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Harvard CoUege 

By Exchange 






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The present division of this catalogue is a mere finding-list, or check- list, of that considerable part of 
the President White Library not included in its special collections. So far as possible, the titles have 
been limited to one or two lines; and the descriptions also have been made very brief. If they are 
full enough for identification, it is all that has here been sought. The catalogue is by authors alone, with 
no subject-entries under persons or places. 

Much of the miscellaneous matter belonging to the collection it has been deemed needless to catalogue 
at all. Thus, its guide-books, its public documents, its miscellaneous pamphlets on other than historical 
subjects, are left unmentioned here. By an oversight, due mainly to the absence of the librarian during 
much of the period of printing, sundry titles belonging to special collections — notably to those on the 
Inquisition and on the Torture — are briefly repeated in the present division. 

The care of editing this portion of the catalogue and of seeing it through the press has fallen almost 
wholly on Mr. Alexis Babine, now called to the more responsible post of Librarian of the University of 
Indiana. He has brought such uniformity as was possible into the work of divers earlier cataloguers. 
This miscellaneous division of the catalogue is given to the press before part III because more urgently 
needed by those charged with the administration of the University Library. 

As in the other divisions of the catalogue, a D at the end of the title means that the University Library 
possessed already a duplicate of the work described ; a d, that it had a virtual duplicate, though not an 
exact one. In either case, the copy described remains the property of Mr. White. An R denotes a 
book reserved by Mr. White under one of the other provisions of his letter of gift (see the preface to 
part I of this catalogue). All books not thus marked are now in the keeping of the University Library. 

Beside the collections on the Protestant Reformation and the French Revolution, which form the sub- 
jects of parts I and II of the catalogue, the special collections not covered by this finding-list are: (i) 
Witchcraft, (2j Torture, (3) the Inquisition, together with considerable bodies of contemporary pam- 
phlets on (i) the Thirty Years' War, (2^ the Fronde (Mazarinades), (3^ the English Revolution, (4) 
the Napoleonic era, (5) the American Civil War, and furthermore the miscellaneous manuscripts of the 

G. L. B. 
July 1897- 


The disuse of fixed sizes of paper consequent on the improvement of the printing-press has long made 
useless and well nigh impracticable the old nomenclature for the forms of books. In view of this, the 
American Library Association has urged its entire abandonment and the substitution of an exact metric 
measurement of each volume, lliat suggestion is here adopted. Where the book is of the usual shape 
(the width about three-fiflhs the height — as in what are currently called * octavos'), the height alone is 
given (as *23h'j ; where otherwise, both height and width, the height preceding (as * 23X20'). Frac- 
tional centimeters are reckoned as whole ones. These measurements may, for the most part, be readily 
translated into the old nomenclature (as now used by American libraries j by means of the following 


Books more than 30 centimeters high ('3ol») are Folio (f'>, F). 

** i>etween 25h and 3oh are . Quarto (4®, Q). 

*' " 2oh " 25h •• Octavo (8®, O), 

" I7>^h «• 2oh '• Duodecimo (120, D). 

I5h " 17^**" Sixteen-mo (160, S). 

I2>^h •♦ I5h " Twenty-four-mo (240, T). 

" loh " i2|^h " Thirty-two-mo (320. Tt). 

7|^h •* loh " Forty-eight-mo (480, Fe). 

abr.y abridged. 

ttcc,^ according. 

add,^ addition, added. 

Amer,, American. 

A//., appendix, appended. 

ffr/., article. 

assoc, association. 

Aujl., Auflage. 

aug.t augmented. 

Aiisg,y Ausgabe. 

auiogr., autograph. 

Bd,, Bde., Band, B&nde. 

bd, bound. 

bdgf binding. 

bearb.t bearbeitet. 

BibL, Bibliotheca, Bibliothek, 

bibliog., bibliography, biblio- 

biog,, biography, biographical. 

cat,f catalogue. 

coL^ column. 

colLf collection, collected. 

corr.f correction, corrected. 

</., der (in its various forms j. 

ded., dedication, dedicatory. 

ed,t edition, edited. 

Eng,^ English. 


enl.t enlarged. 

fxtr.f extract, extracted. 

Fac, facs., facsimile, facsimiles. 

fil't ff"> (folJQn™f folia), leaf, 

frontisp.t frontispiece. 

/>., French. 

Ger,^ German. 

Gr.f Greek. 

hist.^ history, historical. 

hrsg.^ herausgegeben. 

ilium, ^ illuminated. 

illus.^ illustration, illustrated. 

impr.t impression. 

intr,, introduction, introductory. 

Ital., Italian. 

ital,<t italic, italics. 

LaL, Latin. 

libr.f library. 

ms.f mss., manuscript, manu- 

n, d,, no date. 

nouv., nouvean, nouvelle. 

n, /., no place. 

n. /.-/., no title-page. 

no., Hcs.f number, numbers. 

op. (opera), works. 

orig,y original, originally. 

am,, ornament, ornamented. 

P'fPP-y page, pages. 

//., plate. 

port,, portrait. 

portfol,, portfolio. 

pref,, preface. 

priv., privilege ( permission to 

pseud,, pseudonym. 

pt,, part. 

publ,, publication, published. 

reimpr., reimpression. 

repr,, reprint, reprinted. 

rev,, revised, revu, revue. 

s, V, (sub voce), under the head- 
ing of. 

soc,, society. 

suppl,, supplement, supplemented 

L, tome. 

/.-/., title-page. 

trad,, traduction, traduit 

transl,, translation, translated. 

u,, nnd. 

Hbers,, iibersetzt. 

v., vol,, volume. 

V, (in names), von. 

verb,, verbessert. 

wdct, woodcut. 





A., B. 

A . . 

choses d'ltalie. 

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Advis des affaires de France du 29 
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Bruxelles, 1863. 

TA., L. D.] 
dec. 1589, etc. 
[Paris,] 1615. xf 

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[Sketch of his life.] 

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The connection between England and 


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history, iv.) 

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Same. Latin. Philippica in Jesuitas. 

[Paris,] 1594. 17^. pp. 108 [ill]. App. is the >4 rr*x/«M»f 

suprttnee Curite contra 1. Chastelium. 

[ ] Premiere Savoysiene. 

n. L-p. [Paris i^oi-l »8**- PP- 40- ^n '^^ lettered 
J/suites, 1602-13. 

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n. p., 1690. i4h. pp. 548. This voJ. forms the fourth of 
La morale praitgue des Jisuites, begun by Du Cambout du 

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Beverovicins. See Beverwijk. 

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medicinae velerum. 
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The Bhagavad Gita; tr. by M. M. Chatteiji. 

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and Arjoon ; tr. by C. Wilkins. 
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London, 1871. i9h. pp. [188]. 

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indiciis et tortura of Bnmi et at. 

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Sime. 2» ed. 

Zurigo, 1846-47. 2oh. 2 V. Port 

Sulle origini italiche di A. Mazzoldi. 

Milano, 1841. aoh. pp. 86. In vol. lettered Miscellanea^ 

Bianco, A. Der Atlas vom Jahre 1436; hrsg. 
von M. Miinster, mit einem Vorworte von O. Pe- 

Venedig, 1869. Text: 29X23: pp. 15. Atlas: 31X46; to 
photogr. plates. Text in a pocket of the adas-cover. 

Biberstein, von. See Marschall von Biber- 


It is thought unnecessary to catalogue here copies of the 
standard English versions — those of 161 1 and 1881. All these 
are reuined by Mr. White. The early Elnglish and Gemum 
versions possessed by the library are described in its Protestant 
Reformation catalogue. There, too, may be found the com- 
mentaries by reformers. Several notable additions, such as 
the September Bil)le and the Wartlytirg Bibles await a suppie> 
ment to that catalogue. 


Eng. Geneva version. [The 'Breeches 


London, 1616. 34X22. pp. [1080]. 

— King yames^s version. [The * Vine- 
gar Bible.'] 

Oxford, 171 7. 52X32. pp. [1290]. 

French. La Sainte Bible ; rev. sur les 

originaux par D. Martin. 

N. Y., [18— 1, 2oh. pp. fioSo]. d 

— La Sainte Bible, selon la Vulgate ; tr. 

nouv., avec les dessins de G. Dor6. 

Tours, 1866. 44X32. 2 V. R 

Ger. Luthet^s version. [The 'Kurfiirslen- 


Niimberg, 1708. 45h. pp. [1714]. Illus. 

Lat. [Z^tfrvj-yh;///] Biblia Latina. 

[Moguntiae, 1462.] 42X30. a ff. The first printed Bible 
with a date. These leaves contain chapters xxiii, 26-xxv, 34 
of I Samuel and chapters xi, 13-xiii, 17 of II Samuel. 

A nalyses and concordances. 

Eng. Analysis of the Bible, on the basis 

of M. Talbot, as improved by N. West; ed. by R. 
D. Hitchcock, with Cruden's concordance, rev. by 
J. Eadie. 

N. v., 1872. 28h. pp. [1206]. 



— Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, 

by A. Cruden. 9th ed. 

London, 1838. 38I). pp. [1064]. Port. 

— Concordance to the Old and New 

Testaments, by J. Brown. 

N. Y., 18 1 2. aah. pp. 95. 

Lilt. Sacrorum Bibliorum concordantiae ; 

studio Bamberg^ scepias impress^, nunc autem 

Augustae Vindelicorum, 1776. 37^. ft'. [587]. Compiled 
by P. Hilden, with the approbation of the Cologne theologians. 

— Sacrorum Bibliorum vulgatje editionis 

concordantiae, ad recognilionem jussu Sixti V Bibliis 
aclhibitam; a F. Luca primum recensitce, nunc vero 
secundum H. Phalesli aliorumque observata editoe. 

Insulis, 1837. 2511. 2 V. in I. Frontisp. 


Annotations upon all books of the Old and 

New Testament ; by the labour of certain divines. 

London, 1651. 35^. a v. 

For commentaries on single books, see below under the sev- 
eral books. 


Ger. Die Stellen der Bibel welche Ge- 

schlechtliches enthalten. 

Ziirich, 1872. i7h. pp. 31. 


For a 13th century ms. of the Latin (Vulgate) version of the 
Old Testament, see the division of this catalogue devoted to 


Lai, Reverendi patris Hieronymi ab 

Oleastro commentaria in Mosi Pentateuchum. 

Antverpiae, 1568. 33^. flf. [243]. 


Polyglot, Psalterium Hebraeum, Grae- 

cu/f/, Arabicu/;/ & Chaldaeu///, c\xm tribus latinis 
iwterpr^ftat/owibus & glossis. 

[Genoa, i5»6.] 32X25- ff- [»3oJ- Giustiniani's polyglot 
Psalter, containing in a note on Psalm xix a biographical 
sketch of Columbus and an account of his discoveries. 

Eng. The book of Psalms : a new tr. by 

J. J. S. Perowne. 5th ed. 

London, etc.^ 1884. aoh. pp. [697]. 

— Selections from the Psalms of David 

in metre ; with hymns. 

Richmond, Va., 1863. ish. pp. [272]. App. to the book 
of Common Prayer, Richmond, 1863. 

Ger. Chur-pfalzisch-allgemeines reformir- 

tes Gesartg-Buch bestehend aus denen Psalm en 
Davids, nach A. Lobwassers Uebersetzung. 

Franckfurt a. M., 1761. 17^. pp. x66. 

— Die Psalmen Davids, nach der Ueber- 
setzung Luthers. 

Halle, 1878. 13**. pp. X30. App to Das Neue Testatneni^ 
Halle, 1878. 

— Same. 

Berlin, 1879. 3^* PP- i'^* ^PP* ^o ^^^ Neue Testament^ 
Berlin, 1879. 

Ital. II libro de' Salmi; tr. da G. Dio- 


Trieste, 1868. 2oh. pp. 129. Bd. with // Nnovo Testa- 

— Same. 

Londra, 1874. Z4I1. pp. 131. 

French, L'EccI^siaste ; tr. de I'h^breu 


Greek. H Katv^ AiaOiQKrf ; juxta ex- 
emplar J. Millii. Ed. prima Americana. 

Wigomi«e, Mass., x8oo. 171). pp. 478. 

— * H Kcuvrj AuaByKYf ; ad exemplar 

Millianum studio G. Greenfield recensuit J. P. 

Philadelphiae, 1846. t2h. pp. 571. 

Eftg. King yames*s version. New Tes- 
tament ; publ. by the Confederate States Bible Soc. 

Atlanta, 1862. 1311. pp. 303. 

Ger. Das Neue Testament, nach der 

Uebersetzung Luther's. 

Coin, 1872. X5I1. pp. 5x2. 

— Das Neue Testament, nach der 

Uebersetzung Luthers. 49. Aufl. 

Halle, 1878. X3h. pp. 553. 

— Same. 

Berlin, 1879. aoh. pp. 447. Maps. 

Ital. II Nuovo Testamento; tr. da G. 


Trieste, 1868. aoh. pp. [489]. 

— Same. 

Roma, 1875. ish. pp. 512. 

Rhaeto-romanic. II Nouv Testamaint; tr. 

in Romansch d'Engiadina bassa. 

Franfort al Main, X867. 

par E. Renan. 
Paris, 1882. 22h. pp. 153. 

\^. pp. [480J. App. are the 

Eng. The four gospels ; tr. by N. S. 

Folsom. 2a eds, with app. 

Boston, 1871. 2oh. pp. [505]. 

— A translation of the four Gospels from 

the Syriac of the Sinaitic palimpsest by A. S. Lewis, 

London, 1894. 2oh. pp. [277]. Frontisp. 


Polyglot. Parabola de semmatore, ex 

evangelio Matthaei, in LXXII Europaeas linguas 

Londini, 1857. 2ah. pp. [166]. Lettered Bonaparte^ Pcly- 
gUttty The sower. 

Eng. Sermon on the Mount. 

Syracuse, [18 — ]. 40X32. Broadside. 

Slavonic. Evangelia tchtomaia vo sviatii i 

velikii tchetvertok, etc. 

Sanctpetersburg, 1851. 15^. pp. 78. 


French, fivangile selon St. Jean. 

Paris, 1878. X2h. pp. 79. 

Acts 0/ the Apostles. 

Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles 

by C. M. Duveil ; ed. by F. A. Cox. 

London, 1851. 23h. pp. [590]. {Hanserd Knollys Soc.) 

Epistles of Paul 

For an nth or X2th century MS. of the Latin (Vulgate) ver- 
sion of the Epistles of Paul, sec the division of this catalogue 
devoted to Manuscripts. 

Eng. The epistles of St. Paul to the 

Ephesians, etc. ; with notes by J. L. Davies. 

London, x866. 23h. pp. [162]. 


Eng. Apocryphal New Testament ; [ed. 

by W. Hone]. 

London, 1820. 23I). pp. [288]. D 

— The gospel according to the Hebrews ; 

tr. by E. [W.] B. Nicholson. 

London, 1879. ^S*** PP« ['82]. _ 



Lat, Codex apocryphus Novi Testamenll ; 

collectus a J. A. Fabricio. Ed. 2», leitio tomo 

Hamburg!, 1719. 18^. 3 v. in 2. 
The Bible for young people. See Oort, H., 
and others. 

Bible myths. 2d ed. 

N. Y., 1883. 25h. pp. [612]. 

Bibles (The) of olher nations ; with an intr. by 

J. M. Hodgson. 

Manchester, etc.^ 1885. 19^, pp. [253]. 

Biblia. Vols, v-viii; 1892-95. 

Meriden, Conn., 1892-95. 24h. 3 v. Illus. Ed. by C H. 
S. DavK. 

Biblia panpenixn conteynynge thirty and eight 
wudecattes i]lu.strating the liif parablis and miraclis 
oflFe oiire blessed Ix)rd and Saviour Jhesus Crisl, 
with descrypciouns thereof extracted fro the originall 
texte ofTe lohn Wiclif; preface by A. P. Stanley. 

N. Y., 1885. 21X15. ff. 82. 

Biblia paapemm ; reproduced, with intr. by 
J. P. Berjeau. 

London, 1859. 39X29. pp. 38. Plates. 

Bibliograpbia Psiupsilonica. See Fi8ke,D.W. 
Bibliotheca rerum Germanicarum. See JaS6, 
P., editor. 
Biblioth^que de I'&ole dee Chartes. 

Paris, 1839-84. 25^. 45 V. Continued, from 1884, by the 
University Library. 

Bichat, M. F. X. Recherches physiologiques 
sur la vie et la niorl. 5* ^d., notes par F. Magcndie. 
Paris, 1829. 2o>>. pp. [smI- Buckle's copy. 

Bickersteth, B. H., Bp. of Exeter. The rock 
of ages; with intr. by F. D. Huntington. 
N. Y., 1871. i8h. pp. 214. 

Yesterday, to-day, and forever. i6th ed. 

London, 1885. i8i>. pp. [442]. 

Bidermnnn, J. G. De feriis servorum. 

Freibergae, [1770I. 19X15- PP- [8]. 

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London, 1876. i9h. pp. [256]. c,. 

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Wiesbaden, 1885-86. 22h. 3 v. in 1. 

Deutschland im i8ten Jahrhundert. 2. 


Leipzig, 1880. 23^1. 4 V. 

Deutschlands triibste Zeit. Neue Ausg. 

Berlin, [ 1864]. 2i»>. pp. 215. 

Dreissig Jahrc deutscher Geschichte, 1840- 


Breslau, [1881-82]. 2oh. 2 v. 

Friedrich der Crosse. 

Braunschweig, 1859. 2cl>. pp. [82]. 

Der Geschichtsunterricht in der Schule. 

Braunschweig, i860. 22h. pp. 45. 

Kaiser Heinrich IV. 

Weimar, 1861. 2oh. pp. [114]. 

Mein Leben. 

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tion ; tr. by W. Hooper. 
London, 1870. 22^. 3 v. 

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Leipzig, 1886. 2oh. pp. [256]. 

Biene'wltz. See Apianns. 

Bienvenu, L., {pseud. Touchatont). Lettres 

r^publicains de Gervais Martial \_pseud.\y recueil- 
lies par Touchatout [pseud. '\. 
Paris, 1875. 27*". pp. 232. 

Histoire de France tintamarresque ; illus- 

tr^e par G. I^fosse. 

Paris, [1877). 27»«. pp. 796. 

Histoire tintamarre.sque de Napol6on HI. 

Paris, 1877. 27'>, pp. 803. 

Bienrliet, P. van. Etudes sur Tesclavage aux 

Louvain, 1857. 'S*^- 
of the SoctHi litiiraire 

23"- PPifM^l 

Cheix de tn^tn aires, vii., 
r UniversUi de Louvain. 

Bigelcw, Jacob. Modern inquiries. 
Boston, 1867. 20*>. pp. [390]. 

Bigelow, John. France and hereditary mon- 

I<ondon, 1871. ^■^. pp. 80. 

Molinos the Quietist. 

N. Y., 1882. i9i>. pp. 127. 

Some recollections of the late E. I^boulaye. 

[N. Y., 1889?] 19^. pp. [85I. 

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London, 1 889. 19^. pp. 40. Repr. from the New Review^ 
Aug., 1889. 

Paddles and politics down the Danube. 

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der Weltbetrachtung. 

Stuttgart, 1879. 22I1. pp. [342]. Plates. 

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fangsgriinde der mathematischen Wissenschaften. 

Sigmaringen, 1880. 21*'. pp. [105]. Plate. 

[BiUe, B.] Lettre justificative d'un (^re j^suite, 

n. p., [1645]. 17^' PP- 49- 'n vol. lettered Recmeil. 

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Kettering church, Northamptonshire. 

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in the Sandwich Islands. 
Hartford, 1847. ^4^' PP. ^i^- 
Binz, C. Ueber den Traum. 

Bonn, 1878. 22h. pp. 50. 

Biographical memoirs of painters. See Beck- 

Blographie, Allgemeine deutsche. See Mu- 
nich — Akademie der Wissenschaften. 

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Paris, 1885. 23^. pp. 547. 

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souffrir aux Protestants sur les galores de France; 
avec pr^f. par O. Douen. 

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rum imperii. 

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A bbreviatio Pit Pont. Max. supra decades Blondt. 

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Same. 4. Aufl. 

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Bismarck's, i8jg. 

Ein zweiter Appeli an das deutsche Volk. 

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Bismarck's, iSjg. 

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publ. par H. de Poscninger, tr. par E. B. Lang. 
2« ed. 

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Rede iiber das Buiidniss zwischen Deutsch- 

land und Oesterreich-Ungarn. 

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On the strength of nations. 

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The bitter cry of outcast London. See Mearns, 
A., ami Preston, W. 

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ligious knowledge. 

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loth ed. 

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What does history teach ? 

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■>■ !«o9l- 


: der Jes 

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\je boaquel sacrf. IC* W. 



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'1 dt ia 

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[ ,14 — .] 47**. pp. [445 j. Edition not to be identified 

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Catalogue author um quos cum P. Bauny censiira 
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Catalogos alter author um quos cum P. Haany 
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n. L-p. \ca. 1640.] 17^. pp. 40. In vol. lettered Recueil. 

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Catechismo battesimale. 

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Joseph H, of Germany ^ and Catharine. 

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Catharinus^ A, {formerly Lancelotto Politi). 

I^ncelocti Politi de officio advocaii. 

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See under names of towns where held. 

Liturgy and ritual. Compendio di tutti li 

salmi, etc. 

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— Lilaniae et preces ad opera adversus 

haereticos, etc. 

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— Sacrarum cerimoniarum libri. 

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— Breviaries. Grimani Breviary. See 


For sundry medisval manuscript Breviaries and Missals, 
see the division of this catalogue devoted to Afanuscrtpts. 

— Horae. Livre d'Heures d'.^nne de 

Bretagne. See Anne of Brittany. 



— Ces presentes H cures sont a lusaige 

de Romme, etc. 

Paris, G. Hardouyn^ [»538]- i8h. ff. loo. Printed on 
vellum, with miniatures and ilium, capitals. For a full de- 
scription of the Horee printed by the Hardouyns, see Brunet, 
V, 1628-44. This ed. is his No. 276. 

— — Heures ^ I'usage de Rouen. 

Paris, [1503]. i8h. ff. 118. Printed on vellum. Full of 
curious wood cuts. For description see Rnmet, v, 1669, No. 
356 : Graesse, vii, 380. 

For ms. Horatt see the division of this catalogue devoted to 

Popes — Builaria. Bullarii romani continu- 

atio : summorum pontificum Benedicti XIV — Pii 
VIII constitutiones, etc. Tom. iv-viii. 

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— Bullarum Taurinensis editio. 

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— Same. Appendix. Vol. i. 

Aug. Taur., 1867. 29X21. 

For bulls and briefs, see also under the individual Popes. 
For the regesta of papal utterances, see Jaffit — PottAast, — 
Cltment V. 

Popes — Decretals. Liber sextus decreta- 


Lugduni, 1584. 4oh. pp. [864]. 

Prayer-books and demotions. Office de la 

Semaine Sainte. Nouv. ^d. 

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— Paroissien romain, etc. 

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dem Grossen; hrsg. von R. Koser. 

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Preussischen Siaatsarckiven^ 32.) 

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Caen, i869-7a a3h. 3 v. Wdcts. 

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aige d'ouUremer en Jh^rusalem, 1418; publ. par le 
marquis de I.A Grange. 

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Causes c^l^b^es. See G-ayot de Fitaval. 

Causes de T^v^nement de Portugal. 

n. p., 1759- 1 7^. PP- 55- In vol. lettered Affaire des y. 
de Portugal^ Hi. 

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London, 1848. 19^. 2 v. in i. 

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denuo edita. 

Parisiis, 1647. 22X17. PP- [698J. App. b his Polyhistor 

Cavada, F. F. Lihby life. 

Phila., 1864. 19^. pp. 221. 

Cavalcaselle, Qt. B. See Cro'we, J. A. , and 

Cave> A. Introduction to theology. 

Edinburgh, 1886. 24I). pp. [592]. 

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E. H.]. 

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fhies^ Cardinal Wolsey^ etc. 

Life of Cardinal Wolsey. New ed. 

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Cavour, C. B., conte dl Oeuvre parlementaire ; 
tr. par I. Artom et A. Blanc. 
Paris, 1862. 23^. pp. [655]. 

II conte di Cavour in Parlamento; discorsi 

pubbl. per cura di I. Artom e A. Blanc. 

Firenze, 1868. 19^. pp. [730]. 
Caw^leyt W. The laws of Elizabeth, James, 
and Charles I concerning Jesuits. 
London, x68o. 3ih. pp. [309]. 

[Caxton, W. The Cronycles of Englond.] 

Westmynstre, 1480. a^h. pp. [248]. Rubricated. Hain, 
5000. This copy wants signatures a, b, half of c, and all of v, 
X, and y. A print of Caxton has been pasted on the Ay-leaf 
facing tol. i, and the colophon transcribed from another copy 
upon a ms. leaf inserted at the end. 

The game of the chesse ; with remarks on 

Caxton by V. Figgins. 

London, i860. 29X21. pp. [181]. Facsimile of the original 
ed., London, 1474. 

Statutes of Henry VII ; ed. by J. Rae. 

London, 1869. 30X24. pp. [133]. Facsimile of Caxton* s 
ed. of 1489. 

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Paris, 1608. i8h. a v. 

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Paris, 1865. igh. pp. 331. 

and Perrin-Paviot. Ilistoire de Tou- 

Toulouse, 1839. 33^- PP- 555- 

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pondance avec le-P. Paciaudi, publ. par C. Nisard. 
Paris, 1877. ash. 2 v. Port, 

Histoire de Tiran le Blanc; tr. del'espa- 

gnol [de J. Marlorell]. 

Londres, [16— ]. 17^. a v. ' Tout est presque de I'imagi- 
nation du comte de Caylus, dans sa pretendue traduction de 
Tiran-lc- Blanc' — Barbier. 

Caylus, M. M. de V., marquise de. Souve- 
nirs, lo ^d. complete, publ. par £. Rauni^. 

Paris, 1881. 19)1. pp. [381]. 

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n. t-p. rix>ndon, 1892.] aah. pp. 23. Plates. From 
the yonmal 0/ United Service Institution. 

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N. Y., 1869. i8h. pp. [276]. Ill us. {/ilus. libr. 0/ 

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n. t.-p. [Santo Domingo, 1870.] aah. pp. 34. Map. In 
vol. lettered Santo Domingo Pamphlets. 

Cecco d^Ascoli. See Stabili. 

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by D. H. Wheeler. 

London, 1866. a3l>. pp. [375]. Frontisp. 

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newen Cometen. 

Magdeburgk, 1578. 19X15. pp. [38]. In vol. lettered 
Tracts on comets, JSJ2-1742. 

\jSL C6lestiue ; tr. de I'espagnol par Germond de 
Paris, 1843. 19^. pp. [307 J. 

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Jenae, 1690. 20X16. pp. 40. 

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G. P. Carpani ; tr. by T. Roscoe. 
London, 1850. 19^. pp. [512]. {Bohn.) 



Same. Life of Benvcnuto Cellini [by 

himself] ; tr. by J. S. Symonds. 

N. Y., 1 1887). 24*1. 9 V. Illus. 

CelBUS, M. De haereticis capitali snpplicio non 
aificiendis. Acliunct% sunt eiusdem argumenli T. 
Bezae & S. Duditii epistolae duae. 

n. p., 1584. i6h. ff. [a8a]. 

Le cenceur : discours au roy. 
n. p., 1615. i6h. pp. [52]. In vol. lettered Advn an roy, 

Centuriatorefl Magdeburgici. Ecclesiastica 


Basileae. 1560-74. 34^. 8 v. By Matthias Flacius Illyri- 
C11S J. Wigand, M. Judex, B. Faber, A. Corvinus, and T. 

Ceremonies for healing the King's evil used in 

time of Henry VII. 

London. 1686. 13^. pp. 20. 

Vie du 

[Cerenville, J. B. (P.)- ^^"^^' do-] 
prince Potemkin. 2* ^d. 

Paris, 1808. 2th. pp. [31 1 J. Rev., not written, by T. de 
La Verne. Buckle's copy. 

C^r^sole, A. L^gendes des Alpes 

Laujianne, 1885. 26X20. pp. 380. Illus. 

Cemnschi, H. Le bim^tallisme 4 15^- 

Paris, 1881. 22h. pp. 66. In vol. lettered Money and 
tariff tracts, as arc also the following, except Nomisma. 

Same. Eug. Bi-nietallisni at l^y^^ 

Ix)ndon, 1881. 22)1. pp. 41. 

Le bim^tallisme en Angleterre : rdponsc 

a H. H. Gibbs. 

Paris, 1879. 2ih. pp. 79. 

Le Bland Bill. 

Paris, 1878. 21''. pp. 65. 

Same. Eng. The Bland Bill. 

Paris, 1878. 2i'> pp. 24. 

La diplomatie mon^taire en 1878. 

Paris, 1878. 2ih. pp. io8. 

Same. Eng. Monetary diplomacy in 


London, 1878. 2ih. pp. 63. 


N. Y., 1877. I9*'- PP- »57- 

Silver vindicated. 

[Liverpool, 1876.] 2ih. pp. 26. 

Same. French. Silver vindicated (I'argent 


Pari.s, 1876. 2ih. pp. 34. 

Certosa di Pavia. See Pavia — Certosa. 

Cervantes Baavedra, M. de. Don Quixote; 
ftr. and] ed. by J. W. Clark, [with] biog. notice of 
Cervantes by T. T. Shore. Illus. by G. Dor6. 

London, [1866]. 31X25. 

El ESPIRITU de Cervantes ; por A. G. 


Madrid, 18 14. 15^. pp. [270]. 

Cesinale, F. Rocco da. 

Cesnola, L. P. di, a:zd others. 
deutsche Bearbeitung von L. Stern. 

Jena, 1879. 24^. pp. [454 J. Plates. 

The Metropolitan museum of art. 

[N. Y., 1882.] 33X27. pp. 32. 

Cestaro, F. P. I pellegrinaggi nel medio evo. 
Milano, 1873. x6h. pp. 31- {La scienza del pppoio, 37.) 

Chabannes, J. B. M. F., marquis de. Col- 
lection de quelques Merits. 

Londrcs, 1817. 22*'. pp. [4671. A factitious collection, 

 • iff. In hi 

See Rocco da 

Cypern ; 

made by the author himsel 

lis preface he says : ' Cinq 

cents exemplaires de chacun de ces 6crits fiirent seulcxncac 
tiris: il m'en teste environ cent de chaque: je vai* lc» laixe 
r^unir ici pour mes enfans, pour mes amis.' 

Chad^Tlck, J. New light on Christian baptism. 

Ithaca, 1832. 19b. pp. 904. 

Cliafiers, "W. The keramic gallery. 

London, 1872. 22h. 2 v. Illus. 

Marks and monograms on pottery. 

London, 1872. 96I1. pp. [785]. Illus. 

Chalx, A., et C*^. Carte g^n^rale des chemins 
de fer de la France. 

Paris, n. d. 70X91. Scale, 3: 5.000.000. Mounted and 

Chalals, princesse de. Lett re au roy. 

Q. p., n. d. \i^. pp. 7. Dated Nantes, 1626. In vx>L 
lettered Procez dn comte de CJuilais. 

Chalas, P. Histoire des conspirations des 
j ^suites. See Monglave, B. de, and Chalas. 

Challamel, J. B. BC A. Histoire de la Hberte 
en France. 

Paris, 1886. 24I1. pp. 496. 

Memoires du peuple fran9ais. 

Paris, 1873. 23*1. 8 v. 

[Challlce, Mrs. A. B.] French authors at 


I^ndon, 1864. 20I*. 2 v. According to Ralph ThomAs 
(Olphar Hamst), the name of this author is 'Mrs. A. EL 
(Jhallice ' ; but Barbter, Halkett and Laing, and others sajr 
'Dr. Challicc.* 

Chalmers, T. Discourses on the Christian 

Hartford, 1818. tsK pp. 322. 

[Chamberlain, J. E.?] Cotton -stealing. 

Chicago, 1866. 2oh. pp. 487. 

Chamberlain, Joseph. Sjteeches ; ed. by H. 
W. Lucy. 

London, etc., 1885. 1911. pp. 956. 

Chamberlln, B. Chicago and the great confla- 
gration. See Colbert, B., and Chamberlln. 

Chambers, J. A mad world and its inhabitants. 
London, 1876. i9t>. pp. 310. 

Chambers, R. Traditions of Edinburgh. 
New ed. 

London, etc., [1869]. aoh. pp. [397J- Wdcts. 

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Amer. ed. 
Phila., 1870. 94^. pp. 383. 

Some effects of the climate of Italy. 

London, 1865. 20^. pp. 95. 

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N. Y., 1872. 9oh. pp. 313. 

Chamborant, C. Q. de. Du paup^risme. 

Paris, 1842. 22i>. pp. [5x2]. 

Chambord, H., comte de. Correspondance. 
Nouv. ^d. 
Genive, 1871. i6h. pp [393] 

Chambrier, F. de. Histoire de Neufch&tel et 
Neufchatel, 1840. 24h. pp. 522. 

Chamfort, S. R. N. Oeuvres ; publ. par 
Paris, [i795l- aih. 4 v. 

Chamier, F. Review of the French revolution 
of 1848. 

London, 1849. 22^. 2 v. 

Chamisso, A. von. Faust ; tr. by H. Phillips. 

Phila., 1881. aoh. pp. 23. 

Peter Schlemihl's wundersame Geschichtc; 

f J —1 1i ^^n-r* 



hrsg. von J. E. Hitzig, mit Anmerkungen von F. 
Schroer. ii, Aufl. 

Hamburg, 1879. iS'i. pp. 93. 

Same, En^. Peter Schlemihl ; tr. by 

Sir J. Bowring. With plates by G. Cruikshank. 

London, 1878. 36X20. pp. 122. 

Champagny, F. J. M. T. N., comU de. Les 
Paris, 1866. i8h. 3 V. 

Les C^sars. 4« 6(1. 

Paris, 1867. i8h. 4 V. 

La charity chr^tienne dans les premiers 

slides de IMglise. 

Paris 1854. 19^. pp. [393]. 

Rome et la Jud^e. 

Paris, 1865. i8h. a V. 

Champfleury, J. H. Histoire de la caricature 
antique. 2^ 6d. 

Pans, [1867]. i8h. pp. [356]. Illus. 

Histoire de la caricature au moyen age. 

Paris, [1871]. 19^. pp. [390]. Illus. 

Histoire de la caricature moderne. • 

Paris, [1865]. x8>». pp. [338]. Illus. 

Same, 2® 6d. 

Paris, [1867). i8'». pp. [343]. Illus. 

Histoire de la caricature sous la reforme 

et la ligue. 

Paris, [1880]. i8h. pp. [336I. Illus, 

Histoire de la caricature sous la r6pul)Iique, 

I'empire et la restauration. 

Paris, [1874]. i8h. pp. 356. llhw. 

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Pans, Z859. i4h. pp. 188. 

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la guerre de la secession. 
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I^ chandelle : journal des mis^rables. No. 2, 
20 iuin 1868. 

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thenticity of the gospels. 3d ed. 
Chicago, 1868. i8)>. pp. [117]. 

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ed. by C. Atmore. 
Hull, 1813. 24X15. pp. [528]. Port. 

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Baltimore, 1884. ^t^. pp. 57. {Johns Ilofiktns Univ. 

Channing, W. 12. Works. 8th ed. 

Boston, 1848. 20^. 6 V. d 

Chantelanze, R. de. Saint Vincent de Paul 
et les Gondi. 

Paris, 1882. 23^1. pp. [427]. 

[Chao Phya Thipakon.] The modern Budd- 
hist; tr. by H. Alabaster. 
London, 1870. aoh. pp. gi. 

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N. Y., [1854J. igh. pp. 252. Port 

Chappell, A. H. Miscellanies of Georgia. 
Pt. I. 
Columbus, Ga., 1874. 23^. pp. 73. 

Charles Z, of England. Bibliotheca regia : a 
collection of papers of his late Majesty. 
London, 1659. '^^- ^ v. in i. 

Declaration to his subjects concerning 

lawful sports, etc. 

London, 1633. 


18X14- PP- 17- The famous 'Book of 

24X16. pp. 17. Repr. of the above 
Declaration concern - 

[London,] 1862 
orig. ed. 

Charles H, of England. 

ing ecclesiastical affairs. 

London, i66o. -y^^. pp. 20l 

[ Proclamation against the charter of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay colony.] 

n. t.-p. [I^ndon, 1683.] zSh. pp. 4. 

Charles V, of Germany. Eroflfnung unnd auss- 
riiffung (less Kriegs wider Franckreich, auff xxv 
August!, MI)XLII aussgangen, unnd auss Hispani- 
scher Spraach inns Teiitsch Transferiert. 

n. p., [1542] 20X15- pp. [»5]- 

Correspondence ; ed. by W. Bradford. 

London, 1850. 23h. pp. [579]. Port. 

Peinlich Halssgericht Ordnung. See Gher- 


Die Verschreibung und Verwilligung, eU.y 

gegen dem Hayligen Reych, [3 Juli 15 19]. 

"• Pi [i5<9]- I9Xi5< PP- [11 1. The Wahl-CapitulatioH 
of Charles V. 

Charles VII, of Germany. VoLLSTAN DICES 
diarium der Wahl und Kronung. 

Franckfurt a. M., 1742-43. 35*'. 2 v. in i. Illus. 

Charles, Archduke of Austria. Ausgewahlte 

Wien, 1893-94. 24I'. 5 V. Illus. ^ 

Charles the Good^ Count of Flanders. Pi.RCii- 
I'lGK stoetingerichtter eer van den Gelukzaligen 
Karel den Goede. 

Brugge, 1884. 17X27- 30 plates. 

Charles Frederic, Grand-Duke of Baden. 
Brief! icher Verkehr mit Mirabeau und Du Pont; 
bearbeitet von C. Knies. 

Heidelberg, 1892. 24^. Vols, i, ii bd. in i. 

Charlevoix. Histoire du christianisme dans 
Tempire du Japon. 
Rouen, 1715. i6*>. 3 v. Vol. iii wanting. 

Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. Histoire de I'isle 
Espagnole, ou de S. Domingue. 
Amsterdam, 1733. 17^. 4 v. 

Histoire de la Nouvelle France. 

Paris, X740. 2fiK 3 V. Vols, ii and iii wanting. 

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- Liu 

rgy a 

H(/ Riliinl 

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yer for Ih 

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■ITh bonk of cnm 

■.«. p.3^<r .hKh C'h»lo I «]> 



tried to forw 

U|>« >ht chuRh >»d p«,pl. of S 

of the c.'pie- 



die melrical Pulni. described be 

— BookofcomiT 

on pr 


n ihe C:ou 

federate Stales of America. 

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— Hook of con 



r: (e<l. 

■i.p..<i«7. .g". 

— Ne yakawea yondereanajendaghkwa 

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cording to St. Mark, tr. into Ihe Mohawk laneuage 
b, J. S™rl. 

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(he Scotth. Bd. nilH Ibe Btokt itf cammtK fraytr. 

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Ihe Iransl. [of] King James, As il shall be sung 
or said IhroDghout all Ihe chorchea of Scollanil. 

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P. Peab< 

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[(Jn Ihe humorlality 

of the 

notes by T. Chase. 

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I,ife and let! 

.s of Ci 

London, .Bs,- 'S* P 

p. |S*7l- 

Port. 'T 

Mlddlelon^ Ciceio-sJelle 

ol his (rie 

Melmoih: Cicero's Icilm 

I,, by Dr 

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, 'BtS, 

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For other copies of the Constitutions of Clement, app. to the 
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>. [36^1- By Levasseur, Barger, 
^al, Kiant, Dupaigne, Liis-Bodaid, 



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pp. (81]. 

1872 : commemorazione di 


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I?*** pp. 8. In vol. lettered Recueil di 

Copies of the informations relating to the con- 
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3^ ^d., par Q.] 


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1*97. ■«". 

Leltre i 


1 son trait 

[.6-J. t» 


d. M. Cam. 

Lettre 4 


i son trait 


Lettre si 


fan.] Prf 

n. p, lilSo-]. iSb 
/■affair, dtM. Cam. 

!• lelire 

truclion pa 

n. p. 

[I697tl. 17I 

a* leltre 


l'*9-l- '7*- 

3* lettre 

n. p. 

l.«9-j. .T". 

n. p.. \y(f-\- 

— 2" lettre 

..[.(^1. w"- 


., (.69-]- ■8' 
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vli-ix wanting. This work forms 

treatise on the Forme gin^rale et particuldre de la convoca- 
tion et tie la tenue des assemblies nationales ott itats-giniraux 
de P'r-nttce. 


Title-page of vol i wanting. 

the ptices jusii/icatives of a 

Ministere de rinstniction publique. Rap- 
port i M. le president de la r^publique. 

[Paris, 1889.] 31X25. pp. m8. Tables. Transmitting 
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fttoires e( documents scolairesy 20.) 

— Statistique de I'enseignement (1876- 


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I7« sifecle. 

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Verantwortung gegen die Beschreibung 

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the [appended! NarraHo [rerum in ecclesits evangelicis per 
Gemtaiiia /// ] . — Sahin. 

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Political, miscellaneous, and philosophical 


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^., enrichie de pieces foumies par Voltaire. 

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Frederic viciorieux. 

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Staats- und I^l>ens-Geschichte 

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The public school question. See 


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troduction to the Friderician code is uncertain. 

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London, 1858. 






ancient cave-men of 


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Loi . . . - . 

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[Ann Arbor.] ^%^,. ^^\ pp. 45- 

renfeniiant des reates huniains. V iA. 

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lilnsler-Uebiuiles zu Ulm; hr-cg. v. G. Haffner. 

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'r hew lure Parker. 

ina coetesti et nnlurati pliilosopliia congraenda. 

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Visions of the future. 

Hildegardis Magna. 

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Prisdanas Vapulaiis. 


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3Pronde, J. A. Banyan. 

London, 18B0. i^h. pp. 1 187). {EMglUk mra , 


UrKHI., is86. .61.. ir. Iss). In .ol Itutrcd Fri,<hU,,i 

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Gems from Fronde. 

and others. FaceliK seiecliores. 

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N. v.. 

Fucbs. Ii. 

Thomas Carlyle. 

Ueber (las Leben und dii 

' of Cu 



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J. H. Elli 

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, .8*5 

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: [... 

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f- l'6)- 

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P- 1396)- 

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U oiled 





The I 













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■6j8. . 

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Kartze Beschreibung (less newen 

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tjc PorpkyriOy de aniMaedescensn atgue ascensu arc appended. 

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HUarina, Sl„ B^. of roktitrs. Traclatus de 
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loca sancta; quae ex ccMJice Arrelino [lepromp&il I. 
'■' "" """' Accedit Petri Uiaeoni Liber de locis 

, iBS;. 


t Johaiui von Mil- 

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porto intorno alle fazioni guerresche combattute 

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The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, by P. 




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History of the Inquisition of the Middle 


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the American Historical Assoc. 

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■>-] : 

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, 1M3. . . . 

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n Aller 


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ui se passa demierenient am 

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N \ 


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t^^... II... ..1......^^ .^1 V..rA 


n, ,Bj.. 


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. iBOUntki^^ n 



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For a register to 
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The French original is printed 


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nosseigneurs les Etats-Unis cles Pays-Bas calho- 
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elaborate cut, containing figures of 'Europe,' 'Asia,* 'Africa,' 
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. 'Bw 

l>. f«35). 

e of Michigan; coin|iiled 

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■ajfiil of Stale l-'hherii 



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>3». I V. Only Hkm volumt 
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lous |>oivers 



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!>- l75'l- 

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ff"-""'-""^' ■■' corpor 

Item aliquot na^urx e 



p. [a«7). 

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irvenulc da Homa, da I'arigi el da 
c> le cagioni dell' es|iul$ione, ' 

leltera ti 

, 'if'l- 

i. vith Ji 

It.. N., G.' 

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p. 1,6]. 

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foWing .olor^ «Hc«Jf;r  ' """' 

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Kealj disposizioni. 

n. p.. iBs7. iih. pp. TO. la voL leiured 5rw*<i>rr.i Hr A 

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Nnuoleone liunapaite, estralli per cura del conte A. 
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[Wlraeteurs. 3* W. 

nnle L. e. A. 


p. l3"']. 

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■. by }. Peto. 

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llbriicken?) ';iB-Bo. 33X19. pp. I501I. The collec- 
r • Fiinlliche NasMuiKfie Gcieue und Veir;-'-— ' 

n ihe> 

principslil, at t 

;her, perhaps 



cording to si note on the fly-lenf, however, this is only one of 
the three volumes of his collection. 

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the Midille Ages; tr. from the German by H. A. 
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[Naud^, G.l lugement de tout ce qui a tsX€ 
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n. L-p. aoXi6< PP* [3Q]- This vol., lettered Von Erd^ 
biden in Maints^ ^^28, is only a fragment (signatures B-F^ ot 
some longer work which cannot be identified. The Traciaieu 
are by Nausea, Beroaldus, Albertus Argentinensis, and an 

Libri mirabilium septem. 

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Nteessit^ d*un congr^s pour pacifier I'Europe ; 
par un horn me d'etat. 2« ^. 

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Nechoniah, ben Ha-Kanah. Epistola de 

n. p., I1480?). axXi5- A"- l4ol. Ff. a6-a9 are wanting, 
their places being taken by a second set of ff. xo-13, which the 
binder doubled backward in inserting (making the order 35, 
la, 13. 10, XX, 30). Bd. with Ailly's Concontantia. Not in 

Nefsky, "W. Mirror for Englishmen. 

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2d ed. 

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1 86 


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Tree planting, Forestry m. Europe, and 

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What should opr schools do fqr agricuir 


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n. p., J15 — 1. 39X35- PP- l34]- 26 colored maps. Bd. 
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. p., I17O1I. X9n. pp. 104. In vol. lettered ItaUtm tracts 
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Our currency : its volume and character. 

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P , de. See Panw^, C. de. 

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n. p., x6x3. i8l>. pp. [55]. Id voL lettered y^suitos,. 



[P., N. D.] Complainte ^ la royne m^re (In roi 
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les p^res j ^suites, 
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Made*, u 

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IS said to have been written at the suggestion of the hero him- 
.self, for the delight of his grandson, aitcru ard Charles V. A 
ke^ to the characters is given in the preface. I'hc lirsl edition 
which appeared in 2517 was illustrated by Schauffelcin, and is 
especially sought. The cuts of the EgenolfT edition of 1553 
(the one now in question) are wholly dinerent, and the text, it 
is said, ha.s,been so changed by Burckhard Waldis, the editor, 
as to make it almost an entirely new poem. Pfinzing was the 
Emperor's chaplain. 

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iiiyi I 

11 Ihe 

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a W. A. Conway. 
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Egregium opus in lohannem Capreolum 

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n. p., p. d. 17*". pp. IS 

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Comeille Agrippa. 

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llie offending passage about the sterility of Judea has been 

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