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Mdccc Lxxix ,v 




SHORT historical notice of Chats- 
worth, and the gradual formation of 
its Library may not be without in- 
terest as a Preface to the foUowit^ 
i Catalogue. 

The Manor of Chatsworth, in the 
hundred of High Peak, in Derby- 
shire, was acquired by the Cavendish family' by purchase 
before the middle of the sixteenth century. 

In the Domesday Survey CheteSUORDE' is r^stered as 
held for the king by William Peurel,* an illegitimate son of 
the Conqueror, and the ancestor of a family, whose name 
Sir Walter Scott has made familiar. 
When we next hear of it, Chatsworth was in the possession 
' The House of Cavendish are of Norman descent ; their ancestor 
was Robert de Gemon, who came over with William the Conqueror, 
and in reward of his services had giants of several lordships in Suffolk 
and Essex. One of his lineal descendants, Roger, in the beginning 
of the fourteenth century married the daughter and heiress of John 
Patton, lord of the Manor of Ca-vendiih in Suffolk, fi-om which their 
sons assumed the name of Cavendish. Collins: "Memoirs of the 
noble Family of Cavendish," London, 1741. 

' Originally the name was probably CheleUfird, from CheUl, a Saxoa 

* In Langeleis 7 Chetesuorde. ftbF Leuanot 7 CheteL x. bou fre 
adgtd. Tra. x. bou. fi jacet ad Ednesoure. W. peurel custodit p regfi. 
Dom. Book, 1783, vol. L p. 373. 


of the Leche family, in whose hands it remained for several 
generations until sold by Francis Leche to the Agards early 
in the sixteenth century. 

The Agards did not long hold it ; Elizabeth Hardwick, 
better known as " Bess of Hardwick," had inherited vast 
territorial possessions in Derbyshire, and at her desire, as 
Collins writes, Sir William Cavendish, her second husband, 
sold his estates in the southern parts of England to purchase 
lands in Derbyshire, where her own friends and kindred 

Chief of such new purchases was Chatsworth ; soon after it 
became his. Sir William pulled down the old hall of the 
Leches and laid the foundation of a new house, which 
remained unfinished at his death in 1557/ 

Three sons and several daughters survived him. William, 
the second son, was distinguished for his eminent abilities. 
He took his seat in Parliament for Newport in the 31st 
year of Queen Elizabeth, and in 1605 ^^s raised to the 
peerage as Baron Cavendish of Hardwick by James I. On 
the death of his elder brother Henry in 1616, he succeeded 
to the Chatsworth estates, and soon afterwards, in 161 8, 
was created Earl of Devonshire. The third son, Charles, 
was father to William, Duke of Newcastle, who distinguished 
himself as a Cavalier General during the Civil Wars and as 
author of a splendid work on horsemanship.' 

' Collins : " Memoirs of the noble Family of Cavendish,** p. 138. 

' Collins says that Sir William was Cardinal Wolsey's secretar>', 
and the author of " The Negotiations of Thomas Wolsey, the great 
Cardinal of England," of which Lord Herbert, in his life of Henry VI 1 1., 
mentioned George Cavendish to be the author. But the late Rev. J. 
Hunter, in a pamphlet, "Who wrote Cavendish's Life of Wolsey," 
printed privately in 18 14. and reprinted in Singer's edition of Wolsey's 
life, has shown that the Cardinal's secretary and biographer was not 
Sir William, but, as Lord Herbert had said, his elder brother, George 

' " La Mdthode et invention nouvellc de dresser les chcvaux. An- 


Sir William's widow, Elizabeth, after some years accepted 
the hand of Sir William St Lo, Captain of the Guard to 
Queen Elizabeth, and after his death became Countess of 
Shrewsbury by her marriage with George Talbot, the sixth 
earl and her fourth husband, whom she survived.^ She 
continued and finished on a much larger scale than Sir 
William Cavendish had planned, the new hall at Chats- 
worth,' which soon acquired historical interest. Mary Queen 
of Scots was there held prisoner under the custody of the 
Earl of Shrewsbury from May, 1570, to April, 1571, and 
again for a short time in 1573, 1S78, 1579, 2i"d 1581. Her 
first letter from Chatsworth, dated the 31st of May, 1570, 
is addressed to the Due de Nemours ; her last letter from 
the same place was written to Pope Gregory XIII. on 
the 31st of July, 1581. The rooms which in the present 
building answer to the apartment occupied by her — they 
are in the upper story of the east wing and look upon the 
quadrangle — still retain her name, though their furniture has 
been removed to Hardwick Hall. A raised massive con- 
struction of stone in the Park, surrounded by a moat, where 
according to tradition she was wont to go to breathe fresh 
air, is called to this day "Queen Mary's Bower."* 

It was in the old house at Chatsworth and in the hall at 

vers, 1557, foL" First edition, often reprinted. For English editions 
of it, see Catal., voL i. p. 344. 

* Hobbes sang her praises : — 

... At quota pars ea laudis Eliza; 
Salopicse ? qus multa et magna palatia struxit ; 
Magnas divitias, magnamque bonamque paravit 
Famam ; quse magnos sibi conciliavit amicos, 
Omavitque humiles ; multam, magnamque reliquit 
Prolem . . . " De Mirabilibus Pecci." 

" Magna palatia " were Chatsworth, Hardwick, Oldcotes, Welbeck, and 

• Woodcut, vol. iv. p. I. ^ Woodcut, vol. iv. p. 113. 


' Hardwick that Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury spent most 
of his life. At the age of twenty he was engaged by William, 
first Earl of Devonshire, as tutor to his sons, Gilbert who 
died young, and William, afterwards second Earl ; after the 
death of the latter, his son William, third Earl of Devon- 
shire, was also placed under Hobbes' care. Hobbes died at 
Hardwick Hall on the 4th of December, 1679, at the age of 
ninety-one, a few days after he had gone there from Chats- 
worth with the Earl and Countess of Devonshire for the 
Christmas holidays. The manuscripts of all his works and 
correspondence are still preserved at Hardwick. His Latin 
poem " De Mirabilibus Pecci " contains the following de- 
scription of the Hall and Park at Chatsworth : — 

Alpibus Angliacis, ubi Pecci ' nomine surgit 

Darbensis r^o, monies ad sidera toUens, 

Foecundasque rigans non uno fiumine valles, 

Stat Chatsworth praeclara domus, tum mole superba, 

Turn domino, magnis, celerem Deroentis ' ad undam. 

Miranti similis portam praeterfluit amnis, 

Hie tacitus, saxis infra supraque sonorus. 

At mons terga domus rapidis defendit ab Euris, 

Ostendens longe exertis juga consita saxis, 

Prsesectoque die producens tempora somni. 

Summovet a tergo rupes gratissimus hortus, 

Pinguis odoratis ubi tellus fioribus halat ; 

Arbor ubi in mediis silvis sibi libera visa, 

Dat fructus injussa suos, ubi frondea tecta 

Arboreis praebent invito frigora sole 

Porticibus, potiora tuae, Maro, tegmine fagi ; 

Ars ubi, dissimulans artem, simulavit (ineptos 

Consocians ferro lapides guttaque peresos) 

Informes scopulos, et frigida fontibus antra. — 

Quam dulce est, inter circumque nitentia stagna, 
Instemente vias aestiva semper arena, 
Discipulum memet naturae tradere rerum ; 
Aut domino exiguum meditari carmine munus, 
£t multum Musis describere rura rogatis. 

» The Peak. ' The Dcrwcnt. 


Commodiore loco non usquam habitare, nee usquam 
Candidiore frui Musae censentur amico. 
Hinc ad tecta, solo surgente, ascenditur : extra, 
Augusta aspectu, sublimia, regia ; et intra 
Commoda, culta, capacia, splendida, ditia tecta.^ 

A more detailed description of Chatsworth as it was in 
his days is to be found in Charles Cotton's poem, " The 
Wonders of the Peak," of which we only give a few lines : — 

This Palace, with wild prospects girded round, 

Stands in the middle of a falling ground. 

At a black mountain's foot, whose craggy brow, 

Secures from eastern tempests all below. 

Under whose shelter trees and flowers grow, 

With early blossom, maugre native snow ; 

Which elsewhere round a tyranny maintains. 

And binds crampt nature long in crystal chains. 

The fabrick's noble front faces the west, 

Turning her fair broad shoulders to the east ; 

On the south side the stately gardens lye. 

Where the scom'd Peak rivals proud Italy ; 

And on the north sev'ral inferior plots 

For servile use do scattered lye in spots ; 

The outward gate stands near enough, to look 

Her oval front in the objected brook ; 

But that she has better reflection 

From a large mirror nearer of her own. 

For a fair lake, from wash of floods unmixt, 

Before it lies, an area spread betwixt. 

Over this pond, opposite to the gate, 

A bridge of a quaint structure, strength and state. 

Invites you to pass over it.' 

Bess of Hardwick's hall at Chatsworth was almost en- 
tirely pulled down by her great great grandson, William, 
fourth Earl and first Duke of Devonshire. William's life was 
a stirring one, even for the eventful times in which it fell. 
Bom in 1640 he travelled abroad, when very young, with 

* Hobbes, Opera quae latine scripsit omnia, studio et labore G. 
Molesworth, vol. v. pp. 335-26. 
' Cotton : ''The Wonders of the Peak," London, 1683. 


Dr. Killigrew, afterwards Master of the Savoy. On his 
return he bore Charles If.'s train at his coronation, took the 
degree of Master of Arts at Oxford in 1663, and in 1665 
joined the fleet as a volunteer, in which capacity he was 
engaged in the action in which the Duke of York defeated 
the Dutch. In 1669 he accompanied Montagu on his 
embassy to France, and there met with an adventure, which 
we tell in the words of Collins : — 

" Whilst he was at Paris he was most rudely affronted 
at an opera by three officers of the King's guard, who came 
full of wine upon the stage. One of them coming up to 
him, with a very insulting question, my lord gave him a 
severe blow on the face, upon which they all drew, and 
pushed hard upon him. He got his back against one of 
the screens, and made a stout defence, receiving several 
wounds, till a sturdy Swiss of my Lord Ambassador Mon- 
tagu's caught him up in his arms and threw him over the 
stage into the pit. In his fall one of his arms was caught 
upon an iron spike, which tore out the flesh, and left a scar 
very visible to his dying day. The assailants were clapped 
up by the King's command, and not released till my lord 
himself interceded for them." * 

Till the death of his father in 1684 he represented the 
county of Derby in Parliament, and afterwards took a lead- 
ing part in the events which led to the Revolution, and by 
his weight and influence contributed largely to its success. 
It was at a cottage inn, known as the " Cock and Pynot," 
on Whittington Moor, not far from Chatsworth, that he. 
Lord Danby, John d'Arcy and others met and planned 
their scheme. The chair on which the Earl of Devonshire 
sat on that occasion is still preserved at Hardwick as an 
historical relic. In 1694 William III. created him Duke of 

* Collins : Memoirs, &c., p. 157. 


Devonshire. He was a man of letters as well as a politician, 
and the author of " The Charms of Liberty," a poem occa- 
sioned by the " T^l^maque " of F^n^lon, whose personal 
friend he was. " In wealth and influence," says Macaulay, 
"he was second to none of the English nobles, and the 
general voice designated him as the finest gentleman of 
his time. His magnificence, his taste, his talents, his clas- 
sical learning, his high spirit, the grace and urbanity of his 
manners were admitted by his enemies. . . No man had 
done more or risked more for England during the crisis 
of her fate. . . He had stood near Russell at the bar, 
had parted from him on the sad morning of the execution 
with close embraces and with many bitter tears, nay, had 
offered to manage an escape at the hazard of his own life." ^ 

It was in 1688 that he began the erection of the present 
magnificent house, which was not finished till shortly before 
his death in 1707. The architect, William Talman, under 
the direction of Sir Christopher Wren, adopted the Palladian 
style of architecture, as may be seen from the west front, 
which still remains as it was when finished in 1702.* Some 
parts of the old hall were retained and incorporated in the 
new square building, such as the central hall and the long 
gallery in the east wing, which is the present large library. 
The cascade and most of the fountains in the gardens 
were constructed at the same time. The massive and ex- 
tensive stables are of a later date ; they were built by the 
fourth Duke in the latter half of the last century. 

The last alterations in the house, and the last additions 
on a lai|^e scale were made between 1820- 1840 by William, 
sixth and late Duke of Devonshire, from the designs of Sir 
Jeffrey Wyatt and under his direction. The chief entrance, 

' Macaulay's " History of England,'' voL ii. p. 33, and voL iii. p. 33. 
' Woodcut, vol ii. p. iii. 


which had previously been from the west, was now turned 
to the north. The new handsome gate was erected,* and 
to the old square house was added a long wing projecting 
in a north-westerly direction, in which are the great dining- 
room, the sculpture gallery, the orangery, the ball-room 
and the offices. The following inscription on a marble 
slab, in the central hall, commemorates the completion of 
these alterations : — 

Aedes has paternas dilectissintas 

Anno libertatis Anglica MDCLXXXVIII. institutas 

GUL. S. Dux Devonle anno mdcccxl kaeres accepit 

Anno mceroris sui MDCCCXL. perfecit, 

"Anno maeroris sui" alludes to the death in that year of 
his niece, Blanche, wife to William, Earl of Burlington, now 
seventh Duke of Devonshire. 

Great changes were also made in the gardens, under the 
direction of the chief gardener. Sir Joseph Paxton. It was 
in a conservatory built here in 1849 to contain the water- 
lily Victoria Regia^ that Paxton first introduced the principle, 
which he afterwards employed on a gigantic scale in the 
Crystal Palace built for the Great Exhibition of 1851.* 

The chief treasure of this historical house, of which we 
have endeavoured to give a short notice, is the library 
formed by the taste and learning of several generations of 
the Cavendish family. It still contains a few books, which 
from their date, the style of their old and worn binding, 
and the initials " W. C." on their sides, may be inferred to 
have belonged to Sir William Cavendish. A copy of Vitru- 
viuSf de Architectural Argentorati, 1550, bears his autograph, 

* Woodcut, vol. ii. p. 161. 

* For a more detailed account of Chatsworth and its grounds, see 
Mr. L. Jewitt's Chatsworth, Buxton, 1872. 


dated 1 5 57, the very year of his death, whilst he was engaged 
in building a new house on his recent acquisition.^ 

William, the first Earl, was one of the earliest of those 
adventurers who settled a colony and plantation in Virginia. 
On the discovery of the Bermudas he obtained, with the 
Earls of Northampton and Pembroke and others, a grant 
of these islands from the King. Most of the books and 
pamphlets in the library, which give the earliest accounts 
of Virginia, the Bermudas and America, are traceable to 
him. Some of them were formerly at Hardwick. 

Gilbert, his eldest son, who died before his father at an 
early age, wrote a book entitled, " Hora SubsecivcBy' which 
was printed without his name in 1620, and has often been 
attributed to Edward Blount. A copy of it is in the library, 
on the title-page of which is written " By Mr. Cavendysh."* 

The younger son, William, second Earl, who travelled 
abroad under the tutorship of Hobbes, survived his father 
only three years, and died in 1628, leaving four children by 
his wife Christian, daughter of Lord Bruce of Kinloss. He 
was very conversant with foreign languages, and some old 
French and Italian books in the library were collected by him. 

William, his son and third Earl, also received tuition 
from Hobbes, and travelled with him in France and Italy 
from 1634 to 1637. He was "bred to books," and many of 
the early editions of the classics, as well as of French and 
Italian works bear his book-plate, showing that they were 
collected by him during his long life. 

He died in 1684, and was succeeded by his son William, 
fourth Earl, and afterwards first Duke of Devonshire. After 
the short notice already given of his learning and accomplish- 
ments, it is hardly necessary to say that he added largely to 

* Catal., vol iv. p. loi. 

' Catal., vol. i. p. 218, voL iv. p. 344; Wood, Ath. Oxon., vol. iii. 
p. 1 1 96 of Bliss's edition; Collins's Memoirs, &c., p. 143. 


the family library. Many of the finest books, especially 
large paper copies, and those fine books in De Thou's bind- 
ing, which are so much admired in the library, were col- 
lected by him. 

William, his son and successor, who married a daughter of 
William Lord Russell, was a patron of the fine arts, and a 
distinguished numismatist. The rarest gem at Chatsworth, 
the Liber Veritatis^ or collection of original designs by 
Claude Lorrain, was bought by him. Claude was in the 
habit of taking a faithful sketch of every landscape he 
painted, with the double object of not repeating himself, 
and of knowing more easily the copies or imitations of his 
paintings which his enemies or dealers sold as his. On the 
back of each sketch he noted in his handwriting the date 
of the painting and the person for whom it was painted. 
These sketches he kept in a book which he called*Z/^ri^ di 
Veritdf and which at his death in 1682 he left entailed to 
his nephew and nieces. Louis XIV. tried in vain to buy 
it through Cardinal d'Estr^es, his ambassador at Rome. 
The Duke, however, after considerable difficulty, succeeded 
in securing possession of this invaluable work as soon as 
the entail came to an end, and the last owner was able to 
dispose of it.* 

The old gems known as "The Devonshire Gems," the 
drawings by the old masters, which are now arranged in 
the south gallery of the second floor, the rich series of 
prints by Mantegna, Marc Antonio, Albert Diirer, Rem- 
brandt, Callot, and other early engravers," and most of 
the books on numismatics and the fine arts, in which the 
library is rich, were collected by him. Maittaire, in de- 

' Dezallier d'Argenville, ''Abr^g^ de la Vie des plus fameux 
Peintres," vol. iv. p. 59. 

* It is intended to print a Catalogue of the collection of drawings and 


scribing a very rare edition of Claudianus De Raptu Proser- 
pincB^ praises him for the facilities he afforded of examin- 
ing rare books in his choice library.' 

William, third Duke and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, was 
also a man of letters and a collector of books ; he bought 
lai^ely at the sales of the libraries of Colbert, Baluze, Uilen- 
broek, Du Fay, Count Hoym, and others, which took place in 
his lifetime. 

Very valuable additions to the library were also made 
by the fourth Duke, William, whose marriage with Char- 
lotte, daughter and heiress of Richard Boyle, Earl of Bur- 
lington and Cork, and Baroness Clifford in her own right, 
brought Chiswick, Lismore in Ireland, Bolton Abbey, and 
all the Burlington and Clifford property to the Cavendish 
family. The precious Benedictional of St Ethelwold, the 
Prayer Book of Henry VII., the original drawings and 
masks by Inigo Jones, the large paper copies of several 
works on architecture, came from the Boyles. 

Several books in magnificent old red morocco binding 
and the Lamoignon arms were bought in Paris by the fifth 
Duke at the sale of the Bibliotheca Lamoniana. 

But the greatest additions were made by William-Spencer, 
sixth and late Duke, who is justly entitled to be called the 
founder of the Chatsworth Library in its present form. He 
had imbibed a taste for literature and books from his mother, 
Lady Georgiana Spencer, '* the beautiful Duchess " of Devon- 
shire, whose exquisite beauty Sir Joshua Reynolds handed 
on canvas to posterity, and from his uncle Geoi^e John, 
second Earl Spencer, who formed what is perhaps the finest 
private library in existence. 

* ^ Hunc vidi librum in lectissima ducis Devonise bibliotheca, cujus 
adeundae copiam mihi sepe dat vir ille praenobilis et perhumanus.'' — 
Ann, Typogr,^ torn. i. 17 19, p. 383. This edition of Claudianus is not 
in the Library at present ! 


The beautiful Duchess was one of the most accomplished 
ladies of her time ; her poem, " The Passage of the Saint 
Gothard," was translated into French by Delille and into 
Italian by Polidori, and splendidly printed by Bulmer in 
1803. She was almost as fond of fine editions and large 
paper copies as her brother ; to caricature his fondness of 
lai^e margins she had six copies of Bensley's edition of 
Bacon's "Essays," 1798, printed off on very large paper 
with six inches margin all round. The Aldine " Petrarca " 
on vellum in the library, with illuminations by Giulio 
Clovio, was bought and presented to her by Lord Spencer 
in return for the permission to choose some early editions 
out of the books at Devonshire House. 

Soon after succeeding to the dukedom in 181 1, and while 
still very young, William-Spencer, by the advice of Mr. 
Payne, the bookseller, offered ;^2o,ooo, exclusively of ex- 
penses of freight and duty, for the purchase of Count 
McCarthy's collection. The offer was declined,^ but the Duke 
was soon able to indulge his love for books by the purchase 
of the Dampier library. Thomas Dampier, Bishop of Ely, 
was one of the most learned bibliophiles of his day. He 
collected a large library, chiefly of rare editions of the Greek 
and Latin classics, of which the choicer part was sold after 
his death in 18 12, by his brother. Sir Thomas Dampier, to 
the Duke of Devonshire for ;^io,ooo, on a valuation made 
by Mr. Payne and Mr. Evans. 

The Duke afterwards bought largely at the sales of the 

Stanley, Home Tooke, Townley, Edwards, and Roxburghe 

libraries, which came into the market between 181 3 and 

181 5. The prices given at those sales for some of the books 

he purchased will be found at the end of this Catalogue; 

> The McCarthy collection was brought to London and sold by 
auction for 404,000 francs, from which, after deducting freight and 
duty, there remained about ;^ 13,000 ! 


they are of interest as showing the fluctuation in the prices 
of books. 

His last important acquisition was John Kemble's collec- 
tion of plays, which he bought in 1821 for £2flOO. This 
collection was for some years at Chatsworth, whence, for the 
sake of reference by living authors and bibliophiles, it was 
removed to Devonshire House in London. 

In 18 1 5, with a view to the formation of a great library at 
Chatsworth, by uniting there most of the books that were 
scattered among his several houses, he began to adapt 
the long gallery in the east wing for that purpose, by 
having the painted panels replaced by mahogany book- 
cases. A sitting-room on the ground floor at the north- 
western end of the house was also converted into a library. 
Upon the completion of these alterations, the collec- 
tion formerly at Devonshire House, the Dampier library, 
and the library which had belonged to Henry Cavendish, 
the eminent chemist and philosopher, were removed to 
Chatsworth, and united with the books already there. 
Henry Cavendish's library was presented to the Duke by 
his uncle Lord George Henry Cavendish, to whom Henry 
had bequeathed his whole fortune. The large collection 
of academical transactions, the greater part of the old 
books on chemistry, mineralogy, and mathematics, and 
the editions of the Classics which have Richard Bentley's 
autograph on their title-page, came from that collection. 

Since William-Spencer's death in 1858, the library has 
been further increased by his cousin and successor, William, 
Elarl of Burlington and seventh Duke of Devonshire, who 
has added the volumes of Humboldt, Gould, Martins, Wolf, 
Malherbe, Elliot, Audubon, and other large works on natural 
history, many mathematical treatises, and modern literary 
works in which the library was deficient, and has nearly 


completed the collection of county histories. He has also 
moved to Chatsworth several choice books from the library 
at Chiswick, some of which had belonged to the beautiful 
Duchess ; and on the death of his brother Lord Richard 
Cavendish, in 1873, transferred thither the select part of 
his library, consisting chiefly of works of the Fathers, theo- 
logical works, and modem editions of German and Italian 

And finally, in substitution for an imperfect and incorrect 
manuscript catalogue, which all the recent additions had 
rendered even more deficient, the present Catalogue of the 
library has been compiled and printed by his direction. 

J. P. Lacaita. 
Chatsworth, July^ 1879. 


VOL. 1. 


HE Upper Library . . . . i 

The Lower Library ... 102 
View of the House from the 



Another View of the House . i 

The Bridge in the Park . . 73 
West front of the House with the Garden, and in 

THE distance THE GREAT FOUNTAIN . .111 

Entrance Gate . i6i 

Ditto, seen from the House 226 

The State Apartment 330 

The State Dining-room 338 

Another State Room 365 

The Sculpture Gallery 383 


The old Hall as it formerly existed 

The Entrance-lodge at Baslow 

The Orangery and Saleroom, from the east 

The great Cascade 

The Italian Garden 

Interior of the great Conservatory 
Rock-work in the Pleasure Grounds 




The Willow-tree Fountain i 

The "Victoria Regia" 60 

Edensor Mill Lodge and Beeley Bridge .... 65 

Mary Queen of Scots* Bower 113 

Entrance to the Stables 136 

The late Sir Joseph Paxton's House in the Kitchen 

Garden 161 

The Gardens on the west front ..... 163 
Carvings by Gibbons over one of the doors in the 

Chapel -'171 



g. c—gilt edges. 

L. P. — Large Paper. 

o. c. — old calf. 

o. g. mor. — old green morocco. 

oL mor.— olive morocco. 

o. r. m. — old red morocco. 

or. mor. — orange morocco. 

o. v.— old vellum. 

r. mor. — ^red morocco. 

V. — ^vellum. 

I B^LARDUS, PetruS. Petri Abse- 
lardi, Abbatis Euyensis, et Heloisae 
conjugis ejus, primse Paracletensis 
Abbatissse, opera, nunc primum edita 
ex MSS. Codd Francisci Ambcesii, 
cum ejusdem przefatione apologetica, 
et censura doctorum Parisiensium. 
Parisiis, Buon, 1616, 4to. 

Letters of the celebrated Abelard and Heloise, 

with the history of their lives prefixed. Translated by 
John Hughes. To which is added Eloisa to Abelard, a 
poem, by Alexander Pope. Glasgow, Foulis, 1751, i2mo. 

Abelard to Eloisa. s. HOOLE (J.) 

ABBATIO, BauX) Angelo. De admirabili Vipera 
natunt, et de mirifids ejusdem facultatibus (cum fig.) Nori' 
berga, sumptibus et typis Sebasiiani Hmsleri, 1 603, small 4ta 
Abbot, John. 9. Smith (Jas. Ed.) 


ABBOT, Robert, Bishop of Salisbury. A Mirrour of 
Popish subtilties, concerning sacraments, the sacrifice of the 
mass, transubstantiation, etc. London^ Tho. Creede, 1 594, 4to. 

A Defence of the Reformed Catholicke of 

M. W. Perkins against the bastard Counter-Catholicke of 
D. Bishop. London^ G. Bishop, 1606-7. 2 parts in i vol. 
4to. with arms of James I. 

Abecedario Pittorico. s. Orlandi ; Serie. 

Abeilles, La R£publique des. s. Simon (J. B.) 

ABEL, Clarke. Narrative of a Journey in the interior 
of China, and of a voyage to and from that country in the 
years 18 16 and 18 17, containing an account of the most 
interesting transactions of Lord Amherst's Embassy to the 
Court of Pekin. Illustrated by maps and other engravings. 
London, 181 8, 4to. 

ABE LA, Fra Gio. Francesco. Delia Descrittione 
di Malta, isola nel mare Siciliano, con le sue antichitiL» et 
altre notizie» libri IV. Malta, 1647, fol. 

Abelard. s. Ab^lardus. 

ABHANDLUNGEN der Bohmischen Gesellschaft. s. 
Academies (Prague). 

der Koniglichen Akademie der Wissenschaften in 

Berlin, s. Academies (Berlin). 

der ChuHurstlich - Baierischen Akademie. s. 

Academies (Munich). 

— — der Hallischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft s. 
Academies (Halle). 

ABINGDON. Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. 
Edited by J. Stevenson. London, 1858, z vols. 8vo. 

s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

Ablancourt, N. P. Sieur d\ s. Perrot (Nic.) 
AbO Al Hasan, s. Albohazsn. 


Abi} Mohammed el Kasim. s. Kasim. 

Abulcacim, Tarif-Abentaric. s. Tarif. 

ABUL-FEDA, Ismael. Chorasmiae et Mawaralnahrae, 
hoc est, r^onum extra fluvium Oxum description ex tabu- 
lis Abulfedse Ismaelis, principis Hamah. (Arab. Lat Joa. 
Gravio edente.) Londini^ 1650, small 4to. 

De Vita et rebus gestis Mohammedis, Mos- 

lemicae religionis auctoris et Imperii Saraceni funda- 
toris. Ex Cod. MS. Pocockiano Biblioth. Bodl. textum 
Arabicum primus edidit, latine vertit, praefatione et 
notis illustravit Joannes Gagnien Oxonia, Theatro Shel^ 
doniano^ 1723, foL 

Descriptio iEgypti, arabice et latine. Ex Cod. 

Farisiense edidit, latine vertit, notas adjecit Joannes David 
Michaelis. GoetHngitB, 1776, 8vo. 

Annales Muslemici, arabice et latine. Opera et 

studiis Jo. Jacobi Reiskii ; sumptibus atque auspidis Fetri 
Friderici Suhmii; nunc primum edidit Jacobus Georgius 
Christianus Adler. HafnuB^ 1789-94, 5 vols. 4to. 

ABUL-FHARAGIUS, Gregorius, sive Bar He- 
BRiEUS, princeps Hamat Historia compendiosa Dynastia- 
nim, historiam complectens univer^em, a Mundo condito 
usque ad tempora authoris, res Orientalium accuratissime 
describens, arabice edita et latine versa ab Eduardo 
Focockio. OxonuB, H. Hall, 1663, 2 vols, in i, 4to. 

Chronicon S)rriacum. E Codicibus Bodleianis 

descripsit, maximam partem vertit, notisque illustravit 
Faulus Jacobus Bruns. Edidit, ex parte vertit, notasque 
adjecit Georgius Guilielmus Kirsch. Lipsia, 1789, 2 vols. 



BASLE. SOCIETAS Physico-Medica Basiliensis. 
Acta Helvetica, physico-mathematico-botanicomedica, figu- 
ris nonnuUis aeneis illustrata, et in usus publicos exarata. 
Basilea, lySi-TT, 8 vols, bound in 5, 4to. 

BATH. Bath and West of England Society 


Manufactures, and Commerce. Journal. London, 
1853-70, 18 vols. 8vo. 

BERLIN. SociETAS Regia Scientiarum : afterwards 


Lettres, — KOniglichen Akademie der Wissen- 

SCHAFTEN. Miscellanea Berolinensia ad incrementum 
scientiarum, ex scriptis Societati Regiae Scientiarum 
exhibitis edita, cum figuris aeneis et indice materiarum. 
Berolini, 1710-43, 7 vols, bound in 4, 4to. 

Histoire de TAcad^mie, depuis son orig^ne 

(174s) jusqu'en present (1769), avec les pitees orig^nales. 
Berlin, 1752-71, 22 vols. 4to. 

Nouveaux M^moires. Annies 1770- 1804. 

Berlin, 1772- 1807, 30 vols. 4to. 

Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Akademie 

der Wissenschaften, aus den Jahren 1804-19. Berlin, 
181S-20, 5 vols. 4to, 

Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde. 

Beschaftigungen. Berlin, J77S'79f 4 vols. 8vo. 

Schriften. Berlin, 1780-85, 6 vols. 8vo. 

Beobachtungen und Entdeckungen aus der 

Naturkunde. Berlin, 1787-89, 3 vols. 8vo, 


BOLOGNA. Instituto delle Sgienze ed Arti 
LIBERALI. De Bononiensi scientiarum et artium Instituto 
atque Academia commentarii. (Edited by F. M, Zanotti.) 
Bononug, 1748-91, 7 vols, in 10 parts, 4to. 

BOMBAY. Literary Society. Transactions. 
London, 18 19, 4to, 

BOSTON. American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences. Memoirs. Boston, 1785, 4to. 

BRUSSELS. AcAD^MiE Imp£riale et Royale 
DES Sciences et Belles-Lettres. Mimoires, Second 
edition. Bruxelles, 1780-88, 5 vols. 4to. 

Nouveaux M^moires. (From vol. 2Qth, 1847, 

they become, M^moires de T Acad^mie Royale des Sciences, 
des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.) Bruxelles, 
1820-67, 36 vols. 4to. 

M^moires sur les questions proposies par 

TAcad^mie qui ont remport^ les prix. Bruxelles, 1817- 
31, 7 vols. 4to. 

M^moires couronnis. Bruxelles, 1835-63, 22 

vols. 4to. 

Supplement aux M^moires couronn^s, et M^- 

moires des Savants Strangers publics par TAcad^mie. 
Bruxelles, 1840-70, 2i vols. 8vo. 

Bulletins. BruxeUes, 1836-56, 42 vols. 8vo. 

Annexe. BrtixeUes, 1853-54, i vol. 8vo. 

Tables g^n^rales et analytiques. !• s^rie. 

Bruxelles, 1858, i vol. 8vo. 

Bulletins. 2* s^rie. Bruxelles, 1859-71, 32 

vols. 8vo. 

CALCUTTA. Asiatic Society. Asiatick Researches, 
or Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal for 


inquiring into the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, 
and literature of Asia. Calcutta and Serampore, 1788-1836, 
20 vols. 4to. 

COPENHAGEN. Academia, afterwards Universitas 
Hafniensis. Acta Literaria, anno 1778. HafnuB, 1778, 

DIJON. Acad£mi£ des Sciences, Arts et Belles- 

Lettres. M^moires. Dijan^ ^7^7 A* 2 vols. 8va 

Nouveaux M^moires pour la partie des 

sciences et des arts. Dijan^ 1782-85, 4 vols. 8vo. 

DUBLIN. Royal Irish Academy. Transactions. 
Dublin, 1787-1856, 23 vols. 4to. 

■ Proceedings. Dublin, 1841-58, 6 vok. 8vo. 

EDINBURGH. Royal Society. Transactions. 
Edinburgh, 1788-1853, 23 vols. 4to. 

ERFURT. Academia Electoralis Moguntina 
Scientiarum. Acta, ann. 1776-96. Erfurti, 1777-96^ 

7 vols. 4to. 

Nova Acta, 1797- 1808. Erfurti, 1799- 1809, 

4 vols. 8vo. 

GOTTINGEN. Academia Georgia. Augusta, or, 
SociETAS Regia Scientiarum, afterwards, KOnigliche 
Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften. Commentarii. 
Gottingm, 1752-54, 4 vols, bound in 2, 4to. 

Supplementum. Altenburgia, 177 1, 4to. 

' No>a Commentarii Gottingcset Gotha, 177 1- 

77, 8 vols, bound in 4, 4to. 

Commentationes. Gottinga, 1779-1805, 16 

vols, bound in 8, 4to. 

Commentationes recentiores. GottingcB, 1811- 

28, 6 vols. 4to. 


GOTTINGEN. Gottingische Anzeigen von gelehrten 
Sachen unter der Aufsicht der koniglichen Gesellschaft 
der Wissensdiaften. Gottingen^ 1783-94, 36 vols. tx)und in 
12, 8vo. 

Hafnia. s. Academies (Copenhagen). 

HALLE. Halusche Naturforschende Gesell- 
SCHAFT, Abhandlungen. Dessau und Leipzig^ 17831 8vo. 

LAUSANNE. SocifiTfi des Sciences Physiques. 

M^moires. Lausanne^ i784-89» 2 vols, bound in i, 4to. 

Leipsic. Opuscula omnia Actis Eruditorum Lipsien- 
sibus inserta. s. Opuscula. 

LONDON. Ethnological Society. Journal. New 
Series. London^ 1869-70, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Geological Society. Transactions of the 

Geological Society. Established November 13, 1807. 
London^ 181 1-2 1, 5 vols, in 6 parts, 4to. 

— ^-^ Transactions. Second Series. London^ 1824- 
56, 7 vols, in 8 parts, 4to. 

Quarterly Journal, edited by the Vice-Secre- 
tary of the Society. London^ 1845-70, 26 vols. 8va 

— ^— A classified Index to the Transactions, Pro- 
ceedings, and Quarterly Journal of the Society, including 
all the memoirs and notices to the end of 185 s, by G. W. 
Ormerod. London^ 1858, 8va 

Horticultural Society. Transactions. Lon- 

don^ 1812-18, 7 vols. 4to. coloured plates. 

Transactions. Second Series. London, 1835- 

48, 3 vols. 4to. 

Royal Geographical Society. Journal of 

the Royal Geographical Society. London, 1833-61, 31 vols, 


LONDON. Royal Geographical Society. Pro- 
ceedings. Edited by the Secretary. London, 1837-70, 14 
vols. 8vo, 

Royal Institution of Great Britain. 

Prospectus, Charter, and By-laws. London, 1800, 4to. 

Notices of the proceedings and meetings of 

the Members. London, 1854-72, 6 vols. 8vo. 

Royal Society. Philosophical Transactions, 

giving some accompt of the present undertakings, studies, 
and labours in many considerable parts of the world. 
[From 1665 to 1791.] London, 1665-1791, 81 vols. 4to. 

Philosophical Transactions [from 1792 to 

1869]. London, 1792- 1870, 78 vols. 4to. 

Abstracts of the papers printed in the Philo- 
sophical Transactions, from 1800 to 1854 inclusive. London, 
1832-54, 6 vols. 8vo. 

Proceedings of the Royal Society, from Feb- 
ruary, 1854, being a continuation of the series entitled Ab- 
stracts of the papers, &c London, 1856-70, 12 vols. 8vo. 
(From 7th to i8th.) 

The History of the Royal Society, from its 

first rise. s. BiRCH (Th.) 

The History of the Royal Society of London. 

s. Sprat (Th.) 

History of the Royal Society, s. THOMSON 


Legends no Histories ; or, a specimen of some 

animadversions upon the History of the Royal Society, s. 
Stubbe (H.) 

Table des M^moires imprimis dans les Trans- 
actions, depuis 1665. s. Bremond (Fr.) 

A Review of the works of the Royal Society. 

s. Hill (J.) 


LONDON. Royal Society. Six discourses delivered 
by Sir John Pringle, when President of the Royal Society. 

s. Pringle (J.) 

The History of Fluxions, s. Raphson (J.) 

Society of Antiquaries. Archaeologia, or 

miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, published by 
the Society of Antiquaries of London. London^ 1770- 1857, 
37 vols. 4to. and 2 vols, of Indexes. 

Liber quotidianus Contrarotulatoris Garde- 

robae anno reg^i regis Edwardi I. vigesimo octavo, A.D. 1299- 
1300, ex Cod. MS. in biblioth. sua asservato typis edidit 
Soc Antiq. Londinensis. London, 1787, 4to. 

A Collection of ordinances and regulations for 

the government of the Royal Household made in divers 
reigns, from king Edward IIL to king William and queen 
Mary; also receipts in ancient Cookery. London, 1790, 4to. 

Vetusta Monumenta : quae ad Rerum Britan- 

nicarum memoriam conservandam Societas Antiquariorum 
Londini sumptu suo edenda curavit. Londini, 1747-89, 2 
vols, bound in i, fol. 

Vetusta Monumenta. (Another copy of the 

1st vol. Early proofs of the prints. A general list of the 
Members of the Society from 17 17 to Michaelmas, 1747. 
Bound with) FOLKES, Martin. A table of English 
gold Coins from the i8th year of king Edward III. Lon- 
don, 1763, fol. 

A Description of nine Historical Prints, repre- 
senting kings, queens, princes, etc., of the Tudor Family. 
Selected, drawn, and engraved from the original paintings 
by Geoi^e Vertue. Republished by the Society, 1776. 
(Bound with 25 prints engraved by Geo. Vertue, and 
published by the Society. Portrait of Sir John Hawkwood. 
Four views of the ruins of Stanton Harcourt) Fol. 


LONDON. Society for the encouragement of 
Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Transactions. 
London, 1783-1843, 54 vols. 8vo. 

Supplemental volume, containing Charter of 

incorporation, &c. London, 1862, 4to. 

One hundred and six copper plates of mecha- 
nical Machines and implements of husbandry approved and 
adopted by the Society, s. Bailey (W.) 

Journal of the Society of Arts and of the 

Institutions in union. London, 1853-70, 18 vols, royal 8vo. 

Royal Society of Literature of the United 

Kingdom. Transactions. First Series. London, 1829-39^ 
3 vols. 4to. 

Transactions. Second Series. London, 1843- 

70, 9 vols. 8vo. 

Zoological Society. Transactions. London, 

1835-72, 7 vols. 4to- 

Proceedings, with illustrations. London, iZ^^ 

71, 22 vols. 8vo., and 2 vols, of Index. 

MANCHESTER. Literary and Philosophical 
Society. Memoirs. Warrington, 1785. London, 1802, 7 
parts in 5 vols. 8va 

Memoirs. Second Series. London, 1805-24, 

4 vols. 8vo. 

MANNHEIM. Academia Electoralis Theodoro- 
Palatina. Historia et commentationes Academiae sden- 
tiarum et elegantiorum litterarum. Mannhemii, 1766-94, 
7 vols. 4to. 

SociETAS Meteorologica Palatina. Ephe- 

merides. Mannkemii, 1783-90^ 8 vols. 4to. 


MONTPELLIER. SocifiTfi Royale des Sciences. 

Histoire de la Soci^t^, avec les M^moires de math^matique 
et de physique tirds des registres de cette Soci^t^. Lyon 
€t Mantpellier, 1766-7 S, 2 vols. 4to. 

MUNICH. ChurfOrstlich, afterwards KoNiGUCH, 
Baierische Akademi j: der Wissenschaften. Abhand- 
lungen. Miinchen, ^763-76, 10 vols. 4to. 

• Neue philosophische Abhandlungen. MUnchen^ 

1778-89, 5 vols. 4ta 

Denkschriften. Munchen^ 1809-25,9 vols. 4to. 

Historische Abhandlungea Munchen, 1807-23, 

5 vols. 4ta 

Abhandlungen der Historischen Classe. 

Munckm^ 1833-70, 11 vols. 4to. 

Abhandlungen der Mathematisch-Physika- 

lischen Classe. Miinchen, 1832-61, 9 vols. 4to. 

Abhandlungen der Philosophisch-Fhilolo- 

gischen Classe. Munchen^ 1835-66, 10 vols. 4ta 

Sitzungsberichte. Munchen^ 1860-70, 20 vols. 


Gelehrte Anzeigen, herausg^eben von Mit- 

gliedem der Koniglich-Bayerischen Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften. Muncken, 1835-60, 50 vols, bound in 25, 4to. 

NAPLES. Reale Academia delle Scienze e 
Belle Lettere. Atti dalla fondazione sino all' anno 
1787. Nc^U^ 4ta 

NUREMBERG. Academla Caesarea Naturae 
Curiosorum. Acta ph)^ico-medica exhibentia Epheme- 
rides. (Editlo secunda.) Norimberga, 1754, 10 vols. 4ta 

PADUA. ACCADEMIA Dl Padova. Saggi Scientifici- 
Letterari. Padova^ 1786-94, 3 vols. 4ta 


PARIS. Acad£mie Royale des Inscriptions et 
Belles-Lettres et Institut National. 

Histoire de TAcad^mie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles- 
Lettres, depuis son ^tablissement jusqu'4 present Avec les 
M^moires de litt^rature tir^s des registres de cette Acade- 
mic depuis son renouvellement, de 1701 i 1784. Paris^ 
1736-93, 46 vols. 4to. 

The first seventeen volumes are of the 2nd edition. 

The French Academies were suppressed in August, 1793. In the 
same year the Constitution directed the foundation of an '' Institut 
National des Sciences et des Arts;'' which was organized in i795> and 
was first composed of three classes, which published several volumes 
of " M tooires." 

In 1 8 16 those three classes became four Academies, which in 1832 
increased to five, as follows : — 

I. Acaddmie Fran^aise. 
II. Acaddmie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. 

III. Acaddmie des Sciences. 

IV. Acaddmie des Beaux-Arts. 

V. Acad^mie des Sciences Morales et Politiques. 

Each of the Sections published " M^moires." 

Histoire et m^moires de Tlnstitut Royal de 

France. Classe d* Histoire et de Litt^rature ancienne. Paris y 
18 1 5-1 8, 4 vols. 4to. 

— ^— ^— Histoire et m^moires de Tlnstitut Royal 
(National et Imperial) de France, Academic des Inscrip- 
tions et Belles-lettres, Paris, 1821-61, 20 vols. (Sth to 
24th), 4to. 

M^moires pr^sentis par divers Savants k TAca- 

d^mie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres de Tlnstitut 
de France. Premiere s^rie, sujets divers d'^rudition. Paris, 
1844-69, 7 vols. 4to. 

Deuxi^me sirie, Antiquit& de la France. In- 
stitut National. Paris, 1843-60, 4 vols. 4to. 

Comptes Rendus des stances. Academic 

des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Pr6c6d^s d'une notice 


historique sur cette compagnie, par M. Ernest Desjardins. 
Annies 1857-64. Paris, 1858-64, 8 vols, bound in 7, 


Belles-LettrES. Comptes Rendus, etc. Nouvelle s^rie 
(par Am^d^e Tardieu). Annies 1865-68. Paris, 1865-69. 
4 vols. 8vo. 

Littirature et beaux-arts. Paris, an VI.-XII. 

5 vols. 4to. 

— M^moires de Tlnstitut National des sciences 

et arts. — Sciences morales et politiques. Paris, an VI.-XII. 
(1798- 1 803), 5 vols. 4to. 

M^moires de TAcad^mie Royale (et Imp^ale) 

des Sciences morales et politiques de Tlnstitut de France. 
2* s^rie. Paris, 1837-62, 11 vols. 4to. 

Mimoires de I'Acad^mie Royale des Sciences 

morales et politiques de I'lnstitut de France. Savants 
Strangers. Paris, 1841-47, 2 vols. 4to. 

Table gin^rale et m^thodique des M^moires 

contenus dans les recueils de TAcad^mie des Inscriptions et 
Belles-Lettres, et de TAcad^mie des Sciences inorales et 
politiques. Par M. Eugene de Rozi^re et M. Eugene 
Chatel. Paris, 1856, 4to. 

AcADfiMiE Royale des Sciences. Regiae 

Sdentiarum Academix historia, autore Joanne Baptista 
Du HameL Parisiis, 1698, 4to. 

\ Secunda editio, priori longe auction Parisiis, 

1701, 4to. 

Histoire (et m^moires) de TAcad^mie Royale 

des Sciences, depuis son ^tablissement en 1666, jusqu'en 
1699. Paris, 1718-33, II vols, in 14 parts, 4to. 


(et m^moires). Annte 17009a Paris^ 1719-97* 93 vols. 

Suite des m^moires de rAcad^mie Royale. 

Ann^e 17 18. Traits de la grandeur et de la figure de la 
Terre. Paris ^ 1720, 4to. 

— ^— Elements de la G^m^trie de TinfinL Suite 

des m^moires. Paris ^ ^7^79 4to. 

Traits physique de TAurore Bor^ale, par M. 

de Mairan. Suite des m^moires, etc Ann^ I73i« Paris, 
1733, 4to. 

Relation abr^g^e d'un voyage fait dans 

rAm^rique M^ridionale. Lde k TAssembl^ publique de 
TAcad^mie des Sciences, le 28 Avril, 1745, par M. de La 
Condamine. Paris, 1745, 8vo. 

— ^— Mesure des trois premiers degj6s du M^ridien 
dans rh^misph^re Austral, par M. de La Condamine. 
Paris, 1751. 

Journal du voyage fait par ordre du Roi k I'Equateur, 
par M. de La Condamine. Paris, 17S1. 

Supplement au Journal historique du voyage k TEqua- 
teur, par M. de La Condamine. Paris, 1752. 

Supplement au Journal historique. Seconde partie. 
Paris, 1754. 

4 parts in i vol. 4to. 

Voyage fait par ordre du Roi, en 1750 et 175 1, 

dans TAm^rique Septentrionale pour rectifier les Cartes 
des c6tes de TAcadie, par M. de Chabert Paris, 1753, 4to. 

s. Cassini de Thury. 

Tables des matiires de 1666 i 1790, par 

Gedin, Demours, et Cotta. Paris, 1747-86, 5 vols. 4to. (vols. 
Sth to 9th, from 173 1 to 1780.) 



g^n^rale des mati&res, depuis 1699 jusques en 1734. 
Amsterdam^ I74i» 4to. 

Nouvelle Table des articles contenus dans les 

volumes de TAcad^mie Royale des Sciences, depuis 1666 
jusqu'en 1770, par Tabb^ Rozien Paris, 1775, 4 vols.4to. 

Recueil des Pieces qui ont remport^ les prix 

de 1720 k 1732. Paris, 1727.32, 2 vols. 4to. 

Ouvrages adopts par TAcad^mie avant son 

renouvellement en 1699. Amsterdam, 1736, 6 vols. 4to. 

M^moires de math^matique et de physique 

prdsent^ i TAcad^mie royale des Sciences par divers 
Savans, et Ids dans ses assemblies. Paris, 1750-86, 1 1 vols. 

Machines et inventions approuv^ par TAca- 

d^mie royale des Sciences, depuis son ^tablissement jusqu'4 
present, avec leur description, dessin^ et publi^es du 
consentement de TAcad^mie par M. Gallon (depuis 1666 
jusqu'en 1754). Paris, i735-77f 7 vols. 4to. 

Descriptions des Arts et Metiers, faites ou 

approuv^ par MM. de I'Acad^mie royale des Sciences. 
Paris, 1 76 1 -8ft 12 vols. foL 

. M^moires pr^nt^ 4 Tlnstitut des sciences, 

lettres et arts, par divers Savans, et Ids dans ses assem- 
blies. Sciences math^matiques et physiques. Paris, 1805- 
1 1, 2 vols. 4to. 

' Base du syst&me m^trique d^imal, ou mesure 

de TArc du M^ridien compris entre les parall&les de 
Dunkerque et Barcelone, exdcut^e en 1792 et ann^ 
suivantes par MM. Mechain et Delambre. Suite des M6- 
moires de Tlnstitut Paris, 1806-10, 3 vols. 4to. 

M^moires de Tlnstitut National des sciences et 

arts. Sciences mathematiques et physiques. Paris, an 
VL (i798)-i8i8, 14 vols. 4ta 


PARIS. AcADfiMiE Roy ALE des Sciences. Rapports 
et discussions de toutes les Classes de I'Institut de France 
sur les ouvrages admis au concours pour les prix d^cennaux. 
Paris, 1810, 4to. 

M^moires de TAcad^mie royale (et imp^riale) 

des Sciences de Tlnstitut de France. Annies 1816-67. 
Paris, 1818-70, 36 vols. 4to. 

M^moires pr^sent^s par divers Savants k 

TAcad^mie royale (et imp^riale) des Sciences de I'lnstitut 
de France, et imprimis par son prdre. Sciences math6- 
matiques et physiques. Paris, 1827-68, 18 vols. 4to. 

Recueil des Discours, Rapports et Pieces 

diverses lus dans les stances publiques et particuli^res de 
TAcad^mie Frangaise, 1803-69. Paris, 1847-72, lovols. 4to. 

Comptes Rendus hebdomadaires des stances 

de TAcad^mie des Sciences, publics conform^ment k une 
d^ision de TAcaddmie en date du 13 Juillet, 1835, par 
MM. les Secr^aires perpetuels. Paris, 1835-72, 74 vols. 

Supplement aux Comptes Rendus hebdoma- 
daires des stances. Paris, 1836-61, 2 vols. 4to. 

Table g^ndrale des Comptes Rendus des 

stances de TAcad^mie des Sciences. Tomes I**^ k LXI. 
3 AoQt, 1835, k 30 D^mbre, 1865. Paris, 1853-70, 2 
vols. 4to. 

Recueil d'observations geod&iques, astrono- 

miques et physiques, ex^cut^es par ordre du Bureau des 
Longitudes de France, en Espagne, en France, en Angle- 
terre et en fecosse, pour determiner la variation de la 
pesanteur, et des degr^s terrestres ; r^dig^ par MM. Biot 
et Arago. Paris, 1821, 4to. 

SocifiTfi Royale de M£decine, Histoire 

de la Society. Annees 1776-1785. Paris, 1779-88, 7 vols. 


PHILADELPHIA. American Philosophical So- 
ciety FOR THE Promoting of Useful Knowledge. 

Transactions. Philadelphia, 177 1- 1804, 6 vols. 4to, 

PRAGUE. B6HMISCHE Privat Gesellschaft. Ab- 
handlungen zur Aufnahme der Mathematik, der vaterlan- 
dischen Geschichte und der Naturgeschichte, zum Druck 
befbrdet von I. Edler Ignaz von Bom. Prag, 1775-84, 6 
vols. 8vo. 


Wissenschaften. Abhandlungen. Prag und Dresden, 
1785-88, 4 vols, bound in 3 vols. 4to. 

Neuere Abhandlungen. Wien undPrag, 1791- 

98. 3 vols. 4to. 

SAINT PETERSBURGH. Academia Scientiarum 
Imperialis Petropolitana, afterwards Acad£mie Im- 
p£riale des Sciences. Commentarii, ann. 1726-46. Pe- 
tropoli, 1728-51, 14 vols. 4to. 

Novi Commentarii, ann. 1747-75. Petropoli, 

1750-76, 20 in ai vols. 4to. 

Acta, ann. 1777-82. Petropoli, 1778-86, 6 vols. 


Nova Acta, ann. 1783-1802. Petropoli, 1787- 

1806, 15 vols. 4to. 

M6moires, avec Thistoire, pour les ann^es 

1803-22. StPetersbourg, 1809-26, 10 vols. 4to. 

Recueil des Actes des stances publiqucs. 

St. Peter sbourg, 1827-49, 4 vols. 4to. 

M6moires, sixi^me s6rie. Sciences math6- 

matiques, physiques et naturelles. St. Petersbaurg, 1831-33, 
2 vols. 4to. 

• Sixi^me s^rie. Sciences math^matiques et 

physiques. St Petersbourg, 1838-59, 7 vols. 4to. 

Sixiime s6rie. Sciences naturelles. St. Peters- 

bourg, 1835-59, 8 vols. 4to. 



SAINT PETERSBURGH. Acad^mie Imp^riale 
DES Sciences. Sixi^me s^rie, Sciences politiquesy histoire 
et philolog^e. St. Petersbourg^ 1S32-59, 9 vols. 4to« 

M6moires. VII. s^rie. Avec des planches 

SU Petersbourg^ 1859-70, 14 vols. 4to. 

M^moires presentds k TAcad^mie par divers 

Savans, et lAs dans ses Assemblies. St. Petersbaurg^ 
1831-59, 9 vols. 4to. 

Bulletin scientifique. St, Petersbourg^ et Leip^ 

zig, 1836-41, 10 vols, bound in 2, 4to. 

— — — Bulletin de la classe physico-math^matique. 
St. Petersbourgf 1843-58, 17 vols, bound in 6, 4to. 

Bulletin de la classe historico-philologique. 

St. Petersbaurgy 1844-56, 15 vols, bound in 5, 4to. 

Bulletin. St. Petersbourg, 1860-70, 14 vols- 

bound in 12, 4to. 

Compte Rendu de TAcad^mie, pr6c6dd d^ 

r^tat de son personnel, par P. H. Fuss et A. MiddendorfT. 
St Petersbourg, 1850-56, 2 vols. 8vo. 

-^— Correspondence math^matique et physique 
de quelques calibres g^ometres du XVIII. si^cle, pr6c^d6e 
d'une notice sur les travaux de Leonard Euler, tant imprim^ 
qu'ine dits, et publi^e sous les auspices de FAcad^mie, 
par P. H. Fuss. St. Petersbourg^ 1843, 2 vols. 8vo. 

SIENA. Academia delle Scienze, detta de* 
Fisico-Critici. Atti. Siena, 1761-1808, 9 vols, bound in 
8, 4to. 

STOCKHOLM. Royal Academy of Sciences. 
Kongl. Maj^ Nadigste Stadfastelse pi Swenska Veten- 
skaps Academiens Grund-Regler. — Kongl. Swenska Veten- 
skaps Acad. Handlingar. (Transactions.) Stockholm, 1740- 
79, 40 V0I3. 8vo. and i voL of Index. 


STOCKHOLM. Royal Academy of Sciences. 

Nya Handlingar. (New Transactions.) Stockholm, 1780- 
1856, 70 vols. 8vo. 

^Arsberattelser om Vetenskapemas Framsteg, 

afg^fne af KongL Vetenskaps Academiens Embetsman. 
{Comptes-rendus of the progress of Sciences by members of 
the Academy.) Stockholm, 1822-56, 30 vols. 8vo. 

Ofversigt af Kongl. Vetenskaps Academiens 

Forhandlingar. (Comptes rendus, etc) Stockholm, ii/^^'S99 
10 vols. 8vo. 

— — Handlingar. Ny Foljd. Stockholm, 1858, 4to. 

TOULOUSE. AcADfiMiE Royale des Sciences, 
Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. Histoire et m^moires. 
Toulouse, 1782-88, 3 vols. 4to. 

TURIN. SociETAS PRIVATA Taurinensis, afterwards 
AcADfiMiE Royale des Sciences. Miscellanea phi- 
losophico-mathematica Societatis privatse Taurinensis. 
Augusta Taurinorum, 1759-73, S vols. 4to. 

M^moires de I'Acad^mie royale des Sciences, 

1784-1800. Turin, 1786-1801, 6 vols. 4to. 

— ^— ^ M^moires de TAcad^mie des Sciences, Litt6- 
rature et Beaux-Arts, anntes 1801-12. — Sciences physiques 
et math^matiques, 5 vols. 4to. — Litterature et Beaux-Arts, 
5 vols. 4to. — M^moires de TAcad^mie des Sciences, ann6es 
1813-14. Turin, 1803-16. 11 vols. 4to. (The vol of 
18 1 3-14 is marked as 22, for it numbers the 5 vols, of the 
Miscellanea Philosophico-Mathematica.) 

Memorie, 1818-38. Turin, 18 vols. 4to. 

— ^— — • Memorie. Serie II. 1839-66. Torino, 23 vols. 

— — — • Gradus Taurinensis (Dom. Can. Beccaria). 
Augusta Taurinorum, 1774- 

Dimensio graduum Meridiani Viennensb et Hungarici, 
peracta ii Josepho Liescang. Vindobona, 1770, 2 parts in 
I voL 4to. 


UPSAL. SOCIETAS Regia Scientiarum Upsalensis, 
Acta literaria, ab anno 1720 ad annum 175a UpsaluB et 
Stacklwlm^ 1720-51, 5 vols. 4to. 

Nova Acta, Upsalue, 1773-1815, 7 vols. 

bound in 4 vols. 4to. 

VERONA. SocietA Italiana delle Scienze. 
Memorie di matematica e di fisica. Verotta e Modena, 1782- 
1823, 19 vols, in 23 parts, 4to. 

ACCIAJOLI, DONATO. Expositio super libros Ethi- 
corum Aristotelis in novam traductionem Argiropyli Bisantii, 
ad clarissimum virum Cosmum Medicem. Florentug, apud 
Sanctum Jacobimi de Ripoli, 1478, fol. 

ACCIPITRLE rei Scriptores. s. Scriptores. 

ACHARDS, Franz Carl. Chymisch-physische 
Schriften. Berlin^ 1780, 8vo. 

ACH ARISIO, Alberto. Vocabolario, grammatica, et 
orthographia de la Lingua Volgare, con ispositioni di molti 
luoghi di Dante, Petrarca, et del Boccaccio. Cento, in casa 
de lauttore, del nuse di Zugno, 1 543, 4to. 

ACHILLES TATIUS. Dell' amore di Leucippe, et 
di Clitophonte. Tradotto della lingua greca nella italiana. 
Vinegia, Ruffinelli, 1578, small 8vo. 

ACHILLINI, Claudio. Poesie, dedicate al grande 
Odoardo Farnese, duca di Parma. Bologfta, 1632, 4to, o. g. 

Rime e prose. Vefietia, 1650, i8mo. 

ACOSTA, Christoval. Tractado de las drogas, y 
medicinas de las Indias Orientales, con sus plantas debuxa- 
das al bivo. Burgos, Martin de Victoria, 1578, 8vo. 

Trattato della historia, natura et virtil delle 

droghe medicinali et altri semplici rarissimi, che vengono 
portati dalle Indie Orientali in Europa. Venetia, Ziletti, 
1585, 4to. 


ACQUAVIVA, Belisario. Belisarii Aquivivi Ara- 
gonei, Neritonorum Ducis, de Instituendis liberis principum. 
Paraphrasis in GEcon. Aristotelis — De Venatione et de 
Aucupio : de Re militari et singular! Certamine. (With 
Woodcuts.) Neapoli^ Joa. Pasqiut de Sallo^ ISI9> 2 parts 
in I vol fol. 


Acta Acad. Moguntinae. s. Academies (Erfurt). 

Acta Acad. Scientiarum PETROPOLiTANiE. s. Aca- 
demies (St Petersburgh). 

Acta Apostolorum. s. Hearne (Tho.) 

Acta Helvetica, s. Academies (Basle). 

Acta Literaria Suecle. s. Academies (Upsal). 

AcTES de la Paix de Nimegue. s. Nimegue. 

sive proverbia Graecorum, ex Zenobio, seu Zenodoto, 
Diogeniano, et Suidse coUectaneis. Partim edita nunc 
primum, partim latine reddita, scholiisque parallelis illus- 
trata, ab Andrea Schotto. AntuerpuB^ ex off, Plantiniana^ 
1612, 4to. 

^— — Another copy, 4to., o. r. mor. L. P., ruled. 

ADAIR, James. The History of the American Indians, 
particularly those nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East 
and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and 
Virginia. With an appendix containing a description of 
the Floridas and Mississippi lands. (Maps.) London^ I775> 

ADAIR, Sir Robert. Sketch of the character of the 
late Duke of Devonshire. London^ 18 11, 4to. privately 

ADAM, Rev. Thomas. Private thoughts on religion, 
with an introductory essay, by the Rev. Daniel Wilson. 
Glasgow^ 1 83 1, small Svo. 


ADAMS, George. Micrographia illustrata : or, the 
knowledge of the microscope explained London^ 1747 f 

ADAMS, George, Junior. An essay on electricity. 
London, 1785, 8vo. 

ADAMS, John. Index Villaris: or, an alphabetical 
table of all the cities, market-towns, parishes, villages, and 
private seats in England and Wales. Lofidon, 1680, foL 

ADAMS, Robert. The Narrative of Robert Adams, a 
sailor, who was wrecked on the Western Coast of Africa 
in the year 18 10; was detained three years in slavery by 
the Arabs of the Great Desert, and resided several months 
in the city of Timbuctoo. London, 18 16, 4to. 

ADAMS, William. Fifteen discourses delivered before 
the University of Oxford. London, 1716, 8vo. 

ADAMS, William. The Gem of the Peak, or Matlock 
Bath and its vicinity. (Map and plates.) London, iS^S, i2mo. 

ADAMS, William, and BOWLES, John. Correspon- 
dence. London, 1804, 4to. 

Adamson, John. s. James I. 

Adamus de Domerham. Historia de rebus gestis 
Glastoniensibus. s. Hearne (Thos.) 

Adamus Murimuthensis. Chronica, s. English 
Historical Society. 

ADANSON, Michel. Histoire naturelle du S^n^gal. 
Coquillages. Avec la Relation abr^g^e d'un voyage fait en 
ce pays pendant les ann^es 1749*53. Ouvrage orn^ de 
figures. Paris, 1757, 4to. 

ADDISON, The Rt. Hon. Joseph. Works. (Portrait 
engraved by Vertue, and plates.) London, Tonson, 1721, 
4 vols. 4to. 


ADDISON, The Rt Hoil Joseph. Remarks on several 
parts of Italy, in the years 1701, 1702, and 1703. London^ 
1 70s, 8vo. 

The Freeholder, or political essays. London, 17 16, 


Another copy, L. P. 

Poems on several occasions. Remarks on several 

parts of Italy. Cato. The Haunted house. Rosamund. 
Paradise Lost. Glasgow, FouliSy 1750-58, 4 vols. i2mo. 

The Guardian, s. Periodical Publications. 

The Spectator, s. Periodical Publications. 

ADIMARI, Raffaelk Sito Riminese, dove si tratta 
della cittd et sue parti. Brescia^ 161 6, 4to. 

Admirables Efectos de la Providencia. s. P. D. M. G. 

ADOLPHUS, John. The British Cabinet, containing 
portraits of illustrious personages, engraved from original 
portraits, with biographical memoirs. London, I799» ^^^' 

The political state of the British Empire. London, 

1818, 4vols. 4to. 

Ado Viennensis. s. Gregorius Turonicus. 

ADRIANI, GlO. Battista. Istoria de' suoi tempi; 
d! nuovo mandata in luce (1536-74). Firenze, Giunti, 
1583, foL 

ADRICHOMIUS, Christianus. Theatrum Terras 
Sanctae et Biblicarum historiarum, cum tabulis gec^ra^ 
ptuds aere expressis. Colonia Agrippina, 161 3, fol. 

Advice to Julia, s. Luttrel (H.) 

Advis Fidelle aux veritables Hollandois. s. WlCQUE- 
FORT (Abr.) 


iELiA LiELiA Crispis. s. White (R.) Malvasia(c). 


iELIANUS, Claudius. Variae Historiae libri XIV. 
Ex Heraclide de rebus publids commentarium. Polemonis 
et Adamantii physionomia. Melampodis ex palpitationibus 
divinatio. De Nevis. (Gr.) Roma, in (Bdibus Perusciif 
1 545, small 4to. First edition. 

Another copy. 

Variae Historiae lib. I. et II. (Gr.) Parisiis, 

1638, 4to. 

Varia Historia ad mstos. Codices nunc primum 

recog^ita et castigata. Cum versione Justi Vulteij, et per- 
petuo commentario Jacobi Perizonii. (Gr. Lat.) Lugduni in 
Batavis, 1701, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Varia Historia, cum notis integris Conn Gesneri, 

John. Schefferi, Tanaquilli Fabri, Joach. Kuhnii, Jac. 
Perizonii, et interpretatione latina Justi Vulteij. Curante 
Abr. Gronovio, qui et suas adnotationes adjecit (Gr. Lat) 
Amstelodami, i73i» 2 vols. 4to. L. P. 

De Natura Animalium libri XVII. cum animad- 

versionibus Conradi Gesneri et Danielis Wilhelmi Trilleri, 
curante Abr. Gronovio, qui et suas adnotationes adjecit. 
(Gr. Lat) Londini, Bowyer, I744i 2 vols. 4to. 

iELIANUS Tacticus. De Militaribus Ordinibus 
instituendis more Graecorum liber, a Fr. Robertello nunc 
primum grsece editus, multisque imaginibus et picturis ab 
eodem illustratus. — A Francisco Robertello in latinum 
sermonem versus. Venetiis, apud Spinellos, 1552. Two 
parts in i vol. 4to. o. r. mor. De Peiresc's copy. 

CI. i£liani et Leonis Imp. Tactica, sive de instru- 

endis aciebus. Gr. et Lat. Cum notis et animadversioni- 
bus Joannis Meursii et Sixti Arcerii. Accedunt praeliorum 
aliquot descriptiones ; additis tabulis seneis. Lugduni 
Batavorum, apud Ludov. Elzevirium, 161 3. 2 parts in 
I vol. 4to. 

The Tacticks of iElian, or art of embattailing an 

army after y* Grecian manner, Englished and illustrated w*** 


iigures throughout, and notes upon y* chapters of y* ordinary 
motions of y* Phalange, by J. B. (Bingham.) The exercise 
military of y* English by y* order of that great Generall, 
Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, is added. London, 
1616, fol. plates by E. Gelius. (The ist vol.) 

iELius, Antonius, Nebrissensis. s. Antonio de 

iEMYLIUS, Georgius. s. Holbein (H.) 

iEMILIUS, Paulus, s. Emilio (P.) 


(E. S.) 


iESCHINES. iEschinis et Demosthenis orationes ad- 
versarise. (Gr.) Parisiis, Christiamis Wechelus, 1543, 
small 4to. with MS. marginal notes. 

iEschinis et Demosthenis orationes quatuor inter 

se contrarise. (Gr.) Venetiis, apud Federicunt Turrisanum, 
1549, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

iEschinis in Ctesiphontem et Demosthenis pro 

Corona orationes. (Gr.) Cum delectu annotationum, prs- 
cipue k Tayloro, Marklando, Reiskio. Editio secunda. 
Oxonii, 1807, 8vo. 

Epistolse. (Gr.) Lovanij\ ex officina Rutgeri Rescij, 


Epistolae, a Renato Guillonio latinae factae. Pari- 

siis, Andreas Wechelus, 1555, 4to. 

Socratid Dialog! tres, graece et latine. Ad quos 

accedit quarti latinum fragmentum. Vertit et notis illus- 
travit Joannes Clericus, cujus additae sunt Silvae philological 
Amstelodamif 171 1, 8vo. 

Due Oration!, Tuna di Eschine contra di 

Tesifonte, Taltra di Demosthene a sua difesa, tradotte 
per un gentilhuomo Fiorentino. Vinegia, Aldus, 1554. — II 
Liside di Platone de TAmidtia, trad, da Fn Colombi : et il 


Furore poetico, trad, da Nicolo Trevisani. Vinegia, iS48- — 
Oratione di Demostene contra la legge di Lettine. Vinegia^ 
Aldus, 1555. 

3 parts, in i vol. small 8vo. 

s. Demosthenes. 

iESCHYLUS. Tragoediae sex. (Gr.) Venetiis, in 
(Bdibus Aldi et Andrece saceri, 1518, 8vo. 

Tragoediae sex. (Gr.) Parisiis, ex officina Adriani 

Tumebi, IS52, 8vo, 

Another copy, r. mor. L. P. 

Tragoediae septem. A Francisco Robortello Uti- 

nensi nunc primum ex manuscriptis libris ab infinitis erratis 
expurgatae, ac suis metris restitutae. (Gr.) Venetiis, apud 
Gualterium Scottum, ^SS^9 ^vo. r. mor. 

Tragoediae VII. Quae cum omnes multo quam 

antea castigatiores eduntur, turn vero una, quae mutila et 
decurtata prius erat, int^^ nunc profertur. Scholia in 
easdem, plurimis in locis locupletata, et in pene infinitis 
emendata. Petri Victorii cura et diligentia. (Gr.) Parisiis, 
ex officina H. Stephani, 1557, small 4to. o. r. mor. L. P. 

Tragoediae VII. in quibus, praeter infinita menda 

sublata, carminum omnium ratio hactenus ignorata nunc 
primum proditur ; opera Gulielmi Canteri. (Gr.) Antuer- 
pice, ex officina Christ. Plantini, 1580, i8ma 

Tragoediae septem : cum scholiis graecis omnibus ; 

deperditorum dramatum fragmentis, versione et commen- 
tario Thomae Stanleii. (Gr. Lat.) Londini^ 1664, fol. 
a r. mor. With the arms of Lamoignon. 

Tragoediae superstites, gp^ca in eas scholia, 

et deperditarum fragmenta; cum versione latina et com- 
mentario Thomae Stanleii ; et notis F. Robortelli, A. 
Turnebi, H. Stephani, et G. Canteri. Curante Joa. Com. 
de Pauw, cujus notae accedunt. Hagce Comitum, 17 4$ t 
2 vols. 4to. L. P. 


iESCHYLUS. Tragoediae quas extant septem ; cum 
lectionibus variantibus. (Gr.) Glasguce^ Faulis^ 1746, small 
4to. r. mor. 

Tragoedise quas extant septem. Cum versione 

latina et lectionibus variantibus. (Gr. Lat.) Glasgucs^ 
Faults^ i7Al^9 2 vols. i2mo. r. mor. 

Tragoediae Septem. (Gr.) Glasguce^ Faults, 1795. 

With Flaxman's plates. FoL r. mor. with Dev. arms. L. P. 

The Tragedies. (Gr.) Re-edited with an english 

commentary, by F. A. Paley. London, 1855, 8vo. (Long's 
Biblioth. Classica.) 

Prometheus, cum interpretatione Mathiae Garbitii. 

(Gr. Lat.) Basile(B,per Joan. Oporinunt, 1559, i2mo. 

Tragoedia Septem-Thebana. (Gr. & Lat) Lutetue, 

apud Federicum Morellum, 1585, small 4to. 

iEschyli Tragoediae Prometheus, Persae, et Septem 

ad Thebas. — Sophodis Antigone. — Euripidis Medea. (Gr.) 
Ex optimis exemplaribus emendatae. (Studio Rich. Fr. Phil. 
Bnmck.) Argentoraii, 1779, small 4to. g. mor. L. P. ruled. 

Persae, ad fidem manuscriptorum emendavit, notas 

et glossarium adjecit Carolus Jacobus Bloomfield. (Gr.) 
CantabrigUB, 18 14, 8vo. 

Agamemnon, ad fidem manuscriptorum emendavit, 

notas et glossarium adjecit C. J. Bloomfield. (Gr.) Can- 
tabriguBy 1818, 8vo. 

Tragoediae sex, quot quidem extant, summa fide 

ac diligentia e graeco in latinum sermonem ad verbum con- 
versae, per Joa. Sanravium. BasiUcs, Oporinus, 1555, 8va 

The Tragedies of iEschylus, translated by R. 

Potter. Norwich, 1777, 4to. 

Prometeo legato, tragedia d'Eschilo, volgariz- 

zata e con annotazioni sul testo greco illustrata. Roma, 
I7S4, 4to. 

s. Tragkedle.— Meursius (J.) 


iESOPUS. iEsopi vita per Max. Planudem, gr. — Fa- 
bulae, gr. — ^Vita et fabulae latine reddite per Ryuucium 
Thettalum. — Fabulae selectae, gr. et lat. ad verbum redditae. 
Bonus Accursius Pisanus impressiU (Mediolani^ 1480?), 
3 parts in i vol. small 4to. ol. mor. First edition. 

Vita et Fabulae (Gr). Barth. Pelusii Justinopolitant^ 

Gabrielis Bracii Brasichellensis^ Joa. Bissoli^ et Benedicti 
Mangii Carpefisium sumptibus impressa. ( Venetiis, 1498), 4to, 

Vita et fabellae, cum interpretatione latina. . . . 

Gabriae fabellae tres et quadraginta ex trimetris jambis, 
praeter ultimam ex Scazonte, cum latina interpretatione. 
Phumutus seu, ut alii, Cumutus de natura Deorum . . . 
Palaephatus de non credendis historiis . . . Heraclides Pon- 
ticus de allegoriis apud Homerum . . . Ori ApoUinis niliaci 
hyeroglyphica . . . CoUectio proverbiorum Tarrhaei et 
Didymi, item eorum quae apud Sudam (sic) aliosque ha- 
bentur . . . Ex Aphtonii exercitamentis da fabula Prisciano 
interprete . . . Apolog^us iEsopi de Cassita apud Gellium. 
Venetiis, aptid Aldum^ mefise Octobri, 1505, fol. c. mor. 

iGsopi Phrygi vita et fabellae, cum latina interpre- 
tatione. Gabriae fabellae XLIII ; excerpta de fabula ex 
AphtoniOy Philostrato et Hermogene ; Homeri Batracho- 
myomachia ; Musaeus de Krone et Leandro ; Agapetus de 
officio regis ; Galeomyomachia. (Gr. Lat.) BasilecBy apud 
Jo. Frobetiiumy 15 18, 2 parts in i vol. i2mo. 

Fabulae (Gr.) Vinegia, Fratelli di Nicolini da 

Sabio, 1 543, 4to. 

Vita et fabulae, plures et emendatiores, ex vetustiss. 

codice Bibliothecae Regiae. (Gr.) Lutetue^ exofficina Roberti 
Stephanie 1 546, 4to. 

Fabulae aliquot. (Gr.) Antuerpice^ 1581, i2mo. 

Fabulae selectiores. Accessit interpretatio. (Gr. 

Lat.) Parisiis, Cramoisy^ 1643, i2mo. 

Fabularum iEsopicarum delectus. (Gr. Lat.) Item 

fabulae hebraicae et Arabicae selectae. Oxonice^ Theatro 
Sheldoniano^ 1698, 8vo. 


iESOPUS. Fabularum iEsopicarum Hbri quinque. (Gr.) 
Glasgucs^ Foulis^ I754> i2mo. r. mor. 

(Fabulae, cum commento. Lat.) Finit Esopus 

fabulator . . . Impresses p me Gerardu Leeu^ anno Domini 

1488, xiv die Mai;\ 8vo. wanting first f. 

iEsopi Phrigii Fabulae, ac diversorum elegantissi- 

morum authorum apologi. (Lat.) ColonuB, 1521, small 4to. 

iEsop's Fables, with his life : in english, French, 

and latin. Newly translated. Illustrated with 112 sculp- 
tures. To this edition are likewise added 31 new figures 
representing his life. By Francis Barlow. London, 1687, 
fol. o. r. mor. richly tooled, L. P. 

Esope et en frangoys avec les fables de Avian 

delphoce, et de Poge Florentin. Imprimees a Paris par la 
veufve feu Jehan trepperel et Jehan jehannot, small 4to. 
g. mor. With woodcuts. 

Les Fables et lavie d'Esope Prhygien, traduites de 

nouveau en frangoys selon la v^rit^ grecque. Anvers, Jean Vimprimerie de VAm^ Tavemier, 1561, i8mo. 

Fabule de Esopo historiate. (On the verso of the 

first f ) Accii Zucchi summa capanee Veronensis viri eru- 
ditissimi in Aesopi Fabulas interptatio p rythmas in libellQ 
Zuccharinu in scriptum contexta feliciter incipit. (Latin 
and Italian. Woodcut title, and an outline woodcut to each 
of 64 fables.) Small 4to. 59 ff. 40 and 41 lines, gr. mor. 

Vie d'iEsope. s. Meziriac. 

AFRICA. Proceedings of the Association for promoting 
the discovery of the interior parts of Africa. London, 1790- 
97. — Elucidations of the African geography, from the com- 
munications of Major Houghton and Mr. Magra (by J. 
Rennell). London, 1793. — Proceedings, etc. containing an 
Abstract of Mr. Park's account of his travels and discoveries, 
abridged by B. Edwards. Also, geographical illustrations, 
by Major Rennell. London, 1798, 3 parts in i vol. 4to. 

African Association Report, June i, 1805. London, 

1805, 4to. 


AGAPETUS DiACONUS. Scheda regia, sive de Officio 
Regis, ad Justinianum Ca&sarem. (Gr. Lat) Venetiis, 
ZacAarias Calliergi^ 1509, small 8vo. o. r. mor. 

AGASSIZ, Louis. Monographic des Poissons fossiles 
du vieux gres rouge, ou syst^me D^vonien (old red sand- 
stone) des lies Britanniques et de Russie. Neuchatel et 
Soleure^ 1844, 4to. 

An Essay on classification. London^ 1859, ^vo, 

Bibliographia Zoologiae et Geologise. A general 

Catalogue of all books, tracts, and memoirs on Zoology 
and Geology. Corrected, enlarged, and edited by H. E. 
Strickland and Sir William Jardine. London^ printed for 
the Ray Society ^ 1848-54, 4 vols. 8vo. 

AGATHEMERUS. Compendiariae Geographic ex- 
positionum libri duo. Cura et interpretatione Samuelis 
Tennulii (Gr. Lat.) Amstelodami^ 1671, 8vo. 

Agincourt, J. B. Seroux d'. s. Seroux d'Agin- 


AGLIONBY, William. Painting illustrated in three 
dialogues, containing some choice observations upon the 
art ; together with the lives of the most eminent painters, 
from Cimabue to the time of Raphael and Michael Angelo. 
London^ 1685, 4to. 

Another copy ; o. r. mor. L. P. 

The work is dedicated to William, Earl of Devon, Baron Cavendish 
of Hardwick. 

AGNESI, Maria Gaetana. Analytical institutions, in 
four books, translated from the italian by John Colson. 
London, 1801, 2 vols, in i, 4to. 

AGOSTINI, Antonio, s. Agustin (A.) 

AGOSTINI, Leonardo. Le Gemme antiche figurate 
Seconda impressione. Roma, Bussotti, 1686, 2 parts in i 
vol. 4to. 255 plates. L. P. 


AGOSTINI, Leonardo. Gemmx et Sculpture antiquae 
deplete, addita earum enarratione in latinum versa ab 
Jacobo Gronovio, cujus accedit prsefatio. AmsUlodami^ 
1685, 2 parts in i voL 4to. Agostini's portrait Frontis- 
piece, and 268 plates. 

A'GRAMONT, Joachim Alcarazius. DeTheatro 
Sag^ntino, sive de Zacanthaeo Visorio, epistola. Roma, 
1716, 4to. 

^ Agr£m£NS de la Campagne. s. Groot. 

Agresto da Ficaruola. s. Caro (A.) 

AGRICOLA, Georgius. De ortu et causis Subterra- 
neorum, lib. V. De natura eorum qux effluunt ex terra, 
lib. IV. De natura Fossilium, lib, X, De veteribus et 
novis Metallis, lib. IL Bermannus, sive de re metallica, 
dialogus. Interpretatio germanica vocum rei metallicae. 
BasiUa, Froben, 1546, fol. 

De re Metallica lib. XIL De Animantibus sub- 

terraneis, liber. Basilea, Froben, 1561, fol. 

De Mensuris et ponderibus Romanorum atque 

Grascorum. Basilea, Froben^ IS So. — H. H. Loriti Glareani 
liber de Asse, et partibus eius. Basilece^ ^SS^i ^o^- L. P. 

A most rich and superb specimen of Grolier's binding. 

AGRICOLA, Georg Andreas. A Philosophical trea- 
tise of husbandry and gardening. Translated from the High 
Dutch, with remarks, and adorned with cuts. With a preface 
by Richard Bradley. London, 1721, 4to« 

AGRIPPA, Heinrich Cornelius. De occulta Philo- 
sophia, libri III. Lugduni, 1550, 8vo. 

AGUILONIUS, Franciscus. Opticorum libri sex. 
AntuerpuB, ex officina Plantiniana, 1613, fol. 

AGUSTIN, Antonio, successively Bishop of Alife, 
and of Lerida, and Archbishop of Tarragon. Dialogos de 
medallas, inscriciones, y otras antiguedades. Tarragona, 
Mey, 1587, 4to. o. c mor. 


AGUSTIN, Antonio. Dialoghi intorno alle medaglie, 
inscrittioni et altre antichiti. Tradotti di lingua spagnuola 
in italiana da Dionigi Ottaviano Sada, et dal medesimo ac- 
cresciuti. Roma^ FasciotH^ ^S9^f ^o^* 

Discorsi sopra le medaglie et altre anticaglie, divisi 

in XI dialoghi. Roma, Donangeli, 1592, 4to. 

De Nominibus propriis tov YLaviatrov Florentini, cum 

notis. Barcinone, apud Natalem Basseron, 1592, fol. o. r. mor. 

AIKIN, Arthur. A Manual of Mineralogy. 2nd ed. 
London, 18 15, 8vo. 

AIKIN, John. England delineated : or a geographical 
description of every County in England and Wales, 2nd 

edition. London, 1790, 8vo. 

Description of the country from thirty to forty 

miles round Manchester, embellished with 73 plates* 
London, 179S, 4to. 

AIKIN, Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of king James 
the First. London, 1822, 2 vols, 8vo. 

Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First 

London, 1833, 2 vols. 8vo. 

AIME, J. J. Job, Narrative of his deportation to Cay- 
enne, and shipwreck on the coast of Scotland. London, 
1800, 8vo. 

Aim£ Martin, Louis, s. Martin (L, A) 

AINSWORTH, Henry. Certayne questions concern- 
ing : I, Silk, or wool, in the High Priests Ephod ; . . . 2, Idol 
temples ; . . . 3, The forme of Prayer ; . . . 4, Excommuni- 
cation. Handled between Mr. Hugh Broughton and Mr. 
Henry Ainsworth. {Londofi), 1605, small 4to. 

Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses, the 9 ^ 

booke of the Psalmes, and the Song of songs or Canticles. 
London, 1627, fol. 


AITON, William. Hortus Kewensis ; or, a Catalogue 
of the plants cultivated in the royal botanic garden at 
Kew. The 2nd edition, enlarged by William Townsend 
Aiton. London, 18 10- 13, 5 vols. 8vo. 

AIX-LA-CHAPELLE. Tableau d'Aix-la-Chapelle. 
1786, 8vo. 

ALAMANNI, LuiGL Opere toscane. Venetiis, apud 
fugredes L. A. Junta, 1542, 2 vols, small 8vo. 

La Coltivazione, al christianissimo re Francesco 

Primo. Parigiy Roberto Stephana, 1546, small 4to. 

La Coltivazione. Fiorenza, 1549, small 8vo. o. r. 


La Coltivazione di Luigi Alamanni, e le Api di 

Giovanni Rucellai. Colle annotazioni di Ruberto Titi 
sopra le Api, e con gli Epigrammi toscani dell' Alamanni. 
Si h aggiunta una dotta lettera di Giovanni Checozzi in 
difesa del Trissino. Padova, CominOy 17 18. (With Ala- 
manni's portr.) 4to. L. P. 

La Coltivazione di Luigi Alamanni e le Api di 

Giovanni Rucellai, con annotazioni del Dr. Giuseppe 
Bianchini da Prato sopra la Coltivazione, e di Roberto 
Titi sopra le Api. Milano, 1804, 8vo. Classici, 
vol. 53. 

La Coltivazione. Publicata da A. Buttura. Parigi, 

Lefcvre, 1821, 32mo. 

Alasandro VIL s. Leti (G.) 

ALBANL Indicazione antiquaria per la Villa subur- 
bana dell' excellentissima casa Albani. Roma, 1785, 8vo. 

ALBANI, Francesco, e BADALOCCI, Sisto. 
Picturae in iEde Verospia. Petrus de Petris delineavit ; Jo. 
Hieron. Frezza incidit. Ronue, 1704, fol. max. 

ALBATEGNIUS, Mahomet. De numeris Stellarum 
et motibus. Cum additionibus Joannis Regiomontani. 

BononuB, 1645, 4^^- 



Albe, Due d'. s. Alvarez de Toledo. 

ALBERE, Erasme. L'Alcoran des Cordeliers, tant en 
latin qu*en fran^ois ; c'est-4-dire, Recueil des plus 
notables bourdes et blasphemes de ceux qui ont os6 com- 
parer sainct Francois i Jesus Christ, tir6 du grand livre des 
conformity, jadis compos6 par fr^re Barthelemi de Pise, 
Cordelier en son vivant. Nouvelle Edition om6e de figures 
dessin6es par B. Picart. Amsterdam^ I734» 2 vols. i2mo. 

ALBERT, His royal highness. Prince. Addresses 
delivered on different public occasions. Published by the 
Society of Arts. London^ 1857, 4to. 

The principal Speeches and Addresses, with an 

introduction, giving some outlines of his character. Lon- 
don^ 1862, 8vo. 

ALBERTANO GiUDiCE da Brescia. Compendiosus 
tractatus de arte loquendi et tacendi, multum utilis. 
Impressump me Gerardum Leeu in oppido Aniwerpiensis (sic), 
anno dni, 1483, small 4to. 

Tre trattati della dilezion dlddio e del prossimo. 

Traslatati in volgar fiorentino da Bastiano de' Rossi. 
Firenze^ Giunti, 1610, 4to. 

ALBERTI, Leon Battista. Baptistae de Albertis, 
poetae laureati, de Amore liber optimus feliciter incipit. 
(In Italian.) 147 1, 4to. m. mor. 40 ff. 25 1. 

De re aedificatoria. FhrentuB^ opera Nicolaii Lou- 

renti Alamanif anno 1485, small fol. 
With B. Fairfax's autograph. 

L'Architettura. Tradotta in lingua fiorentina da 

Cosimo Bartoli. Con la aggiunta de Disegni. Firenze^ 
Lorenzo TorrentinOy 1550, fol. L. P. 

With MS. marginal notes ; the Earl of Burlington's autograph on 
the titlepage, and some Italian lines in praise of him on the fly-leaf. 


ALBERTI, Leon Battista. Delia Architettura libri 
X. della Pittura libri III., e della Statua libro I. tradotti in 
lingua italiana da Cosimo Bartoli ; nova edizione di Giacomo 
Leoni. (ItaL and Engl.) Londotiy 1726, 3 vols, bound in 
I, fol. 

Della Pittura e della Statua. Milano, 1804, 8va 

Classici Italiani, vol. 34. 

Lepidi comici veteris Philodoxios fabula, ex an- 

tiquitate eruta ab Aldo Manuccio. Luca^ 15S3, 8vo. 

A spurious work by L. B. Alberti. See a MS. note by Dampier on 
the fly-leaf. 

ALBERTI, Romano. Trattato della nobiltA della 
pittura. Roma^ ZannetH^ 1585, small 4to. 

ALBIN, Eleazar. A natural history of english In- 
sects, illustrated with 100 copper-plates, engraven from 
the life. London^ 1720, 4to. 

A natural history of english Insects, with notes 

by H. Derham. London, 1724, 4to. 

A natural history of Spiders, with other curious 

insects, illustrated with 53 copper-plates. London, ^731^$ 4to. 

A natural history of Birds, illustrated with loi 

copper-plates, engraven from the life. London, 1731-38, 
3 vols. 4to. 

ALBINOVANUS, Caius Pedo. Elegiac III. et frag- 
menta, cum interpretatione et notis Josephi Scaligeri, Frid. 
Lindenbruchii, Nic, Heinsii, Theo. Goralli et aliorum. Am- 
steliFdami, Mortier, 1715, i2mo. 

ALBIUS, RiCARDUS. Hemisphaerium dissectum, in 
quo obiter tractatur de Maximis Inscriptibilibus, et Minimis 
Circumscribentibus. Cum appendice de Cono scaleno et 
superficie ejus. RonuB, 1648, 4to. 


ALBOHAZEN. Preclarissimus in Judiciis Astrorum, 
Albohazen Haly, filius AbenrageL Noviter impressum 
et fideliter emendatum. Venetiis^per Jo. Bapt. Sessa, 1503, 
foL, with woodcut on title-page. 

Libri de Judiciis Astrorum, summa cura et dili- 
gent! studio de extrema barbarie vindicati, ac latinitate 
donati, per Antonium Stupam Rhoetum Praegalliensem. 
Basilea, ex officina Henrichi Petri^ I55 1, fol. 

ALBRIZZI, GlAMBATTlSTA. Teatro delle fabbriche pii 
cospicue in prospettiva della citti di Venezia. 4to. oblong. 

Forestiere illuminato intomo le cose pii rare della 

citti di Venezia. Venezia, 1740, 8vo. 

ALBRIZZI, GiROLAMO. L'origine del Danubio, con 
li nomi antichi e modemi di tutti li fiumi et acque, che in 
esso concorrono. Venetian 1684, i2mo. 

ALCEDO, Antonio de. The geographical and histo- 
rical Dictionary of America and the West Indies. Trans- 
lated from the Spanish, with large additions, by G. A. 
Thompson. London, 181 2- 15, 5 vols. 4to. 

ALCIATI, Andrea. Rerum patriae (Mediolani) libri 
IV. Mediolani, 1625, 8vo. 

ALCINOUS. Alcinoi philosophi ad Platonis dogmata 
isagoge. (Gr. 22 ff. 3olin.) Alexander Aphrodisius, De 
fato, fortuna, etc. (Gr. 12 ff. 28 lin.) 4to. 

Alciphron ; or, the Minute Philosopher, s. BERKE- 
LEY (G.) 

Alcoran. L* Alcoran des Cordeliers, s. Albere (E.) 

U Alcoran de Mahomet, s. Mohammed. 

ALCYONIUS, Petrus. Medices, legatus, de exsilio. 
Venetiis, in cedibus Aldi et Andrea Asulani soceri^ mense 
Novembriy 15 12 (sid), 4to. with the 2 blank leaves. L. P. 

Medices, l^^atus, de exsilio. Venetiis, in cedibus 

Aldi et Andrea Asulani soceri, mense Novembri, 1522, 4to. 
o. r. mor. with the two blank leaves. L. P. 


ALDRETE, Bernardo. Del origen y principio de 
la lengua Castellana, o Romance, que oy se usa en 
Espana. Ramay 1606, 4to. 

Del origen y principio de la lengua Castellana. 

Madrid^ 1674, fol. 

Varias antiguedades de Espafia, Africa, y otras 

provincias. Amieres, 1614, 4to. 

ALDRICH, Henry. The elements of civil Architec- 
ture according to Vitruvius and other ancients, and the 
most approved practice of modem authors, especially 
Palladio. Translated by the Rev. Ph. Sm}^ 2nd ed. 
Oxford, 18 18, 8vo. 

ALEANDRO, Girolamo, Elementale in Grxcas 
literas introductorium. Colonue, in (edibus Eucharii Cend" 
comi, 1520, 8vo. 

ALEANDRO, Girolamo, Junior. Antiquae tabute 
marmoreae Solis effigie, symbolisque exculptae, accurata 
explicatio. LutetuB Parisiorum, 1617, 8vo. 

ALEMAND, Louis Augustin. Histoire monastique 
d'Irlande. Paris, 1690, i2mo. 

ALEMANNI, NiccoixS. De Lateranensibus parietinis, 
a Francisco Card. Barberino restitutis, dissertatio historica. 
Rama, 1625, 4to. 

ALEMBERT, Jean le Rond d*. Recherches sur la 
pr^^ion des equinoxes et sur la nutation de I'axe de la 
Terre dans le syst^me Newtonien. Paris, 1749, 4to. 

Essai d'une nouvelle th^orie de la resistance des 

fluides. Paris, 1752, 4to. 

Traits de T^quilibre et du mouvement des iluides, 

pour servir de suite au trait6 de dynamique. Nouvelle 
Edition revue et augment^e. Paris, 1770, 4to. 


ALEMBERT, Jean le Rond d'. Nouvelles expe- 
riences sur la resistance des fluides. s. BOSSUT (C.) 

Recherches sur diflKrents points importans du 

systfeme du Monde. Paris ^ 1754, 3 parts bound in 2 vols. 

Opuscules math6matiques, ou m^moires sur diff<6- 

rents sujets de g^om^trie, de m^chanique, de optique, etc 
Paris, 1761-80, 8 vols. 4to. 

Melanges de litt^rature, d 'histoire, et de philoso- 

phie. Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam, ^77^$ 5 vols. i2mo. 

Histoire des Membres de TAcad^mie Franjoise 

morts depuis 1700 jusqu'en 1771. Paris, 1787, 6 vols. 

Aletheus, Theophilus. Pseud, s. Lyserus (J.) 

ALESSANDRI, Alessandro. Dies Geniales. Ro- 
ma, in adibus Jacobi Mazochii, 1522, 4to. First edition. 

Genialium Dierum libri VI. cum integris commen- 

tariis variorum. Lugduni Batavorum, 1673, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Alexander ab Alexandro. s. Alessandri (A.) 

ALEXANDER Aphrodisiensis. In priora analytica 
Aristotelis commentaria. (Gr.) — In sophisticos Aristotelis 
el^chos, commentaria. (Gr.) Florentuje,per hceredes PhiL 
JunUB, 1 521, 2 parts, in i vol. 4to. 

Problemata, Joannis Davioni studio illustrata. (Gr. 

et Lat) Parisiis, ex officina Conradi Neobarii, 1541, i2mo. 

ALEXANDER Magnus. Incipit liber Alexandri 
Magni regis Macedonie de preliis. (At the end) Explicit 
hystoria Alexandri Magni. Small 4to. 72 fT. 27 lin., oL mor. 
With a MS, note by Dampier on the fly-leaf. 

Itinerarium Alexandri ad Constantium Augustum 

Constantini M. filium, edente nunc primum cum nods 


Angelo Maio. Mediolani, 18 17. — ^Julii Valerii res gestae 
Alexandri Macedonis, translate ex iEsopo graeco, pro* 
deunt nunc primum, edente notisque lUustrante Angelo 
Maio. Mediolani^ i8i7> 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

ALEXANDER, William. Experimental essays on 
the following subjects : — i. The external application of 
antiseptics in putrid diseases. 2. The doses and effects of 
medicine. 3. On diuretics and sudorifics. London^ 1768, 

ALEXANDER, W. The costume of China, illustrated 
in forty-eight coloured engravings. (The Letter-press by 
W. Buhner & Co.) London^ 1805, foL r. mor. 

ALEXANDRE, DoM Jacques. Traits g&ti^ral des 
Horlc^es. Paris^ I734> 8vo. 

ALEXANDRE, P. Divers voyages de la Chine et 
autres royaumes de TOrient Paris ^ 1681, 4to. 

ALFIERI, VlTTORio. Tragedie. Siena, 1783, 3 vols. 

Alfieri's own copy, with numerous Autograph corrections. 

Tragedie. Seconda edizione, riveduta dalF autore, 

e accresciuta. Parigi, Didot, 1787-88, 6 vols. 8vo. 

Tragedie scelte, publicate da A Buttura. Parigi^ 

Lefevre, 1825, 3 vols. 32mo. 

Vie, icrite par lui-m6me et traduite de Tltalien 

par M. . . . Paris y 1809, 2 vols. 8vo. 

s. Manuscripts. 

ALGAROTTI, Francesco, Conte. II Newtonianismo 
per le dame, owero Dialoghi sopra la luce, e i colon. 
Napoli, 1737, 4to. 

II Newtonianismo per le dame, owero Dialoghi 

sopra la luce, i colori, e Tattrazione; novella edizione. 
Nt^li^ 1739, 8vo. 


ALGAROTTI, Francesco. Rime. Bologna, 1753, 

II Congresso di Citera, accresciuto di alcune lettere 

e del giudizio d'Amore. Parigi, Praulty 1768, i8mo. 

ALHAZENUS, or, AL HASAN. Opticae thesaurus. 
Libri septem, nunc primum editi. Ejusdem liber de 
Crepusculis et nubium ascensionibus. Item Vitellonis 
Thuringopoloni Opticas lib. X. Omnes instaurati, figuris 
illustrati et aucti, adjectis etiam in Alhazenum com- 
mentarijs, a Fed. Risnero. Basilea, per Episcqpios^ ^57^$ 
2 vols, bound in i, fol. 

ALI BEY. Travels in Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, 
Arabia, Syria, and Turkey, between the years 1803 ^uid 
1807 ; illustrated by maps and numerous plates. London, 
1816, 2 vols. 4to. 

ALIGHIERI, Dante. Comincia lacomedia di Dante 
all^hieri di firenze nella qle tracta delle pene et punicioni 
de vicii et demeriti et premii delle virtu : Capitolo primo 
della prima parte de questo libro loqle sechiama inferno : 
nel quale lautore fa prohemio ad tucto eltractato del libro. 
(At the end). 

** Nel mille quairo cento septe et due 

Nel quarto mese adi cinque et sei 

Questa opera gentile impressa fue 
lo maestro Johanni Nutneister opera dei 

Alia decta impressione et meco fue 

Elfulginato Evangelista mei." 

{Fuligno, Numeister, 1472) small fol. o. r. mor. g. e. 

It is generally held to be the First edition, A fine copy, with the 2nd 
and 3rd blank leaves, but it wants 9th leaf of Inferno, and 64th leaf 
of Puigatorio. 

Qui comicia la vita e costumi dello excellete Poeta 

vulgari Dante alighieri di Firenze honore e gloria delidioma 
Fiorentino. Scripto e composto per lo famosissimo homo 
missier giovani Bocchacio da certaldo. 


It is the Comedia, with a Commentary, which the following lines at 
the end ascribe to Benvenuto da Imola, but which is now held to be by 
Jacopo della Lana. 

'' Dimola benvenuto mai fia privo 

Detema fama che sua mansueta 

Lyra opero comentando il poeta 

Per cui il texto a noi e Itellectivo 
Christofal Berardi pisaurense detti 

Opera e facto indegno correctore 

Per quanto intese di quella i subietti 
De spiera vendelin fii il stampatore 

Del mille quattrocento e settantasetti 

Correvan glianni del nostro signore. 

(Venice^ Vindelin de Spira^ I477>) fol. bound in 3 vols., 
o. r. mor. uncut. 

Comento di Christophoro Landino Fiorentino 

sopra la Comedia di Danthe Alighieri poeta Fiorentino. 
Impresso in Firenze per Nicholo di Lorenzo della Magna 
adi XXX. dagostOy MCCCCLXXXI, foL c. mor. uncut, with 3 

Comento di ChristophoroLandino sopra la comedia 

di Danthe alighieri poeta fiorentino. Impresso in Vinegia^ 
per Octaviano Scoto da Monza^ adi XXIII. di MarxOy 1484, 
foL mar. mor. 

Comento di Christophforo Landino Fiorentino 

sopra la Comedia di Danthe Alighieri poeta fiorentino. Im- 
presso in Bressa per Boninum de Boninis di Raguxi a di 
ultimo di Mazo (sic), 1487, fol. oL mor. 

With large woodcuts in each canto of Inferno and Purgatorio, and 
in the ist canto of Paradisa 

Le Terze Rime di Dante. Venetiis, in cedib, Aldi, 

accuratissime, mense Augusto^ 1502, small 8vo. with the 
blank leaf at the end of the Inferno. 

Opere del divino poeta Danthe con suoi Comenti, 

recorrecti et con ogne diligentia novamente in lettera cur- 
siva impresse. (At the end :) — Fine del comento di Chri- 
stoforo Landino. Impressain Venetia per Miser Bernardino 


Stagnino da Trino de monferra, del 15 12, adi XXIII. No- 
uembriOy 4to. c. mor. with woodcuts. 

With the autograph of Baluzius. 

La Comediadi Dante AHgieri con la nova espositione 

di Alessandro Vellutello. Impressa in Vinegiaper Francesco 
Marcolini ad instantia di Alessandro Vellutello del mese di 
Gugno {^\Q)ylanno 1544, small 4to. with woodcuts. 

Dante con Tespositione di Christoforo Landino, et 

di Alessandro Vellutello, sopra la sua Comedia dell' Inferno, 
del Purgatorio, et del Paradiso. Con tavole, argomenti, et 
all^orie; et riformato, riveduto, et ridotto alia sua vera 
lettura, per Francisco Sansovino Fiorentino. Venetian 
appresso Giouambattista^ Marchib Sessa, et fratelliy 1564, 
fol. with woodcuts. 

Dante con Tespositione di M. Bernardino Daniello 

da Lucca, sopra la sua Comedia dell' Inferno, del Purga- 
torio, et del Paradiso, nuovamente stampato, et posto in 
luce. Venetia^ Pietro da Fino^ 1 568, small 4to. 

Dante con Tespositioni di Christophoro Landino, et 

d' Alessandro Vellutello .... Con tavole, argomenti . . . per 
Francesco Sansovino Fiorentino. Venetia^ Giouambatista 
Marchib Sessa, et fratelliy 1578, folio, with woodcuts. 

La Divina Commedia. — ^Vita di Dante (by Mazzini). 

— ^Due lettere sopra Dante al Conte di Oxford (by 
Martinelli). — Delia dottrina teologica contenuta nella 
Divina Commedia (by Berti). Parigi^ Prault^ ^766, 2 vols. 

La Divina Commedia. Parma, cd tipi Bodoniani, 

1795, 3 vols. imp. fol. russia. 

La Divina Commedia. Illustrata di note da Luigi 

Portirelli. Milano, 1804-5, 3 vols. 8vo. Classici Italiani, 
vols. I — 3. 

La Divina Commedia, col comento di Giosafatte 

BiagioU. Parigi, 1818-19, 3 vols. 8vo. 


ALIGHIERI, Dante. La Divina Commedia, pubbli- 
cata da Buttura. Parigi, Lefevre, 1820, 3 vols. 32010. 

Le Prime Quattro Edizioni della Divina Corn- 
media, letteralmente ristampate per cura di G. G. Warren, 
Lord Vernon. (Edited by Sir A. Panizzi.) Londra, Boone^ 
1858, fol. c mor. 

Compendio della Comedia di Dante Alighieri. 

Venezia^ Albrizzi^ 1696, small 4to. with woodcuts. 

L'Infemo, colle figure di G. Dord. Parigi^ Hachette, 

1861, fol. 

L'Infemo, disposto in ordine grammaticale, e cor- 

redato di brevi dichiarazioni da G. G. Warren, Lord Vernon. 
Con Document!, e Album. (Edited by Sir J. Lacaita.) 
Firenze^ Baracchi^ 1858-65, 3 vols. fol. c. mor. 

With autograph letter of presentation from Augustus, Lord Vernon, 

Vita nuova di Dante Alighieri. Con XV. canzoni 

del medesimo. E la vita di esso Dante scritta da Giovanni 
Boccaccio. Firenze, Bartolomeo Sermartelli^ 1576, small 

Petri All^herii super Dantis ipsius genitoris 

Comoediam Commentarium, nunc primum in lucem editum 
consilio et sumtibus G. J. Bar. Vernon. Curante Vincentio 
NannuccL FlorentuBy Piatti^ 1845, royal 8vo. 

Chiose sopra Dante. Testo inedito ora per la 

prima volta pubblicato (by Lord Vernon). Firenze, Piatti^ 
1846, royal 8vo. 

ALIX, Pierre. Douze Sermons sur divers textes. 
Rotterdam^ 1685, i2mo. 

ALLACCI, Leone. Hellas, in natales Delphini Gallici. 
Interprete Guidone de Souvigny Blaesensi. (Gr. Lat) 
Ronta^ MascarduSf 1642, small 4to. 


ALLACCI, Leone. Apes Urbanse, sive de viris illus- 
tribus qui ab anno 1630 per totum 1632 Romas adfuerunt, 
ac typis aliquid evulgarunt. £t Joannis Imperialis museum 
historicum virorum litteris illustrium . . . praemissa pras- 
fatione Jo. Alberti Fabricii. Hamburgiy 171 1, small 8vo. 


ALLASON, Thomas. Picturesque views of the anti- 
quities of Fola in Istria. London^ 1819, foL 

Allatius, Leo. s. Allacci (L.) 

ALLEGRE, Antoine. Decade, contenant les vies des 
empereurs Trajanus, Adrianus, Antoninus Pius, Commo- 
dus, Pertinax, Julianus, Severus, Antoninus Bassianus, 
Heliogabalus, Alexander, extraictes de plusieurs autheurs 
gfrecs, latins, et espagnols, et mises en fran^ois. Paris^ 
Vascosan, 1567, 8vo. 

ALLESTRY, Richard. Eighteen Sermons, whereof 
fifteen preached before the King. London, 1669, foL 

ALMANAC. Ahnanach des D^put^s k I'Assemblte 
Nationale. Paris, 1790, i2mo. 

Almanac des Dames pour Tan 181 1. Paris, 181 1, 


ALMELOVEEN, Theodor Jansson van. Hortus In- 
dicus Malabaricus, de varii generis arboribus et fruticibus 
siliquosis Latinis, Malabaricis, Arabicis, Brachmanum cha- 
racteribus nominibusque expressis ; adjecta florum, fruc- 
tuum, seminumque natives magnitudinis vera delineatione, 
colorum viriumque accurata descriptione per Henricum 
Van Rhede tot Draakestein, et Theodorum Janson ab Alme- 
loveen. Notis adauxit, et commentariis illustravit Joannes 
Commelinus. Partes L — ^VIL — De Herbis et diversis ilia- 
rum speciebus. ... In ordinem redegit et latinitate donavit 
Abrahamus a Poot. Notis adauxit, et commentariis illus- 
travit Joa. Commelinus. Partes VI 1 1. — XI I. Amstekedami, 
1 686- 1 703, 12 vols. fol. 



ALPHABETUM. Alphabetum Arabicum. Rotna, 
1592, small 4to. 

Alphabetum Graecum. ParisiiSy apud MichaeUm 

Vascosanum^ 1536, 8vo. 

Another copy. Bound with Clenard (N.) 

Alphabetum Graecum. Addita sunt Theodori Bezae 

scholia, in quibus de germana Graecae linguae pronuntiatione 
disseritur. Oliva RoberH Stephanie 1554^ Svo. 

Alphabetum Graecum. De singularum literarum 

appellatione et sigfnificatione. De literarum nexu, et sylla- 
barum compendiis. Ignatii et Gregorii Theologi alpha- 
beticae sententiae, versibus jambicis. Sacrae preces. Parisiis^ 
apud GuUielmum Mareliuni^ 1560, 4to. 

Alphabetum Graecum. Lutetta^ ex officina Rob. 

Stiphani, 1580, 8vo. 

ALPINI, Prospero. De Plantis iEgypti liber, cum 
observationibus et notis Joan. Veslingii. Accessit Alpini de 
Balsamo liber. Patayii, 1640, 4to. 

De Medicina iEgyptiorum libri quatuor, et Jacobi 

Bontii, in Indiis Archiatri, de medicina Indorum. Editio 
ultima. ParisiiSf 1646, 4to. 

Historia iEgypti naturalis. Cum observationibus 

Jo. Veslingii Lugduni Batavorum^ 1735. Two parts, 4to. 

ALSTED, John Henry. Methodus admirandomm 
mathematicorum complectens novem libros Matheseos uni- 
versae. Herboma Nassoviorum^ 161 3, i2mo. 

ALTING, Menso. Descriptio, secundum antiquos, 
agri Batavi et Frisii, una cum conterminis ; sive, notitia 
Germaniae Inferioris, cis et ultra Rhenum ; quae hodie est 
in ditione VII. Foederatorum ; repraesentata tabulis geo- 
grraphicis V, et commentario. Tabula Ptolemaica Ger- 
maniae Magnae quadripartitae, ad veram ab aequatore 
distantiam revocata, et expositione succincta illustrata. 
Amsteladami, 1697, fol. 


ALUNNO, Francesco, da Ferrara. Le ricchezze 
della Lingua Volgare sopra il Boccaccio. Di nuovo ri- 
stampato, ricorretto et ampliato dallo stesso autore. Vinegia, 
GherardOy I557» small 4to. 

Aluredus. Annales. s. Hearne (Tho.) 

ALVAREZ, Emmanuel. Regulae de syllabarum 
quantitate, cultiores multo et auctiores quam antea editse : 
opera et studio E. Vaslet. Londiniy 1730, 8vo. 

ALVAREZ DE TOLEDO, Ferdinand. Histoire de 
Ferdinand Alvarez de Tolede, premier du nom, due 
d'Albe. Paris ^ 1698, 2 vols. i2mo. 

AMADIS DE Gaula. Los quatro libros de Amadis 

de Gaula nuevamente impressos y hystoriados. Venecia, 

par maestro Juan Antonio de Sabia, a las espesas de M. 

Juan Batista pedrazano e copaho^ 1533, fol. vellum, with 


Amanus, Iodocus. s. Amman (J.) 
Ambassador, The. s. Hotman (J.) 

AMBILLOU, Ren^ Bouchet d'. Discours de la 
guerre civile et mort tr^s-regrett^e de Henry III. roy de 
France et de Polongne. — Stances sur la victoire obtenue 
par le Roy contre les ennemis de son estat. — L'Escharpe 
blanche. A tr^s-valeureux et tr^s-illustre seigneur Francois 
de Colligni, conte de Chastillon. Tours, Mettayer, 1590-91. 
— Cantique de la victoire obtenue par le Roy le 14 de mars 
k Jury. Envoyd i sa Majestd par le sieur du Bartas. 
Tours, Claude de Monstrodl et Jean Ric/ier, 1590, 2 parts 
in I vol. small 4to. 

AMBROSIUS, Sanctus, Archbishop of Milan. Vita 
Sancti Ambrosii . . . secundum Paulinum episcopum 
Nolanum. — ^Vita gloriose virginis Agnetis a sancto Am- 
brosio edita. — Passio sanctorum martyrum Vitalis et Agri- 
cole. Passio sanctorum martyrum Protasii et Gervasii. 


Ambrosii ad Marcellinam sororem de inventione corporum 
sanctorum Protasii et Gervasii. — De Officiis libri trea. Im- 
pressus Mediolani f Christopher Valdarfer Ratispanensem. 
M.CCCCLXXiiii. die vii. Januarii, 4to. 
First book printed by Valdarfer at Milan. 

Ambrosius, Novidius Fraccus. s. Fraccus (A.) 

AMBROSIUS, Theseus. Introductio in Chaldaicam 
linguam, Syriacam, atque Armenicam, et decern alias linguas. 
1539, small 4to. 

With R. Bentle/s autograph. 

Ameilhon. s. Le Beau (Ch.) 

AMERICA An Account of the European settlements 
in America. London^ Dodsley^ ^7S7f 2 vols. 8vo. 

The History of the Bucaniers of America, s. 


AMES, Joseph. Typographical Antiquities, being an 
historical account of printing in England, with some 
memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the 
books printed by them from the year 147 1 to 1600. With 
an Appendix concerning printing in Scotland and Ireland 
to the same time. London, 1749, 4to. 

Typographical Antiquities, or an historical account 

of the 'origin and progress of printing in Great Britain 
and Ireland, &c., considerably augmented by William 
Herbert. London, Payne, 1785-90, 3 vols. 4to. 

Typographical Antiquities; or, the history of 

printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c., consider- 
ably augmented by William Herbert, and now greatly 
enlarged with copious notes, and illustrated with appro- 
priate engravings, by the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 
London, 1809-19. 4 vols. fol. russia. L. P. 

Amherst, William Pitt, Lord. Journal of the Em- 
bassy to China, s. Ellis (H.) 

48 A MI CO— A MM I A NUS. 

AMICO, Bernardino. Trattato delle piante et im- 
magini de sacri edifici di Terra Santa, disegnate in Jerusa- 
lemm secondo le regole della prospettiva et vera misura 
della loro grandezia. Firenze^ 1620, fol. 

AM IRA, Georgius Michael. Grammatica Syriaca, 
sive Chaldaica, in septem libros divisa. Roma^ 1 596, 4to. 

AMMAN, Joannes. Stirpium rariorum in Imperio 
Rutheno provenientium icones et descriptiones. Petropoli^ 
1739, 4to. 

AMMAN, JOST. Gynaeceum, sive theatrum mulierum, 
in quo praecipuarum omnium per Europam in primis 
nationum, gentium, populorumque cujuscunque dignitatis, 
aetatis . . . foemineos habitus videre est, artificiosissimis nunc 
primum figuris . . . expressos a lodoco Amano. Additis 
ad singulas figuras singulis octostichis Francisci Modii. 
Francoforti^ impensis Sigismundi Feyrabendij\ 1586, small 
4to. with woodcuts. 

Rerum gestarum liber quartusdecimus incipit (Libri XIII.) 
Ronu^ per dignissimos impressores Georgiuni Sacltsel de 
ReichenJial et Bartholomeum Golsch de Holtenbart clericos^ 
1474, (ex recens. A. Sabini), fol. ol. mor. First edition. 

Rerum gestarum libri XVIII. a decimoquarto ad 

trigesimum primum. ParisiiSy ex officina Rob. Stephanie 
1 544, small 8vo. 

Rerum gestarum qui de XXXI. supersunt libri 

XVIII. Ope MSS. Codd. emendati ab Henrico Valesio, et 
auctioribus adnotationibus illustrati. Nee non excerpta 
Vetera de gestis Constantini et Regum Italiae. Editio 
posterior, cui Hadrianus Valesius ampliores observationes 
adjecit. Parisiis^ Dezallier^ 1681, fol. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. L. P. 

Presentation copy to Colbert, to whom the edition is dedicated. 


qui de XXXI. supersunt libri XVIII. Cum notis integris 
Henrici et Hadriani Valesiorum, Frider. Lindenbrogii, et 
Jac Gronovii. Lugduni Batavorum, 1693, 4to. with por- 
traits and plates. 

— • — The Roman Historie, translated into English by 
Philemon Holland. London, 1609, fol. 

AMMIRATO, SCIPIONE. Dell' Istorie Florentine 
libri XX. Dal principio della citti infino all' anno 1434, 
nel quale Cosimo de* Medici il Vecchio fu restituito alia 
patria. Firenze, Giunti, 1600, fol. 

AMMONIUS PARVUS, HERMEiE filius. In quinque 
voces Porphyrii commentarius. (Gr.) Venetiis, Sumptu 
Nicolai Blasii CretensiSy 1 500, fol. bl. mor. First edition. 

In quinque voces Porphyrii commentarius ; cor- 

rectionibus quam plurimis et locorum imaginibus illus- 
tratum. (Gr.) VenetiiSy apud Aldi Filios, 1546, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

In Aristotelis praedicamenta commentaria (Gr.) 

Venetiis, Ant. et Petr. de Sabio, 1545. — In quinque voces 
Porphyrii commentaria (Gr.) VenetiiSy fratres de SabiOy 
1 545, 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. o. r. mor. 

In praedicamenta Aristotelis commentarius. Aris- 
totelis vita. (Gr.) VenetiiSy apud Aldi FilioSy 1546, 8vo. 
r. mor. 

AMONTONS, GuiLLAUME. Remarques et experiences 
phisiques sur la construction d'une nouvelle Clepsidre, sur 
les barom^tres, termom^tres, et higrom^tres. Paris y 1695, 
i2mo. with plates. 

Amour. L' Amour brav^. s. Poets. 

L' Amour ^ la mode. s. Pringy (Mad. de). 

Amours pastorales de Daphnis et de Chlo^ 



Amour. Amours de Theag^nes et Charicl^e. s. Helio- 


AMSTERDAM. Plan de la grande et fameuse ville 
marchande d'Amsterdam mise au jour par Jean Covens et 
Corneille Mortier. Veues d* Amsterdam par N. Visser, S. 
van der Meulen, A. van der Laan, &c FoL max. 

AMYOT, Joseph. Dictionnaire Tartare-Mantchou- 
Fran^aiSy compost d'apr^s un dictionnaire Mantchou- 
Chinois. Redig6 et publid par L. Langles, Paris^ Didot 
Vaifi^^ 1789-90, 3 vols, bound in 2 vols. 4to. 

ANACHARSIS. Anacharsidis epistolae (Gr. Lat) 
PaHsiis^ Petrus Pautonnier^ 1581, 4to. 

ANACREON. Odae. Ab Henrico Stephano luce et 
latinitate nunc primum donatse. (Gr. Lat.) LutetuBy apud 
Henr. Stephanum^ ISS4» 4to. o. r. mor. First edition. 

Another copy. 4to. o. r. mor. 

Another copy. 4to. o. r. mor. (Ex. Bibl. Colbertina.) 

Another copy. (Bound with) Odae, latinae factae 

ab Helia Andrea. ParisiiSy apud TJto, RicJiardum^ I555» 

Odae. (Gr.) Andegariy apud Antonium Hemault, 

161 1, 2 vols, bound in i voL small 4to. 

Odae, ab Helia Andrea latinae factae. (Gr. Lat.) 

LutetUEy apud Rob. Stephanum, 1556. — Les Odes, traduites 
de grec en frangois par Remi Belleau de Nogent au Perche, 
ensemble quelques petites hymnes de son invention. Patis, 
Andri Wechel, 1556. — Rudimentorum cosmographicorum 
Joa. Honteri. s. HONTERUS (J.) 3 vols, bound in i vol. 

Anacreontis et aliorum lyricorum aliquot poetarum 

Odae . In easdem Henrici Stephani observationes. Eaedem 
latinae. (Gr. Lat.) Parisiis, apud Guilielmum Morelium, 
1556, small 8vo. 


ANACREON. Odae, cum scholiis Joa. Arm, Bouthillerii. 
(Gr.) Parisiis, 1639, small 8vo. o. r. mor. L. P. ruled. 

The Editor, the abb^ Ranc^, suppressed the edition. A MS. note by 
Dampier on the fly-leaf. 

Anacreon, summa cura et diligentia, ad fidcm etiam 

vet. MS. Vatican, emendatus. Item, Anacreontis vita. Opera 
et studio Josu£ Barnes. (Gr. Lat.) Editio altera. Canta- 
brigiae^ 1721, i2mo. 

Opera, g^ce, cum latina versione, notis et indice. 

Londini, Bowyer^ 1725, 4to. L. P. (Maittaire's edition.) 
Odae et fragmenta, gr. et lat. cum notis Joannis 

Comelii de Pauw. Trajecti ad Rhenum^ 1732, 4to. 

Carmina. (Gr.) Glasgua^ Foulis^ I757» i2mo. 

r. mor. 

Carmina, e MSS. Codd. et doctorum virorum con- 

jecturis emendata. (Gr.) Argentoratiy J, H, Heitz^ ^77^» 

Odae. (Gr.) Praefixo commentario, quo poetae 

genus traditur, et bibliotheca anacreonteia adumbratur; 
additis et variantibus lectionibus. Parma, in adidus Pala- 
tints (Bodoni), 1791, 32mo. r. mor. 

• Odaria, ad textus Bamesiani fidem emendata. 

Accedunt variae lectiones. Cura Eduardi Forster. Landini, 
1802, 8vo. r. mor. L. P. 

Odae, latinae factae ab Helia Andrea. Parisiis, 

apud Tho. Richardum, I555> 4to. 

Odes of Anacreon, translated into english verse, 

with notes, by Thomas Moore. 4th edition, London, 1804, 
2 vols. i2mo, 

Delle Ode d'Anacreonte Teio, traduzzione di Paolo 

Rolli. Landra, 1739, 8vo. 


ANACREON. Les Odes d'Anacreon et de Sapho en 
vers franfois par le poete Sans Fard. (With the Greek text.) 
Rotterdam, 1712, i2mo. 

Anacreon Christianus. s. Barnes (J.) 

Anai-ecta Veterum Poetarum Gr^corum. s. An- 

Anastasius Bibliothecarius. Historia ecclesiastica. 


ANCORA, Gaetano D*. Guida ragionata per le anti- 
chiti e per le curiositii natural! di Pozzuoli, e de* luoghi cir- 
convicini. Napoli, 1792, 8vo. 

Guide du voyageur pour les antiquit6s et curio- 

sit& naturelles de Pouzol et des environs. Traduit de 
I'italien par M. A. Barles de Manville. Naples, I792» 8vo. 

ANDERSON, Adam. An historical and chronological 
deduction of the origin of Commerce, from the earliest 
accounts to the present time, containing an history of the 
great commercial interests of the British Empire. London, 
1764, 2 vols. fol. 

ANDERSON, ^Eneas. Narrative of the British Em- 
bassy to China, in the years 1792, 1793, and 1794. London, 
1795, 4to. 

ANDERSON, Christopher. Historical sketches of 
the native Irish and their descendants. 2nd edition. 
Edinburgh, 1830, i2mo. 

ANDERSON, James. Collections relating to the his- 
tory of Mary, Queen of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1727-28. 
4 vols. 4to. L. P. 

Royal Genealogies, or the genealogical tables of 

Emperors, Kings, and Princes, from Adam to these times. 
In two parts. 2nd edition. London, 1736, fol. 


ANDERSON, James. An account of the present state 
of the Hebrides and Western Coasts of Scotland ; being 
the substance of a report to the Lords of the Treasury. 
Edinburgh, 1785, 8vo. 

ANDERSON, Robert. The works of the British Poets, 
with prefaces, biographical and critical. London and Edin- 
burgh, 1794-5, 13 vols, large 8vo. 

1. Chaucer, Surrey, Wyat, Sackville. 

2. Spenser, Shakespeare, Davies, Hall. 

3. Drayton, Carew, Suckling. 

4. Donne, Daniel, Brown, P. Fletcher, G. Fletcher, Jonson, 
Drummond, Crashaw, Davenant. 

5. Milton, Cowley, Waller, Butler, Denham. 

6. Dryden, Rochester, Roscommon, Otway, Pomfret, Stepney, 
J. Philips, Walsh, Smith, Duke, King, Sprat, Halifax. 

7. Pamell, Garth, Rowe, Addison, Hughes, Sheffield, Prior, Con- 
greve, Blackmore, Fenton, Granville, Yalden. 

8. Pope, Gay, Tickell, Somervile, Pattison, Hammond, Savage* 
Hill, Broome, Pitt, Blair. 

9. Swift, Thomson, Watts, Hamilton, A. Philips, G. West, Collins, 
Dyer, Shenstone, Mallet, Akenside, Harte. 

10. Young, Gray, B. West, Lyttleton, Moore, Boyce, Thompson, 
Cawthom, Churchill, Falconer, Lioyd, Cunningham, Green, Cooper* 
Goldsmith, P. Whitehead, Brown, Grainger, Smollett, Armstrong. 

1 1. Wilkie, Dodsley, Smart, Langhome, Bruce, Chatterton, Graeme, 
Glover, Shaw, Lovibond, Penrose, Mickle, Jago, Scott, Johnson, 
W. Whitehead, Jenyns, Logan, Warton, Cotton, Blacklock, 

12. Pope's lUad and Odyssey; West's Pindar; Dryden's Virgil, 
Persius and Juvenal ; Pitt's iEneid ; Rowe's Lucan ; Homer's Hymn 
to Ceres ; Pindar's Odes omitted by West. 

13. Cooke's Hesiod ; Fawke's llieocritus, Anacreon, Sappho, Bion, 
Moschus, Musaeus, Apollonius Rhodius ; Mr. C's Coluthus Lycopolites ; 
Creech's Lucretius ; Grainger's TibuUus. 

ANDRE, Bernard. Historia regis Henrici VII., a 
Bernardo Andrea Tholosate conscripta ; necnon alia 
quaedam ad eundem Regem spectantia. Edited by James 
Gairdner. London, 1858, 8vo. s. Chronicles and Me- 


Andrea Salernitano. s. Guarna(A.) 


ANDREAS, Valerius Desselius. BibUotheca Bel- 
gica; de Belgis vita scriptisque clarissimis. Prsemissa topo- 
graphica Belgii totius, seu Germaniae Inferioris, descriptione. 
Lavanii, 1643, 4^- 

ANDRELINI, Public Fausto. Poemata, Parrhisiis, 
per Robertum Gourtnont^ 1 501-2, 8vo. 

ANDREWES, John. Christ his crosse ; or, the most 
comfortable doctrine of Christ crucified, and ioyfull tidings 
of His passion. Oxford^ Jo. Barnes^ 1614, 4to. vellum, 
with James I.'s arms on the sides. 

ANDREWES, Lancelot, successively Bishop of Chi- 
chester, Ely, and Winchester. Tortura Torti : sive, ad 
Matthaei Torti librum responsio, qui nuper editus contra 
apologiam Jacobi Regis pro juramento fidelitatis. Londini^ 
Rob. Barkerus, 1609, 4to. 

Ninety-six Sermons published by his Majesties 

speciall command. London^ 1629, fol. 

The pattern of catechistical Doctrine at large, or a 

learned and pious exposition of the Ten Commandments. 
London, 1650, sm. fol. 

ANDRIA, Nicola. Trattato delle acque minerali. 
2da edizione. Napoli, 1783, 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

ANDROUET DU Cerceau, Jacques. Le premier 
volume (et le second) des plus excellents bastiments de 
France, auquel sont designez les plans de quinze (trente) 
bastiments, et de leur contenu ; ensemble les dldvations et 
singularitez d'un chascun. Paris, 1576-ft 2 vols, bound 
in I, fol. 123 plates. 

Livre des Edifices antiques Romains, contenant les 

ordonnances et desseings des plus signalez et principaux 
bastiments qui se trouvaient h. Rome du temps qu'elle estoit 
en sa plus grande fleur. Paris, 1584, fol. 47 plates. 

ANDRY, Nicolas. De la G^n^ration des vers dans le 
corps de Thomme. Paris, 1700, i2mo. 


ANEAU, Barth£lemi. Picta Poesis, ab authore denuo 
recognita, ut pictura poesis erit Lugduniy 1556, i8mo. 


ANGELI, BONAVENTURA. La Historia della citti di 
Parma, et la descrittione del fiume Parma. Panna^ I59i> 

ANGELI, Paolo degli. Basil icae S. Mariae Majoris de 
urbe a Liberio Papa L usque ad Paulum V. Pont. Max. 
descriptio et delineatio, libri xii. RomcBy 1621, fol. 

ANGELI, Stefano degli. De infinitis ParaboHs, de 
infinitisque solidis ex variis rotationibus ipsarum, partium- 
que earundem genitis. Venetiis, 1659, small 4to. 

De infinitorum spiralium spatiorum mensura.— 

Miscellaneum hyperboHcum et parabolicum. — Miscella- 
aeum Geometricum. Venetiis^ 1659-60, small 4to. 

Accessio ad steriometriam et mechanicam. VenetiiSf 

1662, small 4to. 

ANGELI O, PlETRO, of Barga. Poemata omnia, ab 
ipso diligentissime recognita et aucta. Item, Marii Co- 
lumnar quaedam carmina. Florentugy apud Juntas^ 1568, 
small 4to. 

Poemata omnia, diligenter ab ipso recognita. Roma, 

ex typis Francisci Zanetti, 1585, 2 parts in i vol. small 4to. 

Another copy. Small 4to. o. r. mor. 

Cynegetica. Item, Carminum, libri ii. Eclogae iii. 

Lugduni, apudhaer, Sebastiani Gryphii, 1561, small 4to. 

Syrias, hoc est, Expeditio christianorum principum 

in Syriam, qua Hierosolyma, ductu Goffedri Bulionis. . . . 
liberata est. (Cum scholiis Roberti Titii.) Florentue, Phil, 
yunta^ I59i> small 4to. o. r. mor. 

Commentarius de Obelisco, ad sanctiss. et beatiss. 

Xystum V. Pont. Max. Romo!, 1586, small 4to. 

Another copy. (Bound with) Carmina a variis aucto- 

ribus in Obeliscum conscripta. Romce, 1585. — Epigrammata 
Gulielmi Blanci in Obeliscum. — Ejusdem libellus de 


ratione anagprammatismi. — ^Joannis Baptists de Aguilar, in 
dedicationem Obelisci Vaticani Epigrammata. RomcB^ 1586. 
— Discorso di Filippo Pigafetta intomo all* historia della 
Agulia et alia ragione del muoverla. RonuB^ 1586. 5 parts 
lx)und in i vol. small 4to. 

ANGELL, or ANGELUS, Christopher. Christo- 
pher Angell, a Grecian, who tasted of many stripes and tor- 
ments inflicted by the Turkes, his account of the cruelties he 
endured. (Greek.) Oxford^ J. Lichfield^ 161 7, small 4to. 

ANGELO, DOMENICO. UEcole des armes, avec I'ex- 
plication g^ndrale des principales attitudes et positions 
concemant Tescrime. Londres^ Dodsley^ 1763, oblong fol. 

School of fencing english and french. London 

1763, oblong fol. 

ANGELOCRATOR, Daniel. Doctrina de Ponderi- 
bus, monetis et mensuris per totum terrarum orbem usitatis, 
ex probatissimis scriptoribus conquisita, examinata et in 
aphorismos ac tabellas redacta. Francofurti^ 1628, small 4to. 

ANGELONI, Francesco. Historia di Temi. Roma, 
1646, Andrea Fei, 4to. 

La Historia Augusta, da Giulio Cesare insino a 

Costantino il Magno, illustrata con la veritd delle antiche 
medaglie. Roma, Fei, 1641, fol. engraved title. 

Angelus a S. Joseph, s. Labrosse (P. A.) 

ANGERIANO, Girolamo. Hieronymi Angeriani 
neapolitani Erotopaegnion, et Nicolai Barptholomm lochi- 
ensis Epigrammata. Paris, 1571, i2mo. 

s. Tarchaniota (M.) 

ANGHIERA, Pietro Martire d'. Opus Epistolaru 
Petri Martyris Anglerii Mediolanesis Protonotarij Aptici 
atq^ a c5siliis reru Indicaru : nuc pmu et natu et mediocri 
cura excusum : quod qde prater stili venustate nostroru qq^ 
tepor} historic loco esse poterit CompluH, in (gdibus 
Mic/talis de Eguia^ Anno a Christo nato mdxxx. title- 
page with woodcuts. 


De Orbe Novo decades (octo). Complutiy in adibus 
Michalis de Eguia^ Anno Virginet partus MDXXX. mense 
Dedbri^ title-page with woodcuts. 2 vols, bound in i, fol. 

ANGHIERA, Pietro Martire D'. Petri Martyris 
ab Angleria . . de rebus Oceanicis et Orbe Novo decades 
tres. Ejusdem prxterea Legationis Babylonicae libri tres. 
Basilea^ apud Joa. Bebelium^ I533> fol. 

Extraict ou recueil des Isles nouvellemet trouvees 

en la grand mer Oceane ou temps du roy Despaigne Femad 
et Elizabeth sa femme,faict premierement en latin par Pierre 
Martyr de Millan, et depuis translate en languaige francoys. 
— Item trois Narrations: dont la premiere est de Cuba. 
La seconde, qui est de la mer Oceane. La tierce, qui est 
de la prinse de Tenustitan. Paris^ chez Simon de Colines^ 
1532, small 4to. o. r. mor. 

s. Cortes (H.) 

Anglerius, Petrus Martyr, s. Anghiera. 

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, s. Saxon Chronicle. 

Angoysses Douloureuses. s. Crenne (H. de). 

Anguillara, Giovanni Andrea dell', s. Ovidius. 

ANGUILLESI, Gio. Domenico. Poesie. Pisa, 1799, 

Anna Comnena. Alexias, s. BvzANTiNiE Historle 


ANNALES CAMBRIiE, Edited by the Rev. John 
Williams ab Ithel. London, i860, 8vo. s. CHRONICLES 
AND Memorials. 

ANNALES MONASTICI, Edited by Henry Richards 
Luard. With Index and Glossary. Z^'m^, 1864-69, 5 vols. 

8vo. s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

ANNALS OF LOCH CE. A Chronicle of Irish 
Affairs from A.D. 1014 to A.D. 159a Edited, with a trans- 
lation, by William M. Hennessy. London, 1871, 2 vols. 8vo. 

s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

Annals; or, a General Chronicle of England, s. 
Stow (J.) 


Annals. Annals of Natural History, s. PERIODICAL 

Annales de Chimie. s. PERIODICAL Publications. 

Annales, ou Journal des Mines, s. Periodical 


Annales de la Vertu. s. Genlis (S. F. de). 

ANNE, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. The his- 
tory of the reign of Queen Anne, digested into annals. 
London, 1703, 8vo. 

ANNESLEY, George, Earl of Mountnorris and 
Viscount Valentia, Voyages and travels to India, 
Ceylon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in the years 
1802-6. Maps and plates. LondoUy 1809, 3 vols. 4to. L. P. 

ANNIO, Giovanni, of Viterbo. Commentaria fratris 
Joannis Viterbensis super opera diversorum auctorum de 
antiquitatibus loquentium confecta. Roma, in Catnpo Flore, 
anno i/^^i, per Euchatium Silber, 2 vols, in i, fol. 

Annual Register, s. Periodical Publications. 

ANQUETIL, Louis Pierre. L'Esprit de la Ligue, ou 
histoire politique des troubles de France pendant les XVI. 
et XVII. si^cles. Nouvelle Edition. Paris, 1779, 3 vols. 


ANSON, George Anson, Lord. A Voyage round 
the World in the years 1740-4. Compiled from his papers 
and other materials, and published under his direction, by 
Richard Walter, (Benj. Robins) chaplain in that expedition. 
Illustrated with forty-two copper plates. Lofidon, 1748, 
4to. L. P- 

Anspach. Elizabeth, Margravine of. s. Berkeley 

ANSTED, David Thomas. Geology, introductory, 
descriptive, and practical London, 1844, 2 vols. 8vo. 


ANSTED, David Thomas. The Gold-seeker's manual. 
London^ 1849^ i2mo. 

Scenery, science, and art, being extracts from the 

Note-book of a geologist and mining engineer. London^ 
1854, 8vo. 

The Channel Islands, with illustrations by Paul 

J. Naftel. London, 1862, 8vo. 

ANSTEY, Christopher. New Bath Guide. London^ 
1804, i2mo. 

Fabulae Selectae. s. Gay, (J.) 

ANSTIS, John. Observations introductory to an 
historical essay upon the Knighthood of the Bath. London, 
1725, 4to. 

ANTHOLOGIA. Antholc^a Epigrammatum graeco- 
rum. (Planudis rhetoris; cura Jo. Lascaris) (Gr.) Impressum 
FlormtuB per LaMrentium Francisci de Alopa Venetum III. 
idus Augusti, MCCCCLXXXIIII. 4to. o. r. mor. illumin. title 
page. First edition. 

Without Lascari's letter to Pietro de Medici. One of the five works 
printed in capital letters by Alopa. s. Apollonius, Callimachus, 
Euripides, GNOMiE. 

Another copy, with the re-impression of Lascari's 

letter, 4to. r. mor. 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum in septem 

libros. ^Gr.) FlorentuB, per fueredes Philippi yunta, 15 19, 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatam in septem 

libros, solerti nuper repurgatum cura (Gr.) Venetiis, in 
adibus Aldi et Andrea soceri, 1521, 8va r. mor. 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum in septem 

libros. (Gr.) Parisiis^ Badius, 153 1, 8vo. 

Epigrammatum grxcorum lib. VII. annotationibus 

Joannis Brodxi Turonensis illustrati. (Gr.) Basilece, Froben, 
1549, fol. 


ANTHOLOGIA. Florilegium diversorum epigramma- 
tum in septem libros distinctum, diligent! castigatione emen- 
datum. Cui nonnulla nuper inventa epigrammata in fine 
adjecta sunt (Gr.) Venetiis, aptui Aldi filios, 1550, small 
8vo. r. mor. 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum, in septem 

libros distinctum, diligenti castigatione emendatum. Cui 
nonnulla nuper inventa epigrammata in fine adjecta sunt. 
(Gr.) Venetiis^ apud Petrum et Joa* Mariam Nicolinos 
SabienseSf 1550, 8vo. 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum veterum, 

in septem libros divisum, magno epigrammatum numero et 
duobus indicibus auctum (Gr.) Anno 1566, excudebat Henr. 
Stephanus^ 8vo. 

Analecta veterum poetarum graecorum. Editore 

Rich. Fr. Phil. Brunck. (Gr.) Argentorati, 1772-6, 3 vols. 
4to. g. mor. L. P. 

Antholc^a g^ca, sive poetarum graecorum lusus. 

(Gr.) Ex recensione Rich. Fr. Ph. Brunckii. Indices et 
commentarium adjecit Friedericus Jacobs. Lipsue, 1794- 
1803, 12 in 10 vols. 8vo. russia. 

Anthologfiae graecae a Constantino Cephala con- 

ditae libri tres. In editionem Lipsiensem Jo. Ja. Reiske 
expressi. (Gr.) Accedunt interpretatio latina, poetarum 
anthologicorum notitia, indices necessarii (cura Warton.) 
Oxaniiy e Typogr. Clarendoniano, 1766, 8vo. r. mor. 

Selecta epigrammata graeca, latine versa, ex sep- 
tem epigrammatum graecorum libris. (Gr. Lat) BasiUce, 
ex adibus Jo. Bebelii, 1529, small 8vo. 
With Jo. Ant. Mediobarbus* autograph on title-page. 

Epigrammata graeca veterum elegantissima, eadem- 

que latina ab utriusque linguae viris doctissimis versa, atque 
in rem studiosorum e diversis authoribus per Joan. Soterem 
coUecta. Friburgi BrisgouE (sic), Stepk. Meleckus Gravius 
excudebat, 1 544, small 8vo. 


ANTHOLOGIA. Epigrammata ex Hbris graecae antho- 
logiae a Q. Septimio Florente Christiano selecta, et latine 
versa. Sive, Florilegium latinum ex graeco florilegio. Ac- 
cessit Musaei poematium versibus ab eodem expressum. 
LutetuEy typis Rob. Stephanie 1608, small 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Anthologiae graecorum epigrammatum liber primus 

. universus per Franciscum Bellicarium Peguilionem in 
latinum sermonem conversus. Parisiis, apud Ludovicum 
Grandinum, 1543, small 4to. 

ANTHOLOGIA GNOMICA. Illustres veterum graecae 
comoediae scriptorum sententiae, prius ab Henrico Stephano, 
qui et singulas latine convertit, editae ; nunc duplici insu- 
per interpretatione metrica singulae auctae, inque gratiam 
studiosorum, quibus et variae scutorum natalitiorum 
imagines libello passim insertae usui erunt, in hoc 
enchiridion collectae, a Christiano Egenolpho. (Gr. Lat) 
Francofurti ad Mcmuniy apud Geor. Cormnum, impensis 
Sigismundi Feyerabendij\ 1579, small 8vo. 

ANTHONY, Francis. Apologia veritatis illucescentis 
pro auro potabili : seu essentia auri ad medicinalem pota- 
bilitatem absque corrosivis reducti. Londiniy Jokan, Legatt^ 
1616, small 4to. 

Antichita di Pozzuoli. s. Paoli, (P. A.) 

ANTI-JACOBIN. The Anti-Jacobin, or weekly Ex- 
aminer. 4th edition, revised and corrected. London^ I799> 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. The Sth edition. 

London^ 1807, i8mo. 

Anti-Lucretius, s. Polignac (M. Card. de). 

Anti-Lycon, in defensionem Roberti Whitintoni. s. 


Anti-Machiavel. s. Frederic II. 
Anti-Mariana, s. Roussel (M.) 


AntiquitEs Mexicaines. s. Mexico. 



Antiquity des tems. s. Pezron (P.) 

Antiquit£s Etrusques, Grecques et Romaines. 
s. Hancarville (P. F. H. d*.) 

ANTI-SANDERUS. Anti-Sanderus duos continens 
dialogos non ita pridem inter viros quosdam doctos Venetijs 
habitos, in quibus variae Nicholai Sanderi, aliorumque 
Romanensium calumniae in haec Anglorum ab excusso 
PonteHce tempora conHctae, refelluntur. Cantabrigian I593» 

Ascribed to Dr. Cowell. 

Antithesis Christi et Antichristi. s. Rosario, (S.) 

ANTONI, Alessandro Papacino D'. Examcn de la 
Poudre. Traduit de V italien par Ic vicomte de Flavigny. 
Paris, 1773, 8vo. 

ANTONINI, Giuseppe. La Lucania, discorsi. Napoli, 
1795-7, (2nd edition), 2 vols. 4to. 

ANTONINUS Augustus. Itinerarium Antonini Au- 
gusti, et Burdigalense. Quorum hoc nunc primum est 
editum : illud ad diversos manusc. codices et impressos 
comparatum, emendatum, et Hieronymi Suritae, Caesarau- 
gustani, doctissimo commentario explicatum. Colanue 
AgrippifUBy 1600, small 8vo. 

Iter Britanniarum, commentariis illustratum Thomae 

Gale. Opus posthumum, revisit, auxit, edidit R. Gale. 
Accessit Anonymi Ravennatis Britanniae chorographia. 
Londini, 1709, 4to. 

Vetera Romanorum Itineraria, sive Antonini Au- 

gusti Itinerarium, cum integris Jos. Simleri, Hier. Suritae, 
et And. Schotti notis. Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum, et 
Hieroclis Grammatlci Synecdemus, curante Petro Wessel- 
ingio, qui et suas addidit adnotationes. Antstelodami, 
173s, 4to. 

Another copy, 4to. L. P. 

s. Burton (W.) 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. s. Aurelius Anto- 


ANTONINO, Santo, Archbishop of Florence. Trac- 
tatus venerabilis pns fris Anthonini archiepiscopi florentini 
ordinis predicatorum de institutioe confessorum. In Monte 
Regalif Antonius Mathiae et Baidasar Corderius, 1472, 4to. 

Incipit libellus de audientia confessionum. (At 

the end) — Explicit confessionale quod coposuit reverendus 
pater frater Anthoninus de Florentia . . M.CCCCLXXII. 4to. 
o. cit. mor. 120 ff. 29 lin. 

Incipit summula Confessionis, in qua agitur quo- 

modo se habere debeat confessor erga penitentem in con- 
fessionibus audiendis. Venetiis, Barthol, Cremonensis^ I473> 
small fol. br. mor. L. P. 

Incipit prologus super tractatu de Institutioe seu 

directioe simplicium confessorum editu a venerabili pre fre 
Antonio ordTs fratrum pdicatorum. 

(At the end—) 

Qui me scribebat Ge, Lauer nomen habebat 
Roma versatus tunc, sed Herbipoli natus 
Anno milleno quaier C, sep, que deno. 
Bis uno juncto sed mense sub Februo 
Sub quarto Sixto Pontiiice Zeraphico. 

{Remae^ Georgius LaveVy 1472), small 4to. citr. mor. 

Defecerunt Wulghare, Incomincia uno tractato 

chiamto Interrogatorio composto de frate Antonio Arcive- 
schovo Fiorentino : sopra le Confessioni. Impressa in Firenze^ 
per Francesclw di Dino Fiorentino nel anno del signore nostro 

Jhesu Christo Amen (1480?). — Incipit Confessionale in 
vulgari sermone editum per venerabilem P. D. Antoninum. 
In Venesia, per Pietro Cremoneso die to Veroneso, i486, 2 vols, 
bound in i, small 4to. 

Confessionale in vulgari sermone editum. Venesia, 

per Christophoro Amoldo, 1473, small 4to. 

ANTONIO DE Lebrixa. iElii Antonii Nebrissensis 
rerum k Fernando et Elisabe HispaniarO fcelicissimis regibus 
gestar Decades duas. Necno belli Navariensis libros duos. 
Annexa insuper ArchiepT Roderici chronica, alijsque his- 


torijs antehac non excussis. Apud inclytam Granatam, 
Anno a virgineo partu^ IS4S- — Domini Roderici Toletanae 
Dioecesis Archiepiscopi rerum in Hispania gestarum Chro- 
nicon libri novem . . Necnon Genealogia Regum Hispanorum 
reveredi patris domini Alphosi de Carthagena Episcopi 
Burgensis. Apud inclytam Granatam, Anno 1545, Mense 
Octobri, — Episcopi Gerundensis Paralipomenon Hispaniae 
libri decern antehac non excussi. Apud inclytam Granatam^ 
Anno 1545, Mense Octobri. 3 parts in i vol. fol. title-pages 
with woodcuts. 

ANTONIO, Nicolas. Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus, sive 
Hispanorum qui usquam unquamve scripto aliquid con- 
signaverunt notitia. Complectens scriptores omnes, qui 
ab Octaviani August! imperio usque ad annum 1500 flo- 
ruerunt. RomcBy 1696, 2 vols. fol. 

Bibliotheca Hispana (Nova), sive Hispanorum 

scriptorum, qui post annum seculare 1500 usque ad prae- 
sentem diem floruere notitia. Ronue, 1672, 2 vols. fol. 

ANTONMARCHI, Francesco. Derniers momens de 
Napoleon. Paris et Londres^ 1825, 2 vols. 8vo. 


Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d*. s. Bour- 
GUiGNON D' Anville, (J. B.) 

API ANO, Pedro. Inscriptiones sacrosanctae vetustatis. 
Ingolstadiif I534> fo\. 

Cosmographia, per Gemmam Frisium ab omnibus 

vindicata mendis, ac nonnullis quoque locis aucta. Antuer- 
piae, IS4S, 4to. 

APICIUS, COELlUS. De Opsoniis et Condimentis, 
sive arte coquinaria, libri decem. Cum annotationibus 
Martini Lister, et notis selectioribus variorum. Londini, 
Batvyer, 170S, 8vo. 

Apligny. s. Le Pileur d* Apligny. 


APOCALYPSIS BOHEMICA, seu Admirabilis et 
prorsus stupenda Visio, belli Bohemici causam, et exitum 
portendens, elegantissima carminis heroYci concinnatione 
illustrata. 1620. 

Epiniciorum a populo Christiano, post deletes acie Pra- 
gensi perduelles, Deo, Sanctis, Ferdinando Caesari invic- 
tissimo, Maximiliano Bavarie Duci, etc., Pegmata Sacra 1621. 

Two parts, small 4to. with cuts. 

APOLLINARIUS, Bishop of Laodicea. Interpretatio 
Psalmorum, versibus heroicis. (Gr.) Parisiis, apud Adr. 
Tumebum, small 8vo. 

APOLLODORUS Atheniensis. Bibliotheces, sive 
de Deorum origine, tam graece, quam latine, luculcntis pariter, 
ac doctis annotationibus illustrati, et nunc primum in lucem 
editi libri tres, Benedicto -^gio Spoletino interprete. Romae^ 
in adibus Ant, Bladi, 1555, small 8vo. First Edition. 

APOLLONIUS Alexandrinus. Apollonij Alex- 
andrei de constructione. Magni Basilij de grammatica 
exercitatione. (Gr). Florentice^ in (Bdibus PhUippi Junta, 
15 15, small 8vo. 

APOLLONIUS Pergaeus. Conicorum libri octo et 
Sereni Antissensis de sectione Cylindri et Coni libri duo. 
(Gr. Lat. Opera et studio Edm. Halley). Oxonia, e Theatro 
Sheldaniano, 17 10, with a plate by M. Burgher, 3 parts in 
I vol. fol. L. P. 

Conicorum libri quattvor. Una cum Pappi Alex- 

andrini lemmatibus, et commentariis Eutocii Ascalonitae. 
Sereni Antinsensis philosophi libri duo (de sectione cylindri 
et coni) nunc primum in lucem editi. Quae omnia nuper 
Federicus Commandinus Urbinas mendis quam plurimis 
expurgata e graeco convertit, et commentariis illustravit 
BanonuBf ex officina AUxandri Benatii, 1566, 2 parts in 
I vol. fol. 

Conicorum libri IV. (Lat.) cum commentariis R. P. 

Claudii Richardi. Antuerpia, 1655, fol. 



APOLLONIUS Pergaeus. Conica methodo novo 
lUustrata. s. BARROW, (Js.) 

Conicorum. s. ARCHIMEDES. 

APOLLONIUS, Petrus Collatius. s. Collatio. 

APOLLONIUS Rhodius. Argonauticon libri IV. 
(Graece cum scholiis graecis) Florentia {Laurentius Frandsci 
de Alqpa) 1496, 4to. ol. mor. First Edition, s. Antho- 


• Argonautica, antiquis una, et optimis cum commen- 

tarijs (Gr.). Venetiis^ in adibus Aldi et Andrecs soceri, mense 
Aprili^ 1521, small 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Argonautica. Interpretatio antiqua ac perutilis in 

Argonautica (Gr.) Parisiisy Conradus Neobard^ iS4i» 2 
vols, small 8vo. mor. 

Argonautica, antiquis una et optimis cum commen- 

tarijs (Gr.) Francofurtiy ex offidna Petri Brubacchij\ 1546-7, 
small 8vo. 

ArgonauticA^n lib. II II. Scholia vetusta in eosdem 

libros. Cum annotationibus Henrici Stephani. (Gr). {Pari- 
siiSf) Excudebat Henricus Stephanus^ I574» 4to. russia. 

Another copy, 4to. 

Presented by Cardinal de Gondy to a convent of Capuchins. 

Argonauticorum libri IV. ab Jeremia Hoelzlino in 

latinum conversi, commentario et notis illustrati, emaculati ; 
scholiis ad carmina numerato additis concinnati. (Gr. Lat). 
Lugd, Batavorum, ex offidna Elzeviriana, 1641, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Argonautica. E scriptis octo veteribus libris, quorum 

plerique nondum collati fuerant, nunc primum emendate 
edidit Rich. Fr. Phil. Brunck. (Gr.) Argentorati^ 1780, 4to. 
L. P. ruled. 

APOLOGIE. Apologia des Emigres fran^ois contre la 
proclamation diflfamatoire rendue sous le nom d' amnistie 
le 26 Avril 1802, par le nomm^e Napoleone Buonaparte. 
LofidreSy 1803. Epftres 4 leurs majestis les Rois de Prusse 


et de Dannemarch. Dedi^s au Salomon de nos jours, 
Alexandre I. Empereur de toutes les Russies, par TabW 
Humblet Londres, 1805, 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

Apologie. Apologie du Sentiment de Mr. le Chev. 
Newton, etc. s, Stuard. 

APOSTOLIUS, Michael. Uafoifjucu. Paroemiae : nunc 
demum, post epitomen basiliensem, integrae, cum P. Pantini 
versione, ejusque et doctorum notis, in lucem editae. (Gr. 
Lat). Lu^. Batavorum, ex officina Elzeviriana, 161 9, 4to. 

Apostolorum Decreta. s. Decreta. 

Apostolos. s. Preces. 

APPIANUS Alexandrinus. Rom. historiarum, Pu- 
nica, Parthica, Iberica, Syriaca, Mithriditica, Annibalica, 
Celticae et lUyricae fragmenta quaedam. Item, de bellis 
civilibus libri IV. Henr. Steph. annotationes in quasdam his- 
torias. (Gr. Lat). (Geneva), Henricus Stephanus, 1592, fol. 

Romanorum historiarum partes duae. (Gr. et Lat.) 

Alexander ToUius utrumque textum emendavit, correxit, 
et H. Stephani ac doctorum quorundam virorum selectas 
annotationes adjecit Amstelodatni, 1670, 2 vols. 8vo. 

lUyrica, quorum hactenus non nisi fragmentum ex- 

tabat, a Davide Hoeschelio graece nunc primum edita. 
AugusUe Vindelicorum, 1599, 4to. 

P. Candidi de civilibus Romanorum bellis libri ex 

Appiano Alexandrino traductis in latinum. ( Venetiis), Vifi- 
elelinus de Spira, ^A7^» foL i^* ^^^' First edition. 

Romans historian, et de civilibus Romanorum bellis. 

Traductio P. CandidL Venetiis, per Bemardu pictorem et 
Erhardum ratdolt de Augusta una cum Petro loslein de 
Langencen corrector e ac socio, I477> 2 vols. 4to. o. r. mor. 

Hispanica et Annibalica, latine nunc primum edita, 

ex Francisci Beraldi interpretatione. (Lutetia), Henriais 
Stephanus, 1 560^ small 8vo. 


APPIANUS Alexandrinus. Des Guerres des Re- 
mains. Traduit de grec en fran^ois par Mr. Odet Philippe, 
sieur des Mares. Paris, 1659, f*^'- 

Iberica, et de gestis Annibalis. s. Ctesias. 

Appolyn of Tyre. s. Wynkyn de Worde. 

Nicolas-Denis d'. Le Neptune oriental (with a plate by 
Tilliard, after Boucher). Paris, 1775, fol. max. 

APULEIUS, Lucius. (At the end) Lucii Apuleii 
platonici madauresis philosophi Metamorphoseos liber : ac 
nonulla alia opuscula ejusdem : necnon epitoma Alcinoi in dis- 
ciplinaru Platonis desinunt. AnnosaiutisMCCCCLXlX, Roma, 
in domo Petri de Maximo {Conr. Sweynheym et Am. Pan- 
nartz) fol. o. r. mor. First edition, 

L. Apuleii opera. Venetiis, per Philippum Pinzium 

Mantuanum, 1493, fol. 

Philippi Beroaldi in Asinum aureum L. Apuleii 

commentaria Impressum Lutecie, expensis Ludovici Horn- 
ken et Gottfredi Hittorpii, industria vero ntagistri Jo. 
Philippi, 1512, fol. 

Metamorphoseos, sive lusus Asini libri XL Flori- 

dorum IIII. De Deo Socratis L De philosophia I. Asclepius 
Trismegisti dialogus eodem Apuleio interprete. Ejusdem 
Apuleij liber de dogmatis Platonicis. Ejusdem liber de 
mundo, quern magna ex parte ex lib. Aristotelis. . . 
Apologias IL Isagogicus liber Flatonicae philosophise per 
Alcinoum philosophum, graece impressus. . . Venetiis, in 
(gdibus Aldi et Andrea soceri, 1521, small 8vo. f. 113 sup- 
plied by a ms. one. 

Metamorphoseos, sive de Asino aureo libri undecim, 

cum praefatione, et ai^mentis Philippi Beroaldi in singulos 
libros, et authoris vita. Parisiis, ex officina Simanis Colineei, 
1536, small 8vo. o. r. mor. 


APULEIUS, Lucius. Opera, interpretatione et notis 
illustravit Julianas Floridus, in usum serenissimi Delphini. 
Parisiis, 1688, 2 vols. 4to. ol. mor. 

Apuleo volgare tradotto. Per il magnifico conte 

Mattheo Maria Boiardo. (With woodcuts.) Vinegia^ 
Nicolo di Aristotile, detto Zoppino^ 1537. small 8vo. o. r. mor. 

L. Apuleio tradotto in volgare dal conte Matteo 

Maria Boiardo historiato. Nuovamente revisto, et ricorretto 
con ogni diligenza ; appresso aggiuntovi un breve discorso 
della vita dell* auttore. (With fine woodcuts). Vinegia^ 
Barthohmeo detto rimperadore^ et Francesco Vinitiano, 1544, 
small 8vo. o. g. mor. 

Fine old Italian binding. Cardinal Granvelle's copy. 

De TEsprit familier de Socrate. Traduction nou- 

velle. Paris, 1698, i2mo. 

Aquaviva, Belisarius. s. Acquaviva (B.) 

AQUILA, Francesco. Stylobates Columnae Antoninae 
nuper e ruderibus Campi Martii jussu Clementis XI. effossus, 
in tres tabulas distributus. Franciscus Aquila delineavit, et 
inddit Roma, cura, et impensis Dominici de Rubeis, 
1708, fol. 

Aquinas, Thomas, s. Thomas Aquinas. 
Aquitaine, Les Annales d\ s. Bouchet (Jean.) 

ARAGO, Dominique Francois. CEuvres completes, 
publi^es d' apris son ordre sous la direction de M. S. A. 
Barral. (With portrait.) Paris, 1854-62. 17 vols. 8vo. 

ARAGO, Jacques Etienne Victor. Narrative of a 
voyage round the World in the Uranie and Physicienne 
corvettes, commanded by captain Freycinet, during the 
years 181 7, 181 8, 1819, and 1820; on a scientific expedition 
undertaken by order of the French government. With 26 
engravings. London, 1823, 4to. 


ARATUS. Phaenomena et prognostica. (Gr. Lat.) 
Basika^ small 8vo. 

Ciceronis in Arati phoenomena interpretatio ; quae 

multo et amplior est et emendatior quam vulgata. Acces- 
serunt his Vergilii, Germanici Cssaris, et RuH Avieni car- 
mina, iis respondentia Arati, quae a Cicerone conversa 
interciderunt J. Ferionij opera. Parisiis, apud Sitnonem 
ColifUBum, Excudebat Jo. Lodaicus Tiletanus, 1540. — 
Ex Platonis Timaeo particula, Ciceronis de universitate 
libro respondens. Parisiis, apud Sim. Colinaum, 1540. 
Two parts in i vol. 4to. 

Phaenomena et prognostica. Theonis scholia. Leon- 

tius Mechanicus de sphaera aratea. (Gr.) Parisiis, apud 
GuiL Moreliutn^ iS59f 4^^- 

Phaenomena, etc. (Gr.) Parisiis, apud GuiL More- 
Hum^ 1559* — Phaenomena, et prognostica; interpretibus 
Cicerone, Festo Avieno, Germanico Caesare, una cum ejus 
commentariis. C. Julii Hygini Astronomicon. Parisiis^ 
apud GuiL Morelium^ I559i 2 p^trts, 4to. 

Arati phoenomena et prognostica, Eratosthenis 

asterismos, Dionysij hymni. (Gr.) Accesserunt annota- 
tiones in Eratosthenem et hymnos Dionysii. Oxonii^ e 
Theatre Sheldoniano, 1672, 8vo. b. mor. 

— Hugonis Grotii Batavi Syntagma Arateorum; 
opus poeticae et astronomiae studiosis utilissimum. 
(Gr. Lat.) (With plates by J. de Gheyn.) Lugduni Bata- 
varum, ex Officina Plantiniana, apud Christophorum Raphel- 
engium, 1600, 4to. 

Arbre des Batailles. s. Bonnor (H. de). 

ARBUTHNOT, John. Tables oif ancient coins, weights, 
and measures, explained and exemplify'd in several disserta- 
tions. (Published by his son, Charles Arbuthnot.) London, 
Tonson, 1727, 4to. 


ARBUTHNOT, John. An Essay concerning the 
nature of aliments, and the choice of them. London^ 
173 1, 8vo. 

Of the laws of Chance, or, a method of calculation 

of the hazards of game. 4th edition. London^ I73S> Svo. 

Arcana Imperii, s. Boxhorn (m.) 

ARCHi£OLOGlA. Archa^logia, or Miscellaneous Tracts, 
published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. S. 
Academies (London). 

ARCHIMEDES. Opera, quae quidem extant omnia, 
nunc primum et graece et latine in lucem edita. Adjecta 
quoque sunt Eutocii Ascalonitae in eosdem Archimedis 
libros commentaria, item graece et latine, nunquam antea 
excusa. (Ex recensione Th. Gechauff Venatorii). Basileae^ 
Joannes Hervagius^ I544» 4 parts in i vol. fol. First edition. 

With MS. notes by Henry Cavendish. 
Another copy, fol. With R. Bentley's aut(^. 

Opera quae extant. Novis demonstrationibus com- 

mentariisque illustrata per Davidem Rivaltum. (Gr. Lat) 
Parisiis, apud Claudium Morellum^ 161 5, fol. 

Quae supersunt omnia, cum Eutocii Ascalonitae 

commentariis. Ex recensione Josephi Torelli, Veronensis, 
cum nova versione latina. Accedunt lectiones variantes 
ex Codd. Mediceo et Parisiensibus. (Gr. Lat) Oxonii^ e 
typographeo ClarendanianOy 1792, fol. L. P. 

Opera; mechanicorum libri; Apollonii Pergaei coni- 

corum, et Sereni de sectione cylindri. Lutetia^ ex officina 
Roberti Stephanie 1626, 32mo. o. r. mor. richly tooled. 

Monumenta omnia mathematica quae extant £x 

traditione Francisci Maurolici. Panormi^ 1685, fol. 

Epistola ad regem Gelonem, Arbae Graecaereperta. 

Anno €ere Chris tiame^ 1688, small 4to. 


ARCHITECTURE. An excellent introduction to 
Architecture, being a book of geometrical practice. London^ 
1670, fol. 

Rudiments of ancient Architecture, containing an 

historical account of the Five Orders, with their propor- 
tionsy and examples of each from antiques ; also extracts 
from Vitruviusj Pliny, &c. With a dictionary of terms. 
London^ 18 10, 8vo. 

ARENA, Antonio d*. Nova novorum novissima, sive 
poemata stilo Macaronico conscripta, quae faciunt crepare 
lectores ob nimium risum, et saltare capras et semias ; per 
Bartolomeum Bollam Bergamascum. Stampatus in statn- 
patura Stafnpatorum, 1604, i2mo. 

ARENAS, Pedro de. Vocabulario manual de las 
lenguas Castellana, y Mexicana. Mexico^ 1683, i2mo. 

ARETiEUS Cappadox. De Causis et signis acutorum 
et diutumorum morborum libri quatuor. De curatione acu- 
torum et diutumorum morborum libri quatuor. Cum MSS. 
duobus, Harleyano et Vaticano, contulit: novamque ver- 
sionem dedit Johannes Wigan. (Gr. Lat) OxonuB, e typogr, 
Clarendaniano, 1723, fol. L. P. 

Aretefila. s. Ridolfi (Ln a.) 

Aretino, Leonardo Bruni. s. Bruni (L.) 

ARETINO, Pietro. La Prima parte de ragionamenti 
divisa in tre giomate. (198 pp.) 1584. 

La seconda parte de ragionamenti. . . . Aggiunto il pia- 
cevol ragionamento del Zoppino. Nella nobil citta di Ben- 
goli, ne r Italia altre volte piit felice, il 21 d'Octobre, 1584. 

(339 pp.) 

Commento di ser Agresto da Ficaruolo, sopra la prima 

Ficata del padre Siceo, con la diceria de Nasi. (118 pp.) 

Three parts in I vol. small 8vo. or. mor. 


ARETINO, PlETRO. II Genesi, con la visione de Noe 
ne la quale vede i misterii del Testamento Vecchio e del 
Nuovo. Diviso in tre libri. Venetia^ I539> small 8vo. 

Al gran Marchese del Vasto, dui primi canti. Mar- 

phisa del divino Pietro Aretino. Very small 4to. gr. mor. 

II Marescalco, comedia. Small 8vo. or. mor. 

Comedia intitolata il Filosofo. Venegia^ Ga- 
briel Giolito de Ferrari^ 1546. s. COMEDIE. 

Quattro comedie del divino Pietro Aretino. II 

Marescalco, la Cort^ana, la Talanta, THipocrito. 1588, 
small i2mo. 

Lettere. Parigi^ 1609, 6 vols, small 8vo. 

ARGELATI, Filippo. Bibliotheca scriptorum Medio- 
lanensium ; seu, acta et elogia virorum omnigena eruditione 
illustrium, qui in metropoli Insubriae oppidisque circum- 
jacentibus orti sunt. Praemittitur Josephi Antonii Saxii his- 
toria literario-typographica Mediolanensis, ab anno 1465 ad 
annum 1500, nunc primum edita. Mediolaniy 1745, 2 vols, 
in 4 parts, fol. 

Argens, Jean Baptiste Boyer, Marquis d*. s. 

BOYER (J. B.) 

ARGENSOLA, Bartholomeo Leonardo de. Con- 
quista de las islas Malucas. Madrid^ 1609, small foL 

The discovery and conquest of the Molucco and 

Philippine islands. Transl. into english. London, 1708, 
small 4to. 

Argenville. s. Dezallier d'Argenville (A. I.) 

ARGOLI, Andrea. Ephemerides exactissimae coeles- 
tium motium ad longitudinem almae Urbis, et Tychonis 
Brahe hypothesis ad deductas e coelo accurate observationes, 
ab anno 1641 ad annum 1700. Lugduni, 1677, 3 vols. 4to. 

Argyll, George Douglas, Duke of. s. Campbell 
(G. D.) 


ARINGHI, Paolo. Roma subterranea, in qua post 
Antonium Bosium, Jo. Severanum, et celebres alios scrip- 
tores, antiqua christianorum, et praedpue martyrum, 
coemeteria illustrantur. Lutetia Parisiarum^ i6S9» ^ vols, 
in I, foL 

ARIOSTO, Francesco. De Oleo Montis Zibinii, seu 
Petroleo agri Mutinensis libellus ; e mss. membranis editus 
ab Olig. Jacobaeo. Hafnug^ 1690, 8vo. 

ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. Orlando fvrioso di Lvdovico 
Ariosto nobile Ferrarese ristampato et con molta diligentia 
da Ivi corretto et quasi tvto formato di nvovo et ampliato. 
Con gratie: et privilegi. MDXXVIII. Finisse Orlando 
fvrioso de Lvdovico Ariosto^ da Ferrara^ novamente impresso 
nella inclita citta di Fireme nel MDXXVIII. Adi XXV. 
del mese di Luio. 4to. double coL o. oL mor. With wood- 
cuts on the title page and at the end. 

Orlando fvrioso di messer Lodovico Ariosto, et di 

piv aggivntovi in fine piv di cinqvecento stanze del mede- 
simo avttore, non piv vedvte. (With Ariosto's portrait.) — 
In Vine^gia, nelT anno 1545, in Casa de^ figlivoli di Aldo. 
Small 4to. but numbered as 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Orlando furioso, omato di nuove figure, et all^orie 

in ciascun canto. Aggiuntovi nel fine Tespositione de' 
luoghi difficili. Venetia, Gio. Andrea Valvassori^ I554> 4to. 

Orlando furioso, tutto ricorretto, et di nuove figure 

adomato. Con le annotationi di J. Ruscelli. Venelia, 
Vincenso Valgrisi^ 1565, 4to. 

Orlando furioso, tutto ricorretto, et di nuove figure 

adomato. Venelia, Valgrisio, 1570, 2 vol. i8mo. 

Orlando furioso, nuovamente adomato di figure di 

rame da Girolamo Porro, padovano. Venetia, Francesco de 
Fraftchesiy 1584, 4to. o. r. mor. 

Another copy, 4to. russia. 


ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. Orlando furioso. Parigi, Mar- 
cello Prault, 1768, (with portrait and plates), 4 vols. i8mo. 

Orlando furioso. Milano, 1812-1814, S vols. 8vo. 

Classici Italiani, vols. 40-44. 

L'Orlando furioso, pubblicato da A. Buttura. 

Parigiy Lefevre, 182 1, 8 vols. 32010. 

Orlando furioso, in english historical verse, by Sir 

John Harington. London^ Miller, 1634, 4to. br. mor. Fine 
title page with Ariosto and Harington's portraits. 

The Orlando furioso. Translated into english verse, 

with notes, by William Stewart Rose. London, 1823-27, 
6 vols. 8vo. 

Delle Satire e rime libri II. con le annotazioni di 

Paolo Rolli. (With Ariosto's portrait after E. Vico.) 
London, 1731, 8vo. 

II Negromante, comedia. Small 8vo. or. mor. 

La Lena, comedia. Vinegia, Zoppino^ IS3S« 

Comedia, intitolata Gli Soppositi. Vinegia, Zoppino^ 

1538. 2 parts, small 8vo. or. mor. 

Comedie, civ& i Suppositi, la Cassaria, la Lena, il 

Negromante, et la Scolastica. Di nuovo ristampate, et con 
somma diligenza ricorrette per Thomaso Forcacchi. Vinegia^ 
Gabriel Glolito de Ferrari, 1562. 

Le Satire, con gli argomenti a ciascuna d'esse di quello 
che esse contengono. Rivedute et corrette per Francesco 
Sansovino. Venetia, Franc. Rampazetto, 1563. 2 vols in i, 
i8mo. o. r. mor. 

Beautiful Italian binding of the i6th century. 

ARISTiENETUS. Epistolae eroticae. E bibliotheca C. 
V. Joan. Sambuci. (Gr.) Antuerpiae, ex officina Christo- 
phori Plantini, 1566, small 4to. First edition, 

Epistolae, graece, cum latina interpretatione et notis 

(by J. Mercenis). Parisiis, apud M. Orry, 1596, i2mo. 


ARISTIDES. Orationes (Gr.) Flarentue^ SumpHbus 
Philifpi Junta, 15 17, fol. 

Another copy. Fol. r. mor. With R. Bcntley's 


In Romam oratio. (Gr.) Lutetue Parisiorum^ 

1619, 4to. 


ARISTOPHANES. Comcediae novem. (Cum scholiis 
et praefatione Marci Musuri). (Gr.) Venetiis, apud Aldum, 
1498, foL First edition, 

Comoedix novem. (Gr.) FlorentuB, opera et sumptu 

PhUippi Junta, ^S^S- — Cereris sacra celebrantes. Lysis- 
trate. (Gr.) Bemardus Junta, 15 15. Two parts in i vol. 
8vo. p. mor. 

Comoedix IX. cum commentariis antiquis. (Gr.) 

Florentia, per haredes Philppi. Junta, 1525, 4to. 

Comoedix novem. (Gr.) {Parisiis) Egidius Gor- 

montius, 1528, small 4to. 

Comoedix undecim. (Gr.) Basilea, apud Andream 

Cratanderum et Joannem Behelium, 1532, small 4to. o. gr. mor. 

Comoedix undecim. (Gr.) Venetiis, in adibus 

Barth, Zanetti Casterzagensis, sumptibus Melchioris Sessae, 
1538, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Comoedix undecim. (Gr.) Parisiis, apud Chris- 

tianum Wechelum, 1 540, 4to. r. mor. 

Comcedix Novem. (Gr.) Florentia, per Benedictum 

Junctam, 1548, 8vo. 

Comoedix undecim. (Gr.) Venetiis, apud Joa. 

Farreum etfratres, 1 542, 8vo. 

Comcedix undecim. {Venetiis^ (Gr.) Joan. 

Gryphius excudebat^ I548> 8vo. gr. mor. 



ARISTOPHANES. Nicodemi Frischlini Aristophanes. 
Repurgatus a mendis, et imitatione Plauti atque Terentii 
interpretatus. (Gr. Lat.) Francoforti ad Mamum, excudebai 
Joan. Spies, 1586, 8vo. 

ComGcdix undecim. Nunc primum cum latina 

interpretione Nicodemi Frischlini, Q. Septimij, Florentis 
Christiani, et Andreae Divi in lucem edits. Cum scholiis 
antiquis et novis ejusdem Fl. Christiani, Odoardi Bizeti et 
aliorum. (Gr. Lat.) Aurelue Allobrogum^ 1608, fol. o. r. 

De Thou's copy* with his arms and monogram. 
Comoediae undecim, graece et latine, cum indice 

paroemiarum selectiorum, et emendationibus virorum doc- 
torum, praecipue Josephi Scaligeri. Accesserunt fragmenta. 
Lugduni Batavortim, ex officina Joa. Maire, 1624, i2mo. 

Comoediae undecim, graece et latine, ex Codd. mss. 

emendatae : cum scholiis antiquis. . . Accedunt notae viro- 
rum doctorum. . . . Omnia coUegit et recensuit, notasque 
in novem comoedias et quatuor indices adjecit Ludolphus 
Kusterus. Amstelodami, sumptibus Th, Fritsch, 17 10, fol. 

Comcediae undecim, gfr. et lat. Cum notis Stephani 

Bergleri, necnon Carol! Andreas Dukeri ad quatuor priores. 
Accedunt deperditarum comoed. fragmenta. Curante Petro 
Burmanno secundo. Lugduni Batavarum, 1760, 2 vols. 4to. 

Another copy. 2 vols. 4to. L. P. 

Plutus. (Gr.) Theod, Martin excudebat (Lavanit), 

1518, 4to. 

Plutus, jam nunc per Carolum Gerardum Bituricum 

et latinus factus et commentarijs insuper . . . illustratus. 
Parisiis, Christianus Wechelus, 1 549, 4to. 

Comcedia Plutus. Adjecta sunt scholia vetusta. 

Recognovit ad veteres membranas, variis lectionibus ac 
notis instruxit, et scholiastas locupletavit Tiberius Hems- 
terhuis. Harlingm, I744> 8vo. 


ARISTOPHANES. Comoediae duae, Plutus et Nubes : 
cum scholiis graecis antiquis. (Gt. Lat) Londini, 1695, 

Nubes, comoedia. Graece, ex editione Kusteri. 

Latine, ex versione viri eruditi, Londini, 1695. Glasgua^ 
Faults^ 1755, small 4to. r. mor. 

Another copy. 4to. r. mor. L, P. 

Comoedia Ranae. (Gr.) Parisiis, Christianus 

Wechelus, 1 540, 4to. 

Comedies grecques d'Aristophane, traduites en 

fran^ois, avec des notes critiques, par Madame Dacier. 
Paris, 1692, i2mo. 

ARISTOTELES. Porphyrii introductio. Aristotelis 
opera. Aristotelis et Theophrasti vitae ex Laertio. Galeni 
de philosopho historia. Philonis Judei de mundo. Theo- 
phrasti de ig^e, de ventis, de lapidibus, de historia plan- 
tarum, de causis plantarum, et metaphysicorum libri. 
Alexandri Aphrodisiensis problematum libri. (Gr.) Venetiis^ 
dexteritate Aldi Manucii Romania 1495- 1498. 6 parts in 

5 vols. fol. First edition. 

With autograph of D. C. Berruyer on the title page. 

Aristotelis opera omnia. Theophrasti historia de 

plantis, et de causis plantarum, et quidam alii ipsius libri. 
(studio Joa. Baptistae Camotii. Gr.) Venetiis, ctfnul Aldi 
filios, expensis vera noHlis viri domini Federici de Turrisanis 
eorum avunculi, ^SS^-SS* 6 vols. 8vo. o. citron mor. 

Opera quae extant. Addita nonnusquam ob argu- 

menti similitudinem quaedam Theophrasti, Alexandri, 
Cassii, Sotionis, Athenaei, Polemonis, Adamantii, Melam- 
podis . . Adjecta varians locorum scriptura . . . Emenda- 
tiones quoque non paucae . . Opera et studio Frid. Sylburgii. 
(Gr.) Francofurtiy apud AtuL Wechelii heredes, 1584-1587, 

6 vols. 4to. 

With R. Bentle/s autograph on title pages. 


ARISTOTELES. Opera omnia quae extant, graece et 
latine, veterum ac recentiorum interpretum . . studio emen- 
datissima. Huic editioni accessit brevis ac perpetuus in 
omnes Aristotelis libros commentarius . . Authore Guill. 
Du VaL LutetuB Parisiarum, Typis Regiis^ i6i9» 2 vols. fol. 

De Animalibus historiae libri X. (Gr. et Lat.) 

Textum recensuit, Julij Caes. Scaligeri versionem dili- 
genter recognovit, commentarium amplissimum indicesque 
locupletissimos adjecit Jo. Gottlob Schneider. Lipsia, 181 1, 
4 vols. 8vo. russia, L. P. 

De Arte rhetorica libri tres. Carolo Sigonio inter- 

prete, Venetiis, ex off, Stella Jardani Ziletti^ 1566, i2mo. 

De Arte rhetorica libri tres, cum M. Antonii 

Majoragii commentariis. Additis graeco textu, etc. Venetiis, 
apud Franciscum de Franciscis^ I59i> fol. 

De Rhetorica, seu arte dicendi, libri tres, Graeco- 

lat. (Ex recensione Theodori Goulston). London^ typis 

Edwardi Griffini^ i6i9» 4to. L! P. 

Goulston dedicates the edition to Prince darles. Title enclosed 
within woodcut border ; on its verso^ arms of Prince Charles with the 
line Hac olim votes arma Virumque canent. On the fly-leaf, in 
Goulston's handwriting : '^ Praestanti Equiti, sumisque doctrinae, huma- 
nitatis, virtut0que omniu laudibus omatissimo, Dfio Johafii Constable : 
Axnico honor&dissimo meo." Old English binding. 

De Arte rhetorica libri tres. (Gr. cum not et van 

lection.) Oxonii, e Theatre, 1759, Svo. 

Commentationum de Natura, libri VIII. DeCoelo, 

IIII. De Ortu et interitu, II. Meteorologficorum, IIII. De 
Anima, III. Parua quae dicuntur naturalia. (Gr.) Parisiis^ 
apud Guil. Morelium, 1561, 4to. 

De Mundo liber ad Alexandrum. (Gr.) Cum 

versione latina Gulielmi Budaei. Glasguce^ Faulis, 1745, 
i2mo. r. mor. 

Aristotelis et Theophrasti scripta quaedam, quae vel 

nunquam antea, vel minus emendata quam hunc edita fuerunt. 
(Gr.) Ex officina Henr. Stephani, 1557, Svo. 


ARISTOTELES. De Moribus ad Nicomachum libri 
decern. (Gr.) Argentoratiy per Wendel Rihelium, i$4p^ iwo. 

De Moribus ad Nicomachum filium libri decem. 

(Gr.) FlcrentuB, apud Juncias, 1 547, 4to. L. P. 

De Moribus. (Gr.) Flormtue, apudjunctas^ 1560, 


Ethicorum Nicomachiorum paraphrasis, incerto 

auctore, antique et eximio peripatetico. Nunc primum 
graece edita, emendata, et latine reddita a Danlele Heinsio. 
Lugduni Batavorum^ i^7» 4to. o. g. mor. 

Ethicorum Nicomacheorum libri X. Codicum mss. 

coUatione recogniti, et notis illustrati a Guil. Wilkinson. 
(Gr. Lat.) Oxanti^ e Theatre Sheldoniano^ 17 16, 8vo. L. P. 

Decem libri Ethicorum ad Nicomachum, ex tra- 

ductione Joa. Argyropili Bizantij : communi familiarique 
Jacobi Fabri Stapulensis commentario elucidati ; et singu- 
lorum capitum argumentis prenotati. ParisijSy ex officina 
Henrici Stephanie I5i4» 8vo. 

De Virtutibus et vitiis libellus. (Gr.) Parisiis, 

1625, 4to. 

De Virtutibus liber, Andrea a Lacuna Secobiensi 

interprete. (Gr. Lat) Parisiis, Tho. Richardus, 1 560, 4to. 

Yconomicorum, sive de re familiari liber. Liber de 

moribus ad Eudemium per Leonardum Aretinum de graeco 
in latinum translatum. Leonardi Aretini de studijs et 
Uteris ad illustrem dnam baptista Malatesta tractatulus. 
Small 4to. Goth. 3 1 iT. 27 lin. 

Oeconomica (Gr.) Parisiis, GuiL Morelius, 1560. — 

Oeconomica, vel de familiari administratione, Gilberto Cog- 
nato Nozereno interprete. Parisiis, Guil. Marelius^ ISSI- 
2 parts in i vol. 4to. 

Poetica per Alexandrum Puccium, patritium Flo- 

rentinum, in latinum conversa ; eadem grsce. Veneiiis, in 


adibus haredum Aldi et Andrea Asulani soceri, 1536, small 
8vo. L. P. 

Grolier*s binding with his name and motto, Aldine anchor and initial 
letters printed in gold. 

ARISTOTELES. De Arte poetica liber (Gr.) Parisiis, 
apud Guilielmum Morelium^ I555» 8vo. 

De Poetica liber (Gr. et Lat.) Lectionem con- 

stituit, versionem refinxit, animadversionibus illustravit, 
Thomas Tyrwhitt Oxonii, e typ. Clarend. 1794, 8vo. 

Another copy, 4to, r. mor. 

On the fly-leaf, '* To Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, from F. 
Foster, 1805." 

■ Another copy. 4to. pur. mor. 

Largest paper — one of 50 copies. 

Politicorum libri octo. Economicorum duo. (Lat) 

Parisiis, exofficina Henrici Stephanie ISI5» 8vo. 

Politicorum libri octo (Gr. et Lat.) Cum perpetua 

Danielis Heinsii in omnes libros paraphrasi. Accedit 
accuratus rerum index. Lugduni Batavorum^ ex officina 
Elzeviriana, 162 1, small Svo. 

With autograph and MS. notes oiHenricus Boeclerus, 

Politica, ab Jacobo Lodoico Strebseo, nomine 

Joannis Bertrandi conversa. Parisiis, ex officina Michaalis 
Vascosani, 1 542, small 4to. 

Peplus, sive epitaphia in heroas Homericos : frag- 

mentum ab H. Stephano primum editum, nunc pluribus 
auctum epitaphiis, partim nuper editis, partim nunc primum 
e codice Harleiano (Tho. Burgess, ed.) (Gr.) Duneimia, 
1798, 8vo. 

Presentation copy from the editor to the Dean of Rochester. 

Nicolai Leonici Thomxi conversio in latinum 

atque explanatio primi libri Aristotelis de partibus Ani- 
malium. Venetiis, De Farris, 1 540^ small 8vo. 



ARISTOTELES. De Sensibus atque de his quae cadunt 
in sensum, vel de sensuum instrumentis. Alexandrique 
Aphrodisiei commentarium non antea e graeco in latinum 
conversum, Lucillus Philalthaeus vertebat. Michaaelis 
Ephesii scholia in Aristotelis libros aliquot. Venetiis, apt4d 
Hier. Scotum, 1544, small fol. o. r. mor. L. P. 

Audomari Talaei in primum Aristotelis ethicum 

litHum explicatio. Parisiis, Matth. David^ 15 50, 4to. 

Poetics ; or, Discourses concerning tragic and 

epic imitation. Translated from the g^eek into english. 
London^ 1775, 8vo. 

L'Ethica, tradotta in lingua vulgare fiorentina et 

comentata per Bernardo SegfnL Firenze^ Lorenzo Tor^ 
rentino, 1550, 4to, 

Another copy, 4to. o. r. mor. L. P. 

L'Ethica, ridotta in compendio da Ser Brunetto 

Latini. Et altre traduttioni^ et scritti di quei tempi. 
Liane^per Giovanni de Tomes, 1568, 4to. 

Trattato di Govemi. Tradotto di greco in lingua 

vulgare fiorentina da Bernardo Segni. Firenze, TorrentinOy 
1549, 4to. L. P. 

De Celo et Mondo. Tradotto di greco in volgare 

italiano per Antonio Brucioli. Venetia^ Barth. Imperatore, 
1556, small 8vo. 

Poetica, vulgarizzata et sposta per Lodovico 

Castelvetro. Vienna, Caspar Stainhofer, 1570, 4to. 

La Po6tique d*Aristote traduite en franjois avec 

des remarques. Paris, 1692, 4to. 

La Rh^torique d' Aristote en frangois (par Francois 

Cassandre). Paris, 1654, 4to. 

s. Alexander Aphrodisiensis. 

Arithmologia. s. Camerarius (Joach). 

ARLINCOURT, Victor, Vicomte d'. Le Solitaire. 
Paris, 1 82 1, 3 vols. i2mo. 

Ipsibo^. Paris, 1823, 2 vols. 8vo. 


ARMIN, Robert. The Italian Taylor and his Boy. 
(With woodcuts). London, 1609, small 4to. 

ARMSTRONG, John. The History of Minorca. Lon- 
don, 1752, 8vo. 

ARMSTRONG, John, Colonel. The History of the 
ancient and present state of the navigation of the port of 
King's Lyn, and of Cambridge. With the method proposed 
for draining the Fens, and amending the Harbour of Lyn. 
Illustrated with maps. London, 1725, fol. 

ARMSTRONG, Robert Archibald. A Gaelic Dic- 
tionary, in 2 parts. I. Gaelic and english. II, English and 
gaelic. London, 1825, 4to. 

ARNOBIUS. Disputationum adversus gentes libri octo, 
nunc primum in lucem editi (studio Fausti Sabaei). Roma,' 
in adibus Francisci Priscianensis, 1 542, fol. First edition. 

Another copy. 

With autograph of count Ottavio Archinto, and a MS. note as to 
the date 1542. 

ARNOLD, Thomas. History of Rome. A new edition. 
London, 1857, 3 vols. 8vo. 

History of the later Roman Commonwealth, from 

the end of the second Punic war to the death of Julius Caesar, 
and of the reign of Augustus ; with a life of Trajan. Re- 
published from the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana. London, 
1857, 2 vols. 8vo. 

AROUET DE VOLTAIRE, Francois-Marie. CEu- 
vres completes. Paris, Renouard, 1819-25, 66 vols, royal 
8vo. gr. mor. 

Le si^cle de Louis XIV. [Published under the 

name of his friend, mons. de Francheville]. Londres, 1752, 
3 vols, in I, 4to. 

Le sifecle de Louis XIV. 2d Edition. 2 vols. i2mo. 


AROUET DE VOLTAIRE, Francois-Marie. His- 
toire de rempire de Russie sous Pierre le Grand. Paris, 
1803, 2 vols. i2mo. r. mor. 

La Henriade, po^me, avec les notes ; suivi de Tessai 

sur la poisie epique. Paris ^ Didot, 1801, i8mo. 

La Pucelle, or the Maid of Orleans. A poem in 

XXL cantos, from the french. 1796, 2 vols. 8vo. 

El^mens de la philosophie de Newton mis ii la 

port^e de tout le monde. Amsterdam, 1738, 8vo. 

ARPHE, Joan de. Quilatador de la plata, oro, y pie- 

dras. Valladolid, 1572, 4to. 

With Arphe's autograph at the end. 

ARRIANUS. De Expeditione, sive rebus gestis Alex- 
andri Macedonum regis libri octo, nuper et reperti, et quam 
diligentissime in lucem editi. (Gr.) Basilece, I539> small 8vo. 

Another copy. 

De Expeditione Alexandri Magni historiarum libri 

VIIL Ejusdem Indica. Ex Bonaventurae Vulcanii Brug. 
interpretatione. Nic. Blancardus e veter. libris recensuit, 
versionem latinam emendavit, octo libros animadversionum 
adjecit. (Gr. et Lat). Amstelodami, 1668, 8vo. 

Arriani et Hannonis periplus. Plutarchus de flu- 
minibus et montibus. Strabonis epitome. (Gr.) BasiUiB, 
Frobmius, IS33, 4to. 

Ponti Euxini et maris Erythraei periplus, cum 

scholiis. Per Gul. Huckium. (Gr. et Lat). Geneva, apud 
Eust. Vignon, 1577, small fol. 

Arriani Epictetus. (Gr.) Venetiis, in aedibus Earth, 

Zanetti Casterzagensis, (sre vera et diligentia Franc. Trinca- 
veli, 1535, small 8vo. gr. mor. 

Arriani Nicomediensis de Epicteti philosophi, prae- 

ceptoris sui, dissertationibus, libri IV. ; nunc primum in 
lucem editi: Jacobo Scheggio interprete. Accessit Epic- 
teti enchiridion, Angelo Politiano interprete. (Gr. et Lat.) 
Basilece, per Jo. Oparinum, 1 5 54, 4to. 


Arrianus. Epicteti dissertationum ab Arriano diges- 
tarum, libri IV. s. Epictetus. 

Historia de rebus gestis Alexandri Macedonis e 

greco nuper traducta (Charolo Valgulio Brixiano interprete.) 
( Venetiis, Antonius Moretus), fol. 

Ars Divinationis. s. Astrologia. 

ARSENIUS. Praeclara dicta philosophorum, impera- 
torum, oratorumque et poetarum, ab Arsenio archiepiscopo 
Monembasiae collecta. (Gr.) — Dialogus studiosi bibliopolae 
et libri : Porphyrius de plagiis philosophorum et rhetorum : 
Joannis Tzetzae versus. (Gr.) (Ronue, 1518?) 2 parts in i 
vol. i2mo. r. mor. 

ARS PEREGRINANDI. De Arte peregrinandi, libri 
II. variis exemplis: in primis vero agri Neapolitani de- 
scriptione illustrati. Item libri II. de regimine iter agentium. 
Quibus accesserunt quaestiones Forcianae, hoc est, de variis 
Italorum ingeniis; et de muliebris sexus praestantia, dia- 
logfi II. NofibergiB^ in officina Catharince GerlachuBy 1599, 
small 8vo. 

ART. The Art of governing by partys. London^ 1 70 1, 

les Dates des faits historiques, des chartes, des chroniques, 
et autres anciens monumens depuis la naissance de notre 
Seig^neur, etc. Troisiime Edition. Par un religieux B^n6- 
dectin de la congregation de Saint Maur. Paris^ ^7^3-7* 
3 vols. fol. 

L' Art de verifier les Dates, depuis Tann^e 1770^ 

jusqu* k nos jours ; formant la continuation, ou troisiime 
partie de V ouvrage public sous ce nom, par les religieux 
B^n^dectins de la congregation de Saint Maur. Cette par- 
tie redig^e par une soci^t^ de savants et hommes de lettres, 
et publi^e par M. le chevalier de Courcelles (et d' autres). 
Paris. 1821.38, 5 vols. foL 


Art Treasures Exhibition, s. Exhibition. 

ARTARI A, Ferdinando. Guida da Milano a Ginevra 
pel Sempione, con 36 vedute ed una carta geograiica. 
Milano, 1822, 4to. 

ARTEAGA, Stefano. Les r^olutions du Theatre 
musical en Italie, depuis son origine jusques k nos jours. 
Traduites et abreg^es de Titalien, Londres, 1802, 8vo. 

ARTEDUS, Petrus. Ichthyologia, sive opera omnia 
de piscibus. Lugduni Batavorunty 1738. 5 parts in i vol. 

ARTEMIDORUS. Artemidori Daldiani et Achmetis 
Sereimi f. Oneirocritica. Astrampsychi et Nicephori versus 
etiam oneirocritici. (Gr. et Lat) Nic. Rigaltii in Artemi- 
dorum notae. LutetuB, ex offic, Claudi Morelli, 1603, 4to. 

ARTHUR. The Storye of the most noble and worthy 
Kynge Arthur, s. Malory (Sir Thos.) 

ARTHUS, Gotardus, Dantiscanus. Historia Indiae 
Orientalis, ex variis auctoribus collecta, et juxta seriem 
topographicam regnorum, provinciarum, et insularum, per 
Africae, Asiaeque littora, ad extremos usque Japoniosdeducta. 
CoUmuB AgrippifUEy sumptibtis Wilhelmi Lutzenkirch^ 1608, 
small 8vo 

Commentariorum de rebus in ampHssimo Anti- 

christi regno, a primo ejus exordio, ad haec usque tempora 
libri IV, Francofurtiy 1609, i2mo. 

ASCHAM, Roger. Toxophilus, the Schole, or parti- 
tions of shooting, contayned in ij. bookes, writte by Roger 
Ascham, 1 544, and now newlye perused. Pleasaunt for all 
gentlemen, and women of England for theyr pastime to 
reade, and profitable for their use to folowe both in warre 
and peace. London^ Thotnas MarshSy 1571. Black letter 
woodcut title. 


The Schole Master, or plaine and perfite way of teaching 
children, to understand, write, and speake, the Latin tong. 
London, John Daye, 1571. Black letter. Woodcut at the 
end, with date 1573. 

Two vols, bound in i vol. small 4to. 

ASCHAM, Roger. Toxophilus. London, Abell Jeffes, 
1589. Black letter. — ^The Schole Master. London, John 
Daye, 1579. Black letter. 

Two vols, bound in i vol. small 4to. 

The Schoole Master. London, Abell Jeffes, 1589. 

Black letter, small 4to. 

Epistolarum libri quatuor. Accessit Joannis Stur- 

mii, aliorumque ad Aschamum, Anglosque alios eruditos 
epistolarum liber unus. Oxonia, 1703, 8vo. 

Small Frontispiece by M. Burghess, with Demosthenes and Cicero, 
ten English portraits, and Ascham reading a letter to Queen Elizabeth. 

The English works. With notes and observations, 

and the author's life, by James Bennet. London^ 1761, 4to. 

ASCONIUS PEDIANUS, Quintus. Commentarii in 
Ciceronis orationes : Georgii Trapezuntii de artificio Cice- 
ronianae orationis pro Q. Ligario: Ant. Luschi inquisitio 
super XL orationes Ciceronis. Xiconis Polentoni argu- 
menta XII. super aliquot orationibus et invectivis Ciceronis. 
Venetiis, per Johannem de Colonia sociumque gns Joh. 
Manthem de Gerretzetn, 1477, 3 parts in i vol. fol. o, r. mor. 
First edition. 

Expositio in IIII. orationes M. TuUii Ciceronis 

contra C. Verrem, et in orationem pro Comelio. Victorini 
commentarij in libros M. T. C. de Inventione, etc . . . 
Georgij Trapezuntij in orationem pro Quinto Ligario. 
Venetiis, in cedibus Aldi, et Andrece Asulani soceri, Mense 
Decembri, 1522, small 8vo. o. gr. mor. 

Grolier's copy with his name and motto. The Aldine anchor and 
initial letters painted in gold. 


in aliquot orationes M. TuUii Ciceronis. Lugduni^ I55i» 

ASH, John. Experiments and observations to investi- 
gate by chemycal analysis the medicinal properties of the 
waters of Spa and Aix-la-Chapelle, and of the waters and 
boue of St Amand. London^ 1788, i2mo. 

ASHBOURN. The History and topography of Ash- 
bourn, the valley of the Dove, and the adjacent villages. 
With drawings on stone, and woodcuts. Ashbaum^ 1839, 

ASHBY AND WHITE, or the great Question, whether 
an action lies at common law for an Elector, who is deny'd 
his vote for members of Parliament 1705, 8vo. 

ASHMOLE, Elias. Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 
containing severall poeticall pieces of our famous english 
philosophers, who have written the Hermetique Mysteries 
in their owne ancient language; faithfully collected into 
one volume, with annotations thereon. London^ y. Gris^ 
numd^ 1652, small 4to. Plates on the letter-press by R. 

The Institution, laws, and ceremonies of the most 

noble Order of the Garter, collected and digested into one 
body. London^ 1672, foL ol. mor, L. P. 
Portrait of Charles U. by Sberwin,and 31 plates, mostly by Hollar. 

The Antiquities of Berkshire, with a large appendix 

of many valuable original papers, pedigrees of the most con- 
siderable families in the said county, and a particular 
account of the Castle, college, and town of Windsor. London^ 
1 7 19, 3 vols, 8vo. vellum. L. P. 

ASIATICK MISCELLANY. The Asiatick Miscel- 
lany, consisting of original productions, translations, fugitive 
pieces^ imitations, and extracts from curious publications. 
Calcutta^ 1785-6, 2 vols. fol. 


AsiATiCK Researches, s. Academies {Calcutta). 

ASSARINO, LUCA. Delle Rivolutioni di Catalogna 
libri due. Bologna^ 1645, small 4to. 

ASSEMANI, SiMONE. Globus caelestis cufico-arabicus 
Velitemi musei Boi^ani, a Simone Assemano illustratus ; 
praemissa ejusdem de Arabum astronomia dissertatione, et 
adjectis duabus epistolis CI. Joseph! Toaldi. Patavu^ 1790, 
4to. L. P. 

ASSER, Johannes, Menevensis, Bishop of Sherbum. 
Annales rerum gestarum iElfredi Magni, recensuit Fran- 
ciscus Wise. (With Alfred's portrait, engraved by Vertue.) 
Oxonii, 1722, 8vo. L. P. 

iElfredi Regis res gestae, s. Walsingham (Tho.) 

ASSHETON, William. Apology for the honours and 
revenues of the Clergy [with portrait of the duke of 
Ormond.] London^ 1676, 8vo. L. P. 

ASTLE> Thomas. The origin and progress of writing, 
as well hierc^lyphic as elementary, illustrated by engravings 
taken from marbles, mss. and charters, ancient and modem. 
Also some account of the origin and progress of printing. 
London, 1784, 4to. Plates. 

ASTLEY, Thomas. A new general collection of voyages 
and travels, s. Voyages and Travels. 

ASTROLOGIA. Artis divinatricis, quam Astrologiam, 
seu Judiciariam vocant, economia et patrocinia, quorum 
catalogum sequens pagella continet Parisiis, Christianus 
Weckelus, 1548, 8vo. 

ASTRONOMY. The description and use of a new 
Astronomical instrument for taking altitudes of the sun 
and stars at sea, without an horizon. London, 1735, small 

ASTRONOMI VETERES. Julii Firmici Astronomi- 
corum libri octo integri et emendati, ex Scythicis oris ad 


nos nuper allati. M. Manilii astronomicorum Hbri quin- 
que. Arati phoenomena Germanico Cssare interprete cum 
commentariis et imaginibus. Arati ejusdem phcEnomenon 
fragmentum Marco T. C. interprete, Arati ejusdem phoe- 
nomena Ruffo Festo Avieno paraphraste. Arati ejusdem 
phoenomena graece. Themis commentarJS copiosissima in 
Arati phoenomena graece. Procli Diadochi sphaera graece. 
Procli ejusdem sphaera, Thoma Linacro Britanno inter- 
prete. VenetiiSy cura et diligentia Aldi Romani, fnense 
Octobri, M. ID. Fol. 

ASTRUC, Jean. M^moires pour Thistoire naturelle de 
la province de Languedoc, divis^s en trois parties. Om^s 
de figures et de cartes en taille-douce. Paris, 1737, 4to. 

ATHENiEUS. Liber I. (Graece.) Small 4to. russia, 
29 fT. 28 lin. 

Deipnosophistarum libri XV. (Graece, ex reccn- 

sione Marci Musuri.) Venetiis, apud Aldum et Andream 
sacerum^ mense Augusta ^ 1 5 149 fol. russia. First edition, 

DeipnosophistauTim libri XV., cum Jacob! Dale- 

champii latina versione, necnon ejusdem adnotationibus et 
emendationibus. Editio postrcma, juxta Js. Casauboni recen- 
sionem adomata, (Gr. Lat.) Lugduni, 1657. — ^Js. Casauboni 
animadversionum in Athenaeum, libri xv. Lugduni^ 1664. 
2 vols, bound in i, fol. o. v. 

Deipnosophistarum libri XV. Ex optimis codi- 

cibus nunc primum coUatis emendavit ac supplevit, nova 
latina versione, et animadversionibus cum Js. Casauboni 
aliorumque, tum suis illustravit, commodisque indicibus in- 
struxit Jo. Schweighaeuser. Argentorati, 1801-6, 14 vols. 
Svo. russia. 

Les Quinze livres des Deipnosophistes d'Ath^ned, 

ouvrage delicieux ; traduit pour la premiere fois en fran^ois 
(par Michel de MaroUes.) Paris, 1680, thick 4ta 

Another copy. 4to. o. r. mor. 


ATHENAGORAS. Apologia pro Christianis ad im- 
peratores Antoninum et Commodum. Ejusdem de Resur- 
rectione mortuorum. £x antiquis exemplaribus libellus ille 
nunc primum profertur ; hie autem castigatior quam antea 
editur. Uterque graece et latine. (Parisiis), Ex officina 
Henrici Stephanie 1557, 8vo. 

Legatio pro Christianis, ad imperatoresM. Aurelium 

Antoninum, et L. Aurelium Commodum. Ejusdem de 
Resurrectione mortuorum. Cura et studio Edw. Dechair. 
(Gr. Lat.) Oxonia^ e Theatro Slieldofiiano^ 1706, 8vo. L. P. 

Athenagora Atheniese, philosopho christiano, della 

Risurrettione de' morti, tradotto in lingua italiana da Giro- 
lamo Faleti. Venetia, Aldus^ I556> small 4to. 

ATHENIAN LETTERS: or, the Epistolary corres- 

pondence of an Agent of the King of Persia, residing at 

Athens during the Peloponnesian war. A new edition, to 

which is prefixed a geographical index. Illustrated with 

engravings and a map of ancient Greece. London, 1798, 2 

vols. 4to. 

With portraits of Philip, Earl of Hardwicke, the editor, and the 
Honble. Charles Yorke. 

ATHERSTONE, Edwin. Israel in Egypt: a poem. 
London, 1861, 8vo. 

The Fall of Nineveh: a poem, London^ 1830, 2 

vjols. 8vo. 

ATKINS, John. A voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and the 
West Indies, in His Majesty's ships " The Swallow " and 
"Weymouth." London, 1735, 8vo. 

ATKINSON, Thomas Witlam. Oriental and Wes- 
tern Siberia. A narrative of seven years* explorations and 
adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis steppes, 
Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia. [With a map 
and numerous illustrations.] London, 1858, rojral 8vo. 


ATKINSON, Thomas Witlam. Travels in the r^ons 
of the Upper and Lower Amoor, and the Russian acquisi- 
tions on the confines of India and China. [With a map 
and numerous illustrations.] London^ i860, royal 8vo. 

ATKYNS, Sir Robert. Parliamentary and political 
Tracts. London^ 1734, 8vo. 

Ancient and present state of Gloucestershire. The 

second edition illustrated with 73 copper-plates. London, 
1768, fol. 

ATLAS. Nouveau Theatre du Monde, ou Nouvel Atlas 
comprenant les tables et descriptions de toutes les regions 
de la Terre. Amsterdam^ chez H, Hondio, 1641, 3 vols. fol. 
max. o. V. 

The «iglish Atlas. Oxford, 1680-2. 4 vols. fol. max. 

[With a fine portrait of Charles II., by R. White. Coloured 

Cartes des Pays Bas et des fronti^res de France, 

avec un recueil des plans des villes, sieges et batailles 
donn^ entre les Hauts Allies et la France. Bruxelles, 
17 1 2, fol. max. 

Atlas de la navigation et du commerce qui se fait 

dans toutes les parties du Monde. Amsterdam, Louis 
Renardj 171 5, fol. max. 

— A New general Atlas ; containing a geographical 
and historical account of all the empires, kingdoms, and 
other dominions of the World, with the natural history and 
trade of each country. London, 1721, fol. max. 

Atlas maritimus et commercialis ; or, a general view 

of the World, so far as relates to trade and navigation. 
London, 1728. — A general coasting Pilot; containing di- 
rections for sailing into, and out of, the principal ports 
and harbours throughout the known World. By Nathaniel 
Cutler. London, 1728. Two parts in i vol. imp. fol. 

Atlas maritimus. s. Seller. 


ATLAS. Atlas Russicus, mappa una general! et unde- 
viginti speciallbus Imperium Russicum cum adjacentibus 
regionibus delineatum exhibens. Cura et opera Acad. Imper. 
Scientiarum Petropolitanae. Petropoli^ 1748, imp. foL 

Atlas de la Monarchic Prussienne. Londres, i788,fol. 

Atlas Major, sive Cosmographia Blaviana. S. Blaeu 


ATTERBURY, Francis, Bishop of Rochester. Reflec- 
tions on the character of Japis in Virgil : or, the character 
of Antonius Musa, physician to Augustus. To which is 
added a Vindication of the author. London^ 1740^ 4to. 

ATWELL, a/iiw WELLS, George. The faithful! 
Surveyour : discovering divers errours in land-measuring, 
and showing how to measure aU manner of ground. 
{Lond(m\ 1658, small 4to. 

ATWOOD, George. An Analysis of a course of Lec- 
tures on the principles of natural philosophy, read in the 
University of Cambridge. London, 1784. — ^A Treatise on 
the rectilinear motion and rotation of bodies : with a de- 
scription of original experiments relative to the subject. 
Cambridge, 1784, 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

AUBIGNE, Theodore Agrippa d'. M^moires de la 
vie de Theodore Agrippa dAubign^ ayeul de Mad. de 
Maintenon, ecrits par lui-m£me. Avec les m^moires de 
Frederic Maurice de La Tour, prince de Sedan. Une 
Relation de la cour de France en 1700 par M. Priolo, 
Ambassadeur de Venise, et Thistoire de Mad. de Mucy. 
Amsterdam, 173 1, 2 vols, in i, i2mo. 

AUBIN. Dictionnaire de Marine, contenant les termes 
de la navigation et de Tarchitecture navale. Amsterdam^ 
1722, 4to. 

AUBREY, John. The natural History and antiquities 
of the County of Surrey. Illustrated with proper sculptures. 
[With Aubrey's portr.] London, 171ft 5 vols. 8vo. L. P. 


AUCHER, Le Pere Pascal. Dictionnaire ibrhgi 
fran^ais arm^nien. VAiise, de Vimprimerie de VAccuUmie 
Arminienne de St. Lazare. 1812, 2 vols, in i, 4to. 

A Grammar, english and armenian. Venice^ 18 17, 


A Grammar, armenian and english. Venice, 1832, 


AuCTORES. Auctores Finlum regundorum. s. RiGAL- 
TIUS (N.) 

Auctores latinae linguae in unum redact! corpus, s. 


Auctores Mythc^japhi latinL s. Mythographi. 

AUDEBERT, Jean Baptiste. Histoire naturelle des 
Singes et des Makis. Paris, 1800, imp. foL coL fig. 

AUDEBERT, Germain Aurele. Venetiae : ad serenis- 
simum ac sapientissimum Venetiarum Frinclpem Nicolaum 
Deponte et illustriss. atque prudentiss. Senatores Patricios- 
que Venetos. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1 583, small 4to. 


AUDUBON, John James. The Birds of America, from 
original drawings. London, 1827-38, 4 vols, eleph. fol. r. mor. 

Ornithological Biography, or an account of the 

habits of the Birds of the United States of America, accom- 
panied by descriptions of the objects represented in the 
work entitled "The Birds of America," and interspersed 
with delineations of American scenery and manners. Edin- 
burgh, Black, 1 83 1 -9, 5 vols. 8vo. r. mor. 

AUDUBON, John James, and BACKMAN, Rev. 
John. The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. 
New York, Aududon, 1845, 2 vols. fol. max. russia. 

AUGURELLO, L. Aurelio. Poemata. Venetiis, in 
cedibus Aldi, 1505, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Another copy. o. r. mor. L. P. 


AUGUSTINUS, Antonius. s. Agustin (A.) 
AUGUSTINUS, Divus Aurelius, Hipponensis Epis- 
copus. Fraestantissima in omni genere Monimenta, quae 
quidem inveniri possunt, universa, denuo ad optimorum et 
fidelissimorum exemplarium examen revocata. Cum indice 
tripartito, ad calcem adjecto. Basilece^ per Ambrosium et 
Aurelium FrobenioSy fratres, 1569. 10 vols, bound in 5 vols, 

Epitome omnium operum . . per J. Fiscatorium 

fidelissime . . compositum. Apud jfoa, Crispinum et Nico- 
laum Barbirium, 1555. 3 parts bound in i vol. fol. 

Aurelii Augustinl de Civitate Dei primi libri inci- 

piunt rubrice (libri XXII). (At the end), Sub anno nati- 
vitate Domini M.CCCCLXVII . . die veto duodecima mensis 
Juniu (Printed at the Monastery of Subiaco by C, Sweynheym 
and A. Pannartz). Large fol. g. mor. First edition. 

Fine copy but first and last fT. a little injured. 

De Civitate Dei. libri XXII. 

Hoc Conradus opus suueynkeym ordine miro 
Amoldusq, smyA pannarts una ede colendi 
Gente theotonica : rome expediere sodales. 

In dome Petri de Maximo^ M.CCCCLXVIII. large fol. 

Illuminated capital letter of tide page. Very fine copy, but a few fT. 
at the end, and the fT. of Index at beginning are spotted. 

De Civitate Dei 

Qui docuit Venetos exscribi posse Joannes 
Mense fere trino Centena volumina plini. 
Et totidem mag^i Ciceronis Spira libellos 
Ceperat Aureli ; subita sed morte preventus 
Non potuit ceptum Venetis finire volumen : 
Vindelinus adest ejusdem frater : et arte 
Non minor : hadriacaque morabitur urbe. 

( Venetiis, Vindelin de Spira) M.CCCCLXX. Fol. 

Illuminated capital letters with beautiftd miniatures. The illumi- 
nated arms of original owner cut out 

Another copy. On vellum. Illuminated title- 
page and capital letters. Fol. o. r. liior. 


AUGUSTINUS, Divus Aurelius. De Civitate Dei. 
Itnpressum est opus hoc a diligenti magistro Gabriele Petri 
de Tarvisio. Venetiis, M.CCCC.LXX. Small fol. russia. 

De Civitate Dei cotra paganos liber primus incipit 

(Libri XXII). — ^Thome Valois et Nicolai Triveth in librosUti 
Augustinl de Civitate Dei cometaria. Moguntice^per Petrum 
Schoiffer de Gemssheym, M.CCCC.LXXIII. (Goth.) 2 parts 
in I vol. foL russia, uncut 

De Civitate Dei. Alma in urbe Rotna^ per 

Udalricum Galium Almanu et Symone Nicolai de Luca^ 
M.CCCC.LXXIIII. Fol. g. mor. 

De Civitate Dei. Libri XXII. Venetiis^ ab egregio 

et diligenti magistro Nicolao jfenson, M.CCCC.LXXV. Small 

Confessionum libri XIII. Mediolani^ Johannes 

BonuSf Anno Incamationis Domini M.CCCCLXXV. Small 
4to. pur. mor. Ilium, title page. 

Confessiones. Colonice Agrippina^ 1629, 24mo. 

De Disciplina Cristiana. (Types of Ulric Zell.) 

Small 4to. purple mor. 8 fT. 27 lines. 

Another copy, larger margin. Small 4to. purple 


Liber sancti Augustini Episcopi de Vita Beata 

admodu notabilis. — Liber sancti Augustini epi de honestate 
mulierum. — Libellus sancti Bemhardi Abbatis de Honestate 
vitae. (Types of Ulric Zell^ 3 parts in i vol. small 4to. 
r. mor. 24 ff. 27 lin. 

Incipit liber Beati Augfustini de Vita Cristiana. 

Enchiridion. — De Agone Cristiano, et de Sermone Domini 
in monte habito. (Types of Ulric ZelL) 3 parts in i vol. 
small 4to. russia, 133 fT. 27 lin. 

Incipit liber de Vita Christiana beati Augustini 

episcopL Small 4to. An imperfect copy. 


AUGUSTINUS, DiVUS Aurelius. Liber de Singu- 
laritate clericorum. Per me Olricu Zel de Hanau clericu 
diocesis Moguntifun, Anno 2c sexagesimo septimo (1467). 
Small 4to. br. mor. 

Incipiut Omelie beati Augustini, et pmo de eo 

quod psalmista ait : Quis est homo qui vult vitam et cupit 
videre dies bonos. (Types of Ulric Zell.) Small 4to. 
purple mor. 21 ff. 27 lines. 

Epistolaad beatii Cyrillii . . de magnificetiis eximii 

doctoris bti Jheronimi. — Epistola Sancti Cyrilli . . de 
miraculis beati Jheronimi. (Types of Ulric ZelL) 2 parts 
in I vol. small 4to. 64 ff. 27 lin. 

Liber de spiritu et littera — de pericuHs— de suffra- 

giis misse. (Types of Ulric Zell) Small 4to. 39 ff. 28 lin. 

Sermo super Orationem dominicam. Expositio 

ejusdem super Symbolum. Formula Vivendi canonicorum 
sive vicariorum secularium. (Types of Ulric ZelL) Small 
4to. 33 ff. 27 lin. 

Finit liber beati Augustini yponensis episcopi de 

questionibus orosij. A luca brandis . . urbe marsipoli com- 
manenti arte impssoria in medium feliciter dedittis Anno 
apartu virginis scUutifero Millesimo quadringentesimo septua- 
gesimo tercio. small 4to. 

Tractatus de Fuga mulierum. Tractatus de Conti- 

nencia. Tractatus de contemptu Mundi. Sermo de comuni 
vita Clericorum. (Types of Ulric Zell.) small 4to. 24 ff. 
27 lin. 

Of the Citie of God, with the learned comments of 

Jo. Lodovicus Vives. Englished first by J. H(ealey), and 
now in this second edition compared with the Latine origi- 
nally and in very many places corrected and amended. 
London, G, Eld and M. Flesher, 1620, fol. 

Confessions translated, and with some marginal 

notes illustrated, by William Watts. London, 163 1, i2mo. 

Frontispiece by R. Vaughan. 


AUGUSTINUS, Divus Aurelius. Confessions ; Ser- 
mons on selected Lessons of the New Testament ; Homilies 
on the Gospel according to St. John, and his first Epistle ; 
Expositions on the Book of Psalms; seventeen short 
Treatises; translated, with notes and indices. Oxford^ 
Parker, 1844- 1857, 12 vols. 8vo. s. Library of Fathers. 

Delia Citti di Dio (Lat. Ital.) Venezia^ 1742, 

2 vols. 4to. 

La. Cit^ de Dieu, traduite en Francois, et reveue 

sur plusieurs anciens manuscrits ; avec des remarques et des 
notes qui contiennent quantity de corrections importantes 
du texte latin. Paris, 1675, 2 vols. 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Les Lettres, traduites en Franjois sur T^dition nou- 

velle des PP. Benedictins de la Congregation de St. Maur. 
Avec des notes sur les points d*histoire, de chronologie, et 
autres qui peuvent avoir besoin d'dclaircissement. Par M. 
Du Bois. Seconde Edition. Paris, Caignard, 1701, 6 
vols. 8vo. 

Les Soliloques, les Meditations et le Manuel. Tra- 
duction nouvelle, avec des notes, par M. Du Bois. Paris, 
1763, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Aula Subterranea. s. Ercker (L.) 

AULUS Gellius. s. Gellius (A.) 

AURBACH, Joannes de, Vicarius Bambergensis. 
Summa. (De confessione et Ecclesiae Sacramentis.) A 
GintJiero Zeiner de Reutlingen in urbe Augustensi impressus, 
M.CCCC.LXVIIIL small fol. pur. mor. 

AURELIUS ANTONINUS, Marcus. Marci Antonini 
Imperatoris eorum quae ad seipsum libri XII. Post Gata- 
kerum, ceterosque, recogniti, et notis illustrati, a doctissimo 
viro R. J. Oxoniensi. (Gr. Lat) Glasgtue, FouHs, 1744, 
2 vols. i2mo. r. mor. 


AURELIUS ANTONINUS, Marcus. The Medita- 
tions of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, newly 
translated from the greek, with notes, and an account of 
his life. 3rd edition. GlasgaWf FouliSy 1752, i2mo. 

Les pens^es morales. Traduites de grec en fran^ois. 

Paris, 1668, i8mo. 

Aurelius Victor, s. Victor (Sex. Aurelius). 

AUREOLUS, Petrus, de Verberya. Tractatus de Con- 
ceptione Marie Virginis. {MoguntuBy typis Scfioeffert) 
small 4to. 40 fT. 34 lin. 

AURIA, ViNCENZO. Deir origine ed antichiti di 
Cefalii. Palermo^ 1656, 4to. 

AUSONIUS, Decimus Magnus. Ausonii Peonii 
poets disertissimi Epigrammata. Venetiis, per magistrum 
Joannem de Cereto, alias Tacuinum de Tridino, 1494, 4to. 
o. r. mor. 

Epigrammata et Fragmenta. Venetiisyp, Jodnide 

Cereto de Tridino, alias Tacuinu^ 1496, fol. o. ciL mor. 

Opera nuper reperta. (A Thadeo Ugoleto Parmensi 

diligenter recognita.) Venetiis, 1501, 8vo. 

Opera. VeneHis, in cedHms Aldi et Andrea soceri, 

1517, small 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Opuscula varia. Lugduni, apud Sebastianum 

Gryphium, 1540, i2mo. 

Omnia, quae adhuc in veteribus blbliothecis inveniri 

potuerunt, opera. Ad haec Symmachi, et Pontij Paulini 
litterae ad Ausonium scriptae, tum Ciceronis, Sulpiciae, alio- 
rumque quorundam veterum carmina nonnuUa. Cuncta ad 
varia, Vetera, novaque exemplaria, hac secunda editione 
emendata, commentariisque auctioribus illustrata, per Eliam 
Vinetum Santonem, Josephum Scaligerum, et alios. Ad- 
junctum est et Chronicon rerum Burdigalensium Gabrielis 
Lurbaci. Burdigalce, apud S. Millangium, 1590, 4to. with 
4 woodcuts. 


AUSONIUS, Decimus Magnus. Epistolae biHgues 
elegantissimae ad axium Faulum Rhetorem Bigerritanum. 
Recognite et emaculatae a Jos. Scaligero. LuUticB, apud 
Fredericum Morellum^ I594> 4to. 

Opera, Jacobus Tollius recensuit, notis variorum et 

suis animadversionibus illustravit. Amstelodami^ 1671, 8vo. 

Opera. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Julianus 

Floridus, can. Camot, jussu Christianissimi Regis, in usum 
serenissimi Delphini. Paris^ 1730, 4to. ol. mor. 

AUSTIN, William. Devotionis Augustinianae flamma, 
or certain devout, godly and learned meditations. London^ 
1637, small fol. 

AuviGNY, Jean Du Castre d'. s. Du Castre (J.) 

AVANTURE (sic) dlris. A Artemire. 1660, 4to. 

AvENTiNUS, Joannes, s. Thurmayer. 

AVEROLDO, GiULio Antonio. Le scelte pitture di 
Brescia additate al Forestiere. Brescia^ 1700, 4to. 

AVICENNA. Canon Medicinae, quo universa medendi 
sdentia pulcherrima et brevi methodo planissime expli- 
catur. Ex Gerardi Cremonensis versione, et Andreae 
Alpagi Belunensis castigatione, a Joanne Costaeo et 
Joanne Paulo Mongio annotataonibus illustratus. Venetiis^ 
apud Juntas, 1608, 2 vols. fol. 

AVIENUS, RUFUS Festus. (At the end of the address 
to Paulus Pisanus, by Victor Pisanus, the editor : — ) 

Hie codex auienii cotinet epigrama. eiusde arati phae- 

nomena geographia carmine heroico: et oras maritimas 

trimetro iambico : germanici quoq : et marci tulii arati frag- 

menta: et Sereni uersus de uariis curandis morbis. Hoc 

opus impressum Venetiis, arte et ingenio Antonii de strata 

Cremonensis, Anno salutis MCCCCLXXXVlll. Octavo calendas 

nouenibris. 4to. o. r. mor. 

Fine bold woodcuts in Arati phaenomenon. 

AVOGADRO, Amedeo. Fisica de' corpi ponderabili, 
ossia, trattato della costituzione generale dei corpi. Torino, 
1837-41, 4 vols. 8vo. 


AVRIL, Philip. Voyage en divers ^tats d'Europe et 
d*Asie, entrepris pour d^couvrir un nouveau chemin k la 
Chine. Paris y 1692, 4to. 

AYLIFFE, John. The antient and present state of the 
University of Oxford. London^ 1714^ 2 vols. 8vo. L. P. 

Parergon juris canonic! anglicani ; or, a commen- 
tary, by way of supplement, to the canons and constitu- 
tions of the Church of England. London, 1726, fol. 

AYME, Jean-Jacques. Deportation et naufrage de J. 
J. Aym4 ex-l^gislateur. Paris, 8vo. 

AYNSCOM, Franciscus Xaverius. Expositio ac 
deductio geometrica quadraturarum circuli R. P. Gregorii a 
S. Vincentio. Cui praemittitur liber de natura et affectioni- 
bus rationum ac proportionum geometricarum. Antuerpia, 
1656, fol. 

On the fly-leaf—" Chr. Wren, ex dono authoris, 1657." 

AYSCOUGH, Samuel. A Catalogue of the Manu- 
scripts preserved in the British Museum, hitherto un- 
described, including the collections of Sir Hans Sloane, T. 
Birch, etc. London, 1782, 2 vols, in i, 4to. 

Ayscough, Samuel. Index to the Monthly Review, 
s. Periodical Publications. 

AYSCU, Edward. A Historie contayning the warres, 
treaties, marriages, and other occurrents betweene England 
and Scotland from king William the Conqueror untill the 
happy union of them both in our gratious king James. 
London, 1607, small 4to. o. r. mor. 

AZOTH. Azoth, sive, Aureliae occultae philosophorum 
materiam primam, et decantatum ilium Lapidem philoso- 
phorum, filiis Hermetis dilucide explicantes, M. Georgio 
Beato interprete. (Cum fig.) Francofurti, 161 3, small 4to. 

AZZOGUIDI, Valerio Felice. De origine et vetus- 
tate civitatis Bononiae, priscae Regum Etruscorum sedis. 
RonuB, 1 7 16, sm. 4to. 

rum vetenim ac recentium libri tres. 
Prims editionj nunc adject! sunt libri 
duo. ColonicB, ex officina Eucharii 
Cervicorni, 1529, small 8vo. 

BABBAGE, Charles. Passages 
from the life of a philosopher. London, 1864, 8vo. 

BABINGTON, Gervase, successively Bishop of Llan- 
daff, Exeter, and Worcester. Works, containing com- 
fortable notes upon the 5ve books of Moses. London, 
George Eld, 1615, fol. With portrait 

BABINGTON, John. Pyrotechnia, or, a Discourse of 
artlAciall Fire-works, Whereunto is annexed a short Trea- 
tise of Geometric, contayning certaine definitions and pro- 
blemes, for the mensuration of superficies and sollids, with 
Tables for the square root to 25,000, and the cubick root to 
10,000 Latus, wherein all roots under those numbers are ex- 


tracted onely by ocular inspection. London^ for Ralph 
Mabt 1635, 3 parts bound in i vol. fol. 

Fine title-page with portrait by J. Droeshout, and many plates. 

BABINGTON, William. A new system of Mine- 
ralogy, in the form of a catalogue, after the manner of 
Baron Bom's systematic catalogue. London^ ^799f 4to. 

BACCIO, Andrea. De Thermis libri VII. Venetiis, 
Valgrisius^ I57i> fol. With a woodcut. 

De Thermis libri VII. Opus . . demum ab ipso 

auctore recognitum, novis historijs locupletatum . . . ac 
plus mille locis illustratum et auctum. Venetiis^ Valgrisius^ 
1588, foL With two woodcuts. 

De naturali Vinorum Historia, de vinis Italiae, et 

de convivijs antiquorum libri septem. Accessit de factitiis 

ac cervisiis, deque Rheni, Gallias, Hispaniae, et de totius 

Europae vinis, et de omni vinorum usu compendiaria trac- 

tatio. RonuBf ex officina Nicolai Mutij^ I596> fol. 

Engraved title-page and portrait, with Autograph '* Caroli Bernard. 
Chir. Lond." 

BACHAUMONT, Francois le Coigneux de, et 
CHAPELLE, Claude Emmanuel. Voyage de Messieurs 
Bachaumont et la Chapelle. Amsterdam^ 1708, i2mo. 

BACHET, Claude Caspar. Problemes plaisans et de- 
lectables, qui se font par les nombres. Lyon^ 1624, small 8vo. 

BACON, Francis, Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Al- 
bans. Works. Z£?«^fo«, 1778, 5 vols.4to. Portrait by Vertue. 

Works. A new edition, by Basil Montagu, Esq. 

London^ Pickerings 1825-1834, 16 vols, in 17 parts. 8vo. 

Works. Collected and edited by James Spedding, 

Robert Leslie Ellis, and Douglas Denon Heath. London^ 
Longman^ 1857-1862, 9 vols. 8vo. 

Instauratio Magna. Londini, apud yoannem BiU 

Hum. 1620, fol. L. P. 

Engraved title-page by Sam. Pass. 

104 BA CON, 


BACON, Francis. Historia naturalis et experimen talis 
ad condendam philosophiam, sive, phaenomena universi, 
quae est Instaurationis Magnae Pars tertia. Londini^ in 
officina Joannis Haviland^ 1622, small 8vo. 

Historia vitae et mortis, sive, titulus secundus in 

historia naturali et experimentali ad condendam philoso- 
phiam ; quae est Instaurationis Magnae Pars tertia« Lon- 
diniy ex officina Jo. Haviland. 1623, small 8vo. 

Sir Francis Bacon his Apologie, in certaine impu- 
tations concerning the late Earle of Essex. Written to 
the right Honorable his very good Lord, the Earle of 
Devonshire, Lord Liuetenant of Ireland. London^ Mat- 
thew Lowns^ 1605, small J2mQ. 

The Twoo Bookes of the proficience and aduance- 

ment of Learning, divine and humane. London^ Henrie 
Tomes, 1605, small 4to. v. With MS. marginal references. 

The Essayes or Counsels, civill and morall. Newly 

enlarged. London, John Haviland, 1625, small 4to. v. g. e. 

Elssays moral, economical, and political. London^ 

Bensley, 1798, foL n mor. richly tooled. Largest Paper. 

One of six copies. 

— — Essays, moral, economical, and political. A new edi- 
tion, with the latin quotations translated. London,iSi^. i2mo. 

Sylva Sylvarum ; or a Naturali History. In ten 

centuries. Whereunto is newly added the History naturali 
and experimentali of life and death, or of the prolongation of 
life. Published after the authors death by William Rawley. 
New Atlantis ; a worke unfinished. The sixth edition. 
London^ William Lee, 1651, 3 parts in i vol. small fol. 

Portrait and engraved frontispiece by Tho. CecilL 

Sylva Sylvarum, etc. The eleventh edition, in 

which is added an epitomy of another piece of his Lord- 
ship's works intitled Novum Organum, London, 1 685, 4 parts 
in I vol. small fol. Portrait 


BACON, Francis. The History of the reigns of Henry 
VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Queen Mary, The first 
written by Francis Lord Verulam: the other three by 
Francis Godwyn, Bishop of Hereford. London^ 1676, fol. 

Letters, Memoirs, Parliamentary affairs, State 

Papers, etc With some curious pieces in law and philo- 
sophy. Published from the originals by Robert Stephens. 
With an account of the life of Lord Bacon. London^ 1 736, 4to. 

Portrait by Van Somer, engraved by Vertue. 

Memoriae honoratiss. Dom. Francisci, Baronis de 

Verulamio, sacrum. Londini, 1626, 4to. 

Poems on his death, by G. Rawley and others. 

BACON, Roger. De his quae mundo mirabiliter 
eveniunt De mirabili potestate artis et naturae. Parisiis^ 
apud Sintonem Colincmm^ 154^, small 4to. 

Opus Majus ad Clementem Quartum, Pontificem 

Romanum. Ex ms. Codice Dubliniensi, cum aliis quibus- 
dam collato, nunc primum edidit S. Jebb. Londini, typis 
Gulielmi Bawyer^ I733i fol« L. P. 

Opera quaedam hactenus inedita. Vol. I. con- 
taining, I. Opus Tertium. IL Opus Minus. III. Com- 
pendium Philosophiae. Edited by J. S. Brewer. London^ 

1859, 8vo. s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

BADGER, Rev. George Percy. The Nestorians and 
their Rituals: with the Narrative of a Mission to Meso- 
potamia and Coordistan in 1842- 1844, and of a late visit to 
those countries in 1850; also, researches into the present 
condition of the Syrian Jacobites, Papal Syrians and 
Chaldeans, and an inquiry into the religious tenets of the 
Yezeedees. London^ 1852, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BAERLE, Caspar Van. Marie de Medicis entrant 
dans Amsterdam : ou, Histoire de la reception faicte k la 
Reyne Mere du Roy tres-Chrestien, par les Bourgmaistres 


et Bourgeoisie de la viUe d' Amsterdam. Traduicte du Latin. 

Amsterdam^ chez Jean et Corneilk Blaev, 1638, fol. 

Portrait of Marie de MediciSi and 16 plates engraved by S. Saury 
and C. L. Moyaert..' 

BAERLE, Gaspar Van. Faces Augustae, sive poematia, 
quibus illustriores Nuptiae, a D. Jacobo Catsio, antehac 
Belgicis versibus conscriptae, jam a Gaspare Barlaeo et Gor- 
nelio Boyo latino carmine celebrantur. Ad serenissimam 
Principem Elizabetham, Frederici Regis Bohemiae et Elec- 
toris Palatini filiam. — Gaspari Barlaei Dialog! aliquot nup- 
tiales, quibus quaestiones quaedam de nuptiis et conjugio, a 
Jacobo Gatsio nuper Belgico idiomate pertractatae, jam Latino 
latius explicantur. — G. Barlaei Faces sacrae, sive Hymnus 
Salomonis. — ^Jacobi Lydii Sermonum convivalium libri duo ; 
quibus variarum gentium mores ac ritus in uxore expetenda, 
sponsalibus contrahendis, nuptiisqiie faciendis ac perficiendis 
enarrantur. — Dordraci^ 1643. 

Four parts in i vol. 4to. With a portrait of Princess 

Rerum per octennium in Brasilia et alibi nuper 

gestarum sub praefectura illustrissimi Gomitis J. Mauritii, 

Nassoviae, etc. Gomitis, historia. Amstelodami^ ex typo- 

grapheio Joannis Blaev^ 1647, large fol. o. vellum. 

Engraved frontispiece; portrait of Mauritius of Nassau by Th. 
Matham ; and 35 maps and plates by F. Post 

BAGAVADAM, ou, Doctrine Divine, ouvrage Indien, 
canonique, sur TEtre Supreme, les Dieux, les g^ans, les 
hommes. Paris y 1778, 8vo. 

BAGLIONE, Giovanni. Le Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, 

et Architetti dal pontificato di Gregorio XIII sino a tutto 

quello di Urbano VIII. Seconda impressione. Roma, 

1649, 4to. 
Engraved frontispiece by Tr. de Grado. MS. Table of Contents. 

BAGLIVI, Giorgio. Opera omnia Medico-practica, 

et Anatomica. Accedunt ejusdem Baglivi canones de 

Medicina solidorum. Dissertatio de progressione Romani 

BA GNOL 0—BA IF. 107 

Terraemotus .... Necnon J. D. Santorini Opuscula qua- 
tuor. Editio Septima. Lugduni, 17 10, 4to. Old cambr. 
Portrait by Maratta engraved by C. Duilos, and 3 plates. 

BAGNOLO, Gio. Francesco Giuseppe. Delia Gente 
Curzia, e dell' eti di Q. Curzio T istorico, ragionamento. 
Bologna^ 1741, 8vo. 

BAGUETTE. Lettres qui d^couvrent rillusJon des 
philosophes sur la Baguette, et qui d^truisent leur systimes. 
PariSy i6g6, small i2mo. 

BAHR, JOHANN Christian Felix. Geschichte der 
Romischen Literatur. Dritte durchaus verbesserte und 
vermehrte Ausgabe. Carlsruhe^ 1844, 2 parts bound in 
I voL 8vo. 

BAHR, J. K. Dante's gottliche Comodie in ihrer Anord- 
nung nach Raum und Zeit mit einer iibersichtlichen Dar- 
stellung des Inhalts. Dresden^ 1852, 8vo. 

BAIER, JOHANN Jacob. Gemmarum affabre sculp- 
tarum Thesaurus, quern suis sumptibus baud exiguis nee 
parvo studio collegit Jo. Mart, ab Ebermayer, Norimber- 
gensis. Norimbergcs, 1720, fol. 9 plates and many cuts. 

BAIF, Jean Antoine de. Le Brave, comedie de Jan 
Antoine de Baif, jovee devant le Roy en I'Hostel de Gvise 
a Paris le xxviii. de Janvier mdlxvii. Paris, Robert 
Estienne, 1 567, small 8vo. 

BAIF, Lazare de. Annotationes in Lib. II. de cap- 
tivis, et postliminio reversis : in quibus tractatur de re navali. 
Ejusdem annotationes in tractatum De auro et argento leg. 
quibus Vestimentorum et Vasculorum genera explicantur. 
Omnia ab ipso authore recognita et aucta. Antonii Thy- 
lesii de Coloribus libellus, a coloribus vestium non alienus. 
LutetuSy ex officina Roberti Stephanie 1549, small 4to. 

De Re vestiaria, vascularia et navali. s. ESTIENNE 



BAILEY, Philip James. Festus, a poem. Second edi- 
tion. Londatiy Pickerings 1845, i2mo. 

BAILEY, William. One hundred and six copper- 
plates of mechanical Machines, and implements of hus- 
bandry, approved and adopted by the Society for the 
encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, 
and contained in their repository, in the Adelphi Buildings 
in the Strand. Illustrated by a particular description of 
each instrument .... Carefully corrected and revised by 
Alexander Mabyn Bailey. London^ 1782, 2 vols, in i, fol. 

BAILLET, Adrien. Jugemens des Savans sur les 
principaux ouvrages des auteurs. RevAs, corrig^s, et aug- 
ment's par M. de la Monnoye. Paris^ 1722, 7 vols. 4to. 
L. P. Portrait by N. Edelinck. 

BAILLIE, Joanna. A series of Plays, in which it is 
attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind. 
Each passion being the subject of a tragedy and comedy. 
3rd edition. London^ 1800 12, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BAILLY, Jean Sylvain. Essai sur la th'orie des 
Satellites de Jupiter, suivi des Tables de leurs mouvemens, 
d^uits du principe de la gravitation universelle. Avec les 
tables de Jupiter par M*". Jeaurat. Paris^ 1766, 4to. 

Lettres sur Torigine des sciences et sur celle des 

peuples de TAsie, adressees k M. de Voltaire. Londres et 
Paris y 1777, 8vo. 

Histoire de TAstronomie ancienne, depuis son 

origine jusqu'i T^tablissement de I'ficole d'Alexandrie. 
Seconde Edition. Paris^ 1781, 4to. 

Histoire de TAstronomie moderne, depuis la fon- 

dation de I'Ecole d'Alexandrie jusqu'i T^poque de 1730. 
PariSy 1779, 3 vols. 4to. 

Traits de TAstronomie Indienne et Orientale. 

Paris, 1787, 4to. 


BAILY, Thomas. Life and death of John Fisher, 
Bishop of Rochester. London^ 1655, i8mo. 

BAIN, Alexander. The Senses and the Intellect. 
London^ <S55» 8vo. 

The Emotions and the Will. Londotiy 1859, 8vo. 

BAINBRIDGE, John. An Astronomicall description 
of the late Comet from the 18. of Novemb. 161 8. to the 16. 
of December following. With certaine Morall Prognosticks 
or Applications drawne from the Comets motion and irradi- 
ation amongst the celestiall Hieroglyphics. London^ Edward 
Griffin for John Parker^ 1619, small 4to. 

Numerous marginal MS. notes. 

BAINBRIDGE, William. A practical treatise of the 
law of mines and minerals. London^ 1841, 8vo. 

BAINES, T. The Victoria Falls, Zambesi River, 
sketched on the spot during the journey of J. Chapman 
and T. Baines. London, Day and Son^ 1865, imp. fol. 

BAIRD, W. The Natural History of the British 
Entomostraca, London^ printed for the Ray Society^ 1850, 

BAJON. M^moires pour serviri Thistoire de Cayenne 
et de la Guiane Fran^aise. Avec des planches. Paris^ 
1 777- 1 778, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BAKER, David Erskine. Biographia Dramatica ; or 
a companion to the Playhouse, containing historical and 
critical memoirs and original anecdotes of British and Irish 
dramatic writers. A new edition continued from 1764 to 
1782. London^ 1782, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BAKER, George. The History and antiquities of 

the County of Northampton. London^ 1822-41, 2 vols. fol. 

russia, L. P. 

Portrait of Professor Carey engraved by W. Worthington, and of 
Queen Catherine Parr by W. S. Wilkinson, and 36 plates. 


BAKER, Henry. Employment for the Microscope. 
London, 1753, 8vo. 

BAKER, Henry. The Microscope made easy. Illus- 
trated with copper plates. 4th edition. London, 1754, 8vo. 

BAKER, Rev. J. The History of the Inquisi- 
tion, as it subsists in the Kingdoms of Spain, Portugal, etc., 
and in both the Indies, to this day. Illustrated with 
copper plates. London, 1734, 4to. 

BAKER, Sir Richard. A Chronicle of the Kings of 
England, from the time of the Romans government unto 
the death of King James I. Whereunto is added the 
reign of King Charles I. and King Charles II. Ninth 
impression. London, 1696, foL 

Engraved frontispiece with portraits of Charles I. and Sir Richard 
Baker. Autograph of C. Kill^;rew on title-page. 

BAKER, Sir Samuel White. The Albert N'Yanza, 
g^eat Basin of the Nile, and exploration of the Nile 
sources. With maps, illustrations, and portraits. London, 
1866, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BALiEUS. s. Bale (J.) 

Balbec, Ruins of. s. Wood (Robt.) 

BALBI, Francisco, de Correggio. Historia de los 
amores del valeroso Moro, Abinde Aracz, y dela hermosa 
xarifa Aben^erases. Y la battalia que hubo con la gente 
de Rodrigo de Narbacz ala sa^on, Alcayde de Antequera, 
y Alora, y con el mismo Rodrigo. Vueltos en verso. 
Milan, por Pacifico Ponqio, 1593, small 4to. 

BALBO, Cesare, Conte. Storia d' Italia sotto ai 
Barbari. Firenze, 1856, i2mo. 

Delia Storia d* Italia, dalle origini fino ai nostri 

tempi, sommario. Firenze, 1856, i2mo. 

Vita di Dante. Torino, 1839, 2 vols, in i, i2mo. 


BALDACCHINI, Michele. Vita di Tommaso 
Campanella, con alcune sue Lettere. Napoli^ 1847. — ^Vita 
e filosofia di Tommaso Campanella. Napoliy 1843. — Docu- 
menti inediti circa la voluta ribellione di T. Campanella, 
raccolti da Vito Capialbi. Napoliy 1845. — Memoriale 
inedito di Campanella. (Pubblicato da Camillo Minieri- 
Riccio.) 4 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

BALDE, Jacob. Poesis Osca, sive Drama Georgi- 
cum, in quo belli mala, pacis bona, ex occasione currentis 
anni quadragesimi septimi descripta repraesentantur, car- 
mine anteiquo Attellano, Osco, Casco. Monachii^ formis 
Li4c<B Straubii, 1647, small 4to. 

BALD I, Bernardino, Monsignore, Abbate di Guas- 
talla. Versi e Prose. Venetia, Francesco de Franceschi, 
1590, 4to. 

In Mechanica Aristotelis problemata exercita- 

tiones : adjecta succincta narratione de autoris vita et 
scriptis. MoguntuBf 1621, 4to. 

Scamilli impares Vitruviani, nova ratione explicati. 

Augusta Vindelicarum, 1612, small 4to. Plates. 

Cronica de* Matematici, overo Epitome dell' istoria 

delle vite loro. Uriifto, 1707, 4to. Bound with Stuard, 

Memorie concementi la cittii di Urbino, dedicate 

alia sacra real maest4 di Giacomo III. re della Gran Bret* 
tagna. Roma, 1724, foL 

Frontispiece engraved by Masini, and 147 plates. 

Automati di Herone. s. Herone. 

BALDINI, Baccio. Vita di Cosimo Medici, primo 
Gran Duca di Toscana, descritta da Baccio Baldini suo 
Protomedico. Firense, Sermartelli, 1578, small fol. 


BALDINUCCI, FiLlPPO. Notizie de' Professori del 
Disegno, da Cimabue in qua (1260- 1670). Opera distinta 
in Secoli e Decennali. — Cominciamento, e progresso del- 
r arte dell' intagliare in rame, coUe vite di molti de' piil 
eccellenti maestri della stessa professione. — ^Vita del Cava- 
liere Gio. Lorenzo Bernino. — ^Vocabolario Toscano dell* arte 
del disegno. Firenze^ 168 1- 1728. 9 parts in 6 vols. 4to. 
With portraits of Baldinucci and Bernini. 

Opere. Milano, 1808-1812, 14 vols. 8vo. Classici 

Italiani, vols. 189-202. 

I. Cominciamento e progresso dell' Arte dell' intagliare in Rame. 
Con annotazioni di Domenico Maria Manni. — II-III. Vocabolario 
Toscano dell' arte del Disegno. — IV-XIII. Notizie de* professori del 
Dis^no.— XIV. Vita del cav' Bernino. La V^lia. Lettere. 

BALDUINO, Benedetto. NEGRONNI, Giulio. 
Ben. Balduinus de Calceo antiquo ; et Jul. Nigronus de 
Caliga veterum. Accesserunt ex q. Sept Fl. Tertulliani, 
CL Salmasii, et Alb. Rubeni scriptis plurima ejusdem 
argumenti. Amstelodami^ sumptibtis Andrea Frist, 1667, 
2 vols, bound in i, small i2mo. Plates. 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. lUustrium Majoris 
Britanniae Scriptorum, hoc est, Angliae, Cambris ac Scotiae 
summarium, in quasdam centurias divisum, cum diversitate 
doctrinarum, atque annorum recta supputatione per omnes 
aetates a Japheto sanctissimi Noah filio, ad annum Domini 
MDXLVIII. Autore Joanne Balaeo Sudovolca. Excusum 
fuit Gippeswici in Anglia per Joannem Overton, anno 
a Christi incamatione 1548, pridie calendas Augusti. 
Small 4to. 

Withyff. of^Additio." 

On the title-page is a woodcut of Bale presenting his book to 
Edward VI. and at the end of 12th f. a woodcut portrait of Wicliffe. 

— — Scriptorum illustrium majoris Brytanniae, quam 

nunc Angliam et Scotiam vocant : Catalogus : a Japheto 

BALE, 113 

per 3618 annos, usque ad annum hunc Domini 1557, ex 
Beroso, Gennadio, Beda, . . . collectus, et IX Centurias con- 
tinens. . . . Autore Joanne Baleo Sudovolgio Anglo, Osso- 
riensi apud Hybemos jampridem Episcopo, nunc apud 
Germanos pro Christi professione peregrino. BasiUiB, ex 
officina Joannis Oporini, 1557. 

Scriptorum illustrium majoris Britanniae posterior pars, 
quinque continens Centurias ultimas. Basilece^ ex officina 
Joannis Oporini^ ISS9« 

Two parts, bound in i vol. fol. 

On the back of the title-page to each part is a wood-cut of Bale, 
and on the last page a wood-cut of the printer's mark. 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. The first two partes of 
the Actes, or unchast examples of the Englysh Votaryes, 
gathered out of their owne legendes and chronycles by 
Johan Bale, and dedycated to our most redoubted soveraig^e 
kynge Edward the syxte. Imprynted at London by Abraham 
WeU^ Anno 1551. Two parts in i vol. small 8vo. black 

On the verso of € Ixx. 2^ part there is the following MS. note : 
** This book belongethe to me Jane Wyllyams and yt was sentt to me 
from M' Bale the maker of yt the xxviii day of Juny, 1553.* 

The first part of the Actes of English votaries, 

gathered out of theyr owne legendes and chronycles. Im- 
printed at London^ by John Tysdale^Anno 1560. — ^The second 
parte or continuation of the Englishe votaries. Imprinted 
at London by Jhon {sic) Tisdale. 2 parts in i vol. small 8vo. 
o. r. mor. Black letter. 

— — The first two partes of the Actes or unchaste ex- 
amples of the Englyshe Votaryes, gathered out of theyr 
owne legendes and chronycles, and dedicated to oure most 
redoubted soveraigne kyng Edwarde the syxte. Imprinted 
at London by John Tysdale, Anno 1560. 2 parts in i vol. 
small 8vo. Black letter. 


BALE, John. A brefe Chronycle concernynge the 
Examinacyon and death of the blessed martyr of Christ Syr 
Johan Oldcastell the lorde Cobham, collected togyther by 
Johan Bale. Imprynted anno Domini^ 1544- Small 8vo. 
o. r. mor. Black letter. 

With whole length woodcut portrait of Lord Cobham on the title 

A brefe Chronycle concernynge the Examynacyon 

and death of the blessed martyr of Christ Syr Johan Old- 
castell, the lorde Cobham. To which is added, an Ap- 
pendix of original instruments. London^ Davis^ 1729, royal 
8vo. With Portrait of Lord Cobham. 

Another copy, royal 8vo. r. mor. ON VELLUM. 

BALFOUR, Robert. Commentarius in libros duos 
Cleofnedis de contemplatione orbium ccelestium. Burdi- 
gaUB^ apud S. Millangium, 1605, 4^^. 

BALLARINI, Francesco. Compendio delle Croniche 
della citti di Como. Como, 161 9, small 4to. 

Baltimore, Frederic, Lord. s. Calvert (F.) 

BALUZE, Etienne. Capitularia reguni Francorum. 
Additae sunt Marculfi monachi et aliorum formulae 
veteres, et notae doctissimorum virorum. Stephanus Balu- 
zius Tutelensis in unum collegit, ad vetustissimos codices 
manuscriptos emendavit, magnam partem nunc primum 
edidit, notis illustravit. Parisiis, Franciscus Muguet, 1677, 
2 vols. fol. L.P. 

With Arms of Le Clerk de Lesseville, Comte de Brioude. 

BALZAC, Honors de. La Peau de Chagrin : Etudes 
sociales. Paris^ 1838, royal 8vo. 

Scenes de la vie priv^e. Troisiime Edition, 

entiferement refondue. Paris, 1834-35, 4 vols. 8vo. 

Le Foyer de TOp^ra. Paris, 1 840, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Scenes de la Vie de province. Paris, 1834-37, 4 

vols. 8vo. 


BALZAC, HONORfi de. Les ressources de Quinola, 
com^die en cinq actes. Paris ^ 1842, 8vo. 

Scenes de la Vie Parisienne. Paris, 1834-35, 4 

vols. 8vo. 

Le Pire Goriot. Paris y 1835, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Berthe la repentie. Contes drolatiques. Paris^ 

1839, 8vo. 

Catherine de M^dicis expliqu^e. Le Martyr Cal- 

viniste. Paris, 1845, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Le Cabinet des Antiques. Seine de la vie de 

province; suivie de Gambara. Paris, 1839, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Honorine. Paris, 1845, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Un Grand homme de province k Paris. Seine de la 

vie de province. Paris, 1839, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BALZAC, Jean Louis Guez de. Lettres choisies. 
Amsterdam, 1656, i8mo. 

Letters, translated into English. London, 1638, 

small 4to. 

Rich. Carbenys autograph on title page. 

Politics in select discourses, which he calFd his 

Aristippus, or Wise scholar. Done into English by Basil 
Kennett. London, 1709, 8vo. 

BANCROFT, Edward. An essay on the natural his- 
tory of Guiana in South America. London, 1769, 8vo. 

BANCROFT, George. A History of the United 
States, from the discovery of the American continent. 
Boston, 1 834- 1 841, 3 vols. 8vo. 

History of the American Revolution. Lotidon, 

1852-1854, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BANCROFT, Thomas. Two bookes of Epigrammes, 
and Epitaphs. Dedicated to two top-branches of Gentry : 
Sir Charles Shirley, Baronet, and William Davenport, 
Esquire. London, printed by J. Okes, for Matthew Wat- 
bancke, 1639. Small 4to. 


BANDELLO, Matteo. Canti XL composti dal Ban- 
dello delle lodi de la S. Lucrezia Gonzaga di Gazuolo, e del 
vero amore, col Tempio di pudicitia, e con altre cose per 
dentro poeticamente descritte. — Le III. Parche da esso 
Bandello cantate ne la nativiti del S. Giano primogenito 
del S. Cesare Fregoso, e de la S. Gostanza Rangona 
sua consorte. Agen, per Antonio RebogliOy 1545, small 
8vo. V. 

" Le III. Parche" are wanting. 37 f. is partly torn, and several fF. are 
badly mended. 

La Quarta parte delle Novelle del Bandello nuova- 

mente composte : n6 per Tadietro date in luce. Stampato 
in Lione, per Pietro Rotissino^ I573> small 8vo. 

BANDINEL, Bulkeley. A Catalogue of the books 
relating to British Topography, and Saxon and Northern 
literature, bequeathed to the Bodleian Library, in the year 
1799, by Richard Grough. Oxford^ Clarendon Press^ 1 8 14, 

BANDURI, Anselmo. Bibliotheca Nummaria, sive 
auctorum qui de re nummaria scripserunt, in nomismato- 
philon Germanorum gratiam. . . cum notulis et indicibus 
recusa, atque dissertationibus virorum doctorum de hoc 
argumento praemissa ; curante Jo. Alberto Fabricio. Ham- 
burgiy 1 7 19, 2 parts in i vol. 4to. With 5 plates. 

Imperium Orientale, sive Antiquitates Constanti- 


Numismata Imperatorum Romanorum a Trajano 

Decio ad Palaeologos Augustos. Accessit Bibliotheca 
Nummaria. s. Byzantin^E HlSTORIiE SCRIPTORES. 

BANKES, Henry. The civil and constitutional His- 
tory of Rome, from its foundation to the age of Augustus. 
London, 18 18, 2 vols. 8vo. 


BANKS, Thomas H. C The dormant and extinct Baron- 
age of England, or an historical and genealogical account 
of the lives, public employments, and most memorable 
actions of the English Nobility, who have flourished from 
the Norman Conquest to the year 1809. London^ 1807- 
1809, 3 vols. 4to. 

Barante, a. G. p. Brugiere de. s. Brugi^re. 

BARATTI, GlACOMO. The late travels of S. Giacomo 
Baratti, an Italian gentleman, into the remote countries of 
the Abissins, or of Ethiopia Interior. Translated by G. D. 
London^ far Benjamin Billings ten, 1670, small 8vo. 

BARBARO, Daniel, Eletto Patriarca d'Aquileia. 
Exquisits in Porphirium commentationes. Veneliis, afiud 
Aldijilios, 1542, small 4to. 

Delia Eloquenza, dialogo. Nuovamente mandato 

in luce da Girolamo Ruscelli. Venetia, appresso Vincemo 
Valgrisio, 1557, 4to. 

La Pratica della Perspettiva, opera molto utile a 

pittori, scultori, et ad architetti. Venetian Camilla et 
Rutilia Bargaminieriy 1569, fol. With woodcuts. 

BARBERI, Michel Angelo. Description d'une 
table en mosalque expos^e k Rome en 1823. Paris, 1824, 
foL mar. mor. 

Barberini, Francesco, Cardinale. Index Bibliothecae 
Barberinae. s. BiBLlOTHECA. 

BARBERINI, Maffeo, Cardinale, afterwards Pope 
Urban VIII. Poesie toscane del Cardinal Maffeo Bar- 
berino, hoggi Papa Urbano Ottavo. Roma, 1637. — Poemata. 
Romce, 1637. Two vols, bound in i, small 4to. 

BARBERINO, Francesco. Document! d'Amore. 
Rama, Mascardi, 1640, 4to. L. P. 

Title-page, Barberino's portrait, and 14 plates engraved by C 
Bloemaert, C. F. Greuter, and Fabio della Comia. 


BARBIERI, Giovanni, da Cento, detto il Guercino. 
Raccolta di alcuni disegni. Roma, 1764, fol. max. russia. 

12 plates by Fr. Bartolozzi, 6 by Gio. Ottaviani, and 2 by Giacomo 
Nevay. Bound with : Paesi e disegni intagliati da Gio. Penna in Parigi, 
15 plates ; and several other prints by Bartolozzi, Bloemart, and other 

BARBOUR, John. The Actes and Life of the most 
victorious conquerour, Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. 
Wherein also are contained the martiall deedes of the val- 
liant Princes, Edward Bruce, Sir James Douglas, Erie 
Thomas Randel, Walter Stewart, and sundrie others. 
Newly corrected, and conferred with the best and most 
ancient manuscripts. Edinburgh^ Andro Hart^ 161 6, small 
8vo. 443 pp. Black letter. 

BARCHOU DE PENHOEN, le Baron. Histoire de 
la Philosophic Allemande depuis Leibnitz jusqu'd Hegel. 
Paris, 1836, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BARCLAY, Alexander. A practical view of the 
present state of slavery in the West Indies. London, 1826, 

BARCLAY, John. Sylvae. Londini, excudebat R. B. 
anno 1606, small 4to. 

Argenis. Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina Elzevi- 

riana, 1630, small i2mo. v. 

His Argenis, or the loves of Polyarchus and 

Argenis, faithfully translated out of Latin into English by 
Kingsmill Long, Esquire. The second edition beautified 
with pictures. Together with a key praefixed to unlock 
the whole story. London, Henry Seile, 1636, small 4to. 

Engraved title-page, portrait, and 23 cuts on the letter-press by C. 
Mellan and L. Gaultier. 

BAREITH, pRto^RiQUE Sophie Wilhelmine de 
Prusse, Margrave de. M^moires Merits de sa main. Bruns- 
wick, Paris et Londres, 18 12, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BARETTI, Giuseppe. An account of the manners 
and customs of Italy, with observations on the mistakes of 


some travellers with regard to that country. Londini, 1768, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

BARETTI, Giuseppe. A journey from London to 
Genoa, through England, Portugal, Spain, and France. 
London^ 1770, 4 vols. 8vo. 

Discours sur Shakespeare et sur Mons«". de Voltaire. 

Londres et Paris, 1777, 8vo. 

A dictionary of the English and Italian languages. 

Florence^ 1832, 2 vols. 4to. 

A dictionary Spanish and English, and English 

and Spanish. London, 1778, fol. 

Bargaeus, Petrus Angelius. s. Angelio (P.) 

BARGAGLI, Girolamo. La Pellegrina, commedia. 
Siena, Luca Bonetti, 1589, small 8vo. 

La Pellegrina, commedia. Siena, 161 8, i8mo. 

or. mor. 

BARKER, John. The Measurer's Guide, or the whole 
art of measuring made short, plain and easie. London^ 

BARLiEUS, Caspar, s. Baerle (G.) 
Barlandus, Adrianus. s. Baarland (A.) 

BARLOW, Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln. The rights of 
the Bishops to judge in capital cases in Parliament, cleared. 
London, 1680, 8vo. 

BARLOW, Thomas. The grand Question concerning 
the Bishops' right to vote in Parliament in cases capital. 
London, 1680, 8vo. 

BARLOWE, William. Magneticall Advertisements : 
or divers pertinent observations, and approved experiments 
concerning the nature and properties of the Load-stone : 
very pleasant for knowledge, and most needfuU for prac- 
tise, of travelling, or framing of instruments fit for travellers 
both by sea and land. London, Edward Griffin, 1616, 4to. 


BARNARD, FREDERICK Augusta. Bibliothecae 
Regis Catalogus. Londini^ Bulmer et Nicftols, 1820-29, 
5 vols. large fol. russia. 

Portraits of George III. and Mr. Barnard. 

BARNARD, Thomas. An historical character, re- 
lating to the holy life of the Lady Elizabeth Hastings. 
Leedes^ i2mo. 

BARNES, Barnabe. Parthenophil and Parthenophe. 

Sonnettes, Madrigals, Elegies and Odes. To the right 

noble and vertuous gentleman, M. William Percy Esquier, 

his deerest friend. I593i small 4to. russia. 

No name of author. The printer's name and the date on the title- 
page are torn ofH On the next leaf, at the end of the printer's address, 
"To the learned Gentlemen readers" there is the date "May 1593." 
On the verso of the same leaf there are the following lines : — 
Go barstard Orphan packe thee hence, 
And seeke some straimger for defence : 
Now ginnes thy basenesse to be knowne, 
Nor dare I take thee for mine owne : 
Thy levity shal be descried. 
But if that any have espied, 
And question with thee of thy Sire, 
Or Mistrisse of his vaine desire, 
Or aske the place from whence thou came. 
Deny thy Sire, Love, Place, and Name : 
And if I chance unwares to meete thee, 
Neither acknowledge mee, nor greete mee. 
Admit I blush, perchance I shall, 
Passe by, regard me not at all. 
Be secrete, wise, and circumspect, 
And modesty sometimes affect : 
Some goodman that shall thinke thee witty, 
Will be thy patrone, and take pitty : 
And when some men shall call thee base, 
He for thy sake, shall him disgrace : 
Then with his countenance bacht, thou shalt 
Excuse the nature of thy fault : 
Then if some laddes, when they goe by, 
Thee bastard call, give them the ly. 
So get thee packing and take heede, 
And though thou goe in beggars weede. 


Heereafter when I better may, 
lie send reliefe some other day. 

Then — 146 pages, numbered, containing 105 sonnettes, 26 madri- 
galles, 21 elegies, 3 canzons, the first eidillion of Moschus, 20 odes 
pastorals, 5 sestines. — Four other pages, not numbered, containing 
6 sonnets, the last of which " To the beautifull Lady the Lady Brigett 
Manners " is signed ^ Your bewties most affectionate servant, Barnabe 
Barnes."— Four more pages of " Table " and " Faultes " which do not 
refer to the six sonnets in the four pages not numbered. 

On the title-page there are autographs of—" Jo. Barnes.** " Cuthb. 
CrcsweL" " Thomas Delavale." 

The ONLY COPY known ; it belonged to Bishop Dampier. 

BARNES, Joshua. Gerania : a new discovery of a 
little sort of people, called Pygmies. London^ for Obadiah 
Blagrave^ 1675, small 8vo. gr. mor. 

Anacreon Christianus : hoc est, parodiae duae Ana- 

creonticae, et alia poemata. (Gr. Lat) CantabriguB^ 1705. 

s. Anacreon. 

BAROZZIO, JACOMO, da Vignola. Regola delli 
cinque Ordini d'Architettura di M. Jacomo Barozzio da 
Vignola. {Roma, 1563.) 32 plates, fol. 

Barozzio's portrait on title page : bound with Labacco. 

Regola delli cinque Ordini d'Architettura di M. 

Jacomo Barozzio da Vignola Libro primo, et originale. 
{Rof/ta, ? 1563), 32 plates fol. 

Set on large paper and bound with Labacco. 

The Regular Architect: or the general rule of 

the Five Orders of Architecture. With a new addition of 
Michael Angelo Buonaroti. Rendred into English from 
the original Italian, and explained by John Leeke. London, 
William Sherwin, 1669, fol. 

With portraits of Barozzio and Michael Angelo. 

BARRAL, P. Mdmoires sur Thistoire naturelle de Tisle 
de Corse. Londres, 1783, 8vo. 

BARRELIER, Jacques. Plantae per Galliam, His- 
paniam, et Italiam observatae, iconibus aeneis exhibitae. 


Opus posthumum, accurante Antonio de Jussieu in lucem 
editum, et ad recentiorum normam digestum. Cui accessit 
ejusdem auctoris specimen de Insectis quibusdam marinis, 
mollibus, crustaceis et testaceis. Parisiis, I7I4» 2 parts 
in I vol. fol. L. P. 

Engraved frontispiece with Barrelier^s portrait : 334 plates. 

BARRERE, Pierre. Nouvelle relation de la France 
Equinoxiale, contenant la description des cotes de la Guiane, 
de Tisle de Cayenne, etc. Avec des figures. Paris, 1743, 

BARRETT, William. The History and antiquities 
of the city of Bristol ; compiled from original records, and 
authentic MSS. in public offices, or private hands. Illus- 
trated with (31) copper-plate prints. Bristol, 1789, 4to. 

BARRI, Sylvester Giraldus de, Cambrensis. Opera. 
Edited by J. S. Brewer. Vol i — 3. 

Edited by James F. Dimock. Vol. 5 — 6. 

London, 1861-68, S vols. 8vo. S. CHRONICLES AND 


The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through 

Wales, A.D. II 88; translated into English, and illustrated 

with views, annotations, and a life of Giraldus, by Sir 

Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. London, 1806, 2 vols. 4to. 

russia. L. P. 

59 plates by James Basire, J. Gary, and Wm. Byrne, and a coloured 
map of Wales. 

BARRINGTON, Hon»^« Daines. Miscellanies. (With 
History of the Gwedir Family, by Sir John Wynne.) London^ 
J, Nichols, 178 1, 4to. 

BARROW, John. An account of Travels into the 
interior of Southern Africa in the years 1797 and 1798 : 
including observations on the geology and geography of the 
southern part of that continent ; and sketches of the settle- 
ment of the Cape of Good Hope. With a map. London, 
1 80 1 -4, 2 vols. 4to. 


BARROW, John. A Voyage to Cochin China in the 
years 1792 and 1793. To which is annexed an account of a 
Journey, made in the years 1801 and 1802, to the residence 
of the Chief of the Booshuana Nation. Illustrated with 
engravings (21) by Medland, coloured after the original 
drawings by Mr. Alexander and Mr. Daniell. London, 
1806. 4to. 

Some Account of the public Life, and a selection 

from the unpublished writings, of the Earl of Macartney. 
The latter consisting of extracts from an account of the 
Russian Empire : a Sketch of the political history of Ire- 
land : and a Journal of an embassy from the King of Great 
Britain to the Emperor of China. With an appendix to 
each volume. London, 1807, 2 vols. 4to. russia. 

Portrait of Lord Macartney, engraved by L. Schiavonetti. 

A Chronological history of voyages into the 

Arctic regions. From the earliest periods of Scandinavian 
navigation, to the departure of the recent expeditions, 
under the orders of Captains Ross and Buchan. London, 
1818, 8vo. 

BARROW, Isaac. The Duty and reward of bounty to 
the poor, in a sermon preached at the Spittal. London, 
1671, i2mo. 

Lectiones opticae et geometricae. Londini, i674, 

Theodosii Sphaerica: methodo nova illustrata, et succincte 
demonstrata. Lofidini, 1675. — Apollonii Conica : methodo 
nova illustrata, et succincte demonstrata. — Archimedis de 
aequiponderantibus et quadratum parabolas libri. Londini, 
1675. Four parts in i vol. small 4to. 

Lectiones habitae in Scholis publicis Academias 

Cantabrigiensis. Londini, J, Play ford, 1704, 2 parts in i 
vol. i2mo. 

Theological Works. Oxford, University Press, 

1830, 8 vols. 8vo. 

BARROWE, Henry. The Examinations of Henry 
Barrowe (1586), John Grenewood and John Penrie (1593), 


before the high commissioners, and Lordes of the Counsel. 
Penned by the prisoners themselves before their deathes. 
Small 4to. i6 ff. Black letter. 

BARRUEL, AUGUSTIN de. M^moires pour servir k 
rhistoire du Jacobinisme. LondreSy 1797-98. 4 vols. 8vo. 

BARTH, Henry. Travels and discoveries in North 
and Central Africa : being a Journal of an expedition under- 
taken under the auspices of H. B. M.'s Government, in the 
years 1849-55. London^ 1857-58, 5 vols. 8vo. Maps and 
col. plates. 

BARTHELEMY, Jean Jacques. CEuvres diverses. 
Parisy tan VI. (1798), 2 vols. 8vo. 

Voyage en Italie ; imprimde sur ses lettres origi- 

nales ^crites au Comte de Caylus. Seconde Edition, aug- 
mentde d'une notice sur Madame de ChoiseuL PariSy 
An, X. (1802), 8vo. 

BARTHOLIN Caspar, Junior. De Tibiis veterum, 
et earum antiquo usu, libri tres. Editio altera, figuris auction 
Amstelodamiy 1679, small i2mo. 

Specimen philosophiae naturalis. Accedit, de 

fontium fluviorumque origine ex pluviis, Dissertatio physica. 
OxonuBy 1698, small 8vo. 

BARTHOLIN, Thomas. De Luce animalium, libri 
III. Lugduni Batavorum^ ex officina Francisci Hackiiy 
1647, small 8vo. 

Historiarum Anatomicarum rariorum, centuriae IV. 

Accessere Observationes anatomicae Petri Parvi. Hagce- 
CamitiSy 1654-57. 2 vols, in i, small i2mo. 

Historiarum Anatomicarum et medicarum ra- 
riorum centuria V. et VI. Accessit Joa. Rhodii Mantissa 
anatomica. HasnuB^ 1661, small i2mo. 

De Insolitis partus humani viis dissertatio nova. Acce- 
dunt Johannis VesHngi de Pullitie iEgyptiorum, et aliae 
ejusdem Observationes anatomicae et epistolae medicae. 
HasnuBy 1664. Two parts in i vol. small 8vo. 


BARTHOLIN, Thomas. Anatomia, ex Caspar! pa- 
rentis institutionibus, omniumque recentiorum et propriis 
observationibustertium ad sanguinis circulationem reformata. 
Cum Iconibus novis ac curatissimis. Accessit Appendix de 
lacteis thoracicis, et vasis lymphaticis. Hagce Cotnitis^ Adri- 

anus Ulacq^ 1665, 8vo. 

With Bartholin's portrait 

Anatome ex omnium veterum recentiorumque 

observationibus, in primis institutionibus parentis Caspar! 
Bartholin!, ad circulationem Harvejanam, et vasa lymphatica 
quartum renovata. Cum Iconibus novis, et indicibus. 
Lugduni Batavorum^ ex officina Hackiana, 1674, 8vo. 

De Armillis veterum schedion. Accessit Olai 

Wormii de aureoComuDanico adLicetum responsio. Editio 
novissima, figuris aeneis illustrata. Amstelodami^ 1676, small 

De Unicomu, observationes novae. Secunda 

editione auctiores et emendatiores editae a filio Casparo 
Bartholino. Amstelodantiy 1678, small i2mo. 

Bartholus de Saxo Ferrato. s. Bartolo. 

BART H RAM. The Boke of Barthram Priest !n- 
treatinge of the bodye and bloude of Christ, wryten to 
greate Charles the Emperoure, and set forth VII. C. yeares 
agoo, and Imprinted: An. dni MD.XLVIII. At London^ 
by Thomas Raynalde and Anthony Byngstone, small 8vo. 
19 ff. Black letter. 

BARTOLI, COSIMO. Del modo di misurare le 
distantie, le superficie, i corpi, le piante, le provincie, le 
prospettive, et tutte le altre cose terrene, che possono 
occorrere agli huomini, secondo le vere regole d' Euclide, et 
de gli altri pii lodati scrittori. Venetia^ Francesco Fran- 
ceschi Sanese, 1564, 4to. 

Woodcut title, portrait of Bartoli, and other figures. 

BARTOLI, Padre Daniello. Opere. Firenze, 1829. 
35, 22 vols. 8vo. 


BARTOLI, Padre Daniello. Deir Istoria della Com- 
pagnia di Giesu Tlnghilterra parte deir Europa descritta. 
Ratna, i66y, fol. o. r. mor. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. 

With arms and monogram of Jean Baptiste Colbert 

Deir Istoria della Compagnia di Giesu TAsia 

descritta. Parte prima. Edizione terza accresciuta della 
Missione al Mogor e della vita e morte del P. Ridolfo 
Aquaviva. Roma, 1667. 

Deir Historia della Compagnia di Giesu il Giappone 
seconda parte deir Asia. Roina, 1660. 

Deir Historia della Compagnia di Giesu la Cina terza 

parte dell* Asia. Rama, 1663. 

Three vols. fol. o. r. mor. 

With arms and monogram of Jean Baptiste Colbert. 

Deir Ortografia Italiana, trattato. Roma, 1670, 


BARTOLI, PiETRO Santi. Veteres Arcus Augus- 
torum triumphis insignes, ex reliquiis quae Romae adhuc 
supersunt, cum imaginibus triumphalibus restituti, anti- 
quis nummis notisque Jo. Petri Bellorii illustrati. Nunc 
primum per Jo. Jacobum de Rubeis aeneis typis vulgati. 
Roma, 1690, fol. L. P. 

Frontispiece with Cardinal Ottobini's portrait, and 45 plates. 

Colonna Trajana eretta dal Senato e popolo 

Romano all' imperatore Trajano Augusto nel suo Foro 
in Roma ; scolpita con 1' historic della guerra Dacica la 
prima e la seconda espeditione, e vittoria contro il re 
Decebalo. Nuovamente disegnata, et intagliata da Pietro 
Santi BartoH. Con 1' espositione latina d'Alfonso Ciaccone, 
compendiata nella vulgare lingua sotto ciascuna immagine. 
Accresciuta di medaglie, inscrittioni, e trofei da Gio. Pietro 
Bellori. Roma, Gio, Giacomo de Rossi, fol. obi. 

119 numbered plates, besides frontispiece and 6 unnumbered plates. 

Columna Cochlis M. Aurelio Antonino Augusto 

dicata, ejus rebus gestis in Germanica, atque Sarmatica ex- 


peditione insignis . . Brevibus notis Jo. Petri Bellorii illus- 
trata, et a Petro Sancte Bartolo aere incisa. Iterum in 
lucem prodit. RonuBy ex Chalcographia Dominici de RubdSy 
1704, fol. obi. 

^^ numbered plates, besides frontispiece. 

BARTOLI, PiETRO Santi. Le Pitture antiche del 
Sepolcro de Nasonii nella Via Flaminia. Disegnate, et inta- 
gliate alia similitudine degli antichi original!, da Pietro Santi 
Bartoli. Descritte, et illustrate da Gio. Pietro Bellori. Parte 
prima. Roma, Gio. Battista Bussotti, 1680, fol. 35 plates, 

Le Pitture antiche del Sepolcro de Nasonii 

nella Via Flaminia. RomUy Antonio de Rossi, 1702, fol. 

A reprint of the former edition, without " Prima parte," 

Le Pitture antiche delle grotte di Roma, e del 

sepolcro de' Nasonj disegnate, et intagliate alia similitudine 
degli antichi originali da Pietro Santi Bartoli, e Francesco 
Bartoli, suo figliuolo ; descritte, et illustrate da Gio. Pietro 
Bellori, e Michelangelo Causei de la Chausse. Roma, 
Gaetano degli Zenobj\ 1706, fol. 75 plates. 

Gli antichi Sepolcri, overo Mausolei Romani et 

Etruschi, trovati in Roma, et in altri luoghi celebri; 
nelli quali si contengono molte erudite memorie. Raccolti, 
disegnati, et intagliati. Roma, Antonio de Rossi, 1697, fol. 
1 14 plates. 

Another copy. Fol. v. 

114 plates numbered, and four additional plates unnumbered. 

Le antiche Lucerne sepolcrali figurate, raccolte 

dalle cave sotterranee, e grotte di Roma. Disegnate ed in- 
tagliate nelle loro forma da Pietro Santi Bartoli. Divise in 
tre parti, con le osservazioni di Gio. Pietro Bellori. Roma, 
Gio* Francesco Buogni, 1691, fol. 116 plates. 

Lucemae veterum sepulchrales iconicae, ex caver- 

nis Romae subterraneis collectae, et a Petro Santi Bartoli 
cumobservationibus J. Petri Bellorii, ante decennium editae. 
Nunc. . . versis ex Italico in Latinum observationibus. 


recusae. Studio et impensis L. Begeri. CoUmuB Marchica^ 
Ulricus Liebperty 1702, £61. o. vellum, 118 plates. 

BARTOLI, PiETRo Santi. Admiranda Romanarum 
antiquitatum ac veteris sculpturae vestigia, anaglyphico 
opere *elaborata, ex marmoreis exemplaribus quae Romae 
adhuc extant in CapitoHo, aedibus, hortisque virorum prin- 
cipum ad antiquam elegantiam a Petro Sancti Bartolo 
delineata incisa. Notis Jo. Petri Bellori illustrata« Ranue^ 
Dotninicus de Rubeis^ i^3> ^ol. obi. 83 plates, including title- 

Museum Odescalchum, sive. Thesaurus antiquarum 

Gemmarum, quae a Christina Svecorum Regina coUectae 
in Musaeo Odescalcho adservantur, et a Petro Sancte Bartolo 
quondam incisae, nunc primum in lucem proferuntur . . . 
Explanationes (Nicolai Galeotti) una cum indicibus locu- 
pletissimis adjectae sunt. RonuB^ Monaldini^ 1751-52, 2 
vols. fol. 102 plates. 

Another copy, 2 vols, bound in i, fol. L. P. 

Antiquissimi Virgiliani codicis fragmenta* s. VlR- 


Disegno della Loggia di S. Pietro in Vaticano. s. 

Lanfranco (Gio.) 

BARTOLO da Sasso Ferrato. Tractat^ pcuratoris 
editus sub nole dyaboli qn peciit iustitiam cora deo et beata 
virgo Maria se opposuit contra ipm et obtinuit necnon 
obmutuit pugna contra genus humanum. Fit'^ et impss^ 
i pns iste fractal p ntgrm BartfuT Guldibeck, de sultz Anno 
Jubilei M.CCCC.LXXV, die v'o lune viilicz XL Septi. 
Small 4to. 14 fT. 

BARTOLOMMEO da S. Concordio. Ammaestra- 
menti degli Antichi, raccolti e volgarizzati. Milano^ 1808, 
8vo. Classici Italiani, vol. 21. 

BARTON, Richard. Lectures on natural philosophy, 
designed to be a foundation for reasoning pertinently upon 
the petrifications, gems, crystals, and sanative quality of 


Lough Neagh, in Ireland, and intended to be an introduc- 
tion to the Natural history of several counties contiguous 
to that lake, particularly the county of Armagh. Dublin^ 
1751, 4to. 

BARTRAM, William. Travels through North and 
South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, the 
Cherokee country, the extensive territories of the Musco- 
culges, or. Creek Confederacy, and the country of the Chac- 
taws. With copper plates. London^ I793» 8vo. 

BARTSCH, Adam. Le Peintre Graveur. Vienne, 
1 803- 1 82 1, 21 vols. 8vo. 

BARTSCH, Jacob. Planisphaerium Stellatum, seu, 
Vice-globus coelestis in piano delineatus. Cui adjectas sunt 
Ephemerides V. Planetarum ab anno 1662 ad 1686. 
Ephemeris Solis ad annos C. Stellarum fixarum numero 
1240; opera et studio Andreas Goldmayeri. 

Usus astronomicus indicis Aspectuum veterum et prae- 
cipue novorum, compendiose sine calculo simul omnium 
inveniendorum. Noriberga^ 1661. 

Two parts in i vol. 4to. 

Frontispiece engraved by M. Van Somer. 

BARUFFALDI, Carlo. Osservazioni sopra il corso 
del Po, con alcune ricerche sopra le cause de* cangiamenti 
che ha sofferti, scritte in Francese idioma de Monsieur 
Carena, tradotte, e aggiuntevi alcune note. Pregiudizj del 
Po di Lombardia, e loro rimedj. Ferrara, 1783, 4to. 

BARUFFALDI, Girolamo. Dissertatio de Praeficis, 
ad illustrationem Umae sepulcralis FL Quartillae Praeficae. 
Accedunt Josephi Lanzoni adversaria de Luctu mortuali 
veterum. FtrraruB, 17 13, small 8vo. 

BARWICK, Peter. Vita Johannis Barwick, S.T.R 
Ecclesiae Christi et S. Mariae Dunelmensis primum, S. Pauli 
postea Londinensis Decani. In qua non pauca arcana 
studia pro Regno Britannico, motibus intestinis collapso. . . 



in lucem proferuntur. Adjicitur Appendix epistolarum tarn 
ab ipso rege Carolo II, quam a suo Cancellario exulantibus, 
alianimque chartarum ad eandem historiam pertinentium. 
Londiniy typis Gulieltni Bowyer^ 172 1, 8vo. L. P. 

With portraits of John and Peter Barwick by Vertue. 

Basanier, Martin, s. Laudonniere (R.) 

BASELLI, Giovanni Alberto. An Essay on ma- 
thematical language ; or, an Introduction to the mathema- 
tical sciences. London^ i/S/, 8vo. 

BASILIUS, Sanctus, Archbishop of Csesarea. Opera 
omnia quas extant, vel quae ejus nomine circumferun- 
tur, ad mss. Codices Gallicanos, Vaticanos, Florentinos 
et Anglicos, necnon ad antiquiores editiones castigata, 
multis aucta : nova Interpretatione, criticis praefationibus, 
notis, variis lectionibus illustrata, nova sancti doctoris vita 
et copiosissimis indicibus locupletata. Opera et studio 
Domni Juliani Gamier, presbyteri et monachi Benedictini 
e Congregatione sancti Mauri. (Gr. Lat) Parisiis^ Coi- 
gnard, 1721 — 1730, 3 vols. fol. 

Opera omnia quae extant, vel quae ejus nomine 

drcumferuntur. Opera et studio Domni Juliani Gamier. 
Editio Parisina altera, emendata et aucta (by Sinner). 
(Gr. Lat.) Parisiis, apud Gaume fratres^ 1839. 3 vols, in 
6 parts, 4to. v. 

Sermons de S. Basile le Grand, Archevfique de 

C^sar^e en Capadoce. Avec les Sermons de Saint Astere, 
Evfique d'Amas^e. Traduits du Grec. Paris ^ 169 1, 8vo. 
o. r. mor. 

BASILIUS, Bishop of Seleucia. De vita ac miraculis 
D. Theclae virginis martyris Iconiensis libri duo. Simeonis 
Metaphrastae Logothetae de eadem Martyre tractatus 
singularis. Petrus Pantinus Tiletanus, decanus Bruxel- 


lensis, e tenebris nunc primum emit, latine vertit, notisque 
illustravit (Gr. Lat.) AntuerpicBy ex officina Plantiniana^ 
apud yoannem Maretum^ 1608, 4to. 

BASILIUS, Imperator. Exhortationum capita LXVI. 
ad Leonem filium, cog^omento Philosophum. Hie regius et 
elegantissimus liber Graece nunc primum in lucem prodiit. 
Lutetugy apud Federicum Morellum^ 1584* 

Exhortationum capita sexaginta sex, per Herostichidem, 
ad Leonem filium, cog^omento Philosophum. Nunc primum 
latinitate donatum. Lutetujg, apud Federicum Morellutn^ 

Two parts in i vol. 4to. 

— Precetti, a Leone suo figlio cd Imperadore, tra- 
dotti di Greco in volgare dal Mintumo, vescovo di Cotrone. 
Napoli^ Giovanni Maria Scotto^ 1565, small 8vo. 

Basinstochius, Ricardus Vitus, s. White (Rich.) 

BASSANTIN, Jacques. Astronomique discours (avec 
fig,). Lion^ par Jan de Toumes^ IS57» fol. L. P. Injured 
by damp. 

B ASSI, Martino. Dispareri in materia d'Architettura, 
et Perspettiva. Con pareri di eccellenti, et famosi archi- 
tetti, che li risolvono. Bressa^ 1572, small 4to. Plates. 

BATE, George, Elenchi Motuum nuperorum in 
Anglia pars prima; simul ac juris regii et parlamentarii 
brevis enarratfo, ab autore recognita et aucta. — Pars 
secunda : simul ac Regis effugii mirabilis e praelio Wigor- 
niae enarratio. Londini^ typis y. Flesher^ 1661-63, 2 parts 
in I vol. small 8vo. 

With portraits of Charles I. and Charles II. by A. Hertochs. 

BATE, John. The Mysteryes of Nature, and Art : 
conteined in foure severall Tretises, the first of Water 
workes, the second of Fyer workes, the third of Drawing, 
Colouring, Painting, and Engraving, the fourth of divers 


Experiments, as wel serviceable as delightful: partly col- 
lected, and partly of the author's peculiar practice, and inven- 
tion. Imprinted at London^for Ralph Mab, 1634, small 4to. 

Engraved title and woodcuts. 

BATE, John. The Mysteries of Nature and Art. In 
foure severall parts. The Second edition ; with many ad- 
ditions unto every part London^ printed for Ralph Mab^ 
1635, small 4to. 

Portrait by G. GifTord : engraved tide and woodcuts. 

BATEMAN, Henry, of Derby. Miscellaneous Poems. 
Derby ^ i8mo. 

BATEMAN, James. Orchidaceae of Mexico and 
Guatemala. London, 1843, foL max. Col. plates. 

BATEMAN, Thomas, and GLOVER, Stephen. 
Vestiges of the antiquities of Derbyshire, and the sepulchral 
usages of its inhabitants from the most remote ages to the 
Reformation. (With woodcuts.) London^ 1848, 8vo. 

A descriptive Catalogue of the Antiquities in the 

Museum of Tho. Bateman at Lomberdale House. Bake- 
well^ 183s, 8vo. 

BATES, William. Vitae selectorum aliquot Virorum, 
qui doctrina, dignitate, aut pietate inclaruere. Londini, 
168 1, 4to. 

BATINES, Colomb, Vicomte de. Bibliografia Dan- 
tesca, ossia, Catalogo delle edizioni, traduzioni, codici ma- 
noscritti e comenti della Divina Commedia e delle opere 
minori di Dante, seg^ito dalla serie de' biografi di lui. Tra- 
duzione italiana fatta sui manoscritti francesi delF autore. 
Prato^ 1845-48, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BATISSIER, L. Histoire de TArt monumental dans 
Tantiquit^ et au moyen ige, suivie d'un traits de la peinture 
sur verre. Paris, 1845, 4*0. 


BATMAN, Stephen. The Golden Booke of the 
Leaden Goddes, wherein is described the vayne imagina- 
tions of Heathe Pagans, and counterfaict Christians : wyth 
a description of their several Tables, what ech of their 
Pictures signified. London^ Thomas MarslUy 1577, small 
4to. Black letter. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border. 

BATTELLI, Giovan Cristoforo. De Sarcophago 
marmoreo Probi Anicii et Probx Faltoniae in Templo 
Vaticano, dissertatio. RonuB^ 1705, 8vo. v. 

BATTEL Y, John. Antiquitates Rutupinae. Editio 
Secunda. — ^Antiquitates S. Edmundi Burgi ad annum 1272 
perductas. Opus posthumum. OxonuBy e Theatro Shel^ 
danianOf I745> 2 parts in i vol., 4to. o. r. c. g. e. L. P. 13 
maps and plates. 

BATTELY, Nicolas. The Antiquities of Canterbury. 
s. SOMNER (W.) 

BATTEUX, Charles. Les quatres poetiques d'Aris- 
tote, d'Horace, de Vida et de Despr^aux, avec les traduc- 
tions, des remarques et une table. Paris^ ^77^9 2 vols. 8vo. 

BATTY, Robert. French scenery, from drawings 
made in 18 19. London, 1822, 4to. r. mor. 

BAUDELOT de Dairval, Charles-C^sar. De 
Tutilit^ des Voyages, et de Tavantage que la recherche des 
Antiquitez procure aux S9avans. Addition ; ou passages 
et figures, dchappez dans Timpression. Paris, 1686. 2 vols. 
i2mo. plates. 

Explication d'une Pierre grav^e du Cabinet de 

Monseigneur le Comte de Pontchartrain. Paris, 17 10, 

Lettres sur le prdtendu Solon des pierres gravies. 

— Explication d'une medaille d'or de la famille Comuficia. 
— Reflexions sur les deux plus anciennes M^dailles d'or 


RomaineSy qui se trouvent dans le Cabinet de S. A. R. 
Madame. — Explication d'une Pierre-grav^e. Paris^ ^7^7- 
1720. 3 parts in i voL 4to. Plates. 

BAUDIUS, Dominique. Oratio funebris dicU 
honori et memoriae maximi virorum Josephi Justi ScaligerL 
Lugduni Batavorum^ apud Ludavicum BUzevirium, 1609, 
small 4to. 

Libri tres de Induciis Belli Belgici. Lugduni 

Batavorum, apud Ludavicum Bkemrium, 161 3, small 4to. 

BAUHIN, Jean. De Aquis medicatis nova methodus, 

libris quatuor comprehensa. Agitur in iis de fontibus cele- 

bribus, thermis, balneis universae Europae, et potissimum 

Ducatus Wirtembergici. Item, de varijs fossilibus stirpibus 

et insectis, quorum plurimae figurae adduntur. Montisbeli^ 

gardi^ 1607, 4to. 

With Bauhin's portrait 

BAUME, Antoine. Chymie experimentale et rai- 
sonn^e. Avec des vignettes et des figures en taille-douce. 
Paris, 1773, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BAUMER, JOHANN WiLHELM. Bibliotheca Chemica. 
Giessa, 1782, Svo. 

BAUSSET, LOUIS-FRAN9OIS de, Cardinal et Pair de 
France. Histoire de F^n^lon, Archevfique de Cambrai, 
compos6e sur les manuscrits originaux. Troisi^me Edition, 
revue, corrig^e et augment^e. Versailles, 18 17, 4 vols. Svo. 

Fdndlon's portrait engraved by Levoux. 

BAVER, FULGENTIUS. Dissertatio experimentalis de 
electricitatis theoria et usu. Vienfue et Lipsice, 1767, 8vo. 

BAVERSTOCK, J. Hydrometrical observations and 
experiments in the Brewery. London, 1785, Svo. 

BAXTER, Richard. The Saints* everlasting Rest: 
or, a treatise of the blessed state of the Saints in their en- 
joyment of God in glory. The ninth editioa London, 
1662, Svo. Woodcut frontispiece. 


BAXTER, Richard. The Practical Works ; with a 
Life of the author, and a critical examination of his Writings, 
by the Rev. William Orme. With portrait London, 1830. 
23 vols. 8vo. 

BAXTER, William. Glossarium Antiquitatum Bri- 
tannicarum, sive Syllabus Etymolc^cus antiquitatum 
veteris Britanniae atque Ibemiae temporibus Romanorum. 
Accedunt Eduardi Luidii de fluviorum, montium, urbium, 
etc. in Britanniae nominibus, adversaria posthuma. Lon- 
dim, Bowyer, 17 19, 8vo. L. P. Baxter's portrait by 

BAXTER, William. Glossarium Antiquitatum Roma- 
narum. Accedunt eruditi Autoris vitae a seipso conscriptae 
fragmentum, et selectae quaedam ejusdem Epistolae. Londini, 
173 1 » 8vo. Baxter's portrait by Vertue. L. P. 

BAYEN, Pierre, et CHARLARD, L. M. Recherches 
chimiques sur TEtain, faites et publi^es par ordre du 
Gouvemement ; ou, R^ponse a cette question : Peut-on 
sans aucun danger employer les Vaisseaux d'^tain dans 
I'usage ^conomique? Paris, 1781, 8vo. 

BAYER, JOHANN. Uranometria, omnium asterismo- 
rum continens schemata, nova methodo delineata, asreis 
laminis expressa. 1603, fol. 

Engraved title by D. Alex. Mayer. 

BAYER, Theophilus Sigefried. De Numis Romanis 
in agro Prussico repertis, commentarius, in quo tum Numi 
ipsi illustrantur, tum alia ex Romana et Prussica antiquitate 
traduntur. Accedit ejusdem epistola de Theophrasti Delil 
praesidis monumento. LipsuB, 1722, 4to.; plates. 

Museum Sinicum, in quo Sinicae linguae et littera- 

turae ratio explicatur (plates). Petropoli, 1730, 2 vols, 
bound in i, 8vo. 

Historia Osrhoena et Edessena ex numis (sic) 

illustrata. Petropoli, 1734, 7 plates. — Historia R^pai 
Graecorum Bactriani, in qua simul Graecorum in India 

136 BA YE R— BE A TON. 

Coloniarum vetus memoria explicatur. Accedit Christo- 
phori Theodosii Waltherii Doctrina temporum Indica, cum 
paralipomenis. . Petropoli^ 1738, 2 vols, bound in i» 4to. 
with a plate. 

BAYER, Theophilus Sigefried. De Horis Sinicis et 
cyclo horario commentationes. Accedit ejusdem auctoris 
Parergon Sinicum de calendariis sinicis, ubi etiam quaedam 
in doctrina temporum Sinica emendantur. Petropoli^ 1735,410. 

Bayfius, Lazarus, s. Baif (L.) 

BAYLE, Pierre. Dictionnaire Historique et Critique. 

Troisifeme Edition, revue, corrig^e et augmentie par Tauteur 

(et par Prosper Marchand). Rotterdam^ Bohm^ 1720, 4 vols. 


With the '' Dedicatoire au Due d'Orleans ^ and the two articles on 

CEuvres Diverses. Nouvelle Edition, consid^rable- 

ment augment^e. La Haye, 1737, 4 vols. fol. 

BAYNE, Paul. An entire Commentary upon the 
whole Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians. Lon- 
don, 1643, small foL 

BAZANCOURT, Baron de. UExpidition de 
Crimie jusqu*^ la prise de S^bastopol. Premiere Partie. 
Paris, 1856, 8vo. 

BEAN, Solomon. Rara Avis in Terns : or, the Laws 
and Customs of the Lead-Mines, within the Mineral Liberty 
of Gressington cum Membris, and all other Mineral Liber- 
ties of the Right Hon. Richard Earl of Burlington, in the 
West Riding of the County of York. Leeds, 1737, i2mo, 8 ff. 

BEATON, John. Synonyma : sive, copia vocum 
Hebraicarum in ordinem alphabeticum reducta. Deinde, 
verba qusdam Anglicana, Latina, Graecaque ab Hebraeo 
fonte deducta, in calce adjecta. Londini, Gulielmus Ad- 
dertan^ 1647, i2mo. 


BEATSON, Alexander. A View of the origin and 
conduct of the war with Tippoo Sultaun, comprising a 
narrative of the operations of the army under the com- 
mand of Lieut-General Harris, and of the siege of 
Seringapatam. London^ 1800, 4to. 

Tracts relative to the Island of St. Helena, written 

during a residence of five years. Illustrated with views 
engraved by Major William Daniell, from the drawings of 
Samuel Davies. London^ 18 16, 4to. 

BEATTIE, James. Evidences of the Christian religion, 
briefly and plainly stated. London^ 1788, 2 vols. i2mo. 

BEATTIE, William. Switzeriand. Illustrated in a 
series of views taken expressly for this work by W. H. 
Bartlett London^ 1836, 2 vols. 4to. 

The Waldenses, or Protestant Valleys of Piedmont, 

Dauphiny, and the Ban de la Roche. Illustrated by W. 
H. Bartlett and W. Brockedon. London^ 1838, 4to. 

BEAUCHAMP, Alphonse de. Histoire des Cam- 
pagnes de 1814 et de 1815. Paris^ 18 16, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BEAUCHESNE, M. A. de. Louis XVII., sa vie, son 
agonie, sa mort ; captivity de la Famille Royale au Temple ; 
ouvrage enrichi d'autographes, de portraits et de plans. 
Paris t 1852, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BEAUJEU. Memoires du Chevalier de Beaujeu, con- 
tenant ses divers voyages, tant en Pologne, en AUemagne, 
qu'en Hongrie, avec des relations particuli^res des guerres et 
des affaires de ces pals-lil, depuis Tann^e 1679, Paris, 
1698, i2mo. 


Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de. s. Ca- 
RON de Beaumarchais. 


BEAUMONT, Francis. Poems, viz. the Herm- 
aphrodite ; the Remedy of Love ; Elegies ; Sonnets with 
other poems. London^ i6S3» 8vo. 

BEAUMONT, Francis, and FLETCHER, John. 

Works. Adom'd with cuts. Revis'd and corrected : with 

some account of the life and writings of the Authors. Lon-- 

don^ Jacob Tonson^ 171 1, 7 vols. 8vo. o. r. mor. L. P. 

Portraits of Beaumont and Fletcher by Vertue, and plates. Tonson 
dedicated the edition to William, Duke of Devonshire. 

BEAUMONT, Francis, and FLETCHER, John. 

Works. Collated with all the former editions, and corrected. 

With notes critical and explanatory. By the late Mr. 

Theobald, Mr. Seward of Eyam in Derbyshire, and Mr. 

Sympson of Gainsborough. London^ y. (^ R. Tonson, 1750^ 

10 vols. 8vo. 

Portraits by Vertue. 

BEAUMONT, John. An Historical, physiological 
and theological treatise of Spirits, Apparitions, Witchcrafts, 
and other magical practices. London, 1705, 8vo. 

Gleanings of Antiquities. London, 1724, small 4to. 

o. r. mor. L. P. 

BEAUSOBRE, Isaac de. Histoire Critique de Ma- 
nich^e et du Manich^isme. Amsterdam, 1734*39, 2 vols. 
4to. L. P. 

Histoire de la Reformation, ou origine et progprfes 

du Luthdranisme, dans I'Empire et les Etats, de la Confes- 
sion d'Augsbourg, depuis 15 17 jusqu'en 1530. Ouvrage 
posthume. Berlin, 1785-86, 4 vols. 8vo. 

BEAUVAU, Gabriel-Henry, Marquis de. M^moires 
pour servir k Thistoire de Charles IV, Due de Lorraine et 
de Bar. Cologne, 1688, i2mo. 

BEBEL, or BEBELIUS, Heinrich. Facetiae, supe- 
riorum xtatum dicta jocosa et facta ridicula continentes, in 


libros tres digests, una cum prognostico perpetuo. Franco- 
furti^ 1 590, small 8vo. 

Bebracte. s. Leaut£ (J.) 

Becanus, Joannes Goropius. s. Gorp (J. van.) 

BECCARI A, Cesare. Opere. Milano, Tipografia d£ 
Classici Italiani^ 1821-22, 2 vols. 8vo. 

--^ — Opere, precedute da un discorso sulla vita e le 
opere dell' autore, di Pasquale VillarL Firenzty 1854, i2mo. 

Becxaria, Domenico. Gradus Taurinensis. s. Aca- 
demies (Turin). 

BECCARIA, GlAMBATTiSTA. Deir Elettricismo arti- 
ficiale e naturale, libri due. — Supplemento. — Experimenta 
atque observationes quibus Electricitas vindex late con- 
stituitur atque explicatur. — Delia Elettriciti terrestre at- 
mosferica a Cielo sereno. Torino^ I753» 4 parts bound in 
2 vols. 4to. 

A Treatise upon artificial Electricity, translated 

from the Italian. London^ ^77^, 4t6. 

BECHER, JOH ANN Joachim. Experimentum novum 
ac curiosum de Minera arenaria perpetua. Sive pro- 
dromus historis . . circa auri extractionem mediante 
arena littorali, per modum minerae perpetuae, seu opera- 
tionis magns fusoris cum emolumento. Franco/urti, 
1680, 8vo. V. 

ChymischerGlucks-Hafen,oder: Grosse chymische 

Concordantz und Collection. Nebst einer neuen Vorrede, 
und Bedencken von der Gold-Macherey. Leipzig^ 1755, 4to. 

BECHER, JOHANN Philipp. Mineralogische Be- 
schreibung der Oranien-Nassauischen-Lande nebst einer 
Geschichte des Siegenschen Hiitten- und Hammerwesens. 
Marburg, 1789, 8vo. 


Becket, St, Thomas a. s. Thomas a Becket. 

BECKFORD, William. A descriptive Account of the 
island of Jamaica : with remarks upon the cultivation of the 
Sugar-cane, &c. London^ 1790, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BECKFORD, William, of Fonthill. Vathek. Trans- 
lated from the origfinal French. Third edition, revised and 
corrected. London^ 18 16, 8vo. 

Italy ; with sketches of Spain and Portugal. By 

the Author of " Vathek." London, 1834, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BECKMANN, Johann. Beytrage zur Geschichte der 
Erfindungen. Leipzig, 1783- 1792, 3 vols. i2mo. 

Anleitung zur Technologie. Gottingen, 1787, i2mo. 

BEDDOES, Thomas. Chemical experiments and 
opinions. Extracted from a work published in the last 
century. Oxford, 1790, 8vo. 

BEDE. Venerabilis Beds presbyteri Anglo-Saxonis 
Opera quotquot reperiri potuerunt omnia : hac ultima im- 
pressione ornatius in lucem edita. Colonics Agrippina, 1612, 
8 vols, bound in 3 vols. foL 

Title-page engpraved by P. Isselb. 

Opera Historica : recensuit J. Havenson. London, 

1838-41, 2 vols. 8vo. s. English Historical Society. 

The historical Works. Translated from the Latin 

by J. A. Giles. — Ecclesiastical history, biographical writings, 
letters, and chronology. London^ 184S, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BEDWELL, Wilhelm. Mesolabium architectonicum, 
that is, a most rare, and singular Instrument, for the easie, 
speedy, and most certaine measuring of plaines and solids 
by the foote : necessary to be knowne of all men whatso- 
ever, who would not in this case be notably defrauded. 
Invented long since by Mr. Thomas Bedwell, esquire ; and 
now published, and the use thereof declared by Wilhelm 
Bedwell his nephew. London, John Norton, 1639, 4to. 9 ff. 

BEE CHA M— BE GE R. 141 

BEECHAM, John. Ashantee and the Gold Coast: 
being a sketch of the history, social state, and superstitions 
of the inhabitants of those countries. London, 1841, i2mo. 

BEECHEY, Fr. W. Narrative of a voyage to the 
Pacific and Beering's Strait, to co-operate with the Polar 
Expeditions; performed in His Majesty's ship Blossom; 
in the years 1 825-1 828. London, 183 1, 2 vols. 4to. 

Plates by Finden, and Maps. 

BEECH MAN, Daniel. A Voyage to and from the 
island of Borneo in the East Indies, illustrated with several 
curious maps and cuts. London, 171 8, 8vo. 

BEGER, LORENZ. Thesaurus ex Thesauro Palatino 
selectus, sive gemmarum et numismatum quae in Electorali 
Cimeliarchio continentur elegantiorum aere expressa, et con- 
venient! commentario illustrata dispositio. HeidelbergcB, 
typis Philippi Delbom, 1685, fol. 

With frontispiece, portrait of Giarles Duke of Bavaria, and plates 
by J. U. Kraus. 

Observationes et conjectural in numismata quaedam 

antiqua. Accedunt duae Ez. Spanhemii ad authorem epi- 
stolae, iisque interjecta authoris ad priorem responsoria. 
Colonue Brandenburgica, Ulricus Liebpert, 1691, 4to. With 

Spicilegium Antiquitatis, sive variarum ex anti- 

quitate elegantiarum, vel novis luminibus illustratarum, vel 
recens etiam editarum fasciculi. ColonuB BrandenburgiccBy 
Ulricus Liebpert, 1692, foL Plates and cuts. 

Another copy. L. P. 

Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus : sive Gemma- 
rum et numismatum graecorum in Cimeliarchio Electorali 
Brandenburgico elegantiorum series, commentario illustratae. 
Colonia MarchiccB, Ulricus Liebpert, 1692, fol. o. Cambr. 

Frontispiece, portrait of Frederic III. Elector of Brandenburg, 
and plates, by C. F. Blesendorflf. 


BEGER, LORENZ. Meleagrides et iEtolia, ex numismate 
KYPIEXIN apud Goltium: interspersis marmoribus quibus- 
dam, de Meleagri interitu, et Apri Calydonii venatione : in 
lucem vindicate. — Crans insula Laconica,^eadem et Helena 
dicta, et Minyarum posteris habitata : ex numismatibus Gol- 
tzianis, contra communem opinionem, quae ad Helenam At- 
ticae respexit — ContemplatioGemmarumquarundam Dacty- 
liothecae Gorlaei, ante biennium et auctae, et illustratae. Co- 
lonuE Brandenburgic(B^ Ulrtcus Liebpert^ 1696-1697, 3 parts in 
I voL 4to. With cuts. 

Bellum et excidium Trojanum, ex antiquitatum 

reliquiis, Tabula praesertim, quam Raphael Fabrettus edidit, 
Iliaca delineatum, et adjecto in cake commentario illus- 
tratum. Brandenburgi^ Ulricus Liebpert^ 1699, 4to. Old 

Frontispiece, 39 plates, and several cuts. 

De Nummis Cretensium serpentiferis disquisitio 

antiquaria, qua Cretensium ab Asia, Asiaticorumque a ser- 
pentibus credita origo adstruitur : indeque et numismatibus 
serpentiferis Antonii et Augusti, aliorumque sua lux 
afTunditur. Colonue Marchiae^ Ulricus Liebpert^ 1702, fol. 
with cuts. 

Lucemae veterum sepulchrales. s. Bartoli 

(P. S.) 

Belgiche Pismire, s. Scott (Th.) 

BEHRENS, Georg Henning. The natural history 
of Hartz-Forest, in his majesty King George's German 
dominions. London^ 1730, 8vo. 

Beijal, Processus Belial, s. Jacobus de The- 

BELIDOR, Bernard Forest de. Nouveau cours de 
Math^matiques ^ I'usage de Tartillerie et du G^nie. Avec 
Figures. Paris^ '725, 4to. 


BELIDOR, Bernard Forest de. La Science des in- 
g^nieurs dans la conduite des travaux de fortification et 
d'architecture dvile. Paris, 1729, 4to. 

Frontispiece by Rigault and plates. 

Architecture Hydraulique, ou TArt de conduire, 

d'^lever et de manager les Eaux pour les difr(£rens besoins 

de la vie. Paris, 1 737-53, 2 parts in 4 vols. 4to. 

Frontispiece by Rigaud, Belidor's portrait by J. G. Will, and 
numerous plates by Herisset. 

CEuvres diverses concernant Tartillerie et le g^nie. 

AfHsterdam et Leipzig, 1764, 8vo. 

BELL, Sir Charles. Observations on Italy. London^ 
183s, 2 vols. 8vo. 

The Hand, its mechanism and vital endowments 

as evincing design Pickering, liij^iwo. s. Bridgewater 

Treatises, IV. 

BELL, John, of Antermony. Travels from St Peters- 
burg, in Russia, to divers parts of Asia. Glasgow, Foulis^ 
1763, 2 vols. 4to. 

BELL, William. Shakspeare's Puck, and his folks- 
lore, illustrated from the superstitions of all Nations, but 
more especially from the earliest religion and rites of 
Northern Europe and the Wends. London, 1852, 3 vols, 
small 8vo. Woodcuts. 

BELLAMY, Daniel. The Comforts of philosophy : 
in five books. From' the latin of Boetius, by William 
Causton, and Mr. Bellamy. — Marriage, a theatrical dia- 
logue. — ^The Court of beauty: or Judgment of Venus; 
after de la Motte. — ^The Projector, an heroi-comic poem. — 
Gratitude : an historical tale. — ^iGsop at Court : or, the 
Labyrinth of Versailles, delineated in French and En- 
glish. The plates engrav'd by J. Bickham. — ^The Young 
Eagle. — Damon and Delia : a Cantata. London, 1768, 4to. 


BELLAY, Joachim du, Angevin. La Defense et 
illustration de la Langue Frangoise, avec FOlive de nou- 
veau augmentee. — La Musagrnoeomachie, L'Anterotique 
de la vieiile et de la jeune amie. Vers lyriques. — Deux 
Hvres de TEneide de Virgiie, le quatrieme, et sixieme, tra- 
duits en Francois. — Recueil de poesie presente a tresillustre 
princesse Madame Marguerite, soeur unique du Roy. — Ode 
sur la naissance du petit Due de Beaumont, fils de Mon- 
seign. de Vandosme Roy de Navarre. — Elegie sur le 
trespas de feu Joach. du Beliay Ang. par G. Aubert de 
Poictiers. Paris, Federic Morel, 1561, 5 parts in i voL 
4to. L. P. 

• Les CEuvres Francoises. Reveues, et de nouveau 

augment^es de plusieurs poesies non encores auparavant 
imprim^es. Au Roy Tres-chretien Charles IX. Paris^ 
Federic Morel, 1569, 8 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

Another copy ; without — La Defense de la Langue 

Francoise. — J parts in i vol. 8vo. 

BELLAY, Martin du, Seigneur de Langey. Les 
Memoires, contenans le discours de plusieurs choses ad- 
venues au royaume de France, depuis Tan I5i3» jusques au 
trespas du Roy Francois premier. CEuvre mis nouvelle- 
ment en lumi^re, et present^ au Roy par Messs. Ren^ du 
Beliay. Paris, P. rHuillier, 1569, fol. L. P. ruled 

Memoires. Paris, 1586, 8vo. 

BELLEGARDE, Jean-Baptiste Morvan de. His- 
toire universelie des Voyages faits par mer et par terre dans 
Tancien et dans le nouveau Monde. Amsterdam, 1708. 
1 2 mo. 

BELLENDEN, William. De Statu prisci orbis in 
religione, re poiitica, et Uteris liber unus. Parisiis, 1615, 8vo. 

BELLEWE, Richard. Les Ans du Roy Richard le 
Second collect* ensembi' hors de les Abridgments de Stat* 
ham, Fitzherbert et Brooke. London, Robert Robinson, 
1585, small 8vo. Black letter. 


Belley, J. P. Camus, Evfique de. s. Camus (J. P.) 

BELLI, Silvio. Libro del misurar con la vista. 
Venetia^ Giordano Zilettiy 1 566, small 4to. Woodcuts. 

BELLIN, Jacques-Nicolas. Description g^ogra- 
phique de la Guyana. Paris^ Didot^ ^7^1% 4to. (Cartes 
et plans.) 

Bellonius, Petrus. s. Belon (P.) 

BELLORI, GlOVAN Pietro. Le Vite de' pittori, scul- 
tori et architetti modemi. Parte prima. Roma^ 1672, 4to. 
N. Poussin's portrait by A* Clou, and plates. 

BELLORI, GlOVAN Pietro. Fragmenta vestigii veteris 
Romae, ex lapidibus Famesianis nunc primum in lucem edita, 
cum notis Jo. Petri Bellorii. Ronta^ typis Josephi Corvi, 
sumptibus Joannijacobi de Rubeis^ 1673, fol. o. r. mor. L. P. 
Title and arms of Cardinal Massimi, to whom the work is dedicated 
by Bellori, enclosed in engraved border ; 20 plates and several cuts. 

Another copy. (Bound with:) — Arcus L. Sep- 

timii Severi Aug. Anaglypha cum explicatione Josephi 
Mariae Suaresii. RontcB^ Typis Barberinis, 1676. 6 plates. 
— ^Vetus pictura Nymphaeum referens, commentariolo expli- 
cata a Luca Holstenio. Accedunt alia ejusdem auctoris. 
RonuBy typis BarberiniSy 1676. 3 parts in i vol. fol. o. r. 
mor. L. P. 

Title page, with medallion portrait of Holstenius, and a plate. 
Jean Baptiste Colbert's copy with his arms and monogram. 

Veterum illustrium philosophorum, poetarum, rhe- 

torum et oratorum Imagines, ex vetustis nummis, gemmis, 
hermis, marmoribus, aliisque antiquis monumentis de* 
sumptae. RonuB, apitd Jo. Jacobum de Rubeis^ 1685, 3 parts 
in I vol. fol. 

Frontispiece by Jo. Blondeau, and 95 plates. 

Descrizzione delle imagini dipinte da Rafaelle 

d'Urbino nelle camere del Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano. 
Roma^ Gio. Giaconto Komarek^ i69S» fol. 

With RaphaeFs portrait by C. Maratti. 



BELLORI, GIOVAN Pietro. Veteres Arcus Augus- 
torum. s. Bartoli (P. S.) 

Le Pitture antiche del sepolcro de' Nasoni. s. BAR- 
TOLI (P. S.) 

Admirands Romanorum antiquitates. s. Bar- 
toli (P. S.) 

Le antiche Lucerne sepolcrali. s. Bartoli (P. S.) 

Bellum Grammaticale. s. Guarna (A.) 

BELON, Pierre, du Mans. L'Histoire naturelle des 
estranges poissons marins, avec la vraie peincture et descrip- 
tion du Daulphin, et de plusieurs autres de son espece. 
Paris f Regnatid Chaudiere, 1551, 4to. Woodcuts. 

BELON, Pierre. De Aquatilibus, libri duo, cum «con- 
ibus ad vivam ipsorum effigiem, quoad ejus fieri potuit, ex- 
pressis. Parisiis^apud Carolum Stephanum^ iSS3,oblong, 8vo. 

De arboribus coniferis, resiniferis, aliis quoque non- 

nuUis sempitema fronde virentibus, cum earundem iconibus 
ad vivum expressis. Item de melle cedrino, cedria, agarico, 
resinis, et iis quae ex coniferis proficiscuntur. Parisiis^ apud 
Benedictum Prevost^ 1553, small 4to. 

Les Observations de plusieurs singularitez et 

choses memorables, trouv^es en Grece, Asie, Jud^e, Egypte, 
Arabic, et autres pays estranges, redig^es en trois livres. 
Paris, chez Guillauine Cavellat, 1553, 4^0- Woodcuts. L. P. 

Les Observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses 

memorables, trouvies en Grece, Asie, etc. — Reveuz de nou- 
veau et augmentez de Figures. Paris, Hierosme de Mar- 
nefet veufue Cavellat, 1588, 4to. Woodcuts. 

Autograph of* Sir Wm. Heruy" on tide page. 

Plurimarum singularium et memorabilium rerum 

in Grsecia, Asia, iCgypto, Judaea, Arabia, aliisque exteris 

BEL ON— B EM BO, 147 

provinciis ab ipso conspectarum Observationes, tribus libris 
expressx. Carolus Clusius Atrebas e gallicis latinas faciebat 
(With woodcuts.) — De neglecta stirpium cultura, atque 
earum cognitione libellus. Carolus Clusius Atrebas e gallico 
latinum faciebat. Antverpue, exofficina Christophori Plantini^ 
1589. 2 vols, bound in i, 8vo. 

Autograph of Tha Smith e Coll. Magdal. Oxon." on title-page. 

BELON, Pierre. Uhistoire de la nature des Oyseaux, 
avec leurs descriptions, et nalfs portraicts retirez du naturel ; 
escrite en sept Livres. Paris y GilUs Corrozet^ I5S5> fol. 

Woodcut portrait of Belon on the verso of title-page, and numer^ 
ous woodcuts of birds. 

BELS HAM, William. Memoirs of the reign of George 
III. to the commencement of the year 1799. London^ 1801, 
6 vols. 8vo. 

BELTRANO, OtTavio. Breve descrittione del Regno 
di Napoli, diviso in dodici Provincie, nella quale con breviti^ 
si tratta della citt4 di Napoli, e delle cose piiSi notabili di 
essa: e delle citti, e terre piiSi illustri del regno, con le 
famiglie, e Nobili, non solo di quella, ma dell' altre citti di 
esso regno. Con i Vescovadi, e Arcivescovadi, e Santi, che 
sono in esso. Napoli^ 1644, small 4to. Engraved frontis- 

BELZONI, GIOVAN Battista. Narrative of the opera- 
tions and recent discoveries within the Pyramids, temples, 
tombs, and excavations in Egypt, and Nubia ; and of a 
Journey to the coast of the Red Sea, in search of the 
ancient Berenices, and another to the Oasis of Jupiter 
Ammon. Landofi^ 1820, 4to. Lithogr. portrait, and map. 

Plates illustrative of the researches and operations 

of G. Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia. London^ 1820, fol. max. 

BEMBO, PiETRO,Cardinale. Opere. Jfi^i?^,i8o8-i8io, 

12 vols. 8vO. CLASSIC! ITALIANI, vols. SS-66. 

148 BEMBO. 

BEMBO, PlETRO, Cardinale. GH Asolani di Messer 

Pietro Bembo. Impressi in Venetian nelle case (TAldo 

Romano^ net anno MDV del mese di MarzOy 8vo. 

Not 4to. as described by Renonard and Bninet With the dedi- 
cation : '' A Madonna Lucretia Estense Borgia Duchessa illustrissima 
di Ferrara.' 

Gli AsolanL Edition terza. ( Venetia, Comin da 

Trind)^ IS40, small 8vo. 

Prose di M. Pietro Bembo nelle quali si ragiona 

della Volgar Lingua, scritte al Cardinale De Medici, che 
poi h stato creato a Sommo Pontefice et detto Papa Clemente 
Settimo, divise in tre libri. In Vinegia^per Giovan Tacuino, 
1525, fol. L. P. 

Le Prose del Bembo. Fiorenza^ Lorenzo Tor- 

rentino^ 1 548, small 4to. 

Delle Lettere di M. Pietro Bembo. Primo volume. 

Roma^per Valerio Dorico et Luigi fratelli^ 1548, 4to. L. P. 

Delle Lettere di Messer Pietro Bembo Cardinale 

a sommi Pontefici e Cardinali, e ad altri signori, e persone 
ecclesiastiche scritte. Verona^ I743» S vols, 4to. v. 

Rime di Monsignor P. Bembo. Vinetia, 1544, 

small 8vo. Woodcut title. 

Rime. Terza impressione. Rotna^ Dorico^ IS48, 

4to. o. r. mor. 

Petri Bembi de iEtna ad Angelum Chabrielem 

liber. Impressum Venetiis^ in cedibus Aldi Romania tnense 
Februarii Anfio MVD. small 4to. but registered as 8vo. r. 

Historiae Venetae libri XIL Veneiiis^ apud Aldi 

filios, iSSij foL o. r. mor. L. P. 

On the title-page : "Jo. Pauli Zannellij et amicorum." 

Rerum Venetarum Historiae libri XIL Lutetia, 

ex officina Michat'lis Vascosani, 1551, 4to. 

There is inserted, after the Index, "Omnium fere Magistratuum 
Reipublicae Venetae, Epitome. ParisiiSy Michael Vascosanusy 1 539." 


BENCI, Spinello. Storia di Montepulciano, di nuovo 
ristampata, ampliata, e ricorretta. Libri sei. Fiorenza^ 
1646, 4to. 

With a fine portrait of Porsena engpraved by A. Sansovini. 

BENEDETTI, Alessandro, Veronese. Diaria de 
Bello Carolino. ( Venetiis^ Aldus^ 1496.) 4to. o. citr. mor. 

BENEDETTI, Giovan Battista de. Resolutio 
omnium Euclidis problematum aliorumque ad hoc necessario 
inventorum una tantummodo circini data apertura. Venetiis, 
apud BartholonuBum Ccesanum, 1553, small 4to. 

Diversarum Speculationum mathematicarum et 

physicarum Liber. Taurini, apud hcsredem Nicolai Bevi-^ 
laqucB^ 1585, fol. 

Speculationum liber ; in quo mira subtilitate haec 

tractata continentur : — ^Theoremata arithmetica ; de ratio- 
nibus operationum perspectivae ; de mechanicis ; disputa- 
tiones de quibusdam placitis Aristotelis ; in quintum Eu- 
clidis librum ; physica et mathematica responsa per epistolas. 
Venetiis, apud Baretium^ 1 599, fol. 

With R<*. Bentley's autograph on the title-page. 

BENEDICT OF Peterborough. Gesta regis Henrici 
Secundi Benedicti Abbatis. The Chronicle of the reigns 
of Henry II. and Richard I. A.D. 11 69-1 192, known com- 
monly under the name of Benedict of Peterborough. Edited, 
from the Cotton MSS., by William Stubbs. London^ 1867, 

2 vols. 8vo. s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

De Vita et gestis Henrici et Ricardi I. s. Hearne 


Benedictus, Abbas Petroburgensis. s. Benedict 
OF Peterborough. 

Benedictus, Alexander, Veronensis. s. Bene- 


BENIVIENI, GiROLAMO. Opere. Firenze, Heredi di 
Philippo di Giuntay 15 19, small 8vo. 


BENJAMINUS Tudelensis. Itinerarium. Ex He- 
braico Latinum factum, Benedicto Aria Montano inter- 
prete. Antuerpia^ ex officina Christophori Plantini^ IS75» 


Itinerarium^ latine redditum, opera Const. l*Em- 

pereur. Lugduni Batavorum^ ex officina Elzeviriana, 1633, 

BENNER, H. Collection de vingt-quatre portraits de 
la Familie Imp^riale de Russie, peints par H. Brenner 
(grrav^s par J, M6cou, C. Johannot, and F. John). St. 
Pitersbourg^ fol. g. e. 

BENNET, Thomas. Grammatica Hebraea, cum uber- 
rima praxi in usum tironum, qui linguam Hebraeam absque 
praeceptoris viva voce ediscere cupiunt Editio altera. 
Londini^ 1728, 8vo. 

BENNETT, George. Wanderings in New South 
Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, Singapore, and China ; being 
the Journal of a naturalist in those countries, during 1832, 
1833, and 1834. London, 1834, 2 vols. 8vo. 

The History of Bandon, and the principal towns 

in the West Riding of County Cork. Enlarged edition, 
with two chromo-lithographic illustrations. Cork, 1869, 

BENSERADE, Isaac. Metamorphoses d'Ovide en 
Rondeaux, imprimez et enrichis de figures par ordre de Sa 
Majestd. Paris, Imprimerie Roy ale, 1676, 4to, g. e. 

With frontispiece by Ch. le Brun jun., engraved by S. le Qerc. 

BENSON, George. A Paraphrase and notes on six of 
the Epistles of St Paul, viz. I. Thessalonians, II. Thessa^ 
lonians, Philemon, I. Timothy, II. Timothy, Titus. At- 
tempted in imitation of Mr. Locke's manner. To which 
are annexed, Critical dissertations on several subjects for 
the better understanding of St. Paul's Epistles. The second 
edition, carefully corrected. London, 1752, 2 vols. 4to, 
russia. L. P. 


BENTHAM, Rev«>. James. The History and Antl- 
quities of the conventual and Cathedral Church of Ely, 
from the foundation of the monastery, A.D. 673, to the 
year 1771. Illustrated with copperplates (46). Cambrtdge^ 
1 77 1, 2 parts and appendix, bound in i vol. royal 4to. 
L. P. 

The History and Antiquities of the conventual 

and Cathedral Church of Ely : from the foundation of the 
monastery, A.D. 673, to the year 1771. Illustrated with 
copper-plates. The second edition, by the Rev. James 
Bentham. — Addenda. Norwich^ 18 12, 2 vols, bound in i 
vol. imperial 4to, russia. L. P. With Bentham*s portrait. 

BENTINCK, Lord William Cavendish. Memorial 

addressed to the honourable Court of Directors containing 

an account of the mutiny at Vellore, with the causes and 

consequences of that event: February 1809. London^ 18 10, 


^ With Lord William Bentinck's compliments." 

BENTIVOGLIO, Ercole. Fantasmi, comcdia. Vene- 
tian Gabriel Giolito d^ Ferrari^ 1544, ^ 'S47> small 8vo. s. 


BENTIVOGLIO, GuiDO, Cardinale. Opere Storiche. 
(Relazioni, storia della Guerra di Fiandra, Memorie della 
sua Vita.) Milano^ 1806- 1807, 5 vols, 8vo. with portrait 
Classici Italiani, vols, 184—188. 

Relationi fatte in tempo delle sue Nunziature di 

Fiandra e di Francia, date in luce da Erycio Puteano. 
Anversa^ Giovanni Meerbecio, 1629, 2 vols, bound in i, fol. 
Engraved title-page. 

Historical Relations of the United Provinces of 

Flanders. Rendred into English by the right honourable 
Henry (Carey) Earle of Monmouth. London^ 1652 (without 
Monmouth's portrait). 


The compleat History of the Wars of Flanders, englished 
by the right honourable Henry Earl of Monmouth. Illus- 
trated with many figures (22) of the chief personages 
mentioned in this history. London^ 1654. 

2 vols, bound in i vol. fol. Bentivoglio's portrait. 

BENTIVOGLIO, GuiDO, Cardinale. Raccolta di 
Lettere scritte in tempo delle sue Nuntiature di Fiandra e di 
Francia. Venetia, 1636, 4to. 

Raccolta di Lettere, scritte in tempo della sua 

Nunziatura. Colonia^ 1646, small 8vo. 

BENTLEY, Richard. The folly and unreasonable- 
ness of Atheism demonstrated. In eight Sermons preached 
at the Lecture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle. Lon- 
don^ 1693, small 4to. 

Richardi Bentlei et doctorum virorum Epistolae, 

partim mutuae. Accedit Richardi Davesii ad Joannem 
Taylorum epistola singularis. Londini, Typis Bultnerianis^ 
1807, 4to. r. mor. L. P. 

Portraits and fac-simile autographs of Bentley and Graevius 
engraved by A. Smith. 

BENTLEY, Thomas. The Monument of Matrones : 
conteining seven severall Lamps of Virginitie, or distinct 
treatises ; whereof the first five conceme praier and medita- 
tion : the other two last, precepts and examples, as the 
woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women ; com- 
piled for the necessarie use of both sexes out of the sacred 
Scriptures, and other approved authors, by Thomas Bent- 
ley of Graies Inne student. Printed by H. Denhatn 
(1582), 7 vols, small 4to. russia. Black Letter. 

A perfect copy. In vol 4th between p. 862 and p. 863 there is a 
separate cut of the Last Judgment. At the end of vol. 7th, ** Imprinted 
at London at the three Cranes in the Vintree^ by Thomas Dawson^ for 
the assignes of William Seres, 1582." 


BENVENUTI, Pietro Paolo. La regia et antica 
Pipemo citti nobilissima de' Volsci nel Latio, dove si tratta 
dell' origine awenimenti et altre antichitci di quella, etc. 
Cavata dalli scritti del Padre Teodoro Valle da Pipemo 
Domenicano, et posta in luce dal signor P. P. Benvenuti. 
Napoli, 1637, 4to. 

BENYOWSKI, Mauritius Augustus, Count de. 
Memoirs and travels, consisting of his military operations 
in Poland, his exile into Kamtkatksa, his escape and voyage 
from that peninsula through the Northern Pacific Ocean, 
touching at Japan and Formosa, to Canton in China, with 
an account of the French settlement he was appointed to 
form upon the island of Madagascar. Written by himself. 
Translated from the original manuscript London^ I790» 
2 vols. 4to. Portrait and plates. 

BENZONI, GiROLAMO. La Historia del Mondo Nuovo, 
la qual tratta dell' isole et mari nuovamente ritrovati, et 
delle nuove cittA da lui proprio vedute, per acqua et per 
terra in quattordeci anni. In Venetia^ appresso Francesco 
Rampcusetto^ 1 565, small 8vo. 

With portrait of Benzoni on the title page, and woodcuts. 

BfeR ANGER, P. J. de. CEuvres completes. Nouvelle 
Edition, om6e de 44 gravures sur acier. Paris ^ 1843, 2 
vols. i2mo. 

BERCHEURE, Pierre. Fratris Petri Berthorij 
Pictaviensis : ordinis divini patris Benedicti : Morale Reduc- 
torium: super totam Bibliam quattuor et triginta libris 
consummatum. . . Adjectis Biblie concordantijs. Basika^ 
in officina libraria AcUb Petri de Langendorff^ 1 5 1 5, fol. Black 
letter, woodcut title. 

BERDINI, ViNCENZO, Minore Osservante. Historia del- 
r antica, e modema Palestina, descritta in tre parti. Venetia^ 
1642, small 4to. Old Cambridge. Imperfect 


BERETTINI, Pietro, da Cortona. Barberinae 
Aulae Fornix Romae, Petri Berettini Cortonensis picturis 
admiranduSy cujus spirantes imagines et monocromata in 
hisce delineamentis ad similitudinem adumbrata Urb^^ni 
VIII. virtutes exprimunt RamaB^ Jo. Jacobus de Rubeis. 
9 plates. 

Galeria dipinta nel palazzo del Prencipe Panfilio da 
Pietro Berrettini da Cortona, intagliata da Carlo Cesio. 
Roma^ Gio, Jacomo Rossi. i6 plates. 

Heroicae virtutis imagines, quas Petrus Berretinus Cor- 
tonensis pinxit Florentias in aedibus magni Ducis Etruriae ; 
sculpserunt Corn. Bern. Balliu, Blcemart, Jo. Jac. Blondeau, 
Fr. Spierre, Lud. Visscher, etc Rotna, J. Jacobus de 
Rubeis, 1686-91, 26 plates. 

Three parts bound in i vol. imperial fol. 

BERGANI, Georgius Jodocus. Benacus. Verona, 
apud Antonium Puteolum, 1546, 4to. Woodcut map of 
Lake Benacus. 

BERGIER, Nicolas. Histoire des grands Chemins 
de TEmpire Romain. Paris, C, Morell, 1622, 4to. o. r. mor. 


With frontispiece by G. Bauvonnet 

Histoire des grands Chemins de TEmpire Romain. 

Nouvelle Edition, revue avec soin et enrichie de cartes 
et de figures. Bruxelles, 1736, 2 vols. 4to. 

With portrait of Beigier by F. Pilson. 

Le Dessein de I'histoire de Reims, avec diverses 

curieuses remarques touchant Testablissement des peuples, 
ct la fondation des viUes de France. Reims, Bernard^ 
1635, 4to. 6 plates by E. Moreau. 

BERGIER, NicolaS-Sylvestre. Traits historique 
et dogmatique de la vraie Religion, avec la refutation des 
erreurs qui lui ont ^t^ oppos^es dans les diffifrens si^cles. 
Paris y 1780, 12 vols. i2mo. c g. e. 


BERGIER, Nicolas-Sylvestre, Dictionnaire de 
Thtelogie. Edition pr6c6d6e de Tiloge historique de Tauteur, 
par le Baron de Sainte-Croix, du plan de la Thtologrie, et 
augment^e d'un grand nombre d'additions au texte de 
Bergien Lille^ 1844, 3 vols, bound in i, 4to. 

BERGMANN, Torberny, Opuscula physica et 
diemica, pleraque antea seorsim edita, jam ab auctore col- 
lecta, revisa et aucta. Cum tabulis aeneis. Holtnug^ 
Upsalia et Aboa, 1779, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Physicalische Beschreibung der Erdkugel auf 

Veranlassung der cosmographischen Gesellschaft verfasset. 
Aus dem Schwedischen iibersetzt von Lampert Hinrich 
Rohl. Greifswald, 1780, 2 vols. 8vo. 

• Opuscules chymiques et physiques. Traduits par 

M. de Morveau, avec des notes. Dijan^ 1780, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Commentationes, e quarto novorum reg. scientia- 

rum Societatis Upsaliensis actorum tomo excerptae. Up- 
scUuB^ 1782, 4to. 

On title page— ''A' Mr. Magellan de la part de TAuteur." 

An Essay on the usefulness of Chemistry, and 

its application to the various occasions of life. London^ 

1783, 8vo. 

Sciagraphia regni mineralis, secundum principia 

proxima digesti. Londini^ 1783, 8vo. 

Physical and chemical Essays; translated from 

the original Latin, by Edmund Cullen. To which are 
added notes and illustrations by the translator. London, 

1784, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Manuel du Min^ral(^ste. Traduit et augment^ 

de notes par M. Mongez. Paris, 1784, 8vo. 

Traits des affinit& chymiques, ou attractions 

^lectives. Traduit du Latin. Augment^ d'un supplement 
et de notes. Avec des planches. Paris, 1788, 8vo. 


BERGMANN, Torberny. Bergmannisches Worter- 
buch, darinnen die deutschen Benennungen und Redens- 
arten erklaret, und zugleich die in Schriftstellem befind- 
lichen lateinischen und franzosischen angezeiget werden. 
Chemnitz^ 177S, 8vo. 

Bergmannisches Journal, s. Periodical Publi- 

BERINGTON, Rev. Joseph. A literary history of 
the Middle Ages ; comprehending an account of the state 
of learning, from the close of the reign of Augustus, to its 
revival in the fifteenth century. London, 18 14, 4to. 

BERKELEY, George, Bishop of Cloyne. The 
Theory of Vision vindicated and explained. Edited with 
annotations by H. V. H. Cowell. Cambridge, Macmillan, 
i860, crown 8vo. 

Alciphron; or, the minute Philosopher, in seven 

dialogues. Containing an Apology for the christian 
religion against those who are called free-thinkers. The 
second edition. London, 1732, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BERKELEY, George, Bishop of Cloyne. A Defence 

of free-thinking in mathematics. Dublin, 1735, 8vo. o. r. 


*' Given me by my dear friend the Bishop of Coyne the author, 
1734- Burlington." 

A Miscellany, containing several Tracts on various 

subjects. London, 1752, 8vo. 

BERKENHOUT, John. First lines of the theory and 
practice of philosophical Chemistry. London, 1788, 8vo. 

BERKLEY, GEORGE. The Querist, or, several queries 
proposed to the consideration of the public. Glasgow, 
Foulis, 1751, i2mo. 

BERKLEY, Sir John. Memoirs, containing an ac- 
count of his negotiation with Lieut.-General Cromwell, com- 


missary-general Ireton, and other officers of the army, for 
restoring king Charles the First to the exercise of the 
government of England. The second edition. London^ 
1702, 8vo. 

BERLICOM, Andrea van. Elementorum de rerum 
naturalium gravitate, pondere, impulsu, motu, loco, et 
motuum, et actionum caussis, rationibus, ac modis, libri XII. 
Roterodami^ 1656, small 4to. 

BERNARD, Saint, Abbot of Clairvaux. Opera omnia 
cum genuina, cum spuria, dubiaque. Post Horstium denuo 
recogrnita; aucta, et in meliorem digesta ordinem, necnon 
novis praefationibus, admonitionibus, notis et observa- 
tionibus, indicibusque copiosissimis locupletata et illustrata, 
secundis curis Domni Johannis Malillon, presbyter! et mo- 
nachi Benedictini e Congregatione S. Mauri. ParisiiSy 1690, 
2 vols. fol. 

Les Lettres, traduites en Francois, avec des Notes. 

Paris ^ 1702, 2 vols. 8vo. 

La Vie de S. Bernard, s. Lamy. 

BERNARD, Richard. The Faithfull Shepheard ; or 
the Shepheards Faithfulnesse. London^ Arnold Hatfield^ 
1607, 4^0- 

Bernardin de St.-Pierr^. s. Saint-Pierre (B.) 

Bernardino, Amico, da Gallipoli. s. Amico (B.) 

BERNHARD, Graf von der Marck und Jervis. 
Chymische Schrifften von dem gebenedeyten Stein der 
Weisen. Aus dem Lateinischen ins Teutsche iibersetzet, 
ingleichen mit Joachim Tanckens und anderer Gelehrten 
Anmerckungen aus Liecht gestellet durch Caspar Horn. 
Numberg, 1746, i2mo. 

BERNI, Francesco. Orlando Innamorato, composto 
gici dal S. Matteo Maria Bojardo, Conte di Scandiano, et 


hora rifatto tutto di nuovo. Aggiunte in questa seconda 
editione molte stanze del autore, che nel altra mancavano. 
Venetia, Heredi di Lucantafiio Giunti, 1545, 4to. 

BERNI, Francesco. Orlando Innamorato, composto 
gii dal sig. Matteo Maria Bojardo, Conte di Scandiano, ed 
ora rifatto tutto di nuovo. Fiorenza^ ^7^ St 4to« Bemi's 

II Primo Hbro dell' opere burlesche di M. Fran- 
cesco Bemi, di Messer Gio. della Casa, del Varchi, del 
Mauro, di M. Bino, del Molza, del Dolce, et del Firenzuola. 
Ammendato ; e ricorretto ; e con somma diligenza ristam- 
pato. Firenze, Giunti, 1552, small 8vo. 

Delle Rime piacevoli del Bemi, Casa, Mauro, 

Varchi, Dolce, Coppetta, Francesi, Bronzino, Martelli, 
Domenichi, Strascino, Borgogna, Ruscelli, Sansovino, Doni, 
Lasca, Remigio, Anguillara, Sansedonio, e d'altri vivaci 
ing^pii, Libro Primo (Secondo, e Terzo). Vicenza, 1609- 
10, 3 vols, small i2mo. 

II Primo (ed il Secondo) Libro delle Opere 

Burlesche di M. Francesco Bemi, di M. Gio. della Casa, del 
Varchi, del Mauro, del Bino, del Molza, del Dolce, del Firen- 
zuola, di M. Luddvico Martelli, di Mattio Franzesi, di P. 
Aretino, ed altri autori. Con aggiunta in fine del Simposio 
del Magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici. Londra, Giovanni 
Pickard, 1721-24, 2 vols. Svo. 

With Bemi's portrait. Paolo Rolli's edition, with notes by Antinoo 
NiTalsi (Antonio Salvini). 

L* Orlando Innamorato, e le Rime Burlesche. 

Milano, 1806, 5 vols. 8vo. Classici Italiani, vols. 45^49. 

BERNIER, FRAN90IS. Voyages. Enrichis de cartes 
et figures. Amsterdam^ 1699, 2 vols. i2mo. 

BERNIER, Jean. Histoire de Blois, contenant les anti- 
quitez et singularitez du Comt^ de Blois, les eloges de ses 


Comtes ; et les vies des hommes illustres qui sont nez au paTs 
Blesois. Avec les noms et les armoiries des families nobles 
du mesme pals. Paris ^ 1682, 4to. o. r. mor. by de Rome. 
L. P. 

BERNIS, FRAN901S-J0ACHIM DE Pierre, Comte 
de Lyon, et Cardinal de. CEuvres complettes en prose et en 
vers. Genive^ ^773^ i2mo. 

BERNOULLI, Daniel. Hydrodynamica ; sive de 
viribus et motibus iluidorum commentarii. Opus acade- 
micum, ab auctore, dum Petropoli ageret, congestum. 
Argentorati^ 1738, 4to. 

Exercitationes quaedam mathematical Venetiis^ 

1724, 4to. 

BERNOULLI, Jacques. Opera. Geneva, 1744, 2 
vols. 4to. L. P. 

Ars conjectandi, opus posthumum. Accedit Trac- 

tatus de seriebus infinitis, et epistola gallice scripta de 
ludo Pilae reticularis. Basilece, 17 13, 4to. 

The doctrine of permutations and combinations. 

s. Maseres (F.) 

BERNOULLI, Jean. Opera omnia tam antea sparsim 

edita, quam hactenus inedita. LausantuB et Genevce, ^742$ 

4 vols. 4to. 

^th portraits of Bernoulli, and Frederic III. of Prussia, by G. J. 

Recueil pour les Astronomes. Berlin, 1771 — 1776, 

3 vols. 8vo. 

A Sexcentenary Table, exhibiting, at sight, the 

result of any proportion, where the terms do not exceed 
600 seconds or 10 minutes ; with precepts and examples. 
London, 1779, 4to. 

Description historique et g^ographique de I'lnde, 

qui prdsente — i. La geographic de Tlndoustan, ^crite 


en Latin, par le p^re Joseph Tieffenthaler. 2. Des re- 
cherches historiques et chronologiques sur Tlnde, et la 
description du cours du Gange et du Gagra, par M. An- 
quetil Du Perron. 3. La carte g^n^rale de Tlnde, celles 
du cours du Brahma-poutre, et de la navigation int^rieure 
du Bengale, par M. Jaques Rennel. Le tout, augment^ 
de remarques et d'autres additions, r6dig6 et public en 
fran^ois par M. Jean Bernoulli. Enrichis de 64 cartes et 
autres planches. Berlin^ 1786-89, 5 parts in 3 vols, 
royal 4to. 

BERNOULLI, Nicolas. Dissertatio inauguralis 
mathematico-juridica de usu artis conjectandi in jure. 
Basika^ 1709* 4to. 

BEROALDE, Francois, Sieur de Verville. Le 
Moyen de Parvenir. Nouvelle Edition. A * * * * * 
100070057. (Paris, Grange, ^7S7) 2 vols. i2mo. r. mor. 
Frontispiece by Martinet 

BEROLDINGEN, Franz von. Phisicalisch - che- 
mische Beschreibung des in dem Bissthum Paderborn 
gelegenen Gesundbrunnens zu Driburg. Hildesheim, 1783, 

BERQUEN, Robert de. Les Merveilles des Indes 
Orientales et Ocidentales, ou nouveau traitte des Pierres 
precieuses et Perles, contenant leur vraye nature, duret6, 
couleurs et vertus. Paris, Lambin, 1669, 4to. 

BERRY, Miss. A comparative View of the social life 
of England and France, from the Restoration of Charles the 
Second, to the French Revolution. London, 1828, 8vo, 

Social life of England and France from the French 

Revolution of 1789, to that of July, 183a London, 1831, 

BERRY AT, Jean. Recueil de M^moires, ou Collec- 
tion de Pieces Acad^miques, concemant la medicine. 


Tanatomie, et la chirurgie, la chymie, la physique exp^ri- 
mentale, la botanique, et Thistoire naturelle, tiroes des 
meilleures sources, et mis en ordre. Dijon ^ ij^i^et Paris ^ 
1779, 13 vols. 4to. 

BERTELLI, Ferdinanix). Omnium fere gentium 
nostras aetatis Habitus, nunquam ante hac editL Aeneis 
typis. Venetiis^ Ferdinandus BerUlli aeneis typis excudebat, 
1563. Small 4to. o. mor. Title-page and 70 plates. 

BERTHELOT. La M^canique appliqu^e aux arts, 
aux manufactures, k I'agriculture et k la guerre. Ouvrage 
om^ de 120 planches. Paris, 1782, 2 vols. 4to. 

BERTHOLLET, Claude-Louis. Elements de Tart 
de la Teinture. Paris ^ I79i> 2 vols. 8vo. 

BERTH OLON, Nicolas. De I'Electricit^ des v^g6- 
taux. Avec figures en taille-douce. Paris^ 1783, 8vo. 

De TElectridt^ des M^ttores. Paris, 1787, 2 vols. 


Berthorius, seu Berchorius, Petrus. s. Ber. 


BERTHOUD, Ferdinand. Essai sur THorlogerie, 
dans lequel on traite de cet art relativement k Tusage civil, 
i I'astronomie et i la navigation. Avec figures en taille- 
douce. Paris ^ 1763, 2 vols. 4to. 

Trait^ des Horloges marines, contenant la th^orie^ 

la construction, la main^'ceuvre de ces machines et la 
maniire de les ^prouver. Avec figures. Paris, 1773, 4to. 

Eclaircissement sur Tinvention, la thterie, la con- 
struction et les dpreuves des nouvelles machines proposes 
en France pour la determination des Longitudes en mer 
par la mesure du temps. Paris, 1773. — De la Mesure du 
temps, ou Supplement au traits des Horloges Marines. 



Avec figures en taille-douce. Paris, ly 87. Two vols, bound 
in I, 4to. 

BERTIER, Joseph-Etienne. Physique des corps 
animfe. Paris, 1755, i2mo. 

SERTOLI, GlANDOMENico. Le AntichitA d'Aquileia, 
profane e sacre, per la magg^or parte finora inedite, raccolte, 
disegnate» ed illustrate. Venezia, 1739, fol. 

Frontispiece, by F. Zucchi, and many cuts. 

BERTONDELLI, Girolamo. Historia della citti di 
Feltre. Venetia, 1673, 4to. Two plates. 

BERTRAM, Bonaventure Corneille. Comparatio 
Grammaticse Hebraicae et Aramicae, atque adeo dialectorum 
Aramicarum inter se: concinnata ex hebraicis Antonij 
Cevallerij praeceptionibus, Aramicisque doctorum aliorum 
virorum observationibus. Geneva, afud Eustathium Vignon, 
1574, 4to. 

BERTRAND, Elie. M^moires sur la structure in- 
t^rieure de la Terre. Paris, 1760, 8vo. 

- — Recueil des divers traits sur Thistoire naturelle 
de la Terre et des fossiles. Avignon, 1766, 4to. 

BERTRAND, Louis. D^veloppement nouveau de la 
partie ^l^mentaire des math^matiques, prise dans toute son 
itendue. Genive, 1778, 2 vols. 4to. 

BERWICK, Jacques Fitz-James, Mar^chal, Due de. 
M^moires du Mar^chal de Berwick, Merits par lui-m£me ; 
avec une suite abr^^, depuis 1716, jusqu'ci sa mort en 
1734; pr6c6d^ de son portrait, par Milord Bolingbroke, et 
d'une ^bauche d'61oge historique, par le president de Montes- 
quieu. Paris, 1778, 2 vols. i2mo. 

BESLER, Basilius. Hortus Eystettensis, sive diligens 
et accurata omnium plantarum, florum, stirpium, ex variis 
orbis terrae partibus, singulari studio collectarum, quas in 
celeberrimis viridariis arcem episcopalem ibidem cingen- 


tibus, hoc tempore conspiciuntur, delineatio, et ad vivum 

repraesentatio. {Norimberga) 1613,4 parts bound in i thick 

vol. fol. max. o. v. 

Title-page engraved by WolfTg. Kilian, portrait of Besler, frontis- 
piece to each part by J* Leybold, and numerous plates. 

BESNIER, Pierre. Le Jardinier botaniste. Paris, 
1705, i2mo. 

BESSARIONE, Giovanni, Cardinal Sabino, and 
Patriarch of Constantinople. Adversus calumniatorem Pla- 
tonis Libri V. — Liber de Natura et Arte adversus Georgium 
Trapezuntium Cretensem. 

Cdradus Suueynheym : Amoldus PdnartMque magistri 
Rami impresserurU talia multa simuL 
Petrus cum fratre Francisco Maximus ambo 
Huic operi aptatam contribuere domum. 

(RanuB^ 14^)1 fol- purple mor. ilium, title-page and capital 

BESSON, Jacques. Le Cosmolabe, ou, instrument 
universel, concemant toutes observations qui se peuvent 
faire par les sciences math^matiques, tant au Ciel, en la 
Terre, comme en la Mer. Paris, Ph. G. de Roville, IS^/- 
Le Cosmographe, instrument adioinct en la superieure 
partie du Cosmolabe au lieu de I'Atlas. Paris, I5^« 
2 parts in I vol. small 4to. 

Title enclosed within a woodcut border ; many woodcuts. 

BESSON, Jacques. Theatrum instrumentorum et ma- 
chinarum. Cum Francisci Beroaldi figurarumdeclaratione de- 
monstrativa. Lugduni, apud Bartholomeum Vincentium, 1 578. 

Engraved tide and 60 fig., of which the 17th, 35th, 39th, and 41st 
are by R. Boivin. 

BETAGH, William. A voyage round the World. 
Being an account of a remarkable enterprize, begun in the 
year 17 19, chiefly to cruise on the Spaniards in the great 
South Ocean. London, 1721. 8vo. 


BETHENCOURT, Jean de. Histoire de la premiere 
descouverte et conqueste des Canaries. Faite dfes Tan 
1402 par Messire Jean de Bethencourt, Chambellan du Roy 
Charles VI. Escrite du temps mesme par F. Pierre Bon- 
tier religieux de S. Francois, et Jean le Verrier prestre, 
domestiques dudit sieur de Bethencourt Et mise en 
lumiere par M. Galien de Bethencourt. Plus un Traicti de 
la Navigation et des Voyages de descouverte et conqueste 
modemes, et principalement des Francois (By Pierre Ber- 
geron.) Paris f Jean de Heuqueville et Michel Sofy, 1629-30, 

2 vols, bound in i, small 8vo. 

BETHUNE, Maximilien de,Ducde Sully. Memoires 
des sages et royalles Oeconomies d'Estat, domestiques, 
politiques et militaires de Henry le Grand, Texemplaire des 
Roys, le prince des vertus, des armes et des loix, et le pere 
en effet de ses peuples Francois. Et des servitudes utiles 
obeissances convenables et administrations loyales de 
Maxinulian de Bethune Tun des plus confidens familiers 
et utiles soldats et serviteurs du grand Mars des Francois. 
Dediez k la France, k tous les bons Soldats et tous peuples 
Francois. A Amstelredam, chez Alethinosgraphe de Cleare- 
Htnelee^ et Graphexachon de Pistariste^ 2 vols, bound in i fol. 

Printed at the Chateau de Sully in 1638. ChifTre de la Maison de 
Sully peint en vert Parall^le de Cdsar avec Henry le Grand, in French 
and Latin, printed in Roman characters, from p. 470 to p. 488. 

Another copy. o. r. mor. g. e. by De Rome. 

Pandit de C^sar avec Henry le Grand, in italics from p. 469 to 
p. 476. 

— Memoires des sages et royales Oeconomie d'Estat. 
Amstelredam (Paris), 2 vols. — Memoires ou Oeconomies 
royales d'Estat Tomes troisiesme et quatriesme. Paris, 
Augustin Caurbi, 1662, 2 vols. In all 4 vols, bound in 

3 foL r. mor. 

Memoires. Mis en ordre, avec des remarques par 


M. L. D. L. D. L. (Mr. I'AbW de TEcIuse dcs L(^es). 

Landris (Paris)^ 17A7' 3 vols. 4ta 

Frontispiece engraved by Baudet and portraits of Sully by Tardieu 
fils, and of Henry IV. by Mathey. 

BETHUNE, Maximilien de, Due de SULLY. Me- 
moires. Mis en ordre par M. L. D. L. D. L. Londres 
(Paris\ 1778. 8 vols. i2mo. 

M^moires. Nouvelle Edition. Paris^ Ledaux^ 

1822, 6 vols. 8vo. 

BETTINI, Mario. Apiaria universal philosophiae 
mathematicse, in quibus paradoxa, et nova pleraque Machi- 
namenta ad usus eximios traducta, et facillimis demonstra- 
tionibus confirmata. Opus curiosissimis inventis refertum, 
figurarum aereis formis cusarum numerosa, et speciosa 
varietate omatum, et in duos tomos distributum. Accessit 
ad finem secundi tomi Euclides applicatus. Bonania^ 1642, 
2 vols, in I, fol. L. P. 

Frontispiece, portrait on horseback of Count Matthias Gallas, to 
whom the work is dedicated, and numerous cuts by Francesco CurtL 

iErarium philosophiae mathematicae, in quo ele- 

menta philosophiae geometricae de planis, curvis, et solidis 

figuris applicata et omata . . methodojucundioreetbreviore 

distributa sunt. Bononia, 1648, 3 vols. 4to. 

Frontispiece and portrait of Monsignor Madruccio by F. Curt! ; 
plates and cuts ; autograph of Samuel Grainger on title page. 

BETTONI, Carlo, Conte. Pensieri sul govemo de' 
fiuml. Brescia, 1782, 4to. 21 plates. 

Betuleius, Xystus. Annotationes in Laelium Cice- 
ronis. s. Cicero. 

BETUSSI, Giuseppe. II Raverta, dialogo nel quale si 

ragiona d' Amore, et de gli effetti suoi. Vinegia^ Gabriel 

Gioliio di Ferrari, 1545, small 8vo. 

Bound with Domenichi, Alberti (L.B.) e Donne, small 8va 
Old ItaL binding in citr. mor. Cardinal Granvelle's copy. 


BETUSSI, Giuseppe. Ragionamento sopra il Cathaio ; 
luogo dello 111. S. Pio Enea Obizzi. Padova, per Lorenzo 
PasquaHy 1573, small 4to. o. g. mon Dc Peiresc's copy. 

BEUFUES. Beufues danthonne nouvellement im- 

prime a pans. Cyfinist le Kvre intitule Beufues de kan tonne 

nouuellemit imprime a Paris par Michel le Noir. . . Le 

huytiesme iour doctobre Lan mil cinq cens et deux. Goth. 

double coL small fol. n mor. 

The Roxburgh copy. Woodcut title, on the verso a woodcut 
portrait of the author, and at the end another woodcut, with the lines: 
^ Cy finist le liure de beufues et de la belle iosienne." 

BEUGHEM, Cornelius A. Biblic^fraphia Mathema- 
tica et artificiosa novissima. Amsterdam^ 1688, i8mo. 

BEUGNOT, A. Histoire de la destruction du Pagan- 
isme en Occident Ouvrage couronn^ par FAcad^mie 
royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, en Tann^ 1832. 
Paris, 1835, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BEVER, Samuel. The Cadet. A military treatise, 
by an officer. London, 1756, 8vo. L. P. 

BEVERIDGE. William, Bishop of St Asaph, Insti- 
tutionum Chronologicarum libri II. Una cum totidem 
arithmetices chronologies libellis. Londini, 1669, small 

l,v9i!iMoit^ sive, Pandectae Canonum SS. Apostolo- 

rum, et Conciliorum ab Ecclesia Graeca receptorum ; nee non 
canonicarum SS. Patrum epistolarum : una cum scholiis 
Antiquorum singulis eorum annexis, et scriptis aliis hue 
spectantibus. Gulielmus Beveregius recensuit, prolegomenis 
munivit, et annotationibus auxit. (Gr. Lat) Oxonii, e Theatro 
Sheldoniano, 1672, 2 vols. fol. 

Works, with a Memoir of the author, and a critical 

Examination of his writings by Thomas Hartwell Home. 
London, 1824, 9 vols. 8vo. 

Beveridge's portrait by Ferrers, engraved by Warren. 


BEVERIDGE, William, Bishop of St. Asaph. Theo- 
l(^cal Works. Oxford^ 1842—48, 12 vols. 8vo. s. Library 
OF Anglo-Catholic Theology. 

BEVERINI, Bartolommeo. Syntagma de Ponde- 
ribus, et Mensuris, in quo veterum nummorum praetium, ac 
mensurarum quantitas demonstratur. Accessit de Roma- 
norum comitiis tractatus. Luc<b^ 171 i> small 8vo. 

Syntagma de Ponderibus et Mensuris antiquorum, 

cum praefatione Jo. Georgii Walchii. Prodit nunc tertio 
cum additionibus et mantissa nummorum Byzantinorum 
Sebastian! Pauli. Neapoli, ^7^9* small 8vo. 

BEVERLY, R. The History and Present State of 
Virginia, in four parts. By a native and inhabitant of the 

place. London, I/OS, 8vo. 

Frontispiece and 14 engravings by S. Gribelin. 

BEVIS, John. Uranc^^phia, {London, 1750-70), 
oblong fol., 51 Tables, besides frontispiece. 

BEWICK, Thomas. History of British Birds. The 
figures engraved on wood by T. Bewick. VoL I. contain- 
ing the history and description of land Birds. Newcastle, 
1797. Vol. II. containing the history and description of 
Water Birds. Newcastle, 1804. 2 vols. 8vo. r. mor. 

The Works. — ^Vol. I. Select Fables ; with cuts de- 
signed and engraved by Thos. and John Bewick, and others, 
previous to the year 1784; together with a Memoir, and a 
descriptive Catalogue of the works of Messrs. Bewick. — ^VoL 
11. A general history of Quadrupeds. The figures en- 
graved on wood by Thos. Bewick. The seventh edition. — 
VoL III. A history of British Birds. The figures engraved 
on wood by Thomas Bewick. VoL is't, containing the his- 
tory and description of land Birds. And a Supplement with 
additional figures. — ^Vol. IV. A history of British Birds, etc. 
Vol. 2nd, containing the history and description of Water 
Birds. And a supplement, with additional figures. — ^Vol. V. 
The Fables of i£sop, and others, with designs on wood by 
Thos. Bewick. Newcastle, 1820-22. 5 vols. 8vo. r. mor. L. P. 


BEWICK, Thomas- The Bewick Collector ; a descrip- 
tive Catalogue of the Works of Thos. and John Bewick, 
s. Hugo (Th.) 

BEWLY, Richard. A Treatise on air, containing new 
experiments and thoughts on combustion ; being a full in- 
vestigation of M. Lavoisier's system, and proving, by some 
striking experiments, its erroneous principles. London^ 
1791, 8vo. 

BEZE, Th£odoR£ de. Poematum editio secunda, ab 
eo recognita. Item, ex Georgio Buchanano aliisque variis 
insignibus poetis excerpta carmina, praesertimque epigram- 
mata. {Parisiis\ Henr. Stephanus^ I5^ small 8va 

On the title-page : — ^ £ libris Davidis Haeschelij AugustanL* 

Poemata varia. Sylvae, Elegiac. Epitaphia. 

Epigrammata. Icones. Emblemata. Cato Censorius. 
Omnia ab ipso auctore in unum nunc corpus coUecta et 
recognita. {Geneva^ Henricus Stepftanus)^ Anno 1597, 4ta v. 

It contains Abrakamus sacrificans and Appendix. Woodcuts to 
EmbUnuU€u 372 pp. and 8 preliminary pp. 

— Poemata, quibus continentur silvae, elegiac, epita- 

phia, icones, epigrammata. Londini^ 171 3> i2mo. old Cambr. 
Epistolarum Theologicarum liber unus. Geneva^ 

Vignony 1573, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Les vrais Pourtraits des Hommes illustres in piete 

et doctrine, du travail desquels Dieu s'est servi en ces 
demiers temps, pour remettre sus la vraye Religion en 
divers pays de la Chrestient^. Avec les descriptions de 
leur vie et de leurs faits plus memorables. Plus quarante- 
quatre Emblemes Chrestiens. Traduicts du Latin (by Sim. 
Goulart). Geneve^ Jean de Loon, 1581, small 4to« v. 

48 Portraits and 44 Emblems. 

De Francicae linguae recta pronuntiatione, tractatus. 

GeneviEy apud Eustathium Vignon^ 1584, small 8vo. 


BEZE, Theodore de. De vera pronuntiatione graecae 
et latinae linguae commentarii doctissimorum virorum; 
quorum primus, qui est de pronuntiatione graecae linguae, 
Theod. Bezam autorem habet. Parisiis^ Henricus Stephanus^ 
1587, small 8vo. 

Histoire Eccl^siastique des Eglises R^form^es au 

Royaume de France. LilU^ 1841, 2 vols. 8vo. 

s. Bible, New Testament, and Catechism. 

BIAGIOLI, G. Grammaire Italienne ^l^mentaire et 
raisonn^e, suivie d'un traits de la po^sie Italienne, ouvrage 
approuv^ par Flnstitut de France. 4me Edition, Paris, 18 19, 
8vo. r. mor. 

Tesoretto della lingua Toscana. Parigi, 1822, 

8vo. r. mor. 

Preparation i T^tude de la langue Latine. Paris, 

1829, 8vo. 

Grammaire analytique de la langue Fran9aise. 

Paris, 1829, 8vo. 

BIANCHINI, Francesco. De Kalendario et Cyclo 
Caesaris, ac de Paschali canone S. Hippolyti martyris dis- 
sertationes duae ; quibus inseritur descriptio et explanatio 
basis, in Campo Martio nuper detectae, sub Columna Anto- 
nino Pio olim dicata. His accessit enarratio per epistolam 
ad amicum de Nummo et Gnomone Clementino. Rama, 
1703, small fol. 13 plates. 

Hesperi et Phosphori nova phaenomena, sive Obser- 

vationes circa planetam Veneris. Roma, 1728, fol L. P. 
9 plates. 

Del Palazzo de' Cesari, opera postuma (Ital. and 

Lat) Verona, 1738. Imp. fol. nissia. L. P. 

20 plates by G. Scolari, V. Franceschini, R. Pozzi, Valesi, and 


BIBLE. Pofygiott. Biblia Polyglotta Complutensis. 
Pars I. Vetus testamentu multiplici lingua nuc primo im- 
pressum. Et imprimis Pentateuchus Hebraico Greco atq. 
Chaldaico idiomate. Adiucta unicuiq. sua latina interpre- 
tatione. 2 — ^ Secuda (Tertia et Quarta) pars Veteris testa- 
menti Hebraico Grrecoq. idiomate nunc primum impressa ; 
adiuncta utriq. sua latina interpretatione. 5. Novum Testa- 
mentum grece et latine. 6. Vocabularium Hebraicum 
atque Chaldaicu totius veteris Testamenti cu aliis tractatibus 
prout infra in prefatione continetur. In hoc pclarissima 
Ciplutefisi Universitate, De madato cu: sumptibus . . Fran- 
cisci Ximenez de Cisneros Cardinalis Hispanie Archill 
Toletani et Hispaniarum Primatis ac regnorum Castelle 
Archicancellarii, Industria et solertia hanorabilis viri Amaldi 
Guilielmi de Bracario artis impressorie magistriy 15 14-15 17, 
6 voU. fol. old calf. 

Biblia Sacra Polj^lotta, complectentia textus ori- 
ginates Hebraicum, cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chal- 
daicum, Graecum, Versionumque antiquarum Samaritanae, 
Graecae LXXH Interp., Chaldaicae, Syriacae, Arabicae, iEthio- 
picae, Persicae, Vulg. Lat quicquid comparari poterat. Cum 
textuum, et versionum orientalium translationibus Latinis. 
Cum Apparatu, Appendicibus, Tabulis, variis Lectionibus, 
Annotationibus, Indicibus. Edidit Brianus Waltonus. Lon- 
dim, imprimebat Thomas Roycroft^ ^^$7^ 6 vols. fol. old 
red mor. 

Printed with red lines. Walton's portrait by P. Lombart ; frontis- 
piece, two maps and four plates by W. Hollar. It is the Lcyal copy, 
as the " Praefatio'' does not contain the passage in which Cromwell is 

Castelli-Lexicon Heptaglotton. 2 vols. foL Bound 

uniformly with the Polyglot s. Castell (E.) 

Greek. Sacrae Scripturae Veteris, Novaeque omnia. 

(Juxta Septuaginta excusa.) Venetiis, in jEdibus Aldi et 


Andrea soceri, MDXVIIL mense Fdruario, foL o. r. mon gilt 

and marbled edges. First Edition. 

Thick paper, jHinted with red lines. Woodcut red initials till the 
end of the Gospds ; the other initials are black. On the title-page : 
^ Monasterij S. Albini congregationis Sti. Mauri, 1697.'' The Arms 
of the monastery are on the binding. At f. 240, r. the title is 2o«ia. 
A magnificent copy; margin, i| inches; some of the leaves not 

Divinae Scripturae, veteris novaeque omnia. Ar- 

gentarati, apud Vuolphium Cephalaunty 1529, 5 vols, small 

8vo. o. r. mor. 

With a MS. note by Dampier on the fly-leaf of the ist voL 

Divinae Scriptural, nempe Veteris ac Novi Tes- 
tament!, onmia, recens a viro doctissimo et linguarum peri- 
tissimo, diligenter recognita, et multis in locis emendata, 
variisque lectionibus ex diversorum exemplarium collatione 
decerptis, et ad Hebraicam veritatem in Veteri Testamento 
revocatis, aucta et illustrata. Francofurti, apud Andrea 
Wecheli Heredes, 1 597, fol. 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum e Codice MS. Alex- 

andrino, qui Londini in Bibliotheca Musei Britannic! 

asservatur, typis ad similitudinem ipsius Codicis scripturae 

fideliter descriptum cura et labore Henrici Herveii Baber, 

A.M. Londini, ex prelo Ricardi et Arthuri Taylor, 1816- 

182 1, 3 vols in 6 parts, fol. 

One of the 10 copies ON Vellum. Side margin 3I inches, lower 
margin 5f inches. 

Novum Testamentum Graecum, e Codice MS. Alexan- 

drino, qui Londini in Bibliotheca Musei Britannici asser- 

vatur, descriptum a Carolo Godofredo Woide. Lofidini, 

ex prelo Joannis Nichols, typis Jacksonianis, 1786, Fol. 

On Vellum. Side maigin 2\ inches, lower margin 4^ inches. 
The seven volumes uniformly bound in dark blue morocco by Lewis. 

— — Latin. Biblia Sacra Latina. {ArgentiwB, typis 
Mentellianis, 1469?) Fol. purple mor. g. e. and Dev. 

Illuminated title-page. Margin, 2| inches. It is the 4th edition, 


without date, mentioned by Bninet See a description of it in Biblio- 
theca Sussexiana, voL L part ii. p. joa 

Biblia Sacra Latina. {Colonue, tyfns Udalrici Zell, 

1470 ?) 2 vols, small fol. red mor. g. e. 

It is the 6th edition, without date, mentioned by Brunet For a 
description of it see Bibliotheca Sussexiana, voL L part ii. p. 301. 

Biblia Sacra Latina. Pns hoc qpusculu ArHJuAsa 

adinventione impmendi seu caracterizandL absq.^ calami exara^ 

can. in civitaie Maguntn sic effigiatiL et ad eusebid dei indus- 

trie per ioKezfust civi et Petru schoiffher de gemsheym cleri- 

cU diaces. eiusdem est consummate Anno dni. M.CCCCJLXII, 

In vigilia assumpdois virg, marie. 2 vols. fol. o. red mor. g. e. 

by Sartorius. 

First edition of the Latin Bible with a date and with the name of a 
printer. Very fine copy. Maigin, i\ inches. 

Biblia Sacra Latina. Pns hoc opus pdarissimU 

Alma in urbe magutina. . . . cdsumdtU p PetrU Schoiffer de 
Gemshem Anno dhice incamacois Millesimo qdringetesimo 
septuagesimo secUdo (1472), 2 vols, bound in i, foL russia, gilt 
edges and arms. 

First page illuminated. Margin, 3} inches. 

Biblia Sacra Latina. {Parisiis, Ulricus Gering, Mar- 

tinus Krantz, et Micluul Friburger, 1475-1476), 2 vols, bound 

in I, fol. purple mor. 

The printers and the date are gathered from the following lines at 
the end of the Apocalypse : — 

lam tribus undecimus lustris Francos Ludovicus 
Rexerat ! Ulricus martinus itemque michad 
Orti teutonia, banc mihi composuere figunl 
Parisij arte sua me corrects, vigilanter. 
Venalem in vico lacobi sol aureus offert 

Biblia Sacra Latina. Biblia impressa Venetijs 

opera atq. impensa Nicolai Jensen Gallici M.CCCCJLXXVI, 
I vol. bound in 2 parts, small fol. r. mor. g. e. by de Rome. 

On Vellum. 

Illuminated capital letters, margin 2\ inches. 


BIBLE. Biblia Sacra Latina. Biblia impressa Vaenetijs 
opera atque impisa Theodorici de Reynsburch et Reynaldi de 
Novimagio TheuUmicor. ac Socior. M.CCCC.LXXVIIL 
small foL o. r. mor. g. e. 

Biblia. Hebraea, Chaldaea, Graeca et Latina, no- 

mina virorum, mulierum, populorum, idolorum, urbium, 
fluviorum, montium, caeterorumque locorum quae in Bibliis 
Iq^ntur, restituta, cum Latina interpretatione. Locorum 
descriptio e cosmographis. Index praeterea rerum et sen- 
tentiarum quae in iisdem Bibliis continentur. His acces- 
serunt schemata Tabemaculi Mosaici, et Templi Salomonis, 
quae praeeunte Francisco Vatablo Hebraicarum literarum 
r^o professore doctissimo, summa arte et fide expressa 
sunt Parisiis, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1 538-40, 4 parts 
in 2 vols. imp. fol. o. russia. L. P. 

Margin 4 inches. Wood-cuts. 
Biblia Sacra ex Santis Pagnini tralatione, sed ad 

Hebraicae lii^^ae amussim novissime ita recognita, et 
scholiis illustrata, ut plane nova editio videri possit. Ac- 
cessit praeterea liber interpretationum Hebraicorum, Arabi- 
corum, Graecorumque nominum, quae in sacris literis reperi- 
untur. Lugduni, apud Hugonem a Porta, 1 542, fol. o. v. 

With preface and notes by Michael Servetus. 

Biblia Sacra ad optima quaeque veteris, ut vocant, 

tralationis exemplaria, summa dilligentia, parique fide 
castigata. His adjedmus Hebraicarum, Graecarum, caete- 
rarumque pereg^narum vocum, cum illarum varia a nostra 
prolatione, interpretationem. Indices insuper tres, quibus 
res» ac sententiae, annotationes ex sacris doctoribus selectae, 
locorumque insignium descriptio complectuntur. Lugduni, 
apud Sebastianum Gryphium, 1550, 2 vols, folio, o. gr. mor. 
g. e. L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. From the Lamoignon Library. Margin, 
^\ inches. 


BIBLE. Biblia Sacrosancta Veteris ac Nov! Testament! 

juxta Vulgatam editionem, quorum alterum ad Hebraicam, 

alterum ad Graecam veritatem emendatum est diligentissime, 

ut nova editio non facile desyderetur, et vetus tamen hie 

ag^oscatur : adjectis ex eruditis scriptoribus scholijs, ita, ubi 

opus est, locupletibus, ut pro commentariis sint : multis 

certe locorum millibus praesertim difficilioribus lucem afie- 

runt Auctore Isidoro Clario Brixiano ex monacho Casi- 

nate Episa Fulginatensi. Ex secunda ejus recognitione. 

Venetijst in officina hctredum Luca Antonij yunta, i557> 

mensis Julij^ fol. purple mor. g. e. L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. On the fly-leaf and on the last leaf *^ Ex 
Biblioth. Jacob! August! Thuani, ISS?-" 

Biblia Sacra. Quid in hac editione a Theologis 

Lovaniensibus praestitum sit eorum praefatio indicat. 
Antuerpia, ex officina Christophari Plantini, 1583, fol. o. calf, 
g. e. L. P. ruled with red lines. 

Title enclosed within engraved border ; plates and numerous cuts. 

Sacra Biblia, acri studio ac diligentia emendata, 

rerum, atque verborum permultis, et per quam dignis 

Indicibus aucta. Venetiis, apud lolitoSy 1588, 4to. o. r. mor. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border; and numerous woodcuts. 
On the fly-leaf " dc la Reynie " and on the title-page " Ch. Therouenne, 

Biblia Sacra Vulgatae editionis tribus tomis dis- 

tincta. RonuB, ex typographia Apostolica Vaticana, M.D.XC. 
3 vols, bound in i, fol. o. calf. 

Lamoignon's copy, with his monogram on the back, and arms on 
the sides. 

There are two title-pages ; the first as above, the second, enclosed 
within a copper-plate border representing Moses, David, and other 
saints, as follows : ^ Biblia Sacra Vulgaia editionis ad CouciUj 
THdenHni preescriptum ewundaia, ei a Sixto V, P. Af. recognita 
et approbaiaJ^ On the tide-page there is the following note : '' Un 
pareil exemplaire de cette Bible a ete vendu douzecent cinquante 
livres a la vente de la Bibliotheque Colbertine le 1 1 Aoust 1728. Cest 
le Pr. Eugene de Savoye qui Fa achepte. De Lamoignon.*' 

This edition, conunonly known as the Sixtine Bible^ issued from 


the Vatican press, under the superintendence of Aldus. After Sixtus 
V.'s death having been suppressed, on account of its numerous mis- 
prints, it is now extremely rare. 

Biblia Sacra Vulgatae editionis. Roma^ ex typfuh- 

graphia Apostolica Vaticana^ 1 592, fol. o. gr. mor. g. e. L. P. 

There are two title-pages ; the first as above, the second as follows : 
^ Biblia Sacra Vulgata editionis SixH Quinti Pont, Max,jussu recog- 
nita atque editaP The latter title is enclosed in the same engraved 
border as that of the edition of 159a This edition, known as Clement 
VIII.*s Bible, is become the authentic text of the Vulgate. 

This copy belonged to the Jesuits' College at Paris. Margin, 
2| inches. 

Testament! Veteris Biblia Sacra, sive Libri Cano- 

nici priscae ludaeorum Ecclesiae a Deo traditi, Latini recens 
ex Hebraeo facti, brevibusque scholijs illustrati ab Imma- 
nuele Tremellio, et Francisco lunio. Accesserunt libri qui 
vulgo dicuntur Apocryphi, Latine redditi, et notis qui- 
busdam aucti a Francisco Junio. Multo omnes quam ante 
emendatius editi, et aucti locis innumeris : quibus etiam 
adjunximus Novi Testament! libros ex sermone Syro 
ab eodem Tremellio, et ex Graeco a Theodoro Beza in 
Latinum versos, notisque itidem illustratos. Tertia et 
omnium quae hodie extant novissima, cura Francisci JuniL 
Londinif excudebant G. B{iU)f R. N(ewcofnbe\ et R. B{arker)^ 
1597, 2 parts bound in i vol. fol. 

Title enclosed in a woodcut border, dated 1574. 

Testament! Veteris Biblia Sacra, sive libri 

canonic! priscae ludaeorum Ecclesiae a Deo traditi, Latin! 
recens ex Hebraeo facti, brevibusque scholiis illustrati ab 
Immanuele Tremellio, et Francisco Junio. Accesserunt libri 
qui vulgo dicuntur Apocryphi, Latine redditi, et notis 
quibusdam auct! a Francisco lunio . • . Quibus etiam 
adjunximus Novi Testament! libros ex sermone Syro ab 
eodem Tremellio, et exGraeco a Theodoro Beza in Latinum 
versos, notisque itidem illustratos. Quarta cura Francisci 
Junii ante obitum. Sancti Gervasii^ sumptibtis Caldoriana 
Societatis, 1607, fol. o. calf. 

Initiab W. C (William Cavendish) on the sides. 


BIBLE. Biblia Sacra Vulgatae editionis, Sixti V. Pont. 

Max. jussu recognita ; et dementis VIII. auctoritate edita. 

Parisiis, e typographia Regia^ i6S3i 4^0. o. r. mor. rich 

tooling, g. e. 

Engraved frontispiece and cuts. On the fly-leaf ^ £x libris Henryci 
Clitherow. 1665.* 

Biblia Sacra Vulgatae editionis, Sixti V. et de- 
mentis VIII. jussu recognita atque edita. Editio nova, 
versiculis distincta. Rhotomagi^ ^7^$ 8vo. n mor. g. e. 

English. The Bible in English, according to the 

translation of the great Byble. London^ by R. Grafton and 
Edward Whitchurch, 1553, small 4to. 

An edition of Cranmer's Bible. This copy wants title-page, the 
following leaf headed '' The names of all the bookes of the Byble," and 
two leaves, of table and colophon, at the end. 

The Book of Common Prayer, with the Psalter or 

Psalmes of David. London^ Barker^ 1609. 

The Genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, 
according to every Family and Tribe. With the line of 
our Saviour Jesus Christ observed from Adam to the blessed 
Virgin Mary. By I. S. 

The Bible: that is, the Holy Scriptures conteined 
in the Old and New Testament Translated according to 
the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the best trans- 
lations in divers languages. London^ Robert Barker^ 1610. 
Three parts bound in i vol. 4to. calf. 

The Book of Common Prayer, and administra- 
tion of the Sacraments. — The Bible : that is, the Holy Scrip- 
tures conteined in the Old and New Testament. Translated 
according to the Ebrew and Greeke, and conferred with the 
best translations in divers languages. With most profitable 
annotations upon all hard places, and other things of great 
importance. Imprinted at London, by Robert Barker, 161 5. 
The Booke of Psalmes^ collected into English meeter by 
Thomas Stemhold, John Hopkins, and others. London, 


printed for the Company of Stationers, 16 19. 3 parts tx)und 
in I vol. 4to. o. r. mor. with clasps. 

Ruled with red lines. The title-page to the Bible enclosed in a 
woodcut border. Charles I.'s copy, with his royal arms on the sides. 

The Holy Bible conteyning the Old Testament and 

the New, newlie translated out of y* originall tongues, and 
with the former translations diligently compared and revised. 
London, Bonham Nortonand John Bill, 1629, fol. o. calf. L. P. 

Margin, 3| inches. Title by Jaspar Isac, and a vignette woodcut 
A few old MS. marginal notes. 

The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and 

the New, newly translated out of the originall tongues, and 

with the former translations diligently compared and revised. 

Cambridge, Thomas and John Buck, 1629, fol. purp. mor. 

g. e. L. P. 

Ruled with red Unes. Title enclosed within border engraved by 
Jo. Payn. 

The Holy Bible faithfully translated into English 

out of the authentical Latin, diligently conferred with 
the Hebrew, Greek, and other editions in divers languages. 
By the English CoUedge of Doway. {Rouen) John Cous- 
turier, 1635. — ^The New Testament of Jesus Christ faith- 
fully translated into English, out of the authentical Latin, 
diligently conferred with the Greek, and other editions in 
divers languages. The Fourth edition enriched with 
pictures (by Picquet). {Rouen) John Cousturier, 1633. 3 
vols. 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. rich tooling, monogram and arms. 

On the dtle page : '' Bilx Confess. MoniaL AngL S**. Aug." 

The Book of Common Prayer and administra- 
tion of the Sacraments. Cambridge, Thomas Buck and 
Roger Daniel, 1638. — The Holy Bible containing the Old 
Testament and the New. Cambridge, Thomas Buck and 
Roger Daniel, 1638. — The whole book of Psalms collected 
into English metre. Cambridge, Thomas Buck and Roger 
Daniel, 1638. Three parts in i vol. fol. o. gr. mor. g. e. 

Copper-plate title by William Marshall 



Another copy, L. P. o. gr. mor. 

Ruled with red lines. Rich old English binding. Early proof of 
the engraved title. 

The Holy Bible containing the Bookes of the 

Old and New Testament. Cambridge, printed by J. Fields 

and illustrated with chorographical sculps, by J. Ogilby, 

1 660, 3 vols, royal foL o. calf, g. e. L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. Engraved title, and 1 10 plates by W. Hollar, 
P. Lombart, Jan Landerseel, N. Visscher, and others. 

The Book of Common Prayer and administration 

of the Sacraments. Cambridge, John Field, 1663. — The 
Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New. 
Cambridge, John Field, 1663. — The whole Book of Psalms, 
collected into English metre, by Thomas Stemhold, John 
Hopkins, and others. Cambridge, John Field, 1663. Three 
parts in i vol. 4to. o. r. mor. rich tooling, new back. 

Copper-plate title by John Chantry. 

The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament 

and the New, newly translated out of the original tongues. 
Cambridge, John Hayes, 1682-83, 4to. Interleaved with 
white sheets and bound in 5 vols. o. gr. mor. g. e. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and 

the New. Oxford, John Baskett, 17 17, fol. o. gr. mor. L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. With a frontispiece by Du Bosc and 
vignette engravings by M. Van der Gucht, Lud. du Guemier, L, 
Laguerre, C. Dupuis, Du Bosc, and others. 

It is known as " The Vinegar Bible,** from an error in the running 
title at Luke, chapter xx., where it reads "/^ parable of the vinegar,*' 
instead of '* the parable of the vineyard." 

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New 

Testaments. Oxford, John Baskett, 1723. — ^A brief Concor- 
dance, or Table to the Bible, carefully perused and enlarged 
by John Downame. London, 1726, 2 vols. 4to. o. gr. mor. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Tes- 
taments, newly translated out of the original tongues. 
Oxford, Tfwmas Baskett, 1747, small fol. o. gr. mor. g. e. 


The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 

Testaments, newly translated out of the original tongues. 

Cambridge, Joseph Benthatfty 1762, 2 vols. fol. o. purple mor. 

g. border and e. L. P. 

Frontispiece by C Grignion. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Books of the Old 

and New Testaments and the Apocrypha, carefully printed 
from the first Edition (compared with others) of the present 
translation. With notes by Thomas Wilson, Bishop of 
Sodor and Man, and various renderings collected from other 
translations by the Rev. Clement Cruttwell, the editor, 
Bath, R. Cruttwell, 1790, 6 vols. fol. purple mor. g. e. L. P. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament 

and the New, translated out of the original tongues. Oxford, 
1800, royal 8vo. purple mor. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Tes- 
taments (according to the present authorized English 
version) ; with notes critical, explanatory and practical ; 
all the marginal readings of the most approved printed 
copies of the Scriptures, with such others as appear to be 
countenanced by the Hebrew and Greek originals, etc. by 
the Rev. Joseph Benson. Third edition. London, John 
Mason, 18 15, 5 vols. 4to. 

The Comprehensive Bible ; containing the Old 

and New Testaments, according to the authorized version, 
with the various readings and marginal notes usually 
printed therewith : a general Introduction — the parallel 
passages — philological and explanatory notes — ^Table of 
Contents, etc London, Samuel Bagster, 1827, 4to. russia, 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 

Testaments ; translated out of the original tongues. Stereo- 
type edition. Oxford, University Press, 1836, royal 8vo. 
brown mor. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 

Testaments ; now translated from corrected texts of the 
original tongues, and with former translations diligently 


compared : together with a general Introduction and short 
explanatory notes. By B. Boothroyd, D.D. London^ 
1836, royal 8vo. russia, g. c. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 

Testaments: translated out of the original tongues. Stereo- 
t)T)e edition. Oxford, University Press, 1839, i vol. royal 
8vo. bound in 8 parts, brown mor. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 

Testaments : translated out of the original tongues. Oxford, 
University Press, 1841, 4to. r. mor. g. e. 

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New 

Testaments. With 20,000 emendations. London, Longman, 
1 84 1, i6mo. blue mor. g. e. Maps. 

Irish. An Biobla Naomhtha. (Irish Bible ; the Old 

Testament translated by William Bedel ; the New Testa- 
ment by William O'Domhnuill.) London, 1690, i2mo. 

An Biobla Naomhtha, etc. (Printed in Irish 

characters), London, 1830, i2mo. 

Welch. I Bibl Cyssegr-lan, sef, or Hen Testament 

ar' Newydd. Rhydyclien, 1799, royal 8vo. russia. 

Indian. The Holy Bible : containing the Old 

Testament and the New. Translated into the Indian Lan- 
guage, and ordered to be printed by the Commissioners of 
the United Colonies in New England, at the charge, and 
with the consent of the Corporation in England for the Pro- 
pagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New- 
England. Cambridge (N. America), Samuel Green and 
Marmaduke Johnson, 1663, small 4to. purple mor. 

Italian. La Bibbia. Cio^, i libri del Vecchio, e 

del Nuovo Testamento. Nuovamente traslatati in lingua 
Italiana, da Giovanni Diodati, di nation Lucchese. {Ginevra), 
1607, 3 parts bound in i vol. 4to. 

A vignette woodcut on the tide-page. 

La Sacra Bibbia, tradotta in lingua Italiana, e 


commentata da Giovanni Diodati, di nation Lucchese. 
Seconda editione, migliorata, ed accresciuta. Con Taggiunta 
de' Sacri Salmi, messi in rime per lo medesimo. {Ginevra), 
per Pietro ChovH, 1631, 4 parts in i vol. blue mor. g. e, 
L. P. margin i| inches. 

Copperplate frontispiece by A. Bosse, with date 1640 ; the same 
frontispiece as in the edition of Diodati*s French translation, 1644. 

French. La Saincte Bible en Francoys, transla- 

tee selon la pure et entiere traduction de Sainct Hierome, 

derechief conferee et entierement revisitee selon les plus 

anciens et plus correctz exemplaires. En Anvers, par 

Martin Lempereury an. 1534, Goth, double col. fol. 

Title enclosed in woodcut border ; and numerous other woodcuts. 
The translation is by Jacques le F^vre d'Estaples. On the title-page : 
" Collegij Societatis Jesu, Bruxelles, 1691." 

La Bible qui est toute la Saincte Escripture. En 

laquelle sont contenus, le Vieil Testament et le Nouveau, 
translatez en Francoys. Le Vieil, de Lebrieu : et le Nou- 
veau, du Grec. Aussi deux amples tables, lune, pour linter- 
pretation des propres noms : lautre en forme Dindice, pour 
trouver plusieurs sentences et matieres. Dieu en tout, 
Acheve dimprimer en la ViUe et Conte de Neufchastely par 
Pierre de wingle, diet Pirot picard. Lan MDXXXV. le IIII. 
iour de Juing, fol. o. r. mor. gilt and marbled edges, L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. Arms of the Congregation de Saint Maur 
on the sides. Gothic ; double colunm. Woodcut initials. First 
edition of the French Protestant Bible ; it is known as the OHvetan 
BibUy from Robert Olivetan who translated it, or revised the translation 
of Jacques Le F^vre d'Estaples. On the title-page : " Claude Gabriel 
Pocquet de Livonniere docteur aggreg^ en droit a Angers et par la 
grace de Dieu tres-catholique.'' 

Another copy, o. r. mor. L. P. 

Arms of Crozat, Marquis du Chatelet, on the sides. Coloured 
initials. Without the 1 1 leaves of the *' Indice des principales 
matieres " and the leaf of register and colophon. 

On the fly-leaf there is the following MS. note : " Robert Olivetan 
parent de Jean Calvin a feit imprimer a Neufchastel en 1635 cette ver- 
sion fran^oise de toute Tescriture sur le texte hebreu et sur le grec 


Avant ce temps Ik on lisoit a Geneve une autre version francoise qui 
avoit este faite sur la vulgate en Tannee 1294, et qui n'a point est^ 
imprim^. Mais elle se conserve encore presentement manuscrite 
dans la Bibliotheque publique de Geneve leur estant devenue entiere- 
ment inutile depuis qu'ils en ont fait d'autres sur le texte originaL 
Olivetan assure dans I'Apologie qu'il a mise k la teste de cete Bible, 
qu'il est le premier qui ait traduit la Bible dliebreu en frangois, et que 
jusqu'a son temps, qui estoit le commencement de la reformation de 
Calvin, on s'estoit send d'une version en langue vulgaire ecrite a la 
main depuis si longtemps qu'on n'en avoit point de souvenance, &c. 
Le P. Simon dans son Hist Crit du V. T. pag. 383." 

La Saincte Bible, en Francoys, translatee selon 

la pure et entiere traduction de Sainct Hierome, etc. En 
Anvers, pour Antoine de la Haye, iS4i> Goth, double col. 
fol. o. gr. mor. g. e. 

Title enclosed within a woodcut border, and other woodcuts. On 
the fly-leaf there is the following note : '* Ces Bibles ont ^t^ saisis de la 
part du Bailly de St Ghislain il y a sept k huit ans, en la maison de Jean 
Baptiste Villain manevre de Wasmes demeurant en lieu dit le Quesnoy ; 
et ainsi que les sergeants emportoient hors de la susdite maison ces 
presens Bibles, il a et^ dit qu'un en&n cria, voila qu'on emport 
Grand-pere. II a aussi et^ raport^ depuis peu que Jean Desterbeque 
avoit dit qu'il avoit s^ chez le susdit Jean Bap. Villain ces presens 
bibles. Ce ii. Xbre 1727. F. Collin, pasteur de Wasmes." 

La Bible, qui est toute la saincte Escriture : 

contenant le vieil et le nouveau Testament, autrement, la 
vieille et la nouvelle Alliance. On a nouvellement adioust^ 
en ceste edition entre autres choses, des figures esquelles 
sont cottez les passages correspondans des quatre derniers 
livres de Moyse. i^Gmive) Uolivier de Henri Estienne, 
1565, fol. o. calf. L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. Old rich binding ; fine gauffr^ g. e. new 
back. First edition of the Bible given by the Stephens at Geneva, with 
a preface by Calvin, who revised Olivetan's translation. Numerous 

La Bible, qui est toute la Saincte Escriture du 

Vieil et Nouveau Testament. Autrement Tancienne et la 
nouvelle Alliance. Le tout reveu et conferd sur les textes 
Hebrieux et Grec. Sedan^ par Jean Jannon^ 1633. i2mo. 
olive mor. 


La Sainte Bible. Interpretee par Jean Diodati. 

Impritnee a Genevey {Pierre Chouet), 1644, 4 parts bound in 
I vol. foL o, brown mor. L. P. margin 2' inches. 

Fine frontispiece by Bosse. 

La Sainte Bible, qui contient le vieux et le nouveau 

Testament Edition nouvelle, faite sur la version de 
Genfive, reveue, et corrigde; enrichie, outre les anciennes 
notes, de toutes celles de la Bible Flamande, de la plus-part 
de celles de M. Diodati, et de beaucoup d'autres ; de 
plusieurs Cartes curieuses, et de Tables fort amples, pour 
le soulagement de ceux qui Hsent TEcriture Sainte. Le 
tout dispose en cet ordre, par les soins de Samuel des 
Marets . . et de Henry des Marets son fils. Amsterdam^ 
chez Louys et Daniel Elsevier, 1669, 2 vols. foL o. r. mor. g.e. 

Copper-plate frontispiece by T. Matham. 

Another copy. L. P. margin 2 inches. 

Coloured frontispiece. On the title-page, '^ Isabella Mountrath." 

La Sainte Bible, en latin et en fran^ais, avec 

Texplication du sens litteral et du sens spirituel, tirde des 
Saints P^res et des Auteurs eccldsiastiques. (Par Louis 
Isaac Lemaistre de Sacy, Thomas du Foss6 et Tabb^ de 
Beaubrien.) Paris, 1725 — 1729, 32 vols. 8vo. 

Sainte Bible, en Latin et en Fran^ais, avec des 

notes litt^rales, critiques et historiques, des prefaces et des 
dissertations, tiroes du Commentaire de dom Augustin 
Calmet, abb6 de Senones; de Tabb^ De Vence, et des 
auteurs les plus c^l^bres. Ouvrage enrichi de cartes g^ 
graphiques et de figures. Quatri^me Edition, revue, corri- 
g^e et augment^e de diverses notes. Paris , 1820 — 1824, 
25 vols. 8vo. 

Commentaire littoral sur tous les livres de TAncien 

et du Nouveau Testament. Par le R. P. D. Augustin 

Calmet, religieux Bdn^dictin, de la Congregation de S. 

Vanne et de S. Hydulphe. Paris, 1724-26, 8 vols, in 

9 parts, fol. 

It contains the Bible in Latin and French. 


German. Biblia Germanica. FoL russia, Devon- 

shire Arms. 

Gothic, double col. 60 lines. First leaf illuminated. Without place, 
date, or printer's name. This is considered to be the First edition of 
the Bible in German ; but there is much imcertainty as to its date 
and printer. 

Biblia Germanica. (Without place, printer's 

name, or date.) Gothic, double col. 61 lines, foL purple 

mor. margin \\ inches. 

Supposed to have been printed at Strasbourg (Argentorati) by 
Mentelin towards 1466. This, and a copy of the same book in Lord 
Spencer's library, are supposed to be the only copies in England. 

Biblia, das ist, die gantze heilige Schrifft Deudsch. 

Getruckt zu A tigspurg dutch Heynrich Steyner^ 1 5 3 5 • 6 parts 
bound in 2 vols, small fol. red velvet, gilt edges. On Vel- 

Title enclosed in woodcut border, and many woodcuts coloured. 

Biblia, das ist : die gantze Hell. Schrifft, Alten 

und Neuen Testaments, nach der teutschen iibersetzung D. 
Martin Luthers. Basely 1746, small 8vo. o. br. mor. 

Die Bibel, oder die Heilige Schrift des Alten u. 

Neuen Testaments nach der deutschen Uebersetzung von 
Dr. Martin Luther. Mit Holzschnitten nach Zeichnungen 
der ersten Kiinstler Deutschlands. Stuttgart u. MUftchen, 
Cotta, 1850, fol. 

Old Testament. Hebrew. Biblia sacra Hebraica, 

cum punctis. Parisiis, ex officina Roberti Stephanie IS39- 
1543, 24 parts bound in 2 vols. 4to. purple mor. L. P. 

Biblia Sacra Hebraica, cum punctis. (Parisiis, ex 

officina Roberti Stepfiani, 1 544-1 546), 17 parts bound in 
6 vols. i6mo. o. or. mor. 

Biblia Sacra Hebraea, correcta et coUata cum anti- 

quissimis et accuratissimis exemplaribus manu scriptis, et 
hactenus impressis. Amstelodami, Joseph Athias, 1661, 
small 4to. eng^ved frontispiece. 

Biblia Hebraica, sine punctis. Accurante Nath. 


Forsten Oxonii^ e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1750, 2 vols. 
4to. russia. 

Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum, cum variis lec- 

tionibus. Edidit Benjaminus Kennicott. — Dissertatio gene- 
ralis in Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum ; cum variis lectio- 
nibus, ex Codicibus manuscriptis et impressis. Oxonii, e 
typographeo Clarendoniano^ 1776-80, 2 vols, bound in i, fol. 
pigskin, L. P. 

Biblia Hebraica, olim a Christiano Reineccio 

edita, et ad optimorum Codicum et editionum fidem recen- 
sita et expressa, nunc denuo ad fidem recensionis Masore- 
ticse cum variis Lectionibus ex ingenti codicum copia a 
B. Kennicotto et J. B. de Rossi coUatorum ediderunt D. Jo. 
Christoph. Doederlein et Joannes Henricus Meisner. LipsuE, 
1793, 2 vols. 8vo. purple mor. 

Greek Septuagint Vetus Testamentum juxta 

Septuaginta ex auctoritate Sixti V. Pont. Max. editum. 
(Studio Antonii Carafae Cardinalis, cum praefatione Petri 
Morini.) Rontce^ ex typographia Francisci Zannetii, 1586, 
fol. o. calf, g. e. L. P. 

A magnificent copy. Margin, 3 inches. Sixtus V.'s arms on title- 

Vetus Testamentum juxta Septuaginta, ex aucto- 
ritate Sixti V. Pont. Max. editum. Roina^ ex typographia 
Francisci Zannettiy 1587, fol. 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum ex versione LXX. 

Interpretum, juxta exemplar Vaticanum Romae editum, 
acciiratissime et ad amussim recusum. — In Sacra Biblia 
Graeca ex versione LXX. Interpretum scholia: simul et 
interpretum caeterorum lectiones variantes. Londini^ excu- 
debat Rogerus Daniel^ 1653, 2 parts in i vol. 4to. r. mor. g. e. 
L. P. ruled with red lines. 

Vetus Testamentum, juxta Septuaginta Inter- 

pretes. Ex antiquissimo MS. Codice Alexandrino accu- 
rate descriptum, et ope aliorum exemplarium ac priscorum 


scriptorum, prxsertim vero Hexaplaris editionis Origeni- 

anae, emendatum atque suppletum, additis ssepe asteris- 

corum et obelorum signis, summa cura edidit Joannes Er- 

nestus Grabe. Oxonii, e Theatro SheldonianOy 1707-1720^ 

4 vols, bound in 2 vols. fol. o. calf» L. P. 

A frontispiece with portrait of Queen Anne receiving the presenta- 
tion of the work from Grabe, and numerous cuts by M. Van der 
Gucht James Carrington Clerk's copy. 

Vetus Testamentum ex Versione Septuaginta In- 

terpretum, secundum exemplar Vaticanum Romae editum, 
denuo recognitum. Praefationem una cum variis lectionibus, 
e praestantissimis MSS. Codicibus Bibliothecae Leidensis 
descriptis, praemisit David Millius. Amstelodami, 1725, 
2 vols, small 8vo. 

Vetus Testamentum ex versione Septuaginta In- 

terpretum olim ad fidem Codicis MS. Alexandrini summo 
studio et incredibili diligentia expressum, emendatum, ac 
suppletum a Joanne Ernesto Grabe. Nunc vero exemplaris 
Vaticani aliorumque MSS. Codd. lectionibus van nee non 
criticis dissertationibus illustratum, insigniterque locuple- 
tatum. Summa cura edidit Joannes Jacobus Breitingerus. 
Tiguri Helvetiorunty ex officina Joannis Heideggeri^ 

1 730- 1 73 2, 4 vols. 4to. L. P. 

Frontispiece engraved by Joh. Lochman. 

Latin, Vetus Testamentum secundum LXX latine 

redditum, et ex auctoritate Sixti V. Pont. Max. editum. 
Additus est Index dictionum et loquutionum hebraicarum, 
graecarum, latinarum, quarum observatio visa est non 
inutilis futura. RonuB, in (sdibus populi Romania a/md 
Georgium Ferrarium, 1588, fol. o. olive, mor. g. e. 

Mai^gin, 7,\ inches. De Thou's copy with his arms on the sides 
and monogram on the back. 

English, The Old Testament ; with notes and in- 
troduction by Chr. Wordsworth, Archdeacon of Westmin- 
ster. An Index to the Commentary by Frederick Henry 
Scrivener. Londony 1866-71, 6 vols, in 13 parts 4to. 

French, La Bible, traduction nouvelle,avecrH6breu 


en r^ard) accompagn^ des points-voyelles et des accens 
toniques, avec des notes philologiques, g^ographiques et 
litt^raires, et les principales variantes de la version des 
Septante et du texte Samaritain. Par S. Cahen. Paris, 
1831-39^ 18 vols. 8vo. 

Biblia en leng^a Espanola traduzida palabra por 

palabra dela verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados 
vista y examinada por el officio dela Inquisition. Con pri- 
villegio del YUustrissimo Senor Duque de Ferrara. A gloria 
y loor de nuestro Senor se acabo la presente Biblia e lengua 
Espanola traduzida dela verdadera origen Hebrayca por muy 
excelentes letrados: con yndustria y deligencia de AbraAd 
Usque Portugues : estampada en Ferrara, a costa y despesa 
de Yom Tob Alias hijo de Levi Alias Espanol: eft 14 de 
Adarde 5313 (1553). Fol. o. r. mor. with the Fleur-de-lis 
and royal Crown of France. 

Large Gothic type. Title enclosed within a woodcut border^ repre- 
senting a ship tossed about in a storm. Woodcut initials. On the 
verso of title ^^ Prologo a la muy magnifica SeHora DoHa Gracia NaciP 
i.*YL Alletor. Then 4 leaves of Tabla and Catologo delos juezes y 
reyes. Then 400 leaves, numbered, and another leaf, not numbered, 
with printer's name and date. The passage, in the seventh chapter of 
Isaiah, foL 186, line 20, is, " he la moqa concibien y parien hijo J* There 
is the omission of the 10 verses towards the end of the seventh chapter 
of Leviticus, which is embodied with the eighth chapter. Fine copy : 
margin, i^ inches. 

Biblia en leng^a Espanola, traduzida palabra por 

palabra de la verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados. 
Vista y examinada por el officio de la Inquisicion. Con 
privilegio del YUustrissimo Seiior Duque de Ferrara. (Am- 
sterdani) A 15 de Sebath, 5390 (1630), fol. 

La Biblia, que es, los Sacros libros del Vieio y 

Nuevo Testamento. Trasladada en Espanol. {Bdle\ 1622, 

4to. bl. mor. L. P. 

The translation is by Cassiodorus Reyna. This edition is known 
as the " Bear's Bible" from a woodcut with a bear on the title. The 
date ^t the end of the Errata is Anno del Seiior 1 569, en Septiembre, 


Job. German. Das Buch Hiob. Verdeutscht 

und erlautert von Lie Konstantin Schlottman. Berlin, 
1851, 8vo. 

Psalter. Psalterium Hebraeum, Graecu, Arabicu, 

et Chaldaeu, cu tribus latinis Iterptatoibus et glossis. /w- 

pressit miro ingenio, Petrus Paulus Porrus, genua in cedUms 

Nicolai JusHniani Pauli, prcesidente reipub. genuensi pro 

serenissimo Francar. Rege, prestanti viro Octaviano Fulgoso, 

anno Christiana salutis mUlesimo quingentesimo sextodecimo 

(1516) mense viiiibri. Large 4to. 

Edited by Augustus JustinianL Tide enclosed within a woodcut 
border. Ccuaubotis copy, with his autograph on the title-page. 

Another copy, 4to. ol. mor. g. e. 

De Thou's copy, with his arms, motto, and monogram. 

Psalterium in quatuor Hngfuis Hebraea Graeca 

Chaldaea Latina. Impressum Colonice, anno 15 18, small 

foL o. ol. mor. 

Title enclosed within a woodcut border like the border in the Genoa 
edition of 15 16. De Thou's copy, with his arms and monogram. 

(Psalterium gr. et lat. ex recensione Joannis 

Crastoni placentini). Die xx Septembris Impressum Medio- 

lani, 148 1, small fol. bl. mor. g. e. 

On the V. of the first leaf, ^Primus ex libris sacris grace mandatus 
typist On the third leaf, " Librarie SctL Dfiici de Bononia.** 

YoXTJipioy, (Psalterium, cura Justini Decadyi.) Vene- 

tiis, Aldus, small 4to. bl. mor. g. e. by Baumgarten. 

No date ; Renouard thinks it was printed in 1497 or 1498, as it is 
quoted in a catalogue by Aldus of 1498. Attached to the fiy-leaf there 
are two specimens, in Greek and Latin, of Porson's handwriting. At 
the end there are 26 MS. leaves of " Varianies lecHones Codicis Graci 
antiquissimi, quatenus examinavi et contuH eutn Alexandrina versione 
Graca, ex editione Em, Grade, Oxonij, 1709. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. 

Autograph of Vaillant (Jo. Foy) on the title-page, and of Franciscus 
Vatablus on the back of the last leaf. 

Psalterium graece et latine in studiosorum gratiam 


diligentissime excusum. Basilece, per Nicolaum Bryling, 
1557, i8mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Psalterium Davidicum Graecolatinum, ad Adem 

veterum exemplarium, atque adeo Codicis Graeci manu- 
script!, D. Victoris, locis quam multis repurgatum et niton 
suo restitutum. Paristis, aptid Sebastianum Nivellium, 
1559. (At the end) Paristis, exatdebat Benedictus PrcpvO' 

tius, 1559, 24010. o. gr. mor. g. e. 

A woodcut of David. 

Psalmorum Liber. (Gr.-Lat.) Parisits, aptid 

CUmdium MoreUum, 16 18, 24mo. o. r. mor. g. e. royal lily 
of France. 

Quintuplex Psaltxrium . Gallicum . Romanum. 

Hebraicum . Vetus . Conciliatum. (Lat.) In clarissimo 

Parisiaru Gymnasia ex chalcotypa Henrici Stephani qfficina 

anno i^ok) pridie Calidas Augusti, small fol. o. r. mor. 

Title enclosed in woodcut border. Jean Ballesden's copy, with his 
autograph on the tide-page. 

Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica, nunc pri- 

mum edita, authore Georgio Buchanano, Scoto, poetarum 
nostri S£culi facile princeps. Ejusdem Davidis Psalmi 
aliquot a Th. B. V. versi. Psalmi aliquot in versus item 
Graecos nuper a diversis translati. (Parisiis) Apud Henricum 
Stephanum, et eius fratrem Robertum Stephanum, 8vo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. by De Rome fils. L. P. 

Psalmi Davidici septuaginta quinque, in lyricos 

versus, servata ecclesiastics versionis veritate et Hebrae- 
orum varietate, redact! : authore Joanne Ganeio Parisino 
theologo. Lutetice Parisiarum, per Nicolaum Divitent, 1547, 
8vo. L. P. 

Psalterium David. Argumentis front! ac prxca- 

tionibus fini cujuslibet Psalmi illustratum. {Parisiis) Apud 
Carolum Langelier, 1553, 32mo. o. r. mor. g. e. rich tooling. 

A woodcut on the title-page. On the tide-page, '* Arundd." At the 
end, '*A. xiii. 1572 Thomas Dux Norfolchie nuper me possidebat, 
postea venio ad Rogerum Townshend, armigerum, ex cujus dono mode 
sum Thome Barleti et amicorum.'' 


Davidis Psalmi aliquot latino carmine expressi 

a quatuor illustribus poetis : quos quatuor regiones, Gallia, 
Italia, Germania, Scotia, genuerunt. In gratiam studio- 
sorum inter se commissi ab Henrico Stephano : cujus etiam 
nonnuUi psalmi Grxci cum aliis Grxcis itidem comparati 
in cake libri habentur. (Parisiis) Ex officina Hmrici 
Stephanie 155^, small 4to. 

Psalterium Davidis carmine redditum per Eobanum 

Hessum, cum annotationibus Viti Theodori Norembergen- 
sis, quae Commentarij vice esse possunt Cui accessit 
Ecclesiastes Salomonis, eodem genere carminis redditus. 
Londini, excudebat Thomas Vautrellerius, IS7S» 24mo. o. gr. 
mor. g. e. 

On the fly-leaf, " This book is not mentioned by Hones. T. Dam- 
pier, 1774.'' On the V. of the fly-leaf there is added an illuminated 
sketch of King David. 

Psalmorum Davidis et aliorum prophetarum libri 

quinque, argumentis et latina paraphrasi illustrati, ac etiam 
vario carminum genere latine expressi. Theodoro Beza 
Vezelio auctore. Londini, Thomas VautroUerius, 1580, 
small i2mo. 

Nova editio Psalmorum Davidis quinquag^nta 

priorum, una cum nonnullis aliis selectis, versibus elegiacis 

latine redditorum. Interprete Job. Hanway. Londiniy 

Thomas Edlin, 1726, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. and border. 

Presentation Copy to William 2^ Duke of Devonshire, to whom the 
work is dedicated. 

Liber Psalmorum a Sebastiano Munstero latine 

redditus. s. Liturgy. 

A Paraphrase upon the Psalms of David, and 

upon the Hymnes dispersed throughout the Old and New 
Testaments. By G(eorge) S(andys). London^ 1636, i2mo. 

A new version of the Psalms of David, fitted to 

the tunes used in the Churches. By N. Tate and N. Brady. 
London, M. Clark, 1696, i2mo. o. purple mon 


Paraphrasis Psalmorum. s. Petau (D.) 

Expositio Patrum Graecorum in Psalmos. s. 


The Psalter of David and Collects, s. LiTURGY. 

Psalme de la Puissance, Sapience et Bont6 de 

Dieu. Paris, Michel de Vascosan, 1559, 4to. old vellum. 

At the end, " Ainsi Dieu prioit P. Du Val Evesque de Sees, 1557." 
De Thou's copy, with his anns on the sides. Bound with Pibrac 

Die Psalmen der Urschrift gemass metrisch iibersetzt 

und erklart von J. G. Vaihinger. Stuttgart und Tubingen, 
Cotta, 1845, 8vo. br. mor. g. e. 

New Testament. Greek. Novum Testamen- 

tum. HagenocBy in cedibus Thomce Anshelmi Badensis, 1521, 

small 4to. o. r. mor. L. P. 

" Editio omnium aliarum longe rarissima, qua Lutherus in versione 
sua usus est" — Dampier. 

Novi Testament! omnia. Basilece, apud Joannem 

Bebeliutn, 1524, small 8vo. Four woodcuts on title-page. 

Novum Testamentum. Parisiis, Simon Colinaus^ 

1534, small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. Ruled. 

Novi Testamenti omnia. Venetiis, per Joan, 

Anto, de Nicolinis de Sabio, expensis Melchiorris Sessce, 1538, 
2 vols. 24mo. bl. mor. g. e. 

Another copy of the ist Vol. including the Four 

Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. 

Novum Testamentum. Basileae, Froben, 1545, 

small 4to. purple mor. g. e. L. P. 

Novum Testamentum. . Ex Bibliotheca Regia. 

LutetuEy ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1 546. Very small 8vo. 
g. mor. g. e. 

Novum Testamentum. Ex Bibliotheca Regia, 

LutetuB, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1549. Very small 8vo. 
r. mor. g. e. Ruled. 


Another copy, o. citr. mor. g. e. L. P. ruled. 
With an engraved frontispiece added to it 

Novum Testamentum. (On the title page) Pari- 

siisy aptid Petru Haultinu, 1549. (At the end) LutetuB 
Parisiorutn, Benedictus Pravotius, 1 549. Very small 8vo. 
bl. mor. g. e. 

Novum Jesu Christi D. N. Testamentum. Ex 

Bibliotheca Regia. Lutetue, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 

1550, fol. o. ol. mor. rich border. L. P. 

Ruled with red lines. On the title-page : " £x libris Roberti Tullaej.'' 

Novum Jesu Christi Domini nostri Testamen- 
tum. Additis summis rerum et sententiarum, quae singulis 
capitibus continentur : variis item lectionibus, mutuisque tes- 
timoniis, quae laborem in legendo ac conferendo magnopere 
sublevabunt {Genevci) per Joannem Crispinutn, 1553- 
Very small 8vo. 

Novum Testamentum. Ex Bibliotheca Regia. 

LutetuBy ex officina Roberti Stephaniy 1568. Very small 8vo. 
o. mor. g. e. 

Novum Jesu Christi D. N. Testamentum. Antuer- 

pice, ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1574, 24mo. o. r. mor. 

Fine specimen of rich old English binding. 

Novum Testamentum. Obscuriorum vocum et 

quorundam loquendi generum accuratas partim suas partim 
aliorum interpretationes margini adscripsit Henricus Ste- 
phanus. Excudebat Henricus Stephanus, 1576. 24mo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. 

Novum Testamentum, ex Regijs aliisque optimis 

editionibus cum cura expressum. Lugduni Batavorum, ex 
officina Elzeviriana, 1624. i8mo. o. r. mor. with Dampier's 
arms on the sides. 

Novum Jesu Christi Domini Nostri Testamentum. 

Ex Regtis aliisque optimis editionibus cum cura expressum. 
Sedaniy ex typographia Joannis Jannoni, 1628. 32mo. bl. 
mor. g. e. 


Novum Testamentum. Parisiis, ex typogr, Regia, 

1642, fol. 

Old rich French binding with royal fleur de lis and Louis XIV/s 
initial and arms. 

Novum Testamentum. Accessit prologus in 

Epistolas S. Apostoli Pauli, ex antiquissimo MSC Ar- 
gentoratiy ex officina Jo, Phil. Mulbii^ 1645. i8mo. o. gr. 
mor. g. e. 

Novi Testament! libri omnes. Accesserunt 

parallela Scripturae loca, nee non variantes lectiones, ex 

plus 100 MS. codicibus, et antiquis versionibus collectae. 

Oxoniiy e Theatre Sheldaniano^ i^ZS* 8vo. 

Huet's autograph on title-page. 

Another copy. o. br. mor. rich old English bind- 
ing. L. P. ruled. 

Novum Testamentum. Londiniy ex officina Jacobi 

Tonson et Johannis Watts, 17 14. i2mo. L. P. 

Maittaire's edition. Frontispiece engraved by Lud. du Guemier. 

Novum Testamentum Graecum, ita adomatum ut 

Textus probatarum editionum medullam, Margo variantium 
lectionum in suas classes distributarum locorumque paralle- 
lorum delectum, Apparatus subjunctus criseos sacraeMillianae 
praesertim compendium, limam, supplementum ac fructum 
exhibeat, inserviente Jo. Alberto Bengelio. TubingcBy sumpti- 
bus Jo. Georgii Cotta. 1734, 4to. 

Novum Testamentum. Post priores Steph. Curcellaei, 

tum et DD. Oxoniensium labores ; quibus parallelae Scrip* 
turae loca, necnon variantes lectiones exhibentur. Accedit .. 
Crisis perpetua, qua singulas variantes earumque valorem 
aut originem et XLIII. canones examinat G. D. T. M. D. 
Cum ejusdem prolegomenis et notis. AmsteUedamiy 1735, 
small 8vo. With frontispiece and maps. 

Henry Cavendish's copy. 

Novum Testamentum Graecum, editionis receptae, 

cum lectionibus variantibus codicum MSS., editionum 



aliarum, versionum et Patrum ; necnon commentario ple- 
niore ex scriptoribus veteribus hebraeis, graecis et latinis 
historiam et vim verborum illustrante, opera et studio 
Joannis Jacobi Wetstenii. AtnstelcBdami, 1711-12,2 vols. fol. 

Novum Testamentum, juxta exemplar Millianum. 

Typis Joannis Baskerville. Oxoniiy e typographeo Claren- 
daniano, 1763, 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Novum Testamentum Graecum, e codice MS. 

Alexandrino, qui Londini, in Bibliotheca Musei Britannic! 
asservatur, descriptum a Carolo Godofredo Woide. Zcw- 
dini, ex prelo Joannis Nichols, 1786, fol. bl. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Another copy on vellum, s. Bible (above). 

Novum Testamentum ad Codicem Vindobonensem 

Graece expressum. Varietatem lectionis addidit Franciscus 
Carolus Alter. Viennce, 1786-7, 2 vols. 8vo, russia, g. e. 

Quatuor Evangelia Graece, cum variantibus a textu 

lectionibus Codd. MSS. Bibliothecae Vaticanae, Barberinae, 
Laurentianae, Vindobonensis, Escurialensis, Havniensis 
regiae,quibus accedunt lectiones versionum Syrarum, Veteris, 
Philoxenianae et Hierosolymitanae. Jussu et sumptibus 
regiis edidit Andreas Birch. Haunue, J, F. Schultz, 1788, 
fol. russia. L. P. margin 4 inches. 

Novum Testamentum Graece. Textum ad fidem 

Codicum versionum et Patrum recensuit et lectionis varie- 
tatem adjecit D. Jo. Jac. Griesbach. Editio secunda, emen- 
datior multoque locupletior. Londini et Halce Saxonum, 
1 796- 1 806, 2 vols. 8vo, russia. 

Another copy. 2 vols. 8vo, bl. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Novum Testamentum. Textum Graecum Gries- 

bachii et Knappii denuo recognovit, delectu varietatum lecti- 
onis testimoniis confirmatarum, adnotatione cum critica 
tum exegetica, et indicibus instruxit Joannes Severinus 
Vater. Halis Saxonum, 1824, 8vo. 

Novum Testamentum. Accedunt parallela S. Scrip- 


turae loca necnon vetus capitulorum notatio et canones 
Eusebii. Oxonii, e typograplteo Clarendoniano, 1836, i2mo. 
r. mor. g. e. 

Novum Testamentum Graece. Post Joh. Aug. 

Henr. Tittmannum ad Adem optimorum librorum secundis 
curis recognovit, lectionumque varietatem notavit Augustus 
Hahn. Editio stereotypa. Lipsia, Tauchnitz, 1840, 8vo. 

Novum Testamentum Graece. Textum ad fidem 

antiquorum testium recensuit, brevem apparatum criticum 
una cum variis lectionibus Elzeviriorum, Knappii, Scholzii, 
Lachmanni subjunxit, argumenta et locos parallelos indica- 
vit, commentationem isagogicam praemisit iEnoth. Frid. 
Const Tischendorf. Lipsug, 1841, 8vo. 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. Editio Helle- 

nistica. (Edv. Gul. Grinfield ed.) Londini, Gulielmus 
Pickering, 1843, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, g. e. 

Novum Testamentum. Textus Stephanie!, A.D. 

1550. Accedunt variae lectiones editionum Bezae, Elzeviri, 
Lachmanni, Tischendorfii, Tregellesii. Curante F. H. 
Scrivener. Editio auctior et emendation CantabrigicB, 
1865, 4to. 

Greek, with English Notes, The New Testament ; 

with English notes, critical, philological, and explanatory. 
By Edw. Valpy. A new edition. London, 1826, 3 vols. 8vo. 

The Greek Testament With a critically revised 

text, a digest of various readings, marginal references to 
verbal and idiomatic usage, prolegomena, and a critical and 
exegetical commentary. By Henry Alford, Dean of Canter- 
bury. London, 1849-66, 5 vols. 8vo. 

The Greek Testament with notes, grammatical 

and exegetical, by William Webster and William Francis 
Wilkinson. London, John W. Parker, 1855-61, 2 vols. 
8vo, calf. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ, in the original Greek. With notes. By Chr. 


Wordsworth, Archdeacon of Westminster. Lotidon, 1856- 
1867, 4 parts, 4to. 

Greek, and NechGreek, Novum Testamentum. 

Idiomate Graeco Utterali et Graeco vulgari: ex versione 
Maximi CalliopoHtani. (Genevce, P. Chauet), 1638. 2 parts 
in I vol. 4to. mar. mor. L. P. 

A manuscript note by Dampier on the fly-lea£ 

Novum Testamentum, Graecum et Neo-Graecum. 

{Hake Saxonum) 17 10. Small 8vo. 

Greek and Latin, — Novum Instrumentu omne, 

diHgenter ab Erasmo Roterodamo recognitum et emenda- 
tum, no solum ad graecam veritatem, verumetiam ad mul- 
torum utriusque linguae codicum, eorumque veterum simul 
et emendatorum fidem, postremo ad probatissimorum 
autorum citationem, emendationem et interpretationem, 
praecipue, Origenis, Chrysostomi, C)mlli, Vulgarij, Hierony- 
mi, Cypriani, Ambrosij, Hilarij, Augustini, una cu Annota- 
tionibus, quae lectorem doceant, quid qua ratione mutatum 
sit Quisquis igitur amas veram Theologiam, lege, 
cognosce, ac deinde iudica. Neque statim offendere, 
si quid mutatum offenderis, sed expende, num in melius 
mutatum sit. Afud inclytam Germanice BasHaam. (At 
the end.) Basilece, in cedibtis Joannis Frobenij Hamtnelbur- 
gensis mense Februario, Anno 1516, 2 parts in i vol. fol. 
o. V. First editioft. 

Woodcut borders, ornaments and capital letters. A MS. note on 
the fly-leaf. 

Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine, juxta 

veterum, cum Graecorum, tum Latinorum, emendatissima 

exemplaria, accuratissima cura et diligentia D. Erasmi 

Roterod. iam denuo et collatum, et postrema manu castiga- 

tum. Accesserunt in fine operis lectionum varietates. 

ParisiiSy apud Joannem Roigny, exaidebat Carola Guillard, 

1 543, 8vo. o. calf, g. gauffr^ e. 

On the fly-leaves, a MS. note by Dampier, and a French note 
about Charlotte Guillard. 


Novum Jesu Christi D. N. Testamentum. Cum 

duplici interpretatione, D. Erasmi, et Veteris interpretis: 
Harmonia item Evangelica, et copioso indice. Ex officina 
Roberti Stephanie 155 1. 2 parts, small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Jesu Christi, D. N. Novu Testament u, Gr. et Lat. 

Theodore Beza interprete. Additae sunt ab eodem summae 
breves doctrinae unoquoque Evangelioru et Actorum loco 
coprehensae. Item, methodi Apostolicaru epistolarum 
brevis explicatio. Huic autem tertiae edition! . . accesse- 
runt breves difficiliorum phrasewn expositiones. (Geneva^ 
Henricus Stephanus\ 1 580, 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

Jesu Christi D. N. Novum Testamentum, sive 

Novum Foedus. Cujus Graeco contextui respondent inter- 
pretationes duae : una, vetus : altera, nova, Theodori 
Bezae, diligenter ab eo recognita. Ejusdem Th. Bezae 
annotationes, quas itidem hac tertia editione recognovit, et 
accessione non parva locupletavit. Responsio ejusdem ad 
Seb. Castellionem, in qua multi Novi Testamenti et harum 
in ipsum annotationum loci accuratissime excutiuntur, 
seorsum excusa prostat. (Genevce^ Henricus Stephanus) 
Anno 1582, fol. not cut, bound in Cambridge pattern by 

On the title-page: Ex Bibliotheca Is, Casaubonj. In the same 
handwriting there are numerous notes through the whole volume. On 
the title-page there is also this entry by Henry John Todd : — " These 
notes I have diligently compared with Casaubon's handwriting (in the 
Church Library at Canterbury), and have not the smallest doubt that 
they are written by that eminent critic See also the Critic Sacr. Not. 
in Nov. Test H. J. T." 

On the reverse of the former cover, and now of the fly-leaf, there is 
the following memorandum by Todd : — " E lib. H. J. Todd. This 
book was purchased by me out of Messrs. Flackton and Co.'s Cata- 
logue at Canterbury in 1792, being No. 1253 in the said Catalogue. 
Mr. Flackton, then a very old man, told me he remembered it being a 
part of the stock more than threescore years past. I think it probable 
that it formed part of Meric Casaubon's (son of Isaac) collection^ who 
lived much at Canterbury and in the neighbourhood. I have met 


with several theological books at Canterbury, once belonging to Meric 
Certain it is that these notes are Isaac's. The reader may compare 
the Critici Sacri in Nov. Test, and he will in this volume see the rudi- 
ments of many of Isaac Casaubon's illustrations. I. Casaubon's Diary, 
written with his own hand, is in the Church Library at Canterbury : 
a folio vohime numbered among the MSS. D. I. The writing of that 
Diary will convince any person that the writing of these notes is by 
one and the same hand. The covers of this book were so much torn 
when I purchased it, that I had them repaired ; without destroying or 
injuring, however, any part of this literary curiosity. H. J. T." 

Jesu Christi Domini Nostri Novum Testamentum, 

sive Novum Foedus, cujus Graeco contextui respondent 
interpretationes duae: una, vetus; altera, Theodori Bezae. 
Ejusdem Theodori Bezae annotationes. Omnia nunc 
demum, ultima adhibita manu, ex coUatione exempla- 
rium omnium quam accuratissime emendata, et aliquantu- 
lum aucta. Accessit etiam Joachimi Camerarii in Novum 
Foedus Commentarius. Cantabrigue ; ex officina RogeH 
DanieliSf 1642, fol. v. 

Novum Testamentum Tetraglotton. Archetypum 

Graecum cum versionibus Vulgata Latina, Germanica Lu- 
theri et Anglica authentica in usum manualem edendum 
curaverunt C. G. G. Theile et R. Stier, Theol. D.D. Biele- 
felduBy 1853, royal 8vo. 

Codex Theodori Bezae Cantabrigiensis Evangelia 

et Apostolorum Acta complectens quadratis Uteris Graeco- 
Latinus. Academia auspicante, venerandae has vetustatis 
reliquias, summa qua potuit fide, adumbravit, expressit, 
edidit, codicis historiam praefixit, notasque adjecit Thomas 
Kipling. CantabrigicBy e prclo Academico, 1793, 2 vols, atlas 
fol. bl. mor. Largest Paper. 

Bezae Codex Cantabrigiensis, being an exact 

copy, in ordinary type, of the celebrated uncial Graeco- 
Latin manuscript of the Four Gospels and Acts of the 
Apostles, written early in the sixth century, and presented 
to the University of Cambridge by Theodore Beza, 


A. D. 1 58 1. Edited with a critical Introduction, Annota- 
tions, and facsimiles by Frederick H. Scrivener. Cam- 
bridge, Deighton, Bell, 1864, 4to. mar. mor. g. e. 

Latin, Novum TestamentumLatinum, ad antiquis- 

sima Graecorum exemplaria, quamdiligentissime castigatum : 

inque Latinam phrasim transfusum, quicquid erat idio- 

tismi vel Graeci vel Hebraei. Quin et scripturarum con- 

cordantijs, una cum allusionibus, quam accuratissime illus- 

tratum . . . Estque prsefixa praefatio, quae praeter alia 

sacrarum literarum cognita necessaria, argumenta quoque 

totius novi Instrumenti ex ordine continet. Per B. Galte- 

rum Deloenum, Reggae Majestatis Anglicanae Biblioscopum. 

Excudebat Londini Joannes Mayler, 1 540, 4to. bl. mor. g. e. 

With the 12 fT. of Pleonexegesis at the end. Autographs of M. Lort 
and Thos. Dampier on the fly-leaf; a MS. sheet giving an account of 
the edition. 

Novi Testamenti aeditio postrema, per Des. Eras- 
mum Roterodamum. Tiguri, in officina Froschotiiana, 1541, 
small 8vo. bl. mor. g. e. L. P. ruled. 

Evangelium secundum Matthaeum secundum 

Marcum secundum Lucam secundum Johannem. Acta 
Apostolorum. Breves variarum tralationum annotationcs, 
adiecta veterum Latinorum exemplarium manu scriptorum 
diversa lectione. Parisiis, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1 541, 
small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e., with silver clasps. 

Another copy. 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. ruled. 

Novum Testamentum, haud poenitendis sacrorum 

Doctorum scholijs, Joannis Benedict! theologi Parisiensis 
cura concinnatis, non inutiliter illustratum. Parisiis, apud 
Simonem Colimeum, et Galeotum a Prato, 1 543. Small 8vo. 
o. r. m. g. e. ruled. 

Jesu Christ! D. N. Novum Testamentum. Theo- 

doro Beza interprete. Additae sunt ab eodem summae 
breves doctrinae in Evangelistas, et Acta Apostolorum. 


Item, methodus, Apostolicarum Epistolarum brevis expH- 
catio. Londinij Thomas VautroUeHus, 1587, small 8vo. 

Novum Jesu Christi Testamentum Vulgatae 

editionis, Sixti V. Pont. Max. jussu recognitum, atque 
editum. Parisiis^ e typographia Regia, 1649. 2 vols. i2mo. 
o. r, mor. g. e. ruled, engraved frontispiece and vignettes. 

Another copy. 2 vols. i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. larger 

margin, ruled. 

English. The Newe Testament of oure Saveour 

Jesus Christ translated by M. Will. Tyndall, yet once 

agayno corrected with newe Annotacyons 

M.CCCCC.XLIX. i2mo. brown mor. g. e. 

Titlepage, leaf -|- ii, 8th leaf, leaf Co, and last leaf are in £u:-siniile. 
It is the 9th edition with the date 1 549 described by Lowndes. 

The Newe Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Faithfully translated out of Greeke. London, by the depu-- 
ties of Chris topfter Barker, I593» 32mo. o. gr. mor. g. e. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ, translated out of the original Greek : with 
short notes. London, 1792, 8vo. r. mor. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ. With short explanatory notes, and numerous 
references. London, Bagster, 1831, 24mo. r. mor. 

The New Testament, according to the authorized 

version; with notes, explanatory and practical. Prepared 
and arranged by the Rev**. George D'Oyly, and the Rev**. 
Richard Mant London, 1838, 4to. 

The New Testament in English, translated by 

John Wycliffe, circa 1480. Now first printed from a con- 
temporary manuscript, formerly in the Monastery of Sion, 
Middlesex, late in the collection of Lea Wilson, F.S.A. 
Printed at Chiswick, by Charles Whittingliam for William 
Pickering, Piccadilly, Lofidon, 1848, 4to. br. c. 

The first New Testament printed in the English 


language (1525 or 1526). Translated from the Greek by 
William Tyndale. Reproduced in Fac-simile with an 
Introduction by Francis Fry. Bristol, 1862, 4to. br. mor. 
g. e. L. P. 

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ. With engravings on wood from designs of 
Fra Angelico, Pietro Perugino, Francesco Francia, Lorenzo 
di Credi, Fra Bartolommeo, Titian, Raphael, Gaudenzio 
Ferrari, Daniel di Volterra, and others. London, Loftgman, 
1864, 4to. mar. mor. Rich binding on Grolier's pattern 
by Riviere. L. P. 

The English Hexapla, exhibiting the six im- 
portant English translations of the New Testament Scrip- 
tures — Wiclif, 1380; Tyndale, 1534; Cranmer, 1539; 
Genevan, 1557; Anglo-Rhemish, 1582; Authorized, 161 1. 
The original Greek text after Scholz, with the various 
readings of the Textus receptus, and the principal Con- 
stantinopolitan and Alexandrine manuscripts, and a com- 
plete collation of Scholz's text, with Griesbach's edition of 
1805 \ preceded by an historical account of the English 
translations. Loftdon, Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1841, 
royal 4to. 

Italian. — Del Nuovo Testamento di Jesu Christo 

nostro Signore, nuova, e fedel traduttione dal testo Greco in 
lingua volgare Italiana. {Gifievra) Appresso Gio. Crispino, 
nel . LV. (1555.) small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

On the title-page : " £x libris Ludovici Boistel canonicis theologi 
ecclesiae Ambionensis.'' 

French. — Le Nouveau Testament De timprimerie 

de Robert Estienne, 1552, i2mo. old olive mor. gilt edges. 

Le Nouveau Testament de nostre Seigneur J&us- 

Christ, traduit en Frangois selon Tedition Vulgate, avec les 
differences du Grec. Nouvelle Edition, revue et corrig^e. 
Mons, 1672, i2mo. br. mor. 

Le Nouveau Testament de notre Seigneur Jesus 


Christ, traduit en Frangois selon redition Vulgate, avec les 
differences du Grec. Sixi^me edition reviie et corrig^e. 
Mons, chez Caspar d Migeot, 1668, 4to. 

Engraved frontispiece by N. Pitau. 

Le Nouveau Testament du Latin en Frangois par 

les Theologiens de Louvaine, Bordeaux, chez Simon Boe, 
1686, 8vo. blue mor. g. e. 

Le Nouveau Testament de notre Seigneur Jesus 

Christ, traduit sur Toriginal Grec, avec des remarques, ofi 
Ton explique le texte, et ou Ton rend raison de la version. 
Par Jean le Clerc. Amsterdam, Jean Louis de Lorme, 
1703, 2 vols, bound in i, 4to. 

Two frontispieces, two maps, and several vignettes by G. V. 

Le Nouveau Testament en Frangois, avec des 

reflexions morales sur chaque verset, pour en rendre la 
lecture plus utile, et la meditation plus aisde. Nouvelle 
edition, augmentee. Paris, 1705-1706, 4 vols. i2mo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. 

Le Nouveau Testament en Frangois, avec des 

reflexions morales sur chaque verset, pour en rendre la 
lecture plus utile, et la meditation plus aisee. Amsterdam, 
1727, 8 vols. i2mo. o. br. mor. 

Le Nouveau Testament de notre Seigneur jesus- 

Christ, traduit en Frangois sur Toriginal Grec Avec des 
notes literales, pour edaircir le texte. Par MM. de Beau- 
sobre et Lenfant. Nouvelle edition, reviie et corrigee. 
Amsterdam, 1736, 2 vols. 4to. 

Les Saints Evangiles, traduits de la Vulgate par 

M. TAbbe Dassance, illustres par Tony Johannot, Cavelier, 
Gerard-Seguin, et Brevi^re. Paris, L, Curmer, 1836, 2 vols, 
bound in i, royal 8vo. purple mor. 

Explication de S. Augustin, et des autres P^res 

latins, sur le Nouveau Testament. Paris, 1682-83, 2 vols. 4to. 


Spanish, — El Nuevo Testamento de nuestro Senor 

Jesu Christo. Nuevamente sacado a luz, corregido y revisto 
por Dn. Sebastian de la Enzina, Ministro de la Yglesia Angli- 
cana. Amsteldam, por Jacobo Borstio, 1708, small 8vo. 
o. cambr. 

St. Paul's, — An exact transcript of the Codex 

Augiensis, a Graeco-Latin manuscript of St. Paul's Epistles, 
deposited in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
To which is added a full collation of fifty manuscripts con- 
taining various portions of the Greek New Testament in 
the Libraries of Cambridge, Parham, Leicester, Oxford, 
Lambeth, the British Museum, etc. With a critical Intro- 
duction by the Rev. Frederick Henry Scrivener. Cam- 
bridge, 1859, 4to. mar. mor. g. e. 

A complete Concordance of the Holy Scrip- 
tures, s. Cruden (Alex.) 

Concordantiae omnium vocum Novi Testamenti 

Graeci. s. Bruder (C. H.) 

Clavis Novi Testamenti. s. Wahl (C. H.) 

The Bible Cyclopaedia ; or. Illustrations of the 

civil and natural history of the Sacred Writings, by reference 
to the manners, customs, rites, traditions, antiquities, and 
literature of Eastern nations. London, Parker, 1 841-1843. 
2 vols. fol. 

Scripturae Sacrae cursus completus, ex commen- 

tariis omnium perfectissimis ubique habitis, et a magna 
parte Episcoporum necnon Theologorum Europae Catholicae, 
universim ad hoc interrogatorum, designatis, unice conflatus, 
plurimis annotantibus presbyteris ad docendos levitas 
pascendosve populos alte positis. Annotavit vero simul et 
edidit J. P. M(igne). Parisiis, Migne, 1837-43, 26 vols. 4to. 

Historische Bilder-Bibel. s. Krauss (J. U.) 

BIBLIA PAUPERUM. Biblia Pauperum. Fol. r. 

Forty plates, not coloured, pasted together, except the first and the 


last It is a copy, with the exception of the first leaf^ of the same 
edition as that in the Grenville Library in the British Museum. The 
first leaf, however, is of a different edition, and seems to have been 
taken from a copy formerly in the ^ Biblioth^que Royale^" as it bears 
the mark of that library. 

Biblia Pauperum. Reproduced in Fac-simile from 

one of the copies in the British Museum ; with an historical 
and bibliographical Introduction by J. Ph. Berjeau. London^ 
1859, fol- 

BIBLIANDER, Theodor. De Ratione communi 
omnium Hnguarum et litterarum commentarius. Tigiiriy 
Ckristophorus Frosch, 1 548, 4to. 

BIBLIOGRAFIA, od Elenco ragionato delle Opere 
contenute nella Collezione de' Classici Italian!. Milafio, 
1 8 14, 8vo. Classici Italiani, vol. 250. 

BIBLIOTHECA. Bibliotheca Apostolica Vati- 
CANA, a Sixto V. Pont. Max. in splendidiorem, commodio- 
remque locum translata, et a fratre Angelo Roccha a 
Camerino commentario variarum artium, ac scientiarum, 
materijs curiosis, ac diflSciUimis, scituque dignis, refertissimo, 
illustrata. Rofnce, ex typographia Apostolica Vaticatta, 1591, 
4to. With a plate. 


Kennet (W.) 

Bibliotheca Askeviana, sive Catalogus Libro- 

rum rarissimorum Antonii Askew, M. D. (Priced.) Londini^ 
1775, small 4to. 

Bibliotheca Baluziana : seu Catalogus libro- 

rum bibliothecae D. Stephani Baluzii Tutelensis ; quorum 
fiet auctio die 8 Mail, 17 19. Patisiis^ 17 19, 2 vols. i2mo. 

Bibliotheca Barberina. Index Bibliothecae 

qua Franciscus Barberinus S. R. E. Cardinalis Vicecancel- 
larius magnificentissimas suae familise ad Quirinalem sedes 
magnificentiores reddidit RotncSy typis BarberiniSy 1681, 
2 vols. fol. 


BIBLIOTHECA. Bibliotheca Colbertina: seu 
Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecae quae fuit primum J. B. 
Colbert, regni Administri ; deinde J. B. Colbert, March, 
de Seignelay ; postea Rev. J. Nic Colbert, Rothomagensis 
Archiepiscopi ; ac demum Caroli-Leonorii Colbert, Comitis 
de Seignelay. Parisiis, 1728, 2 vols. i2mo. 

Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum quos 

Unitarios vocant, instructa operibus omnibus Fausti Socini 

Senensis, nobilissimi Itali, Johannis Crellii Franci, Jonae 

Slichtingii a Bucowietz, Equitis Poloni, exegeticis & 

Johannis Ludovici Wolzogenii Baronis Austriaci, quae 

omnia simul juncta, totius Novi Testamenti explicationem 

complectuntur. Irenopoli et Ekutheropoliy post annum 

Domini 1656, 10 vols, bound in 7 vols. fol. o. c L. P. 

Lamoignon's copy, with his arms and monogram. Portraits of 
Crdlius and Slichtingius. 

Bibliotheca Heinsiana, sive Catalogus libro- 
rum quos magno studio et sumptu, dum viveret, collegit 
Nicolaus Heinsius. Lugduni in Batavis, 2 vols, bound in 
I vol. i2mo. 

Bibliotheca Hibernica : or, a descriptive Cata- 
logue of a select Irish Library collected for the Right Hon. 
Robert Peel. Dublin, 1823, 8vo. 

Bibliotheca Literaria, being a collection of 

Inscriptions, Medals, Dissertations. Numb, i to 10. Lon- 
don, 1722-24, 4to. 

Bibliotheca Manuscripta Lansdowniana. 

A Catalogue of the entire collection of Manuscripts, on 
paper and vellum, of the late Marquis of Lansdowne, which 
will be sold by auction. London, 1807, 8vo. 

Bibliotheca Norfolciana, sive Catalogus 

librorum manuscriptorum et impressorum, in omni arte et 
lingua, quos Henricus, dux Norfolciae, Regiae Societati 
Londinensi, pro scientia naturali promovenda, donavit 
Londini, 1681, 4to. 


BIBLIOTHECA. Biblioteca Poetica Italian a, 
scelta e pubblicata per A. Buttura. Parigi, Lefevre^ 1820- 
22, 30 vols. 32mo. 

1-3. Dante. Divina Commedia. 
4-6. Petrarca. Le Rime. 
7. Scelta di Poesie Italiane di Autori Antichl 
8-15. Ariosto. Orlando Furioso, e Satire. 
i6-2a Tasso. Gerusalemme Liberata. Aminta. 

21. GuarinL Pastor Fido. 

22. AlamannL La Coltivazione. 

23. Scelta di Poesie Italiane d' Autori dell' Etk Media 

(dal 1500 al 1700). 
24-26. Metastasio. Opere scelte. 
27-29. Alfieri. Tragedie. 

30. Scelta di Poesie Italiane d' Autori ModemL 

BiBLlOTHEQUE PORTATIVE des Ecrivains Fran- 

jaiS. S. MOYSAN ET Levizac. 

BIBLIOTHECA Regia, or, the Royal Library, con- 
taining a collection of such of the papers of his late Majesty 
King Charls, the second monarch of Great Britain, as have 
escaped the wrack and mines of these times. London^ 
1659, 8vo. 

Portrait of King Charles, and a plate representing a ship in a 


Nichols (J.) 


Choisie. s. Le Clerc (J.) 


librorum quos coUegit vir eximius G. Vilenbroch. Amste- 
ladamif 1727, 3 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

s. Catalogues. 


BICKNELL, John Laurence. The Modem Church, 
a satyrical poem, comprising sketches of popular and un- 
popular preachers. London^ 1820, 8vo. r. mor. 

With an autograph letter of presentation from the author. 


BIDERMANN, Jacob. Heroum Epistolae, Epigram- 
mata, et Herodias. AntuerpicB^ ex officina Plantiniana 
Balthasaris Moreti^ 1634. 32mo. 

BIE, Jacob de. Imperatorum Romanorum Numis- 
mata Aurea, a Julio Csesare ad Heraclium continua serie 
collecta et ex archetypis expressa. Accedit brevis et his- 
torica eorundem explicatio. Antuerpice, typis Gerardi 
Wollschatij et Henrici jErtsij^ 161 5, 4to. frontispiece and 
65 plates. 

Imperatorum Romanorum Numismata Aurea, etc. 

Opera atque industria Joannis Hemelarii brevi et historico 
commentario explicata. Editio altera priore auction 
AntuerpuBy apud Petrum et Joannem BelleroSy 1627, 4to. 
frontispiece and 64 plates. 

Imperatorum Romanorum a Julio Caesare ad 

Heraclium usque, Numismata Aurea, in xs incisa, brevi et 
historico commentario explicata. Accedit Ludolphi Smidi 
Romanorum Imperatorum Pinacotheca. Sigebertus Haver- 
campus recensuit et auxit. Amstelodami^ apud Martinum 
Scliazen^ 1738, 4to. frontispiece and 91 plates. L. P. 

BIEDERMANN, Carl. Die deutsche Philosophic von 
Kant bis auf unsre Zeit, ihre wissenschaftliche Entwick- 
lung, und ihre Stellung zu den politischen und socialen 
Verhaltnissen der Gegenwart. Leipzig^ 1843, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BIEL, JOHANN Christian. Novus Thesaurus philo- 
logicus ; sive Lexicon in LXX. et alios Interpretes et Scrip- 
tores Apocryphos Veteris Testamenti. Ex autoris Mscto 
edidit ac praefatus est E. H. Mutzenbecher. Haga 
Comitunty i779-8o, 3 vols. 8vo. russia, g. e. L. P. 

BIELFELD, jACQUES-pRfiDfiRlc, Baron de. The 
Elements of universal Erudition, containing an analytical 
abridgment of the sciences, polite arts, and Belles Lettres. 
Translated by W. Hooper. London, 1770, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BIERVILLAS, Innigo de. Voyage k la C6te de 


Malabar, Goa, Batavia et autres lieux des Indes Orientales. 
Paris, 1736, i2mo. 

BIET, Antoine. Voyage de la France Equinoxiale 
en risle de Cayenne, entrepris par les Frangois en Tannic 
1652. Paris f chez Clouzier^ 1664, small 4to. 

BIFIELD, Nicholas. The Marrow of the Oracles of 
God. 15th edition. London, 1616, i2mo. 


BIGNON, L. P. Edouard, Baron de. Histoire de 
France depuis le 18 Brumaire (Novembre 1799), jusqu'^ 
la Paix de Tilsitt (JuiUet 1807).— Histoire de France sous 
Napoldon, deuxi^me dpoque, depuis la Paix de Tilsitt en 
1807 jusqu'en 1812. — Histoire de France sous Napoleon, 
demi^re ^poque, depuis le commencement de la guerre de 
Russie jusqu'^ la deuxi^me Restauration, r6dig6e et 
terminde par A. Ernouf. Paris, 1829- 1850, 14 vols. 8vo. 

BIGSBY, Robert. Historical and topographical de- 
scription of Repton, in the County of Derby. With 70 
illustrations on copper, stone, and wood. 4to. r. mor. 

Old places revisited ; or. The Antiquarian Enthu- 
siast London, 185 1, 3 vols. 8vo. 


BILLY, Jacques de. Diophanti redivivi pars prior 
et pars posterior. Lugduni, 1670, i2mo. 

BINGLEY, William. Animal Biography. 2nd edition. 
London, 1804, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BINNING, Thomas. A light to the art of Gunnery. 
London, 1677, 4to. 

BINOS, l'Abb£ de. Voyage par Tltalie en Egypte, 
au Mont Liban et en Palestine, ou Terre Sainte. Paris, 
1787, 2 vols. i2mo. 

BIOGRAPHY. BlOGRAPHiA Britannica; or. The 
Lives of the most eminent persons who have flourished in 
Great Britain and Ireland from the earliest ages to the 


present times. Collected from the best authorities, both 
printed and manuscript, and digested in the manner of Mr. 
Bayle's historical and critical dictionary. Loftdon, 1747- 
1766, 6 vols. fol. L. P. 

Dictionary, containing an historical and critical account 
of the lives and writings of the most eminent persons in 
every nation, particularly the British and Irish. A new 
edition. London^ 1798, 15 vols. 8vo. 

Galerie Historique des Contemporains, ou Nou- 

VELLE BlOGRAPlllE, seule Edition dans laquelle se trouvent 
r^unis les hommes morts ou vivans de toutes les nations, 
qui se sont fait remarquer k la fin du XVIII* si^cle, 
et au commencement de celui-ci. Bruxelles, 18 18-1820, 
8 vols. 8vo. 

Biographie Universelle, ancienne et modeme, 

r^dig^e par une socidtd de gens de lettres et de savants. 

Paris, 1811-1857, 86 vols. 8vo. L. P. 

Biographic Universelle. 18 11-28, 52 vols. 
Partie Mythologique. 1832-33, 3 vols. 
Supplement, A-ViL 1834-62, 30 vols. 
Plates. I voL 

BION, Bionis Smyrnaei, et Moschi Syracusani, quae 
supersunt. Notis Johannis Heskin (Gr. Lat) Oxanii, e 
typograptieo Clarefidoniano, 1748, 8vo. 

Bionis et Moschi Idyllia (Gr.) lUustrabat et emen- 

dabat Gilbertus Wakefield. Londini, typis T. Bensleyy 1795, 
4to. L. P. 

Les Idylles de Bion et de Moschus (Gr. Fr.) 

Idylles par M. D. L. Paris, 1684, i2mo. 

s. Moschus. Theocritus. 

BION, Nicholas. Traitd de la construction et des 
principaux usages des instrumens de mathdmatiques. 
Nouvelle Edition. (Avec fig.) La Haye, 1723, 4to. 

The construction and principal uses of mathe- 



matical instruments. Translated from the French. To 
which are added the construction and uses of such instru- 
ments as are omitted by M. Bion, particularly of those 
invented or improved by the English. By Edmund Stone. 
The whole illustrated with 26 copper-plates. London^ 1723, 
fol. L. P. 

BIONDI, GiovAN Francesco. Llstoria delle Guerre 
Civili d' Inghilterra tra le due Case di Lancastro e lore. 
Vefietia, 1637, 4to. L. P. 

BIONDO, Flavio. (Roma triumphans.) Ad Sanc- 

tissimum Patrem et Dominum Pium Secundum Pont. Max. 

Blondi Flavii Forliviensis in Triumphantis Romae libros. 

Fol. r. mor. g. e. by Staggemeier. 

180 fT. 41 lin. '^Caract^res qui ressemblent k ceux du Dante de 
Mantoue, 1472." — Brunet 

De Roma triumphante libri X. Romae instauratae 

libri III. De origine ac gestis Venetorum liber, Italia 
lUustrata, sive lustrata in Regiones seu provincias divisa 
XVIII. Historiarum ab inclinato Romano Imperio de- 
cades III. Additis tribus pro argumentorum ratione 
indicibus novis. Basilea, Frobm, 1559, 2 vols, bound in i, 
fol. L. P. 

A beaudfiil specimen of the rich and ornamental binding of the end 
of the 1 6th century. 

BJORNSTJERNA, Le Gdndral Comte de. M^moires 
posthumes du Feld-Mardchal Comte de Stedingh, r^ig^s 
sur des lettres, d^p^ches et autres pieces authentiques 
laiss^es k sa famille. Paris, 1844-1845, 2 vols. 8vo. 

With the author's autograph. 

BIRCH, Samuel. History of ancient Pottery. Illus- 
trated with coloured plates and numerous engravings. 
London, Murray, 1858, 2 vols. 8vo. g. m. 

BIRCH, Thomas. The Heads of illustrious persons of 
Great Britain. Engraven by Mr. Houbraken and Mr. Vertue, 
with their lives and characters by Thomas Birch. London^ 


John and Paul Knapton^ 1743-51, 2 vols, bound in i, im- 
perial fol. r. mor. g. e. 108 plates. 

BIRCH, Thomas. The Life of the honourable Robert 
Boyle. London^ Millar^ I744f 8vo. o. bL m. g. e. and rich 
border. L. P. 

The Life of the most rev. Dr. John Tillotson, 

Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Compiled chiefly from 
his original papers and letters. Londoti, 1752, 8vo. 

Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, from 

the year 1581 till her death. London, 1754, 2 vols. 4to. 

The History of the Royal Society of London for 

improving natural knowledge, from its first rise ; in which the 
most considerable of those papers communicated to the 
Society, which have hitherto not been published, are in- 
serted in their proper order, as a Supplement to the Philo- 
sophical Transactions. London, 1756-57, 4 vols. 4to. 

BIRCHEROD, Janus. Breviarium equestre, seu de 
equestri Ordine Elephantino ejusque origine, progressu, 
ac splendore hodiemo tractatus, collectus ex antiquis diplo- 
matibus, bullis, numismatibus, insignibus, prsecipue autem 
ex posthumo et manuscripto Juarii Hertzholmii codice, 
in epitomen redacto, variisque additamentis ac observationi- 
bus illustrato et continuato a Jano Bircherodio. Haunug, 
1704, fol. o. Camb. 

Thirteen plates and numerous cuts. 

BIRINGUCCI, Vanoccio. De la Pirotechnia Libri X. 
dove ampiamente si tratta non solo di ogni sorte et diversity 
di Miniere, ma anchora quanto si ricerca intorno alia 
prattica di quelle cose di quel che si appartiene a Tarte de 
la fusione over getto de' metalli come d*ogni altra cosa simile 
a questa. Venetia, per Venturino Ruffinello ad instantia di 
Curtio NavOy etfraUlli, 1540, small 4to. 

Title enclosed in woodcut border ; numerous woodcuts. 

La Pyrothecnie, ou Art du Feu, contenant dix 


livres. Traduite en fran^ois par Jacques Vincent. Rouen^ 
1627, 4to. 

BISAGNO, D. Francesco. Trattato della Pittura, 
Venetta^ 1642, i2mo. 

Bound with Pino (P.) 

BISCHOF, GUSTAV. Elements of chemical and phy- 
sical Geology. Translated from the MS. of the 'author by 
Benjamin H. Paul and J. Drummond Printed for the 
Cavendish Society. London, 1854-59, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Geschichte der Farberkunst von ihrer Entstehung an bis 
auf unsere Zeiten ; mit einer Vorrede von Johann Beck- 
mann. Stendal, 1780, i2mo. 

BIZOT, Pierre. Histoire M^tallique de la R6pub- 
lique de Hollande. Paris, 1687, foL 

Frontispiece and plates of medals by S. Le Qerc and Lalouette. 

Histoire m^tallique de la R6publique de Hollande. 

Nouvelle Edition augment^e de 140 medailles. Amsterdam, 
Pierre Mortier, 1688- 1690, 3 vols. 8vo. frontispiece and 

BIZZARI, PlETRO. Varia opuscula, quorum indicem 
sequens pagina demonstrabit Venetiis, Aldus, 1565, i2mo. 

Senatus populique Genuensis rerum domi foris- 

que gestarum historian atque annales : cum luculenta 
variarum rerum cognitione dignissimarum, quae diversis 
temporibus, et potissimum hac nostra tempestate contin- 
gerunt, et narratione. Antucrpice, ex officitia Christophori 
Plantini, 1579, fol. 

BLAAUW, William Henry. The Barons* War, 
including the battles of Lewes and Evesham. Lotidon and 
Lewes, 1844, 4to. 

BLACK, Joseph. Lectures on the elements of Che- 
mistry delivered in the University of Edinburgh. Now 


published from his MSS. by John Robinson. Edinburgh^ 
1803, 2 vols. 4to. 

BLACKBURNE, Francis. Considerations of the 

present state of the controversy between the Protestants 

and Papists of Great Britain and Ireland. London^ 1768, 

8vo. r. mor. 

Presentation copy from Thomas Hollis. 

BLACKER, Lieutenant-Colonel Valentine. Memoir 
of the operations of the British Army in India during the 
Maharatta war of 1817-18-19. Illustrated by maps and 
topographical plans. Londotiy 182 1, 2 parts, 4to. 

BLACKMORE, Sir Richard. Prince Arthur. An 
heroick Poem : in ten books. London^ 1695, fol. o. Cambr. 

King Arthur. An heroick Poem : in twelve books. 

To which is annexed an index, explaining the names of 
countrys, citys, and rivers. London, 1697, fol. o. Cambr. 

Eliza ; an epick Poem in ten books. London, 

1705, fol. o. Cambr. 

A true and impartial History of the conspiracy 

against the person and the government of King William III. 
of glorious memory in the year 1695. London, 1723, 8vo. 

BLACKSTONE, Sir William. Commentaries on 
the Laws of England. 6th edition. Londofi, 1774, 4 vols. 

Commentaries on the Laws of England. 8th 

Edition. With portrait. Oxford, 1778, 4 vols. 8vo. 

BLACKWALL, Anthony. The Sacred Classics 
defended and illustrated; or, an Essay humbly offered 
towards proving the purity, propriety, and true eloquence 
of the writers of the New Testament London, 1727, 2 vols. 

BLACKWELL, Elizabeth. A Curious Herbal, con- 
taining SCO cuts of the most useful plants, which are now 
used in the practice of Physick. Engraved on folio copper 


platesy after drawings taken from the life. To which is 
added a short description of y* plants and their common 
uses in physick. London, 1739, 2 vols. fol. o. c. 

CoL plates. On the 2nd f. there is a cut representing Theophrastos 
and Dioscorides. 

BLACKWELL, George. A Large Examination 
taken at Lambeth, according to his Maiesties direction, 
point by point, of M. George Blackwell, made Archpriest 
of England, by Pope Clement 8. Upon occasion of a cer- 
taine answere of his, without the privitie of the State, to a 
Letter lately sent unto him from Cardinall Bellarmine, 
blaming him for taking the oath of AUegeance. Together 
with the Cardinals letter, and M. Blackwels said answere 
unto it Also M. Blackwels letter to the Romish Catho- 
lickes in England, as well Ecclesiasticall as Lay. Londofi^ 
Robert Barker, 1607, small 4to. 

BLACKWELL, Thomas. An Enquiry into the Life 
and Writings of Homer. London, 173S, 8vo. 

BLACVOD, Jacques de. Aristides Gallicus, sive . . . 
Gulielmi Du Vair sacri Franciae Sigilli custodis Panegyris 
prima. Parisiis, afmd Claudium Morellum, 16 19, 4to. 

BLADES, William. The Life and Typography of 
William Caxton, England's first printer, with evidence of 
his typographical connection with Colard Mansion, the 
printer at Bruges. Compiled from original sources. London^ 
1 861-1863, 2 vols. 4to. mar. mor. g. e. and border and Devon- 
shire monogram. 

With many £a.c-similes. 

BLAEU, Jean. Atlas Major, sive Cosmographia 
Blaviana, qua Solum, Salum, Coelum, accuratissime descri- 
buntur. Amstelodami, 1662, 11 vols. fol. max. o. c. 

Le Grand Atlas, ou Cosmographie Blaviane, en la 

quelle est exactement descritte la Terre, la Mer, et le Ciel. 
Amsterdam, 1667, 12 vols. fol. max. o. v. g. e. 


BLAEU, Jean. Novum ac magnum Theatrum urbium 
Belgicae Foederatae ad praesentis temporis faciem expressum. 
Amstelodami, 1649, ^ol. max. o. v. coloured plates. 

Theatrum Civitatum et admirandorum Italiae ad 

aevi veteris et praesentis temporis faciem expressum. Am- 
steUBdatniy 1663, 2 vols. fol. max. o. v. 

BLAGRAVE, John. The Mathematical Jewel, show- 
ing the making and most excellent use of a singular Instru- 
ment so called. ... By John Blagrave of Reading gentleman 
and well wilier to the Mathematickes, who hath cut all the 
prints or pictures of the whole worke with his owne hands, 
1589, London^ by Walter Venge^ fol. 

Bound with PoLENUS. 

BLAINVILLE, Mr. de. Travels through Holland, 
Germany, Switzerland, but especially Italy. Translated 
from the author's manuscript, never before published, by 
Dr. TumbuU, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Lockman, and the Editor 
(Daniel Soyer). London^ ^757$ 3 vols. 4to. 

BLAIR, Hugh. Sermons. 14th Edition. London, 1786, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. 9th 

Edition, with portrait London, 1803, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BLAIR, John. The Chronology and History of the 
World from the creation to the year of Christ 1779, 
illustrated in 54 tables. London, 1779, large fol. 

BLANC, Louis. Histoire de Dix Ans, 1830.184a 
BruxelUs, 1843-1845, 7 vols. 8vo. 

BLANC, L. G. Vocabolario Dantesco, ou Dictionnaire 
critique et raisonnd de la Divine Comddie. Leipzic, 1852, 8vo. 

Blanc, Francois, s. Le Blanc (F.) 

BLANCH ETON, Antoine. Vues pittoresques des 
principaux ch&teaux et des maisons de plaisance des en- 
virons de Paris et des d^partements, lithographi6es par 


MM. Bonington, Bouton, Bichebois, Ciceri, etc., avec un 
texte historique et descriptif rddig6 par A. Blancheton. 
Paris ^ Firmin Didot, 1826- 1830, 2 vols. fol. max. 

Blanchinus, Franciscus. s. Bianchini (F.) 

Blaneford, Henricus de. s. Trokelowe (I. de). 

BLAQUIERE, Edward, i. The Greek Revolution : 
its origin and progress. 2. Narrative of a second visit to 
Greece. 3. Letters from Greece, with remarks on the 
Treaty of Intervention. London^ 1825-1828, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BLARRU, Pierre de (Blarrorivus). Insigne Nan- 
ceidos opus de bello Nanceiano. Hac primum exaratura 
elimatissime nuperrime in lucem emissum. Impressum in 
celebri Lothoringie pago divi Nicolai de Portu per PetrU 
Jacobipbrfn, locipagatiu. Anno Christide incamatiois^ IS^S, 
fol. o. citr. mor. 

Fine woodcut of ^^Renaius Lothoringice Dux'*' on the title-page, 
and many spirited woodcuts. Bound with Guntherus. De Thou's 
copy, with, his arms and monogram. 

Blasco de Lanuza. S. ^URITA (G.) 

BLED A, Fray Jayme. Coronica de los Moros de 

Espafla. Dividida en octro libros. Valencia^ Felipe Mey^ 

161 8, 4to. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border. 

BLENCOWE, R. W. Sydney Papers ; consisting of a 
Journal of the Earl of Leicester and original Letters of 
Algernon Sydney. Edited with notes. Londony Murray, 
1825, 8vo. 

BLIGH, Lieut William. A Voyage to the South Sea, 
for the purpose of conveying the Bread-fruit tree to the 
West Indies, in his Majesty's Ship the Bounty, including 
an account of the mutiny on board the said ship, and the 
subsequent voyage of part of the crew. With charts. 
London, 1792, 4to. 

BLITH, Walter. The English Improver improved ; 


or, the Survey of Husbandry surveyed. (With fig.) Lan-- 
doftf 1652, small 4to. 

BLOME, Richard. Britannia ; or, a geographical de- 
scription of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 
with the isles and territories thereto belonging. London, 
1673, small fol. 

An Entire Body of Philosophy, s. Le Grand (A.) 

BLOMEFIELD, Francis. An Essay towards a 
topographical history of the county of Norfolk ; continued 
by the Rev. Charles Parkin. London, printed for Williatn 
Miller by W. Bulmer, 1805- 18 10, 11 vols. 4to. russia. Maps 
and plates. L. P. 

Blond, Alexandre le. s. Le Blond (A.) 

BLONDEL, Francois. L'Art de jetter les Bombes. 
La Haye, 1685. 

Title-page engraved by A. Schonenbeck. 

Nouvelle mani^re de fortifier les Places. Edition 

nouvelle. La Haye, 1686, 2 vols. bd. in one, i2mo. o. v. 

Cours d' Architecture enseignd dans TAcaddmie 

royale d'architecture. Seconde Edition corrigde. Paris^ 

1698, 2 vols. fol. 

Cours de Mathematiques qui contient la mathe- 

matique en gdndral, la geometric speculative, et la g^ometrie 
pratique ^ Tusage de Monseigneur le Dauphin. Paris , 1699, 
2 vols, bound in i, 4to. 

Histoire du Calandrier Romain, qui contient son 

origine et les divers changemens qui lui sont arrives. Paris, 

1699, 4to. 

Blondus, Flavius. s. Biondo (Fl.) 

BLOOMFIELD, Robert. The Farmer's Boy : a rural 
poem. Second edition. London, 1800, 8vo. 

Rural tales, ballads, and songs. London, 1802, 8vo. 


BLORE, Thomas. A history of the manor and manor- 
house of South Winfield, in Derbyshire. London^ I793i 4to. 

An account of the Public Schools, Hospitals, etc., in 

the borough of Stanford. Stanford^ 1813, 8vo. 

BLOUNT, Edward. A survey of the Great Duke's 
State of Tuscany, in the yeare of our Lord 1596. London^ 
1605, small 4to. 

Another copy. 

Bound with Dallington (R.) 

Horse Subsecivae. Observations and discourses. 

London^ 1620, Svo. o. oL mor. 

Blount, Sir Henry, s. Blunt (H.) 

BLOUNT, Thomas. Ancient tenures of Land, and 
jocular customs of some mannors. London^ i679i Svo. 

BLOUNT, Sir Thomas Popk De Re Poetica ; or, 
remarks upon poetry, with characters and censures of the 
most considerable poets, whether ancient or modem. Lon^ 
don, 1694, small 4to. 

With Charles Blount's autograph. 

BLUMENBACH, Johann Friedrich. De Generis 
humani varietate nativa liber. Editio altera longe auctior 
et emendation GoettingcBy 1781, Svo. With plates. 

Institutiones physiologies. Gottinga, 1784, Svo. 

BLUNDEVILLE, Thomas. A Briefe Description of 
universal Mappes and Cardes, and of their use ; and also the 
useof Ptholemeyhis tables. London, Roger Ward, i58g,4to. 
Black Letter. With mariners' quadrant to fold. 

The Theoriques of the seven Planets, shewing all 

their diverse motions, and all other accidents, called passions, 
thereunto belonging. London, Adam Islip, 1602, 4to. 

His Exercises, containing eight Treatises neces- 

sarie to be read and learned of all young gentlemen that 
have not beene exercised in such disciplines, and yet are 

BL U NT— BOA DEN. 219 

desirous to have knowledge as well in Cosmographie, Astro- 
nomie, and Geographie, as also in the art of Navigation. 
The fourth edition. London^ William Stansby^ i6iy Black 

BLUNT, or Blount, Sir Henry. Voyage into the 
Levant, being a brief relation of a journey lately performed 
from England by the way of Venice, into Dalmatia, Scla- 
vonia, Bosnia, Hungary, Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, 
Rhodes and Egypt, unto Grand Cairo. Landan^ 1638, 
small 4to. 

BLUNT, Rev. Henry. Twelve Lefctures upon the 
history of Abraham. London^ 1836, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Eight Lectures upon the history of Jacob. Lon- 

don, 1836, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Nine Lectures upon the history of St. Peter. 

Londofty 1836, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Twelve Lectures upon the history of St. Paul. 

London^ 1836, 2 parts, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Lectures upon the history of our Lord and 

Saviour Jesus Christ. London^ 1836, 3 parts, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Discourses upon some of the doctrinal articles of 

the Church of England. London^ 1836, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Sermons preached in Trinity Church, Upper 

Chelsea. London^ 1837, 8vo. mar. mor. 

Lectures on the history of Elisha. London^ 

1839, 8vo. 

BLUNT, Rev. John James. Vestiges of ancient 
manners and customs discoverable in modem Italy and 
Sicily. London^ 1823, 8vo. 

BO ADEN, James. Memoirs of the Life of John Philip 
Kemble, including a history of the Stage from the time of 
Garrick to the present period. With Kemble's portrait. 
London, 1825, 2 vols. 8vo. 


BO ADEN, James. The Life of Mrs. Jordan ; including 
original private correspondence, and numerous anecdotes of 
her contemporaries. With Mrs. Jordan's portrait London^ 
183 1, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BOATE, Gerard. Ireland's Natural! History. Lon- 
doHy 1652, i2mo. 

BOBALI, Saving di. Rime amorose e pastorali et 
Satire. Venetia, presso Aldo, 1589, small 4to. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Opere volgari corrette su 1 
testi a penna. Edizione prima. Firenze, Magkeri, 1827- 
1834, 17 vols. 8vo. c. 

Edited by J. Moutier. Vols. 1-4. Decameron. 5. Decameron, 
Corbaccio. 6. Fiammetta. 7-8. Filocolo. 9. Teseide. 10 12. Co- 
mento sopra Dante. 13. Filostrato. 14. Amorosa Visione, Caccia di 
Diana. 15. Vita di Dante^ Ameto. 16. Rime. 17. Ninfall Fieso- 
lano, Lettera. 

Genealogia Deorum gentilium. Venetiis^ Vindel- 

linus de Spira, 1472, fol. o. r. mor. 

A magnificent copy, but first sheets a little damaged 
Another copy. Fol. ol. mor. g. e. Dev. Arms. 

Genealogiae Joannis Boccatii : cum demonstra- 

tionibus in formis arborum designatis. Ejusdem de mon- 
tibus et sylvis. De fontibus : lacubus : et fluminibus. Ac 
etiam de stagnis et paludibus : necnon et de maribus : sen 
diversis maris nominibus. Venetiis, ductu et expensis nobilis 
viri D. Octaviani ScQti Civis Modoetiisis^ I493» fi^i^ i^- 
positusfuit huic operiper Boiietum Locatellum^ fol. russia, g. e. 

La Genealogia de gli Dei de Gentili. Tradotta per 

M. Giuseppe Betussi da Bassano. Venetia, Zoppini^ 1581, 
4to. o. br. mor. 

De Montibus ; sylvis ; fontibus ; lacubus ; flu- 
minibus ; stagnis ; seu paludibus ; de nominibus maris. 
Venetiis ( Vindelinus de Spira), 1473, fol. o. c. 


BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Libri Johanis Boccacij de 

Certaldo, de mulieribus claris ad Andrea de Acciaiolis de 

Florencia alteville comitissam. Per Johanem Czeiner de 

Reutlingen Ulme impressus^ I473> 4to. gr. mor. g. e. First 


Many woodcuts, some of which are coloured. 

Libro delle Donne illustri, tradotto per messer 

Giuseppe Betussi. Con una additione fatta dal medesimo 
delle donne famose dal tempo di M. Giovanni fino a ig^omi 
nostri ; et alcune altre state per inanzi. Con la vita del 
Boccaccio. Vinegia, Comin da TrinOj 1545, small 8vo. 

II libro Dechamerone altramente detto le Ceto 

Novelle. Composto per lo illustre Poeta Johane Boccatio da 
Certaldo. Impresso p A ntonio da strada Cremonese. Venesia, 
148 1, fol. c. g. e. 

An imperfect copy ; it wants the first sheet of the indeic, and sheets 
n. L and il vi. 

II Decameronedi M. Giovanni Boccaccio novamente 

corretto con tre novelle aggiunte. Impresso in Vinegia 
nelle Case d Aldo Romano, et S Andrea Asolano suo suocero 
nelT anno MDXXII. del mese di Novembre, 8vo. old calf, g. e. 

Renouard says 4to., but it is registered as 8vo. A fine copy, ruled 

II Decamerone di M. Giovanni Boccaccio nuova- 

mente corretto et con diligentia stampato M.D.XXVII. Im- 
presso in Firenze per li heredi di Philippo di Giunta ml- 
Fanno del Signore M.D.XXVII. A di XIIII. delmese d*Aprile, 8vo. 
o. r. mor. g. e. 

II Decamerone di M. Giovanni Boccaccio nuova- 

mente corretto et con diligentia stampato MDXXVll. Im- 
presso in Firenze per li heredi di Filippo di Giunta, MDXXVII. 
8vo. russia, g. e. by Hering. 

It is the counterfeit printed at Venice, in 1729, by PaHnello, at the 
expense of Salvator Ferrari. 

: II Decamerone nuovamente corretto, historiato, et 


con diligentia stampato. Venetian Giovan di Farri^ 1540, 

small 8vo. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border. Ten other woodcuts. It 
wants two leaves of the table at the end. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. II Decamerone. Vinegia, 
Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, 1546, 4to. 

Boccaccio's portrait and ten woodcuts. 

II Decamerone, nuovamente alia sua intera per- 

fettione, non meno nella scrittura, che nelle parole ridotto, 
per Girolamo RuscelH. Con le Dichiarationi, annotation!, 
et awertimenti del medesimo. Venetia^ Vincenzo Val- 
grisiOf 1552, 4to. 

II Decamerone, di nuovo ristampato, e riscontrato 

in Firenze con testi antichi, et alia sua vera lezione ridotto 
dal cavalier Lionardo Salviati. Seconda editione. Firettze^ 
Giunti, 1 582, 4to. 

II Decameron di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio. 

1527, 4to. 

Londra, Tho. EdliHy 1725. Rollis* Edition. A frontispiece engraved 
by Bacon. 

Another copy. o. c. Harley border. L. P. 

II Decamerone. Londra (JParigi)^ Marcello Prault, 

1768, 3 vols. i8mo. 

II Decameron. La Vita di Dante. Le Lettere. 

Milano, 1803, 4 vols. 8vo. Classici Italiani, vols. 6-9. 

Decamerone. Londra^ Guglielmo Pickeringy 1825, 

3 vols. 8vo. 

Foscolo's edition, preceded by his Discorso storico sul testo del 
Decamerone. Boccaccio's portrait by Worthington, from Raphael's 
design, and ten engravings by A. Fox, from designs by T. Stothard. 

II Decameron. Firenze^ Molini {edizione seconda) 

1827, i8mo. 

Le Cento novelle da Messer Vincenzo Brugiantino 

dette in ottava rima. s. Brusantino (V.) 



BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Annotationi et Discorsi 
sopra alcuni luoghi del Decameron di M. Giovanni Boc- 
caccio; fatte dalli molto magnifici sig. deputati da loro 
Altezze Serenissime, sopra la correttione di esso Boccaccio, 
stampato T anno 1573. Fiorenza^ Giunti, IS74> small 4to. 

A fine woodcut with Boccaccio's portrait 

Incomincia lopra de lo elegantissimo poeta et 

oratore gravissimo Misser Joanni Boccacio da Certaldo 
Fiorentino chiamata per nome Ameto overo Comoedia de 
Nymphe fiorentine. Impressa ne la amoenissima cita di 
Treviso per maistro Michele manzolo parmese ml anno de 
gratia 1479 al decimo de kalende Decembre^ small 4to« o. c 
margin i-j^ inch. 

Ameto. Fiorenza^ Heredi di Philippo de Giunta^ 

1 52 1, small 8vo. 

II Corbaccio. Parigi^ Federigo MareUo^ 'S^ft 

small 8vo. 

(La Fiammetta) Johannis Bochacii viri eloquentis- 

simi ad Flamettam Panphyli amatricem libellus matemo 
sermone aeditus. MCCCCLXXIL Die xxi. Marcii finis 
fuit Fiamete, Bar, Val {dezochio) Patavus F. F. Martinus 
de septe arboribus Prutenus, small 4to. bl. mor. 

The Roxburgh copy. 

La Fiammetta. Parma, Amoretti, 1800, 8vo. L. P. 

Laberinto d'Amore, con una epistola a messer 

Pino de Rossi confortatoria. Firenze, 15x6, small 8vo. 

Incomencia il libro primo di Florio e Bianzafiore 

chiamato Philocolo che tanto e a dire quanto amorosa faticha. 
Ipsso p. Doniinico da Vespola nel Iclyta cita de Milano nelli 
afii del Sigttor 1476, fol. r. mor. g. e. 

The Roxburgh copy. 

Eclc^uae. s. ViRGlLlUS. 

BOCCALINI, Trajano. De' Ragguagli del Pamaso. 
Vetiezia, Guerigli, 161 7. 2 vols. 4to. 


BOCCALINI, Trajano. De' RagguagH del Pamaso. 
Venetian Guerigli^ 1624. 2 vols bound in i, 4to. 

BOCCHI, ACHILLE. Symbolicarum quaestionum de 
universo genere quas serio ludebat, libri quinque. Rononue, 
1555, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Symbolicarum quaestionum, libri quinque. Bofto- 

nuBf 1574, 8vo. 

BOCCHI, Ottavio. Osservazioni sopra un antico 
Teatro scoperto in Adria. Venezia, 1739, 4to. 12 plates. 

BOCCONE, Paolo. Museo di Fisica e di esperienze, 
variato e decorato di osservazioni naturali, note medicinali, 
e ragionamenti secondo i principj de' modemL Venetia^ 
1697, 4to. 

Museo di piante rare della Sicilia, Malta, Corsica, 

Italia, Piemonte, Germania, etc. Venetia^ 1697, 4to. 

BOCH, Jean. Descriptio publicse gratulationis, spec- 
taculorum et ludorum, in adventu serenissimi principis 
Emesti Archiducis Austriae, Ducis Burgundiae . . anno 1594. 
XVIII Kalendas Julias, aliisque diebus Antuerpiae edito- 
rum. Cui est praefixa de Belgij Principatu a Romano in ea 
provincia Imperio ad nostra usque tempora brevis narratio. 
Antuerpi(By ex officina Plantiniana, aptid vidiiam et Joannem 
Moretuffiy 1595. fol. 

Tide enclosed within engraved border, and 33 plates by P. van der 

Historica Narratio profectionis et inaugurationis 

serenissimorum Belgij principum Alberti et Isabellas, 
Austriae Archiducum, et eorum optatissimi in Belgium 
adventus accurata descriptio. 

Pompae triumphalis et spectaculorum in adventu et in- 
auguratione serenissimorum principum Alberti et Isabellas . . 
Antuerpia exhibitorum, graphica descriptio. 

Descriptio pompae et gratulationis publicae, a senatu po- 


puloque Gandarensi ad inaugurationem Flandriae comitatus 
decretae, Maximo iEmyliano Urientio auctore, 

Descriptiotriumphi et spectaculorum, serenissimisPrinci- 
bus Alberto et Isabella in comitatum et civitatem Valentia- 
nam ingredientibus editorum : auctore Henrico d'Oultre- 

AntuerpuBy ex officina Plantiniana^ apud Joannem More- 
fum, 1602, fol. or. mor. g. e. 

Four titles enclosed within engraved borders, with portraits of 
Albert and Isabel in the first tide ; and 32 plates. 

BOCH ART, Samuel. Geographiae sacrae pars prior. 
Phaleg, seu de dispersione gentium et terrarum divisione 
facta in aedificatione Turris Babel. Cadomiy 1651, fol. 

Hierozaicon, sive bipartitum opus de animalibus 

Sacrae Scripturae. Londini, 1663, 2 vols. fol. 

Bochart's portrait by R. Lochan. 

BOCKLERN, Georg Andrea. Theatrum Machina- 
rum novum, exhibens aquarias, alatas, jumentarias, ma- 
nuarias, pedibus ac ponderibus versatiles, plures et diversas 
molas. Ex Germania in Latium recens translatum opera 
R. D. Henr. Schmitz. ColonuB Agrippincs, 1662, fol. 

Frontispiece and 154 plates. 

Architectura curiosa nova. In latinam linguam 

translata a Johanne Christophoro Sturmio. Norimbergcdy 
1664, 4 parts bound in i vol. fol. o. c 

Frontispiece and 200 plates. 

BODE, Jean Elert. Representation des Astres sur 
34 planches en taille-douce suivant TAtlas cdleste de 
Flamseed (sid)y avec une instruction sur la maniire de s*en 
servir et un catalogue complet d'Etoiles. Berlin, 1782, 4to. 
oblong, 35 plates. 

BODERIE, Mr. de la. s. Lefevre de la Boderie. 

BODIN, Jean. Les six livres de la Republique. Paris^ 
chez Jacques du Puys, 1577, fol. 



BODIN, Jean. De Jlepublica libri sex, latine ab autore 
redditi multo quam antea locupletiores, cum indice copio- 
sissimo. Parisiis, 1586, fol. 

The six books of a Commonweal ; out of the french 

and latin copies done into english by Richard KnoUes. 
London, 1606, fol. 

De la Demonomanie des Sorciers. Paris, Jacques 

du Puys, 1580, 4to. V. 

BODONI, GiAMBATTiSTA. Manuale Tipografico. 
Parma, presso la Vedova, 18 18, 2 vols, small fol. 

BOECKH, Augustus. The public economy of Athens, 
in four books ; to which is added a dissertation on the silver 
mines of Laurion. Translated from the German. London, 
Murray, 1828, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BOERHAAVE, Herman. A new method of 
Chemistry, including the theory and practice of that art. 
Translated by P. Shaw and E. Chambers, with additional 
notes and sculptures. London, 1727, 4to. 

Elementa Chemiae, quae anniversario labore docuit 

in publicis, privatisque scholis. Cum tabulis aeneis. Lug- 
duni Batavorum, 1732. 2 vols. 4to. 

Aphorismi de cognoscendis et curandis morbis. 

Lugduni Batavorum, 1737, i2mo. 

BOETHIUS, Anicius Manlius Severinus. (At the 

end — ) Hie Liber Boecij de Consolatione philosophie in 

textu latina alemanicaque lingua refertus ac translatus una 

cu apparatu et expositione beati Thomae de Aquino Ordinis 

Predicatorum finit feliciter Anno Domini 1473. 

Condidit hoc civis alufUs Nurembergensis 
Opus arte sua Antonius Goburger, 

Fol. o. citr. mor. 

Margin not cut. First sheet of text illuminated. 

-- — (At the end — ) Textus De phie consolacone : 
cii edicone comentaria beati Thome de Aquino ordinis 


pdicator. Antonij Coburgers civis itulite NurnbergensiU 
urbis industria fabrefactm finit feliciter 1476, fol. bl. mor. 
g. e. Margin 25 lines. 

BOETHIUS, Anicius Manlius Severinus. De Con- 
solatione Philosophic liber cum optimo c5mento beati 
Thome. Per Henricum QuenUll in Colonia^ I493> small 4to. 
russia, g. e. 

De Philosophise Consolatione. Florentia^ opera et 

impensa Philippi Juntce^ 1507, small 8vo. 

De Philosophise Consolatione. Ejusdem de scho- 

lastica Disciplina, qui alii quoque autori a nonnullis adscri- 
bitur. FlorentuBf Philippus de Giunta^ I5I3> small 8vo. o. r. 

Consolationis Philosophise libros V. interpretatione 

et notis illustravit Petrus Callyus in usum serenissimi 
DelphinL Lutetia Parisiorum, 1680, 4to. oL mor. g. e. 

Consolationis Philosophise libri V. Glasguce^ Foulis^ 

175 1, i2mo. r. mor. 

Consolationis Philosophise libri quinque. GlasgtuB^ 

FauliSf 175 ii small 4to. r. mor. 

His consolation of Philosophy, in five books. 

Translated into english by William Causton. London^ 
1730, 8vo. o. Cambr. 

His comforts of Philosophy, s. BELLAMY (D.) 

Commentarium in Martii TuUii Ciceronis librum 

Topicorum. Explicitum et impressum per Dominum Oli- 
verium Serviutn de Tholentino* Anno Domini 1484, small 
fol. o. c g. e. 

BoETius, Anselmus. s. Boot (A) 

BOH ADSCH, JOHANN Baptist. De quibusdam Ani- 
malibus marinis, eorumque proprietatibus, orbi litterario 
vel nondum vel minus notis, liber. Cum nonnullis tabulis 
aeri incisis, ab auctore super vivis animalibus delineatis. 
Dresday 1761, 4to. 



BOHRINGER, Friedrich. Die Kirche Christi und 
ihre Zeugen, oder die Kirchengeschichte in Biographieen. 
Zurich, 1842-1858, 7 vols. 8vo. 

BoHUN, Edmund, s. Dictionaries. 

BOHUN, Ralph. A discourse concerning the origine 
and properties of Wind, with an historical! account of Hur- 
ricanes, and other tempesteous winds. Oxford, 167 1, l2mo. 

BOIARDO, Matteo Maria, Conte di Scandiano. 
Orlando Innamorato, insieme coi tre Libri di Nicolo de gli 
Agostini, nuovamente riformato per Messer Lodovico 
Domenichi. Con gli. argomenti e le figure di nuovo ac- 
commodate al principio di ogni Canto, et la tavola di ci6, 
che neir opra si contiene. Vinegia, Comin da Trino, 1553, 
4to. o. gr. mor. g. e. 

Orlando Innamorato. s. BERN I (F.) 

s. Apuleius. 

BOILEAU DESPREAUX, Nicolas. CEuvres. Avec 
des ^claircissemens historiques donnez par lui-m^me. Genive, 
17 16, 2 vols. 4to. 

CEuvres. Avec des ^claircissemens historiques 

donnez par lui-meme. Nouvelle Edition, enrichie de figures 
gravies par Bernard Picart le Romain. Amsterdam, 17 18, 
2 vols. fol. 

CEuvres. Avec des ^claircissemens historiques 

donnez par lui-mfime. Nouvelle Edition revue, corrig^e et 
augment^e. Enrichie de figures gravies par Bernard Picart 
le Romain. La Haye, 1722, 4 vols. i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

CEuvres. Paris, Didot rAitU, 1788, 2 vols. i8mo. 

fr. c. g. e. 

CEuvres. Edition st^r^otype. Paris, Didot VAini, 

An VII. (1799), 2 vols. i2mo. gr. m. 

CEuvres Po^tiques. Parma, Veuve Bodoni, 18 14, 

2 vols. imp. fol. br. mor. g. e. 


BOILLOT, Joseph. Modelles, artifices de feu, et 
divers instrumens de guerre, avec les moyens de s'en preva- 
loir pour assieger, battre, surprendre et defendre toutes les 
places. ChaumonUen-Bassigny^ I59S» small 4to. 

BOISARD, J. Traite des Monoyes. Augment^ d*un 
Trait^ pour Tinstruction des monoyeurs et des negocians en 
matieres d'or et d'argent. Paris, 171 1, i2mo. plates. 

BOISGELIN, Pierre- Marie- Louis de. Travels 
through Denmark and Sweden, to which is prefixed a 
journal of a voyage down the Elbe from Dresden to Ham- 
burg. London^ 18 10, 2 vols. 4to. 

BOISSARD, Jean Jacques. Emblematum liber. Em- 
blemes latins de J. J. Boissard, avec Tinterpretation fran- 
5oise du S. Pierre Joly Messin. Metis, Abrahamus Faber^ 
1584, small 4to. 

Icones diversorum hominum fama et rebus gestis 

illustrium. Metis Medriomattcum excudebat Abrahamus 
Faber, 1591, small 4to. 

Icones virorum illustrium doctrina et eruditione 

prxstantium ad vivum effictae, cum eorum vitis descriptis 
a Jano Jacobo Boissardo Vesuntino. Omnia recens in ses 
artificiose incisa, et demum foras data per Theodorum de 
Bry Leodien. Francofurti, 1 597-1 599, 4 vols, small 4to. 
200 plates. First Edition. 

Bibliotheca, sive Thesaurus virtutis et gloriae ; in 

quo continentur illustrium eruditione et doctrina virorum 
effigies et vitae, summa diligentia accurate descriptae et in 
centurias distributee per Janum Jacobum Boissardum. Ar- 
tificiosissime in aes incisae a Joan. Theodor. de Bry. 
Francofurti, sumptibus Guilielmi Fitzeri, 1628- 1630, 3 vols, 
small 4to. 

1st and 2nd vol of the 2nd edit and 3rd vol. of the ist edit, 1599. 

Bibliotheca Chalcog^raphica illustrium virorum, col- 

lectore Janjacobo o Boissardo, sculptore Jano Theod. de 


Bry (et Seb. Furckio et Clem. Ammonio). Francofurti et 

Heidelberga, 1650-1664, S parts in I vol. small 4to. 392 


BOISSARD, Jean Jacques. Tractatus posthumus 

de Divinatione et magicis Praestigiis, quarum Veritas ac 

vanitas solide exponitur per descriptionem Deorum Fati- 

dicorum qui oHm responsa dederunt . . . Adjunctis simul 

omnium effigiebus aeri incisis per Johannem Theo- 

dorum de Bry. Oppenheitnii^ typis Hieranymi Galleri^ foL 

Title enclosed within engraved border; Boissard and De Br/s 
portraits, and 58 plates. 

Romans Urbis Topographia et Antiquitates quibus 

succincte et breviter describuntur omnia, quae tam publice 
quam privatim videntur animadversione digna. Tabula 
chorographica totius Italiae : figurae aliquot eleganter in 
aere incisae ; artifice Theodoro de Bry Leod. cive fra, om 
foras recens edita. Francfordij^ 1 597-1602, 6 parts in 2 
vols. fol. First edition. 

Very fresh proofs of the prints. 

Romanae Urbis Topc^^raphia, et Antiquitates. 

Francfordij, 1600, fol. 

Only Parts IV. and V. of the second edition. 

BOLINGBROKE, Henry. Voyage to the Demerary, 
containing a statistical account of the Settlements there, 
and of those of the Essequebo, the Barbice and other con- 
tiguous rivers of Guyana. London^ 1807, 4to. 


John (H.) 

BoLLA, Bartholommeo. s. Arena (A.) 

BOLLETTI, Giuseppe Gaetano. Deir Origine e de' 
progressi dell* Istituto delle Scienze di Bologna. Bologna, 
1763, 8vo. 4 plans. 

BOLTON, Robert. Some general directions for a 
comfortable walking with God. 3rd edition. London, 1630, 
small 4to. 


BOLTON, Samuel. The dead Saint speaking to saints 
and sinners living ; in several treatises. London^ 1657, small 

BOLZANO, Urbano. Grammaticae institutiones ad 
graecam ling^am. Venetiis^ Aldus ^ 1566, small 8vo. 

BOMARE, Valmont de. s. Valmont de Bomare. 

BONAMICI, Castruccio. Commentariorum de bello 
Italico libri IIL Lugduni Batavarum^ 1750-1751,4 parts 
in 2 vols. 8vo. L. P. 

De rebus ad Velitras gestis commentarius ad Tro- 

janum Aquavivam Aragonium. Editio altera. Lugduni 
Batavorum^ 17 $2, 8vo. 

albano. Dell' antica Siracusa illustrata libri IL Messina, 
Pietro Brea, 1624, small 4to. o. r. mor. 

Delle antiche Siracuse volume primo, che contienc 

i libri due della Siracusa illustrata da D. Giacomo Bonanni e 
Colonna. Volume secondo, che contiene gli Scrittori ante- 
riori al Bonanni, cio^ le dichiaragioni della pianta ec. de- 
scritte da^D. Mirabella. Palermo^ ^7^7$ 2 vols. fol. L. P. 

BONANNI, FiLiPPO. Recreatio mentis et occuli in 
observatione animalium testaceorum. Roma, 1684, 4to. 

Observationes circa viventia quae in rebus non 

viventibus reperiuntur. Microg^raphia curiosa. Roma, 1691^ 

Numismata summorum Pontificum templi Vati- 

cani fabricam indicantia, chronologica ejusdem fabricae 
narratione, ac multiplici eruditione explicata. Atque 
uberiori numismatum omnium pontificiorum lucubration! 
veluti prodromus praemissa. Opus secundo impressum 
cum correctione, et additamento. Roma, 1696 et 1700, foL 
o. r. mor. g. e. 

Ninety plates by G. Frezza, A. Specchi, F. Bonanni, and others. 

Numismata summorum Pontificum templi Vatican! 


fabricam indicantia, etc. Opus tertio impressum cum cor- 
rectione, et additamento. RonuBy 171 5, fol. 90 plates. 

BON ANN I, FiLTPPO. Numismata Pontificum Romano- 
rum quae a tempore Martini V. usque ad annum 1699, vel 
authoritate publica, vel privato genio in lucem prodiere, 
explicata, ac multiplici eruditione sacra et prophana illus- 
trata. RonuB, 1699, 2 vols. fol. 

Frontispiece by G. B. Lenardi, and 94 plates by G. Frezza, A. 
Westerhout and others. 

Ordinum Religiosorum in ecclesia militant! Cata- 

logus, eorumque indumenta in iconibus expressa. (Lat ItaL) 
Roma, 1 704- 1 707, 2 vols. 4to. 244 plates. 

Ordinum Equestrium et Militarium catalogus, in 

imaginibus expositus et cum brevi narratione. (Lat Ital.) 

RoffuSy 171 1, 4to. 

Frontispiece and 166 plates. 

Musaeum Kircherianum, sive musaeum a patre 

Athanasio Kirchero in Collegio Romano Societatis Jesu 

' jam pridem incaeptum ; nuper restitutum, auctum, descrip- 

tum, et iconibus illustratum. Ronug^ I709» fol. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Portrait of Francesco Maria Ruspoli, Prince of Cerveteri, by H. 
Van Westerhout, after A. David, and 173 plates. 

BONAPARTE, Louis, ex-king of Holland. Docu- 
mens historiques et reflexions sur le gouvemement de la 
Hollande. Paris^ 1820, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Histoire du Parlement Anglais depuis son origine 

en Tan 1234 jusqu'en Tan VII. de la Rdpublique Fran^aise, 
suivie de la Grande Charte. Avec des notes autc^raphes de 
Napoleon. Paris, 1820, 8vo. 

BONAPARTE, Lucien. Charlemagne, ou I'Eglise 
d^livrde, po^me 6pique en 24 chants. Londres, 18 14, 2 
vols. 4to. 

Charlemagne. Translated by the Rev. S. Butler, 

and the Rev. Francis Hodgson. London, 1815, 2 vols. 4to. 


BONAPARTE, Napol£on, Emperor. Correspondance 
in^dite officielle et confidentielle avec les Cours ^trang^res, 
les Princes, les Ministres et les G^n^raux fran^ais et 
Strangers, en Italie, en Allemagne et en Egypte. Paris^ 
1809-1820^ 7 vols. 8vo. 

M^moires pour servir k Thistoire de France sous 

Napolton, Merits i Sainte-H^l^ne, sous la dictde de I'Em- 
pereur, par les G^n^raux qui ont partag^ sa captivity, et 
publics sur les manuscrits enti^rement corrig^s de sa main. 
Londres, 1823-1828, 8 vols. 8vo. 

Bound uniformly with Las Cases, Memorial de Sainte-HA^ne, 

4 vols. ; Antonmarchi, Demiers Momens de Napol^n, 2 vols. ; and 

5 A VARY, due de Rovigo, M^moires ^dits de sa main, 4 vols. In all 
18 vols, labelled Mhnoires de Napoldon, 

BONARELLI, Conte Guidobaldo. Filli di Sciro, 
favola pastorale. Parigi^ Cramoisy^ 1656, 4to. L. P. 

Another copy. 4to. 

Bound with Tasso's Aminta. 

BONARELLI, Conte Prospero. II Solimano, tra- 
gedia. Firenze^ Ceccancelliy 1620, 4to. 

Title-page and five plates, by J. Callot 

BONATTI, GuiDO. De Astronomia tractatus X. 
universum quod ad judiciariam rationem nativitatum, a^ris, 
tempestatum, attinet, comprehendentes. Adjectus est CI. 
Ptolomaei liber Fructus, cum commentarijs Georgij Tra- 
pezuntij. Basilea, 1550, foL 

BONAVENTURA, Federico, da Urbino. Anemo- 
logia ; id est, de afTectionibus, signis, causisque Ventorum, 
ex Aristotele, Theophrasto, ac Ptolomaeo tractatus. i/r- 
bini, 1593. — De causa Ventorum motus, peripatetica dis- 
ceptatio. Urbini^ IS92. — Pro Theophrasto, atque Alexandre 
Aphrodisiensi, de vero tempore ortus, atque occasus Orionis, 
Apologia. Urbini, 1592. — Claudii Ptolemaei inerrantium 
stellarum apparitiones, ac significationum coUectio. Latini- 
tate donatus; scholiisque nonnullis illustratus. Urbini, 

1 592, small 4to. 

R. Bentle/s copy, with his autograph and a MS. note. 



BONET, Juan Pablo. Reduction de las letras, 
y arte para ensenar a ablar los Mudos. Madrid^ 1620, 
small 4to. Cambr. 

BONFADIO, Jacopo. Annalium Genuensium ab anno 
1528 recuperatae libertatis usque ad annum 1550 libri 
quinque. Papim, Bartolus^ iS^^i small 4to. 

BONGO, PlETRO. Petri Bungi Bergomatis Numero- 
rum mysteria ex abditis plurimarum disciplinarum fonti- 
bus hausta : opus maximarum rerum doctrina et copia refer- 
tum. Postrema hac editione ab auctore ipso copioso indice 
et ingenti appendice auctum. Lutetia Parisiorum, i6i8,4to. 

BONIFACE, Alexandre. Dictionnaire Fran9ais- 
Anglais et Anglais-Fran^ais, r^dig^ d'apr^s un nouveau 
plan. Paris ^ 1835, ^ vols. 8vo. 

BONIFACIUS, Sanctus, Archiepiscopus Moguntinus. 
Opera quae extant omnia nunc primum in Anglia, ope 
codicum manuscriptorum editionumque optimarum, edidit 
J. A Giles. Londiniy Nutty 1844, 2 vols. 8vo. 

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la Rtforme. XV. siMe, Jean Hus et le Concile de Con- 
stance. Paris, 1845, 2 vols. 8vo. 

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Carmina. London, Tonson, 1720, 24mo. 

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de philosophie (avec fig.) Neuchatel, 1779- 1783, 8 vols, in 
10 parts, 4to. 

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moirs, containing an account of the late war in Italy. Like- 
wise the secret intrigues of France, Spain, Savoy. Translated 
from the French. The second edition, corrected. West^ 
minster, 1736, 8vo. 

BONNOR, Honor£ de. Arbre des batailles. Imprime 

a Lyd Lan M«7cccCLXXXL et le xxiin. iour de decebre. 

Small fol. o. c. 

The Roxburghe copy. 


BONNUS, Hermannus. Lubeci Chronicorum libri 
tres, primum germanice notati, deinde a Justino Goblero 
in latinum versi. Una cum orationibus duabus ejusdem 
Justini Gobleri in obitum Erici ducis Brunsvicensis. Bast- 
lea^ I543i small 8vo. fine o. Cambr. 

BONTIER, F. Pierre. Histoire de la premiere des- 
couverte et conqueste des Canaries, s. Canaries. 

BOOLE, George. An Investigation of the laws of 
thought, on which are founded the mathematical theories 
of logic and probabilities. London and Cambridge^ 1854, 
8vo. Sp. c 

A Treatise on Differential Equations. Cambridge^ 

1859, small 8vo. 

Boos, Martin, s. Gossner (J.) 

BOOT, Anselmus Boetius de. Gemmarum et Lapi- 
dum historia . . . Adrianus Tollius recensuit, figruris me- 

lioribus, et commentariis illustravit. Tertia editio 

Cui accedunt Joannis de Laet de Gemmis et Lapidibus 
libri II. et Theophrasti liber de Lapidibus Gr. et Lat 
cum brevibus notis. Lugduni Batavorum^ Joa. Maire, 1647, 

BOOTH, Abraham. The Death of legal Hope, the 
life of evangelical Obedience. London^ ^770t 8vo. 

The Reign of Grace. London^ 1771, 8vo. 

Pxdobaptism examined. The second edition. 

London^ lyijf 2 vols. i2mo. 

A Defence of Pxdobaptism examined. London^ 

1792, i2mo. 

Glad Tidings to perishing Sinners. Second edition. 

London^ 1800, i2mo. 

BOOTHBY, Sir Brooke. Observations on the appeal 
from the new to the old Whigs, and on Mr. Paine's Rights 
of Man. London^ 1792, 8vo. 

Sorrows sacred to the memory of Penelope. Lon^ 

don, 1796, fol. with plates. 


BOOTHBY, Sir Brooke. Fables and Satires. Edin- 
burgh^ 1809, 2 vols. i2mo. 


BORCH, Michel Jean, Comte de. Lettres sur la 
Sicile et sur I'lle de Malthe, Rentes en 1777. Turin^ 17S2, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

Min^ralogie Sicilienne docimastique et m^tal- 

lurgique. Suivie de la Min^hydrologie Sicilienne, ou la 
description de toutes les Eaux Min^rales de la Sicile. 
Turin, 1780, 8vo. 

BORELy Pierre. Tresor des recherches et antiquitez 
Gauloises et Francoises reduites en ordre alphab^tique 
et enrichies de beaucoup d'origines, epitaphes et autres 
choses rares et curieuses, comme aussi, de beaucoup de 
mots de la langue Thyoise ou Theuthfranque. Paris, chez 
Augustin Courbl, 1655, 4to. 

Donum Anthoris. 

BORELLI, GiANNALFONSO. Euclides restitutus, sive 
prisca Geometriae elementa. Pisis, 1658, small 4to. 

Theories Mediceorum planetarum ex caussis phy- 

sicis deducts. Florentia, 1666, small 4to. 

De VI percussionis liber. Bononue, 1667, 4to. 

Historia et meteorologia incendii -/Etnae anni 

1669. Accessit responsio ad censuras Fabri contra librum 
de Vi percussionis. Regio Julio, 1670, small 4to. 

De Motu Animalium. Roma, 1680-168 1, 2 vols. 4to. 

De Motu Animalium. Editio novissima. Additas 

sunt Joannis Bernouillii Meditationes mathematics de motu 
musculorum. Lugduni Batavarum, 1710, 2 vols, bound in 
I, small 4to. 

BORELLI, Pietro. De vero Telescopii inventore, 
cum brevi omnium Conspiciliorum historia. Accessit cen- 
turia observationum Microscopicarum. Haga Comitutn, 
1655, 8vo. 


BORGHINI, Raffaello. II Riposo, in cui della Pittura 
e della Scultura si favella. Fioretiza^ Marescotti^ 1584, 
small 8vo. 

II Riposo. Milano, 1807, 3 vols. 8vo. Classici 

ITALIANI, vols. 145 — 147. 

Diana pietosa, comedia pastorale. Firenze^ Giorgio 

Marescotti, 1587, 12 mo. 

BORGHINI, ViNCENZO. Discorsi, con le Annotazioni 
di Domenico Maria Manni. MilanOy 1809, 4 vols. 8va 

Classici Italiani, vols. 148—151. 

BoRiNGDON, John Parker, Lord. s. Parker (J.) 

BORJ A, Francesco de. Las obras en verso. Madrid^ 
1648, small 4to. old calf. 

BORLASE, William. Observations on the Antiqui- 
ties, historical and monumental, of the county of Cornwall. 
Oxford, 1754, fol. L. P. 

Twenty-four plates and several vignette cuts, by Jas. Green. 

Antiquities, historical and monumental, of the 

county of Cornwall. The second edition, revised, with 
several additions, by the author ; to which is added a map 
of Cornwall, and two new plates. London^ 1769, fol. L. P. 

Another copy, bound with Whitehurst (John) 

On the Original State, etc. of the Earth, and BARTON 
(Richard), Lectures on Natural Philosophy. 4to. 

The Natural History of Cornwall. Illustrated 

with a new sheet map of the County, and twenty-eight folio 
copperplates from original drawings on the spot. Oxford^ 
1758, fol. Russia, g. e. L. P. 

Observations on the ancient and present state of 

the Islands of Scilly, and their importance to the trade of 
Great Britain, in a letter to the Rev. Charles Lyttelton. 
Oxford, 1756, 4to. 

BORN, IGNAZ, Edler von. Lithophylacium Bomianum. 


Index Fossilium, quae collegit et in classes ac ordines dis- 
posuit. PragcBy 1772, 8vo. 

BORN, Ignaz, Edler von. Briefe iiber mineralogische 
G^enstande, auf seiner Reise durch das Temeswarer 
Bannat, Siebenbiirgen, Ober-und Nieder-Hungam. Frank- 
furt und Leipzigy 1774, 8vo. 

Travels through the Bannat of Temeswar, Tran- 
sylvania, and Hungary, in the year 1770, translated from 
the German, by R. E. Raspe. London^ ^7779 8vo. 

tJber das Anquicken der gold- und silberhaltigen 

Erze, Rohsteine, Schwarzkupfer und Hiittenspeise. Wien^ 
1786, 4to. plates. 

M^thode d'extraire les mdtaux parfaits et autres 

substances m^talliques par le Mercure. Avec 21 planches. 
Vienne, 1788, 4to. 

Abhandlungen einer Privatgesellschaft in Bohmen. 

s. Academies. 

BORNITIUS, Jacobus. De nummis in republica per- 
cutiendis et conservandis libri duo. Hanovria^ iypis IVeche- 
lianis, 1608, small 8vo. 

BOROMINI, Francesco. Opus architectonicum ex 
ejusdem exemplaribus petitum. Oratorium nempe, ^des- 
que Romans RR. PP. Congregat Oratorii S. PhiL Nerii, 
etc. (Lat et Ital.) Roma, 1725, fol. max. old calf. 

BORRICHIUS, Olaus. Cogitationes de variis latinae 
linguae aetatibus, et scripto Gerardi Joannis Vossii de vitiis 
sermonis. Accedit ejusdem defensio adversus Gasparum 
Scioppium. HafnuB, 1675, small 4to. 

Analecta ad cogitationes de lingrua latina. Ac- 
cedit appendix de lexicis latinis et g^cis. Hafnia, 1682, 
small 4to. 

De antiqua urbis Romae facie. Hafnue, 1686, 8vo. 

BORROMEO, San Carlo. Les discours faits aux 
Conciles provinciaux qu'il a tenus 4 Milan, et dans son der- 


nier Synode diocesain. Chaalons^ chez Jacques Seneuze, 1663, 
i8mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

BORROW, George. The Bible in Spain, or the jour- 
neys, adventures, and imprisonments of an Englishman in 
an attempt to circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula. 
London, Murray , 1843, 3 vols. 8vo. 

dans les quatre principales lies des mers d'Afrique fait par 
ordre du Gouvemement pendant les ann^es neuf et dix de la 
R^publique, (1801, 1802). Paris, chez Buisson, 1804, 3 vols. 
8vo. et Collection de planches, 4to. 

BOS, Lambert. Ellipses g^cse ex editione Godofredi 
Henrici Schxfer. Subjiciuntur Benjamini Weiske pleonasm! 
linguae graecae, necnon Godofredi Hermanni dissertatio de 
ellipsi et pleonasmo in graeca lingrua. Oxonice, 18 13, 8vo. 

BOSC D' ANTIC, Paul. CEuvres, contenant plusieurs 
m^moires sur Tart de la verrerie, sur la falencerie, la poterie, 
Tart des forges, la min^ralogie, T^lectricit^ et la m^decine. 
Paris, 1780, 2 vols. i2mo. 

BOSC-DUBOUCHET. Le Conseil de Momus, et la 
reviie de son regiment, poeme calotin. {Paris, 173 1), 8vo. 
Without the author's name. Three plates. 

BOSCHINI, Marco. II r^no tutto di Candia deli- 
neato a parte a parte et intagliato. Venetia, 165 1, 4to. 
o. r. mor. g. e. 

L' Arcipelago con tutte le isole, scogli, secche e 

bassi fondi. Venetia, 1658, small 4to. 

Descrizione di tutte le publiche pitture della citti 

di Venezia e isole circonvicine. Venezia, 1733, small 8vo. 
r. mor. g. e. 

BOSCOVICH, Ruggiero Giuseppe. Dissertationes 
quinque ad dioptricam pertinentes. Vittdobonce, 1767, 4to. 

Giomale di un viaggio da Constantinopoli in Po- 

lonia. Bassano, 1784, 8vo. gr. c. L. P. 


BOSCOVICH, RuGGiERO Giuseppe. Opera pertinen- 
tia ad opticam et astronomiam, maxima ex parte nova et 
omnia hucusque inedita. Bassani, 1785, 5 vols. 4to. 

BOSIO, Antonio. Roma sotterranea, opera postuma 
di Antonio Bosio, compita, disposta, accresciuta da Gio- 
vanni Severani . . . nella quale si tratta de' sacri cimiterii di 
Roma, del sito forma et uso antico di essi . . . nuovamente 
visitati e riconosciuti dal Sig^ Ottavio Pico. Pubblicata da 
Carlo Aldobrandino. Ronuiy 1632, imp. fol. o. v. 

BOSIO, GlACOMO. Histoire des Chevaliers de FOrdre 
de S. Jean de Hierusalem, trad, en fran^ois par B. S. D. L. 
(Boissat Sieur de Lucien). Divis6e par chapitres et aug- 
ment^e de sommaires d'annotations . . . par J. Baudoin. Der- 
niire Edition, enrichie de figures, et illustr^e d'une ample 
dironologie, des vies des Grands Maitres, etc., par F. A 
de Naberat Paris, Jofyy 1659, ^1- o. c 

BOSMAN, William. A new and accurate description 
of the Coast of Guinea divided into the Gold, the Slave, 
and the Ivory Coasts. London^ 1705, 8vo. 

BOSSE, Abraham. La mani^re universelle de M. 
Desargues Lyonnais pour poser Tessieu, et placer les heures 
aux cadrans solaires. (Avec figures.) Paris, 1643, 8vo. 

La practique du trait i preuves de M. Desargues 

pour la coupe des pierres en Tarchitecture. (Avec figures.) 
Paris ^ 1643, 8vo. 

Diverses figures a Teau forte de petits amours, 

anges vollants, et enfans. Ensemble plusieurs sortes de 
Masques de Tinvention de Paul Farinaste, Italien. Paris^ 
1644, small 8vo. 

Traits des mani^res de graver en taille douce sur 

Tairain. (Avec figures.) Paris, 1645, 8vo. calf. 

Sentimens sur la distinction des diverses mani^res 

de peinture. Paris, 1649, i2mo. o. v. 

Le Pdntre converti aux precises et universelles 

regies de son art. Paris, 1667, small 8vo. 

BOSS£^'BOSS[/T. 241 

BOSSE, Abraham. Traits des mani^res de graver en 
taille-douce sur Tairain ; revCi et augment^ par M. Le Clerc. 
Paris, 1 701, small 8vo. 

Traits des mani^res de dessiner les ordres de 

Tarchitecture antique en toutes leurs parties. Paris, 1664, 

BOSSO, GiROLAMO. De Toga Romana commentarius; 
Accedit ex Philippo Rubenio iconismus status togatae et 
de modo gestandi togam ex Ferrario dissertatio. Amstel(h 
dami, Andrea Frisius, 1671, 24mo. o. v. with plate. 

Bound with SOLERIUS (A.) 

BOSSU, M. Nouveaux voyages aux Indes Orientates. 
Paris, 1768. 2 parts in i voL i2mo. 

Nouveau voyage dans TAm^rique Septentrionale. 

Amsterdam, 1778, 8vo. 

BOSSUET, Jacques-Benigne, Evfique de Meaux. 
CEuvres completes. Paris, Lefivre, 1836, 12 vols, royal 8vo. 

Discours sur THistoire universelle i Monseigneur 

le Dauphin : pour expliquer la suite de la religion, et les 
changemens des empires. Depuis le commencement du 
monde jusqu'ii Tan 1700 inclusivement. Paris, 1771, 2 
vols. i2mo. 

Recueil des oraisons funibres. Paris, 1774, i2mo. 

Discorso sopra la storia universale. Venezia, 1723, 

2 vols. i2mo. bound in i. 

BOSSUIT, FRAN901S Van. Cabinet de Tart de la 
sculpture ex^cut^ en ivoire, ou ^bauch^ en terre, et graves 
d'apr^s les dessins de Barent Grant par Mattys Pool Avec 
103 pieces. Amsterdam, 1727, 4to. 

BOSSUT, Charles. Nouvelles experiences sur la 
resistance des fluides par MM. Alembert, Condorcet, et 
Bossut UAbbe Bossut rapporteur. Paris, 1777, 8vo. 

Traite th^orique et experimental d'Hydrodynami- 

que. Paris, 1 786, 2 vols. 8vo. 



BOSSUT, Charles. Essai sur Thistoire g^n^rale des 
Math^matiques. Paris, 1802, 2 vols. 8vo. 

et VIALLET, Guillaume. Recherches sur la 

construction la plus avantageuse des Digues. Paris, 1764, 4to. 

BOSWELL, James. An account of Corsica, the Jour- 
nal of a tour to that island, and memoirs of Pascal Paoli 
(with Paoli's portrait). Third edition, corrected. London, 
1769, 8vo. 

The Journal of a tour to the Hebrides with Samuel 

Johnson, with an authentic account of the distresses and 
escape of the grandson of King James II. in the year 1746. 
London^ 1785, 8vo. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., comprehending 

an account of his studies and numerous works in chrono- 
logical order ; a series of his epistolary correspondence and 
conversations with many eminent persons, and various 
original pieces of his composition never before published. 
London, 1791, 2 vols. 4to. portrait 

The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., including a 

Journal of his Tour to the Hebrides. To which are added 
anecdotes by Hawkins, Piozzi, Murphy, Tyers, Reynolds, 
Steevens, etc., and notes by various hands. London, Murray, 
183S, 10 vols. i2mo. c. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Oxford, 1836, 

4 vols. 8vo. 

Boswell's portrait engraved by Worthington, after Reynolds. 
BOTANY. Demonstrations ^lementaires de Botanique. 
Lyon, 1773, 2 vols, bound in i, 8vo. 

BOTERO, Monsignor GIOVANNI. De* Principi Chris- 
tiani. Torino, 1601, 8vo. o. c. 

I Capitani. Torino, 1607, 8vo. o. c. 

Le Relationi universali. Con le figure e due copio- 

sissime tavole. Nuovamente ristampate, et corrette. Ve- 
netia, 1607- 1608, 2 parts in I vol. small 4to. o. c. 


BOTERO, Monsignor Giovanni. La Primavera. 
Opera piena di concetti rarissimi, e di mirabili curiositii di 
ogni sorte. Le rime spirituali del medesimo. Torino^ 1609, 
8vo. o. c. 

Detti memorabili di personaggi illustri. Brescia^ 

1610, 8vo. o. c. 

BOTT, Thomas. An Answer to the rev. Mr. War- 
burton's Divine Legation of Moses, in three parts. London^ 
1743, 8vo. 

BOTT A, Carlo. Storia d* Italia continuata da quella 
del Guicciardini sino al 1789. Parigi, 1832, 10 vols. 8vo. 

Storia d' Italia dal 1789 al 1814. Parigi, 1832, 

4 vols 8vo. 

BOTTARI, Giovanni. Raccolta di Lettere sulla pit- 
tura, scultura ed architettura scritte dai pii!i celebri personaggi 
dei secoli XV, XVI, e XVII ; pubblicata da M. Giovanni 
Bottari, e continuata fino ai nostri giorni da Stefano Ticozzi. 
Milano, Silvestri, 1822-1825, 8 vols. i6mo. 

BOTTIGER, C. W. Geschichte des Kurstaates und 
Konigreiches Sachsen. Hamburg, 1830-183 1, 2 vols. 8vo. 
s. Heeren and Ukert. 

BOTTONI, DOMENICO. Pyrologia typographica, id 
est de igne dissertatio juxta loca, cum eorum descriptione. 
Neapoliy 1692, small 4to. 

BOUCHARD, Alain. Les chroniques Annalles des 

pays d*angleterre et bretaigne, contenant les faictz et gestes 

des roys et princes qui ont regn6 oudit pays . . . faictes et 

redigees par noble homme et saige maistre Alain bouchard 

. . . et depuis augmentees et continuees jusques en Lan 

Mil cinq ces XXXI. Imprifnees a Paris par Antlioine cou- 

steau imprimeur le Unzieme jour de Septembre Mil cinq cens 

XXXI . Pour Jehan petit et Galliot du pre libraires^ fol. 

Titles enclosed within woodcut border, and several fine woodcuts. 
The mark at the end is different from that given by Brunet ; it is 
Petit's usual mark. 


BOUCHER, Jean. Sermons de la simul^e conversion 

et nullit6 de la prdtendue absolution de Henri de Bourbon, 

Prince de Beam, i S. Denys en France, le dimanche, 

25 juillet, 1593 ; sur le sujet de TEvangile du mesme jour : 

Attendite a falsis P raphe tiSy etc, Matth. 7. Prononcez en 

Teglise S. Merry i Paris, depuis le premier jour d'aoust 

prochainement suyvant, jusques au neufiesme dudict mois. 

Small 8vo. 

Part of the title-page being cut out, place and date cannot be ascer- 
tained, but it seems Paris, 1 594. 1 2 pages of title, epistre au lecteur and 
table, 625 pages of text, and 23 pages of lettres, et table des toutes les 

BOUCHET, Jean. Les Annales d'Aquitaine, faicts et 
gestes en sommaire des roys de France et d'Angleterre, 
pays de Naples et de Milan. Augmentees de plusieurs 
pieces rares et historiques extraictes des Bibliothecques, et 
recueillies par A. Mounin. Dedi6es a Monseigneur le Due 
de la Roche-Foucault. Edition derniere. Poictiers^ Abra^ 
ham Mounin f 1644. 

Frontispiece, and La Roche- Foucault's portrait, by Bechellier. 

Les Memoires et recherches de France, et de la Gaule 
Aquitanique, du sieur Jean de la Haye, baron des Coutaux. 
contenant Torigine des Poictevins. Poictiers, A, Mounin^ 


De rUniversit^ de la ville de Poictiers, du temps de 
son erection, du Recteur, et officiers, et privileges de ladite 
University. Poictiers, A, Mounin, 1643. 

Three parts in i voL foL o. c. 

BOUELLES, Charles de. Geometrie Practique. 
Paris^ ISSS, small 4to. 

BOUGAINVILLE, Louis Antoine, Comte de. Voya- 
ge autour du monde par la fregate du Roi la Boudeuse 
et la FlCite I'Etoile en 1766, 7, 8 et 9. Paris, 1771, 4to. 

BOUGUER, Pierre {Ph^e). Trait6 complet de la Navi- 
gation. Paris, 1698, 4to. 


BOUGUER, Pierre {Fils). Essai d'Optique, sur la 
gradation de la lumi^re. Paris, 1729, i2mo. 

Traits du Navire, de sa construction et de ses 

mouvemens. Paris, 1746, 4to. 

Nouveau traits de Navigation, contenant la thforie 

et la pratique du pilotage. Paris, 17SS, 4to. 

Nouveau traitd de Navigation. RevA et abr^g^ 

par Mr. de La Caille. Paris, 1760, 8vo. 

r De la Manoeuvre des vaisseaux, ou trait^ de 

mechanique et de dynamique. Paris, 1757, 4to. 

Entretiens sur la cause de Tinclinaison des orbites 

des Plan^tes. Seconde Edition. Paris, 1748, 4to. 

- La figure de la Terre determin^e par les observa- 
tions de Messieurs Bouguer et De la Condamine . . . envoyes 
par ordre du Roy au P^rou pour observer aux environs de 
TEquateur, avec une relation abreg^e de ce voyage. Paris ^ 
1749, 4to. 

De la M6thode d'observer exactement sur mer la 

hauteur des astres. Piice qui a remport^ le prix propose 
par TAcad^mie Royale des Sciences pour Tannic 1729. 
Seconde Edition. Paris, 1751. 

Justification des M6moires de TAcad^mie Royale 

des Sciences de 1744 et du livre de la Figure de la Terre. 
Paris, 1752, 4to. 

Traits d'Optique sur la gradation de la lumi^re, 

ouvrage posthume public par Tabb^ de la Caille. Paris, 
1760, 4to. 

BOUHOURS, Dominique. Doutes sur la langue 
fran^oise proposez i Messieurs de TAcad^mie Fran^oise 
par un gentilhomme de province. Paris, 1674, i2mo. o. r/ 

La Maniire de bien penser dans les ouvrages 

d'esprit Dialogues. Paris, 1687, 4to. 

Remarques nouvelles sur la langue fran^oise. 

Paris, 1693, i2mo. 


BOUILLART, Dom Jacques. Histoire de TAbbaye 
royale de Saint Germain des Prez. . . Le tout justifi^ par 
des titres authentiques, et enrichi de plans et de figures. 
Paris, 1724, fol. o. c. L. P. 

BOUILLET, M. N. Dictionnaire universel des 
sciences, des lettres et des arts. Paris, 1854, royal 8vo. 

Dictionnaire universel d'histoire et de g6ographie. 

Nouvelle Edition, revue, corrig^e et autoris6e par le Saint 
Sifege. Paris, 1856, royal 8vo. 

BOULAINVILLIERS, Henri, Comte de. La vie de 
Mahomet, avec des reflexions sur la religion mahom^tane 
et les cout(imes des Musulmans. Londres, 1730, 8vo. 

BOULENGER, Le Sieur. La G^ometrie practique 
des Hgnes, des superficies et des corps. Paris, 1640, 8vo. 

BouLLAYE, FRAN901S LE Gouz de. s. Le Gouz de 


BOULLIAU, ISMAEL. De Natura Lucis. Parisiis, 
1638, i2mo. 

Astronomia Philolaica. Opus novum, in quo motus 

planetarum per novam ac veram hypothesim demonstrantur. 
Historia ortus et progressus Astronomiae in prolegomenis 
describitur. Parisiis, 1645, fol. 

Opus novum ad Arithmeticam infinitorum libris 

sex comprehensum, in quo plura a nullis hactenus edita 

demonstrantur. Lutetics Parisiorum, 1682, fol. 

On the titie-page " Lib. Sethi Sarii Epi ; ab authore acceptus, 
Julij 20. 1683," and " R. Bentley.'' 

BOUQUET, Dom Martin. Recueil des Historiens 
des Gaules et de la France. Paris, 1738-1855, 21 vols. fol. 

BOURBON, Nicolas. Tabellae elementariae pueris 
ingenuis pemecessariae. Parisiis, ColincBus, 1539, ^vo. 

Nugae. Parisiis, Mic/iael Vascosanus, 1533, 8vo. 

BOURDALOUE, Le Pire Louis. Sermons. Paris, 
1707- 17 1 6, II vols. 8vo. c g. e. With portrait. 


BOURDALOUE, Le P^re LouiS. Retraite spirituelle 
^ Tusage des communautez religieuses. Paris^ 1721, 8vo. 
eg. e. 

Exhortations et instructions chr^tiennes. Paris^ 

1 72 1, 2 vols. 8vo. c. g. e. 

Pens6es sur divers sujets de religion et de morale. 

Paris y 1734, 2 vols. 8vo. c. g. e. 

BOURDEILLE, Pierre de, Seigneur de Brantome. 

CEuvres : nouvelle ^ition, considerablement augment^e, et 

accompagn^e de remarques historiques et critiques. La 

Haye, 1740, 15 vols. i8mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Madame de Pompadour's copy. With her arms on the sides of 
each volume. 

BOURDIGNE, Charles de. La L6gende de maistre 
Pierre Faifeu, mise en vers. Po&ies di verses de Jehan 
Molinet, chanoine de Valenciennes. Paris ^ Coustelier^ 1723, 
i2mo. o. r. mor. On VELLUM. 

BOURGEOIS, David. Recherches sur Tart de voler, 
depuis la plus haute antiquity jusqu'4 ce jour ; pour servir 
de supplement 4 la description des experiences a^ro- 
statiques de M. Faujas de Saint-Fond. Paris^ 1784, 8vo. 

BOURGES, Jacques de. Relation du voyage de 
Monseigneur TEvfeque de Beryte, Vicaire Apostolique du 
royaume de la Cochinchine, par la Turquie, la Perse, les 
Indes, etc. jusqu*au royaume de Siam et autres lieux* 
Paris, 1666, i2mo. 

With autograph of H. Combury. 

Relation du Voyage de Monseigneur I'Ev^que de 

Beryte. . . Seconde Edition. Paris^ 1668, small 8vo. 

BOURGOING, Jean Francois, Baron de. Nouveau 
Voyage en Espagne, ou Tableau de T^tat actuel de cette 
monarchic. Paris, 1789, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BOURGUET, Louis. Lettres philosophiques sur la 
formation des sels et des crysteaux. Amsterdam, 1729, 8vo. 

" Envoyd k M. d'Anville par Pauteur." 


Nouvel Atlas de la Chine, de la Tartaric Chinoise, et du 
Thibet, contenant les cartes g6n6rales et particuli^res de ces 
pays, ainsi que la carte du royaume de Corde. La Haye, 
1737, fol- 

Analyse g^ographique de I'ltalie. Paris, 1744, 


Notice de Tancienne Gaule, tir6e des monumens 

Romains, avec la carte. Paris, 1760, 4to. 

M^moires sur l*Egypte ancienne et moderne, 

suivis d'une description du Golfe Arabique, ou de la Mer 
Rouge. Avec cartes. Paris, 1766, 4to. 

Geographic ancienne abr6g6e. Paris, 1768, 3 vols. 


Antiquity g^ographique de Tlnde, et de plusieurs 

autres contr^es de la Haute Asie. Paris, 1775, 4to. 

L'Euphrate et le Tigre. Paris, 1779, 4to. 

BOURN, IMMANUEL. A Light from Christ. London, 
1646, i2mo. 

BOURNE, Robert. The Mirror of Christianity: 
wherein that divine dispensation is theologically, histori- 
cally, individually and collectively delineated in twenty 
epitomes : with antitheses, analytical and illustrative, of the 
Papacy. London, 1836, 8vo. 

BOURNE, Vincent. Poematia, latine partim reddita, 
partim scripta : tertio edita. Adjectis ad calcem quibusdam 
novis. Londiniy 1743, i2mo. 

Miscellaneous Poems : consisting of originals and 

translations. London, 1772, 4to. c. 

Poetical Works. Oxford, 1836, 8vo. 

BOURNON, Le Comte de. Essai sur la Lithologie des 
environs de Saint-Etienne-en-Forez, et sur Torigine de sts 
charbons de pierre. Paris, 1785, 8vo. 



BOURRIT, Marc-Th£odore. Nouvelle description 
des Valines de Glace et des hautes montagnes qui forment 
la chaine des Alpes Pennines et Rh^tiennes. Ouvrage 
enrichi de tableaux, dessin^s sur les lieux par Tauteur, et 
graves par M. Moitte. Genhe^ 1783, 3 vols. 8vo. c. 

BOUVELLES, Charles de. Liber de intellectu. 
Liber de sensu . • Insuper mathematicu opus quadri- 
partitu. . . AmHanis^ex officina Henrici Stephaniy 1510, fol. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border and other fine woodcuts. 

Liber de differentia vulgariu lingruaru et Gallic! 

sermonis varietate. . . Parisiis^ ex officina Roberti Stephanie 
1533, small 4ta c. g. e. 

BOVILLUS, Carolus. s. Bouvelles (C.) 

BOVIO, ToMMASO. Horifugia, sive lusus. Venetiis^ 
1 567, small 8vo. 

BOWDICH, Edward. Mission from Cape Coast 
Castle to Ashantee, with a statistical account of that king- 
dom, and geographical notices of other parts of the interior 
of Africa. London^ Murray^ 18 19, 4to. 

BOWDLER, Thomas. Letters written in Holland in 
September and October, 1787. To which is added a col- 
lection of letters and papers relating to the Journey of the 
Princess of Orange on the 28th of June, 1787. London^ 
1788, 8vo. 

BOWEN, Thomas. An historical Account of the 
origin, progress, and present state of Bethlem Hospital. 
London^ 1783, small 4to. 

BOWERBANK, J. J. A monograph of the British 
Spopgiadae. Published for the Ray Society. London^ 1864- 
1866, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BOWLES, GuiLLAUME. Introduction k Thistoire 
naturelle et i la g^ographie physique de TEspagne. Traduit 



de Toriginal espagnol par le Vicomte de Flavigny. Paris^ 
iyy6, 8vo. c. 

BOWYER, Robert. An impartial historical Narrative 
of those momentous events which have taken place in this 
country during the period from the year 1816 to 1823. 
Illustrated with engravings. London, 1823, fol. max. 

BOXHORN, Marc Zuerius. De Topographicae artis 
inventioneet inventoribus dissertatio. Lugduni Batavorum^ 
1640, small 4to. 

Historia universalis sacra et profana, a Christo 

nato ad annum usque 1650, in qua illustrium gentium ac 
principum origines, res gestae, variae mutationes in ecclesia 
et republica traduntur. Lugduni Batavorum, 1652, thick 4to. 

Arcana Imperii detecta : or, divers select cases in 

Government. London, 1701, 8vo. 

BOYCEAU, Jacques, sieur de la Barauderie. Traits 
da Jardinage selon les raisons de la nature et de Tart. 
Divise en trois livres. Ensemble divers desseins de par- 
terres, pelouzes, bosquets, et aultres omementz servans a 
Tembellissement des jardins. Paris, 1638, foL, russia, g. e. 
L. P. 

Tide enclosed within engraved border by M. van Lochom ; Boy- 
ceau's portraits by Gr. Huret after A. de Vris, and 41 plates. 

BOYER, Abel. Royal Dictionary, in two parts, first 
French and English, secondly English and French. London, 
1699, 4to. 

The Compleat French Master for ladies and gentle- 
men. The 17th edition. London, 1753, 8vo. 

BOYLE, John, Earl of Orrery. Remarks on the life 
and writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift (with portrait). London, 
1752, 8vo. 

BOYLE, Hon. ROBERT. Works. To which is prefixed 
the life of the author (by Thomas Birch). London, Millar, 
1744, 5 vols. fol. o. r. mor. g. b. and e. With portrait and 
plates. L. P. 


BOYLE, Hon. Robert. Philosophical Works, abridged, 
methodized, and illustrated with notes, by Peter Shaw. 
The second edition, corrected. London, 1738, 3 vols. 4to. 

Works, epitomized by Richard Boulton, with 

copper plates. London, 1699-1700, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Boyle's portrait by Van der Gucht 

A Defence of the doctrine touching the spring and 

weight of the air against the objections of Franc. Linus. 
London, 1662. — An Examen of Mr. Hobbes, his Dialogus 
physicus de natura Aeris. London, 1662. Two parts in 
I vol. 4to. 

Occasionall Reflections. With a preface by John 

Weyland, junr. London, 1808, small 8vo. r. m. 

BOYLE, Roger, Earl of Orrery. Four new Plays. 
London, 1669-70, small fol. 

BOYNE, William. The Yorkshire Library. A biblio- 
graphical account of books on topography, tracts of the 
seventeenth century, biography, spaws, geology, botany, 
maps, views, portraits, and miscellaneous literature relating 
to the County of York. London, 1869, 4to. (privately 

BOYS, John, Dean of Canterbury. An exposition of 
all the principal Scriptures used in our english Liturgy, 
together with a reason why the Church did chuse the same. 
London, 1609, 4to. L. P. 

BOYVIN, FRAN901S, Baron du ViLLARS. M^moires 
sur les g^erres desmel^es tant en Piedmont qu*au Mont- 
ferrat et Duch6 de Milan par feu Messire Charles de Cotte, 
Comte de Brissac, Marechal de France, pour le roy 
Henry IL, commen^ant en Tannic 1550 et finissant en 
I S S 7« Lyon, 1 6 1 o, small 8 vo. 

Instruction sur les affaires d'Estat, de la guerre, et 

vertus morales. Lyon, 16 10, small 8vo. 

BRAAM, Andr£ Everard Van. An authentick 


account of the Embassy of the Dutch East India Company 
to the court of the Emperor of China in the years 1794- 
1795. London^ 179^1 2 vols. 8vo. 

BRACCIOLINI, Francesco. Dello Schemo degli 
Dei, poema piacevole, con la Filide civettina, e col Batino 
dello stesso autore. Firenze, Giunti, 161 8, small 4to. 

Lo Schemo d^li Dei. Milano, 1804, 8vo. Clas- 

SICI ITALIANI, vol. 164. 

BRACHET, AUGUSTE. Grammaire historique de la 
langue fran^aise, avec une preface par E. Littr^. Quatri^me 
Edition. Paris y i2mo. 

Dictionnaire ^tymologique de la langue frangaise, 

avec une preface par Emile Egger. Nouvelle Edition. 
Paris, i2mo. 

BRACTON, Henry de. De Legibus et consuetudinibus 
Angliae libri quinque, in varios tractatos distincti, ad diver- 
sorum et vetustissimorum codicum collationem, ingenti cura, 
nunc primu typis vulgati. Londini, apud Richardum Tot- 
tellutn, 1569. fol. L. P. 

BRADBURY, S. H. Lyrical fancies. London, 1866, 

BRADDON, Lawrence. An Account of the pre- 
tended Prince of Wales, and other grievances, that occa- 
sioned the nobilities inviting, and the Prince of Orange's 
coming into England. To which is added a short account 
of the murther of the Earl of Essex. 1688. — An enquiry 
into, and detection of the barbarous murther of the late 
Earl of Essex : or, a vindication of that noble person from 
the guilt and infamy of having destroyed himself 1689. — 
Essex's innocency and honour vindicated. London, 1690 
(with a plate). 3 parts in i vol. 4to. 

BRADFORD, Rev. William. Sketches of the country, 
character, and costume, in Portugal and Spain, made during 
the campaign and on the route of the British army, in 1808- 


1809. Engraved and coloured . . . With incidental illustra- 
tions and appropriate descriptions of each subject. London^ 

1 8 10, imp. fol. russia. 

BRADLEY, Charles. Parochial sermons, preached 
at Glasbury, Brecknockshire. The sixth edition. London^ 
183 s, 8vo. 

-: Sermons preached in the parish church of High 

Wycombe. The tenth edition. London^ 1836, 2 vols. 8vo« 

Sermons preached in St. James's Chapel, Clapham. 

The fourth edition. London^ 1836, 8vo. 

Practical sermons. London, 1838, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BRADLEY, James. Astronomical observations made 
at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich from the year 1750 
to the year 1762. Together with a continuation of the same 
by the Rev. Nathaniel Bliss. London, 1798-1805, 2 vols, 

BRADLEY, Richard. New improvements of planting 
and gardening, both philosophical and practical. London, 
17 17, 8vo. 

A philosophical account of the works of nature, 

endeavouring to set forth the several gradations remarkable 
in the mineral, vegetable, and animal parts of the creation. 
With many curious cuts. London, 172 1, 4to. o. c. 

A complete body of Husbandry, adorned with 

cuts. \ London, 1727, 8vo. 

BRADY, W. Maziere. Clerical and parochial Records 
of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross. Dublin, 1863- 1864, 3 vols. 8vo. 
gr. c. 

The M*=Gillycuddy Papers : a selection from the 

family archives of the M*=Gillycuddy of the Reeks, with 
an introductory memoir. London, 1867, 4to. 

BRAHE, Tycho. Astronomiae instauratae mechanica. 
Noritnberga, apud Levinum Hulsium, 1602, small fol. 

With Richard Bende/s autograph. 


BRAHE, Tycho. Astfonomiae instauratae progym- 
nasmata, quorum haec prima pars : De Restitutione motuum 
solis et lunae stellarumque inerrantium tractat. Et prae- 
terea de admiranda nova Stella anno 1572 exorta lucu- 
lenter agit. Typis inchoata Uraniburgi Dania, absoluta 
PragcB Boentia, 1602, small 4to. 

Another copy, small 4to. 

The title-page of this copy has red types, the date 1610, and 
Prostant Francofurti, 

De Mundi aetherei recentioribus phaenomenis liber 

secundus. Typis inchoatus UraniburgiDanuB^absolutusPragm 
Bohemia^ 1603, small 4to. 

Another copy. 

In the title-page there is the date 16 10, and prostat FrancofurHj 
and at the end Uraniburgi^ 1588. 

Historiae coelestis ab anno 1 582-1601, cum para- 

lipomenis. Augusta Vindelicorum^ 1666, small fol. 

Epistolarum Astronomicarum libri, quorum primus 

hie . . . principis Gulielmi Hassiae Landtgravij ac ipsius 
mathematici literas, unaque responsa ad singulas com- 
plectitur. Impritnebantur Uraniburgi Dania, prostant Fran- 
cofurti, 1610. (At the end) UranibUrgi ex officina typogra- 
fica Authoris^ 1596, 4to. 

Another copy. 

The tide-page of this copy is dated Noriberga apud Levinum Hul- 
siutHf 1 60 1. 

BRAMHALL, John, Bishop of Deny, successively 

Archbishop of Armah. The Church of England defended. 

London^ 1659, i2mo. 

With the author's autograph presentation to the Earl of Devon- 

Works. With a life of the author, and a collection 

of his letters. Oxford, Parker, 1 842-1 845, 5 vols. 8vo. 

Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology. 

BRAMSON, John. Letters of a Prussian traveller 


descriptive of a tour through Sweden, Prussia, Austria, 
Hungary, etc London, 1818, 2 vols. 8vo. c. 

From the Author. 

BRANCA, Giovanni. Le Machine, volume nuovo et 
di molto artificio. Roma, 1629, 4to. 

BRANCATIO, or Brancaccio, Lelio. Delia nuova 
disciplina et vera Arte Militare libri VIII. Con la maniera 
facile d'assalire, et vincere con le proprie militie tutte le 
nationi. Venetia,presso Aldo, 1585, fol. 

BRAND, Charles. Journal of a voyage to Peru : a 
passage across the Cordillera of the Andes, in the winter 
of 1827, performed on foot in the snow; and a journey 
across the Pampas. London, 1828, 8vo. 

BRAND, John. Observations on popular Antiquities, 
chiefly illustrating the origin of our vulgar customs, cere- 
monies, and superstitions. Arranged and revised, with 
additions, by Henry Ellis. London, Johnson, 1813, 2 vols. 

BRANDT, Rev. Gerard. The History of the Reforma- 
tion, and other ecclesiastical transactions in and about the 
Low Countries, from the beginning of the eighth century 
down to the famous Synod of Dort, inclusive. (Translated 
from the Dutch.) London, 1720-1723, 4 vols. imp. foL o. c. 

Brandt, Sebastian, s. Brant (S.) 

BRANKER, Thomas. An introduction to Algebra, 
translated out of the highland Dutch into English. London, 
1668, small 4to. 

BRANT, Sebastian. Stultifera Navis. Narragonice 
perfectionis nunquam satis laudata Navis : per Sebastianum 
Brant. In urbe Basiliensinuper opera etpromoHone Johannis 
Bergman de Olpe, Anno MCCCCXCVIIL 4to. o. gr. mor. 
g. e. woodcuts. 

This present Boke named the Shyp of Folys of the 

worlde was translated . . out of Laten, Frenche and Doche 


into Englysshe tonge by Alexander Barclay, Preste (Lat. 
and Engl.) Inprentyd in tfu Cyte of Lofidon in Flete stre. By 
RycJiarde Pynson to his coste and charge. Ended the yere 
of our Savior MDIX. the XIIII day of December. Small fol. 
r. mor. g. e. by Hering. 

Black letter; numerous woodcuts. 

BRANT, Sebastian. The grete Shyppe of fooles. 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1527. s. Wynkyn DE Worde. 

Stultifera Navis, qua omnium mortalium narratur 

stultitia, ad modum utilis et necessaria ab omnibus ad suam 
salutem perlegenda, e latino sermone in nostrum vulgarem 
versa, et jam diligenter impressa. An. dom. 1570. The 
Ship of Fooles, wherin is shewed the folly of all States, 
with divers other workes adjoyned unto the same, very 
profitable and fruitfull for all men. Translated out of the 
Latin into Englishe by Alexander Barclay, priest (Lat. 
and Engl.) 

The Mirrour of good Maners, conteining the foure 
Cardinal Vertues, compiled in Latin by Dominike Manein, 
and translated into English by Alexander Barclay, priest 
and monk of Ely. 

Certayne Egloges of Alexander Barclay, priest 

Imprinted at London in Paules Churchyarde by John 
Cawoody small fol. r. mor. g. e. by Hering. 

Black letter, many woodcuts. 

Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeille, sieur de. s. BouR- 


BRASAVOLA, Antonio Musa. Index refertissimus 
in omnes Galeni libros, qui ex octava* Junctarum editione 
extant Venetiis, apud Juntas^ 1609, f^l- 

BRASSICANUS, Joan Alexander. Proverbiorum 
Symmicta ; quibus adjecta sunt Pythagorae symbola XVI IL 
et ipsa proverbialia. Item M. Grunnij Corocottae por- 
celli testamentum. BasiUce^ Wechelus^ IS32, i2mo. 

Braun, Georg. s. Bruin (G.) 


BRAY, William. Sketch of a tour into Derbyshire 
and Yorkshire, including part of Buckingham, Warwick, 
Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Bedford, and Hert- 
ford-shires. Second edition. London, 1783, 8vo. 

BRAYLEY, Edward Wedlake. A picturesque tour 
through the principal parts of Yorkshire and Derbyshire by 
the late Edw. Dayes : with illustrative notes. Second 
edition. London, 1825, 8vo. Plates. 

BREISLAK, SciPlONE. Voyages physiques et lytho- 
logiques dans la Campanie, suivis d'un m^moire sur la con- 
stitution physique de Rome. Traduits du MS. Italien et 
accompagn^s de notes par le G^n^ral Pommereul. Paris^ 
1 801, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Essais min^ralogiques sur la Solfatare de Pouzzole. 

Traduit du MS. Italien par Francois de Pommereul. Naples, 
1792, 8vo. 

BREMER, Frederika. The Home: or, family cares 
and family joys. Translated by Mary Howitt. London^ 

1843, 2 vols. i2mo. 

The Neighbours : a story of every-day life. Trans- 
lated by Mary Howitt. London, 1843, 2 vols. i2mo. 

New Sketches of every-day life. Together with 

Strife and Peace. Translated by Mary Howitt. London^ 

1844, 2 vols. i2mo. 

BREMOND, FRAN5OIS de. Table des Mdmoires im- 
primis dans les Transactions philosophiques de la Soci6t6 
Royale de Londres, depuis 1665 jusqu'en 1735, rang^e par 
ordre chronologique, par ordre des mati^res, et par noms 
d'auteurs. Paris, 1739, 4to. 

BRENZONI, Cristoforo Silvestrani. Speculum 
clarissimum, in quo summi Pontificis Romani imago, ex- 
pressaque sedes, utriusque Gladij ; nempe spiritualis et tem- 
poralis ; ecclesiastic! et politici, in toto terrarum orbe 
demonstratur : declaratur, et absque uUa macula apparet. 
FerraruB^ 1607, 4to. 



BREREWOOD, Edward. De Ponderibus et pretiis 
veterum nummorum, eorumque cum recentioribus coUatione 
liber unus. Londini, 1 6 14, small 4to. 

Enquiries touching the diversity of languages and 

religions through the chiefe parts of the World. London^ 
163s, 8vo. 

BRETON, Ernest. Pomp^ia d^crite et dessin^e, suivie 
d'une notice sur Herculanum. (Fig.) Paris^ 1855, royal 
8vo. bl. mor. g. e. 

BREVAN, John. Remarks on several parts of Europe, 
relating chiefly to the history, antiquities and geography. 
London^ 1726, 2 vols, bound in i, fol. 

Remarks in several tours since the year 1723, 

Londofiy 1738, 2 vols, bound in i, fol. 

BREVENTANO, Stefano. Istoria della antichita, 
nobilta, et delle cose notabili della citti di Pavia. Pavia^ 
1570, small 4to. o. c. 

BREVIARIUM. Breviarium Romanum, ex decreto 
Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum. Parisiis, 1610, 

Breviarium Romanum, ex decreto SS. Concilii 

Tridentini restitutum, S. Pii V. Pontificis Maximi jussu 
editum, dementis VIII. et Urbani VIII. auctoritate recog- 
nitum ; cum officiis Sanctorum hue usque concessis. Be/- 
lovaciy 1830, 4 vols. i2mo. 

Breviarium Romanum ex decreto Sacrosancti 

Concilii Tridentini restitutum, S. Pii V. Pontificis Maximi 
jussu editum, Clementis VIII. et Urbani VIII. auctoritate 
recognitum, cum Officiis Sanctorum novissime per summos 
Pontifices usque ad hanc diem concessis. Et officia propria 
Sanctorum Angliae. MechlinicBy 1861, 4 vols. i2mo. 

Breviarium ad usum Congregation is Sancti Mauri, 

Ordinis Sancti Benedicti, in Gallia. Parisiis^ 1787, 4 vols. 
i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 



BREWSTER, Sir David. More Worlds than one 
the creed of the philosopher and the hope of the christian. 
London^ 1854, small 8vo. 

Memoirs of the life, writings and discoveries of Sir 

Isaac Newton. Edinburghy Constable^ 1855, 2 vols. 8vo. c. 
Newton's portrait. 

BREYDENBACH, Bernard de. Sanctaru peregrina- 
tions inmontem Syon ad venerandu Xpisepulcru in Jerusa- 
lem, atq in monte Synai ad diva virgine et martire Katherina 
opusculum hoc cotentivu, per Eritardu reuwich de Traiecto 
inferiori impressum^ in civitate Moguntina^ Anno salutis 
i486 die VL Februarij, Small fol. r. mor. g. e. 

First Latin Edition, Folding woodcut plans of Venice, Parenzo, 
Corfu, Modon, Candia, Rodes and Jerusalem ; a frontispiece with the 
figure of a lady. The plan of Venice is 65 j^ inches long and is com- 
posed of four pieces joined together, and has the inscription Civitas 
Venetiarum in the centre. 

Another copy, small fol. o. c The folding plan 

of Rodum a little injured. 

Des Sainctes peregrinations de Jherusalem et des 

lieux prochains. Du mont de Synay et la glorieuse Kathe- 

rine. C'est ouvraige et petit livre contenat du tout la 

description ainsi que dieu a volu le doner a c5gnoistre. 

Impritne a Lyon par /tones tes /tomes Mic/ulet topie de pytnont ; 

et Jaques /teremberck daUfnaigne dentourant audit Lyon^ 

1488, small fol. r. mor. g. e. 

The Roxburgh Copy. The first leaf begins : " A tres/iaute tres^ 
christienne et tresredoubtee princesse la reinedefrdce Marguerite^ and 
as it is registered a ii., either there was a blank leaf or some preliminary 
composition which is missing. Folding plans, which seem in steel, 
and cuts. 

BREYN, Jacques. Exoticarum, aliarumque minus 
notarum plantanim Centuria I. Cum figuris aeneis summo 
studio elaboratis. Gedani^ 1678, fol. 

BRICKELL, John. The natural History of North 
Carolina. With an account of the trade, manners and 


customs of the Christian and Indian inhabitants. Dublin^ 

Bridge, Rev. Charles, s. Gossner (J.) 

BRIDGES, John. The History and antiquities of 
Northamptonshire, compiled from the manuscript collec- 
tions of the late learned antiquary John Bridges, by the 
Rev. Peter Whalley. Oxford, 1791, 2 vols. fol. Pig's-skin, 
by Wright. L. P. 


Treatises on the power, wisdom and goodness of God as 

manifested in the Creation. London, 183 3- 1836, 12 vols. 


I. Chalmers. On the adaptation of external nature to the moral 
and intellectual constitution of man. — II. Kidd. The adaptation of 
external nature to the physical condition of man. — III. Whewell. 
Astronomy and general Physics considered with reference to Natural 
Theology. — IV. Bell. The Hand, its constitution, etc.— -V. Roget. 
Animal and vegetable Physiology considered with reference to Natural 
Theology.— VI. Buckland. Geology and Mineralogy.— -VII. KiRBY. 
History, habits and instincts of animals. — VIII. Prout. Chemistry, 
Meteorology and the function of digestion. 

BRIDGMAN, Sir Orlando. Conveyances, being 
select Precedents of deeds and instruments concerning the 
most considerable estates in England. London, 1682, fol. 

Briefe. s. Letters. 

BRIET, Philippe. Parallela geographiae veteris et 
novae. Parisiis, Cramoisy, 1648- 1649, 3 vols. 4to. v. 

Annales Mundi, sive Chronicon universale secun- 
dum optimas chronologorum epochas, ab Orbe condito ad 
annum Christi 1663 perductum. Parisiis, Nuguet, 1662, 
4 vols. i2mo. 

BRIGANTI, VlTTORlO. L'historia della Traslatione 
della S. Casa della Madonna a Loreto. Fermo, presso Ser- 
torio d^ Monti y 1587, i8mo. 


BRIGENTI, Andrea. Villa Burghesia, vulgo Pinciana, 
poetice descripta. RonuE, 17 16, 8vo. 

BRIGGES, Henry. Arithmetica logarithmica, sive 
logarithmorum chiliades triginta. Londini, 1624, fol. 

Mathematical Tables. London^ 1705, 8vo. 

BRIGHT, Richard. Travels from Vienna through 
Lower Hungary, with some remarks on the state of Vienna 
during the Congress in the year 1 8 1 4. Edinburgh, 1 8 1 8, 4to. 

BRIQUET, Marguerite-Ursule-Fortun£e Ber- 
NIER. Dictionnaire historique, litt^raire et bibliographique 
des Frangaises, et des Etrang^res naturalisdes en France, 
connues par leurs Merits ou par la protection qu'elles ont 
accord^e aux gens de lettres, depuis T^tablissement de la 
monarchie jusqu'i nos jours. Avec le portrait de Tauteur. 
Paris, XII. 1804, 8vo. c 

BRISSON. Histoire du naufrage et de la captivity 
de Brisson. Avec la description des deserts d'Afrique 
depuis le S^n^gal jusqu'i Maroc. Getiive, 1789, 8vo. 

BRISSON, BARNABfi. De Ritu nuptiarum liber sin- 
gularis. Ejusdem de Jure connubiorum liber alter. Parisiis^ 
1 564, 4to. 

De Regio Persarum principatu libri tres. Parisits^ 

ex typographia Stephani Prevosteau, 1591, small 8vo. 

Another copy. 

Bound with " Theodori Metochita historian 

BRISSON, Mathurin-Jacques. Pesanteur sp^cifique 
des corps, ouvrage utile i Thistoire naturelle, k la physique, 
aux arts et au commerce. Paris, 1787, 4to. c 

BRITAINE, William de. The Dutch Usurpation; 
or, a brief view of the behaviour of the States-General of 
the United Provinces towards the Kings of Great Britain. 
(A plate.) London, 1672, 4to. 


BRITANNIA. Rerum Britannicarum Scriptores. 


Rerum Britannicarum Medii iEvi Scriptores, or 

Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland 
during the middle ages. s. CHRONICLES AND MEMORIALS. 

De AntiquitateBritannicaeEcclesiae. s. PARKER (M.) 

Nouveau Th^itre de la Grande Bretagne. s. KiP (J.) 

Londres, la cour et les provinces d*Angleterre, 

d'Ecosse et d*Irlande, ou esprits, moeurs,coutumes, habitudes 
privies des habitans de la Grande Bretagne. Paris y 1816, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

BRITISH DRAMA. The British Drama, compre- 
hending the best plays in the English language. London^ 
printed by Ballantine, Edinburgh, 1804, 3 vols, in 4 parts, 
royal 8vo. c. 

British Librarian, s. Oldys (W.) 

British Topography, s. Gough (R.) 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Museum Britannicum ; or, a 
display in 32 plates, in antiquities and natural curiosities 
in the British Museum, after the original designs from 
nature by John and Andrew Van Rymsdyck. The 2nd 
edition revised and corrected by P. Boyle. London, I79i> fol. 

Acts and votes of Parliament, statutes and rules, 

and synopsis of the contents of the British Museum. Lon-- 
don, 1808, royal 8vo. 

Catalogue of the MSS. in the British Museum. 

s. Ayscough (S.) 

BROCKETT, John Trotter. A Glossary of North- 
country words, with their etymology and affinity to other 
languages, and occasional notices of local customs and 
popular superstitions. Third edition, corrected and enlarged 


by W. E. Brockett. Newcast/e-upon-Tyne, 1846, 2 vols, 
small 8vo. 

BRODIE, Sir Benjamin C. Psychological Inquiries. 
The second part. Being a series of essays intended to illus- 
trate some points in the physical and moral history of man. 
London^ 1862, i2mo. 

BRODIE, George. A History of the British empire 
from the accession of Charles I. to the Restoration. Edin- 
burghf 1822, 4 vols. 8vo. 

BRODRICK, Thomas. A compleat History of the 
late war in the Netherlands, together with an abstract of 
the Treaty of Utrecht London, 171 3» 2 vols. 8vo. 

BROGDEN, J. Ellett. Provincial words and ex- 
pressions current in Lincolnshire. Lottdon and Lincoln^ 
1866, i2mo. 

BROGLIE, Albert, Due de. UEglise et TEmpire 
Romain au IV* si^cle. Paris, 1859, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BROKEDON, William. Italy, classical, historical, 
and picturesque, illustrated and described. London, fol. 

BROLING, GUSTAF. Anteckningar under en Resa i 
England aren 1797, 1798 och 1799. Pa Bruks Societetens 
anmodan utgisfne. Stockholm, 1811-1817, 4 vols. 8vo. 
russia, g. e. Dev. crest. 

BROMLEY, Sir GEORGE. A Collection of original 
royal letters, written by Kings Charles I. and II., King 
James II. and the King and Queen of Bohemia ; together 
with original letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles 
Louis Count Palatine, the duchess of Hanover, and several 
other distinguished persons ; from the year 1 619 to 1665. 
With portraits. London, 1787, 8vo. 

BROMLEY, Henry. A Catalogue of engraved british 
portraits from Egbert the Great to the present time, 
London, 1793, 4to. 


BROMLEY, William. Remarks made in travels 
through France and Italy. London^ 1693, i2mo. 

Remarks made in the grand tour of France and 

Italy. Second edition. London^ 1705, 8vo. 

BROOKE, Arthur de Capell. Travels through 
Sweden, Norway and Finmark to the North Cape in the 
summer of 1820. London^ 1823, 4to. 

A winter in Lapland and Sweden, with various 

observations relating to Finmark and its inhabitants ; made 
during a residence at Hammerfest, near the North Cape. 
London^ Murray ^ 1827, 4to. 

BROOKE, Raphe, York Herald. A catalogue and 
succession of the Kings, Princes, Dukes, Marquises, Earles, 
and Viscounts of this realme of England since the Norman 
Conquest to this present yeare, 16 19. Together with their 
armes, wives, and children. London ^ William Jaggard^ 
16 1 9, small fol. 

A discoverie of certaine errours published in print 

in the much commended Britannia, 1594. ... To which 
is added the learned Mr. Camden's answer to this book. 
London, 1723, 4to. c. L. P. 

BROOKS, Thomas. An authentick account of the 
weights, measures, exchanges, customs, duties, port charges, 
etc. London, 1752, 8vo. 

BROOKSH AW, George. Pomona Britannica ; or, a 
collection of the most esteemed fruits at present cultivated 
in this country. London, 18 12, fol. russicu 

BROSSES, Charles de. President au parlement de 
Dijon. L'ltalie il y a cent ans, ou lettres Rentes d'ltalie k 
quelques amis en 1739 et 1740, publi^es pour la premiere 
fois sur les manuscrits autographes par Mr. B. Colomb. 
Paris, 1836, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BROUGH AM, Henry, Lord. Discourse of the objects. 


advantages, and pleasures of Science. London^ 1828, 8vo. 

russia. L. P. 

With B.'s autograph. 

BROUGHAM, Henry, Lord. Political Philosophy. 

I. Principles of government ; Monarchical government 

II. Of Aristocracy; aristocratic governments. III. Of 
Democracy. Mixed Monarchy. Second edition. London^ 
1849, 3 vols. 8vo. 

BROUGHAM and ROUTH, E. J. Analytical view 
of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia. London^ Longman, 1855, 
8vo. sp. c. 

BROUGHTON, Hugh. A Concent of Scripture. 

London, 1 596, small 4to. 

Maps and plates by Rogers, said to be the earliest specimens of 
copper-plate engraving in England. 

A Petition to the King for authority and allowance 

to expound the Apocalypse in Hebrew and Greek, 161 1. 
— A Supplication to the Kinges maiestie, concerning pitie 
toward the Jewes of our Constantines towne. — A Petition 
to the King to hasten allowance for Ebrew institution of 
Ebrewes. — A Require of agreement to the groundes of 
Divinitie studie. 161 1, 4to. o. v. 

Certayne Questions, s. AiNSWORTH (H.) 

BROUGHTON, John C. Hobhouse, Lord. s. Hob- 
HOUSE (J. C.) 

BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer. Letters written in a 
Mahratta camp during the year 1809, descriptive of cha- 
racter, manners, domestic habits, etc., of the Mahrattas, with 
ten coloured engravings from drawings by a native artist. 
London, 1 81 3, 4to. 

BROUGHTON, William Robert. Voyage of dis- 
covery to the North Pacific Ocean in the years 1795, 6, 7, 
and 1798. London, 1804, 4to. 

BROWN, Edward. A discourse of the original coun- 

266 BR O WN—BR O WNE. 

trey, manners, government, and religion of the Cossacks, 
with another of the Precopian Tartars. London, 1672, 8vo. 

BROWN, Edward. A brief account of some Travels 
in divers parts of Europe. The second edition, with many 
additions. (Plates.) London, 1686, foL L. P. 

BROWN, John. The description and use of the tri- 
angular Quadrant London, 1671. Horologiographia, or 
the art of Dyalling, being the second part of the use of the 
triangular Quadrant London, 1671. 2 parts in i vol. 
i2mo. o. c. 

Myographia nova, or a graphical description of 

all the muscles in the human body as they arise in the 
dissection. Loftdon, 1698, fol. 

BROWN, John. Essays on the Characteristics of the 
Earl of Shaftesbury. The second edition. London, Davis^ 
1751, 8vo. 

BROWN, John. Anecdotes and characters of the 
House of Brunswick illustrative of the Courts of Hanover 
and London, from the Act of Settlement to the youth of 
Greorge HI. London, 1821, 8vo. 

BROWN, Rev. John. A brief Concordance of the 
Holy Scriptures. London, 1825, i8mo. 

BROWN, Robert. Miscellaneous Botanical works. 
Published by the Ray Society. London, 1866, i vol. 8vo. 

BROWN, Thomas, M.D. Observations on the Zoo- 
nomia of E. Darwin. Edinburgh, 1798, 8vo. 

Lectures on the Philosophy of the human mind. 

Edinburgh, 1820, 4 vols. 8vo. 

Brown, Thomas, the younger, s. Moore (Th.) 
BROWNE, Alexander. Ars Pictoria ; or, an Aca- 
demy treating of drawing, painting, limning, etching; to 
which are added XXXI copper plates, expressing the 
choicest, nearest, and most exact grounds and rules of 
symmetry. London, 1675, foL 

Portrait by A. de Jodc, after J. Haysman. 


BROWNE, Isaac Hawkins. Poems upon various 
subjects, latin and english. London^ 1768. Small 4to. 

BROWNE, R. W. A History of greek classical 
Literature. New edition. London, 1853, 8vo. 

A History of roman classical Literature. London, 

1853, 8vo. 

BROWNE, Sir Thomas. Works, including his Life 
and Correspondence. Edited by Simon Wilkin. London, 
Pickering, 1835-36, 4 vols. 8vo. 

Portrait of Sir Thomas, and fac-simile of his handwriting. 

Pseudodoxia Epidemica ; or, Enquiries into very 

many received tenets and commonly presumed truths. 
Sixth edition, London, 1672. 

Religio Medici. The seventh edition, with anno- 
tations ; also, observations by Sir Kenelm Digby. London, 
1672. 2 parts in i vol. 4to. 

BROWNE, William G. Travels in Africa, Egypt, 
and Syria, from the year 1792 to 1798. London, 1799, 4to. 

BROWNRIGG, William. The art of making com- 
mon salt. London, 1784, 8vo. 

BRUCE, James, of Kinnaird. Travels to discover the 
source of the Nile, in the years 1768, 69, 70, 71, 72, and 73. 
Edinburgh, 1790, 5 vols. 4to. 

BRUCE, Rev. J. Collingwood. The Roman Wall 
A description of the mural barrier of the north of England. 
Third edition. (Plates.) London, 1867, fol. L. P. 

BRUCE, Peter Henry. Memoirs, containing an 
account of his travels in Germany, Russia, Tartary, Turkey, 
the West Indies, etc. Londoft, 1782, 4to. 

BRUCE, Robert. Sermons preached in the kirk of 
Edinburgh. Edinburgh, Robert Waldegrave, 1591, i2mo. 

The way to the true peace and rest Delivered 

at Edinborough in XVI sermons. London, R, Field, 1617, 
8vo. V. 


BRUCKER, Jean-Jacques. Historia critica Philoso- 
phiae a Mundi incunabulis ad nostram usque xtatem de- 
ducta. Editio secunda. LipsuB, 1767, 6 vols. 4to. c 

BRUCKMANN, Franz Ernest. Epistolae Itinerariae 
LX. Cum figuris aeneis. Wolffenbutteke, ^72S'iys7t 2 vols, 
small 4to. 

BRUCKMANN, Urban Friedrich Benedict. 
Abhandlung von Edelsteinen. Zweyte Auflage. Braun- 
schweig, 1773. — Gesammelte und eigene Beytrage zu seiner 
Abhandlung von Edelsteinen. Braunschweig, 1778. — 
Gesammelte und eigene Beytrage. Zweite Fortsetzung. 
Braunschweig, 1783, 3 parts in i voL 8vo. 

BRUDER, Karl Hermann. Concordantiae omnium 
vocum Novi Testamenti grxci, primum ab Erasmo Schmidii 
editae, nunc secundum critices et hermeneutices nostras 
aetatis rationes emendatae, auctae, meliori ordine dispositae. 
Editio stereotypa altera. Lipsia, Tauchnitz, 1853, 4to. 

BRUGIERE, A.-G. Prosper, Baron de Barante. 
Melanges historiques et litt^ires. Deuxi^me Edition. 
Paris, 1836, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Questions Constitutionnelles. Paris, 1849, 8vo. 

Histoire de la Convention Nationale. Paris, 1851- 

1853, 6 vols. 8vo. 

Tableau Litt^raire du XVI IP SiMe. Huiti^me 

^ition. Paris, i860, i2mo. 

BRUIN (or Braun), George. Civitates orbis Terra- 
rum libri VI. Colonice Agrippince, 1572, 6 parts in 3 vols, 
imp. fol. 

'* Get ouvrage, devenu rare, mdrite d'etre recherche k cause des 
gravures, qui sont de Fr. Hogenberg et de Simon Van den NoeveL" B. 

Civitates orbis Terrarum libri VI. Colonia Agrip- 

pince, 1 572. 6 parts in 2 vols. imp. fol. 

Coloured maps. This copy belonged to Gilbert Shrewsbury, in 
whose handwriting there is a note dated 1598, stating the cost of the 
book. In 1676 it belonged to Henry Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle. 

BR UN— BR UNI. 269 

Brun, Charles le. s. Le Brun (Ch.) 

Brun, Corneille le. s. Le Brun (C) 

BRUNET, GUSTAVE. La France Litt^raire au XV 
Slide, ou Catalogue raisonn^ des ouvrages en tout genre 
imprimis en langue fran^aise jusqu'i Fan 1500. Paris^ 
1865, 8vo. bl. mor. g. e. 

BRUNET, Jacques-Charles. Manuel du Libraire 
et de TAmateur de Livres. Quatriime Edition originate. 
Paris, 1842, 5 vols, royal 8vo. 

Manuel du Libraire et de TAmateur de Livres. 

Cinquiime Edition originale, entiirement refondue et aug- 
ment^e d'un tiers. Paris, Firntin Didot Frh'es, i860- 1865, 
6 vols, in 12 parts, royal 8vo. bl. mor. g. e. L. P. 

BRUNI, Antonio. Epistole heroiche, poesie del 
Bruni, libri due. Venetiis, 1628, i8mo. 

BRUNI, Leonardo, detto TAretino. Leonard! Are- 
tini de Bello Italico adversus Gothos. Hunc libellum 
Emilianus de Ursinis Fulginas et Johannes Numeister theti- 
tunicus; ejiisq, sotii feliciter impresserunt Fulginei in domo 
ejusdi Emilianiy anno domini Millesimo quadringetesimo 
septuagesimo feliciter. Small fol. First edition. 

Illuminated title-page. 

De Bello Italico adversus Gotthos. Venetiis, 

Nico/aus Jenson, 147 1, 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Epistolarum familiarum Liber primus felici • . . 

incipit (Libri VIII.) 1472, fol. o. r. mor. First edition. 

Historiarum Florentinarum libri XII. quibus ac- 

cesserunt quorundam suo tempore in Italia gestorum et de 
Rebus Grsecis Commentarii, ab interitu vindicati, studio et 
opera Sixti Brunonis Dobedensis. Argmtorati, 16 10, fol. 

La Historia universale de suoi tempi, iino al 1404. 

Con la giunta delle cose da quel tempo iino all'anno 1 560^ 
per Francesco Sansovino. Venetia, 1561, small 4to. gr. 
mor. g. e. 

270 BR UNI— BR UNO. 

BRUNI, Leonardo, detto TAretino. Historia del 

Popolo Fiorentino composta in latino, et tradocta T lingua 

tosca da Donato Acciaioli. Vinegia, per Maestro Jacomo 

de Rossi di natione Gallo, 1476, fol. o. r. mor. g. e. First 


Illuminated capital letters. 

Aquila Volante. (At the end) — Qui finisse ... la 

excellente et delectabile opera intitulata Laquila composto 
per . . . miser Leonardo Aretino : et da ipso curiosamente 
translata da Latino in vulgare sermone. . . . Impressa in 
Venetia per Teodoro da Ragazone de Asola dicto Bressano^ 
1497, foL mar. mor. g. e. 

BRUNI, Theophilo. Armonia astronomica et geo- 
metrica. Venetia^ 1622, small 4to. 

BRUNO, Giordano, Nolano. Opere, ora per la prima 
volta raccolte e pubblicate da Adolfo Wagner. Col ritratto 
deir autore. Lipsia^ 1830, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Candelaio, comedia del Bruno Nolano Achademico 

di nulla Achademia detto il fastidito. Pariggi, 1582, i8mo. 
o. r. mor. g. border and g. e. 

La Cena de le Ceneri, 1584, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

De la causa, principio, et uno. Venetia, 1584. 

De rinfinito universo et Mondi. Venetia, 1584, 2 parts 
in I vol. i2mo. o. r. mor. 

Spaccio de la Bestia trionfante. Parigi, 1584, 

i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Cabala del Cavallo Pegaseo, con Taggiunta del- 

TAsino Cillenico. Patigi, Antonio Baio, 1585, i2mo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. 

De gl* heroici furori. Parigi, appresso Antonio 

Baio, 1585, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

De Specierum scrutinio et lampade combinatoria 

Raymundi Lullii. Pragce, 1588, i8mo. c. 


BRUNO, Monsieur de. Recherches sur la direction du 


Fluide magn^tique. Amsterdam^ 1/85, 8vo. 

BRUSANTINO, or Brugiantino, Vincenzo. An- 
gelica Inamorata. Revista per il medesimo autore, et 
corretta per il diligente Academico Pellegrino. Vinegia^ 
Francesco Marcolini^ ISS3> 8vo. o. c. 

Marcolini's marks on the title-page and on the verso of the last leaf, 
and 37 woodcuts. 

Le Cento Novelle da Messer Vincenzo Brugian- 
tino dette in ottava rima, et tutte hanno la allegoria, con 
il proverbio a proposito della novella. Vinegia, Francesco 
Marcolinif 1554, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

Marcolini's mark on the title-page, and many woodcuts. 

BRUTI, GlOVAN MiCHELE. Florentinae Historiae 
libri viii. priores, cum indice locupletissimo. Lugduni, apud 
Hceredes Jacobi JunUe^ 1562, small 4to. brown calf, g. e. by 

BRUTI, Ottavio Revesi. Archisesto per formare 

con faciliti li Cinque Ordini d'Architettura. Vicenzay 1627, 

small fol. o. c. 

Count Hoym's copy, with his arms and monogram. On the title- 
page. '* Ex Bibliotheca Colbertina." 

A new and accurate method of delineating all the 

parts of different orders in Architecture, by means of a well 
contrived and most easily managed instrument. Translated 
from the Italian by Thomas Malie. London^ 1737, fol. L. P. 

BRUTUS, Stephanus Junius. Vindiciae contra 
Tyrannos. Edinburgi, 1579, i6mo. 

Ascribed by some to Theodor Beza, by others to H. Languet 

Another copy, o. c. 

BRUT Y TYWYSOGION ; or. The Chronicle of the 
Princes. Edited by the Rev. John Williams ab ItheL Lon- 
don, i860, 8vo. s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

BRUYfeRE, Jean de la, s. La Bruy^re (J.) 


Bruyn, Corneille le. s. Lebruyn (C.) 

GUSTE. A new Voyage into the Northern Countries, being 
a description of the manners, customs, superstitions, build- 
ings, and habits of the Norw^ians, Laponians, Kilops, 
Borandians, Siberians, Samojedes, Zemblans, and Islanders. 
London^ 1674, 12 mo. 

Le Grand Dictionnaire gdographique, historique 

et critique. Nouvelle Edition. Paris, 1768, 6 vols. foL 

Bry, Theodore, s. De Bry (Th.) 

BRY, GiLLES, Sieur de la Clergerie. Histoire des Pays 
et Comtd du Perche et Duchd d*Alen9on. Ou est traits 
des anciens seigneurs de Bellesme, Comtes du Perche, 
Alengon, Damfront, Sonnois, Sdes, et Ponthieu : et des 
Rotrous vicomtes de Chasteaudun, et comtes de Mortagne 
et dudit Perche. Ensemble des Princes de la Maison 
Royale, qui ont tenu lesdites provinces depuis S. Louys 
iusques k present. Paris, Pierre Le-Mur, 1620. 

Additions aux Recherches d'Alengon et du Perche .... 
Paris, Le-Mur, 1621. 2 parts in i vol. 4to. 

BRYAN, Michael. A bic^^phical and critical Dic- 
tionary of Painters and Engravers, from the revival of art 
under Cimabue to the present time. London, 18 16, 2 vols. 
4to. r. mor. L. P. 

BRYANT, Jacob. A new system, or, an analysis of 
Ancient Mythology ; wherein an attempt is made to divest 
tradition of fable, and to reduce the truth to its original 
purity. London, 1774, 3 vols. 4to. 

Observations upon the poems of Thomas Rowley, 

in which the authenticity of those poems is ascertained. 
London, 1781, 2 parts in i vol. 8vo. 

BR YD ALL, John. Jus imaginis apud Anglos ; or the 
law of England relating to the nobility and gentry. Lon^ 
don^ John Billinger^ 1675, small 8vo. o. r. mor. 


BRYDONE, Patrick. A Tour through Sicily and 
Malta, in a series of letters to William Beckford. London, 
1773, 2 vols, bound in I, 8vo. 

BUCANIERS. Bucaniers of America; or a true ac- 
count of the most remarkable assaults committed of late 
years upon the Coasts of the West Indies, by the Buca- 
niers of Jamaica, and Tortuga, both English and French. 
Wherein are contained more especially, the unparallel'd 
exploits of Sir Henry Morgan, our english Jamaican hero. 
. . . Written originally in dutch by John Esquemeling, 
one of the Bucaniers. . . . thence translated into Spanish. . . . 
Now faithfully rendred into english. (With plates.) Lon- 
don, W. Crooke, 1684, 3 parts in i vol. 4to. 

The History of the Bucaniers of America .... 

The whole written in several languages by persons present 
at the transactions. Translated into english, and illustrated 
with copper-plates. London, 1741, 2 vols. i2mo. 

Histoire des Avanturiers. s. Oexmelin (A. O.) 

BUCER, Martin. De obitu doctissimi et sanctissimi 
theologi doctoris Martini Buceri. Item Epigrammata varia 
cum grsce tum latine conscripta in eumdem iidelissimum 
Divini Verbi ministrum. Londini, 1551, small 4to. 

. Historia vera de vita, obitu, sepultura, accusa- 

tione haereseos, condemnatione, exhumatione, combustione 
. . . D. Martini Buceri et Pauli Fagii . . . Item Historia 
Catharinae Vermiliae exhumatae. Argentorati, 1562, i6mo. 

BUCH, Leopold von. Travels through Norway and 
Lapland during the years 1806- 1808. Translated from the 
German by John Black, with notes and illustrations by 
Robert Jameson. London, 1813, 4to. 

BUCHANAN, Francis. A Journey from Madras 
through the countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar, 
performed under the orders of the most noble the Marquis 
Wellesley, Governor-General of India. London, 1807, 
3 vols. 4to. 



BUCHANAN, George. Opera omnia, ad optimorum 
codicum iidem summo studio recognita et castigata : 
nunc primum in unum collecta, ab innumeris pene mendis 
. . . repurgata ; ac varib insuper notis aliisque utilissimis 
accessionibus illustrata et aucta. Curante Thoma Ruddi- 
manno. Edinburgi, apttd Robertum Freebaim^ I7I5» 2 vols, 
fol. o. c. 

Opera omnia, historica, chronologica, juridica, 

politica, satyrica, et poetica. Curante Thoma Ruddimanno, 
cum indicibus rerum memorabilium, et praefatione Petri 
Burmanni. Lugduni Batavarum, 172$, 2 vols. 4to. 

De jure r^ni apud Scotos dialogus. 1580, 8vo. 

Rerum Scoticarum historia : accessit de jure regni 

apud Scotos dialogus. UltrajecH^ Elzevir^ 1668, 8vo. 

Franciscanus et fratres: quibus accessere varia 

ejusdem et aliorum poemata. BasiUa^ i2mo. c. 

Franciscanus. Varia ejusdem authoris poemata. 

1566, 8vo. o. r. m. 

Jephthes, sive votum, tragcedia. LutetuB^ ex officina 

Michaelis Vascosani, 1557. — Euripidis Alcestis, Georgio 
Buchanano interprete. Lutetia, Vascosanus, 1557. 2 parts 
in I voL small 4to. 

Psalmorum Davidis paraphrasis poetica. s. Biblia, 


Ane Detectioun of the duinges of Marie Quene of 

Scottes, touchand the murder of hir husband, and hir con- 
spiracies adulterie, and pretensed mariage with the Erie 
Bothwell. And ane defence of the trew Lordis, mainteineris 
of the Kingis graces actioun and authoritie. Translatit 
out of the Latine quhilke was written by G. B. Small 8vo. 
o. gr. mor. Black letter. 

BUCK, Nathaniel and Samuel. Antiquities. Pub- 
lished by R. Sayer the 12/A April, 1774. London, 3 vols. 

fol. obi. russia. 

Vols. I and 2 contain 428 plates. VoL 3, of a larger size^ contains 
89 plates. 


BUCKERIDGE. John, successively Bishop of Ro- 
Chester, Bath and Wells, and Ely. A Sermon preached 
before His Majestic at Whitehall, March 22, 1617, touching 
prostration and kneeling in the worship of God. To which 
is added a discourse concerning kneeling at the Communion. 
London, John Bill, 161 8, 4to. 

Buckingham, John Sheffield, Duke of. s. Shef- 
field (J.) 

BUCKINGHAM, J. S. Travels in Palestina through 
the countries of Bashan and Gilead, east of the river Jordan : 
including a visit to the cities of Geraza and Gamala, in the 
Decapolis. London, 1821, 4to. 

Travels among the Arab tribes inhabiting the 

countries E. of Syria and Palestine. London, 1825, 4to. 

Travels in Mesopotamia. London, 1827, 4to. 

BUCKLAND, A. C. Letters on the importance, duty, 
and advantages of early rising. London, 1823, i2mo. 

BUCKLAND, Rev. William. Reliquiae Diluvianae: 
or observations on the organic remains contained in caves, 
fissures, and diluvial gravels and other geological pheno- 
mena, attesting the action of an universal deluge. London, 
Murray, 1823, 4to. 

Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference 

to Natural Theology. London, Pickering, 1837, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Bridgewater Treatises, VL 

BUCKMAN, Professor, and NEUMARCH, C. H. 
Illustrations of the remains of Roman art in Cirencester, 
the site of ancient Corinium. London^ 1850, 4to. 

BUCQUET, J. B. M. Introduction k T^tude des corps 
naturels, tir^s du rigne mineral. Paris, 177 1, 2 vols. i2mo. 


BUDDEN, John. Gulielmi Patteni, cui Waynfleti 
agnomen fuit, Wintoniensis Ecclesis prassulis quondam, 
summi Anglis Cancellarij, coUegijque beatae Maris Mag- 


dalenae apud Oxonienses fundatoris, vita obitusque. 
OxonuEy Joseph Barnes^ 1603, 4to. 

BUDE, GuiLLAUME. Libri V. de Asse et partibus ejus. 
Venetiis, in asdibus Aldi et Andrece Asulani Saceri^ mense 
Septembri^ 1522, small 4to. o. br. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Grolier's copy, with his motto ; new back. 

De Asse et partibus ejus libri quinque. In ^di- 

bus Ascensianis, 1532, fol. L. P. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border ; woodcut capital letters. 

De transitu Hellenismi ad Christianismum, libri 

tres. Parisiis, ex officina Roberti Stephanie I53S> 4to. L. P. 

Forensia. Lutetue, ex officina Roberti Stephanie 

1 544, fol. 

Commentarii linguae graecae. Parisiis^ ex officina 

Roberti Stephani, 1 548, foL 

; Graecae Epistolae. Parisiis, apud Andream Ve^ 

chelum, 1 566, 4to. 

Lexicon, sive dictionarium Graeco-LatinuoL s. 


BuFFON, George -Louis Leclerc, Comte de. s. 
Leclerc (G. L.) 

BUGUION, Philibert Pontus de Tyard. Discours 

du temps, de Tan, et de ses parties. Lion, Jan de Toumes, 

1566, small 8vo. 

Title enclosed in woodcut border. 

BULGARINI, Belisario. RepHche alle risposte del 
Sig. Orazio Capponi, intomo al discorso di Jacopo Mazzoni 
in difesa della commedia di Dante. Siena, Luca Bonetti, 
1585, small 4to. o. c. 

Risposte ai ragionamenti del Sig. Jeronimo 2^ppio 

intomo alia commedia di Dante. Siena, appresso Luca 
Bonetti, 1586, small 4to. o. c. 


BULGARINI, Belisario. Difcse in risposta air apo- 
logia e palinodia di Monsignor Alessandro Cariero pado- 
vano . . . intomo alia commedia di Dante. Suna, Bonetti^ 
1588, small 4to. 

Riprove delle particelle poetiche sopra Dante dis- 

putate dal S^. Jeronimo Zoppio. Suna, BoneUi, 1602, 
small 4to. 

Annotazioni, owero chiose marginal! sopra la 

prima parte della difesa fatta da M. Jacopo Mazzoni per la 
commedia di Dante Alighieri. Siena^ Bonetti, 1608, small 4to. 

Antidiscorso. Ragioni in risposta al primo dis- 

corso sopra Dante scritto a penna sotto iinto nome di 
M. Speron Speroni. Siena, Bonetti^ 161 8, small 4to. 

BULIFON, Antonio. Ragionamento intomo d' un 
antico marmo discoverto nella citti di Pozzuoli. Napoli, 
1694, i2mo. 

BULKELEY, Edward. A-n answer to ten frivolous 
and foolish reasons set downe by the Rhemish Jesuits and 
Papists in their preface before the New Testament, etc. 
Londiniy 1588, small 4to. 

BULL, George, Bishop of St. David's. Works, col- 
lected and revised by the Rev. Edward Burton. To which 
is prefixed the life of Bishop Bull, by Robert Nelson. 
Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1827, 8 vols. 8vo. 

BULLART, Isaac. Acad^mie des sciences et des 

arts, contenant les vies, et les ^loges historiques des hommes 

illustres, qui ont excell^ en ces professions depuis environ 

quatre si^cles parmy diverses nations de TEurope: avec 

leurs pourtraits tirez sur des originaux au naturel, et 

plusieurs inscriptions fun^bres, exactement receuillies de 

leurs tombeaux. Bruxelles, Francois Foppens, 1682, 2 vols. 

fol. c g. e. 

Cardinal Colbert's copy, whose arms have been preserved on the 
side of the new binding. Title-page engraved by P. Chouat, and 268 
portraits by N. de Larmessin and E. de Boulonois. Fresh proofi. 


BULLET, Jean-Baptiste. M6moires sur la langue 
celtique, contenant i**. L'histoire de cette langue. 2**. Un6 
description 6tymoIogique des villes, rivieres, montagnes, etc, 
des Gaules. 3°. Un dictionnaire celtique. Besanfon, 1754- 
1760, 3 vols. foL o. c. 


BULLINGER, Henry. A hundred Sermons upon 
the Apocalipse of Jesu Christ, revelled by the Angell of the 
Lord: but seene or received and written by the Holy 
Apostle S. John. A t London, printed by John Dc^e^ dwellyng 
over Aldersgate : anno 1573, 8vo. v. Black letter. 

BULLOCH, William. Virginia impartially examined, 
and left to publick view, to be considered by all judicious 
and honest men. Under which title is comprehended the 
degrees from 34 to 39, wherein lyes the rich and healthfull 
countries of Roanock, the new Plantations of Virginia and 
Mary-land. Looke not upon this Booke, as those that are 
set out by private men, for private ends ; for being read, 
you'l find, the publick good is the authors onely aime* 
London^ John Hammond^ 1649, small 4to. 39 ff. 

BULWER, John. Antropometamorphosis ; man trans- 
formed : or, the artificiall changling historically presented. 
London, William Hunt, 1653, small 4to. 

BuNGius, Petrus. s. Bongo (P.) 

BUNNY, Edmund. The Scepter of Judah: or, what 
maner of Grovernment it was, that unto the Common^wealth 
or Church of Israel was by the Law of God appointed* 
London, N. Newton, 1 584, small 8vo. v. 

A Booke of Christian Exercise, s. Parsons (R.) 

BUNON, Robert. Essai sur les maladies des dents. 
Paris, 1743, i2mo. 

BUNTING, Henry. Itinerarium totius Sacrae Scrip- 
turae; or, the travels of the Holy Patriarchs, Prophets, 


Judges, Kings, our Saviour Christ, and his Apostles. With 
a description of the townes and places to which they 
travelled. . . . Done into english by R. B. London^ A. 
Islip, 1 619, 4to. 

BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress, to which is 

prefixed the life of the Author. With a key to the allegory. 

London, 1796, 2 parts in i vol. royal 8vo. 

Portrait and 8 plates by J. Collier, Springsgath, Saunders, and 

The Pilgrim's Prepress from this world to that 

which is to come. London, William Pickering, 1849, 8vo. 

c portrait. 

BUOMM ATTEI, Benedetto. Delia Lingua Toscana 
libri II. Impressione terza, Firenze, 1643, 4to. 

Delia Lingua Toscana. Fireme, 17 14, 4to. 

Delia Lingua Toscana. Milano, 1807, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Classici Italiani, vols. 219, 220. 

Descrizione delle feste fatte in Firenze per la 

canonizzazione di S*° Andrea Corsini. Fiorenza, Zanobi 
Pignoni, 1632, small 4to. o. Sp. c. With cuts. 

BUONACCORSI, BiAGlO. Diario dei success! piu 
important! seguiti in Italia et particolarmente in Fiorenza 
dair anno 1489 in fino all' anno 15 12. Con la vita del 
magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici il vecchio, scritta da Nicolo 
Valori. Fiorenza, Giunti, 1568, 4to. o. c. 

BUONAMICI, FiLlPPO. Lettera critica sulle osser- 
vazioni aggiunte all' edizione del Decamerone del Boccaccio 
fatta in Londra nel 1725, e Lettera rispondente del Sig. 
Rolli. Parigi, 1728, 4to. 

BUONANNI, ViNCENZlO. Discorso sopra la prima 
cantica del divinissimo theologo Dante d* Alighieri del 
Bello nobilissimo Fiorentino, intitolata Commedia. Fio^ 
renza, Sermartelli, i $72, 4to. 



BUONARROTI, Filippo. Osservazioni istoriche 
sopra alcuni medaglioni antichi (del Cardinale Carpegna). 
Roma, 1698, 4to. 31 plates. 

- Qsservazioni sopra alcuni frammenti di vasi antichi 
di vetro omati di figure trovati nei cimiterj di Roma. Fireme^ 
1716, fol. 31 plates. 

BUONARROTI, Michelangelo. Rime raccolte da 
Michelagrnolo suo nipote. Firenze, Giunti, 1623, small 4to. 

Rime, con una Lezione di Benedetto Varchi e due 

di Mario Guiducci sopra di esse. Firenze, Manni, 1726, 

small 8vo. r. mor. 

On the fly-leaf—" Given me by Dr. Shipley, Bishop of St Asaph, 
1779. — ^Joshua Reynolds." 

Rime, col comento di G. Biagioli. Parigi, 1821, 

8vo. r. mor. g. e. 

Rime e Prose. Milano, Silvestriy 1821, i2mo. 

Le Rime, cavate dagli autografi, e pubblicate da 

Cesare Guasti. Firenze, Le MonnieTy 1863, 4to. 

BUONARROTI, Michelangelo (il Giovane). II 
Giudizio di Paride; favola. Firenze^ SermarteUi^ 1608, 
small 4to. 

La Fiera, commedia, e la Tancia, commedia rusti- 

cale del medesimo, coll* annotazioni dell' abate Anton Maria 
SalvinL Firenze, Tartini e Franchi, 1726, 4to. 

BUONFIGLIO, Giuseppe Buonfiglio e Costanzo. 
Historia Siciliana, divisa in XX libri et due parti. Venetia, 
1604, 4to. o. c 

Messina citti nobilissima descritta in VIII libri. 

Venetian 1606, 4to. o. c. 

BUONINSEGNI, Pietro, or Domenico. Historia 
Fiorentina, nuovamente data in luce. Fiorenza, Marescotti^ 
1580, 8vo, c. g. e. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. 

De Thou's copy, with his arms and monogram. 


BURBURY, John. A relation of a journey of the 
Rt hon, my Lord Henry Howard from London to Vienna, 
and thence to Constantinople. LondoUy 1671, i2mo. 

BURCHETT, JosiAH. Memoires of transactions at 
sea during the war with France, b^inning in 1688 and 
ending in 1697. L(mdan^ 1703, 8vo. 

A complete history of the most remarkable trans- 
actions at sea, from the earliest accounts of time to the 
conclusion of the last war with France. London^ 1720, fol. 

BURCHIELLO, Domenico. Sonetti del Burchiello. 
Per Francesco di Ditto chartolaio fiorentino adi XXIIII. di 
Novembre 148 1 appresso al tnunistero di Fuligno neUa cipta 
di Firenze. Small 4to. ol. mor. g. e. by Lewis. 

It wants the first leaf. 

Incominciano li Snoetti {sic) de Burchiello fiorentino 

faceto et eloquente in dire cancione et sonetti sfogiati. 
Cura et diligitia Antonii de strata de Cremona . . . impres- 
sum Venetiis anno Domini 1485, 8vo. p. mor. g. e. by Lewis. 

BURCKHARDT, John Lewis. Travels in Nubia. 
Published by the Association for promoting the discovery 
of the interior parts of Africa. With maps. London^ Mur- 
ray, 1 8 19, 4to. 

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. Published 

by the Association for promoting the discovery of the 
interior parts of Africa. With maps. London, Murray^ 
1822, 4to. 

Travels in Arabia, comprehending an account of 

those territories in Hedjaz, which the Mohammedans re- 
gard as sacred. Published by authority of the Association 
for promoting the discovery of the interior of Africa. With 
maps. London, Colbum, 1829, 4to. 

BURE. s. De Bure. 

BURGER, Gottfried August. Sammtliche Werke, 
herausgegeben von August Wilhelm Bohtz. Gdttingen^ 
183s, 4to. 


BURGER, Gottfried August. Leonora : translated 
from the German by W. R. Spencer, with designs by the 
right hon. Lady Diana Beauclerc. Londouy 1796, foL p. 
mor. g. e. 

BURGESS, Henry. Essays, biblical and ecclesiastical, 
relating chiefly to the authority and the interpretation of 
Holy Scripture. London^ 1873, 8vo. 

BURGESS, Thomas, Bishop of St David's. The 
Hebrew Reader ; or, a practical introduction to the reading 
of the Hebrew Scriptures. London^ 1808, 8vo. 

BURGON, Rev. John W. A memoir of Patrick Eraser 
Tytler, author of the History of Scotland- London^ Murray ^ 
1859, crown 8vo. 

Letters from Rome to friends in England LoH" 

dan^ Murray, 1862, crown 8vo. 

BURGOYNE, General Sir John Fox. Military 
Opinions, collected and edited by Capt. the hon. George 
Wrottesley. London, Bentley, 1859, 8vo. 

BURIA, Abel. Observations d'un voyageur sur la 
Russie. Maestricht, 1787, 8vo. 

BURIGNY, Jean Levesque de. Storia generale di 
Sicilia, tradotta dal francese, illustrata con note, addizioni, 
tavole cronolc^che, e continuata fino a' nostri giomi dal 
signor Mariano Scasso e Borrello. Palermo, 1787- 1794, 
6 vols. 4to. 

BURKE, The Rt. Hon. Edmund. Works. (With 
portrait) London, Dodsley, 1792- 1827, 8 vols. 4to. c 

Works. A new edition. London, RivingUm, 1826- 

1827, 16 vols. 8vo. c 

Articles of charge of high crimes and misdemean- 
ours against Warren Hastings, esq., late Governor-General 
of Bengal, presented to the House of Commons, in the 
months of April and May, 1786. London, 1786, 8vo. 


BURKE, The Rt Hon. Edmund. Reflections on the 
Revolution in France, and on the proceedings in certain 
societies in London relative to that event. London^ I790, 

Correspondence. Between the year 1744 and the 

period of his decease, in 1797. Edited by Charles William, 
Earl Fitzwilliam, and Lieutenant-General Sir Richard 
Bourke. With portraits. London^ Rivingtan^ 1844, 4 vols. 
Svo. c. 

Burleigh, William Cecil, Lord. s. Cecil (W.) 

BURMANN, Peter. Vectigalia Populi Romani, et Z%U 
Kareu0arni, sive Jupiter fulgerator, in Cyrrhestarum nummis, 
curis secundis illustrata. Leidcgy 1734, 4to. 

Frontispiece by F. v. Bleyswych. 

Burn, Richard, s. Nicolson (J.) 

BURNABY, Rev. Andrew. Travels through the 
middle settlements in North America in the years 1759 and 
1760. The second edition. London^ 1775, Svo. 

BURNEIUS, Carolus. s. Burney (Ch.) 

BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. Vindication 

of the authority, constitution, and laws of the Church and 

State of Scotland. Glasgow^ i673> i2mo. o. c. 

On the fly-leaf there is an interesting note by Dampier about this 

The Memoires of the lives and actions of James 

and William, Dukes of Hamilton, and in which an account 
is given of the rise and progress of the civil wars of Scot- 
land, with other great transactions both in England and 
Germany, from the year 1625 to the year 1652, together 
with many letters, instructions, and other papers, written by 
King Charles I., never before published. London^ ^^77^ fol 

The History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England. The second edition. London, 168 1, 2 vols. fol. 
o. r. mor. L. P. 

284 BURNET. 

BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. The His- 
tory of the Reformation of the Church of England. A new 
edition, carefully revised, and the records collated with the 
originals. By Nicholas Pocock. Oxford^ at the Clarendon 
Press, 1865, 7 vols. 8vo. 

Some passages of the life and death of John, Earl 

of Rochester. London, 1700, i2mo. 

A collection of several Tracts and Discourses 

written in the years 1677 ^^ I704- (With portrait) Lon^ 
don, 1704, 2 vols. 4to. 

History of his own time, from the restoration of 

King Charles H. to the conclusion of the treaty of peace at 
Utrecht, in the reign of Queen Anne, etc London, 1809, 
4 vols. 8vo. russia. L. P. 

History of his own time, with the suppressed pas- 
sages of the first volume, and notes, by the Earls of Dart- 
mouth and Hardwicke, and Speaker Onslow, hitherto un- 
published. To which are added the cursory remarks of 
Swift and other observations. 

The additional annotations in the second edition of 
Bishop Burnet's History of his own time, with notes, accom- 
modated to the pages of the first edition. (With portrait) 
Oxford, at the Clarendon Press, 1 823, 7 vols, royal 8vo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. L. P. 

Lives, Characters, and an Address to posterity, 

with the two prefaces to the Dublin editions. To which are 
now added, five hitherto unpublished letters, by Anne, 
Countess dowager of Rochester, upon her son's last illness 
and conversion. Edited, with an introduction and notes, by 
John Jebb, D. D. London, 1833, i2mo. c 

BURNET, John. An Essay on the education of the 
e3re with reference to painting. Illustrated by copper plates 
and woodcuts. London, 1837, 4to. 

BURNET, Thomas. Telluris theoria sacra: orbis 


nostri originem et mutationes generates, quas aut jam subiit, 
aut olim subiturus est, complectens. Londini^ 1681, 4to. 

BURNET, Thomas. The Theory of the Earth, con- 
taining an account of the original of the earth, and of all 
the general changes which it hath already undergone, or is 
to undergo, till the consummation of all things. London^ 
1684, foL 

The sacred theory of the Earth. The fourth 

edition, in which is added the author's defence of the work, 
from the exceptions of Mr. Warren ; and an ode to the 
author, by Mr. Addison. LandoHy 17 19, 2 vols. 8vo. 
Burnet's portrait, by R. White, after Kneller, and 4 plates. 

De Fide et officiis Christianorum liber. Londinv 

1722, 4to. L. P. 

De statu mortuorum et resurgentium liber : acces- 

serunt epistolae dux circa libellum de Archaeologiis philoso- 
phicis. Londini, 172^, 4to. L. P. 

BURNEY, Charles. The present state of Music in 
France and Italy, or the Journal of a tour through those 
countries, undertaken to collect materials for a general his- 
tory of Music. Second edition corrected. London, 1773, 8vo. 

The present state of Music in Germany, the Nether- 
lands, and United Provinces, or the Journal of a tour 
through those countries, undertaken to collect materials for 
a general history of Music. London, 1773, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Tentamen de metris ab i£schylo in choricis can- 

tibus adhibitis. Cantabrigia, 1809, royal 8vo. bL mor. 

BURNEY, James. A chronological History of the dis- 
coveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean. London, 1803- 
1806, 2 vols. 4to. 

A chronological History of North Eastern voyages 

of discovery and of the early Eastern navigations of the 
Russians. London, 18 19, 8vo. 

286 B UR NS—B UR TON. 

BURNS, Robert. Works ; with an account of his life 
and a criticism on his writings. To which are prefixed 
some observations on the character and condition of the 
Scottish peasantry. (With portrait) Liverpool^ 1800, 4 
vols. 8vo. 

Poems, with an account of his life and miscella- 
neous remarks on his writings, containing also many poems 
and letters, not printed in doctor Currie's edition. (With 
portrait) Edinburgh, 181 1, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BURSI, NICOL6. Nicolai Burtii Parmensis : musices 
professoris : ac juris pontificij studiossimi : musices opus- 
culum incipit : cum defensione Guidonis aretini : adversus 
quendam Hyspanum veritatis prevaricatorem. Impdsis 
Benedictilibrarijbonon.acsuma industria Ugonis de Rugerijs. 
imj/ssus Bononie Aho Dhi 1487, small 4to. russia, g. e. 

BURTON, John, M.D. Monasticon Eboracense ; and 
the ecclesiastical history of Yorkshire ; containing an ac- 
count of the first introduction and progress of Christianity 
in that diocese, until the end of William the Conqueror s 
reign. York, I7S8, fol. 

Plans of Fountains Abbey and Kirkstall Abbey, and a Map. 
Tragoediarum graecarum delectus, s. Tragedies. 

BURTON, John Hill. The History of Scotland, 
from Agricola's invasion to the Revolution of 1688. Edin- 
burgh, 1867-70, 7 vols. 8vo. 

BURTON, NiCOL* Figurae grammaticae et rhetoricae 
latino carmine donatae. In usum regiae Scholae Dunel- 
mensis. Landini, 1702, i2mo. 

BURTON, Richard F. First footsteps in East Africa ; 
or, an exploration of Harar. (Maps and 4 col. plates.) 
London, Longman, 1856, 8vo. 

BURTON, Richard F. and DRAKE, Charles F, 
Tyrwhitt. Unexplored Syria. Visits to the Libanus, the 

B UR TON—B UR Y. 287 

Tulul el Safi, the Anti-Libanus, the Northern Libanus, and 
the 'Alih. London^ 1872, 2 vols. 8vo. mar. mor. 

Map and lithograph illustrations. 

BURTON, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. 
What it is, with all the kindes, causes, symptoms, prognosticks 
and several cures of it. By Democritus Junior. The second 
edition. Oxford^ 1624, fol. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy. The fourth edition. 

Oxford, 1632, fol. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy. The eighth edition, 

London, 1676, fol. niss. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy. New edition cor- 
rected, to which is prefixed an account of the author. 
London, 1837, 2 vols. 8vo. russia, g. e. 

BURTON, Thomas. Diary of Thomas Burton, Esq. 
member in the parliaments of Oliver and Richard Crom- 
well, from 1656 to 1659; now first published from the 
original autograph manuscript. With an introduction, con- 
taining an account of the Parliament of 1654; from the 
Journal of Guibon Goddard, esq. M.P. also now first printed. 
Edited and illustrated with notes historical and bic^^phical, 
by John Towill Rutt London, 1828, 4 vols. 8vo. 

BURTON, William. The description of Leicester- 
shire, containing matters of antiquity, historye, armorye, and 
genealogy. London, John White (1622), fol. 

Burton's portrait and engraved title-page by Fr. Delaram, and Map 
of Leicestershire. 

A commentary on Antonius his Itinerary, or 

joumeis of the Romane empire, so far as it concemeth 

Britain. With a chorographicall map of the severall stations : 

and index's to the whole work. London, Thomas Roycroft^ 

1658. fol. 

Burton's portrait by W. Hollar, and a Map. 

Bury, Mrs. Edward, s. Havell. 


BUSANELLO, Giovan Francesco. Delle Hore 
otiose parte prima. Gli amori di Apollo e di Dafne. La 
Didone. L'Incoronatione di Poppea. La prosperity infelice 
di Giulio Cesare dittatore. La Statira, principessa di Persia. 
Opere. Venetia^ Giuliani^ 1656, i2mo. or. mor. g. e. 

BUSBECQ, Augier-Grislen de. Legationis Tur- 
cicx epistolae IV. Ejusdem de Re militari. ApudRaph. 
SadeUrum, 1620, 24010. o. v. 

Omnia quae extant Lugduni Batavarum^ ex 

cfficina Elzeviriana^ 1633, 24mo. o. v. 

Another copy, c. 

BUTEO, Jean. De Quadratura circuli libri duo. 
Lugduni, 1559, i8mo. 

BUTINI, Pierre. Nouvelles observations, ou re- 
cherches analytiques sur la magn^ie du sel d'Epsom. 
Genive, 178 1, small 8vo. 

BUTLER, Rev. Alban. The Lives of the Fathers, 
Martyrs, and other principal Saints, compiled from original 
monuments and other authentic records. Illustrated with 
the remarks of judicious modem critics and historians. 
Dublin, 1832-1833, 2 vols. 4to. 

BUTLER, Charles. The Principles of Musik, in 
singing and setting : with the twofold use thereof, ecclesi- 
asticall and civil. Lotulon, John Haviland, 1636, small 4to. 

Monarchia fceminina, sive Apum historia, anglice 

conscripta ; nunc primum interprete R. Ricardi F. (Richard 
Richardson) latinitate donata. Londini, 1673, small 8vo. 

Historical Memoirs of the English, Irish, and 

Scottish Catholics since the Reformation ; with a succinct 
account of the principal events in the ecclesiastical history 
of this country antecedent to that period, and in the histories 
of the Established Church and the Dissenting and Evan- 
gelical Congregations. Third edition. London, Murray, 
1822, 4 vols. 8vo. 


BUTLER, Joseph, Bishop of Durham. Works; to 
which is prefixed a preface giving some account of the 
character and writings of the author, by Samuel Halifax, 
Bishop of Gloucester. Oxford, University Press, 1844, 2 
vols. 8vo. 

The Analogy of Religion, natural and revealed, to 

the constitution and course of nature. To which are added 
two brief dissertations: I. On personal Identity. II. Of 
the nature of Virtue. With analytical index by Edward 
Steere. London, Bell and Daldy, 1857, 8vo. 

BUTLER, Samuel. Hudibras, in three parts, written 
in the time of the late wars : corrected and amended. With 
large annotations and a preface, by Zachary Grey. Adom'd 
with a new set of cuts. Cambridge, 1744, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Hudibras. With large annotations and a preface 

by Zachary Grey. With plates. London, 1801, 2 vols. 8vo. 
russia. L. P. 

Hudibras, with Dr. Grey's annotations. A new 

edition, corrected and enlarged. (Portrait and cuts.) London, 
1 8 19, 3 vols. 8vo. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Hudibras. Poeme ecrit dans les tems des troubles 

d'Angleterre ; et traduit en vers fran9ais avec des remarques 

et des figures. (Fr. & Engl.) Londres, 1757, 3 vols. i2mo. 

The translator was Mr. Townley, an English officer in the French 

The genuine Remains, in verse and prose. Pub- 
lished from the original manuscripts, formerly in the pos- 
session of W. Longueville, with notes by R. Thyer. London, 
Tonson, 1759, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BUTLER, William Archer. Lectures on the history 
of ancient philosophy. Edited from the author's MSS., 
with notes, by William Hepworth Thompson. Cambridge, 
1856, 2 vols. 8vo. c. 

BUTRON, Juan de. Discursos apologeticos en que se 
defiende la ingenuidad del arte de la pintura ; que es liberal, 



de todos derechos, no inferior a las siete que comunmente 
se reciben. Madrid^ Luis Sanchez^ 1626, 4to. 

Frontispiece by Lehorquens. 

BUTTMANN, Philipp. Ausfuhrliche griechische 
Sprachlehre. Zweite verbesserte und vermehrte Ausgabe. 
Berlin, 1830, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BUXBAUM, Jean-Chr£tien. Plantarum minus cog- 
nitarum centuria, complectens plantas circa Byzantium et 
in Oriente observatas. Petrcpoli, 1728- 1740, 4to. 

BUXERIUS, Claudius. Nobilissimus et antiquis- 
simus ludus p)rthagoreus, qui R)rthmomachia nominatur. 
LutetuB, Gulielmus CaveUat, 1556, i2mo. 

BUYS, Egbert. A new and complete dictionary of 
terms of art. Amsterdam, 1768- 1769, 2 vols. 4to. 

BYNG, Sir GEORGE, afterwards Viscount Torrington. 
An account of the expedition of the British fleet to Sicily, 
in the years 171 8, 1719 and 1720, under the command of 
Sir George Byng, Bart London, 1739, 8vo. 

BYROM, John. The universal english Short-Hand ; 
or, the way of writing english in the most easy, concise, 
regular, and beautiful manner. Manchester, 1767, 8vo. 

BYRON, George Anson, Lord. Voyage of H. M. S. 
*' Blonde" to the Sandwich Islands, in the years 1 824-1 825. 
Captain the right hon. Lord Byron. (Map and plates.) 
London, Murray, 1 826, 4to. c. 

BYRON, George Gordon Noel, Lord. Works. 

London, 181 3-1823, 8 vols. 8vo. gr. mor. g. e. 

Vol I. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, and other poems. Eighth 
edition, Murray, 18 14. 
II. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Canto III. Murray, 1816. 
Canto IV. Murray, 18 18. 

III. The Giaour. The tenth edition. Murray, 1814. The Bride 

ofAbydos. Murray, iZiy, The Corsair. Afivfr/i^, 1814. 
Lara. Fifth edition. Murray, 18 17. 

IV. The Siege of Corinth. Parisina. Murray, 1816. The 

Prisoner of ChiUon and other poems. Murray, 1816. 


Manfred. Second edition. Murray^ 1817. Mazeppa. 
Murray^ 18 19. The Island, or Christian and his Com- 
rades. Hunt^ 1823. 
V. Waltz. An apostrophic hymn by Horace Homem, Esq. 
(the noble author of Don Juan). W. Clarke^ 1821. 
Hebrew Melodies. Murray^ 181 5. Ode to Napoleon 
Buonaparte (no name). Murray^ 18 14. Poems. Second 
edition. Murray ^ 18 16. A Sketch (no date or place). 
Monody on the death of the Rt Hon. R. B. Sheridan. 
Murray^ 1817. The Lament of Tasso. Murray^ 1817. 
Beppo. Murray^ 1818. Letter to ... on the Rev. W. 
L. Bowles' strictures on the life and writings of Pope. 
Murray f 1821. 
VI. Don Juan. A new edition. Thomas Davison^ 1819. Don 

Juan. Cantos III., IV., V. Davison^ 1821. 
VIL Don Juan. Cantos VI., VII., and VIIL John Hunt, 
1823. Don Juan. Cantos IX., X., XI. John Hunty 1823. 
VI 1 1. Historical Illustrations to the fourth canto of Childe 
Harolde containing dissertations on the ruins of Rome, 
and an essay on Italian Literature. By John Hobhouse. 
Murray, 1818. 

BYRON, George Gordon Noel, Lord Hours of 
Idleness, or a series of poems original and translated. 
Newark, 1807, i2mo. r. mor. 

English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers; a satire. 

Fourth edition. London, 181 1, 8vo. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. A romaunt. London, 

Murray, 18 12, 4to. bl. mor. g. e. and border, by Lewis. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. A romaunt Lon- 
don, Murray, 1842, royal 8vo. 

Byron's portrait, by Finden, after T. Phillips, and vignettes. 

Don Juan. (Cantos I. and II.) London, Davison, 

1 8 19, 4to. 

fol. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Labbe, Philippus. De Byzantinae Historic scrip- 

toribus publicam in lucem emittendis Protrepticon. — Ex- 
cerpta de L^;ationibus, a Davide Hoeschelio edita, inter- 


prete Carolo Cantodaro, cum ejusdem notis. Accedunt 
notae Henrici Valesii. — Eclogae historicorum de Rebus By- 
zantinis, quorum Integra scripta aut injuria temporum inter- 
ciderunt, aut plura continent ad Constantinopolitanam his- 
toriam minus spectantia. Sel^t, interpretationem recen- 
suit^ notisque illustravit Philippus Labbe. 

Theophylacti Simocattae historiarum libri VIII. inter- 
prete Jacobo Pontano. Editio priore castigatior, studio et 
opera Caroli Annibalis FabrotL 

Sancti NlC£PHORl patriarchal Constantinopolitani Bre- 
viarium historicum de rebus gestis ab obitu Mauricii ad 
Constantinum usque Copronymum. Interprete Dionysio 
Petavio, cum ejusdem notis. (Gr. Lat) Parisiis^ e Typo- 
grapkia regies 1647- 1648. 5 parts in i vol. 

Joannis Cantacuzeni ex-imperatoris historia- 
rum libri IV. Jacobus Pontanus latine vertit, et notas 
suas cum Jacobi Gretseri adnotationibus addidit Parisiis^ 
e Typographia regia^ 1645. 

NiCETiE ACOMINATI Choniatae Historia, Hie- 

ronymo Wolfio interprete. Editio glossario graeco-barbaro 
auctior, et ope MSS. emendatior, cura et studio Caroli An- 
nibalis Fabroti. (Gr. Lat) Parisiis, e Typographia regia^ 

Gdorgii Cedreni Compendium historiarum, ex 

versione Guillelmi Xylandri, cum ejusdem adnotationibus. 
Accedunt huic editioni praeter lacunas expletas . . notae 
Jacobi Goar, et Caroli Annibalis Fabroti glossarium. Item 
Joannes Scylitzes Curopalates excipiens ubi Cedrenus 
desinit, nunc primum graece editus. (Gr. Lat.) Parisiis^ e 
Typographia regia, 1647. 

Georgius CoDiNUS Curopalata, De Officiis 

magnae Ecclesiae et Aulae Constantinopolitanae, ex ver- 
sione Jacobi Gretseri. Accedunt inediti. . Officialium 
catalog!. . Adjunguntur recentiores Orientalium Episcopa- 


tuum notitiae . . cura et opera Jacob! Goar. (Gr. Lat) 
Parisiis, e Typographia regiUy 1648. 

Anastasii Bibliothecarii Historia ecclesiastica, 

sive chronographia tripartita, historia de vitis Romanorum 
Pontificum a B. Petro Apost ad Nicolaum I. Deinde vita 
Hadriani II. et Stephani II. auctore Guillelmo Bibliothe- 
cario. Notis et opera Caroli Annibalis Fabroti. (Lat) 
Parisiis^ e Typographia regia^ 1642, 2 parts in i vol 

Laonid CHALCOCONDYLiE Atheniensis Histori- 

arum libri decern, interprete Conrado Clausero. (Gr. 
Lat) Cum annalibus Suitanorum, ex interpretatione 
Joannis Leunclavii. Accessit index glossarum Laonid 
Chalcocondylae ; studio et opera Caroli Annibalis Fabroti. 
Parisiis f e Typographia regia^ i6sa 

Georgii ACROPOLlTiE magni Logothetx historia, 

JOELIS Chronographia compendiaria, et Joannis Canani 
narratio de *Bello Constantinopolitano. Leone Allatio 
interprete, cum ejusdem notis et Theodori Douzae observa^ 
tionibus. (Gr. Lat.) 

Duc/Ey Michaelis Ducae nepotis, historia Byzantina, 
res in imperio Graecorum gestas complectens, a Joanne 
Palsolc^o I. ad Mehemetem II. Accessit Chronicon breve, 
quo Graecorum, Venetorum et Turcorum aliquot gesta con- 
tinentur. E Bibliotheca regia nunc primum in lucem edita, 
versione latina et notis illustrata, studio et opera Ismaelis 
Bullialdl (Gr. Lat) Parisiis^ e Typographia regies 1^9- 
165 1, 2 parts in i voL 

ANNiE COMNENiE Alexias, sive de rebus ab Alexio 

Imperatore vel ejus tempore gestis, libri quindecim. E Bi- 
bliotheca Barberina nunc primum editi, et a Petro Passino 
latina interpretatione, glossario et notis illustrati. (Gr. Lat) 
Parisiis, e Typographia regia, 165 1. 

Georgii Monachi ct Tarasii Patriarchal quondam 

Syncelli, Chronographia, ab Adamo usque ad Diodetia- 
num. Et NiCEPHORl Patriarchae C. N. Breviarium chrono- 


graphicum, ab Adamo ad Michaelis et ejus F. Theophili 
tempora. Cura et studio Jacob! Goar. (Gr. Lat) ParisiiSp 
e Typographia regia^ 1652. 

Theophanis Chronographia Leonis Gramma- 

tici vitae recentiorum Imperatorum. Jacobus Goar latine 
reddidit, Theophanem notis illustravit. Franciscus Com- 
befis iterum recensuit (Gr. Lat) ParisiiSy e Typographia 
regia, 1655. 

Constantini Manassis Breviarium historicum. Ex 

interpretatione Joannis Leunclavii, cum ejusdem et Joannis 
Meursii notis. Accedit variarum lectionum libellus, cura 
Leonis AUatii, et Caroli Annibalis Fabroti. (Gr. Lat) 

Georgii CODINI et alterius cujusdam Anonym! ex- 
cerpta de Antiquitatibus Constantinopolitanis. Edita !n 
lucem opera et studio Petri Lambed! : cum ladna versione, 
et animadversionibus necessariis. Accedunt: — Manuelis 
Chrysolor/e Epistolae tres de comparatione veteris et 
novae Romae ; et Imperatoris Leonis cognomine Sapientis 
Oracula, cum figuris, atque antiqua graeca paraphrasL 
Addita est etiam explicatio Officiorum sanctae ac magnae 
Ecclesiae, juxta eorum ordinem, interprete Bernardo Me- 
donio. (Gr. Lat) PatisHs^ e Typographia regia, 1655. 
Two parts in i vol. 

Michaelis GlSVCM Siculi Annales a Mundi exordio 

usque ad obitum Alexii Comneni Imperatoris. Philippus 
Labbe . . primus in lucem edidit (Gr. Lat) 

Agathle Scholastic! de imperio et rebus gestis Justi- 
nian! Imperatoris libri quinque. Ex bibliotheca et inter- 
pretatione Bonaventurae Vulcanii, cum notis ejusdem. (Gr. 
Lat) Parisiis, e Typographia regia^ 1660. Two parts in 
I vol. 

Procopii Caesariensis Historiarum sui temporis 

libri VIII. De iEdificiis Dn. Justinian! libri VI. Interprete 
Claudio Maltreto. Arcana historia, qui est liber IX. his- 
toriarum: Nicolaus Alemannus protulit, latine reddidit. 


notis illustravit Recognovit, varias lectiones adjecit Clau- 
dius Maltretus. Nicephori Caesaris Bryennii commentarii 
de rebus Byzantinis opera et studio Petri Possini. (Gr. Lat.) 
Parisiis^ e Typographia regia^ 1661-1663. 4 parts in 2 vols. 

Joannis CiNNAMi Imperatorii Grammatici histori- 

arum libri sex, seu de rebus gestis a Joanne et Manuele 
Comnenis. Accedunt Caroli Du Fresne in Nicephori 
Bryenniiy Annae Conmenae, et ejusdem Joannis Cinnami 
historianiy notae historicae et philologicae. His adiungitur 
Fauli Silentiarii descriptio Sanctae Sophias, quae nunc 
primum prodit (Gr. Lat.) Parisiis, e Typographia regia, 

Historiae Byzantinae ScRIPTORES post Theo- 

phanem, partim nunc primum editi, partim recensiti, et 
nova versione adomati, cura et studio Francisci CombefisiL 
(Gr. Lat) Parisiis, e Typographia regia, 1685. 

Joannis ZONARiE monachi magni antea Vigilum 

praefecti et primi a secretis Annales. Carolus Du Fresne, 
Dom. Du Cange, latinam versionem recensuit, annales notis 
illustravit (Gr. Lat.) Parisiis, e Typographia regia, 1686 
— 1687, 2 vols. 

Chronicon Paschale a mundo condito ad 

Heraclii Imperatoris annum vicesimum. Cura et studio 
Caroli Du Fresne. (Gr. Lat.) Parisiis, e Typographia 
regia, 1688. 

Nicephori GREGORiB Byzantina historia. Jo- 
hannes Boivin codices contulit, notas addidit, et alias appen- 
dices. (Gr. Lat) Parisiis, e Typographia regia, 1702. 
2 vols, bound in one. 

Georgii Pachymeris Michael Paleologus, sive 

historia rerum a Michaele Palaeologo ante imperium et in 
imperio gestarum. Nunc primum edita ex Bibliotheca 
Barberina, interprete Petro Possino. (Gr. Lat) Roma, 
Typis Barberinis, 1666. 


Georgii Pachymeris Andronicus Faleolog^s, shre 

historia rerum ab Andronico Seniore in imperio gestanim 
usque ad annum ejus aetatis undequinquagesimum. £ Bi- 
bliotheca Barberina, interprete Fetro Possino. (Gr. Lat.) 
Roma, Typis Barbertnis, 1669. 

Imperium Orientate, sive Antiquitates Constanti- 

nopolitanae, in quatuor partes distributse, quae ex variis 

scriptorum Graecorum operibus, et praesertim ineditiSy ador- 

natae commentariis . . . illustrantur. Opera et studio 

Domni Anselmi Bandurl (Gr. Lat) Parisiis, tj/pis et 

suft^tUms yoannis Bc^HsUb Coignard^ 171 1> 2 vols. 

Frontispiece with portrait of Cosmo III., Grand Duke of Tuscany, 
by Ph. Simonneauy after S. Le Qerc 

Numismata Imperatorum Romanorum a Trajano 

Decio ad Palaeologos Aug^stos. Accessit Bibliotheca 

nummaria, sive auctorum qui de Re nummaria scripserunt. 

Opera et studio D. Anselmi BANDUia. LutetuB Parisi- 

orutn, 171 8, 2 vols. 

Frontispiece with portrait of Philip, Duke of Orleans, the R^ent» 
by Ch. Simonneau, after F. Verdid 

ABALA. Mysteries of Stat^ in letters 
of the great Ministers of Kingf James 
and King Charles, wherein much of 
the publique manage of affaires is 
related. London, 1654, 4to. 

The miidsters were Giflbrd, Ashby, Buck- 
ingham, Arlington, and Lauderdale, whose 
initials fonn the word Cabala. 
CABANIS, Pibrre-Jean-George. Rapports du phy- 
sique et du moral de Iliomme. Quatriime ^Ittion, revue et 
augment^ de notes par E. Pariset Paris, 1 824, 2 vols. 8vo. 
CABINET. Le Cabinet du Royde France, dans lequel 
il y a trois Perles pr^leuses d'inestimable valeur : par le 
moyen desquelles sa Majesty s'en va le premier Monarque 
du monde, et ses sujets du tout soul^ez. 1581, 8vo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. 

Ascribed by some to Nicolas Froanienteau ; by others to Nicolas 

298 CA BINE T—C^SA R. 

Barnaud du Crest, as the *^ Epitre dedicatoire" to Henri III. is signed 
N. D. C. The ^ trois perles ** are '^ La parole de Dieu, la Noblesse, et 
le Tiers-^ut"— A MS. note on the flyleaf. 

CABINET. Another copy. o. c. 

CACOUAULT de la Mimardiere, Elisabeth. Le 
Triomphe de la raison ; ou lettres de deux jeunes dames 
de quality. D6di6 i madame la duchesse de Devonshire. 
Landres^ 1785, i2mo. r. mor. 

Cadet, the. s. Bever (S.) 

CADOGAN, William. A dissertation on the Gout, 
and all other chronic diseases, jointly considered. London^ 
1772, 8vo. 

CiELius Apicius. s. Apicius. 

CiESAR, Cajus Julius. (Commentarii.) Anno Christi 
M.CCCCLXIX, du vero XII mensis maii. Paulo florente 
IL anno Hus V. Romf, in damo Petri de Maximis {Conradus 
Sweynheym et Amoldus Pannartz). Fol. o. r. m. g. b. 
First edition. 

Caii Julii Cxsaris commentarios Belli Gallici: 

Civilis Fompejani : Alexandrini : Africi : ac Hispani- 
^sis Nicolaus Jenson GalUcus^ Venetiis, felicUer impressit. 
MCCCCLXXI. FoL o. r. m. rich g. b. 

Not cut ; first capital letter illuminated. 

(Commentarii) Anno Christi 1472. die vero XXV. 

mensis augusti, Rome, in domo Petri de Maximis {Sweyn-- 
Aeym et Pannarts). Fol. o. c 

(De vita et rebus Julii Caesaris. Commentarii de 

Bello Gallico.) Finiunt feliciter libri comentarior. JtUii 

cesaris de bello gallico. LXXIII. (1473), foL r. mor. g. e. 

This rare edition is supposed by Panzer to have been printed by 
Eggesteyn at Strasbourg ; Dibdin asserts it to be the production of 
Conrad Fyner, at Eslingen. The treaty **^ de vita et rebus J. Caesaris," 
which J. Vossius ascribed to Julius Celsus, but which is now held to be 
by Petrarch, is bound at the beginning. 

C^SAR. 299 

CiESAR, Cajus Julius. (Commentarii, ex recensione 
Petri Justini Philelphi, cum indice rerum Raymundi Mar- 
liani.) Anno ChrisH MCCCCLXXVII. du vera X. mensis 
Februarii. Hoc opus diligenter enundatum Antonim Zaro- 
thus parnuHsis hujus preclare artis tnagister poUtissimus 
quant maxima potuit diligentia impressit (Mediolani). FoL 
o. c 

(Commentarii.) Anno ChrisH MCCCCLXXVIIL 

sexto Idus apriles Philippus Lavagnia Mediolanensis Com- 
mmtaria Cessans imprimi fecit Mediolani. FoL mar. mor. 
g. e. 

Commentariorum de Bello Gallico Civili Pom- 

peiano : Alexandrino Hispaniensi : et Africo liber ultimus 
finit. Michael Manzolinus Parmensis . . . sno sumptu fieri 
curavit. Tarvisii, 1480, pridie kalendas quintUis. Fol. o. r. 
mor. g. e. 

Cpmmentarius Cxsaris. Venetiis, per Philippum 

de Pinciis Mantuanum, anno ab incamcUione domini 1494, 

fol. o. r. mor. g. e. 

A curious woodcut of St Anthony at the end, with the line DefnuU 
nes beats pater Antoni. 

Commentaria Cxsaris. Florentia, opera et impensa 

Philippi Giunt(Bj 1508, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Commentarii Caesaris recogniti per Philippum 

Beroaldum. {Lugduni^ Trot) 15 12, 8vo. russia. 

Cdmentaria: seculoru iniuria antea difiicilia: at 

valde medosa. Nunc primu a viro docto expolita : et 
optime recognita. Additis de novo apostillis : una cu 
figuris suis locis apte dispositis. Nee no r^^ulata tabula q 
01a loca: ilumina: mStes: urbes: oppida: ifinita plia: et 
quxque digna cc^nitu mirifice demonstrat. Venetiis^ per 
Augustinum de Zannis de Portesio^ I5I4» fol. o. c 

Rerum ab se gestarum Commentarii* Eutropii 

epitome belli Gallici ex Suetonii Tranquilli monumentis 

300 C/ESAR. 

quas desiderantiir. Parisiis^ Michael Vascosanus, 1543, foL 
o. c With woodcuts. 

CiGSAR, Cajus Julius. Commentarii, novis emen- 
dationibus illustrati. Ejusdem librorum, qui desiderantur, 
fragmenta. Antuerpue^ ex officina Christophori Plantmi^ 
1570, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

De Bello Gallico Commentarii VII. Cum scholiis 

Franc Hotomani, FuL Ursini, Aid. ManutiL Lugduni^ 
apud Bartholomceum Vincentium, 1 574, foL With woodcuts. 

^— Rerum gestarum Commentarii XIV. Omnia col- 
latis antiquis manuscriptis exemplaribus . . . emendate 
restituta . . . Cum doctiss. annotationibus variorum. Fran^ 
cofurti ad Menum, apud Georgium Corvinum^ 1 5 75» foL With 

Commentarii Ab Aldo Manuccio Faulli F. Aldi 

N. emendati et scholiis illustrati. VeneHis^ apud Aldum^ 
1588, 8vo. o. r. mor. g, e. 

Quae extant, ex emendatione Joseph! ScaligerL 

Lugduni Batavorum^ ex officina Elzevirianc^ i635» I2ma 
r. mor. 

Quae extant, interpretatione et notis illustravit 

Joannes Goduinus, in usum Serenissimi DelphinL Lutetue 
Parisiorum, 1678, 4to. oL mor. g. e. 

Opera quae extant, accuratissime cum libris editis 

et MSS. optimis coUata, recognita et correcta; acces- 

serunt annotationes Samuelis Clarke, item indices locorum, 

rerumque et verborum. Tabulis aeneis ornata. Londini^ 

Jacobus Tonsofif 17 12, imp. fol. o. r. mor. Extra L. P. 

Dedicated to the Duke of Marlborough, with his portrait VTiih 
87 plates, including the plate of the Bison or BulL 

Quae extant omnia, cum animadversionibus integris 

Dion. Vossii, J. Davisii, aliorumque variis notis. Ut et qui 
vocatur Julius Celsus de vita et rebus gestis C. Julii Cae- 
saris, ex museo Joannis Georgii Graevil Lugduni Bata- 
vorum et Delphis, 17 13, 2 vols. 8vo. 

<:jEsar. 301 

CiESAR, Cajus Julius. C J. Caesaris, et Hirtii de 
rebus a Cxsare gestis, Commentarii, cum C. Jul. Caesar, 
fragmentis. (Maittaire's edition.) Londini, ex officina Jacobi 
Toman et yoannis JVaUs, 17 16, i2mo. o. c L. P. 

Quae extant, accuratissime cum libris editis et 

MSS. optimis coUata, recognita et correcta. Accesserunt 
annotationes Samuelis Clarke. Londini, Tonson, 1720, 8vo. 

A print of Cassar by V. Gucht 

De bellis Gallico, Civili, Pompejano, necnon 

A. Hirtii, aliorumque de bellis Alexandrine, Africano et 
Hispaniensi Commentarii, ad manuscriptorum fidem ex- 
press!, cum integris notis variorum, cura et studio Fr. Ouden- 
dorpii. Lugduni Batavorum, 1737, 2 vols. 4to. 

C. Julii Caesaris, et A. Hirtii de rebus a Caesare 

gestis, Commentarii. Cum fragmentis. Ex recens. Samuelis 
Clarke fideliter express!. Glasgua, Foulis, 1750, 4to. o. r. 

C. J. Caesaris et Hirtii . . Commentarii Glasguee, 

Foulis, 1750, 3 vols. i8mo. o. r. mor. 

Commentarii. Ex recensione Samuelis Clarke. 

Glasgua, Foulis, 1750, foL o. r. mor. 

Opera Omnia. Londini, Ritchie et Sammells, 1790, 

2 vols. 8vo. bL mor. 

De Bellis Gallico et Civili Pompeiano nee non 

A Hirtii aliorumque de bellis Alexandrino Africano et 
Hispaniensi Commentarii ad msstorum fidem express! cum 
integris notis Dionysii Vossii, Joannis Davis!! et Samuelis 
Clark!!, cura et studio Francisci Oudendorpii, qui suas anim- 
adversiones ac varias lectiones adjecit Editio nova auctior 
et emendation StuigarduB, 1822, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Commentariorum de Bello Gallico et de Bello Civili. 

Grammatisch und historisch erklart von Christian Gottlob 
Herzog. Leipzig, 1831-1834, 2 vols. 8vo. 


CiESAR, Cajus Julius. Commentarii de Bello Gal- 
lico historisch, kritisch und grammatisch erlautert von Dr. 
Johann Georg Lippert Neue wohlfeilere Ausg^be. Le^ 
^g, 1838, 8vo. 

The Commentaries of his wars in Gallia, and the 

Civil wars between him and Fompey. Translated into 
english, by Clement Edmonds. {London^ In the Savoy, 
1677, foL 

Conmientarii di Julio Cesare (della Guerra Gallica) 

tradocti di latino in lingua fiorentina per Dante FopoleschL 
Firenzey Joan Stephana di Carlo da Pavia^ 15 189 4ta o. c. 

I Commentarii, con le figure in rame fatte da 

Andrea Falladio. Venetia^ Pietro de Franceschiy 1575, 
4to. V. 

Another copy, 4to. c. g. e. 

Count Hoym's cc^yy, with his arms and monogram. 

I commentarii, con le figure in rame di Andrea 

P&lladio. Venetia, Foglietti^ 161 8, 4to. o. gn mor. g. e. 

Commentarii, con le figure in rame di Andrea 

Palladio. Venetian Jfisserini, 1619, 4to. O4 c. 

La Guerre des Suisses, traduite du I livre des Com- 

mentaires de Jule C6sar, par Louis XIV. Paris, derimpri-- 
merie rayale, 165 1, foL 

C^esius, Bernardus. s. Cesi (B.) 

CAETANO, SCIPIONE. Rime. Viterbo, 1612, small 4ta 

Caille, Jean de la. s. La Caille, (L) 

Caille, NIC. LuD. de la. s. La Caille (N. L.) 

CAIRNES, John E. The character and logical method 
of Political Economy. London, 1857, crown 8vo. 

Essays in Political Economy. Theoretical and 

applied. London, 1873, 8vo« 

The Slave Power : its character, career, and pro- 


babl^ designs : being an attempt to explain the real issues 


involved in the American contest London, Parker^ 1 862, 8vo. 
Caius. s. Gajus. 
Cajus, Joannes, s. Kay (J.) 
Cajus, Thomas, s. La Kay (T.) 
Calaber, Quintus, s, Quintus Calaber. 

CALABRIA. Carta corografica della Calabria Ulte* 
riore, giusta le recenti osservazioni e misure fatte dal P. 
Eliseo della Concezione, Teresiano, Napoli^ fol. 

— Istoria de' fenomeni del Tremoto awenuto nelle 
Calabrie e nel Valdemone neir anno 1783, posta in luce dalla 
reale Accademia delle Scienze e delle Belle Lettere di 
Napoli. Napoli, 1784, foL 

Another copy, 4to. 

CALAMY, Edmund. An Abridgement of Mr. Baxter's 
history of his life and times, London, 1702, 8vo. bl. mor. 

CALCHI, Tristano. Residua. (Historiae patriae libri 
XXII. Nuptiae Mediolanensium Ducum. Nuptiae Mediola- 
nensium et Estensium Frincipum. Nuptiae Augustas.) 
Nunc primum prodeunt in lucem, studio et opera Joannis 
Petri Puricelli. Mediolani, 1644, fol. 
Frontispiece by L. P. Blanco. 

CALDCLEUGH, Alexander. Travels in South 
America during the years 1819-1821. London^ 1825, 
2 vols. 8vo. 

CALDERINO, DOMIZIO. Domitii calderini veronesis 
cdmetarii L M. Valeriii Martiale cii defeside finiut : Imfssi 
Venetiis ope et tpedio Johannis de Colonia Agripinisi: et 
Johanis mother de Gerretzi. Anno saluf, 14741 fol. ol. mon 
g. e. and arms. 

Commentariorum i. M. Valerium Martialem cum 

defensione finis. Impressi enim sunt Venetiis arte et ingenio 
Jacobi de Rubeis natione Gallici, Anno salutis 1474 : idibus 
septembris, FoL russia. 


Calendar of State Papers, s. State Papers. 

CALIDAS. Sacontala, or the fatal ring, an Indian 
drama. Translated from the original Sanscrit and Pracrit. 
London^ lygo, 4to. 

CALLIACH, Nicolas. De Ludis scenicis mimorum 
et pantamimorum syntagma posthumum. ' Edente M. A. 
Madero. PaUndi^ Manfri^ iji^. Small 4to. 

CALLIMACHUS. (Hymni, cum scholiis, cura Joannis 

Lascaris. Graece.) (FlarentUB^ per Laurentium de Alopa.) 

Small 4to. r. mor. First edition. 

A very fine copy of the most rare of the five works printed by 
Alopa in capital letters, betwjcen 1494 and 1500. s. Anthologia, 
Apollonius, Euripides, GNOMiC. 

Hymni, cum scholiis nunc primum editis. Sen- 
tential ex diversis poetis oratoribusque ac philosophis col- 
lects, non ante excusae. (Gr.) Basikce^ Froberty 1532, 4to. 

Hymni cum scholiis latine ad verbum express!. 

(Gr. Lat) Venetiis {Nicolini de Sabio)^ 1555, small 8vo. 

r. mor. 

At the end there is bound a MS. letter firom Bloomfield. 

Hymni, cum scholiis. (Gr. et Lat). Parisiis, apud 

Joannem Benenatum, 1574, small 4to. 

Another copy. 

Bound with Theocriti Idyllia, and other pamphlets. 

Hymni, cum scholiis Graecis, et epigrammata 

(Graece) ; ejusdem poematium de Coma Berenicis a Catullo 
versum. Nicodemi Frischlini et Henrici Stephani interpre- 
tationes et annotationes. {Geneva) Excudebat H. Stepha- 
nus, 1577, small 4to. 

Another copy, small 4to. r. mor. g. e. 

Hymni, Epigrammata et fragmenta quae extant 

Et separatim Moschi Syracusii, et Bionis Smymaei Idyllia. 
Bonaventura Vulcanio interprete. (Gr. Lat) Antuerpia, 
apud Christcphortim Plantinum^ 15S4, i8mo. 


CALLIMACHUS. Hymni, epigrammata et frag* 
menta : ejusdem poematium de Coma Berenices a Catullo 
versum. Accessere alia ejusdem epigrammata quedam. 
Adjecta sunt ad hymnos vetera scholia graeca. Cum notis 
Annae Tanaquilli, Fabri filiae. (Gr. Lat) Parisiis, Cramoisy^ 
1675, small 4to. 

Hymni, epigrammata, et fragmenta. Ex recen- 

sione Theodori J. G. F. Graevil, cum ejusdem animadver- 
sionibus, et variorum. Accedunt commentarius et annota- 
tiones Ezechielis Spanhemii. (Gr. Lat) UUrajecti^ 1697, 
2 vols. 8vo. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Frontispiece and plates by S. Vianen, from G. Hoet's designs. 

— - Himni, et epigrammata. (Gr.) Glasgua, Faults^ 
175 s, foL o. r. mor. 3 plates. 

Hymni, epigrammata et fragmenta cum notis 

integris variorum. Quibus accedunt Ezechielis Spanhemii 
commentarius, et notx nunc primum editae Tiberii Hem- 
sterhusii, et Davidis Ruhnkenii. Textum ad mss. fidem 
recensuit, latine vertit, atque notas suas adjecit Jo. Augustus 
Emesti. (Gr. Lat) Lugduni Batavarum^ 1761, 2 vols. 
8vo. c. g. e. L. P. 

Quae supersunt, recensuit et cum notarum delectu 

edidit Carolus Jacobus Blomfield. (Gr.) Londini, 18 15, 
8vo. e. g. e., by Hering. 

Hymnus in Jovem. Pansiis, 1675. Hymnus in 

ApoUinem. (Gr.) Parisiis, 1676, 4to. Misc. cL 2. 

Callimaco greco-italiano ora pubblicato per le 

auguste nozze della R. prindpessa di Parma, Carolina 
Teresa di Borbone con S.A.S. il principe Massimiliano di 
Sassonia. Parma, cd tipi Bodoniani, 1792, imp. fol. pur. 
mor. g. b., and Dev. Arms, by C. Hering. 

CALMET, Dom Augustin. Dictionnaire historique, 
critique, chronologique, g^ographique et litteral de la Bible, 
enrichi de plus de troiscent figures en taille-douce, qui 


repr^sentent les antiquitez JudaTques. Paris ^ I730, 4 vols, 
fol. c. g. e. L. P. 

CALMET, Dom AUGUSTIN. Trait6 sur les appari- 
tions des Esprits, et sur les vampires, ou les revenants de 
Hongrie, de Moravie, etc. Nouvelle Edition revile, corrig^ 
et augment^e par Tauteur. Paris, ^7S^9 2 vols. i2mo. 

Commentaire litteral sur tous les livres de rancien 

et du nouveau Testament s. Bible, Fretuh. 

CALONNE, Charles Alexandre De. Requite au 
Roi. Londres, 1787, 8vo. c. 

— R^ponse ^ I'^crit de M. Necker public en avril, 
1787 ; contenant Texamen des comptes de la situation des 
Finances rendues en 1774, 76, 8r, 83 et 1787. Avec des 
observations sur les r^sultats de I'Assembl^e des Notables. 
Landres, 1788, 8vo. c. 

De r^tat de la France present et ^ venir. Lofutres, 

1790, 8vo- 

CALPURNIUS (Bucolica). Fol. citr. mor. g. e. Dev. 

It is the first edition, without place or date, described by Bninet. 

Titi Calphumi Siculi Bucolicum carmen ad Neme- 

sianum Karthaginensem incipit. — Aureli Nemesiani poetae 
Cartaginensis Eclog^ prima incipit. Impressum Pamue, 
per Angelum UgoUtum (about 1490), 4to. 

s. Nemesianus. 

CALVERT, Frederic, Lord Baltimore. Tour to 
the East in the years 1763-64. Paris, 1767, i2mo. 

CALVI, Marco Fabio. Antiquae urbis Romae cum 
regionibus simulachrum. BasiUa, 1558, fol. 

With a ms. note on the tide page. 

CALVIN, Jean, Cathechismus Ecclesiae Genevensis. 
Londini, Joannes Kingston, 1565, i2mo. 


CALVIN, Jean. The Catechisme. s. Catechism. 

— A Commentarie upon S. Paules Epistles to the 
Corinthians. Translated out of latine into englishe by 
Thomas Tymme. London^ iS77f 4^o. Black letter, 

— ! — Harmonia ex Evangelistis tribus composita, Mat- 
thaeo, Marco et Luca, commentariis exposita. Geneva^ 
159s, fol. 

Commentarii in omnes Paul! Apostoli epistolas, 

atque etiam in epistolam ad Hebrsos. GenevcB^ 1600, fol. 

Institutio Christianas religionis, cum indicibus lo- 

cupletissimis. Apud Johannefn U Preux^ 1607, foL 

A woodcut of Calvin on the title page. 

Institutionum Christianae religionis libri quatuor. 

Editio postrema. Prsemissa est vita ejusdem Calvini, authore 

Theodoro Beza. Lugduni Batavorum^ ex officina Joannis 

et Danielis Elsevier^ i654« ^ol. o. r. mor. 

On the title page, autographs of Bigot de Pr^ameneu, and '' John 
Grey. Paris 1834." The following ms. note is attached to the title 
page : — '* Ce livre a appartenu \ TEmpereur Napoleon qui le donna \ 
Mr. le Baron Bigot de Prdameneu alors son Ministre des Cultes." 

A Commentary upon the Prophecie of Isaiah. 

London^ 1609, small fol. 

CALVIN or Kahl Johan. Lexicon Juridicum juris 
Caesarei simul et canonic! ; feudalis item, civilis, criminalis : 
theoretic! ac practici. ColonuBy 1622, fol. 

CAMBRIDGE, University of. Epithalamium in de- 
sideratissimis nuptiis serenissimorum et illustrissimonim 
principum Guilielmi-Henrici Arausii et Mariae Britanniarum 
ab Academia Cantabrigiensi decantatum. CantoMgia, 
1677, 4to. o. br. mor. rich old binding in col. compartments. 

Gratulatio Academiae Cantabrigiensis de reditu 

serenissimi regis Georgii II. post pacem et libertatem 
Europae fceliciter restitutam, anno 1748. Cantabrigue, 1748, 
fol. L.P. 


.Cambridge Essays, s. Essays. 

CAMBRIDGE, Richard Owen. Works, including 
several pieces never before published. With an account of 
his life and character, by his son, George Owen Cambridge 
(With portrait and plates.) London^ 1803, 4ta russia. 

An account of the war in India between the 

English and French on the coast of Coromandel from the 
year 1750 to the year 1760; together with a Relation of 
the late remarkable events on the Malabar Coast, and the 
expeditions to Golconda and Surat. With maps and plans. 
London^ 1761, 4to. 

CAMDEN, William. Britannia, sive florentissimo- 
rum regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae, et Insularum 
adjacentium ex intima antiquitate chorographica descriptio : 
nunc postremo recognita, plurimis locis magna accessione 
adaucta et tabulis chorographicis aucta. Londini^ G^ 
Bishops 1607, fol. o. V. 

Britannia, newly translated into english, with 

large additions and improvements published by Edmund 
Gibson. London, 1695, fol. russ. g. e. L. P. With Camden's 
portrait, by R. White. 

' Britannia, or a chorographical description of the 

flourishing kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 
and the Islands adjacent, from the earliest antiquity. 
Translated from the edition published by the author in 
1607. Enlarged by the latest discoveries by Richard 
Gough. The 2nd edition. Illustrated with maps and copper- 
plates. London^ 1806, 4 vols. fol. L. P. With Camden's 
portrait, by J. Basire, after M. Gherrard. 

Annales Rerum Anglicarum et Hibemicarum reg- 

nante Elizabetha ad annum salutis 1589. Londini^ 1615- 
1617, 2 vols. 4to. 


CAMDEN, William. Annales Rerum Anglicarum et 
Hibernicarum regnante Elizabetha. s. Hearne (Th.) 

The History of the most renowned and victorious 

princess, Elizabeth, late Queen of England. The third 
edition, revised and compared with the original. London^ 
1675, fol. With Elizabeth's portrait by R. White. 

Remaines, concerning Britaine; but especially 

England, and the inhabitants thereof. Reviewed, cor« 
rected, and encreased. London^ John Legatt^ 16 14, 4to. 

Remaines concerning Britaine. The fifth impres- 
sion, with many rare antiquities by John Philipot London^ 
Thomas Harper ^ 1636, 4to. 

Reges, Reginx, Nobiles, et alij in Ecclesia colle- 

giata B. Petri Westmonasterij sepulti, usque ad annum 
reparatx salutis 1603. Londini^ 1603, 4to. 

Reges, Reginae, etc. sepulti usque ad annum 1606. 

Lmdiniy 1606, 4to. 

Camdeni Insignia. Oxonia, 1624, small 4to. ol. 

mor. g. a 

Guillelmi Camdeni et lUustrium virorum ad G. 

Camdenum Epistolx, cum appendice varii argument!. Ac- 
cesserunt annalium regni regis Jacobi I. apparatus, et 
commentarius de antiquitate, dignitate et officio Comitis 
Marescalli Anglix. Praemittitur G. Camdeni vita, scriptorc 
Thoma Smitho. Londini^ 1691, 4to. With portrait of 
Camden by R. White. 

CAMELI, Francesco. Nummi antiqui latini, graeciy 
consulum, augustorum, regum, urbium in thesauro Chris- 
tians reginx Svecorum Romae asseruati, per seriem redacti 
RonuBt 1690, 4to. 

CAMERA, Matteo. Istoria della citti e Costiera di 
Amalfi, in due parti divisa, con rami, Napoli^ 1836, 8vo, 
sp. c 


CAMERARIUS, David. De Scotorum fortitudine, 
doctrina et pietate, ac de ortu et progressu haeresis in regnis 
Scotiae et Angliae, libri quatuor. Parisiis^ 1631, 4to. 

CAMERARIUS, or Cammer-Meister, or Liebhard, 
Joachim. A^iB/MXoyta cum conversione latina. In hoc 
libello continentur numeris comprehensae indicationes variae, 
de quibus animus instrui poterit multiplici cognitione, in 
primis prudentiae et honestatis praeceptis. Lipsia^ Valen^ 
tinus Papa^ 1552, 8vo. 

De Ostentis, libri II. Lugduniy 1553, 32mo. 

Capita pietatis et religionis Christianas versibus 

graecis comprehensa, ad institutionem puerilem, cum inter- 
pretatione latina. Lipsim^ i555> i2mo. 

De Graecis latinisque numerorum notis, et praeterea 

Sarracenicis seu Indicis, cum indicatione elementorum ejus. 
NarimbergcBy 1557, i2mo. 

Narratio de Helio Eobano Hesso. Lipsia^ iS6i» 


CAMERARIUS, Philippus. Operae horarum sub- 
cisivarum, seu Meditationes historical, centuria tertia. Fran^ 
cofurtiy 1609, 4to. Title enclosed in engraved border, and a 

CAMFIELD, Benjamin. A profitable enquiry into 
that comprehensive rule of righteousness — Do as you would 
be done by. London^ 1671, 8vo. 

A theological Discourse of Angels, and their 

ministries. London, 1678, 8vo. 

CAMILLI, Camillo. Imprese illustri di diversi, coi 
discorsi di Camillo Camilli et con le figure intagliate in 
rame di Girolamo Porro padovano. Venetian Z ileitis ^586, 
2 parts bound in one vol. 8vo. 

CAMILLO, GlULlo. Tutte le opere di Giulio Camillo 
Delminio : ricorrette da Thomaso Porcacchi. Vuugia^ 
1568, i8mo. o. c 


CAMILLO, GiULlo. Annotationi sopra le rime del 
Petrarca, Vinegia^ Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari^ 1557, i8mo. 

Caminolcxjie. s. Hebrard (P.) 

CAMOfeS, Luis de. Lusiadas. Comentadas per 

Manuel de Faria i Sousa. Madrid, 1639. 4to, c. g. e. 

With portraits of Camoens, De Faria, and Vasco de Gama, and 
vigntfttes. Only the first two vols., containing 5 cantos. 

— — Os Lusiadas, poema epico de Luis de CamoSs. 
Nova edicao correcta, e dada k luz, por Dom loze Maria 
de Souza-Botelho. Paris ^ Firmin Didot^ 1817, foL ol. mor. 

Ornamental binding with D. in diamonds on the back. With an 
autograph letter from de Souza, sending the copy to the Duke of 
Devonshire. This edition was privately printed at the expense of de 

The Lusiad, or, Portugals historicall poems : written 

in the Portingall language ; and now newly put into english 
by Richard Fanshaw. London^ ^^^^y 4to. c. 

With a bust portrait of Camoens, and full-length portraits of Prince 
Henry of Portugal and Vasco de Gama. On title-page an autograph 
of E. Corke. 

Another copy. Bound with Drayton's Poly- 


The Lusiad : or the discovery of India, an epic 

poem, translated from the original Portuguese of Luis de 
Camoens, by Wm. Julius Mickle. Second edition. Oxford^ 
1778, 4to. 

Poems, from the Portuguese ; with remarks on his 

life and writings, notes, etc, by Lord Viscount Strangfford. 
5 th edition. London, 1808, i2mo. 

CAMPAGNE du Due de Rohan dans la Valteline en 
1635, pr^c^d^e d' un discours sur la guerre des Montagnes. 
Amsterdam {Paris), 1788, i2mo. 

CAMPAIGNS of Field-Marshal His Grace the most 


noble Arthur Duke of Wellington. Embellished with 
24 elegant engravings, by J. Duplessi-Bertaux. PariSy Didoi 
(18 17), imp. fol. russia. 

CAMPAIGNS. A narrative of the Campaigns of the 
British army at Washington and New Orleans, under 
Generals Ross, Pakenham, and Lambert, in the years 18 14 
and 18 1 5, by an officer. London^ 182 1, 8vo. 

CAMPAN, Jeanne-Henriette Genet, Dame. M^- 
moires sur la vie priv^e de Marie Antoinette, reine de 
France et de Navarre, suivis de souvenirs et anecdotes his- 
toriques sur les r^gnes de Louis XIV. de Louis XV. et de 
Louis XVI. Paris, 1823, 3 vols. 8vo. 

CAMPANA, GiROLAMO. Le radolcite amarezze^ 
comedia. Venetia, 1620, i8mo. c 

CAMPANI, Giovanni Antonio. Continentur: Trac- 
tatus V. Orationes XV. Epistolarum IX. LibrL Vita 
Pii II. Historia BrachiL Epigrammatum VIII. Libru 
Characteribus venetis impressum RonuB, per Euchariunt^ 
SUber, alias Franck unius ipsius Michaelis Femi Mtdiolanh 
cura, corrections et impensa, 14959 foL o. c 

With Corruptorum Recognitiotu at the end. A very beautiful speci- 
men of Grolier's binding with his name and motto. Restored by 
Hering. Ballesden's autograph on the title-page. 

Another copy, without Corruptorum recognitiotu* 

DON, James. Vitruvius Britannicus, or the British Archi- 
tect, containing the plans, elevations, and sections of the 
regular buildings, both publick and private — ^and the geo- 
metrical plans of the most considerable gardens in Great 
Britain, and a variety of new designs in copper-plate. 
London, 1715-1767, 4 vols. imp. fol. russ. L P. 400 plates, 

CAMPBELL, Colin. The ancient and modem History 
of the Balearic Islands, or of the kingdom of Majorca. 
London, 17 16, 8vo. 


CAMPBELL, George Douglas, Duke of Argyll. 
The Reign of Law. Second edition. London, 1867, 8vo. 

CAMPBELL, Hugh. The Love-Letters of Mary, queen 
of Scots, to James earl of Bothwell, with the love sonnets 
and marriage contracts, etc. With Queen Mar/s portrait 
London, 1824, 8vo. 

CAMPBELL, John. A Political survey of Britain, being 
a series of reflections on the situation, lands, inhabitants, 
revenues, colonies, and commerce of this Island. London^ 
1774, 2 vols. 4to. 

A philosophical Survey of the south of Ireland, in 

a series of letters to John Watkinson. Dublin, 1778, 8vo. 

CAMPBELL, John, Lord. The Lives of the Lord 
Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England from 
the earliest times till the reign of king George IV. London^ 
1845-1847, 7 vols. 8vo. c 

The Lives of the Chief Justices of England from 

the Norman Conquest till the death of Lord Tenterden. 
Second edition. London^ 1858, 3 vols. 8vo. c 

CAMPBELL, Thomas. Specimens of the British 
Poets, with biographical and critical notices, and an essay 
on english poetry. London, 18 19, 7 vols. 8vo. c. 

Theodoric, a domestic tale, and other poems. 

London, 1834, i2mo. 

Letters from the South, containing an account of 

Algiers. London, 1837, 2 vols. 8vo. c 

Poetical Works. Illustrated with twenty vignettes, 

from designs by Turner, and thirty-seven woodcuts from 
designs by Harvey. London, 1843, 8vo. 

CAMPISTRON,J. Galbertde. Tragedies. Septiime 
Edition. Paris, 1707, i2mo. 

CAMPO, Antonio. Cremona, fedelissima citti et 


nbbilissima colonia de' Romani, rappresentata in disejg^o 
col suo contadOy et illustrata d'una breve historia delle cose 
piu notabili appartenenti ad essa, et de i ritratti natural! de* 
duchi et duchesse di Milano. Cremona^ 1582, foL 

CAMUS, Jean-Pierre, Evesque de Belley. Les Di- 
versitez. Livre dixseptieme contenant des concepts sur les 
beatitudes evangeliques. Lyon^ 16 10, 8vo. 

Les Diversitez, contenant quatre Livres (XVIIL- 

•XXI.). Lyofiy 1 6 10, 8vo. 

CANAL, Antonio, called CANALETTO. Prospec- 
tus magni canalis Venetiarum, addito certamine nautico et 
nundinis Venetis ; omnia sunt expressa ex tabulis XIV. 
pictis ab Antonio Canale in aedibus Joseph Smith, Angli, 
delineante atque incidente Antonio VisentinL Venetiis, 
.1735, 4to, obi. 

Urbis Venetiarum prospectus celebriores ex An- 

tonii Canal tabulis acre express! ab Antonio Visentini. In 
partes tres distributi. Venetiis^ 1751-1754, fol. 

Bound up with 31 prints of Canova's works. 

CANERINUS, Franz Ludwig. Beschrcibung der 
vorziiglichsten Beigwerke in Hesse, etc Frankfurthandem 
Main^ 1767, 4to. 

Candid Inquiry (A.) s. Franklyn (S.) 

CANDOLLE, Alphonse de. Introduction k T^tude 
de la Botanique. BmxelleSy 1837, royal 8vo. v. 

Cange, Carolus Du Fresne, Sieur Du. s. Du- 
fresne (C.) 

CANINI, Angelo. Ellenismus, in quo quicquid vetus- 
tissimi scriptores de graecae linguae ratione praecipiunt . . . 
facili methodo exponuntur. ParisiiSy apud Guilielmum 
Morelium, 1555, 4to. 

CANNARTUS, Joannes. Elementa grammaticae grae- 
cae ex Theod. Gaza, N. Clenardo, Ren. Guill. Pet Antesig. 


relisquisque probatissimis grammaticis decerpta. ^ Parisiis, 
Benenatm^ 1 570, 4to. 

CANNING, George. Poems. A Translation of Anti- 
Lucretius. London, 1766-7. Two parts in i vol. 4to. 

On the flyleaf : '^ Ex dono Maris Barnard sororis peramabilis 
Georgii Canning. • . . John Marshall.'' With Canning's autogn4>h. 

CANNING, Rt Hon. George. Letter to the Earl 
Camden. 1809, 4to. 

Poetical Works. London, 1827, 32mo. 

Speeches, with a memoir of his life, by IL 

Therry. London, 1828, 6 vols, 8vo. 

Canones et Decreta Concilii Tridentini. S. 
Trent (Council of). 

CANOVA, Antonio. Stampe delle opere scolpite da 
A. Canova. Roma, 18 17, fol. max. 

Cantacuzenus, Joannes. Historiarum Libri IV. 


CANTALICIO, GIOVAN Battista. Epigrammata 
Cantalycii et aliquorum discipulorum ejus. Venetiis, per 
Matheum Capeasam Parmensem, 1493, 8vo. citr. mor. g. e. 

CANTEMIR, Demetrius. The History of the 
growth and decay of the Othman Empire. Translated into 
english by N. Tindal. London, 1756, fol. With Cantemir's 

CANTERBURY. An accurate description and history 
of the metropolitan and cathedral churches of Canterbury 
and York, from their first foundation to the present year. 
Illustrated with 117 copper-plates. London, 1755, folio. 

CANTER, WiLHELM. Novarum Lectionum libri octo. 
Editio tertia. Antuerpia, 1571, i2mo. 

Carri, Mascheratc e Canti Carnascialeschi andati per 


Firenze dal tepo del magnifico Lorenzo vecchio de Medici : 

quado egli hebbero primo cominciameto per infino a questo 

anno prescnte 1559. Fiorenza {TorrenHno\ 1559, 8vo. o. v. 

There are the " Canti dell' Ottonaio,'* which were cut out by order 
of the Magistrate^ and are wanting in most of the copies. 


r. mor. 

Wanting from p. 299 to p. 408 inclusive. A MS. note at the be- 
ginning explains why they are missing. Bound up with it are the 
^ Canzoni, o vero Mascherate Camascialesche, di M. Giovan Battista 
dell' Ottonaio." Fiorenta^ Torretttino^ 1560. 

CANTU, Cesare. Margherita Pusterla, racconto. 
Torino^ 1843, royal 8vo. 

CANTRELL, Henry. The Royal Martyr a true 
Christian ; or, a confutation of a late assertion that King 
Charles I. had only the lay-baptism of a presbyterian 
teacher. London^ 17 16, 8vo, 

CAPACCIO, GiULio Cesare. La vera antichiti di 
Pozzuolo. Rotnay 1652, i2mo. 

Historian NeapoHtanae Hbri duo. s. Raccolta 

di tutti i pii!l rinomati scrittori della storia di Napoli, 
vols. 22nd and 23rd. 

CAPECE, SciPIONE. Carmina. Venetiis, apud Aldi 
filioSy 1 546, 8vo. 

CAPECELATRO, Francesco. Istoria della citti e 
regno di NapoH, detto di Sicilia, da che pervenne sotto il 
dominio di Re sino alia morte di Carlo d* Angi6. s. RAC- 
COLTA di tutti i piil rinomati scrittori della storia di Napoli, 
Vols. 1st and 2nd. 

Diario-contenente la Storia delle cose awenute nel 

reame di Napoli negli anni 1647- 1650. ^^^ P^r la prima 
volta messo a stampa sul ms. originale, con X aggiunta di 
varii document! ed annotazioni dal marchese Angelo Granito, 
principe di Belmonte. Napoli, 1850-1854, 3 vols. 8vo. 


Capel, Arthur, Earl of Essex, s. Braddon (L.) 

CAPELLA, Galeazzo Florio. De rebus nuper in 
Italia gestis libri VI I L Norimberga^ 1532, 4to. 

L'Anthropologia. In Venetia^ mile case delli 

heredi (T Aldo, 1533, 8vo. 

Bound with ^ II Cortegiano di Castiglume* 

CAPELLA, Marziano Felice- Opus Martiani Ca- 
pelle de nuptiis philologise, et Mercurii libri II. De gram- 
matical de dialectica, de rhetorica, de geometria, de arith- 
metica, de astronomia, de musica lib. VI L VicentuF, per 
Henricum de Sancto UrsOy 1499, foL 

CAPELLO, GiovAN. Battista. Lessico farmaceutico- 
chimico contenente li rimedi pii!l usati di oggidi. Decima 
impressione riveduta ed accresciuta da Lorenzo Capello. 
VeneziayiyjSy 4to. 

CAPELLO, Jacobus. De Ponderibus nummis et 
mensuris libri V. Francofurtiy 1606, 4to. 

CAPGRAVE, John. The Chronicle of England. 
Edited by the Rev. Francis Charles Hingeston. London^ 
1858, 8vo. — Liber de illustribus Henricis. Edited by the 
Rev. Francis Charles Hingeston. London, 1858, 8vo. — ^The 
Book of the illustrious Henries. Translated by the Rev. 
Francis Charles Hingeston. London^ 1858, 8vo. s. Chroni* 

CLES AND Memorials. 

Capicius, Scipio. s. Capece (S.) 

Capitularia Regum Francorum. s. Baluze (E.) 

CAPORALI, Cesare. Vita di Mecenate. Seconda 
impressione. Venetia, 1604, 24mo. 

CAPPELLO, Bernardo. Rime. Venetia, 1560, 4to. 

CAPPER, James. Observations on the passage to 
India through Egypt Also by Vienna through Constanti- 
nople to Aleppo, and from thence by Bagdad to Bassora, 


etc Third edition, wiUi alterations and additions. London ^ 
1785, 8vo. 

CAPRETTO, in latin HAEDUS, PlETRO, of Porde- 
none. De Amoris generibus. Tarvisii, per Gerardum de 
Flandria^ anno salutis^ 1 598, 4to. o. v. 

CARACCIO, Antonio. L'Imperio Vendicato, poema 
heroico. Con gli argomenti, e chiave dell' allegoria del 
conte Giulio di Montevecchio ; e con le dichiarationi histo- 
riche del marchese Gregorio Spada. Roma, per Giavan 
Battista Bussotti^ '679, 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Presentation copy to Innocent XI. with his arms. 

CARACCIOLI, Galeazzo. Newes from Italy of a 
second Moses, or the life of Galeacius Caracciolus the noble 
Marquesse of Vico, written first in Italian, thence translated 
into latin by Beza, and now put into english by W. Cra- 
shaw. London, 1608, 4to. 

CARACCIOLI, Roberto. Fratris Roberti de Litio 
ordinis Minorum professoris Opus Quadragesimale peruti- 
lissimum quod de Penitentia dictum est Per Ulricum Zel 
d4 Hanaw Colonia impressum^ 14939 foL 

CARACCIOLI, Tristano. Opuscula Historica. s. Rac- 
COLTA di tutti i piJl rinomati storici di Napoli, voL 5th. 

CARAFA, Ferrante, Marchese di S. Lucido. L' Aus- 
tria. Lettere. Napoli, 1 573, 4to. L. P. 

CARAMUEL LOBKOWITZ, Joannes. Mathesis 
biceps, vetus et nova. Campania, 1670, 2 vols. foL 

. Templum Salomonis rectam et obliquam architect 

turam exhibens. Viglevani, 1678, fol. 

CARAVAGGIO, Pietro Paolo. Geometria appli^ 
cationum deficientium <figura data specie. Mediolani^ 1^59, 
4to. russia. 

CARBURI, Le Comte Marin. Monument i\tvi k la 
gloire de Pierre le Grand, ou relation des travaux et des 
moyens m^chaniques qui ont ^t^ employ^ pour transporter 
k P^tersbourg un Rocher de trois million pesant, destin^ 4 


servir de base k la statue ^questre de cet Empercur. 
Paris, 1777, fol. 

Carcer d'Amore. s. Manfredi (L.) 

CARDANO, Girolamo. Opera. Lugduni, 1555, 8vo. 

CAREW, Richard. The Survey of Comewall, and 
an Epistle concerning the excellencies of the english 
tongue. London, 1723, 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

CAREY, George Savile. The Balnea : or a descrip- 
tion of all the popular Watering Places in England. London, 
1799, 8vo. 

CAREY, Henry. Poems on several occasions. The 
3rd edition, much enlarged. London, 1729, 4to. o. r. mor. 
Carey's portrait, by Faber, after J. Worsdale. 

CAREY, John. An historical, chronological, and 
geographical American Atlas, containing maps of North 
and South America, with all their divisions into states, 
kingdoms, etc. Philadelphia, 1822, foL 

CAREY, William. Critical description and analytical 
review of " Death on the Pale Horse," painted by Benjamin 
West, P.R.A. With desultory references to the works of 
some ancient masters and living British artists. London, 
18 17, 8vo. 

CARION, Joannes. Chronicon ab exordio mundi, 
expositum et auctum multis et veteribus et recentibus 
historicis, usque ad Carolum Quintum Imperatorem a 
Philippo Melanchthone etCasparo Peucero. Bema, i6oi,8vo. 

CARLEVARIIS, Luca. Le fabriche et vedute di 
Venetia disegnate, poste in prospettiva, et intagliate. 
Venetia, appresso Gio. Battista Finazzi. 4to. obi. 103 

CARLI, GIOVAN RiNALDO, Conte. Delle Antichiti 
Italiche tomi IV con appendici di documenti (con fig.). 
Milano, 1788 — 1791, 5 vols. 4to. russia. 


Carlisle, Charles Howard, Eail o£ s- Howard (C.) 

Carlisle, Frederick Howard, Earl of. s. Howard 


Carlisle, George Howard, Earl of. s. Howard (G.) 

CARLISLE, Nicholas. Collection for a history of 
the ancient family of Carlisle. London^ 1822, 4to. 
One hundred copies privately printed by Mr. Nicol for the author. 

A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, and of 

the Islands in the British Sea, etc., being a continuation of 
the Topography of the United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Ireland. London^ 18 13, 2 vols. 4to. 

An Inquiry into the place and quality of the 

Gentlemen of His Majesty's honourable Privy Chambers. 
London^ 1829, royal 8vo. 

CARLYLE, Thomas. The French Revolution: a 
history. Second edition. London^ 1839, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. c. 

Critical and miscellaneous Essays: collected and 

republished. London^ 1839, 4 vols. cr. 8vo. 

On Heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic in history. 

Six lectures: reported, with emendations and additions.. 
2nd edition. London^ 1842, cr. 8vo. 

History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, called Frederick 

the Great 2nd edition. With portraits. London^ 1858- 
1865, 6 vols. 8vo. sp. c 

Carmina. s. Poets, Poetry. 

CARNERO, Antonio. Historia de las guerras civiles 
que ha avido en los estados de Flandes des de Taiio 1559 
hasta el de 1609, y las causas de la rebellion de dichos 
estados, etc. Bruselas^ 1625, folio. 

CARNOT, Lazare-Nicolas-Marguerite. G^om^- 
trie de position k I'usage de ceux qui se destinent k 
mesurer des terrains. Paris^ 1803, 4to. 

CARO, Annibale. Opere, colla Vita dell' autore 


scritta da Anton Federigo Seghezzi. Lettere, Amori pas- 
torali di Dafni e Cloe, Orazioni, Eneide di Virgilio. Milano, 
1 807-18 1 2, 8 vols. 8vo. Classici Italiani, vols. 74-81. 

CARO, Annibale. Lettere familiari. In Venetia, 
appresso Aldo Manutio, 1572-1575, 2 vols, sniall 4to. 

Lettere familiari, Venetia^ Giunti^ 1581, 2 vols, in 

I, small 4to. 

Rime. Venetia^ Aldo Manutio, 1572, 4to. 

Commento di Ser Agresto da Ficaruolo sopra la 

prima Ficata del Padre Siceo. Nasea, del medesimo Ser 
Agresto. Baldacco^ per Barbagrigia da Bengodi^ 1539 
{Blado d'Asola, Roma), 4to. 

The poetry is by Molza, the commentary by Caro. 

Another copy, wanting ist sheet, o. r. mor. 

Apologia degli Academici de' Banchi di Roma 

contra M. Lodovico Castelvetro di Modena, in forma d'uno 
Spaccio di Maestro Pasquino. Parma, 1558, 4to. 

CARO, Don Rodrigo. Antiguedades y principado de 
la ilustrissima ciudad de Sevilla, y chorographia de su con- 
vento juridico o antigua chancilleria. Sevilla, 1634, ^^1. 


CARON, Claude. Traits des bois, servans k tous 
usages. Paris, 17 17, 2 vols. 8vo. 

CARON de BEAUMARCHAIS, Pierre-Augustin. 
Ses M^moires, 1780, 3 vols. 8vo. 

CAROSI, J. P. Von. Beytrage zur Naturgeschichte der 
Niederlaussitz. Leipzig, 1779, 8vo. 

Reisen durch verschiedene Polnische Provinzen 

mineralischen und andem Inhalts. Leipzig, 1781, 2 parts 
in I vol. 8vo. 

Ueber die Erzeugung des Keisels und des Quarzers 

in Pohlcn. Leipzig, 1783, 8vo. 



CAROTO, ZUANE. De le Antiqita de Verona con 
novi agionti da M. Zuane Caroto pitore Veronese cioe 
Pitafi con li suoi adomamenti et alchuni soneti in laude 
dilautore et dilopera laquale e nessesaria ad ogni qualita 
di persone apittori aintaliatori et architeti con le sue misure 
per ogni anticalia. Verona^ Paulo Ravagnarty 1560, imp. fol. 
o. c. With woodcuts. 

C ARPEAU du Saussay, Voyage de Madagascar, Paris^ 
1722, i2mo. 

Carpegna, Gaspare. Scelta dei medaglioni pii ran nel- 
la bibliotheca del Cardinale Carpegna. s. MONTERCHI (G.) 

CARPENTER, John. Schelomonocham, or King 
Solomon his solace. London, John WifideU 1606, 4to. bl. 
letter, title-page with woodcut. 

CARPENTER, William Hookham. Pictorial Notices : 
consisting of a memoir of Sir Anthony Van Dyck, with a 
descriptive catalogue of the Etchings executed by him, 
and a variety of interesting particulars relating to other 
artists patronized by Charles I. London^ 1S44, 4ta Pre- 
sentation copy. 

Carpentier, P. Glossarium novum. s.Dufresne(C.) 

CARR, Sir John. The Stranger in Ireland, or a tour 
in the southern and western parts of that country in the 
year 1805. London, 1806, 4to. 17 plates. 

Tour through Holland along the right and left 

banks of the Rhine to the south of Germany in the summer 
and autumn of 1806. London, 1807, 4to. 21 plates. 

Descriptive travels in the southern and eastern 

parts of Spain, and the' Balearic Isles, in the year 1809. 
London, i8li,4to. 

CARR, Rev. . . The dialect of Craven. 2nd edition, 
much enlarged. London, 1828, 2 vols. 8vo. r. mor. g. e. 

CARRA, I. L. Nouveaux principes de physique, 
om^s de planches. Paris^ 178 1, 4 vols. bd. in 2 vols. 8vo. 


CARRA, I. L. Mr. de Calonne tout entier, avec une 
analyse de sa Requ6te au Roi et de sa r^ponse k I'^crit de 
M. Necker. BmxeUes, 1788, 8vo. 

CARRACCI, Agostino. II funerale d'Agostino Car- 
raccio scritto all' Illmo et Reverendissimo Sig^or Cardinal 
Famese. Bologna^ 1603, 4to. v. 

CARRACCI, Annibale. Diverse figure al numero di 
ottanta, disegnate di penna neir hore di recreatione. In- 
tagliate in rame e cavate dagli originali da Simone Giulino 
Parigino. Roma^ 1646, fol. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Galeriae Famesianae icones Romae in sedibus 

serenissimi Ducis Parmensis ab Annibale Carraccio colon- 
bus expressx, cum ipsarum monocromatibus et omamentis 
a Petro Aquila delineatae et incisae. — Imagines Famesiani 
cubiculi etc a Petro Aquila delineatae incisae. RonuB^ Jo. 
Jacobus de Rubeis, fol. 

Bound with Barberinae aulae Fornix Petri Berettini Cortonensis. 

Galeria nel Palazzo Famese in Roma, dipinta da 

Annibale Caracci, intagliata da Carlo Cesio. Roma, imp. 
fol. 30 plates. 

Vita di S. Diego dipinta nella Cappella di S. 

Giacomo de Spagnoli in Roma. Delineata et intagliat^i 
da Simone Guillain. Stampata da Francesco CoUignon. 
Roma, fol. o. r. mor. 

Di Bologna TArti pervia d'Annibal Caracci, dise- 
gnate, intagliate, et ofTerte al grande ed alto Nettuno Gigante 
Signore della Piazza di Bologna, di Giuseppe Maria Mittelli. 
Roma Giacomo Rossi, 1660, fol. ol. mor. 

CARRACCI, LODOVICO. II Claustro di S. Michele in 
Bosco di Bologna, dipinto da Lodovico Carracci ed altri 
maestri della sua scuola; descritto da Carlo Cesare Malvasia 
ed intagliato da Giacomo Giovannini. Bologna, 1696, foL 
o. r. mor. g. e. 20 plates. 

Carrafa, Ferrante. s. Carafa (F.) 


CARRERA, M. P. Delle Memorie historiche della 
citta di Catania. Spiegati in tre voltunL Catania^ 1639- 
1641, 2 vols, bound in i vol. 4to. 

CARRERE, J. B. F. Catalogue raisonn^ dcs ou- 
vrages qui ont et^ public sur les eaux min^rales en g^6ral, 
et sur celles de la France en particulier. Paris^ 1785, 4to. 

Carretto, Galeotto. La Sophonisba, tragedia. s. 


CARRILLO, Don Alonzo. Origen de la dignidad 
de Grande de Castilla Madrid^ i657» ^^ 

CARRINGTON, Edmund. James Hatfield and the 
Beauty of Buttermere. With illustrations by Robert Cruilc- 
shanlc London^ 1841, 3 vols. 8vo. 

CARRINGTON, Richard Christopher. Observa- 
tions of the Spots of the Sun from november Qth, 181 3, to 
march 24th, 1861, made at RedhilL Illustrated by 166 
plates. London^ 1863, fol. 

CARTARI, Carlo. La Rosa d'oro Pontificia, racconto 
storico. Rofna, 1681, 4to. 

CARTARI. Vincenzo. Le Imagini de i Dei degli 
antichL Con bellissime et accomodate figure. Vemtia^ 
Giordano Ziletti, 1571, 4to. 

Le Imagini de i Dei degli antichi. Padua^ 1602, 8vo. 

Le Imagini de i Dei degli antichi. Venetia, 1625, 4to. 

Imagines Deorum, qui ab antiquis colebantur, 

latino sermone ab Antonio Verderio expressae, atque in 
meliorem ordinem digestse. Lugduni, 1581, 4to. c g. e. 

CARTE, Thomas. An History of the life of James 
Duke of Ormonde, from his birth in 1 610, to his death in 
1688. Wherein is contained an account of the most re- 
markable affairs of his time, and particularly of Ireland, 


under his government. To which is added a collection of 
letters written by the Kings Charles I. and II* London^ 
1736, 3 vols, folio, russia, g. e. L. P. 

CARTE, Thomas. A collection of original letters and 
papers concerning the affairs of England from the year 
1641 to 1660. Found among the Duke of Ormonde's 
papers. London^ 1739, 2 vols. 8vo. 

CARTER, Elizabeth. Memoirs of her life, with a 
new edition of her poems. To which are added, some mis- 
cellaneous essays in prose, together with her notes on the 
Bible. By the Rev. Montagu Pennington. (With Portrait.) 
London, 1807, 4to. 

CARTER, Francis. A Journey from Gibraltar to 
Malaga, etc. Illustrated with the medals of each municipal 
town, and a chart, taken in the year 1772. London^ ^777t 
2 vols. 8vo. 

CARTER, Mary Ann. The Deluge, the general 
Resurrection, and other poems. London, 1838, 8vo. 
Carteromachus, Scipio. s. Forteguerri (S.) 
Carteromaco, Nicolo. s. Forteguerri (N.) 
Cartesius, Renatus. s. Descartes (R.) 
CARTHEUSER, Friedrich A. Mineralogischc 
Abhandlungen. Giessen, 1 771, i2mo. 

CARTHEUSER, Johann F. Elementa Chemicae 
medicae dogmatico-experimentalis. Hala MagdeburgiccB^ 
1736, i2mo. 

CARTWRIGHT, Edmuiid. Letters and Sonnets on 
moral and other interesting subjects. Lottdon, 1807, i2mo. 

A Memoir of his Life, writings, and mechanical 

inventions. Londoft, 1843, i2mo. 

CARTWRIGHT, Captain George. A Journal of 
transactions and events during a residence of nearly sixteen 
years on the Coast of Labrador. Newark, 1792, 3 vols, 
in 2, 4to. 



CARTWRIGHT, John. The Preacher's Travels to 
the confines of the East Indies, through Syria, Mesopo- 
tamia, Armenia, Media, Hircania, and Parthia. A relation 
of Sir Anthony Shirley's entertainment in the court of the 
King of Persia. Description of the port in the Persian 
Gulf commodious for the East India merchants of Eng- 
land Rehearsal of some gross absurdities in the Turkish 
Alcoran. London^ 1611, 4to. 

CARTWRIGHT, Thomas. The second Replie of 
Thomas Cartwright agaynst Maister doctor Whil^ftes 
second answer, touching the Churche Discipline, /m- 
printed 1575, 4to. 

In Librum Salomonis, qui inscribitur Ecclesiastes, 

cum metaphrasi Homiliae, qus et justi commentarii loco 
esse possint Londini^ imfensis ThonuB Mau^ 1604, 4^<^ 

CARTWRIGHT, William Cornwallis. On Papal 
Conclaves. Edinburgh^ 1868, i2mo. 

C ARUS, C. J. The King of Saxony's journey through 
England and Scotland in the year 1844. Translated by 
S. C. Davison. London^ 1846, 8vo. 

CARUSO, GiovAN Battista. Bibliotheca Historica 
regni Siciliae, sive historicorum qui de rebus Siculis a 
Saracenorum invasione usque ad Aragonensium Principatum 
illustriora monumenta reliquerunt, amplissima coUectio: 
opera et studio brevibusque annotatlonibus Joa. Bapt 
Carusii. Panomti, 1723, 2 vols, folio. 

CARVE, Thomas. Itinerarium Thomae Carve Tip- 

perariensis, Sacellani majoris Anglorum, Scotorum et 

Hibemorum sub exercitu Caesareae Majestatis militantium, 

cum historia facti Butleri, Gordon, Lesly et aliorum. Nova 

editio, ad fidem optimorum exemplarium accurata imagi- 

neque auctoris adomata : cui accedunt paulula quxdam de 

vita itinerantis, necnon Index generalis. Londini, 1859, 8vo. 


Only 100 copies on paper and two copies on vellum. 


CARVER, Jonathan. Travels through the interior 
parts of North America in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768. 
Illustrated with copper-plates. London, 1778, 8vo. 

GARY, Henry, ist Viscount Falkland. The History 
of the life, reign, and death of Edward II., king of Eng- 
land and Lord of Ireland, with the rise and fall of his great 
favourites, Gaveston and the Spencers. Written by E. F., 
in the year 1627. London, 1680, fol. 

Another copy. fol. L. P. 

GARY, John. New Map of England and Wales, with 
part of Scotland London, 4to. 

GARY, Robert, Eari of Monmouth. Memoirs of 

his life, written by himself, and now published from an 
original ms. in the custody of John, Earl of Gork and 
Orrery. With some explanatory notes. Second edition. 
London, 1759, 8vo. 

Garyophilus, Blasius. s. Garofalo (B.) 

Garyophilus, Joannes MATTHiEUS. s. Garofalo 
(G. M.) 

Gasa, Monsignor Giovanni della. s. Della Gasa. 

Gasas, Bartolomeo de las. s. Lascasas (B.) 

GAS ATI, Paolo. MechanicorumlibriVIII. Lugduni, 
1684, 4to. 

GASAUBON, Isaac. Epistolae, insertis ad easdem 
responsionibus, curante Theodoro Janson ab Almeloveen. 
Accedunt huic tertis editioni praeter 300 ineditas epistolas, 
Isaaci Gasauboni vita, et Merici Gasauboni I. f. Epistolae. 
Roterodami, 1709, foL 

GASSANiEUS, Bartholomeus. s. Ghasseneux (B.) 

GASS ANIONE, Giovannl De gigantibus eorumque 
reliquiis, atque iis quae ante annos aliquot in Gallia repertae 
sunt. BasUece, 1850, 8vo. 


CASSERIO, GiULio. Tabulae Anatomicae LXXIIX 
omnes novae nee ante hac visae. Daniel Bucretius XX 
quae deerant supplevit et explicationes addidit Franco^ 
furti, 1632, 4to. 

CASSINI, Jacques. Traits de la grandeur et de la 
figure de la Terre« Amsterdam^ 1723, i2mo. 

CASSINI, Jean Dominique, Abreg^ des observations , 
et des reflexions sur la Com^te qui a paru au mois de 
decembre, 1680, et aux mois de Janvier, fevrier et mars, 
1681 — Present^ au Roy. Paris^ 1681, 4to. 

CASSINI DE THURY, C^SAR-Fran^ois. La Men- 
dienne de TObservatoire royal de Paris, verifi^ dans toute 
r^tendue du royaume par des nouvelles observations ; pour 
en d^duire la vraye grandeur des degr^s de la Terre. Avec 
des observations d'histoire naturelle, faites dans les pro- 
vinces travers^es par la Meridienne, par M. Le Monnier. 
Paris ^ I744f 4to. 

Relation de deux voyages faits en Allemagne par 

ordre du Roi ; par rapport i la figure de la Terre : k la 
G^ographie; 4 TAstronomie. Paris ^ I763« — Description 
gfom^trique de la France. Paris^ 1783. — Two vols, bound 
in I, 4to. 

Voyage fait par ordre du Roi en 1768, pour 

^prouver les montres marines invent^es par M. le Roy. 
Avec le M^moire sur la meilleure mani^re de mesurer le 
tems en mer, par M. Le Roy I'ain^. Paris ^ 1770, 4to. 

s. Chappe d'Auteroche. 

CASSIODORUS, Magnus Aurelius. Opera, quorum 
nonnulla nunc primum, reliqua emendatiora eduntur, cum 
notis et indicibus copiosissimis. Parisiis, Marcus Orry^ 
1588, 4to. 

In hoc corporc continentur tripertite historie ex 

Socrate Sozomeno et Theodorico in unu coUecte et nuper 


de greco in latinu translate libri numero duodecim. Per 
Johanni SchussUr regie urbis Augustensis civetn. . . • 1472, 
fol. russia, g. e. Gothic. 


CASTAGLIONE, or Castiglione, Castalio, Giu- 
seppe. De antiquis puerorum praenominibus Commen- 
tarius. Ramce^ I594* 

De Vergili nominis scribendi recta ratione com- 

mentarius, et adversus feminarum praenominum assertores 
disputatio. RonuEi I594> 4^o. 

CASTANEDA, Fernando Lopez de. Le premier 
livre de Thistoire de Tlnde, traduit en fran^ais par Nicolas 
de Grounchy. Paris, Michel Vascosan, 1553, 4to. 

CASTEL, GuiLlELMUS. Due Elegie, cum quibusdem 
eius carminibus. 4to. 18 fT. (without date or place.) 

CASTELL, Edmund. Lexicon heptaglotton, Hebrai- 
cum Chaldaicum, Syriacum, Samaritanum, iEthiopicum, 
Arabicum conjunctum et Persicum separatim. Cui accessit 
brevis et harmonica grammatical omnium praecedentium 
linguarum delineatio. Londini, Thomas Raycroft^ 1669, 
2 vols. fol. r. mor. 

s. Bible, Polyglott 

■ Oratio in Scholis Theologicis habita cum praelec- 

tiones suas in secundum canonis Avicennae librum auspica- 
retur. Landiniy 1667, 4to. 

CASTELL, Robert. The Villas of the Ancients 
illustrated. London, 1728, imp. fol. o. r. mor. L. P. 

CASTELLI, Benedetto. Delia misura delle Acque 
correnti. Roma, 1628, 4to. engr. title-page. 

CASTELLI, Gabriele Lancilotto, Principe di Tor- 
REMUZZA. Siciliae et objacentium insularum veterum In- 
scriptionum nova collectio, prolegomenis et notis illustrata, 
et iterum cum emendationibus et auctariis evulgata. Pa* 
normi, 1784, fol. 


CASTELLI, PlETRO. De Hyaena odorifera exetasis, 
figuris aeneis adornata. Editio nova auction Francofurti^ 
1668, i8mo. 

Castelletti, Cristoforo. I. Torti amorosi, comedia. 


Castellini, Jacopo. II Medico, comedia. s. COBfEDiE. 

C ASTELNAU, Michel de. Les Memoires de Messire 
Michel de Castelnau, Seigneur de Mauvissi^re. Ausqueiles 
sont traict^es les choses plus remarquables qu'il a veues et 
negoti^ en France Angleterre et Ecosse soubs les rois 
Francois II. et Charles IX. tant en temps de paix qu'en 
temps de guerre. Paris^ 162 1, 4to. 

— » Lies Memoires, etc Illustrez et augmentez de plu- 
sieurs commentaires et manuscripts . . . avec les elc^^es des 
roys, r^^es . . . et lliistoire genealogique de la Maison de 
Castelnau par Jean Le Laboureur. Paris ^ 1660, 2 vols. fol. 
o. c g. e. 

CASTELVETRO, LODOVICO. Ragione d'alcune cose 
senate nella canzone d' Annibal Caro, Venite al' ombra de 
gran Gigli d'Oro. Kekpika {Modena\ 4ta 

With the autograph of N. F. Haym. 

Rag^oni d' alcune cose segnate nella canzone di 

Mcsser Annibal Caro : Venite a FOmbra de gran Gigli 
d'oro. Kekpika ( Vefietta)^ 8vo. 

Giunta fatta al Ragionamento degli articoli et de 

verbi di M. Pietro Bembo. Modena^ 1563, 4to. o. Cambr. 

With Haym's autograph. 

CASTER A, J. History of Catherine II. Empress of 
Russia. Translated from the frendi by Henry Hunter. 
London^ 1800, 8vo. 

Castera, Louis Adrien duperron de. s. Duper- 
RON DE Castera (L. R.) 

CASTI, GlAMBATTlSTA. Novelle Galanti in ottava 


rima. Nuova edizione. Londra e Parigi, 1793, 8vo. bl. 
mor. g. e. On Vellum. 

CASTIGLIONE, Conte Baldesare. Opere volgari 
e latine, novellamente raccolte, ordinate, ricorrette ed illus- 
trate da Giovan Antonio e Gaetano Volpi. Padava, Comino^ 
1733, 4to. o. V. 

II libro del Cortegiano del Conte Baldesar Casti- 

glione. In Venetia^ nelle case di Aldo Romano et d^ Andrea 
d^Asola sua suocero neW anno 1528, del mese d* Aprile^ fol. 

0. r. mor. 

-— — II libro del Cortegiano. Nuovamente ristampato. 
In Vinegia, neW anno 1 545, nelle case de figlioli di Aldo^ foL 

01. mor. Beautiful Italian binding of the xvi. century, with 
monogram on the side. 

II libro del Cortegiano. In Vinegia^ in case de 

figlioli di Aldo^ IS47, small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

II Libro del Cortegiano. Venetic^ per Bernardo 

Fagianiy 1559, small 8vo. v. 

II Libro del Cortegiano. Milano^ 1803, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Classici Italiani, vols. 67-68. 

11 Libro del Cortegiano. Edizione formata sopra 

quella d'Aldo, 1528, riscontrata con altre delle pii!l riputate, 
ed arricchita di un copioso indice delle materie. Milano^ 
1822, i2mo. 

Balthasaris Castilionis^ Comitis libri IV. de Cu- 

riali sive Aulico, ex italico sermone in latinum conversi 
interprete Bartholomeo Gierke. Recensuit Samuel Drake. 
Cantabrigia, 171 3, 8vo. o. c. L. P. 

The Courtier of Count Baldessar Castilio, divided 

into foure bookes. Verie necessarie and profitable for young 
gentlewomen abiding in Court, palace, or place, done into 
english by Thomas Hobby. London, printed by John 
Wolfe 1588 (Ital. Fr. and Engl.), 3 vols. 8vo. 


antiquas sedes. Mediolaniy 1541, small 4ta 

CASTILLO, Fra Antonio del. El devoto Per^rrmo 
y viage de Tierra Santa. Paris, 1666, fol. With plates* 

CASTILLO, Julian del. Historia de los Reyes Godos 
que vinieron de la Scythia de Europa contra el Imperio 
Romano y a Espaiia, con succession dellos hasta los cato- 
licos reyes Don Fernando y Dona Isabel. Proseguida 
desde su principio c5 adiciones copiosas de todos tiempos 
hasta el del catolico Do Filipe 1 1 II. por el maestro Fray 
Geronimo de Castro y Castillo, hijo del autor. Madrid^ 
1624, foL 

CASTRO, EZECHIEL DE, Ignis Lambens. Verofue, 
1642, i2mo. 

CASTRO, Alonso Nunez de. Coronica de los 
Senores reyes de Castilla, Don Sancho el Deseado, Don 
Alonso el Octavo, y Don Enrique el Primero. Madrid, 
1665, 4to. 

Castrucci, Sebastiano Fantoni. s. Fantoni Cas- 


CATALOGUES. Catalogus Bibliothecae quarum pub- 

lica erit distractio ad diem 9 Apr. 17 14, Hagae Comitum, 
17 14, i2mo. (Priced). 

Catalogus Bibliothecae Belharnosianae, quae venalis 

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Catalogus librorum qui in Bibliotheca Blandfordi- 

ensi reperiuntur. London, 18 12, 4to. 

Bibliothecae Bridgesianae Catalogus : or, a Cata- 
logue of the entire library of John Bridges, which will be 
sold in February, 1726. London, 1725, 8vo. (Priced.) 
With a plate by A. Motte. 


CATALOGUES. Catalogus Bibliothecae Musei Britan- 
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Catalogus librorum Bibliothecae Raphaelis Tricheti 

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Catalogus Bibliothecae Thuanae a Petro et Jacobo 

Puteanis ordine alphabetico primum distributus, turn a 
Ismaele Bullialdo secundum scientias et artes digestus; 
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cario. Cum indice alphabetico auctorum, 1679. Latien- 
burgi ad Albim, 1704, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Bibliothecae Regiae Catalogus (by Frederick 

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Catalog! librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et 

Hibemiae in unum collecti cum indice alphabetico. OxanuE^ 
1627, folio. 

A Catalogue of maps; prints, drawings etc. form- 
ing the geographical and topographical collection attached 
to the Library of his late Majesty king George III. and 
presented by his Majesty king George IV. to the British 
Museum. London^ 1829, fol. russia. 

A Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Sclater 

Bacon, which will be sold by auction, etc London^ 173^-7, 

Index to the Catalogue of books in the Upper 

Hall of the public Library of the city of Boston. Boston^ 
1861, 4to. 

Index to the Catalogue of books in the Bates 

Hall of the public Library of the City of Boston. First 
supplement. Boston^ 18661 4to. 

A Catalogue of the books of the Rt Hon. Charles 

Viscount Bruce of Ampthill, in his Library at Totenham in 
the county of Wiltes. Oxford^ I733> 4to. o. r. mor. g. c. 
and Harley pattern border. L. P. 


CATALOGUES. A Catalogue of a very elegant and 
curious cabinet of books lately imported from France. 
London^ iji^t 8vo. 

A Catalogue of the highly curious and important 

duplicates of the Library of H. G. the Duke of Devonshire. 
London^ i865» 8vo. 

Sales Catalogues 1812-1813, 8vo. 

Allgemeines Verzeichniss derer Biicher, welche 

in der Frankfurter und Leipziger Ostermesse des 1776- 1787 
Jahren entweder ganz neu gedruckt, oder sonst verbessert, 
wieder aufgeleget worden sind, auch inskiinftige noch 
herauskommen soUen. Leipzig^ 1 776-1 781, 3 vols. 4to. 

A Catalogue of the Harleian collection of manu- 
scripts purchased by authority of Parliament for the use of 
the publick, and preserved in the British Museum. Pul>- 
lished by order of the Trustees. London, 1759, 2 vols. fol. 

A Catalogue of the Portland Museum, which will 

be sold by auction on the 24th of April, 1786, 4to. r. mor. 

Catalogus Horti Botanici Oxoniensis alphabetice 

digestus cura et opera socia Philippi Stephani et Gulielmi 
Brounei. Oxonii, 1658, i6mo. 

Catalogus plantarum, or a Catalogue of trees, 

shrubs, plants and flowers both exotic and domestic, which 
are propagated for sale in the gardens near London. 
London, 1730, folio. 

Catalogue of Honor, s. MiLLES (T.) 

CATECHISM. A short Catechisme, or playne instruc- 
tion, conteynynge the sume of Christian learninge sett 
fourth by the kings maiesties authoritie, for all Schoie- 
maister to teache. To thys Catechisme are adioyned the 
Articles agreed uppon by the Bishoppes and other learned 
and godly men, in the last convocatid at London, in the 
yeare of our Lorde MDLH. . . . Lofidon, TKo Day, 
1553, small 8vo. bl. mor. g. e. Bl. letter. 


CATECHISM. The CarTirr^nsrnc or miacr to teacbe 
diiklren die Chiissiaa Itrigioo. Made by the exc^icnte 
doctor and pastor in Chxisscs Chzrche Jlion CahrnL Lumiim^ 
Jkm Kjmgjttm^ 158a VL Vrrrr, 

Shart Qacsdaos and ansrcares. coateyrung the Summe 
of Chrisrian ReSgioo. Lomdim^ 7ib?. Dassim^ 15&X BL 

A Catfaedusmc, or Institntioo of Christian Rel^>n. 
Lomdom^ Jdm Da^ 1577- BL letter. With carious wood^ 

A compendSous forme and summe of Christian doctrine; 
called the Testimonie of a true Faith, gathered, corrected* 
and newly augmented by Christopher Shutte. Iw^rimud 
by Tho. Dawson^ 1379^ B^ letter. 

A little Catechisme, that is to sa\*e, a short instniction 
touching Christian rd^on, set forth by Theodorus Bera» 
minister of the Churche of God in Geneva. LomJom^ Hngk 
SingUtan, 15791 BL letter. 

Summarie and short Meditations, touchii^ sundry 
poyntes of Christian Religion, gathered by T(homas) W(il* 
cox), and now published for the edification and proAt of 
Gods Saints. London^ George Byshop^ 1 58a BL letter. 

The Summe of Christianitie, reduced unto eight pro- 
positions, briefly and plainly confirmed out of the holy 
woorde of God. (Tho. Dawson) BL letter. 

An excellent Treatise of Christian righteousness, written 
first in the french tongue by M. I. de TEspine, and tnins* 
lated into english by L. Field London^ Tho. VautnMitr^ 
1580. BL letter. 

A Treatise of the preparation to the Holy Supper of our 
onely Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christe. . . By Ivesi 
Rouspeau . . and transl. out of french into englishe, by 
R. B. London, Tho. Dawson, 1579. BL letter. 

A Booke of Christian questions and Answcrcs, Where- 
in are set foorth the chiefc points of Christian Religion. 
London, John Harison, 1579. BL letter. 

r -li "ZA ZLC^IZM ZA r!£ 

ern«jii:"^ v. •■ansmmciis it ^e icij 
[i*r>ni icuiie s. rr-a^iiii ic "ara" Iain , jittt 

Jbnd 'V7 3C'.n!Hi»r r^nnTSine. Tnm"«r . — ' dL^zat saaot 

**"T •"^•TC: nr •* ■TIT 1 111^ *■ ! ^ftTVSSSU sh T<rf< >^ * 

d I vcL mra a«r^ suae ^kk. g. 

e aad bi by' Psrse. Frxn tae CjuecSoa of &e Xoftb 

CATENA PATRUM. Carma scxagista qnmqnc 
Graecorjm Patran is S. Lccarn, q:Lae qoatsor szmol cra^r- 
lifltarum tixtrodudt cxptkatSjcesn, I-ace ac litlnita te dooata, 
et ex alfjs Patribus tam graecis q::am btriis supptcta, et 
aonoutjonibus illastrata. a Balthasare CordenoL ^JKatf9]^ftcB; 
tX0JffUina PUmtiniamiL, 162S, foL 

Tide CBciofted within a Ezadr e&graTcd border. 0>i Gaxma ^■*^'"g 
in caU^ dated 1632. 

Catena graeconim Patrum in beatuxn Job,€oIIectore 

Niceta f icracleac metropolita ex duobus mss. bibliothccae 

CA TEN^. — CA TL IN. 337 

Bodleianae codicibus, graece nunc primum in lucem edita, et 
latine versa, opera et studio Patricii lunii* Accessit ad 
calcem textus Jobi ^<x^f<5^, juxta veram et germanam 
Septuaginta seniorum interpretationem. Londinty 1637, 
fol. o. V. 

CATENiE PATRUM. Expositio Patrum graecorum 

in Psalmos, a Balthasare Corderio soc. Jesu ex vetustis- 

simis . . mss. codicibus avtuiiroii concinnata in paraphrasin, 

commentarium et catenam digesta, latinitate donata, et 

annotationibus illustrata. Antuerpice^ex officina Plantiniana 

Balthesaris Mareti^ 1643. 3 vols. fol. o. v. 

Title inclosed within a fine engraved border representing king 
David playing the harp. 

• Catenae in Evangelia S. Matthaei et S. Marci, ad 

fidem Codd. mss. edidit J. A. Cramer. Oxonii^ 1840, 8vo. 

Catenae in Evangelia S. Lucae et S. Joannis, ad 

fidem Codd. mss. edidit J. A. Cramer. Oxonii, 1841, 8vo. 

— '- Catena in Acta SS. Apostolorum, e Cod. Nov. 
Coll. descripsit et nunc primum edidit, adjecta lectionis 
varietate e Cod. Coislin, J, A Cramer. Oxonii, 1838, 8vo. 

Catenae in Sancti Paul! Epistolas, ad fidem Codd 

mss. edidit J. A. Cramer. Oxonii, 1 841 -1844, 4 vols. 8vo. 

Catena in Epistolas Catholicas, accesserunt CEcu- 

menii et Arethae commentarii in Apocalypsin, ad fidem 
Codd. mss. edidit J. A. Cramer. Oxonii, 1840, 8vo. 

CATESBY, Mark. Natural history of Carolina, Flo- 
rida, and the Bahama islands, english and french. London, 
1731-1743, imp. fol., coloured plates. 

Catholicon. s. Janua (J. B. de.) 

CATLIN, George. Letters and Notes on the manners, 
customs, and condition of the North American Indians. 
With four hundred illustrations, carefully engraved from 
his original paintings. London, 1841, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 




CATOf Valerius. Cathonis magni autoris moraltssi- 
mi Ethica pr^^antissima (cum commentis amplissimis 
Philippi Bergomensis). Augusts Vindelicorum^ 1475 (/^r 
Antonium Sorg), fol. oL mor. g. e. 

Catho moralissimus cum elegantissimo commen- 

tario Robert! de EuromodiL Impressum in oppido mercu- 
riali Antuerpiensi^ptr nu Gerardum Leeu^ 14871 small 4ta gr* 
mor. With a fine woodcut 

Disticha moralia nomine Catonis inscripta : cum 

gallica interpretatione, et, ubi opus fuit, declaratione latina. 
Lutetiagf ex officina Roherti Stephanie 1585, small 8vo. 

Cato Parvus. Cato Magnus, s. Caxton. 
Cato, Marcus Porcius. s. Libri de Re Rustica. 

CATROU, Le Pere FRAN90IS. Histoire generale de 
I'Empire du Mogol depuis sa fondation. Sur les mdmoires 
Portugais de Manouchi, V^nitien. Paris ^ 170S, 4to. 

Catsius, Jacob, s. Catz (J.) 

CATULLUS, Caius Valerius. (At the end) Tabula 

librorum qui sunt in presenti volumine* Albius Tibullus 

elegis scriptor optimus. Aurelius Propertius Bevanus. 

Clarissimi poete CatuUi Veron5sis Epigrama. Pub. (Papinus) 

Statius Sylvarum, 1472. Vetutiis^ Vinddinus de Spira^ 

4ta r. mor. g. c. First edition. 

This copy has 185 ff., two of which are blank. At the end — 
" Bibliotheca S. Mariae de Populo." 

Catulli, TibuUi, Proptii et liber Silvarum Statu 

papinii 1 isto volumine cdtinet Et Ipressi sut opere et im^ 
pensa Johannis de Colonia : et Johannis manthi de ghersetn 
qui una Veneciis fideliter vivunt. 147S, 4to. o. calf. 

Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius. Venetiis, in cedibus 

Aldi; mense Januario 1502, 8vo. o. Cambr. 

Another copy, ol. mor. g. e. and arms. 


CATULLUS, CAiua Vawrius. CatuHua, TibuUus, 
Propertius. VeneUis, in ^dibus AW ei Amina Sacfri, 
fpunse Martio, I5i5> 8vo. L. P. 

Grolier's copy, in it$ original binding, with his name and motto. 

-— ^ Catullus, TibuUus, Propertius. Cn, Comelii Q^\\\ 
qus recolligi potuere fragmenta. Lugduni, BarthQlQm$ufi 
Trotf 1518, i2mo. 

— — Catullus, TibuUus, Propertius. Pgrisiis, apud 
Simonem Colitufum, 1529, i2mo. 

Catullus, TibuUus, Propertius. Parisiis^ ex officina 

Simani Colinai^ IS43» 32mo. o. r. mor. g. c. 

-^ CatuUus, TibuUus, Propertius. ComeUi Galli frag- 
menta. Antuerpup, 1560, 321x10. 

^^ — CatuUus, cum commentariis Achillis Statii Lusi- 
tani. VemtiiSf in adibus Manutianis, 1566, i8mo. 

Catullus, TibuUus et Propertius. Nova editio. 

Josephus Scaliger, Jul Cesaris f. recensult. Ejusdem in 
eosdem castigationum liber. Lutetugy apud Mamertium 
Patissonium, 1577, 8vo. 

- — Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. 

CatuUi, TibuUi, et Propertii, nova editio. Josephus 

Scaliger J. Ca^. f. recensuit. Ejusdem in eosdem castiga- 
tionum liber. Antuerpia, 1582, i2mo. 

Joan. Passeratii commentarii in C. Valerium Ca- 

tuUum, Albium TibuUum, et Sex. Aurellum Propertium. 
Parisiis, 1608, fol. L. P. 

Catullus, TibuUus et Propertius ex recensione 

Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum notis integris variorum. 
Trqfecti efd Rhenum, 1680, 8 vo. 

Caius Valerius Catullus, et in eum Isaaci Vossii 

Qbservationes. Lngduni BaUtvarum, 1684, 4to. bl. mor. 


CATULLUS, Caius Valerius. Caius Valerius Catul- 
lus et in eum Isaac! Vossii observationes. Londini^ 1684, 4to. 

C . Valerii CatuUi, Albu Tibulli, et Sexti Aurelii 

Propertii opera. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Philippus 
Silvius, in usum Serenissimi Delphini. Parisiis^ 1685, 2 
vols. 4to. 

Another copy, 2 vols. 4to. ol. mor. g. e. 

Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius cum C. Gallii 

fragmentis serio castigati. Amstcdodatni^ 1686, 24010. 

With Huet's autograph. 

CatuUi, Tibulli, et Propertii opera ad optimorum 

exemplarium fidem recensita. Accesserunt vans lectiones. 
Cdntabrigia, impensis Jtuobi Tonson^ 1702, 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. 

CatuUi, TibuUi, et Propertii opera (ex recensione 

Michaelis Maittaire). Londini, 17 15, i2mo. L. P. 

Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius ad optimorum 

exemplarium fidem recensiti cum mss. Codicum variis lec- 
tionibus margin! appositis. LutetUB Parisiorum, 1723, 4to. 

Caius Valerius Catullus, et in eum Jo. Antonii 

Vulpi! novus commentarius. Patavii, Cominus, 1737, 4to. 

CatuUi, Tibulli, et Propertii opera. Londini^ ^7 76, 


The Poems, translated with a preface and notes by 

the Hon, George Lamb. London, 1821, 2 vols. i2mo. 

The Poems, translated into english verse, with an 

introduction and notes, by Theodore Martin. London, 
1861, cr. 8vo. mar. mor. g. e. 

s. Tibullus. 

CATZ, Jacob Van. Spiegel van der Ouden ende 
•Nieuwen Fijdt (Emblems). Graven Haye, 1632, 4to. 

Faces Augusts, sive poemata Dordraci, 1643, 4to. 


CAULFIELD, James. Portraits, memoirs and charac- 
ters of remarkable persons, from the Revolution in 1688, to 
the end of the reign of George II. London^ 18 19, 4 vols. 
8vo. blue mor. L. P. 

CAURIOLO, Helia. Delle historic Bresciane libri 
dodeci, nei quali si vede V origrine et antichiti della citti di 
Brescia. Brescia, 1585, 4to. 

Caus, Solomon de. s. De Caus (S.) 

Causeus, Mich. Angelus. s. La Chausse (M. A.) 

CAUSSIN, Nicolas. Electorum symbolorum et 
parabolarum historicarum syntagmata ex Horo, Clemente, 
Epiphanio et aliis. Cum notis et observationibus. 

Polyhistor symbolicus, electorum symbolorum et Para- 
bolarum historicarum stromata, XII libros complectens. 
Parisiis, 161 8, two parts in i vol. 4to. 

La Cour sainte. Paris, 1645, 2 voL foL 

C AVALCA, Frate Domenico, da Vico Pisano. Trac- 
tato o vero libro chiamato Pungi lingua. Impresso in 
Firenze adi died di Giugnio, 1494, 8vo. 

CAVALCANTI, Bartolomeo. Trattati sopra gli 
ottimi r^gimenti delle Repubbliche antiche e moderne. 
Milano, 1805, 8vo. Classici Italiani, vol. 161. 

CAVALIER, Henrico Giblet. Historic de Re 
Lusignani, libri undici. Bologna, 1647, 4to. 

CAVALIERI, GioVAN Battista de. Antiquarum 
statuarum urbis Romx primus et secundus liber. Urbis 
Romae sdificiorum illustrium quae supersunt reliquiae summa 
cum diligentia a Jo. Antonio Dosio, stilo ferreo ut hodie 
cernuntur descriptae, et a Joanne Baptista de Caveleriis 
aeneis tabulis incisis repraesentatae. RonuB, 1569, 4to. 


GAVALIERI, GlOVAN BATftStA de Urbift Romae 
iafedificioruin illustrium qusG; ^upersunt reliquide^ Rama, 
1 569, 4to. 

Antiquarum Statuarum urbis Romse quae in pub- 

licis privatisque locis visuntur icones. 4to. 

Cavallero determinada s. La Marche. 

CAVALLIER, James. Memoirs of the war of the 
Cevennes, under Colonel Cavallier, in defence of the protes- 
tants persecuted in that country, and of the peace con- 
cluded between him and the Mareschal Duke of Villars. 
Second edition. Londott, ^7^7, 8vo. 

CAVALLO, TiBERio. A complete treatise on Elec- 
tricity in theory and practice, with original experiments. 
Second edition. London, 1782, 8vo. 

A treatise on the nature and properties of Air, 

and other permanently elastic fluids, to which is prefixed an 
introduction to chemistry. London, 1781, 4to. 

The history and practice of Aerostation. London^ 

1785, 8vo. 

■■ ■■' A treatise 6n Magnetism in theory and practice, 
with original experiments. London, 1787, 8va 

Cavazzoni Zanotti, Gio. Pietro. s. Zanotti (G. P.) 

CAVE, William. Antiquitates Apostolicae, or the 
history of the lives, acts, and martyrdoms of the holy 
Apostles of our Saviour and the two Evangelists SS. Mark 
artd Luke. Third edition. London, 1677, "f^l. 

A dissertation concerning the government of the 

ancient Church, by Bishops, Metropolitans, and Patriarchs. 
London, 1683, 8vo. 

Scriptorum Ecciesiasticorum historia literari&y a 

Chriisto nato usque ad saeculum XIV. facili methodo digesta. 
Accedunt Scriptores Gentiles, christians religionis oppug- 
natores ; et Cujud vis saeculi Breviarium. Additur ad iinem 

CA VEND IS If. 343 

cujusque saeculi Conciliorum omnium, tum generalium tum 
particularium, historica notitia. Accedunt ab aliis manibus 
Appendices duae, ab ineunte saeculo XIV ad annum usque 
1 5 17 nunc in unum congestae. Editio novissima. Oxonii^ 
1740 1 743, 2 vols. foL 

CAVENDISH, George. The Negotiations of Thomas 
Woolsey, the great Cardinall of England. Composed by 
one of his owne servants, being his gentleman usher. 
London, 1641, 4to. 

First edition, without the name of the author. A portrait of Wobey 
by Marshall 

The Memoirs of the great favourite Cardinal 

Woolsey, with remarks on his rise and fall. London^ 
1706, 8vo. 

Memoirs of the Life of Cardinal Woolsey. The 

Second edition. London, 1708, 8vo. 

With the name of the author. 

The Life of Cardinal Wolsey. And metrical 

Visions, from the original autograph ms. With notes and 
other illustrations by Samuel W, Singer. Chiswick, 1825, 
2 vols. 8vo. gr. mor. g. e. L.P. 

Who wrote Cavendish's Life of Wolsey.^ s. 

Hunter (J.) 

CAVENDISH, Hon. Henry, F.R.S. Appendix, 
containing tables for clearing the apparent distances of the 
Moon from the Sun or a Star, from the effects of parallax 
and refraction. An account of some attempts to imitate 
the effects of the torpedo by electricity. Read at the Royal 
Society, Jan. 18, 1775. London, 1776. 

An account of a new Eudiometer. Read at the Royal 
Society, Jan. 16, 1783. London, 1783. 

Observations on Mr. Hutchins's experiments for de- 
termining the degree of cold at which quicksilver freezes* 
Read at the Royal Society, May i, 1783. London, 1784. 


CAVENDISH, Hon. Henry, F.R.S. Experiments on 
Air. Read at the Royal Society, June 2, 1785. London^ ijiS^ 

An account of experiments made by Mr. John McNab, 
at Henley House, Hudson's Bay, relating to freezing mix- 
tures. Read at the Royal Society, Feb. 23, 1786. Lon- 
don, 1786. 

An account of experiments made by Mr. John McNab, 
at Albany Fort, Hudson's Bay, relative to the freezing 
of nitrous and vitriolic acids. On the conversion of a mix- 
ture of dephlogisticated and phlogisticated air into nitrous 
acid by means of electric spark. 

On the civil year of the Hindoos, and its divisions ; 
with an accpunt of the three Hindoo Almanacs belongring 
to Charles Wilkins. 

Experiments to determine the density of the Elarth. 

On an improvement in the manner of dividing astro- 
nomical instruments. From the Philosophical Transactions. 
London, 1809. Six parts in i vol. 4to. 

CAVENDISH, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, 
Philosophical and physical opinions. London, 1655, foL 

The Life of the thrice noble, high and puissant 

Prince William Cavendishe, Duke, Marquess, and Earl of 
Newcastle. London, A, Maxwell, 1667, fol. 

Another copy. 

With Robert Southey's autograph. 

CAVENDISH, William, Duke of Newcastle. A 
new method and extraordinary invention to dress horses, 
and work them according to nature ; as also, to perfect 
nature by the subtility of art. London, 1667, foL 

A general system of horsemanship in all its 

branches ; containing a faithful translation of that most 
noble and useful work of his Grace, William Cavendish, 
Duke of Newcastle, entitled the manner of feeding, dress- 


ing, and training of horses for the great saddle, and fitting 
them for the service of the field in time of war, or for the 
exercise and improvement of gentlemen in the Academy 
at home. With all the original copper plates, in number 
forty three. London^ J. Brindley^ I743» 2 vols, large fol. 

CAVENDISH, William, first Duke of Devonshire. 
The Charms of Liberty : a poem occasioned by the Arch- 
bishop of Cambray's Telemachus. Writ in the year 1707. 

The works of Peironius Arbiter, translated by several 
hands. London^ I7I3> 8vo. 

Honori Sacellum : a funeral poem to the memory 

of William, Duke of Devonshire : obiit decimo octavo die 
Augusti, 1707. Londini^ 1707, 4to. 

CAVITELLI, LUDOVico, Cremonese. Annales, quibus 
res ubique gestas memorabiles a patriae suae origine usque 
ad annum Salutis 1583 breviter ille complexus est Cre- 
mona, 1588, 4to. 

CAXTON, William. 

The copies of Caxton's editions in the library at Chatsworth have 
been carefully described in Mr. Blades' '*Life and Typography of 
Caxton." A list of them is here given, with reference to that work for 
further particulars. 

Here b^ynneth the volume entituled and named 

the Recuyell of the Hystoryes of Troye. Ended and 
fynysshid in the holy cyte of Colen tfte XIX. day of sep- 
tembre the yere of our sayd lord god a thousand foure 
honderd sixty and enleven (1471), fol. purple mor. g. e. 
Blades, II. 6. 

The first leaf in the book is mounted ; and the last is supplied in 
£Eu:simile. It was bought at the Duke of Roxburghe's sale in 181 2 for 
j£ 1,060 lar. It belonged once to Elizabeth Grey, queen of Edward 
the Fourth, as it appears from an inscription on the paper lining of the 
original binding, which has been preserved and bound at the end of 
the volume. The first book printed in the english language. 

The Game and playe of the Chesse, translated out 

346 CA X TON. 

of frensh. Fynysshid the last day of Marche the yer of our 
lord god a t/iousand foure honderd and LXXIIIL (1474)9 
fol. r. mor. g. e. Blades, II. 11. 

First and last leaves mounted ; third and eighth leaves supplied 
in facsimile. 

CAXTON, William. Parvus Catho. Magnus Catho. 
Stans Puer ad mensam. {Caxton, second edition, 1479)9 
4to. o. r. mor. g. e. Unique, Blades, II. 13 and 55. 

Boecius de Consolacione philosophie. Atte requests 

of a singuler frende andgossib ofmyne I William Caxton have 
done my debuoir and payne tenprynte it in forme as is here 
afore made, fol. purple mor. g. e. by Hering. Blades, II. 70. 

Perfect, clean copy, with the original blank lea£ 

The Dictes and notable w)^e soyenges of the 

phylosophers late translated and drawen out of frenshe. 
Enprynted by me William Caxton at Westmestre the yere of 
our Lord MCCCCLXXVII. Hie est finis. Thus endeth 
thys book, whiche wasfynisshed the VIII day of the moneth of 
Novembre, and the seventethyere of the regne-ofKyf^ Edward 
the fourth, foL purple mor. g. e. Blades, II, 78. 

Imperfect ; wanting the 8th folio ; uncut but soiled. 
The Myrrour of the Worlde or thymage of the 

same. The XXI year of the regne of the most crysten kynge, 

Kynge Edward the fourth / have empryted and 

fynysshed this sayd lytil werke (1481), foL bL mor. g. e. 
Blades, II. 86. 

The Roxburgh copy. Very fine. Perfect On the first leaf Coll^gii 
Anglicani Lovan." 

Tullius de Senectute. Tully of olde age. Mm- 

pryntedby me symple persone William Caxton into, Englysshe 
at the play sir solace and reverence of men growying in to 
olde age the VII day of august the yere of our Lord 
M.CCCCZXXXL Here followeth the said Tulliua de 

CAXTON. 347 

Amicicia translated into our matemall englissh tongue. 
Explicit per Caxton, fol. bl. mor. g. e. Blades, II. 94. 

The Roxburgh copy. Imperfect. 

CAXTON, William. The Game and playe of the 

Chesse. Explicit per Caxton, io\, o, v. mor, g.t. Blades, II, g8. 

The second edition. With woodcuts. Perfect. From Ratdiffe's 

The Cronicles of England. Enphied by me William 

CaxtoH in thi abbey of Westmynstre by London , , . the V 
de^ of yuyn the yere of thincamacion of our Lord God 
MCCCCLXXX, fol. r. mor. by Hering. Blades, II. 11 1. 

Made perfect* In good condition, but first and last ff. mounted. 

The Polycronycon M,CCCC,LXXXII, fol. ol. mor. 

g. e. Blades, 11. 127. 

Imperfect ; several leaves wanting at the beginning and at the 
end, and replaced in ms. With several old autographs. 

A Vocabulary in french and english. Fol. ol. mor. 

g. e. Blades, II. 133. 

Set on large paper. Imperfect; wanting the last five leaves, 
which are supplied in writing. 

Confessio Amantis, that is to saye in Englisshe, the 

Confessyon of the Louer, maad and compyled by Johan 
Gower. Enpryntedat Westmestreby me Wyllyam Caxtonand 
fynysshed the II daye of septembre the first yere of the reyne 
of Kyng Richard the thyrd the yere of our Lord a thousand 
CCCCLXXXXIII, (a mistake for MCCCCLXXXIII.) fol. 
ol. mor. g. e. by Hering. Blades, II. 142. 

Perfect ; fine and clean copy. 

The legende named in latin Legenda aurea that is 

to saye in englisshe the Golden Legende. Fynysslied it at 
Westmestre the twenty day of novembre, the yere of our lord 

MCCCCLXXXIII. by me Wylyam Caxton^ fol. russia, g. e. 
Blades, II. 135. 

. Imperfect, and made up out of two editions ; wants all before 
a iiii First and last leaves much torn and repaired. 

348 CAXTON, 

CAXTON, William. The Book callid Caton. 

Translated aute of frensshe into englysslu by WiUiatn 

Caxton in thabbay of Westmynstre the yere of oure lord 

MCCCCLXXXIII, foL ol. mor. g. e. Blades, II. 

Perfect ; dean copy. Autograph of the Earl of Oxford : — ^ I 
bought this book at Edinburgh, and paid for it the price of £'^, 3J. to 
Mr. Alex. Seymour bookseller in the parliament close, May 24, 1725." 
In another hand : ^ J. Barrard ex Bibliotheca Harleiana, price £^\. is. 
Fcbr. 15th 1745." 

The Doctrinal of Sapyence. Translated out of the 

frenshe into englysshe by Willyam Caxton at Westmester 
the VII day of may, the yere of our Lord MCCCCLXXXIX. 
Caxton tne fieri fecit, fol. russ. g. e. Blades, II. 201. 

Imperfect ; 2 leaves in ms. 

The Book of Faytttes of Armes and of Chyvalrye. 

Enprynted the XIII I day of Juyll (1489), fol. gr. mon g. e. 
Blades, II. 209. 

The Roxburgh copy. Imperfect ; a few lines of the last leaf, 
which is mounted, being supplied in facsimile. 

The Boke of Eneydos compyled by Vyrgyle whiche 

hathe he translated oute of latyne into frenshe. And oute 
of frenshe reduced in to englysshe by me Wyllm Caxton the 
XXII dayof juyn, the yere of our Lorde MCCCCLXXXX, 
fol. ol. mor. g. e. Blades, II. 223. 

A clean copy but imperfect, wanting leaf L. i. 

The Myrrour of the Worldc. Caxton m£ fieri fecit 

(the second edition, about 1490), fol. r. mor. g. e. by Hering. 

Blades, II. 230. 

Perfect ; on the first leaf : " This is the Lady Anne Fortescuys 
boke, 1532." 

Incipit liber qui vocatur Festialis. Caxton me fieri 

fecit. Bound with : — Quatuor sermones. Second edition, 
fol. bL mor. g. e. Blades, II. 239. Imperfect 

The Prouffytable boke for manes soule, and right 

comfortable to the body and specyally in adversitie and 


trybulacyon whiche boke is called the Chastysing of Goddes 
Chyldern, fol. bl. mor. g. e. Blades^ II. 242. 

Perfect ; clean copy. 

CAXTON, William. Tretyse of Love, fol. mar. mor. 
g. e. Blades^ II. 244. 

Perfect ; clean copy. 

The Lyf of Saint Katherin of Senis the blessed 

virgin. The Revelacyons of Saynt Elysabeth the kinges 
doughter of Hugarye, fol. ol. mor. g. e. Blades, II. 248. 

Imperfect; four leaves are supplied by leaves taken from an 
earlier edition by Wynkin de Worde ; which shows it to be the copy 
upon which Kippis made some remarks. On the fly-leaf there is the 
following old ms. note : '' This book was all printed by Caxton, 
except the last page, which was printed by Wynkyn de Worde." 

The Golden Legende. Fynyssheditat WestmestretJu 

XX day of may, theyere of our Lord MCCCCLXXXXIIL 
by me Wyliam Caxton, fol. russia, g. e. Blades, II. 251. 

Imperfect ; wanting one leaf of table at the beginning. 

CAYLEY, Arthur. Memoirs of Sir Thomas More, 
with a new translation of his Utopia, his history of king 
Richard III., and his latin poems. London, 1808, 2 vols, 
bound in i,4to. russia. 

With portraits of More and Erasmus. 

Cavlus, a. C. H. de Thubieres, Comte de. s. 

CEBA, Ansaldo. II Gonzaga, overo del poema he- 
roico, dialogo. Geneva, 1621, small 4to. 

Esercitii academici a Gian Battista Spinola di 

Giorgio. Geneva, 1621, small 4to. 

Principio dell' historia Romana. Geneva, 1621, 4ta 

CEBES. Cebetis Tabula et greca et latina, opus mo- 
rale et utile omnibus, et praecipue adolescentibus. Carmina 
aurea Pythagorae. Phocylidis poema ad bene, beateque 
vivendum. Lovanii, Theodork Martin, small 4to. 


CECCHI, GiAKMARiA. Comedie. F/9i^«m, 1585, lamo. 
La Moglie. s. COMEDIE. 

CECILi William, Lord Burghley. A 
presented to Queen Elizabeth against her Majest3r'3 bein^ 
engross'd by any particular favourite. Limdan^ ^708, i2nio. 

CEILLIER, DOM Remy, Benedictin. Histoire gdn^ 
rale des Auteurs sacr^ et eccl^iastiques, qui cootient leur 
vie, le catalogue, la critique, le jugemeot, la chronolc^e; 
I'analyse et le d^nombrement des diflferentes Prions de 
leurs ouvrages. Paris, 1729- 1763. Table g^n&ale des ma- 
tiires, r^ig^ par Laurent-Etienne Rondet Paris, 1782. 
25 vols. 4to. 

CELLARIUS, or Keller, Christopher. Curac 
posteriores de barbarismis et idiotismis sennonls latioL 
7fmt, 1687, i8mo. 

Dissertatio historica de Imperio Palnurena Nala 

Magdeburgica^ 1693, small 4to. 

Geographia Antiqua, being a complete set of 

maps of ancient geography, beautifully engraved from C#l* 
larius. A new edition. London^ 1809, 4to. 

CELLINI, Benvenuto. Vita da lui medesimo 
scritta. Tratta da un ottimo manoscritto, e dedicata all' 
eccellenza di Mylord Riccardo Boyle, Conte di Burlington. 
Colonia^per Pietro Martello (JtJapoli), 1728, 4to. 

Opere. Milano, 18 11, 3 vols. 8vo. Classici 

Italiani, vols. 142-144. 

The Life, written by himself in the tuscan lan- 
guage, and translated from the original by Thoma3 Nugent 
London, 1771, 2 vols. 8vo. 

CELSUS, Cornelius. Comelii Celsi de medidna 
liber indpit Floreniug impressus a Nicolao. 1478, 4to, 
o. citr. mor. First edition. 


CELSUS, Cornelius. De mcdicina, libri VIII. 
Mediolani^ per Leanardum Packet et Ulderichum Sinczen^ 
zeler^ 148 1, fol. o. citr. mor. 

CENSORINUS. De Die natali liber ad Q. Caerel- 
lium. Ab Aldo Mannuccio, Pauli F. Aldi N. emendatus 
et notis illustratus. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 1581, 8vo. 

CENT-LIVRE, Susanna, The Man's bewitched ; or, the 
Devil to do about her. A comedy. London, 4to. o. r. mor. 

Cent Nouvelles. s. Nouvelles. 

Centones. s. Falconia Proba. 

Cento Novelle. s. Novelle. 

Cepede, Le Comte de la. s. Lacepede (B. G. de.) 

CEPIO, or, CiPPico, CORIOLANO. Coriolani Cepionis 
Dalmatas Petri Mocenici Imperatoris gestorum liber primus. 
Venetiis, per Bemardum pictorem et Erhardum ratdolt de 
Augusta una cum Petro lostein de Langencen correctare ae 
socio, 1477, small 4to. gr. mor. g. e. and arms. 

CEREDI, Giuseppe. Tre discorsi sopra il modo d'alzar 
acque da luogfai bassL Parma, 1567, 8va 

Ceremonies. The ceremonies used for the healing of 
the King's Evil. s. KING'S EviL- 

CEREMONIES. C^r^onies et coutumes religieuses 
de tous les peuples du monde, representees par des figures 
dessin^es de la main de Bernard Picart, avec des explica- 
tions historiques et quelques dissertations curieuses. Am- 
sterdam, 1723- 1737, 7 vols. fol. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

CERRUTI, Antonio. Carminum libri quattuor. Ve- 
netiis, 1550, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. and border. 

CERVANTES Saavedra, Miguel de. El ingenioso 
hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. En Madrid, por Juan 
de la Cuesta, 1605, small 4to. First edition of the ist vol 


CERVANTES, Saavedra, Miguel de. El ingenioso 
hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. Madrid^ Juan de la 
Cuesta, 1608, small 4to. russia. 

See a ms. note on the fiy-leafl 

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. 

Nueva edicion corregida por la Real Academia EspaSola. 
Madrid, Ibarra, 1780, 4 vols. 4to. c g. e. With plates. 

The History of the valorous and witty knight- 
errant Don Quixote of the Manche. Translated by 
Thomas Sheldon. London, 1652, fol. 

The life and exploits of the ingenious gentleman 

Don Quixote de la Mancha, translated from the original 
Spanish, by Charles Jarvis. With figures. London, Tomson, 
1742, 4to. c g. e. 

The History of the renowned Don Quixote de la 

Mancha. Translated by several hands and published by 
the late Mr. Motteux. Revised by Mr. Ozell. Glasgow^ 
Foulis, 1757, 4 vols. i2mo. 

— « Don Quichotte de la Manche, traduit de I'es- 
pagnol de Michel de Cervantes par Florian. Ouvrage 
posthume. Paris, Didot, An VH. (1799), 3 vols. 8vo. 

L'inginieux hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche, 

traduit et annot^ par Louis Viardot, Vignettes de Thony 
Johannot. Paris, 1 836-1 837, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 

L' ing^nieux hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche. 

Traduction de Louis Viardot, avec les dessins de Gustave 
Dor6 grav& par H. Pisan. Paris, 1863, 2 vols. fol. r. mor. 

CESI, Bernardo. Mineralogia, sive naturalis philo- 
sophise thesauri, in quibus metallicae concretionis medicato- 
rumque fossilium miracula, terrarum pretium, necnon et 
pig^entorum apparatus, concretorum succorum virtus, lapi- 
dum atque gemmanim dignitas continentur. Lugduni, 
1636, fol. 


CESTREN, Thomas. A Defence of the innocencie of 
the three ceremonies of the Church of England, viz., The 
Surplice, Crosse after Baptisme, and Kneeling at the re- 
ceiving of the blessed Sacrament Published by authoritie* 
London, William Barret, 161 8, small 4to. o. v. 

Cevallerius, Antonius Rudolphus. s. Chevalier 
(A. R.) 

Chabot, Pierre Gautier. Expositio analytica et 
brevis in universum Q. Horatii poema. s. HORATIUS. 

CHACON, Alonso. Historia utriusque belli Dacici 
a Trajano Caesare gesti ex simulachris quae in columna 
ejusdem Romae visuntur collecta. RonuB, 1616, fol. 
130 plates by F. Villamena. 

CHACON, Pedro. In Columnar rostratae C. Duilii 
inscriptionem, a se conjectura suppletam, commentarius. 
Lugduni Batavorutn, 1597. 

Opuscula in Columnar Rostratae inscriptionem de 

ponderibus, de mensuris, de nummis. Roma, 1608, 8vo. 
o. r. mor. g. e. 

CHAD, G. W. A Narrative of the late revolution in 
Holland. London, 18 14, 8vo. 

CHAFFERS, William. The keramic Gallery, con- 
taining several hundred illustrations of rare, curious, and 
choice examples of pottery and porcelain, from the earliest 
times to the beginning of the present century. With his- 
torical notices and descriptions. London, 1872, 2 vols, 
royal 8vo, 

CHALCONDYLAS, Demetrius. Erotemata s)mop- 
tica octo partium orationis. Manuel Moschopulus de pro- 
sodia. Gregorius Corinthius de dialectis (gr.) {Mediolani, 
circa 1493 ?) small fol. o. r. mor. g. e. First edition. 

Another copy, r. mor. g. e. 

With Jo. Alex. Brassicani's autograph. 

A A 


CHALCONDYLAS, Demetrius. Demetrii Chalcon- 
dylae grammaticae Institutiones graecs, graece initiandis 
mire utiles. LutetuBy in officina Egidij Gormontij\ 1525, 
small 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. 

CHALCONDYLAS, Leonicus. Historiarum Libri X. 


Histoire de la decadence de TEmpire Grec et 

establissement de celuy des Turcs. De la traduction de B. 
de Vigenere. Avec la continuation de la mesme histoire 
depuis la mine du Peloponese jusques k V an 1612, par 
Artus Thomas, et depuis continu6e par F. K du Mezeray. 
RoueUt 1660, 2 vols, folio. 

Chalcus, Tristanus, s. Calchi (T.) 

CHALES, le Pere F. M. De. Traiti du mouvement 
local et du ressort Lyon, 1682, i2mo. 

Challes, R. Des. s. Deschalles (R.) 

CHALLIS, James. Notes on the principles of pure 
and applied calculation ; and application of mathematical 
principles to theories of the physical forces. Cambridge, 
1869, 8vo. 

CHALMERS, George, Caledonia, or an account 
historical and topographic of North Britain from the most 
ancient to the present times, with a dictionary of places 
chorographical and philological. London, 1807, 3 vols. 
4to. russia. L. P. 

The life of Mary Queen of Scots; drawn from 

the State Papers, with six subsidiary memoirs, illustrated 
with ten plates of medals, portraits and prospects. London, 
18 1 8, 2 vols. 4to. 

CHALMERS, Lionel. An Account of the weather 
and diseases of South Carolina. London, 1776, 8vo. 

CHALMERS, Thomas, D.D. On the power, wisdom, 
and goodness of God, as manifested in the adaptation of 


external nature to the moral and intellectual constitution 
of man. Fourth edition. Glasgow^ 1835, 2 vols. 8vo. 
Bridgewater Treatises, I. 

CHALON, J. J. Twenty-four subjects exhibiting the 
Costume of Paris, the incidents taken from nature, designed 
and drawn on stone by J. J. Chalon. London^ 1822, folio. 

CHALONER, Richard, Bishop of Debra. The 
Church history of England from the year 1 500 to the year 
1688, chiefly with regard to Catholicks. Brussels^ ^7S7' 
1742, 3 vols. fol. 

CHALONER, Sir Thomas. De Republica Anglorum 
instauranda libri decern* Hue (sic) accessit in laudem 
Henrici Octavi regis quondam Angliae prxstantissimi. 
Carmen panegyricum. Item de Illustrium quorundam 
encomiis miscellanea, cum epigrammatis, ac epithaphijs 
nonnullis. Londini, Thomas Vantrollerius^ 1579, 4to. 

CH AMBERLAYNE, Edward. Angliae Notitia ; or 
the present state of England. 2 parts: — ist part, the 
seventh edition; 2nd part, the fourth edition. London, 
1673, i2mo. 

Etat nouveau d' Angleterre sous le regne du Roi 

Guillaume et la Reine Marie. Traduit de T anglais par 
M. de Neuville. (Dedi6 k Monseigneur le Comte de Devon- 
shire.) La Haye, 1692, 2 parts bound in i vol. small 8vo. 
o. r. mor. g. e. 

CHAMBERS, Ephraim. Cyclopaedia ; or, an uni- 
versal Dictionary of arts and sciences. With the Supple- 
ment and modem improvements incorporated in one 
alphabet by Abraham Rees. London, 1786, 5 vols, folio. 

CHAMBERS, Robert. Domestic Annals of Scotland 
from the Reformation to the Revolution. Second edition, 
Edinburgli, 1861, 3 vols. 8vo. 

CHAM BON, J. Traits des metaux et des mineraux, 
et des remedes qu' on en peut tirer. Paris, 17 14, i2mo. 


Chambray, Roland Freard, Sieur de. s. Freard (R.) 

CHAMILLERT, Etienne. Dissertations sur plu- 
sieurs m^dailles et pierres gravies de son cabinet, et autres 
monuments d' antiquity. Paris ^ i/n* 4ta 

CHAMISSO, Adelbert Von. Werke. Leipzig.iZi^ 
1839, 6 parts bound in 3 vols. i2mo. With portrait 

Gedichte. Zweite Auflage. Mit i Kupfer und 6 

Bildem von Otto Speckter. Leipzig^ 1834, i2mo. 

CHAMPLAIN, Samuel De. Voyages et ddcouvertes 
faites en la Nouvelle France depuis Tannic 16 15 jusqu* k la 
fin de Tann^e 161 8. Paris, 1620, 8vo. 

CEuvres, publi^es sous le patronage de TUniver- 

sit^ Laval par Tabb^ C. H. Laverdi&re. Seconde ^ition, 
Quebec^ 1870, 5 vols, bound in 4 vols. 4to. 

CHANCEL, A. D. A new Journey over Europe. 
London^ 17 149 8vo. 

CHANDELER, Edward, successively Bishop of 
Coventry and Lichfield. A defence of Christianity from 
the profecies of the Old Testament London^ 1725, 8vo. 

CHANDLER, George. A treatise on the diseases of 
the Eye, and their remedies : to which is prefixed the 
anatomy of the eye, the theory of vision, etc London^ 
1780, 8vo. 

CHANDLER, Richard. Travels in Asia Minor, or 
an account of a tour made at the expense of the Society 
of Dilettanti 2nd edition. London, ^776, 4to. 

Travels in Greece, or an account of a tour made 

at the expense of the Society of Dilettanti Oxford, 
1776, 4to. 

CHANNING, William E. Works. Third edition. 
Glasgow, 1 840- 1 844, 6 vols, crown 8vo. Withportrait 

CHANVALON, Thibault. Le Voyage k la Marti- 


nique, contenant diverses observations sur la physique, 

rhistoire naturelle, Tagriculture, les moeurs, les usages de 

cette isle, faites en 175 1 et dans les ann^es suivantes. 

Lu k TAcademie Royale des Sciences de Paris en 1761. 
Paris ^ 1763,410. 

CHAPELAIN, Jean. La Pucelle, ou la France 
delivrte, poeme heroTque. Avec figures. Paris, CaurM, 
1656, fol. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

CHAPMAN, John, D.D. Popery the bane of true 
letters. A charge delivered to the clergy of the Arch- 
deaconry of Sudbury at a visitation on may 12, 1746. 
London, 1746, 8vo. 

CHAPPE D'AUTEROCHE, Jean. Journey into 
Siberia made by order of the King of France. Illustrated 
with cuts. Translated from the french. London, 1770, 4ta 

Voyage en Califomie pour Tobservation du pas- 
sage de Vdnus sur le disque du soleil, le 3 juin 1769. 
R6digd et public par M. de Cassini fils. Paris, 1772, 4to. 

CHAPPELL, Edward. Narrative of a voyage to 
Hudson's Bay in His Majesty's ship Rosamond, containing 
some accounts of the North Eastern Coast of America 
and of the Tribes inhabiting that remote r^ion. London, 

1817, 8vo. 

Voyage of His Majesty's ship Rosamond to New- 
foundland and the Southern Coast of Labrador. London, 

1818, 8vo. 

CHAPPELOW, Leonard. A Commentary on the 
Book of Job, in which is inserted the hebrew text and 
english translation. Cambridge, 1752, 2 vols. 4to. 

CHAPPUYS, Nicholas. De Mente et memoria 
libellus. {Paris), De Mamef, 4to. 14 ff. 


CHAPTAL, Jean-Antoine-Claude, Comte de 
Chanteloup. Elements de Chimie. Montpellier, 1790, 
3 vols. 8vo. 

Chimie appliqu^e aux Arts. Paris, 1807, 4 

vols. 8vo. 

CHAR AS, MoiSE. Nouvelles experiences sur la 
Vipire. Paris, 1669, 8vo. o. r. mor. 

CHARDIN, Jean. Journal du voyage du Chevalier 
Chardin en Perse et aux Indes Orientales par la mer Noire 
et par la Colchide. Londres, 1686, fol. 

Voyage en Perse et aux autres lieux de TOrient 

Avec figures. Amsterdam, i/i ii 3 vols. 4to. 

CHARLES L, King of Great Britain. The Works of 
King Charles the Martyr, with a collection of declarations, 
treaties and other papers concerning the differences betwixt 
his said majesty and his two Houses of Parliament Lan-- 
dan, 2 vols, foL russia, g. e. L. P. 

Frontispiece by Hollar, and portraits of Charles by Hertochs. 

CHARLES n., King of Great Britain. Complementum 
Fortunatarum Insularum, P. H. sive Galathea vatidnans. 
Being part of an Epithalamium upon the auspicious match 
of the most puissant and most serene Charles H. and the 
most illustrious Catharina Infanta of Portugal With a 
description of the Fortunate Islands, and poems by Waller 
and Dryden. London, 1662, 4to. With portraits. 

Charles II.'s copy, with his arms and his initials C R. 

CHARLES v.. Emperor of Germany. The Autobio- 
gfraphy of the Emperor Charles V. Translated by Leonard 
Francis Simpson. London, 1862, cr. 8vo. 

CHARLES VI., Roi de France. Histoire de Charles 
VI. roy de France, escrite par les ordres et sur les memoires 
et les avis de Guy de Monceaux, et de Philippe de Villette, 
abbez de Sainct Denys, par un auteur contemporain reli- 


gieux de leur Abbaye. Traduite sur le ms. latin par Jean 
Le Laboureur. Paris ^ 1663, 2 vols, folio. L. P. 

Charles VI., Roi de France, s. Ursins (J. J. des.) 

CHARLES VII., Roi de France. Histoire de Charles 
VII. roy de France, par Jean Chartier, Jacques le Bouvier, 
dit Berry, Mathieu de Coucy et autres auteurs du temps, 
qui contient les choses les plus memorables advenues depuis 
Tan 1422 jusques en 1461, enrichie de plusieurs titres, me- 
moires et autres pieces historiques, avec les preuves, par 
Denys Godefroy. Paris^ 1661, fol. L. P. 

CHARLES VIIL, Roi de France. Histoire de Charles 
VII L, roy de France par Guillaume de Jaligny, Andr6 de la 
Vigne, et autres historiens de ce temps la, o^ sont decrites 
les choses les plus memorables arrivdes pendant ce reg^e 
depuis 1483 jusques en 1498. Enrichie de plusieurs me- 
moires, titres et observations, avec les preuves, par Denys 
Godefroy. Paris ^ 1684, foL L. P. 

Charletonus, Gualterius. s. Charlton (W.) 

CHARLEVOIX, Pierre Francois Xavier De. 
Histoire de Tisle Espagnole ou de St Domingue, 6crite 
particuli&rement sur les m^moires mss. du P. Jean Bap- 
tiste le Pers. Paris^ 1730-1731, 2 vols. 4to. 

Histoire et description g^n^rale du Japon« Paris, 

1736, 9 vols. i2mo. 

Histoire et description g^n^rale de la Nouvelle 

France, avec le journal historique d'un voyage fait par 
ordre du Roi dans I'Amerique Septentrionale. Paris, 1744, 
3 vols. 4to. 

Histoire du Paraguay. Paris, 1756, 3 vols. 4to. 

CHARLOTTE-ELIZABETH de Baviere. Fragmens 
de lettres originales ecrites a monseigneur le due Antoine 
Ulric de B. W . . . . et i la princesse de Galles, Caroline, 
n6e princesse d* Anspach,de 1715 i 1720. Hambcurg, 1788, 
2 vols. i2mo. 


CHARLTON, Walter. Onomasticon Zoicon, con- 
tinens plerorumque animalium quadrupedum, serpentium;' 
insectorum, etc differentias, eorumque nomina propria di- 
versis linguis exposita. (Cum figuris.) Landini, 167 1, 4to. 

Choraea Gigantum ; or, the most famous antiquity 

of Great Britan, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, standing on 
Salisbury Plain, restored to the Danes. London^ 1663, 4to. 
With woodcuts. 

CHARMETON, G. Plusieurs sortes d'omemens et 
masques inventez par G. Charmeton, peintes et gravez par 
Audran. (Paris) Robert, 1676, fol. 

CHARMILLY, Colonel Narrative of his transac- 
tions in Spain. London, 18 10, 8vo. 

Letter to lieuL general B. Tarleton. Second 

edition. London, iSio, 8vo, 

Charondas le Caron, Loys. s. Le Caron. 

CHARPENTIER, Francois. La Vie de Socrate. 
Troisi&me Edition. Amsterdam, 1696, i2mo. 

CHARPENTIER, Johann - Friedrich -Willhelm. 
Mineralogische Geographie der Chursachsischen Lande. 
Leipzig, 1778, 4to. 

CHARRON, Pierre. De la Sagesse, trois livres. 
Paris, 1607, 8vo. 

De la Sagesse, trois livres. Leide, chez Jean EU 

zeiner, i8mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

De la Sagesse, trois livres. Suivant la vraye copie 

de Bourdeaux. Atnsterdam, chez Louys et Daniel Elzetner, 
1662, i8mo. r. mor. g. e. 

CHASLES, PHiLARfeTE. Etudes sur le seizi^me Si^le 
en France, pr^c^d^es d*une histoire de la litt^rature et de la 
langue frangaise de 1470 k 1610. Paris, i2mo. 

Etudes sur TAntiquit^, prdc^d^es d'un essai sur 


les phases de Thistoire litt^raire, et sur les influences intel- 
lectuelles des races. Paris^ 1847, i2mo. 


CHASSENEUX, Barth^lemi De. Catalogus gloriae 
mundi in quo doctissime simul et copiosissime de dignita- 
tibus, honoribus, praerogativis et excellentia, spirituum, 
hominum, animantium rerumque csterarum omnium, quae 
ccelo, mari, terra, infemoque ipso continentur, ita disseritur, 
ut nihil intactum et non egregie explicatum praeteritum sit. 
Francofurti ad Mctnum^ 1586, fol. 

CHASTEL, Etienne. Histoire de la destruction du 
Paganisme dans TEmpire d'Orient Paris ^ 1850, 8vo. 

Chastelet, Marquise Du. s. Le Tonnelier de 

Chastelet, Paul Nay, Sieur du. s. Hay (P.) 

CH ASTELLUX, Francois- Jean, Marquis De. Voyage 
dans TAmdrique Septentrionale dans les ann^es 1780- 1782. 
Paris^ 1786, 2 vols. 8vo. 

De. CEuvres completes. Paris^ 1837- 1839, 32 vols. 8vo. 

Gdnie du Christianisme, ou beauts de la rdigion 

Chr^tienne. Paris^ 1802, 5 vols. 8va 

Les Martyres, ou le triomphe de la religion 

Chr^tienne. Paris^ 1809, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Voyages en Amdrique et en Italic. Paris^ 1828, 

2 vols. 8vo. 

Itindraire de Paris 4 Jerusalem et de Jerusalem k 

Paris, en allant par la Grice, et revenant par T Egypte, la 
Barbaric et X Espagne. Paris ^ 181 2, 3 vols. 8vo. g. e. 

CHATELAIN, Henri-Abraham. Atlas historique, 
ou nouvelle introduction 4 T histoire, 4 la chronologic, et k 
la geographic ancienne et modemc. Avec des dissertations 


sur r histoire de chaque ^tat par M. Gueudeville. Amster- 
dam, 1708, 3 vols. fol. o. cambn 

CHATTERTON, Thomas. Works ; with his life by 
G. Gregory. London, 1803, 3 vols. 8vo. With plates. 

CHAUCER, Geoffrey. The Works of our ancient 
and learned english poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, newly printed. 
London, Adam Islip, 1602, foL russia, g. e. Black Letter. 

The Works of our ancient, learned and excellent 

english poet, Jeffrey Chaucer. To which is adjoyn'd, the 
Story of the siege of Thebes, by John Lidgate, monk of 
Bury. Tc^ether with the life of Chaucer. London^ 1687, 
foL russ. Black letter. With portrait 

The Works, compared with former editions and 

many valuable mss. out of which three tales are added, 

which were never before printed, by John Urry, student of 

Christ Church. Together with a Glossary, by a student of 

the same collie. With the author's life, newly written, 

and a preface, giving an account of this edition* London^ 

172 1, fol. L. P. 

Portraits of Chaucer, by Vertue, and of Urry, by Pigu^, and en- 
graving^ of the pilgrims. 

Canterbury Tales : with an essay upon his 

language and versification, an introductory discourse, notes, 
and a glossary, by T. Tyrwhitt. London, W. Pickerings 
1822, 3 vols, crown 8vo. 

Romaunt of the Rose. Troilus and Creseide and 

the minor poems. With life of the poet by Sir Harris 
Nicolas. London, Pickering, 1846, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Poetical Works. Edited by Richard Morris, with 

memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas. New and revised edition. 
London, 1870, 6 vols. i2mo. 

Antoine. Nouveau Dictionnaire historique, ou histoire, 
abr^gde de tous les hommes qui se sont fait un nom. Avec 
des tables chronologiques. Lyon, 1804, '3 vols. 8vo. 


CHAUFEPIE, Jacques-George De. Nouveau Dic- 

tionnaire historique et critique pour servir de supplement, 
ou de continuation au Dictionnaire historique de Mr. Pierre 
Bayle. La Haye, 1750-1756, 4 vols, folio. 

CHAUMEAU, Jean seigneur de Lassay. Histoire 
du Berry, contenant \ origine, antiquity, gestes, prouesses, 
privileges et libert^s des Berruyers. Avec particuliere 
description du dit pats, Lyan^ A. Gryphius, 1 566, fol. o. r. mor. 

CHAUNCY, Sir Henry. The historical Antiquities of 
Hertfordshire. London^ 1700, folio, russia, g. e. With plates. 

Chausse, Michel Ange, De la. s.La Chausse (M.A.) 

CHAVIN DE MALAN, Emile, Histoire de Don 
Mabillon et de la Congregation de Saint Maur. Paris^ 
1843, i8mo. 

CHEKE, Sir JoilN. De pronuntiatione Graces potissi- 
mum linguae disputationes. BasUecB^ I555> i2mo. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. 

CHENIER, Louis. Recherches historiques sur les 
Maures, et histoire de Tempire du Maroc. Paris ^ 1787, 3 
vols. Svo. 

CHERADAM, Joan. Alphabetum linguae sanctae, 
mistico intellectu refertum. Parisiis^ ^gidius Gormontius^ 
1532, i2mo. 

CHEREFEDDIN Alt. Histoire de Timur-Bec, connu 
sous le nom du grand Tamerlan, empereur des Moguls et 
Tartares. Ecrite en persan par Cherefeddin Ali natif 
d' Yezd, auteur contemporain. Traduite en fran^ois par M. 
Petit de la Croix avec des notes historiques. Paris, 1722, 
4 vols. 1 2 mo. 

CHERUBIN, Le P^re. De Visione perfecta, sive de 
amborum visionis axium concursu in eodemobjecti puncto. 
Parisiis, 1678, fol. 


CHERUBINI, GIOVAN Battista. Le Cose maravi- 
gliose dell' almacitti di Roma. Ratna^ Mascardi, 1609, 8vo. 

CHESAUX, Jean-Philip-Loys De. Essais de Phy- 
sique. Paris^ I743» i2mo. 

CHESELDEN, William. The Anatomy of the hu- 
man body. Sixth edition with 40 copper plates engraved 
by Ger. Vandergucht London^ I74i# 8vo. 

Francofurti, 1593, 4to. 

CHESS. The royall game of Chesse-play, sometimes 
the recreation of the late king with many of the nobility. 
Illustrated with almost an hundred gambetts, being the 
study of Biochimo, the famous Italian. (By W. Beale.) 
London^ 1656, i8mo. 

— The Game and playe of Chesse. s. Caxton. 
Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of. 
s. Stanhope (P. D.) 

CHESTERTON, George Laval. A Narrative of 
proceedings in Venezuela in South America in the years 
1 8 1 9 and 1 820. London^ 1 820, 8vo. 

CHETWIND, Edward. The strait Gate and narrow 
Way of life opened, and pointed out in certaine sermons 
upon Luke XIII., XXIII., XXIV., and now published in 
one whole treatise. London^ 161 2, 8vo. 

C H E VALI ER, Antoine-Rodriques. Rudimenta 
hebraicx linguae. Henricus Stephanus^ 156/1 4to. 


Cy est le Chevalier aux Dames, 
De grant leaultez et prudence. 
Qui pour les garder d* to* blasmes 
Fait grant prouesse et grat vaillace. 
Imprime a Mets par maistre Gaspart Hochfeder F an. Mil. 
If. et XVL 4to. r. mor. g. e. 

The Roxburgh copy. With woodcuts. 


CHEVALIER, Jean-Baptiste. Description of the 
Plain of Troy : with a map of that r^ion, delineated from 
an actual survey. Translated from the french by Andrew 
DalzeL Edinburgh, 1791, 4to. 

CHEVALIER, Nicolas. Remarques sur une piece 
antique de bronze trouvde depuis quelques ann^es aux 
environs de Rome. Amsterdam, 1694, i2mo. 

Description de la Chambre de raretez de la ville 

d'Utrecht, sur le nouveau canal dans TAmonitie-huys, 
proche de TEcole latine. Premiere partie, avec plusieurs 
figures. Utrecht, 1707, fol. o. v. 

CHEVILLIER, ANDRfc UOrigine de Hmprimerie 
de Paris, dissertation historique et critique, divisde en quatre 
parties. Paris, 1694, 4to. 

CHEVREAU, Urbain. Histoire du Monde. Paris, 
1686, 2 vols. 4to. 

CHEYNE, George. An Essay of health and long 
life. Sixth edition. London, 1725, 8vo. 

CHEYNE, James. Astronomia, seu de Sphaera libri 
duo. Duaci, 1575. 

De Sphaerae seu globi celestis fabrica brevis prae- 

ceptio. Duaci, 1575. Two parts in i vol. i2mo. 

CHIABRERA, Gabriello. Rime. Roma, 1718, 
3 vols. 8vo. 

Rime. Con la Vita da lui medesimo scritta. 

Milano, 1807- 1808, 3 vols. 8vo. Classici Italiani, vols. 

CHIARAMONTI, SciPIONE. De tribus novis Stellis 

quae annis 1572, 1600, 1604 comparuere libri tres. Caserne, 

1628, 4to. 

With Richard Bentle/s autograph. 

CHIFFLET, Jean-Jacques. Vesuntio, civitas im- 
perialis libera, Sequanorum metropolis, plurimis sacrae 
prophanacque historic monumentis illustratay et in duas 
partes distincta. Lugduni, 1618, 4to. 


CHIFFLET, Jean-Jacques. Opera poUtico-historica 
ad pacem publicam spectantia. Antuerpics^ 1650, fol. 

CHILD, Sir JosiAH. A new discourse of trade. To 
which is added a small treatise against usury. The fifth 
edition. Glasgow ^ Foulis, 1751, i2mo. 

CHILDREY, Joshua. Britannia Baconica, or the 
natural rarities of England, Scotland and Wales. London^ 
1662, 8va 

CHILLINGWORTH, William. Works, containing 
his book, intituled, the Religion of protestants, a safe way 
to salvation. Together with his nine Sermons ... his letter 
to Mr. Lewgar ... his nine additional discourses, and an 
answer to some passages in Rusworth's dialogues. The 
tenth edition. London^ 1742, fol. o. c 

CHINA. Les Livres classiques de TEmpire de la 
Chine recueillis par le Pere Noel (et traduits par Tabb^ 
Pluquet). Paris, Didot, 1784- 1786, 7 vols. i8mo. 

Hau Kiou Choaun, or the pleasing history, a trans- 
lation from the Chinese lang^uage. To which are added : 
I. The argument or story of a Chinese play; 2. A collection 
of Chinese proverbs ; 3. Fragments of Chinese poetry. With 
notes. London, 1761, 4 vols. i2mo. 

CHIOCCO, Andrea. Musaeum Francisci Calceolari 
junioris Veronensis a Benedicto Ceruti medico inceptum, 
et ab Andrea Chiocco luculenter descriptum et perfectum. 
Verona, 1622, 4to. 

CHION. Chionis apologia ad Clearchum Tyrium. 
LutetUE, apud Federicum Morellum, 1595, 4to. 

Bound with Theocriti Idyllia, and other pamphlets. 

CHISENHALL, Edward. A Journal of the siege 
of Lathom House in Lancashire defended by Charlotte de 
La Tremouille, Countess of Derby, against Sir Thomas 
Fairfax, 1644. London, 1823, 8vo. 

Interleaved with Portraits and Views. 


CHISHULL, Edmund. Antiquitates Asiaticae chris- 
tianam aeram antecedentes, ex primariis monumentis graecis 
descriptae, latine versae, notisque et commentariis illus- 
tratae. Accedit monumentum latinum Ancyranum. Lan- 
ding Bowyer, 1728, fol. 

Another copy, L. P. 

Travels in Turkey and back to England. London, 
Bowyer, 1747, fol. 

Another copy, L. P. 

Inscriptio Sigea antiquissima BOTrTPCXMlAON 

exarata. Commentario historico, g^anunatico, critico illus- 
trata. Londini, 1721, {o\. L,P. 

CHOISEUL-GOUFFIER, Marcel -Gabriel- Flo- 
RENT-AUGUSTE, Comte De. Voyage pittoresque de la 
Gr^e. PariSy 1782, imp. foL With plates. 

CHOISY, FRAN^OlS-TlMOLfiON, AbW de. La vie 
de Salomon. Paris, 1687, 8vo. 

Histoire de Philippe de Valois et du Roi Jean. 

Paris, 1688, 4to. 

Mdmoires pour servir k I'histoire de Louis XIV. 

Utrecht, 1727, 2 vols. i2mo. 

Choul, Guillaume Du. s. Du Choul (G.) 

Christian Remembrancer, s. Periodical Publi- 


CHRISTIE, James. A Disquisition upon Etruscan 
vases, displaying their probable connection with the shows 
at Eleusis, and the Chinese Feast of Lanterns, with expla- 
nations of a few of the principal allegories depicted upon 
them. With plates. London, 1806. 

Only 100 copies printed. At p. 48 is the plate of J. Edward's 
vase, which is found only in a few copies. 

Christus Patiens, s. Rapin (B.) 


Chronicarum Libri. a Schedel (H.) 

CHRONICLES. Chronicles of the Mayors and 
Sheriffs of London. A.D. 1188 to A.D. 1274. The french 
Chronicle of London, A.D. 1259 to A.D. 1343. Translated, 
with notes and illustrations, by Henry Thomas Riley. 
London^ 1863, 4to. c g. e. 

Chronicles of the Kings of England, s. HOLIN- 


The Chronicles of the White Rose of York A 

series of historical fragments, proclamations, letters and 
other contemporary documents relatii^ to the reign of 
King Edward the Fourth. With notes and illustrations 
and a copious index (by J. A. Giles). London^ 1845, Svo. 

Chronycle of Englande with the fruyte of tymes. 

Newly enprynted in theyere of our Lorde God MCCCCCXV 
by me Julyan Notary. The Dyscrypcyon of Englande^ 
Walys Scotlande and Irelande. FoL 

Wanting 2 ff. at the end. 

BRITAIN AND IRELAND during the Middle Ages. 
Published . . under the direction of the Master of the Rolls. 
London, 1834- 1874, 124 vols. 8vo. 

1. The Chronicle of England, 
by John Capgrave. Edited by the 
Rev. F. C. Hingeston. 1858. 

2. Chronicon Monasterii de 
Abingdon. Edited by the Rev. 
Joseph Stevenson. 2 vols. 1858. 

3. Lives of Edward jthe Con- 
fessor. I. — La Estoire de Seint 
Aedward le ReL I L— Vita Beat! 
Edvardi Regis et Confessoris. 
in. — Vita itduuardi Regis qui 
apud Westmonastenum requies- 
cit Edited by Henry Richards 
Luard. 1858. 

4. Monumenta Franciscana ; 
scilicet, I. — Thomas de Eccleston 
de Adventu Fratrum Minorum in 

An^lianL II. — ^Adae de Marisco 
Epistolse. III. — Registrum Fra- 
trum Minorum Londoniae. Edited 
by J. S. Brewer. 1858. 

5. Fasciculi Zizaniorum Magis- 
tri Johannis Wyclif cum Tritico. 
Ascribed to Thomas Netter, of 
Walden. Edited by the Rev. W. 
W.Shirley. 1858. 

6. The Bulk of the Cnmidis 
of Scotland ; or, a metrical ver- 
sion of the History of Hector 
Boece; by William Stewart. Edit- 
ed by W. B. TumbulL 1858,3 vols. 

7. Johannis Caf^rave Liber de 
Illustribus Henricis. Edited by 
the Rev. F. C Hingeston. 1858. 



8. Historia Monasterii S. Au- 
gustini Cantuariensis, by Thomas 
of Elmham. Edited by Charles 
Hard wick. 1858. 

9. Eulogium (Historianim sive 
Temporis) : Chronicon ab Orbe 
condito usQue ad annum Domini 
1366 ; a Monacho quodam Mai- 
mesbiriensi exaratum. Edited by 
F. S. Haydon. 1858- 1863, 3vob. 

10. Memorials of Henry the 
Seventh : Bemardi Andreae Tho- 
losatis Vita Regis Henrici Sep- 
timi ; necnon alia qusedam ad 
eundem Regem spectantia. Edit- 
ed by James Gairdner. 1858. 

11. Memorials of Henry the 
Fifth. I. — Vita Henrici Quintij 
Roberto Redmanno auctore. II. — 
Versus rhythmici in laudem Re- 
gis Henrici Quinti. 111. — Elm- 
hami Liber metricus de Henrico 
V. Edited by Charles A. Cole. 

12. Munimenta Gildhallae Lon- 
doniensis ; Liber Albus, Liber 
Custumarum, et Liber Horn, in 
archivis Gildhalke asservati. Vol. 
L, Liber Albus. VoL H. (in Two 
Parts), Liber Custumarum. Vol. 
III., Translation of the Anglo- 
Norman passages in Liber Albus, 
Glossaries, Appendices, and In- 
dex. Edited by Henry Thomas 
Riley. 1859-1862, 3 vols. 

13. Chronica Johannis de Ox- 
enedes. Edited by Sir Henry 
Ellis. 1859. 

14. A Collection of political 
Poems and Songs relating to 
english history, from the Acces- 
sion of Edward III. to the reign 
of Henry VIII. Edited by Thomas 
Wright 1 859- 1 86 1, 2 vols. 

15. The " Opus Tertium," 
** Opus Minus," &c. of Rogfer 
Bacon. Edited by J. S. Brewer. 

16. Bartholomaei de Cotton, 

Monachi Norwicensis, Historia 
Anglicana ; 440- 1298 : necnon 
ejusdem Liber cfe Axchiepiscopis 
et Episcopis Angliae. Edited by 
Henry Richards Luard. 1859. 

17. Brut y Tywysogion ; or, 
The Chronicle of the Princes of 
Wales. Edited by the Rev. John 
Williams ab ItheL i860. 

18. A Collection of Royal and 
Historical Letters during the 
Reign of Henry IV. I399-I404. 
Edited by the Rev. F. C. Hin- 
geston. i860. 

19. The Repressor of over 
much Blaming of the Qergy. B^ 
Reginald Pecock, sometime Bi- 
shop of Chichester. Edited by 
Churchill Babington. i860, 2 

20. Annales Cambriae. Edited 
by the Rev. John Williams ab 
ItheL 186a 

21. The Works of Giraldus 
Cambrensis. Vols. I.-IV. Edited 
by J. S. Brewer. Vols. V. and 
VI. Edited by the Rev. James 
F. Dimock. 186 1- 1873, 6 vols. 

22. Letters and Papers illustra- 
tive of the wars of the English 
in France during the reign of 
Henry the Sixth, King of Eng- 
land. Edited by the Rev. Joseph 
Stevenson. 1861-1864, 2 vob. 

23. The Anglo-Saxon Chroni- 
cle, according to the several 
original authorities. Vol. I. Ori- 
ginal texts. VoL II. Transla- 
tion. Edited and translated by 
Benjamin Thorpe. 1861, 2 vols. 

24. Letters and Papers illus- 
trative of the Reigns of Richard 
1 1 1 . and Henry VII. Edited by 
James Gairdner. 1861-1863, 2 

25. Letters of Bishop Grosse- 
teste, illustrative of the social 
condition of his time. Edited 
by Henry Richards Luard. 1861. 

B B 



26. Descriptive Catalogue of 
Manuscripts relating to the his- 
tory of Great Britain and Ireland. 
Vol I. (in two parts) ; anterior to 
the Norman Invasion. Vol II. 
io66-i2oa VoL III. 1200-1327. 
By Sir Thomas Duffiis Hardy, 
D.C.L. 1862-187 1, 3 vols. 

27. Royal and other Historical 
Letters illustrative of the reign 
of Henry III. Vol. I. 12 16- 1235. 
VoL II. 1236-1272. Selected and 
edited bv the Rev. W. W. Shirley. 
1 862- 1 866, 2 vols. 

28. Chronica Monasterii S. Al- 
banL — i. Thomse Walsingham 
Historia Anglicana ; VoL I. 1272- 
1381 ; VoL II. 1381-1422. 2. 
Willelmi Rishanger Chronica et 
Annales, 12 59- 1307. 3. Tohannis 
de Trokelowe et Hennci de Blane- 
forde Chronica et Annales, 1259- 
1296; 1307-1324; 1392-1406. 4. 
G€^ta Abbatum Monasteni S. 
Albani, a Thoma Walsingham, 
regnante Ricardo Secundo, ejus- 
dem Ecclesix Praccentore, com- 
pilata ; VoL I. 793-1290 ; VoL II. 
1290-1349; VoL III. 1349-1411. 

5. Johannis Amundesham, mona- 
chi Monasterii S. Albani, ut vide- 
tur, Annales ; Vols. I. and II. 

6. Registra quonindam Abbatum 
Monasterii S. Albani, oui saeculo 
xv"*> floruere ; Vol. I. Registrum 
Abbatiae Johannis Whethamstede, 
Abbatis Monasterii Sancti Albani, 
itenim susceptae ; Roberto Blake- 
ney, Capellano, quondam adscrip- 
tum ; V oL 1 1. Registra Johannis 
Whethamstede, Willelmi Albon, 
et Willelmi Walingforde, Abba- 
tum Monasterii Sancti Albani, 
cum Appendice, continente quas- 
dam epistolas, a Johanne Whet- 
hamstede conscriptas. Edited 
^y Henry Thomas Riley. 1863- 
1873, 9 vols. 

29. Chronicon Abbatiae Eves- 
hamensis, auctoribus Dominico 
Priore Eveshamiae et Thoma de 

Marleberge Abbate, a fundatione 
ad annum 12 13, una cum con- 
tinuadone ad annum 14 18. Edit- 
ed by the Rev. W. D. Macray. 

3a Ricardi de Cirencestria 
Speculum Historiale de gestis 
Regum Angliae. VoL I. 447-871. 
Vol. II. 872-1066. Edited by 
John £. B. Mayor. 1863-1869, 2 

31. Year Books of the reign 
of Edward the First. Years 20- 
21, 21-22, 30-31, and 32-33. Edit- 
ed and traumated by Alfred John 
Horwood. 1 863- 1 873. 

32. Narratives of the Expulsion 
of the English from Normandy^ 
1449.145a Robertus BlondeUi 
de Reductione Normanniae; Le 
Recouvrement de Normendie, par 
Berry, H^rault du Roy ; Con- 
ferences between the Ambassa- 
dors of France and England. 
Edited, from mss. in the Imperial 
Library at Paris, by the Rev. 
Joseph Stevenson. 1863. 

33. Historia et Cartularium 
Monasterii S. Petri Gloucestriae. 
Edited by W. H. Hart. 1863- 
1867, 3 vols. 

34. Alexandri Neckam de Na- 
turis Rerum libri duo ; with 
Neckam's poem, de Laudibus 
Divinae Sapientiae. Edited by 
Thomas Wright 1863. 

35. Leechdoms, Wortcunning, 
and Starcraft of Early England ; 
being a Collection of documents 
illustrating the history of science 
in this country before the Nor- 
man Conquest Collected and 
edited by the Rev. T. Oswald 
Cockayne. 1864- 1866, 3 vols. 

36. Annales Monastici. VoL L 
Annales de Margan, 1066- 1232 ; 
Annales de Theokesberia, 1066- 
1263; Annales de Burton, icx>4- 
1263. VoL 11. Annales Monas- 



terii de Wintonia, 519-1277 ; An- 
nates Monasterii de Waverleia, 
1-1291. Vol III. Annales Prio- 
ratus de Dunstaplia, 1-1297 ; An- 
nales Monasterii deBermundeseia, 
1042- 1432. VoL IV. Annales 
Monasterii de Oseneia, 1016- 
1347 ; Chronicon vulgo dictum 
Chronicon Thomae Wykes, 1066- 
1289 ; Annales Prioratus de 
Wieornia, 1-1377. Vol. V. Index 
and Glossary. Edited by Henry 
Richards Luard. 1864- 1869, 5 

37. Magna Vita S. Hugonis 
Episcopi Lincolniensis. From 
manuscripts in the Bodleian Li- 
brary, Oxford, and the Imperial 
Library, Paris. Edited by the 
Rev. James F. Dimock. i8iS4. 

38. Chronicles and Memorials 
of the rei^ of Richard the First. 
Vol. I. Itinerarium Peregrinorum 
et Gesta Regis Ricardi VoL II. 
Epistolae Cantuarienses ; the Let- 
ters of the Prior and Convent of 
Christ Church, Canterbury, 1187 
to 1 199. Edited by William 
Stubbs. 1 864- 1 865, 2 vols. 

39. Recueil des Croniques et 
anchiennes I stories de la Grant 
Bretaigne a present nonrnie En- 
gleterre, par Jehan de Waurin. 
VoL I. Albina to 688. Vol. II. 
1 399-1422 Edited by William 
Hardy. 1864- 1868, 2 vols. 

40. A Collection of the Chroni- 
cles and ancient histories of Great 
Britain, now called England, bv 
John de Wavrin. Albina to 688. 
(Translation of the preceding VoL 
I.) Edited and translated by 
WiUiam Hardy. 1864. 

41. Polychronicon Ranulphi 
Higden, with Trcvisa's transla- 
tion. Vols. I. and II. Edited by 
Churchill Babington. Vols. III. 
IV. and V. Edited by the Rev. 
Joseph Rawson Lumby. 1865- 
1874, 5 vols. 

42. Le Livere de Reis de Brit- 
tanie e Le Livere de Reis de 
Engletere. Edited by John 
Glover. 1865. 

43. Chronica Monasterii de 
Melsa, ab anno 11 50 usque ad 
annum 1406. Edited hy Edward 
Augustus Bond. 1866- 1868, 2 

44. Matthaei Parisiensis His- 
toria Anglorum, sive, ut vuleo 
dicitur, Historia Minor. 1067- 
1253. Edited by Sir Frederic 
Madden. 1866- 1869, 3 vols. 

45. Liber Monasterii de Hyda : 
a Chronicle and Chartulary of 
Hyde Abbey, Winchester, 455- 
1023. Edited, from a manuscript 
in the Library of the Earl of 
Macclesfield, by Edward Ed- 
wards. 1866. 

46. Chronicon Scotonim : a 
Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from the 
earliest times to 11 35; with a 
Supplement, containing the events 
from 1 141 to 115a Edited, with 
a translation, by William Maun- 
sell Hennessy. 1866. 

47. The Chronicle of Pierre de 
Langtoft, in french verse, from 
the earliest period to the death 
of Edward I. Edited by Thomas 
Wright 1 866- 1 868, 2 vols. 

48. The War of the Gaedhil 
with the Gaill, or, the invasions 
of Ireland by the Danes and 
other Norsemen. Edited, with a 
translation, by James Henthom 
Todd. 1867. 

49. Gesta Regis Henrici Se- 
cundi Benedicti Abbatis. The 
Chronicle of the reigns of Henry 
II. and Richard I. 1169-1192; 
known under the name of Bene- 
dict of Peterborough. Edited by 
William Stubbs. 1867, 2 vols. 

50. Munimenta Academica, or 
Documents illustrative of Acade- 
mical life and studies at Oxford 



(in two parts). Edited by the 
Rev. Henry Anstey. iS68. 

51. Chronica Magistri Rogeri 
de Houedene. Edited by WilUaun 
Stnbbs. 1868-1871,4 vols. 

52. Willdmi Maknesbiriensis 
monachi de Gestis Pontificum 
Angionun libri quinque. Edit- 
ed, from William of Malmes- 
bur^-'s autograph ms. by N. £. 
S. A. Hamilton. 187a 

53. Historic and Municipal 
Documents of Ireland, from the 
Archives of the City of Dublin, 
&c. 1 172-1320. Edited by John 
T. Gilbert 187a 

54. The Annals of Loch C^. 
A Chronicle of Irish Affairs, from ' 
1014 to 1590. Edited, with a ! 
translation, by William Maunsell | 
Hennessy. 1871,2 vols. 

55. Monumenta Juridica. The I 
Black Book of the Admiralty, 
with Appendices. Edited by Sir 
Travers Twiss, Q.C 187 1-1874, 
3 vols. 

56. Memorials of the Reign of 
Henry VI. Official Correspond- 
ence of Thomas Bekynton, Secre- 
tary to Henry VI. and Bishop of 
Bath and Wells. Edited, from a 
ms. in the Archiepiscopal Library 
at Lambeth, with an Appendix of 
illustrative documents, by the Rev. 
George WiUiams. 1872, 2 vols. 

yj, Matthsei Parisiensis, mon- 
achi Sancti Albani, Chronica 
Majora. VoL I. The Creation to 
A.D. 1066. VoL II. A.D. 1067 to 

AD. 1 2 16. Edited by Henry 
Richards Luard. 1872- 1874, 2 

58. Memoriale Fratris Walter! 
de Coventria. The historical Col- 
lections of Walter of Coventry. 
Edited, from the ms. in the li- 
brary of Corpus Christi CoU^e, 
Cambridge, by William Stnbbs. 
1 872-1873, 2 vols. 

59. The Anglo- Ladn satirical 
Poets and Epigrammatists of the 
twelfth Century. Now first col- 
lected and edited by Thomas 
Wright. 1872, 2 vols. 

6a Materials for a history of 
the reign of Henry VII., from 
original documents preseived in 
the Public Record Office. Edited 
by the Rev. William CampbelL 
1873, I voL 

61. Historical Papers and Let- 
ters from the Northern Registers. 
Edited by James Raine. 1873. 

62. Registnim Palatinum Dun- 
elmense. The Register of Richard 
de KeUawe, Loi^ Palatine and 
Bishop of Durham, 1311-1316. 
Edited by Sir Thomas Di^fixs 
Hardy, D.CL 1873-1875, 3 vols. 

63. Memorials of Saint Dun- 
stan, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Edited, from various mss. by 
William Stubbs. 1874. 

64. Chronicon Angliae, ab anno 
Domini 1328 usque ad annum 
1388, auctore Monacho quodam 
Sancti Albani. Edited by Edward 
Maunde Thompson. 1874. 

CHRONICON Alexandrinum, itemque astrono- 

micon et ecclesiasticum (vulgo Siculum, seu Fasti Siculi). 

Gr. et Lat. Opera et studio Matthaei Raderi. Motiachii^ 

Anna Bergia^ 1615, 4to. 

First Edition of the Chronicon Paschale reprinted in the By- 
ZANTiNiE Historic. Scriptores. 

Chronicon Breve. s. BvZANTINiE HiSTORLC 



CHRONICON Chronicon Carionis. s. Carion. 

Chronicon Saxonicum, seu Annales rerum in 

Anglia praecipue gestarum a Christo nato ad annum 
usque 1154 deduct!. Cum indice rerum chronologico. . . . 
Opera et studio Edmundi Gibson. Saxonice et latine. 
Oxonii, 1692, 4to. 

CHRONIQUES DE FRANCE appel6es Chroniques 
de St. Denys depuis les Troyens jusqu '4 la mort de 
Charles VII. en 1461. Imprime a paris pour Anthoine 
Verard le dernier tour daoust Ian MCCCC. quatre vingtz 
et XIII, 3 vols. fol. With woodcuts. 

Chronique Martinienne. s. Martinus Po- 


Les Chroniques de Normandle. Rouen^ Le TalUtir^ 

1487, small fol. o. r. mor. 

A perfect copy and in beautiful preservation of a most rare book. 
Brunet seems to have known only of two copies, and both imperfect 
The copy in the Vienna Library wants the blanc £ which is in this 
copy at the end of o, \The appendix is inserted after f. Lxxxxvii. and 
is marked m tn i, 

CHRONOLOGY. Tablas chronologicas que contienen 
la succession de les sunmios Pontifices, Emperadores, etc. 
Mexico^ 1 62 1, i8mo. r. mor. 

CHRYSOLORAS, Manuel. Erotemata, etc. (Gr.) 
Venetiis, in cedibus Aldi et Andrea soceri^ 1517, 8vo. v. 

Erotemata Chrysolorae. De Formatione tempo- 
rum ex libro Chalcondylae. (Gr. et LaL) Romce^ 1522. 
Small 8vo. 

Erotemata. Quartus Gazse de constructione. 

Cato. Erotemata Guarini, &c. (Graece.) Venetiis^ ex 
officina Farrea, 1544, 1 2 mo. 

Another copy, o. v. 

Habes candide lector Grammaticen doctissimi 


Chrysolorae a J. Chseradamo longe quam antea emenda- 
tiorem. (Gr.) GUUs de Gourmont. Small 8vo. 63 ffl 

Chrvsostomus, Dion. s. Dion Chrysostomus. 

CHRYSOSTOMUS. Joannes, Sanctus.Axdnepiscopus 
Constantinopolitanus. Opera omnia qux extant, vel quae 
ejus nomine circumferuntur, ad mss. Codices Gallicanos; 
Vaticanos, Anglicanos, Germanicosque ; necnon ad Savilia- 
nam et Trentonianam editiones castigata, innumeris aucta ; 
nova interpretatione ubi opus erat, praefationibus, monitis, 
notis, variis lectionibus illustrata, nova sancti Doctoris vita, 
appendicibus, onomastico et copiosisstmis indidbus locuple- 
tata. Opera et studio D. Bernard! de Montfaucon, monachi 
ordinis Sancti Benedicti e congr^atione S. Mauri, opem 
ferentibus aliis ex eodem sodalitio monachis. (Gr. Lat) 
Parisiis^ 1718-1738, 13 vols. foL o. c- 

St Chrysostom's portrait by P. F. Giffart 

Opera omnia quae extant, vel quae ejus nomine 

circumferuntur. Opera et studio D. Bemardi de Mont- 
faucon. Editio Parisina altera, emendata et aucta. (Gr. 
Lat.) Parisiis, 1837- 1839, '3 vols. 4ta c. g. e. 

Interpretatio omnium Epistolarum Paulinarum per 

homilias facta. Editio nova ad fidem codicum mss. et 
versionum antiquarum diligenter castigata. (Gr.) Oxonii, 
1 843- 1 862, 7 vols. 8vo. 

Traductio librorum Sancti Johannis Crisostomi 

super Matheum e greco I latinu edita a Georgio trapezontio 
directaque sanctissimo presuli Nicholao pape V. 4to. mss. 
g. e. (Types of [//ric Ze/l) 

Liber de eo q nemo leditur ab alio nisi a semetipo 

fuerit lesus que in exilio constitutus confideter scripsit 4to, 
bl. mor. (Types of U/ric ZelL) 21 fT. 27 lines. 

(In fine) Deo et deifere refero gras infinitas de 

fine primi libri johafiis Crisostimi sancti doctoris et episcopi 
sup. psalmo quiquagesimo per me Ulricu Zel de hanau clericu 


diocesis Mogutineu anno dfli milUsimo quadrigetesimo sexa- 
gesimo sexto (1466). Small 4to. br. mor. g. e. 

beat! J. Chrysostomi super evagelio Johannis (per Fran- 
ciscum Aretinutn e gr. in lat. translate). Ronu in S. 
Eusebii Monasterio scripte et diligiter correcte. Anno dfli 
1470, die lune XXIX, mensis Octobris^ fol. mar. mor. g. e. 

Sermones de patietia Job. aliqt de penitetia trans- 

lati de greco in latinu per eloquetem lelium tifematis. 
Impssi Nuremberge anno dhi^ 1471, foL russia. 

Divina Missa. (Gr. et Lat.) Venetiis, per Joan. 

Ant, et Fratres de Sabio, 1528. Liturgiae Joannis Chrysos- 
tomi, Basilii magni ; et praesanctificatorum. German! 
archiepiscopi Constantinopolitani historia ecclesiastica et 
mystica theoria. Roma, per De^netrium Ducam Cretensem^ 
1526, Two parts in i vol. 8va 

Homilise duae, nunc primum in lucem edite, et ad 

Sereniss. Angliae Rege latinae factae, a Joanne Cheko Can- 
tabrigiensi. (Gr. Lat.) Londini^ I543- 

" Liber primus in Anglia Graece impressus." MS. note by Dampier. 

Enarratio in Psalmum centesimum. Homilia 

habita quo tempore extra Ecclesiam deprehensus est Eutro- 
plus, deque Paradiso sive horto et Scripturis. (Gr.) Parisiis^ 
apud Carolant GuiUard, I555* 

Beati Nectarij Arch. Constantinopolitani oratio una. 
Joannis Chrysostomi orationes sex. (Gr.) Parisiis, apud 
Carolant Guillard (1554). Two vols, bound in i, 8vo. o. r. 
mor. g. e. 

Beati Nectarii Archiep. Constantinopolitani oratio 

una. Beati Joannis Chrysostomi Orationes sex. (Gr. Lat.) 
Parisiis, apud Carolant Guillard, 1554* 

Homiliae duae versae, una cum dramate lepido nee 


aspemabili Plachiri Michaelis, Godefrido Tilmanno inter- 
prete. Parisiis^ apud Sebastianum Nivellium, 1554- 

Homiliae ad populum Antiochenum duae et viginti. 
Omnes, excepta prima, nunc primum in lucem edits ex 
mss. Novi Coll. Oxoniensis Codd. opera et studio Joan. 
Harmari. (Gr.) Londini^ Georgius Bishops I590- Three 
vols, bound in i, 8vo. 

CHRYSOSTOMUS, Joannes. Homilies. Translated, 
with notes and indices. Oxford^ 1839-1852, 2 vols. Svo. 

Church History of England, s. Chaloner. 

CHURCHILL, Charles. Poems. London, 1763- 
1765. 2 vols. 4to. 

Poetical Works. With explanatory notes ; and 

an authentic account of his life. (With portr.) London^ 
1804, 2 vols, 8vo. 

Churchill, J. C. s. Gilbert (J.) 

CHURCHILL, John, Duke of Marlborough. The 
Letters and Despatches of John Churchill, first Duke of 
Marlborough, from 1702 to 17 12. Edited by General Sir 
George Murray. London^ 1845, 3 vols. 8vo. 

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston. Divi Britannici ; being 
a remark upon the lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from 
the year of the World 2855 unto the year of Grace i66a 
London^ 1675, folio. 

Churton, Edward, s. Richardson (W.) 

CHURTON, Ralph. The Lives of William Smyth, 
Bishop of Lincoln, and Sir Richard Sutton Knight, 
founders of Brazen Nose College. Oxford^ 1800, 8vo. 

The Life of Alexander Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's, 

chiefly compiled from registers, letters, and other authentic 
evidences. (With portr.) Oxford^ 1809, 8vo. 

CHYTRiEUS, Nathan. De Philosophica animi 
tranquillitate, sou in Horatii odam libri secundi XVI. prae- 
lectiones aliquot Rostochii^ I592| 4to. 


CiACONius, Alphonsus. s. Chacon (A.) 
CiACONius, Petrus. s. Chacon (P.) 

CIAMPINI, Giovanni. Vetera monumenta, in quibus 
praecipue musiva opera sacrarum, profanarumque aedium 
structura, ac nonnulla antiqui ritus dissertationibus iconi- 
busque illustrantur. RonuB^ 1690- 1699, 2 vols, folio. 

CIAMPOLI, Monsignor Giovanni. Rime. Rotna, 
1648, 4to. 

CIATTI, F. Felice. Parte prima delle memoric, 
annali, et istorie delle cose di Perugia, nella quale si descrive 
Perugia Etrusca, Perugia^ 1636, 4to. c g. e. 

CIBBER, COLLEY. An Apology for the life of CoUey 
Cibber, comedian. With an historical view of the Stage 
during his own time. Written by himself. Second edition. 
London^ 1740, 8vo. 

CICARELLI, Antonio. Le vite degli Imperatori 
Romani, con le figure intagliate in rame da Giovan Battista 
de Cavalieri. Rama, 1 590, 4to. 

CICELL, Sir Edward. A Speech made in the Lower 
House of Parliament, 1624, 8vo. 


CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Ciceronis opera quae 
nobis benigniora fata reservarunt in quatuor volumina 
digesta impressimus : hon eo ordine quem temporum ratio 
disponebat, sed quem necessitas praescripsit. 

Horum operum . . Alexandri Minutiani oblocatio fuitt 

redemptura Gulielmorum fratrum Librarii oppifices per- 

fecerunt Mediolani, 1498, in legitime Ludovici S. F. Angii 

principis sapientissimi DucatUy 4 vols. fol. o. r. mor. rich 

g. border. First edition, 

A inagnificent copy. It contains the dedicatory letter of Minu- 
tianus to Joa. Jac. Trivultio in the ist VoL dated 1499, Idibus Octobris. 

Opera omnia. Parisiis, in adibus Johannis Parvi 

{Jehan Petit) ^ 2 vols. fol. o. cambr. 

378 CICER O. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Opera, omnium quae 
hactenus excusa sunt, castigatissima nunc primum in lucem 
edita. Ex recognitione et cum notis Petri VictoriL Venetiis^ 
in officina Luca Antonii Junta, 1536-1537, 4 vols. foL o. bl. 
mor. g. e. 

Count Hoym's copy, with his anns and monogram. 

Opera. Studio et labore Roberti Stephani redinte- 

grata. Rhetorica, Epistolae, Philosophica. Parisiis, ex 
officina Roberti Stephani, 1 538-1 539, 4 parts bound in 3 vols. 
foL bl. c g. e. 

There ought to be two other parts containing Orationes, 

Opera. Parisiis ex officina Roberti Stephanie 

1 543- 1 544, 8 vols. 8vo. o. bl. mor. g. e. 

Orationes, 3 vols. Epistolae, 2 vols. Rhetorica, i voL Philoso- 
phica, 2 vols. 

Opera. Ex officina Roberti Stephani, Parisiis^ 

1 543- 1 547, II vols. 24mo. o. gfr. mor. g. e. 

Opera. Venetiis, Aldus, 1 563-1 567, 10 vols. 8vo. 

o. r. mor. g. e. 

Orationes, 3 vols. ; de Oratore, i voL ; Rhetoricorum, i voL ; de 
Philosophia, 2 vols. ; de Officiis, i voL ; Epistolae £Euniliares, i voL ; 
Epistolae ad Atticimi, i voL 

Opera omnia quae extant, a Dionysio Lambino ex 

Codd. mss. emendata et aucta ; ejusdem Lambini anno- 
tationes, sive emendationum rationes, index et fragmenta 
omnia quae extant. Lutetice, apud Bcmardum Turrisanufn 
sub Aldina bibliotheca, 1 565-1 566, 4 vols. fol. russia. 

Opera omnia quae extant, a Dyonisio Lambino ex 

Codd. mss. emendata et aucta. Parisiis^ ex officina Jacobi 

du Puys, 1566, 2 vols, bound in I, fol. 

Rhetorica et Orationes. There should be two other vols, to com- 
plete the set It is the same edition as the preceding one. 

Opera omnia, Mannucciorum commentariis illus- 

trata antiquaeque lectioni restituta. Venetiis, apud Aldum, 
1582, 10 parts bound in 4 vols. fol. o. v. 

CICERO. 379 

This edition is formed by the collection of the various vols, of 
Cicero, separately printed from 1578 to 1583, to which new title-pages 
were put. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Another copy, 4 vols, 
fol. o. c 

Opera omnia quae extant, a Dionysio Lambino ex 

Codd. mss. emcndata. In officina Sanctandreana yeretnia 
des Planches^ 1584, 2 vols, bound in i, fol. 

These 2 vols, contain only ^ OratiGnes." 

Opera omnia. Geneva, Chauet, 1617, 4 vols. bd. 

in I, thick 4to. o. c 

Opera omnia quae extant, ex sola fere Codd. 

mss. fide emendata, studio et industria Jani Gulielmi, et 
Jani Gruteri, additis notis et indicibus accuratissime con- 
fectis. Hatnburgi, Frobenius, 1618-1619, 4 vols, in 2, foL o. v. 

Opera, cum optimis exemplaribus accurate coUata. 

Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina Elzeviriana^ 1642, 10 vols. 
i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Opera omnia, cum selectissimis Jani Gruteri et 

variorum notis, accurante C. Schrevelio, accedunt Dionisii 
Gothofredi Argumenta. Basi/ece, 1687, 4 vols, bound in 
2 vols. 4to. 

Opera varia, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, 

cum ejusdem animadversionibus, et notis integris variorum. 

Lugduni Batavorum, apud DanieUm Elzevirium^ 1676-1699^ 

1 1 vols. 8va 

Orationes, 6 vols. Epistolse ad Atticum, 2 vols. Epistolse ad 
Familiares, 2 vols. De Officiis, i voL 

Opera, cum delectu commentariorum, studio 

Josephi Oliveti. Parisiis, Joan Baptista Coignard et 
Guerin, 1740- 1742, 9 vols. 4to. o. r. mor. L. P. 

Opera quae supersunt omnia, ad fidem optimarum 

editionum diligenter expressa. Glasgua^ Foulis^ 1748- 
1749, 20 vols. i2mo. o. r. mor. 

38o CICERO. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Opera, cum notis vario- 
rum. Editio novissima. Nen^li^ Joseph Maria Parcelli^ 
1777 f 17 vols. 8vo. c 

De offidis, 2 toIs. Rhetorica, 2 toIs. Epistolae ad famlliares, 4 
vols. Oradones, 9 vols. 

Opera uno volumine comprefaensa. Ex recensione 

Joannis Augusti Emestii studiose recc^nita edidit Car. 
Frid Aug. Nobbe. Editio stereotypa. Lipsia, 1827, 4to. 

Opera philosophica. Paruiis, UdcUricus Gering^ 

1471, 2 vols, small foL citr. mor. g. e. 

With numerous ms. maiginal notes. 

Opera philosophica. Academicarum quaestionum, 

de Finibus bonorum et malorum, Tusculanarum quses- 
tionum, de Natura Deorum, de Divinatione, de Fato, de 
Legibus, de Universitate, de Petitione consulatus, scholia 
Pauli ManutiL Vefutiis^ Paulus ManuHus Aldi F^ 1541. 
3 vols. bd. in i, 8vo. 

Opera philosophica. Venetiis^ Aldus^ ^S^S* ^ 

vols, small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Opera philosophica. Parisiis^ Barbou^ 1786, 

i2mo. c. g. e. 

Officiorum libri: paradoxa et versus xii. sapien- 

tum. Presens optis Johannes Fust Mogutinus civis Petri 

tnanu pueri mei feliciter effect finitum anno MCCCCLXV. 

Small fol. o. citr. mor. First edition, 

Greek letters were first used in printing in this edition, and in the 
Lactantius printed at Subiaco the same year. 

Officiorum libri. Small 4to. goth. bl. mor. g. e. 

No date, nor place, but printed about 1466, with the types of 

Officia et Paradoxa Mogutince, Johannes Fust . . . 

tnanu petri de Gertis'hem pueri mei feliciter effeci^ finitum. 
Anno 1466, small fol. bl. mor. in a r. mor. case. On 


CICERO. 381 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De officiis. Paradoxa. 
Laelius. Small fol. russia, g. e. 

No place, nor date, but possibly Ulric Han towards 1469. 

Officiorum libri, paradoxa, versus xii. sapientum. 

Prcs opus arte quadam ffulcra per vefierabile phie magis- 

tru ac etia inclite Argentin civitatis cive dhm Heinricu 

Eggcsteyn suma cu diligetitia itnpsum i Anno Dni, 1472, 4to. 

goth. russ. g. e. 

There is a nis. note by Dampier to prove " Uteris ligneis, 
sculptis, impressum fliisse.'' 

Officiorum libri III., de senectute, de amicitia, 

paradoxa. Impressit Medioldi Antonius Zarotus parmensis 
1474. Rhatoricorum libri WW, opus impressum Mediolani 

per Antonium Zarotum Parmensem^ I474- Two parts in i 
vol. 4to. o. c. 

De Officiis, de senectute, de aniicitia, paradoxa, 

de sonio Scipionis, nee no de essetia mundi. Venetiis^ 
ductu et expesis Jotiannis De Colonia Agripinesi ac Johcmis 
Mdthen de Glierresthi ano 1474, 4to. mar. mor. g. e. and 
Dev. arms. 

De Officiis, paradoxa, de amicitia, de senectute, 

de somno Scipionis : necnon de essentia mundi : ac XII. 
Sapientum epithaphiis libri. Venetiis, ductu et expensis 
Jacobi Lunisis de Finizano in domo Marci de Comitibus^ 
1477, small fol. o. c 

De Officiis, paradoxa, de amicitia, de senectute, 

de somno Scipionis. Roma^ per Eucliarium Archirion, 
1 48 1, small 4to. o. r. mor. 

De Officiis lib. III. et aurum illud de amicitia 

senectuteque volumen, una cum paradoxis hoc habentur 
pugillari. Venetiis, 151 1, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

De Officiis, de amicitia, de senectute, de para- 
doxis, de somnio Scipionis. Florentice^ opera et impensa 
Philippi Giunta, 15 13, mcnse aprili, small 8vo. oL mor. g. e. 

382 CICERO. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Officiorum lib. III. Cato 
major, sive de senectute, Laelius, sive de amicitia, somnium 
Scipionis ex VI. de Rep. excerptum, etc Ven^tiis, in adibus 
Aldi et Andrea Soceri^ I5i9» nutise Februario^ small 8vo. 

Officiorum lib. III. De amicitia et senectute 

dialog! singuli. Paradoxa et somnium Scipionis cum an- 
notationibus Erasmi Roterodami. Parisiis^ apud Simonefn 
Colifueum^ 1524, small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

De Officiis lib. 3. Cato major, vel de senectute, 

Laelius, vel de amicitia. Paradoxa stoiconim sex. Som- 
nium Scipionis, cum annotationibus P. Manutii. Venetiis^ 
Aldus^ 1564, small i2mo, o. r. mor. g. e. 

De Officiis, Cato major, Laelius, paradoxa. Am^ 

stelodami^ exofficina ElzevirianOy 1656, i8mo. 

De Officiis libri tres, de amicitia, de senectute, 

paradoxa, et somnium Scipionis. Londini^ i^3y i8mo. 

De Officiis libri III., Cato major, Laelius, paradoxa, 

somnium Scipionis. Ex recensione Joannis Georgii 
Graevii (et integris Aldi Manutii commentariis). Amstelo^ 
dami, P. et y, Blaev, 1688, 2 vols, in i, 8vo. 

De Officiis. Cum notis variorum et Aldi Manutii 

commentariis. Lugduni Batavorum^ 17 10, 2 vols. 8vo. 

De Officiis ad Marcum filium libri tres, ex editione 

OHveti (Edente H. Homer). Londini, 1791, i2mo, r. mor. 

De Officiis, de amicitia, et de senectute libri 

accuratissime emendatL Parisiis, Renouard, 1796, 2 vols, 
small fol. gr. mor. g. e. UPON VELLUM. 

Marci Tulij Ciceronis Paradoxa incipit. Small 

4to. gr. mor. g. e. 

No place, nor date. Types of Ulric ZclL 

Laelius, seu de amicitia dialogus ad Atticum. 

Paradoxa ad M. Brutum. Parisiis, 1796, i8mo. 

CICERO, 383 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De Amicitia. Impres- 
sus DavitruB^ 1489, 8vo. or. mor. g. e. 

Incipit Tullius de Senectute, 8vo. r. mor. 

Types of Ulric ZclL 

M. Tullii Ciceronis ad Titu ActicQ Catho maior. 

Alias de senectute incipit 8vo. bl. mor. 

Types of Ulric ZclL 

Cato maior vel de senectute ad T. Pomponium 

Atticum. De amicitia. De somno Scipionis libellus e 
vi. de rep. libro exccrptus. Paradoxa. 8vo. 

Types of Ulric ZclL 

Cato major, seu de senectute dialogus ad T. 

Pomponium Atticum, partim commentariis Xystii Betuleii 
partim Erasmi Roterodami, et Petri Baldwin! adnotatio- 
nibus illustratus. Parisiis^ aptid Thomam Richardum, 
1550, small 4to. o. c. 

Audomari Talaei Academia, Ejusdem in acade- 

micum Ciceronis fragmentum explicatio, etc. Ad Carolum 
Lotharingium Cardinalem Guisianum. Audomari Talaei in 
Lucullum Ciceronis commentarii. Parisiisy 1550. 

M. Tul. Ciceronis paradoxa ad M. Brutum, cum 
Francisci Sylvii et Bartholomeii Latomi commentariis. 
ParisiiSy apud Vascovanum^ 1 548. 

Cato major, seu de senectute dialogus, cum annota- 
tionibus Erasmi, Betuleii et Baldwini. Parisiis, 1560. 

Scipionis somnium Petri Rami praelectionibus explica- 
tum. Partsiis, 1 5 50. Four parts in i voL small 4to. 

Cato major, seu de senectute, dialogus ad Atti- 
cum. Somnium Scipionis. Parisiis, 1796, i8mo. 

Academica, recensuit, variorum notis suas immis- 

cuit, et Hadriani Tumebi Petrique Fabri commentarios 
adjunxit Joannes Davisius. Editio secunda. Cantabrigian 
1736, 8vo. V. 

384 CICERO. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De Finibus bonorii et 

maloru Liber primus incipit feliciter. Small 4to. mor. 

No place, nor date. Types of Ulric ZelL First editioHy about 

De Finibus bonorum et malorum lib. V. VeneHis^ 

147 1, Christoplioro Mauro Duce^ Joanne ex Colonia Agrippi- 
nefiH sumptu ntinistrante impressum, fol. o. citr. nior. ilium, 
title-page, with arms of former owner. 

De Finibus bonorum et malorum lib. V. ex recen- 

sione Joannis Davisii, cum ejusdem animadversionibus et 
notis integris variorum. Editio secunda. Cantabrigue^ 
1741, 8vo. V. 

Tusculanae Questiones. Venetiis^ per Nicolaum 

Jenson Gallicum, 1472, 4to. o. r. mor. g. b. 

Tusculanae questiones. Venetiis, Joannes de For- 

tiniOf 1482, fol. citr. c. 

Questionum tusculanarum libri quinque. Floren^ 

tia^ PhiL Giunta, 1514, 8vo. 

Tusculanae questiones per D. Erasmum Rotero- 

damum diligenter emendatae, et scholiis illustratae. Parisiis^ 
ex officina Roberti Stcpfiani, IS37> small 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Tusculanarum questionum ad M. Brutum lib. V. 

cum scholiis Pauli Manutij. Venctiisy apud Aldi filios^ 
1 546, 8vo. L. P. 

De Philosophia prima pars, id est Academicarum 

quaestionum editionis primae liber 11. De Finibus bono- 
rum et malorum. Scholia Pauli ManutiL Vetietiis^ apud 
Aldifilios, 1546, 8vo. L. P. 

Tusculanarum disputationum libri V. cum com- 

mentario Joannis Davisii. Accedunt R. Bentleii emenda- 
tiones, cum indice rerum et verborum. Editio quarta. 
Cantabrigi<By 1738, 8vo. o. v. 

Another copy, 8vo. o. c. 

CICERO. 385 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Tusculanarum disputa- 
tionum libri quinque. Recognovit et explanavit Raphael 
Kiihner. Editio tertia auctior et emendation yence^\Z^6fiyo. 

De natura Deorum, de divinatione, de fato, 

de legibus, academicarum quaestionum liber secundus. 

Modestius de disciplina militari, et M. T. Ciceronis vita ex 

dictis Plutarchi breviter excerpta. Venetiis^per Vindelinutn 

de Spira, I47i» 4to. r. mor. g. e. 

The date is on the 4th fol. The colophon at the end gives the 
printer's name. 

Libri de divinatione et de fato. Recensuit ct 

suis animadversionibus illustravit ac emendavit Joannes 
Davisius. Accedunt integrx notse Paulli Manucii, Petri 
Victorii . . Una cum Hadriani Tumebi commentario in 
librum de fato. Cantabrigue^ 1721, 8vo. 

Libri de divinatione et de fato. Recensuit et 

suis animadversionibus illustravit ac emendavit Joannes 
Davisius. Editio secunda. CantabriguB, 1730, 8vo. 

De Fato liber, Petri Rami praelectionibus ex- 

plicatus ad Carolum Lotharingum Cardinalem. Editio 
secunda. Lutetia, apud Vascosanum, 1554. 

Ad. Tumebi disputatio ad librum Ciceronis de fato, 
adversus quendam, qui non solum logicus esse, verum etiam 
dialecticus haberi vult. LutetUE^ apud MicfueUm Vasco- 
sanum, 1655. 

Leodegarii a Quercu responsio ad Audomari Talaei 
admonitionem. Lutetus^ ex officina Michalis Vascosani^ 
1556. Three parts in i voL small 4to. 

Liber de fato, in eundem commentarius, Adriano 

Turnebo auctore. Parisiis, apud Adrianum Tumebum, 
1552, 4to. 

De Legibus lib. III. in eosdem commentary, 

Adriano Turnebo auctore. Parisiis, ex officina Guilielmi 
Morelij\ 1557, small 4to. o. r. mor. 


386 CICERO. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De L^^ibus libri tres. 
Recensuit, ac Petri Victorii, P. Manucii et aliorum notis 
suas adjcdt Joannes Davisius. Accedit Hadriani Tumebi 
commcntarius. CantabriguB, 1737, 8vo. o. v. 

De Legibus libri III. Recensuit, ac variorum 

notis suas adjecit Joannes Davisius. Editio secunda. 
CantabrigiiBf 1745, 8vo. o. a 

De Re Publica quae supersunt, edente Angelo 

Maio, Vaticanx Bibliothecs Praefecto. RonuB^ 1822, 4to. 
mar. c 

Another copy, 4to. r. mor. Dev. arms. L, P. 

Rhetoricorum veterum libri IV. et de Invcntione 

libri II. {Venetiis, Nicolaus yenson\ 1470, small 4to. pig- 
skin, g. e. in a case. Ilium, capital letters. On Vellum. 

Rhetoricorum novorum ad Herennium libri. 4to. 

(No place nor date.) 

Ad Herennium Rhetoricorum novorum libri IV. 

Rhetorics veteris libri II. 

" Emendata manu sunt exemplaria docta 
Omniboni : quein dat utraque lingua patrem." 

1476, 4to. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Rhetoricorum, cum commentario Marii Fabii 

Victorini. Vefutiis, per Baptistam de Tortis^ 148 1, fol. o. 
citr. mor. 

Rhetoricorum ad Herennium et ars rhetorica 

(cum commentariis Hieronymi Capiduri Parentini, et M. 
Fabii Victorini). Vetutiis, Gulielmus Tridincnsis^ cogno- 
men to anima tnia, 1 490, fol. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Rhetoricorum libri IV. ad Herennium, de inven- 

tione libri II. Argentorati^ ex adibus Schurerij\ 15 18, 
small 4to. o. r. mor. 

Rhetorica ad Herennium, de inventione, topica 

CICERO, 387 

ad Trebatium, oratoriae partitiones, cum correctionibus Paul! 
Manutii. Venetiis^ Aldus ^ 1564, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Ad M. Brutum Orator. 
Jac. Lodoici Strebaei et Victorii Pisani commentariis Ph. 
Melanchthonis scholiis Joa. Rivii Atthendoriensis et P. 
Victorii castigationibus illustratus. Parisiis^ aptid yoannefn 
Ludoicum Tiletanutn, I543> small 4to. o. r. mor. 

Topica ad C. Trebatium, cum A. Manlij Severini 

Boetij et Joa. Visorij Ccenomani commentariis, quibus jam 
recens accesserunt Bartholomei Latomi explicationes in 
eadcm. Parisiis, via Jacobcea sub signo floris lilij\ 1 542, 
small 4to. o. r. mor. 

In hoc volumine haec continentur : — Rhetoricorum 

ad C. Herennium lib. IIII., de inventione lib. 11., de oratore 
lib. III., de Claris oratoribus qui dicitur Brutus liber I., orator 
ad Brutum lib. I., topica ad Trebatium lib. I., de optimo 
genere oratorum, praefatio quaedam. Verutiis, in cedibus 
Aldi et Andrea Soceri, 15 14, 8vo. 

De Oratore ad Q. fratrem lib. III. De Claris ora- 
toribus, qui inscribitur Brutus lib. I. Orator ad Brutum 
lib. I. Oratoriae partitiones lib. I. De optimo genere ora- 
torum, praefatio quaedam. FlarentuB^ per Haredes Philippi 
Juntce^ 1526, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Omnes qui ad artem oratoriam pertinent libri. 

Interpretatione ac notis illustravit Jacobus Proust in usum 
Delphini. Parisiis^ 1687, 2 vols. 4to. oL mor. g. e. 

De Oratore libri III. (Sweynheym et Pannartz^ 

in ntonasterio Sublacensi, 1465 ?) royal 4to. r. mor. g. e. 
First edition, 

M. T. Ciceronis ad Quintum fratrem in libros 

de oratore praefatio incipit foeliciter. Small fol. r. mor. g. e. 

No place, nor date. Illuminated title-page with arms of original 
owner. MS. marginal references, and at the end, — " Deo Gratias, 
Brugis^ Idibus Septibr, 1479." 

388 CICERO. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De Oratore. Rome, per 

me Ulricum Han de IViena, amto Domini 1478, die quinta 

mensis Decembris^ 4to. ol. mor. g. e 

Three illuminated capital letters, the first with a very pretty mima- 
ture of Cicera A very fine copy, but wanting a £ including end of 
first and b^inning of second book. 

Ad Q. Fratrem de Oratore libri III. Brutus sive 

de Claris oratoribus, ad M. Brutum orator. Anno xpi 1469, 
die vera XII mensis yanuarii, Rome in domo magnifici viri 
Petri de Maximo^ royal 4to. r. mor. g. e. 

De Oratore libri III. 

Cristophori impressus hie liber arte fuit 
Cui stirps Valdarfer : patria estque ratispona telltis* 
Hunc emat : orator qui velit esse : librum. 
( Venetiis^ Valdarfer, 1470), fol. russia, g. e. 

The first book printed by Valdarfer. 

In hoc volumine infrascripta M. Tullii Ciceronis 

opera continentur una cu c5metariis suis, videlicet, orator, 
de fato. topica et de universitate. Cum suo cometario 
a Greorgio Valla c5posito. Per Bonetu Locatelli VeneHis 
ipressus est, 1492, fol. ol. mor. g. e. 

De Partitione oratoria dialog^s, Jacobi Lodoici 

Strebsei commentariis illustratus. Parisiis, apud Micheelem. 
Vascosanum, 1539, 4to. 

De Oratore ad fratrem, dialog! tres, scholiis Phi- 

Hppi Melanchthonis illustrati. Parisiis, apud Thomam, 
Richardum, 1550, 4to. 

De Oratore libri III. Deoptimo genere oratorum; 

de Claris oratoribus. Scholia P. Manutii. Venetiis^ Aldus, 
1564, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Ad Q. fratrem dialog! tres de oratore. Ex mss. 

emendavit, notisque lUustravit Zacharias Pearce. Canta-- 
brigice, 17 16, 8vo. o. cambr. 

CICERO. 389 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De Oratore ad Q. fra- 
trem dialog! tres. Ex mss. emendavit, notisque illustravit, 
Zacharias Pearce. Cantabrigia^ 1732, 8vo. 

Another copy. L. P. 

Brutus, seu de Claris oratoribus liber. Parisiis, 

apud Simonem Colinautn^ 1535, i2mo. 

Title enclosed within woodcut border. 

Orationes. Venetiis, Christophorus Valdarfer^ 

147 1, fol. r. mor. g. e. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. 

With some erasures and marginal notes. A fine copy, but a little 

Orationes. RonKB^Conradus Sweynheym et Amoldus 

Pannartz, 1471, fol. russia, g. e. 

It is doubtful whether this or Valdarfer's is the First Edition, 

Orationes (no place nor date, but Ant. Zarotus^ 

1478-1480), fol. russia, g. e. and Dev. arms. 


Hoc ingens Ciceronis opus : causasque forenses 
Quas inter patres dixit et in populo 
Tu quicunque l^es. Ambergau natus alienis 
Impressit formis. Ecce magister Adam. 
{Adam Ambergau), 1472, small fol. r. mor. g. e. 

Orationes. Cum correctionibus P. ManutiL Vene- 

tits, apud P. Manutium Aldi filium, 1554, 3 vols. 8vo. o. c. 

The second voL is dated 1551, a date not mentioned by RenouanL 

Orationes. Venetiis, Aldus, 1565, 3 vols. i2mo. 

o. r. mor. g. e. 

Orationes. Interpretatione et notis illustravit 

P. Carolus de Merouville. Ad usum serenissimi DelphinL 
Parisiis, 1684, 3 vols. 4to. ol. mor. g. e. 

Orationes. Ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, 

cum notis variorum. Amstelodami, ex typographia P. et J. 
Blaeu, 1699, 6 vols. 8vo, 

390 CICER O. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Orationes. With a Com- 
mentary by George Long. London^ 1851-1858, 4 vols. 8va 
Long's " Bibliotheca Classica." 

Orationes Philippics. Roma, Udalricus GaUus 

(about 1470), small foL russia, g. e. First edttion, 

In M. Antonium orationes quae Demosthenis in 

R^em Philippum Macedonem exemplo Philippice nun- 

cupantur. Cura et soUicitudim Jokannis de Colonia Agri- 

pinensi necfio Johannis Manthe de Gherretshem Venetiis 

impressey 1474, royal 4to. russia, g. e. 

lUaminated capital letters on title-page, and arms of original 

In M. Antonium Philippics orationes XIIII. 

Commentariis Francisci Maturantii et variorum. ParisUsy 
ex officina Michalis Vascosani^ I544» small 4ta 

Oratio pro A. Licinio Archia poeta. Cum com- 
mentariis Philippi Beroaldi. Lavdio, Theodoricus MarHnus^ 
1 5 17, small 4to. 

Orationes pro Sylla, Murena, Rosdo Comoedo, 

Sexto Roscio Amerino, cum Francisci Sylvii Ambiani 
commentariis. Parisiis, sub firelo Jodoci Badii Ascensii, 
1531-1534. small 4to. 

Orationes pro L. Comelio Balbo, P. Quintio, A 

Cluentio, L. Flacco, cum Fr. Sylvii commentariis. Parisiis, 
sub prelo Ascamano, 1535, small 4to. 

Orationes pro Lege Manilia, C. Rabirio Posthumo, 

in L. Pisonem, de Aruspicum responsis, pro M. Caelio, 
cura Sylvii et aliorum. Parisiis, apud Micfuelem Vascosa- 
num, 1537-1538, small 4to. 

Actionu in Verrem libri septem, additis argumen- 

tis Asconii et partitionibus Bart Latomi in singulas actiones. 
Parisiis f apud F. Gryphium, 1538. — Orationes Philippics 
cum argumentis singulis Georgii Trapezuntii, et Philippi Be- 
roaldi edits. ParisiiSy ex officina Fr, Gryphii^ 1538. Two 
parts in i vol. small 4to. o. r. mor. 

CICERO, 391 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Actionum in Verrem 
libri quatuor priores, Q. Asconii Paediani et Fr. Sylvii et 
aliorum commentariis, paradoxa, ad Brutum, de senec- 
tute, Cura Syterii. Parisiis, apud MicfueUm Vascosanum, 
1539. — Paradoxa, cum Fr. Sylvii Ambiani commentariis. 
Parisiis, aptid Mic/icelem Vascosanum, 1536. — Cato major, 
seu de senectute, a Petro Baldicino recognitus. Parisiis, 
apud Joannem Roigfty, 1 539, 3 parts bound in i vol. small 4to. 

Orationes pro M. Marcello, Q. Ligario, Deiotaro 

Rege, lucubrationibus Syterii et aliorum. Parisiis^ Vas- 
cosantis, 1539. — Orationes tres. Antequam iret in exilium, 
post reditum in Senatu, item post reditum altera, ad Quiri- 
tes. Parisiis^ Vascosanus, 1540. Pro Sexto Roscio Ame- 
rino oratio. Parisiis, Vascosanus, 1 544. Three parts in i 
vol. small 4to. 

Pro rege Deiotaro oratio. F. Sylvii commentariis 

et B. Latomi artificio rhetorico enarrata. Parisiis, apud 
Joa, Lodoicum Tiletanum^ IS39» small 4to. 

In L. Pisonem oratio, Q. Asconii Pediani et J. 

Omphalij commentariis illustrata. Parisiis^ ex officina 
Mic/uelis Vascosani^ 1 543, small 4to. 

Oratio pro P. Sestio (cum Jacobi Bugalii scholiis). 

Parisiis y apud Tho. Richardum, ^SS^9 small 4to. 

De provinciis Consularibus oratio XXXVI. 

Burdigala, apud S. MiUangium, 1 597, small 4to. 

Pro L Murena oratio XXIII (cum not is ms. J. 

Jacobi Barillon). Parisiis, 161 2, 4to. 

Trium orationum in Clodium et Curionem, de 

aere alieno Milonis, de Rege Alexandrino fragmenta ine- 
dita etc. ex antiquiss. ms. edebat Angelus Mains. Medio- 
lani, 1 8 14. 

Trium orationum pro Scauro, pro Tullio, pro Flacco 
partes ineditae. Invenit, recensuit, notis illustravit An- 
gelus Maius. Mcdiolaui, 18 14. 

392 CICER O. 

Sex orationum fragmenta inedita cum commentariis 
antiquis item ineditis. Invenit, recensuit, notis illustravit 
Angelus Maius. Mediolani^ 1814, denuo Londini^ 18 16. 
Bound together in one vol. 8vo. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Select orations of Cicero 
in latin, with translations of the more difficult passages, and 
vocabulary of Roman magistrates, laws, etc by Richard 
Garde. London^ 1826, i8mo. mor. 

(Epistolae ad familiares.) 1475. Opus praclarissi- 

mum M, T. Ciceronis Epistolarum FamUiarium impressutn 
feliciter finit ( Venice ?), small fol. russia, g. e. 

It contains 177 fE of 34 lines per f. 

Ad M. Brutum et ceteros epistolae. Impressutn 

Rome opus in domo Petri et Frdcisci de Maxtsjuxta campu 

Flore psidentibus magistros Cdrado Suueynheym et Amoldo 

Panartz anno Dominici ftatalis 1470, foL bl. mor. g. e. 

Very fine but first f. slightly mended. Illuminated title-page and 
arms of original owner. 

M. TuUii Ciceronis Epistolarum familiarium liber 

primus incipit ad Lentulum proconsulem. (Venetiis), 1471, 
a Nicolo Jenson Gallico viventibus necnon et posteris im- 
pressum feliciter finit, fol. bl. mor. g. e. 

M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum familiarium 

liber primus incipit, 4to. russia. 

No place, nor date. 

M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum familiarium 

liber primus incipit ad Lentulum Proconsulem. {Mediolani^ 
Antonius Zarotus), 1 471, small fol. o. r. mor. g. e. Coloured 
capital letter. 

M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum familiarium liber 

primus incipit ad Lentulum Proconsulem. {Zarotus?) 
1 47 1, fol. bl. mor. g. e. Coloured capital letters. 

Epistolarum familiarium libri. Mediolani^ per Phi- 

lippum de Lavagna, 1472, fol. gr. mor. g. e. 

CICERO. 393 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Epistolarum familiarium 
libri. 1476, small foL o. c 

117 fr. of 45 lines each. 

Epistolarum familiarium liber primus incipit 

A Siximando a Libris Bononiensi intpressum, ^^77* ^o\. o. c. 

Epistolarum familiarium ad Lentulum Pro- 

consulem libri, cum cdmento. Venetiis, impensis Andree de 
Asula Bartholofneiq, Alexadrini sociorum Anno 1483, fol. 
o. citr. mor. Coloured capital letters. 

Epistolarum familiarium libri XVI. cum com- 

mentariis Jodoci Badij Ascensij et aliorum. Lugduni^per 
Jacobutn Zachony 1505, 4to. russia, g. e. Dev. arms. 

Epistolx familiares, cum cometariis clarissimorii 

viroru Hubertini Crescentinatis, Martini Philetici et 
aliorum. Parisiisy apud Joannem Parvum, 1534, fol. o. c 

Epistolae familiares, quartum a nobis editae. Pa- 

risiis, Robertus Stephanus^ IS37» 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Epistolae familiares, diligentius quam quae hactenus 

exierunt emendatae. Parisiis, 1545, 32mo. 

Epistolae familiares P. Manutii annotationes bre- 

vissime in margine adscripts. Venetiis^ Aldus, 1563, i2mo. 
o. r. mor. g. e. 

Epistolarum libri XVI. ad familiares. Ex recen- 

sione Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum notis variorum. Am^ 
stelodamiy apud Danielem Elzeviriutn, \(>77, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Epistolae ad familiares libri XVI. Edidit et com- 

mentario anglico illustravit Joannes Ross. Cantabrigia, 
1749, 2 vols. Svo. 

Ad familiares Epistolae. Interpretatione et notis 

illustravit Philibertus Quartier, in usum Serenissimi Del- 
phini. Parisiis, 1685, 4to. ol. mor. g. e. 

Epistolae ad M. Brut urn, ad Q. Fratrem, ad Oc- 

394 CICERO. 

tavium et ad Atticum, ex recognitione Jo. Andreae. Itn- 

pressu Ronie opus in dotno Petri et Frdcisci de Maxifnis, pre-- 

sidentibus Conradus Sweynheym et Amoldus Pannarts^ 

1470, foL bL mor. g. e. Dev. arms. 

The Duke of Roburghe's copy sold in 181 2 for jf 189. At Sykes' 
the same copy sold for £<)i, 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Epistolae ad Atticum, 
Brutum, et Quintum fratrem, cum ipsius Attici vita. Vene- 
tits, Nicolaus Jenson, 1470, foL bl. mor. g. e. 

Epistolae ad Atticum, etc. Venetiis, Aldus, 15 13, 

8vo. o. c. 

Epistolae ad Atticum, ad Brutum, ad Quintum 

fratrem. P. Manutii in easdem epistolas scholia. Paulus 
Manutius Aldi F., Venetiis, 1540, 8vo. L. P, 

Fine old Italian binding. 

Epistolae ad Atticum. Venetiis, apud Aldi Filios, 

1 544, small 8vo. 

Epistolae ad Titum Pomponium Atticum, Sebas- 
tian! Conradi brevissimis interpretationibus illustratae. 
Venetiis, apud Hieronimum Scotum, 1 544, small fol. o. c 

Epistola ad Q. fratrem Asiae Propraetorem, et in 

earn Francisci Hotomani commentarius. Lugduni, apud 
Ludovicum et Caroliim Penot, 1564, small 4to. 

Epistolae ad Atticum, ad M. Brutum ad Q. 

fratrem, cum correctionibus P. Manutii. Vetietiis, Aldus, 
1567, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Epistolarum libri XVI. ad T. Pomponium At- 
ticum, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii, cum ejus- 
dem animadversionibus, et notis variorum. Amstelcedami, 
sumptibus Blaviorum, 1684, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Tragicorum poetarum graecorum versus a Cicerone, 

Attiove latinitate donati. Lutetice, apud Fcdericum Morel* 
lum, 1594, small 4to. 

CICERO. 395 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Fragmentorum tomi 
nil. cum Andreae Patricii Striceconis adnotationibus. 
Venetiis, ex officina Jordani Stella TiUti^ 1565, small 4to. 
o. r. mor. 

Fragmenta ab Andrea Patricio coUecta et in 

quatuor tomos digesta. Lugduni, apud AnUmium Gryphium^ 
1585, 32mo. o. ol. mor. 

Fragmenta inedita, cum criticis notis edebat 

Angelus Maius, Bibliothecae Ambrosianae a ling^uis orien- 
talibus. Mediolaniy 18 14, 4to. 

Acerrime invective trium vehementissimorum ora- 

torum, M. T. Ciceronis, L. S. Catilinae, et C. C. Salustii, 
quas alius in alium magno cum odio injecit Impressum 
Parrhysiis, cura et sumptibtis Dionysii Roscij\ 15 16, 4to. 

Orpheus, sive de adolescente studioso, ad Mar- 

cum filium, Athens. Venetiis, Ciottus, 1594, I2ma 

In Arati phoenomena interpretatio. s. Aratus. 

Graeca Theodori Gazae traductio in Ciceronis de 

senectute dialogum : ejusdem versio in somnium Scipionis. 
Parisiis, apud Simanem Colinaeufn, 1528, i2mo. 

Paradoxa IV. ex graeca Adrian! Tumebi inter- 

pretatione. Lutetice, apud Fed. Morellum, 1595, 4to. 

De Oratore, or his three dialogues upon the cha- 
racter and qualifications of an orator. Translated into 
english with notes, by W. Guthrie. Second edition. Lon- 
don, 1755, 8vo. 

The Orations, translated into English, with notes 

historical and critical, and arguments to each by the 
translator (William Guthrie). London, 1741, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Cato and Laelius : or, essays on old age and 

friendship : with remarks, by William Melmoth. A new 
edition. Londofi, 1785, 2 vols. 8vo. 

396 CICERO. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. The Epistles of M. T. 
Cicero to M. Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero, with the latin 
text and english notes. By Conyers Middleton. LondoH, 
1743, 8vo. 

The Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero to several 

of his friends : with remarks, by William Melmoth. The 
fourth edition. London^ 17S9, 3 vols. 8vo. 

The Letters to Titus Pomponius Atticus, in six- 
teen books. Translated into english with notes by William 
Heberden. London, 1825, 2 vols. 8vo. 

De gli Uffici, della amicitia, della vecchiezza, le 

paradosse. Tradotte per un nobile Vinitiana Vinegia^ 
per Bernardino di VitaUy 1528, small 4to. Beautiful old 
Italian binding. 

Le Filippiche, contra Marco Antonio, fatte volgari 

per Girolamo Bagazzoni. Vinegia, afipresso Paolo Manutio^ 
1556, small 4to. o. citr« mor. 

Le Epistole famigliari tradotte secondo i veri 

sens! dell' autore et con fig^ure proprie della lingua volg^are. 
Vinegia, Aldus, 1545, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Le Lettere familiari di Cicerone e d'altri autori 

commentate in lingua volgare toscana da Giovanni Fabrini, 
col testo latino. Seconda editione. Vettetia, 1 568, foL 

Le Epistole famigliari, tradotte di nuovo, e quasi 

in infiniti luoghi corrette da Aldo Manutio. Vinegia, 
Aldus, 1569, i2mo. 

II Dialogo della partitione oratoria, tirato in tavole 

da Oratio Toscanella della famiglia di maestro Luca 
Fiorentino. Venegia, Gabriel Giolito de' Ferrari, 1566, 4to. 

Mode di studiare le pistole famigliari trovato da 

Oratio Toscanella. Vinegia, Gabriel Giolito d£ Ferrari^ 
1566, 4to. 

Sammtliche Briefe iibersetzt und erlautert von 

CICER a 397 

C. M. Wieland, voUendet von F. D. Grater. Leipzig^ 
1 840- 1 841, 12 parts in 6 vols. i2mo. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. GEuvres completes, tra- 
duites en fran;ais, avec le texte en regard. Edition publi^e 
par Joseph- Victor Le Clerc. Paris, 1825, 30 vols. 8vo. 

Les Epistres familiaires, nouvellement traduictes 

de latin en fran^oys par Estienne Dolet. Paris, chez Gilles 
Corrozet, 154S, 32mo. gr. mor. 

Phillip Grevell's autograph on title-page. 

Les Epistres familiaires, nouvellement traduictes 

par Estienne Dolet Paris, Guillautne le Bret, 1547, 32mo. 

Lettres i Atticus, avec des remarques et le texte 

latin de Tuition de Graevius par M. TAbb^ Mongault. 
Liige, 1773, 4 vols. i2mo. 

Les questions Tusculanes. Nouvellement tra- 
duictes de latin en francoys, par Estienne Dolet. Lyon^ 
Sulpice Sabon, small 8vo. rich old mor. binding. 

Omniboni Leoniceni rhctoris clarissimi in Marci 

TuUii Oratorem ad Q. Fratrem commentarii. Vicentue^ 
1476, fol. o. r. mor. g. e. 

In omnes de Arte rhetorica Ciceronis libros 

commentaria. Venetiis, apud Aldi filios, 1551, 2 vols, 
bound in i, fol. 

Marci Tullii Ciceronis sententiae illustriores, 

apophthegmata item, et parabolae sive similia: aliquot 
praeterea ejusdem piae sententiae. Authore Petro Lagrurio 
Lutetice, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1548, small 8vo. 

Xysti Betuleii annotationes in Laelium Ciceronis, 

seu de amicitia. Parisiis, ex officina Michcelis Vascosani, 
1 545, small 4to. 

Ciceronianum Lexicon, s. ESTIENNE (H.) 

Thesaurus Ciceronianum. s. NizoLlUS (M.) 


CICOGNARA, Conte Leopoldo. Storiadella Scultura 
dal suo risorgimento in Italia sine al secolo di Napoleone, 
per servire di continuazione alle opere di Winkelman, e di 
D'Agfincourt Venetia^ 1813-1818, 3 vols. foL c. g. e. 

CICOGNINI, GiACiNTO Andrea. La forza deir 
Amicitia, opera scenica. Venetia, 1661. 

L'Amore tra nemid, opera comica. Macerata^ 1662, 
2 vols, in I, 24mo. c g. e. 

CIE(^A, Pedro De. The seventeen years travek through 
the kingdom of Peru, and the large provinces of Cartagena 
and Popayan in South America. Translated from the 
Spanish. London^ 1709, 4to. 

CiENTo Novelle Antiche. s. Novelle. 

CIERMANS, P. Joannes. Disciplinae mathematicas 
traditae anno institutse Societatis Jesu seculari. Lovanii^ 
Everardus de Witte^ 1640, foL 

36 fine plates by Jac NeefTs. 

CIMARELLI, ViNCENZO. Istorie dello stato d'Urbino 
da' Senoni della Umbria Senonia, et di Corinalto che dalle 
ceneri di Suaesa hebbe Torigine. Brescia^ 1642, 4to. 


CINELLI, Giovanni. Le Bellezze della citti di 

Firenze, dove a pieno di pittura, di scultura, di sacri templi 

e di palazzi, e piu notabili artifizii e piu preziosi si conten- 

gono. Scritte gii da Francesco Bocchi ed ora ampliate ed 

accresciute. Firenze^ ^^77* small Svo. o. r. mor. 

Presentation copy to Cardinal Nerli, Archbishop of Florence, to 
whom the work is dedicated. 

CiNO, GlOVAN Battista. La Vedova, commedia, 


CiNONIO. s. Mambelli (M.) 

CiNTHio, GiovAN Battista Giraldi. s. Giraldi 


CIOCCHI, Giovanni Maria. La Pittura in Pamasso. 
Firaize^ 172$, 4to. 


CIRNI, Anton Francesco. Sucxessi della armata 
dalla Maesti Cattolica destinata all* impresa di Tripoli di 
Barberia, della presa delle Gerbe, c progress! d* Armata 
Turchesca. Vinegia, Giavan BariUtto, 1560, i2mo. 

With Stephanus Baluzius* autograph. 

CIRUELO, Pedro De. Uberrimum Sphere mundi 
commctum. Intersertis etiam questionibus domini Petri de 
Aliaco. Paris, Jehan Petity 1 508, foL With woodcuts. 

Claims of Literature, s. Williams (D.) 

CLAIRAUT, Alexis-Claude. Thterie de la figure 
de la Terre tirde des principes de Thydrostatique. Paris, 
1743, 8vo. 

Th^orie de la Lune, d^duite du seul principe de 

Tattraction. St, Petersburg, 1752, 4to. 

CLAIRECOMBE, M, De. Nouvelle practique d'arith- 
metique. Amsterdam, 1702, iSmo. 

CLAJUS, or Clay, Johan. Prosodiae libri tres. De 
cognoscenda syllabarum quantitate, et carminum ratione 
apud latinos, graecos et hebraecos. Witebergce, 1592, iSmo. 

CLAPHAM, Henock. A briefe of the Bible, drawn 
first into english poetry, and then illustrated by apt anno- 
tations, whereto is now added a synopsis of the Bible's 
doctrine. Third edition, in sundry things amended and 
enlarged. London, 1608, 24mo. bl. mor. g. e. (with mss. 

CLAPHAM, John. The Historie of Great Britannie, 
declaring the successe of times and affaires in that iland, 
from the Romans first entrance untill the reigne of Egbert, 
etc. London, 1606, small 4to. calf. 

With Killigrew's autog^ph on title-page. 

CLAPIER, Luc, Marquis de Vauvenargues. CEuvres 
completes, pricdddes d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, 
et accompagnies des notes de Voltaire, Morellet et Suard 
Nouvelle Edition. Paris, 1827, 2 vols. 8vo. 


CLAPIER, Luc, Marquis de Vauvenargues. CEuvres 
posthumes, pr6c^6s de son 61oge par M. Ch. de Saint- 
Maurice, et accompagn^es de notes et de lettres in6dites de 
Voltaire. Paris, 1827, 8vo. 

CLAPPERTON, Hugh. Journal of a second expedi- 
tion into the interior of Africa from the Bight of Benin to 
Soccatoo, to which is added the Journal of Richard Lander 
from Kans to the sea coast, partly by a more eastern route. 
London, 1829, 4 to. 

Claramontius, Scipio. s. Chiaramonti (S.) 

Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of. s. Hyde (E.) 

CLARET, Charles Pierre, Comte de Fleurieu. 
Voyage fait par ordre du Roi en 1768 et 1769 ^ differentes 
parties du monde pour prouver en mer les horloges marines 
invent^es par Ferdinand Berthoud. Paris, 1773, 2 vols. 4to. 

Decouvertes des Francois en 1768 et 1769 dans le 

sud-est de la Nouvelle Guinee. Paris, 1790, 4to. 

CLARIS De FLORIAN, Jean-Pierre. Les six 
nouvelles : Galat^e, th^itre, Estelle, Numa Pompilius. 
avec figures. Paris, Didot PAtn^, 1784- 1786, 8 vols. i8mo. 
o. calf, g. e. 

s. Cervantes. 

CLARK, Edwin. The Britannia and Conway tubular 
Bridges. Loftdon, 1850, imp. fol. With plates. 

CLARK, William George. Peloponnesus : Notes of 
study and travel. London, 1858, 8vo. With maps. 

CLARKE, Edward Daniel. The Tomb of Alex- 
ander ; a dissertation on the sarcophagus brought from 
Alexandria, and now in the British Museum. Cambridge, 
1805, 4to. 

Travels in various countries of Europe, Asia, and 

Africa. Cambridge, 18 10-1823, 6 vols. 4to. 


CLARKE, Edward Daniei. The life and remains 
of the Rev. Edward Daniel Clarke, LL.D., professor of 
mineralogy in the University of Cambridge. London^ 1824, 
4to. russia. 

CLARKE, Mrs. Cowden. The complete Concordance 
to Shakspere : being a verbal index to all the passages in 
the dramatic works of the poet. London^ 1847, royal 8vo. 

CLARKE, James Stanier. The life of James IL, 
king of England, collected out of his memoirs writ of his 
own hand, together with the king's advice to his son, and 
his majesty's will, published from the original Stuart mss. 
in Carlton House. London, 18 16, 2 vols. 4to. russia. 

and McARTHUR, John. The Life of 

Admiral Lord Nelson, from his Lordship's manuscripts. 
London, 1 809, 2 vols. 4to. gr. mor. g. e. L. P. 

CLARKE, Stephen Reynolds. The new Yorkshire 
Gazeteer, or topographical dictionary. London, 1828, 8vo. 

CLARKE, William. The connexion of the roman, 
saxon, and english Coins, deduced from observations on the 
saxon weights and money. London, 1763, 4to. 

CLARKE, W. B. Lays of leisure; a collection of 
original and translated poems. London, 1829, 8vo. 

CLASSICI ITALIANI. Collezione de' Classici 
Italiani. Milano, 1804- 18 14, 250 vols. 8vo. 


1-3. Alighieri, Dante. 

4-8. Petrarca. 

6-9. Boccaccio. 
10-17. Villani. 
18-19. Passavanti. 
2a Pandolfini. 

21. Bartolommeo da S. Concordio. 
22-24. Crescenzi. 
25-26. Giovanni Fiorentino. 
27-29. Sacchetti. 
30-32. Pulci. 
33. Vinci. 


34. Alberti, Leon Battista. 

35. Poliziano. 

36-39. Tasso, Torquato. 

40-44. Ariosto. 

45-48. Bemi (Boiardo). 

49. Bemi. 

50-52. Ovidio, dair Anguillara. 

53. Alamanni e Rucellai. 

54. Valvasone. 
55-66. Bembo. 
67-68. Castiglione. 
69. Molza. 

D D 




70-73. Delia Casa. 
74-81. Caro. 
82-86. Firenzuola. 

87. Sannazaro. 

88. Guarini. 
89-95. Varchi. 
96-98. Segni. 
99-108. Guicciardini. 
1 09- 1 18. MachiavdlL 
119-121. Costanzo. 
122-124. Maflfei, G. B. 
125. Davanzati. 

1 26- 1 41. Vasari. 
142-144. Cellini. 
145-147. Borghini, R. 
148-15 1. Borghini, V. 
152. Vettori. 
153-155. Gelli. 
156-160. Salviati. 

161. Cavalcanti. 

162. Erizzo. 

163. Tassoni. 

164. Bracciolini. 

165. Lippi (Zipoli). 
166-168. Chiabrera. 
169-177. Redt 
178-183. Davila. 
184-188. Bentivoglia 
189-202. Baldinucci. 
203. Dati. 
204-216. Galilei. 
217-218. Magalotti. 
219-220. Buommattei. 
221-224. Mambelli. 

225. Menzini. 

226. Lucrezio del Marchetti. 
230. Raccolta di Lirici Italiani. 
232-234. Raccolta di Prose Italiane. 
235. Poesie pastorali e rusticali. 
236-238. Raccolta di novelle. 

239. Raccolta di Poemi didascalicL 
240-249. Teatro Italiano antico. 
250. Bibliografia delle opere con- 

tenute nella Collezione de' clas- 

sici Italiani. 

CLAUDIANUS, Claudius. Opera, ex recensione 
Barnabae Celsani. Non minus clcganter quant diligaiter Un- 
pressit Jacobus Duscnsis^ 1482, VicentuBy fol. o. r. mor. 
First edition, 

Opera. Vetutiis Joannes deTridino alias TacuinuSy 

anno 149S, small 4to. 

Opera. Emendata per Thadaeum Ugoletum. 

VenetiiSy ChristopJiorus de Pettsisy 1 500, small 4to. o. r. mor. 

Opera, quam diligentissime castigata. VcftetiiSy 

in (Bdibus Aldi et Andrce Asulani Soccriy niefise niartioy 
1523, 8vo. 

Another copy. 

Grolier's copy, in its original binding, in brown mor. with his 
name and motto, gilt capital letters. 


CLAUDIANUS, Claudius. Quotquot nostra hac 
tempestate extant opuscula, omnia diligentissime recognita. 
ParisiiSy apud Simoneni Colinaum, 1530, small 8vo. o. c. 

Another copy, ol. mor. g. e. and arms. 

Opera. Lugduni^ apud Beringos fratres, 1551, small 

8vo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

Quae extant : ex emendatione virorum docto- 

rum. Amstelodami, typis Ludovici Elzevirii^ 1650, i8mo. ol. 
mor. g. e. 

Opera quae extant, interpretatione et annotationi- 

bus illustravit Gulielmus Pyrrho, in usum Serenissimi Dcl- 
phini. Parisiis, 1677, 4to. ol. mor. g. e. 

Opera, quae extant, omnia, ad membranarum 

veterum fidem castigata. Cum notis integris variorum, 
auctioribus Nicolai Heinsii, et ineditis Petri Burmanni. 
Subjungitur Lactantii elegia de Phoenice, vulgo Claudiano 
adscripta, cum curis secundis Nicolai Heinsii et adnota- 
tionibus Petri Burmanni secundi. Amstelcedami^ 1760, 4to. 
o. gr. mor. g. e. L. P. 

£x Bibliotheca Lamoniana. 

Rufinus, or the Court favourite's overthrow. 

Second edition. London^ 1/30, 8vo. 

CLAVIGERO, Francesco Saverio. The history 
of Mexico, collected from Spanish and mexican historians, 
from mss. and ancient paintings of the Indians. Illustrated 
by charts and other copper plates. To which are added 
critical dissertations on the land, the animals, and inhabi- 
tants of Mexico. Translated from the Italian by Charles 
Callet London^ ^7^7 1 2 vols. 4to. 

Clavis Homerica. s. Homerus. 

CLAVIUS, Christophorus. Gnomonices libri octo, 
in quibus non solum horologiorum solarium sed aliarum 
quoque rerum, quae ex gnomonis umbra cognosci possunt, 
descriptiones geometrice demonstrantur. Cum figuris. 
Roma, aptid Franciscum Zanettum, 1581, fol. 


CLAVIUS, Christophorus. Novi Calendarii Roman! 
apologia, adversum Michadem Maestelinum in Tubigensi 
Accademia mathematicum. RanuB^ 1 588, small 4to. 

Astrolabium. Rotnct^ IS93» 4^^- o- cambr. 

In Sphseram Joannis de Sacrobosco commen- 

tarius. Lugduni^ 15939 small 4to. 

In Sphseram Joannis de Sacrobosco commen- 

tarius. Lugduni^ ^594^ small 4to. 

In Sphaeram, etc. Lugduni^ 1607, small 4to. 

With Richard Bentley's autograplL 

Epitome arithmetical practicae. CoUmuB^ 1584, 


Algebra, AureliaruE Allobrogum^ 1609, small 4to. 

Euclidis posteriores libri IX. s. EUCLIDES. 

CLEAVELAND, or Cleveland, Parker. An ele- 
mentary treatise on Mineralogy and Geology. Boston^ 
1816, 8vo. 

Clef du Santuaire. s. Spinoza. 

CLELAND, James. HPn-HAIAEIA, or the Insti- 
tution of a young noble man. Oxford^ 1607, 4^0* 

CLEMANGIS, Nicolas De. De corrupto Ecclesiae 
statu. Parisiis^ apud Joannem Corrozetutfiy 1562, i2mo. 

CLEMENS Alexandrinus, Titus Flavius, Sanctus. 
Opera omnia. (Graece.) Cudebat Florentics Laurentitis Tor- 
rentinuSy 1550, fol. L. P. First edition, 

Opera quae extant, recognita et illustrata per 

Joannem Potterum, Episcopum Oxoniensem. (Gr. Lat) 
Oxonii, 1 71 5, 2 vols. fol. L. P. 

Les CEuvres de S. Clement d'Alexandrie, traduites 

du grec, avec les opuscules de plusieurs autres p^res grecs. 
Paris, 1696, 8vo. 

CLEMENS Romanus, Sanctus, Ad Corinthios 
epistolae duae expressae ad fidem msti. Cod. Alexandrini, 
collati cum editione Junii a Millio et Grabio; illustratae 


notis Junii et Coteleri, necnon Johannis Boisii non antehac 
editis. Cum ms. codice de novo contulit, notisque eas 
illustravit, et textum plurimis in locis emendavit, pne- 
fationem ac dissertationes duas de usu patrum, pnecipue 
apostolicorum, praemisit Henricus Wotton. (Gr. Lat.) 
CantabriguB, 171 8, 8vo. bl. mor. g. e. 

CLEMENS V. Pontifex Maximus. Constitutiones 
dementis PP. V. una cQ apparatu dni Joannis Andreae. 
Per Petrtitn Schoifflter de Gernsshem anno dominice incarna- 
tionis, 1467, octava die mensis Octobris, fol. goth. r. mor. ON 

Constitutiones. Per venerabiles viros Leon/iardum 

Pjlugel et Georgium Laver Roma impressum Antto Dni 
H73» fol. goth. c 

CLEMENT, Denys-Xavier. Exercises et pri6res 
pour remplir saintement les principaux devoirs du Chris- 
tianisme. Paris, 1756, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. e. 

CLENARD, Nicolas. Meditationes graecanicae in 
artem grammaticam. 

Institutiones absolutissimae in linguam graecam. Pari- 
siif, apud Mic/uelem Vascosanum, 1536, 2 parts in i vol. 
small 8vo. 

Institutiones ac meditationes in graecam linguam, 

cum succinctis annotationibus ac latina graecarum vocum 
interpretatione. Lugduni, 1557, small 4to. 

Institutiones ac meditationes in graecam linguam, 

cum scholiis et praxi P. Antesignani. Parisiis, apud Joan- 
nem Borellum, 1 566, small 4to. 

CLEOMEDES. Cyclica (Gr.) Nunc primum typis 
excusa prodit Parisiis, per Canradum Neobarium, 1 539, 4to, 

Meteora, graece et latine. A Roberto Balphoreo 

multis mendis repurgata, latine versa, et perpetuo com- 
mentario illustrata. Butdigalce, 1605, small 4to. 

Clericus, or Clerk, Jean, Samuel, et Sebastien. 
s. Le Clerc. 


CLERKE, William. The Triall of Bastardie : that 
part of the second part of policie, or maner of govemement 
of the Realme of England : so termed, spirituall, or eccle- 
siasticall. Annexed . . a Table of the levitical, english, 
and positive canon catalogues, their concordance and dif- 
ference. London J Adam I slip, 1594, 4to. 

CLERY, J. B. Antoine-Hanet. Journal de ce qui 
s'est pass6 k la Tour du Temple, pendant la captivity de 
Louis XVI. roi de France. Londres^ 1798, royal 8vo. 

CLIFFORD, Sir Thomas, and Arthur, A topo- 
graphical and historical description of the Parish of Tixhall 
in the County of Stafford. Paris^ 1817, 4to. L. P. (Pri- 
vately printed.) 

CLINTON, Henry Fynes. Fasti Hellenici. The 
civil and literary chronology of Greece, from the earliest 
accounts to the death of Augustus. Oxford^ 1824- 1834, 
3 vols. 4to. c. 

CLOTILDE De Vallon-Chalys, Marguerite 

Eleonoke, depuis Madame de Surville. Ses Poesies, pub- 
H^es par Charles Vanderbourg. Paris, An, XL 1803, 8vo. 
Clusius, Carolus. s. L'Ecluse (C. De.) 
CLUTTERBUCK, Robert. The History and An- 
tiquities of the County of Hertford ; compiled from the best 
authorities, and original records, preserved in public reposi- 
tories and private collections. Embellished with views of 
the most curious monuments of antiquity, and illustrated 
with a map of the County. London, 18 15-1827, 3 vols, 
imp. fol. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

CLUVIER, or Cluverius, Philip. Opera, quae ex- 
tant, omnia : — I. Gcrmania antiqua, cum Vindelicia et 
Norico. II. Italia antiqua. III. Sicilia antiqua cum 
minoribus Insulis ei adjacentibus. IV. Sardinia et Corsica. 
Opus post omnium curas elaboratissimum. Tabulis geo- 
graphicis illustratum. Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina Else- 
viriana, 1619-1631, 4 parts bound in 3 vols. fol. o. v. 


CLUVIER, or Cluverius, Philip. Germaniae anti- 
quae libri III. Lugdtmi Batavorum^ apud Ludoviaim Elze- 
vir inm, 1 61 6, 2 vols. fol. 

Introductio in universam geographiam tarn veterem 

quam novam ; cum notis variorum. Londini, 17 11, 4to. 

s. RESPUBLiCi?!: Vari^e. 

COBBETT, William. A Grammar of the English 
language, in a series of letters. London, 18 19, 8vo. 

CocAjus, Merlinus. s. Folengo (T.) 

COCARELLA, Don Benedetto. Cronica istoriale 
di Tremiti, volgarizata da Don Pietro Paolo di Ribera. 
Venetia, 1606, small 4to. 

COCBURNUS, Patricius. s. Cockburn (P.) 


COCHELET, Charles. Naufrage du Brik franqais, 
la Sophie, perdu le 30 mai 18 19 sur la c6te occidentale de 
TAfrique. Paris, 1821, 2 vols. 8vo. 

COCHLEE, Jean. Vita Theodorici regis Ostrogotho- 
rum et Italiae, cum additamentis et annotationibus quae Suae- 
co-Gothorum ex Scandia expeditiones et commercia illus- 
trant. Opera Joannis Peringskiold. Stockliolmice^ 1699, 4to. 

COCHRANE, Charles Stuart. Journal of a resi- 
dence and travels in Columbia, during the years 1823 and 
1824. London, 1825, 2 vols. 8vo. 

COCHRANE, John Dundas. Narrative of a pedes- 
trian journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary from the 
frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea and Kamtchatka in 
the years 1820, 21, 22, and 23. London^ 1824, 8vo. 

COCK, Jerome. Praecipua aliquot romanae antiqui- 
tatis monimcnta ruinarum, vivis perspectibus ad veri imita- 
tionem, etc. Afitucrpia, 1551, obi. 4to. 

COCKBURN, Patrick. Oratio de utilitate et excel- 
lentia Vcrbi Dei. Parisiis, apud M. Fezandat^ 155 1, 8vo. 


COCKBURN, Mrs. Catherine. The Works, theolo- 
gical, moral, dramatic, and poetical : revised and published 
with an account of the life of the author, by Thomas Birch. 
London^ I75i> 2 vols. 8vo. 

COCKBURN, LlEUT.-COLONEL. Swiss scenery from 
drawings by Major Cockbum. London^ 1820, 4to. r. mor. g.e. 

Cockayne, T. Oswald. Leechdoms, Wortcunning 
and Starcraft of early England. London^ 1864- 1866, 3 

vols. 8vo. s. Chronicles and Memorials. 

COCKERELL, C. R. The Temples of Jupiter Panhel- 
lenius at iEgina and of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae near 
Phigaleia in Arcadia. London^ i860, fol. 

COCKS, John, Lord Somers. A Collection of scarce 
and valuable tracts on the most interesting and entertaining 
subjects, but chiefly such as relate to the history and con- 
stitution of these kingdoms, selected from an infinite 
number in public as well as in private libraries, particularly 
that of the late Lord Somers. London^ 1748-175 1, 16 vols. 
4to. rus. g. e. 

COCOLI, Domenico. Dissertazione sopra il quesito : 
^ Stabilire la vera teoria delle acque uscenti da' fori aperti 
ne* vasi." Mantova^ 1783, 4to. 

CODEX Legum Antiquarum, in quo continentur : 
Leges Wisigothorum. Edictum Theodorici regis. Lex 
Burgundionum. Lex Salica. Lex Alamannorum. Lex 
Baiuvariorum. Decretum Tassilonis Ducis. Lex Ripuari- 
orum. Lex Saxonum, Angliorum et Werinorum, Frisionum, 
Longobardorum. Constitutiones Siculae sive Neapolitanae. 
Capitulare Karoli M. et H. Ludovici Impp. Quibus accedunt 
Formulae solennes priscae publicorum privatorumque nego- 
tiorum, nunc primum edits : et Glossarium rerum vocum- 
que difficilium et obscuriorum. Ex bibliotheca Friderici 
Lindenborgi. Francofurti^ 161 3, fol. o. v. 

CODINUS, Georgius Curopalata. s. BvzANTlNiE His- 



CoDRUs Urceus, Antonius. s. Urceo (A.) 

COEFFETEAU, Francois-Nicolas- Histoire Ro- 

maine, contenant tout ce qui s'est pass6 de plus memorable 

depuis le commencement de Tempire d'Auguste jusques 4 

celui de Constantin le Grand. Avec I'Epitome de L. 

Florus. Paris ^ 1634, 2 vols. 8vo. 

The first vol contains CoefTeteau's translation of Florus, which was 
long considered a chef-dcnivre, 

CcELius Apicius. s. Apicius. 

COGAN, T. An ethical treatise on the Passions. 
Bath, 18 10, 8vo. 

COGNET, Sir Martyn. Politique Discourses upon 
trueth and lying. An instruction to Princes to keepe their 
faith and promise. Newly translated out of french into 
english by Sir Edward Hoby. London, Ralph Newberie, 
1586, 4to. 

COKE, Sir Edward. The compleate Copy-holder. 
London, 1641, small 4to. 

COKE, Roger. Justice vindicated from the false fucus 
put upon it by Thomas White, Mr. Thomas Hobbs, and 
Hugo Grotius. As also elements of power and subjec- 
tion, wherein is demonstrated the cause of all humane 
christian and legal society. London, 1660, folio. 

COKER, Rev. N. A survey of Dorsetshire, containing 
the antiquities and natural history of that County. London, 
1732, fol. c g. e. and border. With map and 6 plates. 

COLBATCH, John. Denmark vindicated : being an 
Answer to a late treatise called an Account of Denmark, 
as it was in the year 1692. London, 1694, 8vo. 

Memoirs of Denmark, containing the life and 

reign of the late king, Christian V. London, 1700, 8vo. 

COLDEN, Cadwallader. The History of the five 
Indian nations of Canada, which are the barrier between 
the English and French in that part of the world. Second 
edition. London, 1750, 8vo. 


COLE, Christian. Memoirs of Affairs of State : con- 
taining letters written by Ministers employed in foreign 
negotiations, from the year 1697 to the latter end of 1708 ; 
with treaties, memorials, and other transactions, mentioned 
in the said letters. London^ I733» foL L« P« 

COLERIDGE, Hartley. Essays and marginalia. 
Edited by his brother. London^ 1851, 2 vols. i2mo. 

Lives of Northern Worthies. Edited by his 

brother. A new edition, with the corrections of the author, 
and the marginal observations of S. T. Coleridge. Latuion^ 
1852, 3 vols. i2mo. 

COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. Notes on english 
divines. Edited by the Rev. Derwent Coleridge. London^ 
1833, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Notes, theological, political, and miscellaneous. 

Edited by the Rev. Derwent Coleridge. LofidoUy i833,cr.8vo. 

Poetical Works. Loftdon^ William Pickerings 

183s, 3 vols. i2mo. 

Literary Remains ; collected and edited by Henry 

Nelson Coleridge. London, William Pickering, 1836-1839^ 
4 vols. 8vo. 

On the constitution of the Church and State ac- 
cording to the idea of each. Lay sermons : I. The State- 
man's manual. 11. ** Blessed are ye that sow beside all 
waters.** Edited from the authors corrected copies, with 
notes, by Henry Nelson Coleridge. London, William 
Pickering, 1839, cr. 8vo. 

Confessions of an inquiring spirit. Edited from 

the author's ms. by Henry Nelson Coleridge. London, 
William Pickering, 1840, cr. 8vo. 

Biographia Literaria, or, biographical sketches of 

my literary life and opinions. Second edition prepared for 
publication in part by the late Henry Nelson Coleridge, 
completed and published by his widow. London, William 
Pickering, 1847, 2 vols, in 3 parts, cr. 8vo. 


COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor. The poetical and 
dramatic Works. London^ William Pickeringy 1847, 3 vols, 
cr. 8vo. 

Aids to reflection. Edited by Henry Nelson 

Coleridge. Sixth edition enlarged. London, William 
Pickering, 1848, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Notes and lectures upon Shakespeare and some of 

the old poets and dramatists, with other literary remains. 
Edited by Mrs. H. B. Coleridge. London, William Pickerings 

1849, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 

The Friend : a series of Essays to aid in the 

formation of fixed principles in politics, morals, and reli- 
gion, with literary amusements interpersed. Fourth edition, 
with the author's last corrections and an appendix, and 
with a synoptical table of the contents of the work, by 
Henry Nelson Coleridge. London, William Pickerings 

1850, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

Essays on his own times, forming a second series 

of The Friend. Edited by his daughter. London^ William 
Pickering, 1850, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 

COLET, Claude. L'Histoire Palladienne traitant 
des gcstes et genereux faitz d'armes et d'amours de plusi- 
eurs grandz princes et seigneurs, specialement de Palladien 
filz du roj Milanor d' Angleterre et de la belle Selerine soeur 
du roj de Portugal : nouvellement mise en nostre vulgaire 
francoys par feu Claude Colet, Champenois. Paris, 1555, 
fol. Roxb. arms. 

COLIGNY. La vie de Gaspard de Coligny, seigneur 
de Chatillon. Cologne, 1 69 1, i8mo. 

COLLATIO, or Collating, Pietro Apollonio. 

Excidii Jerosolymitani libri IV. Parisiis, 1540, i2mo. 


Collection (A), of Inventories and other records of 
the Royal Wardrobe, etc. s. SCOTLAND. 


COLLECTIONS. Collection Acad^mique contenant 
les essais d'experiences physiques de rAcademie del 
Cimento de Florence. Dijon^ I755» 4to. 

Collection Acad^mique compost des m^moires, 

actes, etc des plus c61^bres academies 6trang^res. Traduits 
en frangois par une Soci6t£ de gens de lettres. (Paul, 
Keralio, Robinet etc.) Dijon et Paris^ I75S"I799» 13 vols. 4to. 

A general Collection of Treaties. s« Treaties. 

COLLENUCCIO, Pandolfo. Compendio dell' Istoria del 
r^^o di NapolL s. Raccolta de pii!i rinomali scrittori del 
regno di Napoli, voL 17. 

COLLETTA, Pietro. Storia del reame di Napoli 
dal 1734 sino al 1825. Parigi^ 1835, 2 vols. 8vo. 

COLLINS, Arthur. The Life and glorious actions 
of Edward, Prince of Wales (commonly called the Black 
Prince) eldest son of king Edward the Third. London^ 

The History of John of Gaunt, king of Castile and 
Leon, Duke of Lancaster, and father of Henry IV. king of 
England. London^ 1740, 2 parts in i voL 8vo. 

Memoirs of the noble family of Cavendish, Dukes 

of Devonshire, faithfully collected from records, manuscripts, 
historians, and other authorities. London^ 1741, 8vo. o. a 
g. e. L. P. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Historical Collections of the noble families of 

Cavendishe, Holies, Vere, Harley, and Ogle, with the lives 
of the most remarkable persons. London^ ^75^, fol. L. P. 

Letters and Memorials of State in the reign of 

Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James, King Charles I. 
part of the reign of King Charles II. and Oliver's usurpa- 
tion. Written and collected by Sir Henry, Sir Philip and 
Sir Robert Sydney, Robert Earl of Leicester, Philip Lord 


Lisle, and his brother Colonel Algernon Sydney, etc. 
Faithfully transcribed from the originals at Penshurst, &c. 
Whereunto is added genealogical and historical observa- 
tions : also memoirs of the lives and actions of the Sydneys, 
etc London^ 17461 2 vols. fol. c. g. e. and arms. L. P. 

COLLINS, David. An Account of the english colony 
in New South Wales, with remarks on the dispositions, 
customs, manners, of the native inhabitants of that country. 
To which are added some particulars of New Zealand. 
Illustrated by engravings. London^ 1798, 2 vols. 4to. 

COLLINS, Greenville. Great Britain's coasting 
Pilot, being a new and exact survey of the sea-coast of 
England. London^ 1693, fol. o. c. g. b. 

COLLINS, John. The Sector on a quadrant 

The description and uses of a general quadrant, with 

the horizontal projection upon it inverted. 

An appendix touching reflective dialling, by John Lyon. 

London^ 1658. 3 parts in i voL small 4to. 

Commercium Epistolicum J. Collins, et aliorum de 

Analysi promota, etc. ou correspondance de J. Collins 
et d'autres savants calibres du XVII si^le relative k 
Tanalyse sup6rieure, reimprimde sur I'^dition originale de 
17 1 2, avec rindication des variantes de T^ditlon de 1722; 
complet^e par une collection de pieces justificatives et de 
documents, et publie6 par J. B. Biot et F. Lefort. Paris ^ 
1856, 4to. 

COLLINS, William. Poetical works, enriched with 

elegant engravings. To which is prefixed a life of the 

author by Dr. Johnson. London^ 1798, i2mo. 

The plates are by Fogg, Gardiner, and Piatt from drawings by 

Poetical works. Lond. 1825, 32mo. 

COLLINSON, John. The History and antiquities of 
the County of Somerset, collected from authentick records. 


and an actual survey made by Edmund Rack. Adorned 
with a map and engravings, Bath, 1791, 3 vols. 4to. russia. 

COLLOQUIA. CoUoquiorum familiarium, incerto auc- 
tore, Hbellus. Graece et latine. Lotianii^ apud Theocloricum 
MartiftuMy 1517, small 4to. 

COLMAN, George, the Younger. Broad Grins. 
Fourth edition. London^ 1809, i2mo. 

Poetical Vagaries. London^ 18 12, 4to. or. c. g. e. 

COLMENARES, Diego De. Historia de la insigne 
ciudad de Segovia y compendio de las historias de Castilla. 
Segovia^ 16^7^ fol. russia. 

COLOMBO, Cristoforo. Select letters of Christo- 
pher Columbus, with other original documents, relating to 
his four voyages to the New World. Translated and 
edited by R. H. Major. Second edition. London, printed 
for tlie Haklnyt society, 1870, royal 8vo. brown mor. 

COLONIA, Dominique De. Dissertation sur un monu- 
ment antique decouvert k Lyon en 1704. Lyon, 1705, i8mo. 

COLOMIES, or Colomesius, Paul. Opera, theolo- 
gici, critici, et historici argumenti, junctim edita, curante 
Joanne Alberto Fabricio. Hamburgi, 1709, small 4to. 

COLONNA, Egidio (iEciDius a Columna or ^Egi- 
DIUS ROMANUS). Le Mirouer exeplaire et trcsfuctrueuse 
instruction selon la copillation de Gilles de Rome tres ex- 
cellent docteur. Du regime et govcrnemet des Roys Princes. 
Imprimc a Paris pour Guillanme Eustace libraire du Roy 
nostre sire le dernier jour de Juillet Van 1517, roy. 8vo. ON 


COLONNA, Francesco, a Dominican. Hypneroto- 
machia Poliphili, ubi humana omnia non nisi somnium esse 
docet. Atque obiter plurima scitu sane quam digna com- 
memorat. Venetiis, Mense Decembri MID. /;/ cedibus Aldi 
Manutii, accuratissime, fol. On Vellum. 

The first figures are coloured. The drawings of the woodcuts are 


ascribed to Giovanni Bellini. By writing down the first letters of each 
chapter the name of the author as well as of his love will be found out. 
Only three copies on vellum are known. 

COLONNA, Francesco, a Dominican. La Hypne- 

rotomachia di Poliphilo, cioi Pugna d'Amore in sogno. 

Dov* egli mostra, che tutte le cose humane non sono altro 

che Sogno ; et dove narra molt* altre cose degne di cogni- 

tione. In Vinegia^ neW anno 1 545, in casa d^ Figliuoli di 

Aldo, fol. o. r. mor. 

Rich binding. Killigfrew's autograph on title-page. Sec ms. 
notes on 4th fol. verso. 

Hypnerotomachie, ou discours du Songe do Poli- 

phile, deduisant comme Amour le combat a Toccasion dc 
Polia, etc. Paris, pour Jaques Kerver, 1546, fol. 

COLUMELLA, Lucius Junius Moderatus. Of 

Husbandf}^ in XII books ; and his book concerning trees. 
Translated into english, with several illustrations from 
Pliny, Cato, Varro, Palladio and other ancient and modern 
authors. London^ 1745, 4to. 

s. LiBRI DE Re Rustica. 


COLUTHUS Lycopolitas. Helenae Raptus. Graeccet 
latine. Convcrsa et exposita a Michaele Neandro. Basilece, 
per Joannan Oporinum^ iS59i 4to. 

COMBER, Thomas. A Companion to the Temple ; 
or, a help to devotion in the use of the Common Prayer. 
Oxford, 1 84 1, 7 vols. 8vo. 

COMEDIE. GiRALDO CiNTHiO, Gio, Battista. Or- 
becca, tragedia, di nuovo ricorretta e ristampata. Vinegia, 
Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari, ^^^^^ 

Speroni, Sperone, Tragedia, corretta secondo Tessem- 
plare approvato dall* auctore stesso. Vviegia, de' Ferrari, 

Trissino, Giovan Georgia, La Sofonisba, tragedia, 
Vitiegia de' Ferrari, 1 562. 


Groto, LuigL La Dalida, tragedia. Venetia, fratelU 
Zcpini, 1583. Four parts bound in i voL small i2mo. 

COMEDIE. Ariosto, Lodavico. II Negromante^ 
comedia, nuovamente ristampata. Vinegia, d^ Ferrari^ 1 562. 

DiviTiO, Bernardo^ da Bibiena. Calandra, comedia. 
Vinegia, d^ Ferrari^ 1 562. 

CONTRINI, yoowwi?. UHortensiOyComedia. Venetia^i^Gi. 

Cecaria; tragicomedia del Epicuro Napolitano. Venetia^ 
Rampazetto^ 1566. Four parts in i voL small I2ma 

Tani, Nicolb. La Cognata, comedia facetissima 

et nova. Padua, Paulo Meieto, 1583. 

II Ladro Cacco, favola pastorale del Desioso Acade- 
mico Insipido Senese. Venetia, Ciotti, 1583. Two parts in 
I vol. 1 2 mo. or. mor. 

Grazini, Antonfrancesco, detto il Lasca. La Str^ja, 

comedia. Vettetia, Bernardo Giunti, 1582. 

Dolce, Lodavico. II Ragazzo, comedia di nuovo ricor- 
retta e ristampata. Venetia, Bonfadino, 1 594. 

Pino, Berfiardino, da Cagli. I Falsi Sospetti, comedia. 
Vinegia, Sessa, 1 597. Three parts in i vol. small 1 2mo. c 

Groto, Luigif Cieco di Hadria. La Calisto, nova 

favola pastorale. VatetiOy Zopini, 1583. 

Parabosco, Girolamo. I Contenti, comedia. Venetia, 
Rubin, 1586. 

Pino, Bernardino, Lo Sbratta, comedia. Venetia, 
Rubin, 1586. Three parts in i vol. small i2mo. c. 

Firenzuola, Apiolo, La Trinutia. Vinegia, d^ 

Ferrari, 1562. 

Della Porta, Gio, Battista, Gli Duoi Fratelli rivali, 
comedia. Venetia, Ciotti, 1606. 

La Trappolaria, comedia. Ferrara, Vittorio Baldini^ 
161 5. Three parts in i vol. small i2mo. c. 

CiNl, Giambattista, La Vedova, commedia, rap- 

presentata in Fiorenza \ anno 1 569. Fiorensa, Giunta, 1 569, 


COMEDIE. Martii, Giavambatista. Ottavia furiosa, 
commedia, nuovamente data in luce. Fiorenza^ Giunti^ 
1589. Two parts in i vol. small 8vo. or. mor. g. e. 

Razzi, Girolamo. La Gostanza, comedia, nuova- 
mente ristampata. Firenze^ Cosimo Giunii^ 1604. 

GUALTEROTTI, Raffaello. La Verginia, rappresentazione 
amorosa. Firenze^ SermarUlli^ 1584. 

Andreini, Gio. Battista. La Sultana, commedia 
Parigi, Nicolas della Vigna^ 1622. 

Buonarroti, Michelangelo^ il Giovine. La Tancia, 
commedia rusticale. Firenze, Landiniy 1638. Four parts in 
I voL small 8vo. or. mor. g. e. 

PICCOLOMINI, Alessandro. AUessandro, comedia, 

di nuovo con somma diligenza corretta. Venetia, 1596. 

Sbrozzi, Camilla. La Smarrita Amante, comedia. 
Perugia, 1596. 

Oddi, Sforza. L' Erofilomachia, overo il Duello d' amore 
et d'amicitia, comedia nuova. Fiorenza, Giunti, 1595. 
Three parts in i vol. small 8vo. o. c 

Bentivoglio, Hercole. I Fantasmi, comedia. 

Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1 544. 

Dolce, Lodovico. II Capitano, comedia. Con alcune 
stanze del medesimo nella favola d'Adone. Vinegia, de 
Ferrari, 1545. 

II Marito, comedia, di nuovo corretta et ristampata. 
Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1547. 

Aretino, Pietro. Comedia intitolata il Filosofo. Vine- 
gia de Ferrari, 1 546. 

Carretto, Galeotto. La Sophonisba, tragedia. Vinegia, 
de Ferrari, 1546. 

Parabosco, Girolamo. II Viluppo, comedia nova. 
Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1 547. 

Ruzante. Piovana, comedia, overo novella del Tasco. 
Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1 548. Seven parts in i vol. small 8vo. c. 

E E 


COMEDIE. Salviati, Lianardo. Due comedie, il 
Granchio, e la Spina. Firaize^ Cosimo Giunti^ 1606, small 8va 

Pasqualigo, Luigi. II Fedele, comedia, di novo 

ristampata et ricorretta. Venetia^ Francesco Ziletti^ IS79- 

Ongaro, Antonio. Alceo, favola pescatoria. Venetia, 
Frattcesco ZiUtti^ 1582. 

Bentivoglio, Ercole. I Fantasmi, comedia. Vimgia^ 
de Ferrari^ 1547- 

Raineri, Anton Francesco, L'Altilia, comedia. Man^ 
tovay Venturino, RoffineUi^ ^SSO. Four parts in i voL sm. 
8vo. or. mor. g. e. 

Parabosco, Girolamo, La Progne, trag^edia nova. 

Vinegiay Comin da Trino^ 1S48. 

RucCELLAly Giovanni. Rosmunda, tragedia. Venetia^ 
CesanOf 1549. 

Spinello, Alcssandro, Cleopatra, tragedia. Vinegia, 
Pietro dc Nicolini da Saddio, 1550. 

De Cesari, Cesare. Romilda, tragedia. Venetia, Fr. 
Bindopti et M. Pasini, 1551. 

Gratarolo, Bongianni^ di Sal6. Altea, tragedia. Vine- 
gia^ Francesco Marcolini^ ^^l^- 

Galladei, Maffeo, Medea, tragedia. Venetia^ Giovan 
GriffiOy 1558. Six parts in i vol. small 8vo. or. mor. g. e, 

N. S. Gr Inganni, comedia recitata in Milano 

r anno 1 547 dinanzi alia maestd del Re Filippo. Nuova- 
mente posta in luce. Fiorcfiza, Giunti, 1562. 

Gl' Inganni, comedia nuovamente ristampata. Venetia^ 
Bernardo Giunti^ 1582. 

Pasqualigo, Aloise. Gl' Intricati, pastorale non piu 
posta in luce. Venetia, Francesco Ziletti, 1581. 

Descrizione degF Intermedii rappresentati con la com- 
media nelle nozze del . . . Principe di Firenze, e di Siena. 
Firenze, Filippo Giunti, 1 593. 

D* Oddi, Sforza, I Morti vivi, comedia, nuovamente 

CO MED IE, 419 

corretta e ristampata. Firenze, Giiinti, 1608. Five parts in 
I vol. small 8vo. c 

COMEDIE. Boccaccio, Giovanni, Ameto, comedia 
delle Nimphe Fiorentine. Con la dichiaratione de i luoghi 
difficili di Messer Francesco Sansovino. Viftegia^ Gabriel 
Giolito de Ferrari^ IS45. 

Bentivoglio, Hercole, I Fantasmi, comedia. Vinegia^ 
de Ferrari^ '547. 

Polifila, comedia piacevole e nuova, nuovamente e con 
ogni diligentia stampata. Fioretiza^ Giunti^ IS 36. 

BiBiENA, Bernardo da^ che fu poi Cardinale. Calandra, 
comedia nuovamente ristampata, et corretta. Fiorenza, 
Giunti, 1559. Four parts in i vol. small 8vo. c, 

DOMENICHI, Lodovico, Le Due Cortigiane, come- 
dia. Fiorepiza^ Giorgio Mariscottiy 1 563. 

Bazzi, Girolamo, La Cecca, comedia. Fiorenza, 
TorrentifWy 1563. 

Varchi, Benedetto, La Suocera, commedia. Fiorcftza, 
Serniartelliy 1569. Three parts in i vol. small 8vo. c. 

COMPARINI, Lorenzo, Due comedie, cio^, il Pel- 

legrino, et il Ladro, nuovamente uscite in luce. Vifiegia, 
de Ferrariy 1554. 

Cecchi, Giovan Maria, La Moglie, comedia. Vinegia, 
de Ferrari, 1556. 

La Dote, comedia. Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1556. 

PiCCOLOMlNl, Alessandro, Alessandro, comedia. Vine- 
gia, de Ferrari, 1562. Four parts in i vol. small i2mo. c. 

Castelletti, Cristoforo, I Torti Amorosi, come- 
dia novamente posta in luce. Venetia, Sessa, 1585. 

Oddi, Sforza. Prigione d'Amore, commedia nuova, 
recitata in Pisa da scolari T anno secondo del felice retto- 
rato del Signor Lelio Gavardo Asolano. Venetia, Bonfa- 
dino, 1596. 

BORGHINI, Raffaello, La Donna costante, comedia. 
Venetia, Sessa, 1606. Three parts in i vol. small i2mo. c. 

420 CO MED IE. 

COMEDIE. Comedia del Sacrificio de gli Intronad 
da Siena. Vinegia^ de Ferrari^ 1559. 

UAmore costante, comedia del S. Stordito Intronato, 
composta per la venuta dell' Imperatore in Siena Tanno 
1536. Vinegia^ de Ferrari, 1559. 

Dolce, Lodavico, II Capitano, comedia, di nuovo 
ricorretta e ristampata. Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1560. 

II Marito, comedia, di nuovo corretta e ristampata. Vine- 
gia, de Ferrari, 1560. Four parts in i voL small i2mo. c 

Dolce, Lodavico, Didone, tragedia, nuovamente 

riveduta e ricorretta. Vinegia, de Ferrari^ 1 56a 

La Hecuba, tragedia, di nuovo ricorretta e ristampata. 
Vincgia, de Ferrari, 1560. 

Ifigenia, tragedia di nuovo corretta e ristampata. Vine- 
gia, de Ferrari, 1 560. 

La Medea, tragedia, di nuovo ricorretta e ristampata. 
Vinegia, de Ferrari, 1 560. 

Cagli, Bernardino da. Gli ingiusti Sdegni, comedia, 
di nuovo ricorretta e ristampata. Vinegia, de Ferrari^ 156a 
Five parts in i vol. small i2mo. c 

Dolce, Lodavico. II Ragazzo, comedia. Venetia^ 

Ciirtio de Navo, 1541* 

GiRALDi CiNTHiO, Giovanbattista. Orbecche, tragedia, 
1547. Two parts in i vol. small i2mo. 

With a fine portrait of Giraldi. 

Loiola. Londini, 1648. (By John Hacket, Bishop 

of Litchfield). — Stoicus vapulans. Olim Cantabrigiae acta 
in collegio S. Johannis Evangelistae. Londini, 1648. 

Cancer, comoedia. Londini, 1648. — Paria. Acta coram 
sereniss. rcge Carolo. Authore Tho. Vincent Londini^ 
1648. Four parts bound in a vol. small i2mo. c 

Coll£. La partie de chassc de Henri IV. Paris^ 

1766. DUMANIANT. Guerre Ouvcrtc. Paris, 1786. Rose 
et Colas. Paris, 1764. Charles ct Caroline, Paul et Vir- 
ginia. Paris, 1 79 1, four parts in i vol. 8vo. 


Comes, Hieronymus. s. Hieronymus Alexan- 


Comes, seu Comitum Natalis. s. Conti (N.) 

COMICI ANTIQUI. Vetustissimorum et sapientissi- 
morum Comicorum quinquaginta, quorum opera Integra 
non extant, sententiae quae supersunt : gr. et lat. collectae 
et secundum literas Graecorum in certos locos dispositae : 
accesserunt uniuscujusque poetae vitae . . , et Platonis frag- 
mentum de differentiis comoediarum . . . perjacobum Herte- 
lium. BasilecBf 1560, 8vo. 

COMMANDING, Federico. In Planisphaerium Pto- 
lomaei commentarius. Vetuiiis, Aldus, 1558, 4to. 

Liber de centro gravitatis solidorum. Bononice, 

1565, 4to. 

COMMELIN, Caspar* Flora Malabarica, sive Horti 
Malabarici catalogus. Lugduni Batavorum, 1696, folio. 

COMMELIN, Hieronymus. Rerum Britannicaruni, 
id est Angliae, Scotiae, vicinarumque insularum ac regionum 
scriptores vetustiores ac praecipui : — Galfredi Monume- 
tensis, cognomento Arturi, de origine et gestis Regum Bri- 
tanniae lib. XII. — Pontici Verunnii Britannicae historiae 
lib. VI. — Gildae sapientis, de excidio et conquestu Bri- 
tanniae epistola. — Bedae Anglosaxonis historiae ecclesiasticae 
gentis Anglorum lib. V. — Continuatio ejusdem historiae, 
incerto auctore. — Gul. Neubricensis de rebus Anglicis 
lib. V. — ^Joa. Froissardi historiarum epitome. — Heidelberga, 
1587, fol. o. V. 

COMMELiN, Jean. Hortus Indicus Malabaricus. s.Al- 

COMMELIN, Isaac. Histoire de la vie et actes me- 
morables de Fr^diric Henry de Nassau, prince d'Orange. 
Enrichie de figures en taille douce, et translat^e du fla- 
mand en fran9ois. Amsterdam, 1656, 2 parts in i vol. fol. 


COMMENTARil de Rebus in scientia natural! et medicina 
gestis. s. Periodical Publications. 

COMMERCE. Observations sur le Commerce de la 
Mer Noire, et des pays qui la bordent Atnsterdafn^ ^7^ 

COMMERCIUM Epistoucum J. CoUins et alioruni. 
s. Collins (J.) 


COMMINES, ou CoMiNES, Philippe De, Seigneur 
d'Argenton. Chronique et histoire contenant les choses 
advenues durant le regne du Roy Leys XL et Charles VIII. 
son filz. Paris ^ Eiienne GrouUau^ 1560, l8mo. 

Les Memoires sur les principaux faicts et gestes 

de Louis XL et de Charles VIII. son filz Roys de France. 

Revues et corrigez par Denis Sauvage. Paris ^ Abel FAn- 

gelier, 1580, fol. 

With Blondeau's autograph on title-page. 

Supplement aux Memoires de Philippe de Comines, 

contenant Taddition k I'histoire du Roi Louis XL avec 
plusieurs pieces. BrusselU^ I7I3> i2mo. 

Les Memoires contenant Thistoire de Roys Louys 

XL ct Charles VIII. etc Reveus et corrig^s . . . aug- 
mcntez de plusieurs traictez, etc. par Denys Godefroy. 
Paris y 1649, fol. 

The Historie of Philip de Commines, knight, Lord 

of Argon ton. London, 1601, fol. 

Common Prayer, the Book of s. Liturgy. 

COMPAGNI, DiNO. Istoria Fiorentina dal 1280 al 
1 31 2. Pisa, 1 8 18, 8vo. 

COMPARATIVE VIEW (A) of the State and facul- 
ties of Man with those of the Animal World. The second 
edition. London, ^7^6, i8mo. 


COMPARINI, Lorenzo. Due comedie, cioi il Pellc- 
grino et il Ladro, nuovamente uscite in luce. Vinegia, 
Gabriel Giolito di Ferrari, 1554, 241110. 

Comparison between two Stages, s. Stage. 

COMPOSITA Verborum cum commento. Antiurpia^ 
per me Gerardum Leeu, Anno dhi i486, VII. decima mensis 
Januarii, small 4to. gr. mor. g. e. 

CoMTE, Louis Le. s. Le Comte (L.) 

CoNitus, Georgius. s. Cone (G.) 

CONCILIA. Conciliorum omnium tam generalium 
quam provincialium, quae jam inde ab Apostolorum tem- 
poribus hactenus legitime celebrata haberi potuerunt. Ve- 
netiis, 1585, 5 vols, folio. 

Concilium Constantiniense. Lovanii, 1518, 8vo. 

CONCIONES, sive Orationes ex graecis latinisque his- 
toricis excerptae, graece et latine. Excudebat Henricus Ste- 
phantis, 1570, fol. o. russia. 

CONCLAVE. Conclavi de Pontefici romani, quali 
si sono potuti trovare fino a questo gionio. 1667, 4to. 

Concordio, Bartolommeo da San. s. Bartolom- 

Condamine, Charles-Marie De la. s. La Conda- 
MiNE (Ch. M. de.) 

CONDIVI, ASCANIO. Vita di Michel Agnolo Buona- 
roti. Roina, Blado, 1553, small 4to. c g. e. 

CONE, George. Vita Mariae Stuartae Scotiae reginae 
dotariae Galliae, Angliae et Hibemiae haeredis. Roma, 
1624, i8mo. 

CONESTAGGIO, Jeronimo de Franchi. Dell' 
unione del regno di Portogallo alia corona di Castiglia, 
storia. Genova, 1589, 4to. 


CONESTAGGIO, Jeronimo de Franchi. Deir 
unione del regno di Portogallo alia corona di Castiglia. 
Firenze^ 1642, 4ta 

CONFECTIONER. The Compleat Confectioner, being 
a collection of all the receipts of Mrs. Eales, confectioner to 
King William and Queen Anne. London^ I733» 8vo. 


CONGREVE, William. Works. London, Tonson, 
171 3> 3 vols, bound in 2, 8vo. a c 

Another copy. 3 vols. 8vo. o. c L. P. 

The dramatic Works. Glasgow , Foulis, I75i- 

1752, 3 vols. i2mo. c 

The mourning Muse of Alexis, a pastoral lament- 
ing the death of our late gracious Queen Mary, of ever 
blessed memory. London, i^5» foL 

CONNOR, Bernard. The history of Poland in 
several letters to persons of quality. Published by Mr. 
Savage. London, 1698, 8vo. 

CoNSEiL de Momus, Le. s. Bosc-Dubouchet. 

CONSERVATEUR Impartial, Le. St Petersburg, 
1824, 4to. 

CONSETT, Matthew. A Tour through Sweden, 
Swedish Lapland, Finland and Denmark, in a series of 
letters, illustrated with engfravings. Stockton, 1789, 4to. 

CONSTANT, Benjamin. De la Religion, consider6e 
dans sa source, ses formes et ses d^veloppements. Paris, 
1 830- 1 83 1, 5 vols. 8vo. 

CONSTANTIN, Robert. Supplementum linguae 
latinae, seu dictionarium abstrusorum vocabulorum. Lug- 
duniy 1573, small 4to. 

Lexicon grseco-latinum, hac secunda editione 

partim ipsius auctoris, partim Francisci Porti et aliorum 
additionibus plurimum auctum. Geneva^ Vignon, 1592, 
2 vols. fol. 


CONSTANTINOPLE. Voyage pittoresque de Con- 
stantinople et des rives du Bosphore, d'apr&s Ics dessins 
de M. Melling, public par Treuttel et Wiirtz. Paris, 18 19, 
2 vols. fol. max. russia. 

silii Imperatoris avi vita et rebus gestis. s. BvZANTlNiE 


De Thematibus occiduae partis Orientalis imperii 

libri II. (Grsece.) Lutetia, 1609, i2mo. 

Polybii, Diodori Siculi, Nicolai Damasceni, 

Dionysii Alicamassei, Appiani Alexandrini, Dionis et 
Joannis Antiocheni excerpta in coUectaneis Constantini 
Augusti Porphyrogenetae. Henricus Valesius nunc primum 
grxce edidit, latine vertit, notisque illustravit Parisiis, 
1634, small 4to. 


usus liber. . . . per Dominum Heinricum Eggesteyn artis 
impressorie peritissimum impressus, {Argentina), 1472, foL 

CONTARINI, Francesco. La fida Ninfa, favola 
pastorale. Vicenza, 1599, i8mo. o. r. mor. 

CONTARINI, Caspar, Cardinale. The Common- 
wealth and government of Venice. Translated into eng- 
lish by Lewis Lewkenor. London, J. Windet, 1 599, 4to. 

De Republica Venetorum. s. RESFUBLlCiS 


CONTI, in latin Comes, Natale. De Venatione 
libri nil. Hieronymi Ruscelli scholiis brevissimis illustrati. 
Venetiis, Aldi Filii, 1551, i2mo. 

Mythologiae, sive explicationis fabularum libri X. 

Ejusdem libri IV. de Venatione. Addita m)^hologia Mu- 
sarum a Geofredo Linocerio. Fratuofurti, 1 596, 8vo. 

Mythologiae, sive explicationis fabularum libri X. 


Accessit G. Linocerii Musarum mythologia. Adjectae sunt 
elegantissimae Deorum imagines, et mythologiae Antonii 
Tritonii. Patavii, 1616, 4to. 

CONTILE, LUCA. Ragionamento sopra la propriety 
delle Imprese, con li particolari degli Academic! affidati, et 
con le interpretationi ct croniche. Con figure. Pavia^ 

1574, 4to. 


CONTROVERSIA Memorabilis inter Paulum V. 
Pontificem Maximum et Venetos : de Excommunicatione 
contra eosdem Venetos Romae promulgata XVI I. Aprilis 
anno 1606. Acta et scripta varia, summa fide ex italico 
in latinum sermonem conversa. In Villa Sanviticentiana^ 
1607, 8vo. o. V. 

CONWAY, Derwent. Solitary walks through many 
lands. London, 1828, 2 vols. 8vo. 

COOK, Henry. Recollections of a tour in the Ionian 
Islands, Greece, and Constantinople. London, 18539 fol. 

COOKE, Captain James. Journal of the Resolution's 
voyage in 1772, 73. 74, and 1775, on discovery to the 
Southern Hemisphere. Also a Journal of the Adventure's 
voyage in the years 1772, 73, and 74. With a chart. 
London, 1775, 8vo. 

A Voyage towards the South Pole and round the 

world in 1772- 1775. London, 1777, 2 vols. 4to., and 
I vol. fol. of plates. 

A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, undertaken by 

command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the 
Northern Hemisphere in the years 1776-1780. London, 
1784, 3 vols. 4to. and i vol. fol. of plates. 

An authentic Narrative of a voyage performed 

by Capt. Cook and Capt Cleeke in H.M. Ships Resolution 
and Discovery, s. ELLIS (W.) 


COOKE, M. C. Handbook of british Fungi, with full 
descriptions of all the species, and illustrations of the genera. 
London, 1871, i2mo. 

COOPER, Charles Henry. Annals of Cambridge. 
Cambridge, 1842- 1845. 3 vols. 8vo. c 

Charles Henry, and THOMPSON . . Athenae 

Cantabrigienses ; 1500-1609. Cambridge, 1858-1861, 2 
vols. 8vo. 

COOPER, E. General instructions for drawing and 
designing human figures, reduced to geometrical rule, from 
the original drawings of Leonard Da Vinci. Sold at the 
Three Pigeons in Bedford street, J. Cole sculpsit, fol. 

COOPER, Thomas, successively Bishop of Lincoln 
and Winchester. Thesaurus linguae romanae et britannicae, 
tam accurate congestus, ut nihil pene in eo desyderari 
possit, quod vel latine complectatur amplissimus Stephani 
Thesaurus, vel anglice, toties aucta Eliotae Bibliotheca; 
opera et industria Thomae Cooper, Magdalenensis. Ac- 
cessit dictionarium historicum et poeticum. Londini^ in 
adibus Henrici Bynnemmani, 1584, fol. 

Chronicle, s. Lanquet (Th.) 

COOPER, Thomas. The mystery of Witchcraft, dis- 
covering the truth, nature, occasions, growth, and power 
thereof Together with the detection and punishment of 
the same. London, Nicholas Okes, 161 7, i2mo. 

COOTWYK, Joan. Itinerarium Hyerosolimitanum 
et Siriacum, in quo variarum gentium mores et instituta, 
insularum, regionum, urbium situs, etc. Accessit synopsis 
Reipublicae Venetae, cum figuris. Antwerpue, 1619, 4to. o. v. 

COPERNICUS, NiCHOLAUS. De Revolutionibus 
orbium celestium libri VL Norimbergce, apud Joannem 
Petreium, 1543, 4to. 

Several ms. notes on the fly-leaf. 


COPERNICUS, NiCHOLAUS. De Revolutionibus or- 
bium celestium libri VI. Basilea^ ex officina Henricpetrina^ 
1566, small fol. 

Astronomia instaurata, notis illustrata. Opera et 

studio D. Nicolai MuleriL Amstelrodami^ 1617, 4to. 

COPPETTA De' Beccuti, Francesco. Rime. Ve- 
netia, 1580, iSmo. 

COPPOLA, GiovAN Carlo. Le Nozze degli Dei, 
favola rappresentata in musica in Firenze, con figure. 
Firenze, 1637, small 4to. 

COQUEREL, Charles. Histoire des Eglises du desert 
chez les protestants de France depuis la fin du r^^e de 
Louis XIV. jusque i la Revolution fran^aise. Paris^ 1841, 
2 vols. 8va 

COQUILLART, Guillaume. Les Po&ies de Guil- 
laume Coquillart, official de I'^lise de Reims. /\zrir, Cdtis- 
teUer, 1723, small 4ta o. r. mor. On Vellum. 

COQUILLE, Guy, Sieur de Romanay. Histoire du 
pays et duch^ de Nivemois. Paris, 1622, 4to. o. c 

CORBETT, Richard, successively Bishop of Norwich, 
and Oxford. Poems. Third edition corrected and enlarged. 
London, 1672, i8mo. 

CORBINELLI, Jean De. Histoire g^n^alogique de 
la Maison de Gondl Paris, i70S> 2 vols. 4to. c g. e. with 
numerous illustrations. 

CORBOLIO, Petrus De. Remedium contra c5cubi- 
nas et conjuges. s. MOTIS (S.) 

CORDIALE. Cordiale de quatuor Novissimis, 
Antwerpie impressum per Matthid Goes, 1484, small 4to. 

CORDIER, in latin CoRDERius, Mathurin. De 
Syllabarum quantitate reg^lae speciales, quas Despauterius 
in carme non redegit Parisiis, 1542, i2mo. 


CORDIER, in latin CoRDERius Mathurin. Collo- 
quiorum scholasticorum libri IV. ad pueros in sermone 
latino paullatim coercendos. — Colloquiorum graecorum speci- 
men, authore Henrico Stephano. Excudebat Henricus Ste- 
pliantiSy 1564, small 8vo. 

Nouvelle traduction des Colloques de Mathurin 

Cordier (Lat and Fr). Amsterdam^ 1729, i8mo. v. 

COREAL, Francois. Recueil de voyages dans 
TAm^rique Meridionale. Voyages de Francois Coreal aux 
Indes Occidentales ; traduits de I'espagnol. Avec une re- 
lation de la Guiane de Walter Raleigh, et le voyage de 
Narbrough k la Mer du Sud traduit de Tanglois. Am-- 
sterdam, 1722, 3 vols. i2mo. 

CORI, Angelo Maria. A new method for the 
Italian tongue, or a short way to learn it. Dedicated to 
the Rt. Hon. the Lady Dorothea Savelli, Countess of Bur- 
lington. LondoHy 1723, 8vo. o. r. mor. g. e, and sides. L* P. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Presentation copy to a Royal person, with the original ms. letter. 
A present from Mr. Dibdin, whose autograph letter is in it 

CORIO, Bernardino. Patria Historia. Mediolani. 
apud Alexandrum Minutianum, 1 503, fol. o. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

CoRNARO, Angelo. s. Relazione della Corte 

CORNARO, LuiGl. Discorsi della vita sobria. Pariggi^ 
1646, 32mo. 

CORNAZZANO, Antonio. Ad serenissimum Vene- 
torum Dominum, ejusque civitatis Principem clarissimum 
de Fide et Vita Christi Antonii Comazani Placentioi vatis 
liber. 1472, small 4to. pur. mor. g. e. 

An Italian Poem. 

Opera del Arte militare composta da Misser 

Antonio Comazano poeta Placentino. In Pesaro, del 1 507, 
per Hieranymo Soncino impressa^ i2mo. v. 

Illuminated capital letters. 


CORNEILLE, Jean-Baptiste. Les premiers elements 
de la peinture pratique, enrichis de figures de proportion 
mesurdes sur Tantique. Paris, 1684, small 8vo. 

CORNEILLE, Pierre, Theatre, avec des commen- 
taires et autres morceaux intiressants. Genive, ^774, 8 vols. 
4to. o. c. 

CORNEILLE, Pierre et Thomas. Theatre. J^aris, 
1 689- 1 690 (avec figures), 9 vols. i8mo. o. c. 

OEuvres de Pierre et Chefs-d'oeuvre de Thomas 

Comeille. Avec les commentaires de Voltaire. Avec 
portraits et figures. Paris, Renauard, 18 17, 12 vols. 8vo. 
or. c. L. P. 

CORNEILLE, Pierre. L'Imitation de J&us Christ 
Traduite et paraphras6e en vers franfois. Rouen, par 
Laurent Marroy, 1656, small 4to. o. r. mor. 

CORNELIUS NEPOS, iEMlLlus Probus. Probi 
iEmilii de virorum excellentium vita per M, Nicolaum 
Jenson Venetiis opus fceliciter impressum est anno a Christi 
Incamatione, 147 1 , Idus Martias royal 4to. o. c First edition. 

Another copy, o. r. mor. g. e. First page illumi- 

Vitae excellentium Imperatorum cum quorumdum 

iconibus et notis variorum. Lugduni Batavonim, 1675, 8vo. 

De Vita excellentium Imperatorum, interpretatione 

et notis illustravit Nicolaus Courtain, in usum Serenissimi 
Delphini. Parisiis, 1675, 4to. ol. mor. g. e. 

Excellentium Imperatorum vitae ; accessit Aristo- 

mcnis Messcnii vita ex Pausania. Oxofiii, 1697, 8vo. 

Another copy, o. c. L. P. 

Another copy, bl. mor. g. e. L. P. 

Quae extant, ex editione Joannis Andreae Bosh. 

AfHstelodami, Mor tier, 1704, 24mo. o. v. 


CORNIANI, Conte Giambattista. I secoli della 
Letteratura italiana dopo il suo risoi^imento. Commentario 
ragionato. Brescia^ 18 18-18 19, 9 vols. i2mo. 

CORNWALL, County of. A new and accurate map 
of the County of Cornwall from an actual survey made by 
Thomas Martyn, in nine sheets. London^ ^784, folio. 

CORNWALLIS, Mrs. Observations, critical, explana- 
tory, and practical, on the canonical Scriptures. Londofi^ 

18 17, 4 vols. 8vo. 

CoRNWALLis, Charles, first Marquis of. Correspond- 
ence, s. Ross. 

Corpus Juris Civilis. s. Justinianus. 

CORRADO, Sebastiano. Commentarius in quo 
M. T. Ciceronis de Claris oratoribus liber qui dicitur Brutus, 
et loci pene innumerabiles quum aliorum scriptorum, turn 
Ciceronis ipsius, explicantur. Florentice^ apud Laurentium 
Torrmtinum, 1552, small fol. o. v. 

Commentarius, in quo P. Virgilii Maronis liber 

primus Eneidos explicatur. Florenti(B,excudebat Laurentius 
TorrentinuSy 1555, I2mb. o. v. 

CORREARD, Alexandre and SAVIGNY, J. B. 
Henrl Naufrage de la fregate la M6duse, faisant partie de 
Texpedition du S^n^gal en 18 16. Seconde Edition. Paris ^ 

1 818, 8vo. 

CoRREVON, Gabriel Seigneux de. s. Seigneux De 

CORROZET, GiLLES. Epitome des histoires des 
roys d' Espaigne de Castille, des roys d'Arragon, des ducz 
et roys de Boheme. Paris^ ISS3> i2mo. 

CORRY, John. The History of Lancashire. London^ 
1825, 2 vols. 4to. L. P. 

CORRY, Joseph. Observations upon the windward 


coast of Africa, the religion, character, customs, etc. of the 
natives, made in the years 1805 and 1806. London^ 1807, 4^0. 

CORSI, Faustino. Catalogo ragionato d'una collezio- 
ne di pietre di decorazione, formata e posseduta in Roma 
dall* awocato Faustino CorsL Roma^ 1825, 8vo. v. 

Delle Pietre antiche, trattato. Edizione seconda. 

Rotna^ 1833, 8vo. v. 

CORSI, PlETRO. Ad human! generis servatorem in 
urbis Romas excidio P. Cursii civis Roman! deploratio. 
Parisiis, Robertus Stephanus^ 1528, i2mo. o. r. mor. 

CORSIGNANI, PiETRO Antonio. De viris illustri- 
bus Marsorum liber singularis, cu! etiam sanctorum ac 
venerabilium vitx necnon Marsicanse inscriptiones acces- 
serunt Roma, 1712, 4to. 

CORSI N I. Descrizione delle feste d! S. Andrea CorsinL 
Fiorenza^ 1632, 4to. With plates. 

CORSINI, Bartolommeo. II Torracchione desolato^ 
con alcune spi^^ioni; e Taggiunta del suo Anacreonte 
toscano. Londra {Parigi) Marcello Prault^ 1768, 2 vols. 
i8mo. o. fn c g. e. 

CORTES, Martin. The art of Navigation, translated 
from the Spanish by Richard Eden. London^ 1584, 4to. 

CORTESI, Ferdinando Alessandro. Liber unus 
de virtutibus bellicis Mathiae Corvini Hungarian Regis 
invictissimi, Vincentii Obsopei operar in lucem editus. 
Hagafur, 1531, i2mo. 

CORTEZ, Hernan, or Fernand. De Insulis nuper 
inventis Ferdinand! Cortesi! ad Carolum V. Romanum Im- 
peratorem narrationes, cum alio quodam Petri Martyris ad 
Clementem Septimum consimilis argument! libello. His 
accesserunt : Epistolae duae de felicissimo apud Indos Evan- 
gelii incremento. Item epitome de inventis nuper Indiae 
populis idolatris ad fidem Christ! convertendis, autore 


R. P. F. Nicolao Herborn. Colonia, ex officina Melchiarris 
Novesianiy 1532, fol. 

With a fine woodcut of Charles V. 

CORTI, BONAVENTURA. Osservazioni microscopiche 
sulla Tremella e sulla circolazione del fluido in una pianta 
acquajola. Lucca, 1774, 8vo. 

CORTONiEUS, Petrus, Utinensis. Varia carmina 
graeca. Venctiis, Joannes Gryphius excudebat, ISSS> 4to. 

Another copy. L. P. but without the title-page. 

CORVINUS, JoHAN Arnold. Enchiridium, seu In- 
stitutiones imperiales, insertis latioribus materiis, theorice 
et practice digestae, et explicatae per erotemata. Amstelo^ 
dami, ajmd Elzevirios, 1657, 24mo. 

CORYAT, Thomas. Coryat Crudities hastily gobled 
up in five moneths trauells in France, Sauoy, Italy, Rhetia, 
comonly called the Grisons country, Heluetia alias Switzer- 
land, some parts of high Germany and the Netherlands. 
Landan, printed by IV, S. anno domini 161 1, 4to. russia. 

Frontispiece, with Coryat's portrait by W. Hole, and 7 plates. 

COSIN, John, Bishop of Durham. Works, now first 
collected. Oxford, 1843-1855, 5 vols. 8vo. 

COSMICO. Incomincia la candon del excellentissimo 
Cosmico. Impresse in Venecia per Bernardino di Celeri de 
Lovere^ del 1478 di X Aprile, 4to. r. mor. g. e. 

COSMO III. Travels of Cosmo the Third, Grand Duke 
of Tuscany, through England, during the reign of King 
Charles the Second. (1669.) Translated from the Italian 
ms. in the Laurentian Library at Florence. To which is 
prefixed a memoir of his life. London, 1821, 4to. 


COSMOGRAPHIiE Introductio : cum quibusdam 
gaeometriae et astronomiae principiis ad earn rem neces- 
sariis. Ingolstadii, 1527, small 8vo. 

F F 


Costa, Emanuel Mendez Da. s. Da Costa (£. M.) 

COSTA, Margarita. Rime amorose. 4to. o. c LP. 

COSTANZO, Angelo Dl Historia del regno di Na- 
poli divisa in XX libri. Col ritratto e vita dell' autore. 
Napoli^ 1710, 4to, o. c 

Istoria del regno di Napoli. s. Raccolta d^li 

scrittori del R^^o di Napoli, Vol. III. 

Istoria del regno dl Napoli divisa in XX libri 

Milano, 1865, 3 vols. 8vo. Classici Itai-Iani, vols. 1 19- 121. 

COSTARD, George. Histoiy of Astronomy, with its 
application to geography and chronolc^[y, occasionally ex- 
emplified by the globes. LondoH^ ^7^7 > 4to. 

COSTIGAN, Arthur William. Sketches of sodety 
and manners in Portugal. London, 1787, 2 vob. 8va 

COSTUMES.— Austria. The Costume of the here- 
ditary states of the House of Austria; displayed in 50 
coloured engravings; with descriptions and introduction, 
by Mr. Bertrand de Moleviile. Translated by R. C. Dallas. 
London, Miller, 1804, fol. 

China. The Costume of China, illustrated in 

48 coloured engravings by William Alexander. London, 
Miller, 1805, royal 4to. r. mor. 

France. Costumes civils et militaires de la Mon- 

archie Frangaise de 1200 a 1820, par Lecomte. (Lith. 
col.) Paris, 4 vols. fol. 

Italy. Italian scenery ; representing the man- 
ners, customs, and amusements of the different states of 
Italy ; containing 32 coloured engravings by James Godby, 
from original drawings by P. Van Lerberghi. The narrative 
by M. Buonaiuti. London, Orme, 1806, fol. 

Russia. The Costume of the Russian Empire, 


illustrated by a series of 73 engravings. With descriptions 
in english and french. London^ Miller, 1 803, foL 

COSTUMES.— Turkey. The Costume of Turkey 
illustrated by a series of (coloured) engravings; with 
descriptions in english and french. London^ Miller ^ 1802, 
fol. r. mor. 

Costumes du Theatre Francis (1634 col. plates). 

Paris, Hautecceur Martinet, 10 vols. 8vo. r. mor. g. e. by 


COTES, Roger. Hydrostatical and pneumatical lec- 
tures, published with notes by R. Smith. London, 1738, 8vo. 

COTGRAVE, Randle. A Dictionarie of the french 
and english tongues. London, Adam I slip, \6\\, folio. 

A french and english Dictionary : with another 

in english and french. With supplements of many hun- 
dred words, a large grammar, and a dialogue ; by James 
Howell. London, 1673, fol. 


COTTE, L. Traits de m6t6orologie. Paris, 1774, 4to. 

Memoire sur la m^t^orologie, pour servir de suite 

et de supplement au trait6 de m^t^rologie public en 1774. 
Paris, 1788, 2 vols. 4to. 

CoTTlN. s. Risteau (M. J.) 

Cotton, BARTHOLOMiBUS De. Historia Anglicana. 
Edited by Henry Richards Luard. London, 1859, ^v^* s* 

Chronicles and Memorials. 

COTTON, Charles. The compleat Angler, being 
instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear 
"Stream. London, 1676, 8vo. 

The Angler, s. Walton (I.) 


COTTON, Charles. The genuine Works. With 
many curious cuts. London^ I7I5> Svo. 

The genuine poetical Works. Fourth edition. 

Landofif 174I9 i2mo. 

Horace, a french tragedy of Mr. Comeille, eng- 

lished. London^ \6jif4!t,o. 

Poems on several occasions. London^ 1689, 8vo. 

The Confinement; a poem, with annotations. 

London, 1679, 4to. 

The Wonders of the Peak. London, 1 725, small 4ta 

The Wonders of the Peak. London, 1683, 8vo. 

The planter's Manual London, 1675, Svo. 

Scarronides, or Virgil travestie. A mock poem 

on the second book of Virgil's iEnseis. London, 1692, 8vo. 

Scarronides, etc the first and fourth books of 

Virgil's iGnseis. London, 1664-65, 2 parts in i vol* 8va 

COTTON, John. The way of Life, or God's way and 
course. Lottdon, 1641, 4ta 

COTTUNIO, Giovanni. Graecorum epigrammatum 
libri II. Cum versione latina. Patavii, 1653, 4to. 

CouDRAV. s. Ironson Du Coudrav. 

COULANGES, Philippe-Emmanuel, Marquis De. 
Memoires, suivis de lettres inddites de Madame de 
Sevign^, de son fils, de TAbbi de Coulanges, etc. Publics 
par M. de Monmerqu6. Paris, 1820, 8vo. 

Courayer. s. Le Courayer (P. F.) 

Courier de l'Egypte. s. Periodical Publica- 

COURSON, AURfiLiEN De. Histoire des peuples 
Bretons dans la Gaule et dans les lies Britanniques, lang^e, 
coutClmes,meurs et institutions. Paris, 1846,4 vols.royal 8vo. 

CO UR T— CO U TEA U. 437 

COURT. The Courte of civill courtesie fitly furnished 
with a pleasant porte of stately phrases and pithie pre- 
cepts, assembled in the behalfe of all younge gentlemen. 
Out of Italian by S. R. (Samuel Rowland ?) Imprinted at 
London by Richard J hones ^ IS77» 4to. Black letter. 

The Court of good counsell, wherein is set downe 

the true rules, how a man should choose a good wife from 
a bad, and a woman a good husband from a bad. London^ 
Ralph Blower, 1607, 4to. 

CouRTANVAUX, Francjois-Cesar Le Tellier, Mar- 
quis de. s. Le Tellier (F. C.) 

CouRTiVRON, Gaspard Le Compasseur de Crequi- 
MONTFORT, Marquis de. s. Le Compasseur. 

COUSIN, Jacques-Antoine-Joseph. Introduction 
4 r^tude de T Astronomic physique. Paris, 1787, 4to. 

COUSIN, ViCTOiR. Introduction a I'histoire de la 
philosophic. Paris, 1828, 8vo. 

Histoire de la philosophic du xviii. siicle. Paris, 

1829, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Nouveaux fragmens philosophiques, pour servir 4 

rhistoire de la philosophic ancienne. Paris, 1833, 8vo. 
Jacqueline Pascal. Paris, 1845, i2mo. 

Madame de Longfueville. Etudes sur les femmes 

illustrcs et la soci6t6 du xvii. si^cle. Madame de Longue- 
ville pendant la fronde, 1651-1653. Paris, 1859, 8vo. 

s. Tennenann. 

COUTANS, D. G. Atlas topographique en XVI. 
feuilles des environs de Paris. Revu et corrig^ par Charles 
Picquet. Paris, An WW. (1800), obi. fol. 

COUTEAU, James Baptiste. The Confessions of 
James Baptiste Couteau, citizen of France, written by 
himself and translated from the french by Robert Jephe- 
son. Dublin, 1794, 2 vols, in i, i2mo. 

It was written by Jephson himself. 


tumier du pays et duch^ de Normandie tres utile et profit- 
able i tous practiciens. Rouen^par Nicol Le Raux pour 

Francois Regnault libraire^ I539> ^^I* ^- ^* ™^^- goth. 

With fine woodcuts on the title-page. 

Tesoro de la lengua Castellana, o Espanola. Madrid^ 
1673-1674, 2 parts in i vol 4ta 

COVENTRY, George. A critical Enquiry regarding 
the real author of the Letters of Junius, proving diem to 
have been written by Lord Viscount Sackville. (With 
Sackvilie's portrait) London^ 1825, 8va 

COWELL, John. The Interpreter, or book contain- 
ing the signification of words. London, i637» small 4to. 

COWEN, William. Six views of Italian and Swiss 
scenery etched from his own drawings made during two 
tours on the continent in the years 18 19 and 1822. Lon- 
dan, 1824, fol. 

COWPER, William. The Anatomy of humane 
bodies, with figures drawn after the life. Oxford, 1698, 
fol. max. 

COWPER, William. Poems. London, 1806^ 2 vols. 
8vo. r. mor. g. e. L. P. 

The Task, Table talk and minor poems. London, 

C Whittingham, 18 17- 1822, 3 vols. i2mo. gr. mor. g. e. 

Poems. London, 1823, 2 vols. 32mo. 

Poetical works. London, William Pickering, 

1853, 2 vols. 8vo. c. 

Cowper's portrait engraved by Robinson. 

Cowper illustrated by a series of views in or near 

the park of Weston Underwood, Bucks. London, 1803, 
4to. bl. mor. g. e. L. P. 

cox— cox E. 439 

COX, Richard. Hibemia Anglicana, or the history 
of Ireland, from the conquest thereof by the English to 
this present time. London^ 1689- 1690, 2 vols, in i, fol. 

COX, Rev. Thomas. Magna Britannia et Hibemia, 
antiqua et nova, or a new survey of Great Britain, wherein, 
to the topographical account given by Mr. Camden, and 
the late editors of his Britannia, is added a more large 
history. Collected and composed by an impartial hand. 
In the Savoy, 1 720-1 731, 6 vols. 4to. o. c. 

Vol. I. The introduction and the counties of Bedford, Berks, 
Buckingham, Cambridge, Chester, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derby, 
Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex. 

Vol. II. Gloucester, Southampton, Hereford, Hertford, Hunting- 
don, Kent, Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln. 

VoL III. London and Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, 

Vol. IV. Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutlandshire, Somerset- 

VoL V. Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire. 

VoL VI. Westmoreland, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire. 

COXE, Daniel. A Description of the englishe pro- 
vince of Carolana, by the Spaniards called Florida, and by 
the French Louisiane. London^ ^727$ 8vo. 

COXE, William, Archdeacon of Wilts. Sketches of 
the natural, civil and political state of Switzerland, in a 
series of letters to William Melmoth. London, 1779, 8vo. 

Travels in Switzerland, in a series of letters to 

William Melmoth. London, 1789, 3 vols. 8vo. 

Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia 

and America. To which are added the conquest of Siberia, 
and the history of the transactions and commerce between 
Russia and China. London, 1780, 4to. 

Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. 

Interspersed with historical relations and political inquiries. 
Illustrated with chart and engravings. Second edition. 
London, 1785-1790, 3 vols. 4to. 


COXE, William, Archdeacon of Wilts. An historical 
Tour in Monmouthshire, illustrated with views by Sir R. C. 
Hoare, Bart a new map of the County, and other en- 
gravings. London^ 1801, 2 parts, foL r. mor. g. b. and e. by 
Sta^emeier. On Vellum. 

On the verso of the title-page. — " This is the only impression 
printed on Vellum. Wol Coxe." It was in the Library of Sir Richard 
C. Hoare. 

Memoirs of the life and administration of Sir 

Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. With original correspond- 
ence and authentic papers never before published. London^ 
1798, 3 vols. 4to. 

Memoirs of the King^ of Spain of the House of 

Bourbon, from the accession of Philip V. (1700) to the death 
of Charles III. (1788) drawn from original and unpublished 
documents. London^ 18 13, 3 vols. 4to. L. P. 

Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough, with his 

original correspondence collected from the family records at 
Blenheim, and other authentic sources. Illustrated with 
portraits, maps and military plans. London^ 1818-1819, 3 
vols. 4to. russia, g. e. L. P. 

Private and original correspondence of Charles 

Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, with King William, the 
leaders of Whig party and other distinguished statesmen. 
Illustrated with narratives, historical and biographical, from 
the family papers in the possession of her grace the 
Duchess of Buccleugh. London^ 1821, 4to. russ. g. e. L. P. 

COYER, GABRlEL-FRANqoiS, Abb6. Voyages d'ltalie 
et de HoUande. Paris, 177S, 2 vols. i2mo. 

CRAANEN, TiiEODOR. Tractatus physico-medicus 
de Homine, in quo status ejus tarn naturalis quam praeter- 
naturalis mechanice demonstratur. Lugduni Batavorum^ 
1689, small 4to. 

CRABBE, Rev. George. Poetical Works ; with his 


letters and journals, and his life, by his son. London^ 1^34, 
8 vols. i2mo. 

CRADOCK, Joseph. Literary and miscellaneous 
memoirs. London^ 1828, 4 vols. 8vo. 

CRAIG, John. Methodus figurarum quadraturas 
determinandi. London^ 1685, 8vo. 

De figurarum curvilinearum quadraturis et locis 

geometricis. London, 1693, 8vo. 

CRAIK, George L. and MAC-FARLANE, Charles. 
The pictorial History of England : being a history of 
the people, as well as a history of the kingdom. Illus- 
trated with many hundred wood-cuts. London, 1837- 1844, 
8 vols, royal 8vo. c. 

CRAKANTHORP, Richard. Defensio Ecclesiae 
Anglicans. Oxonii, 1847, 8vo. 

CRAMER, John Andrew. Elementa artis docimas- 
ticae. Lugduni Batavorum, 1744, 2 vols. 8vo. 

CRANFORD, James. The Teares of Ireland wherein 
is lively presented as in a map, a list of the unheard oflf 
cruelties and perfidious treacheries of bloud-thirsty Jesuits, 
and the Popish Faction. London, 1642, i2mo. o. r. mor. g. b. 
With twelve etchings. 

CRANMER, John Anthony. A dissertation on the 
passage of Hannibal over the Alps. Oxford, 1820, 8vo. 

CRANMER, Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Remains. Collected and arranged by the Rev. Henry 
Jenkyns. Oxford, 1833, 4 vols. 8vo. With portrait 

CRANTZ, David. The History of Greenland, con- 
taining a description of the country and its inhabitants. Il- 
lustrated with maps. London, 1767, 2 vols. 8vo. 

CRASSO, Lorenzo, Barone di Pianura. Istoria 
de' poeti greci, c di quel che in greca lingua han poetato. 
Napoli, 1678, folio. 


CRASTON, Joannes. Lexicon graBco-latinum. Ex 

recensione et cum praefatione Boni Accursii PisanL (Milan^ 
1478 ?) fol. russia. First ediHoru 

Lexicon gra&co-latinum. Impressufn Vinuntim 

per Dionysium Bertochum de Bononia^ 1483, foL russia, g. e. 

Lexicon grxco-latinum. Edidit Bonus Accur- 

sius, accedit index Ambrosii Regiensis. HfutiniB impres-^ 
sum, in adibus Dionysii Bertachii bonoHtensis subterratuis^ 
anno 1499, folio. 

CRAUFORD, QUINTIN. Sketches, chiefly relating to 
history, religion, learning and manners of the Hindoos^ 
With a concise account of the present state of the native 
powers of Hindostan. Londan, 1790, 8vo. 

Sketches, etc. Second edition, enlarged. Lan^ 

don^ 1792, 2 vols. 8vo. 

Pericles and the Arts of Greece, previously to 

and during the time he flourished. Second edition. Lon- 
don, 1 8 17, 8vo. or. mor. g. c. 

Melanges d'histoire et de litt^ture. Paris^ 

18 17, 8vo. or. mor. g. e. 

Essais sur la litt^rature fran^aise 4 I'usage des 

Strangers. Troisi^me Edition aug^ent^e. Paris^ 18 18, 3 
vols. 8vo. or. mor. g. e. 

With an autograph letter to the Duke of Devonshire. 

Craven, Elizabeth, Lady. s. Anspach. 

Craven. The dialect of Craven, s. Carr. 

CRAVEN, Hon. Richard Keppel. A Tour through 
the southern provinces of the kingdom of Naples. To 
which is subjoined a sketch of the immediate circumstances 
attending the late revolution. London, 1821, 4to. Maps 
and plates. 

Excursions in the Abruzzi and northern provinces 

of Naples. London, 1838, 2 vols. 8vo. With map and 


CRAWFORD, A, Experiments and observations on 
animal heat Second edition. London, 1788, 8vo. 

CRAWFURD, George. The Peerage of Scotland, 
containing an historical and genealogical account of the 
nobility of that kingdonu Edinbourghy 17 16, foL 

CRAWFURD, John. Journal of an Embassy from 
the Governor-General of India to the Courts of Siam and 
Cochin China, exhibiting a view of the actual state of those 
kingdoms. London, 1828, 4to. 

Journal of an Embassy from the Governor-General 

of India to the Court of Ava in the year 1827. London, 
1829, 4to. 

Crebillon, Prosper, ct Claude Prosper Jolyot 
De. s. Jolyot de Crebillon. 

CRELL, LoRENZ. Chemisches Journal fiir die 
Freunde der Naturlehre, &c Entwerfen von D. Lorenz 
Crell. Lemgo, 1778-1781, 6 parts in 3 vols. i2mo. 

Auswahl aller eigenthumlichen Abhandlungen 

und Beobachtungen aus den neusten Entdeckungen in der 
Chemie. Leipzig, 1786, 4 vols. i2mo. 

Beytrage zu den chemischen Annalen. Helm- 

stddt und Leipzig, 1786-1794, 5 vols. i2mo. 

Chemische Annalen fur die Freunde der Natur- 
lehre, Arzneygelahrtheit, Haushaltungskunst, und Manu- 
facturen. Helmstddt und Leipzig, 1784- 1804, 40 vols. 

CREMORTINO, Cesare. Chlorindo e Valliero, 
poema. Venetia, 1624, 8vo. 

CRENNE, Helisenne De. Les Angoysses doulou- 
reuses qui procedent d' Amours, composees par Dame 
Helisenne. Trois parties. Paris, 1541, i2mo. o. r. mor. 

CRESCENZI, PiERO De. Rurallum Commodorum 


L 'rii^^ irfr-'u iu A'»* mutsis juia 14; 
Tnrrv.r, delj A^cilrira, trai 

MLm; I -.-Li. •-.'j. CL-\ii:ci It.U.LL\ 

CR£5CiMBENI. G::v.^v Maru 
Ans-'i; ill^iiri sdrrre da divers autori ■ 
M. CrtHcir:b*=:. ^E-tkj. 1703-1714, 3 v 

CREiOL. Lo—i Vacarionea au 
perft?::a int.irLi ac::oae et proaundad 
Utia PjruzcTTfUi. 1^20, 4:0. o. camb. 

Cretfr- Pjris, 1733, 2 vols, small 8v( 
On Vellvm. 

po^it: ij-:: ct l:~---ra:re dc ia Compignie d 
sjr les d>cume:its isedits ct authentiq 
3 voN. Svo. 

CREVEWA. Pierre-Antoixe. i 
dc U coilecti'jn des liwes de M. Pierre-j 
ncg'jcUnt a Amsterdam. 1776, 6 parts i: 

C R E VI ER. J eax-Baptiste-Loui; 
EmptTcurs Romains, depuis Auguste ji 
Paris, 1750-1756, 6 vols, 4to. 

Histoirc des Empereurs Romai 

jusqu' a Constantin. Paris, 1763-1771, 


CRICHTON, Alexandre. Relation de quelques 
experiences faites avec la vapeur du goudron dans le 
traitement de la phthisie pulmonaire. St Petersbourg^ 
1817, 8vo. 

Crimes Secrets de Napol£on. s. Cuisin. 

CRINESIUS, Christophorus. Gymnasium Chal- 
daicum exhibens grammaticam et lexicon. Noribergcd^ 
1627, i2mo. 

Discursus de confusione linguarum, tum orienta- 

lium, tum occidentalium, statuens hebraicam omnium esse 
primam. Noribergce^ 1629, 4to. 

CRINITO, or Riccio, PlETRO. De honesta Dis- 
ciplina lib. XXV. de poetis latinis lib. V. et pocmatum 
lib. II. Ex jEdibus Ascensianis, 1520, fol. o. c. 

Cris de LoNDRES. s. Tempest. 

CRIS de Paris. Etudes prises dans le bas peuple, ou 
les Cris de Paris. Premiere suitte. Paris, 1737, fol. 

CRISPOTTI, Cesare. Perugia Augusta descritta. 
Pertigia, 1648, 4to. 

CROKE, in latin CROCUS, RICHARD. Introductiones 
in rudimenta graeca. Colonic, Euch. Cervicomius, 1520, 8vo. 

Cromerty, Earl of. s. Mackenzie (G.) 

CROMPTON, Richard. L'Authoritie et jurisdiction 
des Courts de la Maiestic de la Roygne : novelment collect 
et compose. Londini, 1 594, 4to. Black letter. 

CROMWELL, Oliver. Letters and speeches: with 
elucidations by Thomas Carlyle. London, 1 845-46, 3 vols. 8vo. 

CRONSTADT, Alexandre Frederic. An Essay 
towards a system of mineralogy. Translated from the 
Swedish with notes by Gustave Von Engestrom. London^ 
1770, 8vo. 

CROOKE, Helkiah. MIKP0K02M0rPA*lA, or a 

• r- » I -- " « I - 

oat ctCaspcr 

CKUDEX. AlXXJOmoL A 1 1 mkiIi tr Coooordance 

of the Hrjcf S ciyUics of the Old and Xcv Testament 
The tefldk efiboK, to which is added a life of the antfaor 
by^ Akzaader ChaoKOL Z<Wi», 185^ faL 

CRLTJU JODOCTS. The AfltiqHtits of St. Peter's, or, 
&e AbfaejT'ChBfch <rf^ ^ cstniastec. AdoiBed wiA 

oftketnaba^oBicRHif ciis»«- Thetiiinl 
^bv, 1722, 2 vois. 8«o. 

CTESIAS Ex Ctoa, Ag rilunM i lr. Mamuoe ex- 
oerptat hatoriz. Appiaiit Iberica. Itent, de gcstis Anni- 
baKs^ Omiiu. bsbc pnomm rdita Cmn H« Stephani castiga- 
tioiribirsgr. Pmrisiis,£x ^jfkimm Himrid SUpktkMi^ 1557 f 8vd- 

CUDWORTH, Ralfh. The tiiie Inten c ctu al System 
<if the msrerse: The second editioo, to which are oow first 
added nknmi% to the several quotations in the Intd- 
lectnal Sjrstcm, and an ammmt cf the life and writii^^ 
of the author by Thomas Birch. L^mdom, I743» 2 vols. 4tOL 

The true TotriWtnal Sjrstem of die uiiverse. 

To which are added the notes and dissertations of Dr. J. L. 
Mosheim, translated by John Harrison, with a copious 
general index to the whole work. Lamdan^ i84S» 3 vols. 8va 

CUISIN, J. P. R. Les crimes secrets de Napoleon 
Buonaparte : faits historiques recueillis psu* one victime de 
la t>Tannie. BruxelUs^ 1815, I2ma 

CULLEN, William. A Treatise of the Materia Medica. 
Edinbourgk, 1789, 2 vols. 4to. 

CULLODEN Papers. CuUoden Papers : comprising 


an extensive and interesting correspondence from the year 
1625 to 1748, etc. To which is prefixed an introduction 
containing memoirs of the R* Hon"* Duncan Forbes. Illus- 
trated by engravings. Edited by H. R. Duff. London^ 
181 5, 4to. russia, g. e. (by Hering.) 

CUMBERLAND, George. An essay on the utility 
of collecting the best works of the ancient Engravers of the 
Italian School, accompanied by a critical Catalogue, with 
interesting anecdotes of the Engravers, of a chronological 
series of rare and valuable prints, from the earliest practice 
of the art in Italy to the year 1 549, now deposited in the 
British Museum and Royal Academy, in London. London^ 
1827, 4to. r. mor. g. b. and e. by Riviere, with port. L. P. 

CUMBERLAND, Richard, Bishop of Peterborough. 
De Leg^bus naturae, disquisitio philosophica. Lend. 1672, 4to. 

Origines gentium antiquissimae, or attempts for 

discovering the times of the first planting of nations. In 
several tracts. London^ 1724, 8vo. 

A treatise of the Laws of nature : made english 

from the latin by J. Maxwell London, 1727, royal 4to. L.P. 

Memoirs of Richard Cumberland written by him- 
self, containing an account of his life and writings, inter- 
spersed with anecdotes and characters of several of the most 
distinguished persons of his time. With portrait London^ 
1807, 2 vols. 8vo. russia, g. e. 

CUMMING, Alexander. The elements of Clock and 
Watch-work, adapted to practice in two essays. London^ 
1766, 4to. L.P. 

CUNi€US, Petrus. De Republica Hebraeorum. s. Res- 


CUNHA, Don Rodrigo, Bispo do Porto. Catalogo e 
historia dos Bispos do Porto. Porto, per Joad Rodriguen, 
1623, 4to. 


CUNITZ. Maj^a. Urania prc>pitUL, a\*e Tabulz astro- 
o'.djcz. ziire tacues, (?Znur Siksiorum, 1650, foL 

CUXXIXGHAM. P. Two j-cars in New South Walesa 
cccrprifdng sketches of the actual state of society in tiiat 
ccu:c>'. Second edition, rrvosed and cnlaTged. Lcmdom^ 

I 527. 2 \-ols. S\"0. 

CUXXIXGHAM, TiMOTin-. The law of Bills of 
Exchan-t. prcsr.iisorj' notes, bank-notes, and insuranoes. 
Together "w-iih niles and examples for computing the 
exchange berneen England and the principal places of 
trade in Europe. London, 1760, 8vo. 

CUXXIXGHAM, William. The Cosmographical 
Gia??e. contein\Tig the pleasant prindples of Cosmogxaphie; 
Geographie, Hydrographie. or Xa\'igat]on. Landini, ex 
cfficima Joannis Daij\ 1559, 4to. mar. mor. g. e. and border. 

CUPER, Gilbert. Apotheosis vel consecratio Homeri, 
sive Lapis antiquissimus in quo poetarum principis Homeri 
consecratio sculpta est. AmsUlodamiy 1683, 4to. v. 

Harpocrates, sive explicatio imagunculx argenteae 

perantiquae, qu£ in figuram Harpocratis foraiata representat 
Solem. Ejusdem monumcnta antiqua inedita : accedit 
Stephani le Moinc epistola dc Mclanophoris. Trajccti ad 
RJufium^ 1687, 4to. 

Harpocrates, etc (Cum figuris.) Trajecti 

ad Rlunum^ lO:^ 4to. 

CUPIDOX DANS LE Bain, ou les Avanturcs amou- 
reuses dcs pcrsonncs dc quality par Mme. D . . . La Hayc^ 
1698, 1 8 mo. 

CURABELLA, J. Examen dcs oeuvres du Sieur Des- 
argues. Paris, 1644, f^'- 

CUREAU DE LA CHAMBRE, Marin. Discours 
sur Ics causes du dcbordcmcnt du Nil. Paris, 1665, 4to. 

CuKioNE, Celio Secondo. s. Dictionaries. 


(JURITA, or ZURITA, Geronymo. Anales dc la 
Corona de Aragon compucstos por Geronymo Qurita; 
chronista de dicho Reyno. Va aiiadida de nuevo, en esta 
impresion, en el ultimo tomo, una apologia de Ambrosio 
dc Morales. Qaragoqa^ 16 10, 7 vols. fol. 

Historias ecclesiasticas y seculares de Aragon, en 

que se continuan los annates dc Qurita, y tiempos dc Carlos 
V. por el dotor Vincencio Blasco de Lanuza. Qaragofa, 
1622, 2 vols. foL 

CURRAN, William Henry. The life of the right 
honourable John Philpot Curran, late Master of the Rolls in 
Ireland. By his son. Second edition. Edinburgh, 1822, 
2 vols. cr. 8vo. c. 

CURRY, John. Elements of Bleaching. Dublin, 
1779, 8vo. 

An historical and critical review of the Civil Wars 

in Ireland from the reign of Q. Elizabeth to the Settlement 
under King William. With the state of the Irish Catholics 
from that settlement to the relaxation of the Popery laws 
in the year 1778. Dublin, 1786, 2 vols. 8vo. 

The gift of Bryan Kavanagh to P. Clarke. 


Curtis, William. The Botanical Magazine, or 
Flower Garden, s. Periodical Publications. 

CURTIUS, Aloysius. De oratione grammatica libel- 
lus. VetietiiSy 1574, i8mo. 

CURTIUS, Benedictus. Hortorum libri triginta, in 
quibus continetur arborum historia. Lugduni, Joanttes 
Tomasius, 1560, fol. 

CURTIUS RUFUS, Quintus. Finis gestorum Alex- 
andri magni que Q. Curtius Rufus vir romanus litterae ma- 
davit Et Poponius nro teporc correxit Ac Georgius Lauer 
impressit {Rofpia, circa 1470), 4to. r. mor. g. e. Illuminated 
title-page. First edition, 

G G 


CURTIUS RUFUS, QunrrrSL Historianun Alex- 
aodri Magni n^;is MaccdoDnm Ubri sovcm. Per Vrnddinum 
Sfirau€wu (VautuM^ drtm 1470-1471), 4to. r. mor. g. e 
lUamiaated titk p^gt^ L. P. 

De rebus gesds Alexandri Magni r^is Macedo- 

nmiL ImprasU Medialami AmiamiMs Zan^ms opera et im- 
pemdio Jaiammis Lepuimi, ammo Datmmi 1481, 4to. gr. mor. 

De rebus gcstis Alexandri Ifagni liber. Flo- 

mUut^ JumUb^ 1507, small 8va a r. mor. g. border. 

Historiarumlibri^aocuratissimeeditL Amstelodamiy 

Jamson^ 1663, 24nMX 

De rebus gestis Alexandri Ifagni, cum supple- 

mentis FreinshemiL Interpretatione et notis illustiavit 
Michael Le Tellier, in usum serenissimi DelphinL Parisiis^ 
1678, 4ta o. oL mor. g. e. 

De rebus gcstis Alexandri Magni cum commen- 

tariis variorum, et Frdnsbemii supplementis. Accedunt 
figurx senex. Lugdumi Baiavorum^ 1696^ Svo. 

De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni librL Ex 

recensione Michaelis Maittaire. Landini^ 1716, i2mo. 

Another copy, I2ma a c L. P. 

De rebus gestis Alexandri Magni regis Mace- 

donum libri superstites, cum omnibus supplementis, varian- 
tibus lectionibus, commentariis, ac notis perpetuis. Curavit 
et digessit Henricus Snakenburgius. Lugduni BatavorunL, 
1724, 2 vob. 4to. L. P. 

De gestis Alexandri Magni r^s Macedonum 

libri qui supersunt octo. Ad (idem codicimi manuscripto- 
rum et dim adhibitorum et recens collatorum Florentinorum 
et Bemensium recensuit et commentario instruxit Car. 
Timoth. Zumptius. Accedit Tabula geographica expedi- 
tionum regis Alexandri. Brunsviga^ 1849, Svo. 



CURTIUS RUFUS, Quintus, La historia d'Alex- 
andro Magno figluolo di Philipo re di Macedonia, scripta da 
Quinto Curtio Ruffo et tradocta in vulgare da Pietro Can- 
dido. La conparatione di Caio Julio Cesare imperadore et 
d'Alexandro magno da P. Candido ordinata inseme. Im- 
pressunt FlormtuB^ apud Sanctum Jacobum de Ripoli, anno 
1478, small fol. 

CURWEN, J. C. Observations on the state of Ire- 
land, principally directed to its agriculture and rural popu- 
lation, in a series of letters written on a tour through that 
country. Lofidon, 18 18, 2 vols. 8vo. 

CURZON, Hon. Robert, Lord de La Zouche. Ar- 
menia ; a year at Erzeroom, and on the frontiers of 
Russia, Turkey and Persia. Lotidon^ 1854, 8vo. gr. c. 
With map and woodcuts. 

CUSA, in latin CUSANUS, Nicolas, Cardinal. 
Opera (no place nor date), 4to. black letter. 

CUSTINE, ASTOLPHE, Marquis De. La Russie en 
1839. P(i^y 1843, 4 vols. i2mo. 

CUVIER, Le Baron Georges-Leopold. Recherches 
sur les osscments fossiles, oi!i Ton r^tablit les caract^res de 
plusieurs animaux dont les revolutions du Globe ont d^truit 
les esp^ces. Nouvelle Edition, enti^rement refondue, et 
considerablement augment^e. Paris ^ 1821-1824, 5 vols, in 7 
parts 4to. c g. e. coloured plates. 

Histoire naturelle des Poissons, par M. le Baron 

Cuvier, et par M. A. Valenciennes. Paris, 1 828-1 849, 22 
vols. 4to. c. g. e. 

Le Rigne animal distribu^ d'apris son organisa- 
tion, pour servir de base k Thistoire naturelle des animaux, 
et d'introduction k Tanatomie compar^e. Edition accom- 
pagnde dc planches gravies repr^sentant les types de tous 
les genres, les caract^res distinctives des divers groupes, et 
les modifications de structure sur lesquelles repose cette 


classification, par une reunion de disciples de Cuvier — MM. 
Audouin, Blanchard, Deshayes, Alcide d'Orbigny, 
Doyere, Duges, Duvemoy, Laurillard, Milne Edwards, 
Roulin et Valenciennes. Paris^ 1836-1849^ 16 vols, royal 
8vo. mar. mor. col. plates. 

CUVIER, Le Baron Georges-Leopold. Eloges his- 
toriques, pr6c6d& de I'^loge de Tauteur par M. Flourens. 
PariSf 8vo. 


CYLLENIUS, DOMiNicus. De veteri et recentiore 
sdentia militari, ad Emanuelum Philibertum Sabaudiae 
Ducem. Venetiis^ de Portonariis, 1559, fol. 

CYLLENIUS, Raphael. Quinque fragmenta decerpta 
ex Polybii historiarum libris. Venetiis^ ^549^ i8mo. 

CYPRIANUS, Abrahamus. Epistola historiam ex- 
hibens foetus humani post XXI. menses ex uteri tuba, 
matre salva ac superstite, excisi. Lugduni Batavorum^ 
1700, 8vo. 

CYPRIANUS, Sanctus. Opera recognita et illustrata 
per Joannem Oxoniensem Episcopum. Accedunt annales 
Cyprianici, sive tredecim annorum, quibus S. Cyprianus 
inter christianos versatus est, brevis historia chronologica 
delineata per Joannem Cestriensem. Bretna, 1690, fol. o. v. 

Opera omnia ad mss. codices recognita et illus- 

trata studio ac labore Stephani Baluzii Tutelensis. Ab- 
solvit post Baluzium, ac praefatione et vita S. Cypriani 
adomavit unus ex monachis congregationis S. Mauri. 
Editio sccunda veneta. Vcftetiis^ '758, fol. o. v. 

Opus epistolarum. Coradus Suucynheym, Amoldus 

Panartzqiie magistri Rome impresserunt, 1471, fol. bl. mor. 
g. c. First page illuminated. First edition. 

Opus epistolarum. ( Vettetiis) Vindelinus Spirenses^ 

1 47 1, fol. o. c. g. b. 


CYRILLUS, Sanctus. Opera quc-c extant omnia, et 
ejus nomine circumfcruntur. Ad manuscriptos codices, 
necnon ad superiores cditiones castigata, dissertationibus et 
notis illustrata, cum nova interpretatione et copiosis indi- 
cibus. Cura et studio Domini Antonii Augustini Toutt^e. 
(Gr. Lat.) Parisiis^ 1720, fol. 

Opera quae supersunt omnia. Ad libros mss. et 

impressos recensuit, notis criticis, commentariis indicibusque 
locupletissimis illustravit Guilielmus Carolus Reischl. 
(Gr. Lat.) Motiaci, 1848- 1860, 2 vols. 8vo. 

The second vol is edited by Joseph Rupp. 

CYRILLUS, sive Herriciien, Joannes Gothofre- 
DUS. Foemata grxca et latina, in quibus sacra disticha, 
Sappho, tetrasticha hexasticha, idyllia, Adonis, aliaque 
varii argument!, patronis, fautoribus, amicis, ex officio 
scripta praefationem praemisit Jo. Albertus Fabricius. Ham- 
burgi^ 17 17, small 8vo. 

CYRUS, Theodorus Prodromus. Exulans ami- 
citia, Conrado Gesnero interprete. (Gr.) Parisiis^ aptid 
Guilielmum Morelium, small 4to. 

end of vol. I. 


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