 

Louiarilfe, Ky. 
Ture Semore Tulltn, Special Apprentice, 

A. T. ft S. P. R. R.. Topeka, iCan.; Rea. 

lie Fillmore St., Tonek*. Kan. 
M»rc LouU Wymond, Aaaistr— "-''- 

Manager, with "-— •- "'- 

Louisville. Key. 

Louisville, Ky. 

John , Jen 

Edwards, Sou 
o.. South Bend, I 
«, C. A., South I 
■ Student 1 B 

Box 3U Y. a, C 
Elmer John Lamb. 

Erie Sl, Toledo, v.. 
George William Haikh 

chitiery Co., Ciarem- 

t Prospect St. Clart 

WitltB WT Uyen, Kenti 

, O. 

; Ret. Dob- 

Joevert Gray Parki, Far. 

bini, P. O., N. J. 
Cecfl Carl Pulls, (Inil. by Miami). Mid- 

dellown, O. ; Res. College Comer, O. 
Irwin Frederick Smith, General Eleetrk: 

Co., Schenectady, N. V. ; Res. 90s Sute 

Si.. SchenecUdy, N, Y. 
Mark Albert Weckerly, Cadet Engineer. 

Toledo Railways & Light Co., Toledo. 

O. ; Res. Whitehouse. O. 

Erie Franklin Ron, Student; Ret. 

N. Delaware St.. Indianapolit. Ind 

Lorin WUliam Smith. Sludenl; Rei 

University St. Muncie. Ind. 
Horace McCoUoch Weir, Stodent; Ret. 

J14J Ashland Ave., Indianapolit, Ind. 
Lloyd Kilian WbeUn, Student; Res. i6]t 

^uth 6th St., Terre Haute. Ind. 

Leonard Hay , 

Agricultural College, Amhen 
Res. Monticello, Ind. 

Letlie Loiilt Leidner. Assiaiant Decorator. 
with Leidner & Hascall. Gothen, Ind.; 
Res. 4IJ S. slh St, Goshen, Ind. 

Jaliui Uiller Lonn, Production Entineer. 
with Great Western Mfg. Co.. U Forte, 
Ind. ; Ret, ijoj Michigan Ave., La 

bert Franklin Arnold, Studaat; Rw. 
ID S. Bth St, Goshen, Ind. 
Hun Jennints Bema. StadCDt; Ret. 
. F. D. 4. Linlon. Ind. 
le Benjamin -Cheney. Student; Res. 
18 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown. 
■. Y. 

'■ce Daniel Freu, Student; Re*. 
;] N. Main St. Frankfort, tnd. 
....In GutUv Jose. Real EsUtej Re*. 1170 

Reid PL, Indian apolis. Ind. 
Ralph Lankton McKay, (Inil. by Colnte), 
Student; Res. 309 5. Main St. Bli^- 
ton. Ind. 
William Hamilton Mayer. Student; Ret. 

816 Union St, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Man Ha Heck Norria, Student; Ret. 

Frank iorC. Ind. 
Jordan Thonai Olcoit, Student ; Ret. 

Aurora. Ind. 
Robert Harold Sincer. Sludenl; Re*, rn 

Kenneth Elltworih Beall, Student: Ret. 

lajo North St, Logansport, Ind. 
Dudley Pierre Diggs, Student; Ro. Wtn. 

William Edward Rote. Stadenl; Re*. 

Rensselaer, Ind. 
Alfred De Witt Smith. Student; Be*. 

Thon ■' - 


Univsrstir of Rocbnter, Rochester, N. Y. 
Established 1852; 67 Classes; 525 Members. 

itu ab«n««r Pickwood, Qergyman, Clifton 

Springs, N. V. 
•Fordrc* WiUUmi, Teachtf. 4. Dec 1$, Williiai Remimton, Clergyman, BillJngi, 
iSiS- Mont. 

John Ifiioa Rice, Clergymaii. 
itu •David HimiltoD Robiowo. Teacher, d. 

Julv Ji, i8oS- 
*TU*on Cohunbu* Baidcn, Jodge, d. June *D*aiel Canlield Ruma*]i. Insurance, d. 

6. 1863. Aug. 6, 1903. 

Samuel Furnance Fenn, Retired, Pittston, •WJDbald Scott, Clergyman, d. SopL ig. 


Warner Haydan 

'Albemarle Dwight Williami, Phyiician, 

*Da*Id Link, Teacher, d. 1S67. 
•Edwin Judion Pickett, Teacher, d. O 

•Jobn ' Nathaniel Wbidden. Ucrchanl, 

Uch. 19. iSBo. 
•Deloa Daniel Woodworth, ClerByman, 

■ Henry Davli, Clergrmi 

N. y. 

d Henry Palmct, Clergyman, d. Jan. 

•Charlea Bmry Richarda, Lawyer, d. ttov. 

•ChwlU°^Srailh SheBeld. Clergyituo, d. 

Oeorga Franil^ William*. City Uiiiion- 
ary, 114 igth St, Richmond, Va. 

•TtaeDdore Baton Bakn, Soldier, d. Jnni 

I, tW3- 
HanhaU Spriu Bidwell Qagc. 
■BU HaakeU H^ributc, Clergyman, d. Jul) 

•Benjamin Worlord Rogers, Clergyman, d. 

■Dand Henry Sheldon, Real Eatatc, d. 

Uay 22. igoi. 
•George Trueidale. Lawyer, d. May 18, 


*Almon Clematii Bacooc. Teacher, d. 

Apl. 21. ig«fi. 
•Blon Calluak Douglaaa. Parmer, d. tscB. 
Thoraaa DranaGeld, Retired; i] Uyrtlc 

Hit! Pk., Rocheater, N. Y. 
George G. Ferguion. Clergyman. 
•John Schenck Higgin*. Farmer, d. May 

•Hugh Collini Townley. Clergyman, d. 

•Ambroae 'Frankiin Wiltey. Clergyioan, d. 

•Henry Jamea - Arnold, Seal Eitate, d. 

Nov. 6, 1901. 
•Abijah L. Baker, Teacher, d. Dec u, 

•Cnui Amaniel Chllcott Uiaiionary, d 

Thomai^^'Coll, " Clergyman, Cambridge, 

N. Y. 
•Francia Drake Fenner. Clerxyman. d. 

•Oa'vln '£.mduT Hamilton, ClerKyman, d. 

Feb. 14, 1911. 
•Jamaa Peter Lndlow, Clergyman, d. 

May 7, 1898. 
•Charin Howard Savage, Soldier, d. Aug. 

'William Fohrell BalnbridB*, Author, d. 

mvi' Karl GUbert, GeologUt, U. S. 
Geological Survey, Washington, D. C, 
1919 Stxleenlh St.. Waahinglon, D. C. 

?ope Catlin Huntington, AccounUnl. S77 
Easi 4Jd St., Chicaro. Til. 

:iinion Carter Hutchinson. 

I Curtis Burroughs Parsons, Clergyman, d. 

•Bbnore William Denlson, Teachei 

June I, 1864. 
Aaron Bayles Raker. 
•Thonaa Augustus Hail. Clergymai 

•Daniel kli^°t Lent, Manufactutei 

Albettu* Alonio Drown, Merchant, iiis 

W. 16th St., Oklahoma. Okla. 
•Phillip Pearl Farnham. Qergyman. d. 

•John Derrick Griebel, Merchant. <L Aug. 



r. N. y. ; 

Jacob Annca Hockttta. Edit< 

press, s S. WaKt St., Rochcicr. «. .. 

Ru. 54 G'bbs St., Rochciter, N. Y. 
Rouiter lohiuoD. Editor. 34 Union So.. 

New Vark, N, Y.: Rei. 3 Weit S7dl 

St., New York. N. Y. 
*Carl TnuEoU Krercr. Diplomit, d. ScpU 

■Sylvnter JeremUli Luak, Otigymus, d. 
•Joicph O'Connor, Editor, d. Sept. 9, 
*Jcrerai*h Edwin Rockwood. Farmer, d. 
Volaw Allen Saie, aergyniaD, Clifton 

SpriVa. N. y. 
Donald Sinclair, loBuruec, Clarence. 

Salle St., Chicago, II 
, — _ -..choUa Denton, Ace 

giD sth St., Sacramenlo, Cal. 
Cbarin Forbca, Phyiician, iii } 

huoh St., Eocheiler, N. Y. 
MisliUn Clark Biker Oakler, Ci 

Ldcidi Bakn Pirmele, Physician, 
Rlrmond Atc, Paudena. CaL 

•Serena Zliaha Payne, Lawyer a 
■lesgmiD. d. Dec. 10. 1914. 

•Tuoia Duboia Toan. Farmer, d. 

AUen. Phyaiciao, 
a Benedict Pro: 

Peter VoriiM Jackaoi^ Miner, Norrji 

Alexander BTron Lambtrton, Capital ial 
Preiidenl of Park Board 7J7 Eut Ate. 
Ttodieater. N. Y. 

*I>**ld Croabr. Clertraian, d. June ti, 

•Bmtl Kuichlisg, Hrdraulic Ensineer, d 
Nov., 1914. 

John imt, )r_ (Init by New York), 
Clergyman, Flnt BapUat Omrch, It* 
Louden St, Logui, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Reuben Strle*. 

•Samuel Edwin Baldwin, Student, d. Hot. 

at). 186 1. 
•Joaeph McMaiter, Merchant, d. Ati(. i]. 

•p'oreit Alfred Uanh, aergyman, d. Mar. 

•Charle* Hart Palmer. Iniu ranee, d. 

LeUnd Tolain. Scientiit, d. Jan. 

Edwin Wayts,MiHiooary, lai E. 

WijSi ._, 

Ninth St., Dallaa, 
•Theodore Bak " 

■lis:; ».ffi 

'taker Vtilliama, I 

t. d. May 

•Thomaa Allan Carle; Student, d. iS6j- 
Theodore Fre^inchuyaen Cbapln. Teacher. 
Wcalboro. Mat*. 

•Albert Hichat 

Dec 18. 101 

•Charlaa EMn 

I>aboc. Oergy 
Hulbert. Clergy 

d. July II, 191S. 
•Hamlet S. Britge. Manuficturer. d. May 

8, [897. 
•Edwin Sedgwick Chittenden, Lawyer, d. 

Oct. 8. .908, 
LaFarette Congdon, Clergyman. Bataria, 

Wiliiaoi S. KeUoig, Uwver. Peoria, 111. 
•WmHam Henry Eenyoa, Lawyer, d. May Jacob 


a Wayland Aver, Banker. 
St., phiUdelphia, Pa.; 
n St., Camden. N. j. 
- ■ Churchill. 



any Prndar, Retired. 3 
Ticoma. Wa.h. 

•Albert Jonathan Lyon, CI erg) 
Mcli. 15. 1878. 

•Frank W. Miller. Phyiician. d. 

SepL 13. 1897. 
Oeorg* Francia WUkin, 

St., S. E^ Minneapo 
Alfred M. Worceater, H 

Scott Teacher, Wreatham, 
r. Ui Sixth 

•Joaephoa Woodhnll Allen, Student, d. A| 

11, 1866. 
•Edward PayaoB BanletL Cleioyma 

(Init by Colby), d. Dee. 13. 1900. 
Fernando Cortei Coi; Lawyer. Seoti 

Tille, N. Y. 
Thomaa Mitchell Martin. 
•Charlea DaWd Horria, Clergyman, 

Apl. 17, 1888. 
William Henry Scenger, Teacher, Gra 

ville, O. 
•WUliant Henry Tttxtdale, Teacher, 

Lewit HaU Morey, (IniL by Hamiltoc 

Clergyman. San Antonio. Tex. 
•Isaac Abram WUe. Lawyer, d. Feb. i 

•T-i. "• 

•George Sumner Goodwin, Slodei 
John Robert Jotlyn, Editor, 

. d. Dec. 



*GaoTge i>isb<r Lli^eld, 1 


Feb. 1 


ii(«M Anuld, Clernmun, d 
Iver Briitol Teacher, d. J»c 
Chadwlck. Teacher, Patct 
d Not. a, 1S70 

-.4, N. J. 

•John Clark, Jr., Stodei 

Cbarin Bdward Painnan. rnysiciai 
doniilli, N, Y. 

Frank BImer Qlen. Dep. Comptrnl 
City Hall, RochtiKr, N. Y.: R, 
Harvard St., Kochesier, N. V. 

Chiriei Bainidall Parker. Physicii 
Rose B!dE., CleTClaad, O. ; Kei 
Euclid Ave., CleTetand. O, 

Hnrirr Rnvlanr PlerCC, LaVTCr, 3 

Bldg., Roi 


, N. Y. 

OmrBc Fitch McKibben. Teacher, Gran- 

Tilfe, O. 
Theroa Outmtar, ClerKyniaa, >iS Ninth 

St, S W.. WaEhington, D. C 
Harrer Jama* Owen, Clersymaa, Peon 

Yan, N. Y. 
•Beojamln WilUoi Reid, Studtot, d. Hajr 

at, iSSi. 
Charlea Richard WUIIama. Retired. Prin«- 

N. J. 


•Fiancia Bdwtrd Biiby. Stndeat, d. Dec 

34, 1S73. 
•Orarce Waihington Coon, Clergyman, d. 

Oct. II, 1011. 
•Ancuitiu Dalrymple, Student, d. Not. 

B<f>rard Clare DodEc, Cleriyman, Oak- 
field. N. Y. 
•Jacob Adolpb DHeu. Lavrer, d. Dec 


Robert HcLmd. (Init I 
aeriyman. Home Mia» 
1110 T. Johnson Bldg., 

Los Ang 

Clarence A [ken. 

-«e St. Auburn, N. 1 

Edward Boynton Angetl. F 
" ' '■- Rocheiler, 

miah Coomt, d. iBSj. 

, Rochester, N. Y. 

Hairiaoil St., Syrac'u.e,N. \'. 
George PraneU FlanaCTT. Reporter, n, i. 

City Newa Ann., jp Church Street, 

New York, N. Y. ; Rm. lai W. 44Q1 

St, New ^ork. N, y, 
•David Haya. Lawyer, d. Oct 17, igoo. 
Franklin Lyon Lord, Lawyer, Pablo Beach, 

Frai£ Dennbon Phlnney. Printer, Box 
loD, Rangoon, Burniah. 

Franklin Pierce Warner, Physician, go 
Uiin St. Canandainia, N. Y. 
' Rot Cook Webster. Lawyer, jo] Powen 
Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. ; Res. 1115 
I^ake Ave., Rochester. N. Y. 

Robert Bardwell Wickes, Lawyer, Presi- 
dent of Abstract Guarantee Co., 4; S. 
Fitihuoii St, Rochester, N, Y., laa 
OiforiT St, Rochester, N. Y. 


Clark llllla Brink, Teacher, 

Manhattan, Kan. 
John Edward! Bristol, Insui 

N. Y, 

Park Road, 

Conklin. Uwyer, d. Dee, 16, 
ilvin Klllott Crowea Teacher, Franklin. 

eod'ore Stephen Dir, ClergTman. R. P. 

X No. 4. Waterloo, N. Y. 

is_Philliiia, Y._M. C A. Secnlary, 



John Clinton Ransom. Editor. loiT iqll 
St, N. W.. Washington, D. C ; Rca 
707 Randolph St, Washington. D. C 

•Henry Wile, Teacher, d. April 11, 1887 

Reuben E. Burton, aergynian, d. Dec. g 
vW,tm Frederick Fsber. Clergyman, a3> 

•Fruk Lhfinf iton Horse, Student, d. Oct 

I. 1874. * 

Frederick Augustm Vanderburgh, Teacher, 

S) Washington Sq., New York, N. Y. 
Frank Dinwiddle Vrmland. Physician, 144 

Carroll Su Paterson, N. J. 
Nathan WeidenAit, Physician. 1541 E. 

47tli St. Oeveland. O. 

•Sblomon Hays, Uani 
•Louis' Henry Iflller. 

John Albert 
Judge. 817 J 

-er, d. Uay 
ler, d. June 

Special County 

, 631 W. MSth 

•Tbaddeus Wilson Collin*. Law; 



Jkran Sou Lyoch, Clernoiu. 411 W. Jid 

Si., New YorV. N. Y. 
Walter Kiiuchenbiueb, T«»cher, Theo. 

- , Rodietter, N. Y. ; " 

(tiu Pox Louck*. Teacher. Findltf, 
in Iicwia MarcraBdet, Teacher, d. Jolr 
arlei Albert Moodr, Real ElUM, ± 
Wall St., 

Waldo Grant 
New York, 
N. Y. 

Rei. Yoakera, 
*WUt<am Tredarick StiMmcT, Lawyer, d. 

1. ti. t; 

"High Sl,'!"w''orc<;t'; 

moulh 1 

Carl Huben 

Sq. Bid, 

Eiia Marto.. .^ 
Cranite BIdr, 6 
4»9 Seneca tsrlt 

Bnrl Jay Tice, T« 

. n""^. 

mith. Utwytr 914 fflicoi 
Buffalo, N, Y. : B»». 4S 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

•FreifcHck 'lauom Campbdl, Editor, d. 

Stpt. u, iBSt. 
AueuMine Spencer Canoan, Oergyman, 

si; Tupper St., MaHetla. O. 
Georee Albert OlUattc, Uwyer. 1016 

Wilder Bid.., Rochester, N. Y.; Ret. 

Bo KenwootfATe.. Rochester, N. Y, 
Frank Houier. Printer, am F.. 7<th St.. 

'■' ---and. O. 

Henry Willard Beau, Lawyer, 110 Broad- 
way. New York, N. Y. ; Rei. UniTernty 
Club, New york, N. Y. 

•William Edward Davia. Lawyer, d. Feb. 

Wiiliain Elmer Loucki. Clerarman, 1114 

Dupon! A.e., N„ Mianeap^tii. Minn. 
* Edward Taylor Pariona, SilHinan. d. 

Charlea Lincoln Dean, Lawye 
Co. Sav. Bank Bldg.. BafFi 
Res. 3S1 William St., Bu«al. 

•FraAk Whitney Foote, M. 

liinmn"' Mo'll' Ford. Insur, 

Crosby St., Roekfofd, 111. 
WUlard Albert Hill, (lait. 

Y. M. C ^ 


1 Samue 

by Colby), 
in. Teacher, d. June 


Reserve), uwyer, i; 

N. Y, 
John Jay Ryan. Lawye 


■|ity, Syraj 

, Pa. 


Arthur Lincoln Benedict Phyaician. iiB 

Summer St. Buffalo. N. Y. 
•Fred Lincoln Cody, Student, d. Feb. 5, 

Herbert Atonzo Hancheiter, Clcrgymaa, 

S9 Monmouth St.. E. Boston. M««s. 
Fred Elmer Marble, Clergyman, 41 Haw- 

■<~ St., Cambridge, Mass. 

d Rooaa Mytn. Cleriryman, Tre- 

Temple, Boilon, Mass.; Res. 

bank Court CambridBe. Uaa 

acher. d. Not. 

Cherry St, Denve 

Oerityman. 1070 

„jraery Clark, Lawyer, 

body, Kan. 
•Leiand Galentln* Fenner, Teachi 

Mav I a. 1881. 
•F-eti-Vk EUiolt Lent Teacher, d. 

Charles Frederick Pratt. Jewell Ca 

Co., Cincinnati. O. 
William Place Reynoldi. Lawyer, 

away. Pierce Co.. Wash. 
George Hontford Simonion, Editoi 

Broadwav M*~ v^fkr V V 
Georte Sillim 

. N. Y. 

ey, Cieri 

AleM„ -._ , ._.._ 

Elmer Bllaworth Williams. Clergyi 
Rardner, U«m. 


Henrv Croaknr Cooper, ClerKynan, L 

Joitmh*' HinrV HiU. Lawyer, Aque 
Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. ; Sea. V 
meadow. Pitsfiwd. N. Y. 

George Frederick Hole, Oervyx", 
Lemon St.. Riyerside, CaL 

Robert Betterldge, College Pro- 
lessor, d. Mar, a. 1916- 

• Samuel Max Brickner, Physician and 

Editor, d. May S. 1916. 

Walter Hays. Manufacturer. Buffalo Shirt 
Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.i Res. ifii Lan- 
caster Ave.. Buffalo. N. Y. 

Aldea Jease Merrell. Teacher. Genera. 
X. y. : Res. SB Edgerton St, RocheMer, 

N. y. ' 

• HIcam Pratt Riddell. Student, d. Apnl 

10. i8«6. 
William Craig Wilcox. Teacher. Iowa 

Isaac Adler, Lawrer, looS Granite Bldg. 

Rochester. N. Y. ; Res. 15 Bnckingbam 

St.. Rochester, N. Y. 
•Willis Homer Brook*, Clergyman, d. 

Burton Stauffer Foi. Teacher. Youngwood. 

William Crain Raymond, Teacher, 104 9th 

St., Hoboken. N. J. 



Bdwin Rufui BuU, Cltrk, 
D—c ., y . u,^ 

N. Y. 

Brunley, Hcrehani 

Eut laa 

St., R> 
N. Y. 
• Brigg^ Ad' 

ChulM Sumner Btowa, CIcrgTinan, 
Bell PL W»Inif "■"- '-■''■-—'' • 

Clurlea BroMt _ - 
Lsurisioo. St, Pfo' 

_Bell PL(_W»rnol_Hill., 

ilehell, Cleijyman,' 


N. Y.; Rm. 
Bids'. Rochester, 

IB? Culver Rd., Rock 
Mwerd AuEUitine Pre 

Alexander St, Roche 
ieoret Sawyer Qirdner 

Clifton St.. Rochesti 

d JpslTO Smith, Editor, ij Board oi 
e ^Idg., Buffalo. N. Y.J Rea. nS 

Albert MeiU7 Wilcox. I 
Sch., Rochester. N. 
rington St., Rochejler, K. Y. 


luic Mm Brickner. Lawver, 3>3 El- 
wanter & Berr^ B Id ■., Roche sier, R. Y. ; 

*Blinar Lorenm Fargo, Clergrnun, d. 

FraoJii 'Vack!^ French. Manufacturer, 

Mustard St. Rochester. N. Y, ; Ra. 
jij CuIth- Rd.. Rochester. N, Y. 
Walter Simon Howard. (In it. bv Col- 

Ete), aergyman, iss W. 4th St, St. 
LUl, Minn. 
WDIiam Darton Herrcll. Teacher " ' 

Jamea Auguatine CUrke^ Editor, U 

MinnTille, Ore. 
Frank i Calvin Butman, Court Report! 

n Olinited, Lawyer, Perr*, 

N. Y. 
•Wmii Organ Shaw, Cergynun, d. Aug. 

'■ T^cr. 

•drde Eltiworth Harah, Lawyer 
OurlM^Hattahorn Haxaon. Q 

1014 S. 4«th !^t.. Philaik-lnh;.. ] 

Albert Her 

. Rocheit< 

Jar Stuart Pai 

' Elwin 

uart Pare. Lawver. 11; 
Barry Bidg., Rochester, 
"- "-—rood a™., Sotnci 

■d Ruaactl, aergymii 

indry, i*S C 

Rei. 5J) CulTfr 

d WilMin Eaatma 
accma. Wash, 
vard Uniing Pea 

■ BIdg., 

Troupe St., Rochester, N. Y. 
[iinei Keclor Sankey, Clergyinan, Cbea 

ter, W. Va. 
Hiarlei ArAur Spiuldlng, Manaaer Nei 

York Tel, Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; Rea 

81J Ashland A»e., BuRalo. N. Y. 
Rufua Uilea Traver, Qergyman, Poatuc 

Franchot Huntington Bord, Clerk, Florida, 

Albert Ehrgott. Y. M. C. A. Sec. Y. M, 
C. A. Building, San Francisco, CiL 

HoUiater Adelbert Hamilton. Teacher, 
Woman*' College. Elmira, N. Y. 

Wi'Uam Wayne liv.ll, Elet Eng., with 
Cuudian WeitinafaoQae Co.. Toronto, 

John AduB Bendinger, Teacher, Otterbein 

College, Weiternlle. O.; Rei. Uncoln 

Ave., Weatervitle, O. 
Frank Chadboume. Statistician and Analva- 

i»l, A2 Broadway. New York, N. Y, ; 

Res. iSo Park Ave., East Orange, N. J. 
Daniel Holler Cole, Satesman, Hountain- 

brook, Brewster, N. Y. _ 

Clyde Oimer DeLand. Artist, u»0 Cheat- 

nul St., PhiladelDhia. Pa. 
WUlard Hubbard Coodwio, Lawyer, 

d. Hay Hei 

S. Winaoa, Clerk, 
Bocnester, N. Y. ; Rea. 
Rochester. N. Y. 

Btdg., Rocbi 

"-., Roehi 

14 Weldt 

- , N. Y,; 

George Alden Bates, (Init. hy Hamil- 
lon^, Merchant, Mem. Bales Music Co.. 
S3S Ninth St, Greeley, Col.; Rea; B14 
Twelfth SU Gre. " 

St, Greeley, I 
r Chapin. Insp 

, Editor, JO Ex- 

.-hange St, Rochester, X. Y.; Res. iSo 
DarttQotith St., Xochctter, N. Y. 


% Manager. 

, N. Y:; 


N. Y. 

.. 87 M. 

is St., : 

Leo O'Brien, Phyiidin, 16 June* St, 

Rocheiler, N. V. 
June* Smitb PuKin*, (Init by Collate), 

Uerchsat, Oxford, N. Y. 
WUliim Dunlop Roblnnn, acrsTman, N. 

Loreni bmniel Rodenbadi. Ucrchant, 

CurtU WillUm Barker. FriTatc Sec., : 
City Hall. Rocheiter, N. Y.i Kea. ] 
KiOKitoii St., KochHtar, N. V. 

William DcEToff Chipp, Real Eiute, 

, Rocheiter, N. Y. 


tjew York, 

aiice, Oerc- 

O'Brien, Teacher, A. Jan. 3, 

Ancuatna PctloUt, Gergynian, 

Grui, Moat. 

Claire Potter. Student, d. Dec 

iaiter. Contractor, 44 Aldine St, 

Pal!., N. Y,; 

I Fall., N. Y. 


I Buialo Atc, 


Chapel, 1347 W. Erii. , ,., .... 

Albert Henry Slearat, Lavver, 901 Wildei 
Bldg., Rocheiter, NT Y. : Rea. sag 
Meijo St, Rocheiter, N. Y. 

George Hatlbnr Thompaoo, PhyiicUn, >ii 

ink TuUr Baacom. Phy: 
K-n.. Rocheiter, K. Y. ; 
- , Rocheiler. N. " 

~ W. Mj 

Hoeh BradlcT Carroll, 

wangel and Barry Bldg., 

N. Y. : Rei, : in W. 1 

Roches ler, N. Y. 
Rw Palmer Chadiey. Police Ger 

cliingc St, RocheslcT, N. Y. 

Tacoma St.. Roch»t( " " 
~ ' ' Harria Clem 

^. y ATe,, Roch . ... ... 

50 Lorlmer St, Rochester, N. Y. 
Charlci Patrick Cox. Real Estate, iii Cox 

Bldg.. Roehealer, N. Y. ; Rea. a Girard 

St. Rochester, N, Y. 
Edward Fletcher Daviion. Manulacturer. 

614 Le-inplnn A™, Rochc.tcr, N. Y. ; 

RrM. 4S7 Maplcwood Are., Rochester. 

N. Y. 
■William Oloey Killer, Studf 


r Rowe. LiK 

i6S B 

York, N. v.; Re*. Reptlblicao 

Orib. New York. N. Y. 
Wutilnffton Alfred RnaMD, Lawyer, 701 

D. S. Moreao Bid*., Bnffalo, V. Y, 
George Palmer Thomaa. Phyiician. Wat- 

Walter Scott Auitin. Teacher, Pro< 

»iUe, Vt 
Calvin PerrT Baicom. Clerk, Lafayen 

Plumb, St Louit, Uo.: Rea. Han 



Hcnaen RuReae Bradley, Teacher, Wil- 
Pbyticitn, LcRoy, 

...„..«,., nT.. 
Georte Hcnrr Davi 
N. Y. 

William Gaylord James, ClergynuD, ao 

W. sstl' St, Cleveland, O. 
Herbert Ray Locke. Fanner, Arkpoi 

N. Y. 

Reed. Aait Cashier. 

' NalL Bk., BuiTilo, N. Y.: 
■ ■ ■ Buffalo, N. Y. 

._ .... Teacher, Hace- 

aon, N. Y. 
Abrara Juljna Wile, ExecutiTc Secretary, 
Jewiih Y. M. Ay Rocheiter, N. Y.j 
Ret. s> Roalyn St, Rocheiter, N. V. 

EuEcne Lawren 
Tbe V.I ■ •■ 
Rea. 3; 

Wilfred : 

Edward Reuben Hay. Fanner, Clyde, 
N. Y. 

QareBce Cornmll Kacha, llanafacturer, 
Liak Ufg. Co., CaoandaiRua, V. Y. ; 
Rea. Canindaina. N. Y. 

CUude Bdtar Marrin. GtrV. Geo. Ai- 
phalt Co.. 1900 Land Title Bldu., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.; Rei. 174 Liaman Are,, 
Glenside. Pa. 

Hany Blielow Oatlay, Chlrf Engineer. Lo- 
comoIiTe Superheater Co., jo Qiurch 
St, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 14S Wil- 
son Are.. Flashing. N. Y. 

Waller George Parkea. Teacher, Barton, 

ArtfiDr Percy Roi*, Traveling Remvien- 
tative, Tamestown Worsted Hilla. Tamea- 
town. >*. Y.J Res- 404 W, sin St, 

Parley Justin Withington. Insurance, 
Granite Bldg., Rochester, N. Y.; 
593 Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

John Edmood DuBoit, Pabliiher, Newark, 

N. Y. 
Brneat Seward Ridrldge. Draughtsman, 

lt-i~^sity Ave., Rocheiter, N. Y. ; 

Angustine St, Rocheattr. 

Fairbanks, Teacher, ji E. 
.vf.. r>n<dnwn. Pl 

E. Los. 

N. Y, 
Floyd Coooe 

Stradfnrd Ave, unsoo* 

Milton James Harris, Clerj 

N. M. 

Edwi.. . 


: Res, 


: Weslev 


bon Mfg., Co. 

St., New York, N. Y. : Res. 

Ave., Plainfield, N. T, 
Bertrand Holmes Wallace 

Swirthmore, Fa. 
Georee Young Webater, „_ . 

Wilder Bldg., Rochester. N. Y. . 

Riverside St.. Rochcatcr. N. Y. 

fo Aodn- 
1 Nassau 

Lawyer. jO) 



John Battlctt WhitMUO, Clerarmu, St. 
June* Rectory, Giecnficld, Mau. 

towph Mirton Youni, Clerk, Int., Kar. 
Dept, WuhinRon, D. C: Re«. i)o8 I 
Sl, N. W., WuhinroD, D. C 

ChulM Prucii Eddy, Clatjtaaa, n Fine 

ChwU 'wm™ Hennlngton. Phyiiciin, 
»i Alejonder St, Rocheitef, N. Y-,, , 

Chulac Lte Pierce. Lawyer, logg W.ildcr 
Bldg., Roche««, N. Y. ; Rei. i77i 
St F»nl St., BocteMer, N. Y. 

•Fr»d ProHct Saliibury, L»wy«, d. July 

Burritt Lrmui Andcrvon, Iniii 

Bap. MiMion, HanyuiE, 
Onrci Dndlor CoUier, 

Kocheiter, K. Y. „ . 

Ouu UriJi Cook. Impeetor, CuncBie 

Steel Ca, YoaBMiown, O. ^ 
Fatut Charlei DeWiUb, Teacher, Colleie 

of the City ol NeiTVork, New Yort, 

N- Y.; Kea.: «« W. ijoth St. New 

York, N. Y. 
■Fiord D. HolMiea. 
Gwrge, Bnlter Marble, Tewber, Newark, 

JtAj Ketwon S«vage, Te»i^er, No. j 
School, Rochester, N. Y.: Re*. 36 

RiTCraide St, Roeheiter, N. Y. 

Frank King Sinsitcr, Teacher, Raosoon, 

Wmiam Sutherland, En|jn*er, ua tlel- 
viUc St, Rodiester, ft. , Yj Kea. ao 
Cunin St, Rochi " " 

. K. v. ' 

tlenn Cadby Dewey, Salesman with 

Sweeper Vacuum Co., aoj Weichmaoii 

Bids., Saginaw, Uich. ; Bta. aiS N. 

Fifth Sty Saginaw, Mich. 
Thomaa Curtia Dllbrow. ManulactMer, 

aSo Lyell Atc, Rocboter, K. Y.: Re*. 

16$ Suatoga Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Pvcw Bruce Dutlon, Insurance, 401 

Wflder Bldg., Rocheater, N. Y.; Re* 

J. ETCrgreea St, Roeheater, N. Y. 
•d^ilM SobKt Gregg, d. about ioo«. 
Harold Hutlnga Hallock. Uumfacturer, 

Economy Drawing Table Co., 334 naaby 

Bldg., Toledo, 0.1 Rei. 1816 Waite 

Afe., Toledo, O. 
Sm Vcmon Rmluid. Dential, at Upton 

Pk., Rochester, N. Y. 
WaUae* Bruce Large, FhyiiciaD, 715 

JoMph Atb., Rocheater. N. Y. 
Ravminul Jamea Rernolda, Sitam Eng., 

with Stoka Hilling Co., WalertowB, S. 

William Edward Smith, State Industrial 

Com.. I Madison Ave., New York, 

N. y. : Rea. 198 Cleremont A*e., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

AveiT Horgan Meech, UanuCacltuer, Liak 

Mfg. Co., Canaudaigia. N. Y. 
Amos Daka Palmar, Salesman, with Visor 

Knitting Co., Niagara Falls, N, Y.; 

Res.: Cockport, N. Y. 
Qaorge Nelson Sage, Lawyer, Woolworth 

Bldg., New York, N. Y.i Ro. cm W. 

113d St, New York. N. Y. 
Harah Newton Taylor, Lawyer, Court 

House, Rochester, N. Y.; Re*, ago 

Berkley St., Rocheater, N. Y. 

WiUUm Kenneth Barry, TsL Eng,, with 
AmeriMn Tel. & TeL Co.. ^^^falker 
St, New York, N. Y.; Rea. iSth St., 
near Berkley Are.. Bloomfield. N. J. 

Lawrence Bacon Brink. Teacher. Worcea- 
ter Academy, Wortesler, Mass. 

Cbarlea Lacy Harris, Farmer, Penfietd, 

WillUm' Hawley HIgbie. Teacher, Hunt- 
ington, N. Y. 

Cbarlea Homer Holxwardi, Teacher. West 
H. S., Rochester, N. Y. ; Rea. 41 Elm- 
dorf Ave.. Rochester, N. Y. 

HeoTT Judson Humpstoae, Teacher, Uni- 
versity of Pa., Philadelphia. F" - "- 
4aS Conoaroc St., Roxb 
pbia. Pa. 

Ardiur Rathjeo, Lawyer, German Insi 
ance Bldg, Rochester, N. Y.j R 
3S Anthony St., Roclesler, N. V. 

Louia Garlic k Reynolds, Teacher, i 
"--'■■--- St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

-o, PhiUdel- 

Roben Osmond Saunders. Sales: , 

Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pa. 
■Earle Oibion White, Student, d. Jun*. 

LewU M. Waaon, Lawyer, so6 Wilder 
Bldg.. Rochester, N. V.: Res. Hace- 
don. N. Y. 

Floyd Brwin Bernard. Rector St, Ana's 
Episcopal Church, Chicago, lILj Rea. 

>Di8 N. Kimball A*e., Chicago, IlL 
Fred Walter Hunter, Promoter, ag Mason 

Street. Rochester, N. Y. 
Ward Deltion Jordan. {Teacher, 331 W. 

Broad St, Haiieton, Fa. 
George R. Morris. Salestnan, Brown's 

Nurseries, Ontario. Can. 
■Joseph Crombie Napier. Clergyman, d. 

■Ardiur Wa ^tetahtrdt. Student, d. Tan. 

a6, 1008. 
Earl Wesley Tutlor, Teacher, Roxbury 

High School, Boston, Maai.; Rea. 51 

Orchard St^ Jamaica PI., Maas. 
Myron J. Walter, Director at Nature 

Study, Public Schoola, 735 Fulton Bldg.. 



I Oould VftM. Clerk, Am. Scdnc- 
""-- , Pittiborgh, #».; Km. 314 
r St., Fittiburah, Pa. 
'■■ur Wnp, Teacher, N. £. 

Philadelpbia. Pa. 

Nathaniel Ccorc« Wcat, Teacbcr. No. 6 
School, Rocheiter. N. Y. : Rm. laj 
Warwick Ave., Rochcater, N. Y. 

Lcwii Enoch HuDge 

ley, N. Y. 
Arthur Fuller Tru 

Bureau of Geolog 


neri'k., Rocheiter.N. V. 
Inland Foiter Wood. Hiiijonary, 
birihaui, Confo, Coago Beige, 

Edward Johi 

Drkatrt, Saluman. will 
iippi Valley Truit Co., St. Louii 
Rea. 4SJ7 HcFberion Ave., Si 

Bdgar klartiB FUnb Tt 
lege. Uadura, S. Indi 

Larauel Hibbard Toote. . 
lie Market, R-rhr.trT. 
ley Sl. Roc 

' tenry 

1. ,Ro 


Hay WIT 
Frml r 


Inniraiice, 9 

ter, N. Y. 
Her, with 

Star Aleai 
J04 H. 1 

igalla, Ann Atbor, Uic 
1 Benedict, Cheiniil, 
)., Rochecter, N. Y. ; 
• A.e., Rocbeicer, N. 
Divia. Salegmaa, 

tral Bldg., itocneiier, rr. ji.; nn. 

WilEu'^Ri^ buna, Iniurance, 804 Graaita 
bids, Rocheiter, N. Y: ; RcL W»t 
Henri'etU. N. V, 

Htntr Wiltiara Funk, Clergyman, Water. 

Dewey' Randolph Haaon, Renitrar, Ueeh. 
Inst. Rochester, N, V.; iRea. 40 Bel- 

HcDonald Grar 1 

ton. N. Y. 
David Frtdarick Ri 

, Banker. Hil- 

ihaw, Chemial, Cordca 

, _ TulM, Okla-i Rea. 

f. 4O1 St, Tulsa. Okla. 
Anthony Smyth, Lawyer, 4,17 El- 
r & Barry -Bid.. Rochealer.N. Y. ; 
:i Clay Ave., Rocheater, N. Y. 
I Carlialc Taylor. Teacher. Eaat 

. Schoo 

r St.. 



Teacher. Eait Hi|h 
N. Y.; Rea. j6o 

-belter. N. Y. 

lerlein, Uctchint. jrq E. Main 
.eater, N. Y. ; fees 69 Atc. 

, N. Y. 
«inea Uin 


•Harry Alphonao Robin aon, Opliciai 

Pr'ed Eugene Van Vechten, Clerk. 

chanls^ky Rochester. N. Y.; Rei 

Crawford St. Rochester. N. Y, 
Auguitua William*. Student Albany 

School, Albany, N. Y. ; Res. Wai 

N. Y. 
Comeliu) Raymond Wright Lawyer. 

Jns Bldg.. Rochester, N. Y. ; li. 

Alliance Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Karl Emeit Alderman. Clerk. State Priaon. 

Matteawan. New York. 
Earl Jpaeph BuUla, Sutveror. Newark. 

Corydon Boyd Ireland. Jr., Sunt. N. Y. 

Central Sta., Rochester, N. Y. ; Res. 

4JS Post Ave., Rochester. N. V. 
Alfred Ruiaell Jonei, Mercnant. WeM 

Henrietta. New York. 
Arthur Newton Pierce. Student. 14th St. 

and Logan Ave., Tyrone, P^ 
Benjamin Albert Ramaher. Saleaman, with 

BauBch & Lomb Co.,_ Rochester,. N. Y. ; 

Res. ,ni Pearl St., Rochester. N. Y. 
David KellMg Roberta. Commercial Sales- 
man, 17 DellinBer Ave.. Batavia. N. Y. 

Herman Beta. Instructor Cornell Univera- 
ity. Ithaca. N. Y. : R«. i6b Grand 
Ave., Rochester. N. Y. 

WUIard Rign Line. Teacher ft Fellow. 
Columbia Oniveraity, New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. 210 So. Rowley St, Rocheiter, 
N, Y. 

John Daniel Lynn, id Clerk, Sute Pro- 
bation Com., Albany, N. Y. 1 Re*. 14 
Lamberton Park. Rochester, N. Y. 

Sedley Hopkina Phinney. Aast EnaiDeei 
with N. W. Iron Co. , May ville. Wia; 
" Brighton St., Rochester, N. Y. 
ennedy Robinaon. Sludent, Colum- 
w School. New York, N. v.; - 

If llton ] 

.t Rykenboer. Studen 

r, N. V. 

. Mich.: Rea. «a 
tcames i-arx, Kocn ester, N. Y. 

Arthur Haltland See, Musician, S7S AvcritI 
Ave., Rochesler. N. Y. 

Charles Robert Stephens. Teacher, Hack- 
ley Lower School, Tarrytown. N. Y, 

Floyd \ 

St, L.. 
Jeage Clai 

. . HumelbauEh. Reporter Deno- Chronicle. Rocheater. N. Y.; 
1, Rundel Pk., Rocheater, K. Y. 
Wealey Klnne. Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Rocheiter, N. Y.; 



Bdwvd Chriiiltn Qiude, igi Are. C, 

Rochciter, N. Y. 
Hirold WilH Soult. Court Reporter. 19 

StrachillaD Pic, Rochciter, N. Y. 
PimkUn Witliun WiUi, iDianncc, 804 

Granite Bid-., Rochdtci, N, Y.; Re.. 

i«6 N. Goodwm St, Rocheattr, 14. Y. 
Ivan Rowlae W9ad. Grocer, The Market 

Biskei, Canandaigoi, N. Y.; Rcl jiS 

WedEeway Building, Schenectady, N. Y. 


Rnmond Nithanigl Ball, Salmman, Alio. 

Uortgage Inve»ton, 91a Granite Bldg., 

Rochester, N. Y. ; Rei. og Rldine Sl, 

Rochciter, N. Y. 
Floyd JdIUd Bu&bkios, Teacher, 94 

daaiic St., Hooiic Falli. N. Y. 

kwood Bird., Sdieneciadi, N. Y 
L F. H. Gucker. Teacher, Colui 
LTcr.ily, New York, N. Y,: ] 
ik St., Roehelter, N. *lf. 
Ltidolph, UiTiager 
lU-S Whitney Cen 

Loi Mtg. Co., 3U-S Wl 
Bldg,, New OrUani, La, 

. Bufke Ter^ RocAtaltr, N. V. 
Panl Smith, Farmer, Newark 

N. Y. 
Paul Daniel Steuber, Meichant, ; 

St, Niacara Palli, N. Y. ; Rei. 7} 

St. KUgari Fatli. N. Y. 
Loll* Biisana Woodcock, Aait 

State Employment Bureao. 10 

St. Auburn, N. Y. ; RcL 6 I^el*. 

Auburn. N. Y. 


rurer, 16} St. 
»<«, i-.. Y. : Ret. 11 

Rocheiter, N. " 

( Brown, Mi 

N. Y. 

Bath, N. Y. ; 

er Hiah 

■meat Sargcat Clark, 
Theo. Sem., Cheater, 

Prancia H. Dale, Studei 
Ann Arbor. Mich.; I 
Rocbeiler, N. Y. 

Ctiarlm Ward Paller. 

Wellsiille, N. Y. 

ifork, N. 'Y.; Re». 

ark. N. Y. 

i'ty ol Oiica^TRi* cVlrar'tll" 
Oeorie Edomnd Skiff. Builnex, with 

Buffalo, Rocheater ft Pittahurgh R. R. 

Co., ao9 W. Ferry St, Buffalo, N. Y. ; 

K«. Caineirille, N. Y. 
Cfaarlti Hanilton Storer. Uw Student, 

Colombia Uniieraity, New York, N. Y, : 

Rei. 60 Adam. St., Rochciter. N. Y. 
lyao Zcltler Starae. Student, Syracuie 

I'ni*., Syracuse, Tfl. Y. ; Res. Fairporl, 
. N. Y. 
Bttnard Hemr Vollcrtaon, Student, l^ni- 

wrsity of Mich 


indy St, Roches 


Perctvil W. Gillette^ Rei. So Kenwood 

Ave., Kocheater, N. Y. 
RaymOBd Willard Hawkina. Student: Rei. 

61s Grand Ave., Rocheilei, N, Y. 
Bdward W. Hoy. Student, Ohio St Univ., 

Columbui, Ohio; Rei. Albion. N. Y. 
Forreit Ward Ingrahan, Student, Ohio 

St. Univ., Columbui, O.; Rei. Pens 

Yan. N. V. 
William Sendtll Lakeman. Student; Rea. 

1 Lake View Pk.. Rochciter, N. Y. 
Cfaarln Harold Hunton, Student ; Rei. 

1 Borke Ter., Rochtiter, N. Y. 
Paul James Smith, Student; Rca. Lyn- 

donville. N. Y. 
Herbert Clare Souli, Jr., Student: Rei. 

i» SttatbalUn Fk., Rochciter, N. Y. 
Vernon Bverett Wood, Saleiban, Albion. 


: Brooka, Farmer. 1 

mil. Student; Bea. 
■., RochesteT. K, Y. 

N. Y. ; Richard Parker Ludolph; Res. 11 Oliw 
St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Thomaa Stanley Pcniellr, Sludent, Le- 
high Univ., S. Bethlehem, Pa.; Rea. 
Hiilelon. Fa. 

Edward Dwight Salmon, Stttdent; Rca. 
Lima. N. Y, 

Roland Phineai 

Roilyn St., Rochester, N. Y. 
"lymond Henry Cununinga Clerk, 
Lawyer. Co-operative Publishln" 
Roche««,_ N. Y.^ Rei. Lima, I 


-.. „., — - Uma, r 

Charin Orlando Dolty. Student 
701 Univeriity ' 

Chartea Lannin 

Griffith Morton Jenkina, Siudf 

<;« riifF. r. t. n v. 


■u>e, iJ. Y. 

- nt; Re 

N, Y. 

ley St, 


_,, N. Y. 
, Student; 

■siTiltan Douglai Aleiandkr Nrwcomb, Student 
•^"'i'-V H« Hilton. N. V. 

Rea Hilton, N. Y. 
Harold William Reilly. Student; R. 

Columbia Ave.. Rochtiter, N. 
Paul Franklin Swarthoat, Student 

Wall^'prid Wegner. Student; Rea 

John Thomai Louia Anderaan. Student; 

Be.. 3S Baldwin St, Rochester, N. Y. 

Frederick O, Dodge, Student; Rea. 14 

Vebster. N. Y. 

lie Edward Lnnb Student; Ru, iij 

efferion Ave.. Rocheater. N. Y. 

Iter Leighton Mllla. iqo South Ave.. 

ov Google 

Riitgen College, Now Bnuuwick, N. J. 

Established Oct. 28, 1858; tio Classei; 417 Members. 

•WllUud Hart BarllM, Phriiciui, d. Julr 

■John Kcndlett Brock, CIcrcymaD and 

Teacher, d. Aub. 7, 1872. 
•Atoiuo False PMka, Clcrsymaa, d. Aur 

*jDhB £^ RhtBthart, Clernrman, d. Nov. 

•Samuel jamaa RoEan, CUrgroiaB, d. 

Arid JoT Bebrins. ClerirnuD. Sausertiea, 

•Abraham Suvdam, Lawyer, d. 1893. 
*Tohn Howard Van Daren, CleriTioan, d. 

•HaiuT llanrn Voorheea, aerryman, d. 

Oaorc* Ad^aon MlUa, Kedred Clercyman, 

Limerick. Me. 
•Charlea Hubbard Pool, CltTgfia*n, i. 

Mar. I, igo& 
•Oearse Swais. Oetgrman, d. Nov. 17. 


•Jam** Hanrr BarthoU, ClertrmaB, i. 

•BeniamiB irnnklm Dw:h«', Uerchant. d. 

Hay. ID, iBSi. 
•Jared Haabrouck, Teacher, d. Mar U. 

•Thoniat Walker Jonea. acr(yman. d. Dec. 

•Tliomai'Tkird Strinier, Fanner, d. May 

ah Johti 

> Hillii 

' BeanUlea; acrayinan, i 
lollaad. Mich, 
na Rm.,1. Retired Clerfy> 
irk, N. J. 

•Richard De Witt, Clern'maa, d. Feb. 
•Andrew Janea Haiamao. Clergrman, d. 

Henry Jama* Brown. Retired aercynu 

SSV Fullerton A>e., Oiicuo, IIL 
•ThamaB Lafon Onllck, Mluioiurx, 

Adrian Weatvaar, aersyaian, Pottcraril 

N. J. 

I AuKuatua Bookttarer, Clerj 

•Charlea Peat C 

lergyraan, d. Dec 9, 

■raat, Student, d .Dk. 
a Buakirk, CltTEyiBin, 

•Oeorce De Witt Bodina, Clcrsyici 

May 3, 1880. 
•John WlUUm Borab Theolosical 

dent, d. May 3, tS64. 
•Janei Wyckoff, Qerfynan, d. Ji 

•Samael Ralph Demareat Lawver, d. Ifar. 

Beniamln Chalmeri Heviua, Qerk. with 
'. H. C Ne«m, 11? E. 18th St., New 
r. : feei. joa W. Mth St. 

Robert B. Kliuell, Li< 


! Edilo 

Ave,, Wa«hin«oa, D. C; Res, i«o 

Rhode Island Ave. Wanhinnon. D. C 
Charlea Hart Risn. Printer. 10 Proapect 

St, Brislol, Ct 
•John Van Neate Schenck, aerayman, d. 

Sept 18, .8m. 
•Blbert Nariua SebrloE. aergyman, d. 

Oct II, 1889. 
Nathaniel Hlxaoi 

York, N, Y. ; Rei. 
New York, N, Y. 

•Edward Albert Bowaer, Collcn Profeasor. 
d. Feb. [9, 1910. 

Daniel Talmadsc, Retired Broker. The Lit- 
tle Farm. Apaquogve Highway, East 
Hampton, N. Y. 

•Edward Cady Thomaa. Civil EnsinMr, 
d. Tan. i«. 1874. 

•William Jamta Wyckoff. Student, d June 

The Christian Intelliaencer 
Chareh St, New York, 

as, '900. 

•nieodore Dougtaaa : 

and Editor, d. Au*. 
WUllara KUiot GriffiL 

and Lecturer, toi E. uanaio la., Jtoaea. 

N. Y. 
John Hart Clergyman, AmwcU Rd., Na- 

Ocorge Warn* Labaw, aargyman. S. F. 



•Edmid Lodewiek, Ccrgrmaa, d. Sept. 

OMr'te Whitfield Sebinion, Supcimtend- 

cnt of Public School*. HoMbani, N. Y.; 

John PhUip Clnm, Official Lecturer 
Soutbem Pacific Co., B*B Flood Bid 
Sao Francisco, Cal. ; Ku. Coachd 

*Luthc( Barton, Clergyman, d. Ans. ii, 
'John Gardner Cortelyan, Banker, d. July 
*w'illi'n°I)eBike, Jr.. Uwyer, d. Dec. lo. 

*Hi:^ Helun Harih, Jeoellcr, d. Ana. 

11, 1896. 
•John Frederick McLaurr. CleiKyman, d. 

Un. 3D, 1889. 
•Nicholai Peane, Clttgymao, d. Uay tg, 

Rlcbaid AujniBtUB Pea 
Uina'ille. N. Y. 


*Jolin Oppi*. Clergyman 

Hcndrlck A. Hendrickaon, Retired Ci 

man, *6« Amity St.. F 
*John Henry Saliabury, 

JoliB Preiton Seaite, 

Edward Fuller Brooka, Civil Engineer, 
with Pennavlvania Railroad; Kei. Lands- 
down, N. J. 

Ckorte Hall Large, Lawyer, Uem. Large 
ft Xarse. Flemington, N. J. 

Willuun lamea Laggett, Qergyoian, Cbat- 

BeniiialD Coiy Miller, Clergyman, Ban- 
martin Ncvlui Wyckoff. College Pio- 
feiior, d Jan. 17. ifiii. 

1 N. 1 

Frederick Bmeit Allen, Clergymi 

ha«n, N. Y. 
Fletcher Clark, Clergyman, 141 

St., Philadelphia. Pa. 
*Ceorge Rtiley Diion, Lawyer ana coiiot. 

•Daniel Trimble Hawzhurat. Bookkeeper, 

John H.' C.' Sni^na. Manufaclnrer, .17 E. 

jBth St., New Vork, N. Y. ; ie>. jo, 

W. 9»th St., New York, N. Y. 
Willivn Henry Page, Actor, Ardmore 
_Hotel. 81 Bowery, New York, N. Y. 
Clandiua Rocketelter, Lawyer, 403 Warren 

St., Hudson, N. v.; Rea. «a4 GiSord 

PL. Hudson, N. Y. 

Stryker Schenck, New Jersey State 
ne for Epilepiica, StiUman, N. J. 

Home t 


ired aergy- 
ig, N. Y7 

John Lane Conaet Lawyer, Flemington, 

Andrew Hagcm*ii> Clergyman, Ocean Hill 
Reformed Chnrch, 1139 Herkimer St.. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

*John Hort Jackaon, Lawyer, d. Apr. 4, 

•Winfield Scott Laaher, CJTil Engineer, d. 
•Jobi H^r^ WyekofF, Qergymai 

n Doren Wyckoff, Clergymi 

Houghton Cone Devan 

id Surgeon, d. 1894, 
ird Lyall, Clergyman, 

Joth St, New ^ 

W. H4it St., N.„ . 

Carlton Browsell Pier,„ ,,., 

Broadway New York. N. Y. ; Rei. 

_. _ __.heea, Lawyer, aS* 
d St. Elii.beth. N. J.; Res. 197 
■ - Eliiaheth, N. J. 

urgh. State Bank Exam- 

iner, Dept. 

Trenton, N. J.; Kei, 16II 
Somerville, N. T. 
•Theodore Havelock Walser, 
dent. d. ApL 14, i»}6. 


ver, 10 Wall 

Itea. DDaglast 
Henry Ve^te, 

Works on In 

Asylum for Iu>...<:, 
La Rue Vredenburgh. 

— Van Sleenbergh. Li 
ill St, New York. N. ■) 

N. Y. 

anslator of Forei 

Trenton, N. I. 

" Engin- 
ing Co., 
ol Boston, 39 Bojrleator St., Bos.on. 
Mass.: Res. iij Sutherland Rd., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
•William SuaMll Whitehead, Pottery 

Manufacturer, d. June ag, 1913- 
Wmiam Forman WyckoS, Lawyer, iis 
Montague St, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Res. 
90 Herriman Ave., Jamaica. M. Y. 

h Wat»a Brvkaw, Clergyman of Firtt 
esbylerian Chnrcb, Utica, N. Y. ; Res. 
Court St., Utiia. N. Y. 

Robert Woodwonh Prcntiaa, 



PrafcMor and Got- 

■naticiBB, CollMe . _ _ _ 

eramenl OffieinC d- ApL 5, 1913. 

*WillUni Kfiirr Scudder. (Tnit. by Nci 
York), Ckrgymin, ' •" 

•Egbert Tean, Sludr 

d. Jan. IT. 1S8 

New 'York. N*. Y. 
Coroaliua Schenck, ClerEymu, 

Front St., Pliinfield, N. J. 
Tlieodorc Snaler, Clersynun, T< 

*Thoma> Woodhouic Bakewell. Uwyer, 

d. July 7, 190B. 
*CharIu Arthur Horn. Librarun, d. Au(. 

11, I sag. 

BcTier Haabrouck Slaicht, Phyiician, 644 

aimon Ave., NewarL V. f 
•Shemiin Vn Keu, Phyiician, d. Dec. 

St. New York, N. Y.; Re>. , 
Sl. Upper IfODtcIair, K. J. 
Qtotft Zabrlakia Collier. Oernnuo, 
Uiadlr< '• " " 

904 W. 

Albanr Acadi 

anr Academy. Albany, N. 1 
CheatDut St. Albany, K. Y. 

I Hactman, Clercyman, ClaTCrack, 

in« St, Johailo 
UatSiew t&B Bra 

1 Irr- 

ce, lawyer, £8 WiUUm 
&t, wew lorn, N. Y. : Rei. 347 Con- 
vent Ave.. New York, N. Y. 

William Pateraon Bruce, ClerKyaao, ■] 
Morri. Cre.cent, Yonken, NY. 

•George Dsvii. Cleriyman. ± Uar. ]i, 

•BUfwin Taylor Havena, Lumber Inspec- 
tor, d. Oct IS, igio. 

Benjamin Lippiacott Fanner, Cinnamin- 
>oc, N. Y. 

Jamea Qnlick Heyer. Lawyer, Beacon. 
N. Y. 

Charlet Edward Patdaoo. Coniulting; En- 

•Benjamln Campbell Bakewell. Merchant, 

d. Nov. as, leio. 
Charlet Deihler. Ensinei 

eral Electric Co., Han.. 

New Bnmiwick N. J. 

Cornel iui 1. Haiina. La wye 
Ave,, Nyack. N. Y. 

OeDrae Henry Stephena. Fiel 
Presbyterian Minister's F 
Commonwealth Bldg., Philai 

Louia Auluatua Vc 

ConiultmK Chemii 
Brunswick, N. J 

nd 907-14 
ilphiB. Fa.: 


P. o. bojt 

Lien, Wholesale 
Bogeman Hill- 
, Sta. B. Paaa- 

•Bdward Burnett Voorheei, Agrici 

Chemist, d. June 6, 1911. 
lamei Sylvealer Wight. Lawyer, 

Wight & Wight. 181 Smith St, 

Aniboy, N. 7.; Res. 141 High 

Penh Amboy, N. J. 
Garret Wyekolf. CleTgyman, Red 

N. J. 

•Jacob Chei 

d. July .s 

Isaac Chamherlaii 

Edijon Illuminating Co. o( 
Slat* St.. Boston, Mass. ; Ri 
St, Brookline. Ma«. 

•Abraham Brilton Havtnt, 
Hay S, 1900. 

•John Harriion, Clergyman, 


''-rrisoB, N. J.; Res. 

tea. Analytical and 
lit Carol PI., New 

Thomaa Johoaton Biaaetl. 

L«wi> Blrac Chamberlala, Hiaslona 

Madanapalle, India; Res. Hew Broi 

wick, 5; J. 
•Frederick Deihler, Bookkeeper, d. Ji 

t. Ciyil Engineer, 114 Gn 
City. N. J. 
I Kilpatcick, Salesman, 

BImore D> Witt, 

Aug. 7. T8pa. 

Peter Stniwcfl. La' 

Bayonne, N, J. ; 

•Henry Hartyn Voorheet. Lawyer, d. Dec. 

•Thuraton Walker Challcn, Clergyman, d. 

May If. iSoT. 
Harry Joseph March. Civil En, 

'o.. 46 P»t< 

r, T. : Res, ■ 

ick, N, J. 

Inpneer and 
. . Engineering 

St, New Brunswick. 
mt Ave., New Bnins- 

.._ Pierson Merrill. Clereyman 
The Brick Presbyterian C 

Jew York, N. Y.; Res. 
lames Sagendornh. Ei 



Ah Wynkoop, Sutc InBpfctor of Public 
Libnne*,. EduotioDal Bldi., Albiny, 
N; Y. ; 8m. 3JS Stale St, Alluly, N. Y. 

•WmUm Armiuge BnrdilM, CIcrrrmu 

d. Oct. m, 1897. 

Rufiu NuttbiE ChambctUin, glccirici 

Enginttr. with Gould Stotage Batter 
Co., The Rookery, Chicago, 111. 

Avi., Pekm, Ilf. 

CoUTi, Ciiinbnd|t, Uagm. 

C^iSerce"!!., Bridiet"^™"'!.*' 
•WiUiam Blahop Toraptlat, Clemman, 

Peidiund Schenck Wilnn. ClerL.— 
Ill W. Fifth St.. BaTonue. N. J. 

Cbarlei Sterlini WvekoS, Clerrymi 
Wallon, N. Y. 

•CoTBcliiu Kmerick WyckolF, Clergyou 

Byion CunuBJnga. Profi 

JohD Ten Byck De ifrltt, 

dell. S. J. 
Stephen Jackaon Keeft, Pliyii 

■f—-- "- "liiabeih, N. J. 

Jatpcr Samuel Hocan. Clereyman, ii» 

•fowii«nd St., New BninawTck, N^ J. 
Robert Jamea Hoian, Cleioyman, II N. 

HcBiman Bt, Schenectady. N. Y, 
Charln Seward Johnson, Teacber, Col- 
legiate School, 141 W. 7;lh St.. Ntw 
York, N. Y.; Rei. 8] Stockton Ave.. 
Ocean Grore, N. J. 
HeniT Lockmrad, acrcyolan. East Hill- 
Herbert Benattt Roberta, Clerryman. sB 
Ballston Aye.. Scotia, Schenectady, 
N. Y. 
•Edward Van Vechten Searle. Clergvman, 

d. Feb. II, 1907. 
Isaac Htbbett SnttoD, Mining, with 
lerome Verde Copper Co., 113 Becur- 
itv Bldg.. Loi Angelei, Cal. ; He*, lit} 
TliompMin St, Loi Angeles. C»l. 
Gillett Wynkoop. CDnsuTting and Manu- 

Koiiro Uataugata. I 

/.pan, Kobe. Japi 
■Clarence Ooodwln 

Scudder, Stnden 

Wlnfred Riuan Ackert, ClcrgrnuD. 4ifi 

W, S4l'l St. New York, N.%-. 
Clarence Hombeck Bonnell. Physician 
■ " "1 Post Rd., By*. 

iwyer, asio Third 
;.. 1.1U1U., !,.» .urk, N. YTj Res. 
I DcTOe Terrace. New York, N. Y. 

A.. IS E. tid St, New York^ N. 

Re>. Haitings-on-HudHOn. N. V. 

■HsuTice Joseph Thompson, Lawye 

1 Mobart Lockett, Ins 

Liberty ! 

T18 W. s8th St, New York, N. Y. 
'~ - eard ThorD lliddleton, Teacher, 

; St, New York, N.V. 


keddlffe Schenck, Lawyer, 41 

Paletjon St., New Brunswick, N. J,; 
Res. aio Hale St, New Brunswick, 
N. J. 

Looii William Stotesburr, Lawyer, S5 
Liberty St, New York, N. Y.; also 
Adjutant General Sute d( New York. Al- 
bany, N. Y^ Re*. iM W. 74th St, New 

EliBB B'rotRi Van Artdale, Clergyman. In- 

terlaken, N. Y. 
John S. Van Ordeo, Undertaker, Mem. 

P. S. Van Orden and Sons, Madison 

Are., Spring Valley, N. Y. 
Ralfdi Spencer Voorhcca, Fire Insurance. 

with The Continental Iniuruice Co., 158 

Garrett Scott Voorheet, Farmer, Basking 
Ridn, N. J. 

Robert Sumner Winn, Journalist, on Edi- 
tonal Staff of Associated Press. N. Y,, 
Mutual Life Bldg., Sydney, Australia. 

Robert Dodge Meirllt. CletRymsn, Baby- 
lon. N. Y. 

Isaac Messier. Clergyman, McKee, Kv. 

Hobart Earl Studely. Missionary, 710 Calle 
Reina Heoents, Binondo, Manila, P. I. 

Prank K. Van Orden, Physician, e«o E. 
i6sth St, New York. N. Y. 

•Ellis Robert Woodruff, Theological Stu- 
dent, d. May 30. 1 89 J. 



Howard Da Hoti, Slockbroker, with 

Anderson Biuot & Co., So Bro»dw»y, 

New York, N. Y.; Rci. a] Lookoul 

Ave., HmckeoHck. N. J, 
John AusuMiu Sulea, Clcrirmin, 306 

Lincoln Ave., Grove Cily, Pa. 
Philip Cook Thonui, PbTaician, 44 W. 

?7lli St, New YorW, N. Y. 
John HeniT Thompaon. GenL Afcnt, wilb 

The Connecticut Mutual Life Int. Co.. 

Hartford, Ct ; Be). 14 Nile* Sl, Hart' 


Georft Staolejr Fersuaoa, Re>l Eatcte 
and Iniurance, 711 Uattiaon Ave., A>- 
bury Park, N. J.; ilea, sio jd Ave, Al- 
bury Park. N. J. 

Drew Wyckoff Hageman, Lawyer. 34 Naa- 
aau St., New York. N. Y. 

Seymour De Witt Ludlum, Phyaician, 116 
S. 15D1 St, PhiUdelpkia, Pa.; &e(. 
Gladwvne, Pa. 

Floyd Yard Paraona, Archiieci, 1133 
Broadway, New York. N. Y.; Rea. loB 
E. 30th St, Faterion, N. J. 

Lonla Provoat Poke. ClcTiyniin, Conn 

p;iii«in Cnnniiainn'i fil^ Hall 

Bugeae Bogett, Engineer and Manuiac- 
lurer. The Bogert and Carlough Co., sii- 
SiS Straight St, Paterion. N. T. ; Ret. 



iple Ave., Ridgcirood, N. J. 
Stanley Conklln, Oieti -■ ' " "'■ 


o! New York, Corn Ex. Bidg., Sli 
Island, N. Y. ; Rei. 134 Bentley 
Tottenville, N. Y, 
Joaeph UiUipaugh Fowler, Lawyer. 
Wall St, Kingjton, N, Y. : Hei. loj 
I SL. Kinplon, N. Y. 

Ceorgt Ffancii Scull, Lawyer, 149 Broad- 
way. New York, N. Y. ; Bm. iij N. 
cith St., Newark, N. J. 

•Ruaaell Van Aradale, Railway Qerk. 

P. S. Van Orden & Sana, SuSera. 

N. Y. 
•Chule* Pool Voorheea, Farmer, d. Jan. 

Jacob V^n Zandt WyckoS, Reporter, witk 
The Tribune, Lo» Angelet, CaL ; Ret. 
4AI' Lexington Ave., Loi Angelea, Cal 

ry Richard De Witt, Lawyar, *4> 
lir St, Kinnton, N. Y.'. Re*. » La- 
yette Ave., KingatOD. N. Y. 
. Finlty Drake, CivU Engineer, with 
■ *■• " -t, 177th St. and 3d 

. . J St., Astoria, N. Y. 

Bergen Davia, Profeiior, Colambia Uni- 
veraity. New York, N. Y. ; Res. 411 
W. ii4lh St, New York. N. Y. 

Spencer Liitlefield Higgina, Sorgeon in 
U. S. Army, care of Navy Dept, Wash- 
ington, D. C, or U. S. S. Aikansai. 
care of Poilmaaler, N. Y. 

Edward Jay Meeker. Qergyiaan, Lodi, 
N. Y. 

Rabeit Hatdiewa Pieraon, Lawyer, with 
The B. F. Goodrich Co.. Akron, O. ; 
Rei. Oak PI, Akron, O. 

Dept._ Cont 


Brooklyn N. Y. ; 

158 Mon 

Roslyn, U. Y. 
Waldo Berth Bo*encranti, Engineer, with 

The American Tobacco Co.. in s'h 

Ave., New York. N. Y. ; Res. mS 

Maple PI., CranCord, N. J, 
Uaihiaa Bverett Turner, Sale* Manager, 

with The Qeveland Electric Illuminat- 

ing Co., Cleveland. O, ; Bea. Unionville, 



Raymond Van Aradale Carpanter, Ai^st 
Actuary, Metronolitan Uie Insurance 
Co., t Uadiion Ave, New York, N. Y. : 
Res. 31 Manning Ave., Plainfield, N. I. 

ClilTord PhUip CB«e, Clenyman, z6; Mill 
St., Poughkeepsie. N. Y. 

Richard Louniberr BItinge. Phytician. 7a 
Maiden Lane, Kingston, N', Y. 

Physician, «o« Ter- 
HarW, Mich. 
Prealdent, Rioenix 
iiS W. 4id St.. New 
. Milton Point B^, 
Hye, N. Y. 
Chariea Vernon Smith, Civil Engineer, 
with Atboto* Corporation of Canada, 
Ltd., Thetford Mioea, Quebec, Can. 
George Todd Vaulea, Teacher, P. S. », 
New Dorp. Stalen Island, N. Y.j Bea. 
4051 Amboy Rd.. Great Killi, N. Y. 
Jacob WyckoB, Faying Teller, with 
Newark NalL Banking Co., Newark, 
N. J.: Res. id Laurence Ave., New 
Brunswick, N. J. 


George Walter Behcr, Automobile Dealer. 

61 Thicket St, S. Weymouth, Maai. 
William Lawrence Roaa Hainea, Civil En- 

K'neer, Office Chief Engineer, M. W. 
;nna, Line* West of . Pillibnrcfa, Pitu- 
burgh. Pa.; Rea. Rennerdale. Pa. 
Frederic Eugene Peaboi** 
Edgar Harvey Sarla*. < 
■■— ' "'•}> Jarecki 1 

ta.j Cincinnati, u. j jih. *«.» 

Norwood, O. 

Augtiatui Hnnt Shearer. Librarian, New- 
berry Library, Chicago, III. ; Ret. Evau- 
ton. III. 
Harold Nvwell Van Bergen. Saleaman, 
with Bohm Allen Jewelry Co.. Denver, 
Col.; Res. 133} Dater St, Denver, 

Pcrlcc Brokaw. Clergyman, d. 



ft. G. D. RklunlKjn, PioTidcDce, R. I. 

?niik Eck*rws, Uiuiooary, ToDg-on. 
Amov, Chini. 

Ralph Brighton Puuiu, IniuriDce, Office 
o) Schedule Sitiai txpen, 40 Qintoa 
St., Nenrk, N. T, ; gt>. 3^4 Sanford 
Ave.. Newart. N. J. 

Robert Walter Pettit. Phyiician, 144 Liv- 
inpton At*., New Bmn.wiik, N. J. 

IfarEaua Sermoui Purdy. Cleriymaa, So 
Third St., Ncwbnr^, N. Y. 

ChiUoB Roselle^ Orsaniit and Choir Hat- 
ter, Broidwty T'reibyletian Church, 
Broadwar and iMth St.. New Yoik. 
N. Y.: K«, joj W. 113th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

Daniel Frederick Burottt, Lawyer. Pru- 
dential Bldn., Newark, N, J.; Rei. 815 
Scolland Rd., Orange. N. ). 

Prank Martla Hummel Teacher. 41 Rich- 
mond Terrace Sl George. N. Y, 

■nrad HiUlken, Lawyer, Woolwor 
Bid... New York, N. Y.j Res. 41a \ 
ii4di St., New York, N. Y. 

34 Ten Eyck Are., Albany. K. Y. : Sei. 
18 Ten Eyck Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Howard Prasklin Kirk, Lawyer, Union 
Bldg., 9-11 Clintop Si., Newark, N. J^ 
He*. M Osborne »rerr»ce, Newark, N. J. 

Ralph Croabv Morria. Clergyman, Edge- 
wood Reformed Church, Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; Rei. ijGi sjd St., Brooklyn, 

Percy Lyle Van Nuia, Cost Dept. Nerer- 
slip Mfg. Co., New Bmntwick, N. J.; 
Res, 8 Harriaon Atc, New Brunawicfc, 

N. J. 

WUliam Jamei Douglai, Physician. 

Co., Imlation Hospinl, Belleville, N. J, ; 
Res. 01 Lincoln Pk., Newar- ■■■ " 

Igar Merle ^olan, 

" ing St.. " ■ 

t Tlsche 

.Ved nime 
JX Federal 

Ruf'ui George Poland, CouDly Tr 
Fergus County, Uont ; Set. 

HiTTT Umutos BidcatL Manafactnrer, 

Bryant Electric Co., Bridgeport, Ct.; 

Res. 914 Howard Ave., BndgeiwTt, Ct. 
Dorman Tliompaon Connet Lawyer, with 
Loucks ft Aleonder, lao Broadway, New 

York, N. Y.; Res. IS3 S. Broadway, 

White Plaina, N. Y. 
Spencer Cone Deran, Civil EfltioM'i 39 

Whitehall St.. New York, N. Y. i Res. 

11] Lincoln Ave., New Bmnswick, 

N. J. 
Bdjar Leek Dickeraon. Biology Te«cher, 

CeBtral High School, Newark, N. T. ; 

Res. iDfi Proapeet St, Nntley, N. jT 
Letrli Sandall Harris, Lawyer, 14 

Washington PI, Hackensack, N. T.: 

Res. 04 Sute St.. Hackensack. N. Jl 
Jercmiati Danlela Richardson, Ciril Xn- 

Sneer, with Penn. R R., R. JJ K. 
wn Flat, rth Ave. and aad St^ New 
York, N. Y. ; Res. 3' Vine St, &rona. 
N, Y. 
Frederick WiUUni Smith. Lawyrr, Pru- 
dential Bldg., Newark, N. J. ; Res, 168 
Delavan Art.. Newark. N. f.- 
•William Baird WyckoIF. ^ectrical En- 
gineer, d. July a6, 1908. 

uaeniiai ins- ^o.. newaric, n- J 
t Second St, Newark. N. J. 
«aene Wmiara Srler, Physician, tig s<.. 

St. Newark, N. T. 
Jimea Wallace Hageman. Broker, with Uc 

Onre, Jones A Seed. 6€ Liberty St. 

New York. N. Y.; Res. iijg Herkimei 

St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Raymond St Vincent Hirman- Ashley, 

Aast Professor. TTntversiiy of Maine. 

Orono. He. : Res, Bound Brook, N. J. 
Barton Jamea Hotaling, Cictgyman, lo- 

Tunes Howard Brinckcrhoff. Clergyman, a 

Park PI., Herkimer, N. Y. 
Arthur Voorheea De Hart Manufacturer 

of oxygen and other gases, with The 

Linde Air Products Co., 43d St. Bldg.. 

New York, N. Y. ; Res. lOi Central 

Ave., Plainlield, N. J. 
George Richard Koehler, Armv Officer, 

care of Adjutant General. V. S. A., 

Washington, D, C, : Ret, Port George 

Wright. Washington, D. C, 
Charlea Arflinr Morria, County Superin- 

- ndent of Public Schools. Toms RItct, 

N. J, 

Lonia Bevier, Lawyer, with Farretl and 
Bevler, ay William St. New York, 
N. v.: Res. Bishop PI.. New Brunswick, 
N. J. 

•William Frederick Daridson, Student, d. 
July 8, 1904, 

Tliomaa Alan Devan. Physician, 697 Hunt- 
ington Ave., Boston, Mats. 

Henry Marthtll File*. Jr., Telephone En- 
gineer, with American Telegraph & 
Telephone Co., ais W. Wathington St., 
"■ '" " " ijaj Fatwell Ave.. 


I. 111. 

Edward Green, Clergyman, S, 

Bound Brook, N. J, 
Raymond Burguer Johnaon, Teacher, 

Country Da* School, Newton. Hass.; 

R«s. 84 Walker St, Newlonville. Haas. 
" — '-' Inrln^ Liodreth Kain, Clergy- 


_.... Hull. _.., 

snk Otto UitUg, Jr.. Chen 

■'^ttag t Volger, Inc., Par 

a Edwin Mormw. Civil Eng 
Hope St.. Los Angel-x- CI 
arvey Murphy. Cleri 




Newark, N. J.: Re«. 1.8 N. 19th St.. 

Karmond Ber'ten SUita, Jr., Hidlir. 
N. Y, 

RATinond TippioB Vrcd«ibur«fa, Sale*- 
m»n, with hTp. Wood ft Co., aoi 
Dennihire St., Boiton. Mau. ; Rci. iij 
Sulhcrlind Sd., Boilcm, Usu. 


■. Wood. 

Howtrd SonurriUi Oki, General Bnitd. 
ingf Contractor, as Park St, Upper 
Mootcliir, N. J. 

Thaodor* Ameimu MaEeiniib Clercrman, 
Fcura Buih. K. Y. 

Jorce Kilmer, Author and Newniaper 
Uao, with Mew Vork Timei, Timet 
Sq., New York. N. Y. ; R». Mahwah, 
N. J. 

Robert Allen Lutbnmnr, Civil Eniinecr. 
with Hisblind Park Bldg Co., aj8 
acTClaniTATe., New Bruoiwick, N. J-: 
Rea. Grar- * - "— ° -'■ " ' 

-- -- Rk 

Pwk" BlSl. C' 

A™, N™'B™o»wiik^k.*7.*" 
Cbarlei Thien Thompaon. 

r Bldg., , 

. 46 E. Jid St., Kan 

Clergynun, RjdBewood, 
Glin Rock. N. T 
Samuel Arthur Deyan. 

irman-Aihler, A 

Atlantic Monlhl] 
I- York, N. y. ; 

h Central R. R. o[ N. }.; Set. ]j« 

!»lnut St.. Arlington. N. /. 

in J. Shafcr, Miiaionan, care of Re*. 

rbeit Kuxpfcr, 71 Oaawakawan 

Ki, Vamagala, Uorioki, Japan. 

rt Stephenaon, Foreilrr. wilb U. S. 

eil Seince, Albuquerque, N. If. 

im Llord Van Kcuren, Experimental 

ginrer, with Edison Lamp Workt. 

leial ElectHc Co., Haniaon, N. J.; 

>. 7S DanieUon St, N. Berseu. N. J. 

I^atar Dow Bcrgcr, ChieC Clerk. Gulf, 

Ten> & Weilern R. R. ; R». 110 Tre- 

moDt Ave.. BoKon, Halt. 
Harlan Beiaon, Lawyer. SKTing* Bank 

Bldg^ Hoboken, N. J.; Kei. &^ Riier 

St., Hoboken, N. J. 
Ralph Price Diviea, Real £«ute and 

Banking. Title Guarantee & Trust Co.. 

175 Remaen St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Re>. 

105a Bericn St. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Herrey Stanton De Gtoodt. Rei. >ga Snn- 

mit Ave., Jeraey City. N. T. , 
•Alfred Chulei Hickt. Medical Student, 

d. Jan. 4, loie. 
Hury John Stockum. Inaurance, Uarl. 

ton. S.I 
•Seufaen Tharp, OieiniHi. d. Feb. 17. 

illiam Oilletpi* Atwood, (tni 

tayette), Prioc^-' -' "■-•■- ^- 

cong, U. I 

ITtd FlonisE 

School of Commerce, us 

New York. N. Y, ; Re.. 

--_ by U- 

Pablic School, Net. 

in, TcMher. ^H^ 

Tunia Deniu, Agroaomiit 

Workij . 190. SjcConr 

BuE«ie Wai 
ol Adjuui 
iogtoa, D. 

Caorge H. Green, Teacher, High School, 
Bound BrookTN. J. 

Edwin Thamaa Xealie, Engineer and Con- 
tractor, with Fred Thev & Co.. Spring- 
licld. Masi. i Rei. j« Arch St.. Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Edwin Sermour Oldia. Lawyer, aao Broad, 
way. New York. N, Y.; R». 1938 Bsth 
St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Jordan Homer Slovar, Chemical Engin- 
eer, with Harrii Chemical Co.. CCei- 
ler. Pa. ; Rei. 18 W. Ridley Are,. Rid- 
ley Pk.. Pa. 

Bmett Theodore De Wald, Student ■ 

Archaeology. Princeton Uniterail 
Princeton. N. J,; Res. » Uorria Si 
New Bruntwick, N. J. 
Aufuatu* Hunt, Civil Eni 

Sngineer and Ai- 

ResT'4 Seventh' s'.',''Mmot, N? b, ' " 
cal Harold David Lealie. AdverliainE, with 
ty, W. C, Richardson. 181 Fourth Ave.. 

ty, New York. N. Y. ; feej. a? Ingraham 

PI.. Newark. N. J. 
ire Raymond Sean Patterion, Chief Inipec. 
lie, tor, Middlesex & Monmouth Couiitiet' 

lOn Experiment Station, fileecker PI.. New 

Brunswick. N. J. ; Rca. River Rd.. New 
R""..wick, N. J. 

RuMcll Rogcra, Lawyer, soo 
— -, New York. N. Y. ; Rei. 136 


John 1 

(c. Oce 

■ N J „ 

John Haring Voorheea, 

Frederick Potter Read. Civi 

. Or»n«, N. J,; Ret. 



Sunual PunniD Foitar, Asriculturlil, i 
North Jer«T SocLetj for Promolion 
Airiculture, Bayhcad, N. T. 

KibhU Woodworth Cio. EzecutiTC ( 

ine, Rutsera College, Ne« Brunawld 
N. J.j R*». HiKh P«ll», N. Y. 
Aiutin Lino De Ir " " " ■^--" — 

Inaii Spciden & Co.. 46 Cliff I 
Yorlc, N. Y.: Rej. Y. M. C ./ 

Valentine Brittoa Havan*. Student of 
Law, atrial Collcn, Oxford, Ens- ; Res. 
Highluid Parlt, N. J. 

Herbert Xoebel Bavica, AuiaUnt Editor, 
Field and Stream HataiiiK, Field inj 
Stream Pnbiiihins Co., 331 4th Avti, 
New York. N. Y. ; R«. 30 Cedar Are., 
Allenhurii, N. T. 

Faol Walrath, DrahsmiD, wiih Nixon 
Nitration Work*, fionhamtown. N. J.i 

11. i.i nci. Di NoTiroad Atc, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
Arlhiar HartUod IfenhoB, Railroad, with 
Delaware & Hudson Co., Albany, N. Y. ; 
Re>. 383 St. Georgei Atc., Rahway. 

Paul Dudley PreBtiia, Department Han- 

aaer, T. W. Roberli Co., Cleveland, O.; 

Rea, ai>o E. Sad St., Cleyeiand, O. 
David Bevier Van DfcIc Studant. PHnce- 

ton Theological Seminary, Princetoo, 

N. J. ; Rei. GreenTilie, N, V. 

■dear Ch*Mbn> Cook, Law Student and 
liisurance, with Ediar H. Cook & Son, 
Atlantic Higfatandi, N. J. 

Donald HavMla, Clerk, with Corporation 
Trail Co., 31 Wall St. New York, 
N. Y.: Rea. 401 State St.. Brooklyn, 
N. Y, 

Jciie BurEeia Lealie. Chief Inipector, 
Bergen County Moaguilo Eittennina- 
tion Cemmiiaion. 4S Hudion St, Hack- 
eniack, N. J. ; Re.. J34 Union St.. Hack- 
eniack, N. J. 

Howard Decker McKinner, Student of 
Music, Columbia UniT.. New York. 
N, Y. : Rei. Fine Buah. N. Y. 

Arthur Arnold Prentiia, Tranlling Sales- 
man, with Uichelin Tire Co., 1443 
Michigan Are., Chicago, III.; Re>. lOAi 
Argylt Atc^ Chicago, III. 

John HeniT Stowiti Putnam, Theologic 

George StaDlar Rabins, Chemist, A. S. 
Barada & Co^ 403 Wright BIdg,, St 
Louis, Mo.; Res. Flainfield, N.7. 

Chailea Knabel Savage, Allenhurst Bor- 
ough Cterk and Recorder Law Clerk, 
with John S. Applegate ft Son, Red 
Bank, N. J. Res. 30 Cedar Atc., Allen- 
hunt, N. 7. 

Cornelius PrelinghuyseD Scbenck, Student 
of Civil EnaSnearine, Columbia Uoi- 
veriity, New York. N. Y. ; Re*. 504 W. 
Front St, Plainlield, N. J. 

Harold William Scbenek, Qergyman, Pas. 
tor Franklin Reformed Church, Nutley, 
N. J.; Re.. 904 W. Front St, PUii- 
field, N. J. 

Elmer Lrnford Gchoonmaker, General Mer. 
chandise Ssle.mln, with H, U Ounck. 
anbush & Co., Riverdale. N. J.; Res. 
6jo E. a4tb St;, Patersoa, N. J. 

Charles Coan* Stover, Nearspaper and 
Commercial Anl.t, Stale GaielTe Pub- 
■ lishing Co., Trerlon, N, J.; Re*. 474 W. 
State St, Trenton, N. J. 

Brunswick Theological Seminary, New 
. Brunswick. N. J. ; Rea. Schoharie, N. Y. 
Arthur Edward Helmrich. Director, with 

D. BeUsco, 149 E. 36th St, New York, 

N. Y. 
Edgar George Kernann, Pubtiahing, with 

Fair Play Priming & Publishing Co., 

Inc., IIS BnAdway, New York. N. Y. ; 

Res. 1005 E. 40th St. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
George Dusenberry Norcom, Board of 

Health, Trenton, N. 1. 
Ror Hundy Davidson Richardson, Teacher. 

Woodland School, Phoenicia, N. Y. 1 

Res. Bound Bronk, N. J. (After loi^ 

Rhodes scholar at Oxford University, 

Robert Wyckoff Searle, Teacher, Kingaler 

School, Essex Fills, N. J.: Res. Shii- 
_nar. PI., New Branswick, N. J. 
Tfaeodore Voorhees, Salesman, with Miche- 

lin Tire Co., New Brunswick, N. J,; 

Res. College Ave., New Branswick, N. J. 

Obadiah Pellet Armttroag, Law Student, 
Res. js Trinity St, Newton, N. J. 

Sherman Lindaev Conklin; Rea iia 
Bleecker St, Newark, N. J. 

Hyron James Folenslxe, (Init. by Union). 
Forest Hills Taxpayers' Assn., Forest 

Hj6 First PL, Plainlield, N. J, 
Karl Frederick Haenlchcn, Silk Tie 

facturer. with Haenichen Bros. Si 

1 Broadway, Palerson. N. J.; 

E. Jfith St.. Paterson, N. T. 
Frank Ch — •-"-- '-^ — ■ 

40 Gro 

. 40 Grove PL, East Orange. N. J. 
Julian Francis Uiller, Stu£nt; Res. 313 

Pearl St, Camden, N, J. 
Edward Lewis Peppel. Student: Res. 37* 

Elm St, Newart, N, J. 
Charles Harold Reed, jgo George St.. New 

Brunswick, N. J.: Res. 101 Livingston 

Ave., New Brunswick. N. J. 
James Bernard Scan, Student; Res. 3t» 

Columbus Ave.. Hasbrouck His., N. J. 
Ranoond Bove; Searle, Room 40] Na- 

lional Bank, N. J., New Brunswick, 



N. J. ; S«. SemJnBrr PL, 
wict, N. J. 
lUlph Whltaker VooiliMI, St 
ISO E. ufith St., New Vorl 

Brum- Hillwood Josctih Trutcott, Student; Ret. 

RuiHll Juna Clinchy, Thcolosiul Std- 

dcul. Drew Theologrcil Stmbarv, Hmdi- 
mn, N. I.; Rei. j«j Park A«., E. 



liaier, Sli 




.il St-, C. 

mdeo, N. 



Piti. Stud. 

:nl: &«. .4 

7 E' 


nunerce St. 

, Bridgeto 

n. N. 





3cirr, Student 1 Re*. 

!.. Hxbrouck Hl>.. M. 


Robert Oerild 

Teit. Stu 





Center St 

.. Mercbuu 


N. J. 

1 Berier Van Drck 




Hugh Ritchie Brown, Student; Rea. W*r- 

burton Ave.. Hutiugt.OTi-Had>on, N. Y. 
Brron Pennington Croker, Smdent; Rea. 

AtlantLc City, N. J. 
Charle* Hunill Potter, Holmdel, H. J.; 

SCL BBThead, N. J. 
Jimei Bldndge Greene FraTcll. Student; 

Re*. Cranburj, N. J. 
Jaraea Edward Lambtit Qoonla, e5 WJ- 

liam Sl, New York, N. Y.; Rea. 156 

Montague St, Brooklrn, N. Y. 
Walworth Paddock PattUon. Student; 

Re*. «fi ainton An., Montclair. N. J. 

wood Jo* 

D N. Ski 

_._oswick, N. J. 

Charie* Lieberminn Walker, Student: 
Res. Cot. ;th St & Beach Atc., Beach 
Haven, N. J. 

E««rt WendeU 

BiTinoad Hayes lIcGovem, Student; Res. 

U7 Hamilton St, New Bmniwick, N. J. 
Carl Henry Maar, Student; Rei. slB Mor- 

ri. St, Albuny, N. Y. 
Prank Lamont liacwnnr, Student; Rei. 

154 Cleveland Ave., Haibrouck Heithts, 

K. J. 
Halcobn Slack Pitt. Student; Rea. 147 

E. Commerce St., Brldgeton, N. J. 
Charlci Irwin Poit, Student; Rei. 47 

Gro»e PI., East Orange, N. J. 
HeSord Roia Kunyon, Student; Re*. 

114 Lawrence Atc, New Bnuuwick, 

N. J. 
Raymond J. T. Swing, Student; Res. iS 

Proipecl Ave- Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
John Royle VanAradale, Stodent; Hcl 

Interlaten. N. Y. 
Anson WUlard Voorhcea. Student; Res. 

jij Park StLjIpper Montelvr, N. J. 
Jamea PatHck Wiinaini. Jr., Student; Res. 

iSd Madison Are., Hasbrauck Heists. 

N. J. 



Stanford Univenitr, CaL 
EaUbtished Uar. 13, 1S96; a6 Classes; 178 Uembers. 

Cook, (Init b; Dc- 

Panw), Profe«Mr. Ruifcri Cotlege and 
Plant Pathologiit, N. ]■ Agricnltural 
Eipaimcnt Station, Ncv Bruniiiicli, 

AlbinButT Cnao, (Init. by De Pauw), 
Pumer, ZionariUo, Ind. 

Frcdirlck Seydal Poh, Lj 
Pogs ft Toga, JO] Cili 

Tacoma, Waah. 
Beajtmln OUvar Foatcr, A. 

feasor, Stanford Univeriitj 

I44S Taiao St., Palo A!to, 
Xdmrd Charlai Harwood, ! 

land. Cal. 

G. St., 

Hone* Fon, Preaideat Commoaveiltli 

Creacent Paper Co., Portland, Ore, ; 

Ko. 134 Z itith St, N. Fanland, Ore. 
Ptrl Viscent OiSord. Uwfcr, Uaiia* 

Bank Bldr, Eric, Pa. 1 Re>. 71] Mmk 

Sl, Erie, Ta. 
•Aitbnr Whit* OrMlcr, Teacher, d. Mar. 

Doiae* Alfred L7011. Meulhirsist, with 
U. S. Bureau of Minci, UniTCraitr of 
Utab, Salt Lake City, U. 

Hany Biamacck St«l, Uinioi, Secretary 
Hamr Mill Co., VaocouTct, Wath. 


Benjamin Franklin Bledaoc, Judge. XI. S. S^i 

Dlllrict Court, Federal Bldi., Lot r.^h 
Aogclei, Cat [ Hea. sth and AlUandrU """" 
Sta., Loa Angeles, Cal. 

William Dinamora Brigga. Aiaociate 
Profeiaor. Stanlord Unirer/ity, Cal. 

Ardinr llartla Cathcarb Profe»or, Sun- 
ford UniyeraiiT. Cal. 


San Frj 

Ourin^'n/aaler Hmei 
Coal* Lumber Co., ' 

itei, Student, d. Ju 

Lewera, Lawyer, Legal Dep 
" Co., Sag Flood Bldf 

Call Kei. 444 BelT 

Francia Abbott. Proleaaor. Waita- 
a UniTcrsily, St. Louit, Ua. : Res. 

,-„„ A. Walermao Aie., St. Louia, Mo. 
Lngh Allan, Civil and Uioing Engineer, 

4<>6 S. jDth St, Tacoma. VVadu 
ViTiao Verde Gark, Mining, lodot, Waah. 
•Walter Clark, Teacher, d. Dec. la, 1006. 
Kbeinart Parker Cowlea, Proleiaor, Uni- 

Teraity o( tbe Pbilippioea, Manila, P. I. : 

Sea. 7>o ' Calle iSominguei Alfonao, 

Manila, P. I. 
Richard Keitli CuWtr, Cartooniat, with The 

ExpreiB, Lot Angelei, CaL ; Rea. 947 

& Hope St, Loa Angela., Cal. 
Warrni Hull, Lumber, with Hoquiam 

Lnmber ft Shingle Co., Hoquiam, 

Wash.; Rea. 6aa EBund Are., Hoquiam, 


Oeorgc BllM Cnlver, Teacher and De- 
partmental Bead, Loa Angetca Higli 
School, Loa Angelea, Cal,; Sea. trji 
Garfield PL, Hollywood, Cal 

Charlaa John Dnlln, Electrical Engineer, 
Smo Paulo, BraiiL 

Fred Lonia DoUer, Teacfaer, Sao Paulo, 

Burt Omon Kinatr, (Tnlt. by Wealom 
Reaerre), Teacher, laiS HillcreM Rd., 
Loa Angelea, CaL 

Samuel Piatt. Lawyer, Nbcon BIdg,. Reno, 
Nev. 1 Rea. 140 S. Virginia St, Reno, 

Joaeph Henrr Ttminons, Reporter, Loa 
Angelea Examiner, Loa Angelea, CaL: 
Rea. ISO S. Commonwealth Are., Lot 
Angelea, Cat. 

Willard Tntbm Tonng, N. E. Manager, 
Furniture Commcl. Agency Co., 17 Hay- 
market St)., Boston, Uasl. ; Ret. lojfi 
Commonwealth Atc, Botton, Mai^. 

Edgar Blatdel Dawton, Automobile Sup- 
plio., I4SS Van Nett A»e.. San Fran- 
ciaco, CaL ; Sea. Sji Balboa St, San 
Francitco, Cal. 

Walter Louia Blirlcb, Art Dealer. Prop., 
The Ehrich Gallenet, 707 Fifth Atc, 
New York, N. y.; Ret. tit Vf. 5»th 
St, New York. N. V. 

Clifton Haupin Fario, Phyticiao, F, ft H. 
Bank Bldg., Sacramento, CaL; Ret. 

Tbomaa Start 'Oray, (Init 'by Michinn), 
Lawrer, -007 Broadway, Oakland, Ctl. ; 
Ret. El Granada Apta., Berkeley, CoL 

Iheodore Hall, Jr., (Init by Wesleni Se- 
•erre). Lawyer, Mem. Hall & Pontiua. 

fS Rankle BIk., Aihtabula. O.; Rea. S 
roapect St, AahUbula, O. 
Robert Baird McLaIn, Buaineaa, Agent of 
McLaiB Eit, McLain Bldjr., Wheeling, 
W. Va. ; Sea. Park View, Wieeling, W. 
arde HnU Otborn, Law) 
tion Bf - - ■ ■ 



Williws Qttcnbr Wricbt EnEiDMr, 
CO. C.L 

Bun Huriton Callina. Oil Pr 

Unity Blda., Tulu, Okls. 

CODITCU "■ "— "-- ■ "- 

R» Xcnll 


[cnU CaUlna, Uloi 

udwif FircbAufth, i^awTvr. « 

a. iZcKiDiUT & EUTDODd, i... 

Flood Bld(., Su Fruciico. Cal. ; Re*. 

iS; MoDlccito Atc OakUod. CaL 
Ftcdcrkk Hall Fowler, Entintti, U. S 

Fonilry Service, Su Frauciico, CaL; 

Rei. »i Kiogiltr Atc, Palo Alto. CaL 
Walnr Wiltian Hoop*. AdTcniaini Codd- 

Klor, Preiident Hoodi AdTcrtiiulB Co., 

7 S. Dearborn St., Oiiciso, III 1 Bea. 

):iai Sheridan Rd:, Chicaao. IIL 
Fulton Lane. ConiulCini Enciatcr, 

Union Oil Bids., Lot AnEclea, Cal. and 

Piei't Board of Public Ulililici, CiXj 

Hall, Loi ADEclei. CaL : Ra. 84! Irolo 

St, Lot Anfelei, CaL 
Howard HUton Lewia. Lawrcr, Ucn. 

Ltwii h Ellerr, Plentywood, HoaL 

Alto, Cal. 
Wilmot Bdgar Wbittier. 
Civil Enfineer'i Offic 
CaL; Kei. 384 Juoii 

Civil EBfinecr, 

Robcit H. AUcn. lait kaowa addrcM. ( 
of Paci6c Elec. R. R.. San Pedro, I 

Prank Fo>Wr Bradlcr, Fanner, Glni 
Catilenian, Btadwln Pann, Saipan 

Max John BarteL Hydraulic Enfinea. 

with Citr lEniinecr'i Office, San Fran- 

citco, CaL : Rci. j;4S Twcnir-fini St.. 

San Franclica. Cal. 
Preeman Hidre Cuihman, Aait. Ci^ Ea- 

aineer, with City En|ineer'i Office, 

Tacoma, Waih; R«. 1901 N. i«th St., 

Tacoma, Waah. 
EuEcne Barklcr Favta, Banker, llem. 

Mnrpby, Favre & Co., 43} Kidianf* 

Bank Bide, ^kane. Waah. 
Dane Manaon Oreor, Farmer, Summen. 

Alvin JoiatT, Jr., Fanner, Ham. Jointr 

Broa., Polo. IIL 
Much Anderwn Moran, V. U. C A. Sm- 
. retan, 114 E. aBth St, Haw York, 


Brneal Oriiwold Dudley, Gove 

ett Service, Nortbfork, Cal 

Paul CarroU Bdwwdi. Edit( 

Francilco." CeL"; 'Ria. 1 
■ re.. Oakland. Cal 

Paul C^acei Hi 

iKO. CaL; Ret. 

arper. Inurance. Prei. Bldg. 
n ino HIn. Abiq., Seattle, Waata. ; 
660 W. Lee St., Seattle, With. 

Henry Joiner. Fanner, Uem. 
r Bro... Polo. 111. 

»atch kimbalL Lawyer, 1139 Her- 
• Exch. Bids.. San Pranciaco, CaL ; 
1141 Lake St, San Franciico. Cal 
NlckcU d. July I. i»to. 

Ouy Pierrcpont Jone*. Editor State Board 

of Health Bulletin, Sacramento. Cal 
Harold Bowen Jordan, Ueullurii*!, 

American Smelting A Refinina Co., 

East Helena. Mont. 
VnUiani Jordan, Invesimrni and Bond 

Bniineii, Philadelphia. Pa. : Rei. tvaf 

Wayne Ave.. Germanlown, Pa. 
Ralph Henry Lachmund, Lawyer, with 

Denion, dooley & Denaon. lat. Natl 

Bk. Bids., San Francisco, CaL; Rea. 

.n .8tb Ave., San Franei»co. CaL 
Bujamin Cory Ledyard, Deoliit, 609 Cu-- 

den City Sank Bids., San Joie, CaL; 

Re*, jtj S. lolh St. S*D Jote. CaL 


Nail. Bk. Bld|„ . 

•Percy McCheaoay Oriawold. d. Apr, t. 

Raymond Hornby. Orancc Grower, 



Uadl. Cat; Rh. 7^4 Ccdir Ave, Red- 
Und*. CaL 

Rot Scldon Kelloi, Saleimin, with 
Oiunberlaia ft Co., 317 Pacilic Elec- 
tric Bids., hot Anaet». Cil. ; Rea. 36s 
N. El Molmo Ave, Faiadcna, Cil. 

•Herbert HaiTii McLean, d. 1908. 

Robert Brcck Moren, I'etraleuin Enaineer, 
lor Stale ot Califoraia, ao8 Union 
Lcarae BIdg., Loi AnBclei, Cal. ; Re*. 
Wi^averly St.. Palo Alto. Cal, 

Jamea Chandler Rav, Ceolosiil, Oatnun, 
Aril.: Rci. iijs Webiter St.. Palo Alto. 

id Sallibtirir, LawTCt, Mem. 

'— >- ■>■( Merchanta NatL 

nlci, Cat. : Set. 

' ilea, CaL 

, 6«. 

Bids., I. 

.,, J. Oxford 
Dale Sluaher. Parmer, rt 
Herbcit Theodore Wagner, . 

Odd Fetlowi Btdg.. Indiaaepolia. Ind.; 

ReL 1J57 N. Talbott St., lodunapolii. 

n Weller, Gtologiit, Fort Brai 

Jamea Mannll Clark, Snlli 

berta. Can. 
Jamci Orant Fi 


. Elhie- 

Clovlr r^eweU PerkiDB, Joumalial, Qaiti- 

fied AdTcrtiiiag Manager, with Lot 

Angclw Examirer, Broadnar at nth 

St, Loa Angelei, CaL; Rei. I7]« Bron- 

•on Ate., ifallywood, CaL 
Harrr Bcoit RoM. with the Smithtm Cili- 

fomia Ediaon Co., Paiadena, Cal.; Rei. 

II05 Oiler Court. S. Paiadena, CaL 
Clarence Lutber Severj, Oil Engineer, 311 

N. Sinlh St, Fort Smith, Art 
WiUUm Chrlatian Theile. Lawirer, 

Member, Borton & Theile, Bakerafield, 

Cal. * 

WiUiam Moore Walker. Innirance, with Vi- 

detilT ft Depoiit Co. of Md., 310 K. W. 

Hellman BIdg., Lot Aogcte*. Cal. : Su. 

v.DDDan K njCKB, ^urcKa, ^91- 
Marioa Rice Kirbwood, Aaiociate Pro- 
f», SianCord Univeriity, CaL 

" TDl Owen, RaJicher, 34; M. 
Atc., Paiadena, CaL 
ell Stoli, Phvaleiia, Director 


i> S. 

IT ft 
- SOf 

It Bldg., San ^ran- 
ciicu, \.^i. -, Ac>. oat CoBira ,'CaeM 
At«., Berkeley. CaL 

Carl McNeilan BalltTd. Iniurancc Prw. 
Ballard'i Inanranee Awtacy. joo 1-4-5 
Arcade Bldg., Seictle, Wa^. 

Kcndrick ChamberUin. Diatribntor of Ir- 
rigation Suppliea, Mem. Kendrick 
(SambeilaiD i, Co., Coachella, Cal. 

Charlea Alfred Chriitln, Lawyer, 68 Poat 
St., San Frandico, CaL: Rei. iSro 
Vailejo St, San Frinciico, CaL 

Walter Hurlbnrt McConnell, InTestmeoU, 
It"' Hobart Blvd., Loa Angelei, CaL 

" Wia. Lawyer, Chics, 

, Lawret. *7o Milla 
ICO, Cal,: Set. fiu 
eiico. Cat 

nth Atc., San Fn 

Kaininoad Laboratorr, ] 

Ruiael Brace Carter, Bniineai, Manaoer 
ol the Bradley Wise Paint Co., L« 
Angtlca, CaL; Re*. S'*o Hollywood 
Bird., Loa Angelea, CaL 

Charlei Scott Sellaburr, Phyaiciaa and 
Surgeon, 9ii-9ij Baker- Detwiler Bldg,. 
Loa Angelea, f^L; Be*. 444 S. Har- 
vard Blvd., Loa Angelea, CaT 

Richard Henry Sewarf Manufacturer, witt 
R. W. Pridham Co., 14 California St-, 
San Franciico, Cil. : Re*. 660 Oikland 
Oiklan- " ■ 


eral, U. S. A., 
a. Fort WinficM 

Sheldon Morae Batteraoa. Lumber Dealer, 
with Horrlaon, Murill & Co., Salt Lake 
Oty, O.; Re*, jss Wilaao A»e., Salt 
Uke City, U. 

Bwood CvnpbttI Boobar, lu Market St. 
San Prancwco, CaL ; Re*. tBis Chestnut 
Sl, Akmada, CaL 

Marlon HcntT FoM, (lait by Technol- 
ogy), with btah Apex Mng. Co., Bing- 
ham Canyon, U. 

Knight Starr Jordan, Bnainca*. General 



Angclel, Cil.1 Rci. 1S5 W. Uoo 

,.l«. ciL 

Douflu : 

.[vd., Loi . 

I, C«l , 

CiTil Eiuriiucr, 
Co.. iTuUM. 

Rtlph WirttD Whit>k«r, Gvil 
K«n Countir Hii^way Comm 
iSi. B>k>ri£eld, C>L 

Emil Chatlii Brasdt, Student; Rei. jm 
Worcuier Atc, PtMdcaa, Cal. 

HwuT CfauBbalain. Buiineii, with The 
L.o> Aogele* FouDdrr Co., Loi AdbcIci, 
CaL; Ret. 401 K. Vermont Atc. Ui 
Anaclu, Cal. 

JvBM Imn CUmon. Sale* Uananr, with 
Hugbion A Ucrton, J19 Ankcnr St., 
Portland, Ort; Re>. ijo E. 1)1 St, 
PortUnd, Ore. 

Arthur Gaisdord Hiln, Ituuranci, Secre- 
tary of Arizona Fire Inituaoce Co., 
Phoenix, Ari 

Carle Knisht, 
caco, IIL 

Kenwood Are 

Pnnkijm Oibum 


163 S. 4th Ate., I^ Anfelc*, 
uad HsHact. Studnt, _ Bar' 

Jtktn, Ciyii Engineer. S. 

.am Anmlei, Cal 

Olmated, Uecbuical 
II Wood St., Pitta- 


OiMBtbet Cuuc, I 
int. with Kerckhoff-Ciu 
., Lo> Aiwelei, Cal. 


louflaa FTf<^ Geolo. 

Gaa & Fuel Co., 

i Well*, tau. 

Eu-te Btll Qilmore. Oil Produ«r aad Re- 
finer, Uanager, with A. F. Cihnorc Oil 
Co., Box I7J. Lot Angelei, CaL; Rei. 
317 S. Willoo PL, Loi Angele* ""' 
Stanley Waltar Oudirit ' - ' 

irie, Lawyer, I,enl De- 
igelH Gai a Electric 
- Cal.: Set. /-- " 

^Otm^ Student; Xe*. Stu- 
lora univenity, CaL 

JuuM Baoch Hud. Bicrcla, with Uwd 
Cycle Ca, Chiengo, IIL 

Charica HUlaiaai Merer, Student! Ba*. 
Henio Park. CaL 

Chirlei Henry Oroit, Student! Re*. Pk««- 
Dli. Aril. 

Alfred Joaeph Oram. Student; Rea. Stan- 
ford UniTcraity, CaL 

7ted Paf* Andtawa, Stndenti Kei. 1714 

S. ^ St, Tacoma, Wuh. 
Oail Vinden Braak, Student; Sea. 1 14* 

Stratford Atc., S. Faiadena. C^. 
Mallen Chambailain, with Lee Chanbcr- 

Iain A Co., air P. E. Bide., Loi 

Angelea, Cat; Sea. 401 N- Vcnnont 

Are., Loa Aneelea, CaL 
Alfred Henry Coleman, Jq, Student; Sea. 

]IS S. L St, Tacoma. Wash. 
Halcolm Edward Tedtord, Student; Rei. 

1319 N. Broadway, Santa Anna, CaL 
Oeorge Wahlqiiial Zacbariaa, Student ; Rea. 

Enid, OkU. 


William Wauih Hafgarl, Student; Sei. 

Durango, CoL 
J<Aa Naea leffen. Student; Rea. S. Wit- 

mcr St, Lot Angelel, Cal. 
Downa McCloikey, Student ; Sea. 734 

Third An., Durango, CoL 
Clarence Mattia Neuner, Student; Rea. 

63s Caulina St, Lo* Angelea. CaL 
Robert Wataon Oliver, Student; Rea. Sii 

S. Union Atc, Los Angelei, Cal. 
Jamci Theodora Wood„ Jr.. Student; Rea. 

White Sulphur Springa, Mont 

t St, San Frai 

I Blaackv, Student; Sal. 

Artfiur Aubrey Curti , j._ 

Howard St, Spokane. Wash. 
Edward Charlea LaPoree, Student ; Rea. 

Palms. CaL 
Ralph John Mitchell, Student; Rea. Tna- 

Joaepb Aloraloua Kurphy, Student; Rea. 

t63 4(h St, Cbico. Cal, 
Albert Culbenion Robbln*. Jr., Student: 

Rea. 70a St Andrewa PI., Los Angelea, 

Bdnr Snyder Wiaham, Student; Rea. 

Salinas, CaL 
William Pitt LaRoy Winham, Student; 


SwarthmoK College Swarthmon, Pa. 

Establiahed March 3, 1894; 33 C]»utt: [95 U6mben. 

delphia, Pa.; Re*. so6 N. ChtiMr Rd., 

SwarthBiorc. Pa. 
HaniT HcAUiiur, Jr_ Lawyer, Uara. 

Vu'lc, UcAUialer & Vallc. 410 EqoiuMc 

Blda., Dcnnt, CoL; Ke«. 1880 Gay- 

lorcT St., DenTcr, CoL 
Joaeph leaiica Walker, Civil EncinCtt, 

with American BridRe Co., 30 Church 

SL. Mew York, M. Y. ; Rea. Dobb* 

Ferry. N. Y. 

Thomaa Atkituon Jaakisa, Profaaaor, Uni- 
TCriitT of OiicBSo, Chican, IlLj R««. 
Mti Greenwood Ave., Chicaco, IIL 

Jntda KtadardUM AnMraon, Chief En(ii 

ccr. with Poblic Serricc Comniiasioii. 

Sum Honae. Cfaarleiton, W. Va.j Ru. 

1414 VirjiBi* St., Charleiton, W. Va. 
Horaca Bunr Pormuk. Ji.. CoDaaltiiit 

Eosineer, HaTCtlord, Pa.; Res. Kitdi- 

I. Carroll Harca, Lawrir, Hon. Wm. M. 
and J. Carroll Utja, Weat Cheater. 

WOHa WUIUD Vail. Vatnatioo Dcot. 
Norfolk ft WdtSTD R. R., Roaaolw, 
Va.: Set. M Holly St.. Cranford, N. J. 

W. Wuhincloa St, auc«r>. "l-i 
»cL 6ai3 Wiothrop Ave., Chicapi, IIL 
John LlBloB Cairar, School Principal, 
Pritndi' School, ill Schermcrborn St., 
Brooklyn. N. Y.; Rea. 43 KenainatOB 
Rd., Garden Dtr, N. Y. 

WiUiaiB DimtOB L 

Treotoa, N. J. 

_ion LlBpiBcott, L» 

dent Jndn of the Conrt 
Plcai, )3 N. Seciuid St, Cat 
Rea. ill ^ ICain &. 1 

iDtelliicncer," 14 N. isth 'St, PhiU- 
iclphia. Fa. ; Ret. Arden, Grnbbi, Del. 

Oeorn WUdmt Ko—t. Hcrchanl, Bicler- 

ville. Pa. 
Frtdcrjck Edward Stout, OlBctr, Wilmini- 

ton Savings Fnnd Society and Dcla- 

Elec and Snpply Co., Wlbniagton, DeL ; 

Rea. 9<>S Praa^rm St, WibniniMB, Del 
D. No. 3, Edge Hoore. DeL 

VtiBon. laitmncc. 

Hwnuu Connnr, Parmer and CoQtractiBS 
Ensinear. Cream Ridge, N. J. 

Frtdcric Hemiaii Oawthiop, Fretident. 
GawthTOp ft Bro. Co.. 104 W. 4th St., 
Wilmington, Del.j Rea. ma Shallcroai 
Ave., Wilmington, DeL 

George O. Crleit. Manager, with Jamea 
Stewart Co., 30 Church St, Ktw York, 
N. Y.: Res. Sound Beach. Ci. 

Owen koon, Jr., Publither, Trenton 
Timet, Trenton, N. T.; Ret. aoX BellertM 
Ave., 'Trenton, N. jT 

David Barker Stwhmort, (Aief Enginear, 
" wer and Mining Dept., CeneraT Elec- 
c Co., Schcneetadv, N. Y. : Rea. 134 
lin St. Schenectady. N. Y. 

Mem. Kenit & Vemi. 
Bank BIdg., Moline, IIL 
St., Moline, IIL 


AtUnaon Jen 
:er, with H, 1 


I. Court St., Brooklyn, 

Braid Colet, SeereUtTi C B. Colea 
>D> Co., CuBden, N. J.. Moorettown 

Lit Co., Moorestown, N T , TnU. 

ilty Co., Camden, N. J.; 

in St, Sloorettown, S. ; 

Betch, I«s 

N. Y. : Res. Jericho, N. Y. 

Allan Kirbr White. Hotel Proprietor, Uem, 
Joaiah White ft Soni Co., AlUniic Oty, 
N. T. ; Ret. Mtrlbo rough- Blenheim, At- 
lantic Cty, N. J. 

Smart Wlldtr. OfGcer, with Peekskill 
Lighting ft k. R. Co., Northern Wcal- 

-■- Lighting Co., and Westchester 

; Co., Mt Vernon, N. Y. ; Re*. 
" ' Rochelle, N. Y. 


Villum Sburlloff Barker, Atiiittni Treai- 
urec. with Public Service Corporation of 
New Jersey, Newark, N. J, ; Re», j8 
Ining St, Monielair. N. J. 

Samuel John Entrikin, Secretiry and 
Treasurer, Lake Hart Und Co.. Nar- 


.-. W. Va. 

Howard Burhhardt GrMO, Merchant, 

lot Cheiler Rd., Swarthmore, Pa. 
Idwan) AtUnton JenklB*i , Secretary and 

Foster Co., iiii-i3ii Noble St., Phila- 
delphia. Fa. ; Ret. Wister Rd.. Ardmore, 
Samuel Copetaod Palmer. AstitUnl Pro- 



Icuor, Swarthmore Collece, Swuthmo 
Pi.; feet 3IS Cedur L»ne, Swarthmo 
•Frank L« Priie, Student, d. Feb. 

Arthur Hon Seott, Vice Freud ent, Scoti 
Piper Co., jjli and Greenwood Su.. 
Ph'lidelphia, Pa. ; Ret. Vallcr Kd., Oak 
Line, K 

Oeorie Edmund Str*tun. Inipector oi 
Paiieoaer Equipment, with Peniuylvina 
R. K., Broad St. Sli., Philadelphi., Pi ; 
Rei. ]]i Newbold Aye., Mooreatewn, 

Battery PL, New York, N. V.; Ret 

iS4a Hudaoo Bird., Jeney City, tr. j. 

William Booth Miller. Ueto. Pihl & Uillrr. 

Wabash S" " ■ - - 

Charla DouabCT Wh 
M arlbarouah- Blenheii 

. Hotel Owner, 

Co., AtUntic 

: N. Harriiburf 

High School. Denver, Col.; Rci. 780 

Steele St., DenTer, Cot. 
Arthur Cox Sinedley. Farm Landi Het,. 

Woodlawu Co., Wilmington, Del.; Sea. 

D I, Uoutchanie, Del 
Abner Push Way, Phyiiciaa and Physical 

Director, Stuyvesanl Hiiih School, New 

York. N, Y.: Rei. 619 W. 179 Si., 

New York, N, Y. 
JOHph Edward Way, Horticulturist, Mem. 

Veatman ft Waj, Kenn^t Sqnare, " 


4 S. Uoi 

1 Sl, Kennelt Square, 

loi W. Uenniid Laue, St. Uartia'a. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Charlei Kaithn, Chief Engineer, with Mid- 
land Valley Railroad Co., Uutkogec. 

Okla. ; Re», 617 W. Oknolie Am., 

Muikogee, Okla. 
■WiUlaiB John KorriMn, School Prmeipil. 

d. Uay 31, i«M. 
Jonathan Chaunce; Sbortlidie, PnnciDal. 

..__. J r. ..':..... f i^iiie. Fa. 


i1tu«, Cont 


Pradarle Svward Laiiaoa, with Grain, Coil 
and Lumber Buiincsa and Iniutince. 
with Illinoi* Automobile Fire In*. Co., 
El Puo, Til., and Dixon, IIL: Sa. EL 
Paw), ID. 

Herbert I.orne Noxon, Deniisi. goi Brock- 
man BldK, Lo* Angeles. CaL 

Robert Pyle, President. The Conard ft 
JouM Co.. West GroTc, Pa. 

Karthall Pbillipa Sullivan. General Insur. 
ance Agent and Broker, Mem. Creih ft 
Sullivan, 4th — ' "'-■—• " 
delphia. Pa.; 

Arthur HarriMn Walker, 

N. Y.; R«. 1S9 Bell Ave 

N. Y. 
Charles IlioRiaB Brown. Treasurer. A. 

Sickler Co., 518 Lndlow St., Philad 

phia, Pa.1 Res. M Oak Ave.. Moon 

town, K. T. 
Herman Busch Callender. Secrelarv. Ri 

bini Barrall Trust Co.. Lakerille, Ct. 
Joieph Hewlioci Coles, Dairvman a 

Levis Millar Booth, President, I. M. Booth 
Co.. Hndaoa and Morris Stl.. Jersey 
City. N. J,: KcL 97! Cedar Brook Sd.. 
Plalnfield, N. J. 

John Paul BrDOmllL Uwyer, Uem. Shelp 
ft Broomell, m Broadway, New York. 
N. Y.; Kei. s Chester Pl.. New Ro- 
chelle, N. Y. 

Soland Bruce Flllcraft. Associate Editor, 
Life Insurance ConranC. 6ij Maple Ave., 
Oak Park, HL ; Ret. 6o» Maple Ave.. 
Oak Park. la 

delptia, -„ 
John Kranse Harpw. Sales Mananr, with 

The Ford Auto C4, i» wT Norn 

Ave., Baltimore, Md. ; Ses. Ut Waah- 

ington, Md. 
Oeorfe Iflchaal Lamb. Jr., with Jones ft 

Lamb Co., to6 Soud St., Baltimore. 

; Co., Swarthmi 

Philadelphia, Pa. ; Be«. j 
Philadelphia, Pi. 

I S. Hicka St.. 

- - (Wilraer AtCii- 

"on Co.). WasbinmoR Sq., PhiUddi^ia, 
Pa. : Res. Gwynedd. Pa. 

Joseph Warner Edwards Love. Salennan. 
with Kevsione Fireprooiing Co., 704 
Perrv Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa.; Res. 141 
E. Oak Ave.. Moorestown. N. r. 

Frank McVaugh. Jr.. with Nat') Fibre 
Insulation Co^ Hockesain, DeL 

Edward WilKimi. Advertisl 
with The H. T. Piiste ( 

Arch St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Jonadian Taut Hlfginson. Saperinlend- 
ent. with Henry Steers. Inc.. 17 

Charles Cadwallader Coraon. Physician. 
«4o6 Germantown Ave.. Mt Airy, 
Fhildelphia, Pi. 



■tant LaSor OrtCS, Lawyer, Glcave Ha 
BldK;, Uedta, Pt.; Res. cor. Jick.D 
and JcSeracm Arc, Uedia, Pa- 
Albert PazBon Hal], Jr., Editor, Potti 

lown. Pa. 
Bdaon Sheppud Kanii, Sato Engineei 

ThomM Stockton Manliewa. 


__jkiiiz and 
Walti £ Co., 

Md.: Res. Ellkott Ciw, Md. 
Rot lleVaugh, Farmer, SioderhDok. N, J. 
AUtn Robert Mitchell. Jr.. Treasurer. J. 

" -■ " " 'nc, 15J W. Alleghenv 
I, Pa.; Re«. 131 W. 
. German town. Phi la- 

wood Ave., Tn 
Elliott Rtchirdu 
The UidTile 
Bide. Pittaburi 
* -. Edgeir- 

, N. J. 
leel Buiii 

Co., 1630 pliTi 

: Res. I 



Robert Hunt Walker, Agent, with Pro 
dent Life & Tmit Co. o{ Philadeli ' 
014 FIdelitT BldR.. Baltimo '' 
Res. M W. Chase St., Baltimo. _. 

Albert AahloB WUlivn*, Supervisor, M. 
W. Dept. Pennsylvania R. R Co.. 75 
- " ■ '■ — iTille. P». 

Lamb, Sccrei 

K. Mail 

a'lia. Pa; Ret. 115 £. Mt. F 
1. Airv, Philidelphu, Pa. 
Harriott Price, Engineer of 
Public Park., Citj- Hall. 

Wai-ne, Ind. 
George Sattertbwalte, OenerL 

lendent. with The Midvale Sleet Co.. 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Res. Sonthampton, 

J<whi» Hibberd Taylor, Law; 

- . » Yorl., N. .. 

Louis Bly Thompson. Sale) AgCDt, wilh 
Providence Lithograph Co.. Woolworth 

Fred Brie Grieit, Fanner, FI01 
Pi.; Res. Flora Dale. Pa. . 

Caleb Harihall Tavlor, Supt. Pn 
iag Creosoting Plant, wilh F 
Reading and Central R. R. 

Brsev. Port Reading, N. J.-, 
illside Rd., Eliiabeth, N. J. 

Howard Keen Buntlne, ., 
eer. with The America 
stmction Co., iii V. 1 
dclphia,, Pa,; Rei. 31; 
ler. Pa. 

Ralph Garfield Jscksoo. 

Swatthmore College. SwartbinOTe, Pa. 
Res. 411 College Ave.. Swarthmon 

Master St., Philadelphia, 
delphia. Pa. . 

Broker, ii6 Munsey Trust Co., Balti- 
Tiore, Md.: Res. Cedircroft, Sti. H., 
Baltimore. Md. 

:waid Pennock Palmer, Engineer in 
:harge of Subway Construction, with 
R.nld Transit Subway Construction Co.. 
York, Jt. v.; Rea. no E. i6ih 

St., New Vork N.' Y, 

budiey Perkins, Fri' 


St, N. 




B Dept. of 
rt Wayne. 

>un. Fort 

— , Gat Piunp Co., 401 S. A. 

o: n. Bldg., Syracuse, N. '^ " " 
lOii W. Genesee r " 

BarcUv Whitv, PreL , ^ - 

& Co.. Inc. luo Chestnut St, Phila- 
delphia, Pa-j Res. i4« Hilldale Rd., 

IM. a. V. 

— -- - Co., Phila- 
delphia, Fa.; Res. 31a S. Walnut St. 
West Chester. Pa. 
Francis Walker D'Oller. Salesman, Mem 
William D'Oiler ft Co., 30S ChestBin 
St, PbiUdetphia, Pa.; Res. so E. Oak 
— -* Ave., Moorestown, N. J. 

Samuel Darllngtoa Heed, Retident Engin- 
eer on Heir Gate BHdge, New Yoii 
Connecting R R, Astoris, N. Y. ; 
Res. no E. i«lh St. New York, N. Y. 
Dile, George Hiaters Henric, 330$ Baring St., 

PhTladelphia. Pa. ; Res. UilleTille, Pa. 
Read- Amos Jenkins Peaalee, I..awyer, with De- 
lia, ft Forest Brothers, 30 Broad St.. New 
f New ■ York, N. Y.j Res. 18 Gramercy Park, 
les. 80 New York, N. Y. 

John Stokes Clement. Salesman, with 
United Roofing ft Uff. Co., Uarciis 
HoQk. Ps.; Res. «t Walnut Lane, 
Philad-lnhia, Pa. 

Oeorge Warder Cresson, Engineer, with 
Bell Telephone Co., lajo Arch St, Phila- 
delphia. Pa.; Res. ,3, W. Darbam St., 

John Bdgsr 'Hbth. Business, wilh Hiree 
Cnnden,.ed Milk Co.. 10 Chestnut St. 
Philidelphia, Pa.; Res. Ardmore, Pa. 



ttag WiUiuB Kinc Hort AdTCrtiiina Solicitor, 

■ith "Tratoii Tmw.." TfenS™. H. J.j 
Rti. Trenton, N. J. 

WiUtar L« Lakana, AdTcrtiiins Expat, 
iBi £lm St., Nrw Bedford, Uml 

Richard Hanrr llurfitt. Building Eniin- 

*J. BaruTd Craniton. Uanagcr, d. Uar. 

Hmrv Cromwell Field, lawyer, with 
Dafici, Auerliich k Cornwdl, 34 Nmuu 
Si., Ntw York, N. Y.j Res. tss R*m- 
*en St, Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Edwin Jaraei Johnion, Uachine Tool 
Builder, with I. W. Johnaon, Jr.. Co., 
Inc., 337 N. lith St., Philadeiphi*. Pa.; 
Re». Eislern Ave., Cheimui HUU Pa. 

Rudolph Talcott Zaoc^ LieutcDant, U. 

" ••--»-- " "aiina Bamcki. N»r 

D. C 

S. Muine Corpi, Uaiina 

Co, o( Penna., iMo Arch St., PhiWel- 

phia. Pa. ; Rea. Fort Waihinston, Pa. 

Samuel Baitbim Phippi. Farmer, Ward, 

Samuel Jonea OntcUui, Mananr, Adrer- 
Ii«ine atitt Salei, with The Uni-reiMity 
Soeiely, Inc., 44-60 E. jjd St., New 
York. N, Y, ; Be.. »s6 W. >id St, New 
York, N, Y. 

William Lancaatar Jankia*, Coaaul, witDi 
DepartAeql of St»te, WaahuftOB, 
D. C; R«- Gwynedd, Pa. 

Jamta Oibaon Lamb, Adverlisins Man- 
leei, with Scott Paper Co., Fhiladcl- 

Ehia, Pa.; K«. 133 W. Nippon Si., 
.ennantowo, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Philip Tricit Shaiplea, Preaideat, Sharplea 

Specialty Co., West Cheater, Pa.: Bea. 

"Greyatone," We»( Cheater Pa. 
lamci Auitin Stone. Patent Lawyer; Res. 

i«iS Rhode Iiland Ave.. Waahiniton. 

D. C 
Arthur Percivtl Tanbera, Chemiat. with 

DaPont Powder Co.. WilmioBton. DeL ; 

Re*. 140a W. yth St.,-Wibi>ia«ton, Del. 

Richard PMer Abele, Law Stodent, Cotum' 
bia UnWersity, 610 W. iislh St., New 
York, N. Y.; Rea. lai Uclntyre Are., 
Zanoville, O. 


Albert Bttwer Bakar, Factory Stvcrin- 

tendent. with Davison Chemical Co., 
Baltimore. Ud. : Res. Burford Apart- 
menti. St. Paul and ud Stt., Balti- 
more, Md. 

William HeniT Oillam. _Jt^ Superintend- 
ent, with James Boyd S Bro., Inc., ijlh 
and Wharton gts., Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Bes. Lanriiome, Pa. and =004 Mt. Ver- 
non St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Clament Biddle Lewia, Fruit Grower Uan- 
i^er J. L. Lippincotl Co., Rim ton, 

Abn^ Ttiompaan HitchelL General Han- 
Mfer. with T. E. Uilchell Ltimber ft 
Coal Co., Glenolden, Pa.; Rea. 403 So, 

John Stewart Reid, Engineer with 
Easineermg Co., Baltimore. Hd. : 
loG Charlcote Bd., Baltimore, Ud 

Jaiaei Stephen) Van Syckel, Lawye 
Greenwood Ave., Trenton, N. J. 

Pel ton Parker Wcller, Inspector 
Bureau, with B. & O. R R, > 

Camphor Co., Philadel- 

., Pa.; Res. Swarthmore, Pa. 
■ Lawrence Hesa. Jr., Vice-President, 
s Steel Co., Baltimore, Md.: Re*. 
) W. Allegheny Ave.. Philadelphia, 

Bdward RuaaeU Perkin*, Bond Salesman. 

with Bioren & Co., 314 Chestnut St., 

Philadelphia. Pa.; Res. 39? W. Main 

St.. Moireslown. N, J. 
UorHs Charles Rath. Professional Base 

Ball, with Kansas City Base Ball Club. 

Kansas City, Uo. ; Res. Absecon 

Heights, N. J. 
Bmmor Roberts, Farmer and New Jersey 

State Assemblvman. MooreslDwn, N. J. 

Paul Babcock Browning, with Galvano- 

lype Engraving Co.. J16 William St. 

New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 1099 Dean St., 

Brooklyn. N. V. 
Robert Stanton Browning, Chemist, with 

E. I. DuPonl de Nemours Powder Co., 

Wilmington, Del.; Rea. 1099 Dean St, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Joel HiUer Helick. Medical Student, Han. 

neheman Hospital, Philadelphia, "- ■ 

f Shepard, Engineer, Poole En- 
K & Machine Co., Baltimore. 
es. Mt. Washington, Baltimore, 




Tfaooiu Birud IfcCab*. with Scott 
FiKT Co., 700 Glcnwood Atc^ Phili- 
delphU, Pm.; Ke*. Selbr*illc. DcL 

CI»tDii TirloT Rofari, "^ — '■ — '*■ 

J. A Uig. Co., Uoii 

, Chirleiton, W. V>.; Kc& 

Court, Chaneitoa, W. Vs. 

John AUra Roicn, Farmer, Swarthmoi 

RoMTt Clifton Sch4cffar. Jr.. Law St 
dent. (Uniief»i(y o( TfiunilTanii 
Philadelphia, Fa.; Set. i]o ^ ■" 
downe Atc, Laiudowae, Fa. 

1 Comyl Whlta. 
maker & Co., Fot»<».n. ^ 
Hilldak Rd., Laudowne, 


[ih Lewii F. Shoe 
~ : Ee>, i> 

, Stndent, 10* 

Chlrlcote Rd, Baltimore, Ud. 
Ceorn Aodraw Cnig. Insmancc, _3i4 

Walnut St. FhiuJaiihia, Pa.; &M. 

OTerbroDk, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Joteph StaolCT HlttoD. (Init by Lebigh). 

Campbell Soap Co.. Camden, N. J. ; 

lUi. Mooreaiowo, N. J.. 


with Weatnv- 
E. ■ 

., Wi 

Franklin Edmud Lowdcr, Rancher, UUab. 

Orange St., 
John Bwlne O 

School, Fa.: 

Omaha, Keb. 
John Sebrins Si 

6ind & Wooai 

Pa.; Km. 141 i 

Edwin AnciHtui 

Goodrich Co.. 

loot Ut. Vemo 

lei. 4437 So. leth St. 

ert. with J. G. Brill Co., 
land Atc, Philadelphia, 
Arch St., PhitadelphU, 

Henry Ctay Baldwin, Jr.. Fanner: Bn. 

I Chi 

. Pa. 

Wioism Anderion Clarke, jo Proipect 

St., Elizabeth, N. J. 
Silwood Carr Cornoc, (Init. by Penn. 

State), Stndent, lasn. Fa. 
dark Wanen Davia, Student, tn So. 

■5th St., Omaha, Neb. 

Frederick Pyle Gutelloi, Student, 8a 

WalhinKtoD PUce, New York, N. Y. 
Robert Wane Laubach, (IniL by Lafar- 

etle}, with Bethlehem Steel Worki. S. 

Bethlehem. Pa.: Reg. Northampton. Fa. 
Robert Conrad Lippincott, Haddonfield. 

N. J. 
Jama* Clarence Lnkeni, Student, 918 13th 

An., Moore, Pa. 
William R. Hoorc, Jr., Stndent; Rei. 9*S 

Koanoke, St, Roanoke, Va. 
Leitar Burton Shoemaker, Stndent, Tulty- 

Walter' Eniena Smith, Student, Eureka. 
N. Y. 

Wnilau Waat TomUneop, Sludenl. ill 
W. Main St., Salem, O. 

Clair Haiwell Wallac*. (Int. by La- 
layette). Studenl, Ifedia, Pa. 

George lliUer Buntinc, Jr^ Stndent,, jts 
" ""--• •^- CheMer. Pa. 

Comos, Student, Ithan, 

E. Broad Si,, 

I St, Mt Airy, Pa. 
arid Lnkeni, Student; 

J St., PhiUdelphU, Pa. 
tham Harr, Sttident : 
Are., Swartiimore, Pa. 

Samnel Robinaon Oiden, Jr„ Stndent. 

141 W. Grand St. Eliiabed, N. J. 
Percy Slokei Tlomton, Stodent, Wajnc, 

Herman Paul Asnaw, Stndent: Re*. lOf 

No. solh St, Philadelphia, Pe. 
Henry Fenimore Baker, Jr., Stndent; 

Rei. io£ Chirkote Rd., Baltimore. Hd. 
John TritH Brown, Student; Rea. 40J 

Monroe St, Media, Pa. 
Wmtam Lindaay Corsos, Stndent; Rea. 

Ithan. Pa. 
Hark A. Dimfaam. Student: Rea. Apt if 

— Tbe Uaitah. Omaha, Neb. 
Chirlei Mauley How^ Stndent; Rea. 

4 Race St, HillTille, N, J. 
AlBn Hufh Pierce, Student; Re*. 1701. 

jrd Ave.. W.. Fort Dodae, la. 
T. Row* Price, Jr., Re*. Glysdon, Kd. 



Syracuse Univeciitr, STractue, N. Y. 
Established Nov. 14, 1873; 46 Classes; 392 Members. 

ank Smaller, Educator, Dun Collcic ol 
Liberal Am, ^racuM Uni«r»iljF, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. ; Rei. 607 Uaivenitr Atb., 

Jamei Bdwird B*er*tl, Real EiCaie. soS 
Stinaid Atc, Syricute, N. Y. ; Ret. soS 
Stinard Ave., Syracuie, N. Y. 

■Prank Darth Barker, 
Herbert HuntiBEton, £ 

.mahani, Kwtmfiham & Ednecomb, 
Onondaga Co. SaTinRi Bank Bids,, Syra- 
cuse, N. y. ; R«i. 6ai Euclid Are., Syra- 

Georie Adelbtrt Place, Clergyman, 

Tunckhannock, Pa. 
John ThoDiaa Roberts. Lawyer, Mem. Sob- 

— - r Haijht, S04 The Bastable, Syra- 
N. Y.:,.Kej. 538 Roberts Ave., 

I & Hail 
-_je, N. \.. ... 
Syracuse. N. Y. 

Char lea Havden BseleatDBi Editor, with 

Anaconda SlandardT Anaconda, Uont. 
Junes Edwin Baaiao, Cleriyinaa, 407 

Tawn»nd St., Svricuse, N. V. 
Arthur Henrr Qilea, Lawyer. Chief Ez- 

amincr, Textile Div. Pat OEBce, Room 

III, Pitenl Office, Washinstoo, D. C; 

Res. 1851 MiDtwood PL, Waihinnon, 

D. C. 
•Arthur CiUcspie Hall, Teacher, d. H*r. 

31, 1883. 
Albert HeniT Jesaup, Life Insurance, iios 

Bank St, Keokuk, la.; Re*. Keokuk, 

•Philip Inthain lloule, Farmer and Stock 

•, d. Oct as, Theodori 

•Richard Icirit Robiaaon, Clercyman, d. 
OMrge Ernest Smidi, Oersyman, Sauk 

Marvin Leonard Spooner, Parmer, R. T. 

•Alfred Taylor Sanford. Student, d. June 

•Joaiph Haary Zartman, Cler(ymio, d. 
Oct 15, I got. 


•Jamet William Armitaa* Dodcs, Qersy 

man, d. Dec 24, loog. 
Edmund Bremen Cearhart, Iniurance, with 

Fidelity & Ca.u«Uy Insurance Co., s 

Clinton St, Newark, N'. J.; Rei. Sj Third 

Ave.. Newark, N, f. 
Addison Randolph Jonea. 

Samuel Henry Baker, Mine Manager and 
Oil Expert, General Manager Crystal 
Lead Mining Co., Denver, Col ) l[«. 
P. O. Box 44!. Denver. Col. 

Richard Edwin Day. Editor of Slate Pub- 
licalions. State Historian's Office, Al- 
bany, N. Y.; Res. 37S Madison Ave., 
Albany. N. Y. 

Gram Dickson Green. Fres. and Tress, of 
Empire Poundiry Co., ao3 Temple St, 
Syracuse, N. Y^ Re. 115 Highluid 

•Coring Smith butcfalnaon. Teacher, d. 

No». ao. 1879. 
•Chatla Halbert Kingman, Physician, d. 

Jnly s. 1880, 
•Philip Price. Clerftyraao, d. Oct. i»oj. 
•Hency Wadaworth Reed, Banker, d. Nov.. 

Newton Akinso Well*, Professor, Uninra- 
ity of Illinoia. Champaign, 111.; Ret. 803 
W. Oregon St, Urbana, III. 



>.: Re>. 

Cha^iea Wataon Rowley, Clergyman, Di*- 
irict Superinlendent, Troy Conference, 
M. E. cTiurch, 488 Pawling Ave., Troy, 
N. Y, 

Juliua JeSeraoB Van Hom& Printer, 4S 
New Chsmberi St, New York, N. Y. ; 
Res. Flanders. N. J. 


Myron Darlnu Brifga, Phyaician, Ckaa- 

•^ward OeoTfc Mirth. Qergyman, d. 

Mar. 5, 188a. 
•George Garr Miner, Banker, d. May, 

Martin Ruaacll Sackett United Sutea 
Consular Service, Preicolt, Onurio, Can. 

Wilbur Samuel Smithera, Clergyman, Or- 
leans. Vt 

'Auguttiit Cook, Teacher, 



Laiclle Remington HopkuUL 

Dnffr JuDiHn. 
' and Dentcr, 


fax Atc., ma francisca, >.^. : kci. n4z 

Sir Joh Ave., Aluneda, CaL 
Charlaa PrHmont SlturlTTProlcHOT, Dm 

Theo. Seminary. Ma<iison, N. J.; Rei. 

I Dren Foreat, Madiion, N. J. 
Warran Wealey Walnrortfa, Journal ilt, 

with Standard Pobliahmg Co.. Bulte, 

Hont; Rei. 609 W. Gramle St. Butte, 

Oaorse Bmamwl Zartnui, Lawrw and 
Baaker, Waterloo. N. Y. 

Kdwird Clark Morer. loTeitment Secur- 
ities, iioa ConuDonwealth Bid*.. Pitts- 
burg, Pa.; Rea. 1 133 Portland St, PitU- 

Herberl Woodworth Scbwutb Medical 
Miaaionary, ,ti Bluff, Yokohama, 

ThaJdeui DeWitt Sondiworth, B inker 
....J i>..i.ii.t.^.. p,.«>ij«.» f^*:*M<> M>. 

I Publiiher, Preaident OtueL. 

lional Bank, Poultner, Vt j Seer, 
Treat. SonUiworth Co., Troy, N. 
Sat. HamirtoD, N. Y. 
~ "juier _Tlpjle,, Oersymuu 1 


TbeoTocical Seminj 

, Sfracuie. N. Y. 

Qeorae Edmund Hutchlns 

" " ",. Oiuich, W«__ 

/ Roberta, Plati_. 

Eatate, I'S W. Jeffer»n St, Syracue, 

N. Y.; Sea. 303 CroaHtt St, Syracuse, 

N. Y. 
Frederick Jay Sbackletcm, ClerErman, >i9 

E. irth Sl, New York, N. Y. 
*Sabart Jimii Thomson, aergyman. d. 

Frank Wilder Hcmenway, Farmer and 
General Afent, Sil.emalla. N. Y. 

WUllatn Copeman KItchin. losorance, 
wilh North Western Mutual Lile Iniiv- 
ance Co., B£ Parker Bldg., Scheneeudy, 
K. Y.J Sej. 11 Rugby Rd., Schenec- 
tady, ^- " 

lege, ] — 

•Owxce HcGowan. Jr., Lawyer, d. Jtdy 

Wtliiara Demoathenei Rockm 

man. Pallor of Chrittian Ch 

way. N, Y. 
•Charles W. Sttlaer, d. July S 


Samuel Prank Beardalee, Oerfymui, Jor^ 

dan. N. Y. „ 

DeForcst Owen ChamberUyne, aergyman, 

(Retired). Holley, N. Y. 
•John Sidney Oibaon. Teacher, d. Oct 

II, 1885. 
William Norman Henderson, BnsUMSS, 

Aubnm. N. Y. 
John Duffy Jamison. Leather Manulac 

..ilendeut Olean District, Genesee Con- 
ference, (M. £.}, 116 N. Bairy St, 
Olean. N. Y. 
•Otbome Anderson Cuny. Teacher, d. 

•Alfred Henry Eaton, Clergyman, d. May 

Hirun Hunt Henderson, Lavrer, Ogdeo, 
U. ; Res. 1364 Jefferson A«., Ogden, U. 

Rufut Bverson King. Editor, with CiCiiea 
PobliahiDg Co.. 3} Union St, Ilion, 
N. v.; Res. 46 Benedict Ave.. Ilion, 

Henrir Herbert Ifurdock. C 

■ ion St, 

■al Mat 


cb, Hed- 

xh, 36 

F. C O^rnToTis 
', Mich.; Rei. ^4 
ueiroil, Mich. 
. PTotesBor, Syracuse 
use, N. Y.: Res. SUM 
Syracuse, if. Y. 

Robblas, Student, i. 

■dam, N. Y. 

lief Ids 

Re*. ChaAam, N. y: 
Albert Moore York, Toi 

iHst. with Srra- 
idard, Hyracnte. N, Y.; 
r»rd PI., Syracuse. N. Y: 

Funk and WaKoalls Co., ]S4-36o Fourth 
Ave., New York, N. Y. ; Res. Norris- 
town. Pa. 

Frederick Bcman Price. Miaaionary of 
Methodist Churck. ij Cawnpore Rd., 
Allababad. India. 

Seward N. Transua. Farmer, Hall. On- 
tario Co., N. Y. ; Rei. Township of 
Senecs, N, Y. 

•William Milo Bosrdmsn Tuttia, Joumal- 
iat, d. Mar. 11, woo. 

Willhm Abbott Wilson. Principal. High 
School. Middletown, N. Y. ; Res. 3 
Houston Ave., Middletown. N. Y. 


Sidney Bovingdon, Supervisor of Mannal 

Training Pilblic Schools. Modesto, Cal ; 
Rea. 411 Sycamore Ave., Modesto, Cal. 

Walter Samuel Eaton, Clergyman, Pastor 
Congregational Church, Gloucester, Mag- 
nolia Station. Mass. 

Charles Lincoln HslL aerBrmsn. Pastor 
Pint M. E. Church, ij Philip St, AJ- 

_. E. Oiurch, „. 

f.imira. M. Y. 
Cfaarles Xecie* Hutchins 

6j Chili Ave., Rochester, ft. X. 
•George Waatatngton Kennedy. 



jMiab Holliitn- Lnch, Clergyman, Kec- 
loT of Chiircb of Our Sii?oiir. llolUl- 

Pnok QUm Bintetir. Uwrcr Bud Y. M. 

C. A. S«eteiary,_« W. ujth SU New 

York, N. Y.: I&». «6 Ti«her Ave., 

While PUina. N. Y. 
Arthur Brldcnun Cluk, AiiocUte Pro- 

feMor. Staniord UniY«nily, C^, 
CulMa Claraei Cunli, Profuior, Colnni' 

bia Uaiveriity, New York. N. Y. 
Williun Wtllicc Eaton, Clcrgymaa. Scbo- 

barie. N. Y. 
■Uioa JoMpk FUtcbcr, Principal, Hi^ 

Scboor, Junettown, N. Y.; Ret. jov £. 

flh Sl.,'jameilo«, N. Y. 
Edward Bawrr Hill, Teacher, Chicafo 

Normal Collect, 6Sth and Stewart Atc. 

Chicago, IIL ; Kei. 5419 £lli* Atc, 

Chicaao, IIL 
Pradericlt Carr Ljiford, Builder, jj Broad- 
way, Concord. N, H. 
Ancif Daniel HUla, Farmina, B. B. 1, 

Brookrille. Ind. 
Lincoln Bllwit Rowlty, City C1erk, C!tT 

Hall, 3S8 Uain St., E. Oringe, N. J.; 

BCM. 6a Beech St. E. Orange. N. J. 

Waaler Hamilton Benhtm. Cli 

Frank Lincoln Mead, PriDcipal South SL 

School, Newark, N. J. ; Ret 909 S. 17th 

St. Newark, N. J. 
Edward Evtrttt SamueL Librarian, Didy- 

mui Thomai UtrntiiM Library, Rrmien, 

N. V. 
Mauiadd TakaU, Prolciior, laat known 

adareai, Seoul. Korea. 
Frank David Torrey, Clergyman. Snm- 

merfield M. E. Church, Bnwiclyn, N. Y, : 

Be*. tt7 St Janei PU Brooklyn. K. Y. 
Abbott Yatei Wllcoi, Clergyman, Paator 

Howard Jainea Bantur. Superintendent, 
with Eunniu Record OAce. Cold 
Spring Harbor, N. Y.; Set Schaghti- 
mke. N .Y. 

WUIiMon WetlcT BietelU OptometriM. with 
Genesee Optical Co.. 971 Uain St. 
E. Rocbciter. N.^^Y^ Rat. 1030 Lake 

„ , Catholic 

known addreM. JS4 jd St. 

Troy. N. Y. 
Albert Eugene Hall, Clergyman, loj Uain 

FradeHc Hortimar Lawrence, Phnician 
and Capitalist. "LaaTcntian,'* Engtewood 
OilT., S. I. 

Arthur Oordnar Leacock, Teacher. Phil- 
lips Exeter Academy. Exeter, _N. 

•Evmtt" 1 

Earl ^m 


Clergyman, 714 

.. N. Y. 

11 Chapman, Lawyer. Onondaga 

gj. Bk. Bldg., Syracuie, N. Y!: 

II Wcitcott^t^ Syracuae. N. Y. 

Howard HcKenile. Physician, 

Charles Sea bury Robertaon, Clergyman, 
Pattor Preibyterian Church, Futton, 
N. Y. ; Res. )3 S. id St, Fulton, N. Y. 

Charles Lorcnio Walwotth, Clergyman, 
Paator Morran Memorial M. E. Oitvch, 
16 Lenox PL, Uaplewood, N. J. 

. Lima, N. Y. 

I. 46 Glenwood Ave 

Henry Hnar. tnauranca. District Manager 
Norlhweitern Mutual Life Ina. Co., New 
Britain, Ct; Rei. s87 Arch St, New . 

Payette St, Syrai ._, _ _ . 

Liberty St, Syracuae, N. Y. 
WUIiam Abner Jenner, Teacher. Boya 

High School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Rea. jii 

W. Did St. New York. N. Y- 
Jay Wilbur SomervUla, Clergyman, M. E 

Church, Wichita, Kan. ; Res. »o W. tjth 

St. Wichita, Kan. 


•Warren Adolphus Dav 

Dec. II, iKSS. 
Frederick Vin' - ' 

Walnut St., 

Ardinr Marrin, Auditor, with R. Hoe k 

Co., so* Grand St. New York, N. Y.j 

Rea. Woodmont. Ct 

William iienrr Perry. Superintendent of 
Schools, Municipal Building, LeominMer. 
Ma>(. r Res. laj GroTe At*., Leomin- 
ster, Mass. 

Henry Phillips Insurance, with North- 
western Mutual Life Inturasec Co., $>■ 
University Bldg.. Syracuae, N- Y.: Rea. 
'114 Waverly Aye.. Syracuse. N. Y. 

Bcrttand CliWn RIchaHaon. Principal. 
High School, Alton, IIL: Rea. 514 E. 
Tth St. Alton, III. 

Sbeman Rouae. Clergvman. Paator M. E 
Church, 17 Ten Broeck St, Scotia, 
N. Y. 

Emeal Herrill Ten Broeck, CJcTgrman, 

C.-l.„..1»-ill. M V ^ 

. <tb St, Riy< 

Schuylerrille, N. Y. 
Lorento Dow Van Araan. Clergiman, 

M. E Church, -- "' '-- "■ " 

side. Cal. 
William Henrr 

Patehoffue. N. Y. 
•Loula Mason Wahrortfi, Uerehant, 4. 



Fndcrick BBticB WUiOB, Cltrsymui, 


TTliM. R. 

Amutrong, PhTlicuui, 

PruUla " Pclcr " BrilL Editor, The New 
Age, Teck Theatre Bid*., Buffalo, N. Y. ; 
Kca. j6S Hampibire St., Bufiato, N. Y. 

York. N. Y; Rei. Sari 


len Crane. (Init. by Lafayette), Au- 
' aod Nonliit. d. June i, igoo. 
_._jce Norton Goodwla. Judgr of Su- 
perior Court, Cook Countv, nag Countr 
Blda., Chicago, 111.: Rea. aia6 Lincoln 
Pk. W., Chican. III. 
■chainer Poh Hnron, SupeHntendcnt of 
SefaoolL Corner ol Church and School 

Alfred Jacol! Sul Clergyman, (M. E.). 
t9 S. Uam St.. KewaVG. N. V. 

Aitbnr Danid Beny, Hiiiionary, Dean 
of Aayaiaa Cakuin Theological School, 
Tokyo' Japan. 

Charlsa Stnlrt Oager. Director, Brooklyn 
Bolanical Cardens, Waihinglon Ave. at 
Uontgomery St, Brooklyn, T(. Y.; Rea 
■9 Linden Aie., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Qeorg* Gorham Qroat, Profestor, Uni- 
Tcnity of Vtrmonl, Burlington, Vt. 

•Vernon WUllam Holmei, ClergyroaD, d. 

DanitT&ot^n Lcwia. Clergyman (U. £.): 

Rei. 1131 Stratford Atc, Bridgeport, 

John Benton Pitcher. Catholic Protective 

Society, ijr E. aad St., New York. 

X. Y.: Rei. 85 N. Follenon A«e., Hont- 

N. Ainsworth Ave.. Tacoma, Waah. 
Jnnlui Wmida Stciena. Teacher, Sooth 
Side School, Newark, N. J.; Kci. it6 
Linden Atc,, Bloomtield, N. J. 

Ueihodlit Epiico 

■'•1I>. S. D.; Rei. fr 

I FiUt, S. D. 

John WilUan Sadler, Lawye 

John Galiuin Truair, Oct 

Senrice, Monlieal, 

FajretM Kingalay Congdon, Superinieul- 
enl of Schoola, High School Bldg., 
Northampton, Ua». : Rei. 5 Pomeroy 

VoUmir, United Statei 

r, U. S. Inunigratian 

... Can.; Rei. 441 Ht. 

Weatmoont, Hootteal, 

Robert Llnu* Clark, Clergyman. 140 N. 

Broad St, Norwich, N. Y. 
■Alton Eugene Darby, Uuiician, d. Jan. 

Kd^'^DHld Face, Clergyman, Chaplain 
Vermont Houie of Coirection, Rutland, 
Vt.; Rei. Ill Maple St., Rutland, Vt. 

William jpacph Peck, Editor and Pub- 
liihcr, PiltatoD Daily Gaietle, Gaaetle 
Bldg., Pittiton. Pa.; Rei. lao Waih- 
iogton St., PilUton, Fa. 

Bdinird Piti itandolph. Clergyman. U7 
E Tabor Bd., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Albert Arthur Andenon. Clergyman, Pai- 

tor Victory and Weitbury it. E. Church, 

Cato, N. V. 
Burt Legrand Bentiey. Proletior of Muaic, 

with Cortland Conaerralory of Muiic, 

16 Court Sl, Cortland, N. Y. ; Rea. B 

Pleaiact Sl, Cortland, N. Y. 
Kengo Uoriya. Joumaliit, 604 McLean 

Ave., Yonkera, N. Y. 
Nabotb Oibomc. Clergynuii, Firat Congie. 

Church, sii Court St., Burlintton, ^a. 
Charlei Cardner Rogcra. Proleaior. Ober- 

tin College, Oberlin, O. ; Rea. >6S For- 

e>I Su Oberlin, O. 
Oaorge Prancia Tyrrell. Real Eitate, with 

Charlea U. Crouie, 101 W. Water St., 

Syracuie, N. Y.; Ret. ido» Harrlaoa 

St., Syracuae, N. Y. 
WUllam Henry Yard, Clergyjnan, Pint 

U. E. Church, 17 Broad St. Oneida, 

Ralph Waldo Allen, Clergyman. Eldred. 

N. y. 

John Weeley Connell, Teacher. Erainni 
Hall High School, BrooUyn, N. Y.; 
Rei. 3} Woodruff Ave., Brookfyn, N. Y. 

Henry Cllolan Emm, Teacher, 136 Sonora 
St.. Redlaodi. Cal. 

Harry Edeir Haiiied. acrgyman, Fallot 
Firit Congregaiioaal (Anrch, Cedar 
Rapida, la.: Rei. 171a Grand Ave.. 
Cedar Rapidi, la. 

MUo Dibble HerrDn, Automobile Buiineia, 
jid St cnr. }th Ave., New York, N. Y. ; 
jRe>. Hollywood Ave., Creitwood, Yonk- 
era, N. Y. 

Charlei I with Viu- 

?hooe I Lane. New 

ork, J N. J. 

William aergymta 

(M. E. 
Arthur Bi i,jo6 Cor- 

ing Bl Rea. 3SJ 

Homet PollM"'htiii""ciergyman, Keeie- 

ville, N. Y. 
Arthur Abljah WUmat, It 
Provident Life & Tmit C 
St. Wilmington, Del.; I 

936 Market 

Harley J. Ctaoe^ Lawyer, 741 Onondaga 
Co. Saving! Bank Bldg., Syracnie. 
N. Y. ; Rei. 104 LandoD Ave, Syra- 
cuie. li. Y. 

Carloi EramoB* Cnmminga, Phvaiciaa, 
Secretary of Buffalo Society of KaUral 




Sciencci, j«d Aubnin Ave., Buffalo, 

H. Y. 
Ruth Wuncr L«k*, CIcTarmaa. W«t 

Town, N. Y. 
WiUiun Pnier Lewis, Salu Maiuser. with 

The Lisk iits. Co., Ltd., CaaandaSgiia. 

N. Y.; Rti. isj Howell St, Cuan- 

daigua, N, Y. 
W^liii " .--.--- 

dau Cc 

banj, N. Y.: Ro. lOI E^: 
Albaav, N. Y. 
Lmd William CottrcIL lui 

Albaav, N. V. 

._. "_:::am Cottnll, lunrance Adjaite 
with Commonwealth Fire Inl. Co.. <,. 
Kt[]ef St., Bosloo, Han.; Ret. S Irr 

Alfred Warner Aimatiani, Phraician, 117 
Main St., N.. Canandaigna, N. Y. 

Bdgar DiTldaoQ Conedon, Teacher, Stan- 
ford UniTeriiiT, CalT; Be*. 330 Coleridce 
Ave., Palo Alto, Cat. 

Richard BoUtho Oendatl. Cuhier, with In- 
ternational Motor Co., PlainGeld, N. J. 
Rea. Terrill Rd "'---'-■•■ " ' 

Dana Bictlow Hi 

infield/ N. J. 

Altomer, UtpL 

J &* kattell, Security 

Mutual Life Bldg.. Binshimton. N. Y. ; 
Rea. 14 McDonald Ave., Bintthunton, 
N. Y. 
Raleich Warner Holden. BuiineM; Rt*. 

Alexander Grant Jackaoo, Forest Eiamiaer, 
U. S. Foreit Service, Henry BIdg., 
Seiltte, Waah.; R«. 6si6 i6tta Ave., 
N. E., Seattle, WMh, 

Alfred Hairiaon Paiaona, Phyiician, Great 
Neck, N. Y. 

aarenee PerUoi, PtofcMor, Ohio Sute 
Univeraitjt. Columbua, O. : Rei. i<» 
Summit St, Colnmbu*, O. 

John Curtia Teni 

• at Lumber Merchant, 
Wilkeibarre, Pa. 
SIrke, Jouinaliit, with 

■ Marlit ,-.. ,,_. 

' York Herald, Herald _... . . 
N, Y.; Rci. Hi^laoJ Ave., 

•Bbensier Weiton Cutler, Buiineti, d. 

Carl Bli/ah Core, Lawyer, Hem. Don ft 
Seuben, ftiS Sedawicic, Audrewi A Ken- 
nedr Bidg., Srracuae. N. Y. ; Res. loS 
W. PIciMat Ave., Snacuie, V. Y. 

Frank Wood Harfltt, Electrical Encineer, 
Aatt Urr., laoUteS Plant Barean, N. Y. 
Ediaoo Co.. i]e E. 15th St, New York, 
N. Y. [ Rei. 105J Soulhem Blvd., New 
York, N. Y. 

Edward Corbin Jenklni, SecreUrr, Inter- 
national Y. M. C A., 114 B. >Sth St, 
N*w York, N. Y.; Kei. 150 E. ajth St, 
New York, N. Y. 

Edwin Heddon Shepard. Fbjiician, 413 
S. Crouie Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Oakley Barl Van Slyke, Real Estate and 
Citrus NuracHee. gi6 Story Bldg., Loi 
Angeles, Cal. ; Rea. Aiuaa, CaL 

Morgan Allen Wilcox, Milliflerv, ci S. 
Main St, Bethlehem, Pa. ; Rea. no E. 
Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Avery Skinav Wright Attorney, United 
Stales Referee in Bankruptcy, Dawego 
City Svaa. Bk. BIdg., Oawego, M. Y. ; 
Res. s" W. 6tb St, Oawego, N. Y. 

Woods of Larchmont, N. Y. 

Samuel Heory Cook, UannfactDrer. with 
Brown-Litw-Chapin Co., Syracnae, N. 
Y, ; Sea. soa Walnut Ave,, Syracoae. 
N, Y. 

Charlca DeFoceet Cumminn, Lawyer, with 
Cummings & Cumminga, Dun Bldg., Baf- 
filo, N. Y.j Rea. 175 Northland An.. 
Buffalo. N. -t. 

Charles Fairlngton Dow, Real Eatltc 
Preiident of Dow-Gilbert Realty Co., 
Inc.. Farwell BIdg., Detroit, Mich.: Rea. 
mi W. Grand Blvd.. Detroit, Mich. 

G«orge Thonai Hargitt, Teacher, Syra- 
cuse Univeraity. Syracuse, N. V. 1 ties. 
900 Walnut Aye., SyraCDac. N. Y. 

Anad Keddv Kiniu. Rnaineu. with J. H. 
ICO, CaL; 

r & Co., 

, N. Y. 

a Perkina, aerL,__ ,_ 
:k. N. Y. 

ifer, Adveniaing, Secretary 
r of T. D. U. Corapiny. 
at St, New York, nT Y.; 
Sl^ New York, N. Y. 

Morgan Babcock Smit^ Chi 

Ki, with Detroit United Liuea, uetroit, 
Mich.; Rea. ji6 Hogarth Ave., Detroit, 

Charles' Plaiated TyrrelL Proprietary Mcdi- 
cinea, with Syracuae Medicine Co., Inc.. 
-° " ■'rankhn St, Syracuae. W. Y. ; 
- *- " N. Y. 


n ^t. Syr 

1 90] 

Horace Pieraon Bull, Joumaliat, City Edi- 
tor, The Pott SUndard, Syracuae, N. Y.j 
Res, aos Baaietl St. Syracuae, N. Y. 

David Orcntt Decker, Municipal and CiTic 
Work, Commerce Club, iao7 Corby-For' 
■ee Bldg., SL joteph. Mo. ; Sea. £to S. 

' St, St 



Walter Whitney' "crbblc, 

Onondaga Photo Engraving d., SM W. 
Onondaga St, Syracuae. N. Y.; Sea. 111 
ConcorJ PL, SyracuaaL K. Y. 

Frederick Henry Nuehickel, Dtrtit Prnita 
and Nnrtcriea, Glendora. CaL 

Blwood Ward Shafer, Principal, High 
School, Mamaroneck, N. Y. ; ^ea. 13s 
Palmer Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Henry Oliver Smith, Lawyer, with Nadal, 
Tones a Mowton, oa Liberty St, New 
York, N. Y. : Rea. Northport, N. Y. 

Walter Addiaon Stevena, Real Eatalc, with 
Walter A. Steven., Inc.. SJ John St, 
New York, N. Y. ; Kea. lif E. aial St, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Arthur Morgaa TownacndL Teacher, Era*- 
mua Hi^ School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Rea. 
411 E Dudley Ave., Weatficid, N. J. 

Harold Amaaa Townaend, Edticational Di- 
rector. Young Men'a Chriatiaa Aaanaa- 
lion, Newark, N. I.; Rea. 49 Epplrt 
St., Eaat Orange, N. I. 



Henry Thomii Baker, S«retir>-. Boyi' 
Work. Y. H. C A., American National 
Bank Bide, Richmond, Va ; Re*. 311 
Chamberlarne Atl, RichmaDd, V*. 

SuDod Huvld Dorr, Civil Eannecr, Glr 
Eogincer'a Office. City BdL SmcsM, 
N. Y.; Rea. 113 W. Newell St., Sjrt- 
cuie, N. Y. 

•francii Kdwin Eaton, d. Tune i«, 1006. 

Serniour Hudr, (Init bv Uniaa), Teachei 
High School! Oawego, N. Y. j Rei. 18] 
E. 7tli St.. Oiwego, N. Y. 

PiedeHcli William Kition. 

Crni Frederick PhllUpi, Electrical Inipec- 
tor, with Uadenrrrieri Ahq. of New 
York SMte. 40; E. » B. Buildinc, 
Rochester, N. Y. : Rei. ;ia Dewe^ Atc., 

Stlat Toriiy Hauev, BusineiB, with The 
Herald Machine Co., Worce.ler, Usm. ; 
R«. 4 Clearview Are., Worcuter, Mus. 

Ocorte W. KitcheU, Phriician, la Church 
Sl, Homell, N. Y. 

Edward Prole S-waatr. Farmer, BtiiTia, 

M08 Ft 

Carrier Ait C 

Charlta Rotcra Purd», AiiiiUnt Par- 
mtster, N. Y. Central Railroad Co.. 1S31 
Grand Central Terminal, New York. 
N. Y.; Rea 48 Pint SL, Haverstraw, 
N. Y. 

Btneat Reielej' Smith, Vice-Principal, 
North Hirt School, Syracuae, N, VT; 
Rea. iiS Dell St, Syracuie, N. Y. 

GeorEe Knauy Warren, (Inil. by Col- 

S:e>, aergyman, CaWary Baptiit 
urch, Syracuie, N. Y. ; Bea. 801 Court 
St, Syracuae, N. Y, 
Carl Phtllipi Wrl^t Buiineii. with 
American Radiator Co., 693 Main St, 
Buffalo, N. Y, : Rea. sg« Aahland Ave., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

WiUuim Peck Qere, Telephone Entioeei 
and Inipcclor, with New York Tele- 
Plione Co, SyraeuMe, N. Y. ; Rei. Uan. 

Bdward Hamilton Greenland. Insurance, 
5;J-8 White Memorial Bldjt., Syracose, 

Jiae AV* "" ^ ^'''°" ^'- ^^" 
Charlea Andrewi Hargitt Fhvaician. 17 

Schermerhom St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Louli John Hirtnan, Student, UcGill Uni- 
versity Medical School. Montreal, Can.; 
Res. Alerandria Bay, N. Y. 
Claude Lewii Khnmcl, Shoe Busifaeu, 
with Dunn & McCarthy, 41 Waihinaton 
St. Auburn, N. Y, ; Rei. »7 William St, 

•lUynwnd Saoad Rogera. Y. M. C A.. 
secretary, d, Dec 33, loog. 

Arthur lame* Sheldon, Chemical Enjrin- 
eer. with The American Rolliag Mill Co., 
Uidd etown, O. ; Rea. 707 Yankee Rd.. 
Uiddletown, O. 

*^K* °S^ Soi™, Civil Engineer, with 
Dept. Engineer War Dept, Ft Santiago, 
Manila, P. I.; Rej. ij, Arquti, 

Dearborn Bldg., Oiicago. III. : Res. ooS 

Lafayette Paibay, Chicago, III. 

Joieph Warren 3ton& (Init liy William]), 

iDsarance, with Northwestern Hutaal 

land, O. 

Charlea Luciua Townaend. Box and Lum- 
ber Busineis. with Traders Bos & Lum- 
ber Co., 1040 Jay Sl, Rochester, N. Y.; 
Rea. jjB Rugby Ave., Rochester, N, Y. 

Friend Lord Weill, Insurance Agent with 

Bid" Syrara"""^: Rea. *334 Mont- 
gomery St, Syracuse, N. Y, 

I Edwartf Collinga. Journalist, with 
w York American. 138 William St. 
- ""' "' " i Res. e)4 E. 17th 


ooklyn, N. ^, 

Oneida Coiiu 

minga, Saleai 

■, Ltd., 

Seaiilc. Waak 

Jamea Jerome Paraona. Phyaician, S4 S. 

Main SL, Cortland, N. Y. ; Res. 4S 

Madison St, Cortland. N. Y. 
Arnn Lewia Rice. Lawyer, Wilson A Rice. 

Savings Bank Bldg., Pnlton, N. Y. ; 

Rei. 354 State St., Fulton, N. Y. 
Alfred Wailanu Rowley, Salesman, with 

Hopewell Silver Co., ~ * 

N. Y. 

erhorn St. Brooklyn. 

Chaiiea Vetcalf Cort*ln« Weal. 

Brighton. N. Y. 
La Rw Eldjidg* Dal*. Gvil Ennnecr. 

with Pennaylvania Railroad Co., Wilkes- 

Barre. Pa.; Rea. 47a S. Franklin St, 

WUkei-Barrc, Pa. 
KaTIIWIld Qray, PostoScc Inspector, Waih- 

mgton. D. C. ; Rea. Lynchburg, Va. 
Charlea Homer Holnrarth, Unit by 

Rocheater), Teacher, West High School. 

Rocheatcr, N. Y. ; Res. 43 Elmdorf Ave., 

Rocheater, N. Y. 

Weighlock Bldg., Water 
N. v.; Rea. sij Oak ; 

N. Y. 

John Hoc Baldaraon, Physician, 418 
Chaunccy St, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Res. 309 
Decatur St, Brooklyn. N. Y. 

C. Kdwin Bnta, With Edison Electric 
Illuminating Co., 3^0 Pearl St, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. ; Re*. .43 Lefferta PL, Brook- 


Oneida Community, Ltd., 6nelda. 
N. Y. 
Ldelbert George Qrecn, Insurance, Agency 
Manager Travelers Insurance Co., Oiy 
Nail. %k. Bldg., Omaha, Neb.; Rea. 116 
S. 44th St., Omaha, Neb. 
George Aubre* Hastlnct. Social Work, 
Secy. Mental Hygiene Com., State On- 
itiea Aid Aasn., 10; £. aid St, New 
York. N. Y. : Re*. 60S Warhiuton Ave, 
Yoaker*. N. Y. 



Edwin Bridliy Hod*B. T«dier, d. Aas- Runaond Qi 

_,_ _-, LcoBud, Tetcher, Hiafa 

School. AtUntic City, N.J. 
Thomu Anthony Power, Cm] Encincct, 

County HiEhwiT Depurtinciii, Syricu*c, 

N. Y.; R«. 1601 S. GeddM St., Syn- 

cuK, N, y. 
Lw) Boyca Smith, Funeral Director, Hem. 

Fred E. Smith * Son. lit E. Church 

St. eimii>, N. Y.i BcL joi Grove St., 

Elroira, N. Y. 
QeorBe Trier Spencer. Qodiiaf Mtnofac- 

turer, with Spencer ClothLne Co.. 314 W. 

Fiyeitc St., Syricuie, N. 7.; Rei. Fay. 

elteTille, N. Y. 
HurriT S«lUbiU7 Stedman, Branch iigi.. 

L, C Smith ft B.<J«. Typewriter Co., i.» 

Clinton Art., So. Socheiter, N. Y.; 

Rea. Univeraity Qub, Rocheiter, M. Y. 
Pirn) Nvocn Heoij Sie. Ensincn, wtA 

Tienaim.Puliow R. R. ; Re*. 1 Suleng 

Rd., Shtnibai, Qiida. 

BenjaBln Blachman Throop, Secretary t 
President. Erie R. R., so Church St 
New York. N. Y. 

Elmer Arthur Btuton. (now called R. A. 
Burton), (Init. by Tu(ti). Hmins Zn- 
rineer. Andei Exploralion Co., Chaaaral, 
Chile, S. A 

Guy Howard Cumminn, Inaurancc, Dep- 
uty Supl., Metropolitan Life Ininrance 
Co., Maionic Temple. Olean, N. Y. ; 
Re». IM S. First. St., Ole.ti. N^ Y. 

wiOi R 

Goembel Aye., Bulfa]< 

_, "^'" --'."""— ^---. "n.'T" 

iTory Marah Lincoln. Contractor. Ucm. 

Shipman & Lincoln, Gowandi. N, Y. 
Henry Herbert Murdoch. Jr., Secretary 

of State'! Office, Albany. N. Y. ; Rel. 

£10 Rugby Rd.. SdienecUdy. K. Y. 
WmUra WaUace Townaend. Salea Uan- 

ager, with Kennedy, Mitchell ft Co. 

Inc.. 3S Wall St, New York. K. Y.; 

Rn. 91T Walnul Si.. Mnntrlair, N. J. 
. JeDeraon 

Hiddlevitle, N. Y. 

WOliam Jamei Flynn. Lawyer, with Hamil- 
ton Ward, Ene County Bank Blda., 
Buffalo, N. Y,; Res. ai Linden PE., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

William Mould Foi, Pharmaciil, with Wil- 
■on ft Co., Carthige, N. Y. 

Byron Arthur Johnaon, Lawyer. 33 El- 
wood Bldg., Kocheiter, N. Y.: Ret. JII 
Woodbine Ave. Kochester. N. Y. 

Henry Reed Maochtater, Iniurance, with 
Traveller. In*. Co., Onondaaa Co. Say. 
Bank Bldg., Syracuse, N. YT: Rei. 87a 
Summer Ave., Syracuae. N. Y'. 

St, SyracuM. N. 

Kotb Zerbe, Sui 

~ ■ Club, 436 I 
" : Bea. 

CharlM EDO* Artmuk Y. H. C A. Secre- 
tary, London, O. : Rea. LeRoy, N. Y. 

Pred Klchardi Brown. Uiaaionarr, Wil- 
liams Nast College. Kinkiang. Chins. 

.. Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 

„ ._ Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Stewart AlexaDdcr Farrell, Lawyer, with 

Anderson, laelin ft Anderson, ij Broad 

St., New York. N. Y. : Ses. 330 W. 95th 

St, New York. N, Y. 
Ira Carlton Flick, Architect, Snow Bids.. 

Syracuse. N. Y.; Res. 514 Oitrom Aye.. 

Syracuse. N. Y. 
Ira Alfred Hincdale, Medical Slndenl; 

Sea. Camillus. N. Y. 

ford, Ct. : Res. 614 Asylum St, Hart- 
ford. Ct 

Llvingitoa Morell Spraker, Automobile 
Dealer, Member of Spraker ft Rapp, 
Palatine Bridge. N. Y. 

WlllUm Deiti Youai, High School 
Teacher, iiia Grand Aye., EvBretl, 

Ernest Glfford (^hamplia, tlvil Engineer, 
104 Cily Hall, Syracuse, N. Y. ; Res. 
s8 Kennedy St, SjT.cuse, N. Y. 

Trsveller with McArthur, Wirth ft 
Coonev. JD7.109 W. Water St, Syracuse. 
608 Tallman St, Syracuse. 

N, Y. 
John ~ 

HsTiland. Civil Engineer, 

with California Highway Commission. 
ei6 Forum Bldg., Sacramento, CaL; 
Rea. P. O. Box 3X4 Sacramento, Cal. 

Albert Henry Longbotham, Editor, with 
Democrat ft Chronicle, Rochester, N. Y. : 
Rea. Chesterfield Apts., Rochester. N. Y. 

Clsience Francis Maynard. Engineer. As- 
sist ant Topographer Yale-Pcmviui Ex- 
pedilion; Res. an W. Thamea St. Nor- 
wich. Ct 

Walter Frtdarick Schmieding. Lawyer, with 
The American Surety Co.. White Bldg.. 



BuSilo, N. y.: Bn. »i Hucl PL, Bnf- 
l«lo, N. Y. 

JUBM Ponar Tcrrr, Buiiness, with £. U 
Phillipi i Co^ St, Cfaarcb St., New 
York, N. Y. i Rei. Souilmnpton, N. Y. 

Hirold Rot WaldraB, Electriul Kofinccr, 
with Govinda LiEtil ft Power Corpora- 
tion, Cottundii. N. Y. 


D KooKTdt An. 

Conitructlon, U. S. C 
tm, !*;&«». »Q0 S 

Bdwia kobMt CoMwr, Cli<ini>t, with 
Cutun-AmErieaa Sunr Co., ia;-oa W, 
Water St, Syncoae, N. Y. ; &ea. los 
Union Ate., STracose, N. Y. 

JUDn Arthur Frjc, Wntem Diili-ict 
Manaier, with The KDJaht Tire Rubber 
Co., i3ii-iM9 Van Stu Atc. San 
Francisco. CaL: Rei. Anionia Apli., 
loBo Buih St, San Prmociico, CaL 

Jarae* Hiram HacNaucbton, Architcsl, 
with Shepley, Rutan ft' Coolid«e, 115 
TremoDi St. Bollon, Miai.; Rea. loo 
LiiiEdoa Are., Watenown. Uaii. 

Pradarlck Lincoln Newhart, Teacher. 
Wilkeibarre High School. Wilkeabarre. 
Pa. : Rm. aji Pierce St, Kingaton, Pa. 

Ralph LucBi Newiw Teacher, Swartk- 
more Preparatory School, Swarlkmore, 

Roval Francia Senfatackan. Uedical Stu- 
dent, Coiumbia UniTcraily, New York, 
N, Y.: Rea. Stony Point, N. V^ 

Hanrr ^ual Smith, Phyiician, Brooklyn 

Hoipital, Cor- DeKalb and Kaymond 

Sts., Brooklyn. N. Y 
•Herbert FowEer Smith, d. Dec. s, 1015. 
Rnmmd Hmdodt Tucker, Architect, 

C- S- Indian Serrice. Waabinjloe. 

D. C;Re*. sj Main St, Oneoala, N. V. 


1. N. Y. 

Itrin* Aleuadar WUlluna, Forcatrr Stu- 
dent. SyracUK UniTeriitr, Syracuae, 
N- Y.i Rea- 115 R. Frankfyn St, Rich- 
nond. Va. 

Charlei Wealer Carlton. Y. M. C A. Sec- 
retary, Syracuie UniTcnitr, Syracuae, 
N. Y J Re.. Sims HaU, SyrKUte. N. Y. 

Stuart Ilerrifield Cooper, Engineer, with 
N- Y. ft Oueena Electric Liiht ft Power 
Co., 444'Jacluan Aye., Long Island City, 
N, YT; Res. iBi Bowot Ave-, Fluthini, 
N. Y. 

Allan Irvirif; Dean, CitjI Engineer, with 
Mats. Highway Comniiation, t) Ash- 
bonon PL. Boiton, Mass.; Kei. 3B 
Webster St, Rockland, Mau. 

Frederick AUnaodet Frank. 474 Nineteenth 
Are., San Franciieo, Cil. 

Jamei Lealer Kinner, Law Student, Uni- 
Tersitv of Buffalo, Buffilo, N. Y. ; Res. 
1196 Humboldt Parkwar, Buililo, N- Y. 

Paul Payne Einnc, Farmer, Trumanaburg, 

Donald Whitney Brown, Circulation Dept., 

with The Post Express, Rochettet. 

N. Y-: Re*. 66 Brixton St, Rochea. 

ter, N, Y- 
William Brigdan Codling, Jr., Real Ea- 

tate, NmtSport, N. ^ 
Wray Holhnrell Congdon, Teacher, Pckin 

UniT., Pekin, China; Ret- JO Park 

A-rt., Bauvia, N. Y. 
John Hlchad Donohuc, Buiineas, with 

Eaatman Kodak Co.. Rochester, K. Y. ; 

Rea. i6t Flower City Park, Rochester, 

N. Y. 
Stanley Lorertna Falter, Student; Res, 

Contlin Atc, Binghamlon, N. Y. 
Howard Munro Oerc, (Init by Colgate), 

Contractor, with D»vid M, Cere, S09 

MUton Atc, Syracuse, N. Y- ; Res. 305 

Erie St, Sfracusc, N. Y. 
Ralph Cornwall Paddock, Student; Res. 

Wolcott. N. Y. 
Wirt Dlekenon Sealay, 211 S. Salina St., 

Syracuse, N. Y.; Re*, up Westminster 

Atc, Syracuse, N. Y. 
•Alor^a HartiBUs Utrich, Student, d. 

Bradley Longwell Wheeler. Student of 
Agriculture. Cornell University, _]iB 
Stewart Aye, Ithaca, N. Y. : Res- Box 
ai6, Penn Yan. N. Y. 

Barl Clark Woodworth. Business, with 
Sur Electric Co,, 617 Frelinghnyssn 
A»e.. Newark. N. J. ; Res. s S. tith 
St, Newark, il. J. 

Gaorga Hoycr Bleekman, Student, Uni- 
tersity ol ICichigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. ; 
Res. 911 E. Wsshington St. Ann Arbor, 

Kenneth Cilbeil Brown. Student; Ret. St. 

John Stakord Elithorpe Jr., Student; Res. 

Palatine Bridge, nT Y. 
Lynn Edward liavli. Student; Res. Boon- 

ville, N. Y. 
Harold Herkimer UcBride; Ret. 4110 S. 

Salina St.. Syracuse. N- Y. 
Walter Sumner Rose. Student: Res. 

Tonawanda, K. Y. 
Walter Bertrand Stoddard, Business,- 164 

Y- ! Res. 


Zaitler Stur'ge. {Ind. 



Idem: Kes. Fsirpt 


Harold BurneU Tracri 


s. Fayettetille, 


see Newland Vr. 

seland. Salesman. 

with Remington Arm! 


Benedict Ave.. Hi. 

N. Y. 

Dean Henry Waldron. Student; Res. 71 
Central Ate.. Springtille, N. Y. 

ville, N. Y. 

WUIiam Francu Mitchell. Medical Stu- 
dent; Res. HoToell, N. Y. 

Albert Becker Peck. Graduate Student. 
Unitersi^ o( MichiEan, Ann Arbor. 
Mich.; Res. sijW Crouse Ate., Syra- 
cuse. N. Y. 

Merrill Ccdric Straub. Draughtsman, 
Prnnsyltania Railroad Co., Renoto, Pa. ; 
Res. lis Setenlh St. Renoto, Pa. 

Robert 'O^lowsy Dixon. Student; Res. 
Palmvra. _N. Y. 

Robert Nelton Lindsay, Student 



Friacii Huold McCoiniBck, Student; Harold Hunt OiboriL 

- - - ■■ - e, fid 

_ _ _ _ _ Ralph If ■ ~ <■ 

Homill, N. Y, WoleoH 

R«. Corninc, N. Y. Washmiton ( 

GladitoTW Elmer Ssdnun, Student i Res. Ralpb ifaniii Wiikliu. Stadanl; Set. 
Woleott. N. Y. 
1 Rice. Student; R«. 184 I.nttr Qrormor Wellt, Student; Res. 

orn Benjunin Rice. Student; R«. 1S4 l.nttr Qrormor Wellt, Student; I 

S. T'hird Su Fulton, N. Y. 4»6 Oitrom Ave., Srncuie, N. Y. 

ChMtcr Btitt Rlfcnbw, Sludenl; Rea. 161 Pnnk Rite Williuni. Student; Res. 

Smith Arc, KlnnioQ, N. Y. Westminster Ave., STrtcoM, N. Y. 

Andreae Henir Schulti. Studen- ' "— 

East Otto. N. Y. 
Glenn _Adelb«tt__ Tinker, Studeo 

FlU.WillUin BovBton, Student; Res. 37 
Prospect Si., Conland. N. V. 
igia HariT Diion, Student; Res. jj Jackton 

St.. Fslmyra. N, Y. 
Ardiur Uonroe Billard. Student: Res. t;> Paul Dauiherty Huber, Student; Res. 14 

Snmmit Ave., Upper MonlcUir, N. J. S. River St., Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 

Gerald Charlet Cooner, Student; Rei. 10; Donald Swett Foler. Student; Res. 744 

Union Ave., Syracuse. N. Y. Park Ave,, Medina, N. Y. 

Donald Jcdediab Hooae, Student; Res- «'3 Robert Louii WalldorS. Student^ Res. joR 

Cnmitock Ave, SyiacuK, N. Y. N. Clinton St., Olcan. N. Y. 

Robert Jama Forarth Lindaay, Student; Thomas Adnm Wilioa. Stndenl: Res. j 
Res. Sonthold, N. Y. llouilon Ave., Uiddletown. K. Y. 


Uasaacfansetts Institute o[ Technologjr, Cambridge, Uus. 

Established Nov. ; 

; 29 Classes; 220 Members. 

WiUUm Oibriel Kouck, Pietidea 
'^•'■ictural StHi Co.. 166 Dart 
, N. Y.; Res. SS' Uf»>i 

Jodma Atwood, jd. Chief EnBinecr, Pit- 
iDg DiTiiion, Street Dept., City Hall. 
BoatoD, Mu^; Res. aSo Fd>i« St., 
Brightaii, Mais. 

Arthnr Warren Dean. Chief Eogiiea, 
Maia. HiahwaT Comiaiaiion, 311 
State Houae. Baitun, Ha«.: Rea. 34 
Oxford St.. Winchester, Man. 

LoDia Dcrr, <Init. by Amherit), Profeoor 
Masa. Inat. of Technalogy, Boaton, 
Uias.; Rea. S3 Centre St., Brookline, 

WUliam Spcnc*T HutcblniOB, Minini En- 

Sneer, co CooRreia St.. Boiton, Ma«. ; 
ea 1235 Morton St., Doreheater, 

Aaa Hall Marrill, Construction and Valua. 

tion Encineer, Portland Tenninal Co. 

and Maine Central K. R., 138 St. John 

St. PortUnd. Uc; Rea. 81 Pina St., 

Portland, Ue. 
Arthur Grover Ranlett Standard Oil Co., 

San Pablo, Cal. ; Rcb. 4139 Terrace St, 

Oakland, Cat. 
Fwdlnand Turton Schneider, Architect, 

1314 F St., N. W., Waahington. D. C; 

Res. 1006 Maaaachuictt) Atc,, N. W., 

Waahington, D. C 

rd Cattle Well*,' Manaaer, Plait Iro 

rks Co., Dayton. O.j^es. 40 Wei 

_ Mia. Co., 1 

New York. M. Y.; Sea. 

St, Cambndse, Maaa. 

Francia DoPont Balch. Fire Iniurance, Bo 

William St, New York, N. Y. : Rea. 

~ 11a. N. J. 

, III.: Rea. 3418 Luinston 
Lnicaiio, III. 
Frederick Edward Cox, Architect. Bald- 


Buffalo,' N.' 'y'. 
Arthnr Hush Jameaon, Met., Steel Di 

Malleable Iron Filtinga Co., ° ' 

Ct: Rea. Whortleberry So 

lord, Ct 
Willia Taylor Koowlton, Er 

. ,_ ,■ Ha: 

Rel. ifija Van N< 


>hn W 

, Lo. 

:r of 

iieles, Ca): 

re., Loa Ana 

Co., Coothohocken, W.; Rea Bala, Pa. 

Benjamin Merwin Uitctiell. President, 
Conveyina Weigher Co,, 9* W. St. 
New Vorl, N. v.; K«. 144 Lafayette 
Ave., Paiaaic, N. J. 

Pwey Holbrook Thomai, Consnlting Elec- 
trical Engineer, i Itector St. New 
York, N. Yj Rea. 346 Park St, Upper 

Winthrop I^we TiAi. Preaident, Oakland 

Sneer, with Public Service Comtniiaion. 
irat Diatrict, 1(4 Naiuu St, New 
York, N. Y.; Res. 407 Ocean Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harry Reybum Batea, Supt of Manufac- 
ture, International An-icultural Corp., 
Hurt BIda., Atlanta, Gi.; Rea. 169 h. 
4th St. Atlanta, Ga- 

Dudlcr Chaaa Chaffee, Architect, Mem. 
Whitmeyer ft OiaKee, 104 S. Glenwo,,.! 
St, Peoria, III.: Rea »3 Melbourne 



, Honon Crary 
.. joj Market 

witt Architect, Uem. • 
3>t Main St, Feoria, 
,.. a™ P.r,ria. IIL 

Herbert Edmund I 
Hewitt ft Emerac 
IIL; Rea 717 Mota Ave., ri 

Albert Llncotn KandatI, Enginett 
apector, Factorr Mutual Inauri 
ji Milk St. Boiton. Masa.i 
Adam) Road, Framinaham 

Walter BIbridte Piper, Gen. Su 
ton Rubber Shoe Co.. Ualde] 
Rea So Main St-, Melrnar M: 

Richard Warren Proctor, 
S. Herrell Chemical C( 


Su., Cine 


Chaa. H. Tenoey ft Co., 


l^iarton. Mail. 
JoHph EulBton Thropp. Jr- 

Thomu Iroa Co., Alburtil, 1 


I Aduna Sl, Hilk St., Boiion, Hm*. ; Set. ao Wc«t- 

Kinneth Foaiir Wood, Uanafer, Saylea 
FisidiiiiK PUnta, SayleanlTe, S. I.; 
Ret. ajMaynud Sl, PawtucLct. R. J. 

Tbomu Rota WcTmoulh, 

Kenrr AtkinioD Holdrai*, Gen. Mkt., 
Omaha Electric Ugbt A Power Co., 
Omaha, Neb.; Sea. 1916 S. 3Sd St., 


uiicaso. 111. ; nei. loiu. So. Sc«kT 

Atc.. Chieaao, ID. 
•Donald CEcTcland ScoBald. Architect, d. 

Mar. J, 190S. 
John CarlctOD Sherman, AdTCrtiiiai Ugr-, 

Berlin Mill! Co., Portland, Ma.; Sea. 

Portland. Me. 
Alfred Pntchard ^an, Jr. 

N. Y. 

i Zoi Atc 

, N. J..; 

Baaker, 3 
tj, Ouincy, 111.; Rea. 18.J 

ley oi., Quincy, 111 

r KeUer Yodar, Engineer, with Jonea 

Lauthlin Steel Co., South Worki. 

PL. Pittsburih, Pa. 
Htniy VoerE, Uech. Engin 

Noithem K R., St. Paul, 1 

14 South St. Alhaas St., 

Alfred Edward Zapf, Orance ( 

Bacg St.. Detroit. 
Edwin Claaaaen Cramer. nrcDiieci 

Femekes ft Cramer, ijoa Pabil 

Milwaukee. Wja. : Kei. ajj Li 

Milwaukee. Wii. 
Alfred Kimball Downea, Engineer, 

tion Committee. C. & O. Ry. 

mood, Va. ; Res. Kenbridse, Va. 
Charlea Warren KaDEOod. with Nl 

er. 49S 

76 Commonwealth Afe 

Valeatne Von Holat, Archite 
Von Holat & Fyfe, ,a W. Ada 
licago. III.; Res, T]6i Hyde Pi 

ranklin Everett BragK, Treaa., N. I 
BraxB & Sons, 74 Broad St.. Banio 
Me.; Rea. 64 Grove St, Banaor. M 
'aihincton Charlea Dunn. Sunt., Mar 
Edxe Tool Co.. Mil] Hall, Ta. ; Re 
- "V. Water St, Lockhiven, Pa. 

Wiae Eaton. Private Busines 
immer St., Bridgewater. Mas). 
Henry Howard Pruit Growe 
(stown. Niagara Co., N, Y. 

Nelaon LeBaron. Vacuu 
crs, Mem. I.eBaron & Wallis, 1 



^et, McBL 
cii Xavier 

QranviUe Smith. Uit known addreii, 11 
W. Preston St, Baltimore. Md. 

WiUiim Randolph Strickland, Chief En- 
gineer, Peerlesa Motor Car Co., Cleve- 
land, O. ; Rea. ar Knowlei St, h 
OeveUnd. O. 

Oeorge Reed Wadaworth, 37 Philbrick 
RdT, Brookliue, Maaa. 

Robert Bruce WaUaca. Buaineii, A. B. 
Srayihe Co., )oo Erie BIdg,, OeveUnd, 
O. ; Rea. mi8 E. Bjrd St.. Cleveland, O. 

Ceoige Phillipa Dike, <Init by William). 
Patent Attorney, Mem. Macleod, Calver. 
Copelaad ft Dike, jjo Tremont Bid- . 

" Maaa.; H - . " . 

Hill, Mas 

New York, N. Y. ; Res, I 


, .1. J. 

jr., Eleclnca) Engineer, 
, New York, N. Y. ; Rea. 

Hatbrouck Heighta, N. J 

BBtietl Jone^ Jr. "i—^— > * 
101 Park Ave., ^ 
Mahwah, N. J. 

SUnley llotch, Treaaurer. Motch.Merry- 
weather Machinery Co., OevelaDd, O.; 
Rea. itSi; I^ke Ave.. Lakewood, O. 

Jama* Alfred Patch, Professor, Syrian 
Protestant College, Beirut. Syria, 

Mile* SundUh Richmond. Horace R:. 
Turner Co., Boston, Mase. ; Rea. «y 
Buckminster Rd., Brookline, Uasa 

Ctlfferd Melville Swan, Acoustical Engin- 
eer, H. W. Johns-Manville Co., Madison 
Ave. and 4i>t St., New York, N. Y. ; 
Rea. 60a W. iijlh St., New York, 
N. Y. 

Jacob Stone, Jr., 

Oaorge Sicfaarda Townaend. Asst Geo. 
Mirr.. Henry R. Worthington Hydraulic 
W^rki. Harrison. N. J. ; Rea. 96 Hal- 
stead kt.. E,. Orange. TJ. J. 

Walter Crane Chaltee. Architect, Men 



riUiuB BUdwin Housli, with Hcul 
BuildiDZ HauniJi Co,, 5] W. Jickion 
BlTd, ^icaao, IlL 

iillivan WmUm JoDct, Architect, Mem. 
Palmer, Hornboslel & Jonei, tit William 
St. New Yarli, N, Y. ; Ru. Uilc Square 
"■■ "— '-rg, N, y 


etal bia), Piaao Man 

ifaclurer, with BaMwia 
Gilbert An., Cincin- 
106 Glo*) Ave. Plea>- 

ETerett Pendleton Tutne^ Innitmen 
50 State St., Boiion, Maai.; Ret. '1 
Pleasant St. Arlinston. Mai*. 

Howard Chuhbueif Turner, Gen. Mer., 1 
LuatOB Co.. i6r Devooihire St, Boiii 
Maa«.; Rea. ji Gloucener St. Boili 

Ralph Root, Apple B 
St, Hood Rjvei, Oi 

Slanlfr Collamore Sea 
ioit Engineer, jos V 
Salt Late City, U. ; 
Salt Lake Citv, U. 

"arle* Edwin Shermi 

Bank Blda:.. 
Haxton PI., 


37 Wall ! 
141 St 1 

N. Y, 
Franklin S 

Arlaworth, £nnn«*r, 
!, Church, Kerr I Co., 
» Yoik, N, Y. ; Rei. 
PL, New Briihlon, 

, DoTer. N. H. ; 

Doter, N. H. 

ioward Cooper, 

radley. Automobile 

Warren Ira Bickfotd. Secy, ft Trees., 
Iron City Electric Co., 711 G"" St, 
Pitlaburgh, Pa.i Ret. to;3 Dctod Rd., 

Valdtmar Frank Holmei. Prei. ft Treat., 
Power Equipment Co., 131 Sute St, 
Beaton, Mata.; Rea. Ji Win.low 1. 

Ocotic Tar lor Hyde, Arcbitect, Mem. 
Nobbi ft Hyde, 14 Phillips Squace, Mon- 
treal. Que.; Re.. 7' Wittmount BWd.. 
Montreal. Que. 

Philip WMtt Hoorb Secy, and Gen. Met., 
The P. & M. Co.. 6}T Railway Ex- 
chin«e, Chicago. lU. ; Res. i6al Judjon 
Ave., Evanaton, 111. 

Hury Percy Parrock, Manager, Lumen 
Bearing Co., Buffalo, N. Y^: Rei. laiS 

Ehnwood Are.. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Oliver Ha»rd Perry, Jr., aBi Nei 

St, Lowell, Mass. 
Charles Arthur Record, wi 

nal Oil Co., isi Siilh 

bridce, Mass. 1 Rei. 49 

race. Brookline, Hast. 

Galena S 
_ _j.. E. Ci 
West bourne T 

hem Steel Co., i 
Mais.; Rei. ' 

I Horr, Sales Dept 

JOS Fid. 
Redfield I 


«;.«,.-„ N.j: 

Philip John Keamv. Electri 
N. Y.. N. H. ft H. R R., 

'^tw' York, N'"y.T i 

Kruie. Salesman, 


Louis Ballauf Rapp. 1339 Chapel St.. Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Ocorge Beach Sevma. Sales Encr.. PenB 
Gaa Coal Co.. I» S. 3<I Si., PhiUdel- 
phia, Pa.,j Res. 47th St and Baltimore 

Qeor(e Waahln^isn I^ndrua, Steel Bnt!- 
nest, with Carnegie Steel Co., Commel. 
Natl. Bank Bldg., Chicago, lU. ; Ret. 
Tia4 N. State St.. Chicago, IlL 

Paul Halme LaMoby, Civil Engineer. 
Canadian Contingent. British Army, 
France; Ret. i? E- Diviaion St, Chi. 
cago, TIL 

Prancla Fielding Longler, Member ot 
Haten & Whipple, 30 E. 4id St, New 
York, N. Y. ; Rei. Hatch Terrace, 
Dohbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Hubert MgtrTweathcr, V. Prei. and Geo. 
Mgr., Bethlcheia Chile Iron Minei Co., 
La Higuera, Coouimbo, Oiile. 

Charles Lorlng Rodger*. Enciaecr, Union 
Stock Yard and Transit Co., OieacD, 
III. ; Res. 140 Green Say Rd., Hubbaril 
Wood*, IlL 

Houghton CooBtT 
''--^e Light "- 
Root. Teili 

Fnnklin Tinki 

Co.. 131 W. „._ _ -, 

N. Y.; Res. Plateau Circle, BronxTiUe, 

N. Y. 
Oanrgc Tiller Seabury, Dinaion Engineer, 

Water Supply Board. Proridence, So. 

Scitnate, R. I. ; Res. S4 Taber An., 

Providence R. I. 
Charla Hamilton Sision, (Init. by Colum- 

IndU Wharf, 

Xobart Wrndham Seyma, District Salei 
Mgr.. taylor Wharton Iron ft Stwl 
Co.. 504 Newhoute Bldg.. Silt Late 
atr. U.; Rea. 3 Kensington Apta., 
Salt Uln City. U. 



Sidnn Talbot Strickluid, Architc 

Sttickland & ijLV, '• " 

Boston, Uaii. ; At: 
Brookline, Mui. 

Gilbert Sandtii Tower. Imui 
BoitonMfn. Mutual Fire li 
Milk St^ Boilon. Ma». ; 

Wildw 'TiUMr. V. Prei.. IroE 

E'neerina Co., HIS Dime B 
etroit, Mich.; Rei. 63 Wi 
Detroil, Mich, 
•Hut; Warrtn Uphun, d. Oct 


- D, C ; 


ler. iiui. 
•Junci Rice Vrdlians, d. Feb. 9. 1916. 
Ocorn Morrii Winnc, Engineer, Mem. 

Wmne & Tuste»n. W*u>au. Wit. : Rci. 

S09 Grant St., Wauiiu, Wi*. 

Alban Shirler Blicic, Imurancc and Kcal 
Estate, Farguhar. Norris & Black, iS 
Central Are.. Lynn, Maai. : R«. 169 
OcHTi St, Lynn, Maas. 

Prank SlephcQion Danfonh, Director. 
William B. Sing Co., 30 Thorp Are., 
Brooklyn, N, YT; Rej. Orient, Suffolk 

Co., n: y. 

Albert Heniy Donnewald. StcrelarT, Don- 
newald Ice and Coal Co., 961S Market 
St.. St. Louis, Ho.; Re>. 4J37 Mc- 
Phtrson Are., St. Louia, Mo, 

Homrd J. Morton, Timber Eitimitor, 
Brown & Brown, Inc.. Lewi* Bidg., 
Ponland, Ore. [ Rei. LenOT Hotel, Port- 
land. Ore. 

Edward Thraaher Willluna, Chineie Hari- 

e Cu>t< 

■ Jan: 

I. Shanghai, Chini 

:, sr state St., Albany, N. Y. ; 
-oudon Rd,, Albinv, N. Y. 

John Stetion Bamea, Mech. Engr.. Mer- 
rell-Soule Co.. Syracuae, N, Y. ; Re., 
633 W. Onondaga St, Syracuse. N. Y. 

OrenTllIe Temple Bridgman. Aabton ft 
Bridgman. 58 Sutler St., San Francisco, 
Cal.; Res. iSi« Vitlejo St. San Fran- 
cisco. Cal 

John Cumninn Brooki, with Witrons 
Mfg. Co. Wallinjrford. Ct: Re.. St 
George', Inn, Wailingford. 6. 

Milton Stulcr Clark, with Nerada North- 
era Ry. Co.. E, Ely, Nei. 

[in»B Howard Dcnscdy, (Init by CU- 
cago). Ice Machines, with H. Denoady, 
1993 W. Grand El>d.. Detroit, Mich. 

jeorge Henry Reppert, Engineer, with 
Otis Ele.ator Co., ri India St, Boa- 
IDii, Mais.; Res. 14 Oiapin Rd., Brook- 

gut A I 

, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Arthar 1 
San Fri 


by Qiicai 
660 Biuh ; 

. , -Ih UtJi Aptx Min- 

g Co., Bi'ngham Canyon, U. 

S Mortimer Green, 2d Lieut, Coaat 

rlillery Corps, care of Adjutant G«o- 

al, U. S. Aimy, Washington, D. C 

B Hilla, (Init by Chica. ■ - 

'estem Electric do., 463 ^ 

ork, N. Y. ; Res, 89 Laur 

It St, New 

.; Rea. 3S9S 

.' Gen. MgT.. 
r Co., KS\m- 

Stoddard'Co'r'TV Franklin St., Boston, 
- Ridgeway St, Winches- 

Henry Laneey Shcn 

il St, Vtyon 
i*an & Hit- 
Real Eaute; 

BIdg., Baltimore, Md.; 
St. Adams. Maas. 
imet Alexander Cox. Trei 

(Norwc ■ - 



Earl J^ 

Sanders Rd., Norwood, 

Harrison, Refrigeration 
S. nth St, Philadelphu. 
I Greenwooif A*e., JeSkin- 

J Rigadale, Lieut Ord- 

! Dept, U. S. A. Office, Chief of 
Ordnance, Washington. D. C ; Res. 1817 
irlh St. N. W., Washington, D, C 
Hugo Arnold Schule, with The HcGralh 
gip-aYiBB COy 543 S. Dearborn St, 
Oiicago, III. ; Ra. 1953 Sunnyside Are., 

David ^irt Stoddart. (Init bv CornellV 
with Dupont Powder Co., Carney's Point 
Work., Peonagrore, Pa.; Res. 1417 
Woodlawn Are., Wilmington, Del. 

Gaorce AMa Come. Her., Bun 
Salcly, Utica Mutual Compcnuti 

1 Co., City Natl. 
., N. Y.: Rea. iSaa ijnn 

Hartford, N. Y. 
d AUen Praneia, Architect, 
Eieter, N, H. 
n Rowe HcCune. with Oti 


B4 Court 

Howard Reed 

J. T. DonOTat 
Oakland, Cli 
Oakland, Cal. 

Putnam, d. Apr. 11, i«ti. 
Schulie. Architect, with 

jio Security Bank Bldt, 
; Re.. S94D Tad At*., 




Joliii HarrU Scoi . 

■truciion Co., jt. School St., E 
Miu.; Rn. 14 Oupio Kd., Bro 

c Scilr 

tUlph HalK>n Doblc with Pn( 

Corp., Nodolh Down., 

South St., Quiacy, IfUL 
Wilbur Taylor RobBti, EaBiueer, 

H, W. Johns-Manville Co., ss Hir 

BouoD, Hou.; Rci. >A Tbiiu 

Dorchater, Uau. 
Harold AthenoB Sobiuaom Automobile 

HiRh St.. 

>., 35 WndeU 

JunM UcArtbw BmIc, with Stone ft 

Webatn, 147 Uilh St., Boiton, Uau. 
BinoB Eubr Brooka, Architect, with T. 

G. O'Conoell, iB BoTliton St, ltci:.i<. 

Max.; Kc*. 83 Hadiuin Ave., Newtoa- 

Tille, UuL 
JaiBH CoUird Goff. Valuation Dcpt., 

Penna. Linei Weat, 6ai PennirlTinia 

Sta.. Pitubur^, P>. 
Sarmooil Bontecou Hanea, Bond Salci- 

man, with Liggett Hichborn Co., ti 

Broadway, New York. N. Y. ; R«. sv- 

W. ii3tb St., New York, N. Y. 
WUlIam Monnan Holmea, Wholeiile Paper 

Dealer, with Binnin(ham k Seamui Co.. 

IDS Fifth Arc. New York, N. Y. : Res. 

IJ* Vi. 74th St, New York, N. V. 
George Howell Jonea, Architect, with 

York & Sawyer, so E. 4'at St., New 

"- ■* - JS8 W. .13th St, 


York, N. Y.j Rea. 

lOTJc. n. I.: no*, a^o "■ 113 
New York, *i. Y. 
Harrv Bshrala Prentice, The Prenci 
Tiltville, CL! Rea. 36 Slater A»e 

yille, Ct 
Allan Grtggt Waltc, 1 

aolidatecT Copper Co 
Robert Wolcott Week*, 

Consultiog Emna., . 

New York, H7\. 

eweU WllUrd Rogera. (Init. by Tultl). 
Salciman, Mercer Automobile Co.. jS 
Coluinbna Atc, Boiiod, Maii-i Rei. 
ia46 CoRunonweallh Ave., Boiton, Uaaa. 
hilip Alden Ruiacll, Engineer, with 
Aberthaw Conit. Co., 17 School St., 

lit Co., 17 School 
UU.1UU, n.>...; Rea. Dedhim, Mat^ 

Gale Colbom Shedd, with Otii Elerati 
Co., New York, N. Y.; Rei. 373 ! 
Broadway, Yonken, N. Y. 

Pan] Wealey Shedd. Anto Eqnipment. wii 
Gray ft Daria, Boiton. Maaa. ; Rea. m 
CoDUaonwealth Atc., Allaton, Uaii. 

FredeHck AuguatuI'T^iUiam Davla. with 
Amco Glaied Block Co., 40; Lcxiqgton 
ATe.. New York, N. Y.; Res. i6j Boule- 

Tard, Pelham, N. Y. 

Frtneia Fiaher Folton, 6 

S., New York, N. Y. 

John Seara OaUaghi ~ 

wiib Oxford Paper 

rd joalin ' Kingsbury. WDkia) Toy 
. Eeene. N. U. 

r Tapley Hunyan. The Barrett Co., 

"--- PL, New York, N. Y. i 

I Heighla, N. J. 

Kenneth Warren 

L Hall, New York, 

Bdward Porter Turner, Jr., I>ia[taman, 
Iron cut Engineering Co., Detroit, 
Mich.i Rei, 1776 ad Ave., Detroit. Hich. 

crie OL.. \.iucaga, .tii. 
George Hadlaon HaTerick. caA Beacon 

St., Bolton, Maaa. 
Charlei Sumner Reed, with E. I. DuPont 

de NenuiurB ft Co., Wilmington, DeL; 

Rea 307 Adanii St., Wilmington, Dd. 
Edgar Steal Robinaon. Student; Rei. itie 

Ridge Ave., ETanitoB, IIL 
WHliam Maclntrra ShakoapewB, with 

The Arlington Co.. Arlin_gtOB, N. j.J 

Rei. fiiS Cheilnut St, Arluigion, N. J. 
Carlton Jemegui Spear, with Ameri 


idn Ca, Two Hariwn, j 
I Weakr Stafford, no Froi 
irk, N. V. ; " *"■ • 

_._ ...Jtattt Jr, 

oipecl St, Waierl 

Alfred Theodore Wyman; Kei 
ner St., Pitchburg, Uaaa. 


jry. Conn. 

Walter Jar Baadl*. Student: Re*. Lima, 
N. y. 

Frederick Bernard, Student; Res. ti3 

Burton St. Hartford, Ct 
■Francia Putnam Bill. Student; d. July 14, 

Arthi_ __.. 
1D16 Newi 
b. C 

Frederick I.Ktb*r aamagc, Jr., Stinknt; 
Rea. Pawling, N. Y. 

Richard Hardwick, Boaton Ice Cream Co.. 
1033 Kemball Bldg., Boston, Uaaa.t 
Re>, 31 Concord St, Ualden, Uaaa. 

Richard Voie Lowe, Hupmobile Co. of 
N. £., (74 Commonwealth Atc.. Bos- 
ton, Mail. ; Rea. 17 Uechanic St. Pitch- 
burg, Uais. 

Richard Joieph UcLauhtJn, Student; Res. 
46a Audubon Rd.. Boiton. Uaaa. 

aaudlns Henry Hartln Robert*. Student: 
Res. The CordoTa, Walhinron. D. C 

ihington Sq. 

ler. Engineer, with The 
Arthur, ^ei. ; Rea. 1014 

Howard Brigham Allen, Stttdent; e/o 

Amerian Ambaiaadop, Ueiico City. 
Gardner Seabury Omtld, Student; Res. jiG 

Main St. Fitchburg, Mais. 
Ray Wenael HarHs. with Oxford Paper 

Co.. Rumford, Me.; Rei. II Froipcct 

Atc,. Rumford, Me. 
Chester Lyman Kingabury. Student; Kea. 

gj Winter St. Keene, tf. H. 



North ™k« St., Lancasic^ >■. *** 

AKrid Lincoln HoffrauB-Pinther, Stu- 

Soderic Lulit Bcni, Student; Kct. ti9 dent: Res. Apartado PobIbI, 684 Uexico 

Elm SL, Gardner, Uul City, Mexico. 

rrwUrlck William Boln, Student; Su. Charln Barncr MaloT, Student; Kea. 

fi73 Callc, Belsrino, Buenoi Aires. Ar- tfioi) Berlin Ave., St. Louii, Ho. 

■entitM Bcpublic, South America. Junri Henry Smith, with B. F. Sturtc- 

SArard Fnada Deacon, Student; R«. ram Co., Hyde Pii-k, Ha». ; Kci. 19 

a6 Ea*t Palmer Atc, Detroit, Mich. Granite St. Glouceiter, Uaaa. 

Ado BUnrara Garnin', Sludeai; Rei. Kconeth Andreira Wricht, Stttdcat; Ret. 

Proaptcl St., Wliite Flsiiii, New York. m Kenwood St, Dorcbeiter. Man, 



Toronto Univcraitr, Toroato, Cuuda. 

Established Dec 15, 1 

JuBM ffrtdnick McCordir, Pref*Mi», 

Haoricc Hutnn, Proleiior & Prli 
ol Univeraity College, Oniienit] 
ToroBto. Ont.; K«. to Pnnce A 
Ayc, Toronto, Out. 

Hcnrr Job Crawford, TMchcT, Uninrti 
Sctaoola, Bloor Street, Toronto, Oni 
Rei. IM GlcBdile Are., Toronto, Oi 

JiDci BrcbB«t, BejriMrar & Secretsr) 
pBculty of Arts, Unireriilj ol Toronlc 
Toronto, Ont.; Rei. tj Howliad Are 

Herbert Alnender Bruce, Lientenut ud 
Colonel, Inipector Cinidiin Hoepitali 
OnrHU, SurgeoD, 64 Bloor St, 

Robert WiUiUB Dickie, Clers^miLn (Prei- 
byterian) Creiiceat Street Oitmb, Hont- 
reat. Que. ; Kea. 644 Dorchester St., 
W., ri^ntr«l, Que. 

'Samael Horlc]' Wickett, d. Doc, 1915. 

; 31 Classes; 196 Members. 

William Belfry Hendry, Major 

rkwpod, Profeui 

Wmtam Alexander 1 
WoilT ColteK, Ui 


Niasua El< 
Palft, N. ' 


tl C^' ^,.,Hi«. 
I Buffalo Atc., 

W.,""V«i<!OoTer, i. C ' 

Hictor Suaaall Cancdi, Manafer, with 
1 Electro Cliimic»l Co Niaiara 

Atc, Totonto, Ont 
Frederlclc William CMWell He 
SaleiBian, with Harrii Abbi 
Ltd., Union Stock Yardi, 

Archibald HcVicar, Teu:her, Windior, 

Aleundar John Maekenua^ Phyiician, 154 
Carlton St., Toronto, Oct., Major, 
Moore Barracks Hospital, sfiomcUffe, 

Chariea Cordon Paterion, Clersyman, 99 

Younr St. Winnipeg, Man. 
John AOttTX Rowland. Lawyer, Mem. Uc 

Donald, Gamy & Rowland, iS Toronto 

St, Toronto, Ont; Res. 174 Walmer 

Hoad, Toronto, Ont. 
Anson Spotton, Wetlmslon County Court 

Judge, Gnelph, Onl, 
Jainea Oeorre Stuart StaabHiy. Lawrci, 

Biteter, Ont 
John Fair Van Brery, Teacher, Hi(b 

Skhard Winfred Allia. Editor. "Tke 
Churchman." Confederatioo Life Bldg,. 
Toronto. Ont; Rei. 163 Briar Hfll 
A»e.. Toronto. Ont 

Charle* Cameron BcU, Phyiician, Captain 
Cam. Exp. Force, A. H. C London, 
Ont; Res. 3 Stanley Atc., Chatham, 

Thomai George Bragg, Supi. of Schaols, 
Yukon TerritOTT, Can. : Ret P. O. Box 
J9J, Davaon, Yukon Territory, Can. 

Edwin Diion Carder, Phyiician, ;iB Gren. 


.3 Weill 

St. Tc 

Malcolm Williun 




, Univerai 

lly Coil. 

iie. UniTcrai 

L'5 r»' 

to. Toron 

to, Ont 

. dapuia. 1 

and. Un 




..0, Ont i 

; Re.7 



ilo, Ont 



: Wood, Acl 



Life I 

i., 4* 


St, Wc! 



Jamei Ruak, Profeaaor, Grinnell „ !>;' 

. GrinnellTla.; Rei. m.s Park Ce<:« 

ini^om St. Totonto, Ont 

Frederick Henry Barron, Clergyman, 
"' Memorial Preshyterian <^urcb, 

L »„.:__ ''-T.,^^ Elkina. W. Va. 

■hsgak, Ala. 
(rant Cooper. Lawyer, with Matten. 
Starr, Spcnce & Cameron. Canada Life 
Bldg., Toronto. Ont; Res. 79 Kendal 
Ave., Toronto, Ont 

Thomat Gibson, Lawyer, Major iMlb 
Battalion Canadian E»p. Force: Res. SS 
Roihorongh Drive, Toronto. Ont 

Qoldwio William Howhnit. Physician. 
538 Spadina Are., Toronto, Ont 

John AiniElB Jackaon. Judge of District 
Court, Court House, Lethbridge, AI- 
'— *-■ "-- -Jja 4th Ave., S.. Leth- 



Gw«e Cluka ScUery, Profcuor, _Uni- 'Frink DobioB Tnrabnlt, PhjtKiaa, d. 

... . laui, Miiiial>c<" ■-•"-. vtrh 

CuDidt Mschinerr Corp., 

Stiltry, Pre 
Tmiiij- Di rfiScon>in, M* 
Sei. aoii Van Iliic St, U 

•HUTT Wilkic SpcDcc, Physii 

William Kilborna Stnru% Pre 
mouth Collesc, Hanorcr, N. tl. 

JOMph SUnJey WUl, Ai)oci*tc Pnifeuor. 
[Inivenily College. Univcnily ol To- 
ronto, Toroiilo, Ont.; R«. H lUalei^ 





rone YouDE, Phyiici»n, 
ttalion Can. E«p. Force. 
London, Eag. ; Rra. »6 

ruk ErichMa Brown, Lawyer, Hem. 
ErickeiiOD, Brown & Crawford, tot 
Luraiden Bids., Toroalo, Ont. i Re*. 
ia« Soulb DrlTC, Toronto, Ont. 

■hn Tafaiea QibMn, Hanaser, with Oiar- 

tered Trust & Execotor Co., Tiaderi 

- ■ -Idg., -- - - 

Res. lac Sptdina Rd., Toronto. O 
Paitor *HamT Driffill Grahain, Lawyer, d. 

St. James 

iHnifield, Uo. 

Browne. IiiTeilni 
W. Graham Browne 
St., Uantreal, Qu 


treal, Que. 

I AmbroM Cohoe, Physician, ros 

lilhland Ave., Pillsburg, Pa. 

1 Anhtir Coldouch, Depuly At- 

:y General, Pronnce ol Saskatehe- 

- ■ Sask.; " 

, Sask. 

WUliam Donovan Ferria, Phy. 

per Ave. & Fush St.. Edmo 
Andrew Wentwortfa Hunter, 

Mem. Miller, Ferguson & : 

Yonge St., Toronto. OnL ; 

Jameson Ave, Toronto. Ont. 
Arthi "- 

t House 

a Mc Far] 

Janes St., New Vork, 

atoah Murray. Secreury, 
blii. Asso.. 14 1» Traders 
, Toronto. OnL; Res. 8fi 

Darid Btrstt Kiliour, Insurance, with 
North American Life Inaonnce Co., 
iia-iiS King St., W., Toronto, Ont.; 
Rei. 6 Lawrence Cres. Toronto, Ont. 

Jamei Fradirick Martin Stewart, Genera] 
M«a«er, Point Anne Quarries, Ltd., 
Pon Credit Brick Co., Toronto. OnLj 
Res. Sc South DHve, Tonmlo, Out. 

Edward John Stubba, Physician, with The 

Res. RayLeigh Lod) 

Robert Telford, Dvil : 
DepL. Ottaw*. Ont; 
A»e., Ottawa, Ont 

Ige, Rayleigh, 

Frederick Jamei Birchird, Chen 
of Trade & Commerce. Foat 
B.. Wiunipei, Man.; Rei. 

Franklin Chavetu JaekKin. c/o 

& Jackson. Honlreal. Que. 
•Edward Joseph Kylie, 

George 'Robinion ^irie. Physician, Chil- 

drens' Hospital, London. Eng. 
Maxwell Telfotd. Contractor, tog SIh St., 

A. E., Owen Sound. Ont. 
Edward MUton Wilcoic Publisher, Hem. 

Edwird Wilcon. Ltd., 133 bay St., 

" ■, Ont 

St. New York, N. Y. 
Samuel Archibald Dickson, Law? 

Teetl Block, Edmonton, Alia, 

*St*nlBy I 


John McKay 
Hall. .600 
B. C; Res. 

19s Bute St, VancoUY 

HcNaim. Lecturer, 1 
sity, TorOTilo, Ont.; R 
[ Ave., Toronto. Ont. 

ja Fo.h 

iriton. Student, d. Apr. 

Rd., Toro 
n Pren ' 

4 WUlIam Prenrice Gray. Student, d. 

John Vesbitt Guiin, Physician. Major Can. 

Enp. Force; Res. Calgary, Alia. 
Waldemar Carl Kloti. Asst Supennlend- 

ent with Canadian Ammonia Co.. Ltd.. 
- . 68 Jackman Ave., 


o, Ont. 
eiaadn Marti 

h WiUys.Ove 

St. Montreal. Que 

,. Wesi 




AlCMOdir QriBt Brown, L«tDrer, Uni' 
TCnJty of Toronto, Toronto, OnL; Rei. 
S9« Huron St., Toronto. Ont 

RCL "The Addison, "^ Detroit. Mich. 
TboniM Cnik Iivlnc, Major, with En- 

■iDccri ol lit Can. Exp. Fotcn; Kc*. 

uS Huron Sl, Toronto, OnL 
Arthur Gordon Lang, Aut. Encineer, wEth 

Hydro Electric Power CommJiiion, Con- 

linental Ufe Bldg., Toronto, Ont; Rei. 

6r St. Cl«ir Are. E., Toronto, Out. 
Fiucii Peter Hegao, Advertiaing Man- 
'idustrial Canada, Traden 

ohn Arthur Clark, Uwyer, Mem. Linnie 
& Clark, 901 Vanccuver Block, Van- 
cou»er, B. C, Lieut CoL O, 6, jjd 
Battalion, Canadian Eip. Force: Se*. 
-"-- "herni St, " " '* 

"^"Uni.l."" '" „ , 

sB Dingwall A.e., Toronto, OnL 

Richmond Wylie Haic, Lawyer, with 
Parker & Garke, Traders Bank Bldr., 
Yonge St, Toronto, Oai. ; Ke«. is Wifi- 
eocka St, Toronto, Ont 

Gerald Jamea WaUac, Mejan, Ueut MSlh 
Battalion Can. Exp. force, Hontrea:, 
Que. ; Rei. 16 He TaTiih St, Montreal. 

George Williun Hercier Ballard, Lawyer, 
Major 76th Baltalion Can. Exp. Force; 
Bei. io« George St., Hamilton, Ont 

Omrge HaitlaniT Blgga, Physician, 14 
Bloor St. W,, Toronto. Out 

Samuel Percy Biggfc. Major, Canadian En- 

fineeri. Lawyer, Mem. Biggi & Bigga, 
onfederate Life B Id g.. Toronto, Ont; 
Rti. 6 Walmer Rd., Toronto, Oct 

WUIIam Herbert Carveth. Phyaician, t7R 
Huron St, Toronto, Ont ; Res. i» Haior 
St, Toronto. Ont 

Harry HamiltDn Depew, Electrical En- 
gineer. Edmonton, Alta. 

Archibald Poulda. Jr., Uwyer, with Mac 
Donald, Shepley & Co., Sun Life Bldg, 
Toronto, Ont. Major iijrd BitUlion 
Can. Exp. Force; Rea. »i CieiCMit 
Boad. Toronto. Ont 

Edmund Hardy, Poullry Farmer, Viiian. 

Peter Aleundar Laing, Civil Engineer, 

South DriTe, Toronto. Ont 

Hu(b Day Scully. Secretary Russell 
Motor Car Co., Toronto, Ont ; Hea. ]6 
Binscarth Hd., Toronto, Ont 

William Howard Tyler. Lieut Fathologilt, 
Can. F,»p. Forces. No. i General Hos- 
pital. London, Eng.; Rei. 66 Paisley St.. 
Guelph, Ont 

Robert Girdwood Wcddell, Contractor. 
Mem. H. Weddell & Co., Trenton, Ont 

William Garnet Anderson, Lawyer, Mem. 
Uanin, Craig, ParVes & Anderson, 14 
Pa.rfie(d Bldg-. VancoUTer. B. C; kei^ 
34.5 111- Ave. West, Vancouver, B. C 

George BaUantine Coutta. Law Publlsbmg. 
S.a 4th Ave. W.. Calgary, Alta.; Rta. 

■ick Co., Crown Life 

natiwiun CaD. Exp. Force, Va 
'. B. C; Ret. Kerriidale, B. C 


Alexander Charle* Spin< 
Canad. Mounted Rides 1 

Re!. Redwood, ' 

' Drewry, Eng 

., Winnipeg, BTl., __. . 
lion. _ Canadian Zip. Fori 

^ Man. 

ton. Ont; Res. 116 Mc Nab St 

Thomaa Richardson Loudon, Profe 
UniTetsiiy of Toronto, Toronto, ( 
Major, i9t Construction Co., Vaica 
Que. ; Res. 107 Sheldrake Ave., Torr 

■George Mclntyr^ d. igii. 

Thomas A^ley PhlDlps, Life Insnrj 

with I 

ual Life 

vu., St Paul, Mini.. 

Robert Cyrus Reade. loumaliat. Arti S 

Utters Oub. Adelaide St E., Toronto, 

Ont ; Res. 1*1 Bloor St. West, Toronto, 

Fletehsr, Invevmi 

Broker, Mem. Fletcher. Mc Farlane 
Ret. 16 Chid 

Broker, Mem. Fletel 
Co.. Toron.0. Ont: 

John T. Mac Curdy. Physician: I 

Park Art.. New York, N. Y, 
Charlea Godfrey Toms, Contractc 

lion Can. Exp. For 



talion Can. Exp. Force, OrillU. Ont. ; 

Kwben Seeord Clarke, CinI EDsiaeer, 

i8 Prince Arthur St., Amherit, N. S. 
Frlti PerDaw, Lawyer, (Init by ComtU), 

with Kenefick, Cooke, Uitchell & B*m. 

lija Marine Bink Bldg., Buffalo. 

if. v.; Res. UnJTernty Crab, Buffalo, 

N. Y. 
Leo JOHph Hicbael HcLaughlin. Salei 

Uaaiier, Bird « Son, 301 Trikaat 

Btdg. Winmpee, Man.; Rea. 681) Groa- 

venor An., WinnipcK. Man. 

He NeR, Pbyiidan: Bea. 

pot, Caned iaD Exp> Force. ShoracUSc, 
Eos. ; B». P. O. Ben s6 Iaterw>ll, OdL 
Willitm Wataon Kvana, Lawyer, with 
Wutern Lin*., C nTr. Rt., Winaipej, 
•■ ~ 8 Ca»a Lom» Aptt., Wiun- 

13, Calvary, Alta. ; Rca. 
. Apu., 914 isth At*. 
1 Qordon. Lieut. Ply- 

iiS Adan 

, Endii 

:, N. Y, 

Hatry Hanley Nicbolaoo, Phyiiciaa, Cap- 
tain 10th Batulion and Can. Exp. 
Force. Army P. O., London, Eng. ; 
Rci. 141 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ont. 

Bdaund Culver Sbappard, Licttt. 7ind 
Batulion Can, Exp. Force, Vancouier, 
B. C: RCB. Douilai Lodge. 11 ft Gran- 
Tilte St*., VaticouTer. B. C 

Laonard Dundaa Bicktncd, Real Eatale. 

with Van Sweaunsen Land Co.. CleTC- 

Und. Obio: Rea. Proipcct Arc. & E. 

afith St., CleTeland, Ohio. 
Anxna Daniel Campbell, Mininc Engineer. 

with O'Brien Mine, Cobalt. OsLi Re*. 

WUIbra'^UwMd IMwtty, Ariator. O. C 

Naral Diviaion. lulian Firing Corpi 

CheTalier, Rome, Italy : Sea. 581 Proa- 

pcct Atc., Bnflaio, N. V. 
miliam Cream Foulda. Cirit Engineer, 

City Engineera Office, Toronto, OnL ; 

Rea. 91 Tireacent Rd., Toronto, Ont. 
John Oordon OalUe, Pfayiician, Captain 

Can. Exp. Force. No. 4 General Hcn- 

pilal. Army P. O. London, Eng. : Rea. 

I4i College St, Toronto. Ont. 
Val Ferguaon Oourlay, UaDuCactnrer, The 

Peter Ha* Kniie Co., Gall, OnL 
HelvJUa Uaaon Hart Lieut. 4lh Canadian 

Mounted Riflct, Can. Exp. Force; Rei. 

as Willcocki St - To "-' 

Ronald Raid Hi 

lai^ Manuiacturing Sl>- 
l R. Hart ft Co., Welling- 

Charlei Brookfield Henderao^ Lawyl 
Lieut, tfth Battalion Can. Exp. Fare 
Toronto, Ont.; Hea. jo High Pa 
BlTd.. Toronto, OnL 

WiUiam JacwB Tumbull Wright, Arcl 
tect. rtcnhy. Univer.ity of Toronl 
Toronto, Ont, LieoL iftil Battery, 
T. A.; Rea. 4ig Markham St. Toront 

lubart Artbor Wood Brown. Phyaician. 

; Corpi, Imperial , 

of Tra 

Alexander Marafaall. In _. 

Index Dept o( Can. Uannfa. Ahac'o. 
Trader! Bank Bldg., Toronto, Ont: 
Sea. 407 Manning Are., Toronto, Oat 

Albert Hawley Boddr, I^w Stndent, M 
Nelson St, Brantiord, ^t ; Cut i6m1 
Battalion, Canadian Exp. Force. Niagara 
Camp; Rea. 14a Bloor St. W. Toronla 

Thomaa Croaaan Clark, Pkyaidaa, Tb* 

Dundas, Ol. 
I Andrew FUtcber. Pb' 
Can. Eip. Fo. 

No, 4 ( 


" >aUl, Ont, 

i^m oanajiDn, i.aDadian Exp. 
flagara Exp. ; Rea. 8 Dale An., 

....»..«., Ont 
Leater HlUman Bond Keachl^ Law 

Student, !4» Bloor St W„ Toronto, 

Ont. ; Res. ij Edmr At*.. Toronto. Ont 
•Hugh Edward McCutcheon, Lietn.. killed 

in action. Sept o, 1916. 
Charles Sdwin MoUand, CStII Serrant. 

Drum Tower, Nanking. China. 
Reginald Orde, Sih Battery, S. F. A.. 

Mermt, Diyiaion Indian E. ft F.. France. 
Howard Wabltcr, Architect, Lieut 34tk 

Battery, Can. Exp. Force; Set. jet 

Ruiieli Hill Rd., Toronto, Ont 

Charlea aarke BalUntrnc, Physician. 

Toronto General Hospital. College St. 

Toronto, Ont : Sei. i6a St George St. 

Toronto, Ont 
Stewart Gordon Bennett, Lieut Royal 
Keble College, ^ford. Eng. ; 

it, a 

c Drug C 

Res. 16 kowlan 

Charlea Newton Candee. 

Engineer, with Synth eti 

CoDege St. Toronto, vui.; no. jp 

South Drive, Toronto, Ont 
Ditly Benjamin Coleman, with Gregory ft 

Gooderham. Barristers, Toronto; Rts, 

Wellandport, Ont. 
David William Gordon, Law Student Oa- 

Kode Hall, Quen St W., Toronto, 
Tt; Res. 17s Itabella St. Toronto. 

Laird, Lient 

Sa'sk. "*"' "" ""'" 

William Jeffrey Frciton, Ijeot If aehiac 

Gun Corpt, Risboro Barracks, Eng.; 

Res. 48 ^rewsbury St, Stratlord, Om. 



Ke*. S3 1 PiImentOD Blvd., 

Jotcph loealni DiTidioa, Ardiitecl, Dc- 

■•no k Afdrich, 4 E. jjUi SL New 

York. N. Y. : Rci. 344 We«t Eoj Atc. 

Now York. N. Y. 
MnrtoB Adami Serrnour, Limt Sub. 

Flialit, Royml Plymi &>n»> England; 

Rei. jo«!> RotMon St, VancouTer, B. C 
Tbooui John Williuni. Lieut. R, F. A., 

nth Diniion, Esrptian Exp. Force; 

R«. BellcTue. AKi. 


1 Ruual Adun^ Student, d. Hiy 

Iwia Baku, Law Stndtnt; Ret. 
homu E. Baker, PriuM Albert, 

Bdcar CtHI B**u, Lieu 
Force. TR. F. ATUedit 
Mth DiT. sSth Brigade; 


Leetet Htuband, 

Cml ExpeA Force. Array P. C 
Ens. : Rea. Tackiou St. Hamil 

Wilfred Cronen Jamca, Lient Tc 

cTuiting Depot, Toronto, Out. ; Kei. i4' 
St Geatte St, Toronto, Out 

TLoinu MaxweU Kerruiih, Ontario GotI 
Commiiiioa, 163 Straod, London, Eof. 
Lieut Can. Exp. Force; Bea. Fersni 

y P. O. London, 



. .witli < 

Prance; Res. 136 Brock St 
Alvan Sherlock Matheri. 

Waterloo. Oat 
Cecil John Che(ter_Richardaon,^! 


) F. H. Richar 

rard Shan , 

[mperial Army, : 


. JakXane. 

toba. Can. 

Lionel R. Shodiunom, LieuCenant 
Tersity O. S. Co., Toronto, Ont; i 
Wi1«m St, London, OoL 

Christopher Craig Thompson, Lieut. 
Battalion, Can. Exp. Force; Ri 
'■ 1 Ri, Tor. "-' 



Qordon John Curat 

immes. Student; Rea. 

4th Ave. W., CalgarT. Alta. 

Peter Findlar McInRn, Sergeant 67th 

Battery, C F, A ; Ret Perth. Out 
Dan llacLean, Jr„ Student, Lieut C E. 

F. Qth Battalion, Hare Hall Camp. Ram- 

(rid. En*.; Rea. Reiina Saak. 
Thomaa Rodman Memtt, Lieut iM 

Canadian Command Depot, Monk* Hor- 

ton, Eng. 
Homer Plelding ProctoT. Student; Rel. 

318 Spadina Rd.. Toronto. Ont 
Vernon iTor Rudolf. Student; Rea. King- 

iton, Jamaica. W. I. 
Richard Aoiler Serrnour, Corp. No. 11, 

Can. Eip. Field AmbuUnce. Army P. O. 

London, Ens. : Rn. 1050 Rob»n St, 

ViDcouver. B. C 
Frank Abbott Wood. Lient irrth Bat- 
talion, Canadian Exp. Force; Ret. 139 

Walnut Rd.. Toronto, Ont 



to, Oot 
I Bartlet 

William ' Hell Haaui''LTent S. F. A.. 

Re*. 6r Howland Ave., Toro 
Oraham Thoraaa ETana, [ ' 
~ 1. Bradford. C 

Andrew Robcrlaon Oordoo. Ijeut A B- 
C. OtUwa, Ont; Rea. 7S Deliale Atc, 
Toronto. OnL 

Alexander Lrnn He Kay, Student; Re*. 
I] Prince Arthur Ave. Toronto, Ont 

Archibald Eugene Mix. Student; Re*. Lo* 
Angdea. CaL __ 

DongTu Barr Wcbilcr. Uent "C Bat- 
tery R. C H. A,. France. 



Established Dec, 1869; Died 1S76: 8 Classes; 18 Members. 

•AtditD lIcCaBk«]>, d. Apr. j, 1S79. 

Plivel SwMtm Luther, Prt*{denl Trii 

Wordawortfa Yonoi Bmvco, Clcrj 

(Epucapal), EuIod, Ud. 
Walter Vnuchtn Lippincott, 

•Wniiam Prederich BclUngcr, Clcrgrnuo, 
d. i8«. 

•Ralph Rut BowUs. Tncher. d. Feb. is. 

Henry Jacloon ChiM, Sin^e Tu Asi- 
titor; Re«. B7 Csrr St., Proridence, 
R. I. 

•Wfllimm Melon Cook, aerKymea (Epis- 
copal), d. Jin. 16, 191S. 

Myrtle Creelf. Ore. 

and Profeawr, SL Frar 
Edward i. Variin, Reponer 



•Edward Dinmeid Blmer, Tucher, d. Atv. 
•wbliamCo.«U Flow«-, Lawrar, d. Uar. 

Hoiei Walton BUIin«a. 


Raliert Clarton Hindley, aemman and 

Francii Wilbur Ame*. Ua 
l^iSd^- Sail B[rchn.o 


TufU College, Hub. 

Established Dec 4, 18S6; 33 Classes; 270 Uembers. 

1 St, 1 

Ian, Mua. 

atnrr W 


Re^'a/'G™"-,., -- „— , 

•Frtnk O. Hclchci, Vicc-Preiident, Rock 

IiUnd Railway, iL Jan. 13, igij. 
Alvi EduQ Snow, Lnwycr and Majror of 

Fresno. Cil., GriSlh McKeniic Bldi.. 

FiMno, CaL; Rci. ija J St, Fre.oo, 

atmCDlc Vildo, lait knoira «ddre», 

Pito*. Ciwhiul*, Heiieo. 
True Worthy WUta, Manager, Thi Teach- 

cr'i EichoDn, 110 Boylllon St., Boi- 

ion, H»s.; Kt). i» Applcton St., Ar- 

liniton Heishti, Uui. 

L«wii Dwisht Cobum, Pamcr, Eut Uont' 

pelier, Vt 
Clarence Aucuetui Crookl. Faroitr and 

Lumber Dealer, R D. 1, Woonaockel. 

R I. 
Frank William Duckte, Proleiior, Tuftt 

College^ Maai.; Rei. 38 Profuioit Sow, 

r Wlnfidd Smith, Pbyiiciui, N. SciM- 

WiUon Lincoln P4irbank(, Editor, with 
The New York Timet, New Vork, M. Y. ; 
Rea iij Pennington A»e., Pa..Sc, N. J. 

litni^ WUdc Kayc*. Eoxineer, with the 

'Robert Pond Brown, Electrical Engin- 

rer, d. Feb. 8, igoi. 
Benjamin Frazier Cunningham- Phyiician, 

Waihoe County Bank Btdg., Reno. 

NcT.i Rei. Reno, Nct. 
•Qcorge Carrol] Dolliver, Phyiician, d. 

— '.Bttier uuimoce. witu 

"-ate St., Boiiou, Mui. : o 

Rd., W. Newton, Ua»_ 

iMae RuHcll Bdmandt, Chief Engineer, 

with The Union Carbide Co„ Ni»g«« 

Falli, N. Y. { Res. 167 Buffalo Are., 

Niagara Falli, N. Y. 

•Salpfi Bmer»on Foiter, electrical Engin- 

•Wui'tam Wallace Foiter, d. Sept. 6. 1S94. 
Blmer Elbect Powell, Iruunace and Real 

Eilate, jiij 3191 St. Philadelphia, Pa. 
JOMph Warren Putnam. Engineer, with 

B. W. R, Co., SSI Pearl St, New York, 

N. Y.; Rei. 103 WebHer PL, W. New- 

ton, U»t. 
George Oilman Towle. Asiiilint PoM- 

maiter. Poaloffice '^ *' " ■ **— 

William Beat Eddy, aetarman. Rector St 
Michacl-a P. E. Church, Trenton. N. J. ; 
Be*. Ii« W. Sute St., Trenton. N. J. 

a.; Res. m Middle St, Bra: 


Maro Spalding Brooki. Superinlendeni ot 

Schools, Exeter, N. H, ; Res. M Elm 

St., Eieler, N. H. 
Bdwwd Janlt Hunt, ManuFacturer of 

Electrical Apparatui, 70} Ordway Bids.. 

Newark, N. J.; Res. Llewellyn Pk., 

" , N. J. 

ant St. SValtham, Mass.. 
John Stevcna Lamun, Ciril EuKinter, jol 

Boylston St., Boston, Mats: Res. ic 

Oakland Atc.. Arlington Heights, Uaa> 
Burdett Henry Loomie, Clerk, Office o 

District Attorney, Oxford, N. Y. 
Herbert Olin Haxbom. Farmer. Rumford 


Frederick Theodore Nelson, CI 

Trni™™ir.i Phurch, Salem IJerter, 
Add. J Sfailtuck St., 

igill. Woolen Manu- 


*Alvah Gatccton P< 

Willla Foil 

Library. Toledo. O. ; R( 
wood Are.. Toledo, O. 

r^^n'j i 

I Putnam, d. 

snry Sumner Swain, Chief Engineer, 
wilh Empire City Subway Co.. ijS 
Spring St., New York. N. Y. ; Res. 10 
Walerbury Rd., l-pper Montclair, N. }. 
Loring George WillianiB, Superintendent 
of Schools, Harwich, Mas;. 

Louis Wales Ar 

nold. Junior Matt 
lool, Boston, Mas 

, Mass. 

Iton Bates, New England 
Bith Westinghouse Elec A 



■John AMin Nial, d. Apt. 17, 1894. 
Phiiip Sheridan SmlA, Poolir; Duler, 

Hadum. Mui. 
•John Bnrcn* Wotlu, Actor, d. Sept. », 

Sumoer Cltmcnt, Woolen McrdiBn 

Clemfnl Soule Co., 

Nfwion Ceni 

Micki, Cuitonu S«r*icc 


. LBWton. with Uni 
lid St. Bldi.. Nei 
. 31 Wslhiactao S 


Votk. N. 

"■in acuiTin, . 

.ngland Tel. & T 


1., ._>iiioridjic, ll»i. 
,— n Punington MiUetl, E1eclric»l Enpn- 

etr. with gockly for Eleclrical Dercrop- 

ment. as W. igA, St.. New York, N. Y.; 

Ke>. 1E4 Stilei St.. Eliiabelh, N. J. 
Adclbcrt WilliuB Hulud MornMin. 

Teacher, Mechinici Am Hijih School, 

Boston, Uui.; Ret. «<> Siliiburr Rd., 

Brooklin*, Uau. 
Robert Hmrr Mone. Norwood, M»s. 
Frederick Howard Pcmbct, Uuter lie- 

chanic, National and Proridence Wonted 

Milli, American Woolen Milli. pToii- 

dence. R. I. 
Rufua Curti* Read, He*. 15 Peck St. Attle- 

boro, MuL 
Wiilard Stanton Small, Principal, Eaai- 
I High Schoo' — • ■ - " ^ - 

N. Y.; 
N. Y. 

ibi A Hill, Coniti 
ina. Sla., New 
I Argyle Rd.. Brc 

William Gordon 

Circle, Wuhini.. 
•Charles Onr Xini 

H«ni7 Sanndcin, Phyi 

Roberl^Buter' Smith. Uechanical Ennn- 
eer. Salt Uke Cly. U. ; Ret. Tan. 
bridjte, Vt 

Cm Honroc Winalow. 

Principal. Lawll 
Annnmaaic, Mao. : Res. 14s 
Rd.. Anbandale, Man. 

Joatph Conidon. Real Eitate a 
• "^ 104 Waihington St.. 
; Rta. iSi Waban Ave 



J WTtnan Pickett, Hanaier, The 

Fickctl Teacher's Agencv, 8 Beacon St., 
B»lon, Mass.; Res. ij Warner St, 

Clifford Foiter Hall, Teacher, with Err- 
ant & Siratlon School, 3.14 Boylslon St., 
BnaioR, Mass.; Res. ig W. Quincy St.. 
W. SomerTille. Mass. 

Charlea Somnar Lowell, last known ad- 
dress. Rockland, Uaai. 



: Lawrence Perry, Electrical Engin- 

with Sarnnt & Liud*, 71 Vf- 

St., CSucajEO, 111. ; Sea. iitj 

it, 1895. 


John BorntoD WilaoD Dar, Qerryman, 
Unitarian aujch. Fall %iver. Idaa*. ; 
Res. Greenfield Chapel, Fall River. Uaa*. 
Robert Hall Pcnton, lllr. Dreas and Lia- 
ini Silks, with The Windham Silk Co.. 
Willinuntic, Ct ; Rai. »s Church St.. 
Willimaniic. Ct 

ivaa, General Mananer. 
ht ft Power CaTlTex- 
Ret. 10 Tucker St. 

l^ Merchant, with J. H. 

Royilton, Vt 
tB, Civil Enaineer, al 
em, Maaa. 
!, Civil Engineer. 1308 

-. .. „. ... Baltimore. O.; Rea. 

Foiboro. Mais. 
Frank Wendall Pnlnan, Phyiician, loj 

Webster Pk.. W. Newton. Uisa. 
John Fred Simpson. Engineer; Re*, sfii 

New Britain Ave, HarUord, Ct 
Alfred Winalow W1»^, Physician and 

Surgeon, Norfolk, N. V. 
Walter Scott WrnwB. Treasurer, Central 
Maine Power Co., AnguiU, Me.) Rm. 
49 Western Ave.. Augusta, Me. 

"Jr John Xmerson Arnold, Market Gardener, 

^ ?"" I7« Arnold St, Braintree, Mass. 

Vn'rlr WilUam Wcstcott Chapman, last known 

'?"> address, ix Sycamore St, Provideoee, 

okiyn. g^ J 

Oiro Randall CUrton, I^awrer and Editor, 

S. Londonderry, Vt 

. George Fleming Forater. Principal, South 

' '°" Seattle School. Maynard Ave. and 

Snoguahnie St. Seattle, Wash. : Be*. 

North WuIuSn^^a,^'-' ^ '^■'■^■•'•- "^^"^ 

VUliam ^ay* Forstar. President. Haya 
Ufg. Co.. Erie, Pa.; Rea. jij W. «h 
St. Erie. Pa. 
Ou Charlea Howard, iiii Bedford Av«., 

Brooklyn N. Y, 
Charles Ellaworth Nore*. Ltnnbcr. Bos 

631, Lisbon. N. H. 
Frank Lincoln Pierce, Lawyer, Bniine**, 

T017 TremoDt Bldg.. Boston, Maaa.; 

Res. !;<? Mill St, Ifewtonville, Mass. 
Thomia "PrenliaB. (Init by Middlebnry). 

Clerk, with Standard Oil Co.. BaUvia, 

eneral Hgr. R. F. Simn 
1,0.1 igi North Msin St. Aideb 
Mass.); Res. So North Main St. A 
boro, Mass. 
Rw Titos Wella. Sales Engineer. ' 
The Holtier-Cabot Electnc Co.. «ii 
bany St.. Boston. Mall. ; R*>. 181 C 
ley Rd., Newton Center. Mass. 




.. Marbfehcad. iiit 

Brnat SUnler Doane. Master Pliuabcr 
and Steamfitter, 110 Wuhiagton St.. 
MarhlrhM- " " ■■ ■ 

" hUhurl M3„, 

, Chief I>ruuhts- 
"'-■1, NTiional 

ildins Con- 

Charlei Haion Andrewi, acrsrman, 1} 

Uaplc St.. Waltham, Man. 
Elmar Walter Ba.roo, PhTticiao and Aast 
PrDf.. Tatu Medical Sphool, HuntinE- 
ton Ave, BoitoD, Mass. ; Ru. 300 Pleu- 

gabury, Fhysiciai 


Sccket ' Lamb, 
lical Laboratory, 
bridge. Maes. ; 


RoUnd Mai 

Prei. Vill 

r Lamb. Real Citatc 
Preeporl, with Fettit 

..- .,■. 34th St., Nm York, 

N. Y. : Rei. Oiulaw PL. Frecport. N. Y. 

rredericll Chlrlei Harih. Superinleodcnt 
of BuildiBE Conatriiction, 159 Summer 
St, Boilon, Maia. ; £u. 151 W. Can- 
Ion St., Boston. Uaf«. 

Laurence Hcuehton Parker, 
Prof., An- ■ ■ 

Rbu BUioi 

W. Rc^ater, N. Y. 


■, Librarian 
r, Spokane 

Cheliu. Haia,, 
Yale uS" 

Medical School. New 

tt. 71 CollcKe St.. Ncv 

IS, Physician 1776 

Cambridge. Vass. 

Shute, Teacher. PbiUipi 

8 Gill Sl. Exeter. N. 


Campbell Brown. Steam £n 
R. fi. Brown Co.. Castiai 
with Geo. H. Barnu Co., 
Boiton, Haw.; Res. Bi 
-, Me. 



PhUip"H«ervc Hiyden. Teacher, Colum- 
bia University, New York, N. Y.; Res. 
430 W. iigth St. New York, N. Y. 

•Alfred RoKO* Maxwell. 

Tfaonitoo Anthony MiIIl QerEvman, 

' Church of Chriitun Union, Rockford, 

Charles Tabor Piei 

Hardwict. Vt. 


PI,. Coluo 

, CDlombia, 

:lor, Uni 
Res. I 

'n 3^. 

Bethel, Vt. 1 Rea. Bethel. 

Wanen Clark, d. June ij. igiS- 

JobB William Clifford. Coat Accouotal 
---■- ■—•-- Rubber Co.. Hudson, Mast 
' St.. Hudson, M:a». 

with Apsley Rubber 
Res, p C ' - 

lion & Cd!~, eV4~Eim St., 
N. H.; Rei. S Harrison St 

HarrjF Dwigtit Cabol 

Tremonl Bide., Bosti 

Watertown St.. Neo 
Oeorce Waahinitoa 

Spokane Public 

Wash. : Rea Wellington Apu,. am 

Ave. and Stevens St, Spokane, Waih. 
William Rmery Hulllken, Coal Dealer, 

with Lexington Coal Co., 44S Mass. 

Ave., Leiington, Mass. ; Res. 36 Muzst 

St, bexiniton, Mass. 
WlUiara Hyde Price, Profeaaor, Imperial 

Univeriily of Japan, Akaiaka, Tokio, 

Japan: Res. 139 Rtinanyaka Hacbi, 

Akasata, Tokio, Japan, 
Leali* Cuater Wdls, Profeiaor, Qark Col- 
lege. WorcctterTUass. ; Se^ id Lowell 

St. Worcester. Mas*. 

William WUlia Anitin, Teslins Ensineer. 
with Belt Telephone Co., 41G 71h Ave.. 
Piltabnrc, Pa.; Rea 67 N. Jackson St, 

W. Va! . . 
. Mmv' 

_ , 179 Chea 

. Holvoke. y— 
*, _dmxind ForrL , - _- 

Sneer, with Wiring Snpoliei Dept, 
cneral Electric Co., SchenecUdy. 
N. Y. : Res. il7 Brandywine Ave., Sohe- 
oectsdy, N. Y. 

, Lawre; 

■nd Di- 

leans. La.: R. 

Orleans. lU. 

Fred Atkins M 

Church of the 

of Musi 

I. 1637 OeuVia St, New 

»re. Clergyman, P^tor 
Redeemer, (Univ.), Chi- 
ei. 43 N. Robey St, 

Theodore V/Uu 


re, Asass. ; fu 
dollege, kas^ 

NorCRM*. Asat Chief En- 

Forest Service, Waihing- 

~ St, Chevy Chaae, 

Henry Farntworth Perkina, Uechanical 
Engineer. Pacific Milla, Wonted Dept, 
Lawrence, Uasa.; Set, 46 Walnut Ave., 
Andover. Mass. 

Clarence Elmore Witkina. Uerchani, with 
Watkina Brothera, Inc. Sooth Ifanchc*- 
ter. Ct; Rea. SoMh Haacheater, Ct. 



Louit Cbcraliw, EnEi>i«r, witb StiU 
DelehintY Ferrit Co., i6 Exchun 
Jencv City, N. J.; Ru. ii] Dut 

Ernett Duu Crockstt, TriTcliat Si 

nun, 49 Federal St., Boiton. Uau. ; 

R». Doter. lie. 
Oeorte WiUiu-d Qty, Wool Buyer, with 

American Felt Co. , i do Suouner St.. 

Boiton, Mau.: Kbl 71 Wiater St.. 

Norwood, Maai. 
Harold Lt^iu Gordon, Diviiioa Eoflin- 

eer, with BaldiBore & Ohio S. S., New 

Caatle Jimction, Pa.; Rca. 416 Eodid 

Atc.. New Cutic, Fa. 
Oeorce Nelsim Hay, Lawyer, lU Uain 

St., HndKin Palli, N. Y.; See. Hndum 

FalU. N. Y. 
•Enaat 1~ Spain, d. Oct. (, i^oj. 
Cbeater Knianoa Taylor, Suparriier of 

Traek. with Boiton ft Albany X. K., 

J64 South Sution, Boatos, Ifaia.; Kac 

*S6 Cheatsnt St., QintoD. Haia. 

R«. 1 Davidaon St.. Dorchester, Man. 

Warm Herbert Baroee, Banker, with 

Medford_ Tniil. Co., Uedford, Maaa. ; 

Dept. St. Paul, Uinn. ; Rei. Sji Capital 

ect and Ennneer, with W. E. Har. 
iet & A. vTHall, ;t Bay St., Toronto, 
Int. : Rei. 14 LasKlcy Atc., Torooto, 

Henry BUke Haaacon^ AmC Si^tt.. widi 
Farr ft Bailey U(>. Co., Camden, 
N. J. ; Rei. Box US, C^den, N. T. 

Honral BdmBnd L,amti, Telephone Enain- 
eei, with New York TeI«Aone^Co„ 

W. Uedford, Uiai. 

t A Stampinc Co., 

Rea. 1794 North Atb.. 

ton. now called R 

Ensineer. with A 

Esptoration Co.. ChanaraL Chile. 

Octavna Pfailiip* Cotaes, Cnil Enaiaeer, 

Union Pacific Bldsa^ losi, ^n^ 

Neb,; Re*, care of E. U Can-Jncton, 

Northport. N. Y. 

Carlton Nndd Conner. Jnnior Encineer. 

IT, S. GoTcmment Eag. Dept at Large, 

jQt P. O. Bidg., WheelinE, W. V». 

Charla HaakeU Danfortn, Aaaociata, 

Waihi&gton Univeraity, Ucdical School. 

<^ J o.-i^j . — ,7^ Loo"! **«. 

Ciyil Eaain- 
Water Power 

Ralph Waldo Emeraon Hwi^ UanagEr, 
with HeniT P. Miller and Song Piano 
Co.. 56J Congr* ' . . -- 

r. with St. Anthc 

Howet, C 

ay Falli V 

Ret J5 Taylor S 
Clinton Joseph Hi 

Taylor St, Portland. Me. 

, Teacher, Wadi- 

Zelotua Earl Riley, Saleanun, with Library 
R. I.;'Kci. ioiM John SL, Attleboio. 


N. Fitz Hoih Wal 

St., Rt _. _ 

Leelii BUlae PhilUpa. Banker, wi 
cesler Mechanics SaTings Ba 
Main St., Worcester, Mass.; 1 _.^ 

Charlea Fred ' Robert*, farmer, Cariboo. 

LTil Ensineer, 
Road, Inc., 

erly Garr- '" ^^" * 

lief Sncineer, 
. Road, Inc.. 
uurcau 01 inipcciian, DuPont Bldg., 
Room 9S4. WihniniloD, Del ; Re*, ijil 
Shallcrosa Aie., Wilmington, Del 

438 Trapelo Rd., Wayerly, 
Charle* llelvilla tJahacn. CfaL. . 
with Coleoun DuPont Koad, 

Kersey PiU Cos. Uanag 

Oil f ' 


, with Sundard 

Bertnnd Moody CUrke, Banker, with Old 
Colony Trtut Co., ty Court St, Boa- 
ion, Uaia.; Res. Jio Main St, Wal- 
tham. Ma**. 

Frederick ^rUllam £««*. Dealer in Pro- 

*iiions. Flour and Grain, with F. D. 

Lewis Co.. Bethlehem, N. H. 
Emeil CUffey Hutvey, Real Estate, with 

William E. and Ernest C Mulvey Co., 

Worcester, Mass.; Re*. 3 Aihlsnd St, 

Worcester, Mass. 
Percy Durell Naun. 
SDgenc Joaepb 3ulU*in, Lawyer, 43 Trc- 

moni St, Boiton, Mass. ; Bes, s? 

Hutchinson St, Winthrop, Mass. 

I lllman Lanab, wil 

B Hall Sta- 
i R. F. Sim- 

Eboro. Uau. 
tary and Snperintend- 
Plather llfg. Co.. 



Ct; KcB. 387 Willow SL, Witerbury, 

Hubert Evalrn Bnr. Student, Hamrd 
UniTcraitr Gndnate School, Cambridge, 
Uau.: Re II} Collecc Atc. W. 5am«- 
ville, Uu*. 

CIuirlM Dunn Cuahln^ Saleunu, with 
Pean. Electrical EnaineerinE Co., Scrin- 
ton. Pa.; SeL 314 Trader* Nllionil 
Banli Blcli., Scranton, Pl 

Charict BroMt Duattc, Mechanical £nsin- 
eer, Dciter, H*. 

Hmrr Clinton Honilon, Ciiil Encineer, 
Gobieruo del Ecuador, Guayaquil {eiro- 
caril al CtirlTy, Peliico, So. America; 
Perm Add. Methuen, Ma», 

Bobart Edea Kimball. Officer Ordnance 
D«pt, V. S., care of Adjutant General, 
U. S. A.. WuhinstOQ, D. C; Kei. Ft 
,. >, ■ . , ^ J g^ 


York, N. 

WotoMn Bllioc BrowM Stmctuial Engin- 
eer, with Stone & Webatcr Co.. Boi- 
ton, Uass.: Rei. aiS Wa9hin«ton Si., 
AbiDitan. Mara. 

Joaepb trickle/ Dunn, Teacher, Mecfaanici 
Arts High School, Boston, Mu).: Re*. 
7 Mt Vemon St, Dorchester, Uaa*. 

Cbarle* Golt, Instructor. Hirrard Uni- 
TeraitT, Warren Houae, Harrard Uni- 
*er(it7, Cambridge, Uais. ; Re*. U5 
Urch Kd., Cambridge, Maaa. 

Gaorge Laird Hall, Aaat EnaiD 
Bureau of Sanitary EnorinMring, Mi 
land State Dept of Healtl -^' ~ 



'"B^I'moM, ^ITbia. 167 S.'- 
... „ ... j,^^ 

1 Daily Sun, Lewis___. __.. 
Hampihire St. Auburn, He. 

Jocnh Frederick Tbiele Mann, Saleanuu. 
with Weatinghoiue Electricft Uig. Co., 
165 Broadway. Room »ii. New York, 
N. v.; Rea. 7 Wilaon St. Glen Rock. 
N. J. 

William Joaeph HcKanna, Chemiat, with 
Carpenter Morion Co., 77-79 Sudbury 
St. BoatoD, Uaaa. ; Rea. iia Locost St, 
Winthrop, Uais. 

Hollia Oilman Moomo, Dcntiit. Odd Pel- 
Iowa Block, Woodiorda. He.; Rea. ]«o 

Forrest Atb., Portland. Me. 

Walton HMket Nuon, Ciril Engineer, 
with Mornn Engineering Co.. Dayton, 
O. ; Rea. Billerica. Maas. 

Rndolphe Siclemeyer Rowland. Eaitern 
Sales Mgr., with Lamb Engine Co., 30 

t St. Sidgefield Park, N. J. 
riEOEncK AlgerDon Wilmol. (Jnit dt 
Harraid), OergymaD, W. Somerrill* 
UniTeraaliat Church. W. Somerritle. 
Mais.: Rea. UadiaoD Arc, W. Soour- 

Arthor JuUitt Andanon. Aaat Engineer, 

Arthur Ju 
with Pi 

i^Uilk St. Boston Uasa.; Rea. JS 


._ cal Co., □larlea- 

L Ci Ret. 61 Middle St, E. Wcy- 

RobCTt 'Cocbran Qifford, Manager, with 
Clifford. Black ft Co.. Inc., House Pnr- 
nishers, 3ti4-3«& Main St, Maiden ~ 
Mass.; Kea. 84 Ii ''- ■'- 


Leon Riuan. Correapondence Clerk in 
Order Dept^ with Geo. E- Keith Co., 
EiecutiTe Bids., Campcllo, Brockton, 
Maaa. Rea. The "Clieclcerton," Brock- 
ton, Maas. 

William Andrew Sargent. Maater, Fay 
School, Southboro. Mais. ; Re*. Ply- 
mouth. N. H. 

Winthrop I«dge Wales. Engineer. Stone 
ft Webaler Co.. Boaton, ^asa. ; Rea. 
II Danville St. W. Roibury. Halt. 

Oeorn Rice Wooda. Teacher, Holbrook 
School, Oasining. N. Y.; Res. Fleet 
St, Pottraouth, N. H. 

■Nathan Cona 


Manager, d. 

ent KiDion, Acoustical Dept, 
. Johns Hannlle Ca. Madi- 
--" -- "■ , New York. 
"- , Maiden. 

aelf E 

Oiaa. E. Horac Co.. Marble 

Ct. ; 

■ S3: 


Percy Godfrey SaTage. Salca Chemii 
Norton Co., Worcester, Mesa. ; Rea. a 
W. Boylston St, Wor "-- 

Emeat Siegfried Swi 

PolytetJioic Preparatory School, 9 
■- — - - "- oklyo, N. " * 


. HaM- 

ord. Maaa. 

John Harold Adama, Electrical Engineer; 
Res. Jig Fanlison Are,, Paiuie, N, J. 

Carleton Warren KU^ Electrical Ennn- 
eer, with GeneniElectric Co.. Sciie- 
necudy, N. Y. ; Home Addrcaa, S. Sud- 
bury, Uaaa. 

Carl Emerson, Electrical Engineer, with 
ThoB. A. Stewart Co., So Pearl St. 
Hartford, CLi Rea. fie Girard Ave.. 

Prank Bate* Pairbanlu, Sales Engineer, 
with WeatinghotueElec ft Mfg. Co.. 
Caat Pittabarg. Fa-I Rea. S17 Rebecca 
Atc, Wilkinaburg, Pa.; Home Addreie, 
lis Peoniagioa Atc, Paaaaic. N. J. 

Herbert Balncroft Ooff, Mfg. Jeweler, with 
Moore Broa., Attleboro, Man. ; Re*. 
141 S. Uein St, Attleboro, Uasa. 

William Da«i* Henderaon, Civil Engineer, 
with Mead Morrison Mfg. Co.. eT Bos- 
ton. Haaa.; Rea. »s Otaipee Rd., W. 

__jident. with H. M. Sawyer ft Son. E. 
Cambridge, Maaa.; Res. 141 Foster St. 
Brighton. Mass. 
Phalp Cnahing Shate. Weigher, with Dyke, 



Shutc Co., 151 Milk St., Boston, b 
B«. Accord. M»ia. 
Joieph Andrew Toti, Structural E 
ecr. witb E. J. Crou Co., 89 FoMt 
Worcester. Musi. ; Res. Boi. jj. 

Rea. 40 Village St., South Uanchuter, 
Ralph Upton Crou, Structur 

Frederick Sylve 

Sfai" Sl' 

s, 8; Ot:> St, Uedford, Usaa. 
lerbee Fades. Electrical En- 
fa. F. T. Ley Co.. Inc., 49? 
Springfield. Uass.; Sei. iS 
rieauni dt.. WHltham, Mail. 
JOMph Allan French, Electrical Engin- 
«*t, with N. Y., N, H. & H. R. R,, 
Harlem Ri*n Branch.: Rea. Barlem 
Y. U. C A., s W. laS* SL. New York, 
N. Y. 1 Perm. Address, 49 Pleasant St., 
Waltham, Uau. 
Alfred Webller Havmrd. Rtrurtural F.n- 

e k Webi 
. s Win. 

r Co.. B 
^ St., 

38 toll 

Somerville, MaSL. 
NeweU Willird ttoceri. Sail 

Uotcer Automobile Aiencv, 

hui Atc, Boston, llus. 1 

Commonwealth Ave., BrookUne, Maas. 
Josiah B. Rutter, Electrical Ensincer, with 


>. Hutrer, cia 
Ley Co., ] 

Hei. Waltham, 

Harold Richard! Savage, Plant Chcmiat. 

Cochran Chemical Co., E'eretl, Uaas. ; 

Res. 15 Lapham St., Medford, Uass. 
John Bndeo Street, Salesman, with Vac- 

utun Oil Co., 4 South Stale St, Concord, 

N. H.; Rea. iig Uiin St, Uedford. 

■ J- , 

■ St, 

Theodore Henry Dewhirat Student, Uid- 
dlcbury College. Uiddlebury, Vt : Rei. 
CroTcland. Mass. 

Herbert Moulton French, Reporter SprioK- 
held Dailv News. Springfield. Mass.: 
;t», 40 Pleasant St, Waltham, Maaa. 

Arthur Douglas Hayea. Jr., Leather Mer- 
chant, with A. D. Hayes Co., 703 Main 
St. Waltham, Haas.j Rea. 4S Welling- 
lOD St, Waltham. Ma». 

Egbert William Aahford Jenkinion. Stu- 
dent. Andovcr Theological S^niturr, 
Cambridge, Uasa. ; Sea. 6i Rawson Rd., 
Brookline. Mass. 

Norman Webster MorUon. Repreieotaiii 



Robert Howard Stewart, 
Milli, Yirmoulh. Nova 
Add. N. 


Earlc Sn 


'aimington. _ 

, Medford. Mau. 

IT Wilioo. with Wila« 
Hasi.; Res. Hyannis, 

John Bancroft Biabee, Student, Divinity 
School. TnlU CoUege, Mass.; Res. xif 
Aopleton St, Arlington Heights, Mass. 

William Qooch Brook*. Manager, Brooka 
Piano Co.. iS Boylston St. Boston, 
Mass.; Res. 7 Waldorf St, Dorcbealer 
Center. Mass. 

Ralph Dudley Hi 
brook •=:— •■•"'• 

Robert Shcrmui Lewis. 
,' V/uh< 

_._jk Seminary. Portland, Me.; Rea 
Oak St, Somerville. Mass. 

Stewart l,eieh. Lining Clerk, wi 

Colony Trust Co., 17 C- — " 
in, Mass.i Res. id? Thoi 

BUmn ' 


ike St, 

ur Wincheater Morrison. Chemist; 
■i. loi Uagoun Ave.. Medford. Mass. 
iuQ Charles Schlotterbcck, Apprentice, 

eduction Dept, The Locomobile Co. 
'merica, Bridgeport, Ct ; Res. isfi 

SSt. Bridgeport, CL 
Baker Tolman, Municipal En. 

ipal I 

laiT Wagner. Mining 
i. Aril. ; Perm. Addres 
PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

"lea sat. „. 
I Alphons 

, D. C 

Washington. _ 
__ Marsh. Student; _._ 

weaiem Ave,. Brattleboro. Vt 
Howard Bennett Peck, Student; Re*. 

Bridgewater. Ct 
CarmirEdward Scott. Student; Bet. Farm- 

ington, N, H. 
Chiries Ingram Stanton, Student; Rea. i^o 

Reservoir Ave., Revere. Mas*. 
Waller Preacott Sweet, Student; Re*. 9T 

Orchard St, W. Somerville, Maaa. 
Bdward AodruB Terhune, Ir„ Student) M 

Hellen St., Dorchester Center. Us**. 

Albert Jeffries Briiga. Student: Re*, isj 

Barnard Ave., Watertown, timMt. 
Alan Bailey CuDpbell, Student; Rea. tS 

Bowdoin Ave., Dorchealer. Mass. 
Arthur Bnrrell Coake. Student; Se*. 10 

Lexington Terrace, Waltham, Ma**. 
Jame* Oardncr Gadde*. Student: Rcl U 

Miinrne Rt Somerville, Mass. 

Hoodia. Sttdeat; 

n'Onene HivisoB, Student; Re*. 1 

Billingham St, Somerville, ICaia. 
Alfred RIduTd Niehol*. Student; Rea. je 



■giS Jobs HbcASh, Student ; Woodatod 

RkhKd Treet Hwrta. Studcot; Ku. 4 '^."'"?' "rr^^^ i^"^"* ' ^**- * 

rnnnrrtii-iil A>a MnrsilV Pt Whltner St., Cllftoudlle, Uui. 

w"Li;«ta KWi™ sfidSij H.^ s WmUn, fi.™, StU«. Student, Ito. S.H 

Windom St., W. SomW»i!l«, »i«it '""^ Center, M>|i>. 
Hunurd Frotklnchun Lrdiird, Student i 

KM. loS Barker SL, Hartford, CL 


Union Univenitr, SchenecUdr. N. Y. 

Established i^8; In: 

i869i 79 Classes; 

I H. Amtin, PhjaicUo, d. Dec. a, 
Lawyer, d. 186B. 

■Hiiun Bennett, Law] 

*Auatin Blair, Lawyer ana MO-rttaot, a. 

Aug. 6, iao4. . 
■Oeorce Biigbit, Farmer, d. 18SB. 
'JliiMi PeniHr ChamberUin. lawyer, d. 

•Walter Chipman, Fanner, d. iSos. 

•William H. Cole. 

•Bpbralm De Yoc. Qersymin, d. Feb. 11, 

•John Duboii, Clersyman, d. Apr. 7, 1B84. 
•Jamea Dubuar, aergymui, d Dec 6, 

•Thomai L. Farrinatoa, acriyman, d. 

•Oeorie Croab* Pincb, Phyiician, d. ICar. 

33. i8s6. 
•Jamet Pinkcrtoo Fiihcr, Clercym4s, d. 

•Anthony' C. Fonda, Civil Snginccr and 

•David Braiiurd KaU, atriymaa. d. May 

I, •S89. 
•Horace Henry Hopkini, aergynun, d. 

•George Waitilnaton KreUmgcr. Lawyer. 

-" "--tin lane. Prir— 

•AmbroM Wuet, Lawyer, d. Jiuc 6, iSBs. 
•FraneltJ. Warner, Clergyman, d. iBfij. 
•Henry WeUea, Lawyer, 4. iSjl. 
•Samuel Taigart WiUa, ClergyDun, d. Ifsy 

•Abraham Tcator Young, Cergyman, d. 

ViUiam Uorri 

get^ Cleri 

•William Fairfield Lockwood, Clergyman, 

d. April I. iSSj. 
•William K. HcChetncy, Clergynun. d. 

•Hugh Wilaon HcClellan. Lawyer, d. 

■Peter Artbur HcHartia, Clergymati, d. 

Mar. 13. 1896. 
•Lawrence Heraereau, Teacher, d. Uar. aO, 


•John Wn^d Nelaon. Lawy 
•William Patton. d. 1867. 
•David Jefferwn Pratt (I"' 


by wmiami). 

tenrr K! Raymond, Teacher. 

Meph Roiekrani, Clergymao, d. June 19, 

' 1, 1847. 
8, 18SS. 

•Andrew Rou, Lawyer, d. M 
■Jacob Sand, Teacher, d. Ui 
•iMlc Ackley Saaton, Real C] 

•Renry lii. Selmaer. Qergyn 
•John HcAIIiater SlnenKui, ! 

Sept. S, 1871, 
•Robert SUckney. 

•EWrn'r. vl^AUtyne,''&Vra 

•John Van Santvoerd, Lawyet 


UcL Phyiici 
1, Phyiicias 

J. Uar. J 

•Pttcr Kewina Bargbaidt GoveramcBt 

Clerk, d i88e. 
•Michael Prine Cavcrt. Teacher, d. Nov. 

ID, 1 80S. 

■Dcmctriui Hoalcalin Cbadiey, Lawyer, d 
•Edwerif '^^. ' Champlin, aergyaan. d 

•Darwin Chicheiter, Clergynun, d. Jan. 

II, 1876. 
•William Chauneey Child Qergyioaa, d. 

•George Waibingtou Clarke^ Teacher, d 

Sept. 15, i»oS. 
•Adam Craig, Clergyman, d igoo. 
•Uberto Crandall, d 11B44. 
•Caleb Brown Crumb, Lawyer, d Uar. Ji, 

•Sherman Kddy, Phviician. 
•Jamei Fanning, Teacher, d Har. 9. iS6j. 
•Robert Fuller, Phyiician. d Hay g, i8«4- 
•George A. Oatea, Lawyer, d Jan. ao, 

■Emery C Qreeae, Clergyman, d Uay 10, 

■s!>!o^ P. HeaA, U'yer, d Aug. le, 

•Benjamin Hyer Heermaaa, Court Official, 

d. Dec. 7, 1873- 
•Thomai Horty Kodgmaa, Clergyman, d 

•Jimei B. Houiton. Planter, d iSjii. 
•Jimei Hoyt. Clergyman. 6. Dec i&, i8««. 
•Zerab Taylor Hoyt, Clergyman, d Aug. 

•Am'o(''Gi'rard Hull, Lawyer, i. May T, 

■Jamei H. Janaeo, Lawyer. 
■Wynkoop Kictitcd Merchant and Parswr, 

d. Sept. 11, iBoo. 
•Thalci Lindiley, Ciril Engineer, d Feb. 


lartin. Lawyer, d 

I Hooker HagoBo, deri 


'■ring. Clergyman, d 



*Jiaef PlcRc lloiuice, i.>iryer. d. Jia 

14. >847' 
•JarrU RoEcn Mowbrar, Phriiciu, d. 

I SB J. 
•WUUun Kln« Plitt Clergyttun. d. Oct. 

*&utiu Siplar. Teacher, d. Feb. 11, i8?d. 
•Ambroie SpcDcer Rosen, Teacher, d. Feb. 

20, 1 881. 
*Lymaa Scmll. Clergrmaii, d. F<b. 

•Jirae^ E. Small, Farmer, d. 1B81. 
•William Rller Ssdlli, Ljwycr, d. Julj 

•Aud K. Slevmi, Manufactm-er, d, tSBo. 
■JudtoD Borr Stoddard, Dergyman, d. Pebi. 

*DaTid Thayer. Physiciin, d Dec 15. iSgj, 
"John J. Tyler, Lawyer, d. laSfi. 
•Leiri Pay Waldo, Clergyman, ± D* 

•JohD P. Wallace, ! 
•Robert D. Watuii 
•Hlrani Wheeler, 1 


1. d. 1B49. 

B Yonns. Lawyer, d. 1873. 

■ Frederick Calkini, Clereyraan, d. 

•Jonathan Copetand, aersyman, d. Dec B, 

•AoKusme Woodmff Cowlea, College Pre«- 

ident, d. Mar. ij, iBiJ- 
•Beebe D. Creiy, CitiI Engineer, d. Aut. 

•John Wat«j 
»8, iBts- 

'—I bow. 


Lawyer, d. liar. 

■Alfred Auruatiu Oilbert, aergymaa and 

Tocher. 1 1BS6. 
•Seyntour C. Hinia. Lawyer, d. iBSJ. 
■Chriitopher lyea. 
■Pelatilh Jakeway, Lawyer, d. Oct iB, 

•Kufoa Sing, Lawyer, d, Apr. 16, 1S99. 
•David Calderwood Lyon, Clerayman, d. 

May 10, 1888. 
•Stephen Wxttson, Clecgymin and Co]|eg« 

President, d. Aug, ij, iB8s, 
•George De Graw Hoore. Lawyer, d. Oct. 

■Peter Sprakei Ncllii, aergyman, d. Oct 

•Porter Brown Parrey, Clergyman, d. May 

•Aaron Potter, Merchunt, d. i8?3. 
•William Aleiander Kighter, Uwyet, d. 

Oct. 13, 1896. 
•Peter H. SigbDneycr, Clergyman, d. JllL 

'J. i8jj. 
•Henry Hartyn Robertaon, Clergyman, d. 

May 19, 1899. 
•Willtara Schenck Robertaon, Miiiionary, 

d. June as, 1B81. 
•Oeorge Koraell Thacher, Manufacturer, 

d. Jane «, 18S1. 
•Otia H. Waldo, Lawyer and Railroad 

President, d. Oct. 30, iBr4. 
•Frederick S. Wood. Teacher. 
•John Woodbridge, Qergyman. d. July 

•Hiilander Dickinion Young, Ocrgyman, 

d. June 6, iS«g. 

•Walter <htBa, Misitonary, d. iSji. 

•John 5. Hannay, d. l84». 

•Horace Hendec, Oergyinan. 

•Lewii Sylnater Hongh, Teacher, d. Feb, 

•Wfllia'n Keller. Physician, d. iBsa- 

■Joihni Kennedy, Oerrrman.- 

^anrin EUot Lane. Oergyman, d. Nor. 

•Joseph Oaktey Nodyne, Lawyer, d. Aug. 

•Perry G.' Parker, Lawyer, d. Dec. >5. 

•Chartea RIcharda, Clergyman, d. i8qo. 
■John Roienbeig. Clergvman, d, 1B58. 
•Cymi Smith, Oergyman, d. Sept 16. 

.84 4. 
•Corneliin W. StootholT, Pbysician, d. 

•I»me» H. Storrs. Lawyer, d. 1881. 
•Thomaa C. Strong, Gerfrrmsn. d. iSoa. 
•Daylc) Taylor. Lawyer and Judge, d. Apr. 

•Benlamin Weltea, aergyman, d. June aj, 

•Cyrua Guffio. Lawyer, (Init by Wit 

•EjX^ufi C. H^ d. about 1840. 

•SOaa S. Harmon, Oergyman and Teacher, 

d. Dec. 1, 18B3. 
•Hoiei S. IngtraoU, Clergyman, d. 1S50. 
■John G. McCbeaney, Lawyer, d. 1871. 
•William Stevenson McLaren, aergyman, 

d. July IS, ,874. 
■John Endara Mann, <Init by Wllliama), 

Lawyer and Judge, d. May 1, 1898. 

•John Jermain Porter, Clergyman, d. Scot 

■Elijah IViest d. Dec ji, 1S41. 
■Rodman Hazard Robinaon. Clergyman, d. 

Oct. 19, 1886. 
•Tartant Sibley, (Init. by Wiltiama). Phy. 

•Benjamin B. Smith. Bookieller, d. Oct 

»8, 1885. 
•Joseph N. Wightman, Lawyer. 

Davli, Lawyer, d. 1891. 
H. Furmin. Merchant 

Kenyon, Teacher, < 

•John P 

•WlUiam Colegrave 

June 7, i8«7. 
•Oscar F. Knon. Lawyer, d. 189). 
•Abiather M. KeCheaner, Clergyman, d. 

Feb, 9, 1S94. 
•Daniel Creighton McVean, aernrman, d 

Sept 7. 1M7. 
•John Soot Miller, Clergyman, d. No*. >, 



•luMt H. Notduop, CUri 
•SuniMl SptDcer Snffor£ 

d. Feb. IS, 1895. 
•John VudcTTolfciit Oorf 

*Jc>M Andmrfc Teacher, 

■JohB BiDurd. dercTnuD. 

i. d. IBS». 

d. liar I 

*LturcB Kallou, Uanufictuier, d. Oct 

I. iSsi- 
*Nithanwrl Bakar *tiwW ^ OtTBrnun, 

•GuUas Li 

York. "n. 


■Oeor(c WitaOB CUrk, Lawrer, d. Uar 

*Umnim DickuB. Clercrman, d. Jan. 

•Huan Iflcboli OiUii Clatytua, i. Fab. 

■WiUiam T. OondBou^ Teacher, d. Aoc. 

•^1^ Hand. Lawyer, d. 1850. 
•Prancii Heodricki, CleriTnun, d. Ana. 

S. 1890. 
■Stephen HanliaU Insalla, lA*yet, d. 

■Chv^ea Jackaon Xlnt. Ucrchant, d. Oct. 

•Wil'liam'^ilro?, Oernraaa and Teacher, 

d. Not. 15, 1S76. 
•Daniel C. NlchoU, Lawrer. d. iSSg. 
•John Wads Nott, ClersTnan, d. S«vt. I<, 

•Richard Oiborn^ Cleriyman, d. Apr. g, 

•Jircinlah Petti*, Qersrniaii, d. Nor. aC, 


uiBIi UiMionarr, d. I If a. 

Hab, OttgrmMn (Ketirad), 

•Cfiarica PutsaDv Gcrnrnun. d. Feb. a, 

•Charlca H. TaUman, Lawrer. 
•Samael H. Tracr, Lawrer, d. 1877. 
David TuUr, aarirman. Piiat fnthj- 
teriao Chnrch, Uedia. Pa. 

•Henry Allan AaMla, CIctrr«ao, d. Nor. 

30, 1B71. 
•Samuel John Auadn, Clernrman, d. Aw. 

18, 1809. 
Alfred Pomeror Hotatotd. Clergyman (Re- 

llred), Woodbury, N. J. 
•Eli Clark BotatoiJ. Qergrman, d. Dec 

10, 1S60. 
•Reuben L. Bornton, Teacher, d. 1S47. 
•Warren O. Brown, Lawrer, d. Peb. 15, 

•wfiii'Bm Calderwood, Hiaaionair, d. Har 

M, 1885. 

•Duncan E. Cameron. Lawyer, d. iBoa. 
•John Carmlchiel, Farmer, i. tgoi. 
•Jamei Suvenaon Cowpar, Clergyman, d. 

•Aaroii Hale Cronkhite. liiner. 
•Jamea Darrow. Uwyer, 4 i88j. 
•Edward DodRe. Uerchant, d. 1873. 
•Stephen FradenburEh, CleiBrman, d. i8<S. 
•H. Woodmff Freeman, d. 1844. 
•Oeorie Purbeck. Theo. StndeBl. d. Oct 

•WiAlim'a. Hickcoi. Lawrer. 

•Joieph W**bln(ton Runalcker, Lawyer, 

•Bradley PhilUpa, Real EiUte, d. isoj. 





School ProteiMr, d. June J9, 1840. 


•David P. Whedon, Lawyer, d. .Mj. 
•Alouo Morria William*, Pacnier, £ 1887. 

ai. ■( 


•Roawell A. Wyman. Uwyer, d. .855. 

i Dec. 

•noma* EUakim Bliaa, Qeriyman, d. 

Oct., ipo». 
•Lawrence L. Comfort, Oersyman, d. 

•liw^ B." 
•Jamea Sb 

»7, 1867. 
•Joel Huoluitton, Qcrayman, d. Aug. la, 

•Joacpb McCracken, Qergrman, d. Ftb. 

•J^n llfl'^ifcFarland, Teacher, d. Uir. «, 

•J. damena Miller, Clernman. 
•Chaile* C. Nott, Lawrer, Author and 

Jndj:e. d. Uar. 6, I9i& 
•Sobcrt Rosenu Teacher, d. Dec (, igeo. 
•Albert r, Schermerhorn, Phyiiiaan, d. 

•Nicholaa Judaon Seeley, Qergyman, d. 

•A^ '^. 'iat Clercrman. 

* M. Sraealll*. Clerayman and 

T, d. Sept., 186S. 

C. Somera, ClerayBian, d. looi, 
rice. Phvaician. d. tisa 
Smith Titua, Cieriyman, d Jan. 

U. Wakin, Uwyer, d. Oct ■«, 

•Henry Barnard Burr, Clerayman and 

Teacher, d 1887. 

•Robert Cruikihaak, ClerKyman and Col- 
lege Professor, d. Dec. 9, 1901. 

•John Edgar, Clergyman, i 1B80. 

•Spencer Jared Pbwler, College Prolca- 

•RobrnGrar,' Cli^gyman, d. 18S9. 
•Lnther 8. Hart. Clergyman, d. i860. 
•Qeorge Henry Kearman. Uwrer. d. ipoA. 
•■n,«,dore Hyelt, Teacher, i bee ^T, 

•John''A, King, Lawyer. 
•Santord B. Kinney, Merchant, d. i8Sa. 
•Henry AiMIl Lounibury, Clergyman, d. 
•QMrga^McQ'uwn. Mia.iooary, d. Mar. *s, 

•Waiwn J. Ka^l. aergyman, d. i8«s. 
Abel Heiehanb Retired, Firmer and In- 
surance. Naitau, K. Y. 
•Hidianiel KerHtt (Inlt. by HamiltoB). 
•Ranaom R. Peek. Farmer, 
^erman Perry. Teacher, d. i87fi. 
•Wllliem Cary Phlllipfc Oergyman, d 

•Gardner R. Scrlran, Uwrer^ 



*David H*Tea Thiicr, Clercyman 
by WiUiKDB), d. Sept. ig, iSBi 
•J«n« S. WunfT. 
■John WiUianu, Jr^ acrSTmui, < 

*Elinir Wcbiter Beebc, Phyiicuti, d. li^i. 

Proleiior, d. Tan. . 
. DUTOW, Editor, 

■nd, Thcalocicil 

•William J. JobDiton. acrgrman, d. i8;S. 
■Abraham Cutias Laoiint, Clcriyioaii,' 4- 

Sept S, [B87. 
*Jamci C. Lavatr, dcrsymaB, d. Jao. M, 

•Jam«i P. McArdmr, GerEyman, d. Apr, 

15, 18S9. 

Charlca C. HilUr, Beekeeper, Uucngo, 

•Jobn HarEKtt Miller, Lawyer, d. about 

, Abruiu, Pa. 

■HeDi7 Qardiaet, Civil Ennneer, d. 189I. 

■Andrew Oordoo, Uiiiioaary. 

•Edwin D. Helm. Phyiician and Dentiat, 

d. iSg]. 
■Charlei J. Lanrina, Lawyer, d. 1B9]. 
•Willard T. Lewia, Qeriyman, d. i8ri. 
•Abraham Brewer LonEaker, Lawyer, d. 

•Atcund« Mc^iUlam. aercynun, d. Feb. 


H. Mann, Lawyer. 
C. Kosera. Phyaician. d. iSjo. 
Seartc. Cleriyman, d. Jao. 9, 

•s'Dbm'Howard Wallace, Clercyman, d. 

•Joihua K. Yeakel, Student, d. 1850. 

Daniel Fort Akin, Farmer and Surreyor, 
Fanninotao, Uinn. 

■Luman B. Cbamberlain, aergyman, d. 

■William Carrie. Clergyman, d. iS6f. 

Jacob Fry. Clergymaiw Lutheran Theo- 
logical Seminary, Philadelphia, Pa. ; 
Rei. 7301 Cermanlown Ave., Philadel- 
j)hi», Pa. 

•Oeorge MarahaU Howe, (Intt. by Wil- 
liams), Physician, d. Sept. 16, 1881. 

■Charlca Montgomerr Lliingaton, Clcrgy- 

•Andrew McIncyrf;'^rKyman, d. Uar. 16, 

•Ambroae C. Splcer, d. Sept., iaa4- 

•Jamea Howell VaiL Lawyer. 

Charlea Stiurt Vedder, Clergyman, Flator 
Emeritus, Huguenot Church, darlcmton, 
S. C; Rei. 116 Church St, Ourleston, 

■Franklin Day Wright, Lawye 

■Bdward L. Bailajr, Cln-gynun, d. about 
I CiTil EDfin- 

*I<Aa JOMph Parkar OatruuUr, Dentiat 

d. Nov, 31. 1888. 
■Waahington Irving Pond. Inaorance, d 

Jan. as. 'f'o. 
•Carlos Swift. Qergyman. 
■John J. Tfaomptoii, Lawyer. 

•John Gibson, Clergyman, d. Mar. 
•John Ooodwin Gray, Lawyer, d. 
■John Harper, Clergyman, 6. F 


, Phj-sit 

'est 4th Sl, DeliT 

ram Scofield, Lawyer, d. 1906. 

" Teacher, d, Feb. *, i8«7. 

•Al.ah Traver, Lawyer, 
•William Clarke Whitf 

deat, d. May 11, : 
•Albert Woodcock, 

1. Sept. a 

1, College i-hh- 

. by Wealeyan), 

•Ormanao Allen, Lawyer, d, Jan. 17, igoa. 

•John Jama Canuron, Clergyman and 
Teacher, d. Hay IS, iSei. 

■Orlow W. Chapman, U, S. Solicitor Gen- 
eral, d. Jan. 10, 1800. * 

•John Croraliah, Qergyman, d. t»D3 

•Amoa Kussell Cornwall. Teacher. . 

•Peter Rcnsaclaer Fuibcck, Phyaii 

•PiSlui Furbeck, Clergyman, d. July . 

•Wollott Noble Criawold, Physiciaa. 
•Hadiaaiel Palmer Henderaon. Broker, 
•John Lealie Kehoe, Clergyman, d. Ni 

8, 1876. 
•Prosper M. Miller, Teacher, d. 1887. 
•Edwin Hiram Petersoa, Lawyer, d, i» 
•Heman H. Pierce, Sailor. 
'•Andrew J. Sontbwick. Lawyer, d. N< 

1, iSjs, 
•Philo G, VatenliBe. College Proiesior. 

•AlcKaodcr Adair, Clergyman, d. Sept. ■*, ' 

•Henry Dean Burlingatne. Lawyer. 
•Frederick AugBatua ChaM, Teacher, 1 

■Jowph L, Clark, Clergy 
•William Henry Bsiei. 
•William Wallace Xirby, 

Real Imitate, S. 


•Alfred Hllmini. 

•Henry B. Thayer, Clergy 

•Adam A. Van Vranken, Student^ a. fiag. 

■Btiward AagBatoi Warrioer, Clergyman, 

d. Apr. IS, loaS. 
•Wancn WDkle, d. Feb. ifi, 1879. 
•William Lindaey Wilaon. Clergyman, d. 

•Thomaa C. Woodward. 

, ,._.t. by Hamilton). 

__.jmbua Comfortli. Clergyman, (IniL by 
(^lby>. d. Feb. 10, t88j. 
■WCniim G- DoRnaa, I.awyer and Banker, 

d. Dec. 4, 1908. 
Frederick Wilson Flint (Init by Hamil- 
ton). Clergyman. 1019 W. Waitaiagloa 
St., Loa Angeles, Cal. 



•Aliiandcr Hidden, PhyiicUn, d. iiu. i 

■Ceorcc Waihiniton HoDch, College Pi 

•Sb'i^d A^d' 'iSupp, GoTeracu 

Officiil, d. Apr. i, imi. 
■Thomai IdUonte, Clugymkn, d. Apr. 

•WcUinctpn LiMontt. Teacher, d. Di 

10, iSBj- 
■Aodrcw JackMn Lanr, Teicbtr, (In 

by Colby), d. Au|. aa, 1S70, 


by Himtlton). _ ^_, j, ., 
•Chirtee Heiu7 Chapmu, d. 
•Klhinmn Wiaih«l« dI"' 

•Robert benniiion. 
•Peter Welter Emeni. ( 

'C}ttgyn„n >nd t 

Hotel Pro- 

•Joiin bean Bnioei, Lawyer. 
•WuiUn Pernuido FrwmiB, Lawyer. 
•leiie H. Holme*. Lawyer, d. 1870. 
•loKpb Burwell UcCbttaty, Teacher, d. 

Feb. aj, loii. 
•Adiel S. iforu. Contrailor, d. July s. 

•Cbciter Cook Thorn*, QerByman, d. June 
•Omtf* Edwin TotnlinioB, ClerBytnan, d. 
•Horace Thomai G. Tuppv, Teacher, d. 


•John Pawlinc BbcUct, Tucker, d. iS«>. 
•John HubbaU Carter, Fvmer. d. Feb. 

Lucw^'^wis Carter, Uwyer. loaa H. 

eth St., Sl Toieph, Uo.; Re*. ]o] H. 

Sth St, St. Joseph, Mo. 
•Fhaip King CI«d, Lawyer, d JiUM u, 

•DiTid HeTTOn, Cleigvman, d. iSGa. 
Hiram CTru* John*, Lawyer, d. 1804. 
Adam Waller Uiller, d. Fe£. 7, iSSa. 
•Wtlliam HeniT Silyem«il, Lawyer, d. Feb. 

Nortnan Letlie Snow, Fhyiician, d. Dec 

19, iBSi. 
Simeon MontiomciT Thorp, Lawyer, d. 

Henry Luke Warner, CapitaliiL 

juij IV, lay-/. 

•lame* ^ilkimon. L 
•Albert Lewi* York, C 

•Sidney Sodgeta Burnap, PhyiicUn. d. 

Sept- f. 1901. 
Henry Anwa Buttx, Retired, Theological 

School President, Hadison, N. _T. 
•Joeeph B. Orahara, Uerchint, d. Jin. u, 

•Henry L. Harter. Publiiher's Agent, d. 

Sept 11, igoo. 
•I^nel Tomlinaon Heritage, Banker, d. 

•Don AImio Hnlett. Lawyer, d. Aug. 13, 

•Iiiae Henry Kirby, T.awyer. d. iBtia. 
•Alciander BuUiona HcClellan. 
•Frederick William Pike. Sttident. (Init by 
• ■ It), d. Not. ■!,. 1BS9. 

indcr Sinion, Girdeoer and 
1 ^^ «1 

FrancU Vluch< 

man. Leeds. I.. .. 
*0(car F. Wbitford. Ciiil Engineer. 

rankni, Cler: 

•Edwin Reuben Beach, Cletgynaa. d. Uar. 
•J(^n Peek BHrt. Lawyer, d Feb. t; 

•Joihua Tildcn Butts. 

•Joilah Gould BTem, Theological Student, 

d May ai, 1861 
•Weiion Flint, Librarian, A Apr. S, taoS. 
•WUIiam Hudton Pitt, Profeiior, iL July 
•Wittiam Pitt Willi*. 

•John HeniT Becker, Lawyer, d May a6, 

•Collina BUkily, Druggiil. d VA. aS, 

•Monmouth Henry Ooae, Teacher, d Dec 

•Jplin Milton Kartwell, Broker, d 1B67. 
•Ethan Allen Ivm. 

a"^ l-«>nard Marvin, Ci»il Engineer, 

•David Starr'etl Morgan, aergymao. (Init 
^^ Amherat). d. Jin. 10. 1870. 
•Thome* Jonei Thorp. 
•Benjamin Albertaon Willi*, Uwyw, d. 

•Charle* Horehou** C»rtor. 

•O^rge Waehington FIteb, Record 

'J™« William Johnaton, aergrnun, d 

•David Nichol* Lewi*. Oergyman, d Aug. 

•Henry iarle Ogdn. Phyiidan, d. Aug. 

•John Stevcoaon Smart, Editor, d Sept 

•Charlti Htyer. Phyiici 
•Samuel Yeoman. Farm 
•John D. Young, Phytic 

, d July 6, il 
, d TaiL «, Il 

Judion BUkely. Par 

I AtwDod Lawyer and 



■JoHph HuriHHi Wri(ht^ OcrgTBUDi d. 

1 DarwiJ Pctwnden, Usonfactarcr, 

Kdnuod TomlinMn Dnit, Official Sl<- 
BOErapher, CiIt UuiitTitc'i Court, New 
York, N. Y. ; Bm. »ij Fcrowood A»«., 
Unnr HonlFliir. N I. 

I, ClergTSun, Eut 

■ TUlon Shuler, Editor, d. Ju 

•Bibctt CbailM L*w»nc(k aarcnun, d. 

June 10, loii. 
■Clark I.aal HcCrackcD. .ClctBTinaa, d. 

•John UcFaddan. lleichant, d. June 14. 

Edwaid UcKtc Cleraymaii. Fairriew, O. 


-.ooklyn Ba 
John Franklin GannnB, Pro 

Collete, Amherst, Kasa. 
Archibald LTboldt, Phraleitn, 280 W. 

I27th Sty [Jew York, N. Y. 
Alcuadcr HcLaEhlan, ClargrmaD, CUfa- 

(■111, P. 

I Peak*; Lawrer. Hem. A. D. 

'Almoa Oordon Baidln, Iniaraocc, d. Oct. 

WuSiam'&eatw Bullock, Civil Ennnecr, 
CLty of PrOTidence, City Hall, Preyi- 
dence, R. I.; Rei. }6 Kecne St, Provi- 

■Aaa l!^roy Rogari, Uanufacturar, d. Mar 

JuiM Caedmon Shclland, Cl«r|trm*n, (re- 
tired), 1 167 N. Chaliworth St, St Paul, 

Janua Tartar Mart, Lawjrar, Pulaaki, 

■WlilUm Leonard Jacktoo, Civil Ensin- 

eer, d. 1S9]- 
■Hcnry Webatal LawtaBC< Phraician, d. 

Jan, 15, i8Bs>, 
Jamei H. Lewia, Jr- Editor and Publiaher, 

Kaoiai Graphic, Kinsaler, Kan. 
•Fata-ick Henrr McDennott. ClerEyman, d. 

Dae. II, loii. 
Sobart A. McDuffie, Lawyer, 301 Broad- 

ajj St, New York,' N.' V. 

war. New Yor 

lajd St, New .u. 
■Charlea Calvin Pnl- 
•Gcorca Harciua Viall. Farmer, d, July to. 

•Oaoria Brron White, Lawysr, d. liar. 

•Haor^^CliSord WUeox. Civil Engineer, 4 
Feb. 17, iMi. 


•Ferdinand Juliua Ballart, Civil Ensincer, 

d. Oct B, 1 886. 
Jamei Nelaaa Gowenlock, Civit Encioecr, 

Rollinston Houie, Red Lynch, England. 
Loula Oppanhaim, Real Eitatc, 10 E. IJOth 

St, New York, N, Y. 
Oeorie Spencer Piaraon, 

lU E. LoveU St. Kal 

«, lE^ 

*J>apCT Calrin Oale*, Lawyer, d. Jan. I, 

■Daniel Scott Lamont, Railroad Preaideni 
_and SecreUry of War, d. July ao, looj. 
Willlun Bailentlac McHachan, Real Ei- 
tatc, 311 National Rcaerve Bank Bldg., 
Kanaat Gty, llo. 

■Andrew Bucbaaan, Bridge Contractor, d- 

WlUUm'^a'iS^th Htllet^ Uerchant, Rut- 
land, Vt 
•William Frtdarick Roat, Uiuiciac, d. 

■Chirlct Ten Broeck, Fanner, d. June tt, 

•Oearse Vao Boren, Ranchnun. 

Frank Ifaaon Comilock, Profetiar, Caac 

School of Applied Science, Cleveland, O. ; 

Rea. aoSj Cornell Rd.. Cleveland, O. 

•Jowph Reuben Davie, Clercynun, i. Jan. 

, Honeadale, Pa. 

. __ _ , Uanufacturcr of 

_a Eaginei, with American and Brit- 

iih Ufa. Co., Charlea and Croii Su., 
" ■ ' c, R, I. ; Ret, isa Proapect St., 
^R. I, 

Itii^ En. 

, - -— ^ dSllege, 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
•Eben Seward Lawrence, Phyiician, d. 

John Frwer I^ckwood, Fhyaician and 
Uanuliclurer, Mem. Baker ft Lock- 
wood UfB. Co., Tth and Wyandotts 5t>.. 
KaniBi City, Uo, ; Rei. 1641 Benton 
Blvd., Kaniai City, Mo. 

■Daniel Jamea Robcrlaon, Clergyman, d. 
"- -' i88». 

Spencer Hidlaon Adalt. aergyman, 

Voorheesville. N. Y, 
Clarence Bllii Akin. Lawyer, Hera. Akin 

ft Keenan, 7 Kcenan Bldg., Troy, N. Y. ; 

R«. JohnsonviSle. N. Y, 
Edwin Crawford Baird. Civil Ennneer; 

Res. Ssi H. Broadway, Davton, O. 
-Laclu* Everett HawlH, Private Tutor, 



Lnrii CiH, Lawyer, (IniL br Colgale), 

SI State St., Albany. N. Y.; Re>. IJi 
Im St., Al6.n», v. y. 
■Huih Humpbrty DtYcrnund, Uerchant,. 

ChirlH HodEc Blaine, Mtrehtnt, i Git 
Square, Taumon, Uaii.; Kes. 141 HigL 
St., Taunton. U^aas. 

Louii Jackton Davida, Civil Engineer (Re- 
tired), 3aD4 E. >?tli Si., OaUand, C»l. 

•Jamea Gilbert Weeden, Farmer, ± iSea. 

Bdward Payaon White, lawyer, Uem. 
White, Babcock & Ueani, gii Uarine 
Bank Blda., Buffala, N. V. 1 Bet. 866 
Lalayette Are.. Buffalo, N. Y, 

Wilber BntTican Anderaon, Civtl Ennn 
eer, A.aislant Engineer, with D. & H 
C. Ca, Albany, N. Y.; Rea. in Waih 
ington Ave., Alb«nT, N. Y. 

Frcdtrick AuEuat Ballirt, Col lector o 
Anliouei. js? S. Salin^ St., Syracuae 
N. V. 

Ell Stnford ODdliey, EncineeT and Super 

Si., Schenectady, N. Y. : Ra. 740 Union 

St., Schenecudy, N. Y, 
David Hublielder. Lawyer, Uem. Uuhl- 

felder & Illcfa, yS State St.. Albany. 

N. v.; Rea. ;oi Madison Ave., Albany, 

N. Y. 
Frederick Titiwmtb Rogtra, Phyiiciin. 

117 Broad St. Providence. R. I.; Rei. 

■S Pirkig Ave., Providence, R. I. 
*HarrinEtan Hanninj Smith, d. 1S76. 
Everett Titaworth Tomlinaon. Cleriyman 

*nd Author. 656 N. Broad St., Eliia- 

Aieiinder V. Campbell 

?. 4<nh ; 

> ShurtI 

I S. Cburch St. Scht- 

HempblU, Mechanici 
with C B. Cottrcll ' 
terley. R. I. 
: Lloyd, Bookkeeper, 1 

•Zeaaa Clark, Teacher, d, 

William Alonio Uoora, II 

8«th St.. New York, N. 

EDBcnc AuKustua Hoffmi 


•Uirni* Clyde AUen, (Injt by Cotfate}, 

Wiilia^ Cw'tia^'lililli. Tudne, it Kinn- 
boro Ave.. Glo.ertville, N. Y. 

William Harlow Uunaell. laiunnce. Gen- 
eral Agent, with Fidelity & Caauilty 
Company, 401-410 Ellicolt S4., Buffalo, 
N. v.; Res. laS Livin(9ton St, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

WillUm " ■ 

Park De 

Civil Engineer. 
anmeni. <.iiy al New York. 
BldR., New York, N. Y,: 

Qeor^e Finley Snr 

N. Y.: Rea. Westbi 

'estbury. 1 
mont. l-hy 

Lyon, Banker, i 

coin Way 

coin Way 

Fred Nelaor 

tnn Acadt 
Frederick Si 

Rochelle. 111.; Rea. 
Rochelle. 111. 
Houlton. Principal t 
nv. Salrm. N, Y. 
phen Randall, Lawye 

N. Y. 
•Herbert Henry Taylot, Jjwyer. d. Nov. 

•\$ll'liam"'Htxwill White. PhyaicUo, d. 

Dec. 10, 1 00s. 
Irvins W. Witwall. Uwyer, Ballaton Spa., 

ark Camphell. Uinulaetarer. d. 

N. Y,: Re*. N. Chatham. 

•Albert Edward Cunichael. Student, d. WiHiai 

June 13. 1S81. N. ' 

Lewis Auguitua Coffin, Phyaician, 317 W. Irvine 

70th St, New York, N. Y. bun 

Jame* R. Fairgrieve, Teacher, Snperin- Nelsor 

lendent of Schools, Fulton. N. Y. Piui 

WUaon H. Van Buren. with Wheeler The 

Ree<e Lumber Co., Graham, Wash. Williii 

John Sunderlin Van Vechten, Phyaician, field 

Chateaugay. N. Y. 
•Frederick Daniel Van Wageiien, lawyer, 

Franklin Huyck, Lawyer. L< 

Peake TohBaon. Profenor. 

Til»fr;K School. Fairbault, L 

Rediietd. T^wver, B]< 

1 B1d;r. Ruffalo. 
keen, Buffali " 
■ ac Sweet 

N. Y-! Re* 

•Jamea Edward Brei 



■ I40t UaioD St., St^ciwc- 

Rei. Sii 
BdwiB Hen 

L. SchenecUify, 

LWrnmni, L«wver, 47 S 
icheiler, N. V. 1 R«. E 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Oeone WilliuB Faircriere, Tetchar, Pub- 
Uc Scboal, fianlim, Cl > 

Charln Henry Flaniaaa. 024 Wtil £nd 
A»e., New York, N. Y. 

•Hm MuUer Smilh, Fbysiciin, d. 1900. 

Jeue Biker Snow. 640 DiunoDd Ave., 
WDodhana, N. Y. 


luac Hubr, CoDLiactor, Mem. Huby, 

Abrons & Uelini. 'Inc., ]o E. «ad St., 

New Yofk, N. V. i Rei, jaj X^eiu 

Ave.. Richmond HilL N. Y. 
B*rtbolsmew Howu-d. lut known addrcw, 

JopliD, Mo. 
Herton Rosi Skinner, Pbyiiciu, Cburch 

St., LeRoy, N. Y. • 
Scoit Wiflfiald Skinner, Jr., Ltwver. ( 

Miin St., LeRoy, N. Y.; So. S 

Cburcb St.. LeRoy, N, Y. 
■AnnoB bpeocer, Broker, d. Jm. u. 

E. St.l. 

John Well* Burr. Lawyer, 

St, GloveiiTille. N. Y: 
Richard Waldron Church, lait known id- 
_dre»i. Rivenide, CaL 
Charle* Fbfcc, Jr, Civil Ensineer. jooi 

Leeward Atc, to* Anaelu. CaL 
WiUiam Alcaander McDonald, Uwrer, 

Masonic Bldjt., Gto>eri«i]le. N. Y. ; Ku. 

41 Kingston Ave.. Gloreriritle, N. Y. 

•Qeorge Hcnr7 Furback, Phyaician, d. 

Aleainder On-, Manaaer, with Gloveri- 
(ille Water Worka. Gloverirille, N. Y.: 
Rei. 63 Fox St.. Clo«raYille. N. Y. 

WlUiam Gerald Roberti, Printer, with Ei- 
cel»i(»f Printinic Co.. North Adani, 

Frank Whipple. Enaineer, City Engineer'i 

Office. GtoTeriTiire. N. Y. 
Homer Icnatiug Briekirhoff William*. 

Teacher, lait known addreas. s6 E. 

Patric St., Frederic. Md. 

RuaieU Heacsck BcUowi, Teacher, North 

Grosvenor Dale. Ct 
Oeorge Mori* Paul Boma. Catholic 

PrTeal, (Init by Syraeu«), laat known 

addreii, JS4 3d St., Troy, N. Y. 
Edward Martin Bnrke. Lawver, u Broad 

St, Weatertey, R. 1. ; Rea. 65 Croia 
■ St. Weaterlev, R. I. 
Jama W, Burke. Real Ealate. 37 Gtao- 

ite St., Weiterley. R. I. 
John Leror Van Valkcnburt. Phyaician. 

tiiD Columbus Hemorial Bids-. Chicago. 

III.; Rea. 7 N. Honian Are., Chicago, 

Aahley Jaion Bia 
I & Sob, s 

delphia, _ _ , 
.PhaadElpfaia, Pi 

Je^iB aiT^'^° 
»ey Ave,. Port 
Broom St.. Pt 
Milton Albert < 
Builder, a? El 

Ciiv Hall, ti^uu, ^^.. »« 

biella Are., Freiao, CaL 

Roy Irvine Landon, Secretary 

Hill. New Britain. Ct-i R< 

Syracua_ ,_.. 

bloom Bidg., Syrscute, N. Y 

Palmer Ave.. Syracuae, N. 
Ward Jamea Renwick, Phy.icii 

geon. 10a GoS St., Auburn, 
•Richard Burton Rowe, U. 1^ 

Survey, d. May j6, I'- 
Allen Tillipiugh, Aiiiii 
Newaygo Portlai 
raygo, Slicb. ; Re*. 

Iridse EngioeeT, with 

Newaygo, 1 


ivia, N. Y. 


i Drjden,. N. Y. 

Anandale, N. J. 

T BldB,. 
Stoat St., 
■elaey, La 

uph Alan O'Neill, Aimy Surge 

r1"*AKn»o"'5i'ilwn, Retired, Vici 
dcCuidy Miller Electrical PIxtur 
09 Van Nuyi Blda Lo. AuReLea 

Jervia, N. Y. ; Rea. ,7 
Jervia, N. Y. 
randall. Contractor and 
m St., Weiterley, R. I. 



Jobs HiiUT Outmuui, F 

SL, Albiny, N. Yl 
CMrcs Algernon Holeonbc, lawyer, lao 

Gurden St. HuUmd, Cl. 
Harvay Rommiiu Hotct. tl»l EitiM ■od 

IniorKDCc, lilt known iddnai, Bi Uiin 

St., FlHibina, N. Y. 
•Hornar NcUii, Student, d. July ij. i8a6. 
Robrrt L« Skinner, Dentill, Jj Uiin St., 

LeRor. N, v.; Rei. .» Chorch St., U- 

RoT, N. y. 
Homu Gtrona, Lawyer, l6g Stite St., 

Scbcnecudr, N. Y.j Be*. 95 Troup St., 

Rocheinr, N. Y. 
Brnett Smrloat Wtihbnrn*. Uaiugcr, 

'h CliMtt, Peabody Co., J»* - 

" ; Re*, a Waneo A»«., Ti 
I J. Whippla, Teacher, 


, Phriician, IS] Suta Acadia Univertity 

N. Y.; 
N. Y. ■ 

; H. Y. 


Si»d«r Oaic; Teacher, ijH Overlook PI., 

Newburgh, N. " 
•William Mttoi 
Comeliui Wrgu 

SlayT«MHt Hi.h Schoo 

"— York, S. Y. 

Reutwn NsUii, 


N. v. 
Dlx Webater NoeL 

New York, N. Y, 
Clayton Adam* Snyder, Teachei 

intendeot Wenonah Uititary . 

Wenooah, N. J. 

Clerk, URoy. 
T, 6a Wail St., 

Acadia Univereity, Wollrille, Nova 

raren Tamer MallaiT, StrBoturai Steel, 

with SyracoK Bridge Co., SyracoM, 

N. Y. : Rea. Chaunumt, N. Y. 

hn J. llarqiutta. 

aacr Metigar, Clergymaii, Kaiidal[>h, Vt. 

John Albvt BoUm. Uwy*T, Hem. Finn- 

Ka & Bollei, 154 Nuaan St., New 
>rk, N. Y.i Bei. i]j Hamilton PL, 
New York, N. Y. 
Frank H. Daly. Uwyet, Peekikill, N. V. 
Ray Frederick Floch, Saleuuo, Roacoa, 

Norman Norton Gould. Qerk, widi 
Aluminun Company of America. Olinr 
BIdg., Pittiburg, Pa.; Rn. -Oakmont, 

Arthur Hollar, lait known addrti), Pine- 
Tille. N, Y. 

Lawia Tiffany Hunt, Lawyer, with To*. 
P. Coughlin, lOQ State St., Albany, 
N, Y.; Rei. is8 lludwii Are.. Albany, 
N. Y. 
, Henry Arthur Pearce, Clergyman, 6« Pint 
ATt, Bay Shore, N. Y. 

Edward Holland Rider, Supt. of Schooli, 

Gordon Emmon* Van Loon, Teacher, 
Temi High School, Highland Park, 
Mich.: Res. iSja Second Atc, High- 
Und Park, Micfa. 

Oeor^ Walrath, Phyiician, Mariner'* 

WlHud Darton Brown. Clergnnan, js 
Hamilton Atc, Puiaic. N. J. 

Walker MUlei 0>te, Clergyman, 17 Main 
Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Htrman Bullock Jone*, Commercial, with 
Advance Vending Co., ]J7 E. 4Sai St., 
New York, N Y! : Se*, fi HuHinn Ave. 
RidgetieM Firk, N. J. 

Bugene Martin Sandera, I . 
School, #5 Albany, N. 

, Public 

t St., Albany, N. V. 


Ror Bdwi 

Harold Chamberlayne Fiake. Armv Officer, 
nil Farmcri Bank BIdg., Pittsburg. 
Pa.; Rei. Iroquoi* Apt*., Pitt*burg, 

Bfdg., Albany 

=- i"--— W. I. 

■"si", "s"yr« 
1 JamM Travara, Clergyman, 
:, O. 

Junes Emmet Flnegan, Lawver, Mem 
Finegan & BolIe>, i<4 Niiaau St. 
New York. N. Y. ; Se*. hi Ainali 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Nelieon CamplMll Haanar, Profeuor 


'Arthur Lee Ba 

lliam Gideon 
;ih City of I 
rooklyn. N. 
. Brooklyn, 


7lh Sl, Oswego, N. Y. 
Henry Joaeph Langloia, Civil Engineei 
Ciiy Bids., Platialnrg, N. Y. ; Rea. 1 
SletBon Ave., Plattiliurg, N. Y. 

Efficiency, ij.8 
Milwaukee, Wi>. 

... with Mil- 
3f Municipal 
. Bk, BIdg., 

Clarence Stillman Arm*. Civil Engineer, 
■Hitli John Roebling & Son), Roebling, 

C^l /ohn 

Bromley, last known addresa. 

..n. N. Y. 

meat Judson Ellenwood. Lawyer, Mem. 
Stern ft Gotthold, 60 Wall St, New 
York.N. Y.;- -- ■ - •- ■ 

t, d. June 

Roltand Barker 

with H. Y. Stat. 

Maple St., bi 
nalmea. Phyi 
Smithy Civil _Engine< 


; Rei. iiofi Stale St, Sckei 





M. ioi« e. lolh isl. Brooldjo, N. Y. 
1 WeflingtoQ Wiler, Tei ~ ~ 

17, ToibomiDBo, pkU. 

Citv EavidHr, Municipal Bldg., Monl- 
clafr, N. j. ; Kcl 3 Cliridse Sl, Mool- 

CUranc* KtrmoDd Darbri SUctrical £n- 

CDCer, Toronto Electric Lisht Co., 
tiL, la AdeUid* St. £., Toronto, Ont.; 
Be*. 81 Salem Are., Toronto, OnL 
HuT7 Duiel Fuller, (Init. by Kochester), 
Hirdwire Merchant, 488 Uain St.. &, 
Rocheiler, N. Y. ; Eea. 55> Uar.vd 
St, Rocheiter, N. V. 
Jamn Klmer Qllmour. Uerchandiie Uan- 
aser, with Northero Electric Co., Ltd., 
Sis Noire Dame St, Montreal, Que.; 
Rei. HI Shearer St, Montreal, Oue. 
Otorga Walter Hitt. Merchant, Unadilla, 
N. Y, 

: ailbert Holleran. Civil Engineer, 

with 1 

: Parkwi 



N. Y,; 

, N. Y. 


t & Son, ■ 

Byron William Reed. L, 
South Bldg., Boston, 

ihn Joaepb McCotmick. Jr., EnBineer, 
with M. y. Telephone C>.. State anil 
Park Sts., Albany, N. Y.; Kea. I7» 

1 St, Albao 
Howard Sylveiter Pa 

--aty, S)< fellic 

il Engineer, 

S)S Ellicott Sg., Bii8alo. N. Y.; 

Rei. 1S74 Main St, Buflfalo, N. Y. 

Oeorra William Rooaa, with Holophaoe 
Co., New York, K.Y.; Kes. 481 Camp- 
bell St, WUldniburg, Pa. 

Arthur Jacob Scielbert Electrical EngiB- 
eer, with General Electric Co.. Sclie- 
necudy, N. ¥.1 Rei. 610 Madiion Atc, 

Harltn HiTOand Orovtr. Electrical En- 
- - cr, with General Electric Co., Syra- 
. N. Y. : Res. Gleoi Falli. N. Y. 

K Wilbur, Sludenl, d. i«o«. 

e St.PlatU- 

Louia Maynard Bryant Aaiiitant Poit- 

maiter, LeRoy, K. Y,; Re«. 6 Craigie 

St, URoy, N. Y. 
•WUIiarn RtnnUaar Furbeck. Student, d. 

Aug. 7, 1904. 
Eugins Wataon Q 

Coft & Son. JO S 

burg, N. Y.; Res, as S. Catherii 

Platuburg, N. Y. 
George Uaure, Jr., Dranghtaman, teat 

known address, 349 Pacific StrBrook- 

lyn, N. Y. 
Lewia Stewart Paraona, Manager, El 

Miraaol, Sania Barbara, CaL 
Bverett Irving RoEDra. Jr., Manufacturing 

Jeweler, Mem. Farias Bros. & Rogers, 

r Beyerler gt. Providence, R. t. ; Res. 

J6l Uoyd Aye., Providence. S. I. 

WUUs Dai 




_cTienectady, N. Y.; l.__. ,_ 
w:nu» Rd., Schenectady, N, Y. 
Howard William Kitchln, RadioKraphei 
Petty Officer U. S. Navy, Radio Labor 
atory, Bureau o( Standards, Washingtoc 
D. C.-, Bes.ji Rugby Rd. SchcDecIad) 

ooklyn. N. Y. ; Res'.', N. J. 

— -iinODd Edwin Snow, Civil Enginei 

with Springfield Water Dept., Mui 

cipal Bfdtr., SprinHfield, Uau.: Re*. 

Summer Terrace, Springfield, Mats. 

:her, Superviior 

:nectady Public 
lell Ave., Sche- 

N. Y. 
Bdwin Louis LaCcoase, Teacher, School 

for the Deaf, Colorado Springe, Col.; 

Res. .o« N. Weber St, Colorado 

Springs, Coi. 
Koben Elmore 
' Brooklyn Edi 

Brooklyr - 

Anderion AUn, Electrical Engineer, with 
New York Telephone Co.. IJew York, 
N. Y, : Res. 34a New Yoik Ave.. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

PrankUn Josaphus Bowman. Electrical En- 
gineer, with N. Y. Telephone Co., New 
York, N. Y.: Res. ig -^- '-- • — 
Newark, N. f. 

Eugene David Fink, Teat 
Hanual Training, Scht 
Schools; Res. 33 Wend 
nectadv. N. Y. 

QMrge Hercbaat Fowler, Engineer, N. 
Y. Telephone Co.. 44 Oiurcb St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. ; Re*. Bi Congres* St, 
Buffalo, N. Y, '^ 

Rufus B. UcConnell, Electrical Engineer, 
with Buffalo Genera] Electric Co.. Buf- 
falo. N. Y. ; Res. 131 Jersey St. Baffalo, 

nVtltf, Cal. 1 Res. Jjt6 

B.u.. OL., xJerkeley, Cat. 
Oeorg* Bellinger Weaver, Dealer in Motor 
' Truck). Weaver & Bolland, iiij Mala 

St, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Carl Entrican Anderson, Civil Engineer, 
with State Hiehway Office, Press Bldg., 
Binghamton, N. Y.; Res. i SpraguB 

PI.. Albany, N. Y. 

William Miser Beck, biecincai cjiEineeT, 
with General Electric Co., Hotel Mati, 
Bluefield, W. Va. : Res. Kenmere, N. Y. 

Irving Forrest Hand, Gov't Service, U. S. 
Observatory, American Univ., Washing- 
ton. D. C 

*Joaeph Edward Haaigaa, Contractor, d. 

wl^iui Andrnn Hardenbergb, Civil En- 
gineer, Asit Editor Municipal Jonmat. 


so Uoion Sq., New York, N. Y. ; Ke». 

ija ShennnD Are.. New York, N. Y. 
Walter John Hun, fiuiineis. Mm jd 

Ave.. New York, N. Y. ; ReL 539 W. 

liSth St., New York. N. Y. 
AlauDder Hunilioo Koberuon, Jr., Dvil 

Easinter, with Public Scnicc Commia- 

lion. New Yoik, N. Y. : Be*, gi Gitei 

Arc, BiooUyn, N. Y. 

Sute* ' HeuU ' Ca. 

John Atwood Royce, 

with Gcneril Eteci 

N. Y. : Rei. D. u. hodic. acuenec 

t»dy, N. Y. 
Arthur Ralph Wllioo, Salesmaii. with Indi' 

ina Trect Soc., sai E. »3d St. Indiui. 

apolis, Ind. ; Kes. 303S Putoo Rd., Cin- 

WUIiun AuruitlDe Pan 

1 St., Hornell. N. 


, N. Y. 

Fred Dalei Cur< 
» Co.. Mai 

_.. _., ,„ thnuogo St, Bib«- 

haidtoD. N. Y. 
Broeit Baker Houchtoo. Iniurance, Scbe- 
oectuly, N. Y.; Ret. iS Swan St., 

Rrt,.n,rt.rf> N. Y. 

UacTaecart. Uedical 3lu< 
Uedical Colleoc. Albalny, 
17 Smith St, Schenectady, 



■ La Barroiu Graduate Stu- 

- '■ " ■ N. j. 

N. Y. 

iiutci muauuiia, w> AD(ele*, ' CaL ; 
Rei. IS78 W (Sth St, Lo* Antelei, 

Jamei Sbddon Butler, with Auitin Co.. 
41a Newfleld Bids.. BndBCpori, Cti 
Rei. St John»viU*, N. Y. 

Art Stndvnt, 

Weil Side 
N. Y.^Ri 


bridge. N. Y. 
John Daiion Janus. Electrical Engineer, 
with Coniolidaled Car Healing Co.. AL 
bany, N. Y. ; Rei. 567 Myrtle Ave., Al- 

Htity'uiTTiU Joh 

Ku'l Bagl* Acan. Teacher. Glens Falls 
Academy. Glena Palls. N. Y.; Re), lo 
Chester St, Gleni Falli. N. V. 

Wesley Hlnsoa Blldy, Civil Eneineer, 
with Turner-Const. Co.. Buffalo. N. Y. ; 
Res. 108 Cleyeland Ave.. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Charles Valentine Brewster, Engineer, with 
" "". C R. R., Albany, N! Y. ; Rei. 

.. Pred D. Cure 

St, 1 
Acanemy at,, Pine Hin. w. 1. 
Archibald Haitie Dick, Jr., Civil Enpn- 

orA"enada"Rio'B'raoeo?'Rio"de fiiiewl', 
Wesson Kosher Ooodiell, Salesman, with 
U. S. Tire Co., T09 W. Broad St., 
Richmond, Va. ; Res. i?>i Grove Ave., 

Lynde De For 

Edward DeRouvllla, City Engin- 
" Albany, N.lf.J 

». 11, ^ciawate yvTe., Albany, K.Y. 
lington Lyman Smbrec, Asst Secre- 
ry, Eulero District Y. M. C A„ 
rooklyn, N. Y. ; Res. 179 Maicy Ave., 

rooklyn, N. Y. , 

I Cciffilti I.ovett. Salesman, with Wear- 

ver Aluminum Co., loaa CommOB- 

ealih BIdg., Philadelphia, Pa. ; Res. 710 

arket St, Camden, N. J. 

mond Arthur Newton, with General 

lecttic Co., SchenecUdy, N. Y.; Ret. 

Charlea Pattsoa Andrewi, Law Studeni 

Albany Law School, Albany, N. Y. 

Res, 173 Circular St, SaratoRa, N. 1 
Henry Qustave Bahret. Student, Cornel 

Univ., Ithaca. N. Y. ; Bei. Violet Ave. 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Edward CarpeaUr Brandow. Student; Rei 

Joseph Clark Buchan 

. Alban 
1. Siude 

Louii Hanu. Stndi 

7 Cortlandt St, Weat- 
Student ; Re*. TivoH, 
Rea. 34a E. is^di 

_... -..V York. N. V. 
Herbert S. Roberts, Student; Res. U^ 

hawk Ave., Scotia, N. Y. 
Allted Jacob Snell. Student, Alfred Univ., 

Alfred, N. Y.; Res. ix, Johnsville, 

Leon J.' Wilrath, Student; Rea. St Johni- 

James Nelson Aken, Student; Res. FhU- 

mont. N. Y. 
Herbert Clail Blake. Student; Res. Sm 

River St. Troy, N. Y. 
Almond Crandall Brockwiy, Stodenti Res. 

Richfield Springs, N. Y. 
Orlvn Hilton Collina, with Utica Gat ft 

Elec. Co., Little Falls, N, Y. j Bet 123 

S. William St., Little I'tUa, Sf. Y. 



t OilmcniT, Studen 

WUlUm Logu KMUudT. Jr„ Student; I 
141 W. J41I1 St., New York. N. Y. 

Floyd Egbert Reavo, with Eiser Elec- 
tric Co,, Witenowa, N. V.iSat. 153 

AUin Wilbur I-add, Stndentj Kcl i3i Lo- 

cuaC St., Holyake. Uiii. 
Joiejib Francis Minion, Student; Re*. 

Fnndile. N. Y. 
Robert Warna Sayniford, Student; Ra*. 

41 Dora St., Atbanr, K. Y. 
Dewitt Smidt Snell. Student j Rea. ai 

Kingiburr A»a., St Job '" " "' 

J. Homrd Clvk, SttHlenti Rea. Sidner, 



Utuveraitr of Wmshinctoti, Seattle, Wuhinston. 
Established Dec. 9, 1910; 12 Classes; 10; Members. 

Thomai Unit 
PilmEF & Aili 

tic, Wuh. 1 t 

u lf7«r* Bita*, Junior Structanl 
n«r. with Intcriute CommerM 
., 7JI Weill Fano BIdg.. S>n Frau- 
, fJal. : Re>. 1119 Garfield Atc, 

Hish School, Seattle, Waih. ; Rci. «■ 
"•-veHth Atc., N, E.. Seattle, Waah. 
- "' ■ I, Meehi 

Rou Wilton Edmii 

IdmiiuoD, it 
larepjip 1t« 


e Ins., Amer- 
ican Bk. Bldg., Seattle, Waih. 

WUlUn Plumer Thompaon, Cheinlat, with 
Pittsburg Testing Lab.,_7th and Bedford 
Ave.. Pitlsburg, Pt ; Re.. 30S Brtad- 
ing Ave^ Ben Avon. PilHburg, Pa. 

JOKph Bertram Umplcby, Geologiil 
U. S ecological Survey. Waahinglofl, 
D. Cj Kes. 1)16 Spring Rd.. WuEing- 
ton, D.C 

Otto Johiuoil Albcn, Attorney, Men. of 
Alberi ft Atleo, ta Buth Building, 
Chehalii, Wash.; &«. 1500 Fint St, 
Chehalis. Waih. 

Herman Allen, Aiioroey, Member of Al- 
ben a Allen, li Bulb BIdg, Chehalia, 
Waih. 1 Rci. Sjo Adami Atl, Chehalii, 

Joieph Welter Chunbeclalo. Jlerchant, 
t«S North Uberty St.. Salem. Ore. 


orncy, bkant Co., , 
Ret Mt. Vernon, V 

Snan McCoy, Lawyer, 711 Or»- 
Idg., PorUand, Ore.1 Km. 454 
li St.. Pon' ■ " 

Ive., Bcllingham. nun. 
onard Olbion Taylor, Railroad, with 
:ar DepL, Chic, UU. A St Paul Ry., 
ricomi, Wa>h.; Sei. 616 S. Oakea 

Orov«t Scott Burfocd, Agdcnltiirin, Poll- 

Newton Field. Ciril Engineer, with Ebey 
Lagging Co., Arlington, Waih. 

Irving Ind»n Folti, Electrician, with 
Green Mounuin Mining Co., Mokelomne, 
CaLj Re>. 4" North J. it, Ticoms. 

Carl Henry Qeti, Profeiior, Ccllegc of 
Commerce and Journaliim, Ohio ^Ute 
Univeriily, Columbui, O. 

Fred Bardar Rllit Huniltoo, Uwyer, Sji 

1 "...iJing, Seattle, Wuh.: K». 

Avenue, it. £.. ^ttll. 

421s Sixtl 

Louli Kail Lamn, Mannfaetiirtr of 
Teni* and Awningi, tfember of I. U. 
Larien ft Soni, S06 A St, Tacoma, 
Waih.; ReL jioi N. joth St, Tacoms. 

Joieph Abel Birto, Attorney. Deputy Froi. 
Attv. for King Co., Waih.: Rei. iih 

Eighteenth Ave. Seattle, W»h. 
Arthur Clinton Campbell, Hold Haniger, 

Chelan. Waib. 
Robert Damua. Life Inauriote, with Na- 
■ ' 1. Co., of Vt, m Burke BIdg,, 

ash. ; Rca. 


Ewart Edwin Peiry, Deputy Coui 


White BIdg., Seattle,^ Waih., »<^ . 
}tth Ave, Seattle, Waifa. 
-'-n Sununerntt, Civil and Hydraolic 
with Idaho Gold & Rad 

BTu'i^ . 

Leo Baiaard Baiiden. 1 

1' St.'U ^iVon, Wii. 
Cediic Albert Martin. Junior: KcL P. O. 
Box 614, Unirenitv Sution, Seattle, 

John Chiuncer Prices General Heichan- 

diie. Siflon. Waih. 
Alfred Horace Reed, Newspaper EepoRer, 
with Billingi Daily Journal, Bminn. 
Mont; Re*, iij W. joih Street, Bil- 

County Al- 

urt Houie, 

"-- Waih. 

Thomu CoBIn Batto, Bentali and Loui, 
with The Bano Co., Crown BIdg., Seat- 
, With..: Rei. 138 Ei^teeoUi Ave., 



:Dt, with The Aluminum Cooking 
il Co., 6oa Stock Exchann Bids., 
nd, On. J Ret. ]» IWins A, 

AU*D CrciJe Bootbiak^ Phumai 
Keller BroL Drus Co., Skaiw» 
Res. GoIdenBiIe, Wuh. 

OriDt Blaine Freer. Ncwhhikri 

AUtka ; 

Aciivitiei, UulTcriity of Wuhioctoa, 
Seitlle, Wuh.; ' Res. $141 aoth St., 
N. £., Seattle. Wub. 

wen Clinton, Piano Salesman, 
h ft Lane PiaDO Co., isi« Third 
attic, Waib.1 Kci. 4>9 Seneca 

noo, Wa«h,; fees. 116 N. iik SL, ML 
Vemoo, Wsih. 

Arthur Freeman Janes, Hi([hway Engin- 
eer with Depl. of Public Works. iGth 
and Michigan Ave., Detroit, Mich.; 
Res. 4S0 iJ Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

John Dow^fohnnn, MiDiDj Enainecr, with 


I UininR 
Res.: Hobarl 


inder UacPherton, Msnarer. 

Service. Journal Blvd. J>ortIatid, Ore, ; 
Res. 4504 t«th ATenue, N. E. Sealtle, 

Earle Pierre Rowler, loit Colby Ave., 
Eveieit. Wash. 

Georg* Lewi* Schwarti, Teaching Fel- 
low, University ol Washinaton, Seattle, 
Waah. ; Res. 4907 nth Ave., N. E., 

airdner, R 
- ...1 Fsfis. Id. 

Hubert Oridler Hlcgina, Seed Btuineat, 
6t4 Waihineton SL, Vancouvei, Wash.; 
Rc>. 414 We>t Illh St^, Vancouver, 

Matthew William Hill, Student; Res. Us- 
ter, Wash. 

Rsrmond Corbia Hunt, Student; Kes. B. 
F. D.J, Boit 181, North Yakima. Waah. 

James Kverett McKae. Universitv Book 
Store, Seattle, Wash.; Res. 4J04 Six- 
teenth Ave., N. E. Seattle, Wash. 

Harold Neis Moore. Student; Rea. iBit 
Eighteenth Ave., Seattle, Waah. 

Baniamin Franklin Nelson, Student; Rci. 

Howard James Peiry, Keporter, Tacoma 
Tribune, Tacoma, Wash. ; Res. Box 
Ml, Auburn, Waah. , 

HoUiiter Thompson S^rague, Studenti 
care ol Alaska S. S, Cb., Pier 1. Scatlh, 
Wash.; Res. 4S04 i6th Ave., N. E-. 
Seattle, Wash. 

Clark Alfred Squire, Student ; Rea. 4060 
Firat Ave., N. E. Seattle, Waah. 

Mifflin St, Hadiion, 

John Bovlngdon, Teacher, Keio Univ., 

CMe bitfield Brokaw, Sttideati Res. 
Stanwood. Wai' 

Waldo Emerson Burford. Ni 

Derham, Railroad Conalrtic- 
: ridge Engineer, O. S. L. 
lello. Id.; Rei. *aj W. 

SeatilV iVMh.; Rei'seS. 

Myera Qeorn CI 

Kirk land, Waal 
Marsh Morgan 

kan; Ret. Cedermete, 

SI Comstofli St.. Seattle, Wash. 
ichay Gilbert, Student: Res. R. 
"-■■ 16, North Yakima. Waah. 
■ " lalL Stnd ' " 

EeniHth Churcnui uooaau, Ainacnt: & 
4504 16th Ave^^ K. IcrSealtle, Wa.h. 

Jamea Wesley Read, "- * - "- " 
Ridgewood Ave., Pt 

Edward Benjamin Swanton^ Studet 


Fawceit Wairon Co.. Tacoma. Waah.; 

Res, 80s N. Fife St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Edwin Qatar Leader, Student; Ret. 611 

Vancouver Ave.. Portland. Ore. 
Elmer Winfield Leader. Student: Ret. 

613 Vancouver Aventu. Portland. Ore. 
Ray UcCIung, Publisher, with The East 

Washingtonian Pomeroy, Watli. ; Ret. 

•anton. Student; Res. 
_„ ,.-.— St., Tacoma, Waah. 

Prank Donlon Ward. Student; Res. 3J09 
Warren Ave., SeallTe, Wash. 

Harry Morton Wiit. Student : Res. R. P. 
D. «, Bo> 180, North Yskima, Wash. 

Robert Allan Woodyard, Student; Ret. 
Sunnyaide. Waah. 

Clifford Allen WHdil, Student ; Ret. Trin- 
ity PI., Portland, Ore. 

snd Weill Bell, Studen 

South nth St., Tacoma, Waah. 
Harry Joaeph Beno4t, Law Clerk, Oiiel 

Qerk Department of Commerce, Waah- 

ington, D. C. ; R<>. Twin Palla, Id. 
Sherman Wird Buthnetl, Student; Rea. 

i3ig Third Ave.. N. Seattle, Waah. 
Fred Edward Conrad, Newspaperrau, 

Pomeroy, With. ; Rei. 913 North Aina- 

worth St., Tacoma. Wath. 



Willi* Onn Corbltb Studtot: Sn. loeg ipiS 

NorDi 4ii St., ScitUe, Wuh. 

HuEh llcClung, Studnt, Wuhiactoa Antoa Lsal* Rfdctlc«, StudeDt; Bu. Bir> 

Stite Colleec, Pullnun, Wuh.; Bel. int. Waih. 

PomcToy, Wsih. Hkuric* WOUun Pattra, SMdtnti Bm. 

WUliim Stinler Ridd!*^ Student «nd ---- -• - '— "' =-^-i*- "'-->- 

iDjio Longwood DriTC. Chicifo, 111. 
Mark Geonc Shaw, StudeDt; Ret ifijl 

I«ul> 'Suntoo, Student i Res. lAia 

Pacific Are., Everett, Waab. 
Max Carl Walaka, Student; Rca. Aubnnl, 


■-■im R, .,_^ 

6, Box 180. Nottb Yakinu. Waali. 

Wnilan Henry Wirt, Stndent; Rca. R. F. 
" ' "- -I0. Nr -• "-■■— '■'--■- 



WliddnKtoii and JeSerton CoIleEe, WaBhincton, Pa. 

Eitabllshed i860; Disbanded 1S69; n Classes; 60 Members. 

•WiUiun Hocaiio BtlX. CiTil Engineer 

Nov. 1, 186a. 
Albtrt Dilirorth, Clecgyman. Hemet, • 
•Robert Todd llcllalian. Clergyman, 

Jan. >I, 1891. 
•Jamei Wation Helvin. Clersyinan. 

July, 1864- 
John Steele Paaton. Pamier (relirtd), 

Tenbro«k St, Paris, IIL 

William Cann Kuhn, Clergymj 

wood. Fa. 
John Wilson Laushlin, Farmer 

•Ahai HIcholai Alcott, Clergymi 

De<^ i«, I9IU. 
•Patteraon T. Caldwell, Manulaciui 

•ChirTei^' Fi^lirick WilHvn Crone: 

r UcKm 

r Shaw. Clergymi 

. UcClelfan, Clergymi 

Davi^ Clergyman, 

iobert C. illcPtieraon, dici 

"Albert Johnaon Caldwell, Tea 

Cher. d. 

WlllUm Jackson Myc^. Cont 

SMphe'n Allen Califf, ClergyniBn, 

R. F. D. 

surance. 13* N. jth St.. E 

John Douglas Shaler, Judge, < 

PiltsburV, P»-. fa". 3ili 

4, VUttr. Pa. 

, d. Mar. 

Ave., PSlsburgh, Pa. 
•Charles Hume Smith, Crc 
May. igjo. 

•Jamet Pateraon UcVicker, Phyi 

■iciin, d. 

Dec- 10. 1881. ^, . . 

Robert Laird Stewart. Clergj 

d. Not. 

1 St. Alhambra. Cal. 

a. 1897. 

Johnston Eslep Walter. Oe 

John Sumoey, Physician. 

. ,.'rt..s,"w!;r.;"!!„.'.r 


Payne Ave.. Cleveland. O. 

•Hugh Wilaon Boyd, Clergyman, 

d- June 

St-, Asherille, N. C. 



•Jamei Lytton BUck, Uwy 

•Samuel Thomaa Rabinun, Soldie 

r. d, Oel. 

Decalur, Ind. 
Bc, Court House. 
lilS Perry sviile 

•Thomas Harris Stewart, Physii 
•Kug'^h Weir!^Soidier, d. July j. t8< 

Alexander Campbell. Ban 

Natl. Bk,, New Cumberlai 
Kennedy McKnight. ( 

George Friti Baker. 

!. Chrisiiana, Pa. 
•James Potter Barro 

er. R. 



r & Mechani 

•Rob*Tt Madiion Brown. Clergyman. 

April 19, '1BR9. 
•Ebeneier Byran Caldwell, Clergyma 

d. Dec. 20, TflK7. 
•WlUiam Hugh Gill. Clergyman, d. An 

Charles Knepptr. Editor, d. April 

•Robert Elder Sharp, Government Officl. 

d. Jan. 13. 1B76. 
•Aleiander Scroggs Thompion. Cleri 
man, d. Dec. 4. tS;8. 

Ue.. Pittsburgh. 

;i., E. Knd, Pillsb 
■orge Murray Ten 
. May 4, 1870. 

.'^470 Black 
Army OfEcir, 



1 Edgar Stev 

Jell, f 

I St.. Pittsburgh, 

■Neville B. Cra^g ComingD. Clergyman, d. 

■David Br'ainerd Fleming, Clergyman, d. 

■John ftfccieilan French, Clergyman, d. 
Dec, 1890. 



•Enoch South Quit, Teacher, d Au(. 17. Aodrew Steele Killer, LawTcr, ja) Frick 

1B86. ' Bld|., P[tlsbur*h, P*.; Kc). 1» Lia- 

John Stutrt OlcndcDDiag. Cleijryman, coin Ave., Bellevue, Pa. 

ijio N. Qumc_y Sl, Topelca, Kiniu. *J>cob Kirk Pierce, Theological Student, 

John Alexander HcKeam 354 t- Uaiden d. June n, 1S71. 

St., Waahinglan, Fa. ■Elmer Poulion. School Principal, d. Har 

John Hilton Oliver, Lawyer, Mem. Oliver «, igog. 

&. Mecartney, 137 S. La Salle SL, Chi- 

casa. III. L Kei. 1528 W. Congreu St., 1870 

ChVago, illmois. 

•Janei Walker Scott, Student, d. Dec 6, June* Hunter Clark, ClergjmiBn, laat 

1B67. known addrens Mlnneapolii, Minn. 

•David HidlaoD Weldar. Fanner, d. Oct. •Griffith H. Huaphrejr, Lawyer, d. Mot. 

•wSuam'Henn' Weldajr, Farmer, d, Jan. Albert'^" SIdnev Leonard. aeigrnan, 

3, looj. Brighton. 111. 

■JoaepB Dick WUsoi^ Clergyman, d. WilSam Tbomaa McConaell, Clergy- 

Nov. a6, 1873. man, Wallon, Kana. 

Cbater Paul Kurrav, Clergrmaa, ai 

iSfig Earle Atc., CleveUnJ, O. 

Oeorge FrankUn Soaner, Seal Estate, ]J7 

Edward Grar Comingo, Lawyer, d. Uar. Lincoln Ave., Beaton Harbor, Mich. 

Casalu* Marcellua Oay Coiad, Mercantile (■;■ 

Silaa Cooke, Clerffyman, Aubnrndale, Fla. WillUm H. HarttcU. Clerirman (re- 
George O. JoBes,Xa«ver, 60 S. Main SL, tired), m) E. Beatt SL, Waahington, 

Washington. Pa., Hei 179 M. Main Pa. 

St., Waahington, Pa. 



WeBleyan Univenity, Hiddletown, Ct 

Established Oct., 1850; Disbanded 1852; 6 Classei;'33 Membcrt, 

*Sui»kI Roien Adam*. CIcrErnuo, d. 

Dec. ai, iB«j. 
June* B4rcl>trd Beckwith, Ucrchut (S«- 

tired), H. F. D, i, FremDOl, O. 
*Onnando Nelion Brook*. Clerartaui, d 

F«b. i;, 1B67. 
•Albert Haliar Brown, CkTnnMD, d. 

*Cidiorii' Ud&i Dltmnore, Clcrnnnu. d. 

Not. 4. 1894. 
*Joha Hcorr Okriord, Cleraynun, d. Juue 

•OtfiiUcr'Holmei, aergrmui, d. Nov. iS. 

•BJlht Jndioa Pack, Buiineu, 6. tti. 5. 

•Thorau BniT Trndwtll, Clcrnmiu, d. 

Oct. 13, 1875. 
•Henry Craii Wmtworth, Lawyer, d 

June 13. 1884. 


•Adam Clarke Crriler, Teacher, d. Apr 

MeliriU* l^iorr Head, Iniarance and Beal 
Ewale, loo William St. New York, 
K. Y.; Rm. Norwaik. Ct 

•Hiram Almeroa Horsan, Clersyman, d. 
Feb. ;, 1910. 

•John Oifford Parioni, ClcrEmian, d. Aflg. 

*Edward1Peter Shaw, Teacher, d Apr. S. 

*Geore« WtihlnctoB Stieeter, Lawver, d. 

Mar. iB, iftgj, 
•Robert Bullock Van Patten, Farmer, d. 

•Samuel Woodward Cooke, Dential 

Oct. t6, 1906. 
•SBTiUion l,ee, Floriat, d. Feb. 10, 
•Albert Woodcock, Lawyer and Jndi 

June IS. 1894- 

Prancia Everett Been. Famer, Gilniore 

City, la. 
•John Ncwland Crandall, Electrician, d. 

Dec ai, igio. 
•Charlo Lalaratt* Howe, Teacher, d. 

Feb. aB. 1883. 
Lcwla Mayo, Real Eitate, last known ad- 

dreai, Sauk Banidii, Minn. 
•Madiwin Rlddleabarier, Editor. 
•Joteph Vinton, Qergyman, d. Au(. 15, 

•Oeorgc Elliot Walte, Lawyer, d. June s. 

•David Copeland, Clergyman and Teachi 

d Dec 7, 1S81. 
•Jamea T. Oraham, 

■Hattiicw Haoiy Sleei Me 

:, d. Anc 8. 

•Solos Armitranc, Grocer, ± Jan. : 
•Horace Power* Halt Uerehant, d. F< 
•Orrilla Smitfa,' Soldier, d Uay i>, iB< 



Western Reserve Univerwty, Cleveland, O. 

Established, 184?; Inaci 

•William Pranklin Millikan, Clergyman, d 

Sepi. 4. 1SS7. 


■Daniel VroooHn, Clergymso and Inter- 


•Ja^ei'HcLcan. Clergyman, d. Jan. 

1 8X4. 
•Tbomat Roberta, Clergyman, d. Mar. 

JapiM' Power Smith, ^Clerevman. 

', i. Mar. 


!r Slarr, Phy»iei 

, Hudr 

*Augu*tu> Cone, Clergyman, 

•Bdwin liedge Pay, Educatoi 

16, l8qS. 

•John Sloect Wallace. Clergymi 

Edward Payson BradBtceei, t.aiivcr. The 
Gerke BIdg., Cincinnati. O. ; Re^. 2S3 
Parkway, lUrlwell. Cincinnati, O. 
. •Lcveus Eddr. Clergyman and Teacher. 

jDhn Nesbil Wi]»n, (Tnit. by Washing- 

d. .905- 

•Williams Adami Corottock. Siudenl, d. 


•John" Henry Jonei. Optician, d. Dec. »a. 

■Jededlah Kent Burnham. Surveyor and 

St<K;k Raiser, d, Oct. 6. .88y. 

Herman Bronaon. Manulaclurer; Res. 

608 North Central Ave.. Chicago, 111. 
•Frederick Baldwin Buii. Merdiant, d. 

Nov. JO, iH7S- , . 

Henry J. Hawler, lait known addreis 

C^rgi if^di'L^M. Physician, Boydl, Md. 

MorEan. O. 
•Samuel A. Hibbard. Farmer, d. June 15, 

•k'iLm Hitchcock, Physician, d. Maj- ao. 


Herbert Weston Bill. Civil Engineer and 

Eldrldge Mil. Clergyman, Farmville, Va. 
•Phineaa Miaer, Farmer, d. Sept. a. iqij. 
Joseph Kingiley Pickett. Teacher, Colum- 

Surveyor, joBa E. 96th St., Oeveland, 

Addison Merle Chapin, Clergj-man, Ro»e- 

•John c"''vli'ul!hai d. 1S63. 

Lyman Warner, Clergyman, Salisbury, Ct. 

viUe, 0. 
•Avery Gallup, Florist, d. 1874- 
Sinclalr Johnson Hatfield, Lawyer, Sidney. 

•Joseph Brnesl Julian, Clergyman, d. 
Sent- 8, inqi. 


•HeS^ EmMni Howe, Lawyer, d. Feb. 

It,.,.- n. ,W ' .' 

•JOBiah Strong, ClerKyman, President 

♦Van Buren Hubbard. Phv<ician, d. 1894. 

American Insl. of Social Service, d. Apr. 

•Lyman T. Souk. Parmer, d. 1897. 

18, i«i«. 



>rcus Eueen< 
lio N, C 

Cond. Lumbering, Fra 

•John ™„ 

Dec. 7, 1901 
Frederick Dn 

Monet., Cal. 
Charlet ttollin Sermour, Clergyman, 

McCldtan Ave., Ml. Vernon, N. Y, 
•Joel Uutin SeymoHT. Clergyman, d. Ni 

Andrew Brown, Church Effiii 
Expert, Winona 1^^;, Ind. 

John Peter Jonei. MisBionary, Ken 
School of Missions, Hartford, Ci. 

•Alonio W»ttB Lawrence, Clergyniu 

igbt Seward, Clergyman, 

•FredeHck Hovejf Cobb, Civi 

d. Apr. 4, iBSi, 
Henry FarwelL Clergyman, H> 
*June> Hetcali Shaw, Miiiioni 

yer, d. Nov. 

•William Barker, Farmer. 
Allen DcUdo Blakeilee, Ctet 

Junction. Mich. 
Dwighl Lawrence Chaain 

KinRiton, O. 
•Daniel William Curtla, I.a 

aa, i8j8. 

Charlei HoUin Grant, Lawyer, Akron, ( 
Lyman Bdwin Hanna, Clergyman, 

Unirersily Ave., Muncie,_ Ind. 
Anihooy Houiel. Lawyer, Canton, O. 
Soben John Mattiiewi. Clerg>'man, 

porta, Kan. 
•Wilson Shannon Orr, Lawyer, d. S 

IT, 1B88. 

William Alenlnder Sobinun, GeiBv-n 

Halfway, Ore. 
Robert DU worth Scott. Clergyman, 

Beelharn PI., Chicago, ill. 
•Dwight Kadle; Thompson. Clergyman 

Ja» Per 


r Dawley. Lawyer, Mem. Dawlev. 
Count! & Terrell. American 
BIdg., Qeveland. O. ; Kea. iS6i 
6th Si., Cleveland, O. 
Dobbell Harih, Clerjiymin, d. 

•JOKph Hatriaon Vance, Collector, d. Dec. 
Ferdinand Von Krug, Clergyman, Wyom- 

Cal. : Res. 5337 Monte Vista Ave., Lo« 

Angeles, Cal. 
•William Gurney Jenkina, Teacher, d. 

Mar. 1, iSa6. 
•Robert Affleck Robertaan. 
•Thomaa Smith Scott Clergyman, d, iqt3. 
Samuel St John Wright. Physician and 

Surgeon, .in6 Bamillon Bldg.. Akron, 0. 1 

Res. >g Grand Ave, Akron, O. 

ick SUrr Bill. Teacher, d. Dec. 

Frank Anion 

Lorenio, Cal. 
Lemuel Ballantii 

Tt Wright Barring 

'"'irewaii McCIm 
irs 4 McClure, 1; 

14 Hartford Bldg,, 
4]i3 Greenwood 

1 Vinet Chapin, 

Misaionary, Lom 
and Stock Kaise 

Will h; Dodge. Fai 

Dodgeville. O. 
•Wilson Dividum Sextan. Clergyi 


McKinley Aye., Salem, O. 

Linville Swan, Clergyman, 


Grevea, School Saperin- 

le, la. 

nariier. Merchant, Eden- 

Charlea Albeii 

ville. Mich. 
Newton Blakealee Hobart Teacher, 

Louis Andrew Kelly, Busines! 
Kelly Co.. 735 Central Aye 
O. ; Re,, PaiWnont Blvd., C 

Henry Theodore HcEwaa, Clei 

"a'.... „ ,.._, 

Vd. Oeveland, O. 

George Edward Turrill, Phynici 
The Arcade, Geveland, O. j Re 
Cedar Ave., Cleveland, O. 


•.at, with North. 
;o. and Kimbol- 
Scholield Bldg, 

:ky Mn 

cieveUnd, 0°:' R. 

Cleveland, O. 
Henry Hallock Hoaford. Profe«or, I 

College, Crete, Neb. 
•C^rlei Frederick Talhnnt d. Ma; 
•Alfred Woleott, Circuit Judge, d. Hi 
John Aubrey Wright Banker, Bellevn 

Demorrii Cailla, Lawyer, \ 
['s Dutton lacoba, Oergyman, 



LouU Jobn KuhB, acrcrmui, 10707 Bry- 

■Dt Ave, Clcvdud, O. 
•Harrr Howi Walut. Init bj UuictU 
- CommiAiion A^eat, <1. Aiu. 13, iQai. 
•BuLiuniD Snut PrcdBlck YoubCi Buc- 

b^ UmtHTC. d. Sept. 4, iSga. 

William AlUa Knight, dcrrrmiA, Brichton 

Psiaoaise ho»vta. Max. 
Joan Newton Weld. Lj»>rer. Ucn. Jud- 

■on & Weld, fiij Society for Sanna* 

*Joh& Bamct HcVcy, Lawyer, d. Not. 

Frank Albart Merrill. Tcacker, RiTanna. 

CUTtia Sjcbard Horford. Lawjer, ic ifth 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

John Paacal Sawyer, Phyiician, (jfi Roie 
Bids., QcTCliiTid. 0.1 Rea. iSjo Salt 
6ird St, ClevetaDd. O. 

Wiflard Newton Sawyir, Pnsidcot, Well- 
mail, Scaycr, Uccgaa Co., Cleveland, O. ; 
K».: IB]6. Eait [13rd St., QcTcUnd, O. 

Walter Croeby Van Nen, Tncher, Dcai. 

Cbatla *Aiutia Williiina, Hill Owner, 

Kcoi. O. 
Hubert N. Wright Panncr, Betlevue, O. 

Fraacia Lard Kuhn, Lawyer, aoi Aoeri- 

can Tnial BIdg., Oereland, O.j Km. 

»M W. fifth St., Oereland, O. 
Ourlea CoUuu Stuart Pbrtician. lai 

Uhboi Bldx., Cleveland, O.; Kea. a79' 

W. 14th St. OeTCland. O. 
CMrge Albert Wright Banker, Bcllniw, 

■Jane* Deoiaon Corwin, Clergyman, d 

George Theophilua Snyder, Uechaoicil En- 
gineer, with Natl. Tube Co., UcKeeiport, 
Pi.i Ret. iDifi Park St.. McKtMport. 


Maaager, rottuina i,emeni i.o_^ saii 

Lake City, U. ; Res. 127 East Tirelfth 

St, Salt take Oly. U. 
Lewie Emcrion Camfield, dergyman and 

Teacher, Academy, S. Dak. 
•Jamea Franklin Croaa, Miuionary, d. 

Alton Clement Duatln, Lawyer, Weitera 
ReseTTc BIdg., Clevelancl, 0. 1 ^ci. Page 

Hill, t,. OevelHi ' '■ 
" ■ Ford 
h St, Cleveland 
Hebart Cleti 

Hugo Logan. LocomoilTC Engiaeer, Colura- 

Artii'ur ' ^[yde Lsdlew, Clergyman, Pal- 
lor Milei Park Church, 0719 Miles Are., 
OeveUnd, O, 

•Oeorge Raynolds Haibewi, Teacher; d. 

Lcland Dee Rathbone; Oergyraao, Berke- 
Hartey Fltb Robert*, Teacher. Talt School, 

c William Aahler, Libi 

;itly for 

9 So- 

Bvan Heoiy Hopkina, Lawyer, on So- 
ciety for Saringi Bldg., CfeTeland, O.; 
Res. 9SH Milei Ave., Clevetaad. O. 

Omiatsn Wilton Swayia, Phyiician. 

John William Van Doors, Dentiit, 7» 
The Arcade .Cleveland, O. : ReL - aiM 
E. lODth St, Cleveland. O. 


Franklin Stuart HcOowiii, Lawyer, Item. 
Coak, UcGowan & Foole, ijt« William- 
son Bldg., Cleveland. 0.i Rea. .B5S E. 
«Slh St, CleveLnd. O. 

Wifliam Orville Oibora, Phyiician, (03 
Osbom Bldg., Clevdand, O. ; Rea. 
IJ830 Euclid Ave., £. Cleveland, O. 

Albert Johnson Phinney, Salesmaa, iGS 
Cranrlocd Road, Cleveland, O. 

Arthur Gooding Bimhart. Lumberman, 

with Leidigh & Havens Lumber Co.. 

1316 Long Bldg., Kansas Cily, Mo.; 

Res. JB48%'iclor St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Austin Frederick Bamhart Buiincai, 

Henry Biisell Cody.' Real Estate, SM 
Garfield Bldg., Cleveland, O. ; Rea. »Sol 
Norfolk Rd.. Cleveland, O. 

John Diekermtn, Unitersiiy Treaitircr. 

I Park Ave., Cleveland, 

Frank Jamea Coi, Traveling Salesman, 71 

First Ave., Grand Rapidi, Uich. 
Francis Louia Sperry, Chemist, Sudbury, 

Jesie Vickery, Lawyer, Bellcvue. O. 
Louis Welty, Lawyer, New Philadelphia, 

Federal Trwle 1 

7Sth St. Clereland. O'. 

Chevy Chaie, Md. 
Ford. Ijwyer, 841 Society 
Bldg.. Cleveland, 0-: Res. 

St, Cleveland, O. 

Calvin Albert Judaon. Lawver, Hem. Jud- 
son & Weli 6j( Societv for Savl-"< 
Bldg., Cleveland, O. ; Re>. Wickliffe, 

■*,uj(., riiEMfurg. ra. 
St, Pttlsburg, Pa. 
Rupert Hughe*. Author. Bedford Hills. 



•Chu-la WUppIa SUpmrnit, : 

*Clurle> lUlpb Tuttl«, Buiinc! 

0«arga BriBtDB Elaaalivd, Teacher, Oil- 

TCT MiliUrv Acidemr, Culver, Ind 
Henry Alfred Prciua, Muiic Tenchec, 4a 

Latte Ace., Columbui. O. 
Xarmoiid Hopkiu StUioa, Clerk, with 

PeniurWinU H. B. Co., Clenluid, O. ; 

Itee. i«4S E. ii6tb Sl, QcTelaDd, O. 

e Foirert Bill, Profeswr, Wutetii 
re Uaiv., aeveluid. O. ; Ret 
Cornell Rd., Clenluid, O. 
Everett Jobiuop. Clerk. Gate* 

Cheiter M01 

Garfield 1 

Archibald Heber I . 

W. ijih PL, Cbicato, 

I, "l ; *5ei. '44* 

S. Stone Atc, Lt Grange, ] 
WUtard JeSeriOB Sialer, Invalid 1 

1180 E. loird St., Clereland, O. 
Roy Alonio TutClc. Teacher, 714 C 

hia Bldi., Clenland. O. ; Rei. 

Honah A>e., Ckveland, O. 

Bdmrd Scott Claflin, Clernman, 1S77 

Hampshire Rd., Cleveland Heighl*, O. 
Cbarlea Uoore Iferrsr, Teicher, ciio 

Stewart Place. Uadisonville, Cincinnati, 

Franklin Petera Seinhald, ClernrmiD, 161 

E. Uarkel St, Warren. O. 
Hornet Oicar Sluw. Teacher, igjS Scott 

Sl. CoTington, Kr. 
•Hutin Smfih. Teacher, d. December 17. 

Henry Irrlni Cond. Physician, Cuyahoga 

Fan a, O. 
William Rowland Hojikins, Uwyer, Sio 
• Society for SaTinn Bldg^ Cleycland, O. ; 

Res. iDij Cornell Sd.. Clereland, O. 
Charlei Waaler Naumann, Clergyman, as 

Fifth A»e.. New York. N. Y. 

Arthur Holbrook Bill, Phyaician. 503 Oi- 
born Bldg., Cleveland, O. ; Rea. aoSa 
E._fl6tb St., Cleveland, O, 

no'™0. '" "'" ^^y"- 

Kdgar McUillen Ickea, Physician. Fre- 

David Gaul Jae 

La wye 

Pruklla Turner Jonci. Teacher. Univi 

=->.—' Cleveland, O. i Res. 75" ! 

't. Ciivoiand, " 

in Kinn 

t Rd.. Los 

Schpot, Clev 

i__ . ^, 

. Teacher, 
v.». «u.. ^:> ....Tgelcs, Cal. 
Louie Oicar Rlcbmood. Cleigymi 

B Bertram Clifford, Phyiicii 
Assisunt Surgeon, U. S. Na' 

r Depl., Wtthmgioti, D. C. ; R 

i. S. Washington, care of Fo 

cr, New York. N. Y. 

Alberi Haring. BusineM, with I 
Co.. M.iailoD, O. 

Harris. Businesi, «z] T 

besler Morgan Harris. Bun 
Garfield Bldg.. Cleveland, ^. , «^.. ,- 

"■■ *--e., E. Cleveland, O. 

. Ludlow. Medical Teacher, 
— Hospiul. Seoul. Korea. . 
Cooper Vance, Businesa, d Feb. 


Henry Otia Coitd, Lumbeting. Andrewa, 

N. C 
Rav Stcwitt Ochr. Patent Lawyer, Aura; 

Bldg., Washington, D. Ci Be.. >a8 

Uaryland Ave., S. W.. Washington. 

D. C. 
Frank Sumner Uancheater. Dentist, iji 



prd Ruiaell. Busli 

O.; Res. ^ 

. Co., Cltvelan., _. 
oad St., Cleveland, O. 

Fred Allan Carroll. Advertiaing, with 
Motor BDating o( New York; Res. 1401 
Kresge Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Fiord Davis Colaon. Businesi. Ashtabula. 

Cba^let Jerom* Forbei, Jr., Salesman. 

I0136 Gitton Rd., aeveUad. O. 

George Hitsler Gall, Business, with The 
Publicity Corporation, 11 Home Life 
Bldg.. Washington, D. Ci Res. laao 
£merson St., N. W.. Washington, D. C 

Blnun Scott Hanaon, Banker, Treat. Su- 
perior Savings & Trust Co., Cleveland. 
O.: Ro. 1B}6 £. loDlh St.. aeveland, 

Dean Colbert Mithewa, Unireratty Secre- 
tary, Western Reserve Univ.. Cfevetaod, 
O. ; Res. aojs Adelbert Rd., Oeveland, 

Herbert Charles Moati. Busineas, Treas. 
Deckman-Duty Brick Co.. Cleveland, O.; 
Res. 1061 East load St., Cleveland, O. 

Delo Emerson Mook. Lawyer, 400 Wil- 

400 Wil- 

nsorf Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Sunley Lcman Galpin, Proletsor, Trinit 

Collene. Haitlord, Ct. 
Hilton Etahl Carver. College Instnicloi 

Yale University, Sii Yale^tation. Ne< 

Haven. Ct. 
Theodore Hall, Jr., Lawyer, Mem. Hall i 

Ponims, !.-6 Kunkle Block. Ashiabuli 

A. ; Res. 8 Prospect St., Ashtabula, O 
Walter Cutler Jones. Clergyman. Wait! 

PBu7i!rntiVkroeble. President and Treai 
urer. The Psul E. Kroehte Co., 40 
SwielUnd Bldg.. Cleveland, O.; Re! 
Stop liS'A Lake Shore Blvd.. N. Euclid 

I Carfienlcr Edocalor, Col- 

:. with Matnal 



Karren Conner, Busineia. Kokomo, 

k Hack Cromley, BuiincH, Gllli- 


Edwin Siwhill. Businns, Bend, 

k William Uhlman, Buiincal, 
II Ciccn, O. 


VfiUiam Carpenter. Lawytr, 168 
Rue Si.. Brooklyn. N, V.: Ke^ 
rookLy.i Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
I pav^d Grant. 2M6 Cornell Rd., 
ind, O. 

Warren Erneat E 

Rollin H. Spelnun. Reli 

1 S(., N. E., Can 

L, O,; Res. 

nton. O, 

T Bertram Wolfram. Advertisi 

cnlalive. with Radford Publir^ 

Sutotlui Beni, General Conti 
rm. The H. U Benz & Son < 
orydor. Rd., ae»eland,_ O^; " 


: bA., Cleveland, • 
Handraide. Brokei 
■ & Co., Citiien. 


Haydn, hiik 

Cleveland, O. 
James HandTaidc. Jr.. Keal tstaie. 

Reld Bldg., Cleveland, A.; Res. 

William Herbert Ueub, BuaineSB, W 



Carnesie Ave., Cleveland, U. 
William iReed Taylor, Architect. Hem. Fal- 
con & Taylor. 6ji Hippodrome Bids.. 
Cleveland. O. : Res. ifid Wilton Rd., 
Cleveland, O. 

Hal Richards Broodhurst, witk Goodnch 
Rubber Co., jooi Locust SL. St. Louts. 
Mo.; Res. 311 Poriis Aie., St Louia, 

fiHd Kd.. Oei 

Albert Ambler Fair. Bi 
William Hugh Jack, 

lleinhts, O. 
-■—■^>. Ro.«ford. O. 
lesa, Wellsville, 

-rick. Banker, with 
'o . Clrvrlnnd, O. : 
Club, Cleveland. O. 


Orcar Richard Hick leih wait 
Mmie Temple. Port-monih. 

BdRar Conrad Schmidt Bun 
S-.lle St.. navlon. (>, 

Wniiam Ernest Sineer, Busi 




St.. c 






u wecKS, i«jaa f^uciiQ Ave., t_icv?iaiiu. 

O.; Res. iop8 Westchester Are., Cleve- 

Und. O. 
Hyran Lerov De Vennc, Teacher, Bayen 

IliBh School. YouoBStown, O. ; Res. 6 

The Canfield, Youngstown, O. 
Frederick Sampson HalL Electrical Engin- 
eer, Gen. JClec Co.. West Lynn, Uasa.; 

Res. 11 Maple Ave., SwampKOtt, Mass. 
Chester EdmuBd Rarisc, AdnrtiiintiWttb 

Puller & Smifii. Cnnneer)' Bldr, Ocve, 

land. O. : Res. The Six Hundred, 

Prospect Ave., Cleveland, O. 
June Frederick Holdcrmaii, BuiiacM, Fri- 

mom, O. 
WUfred Adelbert Schulta. Busineaa, s'i 

r.arfield Bids.. Oeveland, O.; Res. 61 
■ -"^ E- Cleveland, O. 

-ieber. Lawyer, Mem. Sie- 

■.br,, 41S-419 Akron Savinn * 
Iding, Akron, O. ; Res. is Oak- 

aa.e /ivc, Akron. O. 
saac Moore Stickney, Banker, witb The 

Guardian Savings « Trust Co.. Oeve- 

land. O. ; Res. i«77 Alameda Ave., 

Ijkewood. O. 

Iniversilv. CambndEe, Mass.; Rei. i« 
Garden gt, CambridRe, Mats. 

Nicholson Few Curtia, Physician, Ameri- 
can Ilosrii.ll Corps, Nenillv-Sur-Seiae. 
France : Res. 1041 Adelbert Road, 
Clcvel;.nd. O. 

Oeorge Elliott Davis, with Consolidated 
Coal Co., Fairmont, W. Va. 

Carl Sinimonit Dawley. Business, with Dia- 
mond R'ibber Co.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Remley John GlasK Lawyer. Uem. Glass 

Waahineton, D. C. 
Morris Vinton Semple, Lawyer, Ashland, 

';<iodn>h Co., Aitron, O.j Res. Akron, 
[omer, Waid Shicei, Physician, tjaij 



Albert Bby Sinks, Geac 

•ciatcd ChaTiiifd, 300-30] Bovd oE 
le BIdg,, Wh«l',ig, W, Vil; Ret 
_../ellyii Apt, Island. W. Vi. 

fiiIne( l«F Tyler, Phyaiciao, Wanen, O. 
□wvdBlmer W7D1M, lait known addieti, 

William Herbert Lawton Everaid, Ins 
ance, Meicanlile Iniu ranee Agen. 
Pierce Bldg,. Si. Louii, Mo. i Res. F 

Wawn 'Cockbura Hmdytide, with Qete- 
land eieclric Uiuminiiini Co.. Cleve- 
land, O.; Bes. 1364 E- uSth St, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Walter JohD Hirinc, Plant Dept, Weil- 
ern Union Teleiraph Co., 19; Broadwav, 
New Yotlt, N. If.; Rea. .80 W. j6th 
Sl, New York, N. V. 

Harry Mooti Redington, Lawyer, Mem. 
Pound* & Rcdington, jaa Klyria Block, 
Elyria. O; Re», 134 Wooiter St., 
eiyria, O. 

George Thomaa Van Aken, Teieber, Y. U. 
C. A., Oil City, Pa. 

•Ray Kealy Wbite. 

hit^ Clergyman, 

Oeorge Pierce Handvaid^ Saleanan, wTtb 
Chandler Motor Car Co., 4400 Eudid 
Ave., ClFveland, O. ; Res. Bedford, O. 

Loral Eldredge Leavenworth. (Inil. by 
Hamilton). Phyaician, Qeveland Cit* 
Hospital, Cleveland, O.; Rea. aij> E. 
93d St., Cleveland, O. 

Clark Scott Richmond, SatcMman, with 
Goodrich Rubber Co., Piinburg, P».j 
Rea. 5001 Adier Ave., Pittsburg-, Pa. 

Thonaa Everett Richmond, Chential, Agri- 



Oreer Bimei, Bua 
I Mac 

, Cleve 

h The 

.It.. ...../ .i.=i .oath St., Clt.t.-..u, u 

Norman Avarv Bovie, Manager, with Hall 

Elecirie Co., Clevelind, 0.; He*. 1091 

E. 141H St., Cleveland. O. 
aarence Edgi- "-••"— ''- 

The H. ■• 




Oitisiy Ca^, Clevelanj, O.; 

"'-veland, O. 

Medical Sludei 

arte Arden Phillipa, Social Service, Tiin 
itf EpiKopal Church, Sixth Ave, Pills 
burg. I'a.j Rei. i6a S. Linwood Ave. 
CtaTion, Pa. 

Eugene Frank Sawyer, Salednan, with Thi 
ArcD Co.. Euclid Ave. and E. 6slh St. 
Cleveland, 0.1 Res, m33 £■ 8£th St. 
Cleveland, O. 

Walter Hay Akera, (Init. by Hamilton) 


ee Conkling 
idley Ro--- ■ 


■land, O. 

in. Engineer, 

jiirg, W. Va. 

„ Banker, The 

K5 & Tmsl Co^ Ocveland, ■ 
E. losth St, Cleveland, O. 

1. Par 


Frank Bum 

Harold Logan Emeraon, Banker, with The 
Superior Savings and Trust Co., Oeve- 
land. O. ; Rej. gS Wadena St, E. Cleve- 
land. O. 

Harry Oifaioa Ewing, Real Estati 
Bank BIdg-., Youngslown, 
1604 Ohio Ave., Yotingslown, O. 

FredWilliai - ■ ■ »■ 

O.; Rea. 

BIdg., ^ 

hioAve., , ... 

...111am Koehler, Business, with The 

Kinney & l.evan Co., Cleveland. O. : 

Res. 1J16 E. S«th St., Cleveland, O. 

Floyd Elmer Nicbala, Uentitt, iiS K. 

1141a Glenwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 
John Clarence De Venn^ Naval Supplies, 

General Manager, with The Werner G. 

Smith Co., Hird Ave. Lakevrood. O.; 

Res. ijSo Cove Ave., takewood, O. 
Oordon Howard Dixon, Farmer, Vennil- 

lion. O- 
Ralph Shaylor Force, Lawyer, 407 Society 

ror Savings BIdg.. Cleveland, O. ) Rea. 

««) £. i4fith St. . Cleveland. O. 
Henry CarleWD Fuller, Iron and Steel. 

with The Federal Furnace Co., Chicago, 

111,; Res. j8io Bond Ave., Windsor 

Park, Chfcago, HI. 
Richard Coleman Kendrick. Importer, with 

Gaston, Williams « W7«more, Lid., 49 

Old Bond St., London, England (at prel-. 

ent in the British Armv in France); 


Smith, Naval Suppliei 

Hird Ave., Lakewoo*. O-: Rt 
Oifton Blvd., Lakewood. O. 
Jamea Clarence Webater, Chemici 

John Milliean Stroup, Teacher, 
College. Winona Lake. Ind. . 
...;..= — ^.,-.:-^ ■"■-mpaon. Salesman, -i.a 
ortland Cement Co., 

Sidney Lipicomb Weedon. Buaiaesa, with 
The CoUegiate Association, Cleveland. 
O. ; Res. 1117 E- tooth St., Cleveland, 

>a^^ouatne^' Bat< 

uaiiersea. b. w., tonoon, Eng. 
[erchant Bliss Bowman. Medical Sludent, 
University of Michigan, pn E. Huron 
St., Ann Arbor, Mich.; Res. Martin, 
Sidney Addlaon Davies. Lawyer. 4; Pub- 


and, O. ; Rea. 1481- 



DitU Bcvta Hopklni. Ai 

, q.. 


i, O. 
7JS7 N. A&- 

Postal Ttltgi 

Bids.. ChicaEO, IlL; Re 

land Blvd.. GiKaso, III. 
John Lcmar Prica, Mculluriiit, with Wut 

Pcnn Steel Co., Brackcnndsc, Pa. 
Joyce Mallalieu Wolfe, Buiiacii, with The 

Arco Co., Euclid Ave. aod E. 6sth St. 

Clevelaad, O.; Rcl 1089 £. igoth St., 

Cleveland, O. 

Georae WaihinEton Byram, Jr., aol 

loolh St., DeTcland, O. 
Howard Lee Ewart, 1089 E. lootl 

CleYeland, O. ; Rei. gai Duehet 

Canton, 6. 
WiUian Kdwald KoU, Student; 

Jo* Baardil 

' Kiefar, 

_.,, Findlay, O. 

Ralph Kroehl^ Real Eitate, with The 
Oscar Kroehle Co., _4JS Williamwn 
Bldg., Cleveland, O. ; Bei. Cliflon and 
Rsmona Blvda, Likewood, O. 

Ralph Evana Owen, Dental Smdent; Ret. 
11010 Miles Ave., Cleveland, O. 

John Laiter Proaier, Y. H. C A. Sec- 
retary, )UmilioD, O.; Res. 7S0 Park 
A»e., Hamilton, O. 

Heory Oarard Roodbnyien, Buiineii, with 
Wealern Reurve Woolen Co.. Ocre- 
land, O. ! Rei. 6004 Hough Ave,, Cleve- 

KetchUR. _ _ . , _ 
, Cleveland, O. 

uj F TcoencK urDiHinaTvr, 
RcL iSS? E. 9id St, Oeveli 



-.Jhigan, . 

Mich.: Ret. iioa Uailnt A 

ton, O. 
NorvLlI* Dodltr Mook, Student; Raa. >oS» 

E. loeth St., CleTtland, O. 
Bdwin JuTEinc Otter, Student: Ret. ijSa 

£. Blvd., CTeveUDd, O, 
Carriniton Brutta PbUlipt, Student; Rei. 

1818 £. losth St., Cleveland, O. 
Franli St. Clair ShoRtlall, Jr.. Student, 


Collese, Gan 

O.; Sea. 

Keaaath WilUain Akark Student; Ret. 
1)40 Griodriew Ave, aevelaad Heithtt, 

Allen Jtmet Bac«a Student; Rei. llBt 

E. B7ih St., Cleveland, O. 
Leonard Widiycombe Foote, Student; 

Rm. jo T.jrlor Rd., E. Cleveland, O. 
RuateU Renidaer HalL Student, Colrata 

Univ.; Res. ii8jo CTilton Blvd, Uke- 

wood, O. 
Howard Randolph Harrii, Student; Ret. 

ViialU, Ky. 
Vernon Kroehle, Student; Res. Difton 

and Ramooa Blvdi., Lakewood. O. 
Fred Ralph Wittenbach. Student; Ret. 

1856 £. 86tb St., Cleveland, O. 

Fred Martin Broda, Studint; 713 Uah 

init Road, Canton, p. 
Litre Marion BuckinEham, Student: E 

USi C Ridge St., Uonroeville, O. 

Claude Arlington Pauley, Studen' 

9>o6 Wade Park Ave., Clerelan. 

Jerome Reynoldi Touilni, Staden 


Williams Ct^se, WiUiunatown, Maw. 

•Alnmoo BUnsjr BaMwia, d Sept jo, 

•Hiiam Ball, Clersvman, d. June iS. 

•Philo Canfield. ClergymtB, d. Feb. 11, 

•Tbeodorc Jarda Clark, Clergyman, d. 

Aug. aj, 1S76, 
•George Cliibf. Student, d. Oct 14. 1S36. 
•fiamud Dana Darling, Clergyman, d. 

M»y s, 1871- 

>n Xoomla Hobart, Physician, d. Dae 

•Edward Payaon Hawkea, Teacher, d. 

June, i8si. 
•John Peabody Hilla, aergyman, d. 

•Sofflaad Saara Hown, Teacher, d. July 

•Foiter Lilly, Clergyman, d. Dec i], 

•Theophilua Page, Merchant, d. July 11. 

•Cha^ai Peabody, Clergyman, d. Feb. ». 

•David Piae, Clergyman, d. Aug. ig. 

•^h^at^ WUUan Keltogg, Clergyman, d. 
•,&ti£i U.^^„. 6. ^ 6. 
•I^^t Rude Philllpa, aergyman, d. 
•Zabnon 'Kichardi, Teacber and Author, 
•Bdn^^' WrilEf Clergymu., d. July 


•Edward Clarke, Clergyman, d. Jan. M, 
•Stephen Johnaon Field. Judge of U. S. 

.^x's.^-"i,iJsi '6,*".... 1 

Dec. I, 1904. 

•Smcia'WiluLma, aeriymao, d. Jan. i. 


•John ' HUton Brawater, Fhyiiciau, d. 

•John ' Oriswcld Bual, d. Mir. 17, 1877. 

d. Ffh. u, i88d. 
•Wyle Richardaon Ellia. Teacber, d. Apr. 

•Jouthan^Ford, Insurance, d. SepL 17, 

•Thomai Gold Oardinar. Farming and 

Slock Raiser. 
•Oiarlaa Goddard Haieltine. Teacber, d. 

•Kdmund Burke' TeniUngs, Civil Engineer. 

•Lyndon Oravea Lyman, Denciit, d.1 Sept. 

4, 1871. 
•Henry Morgan, Lawyer and Judge, d. 

•William 'l^enry Noble, Editor, d. May 

31, lB«7. 
•Bber Myers Rollo, Clergyman, d. Dec 

•Jonathan Sheldon Judd. Clergyman, d. 




, d. Mar. 



1, Teacher, d. Oct a, 
Tappan. Lawyer and 

•Nathaniel Laiell, Clergyman, d. Feb. 4. 

•Addison Lyman, Clergyman, d. 1901. 
•William Ward HitcbelT, Fanner, d. Dec 

10. 1858. V 

•John NicI 

MonUEUe Phelpa, Teac 


•fewar^*' Fli 

iUu CUrk. 

;ole Heman _,.,_ 

•y/illiam Norrii Edwarda, 
^erinlendent, d. Aug. 3, 1(107. 
•Thomas Amory Halt, Clergyman, d. Sept 

•Frederick Herring Heatings, Uanutac- 

erritt -Frai 

I Rose. Cl( 



Sept 6, 

Ji, 1S7J- 
•Sarauel Jefsop White, Clergymin, d 

•Wifliam jsmet White, Businesi. d. 

•ClTarlU ^bold Wright, Broker, d. 

•fi^hJaiii' Monroe Wri^t Clergymi 
M»y 17, 1878. 



•JoiBM Watson Brows, Phyiiciin and 

Teacher, d. July 7, 189a. 
«J>ni« Madiaon Burt, Merthanl, d. Uar. 

•George Marah Cadr. Physician, d. 1B75. 
■Bdwird p. Clark, l-hysician. 

•Olivet DImon, Clergyman, d. Ang. >i, 

•CEiarUs Noble Emerion, Lawyer, d. Apr. 

•Hiram Varner Fariuwarth. Butiness, i. 

July =6, 1899- 
•Daniel Delevan Froat, Oersyinan, d. 

•Chtritt'ktiifty. Clergyman, d. Not. aS, 


cl Newell HiU. Cle 

gymao. d. J 


n ^'atthewa Jordan. 

Cotton Plan 


uly 11. i3«3. 

EC H<:CI<l!and, d. 

eFore 187]- 


rt Clark Robioaoo. 



lea Whittleiey, Law 

yer. d. Dec 

■Edwin Curtii Bidwell. Phyticlaa. d. 1905. 
•Henry Beach Blake, Clergyman, 3. May 

a, 18S4. 

■Luther Clapp, Clergyman, d. Jane 14, 

•Ofrai^el Wellinaton Cooley, aergymao, 
d. , May 6, Mg. 

*C&'u1a°boitt, Lawyer, 4 Mar. ■891. 
•Samuel Ware Ti-her, Teacher, d. Jan. 

6, 1884. 
•Wbliam Earl FUnt. CleTgymsn. 
■Samuel HUdrcth Alter, Lawyer, d. Oct. 

a, 186S. 

■Jamea Harrick. Clergyman, d. Dec i> 

•William Hilla, Manulactuier, d. July la, 

•Oiarlea Edmund Jenktna. 
•William Aia Keith, Clergy mai 



Little. Business, d. Hay 17. 1897. 
t H. Lyon. d. 1839. 

Lawrence Hanh, Lomber Dealer, 
ne 10, 1S50. 

Jamea Hootague, Clergyman, d. 

lid Edwarda Pieraon, Clergyman, 

Deni _ . 

■jlmn Sedgwick, Teacher, d. Nd>. 7. 

•Jam« Schareman Slurter. Lawyer, d. 

Aug. i, i86j. 
•Franklbi Clark Stroiv, Student, d. Jtine 

•Aiituitus Worthington Taylor, School 

•Ephrain 'Teiiney, Theolo^cal Student, 
d. Han 8. 1841. 

'Joieph Warner, Manofacti 
'■ 1877. 

G. Warren. 
a Warren, 1 
!ll Hedad V 

•Thomaa Scott Bacon, aergymao. d. 1004. 
Addiaon Ballard, College Proleaior, i. 

Dec. I. 1014. 
'Elisha Bourne Baaiett, Lawyer, d. Nov, 

'Theodore Cooke, Clergyman, d. Aug 17, 

William Henry Edwarda, Lawyer, d. Apr. 

t* Rigor Bntler, ClerEyman, d. 
t7. 1B86. 
y Alexander Ford, Miaiionanr. d. 

•WUliim doodwio. Clergyman, d. 




July ■«, 
Agur Kawley, Phytieian. d. 
wa Hubbard, Teacher, d. Atig. 

'Jokn Healy Kellora, Fruit Grower, d. 

Mar. 17, 1891. 
'Thomaa Scott Lambert, Phyaician d. bc- 

1 Le Perre, Parmer, d. Aug. 

Lyman, Clergyman, d. Uar. }i, 

'D^vright Whitney Harah. Clergyman, d. 

iry Oabom, Clergyman, d. Uar. jd, 

B. Oiborn. Student, d. July, igjo. 
'Andrew GufEn KUey, Dniggiit, d. Uo- 

'John Hania Sage. Clergyman, d 1851. 
Maynard Seara, Clergyman, d. 

9. iSsj. 

rorrey Smith. Clergyman, d. May 


ATamer, Clergyman, d. Sept. ■>. 

Xyman Piahar WUleoi, 



: Prederick Bigelow, Phyaiciai 

Boiae, Judge, d. Apr. 
•Roawdl Colton Braiaard. Lawyer, d. Jan. 
•cliarle'i'seUogg Clark, Farmer, d. Uar. 
•George Clark. Clergyman and Teacher, d. 

•Aleiander Burnbridge Dllley, Oergyman, 

d. Sept. 39. 180]. 
•Jamea Bogardus DoDnelly. Clergyman, d. 

Oct. 31, i8s5. 
■Cyrus Horton Fountain, Druggist, d. 

Jnne >i, 18S4. 
•Abraham Goamao, Clergyman, d. Jan. 

■Daniel Carroll Greene, Uerchant. d. Dec. 

30, 188;. 
•Cyrua Guffin, Lawyer, d. i8;a. 
•Henry Brown Hoaford, Teacher and 

Clergyman, d, i8Sg. 



•J*r«) Olii HUl* lagcTuU, Physician, d. 


•Divid Rood, Miss 


1. Clerj 

*Henry KellosE, Law Studcni, 

'juni fs', 

1 Judge, 

Edward Lord, ClcBytnaa, 

N, Y. 
*John Bndcn Uann, L,aiw 

i. May I. 189B. 
•Eliiht Belcber Head, PhysicUn, d. Apr. 

*I^i^ &. HMkcr, d. July : 
•John SaylM Polu " 
Uar. 3B, iSgg. 


•Luciui Edwin Smith, Clergyman and 

•John tolton Strong, Clergyman, d. 

Dec. 1, i8q6. 
•Henry Au^uitui Tuttle, Merchant, d. 

•Henry Jerome Barker. Civil Engineer, 
•Crrui Bentley. Lawyer, d. Jnne 13, 
•Jacob* Beit. Clergyman, d. Apr. ifi, 189S. 



•Isaac DtLamaier, Clergyman, d. Dec. 18, 

■ i8fli. 

•Charlei Demond, Pension Examiner, d. 

Apr. a. 1889. 
•Joihua Edwarda Ford, Missionary, d. 

Apr. 3, 1866. 
•James Qreen, Farmer, d, Oct »«, [893. 
■Calvin ColtOB Halsey. Physician, d. Aug. 

•Josiplf'IVidenun Hawkes, Merchnni, d. 

lane 10, ,B6s. 
•Theron Holbrook Hawkei. Insimctor, d. 

No., la. ,n<iS. 

>, Binkc 




. t'eac 

•Aleiinder Harcua Huling, Lawyer, d. 

•John' Pwte Laniing, Agent, d. Mar. 

7, i8q6. 
■JotUb Lascll. Manufacturer, d. Mar. 15. 

•Samuel Hills Laiell. Physician, d. Dec. 

6. 1S81. 
•AreUB Goodman Loomis. Clergyman, d. 

•CaNiii Wa'ldV' Harsh. Commission Mer. 

■Cyras 'T^gm M^'lll. J^lergyman. d Aug. 

fEdmud Hoadiah Swift Hoi^in, Phy. 

sician, d. July jo, iSSj. 
•Martin Shaw Pixler. Clergyman, d. Sept. 

•Wil'li^. Bainbridge Rice. Manufacturer, 

Apr. 8, i8si. 
.rman Silcox. Theological Stu. 
dent, d. Apr. 6, 1848. 
•Jared Sanford Smith, Clergyman, d. 

Sept. 17. 1873. 
•James H. Spelman, Clergyman, d. ifldo. 
•Edward R. Tinker, Merchant, d. Aug., 


•Aaron Robert! Wolfe. Clergyman, i 

•Nelson Palter Atkint. Teacher, d. Dec 

6. iBiSi. 
•Henry Hartyn Bacon, Clergyman. 

Mar. 6. 1894. 
■William Weimore Baldwin. Clergyn: 

d. July .1. ■87a. 
■Charles Brewster, Student, d. 1S45. 
■Charles Duryee Buck, Clergyman, 

Uav 36, 1803. 
•Stephen Busd, Clergyman, d. July 15, 

•Anson Clark. Clergyman, d. Jan. 11, 18 
•George Remembrance Cowlei. Manui 

turer. d. Apr. 7, iBgy. 
•Theodore Jacob Denton, Merchant and 

Farmer, d. 1005. 
•WiUiim Woodbridge Eddy, Ubsiooary, 

•CharlesHasan Hall, Lawyer, d. Ma 

•WillaM Hodgei, Farmer, d. July J. iBBp. 
■Joel Albert Jennings. Teacher, d. July 

ij, 1873. 
•Benjamin Hcaure. Theological Student, 

d. Nov. 16, 1 84;. 
■Samuel Lewis llerrell. Clergyman and 

Instructor, <t. Sept. 18, 1900. 
■AloniD Danvers Nichols. Bank Caihii 

d. Feb. a=. 1863. 
•Lawton Sylvan^ ParH>na. Lawyer, 

Dec. JO, 1861. 
•Daniel Sheldon Rodnaa, Clergyman, 

Nov. 10, 1896. 
•George Lafayette Squier. Manufacturi 

•George Stone, Seal Esute, d. Feb. 3 

'David Almerin Strong, Clergyman, d. 

•Erasnit Anderson, Student, d, Aug, I 

•Charles Baaiett Ball. Clergyman, d. Jai 

37. i8s9. 
•Eri Bogardus, Farmer, d. Feb. 30, 190. 
•Frederick Humphrey Brewster. Miisioi 

aty, d. Jan. =9. 1S53. 
■John Crossfield Clegg. Lawyer, d. De- 

■Gabtiel Grant. Surgeon, d. Not. 8. 1909. 

■George A. Haynes. Ttroker. 

•Charfei Lyman Hubbell, Physician, d. 



•AUin Stanler Kelloei, Clcrsynui 

Author, d. Apr. 3, 1893. 
•Lcinder Kipp, Sludenl, i. Hit *«, 
•ThomM A. Uvell. A J.o. 11, iS8e. 
•Eminoiu Tbompaon HockriiKc Utr- 

chanl, d. Nov. 1. 1913. 
*Iuiah Hall Nutting, Pby*ici>a. d. Dec 

•Iacr«H BiiBES PaBCi Student, d. Ang. 

*J<>ei Stul«v Pue, LawTcr, d. Aus. 

•Bdwitd Liwrcnce Pagiler, Student, 

*Ambroie B]id«t, Lawjer, d. Apr. 

•Hanhall DanforEh Sanden, Miiiionary, 

d. Aug. 19, 1B71. 
•William NcbtmUh Sayre. Mill Superin- 

tendrnl, d. July m, iBjfi. 
•AndrEW Muitv Smith, FhyiicUa. d. Oct. 

*Hma llirvcr TBthlll, Lawyer, d. Jan. 
— . IB9<. 

uaha WnicuBvcT, ^1^(^7x01 
:iely Secretarr, d. Feb. ig. 

•John B. Watarmta, Stndeol, d. Apr. 19, 

•David Amet WeUi, AutbDi, d. Hot. S. 

•Henry Weill, Student, d. Sept., 1S4}. 

•Bitbee Honill Bull, Phjiician, d. 1889. 
•Warren Clarke Benton, Lawrer, d. Dae. 

•Thomai Scott 

•EUaha Wlilttleaetr ClerjTman and ! 

:k Bacon, Clergyman, d. 
Bancfaud, Stndent, d. 

idler, ClcTCymin, d. 

■Reuben L. Bornton, Teacher, d. 1847. 

•LouL. W. Bryant. 

•ITial Wade Condit Cleriyman, d. Sept 

•Tho'niai Scbofiald Dewing, Oergyman, d. 

Feb. as, 1S91. 
•GeoTie Palmer Folaom, Clerfyuun, d 

•Jamet Mannini Hoaford, I,a*ryer and In- 

■urance, d. Aug. 14, iBfS. 
•JotEph KcenejF, Phyiician, d. July T, 

•I MIC Newton Lincoln, Clergyman, d. 

Sept J, iS6a. 
Elihu Loomia, Clargyman, CBDter-nllc, 

•Judaon Guitteau Lymaa, Farmer, d. ScpL 

•Henry Colton Horrii. 

•William Allen Nilea, Clergyman, d. Sept 

14, l897- 
•Charlea Hcnrr Norton, dergymin, d. 

•JiAn Lvnuet Thomaa Philllpi, College 

Profeiior, d. Apr. 4, 1879. 
•Lrman Douglaaa Prmdlc, Lawyer, d. 

Uay 17, 1896. 
•Thnmaa Hendenon Rouie, Qergyman, A. 

•Oiarie* ^Burt Sheldon, Clergy nail, d. 

Sept II. i8!i:. 
•Samuel Bridget Sheldon, Teacher, d. Apr. 

II. 1849. 
•Andrew Kingahury Sml^ Amy Surgeon, 

•Horace Boardman Smith, Lawyer and 

ludRC, d. Dec. iS, [SSS. 
•Thomaa Ward Stafford, Fanner, d. l£ar. 

i». iSoi. 
•Nathaniel Bmraona Taylor, Lawyer, d. 

•Julius Sylveilv Townaend. Clergyman. 
•Abrahun^Van Wyck Van Veehten. Law- 

1. July a?. 

June 18, 1863. 
Edgar Warner Clarke, 
Snietilu. of P.O. Pi 

'^' " " 

Secretary, d. Aug. le, 1H9». 
•Edwin DaTenport, ProIeMor, d. iBgf. 
•Derick DefreesL Fbylician, d. 18B5. 
•Jacob B. Drif3,A. 1S65. 
•Charlei Seely Dunning, Clcrgymas, a, 

Jane i, iS8s. 
•Samuel Tobey Field, Lawyer, d. i»oi. 
•Chtitdler Th«nai Ford, Teacher, d. Sept 

•Noah Tar Oirdser, Teacher, d. Not. 11, 

•Wuln^ Franklin Horlbut 

•Thoma* Colton Pumelea Hydt, Famer, 

— ~ '■ 'weU Ingalli, Merchant, d. 

Not. .., 

•Thomaa Jefferaon King, Fhyiiciu, d 

Nov. 6, i8S«. 
•Arunah Hall Lilly, Clergyman, d. Atv- 

•John GiboB HcMyoo, Tocher, d. Jnae 

•Jacob OerriR Miller, Clergyman, d. Ang. 

•ClfarleV^rake HlUi. Phyiician, d. Dec 

17. 1S78. 
■WiUEam Pitt Poctor, Lawyer, d. Mir. ig, 

•John Keed, Farmer and Surreyor, d. July 

•John Dennia Strong, Clergyman, d. 

Mar. u. iBjo. 
•Nithan Trowbridge, Drugglit, d. May i. 

Conoitb CUrgyman, 

•loha HarrlD Batcheldor, Teacher, d. i«ei. 
•Edward QritEn Beckwitfi, Clergyman, d. 

•Fliher Amci Siolu, Law Student, d. Apr. 

17, 1851. 
•BTclyn Auguitui Burt Bnsineai, d. Nov. 

U. 1890 
•Albert C 
•George 1 

Nov. ij, 
•George Wa 

d. Hay tu .^^ 
•Zebina Curti<«, Student, d. 1848. 
•Edward Irving Ford, Pbyticiu, d. Nov. 

16, I9dB. 
•Joieph Crane Foater, Clergyman, d. Jidy 

13, 1860. 
•Timothy Altyn Haiea, Clergyman, d. 

•dwydon' Webiter Higgina. CtergynuN 

and Editor, d. Aug. 31. l8u- 
•Jamea Barber Howard, Clergyman, d. 

Jan. i«, iSs*. 



•NiAmi SbarwDOd Klnt, Pliyiiciui, d. 

*Bob*rt Bruce Moorniaii, litwytr, d. Uar., 

•laho Scott NeliOB, ClergymaD, d. iSSo. 
1 Newbinki. d. Adk. sS, 189}. 
" ' ■■ " ^ ■■ ■ I. d. Dee. 

■John Newbinki. d. Aug. sS, 
■John HiribiU Nnnon, Librwi 

•Lutbcr HopklDi Nortiuop, Teacher, d. 

•■lull' Gri7 OKden, aeriymaD. d. Not. 

•Dalid'^mlth Pierce. 

•Wtlliam Delino PutDani, Teacher, d, tBs'- 
■Francli Rand, Teacher, d. Jnae aj, iBS«. 
■Newton Heoir Roneter, Student, 6. Dec. 

■o, iSsj. 
■Lyndon Arnold Smith. Railroad Biuineia, 

i. Oct 31, iSg4. 
■Joseph Dwigbt Stroos, Clergyman, d. 


*fioben Uawn Swift. Law Stadent. i. 

Dec iS. 1S48. 
■David Haven Tbarer, Qergyman, d. 

Sept. 10, iSSa. 
•Hilton Burrall Whitner, lawyer, d. 

Sept. 8, i«is. 

■Peter Hasaa Bartlett, Dersyman and 

1(, 1 J 


■Jarrla Hartb 

1 Adas.., 


d. March 


ui Alden. Ij-yer, 

, d. Not. 

•Wlflttd Oiew Cwp«Bter. Ne«>p>p« ni». 

Wi.S,'.' If; cSi-. p™..„ D„,.„ i 

■Abner DeWitt, QeraTinan, d. Apr. 18, 

Preicott Fajf, 

cn,tu«. ,S 

Fruit Culture ai 
Central St., Pra 


■Zphralni Flint. Clergyman, d. Not. aS, 

■Francli Penelon Ford, Clergyman, d. 

July iS, i8;E. 
■Charle* StiJlniaa Joilln, Merchant, d. 

Dk. .1, 190S. 
■Jeue Lorenio Lyona. Cler(yman, d. Har, 

■Oeorge Uillsa Hoyei, Lawyer, d. Apr. 

15. 1861. 
■TinoAy Fickerios Raimey, Lawyer, d. 

■John Seymour, Teacher; d. Oct, iSj4. 
■Jimo White, College Trcaiurer, d. Sept. 

•Sbnion BaUhelor, Writer, d. Sept, j, 

■Rowan Clarke, Phy.ician, d. Apr. 3. 189$. 
■John Daniel Englbh, Clergyman, d. Apr. 

ChulL^Edwird Karwood, Vice-Preiident 
Mexican Peiroleura Co., loij Security 
Bldg., Los Angelea. Csl. ; Re>. Upland, 

■Norman I.cwl( Johneon, Lawyer, d. Hay 

■John Adama Kilbnm, Lawyer, d. No*. 

(Init by 

■Jacob WiUiam 

Amheril), Clergi , _. .,,, ,.^. 

■Benjamin Uaaon Hunn, Lawyer, d. Dec 

■Frederick Alonio Cnrtl*, d. June 10, 
■OUver Bliai Hayci, BooVkeeper, d. July 

, d. Not. 

•WillUm Dodge Porter, Nat. Temp. So- 
ciety Trcaiurer, d. Feb. a6, 1911. 
■Albert Haoifield Pratt. Lawyer, d. Oct. 

Pirwn*, Cleri 

■Wiifiain' 'Sidney Potter. Teacher, d. Aug. 
■Heniy Lyman Pratt, Lawyer, d. Sept. iB, 
•Llewellyn Pratt, Clergyman, d. June 14. 
•Bela Newton Seymour, Clergyman, d. 

•WlUlai^'WtKe*, Farmer, d. Api 
■Alden BradforS Whipple, Clcr 


gyman, d. 

■Robert John Adami, Qergymin, d. Not. 

•Oct^rge Ell Beckwith, Sugar Planler, d. 

Not. J], iSpS. 
•Orlando CuUen Blacknar, MinafactDrcra' 

Agent, d. Jan. j, loij. 
•Jane* Alphnii Clark, College Frofeuor, 

•LCTeul*" Eifdy! (ioit. by We«tem R^ 
serve), Clergyman and Teacher, d. Sept 

•George Kaieltine, Oil Prodocer, d May 

', Sec Congl. Ui 

■hill Howe, Physician, d. 

Uiner, Oergymin and Edi- 
ngl. MiniiCers' Aid tar Wii. 
Stale St., Mad 

Apr. : 


•ChartM' A«r9 Read, 'Tanner,' <j. it^j. 
•Joseph Smith Wlaani, Physician, d. Hu. 

•Jainei Samuel Wooda, Phyaiciin. d. Not. 
at, 1860. 


•JuduD Aiplnwall, Farmer, d. Oct. 10, 

•Walter Hilsay Clark, aergyman ina 

Teacher, d. J\ine i,, i(.ia. 
Daniel Foote. 
•Horace Barnes Foakett, Clergyman, d. 

■JohS Piiur^'n Sheltoo Cifford, Mcr. 

chant, d. Aug. ij. tSg;. 
■Heman Kiihtdatea QlaSb Seedimio, d. 

Mar. 4. 1911- 


Heniy Ct«ir Heniit, Cold S 

{Id^iie Hbl. (Inil. by Wrntcrn 
Clerg^ao, Hunptoa Instituti 

Htary Hoorc. Lumbi 



'Cmtge WathiBgion Korthrup, Theol 
fi,n.m»ry President, d. Dei^ afl, .. 
Rockwell. Lawyer, d. Ma; 

■Robert Ba7*rd Snowden, Clecaytni 

Jacob d'l 


rtrddenl, oS FatminBton Ave, Hart- 
ford. Cl. 
James Culhrie, Railroad Agenl, d. Apr. 

A'ctan^er Hutchini. Physician, d. Jvlr 

Edward Pajrson Kimball, (Init. by Am- 

1iFrsl>. Lawvcr. d. March a. I0"0. 


JOiu, Clergymai 

' Hotatk) Taft, Teacbe 
30. 11I61. 
*Jun*i Judaon Tuckar, Clergym 

U, 1864. 
Lymin Warner, <Inil. by W. 

•Crnii Morrla Dodd. Opiteae Profeiso 

Apr. as, ifig;. 
•Samuel Baker Forbti. Cler£yinan 

■Alpha b. Criiwold, d. Jan. i. 1891. 

Robert Emmei McHath. ' 

(Heiired), 511 Bonipari 

Oroves, Mo, 
'Irving Maece. Clergyman, d. Nor. B, 

•Andrew Panoni, Clergyman, d, Ang. 

•Charles Morgan Pierce. Clergyman, d. 

John P.* Roe'. ^B roker . 

■Charles Auguitiia Stork, Theoloaiul 

School Professor, d. Dec, i?, iSBl, 
•Aleiandef Walkir, lawyer, d. Mar. ij, 

•Horace Herman Well*. Uwyer. d. Au|, 

•Ephraim Livii 

Sept, 8. iHsg, 

•George Alphi 

igaton Lincoln, Lawyer, d, 
I HiUer. Clergyman, d. 
by Weitern Re- 

•Jamea OrK 

•Jacob Whii 

dress. Auburn, N, V. 
Cearge Thomaa Washburn. Cler 

Educator, 181 Kensington A 

den, Ct. 
•Charles P. Wheeler, Farmer. 

lames Abrnm Garfield. Fresldenl ol 

: the 

'S'i;s."d"!s,"=-.r;™;. *"" 

Heo.7 Martyn Jones, Clergyman, d. 
Ch'arle>^We>ley HacCatthr. Clergyma 



lake's McL«n. (Inil, by Western 
serve). Clergyman, d. Jan. 11. 1S84. 
dndn Hathaway Pound, Captain 


' and 

rer, d. 1 


•Rufut Aplhorp. Clergyman, d, De 
Samuel Edward Elmore. Retired 


hdamt, Fstmei uid Real 
ter Bissell, Newspaper 

% Henry EijMll. Clergyman, d, 

I Perry Btxby, Clergyman, d. April 

1 Henry Brown. Lawyer, d. Apr. 

I Tvrrell Buck, [i.-iiiki^r. Omaha, 
; Res, 313 K, aid St.. Omaha, 

Ford. Clergyman, d. 
rick. Physician, d, Jan. 

Lloyd, Clergyman, d, 

CofBn Painter, Clergy- 

Piercc, Clergyman, d. 

■rr. d. May 1, lotj. 
(init by Hamilton). 

', Braden 


m^n. d. J:,i., 1,1. 
•E>lward Arthur 

Lawyer, (Retired), Lawing. Mo. 
•Frank Shepard, Broker, d. July 34. 1911. 
■Lemuel Peterson Webber, Clergyman, d. 

Sept, 24. '8?j, 
■Charles Dana Wilber, Civil Engineer, d, 

Dec, JO. iSdi, 
•Lavaletle Wilson, Teacher and Civil En- 

Clergyman, d. Dec ; 
•Henrr Charles Haskell, Missionary, d, 

•Jeremia'h 'Degraff Hyde. Lawyer, d. Apr. 

'.t. 1H117. 
•Henry Albert Schaulfler, Missionary, d. 

Feb, 15. 1901, 

•William Allen Briggs. Clergyman, d. 

•William' Wilb«rforce Chapin, Clergyman. 

d. Mar. ii. 1S65, 
James Haswell Hinreod, Clergyman, 

lUwIhorne. Cal. 
•Jasper Hutchings, Lawyer, d. Uar. 3. 

•George Boswell Lcivitt, Ctergynss. 4. 

William Penn Alcoit, Clergym, 



Linebrook Church. Ipfwich, Ubu. ; Ke*. 
Boiford, Mill. 
*BdwU'd Newton Bula, Phjniciu, d 

*ThDrBii ^win Briitow, Ucrchuit, d 

Dec. 0, 190s. 
CeOTEa Minh Caninctan, Ininiincc, Wtn- 

tl^, Ct. : Bu. 4rniD«U)e Aic, Win- 


•Alexiiulct Hon ll«nria, aercymui, d. 

•WUlUm 'l^nMM Putocr. Lawjer, d. 

irinB, Callese PtoIci- 
nmer Chaiiibei*, Boi- 

n StoDa, Liiryer, d. Au|. 

Fhlmon Bockwell D», CleiaTmaii, W. 
Hirtford. Cl 

•Frederick Hicki, Hiuioaur, d. Feb. *4, 
187 1. 

CeorEe Cook SiTnoIdi, Hiiiionur (Re- 
tired}. »s Laurel St., HartlonL Ct 

OeorEC Qardner Smith. ClernmuB, )4 
Bayiid Laae. Princeton, N. J. 

Williun Chlpmln SpalnuB, Ifcrdu&l, 
Short Hilli. N. J. 

June* Dewey Tucker, Ctarfymin, jti 
&m St., Weit Hiven, Ct. 

•Georse Wbita. Clermnan, d Ifir. 14. 

•John Straws Bajme. Clergyman, d. Dec. 
•John BdwiD Bradlar, Edocator, d. Oct. 

*Omdiui Honroe Dmrr, Phyiidin, d. 

Tnne aS. 18S1. 
•Oralei Oardnu Eldrldc*, Teacher, d 

Har. no, 1875. 
Aaron Wealey Field, OersTinan. GilMon, 

N. H. 
*ChaTlat Ooldiburr, L^awyer, d Uar. ij, 

•Predeiick Holland, Farmer, d T«>- 9. 

•WUllun Pamcntw Bcsnatt, derfrmui. 

d Uar. o, 1806. 
•JoMph Albert Blake, Fubliiber, d Jatjr 

"Edward Stanley Brcwfter, Government 

Official, d June 10, 181!]. 
Bdward SoUnd Cutler, Phyiician and 

Fiimer, Bittle Creek, Mieh. 
*Samnel Ooode Wheeler Ely, d Sept at, 

•Frank Frcenuui, d No*., 1868. 

•John Howard Qoodhuc^ Worker (or 

Freedmen, d Aue. ig, 184(4. 
*It«ben StednUD Kaian, Stndeni, d Oct. 

•William' Albert Jimeh Oersyman, d 

Ercrett Sdw-^rd Lcwia. Clerirman, Box 

43 Haddan, Ct. 
Albert Honroe Hoorc, Lawyer, Central 

Block, Lowell, MiH.; Ret. 13 Ehilton 

St, Loweli, Miss. 
PranLlin Zdward_ Nettlcton,_ Snpcrintend- 

. Oct 

Hetirjr Tnoma* Penr, Hiisionarvt Am. 

Bnard o( Comma, for Fotein Uiaiioni 

(Retired), Aihiicld. Mm. 
■Homer Roceri. Mannlaclarer. d Not. 

Thom» jeRcrioB SmiA, Ffayiiciia, 
Commerce St., Bridgeton, N. I. 

•Prancii Huntington Snow, Uni' 
Chancellor, d Sept. lo, 1908. 

* Albert True, Clerayman, d. Oc 

Charlea SylTetter 

Welleiley. Mall. 

•Henri Hendrick Sn 

Ira Wilder Allan, Jr- Cleriyman, lej 

Chutnut St.. Peril, IlL 
>John Haory Burk*. Lawyer, d June 7, 

CalTin' HontarDa Clark, Clereynu 

Profcuor, Bansor '^— ' ' 

oiry, Baniur, Me. ; I 
" lor.fle. 

. joiUoi. 

Real Eiute, 

S9 Eliot St, Detroit, Mich. 

Charlei Bemica Amei, Fubtiiher Motor A 
Motor Boatini, 110 W. 40th St, New 

York. N, Y.; Rei^Metuchen^N. J. 

*enity, ■^tthiigtoa. D. C; Rei. 2900 
Snenth St, N. E., Wuhington. D. C 

■Lewii Alexander lame*. Superinlendent, 
d Feb. B, 190., 

William Wataon Ranney, Clergy man, 
Paitor of First Congrigitiona] Church, 
.501 Wood Ave., Colorado SprioRi, Col. 

George WaAlngton Yatei, Jr., Agent tor 
Yales Drug & Chemical Co., 15S-163 
Leonard St. Nfw Vorli, N, Y. ; Rei. 
Saratoga Cub, Saratoga Spring), N. Y. 

Orlando Curtiii Bidwell, Lawyer, Great 

Bairington, MlSf. 
•George Henry FUnt Clergyman, d. July 

wfSiim'^ither Uarvin, Principal High 
School. Hoosick Falli. N. Y. ; Rei. Par- 

•Charle* HcAliUter, Phyaician, 
Janet Gilbert Haion. aergyman 

:. N. J.; 

. N. r 

ger High Scho 
" ass N. «lh E 



John - 


1 Robert BrouitatDii, Phj 

»r01uhCDIL PhvBLCLUli 34 1 

New York, S. Y.; ICm. 

*Ruih WUlNt Kimbtll, Phy*iciin and 

Snrgton, d. Nov. it, 1915, 
Archia Freeman HcAUiur, L>«rcr< Uais 

St, GouTtrniur. N. Y.; R«. «» ain- 

lon Si., Gouieraeiu, N. Y. 

HamUtDD Ford Allen. Profcttor, Waah- 
iastoo and Jefferson Collefe, Waihing- 

•Herbert HatKna Allen, Clergyman, d. 

9. 113 

r Uiddle- 

tioa Broker, d. De ., , 
Hcnrr Daniel Wild, Profeiior Williamt 

Collecc WilliamitDWD, UsM, 1 Rei. 7 

Southwotlh St, WillLanmown, Maaa. 
Charles Ad ami Williams. PrincilHl of 

High School. Hudson. Hasa. ; Res. «« 

Wanen St. Hudson, Mass., 


r Broncblon, Den 

Oliver Stowe Brown. Manufaclurer, with 
McClerrnan & Co., 1234 Fco^e* Gas 
Bldi.. Chicago, 111. : Rea. Box 7]. 
Ravmia, Hi. 

John Frederick Fitachen, Jr., CtertT'lU''' 
Paslor of Jefferson Ave. Preihyierian 
Church, Detroit, Mich.; Res. 171 Semi- 
nole Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Hcnrj Foster Qrout, Real Estate, Shir- 
ley Centre, Mass. 

•Edward Aleaander Johnson. Journal ill, 
d, Jan. 13, 1894. 

Carlton Spencer Sererance, Assessor of 
Estates and Guardianships, Scott Bldi.. 
Salt Uke City, U. ; Res. Keith Apts., 
Sail Uke CitT. U. 

WillUm J«M Runcic Welton. 

Rulberford HcOiStix (Ini 

-^--n), Manolar -—- 

..orks, Duluth 

E. Filth Si.. Dulotl 

Franklin Klttredge Wbhe. Merchant 
Columbia Terrace, firookline. Mass. 

Laboratory, with The U. S. Rubber 
Ca. s«i W (Bth Sl, Kew York, K. Y.; 
Ret. 14J Gordonhurat Ave.. Upper Mont- 

cUir, V. J. 

, ,,„ , ■. Univ. 

Oncsgo. Chicago, . " " ~ 

bark Ave.. ChicaRO, .... 

William Howell Edwarda. Teadtet, Bon' 
High School. Brooklyn. N. Y.; Res. M 
Quracy St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Prank Har "■ ■■ ' 

Elmore. Men 
oechat Co.. 

666, P™ 

dence, R. 1. 
Harrr Woodrtdl Johnson. (Inil. br Mid- 

dletury). aetgymsn, 150 S. Hanover 

St., Nanticoke, Pa. 
Frank L.eonaid Lace, Clergrman, tt 

Savin Hill Ave., Boston, Uaai. 
Parson Sibley Wild:, Writer and Fanner, 

Sill University Ave., Chicago, III. 

Bmeat Clark Bartien, Qcrgyman, Cbebna- 

John bbarles' Campbell, SeercUty, Sonlh- 
n.=.. em Highland Division, Russell Sue 

Foundation, 41s Legal Bldg., Asheville, 
Mem. N. Cj Ret. "Bliibewood.^' St. Dnn- 

Bing- stans Rd.. Atheville. N. C 

Bing- WlnChrop Benton Greene, Clergyman. 
Walnut and ml St, Philadelphia. Pa.; 
ee, d. Res. Hamillon Ct, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Leverctt Bradbury Merrill. Vocal Teacher, 
immit' 118 TremoQI St, Boston, Matt. 

Frederick Buahnell Ryder, Editor, Eil- 
.... ._ _..■_.. Office, asaS Gilbert Ave, Cin- 

Henry Bumham Boone. Lawyer, Uni- 
versity Suiion, Charlottesville, Va. 

Slmer Rockwood Edson, Physician, B14 
Union St, Seattle. Wash. 
. Nov. Charlea Taft Ennia, Lawyer, Lyons, N. Y. 

Lonit Palmer Slade, Principal of High 
School, New Britain. Ct. ; Ret. 1536 

William Hafdeo Baker, Fhysiciaa, cij 
Hampshire St, Quiney, IlL 

Aleisnder White Doolittle. Cotton Broker, 
log Genesee St. Utica. K. Y. ; Ret. 
1116 Sunset Avt, Utica, N. Y. 

Richard Sweet Folsom, (loit by Colum- 
bia), Lawyer, Mem. of Folsom, Jennings 
A Filer, 181S-76 West Adama St, 
Chicago, IlLi Ret. uiS Prune Ave., 

N. I. ; Res. 11 Brinckerhoff Ave 
hold, N. J. 
Henry Grant Rowe, Editor. Uedinj 

WlDfred Howard Babbitt Labor Agency, 
with Hawaiian Suaar Planters Atsocia- 
tion, Box 315 Honolulu. Hawaii; Res. 
171S Nunanu Ave.. Honolulu, Hawaii. 



_-_, MU Barllatt, Liwyer. Ua 

Butlett A Grimmelt. Dsry, N. H. 
Wlltiun Kudr Oorman, Sute Hoipilil U 

Hiclay Hoyut, Suic'* Attorney. Crmi- 
inal Court Bldg., Chicuo, ill i Kci. 
Si}6 Blaclutone Ave, Ouubo, III. 

Fniik SUIintan Parmenter, Lawyer, 408-9 
ClDBOD ¥1. Troj, N. Y.i R*». J W»ih- 
instoa PL. Troy, N. Y. 

Honroe W*ed Smith, Salu Haniinr. with 
Hutchina-Kllbaunie Co., Bao TmiKct 
Arc, Buffalo, N. Y.: Sa. logr tin- 
wood Atc, Buffalo, N. V. 

John Danlal Wild. UwTer, with Cbaodlcr, 
Hildreth, & Co., jfi W. Waihiogton St.. 
Chicago, III.; Res. ij6o E. jiod St., 

Frederick Bowden Anr. InaDTance. .Vicc- 
Pm. The Fred, P. Thonus Co.. S19 
Sweiland Bldg., atveland, O.; Rm. 40 
Ut. Upton Si., E. Cleveland. O. 

Berthier Whitford Mather, PhTaician, 

aon St; Wan 

^ht Oordon Smith, PhTiician, 1411 
C^mnbia Rd., WaihinotoD, D. C 
udiey Woodbridgc StricUand. Ltwyer. 
Mem. West & Stnckland, (03-610 Symci 

Bldg., Den "-' "- -- " '-- 

Si., Dtmt 


t Downing 

William Adami Bntiia. Lawyer, Mem. 
Burai, CunmiBga & Raaentbal, 8 Bank 
Row. Pittilield, Maia.: Rei. g? Apple- 

Ion ^Te., Pitta'field. It^aii 

J Coro 


ido Bids., Denrcr, Col 
[llaire St.. Denrer, Col. 

St PhUlipi Dike, Lawyc 
. ai«r. ' -■ ' 

-remont Bldg,. _.. . 

:in^iiit Rd., Cheslnnt Hill. Brooklin. 

Copeland A Dike, 3J0 

M«n. W. B. Uerwin ft Co., 414 H. W. 
Heilman Bids., Loi Annlea, CaLl Set. 
iii W. CaliJamia St., Faudena, CaL 
Loula O. Wood*. Retail Automobile Buai- 
ness, iiD £. Main St.. Morriaon, IIL 1 
Kei. 506 E. Main St.. Morritan. IlL 

Edward Rice Bolton. Lumber, Real Ea- 
Ute, Vice-Prciident W. M. Cameron ft 
Co.. Waco, To. ; Hei. iiaj Aoitln A^e., 
Waco, Tei. 

Barak Gritman Colea, Jt„ Banking, 74 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. ; Ret tio 
Eighth Ave., Brooklyn N. Y. 

on. IIL 

John Fillraote Burkett Lawyer, ti6 So. 

Main Si.. Findley, O. 
Francii Rockwall MarTiii, Lawyer, iriS 

Williauioii Bldg.. Qereland, O. : Re>. 

S604 CameRie Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Latuenci Wortfaington Pierce, Poultry, 

Box 75. Wett Acton, Uaaa. 
Jamea fiarbaut RichardMa, Manafactunr, 

with The American Thread Co.. iCo W. 

Broadway, New York, N. Y.; Res, 75 

Monroe ¥l.. BloomEeld, N. J. 
William Howard Richardun, Manufic- 

turer, Preaident of Richardson Paper 

Co., Locldand. O.; Rea. Gleadale. O. 
Hark Homer Rogen; Phyiiciaa, 4S3 

Beacon St., Boiton, Maaa.; Kea. Bal- 

mom. Mat*. 
RaTmoBd John Rollffioa, Undertaker, 

Hermance A RulifTion, 11 Gihba St.. 

RodcBter. N. Y. : Rei. 170 Seneca Park- 
"iche.ter, N. Y. 
Brewiter Sonthwick. Buiineii. 

.-, „..j St,. Northampton. Maa*. 
HantT Spanglcr Tbompaon, Saginaw, 

WUb'sc' Ward. Phyiician. 14 W. joth St.. 
New York. N. Y. 

S'r^ 714 Evani Bldg.. Waahington. 
. C ; Rn. 414 Julian St.. Waukegan. 

Roy Clement Burr, Engineer, with The 

New York Telephone X:o.. ij Dey St.. 

New York, N. Y. : Rea. Cheitnut Ave., 

Meiuchen, N. J. 
•OiTin Archibald Campbell. Teacher, d. 

Mar. 1.?, 1890. \ 

Clinton Chmrehm Clark*^ Jt„ Altadena, 

Richard Brown Harrh. Lawyer, 10 

Ziegler BIk.. Spokane, Wish.; Rn. 7>o 

Cannon St.^ Spokane, Wuh. 

Sylietter Fa* Cart, Lawyer, with Moot, 
Sprague, Broomell & Harcy. Erie Co. 
Svga. Bk. Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. ; Rei. 
£0 Hodge Ave., Buffito, N. Y. 

■Gny Rnaigll Dennet^ Busineai, d. 1901. 

Oiln Holchkiaa Dlcklnami, Uannfactorer 
of Auto Bodies, Vice-Preaident of Bine 
Ribbon Auto & Carriage Co., 1711a 
Broadway, New York, V. Y.; Ro. 
South Mt Park, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Qeorgc Zarl ^dr-Trnds, Teacher, Dark- 
son, N. Y. 

Bantd Briatol Holmes, Phyaiciaa. jo N. 
Michigso Avt, Chicaao, IIL; Sea. 843 
E. 4otti St.. Chicago, ai. 

*aeoTge L. Rorton, d. Sept. ij, i»6. 

Archibald Lawrence Hoyna, Phytician and 
Surgeon. 1; £. Washington St., Chicago. 
Ill.;,Rei. 4145 Indiana Are., Chicago, 

Riggi Howard, Oergyman, WlUiam Qaorgo Xaattr, Phyait 

riui L,eggett, Automobile and Garage 
Boiinesa, with Nyack Garan, Inc., oj- 

«Bnrd St., Nyaek. M. Y. ; Sea. % 
nl Ave.. Nyack. N. Y. 




Rob«il Jkcob Huliler, l^ca, 3647 Broad- 

w.y, New YorV, N. Y. 
Stfpben NDr« Wasd, Iniuranct ind 
BmkErage, with R. C RiltibaDC & Son. 
~ '-' ■ n L-ae. New York. N. Y. ; 
. N. J- 


Winfidd Hajna Denactl, Bu.ine«», with 
Glasgow Mfg. Co., S. HwUcy Fall*. 

•Triitam Burjn Johnioa, htwyet, d. Joly 

Bide., Troy, N Y. ; Re». 608 Third Ate, 
TtoJ, N. y. ' 
Donald Pritchard Smith. Auuti 


1 UniTi , 


net Cutler BanDL P»l>*' B"*'™- 
1 H G Crai« i Co., »oo Fifth At*., 
J York. N V" Rei i>a W. .6." 


Dik*. 1 

'f- >■■ 

Hortiin Hoit BddT, Lawye 
St, Chicaao, 111.; Res. 
At^.. Cbieaso, 111. 

Percy Haien HouMon, 

Roy llcriw«th< 

Hopkiai & 

Chicago, 111. 

Chicago. 111. 
Hatlan L«wi* Walritb. li 

Frederick Jamee BdBVMtotaT. Uaao^t:- 

turer. a Green St, Renasdaer, N. Y.; 

Res TLbbin Ave.. Troy, N. Y. 
■orri* DeCaiBD Crawford, Cotton Gooda. 

with W. B. Conmd 4 Co., 47 While St.. 

" H York, N. Y. ; Rti. « Depew A«., 


. N. Y. 



JudBir Artii'ur Harringtoii, Real 1 
and Insurance, 47 W. 34th Sty 
York, N. Y. ; fee.. Great Neck St 
N. Y- 

Lloyd H«Mi Hotrtton. F.nner. 
Houitan Broi., Talent. Ore. 

Williaia Henry Peabody, Lumber, 

Willia Per. 

'Shayne.' Bi»ine>^ Pn* 
lavoe. 8! Dearborn bt.. 
sis. los So. Sute St., 

TBI Qoldin, Brie 

W. ifiin St, t^iuiu, n. i 

Libeny St, Catakill, N. Y. 
Sobert Gray Ooodman, Secretary, Y. M. 

C A.. Angiuta, Ue. ; Rea. 4 School St 

PL, AugutU, Me. 
Herbert Kuiaell Halbig, Real EiUtc 

Dealer, 1116 Dime ^ink Bldg., De- 
troit, Mick; Res. 110 Philadelphia Ave. 

E., Detroit. Hicb. 
Hermu Livineatan. Jr., I uoranca' Broker, 

Ij E. loth St, New York, N. Y. 
Cbarlea Arthur Marvin, Dry Gooda, with 

Amoikeig Ufg. Co.. J4 Thomas St.. 

New York. N; Y. ; Kea. 174 McDon- 

oush St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
JoMph Bdvrln Sbondr, Lawyer, Darby, 

Jamee WiUlam Wadaworth, Superintend- 
ent' Needle! Gai & Electric Co., Needles. 

■Baall DollTcr Barlow, d. 1910. 

'"-' "1^— IfcOown. Hardware, with 

.town. N. V. 

Wilson KUas , 

D. J. McGown. Cooperslown. N. 
Harold Adin Nomer, Teacher, 


■ Co., ""' 

Clifford Misor 
Bayonne Steel 

N. J.; Ret 1 

N. f. 
John Howard Cnno 

ney, Hardin & 

Bldg.. Newark, N. 

Tfrrace Orange, . 
Edward Stuart i;rainer, i-ngi 

anl, wilh N. Y. & Buffalo _. . 

73 W. Eagle St, Buffalo, N. Y. : Res. 

J67 Tremont St., N. Tonawsnda. N. Y. 
Harry Preston Houston, Building and 

Loan, 614 First Savings Bank Bldfr, 

Oakland, CaL; Res. Berkeley Inn. 

Berkeley, Cal. 
Alden Ellis Moore, Circulation Minaaer. 

Cnnis Publishing Co.. Philadelphia. 

I Hickory St, 

"^kinnTr,* 'p' 
■ • ; Res. as 

phia. Pa. 
Cof* Mot 

It' Ave., Philadel- 
, with 

Secretary. Hawthorne Paper Co., Kala- 
msroo, Mich.; Res. 623 SummeT St, 
Kalamaioo. Mich. 

uckahoe, N. Y. 

Bernard Coppint, 


Did Chi 


Fenno, F 

■ire Inaor. 

ice Eng 


th Continei 

.ce Co.! 



len Lane. New York. 


. V. 


im Wil! 


rr. District 


Ith Lincoln 


ional Life 



Co., «» W. lltid St.. Bittle Cr«k. 
Mich.; Ko. BstUc Cnek. Uick. 
■Uwn Albert FUchir, Lavyei, 41 Ccdv 
Sl. New York, N. V.i So. 7a W. Mth 

ai., new iQTK, a. x.t 
St. New Yori, N. V. 

, S>n FraaciKO, CiL : Kei. 3813 

XeUey St., Sui Franclico, CaL 
WUIUm Onrsa RUcnbar^ Suiionciy, 

Board BrMae SnOTrdan, Teacher and 
Wriler, Willinon Saminarr, Euthamp- 
lon, MasL; Kei. so Faik SL, Eut- 
himplos, liau. 

Clinttn Burceaa WUltr. Auiitant Sala 
iiuugn, with The Carten Ink Co., 
Cambridae, Uau.: fica. 440 Hutdd 
Arc, CatnbridBc, Maai. 

CoIUbb Atwaur, American Hosiery Co., 
New Britain, Ct. 

John Frederick Barilrade, Lawyer, Pearl 
Ki»«r, N. Y. 

Waaler Franklin Coney, with Library 
Bureau, so7 City S»v. Bk., Bridgeport, 
Ct; Res. T36 Judion FL, Stratford, Cl. 

Edwin Wiafidd Day. 
.Lerant Maaon Hall, Publiihing, with 
Journal Prindna Co., 19 W. Second St., 
lamtMown. N. Y.: Ses. 10% l^fiyette 
5l., Jameatown, iJ. Y. 

Robert Bodlay Hlner, Paper Buainew 
with CanSeld Paper Ok, ji Duaaa 
St., New York, N. Y. ; Rei, S7S 
W. I7mA St., New York, N. Y. 

Jamet Willi*- " *- ■- " - ■ 

Rarbart Fred B^nat, Teacher, Pin«T 

School. 0iiibeth, N. J.i Sea. iisa 

Mary St, EUiabeth, N. J. 
Saward Qnffin Folaom. Real Eitate and 

Life Inanrincc, Holnea Bids.. Lima, 

O. ; Re». S3L W. North St, line, O. 
Robert Bixby FreUald, Lawyer, igi Broad. 

Henry Holland OoS, Fanner, R. F. D. No 

!. J^ J^, 

— ---, by TuftL,, .-_ 

SUodard Oil Co. of N. Y., Otaru, 

Robert Qrave^ Jr., loo W. 58th St, Nc 

York, N. Y. 
Ceorse Taylor Lynn, Lawyer, Mem. Lvn 

Broa., Wilder Bldg., Rochei 

Rei. 1- I...-'^---- "' 

N. Y. 


.B, Uwyer, Ua 
- Bldg., Rocheatc 

Lynn Broi, W 

N. Y.; ilea. 
_aoehe.ier, N. 1 
Theodore Worceal 

cooain), S ' 

Co., N. E. „- 

Ave., BoitOB, K4M. ; Rea. jto Cent 

St. Adbmndale. Halt 

Reed, (Init by Wis- 

Henry Curtla Jordan, Dairy, with Hudaon 
Valley Dairy Co., Newlnirab, N. Y. ; 
Rea.. Grand Ave., Newbn^ N. ¥. 

Frederick Harrir«ton Loomii, with Re- 
public Rubber Co. : Res. 1311 Hennepin 
Ave., Minneapolii, Uinn. 

Maurice Kiiklcy Mark, with The Minne- 
sota Loan S Trust Co., Hinneapolia, 


ileiman, with U. Stein- 

, 141 Main St, SpriDf- 

«>».: Aea. no Summer Ave., 

[field, Uass. 

Qifford, Life Ins 

— ! Ins. Co., Lumhi.- - 
III; Res. 4711 Kenwc 

ert & Sont Co. 
field, :' 


r Ex^an^, 

i-uitagu; III' "" "" '™™™' 
Coit Ladd, Railroad, with Erie Railroad 

Jamet William Feaoock, Jr., Manulacturer. aj 

with Woodhull, Goodie & Bull, Syia- Fli 

Teriey City, 
Ave., buther. 

Alan f^ett. Garage, Nyack Garage, Inc 
qj-gs Burd St, Nyack, N. Y.jIRcs. t 

-.. --. - -,- EuclL 

SytacuH, N. Y. 
Hayino&d Walte, Lawyer, 41s S. La Salle 

St, Chicago, IlL; Ret im Astor St, 

OucaKO, 111. 
Ebencier Deming WilUama, Pittafield, 


William Lanainc Chapman, Advertisini, 

7»j Third Ave., LaniingburE, M. Y. 
Charlea Dnrant Coc, Shoe Uanufacluier, 

OaaoA Perry, Teaches, Berkshire School. 
Sheffield. Heat. 

Mberl Cleveland Heed, Asaayer and Chem- 
ist, with Keimicott Copper Corp., Le- 
touche, Alaskti. 

Wynne Chard Steve 
herst). Teacher, Qi 


=uu.iu, n7'y~ bS GiSes«i',"N.' Y. " 
lame* Francis Carroll, Teacher, Kinnlcy 

School, Eisez Fells. N. J. 
Burton Ssi^aant Dak«^ Foreman, with Wil- 

ribn Foundry and Machinery Co., Pon- 

tiac, Mich.; Res. 169 S. Saginaw St. 

Pootisc, Mich. 
George Selhle Gordon, Jr., Teacher, Salia- 

bory School, SalLibnry. Ct ; Rea. Wil- 

KdlTar^NZsh' uSin, Merchant, with S. E. 

Siller, 34 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. ; 

Res. 314 Quail St, Albany. N. Y. 
Thomas Raymond Nusbickel. Produce, 

Mem. F. Nuibickel & Son, Lyons, N. Y. 
John Ouy Prindle^ Teacher, High School, 

Little Falls, N. Y. 
Edward Decker Thomas, Storage Buti- 

DU9, with WiKonsin Cold Storage Co.. 

17S Florida St, Milwaukee, Wis.; Rea. 

fioi Jefferson St, Milwaukee, Wis. 



en, O.; Rei. 1513 

Icrrlll Brovo. Aui 
lUegc, Williimltoi 
iwin, N. J. 

, Piamlicli 

N. J, 

Hniry Uinchuler Ladd, Ji 
wiih Canfield Puxr " ' 
New York, N. Y;: 1 


e St., 

[j8 W. Piuflii 

I Dwisht i'ariT. Silamui, Caa- ' 
Paper Co., 6i Diunc St., New 
If. Y. : Ret. PitchbnrE, Hau. 
'urlor V«a Suenbaisb, Liw Stn- 
Kei. Douglaiton, N. Y. 

George Cregmn Keidy, Stndi 
bia University. New York, ' 
ij6 ainton Si., Brooklyn, 

John Neitel] Leonard, wilh 

Ellis Voiui 

t, SlHdtnt, Vniver»itf of Wii- 

d Oil Cq. of N. Y., 

i.uu<cv.rd. Wctl Hartford, Ct 

Caryl HaisnoDd Nawell, Student; Rea. 
699 I,alayette Ave.. BuSalo, N. Y. 

Chirtet Stott Oakley. Jr.. Boiineu Par- 
sons Trading Corporation. 17 Battery 
Place. New York, N. Y. ; S«a. Scara- 
dale, N, Y. 

Richard Burton Rockwood, Student : Rea. 
434 W. iioth St., New York, N. Y. 

William Bord Sonunerrille, Stodcnt at 
Columbia UniTtriitT, New York, N. Y.; 
Rea. jsS W. .13th St., New York. 

Httrr Alfred Zimmemian, Jr., Studeol; 
RcL 69 lUinoii An., YounRitown, O. 

Leonard Holchklai Bailey, 

N,. Y. 

Staple* Cadwell, Student 

, Student ; 

..^^ /iew Ave, Jameitown, U. ¥. 
Horace Steala Kaffer, Student; Ses. t: 

E. Hiih St., Sprincficid, O. . 
CharlM Jerome flauuver, Jr., 

Rei. Butler, N. J. 
Lntci Adam Peterun, Student; Rei. Sj* 

Seventh SL, Buftalo. N. Y. 
Theodore Carpenttr Sloaion, Student ; Rei. 

1 Ulrich; 

: Koble Taber ^oldinc Uw Stn- 

, NorthwHtem UniveraitT I,a« 
wl Chicaio, lit,; Re), ij«i6 llyrtle 

N. y.; Rca. 

K. Y. 
The Cooper 

E. Hiffh 
Charlea Pl__ 

Res. Corner nui 
St, Ratland, Vt. 

Wii(fat, Student ; 
, Res. Sa» 

I Caut, Stud 

less OipKn 

; N. *. 

laya. Student: Re*. 1 

tveUnd, O, 

Hotchkiai, Student; 1 
Ave.. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Seller, Student; "— 

Springfield, O. 
Qordon Landon 

h Nichols 
Ruperd, Student; Res. 140 

t St., New York, N. Y". 

D. No. ., _- 

Georee Sicnara Fayen, Student ; Kes. i.. 

Upper MounUin Atc, Uonlcliir, N. J. 
RuHcU Hortimar 0*«r. Student; Rea. fi$5 

Albert Drew, Student ; Sea. t4j 

vauahan St., Portland, Maine, 
Lewia AUiander Jamea, Student; Res. 1$ 

Fifth Ave., SariloRi Springs, N. Y. 
Kamill Davis Martyn, Student; Res. £41 

Washinjrton St., Hackettstown, K. J. 
Edward Howland Parry. Student; Rei. 8S 

Warren St., Glens Falls, N, Y. 
Walker PeoSeld, Student; Sea. 191 Jack- 
son Ave., Pelham Manor, N. Y. 
Arthur Qoodwin Wild, Student! Ses. 7 

Soulhworth Sl. Williainstown. llaM. 
Cheater Seatoa Williams, Student; Rea. 

"-■--ilinl. Knoll*. Highland Par^ "' 

Leonard Ford Wriaht, Student; Res. >»a 


University of Wiscoanii, Hadison, Wis. 

Establistied 18S5; 34 Classes; 317 Uembers. 

Baiabriigt, Liwyei 

CUude Vail 
Grocer. Ue 

Hon^ton, Mich. 
HorKCi Jordu Stc 

Wiloer BldK. Graai jimr, ni>.j n 

DePere, Wit 
WUllun VfOta StrickUnd. Proprie 

Stncklud Flour Uille, Snp«nor. Wi 

Ret. ]ij_I Ave., Suiicrior, Wi*. 
Ambruw Pi" '"' " " ■" 

! W^in 

Fred BeiUnger, 


Profetaor, UniTcnit] 

iTio Vital St. MadLsoa, W 
Bdward Vumfaid WlniioB, 
HBIrard), UanufactarlDi, i 
caloie Co., io«8 Peoples Gai 
Chlcaco. III.; Res. joii Hi 


Duraod, Wit 
Fred trick WhlMon, 

80s a 

, dl.; 

I Bids Su Frai 


ol North Dakou, Bi«- 
: Profcsaor. Uni- 


„ , Wia. 

CbruTi Uiditon, 
KdOD St, Hidiun, 

> Downai Tarrant Judce, d. Uar 

Lawyer. 305-308 



. Cleuu Dal< 

I Bundr Calwell. Uiniag 

lore Krocihasa. Jr_ Lav 
DstaaBc, UcGoTen & Han 
1 Weill Bld^. Mil wank 
. Fox Point, Wli. 
Waldo Trine^ Author, 

Albert Walker. Creamer Mfg. Co.. 
'. Kiniie St., Oiicaao, IlL ; Ret. 
'onst Ave., Oak ParV. lU. 

Chatlc* Wilbur Beonett Haaulai 
with Am. Sheet 81 Tin Plate Co., 
Bids., PitUburah, Pa.; Re*. Bjac 
liBgtr- "^ *— "^ ■■ "- 



NeColllni. bepartntent < 
Mutic, with Americin Boolt Comoan 
ISO Wuhinston So., New York, N. 1 
Bcniunin Franklin Hleholi. 

Paul Safniial II«narll IT 5. Minister I 

I. Pekin, China 


Tr/oo Stcten*, Phjaiciin, 6og Ba- 
le NitL Bk. Bldg., Colorada 
IKS. Col.: Rei. iio» Wood An., 
'"''" ''PS.nfa, Col. 

Wiitton, Vice-Prei. Wood- 
~ Uichigan 
71 J S Bond 

Sh ^0 




Hen^' Blii«* WUliie, Preiideni, Anglo- 
American Refrigeritor Co., Naw York, 
N. Y.: Rei. CranCord. N. }. 


Spencer Dewitt Beebe, PhTiician, Sparta, 

Oicar Franklin Bonner. Uerchant, W. 

Bead, Wil. 
Halcolm Campbell DoueIii, Editor, Dnim 

Coontv News. Menomouie, Wi*. 
Robert Baldwin Donlerr, Profeiior, S. W. 
" ■• ge, Winfield. Kans. ; Res. 
^-, Winficid, Kini. 

' miber Broker. 

_._, , Jndae 9Ih Judicial 

Circuit Court of Witconiin. Court 
HoBie, Uadiion, Wii.; Rea. 190B Ar- 
lington PL, Hidiion, Wii. 

Lawrence Clark Whittet Retired Lum- 
ber Dealer. Edgcrton, Wia. 



Ifnd CuroU Bell, Contrutiof Euin- 
eer, with WiKoniia Bridse * IroD Co.. 
«05 ColbT-Abbot Bljg., HilwaulcM, 
Wi*.; Kei. IDI NincUxntli Sl. Uil- 
waukec, V/iu 

larace P.-entu« Botrdoun. Profeiior, 

t7ni»e[(iir of Ntrada, Reno, N*- ■ 

7J7 ^■m At*., Keoo, Her. 

Pagi DavidMn. Maior, ~' 

mi Nayaf . 


, Educator, 
. Hilitary an" ■• ' - ■ 
Lake Geneva, Wii. 
Charle* FrancU Hawler, PbraicUn ud 

Surseon, Biabce, Arii. 
QeorKeyalcatm MacGneoi 

d. Sept 6, leoj. 
Albert Uonlt Same*. UwTCr, M«b. 
Can & Samei, Scbeerer Bldf., Uooi- 

. -.aire, 'wtl" 

arker, Hinins Expeii 

_ U>. Aril 


. Herchant. Du' 

rofcMOr. Univera- 
via, Cal. 

e^ a m"/'"S'! 

Wash.: Res. 
deen, Waih. 
Samoel Howi 

North I 

St, Abcr. 
rer, M«i 

amoei Howard Cidr. l^Hyer, Mnn 
Cady. Slrehow. ft JaKphy, >o, BWr, 
Green Bay, Wia.; Kei. gio S. Madi'o 

c. r. »--,, Wi.. 


>, IH. [ Re*. 'Gl»n™r''llT 
Harrjr Chappell, I 

of Fuller rtner. L.-u>., 



harle* Harry Chappell, Jr., Butiaeas 
Manaaer of Fuller <5pera Houk. Madi- 
wn, Tvia.: Rei. >u9 Rutledge Ave.. 

•Williain Emeit 

Barton Leiiey 
Greene. Fslrchi 

Gillan, <oi N. Waahingtbn St, 
Bay. Wu.: Rei. 839 S. Quinc 

_ Green Bar. Wia. 

■Frederick Paul Schumann. Uauulac 

•Theodore Paul Schumann. Electrici 

gineet d. March m. 1896. 
Cl^e L^ayeite Warren, Rancher, 

Frederick Sawall Oaiood, Uolor Truck*, 
James Motor Co., ijsj S. Uichisan 
Atc., Chieaso, III ; Rea. 544^ Ferdinand 

rhicaio, I 

M ynion-We*tcolt 

Shirler Brooks Tarrai 
of Geo. Tarrant & 
Wia.; Ri 

601 W. Uadiaon SL. Dutand. 
t. F, D. 

STDaat Baede Tma, 
I, Galetbara, 111. 
Frederick Dauchr Warner, 

St.. Glendale. Cal. 

Bolton, Clerk. I. T. 

>-a»e riotF norka, Racine, Wis,; Ri». 

iSoo Waahington Ave., Bacine, Wii. 
Clemeiil Abner Bough ton. Clergyman. 

last known addresa, Camtiridge. IIL 
Henry Fredarick Cochenia. Lawyer, i)t 

Natl. Bk. BIdi., Milwaukee, Wii. : Be<. 

a;4 Uason St., Milwaukee, Wia. 
Wmiiun Frederick Haae, United Slale< 

Auny, (Capt. Coaat Artillery Corps), 

cu-e of AdTuUnl General, Washington, 

D. C 
Raljih Willmanh Jackman, Lawyer. Mem. 

Richmoad, Jackman & Swansen, in-JI 

Board of Commerce BIdg., Madison. 

Wia.; RcL 137 £■ Gorham St.. Uadi- 

Be^^llnln Win&eld Jamaa. Engineer, 1S13 

£1 Cerrito PI, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Emat Hildehrand Kronahage. Editor, Mil- 


Central ] 

S. Jeilersc - _— _. 

High St.. Peori*. IIL 
Jar Wright Page, Lawyer, Elkbotn, Wis. 

Li^' Compan'y, 31* 

D. C; Ret. 

>aviei. Lawyer, Chairman 
Commiation, Washing- 


Washington. D. C 

Horace vAiitnn Hardy, Chief Oerk, witli 
Grand Rapids Gas Light Co., Grand 
Rapids, Mich.; Ren. «8 Terrace Ave., 
S E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Eugene Charles Joannes, Coffee Imporlei 
and Manufacturer, Hem. Joannes Brio 
Co., 819 E I St., Los Anaelei. Cal.: 

■William Thomas Bacon. Civil En sin rer. 
d. Oct 18. 1809. 

Willard Groivenor Bleyer, Professor, Uni- 
versity ol Wiaeonsiti, Madison, Wn. ; 
Res. 4^13 \. Carroll St, Madixin, Wis. 

Thomaa Haielhurst McWUliams, Supt. nf 
Agents Mutual Life Ins, Co., 600 Bran- 
deia BIdg., Omaha, Neb.; Res. 41;° 
Wirt St. Omaha, Neb. 

Frederick Henry Martin, Fhviician 'and 
Surgeon, Central Life Co., Des Moinea, 

Charle* Oswald Q-NelU, Banking Caibier, 

AlUrd Smith. Gen 

Maaager, with The 
Co.. Cleveland. O. : 
Ave., Qeveland, O. 

Ilea. 645 S, Quincy St, Cre 





1 Jmu WOktO, Emplormeni 
Prop. National Clerical Bureau » 

^ntinel Bids.. Uilwaukce, Wia. ; 
lo StowcllAn., UilwauhM, Wia. 

Cfaarlea Elmtr AUcn. Proluaoi, Univnt- 
itT ol WiacDiliia, UadlaoD, WI). ; >■ 
1014 Cbambcrlain Atc, Uadiaoa. Wia. 

*Philip Lorini Alien, Jounuiiit, iL Uay 
ifi, iftoS. 

Chtcla Thnsaa Hutaon, Lawyer, Mem. 
BUlinser & HuUDn, S19H3 Pioneer 
Bldg., Seattle, Wufu; {tea. joi W. 
Howe SL. Seattle, Waah. 

'-<-- WilliuB KeUejF, Sala Uanaser, 


i Ufg. i 

ure. Pa. ; Rea. JSji Ellsworth 
Ave., Piltabarg, Pa. 
Junei Pnrr Hciein, Uanufacturer and 
Banker, with , Excellior Brick Co., 

OlO' Abbott keeker, Real Eitate Broker, 
Mem. Thacker-Meeker Ca, tit Nanh- 
weatem Bk. BI^b., HinneapoTia, Minn. ; 
Rm. «43 Dewey Atc, Uerriam Pk„ 

•Braeat Andrew O'Neill, Lawyer, d. Oct 

i.u. New York, N. Y.: Rea. i6s W. 
«7tli St, New York, N. Y. 
Charlea Thomaa Warna, Deatiat, i6a 
Newberry St, Boaton. Uaaa. : Rea. &4 
Fair'baiika St, Brichton, Uua. 

Vrinci* Joiepb Cirnir, Wholeaale Opt, 
with Common Seoie Optical Co., 
Jjo N. Oark St, Chicago, IlL; Rea. 
«Jig Lakewood Ave, Chicaso, 111 

OeoTEc Saowden Caaaela, Phyiician, Port 

with Great Northern Iron Ore Ptop- 
eriies. eio SeUwood Bldg., Dnluth, 
Minn. ; Rea. aois Waverlv Atc, Dnluth, 
R^h Lillia Joanne*, Clerk, with loannea 
'*-". Co., Green Bay, Wia.: ^ea. Joo 
§L, Green Bay, Wii 

Majeatic Bldg., MUwaukee, Wia.; Rea. 
174 34th St, Uilwaukec, Wi*. 

John Edward Carter, Lumberman, with 
Frank Carter Co., Menomonie, Wia. 

Junea Dudley Oodfaw, CammiMion Ucr- 
chant, with E. R. GodCrev ft Sona, ici4 
Broadway, Milwaukee, Wia.: Ret. 11 
E. Center St, Wanwatoaa, Wi). 

Michael WlUUro HcArdle, General Hgr., 
with Chicago Flexible Shaft Ca, io6 
N. La Sail* St, Cbican., IlL; Bea. 
Bdo Eastwood Are., Chicago, IlL 

Paul Marie BinaeL Office Appliincea and 
Suppliea, Uem. Binicl Buameaa Bureau, 
]oi Firat NttL Bk. Bldg,, Uilweukee, 
Wia.; Rea. loi 4th St, Milwaukee, Wi*. 

Arthur Hal* Cnrti*, Surgeon, io« S 
Michigan Blvd., ^cago, IlL; Rc>. 1016 
E. 4fith St, Chicago, III. 

Robert Moae* Davia, Lawyer, Uem. 
Dbtib & Neal, iiis Fidelity Bldii.. 
Tacoma, Walk.; Rea. 400 4th St, 
Tacoma, Waili. 

Roy Jamea HutaoB, Coal Uercbant, with 
Occidental Fuel Co., Pier 6}^, Seattle, 
Waah.; Rea. 151S E. Uadiaon St, Seai- 
Ue, Wuh. 

Wi*.; Res. G» ManbaU St, Milwaukee, 

CongTL.. „-, . 

ndridge Oeny Merrick, EIl 

gineer, with General Electric Co., Sche- 

necMdy, N. Y. ; Rea. 44 Bedford Rd., 

SchenecUdy, N. Y. 
Carl FtedertcV Slefert Phyiician, i*^ 

Green Say Ate^ Milwaukee, Wia. 
Sydocy Thomaa Sinlth, Real Satate, Cali- 

tf^J:^ r^^h T A« Ah**!^ Cal ' Res 


Oaori* Brrant Vbwon, Secretary 

Treuurer of National Straw « 

Milwaukee, Wii.: Ret. jiio Chi 
St.. Milwaukee, Wia. 

Arthur William Cowley, Architect, &>s 

Rookery Bldg., Spokane, Wuh. ; Re*. 

iiifi Gruid BlTd., Spokane, Waah. 
Waiiam Boyd Curric, See^man, Mem. 

of Carrie Broa. Co., Milwaukee, Wia.; 

Rea. ]oS Twenty -seventh St, Milwau- 

Trumu Monroe Dodaon. Charlealon, W. 

Clurle*. ^redeijek Ooodenon^ Superin- 
tendcnt. The Aetn* Paper Co., IHyton, 
^O.; Re*. IM W. Fourth St, Dayton, O. 

Henry Oraui, Circuit Judge. 14th Judicial 
Cirenit Court, Green Bay, Wi*. ; Rea. 
gii S. Monroe Aye., Green Bay, Wia. 

Ralph Suae Oromuin, Advertiiing Man- 
ager, with Franks. Bcti Co.. Ham- 
mond, Ind.; Re*. 6 Warren St, Ham- 

iVuiiani ' Allen, Dir^ ,- 

Tcraity of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.; Re*. 

irfii Alder St, Engenc, Ore. 
John McHenry Barney, Lawyer, Wella 

Bldg., Milwaukee, Wia.; Rea. Bii Shep- 

ard Atc.. Milwaukee, Wia. 
'Arthur Pram Beat*, a. Jane 13, igoj. 
Hany Bnuat Bradley, Lawyer, lois 

Carl Theophilna Madaan, Publiaher, with 
AllTO ft Bacon, 1006 S. Michigan St, 
ChKago, 111. ; Re*. Grand Rapids, Wi*. 

OMTga Albert Mowry. Inmrance, Fre«i- 
dent of Twin City Fire Insurance Co., 



Tonlu Bay. 
licLui, Hay 

Ubneapolii, Minn.: S 

Lake Hinnelonka. Uio: 
Ramon Joacph Plckaxd, 

wood, ItL 
Uofi WlBitoa Pullcn. 

HouK SaTiDsi iL Loas 

linioie Atc, Kanau Citv, llo.j Sei. 

3Sa& firoadwajF, Kuua* Citr, Ho. 
Sobd-t Hill Tltua, Real £iUtc, so« Byrne 

WaUaca Jamea Benedict, PEOplu laiti- 
luu, 70 Fifth Atc^ New York, N. Y. 1 
Rei. S04 W. iith St, New Vork, N. Y, 

XuitIM Albert Fuller, Automobile!, witb 
7ullef & Toho«>ii, HadisOD, Wis.: Res. 
ij4 E. Johnaon St., Hidiion, Wii. 

Feed Robert Hilli, Salci Enaineer, with 
Allii Chalmeri Co., Seatlle, Wash.; 
Re>. 165 JJtb Ave. N^ Seattle, WaA. 

Jamei HuttoB, Real £it*te and Iniur- 
ancE, 40 EarnhardI Block, Ft. Ujeti, 
Fla.; RcL 167 Hiush St, Ft Uyera. 

. HiiiT Doucla* _ Keerl. £n| 

Edaar'HcEachrOD, Eocince 
S Johnson, Madiion. Wi>.; 
Sbennan Atc HadisoD. Wij 

with Puller 

-M. 1014 

and Re- 

j Sooth Nviltoi 

delpbia, Pa. 
Albert LoKan Xanlull, Stocksua . 

Latbrop Blda., Kanaaa 
^ Oiippewa Fab). _Wii. 

Reubep Jolhii 

Bullock. Gay Bide., Hadiwm, Wis.; 
Rei. loa^ Sherman Arc, Madiion. Wi). 
eoTle Cartii Koblc, Arcbitect. witb 
Richarda ft Neuitidt Const Co., 704 
WriKht A Callender Bids.. Loa Anacle4. 


Ukinaoti vUmi 
fineeT, with Cutler Ui 
Ifilwaukee, Wia.: Re*. 
Blvd., Milwaukee. Wii 

Sawyer, Encinecr, 
Bide, Chicaga. ilL; 
■ - Cbica«o. IIL 

■ His. 1. 

■ McKinky 

Charlea Clrde Biahop, Superialendenl □( 
School!, Portage, \Vis. ; Sea. 1004 Dunn 
Sl, Portage, Wii. 

CharlM Llord Churchill. Reui) Lunil' ... 
Alvoma Lumb^- Co., Honta^tK, CaL 

Rahib Dorn Heticl. Uucctor of Exteiuion, 
Ore. State College. Corvallii, Ore. 

Paul Heinrich Frana Kranur. CenL Aat., 
Pesn. Mut. Life Ins. Co., IM NatL 
Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, WIl; Rei. £79 
Uaishdl St., Milwaukee, WiL 

Prancii Julian McLean. UfCT., with Ei- 

Wilfred Cedric 



Secv. of 
is Canal 

Ave.. Milwaukee. Wii. 
ClajtOD Shlcldi Pern " 

l^yer. Rice Lake, \. ... 
•Charln Clark Thwing, 

HariT Edward liDller. "Uaa. Chlcaco 
Board of Trade, with Laouon BiM. & 
Co., 6 Board of Trade. Oiicaio, III : 

nrge Alan Work*, Teacher, Cornell Uni- 
v«r>ity, Ithaca, N. Y. ; Rei. soi Drr- 
d«n Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. 

John Green Carer, Bankioff, with Secur- 
ity Truat ft Svn. Bk., lit and Sprini 
Sis., Loi Angel^g, Cat; Res. iiio W: 
49th St, Loi Anoelci, CaL 

Edward Ceorge Cole. 

Jama Hanild Orlar, Civil Ensinear, with 
C. M. ft St P. Ry. Co., Wankciba, 
Wi!.i Rei. ib;M McCall St, Waokeiha, 

Emmett Budlons Howard, Loans,' i6tf La 
Salle Ave. U>! Angelei, CaL; Ren, 
1647 La Salle Ave., to! Angelei, CaL 

Hal* Haven Hnnner, Mining Engineer, 
Mcriden Iron Co^ Hibbina, llion. : Re.v 
io6y, Brooklvn Teirica, Hibbing. Minn. 

WUUwn Dob MacGraw. Insurance, with 
Rankin Benedict Underwriting Co., 
— ■ - ■ City, Ma; Rei. 

diion, Wii.: Rei. 
Madison, Wii. 

604 E. 


I go? 




ance and 

eal Eitate, Brown Iniurance Agency 
._ntigo. Wii. 
>wUnd HilL Drew Seminary, MidiH 

Paul Bi 


Johnlon. ErcctingEDgin- 

ijgi-iog S. La Salle St. 

Res. 616 K. Henry St, 

Clarence CharlM LcFebrt, 

William Arnold 

b, U, S. Food 
vith Bureau of 
of Agriculture, 
York, N. y. 

""^ inkeerWi"; 

_„, Tankee, Wia. 

Volkmaos, Banker, Fei- 


Alan Barr, General Petroleum Co., Hi*- 

GL9 Bldg.. Loi Angelei, CaL ; Rei. 
ke Geneva. Wis. 
Ouitive OrobcT BUu. IniuriBce and Real 

Eitate, Prei. of Bliti. Kiiten ft Co., 

13B Weill BIdi.. Hilwaolceo, Wii.; Rei. 

lio WooditocE Place, Milwaukee, Wii. 
John Townaend Brown, Inanrance and 

Real Estate, with Brown Insurance 

Agency. Antigo, Wis. 
Charlea Loomii Bttoo, 

with International Harveiter Co., .__ 

S. Michigan Blvd.. Chicago, IIL; Rea. 

93d Oak St. Winnetka, lU. 
Rotco* Bdwvd CulyoB, Real Esutc and 



Int., jij Plymouth Bldg., Minneapolis, 
Uiui.; Bu. 1433 nth Ave, S. Mianc- 
apoliij Uluil 

ThoniM Rudolph HcEtr, Danker, with The 
Ceotnl WiKonliD Tniit Co.. Madison, 
Wii.; Rci. UadlaoD Chib, Madiaon, 

Ocortc Bndbunr Hill, Author, 861 N. 
WuhinjFton St.. I.0* Aiuelu, CaL 

Herman HeniT Sarrotr, Ciwyer, 736-^37 
Weill BIdf,, Uiloaulue, Wig. ; Kea. £00 
Filty-hrit ^L, Hilwaukee. Wis. 

Auitiii Qore Hdcher, Kletlrti: Furoacei, 
with The Haakins iitjr, Co., 453 Law- 
ton Ave., Detroit, Mich,; R<>. 3S9 
Liocola A*e., Detroit. Hick 

Theodore Srneat Schnltilei. Encineer, 
with Barnett Kecord Co., Flouc Eich. 
Bldg., Minneapolia, Minn.; Rei. 3» S. 
Bryant Atc. Minneapolia, Minn. 

Herbert Xumaey Slmonda. EngiDeer, with 
The Spokane EnaineeriDe Co., 6ia 
Peyton Bldg., Spokane, Wuh. ; Rea. 
aw)7 Eighth Atc, Spokane, Waih. 

Oould WhitncT Van Derice, Secy, to Vice- 
Prct. The Hilwaukee Electric Light & 
Railway Co., Milwaukee, Wia.; Res. 
e«> Summit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

John Bcecher Voanrib, Hardwaie, with 
Voaborgh Hardware Co., Genoa Jet., 

Albert Valentine Binial, Office Mgr., wnh 
Joi. Schlitz Brewina Co., 660 W. Ohio 
St. Chicago, III. ; Set. a<iS Hampden 
Ct., aUtago, IIL 

Alfred Preude Coleman. Engineer Uld 
Architect. Sonlbera lip. Mooret A 
Dmiford, Rice Hotel, ilotuton, Tex. ; 
Res. 31J W. Central St, Ctippewa 
Falls. Wis. 

*Louia Ardiur Cooricn, d. 1914. 

Carl Ebbe Dreuiier. Lawyer, Sturgeon 
Bay, Wia. 

Philip BraekeB Plemlog, U. S. Army 
(Lieut., Corps of Engineers), care of 
Adjutant General, WaihinrtOB, D. C. ; 
Rea. Vancouver Barracka, ^aah. 

Sdcar Martin Flint. 

Enut Jung, Treaaurv, Jung Brewing Co., 
Milwaukee, Wia. : Res. £13 ad St., HU- 

. cn 

Jg.. Van- 

. 6og W. Slate St., 

Century, Chicago, 111. ; Hea. 
: St.. Hinsdale, itl 
r Luae- Hamilton, Manafac 
a. of Hamilton UaDtilactnri ~ 
I RiTon, Wis.; " 

I fiiveral 

Theodore Waicetter Reed. Salea Mgr. for 
Kiasel Kar, N. E. Branch, 940 Com. 
monwealth Ave., Boston, Hub. ; Res. 
360 Central St, Aubnmdale, Man- 

Ward AUen Staalay. (Init , by Uinn.), 


Walter Theodor* Brunow, with Geuder, 
Paeachke & Frey. ijtfa St and St. 
Paul Ave., Milwaukee. Wis.; Res. 887 
loth St, Milwaukee, Wia. 

Camillo Adanu Clark, Travelling Sales- 
man, with Spraaue, Wamci & Co- 
Chicago, lU. ; Res. 804 ctlh Ave, Meno- 

Harris Lorenzo Corey, (Init. by Amherst), 
Advertising Mamiger, Champion Spark 
Plug Co., Toledo, 0.1 Res. 611 Tenny- 

•aukee. Wis. 

jaited Stepha.. .,_ , 

Natl. Bk. Bldg^ UUwaukee, 

6»g JeSerion St, Milwaukee, «... 

Kennidi Rosa Hare, Chief Electrician 
N. P. R. R., St Paul, Minn.; Res. 903 
E. 4th St, St. Paul, Minn. 

Benjamin jelinek, Orchardiit. Sec. and 
Mgr. of Sturgeon Ba7 Fruit Co^ Sturg- 
eon Bay. Wii.i Res. B. R. i, Sturgeon 
Bay, Wis. 

Ferdutand MciniGke, Jr., Mining Engineer. 
DownievUle. CaL 

Charles James Morlti, Civil Engueer and 
General Contractor, West Allia, Wis.; 
Res. 608 fiTtb Atc, Weal Allia, Wis. 

Ror Cheater Phippa, Engineering Sales- 
man, with Allis Chahners Mlg. Co., 
Milwaukee, Wis- 1 Rea. 598 Frederick 
Atc, Milwaukee, Wia. 

Prescolt Congdon Ritchie^ Automobile, 
Electric Appliances, with The Weeling- 
house aectric Mfg. Co.. aoo; S- Michi- 
gan Ave., Chicago, 111.: Res. aio8 S. 
Eaat Ave, Oak Park, Itl 

Henry Charlea Schranck. Jr., Conlec 

in Rilev, Lawyer, ,_, 

itol. Madison, Wis.; Res. iSia Adams 

St. Madison. Wia. 
Leathem Daly Smith, Prop, and Mgr. 

Stone Quarry. Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 
Adrian Anaon Wil^d, Res. 206 W. 

Church St, Marshalttowc, la. 

Slhen Brie Bates, Manufacturer, Hem. 
■ Bates Mach. Co^ loliet. IIL ; Rea. 500 
Eastern Arc, folict, IIL 

Conrtser Dodge Pt^emas, Xdvertislngi 

Wis.; Res. 781 Mar 

B, WlB. 

Hugh Allen, Lieutenant. U. S Navy, in 
charge U. S. Navy Recruiting Sta- 
tion, Portland, Me.; Rea. 174 Daaforth 
St, Portland, He. 

Addiaon Milton Bleyer, Manual Training 
Teacher; Res. 4'3 N. Carroll St, 
Hadiaon, Wis. 

Frederic William Brsaach, with The She- 
boygan Chair Co., Sheboygan, Wia.; 
Rea. 830 N. £lh St., Sheboygan, Wis. 

WiUiam Karl Braaseh, with The She- 
boyita Chaif^_Co.j__ Sheboygan "■■ 





Porrat Wuhbun FrenuiB, (Int. by O 

Sutt). Studeni, Ohio State UniTirt 
■^ ■ '• " ■ Ra. Cbmicolb*. O. 


Columbui, O. ■, Ru. CbiUu 
Thomu S«lph Hutwn. Autoi 

Mem. HutsoD & McCom- 

D*vid Calvin Imboden. Ji. 
Kufui HcDTT Kellogg, : 

Stiuieon B». Wit. 
Sidney John doon, Salei 

ben Troitcl & Sou Co.. 

Cadrlc BUinc Drnticr, Fwmer, SitUKon 

Bay, WiL 
Walnc Otocst ErdmuL with ETCrhan 

C^., Detioil, Mich.; Et*. So Beaubien 

St., Detroit, Mich. 
Arthur Charin Fconiin. Appraiaer and En- 
tineer. with The Lloyd, ThomM Co.. 

Sl, Milwaukee, 



, „_ , _. ...jraukee, Wi». 

iward Predenck Ohm. Attorney, iAl-49 

lion Bldi., Madiion, Wii.; It«. 

: Apt!., Madiion, Wl». 

Charlea Tbonua Penn, ' ' 

Quairies Co., 
Eraeielifle Ap 

ith Tbc Allonei 
ten Bay. Wia. ; 
Tb, Green Bay, 

Hurr Carl llarki^ (Init. by Northweat- 
ern). Steel, with Tbe lUinoi* Steel Co., 
aoS S. U Salle St.. ChicaKo, III.: 
Rei. 3006 N. Sceley Atb., Chicago, III. 

John Andriw HcBachron, Saletman, with 
the Fuller ft lohaaon Hlg. Co., 
MaditoD, Wii.; Re*. Weat De Pere, 

Stanley Nelaon Minor. Cotton Oil Bcoker, 
with Zinuneiman, Alderten, Carr 
CWm'n Co., 6it Exchange Bldg.. 

;. Sec. of .the 

Baird White, Umber, Mem. 
^hite Lumber Co.. Newark, O. ; 
erwood Hotel, Newark. O. 
riicoU Wanders. (Init by Ohio 
Civil Engineer, with Melropoi- 

1. 607 Tu«c. St.. W. i*anto; 

ClarcBce William Blnul. Office Apptiancea 
and Syiiems. Mem. Biniel Business 

Bureiiu. 301 First NatL Bk. Bldg. Mil- 
waukee. Via. ; Re>. 501 4th St., Mil- 
waukee, Wia. 

Harlow Blair Brown, Managing Editor, 
Star-Courier, Kewanee, 111.: lt(s. 901 
ICiinwood Ave., Kewanee. IIL 

George Moffitt Chriuman. Engr. Federal 
Sign System. 640 W. Lake St, Chi- 
cago. III.; Rea. Delta Upsilon House, 
Evanston, IIL 

Cyril Leon ClaTk. Insurance, with Clark's 
Insurance AgencT, Arcade Bldg., 
Menomonie. Wis.; Res. Lakeriew, 

Sga Fifth St. Uilwa 


First K 

, Res. J49 Fou(- 

, Ont ; Res, as 

»ith The Wia- 
Sea. 6ts Ship- 

wi^ H<_ 


867 W. ■ 

Walter ji 

Milwaukee. Wis. 

Co.. Minac-' 
Louia Rannenberg, Mani^aetitfeT, 

berg, Mam 

t ^t., New Yotit, N. V'. 

,..._ Schranck. Manulacturer ol 

Flavoting Extracti, with H. C Schranck 

"' i9-SS Biddlc St., HUwaukee, 

Rea. 7S1 Marsball St. Milwaukee: 

Wllliun Schuelt, (Init by North> 

-' Real Estate, with John C. 

i6ao Sherman Are., h*aaciuu. 

loio Pratt Cotatt. ETanston, 

IIL; Rel 
John Bruci 


e). Sdesnan, wi 
— ' "-ment Cc 

i Lake, 

Rescrr... __ 

Universal Portland Cemi 

aKi,."' in." 

WUliim keniT Tolhunt, £. Engineer, 
with Standard Oil Co., Caaper. \Vyo. ; 
B«. 3J5 E. ad St, Caaoer, Wyo. 

Albert Robert Tormey. Medical Student. 
Washiagton Univ.. Medical School. " 
Louis, Mo.; Res. 4903 Forreaf 
"■ ■ St Louia. "- 

y bm Van 


.j"'v(eck."'ReBl Estate, U. S. 
uk Bldg.. Su^or, Wi*. ; 

BmetT Edwin Wacaaer, (Init by Illiiiu s ' 
Farmer, Lovlngton, IIL 

Rollin Aldrlch Warner, Automobiles, with 
The Park Motor Car Co.. Howard PL, 
Madison. Wis. ; Res. Madison. Wis. 

_S'7 State St. Madison. Wia. 
WUllam Venuale Dargan, Stodent: Res 

Columbus. Wi*. 
Don Clinton Dicklnaon. Newspaper Man, 

44a Day Bldg., Worcester. Mass.; Res, 

ta Croise. Wi^ 
Jacob Raleigh Drake, Banking, Hardwan 

Bank, DrAce, HosUtler & Drake. Props. 

Lovington, IIL 
Marthall Chase Johnson, Saleaman. Moose 

, Student; Res. La 
RiTcr, Mich. ; Res. 



John ChMter H*caul*T, F«nn( 

Donald Fcedeiick MittMn. Daii 
due Eip. S»., Wdi Laiaj 
Ret. ais Wildiuu St., Weil 

Fuler HcKInler Huiplir, Rancher. 
Pacific LiTC Stock Co., Beulah, i 
Pcmu Add. nil Oak Arc, Evai 

Frank Adelbert ItcCov, Student ; Kei. «i 
Goundrr St., North Touwanda, N. Y. 

Petw Eiuene Hanley, Sludenl; Ke>. 701 
Main St., Uenommie. Wil. 

Albert Walker PoweU. Caahicr. Suie 
Bank, Bowman, N. Y,: Rcb. U' S- *lli 
St., DctLI's Lake, N, D. 

Leland S. Seymour, with Fidehty ft 
CMualty. Co., of N. Y., 710 Com Ex- 
-u T,__. chicBBO, IlL; Bis. Siji 

1 St., UCrosiE, Wis. 

onain DiK., oupenor, wia. ; 

Res. 641 W. sth St, Superior, Wis. 
Roiwe]l Covert Fickcn, Graduate Student. 

UniT. oi Wisconsin. Econ. Ent. Bldg., 

Univ. of Wiiconiin, Madison, Wil. 
Edward Slorii Reynolds. Siurfeon Bay, 

Fred John Schcinpfluc. Clerk, Boscobel, 

HarthaU Garfield Simonds, Landscape 

Gardener, O. C. Simonds ft Co., Iioi 

Buena Are., ChicifO, III.: Res. 919 

Montrose Are., Cbieago. IlL 
LeCount Lawion Smith, Salesman, witli 

The Great Nonhem Mfe. Co., 608 S. 

Dearborn St., Chicago, IlL ; Res. Dela- 

Qeralj Rockinahun Stark, Advertitiog, 

with ShepaVd, Norwell Co., Boston, 

Mass^ Res. ji6 HuntinElon Aie., Bos- 
William Kimball Strickland. Student; Res. 

SIS I Ave., Superior, Wis, 
Vincent Jewell Vafiett*. (Init by Chicago), 

Sludeni; Rei. *i6 E. Washmgton St., 

Goshen. Ind. 
Frank Ryce Whipple, with International 

Ete*. Co., E. Scobey, Mont. ; Kes. 13° 

Oxford St., Duluth, Uinn. 

Harold Anderson. Student 1 Rei. R. F. D, 
I. SyWania, O. 

John Breckcwidre Broivn, Sporting Edi- 
tor, Uadiaoa Democrat, Madison, Wis.; 
Res. 310 S. Carroll St., Madiion', Wis. 

Fremont Augustus Chandler, Student; 
Res. TD4a Barry Ave., Chicago. 111. 

FhiUp Baird Desnoyeis, Student: Res. 315 
S. Monroe Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 

Charles David Brnie, Student; Rea. Pitch- 

buri, Wi*. 
MiEuel Robin Cardenas, Student, Udit. of 

Teias, Austin, Ten. ; Re*. 307 W. loth 

St, Austin, Tex. 
James Ambrose Bvans, Sludenl; Res. iii 

S. i]th St., La CcoBse, Wis, 
Wilfred " .- . ™ 

Charles : 

Switchboard & Supply Co., 1066 W. 

Adams St, Chicago, IIL 1 Res. » Pine 

St.. Hinsdale, 111. 
Carl WaBener Gini, Bank Oerk, with 

American Trust Co., South Bend, Ind. 
Robert Colton Johnson. Student; Res. 616 

N. Henry St., Madison, Wis. 
Clark Bmory Rauffman, Student; Res. 

Hyde Park Hotel, Chicago, 111. 
Qregory Joseph Kessenich. Stadent; Res. 

4ao ft. Murray St, MaQison, Wis, 

St. I _. 

Louis Christie Newton, Student; Res. 17s 

W. iJlh St., Superior, Wis. 
Barl Timothy Norton, Student: Res. Wil- 

coi. Saskatchewan. Can.; Perm. Add. 

MedfoTd. Wis. 
Burr Curtis Wilcox, Student; Res. smi 

John Ave., Superior. Wis. 

!., ChicsBO, IlL 
Joyce. Student: Ri 
W.. AshUnd, Wis. 

Howard Frai 

Seventh A. 
Alois Hichsel Itessemcn. Mu 

410 MuriBv St. Madison, Wi 
George Winden Levis. Sludeni 

John Willum Alsniva, Sludeni; Res. i 
" -' • - Lead, S. D. 

BUu. Student; Res. i 
"■■ *aukee. Wis. 

Brossard. Jr., Sludei 

Park J 

Alvin Ct _ 

Lyon St.. Mih 

r FindorH,_Smdenl; Res, 54s 

and En. 

wS-T'b'uU "■ Frmaa^wtih The Tabor 
Mig. Co., igih & Hamilton Sts., Fhila- 
delphii, Pa.; Res. 1703 WalUce St., 

iSlh St, La CrosBi 

ernon Wing pickard 
EaslUke Terrace, < 



Geographical Directory 

Abbterlatlona— A., Amher$l; Bd,, Boiedoin; Br.. Brovm; Cal., Catitomia; Ch., 
CWooffO ; Cj., Colby: Cg., Colgate; Co., ColumWo; Cn., Cornell/ D. P., OePouw; 
Ham., HotnUton; Hi., Horuard; Hon,, Bottorary: 111.. /IHtwii,- Ind., indfano; 
I. 8., loioa State; Ut., Latayette; L.e.. Lehtoh; McO., MeOilli Mac., Jfanhalton; 
Uar., IfaHefCa; Ml., Miami: Mch., JKcAiaati; U;., mMlelmni; UIdd., Xinnetota; 
Nob.. I^e&TMiko; N. Y., Wew Yorfc," Nw., KortWeMtem; O. a., Ohio Btate; P».. 
PmntytiNinta/ Pa. St., Pransylvuriia Statt; Fn.. Purdue; Ro.. iiiwAeilcr,' Bu., 
Atitflvra; St., .Blon/ord; Sw., Saarlhmore ; Bj., Bynunaa; Tec., Tflchnolafiv; To.. 

Toronto: Tr.,' rr4n«»; i^., Tufli; U.. Dii4o»; Wa., WMhlnptt 
•Dd JeStrmm; We».. We»lejon; W. R., Wertf- ■■ 

Wma., wiiltati 





Orand Bar 
Uacdonild, Colin, Ham. '06 Fruit GivwR 

BiueU, Chartca S., Ro. "ii Lombci. 1921 
JclTcraon Co. Bk. Bids- 

s. 1224 Ito- 

'17 Student, Ku. 

Coal City 

O'Neale. Malcolm, L., . 

Woodruff, W»Uer W., Mar. 
Estate, Res. "Park PUce" 

Co., R 




Glenlt, John W., N. Y. •97 Cl«r(rn»n 

, Waldo E., Wa. '15 Newspaper 

Gilbrcth, lohn P., Nir. '07 Uiding, Be* 
Reed. AlK!n C„ Wms. '12 Aaeiycr i 

Judioa, Louis F.. Cn. '72 Miner 

John«>n. John D., Wa *U Uinins Eo«^ 
neer. Treadwel! Minin* Co. 

t Judge Corse 

Hawler. Charles P.. Wis. "94 Phynciai 
ft SuTseon 

Tremlett. J. W., Le. '11 Copper 
Mfg. Co.. Res. "Oliver Honie' 

Queen Bennie, John W.. Jr., Mch, '16 



' Dm CaboKM 
, Charlei S., Uch. ': 
, Uaicott & WutCT 

K. R. 

R«. 1132 

Load, Cirl H., Mar. "96 Phriiciac, Calu- 
met Uospiul, RcL 90I-l(h1i St 

Sames, Albert M., Wi«. '94 Lawyer, 
Scheerer Bids. 

Stacy, Albert W., Minn 
Dealer. Baawl Lunber 
•G" Ave. 

Ft. Defiance 
Black, Alexander. D. P. '96 
Clark, Howard A.. U- '04 Oersyman 

! Co., RcL Box 

Saoford, Jeim H^ Jr.. Le. '14 Mine 
Superintendent. Carnuie Lead & Zinc 
Co., Rei. c/o F. GeiaTer 

Ray, James C, St. "07 Geoloaist 

Benedict, Anhnc J., A. '72 Clergyman, 

Bennet), Paul it., St '16 Siadem 
Halm, Arthur G., Sl '14 lunrancc, 

Ariiona Fire Insurance Co. 
Ilarkei, Bay C. Nw. '91 Clergyman, 326 

Orme, Charlei IL, St. "16 Student 
Wilkinson, Henry B., Nw. '94 Title la- 
■uraace, IS N. First Ave., Res. 520 N. 

Fairchild, Donald 

- ■ c/o C 

lan R., Lc. 'IZ 

Engineer, c/o Consoildated Copper I 
VoTgin R, Lc. 'i2 Stipply At« 
ii:iD Smelling ft KeGnmg Co. 

i Copper Co. 
■i; Uininc Enfi 

''^ 'tumod iand°'Co.'' 


Colbnm, Charles H.. Hi, '75 Cont 
Fort Smith 

, St. "07 Lawyer, 
Bk. Bldg. 
■UT, ^.I'j..,^, ^, Pa. '10 Real Eatatc 
« Loans, Ark. Valley Trust Co., Rea. 


•Fishbact 'pu 
lice, William, IIY. kj ranner, r 
Smith Pure Milk Co., R F. D. 2 
ivery, Clarence L., St. 'OS Oil Engini 
322 N. 6th St. 
lafks, James M,. J. 

Gmocchio. Frank J., Jr., Ill "10 Architect, 
Southern Trust Bldg., Res. 2206 Loniai- 
ana 5l. 

Howes, Hay L., L S. '11 Travdling 
Salesman, Res. S15 W. 2Jd St. 

Lloyd, Rhys R, Mar. '04 Gai Co. 

'17 Student 

t Spring! 

Angle, Jay W., LI. '89 Pharmacist, 710 

Ang"e.''lay w!^' Jr., LC "l? Student, Res. 
508 Central Ave. 



ison, Cy. 

■63 Qei 


.. din 

N., D. P 

. '10 H. 

s.. Re. 

!. B 

ox. 21, R. 

R. 1 

■d," Is; 


S., Cy. '62 Farm 



. Dan. 

: M 

., Sl, 'OS 


■, Guy 


a Chief 


L. 1 


ft S. R. 

R. Co. 


F... Nw. '05 Lawyer, Ameri- 
lldg.. Res. 124S S. Uadison 


Alameda, Elwood C, St. "10 Rea. 181S 

Ackley. Samuel P., Bd. '97 Heatinir & Chestnut Sl. 

Ventilating Engineer, Kes. 3241 Garfield Hubbard. Beltran C. Pu. '11 Correapond- 



Jwniton, John D., Sy. '83 LeMher 

ler, Kei. 22U Sin Jose 

L School 

Stenut, Robert 

t L., W. J. "(S Clercynun, 
Kei. til 3. Ill St. 
Wheat, Chirlet A., C«. « Udi. '90 School 
SaperinieDdeni, County SupcriatCBOent 

Univ. ol California, Res. Cambridcc 

Goufd, Will D., B4 '04 Buiineii, Rei. 

2629 ChanniM Way . „ ,„„ 

Gray, Thomas S., Mch. '99 & St. '00 

Lgwyer, Kei. El Grandi ApU. 
Hacklcy Simeon, Ham. 'SJ ^Commiaaion 

Merchant, 2312 ChatiniOB Way 
Hicks, Georte M„ CaL '18 Student, 

2723 Fortat A»e. „ .,,. 

" ""— '07 Buildin« 

CUrke, CliMon C, Jr.. Wm. 

.. '98 

Houilon, Harry i-.n-mi. u/ i.u..u.u, 
Ho'we^'^h^n^G.f'cIr -Jr Importer ft 


Publisher, Ria. 2033 Beiryman St. . 

Pay, Juaa A.. St '04 Ran 


Pcten, ChaTlei W., CaL '15 

Manager, Res. 2643 Benveone Aye. 

R. fe. #1, Box 153 

nn".'£c^^e". ^««!^„.;'.ior^-T'^^ 

Ueckfu»l, George G., Cal. 

•14 Raoeher 

K„™. Ben D.. Cal. '15 Student, 2*01 
Knru"!"Kwreoce, CaL '17 Student, 2«1 


Channing Way 

'^^"o.^'S'-k,':- ="■ 

'13 Rancher, 

^js. fer,.r.v ^,si KSSi 

Slyke, Oakley E., 

Langiiorihv, Ralph L., CaL ;03 R«l 
Eitate 4 Insurance, 2127 UniTersitjr 
Ave., Re». 25J4 College Ave. 

McCormac, Frei 

WhitaLer, Ralf 
Whilaker, Wil 

1 C. St. '08 I*wy« 

>h W., St. '13 Qvil 

., CaL '17 Student, 
; Student, 1720 
t Engl. 

nee>'. Re). 2229 Dwighl Way 
North, Hart H., CaL ^96 Ijwyer, Rei. 

Ulen, Walter C, Co. -17 Student, Rei 
1901 Milvia St. 

i^mstrong, John C, Cal. '16 Orginii 
& Studenl. First Church of Chrii 
Sciential, Res. 2601 Channing Way 

Tames M., CaL "98 Lawyer, Rei. 

Pa^k^.raon^'H., Cal. '04 Profe.sor, 

Uni." of California, Res. 38 MosawooJ 

P^idge, Stanley N., CaL '14 Inaurance, 

Po^p:rA"h;r1f!;Sr^Eb3.A.«.t.nt Pro.e.- 

Bailey, Raymond H., Cal. 'OS Real Eatate, 
2107 Addiaon St., Rei. 2235 Dana St 

Bertholt, John R., Ht. '01 Branch Hana- 
ter. Res. 1«6 Hillciest Rd. 

Boone, Hcrijeri S., Uch. ft Cn. '01 In- 
veitment Banking, Re*. 295 S Aabbr 

Rathbone, Leland D. 
Rhodes, Char It 

. CaL ' '04 Telephone 
, Ret. 3S13 Hill- 



, Walter ; 
ince, R 

1'24 S'f 
, Wi 

Berkeley Nat'l. Bk. BIdg., 
""""c'caL -OS lawyer, 

W. R. '84 aergy. 
.... „, S-w. "84 Proprieury 

Heaicines, Rea. 2628 Benvenoe Aye. 

Rnhinwn LtOTd N., U. '11 Inatructor, 

"un"" of CaiJlorTi;'. Rei. 2S1S Virginia 

Robinaon. Ronald S,. CaL '18 Student, 

2504 Aahby Ave. 
Roaeri Edmund K., Cal. '07 Fruit Can- 

ner. Res. 2924 Aihby Aye. 
Schilling. Karl H-, CaL "17 Student, 2316 

_.._, 24J7 Le Conte .-.. 
Dam, Francii K., Cal. '96 J 

2432 Cedar St. 
t>wrggini, lay, Jr., CaL '11 Phyilcal 

Director, Rea. 2715 L< Conit Ay«. 
Xldridge, John R., Ry. '88 RiTiiciaD, 

2817 Barber St 

Sibley, i 
oi Cali 

Smith, Charlei S., Cg, '04 & Hch. 

Forester, Rei. 8557 ^an Diego Rd. 
Stem, Charle* F., CaL '03 Chairman, R 

Spruce St It Ridge Rd. 



Stolt, JoKph E- .Le. ■97 Ifac 

„,» dijllege Atc ' 
Whilion, FrederieV, Ch. "89 Comtnietii 

Manager. S«. 40 El Camino Rul 
Wilcox, Norton E., Cal. '07 Placer Mia- 

ing, K«. 2512 HiUcEUS Arc. 
Wriitlit, Elvood W., Cal. '17 Stndcnt, 

2626 Wirrini St 
Wjcltoff, Alfred C, Cal. "97 Insuraoe* 

Acent & Seal Esute, 2131 Shattuck 

Atc, Rbi. Eucal^plui Path, aaremont 

Wyltoff. Stephen S., Cal 'IJ Agricnlturiit, 

i532 Bancroh VJar 
Yount, John B.. CaL 'IZ Real Eitate, 

c/o NeweU-Uurdock Co. 

Phillipa, Heorr S., Le. '05 Oraii«e Crowet 


Burn, Charlej A., I. S. '13 Instructor, 
UnlT. of California Farm School 

Dwisaini, Jay, Jr., Cal. '11 Phviical 
Dfreetor, Univ. of California ^arm 

Thompaon, John I., I. S. "10 Pnfeuor, 
UniT. of California Farm School 

True, Gordon H., Wii- "94 FrolcMOr, 
UniT. of Cslifoiaia Finn School 

Stepheni, George D., Cj. 'S3 Uerchant 

Horguu, William W., Jr., Cal, '14 GetMral 

Philbrick, Prank A., A. '89 Accountant, 
c/o Pacific Gai A Electric Ca 

Willianu, Autnitot W., U*r. '69 Oercy- 

Rel. Ellen 

n Cajon 
Allen, Uorri* C, Ht. '11 Rancbln* 
Smith, Carroll H., Cal. '18 Student 

Bt CaatTD 
Sprasne, Walter H^ Uioa. '07 Maoascr 
ImpMial Vallcr Oil & Cotton 

El Dorado 
Linke. Harold A., N. Y. '03 Uinini 
Engineer, ShanUi Gold Hioei 

Btmard, Clinton, Cy. '13 Auditor, De 
Porta) Hotel 

CoBtar, Llord, 111. '13 Teacher, Chico 
High School, Sea. 807 Sth St. 

Gage, Edward C, CaL "97 Banker, Gave 

UaiphT, Joaeph A.. St. '\9 Student, 263 

Peien, Jerome D., St "11 Lawyer 

Norton, Edwin C. A. '79 ProleMor, 

Coonwt, Clarence, St '09 Lawyer, Sevier, 

Coonan A Bick* 
Stem, Henr? A., CaL "13 Wholeaale 

GnKcT, Humboldt Commercial Co., Bea. 

1801 'H' St. 
Stem, Levis E.. CaL '06 General Herchan- 

Fair baki 

Fan Brook 
Pratt, Charlea, , Cg. '69 Farmer, Pratt 

.f Irrigation Suintliea, Kimdrick Oiam- 
berlain Co. 
Oum, John P., Rn. '74 Official Lecturer 

Bu>h, Reed D^ CaL '09 Geolonat Kern 
Trading & Oil Co., Section 2S 

Ifairenner, Sobcn H. T,, N. Y. '78 Ciril 

WardwelL Ralph 

CaL '04 CiTil Eugi- 

d C M. 6il' Co. 
Fort Bragt 
Wetler, Hilo I., St '07 Geologiat 
Wood, Idell H„ C- ■"• "■ 

„ C|. "93 Clergyttun, Firii 




Bricgi, Herbert F., U. '96 PobcE Judic 

CitT II>U, Res. 736 Milebielli Ave. 
CuDpbcU, Banh B„ Cnl. '10 Altomey, 

1927 Uiripoia St., Ko. 10S9 N St 
Cory, Lewii L., Su. 'SI I-awyer, Ui 

Nit'l Bit Bldi.,- KcB. 1028 'S' St. 
FeDsltiBucher, E»rl J., C«L '15 Sludeat. 

1140 'T' St 
Hirlow, Roy C. Bd. '09 BnnEb Uuiinr, 

192S Merced St., ReL UnirenitT Oub 
Heoderion, WiUiam K, Cal. 'DB Telerrapb 

Ensineer. Paci&c 'Telephoiie & Tele. 

SnSJ. A1t«'e.. Tn. '87 Lawyer & Ma] 
Griffith McKeiiiie Bldg^, SeL 232 7' 

Knights, Georse D., Ck. '91 Clercynun, 

I.ocust & 4tli 5t>., Kes. 103 American 

Walker, William M., St. '08 laaurance. 

Res. 729 Cedar " 
Whittier, WLlmot _. _.. 

Civil engineer, Res. 384 Junii 

Loi Anielea 


1 Ave. 

[, John I., CaL '\6 Fannini 

I & Co. '04 



707 Audi 

Alsdoif, Geoi 

Georae W., 

ser.iTnited fetal 

824 Golden Ave. 

Auilin, Samuel G. 

2302 Bud long Avt 

il Bldg., Kes. 

'90 Journalirt. 
'Id'aVCo. "92 Mining Engi- 

neer, 1526 Third Ave, 
Baldwin, Otis D., CaL '04 Fire Insurance 

Agent, 1404 Bakcr-Detwiler BIdg., Rea. 

129 E. Ave. 58 
Barr, Alan, Wia. 'OS RigginB Bldg. 
Beiuiei. John R.. Ch. 1Q Motion Pic- 
tures, S36 S. Hope St. 
Bishop, Tames S.. Mch. '79 Real Estate. 

1211 W, 37th PI. 
Bledsoe, Benjamin F., St, '96 Jadge, U. S. 

District Court, Federal Sldg., Res. Sth 

& AleundrU Sti. 
Boynton, Cyrus C, Uy. '67 Prelideat, 

601 S. HiU St. Res. 83« S. Bonnie 

>. «y."i..H-4,<^..': 

I Real EsUte, 

403 & Hill St., kes. 411 North A.i^ »~ 

Campbell. Uslcolm P., Neh. 'OS Sates. 

man. Brock & Co., Rei. 1323 Burlington 

Huwood, Juatt H., Wma. 'M Clerg]>- 

Collini, Rot 1,, CaL '14 Horticnltnraliat. 

Luther Burbuih Co. 
Jobnaon, Frederick P.. A. "87 Teacher, 

Union High School, Kei. 1232 A St 

Dilwoiih, Albert, W. J. '60 dergrman 

Cue, Leaier E-. '98 Physician (retired). 
t1\n SrcamoR Ave. 

George B., St '97 Teacher A 
. Head, Rea. 1752 Garfield 

_ '08 Joamstisi, 

Classified Advertising Muuger, Res. 
1739 Bronaon Ave. 

Snvder, William H.. Cy. '85 Tether ft 
Ainhor, IS31 Los Palmos Ave. 

Sprmg ^ 

Paint Co.. Kes 31. 

Chamberlain. Henry, : 

Foundry Co.. Rea. 

•a B., St. '12 Brsdlev Wise 

HoUywood Blvd. 

'14 Lo> Angelea 

Bldg., Ree. 401 N. 

Churdim, Owen P., St 

S. Figoeroa Ave. 

I, Carlo. C, Hv, 

2 Social 

. '8S Phviician ft 

__..__.., __. jorimn BWig., Rea. 

Alexandria Hotel 
Collins, Victor F.. Cal. '13 Lawyer, 1126 

Merchants Nat'f Bk. Bdg. 
Cornell. Arthur C. D. P. '09 Reportw, 

Box 295 
Culver. George B.. St "S? Teacher & 

Departmental Head, Los Angeles High 


Long Beach 
I R., Nw. '00 Furniture, 
,, Res. 2812 Park Blvd. 

!0-9th Ave 
'92 Ru 



Dow, Chu-lts E., Cy. "96 Lawyir, 1022 

Citiicns Natl Bk. Bids. 
Driyer, Cbirles R, CL *15 Priv.le Swre- 

urs, 527 N, Hobttt Si. 
Eamshaw, Wilton A.. Le. 'OS «1B W. 

17th St. 

Eliel, P»ul J., St. & Ch. -U 
' Expert, 607 Equitable BIk. 
Ellii, Uwnncc, D. P. '02 Uercbuit, 

Bullock's DcHU-Jmcui Slote 
Ellil, Melvin. D. P. '03 Phriicim & 

SnTgeon, i32 Consoliditcd Seall; Bldf,. 

Rta. 945 Ornnic Si. 
FeagauB, Louis G., A. 'Og Feagans ft Co. 
Pilke, Charles, Jr., V. '91 Civil Encinecr, 

rick W., ...u. 
2019 W. Wa« 

Ham A U. '56 

..iiiBjiu^i, iui. .t". Waihiufton St 

Folic. Charles W., W. R. '74 Uinioc 

Engineer. Realty Board Bldg., Re*. 

533* Monte Vi.ti Art. 

' FoqDe, Edwin N., Minn. 'IS Importer, 

135 Broadway 

Forbes, Jamei H.. Si. '13 Geologist ft 

^-.. , Rea. 1638 4ih ..... 

Fnrbes, W.Iliam B.. St. 'IS Uw 
N. B. BIdg., Be», 



Gardner Cecil J. Mar. '04 Real Etiale, 

Real!]' Board Bldg., Res. 1274-)d Atc. 

Gib>on, Jam« P., Neb. '12 Bniineu. 
263 N. Ave. 19, Re*. 116 A. Ave. 22 

Gilmore. Earle B., St. -13 Oil Producer 
& Refiner, Boi 173, Res. 317 S. Wil- 
ton PI. 

Goodenow, Francis G., C»L '01 Head 
Master of Languages, Uanuel Artt 
High School, Res. Vermont & 42d Sts. 

Goodwin, Timothy C. IlL '10 Lawyer. 
601 Chamber of Commerce, Re*. 6lS S. 
Berend St. 

Gosjsard. Thoi 

: St., 

S. hop 

d D„ U. ' 


> SaleaiE 

' N. Rampart Bird 
inrwood, Charles E.. v*tns. a;! 

President, 1015 Secority Bldg. 
Harwood. f>aul H., Co, 'oi Tiivesim< 

Connolidated Reallv Bldg., Rei, . 

Westmorelind Blvd. 
Harden. Beniimin F., Bd. '02 Physi< 

imes, Benianti 
1823 £1 Cerri 

S. \Vhnier 

Vfis. '97 Eogineer, 
'15 O'til Enpneer, 

John N., SL '18 Stadent, 

S. 4ih 

oner & MIgr., 819 E. lit St.. I 

349 S, Occidenul Blvd. 
iidd, Don A.. Mar. '75 Railroad, 
Kerckhoff Bldg. 

' Teacher, 201S 

!,, Fnlton, St.~06 Cpnsuliirfg Engine 

Lemon, John R., Nw. '94 Innrar 

2513 Brooklyn Ave. 
Leonard. Walter E.. Cal. '13 Physici 

Res. 1209 Har«h-Strong Bldg. 
Unscoit, Harry A,, CaL '99 Agent, 

S. Spring St., Re*. 2209 W. 2Stti 
Lloyd Ralph B.. Cal. " " " 


L, 1317 

. ... Union Oil Bldg., Res. 
■rado St. 

, Warren E.. CaL '95 Uwyer, 
tral Bldg., Res. 1157 S. Ho 

.. 601 Hobart Blvd. 
bert. Ham, '76 & I 
2120 T, Johnson B1 
rthor A,, ^r, '95 T 

Middlekauff, Be 

Hibbard, Hudson P,. Cal, '13 Lawyer. 

IIOS Washington Bldg,, Res, 2320 W, 

lllth St, 
Hihbard, Lester H., Cal. '09 Atchitecl, 

9th A Main Sis.. Res. 906 Wesilake 

I p., Hv. '01 Butini 

>n bldg. 

ton, nV, '87 a Mch. '88 

ler in Law Book. 950 W. 

;., Lf. '03 Lawyer. 601 

Minor, Harry R., Neb, 'II Manager, 

1301 Baker -Detwiler Bldg. 
Mix. Archibald E, To, '19 Student 
Moore. George A,. Wms, '07 Aniomobiles, 

8425 S. Olive St. Re», 30O3 Hobart 

, Cal, -07 Assist! 

t Hana- 

.ore Harry S,, Cal, '07 A 

:er, 121 Soulli Hill St 

<ore, Samuel C, Ham, '72 Pbysician, 

21 South Hill St. 

Tan. Robert B„ St '05 Petroleum En- 

'inter. 20S Union I^eagoe Bldg. 


Morrow. Jamn E., Ru. 'OS Ciiil eaginen, 

Ro. 721 S Mope St. 
Udll, Harry E-..0. 'IJ Hotel Buiincu. 


Walker, WillUmU., SL,.'(>S luauruce. 

il Life Inii. Co., Re*. 313(1 

Ward, John S.. CaL '19 Stadeni, 3110 

W. 2111 St. 
Ward, Robcrtwn C B., Cal. '19 Student, 

2U0 W. 21st St. 
Waterhouse, Robert D., Wa. '14 Deputr 

County SDrrey. Hall of Records 
Wheat, Charle* A., Cg. & Mcb. -90 

School SuperiDleDdenl, Halt of Becordi 
White, FlDvS a., Mch. '05 Oil Prodticer, 

1011 Wright & Collender Bldg., Rei. , 

107 N. Union Are. 
White, John R., Pa. '91 Interior Decora- 

lioiiB, 644 Broadway 
White, MacLaughlin, Uinn. '95 Uwycr, 

Title Guaranty & Troat Co. 
WhitmiD, Philip R, Mch. -m Hininc 

Enpneer, 1183 W. 37th Drive 
Whitfler, Wiimot E, St. '01 & Co. '04 

Civil Eniinwr. Cily Eniinecr'a Offic* 
, 1-. '97 209 Van Nnya 

704 Wright & Collender Bldg. 
Noioa, Herbert L., Sw. '97 Dtntiat, jici. 

901 Brockman Bldg. 
Oliver, Frederick H., St. '09 Heal Estate, 

Manager. Guy H. Rush R«Ily Co.. 

Rei. 633.61! S. HiU St. 
Oliver. Robert W., St "18 Student. Res. 

RU So. Union Ave. 
Pcndelion, Cornelius W., Br. '81 Lawyer, 

91S Black Bldg., Res. 3313 S. Pigueroa 

Perkiosj Clover T., St '08 Joumaliat, 

Cliasified Advertising Mgr., Broadway 

& 11th St 
Pinkham, Janes R., Cal. '03 Grower & 

Shipper ol Fniita, 669 I. W. Hellmati 

Bldg., Res. 4665 Psiadena Ave. 
Post, Edwin R., Ch. '07 Farm Unds, 

711 Hollingaworth Bldg. 
Pratt, Louis M., Cal. ^10 Real EMate, 

Laughlin Bldg. 
Pratt, Samuel H.. Br. '61 Clergymui, 

Res. 671 Coionado St 
Pye. Hagh J., Minn. '10 Banker, Bank 

ol Italy 
Rippey. Thresher A., Hv. '93 Finance. 

Res. 3537 Ocean View Ave. 
Robbins, Albert C, Jr, St '19 Studetrt. 

702 St. Andrews Fl. 
Roehrig, Frederick L., Cn. '83 An:hitect, 

721 American Bk. Bldg. 
Salisbury. Charles S., St '12 Physician 

& Surgeon, 921-925 Baker- Detwiler 

Bldg., Res. 444 S. Harvard Blvd. 
Salisbury, Stuarl M., St '07 Lawyer — ~ 

Merchants Natl Bk. Bldg.. Res. 

Scarborough, Horace P.. Cal. '16 I22S 
Wnshinglon Bldg.. Res. 3679 Menio 

Scarborough. Robert R, Cal. '12 Rancher, 
Res. 633 S. Alnondria Ave. 

Scofield. Edson A. H^, Corn. '73 Teacher. 
534 H San Pedro St 

Sheldon. William A., Cal. '00 Secretary. 
School Board, Rea. 1815 Welton PI. 

SUughter. William B., D. P. 'ID & 111. 
'11 Mechanical Engineer, County Mall 
r>l Records, Rea. 1739 W. 43d St- 

Smith. Sydney T., Wis. '00 Rea' 


iydney T. 
nia Club. 

Res. Hot. 

, Res. 4631 Ki: 


itiu.. Robe 

iSV ' 

vX"., H. 



;. 3;!"fi,.'i„:; 

■oseph M.. 
elea Eiata 
ealth Ave. 

■'bmI. Ke 



Il Estate. 



iavl w Bk. ' 

''Nu7seri«* S 

nket, Se- 

'OO Real 
116 Story 


Jr., St. '12 

Bond & 


W., Cal. 

^mtV Ave. 
Woods, William T.. Ham. '75 Instira 

Agent (retired), Bryson Apartmei 
Worlis. Pierce, Cal. ^18 Sladcnt, 

Kingsley Drive 
Wray, Robert C, III. '09 Hcichant, E 

Monela Ave., Res. 1847 W. 41 Drii. 
Wvckoff^ Jacob v., Rn. '97 Reporter, 

e Tribune, Res!' 4412 Lexing 

Warren, Edward E-. Mar. '77 DragiUi 

Olmstead^ Rodger W.. St '1) Civil Engi- 
necr, San Joaquin Irrlgatian Co. 

, WilUani K., CaL '10 Rancher 


Mioing, Engine 

Menlo Park 
arlo H.. St. -It 


Stanley S. 


'IS Brok 

iviitgdon. Sidney, Sy. '87 
"anue! Training Public 




f^lwud C, CiL Itr XudiCT, 132» 

DE EnBtaecr, Ke*. Citnur Ave. 
Tliomu S., Mch. ft St. '00 Uw) 

t D., W. R. 70 CkriT- 

urchin, Chirlea L., Wii. '06 RcUil 
-umbet Algom* Lumbir Co. 

. &]g» D., CiL 

Student, Mth 

H., CaL '19 Studcnl, 24th 

mo Wy Wmi. 'OS Super- 
»dl« Gu ft Electric Co. 

GilmcD, Chirls £., St. '01 Ciril 

Umioe EnsiaRr, Ke*. Citnur .' 
Gr... Tliom« S., l" ' " " "- 

1001 Sroulwav 
HendenoD, Williun R.. CaL *0S TeL 

En«ine»r, Rei. 239 Uitberi St. 
Houston, Harry P., Wnia. '07 Suildinv 

ft Loan, 614 Firit Svgt. Bk. Blda. 
Jackson, Pu-ker L., Cat "00 Note Teller, 

Res. 561 Verson SL 
Tohnion. Herbert B^ Jr.. CaL '11 Diatrict 

Minaser, Fint Nat'l Bk. Bldi. 
.KevEs, Oiarle* E., Mar. "77 PriociMl, 

Oakland Hirii School, ReL 468 Oalc- 

land Are. 
Kinne. Ansel R., Sy. '02 Buainesi, Re*. 

448 45t!i Sl 
Knox, Jean H., IIL '07 Hechaaieal Enp- 

neer. Res. 138 Lakeahore Blvd. 
LamoDt. Donald V., CiL '10 Lawrer. 

Rei. 474 Lake Park Are. 
' ■ ■ - ■ " Cr. '04 Professor, 




Lawyer & Dt 

Beulah Hgts. 
Moore, JosUn F 

SS92 Taft Avi 
Morgan, ATtry. Cd. "SB 7S 
Oeden. Ptank M., CaL '17 Sti 

Yancey Lumber da. 

Schmuti, George t., La. 'IS Civil 


, H», 




, St ' 


Bacbelder. Tbomai 

Grower & Lawyt 
Beckwilb. Ward M. 
l529-!3d Ave. 

> F., Cy. 
' Ham. '80 
Cn. '02 Re 

■sa 1 

al El 

820 Syndicate ^tdg. 
Chase, John M., Cn. '72 Real 
407 Syndicate Bldg., Res. 8S Bayi 


: Chac 


P.. N. 

Y. •! 

•0 a 





■n, D. 


^V.?St. '03 

Lawyer. Re 


Cut tin 

g. Jr 


'ick R 




1930 Ha, 


J- U, 

'79 Civil 


4 F.. 27<h S 




tries . I. 

„. St. 








ll CI 


'87 h Mch. *S' 

Cy. '62 Librarian, Re*. 
7S4-14th St 

S^ Cal. *10 Lumber, 

(den, I 

Values _.. 

igden, Robert C, CaL '14 Agriculturist. 

Res. 2336 Valdez St. 
•liver, Edwin L., CaL '00 Engineer, Rea. 

ZS2 Vernon Ave. 
Oliver, Roland L.. CaL '00 Exploaive & 

Commercial Minerals, SS Bacon Bldg., 

Res, 251 Vernon St 
Powfll. William A., CaL '02 Lawver, 819 

Synidcate Bldg., Res. 6140 Chabot Rd. 
Pratt, Merritt B,. Ch. '04 As.'l Professor, 

Rantitt, Arthu" 'fi*. 'Te^. '92 Res. 4239 

Terrace St 
Richardsonj^ Frederic B., Mch. '95 Banker, 

! Supervisina 

. 90 Monlell 

Schuize, Howard R, Tec. "11 Architect, 
310 Security Bk. Bldg., Ret S940 Taft 

Seward. Richard H., St. "12 Mamitac- 

Randolph C, D. P. '12 Fruit 
IHred E., Tec. '95 Orange Grower. 

ingdon. Edgar 
Res. 330 Colerid 
mper. William A 



Crawlord, CUiei... 

Scs. J27 Addiiov Avi 
Foate^ Benjunin O. 

H., St. MJ Pruidcnt, 

r, senianim \i., at. *9S Assoctati 
..^fcsur, Res, 1445 Tasio 5l 
owlcr, Ficderidi H., St. '04 Biuinu* 
Rei. 221 Kingaley An. 
,raj, Henry D., Cg. '97 Educator 
[uhl. Hury L.. St. '01 Hininf Enrneei 

I^mbBll, Shi 


356 Li 

St. '02 Manuficlurlns 

L, St '01 Ortliopedic 

n. '93 Prole«9or, Re*. 

John P.."St '02 Am'i ProfeHor, 

Re>. iss Embuudero — 
Uoran, Robert B.. St. '07 Petrolemn 

Engineer, Re& fi6I Wtrerlr St 
R«y, Jemes a, St '07 Oeologui, Re*. 

1215 Webater St 
Stoti, Herbert R., St "09 Phyiiciu, Be*. 

)S^ Kelloi 

<n > 

Blfektr, Robert B., 

Biooke. Lloyd W. 

Ettamson, ifoss W.p'wi. 
Engineer, Kes. IflO Ui 

it "16 Studen 

14 Student. 3! 

'09 Lawyer, Do 

n.lrland Aie. 



., C*L "11 
, Re». 414 N 

Ke>. SOI 

Robs, Harry i 

Edison Ot. 

CbL Edi*a 
E St 
PS Uerehan 

U.. Cal. '01 Real Estat< 
N. Hudson Are. 
rdericli L. Cn. '81 Architec 
lakland Ave. 
&., St '08 Soulhem Ctlifam 

, Oiarlu E.. Mch. 'SI A 
Carnegie Inst oF Wash 

Henry L 
; Lockha 

. '92 Ini 

419 h 
Warner, .. 
Teller. R. 

a., jiw. vd i-iergjmMii 
c p.. Br. '7S (Retired) 

ighlai . 

irl, Cal. '07 Jonmaliit, 

'len K.', C*L '02 Banker, 
- Way 

Roy E., Cal. '07 Colli 
" 1. 911 Kingiton Ak. 

Point Reyes 
raid S.. St '02 

Ham. '81 Chaplain 
1. R. F. D. 1 

Cn. '16 Student, Re*. 
-, — rge W., Jr., ^ - 

659 Oakland Ave. 

I WhoIe«aIe 

li*her s Agent 

Ramona Atre* 
idd, Don A., Mar. '75 B 

2137 Nicholson Ave. 

Red Bluff* 

Dderson, Earte C. Nw. '04 Banker, 
Redland* NstX Bk., Res. 525 W. Hish- 
land Ave. 

owgill, Ralph, CaL '17 Redlindi Nata 
Bk., Re*. JOi W. Fern Ave. 
dwards. Paul L, Cal. '14 Diplotnal, 
D.. am Cajon St 
ry C, Sy. 

Emm, Henry C, Sy. '98 T. 

son_._ r.. 

Hombyj Rajmood, St '07 Ot 

by, Raymoai 
I. 724 Cedat 

inry & eth Sta. 

Tgast. Joseph S., Cal. '15 Stude 

Redwood Citjr 
, Henry A., St '13 Belting Man 

'09 Real 
e ■E.","Cn7 '81 Lawyer. Res. 

Teii" Ui"™« C.'K. '18 Student. 360 

Oakland Ave. 
Van Deusen, James M., Ru. '81 Whole- 

sale Flour. Box 512, Station B. So. 

129 N, Hill Ave. 
VanDoren, Walter N^ 1 

ance (retired). 42 S GaK 
Walerhnuse, William G., 

585 N. Marengo Ave. 

Edwards, Nor 

orge F., Ro. '85 Oer, 

Blk., Res. 4lli St & 



o D.. 5y. '93 Clcriy- Oibom, Clyde H., 5l '00 Lawyer, Ad- 
5t. miaiitrfttion BJdff., Expoiition Grovnds 

Mch. '17 351 Brock- PtiK, joho M., Bd. '62 aersymaii, Eel. 

•08 Am'i. Top- 

loaicil Suryey 
2t\. '00 BankinE. 
Re«. au 'H' Sl 
Ici. 908 Noble 

•6* Accouot- 

M LcEi'latiTc 
Library. R«, ... 

rhansE Bld(. 

06 Whoteaale Banel, Mu J., St 'OS Hydraulic ^Mp. 
er Co. neer, c/o City Engine^! Office, Sea. 

7 Rei. 908 Noble 

I N., Ro. '6* Accouot 

Ham. '90 UeiaUtivt _., _.. _ __ __ 

>n. Stale Library. Rei. veaunent Secnritiea, 704 Merchanti £x- 

r M., Wa. '10 ;nn 

B9. Bk., R«>. 1822 'G' Si. gtr, 34 Ellis St. 

landcc v., Cal. '08 Harness Bias, Ralph W., CaL '01 Real Ealate * 

er, A. A. Van Voorhiei & Insurance, 68 Poit St., Kci. 166 23d 

!600 'L' St. Ave. 

■r, Elmer R.. i. S. '12 Stu- Bird. Remsen D., Lf, '09 Clergyman, 

Eiye St. Prol