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Full text of "Catalogue of the Library of Congress. December, 1830"

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^'=130. 17 


^t 7^. /r if^f^ 


1 • 





V 311 SB 3&affi:Ai^:A7 

. # 






1^ ^,30. n 


Gbapter. Page. 

1 Ancient History, •...••• 9 

2 Modern History: Southern Europe, Northern Europe, 

Turkey, Asia, Aifrica, 17 

3 -^ __ England, . • ... 36 

__ Scotland, • • . . • 52 

__ Ireland, 53 

4 ___ America, 54 

American Newspapers, .,,.., 65 

5 Ecclesiastical History, 67 

6 Natural Philosophy, 70 

7 Agriculture, 74 

8 Chemistry, 80 

9 Surgery, 82 

10 Medicine, 83 

11 Anatomy, 87 

12 Zoology, . 88 

13 Botany, 91 

14 Mineralogy and Conchology, • . * . . . 94 

15 Occupations of Man — Technical Arts, . . . 95 

16 Ethics: § 1. Moral Philosophy, .... 104 

. § 2. Law of Nature and Nations, . . 110 

17 Religion, .113 

18 Common Law: § 1. Commentaries, Treatises, En- 

tries, and Conveyancing, . . 125 

— § 2. Criminal Law, and Trials, . . 133 

§ 3. Military Law, and Courts Martial, 136 

19 Common Law: British Reports, • . . .137 
■ ' 1 " American Reports, viz: 

Supreme Court of the United States, 144 

Circuit Court of the United States, ib. 

General Digests of Reports,. . ib. 







Common Law: American Reports, viz: 

Courts of Maine/ .... 


New Hampshire, 






Connecticut, . 


New York, 


New Jersey, . 


Pennsylvania, . 

. ib. 





North Carolina, . . . 


South Carolina, 


Georgia, . 







. ib: 


. ib. 


Equity: Treatises and Reports, 



Law, Ecclesiastical: Treatises and Reports, . 



Merchant, and Maritime: Treatises and Reports, 



§ 1. Civil Law, Codes, &c. . . 


§ 2. British Statutes, . . ... 


§ 3. Laws of the United States, and of the several 

States, iiCyViz: 

The United States, 


State of Maine, . 


New Hampshire, . 





. ib. 

Rhode Island, 


' Connecticut, . 


New York, . 


New Jersey, . 





. 165 


. ib. 


. 166 ^ 

North Carolina, 


South Carolina, 









. ib. 






. ib. 



Mississippi, . 


Territory of Michigan, 


District of Columbia, 

. 166 



24 Politics, . . . • 170 

25 Mathematics, Pure: Arithmetic, . . . .190 
26 Geometry, . . . .192 

27 Physico- Mathematics: Mechanics, Statics, Dynamics, 

Pneumatics, Phonics, Optics, • . . . 193 

28 Astronomy, . I95 

29 Geography: General, 19g 

Europe, . . . • . .200 

Asia, 206 

Africa, 209 

America, 211 

■ Maps, ...... 222 

30 Fine Arts: Architecture, 223 

31 Gardening, Painting, Sculpture, . . 225 

32 — — ^ Music, 227 

33 Poetry — ^Epic, 228 

34 Romance -Tales, Fables, &c 229 

35 Pastorals, Odes, Elegies, &c 233 

36 Didactic, 235 

37 Tragedy, 237 

38 Comedy, 238 

39 .Dialogue — Epistolary, 239 

40 Logic, Rhetoric, Orations, 241 

41 Criticism — Theory, 243 

42 Bibliography, f*. 

43 Languages, 246 

44 Polygraphical, ....•,. 252 

45 State Papers, &c. 258 




^ i 

•2 2 

•i ^ 

<9 0.014 

^ i . 

•*^ ^^ J3 ^m^ 

ha W 








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3 o ^ -S -S S S o P 

S 1^ ^ p O :§^M 4 O.0U O < O S 



V — 











5 d i> o 



s -I, 

5 '-3 






CO CO cocoeo CO eococo co ^ "* •* ^ 5 









NoTs....The Wdrks to wMch the letter J. is |itefixed, were in the libnijr of the 
late President Jsmsaoirt when it wm purchaaed bj Congrepi in 1815. 

34 aoeasv®^?, 

CHAPTER I [Alcove N^ 1.] 


J. 58 Abr6ge Chronologique de I'Histoire des Juifs, 12mo; Pans 

147 Adams; Alexander: Roman Antiquities, with notesi &c« by 

P. Wilson, 8vo; New York, 1819. 
J. 1 ^lianus, Claudius: Variae Historiae, 16s; Lugd. 1587. 
J. 141 Idem, cum notis J. Perizonii, 2 v. 8vo; 

Lugd. Bat 1701. 
J. 182 Ammianus Marcellinus: Res Gestae, cum notis Hen. Valefii, 

folio; Paris. 1681. 
J. 130 Idem, indicem dignitatum nee non 

Gloss. Lat adj. A. G. Ernesti, 3 v. 8vo; Lipsiae, 1773. 
J. 173 Antiquit6s Romames de Denys d'Halicarnasse, traduites ea 

Fran§ois, avec notes, par M. ***; 2 v. 4to; Paris, 1723. 
J. 6 Apollodorus, Gr. Lat Chr. G. Heyne, 4 y. 12mo; Goettin- 

gaB, 1782-3. 
J. 120 Appianus Alexandrinus: Historiae Romanae, Gr. Lat ToUii, 

2 V. 8vo; Amstel. 1670. 
J. 33 Istorio delle Guerre de' Romania dal 

Braccio e Ruscelli, 12mo; Yen. 1567. 
185 History of the Roman Wars, trans- 
lated by J. Davies, folio; Lond. 1692. 
J. 74 Arrianus: Expeditio Alexandri, Gjp. Lat Raphelii, Syo; Amst 

J. 179 __— Idem, Gn Lat Vulcanii, folio; excud. H Ste- 

phanus, 1575. 

10 ANCIENT mSTORY. IChapUr 1. 

NoTB....Thc Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, wi re in the Library 

15 Arrianus: History of Alexander's Expedition; with notes, 

by Rooke, and Mr. Le Clerc's Criticism upon Quintus 

Curtius, 2 y. 8vo; London, 1814. 

J. 189 Athena&i Deipnosophista, Lat Natalis Comes, fol ; Venet. 1556. 

J. 92 Barthelemy, J. J.: Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis en Gr^ce, 

8 V. 8vo; Paris, 1789. 

93 ■ ■' Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in 

Greece, 4 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1804. 
195 Basnage, J. de Franquener: History of the Jews, translated 
into English, by T. Taylor; London, 1708. 
J. 60 Berlin, (PAob6:) Essai Historique et Chronologique, 12mo; 

Lyons, 1766. 
J. 4 Berosus, Manetho, Xenophontis Equivoca, Fabius Pictor, 
Myrsilus, Cato de Originibusf, Antonini Itinerarium, Sem- 
pronii Italia, Metasthenes, Philo de Temporibus, Annii 
Viterbensis Chronographia, Aretii Sicilia et Hispania, 
12mo; Antv. 1545. 
67 Bingley, Wm. : Biography of celebrated Roman Characters, 
12mo; London, 1824. 
Biographia Classica, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1750. 
Blackwell, Thomas: Enquiry into the Life and Writings of 

Homer, 8voj London, 1757. 
fiossuet, J. Benigne: Discours sur PHistoire Universelle, 2 v. 

12mo; Amst. 1710-^14. 
Bridault, J. Pierre: Mo&urs et Coutumes des Romains, 2 y. 

12mo; Paris, 1754. 
Brodie, Alexander: History of the Roman Government, 8voj 

Edinburgh, 1810. 
Brown, Wm.: Antiquities rf the Jews, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1823. 
Bryant, Jacob: Analysis of Ancient Mythology, 3 v. 4to; 
London, 1775. 

^ Observations and Inquiries, relating to various 

parts of Ancient History, 4to; Cambridge, 1767. 

CsBsar, in usum Delphini, 8vo; Londoni, 1719. 

notis Davisii et variorum, ace Metaphrasi Graeca, 2 v. 

8vo; Cant 1727. 

Fr. de N. Perrot, 12mo; Amst. 1708. 

Caesar's Commentaries, translated into English, by Wm. Dun- 
can, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1819. 

Chronicon Alexandrinum, Gr. Lat Raderi; p. 4to; Monachii, 

Cornelius Nepos, Cruserii, 12mo. 

, Foulis, 12mo; GlasguaB, 1761. 

— , Lat Ital. dal Bandiera, p. 8vo; Yenezia, 











J. in 

J. 109 



J. 132 




J. 116 


-, Notis Varior. 8vo; Amstel. 1687. 

Crevier, J. B. L. : History of the Roman Emperors, tr. by 
J. Mills, 10 V. 8vo; London, 1755. 


of the late Prendent Jkftbbsov, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 69 Camberlandy Richard^ (Bishop): Sanchoniatho's Phenician 

History, 8vo; London, lT2o. 
88 Dalzelly Andrew: Lectures on the Ancient Greeks, % y. 8yo; 

Edinburgh, 1821. 
156 Danet, Peter: Dictionary of Grreek and Roman AntiquitieSi 

4to; London, 1700. 
J. 53 D'Arnay, M: De la Vie Privfee des Romains, 12mo; Lau* 

sanne, 1757. 
J. 51 Dinothus, Rich. : De Rebus et Factis Memorabilibus loci Com* 

munes Historici, 19mo; Basileae, 1580. 
J. 17 Diogene LaSrce, 2 ▼•. 12mo; Paris, 1668. 
J. 16 Diogenes Laertius, et Eunapius, 6r. Lat 2 v. 12mo; Coloniae 

Allobrogum, 1616. 

J. 167 Gr. Lat Meibomii, 2 y. 4to; Amstel. 1692. 

J. 183 Diodorus Siculus: Bib. Hist, libri XV. de XL, Gr. Stephani, 

1559; folio. 
J. 18 Idem, libri 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, Gr. Basileae, 

1611; et Lat Rhodomanni, 4 y. 12mo; Hanoyiae, 1611. 
J. 181 Dion. Cassius: Romanae Historiae, Gr. Lat Xylandri, folio; 

exc. H. Stephanus, 1592. 
J. 98 Dionysius Halicarnessensis: Opera Omnia, not yar. Gr. Lat 

6y. 8yo; Lipsiae, 1774. 

J 28 -— — Op. Om. quae extant, Lat p. 8yo; Hanoy. 1615. 

J. 128 Duncombe, John: Select Works of the Emperor Julian, with 

notes from Petau, La BIbterie, Gibbon, &c. 2 y. 8yo; Lon* 

don, 1784. 
J. 129 Eutropius, cum Metaphrasi Graeca Paeanii, item Sextus Rufus, 

Anonymi Oratio Funebris in Constantinum, et Messala 

Corvinus, not yar. 8yo; Lugd. Bat. 1729. 
137 Ferguson, Adam: History of the Roman Republic, 8yo; Lon- 
don, 1825. 
45 F16chier, Esprit: Histoire de Theodose le Grand, 12mo; 

Paris, 1682. 
J. 112 Florus, L. Annaeus: Epitome Rerum Romanarum, not yar. 

2 V. 8vo; Amst. 1702. 

J. 113 Idem, Delphini, 8yo; Londoni, 1692. 

J. 114" ' Idem, a J. Sterling, 8yo; Lond. 1738. 

115 ■ Idem, Lat Eng. by J. Clarke, 8yoj 

London, 1774. 
J. 26 —— Idem, Lat Fr. par F. de la Mothe le 

Vayer, 12mo; Paris, 1670. 

26a ' The same, Eng. 12mo; London, 1725. 

J. 47 Frontini Strategemata, 16s; Amstel. 1675; in Italian, 12mo; 

Ven. 1537. 
J. lb Gale, Thomas: Historian Poeticae Scriptores Antiqui, Gr. Lat 

ace. breye$Notaeet Indices necessarii, p. 8yo; Paris, 1675. 
J. 134 Gibbon, Edward: History of the Decline and Fall of the Ro- 
man Empire, 13 y. 8yo; London, 1783. (1st yol. missing.) 
194 '■■ ■ The same, 8 y. 8yo; London, 1828. 


12^ ANCIENT fflSTORY. [Chapter 1- 

J..L L.Ti.f.: "nil':-/"." . f , m\! i,i i -m ' . ' . I— ' i u' i ■ T i : . ' .. ! ...i '- , ' ■ ' '■■■ ' ' j . . ' i. 

NoTS....TIie Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the library 

90 Gilli<s, John: History of Greece, 4 v. avo; New York, 1814. 

91 -— History of the World, from Alexander to Au- 
gustus, 3 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1809. 

89 Goldsmith, Oliver: History of Greece, 2 v. 8voj Lond. 1823. 
J, 185 ■ Roman History, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1770. 

100 Hampton, James : General History of Poly bius, 3 v. 8vo ; Lon- 

don, 1809. 
85 Harwood, Thomas: Grecian Antiquities, 8vo; Lond. 1801. 
J. 150 Hearne, Thomas: Short System of Universal History, 8vo; 
London, 1714» 
161 Helvici Theatrum Historicum, &c. folio; Oxonias, 1662. 
r 36 Herodian's Life of Commodus, 8vo; London, 1789. 
J. 35 Herodianus, Gr. Lat. Edinburgi, 1724; and tr. into English 

by J. Hart, London, 1749; 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 9 Herodotus, Gr. Lat. Gronovii, 9 v. 12mo; Glasguae, 1761. 
Foulis ed. 

101 in English, by W. Beloe, 4 v. 8vo; Phila. 1814. 

68 Hill, H. D. : Essays on the Institutions, Government, and 

Manners of Ancient Greece, 12mo; London, 1823. 
J. 44 Histoire de Constantinople, de Procope, Agatias, Menandre, 

Theophylacte Simocatte, Nicephore, Leon, Nicephore 

Bry^nne, Anne Comnene, Nicetas, Pachymere, Contacu- 

zene, et Ducas, par Cousin, 8 v. 12 mo; Paris, 1685. 
J. 46 Histoire de I'Empire d'Occident, d'Eginard, Tegan, Anony- 

mus, Nitard, St. Bertin, Liutprand, et Vitiquind, par 

Cousin, 2 V. 12mo; Paris, 1689. 
J. 43 Histoire Romaine, de Xiphilin, Zonare, et Zosime, par Cousin, 

2 V. 12mo; Paris, 1686. 
19 Histoire Universelle de Diodore tie Sicile, par Terrasson, 7 v. 

12mo; Paris, 1737. 
J. 126 Historiae Augustae Scriptores VI, sc. ^lius Spartianus, Julius 

Capitolinus, ^iius Lampridius, Vulcatius Gallicanus, Tre- 

bellius Pollio, et Flavius Vopiscus, 2 v. 8vo; Lugd. Bat 

184 Historiae Byzantinae Scriptores Tres, Gr. Lat folio; Colonial 

AUobrogum, 1615. 
J. 142 Historicis Antiquis Collectanea, Gr. Lat 8vo. 

174 Hooke, N. : Roman History, 4 v. 4to; 5th ed: Lond. 1770-71. 
J. 196 Howel, William: History of the World, 3 v. fol; Lond. 1680. 
J^ 193 Josephus, Flavius: Ant Jud. et Hist de Bello Judaico, Gr. 

Lat Bernardi, fol; Oxoniae, 1700. 
J. 70 ' Opera Omnia, Gr. Lat Havercampii et 

Hudsonii, curavit Oberthtir, 6 v. 8vo; Lipsiae, 1782. 
J. 194 Works, Eng. by W. Whiston, fol; Lon- 
don, 1737. 
J. 39 Juliani Imperatoris Cassares, Gr. Lat exrec. et cum adnotat 

Th. C. Harles, 8vo; Erlangae, 1785» 

^o«e 1.] ANCIENT HISTORY. 13 

of the late President JmmwMw, when it WMparchMed by CoMg;ress in 1815. 

J. 81 Justinus, Delphinii 8vo. 

J. 80 not var. 2 v. 8yo; Lugd. Bat 1760. 

82 Lat Eng. by John Clarke, 8yo; Glocester, 1790. 

J. 145 Kennet, Basil: Antiquities of Rome, Svo; London, 1746. 
J. 71 Krebsius, J. Tobias: Deereta Romanorum jhto Judeis, e 

Josepho: adjunctum est Decretum Atheniensum pro Hyr« 

cano, 8vo; Lipsiie, 1768. 
i, 61 Lacombe, James: Abrfegjfe Chronologique de I'Histoire An* 

cienne, 12mo; Paris, 1757. 
J. 48 Le Beau, Charles: Histoire du Baa Empire, 21 y. 12mo; Paris, 

1757-'81: La mSme, continu6e par M. Ameilhon, 3 v. 

12mo; Paris, 1781-'86. 
62 Le Clerc, : Compendium of Uniyersal History, 12mo; 

Liondon, 1699. 
160 Leigh, Samuel: Scripture Genealogy, from Adam to Christ, 

4to; London, 1817. 
155 Lempriere, J. : Classical Dictionary, 8yo; London, 1809. 
J, 41 Life of the Emperor Julian, 12roo; London, 1746. 
i • 52 Lipsii Antiquitates Romanae, et Fabricii Romae coUatio, 1 2mo; 

Londoni, 1692. 
J. 186 Liyio, del Nardi; 3 y. folio; Venet 1562. 
J. 176 Liyius Doujatii, in usum Delphini, 5y. 4to; Parisiis, 1680. 
J. 24 Liyius, supplenientis Freinshemii et notia Joan. Clerici, 10 y. 

12mo; Amstd. 1710. 
136 Liyy's History of Rome, Eng. by George Baker, 6 y. 8yo; 

London, 1814. 
J. 49 Lycosthenes, Conrad: Apophthegmatum Loci Communes, 2 y. 

J. 28 Macquer, P. : Annales Remaines, 12mo; Paris, 1756. 
102a Maps and Plans illustratiye of Thucydides, 8yo; Oxford. 

198 Marshall, Benjamin: Chronological Tables, foL; Oxford, 1712 

and 1713. 
164 Maurice, Thomas: Ancient History of Hindostan, 2 y. 4to; 

London, 1795-'98. 
38 Methodepour apprendre faeilement I'Histoire Romaines, 12mo; 
Londres, 1754. 
J. 190 Middleton, Conyers: Life of Cicero, 2y. 4to; Lond. 1741. 
J. 63 MiUot, Claude X. : Siemens d'Histoire G6n^ale, 4 y. 12mo; 
Paris, 1778. 

149 Elements of General History, 5 y. 8yo5 

Salem, 1796. 
J. 171 Mitford, William: History of Greece, 4 y. 4to; Lond. 1808. 
152 Modern Part of Universal History, 8 y. 8vo; London, 1759. 

199 Montfaueon, Bernard de: L' Antiquity Expliqu^ et Repre- 

sentee en Figures, 10 y. folio; Paris, 1722. 
J. 157 Newton, Sir Isaac: Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms, 4to; 
London, 1728. 

14 ANCIENT HISTORT. [Chapter 1. 

Note.... The Works to which the lettier J, is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 43 Nicephori Breviarium Historicum, de rebus gestis ab obitu 

Mauricii ad Constantinum usque Copronymum, Gr. Lat 

Petavii, p. 8vo; Paris. 1616. 
138 Niebuhr, B. G: History of Rome, 1st v. 8vo; Camb. 1828. 
J. 127 Orosius, p. 4to; Paris. 1506. 
J. 117 Paterculus, C. Velleius: Historiae Romanae, not var. curft P. 

Burmanni, 8yo; Lugd. Bat. 1719. 
J. 118 ' Idem, cum variis Lectionibus, &c. a 

J. Hudsoni, 8vo; Oxoniae, 1791. 
119 ■ ■ History of Rome, tr. by Geo: Ba* 

ker, 8vo; London, 1814. 
J. 165 Perizonii Commentarii in Epitomen Horat. Tursellini, 3 Vr 

4to; MS. 1714. 
J. 6 Perizonius, Jac. : iGgyptiarum Originum Investigatio, 12mo^ 

Lugd. Bat 1711. 
J. 7o — — Animadversiones Historicae, 12mo; Amst. 

J. 7 ' ' Grigines Babylonicae et ^gyptiacae, 12mo; 

Lugd. Bat 1711. 
104 Plutarch's Lives, trans, by J. and W. Langhome, 6 v. 8vo; 

Lond. 1813. 
J. 187 Phitarchi Vitas, Gr. Lat. Cruserii, 4 v. p. fol. ; Basileae, 1564, 

29 Gr. Lat Eng. 13 v. 12mo; Edinb. 1774. 

J. 144 Polyaeni Strategematum, Gr. Lat Vulteii, 8yo; Lugd. Bat 

J. 99 Poly bins: Historiarum libri qui supersunt, Gr. Lat Casaubo* 

ni, not var. Gronovii et Ernesti, Lipsiae, 1764; and in 

English, by Hampton, Lond. 1772; 8 v. 8vo. 

J. 180 Idem, Gr. Lat Casauboni, folio; Paris. 1619. 

J. 158 Potocki, Jean: Chronologie de Manethon, 4to; St Peters- 
burgh, 1805. 
J. 5 ■ ' - Dynasties de Manethon, 12mo; Florence, 

J. 159 — — — . Principes de Chronologic Antferieurs aux 

Olympiades, 4to; St. Fetersbqrgh, 1810. 
J. 97 Potter, John: Antiquities of Greece, 2 v. 8vo; Loiid. 1751, 
J. 188 Procopius: Arcana Historia, Gr. Lat Alemanni, fol. ; Lugd. 

J. 15 Quintus Gurtius: De Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni, Lat Fr. 

de Vaugelas, avec les Supplemens de J. Freinshemius, 

trad, par Feu M. Du Ryer, 12mo; Berlin, 1746. 

J. 14 ' Idem, i Maittaire, 12mo; Lond. 1716. 

78 The same, in English, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1809. 

J. 77 Idem, in usum Delphini, cum Supplemento 

Freinshemii, 8vo; Lond. 1705. 

J. 76 ■ Idem, not var. 8vo; Elzevir ed. 

J. 197 Raleigh, Sir Walter: History of the World, 2 v. fol. ; Lond. 

1736. • 

Jllcave 10 ANCIENT HISTORY. 15 

of the bte Preudent Jsmmso v, when it was purchased by Coni^ress in 1815. 

J. 56 Richer, Adrien: Abr^g^ Chronologique de rHistoire des Em- 
p^reurs Romaines, 2 v. \2mo; Paris, 1767. 
146 Robertson, Joseph: The Parian Chronicle, or the Chronicle 
of the Arundelian Marbles; with a Dissertation concern- 
ing its authenticity, 8yo; Lond. 1788. 
87 Robertson, William: History of Ancient Greece, 8vo; Edinb. 

86 Robinson, John: Antiquities of Greece, 8vo; Lond. 1807. 
125 Rogers, Elisa: Lives of the Twelve CaBsars, 5 v. 8vo; Lond. 
: 1811. 

J. 65 Rollin, Charles: Histoire Ancienne, 13 v. 12mo; Amst 1735 

66 Ancient History, 10 v. 12mo; N.York, 1815. 

154 Russell,Williain: History of Ancient Europe, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 

64 ^Rutherford, William: View of Ancient History, 2 v. 12mo; 

Lond. 1809. 
94 Sabbathier^ M. : Institutions, Manners, and Customs of the 
Ancient Nations; trans, from the French, by P. Stockdale, 
2 V. 8vo; London, 1776. 
2 Sallust, C. C.: Opera, 16s; Lipsiae: ed. stereotypa. 

J. 3 ,..- Idem, ii Maittaire, 12mo; Lond. 1725. 

J. 105 ■ '■■■ — Idem, in usum Delphini, 8vo; Lond. 1746. 

J. 106 Idem, quae extant, cum notis variorum, etc. 

8vo; Cantab. 1710. 

108 Works, t^. by A. Murphy, 8vo; Lond. 1807. 

107 Works, tT;. by William Rose, 8vo; London, 

96 Shuckford, Samuel: Connexion of the Sacred and Profane 
History of the World; revised and improved by J. Creigh- 
ton, 2 V. 8vo; Phila.;l824. 
J. 168 Stanley, Thomas: Lives of the Philosophers, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 

J. 83 Stanyan, Temple: Grecian History, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1739. 
172 Suetonius, C. Tranquillus: Opera, a J. G. GraBvius, 4to; 
Hs^-Com. 1691. 

J. 122 ' Opera omnia qu» extant, in usum 

Delphini, 8vo; Lond. 1718. 

124 . , Lives of the First Twelve Caesars, 

tr. by Alexander Thompson, 8vo; Lond. 1796. 
J. 192 Tacitus, C. C. : Opera, cum Commentariis, accessit C. Vel- 
leius Paterculus, cum notis a Lipsio; folio; Antv. 1668. 

J. 34 — — Opera, edition of Brotier, Paris, 1776; with 

Span, by Sveyro, Anvers, 1619; and Eng. by Gordon, 
Dublin, 1787; 12 v. 12mo. 

J. 121 ■' • Opera, a Gronovii, not. var. Elzevir, Amstel. 

1672; and Eng. by T. Gordon, Lond. 1737; 9 v. 8va 

16 ANCIENT HISTORY. [Chapter 1. 

NoT»....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

103 Tacitus, C. C. : Works, with an Essay on his Life aad Genius, 
and notes, supplement, &c. by Arthur Murphy, 6 v. 8vo; 
Phila. 1813, 
178 Thucydides: De Bello Peloponnesiaco, Libri Octo, Gr. Lat. 
not var. Hudsonii, folio; Oxonian, 1696. 

J. 191 Idem, Gr. I-at. not var. Dukeri, folio; Amst. 


J. 10 Idem, Gr. Lat ex ed. Wassii et Dukeri, 8 v. 

12mo; Glasguae, 1759. Foulis ed. 

J. 177 " Peloponnesian War, tr. by T. Hobbes, folio; 

London, 1629, 

102 The same, tr. by T. Hobbes, 8vo; London, 1823. 

J. 169 The same, tr. by Wm. Smitli, 2v. 4to; London, 


102 a Maps and Plans illustrative of, 8vo; Oxford. 

J. 57 Tracts in Ancient History, by Priestley and Fabbroni, 8vo; 

Lond. 1785; Firenze, 1783. 
J. 50 Tunindus, Gerardus: Apophthegmata Graeca, Latina, Italica, 

GaTlica, et Hispaniea, 12mo; Lugd. Bat 1609. 
J. 20 Tursellinus, Hor. : Epit Historiarum, 12mo; Ultrajecti, 1710. 
J. 151 Universal History, 20 v. 8vo; Lond. 1747. 
J, 143 Valerius Maximus, cum notis a Thysius, 8vo. 

Velleius. See Paterculus. 
J. 27 Vertot, D'A. R. A. de: Revolutions de Rome, 3 v. 12mo; 
La Haye, 1734. 

133 — :— : > Revolutions of the Roman Republic, 

trans, by Ozell, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1724. 
95 Volney, C. F. : Recherches Nouvelles sur I'Histoire An- 
cienne, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1814. (present) 

95 a New Researches on Ancient History, trans. 

by Col. Corbet, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1819. 
40 Watterston, George: History of Rome, for the use of Schools, 

8vo; Washington, 1820. {present) 
140 Wilcox, Joseph: Roman Conversations, 2 v.8vo; Lond. 1792. 
73 Xenophon's Cyrop»dia, tr. by Ashley, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; Dub- 
lin, 1798. 
84 Xenophon's History of the Affairs of Greece, tr. by W 
Smith, 8vo; Lond. 1812. 
J. 13 Xenophontis Cyropaedia, Gr. Lat Hutchinson, 4 v. 12mo; 

Glasguse, 1767. Foulis ed. 
J 72 The same, in Eng. by Spelman, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1749. 
J. 170 Xenophontis Cyropadia, Gr. Lat T. Hutchinson, 4to; Oxo- 

nii, 1727. 
J. 11 Xenophontis Hellenica, et Aeesilaus, Gr. Lat Ed. Wells, 4 v. 

12mo; Glasguae, 1762. Foulis ed. 
J. 12 Xenophontis Expeditio Cyri, Gr. Lat exed.T. Hutchinson; 
De Magisterio Equitum, Gr. Lat ex ed. E. Wells, 4 v. 
12mo; Grlasguae, 1764. Foulis ed. 

Alewes I and 2.] MODERN HISTORY. If 

of the late Preddent Jwswrmmaow, when it wu purchased by CongreM in 1815. 

J. 175 Xiphilinus, Gr. Lat Blanci, 2 v. 4to; Lutetiie, 1 J51. 

166 Yorke, Philip, Earl of Hardwicke: Athenian LetterSi 2 v. 
4to; Lend. 1810. 

153 Young, Sir William: Hiitory of Athens, 8yo; Lond. 1804. 
J. 131 Zosimus: Historian Novae, Gr. Lat. 8vo; Oxonii, 1679. 

CHAPTER n [Alcoves N^ 1 and 2.] 


SOUTHERN EUROPE.— //a/y. Borne, Florence, Naples, Vemee^ 
Spain, Portugal, France. 

NORTHERN EUROPE.— Z«j»/anflf, Russia, Poland, Hungary, 
Sweden, Denmark, Prussia, Germany, Flanders, United 
Netherlands, Switzerland, Geneva. 


J. 24 Abr6g6 Chronologique de I'H istqire d'Espagne et de Portugal, 

2 V. 12mo; raris, 1777. 
J. 82 ' Abrege Chronologique de THistoire de Pologne, 12ino; Var> 

sovie, 1763. 
J. 129 Abridgment of the Historical, Geographical, .Chronological^ 

and Poetical Dictionary, 1st vol. 8vo; London, 1703. 
43 Adventures of a French Sergeant, 12mo; London, 1828. 
42 Adventures of a Young Rifleman, 12mo; London, 1826. 
J. 348 Aitzema, Lion: History of the United Netherlands, 1650 and 

1651, p. fplio; Iiondon, 1658. 

180 Alfieri, Victor: Vita di, scritta da esso, 2 v. 8vo; Firenze^ 


181 — ^^— ^ ..-.^— ^ The same, translated from the Italian^ 2 v. 

8vo; London, 1810. 
411 Anderson, James: Royal Genealogies, folio; Lond< 1732. 
274 Anderson, William : Sketches of the History and Present State 

of the Russian Empire, 8vo; London, 1815. 
104 Angoul6me, Duchess d'.' Private Memoirs of the Captivity of 

the Royal Family of France, in the Tower of the Temple, 

12mo; Edinburgh, 1817. 
124 Annals of Europe, or Regal Register, 8vo; London, 1779. 
248 Antommarchi, Dr. F.: LastDa3rs of the Emperor Napoleon, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1825. 

18 MODERN HISTORY* [Chapter 2. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

333 Asiatic Annual Reg^ister, from 1799 to 1811, 12 v. 8vo; Lond. 
53 Autobiography, viz: Colley Gibber, Hume, Lilly, Voltaire, 
Marmontel, R. Drury, Whitefield, Ferguson, Mary Ro- 
binson, Charlotte Charke, Lord Herbert, Prince Eugene, 
Kotzebue, J. Creichton, W. Gifford, T. Ellwood, L. Hoi- 
berg, J. H. Vaux, Edward Gibbon, Benvenuto Cellini, 
James Lackington, Wolfe Tone, Margravine of Bareith, 
George Bubb Doddington, Carlo Goldoni, Vidocq, Ma- 
dame Du Barri, 30 v. 12mo; London, 1826-'30. 
132 Baily, Francis: Epitome of Universal History, 2 v. 8vo. Lon- 
don, 1813. 
Bareith, Margrave de. See Book of Kings, vols. 1 and 2, 
in ch. 3, No. 66. 
413 Barrfe, Richard (Lord Ashburton): Genealogical Memoirs of 
the Royal House of France, 2 v. folio; Lond. 1825. (pres.) 
J. eo Barri. Anecdotes sur M. la Comtesse du Barri, l2mo; Lon- 

dres, 1775. 
J. 218 Bastille Devoilfee, ou Recueil de Pieces Authentiques pour 

servir a son Histoire, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1789-'90. 
J. 278 Bassville, M. de: Vie de Frangois Le Fort, 8vo; Geneve, 
354 Batty, Captain : Campaign in the Western Pyrenees and South 

of France, in 1813 and 1814, 4to; London, 1823. 
253 Bausset, L. F. J. de: Private Memoirs of the Court of Na- 
poleon, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1828. 
J. 401 Bayle, Pierre: Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 5me ed. 
revue, corrigee, et augmentfee, avec de la Vie de PAuteur, 
par Maizeaux, 4 v. folio; Amst. 1740. 

402 ," Historical and Critical Dictionary, trans, into 

Eng. with additions^ corrections, and observations, by 
Bernard, Birch, Lockman, Sale, &c. 10 v. folio; London, 
46 Benger, Eliz. 0.: Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of 
Bohemia, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1825. 
J. 95 Bentivoglio, Guido: Delia Guerra di Fiandra, 3a parte, 12mo; 
Colonia, 1640. 

J. 95 Delia (Guerra di Fiandra, Ima parte, 

12mo; Colonia, 1635. 

J. 95 DelP Historia di Fiandri, 2da parte, 

12mo; Colonia, 1636. 

307 — . Opere Storiche,5 v. 8vo; Milano,1806-'7» 

J, 94 — Relatione delle Provincie Unite di Fi- 
andra, 12mo; Brusselles, 1632. 
342 Berington, Joseph: History of the Lives of Abeillard and 

Heloisa, 4to; Birmingham, 1788. 
833 Bertrand de Moleville, A. F, : Annals of the French Revo- 
lution, trans, into English, by R. C. Dallas, 9 v. 8vo; 
London, 1800-'2. 

^k(ybts 1 and2.'] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 19 

of the late President Jefpsbsok, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

— '-- ■ II-- ifc.i...... I. > .» , I— — — ^ i,.., < 

412 Betham, WiNiam: Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns of 
the World, from the earliest to the present period^ 1795, 
folio; London, 1795. 

152 Bigland, John: History of Europe, from 1783 to 1810, 2 v. 

8vo5 London, 1810. 

153 ___ History of Spain, from the earliest period to 

1809, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1810. 
J. 51 Biographia Gallica, 2 v. 12rao; London, 1752. 

67 Biographical Anecdotes of the Founders of the French Revo- 
lution, 2v. 12mo; London, 1797. 

140 Biographie Nouvelle des Gontemporains, by MM. Arnault, 
Jay, Jouy, Norvins, &c. 18 v. 8vo; Paris, 1820-^25. (im- 

393 Blacker, Valentine: Memoirs of the Mahratta War, 1817-'19, 
4to; London, 1821. 
J, A. Blair, John: Chronology and History of the World, from the 
Creation to the Year of Christ 1753, folio; London, 1754. 

156 Blaquiere, Edward: Historical View of the Spanish Revolu- 
tion, 8vo; London, 1822. 

18^ Narrative of a Second Visit to Greece, 

8vo; London, 1825. 

357 Boisgelin, Louis de: History of Ancient and Modern Malta, 
3 V. 4to; London, 1804. 

177 Bombet, L. A. C. : Lives of Haydn and Mozart, 8vo; Lon- 

don, 1817. 

178 *- Memoirs of Rossini, 8vo; Lond. 1824. 

303 Bonaparte, Louis: History of Holland, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 1820. 
250 Reply to Sir Walter Scott's History of Na- 
poleon, 8vo; London, 1829. 

245 Bonaparte, Napoleon. Memoirs of the History of France, du- 
ring the reign of Napoleon, dictated by the Emperor, at 
St Helena, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1823. 

169 Botta, Carlos: History of Italy, during tilie reign of Napo- 
leon, 2v. 8vo; London, 1828. 
J. 48 Bourdeille, or Brantome, Pierre de: M^moires des Hommes 
Illustres Fran9ois de son temps, 2 v. 16s; Leyde, 1699^ 

351 Bourke, Thomas: History of the Moors in Spain, 4to; Lon- 
don, 1811. 

252 Bourrienne, M. de: Private Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, 
during the periods of the Directory, the Consulate, and the 
Empire, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 
J. 115 Briaithwaite, John: Revolutions de Maroc, tr. de PAnglois, 
12mo; Amst 1731. 
Brantome. See Bourdeille. 

415 Bredow, G. G.: Tabular View of Universal History and 
Literature, and Van Breeds Table of Painters, folio; tr. 
with considerable additions, by James Bell, Lond. 1824, 

» MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter fi. 

NoTs....The Works to vhich the letter J. ia prefixed, were in the Library 

}. 8916 Brief Account of the Hospital of St Elizabeth, in the Elec- 
torate of Treves, Lat Eng. 8to; London, 1786. 
317 BrisgS) John: History of the Kise of the Mahommedan Power 
m India, till the year A. D. 1612, tr. from the original 
Persian of Mahomed Kasim Ferishta^ 4y. 8to; London^ 
J. ^7 Brower, Christopher: Antiquitates Fuldenses, p. folio; Ant- 
Terpiae, 1612. 
394 Bruce, John: Annals of the East India Company, from 1^00 

to 1708, 3 V. 4to; London, 1810. 
305 Butler, Charles: Life of Erasmus, 8vo; London, 1825. 

56 ....«._ Life of Fenelon, 12mo; Baltimore, 1811. 

306 Life of Hugo Grotius, 8vo; London, J 826. 

291 ■ ■ — — — Notes on the Chief Revolutions of the Prin- 
cipal States which composed the Empire of Charlemagne, 
from 814 to 1806, 8vo; London, 1807. 
20 Callcott, Maria: Short History of Spain, 2 v. 12mo; Lond. 
J. 319 Cambridge, Richard Owen: History of the War in India, 
between the Soglish^nd French, from 1750 to 1760, 8vo; 
Dublin, 17^1. 
B« Campagnes M^morables des Fran^ais, depuis PEpoque de 
PExpfedition d'Egypte jusqu'i celle du Traitfe de Paix du 
20 Novembre, 1815, 2 v. folio; Paris, 1817. 
J« 376 Cantimir, Demetrius: Histoire de FEmpire Othoman, tr. en 
Francois, par M. de Joncquieres, 4to; Paris, 1743. 
913 Campan, J. L. Henriette Grenet: Memoirs of the Private Life 
of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, 8vo; Phila. 1823. 
273 Card, Henry: History of the Revolutions of Russia, 8vo; 
Lond. 1804. 

208 _— Reign of Charlemagne, 8vo; Lond. 1807. 

Caritat. See Condorcet 
J. 73 Camot R^ponse de Carnot sur la Conjuration du 18 Fructi- 
dor, an 5, l2mo; Lond. 1799. 
Carvalho. See Pombal. 
J. 269 Cast^ra, J. : Histoire de Catharine II., 3 v. 8yo; Paris, 1800. 
J, 68 Castillon, B. : Campagne de la Grande Arm6e, 12mo; Bor- 
deaux, 1806. 
Cellini, Benvenutp. See Roscoe. 
142 Chalmers^ Alexander: General Biographical Dictionary, 32 v. 

8vo^, Lond. 1812. 
315 Chamich, Father Michael: History of Armenia, from B. C. 
2247 to A. D. 1780; tr. from the original Armenian, by 
Job. Avdall, 2 v. Svo; Calcutta, 1827. 
3. 241 Chas, J. : Sur' Bonaparte, Premier Consul de la R^publique 

Fran9ais, 8vo; Paris, 1800. 
J. 66 Cbateauneuf, A. : Histoire des G6n6raux qui se sont illtistr^ 
dans la Guerre de la Revolution, 5 v. 12mo;Paris, 1809-*'lO. 

Moves I andU.^ FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 21 

of the late President JifFsmsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 8 Chronoloffist of the War of 1789 to 1796, 12mo; Lond. 1797. 
47 Clayton, John: Sketches in Biography, 8vo; Edinb. 1825. 

Collier, Jeremy. See Moreri- 
196 Collioaon, J.: Life of Thuanua, 8yo; Lond. 1807. 
J. 15 Colvin, J. B.: Historical Letters, 12mo; Richmond, 1812. 
J. 407 Comines, Philip de: M6moires,contenansI'Histoire desRoys 
Louyj XL et Charles VIII., rev. et cor, par D. Oodefroy, 
folio; Paris, 1649. 
39 The same, tr. into English; with the Se- 
cret History of Louis XL, from the Scandalous Chronicle, 
2v. 12mo; Lond. 1823. 
J. 193 Condorcet, J. A. N. Caritat, Marquis de: Vie de Turgot, 

8vo; Lond. 1786. 
J. 93 Conestaggio, Jeronimo: Istoria delle Guerre della Germania 
Inferiore, 12mo; Colonia, 1634. 
147 Coote, Charles: Continuation of Russell's Modern Europe, 

2 V. 8vo; Lond. 1818. 
227 Correspondence of the Revolution Society in London, with 
the National Assembly of France, &c. 8yo; Lond. 1792. 
325 Cox, Capt Hiram: Journal of a Residence in Burmah, in 1797, 

edited by his son, 8vo; Lond. 1821. 
289 Coxe, William: History of the House of Austria, from 1218 
to 1792, 5y.8vo; Lond. 1820. 

157 Memoirs of the Kings of Spain, fit>m 1700 

to 1788, 5 V. 8vo; Lond. 1815. 
J. 83 Coyer, rAbb(i: Histoire de Sobieski, Roi de Pologne, 2 v. 
12mo; Varsoyie, 1761. 
334 Crabb, George: Unirersal Historical Dictionary, 2 y. 4to; 

Lond. 1825. 
330 Craufiird, Quinton: Sketches of the Hindoos, 2 r. Sro; Lond. 
J. 109 Croix, Petis de la: Histoire de Geng^izcan, 12mo; Paris, 1710. 
J. 110 — — - ' Histoire de Timur Bee, 4 v. I2mo; iPans, 

385 Dalzel, Archibald:. History of Dahomy, an inland kingdom 

of Africa, 4to; Lond. 1793. 
125 Dangeau, Marquis de: Memoirs of the Court of France, from 
1684 to 1720, 2 V. 8to; Lond. 1825. 
J. 338 Daniel, Gabriel: Histoire de France, 10 v. 4to; Paris, 1729. 
45 D'Arc. Memoirsof Jeanne IV Arc, 2 y. 12mo;Lond 1824. 
127 D'Aussonne, Lafont: Histoire de Madame de Maintenon, et 
de la Cour de Louis XIV., 2 y. 8vo; Paris, 1814. 
J. 204 Davila, Enrico Caterino: Istoria delle Guerre Civili di Fran- 

cia, 5 y. 8yo; Veneaua, 1745. 
J. 65 Desodoards, A. Fantin: Abr6g(6 Chronologique de la Revolu- 
tion de France, 3 y. 12mo; Paris, 1802. 
J. 221 ^ ' ■ ■■ Histoire Philosophique de la Reyo.- 

lution de France^ Svo; Paris, 1796. 


22 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter ± 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 30 1 De Witt, John : Political Maxims of the State of Holland, 8vo ; 

Lond. 1743. 
J. 136 Dictionnaire Biographique des Hommes Marquans de la fin 

du 18me Si^cle, 8vo; Lond. 1800. 
J. 130 Dictionnaire Historique, parune Secietfe de Gens de Lettres, 
9 V* 8vo; Caen, 1789. 
299 Dillon, J. Talbot: History of Peter the Cruel, King of Castile 

and Leon, 8vo; Lond. 1788. 
195 Dobson, Susannai: Life of Petrarch, collected from M6moires 
pour la Vie de Petrarch, 8vo. Phila. 1817. 
D^Orleans, Ant. Philip. See Montpensier. 
J. 238 Doumouriez. Mfemoires du Gen. Doumouriez, Merits par lui- 
meme, 8vo; Hambourg, 1794. 
331 Dow, Alexander: History of Hindostan, tr. from the Persian, 

3 V. 8vo; Lond. 1812. 
254 Ducrest, Mademoiselle: Memoirs of the Empress Josq>hine, 
2 V. l^mo; Lond. 1828-9. 
J. 9 Du Presnoy, Lenglet: Tablettes Chronologiques de PHistoire 
Universelle, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1778. 
240 Dumas, Mathieu: Prfecis des Ev^nemens Militaires, ou Es- 
sais Historiques sur les Campagnes de 1799 4 1814, 16 v. 
8vo; Paris, 1817-^24. 

410 Cartes et Plans, fol. 

J. 1 92 Dupiiis, — • — : Mfemoires sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de Turgot, 
8vo; Phila. 1782. 
362 Durazzo, Ippolito: Elogj Storici di Cristoforo Colombo e di 

Andrea d'Oria, 4to; Parma, 1781. 
57 Ellis, G. Agar: History of the State Prisoner, commonly 
called the Iron Mask, 8vo; Lond. 1826. 
J. 146 Esprit de PHistoire G6n6rale de FEurope, depuis Pan 476 

jusqu'lL la Paix de Westphalie, 8vo; Lend. 1783. 
J. 112 Etat de Tripoly, Tunis, et Alger, 12mo; Rouen, 1703. 

41 Eventful Life of a Soldier, during the late war in Portugal, 

Spain, and France, 12mo; Edinb. 1827. 
247 Fain, Baron: .Manuscript of 1814; a History of the Events 
which led to the Abdication of Napoleon, 8vo; Lond. 1823. 
Fantin. See Desodoards. 
J. 149 Faria i Sousa: Epitome de las Historias Portuguesas, p. 4to; 

Madrid, 1628. 
J. 50 Forbin, Claude: M^moires, 2 v. 12mo; Amst 1730. 

263 Fouchfe. Memoirs of Joseph Fouchfe, Duke of Otranto, 2 v. 
8vo; Lond. 1885. 

74 Sketch of the Life of Fouchfe, 12mo; Phila. 1817. 

163 Foy, General: History of the War in the Peninsula, under 

Napoleon, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 1827. 
133 Froissart, Sir John: Chronicles of England, France, Spain, 
&c. tr. from the French, with additions, by Thomas 
Johnes, 13 v. 8vo; Lond. 1808. 

JUcoves 1 and 2.] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 23 

of the late President Jsitirsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 332 Gazettes de Leyde, 1781, '85, '88; '90 to '95; and 1804-'5, 
11 V. p. 4to. 
235 Genlis. Memoirs of the Countess de Genlis, written by her- 
self, tr. from the French, 2 v. 8vo;New York, 1825. 
J. 360 Giannone, Pietro: Istoria Civile del Regno di Napoli, 4 v. 
4to; Palmyra, 1762. 

J. 361 ' Opere Postume, 4to; Lausanna, 1760. 

408 Girard, P. S. : Life of the Duke of Ei^ruon, tr. into Eng. 

by Charles Cotton, folio; Lond. 1670. 
194 Gofe'the. Memoirs of Goethe, by himself, 8vo; New York, 

261 Gourgaud, Gaspard: Campaign of 1815; or a Narrative of the 
Military Operations which took place in France and Bel- 
gium during the Hundred Days, 8vo; London, 1818. 
260 Napoleon and the Grand Army in Rus- 
sia, or a Critical Examination of Count Philip de Sfegur's 
Work, 8vo; Phila. 1825. 
200 Grimm, Baron de. Historical and Literary Memoirs and An- 
ecdotes, from the Correspondence of Baron de Grimm and 
Diderot, 1753 to 1790, 4 v. 8vo; Lond. 1815. 
J. 283 Grimoard, Comte de; Tableau de la Vie et du Regne de 

Frfedferic le Grand, 8vo; Londres, 1788. 
J. 368 Grotius, Hugo: Annales et Historian de Rebus Belgicis, foL; 
Amst 1657. 
167 Guicciardini, Francesco: History of Italy, from 1490 to 1532, 
tr. into English by A. P. Goddard, 10 v. 8vo; London, 

J, 16 II Sacco di Roma, 12mo; Colonia, 


J. 403 Istoria d'ltalia, 2 v. fol. ; Venezia, 

292 Hall, C. Henry: Life of Andrew Hofer, the Tyrolese Pa- 
triot, 8vo; Lond. 1820. 
143 Hallam, Henry: View of the State of Europe during the 

Middle Ages, 4 v. 8vo; Phila. 1821. 
291a Halliday, Sir Andrew: Annals of the House of Hanover, 2 v. 

8vo; Lond. 1826. 
329 Hamilton, Francis: Genealogies of the Hindus, fol. and 8vo; 
Edinb. 1819. (present. J 
J. 6 Hardie, James: American Remembrancer, 12mo; Phil. 1795. 
Haydn. See Bombet. 
251 Hazlitt, William: Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1st and 2d 
V. 8vo; Lond. 1828. 
J. 91 Heiss, John: Histoire de I'Empire, 3 v. 12mo; La Haye, 1685. 
J. 367 Helvicus, Christopher: Chronological History, fol. ; Lond. 

J. 33 Renault, C. J. F.: Abrege Chronologique de I'Histoire de 
France^ 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1775. 

► 30v. l2mo; Paris, 1761-'86. 

24 MODERN HISTORY. [C&apl6r2. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Librtty 

J. 27 Histoire dela Conjuration de Portugal en 1640, 12mo; Paris, 

J. Ill Histoire des Etats Barbaresques, traduite de PAnglois, 2 v. 

12mo; Paris, 1757. 
J. 30 Histoire de France, de Velly, 
420—1315, 1-7 vs. 

J. 30 deVillaret, 

1314—1466, 8-17 vs. 

J. 30 de Garnier, 

1469—1560, 17-30 vs. 
128 Historical Account of all the Orders of Knighthood at present 

existing in Europe, 2 v. 8vo;Lond. 1804. 
414 Historical Account of the Colony of New South Wales, fol.^ 

Lond. 1821. 
151 Historical View of the Revoliitions of Portugal since the close 

of the Peninsular War, 8vo; Lond. 1827. 
185 Historyiof Modern Greece, with a View of its Geography and 
Antiquities, 8vo; Boston, 1827. (2 copies.) 
J. 223 History of the late Revolution in France, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; 
Phila. 1794. 
103 History of the Siege of Toulon in 1707, 12ino; London, 1746. 
19 Holland, Lord H. R.: Some account of the Lives and Writ- 
ings of Lope de Vega and Guillen de Castro, 2 v. 12mo; 
Lond. 1817. 

J. 10 Hornot, : Abr^ Chronologique de PHistoire llftiver- 

selle, 12ino; Atnst. 1757. 
187 Howe, Samuel 6. : Historical Sketch of the Greek Revolu- 
tion, 8vo; New York, 1828. 
211 Hue, Francis: History of Louis XVI. ; tr. by R. C. Dallas* 

8vo; Lond. 1806. 
206 Huet, P. D. Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet, 
Bishop of Avranches, written by himself; translated from 
the Latin, with copious notes, &c* by John Aikin, 2 v* 
8vq; Lond. 1810. 
-255 Hugo. Memoires du G^nferal Hugo, prfecfed^ des M^moires 

du General Aubertin, 3 v. 8vo; Paris, 1823. 
264 Ireland, W. H.: France for the Last Seven Years, or the 

Bourbons, 8vo;Lond. 1822. 
155 Irving, Washington: Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada, 
2v. 8vo; Phila. 1829. 
J. 61 Isle, Francis de P: Legende de Charles, Cardinal de Lorraine, 

&c. 12mo; Reims, 1576. 
J. 225 Ivernois, Sir Francis de: Revolutions de France et de Geneve, 

8voj Lond. 1795. 
J. 226 — — ■ — Tableau Historique et Politique des 

Pertes que la Revolution et la Guerre ont caus6es au Peu- 
pleFran§ais, 8vo; Lond. 1799. 

J. 308 ■ Tableau Historique et Politique dea 

Revolutions de Geneve, 2 v. 8vo; Greneve, 1782. 

Alcoves 1 and 2.] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 25 

of the late President Jirrxasov, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 302 Johnson, ; History of the United Provinces, from 1780 

to 1787, 8vo; Lond. 1787. 
341 Joinville, John Lord de: Memoirs, containing a History of 
part of the Life of Louis IX., King of France, with notes, 
&c. translated by T. Johnes, 2 ▼. 4to; Hafod, 1807. 
J. 159 Jones, John T. : Account of the War in Spain, Portugal, and 
South of France, from 1808 to 1814, 2 v.8vo; Lond. 1821. 
J. 80 Jornandes, (Bp. ): Histoire des Goths, tr. du Latin, par DroQet 
de Maupertuis, 12mo; Paris, 1703. 
349 Jortin, John: Life of Erasmus, folio; Lond. 1758. 
44 Journal of the Campaigns, and Adventures in England , Ireland, 
Denmark, Spain, Italy, &c. by an Officer of the King's 
Roman Legion, 8vo; Lond. 1827. 
J. 406 Jovius, Paulus: Historiarum sui temporis, 2 v. in 1, fol.; Lu- 

tetisB, 1558 and 1560. 
J. 363 Justinianus, Pet. : Rerum Venetarum Historia, fol. ; Venetiis, 

J. 372 Kaempfer, Engelbertus: History of Japan, tr. into Eng. by J. 

G. Scheuchzer, 2 v. fol.; Lond. 1727. 
J. 280 Komarzewski, M. de: Coup d'CEuil sur la Decadence de la 
Pologne, 8vo; Paris, 1807. 
105 Kotzebue, Aug. Von: Account of his Exile into Siberia, tr. 

by B. Beresford, 3 v. 12mo; Lond. 1802. 
258 Labaume, Eugene: Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign 
in Russia, tr. from the French, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1815. 
(2 copies.) 
J. 81 Lacombe, J. : Abr^ge Chronologique de PHistoire du Nord; 
ou des Etats de Dannemarc, de Russie, de Swede, &c., 2 v. 
12mo; Paris, 1762. 
209 Lacretelle, Charles: Histoire de France, pendant le Dix-Hui- 
tifeme Sifecle, 12 v. 8vo; Paris, 1819-'25. 

232 ■ Histoire de la Revolution Frangais, 6 v. 

8vo; Paris, 1831-^25. 
J. 5 Ladvocat, John Baptist: Dictionnaire Historique et Bibliogra« 
phique, 3 v. 12mo; Paris, 1777; Supplement, 1 v. 1779. 
214 Lamballe, Princess: Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of 
France, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1826. 
J. 100 Lamigue, J. : Histoire du Prince d'Orange et de Nassau, 2 v. 

I2m6; Lewarde, 1715. 
J. 311 Langl^s, L.: Instituts deTamerlan, 8vo; Paris, 1787. 

244 Las Cases, Emmanuel, Comte de: Journal of the Private Life 
and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon, at St. Helena, 
4 V. 8vo; London, 1824. 
J. 219 Latude, Henri Masersde: Histoire d'une Detention de trente- 

neuf Ans, dans les Prisons d'Etat, 8vo; Amst 1787. 
J. 117 Laugier de Tassy: Histoire d' Alger, 12mo; Amst. 1725. 
119 Leake, William Martin: Historical OudiRe of the Greek Re- 
volution, 8vo; I^ndon, ia;^6. 

26 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 2. 

NoTx... .Tbe Works tp which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

138 Lempriere^ John: Universal Biography, 2 y. 8vo; N. Yorki 


139 Universal Biography, with additions^ by 

E. Lord, 2 V. 8vo; New York, 1825. 

J. 309 Le Philadelphien 4 Geneve, ou Lettres d'un American sur la 
dernier Revolution de Genive, &c., 8vo; Dublin, 1783. 
59 Letters of Pope Clement XIV., (Ganganelli,) 2 v. 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1781. 
59a Letters of the Swedish Court, time of Gustavus III., 12mo. 
327 Ley den, John: Malay Annals, tr. from the Malay language; 
with an Introduction, by SirT. S. Raf9es,8vo; Lond.isill. 
313 Life of Ali Pacha, of Jannina, including a Compendious His^ 

tory of Modern Greece, 8vo; London, 1823. 
174 Life of Joanna, Queen of Naples, 2 v. 8vo; Londoa, 1824. 
275 Lloyd, H..E.: Life of Alexander, Emperor of Russia, 8voj 
London, 1826. 
J, ] 85 Loccenius, J. : Rerum Suecicarum Historia, p. Svo^ Holmiae^ 
Londonderry. See Vane, Ch. William. 
J. 53 Louis XIV. Lettres de Louis XIV., par MoreHy, 2 v. 16sf 

Paris, 1755. 
J. 371 Liidolphus, Job: History of Ethiopia, tr. into Eng. by J. P. 

fol. ; London, 1684. 
J. 312 Lusignan, S. : History of the Revolt of Ali Bey against the 

Ottoman Porte, 8 vo; London^ 1783. 
J. 17 Machiavelh, Niccolo: Opere Inedite, 1^ vol. 12mo; Londra, 
316 Mafiei, Gio Pietro: Le Istorie dell' Indie Orientali; trad, di 
Latino in lingua Toscano, da M. Francesco Serdonati, 3 v. 
8vo; Milano, 1806. 
373 . Mailla, J. A. M. de Moyriac de: Histoire Gfenferale de la Chi 
ne, ou Annales de cet Empire, traduites du Tong-Kien 
Kang-Mou, 12 v. 4to; Paris, 1777—1783. 
70 Maitland, Captain P. L. : Narrative of the Surrender of Bona* 

parte, 12mo; Boston, 1826. 
379 Malcolm, Sir John: History of Persia, from the most early 
period to the present time, 2 v. 4to; London, 1825,. 

320 ■ — ^ ' Memoir of Central India, including Mai- 

wa, &c.,2 V. 8vo; London, 1824. 

321 — Political History of India, from 1784 to 

^ 1823, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1826. 

J. 87 Mallet, Paul Henry: Histoire de Daunemarc, 6 v. 12mo; Ge- 
neve, 1763. 

268a — ^— — Northern Antiquities, or a Description 

of the Manners, &c. of the Ancient Danes and the North- 
ern Nations; tr. from the French, with notes, &c., 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1770. 

J. 101 Mandrillon, J.: Revolution des Provinces Unies, en 1787^ 
12mo; Paris, 1791. 

M:ov€a 1 and 2.] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. »7 

of the late I*resident Jimmtoir, when it was purchased by Congress m 1815. 

J. 18 Mariana, Juan de: Historia deEspafia, 11 v. ISmo; Ambwes^ 

J. 63 Marmonteli J. F. : (Euvres Posthumes, 4 v. 12mo; Paris, 1604. 
J. 11 Martiniere, Bruzen la: Introduction a PHiatoire de PAsiei de 
PAfrique^ et de I'Amerique, 2 v. 12mo; Amat 1735. 
360 Maurice, Thomas: Modem History of Hindostan, 2 v. 4io; 

London, 1802*'3. 
381 ' Supplement to the Modern History of In- 

dia, 4to; London, 1810. 
344 Medallic History of Napoleon, from 1796 to 1615, 4to; Lon- 
don, 1819. 
J. 55 Memoires de Madame Pompadour, 12mo; Liege, 1768. 
J. 276 M6moire8 Secrets sur la Russie, 2 y« 8vo; Amsterdam, 1800. 
J. 62 M6moires de Voltaire, 12mo; Amst 1785. 

64 Memoirs of Gabrini de Rienzi, from the French of Brumoy 

and Cerceau, l2mo; London. 
197 Memoirs of Henry the Great, and of the Court of France dur- 
ing his reign, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1824. 
172 Memoirs of the Carbonari, &c., hi Italy, 6ro; London, 1821. 
214 a Memoirs of the Marchioness de Laroche Jaquelein, 8vo; 

Phil. 1816. 
267 Meredith, Wm. G. : Memorials of Charles John, King of Swe- 
den and Norway, 8vo; London, 1829. 
J. 29 Mezeray, Fr. de: Histoire de France, 7 v. 12mo; [Ist v. want* 
ing,] Amst 1701. 
231 Mignet, A. F.: History of the French Revolution, from 1789 

to 1814, 8ro; New York, 1827. 
389 Mill, James: History of British India, 3 v. 4to; Lond. 1617. 
116 Miller, J. P. : Condition of Greece in 1827 and 1626, 8yo; N. 
York, 1828. 
J. 31 Millot, C. F. X. : Siemens de I'Histoire de France, Sy. 12mo; 
Paris, 1787. 

J. 14 ■ I Histoire Moderne, 5 y. 12mo; Paris, 1777. 

144 Mills, Charles: History of Chivalry, 6vo; Philadelphia, 1826. 
183 Travels of Theodore Ducas, 2 v. 8yo; Lon- 
don, 1622. 
J. 18 Miniana, J. Manuel: Continuacion de la Historia de Espafia 
del J. de Mariana, 5 v. 12mo; Amberes, 1739. 
409 Mirabeau, le Compte de: Atlas de la Monarchie Prussienne, 
folio; Londres, 1768. 

72 — — ^— Gallery of Portraits of the Nation- 

al Assembly, 12mo4 Dublin, 1790. 
J. 286 • -—--——— Histoire Secrete de la Cour de Ber- 
lin, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1789. 
J. 287 ■' ' ■ _— _— . The same, in English, 2 v. 6yoj 
London, 1789. 
234 Mirabeau. M^moires sur la Vie et les Eerits de Mirabeau, 4 y. 
8yo; Paris, 1824. 
1 Mnemonica, or Chronological Tablets, 12mo; Bait. 1812. 

28 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 2. 

NoTi,...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, w»re in the Libraiy 

J. 88 Molesworth, Robert, Viscount: Account of Denmark as it 

was in 1692, l^mo; Glasgow, 1752. 
is 23 Moncada, Expedicion de los Catalanes y Aragoneses 
contra Turcos et Oriegos, p. 8vo; Madrid, 1717. 
134 Monstrelet, Enguerrand de: Chronicles, being a continuation 
of Froissart, &c., to the year 1516, tr. by Thomas Johnes^ 
13 V. 8vo; London, 1810. 
216 Montbarey, Prince de: M6moires Autpgraphes, 2 v. 8vo; Pa* 

ris, 1826. 
215 Montpensier. Memoirs of the Duke of Montpensier, writ- 
ten by himself, tr. from the French, 8vo; London, 1824. 
390 Moor, Edward : Account of Hindu Infanticide, &C. , 4to; Lon- 
don, 1811. 

391 Narrative of the War against Tippoo Saib, 4to j 

London, 1794. 
355 Moore, James: Campaign of the British Army in Spain, 4to; 
London, 1809. 
J. 76 Moore, John: Journal of a Residence in France, in 1792, 2 v. 

12mo; Philadelphia, 1794. 
J. 395 Moreri, Louis: Grand Dictionnaire Historique, 6 v. folio; Pa* 
ris, 1725. 

J. 396 Nouveau Supplement au Grand Diet Hist de 

Moreri, 2 v. folio; Paris, 1735. 

J. 397 — : La mgme, 2 v. folio; Paris, 1749. 

J. 398 — Great Historical Dictionary, translated from 

the French, by Jeremy Collier, (2d ed.) 2 v. folio; Lon- 
don, 1701. 

J. 398 — — Supplement and Appendix to the above, trans. 

by Collier, 2 v. folio;, London, 1705 and 1721. 
179 Morgan, Lady: Life of Salvator Rosa, 2 v. 8vo; Lon. 1824. 
205 Mornay. M^moires et Correspondance de Duplessis-Mornay, 
(edition complete,) prfecfedle des M6moires de Madame de 
Mornay, Merits par elle'-m§me, pour ^instruction de son fils, 
12 V. 8vo; Paris, 1824. 
J. Motte, Comtesse de la. See Book of IRngSf vols. 3 and 4, 

chap. 3, No. 66. 
246 Mounteney, Barclay: Historical Inquiry into the Principal 
Circumstances and Events relative to the Emperor Napo- 
leon, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1824. 
Mozart. See Bombet 
384 Muhammed Baber. Memoirs of Zehir-Ed-Eddin Muhammed 
Baber, Emperor of Hindustan, written by himself, in the 
Jaghatai Turki, and translated by Dr. Leyden and W. Ers- 
kine, Esq., 4to; London, 1826. 
358 Muratori, Lud. Antonio: Annali d'Italia,dal Principio dell' era 
Volgare sino all' anno 1750, colle Prefazioni Critiche di 
Giu. Catalani, 12 v. 4to; Monaco, 1761-'64. 

Jtteovea 1 and 2.] PRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 29 

of the late President JsmBtoiTy when it wm purchased by Congress in 1815. 

359 Muratori, Lud. Antonio: Annali d'ltalia, dalF anno di Cristo 
1750 fino alF anno 1771; per servire di Continuazione a 
quel del proposto L. A. Muratori, 4to; Livorno, 1772. 

404 ,— Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, ab anno 

aene Christianas 500 ad 1500| 25 v. folio; Mediolani, 1723 
405 - ' ■ Rerum Italicarum Scriptores, ab anno 

aersB ChristiansB 1000 ad 1600,2 v. folio; Florentiae, 1748 
352 Murphy, J. Cavanah: History of the Mahometan Empire in 

Spain, 4to; London, 1816. 
162 Napier, W. F. P. : History of the War in the Peninsula, from 

1807 to 1814, 1st and 2d rols. 8yo; Lond. 1828-9. 
294 Nay lor, F. Hare: History of the Helvetic Republics, 4 v. 8vo; 
Lond. 1809. 

293 Civil and Military History of Germany, 3 v. 

8vo; Lond. 1816. 
J. 99 Neuville, M. de la: Histoire de la Hollande, 1609-1679, 4 v. 

12mo; Paris, 1702. 
J. 285 (Euvres de Frederic II., Roi de Prusse, 17 v. 8vo; 1790. 
J. 79 Olai Magni Gentium Septentrionalium Historian fireviarium, 
12mo; Amst. 1669. 
243 O'Meara, Barry E. : Napoleon in Exile, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1822. 
126 Orleans, F^lizabeth C, Duchess of: Secret Memoirs of the 

Court of Louis XIV., 8vo; Lond. 1824. 
171 Orloff, le Comte Grfegoire: M6moircs sur le Royaume de 
Naples, avec des Notes et des Additions, par A. Duval, 
5 V. Svo; Paris, 1825 
326 Origin of the Pindarees, with Historical Notices of the Differ- 
ent Mahratta States, 8vo; Lond. 1818. 
382 Orme, Robert: Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, 
of the Morattoes, and of the English concerns in Indostan, 
from the year 1659, 4to; Lond. 1805. 
J. 222 Paganel, Pieire: Essai sur la Revolution Fran9ai8, 3 v. 8vo; 

Paris, 1810. 
J, 108 Palafox, Juan de: Historia de la Conquista de la China por el 

Tartaro, p. 8vo; Paris, 1670. 
J. 388 Parker, Mr. : Evidence of our Transactions in the East Indies, 
with an Inquiry into the General Conduct of Great Britain 
to other Countries, from the Peace of Paris in 1763, 4to; 
Lond. 1782. 
J. 86 Peleus, Julien: Histoire de la Derniere Guerre de Suede, p. 

8vo; Paris, 1622. 
J. 78 Pelloutier, Simon: Histoire des Celtes, 2 v. 12mo; La Haye, 
168 Percival, Greorge: History of Italy, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1825. 
J. 38 Perefixe, Hardouin de : Histoire du Roy I)enri le Grand, 12mo; 
Paris, 1662. 

30 MODERN HISTORY. [Copter 2. 

NoTi,...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J*. 13 Peiizoniusy I.: Rerum per Earopam Maxime Oestarum, ab 
ineunte Sasculo XVI. usque ad Caroli V. mortem^ &c. 
Commentarii Hifitorici^ l^mo; Lugd. Bat. 1716. 
J. 90. Pfeflfel, M. : Abrfegfe Clvonologique de PHistoire et du Droit 
Public d^AUemacne, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1777. * 
266 Philippart, John: Memoirs and Campaigns of Charles John, 
Prince Royal of Sweden, 8vo; Baltimore, 1815. 

236 — Memoirs of General Moreau, 8vo; Phila. 

120 Picture of Greece in 1825, as exhibited in the Personal Nar- 
ratives of J. Emerson, CoUnt Peochio, and Wm. H. Hum- 
phreys, 2 V. 12mo; Lond. 1826. 
J . 1 1 3 Pidou de St. Olon : Estat present de PEmpire de Maroc, 1 2mo ; 
Paris, 1694. 
182 PignottI, Lorenzo: History of Tuscany, tr. into English by 

J. Browning, 4 v. 8vo; Lond. 1823. 
295 Planta, Joseph: History of the Helvetic Confederacy, 3 y. 
8vo; Lond. 1807. 
J. 336 Plati^re, Comte de la: Galerie Universelle desHommes lUus- 

tres, 4 V. 4to; Paris, 1787. 
J. 150 Pombal. Anecdotes du Ministere du Marquis de Pombal^ 
8vo; Varsovie, 1784. 
258a Porter, Robert Ker: Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, in 
1812, 12mo; Phila. 1815. 
J. 370 Potocki, Jean: Histoire Ancienne des Provinces dePEmpire 
de Russie, 3 liv: 4to; St. Petersburgh, 1804-'5. 
154 Power, George: History of the Musulmans in Spain and Por- 
tugal, 8vo; Lond. 1815. 
239 Precis des Evfenemens Militaires, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1800-'l. 
377 Price, David: Memoirs of the Principal Events of Mahom- 
medan History, 4 v. 4to; Lond« 1811. 

378 — — Essay towards the History of Arabia, 4to ; Lond. 

J . 4 Priestley, Joseph: Description and Chart of Biography, 12mo; 
Lond. 1785. 

3 • Description and Chart of History, 12mo; 

Lond. 1789. 
J. 137 ' — "" Description and Chart of Biography, 8vo; 

Phila. 1803. 

J. 123 Lectures on History, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1793. 

58 Prince de Ligne's Letters and Reflections, edited by the Ba- 
roness De Sta^I, tr. by Boileau, 12mo; Phila. 1809. (2 
copies. ) 
322 Prinsep, Henry T.: History of the Political and Military 
Transactions in India, during the administration of the 
Marquess of Hastings, from 1813 to 1823, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 
265 Private Memoirs of the Court of LouiB XVIH., by a Lady, 
2 V. 8vo; London, 1830. 

^koves 1 and 2.] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 31 

of the late President JnrimsoK, when it was purchased bf Congress in 1815. 

J. 12 Puffendorff, Samuel: Introduction a rHistoire de PUnivers, 
4 V. 12mo; Amst 1732. 

121 ■ ■ Introduction to the History of Europe, 

Syo; London^ 1711. 
J. 339 Quincy, Marquis de: Histoire Militaire du Regne de Louis le 
Grand, Roy de France, 7 v. 4to; Paris, 1726. 
374 Raffles, T. Stamford: History of Java, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1817. 
345 Rainsford, Marcus: Histori«il Account of the Black Empire 
of Hayd, 4to; Iiondon, 1805. 
J. 340 Ramsay, A. M.: Histoire de Turenne, 2 y. 4to; Paris, 1735. 
131 Ramsay, Darid: Universal History, 9 v. 8vo. Phil. 1819. 
207 Ranken, Alexander: History of France, from 486 to 1793, 

9 V. 8vo; Lond. 1801-^22. 
383 Ranking, John:. Historical Researches on the Wars and Sports 

of the Mongols and Romans, 4to; Lond. 1826. 
256 Rapp. Memoirs of General Count Rapp, First Aide-de-Camp 

to Napoleon, written by himself, 8vo; Lond. 1823. 
160 Recollections of the Peninsula, 8vo; Lond. 1824. 
230 Reign of Terror; or Horrors committed by the Government 
of France, under Marat and Robespierre; tr. from the 
French, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1826. 
J. 49 Retz, Cardinal de: Mfemoires, 5 v. 12mo; Amst 1718. 

199 I Memoirs, tr. by T. Evans, 3 v. 8vo; PhiL 

J. 84 Revolutions de Hongrie, 6 v. 12mo; La Haye, 1739. 
J. 102 Richer, Adrien: Vie de Michel De Ruyter, 12mo; Paris, 
318 Robertson, William: Historical Disquisition conoeminjc the 
knowledge which the Ancients had of India, 6vo; Phila. 
J. 353 ■ M History of Charles V., S v. 4to^ Lon- 

don, 1769. 

300 History of Charles v., 3 v.8vo; Phila. 

75 Rocca, M. de: Memoirs of the French War in Spain, tr. by 
Maria Graham, 12mo; Boston, 1816. 
J. 220 Roland, Marie J. Philepon: Appel a Plmpartiale Fostkriik, 
2 V. 8vo; Paris, 1795. 
176 Roscoe, Thomas: Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, written by 
himself, with the notes of G. P. Garpani, (a translation,) 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1823. 

175 — — - ' Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci, from the ori- 

ginal of M. de Potter, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1829. 
J. 365 Roscoe, William: Life of Leo X., 4 v. 4to; Liverpool, 1805. 

J. 166 — — — . Life of Lorenzo de Medici, 3 v. 8vo; 

Phila. 1803. 
Rossini, G. See Bombet. 
262 Rovigo. Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo, written by himself, 

3 V. 8vo; Lond. 1828. 

32 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter fi. 

Note. ...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixeid, were in the Library 

272 Rulhi^re, Claude: History, or Anecdotes of the Revolution^ 
in Russia, in 1762; tr. from the French, 8vo; Lond. 1797, 

J. 279 Histoire de 1' Anarchic et du Demembrc- 

ment de Pologne, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1807. 
346 Russell, Lord J. : Memoirs of the Affairs of Europe, from 
the Peace of Utrecht, 1st and 2d v. 4to; Lond. 1824. 
J* 147 Russell, William: History of Modern Europe, to the Peace 
of Paris, in 1763, 5 v. 8vo; Lond. 1786. See Coote. 
E. Sage, M. le: Historical, Genealogical, Chronological, and Geo- 
graphical Atlas, folio; London, 1813. 
135 Saint- Allais, Viton de: L'Art de Verifier les Dates des Faits 
Historiques, 23 v. 8vo; Paris, 1819. 
J. 1 16 Saint-Gervais, N. : Memoire sur le Royaume de Tunis, 12mo^ 

Paris, 1736. 
J. 350 Saint-Simon, Marquis de: Histoire de la Guerre des Alpes, 

ou Campagne de 1744, 4to; Amst 1770. 
J. 399 Salmon, Thomas: Modern History, or Present State of all 
Nations, (3d ed.) 3 v. folio; London, 1744-^46. 
184 Samuels, M.: Memoirs of Moses Mendelsohn, 8vo; London, 
J. 387 San Roman, Antonio de: Historia General de la Yndia Ori- 
ental, p. folio; Valladolid, 1603. 
161 Sarrazin, General: History of the War in Spain and Portugal, 
from 1807 to 1814, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1815. 
J, 237 Satadin, Charles: Coup d'(£uil Politique sur le Continent,. 
8vo; London, 1800. 
Savary. See Rovigo. 
J. 268 Scheffer, Jo.: Lapponia, p. 4to; Francofurti, 1673. 
249 Scott, Sir Walter: Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 3 v. 8 voj 

Philadelphia, 1827. (2 copies.) 
277 Secret Memoirs of the Court of St Petersburgh, 8vo; Phila- 
delphia, 1802. 
2 14 J Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France, 2 v. 8vo» 
259 Sfegur, Count Philip de: History of the Expedition to Russia, 
undertaken by the Emperor Napoleon, in 1812, 8vof Phi- 
ladelphia, 1825. 
257 S6gur. Memoirs and Recollections of Count S6gur, written 
by himself, 3 v. 8yo; London, 1826. 
J. 288 Segur, L. P.: History of Frederic William H., 3 v. 8vo; 

London, 1801. 
J. 21 Sempere, Juan: Historia del Luxo, y de las Leyes Suntuarias 
, de Espana, 2 v. 12 mo; Madrid, 1788. 

364 Shepherd, William: Life of Poggio Bracciolini, 4to; Liver- 
pool, 1802, 
107 Shoberl, Frederic: History of the House of Saxony, 8vof 

London, 1816. 
210 Sismondi, J. C. L. Simonde de: Histoire des Fran^ais, 9 v. 
8yo; Paris, 1821-.'26. 

J^coves 1 and 2.] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 38 

of the late President JznsRsoir, when it was purchased by Coni^T^ss in 1815. 

170 Sismondiy J. C. L. Simonde de: Histoire des Rfepubliques 
Italiennes du Moyen Age, 11 v. 8vo; Paris, 1826. 
J. 77 Sketches of the History of France, from the earliest time to 
1806, by an American, li^mo; Richmond, 1806. 
304 Smyth, J. Carmichael: Chronolofi;ical Epitome of the Wars 
in the Low Countries, from 1659 to 1815, 8 vo; Lond. 1825. 
323 Snodgrass, Major J. J.: Narrative of the Burmese War, 1824 
—1826, 8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 191 Soirees de Ferney, ou Confidences de Voltaire, 8yo; Paris, 
212 Soulavie, John Lewis: Historical and Political Memoirs of 
Louis XVL, tr. from the French,, 6 v. 8vo; Lond. 1602. 
Sousa. See Faria. 
164 Southey, Robert: History of the Peninsular War, vols. 1— 

4, 8vo; London, 1828. 
229 Stael, Baroness de: Considerations on the Principal Events 

of the French Revolution, 2 v. 8vo; New York, 1818. 
217 — Memoirs of the Private Life of her Fa- 
ther, (M. Necker,) 8vo; London, 1818. 

71 — Ten Years' Exile, 12mo; New York, 1821. 

188 Stanhope, Col. L.: Greece, in 1823 and 1824, 8vo; Lond. 1824. 
J. 106 Stanyan, Temple: Account of Switzerland in 1714, 12mo; 

Edinburgh, 1756. 
J. 366 Stephanus, Carolus: Dictionarium Historicum, Geographicum; 
recensuit, emaculavit, &c. N. Lloydius, fol. ; Oxonii, 1671. 
386 Stewart, Charles: History of Bengal, 4to; London, 1813. 
J. 22 Stockier, Fr. de Borja Gargao: Obras, 1° v. 12mo; Lisboa, 

J. 96 Strada, Famianus: De Bello Belgico, 2 v. 12mo; Romae, 1648. 

J. 98 ■■ ■ Guerras de Flandes; y Dondino de lo que 

hiz6 en Francia, Alex. Farnese; tr. por R. P. Melchior de 
Novar, 7 v. 12mo; Amberes, 1748. 

J. 369 — : La Guerre de Flandre, tr. par P. Du Ryer, 

2v. folio; Paris, 1659-'61. 

J. 97 Le meme, tr. par P. Du Ryer, 2 v. 12mo; 

Anvers, 1705. (imper/ectA 
7 Sturt, John: Chronological Taoles of Europe, from the Na- 
tivity of our Saviour to the year 1726, 12mo; Lond. 1726. 
F. Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, &c. ob. fol. 
J. 40 Sully, Max. de Bethune, Due de: M^moires, 8 v. 12mo; Lon- 
dres, 1778. 

198 __ Memoirs, tr. by Charlotte 

Lennox, 5 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1817. 
J. 92 Tableau des Revolutions d'AUemagne, par J. H. D. B., 2 v. 
12mo; Paris, 1787. 
C. Tableaux Historiques de la Revolution Frangaise, 3 v. gr. foK; 
Paris, 1804. 

34 MODERN HISTORY. lChapter2. 

NoTs... .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

D. Tableaux Historiques des Campagnes d'ltalie, depuis Pan IV. 

jusqu'i la Biitaille de Marengo, folio; Paris, 1806. 
284 Thifebault, Dieudonn6t Original Anecdotes of Frederick II., 

2v. 8vo; Lond. 1805. 
173 Thiebault, Paul: Journal of the Blockade and Siege of Genoa, 

tr. by J. Maunde, 8yo; Lond. 1809. 
375 Thorn, William: Memoirs of the Conquest of Jara, 4to; 
Lond. 1815. 

392 > Memoirs of the War in India, from 1803 

to 1806, 4to; Lond. 1818. 
J. 387 Thuanus, J. Auguste de: Histoire Universelle, avec la Suite, 
par Rigault, 11 v. 4to; Basle, 1742. 

J. 400 — * Historia sui Temporis, [1545—1608,] 7 v. folioj 

Lond. 1733. 
J. 270 Tooke, William: Life of Catharine II., Empress of Russia, 
2 V. 8vo; Phila. 1802. 

271 ' View of the Russian Empire, during the 

reign of Catharine II., and to the close of the 18th Centu- 
ry, 3 V. 8vo; Lond. 1800. 
J. 343 Toulongeon, F. Emmanuel: Histoire de France, depuis la 
Revolution de 1789, jusqu'jl la mort de Robet^ierre, 2 v. 
4to; Paris, 1801-'3. 
J. 290 Tracts. — ^Eloge de Plmp^ratrice Reine Marie-Thferfese, par 
M. PAbbfe Frisi, tr. de I'ltalien, 8vo; Amst 1785.— His- 
toire de la Guerre et des Nfegociatiods qui ont precede la 
Traitfe de Teschen, 8vo;Neuchatel, 1783. 
J. 310 Tracts. — Lettre de M. de Peyssonnel, sur les M6moires du 
Baron de Tott, 8vo; Amst. 1785. — Considerations sur la 
Guerre Actuelle des Turcs, par M. de Volney, 8vo; Lon- 
dres, 1788. — ^Examen du livre intitulfe Considerations sur 
la Guerre Actuelle des Turcs, par M. de Volney, i)ar M. 
de Peyssonnel, 8vo; Amst. 1788. 
J, 189 Tracts.— rMfemoires pour servir a la Vie de M. de Voltaire, 
Merits par lui-meme, 8vo ; Berlin, 1 784. — ^Histoire du Siege 
de Gibraltar, 8to; Madrid, 1783. — Lettre du Comte de 
Mirabeau i * * *, sur MM. de Cagliostro et Lavater, 8vo; 
Berlin, 1786. — Correspondance Secrete, concernant la 
Constitution de la Prusse, depuis le Regno de Frederic- 
Guillaume II., 8vo; Potsdam, 1788. — M6moire d'un Fran- 
gois qui soit de PEsclavage, par M. FoUie, 8vo; Amst 
1785. — ^Eloge Historique de PAbb6 de Mably, par M. 
PAbbe Brizard, 8vo; Paris, 1787, ' 
J. 148 Tracts. — Portrait de Philippe II., Roi d'Espagne, par Mons. 
Mercier, 8vo; Amst. 1785. — ^La Destruction de la Ligue^ 
&c. en quatre actes, 8v0; Amst 1782. 
J. 89 Tracts.-r-Vie Priv6e du Prince Henri de Prusse; Berlin, 
1785. — ^Apologia por los Ag&tos de Navarra, por de Lar- 
dizabal, 12mo; Madrid^ 1786. 

dU<n)t$land2:] FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, &c. 86 

of the late President Jmwwmmaow^ when it wm purchMed by Congreti in 1815. 

J. 292 Treuttel, J. 6. : Traiti ChanMsteristiques, et Anecdot60 de 

Frederic 11., 3yo; Strasbourg, 1788. 
J. 281 '■ Vie de Frederic II. , Roi de Prusae^ 4 v. 

8vo; Strasbourg, 1788. 
J. 141 Vaiues, Dom de: Dictionnaire de Diplomatique, 2 v. 8yo; 

Paris, 1774. 
356 Vaue, Ch. William: Narrative of the Peninsular War, from 

1808 to 1813, 4to; Lond. 1828. 
242 Van-Ess, W. Lodewyk: Life ctf Napoleon Bonaparte^ 4 ▼. 

8vo; Phila. 1809-'10. 
165 Van Hden, Juan: Narrative of his Imprisonment in the Dun- 
geons of the Inquisition at Madrid, in 1817 and 1818, 2 v. 

8vo; Lond. 1627. 
J 37 Varillas, Ant.: Histoire de Charles IX., 2 v. 12mo; Cdogne, 

J. 34 Histoire de Fran9ois I., S v. 12mo; La Haye, 

J. 36 ■ Histoire de Fran9ois II., 12mo; La Haye, 

J. 35 ■' Histoire de Louis XI., et de Henri II., 3 v. 

12mo; La Haye, 1693. 
28 Vertot, D'A. R. A. de: Histoire des Revolutions de Suede, 

2 V. l2mo; Paris, 1722. 

J. 25 ' ■ ■■ ■ ' — Revolutions de Portugal, 12mo; Pa- 

ris, 1786. 

26 — i -_«__^ The same, tr. by Boisgelin, 12mo; 

Lond. 1809. 

J. 32 Vetour, M.: Instructions sur PHistoire de France, 12mo; 
Paris, 1786. 

J. ,54 Vie Priv6e de Louis XV., 4 v. 12mo; Lond. 1784. 

J. 190 Vie de Vollaire, 8vo; Geneve, 1786. 

J. 122 Volney, C. F.; Legons d'Histoire, 8vo; Paris, 1800. 

J. 114 Voyage dans les fiStats Barbaresques de Maroc, Alger, Tunii^ 
et Tripoly, 12mo; Paris, 1785. 
328 Ward, William: View of the History, Literature, and My- 
thology of the Hindoos, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 1822. 

J. 297 Watson, Robert: History of Philip IL, King of Spain, 3 v. 
8vo; Lond. 1779. 

J. 298 ^— History of Philip III.; continued by W. 

Thompson, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1786. 

J. 2 Weeks, J. Eyre: Introduction to Chronology, l2mo; DuUin, 


324 White, Capt W.: Political History of the Extraordinary 

Events which led to the Burmese War, 8vo; Lond. 1827. 

228 Williams, Helen Maria: Political and Confidential Correspond- 

dence of Lewis XVL, with Observations on each Letter, 

3 V. 8vo; iTond. 1803. 

36 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 3. 

N©TB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

314 Wilson, James: History ef Egypt, 3 v. 8vo; Edinb. 1805. 
224 Wollstonecraft, Mary: Historical and Moral View of the 

French Revolution, 1st vol. 8vo;Lond. 1794. 
145 Wraxall, N. W. : Historical Memoirs of his Own Time, 

3 V. 8vo; Lond. 1818. 

202 — — History of France, from the accession of 

Charles V. to the death of Charles IX., 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 

203 ' History of France, from the accession of Hen- 
ry III. to the death of Henry IV., 6 v. 8vo; Lond. 1814. 

201 ' History of France, from the accession of 

Henry HI. to the death of Louis XIV., 3 v. 8vo; Dub- 
lin, 1796. 
69 Year of the Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 12mo; New York, 

296 Zschokke, Henry: History of the Invasion of Switzerland, tr. 
from tiie French, 8vo; Lond. 1803. 


CHAPTER III [Alcove N^ 2.] 



J. 330 Account of the Rye House Plot, 1683, folio; London, 1685. 
168 Aikin, Lucy: Memoir of Dr. Aikin, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1824. 

118 Memoirs of the Court of James I., 2 v. 8vof 

Boston, 1822. 

117 Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, 2 v. 

8vo; Boston, 1821. 
31 Almon, John: Correspondence of the late John Wilkes, &c., 
5 V. 12mo; London, 1805. 
J. 151 Anecdotes of the Life of William Pitt^ Earl of Chatham, (1708 
—1778,) 3 V. 8vo; London, 1797. 
195 Annual Biography and Obituary, from 1817 to 1830, 14v. 8vo; 
London, 1817-'30. 
J. 94 Annual Register for 1761, 8vo; London, 1762. 

259 Arnold, Richard: Chronicle, or Customs of London, 4to; Lon- 
aoD, 1811. 

Jkave 2.} ENGLAND. 37 

II, .11 ■■ I... I ..1^ .1. ■■■ ii ■ ■ 

of the late President jEFFEBaoir» when it wis purchased by Congp^ss in 1815. 

J. 28 Ayre, William: Life of Alexander Pope, 2 v. 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1745. 
J. 26^ Bacon, Francis, (Lord): History of the Rcfign of King Henry 
VIL, (1465—1509,) folio; London, 1641. 

204 fiaines, Edward: History of the Wars of the French Revolu- 
tion, from 1792 to 1815,4 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1819. 
J. 313 Baker, Sir Richard: Chronicle of the Kings of England, from 
the time of the Roman's Government unto the Reign of 
King Charles, folio; London, 1658. 
86 Banks, T. C. : Disquisition upon the Kingly OfiBce, 8vo; Lon 
doB, 1826. ("present. J 

182 Barker, E. H. : Parriana, or Notices of the Rev. Samuel Parr, 
1st V. 8vo; London, 1828. 

169 Baron, John: Life ofDr. Edward Jenner,8vo; London, 1827. 

309 Barri, Giraldus de: Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through 
Wales, A. D. 1188;* translated into English, with Views. 
Notes, and a Life of Giraldus, by Sir R. C. Hoare, 2 v. 4to; 
London, 1806« 

291 Barrow, John: Public Life of the Earl of Macartney, 2 v. 4to; 
London, 1807. 

303 Barry, John: History of the Orkney Islands, 2d edition, with 
Correctiona and Additions, by James Headrick, 4to; Lon- 
don, 1808. 
85 Bassompierre, Marshal de: Memoirs of his Embassy to the 
ppurt of England, in 1726, 8vo; London, 1819. 
J. 248 Baxter, J. : History of England, from the earliest authentic 
period of History, to the year 1801, 4to; London, 1801. 

264 Bell, Henry Nugent: Account of the Huntingdon Peerage,4to; 
London, 1821. 
1 Belsham, W. J. : Chronology of the Reigns of Greorge III. and 
ly., 16s; London, 1828. 

103 Belsham, William': History of Great Britain, from 1688 to 
1820, 14 V. 8vo; London, 1805 and 1824. 
J. Ill — History of Great Britain, from the Revo- 
lution to the Accession of the House of Hanover, 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1798. 

J. 127 — — — Memoirs of the Kings of- Great Britain, 

of the House of Brunswic-Lunenberg, 2 v. in 1, 8vo; Dub- 
lin, 1796. 

127a ' Memoirs of the Reign of George III. to 

the year 1793, 2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1796. 

128 — — — ' Memoirs of the Reign of George III. to 

the commencement of the year 1799, 6 v. 8vb; London, 
1795 and 1801. 

179 Benger, Eliz. 0. : Memoirs of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hamil- 
ton, 1st V. 8vo; London, 1819. 

116 ■ > Memoirs of the Life of Ann Boleyn, 8vo; 

PhUadelphia, 1822. 

38 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter B. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

101 Bigland, John: History of England, from the earliest period 

to the close of 1812; with an Appendix, continuing the 

History to the Treaty of Paris, in 1814, by an American 

gentleman, 2 y. 8vq; Boston, 1814. 

196 Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors of England and 

Ireland, 8yo; London, 1816. 
339 Birch, Thomas: Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Bri- 
tain, with their Lives and Characters, folio; Lond. 1813.* 

J. 144 Life of Dr. John Tillotson, (1629—1694,) 

8vo; London, 1753. 
99 Bisset, Robert: History of the Reign of Greorge III. to the 
Peace of 1801,2 v. 8vo; Albany, 1816. 

99 ^ The same, continued to the death of the King, 

in 1819, 8vo; London, 1820. 
175 Boaden, James: Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons, 2 v. 8vo; London, 
J. 66 Bwk qf Kings, 6 v. 8vo; viz: 

Vols. 1 and 2. — M6moires de Margrave deBareith, Soeur 

de Fr6d^ric'le-6rand; 6crits desa main; Paris, 1811. 
Vols. 3 and^. — Vie de St. Remy de Valois, ci-devant 
6omtesse de la Motte; ^rite par elle-m^me; Paris, 1792. 
VoL 5. — ^Evidence and Proceedings upon the charges pre- 
ferred against the Duke of York, in 1809; London, 1809. 
Vol. 6. — ^Edwards' genuine edition of "The Book;*' or 
the Proceedings and Correspondence upoi\the Inquiry 
into the conduct of Her Royal Highness Uie Princess of 
Wales, in 1806; Brooklyn, 1813. 
308 Borlase, William: Observations on the Antiquities, Histori- 
cal and Monumental, of the County of Cornwall, folio; 
Oxford, 1754. 
155 Boswell, James: Life of Samuel Johnson, 3 v. 8vo; Boston, 
J. 91 Boyer, Abel: Annals of Queen Anne, (1702—1713,) 11 v. 

8vo; London, 1703-'13. 
J. 315 Brady, Robert: Complete History of England, from the first 
entrance of the Romans, till tike end of the Reign of Hen- 
ry III., folio; London, \6S5. 
J. 316 — — — — — — Continuation of the Complete History of Eng- 

land, to the close of the Reign of Richard II., folio; Lon- 
don, 1700. 
80 Brand, John: Observations on Popular Antiquities, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1810. 
146 Bray, Willia.i : Memoirs of John Evelyn, comprising his 
Diary from 1641 to 1706, with the Private Correspon- 
dence between Charles I. and Sir E* Nicholas, &c., 5 v« 
8vo; London, 1827 

Jkove 2.] ENGLAND. 39 

of the late I'resident JirFsmtov, when it was purchaaed by Congreas in 1815. 

260 Braybrooke, Kichanly Lord: Memoini of Samuel Pepys^ com- 
prising his Diary from 1659 to 1669| and a selection from 
his Private Correspondenoef ^ v. 4to; London, 1B25. 
271 Bree, John: Cursory Sketch of the State of the Naval, Mili- 
tary, and Civil Establishment, ftc, of England, during 
' the 14th Century; with a particular account of the Cam- 
paign of Edward IIL in Normandy and France, in the 
years 1345 and 1346, to the taking of Calais, Ist vol. 4to; 
London, 1791. 
240 Brenton, E. Pelham: Naval History of Great Britain, from 

1783 to 1829, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1883-'85. 
207 Bridges, G. W.: Annals of Jamaica, 1st and 2d v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1828. 
244 British Annual Register, from 1758 to 1828, 77 v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1777—1829. 
243 British Naval Chronicle, from 1799 to 1818, 40 v. 8vo; Lond. 
109 Brodie, George: History of the British Empire, from the Ac- 
cession of Charles L to the Restoration, 4 v. 8vo; Edin- 
burgh, 1822. 
49 Burke, John: General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage 
and Baronetage of the British Empire, 8vo; London, 1828. 
64 Burnett, George: Specimen of English Prose Writers, from 
the earliest times to the close of the 17th century, 3 v. 12mo; 
London, 1807. 
J. 331 Burnet, Gilbert, (Bishop): History of his Own Time, (1643 
— 1715,) with the Life of the AuthcH*, by T. Burnet, 2 v. 
folio; London, 1724-^34. 
121 — — ' History of his Own Time;*with 

Notes, by the Earls of Dartmouth and Hardwicke, and 
Speaker Onslow, and the Cursory Remariu of Dean Swift, 
6 V. 8vo; Oxford, 1823. 
J. 323 Camden, William: Anglica, Hibernica, Normannica, Cambri- 
ca, a Veteribus Scripta, folio; Francofurti, 1602. 

J. 71 Britannia, p. 4to; Londoni, 1600 

J. 320 — Britannia, tr. into Eng. with corrections 

and additions, by E. Gibson, 2 v^ folio; London, 1753. 
338 Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington, from the taking of 
Seringapatam to the Battle of Waterloo, plates, fol. ; Paris, 
1817. • 

J. 237 Campbell, John: Lives of the British Admirals, &c., from 
1060 to 1727, 4 V. 8vo; London^ 1750. 

23S Lives of the British Admirals, &c. , continued 

by Dr. Berkenhout, H. R. Yorke, and W. Stevenson, to 
the year 1816, 8 v. 8vo; London, 1812-'17. 
276 Carleton. Letters from and to Sir Dudley Carleton, during 
his Embassy in Holland, from January, 1615, to Decem- 
ber^ 1620, 4to; London, 1775. 

40 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter B. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

79 Carradoc, of Llancarvan: History of Wales, tr. into Eng. by 
Dr. Powell, and augmented by Wynne; to which is added, 
a Description of Wales, by Sir John Price, and a Pedigree 
of Families, 8vo; Merthyr Tydfil, 1812. 

170 Cartwright, Frances Dorothy: Life and Correspondence of 

Major John Cartwright, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 
10 Caulfield, James: History of the Gunpowder Plot, p. 8vo; 
London, 1804. 

187 — Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters of Re- 
markable Persons, from 1688 to 1760, 4 v. 8vo; London, 

135 Cavendish, George: Life of Cardinal Wolsey, with Notes, &c, 
by S. W. Singer, 2 v. 8vo; Chiswick, 1825. 

263 Cay ley, Arthur: Memoirs of Sir Thomas More, with a trans- 
lation of his Utopia, his King Richard HI., and his Latin 
Poems, 2 V. 4to; London, 1808. 
J. 96 Chamberlayne, John: Magnae Britanniae Notitia, or the Pre- 
sent State of Great Britain, 8vo; London, 1755. 
J. 3 Charles I. Reliquiae Sacrae Carolina^, or the Works of that 
Great Monarch and Glorious Martyr, 12mo; Hague^ 1650. 

172 Cheetham, James: Life of Thomas Paine, 8vo; New York, 
J. 107 Clarendon, Edward, Earl of : History of the Rebellion and 
Civil Wars in England, begun in the year 1641, 6 v. 8vo; 
Oxford, 1720. 

108 History of the Rebellion and 

Civil Wars in England; to which is added, an Historical 
View of the Affairs of Ireland, and Bishop Warburton's 
Notes, 6 V. 8vo; Boston, 1827. 
Clarendon, H. Hyde, Earl of. See Singer. 

337 Clarke and McArthur: Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, from his 
Lordship's MSS., 2 v. folio; London, 1809. 

183 Clarke, Francis L. : Life of Wellington, 3 v. 8v8; Lond. 1826. 

279 Clarke, James Stanier: Life of James H., King of England, 
from the original Stuart MSS., 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1816. 
81 Clarke,^S. Reynolds: Vestigia Anglicana, or Interesting Points 
in the History and Antiquities of England, 2 v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1826. 

281 Clifford, Arthur: State PaperS and Letters of Sir Ralph Sad- 
ler; with a Memoir of the Life of Sir Ralph Sadler, and 
Historical Notes, by Sir Walter Scott, 2 v. 4to; Edinburgh, 

126 Collection dea M6moires relatifs a la Revolution d'Angleterre, 
26 y. 8vo; Paris, 1823-^25. 

241 CoUingwood, G. L. Newnham: Public and Private Corres- 
pondence of Admiral Lord CoUingwood, interspersed with 
Memoirs of his Life, 8vo; London, 1828. 

^kove 2.] ENGLAND. 41 

of the late President Jeftbesov, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 43 Court Calendar for 1768, l2mo; Londdn, 1768. 

149 Coxe, William: Memoirs of Horatio, Lord Walpole, (1678— 

1757,) 2r. 8vu; London, 1820. 

150 ■ Memoirs of the Life and Administration of 

Sir Robert Walpole, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1800. 

147 Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough, with 

his Original Correspondence, (3d ed.) 6 ▼. 8fo; Lond.1820. 
295 ■ _— — Atlas to Memoirs of Marlborough, 4to; Lon- 

don, 1820. 

fiS7 ___ Private and Original Correspondence of 

Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, with King Wil- 
liam, &c., 4to; London, 1821. 
75 Critical History of England, Ecclesiastical and Civil, 8vo; 
London, 17^6. 
123 Cromwell, Oliver: Memoirs of the Protector, Oliver Crom- 
well, and of his sons Richard and Henry, (Sd ed.) 2 v. 
8vo; London, 1822. (2 copies.) 
122 Cromwell, Thomas: Oliver Cromwell, and his Times, (2d ed.) 

8vo; London, 1822. 
163 Cumberland, Richard: Memoirs of himself, 8vo; Phila. 1806. 
J. 283 Dairy mple, Sir John: Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, 
1681—1692, 4to; Lond. 1771. 
32 Davies, Thomas: Life of David Garrick, 2 v. 12mo; Boston, 
J. 89 D'Auvergne, Edward: History of the Campaign in Flanders, 
1695, 4to; Lond. 1696. 
62 D'Israeli, J. : Calamities of Authors, 2 v. 12mo; N.York, 1812- 

63 Quarrels of Authors, 2 v. 12mo; N. York, 1814. 

J. 6 jyOrleans, Pierre Joseph: Histoire des Revolutions d'Angle* 
terre, (59—1691,) 3 v. 12mo; La Haye, 1719. 

47 Debrett, John: Baronetage of England, 2 v. 12mo; London, 


48 — — Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, 2 v. 

12mo; Lond. 1825. 

88 Defoe, Daniel: History of the Great Plague in London, in 
1665, 8vo; Lond. 1819. 

385 ' History of the Union between England and 

Scotland; with a Life of Defoe, by G. Chalmers, 4to; Lond. 
Denzil. See Holies. 
137 Digby, Sir Kenelm: Private Memoirs, written by himself, 
8vo; London, 1827. 
Dodington, G. Bubb. See Wyndham, H. P. 
J. G. Domesday Book, 2 v. folio; London. 

J« 328 Dugdale, William: Baronage of England, 2 v. in 1, folio; 
London, 1775-'76. 

42 MODERN HISTORY. IChapter 3. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 311 E]admeri Monachi Cantuariensis Historian Novorum sive sui 
Saeculi, libri Sex, k Jo. Seldeno, fol.; Lond. 1623. 

245 Edinburgh Annual Register, from 1808 to 1826, [1824 miss- 
ing,] 19 V. 8vo; Edinb. 1810-'28. 

198 Eglesneld, Fr.: Monarchy Revived; being the Personal His- 
tory of. Charles II., from his earliest years to his restora- 
tion to the Throne, 8vo; Lond. 1822. 
J. 15 Eik6nBasilik^,12mo;R. M. 1648. 

296 Ekins, Charles: Naval Battles, from 1744 to 1814, Critically 
Reviewed and Illustrated, 4to; Lond. 1824. 
65 Ellis, G. Agar: Historical Inquiries respecting the Character of 
Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, p. 8vo; Lond. 1827. 

132 Ellis, Henry: Original Letters, illustrative of English Histo- 
ry, 3 V. 8vo; Lond. 1824. 
J. 95 Entick, John : History of the Late War, (1 748-1 763,) 5 v. 8vo ; 
Lond. 1763-^4. 

256 Fabyan, Robert: New Chronicles of England and France ; 
with a Preface and Index, by H. Ellis, 4to; Lond. 1811. 
J. 265 Fannant, Edward: History of the Life, Reign, and Death of 
Edward II., written in 1627, folio; Lond. 1680. 

278 Fellowes, W. D. : Historical Sketches of Charles I., Crom- 
well, Charles II., and the Principal Personages of that Pe- 
riod, 4to; Lond. 1828. 

272 Fenn, Sir John: Original Letters, written during the Reigns 
of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various 
persons of Rank or Consequence, with notes Historical and 
Explanatory, 4 v. 4to; Lond. 1787-^89. 

273 Original Letters, written during the Reigns 

of Henry VI., Edward IV., Edward V., Richard ifi.j 
and Henry VII., 4to; Lond. 1823. 

329 Fiddc, Richard: Life of Cardinal Wolsey, fol.; Lond. 1724. 
J. 120 Fox, Charles James: History of the early part of the Reign 
of James H., 8vo; Phila. 1808. 

307 Fuller, Thomas: History of the Worthies of England; with 
notes, by J. Nichols, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1811. 
24 Gait, John: Life and Administration of Cardinal Wolsey, p. 
8vo; Edinburgh, 1824. 

185 Gamba, Coimt Peter: Narrative of Lord Byron's Last Jour- 
ney to Greece, 8vo; London, 1825. 

180 George III., his Court and Family, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1824. 
J 2 Gildas, (surnamed the Wise:} Description of the State of 
Great Britain, 12mo; London, 1652. 
Giraldus Cambrensis. See Barri, Giraldus. 

167 Oleic, G. R. : Life of Major General Sir Thomas Munro, late 
Governor of Madras, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 

110 Godwin, William: History of the Commonwealth of England, 
4v. 8vo; London, 1824-^28. 

Alcove 2. J ENGLAND. 48 

of the late President JirviBsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

361 Godwin, William: Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, 2t. 4to; Lon- 
don, 1803. 

2S7a ___ Lives of Edward and John Philips, 4to; 

London, 1815. 
34 ■' " ■ Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft, 12mo; 

1 London, 1798. 

H J. 270 Godwyn, Francis, Lord Bishop of Hereford: Annals of En- 

gland, containing the Reigns of Henry VIIL, Edward VL, 
and Queen Mary, 1509 — 1558; trans, into English, by 
Morgan Godwyn, his son, folio; London, 1630. 
J. 197 Goldsmith, Lewis: Crimes of Cabinets, 8vo; London, 1801. 
7 Goldsmith , Oliver : History of England, from the earliest time 
to the Death of George H. ; with a continuation to the Ac- 
cession of George IV., 2 v. 12mo; London, 1824. 

254 Grafton, Richard: Chronicle; or History of England, from 
1189 to 1558, 2 V. 4to; London, 1809. 

Graham. See Macaulay. 
129 Granger, James: Biographical History of England, from Eg- 
bert the Great to the Revolution, 5th edition, 6 v. 8vo; 
London, 1824. 
J. 326 Guthrie, William: History of England, from the Invasion of 
the Romans to the Revolution in 1688, 3 v. folio; London, 
J. 266 Habington, William: History of Edward IV., King of Eng- 
land, 1461 — 1483, folio; London, 1640. 

255 Hall, Edward: Chronicle, containing the History of England, 
during the Reign of Henry IV. and the succeeding Mo- 
narchs, to the end of the Reign of Henry VIII., 4to; Lon- 
don, 1809. 

26 Hamilton, Count Anthony: Memoirs of Count Grammont, 

2 V. 12mo; London, 1818. 
200a ■ Memoirs of Count Grammont, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1811. 
277 Hamper, William: Life, Diary, and Correspondence of Sir 

William Dugdale, 4to; London, 1827. 
253 Harding, John: Chronicle, with Grafton's Continuation/ and 

a Preface and Index, by H. Ellis, 4to; London, 1812. 
119 Harris, William: Account of the Lives and Writings sf James 

I., Charles I., Oliver Cromwell, and Charles 11. ;, 5 v. 8vo; 

London, 1814. 
61 Hawkins, Laetitia- Matilda: Memoirs, Anecdotes, Facts, and 

Opinions, 2 v. p. 8vo; London, 1824. 
154 Hawkins, Sir John: Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, 8 vo; Lon- 
don, 1787. 
30 Hay ley, William: Life and Posthumous Writings of William 

Cowper, 2 v. 12mo; Boston, 1803^ 
289 ' Life of George Romney, 4to; Chichester, 


44 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter Z. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

186 Heber, Amelia: Life of Reginald Heber, Lord Bishop of Cal- 
cutta, with selections from his Correspondence, &c., 2 v* 
8vo; New York, 1830, 
102 Henry, Robert; History of Great Britain, from the first Inva- 
sion by the Romans, 12 v. 8to; London, 1788-'95. 
50 Heraldic Anomalies, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1824. 
J. 269 Herbert, Edward Lord: Life and Reign of Henry VHL, 
(1509— 1546,) folio; Londoii, 1683, 

136 : Life of Edward Lord Herbert, 

with a prefatory Memoir, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1809. 
14 Herbert, Sir Thomas: Memoirs of the two last years of the 
Reign of Charles I., p. 8yo; London, 1815. 
J. 12 Histoire des Progrfes de la Puissance Navale de I'Angleterre, 

(777—1762,) 2 V. 12mo; Yverdon, 1782. 
J. 93 Historical Register, from July, 1714, to the close of 1731, 

18 V. 8vo; London, 1714-'31. 
J. 327 History of England, during the Reigns of King William, 
Queen Anne, and King George I., 2 v. fol. ; Lon. 1744-'46. 
J. 26 History of the Duke of Marlborough, (1650—1722,) 12mo; 

London, 1742. 
J. 21 History of the Robin Hood Society, 12mo; London, 1764. 

19 Hobbes, Thomas: History of the Civil Wars of England, 

from 1640 to 1660, 12mo; London, 1679. 
37 Hodgson, Robert: Life of the Right Rev. Beilby Porteus, 
12mo; New York, 1811. 
257 Holinshed, Raphael: Chronicles of England, Scotland, and 
Ireland, 6 v. 4 to; London, 1807-^8. 

20 Holies, Denzil, Lord: Memoirs, from the year 1641 to 1648, 

12mo; London, 1699. 
J. 8 Home, Charles: Chronological Abridgment of the History of 
England, from the earliest times to the accession of the 
House of Hanoyer, 12mo; Dublin, 1792. 
J. 321 Horsley, John: Britannia Romana, or the Roman Antiquities 
of Britain, folio; London, 1732. 
84 Hoy land, John: Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, 
and Present State of the Gypsies, 8vo; York, 1816. 
J. 97 Hume, David: History of England, 8 v. 8vo; London,1791. 
185a Hunt, Leigh: Byron, and some of his Contemporaries, 8vo; 
London, 1826. 
Hunter, Rev. Joseph. See Cresacre More. 
141 Hutchinson, Mrs. Lucy: Memoirs of the Life of Col. Hutchin- 
son, (her husband,) with Original Anecdotes of many of 
his Contemporaries, and the Life of Mrs. Hutchinson; 
edited by the Rev. Julius Hutchinson, 8 v. 8vo; London, 
114 Hutton, William: Battle of Bosworth Field, between Rich- 
ard HI. and Henry Earl of Richmond^ Augu&t 22, 1485,, 
8vo; Birmingham, 1788. 

Jlcove 2.] ENGLAND. 46 

ni the late President Jsffirsok, when it was purcha«ed by Congress in 1815. 

156 Johnson, Samuel: Lives of the most eminent English Poets, 

2 V. 8vo; Charlestown, 1810. 
177 Kelly, Michael: Reminiscences, including a period of nearly 

half a century, 8vo; New York, 1826. 
J. 318 Kennet, White: Historians of England, viz: Milton, Daniel, 

Habington, Moore, Buck, Lord Bacon, Lord Herbert, of 

Cherbury, F. Godwyn, Bishop of Hereford, Camden, 

Wilson, and Kennet, (1060 — 1702,) 3 v. folio; London, 

J. 44 Kimber, Edward: Peerage of England, 16s; London, 1769. 

J. 46 ■■ Peerage of Ireland, 16s; London, 1768. 

J. 45 __-.- Peerage of Scotland, 168; London, 1767. 

J. 68 Langhorne, Daniel: ElenchUs Antiquitatum Albionensium, 

8vo; Lond. 1673. 
17 Larrey, Isaac de: History of the Reign of Charles I., tr. from 

the French, 2 v. 12mo; Lond. 1716. 
J. 87 Laws of Honour, or a compendious account of the Ancient 

Derivation of all Titles, Dignities, OfiBces, &e., 8vo; Lond. 

J. 336 Lediard, Thomas: Naval History of England, 1066 — 1734, 

2 V. folio; Lond. 1735 
J. 4 Leti, Gregorio: Teatro Brittanico, 6 ver6 Historia della 

Grande Brettagna, 5 v. 13mo; Amst 1684. 
J. 157 Lettsom, J. Coakley: Memoirs of John Fothergill, William 

Cuming, George Cleghorn, &c. . 8vo; Lond. 1786. 
142 Life of Lady Russell, with Letters, 8vo; Lond. 1820. 
38 Life of William Pitt, 12mo; Phila. 1806. 
100 Lingard, John: History of England, from the first invasion 

by the Romans, 10 v. 8vo; Lond. 1823-'25. 
133 Lowth, Robert: Life of William of Wykeham, 8vo; Oxford, 

J. 60 Ludlow, Edmund: Memoirs, 1696 — 1672; with a collection 

of Original Papers, serving to confirm and illustrate many 

important passages in the Memoirs, 3 v. 8vo; Vivay, 


304 Lysons, Daniel: Environs of London; being an Historical Ac- 

count of the Towns, Villages, and Hamlets, within 12 
miles of that Capital, (2d edition,) 2 v. 4to; Lond.l810-'l 1. 

305 • Historical Account of those Parishes in the 

County of Middlesex, which are not described in the En- 
virons of London, 4to; Lond. 1800. 

J. 112 Lyttleton, George, (Lord): History of King Henry II., (3d 
ed.) 4 V. 8vo; LiOnd. 1769. 

J. 251 Macaulay, Catharine: History of England, from the Revolu- 
tion to the present time, 1st vol. (all that was published,) 
4to; Bath, 1778. 

252 ■ Historyof England, from the Acoession 

of James I. to the Revolution, 8 v. 4to; Lond. 1766-'83 

46 MODERN mSTORl. IChapterZ. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed^ were in the Library 

J. 250 Macpherson, James: Introduction to the History of Great 

Britain and Ireland, 4to; Lond. 1771. 
290 Malcolm, I. Peller: Lives of Topographers and Antiquarians 

of England, 4to; Lond. 1824. 
239 Marshall, John: Royal Naval Biography, 1st vol., parts I and 

2, 8vo; Lond. 1823. 
125 Maseres, Francis: Select Tracts relating to the Civil Wars in 

England, in the Reign of King Charles I., 2 v. Svo; Lond. 

J. 246 Matthew, of Westminster. Flores Historiarum per Mat- 

thaeum Westmonasteriensem coUecti, prsecipu^ de Rebus 

Britannicis ab exordio Mundi usque ad A. D. 1307, folio; 

Lond. 1570. 
284 May, Thomas: History of the Parliament of England, which 

began Nov. 3d, 1640, 4to; Lond. 1812. 
165 Meadley, G. Wilson: Memoirs of William Paley, D. D., 8vo; 

Edinb. 1810. 

139 . Memoirs of Algernon Sidney, 8vo; 

Lond. 1813. 
35 Memoirs of Lady Hamilton, 12mo; Phila. 1815. 

140 Memoirs of Sir Stephen Fox, 8vo; London, 1717, (reprinted.) 
340 Memoirs of the Celebrated Persons belonging to the Kit-Cat- 
Club, 4to; London. 

178 Memoirs of the Public Life and Administration of the Earl 

of Liverpool, 8vo; Lond. 1827. 
J. 335 Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, (1720—1774,) 2 v. folio; Lond. 

282 Military Memoirs of the Great Civil War; being the Memoirs 

of John Gwynne, and an Account of the Earl of Glencairn's 

Expedition to the Highlands of Scotland in 1653-'4, 4to; 

Edinb. 1822. 
293 Miller, William : Biographical Sketches of British Characters, 

recently deceased, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1826. 
173 Moore, Thomas: Memoirs of the Life of R. B. Sheridan, 8vo; 

Phila. 1825. 
185a — — ■' Letters and Journals of Lord Byron; with 

Notices of his Life, 2 v. 8vo; New York, 1830. 
134 More, Cresacre: Life of Sir Thomas More; with a Biographi- 
cal Preface, Notes, &c. , by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, 8vo; 

Lond. 1828. 
13 More, Sir Thomas: History of Richard IIL , p. 8vo; Chiswick, 

J 262 - ■ Works of, wrytten by him in the Englysh 

tonge. Printed at London, at the costes and charges of 

lohn Cawod, lohn Waly, and Richarde Tottell; anno 

1557; 4to. 
274 Nares, Edward: Memoirs of the Life and Administration of 

William Cecil, Lord Burghley, 1st vol. 4to j Lond. 1828. 

JUeove 2.] ENGLAND. 47 

of the late f 'resident Jsffirboit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 90 Neve, John Le: Monumenta Anglicana; being Inscriptions on 
the Monuments of Eminent Persons deceased, from 1650 
to 1718, 4 V. 8vo; Lond. 1717-'19. 

189 Nicholls, John: Illustrations of the Literary History of the 

18th Century, intended as a Sequel to the Literary Anec- 
dotes, 4 y. 8vo; Lond. 1817-'22. 

188 Literary Anecdotes of the 18th Century, 9 y. 

8vo; Lond. 1812-'15. 

190 " Recollections and Reflections, Personal and 

Political, as connected with Public Afiairs, during the 
Reign of Georse III., 2 y. 8yo; London, IU22. 

191 The same, 12mo; Phil. 1822. 

130 Noble, Mark: Biographical History of England, from the 

Reyolution to the end of the Reign of George I., 3 y. 8yo; 

Lond. 1806. 
148 North, Roger: Liyes of Francis North, Baron Guilford; Sir 

Dudley North; andtheRey. John North, 3y. 8yo;Lond. 


158 Northcote, James: Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 8yo; 

Phil. 1817. 
J. 9 Orrery, Lord: History of England, in a series of Letters 

from a Nobleman to his Son, 2 y. 12mo; Dublin, 1799. 
J. 29 Orrery, John Earl of: Remarks on the Life and Writings of 

Dr. Jonathan Swift, in a series of Letters to the Hon. H. 

Boyle, 12 mo; Lond. 1752. 
J. 17a Osborn, Richard: Narratiye of Charles First's Imprisonment 

in the Isle of Wight, (pamphlet,) p. 4to; LoncL 1662. 
J. 322 Paris, Matthaeus: Anglise Historia Major, &c., k W. Wats, 

2 y. in 1, folio; Londoni, 1639-'40. 
184 Parry, William: Last Days of Lord Byron, 8yo; Lond. 1825. 
82 Pegge, Samuel: Curialia Miscellanea, or Anecdotes of Old 

Times, 8yo; London, 1818. 
Pepys, Samuel. See Saybrooke. 
J. 41 Philips, H.: Grandeur of the Law, or an Exact Collection 
« . of the Nobility and Gentry of England, &c., 12mo; Lon- 

don, 1684. 
206 Play fair, William: Political Portraits, in this New iEra, 3 y. 

8yo; London, 1813-^16. 
J. 202 Plowden, Francis: History of the British Empire, from May, 

1792, to the close of 1793, 8yo; Philadelphia, 1794. 
J. 92 Political State of Great Britain in 1714, yol. 7, 8yo; London, 

J. 164 Priestley, Joseph: Memoirs of his Life, to the year 1795; with 

a continuation to the time of his decease, by his son, Joseph 

Priestley; and Obseryations on his Writings, by Dr. Cooper 

and Wm. Christie, 2 y. 8yo; Northumberland, 1805. 

159 Prior, James: Memoir of the Life and Character of Edmund 

Burke, (2 copies,) 8yo; Lond. 1824, and Phila. 1825. 

48 MODERN HISTORY. [Ch<tpter 3. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

194 Public Characters, from 1799 to 1803, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1799 
to 1803. 

194 -r of 1888, 8vo; London, 1828. 

294 RaflBes, Sophia: Memoir of the Life and Public Services of 

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, 4to; London, 1830. 
324 Ralph, James: History of England, during the Reigns of 
King William, Queen Anne, and King Greorge L, 2 r. 
folio; London, 1744-'46. 
J. 247 Rapin, Paul de Thoyras: Histoire d'Angleterre, (59 — 1689,} 
10 V. 4to; La Haye, 1727. 

J. 319 History of England, tranrslated into 

English, with additional notes, by N. Tindal, 2 v. folio; 
London, 1732-'33. 
258 Rastell, John: Pastime of People, especially of the Realm of 
England, 4to; London, 1811. 
83 Regulations and Establishment of the Household of Henry Al- 
gernon Percy, the .fifth Earl of Northumberland, begun 
A. D. 1512, 8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 18 Relation Veritable de la Mort de Charles I., tr. en Frangais, 

par J. Ango, 8vo; Paris, 1792 . 
J* 310 Rerum Britannicarum Scriptores Vetustiores ac praecipui, Gal- 
fredus Monumetensis, ronticus Virunnius^ Gildas, Beda^ 
Gulielmus Neubrioensis, et Joannes Frossardus^ folio; Hei- 
delbergse, 1587. 
176 Reynolds. Life and Times of Frederick Reynolds, written 

by himself, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1826. 
72 Richard of Cirencester: Descrii^ion of Britain, (translated,) 
with the original treatise De Situ Britannia^, and a Com- 
mentary on the Itinerary, 8vo; London, 1809. 
113 Roberts, Emma: Memoirs of the Rival Houses of York and 
Lancaster, 2 v. 8vo; London^ 1827. 
34a Robinson, Mary. Memoirs of the late Mrs. Robinson, written 
by herself, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1802. 
J. 76 Rochester, Bishop: Relation of the late wicked contrivance 
of Stephen Blackhead and Thomas Young, against the 
lives of several persons, by forging an Association under 
their hands, 8yo; London, 1692. 
143 Russell, Lord John: Life of William Lord Russell, 2 v. 8vo; 

London, 1820. 
342 Rymer, Thomas: Foedera, Conventiones, LitersB, et cujuscun- 
que generis Acta Publica, inter Reges Angliae, et alios 
quosvisImperatores,Reges,Pontifices, &c. (ed. 2da,) 17 v. 
folio; Lond. 1727-'29. 
Sadler, Sir Ralph. See Clifibrd. 
J. 22 Salmon, Thomas: Abreg6 Chronologique de PHistoire d'An-^ 
gleterre, tr. de PAnglois, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1751. 

Jik0ve2.']' ENGLAND. 49 

of the Iftte President JxTFiBSov, when it was purchased by Coni^reas in 1815. 

3. 312 Savile, Meniy: Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores post Bedam, 
praecipui; Gulielmus Malmsburiensis, Henncus Huntin- 
doniensis, Rogerus Hovedenus, Chronicon Ethelwerdi, et 
Ingulphus, cum Chronologia, folio; Lond. 1596. 
40 Scott, John: Life of the Rev'd Thomas Scott, 12mo$ Boston, 
1 92 Sexagenarian, or the Recollections of a Literary Life, 2 t. 8vo; 
I^ndon, 1817. 
J. 69 Sheringham, Robert; Pe Anglorum Gentis Orig^ne, Svo; 
Cantab. 1670. 
2S6 Singer, S. Welier: Correspondence of Henry Hyde, Earl of 
Clarendon, and of his brother Lawrence, Earl of Roches- 
ter; with the Diary of Lord Clarendon, from 1667 to 
1690, &c., 2 V. 4to; London, 1828. 
11 Smeeton, George: Collection of Rare Historical and Biogra* 
phical Tracts, 2 v. p. 4to; London, 18l7-'29. 

193 The Unique, 1st vol. 8vo; London, 1826. 

181 Smith, John Thomas: NoUekens and his Times, 2 v. 8vo; 

London, 1828. 
98 Smollett, Tobias: History of England, from 1688 to the Death 
of Greorge IL, 2 ▼. 8vo; Albany, 1816. 
242 Smyth, Captain W. H. : Life and Services of Capt. Philip 
Beaver, late of His Majesty's ship Nisus, 8vo; Lond. 1829. 
153 Southey, Robert: Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Progress 
of Methodism, 8vo; New York, 1820. 

36 Life of Nelson, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1814, 

J. 325 Speed, John: History of Great Britaine, folio; I^ndon, 1611. 
78 Statement respecting Lord Selkirk's Settlement in America, 
8vo; London, 1817. 
J. 292 Stephens, Alexander: History of the Wars which arose out 
of the French Revolution, 2 v. 4to; London, 1803. 

203 The same, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1804. 

260 Strutt, Joseph: SiM>rts and Pastimes of the People of England, 
4to; London, 1810. 
J. 42 Tabulae lUustres, or the Paternal Arms of the present Nobility 
of Great Britain and Ireland, 168; London, 1747. 
166 Teignmouth, Lord: Life of Sir William Jones, 8vo; Phila- 
delphia, 1805. 
J. 334 Temple, Sir William: Works, with his Life and Character^ 
-by a particular Friend, 2 v. fol. ; London, 1750. 
67 The Book, 12mo; New York, 1813. 
106 Thierry, A. : History of the Conquest of England by the Nor- 
mans, trans, from the French, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1825. 
115 Thompson, Mrs. A. T. : Memoirs of the Court of Henry VIIL, 

2 v. 8vo; London, 1826; 
332 Thurloe, John: Collection of State Papers, from 1638 to the 
Restoration of Charles II. ; with the Life of Mr. Thurloe, 
and an Index, by Thomas Birch, 7 v. folio; Lond. 1742. 

50 MODERN HISTORY. {Cluipter 3. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

201 Todd, H. J. : Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gow- 
er and Chaucer, 8vo; London, 1810. 

138 Some Account of the Life and Writings of Mil- 
ton, 8vo; London, 1826. 

162 Tomline, George: Memoirs of the Life of William Pitt, 2 v. 
8vo; Philadelphia, 182L 
J. 23 Tracts. ^-^ Anecdotes Historiques sur les Principaux Personages 
en Angkterre, 8vo; Londres, 1785. — Memoirs of Major 
J. G. Semple, the Northern Impostor, or Prince of Swin- 
dlers, 8yo; London, 1786. 
J. 200 Tracts. — ^Notice Biographique, sur le Docteur Jenner, par L. 
Valentin, 8vo; Montpellier, 1805. — Catalogus Eorum, qui 
adhuc in Univ. Harvardiana, ab anno 1642, 8vo; Salem, 
1806. — Cuvier's Historical Eulogium on Joseph Priestley, 
trans, by D. B. Warden, 8vo; Paris, 1807. — ^Memoirs of 
Captain Roger Clap, 8vo; Boston, 1807. — ^Thomas's Eu- 
logium on Marcus Aurelius, trans, by D. B. Warden, 8vo j 
New York, 1808. — Eraser's Essay on the Origin,Antiquity, 
&c., of the Scots and Irish Nations, 8vo; New York, 1800. 
— ^First and Second Reports of the Committee on the African 
Institution, 1807 and 1808, 8vo; London, 1807-'8. — Eloge 
Historique, de M. de Lalande, 8vo; Paris, 1808. — Jornada 
de Carlos V. i Tunez, por el Dr. Gonzalo de lUescas, 8vo; 
Madrid, 1804. 

161 Trotter, J. Bernard: Memoirs of the Latter Years of Charles 
J. Fox, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1812. 

104a Turner, Sharon: Customs, &c., of the Anglo-Saxons, 8vo. 

104 History of the Anglo-Saxpns, 4tli edition, 3 

copies, 3 V. 8vo; London, 1823. 

249 History of England, from the Norman Con- 

Juest to the close of the Reign of Henry VII., 3 v. 4to; 
.ondon, 1814-'23. 
105 ■ — History ofEngland during the Middle Ages, 

2d edition, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1825. 

105 History of the Reign of Henry VIII., 2 v. 

8v0; London, 1827. 

105 — ^— History ofthe Reigns ofEdward VI., Mary, 

and Elizabeth, 2d edition, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1829. 
J. 314 Twysden, Roger: Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores Decem, cum 

Glossario, &c., 2 v. folio; Lond. 1652. 
J. 31 7 Tyrrell, James : History of England, from the earliest accounts 
of time to the Reign of William III., 5 v. folio; London, 
J. 74 Vergil, Polydore: Historiae Anglicae, 8vo; Lugd. Bat. 1651. 
J. 70 Verstepin, Richard: Restitution of Decayed Intelligence, in 
Antiquities, concerning the English Nation, p. 4to; Lon- 
don, 1628. 

Meave 2.] ENGLAND. 61 

of the late President JxFFKEsoir, when it w%9 p\ach»aedby Congrem in 1815. 

171 Wakefield, Gilbert: Memoirs of his Life, written by himself, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1804. 
27 Waldegrave, James, Earl: Memoirs, from 1754 to 1758, 
12mo; Philadelphia, 1822. 
Wales, Princess oL See Book of Kings, vol. 6. 
77 Walker, Sir Hovenden: Journal of the Expedition to Canada, 

in 1711, 8vo; London, 1720. 
131 Walpole, Horace: Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors 
of England, Scotland, and Ireland; continued to the pre- 
sent time, by Thomas Park, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1806. 

J. 267 Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of 

King Richard HI., 2d edition, 4to; London, 1768. 
288 ■ — — Memoirs of the last ten years of the Reign 

of George H., 2t. 4to; London, 1822. 
174 Watkins, John: Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of 
R. B. Sheridan, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1817. 
J. 5 Welwood, James: Memoirs of the most material transactions 
in England, for the last 100 years preceding the Revolu- 
tion in 1688, 12mo; London, 1718. 
J. 73 Whitaker, John: Grenuine History of the Britons asserted, in 
a full and candid Refutation of Macpherson's Introduction 
to the History of Great Britain and Ireland, 8vo; London, 
39 Williams, C. Verulam: Life and Administration of Spencer 
Percival, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1813. 
J. 205 Wilson, Robert Thomas: History of the British Expedition 
to Egypt, in 1800 and 1801, 8vo; Wilmington, 1803. 
306 Wood, Anthony k: Athenae Oxonienses; an Exact History of 
all the Writers and Bishops who have had their Education 
in the University of Oxford; with additions, and a con- 
tinuation, by Philip Bliss, 4 v. 4to; London, 1813- '20. 
145 Woolrych, H. W. : Memoirs of the Life of Judge Jeffreys, 

8vo; London, 1827. 
199 Wordsworth, Christopher: "Who wrote Eikon Basilike?'^ 
considered and answered, in two Letters to the Archbishop 
of Canterbury, 8vo; London, 1824. 
152 Wyndham, H. Penruddocke: Diary of the late George Bubb 
Dodington; with an Appendix of Curious and Interesting 
Papers, 4th edition, 8vo; London, 1809. 
J. 333 Wynne, William: Life of Sir.Leoline Jenkins, 2 v. folio; 
London, 1724. 
York, Duke of. See Book of Kings, vol. 5. 
275 Zouch, Thomas: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir 
Philip Sidney, 4to; London, 1808. 


NoTB....Tbe Worka to which the lener 3. is prefixed, were in the Library 


223 Anderson, Rqbert: Life of Tobias Smollett, with Critical Ob- 
servations on his Works, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1803. 
J. 2i4 Buchan, D S., Earl of: Essays on the Lives and Writings of 
Andrew Fletcher and the Poet Thomson, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1792. 
815 Buchanan, George: History of Scotland; translated and con- 
tinued to the present time, by Dr. John Watkins, 8vo; 
London, 1827. 

J, 341 - Opera Omnia, curaRuddimanni, 2 v. in 1, 

folio; Edinburgi, 1715. 
J. 208 — — Rerum Scoticarum Historta, Svo; Edin- 
burgi, 1727. 
811 Chalmers, George: Life of Mary, Queen of Scots, 2 v. 8vo; 
Philadelphia, 1822. 

220 Fountainhall, Lord: Chronological Notes of Scottish Afiairs, 

from 1680 till 1701, interpolated by Milne, 4to; Edin- 
burgh, 18;^2. 

58 Gordon, John: Memoirs of, written by himself, 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1733. 

57 Home, John: History of the Rebellion in Scotland, in 1745, 
12mo; Edinburgh, 1822. 

221 Irving, David: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George 

Buchanan, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1817. 
210 Johnstone, Chevalier de: Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745 

and 1746, 8vo; London, 1822. 
218 Laing, Malcom: History of Scotland, 4 v. 8vo; Lon. 1818-'19. 

51 Lockhart, J. G.: Life of Robert Burns, 12mo; Edinb. 1828. 
217 Low, Alexander: History of Scotland, 8vo; Edinb. 1826. 

213 McCrie, Thomas: Life of John Knox, 8vo; N. York, 1813. 
J. 301 Macpherson, John: Critical Dissertations on the Origin, An- 
tiquities, &c., of the Ancient Caledonians, 4to; Lon.l768« 

214 Pinkerton, John: Inquiry into the History of Scotland, pre- 

ceding the Reign of Malcolm III., 2 v. 8vo; Edinb. 1814. 

222 Ritchie, Ih. Edward: Account of the Life and Writings of 

David Hume, 8vo; London, 1807. 

209 Robertson, William: History of Scotland; to which is pre- 
fixed, an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, 
by Dugald Stewart, 2 v. Svo; Phil. 1811. 

302 Scott, George: Memoirs of Sir James Melvil, folio; London^ 
1683. (2 copies.) 
54 Scott, Sir Walter: History of Scotland, 2 v. 12mo; Phil. 183a 

52 ■ Tales of a Grandfather, 2 v. 12mo; New 

York, 1828. 

58 ■ . Tales of a Grandfather, (2d smes,) 2 v. 

12mo; Philadelphia, 1829. 

JUcwe 2.] IRELAND. 53 

of the Ute President Jewbiisok, when it wan purchased by ConirreRs in 1815. 

59 Scottish Register, or Greneral View of History^ Politics, and 
Literature, for 1794, 4 v. 12nio; Edinburgh, 1794. 
216 Stewart, David: Sketches of the Character, Manners, and 
Present State of the Highlanders of Scotland, 8 v. 8vo; 
Edinburgh, 1825. 
55 Tytler, Patrick Frazer: Life of the Admirable Crichton, 
12mo; Edinburgh, 1823. 
212 Tytler, William: Inquiry, Historical and Critical, into the 
Evidence against Mary> Queen of Scots, &c., 2 v. 8vo; 
London, 1790. 
219 Wishart, George:. Memoirs of James Graham, Marquis of 
Montrose, translated from the Latin, 8vo; Edinb. 1819. 
J. 56 _— .^ ' M^moires de James Graham, Marquis de 

Montrose, trad, de i'Anglois, 2 v. 12mof Paris, 1767. 


236 Barrington, Sir Jonah: Personal Sketches of his Own Times, 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1S27. 

227 Carey, Mathew: Vindiciae Hibernicae, 8vo; Phila. 1819. 
229 Curran, W. Henry: Lifeof his father, J. Philpot Curran, 8vo; 

New York, 1820 

33 Life of his father, J. Philpot Curran, 2 v. 

12mo; Edinburgh, 1822. 
233 Hardy, Francis: Memoirs of the Political and Private Life 
of James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont, &c., 2 v. 8yo; 
London, 1812. 

228 Harrop, — ^: History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798, 8vo; Phi- 

ladelphia, 1815. 

226 Hay, Edward: History of the Insurrection of the County of 
Wexford, in 1798, 8vo; Dublb, 1803. 

232 Lawless, John: Compendium of the History of Ireland, from 
the Earliest P^iod to the Reign of George I., 2 v. 8yo; 
Edinb. 1823. 

297 Leland, Thomas: History of Ireland, from the Invasion ot 
Henry II.; with a Preliminary Discourse on the ancient' 
state of that Kingdom, 3 v. 4to; London, 1773. 
J. 225 MacNeven, William James: Pieces of Irish History, illus- 
trative of the Condition of the Catholics of Ireland, and 
of the Origin and Progressjof the Political System of the 
United Irishmen, 8vo; New York, 1807. 

231 O'Driscol, John: History of Ir^^land, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 234 Sampson, William: Memoirs, including particulars of his 
Adventures in various parts of Europe, a Short Sketch of 
the History of Irdand, &c. &c., 8vo; New York, 1807, 

230 Teeling, C. Hamilton: Personal Narrative of the <* Irish Re- 
bellion'' of 1798, 8vo; London, 1828. 

54 MODERN HISTORY. lChapter4. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J . is prefixed, were in the Library 

235 Tone, WUHam T. Wolfe: Life of his father, Theobald Wolfe 
Tone, founder of the United Irish Society, 2 v. 8vo; 
Washington, 1826. 
300 Wakefield, Edward: Account of Ireland, Statistical and Po- 
litical, 2 V. 4to; London, 1812. 
J. 298 Warner, Ferdinando: History of Ireland, 1st v. 4to; London, 

J. 299 History of the Rebellion and Civil War 

in Ireland, 1641 — 1660, (2d edition,) 4to; London, 1768. 

CHAPTER IV [Alcove N^ 3.] 

MODsair BZSToaT. 


J. 102a Account of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia, inaletterfron^T. 
M. to Lord Oxford, 8vo, MS. 
143 Adams, Nathaniel: Annals of Portsmouth, N. H., 8yo; Ports- 
mouth, 1825. 
2 Alden, Timothy: Collection of American Epitaphs and In- 
scriptions, with occasional notes, 5 y. 12mo; New York, 
1814. (present.) 
J. 10 Allen, Ethan: Vindication of Vermont against New York, 
8vo; Bennington, 1779. 
119 Allen, Paul: History of the American Revolution, 2 v. 8voj 

Baltimore, 1822. 
179 Allen, William: American Biographical and Historical Dic- 
tionary, 8vo; Cambridge, 1809. 
J. 128 American and British Clm>nicle of War and Politics, from 
1773 to 1783, 8vo; London, 1783. 
185 American Annual Register, 1825-'29, 3 v. 8yo; New York, 

1827-^30. (2 copies.) 
191 Ancient Rieht of the English Nation to the American Fish- 
ery, wim a Map of the Lauds, Islands, &e. &c., 8yo; Lon- 
don, 1764. 
J. 114 Andrews, John: History of the War with America, France, 
Spain, and Holland, commencing in 1775, and ending in 
1783, 4 V. 8vo; London, l785-'86. 
141 Archeologia Americana, 8yo; Worcester, 1820. 

Akave 3.^ AMERICA. 65 

of the late President JjEnrttsoir, when it was purchased bj Congress in 1815. 

J. 125 Auberteuil, Hilliard d^ Essais Historiques et Politiques 8ur 
les Anglo-Am^ricainSy 2 v. 8vo; Bruxelles, l781-'82. 

J. 1*26 Le m^me, Ire v. Svoj Bruxelles, 

J. 133 ■ ___ HistoiredeP Administration de Lord 

North, et de la Guerre de P Am6rique Septentrionale, 8vo; 
Londres, 1784. 
162 Austin, James T. : Life of Elbridge Oerry, 2 v. 8yo; Boston, 
3 Bancroft, Aaron: Life of George Washington, 2 v. 24'8; Bos- 
ton, 1826. 
J. 178 Barton, William: Memoirs of the Life of David Rittenhouse, 

8vo; Philadelphia, 1813. 
J. 66 Belknap, Jeremy: History of New Hampshire, 3 v. 8^0^ 

Philadelphia, 1784. 
J. 6 Beverly, R. B. : Histoire de la Virginie, (tr. de PAoglois,) 

12mo; Amsterdam, 1707. 
J. 122 Botta, Carlo: Storia della Guerra delP Independenza degli 
Stati Uniti d' America, 4 v. 8vo; Pariffi, 1809- 

121 ' History of the War of the Independence of the 

United States of America, translated by G. A. Otis^ 3 v. 
8vo; Philadelphia, 182(>-'21. (2 copies.) 
J. 188 Bouquet Historical Account of the Expedition against the 
Ohio Indians, in 1764, under the conunand of Col. Henry 
Bouquet, 4to; Philadelphia, 1765. 

14 ^ Relation Historique de PExp6dition du Colonel 

Bouquet, en 1764, contre les Indiens de POhio; tr. de 
PAngleis, par C. G. F. Dumas, 8vo; Amsterdam, 1769. 
100 Bozman, John Leeds: Sketch of th^ History of Maryland, 
during the first three years after its settlement, 1st vol. 
8vo; Baltimore, 1811. 
23 Brackenridge, H. M. : History of the Late War, 12mo; Bal- 
timore, 1817. 
77 Bradford, Alden: History of Massachusetts, from 1764 to 
July, 1775, 8vo; Boston, 1822. 

77 History of Massachusetts, from July, 1775, 

to the year 1789, inclusive, 8vo; Boston, 1825. 
172 Brannan, John: Official Letters of the Military and Naval 
Officers of the United States, during the War with Great 
Britain, 1812-'15, Svo; Washington, 1823. 
J* 95 Breckenridge, Hugh H.: Incidents of the Insurrection in 
Pennsylvania, in 1794, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1795. 
183 Brown, Charles Brockden: American Register, or General 
Repository of History, Politics, and Science, 1806-^9, 5 
V. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1807-*9. The same work, for 1810, 
continued by another Editor, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 

56 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 4. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libraiy 

J. 134 Burgoyne, John, Lieutenant Greneral: State of his Expedi- 
tion from Canada, as laid before the House of CommonS| 
and verified by Evidence; with Documents, &c*, 8vo; 
London, 1780. 
102 Burk, John: History of Virginia, from its first Settlement to 
the present day, 8 v. 8vo; Petcrsburgh, 1804-^^5. 

J. 9 Burke, : Account of the European Settlements in Ame- 
rica, 2 V. 12mo; London, 1766. 
154 Caldwell, Charles: Memoirs of the Life and Campaigq/s of 
Gen. Nathaniel Greene, 8vo; Phila. 1809. 
16 Calef, Robert: Wonders of the Invisible World, or Salem 
Witchcraft, 12mo; Salem, 1823, from the Lond. ed. of 
7 Campbell, J. W. : History of Virginia, from its discovery till 
1781, 12mo; Phila. 1813. 

J. 149 Carey, John: Official Letters to the Honorable American 
Congress, written during the War between the'United Co- 
lonies and Great Britain, by his Excellency George Wash- 
ington, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1795. 

J. 26 Carey, Mathew: Treaty of 1795, between Great Britain and 
the United States, with Documents and Strictures, 12mo; 
Phila. 1795. 
160 Carpenter, T. C: Memoirs of Thomas Jefferson, 2 v. 8vo; 

New York, 1809. 
1 94 Chalmers, George: Political A nnals of the Present United Co- 
lonies, from their Settlement to the Peace of 1763, 4to; 
London, 1780. 

J. 124 Chas, J., et Lebrun: Histoire Politi<}ue et Philosophique de 
la Revolution de PAmferique Septentrionale, 8vo; Paris, 
47 Cladera, Christobal: Investigaciones Hist&ricas sobre los 
Principales Descubrimientos de los Espaiioles en el Mar 
Oceano, en el Siglo XV. y Principios del XVI., 8vo; 
Madrid, 1794. 

J. 21 Clarke, Thomas: Naval History of the United States, Ist vol. 
12mo; Phila. 1814. 

30 — : Naval History of the United States, 2 v. 

12mo; Phila. 1814. 

J. 136 Clinton, Sir Henry: Narrative relative to his conduct during 
part of his command of the King's troops in North Ameri- 
ca, particularly to that which respects the unfortunate 
issue of the Campaign of 1781, 8vo; Lond. 1783. — Earl 
Cornwallis's Answer to Sir Henry Clinton's Narrative, 
8vo; Lond. 1783.-— Sir Henry Clinton's Observations on 
Earl Cornwallis's Answer, 8vo; Lond. 1783. 

J. 60 Colden, Cadwallader: History of the Five Indian Nations of 
Canada, 8vo; Lond. 1747. 


Alcove 3.] AMERICA. 67 

of the late President JsiTSRsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

169 Golden, Cadwaliader D. : Life of Robert Fulton, 8vo; New 
York, 1817. 
J. 75 Collection of Original Papers relative to the History of Mas- 
sachusetts, from 1629 to 1689, 8yo; Boston, 1769. 
78 Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 21 y. 8vo; 

Boston, 1806-*25. 
67 Collections of the New Hampshire Historical Society, 2 v. 

8vo; Concord, 1824-^27. 
67a Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society, Ist vol. 
8vo; Providence, 1827. (present.) 
J. 68 Concise Historical Account of all the British Colonies in North 
America, 8vo; ]<ondon, 1775. 
40 Cooper, Thomas: Some Information respecting America, 8vo; 
Dublin, 1794. 
Cornwallis, Charles, (Earl.) See Clinton, Sir Henry. 
J. 1 Deane, Silas: Intercepted Letters to his brothers, &c., in 
A.merica, 12mo; New York, 1782. 

200 Delaplaine, : Repository of the Lives and Portraits of 

Distinguished American Characters, 4to; Phila. 1815. 
J. 59 Douglas, William: Summary, Historical and Political, of the 
British Settlements in North America, 2 v. 8voj Lond. 
106 Drayton, John: Memoirs of the American Revolution, from 
its commencement to the year 1776, inclusive, as relating 
to the States of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Geor- 
gia, 2 v. 8vo; Charleston, 1821. 
105 View of South Carolina, as respects her Natu- 
ral and Civil Concerns, 8vo; Charleston, 1802. fpres.) 
168 Dunlap, William: Life of Charles Brockden Brown, with Selec- 
tions from his Original Letters, &c., 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1815. 
152o Eaton, John H. : Life of General Andrew Jackson, 8vo; Phila. 

80 Edwards, Jonathan: Life of the Rev.' David Brainerd, 8voj 

Boston, 1749. 

81 • ; Memoirs of the Rev. David Brainerd,' in- 

cluding his Diary, &c., by S. E. D wight, 8vo; New Ha- 
ven, 1822. 
180 Eliot, John: Biographical Dictionary of New England, 8vo; 

Boston, 1809. 
34 Engel, E. B. d': Essai sur cette question: Quand et Com- 
ment I'Amferique a-t-elle fete Peuplfee? 5 v. 12mo; Amst. 
69 Farmer, John: Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of 
New England, 8vo; Lancaster, (Mass.) 1829. 
J. 96 Findlay, William: History of the Insurrection in Pennsylva- 
nia, in 1794, 8vo; Phila. 1796. 
J. 92 Franklin, Benjamin: Historical Reviiew of the Constitution 
and Goviernment of Pennsylvania, 8vo; London^ 1759. 

S3 MOD£RN HISTORY. \_Chapter4. 

■ . ■ ■■■ ■ .. . i ■■■■ I. ... I . .1 ■ L- 

NoTX....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

167 Gait, John: Life and Studies of Benjamin West, prior to his 

arrival in England, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1816. 
148 Garden, Alexander: Anecdotes of the Revolutionary War, 

8vo; Charleston, 1822, 
170 Goldsborough, Charles W. ; The United States' Naval Chroni 
cle, Ist vol. 8vo; Washington, 1825, 
93 Gordon, Thomas F. : History of Pennsylvania, from its l)is- 
covery by Europeans, to the Declaration of Independence 
in 1776, 8vo; Phila. 1829. 
J. 114 Gordon, William: History of the Rise, Progress, and Esta- 
blishment of the Independence of the United States of 
America,4 V. 8vo; Lond. 1788. 
50 Grahame, James: History of the Rise and Progress of the 
United States of North America, till the British Revolu- 
tion in 1688, 2 v, 8vo; London, 1827. 
^ 99 Griffith, T. W. : Sketches of the Early History of Maryland, 
and An,nals of Baltimore, 8vo; Baltimore, 1821. 
4 Hi^ines, Charles G. : Memoir of Thomas Addis Emmet; with 
a Biographical Notice of Mr. Haines, p. 8vo; N.Y. 1829. 
J. 13 Haswell, Anthony: Memoirs and Adventures of Captain Ma- 
thew Phelps, 12mo; Bennington, 1802. 

111 Haywood, John: Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennes- 

see, up to the first Settlements therein by the White Peo- 
ple, in the year 1768, 8vo; Nashville, 1823. 

112 TT Civil and Political History of Tennessee, 

from its first Settlement, up to the year 1796, 8vo; Knox- 
- ,>ville, 1823. 

J. 153 Heath; William: Memoirs, containing Anecdotes and Milita- 
ry Events of the American War, 8vo; Boston, 1798. 

J. 58 Heriot, George: History of Canada, from its first Discovery, 
comprehending an Account of the Original E^tablishment 
of the Colony of Louisiana, 8vo; London, 1804. 

J, 107 Hewit, Alexander: Historical Account of the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia, 2d v. 
8vo; London, 1779. 

J. 197 Histoire de la Derniere Guerre, entre la Grande-Bretagne et 
les Etats-Unis de I'Amerique, la Prance, I'Espagne, et la 
Hollande, 1775—1783, 4to; Paris, 1787. 

J. 28 Historical Account of the Interment of the Remains of the 
American Martyrs at the Wallabout, who perished on 
board the Jersey Prison Ship, during the Revolutionary 
War, 12mo; New York, 1808. . 
166« Historical Narrative of the Civil and Military Services of 
Greneral W. H. Harrison, 8vo. 

J. 8 History of Barbadoes, from its Discovery to the end of 1767, 
12mo; London, 1768. 

Mcwit 3.] AMERICA. to 

of the late President Jkffbrsoit, when it was purchased by Confpfess in 1815. 

85 History of Connecticut, from its first Settlement under Pen- 
wick, to its latest period of Amity with Great Britain, 8to; 
London, 1781. 
J. 113 History of the War in America, between Great Britain and 

her Colonies, 2d vol. Svo; Dublin, 177d. 
J. 131 Holmes, Abiel: American Annals, or Chronolo^cal History 
of America, from 1492 to 1806, 2 v. Svo; Cambridge, 1805. 

132 Annals of America, from 1492 to 1826, (2d 

edition,) 2 v. Svo; Cambridge, 1829. 
54 Holstein, H. L. V. Ducoudray: Memoirs of Simon Bolivar, 
President Liberator of the Republic of Colombia, and of 
his principal Generals, Slc, 2 y, Svo; London, 1830. 
201 Hosack, David: Memoir of De Witt Clinton, 4to; N. York, 
1829. (present,) 
63 Hoyt, Epaphras: Antiquarian Researches, comprising a His- 
tory of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Con- 
necticut River, &c. &c., Svo; Greenfield, 1824. 
83 Hubbard, William: General History of New England, from 
the Discovery to 1680, Svo; Cambridge, 1815. 
J. 73 Hutchinson, Thomas: History of Massachusetts Bay, from 
1628 to 1691, 2 V. Svo; London, 1765-'68. 

74 : — History of Massachusetts Bay, from 

1749 to 1774, comprising a detailed Narrative of the Origin 
and Early Stages of the American Revolution; edited from 
the Author's MS. by John HutchinsoTi, Svo; Lond.1828. 
45 Irving, Washington:. History of the Life and Voyages of 
Christopher Columbus, 3 v. Svo; New York, 1828. 

24 -^ — !*- ' The same, abridged by W. Irving, 12mo; 

New York, 1829. 
J. 176 Jay, John: Correspondence between the Hon. John Jay and 
Mr. Lewis Littlepage, p. 4 to; New York, 1786. 
161 Jefierson, Thomas: Memoir, Correspondence, and Miscella- 
nies; edited by Thomas Jefierson Randolph, 4 v. 8vo; 
Charlottesville, 1829. 
J. 190 Jenks, William: Eulogy, illustrative of the Life of the late- 
Hon. James Bowdoin, 4to; Boston, 1812. 
199 Johnson, William: Sketches of the Life and Corriespondence 

of Nathaniel Greene, 2 v. 4to; Charleston, 1822. 

36* Journal of a late Surgeon on board an American Privateer, 

captured by the British, and confined in the Prisohff at 

Melville Island, Chatham, and Dartmoor, 12nio; Bost 1816. 

J. 187 Keith, Sir William: History of Virginia, 4to; London,I738. 

3* 41 Kennet, White: Bibliothecae Americanae Primordia; an At- 
tempt towards laying the Foundation of an American Li- 
brary, 4to; London, 1713. 
36 Laet, Joannis de: NotaB ad Dissertationem H. Grotii de Ori- 
gine Gentium Americanarum, 12mo; Amst. 1643. 

60 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 4. 

NoTS....The W(H*k8 to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libraiy 

175 Latour, A. Lacarriere: Historical Memoir of the War in West 
Florida and Louisiana, in 1814 and 1815; tr. from the 
French, by H. P. Nugent, 8vo; Phila. 1816. (2 copies.) 
J. 156 Lee, Gen. Charles: Memoirs, Essays> and Letters, 8 vo; Dab* 

lin, 1792. 
J. 155 Lee, Henry: Memoirs of the War in the Southern Depart- 
ment of the United States, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1812. 
168 Lee, R. Henry: Life of Arthur Lee, with his Political and 
Literary Correspondence, &c., 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 1829. 

157 ■. Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee, 

with his Correspondence, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1825. 
166 Life of Gen. William Eaton, 8vo; Brookfield, 1813. 
J. 17 Longchamp, Pierre de: Histoire de la Derni^re Guerre, (de 
1775 — 1783,) 3 v. 12mo; Amsterdam, 1785. 

109 McCall, Hugh: History of Georgia, 2 v. 8vo; Savan. 1811-^16. 
19 McCulloch, John: Concise History of the United States, from 

the Discovery of America till 1813, 12mo; Phila. 1813. 
49 McCulloh, Dr. J. H. : Researches, Philosophical and Antlqua-* 
rian, concerning the Aboriginal History of America, 8vo; 
Baltimore, 1829. 
J. 135 McKenzie, Roderick: Strictures on Lt Col. Tarleton's Histo- 
ry of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781, 8vo; Lond. 1787. 
J. 44 Mandrillon^ Joseph: Le Speetateur Am6ricain, suivi de Re- 
cherches Philosophiques sur la D6couverte du Nouveau- 
. Monde, 8vo; Amst. 1785. 
127 Marbois, Barb6: History of Louisiana, particularly of the ces- 
sion of that Colony to the United States of America; with 
an Introductory Essay on the Constitution and Govern- 
ment of the United States; tr. from the French, 8vo; Phi- 
ladelphia, 1830. 

110 Marshall, Humphrey: History of Kentucky, 2 v. 8vo; Frank- 

fort, 1824. 
J. 151 Marshall, John: Life of George Washington, 5 v. 8vo; Phila- 
delphia, 1804-'7. 
152 Life of George Washington, 5 v. 8vo; Phila- 
delphia, 1804-^7. 
J. 192 Mather, Cotton: Magnalia Christi Americana, fol. ; Lon.1702. 

J. 39 Tracts relating to Witchcraft in New Eng- 

land« p. 4to; Boston, 1697. 
25 Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Pennsylvania, 12mo; Har- 

risburg, 1811. 
97 Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1 v. in 2 

parts, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1826. 
46 Memorials of Columbus; or a Collection of Authentic Docu^ 
ments of that celebrated Navigator, now first published 
frona the original MSS., by order of the Decurions of Ge- 
noa; preceded by a Memoir of his Life and Discoveries, 
by Gio, Batista Spotorno^t 8vo; London, 1823* 



Akave 3.] AMERICA. 61 

of the late President Jsffbssoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

55 Miller, John: Memoirs of General Miller, in the Service of 

the Republic of Peru, 2 y. 8vof London, 1828. 
72 Minot, G. Richards: Continuation of the History of Massa- 
chusetts, from 1748 to 1765, 2 v. 8vo; Bost 1798 — 1803. 
J. 71 ____ History of the Insurrections in Massa- 
chusetts, in 1786 J and the Rebellion consequent thereon, 
8vo; Worcester, 1788. 
142 Moore, Jacob B. : Annals of the Town of Concord, N. H., 

from 1726 to 1823, 8vo; Concord, 18d4. 
120 Morse, Jedidiah: Annals of the American Revolution, 8vo; 
Hartford, 1824. 

62 Report to the Secretary of War, on Indian 

Affairs, 8vo; New Haven, 1822. . 
J. 5 Morton, Nathaniel: New England's Memorial, 12mo; Bos- 
ton, 1721. 

70 ■ New England Memorial, with Notes, and 

an Appendix, by John Davis, 8vo; Bost 1826. f present J 
J. IDS Moultrie, William: Memoirs of the American Revolution, so 
far as it related to North and South Carolina and Georgia, 
2 V. 8vo; New York, 1802. 
174 Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army at Washing- 
ton, Baltimore, and New Orleans, in 1814 and 1815^ by 
an Officer who served in the Expedition, 8vo; Phila. 1821* 
15 Neal, Daniel: History of New England, to the year 1700, 
2 V. l2mo; London, 1720. 
140 Niles, Hezekiah: Principles and Acts of the Revolution ia 
America, 8vo; Baltimore, 1822. (2 copies.) 

186 Weekly Register, from September 7, 1811^ 

to August 29, 1829, 36 v. 8vo; Baltimore, 181 1-^29. 
32 Niles, John M. : Life of Oliver H. Perry, 12mo; Hartford, 

57 Oldmixon, John: British Empire in America, 2 v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1708. 
184 Palmer, Thomas H. : Historical Register of the United States, 

1812-^4, 4v. 8vO; Philadelphia, 1814-'16. 
173 Perkins, Samuel: History of the Political and Military Events 
of the late War between the United States and Great Bri- 
tain, 8vo; New Haven, 1825. 
138 Pitkin, Timothy: Political and Civil History of the United 
States of America, from 1763 to 1797, 2 v. 8vo; New 
Haven, 1828. 
146 Prince, Thomas: Chronological History of New England^ 
8vo; Boston, 1826. 
J. 94 Proud, Robert: History of Pennsylvania, from 1681 till 1770, 
2 V. 8yo; Philadelphia, 1798. 
165 Quincy, Josiah: Memoir of the Life of Josiah Quincy> Jr., 
8vo; Boston, 1825. (present.) 


62 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 4. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 117 Ramsay, David: History of the American Revolution, 2 v. 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1789. 

118 The same, 2 v. 8vo; Trenton, 1811. 

J. 104 ■ History of the Revolution of South Caroli- 

na, 2v. 8vo; Trenton, 1785. 

J. 123 — Histoire de la Revolution d'Amerique, par 

rapport k la Caroline M^ridionale, trad, de PAnglois, 2 v. 
8vo; Londres, 1787. 
137 History of the United States, from their set- 
tlement as Colonies, in 1607, to the year 1808; continued 
to the Treaty of Ghent, by S. S. Smith, &c., 3 v. 8vo; 
Philadelphia, 1816-^17. 

J. Life of George Washington, 8vo} New York, 

48 Ranking, John : Historical Researches on the Conquest of Peru^ 
Mexico, Bogota, Natchez, and Talomeco, in the 19th Cen- 
tury, by the Mongols, 8vo; London, 1827. 
J, 42 Raynal, Guillaume Thomas: Histoire, Philosophique et Poli- 
tique, des Etablissemens et du Commerce des Europ^ns 
dans les Deux Indes, 11 v. 8vo; Geneve, 1780. 
56 Rengger, J. R.: Reign of Dr. J. G. Roderick de Francia, in 
Paraguay, from 1819 to 1825, 8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 64 Review of the Military Operations in North America, from 
1753 to 1756, 8vo; New York, 1770. 
51 Robertson, William: History of America, 2 v. 8vo; Phila- 
delphia, 1812. 

J. 52 — ■ Historyof America, 9th and lOth books, 

containing the History of Virginia to 1688, and of New 
England to 1652, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1799. 
53 Robinson, Wm. Davis: Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution, 

8vo; Philadelphia, 1820. 
37 Rogers, Ammi: Memoirs of the Rev. Ammi Rogers, late 
Rector of St Peter's Church in Hebron, Connecticut, &c. 
&c., 12mo; Hebron, 1824. {present.) 
12 Rogers, T. J. : New American Biographical Dictionary, 2d 
edition, 12mo; Easton, 1823. {present.) 
195 Russell, William: History of America, from its Discovery by 
Columbus, to the conclusion of the late War, &c., 2 v. 4to^ 
London, 1788. 
139 Sanderson, John: Biography of the Signers to the Declaration 

of Independence, 9 v. 8vo; Phila. 1820-'27. 
171 Sherburne, John H. : Life and Character of the Chevalier John 

Paul Jones, 8vo; Washington, 1825. 
86 Slade, William: Vermont State Papers^ 8vo; Middlebury, 
J. 193 Smith, Ca^t John: Generall Historic of Virginia, New Eng- 
land, and the Summer Isles, folio; London, 1632. 

Akove 3.] AMERICA. 63 

of the late President Jifvibsoit, when it wma purchased by Confess in 1815. 

J. 91 . Smithy Samuel: History of the Colony of Nova Csesaria or 
New Jersey, from its first Settlement, 8vo; Burlington, 
J. 90 Smith, William: History of New York, from its first Disco- 
very, 8 vo; liOnd. 1776. 
144 Snow, Caleb H.: History of Boston, 8yo; Boston, 1825. 
J. 139 'Soules, Francois: Histoire des Troubles de I'Amerique An- 
glaise, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1787. 

130 Le mSme, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 1787. 

79 Sparks, Jared: Life of John Ledyard, 8vo; Cambridge, 1828. 

76 Speeches of the Governors of Massachusetts, from 1765 to 1775; 
and other Public Papers, relating to the Dispute between 
this Country and Great Britain, which led to the Indepen- 
dence of the United States, 8vo; Boston, 1818. 
196 Stedman, C: History of the Origin, Progress, and Termina- 
tion of the Amerioan War, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1794. 
J. 101 Stith, William: History of the first Discovery and Settlement 

of Virginia, 8vo; Williamsburg, 1747. 
J. 198 Tarleton, Banastre, (Lieut. Col.): History of the Campaigns 
of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Provinces of North 
America, 4to; Lond. 1787. 
181 Thacher, James: American Medical Biography, 2 v. Svo; Bos- 
ton, 1828. 
147 : — , Military Journal during the American Re- 
volutionary War, from 1775 to 1783, Svo; Boston, 1823. 
22 Thompson, John Lewis: History of the Late War, 12mo; 

Phila. 1816. 
38 Ticknor, George: Remains of N. A. Haven, with a Memoir 

of his Life, 12mo; Boston, 1828. 
18 Touron, Antoine: Histoire Gfenerale de PAmerique, 14 v. 
12mo; Paris, 1768-'70. 
J, 177 Tracts.' — Eloge de M. Franklin, lu k la sfeance publique de 
1' Academic des Sciences, la 13 Nov. 1790, 8vo; Paris, 
1791. — Eulogium of Benjamin Franklin, delivered by Dr. 
William Smith, before the American Philosophical Socie- 
ty, March 1, 1791, Svo; Phila. 1792. — Eulogy on James 
Bowdoin, by John Lowell, delivered before the American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences, Jan. 26, 1791, 4to; Bos- 
ton, 1791. — History of the Life, very strange Adventures, 
and Works of Capt. John Macpherson, 12mo; Phila. 1789. 
— ^Eulogium in honor of the late Dr. William Cullen, deli- 
vered before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Ju- 
ly 9th, 1790, 8vo; Phila- 1790. 
J. 98 Tracts, viz: Hutchins' Topographical Description of Virginia, 
Pennsylvania, &c.,8vo; Lond. 1778.^— American Maga- 
zine for March, 1741. — Memoir of the Mohegan Indians, 
written in 1804. — rHolmes' History of Cambridge, Svo; 
Boston, 1801. 

64 MODERN HISTORY. [Chapter 4. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 189 Tracts. — The Candor of Henry Laurens, Esq., manifested by 
his behaviourto Mr. Edmund Jenings, 4to; Lond. 1783. — 
Mr. Laurens' True State of the Case; by which his Candor 
to Mr. Jenings is manifested, and the Tricks of Mr. Jen- 
ings are detected, 4to; Lond. 1783. — A full Manifestation 
of what Mr. Henry Laurens falsely denominates Candor 
in himself, and Tricks in Mr. Edmund Jenings, 4to ; 
London, 1783. — Letters, being the whole of the Corres- 
pondence between the Hon. John Jay, Esq., and Mr. 
Lewis Littlepage, a young man whom Mr. Jay, when in 
Spain, patronized and took into his Family, 4to; New 
York, 1786. — Charges and Proofs respecting the Conduct 
of Peter Landais, 4to; New York, 1787.— Eloge de M. 
le Comte de Vergenries, lu lel2Ffevrier, 1788, dans la 
stance publique de la 8oci6t6 Royale de M6decine, par M. 
Vicq-d'Azyr, 4to; Paris, 1788. 

61 Transactions of the Historical and Literary Committee of the 
American Philosophical Society, 8yo; Phila. 1819. 

84 Trumbull, Benjamin: Complete History of Connecticut, from 

1630 to 1764, 2 v. 8vo; New Haven, 1818. 
164 Tudor, William: Life of James Otis, 8vo; Bost. 1823. (pres.) 

33 Vater, Johann Severin: Untersuchungen iiber Amerika's 
Bev5lkerung aus dem Alten Eontincnte, 8vo; Leipzig, 

27 Vindication of the Captors of Major Andrfe, 12mo; N. York, 
1817. (present) 
J. 116 Warren, Mrs. Mercy: History of the Rise, Progress, and 
Termination of the American Revolution, 3 v. 8vo; Bos- 
ton, 1805. 
J. 65 Washington, George: Journal of Major George Washington, 
in 1753.— The Old Man's Guide to Health and Longer 
Life, by J. Hill, M. D. ; London, 1771. — ^Douglas's Vin- 
dication of Milton from the charge of Plagiarism, brought 
against him by Mr. Lauder; London, 1771. 

11 Watterston, George: Letters from Washington, 12mo; Wash- 
ington, 1818. 

SO Weems, M. L.: Life of Gen. Francis Marion, 12mo; Phila. 

J. 29 ^ Life of George Washington, with curious 

Anecdotes, 12mo; Phila. 1808. 

31 Life of William Penn, 12mo; Phila. 1822. 

163 Wheaton, Henry: Some Account of the Life, Writings, and 

Speeches of William Pinkney, 8vo; New York, 1826. 
189 Wilkinson, Gen. James: Memoirs of my Own Times,^ 3 v. 
8vo; with Diagrams, &c., 4to; Phila. 1816. 
J. 86 Williams, Samuel: Natural and Civil History of Vermont, 
8vo; Waipole, 1794, 

87 Natural and Civil History of Vermont, 

(2d edition, enlarged,) 2 v. 8vo; Burlington, 1809. 

Alcove 3.] NEWSPAPERS. 65 

of the late President iKiTBBsoir, when it wm purchased by Congrats in 1815. 

103 Williamson, Hugh: Histoiy of North Carolina, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 
J. 82 Winthrop, Job n : Journal of the Tranaactions and Occurrences 
in the Settlement of Massachusetts and the oiher New 
England Colonies, from 1630 to 1644, Syo; Hartford^ ^ 
1790. • 

145 History of New England, from 1 630 to 

1649; with Notes, by James Savages, 2 v. 8vo; Boston^ 
159 Wirt, William: Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick 
Henry, (3d edition,) 8vo; Phila. IRIS, 
J. 43 Woensel, P. Van: Prfecis de PHistoire Ph^losophique et Poli- 
tique des Deux Indes de G. F. Raynal, 8vo; Amst 1752. 
89 Wood, Silas: Sketch of the First Settlement of the severftl* 
Towns on Long Island, 8vo; Brooklyn, 182S. (preseni.) "^ 


J. 218 Adams and Larkin's Independent Chronicle, from October 9^ 

1797, to November 3, 1800, 1 v. folio; Boston, 
J. 219 Adams and Rhoades' Independent Chronicle, 1802 to 180S, 

7 V. folio; Boston. 
205 Atlas, or Literary, Historical, and Commercial Reporter, Ist 

vol. folio; New York, 1828. (present. J 
3. 206 Bache's General Advertiser, 1795-'6-'7, 3 v, folio; Phila. 
J. 207 Bache and Duane's Aurora, from 1798 to 1814, 17 v. folio; 

J. 217 Barber and South wick's Albany Register, 1800, folio; New 

J. 208 Brown's Philadelphia Gazette, 1794 to ISOO, 8 v. folio; Phila. 
J. 211 Carey's United States Recorder, 1798 to 1800, folio; Phila, 
J. 239 Daily National Intelligencer, from 1800 to 181 3p 12 v, folio j 

Washington City. 

239 Daily National Intelligencer, from 1814 to 1830, 27 v. folio; 

Washington City. 

240 Daily National Journal, from 1826 to 1830, 9 v. folio; Wash- 

ington City. 

J. 226 Delaware Gazette, Carolina Gazette, Forlorn Hope, Sun of 
Liberty, Tree of Liberty, Intelligenrer antl Weekly Ad- 
vertiser, Sentinel of Freedom, The Cabinet, Friend of the 
People, Political Mirror, Universal Gazette, ht. ^c, I v. 
folio; 1798 to 1800. 

J. 216 Denniston's Republican Watch Tower, 1800 to 1809, 9 v. 
folio; New York. 

J. 203 Dunlap's American Daily Advertiser, from 1791 to 1793, 
3 V. folio; Phila. 

J. 204 Dunlap and Claypoole*s Am. Daily Advertiser, 1794 and 
1795, 2 v. folio; Phila. 


NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the library 

J. 202 Dunlap and Claypoole's Pennsylvania Packet, &C.9 1785-'86- 
^S9y 2 V. folio; Phila. 

J. 22B Dunlap^s Pennsylvania Packet, June and July, 1775; Gene- 
ral Advertiser, Nov. and Dec., London, 1778; London 
Evening Post, Nov. 1778, 1 v. folio. 

J. 220 Everett and Munroe's Boston Patriot, 1809-'10, 2 v. folio; 

J. 229 Federal Gazette, by A. Brown, Oct 1788 to 1792, 6 v. folio; 

J, 214 Fenno's Gazette of the United States, 1789-'96, 10 v. folio; 
New York. 

X 210 1798, folio; Phila. 

J. 309 Freneau's National Gazette, 1791-'93, 2 v. folio; Phila. 

J. 222 Gales' Raleigh Register, 1800-'l, 1 v. folio; Raleigh. 

J. 236 Genius of Liberty, 1798-^99, 1800, 1 v. folio; Fredericks- 

J, 224 Greenleaf^s Journal, Time Piece, Delaware Gazette, Indepen- 
dent Chronicle, Fenno's Gazette, &c. &c., 1797, 1 v. folio. 

J. 2 15 Greenleaf 's New York Journal, &c., 1789-'96-'97, 1800, 3 v. 
folio; New York. 

J, 221 Hunter and Beaumont's Palladium, 1798, 1 v. folio; Frank- 

J. 227 Independent Chronicle and Constitutional Telegraphe, 1800, 
1801, 1 V. folio; Boston. 

J. 213 Martin's American and Daily Advertiser, 1799, 1800, 2 v. 
folio; Baltimore* 

J, 22s Philadelphia Gazette^ The Diary, Am. Advertiser, The New 
World, Telegraphe and Advertiser, Independent Gazet- 
teer, Daily Advertiser, 1795-'6-'7, 1 v. folio. 

J. 212 Philadelphia Prices Current, 1802-'7, 1 v. folio. 

Salem Register See Adams and Rhoades, Na. 219. 

J. 223 The Bee, by Charles Holt, 1798, 1800, 1 v. foliof New Lon- 

J, 235 The Enquirer, from 1809 to 1814, 5 v. folio; Richmond. 
241 United States' Telegraph, from 1828 to 1830, 5 v. folio; 
Washington City, 

J. 238 Universal Gazette, by Samuel Harrison Smith, 1798 to 1808, 
11 V. folio; Philadelphia and Washington City. 

J- 232 Virginia ArguSj 1797, folio; Virginia. 

J. 234 Virginia Argus and Enquirer, (bound together,) from 1804 
to I8OS5 5 V. folio; Vir^nia. 

J. 233 Virginia Argus and Ei^ammer, (bound together,) from 1797 
to 1803, and from 1809 to 1813, 7 v. folio; Virginia. 

J. 231 Virginia Gazette, from 1746 to 1783, by Parks, 12 v. folio; 

J^ 237 Virginia Gazette, Virginia Gazette and Richmond Chronicle^ 
Am. Gazette, Richmond Chronicle, Virginia Herald, 
Richmond and Manchester Advertiser, Virginia Argus, 
1795^ 1796, 1 V. folk). 



of the late President Jiffsbmit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER V [Alcove N^S-] 


J. 14 Abr6g6 Chronologique de rHistoire Eccleaiastique, 3 v. ISmo; 

Paris, 1768. 
51 Arnaud, Henri: Glorious Recovery bj the Vaudoia of their 

Valleys; translated from the ariginal, with a compendious 

History of that People, by H< U. AckJand, 8vo; London, 

50 Authentic Details of the Vddenses, in Piemont and other 

Countries, 8vo; London, 1837. 
J. 24 Bede, the Venerable: History of the Church of England, tr, 

by Thomas Stapleton, p, 4to; Antwerp, 1565. 
69 Bingham, Joseph: Works, 2 v. folio; London, 1726, 
30 Bogue, David, and James Bennett: History of Dissenters, from 

1688 to 1808, 4 v. 8vo; London, !S0S-'13. 

32 Bower, Alexander: Life of Luthft^ 8vo; London, IS 1 3. 

J. 57 Bower, Archibald: History of the Popes^ 2 v. 4toj London, 

29 Brook, Benjamin: Lives of the Puritans, 3 v. 8vo; London, 

J. 60 Burnet, Gilbert: History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England, 3 v. folio; London, 1681-'83. 
43 Butler, Charles: Memoirs of the English, Irish, and Scottish 

Catholics, since the Reformation, 4 v. 8vo; London, 

23 Cook, George: History of the Church of Scotland, from the 

Establishment of the Reformation to the Revolution, 3 v. 

8vo; Edinburgh, 1815. 
22 History of the Reformation in Scotland, 3 v. 

8vo; Edinburgh, 1819. 
34 Cox, F. Augustus: Life of Philip Melancthon, 8vo; London, 

48 Dellon, M. D. : Account of the Inquisition at Goa, translated 

from the French, 8vo; London, 1815. 
20 Ecclesiastical and University Annual Register for 1808, 8vo; 

London, 1809. 
J. 63 Eusebius, Pam]^ilus: Ecclesiastica Historia, et Vita Constan- 

tini, k Valesio, Gr. Lat. folio; Paris, 1678. 
J. 2 Fontenelle, B. le Bovier de: Histoire des Oracles, 168; Am- 
sterdam, 1687. 
J. 3 .— ...-^ Lexngme, 18mo; Paris, 1687. 


NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

15 Graham, William: Ad^rantages and Disadvantages of Ecclesi- 
astical Establishments examined, l2mo; London, 1821. 
' 25 Grant,; Johnson: History of the English Church, and of the 
Sects which have departed from its Communion, 3 v. Svo; 
London^ 181 1-'20. 
J. 8 Griselini, Francesco: Memorie Anedote Spettanti a Fra Pa- 
olo, 8vo; Losana, 1760. 

39 Hess, J. G. : Life of Ulrich Zwingle, translated from the 

French, by Lucy Aikin, 8vo; London, 1812. 
J, 6 Histoire de PEglise, 6crite par Eusfebe, Socrate, Sozomene, 

Th^odoret, Evagre, Photius, et Nicfephore Calliste, trad. 

en Francois, par L. Cousin, 5 v 12mo; Paris, 1786. 
J. 6a Histoire de la Vie de PEmperear Constantin, fecrite par Eu- 

sebe, trad, en Fran9ois, par L. Cousin, 12mo; Paris, 

68 Histoire des Papes, 5 v. 4to; La Haye, l732-'34. 
44 Historical and Philosophical Memoirs of Pius VI. , trans, from 

the French, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1822. 
J. 10 History of Monastical Conventions and Military Institutions, 

by J. S., 16s; London, 1686. 
l» History of the Pope's Nephews, from 1471 to 1667, 12mo; 

London, 1673. 
J. 59a History of the Reformation of the Church of Scotland, by 

D. B., folio; London, 1644. 
53 Jamieson, John: Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees 

of Ionia, 4to; Edinburgh, 1811. 
13 Lambeth and the Vatican, or Anecdotes of the Church of 

Rome, of the Reformed Churches, &c., 3 v. 12mo; Lon- 
don, 1825. 
J, 9 Leti, Gregorio: Vita di Sbto V., 3 v. 12mo; Amsterdam, 

36 Lewis, John: History of the Life and Sufferings of the Reve- 

rend ahd Learned John Wickliffe, 8vo; London, 1720. 
38 -— i— ■ Life of the Learned and Right Reverend Rey- 

nold Pecock, &c., being a Sequel to the Life of Dr. John 

Wickliffe, 8vo; Oxford, 1820. 
55 Limborch, Philip k: History of the Inquisition, translated by 

Samuel Chandler, 2 v. 4to; London, 1730. 
46 Llorente, Jean Antoine: History of the Inquisition of Spain, 

from the time of its Establishment to the Reign of Ferdi- 
nand VII., 8vo; London, 1826. 
J. 4 Maimbourg, Louis: Histoire des Croisades pour la Delivrance 

de la Terre Sainte, 4 v. 16s; Paris, 1682. 
J. 5 — -— . Le mfeme, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 1676. 

40 Middleton, Erasmus: Evangelical Biography, 4 v. 8vo; Lon- 

don, 1816. 
52 Mills, Charles: History of Muhammedanifflddi, 8vo; Lou* 

aon, isor 


of the iate President J>;f?kr»of, when it was purchased by C4)ngpre8S in 1815. 

45 Mills, Charles: History of the Crusades for the Recovery and 

Possession of the Holy Land, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1822. 
16 Milner, Joseph: History of the Church of Christ; with addi- 
tions and corrections, by the Rev. Isaac Milner, 5 v. 

12mo; Boston, 1822. 
J. 18 ' Mosheim, John Lawrence: Elcclesiastical History, Ancient 

and Modern, translated from the Latin, with Notes, &c., 

by A. Maclaine, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1782. 
28 Neal, Daniel: History of the Puritans; corrected and enlarged 

by Joshua Toulmin, 5 y. 8vo; Boston, 1816-'17. 
J. 64 Nicephorus, Callistus: Ecclesiastics Historiae, Gr. ; adjecta 

est Latina interpretatio Joannis Langii, k R. P. Frontone 

Ducaeoj 2 v. folio; Lut Par. 1630. 
J. 42 Paolo, Padre: Hiatoria del Concilio Tridentino, 2 ▼. p. 4tOf 

Geneva, 1660. 
J. 62 The same, trans, into Eng. by Nathaniel 

Brent, fol.; Lond. 1629. 
J. 56 Platina, Baptista: Historia de Vitis Pontificum Romanorum, 

4to; Coloniae, 1600. 
47 Puigblanch, Antonio: Inquisition Unmasked; tr. by William 

Walton, 2 V. 8vo; Lond. 1816. 
21 Reece, Richard: Compendious Martyrology, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 

J. 50 Sguropulum, Sylvestrum: Historia Concilii'Florentini, Graec^ 

scripta, transtulit in Sermonem Latinum, notasque ad cal- 

cem Libri adjecit, Robertus Creyghton, folio; Hagae- 

Comitis, 1660. 
49 Sismondi, J. C. L. Simonde de: History of the Crusades 

against the Albigenses, in the 13th Century; tr. from the 

French, 8vo; Lond. 1826. 
27 Soame, Henry: History of the Reformation of the Church of 

England, 3 v. 8vo; Lond. 1826. 

27 The same, 1st and 2d vols. 8vo; Lond. 1826, 

J. 65 Socrates Scholasticus et Herniias Sozomenus: Historia Eccle* 

siastica, Gr. et Lat cum Annotationibus, ab H. Valesio, 

folio; Paris, 1668. 
26 Sou they, Robert: Book of the Church, 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 

J. 7 Spelman, Henry: History and Fate of Sacrilege; with Twis- 

den's Beginners of a Monastic Life in Asia, Africa, and 

Europe, 8vo; Lond. 1698. 
J. 19 Stackhouse, Thomas: NeW History of the Bible, 6 v. 8vo; 

Edinb. 1765-^7. 
J. 54 Stockdale, John Joseph: History of the Inquisitions, 4to; 

London, 1810. 
J. 67 Strype« John: Annals of the Reformation and Establishment 

of Religion, and other various occurrences in the Church of 

England, during the first 12 years of Queen Elizabeth's 

happy Reign, 2 v. folio; Lond. 1725. 


NoTB....Thp Works to which the letter J. U prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 1 Sulpitius, Severus: Opera Omnia quse extant, IGs; Lugd* 

Bat. 1635. 
J. 66 Theodoretus et £vagrius: Historia Ecclesiastica, item Excerp- 
ta ex Historiis Philostorgii et Tiieodori, 6r. et Latin, 
cum Annotationibus, ab H. Valesio, folio; Parisi 1673. 
35 Todd, Henry John: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the 

Right Reverend Brian Walton, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1821. 
17 Toland, John: Critical History of the Celtic Religion and 
Learning; containing an account of the Druids, &c., 8vo; 
Twisden, Roger. See Spelman. 
J. 11 Vertot, D'A. R. A. de: Origine de la Grandeur de la Cour 
de Rome, 12mo; Lausanne, 1745. 
33 Viller, Charles: Essay on the Spirit and Influence of the Re- 
formation of Luther; tr. from the French, by James Mills, 
8yo; Lond. 1805. 
J. 61 Wharton, Henry; Anglia Sacra, 2 v. folio; Londoni, 1691. 
31 Wilson, Walter: History and Antiquities of Dissenting 
Churches and Meeting-houses, in London, &c., 4 v. 8vo; 
Lond. 1808-^14. 
68 Wodrow, Robert: History of the Su£ferings of the Church of 
Scotland, from the Restoration to the Revolution, 2 y. 
fol.; Edinb. 1721-^22. 
41 Wordsworth, Christopher: Ecclesiastical Biography, 6 v. 8vo; 
Lond. 1818. 

CHAPTER VI [Alcove N^ 3.] 


natural PHILOSOPHY- 

35 Beche, H. T. De la: Selection of the Geological Memoirs 

contained in the Annales des Mines, &c., (tr. from the 

French,) 8vo; Lond. 1824. 
44 Bose, Geo. Matt: Tracts on Electricity, Lat, 4to; Wittem- 

bergse, 1747. . 
38 Brande, William Thomas: Outlines of Geology, 8vo; Lond. 

42 Bremontier, M. N. Th. : Recherches sur le Mouyement des 

Ondes, 8vo; Paris, 1809. 


of the late President JcrrBmioir, when it wm purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 58 Bufibn, G. L. le Clerc, Count de: Supplement )L I'Histoire 

Naturelle, 4to; Paris, 1778. 
J. 41 Burnet, Thomas: ArcbaeologisB Philosophicae, p. 4to; Lon- 
doni, 1692. 

J. 56 Theory of the Earth, fol ; Lond. 1684. 

29 Cavallo, Tiberius: Elements of Natural or Experimental Phi- 
losophy, with Notes selected by F. X. Brosius, 2 v. Svo; 
Philadelphia, 1819. 
6 Clarke, C. C: Hundred Wonders of the World, 12mo; New 
Haven, 1821, 
J. 4 Clerc, John le: Physica sive de Rebus Corporeis, 12mo;Lon- 
doni, 1696. 
14 Cuvier, 6. : Essay on the Theory of the Earth; with Mine- 
ralogical Notes, &c., by Professor Jameson, and Observa- 
tions on the Geology of North America, by Dr. S. L. 
Mitchill, 8vo; New York, 1818. 
20 Daniell, J. Frederic: Meteorological Essays and Observations, 

Svo; London, 1823. 
13 Delamfetherie, Jean-Claude: Th^orie de la Terre, 3 v. 8vo; 
Paris, 1795. 
J. 11 Description and Use of Naime's Electrical Machine, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1783. 
40a Eaton, Amos: Geological and Agricultural Survey of Rensse- 
laer County, New York, 8vo; Albany, 1822. 
40 ' Geolofdcal and Agricultural Survey of the Dis- 

trict adjoining the Erie Canal, 8vo; Alb. 1824. Cpresent.J 
J. 53 Ellicott, Andrew: Astronomical and Thermometrical Obser- 
vations on the Mississippi, made in the years 1796, 7, 6, 
9, and 1800, 4to; Philadelphia, 1801. 
J. 22 Ephemerides Mediolanenses anni 1 779, 8vo ; Mediolani, 1 778. 
J. 51 Ephemerides MeteorologicaB Palatinae, 1781-'5, 5 v. 4to; 
Manbeimii, 1783-^87. 
45 Erdmann, J. F.: Tracts on Electricity, Latin, 4to; Wittem- 
bergSB, 1807. 
J. 32 Faujas de St Fond, B.: Essai de Geologic, 2 V. 8vo; Paris^ 

— Histoire Naturelle de la Montagne 

de St. Pierre de Maestricht, 4to; Paris, 1800. 

Voyage Gfeologique a Oberstein, &c. 









4to; Paris, 1803. 

Forster, Thomas: Pocket Encyclopaedia of Natural PhsBno- 
mena, 12mo;. London, 1827. 

' Researches about Atmospheric Phaenome- 

na, 8vo; London, 1823. 

Franklin, Benjamin: Experiments and Observations on Elec- 
tricity, with Letters and Papers on Philosophical Subjects, 
4to; London, 1774. 
24 Hamilton, Sir William: Observations on Mount Vesuvius,. 
Mount -^tna, and other Volcanos, 8voj London, 1774, 

72 NATURAL HISTORY. [Chapter G. 

Note. ..The Works to which the letter J. is nrefixed, w re in the Library 

30 Hayden, Horace H. : Geological Essays, 8vo; Bait 1820. 
46 Hibbert, Samuel: Description of the Shetland Islands, 4to; 

Edinburgh, 1823. 
34 Humboldt, A. de: Geognostical Essay on the Superposition 

of Rocks, tr. from the French, 8vo; London, 1823. 
J. 5 _^- ' Tableaux de la Nature, tr. de I'Alleniand, 

par J. B. B. Eyrifes, 2v. 12mo; Paris, 1808. 
J. 26 Isle, De Rom6 de F: L' Action du Feu Central demontrfee 

Nulle a la Surface du Globe, contre les Assertions de MM. 

le Comte de Bufibn, Bailly, de Mairan, &c. , 8vo; Pa- 
ris, 1781. — Lettre a Madame la Baronne de ***, sur la 

Chaleur du Globe, d6montr6e par MM. de Mairan et 

le Comte de Buffon, soutenue par M. Bailly; et encore 

existante, malgr^ les Assertions de M. D. R. D. L., par 

M. L. S. ****, 8vo; Amst 1780. 
J. 18 Izarn, Joseph: Lithologie Atmospherique, 8ro; Paris, 1803. 
J. 17 Eirwan, Richard: Estimate of the Ten^perature of different 

Latitudes, 8yo; London, 1787. 
J. 2 Lamarck, J. B. : Annuaire Met^orologique, pour Pan 8, 9, 

et 10 de la Rfepublique Frangaise, 12mo; Paris, 1800^'2. 
25 Lippi, C. : Fu il Fuoco, o PAcqua che Sotterrb Pompei ed 

Ercolano? 8vo; Paris, 1800. 
J. 21 Luc, J. A. de: Id6es sur la M6t6orologie, 2 v. 8v0; I^is, 

J. 27 Lettres Physiques et Morales sur PHistoire 

de la Terre et de PHomme, 5 v. 8vo; Paris, 1779. 
J. 28 Lettres sur quelques Parties de la Suisse, et 

sur le Climat d'Hiferes, vol. 1, l^^ partie, 8vb; La Haye, 

43 Macculloch, John: Description of 'the Western Islands of 

Scotland, &c., 2 v. 8vo; and Atlas, 4to; London, 1819. 
39 Macleay, E. : Description of the Spar Cave in the Isknd of 

Skye; to which is added, the Mermaid, a poem, Svo; Edin- 
burgh, 1811. 
J. 3 M6t6orologie des Cultivateurs, par le Citoyen D. C. 12mo; 

Paris, 1798. 
J. 49 Metfeorologie de Marseilles, 1779 to 1786, 4to; MS. 
J. 23 Ordinaire, C. N. : Histoire Naturelle des Vplcans, Svo; Paris, 

52 Parkinson, James: Organic Remains of a former World, 3 v. 

4to; London, 1804-ni. 
J. 8 Pluche, Abbfe Antoine Noel de: Histoire du Ciel, 2 v. 12mo; 

Paris, 1788. 
j^ 7 , a Spectacle de la Nature, 8 v. 

12mo; Paris, 1771. 
J. 1 Rohault, Jacques: Traite de Physique, 2 v. 16s; Paris, 1683- 
J. 36 Sauvagere, M. de la: Recueil de Dissertations, &c., 8vo; Paris, 



of the late Presddent Jeffbrsoit, when it was purchased by Coiif^fis in 1815. 

10 Shaw, Simeon: Nature Displayed in the Heavens, and on the 
Earth, 6 v. 12mo; London, 1823. 

J. 16 Tracts.— Description and Use of a New Portable Orrery, by 
William Jones, 8vo; Lond. 1787. — Catalogue of Optical, 
Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and 
sold by William and Samuel Jones, London.^— Eulogium 
on David Rittenhouse, by Dr. B. Ru8h,8vo;Phila. 1796. — 
Memoir concerning the faschiating faculty which has been 
ascribed to the Rattlesnake, &c., by B. S. Barton, 8vo; 
Phila. 1796.— Monthly Magazine, for Sept. 1796, 8vo; 
London, 1796. — Scientific and Descriptive Catalogue of 
Peale's Museum, by C. W. Peale and A. M, F. J. Beau- 
vois, Svo; Phila. 1796. — Inquiry into, and Observations 
upon the {"auses and Effects of, the Epidemic Disease 
which raged in Philadelphia, from the month of August 
till towards the middle of December, 1793; by Jean De- 
veze, Fr. and Eng., 8vo; Phila. 1794. — Brief Account of 
the Epidemical Fever in the City of New York, with the 
Names of the Persons who died of it, from July 29 to 
Noven^ber 1, 1795; by M. L. Davis, 8vo; N. York, 1795. 

J. 47 Tracts in Cosmology, by Pownal, Williams, Parmentier, 
Planazu, Ingenhousz, Barton, &c., 4to. 

J. 15 Tracts in Cosmology, Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, &c., by 
Peyroux, Churchman, Mitchill, Rouelle, McClurg, Bland, 
Rush, &c., p. 4to. 

J. 48 Tracts in Physics, viz: Delambre, Ginguene, Rampasse, De- 
lile, Conover, Humboldt, Pearson, Girardin, DePer, Lam- 
bert, Davy, Sinclair, and Galatin, 4to. 
60 Transactions of the Geological Society, 5 v. 4to; London, 

31 Ure, Andrew: New System of Geology, in which the Great 
Revolutions of the Earth and Animated Nature are re- 
conciled at once to Modern Science and Sacred History, 
8vo; London, 1829. 

J. 59 Whitehurst, John: Inquiry into the Original State and Form- 
ation of the Earth, 4to; Lond. 1786. 
37 Wild, Francois Sam. : Essai sur la Montagne Salifere du Gou- 
vernemente d'Aigle, situfe dans le Canton de Berne, 8voj 
Genfeve, 1788. 

J. 12 Williams, Jonathan: Thermometrical Navigation, 8vo; Phil. 

J. 57 Woodward, John: Essay sur THistoire Nuturelle de la Terre, 
tr. de I'Anglois, par M. Noguez; avec la Reponse aux Ob- 
servations de M. le Docteur Camerarius, concernant I'Es- 
say, &c., 4to; Paris, 1735. 


74 AGRICULTURE. iChapter7. 

NoTi....The Work* to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the library 

CHAPTER VII [Alcove N^ 3. 2 


J. 16 Abercrombie, John: Gardener'aPocketDictionary, 3v. 12mo; 
Lond. 1786. 

J. 94 Agricola, G. A. : Philosophical Treatise of Husbandry and 
Gardening, tr. from the German, with Remarks and an 
Appendix, by R. Bradley, 4to; Lond. 1726. 
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revue par M . Du Hamel du Monceau, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 

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John Sinclair, 1793. Plan of an Agreement among the 
Powers in Europe, and the United States of America, for 
the purppse of rewarding Discoveries of general benefit to 
Society, by Sir J. Sinclair, Eng and French, 1795.— 
Substance of Sir Johp Sinclair's Addresses to the Board,. 
20th of June, and 14th of July, 1795. — ^General Report 
upon the size of Farms, by Thomas Robertson, 1796. — ^Re- 
port on the subject of Manures, by Robert Somerville, with 
Appendix, 1795.— rAdditional Appendix, 1796. — Report 
on the Culture and use of Potatoes, 1795. 

J. 90 Board of Agriculture, London. — General View of the Agri- 
culture of the Northern Counties and Islands of Scotland, 
by Sir John Sinclair, 1795. — Genei^l View of the Agri- 
culture of the County of Clackmannan, &c., by J. F, Ers- 
kine, 1795. — General View of the Agriculture of the 
County of Kinross, by the Rev. David lire, 1797.— Ge- 
neral View of the Agriculture and Rural Economy of East 
Lothian, by George Buchan Hepburn, 1794. — General 
View of the Agriculture of the County of Stirling, by R. 
Belsches, 1796. — Tour through the Sheep Pastures in the 
Southern parts of Scotland, by John Naismyth, 1795* 


^Icwit 3.] AGRICULTURE. 75 

of the late President Jxpvirson^ when it was purchased by Conp^iaa in 1815. 

J. §0 Board of Agriculture^ London. — General Views of Agricul- 
ture, viz: In Berkshire, by William Pearce, 1794: — In 
the County of Essex, by C. Vancouver, 1795: — In the 
County of Huntingdon, by Thomas Stone, 1793: — In the 
County of Middlesex, by Thomas Baird, 1793: — In the 
County of Northampton, by James Donaldson, 1794: — ^In 
the County of Somerset, by John Billingsley, 1794: — In 
the County of Stafford, by W. Pitt, 1794:— In the North 
Riding of Yorkshire, by Mr. Tuke, jun. : — First Report 
from the Select Committeeon the Cultivation and Improve- 
ment of the Waste, Uninclosed, and Unproductive Lands 
of the Kingdom, December S3d, 1795. 

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• 1792. 

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76 AGRICULTURE. [Chapter 7- 

Note..., Til f Works to which the letter J. is prefixH, were in the Library 

J. 11 Duhamel, et Tillet: Histoire d'un Insecte qui Devorc les 

GraiDS de i'Angoumois, 12ino; Paris^ 1762. 
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Evelyn, by A. Hunter, 2 v. 4to; York, 1812. 
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fol.; London, 1664. 
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Hepburn. See Gardiner. 
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J. 63 __ Traitfe sur les B6tes4-Laine d'Espagne, 

8vo; Paris, 1799. 
J- 7 Lastri, Proposito: Corso di Agricoltura, 5 v. 12mo; Firenze, 
















Sleeve 3.] AGRICULTURE. 77 

of the late President Jepfbusoh, when it wiis purchased by C:on^t'M in 1815. 

Liebault, J. See Surflet 

Livingston, Robert K. : Essay on Sheep, 8vo; N. Y. 1809. 

Loudon, J. C. : Encyclopsedia of Agriculture, 8vo; Lon. 1826. 

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Paris, 1782. 
Mawe. — See Abercrombie* 

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Seine, 11 v. 8vo; PariSj 1801-'8. 
57 Memoirs of the Board of Agriculture of the State of New 

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par M. De Chazelles, avec Notes, &c., par M. Hollandre, 
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— — Gaidener's Calendar, 8vo; London, 1765. 

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Mills, John: Natural and Chemical Elements of Agriculture, 
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zia, 1783. 
60 Sampson, G. Vaughan: Statistical Survey of the County of 
Londonderry, 8vo; Dublin, 1802. 











TO AGRICULTURE. [Chapter 7. 

NoTB,...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, wore in the library 

J. 91 SerreSy Oliver de: Thfeatre d^ Agriculture, 2 v. 4to; Pans, 1804. 
49 Sinclair, John: Code of Agriculture; with Notes, 8vo; Hart- 
ford, 1818. 

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Dublin, 1791. 

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Stephens, G. See Surflet. 

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tr. from the French of Charles Stephens and John Lie- 
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town, 1813. 
75 Thacher, James: American Orchardist, 8vo; Boston, 1822, 

J. 14 Tracts. — Address and Rules of the South Carolina Society 
for promoting and improving Agriculture and other Ru- 
ral Concerns, 12mo; Charleston, 1785. — Dissertazione so- 
pra il quesito indicare le vere Teorie con le quali devono 
eseguirsi leStime deiTerreni, stabilite le quali abbiano i pra- 
tici stimatori delle vere Guide, che gli conducono a deter- 
minarne il valore;dalSig. AdamoFabbroni, 12mo;Firenze, 
1785. — M^thode facile de conserver a peu de frais les(j rains 
etles Farines, par M.Parmentier, 12mo; Londres, 1784. — 
L'Art de Faire le Vin, par M. Maupin, 12mo; Paris, 1779. 

J. 54 Tracts.— Essai sur les Moyens de Perfectionner les Arts 
Economiques en France, par A. F. Sylvestre, 8vo; Paris, 
1801. — M^moire sur PUtilitfe qu'on pent tirer des Marais 
dessech6s, en general, et particuli^rement de ceux du La- 
onois, par Crette Palluel, 8vo; Paris, 1802. — Instruction 
sur ^Amelioration des Chevaux en France, par J. B. 
Huzard, 8vo; Paris, 1802. 

J. 46 Tracts. — Husbandry Dependant on Live Stock, by J. B. 
Bordley, 8vo; Phil. 1800. — ^Transactions of the Society 
for Promoting Agriculture in Connecticut, 4to; New Ha- 
ven, 1802.— Nouveau Traitfe d'Economie Rurale, par 
Cointeraux, 8vo; Paris, 1803. — Papers on Agriculture, 
published by the Massachusetts Society for Promoting 
Agriculture, 8vo; Boston, 1803 and 1804. — Memoire sur 
P Amelioration des Races de BStes^ Laine dans le D6parte- 
ment de la Gironde, par M. Journu Auber, p. 4to; Bor- 
deaux, 1804. 

J. 44 Tracts. — Observations on the Agriculture of the United States 
of America, by W.^ Strickland,' 8 vo; Lond^ 1801. — Great 
Errorof American Agriculture exposed, by Thos. Moore, ' 
8vo; Baltimore, 1801.— "Bordley on Hemp, 8vo; Phila. 
1799.— On the necessity of promoting Agriculture, Manu« ^ 
factures, and the Useful Arts, by G.Logan,8vo; Phila. 1800. 


Mewed,] AGRICULTURE. 79 

— - ■ ■ '■ ' ■ ■ ■■ " .,.,■■ ... I ,^-.».,»-^^^— ^^— — — .1 ... 

of the late President JmrimBoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 45 Traetfl. — On the Culture of Lucerne, p. ISmo; Richmond. — 
Country Habitations, 8to. — ^Letter to Lord Somerville, 
late President of the Board of Agriculture, with a View 
to show the Inutility of the Plans and Researches of that 
Institution, by Thomas Stone, 8vo; London, 1800. — Trea- 
tise on Practical Farming, by John A. Binns, 8vo; Frede- 
ricktown, 1803.— L'Abondance, ou la Veritable Pierre 
Philosophale, by F. de la Jutais, 12mo; Phila. 1805. — Di- 
rections for the Transplantation, &c., of Youns Thorn or 
other Hedge Plants, by Thomas Main, 8vo; Washingtbn, 
1807. — Notice sur F Agriculture des Celtes et des Gaulois, 
8vo; Paris, 1806. — M6moire sur la Naturalisation des Ar- 
bres Forestiers de PAmerique Septentrionale, par F. A. 
Micbaux, 8vo; Paris, 1805. — Plan of the re-printed Re- 
ports of the Board of Agriculture, 8vo; London, 1806. — 
Coup-d'(Eil sur la Culture de quelques V6g6taux ei^o- 
tiques, dans les D6partemens Meridionaux de la France^ 
par Dr. L. Valentin, 8vo; Paris, 1807. — Rapport, et Mfe- 
dailles d'Encouragement donn6es par la Soci6t6 d' Agricul- 
ture du D6partement de la Seine, 1808, 8vo; Paris, 1808. — 
Address to the People of the United States, on the im- 
portance of encouraging Agriculture and Domestic Manu- 
factures, by G. W. P. Custis, 8vo; Alexandria, 1808. 

J, 43 Tracts. — Particulars of the Breeding Stock, late the property 
of Robert Fowler, of the County of Oxford, England, 8vo; 
Lond. 1791. — Sketches of Rotations of Crops, &c., by J. 
B. Bordley, 8vo; Phil. 1796.— Outlines of a Plan for Es^ 
tablishing a State Society of Agriculture in Penn8ylv«mia, 
8vo; Phila. 1794. — Manures most advantageously applied 
to the various sorts of Soils, by R. Eirwen, 8vo; Lond. 
1796. — Agricultural Experiments on Gypsum; and expe- 
riments to ascertain the best rotation of Crops, by G. Lo- 
gan, 8vo; Phil. 1797. 

J. 55 Tracts. — Rapport sur le Perfectionnement des Charrues, par 
Citoyen Frangois (de NeufchSteau,) 8vo; Paris, 1801. — 
Lettres du Lord Somerville, du Due de Bedford, de M. 
Arthur Young, au C. Frangois (de NeufchSteau) sur la 
Charrue, 8vo; Paris, 1803. — Mfedailles d^Encouragement 
donn6es par la Soei6t6 d 'Agriculture du Departement de la 
Seine, 1803, 8vo; Paris, 1803. 

J. 70 Trait6 sur la Culture de la Vigne, par Chaptal, Rozier, Par- 
mentier, et Dussieux, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1801. 
100 Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London, 5 v. 4to; 
Lond. 1812-^24. 

J. 89 Transactions of the Society, instituted in the State of New 
York, for the promotion of Agriculture, Arts, and Mianu- 
factures, 4to; part 1; New York, 1792. 

J. 8 Trinci, Cosimo: L'Agricoltore Sperimentato, 2 v. 12mo; Ve- 
nezia, lt96. 

80 CHEMISTRY. [Cfe^fer Si- 

..— ', .111,.,,. ■,,-,,■<, I -, ■!■?,:■'■■„'■£■, ■■ 'i ' I , ::,';■:' I '■'■■ '■■ ' ' ' r. ir" aaaaiss .i "■■ , ' sssssssss. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, wcr« in the Library 

J. 34 Tupputi, Dominique: Reflexions Succinctes sur l'6tat de 1' Ag- 
riculture, et de queiques autres parties de V Administration, 
dans le Royaume de Naples, 8vo; Paris, 1807. 
J. 36 Vettori, Piero: Trattato della Coltivazione degli Ulivi, $vo; 
Firenze, 1762. 
59 Walker, John: Economical History of the Hebrides and 

. Highlands of Scotland, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1812. 
20 White, James: Compendium of the Veterinary Art, 4 v. 
12mo; Lond. 1622. 
J. 23 Young, Arthur: Farmer's Guide, in Hiring and Stocking 

Farms, 2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1771. 
J. 22 ■ _ Rural Economy, 8vo; Lond. 1773. 

J. 24 — — . Travels in France, 1787-^89, 2 v. Svo; Dub- 

lin, 1793. 

CHAPTER VIII [Alcove N^ 3.] 


7 Accum, Frederick: Chemical Amusements; with additions, 
by Thomas Cooper, 12 mo; Phila. 1818. 
J. 23 Adet, Pierre-August: Logons Etementaires de Chimie, 8vo; 
Paris, 1804. 
26 Alcock, Thomas: Essay on the Use of Chlorurets of Oxide of 
Sodium and of Lime, as powerful Disinfecting Agents, 
8vo; Lond. 1827.* 
J. 30 Archer, James: Inaugural Essay on the Effects and Modus 
Operandi of the Carbonates of Lime, Magnesia, and Pot- 
ash, in the cure of general and local Diseases, 8vo; Phila. 
1804. — The Doctrine of Phlogiston established, and that 
of the Composition of Water refuted, by Joseph Priestley, 
8vo; Northumberland, 1803 
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London, 1821. 
38 ■ Third Dissertation on the Pro- 
gress of Chemical Philosophy, 8vo; Boston, 1818. 


JllcoveS.] CHEMISTRY. 81 

of the late President Jefvbrsov, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 32 Cazalety Jean-Andr6: Th6orie de la Nature, 8vo; Bordeaux, 

J. 22 Chaptaly J. A.: E16mens de Chimie, 3 v. 8vo; Pans, 1796. 
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Carlisle, 1812. 
14 Some Information concerning Gas Lights, Syo; 

Phila. 1816. 
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41 Explanatory Dictionary of the Apparatus and Instruments em- 

ployed in Philosophical and Experimental Chemistry, 8vo; 

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8vo; Paris, 1789. 
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J. 1 Student^s Chemical Pocket Companion, 

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Paris, 1789. 
39 Mackenzie, Colin: One Thousand Experiments in Chemistry, 

3 V. 8vo; London, 1821. 
J. 3 Macquer, Joseph: Dictionnaire de Chimie, 4 v. 12mo; Paris, 


82 SURGERlfi [Chapters. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed^ were in the Likra>y 

J. 8 Macquer, Joseph: Elements of the Theory and Practice of 

Chemistry ; trans, from the French, by Andrew Reid, 2 v. 

8yo; London, 1758. 
J. 13 Metherie, M. de la: Essay Analytique sur I'Air Pur, et les 

Diffirentes Espies d'Air, 8vo; Paris, 1785. 
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Lewis, 4to; London, 1759. 
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try, 8yo; Philadelphia, 1798. 
35 Thomson, Thomas: System of Chemistry; with Notes, by 

Thomas Cooper, 4 v. 8yo; Philadelphia, 1818. 
J. 2 Watson, Richard: Chemical Essays, 5 v. 12mo; London, 


CHAPTER IX [Alcove N^ 3.] 


4 Abemethy , John : Surgical Observations, 2 y. 8 vo ; Phila. 1 8 1 1 . 

5 _— . » ■■ Lectures on Ana omy. Surgery, and Pa- 

thology, 2 V. 8vo; Boston, 1828. 

6 Bell, Charles: Letters concerning the Diseases of the Urethra, 

8vo; Boston, 1811. 

7 — System of Operative Surgery, founded on the 

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2 V. in 1, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1795. 

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with Notes, &c., 8vo; New York, 1810, 
10 Boyer, J. B. N. : Lectures upon Diseases of the Bones, ar- 
ranged by Richerand; tr. from, the French, by M. Farrell; 
with Notes, &c, by J. Hartshome, 8vo; Phila. 1805. 


Alcove 3.] MEDICINE. 

of the Iftte President JsrTBBSoir, when it wa& purchaaed by Confp«M in 1815, 

( ' " 

1 1 Beyer, J. B. N. : Treatise on Surgical Diseases, tr. from, the 

French, by A. H. Stevens, with Notes by the TransIatQr> 
2 V. 8vo; New York, 1815-'16. 

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Head and Neck; with a Life of the Author, and additional 
Cases and Observations, by G. S. Pattison, 8vo;Balt. 1823. 

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and Additions, by J. S. Dorsey, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1810. 

J. 13 First Lines of the Practice of Surgery, 8vo; 

Phila. 1808. 

15 Desault, P. J. : Surjtical Works, by X. Bichat; tr. from the 

original, by E. D. Smith, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1814. 

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J. 16 Mauriceau, Fran9ois: Traits des Maladies des Femmes Gros- 
ses, 4to; Paris, 1681. 

J. 3 Waters, N. B. : S vstem of Sui^ery, extracted from the Worka 
of Benjamin Bell, of Edinburgh, 8vo; Phil. 1791. 

























CHAPTER X [Alcove N^ 3-] 


Adair^s Medical Cautions to Invalids, 8vo; Bath, 1787. 
Natural History of the Body and Mind, 8vo; Bath, 

Ainslie's Materia Indica, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1826. 
Aikin on the Cow Pox, 12mo; Lond. 1801. 
American Medical Journal, 3 v. 8vo; Phila. 1827 and 1838. 
Aphorisms of Sanctorius, by Quincey, 8vo; London, 1723, 
Aretasi Opera, cum Commentario Henischii, folio; 1603. 
Art of Beauty, 12mo; London, 1825. 
Astruc's Diseases of Children, 8vo; London, 1746. 
BarnwelPs Physical Investigations, 8vo; Phila. 1S02. 
Baynard on Cold Bathing, 8vo; London, 1709. 
Beddoe's Observations on Calculus, &c., 8vo; Phila. 1797. 
Bell's Treatise on the Lues Vencfv^a, 8vo; Albany, 1814. 
Berths de la Maladie (Fievre Jaune) d'Andalousie de 1800^ 

8vo; Paris, 1802. 

84 MEDICINE. lAlcove 3. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

Blancardi Lexico Medicum, 8vo; Lugd. Bat. 1717. 
Blancard's Physical Dictionary, 8vo; London, 1715. 
Boerhaave Institutio Medicinae, I2mo; Lugd. Bat. et Rotterd. 

Boerhaave Aphorismi, l2mo; Edinburgi, 1745. 
Bracken's Traveller's Pocket Companion, 12nio; Lond. 1744. 
Brooke's Introduction to Physic and Surgery, 8vo; Lon. 1763. 

Practice of Physic, 8vo; London, 1763. 

Brown's Elements of Medicine, ISmo; Fairhaven, 1797. 
Buchan's Domestic Medicine, 8vo; London, 1786. 

-Cadogan on the Gout, 8vo; London, 1771. 
Celsus de Re MedicS, p. 4to; Ludg. Bat. 1592. 
Certitude de la M^decine, et autres ecrits de Cabanis, 8vo; 

Paris, 1803. 
Chapman's Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences, 14 

V. 8vo; Phila. l820-'27. 

System of Materia Medica, 2 v. 8vo; N. York, 1821. 

Chrestien, sur la Methode Jatroliptrice, 8vo; Montp'r, 1804. 
Clark's Medical Notes on the Climate, &c., of Prance, Italy, 

and Switzerland, 8vo; London, 1820. 
Compendium of Physic and Surgery, 12mo; Lond. 1769. 
Coup d'CEil sur les Revolutions et sur la Reforme de la M^de- 

cine, par Carbanis, 8vo; Paris, 1804. 
Coxe's American Dispensatory, 8vo; Phila* 1818. 

Medical Dictionary, 8vo; Phila. 1817. 

Cullen's Lecture on the Gout, MS. 4to: delivered in 1770. 

Materia Medica, 2 v. 8vo; Edinb. 1789. 

Practice of Physic, 4 v. 8vo; Edinb. 1784. 

Cutbush on the Health of Soldiers and Sailors, 8vo; Phila. 


Darlin^on, William: Dissertation on the Mutual Influence 
of Habits and Disease, 8vo; Phila. 1804. (present.) 

Davidge's Nosologia Methodica, 8vo; Bait. 1813, (present.) 

Physical Sketches, 8vo; Baltimore, 1814. (present.) 

Darwin's Zoonomia, 3 v. 8vo; New York, 1796-'97. 

Dictionnaire des Drogues Simples, de Lemery, 4to; Amst 

Dovar's Physician's Legacy, 12mo; Lond. 1733. 

Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, vols. 27 to 32, 8vo; 
Edinb. 1827-'29. 

Elemens de Pharmacie, par Beaume, 8vo; Paris, 1784. 

Essay on the Treatment of the Gout, &c., 8vq; Lond. 1810. 

Evidence, at large, on Jenner's Discovery of Vaccine Inocu- 
lation, 4to; Lond. 1805. 

Ewell's Medical Companion, (1st edition,) 8vo; Phila. 1807. 

Facts on the Pestilential Fever of Philadelphia, by the Col- 
lege of Physicians, 8v0; Phila. 1798. 
J. 73 Falconer's Observations on Cadogan, 8vo^ Bath, 1772. 




















































Chapter 10.] MEDICINE. 86 

of the late f 'resident Jbvpkbsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 54 Family ConripaTiion for Health, 8yo; London, 175^9. 
J. 123 Fontana sur les Poisons, 4to; Florence, 17S1. 

18 Forsyth's New London Medical and Surgical Dictionary^ 
12mo; London, 1829. 
J. 90 Fothergill on the Suspension of Vital Action, 8yo; Bath, 

J. 2 Fuller's Pharmacopceia, 12mo; Lond. 1714. 
J. 115 Gibson's Farrier's Dispensatory, 8vo; London, 1726. 

98 Good's Study of Medicine, 5 v. 8vo; Boston, 1826. 

J. 131 Gorraei Definitiones Medics, Nicandri Theriaca et Alexi- 
pharmaca, Hippocrates de Genitura, Natura Pueri, Jusju- 
randum, de Arte Antiqua Medicina, et de Medico, folio; 
Paris, 1622. 

99 Gregory's Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Physic, 2 
V. 8vo; Philai 1826. 

Harvei Opera, 2 v. in l,p. 4to; Lugd. Bat. 1737. 
Healde's London Dispensatory, 8vo; Lond. 1788. 
Hippocratis Opera Omnia, (Gr. et Lat.) Vander Linden, 5 ▼. 

8vo; Lugd. Bat 1665. 
Hippocratis Opera, (Gr. et Lat) folio; (no title page.) 
Hunter on the Venereal Disease, 4to; London, 1786. 
Lettsom, John Coakley: Observations on the Cow Pock, 4to; 

London, 1801. 
Ligeron the Gout, 8vo; London, 1760. 
Maclurg on the Bile, 8yo; London, 1772. 
Macbril^e's Bxperimental Essays, 8vo; London, 1764. 
McLean on Quarantine Laws, 8yo; Lond. 1824. 
Magendie's Summary of Physiology, 8yo; Baltimore, 1822: 
Mandeville on Hysterics, 8vo; Lond. 1730. 
Mason's Pocket Companion for the Horse, 12mo; Petersburgh^ 

Mayo, John: Remarks on Insanity, 8vo; London, 1817. 
Meade's Medical Works, 8vo; Edinb. 1775. 
Mease's Dissertation on the Rabies, 8vo; Phila. 1792. 
Medical Observations, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1 768-' 62. 
Medical Repository, (new series,) vol. 2d, 8vo; New York, 

Mercurialis, p. 4to; Venetiis, 1598. 
Millar on the Change of Opinion in Religion, Politics, and 

Medicine, 2 v. 4to; London. 
New Dispensatory, 8vo; Phila. 1791. 
Onania, 8vo; London, 1730. 
Orfila on Poisons, 8vo; Phila. 1817. 
Paris's Treatise on Diet, 8vo; London, 1826. 
Parr's Medical Dictionary, 2 v. 4to; Phila. 1819. 
Peale (Charles W.) on the Means of Preserving Health, 8vo; 

Phila. 1803. 
J. 72 Pfeiffer's Inaugural Dissertation on the Gout, 8vo; Phila. 1791 . 



















V • 


J . 














86 MEDICINE. IJUeove 2. 

NoTi... .The Wrrks to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 3 Pharmacopoeia Londinensis, 12mo; Lond. 1711. 
J. 7 Pharmacopoeia Massachusetts, 12mo; Boston, 1808. 
J. 50 Pitcaim's Works, 8vo; Lond. 1715. 

61 Pringle on the Diseases of the Army, 8yo; London, 1768. 
14 Professionial Anecdotes, or Ana of Medical Literature, 3 v. 

12mo; London, 1825. 
J. 20 Quincey's Dispensatory, 8vo; London, 1749. 
J, 24 ■. Medicinal Dictionary, 8vo; London, 1749. 

46 Richerand's System of Physiology, 8vo; Phila. 1818. 
J. 10 Ricketson on the Means of Preserving Health, 12mo; New 

York, 1806. 
J. 129 Riverius's Practice of Physic, folio; London, 1663. 
J. 110 Rogers de Dysenteria, 8yo; Edinb. 1785. 
J. 87 Rush on Yellow Fever, 8vo; Phila. 1805. 
J. 89 Rush's Introductory Lectures, 8vo; Phila. 1811. 
J. 88 Medical Inquiries, 2d and 4th vols. 8yo; Philadelphia, 

J. 6 Salmon's Supplement to the Dispensatory, p. 8yo; London, 

J. 109 Shattuk's Dissertations, 8to; Boston, 1808. 
J. 30 Shaw's Practice of Physic, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1738. 
J. 64 Short's Discourses on Tea, 8yo; London, 1750. 
J. 126 — ^ History of the Mineral Waters of England, 2 v. in 1, 

4to; London, 1734, and Sheffield, 1740. 
J. 112 Stokes de Asphyxia, 8yo; Phila. 1793. 
J. 49 Strother's Causes and Cures, 8yo; London, 1718. 
J. 44 Sydenham's Works, 8yo; London, 1705. 
J. 118 Sydenhami Opera, 4to; (no title page.) 
J. 56 Tableau des Variet^s de la Vie Humaine, par Daignan, 2 v. 

8vo; Paris, 1786. 
J. 5 Tazewell's Vade-Mecuna Medicum, 12mo; Lutetiae Parisio- 

rum, 1798. 
J. 35 Tissot's Adyice, 8yo; London, 1768. 
J. 12 Works, (French,) 15 y. 12mo; Paris et Lausanne, 

J. 120 Tracts on the Cowpox,.4to; 1800-'3. 
J. 85 Tracts on the Yellow Fever, by Palloni^ Deveze, Hardie, 

Blane, Miller, &c., 8yo. 
J. 103 Tracts, viz: On Animal Magnetism and Syphilis, 8yo; Paris, 

J. 105 Tracts, viz: Rush's Introductory Lectures, Svo; Phila. 1801. 

— ^Rush on the Effects of Ardent Spirits upon the Mind 

and Body, 12mo; Phila. — Rush on the Laws of Vital Mat- 
ter, 8yo; Phila. 1804. — Griffiths on Ophthalmia, 8yo; Phila. 

1804. — Ffirth's Treatise on Malignant Fever, 8vo; Phila. 

1804. — Vaughan's History of the Autumnal Fever in Wil« 

mington, in 1802, 8vo; Wilmington, 1803. — Sir John Sin- 
( clairon Longevity, Eng. Fr. 8vo; Lond. & Paris, 1802« 

€^p*erll.] ANATOMY. 87 

of the late President Jstpskbov, when it was purchased by Con^^ess in 1815. 

J. 106 Tracts, viz: Proceedings ot the College of Physicians of Phi- 
ladelphia, &c., in relation to Contagious Diseases, 8to; 
Phila. 1798. — Rush's Lectures upon Animal Life, 8vo; 
Phila. 1799. — ^Mease on the Disease produced by the Bite 
of a Mad Dog, 8yo; Phila. 1801. — ^Barton on Materia 
Medica, 8vo; Phila. 1798. — Waterhouse on Kine-Pox, 
8vo; Boston, 1800. — ^First Report of the Vaccine Pock 
Institution, London, 1800. 
J. 107 Tracts in Medicine, by Coste, Lyons, Valentin, T. Ewell, 
La Forgue, Rush, Foronda, Delile, Brown, and Romayne. 

Trattati Fisica del Cocchi, p. 4to; Londra, 1762. 

Turner on Gleets, 8vo; London, 1729. 

Underwood on the Diseases of Children, 8yo; Phila. 1818. 

Valentin de la Fieyre Jaune, 8vo; Paris, 1803. 

Wainewrfght's Non-Naturals, 8vo; London, 1708. 

Warner on the Gout, 8yo; London, 1768. 

Waterhouse on the Eine Pox, 8vo; Cambridge, 1809. 

Williamson's Medical and Miscellaneous Observations rela- 
tive to the West India Islands, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1817. 

Wilson on Febrile Diseases, 2 v. 8vo; Hartford, 1809. 

Weodhouseon the Persimmon Tree, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1792. 
(2 copies.) 

*J. 48 Young, 'Joseph: Physiological Treatise, and a New System 
of Astronomy, 8vo; New York, 1800. 


















CHAPTER XI [Alcove N^ 3.] 


J. 5 Anatomia di Cocchi, p. 4to; Firenze, 1745. 

J. 11 Anatomy of the Human Body, by John and Charles Bell, 4 v. 

8vo; London, 1802-'4. 
J. 3 Ball's Analytical View of the Animal Economy, 12mo; New 

York, 1808. 

18 Bell, John: Engravings of the Bones, Muscles, and Joints, 

1st and 2d parts, 2 v. 4to; Philadelphia, 1816. 

19 Bell, Charles: Engravings, Explaining the Course of the 

Nerves, &c., 4to; Philadelphia, 1818. 
12 ' Engravings of the Arteries; 8vo; Phila. 1816. 

88 ZOOLOGY. lAkfyoe 4. 

NoTK. ...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

10 Bichat's Greneral Anatomy, 3 y. 8yo; Boston, 1823. 

8 . Pathological Anatomy, 8vo; Philadelphiaj 1827. 

J. 9 Blumenbach's Short System of Comparative Anatomy, by 

Lawrence, 8vo; London, 1807. 
J. 6 Cheselden's Anatomy, 8vo; London, 1763. 
J. 7 Cuvier, Legonsd' Anatomic Compar6e, 2 v. Svo; Paris, 1800. 
J. 14 Descartes, L'Homme et Le Monde, par De La Forge, 4to; 

Paris, 1677. 
J. 15 Hunter, John: Natural History of the Human Teeth, 4to; 

London, 1778. 
J. 4 Lassus, M. : Histoire des Decouvertes en Anatomic, 8vo; Paris, 

J. 1 Noguez, M. : L' Anatomic du Corps de I'Homme, 12mo; Paris, 
2 Ramsay's References of the Anatomical Paintings and Pre- 
parations, at the Anatomical Rooms, Edinburgh, 12mo; 
Edinburgh, 1799. 
17 Ramsay, Alejcander: Anatomy of the Heart, Cranium^ and 

Brain, with plates, 2 v. 4to; Edinburgh, 1813. 
13 Warren's Comparative View of the Sensorial and Nervous 
System^of Men and Animals, 8vo; Bost. 1822. (present.) 
J. 16 Winslow's Anatomy, trans, by Douglas, 4to; London, 1756. 

CHAPTER XII [Alcove N^ 4.] 



J . 21 Abrfegfe du Systeme de la Nature de Linnte, par Gilibert, 8vo; 

Paris, 1802. 
J. 59 Adams on the Microscope, 8vo; London, 1771. 

56 Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History of New York, 

2 V. 8vo; New York, 1824^*28. 
80 Audubon's Birds of America, 16 numbers, gr. folio; London, 
J. 58 Baker's Microscope, 8yo; London, 1744. 

J, 24 Natural History of the Polypus, 8vo; London, 1743. 

37 Bancroft, Edward: Essay on the Natural History of Guiana^ 
in S. America, 8vo; London, 1769. 

JUcave 4.] ZOOLOGY. S9 

of the late President JKrvsKsoir, when it wm purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 70 Barrington's Miscellaiues, 4to; London, 1781. 
J. 74 Barton's Fragments of the Natural History of Pennsylvaniai 
(pamphlet) folio; Philadelphia, 1799. 

15 Bevan on the Natural History, Physiology, and Management 

of the Honey Bee, 8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 28 Blumenbach: Manuel d'Histoire Naturelle, 2 y. 8vo; Metz, 

18 Bomare: Dictionnaire Raisonn6 Universel d'Histoire Natu- 
relle, 15 V. 8vo; Lyon, 1791. 
78 Bonaparte's American Ornithology, 3 v. 4to; Philadelphia, 

J. 32 Bonnet: CEuvres Physiques, 12 v. 8vo; Neuchatel, 1779-'81. 
J. 4 Buffon: Mineraux, 9V.; Paris, 1783-'88. ^ 

J. 5 Oiseaux, 18 v. ; Paris, 1770-'85 > 39 v. 12mo. 

J. 3 Supplement, 1 2 v. ; Paris, 1 774-'82. ) 

J. 6 — — — Continuation, 12 v. 12 mo; (wanting the 1st and 5th 

Des Oiseaux;) Paris, 1770-'77. 
J. 68. — — Oiseaux, avee des Planches enlumin6es, 10 v. 4to; (646 

plates,) Paris, 1770-'78. 
J. 2 — — et Daubenton, Histoire Naturelle, 31 v. 12mo; Paris, 

J. 8 Burkhard's Elements of the Philosophy of Nature, by Smith, 

12mo; New York, 1804. 
J. H. Catesby's Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Ba- 
hama Islands, 2 v. gr. folio; London, 1771. 
51 Gurtis's British Entomology, 6th v. 8vo; London, 1829. 
J. 29 Cuvier: Tableau Elementaire de PHistoire Naturelle des Ani- 

maux, 8vo; Paris, 1798. 

16 Dandolo on the Art of Rearing the Silkworm, 12mo; London, 

39 D'Azara: Essais sur l'Histoii*e Naturelle des QuadrupMes de 
la Province du Paraguay, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1801. 
J. 79 De Laet: Pisonis Medi/;ina Brasiliensis; et Marcgravii Histo- 
ria Naturalis Brasiliae, folio; Lugd. Bat. 1648. 
27 Desmarest: Considerations G6n6rales sur la Classe des Crusta* 

ces, 2 V. 8vo; Paris, 1825. 
49 Dumeril: Considerations Grenerales sur la Classe des Inaectes, 
2 V. 8vo; Paris, 1823. 
J. 69 Ellis's Zoophytes, 4to; London, 1786. 

61 Esperienze Intorno a Diverse Cose Natural! da Redi, 4to; 
Firenze, 1671. 
J. 33 Fisica Atiimale h Vegetabile di Spallanzani, 4 v. 8vo; MO' 
dena, 1776-'80. 
. 46 Fleming's Philosophy of Zoology, 2 v. 8voj Edinburgh, 
54 Godman's American Natural History, 3 v. 8voj Philadelphia, 

90 ZOOLOGY. IChapier 12. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prr fixed, were in the Library 

J. 36 Goldsmith's Animated Nature, 4 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1795. 
23 Harlan's Fauna Americana, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1895. 
48 Harris, T. M.: Natural History of the Bible, 8vo; Boston, 
J. 66 Histoire des Animaux d'Aristote, par Camus, (Gr. et Fr.) 2 

V. 4to; Paris, 1783. 
J. 67 Histoire Naturelle de Pline, (Lat et Fr.) 12 v. 4to; Paris, 
14 Huberts Natural History of Ants, 12mo; London, 1820. 

13 Natural History of Bees, 12mo; Edinburgh, 1821. 

76 Hughes' Natural History of Barbadoes, folio; London, 1750. 
J. 71 Insectorum Theatrum Wottoni, Gresneri, Pennii, et Moufeti, 
p. folio; London, 1634. 
12 Journal of a Naturalist, 8vo; London, 1829. 
J. 7 Lacepede, Compte de: Histoire Naturelle de Quadruples, 
Ovipares, et des Serpens, 4 v. 12mo; Paris, 1788-'90. 

J. 65 Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, 5 v. 4to; Paris, 

1798, 1803. 
26 Lamarck: Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertfebres, 7 v. 
8vo; Paris, 1815-'22. 

25 Syat^me des Animaux sans Vertfebres, 8vo; Paris, 

44 Lawrence's Lectures on Physiology, Zoology, and the Natu- 
ral History of Man, 8yo; London, 1822. 
J. 22 Linnaei Fauna Suecica, 8yo; Stockholmiae, 1761. 

J. 19 .„— Systema Naturae, et Mantissa prior, editio 12mo, 4 v. 

8vo;Holmiae, 1766-'6S. 

J. 20 Mantissa Altera, 8vo; HolmisB, 1771. 

57 Loudon's Magazine of Natural History, 2 v. 8vo; London, 

40 Nicholson: Essai sur I'Histoire Naturelle de Saint Domingue,. 
8vo; Paris, 1776. 
J. 63 Pennant's History of Quadrupeds, 2 v. 4to; London, 1793. 
17 Petit Dictionnaire Classique d'Histoire Naturelle, 2 v. 12mo^ 
Paris, 1827. 
J. 41 Palfyn: Trait6 des Monstres, p. 4to; Leide, 1708. 
J. 1 Philosophical Survey of the Animal Creation, 12mo; Lond. 

J. 10 Plinicus Secundus Dalechampii, 6 v. 8vo; Francofurti, 1608. 
J. 11 Plinii Historia Naturalis, not. var. 3 v. 8yo; Lugd. Bat. 
64 Richardson's Fauna Boreali-Americana, or the Zoology of 
the Northern Parts of British America, 4to; London, 
50 Samouelle'sEntomologist's Useful Compendium, 8yo ; London, 

53 Say's American Entomology, with a Glossary, 3 v. 8vo; Phila- 

Jllcove 4.] BOTANY. 91 

of the late President JsFniisoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

52 Say's American Entomology, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1817. 
47 Shaw's General Zoology, 20 v. 8vo; London, 180O-'l7 
45 Smellie's Philosophy of Natural History, 8vo; New Hamn- 
shire, 1808, ^ 

J. 43 Smith on the Variety in the Human Species, 8vo: Philadel- 
phia, 1787. 
55 Stewart's Elements of the Natural History of the Animal 
Kingdom, 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1817. 

J. 34 Tracts.— Discours de Zoologie, par Lacepede, 8vo- Paris, 
1801.— Guide to the Philadelphia Museum, 8vo.— Pealed 
Account and Description of the Skeleton of the Mam- 
moth, (2 pamphlets,) 8vo; London, 1802-'3. 

J. 62 Tracts.— Lettres d'un Solitaire sur la Version de M. Camus 
de I'Histoire dcs Animaux d'Aristote, 4to; Paris, 1784 
— Lettera Apologetica di Spallanzani in risposta al S 
Hunter, sulla Digestione; Milano, 1788. 

J. 72 Tyson's Ourang Outang, p. folio; London, 1699. 

J. 9 Uncertainty of the Signs of Death, by Bruhier, 13mo; Lond. 

J. 38 Vipere e Ajiguillette di Fontana, 8vo; Lucca, 1767. 

J. 42 Virey : Histoire Naturelle du Genre Humain, 2 v. 8voj Paris 

J. 60 Walcknaer: Tableau des Aran6ides, 8vo; Paris, 1805. 

73 White on the Gradation in Man, 4to; London, 1799. 
J. 75 Willoughby's Ornithology, folio; London, 1678. 
J. 77 Wilson^s American Ornithology, 9 v. folio; Philadelohia, 
1808-'14. *^ ' 

J. 35 Zimmerman: Zoologie Geographique, 8vo; Cassel, 1784. 

CHAPTER XIII [Alcove N^ 4.] 



J. 42 Barton's Elements of Botany, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1803. 

53 — Medical Boteny, 2 v. 4to; Philadelphia, 1817-'18. 

54 Prodromus Florae Philadelphicae, 4to; Philadelphia, 


29 Bigelow's Florula Bostoniensis, (2d ed.) 8vo; Boston, 1824. 

55 Medical Botany, 2 v. 4to; Boston, 1817. 

92 NATURAL HISTORY. [Chapter 13- 

NoTx....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 2 Boerhaave, H. : Historia Plantarunii 12mo; London, 1731. 
9 BoUnical Cabinet, vols. 13, 14, and 15, 12mo: Lond. 1827, 
J. 25 Bradley's Botanical Dictionary, 2 v. 8yo; London, 1728. 
J. 46 Catalo|i;ue of the Botanic Garden at Liverpool, 8vo; Liverpool, 
19 Classes and Orders of the Linnaean System of Botany, 3 y. 
8vo; London, 1816. 
J. 56 Clayton's Flora Virginica, 4to; Lugd. Bat 1762. 
7 Conversations on Botany, 12mo; London, 1820. 
J. 39 Crowninshield's Hortus Siccus,. 8vo, MS.; 1807. 

49 Curtis's Botanical Magazine, 56 v. 8vo; London, 1793 to 1829. 

38 '■ — Observations on British Grasses, 8vo; London, 18^4. 

45 Darlington's Florula Cestrica, 8vo; West Chester, 1826* 


J. 30 Darwin's Botanic Garden, Svo; New York, 1798. 

J. 59 Dioscoride, traduzione k discorsi di Matthioli, folio; Ven. 

J. 3 Dioscorides, (6r. et Lat) p. 8vo; Paris, 1549. 

6 Donn's Catalogue of Plants, improved by Pursh and Lindley, 
12mo; London, 1826. 
J. 26 Dumont-Courset: Le Botaniste-Cultivateur, 4 v. 8vo; Paris, 
5 Eaton, Amos: Manual of Botany, for the Northern and Mid- 
dle States, 12mo; Albany, 1818. 
40 Elliott's Sketch of the Botany of South Carolina and Geor- 
gia, 1st V. and part 1 of 2d v. 8vo; Charleston, 1821. 
57 Hernandez, Fr.: De Historia Plantarum Novse Hispanise, 3 

V. 4to; Matriti, 1790. 
36 Jacquin, N. J. : Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum Historia, 
8vo; Manhemii, 1788. 
J. 11 Linnaei Critica Botanica, 8vo; Lugd. Bat 1737. 

J. 12 Flora Lapponica, 8vo; Amst 1737. 

J. 13 ■■' Fundamenta Botanica, edente Gilibert,. 3 y. 8vof. 

Coloniae-AUobrogum, 1786-'7. 

J. 14 Genera Plantarum, (6th ed.) Svo; Holmiae, 1764. 

J. 15 ■ Philosophia Botanica, 8Vo; Viennae AustriBB, 1763. 

J. 16 Species Plantarum, 2 v. Svo; Holmiae, 1762. 

J. 20 Linnaeus on the Sexes of Plants, and Study of Nature, by 
Smith, Svo; London, 1786. 
18 Linnaeus's System of Nature, by Turton, 6 v. 8vo; London, 

J. 17 System of Vegetables, Svo; Litchfield, 1782. 

J. 43 Marshall's American Grove, Svo; Phihu 1785. 

21 Martyn's Illustrations of the Linnaean System of Vegetables,- 

8yo; London, 1817. 
10 Maund's Botanic Garden, 2 v. p. 4to; London, lS26-'28. 

JUcave 4.] BOTANY. 93 

of the late President Jiffbrmv, when it was purchaticd by Congress in 1815. 

J. 33 MichauXy F. A.: Flora Boreali-Americana, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 

J. 51 ■ ■ Histoire dea Arbres Foresti^res de I'Ame- 

rique Septentrionale, 4to; Paris, 1811. 

J. ,64 — — Lcs Chines d'Amerique, folio; Paris, 1801. 

50 North American Sylva, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 

J 41 Muhlenberg, H. : Catalogus Plantarum Americse Septentriona- 
lis, 8vo; Lancaster, 1813. 

37 Descriptio Uberior Graminum et Plantarum 

Calamariarum Americse Septentrionalis, 8to; Phila. 1817. 
J. 23 Noqtenclator Botanicus, (Lat. Gal. Ang. Grerm. Suec. et Dan.) 
8yo; Copenhagen, 1769. 
4 Nuttairs Genera of North American Plants, 12mo; Phila. 
Parkinson's Herbal, folio; Lond. 1640. 
Persoon, C. H.: Synopsis Plantarum, 2 y. 12mo; Paris, 

Phillips' Sylva Florifera, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1823. 
Plumier, R. P. Charles: Description des Plantes de FAme- 

rique, folio; Paris, 1713. 
Pursh's Flora Americas Septentrionalis, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1816. 
Rafinesque's Medical Flora, or Manual of the Medical Botany 

of North America, 1st v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1828, 
Roscoe's Address on opening the. Botanic Garden of Liver- 
pool, 8vo; Liverpool, 1802. 
Rousseau's Botany, by T. Marty n, 8vo; London, 1785. 
Shecut's Flora Carollnaeensis, 8vo; Charleston, 180^. 
Sloane's Voyage to Madeira, Barbadoes, and Jamaica, 2 v. 

folio; London, 1707 and 1725. 
Stackhouse, J.: Nereis Britannica, 4to; Oxonii, 1816. 
St Germain, J. J. de: Manuel des V6g6taux, (Lat. et Fr.) 

8vo; Paris, 1784. 
Sweet's Flora Australasica^ 8vo; London, 1827-'28. 
Theophrasti Erisii Historia Plantarum, (Gr. etLat.) Gazae, 
Commentariis Bodaei i Stapel, Jul. Caes. Scaligeri et Con- 
stantini, folio; Amst 1644. 
J. 52 Tournefort, J. P.: Institutiones Rei Herbaria^, 2 v. 4to; 

Paris, 1719. 
J. 44 Tracts.— Marshall's (Humphrey) Arbustrum Americanum, 
8vo; Phila. 1785. — ^Explication du Syst^me Botanique du 
Chevalier Von Linn6, par M. Gouan, 8vo; Montpellier, 
i 787. — Catalogue of Plants ai^d Seeds, sold by Kennedy and 
Lee, at the Vineyard, Hammersmith, 8vo; Lond. 1784. 
J. 35 Walter, Thomas: Flora Caroliniana, 8vo; Londini, 1788. 
J. 31 Waterhouse's Botanist, 8vo; Boston, 1811. 

27 Willdenow's Principles of Botany, and of Vegetable Physiolo- 
gy, 8vo; Edinborgh, 18X1. 
























Note.... The Works to wMcb the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

CHAPTER XIV [Alcove N° 4.] 



22 Blainville, H. M. Ducrotay de: Manuel de Malacologie et 
de Conchy liologie, with plates, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1825-'27. 

14 Brooke's Familiar Introduction to Crystallography, 8vo; Lon- 

don, 1823. 

4 Burrow's Elements of Conchology, 12mo; London, 1818. 

17 Cleaveland's Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy and Geolo- 
gy, 8vo; Boston, 1822. 

12 Comstock's Elements of Mineralogy, 8vo; Boston, 1827. 

J. 7 Cronstedt's Mineralogy, by Magellan, 2 v. 8vo; London, 

J. 18 Da Costa's Elements of Conchology, 8vo; London, 1776. 
21 Dillwyn's Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Shells, 2 v. 8vo; 

London, 1817. 
J. 8 Haiiy: Trait6 de Minferalogie, 5 v. 8vo; Paris, 1801. 

10 Jameson's System of Mineralogy, 3 v. 8vo; Edinb. 1820. 
9 Kirwan's Mineralogy, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1810. 

5 Lowry's Conversations on Mineralogy, 2 v. 12mo; London, 


13 Mawe on Diamonds, 8vo; London, 181 5. 

19 Mawe's Linnaean System of Conchology, 8vo; London, 1823. 

20 Montfort, Denys de: Conchyliologie Syst6matique, et Classi- 

fication Methodique des Coquilles, 2 v. 8,vo; Paris, 1808. 

6 Phillips' Elementary Introduction to Mineralogy, 8vo; New 

York, 1818. 

11 Robinson's Catalogue of American Minerals, 8vo; Boston, 


15 Schoolcraft's View of the Lead Mines of Missouri, 8vo; New 

York, 1819. 

16 Sowerby's Mineralogy of Great Britain, 5 v. 8vo; London, 

J. 1 Struve, H.; Recueil sur les Salines, 12mo; Genfeve, 1803. 

2 Turton's Conchological Dictionary, 12mo; London, 1819. 

3 Wodarch's Introductipn to the Study of Conchology, 12moj 

London, 1820. 

w91cM«4.] TECHNICAL ARTS. 95 

of the late President JimmsoK, when it wm purchased by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XV [Ai-coTE N^ 4.] 



J. 43 J&RosTATiov. — Cavallo's History of .^rostation, 8yo; Lon- 
don, 1785. 

45 Akts, &c. -^American Journal of Improvements in the Use- 

ful Arts, 1st vol. 8vo; Washington, 1828. 

46 Beckman's History of Inventions and Discove- 

ries, 4 V. 8vo; London, 1814. 
J. 8 Bibliotheque Physico-Economique, 14 v. Idmo; 

Paris, 1784-'90. 
168 Bigelow's Elements of Technology, 8vo; Bos- 

ton, 1829. 
9 Book of Trades, and Library of the Useful Arts, 

12mo; London, 1824 

47 Emporium of Arts and Sciences, 4 v. 8vo; Phil. 

45a Gill's Technological Repository, v. 4 and 5, 8vo; 

London, 1829. 

48 Handmaid of the Arts» 2 v. 8vo; London, 1764, 

(2 copies.) 
J. 49 Journal Polytype, pour l'ann6e 1786, 9 v. 8vo; 


50 Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, 61 v. 8vo; 

Lond. 1794 to 1824. 

51 Transactions of the Society of Arts, 19 v. 8vo; 

London, 1783 — 1801. 

52 Pamphlets. — ^Promotion des Sciences Utiles et 

de I'Industrie, &c., par C. Lippi, 8vo; Paris, 

J. 44 Tracts on Education, Painting, Ship Building, 

&c., by S. H. Smith, C. Jones, Denon, Si- 
mons, Akerman, Latrobe, Fothergill, Guest, 
&c., 1794—1801. 

J 53 Book-keeping. — Gordon's Counting House, 8vo; Edinb. 


J. 54 Hayes' Modern Book-keeping, 8vo; Lond. 

J. 55 Bhewing.— Combrune's Theory and Practice of Brewings 
8vo; London, 1804. 

96 TECHNICAL ARTS. [Chapter 16. 

Note.... The Worka to which the letter J. is pn fixed, were in the Library 

56 BRBWiNO.-^oppinger's American Practical Brewer and 
Tanner, 8vo; New York, 1815. 

J. 57 London and Country^ Brewer, 8vo; Lond. 1750. 

J. 58 Richardson's Philosophical Principles of Brew- 

ing, 8vo; London, 1788. 

170 Shannon's Practical Treatise on Brewing, Dis- 

tilling, &c., 4to; London, 1805. 
59 Wigney's Treatise on Madting and Brewing, 

8vo; Lond. 1823. 
J. 60 Building. — Architecture Rurale de Cointeraux, 8vo; Paris, 
61 Buchanan on Mill Work, &c., with Notes by T. 

"Tredgold,2 v. 8vo; London, 1823. 
J. 10 Builder's Price Book, 8vo; London, 1788. 

J. 62 Evans' Millwright and Miller's Guide,8yo; Phil. 

11 Genettesur les Chemin^es, 12mo; Liege, 1760. 

J. 63 Johnson's Rural Economy, 8yo; New Bruns- 

wick, 1806. 
J. 64 La Faye sur la Chaux des Romains, Svo; Piuis, 

J. 65 Rumford's Essays, 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 1798-'99. 

66 Smeaton on Mills, and other Machines, requir- 

ing Circular Motion, 8vo; London, 1813. 
J. 67 Theatrum Machinaruna Universale, Svo; and 

I V. gr. folio, marked J. 

171 Trait6 de la Construction des Ponts, par M. 

Gauthey, 3 v. 4to; Paris, 1809-'16. 

68 Tredgold on the Strength of Cast Iron, &c., 8vo; 

London, 1824. 

172 Canals. — Chapman on the Manchester and Dee Ship Canal, 

4to; London, 1825. 
' 169 Colden's Memoir of the Celebration of the Com- 

pletion of the New York Canals, 4to ; New York, 

173 Description du Canal de Jonction delaMeuseau 

Rhin, par Hageau, 4to; Paris, 1819. , 
I. Plates to do. gr. folio. 

69 Gilpin's Memoirs of the Chesapeake and Delaware 

Canal, Svo; Wilmington, 1821. 

174 Histoire du Canal du Midi, ou Canal de Languedoc, 

par Andreossy, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 1804. 
72 Laws of the State of New York, in relation to the 

Erie and Champlain Canals, 2 v. Svo; Albany, 

1825. (5 copies.) 
71 Phillips' History of Inland Navigation, Svo; Lond. 

1803. (2 copies.) 

^ic(w«4,] TECHNICAL ARTS. 97 

of the ]ate President Jsffbbsof, when it was purchased hy Congress in 1815. 

70 Canals. — Reports on Canals from Boston Harbor to Connec- 
ticut and Hudson Rivers, 8vo; Boston, 1826. 
10 copies, (present. J 
200 Strickland's Reports on Canals, Railways, Roads, 

&c., folio; (15 copies.) 
73 Stutcliffe's Treatise on Canals, 8vo; Rochdale, 

J. 74 Tracts, viz: Gallatin's Report on Canals, and Es- 

says by Smith, Colles, and Tatliam, 8vo. 
75 Watson's History of the Western Canals, &c., 8vo; 

Albany, 1820. (present.) 
J. 12 Cider and Perry. — Knight on the Apple and Pear, Cider 

and Perry, 12mo; Ludlow, 1802. 
199 Civil Enoineeriko. — Reports of John Smeaton, made in 

the course of his employment as a 
Civil Engineer, 4 v. 4to; London, 
J. 13 Cookery. — Apicius Ccelius de Opsoniis et Condimentis, sive 

arte Coquinaria, 12mo; Amstel. 1709. 
J. 14 Avisau Peuple sur leur Premier Besoin, (lePain,) 

parl'Abbfe Baudeau, l^mo; Amst. 1774. 
J. 15 Avis sur la Maniere de Faire le Pain, par Par- 

men tier, 12 mo; Londres, 1782-'4. 
J. 16 Dictionnaire Domestique, 3 v. 12mo; Paris, 1762. 

J. 17 Bale's Cookery, 12mo; Lond. 1742. 

J. 76 Le Parfait Boulanger, par Parmentier, 8vo; Pa- 

ris, 1778. 
J. 18 Parmentier sur les Pommes de Terre, 12mo; 

Paris, 1781. 
J. 77 Resultats de la Fabrication des Sirops et des Con- 

serves de Raisins, par Parmentier, 8vo; Paris, 
78 Distilling. — HalPs Distiller, 8vo; Phila. 1818- 
J. 79 Krafil's American Distiller, 8vo; Phila. 1804. 

80 McHarry's Practical Distiller, Svo; Harris- 

burgh, 1809. 

81 Dying. — Bancroft's Experimental Researches concerning 

the Philosophy of Permanent Colors, 2 v. 8vo; 
Phila. 1814. 
J. 82 Bertholet, Elevens de PArt de la Teinture, 2 v. 

8yoj Paris, 1791. 

83 Bertholet's Elements of theArt of Dying and Bleach- 

ing, 2 V. 8yo; London, 1824. 

84 Cooper on Dying and Calico Printing, 8vo; Phila, 

J. 19 Education. — Chesterfield^s Letters, 4 v. 12mo; London. 
S5 Elementary Exercises for the Deaf and Dumb, 

8vo; New York, 1821. (2 copies.) 










98 TECHNICAL ARTS. IChapter 15. 

No'n....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 175 Education — ^Essai G^nferal d'Education, par JuUien, 4to; 

Paris, 1808. 
J. 86 Eudoxe, Entretiens sur PEtude, par Deleuze^ 

2 v. Svo; Paris, 1810. 
J. 20 Fisher's Young Man's Companion, 12mo; 

Phila. 1748. 
J. 87 Green, on the Speech of the Deaf and Dumb, 

8yo; London, 1783. 
21 Grey's Memoria Technica, 12mo; 1790-'96. 

(2 copies.) 
88 Guillie's Essay on the Instruction of the Blind, 

(French,) 8vo; Paris, 1817. 

176 _— ^ Historical Notice of the Instruction of 
the Blind, 4ta; Paris, 1819. 

Gymnastic Exercises, 8vo; London, 1823. 
Jahn's Treatise on Gymnastics, 8vo; Massa- 
chusetts, 1828. 
Knox on Education, 8vo; Baltimore, 1799. 
Journal of Education, 5 V. 8vo;Bost. 1826-'30. 
La Civilite Puerile, 12mo; Troyes, 1714. 
'Lancaster's Improvements in Education, 8vo; 
London, 1805. 

92a Laws and Constitution of Harvard College, 

with Inaugural Addresses of Professors Gor- 

ham and Bigelow, 8vo; Boston, 1816-'17. 

J. 23 Locke on Education, 12mo; London, 1693. 

J. 24 Maniere d'Instruire les Sourds et Muets, par de 

I'Espine, 12mo; Paris, 1784. 
J. 94 Memoire sur I'Academie de Richmond, par 

Quesnay, 8vo; Paris, 1788. 
J. 95 Methode Elementaire de Pestalozzi, par Cha- 

vannes, 8vo; Paris, 1805. 
96 Modern Preceptor, by John Dougall, 2 v. 

Svo; London, 1810. 
25 Monitorial Instruction, by J. Griscom, 12mo; 

New York, 1825. (present. J 
J. 26 NeePs Plan of Education, 12mo; Phila. 1808. 

27 Watterston's Course of Study, 12mo; Wash- 

ington, 1823. 
J. 97 Tracts on Education, by Quesnay and Turlin; 

and on ^rostation, by Baron Scott, 8vo; 
Paris, 1788-'89. 

177 ENaaAviNG. — Ottley on the Origin and History of Engrav- 

ing, 2v. 4to; London, 1816. 
J. 178 Perkins' Bank Bill Test, (pamphlet) folio; 

Newbury port, 1809. 
J. 28 ExPERiMi:NTs.—-L'Art des Experiences, par l'Abb6 Nollet, 

3v. 12mo; Paris, 1784. 


of tbe late President jBfFBBSoN, when it wbb purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 29 FENCiNa. — Blackwell's Art of Defence, 12mo; Williams- 
burgh, 1734. 
98 Fishing. — Complete Angler, by Isaac Walton, 8vo; London, 
J. 30 Gambs. — Hoyle's Games, 12mo; London, 1747. 
J. 99 Lambe's History of Chess; and Philidore, Analyse 

des Eehecs, Svo; London, 1764. 
J. 6 Le Jeu des Eehecs, de Giochimo Greco, 16s^ Pa- 

ris, 1714. 
J. 7 Traits des Eehecs du Gaffe de Foy, 12mo; Paris, 

100 Gas Lighting. — Peckston on Gas Lighting, 8to; London, 

J, 101 Gunpowder. — Fabrication de la Poudre 4 Canon, par Cos- 
si gny, 8vo; Paris, 1807. 
102 Supplement sur la Fabrication de la Poudre ^ 

Canon, parCossigny, 8vo; Paris, 1808. 
J, 179 Hawking.— Rei Accipitrariae scriptores et de cura Canum, 
Demetrius, Symmachus, Theodotion, Thua- 
nus, et Fracastorius, Gr. Lat. Catalan, p. 4to; 
Lutetian, 1612. 
J. 201 Instruments. — Komarzewski's Theodolite, fol. ; Paris, 1803, 
J, 104 Tracts and Inventors. — Dorsey, Lippi, Poly- 

mathiq^ue. Bridge, Guest, Cutting, Mont- 
golfier's Belier Hydraulique, Boaz's Tele- 
graph, Useful Cabinet, Dynamometer, &c. , 
J. 197 Tracts, by M. Robert, J. Bird, Whitehurst, 

and Maupin, 4to. 
J. 105 LegeIkdemain. — Amusements Physiques de Pinetti, 8vo; 

Paris, 1785. 

106 Navigation. — Art of Rigging, 8vo; London, 1796. 

107 Connected View of the Internal Navigation 

of the United States, 8vo; Phila. 1826. 

108 Dupin^s Commercial Power of Great Britain, 

2 V. 8vo; London, 1825. 

181 Force Commerciale de la Grande Bre- 

tagne, 2 v. 4to, and plates, fol. ; Paris, 1824.^ 

180 — — Force Navale de la Grande Bretagne, 

2 V. 4to; Paris, 1821. 

182 Falconer^s Marine Dictionary, 4to; London, 


183 Ross's Treatise on Navigation by Steam, 4toj 

London, 1828. 

J. 109 Tracts, viz : Naval Architecture, Canals, Steam 

Boats, &c., by Rumsey, Barnes, D^Arnal, 
Payrdux, &c. 

J. 110 Tracts on Wet Docks, Quays, and Ware- 

houses for London, 8vo5 London, 1793. 

100 TECHNICAL ARTS. [Chapter 16. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 184 Navigation,— Vocabulaire de Marine, par Lescallier, 3 v. 

4to; Paris, 1798. 

185 Young Sea OflScer's Sheet Anchor, 4to; Phil. 


186 PBiNTma. — Ames' Typographical Antiquities, 2 v. 4to; Lon- 

don, 1810— '12. 
Ill Bruce's Specimens of Printing Types, 8vo; New- 

York, 1828. (present.) 
J. 114 Caslon's Specimens of Printing Types, 4to; Lon- 

don, 1764. 
J. 112 Histoire de la Stereotypic, par Camus, 8vo; Pa- 

ris, 1802. 
31 History of Printing and Engraving, 12mo; Lon- 

don, 1797. 
113 Thomas's History of Printing in America, 2 v. 

8vo; Worcester, 1810. 

115 Rail RoABS. — Cumming on Rail and Tram Roads, 8vo; 

Denbigh, 1824. 2 copies. 

116 Earle's Treatise on Rail Roads, &c., 8vo; 

Philadelphia, 1830. 

117 Grey's General Iron Railway, 8vo; London, 

1825. 2 copies. 

187 Overton's Faults or Dykes of S. Wales, 4to; 

London, 1825. 

119 Palmer on Railways, 8vo; London, 1824. 

120 Pamphlets on Railways, 8vo; Bait. 1827- 

33 Railways Compared with Canals and Common 

Roads, l2mo; Edinburgh, 1825. (2 copies.) 

121 Silvester on Rail Roads, 8vo; London, 1825. 

(2 copies*) 
200 Strickland's Reports on Railways, &c., folio. 

122 Tredgpld's Practical Treatise on Rail Roads 

and Cairiages, 8vo; London, 1825. 

123 .Wood's Practical Treatise on Rail Roads, 

Svo; London, 1825. 

124 Roads, &c. — M' Adam's Reniarks on Road Making, Svo; 

London, 1824. 

125 Pamphlets, viz: Cummings' Description of Iron 

Bridges; Tredgoldon Steam Navigation, atid 
Rules for Repairing Roads, 8vo. 

126 Proceedings of the Board of Public Works of 

Virginia, from 1816 to 1830, 6 v. 8vo; Rich- 
mond, 18 1 9-' 30. 
QQQ Strickland's Reports on Roads, &c., folio. 

J 127 Reabino. — Cadmus, or the Elements of Written Language, 
by Thornton, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1793. 
128 Reading. — Rice's Art of Reading, 8vo; London, 1765 
J 129 Salt.— FenneU'9 Plan of Salt Works, Svo; Phila. 179^ 

Alcove 4.] TECHNICAL ARTS. 161 

of the late President Jeffbhsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

198 Smelting.— Hassenfratz: Art de Trailer les Minerals de Fer, 
pour en obtenir de la Fonte, du Fer, ou de 
I'Acier, 4 v. 4to; Paris, 1812. 
J. 42 Spinning, Weaving. — Treatise of Husbandry, Spinning, 

Weaving, &c. , 12mo ; Edinb . 1 724. 
167 Treatise on Weaving, by J. Murphy, 

8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 3 Truths on Manufactures, 16s; Lon- 

don, 1807. 
103 Sporting. — American Turf Register, vol. 1, 8vo; Baltimore, 

lQ3a Scott's British Field Sports, 8vo; London, 1817. 

131 Steam-Engine. — Galloway's History of the Steam-Engine, 

8vo; London, 1826. 

33 Lardner's Popular Lectures on the Steam- 

Engine, 12mo; London, 1828. 

34 r^ Popular Lectures on the Steam- 
Engine, with Additions by Professor 
Renwick, 12ino; New York, 1828. 

132 Parkington on the Steam-Engine, 8vo; 

London, 1822. 

1 33 Stewart's Descriptive History of the Steam- 

Engine, 8vo; London, 1824. 

J. 134 Tracts. — Rumsey and Fitch on the Steam- 


J. 130 SuGAK, Potash.— Tracts, viz: Art of Manufacturing Alka- 
line Salts and Potashes, tr. from the 
French, by C. Williams. — Address to 
the Manufacturers of Pot and Pearl 
Ash, by Samuel Hopkins. — On the Ma- 
nufacture of Maple Sugar. 

J. 5 Tactics.— Adye's Bombardier and Pocket Gunner, 16s; 
Boston, 1804. 

J. 135 Army and Navy of Great Britain, 8vo; Lon- 

don, 1744. 

J. 136 ' Bland's Military Discipline, 8vo; Lond. 1753. 

J. 137 Clarke's Vegecius, 8vo; London, 1767. 

138 Clerk's Naval Tactics, 8 vo; London, 1827. 

35 Cooper's Military Cabinet, 3 v. 12mo; London, 

J. 139 Delacroix's Military and Political Hints, 8vo; 

Boston, 1808. 
J. 188 De Rohan: Abrfege des Guerres de Gaule, 4to; 

Paris, 1638. 
J. 140 Digges' Stratioticos, 8vo; London, 1590. 

138 a Douglas, (Sir Howard,) on Naval Gunnery, 

8vo; London, 1829. 
J. 141 Duane's American Military Library, 8vo; Phi* 


i02 TECHNICAL ARTS- IChapter 16. 

NoTB....Tbe Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Lihrary 

J. 142 Tactics. — Duane^s Handbook for Infantry, 8vo; Phila. 

143 Military Dictionary, 8vo; Phila. 1810. 

144 Dupin's View of the Military Force of Great 

Britain, 2 y. 8vo; London, 1822. 

145 Essai Historique et Militaire sur PArt de la 

Guerre, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1789. 
J. 36 Feuquiere: Memoires de, l'«» S"®* 4™* vols. 

l2mo; Paris, 1740. 
J. 37 Mfemoires Historiques et Militaires, 

2 V. 12mo; Amst. 1735. 
J. 146 Fisher's Military Tactics, 8vo; N. York, 1805. 

J. 195 Fulton's Torpedo War, 4to; New-York, 1810, 

(pamphlet. ) 
J. 189 Guignard: L'Ecole de Mars, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 

J. 190 Histoire de la Milice Fran^oise, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 

J. 147 Kosciusko's Manoeuvres of Horse Artillery, 

8vo; New York, 1808. 

148 Lallemand, A. : Trait6 Theorique et Pratique 

des Operations Secondaires de la Guerre, 2 v. 
8vo; Paris, 1825. 

191 Atlas to ditto, 4to; Paris, 1825. 

149 Machiavel's Art of War, 8vo; Albany, 1815. 
202 Malortie's Military Plan Drawing, folio; Lon- 
don, 1805. 

150 — Theory of Field Fortification, and 

Supplement, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1810-'l3. 

151 Treatise on the General Principles 

of Permanent Fortification, 8vo ; Lond . 1820. 

152 ' " ■ Treatise on Topography, Civil ^nd 

Military, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1815. 

1 92 ^- — Trigonometrical Survey, 4to ; plates. 

J. 38 Montecuculi: Mfemoiresde, 12mo; Paris, 1712. 

153 Mailer's Elements of the Science of War, 3 v. 

8vo; Lond. 1811. 

154 Pasley's Course of Military Instruction, 3 v. 8vo; 

London, 1814. 
J^ 4 Raleigh's (Sir Walter) Essays, 16s; Lond. 1650. 

J. 155 Rules for the Government of an Army, 8vo; 

London, 1744. 
J. 156 Saxe's Reveries, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1759. 

J . 157 Scheel's Treatise on Artillery, 8vo; Phil. 1800. 

J. 203 ' Treatise on Artillery, folio; Plates. 

J. 158 Tousard's American Artillerist's Companion, 

2V. 8vo; Phila. 1809. 
J. 15$ ■ American Artillerist's Companion, 1st 

V. 8vo; Phila. 1809. 


Alcove 4.] TECHNICAL ARTS. 103 

of the late President Jsftbksoit, when it was purchased bj Cong^ts in 1815. 

J. 193 Tactics. — ^Tousard^s American Artillerist's Companion, 4to; 

J. 160 Tracts, by Shee, Godefroi, and Truxtun, 8vo; 


161 Valeotini's Military Reflections on Turkey, 8vo; 

London, 1828. 
J, 196 Tar. — Manner of making Tar in Sweden, Fr. Eng., 4to. 
J. 204 Turning. — Plumier: L'Art de Tourner, folio; Lyon, 1701. 

162 Ventilating. > Theory of Warming and Ventilating Pub- 
Warmino. S 1><^ Buildings, 8vo; Lond. 1825. 

163 Tredgold's Principles of Warming Public 

Buildings, 8vo; London, 1824. 
J. 1 Watch-making.— Berthoud : L'Art de Conduire les Pendules, 

&c., 168; Paris, 1759. 
J. 164 Wine. — Cossigny : Art de Faire le Vin, 8vo; Paris, 1807 
J, 39 Fabbroni delP Arte di Fare il Vino, 12mo; Firenze, 

40 Maculloch on the Art of Making Wine, 12 mo. 

194 Writing. — Astle'sOrigin and Progress of Writing, 4to; Lon- 
don, 1803. 
J. 41 Pelham's System of Notation, l2mo; Bost 1808. 

J. 2 Shelton's Tachygraphy, 12mo; London, 1646. 

J. 165 Tracts. — Watts* Copying Machine, Carey's Sys- 

tem of Short Hand; Danse, par St. Mery; and 
Journal of Blanchard's 45th ascension with a 
Balloon, Jan. 9, 1793. 
J. 166 Weston's Short Hand, 8vo; 1727. 

104 ETHICS. [Chapter 16. 

Note... .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

sss« mME^m^m^M"^^ 

CHAPTER XVI [Alcove N^ 4.] 



J. II Adagiorum Erasmi Epitome, 24s; Amstel. 1663. 
J. 97 ^schinis Dialogi, 6r. Lat, 8vo; Amstel. 1711. 
J. 12 Alexander Aphrodisiensisde Fato, Gr. Lat, 12mo; London!; 

J, 110 Allen's Reason the only Oracle of Man, 8vo; Bennington, 

163 Alison's Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, 8vo; 

Hartford, 1821. 
J. 29 Antonini (M.) Commentarii quos ipsesibi Scripsit, Gr. Lat 

Eng., 2 V. 12mo; Lipsiae, 1775. 
J. 28 Eorum quae ad Seipsum Lib. XII., Gr. Lat 

12mo; Glasguae, 1744. 
J 123 Argenson, Marquis d': Les Loisirs d'Un Ministre, 2 v. 8vo; 

Liege, 1787. 
J. 19 Aristotelis Ethica, Gr. Lat Magiri, 12mo; Francofurti, 1614. 
102 Aristotle's Ethics and Politics, by Gillies, 2 v. 8vo; London, 

20 Aristotle on Virtuesand Vices, Gr. Lat, 12mo; Oxonii, 1752. 
J. 15 Bacon's Essays, 12mo; London, 1663. 

85 Barclay's Slavery in the West Indies, 8vo; London, 1826. 
170 Bates' Rural Philosophy, Svo; London, 1811. 
J. 120 Batteux, I'Abbfe: Causes Premieres, sc. Ocellus Lucanus, 

TimaeusLocrus, et Aristoteles deMundo, Gr. Lat, 2 v. 

8vo; Paris, 1769. 
J. 45 Bayle: Pensees sur la Com^te de 1680, 4 y. 12mo; Rotterdam, 


Meove 4.] MORAL PHILOSOPHT. 105 

of the late Prendent isFFSBsoVy when it wm purchased by Congress in 1815 

J. 46 Bajle's Philosophical Commentary on Luke xiy. 23; S y. 
I2mo; London, 1708. 
1$6 Beasley's Search of Truth in the Science of the Human Mind^ 
8vo; Phi]a. 1822. 
64 Bergier: L'Origine des Dieux du Paganisme, 2 v. 12mo; Paris, 
J. 107 Bishop of Worcester's Answer to Locke's Essay, 8vo; Lon* 

donj 1697. 
Jr. 51 Blount's Miscellaneous Works, 12mo; London, 1695. 
J. .31 Boece de Consolation, et de Philosophic, tr. par Johan de 

Meun, p. 4to; Paris. 
J. 30 Boetius de Consolatione, 12mo; Glasgaae, 175L 
J. 61 Bolingbroke on Innate Principles, Fr. Eng., 8yo; Lood. 1752^ 

X 134 Philosophical Works, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1754. 

J. 109 Bonneville: L'Esprit des Religions, 2 v. 8vo; Paris, 1792. 
187 Boulanger: Christiaoesimo Svelato, tradotto da Bellini, p. 
folio, MS. 

Jv 52 — Recherches sur POrigine du Despotisme Orieatal^ 

12mo; Paris, 1761. 

J. 18S Ricerche su POrigine del Dispotismo Orientate, 

p. folio, MS. 
Boulanger's Christianity Unreiled, 12mo; New York, 1795. 
Branagan on the Oppression of the Exiled Sons of Africa, 

12mo; Phila. 1804. 
Branagan's Beauties of Philanthropy, 12mo; Phila. IQQS* 
Brown's Lectures on the Philosophy of the Mind, 3 v. 8yo; 

Andover, 1822. 
Burgh's Dignity of Human Nature, 2 y. 8yo; London, 1767* 
Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy^ 2 y. 8yo; London, 1806. 
Cabanis: Rapport du Physique et du Moral del'Homme, 2 y. 

8yo; Paris» 1802. 
Caine's History of the Conyention of the Leeward Islands, dyb; 

St Christopher, 1804, 
Caracteres de la Bruyere^ 1st yol. Eng., 8yo; London, 1713. 
The same, 2d yol. Fr., 12mo; Amster. 1701. 
Certitude de^ Preuves du Mahometiame, 12mo; Loodreiv 

Chubb's TractSj 2 y. 8yo; London, 1743. 
Chudleigh's (Lady) Essays, 8vo; London, 1716^ 
Cicero de Finibus Bonorum, Gronoyii, 12mo; Glaif^ae, 1738< 
— de Finibus et Academica, Eng. by Guthrie, 8yo; Lon- 
don* 17^4. 

de OflSciis, 12mo; (no title page.) 

' • de Senectute, et Somnium Scipionis, Lai Gr. Theodori^ 
12mo; BasilesBj 1524. 

Id. Eng. by Franklin, with Notes, 8yoj Load. 1778^ 

— i— *- Tusculana, 12mo; Glasguae, 1744. 























106 ETHICS. IChapterie. 

NoTit, . . The Works to which the letter J. is prtfized, were in the Library 

93 Cicero^s Tusculan Disptttations, tr. by Main, 8vo; London^ 
J« 79 Clarkson's History of the Abolition of the Slaye Trade in 
Great Britain, 2 v. 12mo; Phila. 180S. 

65 Cogan on the Passions, i2mo; New York, 1821. 

153 Cogan's Ethical and Theological Works, 6 v. 8yo; London, 

167 Coleridge's Aids to Reflection, with a Preliminary Elssay and 
Notes, by J. Marsh, 8yo; Burlington, 1829. 
54 Combe's Elements of Phrenology, 8vo; Phila. 1826. 
J. 101 Combes-Dounous: Dissertations de Maxime de Tyr, 2 y. 8yof 

Paris, 1802. 
J. 35 Compendium Ethices, 12mo; (no title page.) 
J. 145 Condorcet: Progr^sde I'Esprit Humain, 8yo; Paris, 1795. 
J. 83 — ^— — sur I'Esclayage des Negres, 8vo; Paris, 1788. 
152 Dayy's (Sir H. ) Historical Illustrations of the Origin and Pro- 
gress of the Passions, 2 y. 8yo; London, 1825. 
J. 57 Deltsle: Philosophie de la Nature, 3 v. 12mo; Amster. 1770. 
J. 100 Demetrius Cydonius de Contemnendst Morte, 6r. Lat, 8yo; 

Lipsiae, 1786. 
J. 26 D'Oliyet's Thoughts of Cicero, Lat Eng., 12mo; Glasgow^ 

66 De Stall's Influence of Literature upon Society, 2 y. 12mo; 

Boston, 1813. 
J. 113 Destutt-Tracy: Analyse de POrigine des Cultes, de Dupuis, 

8Vo; Paris, 1804. 
J. 139 : El^mens d'ld^ologie, 3 y. 8vo; Paris, 1801, 

1803, and 1804. 
J. 43 Diderot: (Euyres Philosophiques, 3 y. 12mo; Amster. 1772. 
2 Dados: Cdnsidferatians sur lesMoeurs, &c., 24sfLond. 1784. 
J. 62 Dudgeon's Philosophical Works, 12mo; London, 176.5. 

162 Duff on Genius, 8yo; London, 1767. 
J. 124 Dupont: Philosophie de i'Univers, 8vo; Paris, 1796. 

185 Dupuis: Origine de Tous les Cultes, 3 y. 4to; Paris, 1795. 
J. 39 Economy of Human Life, 12mo; London, 1797. 
J. 171 Enfield's History of Philosophy, 2y. 8yo; Dublin, 1792. 
J. 22 Bpicteti Encheiridion, &c., Cebetis Tabula, Simplicii Com- 

mentarius, et Arriani Dissertationes, Gr. Lat Wolfii, ver- 

sione Ang^icSi Dominse Carter, 3 y. 12mo; Colonise, 1695. 

J. 91 Manuel, Gr. Lat, p. 4to; Traj. Batay. 1711. 

jr. 23 Epictetus, Gr. Lat, 12mo; Glasguae, 1758. 

J. 5 — — — — Cebes, Tbeophrastus, Dialogus de Exilio, et Prodi- 

cus, 16s; Oxonii, 1680. 
192 Epictetus's Works, tr. by Elizabeth Carter, 4to; Load. 1758. 
J. 16 Essais de Montaigne, 2d and 3d y. 12mo; Bruxelles,1669. 
J. 133 Fable of the Bees, 2d y. 8yo,* London, 1729. 

la Fielding's Select Proyerbs of all Nations, 12mo; Lond. 1824. 
•J. 156, Frazer's History of Man, 8yoi New York, 1806. 

Alcace^.-] MORAL PHILOSOPHY. 107 

of the late President Jeffbrsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 189 Freret: Lettr^deTrasibuIeiLeucippe, 410, MS. 

127 (Euvres de, 8vo; Londres, 1776. 

161 Good's Book of Nature, 2 v, 8vo; Boston, 1826. 

J. 148 Gregoire sur la Literature des Negres, Svo; Paris, 1808. 

J. 71 Gregory's Legacy to his Daughters, 12ino; London, 1779. 

J. 170 Gros's Moral Philosophy, 8vo; New York, 1795. 

147 Hall's Thoughts on the Principles and Tenor of the Revealed 
and Supreme Law, Svo; London, 1792. 

J. 141 Harris's Three Treatises, Svo; London, 1765. 

155 Hartley on Man, 2 v. Svo; London, ISIO. 

154 Helvetiuson Man, 2 v. 8vo; Bath, 1810. 

J. 131 CEuvres de, 5 v. Svo; Londres, 1781. 

184 Herder's Outlines of the Philosophy of the History of Man, 
trans, from the German, by T. Churchill, 4to; Lond. 1800. 

53 Hibbert's Philosophy of Apparitions, Svo; Edinburgh, 1825. 

J. 9 Hieroclis Commentarius in AureS Pythagoreorum Carraina^ 
Gr. Lat, 12mo; Lond. 1654. 

44 Histoire de I'Homme, 2 v. 12mo; Yverdon, 1781. 

J. 4 Historv of the Man after God's own Heart, I2mo; Lond. 1 772. 

191 Howell's Characters of Theophrastus, 4to; London, 1824. 

176 Hume's Essays, 2 v. Svo; Edinburgh, 1817. 

48 Moral and Political Essays, 12mo; London, 1748. 

49 Philosophical Essays on the Human Understanding, 

London, 1751. 

177 —Philosophical Works, 4 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1826. 

J. 140 Hutcheson's Ideas of Beauty and Virtue, Svo; London, 1753. 
J. 38 ' Introduction to Moral Philosophy, 1st v. 12mo,- 

Glasgow, 1764. 

J. 143 Inquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul; with an Appen- 
dix, 3 V. 8vo; London, 1745-'50. 

J. 72 Instructions for a Young Nobleman, 12mo; London, 1683. 
146 Jew's Letters to Voltaire, 2 v. 8Vo; Dublin, 1777. 

J. 68 Eaim's (Lord) Art of Thinking, 12mo; Edinburgh, 1764, 

J. 105 ■< Natural Religion, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1751. 

164 Knight's Analytical Inquiry fnto the Principles of Taste, 8vOj 
London, 1808. 
1ft Lacon, by the Rev. C. C. Colton, 2 v. 16s; Bridgeport, 1828. 
159 Lavater's Essays on Physiognomy, trans, by T. Holcroft, with 
Memoirs of Lavater, 4 v. Svo; London, 1804. 

J. 106 Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, 2d v. Svo; Lon- 
don, 1748. 

J. 33 Malebranche de la Recherche de la Verite, 2 v. 12mo; Am- 
ster. 1688. 

J. 47 Massey's Travels, trans, by Bayte, 12mo; London, 1743. 

J. 3 Maximi Tyrii Dissertationes, Gr. Lat, 16s; Oxon. 1677. 

J. 122 Meilhan sur I'Esprit et les Moeurs, Svo; Londres, 1787. 

J. 129 Mercier: L'An 2440, Svo; Londres, 1771. 

X 128 Le Bonnet de Nuit, 4 v. Svo; Neuchatel, 1784. 

108 ETHICS. IChapter 16. 

NoTi....The Worke to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libraiy 

J. ISO Mcrcier: Lettre de Brutus, 8vo; Londres, 1771. 
J. 13 Minutii Felicis Octavius, 12roo; Ludovici, 1560. 

173 Morell's Elements of the History of Philosophy and Science, 

8vo; London, 1827. 

174 Morgan's Sketches of the Philosophy of Morals, 8vo; Lon- 

don, lSfi2. 
151 Murray's Inquiries, Historical and Moral, respecting the 
Character of Nations, and the Progress of Society, 8vo; 
Edinburgh, 1808. 
87 Observations on the Evidence given in relation to the Slave 
Trade, 8vo; London, 1791. 
J. 73 Ochino on Polygamy, 12mb; London, 1732. 

172 Ogilvie's Philosophical Essays, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1816. 

175 Paley's Moral Philosophy, 8vo; London, 1818. 

J. 58 Palmer's Principles of Nature, 12mo; New York, 1802. 
84 Pamphlets, viz: Enjeland Enslaved by her own Colonies. — 
Review of the Quarterly Review on Slavery. — Stephen- 
son's Slave Colonies of England, 8vo; Lond. 1824-'26. 

149 Pauw, M. de: Dissertations on the Egyptians and Chinese, 

translated by J. Thomson, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1795. 

150 Dissertations on the Greeks, trans, from the 

French, 2 v. 8vo; London, XT ^3, 

3,112 Peel's Truth and Reason, 8vo; Fincastle, 1805. 

J. 193 Philestratus, concerning the Life of Apollonius, of Tyana, 

translated by Blount, folio; London, 1680. 

99 I .11 The same, trans, by Berwick, 8vo; Lond. 1809. 

J. 18 Plato, abridged by Dacier, Eng., 2 v. 12mo; London, 1749. 
J. 90 6r. Stephani, et Lat Ficini, 12 v. 8vo; Biponti, 1781 

J. 196 Platonis Opera, Gr. Lat. Serrani, 3 v. folio; Paris, 1578. 
J. 195 Plotini Opera Philosophica,Gr. Lat. Ficini, fol. , Basileae, 1580 
J. 27 Plutarchi Moralia, Gr. Lat, 8 v. p. 8vo; H. Stephanus, 

J. 190 Plutarchi Varia, Gr. Lat Cruseri, 4 v. p. folio; Basileae, 1573, 
J. 136 Price's Review of the Principal Questions in Morals, 8vo; 

London, 1787. 
J, 37 Pu£fendorf de Officio Hominis et Civis, 12mo; Cantabrigide, 

J. 76 Ramsay on A.frican Slaves, l2mo; Dublin, 1784. 
J. 77 Ray's Horrors of Slavery, 12mo; Troy, 1808. 

179 Reid's Philosophical Works, by DugaJd Stewart, 4 v. 8vo; 

Charlestown, 1813. 
86 Reports of the Committee of the Society for tlie Abolition of 

Slaver}^ 8vo; London, 1824. 
J. 40 Rule of Life, 12mo; London, 1794. 
J., 69 Russell's Essay on the Characters of Women^ 12mo; Phila^ 

delpbia, 1774, 

Akov€ 4.i MORAL PHILOSOPHY. 109 

of the late President JsrFSBSojr, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

160 Saint Pierre^s Harmonies of Nature, 3 v. 8vo; London, 
J. 121 Salmorenc: Breviaire des Politiques, 8vo; Londres, 1769. 
J. 36 Sanderson: De Juramenti Obligatione, 2 v. 12mo; Londoni, 

J. 96 Senecae et Siri Mimi Sententiae, not Oruteri, et yersione 
Graeca Scaligeri, Svo;^ Lugd. Bat 1708. 

J. 95 Opera, Lat et Fr. par La Grange, 10 v. 8vo; 

Biponti, l782-'85. 
194 Seneca's Works, Eng. by Lodge, folio; London, 1620. 
J. 119 Shaftesbury's Characteristics, 3 v. Svo; London, 1714. 
89 Slave Law of Jamaica, 8vo; London, 1828. 

168 Smith's Lectures on Moral and Political Philosophy, 2 y. 

8yo; Trenton, 1812. 

169 — Moral Sentiments, 8vo; London, 1812. 

J. 103 Spinosae Opera Posthuma, p. 4to; , 1677. 

J. 104 — — Tractatus Theologico Politicus, p. 4to; Hamburgi, 

J. 55 Spinosa's Theological and Political Discourses, 8yo$ Lond. 

J. 24 Sterling: Catonis Disticha Moralia, &c., 12mo; Lond. 1738. 

181 Stewart's Dissertation on the Progress of Metaphysical, 

Ethical, and Political Philosophy, 2 parts, 2 y. 8yo; Bos- 
ton, 1822. 

J. 183 Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 

1st vol. 4to; London, 1792. 
180 - Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 

3y. 8vo; New York, 1814, and Philadelphia, 1827. 

J. 1 __*^ Moral or Intellectual Last Will and Testament^ 
24mo; London, 1810. 

182 Philosophy of the Active and Moral Powers of 

Man, 2 v. 8vo; Boston, 1828. 

88 Stroud's Sketch of the Laws relating to Slavery in the Unit- 
ed States, 8vo; Phil. 1827. {present.) 
Sylva, or the Wood, by a Society, 8vo; London, 1786. 

Synopsis Metaphysicae, 12mo; , 1744. 

System of Nature, 1st v. 8vo; Phil. 1808. 
Taylor's Select Works of Plotinus, 8yo; Lond. 1817. 
Theophrasti Caracteres, 6r. Lat, l2mo; Glasguae, 1758. 
.Thomas: Essai sur la Caractere des Femmes, 12mo; Paris, 

J. Ill Tindal's Christianity as Old as the Creation, 8yo; London, 
59 Torry's Moral Instructor, 12mo; Washington, 1823. 2 cop. 
J. 81 Tracts on Ethics and Slavery, by Swedenborg, Castiglione, 
Mably, Benezet, &e*, 8vo;Lond. and Amst 1785; Tren* 
ton, 1783, 












no ETHICS. IChapter 16. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 186 Tracts on Slavery, Fr. Eng. by Peyroux, Mifflin, Nesbitt, 
Claviere,~&c.,'4to; Amsterdam, 1783; Paris, 1791; Phi- 
ladelphia, 1773 and 1793; London, 1789. 

J. 82 Tracts on Slavery, Fr. by Saint-Mery, Dillon, Brissot, &c., 
8vo; Paris, 1789, 1790-'1^'2. 

J. 10 Traitfe Elementaire de Morals et du Bonheur, 2 v. ISs; Paris, 
166 Tucker's Essays on various Subjects, 8vo; Georgetown, 
D. C. 1822. 

J. 42 Vanini Amphitheatrum Providentiae, 12mo; Lugduni, 1615. 

J. 41 de Admirandis Naturae, Reginae Deaeque Moftalium 

Arcanis, 12mo; LutetisB, 1616. 

J. 137 Villers: Philosophic deKant, 8vo; Metz, 1801. 

J. . 74 Volney : Ruines, ou Meditation sur les Revolutions des Em- 
pires, 8vo; Paris, 1792. 

J. 75 Volney's Ruins, &c., 12mo; New York, 1796^ 

J. 117 Voltaire: Philosophic de PHistoire, 8vo; Paris, 1765. 

J, 142 Saul, (paniphlet) — ^— , 1755. 

J. 116 Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary, 8vo; London, 1765. 

J. 34 Whitby's Ethics, p. 8vo;Oxonii, 1684. 

J. 108 Wollaston'a Religion of Nature, 8vo; Glasgow, 1746. 
157 Wollstonecraft's Rights of Women, 8vo; London, 1792. 

J. 17 Xenophontis Memorabilia, Gr, Foulis; in English, by Sarah 
Fielding, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1767. 

J. 126 Zimmerman de la Solitude, 8vo; Paris, 1788. 


J. 3 Ambassades de Carlisle 4 Moscovie, Suede, et Dannemarc, 

1663~'4, 12mo; Amst 1670. 
J 14 Ambassades de la Bodferie en Angleterre, 1 606-' 11, 5 v. 12mo ; 

Paris, 1750. 
J. 7 Barbeyrac: Recueil de Discours, 2 v. 12mo; Amst. 1731. 
J, 49 Seller's Delineation of Universal Law, 4to; London, 1754. 
J. 15 Bougeant: Histoire des Guerres et des Negociations qui pre- 

cederent le Traitfe de Westphalie; et le Histoire du Trait6 

de Westphalie, 6 v. 12mo; Paris, 1751. 
J. 51 Burlamaqui sur la Droit Naturel et Politique, 4to; Geneve,^ 

J. 52 ' — Principes du Droit Politique, 4to; Amst 1751. 

22 Burlamaqui's Principles of Natural and Political Law, trans. 

by Mr. Nugent, 2 v. 8vo; London, 176a» 
J. 28 Bynkershoek: Traitfe du Juge Competent des Ambassadeurs, 

avec les Notes de Barbeyrac, 8vo; La Haye^ i723. 
J. 12 Callieres: Maniere de Negoeier, 2 v. 12mo; Lond. 175(X 

21 Campbell's Grotius, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1814. 
J. 34 Chalmer's Collection of Treaties, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1790. 


- ■ » ■ ■ .— — ■— ■ .11 I. . .ji. ■ I .. ■ ,., ,„ 

uf the late f 'resident Jstpbrsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

41 Chitty's Treatise on the Law of Nations, 8vo; Boston^ 1812. 
J. SO Collection of Treaties, from 1495 to 1712, 2 v. 8to; London, 

J. 38 Cumberland (Bishop) de Legibus Naturae, p. 4to; London, 

J. 50 on the Laws of Nature, trans, fcy J. 

Maxwell, 4to; London, 1727. 
J. 35 Debrett's Collection of Treaties, from 1648 to 1784, 3 v. 

8vo; London, 1785. 
J. 18 Du Mont: Recueil des Trait^s de 1647 k 1709, 2 v. 12mo; 

Amst. 1710. 
48 Elliot's Diplomatic Code of the United States, 8yo; Wash- 
ington, 1827. (25 copies.) 
J. 27 Enbaxador, por D. J. A. de Vera y Cuniga, p. 4to; Sevilla, 

J. 56 Felice: Code de FHumanitfe, 13 v. 4to; Yverdon, 1778. 
J. 29 French Memorial on the War of 1755, 8vo; London, 1757. 
J. 20 Grotius de Jure Belli et Facis, 8vo; Amst. 1651. 
J. 53 — , Droit de la Guerre, avec les Notes de Barbeyrac, 2 v. 

4to; Amst. 1724. 

45 Hamilton's Collection of Indian Treaties, and Laws and Regu- 

lations relating to Indian Affairs, 8vo; Washington, 1826. 
33 Histoire Abr6g6e des Traites de Paix, entre les Puissances de 
PEurope, depuis la Paix de Westphalie, par Feu M. de 
Koch; Ouvrage enti^rement refondu, augment^ et con- 
tinue jusqu'au Consr^s de Vienne et aux Traites de Paris 
de 1815, par F. Schoell, 15 v. 8vo; Paris, 1817-'18. 

J. 2 Histoire des Promesses Illusoires depuis la Paix des Pyre- 
nees, 16s; Cologne, 1684. 

J, 31 History of the Treaties of Utrecht, Gertruydenberg, Radstat, 
and Baden, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1715. 
61 Laraberty: Mfemoires pour servir a FHistoire du 18 Si^cle^ 
12 V. 4to; La Haye, 1731-'34. 

J. 26 Lee's (Richard) Treatise of Captures in War, 8vo; London, 

J. 16 Lettres et Negpciations de Jean de Witt, 1652 — 1669, 5 y. 
12mo; Amst. 1725. 

46 Lyman's Diplomacy of the United States, 8to; Boston, 1826. 

47 Diplomacy of the United States, 2d edition, with 

additions, 2 v. 8vo;. Boston, 1828. 

8 Mackintosh's Discourse on the Study of the Law of Nature 

and Nations, 12mo; London, 1828. 
32 Martens, G. F. : Cours Diplomatique, &c., 3 v. 8yo; Berlin, 


32a Manuel Diplomatique, 8vo; Paris, 1822. 

36 ■ Recueil des Principaux Traites d' Alliance, 

&c., depuis 1761 jusqu'4 1801, 7 v. 8voj Gott. 1791— 


112 ETHICS. IChapterl^. 

NoTS....Tbe Worki to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libraiy 






















J. 43 Martens, 6. F. : Summary of the Law of Nations, tr. from 

the Fr. by Wm. Cobbett, 8vo; Phila. 1795. 
37 -— — Supplement au Recueil des Principaux 

Trait68 d'AUiance, &c., depuis 1761 jusqu'd 1818, 7 y. 

8vo; Gott 1802—1818. 
M6moire de la France contre PAngleterre, 4to; Paris, 1156^ 
M 6moires des Commissaires du Roi et de ceux de sa Majestfe 

Britannique, sur les Possessions et les Droits respectifs 

des deux Couronnes en Amerique, 5 v. 12mo; Paris, 1756. 
Le m6me, 2 v. 4to; Paris, 1755. 
Ministre Public, par de la Sarraz du Franquesnay, 12mo; 

Paris, 1731. 
Negociations de Jeannin, 2y. 12mo; Amst 1695. 
Paralleies des Rois d'Angleterre et de la France, 12mo; Pa- 
ris, 1758. 
Pecquet: Art de Negocier, 12mo; Paris, 1731. 
Perreau: Clemens de Legislation Naturelle, 8vo; Paris, 1801. 
Puffendorff: Droit des Gens, de Barbeyrac, 3 v. 4to; Londres^ 


Droit des Gens, (English) folio; London, 1749. 

Raisons et Causes de Preseance entre la France et PEspagne, 

par N. Vignier, 12mo; Paris, 1608, 
J. 23 Rayneval: Institutions du Droit de la Nature et des Grens^ 

8vo; Paris, 1803. 
24 Rutherforth^s Institutes of Natural Law, 2 y. 8vo,; London^ 

Selden's Mare Clausum, folio; London, 1663. 
— — — Mare (JIausum, Lat, 168; London, 1636. 
S'il est Permis d'Arreter un Ambassadeur, 4to (pamphlet;) 

Paris, 1745. 
Synopsis Grotii, Clarkii, et Lockii, 8yo; Cantabrigian, 1751. 
Tratados de Paz de Espana, 15 y. folio; Madrid, 1740-'52, 

y 1796— 1801. 
Treaties of Portugal, Russia, Spain, Algiers, France, and 

Great Britain, 1786-'7, 4to, 
Treaty of Lancaster, with the Indians of the Six Nations^ 

June, 1744, 8vo; Williamsburgh, 1744. 
Vattel: Droit des Gens, 4to; Amst 1775. 

'.' Droit des Gens, 3 v. 12mo; Londres, .1758. 

Questions de Droit Naturel, 12mo; Berne, 1762. 

VatteFs Law of Nations, 8vo; Massachusetts, 1820; London, 

1811; Philadelphia, 1817. (6 copies.) 
Ward^s Foundation and History of the Laws of Nations, 8vo j 

Dublin, 1795. 
Wicquefort de 1' Ambassadeur, 2 y. 4to; Cologne, 1715. 
Wolff: Droit de la Nature et 4es Gens, Lat. Fr. par Luzac, 

6 y. 12mo; Leide, 1772. 



























.ikote 5.] RELIGION. 118 

of the late Pre^dent Jtntmsas, when it was purchased by Coiq^ress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XVII [Alcove N^ 5.] 


130 Abernethy's Discourses, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1757. 

131 Sermons on various subjects, 4 v. 8vo; London, 


132 Tracts and Sermons, 8vo; London, 1751. 

J. 205 Abstinence from Blood defended, 8vo; London, 1734. 

206 Adams' (Hannah) Dictionary of all Religions, 8vo; Boston, 

171 Apocryphal New Testament, 8vo; London, 1821. 
J. 244 Atterbury's Sermons, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1783. 

J. 49 Austin on the Human Character of Jesus Christ, 12mo; Bos- 
ton, 1807. 

J. 290 Barclay's Apology for the Quakers, 4to; Birmingham, 1765. 

172 — Minute Philosopher, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1732. 

J. 309 Barrow's Works, 2 v. folio; London, 1741. 

133 Bates' Works, by W. Farmer, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1815. 
J. 235 Baxter on Justification, p. 4to; London, 1658. 

J, 3 Bayle: Critique del'Histoire du Calvinisme de Maimbourg, 
16s; Viliefran^he, 1683. 

134 Berkeley's (Bishop) Works, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1820, 
J. 101 Bible, 4 V. 8yo; Johnson's edition, Philadelphia, 1804^ 
J. 16 Bible, 12mo; Bowyer's edition, London, 1796. 

J. 13 Bible, (French) 12 mo; Londres, 1687. 

J. 100 Bible, from the Septuagint Greek, and the New Testament, 
translated by Charles Thomson, late Secretary to the Con^- 
gress of the United States, 4 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1808. 

98 Bible, 8vo; Amer. Bible Society's edition; N. York, 1820. 


99 Bible, 8vo; ed. la Soc. Biblique Americaine; N. York, 1820. 


274 Bible, superroyal 8vo; American Bible Society's edition; New 

York, 1819. {present) 

275 Bible, royal 8vo; American Bible Society's edition; N. York, 

1818. {present) 
J. . 97 Biblia, ad Vetiistissima Exemplaria Castigata, p. 4to; Fran- 
cofurti, 1571. 
277 Biblia Hebraica, secundum ult ed. Jos. Athiae, a Joh. Leus- 
den, denuo recognitam, recensita var. not. Latinis Illus- 
trata ab Ev. Vander Hooght, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1814. 
J. 294 Biblia Sacra, Lat Vulg., folio; Lut. Par. 1618. 

114 RELIGION. IChapier 17. 

NoTi. ..The Works to which tl»e letter J. is pr fix« d, w re in tjie L brary 

J. 12 BiWia Sacra Tremellii et Junii, ct Test. Not. Bezae, Igmo; 

Amst Janssoniiy 1628. 
J. IS Biblia Vulgatae, p. 8vo; editionis R. Stephani, 1555. 

245 Blair's Sermons, 5 v. 8vo; London, 18 14-' 15. 

154 Blayney's Jeremiah and Lamentations, 8vo; Edinburgh, 

246 Boucher's View of the Causes and Consequences of the Ame- 

rican Revolution, in 13 Discourses, 8vo; London, 1797. 
J. 46 Boyse's Pantheon, 12mo; London, 1753. 
J. 312 Broughton's History of ail Religions, 2 v. folio; London, 

J. 117 Brown's (John) Dictionary of the Bible, 2 v. 8vo; Pittsburgh, 


3g — p— .- Concordance, 12mo; London, 1811. 

J. 66 (Thomas) Account of the Shakers, 12mo; Troy, 

J. 63 Browne's Religio Medici, 16s; London, 1659. 
J. 259 Buchanan's Eras of Light, and Christian ^Researches in Asia^ 

8yo; Boston, 1811. 
135 Bull's Works, by F, Holland, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1730. 
216 Burder's Oriental Customs, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1807. 
J. 307 Burnet's Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles, folio; Lond. 


194 Butler's (Charles) Book of the Roman Catholic Church, 8voi 

London, 1825. 

195 _— ; Vindication of the Book of the Roman Ca- 

tholic Church, Svo; London, 1826. 
188 (Joseph) Analogy of Religion, Natural and Reveal- 
ed, Svo; Hartford, 1819. 

136 Works, with an Account of the Character 

and Writings of the Author, by S. Halifax, 8vo; London, 
J. 247 Calamy's Sermons, 8vb; London, 1687. 

279 Calmet's Great Dictionary of the Bible, by Taylor, 5 v. 4to; 
Charlestown, 18 12-' 17. 
J. 174 Calvin: Institution de la Religion Chretienne, Svo; Basle, 

J, 306 Campbell's (Archibald) Doctrines of a Middle State between 
Death and the Resurrection, folio; Londoii, 1721. 
155 Campbell's (George) Dissertations on Miracles, 8vo; Edinb. 
J. 74 Campbell's (Samuel) Something New, in Eight Letters, 12mo ; 

Newark, 1799. 
J. 42 Castalionis Dialogi Sacri, l2mo; Londini, 1722. 

^Censura Scriptorum Supposititiorum, R. Cocus, p. 4to; 
Londoni, 1614. 
J. 114 -j Usseriusde LXX. et liber Esthene, p. 4to; Londoni, 1655. 
dementis ad CorinthiosEpistolaprior) Gr. Lat P. Junii, 
p. 4to$ Oxonii, 1633. 

Mune 6.3 RELIGION. 116 

of the late President Jimv^oir, when it was purchased by CongKss in 1815. 

848 Chalmers' Discounies on the Application of Christianity to 
the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life, 8yo; New 
York, 1821. 

249 -..^— «_ Sermons, 8vo; New York, 1819. 

250 Channing's Discourses. Reviews, and Miscellanies, 8vo; Bos- 

ton, 1830. 

J. 226 Charron on Wisdom, Eng. by Lennard, p. 4to; London, 

J. 227 ^ on Wisdom, 2d and Sd books, Eng. by Stanhope, 

8va; London, 1697. 

J. 305 Chemnicii Examen Concilii Tridentini, 4 v. folio; Franco* 
furtiad Moenum, 1578. 

J. 175 Chretien Philosophe, p. 4to; MS. 

267 Christian Observer, from 1802 to 1804, and from 1813 to 1821, 
12 V. 8vo; Boston. 

3. 69 Christian Panoply, by Watson and Paley, 12mo; Shepherd's 
Town, 1797. 

J. 223 Christian's Duty, 8vo; London, 1749. 

J. 37 Clarke's (Samuel) Concordance, 12mo; London, 1696. 

J. 210 ■ Discourse on the Being and Attributes of 

God, 8vb; London, 1732. 

J. 211 -__ Letters to Dodwell, 8vo; London, 1718. 

J. 251 Sermons, 10 v 8vo; London, 1780. 

J. 252 — - ■ Seventeen Sermons, 8vo; London, 1724. 

204 Clarksoo's Portraiture of Quakerism, 3 v. 8vo; New York, 

J. 298 Clemens Alexandrinus, Gr. folio; Heidelb. 1592. 

J, 299 Gr. Lat Heinsii, folio; Lut. Par. 1641. 

J. 25 Codex Apocryphus Novi Testamenti Fabricii, 2 v. i2mo; 
Hamb. 1703. 

J. 26 Codex Pseudepigraphus Yeteris Testamenti Fabricii, 2 v. 
12mo; Hamb. 1722. 
84 Coles' Sovereignty of God, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1796. 

J. 297 Concordance to the Bible, by Samuel Newman, now Teacher 
of the Church at Rehoboth, in New England, folio; Lon- 
don, 1650. 
184 Confessional; or a full and free Inquiry into the Right, Util- 
ity, Edification, and Success, of establishing Systematical 
Confessions of Faith and Doctrine in Protestant Churches, 
8vo; London, 1770. 

J. 280 Cruden's Concordance, 4to; London, 1738. 

J. 237 De Brahm's Time an Apparition of Eternity, 8vo; Philadel- 
phia, 1791. 

J. 4 Dialogues Rust iques, 168. 

126 DisquiMtionem de Sacramento Sancto, de Baptismate, &c., 
ediditS. Travers, 8vo; Phil. 1820. (present. J 

J. 230 Donne on Self Homicide, 8vo; London, 1700. 

86 Douglas's Criterion, or Miracles Examined, 8vo; Lond. 1754. 

1 16 RELIGION. IChapter 17. 

Not*.... The Works to which the letter J. ia prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 228 Drelincourt sur la Mort, 8vo; Genev. 1669. 

J. 231 Dumas: Traitfe du Suicide, 8vo; Amsterdam^ 1773. 

J. 31 Duport: Liber Job Graeco Carmine Redditus, 12mo; Cant. 

200 Dupre's Conformity of Ancient and Mtxlern Ceremonies, ' 

8vo; London, 1740. 
128 D wight's Theology, with a Memoir of the Author, 4 v. 8v; 

New York, 1829. 
137 Edwards' (Dr. Jonathan) Works, with a Memoir of his Life, 

10 V. 8vo; New York, 1830. ' . 

J. 77 English's (6. Bethune) Grounds of Christianity, with S. Ca- 

ry's Review, and English's Remarks, 3 v. 12mo; Boston, 

J. 301 Eusebii Evangelica Preparatio et Demonstratio, Gr. folio; Lu- 

tetiaB, 1544-'5. 

202 Evans' (John) Narrative of the Proceedings of the Religious 

Society called Quakers, against John Evans, &c., 8vo; 
Philadelphia, 1811. 

203 Evans' (Thomas) Exposition of the Faith of the Religious So- 

ciety of Friends, 8vo. (present J 
291 Faber's Origin of Pagan Idolatry, 3 v. 4to; London, 1816. 
J. 238 Fessenden's (Thomas) Science of Sanctity, 8vo; Brattleboro', 

161 Findlay's Vindication of the Sacred Books, and of Josepbus, 

from various Misrepresentations, &c. of Voltaire, 8vO) 

Glasgow, 1770. 
J. 239 Fish's Address and Discourses, 8vo; Windham, 1796. 
J. 253 Fleetwood's Sermons, 8vof London, 1716. 
J. 121 FcMrm of Prayer used by the Dissenters in Liverpool, 8vo; 

London, 1763. 
J. 254 Foster's Sermons, 8vo; London, 1732. 
J. 207 . Furneaux's Letters to Blackstone on Toleration and Religious 

Liberty, 8vo; London, 1771. 
124 Gale's Reflections on Mr. Wall's History of Infant Baptism, 

8va; London, 1820. 
J. 50 Gazzera Necessity di una Religione in ogni sorta di Govemo, 

e di Clima, Ital. Fr., 5 v. 12mo; 1801-'2. 

J. 51 Nuitsde Ste. Marie Madelaine, 12mo; Paris, 1807. 

J. 52 Veilles de St. Augustin, 12mo; Avig. 1803. 

J. 83 GortonNs Scriptural Account of the Millennium, 12mo; Troy, 

J. 93 Grabii Spicilegium SS. Patrum, Gr. Lat., 8vo; Oxoniae, 1699* 
157 Graves' Lectures on the Pentateuch, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1807. 
153 Gray's Key to the Old Testament, 8vo; London, 1822. 
J. 272 Gregorii Cortesii Cardinalis Opera, 4to; Patavii, 1774. 
J. 302 Gregorius Nazianzenus, Gr. Lat Prunaei,^ 2 v. folio; Colonist, 


jMcQve5.'] RELIGION* 117 

" " ' ' • " — "' ' —■'■■■*'■■ ■■ I . I i '^ , ■ f I, ...I... ..^ 

of the late President JimKsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

107 Oriesbach: Novum Testamentum 6raece> 2 y. 8yo; Halae Sax- 
onuniy 1796. 
J. 62 Grosvenor'sMoumery 12mo; London, 1731. 
J. 67 Grotius on the Truth of the Christian Religion, translated by 
S. Patrick, p. 8vo; London, 1694. 
268 Hall's r Joseph) Works, 10 v. 8yo; London, 1808. 
255 Hall's (Robert) Sermons, 8yo; London, 1815. 
J. SIS Hammond's New Testament, folio; London, 1653. 

217 Harmer's Obseryations on various Passages of Scripture, with 
additions and corrections by Adam Clarke, 4 y. 8yo; 
Charlestown, 1815-'17. 
178 He^yen and Hell, by Swedenburg, 8yo; Baltimore, 1812. 
f present. J 
35a Heber's Hymns, written and adapted to the weekly Church 
Service of the Year, p. 8yo; New York, 1827. 

256 Sermons, preached in England, 8yo; New York, 1829. 

;381 Henry *s Commentary on the Old and New Testament, 6 y. 
4to; London, 1811. 
J. 88 Heuresde Cour, 16s; Paris, 1753. 
J. 39 Heures, MS. velin, 12mo. 
J. 96 Hexaplorum Originis quae supersunt, C. F. Bahrdt, 2* v. 8yo; 

Lipsiae et Lubec, 1769. 
J. 221 Hickes' Gentleman Instructed, 8vo; London, 1723. 
J. 70 Hildrop's Works, 2 v. l2mo; London, 1754. 

40 Histoire dela Religion des Banians, 12mo; Paris, 1667. 

41 Histoire des Tromperies des Prestres et des Moines, par G. 

D'Emillianne, 2 y. 12mo; Rotterdam, 1693. 
J. 2 Histoire du Calvinisme deMaimbourg, 16s; Paris. 1682. 
43 Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament, 2 v, folio; An- 

vers, 1700. 
J. 33 Historia dt Concordia Evangelica, 12mo; Paris, 1.653. 

43 History of Ancient Ceremonies; tr. from the French, by T, 

Douglas, 12mo; London, 1669. 
J. 116 History of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by 

Thomson and Price, 2 v. 8yo; Wilmington, 1805. 
J. 296 Hodius de Bibliorum textibus cui prsemittitur Aristeae Histo* 

ria, Gr. Lat. folio; Oxonii, 1705. 

219 Home's Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of 

the Holy Scriptures; from the 4th London edition, 4 y. 
^ Svo; Philadelphia, 1825. 

220 — — ■ — Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of 

the Holy Scriptures, 6th edition, corrected and enlarged,. 
4 y. ^ye;iiondon, 1828. 
188 Works, by W. Jones, 6 v. 8yo;London, 1818^ 

139 Horsley's Biblical Criticism, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1820. 

140 . Book of Psalms, 2 y. 8vo; London, 1816. 

141 ^-. — Charges, Svo; Dundee, 1813. 

142 — Sermons, 3 y. Svo; London, 1822 and 1824. 

118 religion: lChapierl7. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

143 Horsley's Speeches in Parliament, 8yo; Dundee, 1813, 

144 . Tracts, 8vo; Dundee, 1812. 

169 Tractsagainst Unitarianism, 8vo; Burlington, 1821« 

J. 59 Human Prudence, by W. de Britaine, 12mo; London, 1702. 

Ill Hunter's Sacred Biography, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1820. 
J. 1 1 3 Ignatii Epistolae, et BarnabaeEpistola, 6r. Lat. cum Notis Yos^ 

sii, p. 4to; Londoni, 1680. 
J. 54 Instructions pour les Protestans^ par M. De Laforest, I2mof 

Paris, 1784. 
J. 65 Introduction to the Lord's Supper, by the Bishop of Soder and 
Man, 12mo; London, 1746* 
163 Jamieson's Vindication of the Scriptures, 2 y. 8vo; Edin- 
burgh, 1794. 
J. 68 Jenning's Disquisitions, 12mo; London, 1782. 

179 Jesus Christ, the One God in One Person, 8yo; Phila. 1815. 

(present. J 
108 Jones on the Canonical Authority of tlie New Testament,^ 
3 y. 8yo; Oxford, 1798. 
J. 300 Justini Martyris Opera; item Athenagone Atheniensis, The- 
ophili Antiocheni, Tatiani Assyrii, et Hermiae Philoso- 
phi Tractatus, 6r. Lat folio; Paris. 1636. 
87 King's (Sir Peter) History of the Apostles' Creed, 8yo; Lon- 
don, 1719. 
J. 45 King's (William) Heathen Gods, 12mo; London. 
J. 1 Lactantius, 12mo. 
J. 8 Lactantius on the Deaths of Persecutors, translated by Dr. 

Gilbert Burnet, 12mo; Amst 1687. 
J. 222 Lady's Calling, 8yo; London. 

289 Lardner's Works, 5 y. 4to; London, 1815. 
110 Laurence's Critical Remarks on the New Testament, 8yo; 
Oxford, 1810. 
J. 53 Leggenda di Giosafat, 12mo. 

158 Leland's Adyantage and Necessity of the Christian Reyela- 

tion shown from the Stat^ of Religion in the Ancient Hea- 
then World, 2 y. 8yo; Glasgow, 1819. 

159 View of the Principal Deistical Writers, 2 y. 8yof 

London, 1807. 

J. 106 Libri Apocryphi Test Vet Junii; et Noy. Test, fe Linguft Sy ' 
riaca, redditum Tremellii, p. 4to;. Londoni, 1579 & 1580. 

J. 308 Lightfoot's Works, 2 v. folio; London, 1684. 

J. 34 Liturgia Eccles, Anglicana, 6r. l2mo;Eantab. 

J. 35 Idem, Lat 12mo; Londoni, 1744. 

J. 284 Liturgy of the Church of England, (black letter) p. foliof 
London, 1662. 

J. 119 The same, (Eng.) 8yo; New York, 1810. 

J. 120 The same, abridged, (said to be by Dr. Franklin, but qu?) 8yo^ 
London, 1773. 

J. 32 Lowth's Isaiah, with Dr, J. Smith'aExplanation of each Chap- 
ter, 12mo; Albany^ 1794. 

Alcove 5.1i RELIGION. 119 

of the late President JstFRBsoir, when it was purchased by Gong^sa in 1815 

J. 145 McCalla's Works, 2 v. 8vo; Charleston, 1810. 

112 McKnight's Apostolical Epistles, 4 v. 8vo; London, 181f?. 
257 Massillon's Sermons, lyitli the Life of the Author, 8vo; Glas- 
gow, 1827. 
1 18 Mayors New System of Mythology, 3 v. 8vo; Phil. 1815-'16 

109 Michaelis's Introduction to the New Testament, translated 
by Herbert Marsh, with Notes, &c., 6 v. 8vo;Lond. 1823. 
201 Middleton's (Conyers) Conformity between Popery and Pa- 
ganism, 8vo; London, 1741. 

J^2S8 Miscellaneous Works, 4 v. 4to;Lon- 

don, 1751. 
199 Milner's Inquiry into certain Vulgar Opinions concerning the 
Catholic Inhabitants, and the Antiquities of Ireland, 8yo; 
London, 1810. 
183 Milton's Treatise on Christian Doctrine, 2 v. 8yo; Boston, 
J. 60 Moeurs de Panage, 16s; Paris* 

292 Moor's Hindu Pantheon, 4to; London, 1810. 
J. 182 Moravians Compared and Detected, 8yo; London, 1755. 
J. 304 Mori Opera Omnia, 2 v. folio; Londini, 1679. 
J. 75 Murray's (Lindley) Power of Religion on the Mind, 12mo; 

New York, 1808. 
J. 234 Nature and End of the Lord's Supper, 8vo; London, 1735. 
J. 173 Necker, de I'Importance des Opinions Religi^uses, 8vo; Lon- 

dres, 1788. 
J. 233 Nelson's Companion for the Festivals, 8vQt London, 1720. 

285 Newcombe on the Prophet Ezekiel, 4to; Dublin, 1788. 

286 — — — on the Twelve Minor Prophets, 4to; London, 1785. 
Newman. See Concordance, page 116. 

J. 102 New Testament, 8vo; Phila. 1802. Johnson's edition. 

103 New Testament, 8V05 New York, J817; present from Am, 

Bible Society. 
28 New Testament, 12mo; New York, 1819; present from Am. 

Bible Society, 
27 New Testaments 12md; New York, lS20ipresent from Am. 
Bible Society, 
J. i04 New Testament, Gr. Ei^. containing the Original Text, cor- 
rected from the authority of the most Authentic MSS. ; 
and a New Version^^ formed agreeably to the Illustrations 
ci the most Learned Commentators and Critics; with 
Notes and various Readings, and a copious Alphabetical 
Index, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1729. 
J. 276 New Testament, in an improved Version^ upon the basis of 
Archbishop Ne wcome's New Translation ; with a corrected 
Text, and Notes, 8vo; London, 1808. 
91 Newton's (John) Works, 9 v. 12mo; London, 1822. 


120 RELIGION. IChapter 17. 

NoTK....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 287 Newton's (Sir Isaac) Obseryations upon the Prophecies of 
Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, 4to; London, 
82 Newton's (Thomas) Dissertations on the Prophecies which 
have been remarkably fulfilled, and at this time are fulfil- 
ling in the World, 3 y. 12mo$ Philadelphia, 1813. 
146 Works, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1787. 

J. 105 Novum Testamentum, 6r. 8vo; Londini, 1728. 

J. 314 Nov. Test Gr. Millii, folio; Oxonii, 1707. 

J. 120 Nov. Test. Gr. juxta exemplar Millii, 12mo; Lond. 1743. 

J. 21 Nov. Test Gr. juxta exemplar Millii, 12mo; editio prima 
Americana; Wigorniae, (Mass.) 1800. 

J. 22 Nov. Test Gr. M. Maittaire, 12mo; Londoni, 1730. Tonson 
& Watts. 

J. 18 Nov. Test Lat. Castalionis, 12mo; Lond. 1735. 

J. 17 Nov. Test Gr. Lat Bezae, et Gal. 12mo. 

J. 19 Nov. Test Gr. Lat Erasmi, 12mo; Lipsiae, 1578. 

J. 23 Nov. Test. Gr. Lat Montani, p. 8vo; Antverpiae, 1571. 

J. 24 Nova Versid Graeca Bibliorum Partis ex Codice Veneto edita 
k J. B. Gaspare D'Ansse de Villoison, p. 8vo; Argentorati, 

J. 236 Observations on Waterland's Defence, 8vo; London. 

J. 57 Gfiicioim Uominis, 12mo; Lond. 1680. 

J. 315 Old and New Testament, 2 v. folio; Phil. 1798: Thompson's 

J. 270 Origen contra Celsum, et Philocalia k Guil. Spensero, Gr. 
Lat 4Vo; Cantabr. 1677. 

J. 269 Origfene centre Celse, par Bouhfereau, 4to; Amsterdam, 1700. 

J. 271 Origenis Philocalia, Gr. Lat 4to; Lut Par. 1624. 

J. 10 Orthodoxia Homologia Eugenii, 24s; Amst 1767. 

215 Outlines of a New Commentary on Solomon's Song, 8vo; 
London, 1768. 

J. 58 Pakington's (Lady) Whole Duty of Man, 12mo; Lond. 1716. 

191 Paley's Hora& Paulinae, (4th ed.) 8vo; London, 1805. 

192 Natural Theology, (i2th ed.) 8vo; London, 1809. 

J. 189 View of the Evidences of Christianity, 8vo; Phila- , 

delphia, 1795. 

190 . View of the Evidences of Christianity, 8vo; London, 

J. 209 Pascal's Life and Letters, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1744. 
J. 208 Thoughts on Religion, &c., translated by Dr. Ken- 
net, 8vo; London, 1749. 
218 Paxton's Illustrations of the Holy Scriptures; with Notes, by 
the Rev. Ira Chase, 2 y. 8vo; Philadelphia, 18^2. 

193 Illustrations of Paley's Natural Theology, 8vo; Bos- 
ton, 1827. * . 

185 Pearson's Exposition of the Creed, 2 v. 6vo; Oxford, 1820. 

Alcove 5.] RELIGION. 121 

of thd late President Jeffsrsoit, when it was purchased by Conp^ss in 1815. 

J. 6 Pfelerinage du Calvaire, par M. De Pontbriand, 16s; Paris, 

J. 273 Peters on Job, 4to; London, 1751. 

198 Phillpott's Letters to Charles Butler," 8vo; London, 1826. 
J. 95 Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia, Gr. Lat. ad editionem Thomas 

Manjgey collatis aliquot MSS. edenda curavit Aug. Fr. 

Pfeiffer, 4 v. 8vo; Erlangae, 1785. 
J. 186 Point de Croix, Point de Couronne, par Guillaume Penn, 8yo; 

Lond. 1793. 

147 Porteus' (Beilby) Works, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1816, 
88 Potter on Church Government, 8vo; London, 1707. 

J. 258 Price's Sermons, 8vo; London, 1787. 

J. 311 Prideaxix's Connections, 2 v. folio; London, 1720. 

J, 164 Priestley's Doctrines of Heathenism and Revelation Compar- 
ed, 8vo; Northumb. 1804. 

J. 283 Harmony of the Evangelists, Gr. Eng. 2 v. 4to; 

London, 1777. 

J. 165 History of the Corruptions of Christianity, 2 v. 

8vo; Birmingham, 1793. 

J. 166 ' History of Early Opinions concerning Jesus 

Christ, 4 v. 8vd; Birmingham, 1786. 

J. 167 Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion, 2 v. 

12mo; London, 1794. 

J. 232 Prynne's Histrio-Mastix, p. 4to; London, 1633, 

J. 9 Pseaumes de David, 16s; Paris, 1658. 

76 Rees's (Thomas) Racovian Catechism; with Notes, and a 
Sketch of the History of Unitarianism in Poland, &c. 
i2mo; London, 1818. 
129 Ridgley's Body of Divinity; with Notes, by J. P. Wilson, 4 v. 

8vo; Philadelphia, 1814-^15., 
162 Roberts' Christianity Vindicated, in a series of Letters ad- 
dressed to Mr. Volney, 8vo; London, 1800. 

J. 5 Rudimenta Pidei ChristiansB, sive Catechismus, Gr. Lat 
12mo; 1575. 
151 Ryan's Effects of Religion on Mankind, 8vo; Dublin, 1802. 

J. 64 Sacrament of the Lord's Supper explained by the Bishop of 
London, 12mo; Williamsburg, 1740. 

J. 78 Saint Augustine's Confessions and Life, 8vo; London, 1679. 
30 Saint John's Epistles, in the Delaware language, 12mo; New- 
York, 1818: pres, by the American Bible Society. 
29 Saint John's Gospel, in the Mohawk language, 12mo; New- 
York, 1818: pres. by the American Bible Society. 

J. 91 Sale's Koran, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1764. 

J. 282 Scott's (Thomas) Commentary on the Bible, 5 v. 4to; Phil. 

148 -^ Works, 12 v. 8vo; London, 1823-'24. 


122 RELIGION. [Chapter 17. 

,NoTi. .. The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 260 Sermons, by Smith, Wharton, Shipley, Stiles, Price, and 
others; Reports on the Academical Institution for Dissen- 
ters; Trial of Elwall for Heresy and Blasphemy, 8vo; 

1783- 1788. 
J. 79 Sermons de Bourdaloue, 17 y. 12mo; Paris, 1716. 
J. 80 Sermons de Massillon, 15 v. 12mo; Paris, 1788. ^ 

J. 229 Sherlock on Death, 8yo; London, 1744. 
J. 262 ' on Prophecy, 8vo; London, 1726. 

J. 261 Sherlock's Sermons, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1764. 
J. 55 Shortest Way to end Disputes about Religion, 12mo; Bros-' 

sels, 1716. 
J. 85 Sibyllina Oracula, Gr. Lat. Caatalionis, 2 v. I2mo; Paris. 

48 Smyth's Explanation of the Apocalypse of St John, 18mo; 

Washington, 1825. 
J. 73 Societies for the Reformation of Manners, 12mo; Lond. 1701. 
J. 71 Sourcesol: Evangile Eternel, 12mo; Paris, 1806. 

J. 72 Livre des Manifestos, 12mo; Paris, 1799. 

J. 263 South's Sermons, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1737. 

196 Southey's (Robert) Vindiciae Ecclesise Anglicanae, 8vo; Lon« 

don, 1826. 
J. 180 Spangenberg's Account of the Mission of the Unitas Fra- 

trum among the Heathen, 8vo; London, 1788. 
J. 181 — — Christian Doctrine, by Latrobe, 8vo; Bath, 

168 Spark's Letters on the Ministry, &c. of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church, 8vo; Baltimore, 1820. 
J. 56 Stavely's Roniish Horse-Leech, 12mo; London, 1769. 
J. 61 Steele's Christian Hero, 12mo; London, 1727. 
J. 125 Stennett's Answer to Russen on Anabaptism, 8yo; London, 

293 Stillingfleet's Works, 6 v. folio; London, 1709-'10. 
176 Summary View of the Millennial Church, or United Society 

of Believers, commonly called Shakers, &c. 12mo; Alba- 
ny, 1823. (present.) 
J. 177 Swedenburg on the Intercourse between Soul and Body, 8yo; 

Boston, 1794. 
J. 213 Syke's Examination of Warburton's Legation, 8yo; London, 


J* 214 Defence of his Examination, 8vo; London, 1746. 

264 Taylor's (Jeremy) Sermons, 3 y. 8vo; Boston, 1816. 
J. 7 Tertullianus, et Minucii Felicis Octayius, Pra&f. Balduini, 

16s; Cantab. 1686. 
J. 303 Theodoretus, Gr.Lat. Sylburgii, folio; Heidelb. 1592. 
J. 44 Theoriani, Leonis Magni, Damasceui, Leontii, et Harmeno- 

puli Disputationes, Gr. Lat. p. 8yo; Basilae, 1578. 
J. 310 Tillotson's Works; with the Life of the Author, by Thomas 

Birch, 3y. folio; London, 1752. 

M:(ni€ 5.] RELIGION. 1S3 

of the late President Jbffkbsoit, when it wm purchased by Confess in 1815. 

47 Tooke's Pantheon Revisedi 12mo; Baltimore, 1817. 

J. 156 Towers' IJlustrations of Prophecy, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1808. 
197 Townsend's Accusations of History against the Church of 
Rome, 8vo; London, 18^6. 

J. 240 Tracts. — On American Bishops. — The Blessings of America; 
a Sermon preached by William Linn, July 4, 1791; New- 
York. — Goodrich's Election Sermon^ preached May 10, 
1787; Hartford. 

J. 241 Tracts. — Humphry's Inquirer; Boston, 1801. — Sentiments 
upon the Religion of Reason and Nature; Phil. 1795. — 
Watson's Apology for Christianity and the Bible, address- 
ed to E. Gibbon and T. Paine; Phil. 1796.— The Bible 
needs no Apology, by D. Humphrys; Portsmouth, 1796.—- 
Reply to the Age of Reason, by a Layman; Phil. 1796. — 
Two Sermons, by Joseph Priestley; Phil. 1794. — Con- 
stitution of the Society of Unitarian Christians at Phila- 
delphia, 1796. — Remarks on the Character of Swedea- 
borg; Phila. 1800. — Dr. Miller's Missionary Sermon, 
April 6, 1802. 

J, 242 Tracts.— Volney's Answer to Dr. Priestley; Phil. 1797.— 
Bacon's Conjectures on Prophecies; Boston, 1805. — Cush- 
man's Thanksgiving Sermon, November 29, 1804; Wins- 
low. — Baldwin's do. November 29, 1804; Boston. — Les- 
lie's Short Method with Deists; Cambridge, 1805, — ^Blow 
at Priestcraft, 1805. — Deceivers made Manifest; three Ser- 
mons^ by J. Bowers; Salem, 1805. — Allen's Sermon on 
the deadi of his son, Thomas Allen; Boston, 1806.-* 
Birch's Address to Presbyterians; Washington, 1806. — 
Emerson's Sermon on the death of Ch. Austin; Boston, 
1806. — Bentley's Election Sermon; Boston, 1807. — Mi- 
nutes of the Baltimore Baptist Association, 1808. — Ro- 
meyn's Sermons, September 8, 1808; Albany. — Gray's 
Sermon, 31st December, 1808; Philadelphia. 

J. 243 Tracts. — Price's Sermons on the Trinity; London, 1784. — 
Priestley's Socrates and Jesus compared; Phila. 1803.-— 
Priestley's Letters to John B. Linn, in Defence of the 
pamphlet entitled Socrates and Jesus compared ; Northura. 
1803. — Griswold's Independence Sermon, July, 1802^ 
Suffield.— Weems' True Patriot; Phila. 1802.— Allen's 
Sermon on the death of Mrs. Eliz. White; Pittsfield, 
1809. — Furman's Independence Sermon, July, 1802; 
Charleston, S. C— Austin's National " Barley Cake," &c. ; 
Washington, 1802. — Hargrove's Sermon on the Leading 
Doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church; Bait. 1803. — 
Testimonies in favor of the Works of Wm. Smith, D. D, ; 
Phila. 1802.— Wilmer's Man as he is; Bait. 1803.— Rice 
on Slavery; N. York, 1804. — Miller's Sermons on the 
Guilt, Folly, and Sources of Suicide; N. York, 1805. 

124 RELIGION. IChapter 17. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

90 Unitarian Miscellany, 6 y. l2mo; Baltimore, 1822-'24. (pres- 
ent. J 
317 Upham's History and Doctrine of Budhism, popularly illas- 
trated, folio; London, 1829. 
J. 115 Van Dale: Dissertationes de Aristea et Sanchoniathone, et His- 
toria Baptismorum, p. 4to; Amst 1705. 
187 Yerplanck's Essays on the Evidences of Revealed Religion^ 
8vo; New York, 1824. 
J. 14 Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, p. 8vo; Londini, 1653. 
J. 92 Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, Grabii, 10 v. 9vo; Oxon. 
278 Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, Lamb. Bos, 4to; Frane- 
quersB, 1709. 
J. 11 Vetus Testamentum, Gr. LXX, et Nov. Test. Gr. 3 v- 

12mo; Cantab. 1665. 
J. 295 Vetus Testamentum, Lat Junii et Tremellii, folio; Hanovise^ 

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123 WalPs History of Infant Baptism, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1819, 
J. 212 Warburton's Divine Legation of Moses, 3 v. 8vo; London, 

149 Works, 12 v. 8vo; London, 1811. 

170 Wardlaw's Discourses on the Socinian Controversy, 8vo; 

London, 1815. 
160 Watson's Apologies for Christianity and the Bible, 8vof 
London, 1820. 

122 Theological Tracts, 6 v. 8vo; London, 1785. 

J. 224 Welsted's Scheme of Providence, 8vo; London, 1736. 

J. 225 West on the Resurrection, and Littleton on the Conversion 

of St. Paul, 8vo; London, 1749. 
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89 White's Evidence against Catholicism, 12mo; Georgetown, 

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266 Wrangham's Sermons, &e. 3 v, 8vo; London, 1816. 

J. 127 Young's Estimate of Human Life, 8vo; London, 1728. 

^kov«5.J COMMON LAW. 125 

of the late Prendent jKmsmir, when it was purcUued by Con^^reiis io 1815. 

CHAPTER XVIII [Alcove N° 5.] 



Sbc. l.^r-Commentariea — Treo^e*— JSWrie* — Conveyancing- 

Sec. 2. — Criminal Law — Trials. 

Sec. S. — Military Law — Courts^MarHal, 


130 Adams' Treatise on Ejectments, with references to Am. De- 
cisions, by P. Ruggles, 8vo; New York, 1821. 

111 AngelPs Treatise on the Common Law relating to .Water 

Courses, 8vo; Boston, 1824. 

112 _-, Treatise on the Right of Property in Tide Waters, 

8vo; Boston, 1S26. 
103 Archbold's Collection of .the Forms and Entries in the Court* 
of King's Bench and Common Pleas, 8vo; New Yorky 
168 — Digest of the Law of Pleading and Evidence in 

Actions Real, Personal, and Mixed, 8vo; N. York, 1824. 
176 - Practice of the Court of King's Bench, in Person- 

al Actions, &c., 8 vo; New York, 1823. 

J. 21 ' Summarjr of the Law relative to Appeals, {Poor 

Laws) 12mo; Lond. 1826. 
J. 100 Aston's Entries, p. 4to; Lond. 1661. 
J, 58 Attorney's Practice in the Court of Common Pleas* by Rich<» 

ardson, 2d v. 8vo; London, 1746. 
J. 57 Attorney's Practice in the Court of King's Bench, by Rich- 
ardson, 2 V. 8vo; Lond. 1750. 
106 Babington's Treatise on the Law* of Auctions, 8vo; London, 

143 -•- Treatise on the Law of Sett-Off and Mutual 

Credit, 8vo; London, 1827. 
J. 207 Bacon's Abridgment, with additions, &c., by H. Gwillim, 
7 V. 8vo; Lond. 1798. 

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8vo; N. York, 1812. 
J. 79 Baron & Feme, 8vo; Lond. 1738. 
J 26S Barry's Irish Tenures, foL; Dublin, 1637. 

126 COMMON LAW. [Chapter 18. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

109 Bayldon^s Treatise on the Valuation of Property for Poor 

Rates, 8vo; London, 1828. 
122 Bayley on Bills of Exchange, &c. 8yo; London, 1822. 
146 Beame's Sketch of the Doctrine relative to Commitments in 

Bankruptcy, 8vo; London, 1827. 
102 — Translation of Glanville, 8vo; London, 1812. 
J. 11 Bellew: Ansdu Roy Richard IL, 16s; Lond. 1585. 

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J. 10 Billinghurst oh the Statutes concerning Bankrupts, 12mo; 
Lond. 1676. 
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Lond. 1820. 
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to Am. Decisions, 8vo; Exeter, 1824. 

on Judgments and Executions, 8vo; Lond. 1815. 

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by Tucker, 5 v. 8vo; Phila. 1803. 

' I — ____. with Field's Analysis, and Notes 

by Christian, Archbold, and Chitty, and by a member of 
the New York Bar, 4 v. in 2, 8vo; Phila. 1827. 
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Bohun's Customs of London, 8vo; London, 1723. 

— English Lawyer, 8vo; Lond. 1732. 

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Lond. 1640. 
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Entering Clerk's Vade-Mecum, 8vo; Lond. 1678. 

Entries, fol.; London, 1671. 

Modus Intrandi, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1702. 

Brownlow's Entries, fol. ; Lond. 1693. (2 copies.) 

BuUer's Nisi Prius, 8vo; Dublin, 1791. 

Caine's Practical Forms of the Supreme Court of N. York, 

from Tidd^s Appendix, 8vo; New York, 1808. 
Calthrop's Customs and Usages of London, 12mo; Lond., 1655. 
Chitty on Bills, of Exchange, &c., 8vo; Philadelphia, 1821. 
■ on Pleading, &c., with Corrections and Additions, by 

J. A. Dunlap, 3 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1819. 


J. 282 





J. 283 




















J. 277 

J. 271 









J. 177 








of the late President Jbftbbsoh, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

142 Chitty on the Law of Contracts, 8vo; London, 1826. 
145 Christian's Origin, Progress, and Practice, of the Bankrupt 
Law in England and Ireland, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1818. 
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Hale, Nottingham, and Day, 3 v. Svo; Philadelphia, 1812. 

209 ■ with notes of Hargraye,&c., by Thomas, 

3 y. 8yo; Philadelphia, 1827. 
J. 44 Cpmplete Attorney and Solicitor, 8yo; London, 1695. 
J. 55 Complete Clerk and Scriyener's Guide, p. 4to; Lond. 1655. 
J. 53 Complete English Copyholder, 2 y. 8yo; London, 1735. 
J. 60 Complete Sheriff, 8yo; London, 1727. 

288 Comyn's Digest of the Laws of England, 5 y. folio; London, 

288 Continued, by a Gentleman of the Inner Tem- 
ple, to the present 4;ime, folio; London, 1776. 

208 of the Laws of England, by Hammond, with 

American Decisions, by T. Day, 8 y. 8yo; Phila. 1826. 

189 Law of Contracts and Promises, 8yo; Lond. 1824. 

J. 301 Cooke's Cases of Practice, folio; London, 1742. 

148 Cooper's Bankrupt Law of America, 8yo; Philadelphia, 1801. 
191 Coote's Treatise on the Law of Mortgage, 2 y. 8V05 London, 

138 Cornish's Essay on the Doctrine of Remainder, 8T0; London, 
J. 59 Coyert's Scriycner^s Guide, 2 y. Sp«; London, 1740. 
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J. 274 Cragii Jus Feudale, folio; Edinb. apudT. & W. Ruddimanno, 

J. 36 Crompton on Courts, p. 4to; London, 1794. 

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perty, with American Decisions, by E. D. Ingraham, 4 y. 
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Boston, 1823. 
J. 289 D'Anyer's Abridgment of the Common Law, 3 y. folio; 
London, 1725-'S7. 



[Chapter 18. 

Note.. .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

114 . Davies' Collection of Cases respecting Patents of Invention, 

8yo; London, 1816. 
1 34 Dixon's Treatise on the Law relating to Title Deeds, 2 v. 8vo ; 
London, 1826. 
, 273 Doctrina Placitandi, 4to; Lond.. 1677. 
110 Dunlop's Treatise on the Law of Scotland relative to Poor 

Rates, 8vo; Edinburgh, 1828. 
162 Du Ponceau's Dissertation on the Jurisdiction of the United 

States* Courts, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1824. 
190 Eden's Practical Treatise on the Bankrupt Law, 8vo; Lond. 
Egerton's Observations on Cobe's Reports, folio; London. 

; Speech on the Post-Nati, p. 4to; London, 1609. 

Exposition of Law Terms, 12mo; London. 
Fearne's Essay on Contingent Remainders and Executory De- 
vises; with Notes and Index, by Butler, 8vo; Philadelphia, 
Fessenden on the Law of Patents, 8vo; Boston, 1822. 
Field's Analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries, 8vo; New 

York, 1822. 
Finch's Discourse on Law, 8vo; London, 1759. 
Fitzherbert's Abridgment, p. folio; Tottell, London, 1577. 
Fortescue de Laudibus Legum Angliae; et Hengfaam, Magna 

et Parva, Seldeni, folio; Lond. 1741. 
Fulbecke's Parallel t)f the Civil, Canon, and Common Law, 

p. 4to; London, 1618. 
Gilbert's History of the Exchequer, 8vo; London, 1738. 
— — — Law of Distresses, 8vo; London, 1757.-.-- 

Law of Ejectments, 8vo; 1741. 

Law of Tenures, 8vo; 1757. 

3 GlanviJ: Tractatus de Legibus, &c., 12mo; Lond. 1673. 

''- — ^itio Totteli, ' "^ 

Topics in the Ltcws of England, by J. C; Lon- , , „ 

don, 1646, p^- '^^™^- 

Noy's Complete Lawyer; Londow, 1651, 
GUsson's Common Law Epitomized; London, 1679. 
Goodinge on Bankrupts, 8vo; London, 1701. 
Greenwood on Courts, 12mo; London, 1722. 
Griffith's Annual Law Register of the United States, dd and 

4th V. 8vo; New Jersey, 1822. 
Guide to English Juries, 12mo; London, 1725. 
Hale's History of the Common Law of England, 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1739. 
Hall's American Law Journal, 7 v. 8vo; Phila. 1808-'21. 
Hammond's Treatise on Parties to Actions, 8vo; Exeter, 1822. 

-^ Treatise on the Law of Nisi Prius, 8vo; Exeter, 












































J. 312 Hansard's Entries, folio; London, 1685. 



of the late Prendent JsnrsEsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 272 Kearneys Pleader, folio; London, 1657. 

159 Hoflfman's Course of Legal Study, 8vo; Baltimore, 1817. 
^160 Syllabus, and Introductory Lecture, Svo; Balti- 
more, 1821 and 1823. 
J. 306 Horaman^s Conveyancing, 2d and 3d v. folio; Lond. 1744. 
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129 Humphrey's Observations on the Actual State of the English 
Laws of Real Property, Svo; London, 1826. 
J. 70 Huxley's Second Book ,of Judgments, by. G. Townsend, p. 
4to; London, 1674. 
147 Ingraham's View of the Insolvent Laws of Pennsylvania, Svo ; 
Philadelphia, 1827. 
J. 47 Instructor Clericalis, 6 v. Svo; London, 1715. 

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J. 51 Jacob's (Giles) Accomplished Conveyancer, 3 v. 8vo; Lon- 
don, 1714. 
J. 66 — Common Law Commonplaced, Svo; Lon- 
don, 1726. 
J. 67 ' — Introduction to the Common, Civil, and Ca- 
non Law, 8vo; London, 1721. 

202 ' ■ Law Dictionary, corrected and enlarged by 

Tomlins, 6 v. Svo; New York, 1811. 
J. 65 — — ■ Statute Law Commonplaced, Svo; Londonj 

120a Jurist, (American,) and Law Magazine, vols. 1 and 2, for 1829, 

Svo; Boston, 1829. 
120d Jurist, (British,) or Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence and 
Legislation, 1st v. Svo; London, 1827. 
J. 14 Kaim's (Lord,) British Antiquities, 12mo: Edinburgh, 1 76S. 

J, 153 Law Tracts, Svo; Edinburgh, 1761. 

105 Kennedy's Treatise on the Law and Practice of Juries, Svo; 

London, 1826. 
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J. 196 Kilty's Maryland Landholder's Assistant, 8vo; Baltim. 1808. 
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124 Kyd's Treatise on the Law of Awards, with references to all 
the recent cases in England, and Notes upon the Reports 
of Referees in Pennsylvania, Svo; Philadelphia, 1808. 
170 Lawes' Treatise on Pleading in Assumpsit, with American 
Decisions, by J. Story, Svo; Boston, 1811. 
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J. 82 Law of Commons, Svo; London, 1720. 
J. 83 Law of Covenants, 8vo; London, 1712. 

130 COMMON LAW. [Chapter 18-^ 

Note.... The Works to which Ihe letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libntry 

J. 84 Law of Ejectments, 8vo; LoDdon, 1700. 

J. 72 Laws of England Delineated, Syo; London^ 1729. 

3. 85 Law of Evidence, 8vo; London, 1717. 

J. 81 Law of Mortgages, 8vo; London, 1706. 

J. 73 Law of Trespass, 8vo; 1704. 

J. 74 Law of Trover, 8vo; 1741. 

J. 78 Law of Uses and Trusts, 8vo; London, 1734. 

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119 Livermore on the Law of Principal and Agent, 2 v. Svo; Bal- 
timore, 1818. 
108 Long's Reflections on certain parts of the Law of England, 

8vo; London, 1827. 
186 Lowndes on the Law of Legacies, 8vo; London, 1824. 
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J. 285 Manley's Interpreter, fol.; London, 1672. 
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cisions, by J. W. Condy, 2 v. 8vo; Phila. 1810. 
114a Maugham's Treatise on the Laws of Literary Property, &c. 

8vo; London, 1628. 
163 McKinnon's Philosophy of Evidence, 8vo; Loudon, 1812. 
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American Decisions, i^vo; Exeter, 1824. 
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J. 292 MS. Abridgment, folio. 

J. 293 MS. Commonplace Book, (Sir John Randolph's,) folio. 
J. 294 MS. Commonplace Book, folio. 
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J. 63 New Retorna Brevium, by K, G., Svo; London, 1738. 
J. 303 Officina Brevium, folio; London, 1679. 
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J. 98 Opinions of Learned Counsel, MS. p. 4to. 

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New York, and in the Courts of the United States, 1st v. 
Svo; New York, 1830. 
118 Paley's Treatise on the Law of Principal and Agent, with 

additions by Niel Gow, Svo; Phila. 1822. 
173 Palmer's Practice in the House of Lords, on Appeals, Writs 
of Error, and Claims of Peerage, &c., Svo; London, 1830. 
166 Peake's Law of Evidence, with Decisions in the United 
States, by J. P. Norris, Svoj Phila. 1824. 


of the late President JsFFBBSoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

1 t^erkinson the Laws of England, 16s; London, 1621. 
123 Petersdorff's Practical Treatise on the Law of Bail, 8yo; 

London, 1824. 
165 Phillips' Treatise on the Law of Evidence, with References 
to American Decisions, 2 v. Svo; Boston, 1822. 

183 Treatise on the Law of Insurance, 8vo; Boston, 

J. 308 Pigott's Conveyancing, fo!. ; London, 1742. 
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8vo; London, 1806. 

J. 141 on Obligations considered in a Moral and Legal View, 

2 v. in 1, 8vo; North Carolina, 1802. 
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137 Powell on Devises, with a Treatise on the Construction of 

Devises, by Jarman, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1827. 
Id2 Powell's Treatise on the Law of Mortgages, with Notes by 
Coventry, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1822. 
J. 88 Practice of Fines and Recoveries, 8 vo; London, 1751. 

155 Preston's Practical Treatise on the Law of Legacies, 8vo; 

New York, 1827. 
132 Ram's Outline of the Law of Tenure and Tenancy, 8vo; 
London, 1825. 
J. 315 Rastell's Entries, foL; London, 1670. 
J. 42 Read's Declarations, 8vo; London, 1684. 

154a Reeve's History of the English Law, from the time of the 
Saxons to the end of the Reign of Elizabeth, 5 v. 8vo; 
London, 1814 to 1829. 

140 Treatise on the Law of Descents in the United States, 

8vo; New York, 1825. 
Registrum Brevium, fol.; London, 1687. 
Regula Placitandi, 8vo; London, 1694. 
Review of the Statutes, 8vo; London, 1713. 
Robinson's Discburse on Inheritance, 8vo; London, 175$. 

Entries, folio; London, 1684. ^ 

Rolle's Abridgment, 4 v. folio; London, 1668. 

Sampson's Discourse on the Origin, Progress, &c. of the 

Common Law, 8vo; New York, 1826. 
Saunders on Uses and Trusts, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1813. 
Scroggs on Courts, 8vo; London, 1714. 
Selwyn's Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius, with notes 
and references to American Decisions, by H. Wheaton, 
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Sheppard's Abridgment of the Common and Statute Law of 
England, 3 v. 4to; London, 1675. 
J^ 39 ■■ Precedents, 8voj Loadon, 1704. 

















J. 203 


J. 278 

132 COMMON LAW. [Chapter IS. 

NoT«,...The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

107 Shcppard's Precedent of Precedents, with Annotations by 
F. M. VanHeythuysen, 8vo; London, 1822. 

184 ■ ' Touchstone of Common Assurances, 2 v. 8vo; 

New York, 1808. 
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J. 7 Spelman's Discourse on Law Terms, 168; London, 1684, 
J. 286 Spelmanni Glossarium Archaiologicum; Londini, 1664. 
167 Starkie's Treatise on the Law of Evidence, with American 
Decisions, by Metcalf, 3 v. 8vo; Boston, 1826. 

180 Treatise on the Law of Slander, Libel, &c., with 

notes and references to American and late English Deci- 
sions, by E. D. Ingraham, 8vo; New York, 1826. 

128 Stearns' Summary of Sie Law and Practice of Real Actions, 
8vo; Boston, 1824. 
J, 172 Story's Selection of Pleadings, 8vo; Salem, 1805. 
J 56 Styles' Practical Register, 8vo; London, 1707. 

193 Sugden's Practical Treatise of Powers, with notes and refer- 
ences to American Decisions, by E. D. Ingraham, 8vo; 
Phila. 182S. 

181 .. Practical Treatise on Vendors and Purchasers, with 

notes and references to American Decisions, by E. D. In- 
graham, 8vo; Phila. 1820. 
J. 197 Sullivan's History of Land Titles in Massachusetts, 8vo; 
Boston, 1801. 

156 Lectures on the Constitution and Laws of England, 

by G. Stuart, 2 v. 8vo; Portland, 1805. 
206 Supplement to Viner's Abridgment by several Gentlemen 
in the Several Branches of the Law, 6 v. 8vo; London, 
133 Tamlyn on Terms of Years and other Chattels, 8vo; Lond. 
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J. 13 Tenant's Law, 12mo; Lond. 175a 
J. 270 Thesaurus Brevium, fol. ; Lond. 1687. 
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New York, 1807. 
136 Toller's Law of Executors and Administrators, 8vo; New 
York, 1815. 
J. 19 Touchstone of Precedents, 8vo; Lond. 1682. 
J. 62 Townsend's Preparative to Pleading, 8vo; Lond. 1713. 
J. 43 Trye, John: Jus Filizarii, 12mo; Lond. 1684. 

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York, 1825. 
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206 Viner's Abridgment of Law and Equity, with an Index, 

24 V. 8vo; Lond. 1791-.'94. 
206 Supplement to Viner, 6 v. Svo; Lond. 1799 — 1806. 


of the late President Jspfbrsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

125, Watson on the Law of Arbitration and Awards, 8vo; Lond. 

117 on the Law of Partnership, with references to Ame- 
rican Decisions, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1807. 
61 Watson's Practical Treatise on the Law relating to the Office 
and Duty of Sheriff, 8vo; London, 1627. 
J. 54 West's Symboiaeography, p. 4to; London, 1627. 
2Q2a Whishaw's New Law Dictionary, 6vo; London, 1829. 
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London, 1632. 
J. 155 Woodeson's Lectures on the Laws of England, 3 v. 8voj 

Dublin, 1792-'4. 
J. 20 Worthington's General Precedent for Wills, 12mo; London, 

104 Inquiry into the Power of Juries to decide 

incidentally on Questions of Law, 8vo^ London, 1828. 


J. 30 Annesley's Trial for Kidnapping, 12mo; London. 

225 Archbold's Summary of the Law of Pleading and Evidence 
in Criminal Cases, 8vo;. New York, 1824. 
J. 331 Bolton's Justice of Peace for Ireland, fol.; Dublin, 1683. 
243 Bradford's Inquiry how far the Punishment of Death is ne- 
cessary in Pennsylvania, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1793, 
J. 213 Burn's Justice of the Peace, 4 v. 8v6; London, 1770. 

32 Carrington's Supplement to the Modern Treatise on the Cri- 
minal Law, 12mo; London, 1826. 
J. 240 Case of Hamiltons t^j. Eaton, in North Carolina, respecting 
British Debts, 8vo; Newbern, 1797. 
234 Celebrated Trials and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Juris- 
diction, from the earliest records to the year 1825, 6 v. 
8vo; London, 1825. 
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J. 25 Clerk of Assize, 12mo: London, 1660. 

258 Cobbett and Howell's Complete Collection of State Trials, for 
High Treason, and other Crimes and Misdemeanors, from 
1163 to 1820, 33 v.'8vo; London, 1809 to 1826; with an 
Index, by Jardine, (341h v.) 8vo; London, 1828. 
J. 28 Criminal Recorder, 12mo; Philadelphia, 1812. 
J. 266 Dalton's Country Justice, fol.; London, 1666. 


NoTs....The Works to which the letter J. b prefixed, were in the X<ibrary 

218 Davis's Practical Treatise on the Authority and Duty of Jus* 
tices of the Peace, in Criminal Prosecutions^ 8vo; Boston, 
230 East's Pleas of the Crown, 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1806, 

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J. 259 Le mgme, 2 v. 4toj Paris, 1786. 


of the late President Jsftbrsoit, when it was purchased by Coni^ess in 1815. 

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Note... .The Worki to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

249 Trial of Judge Chase, before the Senate of the United States, 
for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, 8ro; Wash. 1805. 
248 Trial of Judge Prescott^ before the Senate of Massachusetts, 
in 1821, for Misconduct and Maleadministration in Office, 
8vo; Boston, 1821. 
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Lyon, to recover Damages for False Imprisonment, on a 
charge of Robbing the Bank in 1798, 8vo; Phila. 1808. 
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dictment for a Combination and Conspiracy to raise their 
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ant} Arthur Lord Balmerino, for High Treason, folio; 
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of the Armies of the United States, 12mo; Wash* 1806. 

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257 SamuePs Historical Account of the British Army, and of the 

Military Law, 8vo; London^ 1816. 



JUeote 5.] BRITISH REPORTS. 137 

ot the late Preuident Jxffsbboit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XIX [Alcove N^' 5.] 



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139 \ COMMON LAW. IChapier 19. 

Note.. ..The WorkH to which the letter J. U prt^fix^d, were in the Library 

l i n. .1 .. . i.i ■< • i ■> ■ ' i I ■ II.. !.■■-. ill i III I ■ I I r I , I ■ I . '■ Z. 

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21 Durnford & East's Reports of Cases in the Court of Kind's 

Bench, 26 — 40 George IIL, 8 v. Svo; Philadelphia^ 

Jilawi 5*] BRITISH REPORTS. 18§ 

(■i the U'e PreHident .Ieppsbboit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

22 Dyer's Reports of Cases in the reigns of Henry VIIL, Edw« 

VLf Mary, and Elizabeth; translated by J. Vaillant, with 
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of England, relating to the grandest Prerogative of the 
Royal Family, and some Observations relating to the Pre- 
rogative of a Queen Consort, folio; London, 1748. 

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and others; containing all the Points of Law Argued and 

Determined in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, 

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J. 74 Jenkins' Reports of Cases in the Exchequer Chamber, from* 

4 Henry III. to 21 James I., folio; London, 1734. 

140 COMMON LAW. [Chapier 19. 

Note.... The Worts to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 75 Jones' (Sir Wm.) Reports of Cases in the Court of King's 
Bench, &c., from 18 James I. to 16 Charles I., folio; Lon- 
don, 1675. 

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Bench, Chancery, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, from 
the restoration of Charles II. to the end of the reign of 
William III., 12 v. in 9, 8vo; Dublin, 1794. 

Alcove 6.] BRITISH REPORTS. 141 

of the late President jKvrERsoiTy when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 86 Moore's (Sir Francis) Reports of Cases in the Courts at West- 
minster, from 1 Henry VHI. to 8 James I., folio; Lon- 
don, 1688. 

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mon rleas and Exchequer Chamber, from 57 George UI. 
to 1 George IV., 4v, 8vo; London, 1818-'22. 

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the Cases in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, 
Exchequer, and Nisi Prius, 1821-'23, 8vo; Lond. 1824. 

41 ' - ' Digested Index to the Reports of all 

the Cases in the Courts of King's Bench, &c., 1823 and 
1824, 8vo; London, 1825. 

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from 1785 to 1818; continued to 1819, by J. E. Hall, 2 v. 
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nue, in the Court of Exchequer, from 1743 to 1767; with 
an Appendix, containing Cases upon the same subject in 
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Cases in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, Ex- 
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from the Restoration in 1660, to Michaelmas Term, 4 
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Cases esteants matters en Ley, et de les Arguments sur 
yceux, en les temps des Raygnes le Roye Edwarde le Size, 
le Roigne Mary, le Roy et Roigne Phillip et Mary, et le 
Roigne Elizabeth, folio; Lond. 1578. 

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the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, &c., folio; 
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into English, with some remarkable Cases reported by 
others since his death, from 15 James I. to 2 Charles I., 
folio; London, 1682. 

142 COMMON LAW. [Chapter 1». 

NoTK....Thc Works to which the letter J is prefixed, were in the Library 

.46 Price^s Reports of Cased in the Court of Exchequer, from 54 
George 111. to 1 George IV., 9 v. 8vo; Lond. 1816-'25. 

J. 47 Raymond's (Lord Robert) Reports of Cases in the Courts of 
King's Bench and Common Pleds, in the reigns of King 
William, Queen Anne, King George L and King George 
II., with References, &c., by John Bayley, 3 v. 8rOf 
Dublin, 1792. 

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the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Ex- 
chequer, in the reign of Charles II., folio; London, 1743. 

J. 94 Reports of all the Cases determined by Sir John Holt, from 
1688 to 1710, folio; London, 1738. 

48 Reports of Cases upon Appeals and Writs of Error in die 

High Court of Parliament in Ireland, since the restora- 
tion t>f th€ Appellate Jurisdiction, 3 v. 8vo; Dublin, 

49 Ridgeway, Lapp, and Schoale's Irish Term Reports, 34 &, 35 

Geo. IIL, 1st vol. 8vo; Dublin, 1796. 

J. 50 Salkeld's Reports of Cases in the Court of King's Bench, 
with some special Cases in the Courts of Chancery, Com- 
mon Pleas, and Exchequer, froffi 1 Wm. & Mary to lO 
Anne, 3 v. 8vo; Dublin> 1791. 

J, 95 Saunders, (Chevalier Edmund^ Reports des divers Pleadings 
et Cases ^n le Court del Bank le Roy, en le temps del 
Reign sa tres Excellent Majesty le Roy Charles le II., 

2 V, in 1, folio; Lond. 1722. 

51 Saunders' (Sir Edmund) Reports of several Pleadings and 
Cases in the Court of King's Bench, &c. &c.; with Notes 
and References, by John Williams, 4th Am. edition, from 
the 5th London ed. by J. Patteson and E. V. Williams, 

3 V. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1828. 

J. 96 Savile's (Sir John) Reports of Select Cases in the Court of 
King?s Bench, 22 — 36 Elizabeth, folio; London, 1688. 

J, 97 Shower's (Sir Bartholomew) Reports of Cases in the Court 
of King's Bench, in the Reign of Wm. IIL, folio; Lon- 
don, 1708. 

J. 98 — Reports of Cases and Arguments 

in the Court of King^s Bench, from 30 Charles IL to 
3 James II. , folio; London, 1720. 

J, 99 . ■ Cases in Parliament, upon Pe- 
titions and Writs of Error, folio; London, 1740. 

J, 100 Siderfin: Second Partde les Reports esteant plusieurs Cases 
come ils Estoyent Argue et Adjudgees en le Court del 
Upper Banck, en les ans 1657, 1658, and 1659, folio; Lond. 

J. 101 Skinner's Reports of Cases in the Court of King's Bench, from 
33 Charles II. to 9 William III., with some Arguments in 
Special Cases, folio; London, 1728. 

JUcovt 5.] BRITISH REPORTS. 148 

of the laie President Jritbbsok, when it was purchased hP'Cnn^ess in 1815. 

52 Starkie's Reports of Cases determined at Nisi Prius, in the 
Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and on the 
Circuit, from 1814 to 1819, ("Ist American edition,) 2 y^ 
8vo; Exeter, 1823, 

J. 53 Strange's Reports of Cases in the Courts of Chancery, King^s 
Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, from 2 George L 
to 21 George II , 2 v. 8vo; Dublin, 1792. 

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minster, from 2X Charles 1. to the end of Mic. Term, 
1655, folio; London, 165B. 
54 TauntoR's Reports of Cases in the Court of Common Pleas, 
and other Courts, from 1807 to 1819, 8 v. 8vo; New- York, 
1810-'16, and Boston, 1823-'4. 

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Cases, iii the Court of Common Pleas, 17 — 25 Charles II. 
folio; London, 1706. 

J. 104 Vcntris's Reports of Cases in the Court of King's Bench, in 
the reij^n of Charles II. ; and in the Court of Common 
Pleas, in the reigns of Charles II. and James n., and in 
the three first years of William and Mary, &c., foiio; Lon- 
don, 1726 

J. 55 Willes' Reports of Cases in the Court of Common Pleas, 
8—32 George 11. ; with Notes and References, by C. Durn- 
ford, «vo; Philadelphia, 1802. 

' 102a Wilmot's Notes of Opinions and Judgments, 4to; London, 

J. 56 Wilspn's Reports of the Cases in the King's Courts at West- 
minster, from 16 George 11. to 14 George III., 3 v. 8vo; 
Dublin, 1792. 

J. 87 Winch's Reports. See Not/. ' 

105 Year Books, from 1 Edward 11. to 27 Henry VIIL, 10 v. 
folio; London, 1678-'80. 

57 Yelverton's Reports of divers Special Cases in the Court of 

King's Bench, 44 and 45 Elizabeth, and 1 — 10 James I. ; 
with Notes and References, by Theron Metcalf, 8vo; An- 
dover, 1820. 

58 Younge and Jervis's Reports of Cases in the Courts of Ex- 

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144 COMMON LAW. [Chapter 19. 

NoTi..^.The Vl^ks to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 


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Jilcove 6.] AMERICAN REPORTS. 145 

of the late PresVlpiit Jstfersok, when it was purchased wi Goneness \n 1815. 

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Courts, and District Courts of the United States, 8vo; 
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146 COMMON LAW. IChapter 19, 

NotJt....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 


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M:(ne 6.] AMERICAN REPORTS. 147 

of the late President Jxffbbsok, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

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ture* and in the Qourt for the Trial of Impeachments and 
the Correction of Errors, of the State of New York, 1828 
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vania; with some Select Cases at Nisi Prius, and in the 
Circuit Courts, from 1791 to 1795, 4v. 8voj Philadelphia, 

14S COMMON LAW. [Chapter 19. 

., . . . , , - ■ , , . , II ' 

Note.. ..The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 


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and Court of Appeak of the then Province of Maryland, 
from the year 1700 to the American Revolution, Svo; 
New \ork, 1809. 

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vincial Court, 3 V. Svo; New York, 18 12-' 13, and An- 
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and Rules of Courts, Svo; Richmond, 1825. 

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of Appeals of Virginia; with Select Cases, relating chiefly 
to Practice, decided by the Superior Court of Chancery 
for the Richmond District, 4 v. Svo; Phila. 1808, and 
New York, ISlO-'ll. 

151 Kamper vs. Mary Hawkins, on a Question adjourned from the 
District Court of Dumfries, for Novelty and Difficulty, 
touching the Constitutionality of an Act of Assembly; 
decided by the General Court of Virginia, Nov. 16, 1793, 
12mo; Philadelphia* 1794. 

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reported by Washington, Call, Hening and Munford, joint- 
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Mcovt 6.] AMERICAN REPORTS. 149 

of the late President Jeffkaboit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

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ladelphia, 1823. 


, 165 Cameron & Norwood's Cases ruled and detertnined by the 
Court of Conference of North Carolina, from 1800 to 
1804, 8vo; Raleigh, 1805. 

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of Eminent Judges, Opinions of American and Foreign 

Jurists, and Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of 

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lumbia, 1822-'26. 

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Eastern District of the State of Georgia, Syo; New York, 


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and Appeals of Tennessee, and in the Federal Court for 
the District of West Tennessee, 1st v. 8voj Nashville, 

160 COMMON LAW. . IChapter 19. 

Note... The Works to which the Ifctter J. w prefixed, were in the Library 

.144 Haywood's Reports of Cases ruled and decided by the Su- 
preme Court of Errors and Appeals for the State of Ten- 
nessee, 1817 and 1818, 2 v. 12mo; Nashville^ 181S. 

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tod Equity, Federal Court, and Supreme Courts of Errors 
and Appeals for the State of Tennessee, 2 v. 8vo; Knox- 
ville, 1813-'17. 

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Appeals of the State of Tennessee, from 1822 to 1824, 
8voj Knoxville, 1824. (present.) 


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in the Court of Appeals of Kentucky, from 1808 to 1817, 
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Court for the District of Kentucky, and by the Court of 
Appeals, in which the Titles to Land were in dispute, 
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decided by the Court of Appeals of the Commonwealth 
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peals of Kentucky, not heretofore reported, 8vo; Frank- 
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argued and decided in the Court of Appeals of the Com- 
monwealth of Kentucky, from 1824 to 1827,4 v. 8vo; 
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3 V. 8vo. 


156a Martin's (P. X.) Reports of Cases in the Superior Court of 
the Territory of Orleans, p. 8vo; New Orleans, 1810. 

Alcove 6.] EQUITY. 151 

of Che Itte President Jkffe&son, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XX [Alcove N^ 6.] 



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162 EQUITY. [Chapter 20, 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, w»re in the Library 

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Jlkove 6.] EQUITY. 153 

of the late President Jxffbkboit, when it was purchased by Congrei>s in 1815. 

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164 LAW— ECCLfcSlASTICAL. IChapter 21. 

1— ^— — ■■■— — ^^ ■■■ ■ ..I ■ .'II ' •<• • ■ ■■■ -^ *-".-L- l' ■■ ■ 

NoTK....The Worki to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the l^ibraiy 

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CHAPTER XXL....C Alcove N^ 6.] 



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Svo; London, 1827. 


of the late Fresirh nt Jbfpebbok, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 







. J- 




























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Jura Ecclesiastica, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1749. 

Nelson's Lex TestamentaHa, 8vo; London, 1728. 

Parson's Answer to Sir Edward Coke, 8vo; London, 1606. 

Phillimore's Reports of Cases in the Ecclesiastical Courts at 
Doctors' Commons, and in the High Court of Delegates, 
from 1809 to 1821, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1818, '22, and '27- 
1 Pleadings for the Marquis de Gesvres, 2d v. 12mo; London, 
16 Roberts' Treatise on the Law of Wills and Codicils; with a 
Digest of American Decisions, 2 v. 8vo; Exeter, 1823. 

Swinburne on Espousals, p. 4to; London, 1711. 

on Wills, (2d edition, and last published by the 

author,) p. 4 to; London, 1611. 

— ' ^ on Wills, (5th edition,} folio; London, 1728. 

on Wills, (7th edition,) with Powell's Annotar 

tions, 3 V. 8vo; London, 1803 
Watson's Clergyman's Law, folio; London, 1747. 

CHAPTER XXIL.-..[Alcove N^ 6.] 



13 Abbott's Treatise on the Law relative to Merchant Ships and 
Seamen, with the Annotations of Judge Story, 8vo; 
Exeter, 1822. 

37 Acton's Reports of Cases in the CouH of Appeals in Prizie 
Causes, from 1800 to 1811, 8yo; London, 1811. 


NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libraiy 

Azuni's Maritime Law of Europe, by Wm. Johnson, 2 v» 

8vo; New York, 1806. 
Barton's Dissertation on the Freedom of Navigation and 

Maritime Commerce, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1802. 
Beawes' Lex Mercatoria, folio; London, 1761. 
Benecke's Treatise on Marine Insurance, Bottomry, and 

Respondentia, 8vo; London, 1824. 
Boucher, P. B.: Institution au Droit Maritime, 4to; Paris, 


Institutions Commerciales, 4to; Paris, 1801. 

Brice's Selection of all the Laws of the United States relative 

to Commercial subjects, 8vo; Baltimore, 1814. (2 copies.) 
Browne's Compendious View of the Civil and Admiralty 

Law, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1802. 
Champagne, J. F: La Mer Libre, et la Mer Ferm^, analyse de 

Orotius et de Selden, 8vo; Paris, 1803. 
Chitty's Treatise on the Laws of Commerce and Manufac- 
tures, 4 V. 8vo; London, 1824. 
Cleirac: Us et Coustumes de la Mer, 4to; Bourdeaux, 1661. 
Clerke's Practice of the Courts of Admiralty of England, 

12mo; London, 1722. 

— Praxis Curiae Admiralitatis Angliae, 16s; Lond. 1579. 

Cooper's Opinion on the Effect of a Sentence of a Foreign 

Courtof Admiralty, 8 vo; Phila. 1810. 
Cunningham's Law of Bills of Exchange, &c., 8vo; London, 


Merchant's Lawyer, 2 v. 8vo; London,- 1762. 

Dodson's Reports of Cases in the High Court of Admiralty, 

from 1811 to 1815, 8vo; London, 1815. 
Edwards' Reports of Cases in the High Court of Admiralty,. 

from 1808 to 1812, 8vo; New York, 1815. 
Emerigon, B. M. : Essay on Maritime Loans, trans, from the 

French, with Notes, &c., by J. E. Hall,8vo; Bait. 1811. 
:- • Traitfe des Assurances et des Contrats a la 

Grosse, 2 v. 4to; Marseille, 1783. 
Fell's Treatise on the Law of Mercantile Guarantees; with 

Notes and References to American Decisions, by C.- 
Walker, 8vo; New York, 1825. 
Porster's Digest of the Laws of Trade,. 8vo; London, 1727. 
General Treatise of Naval Trade and Commerce, 2 v. 8vo;; 

London, 1753. 
General Treatise of the Dominion of the Sea, and a Complete 

Body of the Sea Laws, Ancient and Modern, 4to; Lond.. 

Jacobs' (Giles) Lex Mercatoria, 8vo; London, 1729. 
Jaeobsen's Laws of the Sea, with reference to Maritime Com- 
merce, during Peace and War,, trans, by W. Frick, 8vOy 

Baltimore, 1818. 





































of the late President Jeffsbbok, when it was purchased by Confess in 1815. 

17 Lawns' Practical Treatise on Charter Parties, &c., 8vo; Lond* 

J. 44 Malynes' Lex Mercatoria, 2 v. folio; London, 1686. 
J» 5 Marius's Advice concerning Bills of Exchange, 8yo; Phila. 

' 34 Marten's Essay on Privateers, Captures, and particularly on 

Recaptures, tr. from the French, with Notes, by T. H. 

Home, 8vo; London, 1801. 
35 Maxwell's Spirit of the Marine Law, or Compendium of the 

Statutes relating to the Admiralty, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1808. 
J. 25 MoUoy, Charles: De Jure Maritimo, 8vo; Lond. 1722. 

12 Pardessus, J M. : Cours de Droit Commercial, 5 v. 8vo; Paris, 

40 Peters' Admiralty Decisions for the District Court of the 

Pennsylvania District, &c., 2 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1807. 

(2 copies.) 
J. 46 Postlethwayt's Universal Dictionary of Trade and Commerce, 

2v. folio; London, 1766. 
J. 29 Proceedings of the United States in relation to their Neutral 

Trade, from 1793 to 1806, 8vo; Washington, 1806. 
J. 41 Robinson's Reports of Cases in the High Court of Admiralty, 

from 1798 to 1800, 8vo; Phila. 1800, 

42 Reports of Cases in the High Court of Admiralty, 

from 1798 to 1808, 6 v. 8vo; Phila. 1800—1808, and 
New York, 1810. 

15 Stevens on Average and Arbitration, 8vd; London, 1822. 

43 Stewart's Reports of Cases in the Court of Vice Admiralty 

at Halifax, from 1803 to 1813, 8vo; London, 1814. 

J. 30 Tracts. — Examination of the British Doctrine, which sub- 
jects to Capture a Neutral Trade, not open in time of 
Peace, by James Madison, 8vo. — ^War in Disguise, or the 
Frauds of tlie Neutral Flags, Svo; London, 1805. — 
Answer to War in Disguise, by Gouvemeur Morris, 8vo; 
New York, 1806. 

J. 31 Tracts. — Jenkinson on the Conduct of Great Britain to Neu- 
tral Nations, (2d edition,) 8vq; London, 1759. — Schlegel's 
Neutral Rights, 8vo; Phila. 1801.— Croke's Remarks on 
Schlegel, 8vo; London, 1801. — Translation of Chapters 
273 and 287 of the Consolato del Mare, relating to Prize 
, Law, 8Vo; London, 1800. — M6moire Justificatif de la 
Conduite de la Grande Bretagne, en arr^tant les Navires 
Strangers et les Munitions de Guerre, destinies aux In- 
surgens de l'Am6rique, 8vo; Londres, 1778. — Observa- 
tions on the Justificative Memorial of the Court of Loor 
don, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1781.— The Rights of Neutrals,, 
by Noah Webster, 8vo. 

158 CIVIL LAW, CODES, &c. [Chapter 2^: 

Note . ..The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, w- re in the Library 

32 Tracts. — Schomberg's Treatise on the Maritime Laws of 
Rhodes, 8vo; Oxford, 1786.--DissertatioQ qui a remportfe 
le Prix de I'Acadimie Rojrale des Inscriptions et Belles- 
Lettres, k P^ues, 1784, par M. de Pastoret, sur cette 
question: Quelle a kte I'influence des Loix Maritimes 
des Rhodiens sur la Marine des Grecs et des Romains^ et 
I'influence de la Marine sur la Puissance de ces deux 
Peoples? 8vo; Paris, 1784. 

29a Ward's Treatise of the Relative Rights and Duties of Bel- 
ligerent and Neutral Powers, in Maritime Afiairs, 8vo; 
London, 1801. 

36 Wheaton's Digest of the Laws of Maritime Captures and 
Prizes, 8voj New York, 1815. 

CHAPTER XXTII [Alcove N^ 6.] 

OXVIZ. |:.4^WT-STATVTB8y 4iO. 

Section L CIVIL LAW, CODESv &c. 

J. 40 Argou: Institution au Droit Francois, 2 v. ISmo; Paris, 1787. 

J. 65 Arrets de 1784— 1788, 4tO} Paris, 1784-.'8: 

12 Bachii Historia Jurisprudeutiae Romanse, .8vo; Lipsise, 1807. 
61 Bouchaud, C: Commentaire sur la Loi des Douze Tables, 2 

V. 4to; Paris, 1803. 
10 Brencmanni Historia Pandectarum, seu Fatum Exemp. Flo- 
rentini, 4to; Traj. ad Rbenum, 1722. 

83 Brissonii de Formulis et Solennibus Populi Romani Verbis Li- 

bri VIII., folio; Lipsias, 1754. 

84 Brissonii de Verborum quae ad Jus Civile, pertinent, Signifi- 

catione, cura J. 6. Hein<eccius, folio; Halse Magd. 1743. 
J. 3 Brissonius et Hotmanus de Veteri Ritu Nuptiarum, 16s; Lug. 
Bat 1641. 

13 Brunquelli Historia Juris Romano-Grermanici, 8vo; Amst. 

Bynkershoek, C. : Opera, 6 v. p. 4to; Lug. Bat. 1752. 
Calvinus, alias Kahl: Lexicon Juridicum, folio; 1669. 
Camus: Lettres sur la Profession d^Avooat, 12mp; Paris, 1777. 
Code Civil des Fran§ais, l2mo; Paris, 1804. 
de Commerce, 8vo; Paris, 1807. 






Move 6.] CIVIL LAW, CODES, &c. 159 

of the late President JsrFBiuioH, wUen it wa*. purchased by Con|p<es8 in 1815. 

J. 35 Code de Commerce, 16s^ Paris, 1807. ^ 

J. 34 d'lnstruction Cnmiueile) 16s; Paris, 1809. 

J« 33 de Procedure Ci^le, 168; Paris, 1808. 

J. 32 Napoleon, IGs; Paris, 1807. 

29 Napoleon, (translated into English, from the official edi- 
tion of 1804,) 8yo; London, 181^5. 

J. 44 Penal, et d'lnstruction Criminelle, 8vo; Paris, 1810. 

47 of GentooLaws, tr. into English, by N. B. lialhed, 8\o; 

London, 1777. 
J. 20 Codex Justinianus, p. 4to; Paris, 1532. 

j)7 Theodosianus, cum Perpetuis Commentariis Jacobi 

Gothofredi, quibus adjecit suas J. D. Ritteri, 7 v. folio; 
Lipsiae, 1736-'45. 
88 Cujacii Opera Omnia, 10 v. folio; et Index, per D. L. Be 
Turris, 1 v. folio; Neapoli, 1758. 
Domat's Civil Law, tr. by Wm. Strahan, 2 v. fol. ; Lond. 1721. 
Freaerician Code, 2 v. 8vo; Edinburgh, 1761. 
Gebaueri et Spangenbergi, Corpus Juris Civilis, 2 v. 4to; Got* 

tiiigae, 1797. 
Gothofredi Corpus Juris Civilis, 2 v. folio; Antverpiae, 17S6. 

Corpus Juris Civilis, 2 v. 8vo; excud. G. Laema- 

rius, 1598. 

Pontes Quatuor Juris Civilis, p. 4to;Genevae, 1653. 

J , 














Gravina: Esprit des Loix Romaines, traduit par Requier, 3 v. 

12mo; Amst 1756. 
Gravinae Origines Juris Civilis, 4to; Neapoli, 1722. 
Jurisprudeqtia Romana et Attica, contenens Variot) Commen- 
tatores et Opuscula Omma Francisci Balduini, &c., 3 v. 
folio; Lug. Bat 1738-^41. 
35 Jurisprudentia Vetus Ante-Justinianea, ex recetisione et cum 

Notis Ant Schultiagii, 4to; Lipsiae, 1737. 
19 Jus Civile Ante-Justinianeum, Cod. et Optim. ed. ope a So* 
cietate Jurisconsultorum Curatum; Praefatus est ed Ind. 
editionum adjecit Gustav. Hugo, 2 v. 8vo; Berolini, 1815. 
J. 22 Justinian's Institutes, Lat Eng., by G. Harris, 4to; London, 
21 _— Lat. Engi, with Notes, hy Judge Coop- 
er, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1812. 
30 Las Siete Partidas del Rey Don Alfonso el Sabio, 3 v. 4to; 

Madrid, 1807. 
43 Lepage, P. : Lois des BStimens, ou le Nouveau Desgodets, 
2v. 8vo; Paris, 1811. 
J. 78 Leunclavii Juris Graeco-Romani tarn Canonici quAm Civilis, 
tomi duo, Gr. et Lat, editi curft M. Freheri, folio; Fran- 
coforti, 1596^ 
Livinf^n's Codes for Louisiana. See p. 169. 
J. 5 Loix Puisnes chez les Grecs, d^yeloppees par les Remains, 
12mo; Paris, 1765. 

168 AMERICAN STATUTES. [Chapter 2Z. 

NoTB....The Wnrka to which the letter J. is prefijced, were in the library 

59 Statutes at Large, of England, and of Great Britain^ from 
Magna Charta to 5 George IV,, 1824; with Notes, &c., 
by J. Raithby, 41 v- 8vo; London, 1811-^24. 
58 Statutes of the United Kingdom of England and Ireland, 
from 47 Geo. IIL, 1807, to 3 (Jeo. IV., 1832, 16 v. 8vo; 
London, 1807--'22. 
75 Tyrwhitt & Tyndale's Supplement to a Digest of the Public 
General Statutes, containing the Acts passed in the 3d, 
4th, 5th, and 6th years of' the Reign of George IV., 4to; 
London, 1826. 
50 Warrand's edition of the New Insolvent Act, 7 George IV,, 
with a copious Index, 12mo; London, 1827. 
J. 53 Washington's (Joseph) Abridgment of all the Statutes of King 
William and Queen Mary, and of King William III. and 
Queen Anne, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1708. 
J. 68 Wilkins: Leges Anglo-Saxonicse Ecclesiasticse et Civiles, &c., 

Sax. Lat, folio; Londini, 1721. 
J. 52 Wingate's Abridgment of all the Statutes in force and use 
from the beginning of Magna Charta, 8vo; Lend, 1704. 



90 Act$ of Congress, from 1789 to 1829, 19 v. 8vo; Philadelphia 

and Washington, 1796-^1829. 
J. 191 Acts of Congress, passed in the year 1789, folio; Phita. 1789. 

94 Gordon's Digest of the Laws of the United States, with an 

Abstract of the Judicial Decisions relating to the Constitu- 
tional and Statiitory Law, &c., 8vo; Phila. 1827, 
93 Ingersbll's Digest 6f the Laws of the United States, from 1 789 
to 1820, 8vo; Phila. 182L 

91 Laws of the United States, from 1789 to 1815, 5 v. 8vo; Phila. 

91 The same, from 1815 to 1821, 6fli vol. 8vo; Wash. 1822. 

91 The same, from 1821 to 1827, 7th vol. 8vo; Wash. 1827, 

92 Public and General Statutes, from 1789 to 1827, inclusive, 

whether expired, repealed, or in force; published under 
the inspection of Judge Story, 3 v. 8vo; Boston, 1827. 


95 Laws of the State of Maine, published according to a resolve 

of the State, passed March 8, 1821, 2 v. 8vo; Brunswick, 

96 Laws of the State of Maine, from 1822 to 1828 , 8vo; Hallo well, 



ot the late President Jsvfsbson, when it was purchased by Congrress in 1815. 

97 Laws of New Hampshire, published by aathority> d y. 8vo^ 

Exeter, 181 5< 

98 Laws of New Hampshire, passed in the years 1825, 1826^ 

1827, and 1828, Svo; ConcOrd, 1825-^28. 


100 Laws of the State of Vermont, digested and compiled, com-< 

Ing down to and including the year 1807, 2 v. 8yo; Ran- 
dolph, 1808. 

101 Laws of the State of Vermont, passed in the years 1825, 1826, 

1827, and 1828, 8yo; Bennington and Woodstock, 1825 

99 Slade^s Compilation of the Laws of Vermont, coming down 

to and including the year 1824, 8vo; Windsor, 1825. 


J. 177 Acts and Laws of his Majesties Province of the Massachu- 
setts-Bay, in New England, p. folio; Boston, 1699. 

J. 192 Acts and Laws of his Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay, in New England, folio; Boston, 1726. 

102 Charters and General Laws of the Colony and Province oi? 

Massachusetts-Bay, 8vo; Boston, 1814. 

104 General Laws of Massachusetts, from the adoption of the Con- 

stitution to February, 1822, 2 v. 8vq; Boston, 1823. 

103 Laws of Massachusetts, from Nov. 28, 1780> to June 18, 1817, 

5 V. 8vo; Boston, 1807-'17. 

105 Laws of Massachusetts, passed in 1824 and 18!^5, 8vo; Bos- 

ton, 1824-^5. 

106 Laws of Massachusetts, passed in 18^6, 1827, and 1828^ 8vo^ 

Boston, 1826-^28. 


J. 178 Acts and Laws of his Majesties Colony of Rhode Island and 
Providence Plantations, in America, p. folio; Boston, 

107 Public Laws of the State of Rhode Island, revised by a Com- 

mittee of the General Assembly, in January, 1822>8vo$ 
Providence, 1822. (3 copies.) 


J. 179 Acts and Laws of his Majestieis Colony of Connecticut, in New 
England, p. folio; New London, 1715. 

108 Statute Laws of the Slate of Connecticut, published by au- 

thority of the General Assembly, 2 v. 8vo; Hartford^ 
1808. c-v 

164 AMERICAN STATUTES, [Chapter 2S. 

NoTS....TKe Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

109 Staftute Laws of the State of ConBeeticut, as revised and en- 
acted by' the General Assembly, in May, 1821, 8vo; Hart- 
ford, 1821. 


J. 74 Acts of Assembly, passed in the Province of New York, from 

1691 to 1718, folio; London, 1719. 
J. 110 Laws of the State of New York, published by autfiority, 2 v. 

8vo; Albany, 1802. 

111 I^aws of the State of New York, revised and passed at the 

36th session of the Legislature, 2 v. 8vo; Albany, 1813. 

1 12 Laws of the State of New York, passed in the year 1826, 8vof 

Albany, 1826. 
• 113 Laws of the State of New Yotk, passed in the year 1827, 2 v- 
8vo; Albany, 1827. 

1 14 Laws of the State of New York, passed in the year 1828, 8vof 

Albany, 1828. 

1 15 Revised Statutes of the State of New York, passed during the 

years 1827 and 1828, 2 v. 8vo; Albany, 1829. (presents) 


117 Acts passed by the General Assembly of New Jersey, in the , 

years 1821, '22, '23, and '24, 8vo; Trenton, 1822-'3f 
Princeton, 1824. 

118 Acts passed by the General AssemUy of New Jersey^ in the 

years 1825, '26, and '27, 8vo; Trenton, 1825-'7. 

116 Laws of the State of New Jersey, revised and published un- 

der the authority of the Legislature, 8vo; Trenton, 1821. 
(3 copies.) 


J. 1 93 Acts passed by the General Assembly of the Province of Penn- 
sylvania, 1768-'9, folio; Philadelphia, 1769. 

120 Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed from 

the year 1812 to the year 1820, inclusive, 2 v. 8voj 
Philadelphia, 1813-'20. 

121 Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed in 

1821-'22, 8vo; Harrisburgh, 1822. 

122 Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed in 

1823-^25, 8vo; Harrisburgh, 1824-'25. 

123 Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed in 

1825-'26, 8vo; Harrisburgh, 1826. 

124 Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed in 

1827-'28, 8voj Harrisburgh^ 1828. 

125 Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed in 

1829-^30, 8vo; Harrisburgh, 1830. 


of the late President Jxfpsbsok, when it waa purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 180 Collection of all the Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania 
now in force, p. folio; Philadelphia, 174^. 
119 Laws of Pennsylvania, from the 14th of October to the 2d 
of April, 1822; republished under the authority of ther 
"^ Legislature, 7 v. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1810-'22. 
.126 Purdon's Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania, from the year 
1700 to the 30th of March, 1824, 8vo; Phila. 1824. 

127 Troubat & Haly's Digest of the Acts of Assembly of Penn- 
sylvania, passed in the sessions of 1824-^25 to 1828-'29, 
inclusive, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1829. 


128 Laws of the State of Delaware, from the 14th of October, 
1700, to the 13th of January, 1820, 5 v. 8vo; Newcastle 
and Dover, 1797—1820. 

129 L^aws of the State of Delaware, from 1822 to 1825, 8vo; 
Dover, 1822-^25. 

130 Laws of the State of. Delaware, passed in the years 1826 and 
1827, 8vo; Dover, 1826-'27. 

131 Laws of the State of Delaware, passed in the year 1829, 8v<i; 
Dover, 1829. 

132 Laws of tiie State of Delaware, to the year 1829, inclusive; 
revised edition, 8vo; Wilmington, 1829. (2 copies— pre**) 


J. 181 Laws of Maryland, from 1692 to 1799, revised and collected 
by William Kilty, 2 v. 4to; Annapolis, 1799 — 1800. 

133 Laws of Maryland, from the end of the year 1799 to Februa- 
ry, 1819, with a full Index, &c., 5 v. 8vo; Annapolis. (2 

134 Laws of Maryland, passed in 1819, 8vo; Annapolis, 1820. 

135 Laws of Maryland, from December, 1818, to February, 1823, ' 
8vo; Annapolis, 1819-^23. 

136 Laws of Maryland^ from December, 1823, to February, 1825, 
i 8vo; Annapolis, 1824-^5. 

'^ 137 Laws of Maryland, from December^ 1824, to March, 1826^, 

8vo; Annapolis, 1824-'6. 
138 Laws of Maryland, from December, 1825, to March, 1826, 
8vo; Annapolis, 1825-'6. 
' 139 Laws of Maryland,' from December, 1826, to March, 1827, 
8vo; Annapolis, 1827. 

140 Laws of Maryland, from December, 1826, to March, 1828, 
8vo.; Annapolis, 1827-^8. 

141 La^s of Maryland, from December, 1827, to March, 1828, 
8vo; Annapolis, 1828. 

142 Laws of Maryland, from December, 1828, to March, 1830, 
8vo; Annapolis, 1829-'30. 

166 AMERICAN STATUTES. [Chapter 281. 

Note... .The Works to which the letter J. is pi^lized« were in the Library 


1^3 Burch's Digest of the Laws of the Corporation of the City of 
Washington, to the 1st of June, 1823; with an Appendix, 
containing the Acts of Cession from Maryland and Vir- 
ginia} the Laws of the United States relating to the Dist 
trict of Columbia, &c. ^ 8vo; Washington^ 1823. 

State of vrROtNiA. 

J, 213 . Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, from 1661 to 1768^ 

folio; Williamsburgh, 1769. 
J. 147 Beverley^s Abridgment of the Public Laws of Virginia, in 

force ami use, June 10, 1720, 12mo; London, 1728. 
J- 146 Charter, Transfer, and Statutes, of the College of William and 

Mary, in Virginia, Lat. Eng., 8vo; Williamsburgh, 1758- 
J» 209 Code reported by the Committee of Revisors, appointed by 

the General Assembly in 1776, folio; Richmond, 1784. 
J. 210 Code reported by the Committee of Revisors, appointed by 

the General Assembly in 1790, folio; Richmond, 1792. 
J. 208 Collection of Acts and Ordinances passed since the year 1768; 

Eublished under the Inspection of the Judges of the High 
ourt of Chancery, folio; Richmond, 1785^ 
Jk 214 Collection of all such Acts of the General Assembly of Vir- 
ginia as are now in force; published pursuant to an act of 
&e General Assembly, passed December 28, 1792, folio; 
Richmond, 1794. 
J. 151 Collection of all such Acts of the General Assembly of Vir- 

frinia, of a public and permanent nature, as are now in 
orce, 3 v. 8vo; Richmond, 1808, 1808, and 1812. 
. 144 Hening's Statutes at Large; being a Collection of all the Laws 
of Virginia, from the first session of the Legislature, in the 
year 1619, to the end of the year 1792, 13 v. 8vo; Rich- 
mond, New York, and Philadelphia^ 1819-^23. (pres.) 

3, 199 Laws of Virginia, 1623-'4, folio; MS. 

J. 200 Laws of Virginia, from January 6, 1639, to April 1, 1642, 
folio; MS. 

1.201 Laws of Virginia, from Msu*ch 2, 1643^ to March 23^ 1662^, 
folio; MS. 

J. 183 Laws of Virginia, 1660-^; MS. 

J. 202 Laws of Virginia, from Maurch 23, 1662, to August 15, 1702^ 
folio; MS. 

J. 203 Laws of Virginia, from December 23, 1662, to Oct. 21, 1697, 
folio; MS. 

J. 182 Laws of Virginia, from April 16, 1684, to April 1, 1692, p. 
folio; MS. Appendix to Pervls, Na 182. 

J. 204 Laws of Virginia, from Oct. 25^ 1705^ to April 2, 17-^^ fo-- 

Alcove 6.] AMERICAN STATUTES. 167 

of the late President Jiffkbsojt, when it was purchased by Confess inl 1815. 

J. 205 Laws of Virginia, from Oct. 25, 1705, to Nov. 7, 1711, folio; 

J. 206 JUaws of Virgini^f from 1661 to 1742, folio; Williamsburgh. 
J. 207 Laws of Virginia, from 1662 to 1794; various revisals, 7 v, 

folio; London, Williamsburgh, and Richmond. 
J, 212 Laws of Virginia, from 1661 to 1748, folio; Williamsburgh, 

J. 211 Laws of Virginia, from 1666 to 1727, folio. 

196 Letters, Proclamations, Patents, in 1622 and 1623: — Corres- . 

pondence, 1625: — ^Transactions in Council and Assembly; 

their petition, and his Majesty's Answ^, folio; MS. 
J. 148 M^rcer^s Abridgment of all the Public Acts of Assembly of 

Virginia, in force and use, 8vo; Williamsburgh, 17S7. 
J. 149 Mercer's Abridgment of all the Public Acts of Assembly of 

Virginia, in force and use, January 1st, 1758; with MS. 

Notes, 2 V. 8vo; Glasgow, 1759. 

197 Orders, from February, 1622, to Nov. 1627, folio; MS. ' 

J. 182 Pervis^s Collection of all the Laws of Virginia, from 1662 to 

1682, carefully copied frpm the Assembly Records, p. fo* 

lio; London. 
J. 150 Randolph's Abridgment of the Put^Iic Permanent Laws of 

Virginia, 4to; Richmond, 1796. 
195 Records of Inquisitions, from 1665 to 1676, p. folio; MS. 
215 Records of the Virginia Company, from the 28th of April,, 

1619, to the 19th of June, 1624, 2 v. folio; MS. 
145 Revised Code of the Laws of Virginia; being a Collection of 

all such Acts of the General Assembly, of a public and 

permanent nature, as are now in force; with a General In« 

dex, 2 V. Svo; Richmond, 1819. 
152 Tate's Digest of the Laws of Virginia, which are of a perma** 

nent character and general operation, illustrated by Judi^ 

cial Decisions, 8vo; Richmond, 1823. 

198 Transactions of the Council, from Dec. 9, 1698, to May 20,. 

1700, folio; MS* 


J. 184 Acts of the General Assembly of North Carolina, from 1715 
to 1803, revised by F. X. Martin, 2 v. in 1, 4to; New- 
bern, 1804. 

J. 194 Laws of the State of North Carolina, published according to 
act of Assembly, by James Iredell, folio; Edenton, 1791. 
163 Laws of the State of North Carolina, revised, under the au- 
thority of the Greneral Assembly, by H. Potter, J. L. Tay- 
lor, and B. Yancey, 2 v. 8vo; Raleigb, 1S21. 
154 Revisal of the Laws of tibe State of North Carolina, passed 
from 1821 to 1825, both years inclusive, by J. L. Tay- 
lor, Sv^; Raleiglh, 18i27. 

168 AMERICAN STATUTES. [Chapter 28. 

NoTs — The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 


155 Brevard's Alphabetical Digest of the Public Statute Law of 

South Carolina, 3 v. Svo; Charleston, 1814. 


157 Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Geoi^ia, passed 

in the years 1820 and ]821> 8vo; Milledgeville, 1820-'21. 

185 Clayton's Compilation of the Laws of the State of Georgia, 

fromNovember, 1800, to December, 1810, 4to; Augusta, 

186 Lamar's Compilation of the Laws of Georgia, passed since 

1810, to the year 1819, inclusive, 4to; Augusta, 1821. 

187 Marbury and Crawford's Digest of the Laws of Georgia, 

from 1755 to 1800, inclusive, 4to; Savannah, 1802- 

156 Prince's Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia, passed 

previous to the Session of the General Assembly of De- 
c^nber, 1820, Svo; Milledgeville, 1822. 


160 Acts passed by the General Assembly of Eentuc]^y, from 

December, 1817, to January, 1829, 12 v. 8vo; Frankfort, 
159 Digest of the Statute Law of Kentucky, from the commence- 
ment of the Government to the year 1822; also, the En- 
flish and Virginia Statutes yet in force, &c., by Wm. 
littell and Jacob Swigert, 2 v. Svo; Frankfort, 1822. 

158 Statute Law rf Kentucky, with Notes, Praelections, and Ob- 

servations on the Public Acts, &c., by Wm. Littell, 5 v. 
Svo; Frankfort, 1809-'19., 


162 Acts passed by the General Assembly of the State of Tennes- 

V see, in the years 1824 aod 1825, Svo; Murfreesborough 
and Knoxville, lS24-*5. 

161 Laws of the State of Tennessee, including those of North 

Carolina now in force in this State, from the year 1715 to 
the year 1820, inclusive, 2 v. (vol. 1 in 2 parts,) 8vo; 
Knoxville, 1821. 


163 Acts of a general nature, enacted, revised, and ordered to be 

reprinted, at the 1st session of the 18th General Assembly 
of the State of Ohio, begun and held in the town of Co- 
lumbus, Dec 6, 1819^ Syo; Columbus, 1820. (2 copies.) 



Alcoee 6.} AMERICAN STATUTES. 169 

of the late President jEPFsiifioN, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

164 Acts of a general nature, enacted, &c. , at the Ist session o 

the 22d General Assembly of the State of Ohio, begun 
and held in the town of Columbus, Dec. 1, 1823, 8vo; 
Columbus, 1824. (2 copies.) 


165 Laws of the State of Indiana, passed in 1816, 1817, 1818, 

and 1819, 8vo; Corydon, 1817-'19. 


166 Laws passed by the General Assembly of Illinois, from Nov* 

15th, 1824, to Jan. 18th, 1825, 8vo; Vandalia, 1825. 
,167 Revised Code of Laws of Illinois, enacted by the 5th General 
Assembly ,^ at their session held at Vandalia, commencing 
on the 4th of December, 1826, and ending the 19th of 
February, 1827, 8vo; Vandalia, 1827. 


168 Laws of the State of Missouri, revised and digested by au^ 
thority of the General Assembly, 2 v. Syoj St. Louis, 
1825. (present. J 


J. 169 Acts passed at the first session of the first Legislature of the 
Territory of Orleans, 1806, 8vo; New Orleans, 1806. 

J. 170 Acts passed at the iirstsession of the second Legislature of the 
Terriloryof Orleans, 1808, 8vo; N. Orleans, 1808. 

173 Acts passed by the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, from 

the 18th of November, 1816, to the 23d of March, 1822, 
2 V. 8vo; New Orleans, 1817-^23. 

188 Civil Code of the State of Louisiana, 4to; New Orleans, 1825. 

189 Commercial Code for the State of Louisiana, folio; New Or- 

leans, 1825. 
J. 171 Kerr's Exposition of the Criminal Laws of the Territory of 
Orleans, 8vo; New Orleans, 1806. 
172 Martin's Digest, of the Acts of the Legislatures of the late 
Territory of Orleans, and of the State of Louisiana, 3 v. 
8vo; New Orleans, 1816. 

190 System of Penal Law, prepared for the State of Louisiana, 

by Edward Livingston, folio; New Orleans, 1824. 


174 Digest of the Statutes of the Mississippi Territory, contain- 

ing the Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of 
the United States Northwest of the River Ohio, and such 
Acts of Congress as relate to the Mississippi Territory^ 
Svo; 1807. 

170 POLITICS. [Chapter 24. 

NoTS....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were ia the Libraiy 

175 Revised Code of the Laws of Mississippi, comprising all sueh 

Acts, of a general nature, as were in force at the end of 
the year 1823, 8vo; Natchez, 1824. 


176 Laws of the Territory of Michigan, 8vo; Detroit, 1820. 

CHAPTER XXIV [Alcove N^ 7-3 


J. 685 Acherley's Britannic Constitution, folio. 
J. 321 Adams' Essays, 8vo. 

J. 332 Adams' Defence of the American Constitution, 2 t. 8yo. 
387 Adams (J. Q.) on the Fisheries and Mississippi, 8vo. 
376 Address of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting National 
Industry, 8vo. (3 copies.) 
J. 169 Addresses, par Condorcet, 8vo. 
J. 61 Addison's Freeholder, 12mo. 
J. 317 Administration of the Colonies, by Governor Pownal, 1764,. 

J. 578 Aislabie's Case in Parliament, 4to. 
J. 143 Almanac des Ambassadeurs, par Wedekind, 8vo. 
J. 507 Almanach de Commerce, par Tynna, 1808, 8vo. 
J. 205 Almanachs Imperiaux, 1807-'8-'9, 3 v. 8vo. 
J. 164 Almanachs Royaux, pour 1785-'6-'7-'8, et 1791, 5 v. 8vo. 
357 Am^ica; o Examen General de la Situacion Politica de la» 
Diferentes Potencias del Continente Occidental, 8vo. 
53 American Almanac for the year 1830, 12mo; Boston. 
J. 324 American Gazette, No. 1, 8vo. 
J. 518 American Negotiator, 8vo. 
J. 359 American Remembrancer, 1795, 3 y, 8vo. 
J. 521 American Traveller, p. 4to. 
571 Ames' (Fisher) Works, 8vo. 
J. 503 Anderson's History of Commerce, with Combe's Continua- 
tion, 6 V 8vo. 
J. 202 Answers to Burke, by Priestley and Mcintosh, 8vo. 
J. 64 Arcana Parliamentarian 12mo. 

Jikave 7.] POLITICS. ITl 

of the hxe Preside nt JsFPBBiov, when it was purchased by Congrrcss in 1815. 

J. 607 Aristotle's Treatise on Government, Eng. byEllis, 4to. 

J. 651 Arilhmfetique Linfeaire de Play fair, 4to. 

J. 872 Ashby vs. White, 8vo. 

J. 293 Atwood's Dominion of England over Scotland, 8vo. 

J. 630 Ayleshury Election, 4to. 

J. 6S2 Bacon on the Government of England, folio. 

J. 211 p. 4to. 

J. 56 Bagsh^tw's Rights of the Crown, 1 2mo. 

524 Baker's View of the Commerce of the Mediterranean Sea, 
8vo. {present) 

J. 649 Baldwin's British Customs, or Rates of Merchandise, 4to. 

J. 249 Bartow, Pigott, and Publicola, 1791-'95, 8vo. 

J. 208 Bart sur les Colonies, 8vo. 

182 Bases Fondamentales de 1 'Instruction Publique, &c., par F. 
Lanthenas, 8vo, 

330 Beaujour's Sketches of North America, from 1800 to 1810, 

J. 18 Beccaria oq Crimes and Punishments, 12mo. 

97 Bentham's Defence of Usury, l2mo. 

J. 21 Panopticon, or Penitentiary, 3 v. 12mo. 

490 Plan of Parliamentary Reform, 8vo. 

492 Bentham on Codification, 8vo. 

494 •- — - on Government, a Fragment, 8va 

493 on Morals and Legislation, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 147 Bielfield: Instituciones Politioas de Portugal y Espana, por 

Foronda, p. 4to, 

J. 517 Biscoe's Merchant's Magazine, 8vo. 

248 Black Book, or Corruption Unmasked, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 273 Blackstone's Case of the Middlesex Election, p. 4to. 

J. 361 Blodget'js Statistical Manual for the United States of Ame- 
rica, 8vo. 

J. 10 Bedin de la R6publique, p. 8vo. 

440 Boeckh's Public Economy of Athens, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 698 Bohun's Debates, Reports, &c. on the Election of Members 

of Parliament, folio. 

J. 225 Bolingbroke's Dissertation on Parties, 8vo. 

J. 226 Patriot King, 8vo. 

458 Bollman's Paragraphs on Banks, (pamp.) 8vo. 

554 ■ Letter to Brand on Specie Payments, 8vo. 

J. 71 Bougainville sur les Droits des M&tropoles Grecques, 12mo. 

514 Boyd's British Tariff and Commercial Guide, 8vo; Lond. 1826. 

515 : 8vo; Lond. J 828. 

J. 687 Brady of Boroughs, folio. 

575 Bristed's Resources of the British Empire, 8vo. 

532 Resources of the United States of America, 8vo. 

J. 99 British Merchant, 2d and 3d vols. 12mo. 

J. 78 British Treaty, and Pieces on it, 12mo. 

J. 507 Brougham on the Colonial Policy of Europe, 2 v. 8vo. 

172 POLITICS. [Chapter 2A. 

NOTK. . . .The Works to which the letter J. is pr. fixed, were in the Library 

J.' 60 Brown's Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times, 

J. 267 ' Privilegia Parliamentaria, 8vo. 

J. 219 Burgh's Political Disquisitions, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 221 Burnet's Rights of Princes in Ecclesiastical Benefices, 8vo. 

J. 370 Burr's Case, by Cheetham, 8vo. 

282 Burton's Parliamentary Diary, 4 v. 8vo. i 

J. 224 Cabala; Mysteries of State, first edition, p. 4to. 

J. 694 third edition, folio. 

J. 171 Cahiers de Nemours, par Dupont, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 364 Callender's History of the United States, for 1796, 8vo. 

J. 251 — Political Progress, part second, 8vo. 

J. 354 Political Register, 1794-.'95, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 586 Prospect before Us, 1799, 8vo. 

J. 366 Sedgwick & Co., 1798, 8vo. 

J 365 Sketches for 1798, 8vo. 

J. 163 Calonne de I'Etat de la France, present et k venir, 8vo; 1790. 

J. 373 Capture of the Olive Branch, vol. 2d, 1805. 

421 Cardozo's Notes on Political Economy, 8vo. 

J. 223 Care's English Liberties, Svo. 

374 Carey's New Olive Branch, 8vo; Phila. 1820. (2 copies.) 

J. 702 Carkesse's Book of Rates, folio. 

360 Carpenter's American Senator, 3 v. 8vo. 

378 Cartas de Un Americano al Espaiiol, 8vo; Londres, 1812. 

J. 557 Casaux sur le M6chanisme des Societies, 8vo. 

J. 633 Case of the Battureat New-Orleans, 4to. . 

J. 391 3 V. 8vo. 

J. 577 Case of the Su^r Trade, 4to. 

J. 560 Cavendish's Public Accounts of Ireland, 1791, 8vo. 

722 Census of 1820, folio. 

J. 286 Chandler's Debates of the House of Commons, 1660-^-1743, 
14 V. 8vo. 

J. 285 Debates of the House of Lords, 16p0 — 1741, 7 v. 


J. 670 Charter of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, &c., fol. 

J. 112 Chastellux de la Ffelicit6 Publique, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 95 Child on Trade, 12mo. 

J. 77 Chipman's Sketches of the Principles of Government, 12mo. 

338 Cincinnati, with the By-Laws, Rules,. &c. of the New Jersey 
State Society, 8vo. 

659 Clarendon's Sketch of the Revenue and Finances of Ireland^ 

J. 641 Clarke on Saxon^ Roman, and English Coins, 4to. 

J. 525 Claviere et Warville de la France et des Etats Unis, 8vo. 

563 Cobbett's Letters on the Late War, 8vo. 

602 Political Register, 1 802-' 1 1 , 1 8 v. 8vo. 

603 Cobbett and Hansard's Parliamentary History, from 1066 to 

1803, 36 V. 8vo- 

Alcove 7.] POLITICS. 173 

of the late President jEFFERsoVy wh«n it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

604 Cobbett and Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, from 1863 to 

1829, 61 V. 8vo. 
151 Coleccion de Varios Papeles sobre la Revolucion de Espaiiai 

12 V. 12mo and 4to; 1808. 
663 , Collection de Comptes Rendus, 4to. 
310 Collection de Mfemoires sur les Colonies, par V. Malonet, 5 v. 

1 80 Collection G6nerale des D6cret8 de P Assemblfee Nationale, 1 8 v. 

274 Collection of all Remonstrances, Declarations, Votes, Orders, 
Ordinances, Petitions, Messages, and other remarkable 
Passages between the King and Parliament, from Decem- 
ber, 1641, until March 21, 1642, p. 4to; London, 1642. 
624 Collection of all the Public Orders, Ordinances, and Declara- 
tions of both Houses of Parliament, from the 9th of March, 
1642, until December, 1646, folio; London, 1646. 
118 Colonial Policy of Great Britain, 8vo. 
J. 308 Colony Titles, viz: of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ver- 
mont, 8vo, 
J. 306 Colony Tracts, 173l-'33, 8vo. 
J. 125 Colquhoun on the Police of London, 8vo. 

665 ' on the Wealth, Power, and Resources of Great 

. Britain, 4to. 
J. 109" Commentary and Review of Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws, 

1811, 8vo. 
J. 657 Commerce de I'Am^rique, par Marseille, 2 v. in 1, 4to. 

661 Le meme, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 652 Commercio de' Romani di Mengotti, 4to. 
J. 664 Comptes duTresor Public, 1803-'4,'4to. 
J. 98 Condillac sur le Commerce et Gouvernenient, 12mo. 

677 Congressional Register, by Gales & Seaton, 3 v. 8vo. (5 cop's. ) 
138 Congress of Aix La Chapelle, by De Pradt, 8vo. (present ) 

137 — ^ of Vienna, by De Pradt, 8vo. 

438 Cooper's Lectures on Political Economy, 8vo. 
291 ___ Proceedings in Parliament, relative to the Defects in 
the Administration of Justice in the Court of Chancery, in 
the House of Lords, and in the Court of Commissioners of 
Biankruptcy, Svo. 
78a Cooper's Notions of the Americans, 2 v. 12mQ. 
J, 66 Considerations on the Right of Prelates to sit in Capital Cases, 
149 Constitucion para la Nacion Espanola, por Don Alvaro Flo- 

rez Estrada, Svo. 
639 Constitucion para la Republica Peruana, 4to; 1826. (present.) 
J. 129 Constitutions des Prindpaux Etats, par de la Croix, 4 v. 8vo. 
386 Constitution de la Rfepublique de Colombia, 8vo. (present) 
J. 130 Constitution and Government of the Germanic Body, 8vo. 
J. 84 Constitution of Louisiana, pamphlet, 12 mo. 

174 POLITICS. [Chapter 24. 

NoTs....The Works to which the letter J . is prefixed, were in the L>bnuy 

J. 83 Constitution of Tennessee, 12mo. 

J. 148 of the Spanish Monarchy, 8vo. 

9 of the United States of America; the Rules of the 

Senate, and of the House of Representatives; with Jeffer- 
son's Manual, 12nio; Washington, 1828. 
J. 380 Constitutions of the States of America, 8vo. 

J. 81 12mo. 

82 Constitutions of the States, and of the United States, with the 
Declaration of Independence, 12mo. (6 copies.) 
J. 636 Constitutions des Treize Etats Unis de rAm6rique, par le 
Due de la Rochefoucault, 4to. 
114 Conversations on Political Economy, 12mo. 
J. 691 Cotton's Abridgment of the Records in the Tower by Prynne, 
232 Cottu on the Administration of Criminal Justice in England, 

427 Cours d'Economie Politique, par Storch, 6 v. 8vo. 
230 Coventry's Critical Enquiry concerning the real Author of 
the Letters of Junius, proving them to have been written 
by Lord Viscount Sackville, Svo; London, 1825. 
634 Coxe's Statement of the Arts and Manufactures of the United 
States, in 1810, 4to. 

J. 530 View of the United States, 8vo. 

J. 227 Craftsman, 2 v. Svo. 

311 Craig's Elements of Political Science, 3 v. 8vo. 

312 Remarks on some Fundamental Doctrines of Political 

Economy, Svo, 
J. 24 Cragus de Republica Lacedaemoniorum, 12mo. 
J. 547 Davenant on Grants and Resumptions, 8vo. 

313 Davenant's Political and Commercial Works, 5 v. 8vo. 

J. 550 ■ Reports on the Public Accounts, 1711, Svo. 

. 483 Davies's Case of Laborers in Husbandry Considered, Svo. 

J. 101 Impositions, 12mo. 

531 Dearborn's Commerce and Navigation of the Black Sea, 3 
V. Svo. 
J. 276 Debates of 1680, 8vo; 2 copies, viz: ed'nsof 1681 and 1725. 
J. 194 Debates du 10 Aoiit, 1792, Svo. 

J. 362 Debates of Congress on the Treaty Power, 1796, part 2d, Svo; 
J. 344 Debates of the Assembly of Pennsylvania on the Bank, 1788, 

by Thomas Lloyd, 3d v. Svo. 
J. 601 Debates of the House of Commons in 1785, 3 v. Svo, 
J. 301 Debates of the Irish Commons, 2 v. Svo. 
J. 275 Debates of the Parliament of 1679, on the Popish Plot, Svo. 
J. 70 Debates on Abdication, 1695, 12mo. 

573 Debates and Proceedings of the New York Convention, Svo. 
J. 573 Debates on the Constitution in the Convention of New York, 

Jikove7.'i POLITICS. 175 

of the late Presid'-nt Jxfpkbboit, when it was purchased by (Congress in 1815. 

J. 339 Debates on the Constitution, in the Conirention of Massachu- 
setts. 1788, 8vo. 
J. 341 Debates on the Constitution, in the Convention of Pennsylva- 
nia, 8vo. 
J. 342 Debates on the Constitution, in the Convention of Virginia, 
559 De Bosset's Parga and the Ionian Islands, 8vo; London, 1821. 
J. 600 Debrett's Collection of Tracts, 1763-'70, 4 v. 8vo. 
J. 94 Decker on Trade, 12mo. 
J. 401 De F Administration Provinciale et de la Reforme de PImpot, 

par le Trosne, 2 v 8vo. 
J. 582 Delia Necessiti di Riformare la Legislazione, da Antonio, 
419 De la Richesse Commerciale, par J. C. L. Sismonde, 2 v. 8vo. 
499 Del'Industrie Frangoise, par M. Chapta], 2 v. 8vo. 
217 De Lolme on the English Constitution, 6vo. 

J, 50 . sur la Constitution d'Angleterre, 2 v. in 1, 12mo. 

J. 400 De rOrdre Social, par le Trosne, 8vo. 

J. 209 Des Colonies Modernes, et particuli^rement de St Domingue, 
par Barre St Venant, 8vo. 
159 Des Communes et de i* Aristocratic, 12mo. 
576 Des Douanes et des Prohibitions, par Chaptal, 3 copies^ 

(present* J 
141 Designs of Russia, by L. Evans, 8vo. 
J. 72 Deslandes sur Tlmportance de la Revolution Am6ricaine, 

J. 271 Determinations of the Commons in Elections, 8vo. 
J. 322 Dickinson's Political Writings, 2 v. 8vo. 

653 Dictionnaire Universel de la G6ographie Commergante, par 

Peuchet, 5 v. 4to. 
721 Digest of Manufacturing Establishments in the United States, 
in 1822, folio. 
J. 681 Discourse on Government, by Brady, folio. 
J. 90 Discourse on Trade and Coin, p. 8 vo. 
J. 19 Discurso sobra las Penas de Espaila, por de Lardiz&bal y Uribe, 

p. 8vo. 
J. 45 Discours sur plusieurs Nations d'Europe, d^Albon, 4 v. 12mo. 
J. 292 Doddridge's Wales, 8vo. 
J. 156 Droit Public de la France, par Lauraguais, Svo. 

210 Droit Public des Colonies Frangoises, par M. Petit, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 684 Dugdale's Origines Juridiciales, folio. 

196 Du Gouyeroement de la France depuis la Restauration, par F. 
Guizot, Svo. 
J 510 Dupont sur le Traite de Commerce entre la France et PAngle- 
terre, 8vo. 
719 East India Company's Records, by Cfesar Moreau, ob, folio. 
140 Eaton's Survey of the Turkish Empire, 8vo. 

176 POLITICS. [Chapter 24. 

NoTi....The Woiks to which the letter J. is prefixed, werr in the Library 

J. 520 Edgar's Book of Rates, 8vo. 

J. 14 El Desengafio del Hombrey por Pugliay 12ino. 

343 Elliot's Debates on the Adoption of the Federal Constitu- 
tion, 4 V. 8vo. (2 copies. ) 
101a Ellis's British TariflF for 1829-'30, 12mo; London, 1829, 
J, 613 Ellys's Tracts on Liberty, 4to. 

69 Elsynge on the Manner of holding Parliaments in England, 
12mo; Lond. 1768, 
J. 469 Embargo laws — Pamphlets, Letters, and Speeches upon the, 

1808, 8vo. 
J. 58 English Liberties, 1.2mo. 

59 Ensaio do Codigo Criminal^ por P. Jose de Mello Freire, 
J. 699 Ephemeris Parliamentaria, or Register of Transactions of 3 
and 4 Car. 1, fol. 
544 Essai Historique sur le Commerce de la Mer-Noire, par An- 

thoine, 8vo. 
428 Essai Politique sur le Revenu Public, par M. C. Ganilh, 2 
y. 8vo. 
J. 644 Essai Suppl6mentaire a l'Encyclop6die sur les Monnoies, 

par Beyerle, 4to. 
J. 207 Essai sur PAdmimatration de St Domingue, 8yo* 
J. 158 Essais Politiques sur l'6tat actuel de quelques Puissances, par 

M. i?. C. B., 1777, 8vo. 
J. 165 Essais sur la Constitution des Assemble Provinciates^ par 

Condorcet, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 47 Essais sur les Colonies Francoises, 12mo. 
J. 122 Essay on Government, by Mrs. Lee, 8vo. 

144 Establishment of the Turks in Europe, 12mo. 
J. 258 Etat actuel de la Grande Bretagne, 1804, O'Connor, 8vo. 
581 Etat Civil et Politique de I'ltalie sous des Goths, par W. T. 
W. Tone, 4to. f present. J 
3. 132 Etat des Cours de I'Europe pour I'Annfee 1788, 8vo. 
J. 174 Etats G6n6raux de 1789, par Brissot, 8vo, 
J. 154 European Pamphlets, 1794—1805, 8vo. 
J. 627 European Pamphlets, 180l-'4, 4to. 

480 Everett's New Ideas on Population, 8vo. (present.) 
356 Political Situation of the Western Continent of Ame- 
rica, 8vo. 
136 — — Survey of Europe, 8vo. 
J. 100 Every Man his own Broker, by Mortimer, 12mo. 
23 Every Man his own Stock Broker, 12mo. 
304 Evidence of the State of Ireland in 1825, 8vo. 
388 Examination of the New Tariff, by Cambreleng, 8vo. (2 
copies. ) 
J. 551 Excise Tracts, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 404 Explication du Tableau Economique, par 1' Abbfe Baudeau,. 8vo. 

































J. 203 








1 J- 


Miav07.] POLITICS. i7T 

of the late President J£F?kbsoii, when it was purchased by Confess in 1815. 

198 Fastes Civils de la France, depuis POuverture de P Assembl6e 
des Notables, 3 v. Svo. 
Federal Parmer, 12ino, 
Federalist, 2 v. 12mo. 
Federaiist, Svo. (Gideon's ed.) 4 copies. 
Ferguson's Essay on Civil Society, 4to. 
Filmer's Observations on Government, 8vo. 
Foronda de la Economia Politica, 3 v. Svo. 

de Hospitales, Svo. 

— ^ sobra la Policia, 12mo. 

Fortesque on Monarchy^ Svo. 

Foster's Essays on Commercial Exchanges^ Svo. 

Franklin's Pieces, 4to* 

Franklin's Political Works, Svo. 

Ganilh's Political Economy, SVo. 

Gee on Trade, 12mo. 

Gentz' State of Europe, Svo. 

Godwin's Inquirer, 12mo. 

: — Inquiry relative to Population, Svo. 

Political Justice, 2 v. 12mo. 

Goerres' Germany and the Revolution; tr. from the German^ 

by J. Black, 8vo; London, 1820. 
Goldsmith's State of the French Republic in the year 8, 8vo, 

State of the French Republic, in 1804, Svo. 

Gordon's Cato's Letters, 4 v. 12mo. 
—— — Independent Whig, 4 v. 12mo. 
Gourlay's Statistical Account of Upper Canada, 3 v. Svo. 
Gray's Essential Principles of the Wealth of Nations, Svo. 
Gray on the Happiness of States, 4to. 

Great Britain and America, pamphlets, from 1765 to 1781, 10 
V. Svo. 

497 Greenleaf 's Statistical View of the District of Maine, Svo; Bos- 
ton, 1816. (present.) 
424 Grenville's Essay on the supposed Advantages of k Sinking 
Fund, Svo. 
J. 233 Grey's Debates, 10 v. Svo. 
J, 262 Gordon's History of Parliament, 2 v. Svo. 
J. 67 Hakewell's Mod* Ten. Pari, and Method of passing Bills, 16s. 
J. 265 Hale's Jurisdiction of Parliaments, Svo. 

495 Hallam's Constitutional History of England, from the acces- 
sion of Henry VII. to the death of George II., 3 v. 8vo; 
Boston, 1829. 
553 Hamilton's Enquiry into the British National Debt, Svo. (2 

383 Hamilton's Works, 1st V. Svo. 
J. 612 Harrington's Oceana, p. folio. 

444 Harris's Essay on Money and Coins, Svo. 


178 I^OLITICS. [Chapter 24. 

NoTK....The Works to which the letter J. is prefix, d, vn re in tlie Library 

J. 620 HatselPs Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Com- 
mons, 3 V. in 1, 4to. 
621 . Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Com- 

monsy 4 v. 4to. 
J. 658 Hawkesbury's Report on the Corn Laws, 4to. 
J. 635 Hazard's Collection of American State Papers, 4to, Ist vol. 

558 ficeren's Politics of Ancient Greece, 8vo. 
J. 17 Heston's Moral and Political Truth, 12mo. 

119 Histoire de la Fondation des Colonies des Anciennes R^pub- 

liques, par Cerisier, 8vo. 
167 Histoire des Etats G6neraux, par M . PAbbfe Robin, 2 v. 8vo, 
166 Histeire du Directpire Exfecutif de la R6pubJique Frangaise, 

2 V, 8vo. 
660 Histoire G^n6rale des Finances de la France, par M. Ar- 

nould, 4to. 
545 Histoire Raisonnee du Commerce de la Russie, 'par J. B, 
Scherer, 2 v. 8vo. 
J* 213 Historical Essay on the English Constitution, 8vo. 

580 Historical Remarks on the Taxation of Free States, 4to. 
J. 284 History of the Parliament and Convocation of 1710, 8vo* 
J. 1 Hobbes de Cive, 16s. . 

690 Hobbes' Political and Moral Works, folio. 
J. 264 Hollis's Remains, 8vo. 
J. 680 Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, folio. 

230 Works, by Dobson, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 517a Hoppus's Measurer, 8vo. 

J. 28 Hornii Dissertationes Historical et Politicae, p. 12mo. 

561 Howard on Hospitals, Svo. 
J. 622 — on Prisons, 4 to. 

623 Howard's Account of the Lazarettos of Europe, 4to. 
449 Huskinson on the Depreciation of Currency, 8vo. 
3 Ideas Necessarias, 12mo. (present.) 
J. 127 Id6e sur les Secours a donner aux Pauvres Malades, Svo. 
J. 535 II Colbertismo di Mengotti, 8vo. 
J. 655 Impositions en Europe, par Beaumont, 5 v. 4to. 

640 Instruccion Reservada del Reyno de N. E. que el Exmo. Sr. 
Virrey, Conde de Revillagigedo, dio k su Sucesor el Exmo. 
Sr. Marques de Branciforte, en el ano de 1794, folio, MS. 
J. 625 Instruction sur les Insens6s, et les H6pitaux, 4to. 

150 Introduccion para la Historia de la Revolucion de Espana^^ 

por Don Alvaro Florez Estrada, 8vo. 
541 Jacob's Report on the Trade in Foreign Corn, Svo. 
8 Jefferson's Manual, 12mo. (8 copies.) 
J. 345 Journals of Congress, from 1774 to 1786, 13 v. S^o. 

349 Journal of the Federal Convention, 8va. 
J. 717 Journals of the House of Representatives, 1769-'93, 7 v. foL 























Jilcwe 7.] POLITICS- 179 

of. the late PresifltrM Jx^fsrsok, when it was pupcha«fd by CouL'ress in 181. 5. 

J. 599 Journals of the House of Representatives of the United States^ 
1793—1809, 17 V. 8vo. 
599 Journals of the House of Representatives of the United States^ 
from 1813 to 1830, 15 v. 8vo. 
J. 716 Journals of the Senate, 1789-'95, 6 v. folio. 
J. 598 Journals of the Senate of the United States, 1797—1809, 12 
V. 8vo. 
598 Journals of the Senate of the United States, 1815 — 1830, 15 

V. 8vo. 
598 Journal of the Senate, from the 1st to the 15th Congress, 

1789—1815, 5 V. 8vo. 
597 Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the 
United States, from the Commencement of the First, to 
the Termination of the Twentieth Congress, 3 v. 8vo. (5 
353 Journal of the Senate of Virginia, 1778-'79, and 1785-'90, 2 
V. 8vo. 

675 Journal of the Virginia Convention, 1788, 8vo; Richmond, 

1827. ("present J 
J. 671 Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1740i-'59, 4to. 
J. 672 Do do do 1760-^74, 4to. 

J. 673 Do do Delegates, 1778-*81, 4to. 

J. 718* Do do do 1784-'S6, folio. 

676 Journal of the House of Delegates of Virginia, 1776-^90, 4r 

V. 4to. {present. J 

351 Journal of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, 

from Decem|)er, 1806, to March, 1816, 10 v. 8vo. 

352 Journal of the Senate of Pennsylvania, from December, 1806, 
to March, 1816, 10 v. 8vo. 

Journal des Debats, depuis 1800jusqu'4 1815,31 v. fol.; Paris. 
Journal des Etats Greneraux, par Hodey, 14 v. 8vo. 
Journal of the House of Lords, from 1513 to 1816, 50 v. fol. 
Index to the Journal of the House of Lords, 2 v. folio. 
Journal of the British House of Commons, 6 v. fol. (present.) 
Journal of the House of Commons, from 1547 to 1818, 73 v. 

Index to the Journal of the House of Commons, 6 v. foL 
Joyce's Analysis of Smith's Wealth of Nations, 8vo. 
Junius's Letters, 12 mo. 

Letters, Woodfall's edition, 2 v. 8vo. 

Junius Redivivus, Letters to Pitt, Fox, &c., 8vo; 1791-'6. 
Jura Coronas, 12mo. 

Jurisdiction of the House of Lords in Impositions, 12mo. 
Kelly's Universal Cambist, and Commercial Instructor, 2 r. 

4to. (2 copies ) 
Kendall's Letters on the State of Ireland, 3 v. 8vo. 
King on the Restriction of Payment in Specie, 8vo, 
Lacretelle sur les Peines Infamantes, 8vo. 


180 POLITICS. [Chapter 24. 

NdTjt....T5!e Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Librai-y 

L'Ami des Hommes, par Mirafoeau, 5 v. I2ino. 
L'Empereur de Legibus Hebraeorum Forensibus, p. 4to. 
L'Esprit des Cahiers, presentes aux Etats G6nferaux de Pan 

1789, 8vo. ij 

L'Intelligence du Commerce de Malisset, 2 v. 8vo. ] 

L'Ordre des Soci6t6s Politiques, par dc la Riviere, avec les 

Doutes de l'Abb6 Mably, 3 v. 12mo. 
La Pologne, telle qu'elle est, k etfe, et sera, 12mo. 
La Republique et le Phedon de Platon, par Morel, folio • 
La Science du Gouvernement, par M. De Real, 8 v. 4to. 
La Theorie de PImp6t, par Mirabeau, Z v. 12mo. 
La Ville et Republique de Venise, par D. S. D., 12mo. 
Lauderdale on the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth, 8vo» 
Law on Money and Trade, 12mo. ' i 

Le Courier, 24 v. 8vo. ^ 

Le Destin de L'Amerique, 12mo. 

Le Pour et le Contre dans le Proces de Louis XVI., 7 v. 8vo^ I 

Le Vrai Interet des Puissances Europ^ennes et de I'Empe- i 

reur du Bresil, a l'6gard de la Situation actuelle du Portu- 1 

gal, 8vo; Bruxelles, 1830. (present) 
Leckie's Historical Survey of Europe, 8vo. 
Legitime Portugaise, Svo; Paris, 1830. {present.) 
Les Etats-Unis et P Angle terre, par William Lefe; Bordeaux, . 

Les Finances de France, par Necker, 3 v. 8vo; 1784. 
Les Forfaits du 6'"'^ Octobre, 1789, 8vo, 
Les Ligues Ach6enne, Suisse, et Hollandoise, par Mayer, 

2 V. Svo. 
Les (Euvres de Montesquieu, 3 v. 4to. 
Les (Euvres de Turgot, 9 v. Svo. 
Les Politiques d'Aristote, par Morel, folio. 
Lettere di Macchiavelli, 2 v. 12mo. . 

Letters from George III. to Lord Kenyon, on the Corona- 
tion Oath, 4to. 
Letters to Peel on the Currency, Svo. 
Lettres Critiques et Politiques sur les Colonies,^ Svo. 
Lettres de Cart sur le Pays de Vaud, Svo. 
Lettres Inedites de TAbb^ Morellet sur I'Hist. Pol. et Lit- 

t^raire, 8vo. 
Lex Parliamentajria, Svo. 
Libert^ Originaire de Venise, 12mo, 
Liverpool's Treatise on the Coins of the Realm, 4to. 
Local Politics, 1802-'6, 2 v. Svo. 
Loi de Moise, pu Syst^me Religieux et Politique desHebr^ux, 

par J. Salvador, 8yo. 
Lois de la Nature, par PoypCj Svo.. 
Louisiana, lS03-'4, Svo. 






J. 505 












J. 422 


























J. 201 


J. 270 








. 121 




Move 7.] POLITICS. 181 

of the late Ppesident Jeffebsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 631 Lound's Case of the Third Auditor, 4to. 

574 Lowe's Present State of England, 8vo. (2 copies.) 

555 Lyman's Political State of Italy, 8vo. (present.) 
J. 29 Mably de la Gr^ce, 12mo. 

J. 41 des Droits et des Devoirs du Citoyen, 12mo; Kehl, 


J. 30 des Romains, 12mo. 

J. . 35 de la Legislation, 2 v. in 1, 12mo. 

J. 37 Droit Public de I'Europe, 3 v. 12mo. 

J. 43 — du Gouvernement et des Lois de Pologne, 2 v. 12mo; 

Paris, 1790. 

J. 33 Etude de I'Histoire, 12mo. 

J, 34 Maniere d'Ecrire THistoire, 12mo. 

J. 32 >■ Ordre des Soci^t^s, 12ino. 

J. 31 Phocion, 12 mo. 

J. 40 Principes de Morale, 12mo. 

J. 36 ■• — Principes des N6gociations, 12mo. 

J. 39 sur PHistoire de France, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 42 sur la Pologne, 12mo. 

J. 38 sur les Etats Unis d'Am6rique, 12mo. 

44 sur les Loix d'Am6rique, 12mo. 

429 McCuUoch on Political Economy, 8vo. 

542 McDonald's Free Trade, 8vo. 

654 McPherson's Annals of Commerce, 4 v. 4to. 

4 39 McViekar's Outlines of Political Economy, 8vo. 
J. 609 MachiavePs Works, Eng., by Farneworth, 2 v. 4to. 
J. 4 Machiavelli Princeps; AgrippsB Oratio contra Monarchiamj 
MecoBnatis Oratio proMonarchia; Steph. Junii Bruti Vin- 
diciae contra Tyrannos j et de Jure Magistratuum Tractatus„ 
J. 6 Macchiavelli Discorsi sopra la Prima Deca di T. Livio, 2 v. 

J. 686 Madox's Firmi Burgi, folio. 
J. 700 Maddox's History of the Exchequer, folio. 
J. S95 Magdalena y.Yrujo, 8vo. 

58a Magna Charta, &c., 16s; MS. (present.) 
J. 155 Malesherbes surle Mariage des Protestans, 8vo. 

115 Malthus's Definitions in Political Economy, Syo. 
J. 478 Malthus on the Principles of Population, 2 v. 8vo. 

414 on Political Economy, 8vo. 

618 — -1 on Population, 4to. 

436 on the Nature and Progress of Rent, Svo. 

J. 398 Meditazioni suUa Economia Politica da Beccaria, 8vo. 
J. 709 Memoires sur la Louisiane, folio. 
J. 579 M6moires sur le Navire le New Jersey, 4to. 
J. 583 Memoria inedita suUa Republica Veneta dal Fra Paolo, 4to. 
J. 390 Message on Louisiana, and Documents, to wit: Lewis and 
Clark, Dunbar, Sibley, 8vo. 

18« POLITICS. [Chapter ^4. 

Note.... The Work* to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 646 Mesures, Monnoies, Poids; extrails de FEncyclop^die Me- 
thodique, 4to. 
656 Milbourn's Oriental Commerce, 2 v. 4to. 
J. 2!34 Militia Reformed; Essay on National Credit, Revenues, &c., 
216 Millar's Historical View of the English Government, 4 v. 8vo. 

215 Origin of the Distinction of Ranks, 8vo. 

4IH Mills' Elements of Political Economy, (2d edition,) 8vo; 
London, 1824. 

435 i- Elements of Political Economy, (3d edition,) Svo;, 

London, 1826. 
701 Minutes of Evidence taken before the House of Commons, 
J. 146 Mirabeau aux Bataves sur le Stadhouderat, 8vo. 

J. 336 snr POrdre de Cincinnatus, 8vo. 

J. 325 Miscellanies on America, 3 v. 8vo; 1775-'80. 

J. 120 Misrim, ou le Sage k la Cour, et le Roi Voyageur, par PAbb6 

Aubert, 8vo. 
J. 299 Molly neux's Case of Ireland, 8vo. 

J. 371 Monroe's Letters to the Secretary of State, and from the 
Secretary to him, on the Negotiations between Britain 
and America, 1808, 8vo. 

J. 5S5 View of the Foreign Afiairs of the United States, 

Ill Montagu's (Ed. W.) Reflections on the Rise and Fall of 
Ancient Republics, 8vo. 
J. 508 Montefiore's Commercial Dictionary, S v. 8vo. 

108 Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws, 2 v. 8voj London, 1823. 
J. 13 More's Utopia, Eng. Foul., 12mo. 
J, 12 Lat, 12mo. 

534 Mortimer's Elements of Commerce, Politics, and Finance, 8vo, 
506 General Commercial Dictionary, 8vo. 

J. 26 Moyle's Tracts, 12mo. 

96 Mun's England's Treasure by Trade, l2mo. 
280 MundelFs Influence of Interest and Prejudice upon Proceed- 
ings in Parliament, 8vo. 
52a National Calendar, by P. Force, 6 v. 12mo. 
J. 420 New and Old Principles of Trade compared, by Vaughan, 8vo. 
418 Nouveaux Principes d'Economie Politique, par J. C. L. de 

Slsmondi, 2 v. 8Vo. 
355 Novanglus, and Massachusettensis, or Political Essays, 8vo. 
J. 54 Noy's Rights of the Crown, 12mo. 

J. 333 Observations on Government, and on Adams and Delome'tf 
Constitutions, Eng. Fr. by lohn Stevens, 8vo. 
314 Observations on the Law and Constitution of India, 8vo. 
27 Observations sur le Traitfe de Paix, 1763, l;imo. 
529 Commercio Oriental, Portuguese, por J. S. Rebelio, Svo.. 
(present. J ' 

535 Oddy's European Commwce, 8vo. 


JUcove 7.3 



of the late President JsppBasoH, when it was purchased by Congfress in 


J. 711 Official Reports, 179^^1, fol. 
J. 703 Ogle's Accounts, 1787, fol. 

279 01dfiel(i*s Representative History, 6 v. 8vo. 
J. 372 Olive Branch, 8vo; Phil. 1815. 

375 Olive Branch, 6th ed. 8vo; Philadelphia, 1815. f present. J 
J. 170 Opinions de Dupont, Svo. 
J. 68 Orders of the House of Commons, 12mo. 
J. 402 Ouvrages Choisies de Turgot, 8vo. 
J. 403 Ouvrages de Turgot, 9 v. 8vo. 

477 Owen's New Views of Society, Svo. 

323 Paine's (Thomas) Political Writings, 2 v. Svo. 
J. 190 Pamphlets, Fre xh, 1790, Svo. 

J. 200 1793, Svo. 

J. 191 1789, «vo. 

J. 193 1792, 8vo. 

J. 462 1795, Svo. 

J- 461 American, 1796, Svo. 

J. 460 1793-'4, Svo. 

466 '■ — on the District of Columbia,, and Case of Oliver 
Pollock, by Woodward, Svo. 
J. 469 on the Embargo Laws, 1808, Svo. 

377 Political, North An>erican, 18 12-' 15-' 1 6, Svo. 

247 on Finance, Population, &c., by Moigan & Price, 


J. 242 English, 1779-'91, Svo. 

J. 246 1792-'3, Svo. 

J. 255 1797, Svo. 

454 viz; National Polity and Finance. — Stanhope's 

Letter on the Corn Laws. — Remarks on an Ad dress -to the 
Members of the New Parliament, relative to the West In- 
dia Question — Espinasse on the Defects in the General and 
Statute Law. — Clessold on Applying some of Dr. Bell's 
Principles to Useful Education. — Senior's Political Eco- 
nomy, Svo. 

455 _«— viz: Bennett's Agriculture and Foreign Trade. — 

The Grand Vizier Unmasked. — Emigration Practically 
Considered. — Williams' Me]:cantile Theory of Wealth, 

456 viz: Beecher on the Anti-Pauper System. — Head's 

Arguments against Emigration. — Mundell's Reasons for a 
Revision of the Fiscal Coxle. — Badnall's View of the Silk 
Trade; London, 1828. 

453 viz: Reply to Bosanquet— High Price of Bullion.— 

Proposals for an Economical and Secure Currency. — Plan 
for a National Bank, by Ricardo, Svo. 

543 viz: Ricardo's Essay on the Low Price of Corn. — 

Ricardo on Protection to Agriculture. — Canning's Speech 
on Unlawful Associations in Ireland. — Reflections on the 
Value of the British West Indian Colonies, &c., 8vo« 

184 POLITICS, [Chapter 24. 

NoT»....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

451 Pamphlets, viz: Blake on the Expenditure of Government— * 
Letters on Scottish Affairs, by Bradwardine Kawerly to 
Malagrowther. — Remarks on Measure and Value, 8yo* 
J. 239 Papers relative to the Rupture with Spain in 1762, 8vo. 

605 Parliamentary Abstracts for 1825 and 1826, 8vo. 
J. 288 Debates of 1790, 8vo. 

«- Debates, &c. See Cobbett 

J. 278 History, 1106—1660, 24 v. 8vo. 

606 History and Review for 1825-'26-'27, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 287 Register, 1774-^7, 7 v. 8vo. 

J. 79 Patriotic Addresses to President Adams, 12mo. 

J. 564 Penitentiary of New York, 8vo. 

J. 591 Personal Pamphlets, 8vo. 

J. 679 Petiti Leges Atticae, folio. 

J, 91 Pettus on Trade, 12mo. 

J. 263 Pettus's Constitution of Parliament, 8vo, 

J. 212 Petty's Constitution and Laws of England, 8vo. 

J. 459 ^ Political Arithmetic, 8vo. 

J. 300 Political Survey of Ireland, 8vo. • 

J. 268 Petyt's Ancient Rights of the Commons of England, 8vo. 

J. 695 Jus Parliamentarium, folio. 

512 Phelps on the British Fisheries, 8vo. 

J. 254 Philanthropist, 1795-^6, 8vo. 

437 Phillips' Manual of Political Economy, 8vo. 

397 Physiocratie, ou Constitution Naturelle du Gouvernement, 

J. 399 Physiocratie de Quesnay, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 199 Pieces trouves dans PArmoire de Fer, 1793, 8vo. 

496 Pitkin's Statistical View of the United States, 8vo. 

479 Place's Illustration and Proofs of the Principle of Population, 

J. 102 Plato de Republica, Gr. Lat, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 482 Play fair's iStatistical Breviary, and Commercial and Political 
Atlas, 8vo. 

358 Politica's Sketch of the Internal Condition of the United 
States> 8vo. 

J. 464 Political American, 1791—1802, 8vo. 

J. 470 1806, 8vo. 

J. 465 1807, 8vo. 

J. 238 Pamphlets, 1727—1729, 8vo. 

J. 471 — — 1803-'5, 8vo. 

J. 467 -^— American, 1808, 8vo. 

J. 594 1800-'9, 8vo. 

J. 468 ^ 1810, 6vo. 

J. 595 1811, 1812, 8vo. 

J. 473 American, 1798, 8vo. 

J. 474 1799, 8vo. 

J. 463 . 1793—1810, 8vo. 


Alecvi7.] POLITICS. 185 

of the late President Jetfsbsok, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 475 Political Pamphlets, American, 1800, 8vo. 

J. 476 ^ '- 1801, 8va. 

J. i41 Tracts, 1769-^73, 8va 

J. 240 1761-'68, 8vo. 

J. 237 1707—1733, 8vo. 

J. 667 ■• «- on the Finances, England and the United 

States, 1789-.'90, 4to. 

J. 188 French, 1790, 8vo. 

X 189 1791, 8vo. 

J. e26 1787-^92, 4to. 

J. 187 1789, 8vo. 

J, B26 — Pamphlets, 1800-^8, sc. Bexon, Trait6 d' Amiens, 

Manifiesto del Consejo Real, p. folio. 

J, 256 f-. ' Foreign, 1795—1800, 8vo. 

J. 257 English, 1800^^1, 8vo. 

J. 259 . English, 1805-% 8vo. . 

J. 260 — ^ 1808, 8vo. 

J. 601 Tracts, English and Irish, 1790-'l, 8vo. 

J. 245 ' 1786-^92, 8vo. 

J. 106 Political Classics, to wit: Sidney, Rousseau, and More, 3 v. 


J. 250 Politics for the People, 1794-*5, 2 v. 8vo. 

116 Political Primer, or Road to Public Honors, 8vo. 

295 Political State of Europe, 1793-'5, 8 v. 8vo. 

516 Pope^s Practical Abridgement of the Laws of Customs and 
Excise, 8vo. 

J. 256 Preface to Bellendenus, by Dr. Parr, Lat Eng., 8vo. 

' 363 Presidents' Speeches, Addresses, and Messages, 8yo. 

J. 110 Priestley's First Principles of Crovernment, 8vo. 

328 Price's Two Tracts on Civil Liberty, &c., 8vo. 

491 Princep's External Commerce and Exchanges of Bengal, 8yo. 

J. 113 Principes dela Legislation Universelle, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 185 Procedure du ChStelet sur le 6 Oct. 1789, 8vo. 

J. 367 Proceedings of the Commissioners on the British Debts, p. 4to. 

674 Proceedings of the Virginia Convention, 1775, 4to; 2 copies. 
("present J 

J. 195 Proems de Louis XVI., 1792, 8vo. 

177 Proems Verbal de FAssemblfee Nationale, 60 v. 8vo. 

J. 501 Prospectus du Dictionnaire de Commerce de i'Abbfe Morellet, 


J. 425 ProYvedimenti Annonarj dal Fabbroni, 8vo. 

J- 269 Prynne's Parliamentary Writs^ p. 4to. 

J. 712 Public Accounts, 1797—1801, 2 v. folio. 

I. 720 Public Debt, 17^4, folio. 

431 Questions in Political Economy, Politics, Morals, &c., 8vo. 

672 Rawle's View of the Constitution of the United States, 870. 

416 Raymond's. Thoughts on Political Economy, 2 v. 8vo. 

417 -^-1-^ Thoughts on Political Economy, 8vo. 


186 POLITICS. [CkapierM. 

NoTV. . ..The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed* were in the Library 

J. 715 Receipts and Expenditures, 1793, *4, '8, 1801, % M, '5, '6; 

7v. foL 
J. 329 Recherches Historiques et Politiques sur les E. U. de l'Am6- 

rique, par Mazzei, 4 v. Svo. 
J. 508 Reeueil Alphab^tique des Droits des Trait&s, 4 v. 8vo. 

5 Reeueil d'Arrests, et Relation du Detroit et de la Baie de Hud- 
soa, 12nio. 
J. 105 Redham's Excellencie of a Free State, Svo. 
J. 51 1 Reeve's History of the Law of Shipping and Navigation, Svo. 
536 Reflections, Historiques et Politiques, sur ie Commerce de 
France, par M. Weuves, Svo. 
J. 584 Reflections, Moral and Political, on Great Britain and her 

Colonies; with MS. notes, by Dr Franklin, 1770, Svo. 
J. 59 Register of OfiBcers and Agents, Civil, Military, and Naval, 
in the service of the United States, in 1802, Svo. 
52 The same, from 1816 to Sept 1829, 8 v. Svo. 
J. 326 Remembrancer, 1775-'S2, 14 v. Svo; London. 
326 — — — 1783-^84, 3 v. Svo; London. 
724 Reports of Committees of the British Parliament, 151 v. 

596 Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury, from 1790 to 1828^ 
2 V. Svo. (5 copies.) 
J. 204 R&sultats des Trait6s, supplement i Mably, par Arnould, 1803, 

J. 175 R^sum^ General des Cahiers du Clerg^, de la Noblesse, et da 
Tiers, 3 v. Svo. 
412 Ricardo on the Principles of Political Economy, 8vo. (2 cop.) 
J. 546 Richesses, Dette, Finance, Population, par de la Tour, Ban- 
deau, Coyer, &c., Svo. 
J. 632 Right ol Tonnage, Duties, Fines, and Forfeitures, in Mary- 
land, p. folio. 
298 Robson's Account of Six Years^ Residence in Hudson's Bay, 

231 Roscoe's Observations on Penal Jurisprudence, Svo. 
51 Royal Calendar for 1824, and for April, 1829, (British Red 
Book,) 2 V. 12mo. 
J. 693 Rushwortb's Collections, 8 v. folio. 

218 Russell on the English Government and Constitution, Svo^ 
J.' 696 Ryley's Placita Parliamentaria, folio. 

303 Sadler's Ireland; its Evils, and their Remedies, Svo. 
J. 261 St. Amand's Historical Elssay on Parliament, Svo. 
413 Say's Political Catechism, Svo. 

415 Economy, 2 v. Svo. 

348 Secret Journals of Congress, from the First Meeting to the 
Dissolution of the Confederation, 4 v. Svo. 
J. fiSS Selden on the Judicature of Parliaments, Svo. 

486 Selkirk's Observations on the Highlands of Scotland, &c. , 8vo» 
289 Session of Parliament for 1825^ Svo. (2 copies.) 


' Jlleaw7.'] POLITICS. 187 

of the late l*re«dent Jimmioir, when it was purchased by Congrress in 1815. 

668 Seybert's Statistical Annals of the United States, 4to. 
J. 316 Sharpens Declaration of the People's Natural Rights, 8yo. 
J. 522 Sheffield's Observations oni the Commerce of America^ 6th 

edition^ 8vt>; London, 1764. 
J. 519 Sims' British Rates, 8vo. 
j J« 611 Sidney on Government, 4to. 

J. 25 Sigonius de Republica Hebraeorum, p. 8yo. 

J. 666 Sinclair on the Revenues of the British Empire, 4to. 

487 Sinclair's Analysis of the Statistical Account of Scotland, 8vo. 
552 History of the Public Revenue of the British Em- 
pire, 3 V. 8vo. 
139 Sketch of the Military and Political Power of Russia, in 1817. 
J. 394 Skipwith's Letters, 8vo. 

445 Smith's Essay on the Theory of Money and Exchange, 8vo. 
J. i|05 ■ Inquiry into the Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 3 

V. 8vo; London, 1784. 
J. 406 The same, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1789. 

407 The same, with a Life of the Author, &c., by J. R. McCul- 
loch, 4 V. 8vo; London, 1828. P^ 
J. 37 Sommers' Rights of King and People, 12mo. 

350 Sparks' Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revo- 
lution, 8 V. 8vo; Boston, 1829-'30. 
J. 689 Spelman's Works, folio. 

447 Spence's Britain Independent of Commerce, 8vo. 

233 ■ Inquiry into the Origin of the Laws and Political 

Institutions of Europe, 8vo. 
430 . Tracts on Political Economy, 8vo. 

J. 103 Spens's Republic of Plato, p. 4to. 
J. 294 State of the Union of Great Britain, 8vo. 
J. 346 State Papers, 1793—1812, 36 v. 8vo. 

346 1813—1830, 8vo. 

J. 714 1795—1809, 8 v. folio. 

714 1812—1815, 2 v. folio. 

484 Statistical Illustrations of the British Empire, 8vo. 

485 Statistical Illustrations, &c.; Appendix, 8vo. 
J. 498 Statistique E16mientaire de la France, par Peuchet, 1805, Bvo. 

315 Staunton's Miscellaneous Notices relating to China, 8vo 
J. 548 Stevens' History of Taxes, 8vo. (2 copies.) 
J. 617 Stewart's Political Economy, 2 v. 4to. 
J. 214 Stuart's Historical Dissertation on the Antiquity of the Eng- 
lish Constitution, 8vo. 

615 — ^— View of Society in Europe, 4to. 
J. 161 Sur i' Administration de Necker, par lui-m6me, dvo. 
J. 526 Swan sur la Commerce entre la France et les Etats Unis, 8vo. 

504 Tableau du Commerce de la Gr^ce, par F. Beaujour, 8vo. 
J. 706 Tableau du Commerce de la Russie, par le Comte RomanzofT, 
3v. folio. 

645 Tables of the Gold and Silver Coins of all Countries, 4to. 


186 POLITICS. IChapter 24. 

xasssssssssssss^OBSSssssssssssxss^ 'rr."iV'i,i, II.. ' ' . ' .ssaaaaagaasasss: 

NoTx.w..The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

1 68 Tactique des Assemblies Lfegislatives, par J. Bentham, 2 v. 8yo. 
J. 509 Tarif des Droits, 8vo; Paris, 1790. 

384 Taylor's Construction Construed, 8vo. 

381 Inquiry into the Principles of the United States' 

Government, 8vo. ("present.) 

385 — ^— — New Views of the Constitution, 8vo. {present J 

169 Sketch of the Geography, Politics, Economy, and 

Statistics of France, 8vo. 

J. 392 Territories of Columbia and Michigan, 8vo. 
J. 500 Thaarup Statistik Danske, 8vo. 

433 Thompson on the Distribution of Wealth, 8vo. 
J. 204a Thomson on the Liberty and Licentiousness of the Pftss, 8vo. 
J. 80 Thomson's Letters of Curtius, 12mo. 

442 Thornton's Inquiry into the Nature, &c. of the Paper Credit 

of Great Britain, 8vo. 
452 Tooke's Considerations on the State of the Currency, 8vo. 

443 ' Thoughts on the High and Low Prices of the last 30 
years, 8vo. 

157 Miaw of Russia, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 393 Topographical, 8vo. 

539 Torren'j^ Essay on the Com Trade, 8vo. 

540 The same, (fourth edition,) 8vo. 

432 Torren's Essay on the Production of Wealth, 8va 
309 Torres' Exposition of the Commerce of Spanish America, 8to. 
J. 697 Townshend's Historical Collections, folio. 
J. 74 Tracts, Britain and America, by Warville and Sinclair, 12mo. 
J. 337 Tracts, Politics of America, by Burke, Knox, &c,, 8vo. 
J. 327 Tracts, Britain and America, by Rice, 8yo. 
J. 637 Tracts, Britain and America, and on the Colonization of the 

Free States of Antiquity, 4ta 
J. 566 Tracts on American Commerce, to wit: M^mbire pour des 

Nfegocians de FOrient, 4to. 
J. 523 Tracts on American Commerce, 1783^'7, to wit: SheJOBeld, 

1st edition; Ruston, Swan, and Coxe, 8vo. 
J. 472 Tracts, on the Commerce, &c, of the United States, 8vo. 
J. 537 Tracts on Commerce, Dupont, &c., and Notes by Dr. Frank- 
lin, 8yo. 
J. 235 Tracts on Liberty and Slavery, 8vo; sc. Miller, Buchanan, 

Webster, Tucker. 
J. 305 Tracts on the English Foreign Possessions, 8vo. 
J. 457 Tracts on Banks and Paper Money, to wit: Wilson, Morris, 

Paine, 8vo. 
J. 688 Tracts on Constitutional Questions, by Hawles, Atkyns, 

Mackworth, and others, folio. 
J. 243 Tracts on English Politics, 178a-'84, 8vo. 
J. 244 Tracts on English Politics, 1785-'87. 
J- 556 Tracts on English Finance, by the Earl of Stair and Mr. 

Crauford, 8vo. 

Mme r] POLITICS. 169 

" ■ ■'■ ." " ■' ■■'■!'■ ■ II I I ■ I. II ^ , I II ' ■! I' ■! ^ ■ — ■-■■-1 

of the Iftte President Jerxbbov, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 184 Tracts — King and Parliament, 8yo. 

J. 172 Traets — Sur les Etats Gknkrwaxj 6vo. 

J. 173 Tracts— Sur les Etats G^n^raux, Sva 

J. 567 Tracts — French Colonies, 4to. 

J. 568 Tracts on the French East India Company, 4to. 

J. 663 Tracts — ^to wit: Comtes Rendus de 1758 a 1788, 2 v. 4to, 

J. 145 Tracts — ^Foreign Politics, to wit: Mirabeau, D'lvemois, AI- 

fieri, &c., 8vo. 
J. 183 Tracts — Political, French, 8vo. 
J. 569 Tracts-^Political, French, 4to. 
J. 441 Tracts on Money, French, 8vo. 
J. 192 Tracts, Foreign, to wit: Contrainte par Corps, Att6rissemens 

de Gironde, Rohan, La Motte, &c., 8yo. 
J. 629 Tracts, Political. — Sur les Ligues des Acheens, des Suisses, et 
des P. U. ; and De Lolme on the Union, 12mo. 

411 Tracy's Treatise on Political Economy, 8vo. 
J. 409 Traitfe d'Economie Politique, par Say, 2 v. 8vo. 

705 Trait6 des Monnaies, par Bonneville, folio. 

489 Trait6s de Legislation, Civile et P^nale, par J. Bentham^ 3 y. 
J. 334 Triomphe du Nouveau Monde, 2 v. in 1 , 8vo. 

335 Triomphe du Nouveau Monde, 2 v. in 1, 8vo. 
J. 228 ^ True Briton, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 93 ' Tucker on Trade, 12mo. 
J. 683 TyrrelPs BiWiotheca Politica, folio. 

11 Ueber Nordamerika und Demokraticp 1782, 12mo. 
J. 369 United States' Claims on France, 8vo. 
J. 513 Universal Merchant, by Alldridge, 8vd. 
J. 650 by Horsley, 4to. 

527 Utariz' Theory and Practice of Commerce and Maritime Af- 
fairs, 2 V. 8vo. (2 copies.) 

448 Vanderlint'5 Money Answers all Things, 8vo. 
J. 117 Voltaire sur Beccaria, 8vo. 

J. 692 Votes of the British House of Commons, 1727, folio. 
J. 704 Votes of the British Houise of Commons, 1726—1745, folio. 

731 Votes of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, from 1798 to 
1826, 28 V. folio. 

347 Wait and Son's American State Papers, from 1789 to 1818, 
12 V. 8vo. 

379 Walsh's Appeal respecting the United States of America, 8vo. 

296 Letter on the Genius of the French Government, 8vo. 

142 Walton's Expos6 on the Dissentions of Spanish America, 8vo. 
J. 124 Warville des Loix Criminelles, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 638 Washington's Valedictory, 8vo. 

669 Watterston and Van Zandt's Tabular Statistical Views of the 
Commerce, &c. of the United States, 4to. 

648 Wheatley's Essay on the Theory of Money, 4to. 
J. 896 Wilkinson's Memoirs, 8vo. 

190 MATHEMATICS. [Chapter 25. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the library 

J. 565 Williams' Claims of Literature, 8vo. 

J. 107 Lectures on Montesquieu's Political Principles, 8 vo. 

368 Wiimot's Views of the Losses of American Loyalists, 8ro. 

281 Wyvill's Political Papers, 4 v. 8vo. 
J. 22 Xenophontis LacedsBmoniorum Republica, Gr. Lat, FouL, 

J. 2 Xenophontis (Economica, Agesilaus, Hieron, Lacedaemoni- 
orum et Atheniensium Politic, 6r., 12mo. 

453a Yates' Essays on Currency and Circulation^ 8yo. 

340 Yeates' Secret Debates on the Federal Constitution, 8vo» 
J. 131 Zimmerman's Political Survey of Europe, 8vo. 

CHAPTER XXV [Alcove N° 8.] 




























Bossut's History of Mathematics, 8vo. 

Callet's Tables of Logarithms, 8vo. (stereotype.) 

Castaing's Interest Book, 24s. 

Cocker's Arithmetic, 12mo. 

Cours de Mathematiques k I'usage de I'Artillerie, par Bezout, 

4v. 8vo. 
— --—-—— — . la Marine, par Bezout, 

6 V. in 5, 8vo. 
Cours de Mathematiques de Wolf, 3 v. 8vo. 
De Moivre's Doctrine of Chances, 4to. 
Diophanti Arithmetica et Numeri Multanguli, Gr. Lat, Ba- 

cheti, folio; Paris, 1621. 
37 Dupin's Mathematics practically applied to the Useful and 

Fine Arts, adapted to the State of the Arta in England, 

by G. Birkbeck, 8vo. 
Emerson's Algebra, 8vo. 

^ Fluxions, 8vQ. 

Gregory's Mathematics for Practical Men, 8vo* 
Hassler's Elements of Arithmetic, 12mo. (present) 

Logarithmic and Trigonometric Tables, 12mo. (/?fw,> 

Hewitt'5 Tables of Interest, 16s. 

dlfcor«,8.3 MATHEMATICS. 191 

of the late President JirpsBsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J« 44 Histoire des Math&matiques de Montucla et de la Lande, 4 v. 


J. 25 Histoire 66n6rale des Mathematiques^ par Bossut, 2 v. 8vo. 

21 Holliday'* Fluxions, 8vo. 

J. 31 Button's Course of Mathematics, by Adrain, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 43 ' - Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 32^ ■ ■ Mathematical Tables, 8vo. 

33 _— Recreations in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 

5 V. 8vo. 

J. 47 L' Analyse de la Probability des Decisions, par Condorcet, 4to. 
18 Lacroix's Elementary Treatise on Differential and Integral 
Calculus, 8vo. 

J. 2 Les Changes Faits de la Barthe, 24s. 

J. 15 McLaunn's Algebra, 8vo. 

J. 13 Malcolm's System of Arithmetic, p. 4to. 

J. 48 Masere's Principles of Life Annuities, 4to. 

J. 10 Mathematical Tracts, to wit: Ricard, and Solutions of Ques- 
tions, 8vo. 

J. 6 M6moires Mathematiques de Diderot, 12mo. 

39 Milne on Life Annuities and Assurances, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 3 Newton's (Sir Isaac) Tables for the Renewal of Leases, 12mo, 
J. 12 ' - Universfeil Arithmetic, 8vo. 

34 Nicholson's Popular Course of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, 


35 " Key to ditto, 8vo. 

J. 11 Pike's Arithmetic, 8 vo. 

41 Play fair's Dissertations, 8vo. 
J. 23 Potter's Mathematics, 8vo. ' 
J. 38 Price on Annuities, 8vo. 

40 Rankin on Life Assurances and Annuities, 8yo. 
40a Reeker's Decimal Tables of Interest, 8vo. 

J. 49 Rowlett's Tables of Discount, 4to. 

50 — — Tables of Discount, (second edition,) 4to. 

J. 45 Saunderson's Algebra, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 19 ' Fluxions, 8vo. 

J. 17 Simpson's Algebra, 8vo. 

J. 22 Doctrine and Application of Fluxions, 8to. 

J. 9 Tracts in Arithmetic, to wit: The Arenarius of Archimedes. — 
Clarius on the Possibility of Numbering the Sands. — Tes- 
tament de Fortune Ricard, 8vo. 

J. 28 Traitfe Elementaire de Mathematiques, par le Moine, 8vo. 

J. 14 Ward's Algebra, 8vo. 

J. 24 ^ Mathematics^ 8vo. 

192 MATHEMATICS. [Chaptw 26. 

NoTX....The Works to irhich the letter J . is prefixed, were in the Ltibruy 

CHAPTER XXVI [Alcove N° 8.] 






































Adams' Geometrical and Graphical Essays, 2 y. 8yo« 
Archimedis Arenarittset Dimensio Circuli> Gr. Lat., Wallisii, 

■ u ■ OperayCommentariisEutocii AscaloDitae^Gr. Lat.^ 

Bowditch'is New American Practical Navigator, 8vo. 
Budge's Practical Miner's Guide, 8yo. (2 copies.) 
CleiKkinin's Practical Surveyor's Assistant, p. 4to. 
De Brahm's Levelling Balance and Zonical Tables^ folio. 
De I'Hospital: Sections Coniques, 4to. 
Geometric de Le Clerc, 8yo; Paris, 1774. 
— — Descriptive, par G. Monge, avec un Supplfement, 

par M. Hachette, 4to. 
Gibson's Surveying, 8vo. 
Gregory's PracticaJ Geometry, 8vo. 
Hassler's Elements of the Geometry of Planes and Solids, 

8vo. (2 copies.) 
2 Histoire des Recherches sur la Quadrature du Cerde, par 

Montucia, 12mo. 
15 Mud^and Dalby's Trigonometrical Survey of England and 

Wales, 3 V. 4to. 
Playfair'fl Elements of Geometry, Svo. 
Proclus's Philosophical and Mathematical Commentaries, 2 v. 

4to; London, 1792. 
Reine Elementar-Mathematik, vcmi Dr. J. C Fischer, 8vo j 

2 copies, (present) 
Simpson's Euclid, 4to. 
Tacquet's Euclid , Svo. 
Treatise on Guaging, by T. Moss, Svo. 
Trevigar Sectionum Conicarum Elementa^ 4to. 



wjfcoce 8.] PHYSICO-MATHEMATICS. 193 

of the late President Jotibsoh, when K waa purchased by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XXVII [Alcove N^ 8.] 



Adams' Essay on Vision, 8vo. 

■ Lectures on Natural and JGxperimental Philosophy, 

5 V. 8vo. 
American Philosophical Transactions, from 1768 to 1797, 5 

y. 4to. 
The same, from 1768 to 1808, 6 v. 4to. 
The same, new series, 2 v. 4to. 
Architecture Hydraulique, par M. B^lidor, 4 v. 4to. 
Bailey's Machines, 2 v. 4to, 
Boyle's Works, 5 v. folio. 
Brunton's Compendium of Mechanics, 8vo. 
Clare on Fluids, Svo. 
Davy's (Humphrey) Discourses, delivered before the Royal 

.Society, 4to. 
D. Bernoulli Hydrodynamica, 4to. 
Derham's Physico and Astro-Theology, 2 v. 8vo. 
Desagulier's Experimental Philosophy, 2 v. 4to. 
Descartes Principia Philosophiae et Metaphysicae, p. 4to. 
Ferguson's Lectures in Mechanics, 8vo. 
Gregory's Treatise of Mechanics, with plates, 3 v. 8vo. 
Helsham's Lectures in Mechanics, 8vo. 
Hydraulique de Da Buat, 2 v. 8vo. 
Imison's Science and Art, 2 v. 8vo. 
Keill Introductio ad Physicam, 8vo. 
LettreiT d'Euler de Physique et de Philosophic, par Condor- 

cet, 3 v.. 12mo. 
M'Laurin's Account of Newton's Philosophical Discoveries, 

Mansfield's Essays^ Mathematical and Physical, 8vo. 
Martin's Philosophia Britannica, 3 v. Svo. 

Philosophical Grammar, 8vo, 

M^chanique Analytique, par la Grange, 4to. 

















































194 PHYSICO-MATHEMATICS. [ Chapter 2 . . 

NoTx. . .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

Mecanique Philosophique, par ProDy, 4to. 

M^moires de Physique de la Societe d'Arcueil, de I'Annee 

1809, 8vo. 
M6nioire8 Physiques de Dupont, Svo. 
Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 

4 V. 4to. (present.) 
Mussenbroek, Cours de Physique Experimentale et Math£ 

matique, par Sigaud, 3 v. 4to. 
Newtoni Philosophise Naturaiis Principia Mathematica, Com 

raent Le Seur et Jacquier, 3 v. 4to. 
Newton's Optics, 8to. 
Principia, translated by Motte, with Notes by Em 

erson and Machin, 3 v. Svo. 
Nicholson's Introduction to Natural Philosophy, 2 v. Svo. 
Nouvelle Architecture Hydraulique, par M. De Prony, 2 v. 

Pamphlets on subjects of Natural Philosophy, Svo. 
Pemberton's View of Newton's Philosophy, 4to. 
Philosophical Tracts, 9 v. 4to. 
Philosophical Transactions, vol. 74th, part 2d, 4to. 
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 

from their commencement in 1665, to the year 1800, 

(abridged,) 18 v. 4to. (2 copies.) 

2 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 

from 1801 to 1828, 29 v. 4to. 
47 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 

66 V. 4to. 
39 Philosophy in Sport, 3 v. 12mo. 

33 Pr6cis Elementaire de Physique Exp6rimentale, 2 v. Svo. 
J. 52 Recueil de M6chanique, par Person, 4to. 

20 Renwick's Outlines of Natural Philosophy, 2 v. in 1, Svo. 

J. 17 Report on the Canal botween Forth and Clyde, pamphlet, 4to, 

21 Robinson's System of Mechanical Philosophy, 5 v. Svo. 
J. 27 Tracts on Weights and Measures, Svo. 

15 Trait6 Elementaire des Machines, par M. Hachette, 4to. 

3 Transactions of the Irish Academy, 6 v. 4to. 

49 Transactions of the Literary and Philosophical Society of N. 
York, 4to; 1st v. 1815. 
J. 43 Webster's Elements of Natural Philosophy, Svo. 
12 White's New Century of Inventions, 4to. 
























Alcove 3.] ASTRONOMY. 19& 

of the late President Jmnniot, when it wm purchased by Congrew in 1815. 

CHAPTER XXVIII [Alcoye N« 8.] 























































Adams' Practical Astronomy, 8vo. 

Aspin's Treatise on Astronomy, and Urania's Mirror, Syo^ 

Atlas Celeste, ob. fol. 

Brent's Compendious Astronomer, 8vo. 

Clarke's Seaman's Desiderata, by Garnett, p. 4to. 

Cometographie de Pingre, 2 v. in 1, 4to. 

Connoissance des Temps, pour 1777, 78, 81, 84, 85, 86, 87, 

88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 1800, 1,8, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; 

23 V. 8vo. 
Derham's Astro-Theology, 8vo. 
De la Lande: Astronomie, 4 v. 4to. 
Deux Voyages faites en Allemagne, par Cassini, 4to. 
Exposition du SystSme du Monde, par Laplace, 2 v. 8to. 
Etat des Etoiles Fixes de Ptolomee, par Montignot^Gr Fr 4to. 
Fixarum PraBcipuarum Catalogus Novus, De Zach,4to; Gothae, 

Figura Telluris de Maupertuis, 12mo. 
Ferguson's Astronomy^ 4to» 
Gadbury's Doctrine of Nativities, p. fol. 
Garnett's Requisite Tables, 8vo. 
Green's Astronomical Recreations, 4to. 
Gregory's Astronomy, 2 v. 8vo. 

• — Astronomical and Philosophical Lessons, 12mo. 

Hassler's Popular Exposition of the System of the Universe^ 

Huge;iii Cosmotheoros, p. 4to. 
Institutions Astronomiques de la Monnier, 4to. 
Keill's Astronomy, 8vo. 
Kitchiner on Telescopes, 8vo, 
Eunze's Table of New Construction for Calculating the Eclipse 

of the Sun in 1806, 8vo. 
La Figure de la Terre, par Bouguer, 4to. 
La Plurality des Mondes, par Fontanelle, 12mo. 
Machan's Mental Astronomer, 8vo. 
Mackay's Theory and Practice of finding the Longitude at Sea 

or Land, 2 v. in 1, 8vo. 
15 ■■ „ I . ■ Theory and Practice of finding the Longitude at 

Sea or L?md, 2 v. 8vo; 3d edition, Lond. 1810. 

196 GEOGRAPHY. 'ICkapier 29. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

41 M6canique GMette, par Laplace, trans, by Bowditch, Isty. 

Morden's Introduction to Astronomy, 8vo. 

Nautical Almanacs, from 1786 to 1790, and from 1793 to 
1814, 19 V. 8vo. 

Opere di Galilei, 3 v. 4to. 

Parry's Nautical Astronomy by Ni^t, 4to. 

Prior's Lectures on Astronomy, 8vo. 

Requisite Tables for the Nautical Ephemeris, Svo. 

Riddle's Treatise on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 8yo» 

Sturmy's Mariner's Magazine, p. fol. 

Tracts in Astronomy, to wit: Strong's Astronomical Lectures, 
Clap on Comets and Meteors, 12mo. 

Tychonis Bi^hfe Opera, 4to. 

Uranographie de Vaugondy, 4to, avec deux cartes Celestes,, 

Vince's Complete System of Astronomy, 3 v. 4to. 

Voyage de Rochon aux Indes Orient et en Afrique pour I'Qb- 
servation des Longitudes^ 8vo. 

Wakeley's Mariner's Compass, 8vo. 

Wallace's New Treatise on the Use of the Globes and Practi- 
cal Astronomy, 8ro. 

Whiston's Astronomy, 8vo. 

Wonders of the Heavens, 12mo. 

Woodward on the Sun, 8vo. 



















CHAPTER XXIX [Alcove N^ 8.J 



J. 419 Anson's Voyage round the World, 8vo. 
J. 675 Atlas, by Arrowsmith and Lewis, 4to. 
J. 676 Adas Portatif de Grenet et Bonne, 4to. 
12 Barrington's New South Wales, 12mo. 
412 Barrow's Chronological History of Voyages into the Arctic 

Regions, 8vo. 
665 Brooke's Universal Gazetteer, by Darby, 8vo. 
694 Broughton's (W. R. ) Voyage to the North Pacific Ocean, 4to. 
429 Burney's Chronological History of North-eastern Voyages of 
Discovery, 8vo. 

^icaoeS.] GEOGRAPHY. 197 

of the late President jEPFSBsoxr» when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

680 Burney's Chronological History of the Voyages and DiseoTe^ 
ries in the South Sea, 5 r. 4to. 

J. 671 Busching's System of Geography, 6 v. 4to. 

693 Byronfs Voyage to the Sandwich Islands, 1824 & 1825, 4to. 

J. 3 Cluverii Geographia, 24s; Amst 1659. 

4 16s; Traj. ad Rhenum, 1717. 

J. 0. Collection of Maps, Geographical, gr. folio. 

J. P. Collection of Plans of Towns, gr. folio. 

682 Collection of Voyages and Discoveries made hy the Portu- 

guese and Spaniards, during the 15th and 16th Centuries^ 
J. 898 Collection of Voyages to the Southern Hemisphere, 2 v. 8vo. 
690 Collins' Account of Uie English Colony of New South Wales, 
from its settlement in 1788, to August 1801, 4to; Lond. 
J. 435 Cook's Last Voyage, (3d,) 4 v. 8vo; [published by Govern- 

J. 434 Last Voyage, 1776-'9, anonymous, 8vo. 

422 Coxe's Account of Russian Discoveries, 8vo. 
407 Cruise's Residence in New Zealand, 8vo. 
14 Cunningham's Two Years in New South Wales, 2 v. 8vo. 
13 Curr's Account of Van Diemen's Land, 12mo. 
396 D'Anville's Ancient Geography, first American ed. 2 v. 8vo. 
666 Darby's Universal Gazetteer, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1827. 
J. 700 Delle Navigazioni e Viaggi raccolte da Ramusio, 3 v. folio. 
J. 395 Dionysii Geographia, Gr. Lat Wells, 8 vo. 
J. 394 Dionysii Orbis Descriptio, Gr. Lat. Hill, 8vo. 
J. 10 Echard's Classical Geographical Dictionary, 12mp. 
J. 406 Eden's History of New Holbnd, &c., 8vo. 

416 Edinburgh Gazetteer, 6 v. 8vo. 
J. 436 Ellis's Narrative of Cook's (3d) Voyage, 2 v. 8vo. 
812 Finley's General Atlas, folio. 
692 Flinder's Voyage to Terra Australis, 2 v. 4to. 
SS. Plates to ditto, gr. folio. 
704 Forster's History of Voyages to the North, 4to. 

430 Franklin's Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar 

Sea, 8vo. 

431 — — — of a 2d Journey to the Polar Sea, 8vo. 
696 of his 1st and 2d Voyages to the Polar 

Sea, 2 V. 4to. 
405 Geographical Memoirs x)n New South Wales, by Various 

Hands, 8vo. 
J. 7 G6ographie Ancienne et Modeme de Grenet, 12mo. 
J. 6 Geographic de Robbe, 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 672 Guthrie's Geography, 2 v. 4to. 

683 Hakluyt's Collection of Voyages, 5 v. 4to. 

19$ GEOGRAPHY. [Cluspier 2S. 

Note... .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

684 Hakluyt's Selection of Voyages and Discoveries, a Supple- 

ment, 4to. 
J. 698 — — — Voyages, 1st edition, folio. 
J. 814 Harris's Voyages, 2 r. folio. 
J. 433 Hawkesworth's Account of Byron's, Wallace's, Carteret's, 

and Cook's 2d Voyages, 4 v. 8vo. 
J. 807 Heylin's Cosmography, folio. 

J. 689 Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes, 2 v. 4to. 
400 Hunter's Journal at Port Jackson, Svo. 
688 Jeffery's Great Probability of a Northwest Passage, 4to. 

15 Journal of a Tour round Hawaii, Svo. 
437 Eerr's History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, with 

Stevenson's Sketch, 18 v. 8vo. 
436a Kotzebue's Voyage of Discovery into the South Sea, 3 v. Svo. 
V. Krusenstern: Atlas de I'Ocfean Pacifique, gr. fol. 
703 __ M6moires Hydrographiques, 4to. 

685 Reise um die Welt, in den Jahren 1803, 1804, 

1805, und 1806, 3 v. 4to. 

686 ■ Voyage round the World, tr. from the Ger- 

man, 4to. 
423 Langsdorflf 's Voyages and Travels in Various Parts of the 
World, Svo. 

426 La Perouse's Voyages around the World, 3 v. Svo. 

J. 97 Lcdyard's Account of Cook's Last Voyage, 12mo; Hartford, 

687 Lisiansky's Voyage round the World, 4to. 

421 Lithgow's Travels through Europe, Asia, and Africa, Svo. 

811 Lucas's Cabinet Atlas, folio. 

432 Lyon's Narrative of an Unsuccessful Attempt to reach Re- 
pulse Bay, Svo. 
17 — — — Private Journal of a Voyage of Discovery under 
Capt. Parry, 12mo. 

669 Malte Brun's Universal Geography, 3 v. Svo. (2 copies.) 
678 Atlas to do. 4to. (2 copies.) 

427 Mariner's Account of the Natives of Tonga Islands, 2 v. Svo- 
11 May o's Epitome of Profane Geography, 12 mo. 

822 Colored Map to do. 4to. 

670 Melish's Geographical Description of the World, 8vo. 
J. 808 Moll's Geography, folio. 

664 Morse's Universal Gazetteer, Svo. 

663 Universal Geography, Svo. (present.) 

413 Narrative of Four Years' Residence at Tongataboo, Svo. 

6S1 New Collection of Voyages and Travels, 4 v. 4to; 1745. 

406 Nicholas's Voyage to New Zealand, 2 v, Svo. 

691 Oxley's Two Expeditions in New South Wales, 4to. 

428 Parry's Journal of a Voyage of Discovery, Svo. 

697 7 Voyages for the Discovery of a Northwest Passage 

from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, (Ist, 2d, 3d, and 
4th Voyages,) 4 v. 4to, 


Alcove 8.] GEOORAPHY. 199 

of the late President Jbffs&soit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

403 Phillip^s Voyage to Botany Bay, 8vo. 

J. 420 Phipp's Voyage towards the North Pole, in 1773,.8vo. 

679 Pinkerton's General Collection of Voyages and Travels, 
6 V. 4to. 

668 Geography, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 673 ifieography, 2 v. 4to. 

AA. Modern Atlas, gr. folio. 

}. 1 Pomponius Melade Situ Orbis, 12mo; Lugd. Bat 1743. 

411 Porter's Journal, 2d ed. 2 v. 8vo. {present) 

J. 8 Principes de G^ographie, par Le Moine, 12mo. 

J. 699 Purchases Pilgrimage, p. folio. 

401 Reid's Two Voyages to New South Wales, 8vo. 

809 Roberts' Map of Commerce, folio. 
695 Ross's Voyage of Discovery, 4to. 

425 Scoresby's Account of the Arctic Regions, 2 v. 8vo. 

424 '— Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale 

Fishery, 8vo. 
J. 417 Scott's Universal Gazetteer, 4 v. 8vo. 

410 Shillibeer's Narrative of the Briton's Voyage to Pitcairn's 
Island, 8vo. 
J. 2 Solinus Polyhistor, 12mo; Lipsiae, 1777. 
J. 9 Spafford's General Geography, 12mo. 

415 Stevenson's Historical Sketch of the Progress of Discovery, 
Navigation, and Commerde, 8vo; Edinb. 1824. 
J. 806 Strabo, Gr. Lat Casauboni, folio. 

J. 701 Tableau Topographique et Politique de la Siberie, de la Chine, 
de PAsie, et de I'Amferique, par Cordier de Launay, 4to. 
J. BB. Tables G^ographiques de Sanson, gr. folio. 

CC. Tanner's Atlas, gr. folio. 
J. 5 Thfeatre de I'Univers de Chateaunieres, 3™« v. p. 8vo. 
418 Tuckey's Maritime Geography, 4 v. 8vo. 

402 Voyage to New South Wales, 8vo. 

414 Vancouver's Voyage round the World, 6 v. 8vo. 

J. 674 Veteris Orbis Tabulae Geographicae; Amstelodami, Covens 

& Mortier, folio. 
J. 397 Voyages autour du Monde, par M. De Pages, 2 v. 8vo. 

810 Voyage autour du Monde, par L. Choris, folio. 

409 Weddell's Voyage towards the South Pole, 1822 and 1824, 
J. DD. Wells' Maps of Ancient and Present Geography, gr. folio. 

404 Wentworth's Statistical Account of Australasia, 2 v. 8vo. 
399 Widowson's Present State of Van Diemen's Land, 8vo ; Lond. 

667 Worcester's Universal Gazetteer, 2 v. 8vo, 

200 GEOGRAPHY. [Cfeopttr 20. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libraiy 


723 Acerbi's Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, 4to. 
J. 64 Addison's Remarks on several parts of Italy, 12mo. 
J. 37 Almanach du Yoyageur i Paris, de 1785, 12mo. (2 copies.) 
J. 25 Ambulator, 12mo. 

87a Anderson's Tour in Zealand, 12mo. 
J. 656b Antonini Iter, by Gale, 4 to. 

499 Aufrere's translation of Ulysses' Travels through the King- 

dom of Naples, 8vo. 
J. 655 Austin's Letters from London, 1802-'3, 8vo. 
101 Autumn in Greece, by H. L. Bulwer, 12mo. 
27 Babylon the Great, 2 v. 12ino. 

500 Barthelemy's Travels in Italy, 8vo. 

K 2 Beaumont's Travels through the Lepontine Alps, folio. 

71 Bell's Observations on Italy, 8vo. 

83 Bernard's Tour through France, Switzerland, Savoy,. &c 

507 Blaquiere's Letters from the Mediterranean, 2 v. 8vo. 

724 Boisgelin's Travels through Denmark and Sweden, 2 v. 4to. 

706 Borlase's Observations on the Ancient and Presebt State of 

the Islands of Scilly, 4to; Oxford, 1756. 

711 Bowditch's Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo, 4to. 

477 Bramsen's Remarks on the North of Spain, 8vd. 
546 ■ Tour through Sweden, Prussia, &c., 2 v. 8vo. 

20 Bray ley's Isle of Thanet and the Cinque Ports, 12mo. 

729 Bright's Travels through Lower Hun^y, 4to. 

725 Brooke's Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark, 


727 — Winter in Lapland and Sweden, 4to. 

473 Broughton's Letters from Portugal, Spain, and France, 8vo. 

63 Brydone's Tour througjh Sicily and Malta, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 65 Burnet's Travels, 12mo. 

47 Bygg6's Travels in the French Republic, 12mo. 

502 Cadell's Journey in Carniola and Italy, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 41 Caractere et Moeurs des Anglois et Frangois, 12mo. 

707 Carr's Stranger in France, 4to. 
528 Tour through Holland, 8vo. 

441 Carter ^s Letters from Europe, comprising a Journal of a Tour 
through Great Britain, France, &c., 2 v. 8vo. 

28 Gary's New Itinerary, 8vo. 
569 Chateaubriand's Travels in Greece, &c., 8vo. 
496 Chateauvieux' Italy, 8vo. 
514 Cockburn's Voyages to Cadiz, Gibraltar, Sicily, and Malta, in 

1810 and 1811, 2 v, 8vo. 
72111 Costume of the Russian Empire, by Ed. Harding, 4to. 

35 Coxe's Guide through France, 12mo. 

58 Picture of Italy, 12mo. 

Mcave 8.] GEOGRAPHY. 201 

of the Tate President Jsffbbsoiv, when it was purchased by Congress in ;1815. 

J. 479 Coxe's Sketches of Switzerland, 8vo. 

79 Traveller's Guide in Switzerland, 12mo. 

538 Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, 5 

V 8vo. 

491 Cramer's Description of Ancient Italy, with Map, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 38 Curiosit6s de Paris, par Dulaure, 12mo. 

J. 708 Dairy mple's Travels through Spain and Portugal, 4to. 

J. 67 Description de Genes, 12mo. 

J. 16 Description de I'lslande de Horrebow, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 40 Description Historique de Paris, par Piganiol de la Force, 

10 v. 12mo. 

J. 39 Description Universel de la France, par de Hesseln, 6 v. 12aio. 

72 Diary of an Ennuy^e, 12mo. 

73 — ^ — of an Invalid, by H. Matthews, 12mo. 
516 of Henry Teonge, 1675—1679, 8vo. 

32 Dicey's Historical Account of Guernsey, 12mo. 

463 Didier's Letters from Paris, 8vo. 

475 Doblado's Letters from Spain, 8vo. 

653 Edmonston's View of the Zetland Islands, 2 v. 8vo. 

556 Egede's Description of Greenland, 8vo. 

24 Espriella's Letters from England, 2 y. 12mo. 

J. 540a Essai sur laTurquie, 8vo. 

508 Eustace's Classical Tour through Italy, 2 v. 8vo. 

551 Everest's Journey through Norway, Lapland, and part of 

Sweden, fevo. 

552 Feldberg's Denmark Delineated, 8vo. 

530 Fell's Tour through the Batavian Republic, 8vo. 

468 Forbes' Letters from France^ 2 v. 8vo. 

494 Forsyth's Remarks on Italy, 8vo. 

457 Four Years in France, 8vo 

J, 43 Fragments sur Paris, par Meyer, 2 v. 12mo; 1798. 

44 Fragments sur Paris, par Meyer, 2 V. 12mo; 1798. 

81 Galignani's Traveller's Guide through Holland, 12mp. 

734 Gait's Voyages and Travels, 4to. 

7S8 Gell's Geography and Antiquities of Ithica, 4to. 

737 Itinerary of Greece, 4 to. 

518 • Tour in the Morea> 8vo. 

489 Gilly's Excursion to the Mountains of Piemont, 8vo. 

105 Glen's Tour from Astrachan to Karass, 12mo. 

536 Granville's Travels to and from St. Petersburg, 2 v. 8vo. 

440 Griscomb's Year in Europe, 2 v 8vp. 

J. 60 Guide pour le Voyage d'ltalie en Poste, 12mo. 

482 Hardy's Picturesque and Descriptive Tour in the High Py- 
renees, 8vo. 

536 Henderson's Biblical Researches and Travels in Russia, 8vo^ 

558 Journal of a Residence in Iceland in 1814 and '15, 

2 V. 8vo. 

36 Hcrvfe's Guide to Paris, 12mo. 

202^ GEOGRAPHT. [Chapter 29". 

NoTi... .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

438 Historical and Literary Tour in England and Scotland, 2 y. 


459 History of Paris, 3 ▼. Syxy. 

718 History of the Azores, or Western Islands, 4to. 

715 Hoare's Classical Tour through Italy and Sicily, 4to. 

509 Hobhouse's Historical Illustrations of the 4th Canto of Childe 

Harold, 8yo. 

585 ■ Journey through Albania, &c., 2 v. 8vo. 

739 ___ Plates to a Journey through Albania, 4to. 

466 ■ Letters from Paris, 8vo» 

545 Hodgskin's Travels in the North of Germany, 2 v. 8vx). 
76 Hogg's Two Hundred and Nine Days on the Continent,. 2 y^ 


733 Holland's Travels in the Ionian Islands, &c., 4to. 
559 Hooker's Tour in Iceland, 2 v. 8to. 
22 Hughson's Walk» through London, d4s. 
J. 470 Introduccion a la Historia Natural, y 4 la Geografia Fisica de 
Espafia, por Bowles,, p. 4to. 
506 Irvine's Letters on Sicily, Svo; London, 1813. 
498 Italy As It Is, Svo; London, 1828. 
J. 78 Itin^raire des Routes, par Dutens, 12mo. 
709 Jacob's Travels in the South of Spain, 4to. 
543 James' Tour in Germany, Sweden,. Russia, and Poland, 2 v. 

542 Johnston's Travels through part of the Russian Empire, &c., 

549 Jones' Travels in Norway, Sweden, Finland, &c., 2 v. 8vo. 

467 Jorg^nson's Travels through France and Germany, 8vo. 

82 Journal of a Tour through the Netherlands to Paris, in 1821,. 

458 Journey through France and Italy, 8vo. 

J. 532 Keysler's Travels, 4 v. 8vo. 

J. U Koop's 10 Maps of the Rhine, the Maese, and the Scheldt, gr^ 

472 Laborde's View of Spain, 5 v. 8vo. 

J. 98 Lady Montague's Letters, I2mo. 

461 Lady Morgan's France, 8vo. 

495 Italy, 2 V. 8vo. 

88 Laing's Voyage to Spitzbergen, 12nao. 

773 Laurent's Classical Tour in Greece, 4to. 

492 Leake's Topography of Athens, 8vo. 

739a Plates to do. 4to. 

J. 49 L'Espion Anglois, 10 v. 12mo. 

J. 48 L'Espion Chinois, 6 v. 12mo. 

J. 469 L'Espion du Boulevard du Temple, 8vo. 

J. 527 Le Guide d' Amsterdam, 8vo. 

19 Leigh's New Atlas of England and Wales, 12ma. 

18 . New Picture of England and Wales, l2mo^ 


^McoveS.^ GEOGRAPHY. 203 

of the late President Jkffbbsos, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

21 Leigh's New Picture of London, 248, 

J. 50 Les Entretiens de PAutre Monde, 2 v. 12mo. 

462 Letters from Geneva and France, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 451 Letters on the North, 2d v. 8vo. 

444 Lettres sur TAngleterre, par A. de StaSl Holstein, 8vo. 

554 Linnaeus's Tour in Lapland, tr. by J. E. Smith, 2 v. 8vo. 

719 Lyall's Character of the Russians, and History of Moscow, 4to. 
537 Travels in Russia, 2 v. 8vo. 

86 Macdonald's Tour through Denmark and Sweden, 2 v. 12mo. 

728 Mackenzie's Travels in Iceland, 4to. 

772 Macmichael's Journey from Moscow to Constiantinople, 4to. 

484 Macneven's Switzerland, 8vo. 

448 Malcolm's Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London 

during the 18th Century, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 533 Marshall's Travels, 3 v. 8vo. 

736 Martin-Leake's Researches in Greece, 4to. 
J, 716 Memoire Idraulico-Storiche sopra la Val di Chiana, compi- 

late dal Cavaliere V. Fossombroni, 4to. 
J. 540 M^oires du Baron de Tott sur les Turcs et les Tartares, 2 v. 

J. 51 M6moires Secrets d'un Observateur env France, tome 22"»« 

au 30™«, 9 V. 12mo. 

485 Milford's Observations, Moral, Literary, and Antiquarian, 

2 V. 8vo. 
481 Naples, and the Campagna Felice, 8vo. (2 copies.) 
73a Narrative of a Journey to the Summit of Mont Blanc, made 
in July, 1819, by Dr. Wm. Howard, 12mo; Bait. 1821. 
(present. J 
439 Noah's Travels in England, France, Spain, &c., 8vo. 
J. 68 Nuova Guida di Milano, 12mo. 

61 Observations on a Journey to Naples, 12mo. 

720 Pallas's Travels in Russia, 2 v. 4to. 
465 Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, 8vo. 

J. 805 Pausaniae Graeciae Descriptio, Gr. Lat Xylandri, fol. ; Fran» 

cofurti, 1583. 

J. 522 Pausanius's Description of Greece, tr. by Taylor, 3 v. 8vo. 

526 Pennington's Journey into Various Parts of Europei 2 v. 8vo, 

453 Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk, 8vo. 

23 Picture of London, 24s. 

656 Picturesque Views of the Severn, With Plates, 8vo. 

34 Planta's New Picture of Paris, 24s. 

452 Playfajr's Geographical and Statistical Description of Scotland, 
2v. 8vo. 

721 Porter's Travels in Russia and Sweden, 2 v* 4to. 
710 Portugal Illustrated, by W. M. Kinsey, p. 4to; 1828. 
474 Quin's Visit to Spain in 1822-'3, 8vo. 

488 Ramond's Travels in the Pyrenees, by Gold, 8vo. 
J. 740 Randolph's Account of theMorea and Archipelago in 1687^4to. 
654 Real Life in London, 2 v. 8vo. 

204 GEOGRAPHY. [Chapter 29. 

NoT«....Thf W>rk4 to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the library 

84 Reichard's Itinerary of Denmark^ 12mo. 

85 Germany^ 12ino. 

58 Italy, 12ino. 

52 ■ — — Spain and Portugal, 24s. 

80 Romberg's Stranger's Guide through Brussels, 248. 

75 Rome in the Nineteenth Century, 2 v, 8vo. 

544 Russell's Tour in Germany in 1620-'21-'22, 8vo. 

445 Saint Fond's Travels in England, &c., 2 v- 8vo. 

J, 767 Sandy's Travels into Italy, Greece, Turkey, the Holy Land, 
and Egypt, folio. 

70 Sass's Journey to Rome and Naples, 12mo» 

521 Savary's Letters on Greece, 8vo. 

510 Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and Italy, 8vo. 

712 Schoberl's Picturesque Tour from Geneva to Milan, by the 

way of Simplon, p. 4to. 
45 Scott's Paris Revisited, 12mo. 
56 Semple's Journey through Spain, &c., 2 v. 12mo. 
55 «_— _ Second Journey through Spain, &c., 12mo. 
87 ■ Tour from Hamburg to Gottenburg, 12mo. 

30 Silliman's Travels in England, Holland, and Scotland, 3 v. 
480 Simond's Switzerland, 2 v. Svo. 

503 .— — Tour in Italy and Sicily, Svo. 

450 M Travels in England, 2 v. 8vo. (2 copies.) 

29 Sketch of 01<i England, by a New Englandman, 2 v. Svo. 

33 Sketches in Ireland, l2mo. 

100 Sketches of a Naval Life, 2 v. 12mo. 

556 Skioldebrand's Journey to the North Cape, 8vo. 

455 Skrine's Account of the Rivers in Great Britain, Svo. ' 

550 Sn^ith's Notes of a Tour in the Northern Countries of Europe, 
with Observations on the Foreign Corn Trade, Svo. 

714 Smyth's Memoir of Sicily and its Islands, 4to. (2 copies.) 

511 " Sketch of Sardinia, Svo. (2 copies.) 
517 Sonini's Travels in Greece and Turkey, 2 v. Svo. 
821 Plates to ditto, 4to. 

54 Southey's Letters from Spain and Portugal, 2 v. 13mo. 
505 Spallanzani's Travels in the Two Sicilies, 4 v. Svo. 
J. 557 Specimen Islandiae Historicum et Chorographicum, per Arn- 
grim Jonam,p. 4to; Amst. 1643. 
77 Starke's (Mariana) Information and Directions for Travellers 
on the Continent, 8vo. 
J. 656a State (Geographical) of Great Britain, 4lo. 
'493 Stevenson's Tour in France, Savoy, Italy, Switzerland, Ger- 
man)', &c., 2 V. Svo. 
515 Swan's Journal of a Voyage up the Mediterranean, 2 v. Svo, 
S 2 Swinburne's Picturesque Tour through Spain, folio. 

504 _— — Travels in the Two Sicilies, 2 v. Svo. 

547 Swinton's Travels in Norway, Denmark, and Russia, Svo. 

Alcove 8.] GEOGRAPHY. 20l» 

of the late President J bpp£bson» when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 42 Tableau de Paris, de Mercier, 6 v. l2mo. 

531 Tennant's Tour through Holland, Germany, &c. , 2 v. 8vo. 

705 Thompson's Account of Boston, in England, 4to. {present.) 

122 Travels in Sweden, 4to. 

730 Townson's Travels in Hungary, with a short Account of Vi- 
enna, in 1793, 4to; London, 1797. 

74 Transalpine Memoirs, or Anecdotes and Observations, 2 v. 

464 Travels in France, in 1 814-^15, 2 v. 8vo. 

454 Troutbeck's Survey of the Scilly Islands, 8vo. 

J. 26 Trusler's London Adviser, l2mo. 

520 Vaudoncourt's Memoirs on the Ionian Islands, 8vo. 

713 Vaughan's View of the State of Sicily in 1809 and 1810, 4to. 

497 Venice under the Yoke of France and Austria, and Memoirs 
of the Courts, Governments, and People of Italy, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 460 Vie Priv6e des Francois, par le Grand d'Aussy, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 46 Ville de Nismes, 8vo. 

J. 717 Viaggio in Dalmazia delP Abate Portis, 4to. 

726 Von Buch's Travels through Norway and Lapland, 4to. 

J. 487 Voyage dans le Jura, par Lequinio, 2 v, 8vo. 

J. 490 Voyage dans les Alpes de Saussure, 4 v, 8vo. 

J. 53 Voyage de Figjaro en Espagne, 16s. 

J. 62 Voyage d'ltalie de Misson, 12mo. 

J. 69 Voyage de Terracine a Naples, par Bayard, 12mo. 

J. 59 Voyage d'un Amateur des Arts, 4 V 12mo. 

J. 442 Voyage en Angleterre, par Saint Fond, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 443 Voyage en Angleterre, par Pictet, 8vo. 

J. 471 Voyage en Espagne de Bourgoyne, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 524 Voyage en Grece et en Turquie, par Sonnini, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 66 Voyage en Italic la Lande, 9 v. 12mo. 

J. 478 Voyage en Portugal, par Link, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 486 Voyage en Suisse, par Mayer, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 523 Voyage Litt6raire de la Gr^ce, par Guys, 4 v.' 8vo. 

J. 57 Voyages de Spon et Wheeler, 2 v. 1 6s. 

534 Voyages du Professeur Pallas, 8 v. 8vo. 

813 Plates to do.,4to. 

102 Waddington's Visit to Greece in 1823-'4, 12mo. 

447 Walker's Tour from London to the Lakes^ 8vo. 

J. 529 Watson's Tour in Holland, 8vo. 

501 Webb's Remarks on Picturesque, Moral, and Miscellaneoua 
Subjects, in Switzerland and Italy, 2 v. 8vo. 

657 Weld^s Scenery of Killarney, 8vo. 

446 White's Letters on England, 8vo. 

519 Wilkinson's Account of Wailachia and Moldavia, 8vo. 

31 Tours to the British Mountains, 12mo. 

483 Williams' Tour in Switzerland, 2 v. 8vo. 

513 Travels in Italy and Greece, 2 v. 8vo. 

548 Wilson's Travels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, &c., 1825, 

806 GEOGRAPHY. IChapter 29- 

NoTX... .The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

541 Wollstonecraft's Letters, written during a short Residence in 

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark^ 8vo. 
456 Wood^s Account of the Isle of Man, 8vo, 
476 Year in Spain, by an American, 8ye. 
4S0a Yosy's Description of Switzerland, 8vo. 


788 Abel's Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China,. 4to. 

(2 copies.) 
777 Alexander's Travels from India to England, (through Ava, 

Persia, and -Turkey,) 4to. 
768 Assheton's Scripture Atlas, 4to. 
€09 Barrow's Travels in China, 8vo. 

794 Voyage to Cochin China, 4to. 

759 Benyowsky's Travels and Memoirs, by himself, 2 v. 4to. 

602 Bernier's Travels in the Mogul Empire, 2 v. 8vo. 

565 Brocquiere's Travels to Palestine in 1432, tr. by Johnes, 8vo. 

564 Buckingham's Travels in Palestine, 2 v. 8vo. 

754 Burckhardt's Notes on the Bedouins and Wahdbys, 4to. 

766 Travels in Syria and the Holy Land, 4to. 

J. 586 Capper on the Passage to India through Egypt, 8vo» 
561 Carne's Letters from the East, 8vo. 
801 Chronicas de la Santa Provincia de S. Gregorio, de las Islas 

Philipinas, China, y Japon, por Fr. Juan Francisco de 

S. Antonio, 3 v. fol.; Manila, 1738. 
570 Clarke's Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 8 v. 8vo. 

58 1 Cochrane's Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey through Siberia, 

&c, 8vo. 
J .585 Compendio de las Historias de la India Oriental, por Mar- 
tinez, p. 4to. 
Q. Complete East India Pilot, 2 v. gr. fol. 
800 Conquista de las Islas Malucas, alRey Felipe III., por Barto- 

lome Leonardo de Argensola, folio; Madrid, 1609. 
797 Cordiher^ Description of Ceylon, 2 v. 4to. 

599 Voyage to India, 8vo. 

584 Court's Account of the Country of Palembang, 8vo. 

582 Crawford's History of the Indian Archipelago, 3 v. 8vo. 
786 Journal of an Embassy to Cochin China, 4to. 

J. 539 D6couvertes des divers Savans Voyageurs en Russie et en 

Perse, 4 v. 8vo. 
J. 787 Description de la Chine, par Grosier, 4to. 

578 Dobell's Travels in Kamtchatka and Siberia; with a Narrative 
of a Residence in China, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 

605 Dubois' Description of the Characters, Manners, and Cus- 
toms of India, 2 v. 8vo. 

592 Duff's History of the Mahrattas, 3 v. 8vo. 

610 Ellis's Journal of the Proceedings of the Embassy to China, 
in 1816, 8vo. 


Mcove 8.] GEOGRAPHY. 207 

of the late Prendent Jefferson, when^t was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

603 Elphinstone's Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, 2 v. 8vo. 

802 Extracto Historial del Expediente que pende en el Consejo 

Real, y Supremo de las Indian, a Instancia de la Ciudad 

de Manila, j demas de las Islas Philipinas, folio; Madrid, 

615 Finlay son's Mission to Siam and Hue, 8vo. 
765 Fitzclarence^s Journey from India to England, 4to. 
796 Forbes' Oriental Memoirs, 4 v. 4to. 
791 Forrest's Picturesque Tour along the Ganges and Jumna 

Rivers, 4to. 
780 Forster's Journey from Bengal to England, 4to, 
759 Fraser's Travels and Adventures in the Persian Provinces^ 

4to. (2 copies.) 

764 Tour in tiie Himala Mountains, 4to. 

K 3 Cell's Topography of Troy and its Vicinity, folio. 

590 Gilchrist's East India Guide, 8vo. 

596 Gollownin's Captivity in Japan, 2 v. 8vo. 

789 Graham's (Maria) Journal of a Residence in India, 4to. 
770 Griffith's Travels in Europe, Asia Minor, and Arabia, 4to.- 
512 Hall's (Basil) Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Co- 

rea, and the Great Loo-Chpo Island, 8vo. 
782 Hamilton's Account of the Kingdom of Nepal, 4to. 

784 .— ; Description of Hindostan, 2 v. 4to. 

604 Heber's Narrative of a Journey through the Upper Provinces 

of India, 2 V. 8vo. 

761 Heude's Voyage and Journey from India, 4to* 

785 Heyne's Tracts on India, and Description of Sumatra, 4to. 

803 Historia de las Missiones que han hecho los Religiosos de la 

Compafiia de Jesus, para predicar el Sancto Evangelio en 
los Reynos de Japon, por el Padre Luis de Guzman,. 2 v^ 
folio; Alcala, 1601. 

804 Historia de las Islas de Mindanao, Iol6, y sus Islas adjacentes, 

por el Padre Francisco Combos, folio; Madrid, 1667. 

790 Hodges' Travels in India, 1780-'83, 4to; London, 1793. 
579 Holderness's (Mary) New Russia, Svo; London, 1823. 

588 Indian Antiquities, or Dissertations on Hindostan, 7 v. Svo. * 

799 Itinerario de las Missiones que hizo el Padre F. Sebastiai^ 
Manrique, Missionario Apostolico treze anos en variaa 
Missiones del India Oriental, 4to; Madrid, 1649. 

563 Jolliflfe's Letters from Palestine and Egypt, 2 v» 8vo. 

778 Keppel's Narrative of a Journey from India to England, 4to.. 

762 Kinneir's Geographical Memoirs of the Persian Empire, 
, 4to. 

575 Journal through Asia Minor> 8vo. 

781 Kirkpatrick^s Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, 4to. 

576 Kotzebue's (Capt. ) Narrative of the Russian Embassy to Per- 

sia, in the year 1817, Svo; London, 1819. 

208 GEOGRAPHY. [Chapter Z9. 

NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. 10 prefixed, wtre in the Library 

573 Leake's Tour in Asia Minor, 8vo. 

818 Le Bruyn's Travels into Muscovy, Persia, &c., folio; 1737. 

819 -^_ — Voyage to the Levant, folio; 1702. 

J. 91 LeCompte: NUmoires sur ia Chine, 2 v. in 1, 12ino. 

580 Lesseps' Travels in Eamtschatka, 2 v. 8vo. 

574 Letters from the- Caucasus and Georgia, 8vo. 
600 Lumsden's Journey from Merut to London^ 8vo. 

J. 572 Macintosh's Travels, 2 v. 8vo. 

611 M*Leod's Narrative of a Voyage to the Yellow Sea, 8vo. 
5S3 Mariti's Travels through Cyprus, Syria, and Palestine, 2 v. 

795 Marsden's History of Sumatra, 4to. 
X. Plates to ditto, gr. folio. 

567 Maundreirs Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, 8vo. 
577 Morier^s Journey through Persia, &c., 8vo. 

758 Second Journey through Persia, 4to. 

J. 702 Mortimer's Voyage to the Asiatic Islands and Canton, g^ 4tof 
London, 1790. 
583 Murray's Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in 

Asia, 3 v. 8vo. 
776 Olearius's Voyages and Travels of the Ambassadors, 4to. 
793 Oriental Navigator, 4to; London, 1794, 
749 Parson's Travels in Asia and Africa, 4to. 
816 Perry's View of the Levant, folio. 
815 Pocock's Voyages, or Description of the East, folio. 
763 Porter's Travels in Georgia, Persia, &c. , 2 v. 4to. 
758 Pottinger's Travels tn Beloochistan and Sinda, 4to. 
J. 96 Poyvre sur tes M<Burs et les Arts de 1' Afrique, I'Asia, et PA- 
m^rique, 12mo. 
783 Rennell's Memoir of a Map of Hindostan, 4to. 
566 Rich's Second Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon, Svo. 
562 Richardson's Travels along the Mediterranean, &c., 2 v. 8vo. 
591 Seely's Wonders of Elora, 8vo; London, 1825. 
589 Sketches of India, 8vo; London, 1825. 
608 Staunton's Embassy to China, in 1793, 8vo. 
595 Stockdale's Sketches of the Island of Java, &c., 8vo. 
560 Thompson's Travels through Turkey in Asia, &c., 8vo. 
792 Titsingh's Illustrations of Japan, 4to. 
732 Tournefort's Voyage into tjie Levant, 2 v. 4to. 
103 Travels of the Sherleys, (or the Three Brothers,) 12mo. 
607 Two Years in Ava, (from 1824 to 1826,) 8vo. 
92 Voyage de Dellon, 2 v. 12mo; Cologne, 1711. 
J. 572 Voyage de la iTroade, par le Chevalier, avec Atlas, 4 v. 8vo. 
J. 584 Voyage de le Gentil dans les Mers de I'Inde, 5 v. 8vo. 
J. 93 Voyage de Schouten aux Indes Orientales, 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 817 Voyages de Chardin en Perse et aux Indes Orientales, folio* 
J. 89 Voyages de Hasselquist dans le Levant, 12mo. 

of the late Prendeat Jsmmsov, when it wm purchased by Congreai in 1815. 


X 731 Voyages d'CHearu» et de MandAldo, trad, par Wicquefbrt, 

2 V. 4to. 

J. 90 Voyages et D^couvertes des Russes, par MiQIer> Z t. in 1^ 


587 Wallace's Memoirs of India, 8yo. 

598 ■ ■ . Voyage to India, 8va 

735 Walpole's Memoirs on Turkey, 4to. 

774 Travels in Various Countries of the East, 4to. 

104 Wabb's Journey frcmi Constantinople to England, 8vo. 

771 Wathen's Voyage to Madras and China, and Return^ 4lo. 

513 White's Voyage to the China Sea, 8vo. (2 copies.) 

99 Wilkinson's Tour in Asia Minor, ISmo. 

J. 798 Wilson's Account of the Pelew Islands, by Keate, 4to. 

J. 601 Woodard's Nurative of the Malays, 8iro. 

593 Zufiiga's History of the Philij^ine Islands, 2 v. Bro. 


649 Adams' Narrative, 8vo; BoAton, 1817. 

624 AU Bey^s Travelsin MoroecQ,Tripoli, &c., 180d-'7, 2 v. Svo. 

640 Barrow's Travels into the Interior oi Southern Africa, 8vo« 

750 Beechey'a Expedition to the Nordiem Goast of Africa^ 4lo. 
106 Belzoni's Travels in Egypt, ISrno. 

e22 Travels in Egypt and Nubia, 2 v. 8vo. 

S|3 Plates to do., g. folio. 

645 Bowditch's Discoveries of the Portuguese in Angola, 8va 

748 — —.-.-^ Mission to Ashantee, 4tQ. 

743 Brown's Travels in Africa, &c., from 1792 to 17fia, 4tD. 
J. 631 Bruce's Travels, 6 v. 8vo. 

650 Buffa's Travels through Morocco, 8vo. 

746 Burohell's Travels in Sie Interior of Southern Africa^ 2 v. 4to; 
756 Burckhardt's Travels in Nubia and Egypt, 4to. 

637 Denham and Clapperton's Travels and Discoveries, 8vq. 

J. 109 Description de I'Egypte, par Maillet, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 1 1 3 Description du Cap de Bonne Esperance, per Kolbe, 3 v. 12mo« 

628 Donkin's Dissertation on the Course of the Nile, Svo. 
647 Drury's (Robert) Adventures in Madagascar, 8vo. 

747 Dupuis' Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, 4to. 

620 Edmonston's Journey to Two Oases in Upper Eg3rpt, 8vD. 

644 Expedition to Dongola and Sennaar, 8va 

755 Hamilton's Remar£i on Turkey, 4to. (2 copies.) 

S ^ — Plates to do., gr. folio. (2 copies.) 

J. 116 Hirtoire de I'Afrique Frangoise, par l'Abb6 Demanet^ 2 v. 

744 Hornemaa's Travels in Africa, 4to. 

629 Button's Voyage to Africa, and Narrative of an Embassy to 

. one of the Interior Kingdoms, 8va 

751 Jackson's Account of the Empire of Morocco, 4to. 

aiO 6E0GRAPRT. ^ IChapler 2f * 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, uere in the library 

117 Janson's View of the States of Barbary, 12mo. 

741 Keatinge's Travels in Europe and Africa, 4to« 

630 Laing's Travels in Western Africa, 8vo. 

638 Lander's Records of Clapperton's last Expedition to Africa, 

8 V. 8vo; London, 1830. 

641 Latrobe's Journal of a Visit to South Africa, in 1815-'16, 8vo. 
643 Lebos's Voyage to Abyssinia, 8vo. 

621 Legh's Narrative of a Journey in Egypt, 8vo, 

651 Lempriere's Tour through the Empire of Morocco, 8vo« 
J. 516 Lettres sur I'Egypte, par Savary, 3 v. 8vo. 

635 Leyden's Historical Account of the Discoveries and Travels 

in Africa, 9 v. 8vo. 
769 Light's Travels in Egypt, Nubia, &c, 4to. 

752 Lyon's Travels in Northern Africa, 4to* 
653 MagilFs Account of Tunis, 8vo« 

636 Murray's Travels and Discoveries in Africa, 2 v. 8vo. (2 cop*) 
745 Park, Mungo: Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa, in 

the years 1795, 1796, and 1797, 4to; London, 1799. 
032 , The same, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1800. 

633 ' .,.«...—»-. Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, 

in the year 1805, 8vo; Phil. 1815. 

639 Philips' Researches in South Africa, 2 v. 8vo. 

107 Recollections of Egypt, by the Baroness Von Minuloti, 8vo. 

J. 115 Relation de I'Afrique, par de la Croix, 4 v. 12mo. 

648 Riley's Narrative of the loss of the Brig Commerce, 8vo. 

634 Salt's Voyages to Abyssinia, 8vo. 

646 Savigny and Correarde's Voyage to Senegal, 8vo. 
Ill Semple's Sketches at the Cape of Good Hope, 12mo. 

652 Shaler's Sketches of Algiers, Political, Historical, and Civile 

1. 820 Shaw's Travels, folio. 

619 Sonini's Travels in Egypt, 3 v. 8vo. 
X 110 Sparmann's Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope» from 1772 to 
1776, 2 V. 8vo. 
627 Stout's Description of the Cape Territory, 8vo. 

753 Thompson's Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa, 4to. 

642 Tuckey's Voyage to the Zaire, or Congo, 8vo. 

625 Vaillant's Travels in Africa, 2 v. 8vo. 

1X2 — — — 2 V. in 1, 12mo. 

626 New Travels in Africa, 3 v. 8vo. 

618 Volney's Travels through Syria and Egypt, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 617 Voyage en Syrie et en Egypte, par Volney, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 742 Voyage de Denon dans la Basse et la Haute Egypie, 2 v. 41;^; 
Londres, 180)2. 

J. 1 18 Voyage de Dubois, aux Isles Dauphine, de Bourbon, &c. , 12mo. 

J. 114 Voyage de Guinfee, par Bosman, 12mo; Utrecht, 1705,. 

J. 119 Voyage de Madagascar, 12 mo. 

775 Waddington and Hanbury's Visit to Ethiopia, 4to* 

623 Whitman's Travels in Turkey and Egypt, 8vo. 

Jilemie 8.] OKOORAPHT. 311 


of the late Pi^sident Jiffebsoit, when it was purchased by Conpf«>ss in 1815. 


362 Account, Historical, Political, and Statistical, of Rio de la Pla- 
ta, 8vo. 
J. 848 Adair's History of the Americao Indians, 4to. 
J. 184 Almanach Am6ricain, de 1784, ISmo. 
871 Alonso de Ovalle: Historica Relacion del Reyno de Phile, 
4to; Roma, 1646. 
J. 872 Alonso d'Ovaglie: Historica Relatione del R^ao di Cil^ 4to; 

Roma, 1646. 
1.^228 American Farmer, by St. John de Crevecceur, 8vo. 

191 Gazetteer, (1762,) 3 v. 12mo. 

214 Sketches, by a Native of the United States, 8vo. 

213 Americana as they are, by the Author of ** Austria as it is,'^ 
J. 391 Antonio de Leon: Tratado de Encomiendas, &c., para las In* 
dias, y Bibltoteca Orient y Occid. p. 4to; Madrid, 1629^ 
218 Ash's Travels in America, in 1806, 8to. 
K* Atlas Ameriquain de Rouge, gr. folio. 
J. 386 ' Bartolomeo de Las Casas Istoria della Distruttione deft' 

Indie Occidentali, Span. Ital., p. 4to; Venetia, 1626. 
J. 385a Bartolomeo de Las Casas del Imperio Soberano sobre las In- 

dias, p. 4to; 1552. 
J. 290 Barton's New Views of th». Qi!i|pn:.a£:4he Tribes of America^ 
8vo; Philadelphia, 1797. 

290 New Views of the Origin of the Tribes of America, 

8vo; Philadelphia, 1798. 
J. 230 Bartram's Travels through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Plori* 
da, 8vo. 
348 Beaufoy's Mexican ItlustratioDS, 1825, 1826, and 1827, 8to« 
365 Beaumont's Travels in Buenos Ayres, .8vo. 
256 Bensoi/s Memoir on New York, 8vo. 
208 Birbeck's Journey in America, 12mo. 

207 Letters from the Illinpis, 12mo. 

L. .Birch's Views of Philadelphia, gr. folio. 

332 Blaquiere's Description of Venezuela, Trinidad, Margarita, 

and Toba^, 8vo. 
660 Blunt's American Coast Pilot, 8vo. 
334 Bolingbroke^s Voyage to the Demerary, 8vo. 
336 Bonnycastle's Account of Spanish America, 8ve. 
658 Bouchette on Canada, 8vo. 
J. 275 Brackenridge's (H. M.) Views of Louisiana, 8vo. 

337 : Voyage toSouth America, 2 v. 8vo. 

368 Brand's Journal of a Voyage to Peru, 8vo; London, 1828. 
293 Buchanan's Sketches of the North American Indians, 8vo. 
205 Bullock's (W.) Sketch of a Journey through the Western 
States of North America, 12mo. 

31S t^XOGBiniT. IChapierM. 

KDTi....The Works to which the letter J. a» prefixed* wtre in the lihmy 

153 Bullock'8 (W.) Travels in Mexico, p. 8to. 
J. 2S2 Burnaby's Trayels throagh the Middle Settlements of North 
Americft, in 1759 and 1760^ Svo. 

333 Travels through the Middle Setdements of North 

Ameriea^in 1759 and 1760, 8vo. 
851 Burney's Histoiy of the Buccaneers, 4to. 
Id. "Bnir^s Atlas of New York, containing aMapof tfaeState,and 

of the several Counties, folio; New York, 1829. 
150 Byron's (Capt ) Narrative of his First Voyage and Life, 19ino. 
333 CaldcleujEh's Travels in South America, 2 v. 8vo. 
N. Carey's Complete Historical, Chronological, and ideographi- 
cal Atlas of America, gr. folio. 
886 Cartwright's Journal of Transactions and Events^ difi^ing a 
residence of nearly sixteen years on the Coast of Labra- 
dor^ 3 V. 4to; Newark, 1792. 
f . 2!20 Carver's Travels, 19mo. 

i. 365 Chappe d'Auteroehe's Voyage to Califomiai Mexico, and 
Newfoundland, 8vo. 
287 Chappell's NiBurralive of a Voyage io Hudson's Bay, 8v0. 
J. ^37 Chastellux's Voyages in America, 2 v. 8vo. 
888 Chronica Morali^Mla del Orden de San Aunstin en el Peru, 
por Padre F. A. de la Calandia, folio; Barcelona, 1638. 
' 662 Glavigero's History of Mexico, Eng., 2 v. 4to. 
829 Coch^ne's Residence and Travels in Colombia, 2 v. 8vo. 
SSSO Cockburn's Voyi^^g \n irod, 990. 
304 Coke's History ofthe West Indies, 3 v. 8vo; 
342 Coleccion de las Obras de Las Casas, 2 v. 8vo. 
824 Coleccion de los Vlages y Deseubrimientos, que faicieron por 
ilar los Eqpafioles, por Don M. F^tiandee de Navarrete, 
2v. 4to. (2 copies.) 
J. 6S0 Collection des Voys^ anx Indes Oceidentales, psr De Bry, 
11 parts, in 3 v, folio; Frankfort, 1590. 
682 Collection of Spanish and Portuguese Voyages and Discove- 
ries, 4to. 
J. 254 CoUes's Roids of the United States, p. 4to. 

331 Colombia, 2 V. 8vo; London, 1822. 
J. 877 Commentaribs Reales de loi Incas del Peru, por d Inca Gtar- 

cilasso de la Vega, 2 v. folio« 
J. 360 Compendio della Storia del ChQ^ 8vo; Bokgna, 1776. 
372 Compendio Historico de la Provincia de Guayaquil en las Cos- 
tas de la Mer del Sur, p. 4lo; Madrid, 1741. 
J. 138 ConquSte de la Mexique, pat de Solis, 2 v. 12mow 

301 Cotter's Sketches of Bermuda, 8vo. 
J. 261 Coxe's Account of Carolina, 8vo. 

J. 226 Cultivateur Amfiricain, par St Jean de Crevecoeur, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 227 Cultivateur Amfcricain, par St Jean de Crevecoeur, 3 Vi 8V0. 
212 Cuming's Sketches of a Tour to the Western Country, 1810, 

■ I ml.. 'I I ', I s=3=3ggagss^g:=a= ' '" II 'I \, i i ■' ■ ■ 'i i i'. i'i s= 

<if the kte Freflident JxmUBOK, when it was purchased by Congress In 1815. 


. 3S6 


1 251 

1 J. 303 

J. 858 

J. 377 

J. 318 

J. R. 

' 274 



J. 843 

306 DallkB^s History of the MaroonB^ 2 v. 8yo; London, IMS, 
27 S Darby's Geographical Description of Louisiana, 8vo. 

185 View of the United States, 12nio. 

373 Davies's Letters from Par^giiay, in 1805, 8yo. 
J. 175 Dfecouvertes de M. de la Sale, par Tonti, ISmo. 

§36 Depon*s Voyage to the Eastern Part of Terra Pirma, 3 v. ^va 
253 De Roos's Narrative of Travels in the United States and Ca- 
nada, Svo. 
375 Descripcion HiBtorial de la Provincia y Archipielago de 
€hil6e, en el Reyno de Chile, y Obispado de la Concept 
cion, p. 4to; Madrid, 1791. 
J. 181 Description de la Louisiane, par Hennepin, 12mo. 
J. 308 Description de Surinam, par Fermin, 2 v. in 1, 8vo. 
J. 123 Description des C5tes de PAmferique, par Dassie, l2mo. 
J. 881 Description des Indes Ocddentales, par Herrera, avec la Na- 
vigation de la Maire, folio. 
J. 149 Descripdoa des Teites Magellaftiques, 18s. 

852 Description Topographique, Politique, &c. de la Partie Fran- 
caise de I'Isle Skint Domingue, par M. Mporeau de St 
Mfery, 2 V. 4to. 
J. 890 De Veitia Linage: Norte de laContratak^ion de las Indras Oc- 
cidentales, fdie; Seville, 1 672. 
C Diego Per^andee: Historia del Peru, folio; Sevilla, 15^1. 
J. 878 < Augustin de Carate: Hktoria del Descubrimiento y Conquista 
( del Peru, folio; Sevilla, 1577. 
8d9 Dobbs' Aecouht of the Countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay, 

371 Dobrizhofifer's Account of the Abipones of Pa rag ua y, 3 v. ; 
London, 1822. 
Drake's Picture of Cincinnati, 12mo. fpresenf.) 
Duane's Visit to Colombia, in 1822-'3, 8vo. 
Dunn's Guatimda, Bro} New York, 1828. 
Dwight'^s Travels in New England and New York, 4 v. 8vo. 
Edwards' History of the British West Indies, 5 v. 8 vb. 
Ellicott's Journal of the Boundary of Florida, 4to. 
201a EHbt's Historical Sketches of the Ten Miles Square form- 

• ing the District of Columbia, 16s; Washington, 1830. 
887 El MaraJion y Amazonas — Historia de los Descubrimientos, 
Ehtradas, y Reduccion de Naciones, por el Padre Manuel 
Rodriguez, folio; Madrid, 1684. 
El Orinoco lUuStrado, porOumilla, 2 v. p. 4to. 
Elogio d' Amerigo Vespucci, da Canovai, 8vo. 
English Pilot, 4th Book, gr. folio; London, 1689, 
Etat Present de la Louisiane, 1776, 8vo. 
Etat Present de la Penalvanie, 1756, 12mo. 
Falkner's Description of Patagonia, &c., 4to. 
Fernando Pizarro y Orellana: Varones lUustres del Nuevo 
Mundo, foL ; Madrid, 1639. 
N. 2 Finley's American Atlas, folio; Phil. 1826. 

214 6E06RAPHT* {CJu^ier 29. 

'■ ,i, r ,-'■ — — »-■ ■ .1. ■ .,. .., --aeg-- ■ ■■■■»■■■ ■?lggeg-*^--- F-— -—,,»— 

NoTX....The Work» to which the letter J. U prefixed* were in the libnxy 

364 Five Years' Residence in Buenos A3rre8, (1820 to 1825,) 8yo. 
J. 206 Oass's Journals of Lewis and Clarke's Journey of Discovery 
to the Pacific, 12mo. 

192 Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire, 12mo. 

193 Gazetteer of the State of Verroonti by Z. Thompson, 12mo. 
J. 170 General History of the Continent and Islands of America^ by 

Herrera, 6 v. 8vo. 
J. 876 Gie. Gioseppe di S. Teresa: Istoria delle Guerre del Braaile^ 
trail Portogallo e la Olanda, fol.; Roma, 1698. 
874 Graham's (Maria) Journal of a Residence in Chile, 12mo. 

869 Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, 4to. 

356 Grant's Account of Brazil, 8vo; London, 1809. 

367 Haigh's Sketches of Buenos Ayres and Chile, 8to; London, 

850 Hakewill's Tour of Jamaica, 4to. 
J. 302 Hakluyt's History of the West Indies, p. 4to. 

151 Hall's (Basil) Journal, written on the Coast of Chile, Peru, 
and Mexico, 2 v. 12mo. 

215 —.._ Travels in North America, 2 v. 12mo; Phil. 

245 Hall's (Francis) Travels in Canada and the United States, 8vo. 

328 Present State of Colombia, 8vo. 

266 Hall's (Judee) Letters from the West, 8vo; London, 1828. 
156 Hamilton's Travels through the Interior Provinces of Colom- 
bia, 2 V 8vo. 
265 Harris's Journal of a Tour in the Northwestern Territory, 

in 1803, 8vo. 
312 Harvey's Sketches of Hayti, 8vo; London, 1887. 
853 Hassler's Survey of the Coast of the United States, 4to. 

(present, J 
828 Hearne's Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort, in Hudson's 
Bay, to the Northern Ocean, 1769 — ^1772, 4to; London, 
381 Hedendaagsche Historic of Tegenwoordige Staat van Ameri- 

ka, 3 V. 8vo; Amst. 1766. 
868 Henderson's History of Brazil, 4to; London, 1821. 
288 Henry's Travels in Canada, 8vo; New York, 1809. 
219 Heriot's Travels through the Canadas, 12mo. 
J. 128 Histoire de 1' Amferique Septentrionale, par de la Potherie, 4 v^ 

12 mo. 
J. 262 Histoire de Kentucke de Filson, 8vo. 
J. 161 Histoire de la Jamaique, trad, de I'Anglois, 12mo. 
J. 178 Histoire de la Nouvelle France, par Lescarbot, 12mo. 
J. 126 Histoire de la Nouvelle France, par Charlevoix, 6 v. 12mo. 
J. 139 Histoire de I'Oronoque, par Gumilla, traduite par Eidous, 

3 V. 12mo. 
J. 198 Histoire de la Pensylvanie, prise sur Kalm et Mittelberger, 

^leovdS.] 6S06RAF3IT. Sl5 

of the late President Jstvibsoh, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

!• 144 Hifltoire de Paraguay de Charlevoix, 6 v. 12mo. 

J. 160 Histoiredes \Qtille8 Angloises, li^ino. 

J. 163 Histoire des Flibustiers, par Oexmelin, 4 v. l^mo. 

J. 142 Histoire d'un Voyage fait en Br6sil, par Jean de Lery, 12ino. 

S5l Histoire du Br6sil, par A. de Beauchamp, 3 v. 8vo. 
J. 1 66 Histoire 66n^ralle des Indes Occidentales, traduite par Fum^e^ 

p. 8vo; Paris, 1584. 
J« 171 Histoire 66ographique de la Nouvelle Ecosse, 12mo. 
J. 159 Histoire Naturelledes Antilles, par de Rochefort, 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 307 Histoire ?^aturellede Surinam, par Fermin« Svo. 

197 Histoire Naturelle et Politique dela Pensylvanie, tr. de FAI- 
lemandparR. Surgy, 12mo. 
J. 875 Histoire Universelle des Indes Occid. par Corneille Wytflict; 
et des Indes Orient par Anthoine Magin, 2 v. fol. 
885 Historia de la Compafiia de Jesus en la rrovincia del Para- 
guay, por el Padre Pedro Lozano, 2 y. folio; Madrid, 
J. 835 Historia . de la Conquista de la Nueva ELspafia, por Bemal 

Diaz del Castillo, fol.; Madrid, 1632. 
J. 860 Historia de la Conquista de Mexieo, por de Solis, 2 v. 4to. 
884 Historia de la Conquista y Poblacion de la Provincia de Vene- 
zuela, por Joseph De Oviedo y Baiios, folio; Madrid, 1723. 
843 Historia de la Nueva Espafia y Florida, por el Maestro Fray 

Augustin Davila Padilla, p. folio; Valladolid, 1634. 
363 Historia de la Revolucion de Nueva Espaila, 2 v. 8vo. 
C Historia del Mondo Nuovo di Benzoni, 12mo; Ven. 1572. 
J. 132 < Bart de las Casas: Tyran. des Espagnols 6s Ind. Occid. 
t 12mo; Anv. 1579. 
882 Historia del Nuevo Mundo, por J. B. Muilos, 1^ v. p. folio; 
Madrid, 1793. 
f Historia del Peru da Pietro Cieza di Leone, 12mo; Ven. 1560. 
j Historia del India, 12mo; Ven. 1566. 
J. 184<i Conquista di Messico da Lopez di Gomara, 12mo; Ven. 1565. 
I La Conquista de Messico y de la Nueva Espafia, por Lppez di 
(^ Gomara, 2 v. 12mo; Anvers, 1554. 
376 Historia del Peru, Tierra Firme, Chile, y Nuevo Reyno de 
Granada, por Dionysio de Alcedo y Herrera, p. 4to; 
J* 137 Historia de Mexico, con el Discubrimiento de la Nueva EspaSa^ 

por Lopez de Gomara, 12mo; Anvers, 1554. 
J. 836 Historia de Nueva Espaila, por Heman Cortes, 4to. 
837 Historia de Nueva Espa&a, por Hernan Cortes, 4to. 
J. 891 Historia General de las Islas y Tierra Firme del Mar Oceano, 
por A. de Herrera, 5 v* fol. 
314 Historia Geogr&fica, Civil y PolStica, de la Isla de S. Juan 
Bautista de Puerto Rico; dala & luz Don Antonio ValUda- 
res de Sotomayor^ p, 4to; Madrid^ 1788. 

216 GEOGRAPHY. IChi^ter 29. 

Note... .The Works to which th« letter J. ia jirefized, vere in the Librsry 

S. 388 Historian Natural y Maral, de laa lodi$B, por Joaapk de Aeoita, 

p. 4to; Sevilla, 159a 
J. 389 Hiatoria, Natural y Moral, da ka Indiaa, par Joaeph de Acoati^ 
p. 4to; Madrid, 1608. 
834 Historiadorea PrimitiToa de laa Indiaa Oceideatalea^ por An- 
drea GtoDzalez Barcia, 3 v. folio; Madrid, 1749« 
827 Historical Journal of the Expedition by Sea and Land to Cali- 
fomia, in 1768, 1769, 1770, 4to. 
J. 154 History of Miranda's Attempt to effect a Revolution in South 

America, by an Officer, 12mo. 
1. 849 History of the British Dominions in Ncnrth America, 4to. 
250 Hodgson's Remarks during a Journey through North Ameri- . 
ca, 8yo. 
J. 217 Houston's Memmrs, 8to. 

345 Humboldt's Personal Narative, Eof^, § v. Sto. 
J. 344 ■ Political Easay on New Spain, Eng., 2 y. 8vo. 

343 Political Easay on New Spain, 4 v. 8vo, 

34g ........^ Researches in AmeriGa, 2 v. 8yo. 

J. 258 Jefferson's Notes on Virginia, (first edition,) 8vo; 1782. 

202 — -_— Notes on Virginia, 12mo, (new ed.) PhiL 1825. 
J. T. Jeffery'a American Atlas, gr. foL 

J. 53 1 Natural and Civil Bialory of the French Dominions in 

America, foL 
J. 841 Joannes de Soloraano Fereira de Indiarum Jure> foL ; Matriti^ 

J. 294 Jonea' Journal of Two Visits to the Indian Ni^iona, dvo. 
J. 182 Journal d'un Voyage k la licmisiane en 1720, 12mo. 

234 Journal d'un Voyage dans I'Interieur de I'Aoiferique Septen- 

trionale, 2 v. 8vo. 

J. 179 Journal du Dernier Voyage de M. de la Sale, par Joutel, 12mo. 

325 Juardos' Statistical and Commercial History of Guaterasda^ 8vo. 

J. 243 Kalm's Travels into North America, tr. by Forster, 2 v. Svo. 

247 Kendall's Travels through the Northern parU of the United 

States, 3 v. 8va 
352 Roster's Travels in Brazil, from 1809 to 1815, 2 v. 8vo. 
216 Lafayette in America, in 1824 and 1825, by A. Levasseur, 
2 V. 12mo; PhiladeljAia, 1829. 
J. 847 Lafitau : Moeurs des Sau vages Amfericains, 2 v. 4io ; Paris, 1 724. 

859 L' Amferique en pluaieurs Cartes, par Le S. Sanson, 4to. 
J. 165 La D^eouverte des Indes Occidentalea^ par Balthazar de Las 
Casas, 12mo. 
276 La D6coaverte des Sources du Miaaisaippi, par J. C. Behra- 
mi, 8vo. 
C La Florida, por el Inea Garcilaso de la Vega, fol. ; Mad. 1723. 
J. 845 < Historia Oen^rad de la Florida, por de Cardenas y Cano^ 2 v. 

( folio; Madrid, 1723. 
J. 845 La Florida, por de la Vega, et por de Cardenas y Cano, 2 v. 
folio. [Duplicate of the preceding.] 

^i«w«8.3 GEOGRAPHY. ai^ 

of the Ute President J sffersoh, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

J. 893 La Monarquia Indiana, por Juan de Torquemada, 3 v. folio» 

J. 277 La Salens Last Voyage to the Gulf of Mexico, by Joutel,8vo. 

J. 833 Le Nouveau Monde de Du Laet, folio; 1640. 

J. 183 Le Page du Pratz' History of Louisiana, 2 v. 12nio. 

J. 188 Le Pour et le Contre des Etats Unis, parBridel, 12mo. 

J. 121 Le Voyageur Frangois, par Deiaporte, v. 6 — 14, 9 v. IBmo. 

J. 125 Lettere Americane del Conte Carli, 3 v. 12n>o. 

380 Lettres Americaines, par M. leComte Carli, 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 146 Levini ApoUonii, Gaodobrugani, de Peruvian Inventione et 

Rebus Gestis, p. 8vo; Antverpios, 1567. 
J. 278 Lewis and Clark's Expedition to the Pacific Ocean, 2 v. 8vo. 
240 Liancourt's Travels through the United States, in l795-'6-'7, 

4 V. 8vo. 
357a Lindley's Narrative of a Voyage to Brazil, 8vo. 
280 LongVExpedition to the Rocky Mountains, 2 v. 8vo. (2 cop.) 
857 Maps and Plates to ditto, 4to. (2 copies. ) 

,.281 — — - Narrative of an Eixpedition to the Source of St. Peter^s 
River, &c., 2 v. 8vo. (3 copies.) 
J. 292 Loskiel's Mission among the Indians of America, 8vo. 

152 Lyon's Journal of a Residence and Tour in Mexico, 2 v. 12mo. 
317 Maccullum's Travels in Trinidad, 8vo. 
2S5 McKenney's Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes, 8vo. 
313 Mackenzie's Notes on Haiti, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1830. 
J.:2d6 Mackenzie's Voyages across North America to the Pacifit; 
Ocean, l«t v. Svo, 
264 M'Murtrie's Sketches of Louisville, 6vo; 1819. 
^87 Manuel-Guide desVoyageurs aux Etats Unis, 12mo. {present:) 

Maps. See page 222. 
355 Mathison's Visit to Brazil, Chile, &c., 8vo. (2 copies.) 
370 Maw's Journal of a Passage from the Pacific Oeean to the At- 
lantic, &c., 8vo; London, 1829, 
354 Mawe's Travels in Brazil, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1816. 
J. 196 Mease's Picture of Philadelphia, 12mo. 
223 -Melish's Geographical Description of the United States, ftvo. 

' 670a Map of the United States, (folded,) 8vo; Phil. 1820. 


J. 246 Travels in the United States of America, 2 v. 8vo. 

1 89 Memoir to accompany Tanner's Map of the United States, 1 2mo. 
J. 378 M6moires sur I'Am^ique, par DonUlloa, traduites par Ville- 

brun, 2-v,'8vo. 
J. 180 Memoires sur la Louisiane, par Dumont, 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 143 M^ridien de Demarcation entre I'Espagne et le Portugal en 
Amerique, par Ulloa, 12mo. 
357 Mier's Travels in Chile and La Pkta, 2 v. Svo. 
. J. 390 Milicia y Descripcion de las Indias, por Bernardo de Vargas 
Machuca, p. 4to^ Madrid, 1599. 
350 Mills' History of Mexico, 8vo. 
^61 Molina's History of Chili, Eng., 2 v. Sya. 

218 GEOGRAPHY. [ Chapter 20. 

Note... .The Works to which the letter J, is prefixed, were in the Library 

327 Mollien's Travels in Coloitibia, in 1822 and 1823, 8vo. 
J. 661 Morse's American Gazetteer, 8vo. 

J. 662 American Geojrraphy, 8vo. 

J. 387 Naufraeios y Comentarios de Alvar Nuilez en dos Jornadas a 
las Indias, p. 4to; Valladol. 1555. 
326 Notes on Colombia, taken in l822-'3, 8vo. 
J. 383 Noticia dela California, por Miguel Venegas, 3 v. p. 4to. [A 

copy presented to Father Charlevoix.] 
J. 339 Noticias Americanas de Don Antonio de tJlloa, Svo. 
J. 840 Noticias de las Conquistas en las Indias Occidentales, por 
Pedro Simon, folio; Madrid, 1626. 
832 Noticias Secretas de America, por J. Juan, y A. de Ulloa, 4to. 
217 Nouveau Voyage dans PAmb*ique Septentrionale, 1781, par 
M. Robin, 8vo. 
J. 131 Nouveau Voyage d'un Pays Plus Grand que I'Europe, par 

Hennepin, 12mo. 
J. 130 Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres Grand Pays dans PAmferique, 
par Hennepin, 1" et 3"'« v. 12mo. 
141 Nouvelle Relation de la Prance Equinoxiale, par Barrere, 
J. 162 Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspesie, par Chrestien Le Clercq, 

12mo; 1675-'81. 
J. 134 Novae Novi Orbis Historiae ex Italicis Benzoni Latine reddita 
Urbaoi Calvetonis industri^ cui ab eodem adjuncta est Gal- 
lorum in Floridam Expeditio, p. 8vo. 
284 NuttalPs Travels in the Arkansas Territory, 8vo. 
J. 839 Observaciones Astronomieas y Physicas, por Juan y Ulloa, fol. 
J. 200 Ogden's Excursion to Bethlehem, 12mo. 

J. 173 Tour through Canada, 12mo. 

823 Ogilby's America, felio; 1671. 

300 Oldmixon's History of the British Empire in America, 2 v- 
8vo; 1708. 

299 History of the British Islands in America, 8vo. 

880 Origen de los Indios del Nuevo Mundo, e Indias Occiden- 
tales, por el Padre Fr. Gregorio Grarcia, folio; Madrid^ 
J. Z. Ortelii Theatrum Orbis, gr. folio. 
J. 295 Pamphlets on Indians, Topographical, &c. Svo, 
210 PauIding^s Lietters from the South, 2 v. 12mo. 
317 Personal Narrative of the First Voyage of Columbus to Ame- 
rica, 8vo. 
J. 133 Petrus Martyr Anglerius de Orbe Novo, edente Richard Hak- 

luyt, p. 8vo; Parisiis, 1587. 
J. 195 Picture of New York, l2mo; New York, 1807. 
J. 279 Pike's Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi, and 
through the Western Parts of Louisiana, Svo. 
825 Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages and Travels in America, 
4 V. 4to. 

JlkweS.'! GEOGRAPHT, 219^ 

of the late President Jefferson, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

$22 Pitman on the Practieability of joining the Atlantic and Pa- 
cific Oceans, 8vo. 
856 Pittman's Present State of the European Settlements on the 

Mississippi, 4to; London, 1770. 
349 Poinsett's Notes on Mexico, 8vo. 
J. 298 Present State of Nova Scotia, 8vo; 1786. 
J. 31 1 Puysegur's Treatise upon the Navigation of St. Domingo, 8vo. 
379 Recherches Historiques et Greographiques sur le Nouveaa 
Monde, par J. B. Sherer, 8vo. 
J. 124 Recherches sur les Americains, par Paw, 3 v. 12mo. 

242 Reise durch Nordamerikanischen Staaten, &c.^ von J. D. 

Schopf, 2 V. 8vo. 
6595 Relacion del ultimo Via^ al Estrecho de Magallanes, de la 
Fragata de S. M. Santa Maria de la Cabeza, en io» ailos de 
1785 y 1786, p. 4to; Madrid^ 1788. 
879 Relacion Descriptiva de la Ciudad y Provincia de Truxillo'del 

Peru, por ekDr. Miguel Feyjob, folio; Madrid, 1763. 
374 Itelacien Histerial de las Missiones de los Indios, que llaman 
Chiquitos, por el Padre Juan Patricio Fernandez, p. 4t0y 
Madrid, 1726. 
J. 122 Relation de Divers Voyages en Afirique et Am^rique^ par de 
Grande Pierre, 12 mo. 
382 Relation de I'Exfl ^Cayenne d*un jeune Frangais, l2mo. 
145 Relation des Missions du Paraguai, l2mo. 
J, 129 Relation Ecciesiastique de la Nouvelle France, 1643-'4, par 

Vimont, 12 mo. 
J. 359 Restauraoion de la Ciudad del Salvador en Brazil, por Tamaio 

de Vargas, p. 4to; Madrid, 1628. 
J. 231 Rogers' Account of North America, 8vo. 
J. 209 Romans' History of Florida, 12mo. 

309 Saint Mfery's Description of the Spanish part of Saint Domingo, 

2 V. 8vo. 
172 Sansom's Sketches of Lower Canada, 12mo. 
252 Saxe Weimar's Travels in North America, 8vo. 
873 Schmidtmeyer'« Travels into Chile, 4to. 
28^ Schoolcraft's Narrative Journal of Travels, 8vo. 

283 Travels in the Mississippi Valley, 8vo. 

244 Schultz' Travels through New York, Pennaylvania| Virginia, 
Ohio, &c., 8vo. 
J; 190 Scott's Gazetteer of the United States, 12mo. 

J. 201 Geography of Maryland and Delaware, 12mo. 

J, 268 Second Voyage i la Louisiane, par Baudry, 2 v. Svo, 
155 Scrapie's Sketch of the State of Caraecas in 1811, 12mo. 
194 Shaw's Topographical and Historical Description of Boston, 

^11 Sillirilan's Tour between Hartford and Quebec, 12mo. 
169 Sketches and Recollections of the West Indies, 8vo. 
-205 Southey's Chronological History of the West Indies, 3 v* 8v0. 
S64 History of Brazil; 3 v. 4to. 

220 GEOGRAPHY. ICkapter 29t. 

NoTs....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 255 Spafford's Gazetteer of the State of New York, 8vo; 1813. 
392 Spanish Empire in America, Svo. 
353 Spix and Mariin'd Travels in Brazil, 2* v. Svo. 
338 Stevenson's Historical Account of South America,. 3 v. 8vo. 
J. 270 Stoddart's Sketches of Louisiana, 8vo. 
J. 861 Storia del Messico dell' Abate Clavigero, 4 v. 4to. 
J. 855 Stork's Description of East Florida, and Bartram's Journal; 
323 Strangeways' Sketch of the Mosquito Shore, 8vo. 
J. 221 Tableau des Etats Unis, par Pictet, Svo. 

289 Talbot's Five Years' Residence in the Canadas, 2 v. Svo. 
189 Tanner's recent Surveys, Observations, and Internallmprove- 

ment in the United States, 12mo. 
369 Temple's Travels in Peru, 2 v. Svo; London, 1830. 
889 Theatro Americano; Descripcion General de los Reynos y Pro- 
vincias de la Nueva Espaila y sus Jurisdicciones, por D. 
Joseph Antonio de Villa Seilor^ y Sanchez^ 2 v« p. folio; 
863 Thompson's Alcedo, 5 v. 4to. 
157 Thompson's Official Visit to Guatemala, 12mo. 
J: 260 Tracts, Geographical, by Elliot^ Tatham, Sharp, Constable, 8va 
J. 229 Tracts on America, to wit: Palairpt's Eng. and Fr. Posses- 
sions. — British and French Colonies. — Stork's East Flo- 
rida. — ^Barton's Nat. Hist. — Examen de Chastellux. — Re- 
marks on Chastellux. — Federal Lands^ Ohio Company, 
J. 25^9 Tracts on Virginia and New England; by Byllock, Thomas 
Morton, Roberts, Coke, and others, p. 4to; 1609-'71. 
358 Trait6 de la Culture du Nopal et de la Cochenille, par Thiery 

de Mcnonville, 2 v. Svo. 
186 Traveller's Directory through the United States, 12mo. ("pre- 

sent* J 
248 Tudor's Letters on the Eastern States, Svo. 

340 UUoa's Voyage to South America, by Adams, (3d edition,) 

2 V. Svo; Lond. 1772. 

341 The same, (4th edition,) 2 v. Svo; Londt 1806; 

384 Venega's Natural and Civil History of California, 2 v. 8vo. 
J". 838 Viage a la America Meridional, por Jorge Juan y Antonio de 
Ulloa, 4 V. fol. 
241 Viaggia negK Stati Uniti dell' America Settentrionale, fatto 
negli anni 1785-'6-'7, daL. Castiglioni, 2 v. Svo. 
J. 203 Virginia, by E. W., p. 4to; Lond. 1650. 
J. 659a Vita e Lettere di Amerigo Vespucci, da Bandini; 4to. 
J. 224 Volney: Tableau du Climat et du Sol des Etats Unis d'Amfe- 
rique, 2 v. in 1, Svo. 
225 Volney's View of the United States, 8vo. 
271 Voyage a la Lbuisiane, 1794 d 1798, Svo. 
J . 267 ' i I'Ouest des Monts A116ghanys, par F. A. Michaux, , 



JUaneS.-] GEOtJRAPHY. 221 

ot the Ute President Jkffsbsoh, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

' • - -. ■■ ■■■■-_■ ■ I !■ ' i ■■ . ■ ■■■ L ■ - 

J. 176 Voyage au Pays des Hurons, par Sagavd,.^ v. in 1, 12mo. 
J. 120 . autour du Monde et aux Terrea. Auatiales de Daxn" 

pier, et le Voyage de Wafer, 4 v. 12mo. 

J. 883 aux e&te» du Chily et du Perou, en 1712r.'13-'i4, 

par Frezier, 4to. 

J. 315 aux lies de Trinidad, de Tabago, de la Marguerite, 

et dans la V6n6zu6la, parLavaysse, 2 v. 8v.o; 1813. 
296 ■ chez Difierentes Nations Sauvages de l'Am6rique Sep- 

tentrionale, 8vo* 

866 dans PAm6rique Septentrionale, 4to. (2l copies.) 

X L77 — dans P Am&ri<iue Septentrionale, par Lahontau, 2 y. 

257 dans la Haute Pensylvanie^ 3 v* 8vo. 

235 dans Tlnterieur des Etats Uni8> 1791, par Bayard,. 

272 I dans les Deux Louisianes, par Du Lac, Svo. 

J. 238 de Brissot de Warville dans les Etats Unis, 3 v. 8vo. 

893 de Humboldt et Bonpland, 10 v. gr^ folio, and 7 v. 

gr. 4to; Paris, 1808—1820. 

J. 158 de Labat aux Isles de PAmferique, 6 y. 12mo. 

J. 239 " de Liancourt dans les Etats Unis, 8 y, 8vo. 

J. 167 de Marseille a Lima, par Durret, 12mo. 

174 de la Baye de Hudson, 8vo. 

J. 393 —-^ dela Gondamine dans. FAm6rique M6ridionale> 2 v. 


J. 854 de la Louisiane en 1720, par le Pere Laval, 4to. 

J. 659 de la Nouvelle France, par le Sieur de Champlain, p. 


J. 310 d'un Suisse dans diffibrentes Colonies d^Amferique, 


J. 127 parmi les Sauvages de PAmferique Septentrionale, pai: 

Le Beau, 2 v. 12mo. 
J. 164 Voyages deBossu aux fodes Occidentales, 12mo. 

J. 236 de Chastellux en Amerique^ 2 v. 8yo. 

J. 135 — • de Correal, viz: La Floride, Antilles, Mexique, N. 

Grenade, Gruiane, Bresil, Perou, Philippines, Terres Aus- 
trales, 1666 — 1697, 2 v. 12mo. , 

J. 140 ' de Des Marefaais en 6uin6e et Cay6nne> par Labat,. 

4v. 12mo. 

J. 136 de Thomas Gage dans la Nouvelle Espagne^ 2 v. 

J. 297 ___- to North America, by Lahontan, 2 v. 8vo. 
«F. 269 Vue de la Lpuisiane et Floride Occidentale, par Duvallon, 8vo.. 
319 Wafer's Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America,. 

in 1699, 8vo. 
347 Ward's Mexico, in 1827, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1828. 
259a Warden's Description of the District of Columbia, 8vo. 

fi22 Statistical, Political, and Historical Account of. thee 

United States, 3 v. Svo. 

32ir MAPS. IChapier 2flf. 

N#T«....The W. rks to which the fetter J. is prefixed, were in the Libmry 

70 Watertao'6 Wanderings in South America, 4to, 
832 1 Wearherhead's Expedition against the Isthmus of Darien, dvo. 
168 West Indies in 1825, 12mo. 
263 Western Gazetteer, or Emigrant's Directory, by S. Brown^ 

366 Wilcocke^s H istory of the Vice-Royalty of Buenos Ayres, 8v0^ 
249 Wright's (Miss) Views of Society and Manners in America, 
8vo; New York, 1821. 
J. 147 Zarate: Histoire de la D6couverte et de la Conqu^te du Perou,. 
2 V. 12mo. 


No. 1. The Woblp, by J. Meiish: 1820. 

2. United States, by Samuel Lewis: 1816. 

3. by J. Meiish: 1820. 

4.' . ., by H. T. Tanner: 1822. 

5. by H. T. Tanner: 1829. 

6. . by D. H. Vance: 1825. 

7. State of Maxne, by Moses GreenJeaf: 1820. 

8. New IIamfshibe, by P. Carrigain: 1816. 

9. « Vebmont, by James Whitelaw: 1821. 

10. Connecticut, by M. Warren and G. Gillet: 1812.- 

ll] New Yobk, by John H. Eddy: 1818. 

12. — New York, by Amos tiay: 1824. 

13. .. New Jerset, by William Watson: 1812^ 

14. Pennsylvania, by John Meiish: 1822. 

15. Mahyland, by D. Griffith: 1794. 

16. Virginia, by James Madison: 1818. 

1 7. , North Carolina, by J . Price and J. Strother i WOS.. 

18. South Carolina, by J. Wilson: 1822. 

19. Georgia, by D. Sturgcs: 1818. 

go. Tennessee, by John Meiish: 1820. 

21. Kentucky, by Luke Munselh 1818. 

22. Ohio, by B. Hough and A. Bourne: 1815. 

23. ' by H. Howard: 1828. {present.) 

24. Inixiana, by John Meiish: 1820. 

25. Illinois, by John Meiish: 1820. 

26. ■ Mississippi, by John Meiish: 1819. 

27. Louisiana, by John Meiish: 1820. 

28. Alabama, by John Meiish: i820. 

C States of Missouri and Illinois, and > oy E. Browne and^ 
^^'l Territory of Arkansas, i E. Barcroft: 1825. 

CStatesof Louisiana and Missouri, and > by J. IL Robinson; 
^^'l Republic of Mexico, S 1819. 

31. Territories of Michigan and Ouisconsin, by J. Farmer: 

32* City of Baltimore, by T. H. Poppleton: 1823*. 

33. Nouveau Plan de Paris: 1829. 

34. New Map^of London, and its Environs: 1829. 

Mcovc 9.] 



of the late President Jkffersoit, when it was purchased by Coiijrress in 1815. 

i3iE» w^mm ^mi^s* 

CHAPTER XXX [Ai^cove N° ».] 



























J. 19 
J. 33 

J. 14. 


Antichita di Roma tli Scamozzi, fol.; Ven. 1582. 

Architecture de Le Clerc, 4 to; Paris, 1714. 

Arcbitetturadi Alberti, p. 4to; Ven. 1565. 

Biblioth^ue d'Architecture de Jomberty partie 4°*«. — Pa- 
rallele de PArchitecture Antique et Moderne, par Er- 
rard et Chambray; et 2^^ partie Architecture de Pal- 
lad io, 2 V. 8vo. 

Brown^s Principles of Practical Perfective, 4to. 

Builder's Dictionary, 2 v. Svo. 

Burridge on the Naval Dry Rot, Svo. 

Burrid^e's Improvement in Civil Architecture, Svo. 

Castell's Villas of the Ancients, gr. folio. 

Chambers on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture, 3 v. 

Chambers^ Chinese Designs, gr. folio. 

Charnock's History of Marine Architecture, 3 v. 4to. 

Chippendale's Cabinet Maker's Designs, folio. 

Dallaway's Observations on English Architecture, Svo. 

Description -of Suspension Bridges, folio. 

Dictionnaire d'Architecture, Civile, Militaire, et Navalc, 
par De Virloys, 3 v. in 2, 4to. 

Discours sur les Monumens Publics, par Eersaint, 4to. 

Edifices Antiques de Rome, par Desgodetz, folio; Paris, 

Elementi di Architettura del Padre San vitally 4to. 

Elementi di Architettura da Preti, 4to. 
Nuove Ricercbe sulP Equilibrio delle Volte delP Abate Mas- 
cheroni, 4tp. 

Etienne d'un Ciment Impenetrable a PEau, 4to. 
Eimes' Life and Works of Sir Christopher Wren, 4to. 



[^Chapter 30* 

X 31. 

Note.... The Works to which the letter J. b prefixed, were in the library 

J. G6. Gibbs' Designs in Architecture, gr. folio. 

J. 40 Rules for Drawing in Architecture, folio. 

II Settimo Libro d' Architettura di Serglio, Ital. Lat. folio. 
Regola delli Cinque Ordini d' Architettura di Vignola, folio. 
Les Cinq Ordres d'Architecture de Scamozzi, par A. C 
D'Aviler, folio, 

<J. HH." InigoiJonesand Lord Burlington's Designs, by KeYit, gr. foL 
J. II. Kirby's Perspective of Architecture, on Brook Taylor's 

Principles, 2 v. gr. fol. 
J. 29 Langley's Practical Geometry, folio. 
-J. 37 L'Architecture de Vitruve de Perrault, folio. 
J. 32 JL«ubersac sur les Monumens Publics, folio. 
J. 21 Meinert's Schone Landbaukunst, or Ideas of Buildings, 4to:; 

Leipzig, 1798. 
J. JJ. Mitchell's Perspectives of Buildings in England and Scot- 
land, and his Gothic Architecture, Fr. Eng., gr. folio. 
J. KK. Monumens de Loiiis XV. , par Patte, gr. folio. 
J. LL. Monumens de Nismes de Clerissault, gr. folio. 
-J. 18 Morris's Select Architecture and Designs, 4to. 
23 Nicholson's Architectural Dictionary, 2 v. 4to. 

8 Iterative Mechanic and British Machinist, 8vo> 

J. 39 Palladio, by Leoni, Ital. Fr. and Eng., 2 v. folio. 

J. 38 by Leoni, with Inigo Jones' Notes, folio. 

r les 4 livres d' Architecture, par detJhanibray, folio. 

'S. 30 < Perranlt's Five Orders in Architecture, by J. James, folio. 

( Invention pour BStir les Couvertures Courbes, folio. 
J. 34 Plans dels Maisons de Paris, par Erafft et Ransonette, folia 
J. 35 Plans d' Architecture, par Becker, folio. 

1 7a Pompeiana, 2 v. 4to. 
J. 22 Porte-feuiHe des Artistes, ou Desseins et Plans des ChSteausj, 

Maisons, '&c., 4to; Leipsic, 180a 
J. 1 Ritratto di'Roma Antiqua,12mo. 
J. 2 Ritratto di Roma Moderna, 12mo. 
J. 15 Roma Illustrata, Donati, 4to. 
J. MM. Rains of Athens, by Le Roy, folio. 
J. NN. Ruins of Athens, by Stuart and Revett, 1st folio. 
J 00. Ruins of "Balbec, by Wood and Dawkins, gr. folio. 
J. 12 Scamozzi's Architecture, by Leyburn, p. 4to; Lond. 1734. 

5 Seaward on the London Bridge, 8vo 
J. PP. Smeaton's Narrative of Eddystone Lighthouse, gr. folio. 
43 Stalkartt'sT>Javal Architecture, 2 v. fol. 
26 Traite Th6orique et Pratique de I'Art de BStir, par Ron- 
delet, 7 v. 4to. 
J. 17 Varie Vedute di Roma, Anfica e Moderna, da Piranesi, folio. 
'J. 16 Vestigia fe RaritS di Roma da Ficoroni, 4tOf Roma, 1744. 


of the Ute Preddent Jurssiox, when it was purchtsed by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XXXI [Alcove N** 9.] 







































^des Walpolianfle, 4to. 

Annales du Mus6e des Beaux Arts, par Landon, 10 v. 8va 

Antiques du Musee, 12mo. 

Arts and Artists, or Anecdotes ami Relics of the Schools of 

Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, 3 v. 12mo. 
BoydelPs Graphic Illustrations of Shakspeare, folio. 
— — — History, Views, and Scenery of the River Thames, 

2 T. folio. 

•Illustrations of the Dramatic Works of Shakspeare, 

2 V. gr. folio. 

' Picturesque Scenery of Norway, 2 v. folio. 

Britton^s Fine Arts of the English School, folio. 

Browne's Picturesque Views of Eldinburgh, 4to. 

Cabinet of the Arts, or Universal Drawing Book, 2. v. 4to. 

Canova's Works, 2 v. 4to. 

Chambers' View of Kew Gardens, gr. folio. 

Da Vinci on Painting, 8vo. 

Delle Vite de' Pittori, Scultori, et Archittetti di Giorgio Va- 

sari, 3 v. 4to. 
4 Description de I'Acad^mie de Peinture et de Sculpture, par 

Guerini, 12mo. 
20 Description Historique et Chronologique des Monumens de 

Sculpture, 8vo. 
Description of Stowe, 8vo. 

Dictionnaire des Monogrammes de M. Christ, 8vo. 
Essay on Medals, 12mo. 

Pelibien sur les Vies des Peintres et des Architectes, 5 v. 12mo. 
Galerie des Antiques a Paris, par le Grand, 8vo. 
Galerie de Paris, 12mo. 
Gems of Ancient Art, p. folio. 
Gilpin's Essay on Prints, 12mo. 
Heely on the Gardens of Hagley, &c., 2 v. 12mo. 

226 FINE ARTS. [Ciopler 81. 

NoTB....The Works to which the letter J. it prefixed, were in the Libnty 

54 History of the Colleges of Westminster, Eton, and Winches- 
• ter, 4to. (2 copies.) 

55 History of the University of Cambridge, 2 v. 4to; London, 


56 History of the University of Oxford, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 1814. 

57 History of Westminster Abbey and its Monuments, 9 v. 4to^ 

Lond. 1812. 
7 Hoare's Inquiry into the Present State of the Arts of Design 
in England, 2 v. 12mo. 
42 Hogarth's Works, by Nichols and Steevens, 2 v. 4to. 
SS. Hudson River Port-Folio, gr. folio. 

24 Iconografia Greca di B. Q. Visconti, 3 v. 8vo, 

25 Iconografia Romana di E. Q. Visconti, 2 v. in 1, 8vo. 

28 II Museo Chiaramonti, descritto e illustrato da Filippa 

Aurelio Visconti e Giuseppe Antonio Guattani, 8vo. 
23 II Museo Pio-CIementino, illustrato e descritto da E. Q. 

Visconti, 7 v.^Svo, 
J. 33 Jameson Gardening, 4to. 
J. 38 Le Gremme Antiche Figurate di Michel Aagelo Causeo dela 

Chausse, 4to. 
J. 19 Le Manuel du Mu86um Fran9ais, 3 v. 8vo. 

29 Memoirs of Canova, by J. S. Memes, 8to. 

58 Microcosm of London, 3 v. 4to; Lond. 1808. 

26 Opere Va^i^ di E. Q. Visconti, 2 v- 8vo. 
J. 3 Perfect Painter, 16s. 

J. 61 Picturesque Representation of the Ruasums, by Atkinson and 

Walker, 3 v. folio. 
60 Picturesque Tour along the Rhine, by Baron J,. J. Von Gern- 

ing, 4to; Lond. 1820. 
52 Picturesque Tour of the Rirex Thames, by Westall and Owen^ 

4to; Lond. 182S. 

59 Picturesque Tour of the Seine, by M. Sauvan^ 4to; Lond. 

40 Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, 4to« 
11 Pinkerton's Essay on Medals, 2 v. 8vo. 

31 Price's Essays on the Picturesque, 3 v. 8vo. 
44 Ralph's School of Raphael, 4to. 

2X Recueil de Lettres sur la Peinture, la Scalptore, et P Archi- 
tecture, par L. J. Jay, 8vo. 

32 Repton on the Changes of Taste in Landscape Gardening, 8vo. 
32a on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 

3 V. 4to. 

30 Reynolds^ Works, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 16 Richardson's Theory of Painting, and Essay on a Connois- 
seur, 8vo. 

J. 47 Signa et Statue Antiqua, Perrier, folio. 
47a Spence's Polymetis, folio. 

J. 85 Storia delle Arti del Disegno di G. Winkelmann, tradotto dal 
Tedesco, 2 v. 4to. 

Jfko9t 9.] MUSIC. 2d7 

of the late President JsnsBfOir, when it wm purchased by Congress in 1815 

■ I.I. ' I 'M" aeaesaax gi ;"■, ■■ ' , , 

41 Strutt'a Dictionary of Engravers, 2 v. 4to. 
• 48 Tresham's British Gallery of Pictures, folio. 

34 Varia Commensuracion para la Escultura, y Arquitectura^ 
por Juan de Arohe y Villafafle, foL (present.) 
J. 8 Webb's Essay on Painting, l2mo. 
J. 13 Whateley's Observations on Modern Gardening, 8vo. 

CHAPTER XXXII [Alcove N^ 9.] 

rxirs AaT8. 


J. 2 Bremner's Rudiments of Music, ISnio. 

4 Burgh's Anecdotes of Music, Historical and Biographical^ 
3 v.- 12ino. 
Burney's Present State of Music in Italy, &c., 8vo. 
— — Present State of Music in Germany, &c., 2 v. 8vo, , 
Complete Tutor for the Harpsichord, 4to. (pamphlei.) 
Concert Room and Orchestra Anecdotes, 3 v. 16s. 
Dictionary of Musicians, 2 v. 8vo. 
C Oeminiani's Art of Playing the Violinj 7 f y 

I Rules for Playing in Taste, S ^ ^" 

Holden's Essay towards a Rational System of Music, 8vo. 
. 1 Jackson's Scheme of Sounds, with a Preliminary Discourse. 

(a sheet.) 
12 Nathan's Essay on the History and Theory of Music, 4to. 
C Pasquali's Art of Fingering the Harpsichord, ^ 

J. 13 < — — Thorough-Bass Made Elasy, > folio. 

( Zuccari's Method of Playing Adagios, ) 

11 Practical Instructions for the Piano Forte, by T. Howell^ 
folio, {present.) 
J. 5 Rivoluzioni del Teatro Musieale Italiano da Arteaga, 3 v. 8vo. 













288 * POETRT. [Chapter ^^ 

NoTX....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Uhnry 

CHAPTER XXXIII [Alcoyb N*^ 9.1 
































Barlow's Columbiad, 4to. 

-^— Vision of Columbus, 8vo. 

Cowper's Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, 4 v. Svo. 

Dwicht's Conquest of Canaan, 12mo. 

Fabule Homeric® de Ulyssee ethi^ Explicate, Gr. Lat^ 

Columbi, 8yo. 
Fredoniad, by E. Emmons, 4 y. Svo. 
Glover's Leonidas, 2 v. 12mo. 
Homeri Ilias, Gr 2 v. in 1, folio; Foulis. 
« ■ ■ Secundum Codicem Veneti, SchoIiiB ineditis, 

Villoison, gr. folio; Ven. 1798. 

Gr. Lat. cum Scboliis Didymi, 4to. 

Gr. Lat Foulis, cum Scholiis Didymi, 4 v. 


Gr. Lat Clarke, 2 v. 4to. 

et Odyssea, cum Scholiis et Notis, Barnes, 2 v. 

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, by Chapman, p. folio. 
■ ■ ■, by McPherson, 3 v. 12mo. 

^ , by Pope, 6 v. 12mo. 

Homeri Odysseus, Gr. 2 v. in 1, folio. Foulis. 

Gr. Lat Clarke, 2 v. 4to. 

Homer's Odyssey, by Pope, 5 v. 12mo. 

Index Homericus, Wolfgangi, 4to. 

Elopstock's Messiah, 8vo. 

La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri, 4 v. folio. 

La Gerusalemme LiberatadiT. Tasso, folio; Ven. 1745* 

Lucani Pharsalia Farnabii, 12mo« 

— Notis Variorum, 8vo. 

Lucan's Pharsalia, by May, 16s. 

Ludgate's History of Troy, folio; 1555. 

Maphaeus's 13th ^neid, with a burlesque translation, 12mo 

Milton's Paradise Lost, first edition, in 10 books^ p* 4to.. 

Jtkove 9. J TALES— FABLES. 220 

of the lAte President jBFPxmso», when it waa purchased by Congress in 1815. 

X 43 Milton's Paradise Lost, folio. Foulis. 

41 . — ., illustrated by John Martin, 2 y. p. 4to; 

London, 1826. 

-^•. Paradise Lost and Regained, 2v. 8vo; Baskerville. 

Paradise Regained, and other Poems, 4to; Baskerville. 

. — Poetical Works, with notes of various Authors, 3d 

edition, by H. J. Todd, 6 r. 8vo; London, 1826. 
Northmore's Washington, 12mo. 
Omero, tr. da Salvini, 2 v. 8vo; Padova, 1742. 
Pope's Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, by Wakefield, 9 v. 8vo- 
Quintus Calaber,. Gr. Lat not var. de Pauw, 8vo. 
Rowe's Lucan, Lat Eng., folio. 
Scholia in Homeri Odysseam, 12mo. 
Statius, notis variorum, 8vo; Lugd. Bat 1672. 
Tasso's Jerusalem, Eng. by Hoole, 12mo. 
Virgil, folio; Foulis, 1778. 

Lat Eng. by Pitt and Warton, 4 v. 8vo. 

Servii, folio. 

by Dryden, 3 v. 12roo. 

by Stirling, 8vo. 

Virgilii Opera a C. G. Heyne, 4 v. 8vo; Lipsiae, 1788.. 
Virgilio del comm. A. Caro, 2, v. 8vo; Parigi, 1760. 


































CHAPTER XXXIV [Alcove N° 9.] 













Achillis Tatii Amores.Clitophontis et Leucippes, Gr. Lat. 

Adventures of a Guinea, 4 v. 12mo. 
Adventures of Telemachus, Eng. by Littlebury and Boyer, 

2 V. 12mo. 
Msop^s Fables, by Burton, Svo. 
^sop,.Gr. Lat ad usum ScholsB Etonensis, 12mo. 
JEUopiearum Fabuls^rum quotquot Gnece reperiuntor Svo; 

Lipsiae, 1741. 

380 ROMANCE. ICkt^im^U^ 

NoTB....Tbe Workd to which the letter J. is prefixed, wtrre in the Library 

J. 93 Ambri Pastoral! di Dafni e Cloe descritti da Lcmgp Greco ora 

per la prima volta volgarizzati da G. Gozzi, 3yo; Yen. 

Apolionii Rhodii Argonautica, Gr. Lat Shaw^ 8yo« 
Apo]loiiiu8 Rhodius, in Eng. ventf 2 v. 8ro. 
Arabian Nights' EnterUinmeDts, Hyo; Lond. 1828. 
Araucana de De Ercilla y ZuiiigOy 2 v. p. 8vo. 
Aventures de T616maquey Fr. Espagnol, 2 y. Idmo, 
Ayeiitures de T^lemaque, isSmo. 
Belisariua, by Marmontel, 12mo. 
Boyd's Dante, 3 y. 6yo. 
Brackenridge's Modern Chiyalry, ISmo. 
Caritone Afrodisieo, 4to. 
Charitonis Aphrodisiensis de Chaerea et Gallirhoe Amoribus^ 

Gr. Lat Reiskii, 3 y. 4to; Amst. 1750. 
Chateaubriaad's Natchez, 3 y. 12mo. 
Chaucer, fol., in black letter. 

by Ogle, 3 y. 8yo. 

by Urry, fol. 

Coiuthi Raptus Helenas, Gr. Lat. a Lennep, 8yo. 

Contes Moraux de Marmontel, 3 y. 12mo. 

Contes Orientaux, 2 y. 12mo. 

Corinne, ou Pltalie, par Made, de Sta^l Holstein, 2 y. 8yo. 

Crabbe's Tales, 2 y. 12mo. 

Dodsley 's iBsop, 1 2mo. 

Don Quixote, (Spanish and French,) 14 y. 12mo. 

(English, by Motteux,) 5 y. 12mo; Edinb. 


(English, by Smollett,) 4 y. 12aio. 










































Du Bartas's Poems, p. 4to. 

Galatea de Cenrantes, 2 y. 8yo; Madrid, 1784. 

Gayton's' Notes on Don Quixote, p. fol. 

German Romance; Specimens of its chief Authors, 4 y. 

12mo; Edinb. 1827. 
Gil Bias, par M. Le Saee, 4 y. 16ts.. 
Gil Bias, (Eng. by Smollett,) 4 y. 12mo. [4th missing.] 
Hau Kiou Choaan, or the Pleasing History, 4 y. 12mo, 
Haywood's Noyels, 4th ypl. 12mo. 
History of Friar Gerund, 2 y. Syo; London, 1772* 
History of Seyeral Ladies, 2 y. 12mo. 
History of the Deyil, 12mo. 
II Dante da Venturi, 3 y. 12nio. 
II Decamerone di Boccacci, 2 y. 8yo. 
L — Family at Washington, 12mo. 
Lawyer, or Man as he ooght not to be, 12mo. 
Les M^morphoses d'Oyide, Lat. et Fr. par Banier, « v- 

folio; Amsterdam, 1732. 

JlleDvsOO I'ALEg-^FABLES. 291 

of the lute President JansBiHiN, when it was )>urchased by Congreaa in 1815. 

123 Life of an Aetor, by Egair, 8vo. 
121 London in the Oklen Time, ISmo. 

J. 92 Lon^ Partoraleff de Daphnide et Chloe, Or. Lat 8vo; Lipsii^ 
116 Lord Byron's Work*, 3 t. 8vo. 

124 L'Orlando Furioso di Lodovico Ariosto, con Annotazioni, 

8 V. 8vo. 
J. 31 lioye and Madness, l2mo. 
J. 94 Lycophronis Cassandra, Gr. Lat Reichardi, 8vo. 
J. 122 Manley's Novels, 8vo. 

25 Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell and his ChUdren, 3 v. 12mo. (f 

copies. ) 

J. 66 Modern Story Teller^ 12mo. 

115 Moore's Lalla Rookh, 8vo# 

J. 59 Nouveau Choix des Fabload'Esope, Gr. Lat avec des Note% 

par Le Roi, 12mo. 

J. 98 Nouvel Ant6nor, par Lantier, 8vo. 

J. 101 Novelas Exemplares de Cervant^, 2 v. Sro; Madrid, 178S* 

J. 5 Opere di L. Ariosto, 4 v. 16s; Veoezia, 174L 

J. 125 Orlando Furioso, by Harington, foL 

6 Orlando Innam(H*ato di Bojardo, rifkttoda F. Bemi, 6 v. 16s. 

J. 106 Ossian, by Blair, 2 v. 8vo. 

107 Ossian's Poems in the original Gaelic, with a translation into 
Latin, 3 v. 8vo; London, 1807. 

J. 2 Ovid's Metamorphoses, old Eng. 12mo. 

J. 95 Ovidii Metamorphoseon, Delph. 8vo. 

J. 96 Ovidii Opera, Notis Variorum, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 68 Paysanne Pervertie, ou les Dangers de la Ville, 3 v. 12mo. 

J. 100 Persiles et Sigismundade Cervantes, 2 v. 8vo; Madrid, 178L 

J. 64 Pheedrus, by Bailey, 8vo. 

J. 57 by Maittaire, 12mo. 

J. 63 by Stirling, 8vo. 

J. 56 Quatrains de Pibrac, et les Fables de la Fontaine et de Bour- 

sault, 12mo. 

J. 17 Rabelais, by Ozell, 5 v. 12mo. 

J. 19 Roderick Random, by Smollett, 2 v. 12mo. 

26 Romance of History, by H. Neele, 2 v. 12mo. 

27 Russian Tales, 12mo. 
J. 3 Silius Italicus, 12mo. 

J. 18 Spenser, by Hughes, 6 v. 12mo. 

J. 23 Sterne's Sentimental Journey, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 22 Tristram Shandy, 1st, 2d, and 4th v. 12mo. 

120 Story of a Wanderer, 8vo. 

J. 102 Viage al Parnaso de Cervantes, 8vo; Madrid, 1784. 

J. 20 Vicar of Wakefield, by Goldsmith, 1 v. 12mo. 

J. 97 Voyages d'Antenor en Grfece et en Asic, par Lantier, 3 v. 8vo. 

J. 131 Voyages de Cyrus, par Ramsay, 4to. 

J. 128 Xenophontis Ephesii Amores Anthiae et Abrocomae, Gr. Lat' 
Cocchii, 4to; Londini, 1726. 

Ma ROMANCE. [Cki^i^r 34. 

NaTK....Tke Work* to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libmry 

J. 127 Xenophontis Ephesii Amores Anthiae et Abrocomas^ Grr. 

Lat Ital. Gall. 4to; Lucse, 1781. 
J. 16 Zayde, par Made, de Lafayette, 2 v. 12mo. 

Brown's Noysi.8y tie: 

81 Arthur Mervyn, 2 v. 12ino. 

82 Edgar Huntly, 12mo. 
85 Jane Talbot, 12ino. 
84 Ormond, 12mo. 

83 Wieland) 12mo. 

Cooper's Novels, vi«: 

75 Last of the Mohicans, 2 v. 12mo. 
74 Lionel Lineoln, 2 v. 12mo. 

73 Pilot, 2 V. 12mo. 

72 Pioneers, 2 V. 12mo. 

77 Prairie, 2 v. 12mo. 

78 Red Rover, 2 v. 12mo, 
71 Spy, 2 V. 12mo. 

76 Water Witch, 2 v. 12mo. 

79 Wept of Wish-ton- Wish, « v. 12mo. 

Sir Walter Scott's Novels, viz: 

44 Abbot, 2 V. 12mo. 

55 Anne of Geierstein, 2 v. 12mo. 

35 Antiquary, 2 v. 12mo. 

53 Chronicles of the Canongate, 1st series, 2 v. 12mo. 

54 2d series, 2 v. 12mOr 

45 Fortunes of Nigel, 2 v. 12mo. 

36 Guy Mannering, 2 v. 12mo. 

38 Ivanhoe, 2 v. 12mo. 

42 Kenilworth, 2 v. 12mo. 

43 Monastery, 2 v. 12mo« 

46 Peveril of the Peak, 2 v. 12mo. 

47 Pirate, 2 v. 12mo. 

48 Quentin Durward, 2 v. 12mo. 
, 52 Redgauntlet, 2 v. 12mo. 

87 JJob Roy, 2 v. 12 mo. 

49 ^t Ronan's Well, 2 v. 12mo. 

39 Tales of My Landlord, 1st series, 3 v. 12mo. 

40 2d series, 2 v. 12mo. 

41 3d series, 3 v. 12jno. 

51 Tales of the Crusaders, 3 v. 12nio. 

34 Waverley, 2 v. 12mo. 

50 Woodstock, 2 V. 12mo. 

Jilcove 9.] PASTORALS, ODES, ELEGIES, &c. 233 

of the bte Prendent jKircnsoii, when it ^tras purchased hy Congress in 1815. 

Sir Walter Scott's Poems, viz: 
114 Don Roderick, 8vo. 
113 Lay of the Last M instrel| 8vo. 
1 1 2 Lcurd of the isles, 8vo. 

110 Marmion, 8vo. 

109 Minstrelsy, 3 v. 8vo, 

111 Rokeby, 8vo. 

CHAPTER XXXV [Alcove N^ 9.] 













































TAffVOBAtSf OBffif, ZXmZBS, &0. 

Anacreon, Gr. Forster, 12nio. 

Gr. Lat notis Barnes, l^mo; Cantab. 1721. 

Anacreonte, Gr. Lat. ital. da Cordini, Regnier, Marchetti, 
Salvini, ed altri, 4to. 

Ausonius, l^ino. 
C Beattie's Minstrel, 4to. 

< Hermit of Warkworth, 4to. 
( Sacontala, 4to. 

Bion et Moschus, Gr. Lat. notis Heskin, 8vo. 

Bowring's Poetry of the Magyars, 12mo. 

Buckingham's Works, l2mo. 

Burns' Works, 1st, 3d, and 4th v. 24s. 

Callimachus's Works, fol. 

Callimachus, Gr. Foulis, fol. 

Campbell's Pleasures of Hope, l2mo^ 

Claudian, 8vo. 

Cowley, by Hurd, 2 v. 12mo. 

Cowley's Works, fol. 

Dei Sepolcri Poesie di Ugo Foscolo, ed altripoeti, l2mo. 

Discoufs en Vers, par Humphreys, Eng, Fr. 8vo 

Fawkes' Theocritus, 8vo. 

Five Pieces of Runic Poetry, trans, from the Islandk Lan- 
guage, 12mo. 

Freneau's Poems, 8vo. 

Poems, 2 v. 12mo. 

Georgica Publii Virgilii Maronis Hexaglotta, folio; Londini, 
1827, (present.) 

Gilbert's Poems, 8vo. 

Heber's Poems, 16s. 

Hemans' Poems, 3 v. 8vo. 

Hood's Whims and Oddities, in Prose and Verse, 2 v. Syo. 

234 PASTORALS, ODES, ELEGIES, &c. [Chapter 35. 

Not*. ..The Works to which the letter J. is prefix'^d, wi re in the Library 

Humphrey's Works, 8vo. 

Kettcll's Specimens of American Poetry, 3 v. 12ino. 
Las Eroticas y Boecio de Villegas, 2 v. 8vo. 
Miss Lomax's Notes of an American Lyre, 12mo. 
Moore's Anacreon, p. Svo. 
Musae AnglicansB, 3 y. 12mo. 
Obras Poeticas de De la Huerta, 2 v. Svo. 
Ocios del Conde de Rebolledo, 4 v. Svo. 
(Euvres de St. Evremond, 7 v. 12ma 
Ogilvie's Poems, 2 v. Svo. 
Oldham's Works, 8vo. 

Orpheus, Gr. Lat. 12mo; Trajecti ad Rhenum, l!689. 
Ovidii Epistolae, Commentaatibus Volsco, Cresentinate, Parr- 
basio et Ascensio, 4to. 

Epistolae, Let. Eng. by Davidson, Svo. 

Tristia, by Stirling, Svo. 

Pernaso Espafiol, v. 3 — 9, 12mo. 

Pasquin's Poems, Svo. 

Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 3 v. 12m6. 

Peter Pindar's Works, 4 v. 24s. 

Pindar, Gr. Lat. Foulis, 2 v. 12mo. 

Poems, Asiatic, 4to. 

Poems, viz: Coluthus's Rape of Helen, 4to. 
Jodrell's Persian Heroine, 4to. 
Humphrey's Poems, 4to. • 

Lapidary Panegyric on Fred. H., by Birckenstock, 4to. 
Luzac — Oratio de Eruditione, altrice Virtutis Civilis, 4to. 
J. 63 Poems, (labelled Fine Arts,) Svo. 

57 Poesiasde Dr. J. J. Fernandez de Madrid, Svo. ("present, J 
J. 17 Poemata Italorum^ sc. Sannazarius, Amaltheus, Vida, Francasto- 
rius, Palearius, Etruscus, Stroza, Molsa, Naugerius, Pon- 
tanus, Politianus, Ariosto, Flaminius, Augurellus, Crini- 
tus, Cotta, Archius, Buchananus, Vaxis, Fascitellus, Par- 
listaneus, 2 v. 12mo; Londini, 1740. 
J. 44 Poetae Minores GraBci,sc. Hesiod, Theocritus, Moschus, Bion, 
Musaeus, Theognis, Phocylides, Pythagoras, Svo; Lond. 
J. 15 Poetae Latini Minores, sc. Faliscus, Nemesianus, Serenus, Cal- 
purnius, Rutilius, Marcellus, Fannius, Sulpicia, 12mo; 
Glasguae, 1752. Foulis ed. 
Pouesi^s Prouvengalos de Gros, Svo. 
Prudentii quae extant Heinsii, 16s; Amstelodami, 1667. 
Psalmi Davidici, Duporti et Buchanani, Gr. Lat Svo. 
Psalmi Davidici, Johnstoni, 12mo; Londini, 1741. 
Psalterium, Gr. Lat. 12mo; Oxoniae, 1678. 
Recueil des Noels Provengeaux, par Saboly, 12mo. 
Romances de Germania de Quevedo, Svo, 
Shenstone's Works, 3 v. 12mo. 







































J. 66 

















J?c<wc9.] DIDACTIC. 235 

of the late President Jxffiasoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

State Poems, 8vo. 
Teocrito da Salvini, 12mo. 
Theocritus, Gr. Lat. cum Scholiis, 8vo. 

Gr. Lat. Foul. 18mo. 

Thomson's Seasons, 12mo. 

Tibullus, et Propertius, 12mo; Glasguse, 1753. Foulis. 

Tyrtaeus, Gr. Lat p. 4to. Foulis. 

Versailles Immortalise, 2 v. 4to. 

Vida, 12mo. 

Virgil's Eclogues, old English translations, 12mo. 

Wheatlej's (Phillis) Poems on Various Subjects, 12mo. 












CHAPTER XXXVI [Alcove N° 9.] 























Age Reviewed^ a Satire, 8vo. 
Anthologia Westmonasteriensis, 8vo. 
Armstrong's Art of Preserving Health, 12mo. 

(Economy of Love, 8vo. 

Avenia, by Thomas Branagan, 12mo. 

Boileau, 2 v. 12mo. 

Branagan's Penitential Tyrant, 12mo. 

Butler's Hudibras, 2 v. 8vo. 

Carmina Quadragesimalia, 12mo. 

Cotton's Poetical Woi*ks, 12mo. 

■ Virgil Travestie, 12mo» 

Crabbe's Poetical Works, 8vo; Paris, 1829. 

Creech's Lucretius, 2 v. 8vo. 

Cutt's Poetical Exercises, 12mo. 

Darwin's Temple of Nature, 8vo. 

Drayton's Poly-Olbion, p. folio. 

Elog6 de la Folic d'Erasme, par Gueudeville, 12mo. 

Epigrammatum Delectus et Elegantes Sententiae, Etonenses, 

Garth's Dispensatory, 12mo. 

Grsecorum Epigrammatum Delectus, Jobnsoni, 12mo. 
Graecorum Epigrammatum Florilegium Novum, 12mo. 

236 DIDACTIC. [ChapUf 36; 

NoTK....The Works to which the letter J. if prefixed, were in 'tlie Libmy 

J. 33 Gnomici Poetas Graeci, a Bninck, Gr. Lat 12ino;*^sc. Cal- 
limacbus, Talleniua, Cleanthesy Eratosthenes, Evenus^ 
HeMody Linus, Menecrates, Metrodorus, Mimnermus, 
Naumachus, Panyacides, Phocylides, PseudoPhocylideSy 
Postdippus, Pythagoras, Rhianus, Simonides, Solon, The* 
ognis, Tyrtaaus. — Comioorum Sententiae, sc Alexis, Am- 
phis, Anaxandrides, Antiphanes, ApoUodorus, Clearchusy 
Cratetes, Diodorus, Diphilus, Eriphus, Eubuhis, Hip- 
parchus, Menander, Nicostratus, Pherecrates, Philemon^ 
Philippides, Philippus, Posidippus, Sotades, Timocles^ 
et Monostichi, ex diversis Poetis. 

Haygarth's Greece, 4to. 

Hesiodus, Orpheus«. Proclus, Gr. Lat Ital. Salvini, 8yo. 

Homer Burlesqued, 2 v. 8vo. 

Horace, parDacier, Lat Fr., 10 v. 12mo. 

Delphini, 8to. 

— ^ p. 4to; Foulis ed. 
— — notis Bond, 12mo. 

illustr. C. Anthon, Svo; Novi Eboraci, 1830. 

Eng., by Francis, 4 v. 12mo. 

Eng., by the most eminent hands, 12mo. 

by Hui^, 2 V. 12mo. 

Intercepted Letters, 12mo. 
Juvenal et Persius, Delphini, 6vo. 
Juvenal et Persius, notis variorum, 8vo. 

lib Juvenal et Persius, Stephani, 12mo. 
11a Juvenal et Persius, Farnabii, 16s. 

Juvenal and Persius, Eng., by Dryden, 12mo, 

Persius, et Sulpieia, Lat Fr. De MaroUes, l2mQ. 

L' Astronomic, par Gudin, 8vo. 

Linn's Powers of Genius, 12mo. 

Lucretius, 12mo. Baskerville ed. 

Delphini, 4to. 

4to. Foulis ed. 

Lat Fr. , par Lagrange, 2 v. 8vo. 

Tanaquil Pabri,- 12mo. 

Tonson; Lond. 4to. 

Wakefield, 8vo; Glasguae, 1813. 

Manilii Astronomicon, Scaligeri, p. 4io« 
Martialis, Delphini, 8vo. 

' Farnabii, 12mo. 
New Bath Guide, 12mo. 
(Euvres de Boileau, 5 v. 12mo. 
Percival's Poems, 8vo. {present,) . 
Persius, cum notis Bond, 12mo. 
Petronii Arbitri Satyricon, p. 8vo. 
Petronius, notis variorum, 8vo. 
Philips's Poems, 12mo. 








































Meove9.] TRAGEDY. 237 

of the late President Jeffebsoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

Pia Hilaria Angelini Gazaei, 12ino; Load. 1657. 

Pierce Plowman's Visions, 8vo. 

Poetical Works of Rogers, Campbell, Montgomery, Lamb, 

an(i Kirke White, 8vo; Paris, 183^. 
Pope's Works, by Roscoe, 10 v. 8vo. 
PraBdium Rusticum, 12mo. 
Press, by McCreery, 4to. 
Pursuits of Literature, 8vo. 
Rickman's Religious and Moral Poems, 12mo. 
Southey's Poetical Works, 8vo; Paris, 1829, 
Swift's Works, by W. Scott, 19 v. 8vo. 
Three Months in Ireland, 8vo. 
Trumbull's McFingal, 12me. 
Virgilii Bucolica, Lat Fr., par Didot, 8vo. 

'- — Rami, l2mo. 

Virgilius Evangelisans, Rossaei, l2mo. 
Wordsworth's Poetical Works, 8vo; Paris, 1828. 
Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper, by 
A. Chalmers, 21 v. 8 vo; London, ISIO. 
J. 35 World, 4 v. 12mo. 



























CHAPTER XXXVII [Alcove N^ 9.] 


Addison's Works, 3 v. 12mo. (2d wanting.) 

iElflchylus,. Commentario, Scholiis et Lexico Schtitz, Gr. et 
Eng. by Potter, 8 v. 8vo, 

-ffischyius, Gr. Lat. 2 v* p. 4to. Foulis. 

Ayscougti's Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words of 
Shakspeare, 8vo. 

Baillie's (Joanna) Series of Plays on the Passions, 3 v. 8yo. 

Boyd's translation of the Agamemnon of ^schylus, 8yo. 

Capell's Notes and Various Readings to Shakspeare, 4to. 

Dodd's Beauties of Shakspeare, 2 v. 12mo. 

Dry den's Plays, 6 v. 12mo. 

Euripides, cum Scholiis, Gr. Lat Barnesii, 3 y. 4to; Lipsia^, 

Euripides, Eng. by Potter, 2 y. 4to* 

Euripidis Iphigenia in Aulide et in Tauris, Gr. Lat. Mark- 
land, 8vo. 
J. 24 Euripidis Medea et Phoenissae cum Scholiis, Gr. Lat. Piers, 

J. 5 Euripidis Tragoedie, Gr. Lat Canteri, 2 y. in 4, 12mo; Heir 
delb. 1597. 






















238 COMEDY. [Chapter 3S. 

NoTK....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

FranckliD's Sophocles, 2 v. in 1, 4to. 

Hey wood's Seneca, in English Metre, black letter, 12nio^ 

Oxford, 1560. 
Idea de la Tragedia Antigua, por de Salas, 2 v. p. 8vo. 
Jodrell's Illustrations of Euripides, 8vo. 
Mallet's Works, 8vo. 
Mason's Poetical Works, 12mo. 
Massinger's Plays; with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by 

W. Gifford, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1813. 
Operas, 4to. 
Operas, 8vo. 

Opere dell' Abate P. Metastasio, 12 v. 12mo. 
Otway's Plays, 3 v. 12nno. 
Rowe's Works, 3 v. IBnlo. 
Scholia in Sophoclis Tragoedias, 12mo. 
Senecse Tragoedise, cum notis Farnabii, 24s. 1678. 
Senecae Tragoediae, notis variorum, 8vo. 
Shakspeare, by Johnson and Steevens, 10 v. 8vo. 
Shakspeare's XX Plays, by Steevens, 4 v. 8vo. 

Plays, by Johnson, Steevens, and Reed, 2 v. 8v^. 

— — — Plays, by Harvey, 8vo; London, 1825. 

Sophocles, 6r. Lat T. Johnson, 2 v. 8vo. 

Sophoclis Tragoediae, Gr. Lat. Foulis, 2 v. 12mo. 

Supplement to Shakspeare, by Johnson and Steevens, 2 v. 8vo. 

Thomson's Works, 4 v. 12mo. 

Tragedie di Vincenzo Monti, 8vo; Firenze, 1822. 

Tragedie di Vittorib Alfieri, 6 v. 8vo; Firenze, 1824. 

Tragedies, by several hands, 8vo. 

Tragedies, by several hands, 12mo. 

Young's Works, 4 v. 12mo. 

























V . 









V . 






CHAPTER XXXVIII [Ai^cove N° la.] 













Aristophanes, Gr. Lat Brunck. 6 v. 8vo; Argentorati, 1783. 
Aristophanes, Kusteri, Gr. Lat. cum Scholiis, fol. 
Beaumont and Fletcher's Plays, folio. 
Capell's Prolusions, 12mo. 
Comedies, Fr. 8vo. 

Comedies of Terence^ translated by Colman^ 8vo; London, 

Jilcove 10.] DIALOGUE— EPISTOLARY. 239 

of the late President JxFFiiisoif, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815 

Congreve's Plays, Ist v. 12mo. 

Dramatic Table Talk, 3 v. 12mo. 

Farquhar^s Plays, 2 v. 12 mo. 

Joconde, ou les Coureurs d'Aventures, par M. Etienne, 8vo. 

Jonson's (Ben) Works, by Gifford, 9 v. 8vo. j» 

Menandri et Philemonis Reliquiae, notis Grotii et Clerici, 8vo. 

Moliere, 6 v. 16s. 

, 8 V. 12mo; (4th wanting.) 

(Euvres Completes d^Alex. Duval, 9 v. 8vo. 
(Euvres Completes de Beaumarchais, 3 v. 8vo. 
(Euvres de Thfeatre de Diderot, 12mo. 
QGuvres Dramatiques de Mercier, 2 v. 8vo. 
Plays by Gibber, Vanbrugh, Centlivre, &c. &c., 12mo. 
Plays by Reed, &c. &c., 8vo. 
Plays by Steele, Jonson, Gibber, &c. &c., iSmo. 
Plauti Comoediae, 4to. 
Plauti Selectde Comoediae, Delphini, 8vo. 
Plautus, notis variorum, 2 v- 8vo. 
Puglia's Double Disappointment, MS., 4to. 
■ Embargo, MS., 4to. 

Scelte Commedie di Carlo Goldoni, 12 v. 8vo; Padoya, 1811. 
9a Sedley's Works, 2d vol. 12mo. 
Terentius, Bentleii, 4to. 
■ Delphini, 8vo. 
Theatre Italien, 9 v. 12mo. 
Vanbrugh's Plays, 2 v. 12mo. 
Wycherly's Plays, 1st vol. 12mo. 


















































CHAPTER XXXIX [Alcove N^ 10.] 


Conversations des Gens du Monde, 8vo. 

Conversations on Religion, with Lord Byron and others, by 

James Kennedy, 8vo; London, 1830. 
Dialogues des Morts de Fontenelle, 12mo. 
Erasmi Colloquia, variorum, 8vo. 
Landor's Imaginary Conversations, 2 v. 8vo* 
Luciani Opera, 6r. Lat. Cognati et Sambuci Annotationibus, 

3 V. 12mo;Basileae, 1563. 
J. 43 Luciani Opera, Gr. Lat. Gesneri, scholiis et notis, 3 v. 4to; 

Amst. 1743. 











340 DIALOGUE— EPISTOLARY. [Chapter 39. 

NoTE....Th«- Work* to which tue letter J. is prefixed, were in the Libntiy 

J. 5 Lucien de ia traduction de D'Ablancourt, 2 y. 12mo. 
J. 28 Lytteltun'a Dialogues of the Dead, 8vo. 
J, 44 Mythologie Dramatique de Lucien, Gr. Fr. par Gail, 4to. 
36 Southey's Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of So* 
• ciety^ 2 v. 8vo; London, 1829. 


^schinis Epistolse, Gr. Sammet, p. 8vo; LipsidB, 1771. 

Alciphronis Epistolae, Gr. Lat. Bergler, p. 8vo; apud Fritsch. 

Algarotti's Military and Political Letters, 12mo. 

— — Political Letters on Russia, 1784, 12mo. 

Aretini Epistolarum, L:it 12mo; Hamb. 1724. 

Aristaeneti Epistolae, Gr. Lat. l2Tno; Parisiis, 1610. 

Aschami Epistolae, 16s; Col. Allob. 1611. 

Aubrey's Letters, by eminent Persons, 3 v. 8vo. 

Brigg's Letters, addressed to a Young Person In India, ll^mo; 
London, 1828. 

Ciceronis Epistolae ad Atticum, Lat Fr. Mongault, 6 v.l2mo. 

ad Familiares, Lat. Fr. Prevoat, 6 v.l2mo. 

Cicero's Epistles to Atticus, Eng. by Guthrie, 2 v. 8vo. 

Correspon<lence of Edmund Burke and French Laurence, 8vo. 
Epistolae Apollonii Tyanei, Anacharsidis, Euripidis, Theani^ 
Hippocratis, Democriti, Heracliti, Dlogenis, et Cratetis, 
Gr. Lat 12mo; 1601. 
Francklin's Epistles of Phalaris, 8vo; London, 1749. 
Kirkpatrick's Select Letters of Tippoo Sultan, 4to. 

La Vie d'Abeillard et d'H«loise, par A. F. Gervaise, 12mo. 
Lettres d' Abeillard et d'Heloise^ par A. F. Geryaise^ Lat Fr. 

2 y. 12mo. 
Le Blanc's Letters, 2 y. 8yo. 

Lettres Grecques d'Alciphron, trad, en Frangois, 3 y. 12mo. 
Lettres de Mad. de S6vigne, 8 y. 8yo; Paris, 1806. 
Madame de Maintenon'a Secret Correspondence^ 3 y. 8ya 
Madame de Sevign6's Letters, 9 y. 12mo. 
Montagu's (Lady Mary W.) Works, 5 y. 12mo. 
(Euyres de Voiture, 12 mo. 
Phalaridis Epistolae, Gr. Lat 8yo. 
Plinii Epistolae, 12mo. 
Plinii Epistolae, Lat. Fr. par De Sacy^ l2mo. 
Plinii Epistolae et Panegyricus, 24s. 
Pliny's Epistles, Eng. by Orrery, 2 y. 8yo. 
Riedesel's Letters and Memoirs relating to the War of Ameri- 
can Independence, 8yo. 
Sancho's Letters, 12 mo. 

Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis, 12mo; Italia, 1802. 
Walpole's (Horace) Letters to the Earl of Hertford, 4to. 

■ — -^ Private Correspondence! 4 y. 8yo. 
























































Jilcove 10.] LOGIC— RHETORIC— ORATIONS. 241 


of the Ute President Jufumoit, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

CHAPTER XL....[Ai.covE N° 10.] 


















































Artis Loeicae, Aldrich, l2mo. 
CrackantBorpii Logica, 4to, 
Fraunce's Lawyer's Logic, 4to; London, 15S8. 
Hambilton's Parliamentary Logic, 8vo. 
Hedge's Elements of Logic, ISmo. (present) 
Logica de Condillac, por Foronda, 8vo. 
Logic of Condillac, by Neef, p. 8va 
Wallis Institutio Logical, 8yo« 
Watts' Logic, 8vo. 


Adams' Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory, 2 v. 8v4?. 

Aristotle's Rhetoric, by Gillies, 8vo. 

Art of Improving the Voice and Ear, 8vo. 

Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric, 3 v. 8vo. 

Camhray on Eloquence, 12mo. 

Cicero's Orator, by Guthrie, 8vo. 

Demetrius Phalereus de Elocutione, Gr. Lat. 8yo; Foulis. 

Dugard Rhetorices Elementa, ISmp. 

Lectures on Dramatic Art and LiterAture, by W. A. Schjegel, 

2 V. 8vo. 
Mason on Poetical and Prosaic Numbers aild Elocution, 8yo. 
Priestley on Oratory and Criticism, 4to; London, J1777, 
Quinctiliani Institutiones Oratoriae, 4to. 
Rush on the Philosophy of the Human Voice, 8vo. 
Sheridan on Elocution, 8vo. 
Vossii Rhetorica, \2mo. 
Ward's Oratory, 2 v. 8vo. 


jiEschinis in Ctesiphontem Oratio, Gr. Lat. \2mo; Foulis. 
Barreau Frangais. Chefs-d'CEuvre de I'Eloquence Judiciaire 
en France, 16 v. 8vo; Paris, 1823-^24. 














242 ORATIONS. [Chapter 40, 

NoTB....The Works* to which the letter J. U prefixed, W'.re in the Library 

Birch's Virginian Orator, 13mo. 

British Cicero, by T. Brown, 3 v. 8yo. 

British Senate, by HazUtt, 2 v. 8to. 

Canning's Speeches; with a Memoir of his Life, by R. Ther- 

ry, 6 V. 8vo; London, 1828. 
Cicero's Orations, Eng. by Guthrie, 3 v. 8vo. 
Clay's Speeches, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1827. 
Curran's Forensic Eloquence, 8yo. 
Demosthenes, ^schines, Deinarchus, Lycurgus, Demades, 

Or. ; Andocides, Lysias, Isaeus, Antiphon, Or. Lat. ; Les- 

bonactes, Herodes, Antisthenes, Alcidamas, et Georgias, 

Or. ; Notis Wolfii, Taylori, Marklandi, et Jacobii Reiske, 

22 V. 8vo; Lipsiae, 1770-'75, cui Additur, Oratio inedita 

Isaei Rhetoris. 
Demosthenis Orationes Selectae, Mounteney, 8vo. 
Philippica, Gr. Foul.; English, by several, 2 v. 

Discours dc Lycurgue, d'Andocide, &c., par Ayger, Fr. 8va. 
Erskine's Speeches, 2 v. 8vo. 
Eulogies on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, 8yo; Hart* 

ford, 1826. 
Euiogiums on Washington, 8vo. 
Fox's Speeches, 6 v. 8vo. 
Grattan's Speeches, 8vo. 

Histoire des Discours de Cic6ron, 12mo; Paris, 1765. 
Isocrate, d' Auger, 3 v. 8vo. 
Isocratis Orationes et Epistolae, Gr. Lat 12mo. 
Isocratis Orationes, Gr. 2 v. 8vo. 
Isocrates' Orations, Eng. by Dinsdale, 8vo. 
Leland's Demosthenes, 2 v. 8vo. 
Lycurgi Oratio, Gr. Lat l2mo. 
(Euvres de Demosthene et d'Eschine, par Auger, Fr. 5 v. 

Oration, by Fairfax, 8vo. 

Orationes Funebres, Gr. Lat 8vo; Oxonii, 1746. 
Orationes ex Historicis Excerptae, 12 mo. 
fh-ations — to wit: Inauguralis, Ezra Stiles. — De Antiqua 

Medico. — Philosophia h, Coste. — Inauguralis de Cholera, 

a Lyons. — On the influence of Physical Causes, &c., by 

Rush, 8vo. 
Orations on the Massacre at Boston, March 5, 1770, 12mo. 
Pitt's Speeches in the House of Commons, 3d edition, 3 r. 

8vo; London, 1817. 
Quintiliani Declamationes, 8vo. 
Williston's Eloquence of the United States, 4 v. 8vo. 








































MeovelO.I GRITlGlSlkt. 248 

I ■ ■ . II ■ i|i I I I I -Vvn Mill! I ■ -w. 

of the late President Jsffbrsoit, when it was purchased by Congress irt 1815. 

CHAPTER XLI [Alcove N^ 10.] 



J. 3 Aristotelis de Poetica, Gr. Lat. ISimo; Foulis. 

7 Brydges^ Letters on the Character and Genius of Lord By> 

ron, 12mo. 
2 CampbelPs Essay on Poetry, 12mo. 

1 1 Lectures on Systematic Theology, 8vo. 

15 Drake's Memorials of Shakspeare, 8vo. 
J. 5 Du Bos sur la Poesie et Peinture, 3 v. 12mo. 
J. 10 Fitzosborne's Letters, 8vo. 

J. 12 Geddes on the Composition of the Ancients, 8va. 
J. 16 Harris's Philological Enquiries, 8vo. 
J. 9 Kaim's Elements of Criticism, 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 4 La Poetica de Aristoteles, por Ordenez y Florez, Gr. Lat 

Span. p« 8vo. 
J. 17 Longinus de Sublimitate, Gr. Lat*. Tollii, 4to. 
J. 1 Longinus de Sublimitate, Gr. Lat. Hudsoni, 12mo. 
J. 8 ' Rapin's Critical Works, Eng. 2 v. 8vo. 
J. 13 Riccoboni's Account of the Theatres in Europe, 8vo. 
J. 18 Th6orie Circonsph6rique des Deux Genres de Beau, par CoY- 

dier de Launay, 4t6. 
J. 6 Trapp's Praelectiones Poeticae, 2d v. 12mo. 
14 Warton's History of English Poetry, 4 v. 8vo. 

CHAPTER XLII [Alcove N^ 10.] 



J. 49 Alberts American Annals in Physic, Chemistry, &c., 12mo: 

39 American Quarterly Review, 8 v. 8vo; Phila. 1827-'30. 
28 Analectic Magazine, from 1813 to 1820, 16 v. 8vo; Philadel« 


244 BIBU06RAPHT. ICJufUr 4S. 

NoTB....Tlie WorkB to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in tiie libmy 

27 Analytical Review, from 1788 to 1799, 29 t. 8vo; London. 

J. 51 Annuaire de la Librairie, par Fleiseher, 8vo; Paris, 1802. 

J. 21 Aristarchus Anti-Bentleianus, autore R. Johnaoni 8vo; 1717. 

J. 23 Ayscough'g Index to the Monthly Reviews, from 1749 to 
1784, 2 V. 8vo; London. 

73 Berrington's Literaiv History of the Middle Ages, 4to. 

3 Bibliographical Dictionary and Miscellany, 8 v. 12mo. 

53 Bibliographic de la France, 8vo. 

J. 50 Bibliographie Instructive de De Bure, 9 v. 8vo. 

78 Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispana Escurialensis, 2 v. folio; Ma* 
triti, 1760-'70. 

J. 1 Bibliotheque Choisie, 28 v. 12mo. (3d wanting.) 

J. 2 Bibliotheque des Sciences et des Arts, 63 v. 12mo. 

J. 7 Blackwall on the Classics, 12mo. 

J. s on the Sacred Classics, 2 v. 12mo. 

26 British Review, or Critical Journal, 6 v. 8vo. 

42 Classical Journal, v. 39 and 40, 8vo; London, 1829. 

58 Catalogue of Books in the Boston Athenaeum, 8vo; 1827. 


55 Catalogue of the Library of Congress, 4to; and Supplements^ 

8vo; 1816, 1827, and 1829. 

56 The same, 8vo; 1830 

57 Catalogue of the Harvard College Library, 8 v. 8vo; Boston^ 

1830. f present J 
60 Catalogue of the Library of Alleghany College, 8vo; 1823. 
(present. J 

59 Catalogue of the Library of the American Philosophical Soci- 

ety, 8vo; Phila. 1824. (present. J 

55a Catalogue of the Library of the Department of State of the 
United States, 8vo; Washington, 1830. (present J 

52 Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, 2 v. 8vo; 1743. 
J. 24 Critical Reviews, for 1786-'7-'8, 3 v. 8vo; London. 

76 Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Stowe Libra- 
ry, by the Rev. Charles O'Coner, D. D., 2 v. 4to; Buck- 
ingham, 1818-'19. (present.) 

71 Dibdin's BiUiographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour,. 

3 V. royal 8vo. 

72 — — Bibliotheca Spenceriana, 5 v. royal 8vo. 

63 . Introduction to the rare Editions of the Greek and 

Latin Classics, 2 vols. 4to. 
14 Dissertations on the History, Arts, Literature, &c., of Asia, 

3 V. 8vo. 
66 Dunlop's History of Roman Literature, 2 v. 8vo. 
41 Eclectic Review, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1828-'29. 
30 Edinburgh Review, from 1802 to 1830, 50 v. 8vo; with aa 

Index to the first 20 vols. 8vo. 
J. 19 Essay on Shakspeare, by Mrs. E* Montague, 8vo. 

JUeovt 10.] BIBU06RAPHT. 24& 

■-■ ■ ill I ■ ■ 

of the late President JxvrfiBsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

74 Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature, 4to. 
J. II Fabricii Bibliotheca Latina, 8vo. 

35 Foreign Quarterly Review, 5 v. 8vo; London, 1827-'30. 
59a Index to the Library of the Lyceum of Natural History, 

of New York, 8vo; N. Y. 1830. (present J 
J. 13 Jones Poeseos Asiaticae Commentaria, 8vo. 

61 Knapp's Lectures on American Literature, 8vo; New York, 

10 L'Esprit des Journaux Frangais et Etrangers, 115 v. l2mo. 
29 Literary and Scientific Repository of New York, 4 v. 8vo. 
J. 15 Lowth de Poesi Hebraeorum, 8vo. 

54 Manuel du Libraire et de 1' Amateur de Livres, 4 v. 8vo, 
J. 68 Miller's Retrospect of the 18th Century, 2 v. 8vo; New York, 
69 Retrospect of the 18th Century, 3 v. 8vo; London, 

J. 22 Monthly Review, from 1749 to 1764, and from 1786 to 1788, 
35 V. 8vo; London. 

43 Monthly Review, New Series, 1829-'30, 4t. 8vo; London. 

62 Moss's Manual of Classical Bibliography, 2 v. Svo. 
J. 12 Nicholson's Historical Library, 8vo. 

32 North American Review, 31 v. 8vo; B6st(Mi, 1815-'30. 

32 Index to the North American Review, from vol. 1 to vol. 

35, avo; Boston, 1829. 

33 Quarterly Review, from 1809 to 1828, 35 v. 8vo; London. 
77 RegisB Bibliothecae Matritensis Codices Grseci MS. ^ vol. prius„ 

folio; Matriti, 1769. 
18 Remarks on the " Wife'' of W. Irving, 8vo. 

36 Retroepective Review, 1st Series, 14 v. 8vo; Lond. 1820-'26. 

36 _ _ 2d Series, 2 v. 8vo; Lond. 1827-'28^ 

J. 5 Richardson's Analysis of Shakspeare's Characters, 12mo. 

25 Select Reviews, 7 v. 8vo; Phila. 1809-'12. 

65 Sismondi's Historical View of the Literature of the South of 
Europe, 4 v. 8vo. 

40 Southern Review, 6 v. 8vo; Charleston, S. C. 1828-'30. 

67 Storia della Letteratura Italiana di G. Tiraboschi, 16 v. 8vo. 

64 Taylor's History of the Transmission of Ancient Books to 
Modern Times, 8vo. 
J. 16 Vossius de Historicis Graecis, p. 8vo. 

J. 17 de Historicis Latinis, p. 4to. 

J. '20 Warton's Objservations on Spenser, 2 v. 8vo. 

75 Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, 4 v. 4to. 

44 Western Review, 3 v. 8vo; Cincinnati, 1828-'30. 

37 Westminster Review, 1824 — 1830, 12 v. 8vo; London. 
J. 4 Wheare de Methodo Legendi Historias, 12mo. 

9 Wheare's Method and Order of Reading History, English, by 
Bohun, l2mo. 
J. 6 Worrall's Catalogue of Law Books, 12mo. 

340 LANGUAGES. [CA<y<<r43. 

Note... .The Work* to which the letter J. ia pr fixed, were in the Libniy 

CHAPTER XLIII [Alcote N^ 10.] 



General — Pdygloi-^OriefUal — Greek — Laiin — ItaUant — Spmmeh — French 
— J>rortht!m — English — Welsh. 

Abrfegfe de la Nouvelle Methode Latine [de Portroyal] 8vo. 

Ainsworth's Dictionary, Lat Eng. 3 v. 4to. 

■ Latin Dictionary, 4to; Lond. 1829. 

Alphabet of the Primitive Language of Spain, and a Philoso* 
phical Examination of the Antiquity and Civilization of 
the Basque People, 8vo. (present.) 

Anchorani Porta Linguarum Trilinguia, 8vo. 

Anti-Tooke, or an Analysis of Language, by J. Fearn, 2 v. 

Archaionomia Lambardi a Wheeloc, folio. 

Auctores Latinae Linguae in Unum Redacti C<irpus, adjectis 
Notis Dion. Gothofredi, 4to; Col. AUob. 1622. 

Bachmair's German Grammar, 8vo. 

Bailey's English Dictionary, folia 

Baretti's Dictionary, Ital. En^. 2 v. 4to. 
. Span, and Eng. Dictionary, 2 v. folio. 

Barnard's Polyglot Grammar, 8vo. 

Basilii Fabri Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticae, folio. 

Bass's Greek and English Manual Lexicon for the New Tes- 
tament, 12 mo. 

Bedae Historia Ecclesiastica Paraphrasi Saxonica Alfredi, fol. 

Benson's Saxon Vocabulary, 8vo. 

Bible, in Irish, 12 mo. 

Boethius, Anglo^axonice ab Alfredo Rege, 8vo; Oxon. 

Bottarelli's Dictionary, Ital. Fr. Eng. 3d v. 12mo. 

British Grammar, 12mo. 

Burn's Grammar, 12mo. 

Calepini Dictionarium VII Linguarum, sc. Lat. Hebr. Gr. 
Gall. Ital. Germ. Hisp- folio. 
J. 191 Calepini Dictionarium XI Linguarum, sc. Lat Heb. Gr. GaL 
Ital. Germ. Hisp. Angl. Belg. Pol. Uogar. folio.^ 









































Jtkove lO.'i LANGUAGES- 247 

of tbe late President jBrFKssoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815- 

J. 188 Chronologia Anglo-Saxonica a Wheeloc> folio. 
J. 115 Claesse's Mohawk Liturgy, p. 4to. 
J. 16 Clarke's Latin Grammar, 12mo. 
J. 72 Clavis Virgiliana, 8vo. 
J. 66 Clavis Homerica, 8yo. 

95 Crabb's English Synonymes, 8Vo. 

140 Universal Technological Dictionary, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 153 Croft on the English and German Languages, 4to. 

J, 50 Delaware Indian Spelling Book, by Zeisberger, 12mo. 

J. 76 Delia Lingua Toscana di Buommattei, p. 4to. 

J. JS Devariide Particulis Graecis, 16s. 

J. 177 Diccionario de Academia Espajiola, folio. 

J. 23 Portatil, Espailolfe Ingles, 2 v. l2mo. 

J. 49 Dictiohnaire Caraibe de Raymond, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 144 de TAcadfemie Frangoise, 2 v in 1, 4to. 

J. 27 '- dePoche, par Catineau, 12mo. 

J. 180 de Tr6voux, 8 v. fol. ; Par. 1771. 

J. 181 • de Richelet, 3 v. folio., 

J. 83 du Vieux Langage Frangois, par Lacombe, 2 v. 


J. 143 Espagn. Franc. Lat. de Sejoumant, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 182 ' Ety mologique de la Langue Prangoisede M6nage, 

2 y. folio. 

J. 82 ■ — r- ' Etymologique, par Morin, 8vo. 

J. 84 -T — Fr. and Eng., by Dufief, 3 v- 8vo. 

J. 145 — Pr. Eng. de Cham baud et Robinet, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 183 Fr. Eng. de Miege, folio. 

J, 141 Ital. et Franc, par D'Alberti, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 80 — Languedocien-Frangois, par L. D. S. 8vo. 

J- 25 . Nfeologique Frangais, par Snetlage, 12mo. 

J- 79 ■ Portatif et de Prononciation, Espagnol-Frangais, 

et Frangais-Espagnol, par Cormon, 2 v. 8vo. 
24 Portatif des Langues Frangaise et Portugaise, 

par F. S. Constancio, 2 v. 12mo. 
186 Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latinum, auctore E. Lye, 

2 V. folio. 
J. 139 Dizzionario Greco-Volgare et Italiano, dal Padre Somavera, 

2v. 4to; Parigi, 1709. 
99 Donnegan's New Greek and English Lexicon, 8vo; 1826. 
J. 81 DufiePs Nature Displayed, adapted to the French Language, 

2 V. 8vo. 
J. 13 Dugard Lexicon Graeci Testamenti, p. 8vo. 
J. 63 Elementa Linguae Graecae, Moor, 8vo. 
J. 86 Elstob^s Saxon Grammar, p. 4to. 
J; 36 English Grammar, 12mo. 
J. 88 English-Saxon Homily, on the Birth-day of St Gregory, 

Anglo-Sax. and Eng. by Mrs. Elstob, 8vo. 

24S LANGUAGES-' IChapter^Z. 

Note.... The Worka to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

J. 8 Erpenii Rudimenta Lingus Arabice, ISmo; Lug. Bat 1628. 

J. 190 Etymologicon LiDguas AnglicansB Skinneri, fol. 

J. 166 Etymologium Magnum Graecum, fol. 

J. 161 * Euclidis Elementorum libri XIII, Arabicfe, fol; Romae, 1794. 

J. 9 EFangelium Infantiae Servatorio, Arabic6 et Latine, Sike^ 

J. 124 Evangeliorum Veraiones Ootbica et Anglo-Saxonica k Juaio 

et Mareachelloy et Gothicum Gloasarium Junii, 2 ▼. in 1, 

172 Forcellini Lexicon Totiua Latinitatia, 4 v. folio. 
55 Frey'a Hebrew Grammary in the English Language^ 8yo. 
J. 112 Galick and English Vocabulary, 8yo. 
J. 122 Gibson's Saxon Chronicle, 4to. 
J. 170 Glossarium Mediae et Infimae Grascitatis, Dufresne Dominus du 

Cange, 2 v. fol. 
J. 19 Gradusad Parnassum,Gr. 12nio. 
J. 48 Grammaire Caraibe de Raymond^ i2mo. 

J. 77 Espagnole de Pellizer, Svo. 

J. 21 ' Italienne d'Antonini, 12mo. 

151 Grammar of the Chinese Language, by Morrison, 4to. {/>rc- 

78 Grammar of the Spanish Language, with Practical Exercises, 

byJosse, 12mo. (present.) 
J. 123 Grammatica Anglo Saxonica et Moeso-Gothica, Hickesii, et 

Islandica Jonae, 4to. 
J. S5 — — — — Anglo-Saxonica ex Hickesiano Thesauro Ex- 

cerpta, Svo. 

J. 62 ■ ■ ■ Busbeiana Graeca, 8vo. 

J. 61 ' Graeci Eton, 8vo. 

J. 32 ' Lapponica Ganandri, 12mo. 

J. 43 — — Todesca de Chirchmair, 12mo. 

J. 60 Graecae Grammatical Institutiones, 8yo; Edinb. [Ruddiman.] ; 

J. 65 Greek Grammar of Gloucester, 8vo. ^ 

J. 104 Grose's Provincial Glossary, Svo. J 

J. 52 Gurtleri Lexicon IV Linguarump-Hs»c. Lat Gr. Gal. Germ. 

J. 51 Harris's Hermes, 8vo. 
J. 137 Hederici Lexicon, 4to. 
J. 64 Holmes' Greek Grammar, Svo. 
J. 175 Holycd^e's Dictionary, Lat. £ng. foL 
J. 5 Hoole's Accidence, 12mo. 
J. 94 Home Tooke's Epea Pteroenta, or Diversions of Purley, 2 v^ 

J. 10 Indian, or Bengal Vocabulary, 12mo. 

148 Illustrations of Northern Antiquities, 4to; Edinb. 1814. 

* Books in rare langfuagcs we chased here, not accordiag to their subject matter, 
but philologically, as specimens of the language in which they are written. 

Mcavt 10.] LANGUAGES. t49 

of the Ute Fresident Jxvfbbbov, when it was purchased bjr Congress in 1815. 

109 'Jameson's English Dictionary, 8to. 

108 Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, by Todd| 8vo. 

134 Dictionary of the English I^guage, 2 v. 4to; 

Philadelphia, 1818. 

J. 133 Endish Dictionary, 2 v. 4to; Dublin, 1775. 

J. 40 Johnston's (Wm.) Spelling Dictionary, 12mo. 
J. 191 Johannis ab Ihre Scripta Versionem Ulphilanam illustrantia i 
Btisching, 4to. 

97 Jones' Greek and English Lexicon, 8vo. 

J. 46 Welsh and En^ish Dictionary, 12mo. 

J. 167 Julii Pollucis Onomasticum, Gr. Lat. 2 v. in 1, fol. 

J. 7 KusterusdeVerbo Medio, 12mo. 

J. 71 Latin Grammar, 8vo. 

J. 12 Le Jardin des Racines Grecques de Claude Lancelot de Port- 
royal, 12mo. 

J. 29 Lee Principes de la Langue Frangoise de Girard, 2 v. 12mo« 

J. 126 Lexicon Lapponicum Joh. Ihre, cum Grammatica Lapponica 
Lindahl, 4to. 

J. 89 Lexiphanes, 12mo. 

J. 4 Lily's Latin Grammar, 12mo. 

J. 130 Linguarum Totius Orbis Yocabularia, a Pallas, 2 v. 4to. 

J. 184 ^ Veterum Septentrionalium Thesaurus Hickesii, 2 

V. fol. 

J. 120 Littleton's English-Latin, Poetical, Historical, Geographical, 
and Latino-barbarous Dictioniuy, 4to. 

J. 33 Lowth's English Grammar, 12mo. 

J. 185 Lye, E. : Dietionarium Saxonico etGothico-Latinum, ed. Owen 
Manning, 2 v. in 1, fol. 

J. 45 MacDonald's Gaelic Songs and Poems, with a Glossary, 12mo. 

J. 101 Maittaire's English Grammar, 8vo. 

jL 119 Meursii Glossarium Graeco-barbarum, 4to. 

J. 158 Minshieu's Guide into the Tongues, IX-— «c. Ang. Belg. Germ. 
Gal. Ital. Hisp. Lat Gr. Hebr., fol. 

150 Morrison's Chinese Dictionary, 3 v. 4to. 

151 Chinese Grammar, 4to. 

J. 35 Murray's English Grammar, 12mo. 

114 History of the European Languages, 2 v. 8vo. 

135 Nares' Glossary, 4to; London, 1822. 

98 Neuman's Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages, 

2 V. 8vo. 

J. 116 New Testament, Gaelic, 8vo; (Manks;) Whitehaven, 1775, 

J. 44 New Testament, Gaidhlig, with rules for reading it, 12mo; Ed- 
inburgh, 1767. 

J. 26 Nogent's Pocket Diet. Fr. En^., 16s^ 

J. 53 Oratio Dominica in Diversas Linguas Versa, a Chamberlaype, 
p. 4to. 

J 92 Orosiius, Saxon, by K. Alfred, and Eng. by fiarriogton, 8vo. 
149 Ouseley's Oriental Collections, 2 v. 4to. 
32 ,/ 


NoipK ...The Wvrks to which tlie letter J. is prefixed, were ii» the Library 

J. 138 Parkhurst's Greek and English Lexicon, 4to. * 

lis Hebrew Lexicon, 8vo. 

J. 1 Pasoris Manuale Oraeci Testamenti, 12ino. 

113 Pickering's Vocabulary, 8vo. 

178 Pineda's Spanish Dictionary, folio. 

J. 103 Pointer's Academical Miscellany, 8ro. 

J. 59 Portroyal Greek Grammar, Fr., 8vo. 

J. 69 -^— — Latin Grammar, Fr., 8vo. 

J. 17 Pronouncing Dictionary, Fr., by Tardy, ISmo. 

J. 74 Robertson's Latin Phrases, 8yo. 

J. 17 Ross's Latin Grammar, 12mo. 

J. 70 Kuddimanni Institutiones Grammaticae Latins, 8yo. 

J. 14 Ruddiman's Rudiments of the Latin, 12mo. 

48 Ruggles' Universal Language, 12mo. (present. J 

J. 146 Sacrorum Evangeliorum versio Gothica, ab Edw. Lye, 4te» 

J. 68 Sanctius de Causis Linguae Latins, 8vo. 

J. 164 Scapulae Lexicon, folio. 

J. 117 4U); Laemarii, 1598. 

J. 56 Sennerti Chaldaismus et Syriasmus, p. 4to. 

J. 75 Sententiae Pueriles, Svo. 

J. 154 Sewel's Dutch and Eng. Dictionary, 2 y. in 1, 4to. 

J. 38 Sheridan's English Grammar, 12mo. 

J. 57 Simplification desLangues Arabe, Persane, et Turc, par Vol- 

ney, 8vo. 

J. 18 Smith's New Hampshire Latin Grammar, 8vo. 

J. 127 Specimina Arabica et Persica, a Vieyra, 4to. 

J. 162 Stephani Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, 4 v. folio. 

J. 171 Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, 2 v. folio. 

J. 20 Stirling's Latin Exercises, 8vo. 

J. 168 Suidae Lexicon, Gr. Lat. Eusteri, 3 v. folio. 

J. 30 Synonymes Frangais, par Diderot, D'Alembert, et de Jau- 
court, 12mo. 

J. 31 '■' de Girard, 2 v. 12mo. 

J. 174 Thesaurus Lin^ae Latinae, Cooper, folio. 

J. 90 Tresordes Trois Langues, Espagn. Franc. Ital., 3 y. p. 4to. 

J. 152 Ulphilae Versio Gothica Epist Pauli ad Romanos, i Fran- 
cisco A. Knittel, 4to. 

3. 3 Viger Rotomagensis de Graecse Dictionis Idiotismis, 12mo; 

Par. 1627. 

J. 129 Vocabulaires Compares des Langues de toute la Terre, par 

Pallas, 4 y. 4 to. 

J. 176 Vocabolario della Crusca, 5 y. folio. 

J. 125 Vocabolario della Crusca, 5 v. in 2, 4to; Ven. 174X. 

160 Vocabulario de la Lengua Tagala, folio, {present.) 

J. 173 Vossii Etymologrcon Linguae Latinae, foHo. 

J. 102 Waldo's Rudiments of English Grammar, 8yo. 

107 Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, 8yo; Lond. 1828* 

J. 106 ' Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, 8yo^ Phil 1803, 

JUcove 10.] LANGUAGES. 251 

of the late President jBrrBRsoir« when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

105 Walker's Key to Classical Pronunciation, 8vo. 
5. 100 Wallisii Orammatica Linguae Anglicanae, 8vo. 

136 Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, 
2 V. 4to. 
J. 110 ■ Compendious Dictionary of Ihe English Language^ 

J. 11 Westminster Greek Grammar, l2mo. 

J. 67 Wetstenii Or^tiones de Linguae Graecse Pronunciatione, &c.f 
159 Wilkins on a Philosophical Language, folio. 
J. 41 Wilson's Philological Entertainments, 16s. 

54 Woodhouse's Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian Grammar^ Svo. 
J. 147 Wotton's View of Hickes' Thesaurus, 41o. 

58 Young's Discoveries in Hieroglyphical Literature, and Egyp- 
tian Antiquities, 8vo. 

253 F0LT6RAPHICAL. [Ch^Hr 44. 

NoTX....The Works to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

CHAPTER XLIV [Alcove N° 11.] 

88 Acta Eniditorum Lipsias, 1682 — 1728, Lat, 47 v. p. 4to. 

88 ■ — — r— . Sup. et Index, 7 y. p. 4to. 

155 Aikin's Biographical Dictionary, 10 v. 4to. 

J. 37 Alexandri ab Alexandre, Geniales Dies, 2 v. 8vo* 
J. 162 American Encyclopaedia, 18 v« 4to. 

115 American Monthly Magazine, 2 r. 8vo; Phil. 1824. 

91 Annals of Philosophy, by Thompson, 12 v. 8vo; London* 
J. 36 Aristotelis Opera, 6r. Lat, 8 y. 8yo; Laemarii, 1597. 
124 Asiatic Journal, 1829-'30, 4 y. 8yo; London. 
123 Asiatic Researches, by Sir Wn|. Jones, 12 y. 8yo.. 
148 Athenaeum, 2 y. 4to; London, 1829-'30. 

116 Atlantic Magazine, 8yo^ New York, 1824. 

25 Attic Framients of Characters, Customs, Opinions, and 
Scenes, oy the Author of Modern Athens, &c., 8yo. 
J. 149a Aulus Gellius Gronoyii, 4to. 

J. 150 Bacon's (Lord Francis) Adyancement of Learning, Eng.^. 

J. 167 Works, 4 y. folio. 

197 Works, 10 y. 8vo. 

10 Beattie's Works, 10 y, 12mo. 
J. 97 Bee, by James Anderson, 17 y. 8yo. 

89 Beloe's Aulus Gellius, .3 y. 8yo. 

54 Biblioth^ue Etrang&re d'Histoire et de Litterature, par M. 
Aignan, 3 y. 8to. 

120 Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, 9 y. 8yo. 
22 Bleecker's (Ann Eliza) Posthumous Works, 12mo: N. York, 

144 Blunt's (Joseph) Miscellaneous Pamphlets, yiz: Anniyersary 
Discourse delivered before the New York Historical So- 
ciety, Dec. 13, 1827. — Examination of the Controyersy 
between Geoi^a and the Creeks. — Historical Sketch of 
the Formation pf the Confederacy, particularly with re- 
ference to the Proyincial Limits and the Jurisdiction of 
the General Government oyer the Indian Tribes and the 
Public Territory, 8yo. 

132 Bracebridge Hall, by W. Irving, 2 y. 8yo. 
18 British Essayists, 22 y. 12mo. 


4k<m 1 L] FOLTGRAPfiaC AL. 253 

of the late President JxtFsmsov, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815. 

35 Bulletin Universel des Sciences et de PIndustrie, 17 v. 8vo. 
69 Burke's Works, 7 v. Svo; Boston, 1826-'7. 

72 Butler's (Charles) Philological and Biographical Works, 5 v. 


73 ' (Charles) Reminiscences, 8yo. 

J. 129 Carey's American Museum, 1787-'92, 12 v. 8vo. [3d missing.] 

J. 128 ^ Museum for 1798, 8vo. 

J. 39 Cassiodori Opera, Svo; Aurelis Allobrogum, 1609. 

J. 172 Chambers' Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, 2 v. folio. 

J. 1 ' Ciceronis Opera, Foulis, 20 v. 16s. 

J. 149 Wiveti, B v. 4to. 

J. 40 Collectanea Graeoa, Dalzel, 8ro; Edinb. 1789. 

J, 41 . Minora, Dalzel, 8vo; Edinb. 1787. 

7 Colmena Espaitola, 12mo; Boston, 1825. (present.) 

J. 101 Columbian Magazine, 6 v. Svo; Phil. 1787-'92y 

45 Court Anecdotes, 12mo; London, 1825. 

148 Court Journal, from May, 1829, to Dec. 1830, 2 v. 4to; Lond. 

42 Defoe's Works, l2mo. 

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81 D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature, 3 v. Svo. 

82 — Curiosities of Literature, second series, 3 y. Svo. 

J. 14 Dodsley's Fugitive Pieces, 2 v. 12mo. 

146 Drake's Gleaner, 4 v. Svo. 

21 Mornings in Spring, 2 v. Svo. 

20 Noontide Leisure, 2 v. 12mo. 

65 Dryden's Works, by Sir W. Scott, 18 v. Sva 

17 Edgeworth's Essay on Irish Bulls, 12mo. 

93 Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, by Brewster and Jame- 
son, 11 V. Svo; 1819-'24. 

93 New Philosophical Journal, by Jameson, 3 v. 

8vo; 1828-'30. 

147 Elegant Extracts, in Prose and Verse, 3 v. Svo. 

96 Encyclopaedia Americana, 4 v. Svo; Phila. 1829-'30. 
J. 28 Encyclopfedie de Diderot et D'Alembert, 39 v. Svo; Lau- 

sanne^ 1780-'81. 
J. 165 Encyclop&die Mfethodique de Panckoucke, 136i vols. 4to; 
47 Etonian, 3 v. 12mo; London, 1824. 

55 Etudes Morales, Politiques, et Littferair^s, parM. Valery, Svo. 
152 Evelyn's Miscellaneous Writings, 4to. 

16 Fielding's Works, 14 v. 12mo. 
145 Forster's Perennial Calendar, 8vo. 

74 Franklin's Works, 6 v. Svo. 

J. 75 — 4 v. Svo; Phil. 1809. [Istvol. wanting.] 

J. 168 Gassendi Opera, 6 v. folio. 

lil General Repository and Review, 4 v. Svo; Cambridge, 1812^ 
98 Gentleman's Magazine, from 1731 to 1830, 100 v. 8vQ. 
67 Gibbon's Miscellaneous Works, 5 v. Svo. 


N0Ts....The Worki to which the letter J. is prefixed, were in the Library 

5 Goldsmith's Citizea of the World, 2 v. 24s. 

4 Essays, 12ino; London, 1767. 

3 Works, 5 V. 24s. (2d y^ missing.) 

79 Harleian Miscellany, 12 y. Svo. 

8 Hermit in Edinburgh, 3 v. 12mo. 

53 Histoire des Frangais, des Divers Etats aux Cinq Demiers 

Sidles, par Monteil, 2 v. 8vo. {present.) 

44 Hone's Facetiaeand Miscellanies, (engravings by Cruikshank,) 


76 Hopkinson's Works, 3 v. 8vo. 

153 Howard & Wyatt's Works, 2 v. 4to. 

66 Johnson's (Dr. S.) Works, 6 v. 8vo. 

157 Journal des Observations Physiques, Matb^matiques, et Bo- 

taniques, par Louis Feuillee, 1714, 3 v. 4to. 
33 Journal of Science and the Arts, 5 v. 8vo; N. York edition. 

34 17 v. 8vo; Lond. 1817-'24. 

J. 170 King James's Works, folio; London, 1616. 

24 Kitchiner's Traveller's Oracle, or Maxims for Locomotion^ 
2 V. 8vo. 
J. 58 La Creation du Monde, ou Syst^me d'Organisation Primitive^ 
par B6court, 8vo. 
148 Ladies' Literary Cabinet, 2 v. 4tof New York, 1819-'20. 
J. 57 Les Ecoles Normales, 3 v. 8vo. 

107 Library, or Moral and Critical Magazine, 8vo. 
46 Literary Anecdotes, 12mo; Boston, 1S08. 
112 Literary Miscellany, 2 v. 8vo; Cambridge, 1805-'6. 
J. 64 Locke's Familiar Letters, 8vo; Lond. 1737. 

J. 169 Works, 3 v. folio. 

J. 100 London Magazine, from 1759 to 1769, il v. 8vo. 
J. 38 Macrobii Opera, 8vo; Londini, 1694. 

84 Malkin's Classical Disquisitions, 8vo. 

92 Mechanics' Magazine, 10 v. 8vo; London^ 1825*'28. 
J. 11 Melanges de Litterature, 5 v. 12mo. 

13 M6moires del'Acadfemie Royale, 1692 — 1778, 90 v. 12ino. 

15 Historiques, Critiques, et Litteraires, parM. Bruys,^ 

2 V. 12mo. 

158 de I'Institut National, 28 v. 4to. 

87 Mercuric Peruano, de Historia, Literatura, y Noticias Pub- 
licas, que da & luz la Sociedad Academica de Amante5 de 
Lima, 11 V. p. 4to; Lima, l791-'95. 
J. 151 Milton's Prose Works, 2 v. 4to. 

86 Mirror and Lounger, by McKenzie, 8to. 

85 Mirror of Literature, &c., 8 v. 8vo; London, 1823-'26. 

143 Miscellaneous Pamphlets, 1828, viz: — ^Eulogium on the late 
Wright Post, M. D., of New York, by Dr. John A. 
Smith.— Fourth Annual Report of the High School So- 
ciety of New York. — Fifth Annual Report to the Legis- 
lature, by the Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and 
Dumb. — Knapp's Discourse on the Life and Character o£ 


of the late President jEn^iBsoir, when it was purchased by Congress in 1815 

De Witt Clinton.— Address delivered before the Alumni 
of Columbia College, N. Y., by the Rev. P. Milledo- 
ler, D. D. — Continuation of Remarks on the Character of 
Napoleon Bonaparte, from the Christian Examiner..— 
Defence of the Experiments to determine the Compara- 
tive Value of the principal varieties of Fuel, by Marcus 
Bull. — Dr. Mease's Reply to the Criticisms, by J. N. 
Barker, Esq., on the Historical Facts in the Picture of 
Philadelphia, 8vo. 

142 MitcbilPs (Samuel L.) Miscellaneous Pamphlets, viz: — ^Ad- 
dress to the Horticultural Society. — Discourse on Thomas 
Jefferson. — Discourse on T. A. Emmet. — Discourse on 
De Witt Clinton. — Lecture on the Natural History of 
New Jersey. — Memorable Events, &c.r— Schroeder's 
Anniversary Discourse. — ^Ninth Report of the New York 
Institution for Instructing the Deaf and Dumb, 8vo. 

110 Monthly Anthology and Boston Review, 10 v. 8vo. 
J. 104 ■ I " . Magazine, 2 v. 8vo; New York, 1799-1800. 

121 .— Ma^zine, or British Register, from v. 3 to v. 9, 8vo. 

43 Mornings at Bow Street, by Cruikshank, 12mo. 

ISO Museum of Foreign Literature and Science, 15 v. 8vo. 
J. 103 National Magazine, 8vo; Richmond, 1800. 

122 New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, 22 v. 8vo. 
114 New York Literary Journal, 3d and 4th vols. 8vo. 

113 Review, 2 v. 8vo. 

32 Nicholson's Encyclopedia, 6 v. 8vo; Phila. 1816-^17. 

29 (Euvres Completes de D'Alembert, 5 v. 8vo; Paris, 1821-'22. 

30 Completes de J. J. Rousseau, 8vo; Paris, 1826. 

154 de D'Aguesseau, 13 v. 4to« 

J. 51 de Maupertuis, 4 v. 8vo. 

J. 12 — : de St Rfeal, 5 v. 12mo. 

J. 49 ^de Voltaire, 58 v. 8vo; 1775—1785. 

52 Diverses de P. L. Lacretelle, 3 v. 8vo. 

59 Opere di G. Parini, pubblicate ed illustrate da Fr. Reina, 6 v* 

8vo; Milano, 1801-*4. 
125 Oriental»Herald, from 7th vol., 10 v. 8vo. 
62 Origin of Laws, Arts, and Sciences, by Goguet, 3 v. 8vo. 
27 Oxford British Prize Essays, 4 v. p. 8vo; Oxford, 1830. 
134 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1 81 9-'20-'2 1-^22, (/?re*en/)'8vo, 
viz: 2d Annual Report of the Colonization Society. — 1st 
Annual Report of the Public Schools in Pennsylvania. — 
Channing's Inaugural Address. — Spalding's Inaugural Ad- 
dress. — Spalding's History of the Scutellaria. — The Act 
incorporating the Deaf and Dumb Institution. — Norton's 
Inaugural Discourse. — Account of the Pennsylvania Insti- 
tution for the Deaf and Dumb. —New England Journal of 
Medicine and Surgery, No. 2. v. 5.— History of Agricul- 


NoTi....The Works to which the letter J. U prefixed, were in the Library 

tural Societies on the Modern Berkshire System.— 
Report of the Massachusetts Committee on the subject of 
Free Nesroes and Mulattoes. 

136 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, (pres.) SvOf viz: Reports of the 

Proceedings on the Subject of National Currency. — Syl- 
labus of a Course of Lectures on Law.r-Worthington's 
Speech on the Maryland Test Act-— Fourth Annual Re- 
port of the Comptrollers of Public Schools in Pennsyl- 
vania. — Additional Facts, &c«,on the Advantage of a Na- 
tional Circulating Medium. — ^Anniversary Discourse on 
Medical Improvement, by P. Macauley, M. D. — Some 
Account of the Medical School in Boston. — Report of the 
Overseers of Harvard College, &c» — Allen's Eulogy on 
J. Wheelock, LL. D. — lUfinesque's Ancient History 
of Kentucky. — The Two Americas. — Great Britain and 
the Holy Alliance. — Sketeh of the Geography of Hunt- 
ington. — ^Considerations on the Art of Mining. 

137 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 8vo, viz: Theological Review. — 

Report on Delaware Canal. — ^Vaux's Address. — Le Roy's 
Method of Purgation. — Moore's Address. — Parke's State- 
ment of Claims to Birmingham and Liver[pool Rail Road. 
— ^Bard's Address.— *9th Report of Colonization Society. 

138 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 8vo, viz: Description of the Egyp- 

tian Mummy. — Morse's Sermon. — Constitution of the 
New Society for the Benefit of Indians. — Washington's 
Portrait, by Peale. — Macauley's Anniversary Discourse.— 
Whitlaw's Reply. — Sewall's Lecture. — Sprague's His- 
torical Disquisition. — Remarks on the Henlopen Break- 

139 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 8vo, viz: 2d Report of the Sunday 

School Union. — Warren on the Dislocation of the Hip 
Joint — Public Education. 

140 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 8vo, viz: Bradford's Bunker Hill. 

— Garnett on State Afiairs.— Adams and Cunningham's 
6a Paris Chit-Chat, S v. 18s. 
6 Paris Spectator, 3 v. 18s. 
160 Philosophical Tracts, 4to» 
71 Playfair's Works, 4 v. 8vo. 
166 Plutarchi Opera cum notis, Gr. Lat, 2 v. folio«^ 
109 Polyanthos, 2 v. 8vo. 
173 Port Folio, 4 V. 4to. 
119 Port-Folio, 42 V. 8 vo. 
118 Portico, 5 V. 8vo. 
60 Prose Varie del Cavaliere Andrea Mustoxidi, 8vo. 
J. 77 Rainbow, 8vo; Richmond, 1804. 

56 Reciteil des Questions, par Michaelis, 12mo. 
163 Rees's Cyclopaedia, 47 v. 4to; Phila. edition* 
80 Relics of Literature, by S. Collet, 8vo. 


of the late President J svfbbsoh, when it was purchafied by Cbn|^resa in 1815. 

J. 108 Repository, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1788. 
19 Salmagundi^ 3 y. 12nio. 

61 Scisma d'Inghilterra, con altre Operette del Signor B. D. 
Bostichi, 8vo; Milano, 1807; 
9 Scotsman's Library, by Mitchell, p. 4to« 
J. 171 Selden's Works, 6 v. folio. 

141 Select Pamphlets, 8vo, viz: Report on the Route of the New 
Jersey Uanal — Report of the Linnaean Committee relative 
to the Sea Serpent— American Magazine, No. 9.— 2d 
Report of the American Bible Society. 
185 Select Pamphlets, 1819-'aa-'21-'22-*23, 8vo, viz: Address 
delivered before the Ontario Agricultural Society, by J. 
W. Hallett. — Do. by G. Granger.— Do. by J. Nicholas. — 
Do. by T. D. Burrall. — R. Little on the Sacred and Di- 
vine Authority of the Jewish and Christian Religions. — 
Grammar of the Massachusetts Indian Language, by 
J. Eliot; with notes, &c. by Du Ponceau. — The Indian 
Grammar Begun, by J. Eliot. — Documents relating to 
North Carolina Independence. -^The East India Marine 
Society of Salem.— Class^ment par Ages. 
J. 159 Select Papers of the Belfast Literary Society, 4to, pamphlet 
' 99 Selection of Curious Articles from ijhe Gentleman's Mag^ne, 
by J. Walker, 4 v. 8vo. 
% Swecaa Omnia Opera, ex ult: Lipsil et Gronovii, Lat, 4 v. 

24s; Amst. 1659. 
94 Silliman'a Journal, IB.vols. 8vo. 
131 Sketch Book, by W. Irving, 8vo. 

156 Soniers' (Lord) Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, 
15 V. 4to; London, 174S-'5L 

l^^a '• Historical Tracte, by Sir W. Scott, 13 v. 4to. 

48 Spirit ofthe Public Journals, 2 v. 12mo; Lond. 1825. 
70 Stillingflqet's Works, 3 V. 8vo. 

164 Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 6 y. 4^o. 
83 Table Talk, or Essays on. Men and Manners, by H^litt, 

S V. 8vo. 
90, Taylor and Phillips^ Philosophical Magazine, y. 5, 6, and 7, 

8vo; London, 1829-^30. 
90 Tillpch and Taylor's Philosophical Magazine,. 63 v. 8vaj 

161 Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, 1st vol. 

4to. {present,) 
126 United Service Journal, 4 v. 8vo; London, 1829-'30. 
117 United States' Literary Gazette and Review, 5 v. 8vo, 

and 1 V. 4to. 
183 Verplanck's Address, delivered before the Academy of Fine 
Arts, 8vo; New- York, 1818. 
J. 78 Webster's Essays, 8vo. 

J. 102 Weekly Magazine, 2 r, 8vo; Philadelphia, 1798. 

2t58 STATE PAPERS, &c. lChdpter46* 

23 Williams' (Charles H.) Works, 3 v. l«mo; Lond. 1822. 
95 Willich's Domestic Encyclopedia, (2d Am. edition^) by T. 

Cooper, 3 v. Svo; Pbila. 1821. 
26 Wine and Walnuts, or After Dinner Chit-Chat, by E. Hard- 

castle, 2 v. 8vo. 
68 Works of Sir William Jones* 13 vols. 8vo. 
50 Works of Voltaire, (Eng. with notes,} 20 y. 870. 



6 Census of 1820, folio; 20 copies. 

12 Digest of Manufacturing Establishments in the United States^ 

folio; 20 copies. 

5 Journal of the Acts and Proceedings of the Federal Conven- 
tion, 8vo; 48 copies. 

8 Journal of the House of Representatives, from 1813 to 1830, 
8vo; 10 copies. 

8 Journal of the Senate, from 1813 to 1830, 8vo; 10 copies. 
4 Land Laws of the United States, 8vo; 25 copies. 

2 Laws of the United States, 7 v. 8vo; 116 copies. 

3 Official Register, 1816, '17, '20, '22, '24, '26, '28, & 1830. 

9 Pitkin's Statistical Views of the Commerce of the United 

States, 8vo; 25 copies. 
11 Secret Journals of Congress, from 1775 to 1788, 4 v. 8vo; 25 

7 Senate Journal, from 1789 to 1815, 5 v. 8vo; 20 copies. 
10 Seybert's Statistical Annals, 4to; 44 copies. 

8 State Papers, Reports of Committees, and other Documents 

of Congress, 8vo; 10 copies annually. 
1 Wait & Son's edition of State Papers, 12 v. 8vo; 25 copies. 

13 Watterston & Van Zandt's Statistical Views, 4to; 25 copies. 








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