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Full text of "Catalogue of Kalamazoo Public Library: June, 1890."

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;-eter V.hlbe :\ib.H*o 








JUNiD, 1890. 

Iiiling Bros. & Everard, Printers and Binders. 


j'/tt. l»&i r ; / y L..(~ l& 


In this catalogue books are entered under the names of authors where known; under the 
initials of the author if those only could be ascertained, (the last initial being put first, as 
representing the family name); under the pseudonyms, or assumed names of the writers, where the 
real name is not known. Pseudonyms also appear in their proper places, and reference* is made 
to the real name of the writer, when known. If the author of a book is not known, and no 
initial or. pseudonym is given, such^book is entered under its title only. 

The names of authors are given in their b vernacular form— English names with the prefix 
Ik, Le, Van, appear under the initial letter of such prefix; in the case of names, not English 
the prefix follows the family name. 

Compound names, if English, appear under the l initial letter of the last name; if not English, 
under the initial letter of the first name. 

A single dash indicates the omission of the proceeding heading, a second dash indicates the 
omission of a subordinate heading. 

An asterisk (*) prefixed denotes that the book so marked is of a juvenile character, and is 
intended especially for the use of children. 

The letters R. L. used either in the place of the shelf numbers, or in connection with them, 
indicate reference books, which are not to be taken from the library building. 




1. The Library shall be open every day. except Sunday, from 9 o'clock a. m. until 6 o'clock 
p. m., and on Saturday from 9 o'clock a. m. until 9 o'clock p. in. 

2. All residents of the City of Kalamazoo, over six years of age, shall be entitled to borrow 
books from the library, but children under fourteen shall be required to present a written request 
for books from their parents or guardians. 

8. Only one book can be drawn for home use, by one persou in one day, and no lx>ok shal 
be retained longer than two weeks, but a book may be renewed once for the same length of 
time, and must then be returned to the library, to remain one week before being again drawn by 
the same person or family. * 

4. Any person retaining a book longer than two weeks, without renewal, shall pay a fine of 
two cents per day for such detention. 

5. Any person retaining a book two weeks after the time for returning it expires, shall be 
notified to return it, and if it is not returned within one week after such notice is given, it shall 
be sent for by the librarian, and twenty-five cents shall be charged, besides the regular fine of 
two cents per day. 

6. Xo person shall lend a book, without permission from the librarian, to any one not a 
member of the same household, under penalty of a fine of twenty-five cents. 

7. If any person shall lose or destroy a book, he or the family to which he belongs, shall be 
required to pay for it at retail price. 

8. If a book shall l>e marred or injured, including pencil marks, leaves torn, or turned down, 
«tc, a fine of not less than five cents, nor more than the price of the book, shall be charged for 
such injury. 

9. No person or family shall be allowed to borrow books from the library while unlawfully 
retaining a book, or while liable for any fine. 

10. All fines, whether for detention, injury, or loss of books shall be paid immediately. 

11. Before any person shall be allowed to Imutow lx>oks from the library, he shall sign such 
agreement as the IJoard of Educatiou may require. 


Abbeys, architecture. 213. 
history. 290. 

Aborigines of America. 299. 
Abyssinia, travel. 389. 
Acoustics. 174. 
Acting. 219. 
Actors' lives. 8*50. 
Administration. 1-57. 
.Esthetics. 209, 
Africa, history. 297. 

travel. 387. 
Agriculture. 201. 
Alabama claims. 150. 
Alaska, travel. 400. 
Albigenses. 142. 
Alcohol. 120. 
Algeria, travel. 389. 
Alhambra. 378. 
Allegories, religious. 133. 
Amateur theatricals. 221. 
America, North. 

antiquities. 370. 

geology. 181. 

history. 299-312. 

statistics. 148. 

travel. 391-402. 
America, South. 

geology. ISO. 

history. 312. 

travel. 402. 
American essays. 247. 

humor. 258. 

letters. 255. 

miscellany. 281. 

oratory. 255. 

I >oe try". 23"). 

authors. 351. 

painters. 345. 

presidents. 323. 

statesmen. 329. 
Anatomy. 195. 
Ancient 'architecture. 213. 

geography. 367. 

history. 279. 

literature. 271. 

philosophers. 318, 

rulers. 330. 

sculpture. 213. 
Anecdotes. 261. 
Anglican church. 141. 
Angling. 223. 
Anglo-Saxon history. 287. 
Animal kingdom, 1H7. 

magnetism, 116. 

Animals, domestic. 203. 

A ntiquities.xee special countries 

Biblical. 125. 

classical. 367-368. 

Egyptian. 367. 
Antiquity of man. 184. 
Apologetics. 130. 
ApostlesMives. 126. 
Apostolic church. 139. 
Arabia, history. 298. 

travel. 383. 
Arabs in Spain. 295. 
Archaeology, prehistoric. 183. 
Architectural drawing. 215. 
Architecture. 211. 

house building. 207. 
Arctic regions, travel. 403. 
Arizona, travel. 399. 
Armies. 160. 
Armor. 166. 
Art, decorative. 215. 

dictionaries. 209. 

embroidery. 215. 

history. 210. 
Artists- lives. 345. 
Arts, tine. 209-224. 

useful. 193-208. 
Asia, history. 297. 

travel. 381-384. 
Associations. 159 
Assyria, history. 280. 

explorations. 367. 
Asteroids. 172. 
Astronomers 1 lives. 343. 
Astronomy. 171. 
Athletic sports. 222. 
Atlases, geographical. 363. 
Atmosphere. 180. 
Atomic theory. 178. 
Australia, travel. 401. 
Austria, history. 292. 

travel. 374. 
Authors' lives. 351-362. 
A vesta. Zend. 145. 
Azores, travel. 378. 
Aztecs. 311. 

Baptists' lives. 322. 

Bees and bee-keeping. 204. 

Belgium, history. 356. 

travel. 380. 
Bermudas, travel. 394. 
Best reading. 226. 
Bible. 123. 

commentaries. 123. 
Biblical antiquities. 125. 

biography. 126. 

geographv. 125. 
Bicycling. 222. 
Bimetallism. 154. 
Biography. 313-362. 
Biology. 181. 
Birds. 191. 

paleontology. 181. 
Boards of health. 197. 
Boating. 223. 
Boat-building. 208. 
Body and mind. 115. 
Boilers. 199. 
Bonds. 155. 

Books and reading. 226. 
Botany. 185. 

fossil. 181. 
Boxing. 222. 
Brahmin ism. 144. 
Brain. 195. 
Brazil, travel. 402. 
British America, travel. 391. 
British India, history. 411. 
Buddhism. 144. 
Building. 207. 
Business ethics. 118. 

manuals. 207. 
Butterflies. 190. 

Babylon, history. 280. 

explorations. 367. 
Balooning. 174. 
Banks and banking. 153. 

Cage birds. 204. 
California, history. 312. 

travel. 399. 
Camping. 224. 
Canada, travel. 391. 
Canal engineering. 200. 
Canoeing. 223. 
Capital and labor. 153. 
Card playing. 222. 
Caribbee islands, travel. 394. 
Caricature. 212. 
Carpentry. 207. 
Carthage, history. 284. 
Carving, dining. 205. 

The numbers refer to columns in the catalogue. 


Cntacomlis. WW. 
Cathedrals. 213. 
Catholic cbnn-h. 141. 
Caucus. 16(1. 

Cm'e dwellers. 183. 

Caves, n 

Celebacy sacerdotal. 1**. 
Census. U.S. 1**. 
Centennial exhibitions. 193. 

Central AiinTirai, travel. 303. 
Ceramics m KeramicB. 
Cevlon travel 3*1. 
Chahlca.hL-lon 281). 
Chaiwlwi. 220. 
Charitable associations. 158. 
Ciiarts. history. -77. 


1 agri 

Chemical agriculture. 301. 

technology. 207. 
Clieniistrv. 17V. 
Chess. 222. 
Chili, travel. 402. 
China, history. 207. 

travel. 382. 
Chinese missions. 137. 

religion . 145. 
Chivalry, age of. 283. 
Christ. 130. 
Christian church. 141. 

doctrines. 21*. 
Christianity evidences. 130. 

history. 137. 
Christmas. 165. 
Christology. 120. 
Church. 135. 

history. iH7. 
Church of England. 141. 

of Koine. 141. 

work. l*i. 
Circumnavigations. 364. 
Civil engineering. 1'JO. 

government. 157. 
Civilisation, history. 277. 
Classical anti'iuilii's. 367-368. 

literature. 271. 

mythology. 148. 
Classics, Greek. 275. 

Roman. 278. 
riergv. liv.-s. .110 ;!24. 
Cliff dwellers. 181). 
Clothing. 206. 

Clouds. 1H11. 

Coaching. 22.1. 
Coal. l»i. 
Const-survey. 200. 
Co-education. IBB. 
Coins. 214. 
Culeoptera. 1110. 
Collectors' luminals. ISO- 
Colleges. 1«8- 
Color. 175. 
Oder l.lindness. 1!<8. 
Colors, painting. 215. 
Comets. 172. 
Commentaries, Bible, 123. 

Shakespeare, 340. 
Communication am) con mi'- ice. 

mythology. 143. 

Composition, rhetoric. 268. 
Concordance. Bible. 124. 

Shakespeare. 24(1. 
Confucianism. 145. 
Congo, travel. 380. 
Congregationalism. 142. 
i 'nngiv^itii'iiiHlistn' lives. 321. 
Congress of V. S. 181. 
Conjuring, amusement. 220. 
Connecticut, history. 308. 

travel. 31)4. 
Conscience. 117. 
Conservation of energy. 174. 
Constitution, England. 157. 

United Slates. 157. 

other countries. 158. 
Constitutional law. 1OT. 
Conversation 110. 
Cookery. 206. 
Co-operation. 164. 
Coral reefs. 170. 
Corea. travel. 382. 
Correlation of forces. 174. 
Cosmogony, Mosaic. 127. 
Cottages. SOT. 
Courtesy. 11«. 
Coven at iters. Scottish. 28o. 
Creation. 127, 170. 
Cremation. 197. 
Crimen, history. 200. 
Criticism, art. 2UH. 

literary. 2B1.247. 
Crocheting. 215. 
Crusades. 283. 
Crustacea. 190. 
Ci-jplojianiia. 180. 
<'rvst;ill"i;ra]>hv. 178. 
Cuba, travel. 303. 
Currency. 154. 
Customs and manners. 163. 
Cyclopedias, general. 107. 
'special. »w subject. 

Dakota, travel. 30a. 
Darwinism. 184. 

Decorative art. 215. 

Denominations, Christian. ' 

Desigt*" arts of 21.>. 
Development theory. 184. 
Devotional theology. 131. 
Dialogues. 221. 

Dictionaries. 167-168. 
Diet. 200. 
Digestion. 10K. 
Discoverers' lives. 341. 


. lit 

,tal. 115. 

lenls. leni.-kitivc. 1 -i 1 . 


'ouimunisin. 154. 

The numbers refer to columns in the catalogue. 

Drama, English. 243. 

French, an. 

German. 200. 

Italian. 260. 
Dramatic amusements. 220. 
Drawing. 213. 
Dress. 2tMi. 
Dutch painting. 216. 

republic. 290. 
Dwellings, construction. 207. 
Dynamical electricity. 176. 
Dynamo- machines. 100. 

Ear, diseases. 196. 

Earth, astronomically. 171. 

surface features. 170. 
Earthquakes 170. 
East Indies, hi story. 411. 

travel. BBS. 
Eastern church. 141. 

hi test ton 208. 
Eccleaiastica history. 137. 
Economy, domestic- 203. 

poli; i'-al. 151. 
Eddas. 271. 
Education, 150. 
Educational institutions. 163. 
Educators' livfri. 330. 
Egypt, antiquities.. 367. 

history, ancient. 270. 
modern 2f)7. 

travel S83 
Elections. J 52 
Electricity 76. 
Eloculio] 253. 
Elocutionary selections. 254. 
Euilirnirlery. 215. 

Engines. IH 
England, history. 286. 

travel. 372. 
English church. 141. 

dramas. 247. 

essays. 247. 

humor. 261). 

letters. 255. 

miscellany. 263. 

po'etiv'. 238. 

authors. 354. 

painters. 346. 

philosophers. 317. 

rulers. 326. 

statesmen. 333. 
Entomology 100. 
Epics. Greek. 275. 

Latin. 273. 
Episcopal church. 141. 
Epistles. Iliblf. P> and 400. 
Equestrianism. 222. 
K-rliatol,i K y. 30. 
i.«n » «•■• b<< i .it'll — 

1 pmiisliruent. 130. 





Etiquette. 165. 
Europe, history. 283-298. 

travel. 369-382. 
Evidences of Christianity. 130. 
Evolution. 184. 
Evolution and religion. 124. 
Exercise. 197. 

Exhibitions, industrial. 193. 
Explorations, see travels. 
Explorers' lives. 341. 
Eve, diseases. 196. 

Fancy-work.- 215. 

Farming. 201. 

Fathers of the church,lives. 319 

writings. 141. 
Feudalism, age of. 283. 
Fiction, English and Ameri- 
can. 1. 

French. -53. 

German. 47. 

Italian. 56. 

juvenile. 59. 

Russian. 57. 

Scandinavian. 51. 

Spanish. 56. 
Field sports. 223. 
Finance. 155. 
Fine arts. 209-224. 

biography. 345-351. 
Finland, travel. 380. 
Fish commission. 204. 
Fisheries dispute. 150. 
Fishing. 223. 
Flemish painting. 216. 
Florence, history. 295. 

travel. 376. 
Flower culture. 211. 
Folk-lore. 166. 
Food. 205. 
Foreign missions. 137. 

relations. 150. 
Fossils. 178. 
Fowling. 224. 
Fowls. 204. 
France, history. 291. 

travel and description. 375. 
Franco-Prussian war. 293. 
Free trade. 155. 
French literature. 267. 

fiction. 53. 

painting. 218. 

authors. 360. 

painters. 347. 

philosophers. 318. 

rulers. 328. 

statesmen. 334. 
Fruit culture. 202. 
Furniture. 216. 

Games. 222. 
Gardening, llower. 211 

kitchen. 203. 

landscape. 211. 
Geneology. 362. 
Genesis. 127. 

of species. 184. 

Geographical distribution of 

animals. 189. 
Geographv. 363. 

physical. 179. 
Geology. 177. 

and religion. 124. 
German literature. 263. 

fiction. 47. 

authors. 327. 

musicians. 349. 

painters. 347. 

philosophers. 317. 

rulers. 327. 

statesmen. 334. 
Germany, history. 291. 

travel. 374. 
Gipsies. 166. 
Glaciers. 180. 
Gold, metal. 199. 

money. 154. 
Gospels. 128 and 407. 
Gothic architecture. 214. 
Goths. 291. 
Granada. 295. 
Grape culture. 202. 
Great Britain, history. 285. 

travel and description. 371. 
Greece, antiquities. 368. 

history. 279. 

travel and description. 381. 
Greek antiquities. 368. 

architecture. 313. 

literature. 274. 

mythology. 143. 

philosophy. 145. 

sculpture. 213 
Guide books, see travels. 
Gymnastics. 197. 

Hair. 198. 

Hallucinations. 115. 
nayti, history. 312. 

travel. 394. 
Health. 196. 

public. 197. 
Heat. 175. 

Heathen religions. 143. 
Heaven. 130. 
Hebrew history. 279. 
Heraldry. 362. 
Heredity. 116. 
Hindu, religions. 144. 
History. 277-312. 
Holland, history. 296. 

travel. 380. 
Holy Land, history. 280. 

travel. 125. 
Home education. 162. 

missions. 138. 
Homiletics. 134. 
Horse. 203. 
Horsemanship. 222. 
House drainage. 200. 

furnishing. 216. 

painting. 208. 

ventilating. 200. 
Housekeeping. 203. 

Houses, building. 207. 

plans. 208. 
Huguenots, history. 142. 
Hungary, history. 292. 
Hunting sports. 224. 
Hygiene. 196. 

mental. 115. 

vocal. 220. 
Hymnology. 133. 

Ice age. 178. 
Iceland, travel. 380. 
Icelandic literature. 271. 
Illusions. 115. 
Immigration. 150. 
Indexes to periodicals. 112. 
India, history. 411. 

travel. 383. 
Indians, American. 299. 
Indigestion. 198. 
Industrial drawing. 215. 

education. 162. 

exhibitions. 193. 
Inquisition. 140. 
Insanity. 115. 
Insects. 190. 

noxious. 202. 
Inspiration, Bible. 123. 
Instincts, animal. 189. 
Institutions, Christian. 135. 
Intellect. 117. 
Intellectual philosophy. 117. 
Interior decoration. 215. 
International law. 156. 
Inter-oceanic canals. 200. 
Inventions. 194. 
Inventors' lives. 343. 
Invertebrates. 190. 
Ireland, history. 285. 

travel. 372. 
Italian literature. 369. 

fiction. 56. 

painting. 216. 

sculpture. 213. 

authors. 362. 

painters. 348. 

philosophers. 318. 

rulers. 329. 
Italy, history. 294. 

travel. 376. 

Japan, history. 297. 

travel. 383. 
Japanese art. 211. 
Jerusalem, travel. 38*5. 
Jewish religion. 146. 
Jews, history. 279. 
Journalism, American. 227. 

English. 228. 
Journeys round the world. 265. 
Judges 1 * lives. 335. 
Jurisprudence. 157. 

The numbers refer to columns in the catalogue. 



Kansas, history. 312. 

travel. 398. 
Kentucky, history. 310. 

travel. 396. 
Keramics. 213. 
Kindergarten. 162. 
Kings' lives. 326-330. 
Kitchen gardening. 203. 
Knitting. 215. 
Koran. 146. 

Labor. 153. 

Landscape gardening. 211. 

painting. 215. 
Language. 167. 
Latin literature. 271. 
Law. 157. 
Lawn tennis. 222. 
Lawyers* lives. 335. 
Legends. 144. 
Legerdemain. 122. 
Legislative annals. 151. 
Lepidopetra. 190. 
Letters, American. 255. 

English. 256. 
Levant. 366. 
Light. 175. 
Light houses. 200. 
Lighting, electric. 175. 
Literature. 225-276. 
Lithology. 178. 
Locomotives. 199. 
Logic. 116. 
London, history. 290. 

travel. 374. 
Longevity. 196. 
Louisiana, history. 309. 
Lunacy. 115. 
Lyric poetry, American. 233. 

English. 233. 

Greek. 275. 

Latin. 273. 

religious. 133. 

Madagascar, travel. 392. 
Magazines. 107-112. 
Magic, parlor. 221. 
Magnetism. 175. 

animal. 116. 
Mahometan ism. 146. 
Maine, history. 308. 

travel. 395. 
Majolica. 213. 
Malaria. 198. 

Malay peninsula, travel. 402. 
Mammalia. 192. 
Man, ethnology. 183. 

intellectual faculties. 117. 

mind and body. 115. 

natural history. 187. 

physiology. 195. 
Manners and customs. 163. 
Manual training. 162. 
Manuals, collectors'. ISO. 
Maps, astronomical. 173. 

geographical. 363. 

Marriage, customs. 165. 

ethics. 118. 
Maryland, history. 309. 
Massachusetts, history. 308. 

travel. 395. 
Mechanic trades. 207. 
Mechanical drawing. 215. 

engineering. 199. 
Mechanics' lives. 343. 
Medical biography. 345. 
Medicine. 195. 
Mediaeval architecture. 213. 

art. 211-212. 

customs. 163. 

history. 283. 
Melancholy. 115. 
Mental derangement. 115. 

faculties. 117. 

hygiene. 115. 

philosophy. 117. 

physiology. 115. 
Merchants" lives. 341. 
Mesmerism. 116. 
Messiah. 129. 
Metaphysics. 115. 
Meteorology. 180. 
Meteors. 172. 
Methodists' lives. 323. 
Mexican war. 305. 
Mexico, history. 311. 

travel. 392. 
Michigan, history. 310. 

travel. 397. 
Microscopy. 184. 
Middle ages, history. 283. 
Mind. 117. 

and body. 115. 

animal. 189. 
Mineral waters. 198. 
Mineralogy. 178. 
Mines and mining. 199. 
Ministers' lives. 319-324. 
Minnesota, history. 311. 
Missionaries' lives. 319-324. 
Missions, foreign. 137. 

home. 138. 
Mohammedanism. 146. 
Monasti'c orders. 140. 
Money. 153. 
Monks. 140. 
Moon. 173. 
Moors. 295. 
Moral philosophy. 117. 
Mormonism. 146. 
Morocco, travel. 389. 
Moths. 190. 
Mound builders. 183. 
Mountains. 180. 
Municipal government. 159. 
Music. 217. 

Musical instruments. 220. 
Musicians' lives. 349. 
Mycenae, explorations. 369. 
Mysticism. 123. 
Mythology. 143. 
Myths. 144. 

Naples, travel. 376. 

Natural history. 187. 

philosophy. 178. 

selection. 184. 

theology. 123. 
Navigators' lives. 346. 
Needle-work, art. 215. 
Negro question. 309. 

slavery. 150. 
Nervous diseases. 198. 

system. 195. 
Netberland, history. 296. 

travel. 380. 
New Church, Swedenborgian. 

New England, history. 308. 

travel. 394. 
New Guinea, travel. 404. 
New Hampshire, travel. 395. 
New Jersey, history. 309. 
New Mexico, history. 312. 

travel. 398. 
New South Wales, travel. 403. 
New Testament. 128. 
New Zealand, travel. 402. 
Nibelungen Lied. 265. 
Nicaragua, history. 312. 

travel. 393. 
Nineveh, explorations. 367. 
Non-Christian religions. 143-146 
Norman conquest. 287. 
Normandy, travel. 375. 
Norse literature. 271. 

mythology. 144. 
North America. 299. 

aborigines. 299. 

antiquities. 300. 

geology. 181. 

history. 299-312. 

travel. 391-402. 
North Carolina, travel. 396. 
Norway, history. 296. 

travel. 379. 
Numismatics. 214. 
Nursery. 206. 
Nursing. 206. 

Observations.astronomical. 174 

Occultism. 123. 

Ocean. 179,180. 

Oceanica, travel. 401. 

Ohio, history. 310 

Old Testament. 127. 

Operas. 220. 

Optics. 175. 

Oratorios. 220. 

Oratory. 253-256. 

American. 255. 

English. 256. 
Orchards. 202. 
Order, rules of. 152. 
Oregon, travel. 400. 
Organs. 220. 
Oriental literature. 271. 
Origin of species. 184. 
Ottoman empire, Asiatic, 
travel. 385. 

European, history. 298. 

travel. 282. 
Out door sports. 222. 

The numbers refer to columns in the catalogue. 


Paganism. 143. 
Painters' lives. 345-348. 
Painting, art. 215. 

house. 208. 
Paleontology, isl. 
Palestine. history. 279. 

travel. 125. 
Pantomimes. '230. 
Parables, lift. 
Paris, history. 294. 

travel. 379. 
Parliament, English. 150. 
Parliamentary liiws. 152. 
Parlor amusements. 220. 
Parties, political. 152. 
Pastoral theology. 131. 
Patents. 194. 
Pathology. 198. 
Pennsylvania, history. SOB. 

travel. 3t>5. 
Pentateuch 127. 
Periodicals. 107-112. 
Persecutions, religious. 140. 
Persia, travel. 38o. 

Perspective. 215. 

Peru, history. 312, 

travel. 402. 
Philanthropists' lives 339. 

Philosophy. 1 1M-120. 

mental. 117. 

moral. 117. 

natural. 173. 

of art. 109. 

of history. 278. 

of sociology. 147. 

of religion. 121. 
Photography. 218. 
Phrenology. 118. 
Physical education. 197. 

geography. 179. 

I'ljysii-iLins' lives. 345. 
Physics. 173. 
Physiognomy, ill). 
Physiology. 195. 

mental. 115. 
Pianoforte. 220. 
Plants. 185. 

house. 211. 

landscaiie gardening. 211. 

paleontology. 181. 
Players' lives. 350. 
Plays and players. 219. 
Pneumatics. 174. 
Poetry. 231-244. 

treaties. 231. 

collections. 232. 

sacred. 133. 
Polar regions, travel. 403. 
Polarization of light. 175. 
Political economy. 151-156. 

parties. 152. 

science. 14«. 
Politicians' lives. 329-3%. 
Pompeii. 367. 
Popes' lives. 830. 
Portugal, travel. 378. 
Prehistoric archa'Ology. 183. 
Presbyterians' lives. 321. 

Presidents' lives. 3'ii. 
Primeval man 183. 
Protection. 156. 
Protestant Episcopal church. 

Proverbs. 166. 
Prussia, history. 292. 

travel. 374. 
Psalms. 1 28. 
Puritans. 142. 
Pyramids, Egyptian. 367. 

Quadrupeds. 192. 

tillMHin- livAn R9fi 

Races of mankind. 183. 
Radiates. 190. 
Railroads. 163. 
Reading, art of. 153. 

courses of. 226. 
Rebellion, southern. 305. 

Recn-ali'lII 219. 
Redemption 129. 
Reform, civil science. 157. 

dress. 206. 
Reformation, history. 189. 
Religion. 121-140. 

and science. 134. 
Ki'li.k'i-iiis, non-Christian. 143. 
I.Y!iuii"is biography. 319-324. 

doctrines. 129. 

Action. 133. 

history 137 

institutions. 135. 

philosophy. 121. 

sects. 141. 
Renaissance in Italy. 294. 
Reptiles. 91. 
Republican institutions. 149. 

party. 152. 
Resurrection. 129. 
Revolution American. 303. 

English. 288. 

French. 193. 
Rhetoric. 253. 
Roman antiquities. 367. 

architecture. 213. 

history- ancient. 281. 

literature. 271. 

sculpture. 213. 
Romance, *&: Fiction. 
Rome, history 281. 

Roses, wars of. 287. 
Rowing. 223. 
Rulers' lives. 323-330. 
Rules iff order 152. 
Russia, history. 295. 

travel. 278. 
Russian literature. 272. 

fiction 57. 

Sabbath. 136. 
schools. 138. 
Sacraments. 136. 

Sacred biography. 126. 
Sagas. 271. 
Sailors' lives. 346. 
Saints ives 319. 
San Domingo, travel, 394. 
Sandwich Islands, travel. 404. 
Sanitary engineering. 200. 
Scandinavia, history. 296. 

travel. 379. 
Scandinavian literature. 271. 

lict in 


Science and religion. 124, 

mental. 117. 

moral. 117. 

natural. 169-192. 
Scientists" lives. 343. 
scotch church. 140. 

philosophers. 317. 
Scotland, history. 285. 

travel and description. 371. 
Scriptures, holy. 123. 
Sculptors' lives. 345. 
Sculpture. 213. 
Secession. 306. 
Sects. Christian HI. 
Solf-cuiture 162. 
Sermons. 134. 
Sewerage. 200. 
Sex in education. 163. 
Shaki -.!■>■ aiiana. 244. 
Shells. 190. 
Ship-canals. 200. 
Shooting. 234. 
Siam, travel. 384. 
Singers' lives. 349. 
Singing. 220. 
Sisterhoods. 140. 
Slavery- 150. 
Slavic literature. 272. 
SmithsoDian institution. 171. 
Social ethics, lift. 
Socialism. 154. 
Society ethic 



Sociology. 147-166. 

biography. 323-343. 
Soldiers, biography of. 355. 
Sound. 174. 
South America, history. 312. 

travel. 401. 
Spain, history, 295. 

travel. 378. 
Spanish literature. 269, 

Action. OS 
Species, origin of. 184. 
Spectrum analysis. 175. 
Speeches. 255. 
Spiritualism. 116, 
Sports. 222. 
Stage. 219. 
State ethics. 117. 
Statesmen's lives. 329-335. 
Stali. tics. 148. 
Steam engines. 199. 
St age. 183. 
Storms. 180. 
Suffrage. 150. 

woman. 165. 
Suicide. 115. 
Sun. 173. 

The numbers refer to columns In the catalogue. 



Sunday. 136. 

schools. 138. 
Superstition. 115. 
Sweden, history. 29(5. 

travel. 379. 
Swedenborgians. 142. 
Swedish literature. 271. 
Switzerland, history. 297. 

travel. 380. 
Synonyms. 167. 
Syria, travel. 385. 

Tableaux. 221. 
Talmud. 145. 
Tapestry. 211. 
Tariff. 155. 

Taste aud criticism. 209. 
Taxation. 155. 
Taxidery. 186. 
Teachers and teaching. 161 
Teeth. 197. 
Telegraph. 176. 
Telephone. 176. 
Telescope. 174. 
Temperance. 120. 
Tennessee, history. 309. 
Testament, old. 127. 

new. 128. 
Texas, travel. 396. 
Theatre. 219. 

ethics. 119. 
Theatricals, private. 220. 
Theism. 123. 

Theologians' lives. 319-324. 
Theological doctrine. 129. 
Theosophy. 123. 
Therapeutics. 198. 
Thirty years' war. 285. 
Toilet. 206. 

Trades, mechanic. 207. 
Training, manual. 162. 

physical. 197. 
Trapping. 224. 
Travellers' lives. 341. 
Travel. 363-404. 
Trees, botany. 185. 

ornamental. 211. 
Troubadours. 267. 
Troy, history. 382. 

explorations. 370. 
Turkistan, travel. 388. 
Turkey, European, history. 298 

travel. 382. 
Turkey, Asiatic, travel. 385. 
Tyrol, travel. 380. 

Unitarians' lives. 324. 
United States, geology. 181. 

history. 301-312. 

statistics. 148. 

travel. 393-402. 
Universal history. 278. 
Universe. 172. 
Universities. 163. 
Useful arts. 193-208. 

biography of. 343. 
Utah, travel. 3H9. 

Vaudois. 142. 
Vegetables. 203. 
Venice, history. 294. 

travel. 376. 
Ventilation. 200. 
Vermont, history. 308. 
Vertebrates. 191. 
Veterinary medicine. 203. 

Violin. 220. 
Virginia, history. 309. 

travel. 395. 
Vocal culture. 220. 
Voice, hygiene. 220. 
Volcanoes. 179. 
Voyages, circum navigation 

Wages. 153. 
Waldenses. 142. 
Washington city, history. 30 

travel. 396. 
Washington state, travel. 40 
Water,physical geography. I' 

cure. 198. 

works. 200. 
Weather. 180. 
West Indies, history. 312. 

travel. 393. 
Window gardening. 212. 
Wisconsin, travel. 397. 
Witchcraft. 115. 
Woman, education. 163. 

question. 165. 
Wood-engraving. 217. 
World's fairs. 193. 
Wyoming, travel. 399. 

Yachting. 223. 
Yellowstone park. 399. 
Yucatan, travel. 393. 

Zend A vesta. 145. 
Zoology. 187. 
Zulu-land, travel. 391. 

The numbers refer to columns in the catalogue. 

Class-list of English Prose Fiction. 

History and Criticism. 

Dunlop, John Colin. History of prose fiction. 
2 v 808.3;3-4 

Forsyth, W. Novels and novelists of the 
18th century 808.3;6 

Lanier, Sidney. The English novel. . .808.3;12 

Mitchell, Donald G. (Ik. Marvel) About old 
story tellers 808.3;14 

Tuckerman, Bayard. History of English 
prose fiction 808.3;20 

Woo I son . Abba Gould. George Eliot and her 
heroines 808.3;26 


Atlantic tales 808.31;3 

Blackwood. Tales from Blackwood. 6 v. 

808.31 ;6-ll 

Famous stories. 2 v 808.31;18-19 

Johnson, E. Rossiter. — ed. Little classics, 12 v. 

v. 1. Exile 808.31;26 

v. 2. Intellect 808.31;27 

v. 3. Tragedy 808.31;28 

v. 4. Life 808.31;29 

v. 5. Laughter 808.31 ;30 

v. (>. Love 808.31;31 

v. 7. Romance 808.31;32 

v. 8. Mystery 808.31;33 

v. 9. Comedy 808.31;34 

v. 10. Childhood 808.31;35 

v. 11. Fortune 808.31;3(> 

v. 12. Heroism 808.31;37 

Maga stories 808.31;41 

Morley, Henry— ed. Ideal commonwealths: 
Plutarch's Lycurgus; More's Utopia; Ba- 
con's New Atlantis, etc 823.2;5 

Stoddard, Rich. II.— ed. Burlesque.. 808.31 ;45 
— Stories by American authors, 3 v. . 808.3 l;46-48 

Tales from many sources, 6 v 808.31 ;54-59 

Wilson, John M.— ed. Tales of the border. 
12 v 808.31;66-77 

Zimmern, II . and A. Half hours with foreign 
novelists. 2 v 808.31;84-85 

Individual Authors. 

Alcestis, (Anon) A10 

Ambrose and Eleanor, (Anon) A14 

American Cardinal. (Anon) A15 

Abbott, Edwin A. Flatland, a romance of 
many dimensions A90 

Adams, Alicia A. Leith — Madelon Lemoine. 


— Winstowe A104 

Adams, Mary. An honorable surrender. A124 
Adeler, Max, pseud., see CI ark, Charles Heber. 

Aguilar, Grace. Days of Bruce; a story from 
Scottish history A154 

— Same, 2 v A155-156 

— Home influence A157 

— Home scenes and heart studies A158 

— Mother's recompense; a sequel to Home In- 

fluence A159 

— Vale of cedars, (a story of Spain in the 15th 

Century) A160 

— Woman's friendship A161 

Aide, Hamilton. Xine days' wonder: a nov- 
elette A200 

Ainsworth, William H. Tower of London; 
an historical romance A224 

— Winsor Castle : an historical romance of time 

of Henry VIII A225 

Alcott, Louisa May. Hospital sketches. . A300 

— Moods A301 

— Modern Mephistopheles. (No name series). 


— Work A303 

Alden, Isabella M. (Pansy), v. 1 Four girls 
at Chautauqua A 354 

— v. 2, Chautauqua girls at home A355 

— v. 3, Ruth Erskine's crosses A356 

— Chrissy's Endeavor A367 

— Cunning Workmen A358 

— Divers Women A360 

— Eighty-seven A361 

— Endless chain A363 

— Ester Beid series, v. 1, Ester Reid A364 

— v. 2, Julia Reid A365 

— v. 3, King's daughter A366 

— v. 4, Wise and Otherwise A367 

— v. 5, Ester Reid yet speaking A368 

— From different standpoints A370 

— Hall in the grove A372 

— Household puzzles A374 



A I d e n , Isabella M .— Continued. 

— Interrupted A375 

— Judge Burnham's daughters A877 

— Links in Rebecca's life A378 

— Man of the house A382 

— Mrs. Harper's awakening A379 

— Mrs. Soloman Smith looking on A380 

— Modern prophets A383- 

— Monteagle A384 

— New graft on the family tree A385 

— One commonplace day A387 

— Pocket measure A389 

— Randolphs ; a sequel to Household puzzles. 


— Spun from fact A392 

— Three people A395 

— What she said and what she meant A397 

Aid rich, Thomas Bailey. Marjorie Daw and 
other people A450 

— Prudence Palfrey A451 

— Queen of Sheba A452 

— Stillwater tragedy A453 

Alexander, Mrs. pseud., see Hector, Annie F. 

Anderson, Olive San Louie. An American 

girl and her four years in a boys 9 college. 


Anstey, F. pseud., see Guthrie, F. Anstey. 

Appleton, Elizabeth H. Half-life and half a 
life. In Atlantic tales 808.31; 3 

Arblay, Frances d\ Evelina 823.6;1 

Archer, E. M. Christina A550 

Argles, Margaret. (The duchess.) Doris... A601 

— Mrs. Geoffrey A604 

— In durance vile. In Tales from many sources, 

v. 2 808.31 ; 65 

Arnold, George. Why Thomas was dis- 
charged. In Atlantic tales 808.31 ;3 

Arthur, Timothy Shay. After the storm.. A650 

— Allen house, or twenty years ago A651 

— Angel of the household AG52 

— Danger A654 

— Good time coming A 655 

— Leaves from the book of human life A656 

— Light on shadowed paths A657 

— Married life A659 

— Nothing but money A660 

— Our neighbors in the corner-house A661 

— - Out in the world A662 

— Seed time and harvest A664 

— Sketches of life and character A665 

— 8paring to spend A666 

— Stories for young housekeepers A667 

— Tales of married life Aim 

— Ten nights in a bar-room A070 

Arthur, T. S.— Continued. 

— Three eras in a woman's life A671 

— Trials and confessions of a housekeeper. . A672 

— True riches A673 

— What came afterwards : a sequel to Nothing 

but money A674 

— What can woman do V A675 

— Withered heart A676 

— Words for the wise A677 

Ashmore, A. Faithful Margaret A700 

Astor, William Waldorf. Valentino : an his- 
torical romance of XVI Century in Italy. 


Austin, Jane. Emma A760 

— Mansfield Park A761 

— Northranger Abbey : Persuasion A762 

— Pride and prejudice A 768 

— Sense and sensibility A764 

Austin, Jane Goodwin. Cipher A774 

— Dora Darling A775 

— Outpost ; a sequel to Dora Darling A776 

Awdry, Frances, and others. The miz-maze. 


Behind the Veil. (Anon) B12 

Bread-winners. (Anon) B20 

Babcock , Retta B. Clemence B120 

Badeau , Adam. Conspiracy B150 

Baker, Harriet Newell. (Madeline Leslie). Cora 
and the doctor B180 

— Courtesies of wedded life B181 

Baker, William M. Blessed Saint Certainty. 


— Colonel Dunwoddie, millionaire B191 

— His majesty myself. (No name series). . .B192 

— Inside, a chronicle of Secessia B193 

— Making of a man B194 

— Mose Evans B195 

— New Timothy B196 

Balch, Elizabeth. Zorah ; a love story of mod- 
em Egypt B210 

Baldwin, Lydia W. Yankee -school teacher 
in Virginia B220 

Balestier, Wolcott. Victorious defeat. .. B230 

Barham, Rich H. Jerry Jarvis's wig. In 
Little classics— Life 808.31 ; 29 

Barnard, Edna A. Maple Range; a frontier 
romance B260 

Barr, Amelia E. Between two loves B291 

— Border shepardess B293 

— Bow of orange ribbon B294 

— Daughter of Fife B296 

— Jan Vedder's wife B298 

— Last of the Macallisters B299 

— Lost silver of Briffault B300 



Barr, Amelia E. Master of his fate B301 

— Paul and Christina B302 

— Remember the Alamo B303 

— Scottish sketches B304 

— Squire of Sandal-Side B306 

Barrett, Frank. Great Hesper B324 

Bates, Arlo. A lad-s love B340 

Bates, E. Katherine. Nile days B350 

Baylor, Frances C. Behind the Blue Ridge. 


— On both sides B366 

Bayly, Ada Ellen, (Edna LyaU). Derrick 
Vaughn B390 

— Donovan B391 

— In the golden days ; a story of the time of 

Charles II B392 

— Knight errant B394 

— We two ; a sequel to Donovan B396 

— Won by waiting B398 

Beal e, Anna. Simplicity and facination . . B420 

Beecher, Henry Ward. Norwood B440 

Bell, Acton, pseud., see Bronte, Anna. 
Bell, Currer, pseud., see Bronte, Charlotte. 
Bell, Ellis, pseud., see Bronte, Emily. 

Bellamy, Edward. Dr. Ileidenhoff's process. 


— Looking backward. 2000-1887 B467 

— Six to one ; a Nantucket idyl B468 

Bellamy, Elizabeth W. (Kamba Thorpe). Lit- 
tle Joanna B476 

Belt, Harriet P. Mirage of promise B490 

Besant, Walter and James Rice. By Celia's 
arbour B529 

— Chaplain of the fleet B530 

— Golden butterfly B631 

— Monks of Thelema B633 

— Ready-money Mortiboy — B634 

— This son of Vulcan B537 

— With harp and crown B538 

Besant, Walter. All sorts and conditions of 
men B544 

— For faith and freedom B546 

— The world went very well then B547 

Bethune, Alexander. Ghost of Gairyburn. 
In Tales of the border, v. 6 808.31; 71 

- Ghost of Howdy Craigs. In Tales of the 
border, v. 6 808.31;73 

— The warning. In Tales of the border, v. 8 

808.31 ; 73 

— The young laird. In Tales of the border. 

v. 2 808.31; 67 

Bethune, George W. Ambassador in spite of 
himself. In Maga stories 808.31; 41 

Bethune, J. Bewildered student. In Tales 
of the border, v. 2 808.31;67 

Bishop, William H. Detmold B600 

— Golden justice B601 

— House of a merchant prince B602 

Black, William. Daughter of Heth B661 

— Green pastures and Piccadilly B602 

— In silk attire B663 

— In far Lochaber B664 

— Judith Shakespeare B666 

— Kilmeny B666 

— Macleod of Dare B668 

— Madcap Violet B669 

— Maid of Killeena, etc B670 

— Marriage of Moira Fergus B671 

— Princess of Thule B673 

— Queen Tita's wager. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 3 808.31;66 

— Sabrina Zembra B674 

— Shandon bells B675 

— Strange adventures of a phaeton B676 

— Sunrise B677 

— That beautiful wretch B678 

— Three feathers B679 

— White heather B681 

— White wings B682 

— Yolande B683 

Blackburn, W. M. Geneva's shield ; a story 
of the Swiss reformation B710 

Black more, Richard D. Alice Lorraine. B725 

— Erema B726 

— Lorna Doone B727 

— Maid of Sker B728 

— Mary Anerley B729 

— Springhaven B730 

Bladen, E. S. Water waif; a short story 
of the revolution B760 

Blake, Lady. Lady of Lyndon B775 

Bolton, Sarah K. Stories from life B800 

Bonner, Sherwood, pseud., see McDowell, 
Katherine S. 

Boulger, Dora. (Theo Gift.) Visited on the 
children B830. 

Brewster, Anna H. M. Compensation.. .B860 

Br id Res, Mrs. Col. (Mrs. Forester.) Dolores. 


Bright, M. A. (Lyndon.) Margaret B886 

— Oxley B886 

Briffgs, Charles F. Elegant Tom Dillar. In 
Maga stories 808.31;41 

Bronte, Anna. (Acton BeU.) Tenant of Wild- 
fell Hall B915 

Bronte, Charlotte. (Currer BeU) Jane Eyre. 


— Professor B919 


Bronte. Charlotte.— Continued. 

— Shirley BS20 

— Vilette B921 

Bronte, Emily, [Ellis Bell.) Wuthering 

Heights B824 

Brooks, C. Shirley. Sootier or later B946 

Broughton, Rhoda. Second thoughts.. .BHiH) 

Brown, John. Miirjmie Flcmming. In Little 
classics— Childhood 80X31 : 86 

— Same. Jn Spare Hours, v. 2 828.8;6 

— Bab and his friends. Jn Little Hhkijl-s -Liiv. 

808.31; 29 

— Same. In Spare Hours, v. 1 838.8; S 

Brown, Helen D. Two college girls B1020 

Bruce, Mrs. E. M. Thousand a year B1050 

Brush, Christine C. Colonel's opera cloak. 
(No name series.) BJ080 

Buckner, Mrs Alfred M. Towards the gull'; 
a romance of Louisiana B1100 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward G. Alice; a sequel to 
Ernest Maltravera BI110 

— Caxtons Bllll 

— Coming race Bl 1 12 

— Devereux Bll 13 

— Disowned Bll 14 

— Ernest Maltravers B1115 

— Eugene Aram BUM 

— Godolphin B1118 

— Harold, the last of the Saxon kings B1119 

— House and the brain. In Tales from Black 

wood. v. S 806.31; 10 

— Same. In Little classics- Intellect, v. 2._ 

— Kenelm Chillingly Bl 120 

— Last days of Pompeii Bl 121 

— Last of the barons. Bl 1 22 

— Maid of Malines. Jn Little classics— Love. 

81)8.31; 31 

— My novel B1124 

— Night and morning B1126 

— Parisians Bl 

— Paul Clifford BI12T 

— Fausauuis. llic Spartan: an mijiiiislii-d histori 

cal romance B11S7 

— Pelham Bl 128 

— Pelham, Disowned, Devereux, &e B112S1 

— Pilgrims of the Rhine Bl 13(1 

— Rienzi, the last of the Roman tribunes.. Bl 131 

— Strange story Bl 132 

— What will he do with it 1 Bl 133 

— Same. 2 v Bl 134-5 

— Zanoni B1136 

Bunce, Oliver Bell. Adventures of Tiruias 
Terrystone BUBO 

Bunner, Henry C. The midge Bl 

Bunner, Henry 0/— Continued. 

— Story of a New York house B1192 

— Woman of honor Bl 191 

Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's Progress 244;4 

Burnett, Frances Hodgson. Fair barbarian. 


— Haworth's B1224 

— Louisiana Bl 226 

— Pretty Folly Pemherton B1228 

— Pretty sister of Jose B1229 

— Surley Tim and other stories B1230 

— Thatlasa o' Lownb's., B1232 

— Theo B1233 

— Through one administration BI234 

Burn ham, Clara Louise. Dearly bought.. B1270 

— Next door B1271 

— No gentlemen BI272 

— Sane lunatic B1273 

— Young maids and old B1274 

Burr, E. F. Dio the Athenian B1300 

Butler, William Alien. Douicsticus; a tale of 
the imperial city BI330 

Butt, Beatrice May. Delicia B136Q 

— Hester. Willi Hardy T. Distracted young 


Bynner, Edwin Lassetter. Agiii'sSurriape ; a 
colonial story of the 18th cent. . . — B1390 

— Damon's ghost B1S91 

— Niuiuort B1392 

Cable, Geo. W. Bmutventure C100 

— Dr. Sevier C102 

— Grandissimes; a story of Creole life C104 

— Madame Delphine C10B 

— Old Creole days C106 

Caine, Hall. The Deemster C176 

Campbell, Alex. Disasters of Johnny Arm- 
strong and other stories, Jn Tal es of the 
border 808.31 ; 66-77 

Campbell, Helen. Miss Melinrla's npjjortu- 
nity C2O0 

— Mrs. Herndon's income GM1 

— Roger Berkeley's probation C203 

— Under green apple-boughs C204 

— Unto the third and fourth generation C206 

Carey, Bow Naiichette. Aunt Diana — C282 

— Barbara Ileatheote's trials C280 

— Ester 0281 

— Not like other girls L'284 

— Only the governess C286 

— Queenie's whim C285 

— Uncle Max C287 

Carleton.Wm. Complete works. 3 v. C380-38S 

— Neal Maloue. in Little classics— Laughter. 

808.31; 30 




Carleton, Wm. —Continued. 

— Tales and stories of the Irish peasantry. .C383 

Cary, Alice. Pictures of country life C430 

Catherwood , Mary H. Cracque-o'-doom.C485 

Caunter, Hobart. Romance of history— India. 


Caxton, Laura, pseud., see Comins, Lizzie B. 

Chamberlain, Wm. Manuela Parades. (No 
name series) C600 

C h am p n ey , Lizzie W. Bourbon lillies . . C630 

Chanler, Amelie Rives. Virginia of Virginia. 


Chaplin, Herman W. Five hundred dollars, 
and other stories of New England life.C648 

Charles, Elizabeth. Against the stream; 
story of a heroic age in England C660 

— Bertram family C661 

— Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta family. 

Story of Luther and the reformation) . C662 

— Conquering and to conquer. (Early Christians). 


— Diary of Kitty Trevylyan. (Time of Whit- 

field and Wesley) C664 

— Draytons and Davenants. (Period of English 

commonwealth) C665 

— Early dawn, or Sketches of Christian life in 

England in the olden time C666 

— Lapsed, but not lost; a story of Roman Carth- 

age C667 

— On both sides of the sea ; a sequel to Draytons 

and Davenants C668 

— Victory of the vanquished C669 

— Winifred Bertram C670 

C hell is, Mary D. Mystery of the lodge. .C715 

Child, Lydia Maria. Philothea; a Grecian 
romance C766 

— Romance of the republic C767 

Church, Alfred J. Chantry priest of Barnet; 
a tale of the two roses C819 

— Count of the Saxon shore ; a tale of the depar- 

ture of the Romans from Britain C820 

— With the king at Oxford ; a tale of the great 

rebellion C821 

Clacy, Helen, (Cycla). Pattie Durant ; a tale 
of 1662 C848 

Clark, Charles Heber, (Max Adeler). Fortunate 
island and other stories C875 

Clark, Charlotte M. Baby Rue. (No name 
series) C883 

Clarke, James Freeman. Legend of Thomas 
Didymus 244; 6 

Clarke, Rebecca Sophia, (Sophie May). As- 
bury twins C900 

— Doctor's daughter C901 

— Drone's honey C905 

— Janet, the poor heiress C902 

Clark, Rebecca Sophia— Continued. 

— Our Helen C903 

— Quinnebasset girls C904 

Clement, Clara Erskine, see Waters, Clara. 

Clerke, E. M. Film of gossamer. In Tales 
from many sources, v. 3 808.31;66 

Coffin, Robert Barry, (Barry Gray). Cakes 
and ale C986 

— Matrimonial infelicities C987 

— My married life at Hillside C988 

Collins, W. Wilkie. After dark C1030 

— Armadale ,C1031 

— Antonina, or The fall of Rome; a romance of 

of the 5th century C1032 

— Basil C1033 

— Dead secret C1034 

— Hide and seek C1085 

— Heart and science C1036 

— Law and the lady C1037 

— Man and wife C1038 

— Moonstone C1039 

— New Magdalen C1040 

— No name C1041 

— Poor Miss Finch C1042 

— Queen of hearts C1045 

— She loves and lies. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 4 808.31; 57 

— Two destinies CI 043 

— Woman in white C1044 

Comins, Lizzie B, (Laura Caxton). Hartwell 
farm C1080 

— Marion Berkley C1081 

Conway, Hugh, pseud., see Fargus, F. J. 

Cooke, John Esten. Hammer and rapier. CI 130 

— Henry St. John, gentleman. (Virginia life 

1774-75) C1131 

— Her majesty, the queen. (Time of Charles I 

of England) C1132 

— Leather stocking and silk. (Valley of Virginia, 

1800) C1133 

— My lady Pokahontas. (Virginia and Captain 

John Smith) C1134 

— Virginia Bohemians C1135 

Cooke, Rose Terry. Happy Dodd C1150 

— Miss Lucinda. In Atlantic tales. . .808.31;8 

— Somebody's neighbors C1152 

— Sphinx's children C1153 

— Steadfast; the story of a saint and a sinner. 


Coolidge, Susan, pesud., see Woolsey, Sarah 

Cooper, James Fenimore. Afloat and ashore. 


— Bravo. (Story of Venice) C1181 

— Chainbearer. (Revolutionary period) ... CI 182 

— Crater C1188 


Cooper, James Fenimore.— Onrtnuai. 

— Deerslayer. (Leather-stocking titles, No. 1) 


— Headsman. (Switzerland and Italy in time of 

Calvin C1185 

— Heidenmauer. (Scene in the Volger Mountains 

in middle ages) CI 186 

— Homeward bound CI 187 

— Home as found; a sequel lo Homeward bound. 

CI 188 

— Jack Tier. (Sea adventures— West Indies). 


— Laat of the Mohicans. (Leather-stocking 

tales, No. 2) C1190 

— Lionel Lincoln. (Bunker hill artel Boston in 

1775) C1191 

— Mercedes of Castile. (Spain and Columbusi. 

CI 192 

— Miles Wallingford; a sequel to Afloat ami 

ashore CI 193 

— Monikins CI 194 

— Oak-openings, or The bee-hunter. (Michigan 

early days) C1196 

— Pathfinder. (Leather-stocking tales, No. 3). 

CI 196 

— Pilot. (Sea story in whirli Paul Jones figures). 


— Pioneers. (Leather- stocking tales No. 4). 

CI 198 

— Prairie. (Leather-stocking tales No. 5]. C1199 

— Precaution C1200 

— RedBover. (Old French war) C1201 

— Red skins CI202 

- Satanstoe C1203 

— Sea lions. (Sealers in the Southern ocean). C1204 

— Spy. (Revolutionary period, Washington litr 

ures) C120S 

— Stories of the sea ; collection of stories select- 

ed from the novels CI 206 

— Two admirals. (English naval service — old 

French war) C1207 

— Water-witch. (Subsequent to the defeat of 

the Dutch in New York) C1208 

— Ways of the hour C1209 

— Wept of Wish-ton Wish. | Kins Phillip's war. 

1676) C1210 

— Wingand wing. (Mediteranean— Napoleon ie 

wars) C1211 

— Wyandotte. (Revolutionary frontier warfare i. 


Cooper, Katherine S.iurnlfi- I f n'j»if cil i-mr.i . 
In Little classic* -Laughter 808.31:30 

Corbett, Julian. For God and gold; (a story 
of time of Sir Francis Drake) C1268 

Corbin, Caroline E. Rebecca, or A woman's 
secret C1280 

Coulson, J.G. A. Clifton picture C1305 

— Odd trump C1S06 

CraddOCk, Charles Egbert, pseud., see Mur- 
f ree, Mary N. 

Craik, Dinah Maria, [Formerly Mitt Mul-ich.) 
Agatha's husband C1840 

— Urave lady C134I 

— Christian's mistake C1342 

— Double house. In The Emerald.. ..828; 62 

— Hannah C1848 

— Head of the family C1344 

— Hero and other tales CI345 

— John Halifax C1348 

— King Arthur C1347 

— Laurel bush C1348 

— Life for a life C1349 

— Miss Tommy : In a house-boat CI 360 

— Mistress and maid C1364 

— My mother and I C136S 

— Noble life C135S 

— Nothing new ; tales C1354 

— Ogilvies C1355 

— Olive C1356 

— Two marriages C1367 

— Unkind word and other stories. CI 358 

— Woman's kingdom CI 358 

— Young Mrs. Jardine C1360 

Crane, J. L. Two circuits. ..'. C144S 

Crawford, Francis Marion. American pplltt- 

cian C1600 

— Doctor Claudius C1502 

— Greifenstein C1603 

— Marzio's erueillx C1504 

— Mr. Isaacs; a tale of modern India C1506 

— Paul Patoff C1507 

— Roman singer C1608 

— Sant' Ilario CI512 

— Saraeenesca C1609 

-■ Tale of a lonely parish C1510 

— To leeward C1511 

— Zoroaster, lit story of tlie Persian court in i;tli 

cent., B. C > C1518 

Cross, Marian E. {Qeoiye Elint.) Adam Beds, 
CI 660 

— Brother Jacob. With far poems 821.89:44 

— Daniel Deronda C1561 

— Same. 2 v CI 552-3 

— Felix Holt C1554 

— Lifted veil. With her poems 821.89; 44 

— Middlemarch C1555 

— Swiie. 2 v C1656-7 

— Mill on the Floss C1558 

— Komola. (Florence and Savonarola.). . -C1668 

— Scenes of clerical life: Silas Marner C1660 

— Silas Marner: Scenes of clerical life C1561 

Crowe, Catherine. The advocate's wedding- 
day. In Llttleclasaics— Mystery. 8(18.31 ;33 

Cummins, Maria 8. Lamplighter C1600 

—Mabel Vauhan C1601 

Curtis, George W. Prue and I CI 830 

— Trumps CI631 




Curtis, Caroline G. (Carrol Winchester.) From 
Madge to Margaret C1640 

— Love of a lifetime C1641 

Democracy, an American novel. (Anon.). .D2 

Damon, Sophia M. Old New England days. 


Dauge, Henri, pseud., see Hammond, Mrs. 
E. H. 

Davis, Behecca Harding. Balacchi brothers. In 
Stories by American authors, v. 1 

808.31; 46 

— Captain's story. Jn Little classics— Intellect. 

808.31; 27 

— Dallas Galbraith D250 

— Faded leaf of history. In Little classics- 

Childhood 808.31;35 

— Law unto herself D251 

— Life in the iron mills. In Atlantic tales. 

808.31; 3 

— Natasques D252 

— Stephen Yarrow. In Famous stories, v. 2 


— Waiting for the verdict D253 

De Forest, John W. Kate Beaumont D350 

— Lauson tragedy* In Little classics — Tragedy. 

808.31; 28 

Del and, Margaret. John Ward, preacher. D380 

DeLeifde, J. B. Galama. (The founders of 
the Dutch republic.) D400 

— Maid of Stralsund. (A story of the thirty 

years' war.) D401 

DeMille, James. Cryptogram D450 

— Dodge club, or Italy in 1859 D451 

— Lily and the cross D452 

Deming, Philander. Adirondack stories.. D510 

Den ison , Mary A. That husband of mine. 


— That wife of mine D561 

DeQuincy, Thomas. The avenger. In Fa- 
mous stories, v. 1 808.31; 18 

— Flight of a Tartar tribe. In his Narati ve and 

miscellaneous papers, v. 1 820.8; 31 

— 3ame. In Little classics -Exile. . . .808.31; 26 

— Klosterheim, or The masque. In his Memor- 

ials, &c. v. 2 820.8;29 

— Murder considered as one of the fine arts. In 

Little classics -Intellect 808.31; 27 

— Vision of sudden death. In Little classics — 

Tragedy 808.31; 28 

Despard , Matilda. Kilrogan cottage — D610 

Diaz, Abby M. Bybury to Beacon street. .D635 

— Schoolmaster's trunk D636 

Dickens, Charles. Barnaby bridge. (Story 
of England in 1780.) D660 

— Bleak House 1)661 

Dickens, Charles.— Continued. 

— Child's dream of a star. In Little classics- 

Childhood 808.31;36 

— Chops the drawf. In Little classics — Intellect. 

808.31; 27 

— Christmas books D662 

— Christmas carol. In Little classics— Laughter. 

808.31 ;30 

— Christmas stories. Pictures from Italy. .D663 

— Christmas stories from Household Words, &c. 


— David Copperfield D665 

— Dombey and son D667 

— Edwin Drood, &c D668 

— Great expectations D669 

— Hard times : Great expections D670 

— Holly-tree inn and other stories D671 

— Hunted dowp and other stories D672 

— Lamplighter's story, &c D673 

— Little Dorrit D674 

— Martin Chuzzlewit D675 

— Message from the sea. &c D676 

— New stories : Hard times, &c D677 

— New stories : Bleak House, &c D678 

— Nicholas Nickleby D679 

— Old curiosity shop D680 

— Oliver Twist D681 

— Oliver Twist : Tale of two cities D682 

— Our mutual friend D683 

— Pickwick papers D684 

— Schools and schoolmasters. (Selected from 

his novels.) D685 

— Short stories D686 

— Signal-man. In Little classics— Mystery. 

808.31; 33 

— Sketches by Boz D687 

— Tale of two cities. (French revolution). .D688 

Dickenson, Anna. What answer V D710 

Dickenson , Mary Lowe. Among the thorns. 


Disraeli, Benjamin. Conningsby : Henrietta 
Temple D759 

— Endymion D760 

— Ixion : Vivian Grey D762 

— Lothair D763 

— Sibyl : Alroy D764 

— Venetia : Tancred D765 

— Young duke : Contarini Fleming D766 

Dodge, Mary Abigail, (Oail Hamilton). First 
love is best D810 

— Pursuit of knowledge under difficulties. In 

Atlantic tales 808.3l;3 

Dodge, Mary Mapes. Theophilus and others. 


Douglas, Amanda M. Claudia D8B1 

— Floyd Grandotf s honor D863 

— Foes of her household D864 




Douglas, Amanda M.— Continued. 

— Fortunes of the Faradays D866 

— From hand to mouth D866 

— Home nook D867 

— Hope Mills D868 

— In trust D869 

— Modern Adam and Eve in a garden D871 

— Nellie Kinnard's kingdom; a sequel to Seven 

daughters D872 

— Out of the wreck D874 

— Seven daughters D876 

— Stephen Dane D877 

— Sydnie Adriance D878 

— Whom Kathie married D880 

— Woman's inheritance D882 

Doyle, A. Con an. Bones. In Tales from 
many sources, v. 4 808.31;57 

— Micah Clarke. (Story of the Monmouth rebel- 

lion of 1685) D905 

Dutchess, The, pseud., see Argles, Margaret. 

Dunning, Charlotte, see Wood, Charlotte D. 

Eliza Woodson, or The early days of one of 
the world's workers, (virion) El 2 

Episodes of an obscure life. {Anon) £16 

Eastman , Frances. Marcella of Borne. (A tale 
' of the early church) E125 

Eddy, John. Dinner party. In Stories by 
American authors, v. 2 808.31; 47 

Edge worth, Maria. Absentee E175 

— Castle Rack rent and other stories El 76 

— Murad, the unlucky. In Little classics- 

Fortune 808.31;37 

Ed ward es, Annie. Archie Lovel E256 

— Philip Earnscliffe E267 

— Stephen Lawrence. E258 

— Susan Fielding E259 

Edwards, Amelia B. Barbara's history. .E250 

— Mi68 Carew E252 

Eggleston , Edward. Circuit rider E300 

— End of the world E301 

— Graysons E305 

— Hoosier schoolmaster E302 

— Mystery of Metropolisville E303 

— Roxy E304 

Ei loart, Elizabeth. Love that lived E350 

Elbon, Barbara, pseud., see Halsted, Leo- 
nora B. 

Eliot, George, pseud., see Cross, Marian E. 

Elliot, Frances. Romance of old court life in 
France ; (Frances I to Louis XIV). . .E410 

Emery,. Sarah A. Three generations E450 

Erskine, Mrs. Thomas. Wyncotte E530 

Ewing, Juliana Horatia. Jan of the windmill. 


Ewlng, Juliana Horatia. — Continued. 

— Lob lie-by-the-fire. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 5 808.31; 58 

Fraternity. (Anon) F10 

Faber, Christine. Ugly heroine F100 

Falkner, W. C. Little brick church F150 

Fargus, Frederick J., (Hugh Conway). Called 
back F210 

— Dark days F211 

— My first client. In Tales from many sources. 

v. 6 808.31;59 

Farjeon, Benjamin L. Blade-o'-grass: Gol- 
den grain F235 

— Duchess of Rosemary lane F236 

— Grif ; a story of Australian life F237 

— Joshua Marvel F238 

— Toilers of Babylon F239 

Farley, Helen H., (Ernest GUnvyre). Unswerv- 
ing F260 

Fawcett. Edgar. Adventures of a widow. F310 

— Ambitious women F311 

— Hopeless case „ F313 

— House at Highbridge F314 

— Olivia Delaplaine F315 

— Tinkling cymbals F316 

Ferguson, Samuel. Father Tom and the 
pope. 2m Little classics-Comedy. 808.31 ;34 

Field, Caroline H. High lights F387 

Fielding, Henry. Works 823.5; 6 

Fin ley, Martha. Casella, (a story of the Wal- 
denses) F410 

Fisher, Frances C, (Christian Held). Miss 
Churchill F435 

Fleming, Harford, pseud., see McCIellan, 

Fletcher, Julia C, (Fleming George), Andro- 
meda . .- F560 

— Head of Medusa F561 

— Kismet. (No name series) F562 

— Mirage. (No name series) F563 

— Truth about Clement Ker F565 

— Vestigia F564 

Foote, Mary Hallock. John Bode win's testa- 
mony F610 

Ford, 8. J. Ernest Quest F660 

Forney, John Weiss. New nobility F685 

Forrester, Frank, pseud., see Herbert. Hen- 
ry W. 

Forrester, Mrs., pseud., see Bridges, Mrs. 

Foster, Isabella H. (Faye Huntington). Echo- 
ing and re-echoing F735 

— Mr. McKenzie's answer F736 




Foster, Isabella H. — Continued. 

— Mrs. Deane's way F738 

— Ripley parsonage ; a sequel to Mr. McKenzie"s 

answer F737 

— Those boys F739 

— Transformed F740 

— "What Fide remembers F741 

Fothergill, Jessie. First violin F785 

— From Moor isles F791 

— Kith and kin F78G 

— Lasses of Leverhouse F790 

— Peril F787 

— Probation F788 

— Wellsfields F789 

Fox, Emily, (Toiler King). Gemini. (No name 
series) F810 

— Off the rocks F811 

— Will Denbigh, nobleman. (No name series). 


Francillon, Robert E. Earl's Dene F860 

Frazar, Douglas. Perseverance Island, or the 
Robinson Crusoe of XIX century F910 

Frederick, Harold. Seth's brother's wife. 


French, Alice, {Olive Thanet). Knitters in the 
sun F945 

Fronde, James A. Two chiefs of Dunboy; 
an Irish romance of the last century.. F954 

Fuller, Edward. Forever and a day F9G0 

Fullerton, Georgiana C, lodu. Stormy life. 
(Historical romance of XV century). .F985 

Gait, John. Haddad-Ben-Ahab, the traveller. 
In Little classics— Comedy 808.31 ; 34 

Garner, Zelota. Sex in sin G175 

Garrett, Edward pseud., see Mayo, Isabella. 

Gaskel 1 , Elizabeth C. Cranford G200 

— Mary Barton G201 

— My lady Ludlow G202 

— North and south G203 

— Ruth G204 

— Sylvia's lovers G205 

— Wives and daughters G206 

Gerard, E. D. pseud., see Laszouski, Mrs. 

Gi bbon , Charles. Robin Gray G275 

Giberne, Agnes. Coulyng Castle G300 

— Curate's home G301 

Gift, Theo, pseud., see Boulger, Dora. 

Gi les, Daphue. East and west G32o 

Gilmore, James R. (Edmund Kirke.) Adrift 
in Dixie G350 

— Among the guerillas G351 

— Down in Tennessee G352 

Gilmore, James R.— Continued. 

— On the border G353 

Goodwin, Hannah B. Our party of four..G400 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Vicar of Wakefield. 

, 823.6; 6 

Gould, Sabine Baring-Richard Cable G425 

Grant, Maria M. Sun maid G450 

Grant, Robert. Confessions of a frivolous girl. 

— Face to face G461 

Green, Anna Katherine. (Mrs. Rohlfs.) Leaven-, 
worth case G500 

— Mill mystery G501 

— Strange disappearance. G502 

— Sword of Damocles G503 

— X. Y. Z G504 

Green, Belle C. New England idyl G512 

Green o ugh, Sarah D. In extremis G526 

Greenwood, James. Night in a workhouse. 
In Little classics— Exile 808.31; 26 

Guernsey, Lucy Ellen. Milly G600 

— Through unknown ways G602 

Guthrie, F. Anstey. (F.Ansley.) Black poodle. 
Jn Tales from many sources, v 1 

808.31;. 54 

— Fallen idol G626 

— Giant's robe G625 

— Tinted Venus G627 

— Vice versa : G628 

Harbour bar. (Anon.) 1110 

Her ladyship. (Anon.) H14 

Honor May. (Anon.) 1120 

H. H., pseud., see Jackson, Helen M. 

Haberton, John. Barton experiment. . .11100 

— Helen's babies H101 

— Jericho road — H102 

— Other people's children ; a sequel to Helen's 

babies H103 

— Scriptuie club of Valley Rest H104 

Hale, Edward Everett. Children of the public. 
In Little classics— Fortune 808.31; 37 

— Crusoe in New York, and other stories. . . II 151 

— Fortunes of Rachel H152 

— G. T. T., or Wonderful adventures of a pull- 

man H155 

— His level best, and other stories H153 

— In his name ; a story of the Waldenses, seven 

hundred years ago H154 

— Man without a country, &c H156 

— Same. In Atlantic tales 808.31;3 

— Same. In Little classics— Exile. . . .808.31; 26 

— Mrs. Merriam's scholars; a sequel to Ten times 

one is ten H157 




Hale, Edward Everett— Continued. 

— Our Christmas in a palace II158 

— Our new crusade; a temperance story. . .11159 

— Philip Nolan's friends II160 

— Skeleton in the closet. In Little classics- 

Laughter H808.31;30 

— Ten times one is ten H161 

— Ups and downs H162 

Hale, Lucretia P. Queen of the red chessmen. 
In Atlantic tales 808.31; 3 

Halsey , Calista. Two of us II230 

Hal stead, Leonora B. (Barbara Elbori). Beth- 
esda . II255 

Hamerton, Eugenie. Golden mediocrity. 


Hamerton, Philip Gilbert. Marmome. (No 
name series.) II285 

— Wenderholme II286 

Hamilton, Alice K. One of the Duanes. H310 

Hamilton, Celia V. Hopes of sand H320 

— Woven of many threads H321 

Hamilton, Gail, pseud., sec Dodge, Mary A. 

Hammond, Mrs. E. II. {Henri Dange). Fair 
philosopher 11300 

— Georgians. (Round-robin series) II361 

Hammond, William A. Doctor Grattan. H385 

— Lai H387 

— Mr. OldmLxon II388 

— On the Susquehanna II389 

— Strong-minded woman : a sequel to Lai. . H390 

Hardman, Frederick. My friend the Dutch- 
man. In The Emerald 808.31; 4?) 

Hardy, Arthur Sherburne. But yet a woman. 


— Passe Rose. (Story of the time of Charle- 

magne) 1 1426 

— Wind of destiny 11427 

Hardy, Thomas. Desperate remedies. . .11450 

— Distracted young preacher 1145 1 

— Far from the madding crowd II452 

— A laodicean .11453 

— Mayor of Casterbridge II458 

— Pair of blue eyes II454 

— Return of the native H456 

— Three strangers. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 1 808.31;54 

— Trumpet major II457 

— Under the green-wood tree II459 

— Wessex tales II461 

— Woodlanders 11460 

Harland, Henry, (Sidney Luska). As it was 
written II475 

— Grandison Mather II479 

—Latin-quarter courtship and other stories. H478 

Harland, Henry— Continued. 

— Mrs. Peixada H476 

— Yoke of the Thorah II477 

Harland, Marion, pseud., see Terhune, 
Mary V. 

Harris, Joel Chandler. Free Joe and other 
Georgian sketches II526 

— Mingo, and other sketches in black and white. 


Harris, Miriam Cole. Frank Warrington . H550 

— Happy-go-lucky H551 

— Louie's last term at St. Mary's II552 

— Missy H553 

— Perfect Adonis II554 

— Phoebe H555 

— Richard Vandemiarck 11556 

— Rutledge 11557 

— St. Phillips II558 

— Sutherland^ 11559 

Harrison, Mrs. William, (Lucas Makt). Coun- 
sel of perfection II580 

Harsha, William J. A timid brave II603 

Hart, Mrs. Miss Hitchcock's wedding dress. 


Harte, Francis Bret. Cressy H055 

— Crusade of the Excelsior H656 

— Frontier stories H657 

— Gabriel Conroy H658 

— In the Carquinez woods II659 

— Luck of Roaring Camp. In Little classics — 

Life 808.31; 29 

— Luck of Roaring Camp and other sketches. 1 1660 

— Millionaire of Rough and Ready 11661 

— Outcasts of Poker Flat. In Little classics- 

Exile 808.31; 26 

— Snow-bound at Eagle's 11663 

— Tales of the Argonauts and other sketches. 


Hartley, May. (Formerly May Luff an.) Christy 
Carew II705 

— Honorable Miss Ferrand II706 

Hatton , Joseph. Clytie II735 

H ave n , Alice B. (Cousin Alice.) Home stories. 


Hawthorne, Julian. Beatrix Randolph. .11795 

— Bressant 11796 

— Dust 11797 

— Fortune's fool 11798 

— Garth II71M 

— Sebastian Strome 1IS01 

— Tragic mystery 11802 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Birthmark. In Lit- 
tle classics— Mystery 808.31; 33 

— Blithedale romance H820 

— Doctor Grimshaw's secret II821 

— Dolliver romance and other pieces II822 




Hawthorne, Nathaniel— Continued, 

— Ethan Brand. In Little classics— Exile. 

808.31; 26 

— Fanshawe and other pieces II823 

— House of the seven gables H824 

— Marble faun, or The romonce of Monte Beni. 

2 v H825-26 

— Same. 1 v H827 

— Mosses from an old manse. 2 v 11828-29 

— Scarlet letter 11830 

— Septimius Felton, or The elixir of life. . .H831 

— Snow-image, and other twice-told tales. .11832 

— Twice-told tales. 2 v 11833-34 

— Wakefield. In Little classics— Intellect. 

808.31; 27 

Hay, Mary Cecil. Arundel motto IT875 

— Hidden perils II876 

— Nora's love test 11878 

— Old Myddleton's money H879 

— Squire's legacy H880 

— Victor and vanquished H881 

Hector, Annie F. (Mrs. Alexander.) Admiral's 
ward II950 

— The executor II951 

— The Freres H952 

— Her dearest foe H953 

— Heritage of Langdale n954 

— Ralph Wilton's weird H955 

— Second life II956 

— Which shall it be V H957 

— Wooing o't H958 

Henderson, Isaac. Agatha Pago 11999 

— The prelate II1000 

Henty, G. A. Bonnie Prince Charlie; a tale of 
Fontenoy and Culloden 11 1025 

— Cat of Bubastes; a tale of ancient Egypt HI 033 

— Cornet of horse ; a tale of Marlborough's 

wars II1020 

— Dragon and the raven, or The days of King 

Alfred H1034 

— For name and fame, or Through Afghan 

passes 111042 

— For the temple; a tale of the fall of Jerusalem. 


— In freedom's cause; a story of Wallace and 

Bruce 111035 

— In the reign of terror; the adventures of a 

Westminster boy II 1036 

— Jack Archer; a tale of the Crimea II1028 

- Lion of St. Mark; a tale of Venice. .... II1037 

— Lion of the north; a tale of the times of Gus- 

tavus Adolphus and the wars of rebellion. 


— St. George for England; a tale of Cressy and 

Pointiers H1030 

— True to the old flag; a tale of the American war 

of independence H1039 

— Under Drake's flag; a tale of the Spanish main 


Henty, G. A— Continued. 

» — - With Clive in India, or The beginning of an 
empire H1041 

— With Wolfe in Canada, or The beginning of a 

continent H1031 

— Young Carthagenian; a story of the times of 

Hannibal H1032 

Herbert, William H. {Frank Forrester). Fair 
Puritan; an historical romance of the days 
of witchcraft H1101 

— Oliver Cromwell; an historical novel . . .HI 102 
Higginson, Mrs. S. J. Princess of Java H1136 

Higham, M. K. Cloverly H1151 

Hodder, Edwin. Ephraim and Helah ; a story 
of the exodus 244; 14 

Holland, John Gilbert. Arthur Bonnicastle. 


— Bay path ; a tale of New England colonial 

days H1251 

— Miss Gilbert's career Hi 252 

— Nicholas Minturn H1253 

— Sevenoaks H1254 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Elsie Venner.. Hi 303 
Guardian Angel H1304 

— Iris. In Little classics— Romance. .808.31; 32 

— Mortal antipathy II1306 

Holt, Emily S. Lady Sybil's choice ; a tale 
of the crusades ' HI 326 

— Our little lady, or Six hundred vears ago H1328 

— Tangled web; a tide of the loth century 111327 

Hooper, Louisa. Tzar's window. (No name 
series) H1360 

Hooper. Lucy II. Under the tricolor, or The 
American colony in Paris II 1370 

Hoppus, Mary A. M. Story of carnival. II 14 10 

Hosmer, James K. Color guard HI 435 

— Thinking bayonet H1436 

Howard, Blanche Willis. Aulnay Tower H1460 

— Aunt Serena II1461 

— Guenn H1462 

— One summer H1463 

— Open door H1465 

— Tony, the maid H1464 

Howe, Edgar Watson. Moonlight boy.. H1484 

— Mystery of the locks H1485 

— Story of a country town Hi 486 

Howe, Maud. Atlanta in the south II 1496 

— San Ilosario ranch II1497 

Howell, John. Sergeant's tales. In Tales of 
the border, v. 6-10 808.32;71-75 

Howel Is, William Dean. Annie Kilburn. 


— April hopes Hi 640 

— Chance acquaintance 111542 




Ho wells, William Dean— Continued. 

— Counterfeit presentment; a comedy 111*543 

— Dr. Breen's practice II1544 

— Fearful responsibility and other stories. 111545 

— Foregone conclusion II 1540 

— Indian summer II 1548 

— Lady of the Aroostook II 1549 

— Minister's charge II 1551 

— Modern instance II1550 

— Out of the question; a comedy 1 1 1552 

— Rise of Silas Lapham II1554 

— Romance of real life. In Little classics— Life. 

808.81; 29 

— Their wedding journey II1556 

— Undiscovered country H1557 

— Woman's reason H1558 

Howitt, William. Jack of the mill. (Story of 
the English Lollards) Ill 595 

— Johnny Darbyshire. In Little classics— Com- 

edy 808.31;34 

— Woodburn Grange II1596 

Hughes, Thomas. School-days at Rugby. 


— Tom Brown at Oxford; a sequel to School-days 

at Rugby. 2 v 111621-22 

Hunt, Margaret. Truth triumphant. In Tales 
from many sources, .v. 4 808.31; 57 

Ivy Fenhaven, or Womanhood in Christ. (Anon). 

Ingelow, Jean. Don John. (No name series). 

1 150 

— Fated to be free 1 151 

— John Jerome 1 152 

— Off the Skelligs. 1 153 

— Sarah DeBerenger 1 154 

Ingraham, Joseph II. Pillar of fire, or Tsrael 
in bondage. (The exodus.) 244; 16 

— The Prince of the house of David. (Christ 

and His times.) 244;18 

— The throne of David. (King David and his 

times.) 244; 17 

Irving, Thomas J. In the rapids 1230 

John Jasper's secret ; a sequel to Edwin Drood. 
(Anon.) J10 

Jackson, Helen M. (//. H.) Between whiles. 


— netty's strange history. (No name series.) 


— Mercy Philbrick's choice. (No name series.) 


— Ramona J128 

— Zeph J129 

Jacobi, Mary P. A martyr to science. In 
Stories by American authors, v. 2. 

808.31; 47 

James, Florence A. (Florence Warden.) At 
the world's mercy J170 

— House on the marsh J171 

James, George P. R. Ancient regime J176 

— Charles Tyrrell J178 

— Corse DeLeon J179 

— Darnley J180 

— DeL'Orme J181 

— Henry Masterton J182 

— Henry of Guise J183 

— Huguenot J184 

— John Marston Hall J185 

— Mary of Burgundy J]86 

— Philip Augustus J187 

— Richelieu J188 

James, Henry. The American J210 

— Confidence J211 

— Daisy Miller J212 

— Europeans J213 

— Portrait of a lady J215 

— Princess Casamassima J216 

— Roderick Hudson J217 

— Tales of three cities J218 

J am es , Marian. Diamond on the hearth . . J240 

Janvier. Thomas A. (Ivory Black.) Color 
studies J268 

Jay, W. M. L., pseud., see Woodruff, Julia 
L. M. 

Jenkins, Edward . Week of passion J300 

Jewitt, Sarah Orne. Country by-ways J360 

— Country doctor J361 

— Deephaven J362 

— King of Folly Island and other people J364 

— Marsh island J303 

— Old friends and new J3(>5 

— White heron J367 

Johnson, Samuel. Rasselas, prince of Abys- 
sinia 823.0-8 

Johnson, Richard M. Mr. Absolom Billingslea 
and other Georgia folks J420 

— Old Mark Langston J421 

Johnson, Virginia W. Miss Nancy's pilgri- 
mage J4I0 

— Neptune vase J411 

— Tulip Place J412 

Jones, J. B. Adventures of a country mer- 
chant , J475 

J udd, Sylvester. Margaret J500 

Kavanagh, Julia. Atlele K150 

— Beatrice K151 

— Daisy Burns K153 

— Dora K154 

— Grace Lee K155 

— John Dorrien K150 

— Madeline K157 

— Nathalie • K158 

— Queen Mal> K159 

— Rachel Gray K160 




Kavanagh, Julia— Continued 

— Two Lillies. K161 

Keary, Annie. Castle Daly K180 

— Doubting heart K181 

Keeler, Ralph. Gloverson and his silent part- 
ner K206 

Keenan, Henry F. Trajan K232 

Kemble, Frances A. Far away and long ago. 


Ken nedy , James P. Annals of Quodlibet. K260 

— Horse-shoe Robinson. (Story of the tories in 

South Carolina 1780) K261 

— Rob of the bowl. (Story of Maryland, Lord 

Baltimore, &c K262 

— Swallow barn. (Virginia country life about 

1800) K263 

Kimball, Richard B. St. Leger K285 

— To-day K286 

King, Charles. Colonel's daughter K310 

— Deserter and From the ranks K313 

— Kitty's conquest K31 1 

— Marion- s faith; a sequel to Colonel's daughter. 


— War-time wooing K316 

King, Toler, pseud., see Fox, Emily. 

King, Rich A. (Basil). Wearing of the green. 


Kingsley, Charles. Alton Locke. (Story of 
the Chartist movement in England). .K365 

— Hereward the wake ; last of the English. K366 

— Hypatia. (Story of Alexandria, 5th century.) 


— Two years ago K370 

— Westward ho ! (Story of Spanish Armada.) 


— Yeast K369 

Kings ley, Henry. Geoffrey Hamlin K374 

— Hetty K376 

— Hilliars and Burtons K375 

— Lost child. In Little classics —Child hood. 

808.31 ;35 

— Ravenshoe K377 

— Silcote of Silcote K378 

— Stretton K379 

Kinzle, Mrs J. II. Walter Ogilby K412 

— Wau-Bun K413 

Kirk, Ellen Olney. Better time. (Stories).. K455 

— Daughter of Eve K459 

— Queen Money K456 

— Sons and daughters K457 

— Story of Margaret Kent K458 

Kirke, Edmund, pseud., see Gilmore, J. R. 

Kirk land, Caroline M. Our new home in the 
West K436 

Kirkland, Joseph. Zury, the meanest man in 
Spring County K443 

— The McVey's ; a sequel to Zury K444 

Lancaster, Albert C. "All's dross but love," 
a strange record of two re-incarnated souls. 


Lang, Mrs. Andrew. Dissolving views L180 

Larned, Augusta. Country stories L210 

— Holiday stories L211 

— Village photographs L213 

Laszouski, Mrs. von, {E.C.Gerard). Beggar 
my neighbor L240 

— Waters of Hercules L241 

Lathrop, George Parsons. Afterglow. (No 
name series) L250 

— Echo of passion L251 

— In the distance L252 

— Newport L253 

Lawless, Emily. Chelsea householder... L296 

— Hurrish L297 

Lee, Harriet. Scotsman's tale. In Famous 
stories, v. 1 808.31; 18 

Lee, Holme, pseud., see Parr, Harriet. 

Lee, Mary Catherine. Quaker girl of Nan- 
tucket L305 

Leighton, Alexander. Tales. In Tales of 
the border 808.31;66-77 

Lesdernier, Mmede. Headland horn e..L320 

Lever, Charles. Arthur O'Leary L400 

— Barrington L401 

— Charles O'Malley, the Irish dragoon L402 

— Confessions of Con Cregan L403 

— Daltons L404 

— Davenport Dunn L405 

— Day's ride L406 

— Dodd family abroad L407 

— Fortunes of Glencore L408 

— narry Lorrequer L409 

— Jack llinton, the guardsman L410 

— Kate O'Donohue L411 

— Lord Kilgobbin L412 

— Luttrell of Arran L413 

— Martins of Cro' Martin L415 

— Maurice Tiernay L416 

— One of them L417 

— Sir Jasper Carew L418 

— Tom Burke of " ours " L420 

Lincoln, JeanieT. (Formerly Jennie T. Gould). 
Her Washington season L501 

— Marjorie's quest L500 

Litchfield, Grace D. A hard won victory. 


Li verm ore, Mary A. Thirty years too late. 





Lloyd, David D. Olga Moga. in Stories by 
American authors, v. 3 808.3 1; 48 

Lock hart, Lawrence W. M. Fair to see.L600 

Logan, M. C. Artist's dream L620 

Logan, Walter. Ellen Arundel. In Tales of 
the border, v. 5 808.31;70 

— Double-bedded room. In Tales of the bor- 

der, v. 3 808.31;68 

— Recluse of the Hebrides. In Tales of the 

border, v. 5 808.31;70 

— Story of Clara Douglas. In Tales of the 

border, v. 2 808.31;67 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Hyperion. 


— Kavanagh L631 

Lothrop, Harriet M. {Margaret Sidney), Hes- 
ter and other New England stories. . .L66l 

— Our town L662 

— Pettibone name L660 

Loughead, Flora II. Man who was guilty. 


Lover, Samuel. Handy Andy L690 

— Rory O'More L691 

Loweli, Robert T. 8. Anthony Brade...L730 

— Raft that no man made. In Atlantic tales. 

808.31; 3 

— 8<ime. In Little classics— Mystery . . 808.31 ;33 

— Stories from an old Dutch town L731 

Ludlow, Fitz-Hugh. Little Briggs and I. In 
Little classics -Fortune 808.31;37 

— Little brother and other genre pictures. .L775 

Ludlow, James M. Captain of the Janizaries. 


Lyly, John. Euphues. (1579-80) 823.3; 

Miss Toosey's mission : Laddie. (Anon.). ..M8 

Mrs. Limber's raffle. {Anon.) M10 

My discontented cousin. (Anon.) M18 

M , E. II. Mariamne, or The queen's fate ; 

a tale of the days of Herod M30 

McCarthy, Justin. Comet of a season.. M150 

— Dear Lady Disdain M151 

— Donna Quixote M152 

— Fair Saxon M163 

— Lady Judith M154 

— Linley liochford M165 

— Maid of Athens M156 

— Paul Massie M157 

McCleilan, Harriet. (Harford Fleming.) Car- 
pet knight M200 

McClelland, M. G. Jean Monteith....M213 

— Oblivion M214 

McCray, Florine Thayer, and Esther Louise 
Smith. Wheels and whims M240 

Macdonald , George. Adela Cathcart . . . M250 

— Alec Forbes M251 

— Annals of a quiet neighborhood M253 

— David Elginbrod M254 

— Donal Grant; a sequel to Sir Gibbie M255 

— Elect lady M256 

— Guild Court M257 

— Home again M258 

— Malcolm M260 

— Marquis of Lossie; a sequel to Malcolm. .M261 

— Mary Marston M262 

— Paul Faber M263 

— Phantastes M2G4 

— Portent; a story of second sight M265 

— Robert Falconer M266 

— St. George and St. Michael. (Story of the 

commonwealth) M267 

— Seaboard parish; a sequel to Annals of a quiet 

neighborhood M268 

— Sir Gibbie M269 

— Thomas Wingfold, curate M271 

— Vicar's daughter; a sequel to Seaboard parish. 


— Warlock o' Glenwarlock M273 

— Weighed and wanting M274 

— What's mine's mine M275 

— Wilfrid Cumbennede M27fi 

McDowell, Katherine S. (Sfierwood Bonner.) 

Dialect tales .M320 

— Like unto like M327 

— Suwauee River tales M328 

McElroy, John. Red acorn. (Story of the 
rebellion.) M350 

MacFarlane, Charles. Romance of history- 
Italy M37o 

MacFarlane, Annie R. Children of the earth. 


MacFarlane, Margaret R. Magic of a voice. 


McGrath, Terence. Pictures from Ireland. 


Mcintosh, Maria Jane. Lofty and the lowly. 


— Two lives, or To seem and to be M427 

McKeen, Phoebe F. Theodora M452 

— Thornton Hall M453 

Mackenzie, Henry. Story of La Roche. In 
Little classics.. Tragedy 808.31; 28 

McLain, Mary W. Lifting the veil M480 

— Wedding garments M481 

McLean, Sarah Pratt. Cape Cod folks. .M506 

— Some other folks M507 

— Towhead M508 

Macnish, Robert. The metempsychosis. In 
Famous stories, v. 1 808.31; 18 




Macquoid, Katherine S. At the Red Glove. 


— Louisa. 2 v M541-42 

— Patty M544 

— Too soon M545 

M agr u d e r , Julia. Across the chasm . . . M581 

Maidment, James. Cateran of Lochloy. In 
Tales of the border, v. 4 808.31; 69 

— Heir of Inshannock. In Tales of the border. 

v. 6 808.31;71 

— Mortlake. In Tales of the border, v. 4. 

808.31; 69 

Maitland, Edward. Higher law M606 

Mai lock, Wm. II. New Paul and Virginia. 


— New republic M631 

— Old order changes M632 

Manning, Anne. Household of Sir Thomas 
More. (Historical novel of the time of 
Henry VIII) M655 

— Maiden and married life of Mary Powell. 

(Historical novel, Milton's household). 


— Spanish barber M657 

Mark ham, Mrs. E. Ethel Mildmay's follies. 


Marry att, Frederick. Frank Mildmay, the 
naval officer M710 

— Jacob Faithful M711 

— Japhet in search of a father M712 

— King's own M713 

— Mission, or Scenes in Africa M714 

— Masterman Ready M715 

— Mr. Midshipman Easy M716 

— Newton Forster M717 

— Pacha of many tales M718 

— Percival Keene M719 

— Peter Simple M720 

— Phantom ship M721 

— Poacher M722 

— Privateersman M723 

— Ratlin the reefer M724 

— Settlers in Canada M725 

— Snarleyyow M726 

Marshall, Emma. Joanna's inheritance. M770 

— Lady Alice M771 

— Life's aftermath M772 

— Memories of troublous times. (Story of Eng- 

land in 17th century) M773 

— Mrs. Mainwaring's journal M774 

— Now-a-days, or King's daughters M775 

— Rochements M776 

— Story of John Marbeck ; a Winsor organist of 

300 years ago M777 

Marston, Philip B. For a song's sake, and 
other stories (with sketch of author's life.) 


Martin, Elizabeth G. Whom God hath joined. 


Martin, Mary E. Beauchamp and Co. In 
Tales from many sources, v. 2. .808.31; 55 

Martin, Theodore. Bon Gaultier's tales. In 
Tales of the border, v. 2 & 5. 808.31; 67 & 70 

Martineau, Harriet. Hour and the man. (His- 
torical novel, Toussaint L'Ouverture.) 


Marvel, Ik., pseud., see Mitchell, Donald G. 

Mathews, Julia A. Bessie Harrington's ven- 
ture M910 

Matthews, James Brander. Venetian glass. 
In Stories by American authors, v. 3 

808 .31; 48 

Maxwell, P. White woman of Tarras. In 
Tales of the border, v. 6 808.31; 71 

Maxwell, William H. Fortunes of Hector 
O'Halloran M960 

May, Sophie, pseud., see Clarke, Rebecca S. 

Mayo, Isabella, (Edward Garrett). At any cost. 


— By still waters. M991 

— Chance child. In Little classics— Heroism. 

808.31; 36 

— Crooked places M992 

— Crust and cake M993 

— Dead sin, and other stories M994 

— Doing and dreaming M995 

— Equal to the occasion M1000 

— Family fortunes M990 

— Gold and dross M997 

— Her object in life M998 

— House by the works M999 

— John Winter M1001 

— Occupations of a retired life M1002 

— Premiums paid to experience M1003 

— Quiet Miss Godolphin M1004 

— White as snow M1005 

Mayo, William S. Never again M1020 

Melville, George J. Whyte— Cerise ; a tale of 
the last century M10G5 

— Gladiators. (Story of time of Vespasian.) 


— Katerfelto M1067 

— Sarchedon. (Semeramis, 13th century B. C.) 

M 1 (His 

Meredith, George. Beauchamp's career. Ml 095 

— Diana of the cross ways M1096 

— Egoist M1097 

— Evan Harrington M1098 

— Harry Richmond M1099 

— Ordeal of Richard Feverel M1100 

— Rhoda Fleming MU01 

— Sandra Belloni M1102 




Meredith, George— Continued. 

— Shaving of Shagpat : Farina M1103 

— Vittoria MU04 

Meteyard, E. Mainstone's housekeeper. 


Miller, CincinatusH. (Joaquin.) '49; the gold- 
seeker of the Sierras M1175 

Miller, Hugh. Tales. In Tales of the 
border 808.31;66-77 

— Sandy Wood's sepulchre. In Little classics- 

Love 808.31;31 

Mitchell, Donald G. (Ik Marvel.) Doctor Johns. 
2 v M1226-27 

— Seven stories with basement and attic. .Ml 228 

Mitchell, Samuel Weir. In war time. . .M1240 

— Far in the forest M1239 

Mitford, A. Bertram. Forty-seven ronins. In 
Little classics— Heroism 808.31; 36 

Mitford, Mary Russell. Our village. 2 v. 

M1275 76 

Moffatt, Emma L. Crown jewels. (Story of 
Maximilian in Mexico) M1300 

Moir, David M. Divinity student. In Tales 
of the border, v. 3 808.31;68 

Montgomery, Florence. Misunderstood. 


— Thrown together M1326 

— Thwarted M1327 

More, Hannah. Ccelebs in search of a wife. 


— Shepherd of Salisbury Plain, and other tales 

and allegories M1381 

More, Sir Thomas. Utopia. (1556) . . . .823.2; 4 
Morley, Susan. Margeret Chetwynd — M1410 

Morse, Clara F. Blush roses M 1440 

Mortimer, C. B. Marrying by lot M1465 

Moulton, Louise Chandler. Some women's 
hearts M1490 

Mudford, William. Iron shroud. In Little 
classics— Tragedy 808.31; 28 

Muir, Allen. Lady Beauty M1510 

Muirhead, Findley. Two plots. In Tales 
from many sources. 4 v 808.31; 37 

Mulock, Dinah Maria, sec Craik, Dinah Maria. 

Murf ree, Mary Noailles. (Charles Egbert Crad- 
dock.) In the clouds M1536 

— Despot of Broomesedge Cove. Ml 535 

— In the Tennessee mountains M1537 

— Prophet of the Great Smoky mountain. . M1538 

— Where the battle was fought Ml 539 

Murray, David Christie. Aunt Rachel. M1585 

— Joseph's coat M1586 

— Weaker vessel M1589 

Murray, Eustace C. G. That artful vicar. 


— Fleur de lys ; a story of the Franco-German 

war. In Tales from many sources, v. 6. 

808.31; 59 

Neal, Alice B., see Haven, Alice B. 

Neal, John. Goody gracious and the forget- 
me-not. In Little classics — Childhood. 

808.31; 35 

— Same. In The Emerald. 808.31;49 

Neele, Henry. Romance of History. England. 


Newman, Mrs. M. W. Jean N210 

— Last of the Haddons N211 

Noble, Annette Lucille. Eunice Lathrop, 
spinster N260 

— Uncle Jack's executors X261 

Noble, Lucretia. Reverend idol N275 

Noel, Lady Aususta. Owen Gwynne's great 
work N310 

No Name Series, viz.: 

— Afterglow. (Geo. P. Lathrop) L250 

— Baby Rue. (Charlotte M. Clarke.) C883 

— Colonel's opera cloak. (Christine C. Brush). 


— Cracker Joe N10 

— Diane Coryval Nil 

— Don John. (Jean Ingelow) I 150 

— Gemini. (Emily Fox) F810 

— Great match and other matches. (Mary P. 

Smith) S1235 

— Hetty's strange history. (Helen M. Jackson). 


— His majesty, myself. (Wm. M. Baker). . . B192 

— Is that all V ( Harriet W. Preston) P665 

— Justina N12 

— Kismet. (Julia C. Fletcher) F562 

— Manuela Parades. (Wm. Chamberlain). .CGOO 

— Marmorne. (Philip G. Hamerton) 1 1285 

— Mercy Philbrick's choice. (Helen M. Jackson). 


— Mirage. (Julia C. Fletcher) F5G3 

— Modern Mephistopheles. (Louisa M. Alcott). 


— Salvage .N13 

— Signor Monaldini's niece. (Mary A. Thicker). 


— Tzar's window. (Louise Hooper) II1360 

— Will Denbigh, nobleman (Emily Fox) . . F81 2 

— Wolf at the door N14 

Nordhoff, Charles. Cape Cod and all along 

shore (stories) N3G0 

Norris, Wm. E. Adrian Vidal N390 

— Bachelor's blunders N391 

— Chris N396 

— Heaps of Money N392 

— Hermit of Saint-Eugene. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 1 808.31 ; 54 




N orris, Wm. E.— Omtinucd. 

— Major and minor N395 

— Matrimony N393 

— No new thing N394 

— The rogue N397 

Only three weeks. {Anon.) O10 

Operetta in profile. (Anon.) 013 

Our little Ann ; by the author of Miss Toosey's 
mission 018 

O'Brien, Fitz James. Diamond lens. In 
Atlantic tales , 808.31; 3 

— From hand to mouth. In Famous stories. 

V. 2 808.31;19 

— Mrs. Macsimum's bill. In Maga stories. 

808.31 ;41 

— Spider's eye. In Stories by American authors. 

V. 3 808.31; 48 

— Three of a trade ; or Red little Kris Kringle. 

In Famous Stories, v. 2 808.31; 19 

O'Conner, Francis. Invisible princess. In 
Little classics— Mystery 808.31:33 

O'Conner, Wm. D. The ghost. In Little 
classics— Mystery 808.31; 33 

Oliphant, Lawrence. Tender recollections of 
Irene Macgillicuddy O190 

Oliphant, Margaret O. Athelings O200 

— At his gates O201 

— Country gentleman O203 

— Curate in charge O204 

— Effie Ogilvie O206 

— House on the moor O208 

— Innocent O209 

— John O210 

— Katie Stewart 0211 

— Ladies Lindores 0212 

— Lady Jane 0213 

— Little pilgrim 0214 

— Madam 0215 

— Madonna Mary 0216 

— Margaret Maitland 0217 

— May 0218 

— Minister's wife 0219 

— Old Lady Mary O220 

— Ombra 0221 

— Perpetual curate 0222 

— Phoebe. Junior 0223 

— Primrose path 0224 

— Rose in June 0225 

— Salem chapel 0226 

— Sir Tom 0227 

— Squire Arden 0228 

-— Three brothers 0229 

Oliphant, Margaret O. and T. B. Aldricb. 
Second son 0235 

O' Meara, Kathleen. Narka, the Nihlist . O280 

Osborne, Duffleld. Spell of Ashtaroth. (Story 
of the fall of Jericho) O400 

Ouide, pseud., see Rame, Louise de la. 

Patron as, or Spanish stories. (Anon) P4 

Penn, by the author of Miss Toosey's mission. 


Physician's daughters. (Anon) P10 

Paddock, Cornelia. Fate of Madame La 
Tour : a tale of Great Salt Lake PI 25 

Palgrave, William G. Hermann Agha; an 
Eastern narrative P175 

Palmer, Ellen. Ileroesof Ancient Greece: a 
story of the days of Socrates the Athenian. 


Pal mer, Mary Towle. Doctor of Deane. . P205 
Pansy, pseud., see Alden, Isabella M. 

Parish, Julia R. Bud, blossom, fruit P215 

Parr, Harriet, (Holme Lee). Ben Milner's woo- 
ing P225 

— Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax P226 

Parr, Louisa. Dorothy Fox P236 

— Hero Carthew P237 

— John Thompson, blockhead, and companion 

portraits P238 

— Loyalty George P240 

— Robin P239 

Pater, Walter. Marius the Epicurian P260 

Payn, James. Fallen fortunes P275 

— Patient Kitty. In Tales from many sources. 

v. 4 808.31 ;57 

Peard, Frances M. Mother Molly. (A story of 
England in the 18th century) P325 

— Number 7639. In Tales from many sources. 

v. 5 808.31;58 

— Rose garden P326 

— Thorpe Regis P327 

— Unawares P328 

— Winter story P329 

Perkins, Frederick B. Double veil. JnMa- 
ga stories 808.31;41 

— My three conversations with Miss Chester. 

In the same 808.31;41 

Perry, George B. Corporal Bruce, of the Balak- 
lava "six hundred " P375 

Perry, Nora. For aVoman P385 

— Tragedy of the unexpected, and other stories. 


Peterkin, Alexander. The parsonage. In 
Tales of the border, v. 2 808.31; 67 

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. (Mrs. Ward.) Be- 
yond the gates P425 

— Burglars in paradise ; a sequel to An old 

maid's paradise P426 




Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart— Continued. 

— Doctor Zay P427 

— Friends P428 

— Gates ajar P429 

— - Gates between P430 

— Hedged in P431 

— Jack the fisherman P432 

— Lady of Shalott. In Little classics— Child- 

hood '. .808.31; 35 

— Men, women and ghosts P434 

— Old maid's paradise P435 

— Sealed orders. (Tales) P436 

— Silent partner P437 

— Story of Avis. P438 

Picard, George II. Matter of taste P475 

— Mission flower P476 

Poe, Edgar Allen. Fall of the house of Usher. 
In Little classics— Intellect 808.31;27 

—Gold-bug. In Little classics— Fortune. 

808.31; 37 

— Murders in the Rue Morgue. In Little clas- 

sics — Tragedy 808.31;28 

— Prose tales. 2 v P525-26 

Porter, Jane. Scottish chiefs. (Tale of the 
days of Wallace) P560 

— Thaddeus of Warsaw. (Kosciusko, Poland 

in 1791) P561 

Porter, Rose. Foundations, or Castles in the 
air P570 

— Song and a sigh P571 

— Summer drift-wood P572 

— Winter fire; a sequel to Summer drift-wood. 


— Years that are told P574 

Poynter, E. C. Emilia; an episode. In Tales 
from many sources, v. 808.31 ;59 

Poynter, E. Frances. Madame De Presnel. 


— My Little lady Poll 

Pratt, G. Old woman who dried up and blew 
away. In Maga stories 808.31; 41 

Prentiss, Elizabeth. Aunt Jane's hero. .P640 

— Avis Benson, and other stories P641 

— Flower of the family P642 

— Fred and Maria and me P643 

— Home at Greylock P644 

— Pemaquid P645 

— Stepping Heavenward . . # ' P646 

Preston, Harriet Waters. Is that all? (No 
name series.) P665 

— Love in the 19th century P666 

— The guardians P667 

Pullen, H. W. Tom Pippin's wedding. . .P690 

Putnam, Mary Corinna. Found and lost. In 
Maga stories 808.31;41 

Pyle, Howard. Within the capes P715 

Quincy, Edmund. Wensley and other stories. 


Quincy, Josiah Phillips. Professor Phantillo. 
In Maga stories 808.31,41 

— Tolliwotte's ghost. In the same 808.31 ;41 

Rosemary and Rue. (Bound Robin series).. R12 

Rame, Louise de la. {Oirida.) Dog of Flanders. 
In Littl e classics— Childhood . . .808.31 ; 35 

— Folle Farine R125 

— Leaf in a storm. In Little classics — Heroism. 

808.31; 36 

— Pascarel R126 

— Wanda R127 

Randolph, Mrs. Gentranella R150 

— Wild Hyacinth R151 

Reade, Charles. Cloister and hearth R200 

— Box tunnel. In Little classics— Comedy. 

808.31; 34 

— Foul play R201 

— Griffith Gaunt R202 

— Hard cash R203 

— It is never too late to mend R204 

— Knightsbridge mystery. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 2 808.31;47 

— Love me little, love me long R205 

— Peg Woffington : Christie Johnstone R206 

— Perilous secret R207 

— - Put yourself in his place R208 

— Simpleton : Wandering heir R209 

— White lies R210 

— Woman hater R211 

Reeves, Marian C. L. and Emily Reed. Pilot 
fortune R200 

Reid, Christian, pseud., see Fisher, Frances C. 

Richardson, John. Wacausta. (An Indian 
tale) R310 

Richardson, Benj. W. Son of a star; a 
romance of the 2d century Ii3 15 

Richardson, Oliver. Tales. In Tales of 
the border 808.31; 66-77 

Riddell, Charlotte E. L. Life's assize. . . .R330 

Rideing, Wm. H. Little upstart 11355 

Ritchie, Anna Isabella. (Formerly Miss 
Thackeray). Blue Beard's keys, and other 
stories R385 

— Miss Angel 11386 

— Old Kensington R3S7 

— Village on the cliff, and other stories — R388 

Ritchie, Leitch. Romance of history— France. 


Rives, Amelie, see Chanler Amelie Rives. 

Roberts, Margaret. In the olden time. (Pea- 
sant war in Germany, 1524-5) R440 

— Noblesse oblige. (Story of French revolution.) 





Roberts, Margaret— Continued. 

— On the edge of the storm. (Story of the French 

revolution.) H442 

Robertson, Margaret. David Fleming's for- 
giveness R4W> 

— Inglises R467 

— Janet's love and service R46S 

— Two Miss Jean Dawson s R469 

Robinson,* Agnes Mary F. Goneril. In 
Tales from many sources, v. 5. .808.31;58 

Robinson, Frederick W. As long as she 
lived B496 

— Fair maid R497 

— For her sake R498 

— Second cousin Sarah R499 

Robinson, Mrs. M. II. Helen Erskine. .R510 

Robinson, S. M. Shadow of the war. . .R517 

Roche, Regina Maria. Children of the abbey. 


Roe, Azel Stephens. Give me thine heart. R590 

— James Montjoy, or I've been thinking — R591 

— Like and unlike R592 

— Long look ahead R593 

— Resolution R595 

— Star and the cloud R596 

— Time and tide R597 

— To love and to be loved R598 

— True to the last R599 

— Woman our angel RGOO 

Roe, Edward Payson. Barriers burned away. 


— Day of fate R626 

— Earth trembled R627 

— Face illumined R628 

— Found yet lost R638 

— From jest to earnest R629 

— He fell in love with his wife R630 

— His sombre rivals R631 

— Hornet's nest R632 

— Knight of the 19th century R633 

— Nature's serial story R034 

— Near to nature's heart R635 

— Opening of a chestnut-burr R636 

— Original belle R037 

— What can she do V R639 

— Without a home R640 

— Young girl's wooing R041 

Roe, Edward Reynolds. Brought to bay.. RG80 
Rollins, Alice W. Three Tetons R710. 

Royce, Josiah. Feud of Oakiield Creek. R740. 

Rusk in, John. King of the Golden River. In 
Little classics— Childhood 808.31;35 

Russell, William Clarke. Sailor's sweetheart. 


Russell, William Clarke.— Continued. 

— Sea queen R781 

— Wreck of the *• Grosvenor" R782 

Salvage. (No name series) S4 

Signal lights. (Anon) S10 

Six months hence, by the author of ''Behind 
the veil." (Anon) S14 

Six to one. (Anon) S15 

Slip in the fens. (Anon) 818 

Something to do. (virion) S21 

S. J., of Dale, pseud., see Stlmson, Frederick 

Sartoris, Adelaide Kemble. Week in a 
French country-house S175 

Scan Ian, Agnes Leonard. Heights and 

depths S225 

— Vanquished S226 

Schayer, Julia. Tiger Lily and other stories. 


Scott, Michael. Tom Cringle's log S360 

Scott, 8vr Walter. The abbot; a sequel to The 
monastery. (Time of Mary Queen of Scots, 
1568) S390 

— Anne of Geierstein. (Union of Swiss with 

Louis XI to defeat Charles the bold 1474-77. ) 


— Antiquary. (Scottish manners, 1798) S392 

— Antiquary : Black drawf : Old Mortality. S393 

— Betrothed: Highland widow S394 

— Bride of Lammermoor S395 

— Bride of Lammermoor : Legend of Montrose: 

Ivanhoe S39G 

— Bride of Lammermoor : Legend of Montrose: 

(The Trosachs and west of Scotland, 
1 645-46) S397 

— Chronicles of the Cannongate S398 

— Count Robert of Paris. (Crusades and Con- 

stantinople, 1090) S399 

— Count Robert of Paris : Castle Danderous. 

(Time of Bruce, 1306-7) S400 

— Fair maid of Perth. (Time of Robert III of 

Scotland 1402 8401 

— Fair maid of Perth : Anne of Geierstein . S402 

— Fortunes of Nigil. (Time of James I of Eng- 

land, 1620) S403 

— Fortunes of Nigil : Peveril of the peak..S404 

— Guy Mannering. (South-west Coast of Scot- 

land, smugglers and gypsies, 1750-70). .S405 

— Heart of Mid-Lothian. (Edinburgh. Porteus 

mob, 1736 51.) S406 

— Ivanhoe. (Couer-de-Lion and templars, 1194.) 


— Kenil worth. (Time of Elizabeth, 1575.). .S408 

— Kenilworth : The pirate S409 

— Monastery. (Scottish supertitions,1559-68).S410 

— Monastery : The abbot S411 




Scott, Sir Walter— Continued. 

— Old Mortality. (Scottish covenaters, 1679-90.) 


— Peveril of the peak. (Time of Charles II, 

15(50-80 S413 

— Pirate. (The Orkneys about 1700) S414 

— Quentin Durward. (France under Louis XI, 

1470) S415 

— Quentin Durward : St. Ronan's well S416 

— Redgauntlet. (The Pretender, 1770.) S417 

— Redgauntlet : Betrothed : Talisman S418 

— Rob Roy. (Wild Highland life, 1715). . . .S419 

— Rob Roy : Heart of Mid-Lothian S420 

— St. Ronan's well S421 

— Talisman. (Third crusade. Couer-de-Lion 

and Saladin, 1193) S422 

— Waverly. (The Pretender, life and manners 

in Scotland, 1745) S423 

— Waverly : Guy Mannering S424 

— Woodstock. (Cromwell and Charles II, 1652-60) 


— Woodstock : Chronicles of the Cannongate. 


— Tales of Chivalry and the olden time, sellected 

from Scott's works by W. J. Rolfe S427 

— Waverley anecdotes, illustrating some of the 

popular characters, scenes and incidents of 
the Waverly novels S428 

Sc u d d er, Horace E. Dwellers in Five Sisters 
Court S480 

— Stories and romances S481 

Sergeant, Adeline. No saint S540 

Severance. Mark Sibley. Hammersmith, his 
Harvard days S570 

Sewell , Elizabeth M. Amy Herbert S600 

— Cleve Hall S601 

— Earl's daughter S602 

— Experience of life S603 

— Ivors S604 

— Katherine Ashton. 2 v S605-6 

— Laneton parsonage S607 

— Margaret Percival S608 

— Ursula S609 

Shapcott, Reuben, ed. {pseud). Autobiogra- 
phy of Mark Rutherford S630 

— Revolution in Tanner's Lane S631 

Shaw, Flora L. ColoneJ Cheswick's campaign. 


Shaw, Marian. Queen Bess S675 

Sheppard, Elizabeth S. Charles Auchester. 


— Counterparts S736 

Sherwood, Mary E. W. Transplanted Rose. 


Shorthouse, Joseph H. Countess Eve. .S853 

— John Inglesant S850 

Shorthouse, Joseph H.— Continued. 

— Sir Percival S851 

— The Marquis Jeanne Hyacinth de St. Pelaye. 

In Tal es from many sources, v 3 . 808.31 ;56 

— Teacher of the violin, and other tales S852 

Sidney, Margaret, pseud., see Lothrop, Har- 
riet M. 

Sidney, Sir Philip. Countess of Pembroke's 
Arcadia 823.3; 10 

Simms, William Gilmore. Forayers. (South 
Carolina, revolutionary period) S920 

— Eutaw; a sequel to the Forayers S921 

Sinnett, A. P. Karma S1020 

Sleeper, John S. Mark Roland S1060 

S m i th , Albert. Christopher Tadpole .... SI 140 

Smith, Elizabeth O. Bertha and Lily. . .SI 150 

Smith, Hannah. (Hesba Stretton). Ally Tran- 
some S1170 

— Bede's charity S1171 

— Brought home S1172 

— Carola S1173 

— Cobwebs and cables SI 174 

— David Lloyd's last will S1175 

— Her only son S1176 

— Hester Morley's promise SI 177 

— In prison and out S1178 

— Michael Lorio's cross. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 2 808.31; 55 

— Through a needle's eye S1179 

Smith, J. Emerson. Oakridge S1195 

Smith, Mary P. Great match and other 
matches. (No name series) S1235 

Smollet, Tobias. Works 823.6; 12 

So u thgate, H. Cross above the cresent . S1260 

Speight, F. W. Under lock and key. . . .S1300 

Spicer, Henry. Madonna. In Famous sto- 
ries, v. 1 808.31; 18 

Spofford, Harriet E. Prescott. Amber gods, 
and other stories S1330 

— D'outre mort. In Little classics— Intellect. 

808.31 ; 27 

— Marquis of Carabas S1331 

— Mount of sorrow. In Stories by American 

authors, v. 2 808.31;47 

— Ray. In Littl e classics— Heroism. . . 808.31 ;36 

— The south breaker. In Little classics— Ro- 

mance 808.31; 32 

Sprague, Mary Aplin. An earnest trifler. 


Staats, William. Tight squeeze S1460 

Steele, Anna C. Broken toys SHOO 

Stephenson, Eliza, (Formerly Eliza Tabor). 
Blue ribbon S1543 




Stephenson, Eliza. — Continued. 

— Eglantine S1544 

— Jeanie's quiet life S1545 

Sterne, Lawrence. Works 808.6; 13 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Black arrow: a 
tale of the two roses 81599 

— Kidnapped S1600 

— Merry men, and other tales and fables. .SI 601 

— New Arabian nights S1602 

— Pavilion on the links. In Tales from many 

sources, v. 1 808.31;64 

— Silverado squatters S1603 

— Strange case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.S1604 

— Treasure Island S1605 

Stimson, Frederick Jesup, (/. 8. of Dale). 
Guerndale S1650 

— Mrs. Knollys. In Stories by American 

authors, v. 2 808.31;47 

Stirling, A. At daybreak S1666 

Stockton, Frank R. Amos Kilbright, and 
other stories S1680 

— Casting away of Mrs. Leeks and Mrs. Aleshine. 


— Christmas wreck and other stories S1683 

— Dusantes; a sequel to .Casting away of Mrs. 

Leeks and Mrs. Aleshine S1684 

— Great war syndicate S1689 

— Hundredth man S1685 

— Lady or the tiger V. and other stories S1686 

— Late Mrs. Null S1687 

— Rudder Grange S1688 

— Transferred ghost. In Stories by American 

• authors, v. 2 808.31 ;47 

Stoddard, Charles W. South sea idyls. .S1740 

Stod d ard , Elizabeth. Two men Si 745 

Stoddard , Richard II. Rich merchant of Cairo. 
In Maga stories 808.31; 41 

Story, William Wetmore. Fiamraetta...S1770 

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Agnes of Sorrento 
(Story of Italy, Savonarola, etc.) SI 850 

— Dred; a tale of the great Dismal swamp. 2 v. 


— Mayflower, and miscellaneous writings.. S1853 

— Minister's wooing. (Story of Newport in last 

century. Aaron Burr figures) SI 854 

— My wife and I S1855 

— Nina Gordon. (Same story as Dred) S1856 

— Oldtown folks S1857 

— Oldtown fireside stories S1858 

— Pearl of Orr's island S1859 

— Pink and white tyranny S1860 

— Poganuc people S1861 

— Uncle Tom's cabin. (Tale of Southern sla- 

very) S1862 

— We and our neighbors : a sequel to My wife 

and I S1863 

Stretton, Ilesba, pseud., see Smith, Hannah. 

Stretton, J. C. Queen of the county S1910 

Swift, John F. Robert Greathouse S1940 

Tip Cat, by author of MissToosey's mission. 


Tabor, Eliza, see Stephenson, Eliza 

Talbot, Charles R. Double masquerade; a tale 
of the revolution T200 

Talbot, Hannah L., {Parke Danforth). Not in 
the prospectus T210 

Tautphoeus, Jemima M., baroness. At odds. 


— Initials. 2 v T301-2 

— Quits T303 

Taylor, Bayard. Beauty and the beast, and 
tales of home T330 

— Friend Eli's daughter. In Atlantic tales. 

808.31 ;3 

— Hannah Thurston T331 

— John Godfrey's fortune T332 

— Joseph and his friend T333 

— Story of Kennett T334 

— - Who was she ? In Stories by American au- 
thors, v. 2 808.31; 47 

Taylor, Benjamin F. Grammar of life. In 
Little classics— Life 808.31; 29 

— Theopilus Trent T340 

— Three November days. In Little classics- 

Heroism 808.31; 36 

Taylor, Elizabeth. Blind pits; a story of 
Scottish life T350 

— Quixstar T351 

Tenney, E. P.? Agatha and the shadow. (Old 
colony series) T411 

— Constance of Acadia. (Old colony ser. ) . . T412 

— Coronation T410 

Terhune, Mary Virginia, (Marion Harland). 
Alone T440 

— At last T441 

— From my youth up T442 

— Helen Gardner's wedding day T443 

— Jessamine T444 

— Judith T445 

— Miriam T446 

— Phemie's temptation T447 

— Sunnybank T448 

— True as steel T449 

Thackeray, William Makepeace. Adven- 
tures of Philip T500 

— Barry Lyndon : Great Hogarty diamond T501 

— Bluebeard's ghost. In Little classics— Com- 

edy 808.31;34 

— Burlesque : Yellow plush papers, etc T502 

— Christmas books : Book of snobs, etc T503 

— Christmas books T604 




Thackeray, William Makepeace— Continued. 

— Henry Esmond. (Queen Anne's time, manners 

and literature) T505 

— Henry Esmond : Lovel, the widower T506 

— Newcomes T507 

— Pendennis T508 

— Vanity fair T509 

— Virginians. (Scenes in London and in the 

Old Dominion, 1756 80) T510 

— Yellow plush papers T511 

Thanet, Octave, pseud., see French, Alice. 

Thaxter, Celia. Memorable murder. In Sto- 
ries by American authors, v. 3. .808.31; 54 

Thomes, William II. Running the blockade. 
(Story of the civil war) T560 

Thorn pson , Daniel P. Doomed chief, or Two 
hundred years ago T561 

— Green Mountain lx>ys ; an historical tale of the 

early settlement of Vermont T591 

-r- Locke Amsden T592 

— May Martin and other tales of the Green 

Mountains T593 

Thompson, Maurice. Tallahassee girl. 

(Round-robin series) T600 

Thorpe, Kamba, pseud., see Bellamy, Eliz- 
abeth W. 

Tiernan, Mrs. M. F. Homoselle. (Round- 
robin series) T630 

Ti Ito n , Theodore. Temptest-tossed T660 

Tlncker, Mary Agnes. Aurora T690 

— By the Tiber T691 

— Jewel in the lotos T692 

— Signor Monaldini's niece. (No name series.) 


— Sister Silvia. In Stories by American 

authors, v. 2 808.31; 55 

Tonna, Charlotte E. Derry ; a tale of the 
revolution. (Ireland, 1688) T740 

— Falsehood and truth : Conformity T741 

— Judah's lion T742 

Tourgee, Albion W. Black ice T807 

— Bricks without straw T800 

— Button's Inn T801 

— Figs and thistles T802 

— Fool's errand T803 

— Hot plowshares T804 

— John Eax : Mamelon T805 

— Royal gentleman T806 

Townsend, George A. {Oath). Campaigns of 
a non-combatant, and his romaunt abroad 
during the war T860 

— Entailed hat T861 

— Katy of Catoctin T802 

Townsend, Virgina F. Boston girl's am- 
bitions T890 

— Deerings of Medbury. T891 

Townsend, Virginia F.— Continued. 

— Hollands T892 

— Mills of Tuxbury T893 

— Only girls T8&4 

— Six in all .T895 

— That queer girl T896 

— Woman's word and how she kept it T897 

Trafton, Adeline. His inheritance T970 

— Katherine Earle T971 

Tripp, G. H. Student life at Harvard . . T1000 
Trollope, Anthony. Barchester Towers. T 1080 

— Belton estate T1081 

— Bertrams T1082 

— Can you forgive her V 3 v T1083-85 

— Castle Richmond T1086 

— Claverings T1087 

— Doctor Thorne T1088 

— Duke's children T1089 

— Eustace diamonds T1090 

— Framley parsonage T1091 

— Golden Lion of Granpere T1092 

— Harry Heathcote of Gangoil; a tale of Austra- 

lian bush life T1W3 

— He knew he was right T10i>4 

— Lady Anna r T1095 

— Miss Mackenzie T1096 

— Orley Farm T1097 

— Phineas Finn T1098 

— Prime minister T1099 

— Rachel Ray T1100 

— Ralph the heir Tl 101 

— Sir Harry Hotspur T1102 

— Small house at Allington T1103 

— Three clerks T1104 

— Vicar of Bullhampton T1105 

Trotter, Ada. Bledisloe T1130 

Trowbridge, John Townsend. Coupon bonds 
and other stories Tl 140 

— Cud jo's cave. (Story of civil war.). ..Tl 141 

— Drummer boy. (Story of civil war.) — Tl 142 

— Farnell's Folly T1143 

— Martin Merrivale, his X mark T1144 

— Neighbor Jackwood Tl 145 

— Neighbor's wives Tl 14(5 

— Three scouts; a sequel to Cudjo's cave. .T1147 

Tyng, Stephen H. The Spencers T1200 

Tytler, Catherine C. Fraser — Mistress Judith. 


Vauhan, Herbert. Coldstream, in Famous 
stories, v. 1 808.31 ;18 

VII lari, Linda. In change unchanged — V200 
Week away from time W6 




Walford, Lucy B. Baby's grandmother. W200 

— Cousins W201 

— Dick Netherby W202 

— Mr. Smith W203 

— Pauline W204 

— Stiff-necked generation W206 

— Troublesome daughters W205 

Walker, Mary S. Rev. Dr. Willoughby and 
his wine W230 

Wallace, Lewis. Ben-Hur; a tale of the 
Christ W260 

— Fair god, or The last of the 'Tzins ; a tale of 

the conquest of Mexico W261 

Wal to n , Mrs. O. F. Was I right ? W290 

Walpole, Horace. Castle of Otranto. (1765.) 

823.6; 20 

Walworth, Jeannette It. Bar sinister. .W320. 

— New man at Rossmere W321 

— Southern silhouettes W322 

Walworth, Mansfield T. Warwick. . . . W340 

Ward, Mary Augusta. (Mrs. Humphrey.) lto- 
bert Elsmere W380 

Ware, William. Aurelian, or Rome in the 
3d century W410 

— Julian, or Scenes in Judea W411 

— Zenobia, or The fall of Palmyra W412 

Warf ield, Catherine A. Miriam Montfort. 


Waring, George E. Whip and spur W470 

Warner, Beverley E. Troubled waters. W500 

Warner, Charles Dudley. Their pilgrimage. 


Warner, Eliza A. (A. II. K.) Our two lives, 
or Graham and I W516 

Warner, Anna B. Dollars and cents W518 

Warner, AnnaB. and Susan. Gold of Chick- 
aree; a sequel to Wych-Hazel W520 

— Say and seal. 2 v W522-23 

— Wyeh Hazel W524 

Warner, Susan. Daisy ; a sequel to Melbourne 
House. 2. v W528-29 

— Daisy Plains W530 

— Diana W531 

— End of a coil W532 

— Hills of the Shatemuc W533 

— Letter of credit W534 

— Melbourne House W535 

— My desire W536 

— Nobody W537 

— Old helmet W538 

— Queechy W539 

— Red wallflower W540 

— Stephen, M. D W541 

— Wide, wide world W542 

Warren, Samuel. Ten thousand a year. W610 

Wash b u r n , W. T. Fair Harvard W640 

Waters, Clara E., (Formerly Clara E. Clement). 
Eleanor Maitland W670 

Wend all, Barrett. Duchess Emilia W775 

Westal I , William. Red Ity vington W808 

Westbu ry , Hugh. Frederick Hazzelden . W820 

Wharton, Thomas. Hannibal of New York. 


Wheeler, Esther G. Stray leaves from New- 
port W890 

White, Richard Grant. Fate of Mansfield 
Humphreys W915 

Whiteing, Rich. The island, or An adventure 
of a person of quality W930 

Whitney, Adeline D.T. Bonnyborough.W940 

— Faith Gartney 's girlhood W941 

— Gayworthys W942 

— Hitherto W943 

— Odd or even? W944 

— Other girls W945 

— Patience Strong's outings W946 

— Real folks W947 

— Sights and insights. 2 v W948-49 

— Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's life — W950 

— We girls W951 

— Zerub Throop's experiment W952 

Whittier, John Greenleaf. Leaves from Mar- 
garet Smith's journal in the province of 
Massachusetts Bay, 1678-9 W990 

Wilkins, W. A. Cleverdale mystery. . . W1050 

Williams, George A. Bullet and shell. (Story 
of the civil war) W1080 

Willis, J. A. What a boy W1160 

Winscom, Jane A. Onward W1220 

Winthrop, Theodore. Cecil Dreeme.. .W1250 

— Edwin Brothertoft W1251 

— John Brent W1252 

— Love and skates. In Little classics — lx>ve. 

808.31; 30 

Wood, Charlotte Dunning, (Charlotte Dunning). 
A step aside W1320 

— Upon a cast W1321 

Wood , Ellen P. (Mrs. Henry.) Dene Hollow. 


Wood , George. Gates wide open W 13(H) 

— Marrying too late W1361 

Woodruff, Julia L. M. (W. M. L. Jay).. IIol- 
den with cords W1390 

— Shiloh W1391 

Wool ley, Celia Parker. Love and theology. 


— A girl graduate W1407 




Woolsey, Sarah C. (Susan Coolidge). For sum- 
mer afternoons W1420 

Woolson, Constance Fenimore. Anne..W1450 

— Castle Nowhere ; Lake-country sketches. 


— East Angels W1452 

— For the major W1453 

— Rodman the keeper; Southern sketches W1454 

Wraxall, L. Golden hair. (Story of Puritan 
times) W1500 

Wright, Julia McNair. Almost a nun.. W 1630 

— Almost a priest W1631 

Wyman, Lillie Chace. Poverty grass. .W1560 

Young parson. {Anon) Y10 

Yates, Edmund II. Black sheep Y125 

— Broken to harness Y126 

— Forlorn hope Y127 

— Rock ahead Y128 

Yelverton , Maria Theresa. Zanita : a tale of 
the Yosemite Y160 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Armourer's 'prentices. 
(Story of the early Tudor days) Y&50 

— Beechcrof t Y251 

— Beechcroft of Rockstone Y275 

Yonge, Charlotte M— Continued. 

— Caged lion. (Captivity of James I, of Scot- 

land Y252 

— Chantry House Y253 

— Chaplet of pearls. (Story of the time of 

Henry II of France) Y254 

— Clever woman of the family Y255 

— Daisy chain. 2 v Y256 

— Dove in the eagle's nest. (Baronial life; 

Thirty years' war) Y267 

— Dynevor Terrace Y268 

— Gain of a loss Y259 

— Heartsease Y260 

— Heir of Redclyffe. 2 v Y261 

— Hopes and fears Y262 

— Lady Hester Y263 

— Love and life Y274 

— Modern Telemachus Y264 

— My young Alcides Y265 

— Nuttie's father Y266 

— Stray pearls Y267 

— Three brides Y268 

— Trial ; a sequel to Daisy chain Y269 

— Two sides of a shield ; (a sequel to Beechcroft). 


— Under the storm Y273 

— Unknown to history. (Story of the time of 

Mary Queen of Scots) Y271 

— Young step-mother Y'272 

Class-list of German Prose Fiction. 


Bernhardt, William. German novelettes. 
(Qer.) 833; 2 

Oxenford, John and C. A. Foiling. Trs. 
Tales from the German 833;6 

Roscoe, Thomas. German Novelists 833; 8 

Schick, L. Ed. Collections of German tales, 
etc. (Qer.) 8 v 833;10-17 

Auer, Adelheid, pseud., see Cosel, Charlotte. 

Auerbach, Berthold. Black Forest village 
stories G A212 

— Brigitta. Tr. by Clara Bell G A213 

— Edelweiss. Tr. by Ella Frothingham.G A214 

— On the heights G A217 

— Poet and merchant G A218 

— Villa on the Rhine. 2 v G A220-221 

— Waldfried G A222 

Auerbach, Berthold— Continued. 

— Dreieinzinge doctor. (Qer.) G A226 

Bauer, Clara. (Karl Detlef). At Capri. GB100 

— Valentine the countess G B101 

Behrens, Bertha. (W. Heimburg). Penniless 
girl. Tr. by Mrs. Wister G B125 

— Her only brother G B126 

Bolte, Amely. Madame de Stael ; an historical 
novel G B200 

Burster) binder, Elizabeth, (E. Werner). 
Banned and Blessed. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. 


— Broken chains G B231 

— Good luck G B232 

— Hero of the pen G B233 

— Saint Michael. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. . . .G B234 

— Vineta. Tr. by F. A. Shaw G B235 

— Frulingsboten. (Qer.) G B238 




Cosel, Charlotte, v. (AdeUveid v. Aver). It is 
the fashion G C150 

Detlef , Earl, pseud., see Bauer, Clara. 
Dingelstedt, Franz. The Amazon. . .G D150 

Ebers, Georg. Bride of the Nile. 2 v.G E99-100 

— Burgomaster's wife G E101 

— Egyptian princess G E102 

— Emperor G E103 

— Home sum G E104 

— Margery G E110 

— Serapis G E105 

— Sisters G E106 

— Uarda. 2 v G E107-8 

— Word, only a word G E109 

Frederick, Bertha. {Qolo Baimund). Hard 
heart . / GF200 

— New race G F201 

Freytag, Gustav. Debit and credit G F215 

Ger stacker, Freidrich. How a bride was 
won G G150 

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang v. Confessions of a 
fair saint. In Hedge, F. II., Prose 
writers of Germany 830;8;10 

— Elective affinities : Sorrows of Werther, etc. 


— Novelle. In Hedge, F. H., Prose writers of 

Germany 830;8;10 

— Wilhelm Meister's apprenticeship. 2 v. 

G G181-2 

Grimm, Jakob L. and William K. Kinder und 
haus-marchen. (Ger.) G G195 

Hamerling, Robert. Aspasia; a romance of 
art and love in ancient Hellas. 2 v. 


Harder, Ludwig. Family feud. Tr. by Mrs. 
Wister G II160 

Hartner, Eva. Pythia's pupils; a story for 
girls GH169 

— Severa. Tr. by Mrs. Wister G H170 

Heimburg, W., pseud., see Behrens, Bertha. 

Heyse, Paul. In paradise. 2 v . . . .G 11219-20 

— Romance of the cononess G H221 

— Tales from the German G222 

Hill er n , Wilhelmine v. By his own might. 


— Ernestine. 2 v G H236-7 

— Gier-Wally G H238 

— Hour will come G H239 

John, Eugenie. [E. Marliit.) At the council- 
lors. Tr. by Mrs Wister GJ150 

— Bailiff's maid. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. . . .G J151 

John, Eugenie. — Continued. 

— Countes Gisela. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. . .G J162 

— Gold Elsie. Tr. by Mrs. Wister G J168 

— - In the schillingscourt. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. 


— Lady with the rubies. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. 

G J166 

— Little moorland princess. Tr. by Mrs. 

Wister G J156 

. . Old mam'selle's secret. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. 

G J157 

— Owl's nest. Tr. by Mrs. Wister G J159 

— Second wife. Tr. by Mrs. Wister G Jl 58 

Juncker, E., pseud., see Schmieden, Else. 

La Motte Fouque, Freidrich H. C. Theo- 
dolph, the Icelander G L110 

— Undine : Sintram : Paul and Virginia.G LI 11 

Lenzen, Marie. Not in their set G L135 

L I n d a u , Paul . Klaus Brewer's wife . . . G L160 

Manteuffel, Ursula Z. v. Violetta. Tr. by 
Mrs. Wister G M200 

Marlett, E., pseud., see John, Eugenie. 

Meyer, Conrad F. Monk's wedding.. .G M225 

Mu Her, Max. Memories; a story of German 
love G M300 

Mundt, Clara. {Louise Muhlback.) Andreas 
Hofer G M310 

— Berlin and Sans-Souci G M311 

— Daughter of an empress G M312 

— Empress Josephine G M313 

— Frederick the great and his court G M314 

— Frederick the great and his family — G M315 

— Goethe and Schiller G M316 

— Henry VIII and his court G M317 

— Joseph II and bis court G M318 

— Louisa of Prussia and her times G M319 

— Marie Antoinette and her son G M320 

— Merchant of Berlin G M321 

— Napoleon and Blucher G M322 

— Napoleon and Queen Louisa G M323 

— Old Fritz G M324 

— Prince Eugene and his times G M325 

— Queen Hortense GM326 

Oertel, P. ¥. M. (Van Horn.) Schoolmaster 
of Abbach, and other stories G OHO 

Oswald, ft., pseud., see Sc hulz-Sm id t, Bern- 
bar dine. 

Pestalozzi, J. II. Leonard and Gertrude. Tr. 
and abridged by Eva Channing — G. P150 

Ralmund, Golo, pseud., see Frederich, 


Rau, Heribert. Beethoven; a biographical 
romance G R150 

— Mozart ; a biographical romance G R151 

Rlchter, Jean Paul. F. Flower, fruit and 
thorn pieces G R210 

— Titan. 2 v G R211-12 

Ring, Max. John Milton and his times.G R225 

Schmieden, Else. {E. Juncker.) Margarethe, 
or Life-problems G S140 

Smidt, nermann T. v. Ilabermeister. .G S150 

Schucking, Levin. Fire and flame. .GS180 

Schulze-Smidt, Bernhardine. (E. Oswald.) 
Vain forebodings. Tr. by Mrs. Wister. 


Spielhagen, Freidrich. Hammer and anvil. 


— ITohensteins G S261 

— Problematic characters G S262 



Spiel hagen, Freidrich.— Continued. 

— Through night to light ; a sequel to Proble- 

matic characters G S263 

— What the swallow sang G S264 

— Hans und Grete. (Get.) G S268 

— Roschen-von Hofe. (Qer.) G S269 

Streckf uss,Adolph. Castle Hohenwald. Tr. 
by Mrs. Wister G S350 

— Quicksands. Tr. by Mrs. Wister G S351 

— Too rich G S352 

Volkhausen, Ad. v. Why did he not die? 
Tr. by Mrs. Wister G V150 

Von St. W. In exile G V160 

Wichert, Ernest A. Green gate G W200 

Zschokke, Johann H. D. Goldmaker's vil- 
lage GZ125 

— Adventures of a new year's eve. In Fa- 

mous stories, v. 2 808.31;19 

Class-list of Scandinavian Prose Fiction. 

Andersen, Hans Christian, lmprovisatore. 


— Only a fiddler S A126 

— O. T SA127 

— Two baronesses S A128 

BJornsen, Bjorstjorne. Bridal march and 
other stories S B125 

— Happy boy: Fisher maiden, and other stories. 


— Happy boy S B127 

— Synnove Solbakken, and other stories. .S B128 

Boyesen, Hjalmer II. Gunnar; a tale of 
Norse life S B150 

Bremer, Fredrika. Father and daughter. 


— Four sisters S B212 

— Home S B213 

— Neighbors SB214 

Fair, J. A. Lajla ; a tale of Finland SF175 

Goldsmidt, M. A., and others. Flying mail, 
and other stories S G125 

Janson, Kristofer N. Spell-bound fiddler. 


Lee, Jonas. Barque Future SL110 

— Pilot and his wife S Llll 

Manager, Pedes. Pictures of Hellas; five tales 
of ancient Greece S M125 

Palluden, Muller, F. Fountain of youth. 


Rydberg, Victor. Last Athenian S R150 

Schwartz, Maria Sophie. Birth and educa- 
tion SS110 

— Gerda S Sill 

— Gold and name S SI 12 

— Guilt and innocence S SI 13 

— Right one SS114 

— Son of an organ-grinder S SI 15 

— Two family mothers S S11G 

— Wife of a vain man S S117 

Stinde, Julius. Buchholz family. 3v..SS150-2 

Thoroddsen, Jon T. Sigrid S T125 

Topelius, Zachris. Times of Gustaf Adolph. 

S T155 

— Times of battle and of rest S T156 

— Times of Charles XII S T157 

— Times of Frederick I S T158 

— Times of Linnaeus S T159 

— Times of alchemy S Tl(50 

Vicary, John F., cd. Stork's nest, or Pleas- 
ant readings from the North S V100 

Walree, E. C. W. v. Burgomaster's family. 

S W125 




Class-list of French Prose Fiction. 

About, Edmund. Germaine F A104 

— New lease of life F A106 

— Story of an honest man F A107 

— La mere de la marquise. (Fr.) F Alio 

— Le buste. (Fr.) F A112 

— Le roi des montagnes. (Fr.) F Alll 

Balzac, Honore de. Alkahest F B125 

— Caesar Biratteau F B126 

— Country doctor F B127 

— Cousin Bette F B135 

— Cousin Pons F B128 

— Duchess de Langeais, and other stories. F B129 

— Eugene Grandet F B130 

— Louis Lambert F B136 

— Magic skin F B131 

— Modiste Mignon F B133 

— Pere Goriot F B132 

— Seraphita F B137 

— Two brothers F B134 

Bersier, Eugene. Micheline F B175 

Bungener, Lawrence L. F. Bordeloue and 
Louis XIV F B350 

— Louis XV and his times F B351 

Cahun. Leon. Adventures of Capt. Mago. 
(Time, B. C. 1000) F C110 

Celiere, Paul. Startling exploits of Dr. J. B. 
Quies F C125 

Cherbuliez, Victor. Count Kostia F CI 50 

— Jean Teterol'sidea F C151 

— Noir et rouges. {Fr.) F C156 

Claretie, Jules, and others. Boum-boum et 
outres contes. {Fr.) F C204 

Cottin. Sophia R. Elizabeth, or The exiles of 
Siberia F C266 

Craven , Pauline. Fleurange F C285 

Daudet, Alphonse. Little Good-for-nothing. 


— Numa Boumestan F D126 

— Tartarin of Tarascon F D127 

— La belle nivarnaise. {Fr.) F D134 

— Le siege de Berlin. {Fr.) F D136 

DuBois-Melly, Charles. Ilistory of Nicholas 
Muss; an episode of the massacre of St. 
Bartholomew F D350 

Dudevant, Amantine L. A., (George Sand). 
Consuelo F D375 

Dudevant, Amantine L. A.— Continued. 

— Countess of Rudolstadt ; a sequel to Consuelo. 


— Consuelo and Countess of Rudolstadt. .F D377 

— Fanchon the cricket F D378 

— Marquis of Villemer F D381 

— My sister Jeannie F D382 

— La mere au diable F D388 

Dumas, Alexander D. Count of Monte-Christo. 


— Edmund Dantes; a sequel to Count of Monte- 

Cristo F D426 

— Three guardsmen F D427 

— Twenty years after; a sequel to Three guards- 

men F D428 

— La tulipe noise (Fr.) F D434 

Durant, Alice M., (Henry OreviUe). Ariadne. 


— Guy's marriage F D481 

— Princess Ogherof F D483 

— Princess Roubine F D484 

— Zenie's inheritance F D486 

— Dosia. (Fr.) F D492 

— Idylles. (Fr.) F D493 

— Perdue. (Fr.) F D494 

Enault, Louis. Carine. (Fr.) F E150 

Erckmann, Emile, and Alexandre Chatrain. 
Brigadier Frederick F E301 

— Forest house F E302 

— Madame Therese, or The volunteers of '92. 


— Miller's story of the war, or The plebiscite. 


— The conscript : a story of the French war of 

1813 F E 305 

— Waterloo; a sequel to the Conscript of 1813. 


— L'ami Fritz. (Fr.) F E312 

— Les fiances de Grinderwald. (Fr.). . . .F E313 

Fenelon, Francois de. Adventures of Tele- 
machus F F163 

Feuillet, Octave. Aliette F F176 

— Romance of a poor young man F F176 

Flaubert, Gustave. Salammbo FF226 

Gaboreau, Emile. Monsieur Lecoq. ..F G100 

Gagneur, Louise. Nihilist princess . . .F G115 

Gautier, Theophile. Captain Fracasse. 





Genevraye, A. L'ombra. (Fr) FG160 

Helevy, Ludovic. L'abbe Constantin. (Fr.) 


— Un mariage d'amour. (jPV.) F H114 

Hugo, Victor. Claude Gneux, &C....F 11300 

— History of a crime. (The coup d'etat.). .F II303 

— Jargal FH301 

— Les Miserables F H302 

— Man who laughs FII304 

— Ninety-three. (French revolution.) . . . F H305 

— Notre Dame FH306 

— Toilers of the sea F H308 

— L'homme qui rit. (Fr.) F H312 

Juillot, Francoisde. Madamoiselle Solange. 
(Fr.) FJ150 

La neuvainede Colette. (Fr.) FL4 

Laboulaye, Edward R. L. Paris in America. 


Lamartine, Alphonse de. Graziella. (Fr.) 


Le Sage, Alain Rene. Adventures of Gil 
Bias of Santillane F L195 

Lesneur, Daniel. Le mariage de Gabrielle. 
(Fr.) F L226 

Malot, Hector. No relations F M125 

Michon, Jean Hippolite. V Under the ban. 


Oh net, Georges. Le maitre de forges. (Fr.) 


— Dr. Rameau F O130 

Peyrebru ne, Georges de. Les freres Colombe. 
(Fr.) F P150 

Pont-Jost, Rene de. No. 13 Rue Marlot. 


Saintine, Joseph X. Picciola F S110 

Saint Pierre, J. H. Bernardin de. Paul 
and Virginia. With La Motte Fougue. 
Undine and Sintram .. . . ) F Sill 

Sandeare, Jules. Madeleine F S125 

Sand, George, pseud., see Dudevant, Aman- 
tine L. A. 

Sardou, Victorien. Anselma, or In spite of 
all FS150 

Segur, Sophie de. Les malheurs de Sophie. 
(Fr.) (Juvenile) F S175 

Souvestre, Emile. Attic philosopher .F S225 

Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise G. Corinne, or 

Italy FS250 

Sue, Eugene. Mysteries of Paris F S265 

— Wandering Jew F S266 

Theuriet, Andre. Gerard's marriage.. FT160 

TIssot, Victor and Constant Amero. The exiles. 


Venturo, L. D. Peppino F V160 

Verne, Jules. Five weeks in a balloon F V175 

— From the earth to the moon F V176 

— Around the moon; a sequel to From the earth 

to the moon F V177 

— Giant raft F V178 

— Journey to centre of the earth F VI 79 

— Meridiana F V180 

— Michael Strogof F V181 

— Mysterious island F V182 

— Tour of the world in 80 days F V184 

— Tribulations of a Chinaman F V185 

— Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. 


Vincent, Jacque. Vaillante. (-FV.). ..F V230 
Zola, Emile. The dream F.Z110 

Class-list Italian Prose Fiction. 

Fogazzari, Antonio. Daniele Cortes. . .1 F110 

Guerazzi. Francesco Domenico. Beatrice 
Cenci I G170 

Roscoe, Thomas. Ed. Italian novelists; with 
critical and biographical notices — I R150 

R uf f i n i , Giovanni. Doctor Antonio — I R175 

Torelli-Torrlani, Maria. (La marchesa Col- 
ombi). Wane of an ideal I T150 

Class-list Spanish Prose Fiction 

Arrom, Cecelia Bohl de Faber. (Fernan Cabal - 
kro.) Elia, or Spain fifty years ago . C A150 

Cervantes -Saavedra, Miguel de. Don 
Quixote de la Mancha CC114 

Galdos B. Perez. Leon Roch. 2 v. . . .C G124-6 

Roscoe, Thomas. Spanish novelist; with 
critical and biographical notices C R150 

Valdes, Armando P. Marquis of Penal ta. 

C V121 

— Maximina C V122 




Class-list of Russian and Roumanian Prose Fiction. 

Dostoyevsky, Feodor M. Crime and punish- 
ment RD136 

Gogol , Nickolai V. Dead souls. 2 v . . It G128-9 

— St. John's eve, and other stories R G130 

— Taras Bulba RG131 

Korolenko, Vladimir. Vagrant, and other 
tales R K125 

Puskin, Alexander. Marie R P160 

Tchern uishevsky, Nickolai G. Vital ques- 
tion RT125 

Tolstoi, Lyof N. Anna Karenina RT160 

— Childhood, boyhood, youth R T162 

— Cossacks RT1S3 

— Invaders, and other stories R T164 

— Ivan Ilyitch, and other stories RT165 

Tolstoi, Lyof N.— Continued. 

— Katia R T166 

— War and peace; before Tilsit. (1805-7.) 2 v. 


— War and peace; the invasion. (1807-12). 2 v. 


— War and peace; Borodino, the French at 

Moscow. (1812-20). 2v RT173-4 

Turgenieff, Ivan Sergeievitch. Fathers and 
sons RT225 

— Lisa R T226 

— Mumu : Diary of a superfluous man — RT228 

— On the eve RT229 

— Smoke R T230 

— Unfortunate woman; Ass'ya RT232 

— Virgin soil » RT233 

Elizabeth Pauline, queen of Boumania. (Car- 
men 8ylva.) Heart regained R E4 




Class-list of Juvenile Prose Fiction. 

Alice Benson's trials, (virion.) J A12 

Allie's kitten. (Anon.) J A13 

Among the Alps. (Anon.) J A16 

Arabian nights. (Anon.) J A20 

Aunt Carrie's story book. (Anon.) J A24 

Abbott, Anne W. Impulse and principle. 


Abbott, Edward. Long Look house. . .J A105 

Abbott, Jacob. Florence stories. 6 v. 

v. 1. Florence and John J A110 

v. 2. Grimkie J Alll 

v. 3. Orkney Islands J A112 

v. 4. English Channel J A113 

v. 5. Isle of Wight J A114 

v. 6. Florence's return J A115 

— Dialogues J A116 

— Jasper J A117 

— John Gay series. 3 v. 

v. 1. Work for spring J A119 

v. 2. Work for summer J A120 

v. 3. Work for autumn J A121 

— William Gay's play in autumn J A122 

— Juno series. 4 v. 

v. 1. Juno and Georgie J A123 

v. 2. Mary Osborne J A124 

v. 3. Juno on a journey J A125 

v. 4. Hubert J A126 

— RoUo series. 

Kollo at work J A129 

Hollo's vacation J A132 

Hollo's travels J A136 

Hollo's correspondence J A136 

Hollo's philosophy-— water J A137 

Hollo's philosophy— air J A138 

Hollo's philosophy— fire J A139 

Hollo's philosophy — sky J A140 

— BoUo's tour in Europe. 10 v. 

v. 1. Hollo on the Atlantic J A141 

v. 2. Hollo in Paris J A142 

v. 3. Hollo in Switzerland J A143 

v. 4. Hollo in London J A144 

v. 5. Hollo on the Hhine J A145 

v. 6. Hollo in Scotland J A146 

v. 7. Hollo in Geneva J A147 

v. 8. Kollo in Holland J A148 

v. 9. Kollo in Naples J A149 

v. 10. Hollo in Home J A150 

Ac hard, Emile. History of my friends, or 
Home life with animals J A200 

Adams, Charlotte. Boys at home J. A220 

— Edgar Clifton J A221 

Adams, Emily. Six month at Mrs. Prior's. 

J A230 

Adams, William T. (Oliver Optic). Army and 

navy series. 6 v 

v. 1. Soldier boy J A250 

v. 2. Sailor boy J A251 

v. 3. Young lieutenant J A252 

v. 4. Yankee middy J A253 

v. 5. Fighting Joe J A254 

v. 6. Brave old salt J A2o5 

— Boat builder's series. 6 v. 

v. 1. All adrift J A256 

v. 2. Snug harbor J A257 

v. 3. Square and compasses J A258 

v. 4. Stem to stern J A259 

v. 5. All taut. J A260 

v. 6. Heady about J A261 

— Boat club series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Boat club J A262 

v. 2. All aboard J A263 

v. 3. Now or never s . . J A264 

v. 4, Try again J A265 

v. 5. Poor and proud J A266 

v. 6. Little by little J A267 

— Woodvttle series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Rich and humble J A268 

v. 2. In school and out J A269 

v. 3. Watch and wait J A270 

v. 4. Work and win J A271 

v. 5. Hope and have J A272 

v. 6. Haste and waste J A273 

— Young American abroad series. 12 v. 

v. 1. Outward bound J A274 

v. 2. Shamrock and thistle J A275 

v. 3. Hed cross JA276 

v. 4. Dikes and ditches J A277 

v. 5. Palace and cottage J A278 

v. 6. Down the Hhine J A279 

v. 7. Up the Baltic J A280 

v. 8. Northern lands J A281 

v. 9. Vine and olive J A282 

v. 10. Sunny shores J A283 

v. 11 . Cross and crescent J A284 

v. 12. Isles of the sea J A285 

— Coming wave J A286 


Aikin, J. ami Anna T. Barbour. Evenings at 
liome J A330 

Aimwell, William. Aimtadl stories. 6 v. 

v. 1. Oscar J A300 

v. 2. Clinton J ASBI 

v. S, Ella JAMS 

v. 4. Whistler J A863 

v. 5. Jessie J ASM 

v. 6. Jerry J A365 

Albertson, Frank. Four-fooled lovers. J A390 

Alcott. Louise liny. Atrnt Joe's scrap bay 
series. 6 v. 

v. I. My boys J A410 

v.2. Shawl straps J A411 

v. 3. Cupid anil Chow-Chow JA412 

v. 4. My girls J A418 

v. 5. Jimmie's cruise in the l'inefore. 

v. 6. Old fashioned thanksgiving. .J A41S 

— Eight cousins J A416 

— Garland for girls J A430 

— Jack and Jill J A417 

— Jo's boys; a sequel to Little men J A418 

— Little men; a sequel to Little women. .J A419 

— Little women. 2 v J A420-21 

— Lulu's library J A422 

— Morning glories J A42S 

— Old-fashioned girl J A424 

— Proverb stories J A4S5 

— Rose in tilmmi; a sequel to Eight cousins. 

J A42M 

— Silver pitchers J A427 

— Spinning-wheel stories J A428 

— Under the lilacs J A43) 

Alden, Isabella M. ( 7 \jwyl. Christie's Christ- 

mas J A40U 

— Grandpa's darlings J A481 

— New year's tangles J A 1(52 

— Sidney Martin's Christmas, and other .stories. 

J A463 

— Tip Lewis and his lamp I A4I54 

Alden, William L. Adventures of Jinmiv 
Brown J A485 

— Cruise of the canoe club J A 48(5 

— Cruise of the "Ghost" J A4H7 

— Moral pirates J A488 

— New Robinson Crusoe J A48B 

Aldrlch, Thomas B. Story of a bad boy. 
J A610 

Allen, Willis B. Pine cone stories. 

v. 1. Pine cones J A535 

v. 2. Silver rags J AS38 

Anderson, Hans C. Danish slory lionk. 

J A5(lo 

— Sand hills of Jutland J A5flfl 

— Story book J A667 

Anderson, Hans C. — Continued. 

— Stories and tales J A 668 

— What the moon saw J A669 

— Wonder stories J A570 

Andrews, Jane. Ten boys who lived on the 
road from long ago J ASM 

Arthur, T. S. After a shadow, and other 
stories J A620 

— All for the best J A621 

— Hidden wings, and other stories J A622 

— Not any thing fur peace, and other siniies. 

J A62S 

— Peacemaker, and other stories J A021 

— Sowing the wind, and other stories — J A625 

— Sunshine at home, and other stories, . . J AG28 
Averill, Anne S. Annie Mason J A650 

Barbara. (Anon.) J BlO 

Battles worth lighting. [Anon.) J B12 

Belle Level. (Anon.) J B18 

Binding the sheaves, {Anon) J B2I 

Bob and Walter. (Anon.) J B28 

Both sides of the street. {Anon.) J B28 

Boy and man. (Anon.) J 1131 

Buds and blossoms. (Anon.) J B31 

B M. E. Clandine J B75 

Baarnhielm, E. W. Archibald Hamilton. 

Baker, George M. Running to waste. .J B125 

Baker, Harriet N. {MaiMint Leslie). Art and 
artlessness J B135 

— Behind the curtain J BUM 

— Fashion and folly J Bill! 

— Governor's pardon . J BI36 

— Howard and his teacher J 1113J 

— I'll try J B138 

— Jack, the chimney sweep J I1I39 

— Live and learn J BI40 

— Motherless children J BUI 

— Never give up 1 11142 

— Paul Barton J B143 

— Play and study J B144 

— Secret of success - J BI45 

-Stopping the leak J 11162 

— Tim, the scissorB-grinder J B146 

— Serpiel to Tim. the scissors-grinder J B147 

— Tim's sister J B148 

— Trying to be useful J 11149 

— Two homes J BloO 

— Up the ladder J 11161 

— Wheel of fortune J BI62 

— Worth and wealth J B163 




Baker, Harriet N.— Continued. 

— Woodlaum series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Bertie's home J BJ54 

v. 2. Bertie and the carpenter J B155 

v. 3. Bertie and the. masons J B156 

v. 4. Bertie and the plumbers J B157 

v. 6. Bertie and the gardeners J B159 

Baker, Sir Samuel. Cast up by the sea. J B175 

Ballantyne, Robert M. Deep down in the 
mines J B200 

— Fighting the flames J B201 

— Gascoyne, the sandal-wood trader J B202 

— Hudson's Bay J B203 

— Life-boat J B204 

— Martin Ratler J B205 

— Snowflakes and sunbeams of the far North. 


— Three months rustication J B207 

— Ungava J B208 

Bamford, Mary E. Thoughts of my dumb 
neighbors J B225 

— Marie's story; a tale of the days of Louis XIV 


Baron, R. and C. Deutch. Well begun is half 
done J B245 

Barrow, Fannie. Mitten series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Mittens J B260 

v. 2. Little mittens J B261 

v. 3. More mittens J B262 

v. 4. Two story mittens J B263 

v. 5. New little mittens J B264 

v. 6. Orphan's home mittens J B265 

Bates, Lizzie. Stories from the moorland. 


Baylor, Frances C. Juan and Juanita. J B288 

Benning, Howe. Grace Courtney J B300 

Berry, Mrs. M. E. Band of six J B325 

— Lottie Lane J B326 

Bisbee, Mariana M. Tent V Chautauqua J B350 

Black, William. Four Mac Nicols. . . . . J B370 

Blackford, Mrs. Eskdale herd-boy J B375 

Blanchard, Leone. Tried in the fire. .J B386 

Blum and Wahl. Seaside and fireside fairies. 


Board man, Mrs.W. £. Haps and mishaps 
of the Brown family J B440 

— Nellie Gates J B441 

— Mothers-in-law; a sequel to Nellie Gates. 


Bowman, Anne. Adventures of the Merton 
family J B475 

— Clever Jack, and other tales J B476 

Boyd, E. E. Little yellow jacket series. 4 v. 

v. 1. Big dots and little dots J B491 

v. 2. Cobler and his Rose J B492 

v. 3. Once upon a time J B493 

Boyd, Robert. Wee Willie J B500 

Bradley, W. J. (Glance Oaylord). Boys at 
Dr. Murray's J B525 

— Culm Rock J B526 

— Donald Deane and his cross J B527 

— Gilbert Starr and his lessons J B528 

— Gilbert's last summer at Rain ford J B529 

— Jack Arcombe J B530 

— Miss Patience Hathaway J B531 

— Mr. Pendleton's cup J B532 

— Will Rood's friendship J B533 

Brentano, Clemens. Fairy tales J B560 

Brock, Mrs. Carey. Charity Helstone.. J B600 
Broderip, F. F. Wee Maggie J B613 

Brooks, Elbridge S. Chivalric days . . . J B650 

— Historic boys J B651 

— Historic girls J B652 

— In Leisler's times J B653 

— In no-man's land J BG54 

— Storied holidays J B655 

Brooks, Noah. Boy emigrants J B675 

— Fairport nine J B676 

Broome, Lady. Harry Treverton ; a story of 
colonial life J B685 

Bui lard, Asa. ed. Children's album of pic- 
tures and stories J B690 

Brush, MaryE. Paul and Persis J B693 

Burdett, Charles. Never too late J B700 

Burnett, Frances H. Little Lord Fauntleroy. 


— Sarah Crewe, and what happened at Miss 

Minchin's J B711 

Butler, William F. Red Cloud, the solitary 
Sioux J B725 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Zigzag series. 10 v. 

v. 1. Zigzag journeys in Europe — J B751 

v. 2. Zigzag journeys in classic lands. 


v. 3. Zigzag journeys in the Orient.. J B763 

v. 4. Zigzag journeys in the Occident. 


v. 5. Zigzag journeys in Northern lands. 


v. 6. Zigzag journeys in Acadia — J B766 

v. 7. Zigzag journeys in the Levant J B757 

v. 8. Zigzag journeys in the sunny South. 


v. 9. Zigzag journeys in India J B759 

v. 10. Zigzag journeys in the antipodes. 





Captain John. (Anon.) J CIO 

Cecil and his dog. (Anon.) J C14 

Child life series. 5 v. 

v. 1 . Child life in many lands J C20 

v. 2. Haps and mishaps of childhood. .J C21 

v. 3. Lily's travels J C22 

v. 4. Neighborly love J C23 

v. 5. Old friends with new faces J C24 

Children of Cloverly. (Anon.) J C26 

Children of the great king. (Anon.) J C27 

Children's picture fable-book. (Anon.). J C28 

Chubs, Jr. (Anon.) J C34 

Climbing the mountains. (Anon.) J C39 

Curious stories. (Anon.) J C51 

C , C. Charity Hurlburt J C75 

C , S. W. Sybil's way JC80 

Campbell, Helen. What- to-do club J CI 10 

Capron, Mary J. (Archie Fell). Apron strings. 


— Clytie Leigh. 2 v J C126-27 

— Worth while J C128 

Carol I , M. How Marjory helped J CI 40 

Carrol, Lewis, pseud., see Dodgson, C. L. 

Carter, Ann Augusta. Little haymakers, and 
other stories J C150 

Carry I, Charles E. Davy and the goblin. 


Catherwood, Mary II. Dogberry Bunch. 


— Old caravan days J C166 

— Rocky Fork J C167 

— Secrets at Roseladies J C168 

Champney, Lizzie W. All around a palette. 


— Bubling teapot J C199 

— Howling Wolf and his trick-pony J C206 

— In the sky-garden J C207 

— Great grandmother's girls in New France. 


— Great grandmother's girls in New Mexico. 

(1670-1680) J C201 

— Three Vassar girls series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Three Vassar girls abroad J C208 

v. 2. Three Vassar girls in England .J C209 

v. 3. Three Vassar girls in South America. 


v. 4. Three Vassar girls in Italy J C21 1 

v. S.Q.Tbree Vassar girls on the Rhine. 


v. 6. Three Vassar girls at home. . . J C213 

v. 7. Three Vassar girls in France . J C214 

Chaney, George L. F. Grant and Co. .J C235 

— Tom : a home story J C236 

Charlesworth, Maria L. Ministering chil- 
dren J C250 

— Sequel to ministering children J C261 

Chase, F. D. B. Derry's Lake J C260 

Chel I is, Mary D. Bill Drock's investment. 


— Effie Wingate's work JC271 

— Mark Dunning's enemy J C272 

— Old doctor's son JC273 

— Old Surnapee J C274 

Cheney, Ednah D. Child of the tide. J C300 

— Sally Williams, the mountain girl J C301 

Chester, Sarah E. Her little world. . . . J C326 

— Our three boys J C327 

Church, Alfred J. Three Greek children ; a 
story of home in old time J C341 

Clark, H. H. Boy life in U. S. navy. . . .J C360 

Clarke, Mary Cowden. Yarns of an old 
mariner J C370 

Clarke, Rebecca S. (Sophie May). Little 
Prudy series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Little Prudy JC387 

v. 2. Little Prudy 's sister Susie — J C388 

v. 3. Little Prudy 's Captain Horace. J C389 

v. 4. Little Prudy's story book J C390 

v. 5. Little Prudy's cousin Grace . . .J C391 

v. 6. Little Prudy • s Dotty Dimple . . J C392 

— Dotty Dimple series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Dotty Dimple at her grandmother's. 

J C393 

v. 2. Dotty Dimple at home J C394 

v. 3. Dotty Dimple out west J C395 

v. 4. Dotty Dimple at play J C396 

v. 5. Dotty Dimple at school J C397 

v. 6. Dotty Dimple's Fly away J C398 

— Little Prudy's Fly away series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Little folks astray J C399 

v. 2. Little Prudy keeping house. .JC400 

v. 3. Aunt Madge's story J C401 

v. 4. Little grandmother J C402 

v. 5. Little grandfather J C403 

v. 6. Miss Thistledown J C404 

— Flaxie Ftizzle series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Flaxie Frizzle JC40& 

v. 2. Doctor Papa JC406 

v. 3. Little pitchers J C407 

v. 4. Twin cousins J C408 

v. 5. Flaxie 's Kittyleen J C409 

v. 6. Flaxie growing up J C410 

Clemens, Samuel L. (Mark Twain.) Tom 
Sawyer J C445 

Cobb, James F. Martin the skipper — J C460 

— Watchers on the longships — J C461 




Cobden, Paul. Beckoning series. 5 v. 

v. 1. Who will win V J C480 

v. 2. Going on a mission J C481 

v. 3. Turning wheel J C482 

v. 4. Good luck J C483 

v. 5. Take a peep J 0484 

Cof f i n , Charles C. Winning his way J C510 

C o n k I i n , Mrs. Nathaniel . (Jennie Drinkwater. ) 
Fairfax girls J C526 

Coolidge, Susan, pseud., see Woolsey, Sarah. 

Co r b i n , Caroline F. Belle and the boys. J C535 

Cornell, Sarah G. Carl's home J C550 

Cozzens, Samuel W. Young trail hunter 
series. 3 v. 

v. 1. Young trail hunters JC381 

v. 2. Crossing the quicksands J C382 

v. 3. Young silver seekers J C383 

Craddock, Charles Egbert, pseud., see Mur- 
f ree, Mary N. 

Cragin, M. T. (EUis Grey.) The Cedars.. J C610 

Craik, Dinah M. (Miss Muloch.) Adventures 
of a brownie J C625 

— Bright schemes and bold strokes J C626 

— Fairy book JC627 

— Little lame prince J C628 

Crampton, G. E. E. Silver sands J C650 

Crowinshield, Mary B. Among the light- 
houses JC670 

— The ignoramuses J C671 

Cupples, Mrs. George. Singular creatures. 


Curtiss, P. Amy Garnett , .JC700 

Days of old ; stories from old English history. 
(Anon.) J D6 

Dora's mistake. (Anon.) J D14 

Duties and difficulties. (Anon.) J D25 

Dal I, Caroline H. Fatty Gray's journey from 
Boston to Baltimore J Dl 15 

Davis, Caroline E. K. Heart's delight. .J D151 

— Into the highways J D152 

— Upward path J D153 

Davis, Minnie S. Rosalie and her two homes. 


Dawes, Mrs. S. E. Linden wood JD175 

Day, Thomas. Sanford and Merton J D190 

Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe J D215 

De Mille, James. B. O. W. C. series. 6 v. 

v. 1. B. O. W. C JD240 

v. 2. Boys at Grand Pre school J D241 

De Mille, James. B.O. W.C. series — Continued. 

v. 3. Lost in the fog JD242 

v. 4. Fire in the woods J D243 

v. 5. Picket up adrift JD244 

v. 6. Treasures of the sea J D245 

— Young Dodge club series. 2 v. 

v. 1. Among the brigands J D246 

v. 2. Seven hills JD247 

Dennison, Mary A. Among the squirrels. 


— Andy Luttrell J D276 

— Antoinette J D277 

— Kept from idols J D280 

— Little folks at Redbow J D278 

— Mill agent JD287 

— Nellie Walters J D279 

— Saturday afternoon series. 5. v. 

v. 1. Orphan Anne JD281 

v. 2. Annie's Saturday afternoons. J D282 

v. 3. Anne and Tilly J D283 

v. 4. Anne's beach party J D284 

v. 6. Anne's new life J D285 

— Talbury girls J D286 

De Segu r, Sophie. Fairy book J D315 

Devereux, C. II. Sam Shirk J D335 

Diaz, Abbie M. Polly Cologne J D350 

— Story book for children J D361 

— William Henry letters J D352 

— William Henry and his friends . . J<D353 

Dickens, Charles. Little folks series.— Selected 
from his works. 

Boy Joe, and Samuel Weller : Oliver and 
Jew Fagin J D375 

Dolly Varden J D376 

Florence Dombey : Dolly Varden. . .J D377 

Little Nell J D378 

Little Paul J D379 

Sissy Jupe : Tiny Tim : Dot J D380 

Smike : Little Paul J D381 

Tiny Tim : Dot J D382 

Two daughters J D383 

Dodge, A. A. Jerry and his friends. . .J D415 

Dodge, Mary A. (Oail Hamilton.) Red letter 
days J D422 

Dodge, Mary Mapes. Donald and Dorothy. 


— Hans Brinker, or The silver skates J D431 

D ogd son, Charles L. (Leiois Carroll.) Alice 
in wonderland J D452 

— Through the looking glass J D453 

Douglas, Amanda M. Kathie series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Kathie's three wishes J D481 

v. 2. Kathie's Aunt Ruth JD482 




Douglas, Amanda M. Kathie series— Continued. 

v. 3. Kathie's summer at Cedar wood. 


v. 4. Kathie's soldiers J D484 

v. 5. Kathie in the ranks J D485 

v. 6. Kathie's harvest days J D486 

— Old woman that lived in a shoe; or- There's no 

place like home J D487 

— Santa Claus land J D488 

Drummond, Mrs. Glen Isla J D530 

— Lucy Seymour J D531 

Dunning, A.E. Contradictions J D545 

— Mistaken, or A story of four lives J D546 

— Trifles J D547 

Edged tools. (Anon.) J E10 

Ellen Dacre (Anon.) J E16 

Eastman, Julia A. Kitty Kent's troubles. 


— Romneys of Ridgemont J E101 

— School days of Beulah Romney J E102 

— Short-comings and long-goings J E103 

— Striking for the right J E104 

— Young Rick J E105 

Eato n , Frances. Queer little princess . . J El 15 

Eddy, Daniel E. Percy family series. 4 v. 

v. 1. Visit to Ireland JE151 

v. 2. Through Scotland and England. 


v. 3. Paris to Amsterdam J E153 

v. 4. The Baltic to Vesuvius J E154 

— WaUer^s tour in the East series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Walter in Egypt J E155 

v. 2. Walter in Jerusalem J E156 

v. 3. Walter in Samaria J E157 

v. 4. Walter in Damascus J E158 

v. 5. Walter in Constantinople J El 59 

v. 6. Walter in Athens J E160 

Edgeworth, Maria. Early lessons J E185 

— Prank J E186 

— Harry and Lucy. 2 v J E187-88 

— Moral tales JE189 

— Parents' assistant J E190 

— Popular tales J E191 

Edwards, M. A. Ed. Philip in Palestine. 

J E315 

Eggleston, Edward. Hoosier school-hoy. 


Eggleston, Geo. Carey. Big brother series. 3 v. 

v. 1. Big brother JE340 

v. 2. Captain Sam JE341 

v. 8. Signal boys J E342 

— Schoolmaster's stories J E343 

— Wreck of the Red Bird JE344 

Ellis, Edward S. Boy pioneer series. 3 v. 

v. 1. Ned in the block-house J E376 

v. 2. Ned in the woods J E377 

v. 3. Ned on the river J E378 

— Log cabin series. 3 v. 

v. 1. Lost trail J E379 

v. 2. Camp-fire and wigwam JE380 

v. 3. Footprints in the forest J E381 

Elwell, Edward H. Boys of thirty-five. J E400 

Elwes, Alfred. Adventures of Paul Blake. 


Erickson, D. 8. Wadsworth boys J E450 

Everett, William. Changing base J E475 

— Double play J E476 

Ewlng, Juliana Horatia. Daddy Darwin's 
dovecot JE490 

— Flat iron for a farthing J E491 

— Jackanapes J E492 

— Meichior's dream, and other tales J E493 

— Six to sixteen; a story for girls J E494 

Ey ster , Nellie. Chinapin Charlie J E510 

Frank Sillaby. (Anon.) J F10 

Farman, Ella, see Pratt, Ella Farman. 

Farrar, Charles A. J. Lake and forest series. 

v. 1. Eastward ho, or Adventures at 

Rangeley Lake J F151 

v. 2. Wild wood life J F152 

v. 3. Down the west branch J F153 

v. 4. Up the north branch J F154 

Farrar, Frederick W. Eric; a tale of Roslyn 
school J F170 

— Julian home; a tale of college life J F171 

— St. Winifred's; or The world of school. .J F172 

Fatherland series. 18 v. 

Buried in the snow J F201 

Dominic, or Bread upon the waters. J F202 

Faithful unto death J F203 

Fritz, or Filial obedience J F204 

Geyer Walty J F205 

Gustavus Vasa J F206 

Hop blossom J F207 

Iron age of Germany J F208 

Iron head : story of Charles XII of Sweden. 


Little cloister ruin J F210 

Olaf Thorlaksen J F211 

Reni, the little Savoyard J F212 

Robert of Marseilles, or Crusade of the 
children J F213 

Seppel, the Swiss boy J F214 

Three holy kings J F215 

Treasures of the Incas '. . J F216 

Under the earth J F217 

Wolfgang, prince of Anhalt J F218 




Fen n, George M. Middy and ensign. . .J F250 

— Off to the wilds J F261 

Fin ley, Martha. Elsie Dinsmore series. 14 v. 

v. 1. Elsie Dinsmore J F285 

v. 2. Elsie's holidays at Koselands. J F286 

v. 3. Elsie's girlhood J F287 

v. 4. Elsie's womanhood J F288 

v. 5. Elsie's motherhood J F289 

v. 6. Elsie's children JF290 

' v. 7. Elsie's widowhood J F291 

v. 8. Grandmother Elsie J F292 

v. 9. Elsie's new relations J F293 

v. 10. Elsie at Nantucket J F294 

v. 11. The two Elsies J F295 

v. 12. Elsie's kith and kin J F296 

v. 13. Elsie's friends at Woodbum.J F297 

v. 14. Christmas at grandmother Elsie's. 


— Mildred Keith series. 5 v. 

v. 1. Mildred Keith J F315 

v. 2. Mildred at Koselands J F316 

v. 3. Mildred and Elsie J F317 

v. 4. Mildred's married life J F318 

v. 5. Mildred's boys and girls J F319 

— Old fashioned boy J F330 

Flint, Sarah A. Hope Douglass J F350 

Franklin, J. Nellie's visit J F400 

French , Harry W. Our boys in India. .J F425 

— Our boys in China J F426 

Fro n ti e r series 5 v. 

v. 1. Cabin on the prairie J F4ol 

v. 2. Planting the wilderness J F452 

v. 3. Thousand miles walk across S. 
America J F453 

v. 4. Twelve nights in a hunter's camp. 


v. 5. Young pioneers J F455 

Frost, John. Wild scenes of a hunter's life. 


Frost, Mrs. L. J. H. Linda Newton... J F480 

Fu lton , Justin L. Show your colors J F500 

Gerard, the lion-killer, and other stories. 
(Arum.) J G5 

Glenarvon. (Anon.) J G10 

Gardiner, II. C. Rosamond Dayton. . .J G125 

Gaye, Selina. Courage and cowards J G138 

Giberne, Agnes. Father Aldus J G185 

Gilbert, William. Magic mirror J G200 

Golden motto series 

Golden motto J G225 

Hero of Falcon's Island J G226 

True friendship J G227 

Goodrich, Samuel G. (Peter Parley). Balloon 
travels J G250 

— Dick Baldhero J G251 

— Gilbert Go Ahead J G252 

— Make the best of it J G253 

— Merry stories J G254 

— Peter Parley's own story . . . J G255 

— Peter Parley's present J G256 

— Peter Parley's thousand and one stories. J G257 

— Persevere and prosper J G258 

— Right is might, &c J G259 

— Tale of the revolution, and other stories. J G260 

— Truth finder J G261 

— What to do and how to do it J G262 

Gordon, Clarence. (Vieux Moustache). That 
good old time J G275 

Goulding, F. R. Young Marooners.. .J G290 

— Marooners Island; a sequel to Young Maroo- 

ners J G291 

Greene, Mrs. Filling up the chinks.. .J G325 

Greene, Homer. Blind brother J G327 

Greenwood, James. Adventures of Rueben 
Davidger J G335 

Grimm, Jacob L. and William K. Home 
fairy tales J G400 

— Popular tales J G401 

Guernsey, Clara. Ice raft J G435 

Guiney, Louise I. Brownies and bogles. J G442 

Henry Willard. (virion.) J H10 

Hacklander, F. W. Enchanting and en- 
chanted J H100 

Hadley, Caroline. Children's sayings. J Hi 15 

Hale, Lucretia P. Peterkin papers J H140 

— Last of the Peterkins J H141 

Hall, Charles W. Adrift in the ice-fields. J H165 

— Drifting round the world J H166 

— Great Bonanza, and other stories J H167 

Hall , Mrs. S. C. Turns of fortune J H175 

Hallo way, Sarah C. Nan, the new fashioned 
girl JH190 

Hamerton, Philip G. Harry Blount. .J H210 

Harley, A. J. Young Crusoe J H230 

Harris, Mariam C. Margarite's journal. J H250 

— Round hearts J H251 

Harrison, Constance C. Bric-a-brac stories. 


Harrison, Jennie. Old back room J H265 

Harte, Bret. Queen of trie Pirate Isle.. J H280 

Hartley, C. B. Hunting sports of the west. 





Haven, Alice B. (Cousin Alice). All's not 
gold that glitters J H315 

— Contentment better than wealth J 11316 

— No such word as fail J H317 

— Nothing venture, nothing have J H318 

— Out of debt, out of danger J H819 

— Patient waiting no loss J II320 

— Place for everything, everything in its place. 

J II321 

— Where there's a will there's a way. . .«. J II322 

Haven, Marion. Joanna J II325 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Grandfather's chair. 


— Tanglewood tales J H341 

— Wonder book J 11342 

Hays, Mrs. W. J. Adventures of Prince Lazy- 
bones J H360 

Hay ward, Maria L. The IIuntingtons..J H375 

Hazel ton, Mabel. Aunt Mattie and her friends. 


Hildebrandt, C. Winter in Spitzbergen. J H440 

Hill, A. F. Our boys. (Story of the civil war.) 


Hilliard, W. II. Little trapper, and other 
stories J II465 

Hoffman , Franz. Hartz boys J H500 

Holt, M. II. Fern Glen J 11515 

Hood, E. P. Bye-path meadow J H536 

Hoppin, Augustus. (C. Avion.) Recollections 
of Auton House J H543 

Hosmer, Margaret. Lenny the orphan. J II555 

Howitt, Mary. Angel unawares, &c J H575 

— Alice Franklin J H576 

— Common sense .>/j H577 

— Hope on, hope ever J H578 

— Little coin, much care J H579 

— Love and money J II580 

— My own story J II581 

— My uncle, the clockmaker J H682 

— New story book J II683 

— Sowing and reaping J II584 

— Strive and thrive J H585 

— Two apprentices J II686 

— Who shall be greatest J II587 

— Work and wages J H588 

Hugessen, E. H. Puss-cat Mew,&c. .J H600 

Humphrey, Frances A. Children of old 
Park's tavern J II610 

Isaac Phelps. (Anon.) J 1 8 

Isa Graeme's world. (Anon.) J 1 10 

Island home. (Anon.) J 114 

Ingelow, Jean. Mopsa the fairy J 1 125 

— Stories told to a child J 1 126 

— Studies for stories J 1 127 

Ingersol, Ernest. Ice queen J 1140 

Irving, Fannie B. Six girls J 1 165 

Just his luck. (Anon.) J J12 

Jackson, Helen H. (H. H.) Bits of talk for 
young folks J J100 

— Ilunter cats of Connorloa J J 101 

— Letters from a cat J J102 

— Mammy Tittleback and her family JJ103 

Janvier, Margaret. (Margaret Vandegrift). 
Doris and Theodora J J115 

— Little helpers J J118 

— Queen's body guard; story of American life 

for girls J J116 

— Hose Raymond's wards J J117 

Johnson, Helen K. Roddy's romance. J J160 

— Roddy's reality J J151 

Johnson, E. R. Phaeton Rogers J J160 

Kate Elmore. (Anon.) J K7 

Kaler, James Otis. Left behind, or Ten days 
a newsboy J K125 

— Little Joe J K 132 

— Raising the Pearl J K126 

— Silent Pete J K131 

— Tim and Tip J K127 

— Toby Tyler, or Ten weeks with a circus. J K129 

— Mr. Stubb's brother ; a sequel to Toby Tyler. 


Kauff, Wilhelm. Arabian days' entertain- 
ment J K150 

Kavanagh, Julia. Three paths J K160 

Keary, Annie. York and Lancaster Rose. 


Keene, Mrs. S. F. Lyle MacDonald; a tale of 
the woods of Maine J K190 

— Orient boys J K191 

— Viking heir J K192 

Kelly. Caroline. E. Bernice, the farmer's 
daughter J K210 

— Old barracks J K212 

— Ruth Chenery J K213 

Kellogg, Elijah. Elm Island series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Lion Ben of Elm Island J K226 

v. 2. Charlie Bell J K227 

v. 3. Ark of Elm Island J K228 

v. 4. Boy farmers J K229 

v. 5. Young shipbuilders J K230 

v. 6. Hard-scrabble J K231 

— Pleasant Cove series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Arthur Brown J K282 




Kellogg, Elijah. Pleasant Cove series. -Continued. 

v. 2. Young deliverers J K233 

v. 3. Cruise of the Casco J K234 

v. 4. Child of the island glen J K235 

v. 5. John Godsoe's legacy J K236 

v. 6. Fisher boys of Pleasant Cove . J K237 

— Forest Glen series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Sowed by the wind J K238 

v. 2. Wolf Run J K239 

v. 3. Brought to the front J K240 

v. 4. Mission of the Black Rifle. . . . J K241 

v. 5. Forest Glen J K242 

v. 6. Burying the hatchet J K243 

— Qood old times series. 4 v. 

v. 1. Good old times J K244 

v. 2. Live oak boys J K245 

v. 3. Strong arm and a mother's blessing. 


v. 4. Unseen hand J K247 

— Whispering pine series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Spark of genius J K248 

v. 2. Sophomores of Radcliffe J K249 

v. 3. Whispering pine J K250 

v. 4. Winning his spurs J K261 

v. 5. Turning of the tide J K252 

v. 6. Stout heart J K263 


Kendall, £. D. Master and pupil J K275 

Ker, David. From the Hudson to the Neva. 


Kingsley, Charles. Water babies; a fairy 
tale for a land baby J K290 

Kingston, William H. G. African traders. 


— Anthony Waymouth J K301 

— At the south pole J K802 

— Cruise of the "Frolic" J K303 

— Hendricks, the hunter J K304 

— Little Ben Hadden J K305 

— Mark Seaworth J K306 

— Schoolboy days J K307 

— True hero J K308 

— Virginia; a Centennial story J K309 

— Young foresters, &c J K310 

Knox, Thomas W. Young Nimrods round the 
world J K341 

Kn utt, Frigida. Snow angel J K370 

Kroyft, S. H. Little Jakey J K3S5 

Life of an elephant. (Anon.) J L10 

Little Meg's children. (Anon.) J L14 

Lottie Eames. (Anon.) J L18 

Lucy's half crown, (virion.) J L22 

Lander, Sarah W. Spectacles for young eyes. 7 v. 

v. 1. Boston J L126 

v. 2. St. Petersburg J L127 

v. 3. Pekin J L128 

v. 4. Moscow J L129 

v. 5. Zurich J L180 

v. 6. Berlin J L131 

v. 7. Rome J L132 

Langille, J. H. Snail-shell Harbor ... .J L150 

La Pointe, S. Fairy gold J L165 

Lawrence, Annie M. Light from the cross. 


Leander, Richard. German fantasies by 
French firesides J L195 

Lee, Mrs. R. African Crusoes J L200 

— Australian wanderers J L201 

Lillie, Lucy C. Colonel's money J L225 

— Jo's opportunity J L226 

— My mother's enemy J 1229 

— Nan JL227 

— Rolf House; a sequel to Nan J L228 

Lippincott, Sara. (Grace Greenwood.) Bon- 
nie Scotland J L250 

— History of my pets J L251 

— Merrie England J L262 

— - Stories and legends J L258 

— Stories and sights in France and Italy. J L254 

Livermore, Kate. Mary Lee J L300 

Llewellyn, E. L. Deserted mill J L315 

Lot h r o p , Harriet M . (Margaret Sidney. ) Five 
little Peppers, and how they grew. . .J L330 

— Golden west as seen by the Ridgway club. 


— How they went to Europe J L331 

— Little red shop J L386 

— New departure for girls J L332 

— St. George and the dragon J L333 

— What the seven did J L334 

Mary Bruce. (Anon.) J M10 

Moth and rust. (Anon.) J M18 

Myra Sherwood cross. (Anon.) J M24 

McCabe, James D. Our young folks abroad. 


— Our young folks in Africa J Mill 

MacDonald, George. At the back of the 
north wind J M130 

— Double story J M131 

— Ranald Bannerman's boyhood J M132 

— Stephen Archer, &c J M133 

Mace, Jean. Home fairy tales J M150 

Mac I n tosh , Maria J. Year with Maggie and 
Emma .J M165 


McKeever, Harriet B. Eleanor's three birth- 
days JM180 

— Lucy's two lives J M181 

— Mary Leslie's trials J M1S2 

McLain, M. W. Jeanie Darley J M190 

Markham, Rich. Aboard the Mavis. -J M275 

— On the edge of winter J M277 


Marshall, Emma. Edith Prescott J M305 

Martlneau, Harriet. Crofton boys...JM320 

— Peasant and prince J M321 

— Sickness and health of people of Bteaburn. 

Mateaux, C. L. Home chat J M350 

Mathews, MargaretH. Dr. Gilbert's daughters. 


May, Carrie L. Bertram Noel J M866 

— Louis' school days J M366 

— Mortimer's college life J M367 

— Sunshine at Graystone J M368 

— Aoeet dtiwr series. 2 v. 

Brownie Sanford J M369 

Sylvia's burden J M370 

Mayhew, Henry. Feasant boy philosopher. 

Meteyard, Eliza. Children's isle J M450 

— Dora and her papa J M451 

Miller, Emily H. Royal road to fortune. J M485 

— What Tommy did J M486 

Miller, Lydia F. Ocean child J M495 

troubles J I 

Moffat, Mm. A. S. " One-armed Hugh.JM550 
Mole8WOrth, Mrs. Little Miss Peggy.J M576 

— Palace in the garden J M577 

— Tapestry room J M578 

— Us; an old fashioned story J M579 

Moncrleff, L. A. Lionel St. Clair. . . .J M600 

Monmouth, Elizabeth. (Sophie Ilomttptm.) 
Johnny Jones, the bad boy J M615 

— Nettie Neasmith, the bad girl J M616 

Moore, Annie and L. D. Nichols. Overhead, 
or What Harry and Nellie discovered in 
the heavens J M625 

Moore, F. J. Clifford household J M6S0 

Morgan , Henry. Ned Nevins, the newsboy. 

— New bed-time stories J M662 

— Firelight stories J M668 

Mudge, Z. A. Boat-builder's family. .J M685 

Munroe, Kirk. Derrick Sterling JM699 

— Flamingo feather J M700 

— Wakulla J M702 

Murfree, MaryN. (Ckarkt Egbert Oraddode.) 
Down the ravine J M726 

Nannie and our boys. {Anon.) JN6 

Newly n House. {Anon.) JN12 

Newsboy {Anon.) JNI4 

Nesbltt, M. L. Grammar-land J N165 

Newbury, Herbert. May Bell J N1S5 

Nichols, Laura D. Underfoot, or What Harry 

and Nellie learned of the earth's treasures. 


— Professor's girls J N201 

Noel, Maurice. Buz, or Life and adventures of 

a honey-bee J N215 

Nordhoff, Charles. Man -of- war-lire. .J N286 

— Sailor life on man-of-war and merchant 

vessels J N288 

Nowell, Harriet P. H. Helping-hand seria. 6v. 

v. 1. Climbing the rope J N251 

v. 2. Billy Grimes' favorite J N252 

v. 3. Oruisn of tl ic Dashaway J N253 

v. 4. Little Spaniard J N2M 

v. 6. Salt-water Dick J N265 

v. 6. Little maid of Oxbow J N256 

Old chest. (Anon.) J 08 

Old flag. (Anon.) J OB 

Old red house. (Anon.) J 010 

Old school-fellows. (Anon.) J Oil 

One thousand tales. (Anon.). JOlfl 

Orphans of Gleuulva. (Anon.). JO20 

Orphan's triumph. (Anon.) J 021 

Out of prison. (Anon.)... — J 026 




Ober, Frederick A. Knockabout club in the 
Everglades J 0125 

— Knockabout club in the Antilles J 0126 

— Silver city J 0129 

Oldfellow, Alfred. Tom Randall J O150 

Otis, James, see Kaler, James Otis. 

Patriotism at home. (Anon.) J P10 

Paul Venner. (Anon.) J P13 

Paws and claws. (Anon.) J P15 

Pictorial narratives. (Anon.) J P22 

Poor-house Sam. (Anon.) J P26 

Popular fairy tales. (Anon.) J P30 

Prairie Crusoe. (Anon.) J P36 

P. H. F. Frank's search for sea-shells. 


Pabke, Marie and Marjorgy Deane. Wonder- 
world stories J P108 

Page, Thomas £1 . Two little confederates. 


Parker, Helen F. Blind Florette J P135 

Parker, Rosa A. (Rosa Abbott.) Rosa Abbott 
stories. 5 v. 

v. 1. Jack of all trades J P142 

v. 2. Alexis the runaway J P143 

v. 3. Tommy Hickup J P144 

v. 4. Upside down J P145 

v. 5- Pinksand blues J P146 

Parton, Sara. (Fanny Fern). Little ferns. 


— New story book J P166 

— Play day book J P167 

Peard, Francis M. Scapegrace Dick. . .J P200 

Peirce, Bradford K. Sequel to stories from 
life JP210 

Perry, Nora A. Flock of girls and their friends. 


Phelps, Elizabeth S. Gypsy Breynton series. 4 v. 

v. 1. Gypsy Breynton J P226 

v. 2. Gypsy's cousin Joy J P227 

v. 3. Gypsy's sowing and reaping. .J P228 

v. 4. Gypsy's year at the Golden Crescent. 


— Trotty book J P230 

— Trotty 's wedding tour and story book. J P231 

Phelps, Mrs. S. B. Sister Eleanor's brood. 

J P241 

Phillips, Rose. Minnie Gray J P2(>0 

Pie rso n,H. W. Grade's mission J P275 

Pollard , Josephine. Gipsy in New York. 


Porter, Mrs. A. E. This one thing I do. J P325 

Potwi n , Mrs. II. K. The Kemptons J P340 

Power, Mrs. S. D. (Shirley Dare.) Behaving; 
or Papers on children's etequette. .J 1*350 

Power, P. B. Two brothers J P356 

Pratt, Ella Farman. Cooking club of Tu- 
Whit Hollow J P375 

— Mrs. Hurd's niece J P376 

Pratt, F. L. Agnes and her neighbors. .J P385 

Pratt, M. E. Rhoda Thornton's girlhood.J P390 

Prentiss, Elizabeth. Little Susy's six teachers. 


— Little Susy's little servants J P418 

— The Percys J P415 

Prevost, Katherine. Margaret Worthington. 


Prosser, Mrs. Cicily Brown's trials — J P460 

— The Clacketts J P461 

Proverb series. 4. v. 

Birds of a feather J P476 

Fine feather do not make fine birds. J P477 
Handsome is that handsome does. . .J P478 
Wrong confessed is half redressed. .J P479 
One good turn deserves another J P480 

Putnam, Anna. Kaleidoscope pictures. 4 v. 

v. 1. Kalid and Kittie J P501 

v. 2. Pet circle J P502 

v. 3. Gold robin J P503 

v. 4. Kalid's friends J P504 

Putnam, Eleanor and Arlo Bates. Prince 
Vance JP508 

Ralph Harding's success. (Anon.) J RIO 

Raju, P. V. Ramaswami. Tales of the sixty 
mandarins J R125 

Rand, Edward A. Christmas Jack J R150 

— Fighting the sea .J R151 

— Pushing ahead J R152 

Reid, Mayne. Boy tar J R185 

— Bruin J R186 

— Castaways J R187 

— Giraffe hunters J R188 

— Land of fire J R189 

— Plant hunters J R190 

Richards, Laura E. Joyous story of To to. 

J R210 

— Toto's merry winter. 

Richmond, D. Through life and for life. 


Rideing, William H. Boys coastwise. .J R250 

— Boys in the mountains J R251 





Robbins, S. 8. One happy winter J B275 

Roe, Edward P. Driven back to Eden. .J B280 

Rollins, Ellen H. Old-time child-life. .J B285 

Rossetti, Christina. Speaking likenesses. 


Rosy Diamond series. 6 v. 

Angel children J B306 

Daisy, or The fairy spectacles J B307 

Great Rosy diamond .J B308 

Little Blossom's reward J B309 

Minnie; a fairy story J B310 

Violet ; a fairy story J B311 

Rousselet, Louis. Ralph, the drummer boy; 
a story of the days of Washington. .J B325 

School and home (Anon.) J 810 

Shell Cove. (Anon.) J S14 

Shell-worker. (Anon.) J S15 

Spring ride. (Anon.) J S20 

Standard fairy tales. (Anon.) J S24 

Stories of American wars. (Anon.) J S25 

Summer in the forest. (Anon.) J S26 

Su nbeam. (Anon.) J S28 

Susie's spectacles. (Anon.) J S30 

Saffard, Mary J. Christmas country, and 
other tales J S114 

Saintine, J. Z. B. Dame nature J S125 

St. John, Percy B. Arctic Crusoe J S130 

Samuels, Adelaide F. Daisy Travers. .J S150 

Samuels, Mrs. S. B. C. Springdak stories. 6 v. 

v. 1. Adele J 8168 

v. 2. Eric J S159 

v. 3. Herbert J S160 

v. 4. Nettie's trial J S161 

v. 5. Johnstone's farm J S162 

v. 6. Ennisfellen J S163 

Sanford, Mrs. D. P. Captain's children. J S180 

— Frisk and his flock J S181 

Saybrook, Emily L. Sabrina Hackett. J S200 

Sc udder, Horace E. Bodley books. 

Bodleys afoot J S229 

Mr. Bodley abroad J S230 

Bodley grandchildren J 8231 

English Bodley family J S232 

Viking Bodleys J S233 

Shaw, Flora L. Castle Blair J S300 

— Hector J S301 

— Phyllis Browne J 8302 

Shaw, J. R. Margaret's old home J 8311 

Shirley, Penn (pseud.) Little Miss Weezy. 

J 8326 

— Little Miss Weezy 's brother J 8326 

Silver lake series. 

Hopes and fears J 8350 

Truth and trust J S361 

Skinner, Abbie. Ed Lee and sailor Dick 


— Ida Wilmot J 8376 

Sleight Mary B. Prairie days J 8390 

Smith, Hannah. (Hesba StreUon). Lost Gip. 


Sm ith , J. Moys. Tales of old Thule .... J S460 

Smith, Mary P. (P. Thome). Jolly good times. 


— Jolly good times at school J 8466 

Spofford, Harriet P. Hester Stanley at St. 
Marks J 8500 

S py r I , Johanna. Grith's children J 8525 

— Heidi J S526 

Stanley, Henry M. MyKalulu J S550 

Stearns, Winfrid A. Wrecked on Labrador. 


Stephens, Charles A. Camping out series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Camping out J 8561 

v 2. Left on Labrador J S562 

v. 3. Off to the geysers J S563 

v. 4. Lynx hunting J S564 

v. 5. Fox hunting J S565 

v. 6. On the Amazons J S566 

— Young moose-hunters J 8567 

Stevenson, Edward I. White cockades; an 
incident of the " forty-five." J S585 

Stockton, Frank B. Bee-man of Orn, and 
other tales J S649 

— Jolly fellowship J S650 

— Story of Viteau J S651 

— Ting-a-ling J S652 

Stoddard , William O. Bed Beauty. . . . J S674 

— Talking leaves J 8675 

— Twoarrows J 8676 

— Winter fun J S677 

Strive and win series. 4 v. 

Among the birds J S701 

Climbing and sliding J 8702 

Kettle club J 8703 

Striving and gaining J 8704 

Stwin, Adam. Eyes right J S722 

Swift, Maggie, ?«> and; con, ...,., J 8725 




Sylvan Glen series. 4 v. 

Ben Farrar's experience J S751 

Breaking the rules J S752 

Jamie Noble J S753 

Out of the wilderness J S754 

Take but earn. (Anon.) J T8 

Tales worth telling. (Anon.) J Til 

Those dreadful mouse boys. (Anon.) J T16 

Tom Bentley. (Anon.) J T20 

Too late, or Helps and hindrances, (virion.). J T22 
Torch bearers. (Anon.) J T24 

Trapper's niece. (Anon.) J T30 

Tried and true. (Anon.) J T33 

Talbot, Charles T. Midshipman at large. 

J T125 

— Romulus and Remus; a dog story J T129 

— Royal Lowrie J T126 

— Royal Lowrie's last year at St. Olaves. J T127 

— Story of Honor Bright J T128 

Taylor, Bayard. Boys of other countries. J T150 

Taylor, George B. Oakland stories. 3 v. 

v. 1. Kenny J T156 

v. 2. Cousin Guy J T157 

v. 3. Claiborne J T158 

Thayer, William M. Bobbin boy. (Story of 
Nathaniel Bowditch's life) J T250 

— Ferry boy and financier. (Story of Salmon P. 

Chase's life) J T251 

— Old horseshoe. (Story of Sam'l Budget's life.) 


— Working and winning. (Story of John Kitto's 

life) '. JT253 

Thomas, M. M. Captain Phil. (Story of 
the civil war.) J T270 

Thorpe, Rose H. The year's best days, for 
boys and girls J T275 

Thurston, Louise M. Charlie Roberts series. 4 v. 

v. 1. How Charlie Roberts became a man. 


v. 2. How Eva Roberts gained an educa- 
tion JT286 

. v. 3. Charlie and Eva's home in the west. 


v. 4. Children of Amity Court J T288 

Todd, John. Nuts for boys to crack.. . .J T310 

Townsend, Virginia F. Amy Deane, and 
other stories J T 340 

— Breakwater series. 4 v. 

v. 1. Joanna Darling J T341 

v. 2. Boy from Bramley J T342 

v. 3. Hope Darrow J T343 

v. 4. Max Meredith's millennium. .J T344 

— Well in the rock J T346 

Trail, Catherine P. Canadian Crusoes. . .J T365 

— Canadian forest J T366 

Trowbridge, C. M. Oakville dove's nest. 


Trowbridge, John T. Brighihope series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Old battle-ground J T409 

v. 2. Ironthorpe J T410 

v. 3. Father Brighthopes J T411 

v. 4. Burrcliff J T412 

v. 5. Hearts and faces J T413 

— Jack Hazard series. 6 v. 

v. 1 . Jack Hazard and his fortunes . J T414 

v. 2. Chance for himself J T415 

v. 3. Doing his best J T41& 

v. 4. Fast friends J T417 

v. 5. Young surveyor J T418 

v. 6. Lawrence's adventures J T419 

— Silver medal series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Silver medal J T420 

v. 2. Young Joe and other boys. . .J T421 

v. 8. His own master J T422 

v. 4. Bound in honor J T424 

v. 5. Pocket rifle J T426 

v. 6. Jolly rover J T427 

— Tide mill series. 6. v. 

v. 1. Phil and his friends J T428 

v. 2. Tinkham brothers' tide-mill . . J T429 

v. 3. Satin-wood box J T430 

v. 4. Little master J T431 

v. 5. His one fault J T432 

v. 6. Peter Budstone J T433 

— Start in lije serves. 

v. 1. Start in life J T434 

v. 2. Biding his time J T435 

Tucker, Charlotte M. (A. L. O. E.) Fairy 
Know-a-bit J T475 

— Hebrew heroes J T476 

— Lady of Provence J T477 

— New stories J T478 

— Rescued from Egypt J T479 

— Triumph over Midian J T480 

Tuthili, L. C. I will be a gentleman. . .J T500 

— I will be a lady J ToOl 

— 7Xp-top story books. 6 v. 

Beautiful Bertha; a story for girls. .J T504 

Bragadocio; a story for boys J T505 

Edith, the backwoods girl J ToO't 

Get money; a story for boys J To07 

Queer bonnets; a story for girls J T508 

Tip-top, or A noble aim; a story for boys. 


Uncle Barnaby. (Anon.) J U10 

Uncle John's travels. (Anon.) J Ull 

Uncle Peregrine. (Anon.) J U12 




Vacation story books. 4 v. 

Country life J V10 

Karl Keigler J Vll 

Walter Seyton J V12 

Worth and wealth J VIS 

Violet and Daisy. (Anon.) J V18 

V i o I et Fletcher's home work. ( Anon . ) . . J V 1 9 

Vivian and his friends. (Anon.) J V22 

Van Lennep, H.J. Among the Greek bri- 
gands J V110 

Weighed in the balance. (Anon.) J W10 

White chrisanthemum. (Anon.) J W14 

Whole armor. (Anon.) . ...JW17 

Winthrops. (Anon.) J W20 

W , A. M. Molly Carew J W48 

Wait ace, Susan E. Ginevra; a Christmas 
story J VV125 

Warner, Susan. Ellen Montgomery's book-slielf 
4 v. 

v. 1 . Mr. Rutherford's children ... J W151 

v. 2. Sybil and Chryssa J W152 

v. 3. Carl Kringen J W153 

v. 4. Casper and his friends J W154 

— Say and do series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Little camp J W155 

v. 2. Willow Brook J W156 

v. 3. Sceptres and crowns J W157 

v. 4. Flag of truce J W158 

v. 5. Bread and oranges J W159 

v. 6. Rapids of Niagara J W160 

— Story of small beginnings. 4 v. 

v. 1. What she could J W161 

v. 2. Opportunities J W162 

v. 3. House in town J W163 

v. 4. Trading J W164 

Warren, Alice. Horace Welford, and other 
stories J W200 

Warren , Elizabeth. Bloomfield J W206 

Weber, A. Hester Tracy J W225 

Weeks, Helen C. Ainslee stories J W245 

— Four, and what they did J W246 

— Grandpa's house J W247 

Weitzel, Sophy W. (Sophy Winthrop). Miss 
Roberts' fortune J W260 

Weasel hoeft, Lily F. Sparrow, the tramp. 

J W267 

Whitney, Adeline D. T. Boys at Chequasset. 


Wiggi n , Kate D. The Birds' Christmas Carol. 


— Story of Patsy J W286 

Wiide, Oscar. The happy prince J W295 

Williams, Annie B. (Jak) Birchwood.J W300 

— Fitch club J W301 

— Professor Johnny J W302 

— Riverside museum J W303 

— Whosaved the ship V J W304 

Wise, Daniel. (Francis Forrester.) Glen Morris 
series 5 v. 
v. 1. Guy Carlton '. . . . J W335 

v.2. DickDuncan J W336 

v. 3. Jessie Carlton J W337 

v. 4. Walter Sherwood J W338 

v. 5. Kate Carlton J W339 

— Hollywood series. 6 v. 

v. 1. Children at Hollywood J W340 

v. 2. Florence Baldwin's picnic. . .J W341 

v. 3. Lionel's courage J W342 

v. 4. Florence rewarded J W343 

v. 5. Nat and his chum J W344 

v. 6. Elbert's return J W345 

— Lindendale series. 4. v. 

v. 1. Sidney De Grey J W346 

v. 2. Nellie Warren J W347 

v. 3. Louis Sinclair J W348 

v. 4. Cousin Clara J W349 

— Little Peachblossom in Central Park. .J W350 

Witt, Henrietta de. French country family. 

J W365 

— Marie Derville J W366 

Woolsey, Sarah C. (Susan Coolidge.) Cross- 
patch J W380 

— Eyebright J W381 

— Guernsey Lily J W382 

— Little country girl J W383 

— Mischief's thanksgiving, &c J W384 

— New Year's bargain J W385 

— Nine little goslings J W391 

— Round dozen J W386 

— What Katy did J W387 

— What Katy did at school J W388 

— What Katy did next J W389 

— Clover; a sequel to What Katy did next. 

J W390 

Worth, Mrs. L. L. Smith's saloon. . . .J W410 

Wright, Julia McNair. Golden heart .J W435 

— John and the demijohn J W436 

— Jug-or-not J W437 

— Mabel and Tura J W438 

— Shoe-binder of New York J W439 

Wyss, J. R. V. Swiss family Robinson. J W475 

Willis the pilot. (Anon.) A sequel to Swiss 
family Robinson J W476 




You ng folks queries. (Anon.) J Y12 

Yo n ge , Charlotte M. Charming stories . J Y150 

— Countess Kate J Y151 

— Lances of Linwood. (Story of Edward III.) 

J Y152 

— Ps and Qs, or Questions of putting upon. 

J Y154 

Yonge, Charlotte M.— Continued. 

— Richard the fearless, or The little duke. (Story 

of Richhard of Normandy.) J Y155 

— Six cushions J Y156 

— Stokesly secret, or IIow the pig paid the rent 

J Y157 

— Sunbeam stories J Y158 

Geography, Travel and Description for Young Readers. 

Adams, L. L. Three months in Egypt. .916.2;1 
Aldrich, R. Life on a ranch 917.8;3 

Baker, Sir Samuel W. Eight years' wanderings 
in Ceylon 915.4;4 

— Rifle and hound in Ceylon 915.4;5 

Biart, Lucian. Adventures of a young naturalist 


Brassey, Annie. Around the world in the 
yacht "Sunbeam" 910.4;8 

— In the trades, the tropics and the roaring 

forties 910.4;9 

Browne, J. Ross. American family in Germany. 


— Apache country 917.8;10 

— Crusoe's Island, California and Washoe. 


— Land of Thor 914;20 

— Yusef 910.8;18 

Buckley, J. M. Midnight sun, the tzar and 
the Nihilist 914;27 

Clark, Edward W. Adventures in Japan. 


Coffin, C. C. Our new way round the world. 


Cozzens, Saml. W. Marvelous country. 


Craik, Dinah M. Twenty years ago 914.4;6 

Cummings, G. Wild men and wild beasts. 


Dana, Rich H. Two years before the mast. 


Darwin, C. R. What Mr. Darwin saw in his 
trip round the world in his ship "Beagle." 


Dodd, Anna B. Cathedral days. (England.) 


Du Chaillu, Paul. Explorations in equitorial 
Africa 916.7;15 

— Stories of the gorilla country 916.7;16 

— Wild life under the equator 916.7; 17 

— Lost in the jungle 916.7;18 

— My Apingi kingdom 916.7;19 

— Country of the dwarfs 916.7;20 

Dyer, Mrs. Sunny days abroad 914;42 

Forwood, W. L. Mammoth Cave 551.44;66 

Hale, Ed. E. and Susan. Family flight through 
France, Germany, Norway, &c.: 914;63 

— Family flight through Egypt and Syria. 910.8;56 

— Family flight through Spain 914.6;17 

— Family flight through Mexico 917.2;18 

Hale, E. E. Stories of the sea 910.4;22 

Hayes, Isaac. Arctic boat-journey 919.8^3 

Hornaday, W. T. Two years in the jungle. 


Hughes, Thomas. Gone to Texas 917.64;5 

Johnes, M. Boy's book of travel and adventure. 


Ki n gsto n , W. II . G. Great African travellers. 


— Notable voyages 910.4;26 

Knox, Thomas. Boy travellers in Japan and 
China 915;12 

— Boy travellers in Siam and Java 915;13 

— Boy travellers in Ceylon and India 915.4;20 

— Boy travellers in Egypt and Holy Land.910.8;71 

— Boy travellers through Central Africa. 916.7;30 

— Boy travellers on the Congo 916.7;31 

— Boy travellers in S. America 918;18 

— Boy travellers in Russian empire 914.7;14 

— Voyage of the "Vivian" to the North pole. 





Lee, Yan Phon. When I was a boy in China. 


Mac Don aid, 6. Peeps at foreign countries. 


MacGregor, R. Rob Roy on the Baltic.914.8;18 

— Thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe.. .914;82 

— Voyage alone in yawl Rob Roy 914;83 

Marston, E. Frank's ranch 917.8;46 

Mateaux, C. L. Peeps abroad 910.8;82 

Merriwether, Lee. Tramp trip through 
Europe 914;89 

Mountain adventure. (Anon.) 910.8;91 

N i n d e , Mary L. We two alone in Europe. 


Patch, Olive. Sunny Spain 914;6;29 

Sanborn, Helen J. Winter in Central America 
and Mexico 917.28;12 

Sch watka, F. Children of the cold. . .910.8;48 

Seven wonders of the world. (Anon.). . .913;12 

Shepard, Hazel. Great cities of the ancient 
world 910.8;113 

— Great cities of the modern world 910.8; 114 

Shumway, E. S. Day in ancient Rome. 


Smiles, S. Boy's travels round the world. 


Stanley, E. J. Rambles in wonderland. 


Stanley, H. M. How I found Livingstone. 


Stevens, Tbos. Around the world on a 
bicycle. 2 v 910.8;123-24 

Terhune,M. V. (Marion Harland.) Loiter- 
ings in pleasant paths 914;115 

Thompson, Ella W. Beaten paths. . .91 4; 118 

Till otso n , John. Adventures in the ice. 


Trafton, Adelaide. American girl abroad. 


Verne, Jules. Famous travels and travellers. 


— Great navigators of the 18th century.. 923. 9;21 

— Great explorers of the 19th century 923.9;22 

Win gate, Geo. W. Through the Yellowstone 
Park on horseback 917.87;20 

History and Biography for Young Readers. 

Abbott, Jocob. American History. 8 v. 

v. 1. Aboriginal America 973;4 

v. 2. Discovery of America 973;5 

v. 8. The southern colonies 973;6 

v. 4. The northern colonies 973;7 

v. 5. Wars of the colonies 973;8 

v. 6. Revolt of the colonies 973;9 

v. 7. War of the revolution 973 ;10 

v. 8. Washington 973;11 

— Alexander the great 923.91;112 

— Alfred the great 923.21;48 

— Charles 1 923.21,310 

— Charles II 923.21,335 

— Cleopatra. 923.91;24 

— Cyrus the great 923.91,60 

— Darius the great 923.91;68 

— Elizabeth 923.21;290 

— Genghis Khan 923.81;30 

— Hannibal 923.96;20 

Abbott, Jacob. American History — Continued. 

— Julius C®sar 923.96;16 

— Margaret of Anjou 923.21;180 

— Mary, Queen of Scots 923.21;274 

— Nero 923.91^23 

— Peter the great 923.71;40 

— Pyrrhus of Epirus 923.91;122 

— Richard 1 923.21;100 

— Richard II 923.21;160 

— Richard III 923.21;204 

— Romulus .923.91;175 

— William the conqueror 923.21 ;56 

— Xerxes 923.91;80 

Abbott, John S. C. Frederick the great. 

923.31 ;1 10 

— Henry IV of France 923.41;75 

— Hernando Cortez 923.65;6 

— Hortense 923.41;186 

— Josephine 923.41;160 




Abbott, John S. C— Gmtinued. 

— Joseph Bonaparte 923.41 ;175 

— Louis XIV 923.41;95 

— Louis Philippe 923.41;210 

— Marie Antoinette 923 41;110 

— Napoleon Bonaparte. 2 v. ..... . .923.41; 134-35 

— Madame Roland 923.42;66 

— King Philip 940.2;1 

— American pioneers and patriots. 9 v. 

v. 1. Christopher Columbus and the dis- 
covery of America 923.59;6 

v. 2. Ferdinand De Soto, the discoverer of 
the Mississippi 923.69;20 

v. 3. Robert De La Salle; discoveries in 
the North west 923.49;10 

v. 4. Miles Standish, the Puritan Captain. 


v. 5. Captain Kidd, and early American 
buccaneers 928 15;91 

v. 6. Peter Stuyvesant, and early New 
York 923.12,459 

v. 7. Kit Carson, the pioneer of the west. 


v. 8. Paul Jones, the naval hero. 923. 15;89 

v. 9. David Crockett and early Texas. 


— Romance of Spanish history 946;1 

Abbott, Willis J. Blue-jackets of 1812.973.5;1 

— Blue-jackets of '61 973.7;4 

— Blue-jackets of 1776 973.3;15 

Adams, W. T. (Oliver Optic.) Our standard 
bearer. (U. S. Grant.) 923.11;351 

Alger, Horatio. From canal-boy to president. 
(Jas. A. Garfield) 923.11;390 

Archer, T. Decisive events in history 909;4 

Banvard, J. Plymouth and the Pilgrims.974;3 

— Romance of American history 973.2;3 

Barber, J. W. Incidents of American history. 


Barnard, C. Tone masters. 3 v. 

Bach and Beethoven 927.8;6 

Handel and Haydn 927.8;5 

Mozart and Mendelssohn 927. 8 ;4 

Barrett, M. William the silent and the 
Netherland war 949.2;4 

Bartlett, D. W. Life of Lady Jane Grey. 


— Life of Joan of Arc 923.45;35 

Bees ley, Mrs. Stories from history of Rome. 


Benjamin, S. G. W. Story of Persia. .935.5;2 
Bernard, F. Wonderful escapes 920.02;5 

Bolton, 8. K. Girls who became famous. 


— How success is won 920.07;4 

— Poor boys who became famous 920.02;8 

Bolton, S K— Continued. 

— Famous American authors 928. 1;3 

Bonner, J. Child's history of the United 
States. 3 v 973;37-39 

Bourke, J. G. My Apache campaign 978;3 

Bowditch, Nathaniel. Nat, the navigator. 


Boyesen, H*. H. Story of Norway 948.1 # 

Bradley, Henry. Story of the Goths. 943. 01 ;3 

Brooks, E.S. Story of the American Indian. 

970. 1;9 

Buckley, A. B. History of England for 
beginners 942;8 

Butterworth, H. Young folks' history of 
America 973;44 

Cecil, E. Life of Washington 923.11.20 

Cham pi in, J. D. Young folks' history of the 
war for the Union 973.7;26 

Church, A. J. Roman life in the days of 
Cicero 913.37;3 

— Stories of the east, from Herodotus 888. 1;2 

— Stories from Livy 878.4;3 

— Story of the Persian wars 938.03;3 

Clement, C. E. History of Egypt 972;10 

Coffin, C. C. Boys of '76 973.3;15 

— Boys of '61 973.7;28 

— Building the nation 973;46 

— Drum-beat of the nation 973.7;31 

— Marching to victory 97S.7;32 

— Following the flag 973.7;29 

— My days and nights on the battle-field.973.7;30 

— Old times in the colonies 973.2;5 

— Story ot liberty 909;10 

Cooke. J. E. Stories of the Old Dominion. 
(Virginia.) 975.5;6 

Creighton , L. Edward, the Black Prince. 

923.21; 140 

— Life of the Duke of Marlborough 923.25;16 

Custer, E. Boots and saddles 978;6 

Custer, G. E. My life on the plains 978;7 

Dalton, W. Stories of the conquest of Mexico 
and Peru 972.02;4 

Dickens, C. Child's history of England. 1 v. 


— Same. 2 v 942;11-12 

Dodge, N. S. Stories of a grandfather about 
American history 973;49 

Dole, N. II. Young folks' history of Russia. 





Drake, F. 8. Indian history for young folks. 


— Making of New England 974;6 

— Making of the great west 978;8 

Drake, S. A. Our great benefactors. .920.02; 16 

Edgar, J. G. Great men and gallant deeds. 
(Crusaders) 940.4;6 

— Heroes of England 923.25;4 

— History for boys— modern Europe .940;9 

— Wars of the roses. .-. 942.04;6 

Eggleston,E. Famous Indians. 5 v. 

Brant and Red Jacket 970.2;6 

Montezuma 970.2;7 

Pocahontas 970.2;8 

Red Eagle 970.2;9 

Tecumseh 970.2;10 

Famous boys, and how they became great men. 


Farmer, L. H. Boys' book of famous rulers. 

923. 1;6 

— Girls' book of famous queens 923. 1;7 

Foa, E. Boy artists 927;12 

Frost, J. Mexican wars and its warriors. 


Gil man, Arthur. Discovery and explorations 
of America 973.1;5 

— Conolization of America 973.2;9 

— Making of the American nation 973;59 

— History of the American people 973;58 

— Story of Rome 973;5 

— Story of the Saracens 963;8 

Gil more, J. R. Rear-guard of the revolution. 


— John Sevier as a commonwealth builder. 


Glazier, W. W. Capture, prison pen and 
escape 973.7;49 

Gould, S. Baring. Story of Germany — 943;6 

Gray, G. Z. Children's crusade 940.4;12 

Guernsey, L. E. and C. F. Washington and 
*76 973.3;37 

Hale, E. E. Stories of adventure 923.9;6 

— Stories of discovery 923.9;7 

— Stories of invention 926;9 

— Stories of the war 973;7.57 

Hale, E. E. and Susan. Story of Spain. . .946;7 

Hale, Susan. Story of Mexico 972;5 

Harris, A. B. American authors for young 
folks 928.1;9 

— Pleasant authors for young folks 928;12 

Harrison, J. A. History of Spain 946;8 

— Story of Greece 938;37 

Head ley, P. C. Hero-boy. (U. S. Grant). 


— Fighting Phil. (P. H. Sheridan). . . .923.15;164 

— Miner boy and his Monitor. (Ericsson.) 


— Patriot boy. (O. M. Mitchell) 928.15;il0 

HigginsoYi, T. W. Young folks' history of 
American explorers 973.1;6 

— Young folks' history of United States. . .973;62 

Hill, G. C. Life of Benedict Arnold. . .923.15;35 

— Life of Israel Putnam 923.15;139 

— Life of Captain John Smith 923.15;162 

Horton, R. G. Youth's history of the civil 
war. (Southern side.) 973.7;66 

Hosmer, J. K. Story of the Jews 933;6 

Hyde, A. M. American boys' life of Washing- 
ton 923.11;23 

Jewitt, S. O. Story of the Normans. .942.02;22 

Johnes, M. Prince Charlie. (Charles Edward 
the pretender) 942.07;18 

Kaufman, R. Young folks' queens of England 
3. v 923.21;13-15 

Keiff er, H. M. Recollections of a drummer-boy. 


Kingsley, Rose. Children of Westminster 
Abbey 942. 1 ;12 

Kirkland, E. S. Short history of France. 


Ladd , H. O. History of war with Mexico.973.6;12 

Laing, Mrs. C. B. H. Heroes of the seven hills. 


— Seven kings of the seven hills 937.01;4 

Lanier, Sidney, Ed. Boys' Froissart — 940.4;9 

Lawless, E. Story of Ireland 941.5:9 

Lippincott, Sara. Girlhood and womanhood 
of Queen Victoria 923.21;395 

Littieiohn, F. J. Legends of Michigan and 
the old northwest 977;4 

Mackenzie, H.D. S. History of Switzerland. 


Mahaffy, J. P. Story of Alexander's empire. 


Markham, C. R. Sea-fathers 923.9;13 

Mark ham, R. History of King Philip's war. 


Marshall , E. History of France, for children. 


— Stories of cathedral cities of England. .942;52 

Martyn, Mrs. S. T. Hopes of Hope Castle. 

941 .06;6 




May hew, II. Wonders of science. (Sir Hum- 
phrey Davy) 925.3;5 

Mexican war and its heroes. (.Anon.)- 973. 6; 14 

Monroe, Mrs. L. B. 8tory of our country. 


Moore, N. Pilgrims and Puritans 973.2;51 

Ober, F. Young folks' history of Mexico. 972;9 

Parton, J. Princes, authors and statesmen of 
our time 920.02;5l 

Pictures of heroes and lessons from their lives. 
(Anon.) 920.02;54 

Poole, S. L. Story of the Moors in Spain. 

946.02; 14 

Ragozln, Z. A. Story of Assyria 935.2;4 

— Story of Chaldea 935.1;4 

Rawlinson, 6. Story of ancient Egypt. 932 ;26 

— Story of Phoenicia 939.4;13 

Richardson, A. S. History of our country. 


Richardson, A. D. Field, dungeon and 
escape 973.7;115 

Rideing, W. II. Boyhood of living authors. 


S. ? E. L. Belt and spur; stories of the 

knights of middle ages 940.4;28 

— City in the sea; stories of the deeds of the old 

Venetians 945.3;10 

Samuels, S. From forecastle to the cabin. 


Scott, Sir Walter. Tales of a grandfather. 
(Scottish history.) 3 v 941;20-22 

— Tales of a grandfather. (French history.) 

4th v 944.02;18 

Scudder, II. E. Boston town 974.4;18 

Sherwood, Mrs. M. E. W. Royal girls and 
royal courts 923.1;20 

Smiles, S. Robert Dick, geolgist and botanist. 


— Industrial biography 926; 22 

— Thomas Edward ; the Scottish naturalist. 


— George Stevenson 926.2:22 

— George and Robert Stevenson 926.2;23 

Smith, S. F. Knights and sea-kings of the 
middle ages 940.4;29 

Soley, J. R. Boys of 1812 and other naval 
heroes 973.5;21 

— Sailor boysof '61 973.7;126 

St. John, Mrs. II. Boys' life of Audubon, the 
naturalist 925.9;7 

Stoddard, R. H. Ed. Poets' homes. 2 v. 


Thayer, W. M. Farmer boy. (George Wash- 
ington.) 923.11;37 

— From log-cabin to White House. (J. A. Gar- 

field.) 923.11;394 

— Pioneer boy (A. Lincoln.) 923.11;314 

— Printer boy. (Benjamin Franklin.). 923.12;234 

— Youth's history of the rebellion. 4 v. 


Towle, G. M. Young folks' history of England. 


— Young folks' history of Ireland 941.5;12 

— Young folks' heroes of history ', viz : 

Drake, the sea-king of Devon 923.25;22 

Magellan; adventures 923.69;12 

Marco Polo; travels and adventures 

Vasco da Gama; voyages and adventures. 


Town send, V. F. Elizabeth Tudor. 923.21 ;291 
True stories from historv. (Anon.) 940; 12 

Vambery, A. Story of Hungary 943.9;10 

Watson, H.C. Camp-firesof Napoleon. 944.05;20 

— Camp-fires of the revolution 973.3;92 

— Daring deeds of the revolution 973.3;93 

— Noble deeds of our' forefathers 973.3;94 

Warren, I. P. Three judges; story of the men 
who beheaded their king 942.06;54 

Woodman, C. H. Boys and girls of the 
revolution 973.3;100 

Woolsey , S. C. Short history of Philadelphia. 


Wright, H. C. Stories of American history. 


— Stories of American progress 973;110 

— Stories of great scientists 925;22 

Yonge, C. M. Stories from English history. 


— Stories from French history 944;52 

— Young folks' history of England 942;68 

— Young folks' history of Germany 943;26 

-— Young folks' history of Greece 938;60 

— Young folks' history of Rome 937;20 

You ng folks' library of famous generals, &c. 6 v. 

Henry Clay 923.12;92 

Benj. Franklin 923.12;224 

Andrew Jackson. 923.11;140 

Francis Marion 923.15;110 

William Penn 923.12;371 

Daniel Webster 923.12;524 




Science, for Young Readers. 

Abbott, Jacob. Science for the young series. 4 v. 

Force 531;1 

Heat 536;1 

Light 535;l 

Land and water 551.4; 1 

Adams, W. IL D. Famous caves 551. 44; 1 

— Famous caverns and grottoes 551.44;2 

Bai 1 ey , L. H. Talks afield 580.4,3 

Brennan,M. S. Electricity and its discov- 
erers 637.8;6 

Buckley, A. B. Fairy land of science. ..504;6 

— Short history of science 509;3 

Dallas, W. S. Short studies from nature. 


De Vere, S. Leaves from the book of nature. 


— Wonders of the deep 504;81 

Faraday, M. Chemical history of a candle. 


Flagg, W. Year among the trees 582;6 

Gaye, S. World's lumber-room 502;7 

Giberne, Agnes. Among the stars 523; 13 

— Sun, moon and stars 523;14 

— World's foundations, or Geology for beginners. 

550; 10 

Gosse, P. H. Mysteries of the great deep. 


Gray, Asa. How plants behave 580.2;8 

— How plants grow 580.2;9 

Herrlck, Sophie. Chapters on plant life. 580.4:7 

— The earth in past ages 550;13 

Hooker, W. Child's book of nature 502;13 

Hovey, H. C. Celebrated American caverns. 


Jones, W. Treasures of the earth 549.2;3 

Kings ley, Charles. Madam How and Lady 
Why 550;17 

Marion , F. Balloon ascents 533.;(>;1 

Mun ro, J. Electricity and its uses 537.8;24 

Pepper, J. H. Boy's play-book of science. 


— Flay-book of metals 546.6;1 

Procter, Rich. A. Easy star lessons 523;8 

Ruskin, John. Ethics of the dust 548;6 

Shaler, N. S. First book in geology 550;26 

Slack, H. J. Marvels of pond-life 578;24 

Sonrel, L. Bottom of the sea 551.4;22 

Steele, J. D. Fourteen weeks in astronomy. 


— Fourteen week in chemistry 540.2; 13 

— Fourteen weeks in geology 550;27 

Step, E. Plant life 580.4;16 

Stokes, A. C. Microscopy for beginners. 


Wonders of the plant world 580;4;20 

Wood, Alphonso. Fourteen weeks in botany. 


Natural History. 

Bally. W. S. Our own birds of the United 
States 598.2;3 

Ballard, J. P. Insect lives 595.7;3 

Bamford, M. E. My land and water friends. 

591. 5;4 

Buckley, A. B. Life and her child ren..592;3 

— Winners in life's race 596;3 

Children's picture book of birds 598.2;10 

Children's picture book of sagacity of animals. 

591. 5;8 

Con ant, Helen S. Butterfly hunters. .595;77;4 

Cooper, Sarah. Animal life in the sea and 
on the land 590.2;8 

Cu pples, Mrs. Singular creatures JC 685 

Flagg, Wilson. Year with the birds.. .598.2;21 

Harris, A. B. Door-yard folks 591.5;20 

— Field, wood and meadow rambles 598.2;27 

Holder, C. F. Ivory king 599.6;4 

— Marvels of animal life 591.5;23 

— A strange company 591.5;24 

I n gersol , Ernest. Birds'-nesting 579;10 

— Country cousins 591.5;26 

— Friends worth knowing 591.5;27 




Lee, Mrs. R. Anecdotes of habits of animals. 


— Anecdotes of habits of birds, fishes and 

reptiles 591.5;31 

Miller, Mrs. H. Cats and dogs 599; 12 

Miller, Olive Thome. Little folks in feathers 
and furs . 591.5;36 

— Queer pets at Marcy's 591.5;37 

Peabody , S. H. Cecil's book of beasts. .599;15 

— Cecil's book of birds 598.2;38 

— Cecil's book of insects 595.7;26 

Pliny. Natural history, ed. for boys and girls. 


Silver wings and golden scales. (^Lncm.).695.7;30 

^^ • 

Tenny, Mrs. S. Pictures and stories of animal*. 

Bees, and other insects 595.7;32 

Birds 598.2;4 

Quadrupeds 599.19 

Sea, land and river shells 594;8 

Sea-stars, jelly-fishes, &c 593;8 

Tiny houses and their builders. (4non.).598.2;46 
Treat, M. Home studies in nature 591.5;47 

Wilson, A. Wild animals and birds 596; 10 

Wood, J. G. Half hours in field and forest. 


— Half hours with a naturalist 591.5;53 

— Natural history for young people 590.2;39 

Arts, Useful and Ornamental, and Sports for Young 


Abbott, Jacob. Harper's establishment. .655,1 

American boys' book of sports and games. 


Angerstein, E. Home gymnastics 613.1 ;1 

Beach, D. N. and others. Illustrated science for 
boys and girls 670;2 

— Wonder stories of science 670;3 

Baker, G. M. Amateur dramas 793.1 ;3 

Beard, D. C. Amercan boys' handy-book. 796;7 

Beard , L. and A. B. American girls' handy- 
book 793;4 

Benedict, Anne K. My wonder story. (Phy- 
siology for children.) 612;3 

Blackie, W. How to get strong 613.1 ;3 

Boys' book of trades, and tools used in them. 

Boys' handy book of games 796;4 

Boys' treasury of sports 796;5 

Brewster, Emma. Parlor varieties 793;6 

Browne, Phillis. What girls can do 793;9 

Campbell, II. American girls' home book of 
work and play 793;12 

Croly, Mrs. (Jennie June). Knitting and 

crochet 746:6 

* * 

— Needlework 746;7 

Davidson, E, A. Boy joiner and model-maker. 


Denier, F. Parlor tableaux 793.2;6 

Dick, One hundred amusements 793; 17 

Dodge, M. E. Few friends and how they 
amused themselves 793;20 

Every little boy's book 796;12 

Frost, S. A. Dramatic proverbs and charades. 


Fernald, Mrs. C. F. Footlight frolics. .793;22 

Gaye, E. Skilful Susy; a book for fairs, &c. 


Girls' own treasury 793;28 

Girl's room 793;29 

Griffith, llobert. Boys useful pastimes.. .680;9 
H of f m an , Prof. Parlor amusements 793;34 

How to amuse an evening party 793;16 

Hutchinson, G. D. Boys' own book — 796;3 
Kirkland, E. S. Six little cooks 641;10 




Knox, T. Dog stories and dog lore 636.7;4 

Lewis, Bio. New gynastics for men, women 
and children 613.1;8 

— Our girls 613;42 

Lukin, J. Among machines 680.15 

— Boy engineers 680;16 

— Young mechanic 680;17 

Mace, Jean. History of a mouthful of bread. 


'— Servants of the stomach 612;34 

Magicians' own book 793;23 

N ewel I , W. W. Games and songs of American 
children 796;14 

Palmer, A. B. Hygiene for young people. 


Piele, S. C. F. Lawn-tennis 796.9;6 

Pritchard , J. V. Tableaux vivant 793.2;18 

Parlor magician 793;50 

Parlor theatricals 793.1;37 

Peters, C. Girls' own indoor book 793;52. 

Rook, E. S. Young folks 7 entertainments. 


Sherwood, M. E. W. Home amusements. 


Sandifer, H. C, Ed. Amateur work. v. 1. 


— Mechanics made easy 680;21 

— Workshop at borne B80;22 

— - Bench, brush and lathe 680;23 

— Amateur work. v. 5 680;24 

— Every man his own mechanic 680;28 

Sauzay, A. Wonders of glass-making. . .666;4 

Secret out; or 100 tricks in drawing-room 
magic 793;24 

The Sociable; or 1001 home amusements. 


Thompson, M. Boys' book of spbrts, &c. 


Waite, H. R., Ed. Boys' workshop 680;30 

Walker, J. Health lessons; a primary book. 


Field Sports for Young Readers. 

Gibson, Wm. II. Camp-life in the woods. 


Gilmore, Parker. Prairie and forest. .799.2;16 

Hammond, 8. II. Rifle and rod 799;12 

Henderson, H. Practical hints in camping. 


Herbert, Henry W. Frank Forester's field- 
sports. 2 v 799.2;20-2l 

— Fish and fishing 799.1;14 

— Manual for young sportsmen 799; 14 

King, John L. Trouting on the Brule river. 


Lewis, £. J. American sportsman 799;2.26 

Long, J. W. American wild-fowl shooting. 


Meunier, Victor. Adventures on the great 
hunting grounds of the world 799.2 ;32 

Newhouse, S. Trapper's guide 799.2;35 

Revvil, B. Hunter and trapper in North 
America 799.2;40 

Roosevelt, T. Hunting trips of a ranchman. 


Shakespeare, H. Wild sports of India. 


Van Dyke, T. 8. Flirtation camp, or The 
rifle, rod and gun in California 799;30 

— Still hunter 799.2; 48 

Webber, C. W. Wild scenes and wild hunters. 






Literature, Poetry and the Drama, for Young Readers. 

Browne, F. E. Bugle-echoes 811.04;3 

Butterworth, II. Songs of history. .811.49;17 

Cary, Alice. Ballads and lyrics 81 1.39; 10 

Cary , Alice and Phoebe. Poems 811.39;15 

Carlton , Will. Young folks' centennial rhymes. 


Cooke, C. A. Young folks' speaker 808.12;3 

Eliot, S. Poetry for children 808.12;5 

English, T. D., Ed. Boys' book of battle 
lyrics 811.04;7 

Janvier, M. (Margaret Vandearift.) Dead 
doll, and other verses for children. 808. 12; 10 

Johnson, Helen K. Poems and songs for 
young people. 808.12;9 

Lamb, C. and M. Poetry for children.. 808. 12;11 
— Tales from Shakespeare 822.33;229 

Lanier, S., Ed. Boys' Percy 821.04;30 

Lowell, A. C. Posies for children 808.12;12 

Matthews, J. B. Poems of American patrio- 
tism 811.04;16 

Richardson, A. S. Familiar talks on Eng- 
lish literature 820.9;35 

— Stories from old English poetry 821. 08; 15 

RItson, J. Robin Hood 821.04;32 

Rolf e, W. J., Ed. Tales of chivalry, from Sir 
Walter Scott S427 

Stevenson , R. L. Child's garden of verses. 


Swift, J. Gulliver's travels 827.52;1 

Thaxter, Celia. Poems for children . . 808.12;18 
T , M. W. neroic ballads 821.04;40 

Very little children's speaker 808.51 ;74 

Village school, and other poems 808.12;20 

Warner, C. D. Being a boy 817.4;75 

White, L. C. Story of English literature. 


Whittier, J. G.,Ed. Child life 808.12;22 

Legends, Myths, &c, for Young Readers. 

Aesop. Fables. 


Baldwin, A. Story of the golden age 292;2 

— Story of Roland 293;7 

— Story of Siegfried 293;8 

Bulf inch, T. Age of chivalry; legends of King 
Arthur 293;10 

— Age of Fable, or Beauties of mythology. . 292;4 

— Legends of Charlemagne 293;11 

Bunce, J. T. Fairy tales, their origin and 
meaning 398;3 

Church, A. J. Stories from the Greek 
tragedies 882;l 

— Stories from Homer 883.1;8 

— Stories of the old world 292;6 

— Stories from Virgil 873.1 ;l 

Cox, G. W. Popular romances of the middle 
ages 293;13 

— Tales of ancient Greece 292;8 

Dippold, G. T. Great epics of mediaeval 
Germany 293;15 

Frere, M. Old Deccan days ; Hindoo fairy 
legends 398;6 

Heaton , W. Story of Robin Hood 293;24 

Kings ley, C. The heroes; Greek fairy tales. 


Keary, A. and E. Heroes of Aschard. . .293;31 

Lanier, S., Ed. Boys' King Arthur 293;54 

Lamed, A. Old tales retold from Grecian 
mythology 292;26 

Neibuhr, B. G. Greek hero-stories 292;30 

R uski n , J. King of the golden river. . .820.8;77 

Smith, J. M. Tales of old Thule J S460 




Miscellaneous Works, for Young Readers. 

A b bott , B. V. Travelling law-school 347;2 

Alton , E. Among the law-makers 917.53;1 

Brown, C. R. Government of Michigan. 


Dawes, A. L. How we are governed. 


Dodge, G. II. Bundle of letters to busy girls. 


Dole, E. P. Talks about law 347;6 

Had ley, C. Bible narratives for children. 


— Old Testament narratives for children. .220;12 

— New Testament narratives for children. 220; 13 

— Stories of the apostles 220;U 

Hale, E. E. How to do it 374;7 

Jackson, H. M. (H. H.) Bits of talk in prose 
and verse fJlOO 

Macy, Jesse. Our government 353;26 

Mowery. W. Studies in civil government. 


— Talks with my boys 374;13 

Nordhoff , C. Politics for young Americans. 


R u sk i n , J. Letters to young girls and young 
ladies 177;52 

Ryder, A. H. Hold up your heads, girls. 374;18 

Warner, S. Walks from Eden 244;33 

— House of Israel 244;34 

— Kingdom of Judah 244;36 

— Star out of Jacob 244;36 

— Broken walls 244;37 

Wllliard, F. How to win 177;69 

General Cyclopedias. 

New American cyclopaedia; a popular 
dictionary of general knowledge. Ed. by 
Geo. Ripley and C. A. Dana. 16 v. 1866. 


American annual cyclopaedia, and 

register of important events. (1st series), 
1861-75. 15 v RL 

— Same. General index R L 

— Annual cyclopaedia and register of important 

events. (New series.) 1876-89 RL 

— Same. General index R L 

Chambers' encyclopaedia; a dictionary 
of universal knowledge for the people. 
1860. 10 v RL 

Chambers' information for the people. Ed. 
by W. and R. Chambers. 2 v R L 

Encyclopaedia Britannica, or Dictionary 
of arts, sciences and general literature. 
9th ed. 1878-89. 24 v RL 

— Same. General index R L 

Encyclopaedia Americana ; supplements 
Encyclopaedia Britannica. 1887-89. 4v.RL 

Johnson's universal cyclopaedia; a 

scientific and popular treasury of useful 
knowledge; revised ed., 1886. 7 V....R L 

Young f oiks' cyclopaedia of common 
things, by J. D. Cham pi in R L 

Young folks' cyclopaedia of persons and 
places, by J. D. Cnamplin R L 

General Periodicals. 


American antiquarian, v. 1. 1878-79 


American art review ; a journal devoted to 
the practice, theory, history and archae- 
ology of art. v.1-2, 1880-81. ft L. 705. AR;l-2 


American garden, v. 9, 1888. . . .630.5AG;9 

American magazine; an ill. monthly, v. 

7-3, 1888 51.A;7-8 


American naturalist; an ill. magazine of 
natural history. Ed. by A. S. Packard, jr. 
v. 13-16, 1879^82 505. AN;13-16 

American notes and queries ; a medium 
of intercommunication for literary men, 
general readers, Ac. v. 1, 1888.. .805.AN;1 

American quarterly review, v. 1-4, 1827- 
30 51.AQ;M 

Andover review ; a religious and theological 
monthly, v. 6-11, 1886-89 206.A;6-11 

Appieton's art journal, v. 6-8, 1879-82. 

R L. 706. A;6-8 

Art amateur; a monthly journal devoted to 
art in the household, v. 13-20. 2v.ini, 
1886-89 R L. 706.AA;13-19 

Atlantic monthly ; a magazine of literature, 
science, art and politics, v. 1-63, 1857-89. 


Bellow's Falls messenger, v. 6, 9, 1822, 

1826 RL 

Bibliotheca sacra and theological review. 
V. 28, 1871 205.B;28 

Bookbuyer; a summary of American and 
foreign literature, v. 4-6, 1887-S9 R L 

Bower of taste, v. 1-2, 1828-29 R L 

Century magazine; an ill. monthly, v. 1-14, 

1881-89 51.CM;23-36 

(Successor to Scribners monthly, and also 
numbered consecutively with it, being v. 

Common school education, ed. by W. 
A Mowry. v. 2-3, 1888-89 370.5C;2-3 

Continent ; a weekly ill. magazine, ed. by A. 

W. Tourgee. v. 3-4, 1883 51 .C;3-4 


Critic ; a weekly review of literature, fine arts, 
music and the drama, v. 8-14, 1886-89. 


Cultivator ; a monthly journal devoted to 
agricultural, horticulture and floriculture. 
v. 3, 1846 630.5C;3 




Decorator and furnisher, v. 12, 1888. 


Dial ; a monthly review, and index of current 
literature, v. 9-10, 1888-89 RL 

DIo Lewis' monthly, v. 1-2, 1883-84. 

(Discontinued.) 610.5D;l-2 

Eclectic magazine of foreign literature, 
science andart. v. 92-1 12, 1879-89.51 E;92-l 1 2 

Education ; a monthly magazine devoted to 
the science, art, philosophy and literature 
of education, v. Ml, 1881 89. .370..5E;1-11 

Electrical world. 1888-89 . .RL 

Every Saturday: a journal of choice reading, 
selected from foreign current literature, v. 

1-6, 1866-68 51.ES;l-6 


Forum, ed. by L. S. Metcalf. v. 1-7, 1886-89. 


Galaxy ; a magazine of entertaining literature. 

v. 9-11, 15-20, 1870-76. 61.G;9-20 


Gardener's monthly and horticulturist; de- 
voted to horticulture, arboriculture and 
rural affairs, v. 21-29, 1 879-87. 630.5GM;2 1-29 

Genesee farmer ; monthly journal devoted 
to agriculture, horticulture and rural 
economy, v. 4, 8-12, 1839, 1847-61. 


Good health, v. 19-20,1884-85. . ..610.5G;19-20 

Harper's bazaar; a repository of fashion, 
pleasure and instruction. 1886-89 R L 

Harper's new monthly magazine, v. 

1-78, 1860-89 51.H;l-78 

Harper's weekly ; a journal of civilization. 
1882-89 RL 

Harper's young people. v6-n, 1884-89. 


Horticulturist ; a journal of rural art and 
rural taste, ed. by A. J. Downing, v. 1-7 
1846-52 : 630.5H;l-7 

Kalamazoo Gazette. 1846-47, 1848-50, 1854- 

55, 1856-57, 1860-61, 1868-69, 1870. 9 v.R L 

Knickerbocker, v. 1. 1833 5l.K;l 

Ladies' journal, v. 1-5, 1828-32. . . .5l.LJ;l-5 

Library journal ; chiefly devoted to library 
economy and bibliography, v. 1-0, 1877-81. 

R L 

Library notes : improved methods and labor- 
savers for librarians, readers and writers. 
v. 1-4, 1886-89 RL 

Llppincott's magazi ne of popular literature 
and science, v. 1-43 51.L;M3 

Littell's living age. v. 1-179, 1844-89. 


Literary news ; a monthly journal of current 
literature, v. 8-10, 1887-89 R L 

Literary world ; a fortnightly review of cur- 
rent literature, v. 8-19, 1879-89. .805.L;8-19 

Magazine of American history, ed. by 
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Manhattan ; an ill. literary magazine, v. 1-4; 

1883-84 51.M;M 


Mercury,. 1833 RL 

Michigan farmer, v. 7-9,1849-50. ..630.5M;7-8 

Nation ; a weekly journal devoted to politics, 
literature, science and art. v. 28-48, 1879-89. 


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New England historical and geneological 
register, v. 33, 1879 929.1N;33 

New Princeton review, v. 1-6, 1886-88. 

(Discontinued.) 51.NP;l-6 

New York mercury, v. 1, 1828 R L 

New York journal of commerce, v. 1, 1828. 


New York mirror ; weekly journal devoted 
to literature and the fine arts. v. 11-17, 
19-20, 1831-42 R L 

New York mirror and ladies' literary 
gazette, v. 2-3, 1825 R L 

New York tribune; semi-weekly. 1879-84. 


— Same. Weekly. 1885-89 R L 

North American review, v. 1-148, 1815-89. 


Outing; an ill. magazine of recreation, v. 11- 
12, 1888 51.0;11-12 

Overland monthly, v. 13-14, 1889. 


Pansy, v. 15-17, 1887-89 51.P;15-17 

Popular scienoe monthly, ed. by E. L. 
and W. J. Youmans. v. 6-7, 14-34, 
1875, 1879-89 505.P;6-34 

Popular science news ; devoted to science 
of home-life, the arts, &c. v. 20-23, 1886-89. 


Princeton review, v. 14, 1884 205.P;14 


Prairie farmer; devoted to western agricul- 
ture, mechanics and education, v. 7, 1847. 





Public opinion ; a comprehensive summary 
of the press throughout the world on cur- 
rent topics, v. 1-6. 1886-39 51.PO;l-6 

Rural New Yorker, v. 38-48, 1879-89. . .RL 

St. Nicholas; an ill. magazine for young 
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— Same. (Circulating copy.) v. 7-15. .51.SN;7-15 

Saturday evening post. 1832 RL 

Sanitarian; monthly magazine devoted to 
the preservation or health, and mental and 
physical culture, v. 7-10, 1879-82. 610.5S;7-10 

Sanitary engineer; a journal of civil and 
military engineering, and public and private 
hygiene, v. 3-4, 1880-81 R L 

Science; an ill. journal, v. 9-10, 1887.505.S;9-10 

Scientific American ; an ill. journal of art, 
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1879-89 RL 

Scientific American supplement, v. 7-27, 
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Scientific American, architects and build- 
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Scrlbner's monthly; an ill. magazine, ed. 
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(Succeeded by the Century.) 

Scribner's magazine ; published monthly, 
with illustrations, v. 1-5, 1887-89. .51.S;l-5 

United States literary gazette, v. 3-4, 

1 825-26 R L 

Waldie's select circulating library; containing 
popular literature, including memoirs, 
novels and travels, v. 1-3, 1833-34 R L 

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Woman's magazine. 1888-89 RL 


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(Discontinued.) 52.BQ;71-83 

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52.NC; 19-25 

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v. 15, 1886 52.SM-.15 

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Poole, Wm. F. Index to periodical literature, 
brought down to January, 1882, with the 
assistance of W. I. Fletcher. 3d ed — R L 

— Index to periodical literature, first supplement 
from Jan. 1882 to Jan. 1887 R L 

Atlantic monthly. Index. v.l-38,1857-76.RL 

Harper's new monthly magazine. Index, 
aphabetical, analytical and classified, v. 
1-70, 1850-35 R L 

Century magazine and Scribner's monthly. 
Index, v. 1-30, 1870-85 RL 

1. Philosophy. 

History and Essays. 

Bax , Ernest B. Handbook of history of philoso- 
phy 109;3 

Butler, William A. Lectures on history of 
ancient philosophy. 2 v 109;6-6 

Cousin, Victor. Course of the history of 
modern philosophy. 2 v 109;9-10 

De Quincy, Thomas. Essays on philosophical 
writers 104;9 

Everett, C. C. Poetry, comedy and duty.l04;12 

Fischer, Kuno. History of modern philoso- 
phy ; Descartes and his school 109; 15 

Froth Ingham, O. B. Transcendentalism in 
New England 109;19 

Goodrich, Samuel 6. Glance at philosophy. 


Lewes, George H. Biographical history of 
philosophy 109;26 

Major, Joseph B. Sketch of ancient philosophy. 


Maurice. Frederick D. Moral and metaphysi- 
cal philosophy. 2 v 109;30-31 

Zeiier, Edward. Outlines of history of Greek 
philosophy 109;44 

Ancient Philosophies. 

Antoninus, Marcus Au reikis. Thoughts. Tr. 

by G. Long 188.8;1 

Bigg, Charles. Christian Platonists of Alex- 
andria 189.2;3 

Capes, W. W. Stoicism 188;3 

Confucius: Mencius. Tr. by Legge. . .181.1;! 

Epictetus. Works. Tr. by T. W. Higginson. 


Plato. Works. 6 v 888.4;l-6 

— Selections 888.4;7 

Wallace, William. Epicureanism 187;10 

Modern Philosophies. 


Bacon, Francis. Great instauration: Dignity 
and advancement of learning : Novum 
organum 192.1;1 

Berkeley, George. Treatise concerning the 
principles of numan understanding. .192. 3;1 

Bowne, Borden P. Philosophy of Herbert 
Spencer 192.8;16 

Morris. George S. British thought and 
thinkers 192;10 

Spencer, Herbert. Data of ethics 192. 8;9 

— Essays, moral, political and {esthetic. .192. 8; 11 

— First principles 192.8;1 

— Illustrations of universal progress 192.8;12 

— Principles of biology. 2 v 192.8;2-8 

— Principles of psychology. 2 v 192.8;4-5 

— Principles of sociology. 2 v 192.8;6-7 

— Social statics 192.8;18 

— Study of sociology 192.8;14 

Stephen, Leslie. History of English thought 
in 18th century. 2 v 192;16-17 

German, Fr&nch and Italian. 

Caird, John. Spinoza 199;2 

Comte, August. Positive philosophy. Tr. by 
H. Martineau 194.8;1 

Cousin, Victor. Lectures on the true, beauti- 
ful and good 194.7;1 

Everett, Charles C. Fichte's Science of knowl- 
edge; a critical exposition 193.3;6 

Kant, lmmanuel. Critique of pure reason. Tr. 
by F. Max Muller 193.2;1 

Kedney, John S. Hegel's ^Esthetics; a criti- 
exposition 193.5;8 

Morris, George S. Kant's Critique of pure 
reason ; a critical exposition 193.2,10 

Spinoza, Baruch de. Chief works. 2 v. . !99;4-5 

Watson, J. Schilling's Transcendental ideal- 
ism ; a critical exposition 193.4;10 




Metaphysics and Logic. 

Bowne, Borden P. Metaphysics U0;2 

Fiske, John. Outlines of cosmic philosophy. 
2 v 113;10-11 

H am i Ito n , Sir Wm. Lectures on metaphysics. 


Lotz, Hermann. Outlines of metaphysics. * 


— Outlines of logic and encyclopaedic philosophy. 


McCosh, James. First and fundamental 
truths 110;16 

Mill, John Stuart. System of logic, raticina- 
tive and inductive 160;15 

Paine, Martyn. Physiology of the soul, and 
instinct 128;10 

Walker, E. D. Reincarnation 129.4;10 

Mind and Body. 

Mental Physiology and Mental 

Bastian, llenry C. The brain as an organ of 
mind 131;2 

Burton, Robert. Anatomy of melancholy. 3 v. 


— Same. 1 v 132.3;7 

Carpenter, Wm. B. Principles of mental physi- 
ology 131;4 

Evans, W. F. Divine law of cure 131;8 

— Esoteric Christianity and mental therapeutics. 

131 ;9 

— Primitive mind cure 131;10 

Granville, J. Mortimer. Common mind- 
troubles 131;17 

Holmes, Oliver W. Mechanism in thoughts 
and morals 131;19 

Mauds ley, Henry. Responsibility in mental 
disease 132.1;10 

Morsel I i, Henry. Suicide; an essay in com- 
parative moral statistics 131 ;24 

Putnam, Daniel. Twenty-five years with the 
insane 132.1;17 

Ray, I. Contributions to mental pathology. 


Ribot, Theodule. Diseasesof memory.. 132.8;10 

Spitzka, E. C. Insanity; its classification, 
diagnosis and treatment 132.1;22 

Delusions, Witchcraft, Magic, 


Beard , G. M. Psychology of the Salem witch- 
craft 133.4;3 

Boisment, A. On hallucinations. 133 2;3 

Brewster, Letters on natural magic. .133. 2;4 

Clarke, Edward H. Yissions; a study of false 

sight 133.1;3 

Mitchell, Thomas. Key to ghostism. .133.1; 10 

Rydberg, A. Victor. Magic of the middle 
ages 133.4;10 

Scott, Sir Walter. Demonology and witchcraft. 


Sully, James. Illusions; a psychological study. 


Salem witchcraft : Mystery of planchette: 
Modern spiritualism. (Anon.) — . . . 133;4 

Spiritualism, Mesmerism, &c. 

Binet, Alfred and Charles Fere. Animal 
magnetism 134;2 

Carpenter, William B. Mesmerism, spiritual- 
ism, &c 134;3 

Hammond, William A. Spiritualism, and 
nervous derangement 133.9;4 

Hovey, W. A. Mind-reading and beyond. 134;10 

Owen, Robert D. Debatable land 133.9; 10 

Seybert commission on '.spiritualism; the 
report 133.9;18 

Zolner, J. C. F. Transcendental physics. 



Cook, Joseph. Heredity 136.3;3 

Gal ton , F. English men of science 136.3 ;6 

Ribot, Th. Heredity 136.3;12 

Phrenology, Physiognomy. 

Com be, George. Constitution of man 139;3 

— System of phrenology 139;4 

Fowler, L. N. Marriage 139;7 

Redfield, J. W. Comparative physiognomy. 


Rice, N. L. Phrenology examined 139; 13 

Wei Is, Samuel R. New physiognomy 138; 10 




Mental Faculties, Psychology. 

Bald wi n , Joseph. Elementary psychology and 
education 150;2 

Bascom, John. Principles of psychology. 


Chase, S. C. Mnemeology 154;3 

Dewey, John. Psychology 150;5 

Finck, Henry T. Romantic love and personal 
beauty 157 ;6 

Hickok, Laurens P. Rational psychology. 


Hopkins, Mark. Outline study of man . . 150,8 

James, E. Human psychology 150:10 

Kay, David. Memory : what it is and how to 
improve it. 154;10 

Ladd, Geo. T. Elements of physiological 
psychology 150;11 

Locke, John. Conduct of the understanding. 


McCosh, James. Psychology 150;12 

Porter, Noah. Elements of intellectual science. 


— Human intellect 151 ;8 

Preyer, W. Mind of the child. Pt. 1, senses 
and will 150;15 

— Mind of the child. Pt. 2, development of the 

intellect 150;16 

Spencer, Herbert. Principles of psychology. 
2 v 192.8;4-5 

Sully, James. Teacher's hand-book of psy- 
chology 150;19 

Wayland, Francis. Elements of intellectual 
philosophy 150;23 


In General. 

Bai n , Alex. Moral science 


Black le, John S. Four phases of morals; 
Socrates, Aristotle, Christianity, utilitari- 
anism 170.4;2 

Dorner, 1. A. System of Christian ethics. 170;5 

Green, Thomas H. Prolegomena to ethics. 


Hickok, Laurens P. System of moral 
science 170;10 

Lotz, Hermann. Outlines of practical philosophy. 


Mallock, Wm. H. Is life worth living V.171 ;12 

Pay son, Edward. Law of equivalents in its 
relation to political and social ethics. 171; 16 

Peabody, Andrew P. Moral philosophy. 170; 18 

Spencer, Herbert. Data of ethics 192.8;9 

State Ethics. 

Bishop, Putnam A. American patriotism. 


Beck with. G. C. Peace manual, or War and its 
remedies 172;3 

Lleber, Francis. Manual of political ethics. 
2. v 172#-10 

Stephen, Leslie. Liberty, equality, fraternity. 


Family Ethics. 

Abbott, Jacob. Gentle measures in training 
the young 173$ 

Croly, J. C. (Jennie June.) For better or 
worse 173;6 

Hague, William. Home life 173;11 

Jackson, Helen M. (H. H.) Bits of talk 
about home matters 173;14 

Marti neau, Harriet. Household education. 


MIchelet, Jules. Love. (L'amour.) 173;20 

Muzzy, A. B. The fireside 173;22 

Sherwood, Mary E. W. Amenities of home.' 


Starrett, Helen £. Letters to elder daughters. 


Stowe, Harriet B. Little foxes 173;29 

Terhune, M. V. (Marion HarUind.) House- 
keeping and home-making 173;31 

Young husband's book. (Anon.) 173;33 

Professional and Business 


Crafts, W. F. Sucessful men of to-day; and 
what they say of success 174;4 

Hale, Edward Everett. What career? 174;9 




Mathews, William. Getting on in the world. 


Ruskin, John. Time and tide 174;17 

Smiles, Samuel. Character 174;21 

— Duty 179;10 

— Life and labor 174;24 

— Self-help 174;22 

— Thrift 174;23 

Whipple, Edwin P. Success and its conditions. 


Ethics of Amusements and of 

the Sexes. 

Graham, S. Lectures to young men on 
chastity 176-5 

Hooker, Isabella B. Womanhood 176;7 

Strutt, Elizabeth. The feminine soul 176;12 

Talmage, T. De Witt. Abominations of 
modern society 175;)<) 

— Sports that kill 17o;ll 

Social and General Ethics. 

Alcott, William A. Letters to young men. 


— Young man's guide 177;4 

American Chesterfield. (Anon.) 177;5 

Arthur, T. S. Advice to young ladies 177;7 

Bazaar book of decorum. (Anon.) 177;9 

Beecher, Henry W. Lectures to young men. 


Bunce, Oliver B. Don't; a manual of mistakes. 


Cobb, Francis P. Duties of women 177;14 

Cox, Sydney. Friendly counsel for girls. 177;16 

Craik, Dinah Maria. Sermons out of church. 


— Woman's thoughts about women 177;19 

Dix, Morgan. Lectures on the calling of a 
Christian woman 177;20 

Dodge, Grace H. Bundle of letters to busy 
girls 177;21 

Five talents of woman. (Anon.) 177;23 

Gladden. Washington. Plain thoughts on the 
art or living 177 ;24 

Hawes, J. Lectures to young men 177;27 

Holland, Josiah G. Letters to the Joneses. 


— Titcomb's letters to young people 177;33 

Ho witt, William. Means and ends 177;36 

Mahaffy, J. P. Art of conversation 177 ;4l 

Mason, John. Treatise on self-knowledge. 


Moulton, Louise C. Ourselves and our neigh- 
bors 177;44 

Nott, Eliphalet. Counsels to young men . 177:47 

Ruskin, John. Letters to young ladies . . 177;52 

Sigou rney, Lydia H. Letters to young ladies. 


Starrett, Helen E. Letters to a daughter. 


Todd, J. Hints to young men 177;60 

Willard, Francis E. How to win 177;66 

Winsiow, H. Young man's aid 177;68 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Womankind 177 ;72 

Young lady's friend. (Anon.) 177;75 

You ng lady's guide. (Anon.) 177;76 

Temperance Ethics. 

Burns, D. Basis of the temperance reform. 


Finch, John B. People versus the liquor traffic. 


Gough, John B. Platform echoes 178;10 

Jewitt, Charles. Forty years' fight with the 
drink demon 178:12 

Lees, F. R. Text-book of temperance. . . 178; 14 

Mills, James. Alcohol; and Use and abuse of 
tobacco by J. Lazars 178;16 

Nott, Eliphalet. Lectures on temperance. 178; 18 

Parrish. Joseph. Alcoholic inebriety 178;21 

Powell, Frederick. Bacchus dethroned. .178 ;23 

Reade, A. Arthur. Study and stimulants. 


Story, Charles A. Alcohol; its nature and 
effects 1 78;28 

Youmans, Edward L. Alcohol, and the 
constitution of man 178;34 

II. Religion. 

Philosophy, Theories. 

Bo w n e , Borden P. Philosophy of theism . 201 ;2 

Caird, John. Introduction to the philosophy 
of religion 201;3 

Lotze , Hermann. Outlines of the philosophy of 
religion 20i;10 

Marti neau, James. A study of religion. 1888. 
2 v 201;13-14 

Dictionaries and Cyclopaedias. 

Ben ham , William. Dictionary of religion. 

R L.203;l 

Smith, Wm. Dictionary of the Bible RL 

Smith, Wm. and S. Cheetain. Dictionary of 
Christian antiquities. 2 v RL 

Smith, Wm. and H. Wace. Dictionary of 
Christian biography. 4 v RL 

Essays and Lectures. 

Adler, Felix. Creed and deed 204;2 

Bushnel, Horace. Building eras in religion. 


— Moral uses of dark things 204;8 

DeQ u i n cy , Thomas. Theological essays. 2 v. 


Dodd, A. B., and others. Essays, theological 
and miscellaneous 204;22 

Fisher. Geo. P. Discussions in history and 
religion 204;25 

Hopkins, Mark. Strength and beauty . . 204;29 

H u tton , Rich H. Theological essays .... 204;30 
Mill, John Stuart. Three essays on religion.204;35 

Newton, W. W. Essays of to-day, theological 
and religious 204;37 

Nichols, James R. Whence, what, where ? 
a view of the origin, nature and destiny of 
man 204;40 

History of Religion. 

Child, Lydia M. Progress of religious ideas. 
3v 209;5-7 

Go u I d . S. Baring— Origin and development of 
religious belief. 2 v .209;14-15 

Howitt, Wm. History of the supernatural. 2 v. 


Lecky, Wm. E. II. History of rationalism in 
Europe. 2v 209,25-26 

Ren an, Ernest. Studies in religious history. 


Collected Works. 

Browne, Sir Thomas. Religio medici, and 
other papers 208;3 

Bunyan, John. Complete works. 4 v..208;4-7 

Paiey, William. Works 208;14 

Pascal , Blaise. Provincial letters 208;15 

— Thoughts, letters and opuscules 208; 16 


Andover review, ed. by E. C. Smyth and others, 
v. 6-10, 1887-89 205.A;5-10 

New Englander. v. 38-42, 1879-81. 


Princeton review, v. 13, 1886 205.P;13 

Bibliotheca Sacra and theological eclectic, 
v. 28, 1871 205.B;28 




Natural Theology. 

Abbott, F. E. Scientific theism 211;1 

Alger, Wm. R. Critical history of the doctrine 
of a future life 218;2 

Butler, Joseph. Analogy of religion 219;2 

Chalmers, Thomas. On the power, widsom 
and goodness of God 214;4 

Child, G. C. Benedicite 214;o 

Cobb, Frances Power. Peak in Darien; an 
octave of essays 210;4 

Drummond, Henry. Natural law in the 
spiritual world 219;5 

Nordhoff, Charles God, and the future life. 


Paley, William. Natural theology. 2 v.. 210;19-20 

Talt, P G. and B. Stuart. Unseen universe, or 
Physical speculations on a future state. 


Theosophy, Occultism. 

An adventure among the Rosicrucians; by a stu- 
dent of occultism 212;1 

Blavatsky, Mme. II. P. Isis unveiled. 2. v. 


Butler, Hiram £. Seven creative principles. 


— Solar biology 212;7 

Col tins, Mabel. Light on the path 212,9 

Coues, Elliott. Dremon of Darwin 212;8 

Dewey, J. H. The way, the truth and the life; 
a hand-book of Christian theosophy. 212; 11 

Hartmann, Franz. Magic, white and black; or 
science of finite and infinite life 212;14 

Kingsford, Anna and £. Maitland. Perfect 
way 212;15 

Oliphant, Lawrence. Scientific religion. 212;20 

Sinnett, A. P. Esoteric Buddhism 212;25 

— Occult world 212;26 

What is theosophy ? (Arum.) 212;10 

Creation, Evolution. 

Burr, Enoch F. Pater mundi, or Doctrine, of 
evolution. • 213;2 

Chambers, Robert. Vestiges of creation. 


Fiske, John. Destiny of man, viewed in the 
light of his origin 213;7 

— Idea of God as affected by modern knowledge. 


LeConte, Joseph. Evolution and its relation 
to religious thought 213;14 

McCosh, James. Religious aspect of evolution. 

213; 16 

Powell, E. P. Our heredity from God. .213;20 

Religion and Science. 

Campbell, G. J. D., duke of Argyll. Reign 
of law 215;2 

Cook, Josiah P. Religion and chemistry. 21 5;4 

Draper, John W. History of conflict between 
religion and science 215;6 

H itchcock, Edward. Plurality of worlds. 


— Religion of geology 215;13 

— Religious truth illustrated by science. . .215;14 

M 1 1 1 e r , Hugh . Testimony of the rocks. . . 21 5 ;20 

Molloy, Gerard. " Geology and revelation. 


Stars and the earth. (Anon.) 215;27 

The Bible. 

General Works. 

Bissell, E. C. Historic origin of the Bible. 

220. 1;3 

Blunt, J. II. Key to the Holy Bible 220;3 

Bowen, F. Layman's study of the English 
Bible 220;4 

Butler, J. Glenworth. Bible-work : Old Testa- 
ment. 3 v 220.7;l-3 

— Bible-work : New Testament. 2 v.. . .220.7;7-8 

Chad wick, John W. Bible of to-day.. .220.1;5 

Crudens, Alex. Concordance to Old and New 
Testament 220.2;2 

Farrar, Frederick W. History of interpretation. 


*Hadiey, Caroline. Bible narratives for chil- 
dren 220;11 

•—Old Testament narratives..' 220; 12 

*— New Testament narratives 220;13 

*— Stories of the apostles 220;14 




Havergal, Frances R. My Bible study. .220:10 

Holy Bible. Authorized version 220.5; 1 

Holy Bible. King James 9 and revised versions 
in parallel columns 220.5;4 

J am i eso n , Robert, and others. Bible commen- 
tary. 4 v 220;7;10-13 

Ladd, George T. Doctrine of the sacred 
Scriptures. 2 v 220.1;20-21 

— What is the Bible ? 220.1;22 

Merrill, George £. Story of the manuscripts. 


Pentacost, Geo. F. In the volume of the 
book 220;20 

Ranyard , L. N. The book and its story .220;22 

Rawiinson, Geo. Historical evidences of the 
truth of the scripture record 220.1;30 

Rogers, Henry. Supernatural origin of the 
Bible 220.1 ;88 

Story of the bible. (Anon.) 220;25 

Stowe, Calvin £. Origin and history of the 
books of the Bible 220.1;36 

Bible Oeogr aghy and Antiquities. 

B , W. Twenty-one years' work in Pales- 
tine 220.93,4 

Bartlett, S. E. From Egypt to Palestine. 


BIssell, Edwin C. Biblical antiquities.220.93;5 

Bonar, Horatius. Days and the nights in 
the east 220.91;4 

Conder, Claude R. Syrian stone-lore. .220.93;7 

Delitzsch, Franz. Jewish artisan life in time 
of Jesus 220.93;10 

Dulles, J. W. Ride through Palestine. 220.91 ;S 

Field, Henry M. Among the holy hills. 

220.91 ;12 

— On the desert 220.91;13 

Gage, W. L. Studies in Bible lands. .220.91; 16 

Geikie, Cunningham. Holy land and the Bible. 

220.91 ;1 7 

Gillett, E. H. Ancient cities and empires. 


Head ley, Joel T. Sacred mountains, and 
scenes in the holy land 220.91 ;20 

Merrill, Seleh. East of the Jordan. . . 220.9 1;27 

Ollphant, Lawrence. Haifa, or Life in mod- 
ern Palestine 220.91;30 

Porter, F. L. Giant cities of Bashan .220.91 ;31 

Prime, Wm. C. Tent life in the holy land. 

220.91 ;32 

Ranyard, L. N. Stones crying out, and rock 
witnesses to the naratives of the Bible. 


Stanley, Arthur P. Sinai and Palestine. 

220.91 ;37 

Staffer, Edmond. Palestine in the time of 
Christ 220.93;33 

Thompson, Wm. M. Land and the book. 2 v. 

220.91 ;40-41 

— Southern Palestine and Jerusalem. . .220 91;42 

— Central Palestine and Phoenicia 220.91 ;43 

— Lebanon, Damascus and beyond Jordan. 

220.91 ;44 

Tristram, H. B. Land of Moab 220.91;46 

Van Lennep, H. J. Bible lands. . .220; 9 1.48 

Waish, W. P. Echoes of Bible history. 


Warren, 1. P. Jerusalem, ancient and 
modern 220.93:39 

Wilson, Capt., and Gapt. Warren. Recovery 
of Jerusalem 220.93;41 

Wright, Wm. B. Ancient cities 220.93;43 

Natural Science of Bible. 

Dawson, Sir J. W. Modern science in Bible 
lands, 1889 220.85;4 

Mitchell, Ormsby M. Astronomy of the Bible" 


Wood, John G. Bible animals 220.85;30 

Scriptural Biography. 

Aguilar, Grace. Women of Israel. 2 v. 

220 92;2-3 

Baldwin, G. C. Representative women. 


Chayne, I. K. Jeremiah, his life and times. 


Connybeare, W. J. and J. S. Howson. Life 
and epistles of St. Paul 220.92;7 

Deane, Wm. J. Abraham, his life and times. 


— David, his life and times 220.92;10 

Driver, S. E. Isaiah, his life and times. 


Farrar, F. W. Life and works of St. Paul. 


— Soloman, his life and times 220.92;14 




Hodder, Edwin. Simon Peter, his life, times 
and friends 220;92;17 

*Kings of Israel and Judah, explained for chil- 
dren. (Anon.) 220.92;20 

Kraumacher, F. W. David, king of Israel. 


Mac Donald, J. M. Life and writings of St. 
John 220.92;24 

Milligan, W. Elijah, his life and times. 


Rawlinson, Geo. Moses, his life and times. 


Stowe, Harriet B. Bible heroines. . . .220.92,34 

Taylor, Wm. M. David, the beloved. 220.92;37 

— Elijah, the prophet 220.92;38 

— Joseph, the prime minister 220.92;3G 

— Moses, the law-giver 220.92;39 

White, Ellen G. Sketches from the life of St. 
Paul 220.92;44 

Old Testament. 

Bissell, Edwin C. The Pentateuch, its origin 
and structure 222. 1;3 

Boar dm an, George D. Studies in the crea- 
tive week 222. 1;4 

— Ten commandments 222. 1;5 

Butler, J. G. Bible-work: Old Testament. 
3 v 220.7;l-3 

Chapin, Jas. H. Creation and early develop- 
ment of man 222.1 ;7 

Geikie, Cunningham. Hours with the Bible. 
7 v., viz : 

v. 1. Creation to patriarchs 221 ;7 

v. 2. Moses to the judges 221 ;8 

v. 3. Samson to Soloman 221 ;9 | 

v. 4. Rehoboam to Hezekiah 221; 10 

v. 5. Manasseh to Zedekiah 221;11 

v. 6. Ezekiel to MaJachi 221;12 

v. 7. Index 221;13 

Moziey, J. B. Ruling ideas in early ages. 221; 18 

Newto n , Richard. Jewish tabernacle . 221 .1 ;1 8 

Newton, Thomas. Dissertations on the prophe- 
cies 224;9 

Rawlinson, Geo. Historical illustrations of 
the Old Testament 221 ;20 

Smith, Wm. Robertson. Old Testament in the 
Jewish church 220.6;9 

— Prophets of Israel 220.6;10 

Smith, Hannah W. Bible readings on the pro- 
gressive development of truth and experi- 
ence in the Old Testament 221:23 

Smith, Uriah. Sanctuary, and the twenty- 
three hundred days of Daniel VHI: 14. 


— Thoughts on Daniel 224.5;7 

Stearns, O. S. Introduction to the books of 
the Old Testament 221 ;25 

Van Dyke, Henry. Story of the Psalms. 


Wild, Joseph. Lost ten tribes and 1882. .224;20 

New Testament. 

Abbott, Edward. Authorship of the fourth 
gospel 226.5;1 

Board man, George D. Studies in the moun- 
tain instruction 226;2 

Bruce, A. B. Parabolic teachings of Christ. 


Butler, J. G. Bible-work: New Testament. 
2 v 220.7;7-8 

Edwards, Thomas C. Epistle to the Hebrews. 


Farrar , Pred'k. W. Early days of Christianity. 

227 ;5 

— Messages of the books 225;6 

Gladden, Washington. The Lord's prayer. 


Howson , J. S. Metaphors of St Paul. . . .227; 8 

Mac Donald, Geo. On the miracles of our 
Lord 226;12 

Paige, L. R. Commentaries on the New Testa- 
ment. 4 v. (Gospels, Acts and Romans.) 

226; 15-18 

Ro b i n so n , E. Harmonies of the four gospels. 


Smith, Uriah. Thoughts on Revelation. 228; 15 

Trench, Rich. C. Notes on the miracles. 226;23 

— Notes on the parables 228;24 

Vincent, Marvin R. Word studies in the New 
Testament. 2 v 225^0-21 

Williams, Wm. R. Lectures on the Lord's 
prayer 226;28 




Doctrinal Theology. 

Bushnell, Horace. Forgiveness and law. 


Eliot, Wm. G. Discourses on the doctrines 
of Christianity 230;4 

Kedney, J. Steinfort. Christian doctrine 
harmonized. 2 v 230;7-8 

Kihg.T. Starr, and oUiers. Discussions of the 
Trinity 231;7 

M ethod of Christian salvation. ( Anon.) . . 234;7 

Mulford, Elisha. Republic of God; an insti- 
tute of religion 231;14 

Norton, Andrew. Reasons for not believing 
the doctrine of Trinitarians 231 ;16 

Pea body. Andrew P. Lectures on Christian 
doctrine 230;10 

Sheldon, D. N. Sin and redemption. ..234; 14 

Sheldon, Henry C. History of Christian 
doctrine. 2 v 230;13-14 

Smyth, Egbert C, and others. Progressive 
orthodoxy 230;16 


Alexander, Wm. The divinity of our Lord. 


Baker, Wm. M. Ten theophanies, or The ap- 
pearance of our Lord to men before his 
birth in Bethlehem .232.1;3 

Board man, Geo. D. Epiphanies of our risen 
Lord 232.5;2 


Bushnell, Horace. The vicarious sacrifice. 


Crooker, Joseph H. Jesus brought back. 


Ecce Deus-homo. (Anon.) 232;6 

Furness, Wm. H. Story of the resuirection. 


— The Veil partly lifted 232;9 

Gunsaulus, Frank W. Transfiguration of 
Christ 232;10 

Harris, J. Great teacher 232;11 

Harsh a, D. A. Star of Bethlehem 232;12 

H u ghes, Thomas. Manliness of Christ. .232;14 

Liddon, H. P. Divinity of our Lord and 
Saviour, Jesus Christ 232.8;12 

Mozoomdar, P. C. Oriental Christ. . . .232; 19 

Parker, Joseph. Ecce Deus 232;21 

Seeley, John R. Ecce Homo 232;25 

Waller, J. C. Second coming of Christ.232.6;10 

Li v es of Christ. 

Abbott, Lyman. Jesus of Nazareth 232.9;1 

Beecher, Henry W. Life of Jesus the Christ, 
v. 1 232.9;4 

Board man, Geo. D. Divine man, from the 
nativity to the temptation 282 9; 6 

Deems, C. F. Light of the nations 232.9;8 

Delitzsch, Franz. Day in Capernium .232. 9; 9 

Farrar, Fred'k. W. Life of Christ 232.9;12 

Fleetwood, J. Life of Christ 232.9; 13 

Geikie, Cunningham. Life and words of 
Christ 232.9;15 

Marsh, Daniel. Walks and homes of Jesus. 


Renan, Ernest. Life of Jesus 232.9;24 

R utter, H. Life, doctrines and sufferings of 
Christ 232.9;25 

Smith, Hannah. (Hesba Stretton.) Wonderful 
life -. 232.9;28 

Taylor, Jeremy. Life of Christ 232 9;30 

Val lings, J. F. Jesus Christ, the divine man. 


Future State. 

Baxter, Rich. Saints' everlasting rest. .237.4; 2 

Clarke, R. W. Heaven and its scriptural 
emblems 237.4;4 

Farrar, Fred'k W. Eternal hope 237.7;5 

— Mercy and judgment 237.7;6 

Leathes, S. and others. Future probation ; a 
symposium 237.7;11 

Mead, C. M. Soul here and hereafter. . .237.2;3 

Row, C. A. Future probation 237.6;14 

Sears, E. H. Athanasia, or Foregleams of 
immortality 237 .2;6 

Smith, M. H. Universalism not of God.237.6;16 


Alexander, Wm. Witness of the Psalms to 
Christ and Christianity 239;2 

Barnes, Albert. Evidences of Christianity in 
the 19th century 239;4 

Bernard, Thomas D. Progress of doctrine in 
the New Testament 239;5 

Burr, Enoch F. Ad fidem; or Parish evidences 
of the Bible 239;7 




Christlieb, Theodore. Modern doubt and 
Christian belief 239;12 

Cocker, B. F. Christianity and Greek phi- 
losophy 239.13 

— Theistic conception of the world 239;14 

Cook, Joseph. Biology 239; 16 

— Conscience 239;19 

— Occident 239;20 

— Orthodoxy 239;17 

— Orient 239;21 

— Transcendentalism 289;18 

Curtis, S. I. Ingersol and Moses 239;26 

Dawson, J. W. Origin of the world 239;27 

Farrar, Fred'k W. Witness of history to Christ 


Fisher, Geo P. Faith and rationalism. .239;30 

— Manual of Christian evidences 239;31 

— Supernatural origin of Christianity 239;32 

Fullerton, John Stuart. Plain argument for 
God 239;85 

G i bso n , John M. The foundations; lectures on 
the evidences of Christianity 239;36 

God et, F. Lectures in defense of the Christian 
faith 239;37 

Guizot, M. Meditations on the essence of 
Christianity 239;38 

— Meditations on the actual state of Christianity. 


Jenkyns, S. Internal evidences of Christian ty. 


Kellogg. L. H. Light of Asia, and Light of the 
world 239;44 

Newton, R. Heber. Philistinism; plain words 
concerning certain forms of modern 
scepticism 239;48 

Peabody , Andrew P. Christianity and science. 


Perry, J. T. Sixteen Saviours or one ?. .239;53 

Pierson, Arthur T. Many infallible proofs; 
chapters on the evidences of Christianity. 


Potter, Alonzo. Religious philosophy, or 
Nature, man and the Bible, witnessing to 
God and religious truth 239;55 

Savage, Minot J. Christianity the science of 
manhood 239;59 

Smyth, Newman. Old faiths in new light. 


Storrs, Rich. S. Divine origin of Christianity. 


Townsend, Luther T. Credo 239;65 

Wace, Henry. Foundations of faith. . . .239,69 

Wright, G. F. Logic of Christian evidences. 


Practical and Devotional Theology. 

Alf ord , Henry. Meditations in advent. . . 242;1 

Beecher, Henry W. Life thoughts 243:3 

— Royal truths 243;4 

Bickersteth, Edward H. Christian student. 


Clarke, Jas. Freeman. Every-day religion. 

241 ;4 

Co Iyer, Robert Talks to young men, with 
asides to young women 241 ;6 

Cuyler, Theodore L. Thought-hives 243; 10 

Dodridge, Philip. Rise and progress of 
religion in the soul 243;12 

Edwards, Jonathan. Treatise on the reli- 
gious affections 243;14 

Fenelon, Francois. Selections 243;15 

Fuller, Thomas. Holy and profane state. 


Harris, Miriam C, ed. Rosary for Lent. 


Hinton, J. Mystery of pain 243;20 

Luther, Martin. Watchwords for the warfare 
of life. Tr. and arranged by E. Charles. 


Mac Duff , J. R. Palms of Elim 243;27 

— Words and mind of Jesus 243.28 

. Miller, J. R. Silent times 243;30 

Phelps, Austin. Still hour 243;33 

Records of a village pastor. (Anon.) — 243;35 

Seeker, Wm. Nonsuch professor in his 
meridian splendor 243:34 

S h i pto n , Anna. The Lord was there. . . 243;36 

Smith, Hannah W. Christian's secret of a 
happy life 243;37 

Smith, J. A. Patmos, or The kingdom and 
the patience 243;38 

♦Sunday sketches for children. (,4rKm.). 243;40 

Taylor, Jeremy. Holy living 243;44 

— Holy dying , 243;45 




Thomas a Kempis. Imitation. of Christ. 243;47 

Warner, Anna. Melody of the 23rd psalm. 


Belig iou 8 Fiction and Miscellany. 

Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's progress 244;4 

Clarke, Jas. F. Legend of Thomas Didymus. 


H asti n gs , H. S. Records of prevailing prayer. 

244; 11 

— Tales of trust 244;12 

Hodder, Edwin. Ephraim and Helah...244;14 

In graham, Joseph H. Pillar of fire 244; 16 

— Throne of David 244;17 

— Prince of the house of David 244;18 

Prentiss, Elizabeth. Urbane and his friends. 


Strauss, Frederick. Glory of the house of 
Israel 244,29 

"Warner, Susan. Walks from Eden 244,33 

*— House of Israel 244;34 

*— Kingdom of Judah 244;36 

*— Star out of Jacob 244;36 

*— Broken Walls 244;37 

Hymnology and Religious Poetry, 

Chan gred cross, and other religious poems. 


Hatfield, Edwin F. Poets of the church; 
biographical sketches of hymn writers. 


Havergal , Francis R. Poems 245;10 

Herbert, Wm. Poetical works 245; 11 

Hosmer, F. L. and W. C. Gannett. Thoughts 
of God 246;12 

Keble, John. Christian year 245;15 

Yongre, C. M. Musings over the u Christian 
year." 246;16 

MacDonald, Geo. Hidden life 245;20 

Va ugh an, Henry. Sacred poems and private 
ejaculations 245;26 

Watts, Isaac. Horae lyricsB and divine songs. 


Symbolism and Religious Art, eft c. 

Bartow, H. C. Essays in symbolism 246;3 

Blake, Wilson W. The cross, ancient and 
modern 246;4 

Dldron, M. Christian iconography, v. 1..246;8 

Field, W. Stones of the temple 247;4 

Inman, Thomas. Ancient pagan, and modern 
Christian symbolism 246; 12 

Jameson, Anna. Legends of the madonna. 

246; 14 

— Legends of the monastic orders 246; 15 

— Sacred and legendary art. 2 v 246;16-17 

Seis, Joseph A. Gospel in the stars 246;24 

Waters, Clara Erskine. (Formerly C. JE7. 
Clement) Handbook of legendary and 
mythological art 246;30 

Personal Religion and Family 


Alford, Henry. Year of prayer 249;1 

Skinner, Otis A. Family worship 249; 12 

Tolstoi, Lyof N. My confessions, and Spirit of 
Christ's teaching 248;14 

— My religion 248;15 

Homiletics and Sermons. 

Beecher, Henry Ward. Evolution and 
religion 252;5 

— Freedom and war 252.6;2 

— Plymouth pulpit sermons. 4 v 252;7.v.l-4 

— Sermons 252;6 

Boyd, A. K. Counsel and comfort by the 
country parson 262; 12 

Boyd, Robert. Grace and truth 252;14 

Bradford, Amory H. Spirit and life. . . .252; 15 

Brooke, Stopford A. Unity of God and other 
sermons 252; 17 

Brooks, Phillips. Candle of the Lord, and 
other sermons 252;23 

— Sermons 252;24 

— Sermons preached in English pulpits. . .252;25 

— Tolerance 262.5;3 

— Twenty sermons 252.26 

Brooks, Phillips, F. G. Peabody and others. 
Harvard vespers 262.5;9 

B u s h n e 1 1 , Horace. Sermons on living subjects. 


Christlieb, Theodor. Best methods of coun- 
teracting modern infidelity 251 ;4 

Clarke, James F. The hour which cometh. 


Co Iyer, Robert. Life that now is 252;42 

— Nature and life 252;43 

Cox, Samuel. The house and its builder, with 
other discourses 262;46 




Farrar, Fred'k W. Ephphatha, or The ameli- 
oration of the world 252;56 

— Every-day Christian life 252;57 

— Sermons and addresses delivered in America. 


— Sermons 252;60 

— Silence and the voices of God 252;59 

Hood, E. Paxton. Lamps, pitchers and trum- 
pets 251;8 

King, T. Starr. Christianity and humanity.252;68 

Liddon, H. P. Sermons 252;70 

McCosh, James. Gospel sermons 252;72 

McKim, R. H. Bread in the desert, and other 
sermons 252;74 

Marti neau, James. Hours of thought on 
sacred things 262;78 

Maurice, Fred'k D. Sermons preached in 
country churches 252; 81 

— The doctrine of sacrifice 252.3;10 

Moody, Dwight L. To all people 252.86 

Munger, Theodore T. Appeal to life. . .252.94 

— Freedom of faith 252;95 

Parker, Joseph. "These sayings of mine".252;109 

Porter, Noah. Fifteen years in the chapel of 
Yale college 252.5;13 

Robertson, F. W. The human race, and other 
sermons 252;114 

Shanks,T. J., ed. A college of colleges; led 
by D. L. Moody. (Summer school for 
college students at Northfield) 251; 16 

Smyth, Egbert C. Christian facts and forces. 


Spurgeon, Charles H. Sermons. 9th-10th ser. 

252; 134-35 

Stanley, Arthur P. Addresses and sermons 
in America 252;140 

— Westminster sermons 252;141 

Swing, David. Truths for to-day. 2 v. 


Talmage, T. DeWitt. Marriage ring. .252;154 

— New Tabernacle sermons 252; 155 

— Sermons. 2d-3d ser 252;156-57 

Trench, Rich C. Sermons new and old. 252-168 

Washburn, E. A. The beatitudes, and other 
sermons 252;179 

Woolsey, Theodore D. Religion of the 
present and the future 252.5;20 

Wright, Win. B. The world to come. . .252;182 

Institutions and Missions. 

The Church. 

Barnes, Albert. The church and slavery. 

261 ;3 

Brace, Chas. L. Gesta Christi; history of hu- 
man progress under Christianity 261 ;5 

Hatch, Edwin. Growth of church institutions. 


Loom is, Samuel L. Modern cities, and their 
religious problems 259;7 

McCosh, James, and others. Problems of 
American civilization; their solution the 
Christian duty of to-day 259;8 

Robinson, John. Testimony and practice of 
the Presbyterian church in reference to 
American slavery 261; 18 

Stall, Sylvanus. Methods of church work. 259; 12 

Stanley, Arthur P. Christian institutions. 


Storrs, Rich., and others. Co-operation in 
Christian work 259;13 

Thwlng, Charles F. The working church. 


The Sabbath. 

Andrews, J. N. History of the Sabbath and 
the first day of the week 263;1 

Lewis, A. H. Critical history of Sunday 
legislation. (A. D. 321-1888.) 263;10 

Littlejohn, Wm. II. Constitutional amend- 
ment, or The Sunday, the Sabbath, the 
change and restitution 263; 12 

Wood, W. C, ed. Sabbath essays 263;22 

Sacraments^ Faith Cure. . 

Boardman, W. E. The great physician. 265.7;4 

C u 1 1 is. C, ed. Dorothea Trudel, or The prayer 
of faith 265.7;6 

Snively, W. A. Parish lectures on the prayer 
book 265;14 

Waller, J. Open communion unscriptural. 





Foreign Missions. 

Bain bridge, Wm. F. Around the world 
tour of Christian missions 266; 2 

*Brlttan, Harriette G. Shoshie, the Hindoo 
zenana teacher 266.54;3 

Christ! ieb, Theodore. Frostestant foreign 
missions 266;5 

Coan, Titus. Life in Hawaii; autobiographical 
sketches of mission life and labors. 922.5;24 

Ell Is, Harriet W. Our eastern sisters — 266;8 

Fielde, AdeleM. Pagoda shadows.. 266.51; 10 

H am I i n , Cyrus. Among the Turks 266.49;5 

Hauser, Mrs. I. L. Orient and its people. 


House, Erwin. Missionary in many lands. 


Johnston, Jas., ed. Report of the centenary 
conference on Protestant foreign misssions 
held June, 1888. 2 v 266;19-20 

Kennedy, James. Life and work in Benares 
and Kumaon. (1839-1877) 266.64; 10 

Liggins, John. Great value and success of 
foreign missions ; being the testimony of 
diplomatic ministers, consuls, naval 
officers, &c 266;24 

Mitchell, J. M. Foreign missions of the 
Prostestant churches; their state and 
prospects 266;26 

Muller, F. Max. On missions. 


Newcomb, Harvey. Cyclopedia of missions. 
1855 266;29 

Par melee, M. P. Life and work by the rivers 
of Eden 266.56;3 

Pierson, Arthur T. Crisis of missions. .266;3l 

Pierson, f A. T. and J. M. Sherwood, eds. 
Missionary review of the world, v. 1-2. 
1888-89 266.M;l-2 



Allen, Alex. V. G. Continuity of Christian 
thought 270;4 

Allen, Joseph H. Christianity in its three 

r>at periods. ' 3. v. 1. Early Christianity. 
The middle age. 3. Modern phases. 


Blackburn, Wm. M. History of the Chris- 
tian church 270;6 

Clarke, Jas. Freeman. Events and epochs of 
religious history 270;8 

Pittman, E. R. Mission life in Greece and 
Palestine 266.56;4 

Reid, J. M. Missions and missionary society of 
the M. E. Church. 2. v 266,33-34 

Si am and the Laos, as seen by our mission- 
aries 266.59;1 

Smith, Eugene R., ed. Gospel in all land. 
(Missionary mag.) 1888 266.G;1 

West, Maria A. Romance of missions, or In- 
side views of life and labor in the land of 
Ararat 266.56;10 

Wheeler, L. N. The foreigner in China. 


White foreigner. (American missions to 
Burmah.) (Anon.) 266.59;2 

Woman and her Saviour in Persia. (Anon.) 

266 % 55;1 

Young, Robert. Modern missions 266;48 

— Light in lands of darkness 266;49 

See also Religious biography, cl.922. 

Home Missions. 

Jackson, Sheldon. Alaska and the missions 
on the Pacific coast 266.73;6 

Pitezel, J. H. Lights and shadows of mission- 
ary life 266.73;10 

Strong, Josiah. Our country, its possible 
future and its present crisis 266.73;16 

Wright, Julia McNair. Among the Alaskans. 


Sunday Schools and Revivals. 

Good s peed, E. J. Wonderful career of 
Moody and Sankey 269;4 

Pierson, Arthur T. Evangelistic work..269;10 

Trumbull, H. Clay. The Sunday-school, its 
origin, mission, methods and auxiliaries. 



Fisher. Geo. P. History of the Christian 
church 270;12 

Lawrence, Eugene. Historical studies. 270; 16 

Lea, Henry C. Historical sketch of sacerdotal 
celibacy 270;17 

Merriman, T. M. Trail of history; history of 
religion and empire in parallel, from crea- 
tion to present time 270;19 

Miiman. Henry H. History of Latin Chris- 
tianity. 8 v.. 270;23-30 

Mosheim , J. L. von. Institutes of ecclesiasti- 
cal history 270;38 




Ancient Period— To A. D., 787. 

Carr, Arthur. The Church and the Roman 
empire 270. 1;2 

Fisher, Geo. P. Beginnings of Christianity. 

270.1 ;4 

Mi I man, Henry H. History of Christianity, 
from birth of Christ to the abolition of 
paganism in Roman empire. 3 v. .270;20-23 

Merivale, Charles. Four lectures on early 
church history 270.2; 16 

Neander, J. A. W. History of planting and 
training of the Christian church. 2 v. 


Plummer, Alfred. Church of the early fathers. 


Uhlhorn, Gerhard. Conflict of Christianity 

with heathenism 270.1;20 

Mediaeval Period. A. D., 787- 


Balzani, Ugo. The popes and the Hohen- 
staufen 270.4;3 

Stephens, W. R. W. Hildebrand and his 
times 270.4;20 

Trench, Rich. C, Lectures on mediaeval 
church history 270;46 

Modern Period. —Reformation 
to Present Time. 

Creighton, M. History of the Papacy during 
the reformation. 4 v 270.6;6-9 

D'Aubigne. J. H. Merle. History of the 
great reformation of the 16th century. 5 v. 


— 8ame. 3 v 270.6;17-19 

Fisher, Geo. P. The reformation 270.6;23 

Mears, J. W. Beggars of Holland, and 
grandees of Spain 270.6;32 

Great Britain. 

Blackburn, W. M. St. Patrick and early 
church in Ireland 274.1 6 ;3 

Bl u nt, I. J. Sketch of reformation in England. 


Burnett, Gilbert. History of the reformation 
in England, v. 2 and 3 274.2;4-6 

Hereford, Brooke. Story of religion in Eng- 
land 274.2;8 

Hunt, Wm. English church in the middle ages. 


Maciear, G. F. Conversion of the Celts. 


— Conversion of the English 274.2;14 

Stanley, Arthur P. Lectures on history of the 
church of Scotland 274.1;8 

Taylor. Wm. M. Scottish pulpit, from the 
reformation to the present time 274.1; 10 

Tulioch, John. Movements of religious 
thought in Great Britain in the 19th 
century 274.2;20 

Warren, Mrs. John Knox and his times. 

274.1 ;13 

Germany and Scandinavia. 

Maciear, G. F. Conversion of the continental 
Teutons 274.3;10 

— Conversion of the Northmen 274.8;8 

Merivale, Charles. Conversion of the Slavs. 



Baird, Henry M. Rise of the Huguenots of 
Prance. 2 v 284.6;6-7 

— Huguenots and Henry of Navarre. 2 v.284.5;8-9 

Smiles, Samuel. The Huguenots 284.5;17 

White, Henry. Massacre of St. Bartholomew. 


Monastic Orders and Sister- 

Jameson, Anna. Sisters of charity, Catholic 
and Protestant 271.9;6 

Ludlow, J. M. Woman's work in the church. 


Montalembert, Count de. Monks of the 
west. 2 v 271;10-11 


Burning of the convent at Mt. Benedict, 
Charleston, S. C 272.9;1 

Fox, John. Book of martyrs 272;4 

Lea, Henry C. History of the inquisition of the 
middle ages. 3 v 272.2;10-12 

To nn a, Charlotte E. Count Raymond of Tou- 
louse, and the crusade against the Albi- 
genses 272.3;4 

White, Henry. Massacre of St. Bartholomew. 


Wylie, James A. History of the Waldenses. 





Christian Churches and Sects. 

Goodrich, Charles A. Pictorial descriptive 
view and history of all religions 280;2 

Mil ner, Vincent L. Religious denominations 
of the world 280;4 

Apostolic Church. 

Bennett, Charles W. Christian archaeology. 


J ackso n , George A. Apostolic fathers. 

281. 3;6 

— Fathers of the 3d century 281.3;7 

— Post-Nicine Latin fathers 281.6;6 

— Post-Nicine Greek fathers 281.6;7 

Roberts, A. and J. Donaldson, eds. Ante- 
Nicine fathers. 8 v. (Writings.). 281 .3;10-17 

Coxe, A. C. Supplement to Ante-Nicine 
fathers 281.3;18 

Shedd , Wm. G. T., ed. Confessions of St. Au- 
gustine 281. 4; 14 

Eastern or Graeco-Russian. 

Heard, Albert F. Russian church and Rus- 
sian dissent 281.9;10 

Stanley, Arthur P. Lectures on the history of 
the eastern church 28 1.9; 18 

Tozer, Henry F. The church and the eastern 
empire 281.9;20 

Roman Catholic. 

Hecker, Isaac T. The church and the age. 


Ran ke, Franz. L. von. History of the popes, 
their church and state in the 16th and 17th 
centuries. 3 v 282.17-19 

Anglican and Protestant-Epis- 

Jennings, A. C. Ecclesia Anglicana — 283;5 

Perry, G. G. History of the church of England 


Sadler. M. F. Church doctrine, Bible truth. 


S h i n n , Geo. W. Hand book of notable Episco- 
pal churches in the U. S 283;16 


Baird, Charles W. History of Huguenot emi- 
gration to America. 2 v 284.5:4-5 

Baird, Henry M. Rise of the Huguenots of 
France. 2 v 284.5;6-7 

— Huguenots and Henry of Navarre. 2. v. 


Smiles, Samuel. The Huguenots 284. 5; 17 

Presbyterian and Congrega- 

Brim, C. A.. American Presbyterianism. 


Neal,D. History of the Puritans. 2 v.. 285.4-6 

/ell, W. H. and D. Wilson. 
Puritans and pilgrim fathers. 

StO wel I , W. H. and D. Wilson. History of the 
~ ....285.9;10 


Sweden borg, Emanuel. Apocalypse revealed. 
2 v 289.4;l-2 

— Arcana ccelestia. 10 v 289.4;3-12 

— Conjugal love 289.4;13 

— Divine love and wisdom 289.4;14 

— Divine providence 289.4;15 

— Four leading doctrines of the New Church. 


— neaven and hell 289.4;17 

— Miscellaneous theological works 289.4;18 

— The Christian church 289.4;19 

— Compendium of the theological writings of 

of E. Swedenborg 289.4;20 

Other Sects, 

Comba, Emilio. History of the Waldenses of 
Italy 284.4;3 

Stevens, Abel. History of Methodism, v. 1. 


White, Ellen G. Spirit of prophecy. 3 v. 
(Adventist) 289.3;9-ll 

Wylie, J. A. History of the Waldenses. 284.4; 14 




Non-Christian Religions, and Mythology. 


Clarke, James F. Ten great religions. 2 v. 


Dobbins, F. S. Error's chains; how forged and 
how broken 290;8 

Farrar, Fred'k W. Non-Biblical systems of 
religion 290;10 

Fraden burg, J.N. Living religions, or The 
great religions of the Orient 290;11 

Johnson, Samuel. Oriental religions, and their 
relation to universal religion. 3 v. 

v. 1. India 290;14 

v. 2. China 290;15 

v. 3. Persia 290;16 

Mau rice, Frederick D. Religions of the world. 


Pressense, £. de. 'Ancient world and Chris- 
tianity 290;25 

Rawiinson, Geo. Religions of the ancient 
world 290;28 

Comparative and General 

Cox, Geo. W. Manual of mythology — . . .291;4 

Fiske, John. Myths and myth-makers.. 291 ;8 

Gould, S. Baring-Curious myths of the mid- 
dle ages 291;10 

Harley, Timothy. Moon-lore 291;12 

Keary, Charles F. Outlines of primitive 
belief 291;15 

Lang, Andrew. Myth, ritual and religion. 2 v. 

291 ;1 7-1 8 

Mills, Charles D. B. Tree of mythology.. 291; 19 

Murray, Alex. S. Manual of mythology.291;20 

Poor, L. £. Sanscrit and its kindred litera- 
tures; studies in comparative myth- 
ology 291;24 

Vignoli, Tito. Myth and science 29i;30 

Grecian and Roman Mythology. 

*BaId wi n , James. Story of the golden age. 


Bu If inch, Thomas. Age of fable, and beauties 
of mythology 292;4 

*C h u rch , Alfred J. Stories of the old world. 


Cox, Geo. W. Tales of ancient Greece 292;8 

D wight, M. A. Grecian and Roman mythology. 


Gladstone, Wm. £ Juventus mundi..292;18 

"Kings ley, Charles. The heroes, or Greek 
rairy tales for children 292,24 

*Larned Augusta. Old tales retold from 
Grecian mythology 292;26 

*N i ebu h r, Barthold G. Greek hero-stories. 


Rusk in, John. Queen of the air; a study of 
the Greek myths of cloud and storm. 292; 37 

Seeman, O. Mythology of Greece and Rome. 


Teutonic and Northern Mythology 

and Leg en d. 

Anderson, Rasmus B. Norse mythology. 293 ;3 

— Viking tales of the north 293;4 

Anson, W. S. W. Epics and romances of the 
middle ages 293;5 

Baldwin, James. Story of Roland 293;7 

-- Story of Seigfried 293;8 

Bulf inch, Thomas. Age of chivalry 293;10 

— Legends of Charlemagne 293;1 1 

Cox, Geo. W. Popular romances of the mid- 
dle ages 293;13 

Dippold, G. T. Great epics of mediaeval 
Germany 293;15 

Farrington, Margaret V. Tales of King 
Arthur, and his knights of the round table. 

293; 18 

*Heaton, W. Story of Robin Hood 293;24 

K , J. T. Legends of King Arthur. .293;30 

*Keary , Annie and E. Heroes of Aschavd. 


Lanier, Sidney, ed. Boys' King Arthur ; Sir 
Thomas Malory's history 293;34 

Brahminism and Buddhism, 

Barth, Augustus; Religions of India 294; 2 

Chatterii, Mohini M., tr. Bhagavad Gita, 
or The Lord's lay 294;3 

Ed kins, Joseph. Chinese Buddhism 294:4 

Gangooly, J. C. Life and religion of the 
Hindoos 294; 8 




Johnson, Samuel. Oriental religions : India. 


Mull er ? F. Max. Origin and growth of religion. 
as illustrated by the religions of India.294;l4 

— India; what can it teach us V 294; 15 

Other Non-Christian Religions. 

Barclay, J., ed. The Talmud 296;2 

Block, Arthur II., ed. Avesta; the religious 
books of the Farsees 295;2 

Du Bose, H. C. Dragon, image and demon; 
or The three religions of China, Confucian- 
ism, Buddhism and Taoism 299;3 

Ed kins, Joseph. Religion in China: brief ac- 
count of the three religions of China.. 299;5 

Kennedy, J. H. Early day of Mormonism. 

298 ;6 

H istory of the Mormons. (Anon.) 298 ;1 

Parks, Leigh ton. His star in the east; a study 
in the early Aryan religions 299:12 

Sales, Geo., ed. The Koran 297;6 

Smith, Geo. Chaldean account of Genesis. 


Smith, B. B. Mohammed and Mohammed- 
anism 297;7 

Stanley, Arthur P. History of the Jewish 
church. 3 v 296;10-12 

III. Sociology. 

Essays and General Treatises. 

Bascom, John. Sociology 302;2 

Carey, Henry C. Principles of social science. 
3 v 330:10-12 

Gladden. Washington. Applied Christianity; 
moral aspects of social questions 304;5 

Harrison, B. Certain dangerous tendencies in 
American life, and other papers 304;6 

Lorimer, 6. C. Studies in social life 304;10 

Spencer, Herbert. Principles of sociology. 

2 v 192.8;6-7 

— Social statics 192.8;13 

— Study of sociology 192.8;14 

Sumner, Wm. G. Essays in political and 
social science 304;17 

Collected Works — Extracts. 

Adams, John. Works, ed. by C. F. Adams. 

10 v 308;1 v.1-10 

Buchanan, James. Presidential messages. 


Chaplin, J. ed. Chips from the White House; 
selections from the writings of the presi- 
dents 308;10 

Fran k I i n , Benjamin. Complete works; ed . 
by J. Bigelow. 10 v 308;18 v.1-10 

— Select works, with autobiography 308;19 

Galatin, Albert. Writings; ed. by H. Adams. 

3 v 308 ; 20-22 

Garfield, James A. Works; ed. by B. A. 
Hinsdale. 2 v 308;23-24 

Hamilton, Alexander. The federalist. .308;30 

Jefferson, Thomas. Works; ed. by II. A. 
Washington. 9 v 308;34-42 

Seward, Wm. H. Works; ed. by G. E. Baker. 
5v 308;60-64 

Story, Joseph. Miscellaneous writings. .308;65 

Sumner, Charles, ed. Prophetic voices con- 
cerning America 308;83 

— Works. 15 v 308;68-82 

Til den, Samuel J. Public writings and 
speeches; ed by J. Bigelow. 2 v. . .308;86-87 

Washington, Geo. Complete works; ed. by 
W. C. Ford. 14 v 308;100-113 

Webster, Daniel. Works. 6 v 308;92-97 


Keitie, S. S., ed. Statesman's year-book. 2 v, 
1886, 1887 310;10-11 

Malthus, Thomas B. Essay on the principles 
of population 312;10 


Patton, Jacob H. Natural resources of United 
States. 1888 317.3;13 

Peto, S. M. Resources and prospects of 
America. 1866 317.3;14 

U nited States. Census office. 7th census of the 
U. S., 1850 RL 

Conpendium of the 7th census of U. S...RL 

8th census of U. 8., 1860. Agriculture: Man- 
ufactures: Statistics, including mortality, 
population, &c. 4 v RL 

9th census of the U. S., 1870. Population: 

Vital statistics: Industry and wealth. 3 v. 


10th census of U. S., 1880. v. 1, Statistics of 

population, v. 2, Manufactures, v. 3, Agri- 
culture, v. 4, Transportation, v. 6-6, 
Cotton production, v. 7, Valuation, taxa- 
tion and public indebtedness, v. 8, Special 
reports on newspapers and periodicals : 
Industries and resources of Alaska: Seal 
islands of Alaska: Shipbuilding industry 
of U. S. v. 9, Forest trees of N. America, 
v. 11-12, Vital statistics, v. 13, Precious 
metals, v. 14, Mining laws. v. 15, Mining 
statistics, v. 16-17, Water-power of the 
U. S. v. 18-19, Social statistics, v. 20, 
Statistics of wages, necessaries of life, 
societies, strikes and lockouts, v. 21 , Report 
on defective, dependant and delinquent 
classes of the U. S. v. 22, Power and 
machinery employed in manufactures, also 
report on the ice industry of the U. S..R. L 

Same. (Special monographs). Oyster in- 
dustry R L 

Same. (Bulletin). Cotton production of 

Louisiana R L 

Same. (Bulletin.) Fire-arms and ammuni- 
tion RL 

Same. (Bulletin.) Water-power of south- 
ern Atlantic water-shed R L 

Compendium of 10 census. 2 v RL 




Political Science. 

In General. 

Bagehot, Walter. Physics and politics. .320.4;3 

Cooper, Peter. Ideas for a science of good 
government 32!0.4;5 

Freeman, Edward A. Comparative politics. 


Laylor, John J., ed. Cyclopedia of political 
science, political economy and political 
history of U. S. 3 v R L320.3;4-6 

Lowell, James R. Political essays — 320.4; 16 

Standard cyclopedia of political knowledge. 
(Anon.) 4 v 320.3;10-13 

Forms of State. 

Coulanges, The ancient city — 321 ;4 

Maine, Henry S. Early history of institu- 
tions 321;10 

Townsend, Geo. A. New world compared with 
the old 321;15 

Republican Form of State. 

Bryce, James. American commonwealth. 1888. 
2 v 321.8;l-2 

Adams. Sir Francis O. andC. D. Cunningham. 
Swiss confederation. 1889 321.8;4 

Draper, John W. Thoughts on the future 
civil policy of America 321. 8;5 

FIske, John. American political ideas. .321. 8 ;7 

Hurd, J. C. Theory of our national existence. 


Lieber, Francis. Civil liberty and self-govern- 
ment 321.8;14 

Maine, Henry S. Popular government.. 321 .8; 16 

Mulford, Elisha. The nation 321.8;18 

Thompson, Joseph P. United States as a 
nation 321.8;26 

Tocqueville, A. de. American institutions. 


— Democracy in the United States. 2 v . 321 .8;29-30 

Wilson, W. Congressional government. 


Church and State, 

Schaff, Philip. Church and state in the 
United States 322;14 

Thompson, Joseph P. Church and state in 
the United 8tates 322;16 

— The Papacy and the civil power 322;17 

Immigration and Suffrage. 

Con well, R. II. How and why the Chinese 
emigrate 325.7;33 

Seward, G. F. Chinese immigration. 325. 73; 10 

Ivins, Wm. M. Machine politics, and money 
in elections in New York city 324.73;12 

La w ton, Geo. W. American caucus system. 


O' N ei I , C. A. American electoral system. 



Barnes, Albert. Church and slavery. 1837.261 ;3 

Blake, W. O. History of slavery, and the 
slave-trade 326.9;2 

Cochin, P. S. A. Results of slavery 326.4;4 

— Results of emancipation 326.4 ;5 

Conway, Moncure D. Rejected stone, or In- 
surrection vs. resurrection in America. 
1862 326.4;6 

Dred Scott decision 326.7;1 

Helper, H. R. Impending crisis of the south. 
1860 326.4;10 

Williams, Geo. W. History of negro race in 
America 326.9; 13 

Wilson, Henry. History of anti-slavery mea- 
sures in congress 326.9;14 

— History of rise and fall of the slave-power ,in 

America. 3 v 326.9;16-17 

Foreign Relations. 

Un ited States. 

I nter-ocean ic canal, and the Monroe doctrine. 
(Anon.) 327.73;5 

Isham, Charles. Fishery question 327.73;9 

Jay, John. Fisheries dispute 327.73;10 

Tucker, G. F. Monroe doctrine 327.73;12 

United States. Papers relating to foreign re- 
lations of United States, transmitted to 
congress, with the president's message. R L 

Berlin arbitration. 1872-73 R L 

Geneva arbitration. 4 v. 1872-73 R L 

Legislative Bodies. 

English Parliament. 

Anderson , D. Scenes in the Commons. 


Gneist, B. English parliament and its transfor- 
mation 328.42;4 




Jennings, G. H. Anecdote history of parlia- 
ment 328.42;6 

Lucy, Henry W. Diary of two parliaments. 2 v. 
y. 1 , Disraeli parliament, 1874-80; v. 2, Glad- 
stone parliament, 1880-85 328.42;8-9 

Skottowe, B. C. Short history of parliament 


Congress of United States. 

Barnes, W. H. History of the 39th congress. 


Benton, Thomas H. Thirty years' view. (1820- 
50.) 2 v 328.73;5-6 

Blaine, James G. Twenty years of congress. 
(1860^80.) 2 v 328.73;7-8 

Johnson, A. History of American politics. 


McPherson, Edward. Hand-book of politics 
for 1888; a record of important political 
action 328.73;17 

Wiiliams, E., ed. Statesman's manual. 4 v. 
v. 2 missing 328.73,20-22 

United States Congress. Annals of congress. 
1789-1824. 42 v R L 

— Congressional debates. 1824-1837. 27v...RL 

— Congressional globe ; containing sketches of 

the debates and proceedings of congress. 


— Congressional record; containing proceedings 

and debates of congress RL 

— Niles weekly register; containing political, 

historical, geog., &c., documents 1812-1848. 
73 v RL 

— American State papers; documents legislative 

and executive of congress of U. S. 1789- 
1833. 26 v R L 

Parliamentary Law. 

Clashing, L. S. Law and practice of legisla- 
tive assemblies 328. 1;3 

Finger-post to public business. (Anon.) 

328.1 ;6 

J eff erso n , Thomas. Manual of parliamentary 
practice 328.1;9 

— Manual and Barclay's digest 328.1; 10 

Payne, F. M. Rules of order 328.1;13 

Roberts, H. M. Rules of order for deliberative 
assemblies 328.1 ;14 

Political Parties. 

United States. 

Bloom , S. S. Why we are Democrats. . .329.3;2 

Cooper, Thomas V. American politics, (non- 
partisan 329;2 

Hail,B. F. Republican party and its candi- 
dates. 1866 329.6;3 

Houghton, W. R. Conspectus of history of 
political parties R L 

Patton , J. H. Democratic party 329.3 ;6 

Smailey Eugene. Brief history of Republican 
party. 1888 329.6;10 

Stan wood, E. History of presidential elec- 
tions 329;10 

Young, Andrew W. American statesman. 


Political Economy. 

In General. 

About, Edmond. Hand-book of social economy. 


Atkinson, E. Distribution of products.. 330;3 

Bagehot, Walter. Postulates of English 
political economy 330;4 

Bastiat, Frederic. Harmonies of political 
economy 330;5 

Bowker, R. R. Economics for the people. 


Carey, Henry C. Principles of social science. 
3 v 330;10-12 

Cairnes, J. E. Character and logical methods 
of political economy 330; 14 

Dawson, . Wealth of households. .330;18 

George, Henry. Progress and poverty. .330;22 
Greeley, Horace. Political economy... 330;23 
Kn Ight, C. Knowledge is power 330;28 

Laughlin, J. L. Study of political economy. 


Mill, John Stuart. Political economy. 2 v. 


Newcomb, Simon. Principles of political 
economy 330;37 

Rose her, Wm. Principles of political economy. 
2 v. 380;484t 

Ruskin, John. Crown of wild olives — 330;47 




Smith, Adam. Wealth of nations 330;50 

Smith, R. H. science of business 330;51 

Sturtevant, J. M. Economics, or The science 
of wealth 330;54 

Thompson, Robert £. Social science and 
national economy 330.58 

Tolstoi, Lyof N., Count What to do? thoughts 
evoked by the census of Moscow 330;59 

Walker, Amasa. Science of wealth 330;62 

Wayland, Francis. Elements of political 
economy 330;65 

Wells, David A. Practical economics.. .330;66 

Capital and Labor. 

Atk i n so n , Edward. Labor and capital allies, 
not enemies. (Harper's half -hour ser.) 

881.1 ;2 

Brassey , Sir Thomas. On work and wages. 

331 ;3 

Cad man, H. W. Christian unity of capital 
and labor 331.1;5 

Cook, Joseph. Labor. (Boat. Monday lectures.) 

331 ;6 

Ely, Richard. Labor movement in America. 

331 ;8 

Gi I man, Nicholas P. Profit-sharing between 
employer and employee; a studv in the evo- 
lution of the wages system 331. 2;5 

Gunton ; George. Wealth and progress; a 
critical examination of the labor problem. 


Lamed. J. N. Talks about labor 331; 12 

Newcomb, Simon. Plain man's talk on the 
labor problem 331;14 

Proudhon, P. J. What is property V. . .331;16 

Rogers, J. E. T. Six centuries of work and 
wages 331;17 

Richardson, Charles. Large fortunes, or 
Christianity and the labor problem. .331; 18 

Scudder, M. L. Labor-value fallacy. . .331;20 

Wood. Henry. Natural law in the business 
world 331;23 

Young, Edward. Labor in Europe and 
America 331;25 

— Labor and capital: investigations of the senate 
committee R L 

Money, Banks, &c. 

Bancroft, George. Plea for the constitution of 
United States 832.5;3 

Col well, Stephen. Ways and means of pay- 
ment; a full analysis of the credit system. 


Fowler, William W. Ten years in Wall street. 


— Twenty years in Wall street 332.6;5 

Jevons, W. S. Money and the mechanism of 
exchange 332; 10 

Laughiin, J. L. History of bimetalism in the 
United States 332.4;5 

Linderman, H. ft. Money and legal tender. 


McAdam, Graham. Alphabet of finance. 


M cC u 1 1 oc h , J. R. Metallic and paper money, 
and banks 332; 15 

Poor, Henry V. Money and its laws 332;20 

— Resumption and the money question. . .332.4;8 

Rae, George. Country banker; his clients, 
cares and work 332. 1;4 

Royal. W. L. Andrew Jackson, and the bank 
of the United States 332.1;6 

Sumner, Wm. G. History of American cur- 
rency 332.5;14 

Walker, Amasa. Our national currency, and 
the money problem 332.5; 18 

Walker, Francis A. Money 332;27 

Wells, David A. Robinson Crusoe's money. 



Adams, Herbert B., ed. History of co-opera- 
tion in the United States 334 ;1 

Dexter, Seymour. Treatise on co-operative 
savings and loan associations 334;3 

Holyoke, G. J. Manual of co-operation. .334;6 

Socialism and Communism. 

Cook, Joseph. Socialism. (Bost. Monday 
lectures.) 336;4 

Hitchcock, Roswell D. Socialism 336;8 

Mallock, William H. Social equality. . . .335; 12 

Nordhoff, Charles. Communistic societies of 
the United States 336.9;4 

Noyes, J. H. History of American socialism. 


Rae, John. Contemporary socialism 335; 18 

Woolsey, Theodore D. Communism and 
socialism 336;22 





Bolles, Albert S. Financial history of the 
U. S. 3 v 336.73:4-6 

Burhans, J. A. Law of municipal bonds. 


Burroughs, W. Treatise on the law of pub- 
he securities 336.3;1 

Ely, Rich. T. Problems of to-dajr; a discussion 
of protective tariffs, taxation and mon- 
opolies 336.2;4 

— Taxation in American states and cities. 

336 .2;5 

Gouge, Wm. M. Fiscal history of Texas. 


Kearney, J. W. Sketch of American finances. 


Protection and Free Trade. 

Bast i at, Frederic. Sophisms of the protec- 
tionists 337.2;3 

Butts, J. Protection and free trade 337.2;5 

Cleveland, Grover and others. Taxation and 
revenue discussed. (President Cleveland's 
message, December, 1887, and papers by J. 
G. Blaine, II. Watterson and G. F. Ed- 
munds.) 337;4 

Fawcett, Henry. Free trade and protection. 


Mongredien, A. History of the free trade 
movement in England 337.2; 11 

Roberts, Ellis H. Government revenue; ap 
argument for industrial freedom against 
the fallacies of free trade 337.3; 12 

Schoenhoff, J. Industrial situation 'and 
question of wages .337. 2; 18 

Shaw, Albert, ed. National revenues; a collec- 
tion of papers by American economists. 


Stebbins, Giles B. American protectionist's 
manual 337.3;14 

Sumner, Wm. G. Protectionism 337.2;20 

— Protectionism in the U. S 337.2;21 

Taussig, Frank W. History of the present 
tariff 337.2;23 

— Protection to young industries 337.2;24 

Taylor, Edward. Is protection a benefit? a 
plea for the negative 337.2;27 

Terrell, W. G., ed. An appeal to the Ameri- 
can people as a jury; speeches on the tariff 
in the U. 8. House of representatives, April 
1 7— May 19, 1888 337;14 

Thompson, R. W. History of the protective 
tariff 337-3;18 

Walter, E. What is free trade ? 837.2;30 

Wells, David A. Why we trade, and how we 
trade 337.2;32 


In General. 

Abbott, Benjamin V. Judge and jury. . .347;1 
*— Travelling law-school, and famous trials. 347 ;2 

Amos, Sheldon. Science of law 340. 1;2 

♦Dole, E. P. Talks about law 347;5 

EwelL M. D. Essentials of law; a review of 
Blackstone's commentaries 347.6 

Lea, Henry C. Superstition and force. . .340.3;8 

Maine, Henry S. Ancient law 340.3; 10 

Moak, N. C. Report of cases decided by Eng- 
lish courts, v. 26 346.4; 1 

Spencer, Edgar A. Hints from a lawyer. 


Legal Anecdotes. 

Foote, H. S. Bench and bar of south and 
southwest 340.9;4 

Moncreiff, F. C. Wit and wisdom of the 
bench and bar 340.9;8 

O' Flanagan, J. R. The Irish bar 340.9;10 

International Law. 

Cushing, Caleb. Treaty of Washington. 1871. 

341 .2;3 

Davis, Geo. B. Outlines of international law. 

341 ;4 

Gallaudet, £. M. Manual of international 
law 341;6 

Ham I (ton , Alex, and James Madison. Letters 
of Pacificus and Helvidius on the proclama- 
tion of neutrality of 1793 34l.3;6 

Levi, Leone. International law 341 ;9 

Maine, Henry S. International law 341 ;11 

Woolsey. Theodore D. Study of interna- 
tional law 341 ;14 




Constitutional Law and History 

United States. 

Bancroft, George. History of the constitution 
of United States. 2 v 242.739;4-5 

Chittenden, L. G. Report of debates, &c., 
in secret session of conference convention, 
for the amendment of the constitution. 


Classon, A. W. Seven conventions. .342. 732 ;4 

Curtis. Geo. T. History of origin, &c., of con- 
stitution of United States. 2 v. . 342.739;8-9 

Elliot. Jonathan. Debates on adoption of 
the constitution of United States. 5 v. 


Fisher, Sidney G. Trial of the constitution. 


Hickey, W. Constitution of United States, 
and analysis of the declaration of indepen- 
dence 342.731;5 

Hitchcock, Henry. American state consti- 
tutions 342.739;17 

Poore, Ben. Perley, ed. Federal and state 
constitutions, colonial charters, &c. 2 v. 


Preston, Howard W. Documents, illustra- 
tive of American history 342.731 ;14 


Sterne. Simon. Constitutional history and 
political development of the U. S.342.739;26 

Story, Joseph. Exposition of the constitution 
of United States 342.739;27 

Towle, Nathaniel C. History and analysis of 
the constitution of the U . 8 342.739;29 

Whiting, William. War power under the con- 
stitution 342.739;32 

Great Br it tan. 

Bagehot, Walter. English constitution and 
other political essays 342.424;3 

Creasy, Sir Edward S. Rise and progress of 
English constitution 342.429;4 

DeLoime, John L. Constitution of England. 


Gneist, B. History of English constitution. 
2 v 342.429;9-10 

Hal lam, Henry. Constitutional history of 
England 942;27 

Langmead, Thomas P. Taswell-. English 
constitutional history, from the Teutonic 
conquest to the present time 342.429; 18 

May, Thomas E. Constitutional history of Eng- 
land since the accession of George III. 
(1760-1860). 2 v 942.07;36-37 

Stubbs, Wm. Constitutional history of 
England. 3 v 342.429^6-28 

— Select charters, illustrative of English con- 

stitutional history 342.429;29 

Other Countries. 

Curry, J. L. M. Constitutional government in 
Spain 342.469;3 

Turner, Samuel E. Sketch of the Germanic 
constitution 342.439;10 

Tighe, A. Development of Roman constitu- 
tion 342.379;3 

Criminal Law and Trials. 

— Trial of the assassins of Abraham Lincoln. 


United States Statutes. 

Howell's A., compiler. Statutes of Michigan. 
2 v 345;6-7 

Stimson, F. J. American statute law. .345;14 


Civil Service- 

Com stock, J. M. Civil service in the United 
States 361.3;1 

Eaton, Dorman B. Civil service in Great 
Britain 351.6;3 

United States. Civil service commission, 3d annual 
report. 1886 R L 

United States Government. 

Civil Government 
Dawes, Anna L. How we are governed. 363;8 

Ford, Worthington C. American citizen's 
manual 363;12 

Lam phi ere, Geo. N. United States govern- 
ment 353,22 

Macy Jesse. Our govornment 363;26 

Mo wry, William A. Studies in civil govern- 
ment 363;29 

Nordhoffj Charles. Politics for young 
Americans 353;32 

Northam, H. C. Manual of civil government. 





True, M. B. C. and John W. Dickinson. Our 
republic; a text book upon the civil govern- 
ment of the U. S 353;42 

State Government 

Brown, Charles R. Government of Michigan. 


— Government of Ohio 363.977;2 

Municipal Government. 

Kalamazoo Village. Charter and ordinances. 
1873 RL.352.K;1 

— Concise history of fire and water department 

1843-81 RL.352.K;2 

— Annual reports. 1874-1884 R L.352.K;4 

— Report of sewerage commission. 1879 R L 

Kalamazoo City. Charter and ordinances. 
1886-88 ;RL.362.K;3 

— Annual reports. 1886-89 R L.362.K;6 

Goverment of Great Britain. 

Buckland, Anna. Our national institutions. 


Ewald, Alex C. Crown and its advisers. 


The Army and Navy. 

Greene, F. V. Sketches of army life in 
Russia 366.;6 

Hazen.W. B. School and army in Germany 
and France 355;6 

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365. ;24 

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United States. Secretary of war. Annual 
reports R L 

— Secretary of the navy. Annual reports R L 

— Corps of engineers. V. 8. Army. Annual 

reports. 1879-88 R l> 

Associations and Institutions. 

Charitable and Reformatory- 

Michigan, State board of charities and corrections. 
Annual report. 1876-76 364;1 

National conference of charities and correc- 
tions. Proceedings of ninth and tenth 
annual conferences 364;4 

May hew, Henry. Criminal prisons of London. 


Wines, Enoch C. State of prisons, and child- 
saving institutions in the civilized world. 


Social Clubs. 

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Philosophy, Theories. 

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Circulars of information. 1873, 1875, 1877, 

1880-88 RL 

Mich! gan . Superintendent of public instruction. 
Annual reports for 1873, 1874, 1876, 1880, 
1882, 1883 R L 




Essays and Lectures. 

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of education . : 370.4;15 

— Lectures on the science and art of education. 


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Education, v 1-11. 1881-89 370.5E;1-11 

History of Education. 

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States 370.9;1 

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theories 370.9;2 

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Tr. by W. H. Payne 370.9;4 

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Teachers and Methods. 

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and ends 371;3. 

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nal study in the historical sciences. 371. 37 ;5 

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teaching 371;11 

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phy 371.3;6 

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371 ;13 

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(Mr. Alcott's) 371.58;1 

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teaching 371 ;19 

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story of the deaf 371.92;6 

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Systems of Education. 

Ma nual Training. 

Gilman , D. C. Plea for training of the hand, &c. 


Ham, C. H. Manual training 371.42;6 

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Love, Samuel G. Industrial education. 


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France BL 

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gartners 371.46;12 

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School Hygiene. 

Farquharson, Robert. School hygiene and 
diseases incidental to school life 371. 7;5 

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(Am. health primers.) 371.7;10 

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school hygiene 371.7;16 

Self Education. 

Clarke , James Freeman. Self-culture 374:3 

Eggl esto n , Geo. Cary. How to educate yourself 
with or without masters. In American 
home-book 640;15 




Hale, Edward E. How to do it 374;7 

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Mathias, G. H. D. En avant, messieurs. 374; 12 
Mo wry, Wm. A. Talks with my boys. . .374;13 
Munger, Theodore T. On the threshold. 374;14 

Vincent, John H. Chautauqua movement. 


Education of Women. 

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girls 376;2 

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— Sex in education 376;4 

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especial reference to female education in 
England. 1844 376;12 

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daughters 376;15 

Colleges and Universities, 

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the University of Virginia. Circ. of infor- 
mation No. 1. 1888 R L 

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sities of Germany 378.43$ 

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Carolina. Circ. of Information No. 2. 



Thwing, C. F. American colleges — 378.73;14 


Dickenson, Anna. Paying investment. 379;4 

Tourgree, Albion W. An appeal to Caesar. 


Commerce and Communication. 

Post Office and Telegraph. 

Comstock, Anthony. Frauds exposed. .883;2 

Field, Henry M. History of Atlantic telegraph. 


Holbrook, T. Among the mail-bags 383; 4 

United States. PostmasUr-general. Annual 
reports R L. 


Adams, Charles F. Railroads; their origin and 
problems 385;1 

Dos Passos, J. R. Interstate commerce act. 


Fl i nt, H. M. Railroads of United States. . 385;- 

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railways 385;12 

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the U. S. 1873-4, 1876-7, 1881-86. 7 v. 


— Directory of railway officials and railroad 
directors, 1886 R.886;30 

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v. 4. Report on the agencies of transpor- 
tation in the U. S BL 

Customs and Costumes. 

Brand, John. Observations on popular anti- 
quities R L.394;3 

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of the middle ages 390;3 

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Edwards, Charles. History and poetry of 
finger-rings 391 ;6 

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customs 390;6 

Flower, William H. Fashion in deformity. 

391 ;8 

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(Gentleman's mag. lib.) 394;9 




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toms, ceremonies, &c 894;10 

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the middle ages. (XIV century.).. . .394; 13 

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tion of singular races of man 390,20 

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and development 392;17 

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people of England 394;20 

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family; an historical and social study. 392; 19 

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Wood , John G. Uncivilized races of the world. 
2 v 390 ;24-25 


Good form in England. (Anon.) 895;1 

Habits of good society. (Anon.) 395;2 

Lad ies ' hand-book of etiquette. (Anon.) . 395;3 

Hall, Florence H. Social customs 395;8 

Sherwood, Mrs. John. Manners and social 
usages 396;16 

Ward, Harrietta O. Sensible etiquette of the 
best society 395;20 

Woman' 8 Position and Treatment. 

Adams, William H. D. Woman's work and 
worth 396;1 

Bushnell, Horace. Woman's suffrage. 396.3;3 

Cam pbel I , Helen. Prisoners of poverty . 396.5;3 

— Prisoners of poverty abroad 396.6;4 

Child, Lydia M. History of women. 2 v. 396. 4-5 

Dal I, Caroline H. Historical pictures re- 
touched 396;7 

Dodge, Mary A. (QaU Hamilton.) New at- 
mosphere 396.1 ;4 

— Woman's worth and wortblessness 396; 1;6 

— Woman's wrongs 396.1;6 

H Iffgl nson , Thomas W. Common sense about 
women 896.1;10 

Uvermore. Mary A. What shall we do with 
oar daughters ? «96.1;14 

Manson, G. J. Work for women 396.5;14 

Mill, John S. Subjection of women. . . .396.3;14 

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woman's work in the world 396;16 

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century 396;18 

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woman's suffrage. 3 v 396.3;20-22 

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Europe 396;21 

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men : and Men, women and money, by F. 
Allison 896;22 


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Folk-lore Proverbs, <&c 

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tions of the sea and sailors 399.2;2 

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meaning 398.4;3 

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phrases of all ages. 2 v 398.9;2-3 

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the Norse 398.4 ;5 

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— Folk-lore of plants 398.3:4 

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old plantation 398.8;7 

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New England 398.2;9 

McAnally, D. R. Irish wonders 398.4; 13 

Customs of War. 
Bo ute 1 1 , Charles. Arms and armour . 


Demmin, Auguste. History of arms and 
armour 899;4 

IV. Philology. 

Science of Language. 

Farrar, Frederick W. Language and lan- 
guages 401;6 

Muller, F. Max. Essays, chiefly on the science 
language. In his Chips from a German 
workshop, v. 4 834.8;14 

Muller, F. Max. — Continued. 

— Lectures on the science of language. 2 v. 


— Science of thought. 2 v 401;12-13 

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of language 401;20 

— Life and growth of language 401 ;21 

English Language. 

General Works. 

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Marsh, Geo. P. Origin and history of the 
English language 420.9; 1 

OliphantT. L. K. Sources of standard Eng- 
lish 422;4 

Swinton, Wm. Rambles among words. .422; 7 

Trench, Rich. C. On the study of words.. 422;8 
— English, past and present 420.4;14 

Dictionaries and Synonyms. 

Encyclopaedic dictionary; with a full account 
of the origin, meaning, pronunciation and 
use of all the words in the English lan- 
guage. 14 v RL 

Webster, Noah. American dictionary of 
the English language R L 

Abridged R L 

Pictorial R L 

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English language, with supplement. ..RL 

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Fallows, Samuel. Synonyms and antonyms. 


Roget, Peter M. Thesaurus of English words 
and phrases 424;8 

Whately. Rich. English synonyms discrimi- 
nated 424,16 

Dialects and Use of Words. 

Bartlett, John R. Dictionary of Americanisms. 


A If or d, Henry. Dean of Canterbury. Queen's 
English: a manual of idiom and usage. 


Moon, Geo. W. Dean's English; a criticism on 
the Dean of Canterbury's essay on the 
queen's English 428.3;2 

Helps to speak and write correctly 428.3;4 

Long, J. H. Slips of tongue and pen. . .428.3;7 

Matthews, Wm. Words; their use and abuse. 


White, Richard G. Words and their uses, past 
and present 428.3;12 

— Every-day English; a sequel to Words and 
their uses. 428.3;13 

Other Languages. 

Dictionaries, <6c. 

Adler, G. J. German and English dictionary. 


Lewis, C. T. New Latin-English dictionary. 


Liddeil, Geo. and R. Scott. Greek-English 
dictionary 483;4 

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dictionary; enlarged and revised by G. F. 
Quackenbos 443;4 

LI n d e rf elt, Klas A. Volapuk: an easy method 
of acquiring the universal language. 408.9;6 

V. Natural Science. 

General Works. 

*Bert, Paul. First steps in scientific knowledge. 


Gaye, Selina. The world's lumber room. .502;7 

Good, J. M. Book of nature. 1853 502;8 

Goodrich, Samuel G. Glance at the sciences. 


— World and its inhabitants 5G2;10 

♦Hooker, W. Child's book of nature. . .502.13 

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of a physical description of the universe. 
1849. 5 v 502;15-19 

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tory, ed. for boys and girls by J. S. White. 


Pouchet, Felix A. The Universe .502;27 

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and enlarged by H. Medlock. 1854.. .502;31 

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modern physics 501;10 

That's it, or Plain teaching; an encyclopedia 
of information. 1860 .502;33 

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inventions anticipated by nature 502;36 

Essays and Lectures. 

Allen, Grant. Common sense science 504;2 

•Buckley Arabella B. Fairy-land of science. 


Carpenter, Wm. B. Nature and man; essays, 
scientific and philosophical. 1888 504;8 

Clifford, Wm. K. Lectures and essays. 2 v. 


Cooke, Josiah P. Scientific culture, and other 
essays 504;14 

Dallas, W. S. and others. Short studies from 
nature 504;18 

Fiske, John. Darwinism, and other essays. 


— Excursions of an evolutionist 814.4;33 

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on scientific subjects. 2. v 504,31-32 

Hershel, S*r John F. W. Familiar lectures 
on scientific subjects 504;34 

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essays 504;37 

Hunt, Robert. Poetry of science, or Studies 
of the physical phenomena of nature.504;36 

Huxley. Thomas H. Lay-sermons, addresses 
and reviews 504;40 

— Science and culture, and other essays. . .504;41 

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science and art. 1859. 2 v 504;50-51 

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Peirce, Benj. Ideality in the physical sciences. 


Procter, Rich. A. Border-land of science. 


— Light science for leisure hours 504;70 

— Pleasant ways in science 504;71 

— Science by-ways 504;72 

— Universe of suns, and other science gleanings. 


Scheie de Vere, M. Stray leaves from the 
book of nature 504;80 

— Wonders of the deep 504;81 

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Williams, W. M. Science in short chapters. 


Winched, Alex. Sparks from a geologist's 
hammer 504;95 


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American naturalist, v. 12-16, 1879-83. 


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• and W. J. Youmans. v. 6-7; 14-34. 1875, 

1879-89 505.P;6-34 

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Science, v. 9-10. 1887 505.8;9-10 

Collected Works, Polygraphy. 

Agassiz, Louis and others. Tribune popular 
science 508;1 

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popular science. 2v 608;6-7 




Rawlf nson , Geo. and others. World's cyclope- 
dia of science 608;12 

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4 v 608;13-10 

Ti ssan d i e r , G. Popular scientific recreations. 


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B L.508;2O-23 


•Ballard, Harlem H. Three kingdoms; hand- 
book of Agassiz association 606;3 

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the board of regents for 1854, 1865, 1857, 
1858, 1860-1885. 32 v B L 

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3,4 BL 

History of Scienqe. 

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science 609;3 

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science 509;10 

Whewell, Wm. History of the inductive 
sciences from the earliest to the present 
time. 2 v .609;16-16 


Ball, Walter W. B. Short nccount of the 
history of mathematics 510.9;3 


In General. 

Herschel, Sir John F. W. Outlines of astron- 
omy 520.2;4 

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present. 1878 520.9;8 

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ceeded by a sketch of the life and work of 
Sir John Herschel. 1872 520.4;9 

— Expanse of heaven; essays on the wonders of 

the firmament. 1874 520.4;10 

— Myths and marvels of astronomy. 1877 . 520.4;1 1 

— Orbs around us. 1872 520.4;12 

— Our place among the infinities; essays con- 

trasting our little abode in time and space, 
with the infinities around us. 1876.. 520.4; 14 

— Poetry of astronomy : essays suggesting 

thoughts respecting infinities of time and 
space, &c. 1881 620.4;15 

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tronomy. 1888 520.2;16 

Practical and Spherical. 

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practical astronomy. 1808. 2 v 522;5-6 

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astronomy. 1875 522;12 


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— Practical astronomer. In his Works.820.8;12 

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(Lib. of wonders.) 1874, 628;11 

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*— Sun, moon and stars 523; 14 

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book of popular astronomy. 1868 528;] 6 

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1888 628;28 

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220.86; 13 

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— Popular astronomy 623;26 

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or What Harry and Nellie discovered in 
the heavens J M.625 

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Steele, J. D. Fourteen weeks in descriptive 
astronomy 528;34 

Warren, H. W. Becreations in astronomy. 


The Universe. 

H itchcock , Edward. The plurality of worlds. 





Prootef, Rich. A. Other worlds than ours; 
the plurality of worlds, studied under the 
light of recent scientific researches. 


Wlnchdll, Alex. World-life, or Comparative 
geotogy; (a view of the processes of world 
formation, world growth and world deca- 
denOe.) 523.1;14 

Sun and Moon. 

Guillemih, A. V. Wonders of the moon. 
(Lib. of wonders.) 523.3;3 

— Wonders of the sun. (Lib. of wonders. ).528.7;4 

Kedzie, J. H. Sun-heat, gravitation and sun- 
spots. 1888 528.7;6 

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sa. set.) 523;7;9 

Constellations, Maps, <6c. 

Bo wen 9 E. A. Astronomy by observation. 


H i 1 1 , B. Start and constellations 523.8;8 

Proctor, Rich. A. Easy star lessons. . .523,8;18 

— Half hours with the stars 523.8;19 

— Half hours with the telescope 523.8;20 

— Sun-views of the earth 523.8;21 

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glass. 1888 523.8;26 


GIIIlss. J. M. Observations to determine the 
solar parallax. (U. S astron. exped.). .R L 

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Venus Dec. 8-9, 1874, made under the di- 
rection of com. of congress R L 

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?ical observation made during the year 
881, at U. S. naval observatory BL 

Rowan, S. C. Astronomical and meteorological 
observations made during the year 1882, 
at the U. S. naval observatory R L 

Shufeldt, R W. Observations made at the 
U. S. naval observatory during the year 
1883 RL 


In General. 

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. nature. 1867 530.1;1 

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philosophy. 1877% 580.2;3 

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scientific knowledge 502;3 

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philosophy. 1849 530.2;6 

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on natural philosophy. 1878. 4 v. 

v. 1. Mechanics, hydrostatics, pneumatics. 


v. 2. Heat 530.2;10 

v. 8. Electricity and magnetism. .530.2; 11 

v. 4. Sound and light 630.2; 12 

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experimental contributions to a knowledge 
of radiant energy. 1878 530.4;5 

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phy. (1760.) 2 v 530.2;16-17 

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forces. 1860 680.4;7 

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— Cyclopedic science simplified. 1869. . . .580;2.28 

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tricity 680.2;82 

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physical science. 1876 630.4; 15 

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tricity. 1871 630.4;17 


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531. 8; 1 

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1876 581.6;6 

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servation of forces. 1876 581.6;10 

Pneumatics and Accoustics. 

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history of balloons and balloon voyages. 
(Lib. of wonders.) 1874 633.6;1 

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music 584;3 

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ments in the phenomena of sound. 1878. 





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(Lib. of wonders.) 634;14 

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1871 535;1 

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1878 535;4 

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principles of monocular and binocular 
vision. 1881 535.7;1 

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applications. 1873 535.8;4 

— Studies in spectrum analysis 535.8;5 

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a general account of physical optics. 1876. 

535; 12 

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ders.) 1875 .535;14 

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of simple experiments in the phenomena of 
light. 1877 535;15 

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1874 535.5;1 

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photography 771;10 


*Abbott, Jacob. Heat. (Science for the young.) 
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637.81; 14-15 




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In General. 

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In General. 

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Collectors Manuals. 

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In General. 

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Physiological and Structural 


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581 .3;4 

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Report of expedition R L 




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In General. 

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Habits and Behaviour. 

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*— Queer pets at Marcy's 691.5;37 




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I n s in ct and Reason. 

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Geographical Distribution of 


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Wal I ace , Alf red.R. Geographical distribution 
of animals. 2 v 591.9;11-12 

— Island life; or Phenomena and causes of insu- 

lar faunas and floras 591.9;13 

Special Localities. 

White, Gilbert. Natural history of Selborne. 

591 .5;50 

Turner, L. M. Contributions to the natural 
history of Alaska . RL 

Nelson, E. W. Report on natural history 
collections made in Alaska between 1877- 
1881 RL 

United States. Pacific railroad surveys. Re- 
ports on the zoology of Pacific railroad 
routes. In Report of the survey, v. 2. 


— Mexican boundary survey. Zoology of the 

boundary. In Report of survey, v. 2. 

R L 

— Naval astronomical expedition. Zoology of 

Chili. In Report of the exped. v. 2.R L 

— 8tansburu'8 expedition to Great Salt Lake. Zoology. 

In Report of exped. 1855. 

Animal Life of the Sea. 

Agassiz, E. C. and Alex. Seaside studies in 
natural history; marine animals of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay 591.92;1 

Damon, Wm. £. Ocean wonders 59l.92;5 

Emerton, J. H. Life on the sea-shore, or, 
Animals on our coasts and bays. . .591.92;7 

Figuer, G. Louis. Ocean world 591.92;9 

Holder, C. F. Living lights; a popular account 
of phosphorescent animals and vegetables. 


Houghton, W. Sea-side walks of a naturalist. 


Kingsley, Charles. Glaucus, or The wonders 
of the shore 591.92;17 

Tandon, Moquin. World of the sea..591.92;26 


Agassiz, E. C. and A. Seaside studies in 
natural historv; radiates 591.92;1 

Beneden, O. J. van. Animal parasites and 
messmates. (Internat. sci. ser.) — 591.69;1 

"Buckley, Arabella. Life and her children; 
glimpses of animal life from amoeba to 
insects • 592;3 

Darwin, Charles R. Formation of vegetable 
mould through the action of worms. 595. 1;3 

Romanes, G. J. Jelly-fish, star-fish and sea- 
urchins. (Internat. sci. ser.) 593.2;6 

*Tenney, Mrs. S. Sea stars, jelly-fishes, &c. 


*— Sea, land and water shells 594;8 

Tryon, Geo. W. Structural and systematic 
conchology 594;10 

Woodward, S. P. Manual of the moll usca, 
a treatise of recent and fossil shells. 594;14 


*Ballard, Julia P. Insect lives, or Born in 
prison 595.7;3 

*Bamford, Mary E. Up and down the brooks. 


Bruyssel, E. von. Population of an old pear- 
tree 595. 7;5 

*Conant, HelenS. Butterfly-hunters.. 595.77;4 
Figuer, G. Louis. Insect world 595.7;10 

French, G. H. Butterflies of eastern U. S. 


Humphreys, H. N. Genera of British moths. 


Kerby , W. and W. Spence. Introduction to en- 
tomology 595.7;14 

Leconte, J. S. Classification of coleoptera of 
North America. (Smithsonian misc. col- 
lections.) 595.75;4 

Lubbock, Sir John. Ants, bees and wasps. 
(Internat. sci. ser.) 595.78;4 




Michelet, Jules. The insect 595.7;18 

Natural history of insects, v. 2. (iinon).595.7;17. 

Packard, A. S. Guide to the study of insects. 


— Half hours with insects 596.7;21 

— Insects of the forest: Insects of the pond and 

stream 595.7;22 

— Our common insects 595.7;23 

*Peabody, Selim H. Cecil's book of insects. 


Scudder, S. H. Butterflies; their structure, 
changes and life histories 595.77;20 

*Siver- wings and golden scales. (Anon.) 


*Tenney, Mrs. S. Bees and other insects. 


Wood , John G. Insects at home 595.7;34 


* Buck ley , Arabella B. Winners in life's race, 
or The great back-boned family 596;3 

Figuer, G. L. Reptiles and birds 598;4 

M i v art , St. George. The common frog . . 597.8;1 
*Tenney, Mrs. 8. Reptiles and fishes... 597: 10 
Wilson, A. Wild animals and birds. . . .596;10 


Bailey, Wm. L. Our own birds of U. S..598.2;3 

Baird, Spencer F. and others. History of North 
American birds. 3 v 398.2;5-7 

Cassell's popular natural history, v. 2. . .590;7 

•Children's picture-book of birds. (Anon.) 


Co ues, Elliott. Birds of the Colorado valley. 


— Birds of the north west 598.2;13 

— Key to North American birds 598.2; 14 

Flagg, Wilson. Birds and seasons of New 
England 598.2;20 

— Year with the birds 598.2;2l 

Gentry, T. G. Life histories of birds. 2 v. 


Gibbs. Morris. Annotated list of the birds of 
Michigan. (U. S. geol. and geograph. 
survey.) 598.2;26 

♦Harris, Amanda B. Field, wood and meadow 
rambles, or How we went birds' nesting. 


Kingsley, J. T., ed. Standard natural history, 
v. 4 590.21 

*Merriam, Florence A. Birds through an 
opera-glass 698.2;31 

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Miller, Olive Thorne. Bird-ways 598.2;33 

— In nesting time 598.2;34 

•Peabody, Selim II. Cecil's book of birds. 


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ed. and revised by Elliott Coues. 2 v. 


*Tenney, Mrs. S. Pictures and stories of birds. 


Thompson, Maurice. By-ways and bird-notes. 


*Tiny houses and their builders. (Anon.) 


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Emory, W. H. Report of the Mexican 
boundary survey, v. 2 R L 

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ocean. In Cruise of the Corwin RL 

— Birds of Alaska. In Contributions to the 

natural history of Alaska R L 

Ridgway.R. Ornithology. In U. S. geol. exped. 
King. v. 4 RL 

Cassell's popular natural history, v. 1. . .590;6 

"Children's picture book of quadrupeds. 
(Anon.) 599;4 

Holder, Charles F. Ivory king; a popular 
history of the elephant and its allies. 


Kings ley, J S., cd. Standard natural history, 
v. 5-6 590;22-23 

*M i Her, Lydia F. Cats and dogs, or Anecdotes 
of two great families of the animal kingdom. 


*Peabody, Selim H. CeciFs book of beasts. 


*Tennev, Mrs. S. Pictures and stories of mam- 
mals 599;19 

Wood, G. J. Natural history, v. 2 590; 41 

Allen, Joel A. History of N. American pinni- 
peds; a monograph of the walrusses, sea- 
lions, sea-bears and seals of N. America. 
(U. S. geological survey. F. V. Haydn. ).RL 

VI. Useful Arts. 

General Works. 

Allen, H. B. Useful companion and artificer's 
assistant. 1883 602;2 

Brannt, W. T., ed. Techno-chemical receipt- 
book. 1886 602;3 

Chase, A W. Recipes, or Information for 
everybody 602;4 

Fowler, C. H. and W. H. De Puy. Home and 
health, and home economics 602;7 

Goodrich, Charles A., ed. Family encyclopedia, 
or Compendium of useful knowledge. 1833. 



Inquire within, or 3,700 facts worth knowing. 
(Anon.) 602;10 

Moore, R. Universal assistant and complete 
mechanic 602;13 

Potter, A. Principles of science applied to 
domestic and mechanic arts 604;6 

Spon, E. and T. N. Mechanics own book. 


Spon, E. and others. Workshop receipts. 4 v. 


Whewell, Dr. and others. Lectures on progress 
or arts and sciences, resulting from the 
great exhibition in London. 1851 . . .604; 10 

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 

Appleton's dictionary of mechanics. 2 v..R L 

Knight, E. H. American mechanical dic- 
tionary. 1877. 3 v R L 

— New mechanical dictionary; supplement.1876- 

1880 RL 

Periam, J., ed. American encyclopedia of 
agnculture R L 

U re, Andrew. Dictionary of arts, manufactures 
and mines. 1856. 2 v R L 

— Dictionary of arts, ed. by R. Hunt; supple- 

ment KL 

Societies and Exhibitions. 

Bruce, E. C. The century, its fruits and 
festival. (Centennial exhibition.) — 606;3 

Norton, F. H. 111. historical register of cen- 
tennial exhibition. 2 v R L.606;6-7 

British section of the international exhibition. 
1876 606;10 

Brazil at the exhibition. (1876) 606;11 

— Same. (French.) 606;12 

— Same. (German.) 606;13 

Canada at the universal exhibition at Paris. 
(1855.) 606;28 

Report of U. S. commission to international 
exhibition at Vienna in 1873. 4 v R L 

Report U. S. commission to Paris exposition in 
1878. 5 v RL 

Patents and Inventions. 

Burnley, James. Romance of invention . .608;2 

Flint, C. L. and others. One hundred years' 
progress in the U. S. 1871. 2 v 609;5-6 

Goodrich, Samuel G. Enterprise and art of 
man 609.8 

Routledge, R. Discoveries and inventions 
of 19th century 608;5 

Timbs, John. Wonderful inventions, fiom 
the mariner's compass to the electric tele- 
graph 608;7 

United States. Patent office. Annual report of 
commissioner of patents for 1845, 1847- 
1889 RL 

Official gazette of U. S. patent office. 1872- 

1889 RL 


Sanitary engineer; a journal of civil and mili- 
tary engineering and public and private 
hygiene, v. 3-4. 1880-81 R L 

Scientific American; an ill. journal of art, 
science and mechanics, v. 34-35, 1876; v. 
40-61, 1879-89 R L 

Scientific American supplement, v. 7-28, 
1879-89 R L 





In General. 

Bigelow, Jacob. Modern inquiries, classical, 
professional, &c 610.4;2 

— Nature in disease 610.4;3 

Holmes, Oliver W. Borderlines of knowledge 
in some provinces of medical science. 


— Currents and counter-currents in medical 

science 610.4;11 

United States Army. Statistical report of 
sickness and mortality in the army of the 
U. S., during a period of 16 years from 
1839-1866 RL 

— Surgeon general. Medical and surgical history 

of the war of the rebellion. 1861-65. 3 v. 


— Provost - marshal - general's bureau. Statistics, 

medical and anthropological, derived from 
records of examination for military ser- 
vice in armies of U. 8. during the war of the 
rebellion RL 


Good Health, v. 19-20. 1884-86.. 610.5G;19-20 

Dio Lewis Monthly, v. 1-2. 1883-84. 610.5D;l-2 

Sanitarian, monthly magazine, devoted to the 
preservation of health, and mental and 
physical culture. A. N. Bell, ed. v. 7-10. 
1879-82 610.5S;7-10 


Frey, Heinrich. Compendium of histology. 

611 ;4 

Gray, Henry. Anatomy, descriptive and sur- 
gical 611;6 

Ranney, Ambrose L. Applied anatomy of the 
nervous system 611;16 


♦Benedict, Anne K. My wonder story. .612;3 

Bernstein, Julius Five senses of man. (In- 
ternat. sci. ser.) 612:4 

*Bert, Paul. Animal physiology. In his First 
steps in scientific knowledge 602;3 

Combe, Andrew. Principles of physiology, 
1861 612;8 

— Physiology of digestion. 1869 612;7 

Draper, John W. Principles of physiology. 


Ferrier, David. Functions of the brain. 612;14 

Flint, Austin. Text-book of human physiology. 
1889 612;16 

Gri scorn, John H. Animal mechanism and 
physiology 612;18 

Le Pileur, A. Wonders of the human body. 
(Lib. of wonders.) 612;26 

Lewis, Geo. H. Physiology of common life. v. 2. 


Loom is, Justin B. Elements of anatomy, 
physiology and hygiene 612;30 

*Mace, Jean. History of a mouthful of bread. 


*— Servants of the stomach 612;34 

Martin, H. Newell. The human body. . .612;36 

Rosenthal, I. Physiology of the muscles and 
nerves. (Internat. sci. ser.) 612;44 

Wilder, Burt G. What young people should 
know; the reproductive function in man 
and the lower animals 612;52 


(For Hygiene of the voice, see Vocal music, cl. 
784.9 ; and for School hygiene, see Educa- 
tion, cl. 371.7. 

Barnes, Susan B. Hygiene of the home. 613;4 

Bellows, Albert J. Philosophy of eating. 


— How not to be sick; a sequel to Philosophy of 
eating 613;6 

Black, J. H. Ten laws of health : Protection 
against epidemic diseases 613; 10 

Bulkley, L. Duncan. The skin in health and 
disease. (Amer. health primers.).. .61 3; 13 

Burn ett, Charles II . Hearing and how to keep 
it. (Amer. health primers.) 613; 14 

Ellis, John. Avoidable causes of disease.613;21 

Fothergill, J. Milner. Maintenance of health. 


Gardner, John. Longevity 613;27 

Guernsey, A. II. and I. P. Davis. Health at 
home. ( Apple toirs home books.).. ..61 3;29 

Hall, Wm. W. How to live long, or Health 
maxims, physical, mental and moral.613;31 

Harlan , Geo. C. Eyesight and how to care for 
it. (Amer. health primers.) 613;33 

Hatfield, Marcus P. Physiology and hygiene 
of the house in which we live 613;35 

Lewis, Dio. Our digestion, or My jolly friend's 
secret 613;41 

*— Our girls 613;42 




Mitchell, S. Wier. Doctor and patient. .613;45 

— Wear aud tear, or Hints for the over- worked. 


Moore, 6. Health, disease and remedy. 613,50 

Mussey, R. D. Health ; its friends and foes. 


*Palmer, A. B. Hygiene for young people. 


Parsons, Charles. Sea-air and sea-bathing; 
their influence on health v . .613;59 

Richardson, Joseph 6. Long life and how 
to reach it. (Amer. health primers.) .613;62 

Skin and its troubles. (Health primers.) {Anon.) 


Smith, Edward. Health; a handbook for 
households and schools 613,66 

Thompson. Sir H. Diet in relation to age 
and activity 613;69 

Tomes, Robert. Bazaar-book of health. 613;70 

•Walker, Jerome. Health lessons; a primary 
book 613;75 

White, J. W. The mouth and the teeth. 
(Amer. health primers.) 613;78 

Williams, Henry W. Our eyes, and how to 
take care of them 613;80 

Wilson, Geo. Health and healthy homes; a 
guide to domestic hygiene 613,82 

Gymnastic a. 

Angerstein, E. and G. Eckler. Home gym- 
nastics for the well and the sick 613. 1;1 

Blackie, Wm. How to get strong, and how to 
stay so 613.1;3 

Lewis, Dio. New gymnastics for men, women 
and children 613.1;8 

Maclaren, Archibald. System of physical 
education 613.1,10 

Taylor, Geo. H. Health by exercise.. 613. 1;16 

Public Health. 

(See also Sanitary engineering, cl. 628.) 

American public health association. Papers 
and reports, v. 1-3. 1873-76 614;l-3 

— Lomb prize essays, award made at 13th annual 

meeting 1885 614;4 

United States. National board of health. An- 
nual reports. 1879-83 6 14. 10; v. 1-5 

Michigan. State board of health. Annual re- 
ports. 1875-1876, 1883, 1886, 1887.RL.614;14 

— Sanitary conventions held in 1885-1889 KL 

>, Wm. Cremation of the dead; its history 
and bearings upon public health 614.1 ;4 

Therapeutics and Pathology. 

Beard, Geo. M. American nervousness; its 
causes and consequences 616;3 

— Our home physician; a guide to the art of 

preserving health and preventing disease. 


Brunton, T. Lander. On disorders of diges- 
tion; their consequences and treatment. 


Corning, J. Leonard. Brain rest 616;10 

— Headache and neuralgia 616;11 

Drayton, H. S. Nervousness; its nature, 
causes, symptoms and treatment 616; 13 

Edwards, Joseph T. Malaria; what it means 
and how avoided 616;14 

Fitch , Samuel S. Treatise upon diseases of the 
heart, dyspepsia, &c. 1856 6 1 6; 17 

— Lectures on prevention and cure of consump- 

tion, &c. 1859 616;18 

French, Elizabeth J. New path in electrical 
therapeutics 615;10 

Graeter, Francis. Hydriatics, or Manual of 
water cure. 1843 615;12 

Hall, Wm. W. Dyspepsia and its kindred 
diseases 616;24 

Hammond, Wm. A. Cerebral hyperaemia. 


Howe, Joseph W. Winter homes for invalids. 


Jacobi, Mary Putnam. Essays on hysteria, 
brain-tumor, &c 616;32 

— Question of rest for women, during menstrua- 

tion 616;33 

James, John. American household book of 
medicine 616;36 

Jeffries, B. Joy. Color-blindness; its dan- 
gers and its detection 616;38 

Leonard, C. Henri. The hair; its growth, 
care, diseases and treatment 616;42 

Lewis, Dio. Weak lungs, and how to make 
them strong 616;44 

Richardson, Benj. W. Diseases of modern 
life 616;50 

Taylor, Geo. H. Health for women 616;54 

Waiton, Geo. E. Mineral springs of U. S. and 
Canada 615;35 

Wright, Henry G. Headaches; their causes 
and their cure 616;62 

Wyman, Morryll. Autumnal catarrh. (Hay 
fever.) 616;65 





In General. 

Wheeler, J. B. Elementary course of civil 
engineering 620.2;6 

United States. Chief of engineers, U. 8. Army. 
Annual reports to the secretary of war. 
1879-88 RL 

Steam Engineering. 

Bourne, J. Catechism of the steam-engine. 

621. 1;3 

— Hand-book of the steam engine 621. 1;4 

Edwards, Emory. American steam engineer. 

621.1 ;10 

Evers, II. Steam and the steam-engine.621.1;12 

Holmes, G. C. V. The steam engine. .621.1:19 

Roper, Stephen. Catechism of high-pressure 
engines 621.1 ;22 

— Engineer's handy-book 621.1 ;23 

— Use and abuse of the steam boiler 621.1,24 

Rose, Josiah. Modern steam engines. .621.1 ;28 

Thurston, Robert II. History of the growth 
of the steam-engine. (Internat. sci. ser.) 


Electrical Machines. 

Higgs, P. Magneto and dynamo-electric 
machines 621.3;4 

Martin, T. C. and J. Wetzler. Electric motor 
and its application 621.3;01 

Schellen, D. H. Magneto-electric and dyna- 
mo-electric machines 621. 3; 15 

'Thompson, S P. Dynamo-electric machinery. 

621.3; 17 

(See also Electricity, cl. 537) 

Mining Engineering. 

Lord, Eliot. Comstock mines and miners. (U. 
S. geological survey. C. King, director.) 
1883 R L.622;12 

Macfarl an e, James. Coal regions of Ameri- 
ca; their topography, geology and develop- 
ment. 1877 622;14 

Raymond, Rossiter W. Silver and gold; an 
account of the mining and metallurgical 
industry of the U. S. 1873 622;18 

— Commissioner of mining statistics. Mineral re- 

sources west of the Rocky mountains. Re- 
ports for 1873, 1875 R L.622;19-20 

Sutro, Theodore. Sutro tunnel co., and Sutro 
tunnel. (Report.) 622;36 

Emmons, S. F. Geology and mining industry 
of Leadville. (U. 8. geological survey. C. 
King, director.) 2 v R L 

Railways, Canals, Harbors, &c. 

United States. Pacific railroad surveys. Re- 
port of explorations and surveys to ascer- 
tain the best route from the Mississippi 
river to the Pacific ocean. 1853-54. 11 v. 

R L 

— Navy department. Report of explorations and 

surveys for a ship canal from Atlantic to 
Pacific, by way of Isthmus of Tehuantepec, 
by R. W. Shufeldt R L 

Same, through Nicaraugua. 1872-73 R L 

Same, by way of Isthmus of Darien, by T. O. 

Selfridge RL 

Report of U. S. Nicaraugua surveying 

party. 1885 R £ 

— Chief of engineers, U. 8. A. Annual reports. 

1879-86 ' R L 

— Coast survey. Annual reports. 1851-1885... R L 

Humphreys, A. A. and H.L.Abbott. Report 
on the physics and hydraulics of the Mis- 
sissippi river. (Corps of topographical 
engineers, U. S. A.) RL 

Symons, T. W. Report of an examination of 
the upper Columbia river to determine its 
navigability. (Corps of engineers, U. S. A.) 
1882 RL 

H eap , D. P. Ancient and modern light-houses. 
1889 627.9;6 

Sanitary Engineering. 

Eassie, Wm. Healthy homes, 1879 628;5 

— Sanitary arrangements for dwellings. 1874. 


Fanning, J. T. Treatise on water-supply en- 
gineering. 1878 628,1 ;4 

Kedzie, R. C. Healthy homes for farmers. 

628; 11 

Latham, B. Sanitary engineering; sewerage 
and house drainage. 1878 628.2;6 

Leeds, L. W. Treatise on ventilation. .628.8;4 

Plunket, Mrs. II. M. Women, plumbers and 
doctors, or Household sanitations. . .628; 15 

Re id , D. B. Ventilation in American dwellings. 


Slagg, C. Sanitary work in smaller towns and 
villages. 1876 628;18 

Tracy, R. S. Hand-book of sanitary informa- 
tion 628;19 


Useful arts-agriculture. 


Waring, Geo. E. Earth-closets, and earth- 
sewage. 1872 628.4;4 

Wilson, Geo. Healthy homes 613;82 

Kalamazoo, Mich. History of the fire and 
water department from 1848-81 628.1;9 

— Sewerage commission. Keport of plan of sewer- 
age for Kalamazoo 628.2; 10 


In General. 

Allen, Rich. L. New American farm book. 
1869 630.2;2 

Buel, J. Farmer's companion; essays on the 
principles and practice of American hus- 
bandry. 1839 630.4;3 

Greeley, Horace. What I know about farming. 
1871 630.2;7 

Jacques, D. H. Garden, farm and barn-yard. 
1870 630.2;10 

Mitchell, Donald G. (Ik Marvel.) My farm at 
Edgewood 630.4;8 

Morris, Edward. How to get a farm and how 
to find one. 1864 630.2;13 

— Ten acres enough. 1867 630.2;14 

Read , J. E. Farming for profit 630.2; 18 

Stores, F. H. Agriculture in some of its rela- 
tions with chemistry. 1887. 2 v.. . .631;20-21 

Waring, Geo. E. Book of the farm. 1877. 


Periam, J. E. American encyclopedia of 
agriculture R L.630.3;3 

Periodicals and Reports. 

Gardener's monthly, ed. by T. Meehan. 
V. 21-29. 1879-87 630.5GM;21-29 

The Gardener, ed. by D. Thompson. 1880-81. 
2 v 630.5G;l-2 

The American garden, v. 9-10. 1888-89. 

630.5 AG ;9-10 

Rural New Yorker. 1879-89 R L 

Iowa. State agricultural society. Transactions for 
1869 RL 

Massachusetts. Board of Agiiculture. An- 
nual report of secretary C. L. Flint for 
1865-1869. 5 v R L.630.6;l-5 

M I c h I gan . Agricultural society. Transactions, 
with report of county societies for 1852- 
1858. 7 v RL 

— Board of argicuUure. Annual report of the 

secretary for 1867-1870; 1871, 1873, 1875, 
1876, 1878, 1881, 1886. 9 v R L 

— Stale horticultural society. Annual report 

of the secretary for 1882, 1885-87. 4 v. 


Michigan. State pomohgical society. Annual 
report of the secretary for 1872-1876, 1878. 
5 v RL 

New York. State agricultural society. Trans- 
actions for 1851 RL 

United States. Census office. Eighth census, 
1860. Report of agriculture in U. S. in 
1860 RL 

Ninth census. 1870. v. 3. Statistics of wealth 

and industry; report of the productions of 
agriculture, by states and territories, at the 
census of 1870, 1860, lh50 R L 

Tenth census. 1880. v. 3. Report of the 

Productions of agriculture as returned 
une 1st. 1880 RL 

Tenth census. 1880. v. 5. 6: Report of cotton 

production in U. S R L 

— Department of agriculture. Reports of the com- 
missioner of agriculture for 1862-74, 1877- 
79, 1881, 1883-37. 14 v R L 

Pests and Hindrances. 

Harris, Thaddeus W. Treatiseon some of the 
insects injurious to vegetation. 1872. .632;4 

U n ited States. Department of agriculture. Re- 
port of the entomologist. In the Reports 
of the commissioner of agriculture RL 

Entomological commission. First annual re- 
port for 1877. relating to the Rocky Moun- 
tain locust RL.632;20 

Second annual report for 1878-79, relating to 

the Rocky Mountain locust and the western 
cricket R L.682;21 

Fruits, Orchards and Vine- 

Barnard, C. $2,000 a year on fruits and 
flowers 634;3 

Barry, P. Fruit garden. 1860 634;4 

Downing, Andrew J\ Fruits and fruit trees 
of America. 1869 634;7 

— Select fruits for the garden and market. 1871. 


Elliott, F. R. Western fruit book. 1859..634;10 

Fuller, Andrew S. Grape culturist, 1867. 634;14 

— Small fruit culturist. 1879 634;15 




Moore, T. W. Hand-book of orange culture. 


Reeves, Thomas. Miniature fruit garden. 


Roe, Edward P. Success with small fruits. 



United States. Bureau of education. Planting 
trees on school grounds and the celebration 
of arbor day. 1885 RL 

— Department qfagricuUure. Report on forestry for 

1877; by F. B. Hough R L.634.9;10 

— Census office. Tenth census. 1880. v 9. Reports 

on the forests of North America, exclusive 
of Mexico R L 

Ohio. Slate forestry bureau. Third annual 
report. 1888 . / R L 


Br id gem an, T. American gardener's assistant. 
1867 635;4 

Burr, Fearing. Field and garden vegetables 
of America. 1868 635;6 

Harris, Joseph. Gardening for young and old. 

635; 10 

Henderson, Peter. Gardening for profit. 
1888 635;12 

McMahon, B. American gardener's calendar. 
1867 635;18 

Roe, Edward P. Play and profit in my garden. 
1873 635;24 

(For Flower garden, see Fine Arts, cl. 716.) 

Domestic Animals. 

May hew, £. 111. horse management. 1865. 

636. 1;8 

— Illustrated horse doctor 636. 1;9 

Powell, W. J. andR. S. Rarey. Art of train- 
ing horses 636.1;13 

Riley, H. The mule 636.1;14 

Woodruff, Hiram. Trotting horse of America. 
1868 636.1;18 

Judd, D. W., ed. Profits in poultry 636.5;3 

Miner, T. B. Domestic poultry book 636.5;5 

Wright, Lewis. Practical poultry keeper. 


Knox, Thomas, bog stories and dog-lore. 1888 


Youatt, Wm. The dog 636.7;8 

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honey bee. 1868 638;5 

Holden, G. H. Canaries and cage-birds. 


United States. Department of agriculture. In- 
vestigation of diseases of domesticated 
animals. In the Reports of the com. of 
agriculture R L 

Report upon an examination of wools and 

other animal fibers, by Wm. McMurtrie. 
1886 RL 

Fishing Industry. 

U n ited States. Commission offish and fiisheries. 
Report of the commissioner. 1874-75. 1877- 
84. 1886.11 v RL 

Fishery industries of the U. 8. prepared by 

G. 13. Groode and associates. 
Sect. 1. Natural history of useful aquatic 

animals R L 

Sect. 2. Geographical review of fishery 
industries and fishing communities for 

1880 RL 

Sect. 3. Fishing grounds and fishermen. 

Sect. 5. History and methods of the 
fisheries. 3 v R L 

Ingersol, Ernest. Report on the oyster in- 
dustry of the U. S. In 10th census. U. S. 


Domestic Economy. 

In General. 

Babcock, Emma W. Household hints. (Ap- 
pletoif s home-books.) 640;3 

Beech er, Catherine E. Housekeeper and 
healthkeeper : 640;4 

Beecher, C. E. and Harriet Beecher Stowe. 
American woman's home 640;6 

Beecher, Mrs. Henry Ward. All round the 
house 640;8 

Campbell, Helen. Easiest way in house- 
keeping 640;10 

Diaz, Ahby M. Schoolmaster's trunk; contain- 
ing papers on home-life in T ween it. .640; 13 

Eggleston, Geo. C. and others. American 
home-book. Pt. 1. How to educate your- 
self, by G. C. Eggleston. Pt. 2. Hints for 
home reading, by C. I). Warner and others. 
Pt. 3. The home, by T. R. and M. Stockton. 
Pt. 4. Hints on dress, by E. C. Gale. Pt. 5. 
What shall we eat. Pt. 6. Till the doctor 
comes, by G. II. Hope. Pt. 7. Manual of 
nursing 640;15 

Her rick, Christine T. Housekeeping made 
easy 640;17 




Household conveniences. (Anon.) 640; 18 

Nitsch, Catherine Owen. Progressive house- 
keeping 640;21 

Stowe, Harriet B. Chimney corner 640;24 

— House and home papers 640;25 

Warren, Mrs. Comfort for small incomes. Pt. 
1. How 1 managed my children from in- 
fancy to marriage. Pt. 2. How to choose 
a house and furnish it at small expense. 
Pt. 3. My lady help and what she taught 
me 640;29 

Yo u m a n s , Edwards L. Hand-hook of house- 
hold science 640;31 

— Gas consumer's guide 644;1 

Food and Cookery. 

Bellows, Albert J. The philosophy of eating. 


H asal I , Artb ur H. Food ; its adulterations and 
methods for their detection 643;6 

Hoi brook, M. L. Eating for strength, or 
Food and diet in their relation to health 
and work 643;7 

Lincoln, Mrs. D. A. Carving and serving. 


Smith, Edward. Foods. (Internat. sci. ser.) 


Cook Books. 

Breakfast, dinner and tea; viewed classically, 
poetically and practically. (Anon.). . .641.1 

Corson, Juliet. Family living on $500 a year. 

641 ;3 

♦Kirkland, E. 8. Six little cooks; or Aunt 
Jane's cooking class 641 ;12 

Nitsch, Catherine Owen. Catherine Owen's 
new cook-book 641 ;14 

— Gentle bread-winners 641 ;15 

— Ten dollars enough 641;16 

Parloa, Maria. Kitchen companion 641 ;20 

— New cook-book and market guide 641 ;21 

Shillaber, Lydia. Mrs. Shillaber's cook-book. 


Terh u n e, Mary V. ( Marion Harland.) Break- 
fast, luncheon and tea 641 ;36 

— Dinner year-book 641;37 

— Common sense in the household 641 ;34 

— Cottage kitchen 641;35 

Whitney, Adelaide D. T. Just how; a key to 
the cook-books 641;42 

Clothing and Toilet. 

Blanc, Louis. Art in ornament and dress. 646;2 

Church, Ella R. The home needle. (Apple- 
ton's home books.) 646;3 

Dewing, Mrs. T. W. (Formerly Miss Oakey.) 
Beauty in dress 646;5 

Haweis, Mrs. H. R. The art of dress 646;8 

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. What to wear. 


Wool son, A. G., ed. Dress reform 


Nursery and Sickroom. 

Chavasse, P. H. Physical training of chil- 
dren 649;4 

Hale, A. M. Management of children in sick- 
ness and health 649;10 

Jacobi, A. Infant diet; revised and enlarged 
by Mary P. Jacobi 649;12 

Keating, John M. Maternity, infancy and 
childhood 649;14 

Terhune, Mary V. (Marion Harland.) Com- 
mon sense in the nursery 649; 24 

Bruen, Edward. T. Outlines of the manage- 
ment of diet 649.1;2 

Mills, Charles K. Nursing and care of the 
nervous and insane 649.1 ;10 

Weeks, C. S. Text-book of nursing. . .649.1;20 

Wilson, J. C. Fever nursing; designed for 
use of professional and other nurses. 


Communication and Commerce. 

Telegraphy and Signals. 

See also under Physics, Electricity, cl. 537. 

Field, Henry M. History of the Atlantic tele- 
graph 384 ;3 

Sabine, Robert. History and progress of the 
electric telegraph 537.81;18 

Rogers, H. J. American code of marine sig- 
nals 654;9 

— Marine telegraphic list of merchant vessels. 

654; 10 


•Abbott, Jacob. Harper establishment, or How 
story-books are made 655;1 

Bonchot, H. The printed book. Tr. by E. 
C. Bigmore 655;2 

Pearson, Emily C. Gutenburg, and the art of 
printing 655;10 

The Inland Printer, a technical journal de- 
voted to the art of printing, v. 3-6. 1886-89. 

655.1 L;3-6 




Business Manuals. 

Freed ley, C. F. Practical treatise on business. 


Hili, Thomas E. Hill's manual of social and 
business forms R L.658;6 

Parsons, Theophilus. Laws of business for 
business men 658;10 

Parsons, Wm. F. and J. E. White. Hand- 
book of business and social forms. RL.658; 11 

Industrial Arts. 

Chemical Technology. 

Brannt, W. T. and W. H. Wahl. Techno- 
chemical receipt book. 1886 602;3 

Ross, W. A. Pyrology,or Fire chemistry. 


Sausay, Alexander. Wonders of glass-making 
in all ages. (Lib. of wonders.) 666;1 

United States. Census office. Tenth census 
1880. v. 10, Report on the production, 
technology and uses of petroleum and its 
products R L 

Met a I s. 

Pulsifer, Wm. H. Notes for a history of lead. 


Mechanic Trades, Amateur 


Boys' book of trades, and tools used in them. 


Davidson, E. A. Boy joiner and model maker. 


Griffith, Robert. Boys' useful pastimes. .680;9 

Lu k i n , James. Amateur mechanic's workshop. 

680; 14 

*— Among machines 680.15 

*— Boy engineers 680; 16 

*— Young mechanic 680;17 

Rose, Joshua. Complete practical machinist. 

621. 9;8 

*Sandifer, H. C, ed. Amateur work. v. 1. 


*— Mechanics made easy 680:21 

*— Workshop at home 680;22 

*— Bench, brush and lathe 680;23 

*— Amateur work. v. 5 680;24 

— Every man his own mechanic 680;28 

Spon, E. Mechanic's own book 602;16 


*Waite, H. R., ed. Boys' workshop.. . 


Brummer, A. W., ed. Cottages, or Hints on 
economical building 690;3 

Bunce, Oliver B. My home; an ideal 690;4 

Gardner, Eugene C. Common sense in church- 
building. 1880 690;9 

— Home interiors. 1873 690;10 

— Homes and how to make them. 1874 690; 11 

— The house that Jill built. 1882 690;12 

— Illustrated homes. 1875 690; 13 

Holly, H. H. Modern dwellings. 1878. . . 690; 17 

Mason, 6. E. The old house altered. 1878. 


Oakey, Alex. F. Building a home. (Appleton's 
home books.) 1881 690;24 

Parker, Francis F. Church-building. 1886. 


Vaux, C. Villas and cottages. 1869 690;30 

Wheeler, 6. Homes for the people. 1868. 


Building; an architectural weekly, v. 3-10. 
1884-89 690.6B;3-10 

Scientific American ; architects and 
builders' edition. v7. 1889 690.6S;7 

Plans and Spec ifi cations. 

Bickneil, A. J. Detail cottage and construc- 
tive architecture. 1873 692;3 

Comstock, Wm T., ed. American cottages. 
1883 6§2;5 

Croff , G. B. Progressive American architec- 
ture. 1875 692;10 

Cummings, M. T. and C. Miller. Architec- 
ture, 1870 692;11 

Hussey, E. C. Home building. 1876 692; 16 

Pal User, — American cottage homes. 1878. 

Painting and Materials. 

Rossiter, E. K. and F. A. Wright. Modern 
house painting. 1883 698; 10 

United States. Census office. Tenth census, 
v. 10. Report on the building stones of the 
U. S., and statistics of the quarry in- 
dustry RL 

Boat Building. 

Nelson, A. Practical boat-building for ama- 
teurs 699.1 ;4 

Stephens, W. P. Canoe and boat building. 


VII- Fine Arts. 

In General. 

Blanc, Charles. Grammar of painting and en- 
graving. Tr. by K. N. Doggett. 1874..704;2 

Burke, Edmund. Philosophical inquiry into 
the origin of our ideas of the sublime and 
beautiful. 1873. (1766.) 701;3 

Cousin, Victor. Lectures on the true, the 
beautiful and the good. 1867 194.7; 1 

Crane, Lucy. Art and the formation of taste. 
1885 704;6 

Farrar, Charles. Art topics; history of sculp- 
ture, painting and architecture 707;6 

Freeman. James E. Gatherings from an 
artist's portfolio. 2. v 818.4;26.v.l-2 

Hamerton, Philip G. Graphic arts; a treat- 
tise on the varieties of drawing, paintin 
and engraving, in comparison with eac 
other, and with nature. 1882 704; 14 

— Portfolio papers. 1888 704;15 

— Thoughts about art. 1871 704;16 

Hunt, W. M. Talks on art; comp. by Helen 
M. Knowlton. 1877. 2 v 704;18-19 

Jarves, James. J. Art hints; architecture, sculp- 
ture and painting. 1865 701 ;10 

— Art idea; sculpture, painting and architecture 

in America. 1870 701;11 

— Art thoughts; experiences and .observations 

of an American amateur in Europe. 1871. 

701 ;12 

Leasing, J. G. E. The Laocoon; an essay 
upon the limits of painting and poetry. Tr. 
by E. Frothingham. 1874 834.6;12 

Morris, Wm. H. Hopes and fears for art. 
1882 704;24 

Nichols, Geo. W. Art education applied to 
industry 707;10 

Pater, Walter. Renaissance; studies in art 
and poetry. 1877 704;27 

Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Literary works, with 
a memoir. 2 v 704;29-30 

— Life and writings; by Allen Cunningham. 

(1769-00. ) 704;31 

Ruskin, John. Modern painters. 5 v.701;26-29 

— Mornings in Florence: simple studies of Chris- 

tian art for English travellers 914.5;40 

— Pre-Raphaelitism 704 ;33 

— Two paths; lectures on art and its application 

to decoration and manufacture 704;84 

— Two paths: Crown of wild olives 704;35 

Taine, H. A. Art in the Netherlands. 1871. 


— Ideal in art. 1870 704;41 

— Lectures on art. 1877. 2 v 704;42-43 

Torrey, Joseph. Theory of fine art. 1874. 

701 ;88 

Whitman , Sarah W. The making of pictures. 
1888 707;18 

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias 

Falrholt, F. W. Dictionary of terms in art. 


Ford, Henry A. Popular dictionary of fine 
art 708;4 

Waters, Clara E. (Formerly Clara E. Clement) 
Handbook of legendary and mythological 
art. 1873 &6;6 


Art amateur, monthly journal devoted to art 
in the household, v. 13-20 706.AA;13 19 

Art Journal, v. 6-8. 1879-81. 3 v....705.AJ;6-8 

Art review, v. 1-2. 1880-81. 2 v. . . .705.AR;l-2 

Magazine of art. v. 8-12. 1886-89. 706.MA;8-12 

History of Art. 

Bell, N. R. E. (N. D'Anven.) Elementary his- 
tory of art. 1882 709;2 

Benjamin, S. G. W. Art in America. 709.73;1 

— Contemporary art in Europe. 1877 709.40; 1 

Bird wood, G. C. M. Industrial arts of India. 
1880 709.64;1 

Deforest, Julia B. Short history of art. 1881. 





Dorem us, S. L. Great lights in sculpture and 
painting. 1880 709;7 

Harrison, James E. Introductory studies in 
Greek art. 1885 709;10 

Jarves, James J. Glimpse at the arts of Japan. 

709.52; 1 

Lacroix, Paul. Arts in the middle ages. 1870. 


Lubke, Wm. History of art, ed. by Clarence 
Cook. 1878. 2 v 709:18-19 

Muntz, Eugene. Short history of tapestry. 1885. 


Parton, James. Caricature and other comic 
art. 1877 709;28 

Pye, John. Patronage of British art; a histori- 
cal sketch. 1845 709.42;1 

Reber, Franz von. History of mediaeval art. 
1887 709,25 

Symonds, J. A. Renaissance in Italy; the 
fine arts. 1879 709.45; 1 

Wlnckelmann, J. J. History of ancient art 
1880. 2 v 709;3G-81 

Zerf f i , G. G. Manual of the historical develop- 
ment of art. 1876 .• 709;85 

Landscape Gardening. 

Cleveland, H. W. S. Landscape architecture. 
1873 710;4 

Downing, Andrew J. Landscape gardening. 
1859 710;8 

Mitchell. Donald G. {Ik Marvel.) Rural 
studies. 1867 710;16 

Oakey, Alex. F. Home grounds. (Appleton's 
home books.) 1881 710;20 

Scott, Frank J. Art of beautifying suburban 
homes 710;24 

Flower Garden. 

Breck, J. New book of flowers. 1866 716;4 

Church, Ella R. Home garden. (Appleton's 
home books.) 1881 716;6 

Eliwanger, Geo. H. Garden's story, or Plea- 
sures and trials of an amateur gardener. 
1889 716;8 

Fuller, Andrew S. Propagation of plants.716;9 

Henderson, Peter. Gardening for pleasure. 
1875 716;10 

— Practical floriculture 716;11 

Hibbard, S. Fern garden. 1875 716;14 

Heinrich, Julius J. Window flower garden. 
1887 716;15 

Parsons, S. K. Treatise on the rose. 1883. 


Rand, Edward S. Bulbs. 1878 716;24 

— Flowers for the parlor and garden. 1868.716;25 

— Garden flowers. 1866 716;26 

— Popular flowers, and how to cultivate them. 

1876 716;27 

— Window gardener. 1872 716;28 

Warner, Anna B. Gardening by myself. 1872 


Williams, Henry T., ed. Window gardening. 
1878 716;36 


(See also Building, cl. 690.) 

General Works. 

Horton, C. W. Architecture for general stu- 
dents. 1878 720.2;4 

Mitchell, T. Stepping stones to architecture. 
1879 720.2;8 

Parker, John H. Glossary of terms used in 
architecture. 1879 720.3;3 

Rosengarten, Albert. Hand-book of archi- 
tectural styles 720.2;12 

Ruskln, John. Seven lamps of architecture. 


— Readings from Buskin; Italy 720.4; 10 

— Stones of Venice. 1876 723;16-18 

Viollet-Ie-Duc, Eugene £. Discourses on 
architecture. 1866 720.4; 20 

History of Architecture. 

Fergusson, James. History of architecture 
in all countries. 1874. 2 v 720.9;6-6 

— History of modern styles of architecture. 1878. 





Lefevre, Andre. Wonders of architecture. 
(Lib. of wonders.) 1871 720.9;12 

Tuckerman, A. L. Short history of archi- 
tecture 720.9;20 

Ancient and Mediaeval. 

Adams, W. H. D. Temples, tombs and monu- 
ments of ancient Greece and Borne. 1871. 


Bonney, T. G. ed. Abbeys and churches of 
England and Wales R L.726;2 

— Cathedral churches of England and Wales. 

R L.726;8 

H am erto n , Philip G. Paris in old and present 
times R L 729.44;1 

H u n n ewel I , James F. Historical monuments 
of France. 1884 729.44;2 

— Imperial island; England's chronicle in stone. 

1886 729.42. 1 

Narjoux, Felix. Notes and sketches of an 
architect, during a journey in the north- 
west of Europe 729.40;1 

Norton, Charles E. Historical studies of 
church-building in the middle ages; Venice, 
Siena, Florence. 1880 726;7 

Parker, John H. A B C of Gothic architecture. 
1885 723;13 

— Introduction to the study of Gothic architec- 
ture. 1884 723;14 

Ripley, M. M. World's worship in stone; 
temple, cathedral and mosque. .R L.726;ll 

Ruskin, John. Stones of Venice. 3 v..723;16-18 

Smith, T. Roger and John Slater. Architec- 
ture, classic and early Christian. (III. 
hand-books of art.) 722;6 

Smith, T. Roger. Architecture, Gothic and 
Renaissance. (111. hand-books of art.).723;26 

Sculpture, Keramics, &c. 

Lee, H. F. Familiar sketch of sculpture and 
sculptors 730.9;5 

Perkins, Charles C. Italian sculptors — 734;10 

— Tuscan sculptors; their lives, works and times. 
2 v 734;11-12 

Perry, Walter C. Greek and Roman sculpture. 
1882 733;6 

Bedford, Geo. Manual of sculpture; Egyptian, 
Assyrian, Greek, Roman. (111. hand-books 
of art.) 1882 732;7 

Scott, Leander. Ghiberti and Donatello, with 
other early Italian sculptors. (Great artists 
ser.) 734;15 

— Sculpture, Renaissance and modern. (111. hand- 
books of art.) 735;10 

Vlardot, Louis. Wonders of sculpture. (Lib. 
of wonders.) 730.9;9 

Waidstein, Charles. Essays on the art of 
Phidias. 1885 730.4;10 

Numismatics and Pottery. 

Homans, I. S. Book of coins. 1878 737;4 

Snowden, James R. Description of ancfent 
and modern coins, in the cabinet collection 
at the mint of the U. S. 1860 737;10 

Audsley, Geo. A. and J. L. Bowes. Keramic 
art of Japan. 1881 738;1 

Beck with, Arthur. Majolica and fayence, 
1877 738;3 

Jewett, Llewellynn. Ceramic art of Great 
Britain. 1883 738;10 

Prime, Wm. C. Pottery and porcelain of all 
times and nations. 1878 738;18 

Drawing, Decoration and Design. 

Freehand and Sketching from 


Green, N. E. Sketching from nature 741;7 

Ho well 8, W. D. ed. A little girl among the 
old masters, with introduction and com- 
ment 741;8 

H am erto n, Philip G. The graphic arts. 1SJ82. 


R u sk I n , John. Drawing and perspective. 


Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene E. Learning to 
draw. 1880 741;20 

Walker, Wm. Hand-book of drawing. 1880. 

741 ;22 




Perspective and Mechanical 


Miller, L. W. Essentials of perspective. 


Trowbridge, G. Principles of perspective. 


Rose, Josiah. Mechanical drawing, self-taught. 


Wright, F. A. Architectural perspective for 
beginners 744;14 

Ornamental Design and Art 

Church, Ella R. Artistic embroidery 746;4 

Croly, Jennie C. (Jennie June,) Knitting and 
crochet 746;6 

— Ladies' fancy work 746;8 

— Needle work 746;7 

Eyre, Jane. Needles and brushes. 1887...745;4 

Gay, E. Skilful Susy 746;11 

Hale, Lucretia F. Art needlework 746; 13 

Harrison, C. C. Woman's handiwork in 
modern homes. 1881 745;5 

Hassard, A. Floral decorations. 1876. . .745;6 

Lefebure, Ernes. Embroidery and lace; 

their manufacture and history, from re- 

. motest antiquity to present time. 1888. 


Leland, Charles G. The minor arts. (Art at 
home ser.) 1880 745;10 

Needle-craft; artistic and practical — 746;20 

Rees, Janet E. Ruutz-. Home decoration; 
art needlework, embroidery, painting on 
silk, &c. (Appleton's home books.) 1881 


— Home occupations. (Appleton's home books.) 


Williams, Henry T. and C. S. Jones. House- 
hold elegancies. 1875 745;18 

Artistic Furniture. 

Bunner, A. W. and T. Try on. Interior decora- 
tion. 1887 749;2 

Church. Ella R. How to furnish a house. 
(Appleton's home books.) 749;4 

Cook, Clarence. The house beautiful: essays 
on beds and tables, stools and candlesticks. 
1881 749;6 

Dewi ng, M. R. Beauty in the household . 749;8 

Eastlake, Sir Charles L. Hints on household 
taste, in furniture, &c. 1883 749; 10 

Garrett, Rhoda and Agnes. Suggestions for 
house decoration, in painting, woodwork 
and furniture. (Art at home ser.) 749;13 

Haweis, Mrs. H. R. Art of decoration. 1881. 


Lof tie, W. J. Plea for art in the house. (Art at 
home ser.) 749;19 

Smith W. J. Examples of household taste; in- 
dustrial art of the international exhibition 
of 1876 749;26 

Spofford, Harriet P. Art decoration applied 
to furniture. 1878 749:27 

Williams, H. T. andC. S. Jones. Beautiful 
homes 749;31 


Materials and Methods. 

Chevreul, M. E. Laws of contrasts of color. 
1883 752;3 

Duf field, Mrs. W. Art of flower painting. 
(Art hand-books.) 1882 751;6 

Fowler, Frank. Oil painting. 1885 751;9 

Godon, Julien. Painted tapestry, and its ap- 
plication to interior decoration. 1879.751; 10 

Knowlton, Helen, M. Hints to pupils in 
drawing and painting 751; 13 

Lewis, Florence. China painting. 1883.. 751; 14 

Rollln, Horace J. Studio, field and gallery. 1878. 

751 ;20 

Taylor, Frederick. Studies in animal painting. 
1884 751;23 

Williams, W. Art of landscape painting. 
(Art hand books.) 751;26 

Wynne, M. T. How to paint tapestry. . .761;30 

History of Painting. 

See also Biog. of painters, cl. 927.5. 

Buxton, H. J. W. and E. J. Poynter. German, 
Flemish and Dutch painting. (HI. text- 
books of art.) 759.3;2 

Buxton, H. J. W. and S. R. Koehler. English 
and American painters. (HI. text-books of 
art.) 759;6 




Havard, Henry. Dutch school of painting. 


Ham erton, Philip G. Contemporary painting 
in France. 1879 759.4;6 

— Fainting in France after the decline of classi- 

cism. 1879 759.4;7 

Keddie, Henrietta. (Sarah TyiUr.) Old masters 
and their pictures. 1874 759; 11 

— Modern painters and their paintings. 1874. 


Meyn ell, Wilfrid. Modern school of art 

R L.759;14 

Poynter, E, J. and P. B. Head. Classic and 
Italian painting. (El. text-books of art.) 

759; 19 

Radcllffe, Anna G. Schools and masters of 
painting. 1875 759;22 

Smith, Gerard W. Spanish and French paint- 
ing. (111. text-books of art.) 759;24 

Stranahan, C. H. History of French painting. 
1888 759.4;16 

Viardot, Louis. Wonders of European art. 
(Lib. of wonders.) 759;28 

— Wonders of Italian art. (Lib. of wonders.) 

759.5; 12 

Ware, Wm. Lectures on the works and genius 
of Washington Allston. 1852 759.1;16 

Washburn, Emelyn W. Spanish masters; 
outline of the history of painting in 
Spain. 1884 759.6;10 

Woltman, Alfred and B. Woermann. History 
of painting. 1880. 2 v 759.29-30 

Engraving and Photography. 


Chatto, Wm. A. and J. Jackson. Treatise on 
wood-engraving, historical and practical. 
1861 761;4 

Duplessis, G. Wonders of engraving. (Lib. 
of wonders.) 760;6 

Emerson, W* A. Hand-book of wood-engrav- 
ing 761;6 

Hamerton, Philip G. Etching and etchers. 
1876 767;4 

R u ski n , John. Ariadne Florentina; lectures 
on wood and metal engraving 760;12 

Wood , H. Trueman. Modern methods of illus- 
trating books. 1887 760;18 

Wood berry, Geo. E. History of wood-en- 
graving 761;12 


Vogel, Hermann. Chemistry of light and 
photography .771;10 

Wallace, Ellerslie. Amateur photographer. 

770; 16 


General Works. 

Beethoven, Louis van. Studies in thorough- 
bass, counterpoint, and the art of scientific 
composition. 1853 781 ;3 

Chorley, Henry F. Modern German music. 


Ensrel. Charles. Literature of national music. 
1879 780.4;5 

Fay, Amy. Music study in Germany. 1881. 


Fetis, F. J. Music explained to the world. 

780. 1;3 

Flnck, Henry T. Chopin, and other musical 
essays. 1889 780.4 ;8 

Grove, Geo. Beethoven's nine symphonies; 
analytical essays 780.4;6 

— Dictionary of music and musicians. 4 v. 

R L.780.3;4-7 

Hand, Ferdinand G. ^Esthetics of musical 
art, or The beautiful in music. 1880. 780.1 ;4 

Hawels, Hugh B. My musical memories. 


Jones, F. O. Hand-book of American music 
and musicians 780.3;10 

Mathews, Wm. S. B. How to understand 
music. 1881 780.1;8 

— Outlines of musical form 781.5;1 

Pauer, Ernest. Elements of the beautiful in 
music. (Music primers.) 780.1 ;9 

Pole, Wm. Philosophy of music. 1879. .780.1;10 

Polko, Elise. Musical sketches. 1873.. 780.4; 10 

Schumann, Robert. Music and musicians; 
essays on criticism 780.4;13 

Thibaut, A. F. Purity in music. Tr. by J. 
Broadhouse 780.4; 14 




Upton, Geo. P. Woman in music, &c. 1880. 


Wagner, Rich. Art life and theories; selected 
from his writings, and tr. by E. L. Burling- 
ame. 1876. 780.4;20 

History of Music. 

See also Biog. of musicians, cl. 927.8 

Davis, Louis S. Studies in musical history. 


Elson, Louis C. Curiosities of music; facts re- 
garding the music of ancient and savage 
nations 780.9;5 

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— - Lessons in musical history 780.9:7 

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form of lectures, v. 1 780.9;22 

— Music in England 780.9;24 

— Music in America 780.9;25 

Rockstro. W. S. General history of jnusic; 
from the infancy of the Greek drama, to 
the present penod 780.9;27 

Stainer, John. Music of the Bible; with an 
account of the development of modern 
musical instruments from ancient types. 


Drarjnatic, Sacred and Orches- 
tral Music. 

Chorley, Henry F. Handel studies; the 
Messiah 783;4 

Pardon, G. F. Book of the operas 782;4 

U pto n , Geo. F. Standard cantatas 782;9 

— Standard operas 782;10 

— Standard oratories 783.3;6 

— Standard symphonies 785.1;14 

Vocal Hygiene, Voice Culture. 

Browne, Lenox and Emil Behnke. Voice, song 
.and speech; a practical guide for singers 
and speakers 784 .9; 3 

Guttmann, Oskar. Gymnastics of the voice. 


Mackenzie, M. Hygiene of the vocal organs. 


Seller, Emma. The voice in singing. . .784.9; 11 

Musical Instruments. 

History and Instruction. 

Christian!, A. F. Principles of expression in 
piano-forte playing 786;3;3 

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sonatas. 1879 786.4;1 

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forte playing 786.8;10 

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ing.. 786.3;16 

Edwards, C. A. Organs and organ building, 
1881 786.5;4 

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their imitators. 1880 787.1;S 



See also Biog. of actors, cl. 927.9. 

Archer, Wm. About the theater 792;1 

Do ran , John W. Annals of the English stage, 
from Thomas Betterton to Edmund Kean; 
with a memoir of Dr. Doran and an intro- 
duction and conclusion, by B. H. Stoddard. 
2 v 792;4-6 

H u tto n , Lawrence. Plays and players . . . 792;8 

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lections, critical and personal, of distin- 
guished performers 792; 13 

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tions of actors and acting, from an experi- 
ence of fifty years 792:14 

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days with actors 792;20 

In-Door Amusements. 

* Beard, L. and A. B. American girl's handy- 
book 793;4 

Bellew, Frank. Art of amusing; a collection of 
graceful arts, games, &c 793;6 

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♦Browne, Phillis. What girls can do 793;9 

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operas 793.2;4 

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book of work and play 793;12 

Dick, W. B. How to amuse an evening party. 


— One hundred amusements 793; 17 

Dick, W. B. and others. What shall we do to- 
night, or Social amusements for evening 
parties 793;18 

Den ier, Tony. Parlor tableaux 793.2;6 

Dodge, Mary E. A few friends, and how they 
amused themselves . . .793;20 

Fernand, Mrs. C. P. Footlight frolics; 
entertaiments for home and school. .793;22 

Frickell, G. Magician's own book 793;23 

— Secret out, or 100 tricks in drawing-room 

magic 793;24 

— Sociable, or One thousand and one home 

amusements 793;25 

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♦Girl's own treasury 793;28 

♦GlrPs room 793;29 

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collection of games for evenings at home, 
and social parties 793;32 

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evening party entertainments 793;34 

Holiday entertainments 793;36 

Parlor magician 793;50 

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teurs 793.2;18 

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tainments 793;55 

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(Appleton's home books.) 793,60 

Sunday school and church entertainments. 


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Parlor Theatricals and Dialogues 

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♦Beadle, — . Dime dialogues. No. 18.. .793.1 ;6 
Frost, S. A. New book of dialogues. . .793.1; 16 
♦Graham, 6. C. School dialogues 793.1; 18 I 

♦Holmes, Alice. Very little dialogues for 
very little folks ..793.1;20 

Matthews, J. Brander. Comedies for amateur 
acting 793.1;28 

♦Monroe, Lewis B. Dialogues and dramas. 


♦Oakey, Emily S. Dialogues and conversa- 
tions. 793.1;34 

Parlor theatricals 793.1;37 

Phel ps, Lavinia H. Dramatic stories . 793.1 ;36 

♦Shoemaker, Mrs. J. W., ed. Dialogues. 


♦— Choice dialogues 793.1 ;43 

♦— Classic dialogues 793.1 ;44 

♦— Humorous dialogues 793.1 ;45 

Chess and Cards. 

Agnel, H. R. Book of chess 794.1;2 

Brentano'sChessmonthly. v.l. 2pts.794.1;4-6 

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Hoyle's games 796;8 

♦Pembridge, (vseud.) Whist or bumblepuppy? 
lectures addressed to children 795;10 

Out-Door Sports, Games for 


♦American boy's book of sports 796;1 

♦Boy's handy-book of sports and games. . .796;4 

♦Boy's treasury of sports 796;5 

♦Beard, D. C. American boy's handy-book. 


♦Every little boy's book 796;12 

♦Hutchison, G. A. Boy's own book of indoor 
games and recreations 796; 13 

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ican children 796;20 

Peile, S. C. F. Lawn tennis 796.9;6 

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and out-door life 796;25 

Athletic Sports, Horsemanship, die. 

Bury, Viscount and G. C. Hillier. Cycling. 
(Badmington's lib. of sports.) 796.6;3 

O'Reilly, John B. Ethics of boxing and manly 
sports 796.2;10 

R u ssel I , Charles. Wonders of bodily strength 
and skill; in all ages and countries. (Lib. of 
wonders.) 796.2;20 

Strutt, Joseph. Sports and pastimes of the 
English people 394;20 

Karr, Elizabeth. American horsewoman. 798; 10 




Reynardson, C. T. S. B. Down the road, or 
Reminiscences of a gentleman coachman. 


Waring, Geo. E. Whip and spur 798;26 

Boats of the world 797.1;6 

Cozzens, Frederick S. Yachts and yachting. 

797.1 ;7 

Frazar, Douglas. Practical boat-sailing.797.1;14 

Q u 1 1 tro ugh, Edward F. Boat-sailer's manual 


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lib. of sports.) 797.1;32 

General Field Sports. 

Hal leek, Charles. Sportsman's gazeteer and 
general guide 799;10 

Hammond, Samuel H. Rifle and rod.. .799;12 

•Herbert Henry W. (Frank Forester.) Manual 
for young sportsmen 799;14 

Mayer, Alfred M., ed. Sport with rod and gun, 
in American woods and waters. 2 v. 

R L.799;20-21 

Shields, G. O. (Coqirina.) Cruising in the 
Cascades, and other hunting adventures. 


Van Dyke, Theodore S. Flirtation camp, or 
The rifle, rod and gun in California; a sport- 
ing romance 799;30 


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Clarke, Kit. Where the trout hide 799.1 ;6 

Halleck, Charles. Fishing tourist. . . .799.1;12 

Herbert, Henry W. (.FVanJfc Forester.) Fish 
and fishing 799.1;14 

King, John. L. Trouting on the Brule River. 


Prime, Wm. C. I go a-fishing 799.1;26 

Roosevelt, Robert B. Superior fishing, or 
The striped bass, trout and black bass of 
the northern states 799.1;30 

Scott, Genio C. Fishing in American waters. 


Walton, Isaac. Complete angler, or The con- 
templative man's recreation 799.1 ;40 

Wells, H. P. Fly-rod and fiy-tackle. . .799.1;42 

Hunting, Shooting and Trapping. 

Barber, Edward C. Crack-shot, or Young rifle- 
man's complete guide 799.2;4 

Bogardus, A. H. Field, cover and trap 
shooting 799.2;6 

Bumstead, J. On the wing 799.2;8 

Gllmore, Parker. Prairie and forest... 799.2; 16 

Herbert, Henry W. Frank Forester's field 
sports of America. 2 v 799.2;20-21 

Lewis, E. J. American sportsman 799.2;26 

Long, J. W. American wild-fowl shooting. 


Marksman, (pseud.) Dead shot; a treatise on 
the use of the gun 799.2;30 

Meunier, Victor. Adventures on the great 
hunting grounds of the world 799.2;32 

M u rray, Wm. H. H. Daylight land 799.2;34 

Newhouse, S. and others. The trapper's 
guide 799.2;35 

Re vol I, Benedict. The hunter and trapper in 
North America 799.2;40 

Roosevelt, Theodore. Hunting trips of a 
ranchman 799.2;42 

Shakes pear, Henry. Wild sports of India. 


Van Dyke, Theodore S The still hunter. 


Walsingham, Lord and Sir H.Payne. Shoot- 
ing. (Badmington lib. of sports.) 2 v. 


Webber, C. W. Wild scenes and wild hunters. 


Camping and Tenting. 

Barrows, Samuel J. and Isabel C. Shaybacks 
in camp; ten summers under canvass. 799. 4;4 

Gibson, Wm. H. Camp-life in the woods, and 
tricks of trapping and trap-making.799.4;10 

Henderson, H. Practical hints in camping. 


Pool Maria Louise. Tenting at Stony beach. 


Ulyat, Wm. C. Life at the sea shore. . 799.4 ;28 

VIII. Literature. 

In General. 



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British and American authors. 1859-77. 3 v. 

R L.803;l-3 

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ture R L.820.3;l 

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literature, v. 1-10 R L.803.5 v. 1-10 

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and fable; giving source, or origin or com- 
mon phrases, &c RL.803;6 

— Header's hand-book of allusions, references, 

plots and stories. 1880 R L.803;7 

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cellany of popular antiquities, connected 
with the calendar. 2 v R L.803.10-11 

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88. 2v RL.803; 

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R L.803;15 

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R L.803;16 

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of fiction. 1876 R L.803;28 

— Familiar allusions. 1882 R L.803;29 

— Who wrote it V an index to the authorship of 

noted works in literature. 1881.. R L.803;30 

Essays on Literature. 

See also Essays, cl. 814 and 824. 

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1886 804.6 

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authorship 804,9 

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authorship 804;20 

Books and Reading. 

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chapters on books and their uses. In 
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them. 1883 807;34 

Literary Periodicals. 

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and fine arts. 1889 R L 

Bookbuyer; summary of American and foreign 
literature. 1887-1889 R L 

Critic, a weekly review of literature and fine 
arts. v. 8-13. 1886-89 R L 

Literary news ; a bi-monthly journal of 
current literature. 1886-89. v. 7, 9, 10.. R L 



Literary world ; a fortnightly review of cur- 
rent literature, v. 8-19. 1879-89 R L 

General Literary History 

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literature 809;4 

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modern 809;13 

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15th, 16th and 17th centuries. 1879. 4 v. 


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literature. 1879 809;25 

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American Literature. 

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literature. 1887 810.9;3 

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from the earliest settlements to the pre- 
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(Biographical sketches.) 810.2;30 

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ture. 2 V. (v. 1, 1607-1676; v 2, 1677-1765.) 


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English Literature. 

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839.5; 10 

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Shorter English poems 820.2; 13 

Shorter English prose works 820.2;14 

Illustrations of English religion — 820.2; 15 

English plays 820.2,16 

Longer English prose and verse. . .820.2; 17 

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land in the 18th and 19th centuries. 8 v. 


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the men who have made it 820.9;32 

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1878 820.9;68 

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literature 820.9;63 

Quotations and Selections. 

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ages. 1880 808.8;1 

— Prose quotations R L.808.8;2 

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Great truths by great authors 808.8;13 

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tions 808.8;15 

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practical quotations. R L.808.8;17 

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— Same. 4 v 808.8,25-28 

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quotations. 6v R L 

Greek authors with English translation. 


Latin authors with English translations. 


German and Spanish authors, with English 
translations 808.8;42 

French and Italian authors, with English 
translations 808,8;43 

Ancient and modern authors 808.8;44 

Collected Works. 

American Authors. 

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James, Henry, 8r. Literary remains. .810.8;18 

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1868. v. 2-4 810.8;24-26 

See also Collected works in Sociology, cl. 308. 

British Authors. 

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— The Avenger, a narrative; and other papers. 


— Biographical essays 820.8;17 

DeQuincy, Thomas.— Continued. 

— The Caesars, (from Augustus to Dioclesian.) 


— Confessions of an English opium-eater. 820.8; 19 

— Essays on the philosophical writers and other 

men of letters. 2 v 820.8^0-21 

— Essays on the poets, and other Eng. writers. 


— Historical and critical essays. 2 v.. .820.8;23-24 

— Letters to a young man, and other papers. 


— Literary miscellanies. 2 v 820.8;26-27 

— Memorials and other papers. 2 v. . . 820.8 ;28-29 

— Miscellaneous essays 820.8;30 

— Narrative and miscellaneous papers. 2 v. 


— Note book of an English opium-eater.. 820.8;33 

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and wisdom; collected from his writings 
and speeches 820.8;38 

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Contents.— Tom Jones: Joseph Andrews: 
Amelia: Jonathan Wild, &c. 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Works 820.8;46 

Lamb. Charles. Mrs. Leicester's school, and 
other writings 820.8;51 

— Complete works; with a sketch of his life, ed. 

by T. N. Talfourd 820.8;52 

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— Treasures from his prose works 820.8;62 

Ruskln, John. Modern painters. 4 v. 


— Stones of Venice. 2 v 820.8;74-75 

— Seven lamps of architecture: Lectures on archi- 

tecture and painting 820.8;76 

— The two paths: Pre-Rapheelitism: Notes on the 

construction of sheep-folds : King of the 
golden river 820.8;77 

— Elements of drawing 820.8;78 

— Ariadne Florentina: Fors clavigera. . .820.8;79 

— Sesame and lilies: Ethics of the dust: Crown 

of wild olives: Queen of the air 820.8;80 

— Time and tide: Unto this last: Munera pul- 

veris: The eagle's nest 820.8;81 

— Miscellanea ; a collection of his minor writ- 

ing. 2 v 820.8;82-83 

— Deucaleon; collected studies of the lapse of 

waves and life of stones. 2 v 820.8;84-85 

— Precious thoughts; moral and religious; 

gathered from the works of Ruskin . 820.8;88 

— Selections from the works of Ruskin.. .820.8;89 

— True and beautiful in nature, art, morals and 

religion; selected from the works of 
Ruskin 820.8;90 




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from the writings of Sidney Smith. 820.8;96 

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Contents. — Peregrine Pickle : Roderick Ran- 
dom: Humphrey Clinker. 

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Contend.— Tristram Shandy: Sentimental 
journey: Letters 828.6;13 

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Tonna, Charlotte E. (Charlotte Elizabeth.) 
Works. 2 v 820.8;100-101 


History and Criticism. 

(See also Essays, cl. 814 and 824. 

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g>ets; Cowper, Coleridge, Wordsworth and 
urns. 1875 808.1;3 

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1879 808.1;6 

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Selections from the English poets, critical 
notices, and an essay on "What is 
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808.1 ;16 

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those who made them 808.11;39 

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3 v 808.11;46-48 

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name ser.) 808.11;53 

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v. 1. Chaucer to Burns 821 .08; 11 

v. 2. Lyrics of the 19th century. . 808.1 1;56 

v. 3. Ballads and romances 821.04;22 

v. 4. Dramatic scenes and characters. 


v. 5. Translations 808.1 1;55 

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England. 4 v 808.11;60-63 

Ireland 808.11;64 

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France. 2 v 808.11;68-69 

Italy. 3 v 808.11;70-72 

Spain. 2 v 808.11-73-74 

Switzerland 808.11;75 

Germany. 2 v 808.11;76-77 

Greece 808.11;78 

Russia 808.11;79 

Asia. 3 v 808.11;80-82 

Africa 808.11;83 

New England. 2 v 808.11;84-85 

Middle States 808.11;86 

Southern States 808.11;87 

Western States 808.11;88 

British America 80S.11;89 

Oceanica 808.11;90 

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American Authors. 

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of the civil war, northern and southern. 


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British Authors. 

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2 v , 821.08;28-29 

For Young People. 
(Including individual works.) 

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poems 808.12;2 

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rhymes 811.49;29 

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Dead doll and other verses 808.12;10 

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young people 808.12;9 

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808. 12; 14 

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Village school, and other poems 808.1 2 ;20 

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Individual Works. 

American Authors. 

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poems. 1874 811.49;4 

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poems and ballads upon important episodes 
in American history. 1887 81 1.49;17 

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— Young folks' centennial rhymes 811.49;29 

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8 11.39; 10 

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8 11. 49; 45 

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the wild flowers. 1879 811.49;53 

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side. 1873 811.49;60 

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works. 1869 811.49;62 

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— Mrs. Jerningham's journal. 1876 811.49;64 

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— Poems. 1871 811.49;66 

— Poems, with dramas. 1883 811.49;67 

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1888 811.35;1 

— Before the curfew, and other pieces. 1888. 


— Iron gate and other poems. 1881 811.85;3 

Holland, Josiah G. Bitter sweet. 1869. 


— Kathrina. 1867 811.39;81 

— Marble prophecy, and others poems. 1872. 


— Mistress of the manse. 1874 811.39;33 

— Puritan's guest and other poems. 1881. 


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lyrics. 1886 811.49;84 

-- Verses. 1874 811.49;85 

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— Christus 811.34;2 

— Courtship of Miles Standish. 1859 811.84;3 

— Evangeline. 1871 811.34;4 

— Golden legend 811.34;5 

— Hanging of the crane. 1875 811.84;6 

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— Poems, v. 1, only 8U.34;12 

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1882 811.45;] 

— Songs of the Sierras. 1871 811.46$ 




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poems. 1889 811.49;113 

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world, &c. 1886 811.49;116 

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1856 811.39;46 

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81 1.49; 120 

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811.49;! 24 

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— Colonial ballads, sonnets, &e. 1887..811.49;129 

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Sheridan's ride, and other poems. 1865. 


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1866 811.39;55 

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day, and other poems. 1887 811.49;142 

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poems, 1877 811.48;1 

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— Roman lawyer in Jerusalem 811.39;67 

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— Lars, a pastoral of Norway. 1873 811,46;2 

— Picture of St. John. 1867 811.46;3 

— Poems. 1866 811.46;4 

— Poems. 1883 811.46;5 

— Prince Deukalion 811.46;6 

— The prophet; a tragedy 811.46;7 

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sheaves of rhyme. 1875 811.49;154 

— Poems. 1886 811.49;155 

— Songs of yesterday. 1877 811.49;156 

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other poems. 1886 811.49;162 

— Poems, 1885 811.49;163 

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poems. 1881 811.49;181 

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grown folks. 1870 811.49;187 

Whlttler, John Greenleaf. Hazel blossoms. 
1875 811.36;1 

— King's missive, and other poems. 1881.811.36;2 

— Mabel Martin. 1876 811.36;3 

— Pennsylvania pilgrim and other poems. 1872. 


— Poems. 1866. 2 v 811.36;5-6 

— Poems. (Household ed.) 1876 811.36;7 

— St. Gregory's guest, and other poems.. 811. 36 ;8 

— Snow-bound. 1866 811.36;9 

— Tent on the beach. 1869 811.36;10 

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Maurine, and other 
poems. 1876 811.49;190 

Willis, Nathaniel P. Poems. 1865....811.39;74 

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1881 811.49;196 

British Authors. 

Akenside, Mark. Poetical works; with 
a memoir. 1854 821.62;1 

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— Poems. 1880 821.89;7 

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Aytoun, Wm. E. Lays of the Scottish cavaliers. 

821 .89; 13 

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1854 821.69;4 

Bickersteth, Edward. Yesterday, to-day and 
forever. 1869 821.89;16 

Browning:, Elizabeth B. Aurora Leigh. 821 .82;1 

— Poems. 1858. 2 v 821.82;2-3 

— Poems. 1872 821.82;4 

— Poems complete; with a memoir 821.82;5 

Browning, Robert. Agamemnon: Dramatic 
idyls: Jocoseria. 1886 821.83;1 

— Balaustion, Aristophanes, &c. 1886. ...821. 83;2 

— Dramas. 1886 822.89;9 

— Dramatis personae: Dramatic romances, &c. 

1886 821.83;4 

— Ferishtah's fancies. 1886 821.83;5 

— Fifine at the fair, and other poems. 1886. 


— Men and women: Sordello. 1886 821.83;7 

— Ring and the book. 1886 821.83;8 

— Lyrics, idyls and romances. 1888 821 .83; 10 

— Selections 821.83; 11 

— Alexander, Wm. J. Introduction to the 

poetry of Robert Browning. 1889. 821. 83 ;23 




Browning:, Robert. — Continued. 

— Corson, Hiram. Introduction to the study of 

Browning's poetry. 1886 821.83,24 

— Orr, Mrs. Sutherland. Hand-book to the works 

of Browning. 1886 821.83;25 

— Wall, Annie. Bordello's story retold in prose. 

1886 821.83;26 

— Robert Browning's poetry ; outline studies. 

1886 821 .83,27 

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Bulwer-Lytton, Edward 6. King Arthur. 


— Poems and dramas 822.89;14 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. Robert. (Owen Meredith.) 
Lucile. 1870 821.89;31 

— Poems. 2 v 821.89,33-34 

— Poems. 1875. 1 v 821.89;32 

Burns, Robert. Poetical works; with a 
memoir. 3 v 821.67;l-3 

— Selections. With S. T. Coleridge. .821.72;4 

Butler, Samuel. Poetical works; with a 
memoir. 1854. 2 v 827.42;4-5 

Byron, Geo. Gordon Noel, lord. Poetical works. 
10 v 821 76;1-10 

— Poems 821.76;11 

Cam pbel I , Thomas. Poetical works. .&21.79;8 

Chatterton, Thomas. Poetical works; with a 
memoir. 2 v 82 1.63; 1-2 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. Canterbury tales. 1867. 


— Riches of Chaucer, ed. by C. C. Clarke. 


— Canterbury tales and other poems. With 

Spenser's Fairie queen 821.17;5 

Churchill, Charles. Poetical works; with a 
memoir. 2 v 821.69;8-9 

Coleridge, Samuel T. Poetical works; with a 
memoir. 3 v 821.72;l-3 

— Poems. With his Com plete works. . . 820.8;8 

— Selections. With Robert Burns — 821.72;4 

Collins, Wm. Poetical works; with a memoir. 


— Poetical works. With Gray and Goldsmith. 

82 1.08; 16 

Cook, Eliza. Poetical works. With Mary 
Howitt and L. E. Landon 821.Q8;8 

Cow per, Wm. Poetical works; with a memoir. 
3 v 821.65;l-3 

— Poems 821.65;4 

Crabbe, George. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 821.69;13 

Craik, Dinah M. {Formerly Miss Midock.) 
Poems. 1866 821.89;49 

Cross, Marian E. (George Eliot.) Poems. With 
Brother Jacob and The lifted veil. 


— Spanish Gypsy 821 89;45 

Dobson, Austin. Vignettes in rhyme. 1885. 


Do n n e , John. Poetical works; with a memoir. 


Dry den, John. Poetical works; with a memoir. 
5 v 821.48;^ 

— Selected poems 821.48;6 

Falconer, Wm. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 821.69;18 

Gay, John. Poetical works; with a memoir. 2 v. 


Goldsmith, Oliver. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 82l.64;l 

— Poems and plays 821.64$ 

— Poems. In his Co m pi ete works 820.8;46 

— Poems. With Collins and Gray.. . .821.08;16 

Gray, Thomas. Poetical works; with a memoir. 


— Poetical works. With Collins and Gold- 

smith 821.08;16 

Havergal, Frances R. Poetical works. .245; 10 

Hemans, Felicia. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 821. 79; 14 

Herbert, Geo. Poetical works; with a memoir. 


Herrick, Robert. Hesperides, or Works both 
humane and divine. 2 v 821. 43; 1-2 

Hood , Thomas. Poems. 4 v 827.72;l-4 

— Same. 3 v 827.72;6-« 

— Selected poems 827.72;5 

• Howard, Henry. Earl of Surrey. Poetical 
works; with a memoir 821.28;1 

— Songs and sonnettes. With Thomas Wyatt 

etal 821.28;2 

Howitt, Mary. Poems. With Eliza Cook 
and L. E. Landon 821.06;8 

Ingelow, Jean. Poems. 1873 821.89;66 

— Poems of the old days, and the new. 1885. 


Keats, John. Poetical works 821.78;1 

Keble, John. Christian year; thoughts in 
verse, for the Sundays and holy days 
throughout the year 245;15 

Kingsley, Charles. Poems 821.89;74 

Landon, Letitia £. Poems. With Mary 
Howitt, and Eliza Cook 821.08;8 

Land or, Walter Savage. Selections; ed. by 
Sidney Coloin. (Prose and verse.). .820.8;56 

Locker, Frederick. London lyrics 821.89$0 




Lover, Samuel. Poetical works . . .821.89;86 

Macau lay, Thomas B. Lays of ancient 
Borne 821.89;90 

— Same. With his Speeches and poems, v 2. 


— Poems. With his Speeches, v 2. . . .825.8; 13 

M ac Do nal d , Geo. The hidden life 245;20 

— Within and without 822.89;30 

Macpherson, James. TV. Poems of Ossian. 


Marston, Philip Bourke. Garden secrets. 
1888 821.89;95 

Marvel, Andrew. Poems, with a memoir. 


Massey, Gerard. Poems 821.89;99 

Meredith, Owen, pseud., see Bui wer-Lytton, 
E. Robert. 

Milton, John. Paradise lost 821 .47; 1 

— Poetical works; with a memoir. 3 v. . .821.47;3-6 

— Same. 1 v 821.47;2 

— Minor poems, ed. by Wm. J. Bolfe — 821.47;6 

Montgomery, James. Poetical works; with 
a memoir. 5 v 821.79;24-28 

— Poems. 1 v 821.79;29 

Moore, Thomas. Lalla Bookh 821.75;1 

— Poetical works; with a memoir. 6 v..821.75;2-7 

— Same. 1 v 821.75;8 

Morris, Wm. Earthly paradise. 1871. 3 v. 

821. 85; 1-3 

— Lovers of Gudrun. From Earthly para- 

dise 821.86;4 

Motherwell, Wm. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 821.79;32 

M u n by , Arthur J. Dorothy; a country story in 
verse. 1882 821.89,109 

Parnel I , Thomas. Poetical works; with a life 
by Oliver Goldsmith 821.52;1 

Patmore, Coventry K. D. Angel in the house. 
Pt. 1 , The betrothal. Pt 2, The espousals. 

2 v 821.89;116-117 

Pope, Alex. Poetical works; with a memoir. 

3 v 821 .53;24 

— Same. 1 v '.821.53;1 

Prior, Matthew. Poetical works; with a memoir. 
2 v 821.51 ;l-2 

Proctor, Adelaide. Poems 821 .89; 122 

Rogers, Samuel. Poetical works 821.79;38 

Rossettl, Christina. Poems 82 1. 89; 128 

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Ballads and sonnets. 

821. 84; 1 

— Poems 821.84;2 

Scott, Sir Walter. Lady of the lake, ed by W. 
J. Bolfe 821.74;1 

— Marmion, ed by W. J. Bolfe 821.74;2 

— Poetical works; with a memoir. 9 v. . 821 .74;3-ll 

— Same. 1 v 821.74;12 

Shakespeare, Wm. Poems 821.39;7 

— Sonnets, ed. by W. J. Bolfe 821.39;8 

— Venus and Adonis, ed. by W. J. Bolfe. 


Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Poetical works; with 
a memoir. 3 v 821.77;l-8 

— Same. 1 v 821.77;4 

Sidney, Sir Philip. Astrophel and Stella. 

821. 32; 1 

Skelton, John. Poetical works; with some 
account of life and writings. 3 v. 82 1.22; 1-3 

Smith, Walter C. Olrig Grange. 1872. 


Southey, Robert. Poetical works; with a 
memoir. 10 v.... 821.73.1-10 

Spenser, Edmund. Faerie queen 821.31;1 

— Faerie queen, and other poems. With 

Chaucer's Canterbury tales — 821.17;6 

— Poetical works; with a memoir. 5 v. .821.31^6 

Surrey, Earl of. See Howard, Henry. 

Swift, Jonathan. Poems; with a memoir. 3 v. 


Swinburne, Algernon C. Studies in song. 
1880 821.86;1 

Tennyson, Alfred. Ballads, and other poems. 
1880 821.81 ;1 

— Enoch Arden. and other poems, ed. with notes, 

by W. J. Bolfe. 1887 821.81;2 

— Harold; a drama 821.81;5 

— Holy grail, and other poems. 1870 821.81 ;3 

— Idyls of the king. 1869 821.81 ;4 

— Poems. 1869. 2 v 821.81;7-8 

— Poems. 1866, 1884. 1 v 821.81;6 

— Princess, ed. with notes, by W. J. Bolfe. 


— Queen Mary; a drama 821.81;10 

— Select poems, ed. with notes, by W. J. Bolfe. 

1886 821.81;11 

— Tiresias, and other poems. 1886 821 .81; 12 

— Davidson, Thomas. Prolegomena to In 

memoriam 821.81^6 

— Gatty, Alfred. Key to In memoriam. 1886. 

821.81 ;27 

Thackeray, W. M. Ballads. With his 
Christmas books, &c T.603 

Thompson, James. Poetical works, with a 
memoir. 2 v 821.36;l-2 

Tomson, Graham B. Bird-bride; a volume of 
ballads and sonnets. 1889 821 .89; 144 




Tupper, Martin. Proverbial philosophy, and 
thousand lines 821.89;146 

Vauhn, Henry. Sacred poems and private 
ejaculations; with a memoir 245,26 

Watts, Isaac. Horae lyricae and divine songs; 
with a memoir by Kobert Southey.. . .245;28 

White, Henry Kirke. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 821.68;1 

Wordsworth, Wm. Poetical works, v. 2-7. 

821.71 ;2-7 

Wordsworth, Wm.- Continued. 

— Complete poetical works. 1889 821.71;10 

— Selected poems 821.71;8 

— Selected poems, ed. by Henry Hudson . .821.71 ;9 

— Hudson, Henry. Studies in Wordsworth. 


Wyatt, Sir Thomas. Poetical works; with a 
memoir 821.27;1 

— Songs and sonnettes. With Henry Howard, 

etal 821.28;2 

English Literature — Drama. 

History and Criticism. 

Coleridge, Samuel T. Notes and lectures on 
Shakespeare, Ben. Johnson, Beaumont and 
Fletcher 822.33;194 

Hazlitt, Wm. Lectures on the literature of the 
age of Elizabeth, and characters of Shakes- 
peare's plays 822.33 ;215 

Sen lege I, Augustus W. von. Lectures on 
dramatic art and literature 822.33;244 


British Authors. 

Crawfurd, Oswald, ed. English comic dra- 
matists 822;3 

K , J. S. Works of British dramatists. 822;6 

Morley, Henry, ed, English plays 82u.2;16 

Ward, A. W., ed. Old English drama. . . .822;14 

Individual Works. 

American Authors. 

Boker, Geo. Henry. Plays and poems. 2 v. 


Clarke, J. I. G. Robeit Emmet. 1888. .812.4;4 

Howe, Julia Ward. The world's own. .812.3;8 

Kidder, Jerome. Drama of earth 812.3;10 

Quincy, J. P. Gharicles; a dramatic poem. 


British Author s. 

Beaumont, Francis and James Fletcher. 
Works. 2 v 822.35;3-4 

Blackie, John S. Wise men of Greece. 


Browning:, Kobert. Blot on the 'scutcheon, 
and other plays, ed by W. J Rolfe. 822.89;8 

— Dramas 822.89;9 

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward. Dramas and 
poems 822.89;14 

Congnreve, Wm. Best plays, ed. by Alex. C. 
Ewald. (Mermaid ser.) 822.46;1 

Dekker, Thomas. Best Plays, ed. by Ernest 
Rhys. (Mermaid ser.) 822.39;5 

Ford, John. Best plays, ed. by Uavelock Ellis. 
(Mermaid ser.) 822.38;l 

Jonson, Ben. Works 822.34;3 

Mac Donald, Geo. Within and without. 


Marlowe, Christopher. Best plays, ed. by 
Havelock Ellis. (Mermaid ser.) 822.32;1 

Massinger, Philip. Best plays, ed by Arthur 
Syinons. (Mermaid ser.) 822.37;1 

Middleton, Thos. Best plays; with introduc- 
tion by A. C. Swinburne. (Mermaid ser.) 

822.39; 10 

Sheridan, Richard B. Complete works. 


Shirley, James. Best plays, ed. by Edmund 
Grosse. (Mermaid ser.) 822.39; 15 

Taylor, Henry. Philip Van Artevelde. 

822.74; 1 

Wycherly, Wm. Best plays, ed. by W. C. 
Ward. (Mermaid ser.) 822.44; 1 

Shakespearian a. 

Shakespeare, Wm. Complete works. 1 v. 


— Same. 4 v 822.33.2-o 

— Same. 6 \* 822.38.6-11 

— Comedies &c.; facsimile of folio ed. of 1623, 

reduced 822.33;12 

— All's well that ends well, ed., with notes, by 

W. J. Kolfe 822.33;17 

— Anthony and Cleopatra, ed., with notes, by W. 

J. Kolfe 822 33;18 

— As yon like it; ed., with notes, by W. J. Rolfe. 


— Comedy of errors; ed., with notes, by W. J. 

Rolfe 822.33;20 

— Coriolanus; ed., with notes, by W. J. Rolfe. 





Shakespeare, Wm.- Continued. 

— Cybeline; ed., with notes, by W. J. Rolfe. 


— Hamlet; ed., with notes, by W. J. Rolfe. 


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Henry V.; ed., with notes, by W. J. 
lfe 822.33;27 

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Rolfe 822.33;35 

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Rolfe 822.33;45 

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— Two gentlemen of Verona; ed., with notes, by 

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— Two noble kinsmen; ed., with notes, by W. J. 

Rolfe 822.33,63 

— Winter's tale, Ac.; ed., with notes, by W. J. 

Rolfe 822.33;64 

Shakespeare, Wm.— Continued. 

— Romeo and Juliet; variorum ed. .R L.822.33;57 

— Macbeth; variorum ed R L.822.33;58 

— Hamlet. 2 v.; variorum ed R L 822.33;59-60 

— King Lear; variorum ed R L.822;33;61 

— Othello; variorum ed .. R L.822.33;62 

— Merchant of Venice; variorum ed.RL.822.33;63 

— Barr, Amelia E. Young people of Shake- 

speare's plays 822.33; 184 

— Calvert, Geo. H. Shakespeare. . . .822.33;187 

— Clarke, Mary C. Concordance to Shakespeare. 


Portia; girlhood of Shakespeare's heroines. 


— Coleridge, S. T. Notes and lectures on 

Shakespeare, &c 822.33;194 

— Cooke. Martin W. Human mystery in 

Hamlet 822.33;195 

— Dall, Caroline H. What we really know 

about Shakespeare 822.33;196 

— Donnelly, Ignatius. Great cryptogram. 


— Dowden, Edward. Shakespeare; his mind 

and art 822.33,198 

— Dowden, Edward. Shakespeare. 822 33; 199 

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speare 822.33;202 

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taries 822.33;2U8 

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characters of Shakespeare's plays. 


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— Jameson, Anna. Characteristics of (Shake- 

speare's) women 822.33;224 

— Kellogg, A. O. Shakespeare's delineations 

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Shakespeare 822;33;229 

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of Shakespeare 822.33;232 

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as illustrated by Shakespeare... .822. 83;240 

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and literature 822.33;244 

— Swinburne, Algernon C. Study of Shake- 

peare 822.38;247 




Shakespeare, Wm.- Continued. 

— Ulrici, H. Shakespeare's dramatic art. 2 v. 


— Weiss, John. Wit, humor and Shakespeare. 


Shakespeare, Wm.— Continued. 

— White, Rich. G. Life and genius of Shake- 

peare 822.83;259 

— Studies in Shakespeare 822.83;260 

English Literature — Essays. 


Atlas essays; biographical and critical. . 808.41 ;4 

Do bso n, H. Austin, ed. Eighteenth century 
essays 808;41;6 

P , G. H., ed. Prose masterpieces from 

modern essayists. 3 v 808.41; 11-1 3 

Papers from the Quarterly review. {Anon.) 
1862 808.41;14 

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criticism 808.41;24 

Individual Works. 

American Authors. 

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— Genius of solitude. 1867 814.3;5 

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&c 814.4;10 

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1869 814.3;8 

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— Fresh fields. 1884 814.4;13 

— Indoor studies. 1880 814.4;19 

— Locust and wild honey. 1879 814.4;14 

— Pepacton. 1881 814 4;15 

— Signs and seasons 814.4;16 

— Wake-robin 814.4;17 

— Winter sunshine 814.4;18 

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Goethe 814.4;23 

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and other studies. 1885 814.4;25 

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— Essays. 1858. 2 v 814.3;16-16 

— Lectures and biographical sketches 814.3;23 

Emerson, Ralph W.— Continued. 

— Letters and social aims 814.3;18 

■—Love, friendship and domestic life. (Three 
essays.) 814.3;17 

— Miscellanies. 2 v 814.8;21-22 

— Representative men 814.3;19 

— Society and solitude 814.3;20 

Field , James T. Underbrush 814.3;25 

Fiske, John. Darwinism, and other essays. 
1884 814.4;32 

— Excursions of an evolutionist 1884 814.4;33 

— Unseen world, and other essays. 1876..814.4;34 

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cisms. 1887 814 4;41 

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authors 814.4;44 

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1871 .814.4;46 

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— Gold-foil 814.3;34 

— Lessons in life 814.3;35 

— Plain talks on familiar subjects 814.3;36 

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and morals 814.3:38 

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and other papers 814.4;49 

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studies in the book of nature. 1889.814.4;53 




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— My study windows 814.3;46 

— Democracy, and other addresses. 1888. 14.3:47 

— Essays on the English poets. (Selections from 

his essays.) 814.3;48 

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essays. 1874 814.4;56 

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— Literary style, and other essays 814.4;58 

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the drama 814.3;52 

— Life without and life within 814.3;53 

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Allston and other papers. 1887 814.4;66 

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1883 814.4;100 

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— American literature, and other papers. 1887. 


— Lectures on literature and life. 1859. .814.3;63 

— Literature of the age of Elizabeth 814.3;64 

— Outlooks on society, literature and politics. 

1887 814.3;66 

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814.4; 102 

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gress; being essays upon themes of the day. 
1853 814.3;72 

British Authors. 

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824.5; 1-3 

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Spectator 824.5;4 

— Selections, ed. by II. N. Hudson. With Oliver 

Goldsmith 824.5;5 

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ical and miscellaneous. 1859 824.7; 1 

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translating Homer. 1883 824.8;1 

— Civilization in the United States. 1888. 


— Culture and anarchy; an essay in political 

and social criticism 824.8;2 

— Discourses in America. 1885 824.8;3 

— Essays in criticism, 1866, 1888. 2 v.824.8;4.v.l-2 

— Irish essays, and others. 1882 824.8;5 

— Literature and dogma. 1883 824.8;7 

— Mixed essays. 1879 824.8;6 

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— Selections, ed. by H. N. Hudson 824.3;2 

— Wisdom of our fathers; selections from 

Bacon's works, with a memoir 824.3;3 

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cism. 1857 824.8;15 

— Lessons from my masters; Carlyle, Tennyson 

and Ruskin. 1879 824.8;16 

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1869 824.8;22 

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B u I we r- Ly tto n , Edward. Miscellaneous prose 
works. 2 v 824.8;24-25 

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laneous. 1858 824.8;28 

— Latter-day pamphlets. 1855 824.8;29 

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— Past and present 824.8;31 

— Sartor resartus. (1831.) 824.8;32 

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octave of essays 210;4 

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leaves from a note-book 824.8;38 

— Impressions of Theophrastus Such. 1879. 




DeQ u I n cy i Thomas. Biographical and histor- 
ical essays 824.8;43 

— Essays on the philosophical writers, and other 

men of letters. 2 v 820.8,20-21 

— Essays on the poets 820.8;22 

— Historical and critical essays. 2 v. .820.8;23-24 

— Memorial, and other papers 824.8;44 

— Narrative papers. 2 v 824.8;45-46 

— Note-book and miscellaneous essays. .824.8;47 

— Theological essays. 2 v 820.8;34-35 

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1877) 824.8;60 

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Froude, James A. Short studies on great 
subjects. 4 v 824.8;56-59 

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v. 1.. Throne and prince consort; Cabinet 
and constitution. (1876-78.) 824.8;64 

v. 2. Personal and literary. (1844-78.) 


v. 3. Historical and literary. (1844-78.) 


v. 4. Foreign. (1861-77.) 824.8;67 

v. 5-6. Ecclesiastical. (1851-77.). .824.8;68-69 

Gregg, Wm. R. Enigmas of life. 1874.824.8,72 

— Literary and social judgements. 1873..824.8;73 

Hamerton, Philip 6. Human intercourse. 
1886 824.8;76 

— Intellectual life. 1873 374;8 

— Landscape. 1885 824.8;77 

— Sylvan year : The unknown river. 1876. 


Harrison, Frederic. Choice of books, and 
other literary pieces. 1886 824.8;81 

Hazlett, Wm. English poets, and comic writers. 


— Spirit of the age, or Contemporary portraits. 

824. 3;9 

— Table talk; opinions on books, men and 

things 824.3;10 

Helps, Arthur. Companions of my solitude, 
1870 824.8;84 

Hunt, J. H. Leigh, Day by the fire, and other 
papers. 1870 824.7;13 

— Men, women and books; sketches, and critical 

memoirs 824.7;14 

— The seer, or Common-places refreshed. 824.7; 15 

Hutton, Rich. II. Essays in literary criticism. 


— Essays on some modern guides to English 

thought, in matters of faith. 1888. .824. 8; 89 

Jefferies, Rich. Wild life in a southern 
county 824.8;91 

— Field and hedgerow 824.8;92 

Jeffrey, Francis. Essays. (1811-35).. . .824.7;20 

Kingsiey, Charles. Historical lectures and 
essays 904;23 

— Literary and general essays 824.8;93 

— Prose idyls 824.8;94 

— Flays and Puritans, and other historical essays. 


Lam b, Charles. Essays of Elia 824.7;23 

— 8a me. With his Co m p I ete works . .820.8;52-53 

Lubbock, Sir John. Pleasures of life. 1888. 


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— Critical and miscellaneous essays 824.8;99 

Mackintosh, Sir James. Essays 824.7;26 

Magnus, Annie, lady. Jewish portraits. 1888. 


Masson, David. Wordsworth, Shelley and 
Keats 824.8:100 

Maurice, Frederick D. Friendship of books, 
and other lectures 824.8;101 

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and the drama , 824.7 ;32 

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other essays. 1871 824.8; 122 

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— Peter Pymley's letters, and selected essays. 


Spencer, Herbert. Essays, moral, political 
and aesthetic. 1868 192.8;11 

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824.8; 126 

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men and books. 1837 824 8; 129 

— Memories and portraits. 1887 824.8;130 

— Virginibus pueresque, and other papers. 1887. 

824.8; 131 

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southern Europe. 2 v 914;104-105 

Talfourd, Thomas N. Critical and miscel- 
laneous writings 824.7 ;36 

Wilson, John. (Christopher North.) Recrea- 
tions of Christopher North.. ...... .824.7;40 



English Literature-- Rhetoric and Oratory. 


For vocal hygiene, see also Music, cl. 784.9 

Ayors, Alfred. Essentials of elocution. 808.5; 1 

Bacon, Albert M. Manual of gesture. .808.5;5 

Bain, Alex. English composition and rhetoric. 
1887, 1888. 2 v 808.5;3.v.l-2 

— On teaching English. 1887 808.5;2 

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and speaking. 1869 808.5;7 

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of Delsarte 808.5;9 

Frobisher, J. E. ' Acting and oratory. 808.5; 14 

Haven, E. O. Rhetoric. 1869 808.5;2l 

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and speech-making 808.5;22 

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elocution and oratory. 1886 808.5;28 

KIrkland, E. S., ed. What shall we write 
about? 1000 composition subjects... 808.5;24 

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Morgan, Anna. An hour with Delsarte; a 
study of expression 808.5;33 

Petti nger, Wm. How to become a public 
speaker 808.5;36 

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on elocution. 1883 808.5;38 

Reed, H. F. How to read; manual of elocu- 
tion and voice culture. 1883 808.5;39 

Ross, Wm. T. Voice culture and elocution. 


Ro wto n , F. How to conduct a debate . 808.5;42 

Rush, James. Philosophy of the human voice. 
1867 808.5;44 

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Sheppard, Nathan. Before an audience. 1888. 


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pression. 1887 808.5;50 

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(For dialogues, we Amusements, cl. 793.1.) 

Baker, Geo. M., ed. Reading-club and handy 
speaker. 19 v 808.51;6. v.1-19 

Ballard, Harlan H. Pieces to speak. 5 v. 

808.51 ;7.v.l-5 

Beecher. A. C.,ed. Recitations and readings. 


Branch, O.E.,ed. Hamilton speaker. 808.51 ;10 

— National advanced speaker 808.51;11 

— National junior speaker 808.51; 12 

Burdett, James S., ed. Pathetic recitations 
and readings 808.51;13 

Carey, T. J.,ed. Excelsior recitations. No. 4. 

808.51 ;15.v.4 

— Popular recitatious 808.51;16 

Carpenter, J. E., ed. Popular readings in 
prose and verse 808.51;14 

Carringrton, Henry B., ed. Patriotic reader. 

808.51 ;17 

Cumnock, R. M., ed. Choice readings. 

808.51 ;18 

— School speaker 808.61;19 

Dick, W. B., ed. Recitations and readings. 
12 v 808.51 ;24.v.M2 

Diehl, Anna T. Randall-, ed. Choice readings. 

808.51 ;26 

— Popular readings in prose and verse.. 808.51 ;27 

— Quarterly elocutionist 808.51 ;28 

— Reading and elocution 808.51;30 

— Recitations and readings 808.51 ;29 

Fletcher, Austin B. Advanced readings and 
recitations 808.51;84 

Fobes, Walter K. Five minute declamations. 

808.51 ;33 

— Five minute readings for young ladies. 

808.51 ;32 

Fulton, R. I. and T. C. Trueblood, etb. Choice 
readings 808.51;85 

Garrett, P., ed. One hundred choice selections. 
27 v 808.51;86. v.1-27 

Henry, R., ed. Cabman's story, and other 
readings 808.51 ;40 




Howard, C. J., ed. Recitations 808.51 ;43 

Kavanaugh, Mrs. R., ed. New speeches and 
dialogues for young children 808.61 ;47 

Le Row, C. B., ed. Practical recitations. 


Lorenz, £. 8., ed. Christmas seclections. 

808.51 ;51 

March -Dialogues and speeches for wee tots. 

808.51 ;52 

Monroe, Lewis B., ed. Humorous public and 
parlor readings 808.51;53 

— Miscellaneous public and parlor readings. 

808.51 ;55 

— Toung folks' public and parlor readings. 

808.51 ;54 

Penney, L., ed. Temperance readings and 
recitations 808.51;60 

Potter, Cora U. My recitations 808.51;61 

Shoemaker, C. C, ed. Choice humor. 

808.51 ;64 

Shoemaker, J. W., ed. Elocutionist's annual. 
16 v 808.51 ;67.v.l-16 

— Young folks' readings and recitations. 808.51 ;68 

Very little children's speaker 808.51 ;74 

Wagner, Leopold, ed. Humorous readings 
and recitations 808.61;77 

Warner, Charles D., ed. Book of eloquence. 

808.51 ;78 

American Oratory. 


Johnson, Alex., ed. Representative American 
orations; to illustrate American political 
history. 1884. 3 v 815;6-9 

Peabody, Selim H., ed. American patriotism; 
speeches, &c., illustrating the foundation, 
development and preservation of the 
United States. 1888 815;14 

Snyder, W. L., ed. Great speeches by great 
lawyers 815;16 

Whitman, G. W. American orators and ora- 
tory 815;20 

Individual Works. 

Beecher, Henry W. Patriotic addresses, in 
America and England, from 1850 to 1885, 
ed. by J. R. Howard 815.3;3 

— Summer in England with Beecher; addresses 

delivered in Great Britain in 1886, ed. by 
J. B. Pond 815.3;4 

Bryant, Wm. Cullen. Orations and addresses. 


Choate, Bufus. Addresses and orations. 


Everett, Edward. Orations and speeches. 3 v. 

815.3; 13-15 

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Lincoln, Abraham and Stephen A. Douglas. 
Political debates in the campaign of 1858, 
in Illinois. 1860 815.3;25 

Phillips, Wendall. Speeches and lectures. 
1870 815.3;30 

Webster, Daniel. Great speeches; with an 
essay on Webster as a master of English 
style, by E. P. Whipple 815.2;16 

— Selections; ed. by H. N. Hudson 815.2;17 

See also Collected works in Sociology, cl. 308. 

British Oratory. 

Adams, Charles K., ed. Representative Brit- 
ish orations. 3 v 825;l-3 

Goodrich, C. A., ed. Select British eloquence. 


Burke, Edmund. Works. 3 v 825.6;6 

Macau lay, Thomas B. Speeches and poems. 
2 v 825.8;12-13 

English Literature — Letters. 

American Authors. 

Adams, John and Abigail. Familiar letters, 
written during the revolution 816.2;1 

Child, LydiaM. Letters, with a biographical 
introduction, by J. G. Whittier 816.3;4 

Emerson, Ralph W. and T. Carlyle. Letters. 
2 v 826.8;5-6 

Motley, John Lothrop. Correspondence, ed. 
by G. W. Curtis. 1889. 2 v 816.3;17-18 

British Authors. 

Mason, Edward T., ed. British letters, illus- 
trative of character and social life. 1888. 
3v 826;4-6 

Scoones, W. B., ed. Four centuries of English 
letters. 1880 826.9 

Carlyle, Thomas. Early letters, ed by C. E. 
Norton. 1887 826.8;4 




Carlyle, Thomas and Ralph W. Emerson. 
Correspondence. 1834-1872. 2 v....826.8;5-6 

— and J. W. von Goethe. Correspondence, ed. by 
C. E. Norton 826.8;8 

Carlyle, Jane Welsh. Letters and memorials, 
ed. by J. A. Froude 826.8;7 

Coleridge, Samuel T. and Wm. Wordsworth, 
and others. Letters "and memorials of 
Coleorton. 2 v 826.7;6-7 

Cow per, William. Letters. (1762-1799.). 826.6;3 

Cromwell, Oliver. Letters and speeches, ed. 
by Thomas Carlyle. 2 v 923.21;320-21 

Dickens, Charles. Letters, ed. by his sister- 
in-law and his eldest daughter. 2 v. 


Disraeli, Benj. Correspondence with his sister. 

826.8; 14 

L' Estrange, A. G. K., ed. Friendships of 
Mary Kussell Milford, as recorded in let- 
ters from her literary correspondents. . 


Montague, Mary Wortley, lady. Letters, ed. 
by her great-grandson, with additions and 
a memoir, by W. May Thomas. 2 v.826.6;8-9 

Osborne, Dorothy. Letters to Sir Wm. 
Temple. (1662-64.) 826.4;10 

Ruskin, John. Arrows of the chace; letters 
published in the daily newspapers. (1840- 
1880.) 826.8;27 

— Hortus inclusus; messages from the wood to 

the garden, sent in happy days to the 

sister ladies of the Thwaite, Coniston. 


Stanhope, Philip D. Lord Chesterfield. Letters 
to his son. (1774.) 826.6;3 

Thackeray, Wm. M. Letters. 1888. .826.8 ;36 

Thirwell, Connop. Letters to a friend, ed. by 
• A. P. Stanley. 1883 826.8;40 

English Literature—Satire and Humor. 


Hawels, Hugh B. American humorists. 


Hazlitt, Wm. Lectures on the English comic 
writers 824.7;8 

Mathews. Wm. Wit and humor, their use 
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pieces from American literature. 3 v.817;6-8 

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808.51 ;64 

Individual Works. 

American Authors. 

Clarke, Charles H. (Max Adler.) Out of the 
hurly burly 817.49;6 

Clemens, Samuel L. (Mark Ttoain.) Inno- 
cents abroad 817.44;1 

— Roughing it 817.44;2 

— Stolen white elephant, &c 817.44;3 

— Tramp abroad 817.44;4 

Curtis, Geo. Wm. Fotiphar papers. . .817.39;6 

Derby, Geo. II. Squibob papers. 1865.. 817.39*3 

Field, Eugene. Culture garland. 1888..817.49;14 

Folio, Fred, pseud. Lucy Boston, or Woman's 
rights and spiritualism 817.39;11 

Grant, Robert. Little tin gods-on-wheels, or 
Society in our modern Athens 817.49;! 8 

Green leaf, L. N. King Sham, and other 
atrocities in verse. 18<S8 817.39;12 

Harte, Bret. Condensed novels 817.49;22 

Holley, Marietta. My opinions and Betsy 
Bobbet's. 1875 817.47;1 

— Josiah Allen's wife as P. A. and P. I., or 

Samantha Allen at the centennial. 1878. 


— My wayward pardner. 1881 817.47;3 

— Sweet Cicily 817.47;4 

— Samantha at Saratoga. 1887 817.47;6 




Holmes, Oliver Wendall. Autocrat at the 
breakfast-table 817.32;1 

— Professor at the breakfast-table 817.32;2 

— Poet at the breakfast-table 817.32;3 

— Soundings from the Atlantic 817.32;4 

Hoppin, Augustus. Fashionable sufferer, or 
Chapters from life's comedy. 1885.. 817. 49;26 

Irving:, Washington. Alhambra 817.24;! 

— Bracebridge Hall, or The humorists. . .817.24,2 

— Knickerbocker's history of New York, from 

the beginning of the world to the end of 
the Dutch dynasty 817.24;3 

— Sketch book 817.24;4 

— Tales of a traveller 817.24;5 

— Wolfert's Boost, and other papers 817.24;6 

Irving:, W. and James K. Paulding. Salma- 
gundi 817.24;7 

Johnson, Virginia W. Travels of an Ameri- 
can owl; a satire. 1871 817.49;31 

Le Row, Caroline B., ed. English as she is 
taught 817.49;34 

Locke, David R. (Petroleum V. Nasby.) Morals 
of Abou Ben Adhem. 1875 817.42;1 

Newell, Robert H. Orpheus C. Kerr papers. 
1866. 8 v 817.39;20-22 

Paige, ElbridgeG. Dow's patent sermons. 4 v. 


Paulding, James K. Bulls and the Jona- 
thans; comprising John Bull and brother 
Jonathan, and John Bull in America. 1867. 


— Dutchman's fireside 817.23;2 

— Tales of the good woman, by a doubtful gentle- 

man 817.23;3 

Pomeroy, Mark M. (Brick Pomeroy.) Non- 
sense 817.49;44 

Riley. H. H. Puddleford papers, or Humors of 
the west 817.49;48 

Shlllaber, Benjamin P. (Mrs. Partington.) Mrs. 
Partington's knitting-work 817.34;1 

Stanton, John. Corry O'Lanus; his views 
and experiences. . 817.49;52 

ValentI ne, Wm. Comic lectures 817.39;39 

Warner, Charles D. Back-log studies..817.4J;l 

— Being a boy 817.41;2 

— In the wilderness 817.41 ;3 

— My summer in a garden 817.41 ;4 

Watte r son, Henry, ed. Oddities of southern 
life and character 817.49;60 

Witcher, Francis M. Widow Bedott papers. 


British Authors. 

Bailey Philip J. The age; a colloquial satire. 
1868 827.79;3 

Bar ham, Rich. H. (Thomas Ingoldsby.) In- 
goldsby legends, or Mirth and marvels. 


Butler, Samuel. Hudibras 827.42;3 

— Poetical works; with a memoir. 2 v. .827.42;4-5 

Don ne, John. Poetical works 821.39;1 

Hood, Thomas. Poetical works. 4 v...827.72;M 

— Same. 3 v .827.72;6-8 

— Selected poems 827.72;5 

— Prose works. 3 v 827.72;9-ll 

— Tales, romances and extravaganzas. .827.72; 12 

Jenkins, E. Lord Bantam; a satire. 1872. 


Jerrold, Douglas. Mrs. Caudle's curtain lec- 
tures 827.81 ;1 

J u ni us. Letters, ed. by John Wade. 2 v. 


— 8ame, ed. by H. S. Woodfall .827.64;3 

Marvel, Andrew. Poetical works 821 .49; 1 

Nares, Edward. Thinks I to myself.. 827.89;14 

Pope, Alex. Poetical works. 3 v 821.53;2-4 

Roy, George. Generalship, or How I managed 
my husband % 827.89;26 

Seymour, Robert. Humorous sketches. 


Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels... .82V.52;1 

— Tale of a tub: Battle of the books, &c..827.52;2 

— Complete works 827.52;3 

— Poems; with a memoir. 3 v 827.52;4-6 

Thackeray, Wm. M. Christmas book: Book 
of snobs, &c T505 

English Literature—Miscellany. 


Bombaugh, C. C, ed. Gleanings for the 
curious 828;4 

Brooks, Henry M., ed. Olden time series: 
gleanings chiefly from old newspapers of 
Boston and Salem, Mass. 6 v. 

v. 1. Curiosities of the old lottery. . .818;1 

v. 2. Days of the spinning-wheel 818;2 

Brooks, Henry M., ed.— Continued. 

v. 3. New England Sunday 8I8;3 

v. 4. Quaint and curious advertisements. 


v. 5. Strange and curious punishments. 


v. 6. Literary curiosities 818;6 




Bussey, G. M., ed Fables. 1865 828;5 

Chambers, Wm. and Robert, ed*. Miscellany 
of instructive and entertaining tracts. 1869. 
6 V : 828;7-12 

Christmas in song and story. (Anon.)...828;l& 

Child, Lydia M., ed. Looking toward sunset. 
1868 828;16 

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men. 1873. 2 v 828;26-27 

Gift of affection. (Anon.) 828;30 

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scientific. 1863 828;38 

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and business anecdotes. 2 v 828;40-41 

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lierature, art, science, &c 828;47 

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for the friends of temperance. 1852. .828;60 

Putnam, — , ed. Maga social papers. 1867. 


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of tales, poems and essays. 1866 828;62 

Sargent, M. E., ed. Sketches and reminis- 
cences of the Radical club. 818;16 

Timbs, John. Things not generally known. 
1862. 2 v 828;66-67 

— Romance of London; historic sketches, re- 

markable duels, &c 942.1 ;25 

— Romance of London; supernatural stories, 

sights, shows, &c 942.1,26 

Troll ope, T. Adolphus, ed. Wreath of stray 
leaves, to the memory of Emily Bliss Gould. 
1875 828;72 

Wheatley, Henry B. Dedication of books to 
patron and friend 828;78 

Individual Works. 

American Authors. 

Abbott, Charles 0. Naturalist's rambles about 
home. 1884 818.4;1 

— Upland and meadow. 1886 818.4;2 

— Waste-land wanderings. 1887 818.4;3 

Beecher, Henry W. Eyes and ears. 1866. 


Bowen , B. B. A blind man's offering. 1856. 


Cooper, Susan F. Rural hours. 1868.. .818.3;8 

Darby, John. Brushland 818.4;9 

— Odd hours of a physician 818.4;10 

Dexter, Henry M. Street thoughts. 1859. 


Dodge, Mary A. (Gail Hamilton.) Battle of 
The books. 1879 818 4;11 

— Country living and country thinking: 1866. 


— Gala days. 1868 818.4;13 

— Nursery noonings. 1875 818.4;14 

— Skirmishes and sketches. 1866 818.4;15 

— Stumbling blocks. 1866 818.4;18 

— Summer rest. 1866 818.4;16 

— Twelve miles from a lemon. 1874 818.4;17 

Field, Kate. Hap-hazard. 1873 818.4;22 

Freeman. James E. Gatherings from an 
artist's portfolio. 2 v 818.4;26.v.l-2 

Gannett, Wm. C. A year of miracle. .818.4;27 

Hal pine, Charles G. (Miles O'Reilly.) Baked 
meats of the funeral; a collection of esrfays, 
poems, speeches, histories and banquets. 
1866 818.4;29 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. American notes. 1872. 


Hicks, Jennie E. (Sophie Sparkle.) Sparkles 
from Saratoga. 1873 818.4;30 

Hudson, Mary Clemmer. Outlines of men, 
women and things. 1863 818.4;32 

Irving, Washington. Spanish papers, and 
other miscellany. 2 v .818.2;6-7 

Mitchell, Donald G. (Ik Marvel.) Dream 
life. 1869 818.3;28 

— The lorgnette. 2 v 818.3;29-80 

— Reveries of a bachelor. 1852 818.3;31 

— Wet days at Edge wood. 1865 818.8;32 

Osgood, Samuel. American leaves. 1867. 


Parton, Sara P. (Fanny Fern.) Folly as it flies. 
1870 818.8;40 

Sikes, Olive L. {Olive Logan.) Women and 
and theatres. 1870 818.8;46 

Social life and literature fifty years ago. 1888. 
(Anon.) 818.4;48 

Talmage, T. DeWitt. Around the tea-table. 
1864 818.4;50 

— Crumbs swept up. 1875 818.4;51 

Taylor, Benj. F. January and June. 1868. 


— World on wheels. 1874 818.4;55 

Thomas, F. W. John Randolph and other 
sketches of character, with tales of real 
life. 1853 818.3;48 

Thoreau, Henry D. Cape Cod. 1866. .818.3;49 

— Excursions. 1866 818.3;50 

— • Maine woods. 1868 818 3;51 

— Summer; from his journal 818.3;52 

— Walden 818.3;58 

— Winter; from his journal 818.3;54 




Tyler. Moses Coit. Brawnville papers; memo- 
rials of the Brawnville athletic club. 1869. 


Upton, Geo. F. Letters of Peregrine Pickle. 
1869". 818.4;62 

Whitman, Walt. November boughs. 1888. 


Whlttier, John 6. Literary recreations and 
miscellany. 1864 818.3;68 

Winthrop, Theodore. Life in the open air. 


British Authors. 

Allen, Grant. Colin Clout's calendar; the 
record of a summer 828.8; 1 

Ascham, Roger. The schoolmaster. (1570.) 


— Toxophilus. (1646.) 828.2;2 

Bar bo u Id, Anna L. Things by their right 
names, and other stories, fables, &c., 
selected from her writings. 1864 828.6;3 

Brown, John. Spare hours. 1866. 2 v.828.8;6-6 

Burton, J. H. The book-hunter. 1863. .828.8;9 

Chapman, E. R. Comtist lover, and other 
studies. 1887 828.8;14 

Coleridge, S. T. Biographia literaria, or Bio- 
graphical sketches or my literary life and 
opinions. 1872. 2 v 828.7;6-7 

Colton, Charles C. Lacon, or Many things in 
many words. 1868 828.7;9 

Disraeli, Isaac. Amenities of literature. 1864. 
2 v 828 v 7;10-ll 

— Curiosities of literature. 1870. 4 v. .828.7;12-16 

— Literary character of men of genius. . .828.7;16 

Guthrie, Thomas. Out of harness 828.8;22 

Helps, Sir Arthur. Friends in council. 1863. 
4 v 828.8;26-29 

Jameson, Anna. Shetches of art, literature 
and character 828.8;37 

— Studies and stories 828.8;38 

Landor, Walter S. Imaginary conversations. 
6 v. 

v. 1. Classical dialogues, Greek and Bo- 
man 828.7;22 

v. 2. Dialogues of sovereigns and states- 
men 828.7;23 

v. 3. Dialogues of literary men 828.7^4 

v. 4. Dialogues of literary men; famous 
women and miscellaneous 828.7;26 

v. 6. Miscellaneous dialogues 828.7;26 

Lang, Andrew. Letters to dead authors. 1886. 


— Letters on literature. 1888 828.8;42 

Macau lay, Thomas B. Readings from his 
works 828.8;46 

Rogers, Samuel. Table-talk. 1866. , . . . 828.7 ;42 

Rees, J. Rogers. Brotherhood of letters. 1889. 


Saunders, Frederick. Pastime papers. 1886. 


— Salad for the solitary. 1886 828.8;57 

— Story of some famous books. 1888 828.8;68 

— Stray leaves of literature. 1888 828.8;69 

Selden, John. Table-talk. (1689.) 828.3;8 

Spurgeon, Chas. H. John Plowman's pictures. 


Thackeray, Wm. M. Four Georges: English 
humorists, &c 828.8;74 

— Paris, Irish and eastern sketches 828.8;75 

— Roundabout papers 828.8;76 

— Early and late papers 828.8;77 

Tonna, Charlotte E. (Charlotte Elizabeth.) 
Flower garden 828.7;46 

Wilson, John. (Christopher North.) Noctes am- 
brosianee. 6 v 828.7;60-54 

German Literature. 

For Romances, see Class-list of German Fiction, page 47. 

History and Criticism. 

Botta, Anna C. L. German literature. In her 
Hand-book of universal literature. .809;4 

Conant, Helen 8. Primer of German litera- 
ture 830.9;4 

Dlppold, Geo. T. Richard Wagner's poem, 
The ring of the Nibelung. 1888. .. .831.21,2 

Gostwick, Joseph and R. Harrison. Outlines 
of German literature 880.9;9 

Hedge, Frederick H. Hours with German 
classics. 1888 830.4;10 

Hillebrand, Karl. German thought: from the 
seven years' war to Goethe's death.. 830.4;11 

Hosmer, James K. Short history of German 
literature 830.9;11 

Scherer Wm. History of German literature. 
2 v 880.9^0-21 

Taylor, Bayard. Studies in German literature. 





Collected Works. 

Goethe, J. Wolfgang von. Prosa; selected. 
(Qer.) 830.8;7 

— Wisdom of Goethe, ed. by John B. Blackie. 


Hedge, Frederick H., ed. Prose writers of 
Germany. (Selections, with biog. sketches.) 


Muller, F. Max.,ed. German classics; from the 
4th to the 19th century . (Qer.) 2 v. 830.8;16-16 

Rosenstengei, W. PI. Reader of German 
literature. {Qer.) 830.8;22 



Barham, A. G. Foster-. Tr. Nibeiungen 
Lied 881.21;1 

Baskerviile, Alfred, ed. Poetry of German; 
selections from over seventy celebrated 
poets. Tr. into English verse with orig. 
text on opposite page 831.04;3 

Dippold, Geo. T. Great epics of mediseval 
Germany; outline of their contents and 
history 831.2;31 

Furness, Wm. H. Verses, translated from the 
German, and hymns 831.04;5 

Knortz, Earl, ed. Representative German 
poems, ballad and lyrical; orig. text with 
English versions 831.04;6 

Woodward, A. A. (Auber Foresties.) Echoes 
from mist-land, or The Nibelungen lay, 
revealed to lovers of romance and chivalry. 


Individual Authors. 

Heine, Heinrich. Book of songs 831.7;6 

— Poems 831.7;7 

Goethe, J. Wolfgang von. Hermann and 
Dorothea 831.6;6 

— Poems and ballads 831.6;7 

— West-easterly divan 831.6;8 

R uckert. Frederick. Wisdom of the Brahmin; 
a didactic poem 831.7;14 

Schiller, J. C. F. von. Poems. Tr. by E. A. 
Bowring 831.6;14 

— Ballads. Tr. by E. Bulwer-Lytton. . . .831.6;15 


Goethe. J. Wolfgang von. Faust. Tr. by John 
8. Blackie 832.62;1 

— 8ame. Tr. by O. 8. Brooks 832.62;2 

— 8ame. Tr. by Bayard Taylor. 2 v. . . .832.62;3-4 

— Same. (Qer.) 832.62,10 

— Dudley, Marion V., ed. Poetry and philoso- 

Ehy of Goethe; lectures and discussions 
eiore Milwaukee literary school. 1886. 


Snider, Denton J. Commentary. 2 v. 


Walsh, W. C. Faust, the legend and the 

poem KL.832.62;16 

Grlsparzer, Franz. Sappho 832.73;1 

Lessing, J. G. E. Nathan the wise; a drama- 
tic poem 832.61;1 

Schiller, J. C. F. William Tell. With his 
Netherlands 832.63;7 

— Don Carlos, and other dramas 832.63;8 

— Bobbers: Love and intrigue, &c 832.63;9 

— Dei Piccolomini. {Qer.) 832.63;14 

Essays and Miscellany. 

Grimm, Herman. Literature 834.8;6 

Lessing, J. G.E. Laocoon 834.6; 12 

Muller, F. Max. Biographical essays. .834.8; 10 

— Chips from a German workshop. 5 v..834.8;ll-15 

— India; what it can teach us 834.8;16 

Schiller, J. C. F. Thirty years' war, and The 
Netherlands 832.63;6 

— Netherlands; (concluded.) William Tell. 



Goethe, Catherine E. (Goethe's mother.) 
Correspondence with Goethe, Lavater ana 
others 836.6;6 

Goethe, J. Wolfgang von. and Thomas Carlyle. 
Correspondence, ed. by C. E. Norton. 


Goethe, J. W. von and J. C. F. von Schiller. 
Correspondence. 2 v 836.6;8-9 

Mendelssohn family. Letters and journals, 
ed. by S. Hensel. 2 v 927.83;22-23 

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Letters, 1769- 
1791. Tr. by Lady Wallace. 2 v..8S6.6;19-20 




French Literature. 

For Romances, see Glass-list of French Fiction, page 63. 

History and Criticism. 

Besant, Walter. French humorists 840.4;4 

Botta, Anna 0. L. French literature. In her 
Hand-book of universal literature. .809;4 

Gautier, Theophile and £. de Mirecourt. 
Famous French authors 928.4;6 

James, Henry. French poets and novelists. 


Matthews, J. Brander. French dramatists 
of the 19th century 840.4;15 

Mauris, Maurice. French men of letters. 


Preston, Harriet W. Troubadours and trou- 
veres .840.4;18 

Saints bury, Geo. Short history of French 
literature 840.9;10 

Sismonde de Sismondi, J. C. L. On 

the literature of the troubadours. In his 
Literature of the south of Europe, v. 1. 


Van Laun, Henri. History of French litera- 
ture. 3 v 840.9;13-15 


Crane, Thomas F.,ed. Le romantisme Francais. 
(A.) 840.8;3 

Sal n ts bury, Geo., ed. Specimens of French 
literature. (Fr.) 840.8;10 


Gautier, Leon. Chanson de Roland. Tr. by L. 
Rabellon 841.11-1 

Hugo, Victor. Poems 841.78;8 

Mistrai, Frederic. Mireio, a Provencal poem. 
Tr. by H. W. Preston 849.14;10 

Saints bury, Geo., ed. French lyrics. (Fr.) 



Beaumarchau, Pierre A. C. de. La barbiere 
de Seville. {Fr.) 842.56;6 

Corneille, Pierre. Cinna. (Fr.) 842.41;5 

— Horace. (Fr.) 842.41;6 

— Le Cid. (Fr.) 842.41;7 

Guillet, Alexandre. Mine et counter-mine. 
(Fr.) 842.89;8 

Hugo, Victor. Dramatic works. Tr. by F. L. 
Slous and Mrs. Crosland 842.78;1 

— Hernani. (Fr.) 842.78;6 

Labiche, Eugene M. and E. Martin. Le 
voyage de Monsieur Perrichon. (Fr.) 

842.81 ;4 

M o I i e r e , Jean Baptiste. Dramatic works. Tr . 
by H. Van Laun. 3 v 842.42;2-4 

— L'avare. (Fr.) 842.42;7 

— Les precieuses ridicule. (Fr.) 842.42;8 

— Le bourgeous gentilhomme. (Fr.) 842.42;9 

Musset, Louis G. A. de. On ne bandine pas 
avec ramour. (Fr.) 842.76;6 

Racine, Jean. Esther. (Jfr.) 842.46;6 

— Les plaideurs. (Fr.) 842.45;7 

Voltaire, Francois M. A. de. Merope. (Fr.) 


Essays and Miscellany. 

Ami el, Henri F. Journal intime. Tr. by Mrs. 
Humphry Ward 

by Mrs. 

Chataubriand, Bene Francois A. de. Atala. 


Guerin, Eugenie de. Journal, ed. by G. S. 
Trebutien 848.8;8 

Mau passant, Guy. de. Afloat 848.8;20 

Montaigne, Michael E. de. Works. . .844.3; 10 

Rabelais, Francois. Selections 847.8;10 

Sainte-Beuve, Charles A. English portraits. 


— Monday-chats; selected and tr. by Wm. 
Mathews 844. 7; 15 


Merimee, Prosper. Letters. In Bric-a-brac 
ser. v. 8 928.2;28 

Remusat, Claire E. G. de. Letters to her 
husband and son, 1804-1813 923.42;62 

Tallyrand-Perigord, Maurice. Correspond- 
ence of prince Tallyrand and king Louis 
XVIII, during the congress of Vienna. 





Italian Literature. 

For Romances, see Glass-list of Italian Fiction, page 56. 

History and Criticism. 

Botta, Anna C. L. Italian literature. In her 
Hand-book of universal literature. . .809;4 

Howells, Wm. D. Modern Italian poets. 


Phlllimore, C. A. Studies in Italian litera- 
ture 850.4;16 

Sismonde de Sismondi, J. C. L. On the 
literature of the Italians. In his Litera- 
tu re of the south of Europe, v. 1. . .809;42 

Symonds, John A. Renaissance in Italy 
—Italian literature. 2 v 860.9; 14-15 

— Renaissance in Italy— Revival of learning. 


— (Studies in Italian literature.) In his 

Sketches and studies. 2 v... .914; 104-105 

Poetry and Drama. 

Ariosto, Ludovico. Orlando Furioso. Tr. by 
W. S. Rose. 2 v 851.3;4-5 

Dante, Alighieri. Divine comedy. Tr. by 
H. F. Gary 851.15;1 

— Same. Tr. by Henry W. Longfellow. 3 v. 


— 8ame. 1 v 851.15;2 

— New life. Tr. by C. E. Norton 851.15;10 

— Blow, Susan. Study of Dante 851.15;20 

— Botta, Vincenzo. Introduction to the study 

of Dante 851.15;21 

Dante, Alighieri.— Continued. * 

— Church, R. W. Dante 851.15;22 

— Rossetti , Dante Gabriel. Dante and his 

circle 851.15;26 

— Rossetti, Maria F. The shadow of Dante. 


Petrarca, Francesco. Sonnets, and other 
poems. Tr. with a memoir 851.18;3 

TassOj Torquato. Jerusalem delivered. Tr., 
with a life of the author, by J. H. Wiffln. 

851 .46; 1 

Alfieri, Vittorio. Tragedies. Tr. by E. A. 
Bowring. 2 v 851.64;l-2 

Essays and Miscellany. 

Amid , Edmondo de. Studies of Paris. 914.43,1 

Caste I ar y Rissoll, Emilio. Lord Byron, and 
other sketches 928;4 

— Old Rome and new Italy 914.5;6 

Machiavelli, Nicolo. Historical, political and 
diplomatic writings. E. CDetmold. 

v. 1. History of Florence; with a life of 
Machiavelli 945.5;10 

v. 2. The prince; Discourses on first ten 
books of Titus Livius 854.3;11 

v. 3. Missions 856.3;6 

v. 4. Missions: Miscellaneous papers. 


— The prince 854.3;10 

Spanish Literature. 

For Romances, see Class-list of Spanish Fiction, page 56. 

Botta, Anna C L. Spanish literature. In her 
Hand-book of universal literature... 809;4 

Sismonde de Sismondi, J. C. L. On the 
literature of the Spaniards. In his Liter- 
ati! re of the South of Europe. 2 v. .809;43 

— On the literature of the Portuguese. In his 
Literature of the south of Europe.. 809;43 

Tick nor, George. History of Spanish litera- 
ture. 2 v 860.9;10-11 

Lockhart, John 6., tr. Spanish ballads. 


Sou they, Robert, tr. Chronicle of the Cid. 





Minor European Literature. 

Scandinavian and Low German 

For Romances, see Class-list of Scandinavian 

Fiction, page 51. 

Botta, Anna C. L. Scandinavian literature. In 
her Hand-book of universal literature. 


Horn, Frederick W. Ilistory of the literature 
of the Scandinavian north, from the earli- 
est times to the present 839.5;4 

Metcalf, Frederick. Englishman and the 
Scandinavian, or A comparison of Anglo- 
Saxon and old Norse literature 839.5;10 

Anderson, Rasmus B., tr. The younger edda; 
also called Snorre's edda, or the prose 
edda 839.6;1 

Anderson, R. B. and Jon Bjarnason, trs. 
Viking tales of the north; the sages of 
Thornstein, Viking's son, and Fridthjof the 
bold 839.6;3 

Baldwin , James. Story of Siegfried 293.8 

Bauman, Nicholas. Reynard the fox; a bur- 
lesque poem from the low German of the 
15th century 839.11;2 

Cox, Sir Geo. W. and E. H. Jones. Popular 
romances of the middle ages 293;13 

Herz. Henrik. King Rene's daughter; a Danish 
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For Romances, see Class-list of Russian Fiction, 

page 57. 

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891.71 ;10 

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Oriental Literature. 

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Persian, &c. literature. In her Hand- 
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literatures; a study of comparative myth- 
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Book of the thousand and one nights.. .892.73;! 

Classical Literatures. 

Lati n . 

History and Criticism. 

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Idividual Authors. 

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Gallic and civil wars. Literally trans. 

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Catullus, Tibullus and Propertius. (Ancient 
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Cicero. Tr. by C. D. Yonge 875.2;1 

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— Collins, Wm. L. Cicero. (Ancient classics 

for Eng. readers.) 876.1;1 

HoratiusFlaccus,Quintus. {Eng. Horace.) 
Works. Literally trans, by C. L. Smart. 


— Odes of llorace. Tr. by Sir Samuel De Vere. 

874.5 ;2 

— Martin, Theodore. Horace. (Ancient clas- 

sics for Eng. readers.) 874,6;i0 

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nal, Persius and Sulpicius. Tr. by L. Evans. 

877 ;2 

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iEng. Pliny.) Church, A. J. and W. J. 
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for Eng. readers.) 878.6;10 


Terenti us Afer, Publius. (Eng. Terence.) See 
Plautus, above. 

Tibullus, Albus. See Catullus above. 

Virgili us Maro, Publius. (Eng. Virgil.) 
uEneid. Tr. by J. Connington 873.1 ;2 

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of the tfSneid, as he seemed in the middle 
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History and Criticism. 

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Individual Authors. 

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A. Buckley 882.1;1 

— Same. Tr. by E. H. Plumptre 882.1;2 

— Coppieston, R. S. ^Eschylus. (Ancient 

classics for Eng. readers.) 882.1; 10 

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James 888.6;1 

— Same. Tr. by G. F. Townsend 888.6;2 

Aristophanes. The Acharnians : The 
knights: The birds; a metrical version by 
John H. Frere 882.4;1 

— Collins, Wm L. Aristophanes. (Ancient 

classics for Eng. readers.) 882.4;10 

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Aristotle. Tr. with notes, by B. Jowett. 
2 v 888.5;l-2 

— Grant Sir Alex. Aristotle. (Ancient clas- 

sics for Eng. readers.) 888.5;10 

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Leland. 2 v 885.6;l-2 

— Bred if , L. Demosthenes 885.6;10 

— Brodribb. Wm. J. Demosthenes. (Ancient 

classics for Eng. readers.) 885.6;11 

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the encheridion and fragments 188.7;1 

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2 v 882.3;l-2 

— Donne, Wm. B. Euripides. (Ancient clas- 

sics for Eng. readers.) 882.3;10 

Herodotus. Literally tr. by Henry Cary. 


— History; a new Eng. version, with copious 

notes, &c., by Geo. Rawlinson. 4 v.888.1;3-6 

— Church, Alfred J. Stories of the east, from 

Herodotus 888.1;10 

Stories of the Persian war, from Herodotus. 

888.1 ;12 

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classics for Eng. readers.) 883.2;8 

Hesiod. Davies, James. Hesiod and Theog- 
ous. (Ancient classics for Eng. readers.) 


Homeros. (Eng. Homer.) The Iliad. Tr. 
into English blank verse, by W. C. 
Bryant. 2 v 883.1;l-2 

— The Odyssey. Tr. into English blank verse, 

by W. C. Bryant 883.1;3 

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— The Odyssey. Tr. by Geo. Chapman. 2 v. 

883.1 ;6-7 

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— The Odyssey. Tr. by Alex. Pope 883.1;12 

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With his Celtic literature 824.8;11 

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poems 883.1;22 

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classic poets 883.1;24 

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Homer; the Odyssey 883.1;26 

— Gladstone, Wm. E. Homer 883.1;29 

Time and place of Homer 883.1;30 

— J ebb, R. C. Introduction to Homer. .883.1,36 
Note— See also Grecian mythology, cl. 292. " 

Lukianos, (Eng. Lucian.) Collins, W. L. 
Lucian. ' (Ancient classics for Eng. read- 
ders.) 888.7;8 

Pindaros, (Eng. Pindar.) Morice, F. D. 
Pindar. (Ancient classics for Eng. 
readers.) 884.5;10 

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Cajy, and others. 6 v 888.4;l-6 

— Select dialogues of Plato. Tr. by H. Cary. 


— Socrates, a trans, of the apology, &c., of Plabo. 


— Day in Athens with Socrates 888.4;9 

— Talks with Socrates about life 888.4;10 

— Collins, W. L. Plato. (Ancient classics 

for Eng. readers.) 888.4;20 

— Grote, Geo. Plato and other" companions of 

Socrates. 4 v 921.9;9J2 

Plutarchos, (Eng. Plutarch.) Lives of the 
ancient Greeks and Romans. . .920.08; 16-19 

— Same. 1 v 920.08;20 

Sophokies, (Eng. Sophocles.) Tragedies. Tr. 
by T. A. Buckley 882.2;1 

— Same. Tr. by E. H. Plumptre 882 2;2 

— Campbell, Lewis. Sophocles. (Classical 

writers.) 882.8;10 

— Collins, W. L. Sophocles. (Ancient clas- 

sics for Eng. readers.) 882.8;11 

Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus. Tr. by 
Andrew Lang 884;6 

Theognis, see Hesiod, above. 

Thukydides, (Eng. Thucydides.) History of 
the Pelopennesian war 888.2;1 

— Thucydides. Tr. with notes, by B. Jowett. 2 v. 


Zenophon. Anabasis, &c. Tr. by J. S. 
Watson 888.3;1 

— Grant, Sir Alex. Zenophon. (Ancient clas- 

sics for Eng. readers 888.3;10 


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tragedies 882;1 

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History of Civilization. 

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based upon Gustave Ducourdray's Histoire 
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Dictionaries, Chronologies and 


Adams, S. C. Synchronological chart, or Map of 
history KL 

— Key to synchronological chart RL 

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ature RL 

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literature and art, from A. D. 200-1888, and 
of Amer. history, literature and art R L 

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land and France RL 

' Essays and Study. 

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General H istories. 

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tles of the world. 1877 909;12 




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*— Seven historic ages 909;24 

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Ancient History. 

In General. 

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— Same. 8 v., v. 3-8, (v. 1, 2, misssing).. .930;37-42 

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— - History of the world; from the creation to the 

fall of the western Roman empire. 3 v., 
v. 2, 3, (v. 1 missing.) 930;4&49 


For Antiquities, see cl. 913.32. 

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B. C, 300. (Ancient history from the 
monuments.) 1876 932.4 

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932; 18 

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2 v 932-24-25 

— Story of ancient Egypt. (Story of the nations.) 


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earliest times till the conquest by the 
Arabs, A. D. 640. 2 v 932;27-28 

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History of Egypt 932;33 


For Antiquities, see cl. 220.93. 

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Jewish war of independence 933.3 

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of the nations.) 933;6 

Josephus, Flavius. Works; with a life 
written by himself. Tr. by W. Whiston. 


— Same. 4 v. v 1-3 Antiquities of the Jews. v. 4, 
Wars of the Jews, or Destruction of Jeru- 
salem 933; 10-13 

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1874. 3 v 938;18-20 

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For Antiquities, see cl. 913.36. 

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(Story of the nations.) 936.6;2 

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of the nations.) 936.2;4 

— Story of Chaldea. (Story of the nations.) 

936. 1;4 

— Story of Media, Babylon and Persia. (Story of 

the nations.) 935;9 

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the ancient eastern world; Chaldea, As- 
syria, Babylonia, Media and Persia. 1871. 
3 v 935;10-12 

— Sixth great oriental monarchy; Parthia, 1873. 


— Seventh great oriental monarchy; Sassanian, 

or New Persian empire. 2 v 935; 14-1 5 

Smith, Geo Assyria; from the earliest time to 
fall of Nineveh. (Ancient hi&tory from the 
monuments.) 1876 936.2;6 





For Antiquities, see cl. 913.37. 

In General. 

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man people; from its origin to the invasion 
of the barbarians, J883. 8 v.RL.937;3.v.l-8 

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Rome 937;20 

Beg al and Republican Rome. 

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202) 1857 937.02;2 

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( B. C.275) 937.02;4 

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B. C. 61) 937.02;6 

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Early Rome; by Wilhelm Jhne. ( B. C. 

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The Gracchi, Marine and Sulla; by A. H. 
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H9-31) 937.02;12 

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etc., of Roman republic. ( B. C. 31). 


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*— Heroes of the seven hills. (B. C. 609-388). 


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earliest time to the founding of the em- 
pire. 4 v 937.02,27-30 

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Imperial Rome and Barbaric 


Cox, George W. ed. Epochs of ancient history, viz: 

Early empire, by Win. W. Capes. (B. C. 31- 
A. D. 96) 937.06;6 

Age of the Antonines, by W. W. Capes. 
(A. D. 96-180) 937.06;7 

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gustus to Dioclesian) 904;10 

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— Same. 6 v 937.08;7-12 

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4 v 937.08;16-18 

— Dynasty of Theodosius, or Eighty years' strug- 
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under the empire. 8 v 937.06;14-2l 

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man empire. 2 v 937.06;24-25 


{For Antiquities see cl. 913.38). 

In General. 

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and fall 938.5;2 

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of the nations.) 938;37 

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2 v 938;51-62 

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Greece. 1879 938;60 

By Periods. 

Cox, Geo. W. and C. Sankey, eds. Epochs of an- 
cient history, viz : 

Troy; its legend, history and literature, by 
S. G. W. Benjamin 938.01;2 

Greeks and Persians, by G. W. Cox. (B. C. 
646-478.) 938.02;5 

Athenian empire, by G. W. Cox. (B. C. 479- 
406) 938.03.4 

Spartan and Theban supremacies, by C. 
Sankey. (B. C. 404-361) 938.06;8 

Rise of the Macedonian empire, by A. M. 
Curteis. (B. C. 498^323) 938.07;3 




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from Herodotus. (B. C. 600-479.). .938.02;3 

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of the politics and arts of Greece, from the 
Persian to the Pelopennesian war. 1875. 2 v. 


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pire. (Story of the nations) 938.07;10 

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war, literally translated by H. Dale. 888.2;1 

— Same. Trans., with notes, by B. Jowett. 2 v. 


Xenophon. Expedition of Cyrus; literally 
trans., by J. S. Watson 888.3;1 

Other Countries of the Ancient 


Ch u re h . Alfred J. Story of Carthage. (Story 
of the nations) „ 939.7;2 

Rawlinson, Geo. Story of Phnoeicia. (Story 
of the nations.) 939.4;13 

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In General. 

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of the nations of modern Europe. 1865. 


*True stories from modern history; from the 
death of Charlemagne to the battle of 
Waterloo 940;12 

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Mediaeval Europe. 

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history from contemporary writers). .940.4; 1 

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ages. (A . D. 406-1044). (Epochs of modern 
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of modern history.) 940.4;4 

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crusades and the crusaders. . * 940.4;6 

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France and Spain; from reign of Edward II 
to the coronation of Henry IV, (A. D. 132- 
1400), with a life of the author 940.4;8 

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the conquest and loss of France. (1377-1485) 
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940. 1;9 

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or The middle ages 940.4;29 

Stille, Charles J. Studies in mediaeval history. 

940.1; 20 

Was burton, W. Edward IH. (1327-1377). 
(Epochs of modern history.) 940.4;32 

Modern Europe (1453-1889.) 

Airy, Ormund. English restoration and Louis 
XIV.; from the peace of Westphalia to the 
peace of Nimwegen. (Epochs of modern 
history) 940.7;1 

Alison, Sir Archibald. History of Europe; from 
commencement of the French revolution 
in 1789, to the restoration of the Bourbons 
in 1816 940.8;2 

Creighton, Mandell. Age of Elizabeth. 
(Epochs of modern history) 940.7;5 

Fyff e, Charles A. History of modern Europe; 
v. 1, From the outbreak of the revolution in 
1794 to accession of Louis XVHI, 1814: 
v. 2, From 1814 to 1848 940.5;7-8 




Gardiner, Samuel R. Puritan revolution. 
(1603-1660). (Epochs of modern history). 


— Thirty years' war. (1618-1648). (Epochs of 
modern history) 940.7;11 

Gerard, James W. Peace of Utrecht: histori- 
cal review of the great treaty of 1713-14. 


Hale, Edward. Fall of the Stuarts. (1678-1697). 
(Epochs of modern history) 940.7il6 

Lodge, Rich. History of modern Europe. 
(1453-1878) 940.5;14 

Longman, Frederick W. Frederick the great 
and the seven years' war. (1740-1786). 
(Epochs of modern history). 940.7;21 

Lord, John. Modern history. (1500-1815). 


McCarthy, Justin. Epoch of reform. (1830 
1850). (Epoch of modern history). .940.9;12 

Mackenzie, Robert. The 19th century. 940.9;14 

Maurice, C. Edmund. Revolutionary move- 
ment of 1848-49 in Italy, Austria, Hungary 
and Germany 940 9;15 

Morris, Edward E. Age of Anne. (1700-1714). 
(Epoch of modern history) 940.7;33 

— Early Hanoverians. (1713-1778). (Epochs of 
modern history) 940.7 ;34 

Muller, Wilhelm. Political history of recent 
times. (1816-1875.) 940.9;16 

Putz, Wilhelm. Modern history. (1492-1850). 


Ranke, F. Leopold von. nistory of Latin and 
Teutonic nations. (1494-1514) 940.6;20 

Seebohm, Frederick. Era of the Protestant 
revolution. (Epochs of modern history). 


Great Britain. 

Scottish History. 

Burton, John H. History of Scotland. (84- 
1745). 8 v 941;4-11 

*Lippincott, Sara J. {Grace Greenwood.) Bon- 
nie Scotland ; tales of her history, heroes 
and poets JL250 

Martyn, Mrs. S. T. Hopes of Hope Castle. 
(Times of Knox and Mary Queen of Scots) 


Robertson, Wm. History of Scotland during 
the reigns of Queen Mary and James VI; 
till his accession to the crown of England. 


*Scott, Sir Walter. Tales of a grandfather. 
lst-3d ser 941;20-22 

Stewart, David. Sketches of the character, 
manners and present state of the High- 
landers of Scotland. 1825. 2v....941.1;4-5 

Taylor, James. Scottish covenanters.. 941. 05; 12 

Irish History. 

Barnard, Francis P., ed. Strongbow's con- 
guest of Ireland. (1166-86.) (Eng. history 
from contemporary writers 941.52;3 

Duffy, Sir Charles G. Young Ireland; a frag- 
ment of Irish history. (1840-50.). . . .941.58;5 

Froude, James A. English in Ireland in the 
18th century. 3 v 941.57;5-7 

Gladstone, Wm. E. Irish question. 


*Gregg, Wm. S. Irish history for young readers. 

941. 5;6 

King, David B. Irish question 94 1.58; 12 

Lawless, Hon. Emily. Story of Ireland. (Story 
of the nations.) 941.5;9 

O' Conner, T. P. Farnell movement. 


Sullivan, A. M. New Ireland. 1878..941.58;19 

*Towle, Geo. M Young people's history of 
Ireland 941.5;12 

Walpole, Charles G. Short history of the 
kingdom of Ireland, to the union with 
Great Britain 941.5;14 

English History. 


A'Becket, Gilbert A. Comic history of Eng- 
land 942;5 

Berard, A. B. School history of England. 1865. 


"Buckley, Arabella B. History of England for 
beginners 942;8 

"Dickens, Charles. Child's history of England. 
2v 942;1M2 

— Same, lv 942;13 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Ilistory of England; ed. 
by Pennock. 1857 942;17 

Green , John R. History of the English people. 
1880. 4 v 942.19-22 

— Short history of the English people. 1875. 


— ed. Readings from English history 942;24 




Hallem, Henry. Constitutional history of 
England. (1485-1760.) 942;27 

Hume, David. History of England, from the 
invasion of Julius Caesar, to the revolution 
in 1688. 6v 942;28-33 

— Same. 3. v. v. 1 missing 942;36-86 

Knight, Charles. Popular history of England. 
8 v ". 942;40-47 

*Lippincott, Sara J. {Grace Greenwood.) Mer- 
rie England; tales and historical sketches. 

J L;252 

Lossing, Benson J. History of England. 1871. 


"Marshall, Emma. Stories of cathedral cities. 
1881 942;63 

*Towle, Geo. M. Young people's history of 
England 942;62 

Wheeler, A. M., ed. Sketches from English 
history, (from the Roman conquest to the 
revolution of 1688.) 1886 942;63 

White, James. History of England. 1868. 


Yonge, C. M. Cameos from English history. 
1868 942.66 

*— Stories from English history 942;67 

*— Young folks' history of England 942;68 

Anglo-Saxon and Norman. 

Armitage, EllaS. Childhood of the English 
nation 942.02;3 

Freeman, Edward A. History of the Norman 
conquest. 6 v 942.02;10-15 

— Reign of William Rufus. 2 v 942.02;16-17 

Green, John R. Making of England. (446-829.) 


— Conquest of England. (829-1071.) 942.01;9 

Jewett, Sarah O. Story of the Normans. (Story 
of the nations.) 942.02;22 

Lappen berg, John M. History of England 
under the Anglo-Saxon kings. 2 v. 

942.01; 14-15 

Taylor, Emily. Tales from the history of the 
Saxons 942.01;22 

Plantagenet, Lancaster and York. 

(115 4-148 5.) 

Archer, T. A., ed. Crusade of Richard I. (Eng. 
history from contemporary writers.) .940.4;1 

Ashley, W. J., ed. Edward III., and his wars. 
(Eng. history from contemporary writers ) 


Edgar, John G. Wars of the roses; or Stories 
of the struggles of York and Lancaster. 


Galrdner, James. Houses of Lancaster and 
York. (Epochs of modem history.). 940.4; 11 

Hutton, Wm. H., ed. Misrule of Henry HI. 
(Eng. history from contemporary writers). 


— Simon de Montford and his cause. (Eng. hist. 

from contemporary writers) 942.03;10 

Pearson, Charles H. English history in the 
14th century 942.03; 15 

Stubbs, W. Early Flantangenets. (Epochs of 
modern history) 942.03;20 

War burton. W. Edward III. (Epochs of 
modern history.) 940.4;32 

Tudor, Stuart and the Common- 
wealth (1485-17 14). 


Adams, Wm. H. D. Good Queen Anne, or 
Men and manners, life and letters in Eng- 
land's Augustan age. 2 v 942.06;1. v. 1-2 

— Merry monarch, or England under Charles 

II; its art, literature and society. 2 v. 


Aiken, Lucy. Memoirs of the court of Queen 
Elizabeth. 1870 942.06;2 

Ashton, John. Social life in the reign of 
Queen Anne. 2 v 942.06;8-4 

Burton, John. History of the reign of Queen 
Anne. 1880. 3v 942 06,5-7 

Carrel, Armand. History of the counter-revo- 
lution under Charles II and James II. 1846. 


Cordery, B. M. and J. S. Phillpotts. King 
and commonwealth; a history of Charles I 
and the great rebellion. 1876 942.06; 18 

Creighton, Mandell. Age of Elizabeth. 
(Epochs of modern history) 940. 7 ;5 

DeFoe, Daniel. History of the plague in Lon- 
don; together with religious courtship. 
(1665-1.566) 942.1;4 

Froude, James A. History of England. (1530- 
1603). 12 v 942.06;10-21 

Hale, Edward. Fall of the Stuarts. (Epochs 
of modern history) 940.7; 16 

Hopkins, Samuel. The Puritans and Queen 
Elizabeth. 3 v 942.05;26-28 

Hyde, Edward 1st earl of Clarendon. His- 
tory of the rebellion and civil wars. (1641- 
1660). 7 v 942.06;1M7 

Macaulay, Thomas B. History of England. 
(1685-1702). 5 v 942.05^7-31 

— Same. 2 v 942.05;32-33 

Masson, David. Life of John Milton and his- 
tory of his times. 3 v 942.03;34-36 

Moberly, C. C. Early Tudors; Henry VII 
and Ilenry VIII. (Epochs of modern his- 
tory) 942.05;34 




Molloy, J. Fitzgerard. Royalty restored; Lon- 
don under Charles II. 2 v 942.06;44-45 

Morris, Edward E. Age of Anne. (Epochs of 
modern history) 940.7;33 

*Warren, I. P. Three judges 942.06;54 

Hanover to Present Time (1714-1889). 

Ashton, John. Dawn of the 19th century; a 
social study of the times 942.07i3 

Corey, William. Guide to modern English 
history. Pt. 1, 1815-1830. Pt. 2, 1830-1835. 2 v. 


Fitzgerard, Percy. Life and times of William 
IV 942.07;9-10 

Greville, Chas. C. F. Greville memoirs; a 
journal of the reigns of George IV and 
William IV. 2 v 923.22;150-51 

— Greville memoirs ; a journal of the reign of 

Queen Victoria. (1837-1860). 3 v. 


*Johnes, Meredeth. Prince Charlie, the young 
chevalier 942.07;18 

Lecky, Wm. E. W. History of England in 
the 18th century. 6 v 942.07;20-25 

McCarthy, Justin. History of the four Georges, 
v. 1-2 942.07;26-27 

— History of our own times; from the accession 

of Queen Victoria to 1880. 2 v. .942.08;18-19 

— England under Gladstone. (1880-1885). 


Marti neau, Harriet. History of England. 
(1800-1856). 4 v 942.07;32-35 

May, Sir Thomas E. Constitutional history of 
England. (1764-1860). 2v 942.07;36-37 

Moiesworth, W. N. History of England 
(1830 : 1874). 3 v 942.08;22-24 

Morris, Edward E. Early Hanoverians. (17134 
1778). (Epochs of modern hist.) 940.7;3- 

Sm ith , Edward. Story of the English Jacobins. 
(1794) 942.07;44 

Smucker, Samuel M. History of the four 
Georges 923.21;23 

Thackeray, W. M. Four Georges; sketches 
of manners, morals, etc 828.7;74 

Ward, Humphry, ed. Reign of Queen Victoria; 
a survey of fifty years of progress. 1887. 2 v. 


Wright, Thomas. Caricature history of the 
Georges 942.07;52 

Yonge, Charlotte M. Victorian half century; 
a jubilee book 942.08;38 

Local History. 

Boase, Charles W. Oxford. (Historic towns.) 


Burrows, Montagu. Cinque Ports. (Historic 
towns.) 942.2;3 

Creighton,M. Carlisle. (Historic towns.) 


Cutts, Edward L. Colchester. (Historic towns.) 


De Foe, Daniel. History of the plague and 
fire in London 942.1;4 

Dixon, Wm. Hepworth. Her Majesty's tower. 
2 v 942.1;6-7 

Freeman, Edward A. Exeter. (Historic 
towns.) .942.3;4 

Hunt, Wm. Bristol. (Historic towns. )..942.3;6 

Kingsley, Rose G. Children of Westminster 
Abbey 942.1;12 

Liechtenstein, Marie, princess. Holland 
House 942.1;13 

Loftie, W. J. London. (Historic towns.) 

942.1 ;14 

* Mar shall, Emma. Stories of the cathedral 
cities 942;53 

*Rideing, Wm. H. Young folks' history of 
London 942.1;17 

Simpson, W. S. Chapters in the history of 
old St. Paul's 942.1;19 

Stanley, Arthur F. Historical memorials of 
Canterbury 942.2;12 

— Historical memorials of Westminster Abbey. 

942.1 ;21 

Timbs, John. Abbeys, castles and ancient 
hall of England and Wales; their legendary 
lore and popular history. 2 v 914.2;62-<$8 

— Romance of London; historic sketches, re- 

markable duels, &c 942.1;25 

— Romance of London; supernatural stories. 





Germany and Austria. 

Q ener al. 

Gould, S. Baring-. Story of Germany. (Story 
of the nations.) 943;6 

Kohlrausch, Henry F. T. History of Ger- 
many; from the earliest period, to 1815. 


Lewis, Charlton T. History of Germany; from 
the earliest times to 1874 943; 14 

Peake, Elizabeth. History of the German 
emperors. 1874 943;18 

Si me, James. History of Germany. 1874. 


*Yonjje, Charlotte M. Young folks' history of 
Germany 943;26 

Zim merman n, Wm. History of Germany. 
4 v 943;28-31 

By Periods, 

Bradley, Henry. Story of the Goths. (Story of 
the nations.) 943.01 ;3 

Gardener, Samuel R. Thirty years' war. 
(Epochs of modern history.) 940.7;11 

Gindely, Anton. History of the thirty years' 
war. 2 v 943.04;5-6 

Longman, Fred'k W. Frederick the great, 
and the seven years' war. (1740-1787.) 


McCabe, James D. History of the Franco- 
Prussian war. (1870-71.) 944.08;12 

Oilier, Edmund. History of the Franco- 
Prussian war. 2 v 944.08;16-17 

Robertson, W. History of the reign of 
Charles V. 3 v 943.03;20-22 

Schiller, J. C. F. von. History of the thirty 
years' war 832.68;6 

Zl m m e rn , Helen . Story of the Hansa towns. 
(Story of the nations.) 943;33 


Abbott, John S. C. Prussia and the Franco- 
Prussian war 943.1;1 

Longman, F. W. Frederick the great, and 
the seven years' war 940.7;21 

Tuttle, Herbert. History of Prussia, to the 
accession of Frederick the great. (1134- 
1740.) 943.1;11 

— History of Prussia, under Frederick the great. 
(1740-1756.) 2 v 943.1;12-13 

Austria and Hungary. 

Abbott, John S. C. Empire of Austria. 


Kossuth, Louis. Memories of my exile. 


Vambery, Armenius. Story of Hungary. 
(Story of the the nations.) 943.9;10 


In O en er al. 

Guizot, Francois P. G. Concise history of 
France, ed. by G. Mason 944;7 

— Popular history of France, from the earliest 
times to 1789. 6 v R L.944;8-13 

Guizot, F. P. G. and Henriette de Witt. His- 
torv of France; from the earliest times to 
1848. 8v 944.14-21 

*Kirkland, E. S. Short history of France, for 
young people 944; 25 

Lacombe, Paul. Short history of the French 
people 944;27 

Mark ham, Mrs. History of France; ed., for 
schools, by Jacob Abbott. 1856 944.30 

Marshall, Emma. History of France for chil- 
dren 944.32 

Norman d, Hugh de. Two eras of France. 
(Massacre of St. Bartholomew and The 
revolution of 1789.) 944.38 

Taylor, Wm. C. History of France and Nor- 
mandy, from the earliest time to 1848. 


White, James. History of France 944.48 

*Yonge, Charlotte M. Stories from French his- 
tory 944.52 

To the Revolution of 17 89. 

Baird, Henry M. Rise of the Huguenots of 
France. 2 v 284.5;6-7 

— Huguenots and Henry of Navarre. 2 v. 


Godwin, Parke. History of France, v. 1. 
Ancient Gaul (to 843) 944.01;4 




Jackson, Catherine C, lady. Old Paris, its 
courts and literary salons. (1610-1715). 

944 .08; 11 

— Old regime; court, salons and theatres. (1716- 

1774) 944.03;12 

James, Geo. P. R. Life and times of Louis 
XIV. 2 v 944.03;14-15 

Masson, Gustave. Story of mediaeval France. 
(Story of the nations) 944.02;9 

— Richelieu 944.03;19 

Michelet, Jules. History of France, (to 1483). 
2 v 944.02.10-11 

Mombert. J. I. History of Charles the great. 
(Charlemagne) 944.01;10 

Pardoe, Julia. Louis XIV and court of France 
in 17th century. 2 v. . ; 944.03;20-21 

Perkins, John B. France under Richelieu and 
Mazarin. 2 v 944.03;22-23 

Rosenthal, Lewis. France and America; 
the influence of the U. S. on France in 18th 
century 944.03;26 

Scott, Sir Walter. Tales of a grandfather. 
4th ser. (to 1413) 944.02;18 

Smiles, Samuel. The Huguenots 284.5;17 

Taine, Hippolyte A. Ancient regime. .944.03;28 

White, Henry. Massacre of St. Bartholomew. 


From 1789 to Present Time. 

Abbott, John S. C. French revolution of 1789. 


Adams, Charles K. Democracy and monarchy 
in France; from the inception of the revo- 
lution to overthrow of the second empire. 


Carlyle, Thomas. French revolution. 2 v. 


Fauriel, Charles C. Last days of the consu- 
late. Tr. from the French 944.04; 12 

Lamartine, AlphonseM. L. de. History of 
the Girondists. 3 v 944.04;18-20 

— History of the French revolution of 1848. 


McCabe, James D. War between Germany 
and France. (1870-71) 944.08;12 

M i chelet, Jules. Historical view of the French 
revolution 944.04;22 

Morris, W. O'Conner. French revolution and 
first empire. (Epochs of modern hist.) 


Oilier, Edmund W. History of the war 
between Germany and France. (1870-71.) 
2 v 944.08;16-17 

Pal lain. M. G. ecf., Correspondence of Prince 
Talleyrand and King Louis XVII T, during 
the congress of Vienna 944.05;10 

Simon, Jules. Government of M. Thiers. 
(1871-73.) 2 v 944.08;23-24 

Taine, Hippolyte A. History of the French 
revolution. 3 v 944.04;30-32 

Thiers, L. Adolphe. History of the French 
revolution. 4 v.. . / 944.04;35-88 

Was h b u r n , Elihu B. Recollections of a min- 
ister to France. (1869-77.) 2 v...944.08;30-31 

Watson, Henry C. Camp-fires of Napoleon. 


Local History. 

Bingham, D. TheBastile. 1888. 2 v.944.3;3-4 

Fetrldge, W. Pembroke. Rise and fall of the 
Paris commune of 1871 ; with an account 
of the bombardment, capture and burning 
of the city 944.3;10 

Ruskin, John. Bible of Amiens. (Sketches of 
the history of Christendom.) 944.2; 10 


In General. 

Abbott, John S. C. Italy from the earliest 
period to 1860 945;2 

Hunt, Wm. History of Italy. (476-1870. )...945;7 

Sismonde de Sismondi, J. C.L. History 
of the Italian republics. (1800-1805. ).945;12 

By Periods. 

Dicey, Edward. Victor Emmanuel. . .923.51;80 

Probyn, John W. Italy from 1816-1878. 

945.08; 10 

Symonds, John A. Renaissance in Italy. 

Pt. 1. Age of the despots 946.0-5; 10 

Pt. 2. Revival of learning 850.9;16 

Pt. 3. Fine arts 709.45U 

Pt. 4. Italian literature. 2 v 850.9;14-16 

Pt 5. Catholic reaction. 2 v 945.06; 10-11 

Villari, Pasquale. Niccolo Machiavelli, and 
his times. 4 v 945.06;10-13 

By Stales. 

Bent, J. Theodore. Genoa; how the republic 
rose and fell 945.1 ;3 

OH phant, Margaret O. W. Makers of Venice. 


Ruskin, John. St. Mark's rest; the history of 
Venice 945.3;9 

S , E. L. City by the sea; stories of the 

deeds of the old Venetians, from the 
chronicles 945.3;10 

Yrlarte, Charles E. Venice; its history, art, 
industries and modern life R L.945.3;18 




Machiavelli, Niccolo. History of Florence. 


OHphant, Margaret O. W. Makers of Florence. 


Reumont, Alfred von. Lorenzo de Medici. 
2 v 945.5;14-16 

Spain and Portugal. 

In General. 

Abbott, John S. C. Romance of Spanish 
history 946;1 

Hale, Edward E., and Susan. Story of Spain. 
(Story of the nations.) 946;7 

Harrison, James A. History of Spain. 946;8 

Lin do, E. H. History of the JeVs of Spain 
and Portugal 946;12 

By Periods. 

Conde, Jose A. History of the Arabs in 
Spain. 1854. 3 v 946.02;24-26 

Curry, J. L. M. Constitutional government in 
Spain 342.469:3 

I rv f n g , Washington . Conquest of Granada. 


— - Spanish papers. 2 v 818.2;6-7 

Napier, Sir Wm. F. P. History of the war in 
the peninsula, and the south of France, 
from 1807-1814. 3 v 946.06,6-8 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. Story of the Moors in 
Spain. (Story of the nations.) — 946.02;14 

Prescott, Wm. H. History of the reign of Fer- 
dinand and Isabella. 3 v 946.03; 16-1 8 

— History of the reign of Philip H. of Spain. 3 v. 


Yonge, Charlotte M. Christians and Moors 
in Spain 946.02;20 


In General. 

Abbott, John S. C. History of Russia; its rise 
and present state 947;1 

*Dole- Nathan H. Young folks' history of 
Russia 947;6 

Keily, Walter K., ed. History of Russia; 
from the earliest period to 1855. 2 v. 


Ram baud, Alfred. History of Russia from 
the earliest times to 1882. 3 v 947; 20-22 

Shaw, T. A. Brief history of Russia. . . .947,24 

By Periods. 

Dragomanof, Michael. (Stepniak.) Russia 
under the tzars 947.08; 18 

— Russian peasantry; their agrarian condition, 

social life and religion. 1888 947.08,21 

— Russian storm-cloud, or Russia in her rela- 

tions to neighboring countries. 1886. 


— Underground Russia; revolutionary profiles 

and sketches from life. 1885 947.08;19 

Fouike, Wm. D. Slav or Saxon; a study of the 
growth and tendencies of Russian civiliza- 
tion 947.08;5 

Greene, Francis V. Sketches of army life in 
Russia 355;5 

Kingiake, Alex. W. Invasion of the Crimea; 
its origin and progress to the death of Lord 
Raglan. 6 v 947.07;6-ll 

Labaume, Eugene. Narrative of the cam- 
paign in Russia. (1812.) 947.07;13 

Marvi n , C. Russians at the gate of Herat. 


Noble, Edmund. Russian revolt; its causes, 
condition and prospects. 1885 947.08;12 

Schmucker, Samuel M. Court and reign of 
Catherine II 947.06;10 

— Life and reign of Nicholas 1 947.07:18 

Schuyler, Eugene. History of Peter the 
great. 2 v 947.05;10-11 

Tolstoi, Count Ly of N. Sebastopol. . .947.07;21 


Boyesen, Hjalmar H. Story of Norway. 
(Story of the nations.) 948.1 ;2 

Carlyle, Thomas. Early kings of Norway. 


Si n d i ng, Paul C. History of Scandinavia. 


Stevens, John Lloyd. History of Gustavus 
Adolphus 948.04;10 

Voltaire, Francois M. A. History of Charles 
XII. of Sweden 948.05;12 

The Netherlands. 

Barrett, Mary. William the silent, and the 
Netherland war. (1555-1584.) 949.2;4 

G rattan. Thomas C. History of the Nether- 
lands. (B. C. 50-A. D. 1815.) 9492;10 




Motley, John L. Rise of the Dutch republic. 
(1556-1684.) 3 v 949.2;18-20 

— History of the United Netherlands, from the 

death of William the silent, to the synod 
of Dort. (1584-1609.) 4v 949 2^1-24 

— Life of John of Barneveld; with a view of the 

primary causes and movements of the 
thirty years' war. (1609-1623.2 v. 949.2;25-26 

Rogers, James E. T. Story of Holland. (Story 
of the nations.) 949.2;28 

Young, Alex. History of the Netherlands. 


Switzerland and Modern 


Mackenzie, Harriet D. 8. History of Switzer- 
land 949.4;10 

Zschokke, J. H. D. History of Switzerland. 


Clark. Edson L. Modern Greeks. In his 
Races of European Turkey 949.6;7 

Howe, S. G. History of the Greek revolution. 
(1821-28.) 949.6;8 

Sergeant, Lewis. New Greece 949.6;16 

Tuckerman , Charles K. Greeks of to-day. 


Turkey in Europe. 

Blockwitz, Johannes. Brief history of Turkey. 


Bugbee, James M. Eastern question. 1877. 


Clark, Edson L. Races of European Turkey; 
their hist., condition, and prospects. 949.6;7 

Contents. — Byzantine empire ; Modern 
Greeks; Turkish Slavonians, &c. 

Creasy, 8ir Edward S. History of the Otto- 
man Turks 949.6;9 

"Daily News" war correspodence. 1877. 


Freeman, Edward A. History and con- 
quests of the Saracens. 1876 949.6;13 

— Ottoman power in Europe 949.6;14 

— Turks in Europe. 1877 949.6;15 

Lamartine, Alphonse M. L. de. History of 
Turkey. 1855. 3 v • 949.6;22-24 

Norman: C. B. Armenia, and the campaign 
of 1877 949.6*27 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. Story of Turkey. (Story 
of the nations.) 949.6;34 


China and Japan. 

Goodrich, Samuel G. Lights and shadows 
of Asiatic history 950;1 

Davis, John F. History of China. 1844. 2 v. 

951 ;34 

Douglass, Robert K. History of China.. .951;5 

MacFarlane, Charles. Japan; geographical 
and historical 915.2;20 

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his Mikado's empire 915.2;12 

Lanman, Charles. Japan; its leading men. 



Crichton, Andrew. History of Arabia. 2 v. 


G i I m an , Arthur. Story of the Saracens. (Story 
of the nations.) 963;8 

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his succesors. 2 v 922.9;14-16 

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African history 960;4 

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west in Egypt. 1887 962;2 

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(1884.) 923.25;30 

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Soudan. (1883-84.) 916.2;32 

Towle, Geo. M. England in Egypt. 1886..962;10 

Wallace, D. Mackenzie. Egypt and the Egyp- 
tian question 916.2;38 




North America. 

In General. 

Belknap, Jeremy, and others. Two Americans; 
their complete history from the earliest 
discoveries to the present day R L.970;2 

Contents .-—Belknap's biog. of the early 
discoveries; Graham's history of N. America; 
Dr. Robertson's history of S. America; 
Ramsay's history of the U. S.; Hubbard's 
history of the Indian wars of New England: 
with an appendix, bringing the history or 
N. and S. America down to the present day. 

Goodrich, Samuel G. Lights and shadows of 
American history 970;6 

Parkman, Francis. France and England in 
North America. 

Ft. 1. Fioneersof France in the new world. 


Ft. 2. Jesuits in North America 970;13 

Ft. 3. Discovery of the great west. . .970; 14 

Ft. 4. Old regime in Canada 970;15 

Pt. 5. Frontenac and New France. ..970;16 

Ft. 6. Not published. 

Pt. 7. Montcalm and Wolfe. 2 v...970;18-19 

— Conspiracy of Pontiac. 2 v 970;20-21 

— Same. 1 v 970;22 

— Historic hand-book of the northern tour.970.23 

Winsor, Justin, ed. Narrative and critical 
history of America. 8 v R L.970;34-41 

v. 1. Aboriginal America. 

v 2. Spanish explorations and settlements 
in America from 15th to 17th centuries. 

v. 3. English explorations and settlements 
in N.Am. (1*97-1689.) 

v. 4. French explorations and settlements 
in N. Am., and those of the Portuguese, 
Dutch and Swedes. (1600-1700.) 

v. 5. English and French in N. Am. (1689- 

v. 6 and 7. History of United States. 

v. 8. Later history of British, Spanish and 
Portuguese America. 

The Aborigines. 

Abbott, Charles C. Primitive industry, or Illus- 
trations of the handiwork in stone, bone 
and clay, of the native races of the north- 
ern Atlantic seaboard of America. . . 970.6; 1 

Bancroft, Hubert H. Native races of the 
Pacificcoast. 5 v 970.1;4^8 

v 1. Wild tribes, v. 2. Civilized nations, 
v. 3. Myths and languages, v. 4. An- 
tiquities, v. 5. Primitive industry. 

Brooks, Elbridge S. Story of the American 
Indian 970.1;9 

Dodge, Rich. I. Our wild Indians; 33 years' 
personal experience among the red men of 
the west 970.1;12 

*Drake, Francis S. Indian history for young 
people 970.1;14 

Drake, Samuel 6. Aboriginal races of 
America 970.1;15 

Ellis, Geo. E. Red man and white man in 
North America, from its discovery to the 
present time 970.1;17 

Goodrich, Samuel 6. Customs of the Indians. 

970.1 ;21 

— History of the Indians 970.1;22 

Mcintosh, J. Origin of the North American 
Indian 970.1;28 

Poole, D. C. Among the Sioux of Dakota. 


Schoolcraft, Henry R. History, conditions 
and prospects of the Indian tribes of the 
U. S.; collected and prepared under the 
direction of the Bureau of Indian affairs, 
v. 1 and 5 RL.970.1;84,38 

Simon, Barbara A. The hope of Israel; pre- 
sumptive evidence that the aborigines of 
the western hemisphere are descended from 
the ten missing tribes of Israel 970.1;40 

Smithsonian institution. Bureau of Ethnology. 
lst-4th annual reports, by J. W. Powel, 
director. 1879-83. 4 v R L 

United States. Geol survey of Rocky Mountain 
region. Contributions to American eth- 
nology, v. 5 R L 

Lives of Indians. 

♦Abbott, John S. C. History of King Philip. 

970.2; 1 

# Eggleston, Edward and L. E. Seelye. Brant 
and Red Jacket 970.2;6 

*— Montezuma 970.2;7 

*— Pocahontas 970.2;8 

*— Tecumseh 970.2;10 

*Eggleston, George C. Red Eagle. . . .970.2;9 

Goodrich, Samuel 6. Famous Indians. 

970.2; 13 

Government Relation and Treat- 

Barrows, Wm. Indian side of the Indian 
question 970.5;2 

Giddings, Joshua R. Exiles of Florida, or 
Crimes committed by our government 
against the Maroons. 1858 970.5;6 

Jackson, Helen M. [H. H.) Century of dis- 
honor 970.5;9 

Otis, Elwell S. Indian question 970.5;13 

Zy lyf f , Poncha chiefs 970.5;20 




United States. 

General History. 

Abbott, Jacob. American history. 1860. 8 v. 

v. 1. Aboriginal America 973;4 

v. 2. Discovery of America 973;5 

v. 3. Southern colonies 973;6 

v. 4. Northern colonies 973;7 

v. 5. Wars of the colonies 973;8 

v. 6. Revolt of the colonies 973;9 

v. 7. War of the revolution 973;10 

v. 8. Washington 973;11 

Anderson, J. J. Grammar-school history of 
U. S. 1868 973;14 

Bancroft, Geo. History of the U. S. 1864. 10 v. 


— History of the formation of the constitution of 

U. S. 2 v 342.739;4-6 

— History of the U. S.; the author's last revised 

ed. 1886. 6v 973;28-33 

Barber, John W. Incidents of American 
history. 1868 973;34 

Barnes, A. S. Popular history of the U. S. 


*Bonner, John. Child's history of the U. S. 3 v. 


Brooks, Elbridge S. Story of the American 
sailor, on merchant vessel and man-of-war. 
1888 973;36 

Bryant, Wm. C and Sidney H. Gay. Popular 
history of the U. 8. 4 v 973.4043 

♦Butterworth, Hezekiah. Young folks' his- 
tory of America 973.44 

Century of independence. (Anon.) 973;45 

*Coffin, Charles C. Building the nation. 
(From the revolution to the civil war.) 

973 ;46 

*Colerick, E. Fenwick. Adventures of pioneer 
children, or Life in the wilderness.. .973;48 

Cooper, J. Fenimore. History of the navy of 
U. S. 1847 973.47 

*Dodge> N. S. Stories of a grandfather of 
American history 973;49 

Eggleston, Edward. History of the U. S., 
and its people. 1889 973;63 

Eliot, Samuel. History of the U. S 973;64 

*Gilman, Arthur. History of the American 
people. (Historical readers.) 973;68 

*— Making of the American nation. (Historical 
readers.) 973;69 

Higginson, Thomas W. Larger history of 
the U. S. v 1 973;60 

— Travellers and outlaws; episodes in American 

history 973;63 

— Young folks' history of the U. S 973;62 

Hoist. Hermann von. Constitutional history of 
the U. S. v. 1-4 973tl00-103 

Kennedy, J. H., ed. The American nation. 
3 v 973;66.v.l-3 

Land on, Judson S. Constitutional historv 
and government of the U. S. 1889.. . .973,67 

Leeds, Josiah W. History of the U. S. 1877. 


Lester, E. E. Our first hundred years. .973;69 

Lossing, Benson J. History of the U. S. (to 
1857.) 973;71 

— Story of the U. S. navy 973;72 

Mc Master, John B. History of the people of 
the U. S. v. 1-8 973;73-76 

•Monroe, Mrs. L. B. Story of our country. 


Patton, J. H. Concise history of the American 
people. 2 v 973;83-84 

Preston, Howard W., ed. Documents, illus- 
trative of American history 973;85 

Richardson, Abby Sage. History of our 
country. 1881 973;87 

Robinson, F. Army of the U. S. v. 2. .355;17 

Rod en bough, T. F. E., ed. Uncle Sam's 
medal or honor; some of the noble deeds 
for which it has been awarded. (1861-86.) 


Schouier, James. History of the U. S. under 
the constitution. 4 v. (1783-1847.) 

973.91. v. 1-4 

Scudder, Horace E. History of the U. S. 


Spencer, Jesse A. History of the U. S. 1868. 3 v. 


Thrill ing incidents of American history. (Anon.) 


Willard, Emma, nistory of the U. S. 1847. 


•Wright, Henrietta C. Children's stories of 
American history 973;110 

*— Children's stories of American progress. 


Young, Andrew W. American statesman. 





Force, P., ed. American archives. 4th ser. 
Documentary history of the Eng. colonies 
inN. America from 1774, to the declara- 
tion of independence, v. 1-6. 5th ser. 
Documentary history of the U. S. of 
America, from July 4th, 1776, to the treaty 
of peace with Great Britain, 1783. v. 1-3. 


Period of Discovery. 

Anderson, Rasmus B. America not dis- 
covered by Columbus. 1877 973.1;2 

Banvard, Joseph. First explorers of North 
America. 1874.. . . 973.1;3 

*Gilman, Arthur. Discovery and exploration 
of America. (Historical readers.)... 973.1 ;5 

*Higginson, Thomas W. Young folks' his- 
tory of American explorers 973. 1;6 

* H u m p h rey , Frances A . Adventures of the 

early discoverers 973.1;7 

St. Bris, Thomas de. Discovery of the origin 
of the name of America. 1889 973.1 ;20 

Colonial Period. 

See also History of New England cl. 974. 

Banvard, Joseph. Romance of American 
history. 1856 973.2;6 

*Coffin, Charles C. Old times in the colonies. 


Doyle, John A. English colonies in America. 
3 v 973.2;17-19 

*Gilman, Arthur. Colonization of America. 
(Historical readers) 973.2;26 

Graham, James. Colonial history of the U. S. 
1851. 2 v 973.2;30-31 

Hubbard, Wm. Indian wars of New Eng- 
land. 1814 973.2;36 

Johnson, E. Rossi ter. History of the French 
war. (Minor wars of the U. 8.). . . .973.2;43 

Lodge, Henry C. History of English colonies 
in America 973.2;49 

Mark ham, Rich. History of King Philip's 
war. (Minor wars of the U. 8.). . .973.2;53 

* Moo re, N. Pilgrims and Puritans 973.2;57 

Scheie De Vere, Maximilian. Romance of 
American history 973.2;14 

Wilson. Daniel. Pilgrim fathers. In History 
of Puritans and pilgrim fathers 285.9; 10 

Revolution and Confederation. 

Abbott, Edward. Revolutionary times.. 973.3;1 

•Abbott, Willis J. Blue jackets of '76. .973.3;2 

Carrington, Henry B. Battles of the Amer- 
ican revolution 973.3;10 

*Cof f i n , Charles C. Boys of '76 973.3;15 

EI let, Elizabeth F. Domestic history of the 
revolution 973.3;20 

Evans, G. G. Romance of the revolution. 


Fiske, John. Critical period in American 
history. (1783-89.) 973.3;27 

*— War of independence. (Riverside lib. for 
young folks.) 973.3;26 

Froth Ingham, Rich. Rise of the republic of 
the TJ. S. (1643-1790.) 973.3;28 

Gilmore, James R. Rear-guard of the revolu- 
tion 973.3;32 

— John Sevier, a commonwealth-builder. 973 3;33 

— Advance-guard of western civilization.. 973. 3;34 

Greene, Geo. W. German element in the war 
of American independence 973.3;36 

♦Guernsey, Lucy E. and Clara F. Washing- 
ton and '76 973.3;37 

Hamilton, Alex. History of the republic of 
the U. 8. 1857. 2 v 973.3;40-41 

Lossing, Benson J. Field-book of the revolu- 
tion. 2 v 973.3,54-55 

— Hours with living men and women of the 

revolution 973.3;57 

— Two spies; Nathan Hale and John Andre. 


Niles, Hezikiah. Principles and acts of the 
revolution. (1822.) 973.3;64 

Sc udder, Horace E. Men and manners in 
America, 100 years ago. 1876 973.3;76 

Straus, O. S. Origin of the republican form of 
government in the U. S 973.3;80 

*Watson, Henry C. Camp-fires of the revolu- 
tion 973.3;92 

— Daring deeds of the revolution 973.3;93 

— Noble deeds of our forefathers 973.3;94 

Winsor, Justin. Reader's hand-book of Ameri- 
can revolution 973.3;98 

•Woodman, C. H. Boys and girls of the 
revolution 973.3;100 

War of 1812 and the Mexican War. 

♦Abbott, Willis J. Blue jackets of 1812. 


Johnson, E. R. History of the war of 1812. 
(Minor wars of the U. S.) 973.5;10 

Lossing, Benson J. Field-book of the war of 
1812 973.5;12 

Roosevelt, Theodore* Naval war of 1812. 


*Soley, James B. Boy of 1812, and other naval 
heroes 973.5;21 




Frost, J. Mexican war and its warriors. 


Lad d , Horatio O. History of war with Mexico. 
(Minor wars of the U. 8.) 973.6;12 

Mexican war and its heroes. {Anon.). .973.6; 14 

Civil War to Present Time. 

Abbott, A. O. Prison life in the south. 1805. 


Abbott, John S. C. History of the civil war. 

2 v 973.7;2^3 

♦Abbott, Willis J. Blue jackets of '61 . . 973.7;4 

Adams, P. C. Story of a trooper. 1865..973.7;6 

Bates, Samuel P. Battle of Gettysburg. 1875. 


Bigelow, John. France and the confederate 
navy. 1888 973.7;12 

Boynton, H. V. Sherman's historical raid; 
the memoirs in the light of the record. 
1875 973.7;14 

Brockett, L. P. Lights and shadows of the 
great rebellion. 1866 973.7;17 

— Woman's work in the civil war. 1867. .973.7;18 

Browne, J. H. Four years in Secessia. 1866. 


Brownlow, Wm. G. Sketches of the rise, 
progress and decline of secession. 1867. 


*Champlin, John D. Young folks' history of 
the war for the union 973.7;26 

♦Coffin, Charles C. Boys of '61. 1882. 


♦— Following the flag. 1865 973.7;29 

♦ — My days and nights on the battle field. 1865. 


*— Drum-beat of the nation. 1888. 973.7;31 

♦ — Marching to victory; 2nd period of war of the 
rebellion. 1889 973.7;32 

♦ — Redeeming the republic; 3d period of the war 
of the rebellion 973.7;33 

Davis, Jefferson. Rise and fall of the confed- 
erate government. 2 v 973.7;4.v. 1-2 

Draper, John W. Civil war in America. 1868. 

3 V 973.7;37-39 

Eggleston, Geo. C. Rebel's recollections. 
1875 973.7;42 

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berland. 1864 973.7;46 

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before Europe. 1862 973.7;48 

♦Glazier, Wm. W. Capture, prison-pen and 
escape 973.7;49 

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Virginia. 1880 973.7;51 

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2 v 973.7;53-54 

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by soldiers , 973.7;57 

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war. (Southern side.) 1867 973.7;65 

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war of secession. 1888 973.7;68 

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1865 973.7;70 

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mer-boy 973.7;72 

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fleet. 1886 973.7;74 

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years' personal experience as nurse, 
&c., in the war of the rebellion. 1889. 


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hospital 973.7;75 

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1866. 3 v 973.7;78-80 

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bellion. 1864 973.7;82 

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1887 973.7;84 

M c P h e rso n , Edward . Political history of the 
rebellion. 1864 973.7;86 

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can war. 1877 973.7;87 

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Moore, J. History of the great rebellion. 1867. 


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Stuart's cavalry campaigns 973.7;94 

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fighting parson's regiment, in the war of the 
rebellion. 1886 973.7;95 

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civil war in America, v. 1-4. 1876-88. 


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the civil war 973.7;109 

— Naval history of the civil war 973.7;110 

Ransom, John C. Andersonville diary. 1881. 


Richardson, Albert D. Field, dungeon and 
escape. 1866 973.7;115 




Robe rtso n , J ohn. Michigan in the war. 


Roman, Alfred. Military operations of Gen. 
Beauregard. ,1884. 2 v 973.9;120-21 

Snead, T. L. Fight for Missiouri. 1886. 


*SoIey , James R. Sailor-boys of '61. . .973.7;126 

Swinton, William. Campaigns of the army 
of the Potomac 973.7;130 

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Lookout mountain. 1872 973.7;134 

*Thayer, Wm. M. Youth's history of the re- 
bellion. 1866. 4 v 973.7;138-141 

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army of the rotomac. 1888 973.7;143 

Walker, Francis A. History of the second 
army corps, in the army of the Potomac. 
1886 973.7;146 

Wilkeson, Frank. Recollections of a private 
soldier, in the army of the Potomac. 1887. 


Williams, Geo. W. History of the negro 
troops in the rebellion. 1888 973.7;149 

Campaigns of the civil war. 12 v. 

v. 1. Nicolay, John G. Outbreak of the 
rebellion 973.7;154 

v. 2. Force, Manning F. From Fort 
Henry to Corinth 973.7,155 

v. 3. Webb, Alex. S. The peninsula; 
McClellan's campaign of 1862 973.7;156 

v. 4. Ropes, John C. Army under Pope. 


v. 5. Palfrey, Francis W. Antietam and 
Fredericksburg 973.7;158 

v. 6. Doubled ay, Abner. Chancellors- 
ville and Gettysburg 973.7;159 

v. 7. Cist, Henry M. Army of the Cum- 
berland . .973.7;160 

v. 8. Greene, Francis V. The Missis- 
sippi 973.7;161 

v. 9. Cox, Jacob D. Atlanta 973.7;162 

v. 10. Cox, J D. March to the sea.973.7;163 

v. 11. Pond, Geo. E. Shenandoah valley 
in 1864 973.7;164 

v. 12. Humphreys, Andrew A. Virginia 
campaign of 1864-65 973.7;165 

Navy in the civil war. 3 v. 

v. 1. Soley, James R. Blockade and the 
cruisers 973.7;166 

v. 2. Am mem, David. Atlantic coast. 


v. 3. Mahan, Alfred T. Gulf and inland 
waters 973.7;168 

Battles and leaders of the civil war; contribu- 
tions by union and confederate officers. 
1889. 4 v 973.7,174-77 

Guernsey, Alfred H. and H. M. Alden. 
Harper's pictorial history of the great 
rebellion. 2 v R. L. 

United States. Wardept. War of the rebellion; 
a compilation of the official records of the 
union and confederate armies. Pt. 1-23. 
34 v RL 

— Congress. Report of the joint committtee on 

the conduct of the war: Senate report, 
3rd Bess., 37th congress R L 

— Affairs in the late insurectionary states. 2nd 

sess., 42nd congress. 24 v R L 

New England. 

Ban vard , Joseph. Plymouth and the pilgrims. 
1859 974;3 

Drake, Samuel A. Making of New England. 


Fiske, John. Beginnings of New England. 
1888 974;8 

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4 v 974;15-18 

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of Vermont 974.3;8 

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1866 974.4;4 

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1873 974.4;6 

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colony of Massachusetts Bay. (1629-85.) 


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1876 974.4;8 

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Boston. 1873 974.4;10 

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cities of the republic.) 974.4; 12 

Rich, Shebnah. Truro— Cape God; land marks 
and sea marks 974 .4;] 8 

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ton. 4v 974.4;24-27 

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of Connecticut. 1865 974.6;3 

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commonwealths.) 974.*;8 

Middle States. 

Arthur. T. S. and W. H. Carpenter. History 
of New York. 1866 974.7;3 

Dunlap, Wm. History of New York. 2 v. 





Lamb, Martha J. History of city of New York. 
1877. 2 v 974.7;12-13 

— Wall Street in history 974.7;14 

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York 974.7;18 

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growth of the empire state. (Am. common- 
wealths.) 2 v 974.7;20-21 

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York. (Great cities of the republic.) 


Volcano under the city. (Draft-riot of 1863 in 
New York.) (Anon.) 974.7;30 

Arthur, T. S. and W. H. Carpenter. History of 
Pennsylvania 974.8;1 

Woolsey, Sara C. {Susan Coolidge.) Short 
history of Philadelphia 974.8;14 

Arthur. T. S. and W. H. Carpenter. History 
of New Jersey. 1865 974.9;3 

Southern States. 

Bruce, Philip A. Plantation negro as a free- 
man 1888 975;2 

Cable, Geo. W. The silent south; with the 
freedman's case inequity, &c., ]885...975;3 

Fortune, T. Thomas. Black and white; land, 
labor and politics in the south. 1887.975;8 

Browne, Wm. H. Maryland; the history of 
a palatinate. (Am. commonwealths.) 


Todd, Charles B. Story of the city of Wash- 
ington. (Great cities of the republic.) 


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of Virginia. 1865 975.5;2 

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people. (Am. commonwealths.) — 975.5;5 

— Stories of the old dominion 975.6;6 

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of Georgia. 1865 975.8;2 

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story of three centuries 975.9;10 

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Thompson, Maurice Story of Louisiana. 
(Story of the states.) 976.3;14 

Carpenter, W. H. History of Tennessee. 1865. 


Humes, Thomas W. Loyal mountaineers of 
Tennessee* 1888.- 976.8;8 

Phelan. James. History of Tennessee; the 
making of a state 976.8;14 

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of Kentucky. 1865 976.9;2 

Shaler, N. S. Kentucky; a pioneer common- 
wealth. (Am. commonwealths.).... 976.9;10 

Carr, Lucien. Missouri; a bone of contention. 
(Am. commonwealths.) 977.8;3 

The Northwest. 

Hinsdale, B. A. Old northwest; with a view 
of the thirteen colonies, as constituted by 
the royal charters. 1888 977;6 

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states.) 977.1;2 

Butterfield, Consul W. Expedition against 
Sandusky. 1873 977.1;3 

Carpenter, W. H. and T. S. Arthur. History 
of Ohio. 1865 977.1;4 

Craig, N. B. Olden times, 1876. 2 v...977.1;6-6 

King, Rufus. Ohio; first-fruits of the ordinance 
of 1787. (Am. commonwealths.) 977.1;11 

Dunn, J. P. Indiana; a redemption from 
slavery. (Am. Commonwealths.) 977.2;5 

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of Illinois. 1865 977.3;3 

Shehan J. W. and G. P. Upton. Chicago, 
past, present and future 977.3;12 

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Michigan 977.4;4 

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governments. (Am. commonwealths.) 


Cox, Wm. J. Primer of Michigan history. 


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county R L.977.4;8 

Quarter centennial celebration of settlement 
of Kalamazoo, Mich. 1855 RL 

Farmer, Silas. History of Detroit and Michigan. 


Lan man, Charles. History of Michigan. 1865. 


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See also Scriptural Biog., c). 220.92. 


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wich Islands. Life; from her letters and 
journals 922.5;80 

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1876 922.6;84 

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by J. L. Wilson 922.5;96 


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missions. Life; by J. B. Myers 922,6;4 




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suffering and triumph 922.7 ;35 

— From Baca to Beulah; a sequel to Valley of 

Baca 922.7;36 

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Unitarian and Other. 

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Peabody. ; 1880 . . .922.8;6 

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^ew England clergyman and army chap- 
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Biography of Sociology. 

Presidents of the U. S- 

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presidents 923.11;5 

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statesmen.) 923.11;39-40 

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(Riverside lib. for young folks.) 1889. 

923.1 1;38 
*— The farmer boy; by W. M. Thayer.. .923.11;37 

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Jefferson, Thomas. Life; by J. T. Morse. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923 11;70 

— Life; by James Parton. 1859 923.1 1 ;73 

— Domestic life; by Sarah N. Randolph. 1887. 

923.11 ;75 




J ef f e rso n , Thomas.— Continued. 

— Life and times; by S. M. Schmucker. 1869. 


Madison, James. Life; by Sidney H. Gay. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.11 ;90 

— Life and times; by W. C. Rives. 1866. 2 v. 

923.11 ;91-92 

Monroe, James. Life; by D. C. Gilman. (Am. 
statesmen.) 923.11;110 

Adams, John Quincy. Life; by J. T. Morse. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.11;120 

— Memoirs; by Josiah Quiney. 1868.. . .923.11;122 

— - Life and public services; by W. H. Seward. 

923.1 1;123 

*Jackson, Andrew. Life, for young people. 


— Life; by James Parton. 1879. 3v..923.11;145-47 

— Jackson as a public man; by W. G. Sum- 

ner. (Amer. statesman.) 923.11;148 

Taylor, Zachary. Life; by H. Montgomery. 


Buchanan, James. Life; by Geo. G. Curtis. 
1888. 2 v 923.11 ;280-281 

— Life and public services; by R. G. Horton. 

1866 923.11;282 

*LI ncol n , Abraham . Life, for young people; by 
Noah Brooks. 1888 923.11;303 

— Inner life; by F. B. Carpenter 923.11;304 

— Life and public services; by F. Crosby. 1865. 


— Life; by J. G. Holland. 1866 923.11;309 

— Lincoln and the abolition of slavery; by C. G. 

Leland 923.11;310 

— True story of a great life; by W. O. Stoddard. 


*— Pioneer boy; by W. M. Thayer 923.11;314 

— Lincoln and Seward; by Gideon Wells. 


*Grant, Ulysses S. Our standard bearer; by 
W. H. Adams 923.11;351 

— Grant in peace; by Adam Badeau. . .923.11 ;352 

— Life; by E. E. Brown 923.11;353 

*— The hero boy; by P. C. Headley. . .923;11;354 

— Personal memoirs. 2 v 923.11;356-67 

•Garfield, James A. From canal boy to presi- 
dent; by Horatio Alger 923.11:390 

— Life and public speeches; by E. E. Brown. 

923 11;392 

— Garfield and education; by B. A. Hinsdale. 


*— From log-cabin to White house; by W. M. 
Thayer 923.11;394 

Kings, Queens, Emperors. 

Abbott, John S. C. Kings and queens. .923.1;! 

*Farmer, Lydia H. Boys' book of famous 
rulers 923.1;6 

*— Girls' book of famous queens 923.1 ;7 

Jameson, Anna. Celebrated female sover- 
eigns. 1870 923.1;10 

Kingston, W. Beatty. Monarchs I have met. 
1888 923.1;11 

*Sherwood, Mrs. M. E. Royal girls and royal 
courts 923.1;20 

Great Britain. 

Dixon, Wm. H. History of two queens; Cath- 
erine of Aragon; Anne Bolyn. 3 v. 

923.11 ;4-6 

Kaufman, Rosalie. Queens of England; 
abridged and adapted from Strickland's 
Queens of England. 3 v 923.21;13-16 


Schmucker, S. M. History of the four 
Georges 923.2 1;23 

Strickland, Agnes. Queens of England. 7 v. 

923.21 ;24-30 

— Same; abridged. 923.21 ;31 

— Queens of Henry VIII 923.21;32 

— Queens of Scotland. 8 v 923.21 ;33-40 

*Alf red the great. History; by Jacob Abbott. 


— Life; by Thomas Hughes 923.21 ;49 

•William the conquoror. History; by Jacob 
Abbott 923.21:56 

— Life; by Edward A. Freeman. (Twelve Eng. 

statesmen.) 923 21;57 

Henry II. Life; by Mrs. J. R. Green. (Twelve 
Eng. statesmen.) 923.21;75 

*Richard I. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923 21; 100 

*Richard II. History; by Jacob Abbott. 


Henry V. Life; by A. J. Church. (Eng. men 
of action.) 923;21;170 

•Margaret of Anjou. History; by Jacob Abbott. 


*Richard, III. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923. Si ;204 

Henry VH. Life; by James Gairdner. 
(Twelve Eng. statesmen.) 1889. .923.21 ;210 

Bolyn, Anne. Memoirs; by E. O. Benger. 

923.21 ;220 

Gray, Lady Jane. Life; by D. W. Bartlett. 

923.21; 230 

*Mary, queen of Scots. History; by Jacob 
Abbott 923.21;274 

— Life; by H. C. Bell. 2 v 923.21 ;276-276 

— Memoirs; by E. O. Benger 923.21 ;277 

— Life; by P. C. Headley 923.21;278 




Mary, queen of Scab.— Continued. 

— Life; by R. Kaufman; abridged from Strick- 

land's Queens of Scotland 923.21 ;279 

*EI izabeth . History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.21 ;290 

— Queen and woman; by Virginia Townsend. 


♦Charles I. History; by J. Abbott. .923.21;310 

Cromwell, Oliver. Letters and speeches; by 
Thomas Carlyle. 2 v 923.21 ;320-21 

— Life; by Fred'k Harrison. (Twelve Eng. 

statesmen.) 923.21;322 

— Life and times; by E. P. Hood 923.21 ;324 . 

— The man and his mission; by J. A. Picton. 

923.21 ;326 

— Life by M. Russell, v. 1 only 923.21 ;326 

♦Charles II. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.21 ;336 

William IH. Life; by H. D. Trail. (Twelve 
Eng. statesmen.) 923.21 ;350 

George IV. Life and times; by Geo. Croly. 

923.21 ;380 

William, IV. Life and times; by Percy 
Fitzgerard. 2 v 942.07;9-10 

Victoria Alexandrina, queen of England. Girl- 
hood and womanhood; by Sara J. Lippin- 
cott. (Grace Greenwood.) 923.21 ;396 

— The queen; by Margaret O. OHphant.923.21;396 

Albert, prince consort. Early years; compiled 
under the direction of the queen, by Hon. 
C. Grey 923.21;406 

— Life; by Sir Theodore Martin. 6 v. 

923.21 ;406-410 

Prince* and Princesses. 

Edward, prince of Wales, called the black prince. 
Life; by Louise Creighton 923.21;140 

Charles Edward Stuart, called the pretender. 
Life; by M. Johnes 942.07;18 

Alice, Maud Mary, grand duchess of Hesse and ' 
princess of England. Biographical sketch, 
with letters 923.21;418 

Germany and Austria. 

Peake, Elizabeth. History of the German 
emperors and their con temporaries... 943. 18 

Charlemagne. Life; by Eginhard. Tr. from 
the Monumenta Germanica by S. E. Tur- 
ner 923.3 1 ;20 

— History; by G. P. R. James. 1860 923.31;21 

— Charles the great; by J. I. Mombert. 1888. 


Charles V. History of the reign of; by W. 
Robertson. 3 v 943.03;20-22 

— Cloister life of; by Wm. Sterling 928.31;80 

Frederick the great. History; by J. 8. C. 
Abbott 923.31;110 

— History; by Thomas Carlyle. 6 v. 923.31 ;1 11-1 16 

— Life; by T. B. Macaulay 923.31;117 

Fred erica Sophia Wilhelmina, margravine of 
Baireuth. Memoirs; ed. with an essay, by 
V(. D. Howells. 2 v 923.31;130-31 

Louise, queen of Prussia. A memorial; by A. 
Kluckhorn 923.31;174 

William I, of Germany. (1797-1887.) Life; by 
Archibald Forbes. 1888 923.31 ;220. 

— and the German empire; by G. B. Smith. 1888. 

923.31 ;221 

Frederick, crown prince and emperor. A 
biographical sketch; by R. Rodd. 1888. 

928.31 ;230 

Fr ance. 

Bush, Mrs. F. Memoirs of the queens of 
France 923,41.4 

*Henry IV. History; by J. S. C. Abbott. 

923.41 ;75 

♦Louis, XIV. History; by J. 8. C. Abbott. 

923.41 ;95 

— Life and times; by G. P. R. James. 2 v. 


— and court of France in 17th century; by 

J. Pardoe. 2 v 944.03^0-21 

*Marie Antoinette. History; by J. S. C. Abbott. 


— Memoirs; by J. L. H. Campan 923.41 ;1 11 

— Life; by Charles D. Yonge 923.41;113 

Napoleon Bonaparte. History; by J. S. C. 
Abbott. 2 v 923.41;134-35 

— Memoirs; by Louis A. F. de Bourrienne. 4 v. 


— Life; by P. C. Headley 923.41;136 

— Memoirs of the court and family of; by 

Duchess d'Abrantes. 2 v 928.41.137-38 

— History; by P. Lanfrey. (1768-1811.) 4 v. 

928.41 ;139-42 
Note.— The author died in 1877, leaving the 
work unfinished. 

— A sketch, by J. C. Ropes 923.41;143 

— 8hort history; by J. R. Seeley 923.41;144 

♦Josephine, empress. History; by J. 8. C. 
Abbott 923.41;160 

— Life; by C. B. Hartley 923.41; 161 

— Life; by P. C. Headley 923.41;162 

— Memors; by M. A. A. Le Normand. .923.41; 163 

"Joseph Bonaparte. History; by J. 8. C. Abbott 

923.41; 175 

*Hortense, queen. (Mother of Napoleon HI.) 
History; by J. 8. C. Abbott 923.41 ;1 86 

"Louis Philippe. History; by J. 8. C. Abbott. 

923.41 £10 




Napoleon III. Destroyer of the 2d empire; 
by Victor Hugo 923.41;240 

— Life and times; by 8. M. Schmucker. 923.41 ;241 

Napoleon, prince imperial. Life; by E. Barlee. 

928.41 ;248 

Ita ly. 

Lorenzo de Medici, the magnificent. Life ; by 
A. von Raumont. 2 v 945.5; 14-15 

— Life; by Wm. Roscoe 928.51;50 

"Joseph Bonaparte. History by J. S. C. Abbott. 


Victor Emmanuel. Life; by E. Dicey. 945.09 ;4 

8p a i n. 

Ferdinand and Isabella. History of the 
reign of; by W. H. Prescott. 8 v. 


Philip II. History of the reign of; by W. H. 
Prescott. 3 v 946.04;6-8 

Charles, I. (V^of Germany.) History of the 
reign of; by W. Robertson. 3 v. 


B u 8 8 i a. 

•Peter the great. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.71 ;40 

— - Life; by John Barrow 923.71;41 

— Life; by F. M. A. Voltaire, v. 1 only.. 923.71 ;43 

— Life; by J. L. Motley 923.71;42 

— A study of historical biography; by Eugene 

Schuyler. 2 v 947.05;10-11 

— Life; by O. W. Wright. 2 v 923.71;44-45 

Catherine H. Court and reign; by S. M. 
Schmucker 947.06;10 

Nicholas, I. Life and reign; by S. M. 
Schmucker 947.07;18 


Gustavus Adolphus. History; by J. L. 
Stevens 948.04;10 

Charles XII, of Sweden. History; by F. M. 
A. Voltaire 948.05;12 

The Orient. 

Haroun Alraschid and Saracen civilization; by 
E. H. Palmer 953;16 

Genghis Khan. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.81 ;30 

Ruete, Emilv. Memoirs of an Arabian princess; 
an autobiography. 1887 923.81 ;40 

An*cient World. 

"Cleopatra. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.91; 24 

*Cyrus the great. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.91 ;60 

"Darius the great. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.91 ;68 

*Xerxes the great. History; by Jacob Abbott. 

923.91 ;80 

"Alexander the great. History; by Jacob 
Abbott 923.91U12 

*Pyrrhus, king of Epirus. History; by Jacob 
Abbott 923.91;122 

Reed, J. Eugene, ed. Lives of the Roman 
emperors. 5 v 923.91;164-68 

Romulus. History; by Jacob Abbott.. 923.91; 175 

*Caesar. Caius Jujius. History; by Jacob 
Abbott 923.95;16 

— A sketch; by J. A. Froude 923.95;17 

— History; by Napoleon III. 2 v 923.95;18-19 

*Nero. History; by Jacob Abbott.. . .923.91;223 

Biography of Statesmen, Governors and Politicians. 

United States. 

Bolton, Sarah K. Famous American states- 
men. 1888 923.12;3 

Heard ley, P. C. Public men of to-day; lives of 
cabinet officers, members of congress, &c. 
1883 923.12;10 

Lossing. Benson J. Lives of the signers of 
the declaration of independence.. 928. 12; 14 

Adams Samuel. Life; by Jas. K. Hosmer. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;26 

Andrew, John A. Memoir, with personal 
reminiscences; by P. G. Chandler. 928.12,32 

Barlow, Joel, poet, statesman and philosopher. 
Life and letter; by C. B. Todd. . .923.12;41 

Benton, Thomas H. Life; by T. Roosevelt. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;*6 

Bowles, Samuel. Life and times; by G. S. 
Merriam. 2 v 923.12;48-49 

Breck, Samuel. Recollections; ed. by H. £. 
Scudder 923 12;56 

Briggs, Geo. N. Memoir; by Wm. C. Richards. 
1866 923.12;60 

Brown, John. Life; by F. B. Sanborn. 1886. 





Burnett, Peter H. Recollections and opinions 
of an old pioneer 923.12;68 

Burr, Aaron. Life; by M. L. Davis. 1836. 2v. 


• — Life; by James Parton. 1866. 2 v..923.12;72-73 

Calhoun, John C. Life; by J. S. Jenkins. 


— Life; by Hermann von Hoist. (Amer. states- 

men.) 923.12;77 

Cass. Lewis. Life and public services; by Wm. 
T. Young. 1852 923.12;84 

*Clay, Henry. Life; for young people. .923.12;92 

— Life; by S. M. Schmucker. 1867 923.12;94 

— Life; by Carl Schurz. (Amer. statesmen.) 2 v. 


— Obituary addresses. 1852 923.12;97 

Clinton, DeWitt. Life; by James Renwick. 


Congdon, Charles T. Reminiscences of a 
journalist. 1880 923.12;118 

Corwin, Thomas. A sketch; by A. P. Russell. 


Cutler, Manasseh. Life, journals and corres- 
pondence; ed. by W. P. and J. P. Cutler. 
1888. 2 v 923.12;144-45 

Davis, Jefferson. Prison life; by J. C. Craven. 
1866 923.12;160 

Dix, John A. Memoir; by Morgan Dix. 2 v. 


Douglass, Frederick. Life and times; written 
by himself 923.12;178 

Douglas, Stephen A. Life; by J. W. Sheahan. 
1860 : 923.12;180 

Ferry, Orris S. Memorial addresses. 1876. 


Franklin, Benjamin. Autobiography, with 
essays, etc 923.12;223 

*— Life; for young people 923.12;224 

— In France; by E. E. Hale and E. E. Hale, jr. 

2 v 923.12;225-26 

— Life; by Geo. C. Hill. 1865 92312;227 

— Life; by O. L. Holly. 1848 923.12;228 

— Life; by J. T. Morse. (Amer. statesmen.) 


— Life and times; by James Parton. 1864. 2 v. 


—Franklin as a man of letters; by J. B. McMaster. 
1887 923.12;230 

*— Printer boy; by W. M. Thayer 923.12;234 

Gallatin, Albert. Life; by J. A. Stevens. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;244 

Garrison, Wm. Lloyd, and the anti-slavery 
movement; by O. Johnson 923.12;247 

Greeley, Horace. Recollections of a busy life. 
1873 923.12;252 

— Life ; by James Parton. 1877 923.12;253 

Hamilton, Alex. Life; by John C. Lodge. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 928.12;258 

— Life and epoch; by Geo. Shea. 1880.923.12;259 

— Life; by S. M. Schmucker. 1859 923.12^60 

Henry, Patrick. Life; by Moses C. Tyler. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;273 

— Life and character ; by Wm. Wirt, 1873. 


H u to h l n son , Thomas. Diary and letters; by 
P. O. Hutchinson. 2 v 923.12;287-88 

Julian, G. W. Political recollections. 923. 12;31 4 

King, Wm. R. Obituary addresses. 1854. 

923.12;327 , 

Marshall, John. Life; by Allan B. Magruder. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;340 

Marsh, Geo. P. Life; by Caroline C. Marsh, 
v. 1. 1888 923.12;343 

Morris, Gouverneur. .Life; by T. Roosevelt. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;356 

— - Diary and letters; ed. by Annie C. Morris. 
1888. 2 v 923.12;354-55 

Penn, William. Life; with anecdotes. 923.12;371 

Pickering, Timothy. Life; by O. Pickering. 
1867. 4 v 923.12;379-82 

Quincy, Josiah, of Mass. Life; by Edmund 
Quincy. 1868 923.12;390 

Quincy, Josiah. (Class of 1821, Harvard college.) 
Figures of the past. 1883 923.12;39l 

Randolph, Edmund. Life and papers; by Mon- 
cure D. Conway. 1888 923.12;403 

Randolph, John. Life; by tlenry Adams. 
(Amer. statesmen.) 923.12;405 

Seward, Wm. H. Life, with autobiography; 
by F. W. Seward. 1877 923.12;430 

Stevens, Thaddeus, commoner. Life; by E. B. 
Callender 923.12;446 

Stuyvesant, Peter. Life; by J. 8. C. Abbott. 
(Amer. pioneers and patriots.). . .923.1 2 ;459 

Sumner, Charles. Life; by J. and J. D. 
Chapin 923.12;464 

— Memoir and letters; by E. L. Pierce. 2 v. 

(v. 1, 1811-38; v. 2, 1838-45.).. . .923.12;465-66 

Warren, Joseph. Life and times; by Rich. 
Frothingham 923.12;500 

Webster, Daniel. Life; by Geo. T. Curtis. 
1872. 2 v 923.12;519-20 

— Reminiscences of; by Peter Harvey. 1877. 


— Life; by J. C. Lodge. (Amer. statesmen.) 


— Public and private life; by S. P. Lyman. 1852. 


*— Life; for young people 923.12;624 

— Obituary addresses. 1853 928.12;525 




Weed, Thurlow. Life, including his autobiog- 
raphy; ed. by Harriet A. Weed and T. W. 
Barnes. 2 v 923.12;529-30 

Williams, S. Wells, missionary, diplomatist and 
sinologue. Life and letters; by F. W. 
Williams 923.12;636 

Wilson, Henry. Life and public services; by 
E. Nason 923.12;540 

Winthrop, John. Life and letters; by R. C. 
Winthrop. 2 v 923.12;544-45 

Or eat Britain. 

Davidson, J. M. Eminent English liberals. 
1880 923.22;6 

Higginson, T. W. English statesmen. 1875. 


Hinton, B. J. English radical leaders. 1875. 


Lecky, W. E. H. Leaders of public opinion 
in Ireland; Swift, Flood, Grattan, O'Con- 
nell 923.22;16 

Phillips, Charles. Curran and his contem- 
poraries. 1862 923.22;19 

Rae, Wm. F. Wilkes, Sheridan, Fox; the op- 
position under George III. 1874. . .923.22;22 

Smith, Godwin. Three English statesmen. 
(Pym, Cromwell, Pitt.) 1867 923.22;26 

Smith, G. B. Prime ministers of Queen Vic- 
toria. 1887 923.22;27 

Bright, John. Life and speeches; by G. B. 
Smith. 1881 923.22;37 

Brooke, Sir James, raja of Sarawak. Life; 
by G. L. Jacob. 2 v 923.22;46-47 

Canning, George. Life; by F. H. Hill 


Cobden, Rich. Life; by John McGilchrist. 


— Life; by John Morley 923.22;63 

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, 1st earl of Shaftsbury. 
Life; by D. H. Trail 923.22;72 

— Life; by J. Campbell. In his Lord Chancellors 

of England, v. 3 923.24;14 

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, 7th earl of Shafts- 
bury. Life; by E. Hodder. 1887. .923.22;75 

Disraeli, Benjamin, earl of Beaconsfield. A 
study; by Georg M. C. Brand es. .923. 22; 86 

Doyle, Sir Francis. Reminiscences and opin- 
ions. (1813-1885) 923.22;92 

Fawcett, Henry. Life; by Leslie Stephen. 


Fox, Charles J. Early history; by G. O. Trevel- 
yan. 1881 923.22;122 

Gladstone, Wm. E. Life; by G. B. Smith. 
1880 923.22;136 

Grattan, Henry. Life; by Robert Dunlop. 
1889. (International statesmen).. 923.22;146 

Greville, Charles C. F. Journal of the reign 
of George IV and William IV. 2 v. 


— Journal of the reign of Victoria. 3 v. 


Keppel, George Thomas, earl of Albemarle. 
Fifty years of my life 923.22;181 

Lawrence, John, lord. Life; R. B. Smith. 2 v. 


O'Connell, Daniel. Life; by J. A. Hamilton. 
(International statesmen) 923.22;210 

Peel, Sir Robert. Life; by F. C. Montague. 
(International statesmen) 923. 22; 21 6 

Pepys, Samuel. Diary, with memoir. 923.22,220 

— Pepys and the world he lived in; by H. B. 

Wheatley 923.22;221 

Pitt, Wm., earl of Chatham. Life; by J. B— e. 
With Macau lay's life of Wm. Pitt. 


Pitt, Wm. Lift; by T. B. Macaulay.. 923.22,232 

Russell, John, earl. Recollections and sug- 
gestions. (1813-1873) 923.22;246 

Vane, Sir Henry. Life; by James K. Hosmer. 
1888 923.22;282 

Whittington, Sir Rich., lord mayor of London. 
Life; by W. Besant 923.22;294 

Germany and Austria. 

Tuttle, Herbert. German leaders. 1876. 


Bismarck, Otto E. L., prince. Life;ed. by 
K. R. II. Mackenzie. 1877 923.32;14 

Kossuth, Louis. Memories of my exile. 1880. 


Metternich-Winneberg, Clemens W. Life; 
by G. B. Malleson 923.32;49 

— Memoirs; by R. Metteruich. 5 v... .923.32-50-54 

Stein, Heinrich T. K. Life and times; by J. B. 
Seeley. 1879. 2 v 923.32;71-72 


King, Edward. French political leaders. 1876. 


Longueville, Anne Genevieve de. Youth of; 
by Victor Cousin 923.42;37 

Malntenon, Francoise de. A study; by J. C. 
Morrison 923.42;44 




Orleans, Helene Louise, duchexse d\ Memoirs. 


Rem u sat, Claire E. J. de. Memoirs (1802-1808) 
ed. by P. de Remusat. 3 v 923.42;59-61 

— Same. 1 v 923.42;58 

— Letters to her husband and son. (1804-13.) 


Richelieu, Armand J. de. Life; by G. Masson. 

944.03; 19 

"Roland, Marie Jeanne, Mme. History; by J. 
S. C. Abbott 928.42;66 

Saint-Simon. Life; by C. W. Collins. (For- 
eign classics for Eng. readers.). . .928.48;40 


Machiavelli, Niccolo. Life and times; by 
Pasquelle Villari. 4 v 923.52;20-23 

Mazzini, Joseph. Life, writings and political 
principles 923.62;26 

Ancient World. 

Cox, Sir Geo. W. Lives of Greek statesmen. 
2 v 923.92;3-4 

C I cero , Marcus Tullius. Life; by Wm. Forsyth. 


— Life; by Anthony Trollope. 2 v. . . .923.92;11-12 

Political Economists, &c. 

Reeves, John. The Rothschilds 923.3;4 

Fawcett, Henry. Life; by Leslie Stephen. 


McCullock, Hugh. Men and measures of 
half a century 923.1 3 ;20 

Turgot, Anne Robert Jacques. Life; by 
Leon Say. (Great French writers.).923.43;20 

Biography of Judges, Lawyers, &c. 

Un ited States . 

Choate, Rufus. Life; by S. G. Brown.. 923.14;20 

Curtis, Benjamin R. Memoirs; by B. R. Curtis. 
2 v 923.14;23-24 

Stanton, H. B. Random recollections. 1887. 


Wirt, William. Life; by John P. Kennedy. 2 v. 


Great Britain. 

Campbell, John, lord. Lives of the chief 
justices of England. 6 v 923.24 ;6-ll 

— Lives of the lord chancellors, and keepers of 
the great seal of England. 10 v.928.24; 12-21 

Ballantine, Wm. Some experiences of a bar- 
rister's life 923.24;30 

Hughes, George. Memoirs of a brother; by 
Thomas Hughes 923.24;38 

Biography of Generals, Admirals, &c. 


Dodge, Theodore A. Great captains.. .923.5;4 
James, G. P. R. Great commanders... .923.5 ;6 

Un itedStates. 

Griswold, R. W. Washington, and the 
generals of the American revolution. 


Head ley, J. T. Farragut and our naval 
commanders 923.15;8 

— Washington and his generals 923.15,9 

Pollard, E. A. Robert E. Lee and his lieu- 
tenants 923.15;18 

Alexander, Wm. Lord Stirling. Life; by W. 
A. Duer 923.15;30 

Arnold, Benedict. Life; by I. N. Arnold. 


— Life; by Geo. C. Hill 923.15;86 

Bartlett, Wm. F. Memoir; by F. W. Palfrey. 


Cam p, Henry W. The knightly soldier; by H. 
C. Trumbull 928.15;49 

Crockett, David. Life; by J. 8. C. Abbott. 
(Amer. pioneers and patriots.) 923.15;55 

Cushman, Pauline, the union spy. Life; by 
F. L. Sarmiento 923.15;58 

Custer, Geo. A. Life; by F. WhKtaker. 


Dahlgren, John A. Memoir; by M. Y. 
Dahlgren 928.16;64 




Farraeut, David G. Life and letters; by L. 
Farragut » 923.15;72 

— Farragut and our naval commanders; by J. T. 
Headley 923.15;9 

Foote, Andrew II. Life; by J. M. Iloppin. 


Fremont, John C. Life; by John Bigelow. 


— Life; by S. M. Schmucker 923.15;79 

Hancock, Winfield Scott. Reminiscences of; 
by his wife 923.15;83 

Hoffman, Wm. Camp, court and siege. 


Jones, John Paul. Life; by J. S. C. Abbott. 
(Amer. pioneers and patriots.) — 923.15;89 

Kidd, Capt. Wm. Life; by J. S. C. Abbott. 
(Amer. pioneers and patriots.) 923.15;91 

Lee, Robert E. Life; by A. L. Long. .923.15;94 

— Lee and his lieutenants; by E. E. Pollard. 


Marion, Francis. Life; by C. B. Hartley. 


— Life; by W. G. Simms 92315;101 

— Life; written for young people 923.15;102 

. Mitchell, Ormsby M. Patriot boy; by P. C. 
Headley. 1866 923.15;110 

— Astronomer and general; by F. A. Mitchell. 

1887 923.15:111 

Morgan, Daniel. Hero of Cowpens. 1881. 


Parker, Wm. H. Recollections of a naval 
officer. (1841-65) 923.15;132 

Perry, Matthew Galbraith. Life; by W. E. 
Griffis. 1887...: 923.15,134 

Putnam, Israel. (CM Putt.) Life; by W. Cut- 
ter. 1859 923.15;138 

«— Life, for young people; by G. C. Hill. 1865. 


— Life; by I. N. Tarbox. 1876 923.15:140 

Scott, Winfield. Memoirs; written by himself. 
1864. 2 v 923.15;150n51 

Sheridan, Philip H. Fighting Phil.; by P. C. 
•Headley. 1887 923.15;154 

— Personal memoirs. 1888. 2 v 923.15;155-56 

Sherman, Wm. T. Memoirs; written by him- 
self. 1875. 2 v.. 923.15;158-59 

*Sm!th, Capt. John. Life for young people; by 
G. C. Hill 923.15;162 

Stand ish, Miles. The Puritan captain; by J. 
S. C. Abbott. (Amer. pioneers and pa- 
triots.) 923.15;164 

Steuben, Frederick Wm., baron. Life; by F. 
Kapp. 1859 923.15;166 

Stuart, James E. B. Life and campaigns; by 
H. B. McClellan. 1885 923.15;170 

Thomas, Geo. H. Life; by T. B. Van Home. 
1882 923.15;176 

Great Britain. 

Edgar, John G. Heroes of England. . .923.25;4 

Churchill, John, duke of Marlborough. Life; by 
L. Creighton 923.25;16 

— Life; by Geo. Saintsbury. (Eng. worthies.) 

1886 923.25;17 

Drake. Sir Francis. Sea king of Devon; by 
W. M. Towle 923.25;22 

Gordon, Charles G. Journals at Kartoum. 
(1884.) 923.25;30 

— Life; by Sir W. F. Butler. (Eng. men of 

action.) 1888 923.25;29 

— Story of; by A. E. Hake 923.25;31 

Graham, John, viscount Dundee, called Ciaver- 
house. Life; by M. Morris 923.25;34 

Have lock, Sir Henry. Biographical sketch; 
by W. Brock 923.25;38 

— Life; by J. T. neadley 923.25;39 

Nelson, Horatio. Life; by Bobt. Southey. 


Ralegh, Sir Walter. Life; by Edmund Gosse. 
(Eng. worthies.) 1886 923.25;70 

— Life; by J. A. St. John 923.25;71 

— Life and times; by K. Thompson. . . .923.25;72 

— Life and times; by C. K. True 923.25;73 

Vicars, Headley. Memorials; by Catherine 
Marsh 923.25;84 

Weilesiey, Arthur, duke of Wellingtons Life; 
by Geo. Hooper. (Twelve Eng. statesmen.) 
1889 923.25;92 

Fr a nee. 

Bayard, Pierre, chevalier. Life; by W. G. 
Simms. 1847 923.45;8 

Coiigny, Gaspard de. Life; by Waiter Besant. 
1879 923;45;14 

Joan of Arc; Life; by D. W. Bartlett..923.45;35 

— Life; by Jules Michelet, from his history. 


— Life; by J. Tuckey. 1880 923.45;37 

Lafayette, Marie J., marquise de. Life; by 
Wm. Cutter.. 923.45;40 

— Life; by P. C. Headley 923.45;42 

— Knight of liberty; by Lydia H. Farmer. 1887. 


Other Modern. 

Cortez, Hernando. History; by J. S. C. 
Abbott 923.65;6 




Garibaldi, Guiseppe. Life; by John T. Bent. 


Verestch agin, Alex. At home and in war. 
(1853-1881.) 923.75;20 


*Csesar, Caius Julius. History; by Jacob 
Abbott 923.95;16 

Caesar, Caius Julius.— Continued. 

— A sketch; by James A. Froude. 1879.923.96;17 

— History; by Napoleon III. 1866. 2 v. 


*Hannibal. History; by Jacob Abbott. 


— Life; by Thomas Arnold. 1860 923.95^1 

Biography of Philanthropists. 

United States. 

Child, Lydia Maria. Letters 816.3;4 

Coffin, Levi. Reminiscences. 1880 923.16;4 

Dodge, Wm. E. Memorials; by D. S. Dodge. 


Garrison, Wm. Lloyd, and the anti-slavery 
movement; by O. Johnson 923.12*^47 

Go ugh, John B. Sunlight and shadow, or 
Gleanings from my life work. 1880. 


Gould, Emily Bliss, Memorials; by L. W. 
Bacon 923.16;16 

Grimke, Sarah and Angelina. Lives; by G. H. 
Birney 923.16;20 

Green, J. U. Eight years of a reformed gam- 
bler's life. 1851 923.16;18 

Hen son, Josiah. (Mrs. H. B. Stowe's "Uncle 
Tbm,") an autobiography, from 1789-1879. 


Mott, James and Lucretia. Life and letters; 
ed. by A. D. Hallowell 923.16;32 

Peabody, George. Life; by Phebe A. Hana- 
ford 923.16;36 

Smith, Gerritt. Life; by O. B. Frothingham. 
1878 923.16;42 

Sojourner Truth, a bondswoman of olden time. 
Narrative of her life. 1884 923.1 6;45 

Swisshelm, Jane G. Half a century. 1880. 


Great Britain. 

Dutton, Amy and Agnes E. Jones. Homes 
and hospitals, or Two phases of woman's 
work 923.26;6 

Fry, Elizabeth. Life; by Emma R. Pitman. 


Gilbert, Elizabeth. Life, and work for the 
blind; by F. Martin 923.26;12 

Jones, Agnes F. "Una and her paupers;" by 
her sister 923.26;18 

Montifiore, Sir Moses. Biography; by Lucien 
Wolf 923.26;26 

Morley, Samuel. Life; by Edwin Hodder. 


Pattison, Dora W. [8ister Dora.) Life; by 
M. Lonsdale 923.26;34 

Raikes, Robert, journalist and philanthropist. 
Hist, of the origin of Sunday-schools; by A. 
Gregory 923.26;38 

Wllberf orce, Wm. Life; by John Stoughton. 


Nobody knows, or facts that are not fiction in 
the life of an unknown. (Anon.). . 928.26;30 



Malabar!, Behramji M. Life and life-work; 
by Dayaram Gidumal: a biog. sketch, with 
selections from his writings on infant mar- 
riage, enforced widowhood, etc., 

923.86; 10 

Biography of Education. 

United States. 

Bridgeman, Laura. Life and education; by 
M. S. Lamson 923.17;4 

Gailaudet, Thomas H. Life; by E. M. Gal- 
laudet 923.17;10 

Gerard, Stephen. Life; by H. S. Ingram. 


Lyon, Mary. Memoirs; by E. Hitchcock. 1852. 


Mann, Horace. Life; by Mary Mann. 1875. 





Great Britain and Germany. 

Asc ham, Roger and Thomas Arnold. Lives; 
by S. Johnson and A. P. Stanley..923.27;3 

Co men i us. John Amos. Life and educational 
works; by 8. S. Lawrie 923,37 ;4 

Froebel, Frederick. Reminiscences of; by B. 
von Bulow. 1877 923.37;9 

— Autobiography 923.87;10 

Pestalozzi, Henry. Life, work and influence; 
by H. Krusi 923.37;18 

Biography of Commerce. 

Merchants, &c. 

Barrett, Walter. Old merchants of New York. 


H u nt, Freeman. Lives of American merchants. 
2 v 923.18;8-9 

Lawrence jAmos. Diary and correspondence; 
ed. by W. R. Lawrence 923.18;20 

— Life; with extracts from diary and correspon- 
dence, by W. Lawrence 923.18;21 

Browne, H . R. F. Famous London merchants. 


Biography of Exploration and Travel. 


Hale, E. £. Stories of adventure 923.9;6 

— Stories of discovery, told by discoverers.923.9;7 

Mark ham, C. R. Sea fathers 923.9;13 

Verne, Jules. Explorations of the world. 3 v. 

v. 1. Famous travels and travellers. 


v. 2. Great navigators of the 18th century. 


v. 3. Great explorers of the 19th century. 


Individual Biog. 


Columbus, Christopher. Life; by J. S. C. 
Abbott 923.59;6 

— Life and voyages; by Washington Irving. 3 v. 


— Same. Abridged 923.59;10 

— Columbus and Americus Yespucius. Lives. 

923.59; 12 

Drake, 8ir Francis. Sea-king of Devon; by G. 
M. Towle 923.26;22 

Gam a, Yasca da. Yoyages and adventures; 
by G. M. Towle 923.69;6 

La Salle, Robert Cavelier de. Adventures; by 
J. S. C Abbott. (Amer. pioneers and 
patriots.) 923.49;10 

Livingstone, David. Life; by W. G. Blackie. 


Magellan, Fernando. First voyage round the 
world; by G. M. Towle 923.69;12 

Palmer-Edward H. Life and achievements; 
by W. Besant 923.29;16 

Polo, Marco. Travels and adventures; by G. M. 
Towle 923.59;24 

Soto, Ferdinand de. Life; by J. S. C Abbott. 
(Amer. pioneers and patriots.) 923.69;20 

Stanley, Henry M. African explorer; by A. 
Montiflore. 1889 923.19;65 

Vambery, Armenius. Life and adventures; 
written by himself 923.39;20 

American Pioneers. 

Boone, Daniel and the hunters of Kentucky, by 
W. H. Bogart 923.19;4 

— Life and times; by C B. Hartley 923.19;5 

Carson, Christopher. Life; by J. S. C Abbott. 
(Amer. pioneers and patriots.) — 923. 19; 10 

Crockett, David. Life and adventures; by 
J. S. C. Abbott. (Amer. pioneers and 
patriots.) 923.15;66 

Fremont, John C. Life; by John Bigelow. 

923.1 5 ;78 

— Life; by S. M. Schmucker 923.15;79 

American Manners and Customs, etc. 

Bonaparte, Elizabeth Mme. Life and letters; 
by E. L. Didier. 1879 923.191;14 

Dabney, Thomas S. G. Memorials of a south- 
ern planter; by S. D. Smeades. 1887. 


Fremont, Jessie B. Souvenirs of my time. 
1886 928.191;38 

Hague, Farthenia A. A blockaded family: 
life in southern Alabama during the civil 
war. 1888 923.191;46 




Hill, Henry. Recollections of an octogenarian. 

923.191 ;60 

Livingstone, Louise. (Mrs. Edward Living- 
stone.) Memoirs; by L. L. Hunt. .923.191;74 

M ad i so n , Dorothy. ( Dolly Madison . ) Memoirs 
and letters; ed. by her grand-niece. 1887. 



Poore, Ben: Perley. Reminiscences of sixty 
years in the national metropolis. 2 v. 1887. 


Ripley, Elizabeth McIIatton-. From flag to 
flag; a woman's experience in the south 
during the war, in Mexico and in Cuba. 

923.191; 98 

Walker, James B. Experiences of pioneer 
life 923.191;111 

Young, Ann Eliza. Wife No. 19, or The story 
of a life in bondage. 1875 923.191 ;120 

Biography of Science. 


Arago, Dominique Francois. Biography of 
distinguished scientific men. 1859 925; 3 

Bolton , 8. K. Famous men of science 925;5 

Brewster, 8ir David. Martyrs of science. 1874. 


Stoughton, John. Worthies of 'science. 


Wright, Henrietta C. Children's stories of 
great scientists. 1889 925;22 

Mathematicians and Astrono- 

Newton, Sir Isaac. Life; by David Brewster. 


Herscheil, Sir William. Life; by E. S. Holden. 


Somerviile, Mary. Personal recollections of ; 
by Martha Somerviile 925.2;20 

Natural Philosophers- 
Davy, Sir Humphrey. Wonders of science; by 
Henry Mayhew. 1856 925.3;5 

Faraday, Michael. Life; by J. H. Gladstone. 


— Faraday as a discoverer; by John Tyndall. 
1873 925.3;9 

Thompson, Benjamin, Count Bumford. Life; 
by G. E. Ellis 925.3;22 


Dick, Robert, geologist and botanist. Life; by 
S. Smiles. 1879 925.5;o 

Maury, Matthew Fontaine. Life; by Diana F. 
M. Corbin. 1888 925.5;13 

Miller, Hugh. My schools and schoolmasters; or 
The story of my education 925.5;14 

Biologists and Botanists. 

Darwin , Charles. Life; by Grant Allen. (Eng. 
worthies.) 925.7;6 

— Life; G. T. Bettany. (Great writers.)... 925.7;7 

— Life, and letters; by F. Darwin. 1888. 2 v. 

925.7 ;8-9 

Linnaeus, Carl von. Through the fields with 
Liunjeus; by F. Caddy. 1887. 2 v. 



Agassi z, Louis. Life and correspondence; ed. 
by E. C. Agassiz. 1885. 2 v 925.9;3-4 

Aud u bon , John J. Life; ed. by his wife. Lucy 
Audubon. 1873 925.9;6 

— Boy's life; by Mrs. H. R. St. John. 1874. 


Buckland, Frank. Life; by C. E. Bompas. 

925.9; 10 

Edward, Thomas, Scotch naturalist. Life; 
by S. Smiles 925.9;14 

Biography of Useful Arts. 


Great inventors and sources of their usefulness. 
{Anon.) 926;7 

Hale, E. E. Stories of invention, told by inven- 
tors 926;8 

Howe, Henry. Memoirs of eminent mechanics. 
1857 926;9 

Jeans, Wm. T. Creators of the age of steel. 

926; 12 

Smiies, S. Industrial biography. 1869. . .926;22 
— Men of invention, and industry 926;23 





Pasteur, Louis. Life and labors; by his son- 
in-law. 1887 926.1;14 

Sims, J. Marion. Story of my life; ed. by H. 
Marion-Sims. 1885 926.1;18 

Tomes, Robert. My college days. 1880. 



Ericson, John. Miner boy and his Monitor; 
by P. C. Headley 926.2;6 

Firth, Frank R, young engineer. Memoir. 


Fulton, Robert, and history of steam naviga- 
tion; by T. W. Knox 926.2;10 

Lesseps, Ferdinand de. Recollections of 
forty years. 1888 926.2;16 

Stephenson, George. Life; by S. Smiles. 


Stephenson, George and Robert. Lives; by 
S. Smiles 926.2;23 


Coston, M. J. A signal success; an autobi- 
ography. 1885 926.54;8 

Edison, Thomas, and his inventions. . .926.54;5 

Morse, Samuel F. B. Memorials. 1859. 



Bates, Joseph. Early life and later labors; by 
J. White 926.66;3 

*Bowditch Nathaniel, Nat the navigator. Life; 
for young persons 926.56;4 

Forbes, R. B. Personal reminiscences. 1882. 


Hobart, Augustus. Hobart Pasha. Sketches 
from my life. 1887 926.56;12 

Samuels, S. From the forecastle to the cabin. 
1887 926.56;24 

Biography of Fine Arts. 

Collectiv e. 

*Foa, Eugenie. Boy artists. 1868. ...... .927.12 

— Same. (Fr) 927;13 

Shedd. J. A. Famous painters and their 
paintings 927 ;20 

Urblno, Mrs. S. R. Princes of art. 1870.927;24 

Vasari, Georgio. Lives of painters, sculptors 
and architects. 5 v. (1550.) 927;26-30 

Waters, Clara E. and L. Ilutton. Artists of 
the 19th century. 2 v 927;4-5 

Waters, Clara E. Painters, sculptors and archi- 
tects 927.6 


Ce 1 1 i n i , Benvenuto. Memoirs; by himself. Tr. 
by T. Roscoe 927.35;3 

Thorvaldsen, Albert. Life and works; by 
Eugene Plon. 1874 927.38;10 



Benjamin, S. G. W. Our American artists. 
1879 927.51;3 

Sheldon, G. W. American painters.. 927.51 ;12 

Tuckerman , H. T. Book of the artists. (Am. 
artist life.) 1870 927.51;16 

— Same, abridged 927.51;17 

Cole, Thomas. Life and works; by L. L. 
Noble. 1856 927.51;25 


Cunningham, Allen. Lives of the most emi- 
nent British painters; continued by Mrs. 
Heaton. 3 v 927.52;3-5 

Wed more, Frederick. Studies in English art. 
2 v 927.52:8-9 

Alma-Tadema, Lorenz. Life; by George 
Ebers. 1886 927.52;11 

Blake, Wm. Life and works; by Alex. Gil- 
christ. 2 v 927.52;13-14 

Frith, W. P. My autobigraphy and reminis- 
cences. 1889. 2 v 927.52;21-22 

Gainsborough, Thomas and John Constable; 
by G. M. Brock- Arnold. (Great artists.) 


H ay d o n , Ben j . R. Life, letters and table-talk; 
ed. by R. H. Stoddard 927.52^8 

Hogarth, William. Life; by Austin Dobson. 
(Great artists.) 927.52;30 





Do re, Gustave. Life and reminiscences of; by 
B. Roosevelt 927.M;29 

Le Brun, Vigee. Souvenirs of; by M. F. 
Tyler. 1880 927.54;44 

Messonier, Jean L. C. Life; by J. M. Mollett, 
(Great artists.) 927.54;46 

Vernet, Horace and Paul Delaroche. Lives; 
by J. R. Bees. (Great artists.) 927.64;58 

Watteau, Antoine.. Life; by J. M. Mollett. 
(Great artists.) 927.54;62 


Jameson, Anna. Memoirs of early Italian 
painters 927.65;8 

Angelico da Fiesole, (called Fra Angehco.) 
Life; by G. M. Phillimore. (Great artists.) 


Bartolomeo, Fra, di San Marco and Andrea 
del Sarto. Lives; by Lucy E. Baxter. 
{Leander Scott) (Great artists.).... 927.55;24 

Buonarroti, Michelangelo. Life; by C. C. 
Black 927.66;27 

— Life; by Herman Grimm. 2 v 927.55;28-29 

— Life: by C. Clement. (Great artists, ) . .927.55;30 

Corregio, Antonio Alligri. Life; by M. C. 
Heaton. (Great artists.) 927.65;86 

Giotto or Ambrogiotto Bordone. Life; byH. 
Quilter. (Great artists.) 927.65;44 

Mantegna, Andrea and Francesco Raibolini, 
(called II Francia.) Lives; by J. Cart- 
wright. (Great artists.) 927.55;54 

Raphael Santi. Life; by N. R. E. Bell. 
(N D'Anvers.) (Great artists.) 927.65;63 

— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 


Tintoretto, Giacomo Robusti. Life; by W. 
R. Osier. (Great artists.) 927.65;74 

Titian. (Tiziano Vecelli.) Life and times; by J. 
A. Crowe and G. B. Cavalcaselle. 2 v. 


— Life; by R. F. Heath. (Great artists.) 


— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 


Vinci, Leonardo da. Life; by Jean Paul 
Richter. (Great artists.) 927.55;92 

Spanish and Russian. 

Murillo, Bartolome Esteban. Life; by E. F. 
Minor. (Great artists.) 927.56;22 

— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 


Velazquez, Silvio Y. Life; by E. Stowe. 
(Great artists.) 927.66;32 

Verestchagin, Vassili, painter, soldier, travel- 
ler. Autobiographic sketches 927.57 ;20 

Land seer, Edwin. Life; by F. G. Stephen. 
(Great artists.) 927.52;39 

Lawrence, Sir Thomas and Geo. Romney; by 
Lord Ronald C. Grower. (Great artists.) 


Reynolds, 8ir Joshua. Life; by F. S. Pulling. 
(Great artists.) 927.52;50 

— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 


Turner, Joseph M. W. Life; by W. C. Monk- 
house. (Great artists.) 927.52;62 

— - Life; by W. Thornbury 927.52;63 

Wilkie, Sir David. Life; by J. M. Mollett. 
(Great artists.) 927.52;70 

German , Butch and Flemish. 

Crowe, J. A. and G. B. Cavalcaselle. Lives of 
early Flemish painters 927.633;5 

Gower, Lord Ronald C. Figure painters of 
Holland. (Great artists. ) 927.633;10 

Scott, Wm. Bell. Little masters of Germany. 
(Great artists.) 927.63;8 

Durer, Albrecht. Life; by R. F. Heath. 
(Great artist.) 927.53;16 

— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 


— Life and works; by Moritz Thausing. 2 v. 


Holbein, Hans. Life; by J. Cundall. (Great 
artists.) 927.53;24 

— Life; by R. N. Wornum 927.63;25 

Overbeck, Frederick. Life; by J. B. Atkinson. 
(Great artists.) 927.63;38 

Rembrandt Hermanz van Ryn. Life; by J. W. 
Mollett. (Great artists.) 927.633;26 

— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 


Rubens, Peter Paul. Life; by G. H. Calvert. 


— Life; by C. W. Kett. (Great artists. ).927.633;32 

Van Dyke, Anthony and Franz Hals. Lives; 
by P. R. Head. (Great artists.). .927.633;60 


Bigot, Charles. Peintres Francais contem- 
porains. (Fr.) 927.64;3 

Hamerton, Philip G. Contemporary French 
painters 759.4;6 

— - Painting in France after the decline of clas- 
sicism 759.4;7 

Wolf, Albert. La capitale de Tart. (Fr.) 


Claude Lorraine. (Gellee.) Life; by (). J. 
Dullea. (Great artists.) 927.54;24 

— Life; by M. F. Sweetser. (Artist biog. ser.) 







*Barnard. C. F. jr. Tone master*; a musical 
series for young people. 3 v. 

v 1. Mozart and Mendelssohn 927. 8 ;4 

v 2. Handel and Hadyn 927.8;5 

v 3. Bach and Beethoven «27.8;6 

Barrett, Wm, A. English church composers. 
(Great musicians.) 927.8;7 

Ferris, Geo. T, Great singers. 2 v. .927.8;13-14 

— Great violinists and pianists 927.8;15 

— Great German composers 927.8;16 

— Great Italian and French composers. .927.8; 17 

Keddie, H. (Sarah Tijtier.) Musical com- 
posers and their works 927.8;22 

Stieler, J. Great German composers. .927.8;30 

Urbino, Lavinia B. Sketches of musical com- 
posers 927.8;33 

American and British. 

Gottsc h ai k , Louis M. Notes of a pianist dur- 
ing his professional tour in U. S., Canada 
and S. America 927.81;8 

Purcell, Henry. Life; by W. H. Cummings. 
(Great musicians.) 927.82;14 

Oer man. 

Bach , Sebastian. Life; by R. L. Poole. .927.83;3 

Beethoven, Ludwic von. Life; by Louis Nohl. 


Hadyn, Joseph. Life; by Louis Nohl. 


— Life; by P. D. Townsend. (Great musicians) 


Liszt, Franz. Life; by Louis Nohl 927.83;18 

Mendelssohn, Felix. Life; by W. S. Rock- 
stro. (Great musicians.) 927.83;21 

— Letters to Ignaz and Charlotte Moscheles; 

ed. by F. Moscheles 836.6;16 

— Mendelssohn family, from letters and journals, 

1729-1747; ed. by S. Hensel. 2 v. 


Moscheles, Ignaz. Recent music and musi- 
cians; as described in his diaries and cor- 
respondence 927.83;26 

Mozart, J. C. Wolfgang Amadeus. Life; by F. 
Gehring. (Great musicians. ) 927.83;29 

— Life; by Louis Nohl 927.83;30 

— Letters; ed. by Lady Wallace 836.6;19-20 

Schubert, Franz. Life; by F. Frost. (Great 
musicians.) 927.83;37 

Schumann, Robert. Life; by J. A. F. Mait- 
land. (Great musicians.) 927.83;36 

— Life and works; by A. Reissmann 927.83 ;40 

Spohr, Louis. Autobiography 927.83;42 

Wagner, Rich. Life; by E. Dannreuther. 


— Life; by Louis Nohl 927.88;47 

— Life; by F. Hueffer. (Great musicians.) • 


Weber, Carl M. F. von. Life; by Sir Julius 
Benedict. (Great musicians.) 927.83;52 

French, Italian and Norwegian. 

Berlioz, Hector. Biographical sketch, with 
selection from letters 927.84;3 

Urso, Camilla. Camilla, a tale of a violin; by 
C. Barnard 927.84^0 

Pagan In I v Nicolo. Life, with a history of the 
violin 927.85;16 

Rossini, Gioachino A, and his school; by H. S. 
Edwards. (Great musicians) 927.85,19 

Bull, Ole. Memoir; by Sara C. Bull.. . .927.88;8 

Actors, &c 

Great lights of the English stage. (Anon.) 


Matthews, B. and L. Hutton. Actors and 
actresses of Great Britian and U. S. 5. v. 


Anderson, Mary. Story of her life and pro- 
fessional career; by J. M. Farrar. 

927.921 ;2 

Barnum, Phineas T. Life; written by himself. 

927.921 ;5 

Bernard, John. Retrospections of America, 
(1797-1811); ed. by Mrs. B. Bernard. 


Booth, Junius Brutus and Edwin. Lives; by 
Asia B. Clarke 927.921;10 

Cushman, Charlotte. Letters and memories 
of her life; ed. by Emma Stebbins. 1878. 

927.921 ;16 

Fechter, Charles A. Life; by Kate Field. 

927.921 ;28 

Felix, Elisa Rachel, (called MadamoiaeUe Rachel.) 
Life; by N. H. Kennard. (Famous women.) 


Forest. Edwin. Life; by James Rees. (Colley 
timer.) 927.921;23 

Kemble, Francis A. Records of a girlhood. 
1879 927.922;26 

— Records of later life. 1881 927.922;27 




Macready, W. C. Reminiscences and selections 
from his diaries and letters. 1875. 


Mathews, Charles J. Life, chiefly autobio- 
graphical; ed. by C. Dickens 927.922;34 

Ristori, Adelaide. Autobiography. (Famous 
women ) 927.925;19 

Siddons, Sarah. Life; by N. H. Kinnard. 
(Famous women.) 927.922:42 

Biography of Literature. 

In General. 

Brandes, Georg M. C. Eminent authors of the 
19th century. 1888 928;3 

Caste lar y Rissol, £. Lord Byron, and other 
sketches. 1876 928;4 

Cone, H. G. and J. L. Gilder, eds. Pen por- 
traits of literary women. 2 v 928;5-6 

Field, James T. Yesterdays with authors. 
1872 928;9 

Gr is wold, H. T. Home life of great authors. 


•Harris, Amanda B. Pleasant authors for 
young folks 928;12 

Hale, £. £. and others. How I was educated 
papers 928;14 

— Books that have helped me .928.15 

Johnson, £. R., ed. Little classics— Authors. 
1875 928;16 

♦Mitchell, Donald G (Ik Marvel.) About old 
story tellers; of how and when they lived, 
and what stories they wrote 808.3; 14 

Rldeing, W. II. Boyhood of living authors. 


Scott, Sir Walter. Lives of novelists and 
dramatists 928;30 

Seebohm, Frederick. Oxford reformers: 
Colet, Erasmus and Thomas More. 1887. 


Walsh, W. Shepard, ed. Earlier Victorian 
authors 928;37 

— Pen pictures of modern authors 928;39 

Whipple, E. P. Recollections of eminent men. 


American Authors. 

Collective Bio g . 

Bolton, Sarah K. Famous American authors. 


Glider, L. and J. B., eds. Authors at home. 


•Harris, Amanda B. American authors for 
young folks 928.1;9 

H i gg\ n so n , T. W. Short studies of American 
authors 928.1;10 

Powers, W. N. andothers. Homes and haunts 
of our elder poets R L.928.11;10 

Stoddard, R. H. and others. Poets 1 homes. 2 v. 


Wilson, James G. Bryant and his friends. 



Bryant, William Cullen. Life and works; by 
Parke Godwin. 2 v 928.11;44-45 

— Biographical sketch, with selections; by J. A. 

Symington 928.11;47 

Cary , Alice and Phoebe. Memorial of; by Mary 
Clemmer Hudson 928.11;63 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Life; by E. E. 
Brown 928.11;100 

— Life; by W. S. Kennedy 928.11;101 

Longfellow, Henry W. Biog. anecdotes, let- 
ters and criticism; by W. S. Kennedy. 

928.11; 146 

— Life, with extracts from his journals, &c.; ed. 

by S. Longfellow. 3 v 928.11;147-49 

— Life; by E. S. Robertson (Great writers.) 


— Biographical sketch; by F. H. Underwood. 


Lowell, James B. Life; by £. E. Brown. 

928.11; 188 

— Biographical sketch; by F. H. Underwood. 

928. 11 ;1 84 

Poe, Edgar Allen. Life; by W. F. Gill. 1877. 


— Life; by G. E. Woodbury. ( Amer. men of let- 

ters.) 928.11;265 

Taylor, Bayard. Life, travels, &c.; by B. H. 
Conwell 928.11;310 

— Life and letters; ed. by M. H. Taylor and H. 

E. Scudder. 2 v 928.11;312-13 

Whittier, John G. Life, genius and writings; 
by W. S. Kennedy 928.11;378 

Willis, Nathaniel P. Life; bv H. A. Beers. 
(Amer. men of letters.) 928.11;392 





Alcott, Louisa May. The children's friend; by 
Ednah D. Cheney R L.928.13;6 

— Life, letters and journals, ed. by E. D. Cheney. 

1889 928.13;7 

Cooper, James Fenimore. Life; by T. R. 
Lounsbury. ( Amer. men of letters. ) 


Haven, Alice B. (Cousin Alice.) Memoir. 1867. 


Hawthorne, Nathaniel and his wife. A biog- 
raphy; by Julian Hawthorne. 2 v. 


— Life; by Henry James. (Eng. men of letters.) 


— A study; by George P. Lathrop 928.13;61 

Parton, SaraPayson. (Fanny Fern.) Memoir; 
by James Parton. 1874 928.13;130 

Prentiss, Elizabeth. Life and letters; by G. 
L. Prentiss 928.13;141 

Stowe, Harriet B. Life-work of the author of 
Uncle Tom's cabin; by F. T. McCray. 


— Life; by C. E. Stowe; comp. from her letters 

and journals. 18^9 928.13;177 


Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Memoirs; by J. E. 
Cabot. 2 v 928.14;16-17 

— Life, writings and philosophy; by G. W. 

Cooke 928.14;18 

— Emerson at Concord, a memoir; by E. W. 

Emerson. 1889 928.14;21 

— Maternal ancestors; by D. G. Haskins. 

928.1 4 ;20 

— Life; by O. W. Holmes. (Amer. men of let- 

ters.) 928.14;19 

Ossoli, Margaret Fuller. Life; by T. W. Hig- 
ginson. (Amer. men of letters.). .928.14;60 

— Life; by Julia Ward Howe. (Famous women.) 


Orators and Humorists. 

Brown, H. Armitt, Memoirs, with four hist, 
orations; ed. by J. M. Hoppin 928. 15; 14 

Irving, Washington. Life; by David J. Hill. 
1879 928.16;45 

— Life and letters; by P. M. Irving. 1869. 3 v. 


— Life; by C. D Warner. (Amer. men of letters.) 


— Studies of; by C. D. Warner and others. 


Historians and others. 

Field, James T. Biographical notes and per- 
sonal sketches; by his wife 928. 18; 18 

Fremont, Jessie B. Souvenirs of my time. 

923.191 ;38 

Goodrich, Samuel G. Recollections of a life- 
time. 1859. 2 v 928.18;30-31 

Hudson, Mary Clemmer. Memorials; bv E. 
Hudson 928.18;42 

Motley, John L. Life; by O. W. Holmes. 

928.1 8 ;99 

— Correspondence; ed. by G. W. Curtis. 1889. 2 v. 


Prescott, William H. Life; by Geo. Ticknor. 
1866 928.18;124 

Thoreau, Henry D. Poet naturalist; by W. 
E. Channing 928.18;180 

— Life and aims; by A. H. Japp. (H. A. Page.) 


— Life; by F. B. Sanborn. (Amer. men of letters.) 


Ticknor, George. Life and journals; ed. by G. 
8. Hillard. 2 v 928.18;195-96 

Webster, Noah. Life; by H. E. Scudder. 
(Amer. men of letters.) 928.18;210 

British Authors. 

Collective Biog. 

Clarke, Charles and Mary Cowden-. Recollec- 
tions of writers 928.2;8 

DeQuincy, Thomas. Biographical essays. 


— Literary reminiscences 928.2;4 

Howitt, Wm. Homes and haunts of the Brit- 
ish poets 928.21;$ 

Johnson, Samuel. Chief lives of the poets. 
(Milton, Dryden, Swift, Addison, Pope, 
Gray.) 928.21;8 

Mason, E. T., ed Personal traits of British 
authors. 4 v 928.2;19-22 

Robertson, E. S. English poetesses. 928.21 ;16 

Seebohm, Frederick. Oxford reformers: 
Colet, Erasmus and More 928;32 

Stoddard, Rich. H. ed. Bric-arbrac series. 

v. 1. Personal reminiscences; by Chorley, 
Planche and Young : . .928.2^8 

v. 2. Anecdote biog. of Thackeray and 
Dickens 928.2;29 

v. 3. Merimee's letters, and recollections 
by Lamartine and Geo. Sand 928.2:30 

v. 4. Personal reminiscences: by Barham, 
Harness and Hodder 928.2;31 

v. 5. Greville memoirs 928.2;32 

v. 6. Personal reminiscences; by Moore and 
Jerden 928.2;33 





Stoddard, R. H. Bric-arbrac ser. — Continued. 

v. 7. Personal reminiscences of Lamb, Haz- 
lett, &c 928.2;34 

v. 8. Personal reminiscences; by Constable 
and Gillies 928.2;36 

v. 9. Personal reminiscences; by Knight and 
Raikes 928.2;37 

Thackeray, W. M. English humorists of 18th 
century. With his Four Georges, &c. 



Barnes, Wm., poet and philosopher. Life; 
by Lucy Baxter 928.21;26 

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Life, letters 
and essays. 2 v 928.21.34-35 

— Life; by John H. Ingram. (Famous women.) 

928.21 ;36 

Burns, Robert. Life; by J. S. Blackie. (Great 
writers.) 928.21;50 

— Life; by Thomas Carlyle 928.21 ;51 

— Life; by John C. Sharp. (Eng. men of letters.) 


— Genius and character; by John Wilson. 1845. 

928.21 ;54 

Byron, Geo. Gordon Noel, lord. Life, letters 
and journals; by T. Moore. 2 v.. 928.21 ;69-70 

— Life; by John Nichol. (Eng. men of letters.) 

928.21 ;71 

— Lord Byron and other sketches; by E. Castelar. 


— Records of Shelley, Byron and the author; by 

E. J. Trelawney 928.21 ;346 

Chaucer, Geoffery. Life; by A. W. Ward. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.21 ;85 

Coleridge, Samuel T. Life; by H. Caine. 
(Great writers.) 928.21 ;99 

— Life; by H. D. Trail; (Eng. men of letters.) 

928.21; 100 

Cowper, William. Life; by G. Smith. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.21 ;114 

Crabbe, George. Life; by T. E. Kebbel. 
(Great writers.) 928.21,120 

Dryden, John. Life; by G. Saintsbury. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.21;138 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Life; by Wm. Black. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.21 ;166 

— Life, with selections; by W. Irving. .928.21;167 

— Life; by Austin Dobson. (Great writers.) 

928.21 ;168 

Gray, Thomas. Life; by E. W. Gosse. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.21;176 

Keats, John. Life; by Sidney Colvin. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.21;196 

— Life; by W. M. Rossetti. (Great writers.) 


Milton, John. Life and works; byS. A. Brooke. 

928.21 ;234 

— Life; by David Masson; with an estimate of 

his character by Macauiay 928.21 ;235 

— Life and times; by D. Masson, in 6 v. v. 1-3. 


— Life; by Mark Pattison. (Eng. men of letters.) 

928.21 ;237 

Moore, Thomas. Life and works; by A. J. 
Symington 928,21;250 

Pope, Alexander. Life; by Leslie Stephen. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.21 ;295 

Procter, Bryan Waller. (Barry Cornwall.) 
Memoirs; autobiog. fragments and biog. 
notes, with recollections of men of let- 
ters, &C 928.21;307 

Rogers, Samuel and his contemporaries; by 
P. W. Clayden. 1889. 2 v 928.21:312-13 

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Recollections of; by 
T. H. Caine 928.21;320 

— Life; by Joseph Knight. (Great writers). 

928.21 ;321 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Life; by Wm. Sharp. 
(Great writers.) 928.21 ;345 

— Anecdote biography, ed. by R. II. Stoddard. 

928.21 ;343 

— Life; by J. A. Symonds. (Eng. men of letters.) 


— Records of Shelley, Byron and the author; by 

E. J. Trelawney 928.21;346 

Sidney, Sir Philip. Life and times; by S. M. 
Davis 928.21;367 

— Life; by J. A. Symonds. (Eng. men of letters.) 

928.21 ;368 

Southey, Robert. Life; by John Dennis. 

928.21 ;380 

— Life; by Edward Dowden. (Eng. men of 

letters 928.21;381 

Spenser, Edmund. Life; by R. W. Church. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.21;394 

Wordsworth, William. Life; 'by F. W. 
Myers. (Eng. men of letters.). . . 928.21 ;424 

— Life; by A. J. Symington. 2 v 928.21;425-26 

Dramatist 8. 

Con grave, William. Life; by Edmund Gosse. 
(Great writers.) 928.22;8 

Jon son, Ben. Life; by J. A. Symonds. (Eng. 
worthies.) 928.22;22 

Sheridan, Rich. Brindsley. Life; by M. O. 
Oliphant. (Eng. men of letters. )..928.22;45 


Arbiay, Frances d\ Diary and letters; ed. by 
S. C. Woolsey. 2 v 928.23;3-4 




Austin, Jane and her works; by H. Keddie. 
(Sarah TyOer.) 928.23;6 

— Life; by Mrs. Maiden. (Famous women.) 


Bronte, Charlotte. Life; by Augustine Bir- 
rcll. (Great writers.) 928.23;19 

— Life; by Elizabeth C. Gaskell 928.23;20 

— A monograph; by T. W. Reid 928.23;21 

Bronte, Emily. Life; by A. M. F. Robinson. 
(Famous women.) 928.23,23 

Buiwer-Lytton, E. G. Life, letters, &c.; by 
his son. v. 1 928.23;46 

Bunyan, John. Life, times and work; by J. 
Brown 928.23;60 

— Life; by J. A. Froude. (Eng. men of letters.) 


— Life; by E. Venables. (Great writers.) 


Cross, Marion E. (George Eliot.) Life; by M. 
Blind. (Famous women.) 928.28;75 

— Life, writings and philosophy; by G. W. Cooke. 


— Life, as related in her letters and journals; by 

J. W. Cross. 3 v 928.23;77-79 

De Foe, Daniel. Life; by W. Minto. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.23;118 

Dickens, Charles. Life; by John Forster. 3 v. 


— Letters; ed. by Mamie Dickens and G. Hogarth- 

2 v 928.28;133-34 

— Day with; by Blanchard Jerrold 928.23;135 

— Life; by F. T. Marzials. (Great writers.) 


— Life; by A. W. Ward. (Eng. men of letters.) 


Edge worth, Maria. Life; by H. Zimmern. 
(Famous women.) 928 23;152 

Ewinc?, Juliana H. and her books; by IT. R. F. 
Gatty 928.23;156 

Fielding, Henry. Life; by Austin Dobson: 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.23;170 

Lover, Samuel. Biographical sketch; by A. J. 
Symington. 1880 928.23;272 

Payne, James. Some literary recollections. 


Reade, Charles. Memoir; by C. L. and C. 
Reade. 1889 928.23;321 

Scott, Str Walter. Life; by R. H. Hutton. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.23;343 

— Day with; by Blanchard Jerrold. 1873. 


— Memoirs of the life of; by J. G. Lockhart. 3 v. 


Smollett, Tobias G. Life; by David Hannay. 
(Great writers.) 928.23;370 

Sterne, Lawrence. Life: by II. D. Trail. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.23;392 

Thackeray, Wm. Makepeace. Humorist and 
man of letters; by T. Taylor. 1864. 


— Life; by Anthony Trollope. (Eng. men of 

letters.) 928.23;397 

— Letters. (1847-1856.) 928.23;398 

Trollope, Anthony. Autobiography. 


Yates, Edmund. Fifty years of London life. 



Addison, Joseph. Life; by W. J. Courthope. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.24;3 

Carlyle, Thomas. Life; by R. Garnett. (Great 
writers.) 928.24;16 

— Reminiscences; ed. by J. A. Froude.. 928.24;17 

— Life; by J. A. Froude. 3 v 928.24;18-20 

— Life, books and theories; by A. H. Guernsey. 


— Life; byR. H. Shephard and C. N. William- 

son. 2v 928.24;22-23 

De Quincy, Thomas. Autobiographic sketches. 


— Confessions of an English opium-eater. 


— Life and writings, by A. H. Japp. (H. A. 

Page.) 2 v 928.24;42-48 

Hunt, J. H. Leigh. Autobiography, with rem- 
iniscences of friends and contemporaries. 
2v 928.24;71-72 

Jefferles, Richard. Eulogy of; by Walter 
. Besant. 1889 928.24;120 

Johnson, Samuel. Life; by James Boswell. 
2 v 928.24;138-39 

— Life; by Leslie Stephen. (Eng. men of letters.) 

928.24; 140 

— Life; by F. Grant. (Great writers.). .928.24;141 

Lamb, Charles. Life; by A. Ainger. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.24;184 

— Memoir; by Bryan W. Proctor. (Barry Corn- 

wall.) 928.24;186 

Macau lay, Thomas B. Life; by J. C. Morrison. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928 24;229 

— Life and letters; by G. O. Trevelyan. 2 v. 


Ruskin, John. Praeterita; outlines of scenes 
and thoughts. 2 v 928.24;260-61 

Steele, Richard. Life; by Austin Dobson. 
(Eng. men of letters.) 928.24;287 

Wilson, John. (Christopher North.) Memoir; by 
Mary W. Gordon 928.24;322 

Historians and Miscellaneous 


Bacon, Delia. Biographical sketch; by F. 
Bacon. 1888 928.28;8 




Buckle, Henry T. Life and writings; by A. H. 
Huth. 2 v 928.28;14 

Bun sen, Frances, baroness. Life and letters; 
by A. J. C. Hare 928.28;16 

Burke, Edmund. Life; by J. Morley. (Eng. 
men of letters.) 928.25;3 

Chorley, Henry T. Recent art and society as 
described in his autobiog. and memoirs. 


Coleridge, Sara. Memoir and letters; ed. by 
her daughter 928.28;38 

Del any, Mary. Autobiography and corres- 
pondence; ed. by S. C. \voolsey..928.28;45-46 

Fletcher, Eliza. Autobiography, with letters, 
&c 928.28;60 

Fox, Caroline, Memories of old friends. 


Gibbon, Edward. Autobiography; ed. by W. 
D. Howells 928.28;88 

— Life; by J. M. Morrison. (Eng. men of letters.) 


Gilchrist. Anne. Life and writings; ed. by H. 
H. Gilchrist. 1887 928.28;100 

Godwin, William. His friends and contem- 
poraries; by C. Kegan Paul. 1876. 2 v. 

928.28; 122-23 

Godwin. Mary Wollstonecraft. Life; by E. 
B. Pennell. (Famous women.). . .928. 28; 124 

Cower, lord Ronald. My reminiscences. 


Hal I , Samuel C. Retrospect of a long life. 


Jameson, Anna. Memoirs; by G. B. Mac- 
pherson 928.28J174 

Lamb, Mary. Life; by Anne Gilchrist (Fa- 
mous women.) 928.28;198 

Marti neau, Harriet. Autobiography; ed. by 
M. W. Chapman. 2 v 928.28;231-32 

— Life; by F. F. Miller. (Famous women.) 


More, Hannah. Life; by C. M. Yonge. (Fa- 
mous women.) 928.28;236 

Smith, William and Lucy. Story of their lives; 
ed. by G. S. Merriam. 1889 928.28;320 

Swift, Jonathan. Life; by J. Forster. v. 1. 


— Life; by J. Morley. (Eng. men of letters.) 


Tonna, Charlotte E. (Charlotte Efaabeth.) 
Personal recollections 928.28;344 

Trollope, T. Adolphus. What I remember. 
1888 928.28;388 

Wordsworth, Dorothy. Story of a sister's 
love; by Edmund Lee 928.28;400 

German Authors. 

Poets and Dramatists. 

Heine, Heinrich. Life; by Wm. Sharp. (Great 
writers.) 928.31;20 

Goethe, J. Wolfgang von and J. C. F. von 
Schiller. Lives and works; by H. H. Boye- 
sen 928.32:;17 

Goethe, J. Wolfgang von. Life and times; 
by H. Grimm . 928.32;18 

— Life and work; by A. Hay ward. (Foreign 

classics.) 928.32;19 

— Story of his life; by G. H. Lewes 928.32;20 

— Life and genius; lectures at the Concord school 

of philosophy; ed. by F. B. Sanborn. 


See also German literature, cl. 832.62. 

Schiller, Johann C. F. von. Life; by T. 
Carlyle 928.32;45 

— Life; by H. W. Nevinson. (Great writers.) 


— Life and works; by J. Sime. (Foreign classics.) 


French Authors. 

Co lie ctiv e. 

Castelar y Rissoll, E. Sketches of French 
authors. In his Lord Byron, &c 928;4 

Gautier, Theophile and others. Famous French 
authors 928.4;6 

James, Henry. French poets and novelists. 


Mauris, Maurice. French men of letters. 


Sainte-Beuve, C. A. Portraits of celebrated 
women 920.7;3ft 

Stoddard, R. H., ed. Bric-a-brac ser. Prosper 
Merimee's letters to an incognita, with 
recollections by Lamartine and Geo. 
Sand 928.2;30 

Poets and Dramatists. 

Cornellie, Pierre and Jean Racine; by II. M. 
Trollope. (Foreign classics.) 928.42;5 

Lamarti ne, Alphonse M. L. de and his friends; 
by H. de Lacretelle 928.41;10 

Moliere, Jean Baptiste. Life; by M. O. 
Oliphant, and F. Tarver. (Foreign classics.) 

928.42; 12 

Musset, Alfred de. Biography; by P. E. de 
Musset 928.41;13 


Balzac, Honore de. Life; by E. E. Saltus. 


Daudet, Alphonse. Thirty years of Paris. 1888. 


— Recollections of a literary man. 1889. . 928.43; 11 




Dudevant, A. L. A. (Geo. Sand.) Life; by E. 
Caro. (Great French writers.) 928.43;17 

— Life; by Bertha Thomas. (Famous women.) 

928.43; 18 

Hugo, Victor. Life and times; by A. Barbou. 


— Life; by Madame Hugo. 1864 928.43;27 

— Things seen by Victor Hugo 928.43;28 

— Life; by F. T. Marzials. (Great writers.) 


Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise G. Life; by 
Bella Duffy 928.43;49 

— Life; by Abel Stevens. 2 v 928.43;51-52 

— Madame de Stael and Madame Roland. 

Memoirs; by L. M. Child 928.43;50 

Essayists and Miscellaneous 

Writer 8. 

Montaigne, Michel. Life; by W. L. Collins. 
(Foreign classics.) 928.44;10 

La Fontaine, Jean de. Life; by W. L. 
Collins. (Foreign classics.) 928.48;18 

Montesquieu, Charles Louis. Life; by A. 
Sorel. (Great French writers.) . . . 928.48;20 

Pascal, Blaise. Life; by John Tulloch. (For- 
eign classics.) 928.48;22 

Rabelais, Francois. Life; by Walter Besant. 
(Foreign classics.) 928.47;10 

Recamier, Jeanne F. J. and her friends; by M. 
Lenormant 928.48;30 

Renan, Ernest. Recollections of my youth. 


Rousseau, Jean Jacques. Life; by H. G. 
Graham. (Foreign classics.) 921. 4; 15 

— Life; by J. Morley. 2 v 921.4;16-17 

Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, due de. 
Life; by C. W. Collins. (Foreign classics.) 


Sevigne, Marie de. Life; by G. Boissier. 
(Great French writers.) 928.46;9 

— Life; by Anna I. Ritchie. (Foreign classics.) 


Voltaire, Francois M. de. Life and works; by , 
E. B. Hamley. (Foreign classics.). .921.4;22 

— Life; by John Morley 921.4;23 

— Life; by James Parton. 2 v 921.4,24-25 

Italian Authors. 

Vincent, Geo. C. Some Italian authors and 
their works 928.5;20 

Trollope, F. £. and T. A. Homes and haunts 
of the Italian poets 928.51;10-11 

Alf ieri , Vittorio. Autobiography; ed. by W. D. 
Howells 928.51;20 

Colonna, Vittoria. Life; by T. A. Trollope. 

928.51 ;26 

Dante, Alighieri. Life; by M. O. Oliphant. 
(Foreign classics.) 928.51;29 

— Life; by May Alden Ward 928.51 ;30 

See also Italian literature, cl. 851.15. 

Goldoni, Carlo. Autobiography; ed. with an 
essay, by W. D. Howells 928.52;7 

Pellico, Silvio. My prisons 928.51;40 

Petrarca, Francesco. (Eng. Petrarch.) Life; 
by II. Beeves. (Foreign classics. )..928.51;42 

Tasso, Torquato. Life; by E. J. Hasell. (Fo: 
eign classics.) 928.51 ;66 

Other Modern Authors. 

Andersen, Hans Christian. Story of my life. 


Calderon de la Barca, Pedro. Life; by E.J. 
Hasell. (Foreign classics.) 928.62;4 

Cervantes-Saavedra, Miguel de. Life; by 
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World of wonders; a record of things wonderful 
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General Works. 

Bound the World. 

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Visits to Several Continents. 

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— Yusef, or The journey of the Frangi. 1868. 

Contents— A gira through Sicily: A crusade 
in the east. 

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Contents- A tour on the prairies: Abbotsford: 
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Contents— California and Oregon: Scotland 
and England : Norway : Denmark and 

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910.8; 103 

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— Lands of the Saracens, or Pictures of Palestine, 

Asia Minor, Sicily and Spain 910.8;127 

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The Levant. 

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For Palestine, see also Biblical geography, 

cl. 220.91. 



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M e do- P er si a n Antiquities. 

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— Pompeii; its history, buildings and antiquities. 


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Acqueducts 913.37;40 

Catacombs 913.37;41 

Tombs, &c 913.37;42 

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Grecian Antiquities. 

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and Romans 913.87;17 




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— Social life in Greece, from Homer to Menander. 


— Greek life and thought, from the age of Alex- 

ander to the Roman conquest 91 3.38; 21 

— Old Greek life. (Hist, primers.) 913.38;22 

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Antiquities of other Countries. 

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1887 913.72;4 

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country of the Trojans. 1881 913.39;10 

— Troy and its remains. 1876 913.39;11 

Travels in Europe. 

In General. 

Andersen, Hans C. Poet's bazzar; a pictur- 
esque tour in Germany, Italy, Greece and 
the orient. 187.1... 914;8 

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ideas. 1856 914;12 

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1887 914;18 

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den, Norway, Iceland.) 914;20 

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associations past and present 914;24 

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the nihilist. 1887 914;27 

*Butterworth, H. Zigzag journeys in classic 
lands. (Spain, France and Italy.) . .J B.752 

*— Zigzag journeys in northern lands. (Hol- 
land, Germany, Denmark, Norway and 
•Sweden.) J B.766 

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Europe. 1868 914;32 

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Europe. 1856 914;86 

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1870 914;39 

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Lisbon and the Mediterranean. 1851. 


Corning, Charles R. Aalesund to Tetuan. 
1888 914;38 

Davis, S. M. H. Norway nights and Russian 
days. 1887 914;41 

*Dyer, Mrs. H. Sunny days abroad 914;42 

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after the war 914.96;12 

Gibbons, Phebe E. French and Belgiaus. 
1879 914;44 

Guild, Curtis. Abroad again. 1877 914;49 

— Britons and Muscovites, or Traits of two em- 

pires. 1888 914;51 

— Over the ocean. 1871 914;50 

♦Hale. Edward E. and Susan. Family flight 
through France, Germany, Norway and 
Switzerland 914;58 

Hamerton, Philip G. Painter's camp. 1867. 

Contents— England: Scotland: France. 

Hare, Augustus. J. C. Holland and Scandi- 
navia 914;56 

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note-books 914;57 

Hawthorne, Sophia. Notes in England and 
Italy. 1869 914;58 

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scriptions of the scenes of Scott's writings.) 
1871 914;67 

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1873 914;72 

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age beyond the sea. 1856 914;80 

M acgregor , John. Thousand miles in the Rob 
Roy canoe, on rivers and lakes of Europe. 
1867 914;82 

— Voyage alone in the yawl "Rob Roy," from 

London to Paris. 1868 914;83 

Mahaffy, J. P. and J. E. Rogers. Sketches of 
a tour through Holland and Germany. 1889. 






o • 

Meriwether, Lee. A tramp trip, or How to 
see Europe on fifty cents a day 914;84 

Mo u I to n , Louise C. Random rambles . . 914;87 

Ninde, Mary L. We two alone in Europe. 
1885 914;89 

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journey through France and Italy. 1887. 


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Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland.) 


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1873 914;92 

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what we saw in Europe. 1880 914;96 

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Spain, Holland and Italy. 1888 914;99 

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Turkey. 1842. 2 v 914;100-1 

Stokes, Frederick A. College tramps. .914; 102 

Stoddard, John L. Red-letter days abroad. 
1883 914;103 

Contents— Spain; Passion-play at Ober-Am- 
mergau in 1880; St. Petersburg and Moscow.) 

Symonds, John A. Sketches and studies in 
southern Europe. 2 v. 1880 914; 104-5 

Taylor, Bayard. By-ways of Europe. 1869. 


— Greece and Russia. 1859 914;111 

— Views afoot. 1859 914;112 

Terhune, Mary V. (Marion Harland.) Loiter- 
ings in pleasant paths. 1881 914;115 

Thompson, Ella W. Beaten paths. 1874. 


*Trafton, Adelaide. American girl abroad. 
1872 914;122 

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(France, Belgium, England.) 914;124 

Urbino, Lavinia A. An American woman in 
Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France 
and Italy.) 1869 914;126. 

Warinjg, Geo. Farmer's vacation. (Holland, 
Biche of La Manche, Channel islands.) 
1875 914;131 

Warner, Charles D. Round about journey. 
(France, Spain, Italy.) 914;133 

— Saunterings. 1872 914;134 

Great Britain. 

Scot la n d. 

Buchanan, Robert. Lands of Lorn. 1871. 

914. 1;4 

Campbell, Sir Geo. D., duke of Argyll. Iona. 

914. 1;2 

Cowans, James. Edinburgh and its neighbor- 
hood 914.1;6 

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Scotland 914;54 

Hood, E. Pax ton. Scottish characteristics. 


Ramsey, Edward. Scottish life and character. 


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illustrative of Scottish life, history and 
character. 1889 9I4.1;21 

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Stevenson, Robert L. Edinburgh; pictur- 
esque notes. 1889 914.1;23 

Victoria, Alexandrina, queen of England. More 
leaves from the journal of life in the High- 
lands. (1862-82.) 914.1;2& 

Wordsworth, Dorothy. Recollections of a 
tour in Scotland. (1803.) 914.1;28 


Cralk, Dinah M. Unknown country. 1887. 


Daryl, Philippe. Ireland's disease. 1888. 


Hall, Samuel C. and Anna M. Ireland; its 
scenery, character, &c. 3 v 914.15;9-11 

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1888 914.15;1S 

MoGrath, Terence. Pictures from Ireland. 
1881 914.15;20 

Thackeray, Wm. M. Irish sketch-book. In 
his Paris, Irish and eastern sketches. 


En gland. 

Badeau, Adam. Aristocracy in England. 1886. 


Blouet, Paul. (Max. O'BeU.) John Bull and his 
island. 1884 914.2;7 

Bolton, Sarah E. Social studies in England. 
1887 914.2;9 

Bruce, E. L. The Tiber and the Thames; their 
associations 914;24 

*Butterworth, H. Zigzag journeys in the 
British isles JB.761 

Carnegie, Andrew. American four-in-hand 
in Britain. 1883 914.2;12 

Champlin, J. D. Chronicle of the coach. 1886. 





*Champney, Lizzie W. Three Vassar girls 
in England. 1884 J C.209 

Dodd, AnnaB. Cathedral days. 1887.. 914. 2;18 

Emerson, Ralph W. English traits. . .914.2;23 

Escott, Thomas H. S. England, her people, 
polity and pursuits 914.2;26 

Guild, Curtis. Britons and Muscovites. 1888. 


Hamerton, Philip G. Painter's camp; pt. 1, 
England 914;54 

— French and English; a comparison. 1889. 


Hawthorne, Nathaniel. English note-books. 


— Our old home 914.2;32 

Hawthorne, Sophie. Notes on England and 
Italy 914;58 

Holmes, Oliver W. Our hundred days in 
Europe. 1887. 914.2;33 

Hoppin, James N. Old England; its scenery, 
arts and people 914.2;34 

Irving. Washington. Abbotsford; Newstead 
Abbey. In nis C r ay o n miscellany. 


James, Henry. Portraits of places 914;75 

Jenning, Louis J. Field paths and green 
lanes. 1878 914.2;40 

Jewett, Llewellan and S. S. Hall. Stately 
homes of England 914.2,41 

Jessopp, Augustus. Arcady for better, for 
worse. 1887 914 2;42 

Laugel, Auguste. England, political and 
social 914.2;44 

Mackenzie, A. S. An American in England. 
1835. 2 v 914.2;45.v.l-2 

Miller, Hugh. First impressions of England. 
1868 914.2;46 

Our own country; descriptive, historical, pic- 
torial. (England.) (Anon.) 914.2;50 

Patten, C. B. England as seen by an Amer- 
ican banker. 1885 914.2;52 

Stone, James S. Heart of merrie England. 1887. 


Taine, Hippolyte A. Notes on England. 1872. 


Terhune, M. V. (Marion Harland.) Loiter- 
ings in pleasant paths 914;115 

Timbs,John and A. Gunn. Abbeys, castles 
and ancient halls of England and Wales. 
2 v 914.2;62-63 

Tuckerman, Henry T. Month in England. 
1854 914.2;66 

White, Rich. Grant. England within and 
without. 1882 914.2;70 

Winter, William. Shakespeare's England. 1886. 



Baedeker, Earl. Guide-book to London and 
its environs 913.21 ;2 

Conway, Moncure D. Travels in South Ken- 
sington. 1882 914.21;3 

Gilllg, C. A. Guide to London. 1886. . .914.21;6 

Hare, Augustus. J. C. Walks in London. 
1878 914 21;7 

Hutton, Lawrence. Literary landmarks of 
London. 1885 914.21;S 

*Mateaux, C. L. Rambles round London 
town 914.21;14 

May hew, Henry. London labor and London 
poor 339;1 

Pascoe, Charles E. London of to-day. 1886. 

914.21 ;16 

Rideing, Wm. H. Thackeray's London. 1885. 

914.21 ;18 

Society in London. (Anon.) 914.21 ;20 

Thorn bu ry, Walter and E. Walford. Old and 
new London. 7 v R L.914.21;25-31 

Walford, Edward. Greater London. 2 v. 


Germany and Austria. 

Baedeker, Karl. Northern Germany ; hand- 
book for travellers 914.3;1 

— Southern Germany 914.3;2 

— The Rhine 914.8;3 

Browne, J. Ross. American family in Ger- 
many 914.3;4 

*Champney, Lizzie W. Three Yassar girls 
on the Rhine J C.212 

Edwards, Amelia B. Untrodden peaks and 
unfrequented valleys; a mid-summer ram- 
ble in the Dolomites 914.3;7 

German home life. (Virion.) 914.3;10 

Gouid, Sabine Baring-. Germany 914.3;12 

Hazen, Wm. B. School and army in Germany 
and France 355;6 

Hugo, Victor. The Rhine. 1874 914.3;14 

Hurst, John F. Life and literature in the 
fatherland. 1875 914.3;15 

Laszouski, Mrs. V. (E. D. Gerard.) Lands 
beyond the forest. (Transylvania.) 1888. 





Mahaffy, J. P. and J. E. Rogers. Tour 
through Holland and Germany. 1889. 


Pitman, Marie J. European breezes. (North 
Germany, Austria, Hungary.) 914;90 

Ruggles, Henry. Germany seen without 
spectacles 914.3;22 

Waring, Geo. Bride of the Rhine; 200 miles 
in a Mosel row-boat 914 3;28 

— Tyrol and the skirt of the Alps. 1880..914.94;23 


Blouet, Paul. (Max ()' Bell.) Jacque Bonhomme. 

914. 4;2 

Brown well, W. C. French traits; an essay in 
comparative criticism. 1889 914.4;3 


•Champney, Lizzie W. Three Vassar girls 
in France J C.214 

Cralk. Dinah M. (Formerly Miss Mtdttck.) Fair 
France. 1871 914.4;5 

*— Twenty years ago. 1872 914.4;6 

Field, Mrs. H. M. Home sketches in France. 
1875 914.4;10 

Gibbons, Phebe E. French and Belgians. 


Hamerton. Philip G. Bound my house; notes 
of rural life in France. 1876 914.4;14 

— French and English; a comparison. 1889.824.8;75 

Hazen, Wm. B. School and army in Germany 
and France 356;6 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. French and Italian 
note-books 914;57 

James, Henry. Little tour in France. 1885. 


— Portraits of places 914;75 

Macquoid, Katherine S. Through Normandy. 


Molloy, J. L. Our autumn holiday on French 
rivers. 1879 914.4;24 

Penned, Joseph and E. R. Our sentimental 
journey through France 914;90 

Rhodes, Albert. French at home. 1875. 


Stevenson, Robert L. Travels with a donkey 
in the Cevennes. 1879 914.4;31 

Taine, Hippolyte A. Tour through the Pyr- 
enees. 1874 914.4;33 

Vincent, Marvin R. In the shadow of the 
Pyrenees; from Basque-land to Carcasonne. 



Amicis, Edmondode. Studies in Paris. 1879. 


Baco n , Henry. Parisian year. 1882 914.43;3 

Baedeker, Earl. Hand-book to Paris. 


Hamerton, Philip G. Paris in old and pres- 
ent times. 1885 R L.914.43;7 

Hare, Augustus J. C. Days near Paris. 1888. 


— Walks in Paris. 1888 914.43;9 

Jarves, James J. Parisian sights and French 
principles. 1856. 2 v 914.43;10-11 

Marguerrittes, Julie de. Ins and outs of 
Paris. 1857 914.43;14 

Thackeray, Wm. M. Paris sketch-book In 
his Paris, Irish and eastern sketches. 


Tuckerman, Henry T. Maga papers about 
Paris. 1867 914.43^0 


Adams, Wm. II. D. Pompeii and Herculan- 
eum, the buried cities of Campagnia. 


Baedeker, Karl. Hand-book to northern 
Italy 9I4.5;1 

— Hand-book to central Italy 914.5;2 

— Hand-book to southern Italy 914.5:3 

Bianciardi, Mrs. E. D. R. At home in Italy. 


Bruce, Edward L. Tiber and the Thames; 
their associations 914:24 

Caste I ar y Rissol, Emilio. Old Rome and 
new Italy 914.5;6 

•Champney, Lizzie W. Three Vassar girls in 
Italy. 1886 J C.211 

Dickens, Charles. Pictures from Italy. With 
his Christmas stories D.663 

Freeman, Edward A. Subject and neighbor 
lands of Venice 914;45 

Dyer, Thomas H., ed. Pompeii 913.37;14 

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In General. 

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United States. 

In General. 

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Note.— Journeys south and west. 

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New England. 

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Middle States. 

New York and Pennsylvania. 

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South Eastern States. 

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Washington City. 

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South Central States. 

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The West. 

In General. 

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west 917.8;4 


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Kansas and Dakota. 

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— Tenting on the plains, or General Custer in 

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Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming. 

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Arizona and Utah, 

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Three vears in Arizona and New Mexico. 
1873.. ." 917.8;16 

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Oregon and Washington. 

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South America. 

In General. 

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across South America. 1869 918;3 

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in South America. 1886 J C.210 

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South America 918;6 

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R L.918^9-30 


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Patagonia, Peru and Chili. 

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«xc. (U. S. naval astron. expedition.) 1866. 
2v RL 

Ocean ica. 

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rambles in Australia, New Zealand and 
New Guinea. 1889 919;4 

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description of the scenery, animal and 
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919.1 ;14 

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Zealand. 1872 919.8;2 






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d Australia in the "Sunbeam". .910.4;11 

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her colonies. 1886 919.4;6 

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notes of personal experiences in the 
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Arctic 'Regions. 

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narrative of the discoveries of the Austrian 
ship Tegetthoff. (1872-74.) 919.8;42 

Sargent, Epes.. ed. Arctic adventure by sea 
and land. 1857 919.8;46 

Schley, Winfield S. Report of Greely relief 
expedition of 1884 R L 

Schley, W. S. and J. R. Soley. Rescue of 
Greely. 1885 919.8;47 

Schwatka, Frederick. Children of the cold. 
1886 919.8;48 

Schmucker, Samuel M. Arctic explorations 
during the 19th century. 1860 919.8;50 

Tlllotson, John. Adventures in the ice; a 
summary of Arctic explorations, discovery 
and adventure. 1869 919.8;53 

United States. Treasury depH. Cruise of 
the revenue-steamer Cor win in Alaska and 
n. w. Arctic ocean in 1881. 2 v R L 

— Report of international polar expedition to 

Point Barrow, Alaska, in 1881-83 R L 


The following books were received too late to be entered in their proper places, except a few 
that were accidentally omitted. 


Astor, Wm W. Sforza; a story of Milan . . A731 

AustI n , Jane G. Standish of Standish — A777 

Barr, Amelia E. Feet of clay B297 

Bayly, Ada E. (Edna LyaU.) Hardy Norseman. 


Behrens, Bertha. ( W. Hamburg.) Lora, the 
major's daughter G B127 

Boyesen, H. H. Light of her countenance. 


Catherwood, Mary H. Romance of Dollard. 


— Story of Tonty C487 

Church, Alfred J. To the lions; a tale of 
the early Christians C822 

— Two thousand years ago. .• C823 

Edwards, Harry S. Two runaways, and other 
stories,. E266 

Genevieve, or The children of Port Royal; a 
story of old France. (Anon.) G10 

Grey, Maxwell. Reproach of Annesley.. .G550 

— Silence of Dean Maitland G551 

Heaven, Louise P. Chata and Chinita. . H925 

Henty , G. A. By pike and dike; a tale of the 
rise of the Dutch republic H1045 

— One of the 28th; a tale of Waterloo H1046 

Kendall, May. Such is life K252 

Kouns, tfathan C. Arius the Libyan. . .K252 

Li I; by the author of Miss Toosey's mission.. LIS 

Mayo, Isabella. {Edward Garrett.) Life's long 
battle won M1006 

Munroe, Kirk. Golden days of '49; a tale of 
the California diggins Ml 660 

Nitsch, C. O. {Catherine Owen.) Molly Bishop's 
family N236 

Stevenson, Robert L. Master of Ballantrae. 


Thompson, Daniel P. The rangers T594 

Ve r n e, Jules. Tour du monde in quatre-vingts 
jours. (Fr.) F V191 

Vlaud, Julien. (Pierre Loti.) Iceland fisher- 
man. F V280 

Juvenile Fiction. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Lulu's library. V.3...J A432 

Alden , W. L. Loss of the Swansea J A490 

Bates, Katherine L. Rose and Thorn. .J B275 

Butterworth, H. Zigzag journeys in the 
British Isles J B761 

Champney, Lizzie W. Three Vassar girls in 
Russia and Turkey J C215 

Clark, H. H. Joe Bently, naval cadet.JC861 

Clemens, S. L. (Mark Twain.) Prince and 
pauper J C446 

Crownlnshleld, Mary B. Plucky Smalls. 

J 0678 

Eyster, Nellie B. Colonial boy J £511 

Finley, Martha. Elsie and the Raymonds. 


Fosdlck, Charles A. True to his colors. 


Goss, Warren L. Jed; a boy's adventures in 
the army of '61-'65 J G280 

Jackson, Helen M. Nelly's silver mine. 





Jewett, Sarah O. Betty Leicester; a story for 
girls J J133 

Mason, Caroline A. Titled maiden J M340 

Ober, Fred'k A. Knockabout club in Spain. 

J 0128 

Rand, Mary A. Holly and mistletoe — J R158 

Richards, Laura E. Queen Hildegarde. 


— ed. Four feet, two feet and no feet J R209 

Sherwood, M. E. W. Sweet-brier J 8318 

Shirley, Penn. Little Miss Weezey's sister. 


Smith, Mary P. W. Their canoe trip. . . J S167 

Stockton, Frank R. Floating prince, and 
other fairy tales J S651 

— What might have been expected J S654 

Wlggin, Kate D. Summer in a canyon; a 
California story J W287 

Woolsey, S. C. (Susan Coolidge^) Just 
sixteen J W392 


Stuc ken burg, J. H. W. Introduction to the 
study of philosophy 102; 14 


Alexander, Wm. Epistles of St. John. (Ex- 
positor's Bible.) 227.9;1 

Bl ai k I e, W. G. First book of Samuel. ( Exposi- 
tor's Bible.) 222.4;2 

— Second book of Samuel. (Expositor's Bible.) 


Brlggs, Charles A. Whither; a theological 
question for the times 238.5;2 

Chad wick, G. A. Gospel according to St. 
Mark. (Expositor's Bible.) 226.3;2 

Deems, Charles F. Gospel of common sense; 
as contained in the canonical epistle of 
St James 227.9;4 

Dods, Marcus. Book of Genesis. (Expositor's 
Bible.) 222.1;9 

— First epistle to the Corinthians. (Expositor's 

Bible.) 227.2;3 

Ely, Rich. T. Social aspects of Christianity, 
and other essays 259;3 

Find ley, G. G. Epistle to the Galatians. 
(Expositor's Bible.) 227.4;4 

Gilbert, Geo. H. Poetry of Job 223.1;4 

Hall, Newman. Lord's prayer 226;8 

Harris, Samuel S. Dignity of man; sermons. 


Maclaren, Alex. Epistles of St. Paul to the 
Colossians and Philemon. (Expositor's 
Bible.) 227 ;20 

Milllgan.Wm. Book of Revelations. (Exposi- 
tors Bible.) 228;8 

Mulier, F. Max. Natural religion 210;14 

Peck, John L. Kingdom of the unselfish. 21 0;21 

Pember, G. H. Earth's earliest ages. . .224,10 

Phelps. Elizabeth S. Struggle for immor- 
tality 204;43 

Plummer, Alfred. Pastoral epistles. (Exposi- 
tor's Bible.) 227.8;J0 

Schaff, Philip and A. Gilman, eds. Library 
of poetry for Sunday reading 245:40 

Thompson, Augustus. Foreign missions; 
their place in the pastorate 266;41 


Appeal to Pharaoh; the negro problem and its 
radical solution. {Anon.) 975; 1 

Atkinson, Edward. Industrial progress of 
the nation 338;2 

Baker, Chas. W. Monopolies and the people 


Bon ham, John M. Industrial liberty. . . 338;5 

Brown, E. and A. Straus. Dictionary of 
American politics 320.3;2 

Cooley, T. M. and others. American railway. 


Constitutional history of the U. S. as seen 

in the development of American law. 


Ely, Rich. T. Introduction to political economy. 


K I e m m , L. R. European schools 372.940; 1 

Marenholtz-Buelow, Baroness. Child and 
child-nature 371.46;3 

Sherriff, Emily. Kinder-garten and Remarks 
on higher education of women 371. 46; 16 

Stevens, F. and F. M. Smith. Etiquette, 
health and beauty 395.17 

Willard, Frances E. Woman in the pulpit. 


Natural Science. 

*Beau grand, C. Walks abroad of two 
young naturalists. Tr. by D. Sharp. 

691 .5;6 

Boscowitz, Arnold. Earthquakes. Tr. by 
C. Pitman 651 .2;2 




Darwin, Charles. Structure and distribution 
of coral reefs 551.9;2 

Parker. Wm. H. Familiar talks on astronomy. 


Shaler, N. S. Aspects of the earth — 551.4;46 

Taylor, J. E. Playtime naturalist — 691.6;46 

Useful Arts. 

Compton, Alfred G. First lessons in wood- 
working 680;5 

Gibson, Louis. Convenient houses; with fifty 
plans for housekeepers 690; 15 

Coodholme, ToddS.,ed. Domestic cyclopedia. 


Goss, W. F. M. Bench-work in wood 680;8 

Greene, Homer. Coal and coal-mines. (River- 
side library for young people.) 622.33;4 

Mills, Wesley. Text-book of animal physiology. 


Stud ley, Mary J. What our girls ought to 

know 613;«8 

Weir, Harrison. Our cats 636.8;10 

Fine Arts. 

Goodrich, A. J. Musical analysis 780.1 ;5 

Henderson, W. J. Story of music. . . 780.9;3 
Leland, C. G. Drawing and designing. . .746;9 


Abbott, Edwin A. How to write clearly. 


Allen, H. N. Korean tales 398;1 

Burt, Mary £. Literary landmarks; a guide to 
good reading for young people 807 ;5 

Clemens, Samuel L., ed. Mark Twain's 
library of humor 808.71 ;6 

Corson, Hiram. Introduction to the study of 
Shakespeare 823.33;198 

Elizabeth Pauline. Songs of toil 891.84;4 

Flagg, Isaac. Euripides' Ephigenia among 
the Taurians 882.3;6 

Fontaine, C, ed. Lea poetes Francais du 
XIX siecle. (Fr.) 841.7;1 

Ibsen, H. Pillars of society and other plays. 


Mitchell. Donald G. English lands, letters 
and kings; from Celt to Tudor 820.9;22 

Morley, Henry, ed. Early prose romances. 


Morris, Charles, ed.. Half hours with best 
American authors. 4 v 810.8;20.v. 1-2 

— Half-hours with best humorist authors. 4 v. 

808.71 ;15.v.l-4 

Panln, Ivan. Lectures on Russian literature. 
(Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenef, Tolstoy.) 



Parker, Henry W. Spirit of beauty; essays, 
scientific and aesthetic 814.4;65 

Saunders, John. Chaucer's Canterbury 
tales; with illustrations of Eng. life in 
Chaucer's time 821.17;10 

Thorne, Robert, ed. Why, when, where; a 
diet, of rare and curious information. 


Torrey, Bradford. Rambler's lease 814.4;88 

Van Dyke Henry. Poetry of Tennyson. 


Wandle, Jennie T. Art of letter-writing. 


Ward, AnnaL., ed. Dictionary of quotations 
from the poets. R L 

— Dictionary of prose quotations R L 

♦Wright, H. C. Children's stories in English 
literature 820.9;61 

History. . 

*Abbot, Willis J. Battle-fields of '61 973.7;6 , 

Adams, Henry. History of the U. S. during 
the first administration of Thomas Jeffer- 
son, 1889. 2 v 973.4;l-2 

Besant, Walter and E. H. Palmer. History 
of Jerusalem, the city of Herod and Saladin. 

956.9; 1 

Brooks, Elbridge S. Story of the American 
soldier 973;60 

Church, Alfred J. Story of early Britain. 
(Story of the nations.) 942.01 ;8 

Clark, J. W. Cambridge; historical and 
descriptive notes .878.42;4 

Duruy, Victor. History of France. Tr. and 
abridged by Mrs. M. Carey. 1889 944; 4 

Farmer, Lydia H. Short history of the French 
revolution. 1889 944.04;11 

Fitz Simon E. A. Historical epochs; with a 
system of mnemonics 902;8 

Irelan, John R. The republic, or History of 
the U. S. in the administrations. 18 v. 


Johnston, Alex. The United States; its history 
and constitution. 1889 978;65 

Lang, Andrew. Oxford; historical and descrip- 
tive notes 878.42;9 




Leger, Louis. History of Austro-Hungary. 
Tr. by Mrs. B. Hill 943.9;6 

Murdock, Harold. Reconstruction of Europe, 
from the rise to the fall of the 2nd French 
empire 940.9; 18 

Watson, Paul B. Swedish revolution under 
Gustavus Vasa 948.6;10 

In dia. 

(Omitted from the body of the catalogue.) 

Allen, David D. India, ancient and modern. 
1856.. 954;3 

Feudge, Fannie B. History of India. 1880. 

954; 10 

Grant, James. Illustrated history of India. 
2 v 964.13-14 

James, Sir W. M. British in India 954; 18 

Macf arlan e, Charles. History of British India. 


Wheeler, John T. Short history of India. 1880. 


Wright, C. and J. A. Brain ard. Historical 
incidents of life in India. 1860 954;26 

• Biography. 

• Baskertseff , Marie. Journal 927.67 ;8 

Boiingbroke, Viscount Life; by A. Hassell 
(International statesmen.) 923.22;260 

Davis, Reuben. Recollections of Mississippi 
and the Mississippians. 1890 928.14;26 

Edwards, Jonathan. Life; by A. V. G. Allen. 
(Amer. religious leaders.) 922.5;30 

Garrison, Wm. L. Story of his life. (1805-79); 
told by his children. 4 v. . . .928.12;248.v.l-4 

Larcom, Lucy. New England girlhood, out- 
lined from memory. (Riverside lib. for 
young people.) 928.11;186 

Monk, George. Life; by J. Gorbett. (Eng. 
men of action.) 923.25;50 

Palmerston, Viscount, Life; by L. C. Saunders 
(Internat. statesmen.) 923.22,270 

Schlegel, Caroline and her friends; by Mrs. 
A. 8edgewick 928.88;20 

Stafford, Lord. Life; by H. D. Trail. (Eng. 
men of action.) 928.2?;2fe 

Van Rensselaer, Mrs. S. Six portraits.927;25 

Wallack. Lester. Memories of fifty years. 

927.921 ;36 

Waipole, Horace. Life; by J. Morley. 
(Twelve Eng. statesmen.) 928.22^86 

Wilder, Marshall P. People I've smiled with; 
recollections of a merry little life. 927. 921 ;40 


Babelon, Ernest. Manual of oriental anti- 
quities. Tr. by B. T. A. Evetts. . .919.30;2 

Borrow, Geo. Bible in Spain, or Journeys, 
adventures and imprisonments of an 
Englishman 914.6;8 

Du Chaill u, PaulB. Viking age; early hist., 
manners and customs of the ancestors of 
English speaking nations. 2 v 913.48;3-4 

Falke, Jacob von. Greece and Borne. 

B L.913.38;10 

H odder, E. and others. Cities and peoples of 
of the world, v. 1-8, Cities of the world, 
v. 6-9, Peoples of the world 9l0.8;146-54 


Author— Index. 

The numbers following the titles of books, indicate the pages in the catalogue, on which the 
works are to be found. 

Abbot, W. J. Battle-fields of '61. 410 

— Blue-jackets of 1776. 803. 

— Blue-jackets of 1812. 304. 

— Blue-jackets of '61. 305. 

Abbott, A. O. Prison life in the south. 305. 
Abbott, B. V. Judge and jury, 155. 

— Travelling law school. 155. 

Abbott, C. C. Naturalist's rambles. 261. 

— Primitive industry. 299. 

— Upland and meadow. 261. 

— Waste-land wanderings. 261. 

Abbott, E. Authorship of fourth gospel. 128. 

— Revolutionary times. 303. 
Abbott, E. A. Fiction. 2 

— How to write clearly. 409. 

Abbott, F. E. Scientific theism. 123. 
Abbott, J. Histories for young folks. 89. 

— Gentle measures. 118.* 

— Harper's establishment. 206. 

— Juvenile fiction. 59. 

— Science for the young— Force. 174. 

— - Heat. 175. 

— - Light. 175. 

Land and water. 179. 

Abbott, J. L. Home-book of wonders. 363. 
Abbott, J. S. C. Civil war in America. 305. 

— Empire of Austria. 292. 

— Frederick the great. 328. 

— French revolution. 293 

— History of Italy. 294. 

— History of Prussia. 292. 

— History of Russia. 295. 

— Napoleon Bonaparte. 328 

— Romance of Spanish hist. 295. 

— Histories for young folks. 90. 
Abbott, L. Hints for home reading. 226. 

— Jesus of Nazareth. 130. 

A' Beckett, G. A. Comic hist, of England. 286. 
Abelard and Heloise. Letters. 320. 
Abercrombie, R. Weather. 180. 
About, E. F. V. Fiction. 53. 

— Greece and the Greeks. 881. 

— Social economy. .151. 

Abrantes, duchesse d\ Memoirs of Napoleon. 

Adams, Mrs. A. A. L. Fiction. 2. 

Adams, C. K. F. Railroads. 163. 

Adams, G. K. Democracy and monarchy. 293. 

— Historical literature. 277. 

— cd. British oratory. 256. 

Adams, F. C. Story of a trooper. 305. 
Adams, F. O. Swiss confederation. 149. 
Adams, G. B. Mediaeval civilization. 277. 
Adams, H. History of the U. S. 410. 

— John Randolph. 332. 

Adams, H. B. University of Virginia. 163. 

— oi. Go-operation in the U. S. 154. 
Adams, H. G. Female biography. 316. 
Adams, John. Life. 324. 

— Works. 147. 

— and A. Familiar letters. 255. 

Adams, John Quincy. Memoirs. 325. 

Adams, L. L. Three months in Egypt. 387. 

Adams, M. Fiction. 2. 

Adams, O. F, ed., Through the year with the 
poets. 232. 

Adams, Samuel. Life. 329. 

Adams, W. D. Diet, of Eng. literature. 225. 

Adams, W. H. D. Buried cities. 367. 

— Eastern archipelago. 401. 

— Good Queen Anne. 288. 

— Great caves. 179. 

— Great caverns. 179. 

— Land of the Nile 367. 

— Merry monarch. 288. 

— Sunshine of domestic life. 316. 

— Temples, tombs, &c. 213. 

— Woman's work and worth. 165. 

Adams, W. T. Juvenile fiction. 60. 

Addison, J. Works. 250. 

Adeler, Max., pseud., see Clark, C. H. 

Adler, F. Creed and deed. 121 

Adler, G. J. German dictionary. 168. 

>Eschylus. Tragedies. 275. 

>Esop. Fables. 275. 

Agassi z, A. Three cruises of the Blake. 364. 


Agassiz, L. Life and letters. 344. 

— Animal life. 187. 

— Geological sketches. 177. 

— Seaside studies 189. 

— and E. C. Journey in Brazil. 402. 

— and other*. Tribune popular science. 170. 
Agnel, II. R. Book of chess. 222. 
Aguilar, G. Fiction. 2. 

— Women of Israel. 126. 
Aide, H. Fiction. 2. 

Aikin, L. Court of Elizabeth. 288. 
Alnger, A. Charles Lamb. 358. 
Ainsworth, W. H. Fiction. 2.' 
Airy, O. Eng. restoration and Louis XIV. 284. 
Akenside, M. Poetical works. 238. 
Albemarle, earl. Fifty years of my life. 334. 
Albert. Prinre consort . Life. 327. 
Albertis, L. M. <V. New Guinea. 404. 
Alcott, L. M. Life, letters and journals. 353. 

— Fiction. 2. 

— Juvenile Action. 61. 

Alcott, W. A. Letters to young men. 119- 

— Young man's guide. 1 IB. 
Alden, I. M. Fiction. 2. 

— Juvenile fiction. 61. 

Alden, J. B., ed. Cyclopedia of literature. 226. 
Alden, W. L. Juvenile fiction. 61. 
Aldrlch, II. L. Arctic Alaska and Siberia. 400. 
Aldrich.T. B. Fiction. 3. 

— Juvenile Action. 61. 

— From Ponkapog to Peath. 366. 

— Poems. 235. 

Aldrlge, K. Life on a ranch. 397. 
Alexander, Mr*., p*eitd.,me Hector, A. F. 
Alexander, F. Christ-folk. 320. 

— Story of Ida. 320. 

Alexander, W. Divinity of our Lord. 120. 

— Epistles of St. John. 407. 

— Witness of the Psalms to Christ. 130. 
Alexander, W. J. Poetry of Browning. 238. 
Alfieri, A. Autobiography. 3fi2. 

— Tragedies. 270. 

Alford. II. Meditations. 131. 

— yueen's English. 168. 

— Year of prayer. 134. 

Alger, W, H. Friendships of women. 247. 

— Future life. 123. 

— Genius of solitude. 247. 

— Poetry of the orient. 271 . 

Alice, Prince**. Biographical sketch. 327. 
Alison. Sir A. Essays. 316. 

— Hist.of Europe. 284. 
Alldridge, L. World's workers. 316. 
Allen, A. V. G. Christian thought. 137. 

— Jonathan Edwards. 411. 
Allen, I). I). India. 411. 

Allen, G. Charles Darwin. 344. 

— Colin Clout's calendar. 236. 

— Common sense science. 169. 

— Flowers and their pedigrees. 185. 
Allen, II. B. Useful companion. 193. 
Allen, H.N. Korean tales. W: 
Allen, J. Blessed bees. 204. 

Allen, J. A. North Amer. pinnipeds. 102. 
Allen, J. H. Christianity in three periods. 137. 
Allen, It L. Amer. farm book. 201. 
Allen, W. B. Juvenile fiction. 61. 
Allen, W.F. Guide to English hist. 226. 
Allen, 7. Mechanics of nature. ITS. 
Allibone.S. A. Diet, of English literature. 225 

— ed. Great authors. 229. 

— - Prose quotations. 229. 
Allston, Washington. Life. 218. 
Alma-Tadema, L. Life. 846. 
Ambrose, St. Life. 819. 
Amicls, Constantinople. 382. 

— Holland and its people. 380. 

— Morocco. 389. 

— Spain and the Spaniards. 378. 

— Studies in Paris. 376. 
Amlel, H. S. Journal. 268. 
Ammem, D. Atlantic coast. 307. 
Amos, S. Scieiu-e of law. 1.55. 
Andersen, H. C. Fiction. 61. 

— Juvenile fiction. 61. 

— Poet's bazaar. 889. 

— Spain and Portugal. 378. 

— Story of my life. 362. 
Anderson, A. D. Silver country. 392. 
Anderson, D- Scenes in the commons. 150. 
Anderson, E. L. Six weeks in Norway. 378. 
Anderson,-! 3. Hist, of the U. S. 301. 
Anderson, O. S. L. Fiction. 3. 
Anderson, It. B. America not discovered by 

Columbus. 303. 

— Norse mythology. 144. 

— Viking tales. 144. 

— ed. Younger edda. 271. 
Andrew, John A. Life. 329. 
Andrews, C. <\ Brazil. 402. 
Andrews, E. B. General hist. 278. 
Andrews, J- N. Hist, of the Sabbath. IBB. 
Angell.J. Magnetism. 175. 
Angerstein, E. Home gymnastics. 19". 
Anselm.St. Life. 320. 

Anson, W. S. W..«f. Epics of middle ages. 114. 
Anstey.F. fife Guthrie, F. A 
Antoninus, M. A. Life. 318. 

— Thoughts. 113. 
Appleton, E. II. Fiction. 3. 
Appleton, T. G. Syrian sunshine. 385. 

— Windfalls. 247. 




Arblay, F. d\ Fiction. 3. 

— Diary. 356. 

Arago, D. F. Scientific men. 343. 
Archer, E. M. Fiction. 3. 
Archer, T. Decisive events. 278. 
Archer, T. A., ed. Crusade of Richard I. 283. 
Archer, W. About the theater. 219. 
Argles, M. Fiction. 3. 
Ariosto, L. Orlando Furioso. 269. 
Aristophanes. The Acharnians, &e. 275. 
Aristotle. Life. 318. 

— Politics. 275. 

Armitage, £. S. Childhood of Eng. nation. 287. 
Arnold, A. Through Persia. 385. 
Arnold, Benedict. Life. 338. 
Arnold, E. Indian idylls. 271. 

— Poems. 238. 
Arnold, G. Fiction. 8. 
Arnold, H. P. Pontresina. 380. 
Arnold, M. Essays. 250. 

— Poems. 164. 

— Universities of Germany. 164. 
Arnold, T. Life. 320, 

— Hannibal. 340. 

— Hist, of Rome. 281. 

— Lectures on modern hist. 278. 
Arnott, N. Physics. 173. 
Arrom, C. Fiction. 56. 
Arthur, T. S. Fiction. 3. 

— Advice to, young ladies. 119. 

— and W. H. Carpenter. Connecticut. 308. 
Georgia. 309. 

Illinois. 310. 

Kentucky. 310. 

Massachusetts. 308. 

New York. 308. 

Ohio. 310. 

Pennsylvania. 309. 

Vermont. 308. 

Ascham, R. Schoolmaster. 263. 

— Toxophilus. 263. 

Ashley, W. J., ed. Edward ILL. 287. 
Ash more, A. Fiction. 4. 
Ashton,J. Dawn of 19th cent. 289. 

— Social life in the reign of Anne. 288. 
Astor, W. W. Fiction. 4. 
Atkinson, E. Distribution of products. 151. 

— Industrial progress. 408. 

— Labor and capital. 153. 
Atkinson, P. Electric lighting. 175. 

— Static electricity. 175. 
Atkinson, T.W. Siberia. 386. 
Atkinson, W. P. On history. 278. 

— Right use of books. 226. 

Aubigne, Merle d' see Mere d' Aubigne, 
«i • ti. 

Audsley, G. A. Keramic art of Japan. 214. 

Audubon, J. J. Life. 344. 
Auer, A. v., pseud., see Cosel, C. v. 
Auerbach, B. Fiction. 47. 
Augustine, St. Confessions. 141. 
Austin, J. Fiction. 4. 
Austin, J. G. Fiction. 4. 
Awdry, F., and others. Fiction. 4. 

— Life. 357. 

Ay res, A. Elocution. 253. 
Ayrton, W. E. Electricity. 175. 
Aytoun, W. E. Poems. 238. 

Babbitt, E. D. Light and color. 175. 
Babcock, E. W. Household hints. 203. 
Babcock, R. B. Fiction. 4. 
Babelon, E. Oriental antiquities. 412. 
Bach, Sebastian. Life. 349. 
Bacon, A. M. Manual of gesture. 253. 
Bacon, Delia. Life. 358. 
Bacon, F.,tord. Life. 317. 

— Essays. 250. 

— Novum organum, &c. 114. 

— Selections. 250. 

Bacon, G. B.,«J. Siam. 384. 
Bacon, H. Parisian year. 376. 
Badeau,A. Fiction. 4. 

— Aristocracy in England. 372. 

— Grant in peace. 325. 

Baedeker, K. Belgium and Holland. 379. 

— Eastern Alps. 380. 

— Italy. 376. 

— Lower Egypt. 389. 

— London. 374. 

— North Germany. 874. 

— Norway and Sweden. 378. 

— Paris. 376. 

— Switzerland. 380. 

— The Rhine. 374. 

Bagehot, W. Eng. constitution. 157. 

— English political economy. 151 . 

— Physics and politics. 149. 
Bailey, L. H. Talks afield. 185. 

Bailey, P. J. Festus. 238. 

— The age. 260. 

Bailie, J. W. Electricity. 176. 
Ballie-Grohman, see Grohman, W. A B. 
Baily, VV. L. Our own birds. 191. 
Bain, A. Eng. composition. 253. 

— Moral science. 117. 

— On teaching English. 253. 
Balnbrldge, W. F. Christain missions. 137. 
Baird, C. W. Huguenot emigration. 142. 
Baird, H. M. Huguenots of France. 140. 

— Huguenots and Henry of Navarre. 140. 
Baird, S. F. et al. North Amer. birds. 191. 
Baker, C. A. Summer in the Azores. 378. 
Baker, C. W. Monopolies and the people. 408. 




Baker, 6. M., ed. Amateur dramas. 221. 

Beading club. 254. 

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'— Juvenile fiction. 62. 
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Baker, Sir S. W. Albert Nyanza. 389. 

— Cyprus in 1879. 386. 

— Ismailia. 389. 

— Nile tributaries. 389. 

— Rifle and hound in Ceylon. 384. 

— Wanderings in Ceylon. 384. 
Baker, W. M. Fiction. 4. 

— Ten theophanies. 129. 
Balch, £. Fiction. 4. 

Baldwin, G. C. Representee women. 126. 
Bald wi n , John. Book-lover. 226. 

— Story of Roland. 144. 

— Story of Seigfried. 144. 

— Story of the golden age. 143. 
Baldwin, Joseph. Psychology. 117. 
Baldwin, J. D. Ancient America. 183. 

— Pre-historic nations. 183. 

Baldwin, L. W. Fiction. 4. 
Balestier, W, Fiction. 4. 
Ball, R. S. Story of the heavens. 171. 
Ball, W. W. R. Hist, of mathematics. 172. 
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Ballard, H. H. Three kingdoms. 171. 
Ballard, J. P. Insect lives. 190. 
Ballou, M. M. Due south. 394. 

— Due west. 366. 

• — New Eldorado. 400. 

— Under the southern cross. 402. 
Balzac, H. de. Fiction. 63. 

— Life. 360. 

Balzani, U. Popes and Hohenstaufens. 139 
Bamford, M. E. Juvenile fiction. 

— My land and water friends. 188. 

— Up and down the brooks. 190. 
Bancroft, G. Hist, of constitution of the 

U. S. 167. 

— Hist, of the U. S. 301. 

— Plea for the constitution. 153. 

Bancroft, H. H. Native races. 299. 

Bantain, M. Extempore speaking. 263. 

Banvard, J. First explorers of N. America. 

— Plymouth and the pilgrims. 308. 

— Romance of American history. 303. 

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Barber, J. W. American history. 301. 

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Barham, R. H. Fiction. 4. 

— Ingoldsby legends. 260. 

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Barker, M. A., lady. New Zealand. 402. 

Barlow, H. C. Symbolism. 133. 

Barlow, Joel. Life. 390. 

Barnard, C. $2000 a year on fruits. 202. 

Barnard, C. F. Tone masters. 349. 

Barnard, E. A. Fiction. 4. 

Barnard, F., ed. Strongbow's conquest. 285. 

Barnaby, W. H. Life in the far west. 397. 

Barnes, A. Church and slavery. 136. 

— Evidences of Christianity. 130. 
Barnes, S. B. Hygiene of the home. 196 
Barnes, Wm. Life. 366. 

Barnes, W. H. Hist, of the 39th congress. 151 

— Hist, of the U. 8. 301. 
Barnum, P. T. Autobiography. 360. 
Barr, A. E. Fiction. 4. 

— Young people of Shakespeare's plays. 246. 
Barrett, F. Fiction. 5. 

Barrett, M. William the silent. 296. 
Barrett, W. Old merchants of N. Y. 341. 
Barrett, W. A. Eng. church composers. 349 
Barrow, Sir J., ed. Arctic regions. 403. 
Barrows, S. J. and I. C. Shaybacks. 224. 
Barrows, W. Oregon. 812. 

— U. S. of yesterday and to-morrow. 397. 
Barry, P. Fruit garden. 202. 
Barth, A. Religions of India. 144. 
Barth, H. Travels in Africa. 389. 
Bartlett, G. B. Concord. 396. 
Bartlett, J., ed. Americanism. 168. 
Familiar quotations. 229. 

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Bartlett, W. F. Life 336. 
Bartol , C. N. Pictures of Europe. 369. 
Bartolomeo, Fra. Life. 348. 
Bascom, J. Psychology. 117. 

— Sociology. 147. 
Basil, St. Life. 319. 
Baskertseff, Marie. Journal. 411. 
Baskerville, A., ed. Poetry of Germany. 266. 
Bassett, T.S. Superstitions of sailors. 166. 
Bastian , H. C. Brain as an organ of mind. 116. 
Bast i at, F. Political economy. 151. 

— Sophisms of protectionists. 166. 
Bates, A. Fiction. 6. 
Bates, E. K. Fiction. 5. 

Bates, H. W. Naturalist on the Amazons. 40?. 
Bates, G B. Gettysburg. 306. 
Bauer, C. Fiction. 48. 
Bauer man, H. Mineralogy. 178. 
Bauman, N. Reynard the fox. 271. 
Bax, E. B. Hist, of philosophy. 321. 
Baxley, H. W. Spain. 378. 
Baxter, Rich. Life. 321. 




Baxter, Bich. Saint's vest. 180. 
Bayard , P. chevalier. Lffe. 338. 
Baylor, P. C. Fiction. 6. ♦ 

— Juvenile fiction. 63. 
Bayly, A. E. Fiction. 5. 
Bayne, P. Christian life. 319. 

— Essays. 260. 

— Lessons from my master. 250. 
Beaconsf ield, earl of, see Disraeli, B. 
Beadle, J. H. Undeveloped west. 397. 
Beale, A. Fiction. 5. 

Beale, L. S. Protoplasm. 181. 

Beard , G. M. American nervousness. 198. 

— Our home physician. 198. 

— Psychology of Salem witchcraft. 115. 

Beard, D. C. Amer. boy's handy-book. 222. 

Beard, L. and A. B. Amer. girl's handy-book. 

Beard, W. H. Humor in animals. 188. 

Beattie, J. Poetical works. 238. 

Beaufort, E. A. Egyptian sepulchres. 366. 

Beaugrand, C. Walks abroad. 408. 

Beaumarchau, P. A. C. de. Le barbierede 
Seville. 267. 

Beaumont, F. and J. Fletcher. Works. 243. 

Becker, 6. F. Geol. of Comstock lode. 181. 

Becker, W. A. Charicles. 368. 

— Gallus. 867. 

Becket, Thomas. Life. 320. 
Beck with, A. Majolica and fayence. 214. 
Beckwith, G. C. Peace manual. 117. 
Bede, venerable. Life. 319. 
Beecher, A. C, ed. Recitations. 254. 
Beecher, C. E. Housekeeper. 203. 

— and H. B. Stowe. Amer. woman's home. 203. 

Beecher, Mrs. H. W. All round the house. 

Beecher, H. W. Life. 321. 

— Fiction. 5. 

— Addresses in Great Britain. 256. 

— Eyes and ears. 261. 

— Lectures to young men. 119. 

— Life of Christ 130. 

— Life thoughts. 181. 

— Patriotic addresses. 256. 

— Royal truths. 181. 

— Sermons. 134. 

Beehler, W. H. Cruise of the Brooklyn. 364. 
Beerbohm, J. Wanderings in Patagonia. 402. 
Beers, H. A. Amer. literature. 227. 
Beesly, A. H. Gracchi, Marius and Sulla. 281. 
Beesly, Mrs, Stories from Roman hist. 281. 
Beethoven, L. v. Life. 349. 

— Thorough bass. 217. 
Behrens, B. Fiction. 48. 
Belknap, J. Early discoverers. 299. 

Bell, C. F. M. From Pharaoh to Fellah. 387. 

Bell, N. R. E. Hist, of art. 210. 

— Raphael. 348. 
Bellamy, E. Fiction. 5. 
Bellamy, E. W. Fiction. 5. 
Bellew, F. Art of amusing. 220. 
Bellows, A. H. How not to be sick. 196. 
-*- Philosophy of eating. 196. 

Belt, H. P. Fiction. 6. 
Beneden, P. J. van. Animal parasites. 190. 
Benedict, A. E. My wonder story. 195. 
Benger, E. O. Anne Bolyn. 326. 

— Mary Queen of Scots. 326. 
Benham,W. Diet, of religion. 121. 
Benjamin, P. Age of electricity. 176. 
Benjamin, S. G. W. Amer. artists. 345. 

— Art in America. 210. 

— Contemporary art in Europe. 210. 

— Persia, and the Persians. 385. 

— Story of Persia. 280. 

— Troy. 282. 

Bennett, C. W. Christian archroology. 141 
Bent, J. T. Genoa. 294. 
Benton, T. H. Life. 380. 

— Thirty years' view. 161. 

Berard, A. B. Hist, of England. 286. 

Bergen , J. T. and F. D. Development theory. 

Berkeley, G. Life. 317. 

— Human understanding. 114. 

Berlioz, H. Life and letters. 350. 

Bernard, F. Wonderful escapes. 313. 

Bernard, J. Retrospections. 350. 

Bernard , T. D. Progress of doctrine. 130. 

Bersler, E. Fiction. 53. 

Bersteln, J. Five senses of man. 195. 

Bert, J. First steps. 169. 

Berthet E. B. Pre-historic world. 183. 

Besant, W. Fiction. 5. 

— Coligny. 888. 

— E. H. Palmer. 341. 

— Eulogy of Richard Jefleries. 358. 

— French humorists. 267. 

— Rabelais. 361. 

— Sir R. Whittington. 334. 

— and E. H. Palmer. Hist, of Jerusalem. 410. 

— and J. Rice. Fiction. 5. 

Bethune, A. Fiction. 5. 

Bethune, G. W. Fiction. 5. 

Bianciardi, Mrs. E. D. R. At home in Italy. 

Blart, L. Aztecs. 811. 

— Young naturalist. 392. 
Bickersteth, E. Christian student. 131. 

— Yestesday, to-day and forever. 238. 
BIcknell, A. J. Cottage architecture. 208. 
Blgelow, J. France and confederate navy. 305. 

— J. C. Fremont. 337. 




Bigelow,J. Modern inquiries 195. 

— Nature in disease. 195. 

B\gg, C. Christian Platonists. 113. 
Binet, A. Animal magnetism 116. 
Bingham, D. TheBastile. 294. 
Birch, 8. Egypt. 279. 
Birdwood, G. C. M. Arts of India. 210. 
Birrel 1 , A. Charlotte Bronte. 357. 

— Obiter dicta. 250. 

Bishop, I. L. Golden Chersonese. 384. 

— Lady's life in the Rocky Mountains. 398. 

— Sandwich Islands. 404. 

— Unbeaten tracks in Japan. 383. 
Bishop, N. H. In a sneak-box. 393. 

— Thousand miles walk. 401. 

— Voyage of paper-canoe. 393. 
Bishop, P. A. Amer. patriotism. 117. 
Bishop, W. H. Fiction. 6. 

— Old Mexico. 392. 

Bismarck, Otto E. L., prince. Life. 334. 
Bissell, E. C. Biblical antiquities. 125. 

— Historic origin of the Bible. 123. 

— Pentateuch. 127. 
Bjornson,B. Fiction. 51. 
Black, A. Ohio. 310. 

Black, J. R. Ten laws of health. 196. 
Black, W. Fiction. 6. 

— Goldsmith. 355. 
Blackburn, W. M. Fiction. 6. 

— Hist, of Christian church. 137. 

— St. Patrick. 139. 
Blackie, J. S. Burns. 355. 

— Four phases of morals. 117. 

— What does history teach V 278. 

— Wise men of Greece. 243. 

— ed. Wisdom of Goethe. 265. 
Blackmore, R. D. Fiction. 6. 
Bladen, E. 8. Fiction. 6. 
Blaikie, W. How to get strong. 197. 
Blaikie, W. G. First book of Samuel. 407. 

— Second book of Samuel. 407. 

Blaine, J. G. Twenty years of congress. 151. 

Blaisdell, A. S. Outline studies. 227. 

Blake, lady. Fiction. 6. 

Blake, M. E. and M. F. Sullivan. Mexico. 392. 

Blake, Wm. Life. 346. 

Blake, W. O. Hist, of slavery. 150. 

Blake, W. W. The cross. 133. 

Blanc, C. Grammar of painting. 209. 

Blanc, L. Art in ornament. 206. 

B laser ma, P. Theory of sound. 174. 

Blassius, W. Storms. 180. 

Blavatsky, Mme. II. P. Isis unveiled. 123. 

Bleck, A. H., ed. Avesta. 145. 

Blind, M. George. Eliot. 357. 

Bliss, P. P. Life. 321. 

Blockwitz, J. B. Hist, of Turkey. 298. 

Bloede, G. Angelo. 235. 
Bloom, S. S. Why we are Democrats. 152. 
Bloss, C.tA. Heroines of crusades. 316. 
Blouet, P. Jacque Bonhomme. 375. 

— John Bull and his island. 372. 

— Jonathan and his continent. 393. 
Blow, 8. Study of Dante. 269. 

Blunt, I. J. Reformation in England. 139. 
Blunt, J. H. Key to the Bible. 123. 
Board m an, G.D. Creative week. 127. 

— Divine man. 130. 

— Mountain instruction. 128. 
Board man, W. E. Life. 321. 

— Great physician. 136. 

Boase, C. W. Oxford. 290. 

Bogardus, A. H. Field, cover and trap- 
shooting. 224. 

Bohn, H. G., ed. Proverbs. 166. 

Boisment, A. B., de. On halucinations. 115. 

Boker, G.H. Plays and poems. 243. 

Boiles, A. S. Financial hist, of U. S. 155. 

Bolte, A. Fiction. 48. 

Bolton, S. K. Fiction. 6. 

— American authors. 351. 

— American statesmen. 329. 

— Boys who became famous. 313. 

— Girls who became famous. 316. 

— How success is won. 313. 

— Men of science. 343. 

— Social studies in England. 372. 

Bolyn,Anne. Life. 326. 

Bombaugh, C. C, ed. Gleanings for the 
curious. 259. 

Bonaparte, Elizabeth. Life. 342. 

Bonaparte, Joseph. Life. 328. 

Bonaparte, Napoleon. Life. 328. 

Bonar, H. Days and nights in the east. 125. 

Bonchot, H. Printed book. 206. 

Bonham, J. M. Industrial liberty. 408. 

Bonitz, H. Origin of Homeric poems. 275. 

Bonner, J. Child's hist, of Rome. 281. 

— Child's hist, of the U. S. 301. 
Bonner, Sherwood, see McDowell, K. S. 
Bonney, T. G., ed. Churches of England. 213. 
Bon valot, G. Heart of Asia. 387. 
Boone, Daniel. Life. 342. 

Boone, R. G. Education in the U. S. 161. 
Borrow, G. Bible in Spain. 412. 
Boscowltz, A. Earthquakes. 408. 
Boswell,J. Samuel Johnson. 358. 
Botta, A C. L. Universal literature. 227. 
Botta, V. Study of Dante. 269. 
Bottone, S. R. The dynamo. 176. 

— Electrical instrument-making. 176. 
Boughton, G. H. Rambles in Holland. 380. 
Boulger, D. Fiction. 6. 

Bourke, J. G. Apache campaign. 311. 
Bourne, J. Steam-engine. 199. 




Boutell, C. Arms and armour. 168. 
Bouton , J. B. Round about to Moscow. 369. 
Bo wd itch, Nathaniel. Life. 346. 
Bowen, E. A. Astronomy. 173. 
Bo wen, F. Study of the Bible. 123. 
Bowen, J. E. East and west in Egypt. 297. 
Bowker, R. R. Economics. 151. 
Bowles, S. Life. 330. 

— Across the continent. 397. 

— Our new west. 397. 

Bowne, B. P. Metaphysics. 115. 

— Philosophy of Herbert Spencer. 114. 

— Philosophy of theism. 121. 

Box, T. Treatise on heat. 175. 
Boyd, H. K. Counsel and comfort. 134. 

— Leisure hours in town. 250. 

Boyd, R. Grace and truth. 134. 
Boyesen, H. H. Fiction. 51. 

— Story of Norway. 296. 

Boynton,H. V. Sherman's historical raid. 305. 
Brace, G. L. Gesta Christi. 135. 

— Races of the old world. 183. 

Brackett, A. C. Education of Amer. girls. 163. 
Bradford, A. H. Sermons. 134. 
B rad I ey , G. G. Dean Stanley. 321 . 
B rad 1 ey , II. Story of the Goths. 291 . 
Branch, O. E.,ed. Hamilton speaker. 254. 

— National advanced speaker. 254. 

— National junior speaker. 254. 

Brand, J. Popular antiquities. 163. 
Brandos, G. M. G. Eminent authors. 351. 

— Impressions of Russia. 377. 

Brannt, W. T. Receipt-book. 193. 
Brassy, Anna, lady. Travels. 364. 
Brassy, T. On work and wages. 153. 
Breck,J. Book of flowers. 211. 
Breck.S. Life. 330. 
Bred if, L. Demosthenes. 275. 
Bremer, F. Fiction. 51. 

— Homes of the new world. 391 . 

Brennan,M. M. Electricity. 176. 

Brewer, E. C, ed. Diet, of phrase and fable. 

Reader's hand-book. 225. 

Brewer, J. Constantinople in 1827. 382. 

Brewster, A. H. M. Fiction. 6. 

Brewster, Sir D. Martyrs of science. 343. 

— Sir Isaac Newton. 343. 
Bridgeman, Laura. Life. 340. 
Bridgeman, T. Gardener's assistant. 203. 
Bridges, Mrs. Col. Fiction. 6. 

Brlggs, G. A. American Presbyterian ism. 142. 

— Whither. 407. 
Briggs, G. N. Life. 330. 
Bright, John. Life. 333. 
Bright, M. A. Fiction. 6. 

Br!ttan,H G. Shosbie. 137. 

Brockett, L. P. Lights and shadows. 305. 

— Woman's work in the civil war. 305. 
Brocklesby, J. Meteorology. 180. 
Brocklehurst, T. W. Mexico of to-day. 392 
Brodribb, W. J. Demosthenes. 275. 
Brodrick, G. C. Oxford. 164. 

Bronte, A. Fiction. 6. 
Bronte, C. Fiction. 6. 

— Life. 357. 
Bronte, E. Fiction. 6. 

— Life. 357. 
Brooke, J. Life. 333. 
Brooke, S. A. Milton. 356. 

— Sermons. 134. 

— Theology in Eng. poets. 231. 
Brooks, C. S. Fiction. 7. 
Brooks, E. S. Junvenile fiction. 64. 

— American Indian. 299. 

— Story of Amer. sailor. 301. 

— Story of Amer. soldier. 410. 

Brooks, H. M., ed. Olden time series. 269. 
Brooks, N. Juvenile fiction. 325. 

— Lincoln. 325. 
Brooks, P. Sermons. 134. 

— and others. Harvard vespers. 134. 
Broughton,R. Fiction. 7. 
Browne, C. O. Old battle-fields. 396. 
Brown , C. R. Government of Mich. 159. 

— Government of Ohio. 159. 

Brown, E. and A. Straus. Amer. politics. 408. 
Brown, E. E. Garfield. 325. 

— Grant. 325. 

— Lowell. 352. 

Brown, H. A. Life and orations. 353. 
Brown, II. D. Fiction. 7. 
Brown , H. T. Mechanical movements. 174. 
Brown, J. Fiction. 7. 

— Spare hours. 263. 
Brown, John. Life. 330. 

Brown, J. L. Amer. angler's guide. 223. 
Brown , T. Taxadermist's manual. 186. 
Brown, W. W. My southern home. 395. 
Browne, F. T., ed. Bugle echoes. 233. 
Browne, H. R. London merchants. 342. 
Browne, I. Iconoclasm. 247. 
Browne, J. H. Four years in Secessia. 305. 

— Great metropolis. 395. 

Browne, J. R. Amer. family in Germany. 374. 

— Apache country. 397. 

— Crusoe's island. 365. 

— Land of Thor. 369. 

— Yusef . 365. 

Browne, L. Voice, song and speech. 220. 
Browne, P. What girls can do. 221. 
Browne, Sir, T. Works. 122. 
Browne, W. H. Maryland. 309. 




Brownell, W. C. French traits. 375. 
Browning, E. B. Life. 355. 

— Poems. 238. 

Browning, C. Educational theories. 161. 
Browning, R. Dramas. 243. 

— Poems. 238. 

Brown low, W. G. Sketches of rebellion. 305 
Bruce, A. B. Parabolic teachings of Christ. 128 
Bruce, E. C. The century. 193. 

— Tiber and Thames. 369. 
Bruce, Mrs. C. M. Fiction. 7. 
Bruce, P. A. Plantation negro. 309. 
Brunner, A. W., ed. Cottages. 207. 
Bruno, Giordano. Life. 318. 
Brunton, F. L. Disorders of digestion. 198. 
Brusch, H. Egypt. 279. 

Brush, C. C. Fiction. 7. 

Bruyssel, E. v. Population of pear-tree. 190. 

Bryant, C. S. Massacre in Minnesota. 311. 

Bryant, W. C. Life. 352. 

— Letters from the east. 365. 

— Orations, &c. 256. 

— Poems. 232. 

— ed. Library of poetry. 232. 

— and S. H. Gay. Hist, of the U. S. 301. 
Bryce, J. Amer. commonwealth. 149. 

— Holy Roman empire. 283. 

Bryson, Mrs. M. I. Home-life in China. 382. 
Buchanan, James. Life. 325. 

— Messages. 147. 

Buchanan, R. Lands of Lorn. 371. 

— Look round literature. 225. 

— Poems. 239. 

Buckhardt, J. Civilization in Italy. 277. 
Buckland, A. Our national institutions. 159. 
Buckland, F. Life. 344. 

— Log-book of a fisherman. 188 
Buckle, H. T. Life. 359. 

— Civilization in England. 277. 
Buckley, A. B. Fairy land of science. 169. 

— History of England. 286. 

— Hist, of natural science. 172. 

— Life and her children. 190. 

— Winners in life's race. 191. 
Buckley, J. M. Midnight sun, &c. 369. 
Buckner, Mrs. A. M. Fiction. 7. 
Buel, J. Farmer's companion. 201. 
Bugbee, J. M. Eastern question. 298. 
Bulf inch, T. Age of chivalry. 144. 

— Age of fable. 143. 

— Legends of Charlemagne. 144. 
Bulkley, L. D. The skin. 196. 
Bull.Ole. Life. 350. 
Bulwer-Lytton, E. G. Fiction. 7. 

— Life. 357. 

— Athens. 282. 

— Dramas and poems. 243. 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. 6. Poems. 239. 

— Miscellaneous prose. 250. 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. R. Poems. 239. 
Bumstead.J. On the wing. 224. 
Bunce, J. T. Fairy tales. 166. 
Bunce, O. B. Fiction. 7. 

— Don't. 119. 

— My home. 207. 

Bungener, L. L. F. Fiction. 53. 

Bunner, A. W. and T. Tryon. Interior 
decoration. 216. 

Bunner, H. C. Fiction. 7. 

B u nse n , Frances. Life. 359. 

Bunsen, C. C. J. Martin Luther. 321. 

Bunyan, J. Life. 357. 

— Pilgrim's progress. 133. 

— Works. 122. 
Burke, E. Life. 359. 

— Works. 256. 

Burhans,J. A. Municipal bonds. 155. 
Burnaby, F. Ride to Khiva. 387. 
Burnett, C. H. Hearing. 196. 
Burnett, F. H. Fiction. 8. 

— Juvenile fiction. 64. 

Burnett, 6. Reformation in Eng. 139. 
Burnett, P. H. Recollections. 331. 
Burn ham, C. L. Fiction. 8. 
Burnley, J. Romance of invention. 194. 
Burns, D. Temperance reform. 120. 
Burns, R. Life. 355. 

— Poems. 239. 

Burr, Aaron. Life. 331. 
Burr, E.F. Fiction. 8. 

— Ad fidem. 130. 

— Pater mundi. 124. 

Burr, F. Vegetables of America. 203. 
Burroughs, J. Essays. 247. 
Burroughs, W. Public securities. 155. 
Burroughs, M. Cinque ports. 290. 
Burstenbinder, E. Fiction. 48. 
Burton, J. Reign of Anne. 288. 
Burton, J. H. Book-hunter. 263. 

— History of Scotland. 285. 

B u rto n , R. Anatomy of melancholy. 1 15. 
Burton , R. F. City of the saints. 399. 
Burton, W. E.,ed. Wit and humor. 257. 
Bury, Viscount, and G. C. Hillier. Cycling. 222. 
Bush, Mrs. Queens of France. 328. 
Bush, R. J. Reindeer, dogs, &c. 386. 
Bushnell,H. Life and letters. 321. 

— Building eras. 121. 

— Forgiveness and law. 129. 

— Moral uses of dark things. 121. 

— Sermons. 134. 

— Vicarious sacrifice. 129. 

— Woman's suffrage. 165. 

Butler, A. J. Court life in Egypt. 387. 




Butler, H. E. Seven creative principles. 123. 

— Solar biology. 123. 
Butler, J. Life. 317. 

— Analogy of religion. 123. 
Butler, J. G. Bible-work. 123. 
Butler, 8. Hudibras. 260. 

— Works. 260. 

Butler, W. Land ol the Veda. 384. 
Butler, W. A. Fiction. 8. 

— Hist, of ancient philosophy. 1 13. 
Butler, W. F. Wild north land. 391. 
Butt, B. A. Fiction. 8. 

Butt, J. Protection and free trade. 155. 

Butterfield, C. W. Expedition against San- 
dusky. 310. 

Butterworth, H. Juvenile fiction. 64. 

— Christmas-tide stories. 234. 

— Hist, of America. 301. 

— Songs of history. 235. 

Buxton, H. J. W. Eng. and Amer. painters. 216 

— German, Flemish and Dutch painters. 216. 
Bynner, E. L. Fiction. 8. 

Byron, G. G. N., lord. Life. 355. 

— Poems. 239. 

Cable, G. W. Fiction. 8. 

— Creoles of Louisiana. 309. 

— Silent south. 309. 

Cadman, H. W. Capital and labor. 133. 
Caesar, Caius Julius. Life. 339. 

— Works. 273. 
Cahun, L. Fiction. 53. 
Caine, T. II. Fiction. 8. 

— Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 356. 
Calrd, E. Hegel. 317." 

Cai rd , J. Philosophy of religion. 121 . 

— Spinoza. 114. 

Cairnes, J. E. Political economy. 151. 
Calderon, P. Life. 362. 
Calderwood, H. On teaching. 161. 
Caldor, M. T. Charades, &c. 221. 
Calhoun, J. C. Life. 331. 
Callender, E. B. Thaddeus Stevens. 332. 
Calvert, G. H. Coleridge, Shelley, Goethe. 247 

— Scenes in Europe. 369. 

— Shakespeare. 246. 

Cameron, V. L. Across Africa. 389. 
Cam pan, J. L. H. Marie Antoinette. 328. 
Campbell, A. Fiction. 8. 
Campbell, G. J. D., duke of Argyll. Iona. 372. 

— Reign of law. 124. 
Campbell, H. Fiction. 8. 

— American girls' home-book. 221. 

— Easiest way in housekeeping. 203. 

— Prisoners of poverty. 165. 

— Prisoners of poverty abroad. 165. 

— Sylvan city. 395. 

Campbell, J., lord. Chief justices. 336. 

— Lord chancellors. 336. 

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Campbell, T. Poems. 239. 

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Canning, George. Life. 333. 

Capes, W. W. Early Roman empire. 281. 

— Age of the Antonines. 281. 

— Stoicism. 113. 

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Carey, R. N. Fiction. 8. 
Carey, W. Life. 322. 
Carleton, Will. Poetical works. 235. 
Carleton, W. Fiction. 8. 
Carlyle, Alex. Autobiography. 321. 
Carlyle, J. W. Letters and memorials. 257. 
Carlyle, T. Life. 358. 

— Burns. 355. 

— Early kings of Norway. 296. 

— Early letters. 256. 

— Essays. 250. 

— Frederick the great. 328. 

— French revolution. 293. 

— Heroes and hero-worship. 250. 

— Latter-day pamphlets. 250. 

— Oliver Cromwell. 327. 

— Sartor resartus. 250. 

— and Emerson. Correspondence. 257. 

— and Goethe. Correspondence. 256. 

Carmen Sylva, pseud., see Elizabeth Pauline. 
Carnegie, A. American four-in-hand. 372. 
— - Round the world. 365. 

— Triumphant democracy. 393. 

Carpenter, F. D. Y. Round about Rio. 402. 
Carpenter, J. E., cd. Popular readings. 254. 
Carpenter, W. B. Mental physiology. 115. 

— Mesmerism, spiritualism, &c. 116. 

— Nature and men. 169. 

Carr, A. Church and Roman empire. 139. 
Carr, L. Missouri. 310. 
Carrel, A. Counter-revolution. 288. 
Carrington, H. B. Amer. revolution. 303. 

— ed. Patriotic reader. 254. 
Carroll, H. Twelve Americans. 314. 
Carson, Christopher. Life. 342. 
Cartwright, Peter. Autobiography. 323. 
Cary, Alice. Fiction. 9. 

— Poems. 235. 

— and Phoebe. Life. 352. 
Poems. 235. 

Cary, Phoebe. Poems. 235. 

Cass, Lewis. Life. 331. 

Castelar y Rissol, E. Lord Byron. 351. 

— Old Rome and new Italy. 376. 
Catherine, II o/Bussia. Life. 296. 


Caton.J.D. Summer in Norway. 378. 
Caunter, H. Fiction. 9. 
Cavalcaselle. G. B., joint author, see Crowe. 
Cavendish G. Cardinal Woolsey. 320. 
Caxton, Laura, pseud., see Comins, L. B. 
Cazln.A. Heat. 175. 
Cellini, B. Autobiography. 345. 
Cervantes-Saavedra, M. de. Fiction. 56. 

— Life. 362. 

Chadwick, G. A. Gospel of St. Mark. 407. 
Chadwick, J. W. Bible of to-day. 124. 
Chalmers, T. Life. 322. 

— On the power, Ac., of God. 123. 
Chamberlain, W. Fiction. 9. 
Chambers, R. Vestiges of creation. 124. 

— ed. Book of days. 22-5. 

Diet, of Eog. literature. 228. 

Chambers, W. Natural philosophy. 173. 

— Old families. 314. 

— avdR.,eds. Miscellany. 261. 
Champlin, J. C. Chronicle of the coach. 372. 
Champlln, J.D. History of civil war. 305. 

Young folks' cyclopedia. 108. 
Champney L.W. Fiction. 9. 

— Juvenile fiction. 95. 
Chaney.J. M. Aloha. 401. 
Chanler, A. R. Fiction. 9. 
Channing, W. Physician's vacation, am. 
Channlng, W. E. Life. 324. 

— Tboreau. 354. 

— Works. 229. 

Chapin, J. H. Creation of man. 127. 

— From Japan to Granada. 365, 
Chaplin, II. W. Fiction. 9. 
Chapman, E. R. Comtist lover. 263. 
Charlemagne- Life. 327. 
Charles, E. It. Fiction. 9. 

— Three martyrs. 319. 
Charles I. Life. 327. 
Charles II Life. 327. 

Charles V, of Germany. Cloister life. 327. 

— History. 327. 

Charnay, D. Ancient cities. 370. 
Chase, A. W. Recipt-book. 193. 
Chase, S, C. Mnemeology 117. 
Chataubriand, R. F. A. de. Atala. 268. 
Chatter ji, M. M. tr. Bagavad Uita. 144. 
Chatterton.T. Poems. 239. 
Chatto, W. A. nnd J. Jackson. Wood-en- 
graving. 217. 
Chaucer, G. Life. 355. 

— Poetical works. 231). 

Chavaese, P. H. Physical training. 206, 
Chayne, I. K. Jeremiah. 126. 
Cheever, II. T. Sandwich Islands. 404. 

Chellls, M. D. Fiction. 9. 
Cherbuliez, V. Fiction. 58. 
Chesterfield, Lard. Letters. 258. 
Chevreui.M. E. On color. 215. 
Child, F.J. ,ed. Ballads. 233. 
Child, F. S. South Dakota. 398. 
Child, G. V. Benedicite. 123. 
Child, L. M. Fiction. 9. 

— Hist, of women. 165. 

— Isaac T. Hopper. 324. 

— Letters. 25-5. 

— Mme. de Stael and Mme. Roland. 361. 

— Progress of religious idea. 122. 

— ed. Looking towards sunset. 261. 
Chittenden, L. C. Reports of debates. 157 
Choate, Rtifus. Life. 335. 

Addresses ami orations. 256. 
ChOrley II. T Handel stud ies. 219. 

— Modern German music. 217. 

— Hccen art mid society. 359. 
Chrisostom, St. John. Life. 319. 
Christian), A. F. Piano-forte playing. 220. 
Christlteb, T. Counteracting infidelity. 134. 

— Foreign missions. 134. 

— Modern doubt. 131. 
Christy, R..ed. Proverbs. 1«6. 
Church, A. J. Fiction. B. 

— Juvenile DCttOH- 66. 

— Ovid. 273. 

— Pliny's letters. 274. 

— Roman life. 368. 

— Stories from Herodotus. 275. 

— Stories from Homer. 275. 

— Stories from Livy, 273. 

— Stories from Virgil. 275. 

— Stories from the Greek tragedies. 276. 

— Stories of the old world. 143. 
Persian war. 283. 

— Story of Carthage. 284. 

— Story of early Britain. 410. 
Church, E. It. Artistic embroidery. 215. 

— Homegarden. 211. 

— Home needle. 208. 

— How to furnish a home. 216. 
Church, R. W. Dante. 279. 

— Middle ages. 283. 

— Spenser. 356. 
Churchill, C. Poems. 23ii. 
Cicero, M. T. Life. 886. 

— Works. 273. 

Cist, II. M. Army of the Cumberland. 307. 
Ctacey, II. Fiction. 9. 
Clarendon, airlof, we Hyde, E. 
Claretie, J. Fiction. 53. 
! Clark, C. II. Fiction. 9. 

— Out of the hurly burly. 25N, 
I Clark, C. M. Fiction. 9. 




Clark, E. L. Races of Turkey. 298. 
Clark, E. W. From Hong Kong. 384. 

— Life in Japan. 383. 

Clark, J. W. Cambridge. 410 

Clarke, C. and M. Cowden-. Recollections of 
writers. 364. 

Clarke, E. II. Building of a brain. 163. 

— Sex in education. 163. 

— Visions. 115. 

Clarke, E. M. Fiction. 10. 
Clarke, J. F. Biog. sketches. 315. 

— Epochs in religious history. 137. 

— E very-day religion. 131. 

— Self-culture. 162. 

— Sermons. 134. 

— Ten great religions. 133 

— and L., eds. Exotics. 272. 
Clarke, J. I. C. Robert Emmet. 243. 
Clarke, Kit. Where the trout hide. 223. 
Clarke, L. L. Objects for the microscope. 184 
Clarke, M. Cowden-. Concordence to Shake- 
speare. 246. 

— Portia. 246. 
Clarke, R. S. Fiction. 9. 

— Juvenile fiction. 66. 

Clarke, R. W. Heaven and its emblems. 130. 

Classon, A. W. Seven conventions. 137. 

Claude Lorraine. Life. 347. 

Claverhouse, see Graham, J. J. 

Clay, Henry. Life. 331. 

Clemens, E. J. M. La Plata countries. 401. 

Clemens, S. L. Innocents abroad. 258. 

— Prince and pauper. 406. 

— Roughing it. 258. 

— Stolen white elephant. 258. 

— Tom Sawyer. 66. 

— Tramp abroad. 258. 

— ed. Library of humor. 409. 

Clement, J. Noble deeds. 316. 

Clement, C. E., see Waters, C. E. 

Cleopatra. Life. 329. 

Cleveland, H. W. S. Landscape architecture. 

Cleveland, R. E. George Eliot's poetry. 247. 

Clifford, W. R. Essays. 169. 

Clinton, De Witt, Life. 331. 

Coan, T. Adventures in Patagonia. 402. 

— Life in Hawaii. 137. 

Cobb, F. P. Duties of women. 119. 

— PeakinDarien. 123. 
Cobden, Rich. Life. 333. 

Cochin, P. S. A. Results of slavery. 150. 

— Results of emancipation. 150. 

Cocker, B. T. Christianity and Greek philoso- 
phy. 131. 

— Theistic conception of the world. 131. 
Cod man, J. Round trip. 397. 

Coffin, C. C. Boys of '76. 304. 

— Boys of '61. 305. 

— Building the nation. 301. 

— Drum-beat of the nation. 305. 

— Following the flag. 305. 

— Marching to Victory. 305. 

— My days and nights on the battle-field. 305. 

— Old times in the colonies. 303. 

— Our new way round the world. 365 

— Redeeming the republic. 305. 

— Seat of empire. 397. 

— Story of liberty. 278. 

— Winning his way. 67. 

Coffin, L. Reminiscences. 339. 
Coffin, R. B. Fiction. 10. 
Cole, Thomas. Life. 346. 
Coleman, H. European life. 369. 
Coleridge, H. N Greek classic poets. 276. 
Coleridge, Sara. Life. 359. 
Coleridge, S. T. Life. 355. 

— Biographia literaria. 263. 

— Notes on Shakespeare. 246. 

— Poems. 239. 

— Works. 229. 

— and others. Coleorton. 257. 
Colerlck, E. F. Pioneer children. 301. 
Coligny, G. de. Life. 338. 
Collier, W. F. Eng. literature. 228. 
Collins, C. W. Saint Simon. 335. 
Collins, M. Light on the path. 123. 
Collins, W. Poetical works. 239. 
Collins, W. L. Aristophanes. 275. 

— Butler. 317. 
-* Cicero. 273. 

— Homer. 276. 

— La Fontaine. 361. 

— Livy. 273. 

— Lucian. 276. 

— Montaigne. 361 . 

— Plato. 318. 

— Plautus and Terence. 273. 

— Sophocles. 276. 

— Virgil. 274. 

Collins, W. W. Fiction. 10. 
Collyer, R. Life that now is. 134. 

— Nature and life. 134. 

— Talks to young men. 131. * 
Colon na, Vittoria. Life. 362. 
Colton, C. C. Lacon. 263. 
Colton, W. Ship and shore. 369. 
Colvin.S. Keats. 355. 

Col well, S. Ways and means. 134. 
Combe, A. Physiology. 195. 
Combe, G. Constitution of man. 116. 

— Phrenology. 116. 
Comenius, J. A. Life. 341. 
Com ins, L. B. Fiction. 10. 



Compayre.G. Hist, of pedagogy. 161. 
Compton A. G. Wood-working. 409. 
Comstock, A. Frauds exposed. 163. 
Comstock. J. M. Civil service in U. S. 157. 
Comstock, W. T. American cottages. 208. 
Comte, A. Positive philosophy. 114. 
Conant, H. German literature. 263. 
Conant, H. B. Butterfly hunters. 190. 
Conde, -J A. Arabs in Spain. 295. 
Conder 0. R. Judas Maccabeus. 279. 

Syrian stone-lore 126. 
Cone, M. Two years in California. 399. 
Congdon.C. T. Reminiscences. 331. 
Congdon, C. M. Poems. 235. 
Congreve, W. Life. 356. 
— Beet plays. 244. 
Connybeare, W. J. and J. S. Uowsou. St. 

Paul. 128. 
Constable, J. Life. 346. 
Conway, Hugh, pseud., tet Fargus, F. J. 
Conway, M. D. Rejected stone. 150. 
-South Kensington. 374. 
Conwell.R- H. Whyandhow. 150. 
Cook, C. House beautiful. 216. 
Cook, E. Poems. 239. 
Cook, J. Biology. 131. 


— Heredity. U«. 

— Labor. 153. 

— Occident. 131. 

— Orient. 131. 
-Orthodoxy. 131. 

— Socialism. 134. 

— Transcendentalism. 131. 

Cooke, C. A.,«f. Young folks' speaker. 234. 
Cooke, G. W. Emerson. 353. 

— George Eliot. 357. 

— Poets and problems. 247. 
Cooke, J. E. Fiction. 10. 

— Stories of the old dominion. 309. 

— Virginia. 309. 

Cook, J. P. New chemistry. 177. 

— Religion and chemistry 124. 

— Scientific culture. 16». 
Cooke, M. C. Fungi. 186. 

Cooke, M. W. Mystery in Hamlet. 24«. 
Cooke, R- T." Fiction. 10. 

— Poema. 235. 

Cooley, T. M. Michigan. 310. 

— etal. American railway. 408. 

— - Constitutional hist, of U. S. 408. 
Coolidge, s., pseud., see Woolsey, S. C. 
Cooper, A. A., enri of Shaftesbury. Life. 333. 
Cooper, J. F. Fiction. 10. 

— Life. 353. 

— Navy of U.S. 301. 
Cooper, K. S. Fiction. 11. 

Cooper, 8. Animal life. 187. 

Cooper, S. F. Rural hours. 261. 

Cooper, T. V. Amercan politics. 162. 

Coppleston, R- S. .^schylus. 275. 

Corbett, ■!• Fiction. 11. 

Corbin <\ E. Fiction. 11. 

Cordery, B. M. and J. S. Phlllpotta. King 

andcommonwealth. 288. 
Corneille. 1' Life. 880. 

— Cinna. 267. 

— Horace. 267. 

— LeCid. 267. 

Corning, C. R. Aalesund to Tetuan. 36H. 
Corning, J. L. Brain-rest. 198. 

Headache. 198. 
Corregio, A. A. Life. 348. 
Corson, II. Study of Browning- 239. 

— Study of Shakespeare. 409. 

Corson, J. family living on S500 a year. 205. 

Cort, M. L. Siam. 364. 

Cortez, Hernando. Life. 338. 

CorwIn.T. Life. 331. 

Cory, W. Modern English hist. 289. 

Cosel, C. v. Fiction. 4V. 

Coston.M.J. Signal success. 348. 

Cottln.S. H. Fiction. 53. 

Coues, E. Birds of Colorado valley. 101. 

— Birds of the northwest. 191. 

— Daemon of Darwin. 128. 

— Field ornithology. 186. 
-Key to S American birds. 191. 
Coulanges. F- de. Ancient city. 149. 
Coulson, J. G. A. Fiction. 11. 
Coun, II- W. Evolution of to-day. 184. 
Cousin, V. Life. 318. 

— Hist, of modern philosophy. 113. 

— True, beautiful and good. 1 14. 

— Youth of Mme. de Iiongueville. 334. 
Cowans, J. Edinburgh. 372. 
Cowper, W. Life. 355. 

— Letters. 257. 

— Poems. 239. 

Cox, E. W. Reading, writing and speaking. 253 
Cox, G. W. Athenian empire. 282. 

— Crusades. 283. 

— Greeks and Persians. 282. 

— Manual of mythology. 143. 

— Tales of ancient Greece. 144. 

— and E. II, Jones. Romances of middle ages. 

Cox, J. D. Atlanta. 307. 

— March to the sea. 307. 

Cox, S. Friendly counsel for girls. 119. 

— Sermons. 134. 

Cox, S. S. Diversions of a diplomat. 382. 

— Search for winter sunbeams. 366. 




Cox, W. J. Primer of hist, of Michigan. 310. 
Cozzens, F. S. Acadia. 391. 

— Yachts. 223. 

Cozzens, F. W. Juvenile fiction. 67. 

— Marvelous country. 397. 

Crabb, G. Eng. synonyms. 167. 
Crabbe, G. Life. 355. 

— Poetical works. 239. 

Craddock, C. E., pseud., see Murfree, M. N. 
Crafts, W. T. Successful men. 118. 
Craig, N. B. Olden time. 310. 
Craik, D. M. Fiction. 12. 

— Juvenile fiction. 67. 

— Fair France. 375. 

— Poems. 239. 

— Sermons out of church. 1 19. 

— Twenty years ago. 375. 

— Unknown country. 372. 

— Woman's thoughts. 119. 

Craik, G. L. Pursuit of knowledge. 313. 
Crane, J. L. Fiction. 12. 
Crane, L. Taste. 209. 
Crane, T. F. Italian tales. 166. 

— ed. • Le romantisime Francais. 267. 
Craven, P. Fiction. 53. 
Crawford, F. M. Fiction. 12. 
Crawford, O., ed. Eng. dramatists. 243. 
Creasy, Sir E. S. Decisive battles. 278. 

— Eng. constitution. 158. 

— Ottoman Turks. 298. 

Creighton, L. Duke of Marlborough. 338. 

— Edward, the black prince. 327. 
Creighton, M. Age of Elizabeth. 284. 

— Papacy during the reformation. 139. 
Crichton, A. Hist, of Arabia. 298. 
Crocket, David. Life. 336. 
Crolf, G. B. Amer. architecture. 208. 
Croly, G. George IV. 327. 

Croly, J. C. For better or worse. 118. 

— Fancy work. 215. 

— Knitting and crochet. 215. 

— Needle work. 215. 
Cromwell, Oliver. Life 327. 
Cronlse, T. F. California. 400. 
Crooker, J. H. Jesus brought back. 129. 
Crosby, W. O. Minerals and rocks. 117. 
Cross, M. E. (George Eliot) Fiction 12. 
-Life. 357. 

— Essays. 250. 

— Poems. 240. 

— Theophrastus Such. 250. 

Crowe, C. Fiction. 12. 

Crowe, J. A. and G. B. Cavalcaselle. Flemish 
painters. 347. 

-Titian. 348. 

Crudens, A. Concordence to Bible. 124. 

Cruttwell, C. T. Roman literature. 272. 

CuIIis, C. Dorothea Truedel. 136. 

Cumberland, S. Queen's highway. 391. 

Cummings.C. F. G. At home in Fiji. 404. 

Cummings, M. T. and C Miller. Architecture. 

Cummings, R. W. South Africa. 390. 

Cummings, W. G. Wild men aud beasts. 384 

Cummins, M. S. Fiction. 12. 

Cumnock, R. M., ed. Choice readings. 254. 

School speaker. 264. 

Cundall, J. Hans Holbein. 347. 

Cunningham, A. British painters. 346. 

Cunningham, C. D. Swiss confederation. 149 

Curry, J. L. M. Constitutional government in 
Spain. 158. 

Curteis, A. M. Macedonian empire. 252. 

Curtis, B. R. Life. 

Curtis, G. T. Daniel Webster. 332. 

— Hist, of constitution of U. S. 157. 
Curtis, G. W. Fiction. 12. 

— Howadji in Syria. 385. 

— Lotus eating. 394. 

— Nile notes. 387. 

— Potiphar papers. 258. 

Curtis, J. S. Silver lead deposits. 181. 
Curtis, S. Ingersol and Moses. 131. 
Curtis, W. E. Russsia. 378. 

— Spanish America. 401 . 
Curtius, E. HLst. of Greece. 282. 
Curzon, R. Armenia. 385. 

— Monasteries of the Levant. 366. 

Cushing, C. Treaty of Washington. 156. 

Cushing, L. S. Law of parliamentary assem- 
blies. 152. 

Cushing, W. Initials and pseudonyms. 225. 

Cushman, Charlotte. Life. 350. 

Custer, E. B. Boots and saddles. 398. 

— Tenting on the plains. 398. 
Custer, G. A. Life. 336. 

— My life on the plains. 397. 

Cutler, Manasseh. Life and letters. 331. 
Cutts, E. L. Colchester. 290. 

— Middle ages. 163. 

— St. Jerome. 319. 

Cuyler, T. L. From the Nile to Norway. 365 

— Thought bives. 131. 
Cyrus the great. Life. 329. 

Dabney, T. S. G. Memorials. 342. 
Dahlgren, J. A. Life. 336. 
DaII,C. C. Historical pictures. 165. 

— What we know about Shakespeare. 246. 
Dal I, W. H. Alaska, 400. 

Dallas, W. S., el al. Studies from nature. 169. 
Dalton, W. Stories of conquest of Mexico. 311. 

— Tiger prince. 389. 
Damon, S. M. Fiction. 13. 




Damon, W. E. Ocean wonders. 189. 
Dana, J. Corals and coral islands. 179. 

— Geology. 177. „ 

— Geological story. 1 77 . 

— Mineralogy. 178. 

Dana, R. H. Two years before the mast. 304. 
Dante, A. Life. 302. 

— Divine comedy. 269. 

— New life. 269. 

D'Anvers, N.,psei/(?., see Bell, N. R. E. 
Darby, J. Brushland. 261. 

— Odd hours. 261. 
Darius the great. Life. 329. 
Dart, M. On the plains. 399. 
Darwin, C. R. Life. 344. 

— Coral reefs. 409. 

— Cross and self-fertilization. 186. 

— Descent of man. 184. 

— Expression of the emotions. 184. 

— Habits of climbing plants. 186. 

— Insectivorous plants. 186. 

— Naturalist's voyage. 364. 

— Origin of species. 184. 

— Power of movement in plants. 186. 

— Varieties of animals and plants. 184. 

— Vegetable mould and earth-worms. 190. 
Daryl,P. Ireland's disease. 372. 
Dasent, Sir G. W. Tales from the Norse. 166. 
Daudet, A. Fiction. 53. 

— Recollections. 360. 

Dauge, H., pseud., see Hammond, E. II. 
Davidson, E. A. Boy-joiner. 307. 
Davidson, J. M. Eng. liberals. 333. 
Davidson, J. W. Florida. 390. 
Davidson, T. Prolegomena to "In memo- 




Davies, J. Hesiod and Theognis. 275. 

Davies, T. Microscopic objects 185. 

Davis, G. B. International law. 156. 

Davis, J. Confederate government. 30-5. 

Davis, J. F. Hist, of China. 297. 

Davis, L. S. Musical hist. 219. 

Davis, R. Recollections of Mississippi. 411. 

Davis, R. II. Fiction. 13. 

Davis, S. M. II. Norway nights. 369. 

Davy, Sir II. Life. 343. 

Dawes, A. How we are governed. 137. 

Dawson, — . Wealth of households. 152. 

Dawson, J. VV. Geological hist, of plants. 181. 

— Origin of the world. 131. 

— Science in Biblelands. 126. 

— Story of the earth and man. 117. 
Day, R. E. Electric-light arithmetic. 176. 
Deane, W. J. Abraham. 126. 

— David. 126. 

Deems, C F. Gospel of common sense. 408. 

— Light of the nations. 130. 

Defoe, D Life. 357. 

— Plague and fire in London. 288. 

— Robinson Crusoe. 67. 

— Works. 229. 

Deforest, J. B. Hist, of art. 210. 

Deforest, J. W. Fiction. 13. 

DeHasse, F. S. Travel in Bible lands. 385. 

Dekker, T. Best plays. 244. 

Deland, M. Fiction. 13. 

Delano, A. Life on the plains 397. 

Del any, M. Autobiography. 359. 

Delaroche, Paul. Life. 348. 

Delaumosne, Abbe. Art of oratory. 253. 

DeLeifde, J. B. Fiction. 13. 

Delitzsch, T. Day in Capernium. 130. 

— Jewish artisan life. 125. 

DeLong, G. Voyage of the Jeannette. 403. 
DeLolme, J. L. Constitution of Eng. 158. 
DeMille, J. Fiction. 13. 

— Juvenile fiction. 67. 

Doming, C. By-ways of nature. 363. 
Doming, P. Fiction. 13. 
Demmin, A. Arms and armour. 168. 
Demosthenes,. Life. 

— Orations. 275. 

Dennis, J. Robert Southey. 856. 
Dennison, M. A. Fiction. 13. 

— Juvenile fiction. 68. 

Denton, S. F. Collector's rambles. 401. 
DeQuincy, T. Life. 358. 

— Works. 229. 

Derby, G. II. Squibob papers. 258. 

Descartes, R. Life. 318. 

Deschanel, A. P. Natural philosophy. 173. 

Despard, M. Fiction. 13. 

Detlef , K., pseud., see Bauer, C. 

Deulafait, L. Diamonds. 178. 

Dewey, J. Psychology. 117. 

Dewey, J. II. Way, truth and the life. 123. 

Dewing, M. R. Beauty in dress. 206. 

— Beauty in the household. 216. 
Dexter, II. M. Street thoughts. 262. 
Dexter, S. Saving associations. 154. 
Diaz, A. M. Fiction. 13. 

— Juvenile fiction. 68. 

— Schoolmaster's trunk. 204. 
Dicey, E. Victor Emmanuel. 294. 
Dick, Robert. Life. 344. 

Dick, T. Works. 229. 

Dick, W.,ed. Recitations. 254. 

Dickens, C. Fiction. 13. 

— Juvenile fiction. 68. 

— Anecdote biography. 354. 

— Life. 357. 

— American notes. 391. 

— Child's hist, of England. 286. 

— Letters. 359. 




Dickenson, A. Fiction. 14. 

— Paying investment. 164. 

Dickenson, J., et al. Winter picnic. 394. 
Dickenson, J. W. Our republic. 159. 
Dickenson, M. L. Fiction. 14. 
Diderot, D. Life. 318. 
Didron.M. Christian iconography. 133. 
Diehl, A. T. R., ed. Selections. 254. 
Dilke, C. W. Greater Britain. 366. 
Dippold, G. T. Epics of Germany. 265. 

— Wagner's poem. 263. 

Disraeli, B., earl of Beacon^fleld. Fiction. 14. 

— Life. 333. 

— Letters. 257. 

— Wit and wisdom. 230. 

Disraeli, I. Amenities of literature. 263. 

— Curiosities of literature. 263. 

— Literary character of men of genius. 263. 

Dix, John A. Life. 331. 

Dix, M. Calling of a Christian woman. 119. 

— John A. Dix. 331. 

Dixon, W. II. Free Russia. 378. 

— Her majesty's tower. 290. 

— Two queens. 326. 

Dobbins, F. S. Error's chains. 143. 
Dobson, A. Goldsmith. 355. 

— Hogarth. 346. 

— Poems. 240. 

— Steele. 358. 

— ed. 18th century essays. 247. 

Dod, A.B.,etci2. Theological essays. 121. 
Dodd, A. B. Cathedral days. 373. 
Dodge, G. H. lietters to busy girls. 119. 
Dodge, M. A. Fiction. 14. 

— Miscellaneous works. 262. 

— New atmosphere. 165. 

— Wool gathering. 393. 

— Woman's worth and worthlessness. 165. 

— Woman's wrongs. 165. 

Dodge, M. E. Few friends. 221. 
Dodge, M. M. Fiction. 14. 

— Juvenile fiction. 68. 

— Along the way. 235. 

Dodge, N. S. Stories of a grandfather. 301. 
Dodge, R. I. Our wild Indians. 299. 

— Plains of the west. 397. 

Dodge, T. A. Great captains. 335. 
Dodge, W. E Memorials. 339. 
Dodridge, P. Life. 322. 
-- Religion in the soul. 131. 

Dods, M. Book of Genesis. 408. 

— First epistle to the Corinthians. 408. 

Dole, E. P. Talks about labor. 155. 
Dole, N. Hist, of Russia. 295. 
Donne, J. Poetical works. 240. 


Donne, W. B. Euripides. 275. 

— Tacitus. 274. 
Donnelly, D. Atlantis. 183. 

— Great cryptogram. 246. 

— Ragnarok. 183. 

Doolittle, J. Social life of Chinese. 382. 

Doran, J. W. Annals of Eng. stage. 219. 

Dore, Gustave. Life. 348. 

Doremus, S. L. Great lights. 211. 

Dorner, J. A. Christian ethics. 117. 

Dorr, J. C. R. Bermuda. 394. 

Dos Passos, J. R. Interstate commerce act. 

Dostoyevsky, T. M. Fiction. 57. 

Doubleday, A. Chancellorsville. 307. 

Douglas, A. M. Fiction. 14. 

— Juvenile fiction. 68. 
Douglas, Stephen A. Life. 331. 
Douglass, Frederick. Autobiography. 331. 
Douglass, R. K. China. 297. 
Dowden, E. Shakespeare. 246. 

— Shakespeare, mind and art. 246. 

— Southey. 356. 

— Studies in literature. 251 . 

Dow ling, R. Ignorant essays. 251 . 
Downing, A. Fruit trees of America. 202. 

— Landscape gardening. 211. 
Doyle, A. C. Fiction. 15. 
Doyle, Sir F. Reminiscences. 333. 
Doyle, J. A. Eng. colonies in America. 303. 
Dragoman off, M. Works on Russia. 296. 
Drake, Sir Francis. Life. 338. 

Drake, F. Indian hist. 300. 

Drake, S. A. Heart of White mountains. 398 

— Landmarks of Boston. 308. 

— Making of the great west. 31 1 . 

— Making of New England. 308. 

— New England coast. 394. 

— Our benefactors. 308. 

Drake, S. G. Aboriginal races. 300. 
Draper, J. W. Civil policy of America. 149. 

— Conflict between religion and science. 124. 

— Hist, of civil war. 305. 

— Intellectual development of Europe. 277. 

— Physiology. 195. 

— Scientific memoirs. 173. 

Drayton, II. S. Nervousness. 198. 
Driver, S. K. Isaiah. 126. 
Drummond, II. Natural law. 123. 

— Tropical Africa. 389. 
Dry den, J. Life. 355. 

— Poetical works. 240. 
DuBois-Melly, C. Fiction. 53. 
DuBose, H. C. Dragon, image and demon. 145 
DuC haill u , P. African travel. 390. 

— Explorations in Africa. 390. 

— Land of the midnight sun. 378. 

— Viking age. 412. 




Dudevant, A. L. A. Fiction. 58. 

— Life. 361. 

D u d I ey , M. V . , ed. Poetry of Goethe. 266. 

Duffield, Mrs. W. Flower-painting. 215. 

Dufferin, Lord. Letters from high latitudes. 

Duffy, C. G. Young Ireland. 285. 

Dukes, E. J. Fuk-Keim, China. 382. 

Dulles. J. W. Ride through Palestine. 125. 

Dumas, A. D. Fiction. 54. 

— Tales of Algeria. 389. 

Du MoncelJ. A. L. Electricity. 176. 
Dun lap, W. Hist, of New York. 308. 
Dunlop, J. E. Hist, of prose fiction. I. 
Dunn, J. P. Indiana. 310. 

— Massacres of the mountains. 312. 
Dunning. C, see Wood, C. D. 
Duplessis, G. Engraving. 217. 
Dupuy, E. Russian literature. 272. 
Durant, A. M. Fiction. 54. 
Durer, A. Life. 347. 

Duruy, V. Hist, of Rome. 281. 

— Short hist, of France. 410. 

Dutt, Toru. Ballads of Hindustan. 272. 
Duyckink, E A.,ed. Poets of 19th cent. 232. 

— and G. L. American literature. 227. 
Dwight, M. A. Mythology. 144. 
Dyer, — . Induction coils. 176. 
Dyer, H. Records of an active life. 220. 
Dyer, Mrs. H. Sunny days abroad. 369. 
Dyer, T. F. T. British customs. 163. 

— Domestic folk-lore. 168. 

— Folk-lore in Shakespeare. 246. 

— Folk-lore of plants. 168. 
Dyer, T. II. City of Rome. 368. 

— ed. Pompeii. 368. 

Earle, J. Anglo-Saxon literature. 228. 
Eassie, W. Cremation of the dead. 197. 

— Healthy homes. 200. 

— Sanitary arrangements for dwellings. 200. 
Eastlake, C. Household taste. 216. 
Eastman, F. Fiction. 15. 

Eaton, D. B. Civil service in G. Britain. 157, 
Eaton, D. C. Ferns of southwest. 186. 
Ebers, G. Fiction. 49. 

— Alma-Tadema. 346. 

Eddy, W. C. Juvenile fiction. 69. 
Edgar, J. G. Crusades and crusaders. 283. 

— Heroes of England. 338. 

— History for boys. 283. 

— Wars of the roses. 287. 
Edgeworth, M. Fiction. 15. 

— Juvenile fiction. 69. 

— Life. 357. 

Edison, T. Life and inventions. 346. 
Edgkins, J. Chinese Buddhism. 144. 

— Religion in China. 146. 

Edward, caUed Black Prince. Life. 327. 
Edward, Thomas M. Life. 344. 
Edwardes, A. Fiction. 15. 
Edwards, A. B. Fiction. 15. 

— Thousand miles up the Nile. 387. 

— Untrodden peaks. 412. 
Edwards, C. Finger-rings. 163. 
Edwards, C. A. Organs. 220. 
Edwards, E. American steam-engineer. 199 
Edwards, E. Words, facts, and phrases. 225. 
Edwards, Jonathan. Life. 315 and 411. 

— Religious affections. 131. 
Edwards, J. F. Malaria. 198. 
Edwards, T. E. Epistle to the Hebrews. 128. 
Eggleston, E. Fiction. 15. 

— Juvenile fiction. 69. 

— Hist of the U.S. 301. 

— and L. E. Seeley. Famous Indians. 300. 
Eggleston, G. C. Juvenile fiction. 69. 

— How to educate yourself. 162. 

— Rebels recollection's. 305. 

— Red Eagle. 300. 
Eiloart, E. Fiction. 15. 

Elbon, B., pseud., see Halsted, L. B. 
Eliot, George, pseud., see Cross, M. E. 
Eliot, S. Hist of the U. S. 301. 

— ed. Poetry for children. 234. 

Eliot, W. G. Doctrines of Christianity. 129. 

Elizabeth, queen of JBng. Life. 327., 

Elizabeth Pauline, queen of Roumania. Fic- 
tion. 58. 

— Songs of toil. 409. 

El let, E. F. Domestic hist, of revolution. 304. 

— Pioneer women of the west. 316. 

— Queens of Amer. society. 316. 
Elliot, F. Fiction. 15. 

Elliot, F. R. Western fruit-book. 202. 

Elliot, J. Debates. 157. 

Elliott, H. W. Our Arctic province. 401. 

— Seal islands of Alaska. 401. 
Ellis, E. S. Juvenile fiction. 70. 
Eilis, G. E. Puritan age. 308. 

— Red man and white man. 300. 
Ellis, H. W. Our eastern sisters. 137. 
Ellis, J. Avoidable causes of disease. 196. 
Ellis, W. Three visits to Madagascar. 392. 
Ellwanger, G. II. Garden's story. 211. 
Elson, L. C. Curiosities of music. 219. 
Elterlein, E. v. Beethoven's sonatas. 220. 
Ely, R. T. Labor movement in America. 153. 

— Political economy. 408. 

— Problems of to-day. 155r 

— Social aspects of Christianity. 407. 

— Taxation. 155. 




Emerson, R. W. Life. 353. 

— English traits. 373. 

— Essays. 247. 

— Miscellanies. 247. 

— Poems. 235. 

— ed. Parnassus. 232. 

— and Carlyle. Correspondence. 255. 
Emerson, W. A. Wood-engraving. 217. 
Emerton, E. Middle ages. 283. 
Emerton, J. H. Life on sea-shore. 190. 
Emery, S. A. Fiction. 15. 

Em in Pasha. Letters and journals. 390. 
Emmons, S. F. Geol. of Leadville. 200. 
Enault, L. Fiction. 54. 
Engel.C. National music. 217. 
English, T. D., ed. Battle-lyrics. 233. 
Erckmann, E. and A. Chatrian. Fiction. 54. 
Erskine, Mrs. T. Fiction. 15. 
Estes, D., ed. Recreations in science. 170. 
Etting, F. M. Independence hall. 308. 
Euler, L. Natural philosophy. 173. 
Euripides. Tragedies. 275. 
Evans, G. G. Romance of the revolution. 304. 
Evans, W. F. Divine law of cure. 115. 

— Esoteric Christianity. 115. 

— Primitive mind cure. 115. 

Everett, C. C. Fichte's Science of knowledge. 

— Poetry, comedy and duty. 113. 
Everett, E. Orations. 256. 

— Washington. 323. 

Evers, H. Steam-engine. 199. 
Ewald, A. C. Crown and its advisers. 159. 
Ewell, M. D. Essentials of law. 155. 
Ewing, J. H. Fiction. 15. 

— Juvenile fiction. 70. 

— Life. 357. 

Eyre, J. Needles and brushes. 215. 

Faber, C. Fiction. 16. 

Fair, J. A. Fiction. 51. 

Fair holt, F. W. Diet, of art. 210. 

Falconer, W. Poetical works. 240. 

Falke, J. v. Greece and Rome. 

Falkner, W.C. Fiction. 16. 

Fallows, S. Synonyms and antonyms. 167 

Fanning, J. T. Water supply. 200. 

Faraday, M. Life. 343. 

— Chemical history of a candle. 175. 

— Physical forces. 173. 
Fargus, F. J. Fiction. 16. 
Farjeon.B. L. Fiction. 16. 
Farmer, L. H. Famous rulers. 326. 

— Famous queens. 326. 

— Lafayette. 338. 

— Hiat. of French revolution. 410. 

Farmer, S. Hist, of Detroit. 310. 
Farquharson, R. School hygiene. 162. 
Farragut, D. G. Life. 337. 
Farrand, E. M. University of Mich. 164. 
Farrar, C. Art topics. 209. 
Farrar, C. A. J. Juvenile fiction. 70. 
Farrar, F. W. Juvenile fiction. 70. 

— Early days of Christianity. 128. 

— Eternal hope. 130. 

— Hist, of interpretation. 124. 

— Language. 167. 

— Life of Christ. 130. 

— Lives of the fathers. 319. 

— Mercy and judgment. 130. 

— Messages of the books. 128. 

— Non-Christian religions. 143. 

— Saintly workers. 319. 

— St. Paul. 126. 

— Sermons. 135. 

— Soloman. 126. 

— Witness of history to Christ. 164. 
Farrer, J. A. Adam Smith. 317. 

— Primitive manners. 164. 
Farrington, M. V. Tales of King Arthur. 144. 
Fauriel, C. C. Last days of the consulate. 293. 
Fawcett, E. Fiction. 16. 

— Poems. 235. 
Fawcett, H. Life. 333. 

— Free trade and protection. 155. 
Fay, A. Music-study in Germany. 217. 
Fechter, Charles. Life. 350. 
Felton.C. C. Greece. 282. 
Fenelon, F. de. Fiction. 54. 

— Selections. 131. 

Ferguson, A. Roman republic. 281. 
Ferguson, S. "Fiction. 16. 
Fergusson,J. Hist, of architecture. 212. 

— Rude stone monuments. 183. 
Fernand, Mrs. C. F. Footlight frolics. 221. 
Ferrier, D. Functions of the brain. 195. 
Ferris, G. T. German composers. 349. 

— Great singers. 349. 

— Great violinists. 349. 

— Italian and French composers. 349. 

Fetis, F. J. Music explained. 217. 
Fetridge. W. P. Paris commune. 294. 
Feudge, F. R. India. 411. 
Feu i I let, O. Fiction. 54. 
Fichte, JohannG. Life. 317. 
Field, C. II. Fiction. 16. 
Field, E. Culture garland. 258. 

Field, II. M. Among the holy hills. 125. 

— From the lakes of Killarney. 365. 

— From Egypt to Japan. 365. 

— Gibraltar. 378. 

— Greek islands. 382. 

— Hist, of Atlantic telegraph. 205. 

— Old Spain and new Spain. 378. 

— On the desert. 125. 




Field, Mrs. H. M". Home sketches. 375. 
Field, K. Fechter. 350. 

— Haphazard. 262. 

Field, J. T. Biographical notes. 353. 

— Underbrush. 248. 

— Yesterdays with authors. 351. 
Fielde, A. M. Pagoda shadows. 137. 
Fielding, H. Life. 357. 

— Works. 230. 

Figuer, L. Earth and man. 179. 

— Human race. 183. 

— Insect world. 190. 

— Ocean world. 190. 

— Primitive man. 183. 

— Reptiles and birds. 191 . 

— Vegetable world. 185. 

— World before the deluge. 177. 
Fillmore, J. C. Musical history. 219. 

— Pianoforte music. 219. 

Finch, J. B. People versus liquor traffic. 120. 
Finck.H.T. Chopin, &c. 217. 

— Romantic love. 117. 

Find ley, G. G. Epistle to the Galatians. 407. 
Fin ley, M. Fiction. 16. 

— Juvenile fiction. 71. 

Finney, C. G. Autobiography. 322. 

Fischer, K. Descartes. 113. 

Fisher, F. C. Fiction. 16. 

Fisher, G. P. Beginnings of Christianity. 138. 

— Christian evidences. 131. 

— Discussions in hist, and theology. 121. 

— Faith and rationalism. 131. 

— Hist, of the Christian Church. 138. 

— Supernatural origin of Christianity. 131. 

— The reformation. 139. 

— Universal hist. 279. 

Fisher, S. G. Trial of the constitution. 157. 

Fiske, Fidelia. Life. 322. 

Fiske, J. Amer. political ideas. 149. 

— Beginnings of New England. 308. 

— Cosmic philosophy. 115. 

— Critical period of Amer. hist. 304. 

— Darwinism. 248. 

— Destiny of man. 124. 

— Excursions of an evolutionist. 248. 

— Idea of God. 124. 

— Myths and myth-makers. 143. 

— Unseen world. 248. 

— War of independence. 304. 
Fiske, R. A. Electricity. 176. 
Fitch, J. Army of the Cumberlaud. 305. 
Fitch, J. G. Lectures ou teaching. 161. 
Fitch, S. S. Cure of consumption. 198. 

— Diseases of the heart. 198. 
Fitzgerard, P. William IV. 289. 

Fitz Simon, E. A. Historical epochs. 410. 
Flagg, I. Euripides' Ephigenia. 409. 

Flagg, W. Among the trees. 185. 

— Birds of New England. 191 . 

— Y ear with the birds. 191. 

Flamarion, C. Atmosphere. 180. 

— Wonders of the heavens. 172. 

Fleetwood , J. Life of Christ 130. 

Fleming, Geo., pseud., see Fletcher, J. C. 

Fleming, J. Lect. to electrical artisans. 176. 

Flemming, Harold, pseud., ace McClellan, H. 

Fletcher, A. B., ed. Readings. 254. 

Fletcher, Eliza. Life. 322. 

Fletcher, Elizabeth. Autobiography. 359. 

Fletcher, Jas., joint author, see Beaumont, F- 

Fletcher, John. Life. 323. 

Fletcher, Julia C. Fiction. 16. 

Fletcher, Mary. Life. 323. 

Flint, A. Human physiology. 196. 

Flint, C. L., et al. 100 years' progress. 194. 

Flint, H. M. Railroads of the U. 8. 164. 

Flower, W. H. Fashion in deformity. 164. 

Foa, E. Boy artists. 345. • 

Fobes, W. K., ed. Five minute readings. 254. 

Fogazzari , A. Fiction. 56. 

Fontaine, E. How the world was peopled. 183. 

Fontaine, W. M. Mesozoic flora. 181. 

Fonveille. W. de. Thunder and lightning. 176 

Foote, A. H. Life. 337. 

Foote, H. S. Bar of south-west. 155. 

Foote, M. II . Fiction. 16. 

Forbes, H. O. Naturalist's wanderings. 401. 

Forbes, M. T. Fort Henry to Corinth. 307. 

Forbes, R. B. Reminiscences. 346. 

Force, P., ed. American archives. 303. 

Ford, H. A. Diet, of art. 210. 

Ford, J. Best plays. 244. 

Ford, W. Amer. citizen's manual. 158. 

Forest, Edwin. Life. 350. 

Forney, J. W. Anecdotes of public men. 261. 

Forrester, Frank, pseud., see Herbert, H. W. 

Forster, J. Life of Dickens. 357. 

— Jonathan Swift. 359. 

Fortune, T. T. Black and white. 309. 
Forwood, W. S. Mammoth cave. 896. 
Foster, F H. Seminary method. 161. 
Foster, H. E., ed. Among the poets. 230. 
Foster, I. II. Fiction. 16. 

— Stories of great men. 313. 

— Stories of remarkable women. 316. 
Foster, J. H. Pre-historic races of U. S. 183. 
Foster, W. E. Libraries and readers. 226. 
Fothergill, J. Fiction. 16. 
Fothergili, J. M. Maintenance of health. 196 
Fouike, W. D. Slav or Saxon. 296. 
Fowler, C. H. Home and health. 193. 
Fowler, F. Oil painting. 215. 

Fowler, L. N. Marriage. 116. 

Fowler, W. II. Ten years in Wall street. 154. 




Fox, Caroline. Memories of old friends. 359. 
Fox, Charles. Early history. 333. 
Fox, E. Fiction. 17. 
Fox, J. Book of martyrs. 140. 
FraAngelico. Life. 348. 
Fradenburg, J. N. Living religions. 143. 
Francillon, R. E. Fiction. 17. 
Francis of Assisi. Life 320. 
Franklin, B. Autobiography. 331. 

— Life. 331. 

— Works. 147. 

Frazar, R. Fiction. 17. 
Frederic, II. Fiction. 49. 
Frederick the great Life. 328. 
Frederick of Germany, Life. 328. 
Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina. Memoirs. 328. 

— and Voltaire. Correspondence. 

Freedley, C. F. Treatise on business. 207. 
Freeman, E. A. Comparative politics. 149. 

— Exeter. 290. 

— General history. 279. 

— Historical essays. 278. 

— Hist, of the Saracens. 298. 

— Historical geography. 363. 

— Norman conquest. 287. 

— Ottoman power in Europe. 298. 

— Reign of William Rufus. 287. 

— Subject and neighbor lands of Venice. 376. 

— Turks in Europe. 298. 

Freeman, J. E. Artist's portfolio. 262. 
Fremont, J. Souvenirs of my time. 342. 
Fremont, J. C. Life. 337. 

— Exploring expedition. 397. 

French, A. Fiction. 17. 

French, E. J. Electrical therepeutics. 198. 

French, G. H. Butterflies. 190. 

Frere, C, joint author with A. Binet. 

Frere, M. Old Deccan days. 168. 

Frey, A. R. Soubriquets and nicknames. 225. 

Frey, H. Histology. 195. 

Frey tag, G. Fiction. 49. 

Frith, W. P. Autobiography. 346. 

Frobisher, J. E. Acting and oratory. 253. 

Froebel, F. Autobiography. 342. 

— Education of man. 162. 

Froissart, J. Chronicles. 283. 
Frost, J. Good examples. 313. 

— Mexican war. 305. 

— and W. II. French. Lives of presidents. 323. 

Frost, S. A. Dramatic proverbs. 221. 
Frothingham, N. L. Poems. 235. 
Frothingham, O. B. Gerritt Smith. 339. 

— Theodore Parker. 324. 

— Transcendentalism in New England. 113. 
Froth ingham, R. Rise of the republic. 304. 

— Siege of Boston . 308. 

Froude, J. A. Fiction. 17. 

— Bunyan. 357. 

— Csesar. 340. 

— Carlyle. 358. 

— English in Ireland. 285. 

— English in West Indies. 394. 

— Hist, of England. 288. 

— Oceana. 403. 

— Short studies. 251 . 

Fry, Elizabeth. Life. 340. 

Fuller, A. B. Life. 324. 

Fuller, A. S. Grape culturist. 202. 

— Propagation of plants. 211. 

— Small fruits. 202. 
Fuller, E. Fiction. 17. 
Fuller, Margaret, see Ossoli, M. F. 
Fuller, T. Holy and profane state. 131. 
Fulierton.G.C. Fiction. 17. 
Fulierton, J. S. Argument for God. 131. 
Fulton, R. Life. 345. 

Furness, W. H. Resurrection. 129. 

— Verses. 265. 

— Veil partly lifted. 129. 

Fyff e, C. A. Hist, of Greece. 282. 

— Modern Europe. 284. 

Gaboreau, E. Fiction. 54. 
Gale.W. L. Bible lands. 125. 
Gagneur, L. Fiction. 54. 
Gainsborough, T. Life. 346. 
Gairdner, J. Lancaster and York. 283. 
Galdos, B. P. Fiction. 56. 
Gale, E. C. Hints on dress. 204. 
Gallatin, A. Life. 331. 

— Works. 147. 

Gallaudet, E. M. International law. 156. 

Gallaudet, T. H. Life. 340. 

Gait, Fiction. 17. 

Galton, F. English men of science. 116. 

— Natural inheritance. 184. 

Gangooly, J. C. Religion of the Hindoos. 144. 
Gannett, W. C. Year of miracle. 262. 
— joint author with Hosmer, F. L. 133. 
Gardiner, S. R. Puritan revolution. 285. 

— Thirty years' war. 285. 
Gardner, E. C. Church building. 208. 

— Home interiors. 208. 

— House that Jill built. 208. 

— Illustrated homes. 208. 
Gardner, J. Longevity. 196. 
Garfield, James A. Life. 325. 

— Works. 147. 
Garibaldi, G. Life. 339. 
Garner, Z. Fiction. 17. 
Garrett, Edward, pseud., see Mayo, I. 
Garrett, P., ed. 100 choice selections. 254. 


Garrett, B. and A. House decoration. 21ft. 
Garrison , Wm. L. H81 and 412. 
Gaskell.E. C. Fiction. IT. 

— Charlotte Bronte. 357. 

Gasperin, A. E. de. Americii before Europe 

Gatty, A. Key to"Iu memoriam." 242. 
Gautler, L.,ed. Chanson de Roland. 267. 
Gautter, T. Fiction. 54. 

— Constantinople. 382. 

— Famous French authors. 380. 

— Winter in Russia. 378. 
Gay, E. Skillful Susy. 215. 
Gay, J. Poetical works. 240. 
Gay, S. II. James Madison. 32-5. 

— joint author K( Bryant, W. C. 
Gaye, S. World's lumlier room. 169. 
Geary, G. Through Asiatic Turkey. 385, 
Geikle, A. Field geology 177. 

— Geolngiea) sketches. 177. 

Geikle, C. Holy land and the Bible. 125. 

— Hours with the Bible. 127. 

— Life of Christ. 130. 
Gelkie, J. Great ice age. 178. 
Gemmill.J. W. Notes on Washington. 396. 
Genevraye, A. Fiction. 65. 
Genghis Khan. Life, 329. 

Gentry, T. <;. Life history of birds. 191. 
George IV. Life. 327. 
George, II. Progress and poverty. 152. 
Gerard, K. D., pseud., see Laszouskl, Mrs. v. 
Gerard,. I. W. Peace of Utrecht. 28-5. 
Gerard, Stephen. Life. 340. 
Gerstacker, F. Fiction. 411. 
Cervinus, G. G. Shakespeare commentaries. 

Gibbon, C. Fiction. 17. 
Gibbon, E. Autobiography. 359. 
-Life. 359. 

— Decline and fall of Roman empire. 282. 

— Hist, of the crusades. 28.1. 
Gibbons, P. E Frenchrthrt Belgians. 3&9. 
Giberne, A. Fiction. 17. 

— Among the stars. 172. 

— Sun. moon and stars. 172. 

— World's foundations. 178. 
Gibson, J. M. Foundations. 131. 
Gibson, I- Convenient houses. 409. 
Gibson, W. II. Camp-life in the woods. 224. 

— High-ways and by-ways. 394. 
Glddlngs, J. R. Exiles of Florida. 300. 
Gift, Theo, pwud., see Boulger, D. 
Gilbert, Elizabeth. Life. .140. 

Gilbert, G. K. Geol. of Henry mountains. 181 
Gilbert, J. Cadore. 376. 
Gilchrist, Anne. Life. 359. 

— Mar}' Lamb. 359. 

! Gilchrist, Alex. William Blake. 846. 
| Gilder, L. and J. B.,tds. Authors at home. 351 
| Giles, D Fiction. 17. 
Giles, II. Human life in Shakespeare. 240. 

— Illustrations of genius. 248. 
Glllett, E. H. Ancient cities. 125. 
Gillig, C. A. London. 874. 

Gilllss, J. M. Astronomical observations. 174. 
Gil man, A. Colonization of America. 303. 

— Discovery of America. 303, 

— General hist. 279. 

— Hist, of Amer people. 301. 

— Making of American nation. 301. 

— Seven historic ages. 279. 

— Story of Boston. 308. 

— Story of Rome. 281. 

— joint 'luUuir mc Schaff, P. 

C Iman 1> 0. James Monroe. 325. 

— Training the band W2. 
Oilman, N. P. Profit sharing. 153. 
Gilmore, J.R. Fiction 17 

— Advance-guard of civilization. 304. 

- Johi 


Rear-guard of the revolution. 304. 
Gilmore, P. Great thirst land. 391. 

— Prairie and forest 224. 
Glndely, A. Thirty years' war. 201. 
Giotto Bordone. Life. 348. 
Gironlere, P. P. In the Philippines. 401. 
Gladden, W. Applied Christianity. 147. 

— lord's prayer. 128. 

— Plain thoughts. 119. 
Gladstone, W. E, Life. 334. 

— Gleaning of past years. 251, 

— Homer. 270. 

— rish question. 285. 

— .Inventus tumuli. 144. 

— Time and place of Homer. 27(i. 
Glazier, W. Capture and prison-pen. 305. 
Gliddon, G. II., joint author, see Nott, J. C. 
Gneist, R. Fug constitution. 158. 

— Eng. parliament. ")0. 

Godet, F. Defense of Christian faith. 111. 
Godon, J. Painted tapestry. 215 
Godwin, P. Bryant. 852. 

— Cyclopedia of biog. 313. 

— Hist, of France. 292. 

— Out of the past. 248. 
Godwin, Mary W. Life. 369. 
Godwin, William. Life. 359. 
Goethe, C. E. Correspondence. 266. 
Goethe, J- W. v. Fiction. 49. 

— Life. 360. 

— Correspondence with Cariyle. 206. 

— Correspondence with Schiller. 286. 

— Fai 




Goethe, J. W. v. Prosa. 265. 

— West-easterly divan. 265. 

— Wisdom of Goethe. 265. 
Gogol, N. V. Fiction 57. 
Goldoni,C. Autobiography. 362. 
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— Life. 355. 

— Hist, of Greece. 282. 

— Hist, of Rome. 281. 

— Poetical works. 240. 

— Works. 230. 

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Goodale, W. Life. 322. 

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— ed. British eloquence. 256. 
Goodrich, S. G. Juvenile fiction. 72. 

— African hist. 297. 

— American hist. 299. 

— Anecdotes of animals. 188. 

— Asiatic history. 297. 

— Celebrated women. 316. 

— Customs of nations. 164. 

— Customs of the Indians. 300. 

— Enterprise of man. 194. 

— European hist. 279. 

— Famous Indians. 300. 

— Famous men of ancient times. 314. 

— Famous men of modern times. 314. 

- Glance at philosophy. 113. 

— Glance at the sciences. 169. 

— Hist, of all nations. 279. 

- Hist, of the Indians. 300. 

— Human nature. 313. 

— Lives of benefactors. 313. 

— Literature. 227. 

— Recollections of a life time. 354. 

— Wonders of geology. 178. 

— World and its inhabitants. 169. 

Goodspeed, E. J. Wonderful career of 
Moody and Sankey. 138. 

Goodwin, H. B. Fiction. 18. 

Gordon, Charles G. Life. 338.. 

— Journals. 338. 

Gordon, Lady Duff-. Letters from Egypt. 387 
Goes, W. F. M. Bench-work in wood. 409. 
Gosse, E. W. Congreve. 356. 

— From Shakespeare to Pope. 231. 

— Gray. 355. 

— Raleigh. 338. 

Go9Se, P. II. Evenings at the microscope. 18-5 
-- Great deep. 179. 

Romance of natural hist. 188. 

Gostwick, J. and R. Harrison. German 
literature. 263. 

Gottschalk, E. L. Notes of a pianist. 349. 

Gouge, W. M. Fiscal hist, of Texas. 155. 

Go ugh, J. B. Platform echoes. 120. 

— Sunlight and shadow. 338. 

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Gould, E. B. Memorials. 339. 
Gould, S. Baring-. Fiction. 18. 

— Curious myths. 143. 

— Germany. 374. 

— Religious belief . 122. 

— Story of Germany. 291. 

Gower, Lord, R. Figure painters. 347. 

— Lawrence and Romney. 347. 

— Reminiscences. 359. 
Graeter, F. Ilydriatics. 198. 
Graham, J. Colonial hist, of the U. S. 303. 
Graham, J. called Claverhouse. Life. 330. 
Graham, S. Lectures to young men. 119. 
Grant, Sir A. Aristotle. 275. 

— Zenophon. 276. 
Grant, M. S. Fiction. 18. 
Grant, R. Fiction. 18. 

— Little tin gods-on-wheels. 258. 
Grant, U. S. Life. 325. 

— Personal memoirs. 325. 
Granville, J. M. Mind-troubles. 115. 
Grattan, T. C. Hist, of Netherlands. 296. 
Gray, A. Botany of Colorado river. 186. 

— Botany of Pacific R. R. surveys. 187. 

— How plants behave. 185. 

— How plants grow. 185. 

— Lessons in botany. 185. 

— Structural botany. 186. 
Gray, *. D. Mexico as it is. 392. 
Gray, G. Z. Children's crusade. 283. 
Gray, H. Anatomy. 195. 

Gray, Lady Jane. Life. 326. 
Gray, T. Life. 355. 

— Poetical works. 240. 
Greeley, H. Life. 331. 

— American conflict. 306. 

— Political economy. 152. 

— Recollections of a busy life. 331. 

— What I know about farming. 201. 
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— Hist, of English people. 286. 

— Making of England. 287. 

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Greene, F. V. Army life in Russia. 160. 

— Mississippi. 307. 





Greene, G. W. German element in the war 
of independence. 304. 

— Middle ages. 283. 

Greene, H. Coal and coal mines. 409. 
Green leaf, L. N. King Sham. 258. 
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— Literary and social judgments. 251. 

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Gregory the great. Life. 319. 
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Greville, Henry, pseud., see Durant, A. M. 
Griffin, S. B. Mexico of to-day. 392 
Griff is, W. E. Corea. 382. 

— Mikado's empire. 383. 

Griffith, J. W. and A. Henfrey. Micrographic 
dictionary. 185. 

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Grimm, H. Goethe. 369. 

— Literature. 266. 

— Michelangelo. 348. 

Grimm, J. L. and W. K. Fiction. 49. 
Grin don, L. II. Nature of life. 181 
Griscom, J. Animal mechanism. 196. 
Grisparzer, F. Sappho. 266. 
Griswoid, H. T. Home life of authors. 351. 
Griswold, R.W. Washington and generals. 335 
Grohman, W.A. B. Camps in the Rockies. 397 

Groome, F. H. In Gipsy tents. 166. 
Grote, G. Hist, of Greece. 282. 

— Plato. 276. 

Grout, L. Zulu-land. 391 

Grove, G. Beethoven's symphonies. 217. 

— Diet, of music. 217. 
Guerazzi, F. D. Fiction. 56. 
Guerin, E. de. Journal. 268. 
Guernsey, A. II. Health at home. 196. 

— and II . M. Alden. Hist, of rebellion. 308. 
Guernsey, L. E. Fiction. 18. 

— and C. T. Washington and '76. 304 

Guhl, E. and W. Koner. Greeks and Romans. 

Guillet, A. Mine et counter- mine. 268. 

Guild, C. Abroad again. 370. 

— Britons and Muscovites. 370. 

— Over the ocean. 370. 
Guillemin, A. V. The heavens. 172. 

— Wonders of the moon. 173. 

— Wonders of the sun. 173. 
Guiney, L. I. Goose-quill papers. 248. 
Guizot, F. P. G. Hist, of civilization. 277. 

— Hist, of France. 291. 

Guizot, M. Meditations on Christianity. 131. 
Gunsaulus, F. W. The transfiguration. 129. 
Gunton, G. Wealth and progress. 153. 
Guthrie, T. A. Fiction. 18. 
Guthrie, T. Autobiography and life. 322. 

— Out of harness. 263. 

Guttmann, O. Gymnastics of the voice. 220. 
Guyot, E. Earth and man. 179. 

Habberton, J. Fiction. 18. 

Haddock, Geo. C. Life. 323. 

Hadley, A. T. Railroad transportation. 164. 

Had ley, O. Bible narratives. 124 

Hadyn, Joseph. Life. 349. 

Haeckei, E. II. Evolution of man. 184. 

— Hist, of creation. 184. 

— India and Ceylon. 384. 

Hague, P. A. Blockaded family. 342. 
Hailman.W. N. Kindergarten culture. 162. 
Hale, E. Fall of the Stuarts. 285. 
Haie, E. E. Fiction. 18. 

— Boys' heroes. 313. 

— Franklin in France. 331. 

— How to do it. 163. 

— Lights of two centuries. 313. 

— Seven Spanish cities. 378. 

— Washington. 323. 

— What career. 118. 

— ed. Stories of adventure. 341. 

Stories of discovery. 341. 

Stories of invention. 343. 

Stories of the sea. 364. 

Stories of the war. 306. 

— and Susan. Family flight series. 88. 
Story of Spain. 295. 

Hale, L. P. Fiction. 19. 

— Juvenile fiction. 72. 

— Fagots for the fireside. 221. 

— Needle- work. 215. 

Hale, S. Story of Mexico. 311. 

Hale, S. J. Distinguished women. 316. 

— ed. Diet, of poetical quotations. 229. 
Hall, B. F. Republican party. 152. 
Hall, C. F. Arctic researches. 403. 
Hall, E. J. Poems. 235. 

Hall, F. II. Social customs. 165. 
Hall,N. Land of the Forum. 376. 
Hall, S. C. Retrospect of a long life. 359. 

— and A. M. Ireland. 372. 
Hall,W. W. Dyspepsia. 198. 

— How to live long. 196. 
Halleck,C. Fishing tourist. 223. 

— Sportman's gazeteer. 223. 

Hal leek, F. G. Poetical works. 235. 
Hallem, H. Constitutional hist, of Eng. 287. 

— Literature of Europe. 227. 

— Middle ages. 284. 





Halpine, C. M. Baked meats. 262. 

— Poetical works. 236. 
Hais, Franz. • Life. 847. 
Halsey, C. Fiction. 19. 
Halstead, L. B. Fiction. 19. 
Ham, C. H. Manual training. 162. 
Hamerling, R. Fiction. 49. 
Hamerton, E. Fiction. 19. 
Hamerton, P. G. Fiction. 19. 

— Etching and etchers. 217. 

— French and English. 373. 

— French painters. 217. 

— Graphic arts. 209. 

— Human intercourse. 261. 

— Intellectual life. 163. 

— Landscape. 251. 

— Painter's camp. 370. 

— Painting in France. 217. 

— Paris. 213. 

— Portfolio papers. 209. 

— Round my house. 375. 

— Sylvan year. 251. 

— Thoughts about art. 209. 
Hamilton, Alex. Life. 332. 

— Federalist. 147. 

— Letters of Pacificus. 156. 

— Republic of U. S. 304. 

H am i I to n , A . K. Fiction 19. 
Hamilton, C. V. Fiction. 19. 
Hamilton, Gail, pseud., see Dodge, M. A. 
Hamilton, Sir W. Life. 317. 

— Lect. on metaphysics. 115. 
Hamley, E. B. Voltaire. 318. 
Hamlin, H. A. L. Life. 322. 
Hammond, Mrs. E. H. Fiction. 19. 
Hammond, 8. H. Rifle and rod. 223. 
Hammond, W. A. Fiction. 19. 

— Cerebral hyperaemia. 198. 

— Spirituralism. 116. 
Hanaford, P. A. Geo. Peabody. 339. 
Hancock, Gen. W. S. Life. 337. 
Hand , F. G. ^Esthetics of musical art. 218. 
Hapgood, I. F. Jr. Epic songs of Russia. 272 
Harder, L. Fiction. 49. 

Hardman, F. Fiction. 19. 

Hardy, A. S. Fiction. 19. 

Hardy, Lady T. D. Through cities, &c. 393. 

Hardy, T. Fiction. 19. 

Hare, A. J. C. Baroness Bunsen. 359. 

— Days near Paris. 376. 

— Days near Rome. 377. 

— Florence. 376. 

— Holland and Scandinavia. 370. 

— Records of a quiet life. 320. 

— Southern Italy and Sicily. 376. 

— Studies in Russia. 378. 

— Venice. 376. 

— Walks in London. 374. 

Hare, A. J. C. Walks in Paris. 376. 

— Walks in Rome. 377. 

Harlan, G. C. Eyesight. 196. 

Harlan d, H. Fiction. 19. 

'Harland, Marion, pseud., see Terhune, M.V. 

Harley, T. Moon-lore. 143. 

Harris, A. B. American authors. 351. 

— Door-yard folks. 188. 

— Field rambles. 191. 

— Pleasant authors. 351. 

Harris, J. Great teacher. 129. 
Harris, J. C. Fiction. 20. 

— Uncle Remus. 168. 

Harris, M. C. Fiction. 20. 

— ed. Rosary for Lent. 131. 

Harris, T. W. Insects. 202. 
Harrison, B. Dangerous tendencies. 147. 
Harrison, C. C. Woman's handiwork. 215. 
Harrison, F. Choice of books. 251. 

— Cromwell. 327. 


Harrison, J. A. Greek vignettes. 381. 

— Hist, of Spain. 295. 

— Story of Greece. 211. 

Harrison, J. E. Studies in Greek art. 211. 
Harrison, W. H. How to get rich. 396. 
Harrison, Mrs. W. Fiction. 20. 
Harsha, D. A. Star of Bethlehem. 129. 
Harsha, W. J. Fiction. 20. 
Hart, Mrs. Ficton 20. 

— Harry. 235. 

— Mrs. Jerningham's journal. 235. 
Hart, A. B. Teaching history. 161. 
Hart, C. T. Geology of Brazil. 180. 
Hart, G. Violin. 220. 

Hart, J. 8. Amer. literature. 227. 
Harte, B. Fiction. 20. 

— Condensed novels. 258. 

— Poems. 236. 
Hartley, M. Fiction. 20. 
Hartmann, F. Magic, white and black. 123. 
Hartner,E. Fiction. 49. 

Hartwig, G. Polar world. 403. 

— Subterranean world. 179. 

— Tropical world. 179. 
Harvey, P. Daniel Webster. 332. 
Hasal.A. H. Foods. 205. 
Haseli, E. J. Calderon. 362. 

— Tasso. 362. 

Hastings, H. S. Prevailing prayer. 133. 

— Tales of trust. 133. 

Hatch, E. Church institutions. 135. 
Hatfield, E. F. Poets of the church. 133. 
Hatfield, M. P. Physiology and hygiene. 196 
Hatton, J. Fiction. 20. 
Havard, H. Dutch painting. 217. 
Havelock, H. Life. 338. 


Haven, A. B. Fiction. 20. 

— Juvenile Action. "3. 
Haven, £. O. Rhetoric. 258. 
Haven, G. Our next-door neighbor. 
Havergal, F. B. Memoir. 321. 

— Letters. 321. 

— My Bible study. 125. 



llaweis, H. H. Amer. humorists. 257. 

— My musical memories. 218. 

Haweis, Mr*.. II- R- Art decoration. 216. 

— Art of dress. 206. 

Hawes, J. Lect. to young men. 111). 
Hawser Jfr* Orient. 137. 
Hawthorne, J. Fiction. 20. 

— 'onfessions Mil criticism. 248. 

— Nathaniel Hawthorne. 353. 
Hawthorne N Fiction. 20. 

— Juvenile fiction. 73. 
-Life. 3-53. 

— American notes. 262. 

— English not e-lmoks. 373. 

— French and Italian note-books. 370. 

— Our old ionic 373. 

Hawthorne S. Notes on Eng. and Italy. 3'i 
Hay, J. Castilian days. 378. 
Hay, M. C. Fiction. 21. 
Haydon, B. It. Life. 848. 
Hayes, A. A. New Colorado. 3!ft>. 
Hayes, I- I. Arctic I mat- journey. 403. 
Hayne, 1*. II. Poems. 23«. 
Hays, F. Women of the day. 316. 
Hazard, S. Santo Domingo. 394. 
Hazen, W. B. School and army. 160. 
Hazlett, W. Elizabethan literature. 243 

— English comic writers. 251. 

— English poets. 251. 

— Spirit of llie age. 251. 
-Table-talk. 251. 

Head ley, J.T. Farragnt and naval officers. 3 

— Gen. llavelock. 33k. 
-Great rebellion. 300. 

— Sacred mountains. 125. 

— Washington ami bis generals. 335. 
Headley, 1'. C. Empress Josephine. 328. 

— Fighting Phil. 337. 

— Hero-boy. 325. 

— Island of tire. 3H0. 
Lafayette. 338. 

— Mary cjueeti of Scots. 320. 

— Miner-lwy and his Monitor. 345. 

— Napoleon Bonaparte. 32H. 

— Public men of to-day. 320, 

Heap, D. P. Exhibition of electricity. 176. 

— Light-houses. 200. 

Heard, A. T. Russian church. 141. 

Heath, B. F. Durer. 347. 

— Titian. 348. 

Heaton, M. C. Corregio. 347. 
HeatOn.W. Robin Hood. 144. 
Hecker, I. T. Church and the age. 141. 
Hector, A. Fiction. 21. 
Hedge, F. H. German classics. 264. 

— Martin Luther, &c. 248. 

— Prose writers of Germany. 265. 
Hegel, G. W. F. Life. 317. 

— Philosophy of history. 278. 
Hellprln, A. Distribution of animals. 18ft. 

— Town geology. 181. 

Heimburg, W. p&ud., nee Behrena, B. 
Heine, II. Life. 350. 

— Pictures of travel. 370. 

— Poems. 2t>6. 

Heinrich, .1. J. Window garden. 212. 
Helevy, L. Fiction. -55. 
Helmholtz, II. L. T. Lectures. 169.- 
Helper, 11. K. Crisis of the south. 1.50. 
Helps, A. Companions of my solitude. 2-51. 

— Friends in council. 263. 
Hemans, F. D. Poetical works. 240. 
Henderson, H. Hints on camping. 224. 
Henderson, I. Fiction. 21. 
Henderson, P. Gardening for pleasure. 212. 

— Gardening for profit. 203. 

— Haud-ltook of plants. 18-5. 

— Practical floriculture. 212, 
Henderson, W.J. Story of music. 409. 
Henry It. Life. 326. 

Henry IV. Life. 328. 

Henry VII. Life. 326. 

Henry, Patrick. Life. 332. 

Henshall, J. A. Camping and cruising. 306. 

Henslow, G. Floral structure. 186. 

Henson, Joaiah. AutobiojrrspBJ. 339. 

Henty, G. A. Fiction. 21 

Hepworth, G. II Starboard and port. 301. 

Herbert, G. Poetical works. 240. 

Herbert, II. W. Fiction. 22 

— Fielil sjiorts. 224. 

— Fish and fishing. 223. 

— Manual for young sportsmen. ' 223. 
Hereford, B. Religion in England. 139 
Hering, C. Winding magnets. 176. 
Herodotus, History. 275. 

— Stories of the east. 275. 

— Stories of the Persian war. 275. 
Herrick, ('. V. Housekeeping. 204. 
Herrick, It. Ilesperides. 240. 
Herrick, S. B. Earth in past ages. ITS. 

— Plant life. 18-'.. 

Herrick, S. E. Some heretics. 319. 
Herschell, J. F. W. Lectures. 16». 
Herschell, William. Life. 343. 




Hervey, T. R. Book of Christmas. 165. 
Herz, H. King Rene's daughter. 272. 
Heyse, P. Fiction. 49. 
Hey wood, J. C. How they strike me. 248. 
Hibbard, S. Fern garden. 212. 
Hickey, W. Constitution of U. S. 157. 
Hickok, L. P. Moral science. 117. 

— Rational psychology. 117. 

Hicks, J. Sparkles from Saratoga. 262. 
Higgins, W. M. The earth* 179. 
Higginson, Mrs.J.S. Fiction. 22. 
Higginson, T. W. American authors. 352. 

— American explorers. 303. 

— Atlantic essays. 248. 

— Common-sense about women. 165. 

— English statesmen. 333. 

— History of the U. S. 302. 
— - Margaret Fuller. 353. 

— Travellers and outlaws. 302. 

— Women and men. 248. 

— Writing and speech-making. 253. 

Higham, M. K. Fiction. 22. 
Hill, A. S. Our English. 167. 
Hill, D.J. Washington Irving. 353. 
H i 1 1 , G. C. Benedict Arnold. 336. 

— Benjamin Franklin. 331. 

— Capt. John Smith. 337. 

— Israel Putnam. 337. 
Hill, H. Recollections. 343. 
Hill, Rowland. Life. 323. 

Hill, R. Stars and constellations. 173. 

Hill, T. E. Manual of business forms. 207. 

Hillebrand, K. German thought. 264. 

Hillern, W. v. Fiction. 49. 

Hilliard, G. S. Six months in Italy. 377. 

Hind, J. II. Astronomy. 172. 

Hinsdale, B. A. .Garfield and education. 325 

— Old north west. 310. 
Hinton,J. Mystery of pain. 132. 
Hinton, R. J. Eng. radical leaders. 333. 
Hitckcock, E. Plurality of worlds. 124. 

— Religion of geology. 124. 

— Religious truth illustrated by science. 124. 
H ittell , J. S. Resources of California. 400. 
Hobart Pasha Sketches. 346. 
Hobbs, Thomas. Life. 317. 
Hodder, E. Ephriam and Ilelah. 133. 

— Lord Shaftesbury. 333. 

— Samuel Morley. 340. 

— Simon Peter. 127. 

— el al Cities and peoples. 412. 
Hodge, II. C. Arizona. 390. 
Hodgkins, T. Dynasty of Theodosius. 282. 

— Italy and her invaders. 282. 
Hoffman, II. Kindergarten toys. 162. 
Hoffman, W. Camp, court and siege. 337. 
Hogarth, W. Life. 346. 

Hogg, J. Microscope. 185. 
Holbein, Hans. Life. 347. 
Holbrook, M. L. Eating for strength. 205. 
Hoibrook, T. Among the mail-bags. 163. 
Hoi den, G. H. Cage-birds. 204. 
Holder, C. F. Ivory king. 192. 

— Living lights. 190. 

— Marvels of animal life. 188. 

— Strange company. 188. 

Holland, J. G. Fiction. 22. 

— Abraham Lincoln. 325. 

— Every day topics. 248. 

— Gold-foil. 248. 

— Lessons in life. 248. 

— Letters to the Joneses. 120. 

— Letters to young people. 120. 

— Plain talks. 248. 

— Poems. 236. 

Hoi ley, M. (Humorous works.) 258. 
Holloway, L. Ladies of the White House. 316. 

— Mothers of great men. 316. 
Holly, II. II. Modem dwellings. 199. 
Holmes, N. Authorship of Shakespeare. 246 
Holmes, O. W. Fiction. 22. 

— Life. 352. 

— Autocrat at breakfast table. 259. 

— Border-lines. 195. 

— Currents and counter-currents. 195. 

— Emerson. 353. 

— Mechanism in thought. 248. 

— Motley. 354. 

— Our hundred days. 373. 

— Poems 236. 

— Poet at breakfast-table. 259. 

— Professor at breakfast-table. 259. 

— Soundings from the Atlantic. 259. 
Hoist, H. v. Calhoun. 331. 

— Constitutional hist, of U. S. 302. 
Holt, E. S. Fiction. 22. 
Hoiyoke, G. J. Co-operation. 154. 
Homans, I. S. Book of coins. 214. 
Homer, Iliad. 275. 

— Odyssey. 275. 

Hood, E. P. Cromwell. 327. 

— Lamps, pitchers and trumpets. 135. 

— Scottish characteristics. 372. 
Hood.T. Works. 260. 
Hook, S. L. Little people. 188. 
Hooker, I. B. Womanhood. 119. 
Hooker, W. Book of nature. 169. 
Hooper, L. Fiction. 22. 
Hooper, L. II. Fiction. 22. 

Hope, G. H. Till the doctor comes. 204. 
Hopkins, M. Outline study of man. 117. 

— Strength and beauty. 121. 
Hopkins, S. Puritans and Elizabeth. 288. 
Hopkinson, J. et al. Dynamic electricity. 176. 





Hopper, 1. Life. 324. 

Hoppin, A. Fashionable sufferer. 25H. 

Hoppin.J. N. Old England. 373. 

Hoppus, M. A. M. Fiction 22. 

Horace. Works. 273. 

Hornaday, W. T. In the jungle. 384. 

Horn,F. W. Literature of Scandinavia. 271. 

Hortense, queen. Life. 328. 

Horton, C. W. Architecture. 211. 

Horton, R. G. Civil war. 300. 

Hosmer, F. C. and W. C. Gannett. Thought 
of God. 133. 

Hosmer, J. K. Fiction. 22. 

— Hist, of German literature. 264. 

— Samuel Adams. 329. 

— Story of the Jews. 280. 

— Young Sir Henry Vane. 334. 

Hospitaller, E. Domestic electricity. 176. 
Houghton, W. Natural hist of ancients. 187. 

— Sea-side walks. 190. 

Houghton, W. R. Political parties. 
House, E. Missionary in many lands. 
House, E. II. Fiction 22. 

— Japanese episodes. 383. 
Hovey, H. C. Ainer. caverns. 179. 
Hovey, W. 'A. Mind-reading. 116. 
Howard, B. W. Fiction. 22. 

— One year abroad. 370. 

Howard, H., ea rlof Surrey. Poems. 240. 
Howe, E. W. Fiction. 22. 
Howe, F. Turkey, &c. 360. 
Howe, H. Eminent mechanics. 344. 
Howe, J. W. Winter homes. 198. 
Howe, Julia W. Margaret Fuller. 353. 

— World's own. 243. 
Howe, M. Fiction. 22. 

Howe, S. G. Greek revolution. 297. 
Howell, A., eel. Statutes of Michigan. 158. 
Howell, J. Fiction. 22. 
Howells, W. D. Fiction. 22. 

— Italian journeys. 377. 

— Modern Italian poets. 209. 

— Poems. 230. 

— Tuscan cities. 377. 

— Venetian life. 377. 

Ho witt, M. Poems. 240. 
Ho witt, W. Fiction. 23. 

— British poets. 354. 

— Means and ends. 120. 

Howson, J. 8. Metaphors of St. Paul. 120. 

— joint author, see Connybeare, W. .J. 
Hoyle, J. Games. 222. 

Hoyt, J. W. and A. L. Ward. Quotations. 229. 
Hubbard, W. Indian wars of N. England 303. 
Hubner, J. A. Round the world. 305. 
Hue, E. R. Chinese empire. 382. 
Hudson, F. Journalism in U. S. 227. 

Hudson, H. W. Shakespeare. 240. 

— Studies in Wordsworth. 248. 
Hudson, J. T. Railways. 164. 
Hudson, M.C. Life. 354. 

— Alice ami Phoebe Gary. 352. 

— Men, women and things. 262. 

— Ten years in Washington. 396. 
Hughes, T. Fiction. 23. 

— Gone to Texas. 396. 

— Manliness of Christ. 129. 

— Memoir of a brother. 336. 
Hugo, V. Fiction. 55. 

— Life. 361. 

— Dramatic works. 268. 

— Poems. 267. 

— Shakespeare. 246. 

— Tilings seen. 361. 
Hullah,J. Modern music. 219 
Humboidt, F. II. A. v. Cosmos. 169. 

— Equinoctial America. 401. 
Hume, D. Life. 317. 

— Hist, of England. 287. 

Humes, T. W. Loyal mountaineers. 309. 

Humph r ey , F. A . Early d iscoverers. 303. 

Humphreys, A. A. Hydraulics of Mississippi 
river. 200. 

— Virginia campaign. 307. 
Humphreys, II. N. British moths. 190. 
Hunnewell, J. F. Historical monuments. 213. 

— Imperial island. 213. 

— Lands of Scott. 370. 

Hunt, F. American merchants. 341. 
Hunt, J. II. L. Autobiography. 358. 

— Day by the fire. 251. 

— Imagination and fancy. 231. 

— Men, women and books. 251. 

— Table-talk. 251 . 

— The seer. 251 

— and S. A. Lee, exte. Book of sonnets. 231. 
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Hunt, T. S. Chemical and geol. essays. 170. 
Hunt, W. Bristol. 290. 

— Hist of Italy. 294. 

Hunt, W. M. Talks on art. 209. 
Huntington, E. Kitchen-garden. 162. 
Hurd, J. C. Our national existence. 149. 
Hurlbert, W. II. Ireland under coercion. 372 
Hurst, J. F. Life and literature. 374. 
Huss, J. Life. 321. 
Hussey, E. C. Home-building. 208. 
Hutchinson, G. A. Book of games. 222. 
Hutchinson, T. Diary and letters. 332. 
Hutton, L. Literary land-marks. 374. 

— Hays and players. 219. 

Hutton, H. H. Essays in criticism. 251. 

— Guides to English thought. 251. 

— Scott. 357. 

— Theological essays. 121. 




Huxley, T. Anatomy of vertebrates. 187. 

— Anatomy of invertebrates. 187. 

— Hume. 317. 

— Lay sermons. 170. 

— Man's place in nature. 184. 

— Science and culture. 170. 

Hyde, E., enrl of CUtrendsm. Hist, of the rebel- 
lion in England. 288. 

Hyde, T. A. W. Elocution and oratory. 263. 

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Ihne, W. Early Rome. 281. 
Inge, W. It. Society in Rome. 368. 
Ingelow, J. Fiction. 23. 

— Juvenile fiction. 74. 

— Poems. 240. 

Ingersoi, E. Birds'-nesting. 186. 

— Country cousins. 188. 

— Friends worth knowing, 188. 

— Knocking round the Rockies. 397. 

— Oyster industry. 204. 

Inglis, J. Our Australian cousins. 403. 
Ingraham, J. II. Pillar of fire. 133. 

— Prince of the house of David. 133. 

— Throne of David. 133. 

In man, T. Symbolism. 134. 

I re I an, J. R. The republic. 410. 

Ireland, A. Book-lover's enchiridion. 226. 

Irving, J. J. Fiction. 23. 

Irving, R. D. Copper-bearing rocks. 181. 

Irving, W. Life. 353. 

— Alhambra. 259. 

— Astoria. 400. 

— Bracebridge Hall. 259. 

— Bonneville's adventures. 397. 

— Columbus. 341. 

— Conquest of Granada. 295. 

— Crayon miscellany. 366. 

— Goldsmith. 355. 

— Knickerbocker's New York. 259. 

— Mahomet. 324. 

— Sketch book. 259. 

— Spanish papers. 262. 

-— Tales of a traveller. 259. 

— Washington. 323. 

— Wolfert's roost. 259. 

-— and J. K. Paulding. Salmagundi. 259. 
I sham, C. Fishery question. 150. 
Ives, C. Isles of summer. 394. 
Ivins, C. Machine politics. 150. 

Jackson, Andrew. Life. 325. 
Jackson, C. C, UuJy. Old paris. 293. 
— Old regime. 293. 

Jackson, G. A. Early fathers. 141. 
Jackson, II. M. Fiction. 23. 

— Juvenile fiction. 74. 

— Bits of talk. 118. 

— Bits of travel. 370. 

— Bits of travel at home. 394. 

— Century of dishonor. 300. 

— Glimpses of three coasts. 366. 

— Poems. 236. 

Jackson, S. Alaska. 138. 
Jacobi,M. P. Fiction. 23. 

— Hysteria. 198. 

— Rest for women . 1 98. 
Jacox, F. Literary life. 225. 
Jacques, D. H. Garden and farm. 201. 
James, £. Human psychology. 117. 
James, F. A. Fiction. 23. 

James, G. P. R. Fiction. 23. 

— Great commanders. 335. 

— Louis XIV. 293. 

James, H., sr. Literary remains. 229. 
James, H. Fiction. 24. 

— French poets and novelists. 267. 

— Hawthorne. 353. 

— Little tour in France. 375. 

— Partial portraits. 248. 

— Portraits of places. 370. 

James, J. Book of medicine. 198. 
James, M. Fiction. 24. 
Jameson, A. 359. 

— Celebrated female sovereigns. 326. 

— Characteristics of women. 246. 

— Diary of an ennuyee. 370. 

— Italian painters. 348. 

— Legends of the madonna. 134. 

— Legends of the monastic orders. 134. 

— Loves of the poets. 316. 

— Sacred and legendary art. 134. 

— Sisters of charity. 140. 

— Sketches of art. 264. 

— Studies and stories^. 264. 
Janson,K. N. Fiction. 51. 
Janvier, M. Juvenile fiction. 74. 

— Dead doll, &c. 234. 

Janvier, T. A. Fiction. 24. 
Japp, A. L. De Qnincey. 358. 

— Thoreau. 354. 

Jarves, J. J. Art hints. 209. 

— Art idea. 209. 

— Art thoughts. 209. 

— Arts of Japan. 210. 

— Italian rambles. 377. 

Jay, J. Fisheries dispute. 150. 
Jay, W. M. L., pseud., see Woodruff, J. L. M, 
Jeans, W. T. Creators of the age of steel. 344. 
J ebb, II. C. Homer. 276. 




Jefferies, R. Eulogy. 358. 

— Field and hedgerow. 252. 

— Wild life in a southern country. 252. 
J ef f erso n , T. Life. 324. 

— Manual. 152. 

— Works. 147. 

Jeffries, B. J. Colorblindness. 108. 
Jenkins, E. Fiction. 24. 

— Lord Bantam. 200. 

Jenkins, J. 8. Heroines of history. 316. 
Jenkyns, J. Evidences of Christianity. 132. 
Jennings, A. C. Ecclesia Anglicana. 141. 
Jennings, G. H. Hist, of parliament. 151. 
Jennings, L. J. Field paths. 373. 
Jerome, St. Life. 31*). 
Jerrold,B. Day with Dickens. 357. 

— Day with Scott. 357. 

Jerrold, D. Mrs. Caudle's curtain lect. 200. 
Jessopp, A. " Arcady. 373. 

— Coming of the friars. 278. 

Jevons, F. B. Greek literature. 274. 
Jevons, W. S. Money. 154. 
Jewett, C. Forty years' tight. 120. 
Jewett, L. Ceramic art. 214. 

— and S. S. Hall. Stately homes. 373. 
Jewett, S. O. Fiction. 24. 

— Story of the Normans. 287. 
Joan of Arc. Life. 338. 
John, E. Fiction. 49. 
John, Griffith. Life. 322. 
Johnes, M. Prince Charlie. 289. 

— Travel and adventure. 306. 
Johnson, A. Speeches. 258. 
Johnson, A. II. Normans in Europe. 284. 
Johnson, E. R. French war. 303. 

— War of 1812. 304. 

— War of secession. 300. 

— ed. Little classics— Authors. 351. 
Fiction. 1. 

Poems. 232. 

— - Single famous poems. 232. 
Johnson, II. K.,er/. Familiar songs. 232. 

Poems for young i>eople. 234. 

Johnson, J., ed. Report on foreign missions. 137 
Johnson, R. M. Fiction. 24. 
Johnson, Dr. Samuel. Fiction. 24. 

— Life. 358. 

— Lives of the poets. 354. 

Johnson, Samuel. Oriental religions. 143. 
Johnson, V. W. Fiction. 24. 

— Travels of an America n owl. 259. 
Johnston, A. American politics. 30s. 

— Hist, of Connecticut. 30K. 

— The United States. 410. 

— cd. American orations. 255. 
Johnston, K.*rd. Africa. 3*7. 
Johonot, J. Principles of teaching. Ml. 

Joly, N. Man before metals. 183. 
Jones, A. D. Portrait gallery. 315. 
Jones, Agnes F. Life. 340. 
Jones, F. O. Amer. music. 218. 
Jones, J. B. Fiction. 24. 
Jones, J. Paul. Life. 337. 
Jones, W. Precious stones. 105. 

— Treasures of the earth. 178. 
Jonson,Hen. Life. 350. 

— Works. 244. 

Jonveaux, E. East Africa. 389. 

Jordon, D. S. Science sketches. 170. 

Joseph us. Works. 280. 

Joyce, H. D. Dierdre. 23*5. 

Judd, D. W. Profits in poultry. 204. 

Judd.J. W. Volcanoes. 179. 

Judd.S. Fiction. 24. 

Judson, Adoniram. Life. 323. 

Judson, II. P. Ca'sar's army. 308. 

Juillott, F. de. Fiction. 5o! 

Julian, G. W. Political recollections. 332. 

Juncker, E., pseud., *e*>, Schmeiden, E. 

Junius. Letters. 200. 

Jusserand, J. J. Eng. wayfaring life. 105. 

Juvenal. Satires. 273. 

Kalidasa. Sakoontala. 272. 
Kane, E. Arctic explorations. 403. 
Kant, Emanuel. Life. 318. 

— Critique of pure reason. 114. 
Karr, E. American horse-woman. 222. 
Kaufman, R. Mary, queen of Scots. 320. 

— Queens of England. 320. 
Kavanagh,J. Fiction. 24. 
Kay, I). Memory. 117. 

1 Kearney, .J. W. American tinance. 155. 
Keary, A. Fiction. 25. 

— Juvenile fiction. 74. 

— and E. Heroes of Aschard. 144. 
Keary, C. Primitive belief. 144. 

— ed. Dawn of history. 183. 
Keats, John. Life. 355. 

— Poetical works. 240. 
Keble, John. Memoir. 321. 

— Christian year. 133. 
Keddie, II. Musical composers. 340. 

— Modern painters. 217. 

Old masters. 21 


Keddie, J. S. Christian doctrine. 120. 
Keddie, W. ed. Anecdotes. 201. 
Kedney, J. S. Hegel's ^Esthetics. 114. 
Kedzie, J. H. Sun heat, &c. 173. 
Keeler, R. Fiction. 25. 
Keenan, II. F. Fiction. 25. 
Keim, I). R. San Domingo. 304. 




Kellogg, A. 0. Shakespeare's delineation of 
insanity. 246. 

Kellogg, E. Juvenile fiction. 74. 

Kellogg, L. H. Light of Asia and light of the 
world. 132. 

Kelly, W. K. ed. Hist, of Russia. 295. 

Kemble, F. A. Fiction. 25. 

— Recollections. 350. 

Kempe, H. B. Electrical testing. 176. 
Kend ricks, A. C. ed. Poetical favorites. 232. 
Ken nan, G. Tent life in Siberia. 386. 
Kennedy, J. Life in Benares. 137. 
Kennedy, J. H. Early Mormonism. 146. 

— ed. American nation. 302. 

Kennedy, J. P. Fiction. 25. 

— William Wirt. 335. 
Kennedy, W. S. Holmes. 352. 

— Longfellow. 352. 

— Whittier. 352. 

— Wonders of the railway. 164. 

Kerby, W. and W. Spence. Entomology. 190. 
Kidder, J. Drama of earth. 243. 
Kieffer, H. M. Recollections. 306. 
Kimball, R. B. Fiction. 25. 
King, Charles. Fiction. 25. 
King, Clarence. Mountaineering. 400. 
King, C. F. Methods in geography. 161. 
King, D. B. Irish question. 286. 
King, E. French political leaders. 334. 
King, J. L. Trouting on the Brule river. 223. 
King, R. Ohio. 310. 
King, T. S. Sermons. 135. 

— Substance and show. 248. 

— The Trinity. 129. 

King, Toler, pseud, see Fox, E. 

Kinglake, A. W. Invasion of the Crimea. 296. 

Kingsford, A. and E. Maitland. Perfect way. 

K i n gs 1 ey , C. Fiction . 25. 

— Juvenile fiction. 75. 

— Memoirs. 321 . 

— At last. 391. 

— Glaucus. 190. 

— Hermits. 319. 

— Heroes. 144. 

— Historical essays. 218. 

— Literary essays. 252. 

— Madam How and lady Why. 178. 

— Plays and Puritans. 252. 

— Poems. 240. 

— Prose idyls. 252. 

— Town geology. 1 78. 

Kingsley, II. Fiction. 25. 

Kingsley, J. S., ed. Natural hist. 187. 

Kingsley, R. G. Children of Westminster 
Abbey. 290. 

Kingston, W. B. Monarchs I have met. 326. 

Kingston, W. H. G. Juvenile fiction. 75. 

— African travellers 387. 

— Notable voyages. 364. 
Kinzie, Mrs. J. II. Fiction. 25. 
Kirk, E. O. Fiction. 25. 

Kirke, Edmund, pseud., see Gilmore, J. R. 
Kirkland, C. M. Fiction. 25. 
Kirkland, E. S. History of France. 291. 

— Six little cooks. 205. 

— ed. 100 composition subjects. 253. 
Kirkland, F., ed. Anecdotes. 261. 
Kirkland, J. Fictiou. 26. 

Kirk wood, D. Asteroids. 172. 

— Comets and meteors. 172 

— - Meteoric astronomy. 172. 

Klttell, T. P. Great rebellion. 306. 

Kltto, J. Hist, of Palestine. 280. 

Kl em m , L. R. Chips from teacher's work-shop. 

— European schools. 408. 
Kneeland, S. American in Iceland. 380. 

— Volcanoes and earthquakes. 179. 
Knight, C. Hist, of England. 287. 

— Knowledge is power. 152. 

— ed. Half-hours with best authors. 229. 
Knight, E. II. Mechanical dictionary. 193. 
Knight, F. A. By leafy ways. 248. 
Knortz, K. r ed. German poems. 265. 
Knox, A. A. New play-ground. 389. 
Knox, T. W. Boy traveller series. 88. 

— Decisive battles. 279. 

— Dog lore. 204. 

— How to travel. 362. 

Kny,L. Plant life in the sea. 185. 
Kohlrausch, H. F. T. Hist, of Germany. 291 
Korolenko, V. Fiction. 57. 
Kostlin, J. Martin Luther. 325. 
Kossuth, L. Memoires of my exile. 
Kraumacher, F. W. David. 127. 
Kraus-Bolte, M. Kindergarten guide. 162. 
Kriege, M. J. The child. 162. 
Krusi, H. Pestalozzi. 342. 

Labaume, E. Campaign in Russia. 290. 

Labberton, R. H. Historical atlas. 363. 

Labiche, E. M. and E. Martin. Le vovatre de 
M. Perrichon. 268. * * 

Laboulaye, E. R. L. Fiction. 55. 
Lacombe, P. Hist, of French people. 291. 
Lacroix, P. Arts in middle ages. 211. 
Ladd,G. Sacred scriptures. 125. 
— What is the Bible ? 125. 
Ladd.G. T. Physiological psychology. 117. 
Ladd, H. O. War with Mexico. 305. 
Lafayette, M. J. Marquis de. Life. 338. 
LaFontaine, J. de. Life. 361. 




Laing, Mrs. Seven kings. 281. 

— Seven heroes. 281. 
Lamartine, A. M. L. de. Fiction. 6-5. 

— Life. 300. 

— Celebrated characters. 314. 

— French revolution of 1848. 203. 

— Hist, of the Girondists. 293. 

— Hist, of Turkey. 298. 

Lamb, Charles. Life. 385. 

— Essays of Elia. 252. 

— Works. 230. 

— and M. Poetry for children. 234. 

Tales from Shakespeare. 246. 

Lamb, Mary. Life. 350. 
Lamb, M. J. New York city. 309. 

La Motte Fonque, F. II. C. Fiction. 50. 
Lamphiere, G. N. U. s. Government. 158. 
Lancaster, A. C. Fiction. 20. 
Lanciani, R. Ancient Rome. 308. 
Lander, S. W. Juvenile fiction. 70. 
Landon, L. E. Poetical works. 240. 
Landon, W. S. Imaginary conversations. 204. 

— Selections. 240. 

Landseer, Edwin. Life. 347. 
Lane, E. E. Modern Egyptians. 388. 
Lanf rey, P. Napoleon I. 328. 
Lang, A. Letters on literature. 2(U. 

— Letters to dead authors. 204. 

— Myth, ritual and religion. 143. 

Lang, Mrs. A. Fiction. 20. 

Langley, S. P. New astronomy. 172. 

Langmead, T. P. T. Eng. constitutional 
hist. 158. 

Lanier, S. English novel. 1. 

— Florida. 390. 

— Poems. 230. 

— Science of English verse. 231. 

— id. Boy's Froissart. 283. 

lk>y\s King Arthur. 144. 

Boy's Percy. 234. 

Lanman, i.\ Farthest north. 403. 

— Haphazard personalities. 315. 

— Hist, of Michigan. 310. 

— Japan. 298. 

— Hed-lK)ok of Michigan. 310. 

Lanoye, F. de. Egypt 3300 years ago. 279. 
Lansdell, II . Central Asia. 388. 

— Through Siberia. 387. 
Lapham, J. Wisconsin. 310. 
Laporte, L. Sailing on the Nile. 388. 
Lappenberg, J. M. Anglo-Saxon kings. 287. 
Larcom, L. New Eng. girlhood. 412. 

— Poems. 230. 

— fd. Roadside poems. 232. 
Lardner, I). Science and art. 170. 
Larned, A. Fiction. 2<». 

— Grecian mythology. 144. 

Larned, J. N. Talks al>out labor. 153. 
Lasoule, A. v. Life. 320. 
Laszouski, Mm. v. Fiction 20. 

— Lands beyond the forest. 374. 

Latham, B. Sanitary engineering. 200. 
Lathrop, G. P. Fiction. 20. 

— Study of Hawthorne. 353. 

Lathrop, S. G.,ecZ. Fifty years and beyond. 261 
Latouche, J. Travels in Portugal. 378. 
La u gel, A. England. 373. 
Laughlin, J. L. Bimetallism in U. S. 154. 

— Political economy. 152. 

Laveleye, E. de. Balkan peninsula. 382. 
Lawless, E. Fiction. 20. 

— Story of Ireland. 280. 
Lawrence, Amos. Life. 342. 
Lawrence, E. American literature. 227. 

— English literature. 228. 

— Greek literature. 274. 

— Historical studies. 138. 

— Latin literature. 272. 

— Mediaeval literature. 227. 
Lawrence, John, lord. Life. 334. 
Lawrence, M. W. Light on the dark river. 322 
Lawrence, Sir Thomas. Life. 347. 
Lawrie, S. S. Rise of universities. 104. 
Lawton, G. W. American caucus. 150. 
Layard, A. II. Early adventures. 385. 

— Discoveries at Nineveh. 307. 

— Nineveh and Babylon. 307. 
Lazars, J. Tobacco. 120. 
Lazarus, E. Poems. 230. 

Lea, II. C. Hist of inquisition. 140. 

— Sacerdotal celebacy. 138. 

— Superstition and force. 155. 
Leather, S. et al. Future probation. 130. 
Le Brun, V. Souvenirs. 348. 

Lecky, W. E. II. England in 18th cent. 289. 

— European morals. 

— Hist, of rationalism. 122. 

— Leaders in Ireland. 333. 

Le Conte, J. Evolution. 124. 

— Light. 125. 

Leconte, J. S. Coleoptera of N. Amor. 190. 

Lee, II. Fiction. 20. 

Lee, Holme pucutl, .<** Parr, II. 

Lee, H. F. Sculpture and sculptors. 213. 

Lee, M. C. Fiction. 20. 

Lee, Mrs. H. Anecdotes of animals. 188. 

Lee, Kobt. E. Life. 335. 

Lee, Yan Phon. When I was a boy. 382. 

Leeds, J. W. Hist, of U. S. 302. 

Leeds, L. W. Ventilation. 200. 

Lees, F. B. Text-book of temperance. 120. 

Lees, J. A. nnd W. .1. Clutterbuck. B. C. 1887 

— Three in Norway. 380. 




Lefebure, E. Embroidery. 218. 
Lefevre, A. Architecture. 213. 
Leger, L. Austro-IIungary. 411. 
Lego uve, E. Reading as a fine art. 253. 
Legge, Confucius : Mencius. 113. 
Leibnitz, G. W. Life. 318. 
Leighton, A. Fiction. 20. 
Leighton, C C. Life at Puget sound. 400. 
Lei and, C. G. Algonquin legends. 168. 

— Egyptian sketch-book. 388. 

— Gypsies. 106. 

— Lincoln. 325. 

— Minor arts. 215. 

— Practical education. 162. 

Lemon, M., ed. Jest-book. 257. 

Lenzen, M. Fiction. 50. 

Leo the great. Life. 319. 

Leo X. Life. 320. 

Leo XIII. Life. 320. 

Leonard, C. II. The hair. 198. 

Leonowens, A. H. English governess. 384. 

— Life in India. 384. 

Le Pi leu r, A. Human body. 196. 
Le Row, C, ed. English as taught. 259. 
Le Row, C. B., ed. Recitations. 255. 
Le Sage, A. R. Fiction. 55. 
Lesdernier, Mine. de. Fiction. 26. 
Leslie, Madeline, pseud., see Baker, II. N. 
Lesneur, D. Fiction. 55. 
Lesquereux, L. Fossil flora. 182. 
Lessing, J. G. E. Nathan the wise. 266. 

— Laocoon. 266. 

Lester, J. E. Atlantic to Pacific. 398. 

L' Estrange, A. G. K., ed. Friendships of M. 
R. Mitford. 257. 

Lever, C. Fiction. 26. 

Levi, L. International law. 156. 

Lewes, G. 11. Hist, of philosophy. 113. 

— On actors and acting. 219. 

— Physiology. 196. 

— Story of Goethe's life. 360. 
Lewis, A. II. Sunday legislation. 136. 
Lewis, C. B. Field, fort and fleet. 300. 
Lewis, C. T. Germany. 291. 
Lewis, D. Our digestion. IM>. 

— Our girls. 1%. 

— New gymnastics. 196. 

— Weak lungs. 198. 

Lewis, E. J. Amer. sportsman. 224. 
Lewis, F. China painting. 215. 
Liddell, G. and It. Scott. Greek diet. 168. 
Lidded, II. G. Hist, of Home. 281. 
Liddon, H. P. Divinity of our Lord. 129. 

— Sermons. 135. 
Lie, J. Fiction. 51. 
Lieber, F. Civil liberty. 149. 

— Political ethics. 117. 

Liechtenstein, W. M. Holland house. 290. 
Liggins, J., ed. Value of foreign missions. 137. 
Lillie, L. C. Juvenile fiction. 76. 

— Story of Eng. literature, see White, L. L. 229 

Lincoln, Abraham. Life. 325. 

— and S. A. Douglas. Debates. 256. 

Lincoln, Mrs. 1). A. Carving. 205. 

Lincoln, D. T. School hygiene. 162. 

Lincoln, J. T. Fiction. 26. 

Lindau,P. Fiction. 50. 

Linderfeit, K. A. Volapuk. 268. 

Linderman, H. R. Legal tender. 154. 

Lindley, W. and J. P. Widney. California. 400 

Lin do, E. II. Jews in Spain. 295. 

Lindsay, W. L. Minds in animals. 189. 

Linnaeus, C. v. Life. 344. 

Linton, W. J. and It. II. Stoddard, eds. Eng- 
lish verse. 232. 

Lippincott, S. Juvenile fiction. 76. 

— New lands. 398. 

— Queen Victoria. 327. 
Liszt, F. Life. 348. 

Littlejohn, W. II. Constit. amendment. 136. 
Livermore, M. A. Fiction. 26. 

— My story of the war. 306. 

— What shall we do with our daughters ? 16£. 
Livingstone, David. Life. 322. 

— Travels in Africa. 390. 
Livingstone, Louise. Life. 343. 
Livy, T. Hist, of liome. 273. 

— Stories from Livy. 273. 
Lloyd, D. O. Fiction. 27. 
Lloyd, II. II. Hist, of rel>ellion. 309. 
Lloyd, W. W. Age of Pericles. 283. 

— Shakespeare's plays. 246. 

Locke, D. R. Abou Ben Adhem. 259. 
Locke, E. W. ('amp and hospital. 306. 
Locke, John. Life. 317. 

— Conduct of the understanding. 118. 

— Concerning education. 161. 
Locker, F. London lyrics. 240. 
Lock hart, J. G. Life of Scott. 357. 

— tr. Spanish ballads. 270. 
Lockhart, L. W. M. Fiction. 27. 
Lockwood, T. D. Electricity. 176. 

— Information for telephonists. 176. 
Lockyer, J. N. Spectroscope. 175. 

— Spectrum anal) sis. 175. 

— Star-gazing. 171. 

Lodge, II. C. Alexander Hamilton. 332. 

— Daniel Webster. 332. 

— Eng. colonies in America. 303. 

— Studies in history. 278. 

— Washington. 323. 

— ed. Ballads. 232. 

Loftie, W. .J. Art in the house. 216. 

— London. 290. 




Logan, J. A. Volunteer soldier. UK). 
Logan, M.C. Fiction. 27. 
Lommel, E. Light. 175. 
Long, C. C. Central Africa. 390. 
Long, J. II. Slips of tongue and pen. 108. 
Long, J. W. Wild-fowl shooting. 224. 
Longfellow, II. W. Life. 352. 

— Fiction. 27. 

— Outre mer. 370. 

— Poems. 236. 

— Poets and poetry of Europe. 233. 

— ed. Poems of places. 233. 
Longfellow, S., ed. II. W. Longfellow. 352. 
Longman, F. VV. Frederick the great. 291. 
Longstroth, L. L. Honey-bee. 204. 
Longueville, A. G. de. Early life. 334. 
Lonsdale, M. Sister Dora. 340. 
Loomis, J. K. Anatomy. 190. 

Loom is, L. C. Index guide to Europe. 303. 
Loomis, S. L. Religious problems. 135. 
Lord, D. N. Figurative language. 2-53. 
Lord, E. Coinstock mines. 199. 
Lord, J. Ancient states. 279. 

— Beacon lights of history. 278. 

— Modern hist. 285. 

— Old Roman world. 281. 
Lorenzo de' Medici. Life. 329. 
Lorimer, G. 0. Social life. 147. 
Lossing, B. J. Eminent Americans. 315. 

— Empire state. 309. 

— Field-lx)ok of revolution. 304. 

— Field-book of 1812. 304. 

— Hist, of civil war. 300. 

— Hist of England. 287. 

— Hist, of the U. S. 302. 

— J living men of the revolution. 304. 

- Mary and Martha Washington. 316. 

- Signers of declaration of independence. 329. 

- Story of the l~. S. navy. 302 

— Two spies. 304. 

— Washington. 323. 
Lothrop, H. M. Fiction. 27. 

— Juvenile fiction. 70. 

Loti, Pierre, pseud., sec Vraud, J. 
Lotze, II. Logic. 115. 

— Metaphysics. 115. 

— Philosophy of religion. 121. 

— Practical philosophy. 117. 
Louis XIV. Life. 328. 
Louis Philippe. Life. 32s. 
Lou i se of Prussia. Life. 328. 
Lounsbury, T. S. .J. Feimimore Cooper. 353. 
Love, S. (i. Industrial education. 102. 
Lover, S. Fiction. 27. 

— Life, 357. 
Poems. 241. 

Lowell, A. C cd. Posies for children. 234. 

Lowell, J. K. Life. 352. 

— Among my books. 249. 

— Conversations on old poets. 231. 

— Democracy. 249. 

-- - Fireside travels. 300. 

— My study windows. 249. 

— Poems. 236. 

— Political essays. 149. 
Loweli, P. Choson. 382. 

— Soul of the far east. 383. 
Lowell, R. T. S. Fiction. 27. 
Lubbock, Sir J. Ants, bees and wasps. 190. 

— British wild flowers. 186. 

— Flowers, fruits and leaves. 185. 

— Origin of civilization. 183. 

— Pleasures of life. 252. 

— Pre-historic times. 183. 

— Senses of animal. 189. 
Lubke, W. Hist of art. 211. 
Lucy, II. W. Two parliaments. 151. 
Ludlow, F. II. Fiction. 27. 
Ludlow, J. M. Woman's work. 140. 
Ludlow, W. Reconnaissance. 181. 
Lukin, J. Among machines. 207. 

— Hoy engineers. 207. 

— Mechanic's workshop. 207. 

— Young mechanic. 207. 

Lunt, G. ed. Old New England days. 3i>5. 
Luther, Martin. Life. 321. 

— Selection. 132. 

Lyall, Edna, pseud., see Bayly, A. E. 
Lyell, Sir C. Antiquity of mair. 184. 

— Geology. 118. 
LylyJ. Euphues. 27. 
Lyon, Mary. Life. 340. 

McAdam, U. Alphabet of tinance. 154. 
McAnnally, I). R. Irish wonders. 168. 
Macau lay, T. H. Essays. 252. 

— Frederick the great. 328. 

— Character of Milton. 350. 

— Hist, of England. 288. 

— Lays of ancient Home. 241. 

— Speeches and poems. 250. 
McCabe, J. D. Franco- Prussia war. 293. 

- .Juvenile iiction. 70. 
McCarthy, J. Fiction. 27. 

— England under Gladstone. 289. 
■- Epoch of reform. 3S5. 

— Hist, of the four Georges. 289. 

— Hist, of our own time. 289. 

— Modern leaders. 314. 

McClellan, G. H. Bayonet exercise. 100. 

— McClellaii's own story. 300. 
McClellan, II. Fiction. 27. 
McClelland, M. J. Fiction. 27. 




McClure, A. K. Through the Rocky moun- 
tains. 398. 

McCoan, J. C. Egypt as it is. 3S8. 

McCook, II. C. Tenants of an old farm. 188. 

McCormick, H. Work in geography. 161. 

McCosh,J. Development hypothesis. 184. 

— Evolution. 124. 

— Fundamental truths. 115. 

— Psychology. 118. 

— Sermons. 135. 

— et al. Problems of Amer. civilization. 135. 

McCray, F. T. Fiction. 27. 

— Life-work of Mrs. Stowe. 353. 
McCulloch, H. Men and measures. 336. 
McCulloch, J. Metallic money. 154. 
Mac Donald, G. Fiction. 28. 

— Juvenile fiction. 76. 

— Miracles of our Lord. 128. 

— Peeps at foreign countries. 366. 

— Poems. 241. 

Macdonald, J. D. Drinking water. 185. 
Macdonald, J. M. St. John. 127. 
McDowell, K. S. Fiction. 28. 
McDuff , J. R. Palms of Elim. 132. 

— Words and mind of Jesus. 132. 
Mace, J. Mouthful of bread. 196. 

— Servants of the stomach. 196. 
McElroy, J. Fiction. 28. 
MacFarlane, A. 11. Fiction. 28. 
MacFarlane, C. Fiction. 28. 

— British India. 411. 

— Japan. 383. 

Macfarlane, J. Coal-regions. 199. 
Macfarlane, M. K. Fiction. 28. 
McGahan, J. A. On the Oxus. 388. 
McGilchrist, J. Rich. Cobden. 333. 
McGrath, T. Pictures from Ireland. 372. 
Macgregor, J. Rob Roy on the Baltic. 380. 

— Thousand miles in the Rob Roy. 370. 

— Voyage alone in the Rob Roy. 370. 
Machiavelll, N. Life. 335. 
-Works. 270. 

Mcllvaine, J. II. Elocution. 253. 

Mcintosh, J. American Indians. 300. 

Mcintosh, M. J. Fiction. 28. 

Mackay, C, ed. Scottish songs. 233. 

McKeen,P. Fiction. 28. 

Mackenzie, A. S. American in England. 373. 

— Spain revisited.. 378. 
Mackenzie, II. Fiction. 28. 
Mackenzie, II. D. S. Switzerland. 297. 
Mackenzie, M. Vocal organs. 220. 
Mackenzie, R. 19th century. 286. 
McKillop, H. T. New Zealand. 403. 
Mackintosh, J. Essays. 252. 
McLain, M. W. Fiction. 28. 
Maclaren, A. Colossians and Philamon. 408. 

Maclaren, Arch. Physical education. 197. 
Maclay, A. C. Letters from Japan. 383. 
Maclean, J. P. Mound-builders. 183. 
McLean, S. P. Fiction. 28. 
M ac I ear, G. F. Apostles of mediaeval Europe. 

— The Celts. 139. 

— The continental Teutons. 140. 

— The English. 139. 

— The Northmen. 140. 

McLeod, Norman. Life. 322. 

— North India. 384. 
McMaster, J. B. Franklin. 331. 

— Hist, of people of the U. S. 302. 
Macmillan, II. Roman mosaics. 377. 
Macnish, R. Fiction. 28. 
McPherson, E. Hand-book of politics. 131. 

— Hist, of the rebellion. 306. 
Macpherson, J., tr. Ossian. 241. 
Macquoid, K. S. Fiction. 29. 

— Through Normandy. 375. 
Macready, W. C. Reminiscences. 351. 
Macy, J. Our government. . 158. 
Madison, Dolly. Memoir. 343. 
Madison, James. Life. 325. 

— Letters of Ilelvidius. 156. 
Magin, A. Desert world. 179. 
Magnus, A. Jewish portraits. 252. 
Magoon, E. L. Westward empire. 278. 
Magruder, A. B. John Marshall. 332. 
Magruder, J. Fiction. 29. 
Mah&ffy, J. P. Alexander's empire. 283. 

— Art of conversation. 120. 

— Descartes. 318. 

— Greek life. 369. 

— Hist, of Greek literature. 274. 

— Old Greek education. 161. 

— Old Greek life. 369. 

— Rambles in Greece. 369. 

— Social life in Greece. 369. 

— and J. E. Rogers. Holland and Germany. 370. 
Mahan, A. Hist, of Amer. war. 306. 
Mahan, A. T. Gulf and inland waters. 307. 
Maidment, J. Fiction. 29. 

Main, L. M., ed. English sonnets. 233. 
Maine, H. S. Ancient law. 155. 

— Early hist, of institutions. 149. 

— International law. 156. 

— Popular government. 149. 
Maintenon, F. de. Life. 334. 
Maitland, E. Fiction. 29. 
Malabari, B. M. Life. 340. 
Mallock.W. II. Fiction. 29. 

— Is life worth living. 117. 

— Lucretius. 273. 

— Social equality. 154. 

Malory, Sir T. Legends of king Arthur. 144. 




Malot, II. Fiction. 56. 

Malthus, T. R. Principles of population. 148. 

Mann, Horace. Life. 840. 

Mann, R. J., ct al. Meteorology. 180. 

Manning, A. Fiction. 29. 

Mansfield, E. D. Amer. education. 159. 

Manson, G. J. Work for women. 165. . 

Mantel I, G. A. Fossel remaius. 181. 

Manteuffel, E. Z. v. Fiction. 50. 

Manton, W. P. Field botany. 186. 

— Insects. 186. 

Marche, N. Manual of chess. 222. 
Marchant, A. W. Phasing. 220. 
Marcy, R. B. Army life on the border. 397. 

— Border reminiscences. 897. 
Marenholtz-Buelow,B.v. New education. 162 

— The child. 408. 

Marey, E. J. Animal mechanism. 187. 
Margaret of Anjou. Life. 326. 
Marguerites, J. de. Ins and outs of Paris. 376. 
Mariager, P. Fiction. 51. 
Marie Antoinette. Life. 328. 
Mariette, A. E. Monuments of Egypt. 367. 
Marion, Francis. Life. 337. 
Marion, F. Balloon ascents. 174. 

— Wonders of optics. 175. 

— Wonders of plant life. 185. 
Markham,C. Sea fathers. 341. 
Mark ham, Mrs. Hist, of France. 291. 
Mark ham, Mrs. E. Fiction. 29. 
Markham, R. King Philip's war. 303. 
Marlborough, duke of. Life. 838. 
Marlitt, E., pseud., see John, E. 
Marlowe, C. Best plays. 244. 
Marryatt, F. Fiction. 20. 
Marsh, D. Walks of Jesus. 130. 
Marsh, G. P. Life. 382. 

— Man and nature. 179. 

— Origin of Eng. language. 167. 
Marsh, O. C. Odontornithes. 182. 
Marshall, E. Fiction. 29. 

— Juvenile fiction. 77. 

— Cathedral cities. 287. 

— Hist, of France. 201. 
Marshall, John. Life. 332. 
Marston, E. Frank's ranch. 398. 
Marston, P. B. Fiction. 29. 

— Garden secrets. 24. 

Marston, W. Our recent actors. 219. 
Martin, E. G. Fiction 30. 
Martin, F. Fiction. 30. 
Martin, II. N. Human body. 1%. 
Martin, M. E. Fiction. 30. 
Martin, Sir T. Horace. 273. 

— Prince consort. 327. 

Martin, T. C. i/wU.Wetzler. Electro-motor. 17<> 
Martin, W. A. P. Chinese. 383. 

Marti neau, II . Fiction. 30. 

— Autobiography. 850. 

— Biographical sketches. 314. 

— Eastern life. 367. 

— Hist, of England.. 289. 

— Household education. 118. 

— Society in America. 394. 

M arti n eau , J . Sermons. 185. 

— Study of religion. 121. 
Marty n, Henry. Life. 321. 
Martyn, Mrs. S. T. Hope castle. 285. 
Marty n, W. C. Pilgririi fathers. 308. 
Marvel, A. Poetical works. 241. 
Marvin, C. Russians at gates of Herat. 2!ti. 
Mary queen of Scots. Life. 326. 

Mason, E. T., ed. British letters. 250. 

- Humorous master pieces. 


Mason, G. E. Old house altered. 208. 
Maspero, E. Egyptian archaeology. 307. 
Massey, G. Poetical works. 241. 
Masson,D. Milton and his times. 288. 

— Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats. 252. 
Masson, G. Richelieu. 293. 

— Story of medheval France. 293. 
Mateaux, C. L. London town. 374. 

— Peeps abroad. 388. 

Mathews, VV. Getting on in the world. 119. 

— Great conversers. 249. 

— Hours with men and book. 249. 

— Literary style. 249. 

— Men, places and things. 249. 

— Oratory and orators. 253. 

— Wit and humor. 257. 

— Words, their use and abuse. 108. 

Mathews, W. S. B. How to understand 
music. 218. 

— Musical form. 218. 

Mat hi as, G. II. D. En avant, messieurs. 1H3. 
Matthews, J. A. Fiction. 30. 
Matthews, W. B. Fiction. 30. 

— French dramatists. 207. 

— Pen and ink. 249. 

— ed. Ballads of books. 233. 
Comedies. 222. 

Poems of American patriotism. 233. 

— and L. Hutton. Actors and actresses. 350. 
Maudsley, II. Mental disease. 115. 
Maupassant, G. de. Afloat. 208. 
Maurice C. K. Revolutionary movement. :>#. 
Maurice, F. 1). Life and letters. 321. 

— Friendship of books. 252. 

— Moral and metaphysical philosophy. 113. 

— Religions of the world. 143. 

— Sermons. 135, 

Mauris, M. French men of letters. 207. 
Maury, M. F. Life. 344. 

— Physical tfeotf. of tin* sea. ISO. 
Maxwell, J. C. Electricity and magnetism. 176. 




Maxwell, P. Fiction. 30. 
Maxwell, W. H. Fiction. 30. 
May, Sophie, pseud., see Clark, R. S. 

May, Sir T. E. Democracy in Europe. 280. 

— Hist of England. 289. 

Mayer, A. M. Sound. 174. 

— ed. Sport with rod and gun. 223. 

— and C. Bernard. Light. 175. 

May hew, E. Horse doctor. 203. 

— Horse management. 203. 

May hew, H. Criminal prisons. 160. 

— London labor and London poor. 374. 

— Wonders of science. 343. 

May hew, I. Popular education. 159. 

Mayo, I. Fiction. 30. 

Mayo, W. S. Fiction. 30. 
Mazzini, J. Life. 335. 
Mead, CM. Soul here and hereafter. 130. 
Mears, J. W. Beggars of Holland. 139. 
Meek, F. B. Palaeontology. 183. 
Meline, J. F. Two thousand miles. 398. 
Melville, G. J. W. Fiction. 30. 
Melville, G. W. In the Lena delta. 403. 
Menault, E. Intelligence of animals. 189. 
Mendelssohn, F. Life. 349. 

— Letters. 349. 

Mendenhall, T. C. B. Cent, of electricity. 176 

Meredith, G. Fiction. 30. 

Meredith, Owen, pseud., see Bulwer-Lyt- 
ton, E. R. 

Merimee, P. Letters to an incognita. 354. 

Merivale, C. Conversion of the Slavs. 140. 

— Early church history. 139. 

— Roman triumverates. 282. 

— Home under the empire. 282. 

Meriwether, L. Tramp at home. 394. 

— Tramp trip. 371 . 

Merle d' Aubigne, J. II. Hist, of the refor- 
mation. 139. 

M e rri am , F. A. Birds through an opera-glass. 

Merrlam, G. S. Samuel Bowles. 330. 

M erriam , T. M. Trail of hist. 130. 

Merrill, G. S. Story of the manuscripts. 125. 

M erri 1 1 , S. East of the Jordan. 125. 

Meissonler, S. L. C. Life. 348. 

Metcalf , F. Englishman and Scandinavian. 271 

Meteyard, E. Fiction. 31. 

— Juvenile fiction. 77. 

Metternich-Winnebeg, C. M. Life. 334. 
Meunier, V. Great hunting grounds. 224. 
Meyer, C. Fiction. 50. 
Meynell, W. Modern school of art. 217. 
Michaud, J. F. Hist, of the crusades. 284. 
Michelangelo, Life. 348. 

Michelet, J. Hist, of France. 293. 

— Hist, of French revolution. 293. 

— Joan of Arc. 338. 

— Love. 118 

— The bird. 192. 

— The insect. 191. 
Miohon, J. II. Fiction. 55. 
Middleton, J. II. Ancient Rome in 1885. 368. 
Middleton,T. Best plays. 244. 

Mill, J. S. Autobiography. 317. 

— Life. 317. 

— Essays on religion. 121. 

— Logic. 116. 

— On liberty. 

— Political economy. 152. 

— Subjection of women. 165. 
Miller, C. H. Fiction. 31. 

— Poetical works. 236. 
Miller, H. Fiction. 31. 

— Cruise of the Betsy. 180. 

— First impressions of England. 373. 

— Foot-prints of the Creator. 178. 

— Lectures on geology. 178. 

— My schools and schoolmasters. 344. 

— Old red sand stone. 178. 

— Rambles of a geologist. 180. 

— Testimony of the rocks. 179. 
Miller, Joaquin, see Miller, C. H. 
Miller, J. H. Silent times. 132. 
Miller, L. F. Cats and dogs. 192. 
Miller, L. W. Perspective. 215. 
M i I ler, O. T. Bird ways. 192. 

— In nesting time. 192. 

— Little folks in feathers. 188. 

— Queer pets at Marcy's. 188. 
Miiligan, W. Elijah. 127. 

— Revelations. 408. 

Mills, C. D. B. Tree of mythology. 143. 

Mills, J. Alcohol. 120. 

Mi I man, II. II. Hist, of Christianity . 138. 

— Hist, of Latin Christianity. 138. 

— Hist, of the Jews. 280. 
Milne, J. Earthquakes. 180. 

M liner, V. L. Religious denominations. 141. 
Milton, John. Life. 356. 

— Areopigitica. 

— Poetical works. 241. 

— Prose works. 230. 

Miner, T. B. Domestic poultry. 204. 
Mirecourt, E. de., joint author, seeGautier, T. 
Mistral, F. Mireio. 267. 
Mitchell, A. Past in the present. 183. 
Mitchell, D. G. Fiction. 31. 

— About old story tellers. 351. 

— Dream life. 262. 

— English lands, letters, &c. 409. 

— Lorgnette. 262. 



Mitchell, D. G. My farm at Edge wood, 2t 

— Reveries of a bachelor. 202. 

— Rural studios. 211. 

— Wet days at Edge wood. 3(12. 
Mitchell, J. M. Foreign missions. 137. 
Mitchell, O. M. Life. S87. 

~ Astronomy of tlie Bible. 126. 

— Planetary worlds. 172. 

— Popular astronomy. 172. 
Mitchell, S. W. Fiction. 31. 

— Doctor and patient. 15*7. 

— Poems. 237. 

— Wear and tear. 107. 
Mitchell, T. Architecture. 211. 
Mitchell, Be'- T. Key to ghostism. 113. 
Mitford, A. B. Fiction. 31. 
Mltford.M. R. Fiction. 81. 

— letters from lier correspondents. 257. 
Mlvart, St. G. Common frog. 191. 

— Genesis of species. 184. 

— Man and apes. 181. 
Moberly, ('. C. Early Tudors. 2R8. 
Moens, W. J. 0. English travellers. 377. 
Moffat, B. mirtM. Lives. 323. 
Moffatt, E. L. Fiction. 31. 
Mohammed. Life. 324. 

Moir, D. M. Fiction. St. 

Molesworth, W. N. Hist, of England. 1 

Moliere, J. B. Life. 800. 

— Dramatic works. 208. 
Mollett, J. M. Meissonier. 348. 

— Rembrandt. 347. 

— Watteau. 34h. 

Molloy, (1. Geology and revelation. 124. 
Molloy, -I. F. Royalty restored. 289. 
Molloy, -1. !-. Our autnmn holiday. 375. 

— Peter the great. 32!). 
Mombert,.t. I. Charles the great, 327. 
Mommsen.T. Hist, of Rome. 281. 

— Provinces of Roman empire. SHI. 
Moncrelff, F. C. Wit of the bar. 1-50. 
Mongredien, A. Free trade in England. 
Monk, Geo. Life. 412. 

Monnier, M. Wonders of l'omjwii. Wis. 
Monroe, James. Life. ail. 
Monroe. L. II.. nd. Dialogues. 222. 

Public and parlor readings. 2-V>. 

Monroe, Jtf«. L. B. Story nfoiir wiiintry. : 
Montagu, L.uhi M. W. Letters. 25s. 
Montaigne, Lift-. Ml. 

— Works. 208. 

Montalembert. «'• F. Monks of the west. 
Monteoro. .1. .1. Angola. :ioo. 
Montesquieu,*', de. Life. :!H1. 

— Home. 281. 
Montgomery, F. Fiction. 31. 

Montgomery, J. Poetical works. 241. 
Montlflore, Moses. Life. 340. 
Moody, D. L. Sermons. 156. 
Moon, G. W. Dean's English. 168. 
Moore, F. Women of the war. 306. 

— ol. Songs of Southern people. 233. 
Moore, O. Health, disease and remedy. 197. 
Moore, -I. Great rebellion, 30(1. 

Moore, Joseph. Outlying Europe. 306. 
Moore, N. Pilgrims and puritans. 303. 
Moore, It. Universal assistant. 103. 
Moore, T. Life. 350. 

— Life of Byron. 355. 

— Poetical works. 241. 

Moore, T. W. Orange c.ilture. SOS. 
More, H. Fiction. 31. 

— Life. 350. 

More, Sir T. Utopia. 31. 

Morgan, Anna. Hour with Delsarte 253. 

Morgan, Appleton. Shakespeare In fact. 2W. 

Morgan, Daniel. Life. SS7, 

Morice, F. D. Pindar. 270. 

Morley, II. English literature. 228. 

Morley, J. Critical miscellany 252. 

— Diderot mid the encyclopedists. 318. 

— Edmund Burke. 359. 

— On the study of literature. 226. 

— Ilich. Cohden. 333. 

— Swift. 359. 

— Voltaire. 3IK. 
Morley, Samuel. Life. 340. 
Morley, Susan. Fiction. 31. 
Morris, ('. Aryan race. 277. 
Morris, E. Hew to get a farm. 201, 

— Ten acres enough. 201. 
Morris, E. A. Age of Anne. 286. 

: — Early Hanoverians. 280. 
j Morris, Goiiverneur. Life. 332. 
I Morris, U.S. British thought. 114. 
1 — Kant's Critique of pure reason. 114. 
I Morris, W. Earthly paradise, 241. 
I — Hopes and fears for art. 200. 

Morris, W. O. French revolution. 293. 
: Morrison. J. 0. Mme. de Maintenon. 834. 

Morrison, J. M. Gibbon. 359. 

Morrison, Robert. Life. 322. 
I Morse. C. Fiction. 31. 

Morse, K. E. Zoology. 187. 
' Morse. .1. F. John Adams. 324. 

— John Qiiluey Adams. :ta3. 

— Franklin. 331. 


Morse, Suiniu 
Morselli. II. Suicide. 
Mortimer, <'. II. Flirt it i 
Moscheles, J. Recent 
Moseby, I. S. War ren 


mials, 340. 




Mosheim, J. C. v. Ecclesiastical hist. 138. 
Motherwell, W. Poems. 241. 
Motley, J. L. Life. 854. 

— Correspondence. 364. 

— Dutch republic. 297. 

— John of Bar ne veld. 297. 

— United Netherlands. 297. 

Mott, James and Lucretia. Lives. 389. 
Moulton, W., ed. Queries. 261. 
Moulton, L. C. Fiction. 31. 

— Juvenile fiction. 78. 

— Ourselves and our neighbors. 120. 

— Random rambles. 371. 

— et al. Our famous women. 316. 
Mowry, W. A. Civil government. 158. 

— Talks with my boys. 163. 
Mozart, J. C. W. v. Life. 349. 

— Letters. 349. 

Mozley, J. B. Ruling ideas. 127. 
Mozley, T. Reminiscences. 321. 
Mozoomdar, P. C. Oriental Christ. 129. 
Mudford, W. Fiction. 31. 
Muir, A. Fiction. 31. 
Muirhead.F. Fiction. 31. 
Mulford, E. Nation. 149. 

— Republic of God. 129. 
Muller, F. M. Fiction. 50. 

— Biographical essays. 266. 

— Chips from German workshop. 266. 

— India. 266. 

— Natural religion. 408. 

— On missions. 137. 

— Origin of religion. 145. 

— Science of language. 168. 

— Science of thought. 168. 
Muller, Geo. Life of trust. 323. 
Muller, W. Political hist. 286. 
Mu (linger, J. B. Cambridge. 164. 
Munby, A. J. Dorothy. 241. 
Mundt, C. Fiction. 50. 

Munger, T. T. On the threshold. 163. 

— Sermons. 135. 

Munro, J. Electricity and its uses. 176. 
Munroe, K. Fiction. 405. 

— Juvenile fiction. 78. 

M u ntz, E. Hist, of tapestry. 21 1 . 

Murdock, J. E. The stage. 220. 

Murfree, M. N. Fiction. 31. 

Murillo, B. E. Life. 348. 

Murray, A. S. Manual of mythology. 143. 

Murray, D. C. Fiction. 31. 

Murray, E. Fiction. 32. 

Murray, W. H. H. Adventures. 395. 

— Daylight land. 224. 
Musset.A. de. Life. 360. 
Mussey, R. D. Health. 197. 
Muzzy, A. B. Fireside. 118. 

Myers, F. W. Wordsworth. 356. 

Myers, P. V. Ancient hist. 279. 

— Lost empires. 381 . 

Nadaillac, Marquis de. Pre-historic Amer. 183 

Napier, W. F. P. Peninsular war. 295. 

Napoleon Bonaparte. Life. 328. 
Napoleon, III. Life. 329. 

— Julius Caesar. 330. 

Napoleon, prince imperial Life. 
Nares E. Thinks I to myself. 260. 
Narjoux, F. Journal of an architect. 214. 
Naumann, E. Hist, of music. 219. 
Neal, D. Hist, of Puritans. 142. 
Neal,J. Fiction. 32. 
Neale, E. Shadows and sunshine. 314. 
Neander, J. A. W. Christian church. 139. 
Neaves, C. Greek anthology. 276. 
Neele, H. Fiction. 32. 
Neilspn, A. Boat-building. 208. 

Nelson, E. W. Birds of Alaska. 192. 

— Birds of Bering sea. 192. 

Nelson, Horatio. Life. 338. 
Nero. Life. 329. 
Nettleship, H. Vergil. 274. 
Nevius, J. 8. China and Chinese. 383. 
Newbury, J. S. Exploring exped. 181. 

— Geology of Colorado river. 181 . 
Newcomb, H. Cyclopedia of missions. 137. 
Newcomb, S. Labor problem. 153. 

— Political economy. 152. 

— Popular astronomy. 172. 

— Transit of Venus. 174. 

Newell, R. II. Orpheus C. Kerr papers. 259. 
Newell, W. W. Games of Amer. children. 222 
Newhouse, S. Trapper's guide. 224. 
Newman, F. W. Regal Home. 281. 
Newman, Mrs. M. W. Fiction. 32. 
Newton, Sir Isaac. Life. 343. 
Newton , R. Heroes of the early church. 319. 

— Jewish tabernacle. 127. 
Newton, R. II. Philistinism. 132. 

— Womanhood. 166. 
Newton, T. The prophecies. 127. 
Newton, W. W. Essays of to-day. 122. 
Nichols, A. Geological hist. 179. 
Nichols, G. W. Art education. 209. 
Nichols, H.J. Great movements. 314. 
Nichols, J. European hist. 277. 
Nichols, J. R. Fireside science. 170. 

— Whence, what, where V 122. 
Nicholson, H. A. Study of biology. 182. 

— Zoology. 187. 

Nicolay, J. G. Outbreak of the rebellion. 307. 
Niebuhr, B. G. Greek hero-stories. 144. 
Nikrasov, N. A. Red-nosed frost. 272. 
Nightingale, Florence. Life. 316. 

I Niles, H. Acts of the revolution. 304. 


Ninde, M. L. We two alone in Europe. 371. 
Nitsch, C. O. Gentle bra ad- winners. 205. 

— Molly Bishop's family. 4116. 

— New cook-l)ook. 205. 

— Progressive housekeeping. 205. 

— Ten dollars enough. 206. 

Noa, II. Mays foi the kindergarten. 102. 
Noble, A. L." Fiction. 32. 

— Juvenile fiction 78. 
Noble, E. Russian revolt. 2M1. 
Noble, L. Fiction. 32. 
Noel, Lady A. Fiction. 32. 
Nohl.L. Beethoven. 350. 

— Hadyn. 349. 

— Liszt. 350. 

— Mozart. 350. 

— Wagner. 850. 

Nordenskiold, N. A. E. Voyage of the 

Vega. 404. 
Nordhoff, C. Fiction. 32. 

— Juvenile Action 78. 

— California. 400. 

— Communistic societies of C S. 154. 

— God and the future life. 123. 

— Northern California. 400. 

— Politics for young Americans. 158. 
Norman, C. B. Armenia. 2iiS. Two eras of France. 292. 
Norrls.W. E. Fiction. 32. 

North, Christopher, paevd., see Wilson, J. 
Northam, II. C. Civil government. 1-58. 
Norton, A. Trinitadantan 1211. 
Norton, C. E. Cliui'eh-luiilding. 214. 
Norton, T. II. Centennial exhibition. 194. 
Nott, Eliphalet. Life. 322. 

— Counsels to young men. 1211. 

— Led. on tempereuce. 120. 

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races. 183. 

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Oakey, A. T. Building a home. 20H. 

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Ober, F. A. Camps in the Caribliees. :< 

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— Travels in Mexico. 392. 
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O'Connor, F. Fiction. Xt. 
O'Connor, T. 1'. I'arnell imivemi'lit. 

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Ollphant, L. Fiction. 33. 

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— Lord Elgin's mission to Japan. 381. 

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— Dante. 302. 

— Literary lust, of England. 228. 

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— Makers of Venice. 204. 

— Moliere. ROD. 

— St. Francis of Assisi. 320. 

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— The queen. 327. 

— und T. B. Aklririi. Fiction, 88. 
Ollphant, T. L. K. Standard English. 107. 
Oliver, <!. A. Arthur P. Stanley. 321. 
Oilier, E. Franco Prussian war. 203. 
Olmstead, F. L. Journey In back country. 390 

— Journey through Texas. 300. 

— Sea-board slave states. 300. 
O'Meara, K. Fiction. 33. 
O'Nell.C. A Amer electoral system. 150. 
Oppert, E. Forbidden land. 383. 
Optic, Oliver pwued., JH Adams, W. T. 
Orcott, II. -School-keeping 101. 
O'Reilly, B. Leo XIII. 820. 
O'Reilly, .Miles, pseial. nee Halplne, C. M. 
Orleans, DudusvuV. Memoir. 885. 

Orr, Mrs. 1 1 am I -bonk to Browning. 239. 
Orton, J. Andes and Amazon. 401. 

— Underground treasures. 178. 
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Osborne, Dutlield. Fiction. 84. 
Osgood, S. American leaves. 202. 
Osslan. Poems. 241. 
Ossoli.M. F. Life. 853. 

— Art, literature and the drama. 249. 

— Art at home and abroad. 300. 

— Life without an- 1 life within. 249. 

— Woman in the toil) cent. 100. 
Oswald. E., pw«d.. see Schulz-Smith, B. 
Oswald, F. L. Summerland sketches. 392. 
Otis, E. S. Indian question, 300. 
Oulda, p*rml.,frr. Rame, L. tie la. 
Overbeck, V. 347. 

Ovid. Life. 273. 
Owen, Catherine, wr Nitsch, C. O. 
Owen. I). I>. Ool. of Wisi-onain. 182, 
Owen, It. I). Del ia table land. 110. 




Packard, A. S. Half-hours with insects. 191. 

— Our commdn insects. 191. 

— Study of insects. 191. 

— Zoology. 187. 

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Paganini, Nicolo. Life. 350. 
Page, D. P. Teaching. 161. 
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Painter, F. V. II. Hist of education. 161. 
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— Works. 122. 

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Palfrey, J. G. Hist, of New England. 308. 

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Palmer, E. Fiction. 34. 

Palmer, E. H. Life. 341. 

— Haronn Alraschid. 298. 

— Jewish nation. 280. 

— joint author, see Besant, W. 

Palmerston, Lord. Life. 412. 
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Pansy, pseud., see Alden, I. M. 
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Paris, L. P., Comle de. Civil war in Amer. 300. 
Parish, J. Alcoholic inebriety. 120. 
Parish, .1. It. Fiction. 34. 
Park, M. Travels in Africa. 389. 
Parker, F. F. Church building. 208. 
Parker, II. W. Spirit of beauty. 410. 
Parker, J. Eccedeus. 129. 

— Sermons. 135. 

Parker, J. II. Archaeology of Home. 368. 

— Gothic architecture. 214. 

— Terms in architecture. 211. 

Parker, Theodore. Life. 324. 
Parker, W. II. Recollections. 337. 

— Talks on astronomy. 409. 
Parkman, F. Conspiracy of Pontiac. 299. 

— France and Eng. in N. America. 299. 

— Historical hand-book. 299. 

— Oregon trail. 398. 

Parks, L. His star in the east. 140. 
Parloa, M. Kitchen companion. 20 o. 

— New cook book. 20.*. 
Parmelee, M. P. Life and work. 137. 
Parnell, T. Poetical works. 241. 
Parr, H. Fiction. 34. 

Parr, L. Fiction. 34. 

Parsons, C. Sea-air and sea-bathing. 197. 


Parsons, 8. H. On the rose. 212. 

Parsons, T. Laws of business. 208. 

Parsons, W. F. and J. E. White. Business, 
and social forms. 208. 

Parton,J. Aaron Burr. 331. 

— Ben j. Franklin. 331. 

— Captains of industry. 314. 

— Caricature and comic art. 212. 

— Celebratsd men. 314. 

— Famous Americans. 314. 

— Fanny Fern. 363. 

— Horace Greeley. 331. 

— Jackson. 325. 

— Jefferson. 324. 

— Noted women. 316. 

— Topics of the time. 249. 

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Princes, authors, &c. 314. 

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— Thoughts, &c. 122. 

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Pater, W. Fiction. 34. 

— Renaissance. 209. 

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Paton, W. Down the islands. 394. 
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Patteson, John C. Life. 321. 
Pattlson, M. Milton. 356. 
Patton, J. II. Democratic party. 152. 

— Resources of the U. S. 148. 
Pauer, E. Beautiful in music. 218. 
Paul, C. K William Godwin. 359. 
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— joint author, see Irving, W. 

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— Literary recollections. 357. 
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Payne, W. II. Science of education. 161. 
Payson, Edward. Memoirs. 322. 
Payson, E. Law of equivalents. 117. 
Peabody, A. P. Christian doctrine. 129. 

— Christianity and science. 132. 

— Moral philosophy. 117. 
Peabody, C. English journalism. 228. 
Peabody, E. P. Charming. 324. 

— Last evening with Allston. 249. 

— Led. to kindergartners. 101. 

— Records of a school. 101. 
Peabody, Geo. Life* 339. 


Peabody, S. II. Cecil's book of beasts 192. 

— Cecil's lw>ok of birds. 182. 

— Cecil's hook of injects. 191. 

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Peard, F. M. Fiction. 34. 

— Juvenile llction. 7ii. 

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Peck, J. L. Kingdom of the unselfish. 4ttK. 

Peel, Sir Robert, Life. 384. 

Peile, 8. C. F Lawn tennis. 222. 

Pelrce, It. Tflnl ty in physical sciences. 170. 

Pelllco, 8. My prisons. WB. 

Pember, G. 11. Earth's earliest anus. 408. 

Penn, A. Hume library. 862. 

Penn, William. Life. SS2. 

Pennell, J. mid E. R. Florence to Home. 371. 

— France ami Italy. 371. 

— Through France. 375. 
Pentacost, G. F. Life. 323. 

— In 1,1 ie volume of the book. 125. 
Pepper, J. II. Cyclonic science. 173. 

— Play-lwnk of metals. 178. 

— Play-hook of science. 173. 
Pepys, S. Diary. 834. 

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— Tuscan sculptors. 213. 
Perkins, F. B. Fiction. 34. 

— Best reading. 226. 

Perkins, ■)- B. France under Richelieu. 2i«. 
Perry, G. I). Fiction. 34. 
Perry, G. G. Church of England. 141. 
Perry, J. Electricity in service of man. 176. 

— Practical mechanics. 174. 

Perry, J. T. Sixteen Saviours or one V 132, 

Perry, Matthew Galbraitli. Life. 337. 

Perry, N. Fiction. :(4. 

Perry, W. V. Classic aid n lecture. 213. 

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Pestalozzi, II. Fiction. 30. 

— Life. 342. 

Peter the great. Life. 32H. 
Peters. C.,«i. Girl's own book. 221. 
Peterkln, A. Fiction. 34. 
Peterson,'!', hx-ins. 272. 
Peto, S. M. Resources of America. 148. 
Petrarch, F. 362. 

— Poems. 270. 

Petrie, W. M. F. Pyramids and temples. n«7 
Petroff, I. Report on Alaska. 101. 
Pettenger, \V. How to In it. hip a public 

s]ieakci'. 253. 
Pettlgrew, .1. It. Animal locomotion. |w*. 

Peyrebrune, G. de. Fiction. 55. 
Pfelffer, 1. Journey to Iceland. 3WJ. 
Phelan.J. Hist, of Tennessee. 309. 
Phelps, A. Still hour. 132. 
Phelps, E. S. Fiction. 34. 

— Juvenile fiction. 711, 

— Poems. 237. 

— Struggle for immortality. 40s 

— What to wear. 20fi. 
Phelps, S. D. Poems. 237. 
Philllmore, C. A. Italian literature. 269. 
Phillips, C. Currau. 333. 

Phillips, M.G. Etig. literature. 228. 
Phillips, Wendell. Speeches. 2-511. 
Phllobiblius, pseud. Histof education. 131. 
Phin, J. How to use the microscope. 185. 
Piatt, J. J. Western windows. 237. 
Piatt, J. M. Woman's poems. 237. 
PIccard, G. 11. Fit-lion. 35. 
Pickering, Timothy. Life. 332. 
Pierson, A. T. Crisis of missions. 137. 

— Evangelistic work. 138. 

— Many infallible proofs. 132. 

— find J. M. Sherwood, «&. Missionary Rev. 137 
Pike, W. Suli-tropical rambles. 392. 
Pitezel, J. II. Missionary life. 138. 
Pitman, M. J. European breezes. 371. 
Pitt, William. Life. 334. 

Pittman, E. R. Mission life in Greece. 188. 
Plus IX. Life. 320. 
Plaidy, L. Piano teacher. 220. 
Planche,-). R. Cyclopedia of costume. 165. 
Plato, Life. 318. 

— Works. 276. 

Pliny, major. Natural hist. 273. 

Plummer, A. Church of early fathers. 139. 

Plumptre, C. J- Lect. on elocution. 253. 

Plunket, .Vm. 11. M. Women, plumbers. 200. 

Plutarch. Lives of Greeks and Romans. 314. 

Poe, E. A. Life. 352. 
, — Fiction. 35. 
! — Poems. 237. 
: — Works. 229. 
| Pole, W. lliihwophy of music. 218. 

Polko. Elisc. M usical sketches. 218, 

Pollard, E. A. Lost cause. 3116. 

— Robert E. Lee and his lieutenants. 33-5. 
Polo, Marco. Travels. 342. 
Pomeroy, M. M. Nonsense. 259. 
Pond, G. B. Shenandoah valley. 3117. 
Pont-Jost, R. de. Fiction. 55. 
Ponton, M. Kartht[uakeK and volcanoes. 180 
Pool, M.L. Tenting at Stony beach. 224, 

— Vacation in a buggy. HIS. 

Poole, S. I.. Story of Moors in Spain. 295. 
- Story of Turkey, aw. 




Poor, H. S. Manual of railroads. 164. 

— Money. 164. 

— Resumption and the money question. 154. 
Poor, L. E. Sanscrit. 143. 

Poore, Ben: Perley. Reminiscences. 143. 

— ed. Federal and state constitutions. 157. 
Pope, Alex. Life. 356. 

— Poetical works. 241. 

Porter, D. D. Anecdotes of the civil war. 306. 

— Naval hist, of civil war. 306. 

Porter, J. L. Giant cities of Basfcan. 386. 

Porter, J. Fiction. 35. 

Porter, N. Books and reading. 226. 

— Human intellect. 118. 

— Intellectual science. 118. 

— Sermons. 136. 
Porter, R. Fiction. 35. 

Potter, A. Principles of science. 193. 

— Religious philosophy. 132. 

Potter, H. L. D. Manual of reading. 253. 
Pouchet, F. A. Universe. 169. 
Powell, E. P. Our heredity from God. 124. 
Powell, F. Bacchus dethroned. 120. 
Powell, J. VV. Arid regions of U. S. 399. 

— Exploration of Colorado river. 399. 
Powers, W. N., et al. Homes of our poets. 352. 
Poynter, E. C. Fiction. 35. 

Poynter, E. F. Fiction. 35. 

Poynter, E. J. and P. R. Head. Classic paint- 
ing. 217. 

Pratt, G. Fiction. 35. 

Prentiss, E. Life and letters. 353. 

— Fiction. 35. 

— Juvenile fiction. 80. 

— Urbane and his friends. 133. 
Prescott, W. H. Life. 354. 

— Biographical miscellany. 247. 

— Conquest of Mexico. 311. 

— Conquest of Peru. 312. 

— Fredinand and Isabella. 295. 

— Philip II. 295. 

Prescott, G. B. Dynamo-electricity. 176. 

— Electric telegraph. 176. 

— Electric telephone. 176. 
Preston, Harriet W. Fiction. 35. 

— Troubadours and trouveres. 267. 

Preston, Howard W. Documents of Amer. 
hist. 157. 

Preston, M. J. Poems. 237. 

Pressense, E. de. Ancient world and Chris- 
tianity. 143. 

Preyer, W. Mind of the child. 118. 

Prime, E. D. G. Around the world. 365. 

Prime, S.I. Autobiography. 322. 

— Alhambra and Kremlin. 371. 

— Europe and the east. 366. 

— Letters from Switzerland. 381. 

— Old white meeting-house. 322. 

Prime, W. C. I go a-fishing. 223. 

— Boat life in Egypt. 388. 

— - Pottery and porcelain. 214. 

— Tent life in the holy land. 126. 

Prince, L. B. New Mexico. 312. 
Prior, M. Poetical works. 241. 
Pritchard , J. V., ed. Tableaux. 221. 
Proctor, A. Poems. 241. 
Proctor, B.W. Life. 356. 

— Charles Lamb. 358. 

Proctor, G. Hist of the crusades. 284. 
Proctor, It. A. Border-land of science. 170. 

— Easy star lessons. 174. 

— Essays on astronomy. 171. 
-— Expanse of heaven . 171. 

— Great pyramid. 388. 

— Half hours with the stars. 174. 

— Half hours with the telescope. 174. 

— Light science. 170. 

— Myths and marvels of astronomy. 171. 

— Orbs around us. 171. 

— Other worlds than ours. 173. 

— Our place among the infinities. 171. 

— Pleasant ways in science. 170. 

— Poetry of astronomy. 171. 

— Science by-ways. 170. 

— Sun views of the earth. 174. 

— Universe of suns, &c. 170. 

Proffatt, J. Woman before the law. 166. 

Proudhon, P. J. What is property. 153. 

Pullen, H. W. Fiction. 35. 

Pulsifer, W. II. Hist, of lead. 207. 

Pumpelly, It. Across America and Asia. 366 

Purcell, H. Life. 349. 

Pushkin, A. Fiction. 57. 

Putnam, D. 25 years with the insane. 115. 

Putnam, G. P., ed. World's progress. 217. 

Putnam, Israel. Life. 337. 

Putnam, M. C. Fiction. 35. 

Putz, W. Modern hist. 286. 

Pye, J. Patronage of British art. 212. 

Pyle, II. Fiction. 35. 

Pyrrhus. Life. 329. 

Quackenbos, G. P. Nat. philosophy. 173. 

Quackenbos, J. D. Ancient literature. 227. 

Quad, pseud., see Lewis, C. B. 

Quick, R. H. Educational reformers. 161. 

Quiltrough, £. F. Boat-sailers manual. 223 

Quin, W. Y. W.', earl of Dunraven. Great 
divide. 399. 

Quincy,E. Fiction. 36. 

— Josiah Quincy. 332. 

Quincy, Josiah, of Mass. Life. 332. 




Q u i n cy , J. Figures of the past. 

— John Quincy Adams. 335. 
Quincy,J. P. Fiction. 36. 

— Charicles. 343. 


Rabelais, F. Life. 361. 

— Selections. 268. 
Racine, J. Life. 360. 

— Esther. 268. 

— Les plaideurs. 268. 

Radau, R. Wonders of acoustics. 175. 
Radcliffe, A. G. Schools of painting. 217. 
Rae, J. Contemporary socialism. 154. 

— Country banker. 154. 

Rae, W. F. Wilkes, Sheridan, Fox. 333. 
Ragozin, Z. A. Story of Assyria. 280. 

— Story of Chaldea. 280. 

— Story of Medea. 280. 

Raiboline, Francesco. Life. 348. 
Raikes, Robert. Life. 340. 
Raimund, Uolo, p*eud.,sce Frederick, B. 
Raleigh, Sir Walter. Life. 338. 
Ramage, C. T., ed. Familiar quotations. 229. 
Ram baud, A. I list, of Russia. 295. 
Rame, L. de la. Fiction. 36. 
Ramsay, — . Hist, of U. S. 299. 
Ramsay, E. Scottish life and character. 372. 
Rand, E. A. Juvenile fiction. 80. 
Rand, E. S. Works on gardening. 212. 
Randall, S. S. Hist, of New York. 309. 

— Popular education. 159. 
Randolph, Mrs. Fiction. 36. 
Randolph, Edmund. Life. 332. 
Randolph, John. Life. 332. 
Ranke, F. L. v. Hist, of the popes. 141. 

— Latin and Teutonic nations. 286. 
Ranney, A. L. Nervous system. 195. 
Ransom, J. (\ Andersonville diary. 306. 
Ranyard, L. X. Book and its story. 12-5. 

— Stones crying out. 126. 
Raphael Santi. Life. 348. 

Rarey, R. S.. joint author, see Powell, W. J. 
Rau, C. Lapidary sculptures. 183. 
Rau, II. Fiction. 51. 
Rawlinson, (r. Ancient Egypt. 279. 

— Five great monarchies. 280. 

— Historical evidences of the Bihle. 125. 

— Historical ill. of Old Testament. 127. 

— Moses. 127. 

— Origin of nations. 

— Religions of the ancient world. 143. 

— Sixth great monarch v. 280. 

— Seventh great monarchy. 280. 

— Story of Egypt. 27i> 

— Story of Plnenicia. 2s4. 

Ray, I. Mental pathology. 115. 
Raymond, R. W. Silver and gold. 199. 
Read, D. University of Missouri. 164. 
R ead , J . E. Farming for profit. 201 . 
Read, T. B. Poems. 237. 
Reade, A. A., ed. Study and stimulants. 120. 
Reade, C. Life. 357. 

— Fiction. 36. 

Reber, F. v. Mediaeval art. 212. 
Recamier, J. F. J. Life. 361. 
Reel us', J. J. E. The earth. 180. 

— Hist, of a mountain. 180. 

— Ocean, atmosphere and life. 180. 

Redf ield , J. W. Comparative physiognomy. 116 
Redford, G. Sculpture. 218. 
Reed, TZ., joint autfior, see Reeves, M. C.L. 
Reed , E. J. Modern ships of war. 160. 
Reed, H. British poets. 231. 

— Lect. on English hist. 246. 

Reed, II. F. How to read. 253. 
Reed, J. E. Roman emperors. 329. 
Rees, J. E. R. Home decoration. 216. 

— Home occupations. 216. 

Reeves, J. Rothschilds. 336. 

Reeves, M. C. L. and E. Reed. Fiction. 36. 

Reeves, T. Fruit garden. 203. 

Reid, B. D. (end A. Bain. Chemistry. 174. 

Reid, Christian, pseud., see Fisher, F. C. 

Reid, D. B. Ventilation. 200. 

Reid , J. M. Missions of the M. E. Church. 138. 

Reid, M. Juvenile fiction. 80. 

— Odd people. 165. 

Rembrandt, II. Life. 347. 
Remusat, C. E. J. de. Memoirs. 335. 

— Letters. 33o. 

Renan, E. Life of Jesus. 130. 

— Recollections of my youth. 361. 

— Religious hist. 122. 
Repplier, A. Books and men. 249. 
Reumont, A. v. Lorenzx) de' Medici. 295. 
Revere, J. W. Keel and saddle. 366. 
Revoil, B. Hunter and trapper. 224. 
Reynardson, C. T. S. Down the road. 223. 
Reynolds, C. B. Old St. Augustine. 309. 
Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Life. 347. 

— Works. 20<>. 

Rebot, T. Diseases of memory. 115. 

— Heredity. 116. 

Rice, J. H. Mexico our neighbor. 392. 

Rice, N. L. Phrenology examined. 116. 

Rich, S. Truro. 30S. 

Richard I. Life. 326. 

Richard II. Life. 326. 

Richard III. Life. 326. 

Richardson, A. D. Beyond the Mississippi. 398 

— Field, dungeon and escape. 306. 




Richardson, A. S. Hist, of our country. 302 

— Stories from old Eng. poetry. 284. 

— Talks on Eng. literature. 228. 

— ed. Abelard and Heloise. 320. 
Richardson, B. W. Fiction. 36. 

— Diseases of modern life. 198. 

R i c hardso n , C. Large fortunes. 153. 
Richardson, C. F. Amer. literature. 227. 
Richardson , J., ed. The Yellowstone. 399. 
Richardson, John. Fiction. 36. 
Richardson, J. G. Long life. 197 
Richardson, O. Fiction. 36. 
Richmond, E. J. Woman first and last. 316. 
Richter, J. P. Leonardo da Vinci. 348. 
Richter, J. P. F. Fiction. 51. 
Riddell, C. E. L. Fiction. 36. 
Rideing, W. H. Fiction. 36. 

— Juvenile fiction. 80. 

— A-saddle in the wild west. 398. 

— Boyhood of living authors. 361. 

— Hist, of London. 290. 

— Thackeray's London. 374. 
Ridgeway, B. Ornithology. 192. 

Rid path, J. G. Hist, of the world. 280. 
Riley, H. H. Puddleford papers. 259. 
Ring, M. Fiction. 51. 
Ripley, E. M. From flag to flag. 844. 
Ripley, M. M. Worship in stone. 211. 
Ritchie, A. I. Fiction. 36. 
Ristori, Adelaide. Autobiography. 352. 
Ritson, J-, ed. Robin Hood. 234. 
Ritter, F. L. Hist, of music. 219. 

— Music in America. 219. 

— Music in England. 219. 
Rives, A. see Chanier, A. B. 
Roberts, E. Santa Barbara. 400. 

— Shoshone. 398. 

Roberts, E. H. Government revenues. 156. 

— New York. 309. 

Roberts, H. M. Bules of order. 154. 
Roberts, J. S., ed. Legendary ballads. 234. 
Roberts, M. Fiction. 36. 
Robertson, E. S. English poetesses. 354. 
Robertson, F. W. Life and letters. 321. 

— Sermons. 136. 

Robertson, J. Michigan in the war. 307. 
Robertson, M. Fiction. 36. 
Robertson, W. Charles V. 292. 

— Hist, of S. America. 312. 

— Scotland and India. 285. 
Robinson, A. M. F. Fiction. 87. 

— Emily Bronte. 357. 
Robinson, C. S. Pharaohs. 367. 
Robinson, E. Harmony of the gospels. 128. 
Robinson, F. W. Fiction. 37. 
Robinson, H. M. Great fur land. 391. 
Robinson, J. Presby. church and slavery. 135 

Robinson, Mrs. M. H. Fiction. 37. 

Robinson, P. Under the sun. 884. 

Robinson, S. M. Fiction. 37. 

Robinson, S. T. L. Kansas. 398. 

Roche, B. M. Fiction. 37. 

Rochefaucauld, A. F. Life. 320. 

Rockstro, W. S. Hist of music. 219. 

Rodenbough, T. F., ed. Uncle Sam's medal 
of honor. 302. 

Rodwell, G. F. Birth of chemistry. 177. 

Roe, A. S. Fiction. 37. 

Roe, E. P. Fiction. 87. 

— Home acre. 

— Flay and profit in my garden. 203. 

— Success with small fruits. 203. 
Roe, E. B. Fiction. 37. 

Rogers, H. Supernat. origin of the Bible. 125. 
Rogers, H. J. Code of marine signals. 205. 
Rogers, J. Observations. 174. • 
Rogers, J. E. T. Story of Holland. 297. 

— Work and wages. 153. 
Rogers, M. Waverly dictionary. 
Rogers, S. Life. 356. 

— Poetical works. 241. 

— Table-talk. 264. 

Roget, P. M. Thesaurus. 167. 

Rol I i n , C. Ancient hist. 279. 

Roll in, H. J. Studio, field and gallery. 215. 

Rollins, A. W. Story of a ranch. 398. 

— Three Tetons. 399. 

Rollins, E. G. New England by-gones. 395. 

Roman, A. Gen. Beauregard. 307. 

Romanes, G. J. Jelly-fish, &c., 190. 

— - Mental evolution in man. 184. 

Romi nger, C. Paleontology of Mich. 182. 

Romney, Geo. Life. 347. 

Romulus, Life. 329. 

Ronge, J. and B. English kindergarten. 162. 

Rood, E. N. Text-book of color. 175. 

Roosevelt, B. B. Superior fishing. 223. 

Roosevelt, T. Gouverneur Morris. 332. 

— Hunting trips. 224. 

— Naval hist, of 1812. 304. 

— Thomas H. Benton. 330. 

Roper, S. Catechism of steam engine. 199. 

— Engineer's handv-book. 199. 

— Use and abuse of steam boiler. 199. 

Ropes, J. C. Army under Pope. 307. 
Rose her, W. Political economy. 152. 
Roscoe, W. Leo X. 320. 
Rose, J. Mechanical drawing. 215. 

— Modern steam-engines. 199. 

— Practical machinist. 207. 

Rosen garten, A. Architectural styles. 211 
Rosenkranz, J. K. F. Phil, of education. 159 
Rosenstingel, W. H. German reader. 265. 
Rosenthal, L. France and America. 293. 
Ross, I. C. Notes on Alaska. 402. 




Ross, F. Scotland and the Scots. 372. 
Ross, W. A. Pyrology. 177. 
Ross, W. T. Voice culture. 253. 
Rossetti, C. Poetical works. 241. 
Rossettl, D. G. Life. 856. 

— Dante and bis circle. 270. 

— Poems. 241. 

Rossetti, M. F. Shadow of Dam*. 270. 
Rossetti, W. M. Eeata. 355. 
Rossini, G. A. Life. 350. 
RosSltCr. E. K. and T. A. Wright. House- 
painting. 208. 
Roth rock, J. T. Botany of Nevada, Ac. 187. 

— Vacation cruising. 396. 

Rotteck 0. v. Hist, of the world. 280. 
Rousseau, J. J. Life. 818. 

— Emile. 150. 
Rousselet, L. India. 384. 

Juvenile fiction. 81. 
Routledge II. Discoveries of 10th cent. 194. 

Popular liist. of science. 72. 
Rowan, S. C. Observations. 174. 
Row, C. A. Future probation. 130. 
Rowe.A. D. Life in India. 384. 
Rowton , F. How to conduct a debate. 253. 
Roy, G. Generalship. 260. 
Royal, W. L. Jackson and bank of U. S. 154. 
Royce, J. Fiction. 37. 

— California. 312. 

Royce, N. K. Amer. literature. 227. 
Rubens, P. P. Life. 347. 
Ruckert, F. Wisdom of the Brahmin. 26-5. 
Rueti, E. Autobiography. 829. 
Rufflni, G. Fiction. 56. 
Ruggles, H. Germany. 375. 
Rumford, Count, see Thompson, B. 
Rush, J. On the voice. 253. 
Ruskln, J. Arrows of the chace. 258. 

— Bible of Amiens. 2H4. 

— Drawing and perspective. 214. 

— Ilortus inclusus. 258. 

— Letters to young ladies. 120. 

— Mornings in Florence. 377. 

— Praetenta. 358. 

— St. Mark's rest. SM 

— Sesame and lilies, 226. 

— Works. 230. 

Rusling, J. F. Great west. 398. 
Russell, C. ISodily strength anil skill, 222. 
Russell, I. 0. Kwil. of Lake Lahontan. 182. 
Russell, Irwin. Poems. 237. 
Russell, J., aid. He-collections. 334. 
Russell, W. C. Fiction. 37. 
Rutter, II. Life of Christ. 180. 
Rydberg, A. V. Fiction. 52. 

— Manic of the middle ages. 116. 

— Roman days. 377. 

Ryder, A. Hold up your heads, girls. U&. 

S , E. L. Belt and spur. 284. 

— City in tlie sea. 294. 
Sabine, B. Electric telegraph. 177. 
Sadler, M. T. Church doctrine. Ml. 
St. Augustine. Confessions 141. 
Salnte-Beuve, C. A. Celebrated women. 318 

— English portraits. 268. 

— Monday-chats. 268. 

St. Brls, T. de. Origin of name America. 303 
Saint Crlq, L. de. South America. 401. 
Salntine, J. X. Fiction. 55. 
St. John, Life. 127. 
St. John, S. Hayti. 312. 
St. Peter. Life. 127. 
St. Pierre, J. H. B. de. Fiction. 55. 
Saintsbury, G. Dryden. 355. 

— Elizabethan literature. 228. 

— Hist, of French literature. 267. 

— Marlborough. 338. 

— id. English prose. 228. 

French lyrics. 267. 

Specimens of French literature. 267. 

'. Saint Simon. Life. 335. 

! Sales, G.,ed. The Koran. 146. 

Sallust. Works. 274. 

Samuels, S. Autobiography. 346. 

Sanborn, F. B. John Brown. 330. 

— Thoreau. 354. 

Sanborn, II. J. Winter in Cent. America. 392 
Sanborn, K.,ed. Witof women. 257. 
Sand, Geo., pseud., see Dudevant, A. L. A. 
San dears, J. Fiction. 55. 
Sandifer, II. C.,ed. Amateur work. 207. 

Every man his own mechanic. 207. 
1 Sankey, C. Spartan and Theban supremacies. 

] Sardou, V. Fiction. 55. 
Sargent, E., ed. Arctic adventure. 404. 

I The emerald. 261. 

! Sartoris, F. K. Fiction. 38. 

j Sausay, A. Wonders of glass-making. 207. 

I Saunders, F. Puttma paper* 264. 

j — Salad for the solitary. 264. 

— Some famous books. 264. 

— Stray leaves from literature. 264. 
Saunders, -I. Chaucer's Canterbury tales. 410 

j Saunders, S. W. The light continent. 894. 

I Savage, M. T. Christianity the science of 

| manhood. 132. 

| Savonarola, G. Life. 320. 

, Saxe, J- G. Poetical works. 237. 

; Scanlan, A. L. Fiction. 38. 

, Schaff.P- Church anil state. 149. 

— St Augustine. Ac. 310. 

— and A. Gilman, mis. Sunday poetry. 408. 
1 Schayer, J. Fiction. 38. 




Scheie de Vere, M. Romance of American 
history. 303. 

— Stray leaves. 170. 

— Wonders of the deep. 170. 
Schellen, H. Electric machines. 177. 
Scherer, W. German literature. 264. 
Schiller, J. C. F. v. Life. 360. 

— Poems. 265. 

— Works. 266. 

Schlegel, A. Dramatic art. 264. 
Schlegel, Caroline. Life. 412. 
Schley, W. S. Rescue of Greely. 404. 
Schliemann, H. Ilios. 870. 

— Mycense. 369. 
-Troy. 370. 

Schmeiden, E. Fiction. 51. 
Schmidt, E. O. Descent and Darwinism. 184. 

— Mammalia. 184. 

Smitz, L. Ancient hist. 279. 
Schmucker, S. M. Alex. Hamilton. 332. 

— Arctic explorations 404. 

— Catherine II. 296. 

— Four Georges. 289. 

— Henry Clay. 331. 

— John C. Fremont. 337. 
-Nicholas I. 296. 

— Thomas Jefferson. 325. 
Schoedler, F. Book of nature. 169. 
Schoenhoff , J. Industrial education. 156. 

— Technical education in France. 162. 
Schoolcraft, H. Indian tribes of U. S. 300. 
Schouler, J. Hist, of the U. 8. 302. 
Schroeder, S. Maximilian's empire. 311. 
Schubert, F. Life. 349. 
Schumann, Robert. Life. 350. 

— Music and musicians. 218. 
Schuyler, E. Peter the great. 296. 
-Turkistan. 388. 

Schwartz, M.S. Fiction. 52. 
Schwatka, F. Alaska's great river. 402. 

— Children of the cold. 404. 

Schweinf urth, G. A. Heart of Africa. 390. 
Scidmore, E. R. Alaska. 402. 
Scoones, W. B., ed. English letters. 256. 
Scott, F. J. Beautifying homes. 211. 
Scott, G. C. Fishing in American waters. 223. 
Scott, L. Ghiberti and Donatello. 213. 

— Sculpture. 212. 
Scott, M. Fiction. 38. 

Scott, R., joint author, see Liddell, G. 
Scott, S. P. Through Spain. 378. 
Scott, 8tr Walter. Life. 357. 
-Fiction. 38. 

— Demonology and witchcraft. 116. 

— Essays on chivalry. 252. 

— Novelists and dramatists. 351. 

— Poetical works. 242. 

— Tales of a grand-father. 285. 

Scott, Winfield. Memoirs. 337. 
Scott, W. B. Little masters. 347. 
Scudder, H. E. Fiction. 37. 

— Juvenile fiction. 81. 

— Men and manners. 304. 

— Noah Webster. 354. 

— Washington. 324. 

Scudder, M. L. Labor-value fallacy. 153. 
Scudder, S. II. Butterflies. 191. 
Sears, E. II. Athanasia. 130. 
Seeker, W. Nonsuch professor. 132. 
See bo h n , F. Oxford reformers. 351 . 

— Protestant revolution. 286. 
Seeley, J. R. Ecce homo. 129. 

— Life and times of Stein. 334. 

— Napoleon Bonaparte. 828. 

— Roman imperialism. 252. 

Seem an, O. Classical mythology. 144. 
Seidel, R. Industrial education. 162. 
Seiller, E. Voice in singing. 220. 

— Voice in speaking. 253. 

Seiss, J. A. Children of silence. 162. 

— Gospel in the stars. 134. 

— Miracle in stone. 367. 
Selden.J. Table-talk. 264. 
Sellar, W. Y. Roman poets. 273. 
Sergeant, A. Fiction. 39. 
Sergeant, L. New Greece. 297. 

Serpa Pinto, S. A. How I crossed Africa. 390 
Serviss, G. P. Astronomy. 174. 
Severance, M. S. Fiction. 39. 
Sevigne, M. de. Life. 361. 
Seward , G. F. Chinese immigration. 150. 
Seward , W. H. Autobiography. 332. 

— John Quincy Adams. 325. 

— Works. 147. 

Sewell,E.M. Fiction. 39. 
Seymour, R. Humorous sketches. 260. 
Shaftesbury, Earl of. Life. 333. 
Shairp, J. C. Aspects of poetry. 231. 

— Burns. 355. 

Shakespear, H. Wild sports of India. 384. 
Shakespeare, W. Dramatic works. 244. 

— Poems. 242. 

Shaler, N. S. Aspects of the earth. 409. 

— Geology. 179. 

— Kentucky. 310. 

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Sharpcott, U., pseud. Fiction. 39. 
Sharp, W. Heine. 359. 

— Shelley. 356. 

— ed. Sonnets of the 19th century. 231. 
Sharpe, S. Hist, of Egypt. 279. 
Shaw, A., ed. National revenues. 156. 
Shaw, F. L. Fiction. 39. 

— Juvenile fiction. 81. 
Shaw, M. Fiction. 39. 

Shaw, T. A. Hist, of Turkey. 295. 




Shaw, T. B. English literature. 228. 
Shea, G. Alexander Hamilton. 332. 
Shedd, W. G. T. Literary essays. 249. 
Sheahan, J. W.andG.P. Upton. Chicago. 310 
Sheldon, D. N. Sin and redemption. 129. 
Sheldon, E. M. Hist, of Michigan. 310. 
Sheldon, G. W. Amer. painters. 346. 
Sheldon, H. C. Christian doctrine. 129. 
Sheldon, L. V. Zulu-land. 391. 
Shelley, P. B. Life. 856. 

— Poetical works. 242. 

Shepard, W., pseud., see Walsh, W. S. 
Shepherd, W. Prairie experiences. 398. 
Sheppard, E. Before an audience. 253. 
Sheppard, E. S. Fiction. 39. 
Sheridan, P. H. Memoirs. 337. 
Sheridan, R. B. Life. 356. 

— Works. 244. 

Sherman, W. T. Memoirs. 337. 
Sherwood, K. B. Poems. 237. 
Sherwood, M. E. W. Fiction. 39. 

— Amenities of home. 118. 

— Home amusements. 221. 

— Manners and social usages. 165. 

— Royal girls. 326. 

Shields, G. O. Cruising in the Cascades. 223. 

Shillaber, B. P. Mrs. Partington's knitting- 
work. 259. 

Shiiiaber, L. Cook-book. 200. 

Shinn, C. II. Mining-camps. 312. 

Shinn, W. G. Episcopal churches in U. S. 142. 

Shipton, A. The Lord was there. 132. 

Shirley, J. Best plays. 244. 

Shoemaker, J. W. Elocution. 254. 

— ed. Elocutionist's annual. 255. 

Young folk's speaker. 255. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. J. W. ed. Dialogues. 222. 
Short, J. T. X. Americans of antiquity. 183. 
Shorthouse, J. Fiction. 39. 
Shufeldt, R. W. Observations. 174. 

Shu m way, E. S. Day in ancient Rome. 368. 
Sid dons, Sarah. Life. 352. 
Sidney, Margaret, pseud., see Lothrop, H. 
Sidney, Sir P. Life. 3o6. 

— Arcadia. 40. 

— Astrophel and Stella. 242. 

Sidney, S. Colonies of Australia. 403. 
Sigourney, L. II. Letters to young ladies. 120 

— Poems. 237. 

Sikes, O. L. Women and theatres. 262. 
Sillsbee, M. C. D. Half-century in Salem. 395 
Simcox, G. A. Latin literature. 273. 
Sime, J. Germany. 291. 
Simms, W. G. Fiction. 40. 

— Chevalier Bayard. 33s. 
Simon, B. A. Hope of Israel. 300. 
Simon, J. Government of Thiers. 294. 

Simonde de Sfsmondi, J. C. L. Italian 
republics. 294. 

— Literature of south of Europe. 227. 
Simpson, E. Modern ships of war. 160. 
Simpson, J. H. Great basin of Utah. 390. 
Simpson, W. S. Old St. Paul's. 290. 
Sims, J. M. Autobiography. 345. 
Simson, W. Hist, of the gipsies. 166. 
Sindlng, P. C. Hist, of Scandinavia. 296. 
Sinnett, A. P. Fiction. 40. 

— Esoteric Buddhism. 124. 

— Occult world. 124. 

Skelton,J. Poetical works. 242. 

Skinner, O. A. Family worship. 134. 

Skottowe, B. C. Hist, of parliament. 161. 

Slack, II. J. Marvels of pond life. 185. 

Slagg, C. Sanitary work in villages. 200. 

Sleeper, J. S. Fiction. 40. 

Smalley, E. Republican party. 152. 

Smeades, S. D. Memorials of a southern 
planter. 342. 

Smiles S. Boy's travels. 365. 

— Brief biographies. 314. 

— Character. 119. 

— Duty. 119. 

— George Stephenson. 345. 

— Geo. and Robert Stephenson. 345. 

— Huguenots. 140. 

— Industial biography. 344. 

— Life and labor. 119. 

— Men of invention and industry. 344. 

— Robert Dick. 344. 

— Self-help. 119. 

— Thomas Edward. 344. 

— Thrift. 119. 

Smith, Adam. Life. 317. 

— Wealth of nations. 153. 
Smith, Albert. Fiction. 40. 
Smith, Alex. Summer in Skye. 372. 
Smith, C. L. Education in N. Carolina. 104. 
Smith, C. P. Great pyramid. 367. 
Smith, E. Foods. 205. 

— Health. 197. 

Smith, Edward. English Jacobins. 289. 
Smith, E. L., joint autltor, see McCray, F. 27. 
Smith, E.G. Fiction. 40. 
Smith, E. R. ed. Gospel in all lands. 138. 
Smith, F. II. Well-worn roads. 371. 

— White umbrella in Mexico. 392. 
Smith, Garrett. Life. 339. 
Smith, Geo. Assyria. 280. 

— Assyrian discoveries. 367. 

— Chaldean account of Genesis. 146. 
Smith, Goldwin. On the study of hist. 278. 

— Three English statesmen. 333. 
Smith, G. B. Gladstone. 334. 

— Prime ministers of Victoria. 333. 




Smith, G. W. Spanish and French painting. 218 
Smith, H. Fiction. 40. 

— Wonderful life. 130. 

Smith, II. A. One hundred Americans. 315. 

— Persons and places in America. 394. 

Smith, II. M. Universalism. 180. 
Smith, H. W. Bible readings. 128. 

— Christian secret of a happy life. 132. 
Smith, Jennie. Baca to Beulah. 324. 

— Valley of Baca. 324. 
Smith, Capt. John. Life. 337. 
Smith, J. A. Patmos. 132. 
Smith, J. E. Fiction. 40. 
Smith, M. P. Fiction. 40. 

Sm ith , P. Ancient hist. 279. 

— Hist, of the world. 279. 
Smith, B. B. Lord Lawrence. 334. 

— Mahammedanism. 146. 

— Borne and Carthage. 281. 

Smith, R. S. Science of business. 153. 

Smith, Sidney. Life. 321. 

-Works. 252. 

Smith, S. F. ed. Knights and sea-kings. 284. 

Smith, T. R. Architecture. 214. 

Smith, U. Thoughts on Daniel. 128. 

— Thoughts on Revelation. 128. 

— U. S. in the light of prophecy. 128. 

Smith, W. Hist, of Greece. 282. 

— Classical dictionary. 225. 

— Diet, of the Bible. 121. 

— Diet, of Christian antiquities. 121. 

— Diet, of Christian biography. 121. 

— Greek and Roman antiquities. 368. 

Smith, W. and Lucy. Lives. 359. 

Smith, W. C. Olrig Grange. 242. 

Smith, W. J. Household taste. 216. 

Smith, W. Robertson. Old Testament in the 
Jewish church. 127. 

— Prophets of Israel. 127. 

Smith, W. Rudolph. Hist, of Wisconsin. 311. 
Smollett, T. G. Life. 357. 

— Works. 231. 

Smyth, E. C. Sermons. 136. 

— et ah Progressive orthodoxy. 129. 
Smyth, N. Old faiths in new light 132. 
Snead, T. L. Fight for Missiouri. 307. 
Snider, D. J. Commentary on'Faust. 266. 

— Walks in Hellas. 382. 

Snively, W. A. Lect. on the prayer-book. 136 
Snowden, J. R. Coins. 214. 
Snyder, W. L., ed. Great speeches. 256. 
Soley, J. R. Blockade and cruisers. 307. 
-Boys of 1812. 304. 

— Sailor-boys of '61. 307. 
Somerville, Mary. Life. 343. 
Sonrel, L. Bottom of the sea. 180. 
Sophocles. Life. 276. 

— Tragedies. 276. 

Soto, Ferdinand de. Life. 342. 
Southey, R. Life. 356. 

— Chronicle of the Cid. 270. 

— Life of Nelson . 338 . 

— Poetical works. 242. 
Southgate, H. Fiction. 40. 
Southworth, A. S. African travel. 388. 
Souvestre, E. Fiction. 55. 

S pal d I n g, J . W. Japan expedition. 365. 
Sparks, J. American biography. 315. 
Speight, F. W. Fiction. 40. 
Speke, J. H. Source of the Nile. 390. 
Spencer, £. A. Hints from a lawyer. 155. 
Spencer, H. Education. 155. 

— Philosophical writings. 114. 

Spencer, J. A. Course of Eng. reading. 226. 

— Egypt and the Holy Land. 368. 

— Hist, of the U. S. 302. 
Spenser, Edmund. Life. 356. 

— Poetical works. 242. 
Spicer, H. Fiction. 40. 
Spiel hagen, F. Fiction. 51. 

Spiers, A. and G. Surrenne. French diet. 168. 
Spinoza, B. de. Chief works. 114. 
Spitka, E. C. Insanity. 115. 
Spofford,H. E. P. Fiction. 40. 

— Art decoration. 216. 

— Poems. 237. 

Spohr, L. Autobiography. 350. 
Spon, E. Mechanic's own book. 193. 

— Workshop receipts. 193. 
Spottiswoode, W. Polarization of light. 175. 
S prague, J. T. Electricity. 177. 
Sprague, M. A. Fiction. 40. 

Spring, L. W. Kansas. 312. 

Spry, W. J. J. Cruise of the Challenger. 364. 

Spurgeon, C. H. Life. 323. 

— John Plowman's pictures. 264. 

— Sermons. 136. 

Squiers, E. G. Central America. 393. 

— Peru. 402. 

Staats, W. Fiction. 40. 
Staei-Hoistein, A. L. G. Life. 361. 

— Fiction. 55. 

— Germany. 

Staffer, E. Palestine in time ofjChrist. il26. 

Stafford, Lord. Life. 412. 

Stai n e r, J. Music of the Bible. 219. 

Stall, S. Church work. 135. 

Stallo, J. B. Modern physics. 169. 

Stand ish, Miles. Life. 337. 

Stanley, A. P. Memoirs. 321. 

— Canterbury. 290. 

— Christian institutions. 135.' 

— Church of Scotland. 140. 

— Eastern church. 141. 

— Jewish church. 146. 




Stanley, A. P. Sermons. 136. 

— Sinai and Palestine. 126. 

— Thomas Arnold. 320. 

— - Westminster Abbey. 290. 

Stanley, C. M. Authors' birthdays. 231. 
Stanley, E. J. Rambles in wonderland. 390. 
Stanley, H. M. Life. 342. 

— Congo. 390. 

— How I found Livingstone. 390. 

— Through the dark continent. 390. 
Stansbury, H. Great Salt Lake. 399. 
Stanton, E. C.,etal,ed8. Woman's suffrage. 166 
Stanton, II. B. Random recollections. 335. 
Stanton, J. Cory O'Lanus. 259. 

Stan wood, E. Presidential elections. 152. 
Starcke, C. N. Primitive family. 165. 
Starling, E. Noble deeds. 316. 
Starr, E. A. Patron saints. 320. 

— Pilgrims and shrines. 

Starrett, H. E. Educated women. 166. 

— Letters to a daughter. 120. 

— Letters to elder daughters. 118. 
Stead, W. T. Truth about Russia. 378. 
Stearns, O. S. Old Testament. 128. 
Stearns, W. A. New Eng. bird-life. 192. 
Stebbins, E., ed. Charlotte Cushman. 
Stebbins, G. Delsarte system. 254. 
Stebbins, G. B. Protectionist's manual. 156. 
Stedman, E. C. American poets. 231. 

— Hawthorne and other poems. 237. 

— Victorian poets. 231. 

— and E. M. Hutchinson, eds. Library of Amer- 

ican literature. 227. 

Steele, A. <\ Fiction. 40. 
Steele, J. D. Astronomy. 172. 

— Chemistry. 177. 

— Geology. 179. 

Steele, J. W. Army sketches. 398. 
Steele, Sir R. Life. 358. 
Steele, T. S. Canoe and camera. 395. 
Stein, Heinrich F. K. Life. 334. 
Step, E. Plant life. 18-5. 
Stephen, L. Alexander Pope. 356. 

— Eng. thought in the 18th century. 114. 

— Henry Fawcett. 333. 
-— Hours in a library. 252. 

— Liberty, equality, fraternity. 117. 

— Samuel Johnson. 358. 

Stephen, V. Electric lighting. 177. 
Stephens, C. A. Juvenile iiction. 82. 
Stephens, J. L. Greece, Russia, Turkey. 371. 

— Travels in Central America. 393. 

— Travels in Yucatan. 3ii2. 

Stephens, W. P. Boat-building. 208. 
Stephens, W. B. W. Hildebrand. 139. 
Stephenson, E. Fiction. 40. 
Stephenson, Geo. ami R. Lives. 345. 
Stepniak.pww?., see Dragomanoff, M. 

Sterne, L. Life. 357. 

— Works. 232. 

Sterne, S. Constitutional hist, of the U. S. 157. 

Steuben, F. W., baron. Life. 337. 

Stevens, A. Hist, of Methodism. 142. 

Stevens, F. and F. M. Smith. Etiquette. 408. 

Stevens, J. L. Gustavus Adolphus. 296. 

Stevens, Thadeus. Life. 332. 

Stevens, Thomas. Around the world on a 
bicycle. 865. 

Stevenson, R. L. Fiction. 41. 

— Child's garden of verses. 234. 

— Edinburgh. 372. 

— Familiar studies. 252. 

— Memories and portraits. 252. 

— Travels with a donkey. 375. 

— Virginibus pueresque. 252. 
Stewart, B. Conservation of energy. 174. 

— joint author, see Tait, P. G. 

Stewart, D. The Highlanders. 285. 
Stieier, J. German composers. 349. 
Stiile, C. J. Medieval hist. 284. 
Stimson, F. J. Fiction. 41. 
Stimson, T. J. Amer. statute law. 158. 
Stimson, W. Hist, of the Gipsies. 166. 
Stinde, J. Fiction. 52. 
Stirling, A. Fiction. 41. 
Stirling, Lord. Life. 335 
Stockton, F. K. Fiction. 41. 

— Juvenile fiction. 82. 
Stoddard, C. W. Fiction. 41. 
Stoddard, E. Fiction. 41. 
Stoddard, J. L. Red-letter days abroad. 371. 
Stoddard, M. L. Principles of education. 163 
Stoddard, R. II. Fiction. 41. 

— Poems. 237. 

— ed. Bric-a-brac series. 354. 

— el al. Poets' homes. 352. 
Stoddard, W. O. Juvenile fiction. 81. 

— Abraham Lincoln. 325. 
Stokes, A. C. Microscopy. 185. 
Stokes, F. A. College tramps. 371. 
Stone, J. S. Merrie England. 373. 
Storrs, R. S. Divine origin of Christianity. 132 

— et al. Co-operation in Christian work. 135. 
Story, C. A. Alcohol. 120. 

Story, J. On the constitution. 157. 

— Writings. 147. 
Story, W. W. Fiction. 41. 

— Castle St. Angelo. 377. 

— Poems. 237. 

— Roba da Roma. 377. 
Stoughton, J. Worthies of science. 343. 
Stowe, C E. Hist, of books of the Bible. 125. 
Stowe, II. B. Life and letters. 353. 

— Fiction. 41. 

— Chimnev corner. 205. 




Stowe, II. B. Heroines of tbe Bible. 127. 

— House and home papers. 205. 

— Little foxes. 118. 

— Palmetto leaves. 896. 

S to well, W. H. Puritans and pilgrims. 142. 
Stranahan, C. H. French painting. 218. 
Straus, F. Glory of Israel. 138. 
Streckf uss, A. Fiction. 52. 
Stretton, Hesba, pseud., see Smith, H. 
Stretton, J. C. Fiction. 42. 
Strickland, A. Queens of England. 326. 

— Queens of Scotland. 326. 
Strickland, W. P. Old Mackinaw. 397. 
Strong, J. Our country. 138. 
Strutt, E. Feminine soul. 119. 
Strutt, J. Sports of Eng. people. 165. 
Stuart, Charles Edward. Life. 327. 
Stuart, J. E. B. Life. 838. 

Stubbs, W. Constitutional hist, of Eng. 158. 
— - Early Plantagenets. 288. 

— Select charters. 158. . * 
Stuckenberg, J. H. Study of philosophy. 407 
St Jdley, M. J. What girls should know. 409. 
Sturtevant, R. E. Economics. 153. 
Stuyvesant, Peter. Life. 332. 

Sue, E. Fiction. 55. 

Sullivan, A. M. New Ireland. 286. 

Sully, J. Illusions. 116. 

— Psychology. 118.* 

Sumner, C. Life and letters. 382. 

— Works. 147. 

Sumner, W. G. American currency. 154. 

— Andrew Jackson. 825. 

— Political essays. 147. 

— Protectionism. 156. 
Swayne, G. C. Herodotus. 275. 
Sweden borg, E. Life. 324. 

— Works. 142. 

Sweetser, M. F. Claude Lorraine. 348. 

— Durer. 347. 

-Murrillo. 348. 

— Raphael. 348. 

— Rembrandt. 347. 

— Reynolds. 347. 

— Titian. 348. 

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Swift, J. Life. 359. 

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— Fiction. 42. 

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— Eldorado. 400. 




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Japan. 383. 

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Taylor, Emily. Tales of the Saxons. 287. 
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Taylor, Fred'k. Animal painting. 220. 
Taylor, G. H. Health by exercise. 197. 

— Health for women. 197. 

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Taylor, Jeremy. Holy living. 132. 

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Thompson, Joseph. Central African lake 
regions. 390. 

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Thompson, S. P. Dynamo-electric machinery. 


Thompson, W. Mexico. 391. 
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Tissot, V. and C. Amero. Fiction. 56. 
Titian. Life. 348. 

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— Democracy in the U. S. 149 
Todd, C. B. City of N. Y. 309. 

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Todd. J. Autobiography. 322. 

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Torrey, Joseph. Theory of line art. 210. 
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— Hist, of Ireland. 286. 

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Byron. 355. 

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— Fiction. 44. 

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Tucker man, A. L. Architecture. 213. 
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Tuckerman, C. K. Greeks of to-day. 297. 
Tuckerman, M. T. Book of the artists. 346. 

— Maga papers about Paris. 376. 

— Month in England. 373. 
Tugnot de Lanoye, F. Egypt. 27i>. 

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Tu I lock , J. Pascal. 361 . 

— - Religious thought in Great Britain. 140. 
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Tupper, M. Proverbial philosophy. 243. 




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Turner, S. E. Germanic constitution. 158. 

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Tyler, M. C. American literature. 227. 

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Tyndall, J. Faraday. 343. 

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— Fragments of science. 170. 

— Glaciers of the Alps. 180. 

— Heat as a mode of motion. 175. 

— Hours of exercise in the Alps. 381. 

— Lessons in electricity. 178. 

— Light. 175. 

— Light and electricity. 174. 

— Sound. 175. 

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Tytler, Sarah., pseud., see Keddie, II. 

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— Standard operas. 220 

— Standard oratorios. 220. 

— Standard symphonies. 220. 

— Woman in music. 219. 

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Vambery, A. Adventures. 342. 

— Story of Hungary. 292. 

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Van Dyke, II. Poetry of Tennyson. 410. 

— Story of the Psalms. 128. 

Van Dyke, J. C. How to use books. 226. 
Van Dyke, T. S. Flirtation camp. 223. 

— Southern California. 400. 

— Still-hunter. 224. 

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Van Laun, II. French literature. 267. 
Van Lennep, H. J. Bible lands. 126. 
Van Rensellaer, Mrs. S. Six portraits. 412. 
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Vassar, John. Life. 323. 
Vaughan, Henry. Poems. 133. 
Vaughan, Herbert. Fiction. 44. 
Vaux, C. Villas and cottages. 208. 
Velasquez, S. Y. Life. 348. 
Venturo, L. D. Fiction. 56. 
Verestchagin, A. At home and at war. 339. 
Verestchagin, V. Autobiography. 348. 
Verne, J. Fiction. 56. 

— Explorations of the world. 341. 

Vernet, Horace. Life. 348. 
Verschoyle, J. Ancient civilization. 277. 
Viardot, L. European art. 218. 

— Italian art. 218. 

— Wonders of sculpture. 213. 

Vicars, Headley. Life. 338. 
Vico, G. B. Life. 318. 
Victor Emmanuel. Life. 329. 
Victoria, queen of England. Life. 327. 

— Journal in the Highlands. 372. 

Vignoli, T. Myth and science. 143. 
Villari,L. Fiction. 44. 
Villari, P. Machiavelli. 294. 

— Savonarola. 320. 

Vincent, F. Land of white elephant. 384. 

— Norsk, Lapp and Finn. 380. 

— Through the tropics. 366. 
Vincent, G. C. Italian authors. 362. 
Vincent, J. Fiction. 56. 

Vincent, J. II. Chautauqua movement. 163. 
Vincent, M. R. In the Pyrenees. 375. 

— Word studies in New Testament. 128. 
Viollet le Due, E. E. Architecture. 212. 

— Learning to draw. 214. 
Vinci, Leonardo da. Life. 348. 
Virgil. Life. 274. 

— ^Eneid. 274. 

Vogel, II. Chemistry of light. 175. 

— Light and photography. 218 

Vogne, E. M. de. Russian novelists. 272." 
Volkhausen, A. v. Fiction. 52. 
Voltaire, F. M. de. Life. 318. 

— Charles XII. 296. 

— Merope. 268. 

Von St., W. Fiction. 52. 
Vraud, J. Fiction. 

— From lands of exile. 381. 


Wace, H. Foundation of faith. 182. 
Waddington, S. ed. Sonnets. 232. 
Wagner, Rich. Life. 850. 

— Art life and theories. 81ft 
Wahl.O. W. Land of the czar. 378. 
Waite, II- E. ed- Boy's work-shop. 207. 
Walcott, C. D. Paleontology- 182- 
Waldstein.C. Art of Phidias. 214. 
Walford, E. Greater London. 374. 

— Juvenal. 273. 

— joint nuihoT, m Thornbury, G. W. 
Walford, I* B. Fiction. 45. 
Walker, A. Our national currency. 154. 

— Science of wealth. 15ft 
Walker, E. D. Reincarnation. 11U. 
Walker, F. A. Money. 307. 

— Second array corps. 307. 

Walker, F. W. Dynamo-building. 178. 

Walker, J. Health lessons. 11)7. 

Walker, J. B. Pioneer life. 322. 

Walker, M.S. Fiction. 45. 

Walker, W. Drawing. 214. 

Wall, A. Sordello's story retold. 239. 

Wallace. A. R. Distribution of animals. 189. 

— Island life. 369. 

— Malay archipelago. 402. 

— Natural selection. 184. 
Wallace, D. M. Egypt. S88. 

— Russia. 378. 

Wallace, E. Amateur photographer. 218. 
Wallace, L. Fiction. 45. 
Wallace, S. Land of the l'uebloa. 399. 
Wallace, W. Epicureanism. 113. 

— Kant. 318. 

Waller, .1. C. Open communion. 136. 

— Second coming of Christ. 129. 
Walpole, C. G. Hist, of Ireland. 286. 
Walpole, H. Life. 412. 

— Fiction. 45. 

Walree, E. C. W. v. Fiction. 52. 

Walsh, W. C. Faust. 266. 

Walsh, W. P. Echoes of Bible hist. 126. 

— Modern heroes. 319. 

Walsh, W. S. Paradoxes of a Philistine. 249. 

— ed. Authors and authorship. 225. 

Enchiridion of criticism. 247. 

Pen pictures of authors- 351. 

Walslngham, Lord. Shooting. 224. 
Walter, E. What is free trader 156. 
Waton, G. E. Mineral springs. 198. 
Walton, 1. < 'oiu pi ete angler. 223. 
Walton, Jfra.O. P. Fiction. 45. 
Walworth, J. B. Fiction. 45. 
Walworth, M. T. Fiction. 45. 
Wandle, J. T. Letter writing. 410. 
Warburton, W. Edward III. 284. 

Ward, A. L., ed. Poetical quotations. 410. 
- — Prose quotations. 410. 

Surf aud wave. 233. 

Ward, A. W. Chaucer. 355. 

— Dickens. 357. 

— ed. Old English dramas. 243. 
Ward, H. O. Etiquette. 105. 
Ward, M. A. Fiction. 45. 
Ward,T. IL.ed. English poets. 284. 

— - Reign of Queen Victoria. 289. 
Ward, W. G. Life. 321. 
Ware. W. Fiction. 45. 

— "Washingon Allaton. 218. 
Warfield.r. A. Fiction. 4-5. 
Waring, G. E. Book of the farm. 201. 

— Bride of the Rhine. 375. 

— Earth-closets. 223. 

— Farmer's vacation. 371. 

— Tyrol. 375. 

— Whip and spur. 223. 
Warner, A. B. Fiction. 4-5. 

— Gardening by myself, 212. 

— Melody of the 23rd Psalm. 133. 

— and S. Fiction. 45. 
Warner, B. E. Fiction. 45. 
Warner, C. D. Fiction. 45. 

— Buck-log studies. 260. 

— Being a boy. 260. 

— Hints for home reading. 204. 

— In the Levant. 368. 

— In the ■wilderness. 2fl0. 

— Moslems and mummies. 389. 

— My summer in agarden. 260. 

— On horseback. 391. 

— Roundabout journey. 371. 

— Saunterings. 871. 

— Studies in the south and west. 394. 

— Washington Irving. 363. 
Warner S. Fiction. 45. 

— Juvenile fiction. 85. 

Warron, Mrs. Comfort for small incomes. 205 

— John Knox. 140 

Warren , II. W. Recreations in astronomy. 172 
Warren, I- P. Jerusalem. 126. 

— Three judges. 289. 
Warren, Joseph. Life. 332. 
Warren, 8. Fiction. 46. 
Washburn, E. A. Sermons. 136. 
Washburn, E. B. Recollections. 204. 
Washburn, E. W. Early Eng. literature. 228 

— Spanish masters. 218. 
Washburn, W. T. Fiction. 46. 
Washington, Geo. Life. 323. 

— Works. 147. 

Waters, C. E. Fiction. 46. 

— Artists of Kith century. 345. 

— Legendary art. 134. 




Waters, C. E. Hist, of Egypt. 279. 

— Painters, sculptors, &ci. 345. 
Watson, B. A. Sportsman's paradise. 391. 
Watson, II. C. Camp-tires of Napoleon. 294. 

— ('amp-fires of the revolution. 304. 

— Daring deeds. 304. 

— Heroic woman. 318. 

— Noble deeds. 304. 

Watson, J. Schilling's idealism. 114. 
Watson, P. B. Marcus Aurelius. 318. 

— Swedish revolution. 411. 
Watteau , Antoine. Life. 348. 
Watterson, II. ed. Southern life. 2B0. 
Watts, I. Poetical works. 133. 
Way land, F. Life. 323. 

— Intellectual philosophy. 1 18. 
Webb, A. S. The peninsula. 307. 
Webber, A. Hist, of Indian literature. 271. 
Webber, C. W. Wild scenes. 224. 
Weber, C. M. F. v. Life. 350. 
Webster, D. Life. 332. 

— Great speeches. 250. 

— Works. 148. 
Webster, N. Life. 354. 

— Dictionary. 167. 

Wed more, F. English art. 346. 

Weed.Thurlow. Life. 333. 

Weeks, L. II. Among the Azores. 378. 

Weir, H. Our cats. 409. 

Weiss, J. Wit, humor and Shakespeare. 247. 

Wellington, Lord. Life. 338. 

Wells, D. A. Economics. 153. 

— Robinson Crusoe's money. 154. 

— Why and how we trade. 156. 
Wells, F., et <d. School hygiene. 162. 
Wells, II. P. Fly-rod and tackle. 224. 
Wells, K. S. About people. 249. 
Wells, S., et td. Through a microscope. 186. 
Wells, S. R. New physiognomy. 116. 
Wells, W. V. Niearaugua. 393. 

— Walker-s expedition. 312. 
Welsh, A. H. English literature. 228. 

— English master-piece course. 228. 

— Rhetoric. 254. 
Wendall.B. Fiction. 46. 

Werner, E., pseud., we Burstenbinder, E. 
Werner, J. W. Stanley's rear-guard. 390. 
Wesley, J. and C. Lives. 324. 
West, M. A. Romance of missions. 138. 
Westall, W. Fiction. 46. 
Westbury, II. Fiction. 46. 
Wetzler, S. joint author, ace Martin, T. C. 
Wharton, G. ond P. Queens of society. 318. 
Wharton, T. Fiction. 46. 
Whately, B. English synomyms. 167. 
Wheatley, H. B. Dedication of books. 261. 
Wheeler, A. M., ed. English hist. 287. 


Wheeler, D. II. By-ways of literature. 249. 
Wheeler, E. G. Fiction. 46. 
Wheeler, G. Homes for the people. 208. 
Wheeler, J. B. Civil engineering. 199. 
Wheeler, J. T. Hist, of India. 411. 
Wheeler, L. N. Foreigner in China. 138. 
Wheeler, W. Diet, of names of fiction. 225. 

— Familiar allusions. 225. 

— Who wrote it? 225. 

Whewell, W. Inductive sciences. 172. 

— Progress of art. 193. 
Whipple, E. P. Essays. 249. 

— Recollections of eminent men. 351 . 

— Success and its conditions. 119. 
White, E. G. Life of St. Paul. 127. 

— Spirit of prophecy. 142. 

White, G. Natural hist, of Selborne. 189. 
White, II. Massacre of St. Bartholomew. 140 
White, H. K. Poems. 243. 
White, J. Eighteen Christian centuries. 283. 

— Hist, of England. 287. 

— Hist, of France. 292. 

White, J. W. Mouth and teeth. 197. 

W h i te , L. L. Story of Eng. literature. 229. 

White, R. G. Fiction. 46. 

— England witliin and without. 374. 

— Every-day English. 168. 

— Life and genius of Shakespeare. 248. 

— Studies in Sbakes]>eare. 248. 

— Words and their uses. 168. 
Whiting, C. G. Saunterer. 250. 
Whiting, R. Fiction. 46. 
Whiting, W. War power. 167. 
Whitman, G. W. Amer. orators. 256. 
Whitman, W. November boughs. 263. 
Whitney, A. D. T. Fiction. 46. 

— Juvenile fiction. 85. 

— Just how. 206. 

— Mother Goose for grown folks. 238. 
Whitney, W. D. Language. 168. 

— Life and growth of language. 168. 
Whittier, J. G. Fiction. 46. 

— Literary recreations. 263. 

— Old portraits. 314. 

— Poems. 230. 

— ed. Child life. 233. 

Songs of three centuries. 233. 

Whittington, bir Rich. Life. 334. 
Whymper, E. Scrambles among Alps. 38L 
Why m per, F. Travels in Alaska. 402. 
Wichert, E. A. Fiction. 52. 
Wigan, G. Electrician's pocket-book. 178. 
Wiggin, K. Juvenile fiction. 86. 
Wilberforce, W. Life. 340. 
Wilcox, E. W. Poetical works. 238. 
Wild, J. Lost ten tribes. 128. 
Wilde, J., et?. Circle of sciences. 171. 




Wilder, M. P. People I've smiled with. 412. 
Wilkeson,F. Recollections. 307. 
Wilkie, David. Life. 347. 
Wilkins, A. 8. Roman antiquities. 368. 
Wilkins, W. A. Fiction. 46. 
Wilkinson, Sir J. G. Ancient Egyptians. 367 
Willard, E. Hist, of the U. S. 302. 
Willard, F. E. How to win. 120. 

— Nineteen beautiful years. 324. 

— Woman in the pulpit. 408. 

William the conqueror. Life, 326. 
William l,o/ Germany. Life. 328. 
William III. Life. 327. 
William IV. Life and times. 327. 
Williams, A. B. .Juvenile fiction. 86. 
Williams, A. M. Poetry of Ireland. 234. 
Williams, C. W. On heat. 175. 
Williams, G. A. Fiction. 46. 
Williams, G. W. History of negro race. 150. 

— Negro troops. 307. 

Williams, U. T. Beautiful homes. 216. 

— Household elegancies. 216. 

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*• 7 5 

- t 



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SOS. ol;31 | 


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Mississippi 817.44;4 

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mance C1501 

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Deland, Margaret. Sidney 1)381 

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Hoir.e in the lirst century 1)463 

DuBois, C. G. Martha Corey; a tide of the 
Salem witchcraft 1)923 

Dudevant, A. L. ((r'eo. Sand.) Bagpipers. 

F D374 

— Nanon ^F 1)383 

Ebers, Georg. Joshua; a Biblical picture. 


Fielde, Eugene. Little book of profitable tales. 


Foote, Mary II Last assembly ball Foil 

France, Antole. Crime of Svlvestre Bonnard. 


Franzos, Karl E. Chief justice G F170 




Frederic, Harold. In the valley F937 

— Lawton girl F936 

French, Alice. (Octave Thanet.) Expiation.F946 

Gaspe, P. A. de. Canadians of old: an histori- 
cal romance F G125 

Gil more, J. R. Mountain-white heroine. .0354 

Harrison, < •. C. Anglomaniacs II570 

Harrison, Mrs. Wm. Mrs. Lorimer H581 

Harte, Bret. Waif of the plains H660 

Hearn, Lafcadio. Chita II912 

Henty, G. A. Bv England's aid; or the free- 
dom of the Netherlands II1048 

— By right of conquest, or with Cortez in Mexico. 

II 1049 

— By sheer pluck; a tale of the Ashanti war. 


— Chapter of adventures; through the bombard- 

ment of Alexandria H1051 

— Facing death; a tide of the coal mines . . I1 1052 

— Through the fray; a tale of the Luddite riots. 


Holly, Marietta. Samantha among the breth- 
ren 817.47:6 

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Isaacs, Jorge. Maria; a South American ro- 
mance C. 1110 

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Jewett, S. (). Strangers and wayfarers. . .J 306 

King. Chas. Campaigning with Crook and 
stories of army life K315 

— Sunset pass K314 

Kipling, Rudvard. Courtship of Dinah Shadd. 


— Plain tales from the hills K421 

— Soldiers three K422 

Kirk, Ellen (). Walford K4W 

Korolenko, Vladimer. Blind musician. R K136 

Kraszewskl, J. 1. The .Jew R K152 

Lamartine, A. de. Raphael F Llo3 

Lawless, E. With Essex in Ireland L29H 

Litchfield, Grace I). Little Venice and other 
stories I/>31 

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days of Herbert M779 

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F M14o 

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the children's crusade Mil 20 

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Ml 160 

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Osborne, D. Rol>c of Nessus O401 

Parker, Helen F. Constance Aylmer; a tale of 
the times of Peter Stuyvesant 1*221 

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Perry, Bliss. Brougbton house 1*370 

Phelps, E. S. and II. Ward. Master of the 
, magicians P442 

Robertson, M. By a way she knew not. R47n 

— Euuice R471 

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S1 180 

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— Great war syndicate S16K9 

— Merry Chanter SI 690 

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stories . . .' W1040 

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Woolson,C. F. Jubiter lights W1455 

Zoe: by the author of Miss Toosy's mission. . Zl 

Juvenile Fiction. 

Allen, Willis B. Northern cross J A. r >37 

— Kelp I A5S8 

— Cloud and cliff J A539 

— Red mountain of Alaska J Ao4l 




Andrews, Jane. Only a year J A591 

— Seven little sisters J A502 

— Seven little sisters prove their sisterhood. 

J A593 

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J B240 

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Boyesen, II. II. Against heavy odds. .J B509 

Brine, Mary D. Bonnie little Bonibell.J Bo70 

Burnett, F. II. Little Saint Elizabeth and 
other stories I B7t>2 

Butterworth, II. Zigzag journey in the great 
northwest J B7B2 

Champney, L. W. Vassal- girls in Switzer- 
land J C21<> 

Chatterbox for 1890 

Farrar, C. A. J. Camp life in the wilderness. 

J F157 

— From lake to lake J F158 

Finley, M. Elsie yachting with the Raymonds. 

J F300 

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stories J H550 

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mouth J H(>il 

Jacobs, J. English fairy tales J J110 

Ker, David. Into unknown seas. . : J K284 

Kerby, A. and E. Aunt Martha's comer cup- 
board J K880 

Lillie, Lucy C. Ilouseliold of Glen Holly. 


Linn, Beth. One little mustard seed.. . .J L240 

Lothrop, H. M. Adirondack cabin J L329 

— Five little Peppers midway J 1,337 

Moles worth, Mrs. Neighbors J M. r >80 

Moulton, L. C. Stories told at twilight. J M664 

Munroe, Kirk. Dorymates J M701 

— Under orders; the story of a young rejwrter. 

J M703 

Prentiss, E. Henry and Bessie J P419 

— Little Susy's six birth days J P41fi 

Pyrnelle, L. C. Diddie. Dumps and Tot. 

J P530 

Raffensberger, Mrs. A. F. Those Raeburn 
ghis J liiiu 

Richards, L. E. Capiain January J R213 

Seawell, M. E. Little Jarvis J S250 

Sewell, A. Black beauty J S275 

Stoddard, W. O. Chuck Purdy J S671 

— Crowded out o' Crowfield I S672 

— Red mustang J S673 

Trowbridge, J. T. Kelp-gatherers . . .J T436 

Wiggi n , Kate 1>. Timothy's quest. ... J W288 

Wiggin, K. D. and N. A. Smith. Story hour. 

J W284 

Wright, E. Freshman and senior J W425 

Wright, H. C. Princess Liliwinkins and other 
stories J W430 


Abbot, W. B. Battle-fields and camp-fires. 


Adams, II. Hist, of the U. S. v 3-6. . .973.4;3-6 

Allen, Grant. Anglo-Saxon Britain. . .942. 01; 1 

Allen , W. F. Short hist, of the Roman people. 


Ashton, J. Social England under the regency. 
2 v 942.07;4 v. 1-2 

Babcock, W. II. Two lost centuries of 
Britain 942.01;2 

Ball, J. T. Historical review of the legislative 
system in Ireland. (1172-1800.) 941.5;2 

Boynton, II. World's greatest contlict. (French 
revolution.) 944.04;4 

Bridgeman, R. L. Ten years of Massachu- 
setts 974.4;2 

Britton, W. Civil war on the border . .973.7;! 6 

Coffin, C. C. Fieedom triumphant. . . .978 7;3o 

DeLeon, T. C. Four years in rebel capitals. 


Dodge, T. A. Alexander; a hist, of the origin 
and growth of the art of war, and 
campaigns of the great Macedonian. 9H8.07;5 

Drake, S. A. Taking of Ijouisburg, (1745). 


Fletcher, C. R. L. Gustavus Adolphus and 
the struggle of Protestantism for existance. 


Fyf e, C. A. Hist, of modern Europe, v. 3. 


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Gi raid us de Barri, Cumbmisis. Historical 
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Grady, H. VV. New South 975;10 

Greswell, W. 1\ Hist, of the dominion of 
Canada 971;6 

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