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Full text of "Catalogue of the Library of the Tōkyō Teikoku-Daigaku: (Imperial University of Tōkyō)."

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In presenting this Ciitalogue to the public, ii few words are needed by way 
of introduction. This subject, or, more appropriately, alphabetico-classified 
catalogue has originally been prepared to accompany the Author Cattdogue 
of the Ijibrary of the Teikoku Daigaku, published in 2551 (1891), and to 
afford a help for finding books by subjects, a more thorough and complete 
subject catalogue being expected for future. But, during the time of prepju'a- 
tion, a good many new books have been added to the Library from ye^ir to 
year, especially towards the end of 2553, Avhen the compilation had been 
nearly completed. Thus, it was felt necessary to extend the field of the work a 
step further, and to have all these new books embraced in the same aitalogue, 
on the same plan, of course, with all possible brevity. 

The result is the present volume, (Catalogue, Part I.), which comprises all 
Europeiin books contained in the Library up to the end of 2553 (1893) — 
except those relating to Law, Economics, and rolitiail and Social Science, the 
catalogue of which is to be specially prepared and published before long, as 
Part II. 

The arrangement of the present catalogue is throughout alphabetiail as in 
a dictionary cjitalogue. But, just as in a classified or systematic catalogue, 
smaller subjects are generally grouped with other related subjects, under 
general headings. Thus the plan would combine the facility of quickly 
finding all those things which most people want to find with the opportunity 
for a bird's eye view of certiiin branches of knowledge, separate parts of which 
are not so likely to be independently inquired for, or are most commonly 
thought of in connection with the class. The main headings are, therefore, by 


no means^ of equal extent or importance as to the ground they cover, some 
being general or more comprehensive and others special or less comprehensive. 

Under many of the general subjects will be found, first, general and 
miscellaneous tuorhs, then, Biography^ Dictionaries^ History^ Periodicals and 
Society publications ^ etc., and, lastly. Special tvorks which are either arranged in 
a single alphabet of the sub-headings or grouped in several different alphabets 
accordinji: to their nature. 

Mauch, Meiji XXIX. 

(Imperial University Library.) 


To find what the Lihrnry contains on a certain subject ; 

The name of the general suhjecfj to which the (fiven mhject helongs^ shmdd he 
looked for precise!)' as a word is sought in a dictionary. 

If the inquirer is doubtful under what head a sjx^cial subject has been 
classified, or, if he does not find the desired information under the word looked 
for, he will go to the name of the giren siihject in the catalogue, which either refers 
to the place where the subject in question is to be found, or indicates that it is 
treated indejiendently. 

For names of persons, see liiooRAPHY and the group JHography under 
various subjects, in which they are respectively noted. 

For names of countries, see Geography and geographical divisions under 
various subjects. 


It will be observed that the heavy type is used for the main headings. 
P>ut, in references, the main headings are distinguished by small capitals 
and sub-headings under them by the ordinary type (small pica). 


OF- a^IIK 



Abortion. See Gtnj5cologt. 
Academies. See Education— Universi- 
ties. Aho Learned Societies. 
Accidents, Mining. See Mining. 
— , RAiiiWAT. See Railway. 
Acetates. See Technology. 

Kichardson, T. & Watts, H. Acids. 
See also Chemistry — Technology. 
Also tlie nnnie of the Acid. 

Airy, G. B. Sound 

Ball, K. Wonders in acoustics. 2. ed. 

Donkin, W. F. Acoustics 

Eliiss, A. Uber erzwungeno membran- 

sch wingun<?en 

Klein, H. Akustik 

Koch, 4. J. Tonlehre 

Lees, W. Acoustics, light, and heat ... 

Mach. E. & Sonmier, J.* Uber die fort- 

pflanzungsgeschwindififkeit von ex- 


Maver, A. M. Phenomena of sound ... 

Melde, F. Akustik 

Kadau , R. Wonders of acoustics 

Sseltzer, A. Acoustics 

Seebeck, A. Interferenz des schalles in 


Stone, W. H. Sound 

Strutt. J. W. Sound 

Tyndall, J. Lo son 

• Sound 

See aho Music. 
Acoustics, in architecture. See Anr'Hr- 


W 174 
W 175 

W 427 
W 292 
W 306 
W 124 









W 428 







W 440 

Actionometry. See Astronomy, sun. 
Adventures. See Fictions— Travels ;ind 


Mangin, A. Xavigation aerienne W 439 

Mansfield, C. B. Aerial navigntion. 

Marion, F. Balloon ascents W 130 

See aho Pneumatics. 

Bahusen, J. Beitriige znr charaktero- 

logie V 682 

Bnsse, L. Lectures on wsthetics V 1036 

Carriere, M. Aesthetik V 657 

Cohen, H. Ktints begrfindung der aes- 
thetik V 817 

Cousin, V. Du vrai, du beau & du bion. 

26. ed V1040 

Fechner, G. Vorschule der aesthetik ... V 604 
Gayette-Qeorgens, M. v. Geist des 

schonen in kunst T 67 

Gayley, C. M. & Scott, F. X. Guide 

to the literature of aesthetics P1212 

Hartmann, E. v. Aesthetik. 2. ausg... V 650 
JCant,'L Begriindung der aesthetik. Von 

If . Cohen V 817 

Kbstlin, K. Aesthetik V 1020 

Iiemcke, C. Popultire aesthetik. 5. aufl. I 70 
Lotze, H. Geschichte dor uesthetikjn 

Deutschland V 671 

Grundzilge der aesthetik V 537 

Outlines of aesthetics. Tr. 

& ed. by G. T. Ladd V 505 

Rosenkranz, K. Aesthetik des htiss- 

lichen V 1001 

Ruskin, J. True and l^eautiful ,....., P 37? 


Seh.'isler, M. Kritiscbe gescbichte der 

aeathetik V 8S0 

Scliiller. J. C. F. v. Briefe Qber die as- 

thetischcerziehung des monschen... F 141 

Rrhlegel, F. V. Aesthetic P 332 

Scott, F. X. Guide to the littTature of 

aesthetics P 1212 

'iVilmdorff, K. F. E. Acsthetik odor 
lehre von der Weltanschauung und 

kunst Y C89 

Yiechor, F. T. Aesthetik otler wissen* 

schaft des FchAnen Y C19 

Zeising, A. Aesthetische forschungen. Y !(X)4 

Ziminermann. R. Aesthetik Y 1010 

Geschichte der aesthetik Y 070 

Sff aUo FrNE arts. 

Ajjricultnre francjaise jSI C8 

Allen. R. L. Farm Ixwk M 94 

liarrau, T. H. Simples notions snr 

ragricnlture M 00 

RirulMvum, E. k K. Torf-i ml n strip M 73 

Ilodenkul tu r des deu tschen roichs X 5 tr» 

Rnrn, R. 0. Modern farming M 29 

<''nird, J. Prairie farming M 2 

Donaldson. J. Clay lands and loamy 

soils M 90 

FoKca, ISr. Uel>er die landwirthschaft- 
liohcii verhaeltnisse Japan's und die 

kolonisation Hokkaido's' M 100 

FiKohep, F. Die monschlichen abfall- 

Tlilgard, E. \Y. Alkali Innds, irrigation 

and dniinage M 110 

Hop cnltnre M 93 

Japan. Tm))erial geological office. Agri- 
cultural pro<luction of the Jai>ane8e 
Empin*. Atlas :^0*fSBafi«. 

%'«BI M 103 

Jo8s«^n, 0. F. W, Deiitschlauds grJisor 
und getreidearton. 

Jtihnson, S W. How crops grow M 38 

li:ivprgne, L. d. Agriculture et ix)pula- 

tion M 07 

Tiiobig, J. V. Xatnrgesetzedesfeldliauos. M 1 
liOudon, J. C. Agriculture. 

Morfit. O. Pure fertilizers E l7r) 

Norton. Scientific agriculture M 97 

Siininonds, P. L. 'J'ropical agriculture. M 98 

Smith, R. B. Italian irrigation H 171 

Smith, W. G. Diseases of crops. 

Tanner. First principles of agriculture. M 99 

Yille, G. Chemical mivnnrea. 


Yraye. Agriculture etproprietofonciftre. X 488 
Wagner, P. Lehrbuch der diinger-fabri- 

Wallace, R. Rural economy and agricul- 
ture of Australia and New Zealand. M 107 

Archer, T. C. Profitable i>lants. 
Bouche, C. B. & Qrothe, H. Xessel als 

textil pflanze. 
Dickson, J. H. Fibre plants of India ... D 287 
Griesebach, A. Die vegetation der erde. D 312 

Loelxi, W. Die handelspflanzen D 331 

Slumionds, P. L. Products vegetalile... D 32 L 


Caldwell, G. C, ed. Agricultural chemic- 
al analysis E 160 

Frankland, P. F. Agricultural chemical 

analysis E 29C 

Johnston, J. F. W. Agricultural chemis- 
try M 74 

Catechism of a-'ricultural 

chemistry M 71 

Chemistry of common life E 203 

The fame. 12. od E 120 

liiobig, J. V. Chemistry in its applica- 
tion to agriculture. 

Sibson, A. Agricultural chomiRtry E 9<1 

Woin, E. Agrikulturchemischo analyse. 
Dicthnan'cif Sf Encyclopneditin. 

Du Bois, L. Xou voile encyclopedie du 

cultivateur M TiO 

Ijoudon, J. C. Encyclopae<lia of agri- 
culture M 26 

Euyhirerivfl and Implement a. 
Andrews, G. H. Agriculturjil enginoor- 

ing H 109 

nnn\n<l-Clayo, A. Hydrauliquo agricole 

et genie rurjil. 
Soott, J. Bam implements H 319 

Farm engineering H 377 

Field implements H 318 

Thomas, J. J. Farm implements. 

PfriodicaJs ^' Society puhlicationt, 

A n n:i 1 i di ao^icol t u ra. 

California stat«3 agricultural society. 

Transactions Z 336 

Canula. Department of agriculture. Ex- 
perimental farms. Reports. 

Statistical year-lx)ok of 

Canadii Z 235 

Essex agricultural society. Trans- 
actions Z 353 


Indizu Department of a^cultnre. An- 
nual report. 

^Kanachasetts. Board of agriculture. 

Annual report of the secretary. Z 311 

Montaonris, Obsenratoire de. Annuaire : 

agriculture Z 393 

Xehiuska, Unirersity of. Agricultural 
exx>eriment station. Annual report. 

Ohio agricaltnral and mechanical col- 
lege. Annual report. 

Pennsylvania state agricultural sociofy. 

Report Y 165 

Sapporo agricultural college. Annual 

IT. S. Department of ngricnlture. Re- 

IT. S. Patent Office. Report of tlie com- 
missioner. (Agriculture.) 


Bos, J. R. Tierische schadlinge und 
nQtzlinge far ackerbau, yiehzucht, 
wald- und gartenbau. 

Siminonds, P. L. Animal proilucta. 

American apicultnrist Z 323 

Cook, A. J. Apiary M 17 

liangstroth, L. L, Hive and honey-bee. M 100 

T>omfMtic Animal*. 
Adler, H. Centralviehmarkt zu St. 

Barauski, A. Anleitung zur vieh- und 

fleischshau. 3. aufl. 
B<mnet, R. Grundriss der entwickel- 

ungsgcschichte der haussaugethiere. 
Oeoffroy fckiint-Hilaire, I. Acclimation 

et domestication des animaux utiles. M 19 
Hanlmer, G. C. Gesundheitspilege der 

haussiingethiere Q SOS 

Helm, Y. Knlturpflanzen und haus- 

thiore M 7S 

Tiankester, E. Uses of animals. 

Settegast. H. Die thierzucht M 81 

Weckherlin, A. de. Traite des b^tes 

]x)vines D 383 

Curtis, J. Farm insects. 

Harris, T. W. In j urious insects D 1 49 

Missouri. Noxious, beneficial aad other 

insects Z 371 

Onnerod, E. A. A manual of injurious 

insects with methods of prevention 

and remedy. 



Packard, A. S., Jr. Injurious and fjene- 

ficial insects Z 398 

■ Insects in juriou s and l)eneficial . 
Trimble, T. P. Insect enemies D 182 

DOrigen, B. Die geflfigelzucht nach 
ihrem jetzigen rationellen stand- 

Jacques, 0. Paulailler M 57 

Sec aftfo Drainage. 

Hartly, W. X. Air W 18S 

Ferrel, W. Atmosphere K 61 

Mott, H. A. Air we breathe A 50 

Priestley, J. Experiments and observa- 
tions on different kinds of air. 
Wanklyn, J. A. & Cooper. W. J. Air- 
See aho Aeroneutics-Pnkumattos. 
Air-pump. See Pneumatics. 

Bertholot, M. Les originos do ralchlinie. 

Duplais, P. Alcoholic h'quors E 100 

■ Distillation des alcohols E 53 

Harbour, H. Strong reasons against 
strong drink, or, alcohol, its history 

and nature Q 1380 

Hehner, O. Alcohol tables E 4)3 

Paget, J., c^r. Alcohol question E £02 

Prescott. A. B. Alcoholic liquors E 170 

Richardson, B. W. Researches on al- 
cohol Q 62 

Sohftnlierg, A. Spiritns- und presshefe- 

fabrikation E 2A8 

Tafel zur ermittelung dos alkohol- 
gehaltes mischungeu. 
See aho DiSTi ligation —Materia 
MEDIC A, alcohol. Aho Trmperanor. 

AV>el, N. IF. & Galois, E. Abhandlungen 
fiber die algebraische aufl^sung der 
gleichungen. Deutsoh liernusg. von 
H. Maser. 

Bertrand, J. Traite d'-ilgftbro B 320 

Bos, etc. [Algcbre]. {In Bos, etc. Me- 
mento. Pt. Sei) F 129 

Bourdon. Elements d*algebre B 50 

Briot, C. Le<;ons d'algobre B 182 

Burnside, W. S. Equations. 

' Thettnme. 2. e<l B 373 

Cauchy, A. Tj. Algebraische analysis. 
Deutsch herausg, vonC. Itzigsohn. 


■■ ■ ■ . I 1 fci ■ I I I 111 

Schrisler, M. Kritische ^eschichte der 

aesthetik V 880 

Sc>)iller, J. C. F. v. Briefe Qber die as- 

thotischcerziehungdes monschen... F HI 

Soblegel. F. V. Aesthetic P 332 

Scott, F. N. Quide to the litt»ratiire of 

aesthetics P 1212 

Tr.ihndorff, K. F. E. Aesthetik odor 
lehre von dor Weltanschauung und 

kunst V C8D 

Vischer, F. T. Aesthetik oder wissen- 

schaft des Echnnen V CIO 

Zoising. A. Aesthetische forschungcn. V \0f)4 

Zini uiermann. R. Aesthetik V 10 1 

Geschichte der aestlietik V 070 

Sff aha Fink aets. 

Ajjricultupe frnni^aise "M 58 

Allen, R. L. Farm liook M 94 

llarran, T. H. Simples notions snr 

Tagriculture , M 00 

IJirnlmnn, E. & K. Torf-indnstrii* M 73 

"Ro<lenkultur des deutschen roichs X 5 Wi 

Burn, R. O. Modern farming M 29 

Oiird, J. Prairie farming M 2 

Donaldson. J. Clay lands and loamy 

wuls M 90 

Fopca, M. Uel)er die landwirthschaft- 
lichon verhaeltnisse Ja})fl.n*8 und die 

kolonisation Hokkaido's' M 100 

Fischer, F. Die mcnschlichen abfaJl- 

Ililgard, E. W. Alkali lands, irrigation 

and di-ainago M 110 

TTop cnlture M 93 

.In pan. Imperial geological office. Agri- 
cultural pro<luction of the Jai)ane8e 
Empire. Atlas -A*0*fSaHfiii 

%«H M 103 

JoRS<m, C. F. W. J>eutEchlands griiser 

und getreidearten. 

.T«>hn8on, S W. How crops grow M 3S 

Ti:>v«*rgne, L. d. Agriculture et jwpula- 

tion M 07 

Liiibig, J. V. Xatnrgesetze des feld))au(»s. M 1 
Tjoudon, ,T. 0. Agriculture. 

Morfit, O. Pure fertilizers E l7."» 

Xorton. Scientific agricu 1 ture M 97 

Simmonds, P. L. Tropical agriculture. M 98 

Smith, H. B. Italian irrigation H 171 

Smith, W. G. Diseases of crops. 

'J'anner. First principles of agriculture. M 99 

Ville, Q. Chemical maonres. 


Yraye. Agriculture et proprieto fonci^re. X 488 
"Wagner, P. Lehrbuch der di'inger-fabri- 

Wallace, R. Rural economy and agricul- 
ture of Australia and New Zealand. M 107 

Archer, T. C. Profitable plants. 
Bouche, C. B. & Grothe, H. Xessel als 

textil pflanze. 
Dickson, J. H. Fibre plants of Tndia ... D 287 
Qriosebach, A. Die vegetation der erde. D 312 

TiOt?be, W. Die handelspflanzen D 331 

Siumionds, P. L. Products vegetable... D 321 


Caldwell , G. C, «/. Agricultural chemic- 
al analysis E 160 

Fmnkland, P.F. Agricultural chemical 

analysis E 290 

Johnston, J. F. W. Agricultural chemis- 
try M 74 

Catechism of a-jfricultiiral 

chemistry M 71 

Chemistry of common life E 203 

The same. 12. od E 120 

Tiiobig, J. V. Chemistry in its applica- 
tion to agriculture. 

Sibson, A. Agricultural chemistry E 90 

Woin, E. Agrikulturchemischo analyse. 
Dirtionarh's Sc Kncyclopfieiliaa. 

Du Boi.s, L. Xouvelle encyclopedic du 

cultivciteur M 59 

TiOudon, ,1. C. Encyclopae<lia of agri- 
culture M 26 

Enyhicerhtff and Imptemtnta. 
Andrews, G. H. Agricultural eugincor- 

ing \\ 109 

D n rand-Claye, A . Hyd rau 1 iqu e agricole 

et genie rural. 
Scott, J. Barn implements W 319 

Farm engineering H 377 

Field implements II 318 

Thomas, J. J. Farm implements. 

Pfriodicah S^' Society puhlicathns, 

Ann:ili di aorricoltnr;!. 

Caiifiirnia state agricultural society. 

Transactions Z 336 

CanuUi. Department of agriculture. Ex- 
perimental farms. Reports. 

Statistictil year-book of 

Canada Z 235 

Essex agricultural society. 'JVans- 

actions Z 352 


India. Department of agpricalture. An- 
nual report. 

^Inasachaaetts. Board of agriculture. 

Annual report of the secretary. Z 311 

Montsoaris, Observatoire de. Annuaire : 

agriculture Z 393 

yehraska, Uniyersity of. Agricultural 
experiment station. Annual report. 

Ohio agricultural and mechanical col- 
lege. Annual report. 

Pennsylvania state agricultural society. 

Report T 165 

Sapporo agricultural college. Annual 

U. S. Department of agriculture. Re- 

U. S. Patent Office. Report of the com- 
missioner. ( A griculture. ) 


Bos, J. K. Tierische schadlinge und 
natzlinge ftir ackerbau, riehzucht, 
n'ald- und gartenljau. 

Simmonds, P. L. Animal products. 

American apicultnrist Z 323 

Cook, A. J. Apiary M 17 

Jjansstroth, L. L. Hive and honey-bee. M 100 

jyomentic AninmU. 

Adler, H. Oentralviehmarkt zu St. 

Barauski, A. Anleitung znr yieh- und 

fleischshau. 3. aufl. 
Bonnet, K. Gmndriss der entwickel- 

ungsgeschichto der hauss&ugethiere. 
(i(*offroy Saint-Hilaire, I. Acclimation 

et domestication des animaux utiles. M 19 
Haiihner, G. 0, Gesundheitspflege der 

hanssilugethiere Q 898 

Ilehn, V. Kulturpflanzen und hans- 

tliiere M 78 

Jjankester, E. Uses of animals. 

Settegast, H. Die thierzucht M 81 

Weckherlin, A. de. Traitv des b^tes 

Ijoyines D 383 

r*nrtis, J. Farm insect^s. 

Harris, T. W. Injurious insect-s P 149 

Missouri. Noxious, 1)eneficial aad other 

insects Z 371 

Onnerod. E. A. A manual of injurious 

insects with metho<ls of prevention 

and remetly. 



Packard, A. S., Jr. Injurious and l>ene- 

' Insects injurious and 1)eneficial. 
Trimble, T. P. Insect enemies D 182 

Dfirigen, B. Die geflngelzucht nach 
ihrem jetzigen rationellen stand- 

JocqueB, r. Paulailler M 57 

,S>r' nho Dratnaqr. 

Hartly, W. X. Air W 188 

Ferrel, W- Atmosphere K 61 

Mott, H. A. Air we breathe A 50 

Priestley, J. Experiments and observa* 

tions on different kinds of air. 
Wanklyn, J. A. k Cooper, W. J. Air- 
See alao Akboneutics— PNEuirATies. 
Air-pump. See Pnrumatics. 

Berthelot, M. Les origines do ralehimi«*. 

Duplais, P. Alcoholic h'cjuors E 100 

' Distillation des alcohols E 53 

Harbour, H. Strong reasons against 
strong drink, or, alcohol, its history 

and nature Q 1380 

Hehner. O. Alcohol tables E 4)3 

Paget, J., iVc. Alcohol question E £02 

Prescott. A. B. Alcoholic liquors E 17(1 

Richardson, B. W. Researches on al- 
cohol Q 62 

Schftnberg, A. Spiritus- und presshefe- 

fabrikation ,., E 2i8 

Tafel zur eruiitti»lung des alkohol- 
gelialtes mischungon. 
See aho Distillation— Matkri a 
MEDIO A, alcohol. Aho Tempkbanok. 

Al)ol, X. H. k Galois, E. Abhandlnngen 
ii})er diealgebraische aufl^sung der 
gleichungcn. Deutsch lierausg. von 
H. Maser. 

Bertram!, J. Traite d'llgMiro B 320 

Bos, etc. [Algobre]. [In Bos, etc. Mi5- 

mento. Pt. Sci ) F 129 

Bourdon. Elements d'algobre B 50 

Briot, C. Lemons dVilgobre B 182 

Burnside, W. S. Equations. 

• The»nme. 2. ed B 373 

Oauchy, A. L. Algebraische analysis. 
Deutsch herausg. von C. Itzigsohn. 


Chauiber8*8 Algebra B 7l 

■■ Exercises and problems B 70 

ChrystaJ, a. Algebra B 470 

Cirodile, P. L. Lemons d'algebre B 5i 

Colenso, J. W. Algebra B ;Z? 

Clebsch, A. Biniire algebraische formen B 3S3 

Davies, C. Elementary algebra B 78 

' Elements of algebra B 81 

• ; Xew elementary algebra B 79 

University algebra B 80 

Eysstiric & Pascal. Elements d'alg^bre. B 101 

Fourcy, L. de. Lemons d'algebre B 52 

Griffin, W.\. Algebra B 89 

Htuldon, J. Algebra. 

Hall. H. 8. & Knight, S. B. Algebra for 

biginners B 631 

•—* Higher algebr.! B 471 

Hattenlorff, K. Algebraische analysis. 
Xeue ausg. 

Einleitimg in die hfihore 

aniUysis. Xeue ausg. 

Her mite, C. Sur la thSorie des equations 
modulaires et la resolution de Ve'ina- 
tion du cinqui^me degre. 

Hirsch, M. Buchstiil^enrechnnng imd 
algebra. 14. aufl. 
■ Th^ »ame. 16. an ft. 

Jarman, J. A. Algebraic fujtors, clas- 
sified and applied B 533 

.Ton^s, C. A. & Cheyne, C. H. H. Alge- 
braical exercises. 

Jordan. M. 0. Traite des sul>stitntions 

ot des Equations algebriques. 
Klein, F. Ueb^r Riemann's theorio der 

algobraischen fnnctionen und ihn«r 

Vorlesungen ftber das ikoaietlor 

und die auflojung dor gleichungen 

vom fan f ten grade. 
Kneser, A. Irreduktibilitiit une mono- 

dromiogruppe algebraischer gleich- 
Knight, S. R. Algebra for beginners ... B 531 
Kronecker, L. Grundzuge einer arith- 

metischen theorie der algebraischen 


lioomis, E. Algebra. 

Labsen.'H. B. Analysis B 33 

Th^ same, 6. aufl. 

M-insion, P. Theorie des equations aux 
derivees partielles du premier ordre. 
Perkins, G.R. Algebnx B 63 


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See also Matebia bibdica, alkali. 
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Alloys. See Metallic alloys. 
Allotropism. See Chehistrt, allotropism. 
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Omoiuental alpbabets. 

See aho Decoration and Obna- 
MKNT— Printing. AUo Philology. 

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American Indians. See Indians, Ameri- 
can. Al»o Anthropology. 

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See alto Alkalies — Technology. 
Amnesia. See Psychology, PhyBiological. 
Amusements. See Games— Sports, d-c. 

Al$o Ethics. 
Anaesthesia. See Materia Medica and 

Therapeutics, anaestbesia. 
Analysis, Matbematical. See Alobbra — 

Analytioal chemistry. See Chemistry, 

Analytical geometry. See Geometry. 
Anatomy, Artistic. See Fine arts. 

, ComparatiYe. See Comparative 


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Zeitschrift fiir anatomie und entwickel- 

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Special workt. 
Abdominal oryant. 
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vortrRgen nach ihrem neuesten 

standpunkte « g 12/ 

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mark. 3. aufl. 
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der leitiingsbahuen iiu rtlcken- 


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nervenx Q 219 

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trag ziir auitoinio der oberflfiche des 

£(liuger, h. Zwolf vorlesungen m>er 

den 1>au der nervosen eentralorgiine. 

2. aufl .". Q126G 

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U)>or8. Ton U. Obersteiner Q 251 

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inensclieu Q 110 

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structur des gehirns Q 152 

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himhaiit Q 162 

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des centresnerveux Q 171 

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nerverx cerebrospinal. 
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das ruckenmark nnd die norven Q 175 

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ischeu nerTensystems Q 191 


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baucheingoweiJe Q 194 

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Buchungen u,l>er die menschlichen 

r ackenmarks w u rzeln. 
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menschcn Q ^ 

Bau des riickenmarks Q 205 

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mechanik der nerven und nerveu- 

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der brust und o))eren Ijanchgogend Q 107 
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menschen in ihrer lage Q 1C8 

Ear. See Ontology. 

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repiglotte diins la deglutition Q 603 

Kye. Sfe Ophthalmology. 

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XoM and Mouth. 

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S pi mil card. See Brahi and Xervoug ttygtem. 
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menschen. Q 93 

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lichen korpers Q 96 

See al*o Comparative Anatomy — 


Anatomy, Microscopic. See Histoi.k>ot. 
— — , Pathological. See PATHOLoaT. 

, Surgical. See Surokrt, anatouiy. 

Ancestry. See Heraldry and Genxa- 
LooY. Also BiOLoaY, evolution. 


Anilino. S^c Dtefno. I 

Animal ohemistry. 5<?<' Zooloqt, 
cliemistry. AUo Physiology, 


Animal electricity. Site Electricity, I 


Animal heat. See Physiology. 

Animal magnetism. See Mbsmerisu. j 

Also Psychology, Physiological. i 

Animal mechanism. See Comparative 

Animals. See Zoology. Aho Com- 

parative anatomy— Embryology- 
Biology— Sports, Si'c. 

Animals, Intelligence of. See Psycho- 
logy, Comparative. 

Anthracene. See Dyking. 
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■ Bulletin Z 320 


!---■- •- ■ ■ 1 I ■ ■ 

Berliner gessllschaft fiir anthropologic, 
ethnologie und urgeschiclitc. Yer- 

Canadian antiquarian, and numiijuiatic 
journal Z 

Deutsche gesollschiift fur anthropoloj^e, 
ethnologie und urgeschiehte. Cor- 
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ricardie, Sociute des autiquaires de 
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Meuioires Z 

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deutsche littenitur Z 

See alito Catacomb— Civilization— 
FoLK-lore — Indians, American — 
Man — MTTHOLoar. Aino Geo- 
wRAPHY — History — Lanuuauu — 
Luabnkd Societies, ^^'c. 


Uehuie, J. Die fabriciition der wichtig- 
sten antiuion-priiparate. 

Antipyretics. See Materia medic a and 
Th k rape d ti cs, antipyretics. 

Antiquities. See Anthropolouy and 
ABCHAKOLoaY— Folk-lobe— History, 
ancient - Greek - Rome — Numismat- 
ics — Pottery, etc 

Antiseptics. See Materia Medioa, anti- 
sop tics — Surgery. 

Ants. See Zoology, insects. 
Apes. See Zoology, mammalia. 
Aphorisms. See Maxims. 
Apiculture. See Agriculture, zoology. 
Apothecary. See Materia Medica— 

Applied chemistry. See Technology. 
Apprenticeship. See Education, tech- 
nical— Industrial ARTS. 


Aqueducts. See Hydraulic Engineering, 
canals — Sanitary Engineering, 

Archaeology See Anthropology. 
337 ! Archery. /S'«<j Sports. 

Arches. See Engineering, arches. 
140 Abney, W. d. W. & Darwin, L. Xotes 

i on the chemistry of building materi- 

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< architettura e di Omato. 





Cauipin. F. Mathematics as applied to 

Conbtruction B 229 

t'autalupi, A. Lo costruzioni runUi. 

• Institnzioui pratiche siiUarte 

(li costruire le fabbriche cirile. 

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di Mihuio. 

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theatres modemes. 
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American architecture. 

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■ Gothic stonework, 
ihivy, C. Architectural precedents. 
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~— Foundiitions and concrete 

works H 105 

l>oiJiestic architecture. 

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• . Hints to persons about building 

in the country. 3. amer. ed. 

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and art manufactures. 
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dillc fabbriche classicho. 
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revival A Gi 

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in architecture. 
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• Model houses for the industrial 

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George, Karl of A berdceii. G reclau arcbi- 

tecture A 25 

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Gould, L. D. The Ciirpentor's and build- 
er's assistant and woodworker's 

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houses of England. 

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Stile Gotico. 

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and elevations for public and private 
buildings. Pub. by W. Kent with 
some add. design. 

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■ A small country house. 2. cd. 

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builders* pocket-book. 

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Lavori e progetti di volenti architetti 
uioderni italiani. 

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77. ed. 

Price book for architects. 

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d* architecture. 

liock wood's builder's and contractor's 

price-book A 59 

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wohnungen. Mit atla& 




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Rudimentary architecture. Leeds, TV. 
H. Orders and their aesthetic princi- 
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ture A 34 

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building trades. 

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Italia storia e critica. 

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other buildings. 

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■ Constructive architecture. 
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— — ^ Gothic architecture. 

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fur landliche zwecke. 
Le Tombe ed i monumenti illustri d' 


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architettura civile. 2. ed. 
■ Traite ^lementaire pratique 

d* architecture A 13 

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r architecture. 
• Habitations modemes. 

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in legno. 
Mella, C. E. Elementi di architettura 


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Mit tafeln. 

Theoretisch-practisches com- 

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Notes on building construction A 11 

Xouvelle maisons du campagne, Paris et 

ses environs. 
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Oppert, F. Hospitals, infirmaries, and 

Oreste, A. E. Raccolta dei disegni dell' 

architetto Luigi Voghera. 
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et ameublement d* epoque Louis 

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in earthquake countiy. 
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environs de Paris. 

■ Petits modeles d* architecture. 

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style. I 

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d* architecture. 
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the hindiis A 71 

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Recueil de maisons de ville et de cam- 

Reynaud, L. Traite d' architecture. 
Richardson, T. A. Architectural model- 
ing A 28 

Rickmann, T. Styles of architecture. 
Robson, G. Domestic building. 


■ How to build a house. 

— — Lectures on architecture A 67 

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Vitry, U. Vignole de poche ou memorial 

des artistes A 1 

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pocket companion. 
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Wij^htwick, G. Hint« to young archi- 
tects A 30 

Palace of architecture. 

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AVblfflin, H. Renaissance und barock. 
Wooden and brick buildings with details. 
Woclward, G. E. & Thompson, E. G. 

National architect. 

Wrought iron and steel. 

Yonng, J. Series of designs for shop 

Young, W. Ariihitectural designs. 

Architectural publication society.. Dic- 
tionary of architecture. 

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tecture A 19 

Glossary of terms used in architecture. 

wilt, J. Encyclopaedia of architecture. A 4-0 

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TioUet-le-Duc, E. E. Dictionniiire 

raissnne de V arcliitecturc. 

WtMvle, J. Dictionary of terms used in 

architecture, ]:)uilding, Sfc. 6. o<l ... A 39 , 

— ^— The name. G. ed. j 


BlMer-atlas zur geschichte dor bankunst I 

zum gebrauch far ban und gewer- 
beschulen. 3. anfl A 77 

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XIX® si^cle. 3. ser. Decorations 
interieures peintes. 

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tecture et de sculpture d* omement. 
Vol. I. II. 

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History of eastern architecture. A 32 

• History of the modern styles of 

architecture A 32 

— - The mnif. 3. ed A 83 


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tectural sketches. 

Gailhabaud, J. L* architecture du V® 
au XVII® si^cle et les arts qui en 
dependent la sculpture, la peinture 
mnrale, la peinture sur verre. La 
mosnique, la ferronnerie, ^'c, 

Gnrlitt, C. Geschichte des Imrockstiles 
des rococo und des klassicismus in 
Belgien, Holland, Frankreich, Eng- 
land ..; A 80 

Geschichte des barockstiles und 

des rococo in Deutschland A 81 

. Geschichte des barockstiles in 

Italien A 79 

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von den altesten zeit^n bis zur gegen- 
wart. 6. aufl A 78 

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et maisons de France du XV® au 
XVIIP 8ie«la. 

Viollet-lo-Duc, E. E. Histoire de 

r habitation. 

Periodicah and Society puhlicationi. 
American architect and building news. Y 530 

Architect Y 529 

Building news Y 527 

Revue generale de V architecture. 
Koynl institute of British architects. 

• Transactions. 

Zoitschrift far bauwesen. 

See aho Brtdgrs and Roofs —Cements 
— Chimneys — Decoration and 
Ornament •— Enginerrtno, arches 
— Finearts-—Hygirnk— Plumbing 
—Stone —Ventilation and heat- 
ing, £{c. 

Architecture, School. 

Barnard , H. School architect u re A 8 

Blankenstein, H. Neubauten der doro- 

theenstiidtischen realschule. 
Hintriiger, C. Der bau und die innere 

einrichtung von schulgebtiuden A 71 

.Tohonnot, J. Country school-houses ... A HO 
• School houses architectural do- 
signs A 18 

Klette, R. Der bau der schulgebaude ... F 76 
Xarjoux, F. Architecture communale. 
3. scr. A^<2hitecture scolaire. 




Robins, E. C. Technical school and col- 
lege building. 

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Zweg, W. Das schulhaus und dessen 

innere einrichtung F 108 


I^eist, F. Die urkunde, ihro behandlung 
tiud bearbeitung fi'ir o<lition und 

Pfsinnenschwid, H. Uel^er ordnung ' 

und inventarisirung der geuieinde- 
archive. ' 

Richou, G. Trait/* th^oriquo et pratique 
des archives inibliqnos. 

Arman, A. Steppingstone to arithmetic. 
With key. 

liohuie, A. Rechenfil)el. 

Uelm ngsTmch in recbnen B 28 

Hop, etc. [Arithmetique]. (In Bos, etc. 

Moinento. Pt. sci.) F 120 

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Trait 6 d' arithmetique com- 

merciale , B 4.'* 

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• Lemons nouvelles d'arithmo- 


Brooksmith, J. & E. J. Arithmetic for 

beginners B 50C 

Bryant, H. B. & Stratton, H. D. Com- 
mercial arithmetic B 210 

C'haml^ers'fl arithmetic B 219 

rirodde, V. L. Tje^ons d' arithmetique. B 53 

CoXy H. Arithmetic. 

Davies, 0. First lessons in arithmetic. 

Grammar of arithmetic B 71- 

■ • Intellectual arithmetic B 73 

Practical arithmetic B 7^1 

• Primary arithmetic B 72 

• University arithmetic B 77 

' Written arithmetic B 7.'» 

I>ip8t43rweg, F. A. W. & Heuser, P. 

I*rak tisches rechenbuch B 20 

Praktisches rechenbuch fiir ele- 

mentar- und hohere bi'lrgerschulen. B 25 

Diophontus von Alexandria. Die arith- 
metik und die schrift illx^r poly- 
gonalzahlen. Ulx^rs. von G. 


Eysseric & Gautier, J.-B. Traitt' d' 

arithnit'tiqne theorique et pratique. B 48 

Felter, S. A. Arithmetic B 04 

■ Arithmetical analysis , B 01 


■ Xew practical arithmetic B 250 

• — Xumbers B GO 

— Practical arithmetic B 03 

• Written arithmetic B 62 

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Gauss, C. F. Untersnchungen ilber 
hohere arithmetik.' Deutsch herausg. 
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buch B 30 

Rechenbuch B 31 

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. Tlufsmne. 2. aufl B 307 

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kaufmannischen rechnen B 31^ 

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thode zur l)estimmung von grftssten 
und kleinsten werthen nebst vielen 
lleis, E. Sammlung von ]3<n8pielen und 
aufgal)en aus der allgemeinen 

arithmetic und algebra B 320 

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ungen Ul)er discriminant'en nnd 
ihre n-usserwesentlichen theiler. 
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rechnen B 27 

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schools B 5.'H 

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tions B 532 

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merciale B 43 

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tischen rechnen. 5. umgearl>eitete 
und erweitertc aiifl. von F. Mertens. 

• Ausgaben zum praktischen 

rechnen. 12. anfl. von F. Mertens. B 509 

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buch , , B 40-^ 


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lAflungen zuni Diest^rweg-Henser" 

echen rechonbuche Tt 35 

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• A ebilliug \jo6k of arithmetic 

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Kopfrechnen B 333 

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tion B 88 

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mi'tinuo B 47 

Millers' mcrohfints' and farmers* ready 

Mnnn, T). Theory of arithmetic, 

richot, J. KU'inents d* arithmetique ... B 49 

rieibol, A. 1j. Elemontar-arithraetik ... B 359 

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metic B 58 

• Practical arithmetic B 59 

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buch B 410 

IXitt, G. Xouvelle arithmetique dos 

ocoles primaires B 42 

lioliinson, H. X. Higher arithmetic ... B 84 

• Intellechial arithmetic B 215 

• Men hil and written arithmetic. B 210 

• Procticiil arithmetic B 83 

■ Primary arithmetic B 51 

■ Rudiments of writt-en arithmetic. B 82 

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Pr.vctical arithmetic B 68 

■ • Rudiments of arithmetic B GG 

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15 ARMS 

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arithmetik in historischer ent- 

Avickelung vom ausgange des mittel- 

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Young, J. E. Rudimentary treatise on 

arithmetic. With Kev. 
See aho Mathbsiatics — Mensuration. 
Armies. See Military science — Mili- 

Arms. .SVfi Heraldry. 
Arms, Technology of. 

Emy, C. J. Oours do sciences physiques 

et cliimiques, apx>liqu6e8 aux .arts 

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Precedes de fabrications dans les forg«»s. 
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1855 t\ 1880. 
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two pounder of thirty-two cwt S 33 

■ Shells and shell guns. 

Kscudier. Installation da poiiitage 

int^jrieur a bord des na vires cuirasfu's. 
Orosse artillerie la de marine et les 

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Etudes sur 1' etablissement des 

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Xordenfelt machine guns deaoribed in 
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aiir Jea projectiles. 

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Helie. P. M^moire aur la probabilite du 
tir dea projectilea. 

ITim, G. A. Recherchea exp^rimenta.lea 
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■■ Recherchea exp^rimentalea sur 
la relation qui exiato entre la 
resistance de Y air et sa temperature, 

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g^n^rale du mouvement des projec- 

Manuel de la mitrailleuse Xordenfelt >^ 
trois canon^, 




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■ De la resistance dea milieux au 

projectiles spheriques. 

Troloff. Recherches sur la penetration 
des projectiles. 

St'c also Military enginekbino — 


Arsenal. See Arms, Technology of. 
Arsenic as a medioine. See Materia 
MEDICA, arsenic. 

Arteries. See Anatomy, arteries. 

Artillery. See Military science— Arms, 
Teclinology of. 

Artists' lives. See Pine arts, biography. 


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mechanical— Tec HNOLOQT. 

Arts, Chemical See Technoloqt. 

— , Fine. See Fine arts. 

— , Mechanical. See Industbical arts, 


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■ ■ -■■- ■■■ ■■ ■■■■■■■ II -. — ■-■ ■- ■— ■■■ 

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Our place among infinities B 198 

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The mme. 

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See Science, Biorfraphy. 


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See also under Special works. 




Periodicals and Society publications. 

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Astronomical register. 


Astronomiscbe gesellschaft. Tiertel- 

Astronomische nachricbten. 

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aus dem gebiete der astronomic Z 


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Special iror/r«. 

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, Lunal, 

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• , Solar. 




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Reports of total eclipse of the sun. 

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^— Tafeln zur berechnung der 
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1,1889; a report of the observations 
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from 1831 to 1851. 


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Ivna perlvstrat. 

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nebula of orion. 




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circumpolar stars. 

Circumpolar charts. 

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r epoque de 1790.0 des etoiles circom- 
polaires, dont les observations out 
ete publiees par J^rdme Lalande. 

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doubles et multiples en mouvement 
relatif certain. 

■ Les etoiles et les curiosit-^s du 

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— Ten-year catalogue of 4059 stars 
for 1880. 


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Equatorial fundamental-stars. 

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• Handbook of the stars B 252 

New star atlas B 187 

— Star atLis for students and 

observers B 271 

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- Second catalogue containin*^ 
2386 stars. 

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Rilmker, C. Mittlere oerter von 12000 

fix-sternen, fur den anfang von 1 135, 

abgeleitet aus den l)eobachtungcn 

auf der Bamberger sternwarte. 
Sc}>j(^llerup, H. C. T. C. Stjerneforteg- 

nelse indeholdende 10000 positioner 

of teleskopiske fixstjerner imellem- 

l5og+ 15 graders deklination. 
Reochi, Le P. A. Etoiles. 
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et multiplicium monsurae micro- 


Stellarum fixarum iuiprimis 

duplicium duplicium et multipli- 
cium positionos uiediae. 

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for reducing transit-observations... B 31-1. 

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stars observed at the U. S. naval 
observatory during the years 1845 
to 1877. 3. ed. 

' Zones of stars observed at the 

TT. S. n. o. with the meridian circle 
in the years 1847,48, and 49. 

• The same, with the meridian 
transit instrument in the years 
1816.47,48, and 49. 

Zones of stars observed at the U. 

S. n. o., with the mural circle in the 
years 1846,47,48, and 49. 



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Sun. See aho Heat. 

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. See also Chbonolooy — Cobmogbafht 
— Geodesy — Geavitation — 
Leabned societies— Longitude — 
Meteors — Science — Spectro- 
SCOPB, <S*c. 

Asylums. See Pbtchiatbt, hospitals. 

Atheism. See Religion and Philosophy. 

Atmosphere. See Air — METEOBOLour — 
Physical geography. 

Atomic theory. See Chemistry. 

Auscultation. See Medicine, diagnosis. 

Australian aborigines^ See Anthro- 


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See also BiBLroGBAPHY— Literature, 



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Tlie same. 3. aufl. 

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ung des wassers. 
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und ihre beziehungen zu den gat- 
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■ Methoden der bakterion-foi-sch- 


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Tlie same. 3. aufl Q1116 

■ TJw same. 4. aufl. 

' Tlie same. 5. aufl Q 1209 

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potables Q 1370 

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and moulds. 




Centralblatt fur baktcriologie und 
parasiteo kuude. 
See aUo Medicine, germ theory— 
Water— Zoology. 

Ballads. See Poetry. 

Ballistios. See Arms, Toclinology of. AUo 

Military science, ordnance. 
Balloon. See Aeronautics. 
Balneology. See Materia hedica, 

Balneotherapy. See Materia medica, 


Koutledge, T. Bamboo. 
Bandaging. Sec Suroery. 

Hubbard, H. P. Bank directories. 
Barometer. See Pneumatics. 
Baronage. See Heraldry. 

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seebiider. 2. aufl. 
See aho Materia medica, bathing. 
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Beaver. See Zoology, mammalia. 

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the brewer, distiller, and wine 

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Theory and practice of the 

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W. T. Brannt. 

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250 I 

See aho Fermentation. 
Bees. See Agriculture, zoology— Zoology, 

Beetles. See Zoology, insects. 

Allsop., F. 0. Practical electric bell 

Bsidt, F. B. Bell hangers* hand-book. 
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bells M 31p 

Belting. See Mechanical engineering, 

Benevolent societies. See Charitable 


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See also Libraries—Literatdkk. 
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Fifty famous women 355 

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By Countries. 
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• Catalogue of books in english 

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— Katalog der deutschen bucher. 

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Verzeichniss der neu erschienenen uud 
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See aho Lttkratube. 


A book of worthies, gathered from the 
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Biography of Artists. See Fine abts, 

of Astronomers, s^e }<ciknce, 


of Chemists. See Scienck, bio- 

Ecclesiastical. Sir Thkolouy, 

. of Educationists. Sn- Educa- 
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of Engineers. See Ekqinbkrikq, 


of Geologists. See Science, bio- 

of Inventors. See ENoiNEERTNa, 


— — of Literary men. See Litera- 
ture, biography. 

' Military. See Military science 




171 ! 




• of Orators. See Orations, bio- 
graphy. Also Statesmen, biography. 

of Painters. See Fine Arts, bio- 

• of Philologists. See Language, 


' of Philosophers. See Philoso- 
phy, biography. 

of Physicians. See Medicine, 


Biography of Poets. See Literature, 

■ of Rulers. See IIulerb, Biogra- 
phy of. 

• of Scientic men. See Science, 


■ of Sculptors. 


of statesmen. 


of Zoolog^ists. 

Sec Sculpture, 

See Statesmen, 

S:'e Zoology, bio- 



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specting life and diseases 

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Beit rage zur biologie als festgabe dem 
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W. von-BischofF zuin f unfzigjahrigen 
uiedicinischen doktorjubiliiuui go- 
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Q 429 

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C J t* mat 18. 
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See also Algpie. 

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See also Mopses. 


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■ The ferns of southern India. 

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Untersuchungen iiber niedere 


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See also Bioi»oot, bacteria. 


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untersuohung* der gramineen und 
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Grmnineae. See Glumaceae. 
(ira»»es. See Glumaceae. 
JJ II (Iran flea. 
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geearum asiae orientalis. 
Imectiroroun j)fa}itx, 

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Me«cm hrgnnthemu m». 

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enumeration methodique des especes 

du genre rosier pour V Europe, 

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PoHf florae. 

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vitis regiones Americae borealis, 
Chinae borealis et Japoniae habit- 
at tium- 

See also Biology — Microscope nnd 
Microscopy — Natural History — 



Brain, Anatomy and physiology of. 

See Anatomy and Physiology, brain 
and nervous system. 

•, Diseases of. See Pathology, nerv- 
ous system. 


Wanklyn, J. A. & Cooper, W. J, Bread- 
analysis E 407 

Breathing. See Physiology. 

Brewing. See Beer. 

Bricklaying. See Masonry and Stone 



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tiles, terra-cotta, Si'c. 2. ed. 

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• Brick and tile making. 

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und thonwaarenfabrik, der kalk- 

und cement-industrie. 
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brennmaterialien E 280 

See aho Technology. AUo Arckiti^c- 


Bridges and Roofs. 

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• Pins used in bridges H 1)8 

• Properties of continuous bridges. 

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of metallic bridges. 

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■ Tlie same. 6. ed. 

■ The same. 7. ed. 

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bridge H 240 

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the Mississippi riyer. 
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girder bridges H 106 

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loads,efr H 190 

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chaussees B 128 

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according to the present practice on 

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General specifications for wrought iron 

highway bridges and viaducts. 

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pension bridges H 102 

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— ^ Cast and wrought iron bridges. 

Strains in girders A 3 

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bridge building in wrought iron. 
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Lentze. Die im baue begriffenen 

brucken ftber die "Weichsel bei 

Dirschau und filler die Xogat bei 

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centres H 228 

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• The Plattsmouth bridge. 

• The Rulo bridge. 


ITie Sioux city bridge. 

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mit tafeln. 
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charpente m^tallique des g^rands 

viaducs H 223 

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ment and shearing force diagrams 
introductory to determining bridge 
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Stresses in roof trusses, Sfc, 

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Revitted girders and curved 

roofs H 315 

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and roofs. 

Waddell, J. A. L. Econmy in highway 

• General specifications for 

highway bridges of iron and steel. 

. Tlie same. 2. ed. 

■ General specifications for or- 
dinary iron railroad bridges. 

• Highway bridge designing. 

• Iron highway bridges. 

Walmisley, A. T. Iron roofs 

Webb, E. B. & Balland, J. London 

Whipple, S. Bridge building H G8 

Winkler, E. Holzerne briicken. 

. Querconstructionen. 

'Jlieorie der brucken. 

Young, E. W. Methods of calculating 

strtiins H 230 


Annales des ponts et chau ssees Z 39 

See also Iron and Steel. 


Miiller, L. Bronzewaaren-fabrikation... E 263 
Buddhism. See Religion, Buddhism. 
Butter and Cheese. 

Hehner, O. & Angell, A. Butter E 404 

Sturtevant, E. L. Butter and cheese. 
Butterflies. See Zooloqt insects. 





Cabinet-making. See Carpentry nnd 


Bertrand, J. Calcul differentiel et 

calcul integral B 351 

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Cremona, L. Elemente des graphischen 

calculs B 499 

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differential and integral calculus... B H2 

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tegral calculus. 

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iaalen integraalrekening. 

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tegral calculus B 438 

Tlie same, 2. ed. 

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tegral calculus B 149 

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und integral-recbnung. Ubers. von 
A. Hamack. 

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rechnung B 415 

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ferential- und integral-recbnung... B 416 

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anfangsgriinde der differentinl- 
recbnung B 112 

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die differential- und int^ralrech- 
nung B 425 


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Johnson, W. W. Curve tracing B 443 

Dfjf'frnitinl ealcuhiB. 

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tial calculus B 245 

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5. ed B 14vS 

' The same. 6. ed. 

• The same. 7. ed. 

Tlie sanu*. 8. ed. 

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5. ed. 
■ Tlie same, 6. ed- 

The same. 7. ed. 

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Tyifferential equation. 

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. — Supplement B 2t7 

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ausg. von H. Maser. 

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differential equal ions B r>l7 

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allgemeine theorie der krummen 

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tersuchungen aus der theorie der 
differentialgleichungen B, lOG 

Lehrbuch dor theorie der dif- 
ferentialgleichungen mit einer 
unabhiingigen varial>eln. 

Lie, S. Vorlesungon ttber different- 
ialgleichungen mit bekannten 
infinitesimalen transformationen. 
Bearb. & heraupg. von G. Scheffers. 

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ferentialgleichungen erster crd- 
nung. Herausg. von H. Maser. 

Petzval, J. Integration der linearen 
diff eren tialgleichu ngen. 

Pockels, F. Uber die partielle different- 
ialgleichung Jm + A-« = \ind deren 
auftreten in der mathematischen 

Spitzer, S. Linearerdifferential-gleich- 

"Dffen ?.... B 458 

Xeue studien ueber die integra- 
tion linearer differential-gleich- 
ungen B 401 

Studien iiber die integration 

linearer differential-gleichungen ... B 456 

PijferentiaJ equation , Partial. 

Eamshaw, S. Differential equations ... B 221 
Riemann, B. Partielle differential 

gleichungen und deren anwendung 

auf physikalische fragen. 




Finite differences. Col. of. 
Boole, G. Calculus of finite differences. B 
Hermite, C. Sur 1' interpolation. 

Bobek, K. Elliptische funktionen. 
Briot, C. Theorie des fonctions abelion- 

& Bouquet Theorie des fonc- 
tions doublement pcriodiques. 
Theorie des fonctions elliptiques. B 


Cayley, A. Elliptic functions B 

Clausius, H. Die potentialfunction. 

Clebscli, A. & Gordan, P. Abel'sche 
functionen B 

Dini, U. Grundlagen fiir eiue theorie 
der functionen einer veranderlichen 
reellen grdsse. V bers. von J. Lurotli 
& A. Schepp. 

Burege, H. Theorie der funktionen ... B 

Theorie der elliptischen func- 
tionen B 

Eoneper, A. Elliptische functionen... B 





llui same. 2. auii. 

Grreenhill, A. G. Applications of ellip- 
tic functions. 

Gudermann, C. Theorie der modular- 
functionen und der modular- 
integrale. • 

Halphen, G. H. Traite des fonctions 

elliptiques et de leurs applications. B 491 

Heine, E. Kugelfunctionen, theorie 

und anwendungen. 2. aufl W 270 

Heriiiifce,C. Cours B IGO 

Klein, F. Yorlesungen uber die theorie 
der elliptischen modulfunctionen. 
Ausgearb. und vervollstand. von 
Robert Fricke. 

Koenigsberger, L. Die transformation, 
(lie multiplication und die modular- 
gleichungen der elliptischen func- 

Vorlesungen iiljer die theorie 

der elliptischen functionen B 447 

Zur geschichte der theorie der 

elliptischen transcendenten in den 

jahren 1826-29. 
Krause, M. Die transformation der 

hyperelliptischen funktionen erster 

Krazer, A. Theorie der zweifach 

unendlichen thetareihen auf grund 

der Riemann'schen thetaformel. 

Kronecker, L. Uber bilineare ferment 

mit vier variabeln B 457 

Lame, G. Le9ons sur les fonctions 

inverses des transcendantes et les 

surfaces isothermes. 
Muissel, E. Tafel der BesseVschen 

functionen, P K und I^ K von K «0 

bis K= 15.5 berechnet. 
Neumann, C. TJeber die nach kreis-, 

kugel- und cylinder-functionen fort- 

scbreitenden cntndckelungen. 
Xeumann, F. Beitriige zur theorie der 

Prym, F. Neue theorie der ultraellip- 

tiscben functionen. 2. ausg. 

Untersuchungen ueber die 

Iliemann'sche thetaformel und die 
Kiemann*sche charakteristikenthe- 

Rausenberger, O. Lehrbuch der theorie 
der periodischen functionen einer 

Sohondel, L. Die Bemoulli*schen func- 
tionen und das Taylor*sche theorem. B 307 

■ Zur theorie der functionen B 412 

Tannery, J. ITieorie des fonctions d' une 

Totlhunt4jr, J. Laplace's functions B 203 

Weber, H. Elliptische functionen und 
algebraische zahlen. 

Weiorstrass, K. Functionenlehre. 

Theorie der Aberschon func- 

Inl'mitesimal Calculus. 


Duhamel, M. Ek'uients de calcul in- 
finitesimal. 3. ed. 

Gauss, C. F. Allgemeine unt^'i-such- 
ungen tiljer die unendliche reiho, 

L2.'6.y(y + i){r + 2) 

+U. S. W. Ubers. von H. Simon. 
Giesel, F. Die entstehung des Newton- 
Leibniz* schen prioritaesstreites hin- 
sichtlich der erfindung der infin- 

Hoiiel, J. Cours de calcul infinitesimal. 
Liibsen, U. B. Infinitesimal-rechnung. 

4. aufl B 99 

The same. 5. aufl. 

Price, B. Infinitesimal ciilculus B 1 78 


Integral calculus. 

Abdank-Abakanowiez, B. Die in- 

tegraphen; die integralkurve und 
ihre onwendungen. Deutsch bearb. 
von E. Bitterli. 

Bergbohm, J. Xeue integrationsmetbo- 

den B 523 

Cox, H. Integral calculus 

Goursat, £. Le9on8 sur 1* integration 
des equations aux derivees partielles 
du premier ordre. 

Hann, J. Integral calculus. 

Hirsch, M. Intograltafeln. 

Koenigsbcrger, L. Vorlesungen ueber 
die theorie der hyperelliptischen 

Legendre, A. M. Exercices de calcul 
int^gpral sur divers ordres de trans- 
cendantes et sur les quadratures ... B 561 

Marshall, D. H. Integration. 

Meyer, G. F. Vorlesungen iiber die 
theorie der bestimuiten integrale 
zwischen rellen grenzen. 

Neumann, C. Ul^er Keiman*s theorie 
der Al^cl* schen integrale. 

Todbunter, J. Integral calculus. 4. ed. 

• Tliesame. 7. ed B 206 

Williamson, B. Integral calculus. 2. ed B 253 

. ■ Hie same. 4. e.l. 

The same. 6. ed. 


Hamilton, W. K. Elements of quater- 
nions B 146 

■ Lectu res on quaternions B 368 

Odstr6il, J. llechnen mit den (Hamil- 
ton' schen) quatemionen B 408 

Peano, G. Die grundziige des geomet- 
rischen calculus. 

Tait, P. G. Quaternions B liS 

Unverzagt, K. W. Theorie der gonio- 
metrischen und der longimetrischen 

quatemionen B 419 

Variations, Cal. of. 

CarU, L. B. Calculus of variations. 

Lindelof , L. Le*;ons de calcul des varia- 
tions. Kedigoes en collabor. avec 

Todbunter, J. Calculus of variations .. . B 151 

Wilkinson, M. M. IT. False disconti- 
nuity B 352 

Calendar. See Aluanacs— Chronology. 
Calico-printing. See Dyeino. 



Tate,W. Modem cambist X 277 

Canals. See Hydbaulics— Engineering, 


Faraday, M. A candle. 

Otto, A. Soap and candles E 122 


Odling, W. Chemical changes of carbon. E 73 

Fuchs, M. J. Die wichtigsten that- 
sachen der chemie der carbonide. 
Caricature. See Painting. 
Carpentry and Joinery. 

Bell, W. E. Carpentry. 

Ca))inet-maker3* pattern book. 

Carpenter's new guide A 41? 

Charles, R. Cabinetmaker M 49 

Emy, A. R. Tniite de 1* art de la char- 

Holly, H.W. Saw-filing II 22 

• Carpenter a handbook A 3 

Hurst, J. T. Carpentry. 

Monckton, J. H. Carpenter and joiner. 

■ Stair-builder. 

Newlands, J. Carpenter and joiner's 

Perry, J. R. Stair-building. 

Reynolds, L. E. Handrailing. 

Riddell, R. Carpenter and joiner. 

Stokes, J. Cabinet-maker M 9 

Tregold, T. Carpentry. 

' Carpentry and joinery A 37 


Cabinet maker and art furnisher. 


Macke, J. H. Carpet-dealer's guide. 

Coach-maker's hand-book. 
Master car-builders' association. Re- 
port of the annual convention Z 3G2 

Report of the proceedings of an 

adjourned meeting Z 3G1 

Carving. See Sculpture. 

Graliam, W. Brass-fouuder's manual. 
Hasluck, P. X. Pattern maker's hand- 
Larkin, J. Brass and iron founder's 

guide M 8 

Overman, F. Moulder's and founder's 

pocket guide M 10 

Rose, J. Pattern maker's assistant. 
Schlater, C. A. Hattenwerken. 


Spret8on, N. £. Casting and founding. H 175 

West, T. D. American foundry prac- 
tice. 4. ed U lOG 

■ TJie same. 5. ed. 

Wylie, C. Iron and steel foundiug. 
See also Arms, Technology of — 
iNDUSTBiAii ABTS, Mechanical — 


L'Epinois, H. d. Les catacombcs dc 

Rome. 2. ed Vu iOO 

Catalogue of Books. See Bibliogkafht. 
Catechu. See Materia uedica, catechu. 
Cattle feeding. See Agbiccltube. 
Cave men. See Anthropology. 
Cave temples of India. See Antmro- 


Caves. See Physical geography. 


Austin J. G. . Calcareous and hydraulic 

limes and cements. 
Burnell, G. B. Limes, cements, mortars. H 112 
Gillmore, Q. A. Limos, hydraulic ce- 
ments, and mortars U 62 

• Tite same. 9. ed. 

Grant, J. Strength of cement H*165 

Lehner, S. Kitte und klebemittel E 2G2 

Tinten-fabrikation E 256 

Sec also Bricks — Chalk. 

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Chances. See Probabilities. 

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Charity and Charitable institutions. 
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gemeine deutsche ausstellung auf 

dem gebiete der hygiene und des 

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child-saying institutions X 279 


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See also Medicine, hospitals— 
Psychiatrics, hospitals — Orphan 


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Chemical technology. See Technoloqy, 


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See Science, biography. 


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6 , 
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1 19— 
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With the germ. tr. 
Electrolysis, See Analysis. 

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chemische mechanik E 221 

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liiie und ihre l3edeutunj? f iir die chem- 
ische statik E 3i3 

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ique chimique. 
Xon'iwtallic elemmtn. Sep Inorganic 


Almey & Festing. On the influence of 
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—^ The Owens college course of 

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Church and state. 

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Cider. See Technology 
Cinchona. *SV^ Materia medic a & Ther- 
apeutics, cinchona. 
Circulatory system. Diseases of. See 

Patholoqt, circulatory system. 
Civil engineering. See Engineering, 


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SyntJtesia. See Analysis. 
For Special chemvitryt See the subject s. 
Chemistry, Legal. See Forensic med- 

-, Medical. See Medicine, chemistry 

— Pharmacy, chemistry. 

-, Physiological. See PhysioloAy, clie- 



Haldeman, S. S. A chess knight X 11 

Child saving institutions. See Charity 

and Charitable institutions. 
Children, Books for. See Juvenile 


, Diseases of. See Paediatrics. 

', Education of. See Education, Early. 


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chimney shafts A 70 

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Chinese classics. See Literature, Chi- 
Chiromancy. See Superstitions. 
Chivalry. See History, Europe. 
Cholera. See Pathology, cholera. 
Chromatics. See Colours— Optics. 
Chronicles. See the mimes of countries imdn' 

Chronograph. See Astronomy, instru- 
Chronology. {Including Horology.) 

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clocks & watches M 31? 

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Langdaqi:, Greek and Latin — Lit- 

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and Dbaha, Greek and Latin. 

Climates and Climatology. 

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Clinics. See Medicine, clinics. 
Clocks. See HoBOLoaY. 
Coach-making. See Carbiacie-makinq. 
Coal and coal mining. 

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• Colliery manager's catecbism. 

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2. aufl. 

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Iron and coal trades review. 
See aho Foel. 
Coal gas. See Gas. 
Coal tar. 

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— Die industrie des steinkoblen- 
tbeers und ammoniaks. 

Scbultz, G. Die cbemie des steinkoblen- 

tbeers E 439 

— The same. 2. aufl. 
See aho Distillation. 

Coal-tar*colour. See Coloubs. 
Coast defense. Sec Military science. 
Coast survey. See Geodesy. 
Coffee. See Matebia medica, coffee. 
Cog-wheels. See Mechanical enqineer- 


Coignet-biton. See Stones, Artiflcial. 
Coins. See Numismatics. 
Colleges. See Unitersities. 


Collieries. Sef Coal. 

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V aide des cercles chromatiques. 

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their applications to the arts Sc 
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See also Colours. 


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blindheit Q 1319 

-^— Tafeln zur bestimmung der 
blau -gelbblin dhei t 
See aUo Ophthalmology.— Optics. 

Colour-sense. See PsTCHOLoaT. 
Colours and Figments. 

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Tlw same. 2. ed E 428 

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— — *s fHrlier-zeitung. 



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'manufacture of colors for painting. 

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See aho Dyking— Painting, Mechan- 

cal —Technology. 

Columns. See ARCHiTECTnBE. 
Comedies. See Poetry and Drama. 
Comets. See Astronomy, comets. 


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Chicago Xa 23 

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the commercial relations Xa 43 



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moyens de transport et sea oons^- 
quenoes ^oonomiques et sociales. 

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See alto BooK-KUFiNa — Caubistbt 


Comparatiye anatomy and phy- 

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anatomic des get ass-systemes. 

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wirbelsaule bci amphibien und 

' Vergleiohende anatomie der 

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POMP. ANAT. fce. 

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alter, gesohleoht und race Q 144 

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des nervensystems des menschen 

und der wirbelthiere. Uebers. Ton 

J. A. Hein. 
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ung^eschichte des nerrcnsystems 

der sftugethiere und des menschen. 
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naturlehre des menschen und der 

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haussaugcthiere mit besonderer 

berdoksichtigung des pferdes und 

physiologischen bemerknngen. 
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und der saugethiere. 

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oiuie der wirbelthiere. 

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gleichenden phjsiologie imd his- 

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praktischen yergleichenden janat- 

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microscopical anatomy and embry> 

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' Vergleichende anatomie der 

■ The 8ame. 2. aufl Q 1362 


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parative zoology. Bulletin Z 116 

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museum an der wiener medicin- 
ischen facultat in jubilaumsjahre 
1865 Q 145 

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Archiv fttr mikroskopische anatomie. 
Journal of comparative neurology Z 299 

Vivisection or Zootomy. 
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experimente und vivisectionen Q 238 

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vivisectionen aus hunde nach 

eigenen anatomischenj und ezperi- 

mentellen untersuchungen. 
Parker, T. J. Instruction in zootomy. 

Wagner, R. v. Icones zootomicae D 264 

For the comparative anatomg of special ani- 
nulls, see aUo the names of genera or 
species under ZooLoaT. 
See also Morpholoqt — Zooloqt. 
Ck>mparative philology. See LANauAos. 



- peyohology. 


Ck>inpositioiL See Rhbtobic. 
Comstook lode. See Gsologt. 
Conchology. See Zooloot, mollusks. 

Potter. T. Concrete 

Reid, H. Concrete 

Natural and artificial concrete. 

■ Tlie same, new ed. 

See also Cehbnt — Stone, Artificial. 
ConfUoius. See Litbbatubb, Chinese. 
Conic sections. See Gbombtbt. 
Consumption. See PATHoiiOOT, lungs. 
Contageous diseases. See Pathologt, 

infectious diseases. 
Conversation books. See Language, 

conversation books. 

Egleston, 'V. Hunt and Douglass copper 


Grusonwerk, M.-6. Das Siemens'sche 

verfahren der kupfergewinnung 

direct aus den erzen. 

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Peters, E. D. Modem American 

methods of copper smelting. 4. ed. 

Piggot, A. S. Copper 

Vivian, H. H. Copper smelting. 
See also Mbtallubgt. 

Dana, J. D. Corals 

Darwin, C. Coral reefs 

Haeckel, G. Arabische korallen 

See also Zoologt, coelenterata. 

Correspondence. See Lettbbs. 

Bos, etc. [Cosmographie.] (In Bos, etc. 

Memento. Pt. Sci.). 
Guillemin, A. Elements de cosmogra- 

Faye, H. Lemons de cosmographie .i,... 

Humboldt, A. v. Cosmos 

■ Kosmos 

See also Astbonomy — Geogbapht, etc. 
Cosmology. See Cobmogbapht— Cbba- 

TiON. Also Philosophy. 

Hope, T. Costume of the ancients. 
Lacroix, P. Manners, customs, and dress 

during the middle ages 

Quincherat, J. Histoire du costume en 

France. 2. ed 

A 33 
H 113 
H 235 

U 7 

£ 95 

D 3 

D 496 
D 161 






L 3S0 

L 907 




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isohe demonstratioii. 
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raphie T 58 

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der kryBtaUisationfigeaetze. 
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krysfcaUformen T 1 

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taUinisoben scbiefergesteine. 
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lographie T 60 

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schungen in der krystallograph- 

ischen E 7 

Krystallkunde T 6 

■ Krystallographische chemie E 8 



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lographie T 64 

Vogelsung, H. Krystalliten. 

WUliams, G. H. Elements of crystallog- 
raphy. 2. ed. 

Zeitschrift filr krystallographie und 

Culture. See Civilization— Education. 

Currents, Ocean. See Physical oeoorapht. 

Currying. See Leather. 

Curves. See Calculus, Differential — ^Geo- 


, Railroad. See Railways. 

Curve-traolng. See Calculus, curve- 

Cotton, Cultivation and manufacture of. 

Bflixd, R. H. Cotton spinner. 

Geldard, J. Cotton manufacture. 

Oibbs, J. Cotton cultivation. 

Hyde, J. The science of cotton spin- 

Leigh, E. Cotton spinning. 

Hatheson, E. Cotton >jal1ing pressea 

yasmitti, J. Modem cotton spinning* 
machinery, its principles and con- 

New England cotton manufacturer's 

association. Proceedings Y 161 

Ure, A. Cotton manufacture of Great 

Britain M 3 

Watson, J. Art of spinning and thread 

Wilson, F. Cotton carder's companion. 
Coughs and Cold& See Patholooy. 

coughs and colds. 
Ck>aiiter irritation. See Materia mbdica 
and Therapeutics, counter irrita- 
Crabs. See Zoology, orustacea. 
Cranes. See Mechanical enoinberino, 


ConversatioiiB on the creation Ya 2 

EIliB,R. Chemistry of creation E 118 

Faye, H. Sur Torigine du monde. 

Kdhler, O. Weltschopsung und welt- 

Holdenhauer, £. E. T. Das weltall und 

seine entwickelnng Q 1147 

Wolf, C. Hypoth^s cosmogoniques. 
See also Biology, evolution — Geology 
—Religion and Science. 

Cretenism. See Pathology, cretenism. 
Criminology. See Psychiatrics. 
Critioisin. See Literature, biography. 

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Behrens, H. KrystaUiten T 54 

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mineialreichs T 53 

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suchungen on homologen und 
isomeren reihen. 
Egle8ton,T. Diagrams crystallography. T 10 
Fock. A. Einleitung in die chemische 

- KrystaUographisch-chemisohe 





Cofltonui and Manners. See AfrrKao- 


Cyclopaedias. See Enotoiiopjedias. 


Dairy. See Agbicultubb, zoology— But- 
TKB and Chbb8b--Milk. 

Darwinism. See Biology, evolatioxi. 
Deaf and Dumb. 

American annals of the deaf and damb. Z 821 
Gude, W. Die gesetze der physiologie 

ttnd psychologie tlber entstehung 

der artdculationsunterricht der 

taubstammen Q 1252 

Hartmann, A. Tanbetttrnmheit und 

Mygind, H. Die angeborene taubheit. 
Debating. See Elocution— Bhbtobic. 
Decoration and Ornament. {Including 
Audfiley, W. & G. Polychromatic decora- 
tion as applied to buildings in the 

mediaeval styles. 
Davidson, E. A. Housepainting, grain- 
ing, marbling, and sign-writing. 
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critique et historique de 1* ameuble- 

ment f ran^ais. 
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pour appartment modemes. 
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inent et de la decoration depuis le 

XIII« si^cle jusqu' k nos jours. 

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m5bel far alle raume des hauses. 
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• teur. 
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handbuch der omamentik. 2. aufl. I 114 
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altari, patere, tripodi, candelabri, 

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the Italian renaissance. 

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in painting. 

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modem furniture, metal work, 
tapestries, decorations, S^c, 

Viollet-Le-Duc, E. Dictionnaire rai- 
sonn^ du mobilier fran^ais. 

Williamson, E. Les meubles d' art da 
mobilier national. 
See also Alphabbts— Paimtino, Me- 
chanical. ' 

Deformity. See Sdbgbbt. 

Degrees, Measurement of. See GbodbSt. 

Deluge. See BsLiGiON and Scibnob. 

Demonology. See Supebstitions. 

Dendrology. See Fobbst and pobbstbt. 


Albrecht, E., Krankheiten der zahupulpa. Q 686 

Busch, F. Das studium der zahnheil- 
kunde an den deutschen universitat- 
en und insbesondere an der K5n. 
F.-W.-universitat zu Berlin. 
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Handbuch der zahnarztlichen heil- 
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Emuurch, F. A Kulenkampff, D. Die 

elephaatiastaachen formen Q 1294 

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■ The same, S. aufl. 
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tionen Q 762 

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Lesser, E. Haut- and geschlechtskrank- 

heiten Q 1225 

Tlietame. 3. aufl Q 1120 

-^— The tame. 4. aufl. 

> The same, 6. aufl Q 1246 

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- The tame. 4. aufl. 

'Die tame. 5. aufl. Q 1855 

fiecklinghansen, F y. Ueber die mnl- 

tiplen fibrome der haut Q 1839 

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heiten Q 780 

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(Unna, P. G. Dermatologische stu- 
dien. Hft. 2.). 


Archir f dr dermatologie und syphilis. 

MonatBchrift fiir praktische derma- 

Vierteljahrsschrift far dermatologie und 
See alto Syphilis and Ybnbbsal 


DeBoent theory . See Bioloot, origin of 

De88riptioxi& Set Gioobapht. 


Dolp^H. Determinanten B 391 

GOnther, S. Determinante theorie B 896 

Hesse, O. Determinanten B 899 

Moir, T. Theory of determinants B 871 

Scott, R.F. Determinants B 842 

DesoriptiYe geometry. See Gsomstbt. 
Dextrine. See Btabch. 
Diagnosis. See Mbdicinv, diagnosis. 
Diary. See Lbttbbs. 

DioQonariee. See Dietitmariet under tpeeial 

Difreiential equation. See CALcuLut, 

differential equation. 
])ige8tion. See Phtsiologt. 


DlgestiYe system. Diseases of. See 
Patholoqt, digestiTe system. 

Digitalis. See Matbbia udica and Thsba- 
PEUTIC8, digitalis. 

Dining. See Donsrio Bcoiroirr. 

Dioptrics. See Optics. 

Diphtheria. See Pathologt, diphtheria. 


Meiklejohn. Japan directory. 

Directories, Bank. See Bank. 

■ of newspapers. See Nswspapbbs. 

Diseases. See Pathologt and^TusBAPBU- 


Disinfectants. See Matbbia kbdica and 
Thbbapbutios, disinfectants. 

Dislocation. See GboiiOGT — Subgbbt. 


Bym, L. Practical distiller. 
McCulloch, J. Distillation, brewing 

and melting. 
Mills, E. J. Destructiye distillation. 

3. ed M 61 

- The tame. 4. ed. 
Thenius, G. Hols und seine destina- 
tions produote £ 274 

See alto Aloohols^Bbbb—Liquobb. 
Docks. See Htdbaulio bnginbbbino, 

Dog. See ZooLOGT, mammalia. 
Dolphin. See Zoology, mammalia. 
Domestic animalB. See Agbicultubb, 
zoology. Alto ZooLOGT, mammalia. 


Anderson, R. E. Gkurtronomy I 58 

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science X 87 

Breakfast, dinner, and tea M 12 

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■ First impressions P 226 

Minister's fiunily P 227 

»omerville hall P 228 

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Jeaffreson, J. C. Book about the table. P 881 

Stockton, F. B. & M. Home X 107 

Thimau, E. v. Breyier der hluidichen 

oekonomie, eine haus- und wirth- 
schaftsgabe far frauen Ton stande... M 126 
What shall we eat P M 18 



Youmans, £. L. HouBehold science M 14 

See also Coal— Decoration and Orna- 
ment— Fuel— Mbdicine, nursing — 

Domestic medicine. See Medicine, Do- 

Domestication. See Agriculture, zool- 

Drainage and Sewerage. 

AdamSi J. W. Sewers and drains. 

Corfield, W. H. Sewerage H 248 

Utilisation of sewage H 266 

Dempsey. G. D. Kudimentary treatise 

on the drainage of districts and 

lands H 107 

Kudimentary treatise on the 

drainage of towns and buildings ... H 108 

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und abfuhr. 

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tion of sewage H 218 

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Yarona, A. d. Sewer gases H 249 

Waddell, J. A. L. Railroad drainage ... H 410 

Waring, Gt. E. Dralnager for profit. 

■ Sanitary drainage. 

Drainage, Mining. See Mining. 
Drama. See Poetry and Drama. 


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Yorlagenwerk aJs Yorstufe zum f rei- 

handzeichnen. 2. aufl I 134 

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book I 95 

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zeichcn-unterricht I 157 

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dessin par demonstrations orales et 

Goodison, J. Drawing from objects I 20 

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fiir den grundlegenden unterricht 
im f reihandzeichnen. 

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unterrichts I 106 

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book I 29 

Special works. 

Architectural engineering and mechan- 
ical drawing book. 

Architectunr perspectief. 

Burges. W- Architectural drawings. 
Bum, R. S. Illustrated architectural 

drawing book A 17 

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des planzeichens H 300 

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and design I 154 


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and engineers H 36 

Engineer and machinist's drawing book. 

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Practical problems and lines working 

drawings ...' I 62 

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Geometrical and MecJianical. 
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drawing. 2. ed. 
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line H 114 

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mechanical drawing. 

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The same. 6. ed B 152 

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metrical drawing I 97 

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machine drawing and design. 
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Warren, S. E. Free-hand geometrical 

drawing I 16 

Winter, S. H. Geometrical drawing ... 1 153 



DaTidflcm, E. A. Drawinp^ for oabinet 


< Drawing for carpenters and 


— ' Drawing for stone-masons 

llahaD, D. H. Industrial drawing 

Stanley, W- F. Mathematical drawing 


■ The tanie, 5. ed 

Warren y S. £. Drafting instraments 

and operations 

Bouillon, A. Ezercices de dessin lin- 


Piindpes de dessin lineaire ... 

Davidson, E. A. Linear drawing 

Petit, 8. Dessin lineaire industriel ap- 
plique k la m^canique et a la con- 

Petits exercices de dessin lineaire. 

Schreiber, G. Das lineare zeichnen 

Afap and topographicoL 
Andre, G. G. Plane and map drawing. 
Smith, K. S. Topographical drawing ... 
Worthen, W. £. Topographical drawing. 
Pertpectire and projections. 

Binns, W. Orthographic projection 

Bum, R. 8. Drawing and perspectdve... 
Davidson, £. A. Elements of practical 


' Orthographic and isometrical 


Davies, C. Treatise on shades and 


Dennis, H. J. Second grade perspective. 
Morselli, A- Prospettlva pratica. 

Pellegrin, v. Linear perspective 

Pyne, G. Perspective for beg^ners ... 

RiesB, C. Schattierungs kunde 

Schreiber, G. Linien-perspektive 

Smith, B. S. Linear perspective 

Sopwith, T. Isometrial drawing 

Ihenot, J. P. Traite de perspective 

pratique pour dessiner d'apr^s 

nature. 5. ed. 
Ware. W. B. Modem perspective. 
Warren, 8. E. Elementary problems in 

the linear perspective 

■ Elementary projection drawing. 

- General problems in the linear 

I 92 

I 93 

I 94 

H 64 









H 290 






I 18 
I 19 

perspective I 23 


General problems of shades and 

shadows I 22 

Worthen, W. E. Perspective and 

isometrical drawing I 156 

, ed. Shadings and shadows I 87 

Droxwy. See Patholoot, dropsy. 

Goslin, S. B. How to avert droughts. 
Drugs. See Mktbbia mbdica — ^Phabmact. 

Cauchy, E. Du duel, consid^r^ dans ses 
origines et dans 1' 6tat actuel des> 

Greg, W-B- Great duel V 316 

Dyeing, (including Calico-printing). 

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besserungen wollen stuckfarberei 
seit 1877. 

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bleaching, dyeing, and cidico-prini- 

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Practical handbook of dyeing. E 91 

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Dyer and colour maker's companion E 87 

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der farbstoffe. 
Harmsen, W. Die f abrikation der theer- 

farbstoffe und ihrer rohmateriaJien. 
Hummel, J. J. Textile fabrics. 
Hurst, G. H. Silk dyeing, printing, and . 

Jocl^t, v. Well- und sdden druckerei. E 267 
Julius, P. Die kunstlichen organischen 

Eertte, A. Die anilinfarbstoffe. 
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farbwaarenlexioon. 8. aufl. 
Lauber. Handbuch des zeugdrucka 

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pretur, farberei, und bleicherei. 

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dyestuffa Tr., with add, by A. 

Collin & W. Bichardson. 

■ Orgonische farbstoffe E 402 

Noelting, E. &, Lehne, A. Anilin- 

schwarz und seine anwendung in 

farberei und zeugdruck. 
Beimann, M. Die farberei der f edem. 



Romen, C. Bleioherei, farberei and f^ 

Wulff, H. Die beizen, ihre darstellung. 

pretur der baumwoU- und linen- 

prtifung und anwendung. 


Wurtz, A. Progrki de V Industrie des 

Sansone, A* Dyeing: compriaing the 

mati^res colorantes artificielles M 60 

dyeing and bleaching of wool, silk, 


ootton, flax, hemp» china glass* &c. 

Farberei-muster-zeitung T 563 

Reiman*8 Farber-zeitung. 

priging calico bleaching, printing 

See aUo Coloubs— Indigo. Also 

and dyeing. 


Sellers, J. Colormixer 



Dynamics. See Mkchanicb. 

Ulrich, L. Dyeing cotton and wool 




Ear. See Otology. 

Darwin* G. H. On the procession of a 

Tuoous spheroid, and on the remote 

history of the earth. 

Lockyer, J. N. MoTements of the earth. 

Oeltzen, W. Algelander's zonen-beobach- 

tungen Tom 16. bis 31. g^rade stid- 

licher declination in mittlem posi- 

tionen far 1850. 

Pont^coulaut, G. d. lli^orie analytique 

du syst^me du monde B 847 

Roger, M. Is. Becherches sur le syst^me 

du monde B 485 

See also ABTRONOirr — ^Gbodsbt, Sj^c. 

, Figure of. See Gbodest. 

Earth magnetisin. See Magnetism. 
Earthquake oountries, Structure in. See 

Earthquakes. See Sbishologt. 
Earthwork. See Enoinebbino, earthwork. 
Eating. See Domestic bgonomt — Hygiene. 
Eclipse. See AsTBONOMY, eclipse. 

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Rein F 27« 

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wie kazm er dnrch die erziehung 

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' 'i'he $ame, Bearb. von K. 

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International conference on education. 
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educational P 680 

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— — Sftmmtliche werke P 807 

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wichtigkeit far die erziehung. 
2. ausg F 331 



Habit F 170 

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■ ■ The tame, Tr. from the gemian. 

London F 87 

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i^mile ; or concerning education. 

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Ontario. Annual report of schools. 

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tifiques et littt^raires F 116 

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les progrte de V instruction publique 
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kdnigreichs Prenssen seit dem jahre 
1879 Y 88 

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Great Britain. 

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exhibits from the department of 

education F 68 

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■ Outline history of Japanese 

education P 19 

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■ Short history of the department 

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Education in Japan F 31 

General outlines of education in Japan. 
Sweden and Norway, 
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dans les pays Scandinayes F 112 



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Suisse F 112 

United State$, 

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' Lectures and annual reports on 
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Annual report Xa 29 

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chigan. Annual report Xa 27 

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Uniyersity of. 

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Annual report 

History (Inc. Ancient education). 

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Xa 24 












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See alto Education, school manage- 
ment. For the elementary educa' 
tioH of variotu eountriegy nee Educa- 
tion, geographically. See aleo Jdtb- 




■, Engineering. See Education, Tech- 


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See also Gtmkastics. 

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y 367 

F 56 



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vorbildung zum h5heren lehramt ... F 368 
See also UNivRR8rnF.8. 
Kindergarten. See Elementary education. 
Manual training. See Technical education. 
Method of teaching. See School manaja^e- 

Mtisical education. 

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Naval education. See Xaval sciencr. 
Normal scliool. 

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F 224 



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See alto Rbadinq. 


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r enseignement technique en 
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Popular educator G 8 

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University education. See Univebsitiss. 
See also Deaf and Dumb — Woman. 
Also Abchitsctube, school. 
Blastioity. See Physics. 
Mectrio bell. See Bell. 
Electric lighting. 

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PeriodicaU 4" Seciety publications. 

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Electrical engineer. 

Institution of electrical engineers. 
See also Elbotbic LiGRTiNa— Elec- 


Eleotrioal railway. See Railway, 



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Electrical trades' directory and hand- 




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Electrical engineer. 

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See also Metxorologt, thunder. 

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Conductors, See Atmospheric electricity. 


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See Dbawinq, Engineering. 




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See also Education, Technical 

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Engineering Y 682 

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See also Bridges and Boors. Also 

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Canalt, See Htdbaulic enoineebino. 
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Warner, J. New theorems of earthwork. 
See also Hydbaulio enqineebing, 
EUetrical. See Ei.ectbical enginebbing. 


Girdtrs, See Bridges and Boofs. Alto 

Harhcrt, See Htdbaxjlio enginebbing, 

harbors and docks. 
Marine. See Mabinb enginbebikg. 
MechaniccU. See Mbchanioal ENGiNEBitiNG. 
Military. See MhiITABT bnginbbbing. 

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Raihcayt. See Bailwats. 

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Rudimentary papers on the art of con- 
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See also Bbidgbb and Roofs— 

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Engineering estimates, costs, and 

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■ Tlie tame. 2. ed. 
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Strength of Materials. 
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3.ed H 27 

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. The tame. 4. ed. 

■ The tame. 6. ed. 

See alto BBiDaas and Roofs, strains — 
IsoN and Stbbl. Alto the names of 
Telegraph. See Tblbobaph. 
2VuMef . See Bbidgbs and Roofs. 

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Riiha, F. Gesammte tunnelbau kunst H 209 

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See alto Bbidgbs and RooFa 
Viaductt. See Bbidqes and Roofs. 
Wallt, Betaining and tuttaining. 

Tate, J. 8. Retaining wails H 230 

Woodbury, B. P. Sustaining walls H 139 

Watencorhe. See Sanitabt bnoinebbing. 

See also Ibon & Stbbl>-Lioht houses 

— Public wobks— Railways — Sci- 



Hamerton, P. G. Etching and etchers. I 45 

KrUger, J. Zinkograyura E 265 

Landseer, T. Engravings of lions, 4*6. ... I 43 
See alto Pobtbaits. 
Enterotomy. See Subgbbt. 
Entomolgy. See Zoology, insects. 
Ephemeris. See Nayioation, almanacs 

and ephemerides. 
Epidemics. See Pathology, infectious 


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Equation, Theory of. See Algbbba. 

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See also Militat engineering, 
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-, English, See Fiction, American and 

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, Sjtfinish, 
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See also Akbthktics — Abchitectueb 
— Arts — Enqbavings — Mosic— 
Painting — Sculpture, <tc. 
Finite differences, Calculus of. See Cal- 
culus, finite differencos. 
Fire and Fire brigades. 

Shaw, £. M. Fire protection H 120 

Young, C. F. T. Fires, fire engines, d'c. H 71 
Fire engine. See Fire and Fire brigades. 
Fire "works. See Pyrotechnics. 
Fish culture and Fisheries. 

Alaska. Investigation of the furseal 
and other fisheries of Alaska. lie- 
ports from the committee of mer- 
chant marine, and fisheries of the 
house of representatives M 102 

Albatross, U. S. fish commission steamer. 
Explorations of the fishing grounds 
of Alaska, Washington territory, 
and Oregon, during 1888. 

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3.ed M 127 

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fisheries M 129 

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Massachusetts. Comuiissioners of fish- 

eries. Report Z 314 

Michigan state fisheries. Report Z 367 

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wasserfische D 267 

U. S. commission of fish and fisheries. 

Bulletin Z 14 

-Fisheries and fishery industries 

of the United States M 85 

. Report : Z 249 

See also Zoology, fishes. 

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Marshall, L. C. Practical flax spinner. 


Ure, A. [Flax manufacture]. {In his 
Philosophy of manufacture). 


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■ Floods in the River Darling ... R 54 

Sydney ol^servatory. Rain and river 

observations Z 456 

See also Hydraulic engineering — 


Florae arrangement. 

Conder, J. Flowers of Japan and the 
art of florae arrangement. 

Flowers and Floriculture. See Garden- 
ing. AUo Botany. 


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Popular antiquities L 857 

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See alto Anthropology— Mythology 
— Superstition. 


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. Foods E 456 

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See aho Hygiene—Physiology. Alto 
names offoodt. 

Forces. See Physios — Mechanics. 

Forensic medicine. 

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menschlichen kdrpers Q 1096 

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de medecine Irgalo. 
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Practisches bandbuch der 

gerichtlicheu medicin. 6. aufl Q 1098 

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und die verwandten zustande vom 
standpnukte der gcrichtlichen 

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lichen medicin. 

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2. aufl. 

TJietame. 3. aufl Q 1224 

The Mine. 4. aufl Q 1109 

Tlie same. 5. aufl Q 1300 

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Krafft-Ebin<^, li. t. ('riminalpsycbolo^e. 

Gerichtlicbe psycbopal-bolo^ie. 

2. aufl Q 903 

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judiciaire. 2. ed. 

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medicin Q 907 

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auf deui gebiete der gesundbeits- 
pflege und gericbtlicben uiedicin. 
2. aufl. 

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licbe medicin Q 1X)5 

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• Gerichts-iirztliche gutochten ... Q 909 

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fulle und abbandlungen. Stnifliare 
fabrlu^gkeit bei ausiibung der 
heilkunst vom borausgeber. 

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der gift und zur erkennung der blut- 
flecken bei gericbtlicb-cbemischen 
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Classen Q 1187 


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medicinischcr beziebnng. Herausg. 
von R. Seydeleri Autor. ausg. 

Manual of medical jurisprudence. 

• Principles and practice of med- 
ical jurisprudence. 

Wattmann, T. J. E. V. Sicberes heilver- 
fabren bei dem schnell gefiihrlicben 
Infteintritt in die yenen und dessen 
gericht sarztliche wicbtigkei t Q 800 

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Woodman, W. B. & l'y<ly» ^- ^^- Forensic 
medicine and toxicology. 


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lichen chemie einzelner organiscber 

■ Gericbtlicb-chcmiscbe ermittel- 
ung von giften in nabrungsmitteln. E 393 

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3. aufl E 12 

Tliesame. 5. aufl Q 898 

■ Tlve same. 6. aufl. 

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Sonnenschein, F. L. Gerichtlicbe chemie. 

Tlie$ame. 2. aufl Q 928 

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der staatsarzneikunde Q 1058 

Vierteljabrsscbrift fQr gerichtlicbe 
medicin und &ffentlicbes sanituts- 
wesen Z 219 

See also Anatokt and PuTsiOLoay, 
practical anatomy and post-mortem 
examination — Medicink, chemistry 
— Mesmerism— ToxicoLOGT. 

Forest and forestry. 

Brown, J. Forester. 

Cooper, E. Forest culture M 37 

Flugg, W. Woods and by-ways of New 

England M 131 

Forest conservancy in India. 
Fuller, A. S. Forest tree culturist. 

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Koch, E. Dendrologie. 




Majr, H. Aus den waldungen Japan's, 
beitrat^e zur beurtheilung der an- 
baufahigkeit und des werthes der 
japanischen holzarten im deutschen 
walde und vorschlage zur aufzucht 
darselben im forstlichen kultur- 
betriebe M 111 

Die waldungen von Nord- 


Michauz, F. A. North american sylva. 

Murray, A. Pines and firs of Japan. 

Nuttall^ T. Xorth american sylva. 

Robinson, J. Our trees D 437 

Forging. See Blackshithing. 
Fortifioation. ;S><; Military knginebbing. 
Fortress. See Military enginberino. 
Fossils. See Palaeontology. 
Foundations. See Architecture. 
Founding. See Casting. 
Foundries. See Casting. Aho Iron and 


Paton, B. C. I. Freemasonry. 
See also Friendly societies. 
Friotion. See Mechanical engnieering, 

friction. Also Mechanics. 
Friendly societies. 

Davis, H. F. A. Law and practice of 
friendly societies. 

Whito. Friendly and loan societies X 186 

See alio Secret Societies. 
Frog. See Zoology, batrachia. 
Fruits and fruit culture. 

Downing, A. J. Fruit M 25 

Phoenix, F. K. Catalogue of fruits, c^c. 

Thomas, J. J. Fruit culturist D 27 

Society publications. 
Montreal horticultural society and fruit 

grower's association of the province 

of Quebec. Report Z 373 

Ontario, Fruit growers* association of. 

Report Y 151 

See also Agriculture — Gardening 

and Floriculture. 


Clark, D. K. Fuel. 

Galloway, R. Treatise on fuel U 109 

Groves, C. E. & Thorpe, W., eds. Chem- 
ical technology. V. 1. Fuel and its 

Lew, 1. Die feuerungen mit flussigen 

breu nmaterialien. 
Paul, B. H. Liquid fuel. 
Phillips, H. J. Fuel, solid, liquid, and 

gaseous : their analysis and valuation. 
Prideauz, T. S. Economy of fuel. 

Siemens, C.W. Fuel U 45 

Williams, C. W. Fuel U l(i8 

See also Charcoal — Coal, cOc. Also 
Ventilation and Heating. 

Fulminating powders. See Explosives. 

Functions. See Calculus, functions. 

Fungi See Botany, fungi. 

Furnace, factory. See Chimneys. 

Furniture. See Decoration and Orna- 
ments. Also Domestic economy — 
Cabinet making. 


(Galvanism. See Electricity, galvanism. 

Morphy, P. Exploits and triumphs in 

Europe I 7 

■ Gauies I 8 

See also Chance — Chess — Sports, <C-c. 
Qardening and Floriculture. 

Bois, D. Les ])lantes d' appartement 
et les plantes de fendtres. 

Breck, J. New book of flowers D 465 

Bridgeman, T. Gardner's assistant D 307 

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Henderson, P. Gardening D 551 

Practical floriculture D 552 

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and ventilation of hot houses. 
Lowe, E. J. Beautiful leaved planta. 

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MuUer, H. Fertilisation of flowers. 
Phoenix, F. K. Catalogue of fruits and 

ornamental trees, Sj'c, 
Rand, E. S. Flowers for the parlor and 

Repton, H. Observations on the theory 

and practice of landscape gardening. 
Sutton & sons. Culture of vegetables and 

flowers from seeds and roots. 8. ed. 




Trees, plants and flowers P 500 

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calture et commerce. 
Wiedemann, J. Beautifying country 

Zaccone.P. Xouveau langage des fleura. X 109 

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li^rdenincr. Ed. by D. Landretb. 

PeriodiealM 4' Society publications. 
Gardeners* chronicle. 
Montreal horticultural society and fruit 

grower's association of the province 

of Quebec. Report Z 373 

Ontario, Fruit grower's association of. 

Report Y 151 

See aho Florae abbanormknt— 

FoRESTBY — Grape cdltdre (fr. 

Gas. S^i; Gases. 
Gas engines. 

Clerk, D. Gas engine. 2. ed. 

Macgregor, W. Gas engines H 403 

Robinson, W. Gas and petroleum 

SchSttler, R. Gasmascbine H 402 

Qas heating. See Gases. Aho Ventila- 
tion and Warving. 
Gas lighting. 

Peckston, T. S. Gas-lighting. 
Oases (in Aiudysin, Ajyplication, Manufacture, 
Propertiei, dtc). 

Bowditcb, W. R. Analysis of coal gas... £ 94 

Hansen, R. Gasometrische methoden... £ 376 

-^— • Tlie same. 2. aufl. 

Gasometry E 283 

■ Methodes gazomotriques £ 209 

Ci<5KJf» S- Coal-gas. 

Colyer, F. Gas-works. 

Geitel, M. Das wassergas und seino 

verwendung in der tecbnik. 
Oeppert, J. Die gasanalyse und ibre 

pbysiologiscbe anwendung. 
Orosluius, J. A . Ein neues gesetz, analog 

dem gesetz von Avogadro. 
Heuipel, W. Analyse der gase. 
Keuipel, W. Gasanalytiscbe methoden. 

2. anfl. 

Methods of gas analysis. Tr. 

from the 2. germ, ed., by L. M. 

Hughes, S. Treatise on Gas-works £ 169 

■ Gasworks and coal gas. 5. ed. H 95 

' Tfte saviCn 9. ed- 

ICotteler, £. Beobachtungen ueber die 

farbenzorstrenung der gase. 
Meyer, O. £. Die kinetische tbeorie der 


Xew))igging, T. Handbook for gas 
engineers and managers. 5. ed. 

& Pewtrell, W. T. King's treatise 

on the science and practice of the 
manufacture and distribution of 
coal gas. 
Riviere, C. Essai sur le pouToir ref roid- 

issant des gaz 

Scbaar, G. F. Die steinkohlengasbereit- 

ung. 2. aufl. 
Schilling, N. H. Handbuch far gas 

Wilson, R. Common sense for gas 

users. 2. ed. 
Winkler, C. Chemische untersucbung 

der indnstriegase 

■ Handbook of technical gas- 

Wright, A. Analysis of gaa. 
See also Gas engines — Gas liohtino 
—Plumbino. Also Pneumatics — 
Hygiene— ToxicoLoaT, ttc, 
Gtastronomy. See Douestic economy. 
Genealogy. See Herat t)by and Genea- 
Gtonito-urlnary system. Diseases of. See 

Pathology, genito-urinary system. 

Abbiidi?, A. D.' Geodesic d* Ethiopie ... 

Baeyer, J. J. Kustenvermessung und 
ihre verbindung mit der berliner 

Base du syst^me m^trique decimal 

Bessell, F. W. & Baeyer. Gradmessung 
in Ostpreussen 

Biot & Arago. Recueil d' observations 
geodesiques, astronomiques et 

Central bureau der europaischen grad- 
messung. Bericht der europaischen 

Chasles. Cours de geodt'sie 

Clarke, A. R. Geodesy 

Comstock, C. B. United States lake 

Day, M. S. Survey of Hokkaido 

Gore, J. H. Elements of geodesy. 2. ed. 

Gurden, R. L. Traverse tables 

Heussi, J. Geo4tlsie .., 

£ 344 


E 328 
£ 391 

H 271 

H 274 
B 2S3 

H 275 

B 284 

B 282 

H 282 

H 270 
H 272 

B 35C 
U 294 


Koch, L. S. F. Ploniiuetrische tri- 

anguliruDg tier feldarken B 111 

Ludlow, W. Reconnadssance from 

Carroll to the Yellowstone park ... K 82 
' Reconnaissance of the Black 

Hills of Dakota K 89 

Merrinian, M. Figure of the earth H 302 

Tables and formulae useful in surveying, 

geodesy, c^c B 306 

Todhunter, J. Mathematical theories of 

attraction B 176 

U. S. coast (and geodetic) survey. 

Methods and results ; a catalogue of 

stars B 345 

Methods and results; formulae 

and factors for the computation of 
geodetic latitudes, longitudes, and 

■ -i. LoftiSiiional oapers ; determina- 
tion of time, latitude., and azimith... B 346 

Report of the superintendent... Y 93 

U. S. office of the chief of engineers. 

Report of a reconnaissance of the 

Yukon River H 133 

Williams, J. B. Practical geodesy H 288 

See aho Longitude. 

Geognosy. See Gkoloqt. 

Andree, K. Geographie des welthandels, 

mit geschichtlichen erlauterungen. 

2. aufl., von R. Andree X 187 

Arenz, TC. Katechisums der geographie. 

4. aufl J 270 

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geographie J 217 

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volkerung der erde J 256 

Bevan, W. L. Modem geography J 29 

Boguslawski, G. v. Handbuch der 


Chauibers's Geographical primer J 58 

•■ Geographical text-book J 59 

Standard geography J 60 

Chisholm, G. G. Handbook of commer- 
cial geography X1326 

■ Smaller commercial geography. 
New ed. 

Clarke, C. B. Class-book of geography. J 267 

■ 'Hie same. Rev. ed J 221 

Colton. G. W. & Fitch, G. W. School 

geography J 47 

Colton, J. H. Quarto geography J 92 

Cprnell, S. S. First steps in geography. J 19 


■ Intermediate geography J 43 

— — Physical geography II 65 

Primary geography J 46 

Comwell, J. Geography I 01 

Cortambert, E. Cours de geographie. 

8. M J 18 

• Geographie des cinq parties du 

monde. 3.^ J 15 

■ G^graphie general. 

— ■^— Petit cours de g^ogrtiphie 

Cortambert, R. Geographie commerciale. X 188 
Daniel* H. A. Handbuch der geog- 
raphie. 5. aufl. von O. Delitsch J 171 

■ Lehrbuch der geographie. 30. 

aufl J 3 

■ The. same. 67. aufl. von B. 

■ XJnterricht in der geographie ... J 78 

Delitsch, O. Beitriige zur methodik des 

geographischen unterrichts. 2. aufl. J 142 
Drioux. Petite geographie moderne ... L 416 
Dronke, A. Geographische zeichnungen, 
ein hQlfsmittel fur den geograph- 
ischen unterricht J 143 

Egli, J. J. Neue erdkunde. 7. aufl. ...J 215 
• Xeue handelsgeographie. 4. aufl. X 189 

Nomina geographica; versuch 

eincr nllgemeinen geographischen 
onomatologie J 259 

Epstein, 'i\ Geonomie (mathematische 
geographie) gestutzt auf beobacht- 
ung und elementare berechnung ... W 398 
Foi'ster, J. R. & Sprengel, M. C. Bei- 

triige zur volker und lunderkunde... J 307 
Geikie, A. The t^aaching of geography. J 189 

Goldsmitl), .L General geography J 21 

Gruufeld, H. P. H. Schulg«^ogrs\phie ... J 174 
Guthe, II. Lehrbuch dor geographie. 

2. aufl J 9 

■ The same. 5. aufl. von H. 
Wagner J 216 

Quyot, A. Common flchool geography... J 44 

Primary J 45 

Hann, J., cC'J. Allgemeine erdkunde ... J 222 

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volker. 2. aufl J 2 

Tlie same. 3. aufl J 143 

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Johnston, K. Physical, historical, and 

descriptive geography. 3. ed., rev. 

by E. G. Ravenstein h 709 


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raphy J 93 

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erdkunde. 2. aufl .....J 10 

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Klein, H. J. Lehrbuch der erdkunde 
fur hdhere lehranstalten. 3. aufl. 

Kl5den, G. A. T. Erdkunde R 4 

' Geographie J 8 

■ Unterrichte in der geographie. J 1 

Kneisel, B. Leitfaden der historischen 

geographie J 226 

Kohl, J. G. Die geographischo lage der 

hanptstidte Europa's J 280 

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abrissen und charakterbildem. 

8. aufl J 146 

Lavallee, T. Phydcal, historical nnd 

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' _ . — ^ ■ ■ • 

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■■-■- — - ' - — 

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Ikd river, 
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St'e also GROOBA.PHT, America. 
Ztiiuibar. See Africa. 
Zoolu. See Africa. 

See aho Longitodk— Maps— Mbbi- 
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ELS and Voyages. 
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See Germany. 
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Eocunformation von Borneo und 
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Geological and natural history 

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— ^— Records. 

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Rikuzen-province and the 

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■ Aizu. 

■ Ishinomaki. 


■ 6saka. 

■ Shirakawa. 

"— 'i'oyama. 

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Geology of Yesso K 

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See ai»o Asbestos— Ch a lk — Oli mate 
— Coal — Glaciers — Granite — 
Fbtrolrum, etc, Aho, Cosuoqratht 
— Mineralogy— Palaeontoloot — 
Petroorapht— Physical Geogra- 
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: — : ■ - ' -» - ■ ■ iig - ■ ■ I ,, 

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— : Trait6 des proprietes projectives 

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« die g^ometrische zeichenkunst und 

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See also Mathkhattcs. 

Gtorm theory. See Medicine, germ 

theory. Also Bactibioloot. 
Girders. See Bbidgkb and Roofs. Also 

Enoinbbbimo, beams. 

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gla0fa.briken mit besonderer berack- 
sichtigung der hohlglasfabrikation. 

B 421 

B 297 

B 94 

B 363 

B 272 

B 426 
B 424 

GLASS 105 

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Glacose. See Starch. 

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fabrikation E 254 

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Manufaetiiret Sfc). 
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metals U 31 

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metals XJ HO 

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mercury in the United States. 

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• Boasting silver ores. 

• The separations of silver and 

gold from black copper at Okei. 
' Treating gold and silver at 

the IT. S. mint. 

Treatment of roasted pyrites 

by the Lon^pnaid and Clauded pro- 
cesses for the extraction of gold and 

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Die mechanische aufbcreitung der silber- 

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Mining and metallurgy of gold 




and silver U 

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ores with hyposulphite solutions. 
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Qrape oulture. 

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agriculture. Report of the viticul- 
tural work. 

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tural work. 

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Graphical statios. See Mechanical 
BNGiKEBBiNG, graphical method. 


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ZdUner, F. Erklarung der universellen 


Greek antiquities. See History, Greece. 

Greek literature. S^^Litkraturk, Greek. 

Also Poetry and Drama, Greek. 


Konig. J. K. Droguerie-spezerei- und 
farbevaaren lexicon. 8. aufl. 
Grottoes. See Physical oeografhy. 
Growth. See Physiolooy. 
Gum. See Bbbin. 
Gun making. See Arvs, Technology of— 

Military science. 
Gun-powder. See Explosives. 
Guns and ginnery. See Arms, Tech- 
nology of — Military Scibkcb — 
Xaval Bcirnob. 
Gutta Feroha. See India rubbbr. 

Bois-Beymond, E. du. Uber das barren- 
tumen und Qber die sogenannte 
rationelle gymnastik. 
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Lewis, D. New gymnastics for families 

and schools F 

Neuer leitfaden far den tum-uuterricht. O 
Bussell, 0. Wonders of bodily strength. 1 







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rdnd menstruation; scbwangerachaf t 
und woobenhett Q 84 

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bebandlun^ der frauenkrankfaeiten 
im allgeinemen. 

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der gebarm utter Q 866 

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seine krankbaften abweicbungen. 

Weiblicbe krankenpflege. 

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gyniikologie und geburtsbiilfe. 

Krankbeifcer der ovarien. 

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steinkrankbeit mit und obne uterus. 

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Scansoni, F. W. v. Cbroniscbe metritis. Q 20 
■ Krankbeiten der weiblicben 
Scbroeder, C. Kninkbeiten der weib- 
licben gescblecbtsorgane. 
^— i7*« same. 3. aufl. 

Tlie satne. 5. aufl. 

Thesanie, 8. aufl Q1132 

'lliemme. 9. aufl Q1173 

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der lageveranderungen der gebar- 
mutter Q 109 

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cbirurgie Q 781 

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der lebenden frau. 

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krankbeiten Q 883 

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Hygiene des weiblicben ge- 


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2. aufl. 

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der lage der weiblicben b<>cken- 
organe Q 1382 

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2. aufl :... F 375 

' Turnscbule fiir mudcben. 6. 

aufl F 376 

Uebungstoff fitr die yortumer-ausbild- 

ungstunde der berliner turner- 

scbaft F 136 

See nho Education,. Physical— Sports. 

Qyncieoology and Tocology. 

Amann. Einfluss der weiblicben ge- 

Bcblechtskrankbeiten auf das 

nervensystem Q 1216 

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kologie Q 834 

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• Emnkbuiten des weiblicben 

gescblecbtes Q 838 

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' Operative gynakologie und 

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gynjikologie Q 844 

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chronischen metritis Q 848 

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frauenkrankbeiten Q 1223 

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2. abdr. 

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3. nufl Q1138 

' The same. 5. aufl. 

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gynakologie Q 1050 

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tberapie der frauenkrankbeiten Q 856 

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frauen in physiologiscber und 
pathologiscber beziebung. 

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der weiblicben sexualorgane Q 460 


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Piathologie und tlienvpio des 

wochenbetts. 2. aufl 

The same. 3. aufl 

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Bmnn,G. A. Geburtshfllfe 

■ Operative gynaekolo^^e und 


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The name. 2. aufl. 

Cred^ k Winckel. Hebammenkunst ... 

Denman, T. Midwifery 

Dewees, W. P. Fssays on midwifery ... 
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ffir hebammen. 2. aufl. 
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Hueter, V. Geburtshilfliche operationen. 
Hnssa, A. Geburtshtilfe far hebammen. 
Hyrti, J. Die blnt-gefasse der mensch- 

lichen nachgeburt 

Iwersen, T. J. Inchiridion der verlos- 


Kehrer, F. A. Lehrbuch der operativen 

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alten hebraem. 
Luinpe, E. Practischen geburtshilfe ... 

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fCir hebammen. 2. aufl. von A. 

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Xaegi»le, H. F. GeburtshQlfe 

X&th, 11. Die neue stellung der preub's- 

ischen hebeammen zum staat und 

zur gebnrtshUlfe. 




Q 889 
Q 76 

Q 834 

Q 1043 

















Q 857 

Q 858 

Q 859 

Q 860 

Q 86L 
Q 11 

Q 870 

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gynaekologie und geburtshulfe. 

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der frau wahrend der geburt bei 

verschiedenen volkem. 

Preussisches hebammen-buch 

Runge, M. Lehrbuch der geburtsliUlfe. 
Scanzoui, F. W. v. Compendium der 


■ Geburtshilfe 

Schroeder, K. Lehrbuch dor geburte- 

haife. 4. aufl. 

Q 36 

Q 871 

Q %n 

Q 874 

Tlie name. 6. aufl . 
The name. 9. aufl . 
TJie name. 10. aufl. 

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2. aufl Q 1363 

• Tlie name. 3. aufl. 

Lehrbuch der operativin geburts- 

httlfe Q 890 

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Archiv fiir gynaekologie. 

Boston, Gynaecological society of. 

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See aUo Psychiatrics. 


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Ste also Births. 

Hereditary diseases. See Patuoloot, 

hereditary diseases. 
Heredity. See Pbtcuoloot. Also Bioloot. 
Herring. See Fish-cdltqub and Fishbbibs. 
Hieroglypllics. See LA.NauA.aB, Hamitics. 
Higher Edusation. See Educa.tion, 

Higher plane curves. Theory of. See 

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■ Histology 

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Q 119 

Q 120 

Q 121 

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Manual of human microscopic 


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Mikroskopische anatomic. 

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und der thiere 

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The same. 3. aufl. 

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3. aufl 

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bedeutung fiir die Tcrerbung. 

Archiv fiir mikroskopische anatomie. 
See also Anatomy — Micbosoopt. 

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historiques % 

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g 15S 
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Q 17 
Q 160 

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Xew ed. 
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See also names of ancient countries mider 
Special tcorhs. 

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The same. 10. aufl J 273 

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See also wuler Special works. 

HISTORY 1 1 1 

_ — - — ' —^ — ^— ^— — ^ — — ^ — . — — ^^ — . - — 


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literature. 3. fid P 911 

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Civilitation, Hittory of. 

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Method of teaching. 
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Allgemeine zeitschrift fiir geschichte. 

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Eutertttining knowledge. 

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an Iiistorical work in the .arable 

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See Okixj^tal btudibs, Periodicals and 
Societies relating to. 

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governor-general of India, in 1795... L 879 
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See a/^fo. Ancient history. 


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[Yonge, C. M.]. Book of golden deeds 
of all times and all l.'inds 

Book of worthies, gathered from 

the old histories and now written 

S.p. cial.icorhs. 

Americmi Indian. , 

Adair. J. History of the american 


McKenney, T. L. History of the.indian 
tribes of North America, with 
. biographical sketches and anecdotes 
of the principal chiefs. . 
See also ANTH»0POLO<iT— Indians, 
AraUa, . 
Burckhardt, J. L. Notes on the bedouins 
and wahabys .< ,,,......,.. 

L 116 
L 192 
L 117 



L 923 

L 861 




Ogbiirn, W. Monnimmbil history of 

Egypt L 92 

See aim Ancient history. 

England. Sej Great Brit'iin. 

Heeren, A. H. L. Carthaginians, othi- 

opians, rfc* •. L 998 

The tame. 2. od L 393 

See aUo Ancient history. 

— — , Europe. 

Alison, A. History of Europe L 385 

Angeberg, Comte. Le congress de Yienne 

et les traitos de IS 1 5. 

Arnold, T. Modern history L ]2i 

Beleze, G. L* hisloiro dn moyen Age. 

11. 6d. 
Bnlle, C. Geschichte der neuesten zeit. L 676 

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historiques du moyen Age. 

Chronicles of the crusades V 193 

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Church, K. W. The middle o^^s.* 

Cox, G. W. Crusades L 287 

Cutis, Rev. E. L. Scenes and chftracters 

of the middle ages. 
Duruy, V. Histoire des temps modemes L 25 

■ Histoirc du moyen Age L 686 

• Petite liistoire du moyen Age ... L 24 

Dyer, T. H. History of modem Europe. 
Eicken, H. ▼. Geschichte und system 

der mittelalt-erlichen welt:inschau- 

ung V 719 

Emerton, E. Introduction to the study 

of the middle ages (375-814) L 732 

Epitome of Alison's history of Europe ... L 148 

Europuischer geschichtskalender Z 285 

Fleury, L. Histoire moderne L 419 

Fdrster, F. Die h&fe und cabinette 

Europa's iui achtzohnten jahrhun- 

dert C 244 

Freeman, E. A. European history L 119 

■ The Hanie. 5. ed 

History of Europe J 98 

■ History of fedenil goyemment. L 506 
Fyfife, C. A. History of modern Europe. L 986 

Gardiner, S. R. Thirty years* war L 287 

Gindely, A. Geschichte des dreissig- 

jtihrigen krieges L 628 

Hagen, K. Geschichte der neuesten 

zeit , L 17 

Hale, E. Fall of the stuarts and western 

Europe L 287 

Gra3'. J. Tf. China L 316 

Hirth, F. China and the Roman orient Tj 950 
House, E. PI. Japanese expedition to 

Formosa L 201. 

Kircherus, A. China monumentis qua 

aacris quit Prof anis L 855 

El.aproth. San Kokf tsou ran to sets ... L 681 
liaffitt^, P. General view of Chinese 

civilization. Tr. by J. C. Hall L 827 

Keumann, E. F. Ostasiatische ge- 

schichte Tom ersten chinesischen 

krieg bis zu den vertragen in Peking. 

(18*0-1860) L 849 

Oliphant, L. Elgin's mission to China 

and Japan L 205 

Pfizmaier, A. Schriften Uber China und 

Japan O 73 

Richthofen, F. China L 809 

Staunton, G. L. Authentic account of 

an embassy from the king of Great 

Britain to the emperor of China ... L 905 

Ti-ping Uon-kwoh. icq&^fl L 1365 

See also Ancient history — Mongols. 

PeriodlcaU <& Society publications. 
See Obibntal btodiks, Periodicals & 

Societies relating to. 
Chivalry. See Europe. 
Frazar, E. Korea, and her relations to 

China, Japan and United States. 

Griffls, W. E. Corea L 591 

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gegi3n Corea im jahre 1597. 
Ross, J. History of Corea, ancient and 

modern L 1069 

Crusades. See Europe. 


Allen, C.F. Histoire de Danemark L 763 

Ecclessiastical. See THSOLoaT, Historical. 

Also Thirty years' war. 

Brugsch-Bey, H. History of Egypt L 372 

Birch, S. Egypt from the earliest times 

to300B. C L 291 

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opians and egyptians L 998 

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pharaohs L 1008 

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und Aethiopien. 

Die chronologic der aegypter ... L 638 


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daring the middle ages. 

TJtesatne. By W. Smith L 196 

TJie same. From 6. Lond. ed ... L 203 

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or dates, charters, and customs of 

the middle ages L 747 

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■ & Ukort, F. A. Geschichte der 
europnischen staaten L 046 

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die kultur ihrer zeit. Illustr. von 

G. Dor^ L 1043 

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rEurope L 621 

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oges L 80 

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dress during the middle ages L 380 

Military and religious life in the 

middle ages L 331 

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Menzel. W. Geschichte der letzten 

vierzig jahre iSl6>56 L 3 

' Geschichte der neuesten zeit 

1856-60 L 4 

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Xouv. ^d L 1024 

Mailer, W. Political hii^tory of recent 

times X 4*2 

■ Politische geschichte der gegen- 
wart X 530 

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Europe. With an ititrod. by J. Fiske. L 862 
Noorden, C. v. Europiiische geschichte. L 679 

llaffy, C. Histoire con temporaiue L 48 

lUnke, L. v. Geschichte dor roman- 

idchon. und germanischen volker ... L 690 
Gaumer, F. von. Dor erste kreuzzug : 
the first crusade. Arranged, &c., by 

W. Wrtguer L 655 

■ ' Geschichte Europas seit dem ende 

dee f unf zehn ten jahrhunder ts L 783 

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Schlegel, F. V. Modern history P 333 

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Bommers 1843. (Die revolutiouen 
der jahre 1843 & 1849 in Euorpa. 
Thl. 2.) L1036 


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study of medieval and moderu 
history L 708 

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ki*euzzugs L 684 

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kerwanderung L 685 

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history L 305 

France {including Gaul.) 

Allou,R. Oampagne de 1870 L 428 

A shton, J. English caricature and satire 

on Napoleon I L 882 

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revolution and des ersten jahres der 

f ranzdsischen republik von 1 8 48 L 894 

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dues do Bourgogne. 4. ed C 178 

Blanc, L. Histoire de diz ans 1830-40. L 431 

Histoire de la revolution de 184S. L 427 

Brandebourg. M^moires pour servir & 
r histoire de la maison de Brande- 
bourg. Nouv. ed C 238 

Brewer. E. C. Political, social and 
literary history of France. 

Brissaud, D. Histoire contemporaine. 
Burke, E. Reflections on the revolution 

in France. Ed. by F. G. Selby L 858 

Caesar. C. J. Commentaries on the 

gallic war P 14 

TJuisame P 13 

CommentAries on the gallic and 

civil wars P 86 

Commentarii de Mlo gallico L 407 

The same L 398 

■ Gai luli Caesiires de hello gallico 

commentariorum. VII P 782 

Challamel, A. Memoires du peuple 

frames L 210 

Charlotte-Elizabeth, Madavve. Fnvg- 

mens de lettres originales P 1 184 

Cheruel, A. Dictionnaire historique des 

institutions, moeurs et coutumes de 

la France G 109 

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tion en France. 

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Louis XVIII. and Charles X h 913 

Delordf T. Histoire du second empire... |^ 430 



Donet-D'Arcq, L. Chroique d'Enguer- 

ran dc Monstrelet L 622 

Ducoiidray, G. Histoire contemporaine 

depu is 1 789 j usqu* h, nos jou rs L 423 

Histoire de France L 578 

r— Histoire de France et histoire 

generale L 64 

'TJie same. 7. ed. 

Histoire de la France depnis 

Torigine jusqu' .h, la. ruvoliition 

& Feillet, A. Histoire de France. L 52 

Duruy. V. Histoire de France L 34 

Histoire de France du moyen 

dge ct des temps modernes Ij 31 

Histoiro de P'rance et des temps 

modernes L 33 

Histoire de France et du moyen 

&ge L 32 

- Petite histoire de France L 27 

Geraud, H. Paris sous Philippe-le-Bel, 

d'aprH des documents originaux, et 
notamment d* apr^s un manuscrit... L 10i5 

Gescfaichte der staatsveriinderung in 
Frankreich unter k5nig Ludwig 
XVI L 932 

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Goncourt, E. k J. de. Histoire dc la 
societti FrauQaise pendant la revolu- 
tion L1013 

Goodrich, S. G. Pictorial history of 

France L 129 

Guizot, F. P. G. Histoire de France ... L 457 

■ Histoire de la civilisation L 5(5 

• Memoires pour servir ^ V his- 
toire de mon temps L 9G8 

Herisson, Covite iV. Autour d*une 

revolution (1783-1799). 10. ed L 1017 

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Ton der thronbesteigung Louis 
Philipp's bis zum fallo Napoleon's 
III L 933 

Eermoysan, M. Napoleon : recueil par 
ordre chronologique de ses lettres, 
procramations, bulletins, Sfc.^ for- 

mant une histoire de sou regne L 753 

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La Bruy^re. Les caracteres ou les moers 

de ce si^cle P 7»)5 

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Lavallee, T. Histoire de Frau^iiis J 141 


Les murailles revoliitioimnires de 1 848. 

16. ed , L 1025 

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Memento. Pt. Lit.) 

LouisXlV. Oouvres L lOl I 

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1789 jusqu' k nos jours L 672 

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■ Histoire de la revolution 

fran^aise L 573 

History of France L 175 

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ischen revolution L 1 

History of the french revolution. L 263 

Norvius, De. Histoire de Napoleon C 15 

Pigeon n oau, H. Histoire de France ... L 421 
Pinnock's edition of Goldsmith*s history 

of Franco L 105 

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Fmnce. 2. ed L 907 

Rochefort, H. Ija la.nteme. 

Rosit res, R. Histoire de la societe fran^- 

aise an moyen &ge L 677 

St. Simon, Louis de Bouvroy, dile de. 
Interessante zdge aus dem privat- 
lel>en Ludwigs des vierzehnten und 
der wcrkwiirdigsten personen seines 

zeitilters L 981 

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fran^aise L 1033 

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. Die entstehung des modemen 

Frankreich L 673 

Les origines de la France con- 
temporaine L 624 

. Revolution V 273 

'Hiierry, A. H istoire des gaulois L 697 

Thiers, A. Histoire do la revolution 

fran9ai8e L 432 

• History of the consulate L 337 

History of revolution L 176 

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la revolution X 304 

• Old regime and revolution X 260 

Voltaire, De. 8iecle de Louis X I V L 41 

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See also Civilization, History of — 
Fronco-fjlerman war. 


Frnneo-Gennan war, 
Auibert, J. Gaulois et Gerinainu. Recits 

luilitnires L 'JOl 

DeufcKch-franzftsiache kriej; 1870-71 L 780 

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Uabn, L. Der krieg Deut«>chlaud8 gegen 

Frankreich L 768 

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LandoQ, M. D. Franco-prussiaa war ... L 144 
Mc Cabe, J. D. History of the war be- 
tween Germany and F mace L 218 

Watjiri, K. Petite histoire de la guerre 

entre la France et la Preusse L 414 

See aUo France — Germany. 

A mold, W. A nsiedelungen und wander- 

ungen deutacher stiimme L 686 

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2. aafl. 

Begrfindang der snccessions-ansprucbe 
seiner kdnigliclien bobeit des grof-s- 
herzogs Niolaus Friedrich Peter 
▼on Oldenburg auf die herzogtbilmer 
Scbleswig- U ols tein. 

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jabren L 1019 

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Bilder zur deutscben goscbicbte. Mit 

erlauternden texte Ton Ueicbardt. 

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• J'hf same. 8. ed. 

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der deutscben 8t'Miten L 641 

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deutechen gescbicbte P 780 

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iscben reicbs L 786 

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urzeit bis zum ausgang des mitt*'!- 
alters in den erz&bbungen deutscher 

gescbicbtsscbreiber L 78ii 

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Feldzug von 1 866 in Deu tscbland L 782 

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vergangenbeit P 736 

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Rodeurs venitiens sur Charles-Quint 
et Philippe IT L 958 

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alterttlmer. 2. aufl. 


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FriUikreich und die griindung des 
deutscben kaiserreiclis. Die deut- 
schepolitik 1867 bis 1871 L 768 

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fiir den deutscben geschicbtsunter- 
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scben gescbichte L 850 

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pruBsienne, sous Frederic le Grand. 

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kunde L 695 

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Th2 mme. 12. aufl. 

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und ihre filrsten oder historische 
entwickelung der territorial-ver- 
bal tnisse Deutschlands im mit- 
toLdt^jr L 1052 

N itzsch , K . W. G escbich te des deu tschen 

volkes Tj 788 

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manicarum L 825 

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gescbichte L 5 

■ Zur deutscben gescbichte L 777 

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gescbichte im mittelater L 814 

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Charles V L 651 

• Tlie same. New ed L 165 

Tliemme. 8. ed L 188 

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ecken und winkel der reichsbaupt- 
stadt in kulturhistoriscben schilder- 

ungen L 980 

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SUi'fle, '1'. Gescbichte des deutscben 

kultareiaflusses auf Frankreich L 815 



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deutschen reiches durcVi Wilhelm I. 
3. aufl L 845 

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3. aufl L 671 

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Bcbichtsqnellen im mittelalter L 674 

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tschen historiographie L 688 

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deutschen L 16 

Gescbichtsfreund ; orte Luzem, Uri, 

Schwyz, Unterwalden und Zug Z 8t 

Yerein fQr geschicbte und altertbiimer 

der herzogthiimer Bremen und 

Verden und des Landes Hadeln zu 

Stade. Arcbiv. 
Yerein fttr nnssauische altertbuinsknndo 

und gescbicbtsforschun;^. Annalcn. 
Wttrtteuiljergische vierteljabrsbefto ftir 

langesgeschicb te. 
Zeitscbrift fiir deutschcs altcrtbum und 

deiitscho litteratur Z 29 

See aho Franco-German war. 

Great Britain and Ireland. 

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Britain L 750 

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■ Readings from english history. 

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For Periodical <fi Society ptihlicatimiXf ■ 

see Obisntai^ Stodibb, Periodicals 
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See also Ancient history 
Tartars. See Mongols. 
Thirty years* war. See Europe. AUo 
F muce — G e rmany — S weden. 


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^ — — -- 

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Society publication*. 
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Letters written at the time of the occu- 
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Fifth half century of the landing of 

John Endicott at Salem. 
Webber, J. H. & Xevins, W. S. Old 

Xaumkc^ag v- ^ 2C2 

See also Arts — Anthropoloot — 
Chronology— History, Civiliz.ation 
— Military Scibnce, history of — 
Monument, etc. AUo Archives. 

Hives. See AoRicuLTiiRE, zoology. 
Hoklcaido, Survey of. AVj Gkodkhy. 
Homaeopathy. See Mkdjcink, Domestic 

and Homaeopathy. 
Honey. See AoRicaLTURR, zoology. 
Hop, Culture of. See Aoriculturb. 
Horology. See Chronology. ' 
Horses. See Agriculture, zoology — 

Zoology, mammalia. 
Horticulture. .s><' G a rdk ni ng. 
Hospitals. Set' Mkdicink, hospitals. 

■ , Construction of. See Architecture. 

Hot-houses. See Gardening. 

Hot climate, Diseases in. See Pathology, 

Hot climate. 
Household art. See Domestic economy. 
House keeping. See Domestic kconomy. 
House painting. See Decoration <5|' 


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West Africa •. P 600 

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iSV^ ditto I/iTRBATDBK— Poetry and 

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huntinn^ grounds L 2io 

See al»o Spobts. 

Hydraulic engineering. 

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the cubic contents H 333 

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See also ENaiNRKBiNG, earthworks. 
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Removal of blossom rock in San 

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— — TJie same, 2. ed. 
-^— - Interoceanic problem. 
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Formula for mean velocity of dischargi^ 

of rivers and camtls. 
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Mississippi H 141 

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hydraulics of the Mississippi. 
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velocity of discharge H 121 

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the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. 

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ing H 149 

U. S. office of the chief of engineers. 
Report and correspondence, relating 
to the M:8s'p(ii(i Biver B 135 


— ]{eix>rt8 upon Fort St. Philip 

See alio Enoinebbino — Floods — 


H3^draa1ic8. See Htdsaulic knginbeb- 


Hydro-dynamics. See HtdbO'Ubchanics. 

Adventare & Beagle, Ship. NarrailTe of 
the surveying voyages of his ma- 
jesty's ships Adventure and Beagle. 

A us dein archiv der deutsohen seewarte. 

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Flj, ihip. Narrative of the surveying 
voyage of H. M. S. Fly, commanded 
by Oaptaia F. P. Blackwood 

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Jabrbuoh far hydrologie 

Nautical surveying. 

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i'ctf alio Navigation. 

Hydrology. See Water. AUo, Hydrau- 

Physical geography. 


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■ 'i'reatise on hydrodynamics with 
numerous examples 

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2. aafl 

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Stanley, W. F. Properties and molions 
of fluids. 
















H L'97 

Hydro-statics. See Hydro-urchanics. 
H 137 Hydrophobia. See Pathology, liydro- 


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- Das cbffentliche gosundheits- 
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&ffontliche gesundheitspflege im 

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2. anfl. 

liohrbuch der hygienisclien 

untersuchungsmcthoden Q 1139 

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Hygienische untersuchungen 

fiber luft, boden und wusser. 

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Frankfurt am Main in seinen hygrien- 

ischen verhaeltnissen und einricht- 

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d' hyg^^ne. 
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bung betreffend das gesundheite- 

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W 158 

W 172 


W 395 





Sffentliche und private gesundheita- 

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The game. 2. aufl. 

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privtitx) gesundheitspdege. 

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■ — Privat43 und 5fifentliche hygiene 

des kindes. 

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aps dem gebiete der dffentlichen 

medicin und der seuchenlehre Q 931 

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Offentliche und private gesund- 


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gesundheits pflege insbesondere fiir 

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public health. 
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Diet and Dietetics. 
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gesunde und kranke. 6. aufl. 
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Woltering & Ktthner, A. Diiltetisches 

See also Food — Nutrition. 

London. International health exhibition. 
Descriptive ctitalog^uQ. 

Hirt, Ii. Arbeiter-schutz. 

Di^ krankheiten dor arbiter. 

■ Systimi der gesundheitapflege. 

Tliemme. 3. aufl Q 1114 

— TJtfft.nne. 4. aufl Q 1364 

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gesuiidheitsschutz. 3. aufl. 

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gerlichen leben und der 5ffentlichen 

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Die hygiene der 8ch5nheit. 

' Die hygiene des kopfes. 

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Wie niiht man sich gut und 

billig ? 

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• & Zieinssen, H. W. v., ed. Hand- 
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■ Volks-gesundheitspflege. 

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Periodieah Sf Society puhlicationt. 

Kais. gesundheitsamte. Mittheilungen. 

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Archiv fur hj^ene. 

Annual report Z 


Berlin. Die anstalten der stadt Berlin 

Michigan. State board of health. An- 

fur die dffentliche gesundhcitspflege 

nual report Y 


nnd fur den naturwissenRcbaftliche 

at sanitary conventions Z 


Boston, city of. Board of health. An- 

Montsouris, Observatoire de. Annuairie ; 

nual report. 
Braunschweig. Die stadt Braunschweig 

hvcri^ne ••... Z 


Philadelphia. Health officers annual 

in hygienisoher beziehung. Fest- 

report Z 


schrift far die theilnehmer der XVI. 

Zeitschrif t fiir hygiene. 

versammlung des deutschen vereins 

See also Air— AjjCOHOL — Drain aqe — 

f Qr 5ffent]iche gesundheitspflege ... Q 1374 

Food — Gab — Milk — Nutrition — 

Deutsche Tierteljahrsschrift fiir &ffent- 

Phtsioloot — Sanitary knqinker- 

liche g^undheitspflege. 

iNG — VENTHiATiON and Warming 

Goodhenlth Y 48 

— Water — Wine, S^e. 

Great Britain, Sanitary institute of. 

For tlie hygiene of special diseaseit, see tlie 

Report of the congress. 

names o/ diseases under Pathology. 


For military hygiene, see Military 

Japan. Central sanitary bureau of the 


home department. Annual report. 

Hypsometry. See Meteorology. 
Hysterics. See Psychiatrics. 

for 1888-SD. 



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& tr fr. the f rench by J. E. Denton, 
Ichthyology. See Dermatology. 

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r imbecile V1024 

See also Psychology, Physiological. 
Immigration. See Emigration. 
Illusions. Si'e Psychology. 
India rubber. 

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kautschuk und g^tta-perchamaaren. 

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Tr. by W. T. Brannt 
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Indian tribes L 378 

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4-c L 885 

See also Anthropology — History, 
American Indians. 
Indigo. See Dyeing. 

Industrial Arts. 

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industries M 15 

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trie B 180 








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anciennes et modemes de I'empire 
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Technical educator G 

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— The same. 5. ^d M 75 

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Annual record of science and industry... Z 

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Dingler*8 poly technisches journal Z 

Ecole polytechnique. Journal. 

Franklin institute. Journal..' Z 

Glasgow mechanics' institution. An- 
nual report 


Jahresbericht fiber die fortschritte dor 
mechonischen technik und tech- 
nologic Z 255 

Journal of applied science and record of 
progress in the industrial arts. 

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Jahresbericht Y 131 

Neue buch der erfindungen, gewerlje 

und industrien G 23 

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proceedings Z 3D5 

Practical mechanic's Journal. 

San Francisco, Moclianics* institute of. 
Report of the industrial exhibition. 

Society of arts. Journal Z 70 






Zeitschrift far instrumentonkunde Y 

See also Factoeikb — Inventions — 
laoN & Steel — TECHNOLoaT — 
Tubning-^Wba-ving, etc. 
Industries, Chemical See Technology. 

, Mechanical. 

Amateur mechanic's workshop H 





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Young mechanic H 49 

See also Bla-Cksmithing — Cabinet- 
making — Cabbiaoe-making — Cast- 
ing — Iron and Steel — Mkohan- 
ical enginkeeing — Mbtalldbgy — 
Sawing — Sewing machine — Steam- 
engine — Technology — Tdbning — 
Weaving, ^c. Also Education, 






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Infiuitry- See MiLrrABY scikncr. 
Infections. See PATHOLoay, infectious 

diseases. Also Hygisne. 
Inflammatioii. See Patholooy. inflam- 
mation. Also Surgery. 
Initials, Dictionary of. See Bibliogba- 



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Insanity. See Psychtatbios. Also Psy- 



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analysed P 581 

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See also Epitaphs. 

Instinct. See Psychology, Comparative. 
Instruments. See Inditstbibb, Mechanical. 

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der arbeits- und orwerbsuufuhigkeit 
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Intellect. See Psychology. 

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International inventions exhibition. Of- 
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Thompson, E. P. How to make inven- 
tions ; or inventing as a science and 
an art. 
See also Industbial Abts —Patents. 
Iron and Steel (in Cliemistry, Manufacture, 
Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Jf Mining.) 

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eisens und der brennmaterialicn... U 82 

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• • like same, 4. ed U 9 




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Das roheisen mit besonderer 

berucksichtigung seiner yerwend- 
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eisen-giesserei XJ 

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' Russian sheet-iron. 

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Papers and discussions on experi- 
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■ G rundriss der eisenh Q ttenkunde. 

3. aufl. 

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en eisenbahnwesens. 
Periodicals Sf Society publications. 
Bericht iiber die fortechritte der eisen- 


Iron and coal trades review. 
Iron and steel institute. Journal. 
Stahl und eisen. 
See also Casting — Metals, etc. 
For Iron bridges^ see Bridges and 

For Iron construction, see also Abchi- 


Irrigation. See Agricdlture — Drainage. 

Islam. See Religion, Mohammedans. 

Isomerism. See Cheuibtry, allotropism 
and isomerism. 

Isothermal linecu See Physical geog- 



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Joinery. See Carpentry. 

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Biography of journalist. 

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Greeley C 86 

Judaism. See Religion, Judaism. 
Jupiter. See Astronowy, jupiter. 
Juvenile literature. 

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home P 1057 

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^— ^— Little men : life at Plumfield 

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Never too late P 240 

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'ITie popular grove P 235 

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Minister's family P 227 

Somervillc hall P 228 

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■ Kinder- und hausmiirchen. By 

C.P.Otis P 7GO 

The same. By W. U. v. d. 

Smisben p 79i 

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Happy child library P J^5 



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• The peasant and the prince P 233 

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Rural tales. 

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from the german P 241 

See also Fiction. Also Litsbatube. 

£akke. See Pathology, kakke. 
Eeramio Art. See Potteby and Pobge- 


Einder-garten. See Education, early 


Kidney, Diseases of. See Pathology, 

Kinematios. See Mechanics. 

ly Biography of. See Rulebs, Bi- 
ography of. 


Lacquer work. 

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isse, buchdrucker fimisse und des 

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Ijandsoai>e gardening. See Gabdbn- 

iNG, Landscape. 

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angewendet auf den eleinentar- 

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— French and english p -onouncing 





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-, Germin, 
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tschen sprache G 93 

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See also Literature, Greek. Also 

Language, Latin. 

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— , Haviitic^ 

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, Icelandic. 

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, Indian (Modem), 

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See also Dravidian. 
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, Italian. 

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, Japanese. 

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For Ainu, see Ainu. 

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— , Kkyeng. 
See Indian. 

— , Latin, 

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O 166 

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•, Malay. 

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See Indian (Modem). 

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See also Litbbatube, Proven^. 

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— , Spaniah. 

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— , Tunguiic. 

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reducing unwritten languages O 881 




See also Alfhabbis — AHTHBOPOLoaT 
— Gtpsibs — Insobiptionb — Mt- 


Laryngotomy. See Subobbt. 

Iiarynx, Diseases of. See PATHOLoaT, 

Iiathes. See TaBNiNO. 
Ijatin authors. See Litbbatubb, Latin — 

PoBTBT, Latin. 
Iiaw. See Catalogue. Pt. 2., comprising works 

in Law, Economics and Politics. 
Lawyer, Biography of. 

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T. D. Memoirs of the right 

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Eissler, M. Metallurgy of argentiferous 

Hofman, H. D. Metallurgy of lead and 
the desilreiization of base bullion. 

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See also Gold and Silybb. 
Iiead i>oi8omng. See PATHOLoaT, lead. 
laeamed societies. 


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— — Proceedings Z 804 


Kong, danske videnskabemes selskab. 
GYcrsigt over det ... forhandlinger 

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Great Britain. 

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■ Transactions 

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Scientific transactions 

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New Zealand. 
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United States. 
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Smithsonian institution. Annual report 
of the board of regents 

Smithsonian contributions to 


Smithsonian miscellaneous col- 



Y 58 









Z 90 

Y 104 
Z 89 

Z 79 









Z 244 

Y 139 















Z 13 
Y 554 
Z 50 

See also Periodicals & Society publica- 
tions under special subjects. Also 
Least Squares, Method of. 

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See also Probabilities. 


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and leather dressing. 

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Lenses. See Optics. 

Leprosy. See PATHOLoaT, leprosy. 

Letters. See Collected works & Miscellany 
of various national literature under 



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See also Bhetobic. 

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See also Biblioobapht. 

Life. See BioiiOGT. 
Life-saving service. 

U. S. treasury department. Life-saving 
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tions Xa 12 

Light See Optics. Also Heat. 

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, Electric. See Electric LiaHTiNO. 

, Gas. See Gas LiaHTiNG. 

Iiightning. See Electaicitt. Also Mete- 


Lightning-rods. See Electaicitt, At- 

Lime. See Cements. 


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Liquids. See Hydraulics. 

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Literary character 

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O 60 

















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■ — — The same, together with the 
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— Forster, J. Life and times of 


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—^ JobnsoD, S. Milton. With an 
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See alto Esbatb — Fiction — Juvenile 


— PoETBT and Dbaua, ^c. 
See also Aesthetics — Allegobies — 

AuTHOBs — HuuouB — Pbovebbs — 

Idthology. See Petbogbafht. Alto 

Liver, Diseases of. See Pathologt, liver. 
IiObster. iS><f«.ZooLOGT, Crustacea. 
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Valencia in Ireland. 
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Petersbourg et Vladivostock, en 
IiOOms. See Weavino. 
Lunacy. See Psychiatbics. 
Lunatic asylum. See Pstchiatrtcs, 
hospitals. Also Chabitablk institu- 


Lungs, Diseases of. 

See Pathology, lungs. 
Lute. See Music. 




V 760 

V 782 

F 280 

V 416 

V 662 

V 544 























Machinery. Fee Mkcranical kn- 


DUSTBiss, Mechanical. AiM nnmeit 0/ 
tpecial machhien. 
Magie lantern* See Optics. 

Airj. G. B. Magnetism. 

Angell, J. Ma^Detism and electricity... W 123 
Barlow, P. Ma^etic attractions, ^'c. .,. ^ 3 
Bombay. Government oVjsermtory. 
Magnetical and meteorological olv 
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iron and other metals. 
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Hopkins, E. Terrestrial magnetism. 
Jamieaon, A. Elementary manual of 
magnetism and electricity. 

The game. 2. ed. 

Lament, J. Handbuch des erdmagnet- 


Magnetische ortsbestimmungen 

svnsgeftilirt an yerschiedenen punc- 
t4>n des kbnigreichs Bayem und an 

einigen auRwiirtigen stationen W 432 

liloyd, H. Treiitise on magnetism W 371 

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of the oompass. Xew ed. 

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Sabine, E. T*erre8trial magnetism AV 210 

Thomson, W. Electrostatic ^ and nmg- 
netism. , 

Tyndall, .T. Diamaguetism and magne- 

crystallic action W 95 

See aho Electricity. Aim Mktr- 


Majorica. See Pottsbt. 

Malaria. See Patholoot, fever. 

MaltlDg. See Beeb. 

Mammoth cave. S^f. Palaeontology. AUo 

Anthbopologt and Ethnology. 

BUchner, L. L*homme so] on la science. X 416 

Cabanis, P. J. G. Rapports du physique 

et du moral de Thomme Q 80 

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Tliemme V 573 

■ Mikrokosmus. 4. aufl V 520 

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Richerand, A. & B^rard, M., ainp. 

Xieuwe grondbeginselen der natur- 

kundi^ Til nden mensch Q 302 

Spengel, J. \V. Die stellung des iiiensch- 
en in der reihe der organismen. 

See aho A nthbopology and Ethnolo- 
gy — Biology — Civiuzation — 
Philosophy, (tc. 

Manual training. See Education. Te- 

Manufactories. See Factories. 

Manu£Etoture8. See Industbial arts— 
Technology. Al»o Abi's. 

Manures. See Aubicoltobk. 


Forsyth, W. History of ancient munu- 

Rcripts P 540 

See aho Papybus. 

Map drawing. 

Elderton, \V. A. Maps and map 

drawing J 249 

Maps. See Grogbaphy, athises. 
Marble- work. St'e Scolptdbe. 
Marine engineering. 

Ainsley, T. L. Engineer's manual. 

Allan, W. The marine engine. 

Bamaby, S. W. Marine propellers. 

The same. 2. ed. 

Bergen. Marine engineer. 5. ed. 
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pound engines H 145 

Modem marine engineering ... H 144 

■ Modem screw-propulsion H 81 

Bury, W. Resistance and proportions 

of screw propellers. 
Donaldson, J. Drawing for marine 

■ Marine steam machinery. 


Edward, E. Modern american marine 

engine, boilers and screw propeller. 
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boiler of " Siesta " 

Lediew, A. Les nouvelles machines 

Mc Dougall, N. Relative merits of 

simple and compound engines 

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' Questions on subjects connected 

with the marine steam engine. 

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Nystrom, J. W. Technological education. 

Treatise on screw propellers ... 

Sazby, S. M. Steam and the marine 


Seaton, A. E. Marine engineering. 

'Tfie same. 4. ed 

Sennet, R. Marine steam engine 

Traill, T. W. Chain cables and chains. 
Walker, W. M. Notes on screw propul- 

Glossary of terms connected with marine 

engines. mM^K^W 

Marine engineer. 

Specifications for marine engines. 

Specifications for st-eam machinery 

Specifications for screw engine 

Specifications for twin-screw beam 


Specifications for steel paddle steamer. 

Proctor, F. Useful tables and formulae 
for marine engineers. 
See also Xaval architecturk — Navi- 
gation — Steam enotnes — Steam- 
ship. Also Mechanical engineer- 
Mars. See Astronomy, mars. 
Masonry and Stone cutting. 

Adh^mar, J. De la coupe des pierres. 

Arbeiten des maurers. 

Baker, I. O. Masonry construction. 

3. ed. 
Bale, P. Stone- working machinery. 
Dobson, E. Masonry and stone-cutting. 

Hammond, A. Bricklaying 

Mo Master, J. B. High masonry dan)s. 



H 276 

H 187 

H 372 

S 4S 

S 52 

S 44 

H 345 
H 358 

H 172 

H 213 

S 82 
S 82 

S 82 

A 35 
A 26 
H 99 

Viollet-Le-Duc, E. Histoire d*une 

See also Architecture — Drawing. 
Also Engineering. 

Massage. See Materia medioa and 

Therapeutics, massage. 
Masting. See Xa7Al architecture. 

Dussauce, H. Fabrication of matches. 

Freitag, J. Ziindwaaren-fabrikation ... 

Materia medica and Therapeutics 

(Including Pharmacology, Prescrip- 
tions, S^c). For Pharmacy and Toxicology, 
see the subjects. 

Biddle, J. B. Materia medica 

Binz, C. Arzneimitt^llehre 

■ Tlie same. 4. aufl 

• TJie same. 5. aufl 

■ jfVie same. 8. aufl. 

■ The same. 9. aufl. 

■ Tlie same. 11. aufl. 

■ Voriesungen tiber pharmakolo- 

E 251 

Q 327 

Q 329 

Q 330 

Q 331 


Tlie same 

T'lie same. 2. aufl. 

Brunton, T. L. Pharmacology. 
Buchheiui, R. Arzeneimittellehre 

The same. 3. aufl 

Q 394 
Q 1150 

Q 334 
Q 335 

Olavus, J. Specielle arzneimittellehre. 

Cloetta, A. Arzneimittellehre. 2. aufl. 

• The same. 5. & 6. aufl. 

' The same. 7. aufl. 

Erlenmeyer, A. Subcutanen injectionen 
der arzneimittel. 

Farre, F. J. Materia uiedica and thera- 

Fischer, B. Xeuere arzneimittel. 2. aufl. 

Tlie same. 3. aufl 

Garrod, A. B. Materia medica and 

Q 951 
Q 16 
Q 351 


Harnack, E. Arzneimittellelire und 
ar znei verordnungsleh re. 

Hirsch, B. Priifung der arzneimittel... Q 300 

Husemann, T. Arzneimittellehre. 

Gesammte arzneimittellehre. 

Kohler, H. Physiologische therapeutik 

und materia medica Q 379 

Lewin, L. Nebenwirkungen der arz- 

Loebisch, VV. F. Neueren arzneimittel. Q 1032 

■ The sam^. 2. aufl. 

■ Tlie same. 3. aufl. 

Micho^lis^ Xeueren arzneimittel Q 1354 




Dorpat, Plmrmakologisches insfcitut zu. 
A rbeiten. 

Ephemeris of materia medica, pharmacy, 
therapeutics, S^c. 

Jahresbericht Uber die fortschritie der 

Journal fiir pharmakodynamik, toxi- 
kolo<?ic uud therapie. 
See also Phabmacy, periodicak — Toxi- 
cology, periodicals. 


Beasley, H. Book of prescriptions Q 320 

Bohm, 11. Arznei-Verordnungslehre ... Q 1037 

Titeiame Q1130 

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arzneiverordnungslehre. 4. aufl. 

von W. Filehne. 
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nrzneiverordnangslehre. 12. aufl. 

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Langgaard, A. Compendium der arznei- 

Liebreich, O. &. Langgaard, A. Com- 
pendium der arznoivorordnung. 

2. aufl. 

The same. 8. aufl Q 1284 

Tappeiner, H. Arzneimittellehre und 

nrzneivorordnungslehre Q 1254 

Waldenburg, L. & Simon, C. E. Arz- 

neiverordnungslehre Q 421 

Special tcorks. 

Boem, K. Hn ndbuch der intoxicationen. 
2. aufl. 

Stadelmaunn. E. Ueber den einfluss 
der alkalien auf den menschlichen 

Bernard, C. Le<;ons sur les anesth^s- 

iques et sur 1* asphyzie. 
Eskell, A. Local anaesthesia Q 723 

Biach, A. Neueren antipyretica Q 1278 


Hiller, A. Lehre von der fSulniss. 

Arsenic (as a medicine). 
Isnard, C. Theriipeutischer gebrauch 

desarseniks Q 372 

Mitscheriich, C. G. Arzneimittellehre. 
Muter. J. Key to organic materia 

medica Q 54 

Nothnagel, H. Arzneimittellehre. 

The same. 2. aufl Q 395 

■ & KoBsbach, M. J. Arzneimittel- 


Th'jsame. 4. aufl Q 396 

■ TJte same. 5. aufl. 

Tliesame. 6. aufl Q1128 

Paine, M. Materia medica and therapeu- 
tics Q 400 

Pereira, J. Heilmittellehre. 

■ Materia medica and therapeutics. Q 401 
Plugge, P. C. Wichtigsten heilmittel. 
Richardson, 6. W. Field of disease. 

Riley, J. C. Materia medica and thera- 
peutics Q 407 

Rossbach, M. J. Arzneimittellehre. 

■ Pbarmakologische untersuch- 

Schmidt, T. Compendium der arznei- 
mittellehre. 5. aufl. 
Schmiedberg, O. Arzneimittellehre Q 1036 

■ Tlie same. 2. aufl. 

Schroflf, C. D. R. v. Das pharmacolog- 
ische institut der wiener univer- 
sitat Q 413 

Schulz, H. Practische arzneimittellehre. 

Schwarzkopf, A. v. Arzneimittel aus 

dem unorgiinischen naturreiche Q 1 40 

Scoresby- Jack son, R E. Matoria-medica, 

pharmacology and therapeutics Q 415 

Semmola, M. Ezperiment^lle pharma- 
kologie unl klinische therapie 
Deutsche ausg. von A. del Torre. 

Sokolowski, A. Arbeiten aus dem 

pharmaoologischen laboratorium zu 

Stille, A. Thenipeutica and materia 

medica Q 416 

Tappeiner, H. Arzneimittellehre und 

ar znei verordnu ngsl eh re. 
Wibmer, K. Wirknng der arzneimittel 

und gifte im gesunden thierischen 

Wol£f, E. & Hirsch. Prilfung dor 

arzneimittel Q 427 

Ypey, A. H:indlx)ek der mat<?ries 

medica Q 1061 

Periodicals <|' Society publications. 
4i^hiv f uir experimen telle pharmakologie. 



Braun.J. Balneo-therapie einschliesslich ' 
der klimatotherapie der phthisis. 
4. aufi. 

•— Tlie same. 6. aufl. 
Eulenbury, A. Hydpoelektrisohen bader. 
Plechsig. R. Balneothempie fiir pract- 
ische arzfce. 

Helfft, H. Balneodiatetik Q 971 

Balneothempie Q 972 

Jahrbuch fflr balneologie, hydrologie 

und klimatology Z 181 

Kisch, E. H. Balneothempie der chron- 

ischen krankheiten Q 979 

' ■ Klinische balneothempie Q 980 

Quincke, H. Balneologische tafeln Q 1007 

Valentiener, T. Balneothempie Q 1020 

Lewin, L. Ueber areca catechu, chavica 
betle und das betetkauen. 

Binz, 0. Daschinin Q 828 

Pluckiger, P. A. Die chinarinden Q 1160 

Howard, J. E. Quinology Q 368 

Karsten, H. Medicinische chinarinden 

Neu-Granada*8 Q 376 

Klotzsch, P. Abstammung der rothen 

chinarinde Q 378 

Wagner, R. Experimentelle iinter- 
suchnngen tLber den einfluss des 
coffeins auf herz und gefiissappamt. 
Beddoes. T. Powers of digitalis pur- 
purea Q 821 

Eeichardt, E. Disinfection und dis- 
inficirende uiittel. 2. aufl. 

Amussat, A. Des sondes k demeure ct du 

conducteur en baleine Q 688 

Bezold, A. V. Electrische erregung der 

Brenner, R. Untersuchungen auf dem 

gebiete der electrotherapie Q 938 

Channing, W. P. Medical application 

of electricity. 
Duchenne, G. B. Physiologic der be- 

wegungen nach electrischen ver- 

Edelmann, M. T. Elektrotechnik far 

Erb, W. Electro-themple Q 1323 


riiesame. 2. aufl Q 1265 

Erdmann, B. A. Elektricitat in der 

praktischen medicin Q 950 

Pieber, P. Compendium der electro- 

Lawmnce, E. S. Essentials of medical 

Lawrence, H. N. Operators in medical 
electricity and massage. 

Lewandowski, R. Galvanokaustik in der . 
praktischen heilkunde. 

Meyer, M. ElectriciUlt in ihrer anwend- 
ung auf practische medicin Q 993 

Fierson, R. H. Electrotlierapie. 

Rieger, C. Medicinische elektiici- 

tiltslehre. 2. aufl. 

Rosenthal, I. Electricitiitslehre fttr 

mediciner Q 1009 

■ & Bernhardt, M. Elektrizitat 

fur mediziner und elektrotherapie. 
3. aufl. 

Rosenthal. M. Electrothempie Q 1010 

Stewart, D. D. & Lawrance, E. S. Es- 
sentials of medical electricity Q 1 377 

Voltolini, R. Anwendung der galvano- 
kaustik des kehlkopfes Q 671 

Ziemssen, H. v. ElectrisitRt in der 


Jackson, C. T. Etherization Q 373 

Warren, J. C. Etherization Q 7l»9 

Hydrotherapy, See Wat«r-cure. Also 

Pieber, P. Inhalation medicament&ser 

fltlssigkleiten Q 959 

Reibmayr, A. Die massage und ihro 
verwerthung in den yerschiedenen 
disciplinen der praktischen medicin. 
3. aufl. 

Die technik der massage. 2. nufl. 

Schreiber, J. Praktische anleitung zur 

behandlung durch massage und 
methodische muskeliibung Q 1203 

. The name Q10I5 


Hamilton, J. Mercurial medicines Q 357 

Warren, J. Mercurial practice Q 422 


Lebert, H. Milch- und molkenkuren 
und ilber lUndliche kurorte far nn- 
bemittelte brustkranke Q 983 




iliHeral vatert. See Minsbal waters. 
Erlenmeyer, A. Morpbiumsucht unci 
ihre behandlung. 3. aufl. 
Beard, G. M. Stimulantfi and narcotics. Q 3 
Bibra, E. F. von. Die uarkotischen 

grennssmittel und der mensch. 
Fronmiiller. Klinische studien iXher 
die schlafmachende wirkung der 
narkotischen arzneimittel. 
Physical tlierapeutict. 
Kossbach, M. J. Fhysikaliscbe beil- 

methoden Q 1302 

See also Bathing — Electro- therapeutics 
— Massage — Water-cure, 4"^. 
Prume acid. 

Preyer, T. W. I io blaustlure. 

Hamilton, J. Purgative medicines Q 358 


Hansen, A. Quebracho-rinde Q 361 


See Cinchona. 

Beard, G. M. Stimulants and narcotics. Q 8 

Trimble, H. Tannins. 
Transfusion of blood. 
Eulenbnrg, A. & Landois, L. Trans- 
fusion des blutes Q 956 

Kucbenmeister, F. Therapeutische an- 

wendung des wnssers Q 982 

MuUer, F. C. Hydrotherapie. 
Pleniger, A. Physiologic dcs wasserheil- 

verfahrens Q 1005 

Specielle pathologic und hydro- 

therapie Q 627 

Pricbter, C. A. W. Wtisserbuch Q 1070 

Wintemitz, W. Hydrotberapie auf 
pbysiologischer und kUnischer 
See also Bathing. 
See aiso Medicinb, medical chemistry 


Also Alcohol — Alkalies — Ethek 
— Milk, S(c. 

Materials, Strength of. See Enoimb bring. 

Also names of special materials. 
Mathematical physios. See Physics. 

Abel, N. H. Oeuvres. 


Adbemar, J. Oours de matb^matiques. 

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August, E. F. Mathematik far den 

bohern schulunterricht 6 383 

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results in pure mathematics. 
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pers , B 490 

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Lectures and essays V 422 

• Mathematical papers B 360 

Comte, A. Philosophy of mathematics. 
Davies, C. Logic and utility of 

mathematics B 174 

Mathematical science B 172 

■ Nature and utiHty of mathemat- 
ics B 222 

Practical mathematics B 173 

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Hagen, J. G. Synopsis der hoeheren 

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le 2 semestre, 1881—1882. 

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■ Recreations in mathematics. 
Jacobi, C. G. J. Gesammelte werke. 
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soins de J. A. Serret et de G. 

Darbaux W 220 

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gaben B 407 

Mdbius. A. F. Gesammelte werke. 
Reidt, F. Anleitung zum mathemat- 

ischen unterricht an hdberen 

Richardson, A. T. Graduated mathemat- 
ical exe rcises for home work B 525 

Progressive mathematical ex- 
ercises for home work B 525 

lUemann, B. Gesammelte mathemat- 
ische werke B 428 


Robertson, J. Exauiiaation csseuti'vls. 6 301 
Schwarz, H. A. Gesaininelte mathomat- 

isclie abbandlimgen. 
Sergeant, L. Elementary inatheuiatics. 

Steiner, J. Qesammelte werke B 334 

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al papers B 373 

Vandermonde, X. Abhandlungen aus 

der reinen matbematik. Deutscb 

herausg. von C. Itzigsobn. 
Wittstein, T. Elenientar-matbomatik. B 422 
• Methode des matbematiscben 


Caiicby, A. Valson, C.-A. La vie et les 

tmvaux de Caucby. 
De Morgan, A. De Morgan, S. E. 
memoir of A De Morgan. 
See also Physical science, biograpby. 


Davies, C. & Peck, W. G. Matbematical 

dictionary B 165 

Encyclopaedia of pure matbematics. 

Pnjisawa, K.. Vocxbulary of matbemat- 
ical terms in cnglisb and Japanese. 

(«9!fflB3¥ftlSB^») B 4S6 

Matbematical dictionary in englisb and 

japaueEe B 279 

Sonnet, H. Dictionnaire des matbemat- 

iquea B 162 

■ Tfie same. 2. 6d. 

■ TJie same. 3. ^d 

Arnetb, A. Geschicbte der reinen 

matbematik B 156 

Ball, W. W. R. Sbort account of tbe 

bistory of matbematics B 516 

Cantor, M. Vorlesungen tiber ge- 

Bcbicbte der matbematik. 

Gow, J. Sbort bistory of greek 

matbematics B 340 

Hnnkel, H. Ziir gcscbicbte der 

matbematik B 465 

Mario, M. Hist.oire des sciences 

matbemitiqnos B 476 

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iques B 434 

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iscben wissenscbaf ten B 417 

Heatber, J. F. Matbematical instru- 
ments • B 168 


Simms, F. VV. Matbematical and draw- 
ing instruments H 32 

Matbematical instruments H 285 

Periodicah ^' Society ptiblicationg. 

Acta matbematica Y 15 

American j ournal of matbematics Y 83 

Annali di matomatica pura ed applicata. 

A rcbiv der matbematik und pbysik Z 218 

Bulletin des sciences matbemntiques ... Z 41 
Oambridge and Dublin matbematical 

journal Z 100 

Jahrbucb Ql>er die fortscbritte der 


Journal do matbematiques pures et ap- 

Journal fiir die reine und angewandte 

matbematik Y 60 

Kais. akademie der wissenscbaften. 
Anzeiger ; matbematiscb-natur- 
wissenscbaftlicbe classe Z 143 

Denkscbriften ; matbematiscb- 
natur wissenscbaftlicbe classe Y 523 

Sitzungsbericbte ; matbemat- 

iscb-naturwissenscbaftlicbe classe. Z 97 

Kon. bayer. akademie der wissenscbaften. 
Abbandlungen der matbematiscb- 
pbysikaliscben classe Y 105 

Sitzungsbericbte der mathemat- 

iscb-pbysikaliscben classe Z 144 

K5n. preuss. akademie der wissenscbaft. 
Matbematiscbe und naturwissen- 
scbaftlicbe mittbeilungen aus deu 

sitzungsbericbten Y 154 

Lisboa, Academia real das sciencias de. 

Jornal de matbematicas, 4*^^ Z 261 

London matbematical society. Proceed- 
ings Z 47 

Lunds universitet. Ars-skrift Y 140 

Matbematiscbe annalen Y 36 

Messenger of matbematics Z 16L 

Quarterly journal of pure and applied 

matbematics Z 8 

Tokio matbematiail and pbysical society, 

2)uh. Memoirs on infinite series ... B 522 
Zeitscbrift fur matbematik und pbysik. Z 112 


Bardey, E. Metbodiscb georduete auf- 

gabensammlung B 336 

Greenbill, A. G. Solutions of tbe Cam- 
bridge senate-bouse problems B 207 

Jameson, £. J. Senate bouse riders B 234 


Mathematical questions, with their 
solutions. (From the " Educational 

Saint-Mesmin, E. M. de. Probl^mes de 

mathemaiiques et de phisique B 159 

Solutions of the problems and riders 
proposed in the senate-house exami- 
nation, by the moderators and 

examiners. 1857 B 238 

Tlieftame. 1864 B 239 

Smith, J. O. Questionsjin mathematics. B 528 
Wolstenholmo, J. Mathematical pro- 
blems B 446 

Tables ( including •Logarithmic and 

Trigonometrical tables), 

August, E. F. Logarithmische und 

trigonometrische tafeln B 884 

Barlow's tables of squares, cubes, square 

roots, reciprocals of all integer 

numbers up to 10.000. 
Bottomlej, J. T. Logarithmic and 

trigonometrical tables. 
Bremiker, C. Tables of the common 

Bruhns. Logarithms. 
Burckhardt, J. C. Table des diviseurs. 

1 — 3 million. 

Callet, F. Tables portatives de loga- 

rithmes B 160 

Chambers's Mathematical tables B 1 69 

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Da8e,Z. Factoren-tafeln. 7. — 9. million. 
Dapuis, J. Tables de logarithmes k cinq 

deoimales d'apr^ J. De Lalande . ... B 158 
-^— Tables de logarithmes k sept 

decimaJes d'apr^s Bremiker, Callet, 

Vega, etc B 161 

Factor tables for one to ninth million. 

1 — 3rd. million by J. Burckhardt 

4 — 6th. „ „ J. Glaisher. 

7 — 3th. „ „ Z. Dase. 
Gauss, F. G. Fanfstellige voUstandige 

logarithmische und trigonometrische 

tafeln. 15. aufl. B 278 

The tavie. 34. aufl. 

' Vierstillige logarithmische-tri- 

gOQometrische handtafel. 

Glaisher, J. Factor table. 4 — 6 million. 
Hdughton, S. Mathematical tables. 

Hntton, C. Mathematical tables B 264 

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metrisches handbuch B 401 


Lalande, J. D. Tables de logarithmes 
pour les n ombres et pour les sinus. 

Law, H. Treatise on logarithms. 

Loomis, E. Tables of logarithms of 

XAble, W. H. Useful tables 

Schl&milch, O. Fiinfstellige logarithm- 
ische und trigonometrische tafeln ... 

Schrdn, L. Seven figure logarithms ... 

Speijer, J. S. Tafel van de gewone of 
briggiaansche logarithmen van 
1 tot 10 1000. 

Vega, G., FreiJierr von, Logarithm- 
ischtrigonometrisches handbuch ... 

!/7i« same. 43. aufl. 

TJie same. 47. aufl. 

TJie same. 48. aufl. 

Tlie same, 54. aufl. 

■ The same. 59. aufl 

■ • Manuel logarithmique et tri- 

gonometrique. 40. ed 

Weisbach, J. Tafel der vielfachen sinus 

und cosinus, etc. 
Wilson, J. Ready reckoner for tubs and 

Woodward, C. J. ABC five figure 


See also Algkbba — Abithhbtic — 
Calculus — Gbouetby — Least 


Mathematics, Method of teaching. 

St;e Education, school management 
& method of teaching. 


Brevia. Aphorisms 

Collection of latin maxims. 
Trayner, J. Latin maxims. 

Meat. See Food. Also Htoienb. 
Mecca, Pilgrimage to. 


Mechanical arts. See Industries, Me- 

Mechanical engineering. 

Abel, C. D. Principles of machinery ... 

■ The same. Athus 

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'Tlve same, 2. ed. 

Amongst machines. 

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■ Machinery and iron work 









B 420 

B 157 
B 294 

P 413 

H 20 
H 89 

H 61 




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schinenlebre W 1 

Specimens of tables B 163 

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skizzenbucbs filr den praktischen 

Hondbuch fur den practiscben 

uiascbinen-constructe u r 
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lite tame, 6. ed. 

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and drawing H 73 

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mecbanik H 220 

> Manual of tbe uiecbanics of 

engineering and of tbe construction 

of macbines H IdL 

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engineering H 76 

Mechanics of machinery of 

transmission B 361 

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mechanics H 267 

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cyklopudie H 7 

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Institution of mechanical enginocrs. 

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Special icorkt. 
Belts and belling. 
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Cog-wlieeh. See Mill and mill work. 
Cranes and Elevators. 

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Gearing. See Mills aud mill works. 
Graphical statics. 
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statics W 105 

■ New method of graphical statics. 

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pocket-book of tables, formulae, * 
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8pe«>d8 occurring in mechanical 

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macbines en mouvement. 
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k longues periodes. 
Tbeorie genernle des transmis- 
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employed in the construction and 
transmission of power. 

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preis-catalog H 243 

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ics H 158 

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• Constructionslehre fQr den 

maschinenbau H 362 

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lehre H 222 




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machines for raising water H 23 

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various subjects connected with the 
mechanic arts H 127 

Experiments in hydraulic presses. 
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hydrauliques k axe vertical appel^s 


Notions geometriques sur les 

mouvements et lours transforma- 
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hydraulic machinery. 

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engineer's guide 

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mill work 

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Pump. See Pdmf. 

Turbine wheels. See Hydraulic machinery. 

yalve motioH. See Mills and Mill-works. 

IVater engine. See Hydraulic machinery. 


Camus. Teeth of wheels 

IVind-mills. See Wind-hills. 

See also Enqinebbing — Hb^t — Indus- 
TBIB8, Mechanical — Mbchanics 
— Hydraulic enginbebing — Pump 

— ^TBAM ENGINE, 4*^. AlsO GaB 

woBKs — Marine enginbrbing — 
Sewing machine — Wind-mill 


Alexander, T. Applied mechanics. 

Bending moments produced by 

travelling load systems. 
& rhomson, A. W. Applied 

H 394 

H 42 
H 50 
H 164 

H 53 


— Bending moment and shearing 

forges on beams and cantilevers. 

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The same, 2. ed. 

H 320 

W 72 
W 104 

H 208 

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■ Traite de m^canique 

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appliqu^e W 26 



W 150 








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Fustegueras k Hergot Mecanique 

theorique et appliqu^e W 27 

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text-book W 76 

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derkrafte W 294 

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tJbers. von A. Ziwet. 
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mecanique appliquee W 25 

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Mechanism H 25 

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mechanics W 180 

Problems of theoretical mechan- 

The same. 2. ed. 

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4, ed H 122 

■ Ilie same. 5. ed. 

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subjects H 342 

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Wormell, R. Theoretical and applied 

Worthen, W. E. First lessons in mechan- 
ics W 66 


Duhring, E. Kritische geschichte der 
allgemeinen principien der mechan- 
ik W 222 


Central-zeitung fiir mechanik Y 7 

Special works. 
Chemical mecluinics. See Chemistry, me- 

Bottomley, J. T. Dynamics. 

Clifford, WK. Dynamics B 306 

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Dirichlet, P. G. Cber die im umgekehrt- 

en verhiiltnisse des quadrats der 

entfernung werkeuden krafte. 
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particles and solids W 417 

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dynamics W 358 

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■ Theorie nouvelle de la rotation 

des corps. 
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of rigid bodies W 329 


■ Elemenfcary part of dynamics of 
rigid bodies W 328 

— '■ — The tame, 6. ed. 

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dynamics of rigid bodies W 179 

■ Stability of a given state of 

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a particle. 3. ed W 73 

T1i£ same. 4. ed. 

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to physios and chemistry W 366 

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dynamics and the theory of light. 
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namics ,.. W 297 

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Hydro-dynamiet. See Htdro-mbchamics. 
Hydro'Hatics. See Hydro-mechanics. 
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■ Tlie tame. 2. ed. 
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'The same. 3. ed. 

■ Tlie same. 4. ed. 
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Tlie same. 12. ed W 364 

-^— — Elemente der statik. Deutsche 

auBg. Heransg. von H. Serrus. 
Routh, E. J. Analytical statics. 
Todhunter, J. Analytical statics. 4. ed. B 202 
— — The same. 5. ed. 
S<fe also Mechanical ENOiNBEBiNa. 

Aho Gaseh — Heat — Physics — 

Pneumatics — Science. <^'c. 

Medical botany . S^<;g Pharmacy — Botant. 
Medical geography. See Medicine, 

Medical jurisprudence. See Fobensio 

medicine. Also SlMULiATION. 


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medicine Q 490 

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Preussen Q 954 

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ToUendung seines 70. lebensjahres. 
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zahn&rztliche privatprazis vom 28. 

marz 1889. 

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physician : Q 70 

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ischen medicin Q 587 

■ Grundriss der praktischen medi- 
cin Q 688 

Tlie same. 2. aufl Q 589 

■ Lehrbuch der practischen medi- 
cin Q 590 

■ llie same. 3. aufl. 

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die patienten. 

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medicine <4 ^5 

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examen Q 906 

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' -*■ - - I r I 

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buch fiir medicin und naturwissen* 
Bchaften Q 963 

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progr^s des sciences et institations 
medicales Q 164 

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methodologie der natur-nnd heil- 
kunde Q 95 

^—^ The name. Neue. ausg. 

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terms Q 975 

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lexicon. (|Vl$g|«»j|t) 2.ed. 

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T}ie same. 2. ed. 

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bularium fuer medicin und natur- 
wissenschaften Q 1213 

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tascben-bucb mediciniscber fremd- 
w5rter Q 981 

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cbirurgie, do pbarmacie, 4'^. 

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mmiff' *P*ft»S- 1887 Q 1215 

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mediciniscbes woerterbuch. (ffiiSS 


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wdtterbucb Q 1016 

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samten medizin. 


Illinois state board of betiltb. Medical 
education, medical colleges and tbe 
regulation of tbe practice of medi- 
cine in U. SS. and Canada. 

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im kdnigreiche Bayem. 

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of medical science Q 1017 

Observations on tbe duties and offices of 

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— TJie same. 5. ed Q 654 



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giiltigen medizinalgesetze Prcusscn. 
Williams, C. J. B. Principles of medicine. Q 677 


Indezmedicus Y 52 

Alediciniscbe bibliograpbie und anzeiger 
zum centralblatt fiir die ge8:immte 
U. S. surgeon-general's office. Index- 
catalogue of the library. 

Calenders and Registers. 
Brown, F. H. Medical register of 

Massachusetts Q 939 

Medicinal-kalender fiir den preussiscben 



Copland, J. Dictionary of medicine Q 944 

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terms Q 945 

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Dictionnaire des sciences medicales Q 947 

Dictionnaire des termes de medecine ... Q 948 
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science Q 19 

Now dictionary of medical 

science and lieratu re Q 949 

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gesammten beilkunde Q 955 

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medicine Q 547 

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praktiscben medicin Q 962 



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uniyeraitaU-bildunjif imd deren be- 

deutang far den inediciner. 
Strieker, S. TJeber den anschauungs- 

unterrioht in den medicinisohen 


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des heilenden stondes Q 692 

■ History of medicine and the 
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Xouv. ed ^ Q 1227 

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medicin und medicinische geogra- 

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epidemischen krankheiten Q 969 

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diseases Q 970 

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kunde Q 1237 

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The same. 2. aufl Q 1234 

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medicinisohen anschauangen in den 

let zten drei jahrzehnten Q 1 242 

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znr geschichte der medicin. 
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Geschichte der medicin. 

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schichte der medizin Q 1233 

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Schwimmer, E. Die ersten anfange d^r 
heilkunde und die medizin ira alt«n 


Wnnderlich, C. A. Geschichte der 
F&r the history of special diseases, see the 
names of diseases under Pathologt. 
Fieber, F. Apparate zur einathmung 

flOssiger medikamente Q 957 

U. S. army medical museum. Catalogue. Q 1074 

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ischen nomenclatur Q 1241 

American medical intelligencer. 
Archiv der heilkunde. 
Archiv fiir anatomie, physiologie und 

wissenschaftliche medicin. 
Archiv fiir experimentelle pathologie 

und pharmakologie. 
Australian medical journal. 

Berliner klinische wochenschrift Y 515 

British medical journal T 51 

Canstatt's jahresbericht ftber die fort- 

schritte der gesammten medicin ... Y 56 
Centralblatt fiir die medicinischen wis- 

senschaften Z 178 

Centralblatt fiir klinische medicin Z 189 

De'itsche medicinische wochenschrift ... Y 516 

Deu tsche medizinal-zeitung Y 542 

Deutsches archiv fiir klinische medicin. Z 27 1 
Fortschritto der medicin. 
Jahrbnch fiir practische aerzte. 
Jahresbericht iiber die leistungen und 

fortfichritte in der gesammt«n 

medicin Y 57 

Lancet Y 53 

Lancette fran^aise Y 522 

London lancet Y 54 

Medicinische bibliographie und anzeiger 

zum centralblatt fiir die gesammte 

medicin Z 190 

Medico-chirurgical review Z 173 

Medizinische jahrbiicher. 

Manchener mediciiiische wochenschrift. 

New England journal of medicine and 

surgery Z 180 

Xew England quarterly journal of 

medicine ai)d surgery Z 172 

Pacific medical and surgical journal Z 171 

Practitioner Z 20 

Progres m6dical Y 70 

Retrospect of practical medicine and 


MEDICtNE ^174 

Schmidt's jahrbflcber der in- und aus- 

liindiscben gesamuiten medicin Y 30 

Vierteljabrecbrift fiir die praktiscbe 

heilkunde Z 185 

Wiener medizinisclie wocbenscbrift Y 538 

Zeitscbrift fur kliniscbe medicin. 

Zeitscbrif t far rationelle medicin Z £04 

Society piiblicationit. 

American medical association. Transac- 
tions Z 166 

Boston society for medical improvement. 
Extracts from tbe records. 

Congress ffir inncre medicin. Verbnnd- 

Firenze, R. Istituto di studi superiori 
pratici e di perfezion-amento in. 
Publicazioni. Sezione di medicina 
e cbirurgia e scuola di farmacia Y 1 29 

International medical congress. Transac- 

Internationale mediciniscbe congress. 

Ireland, Royal academy of medicine in. 

Transactions Z 432 

Jena, Mediciniscb-naturwissenscbaft- 
licbe gesellscbaft zn. Jenaiscbe 
zeitscbrift fiir (medicin nnd) natur- 

Kais. k5n. gesellscbaft der firzte. Medi- 

ziniscbe jabrbiicber Z 176 

London, Koyal medical and cbirurgic il 
society of. Medico-cbirurgical trans- 

• President's address. 

— — Proceedings. 

Maryland, Medical and cbirurgical 

faculty of tbe state of. Transactions. 
Maasacbusetts medical society. liibrary 

of practical medicine Q 603 

New York, Medical society of tbe stitte 

of. Transactions Z 163 

Oberbessiscbe gesellscbaft fiir natur- 

und heilkunde. Bericht. 
Tennessee, Medical society of the stat-e 

of. Transactions. 
U. S. bureau of medicine nnd surgery. 

Banitery and medical roporta. 
Surgeon-general's office. Cir- 
cular Y 50 

Wiirzburg, Pbysikaliscb-mediciniscbe 

gesellscbaft in. Yerbandlungen ... Z 167 
WUrzburgcr mediciniscbe zeitscbrift ... Z 179 


^— »"■» .1 III — ^^"^ ' ** 

For tlie reports flf1untpUal8,see Hospitals. 
Special tcorJct. 
Anatomy. See Anatomy and phtsiologt. 
Ciiemistry 4" Physicn^ Medical. 
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al and pharmaceutical. 13. ed. 

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analyse E 397 

Hoppe-Seyler, F. Mediciniscb-cbemische 


Pbysiologiscbe chemie Q 273 

Physiologiscb- und patbologiscb 

chemische analyse. 3. aufl Q 270 

Tlie same. 4. aufl E 337 

Tliesavie. 5. aufl Q 272 

Jabres-bericht (Iber die fortscbritte der 


Kossel, A. Leitfaden fiir mediciniscb- 
cbemische curse. 2. aufl. 

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cbemische analyse. 

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der medicin. 

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ischen arbciten. 

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l^hudichum, L. J. W. Anatomische nnd 
kliniscbe chemie. 

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"SYundt, W. Mediciniscbe physik Q 314 


Zaleski, St S. Lao In^ol. Keclierches 
medicotopographo-chimiques. (In 

russian) Q 1373 

See also Forensic medicine — Pathol- 
ogy — Phabmact, cheuiistry. 
Chirurgy. See Subobbt. 


Bennett, J. H. CI inical lectures Q 504 

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monstrativen vortragen Q 1 222 

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hdteldieii in Paris Q 664 

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methoden des mediciniscb-kliniscben 

unterricbtes Q 1243 

Wiener klinik. 

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Berliner kliniscbe wocbenscbrift T 515 

Centndblatt fur kliniscbe medicin Z 189 

Deutsches arcbiv filr kliniscbe medicin. Z 12L 
Zeitschrift fur kliniscbe medicin. 

See also Pathology. 

For eliiiics of special diseases, see the navies 
of diseases under Pathology. 

Dennatolopy and Syphilis. See Derma- 
tology and Syphilis. 


Baas, J. H. Medicinische diagnostik ... Q 497 

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tisches lexicon. 

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diagnostik Q 1221 

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pnd ibre ergebnissep 


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krankbeiten Q 551 

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2. aufl Q1351 

'Hie same. 3. aufl. 

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2. aufl. 

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neren krankbeiten. 2. aufl Q1271 

The sam^. 3. aufl. 

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krankbeiten Q 667 

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medical diagnosis. Tr. by F. H. 

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untersucbungs methoden zur diag- 
nostik innerer krankbeiten. 

Mediciniscb-klinische diagnos- 

Percussion and Auscultation, 

Bowditch, 11. Young stetboscopist Q 512 

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sion Q1090 

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tion Q1301 

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tion Q 618 

ITieoretiscbe und cliniscbe 

percussion und auscultation Q 619 

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und auskultation Q 643 

Thesame. 6. aufl Q 644 

Weil, A. Auscultation der arterien und 


• 1 'opographische percussion Q 1 095 

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tation Q 683 

Foster, B. W. Spbygmograpb investi- 
gation of diseases Q 548 

Mosso, A. Diagnostik des pulses Q 612 


Temperature in disemten. 
Oompton, T. A. Temperature in acute 

disease Q 532 

Wunderlich, C. A. Verhalten eigen- 

warme in krankheiten Q 680 

See aho Pathology. 

Domestic medicine ^ Homaopathy. 
Beangrand, E. Medecine domestiqae. Q 1 
Esmarch, F. Die erate hfilfe bei plSt7>- 
lichon unglucksfallen. 

Pellenl^erg-Ziegler, A. v. Kleine homft- 
opathischearzneiuiittellf^hre. 5. aufl. 

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physician Q 629 

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surgery Q 673 

Forensic medicine. See Fobbnsio ukdicine. 

Geography, Medical. 
Fuchs, C. F. Medicinische geographic. Q 960 
Miihry, A. Oeographische verhaltaisse 

d(^i:« krankheiten Q 471 

Schoepff, J. D. Climate and diseases of 

America Q G36 

Wemich, A. Geographisch-medicinische 


Germ theory. 

Baumgarten, P. Pathologische ujykolo- 

•gie. 2. aufl Q 1264 

Bninm. E. Der mikro-org»inismus dor 
genorrhoischen schleimhautHrkrah- 
kungen " gonococcusneisser." 2. 

Fli'lgge, C. Die mikroorganismen. 

■ 'The same. 2. aufl. 
Hoffmann, G. v. Cber spnltpilze im 

menschlichen blute Q1311 

Jahresbericht fiber die fortschritte in 

der lehre von den pathogenen 

mikroorganismen umfassend bac- 

terien, pilze und protozoen. 
Klein, E. Micro-organisms and disease. D 375 

' Tlie same. 3. ed. 
Maclagan, T. Germ theory. 
Miquel. Die mikro-organismen der luft. 

Uebers. von E. Emmerich. 

Pfeiffer, L. Protozoen als krankheitser- 

reger Q 1287 


Thierry, M. de. Contribution k Tetode 
des alcaloides microbiens et physi- 
See also Pathologt, infectious 
Gynaecology. See Gynaiksologt. 
Hospitals (including Hospital publications), 

Annalen des charit^-krankenhauses. 

Billings, J. S. Description of the Johns 

Hopkins hospital Q 1255 

Blondel & Ser, L. Bapport sur les 
hopitauz civils de la ville de 
Londres Q 1073 

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gical report Y 47 

Charite-annalen Y 49 

City of Dublin hospital. Report. 

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koniglichen charite zu Berlin Q, 952 

Die krankhauser Q 933 

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dis k&nigreich Preussen. 

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Xew England hospital for women and 
children. Annual report. 

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keits anstalten Q 1001 

Philadelphia hospital. Reports Z 309 

U. S. marine-hospital service. Annual 
report of the supervising surgeon. 

Wien, Kais. k5n. allgemeine kranken- 

haus zu. Aerztlicher bericht Z 188 

Microscopic study. 

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■ Microscope in medicine. 4. ed. Q 501 

Bizzozero, G. Elinische mikroskopie. 

Peyer, A. Microscopio am krankenbelt^. 
See aho Microscopk. 
Midirifery. See Gynaecology and Obstet- 
Military medicine. See Military mvdioinv. 


Barwell, B. Guide in the sick room Q 935 

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und im hospitale. 3. aufl. 

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pflege. 4. aufl. 

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familie Q 1307 

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Wemich. Lehrbuch fttr heildienor. 


See also Gtnascologt, nursing — 
Pasdiatsics, nursing. 
Natural hiitory. 
LaneBsan, J.-L. de. Manuel d'histoire 
natarelle medicale. 
Obttetriet. See Gtkaecoix>ot, obstetrics 
Otciogy. See Otoloot. 
Paedlatricn. See Pabdiatbics. 
Pathology, See Pathology. 
Pharmacy. See Prarxact. 
Phyticloffy, See PHTgioLOOT, AUo kVKTOiirz 

and PHTSioiiOGT. 
Pgyekiatriet, See Psychiatbtcs. 

Oesterten, F. Medicinische statistik ... Q 1184 
Surgery. See Subgsby. 
TherapeuticM. See Pathology— Matsbia 
^ MKDioA and Thkbapbdtios. 

Veterinary medicine. See Vbtbbinabt 


Helanoholy* See Psychology, Experi- 
mental & physiological. 
Membranes. See Akatowt. 
Memoiy. See Psychology. 


Arman, A. Complete ready reckoner 

for the admeasurement of land. 
Baker, T. Mensuration and measuring. 
Boucher, J. S. Mensuration. 
Cantalupi, A. Trattato completo di 

Ooyen, P. Higher arithmetic k elemen- 
tary mensuration B 478 

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Koppe, K. Stereometrie] B 110 

Moore, B. T. Mensuration. 

Munn, D. Exercises on mensuration ... B 865 

Mensuration of lines B 864 

Nesbit, A. Practical mensuration B 366 

TJeidt, F. Stereometric B 409 

Wiedgand, A. Stereometric B 326 

See aho Abtthmbtic — Gbostbtby — 
Sctbyeying — Tbioonombtby. 
Mental physiology. See Psychology, 

Mercury, (Planet). See Astbonouy* mer* 

Mercury, Medical use of. See Matbbia 

MBDicA* mercury. 
Meridian, Arc of. See Gbodbby. 
Meridian, Prime. 

Beaumont* H. B. De. Ohoix d'un m^ridi- 

en initial nnique J 85 


International conference for fixing a 

prime meridian B 875 

See alto Gbogbafky. 

BAumler, C. Sogenannte animalische 

Braid, J. Der hypnotismus. Deutsoh 
herausg. von W. Preyer. 

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studie auf dem gebiete des hypno- 
tismus. 2. aufl. 

Preyer, W. Die entdecknng des hypno- 
tismus Q1260 


Sz y, Franz von,Gra/. Einwort 

tiber animalischen magnetismus, 
Reelenk5rper nnd lebensessens. 
(Append, to Osann, G. W. Grundsage 
der lehte t. dem magnetismus n. der 
See also Psychtatbicb — Psychology. 

Metal oolooring. 

Buchner, G. Die metaJlfarbung und 

deren ausfUhrung. 
Kiorns, A. H. Metal-colouring and 


Metallio alloys, 

Guettier, A. Metallic alloys M 56 

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von metallen mit anderen metallen 

Hioms, A. H. Mixed metals or metallic 

Krupp, A. & Wildberger, A. Metallic 

alloya Tr. by W T. Brannt. 
Scoffem, J., Sfc. Useful metals and their 

alloys U 16 

Wildberger, A. Legir- und l&thkunst... IT 146 
See also Mbtals. 
Metalloids. See Cbbkistby, Inorganic. 
Metallurgy and Assasring. 

Agricolae, G. De re metallica libri XII. XT 115 
Austen, W. C. Boberts-. Introduction 

to the study of metallurgy. 
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on the smelting processes at Frei- 
Church, J. A. Metallurgical journey. 
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Ddrre, £. F. Allgemeine hdttenkunde. V 77 


Egleston, T. Boston and Corolado smelt- 
ing works. 

Mendheim continuous gas-fur- 

— ^— Metallurgical taUes U 71 

■ Pelican mill. 

■ Tables to illustrate the metal- 
lurgical lectures U 69 

Gaetzschmann, M. F. Aufbereitung. 

Greenwood, W. H. Metallurgy U 11 

Gruner, M. L. Abhandlungen fiber 

— Blast furnace phenomena. 
Hartmann, C. Yademecum fUr den 

praktischen huttenmann IT 79 

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assaying U 143 

— Elementary metallurgy. 
Jordan, S. Album du oours de metal- 

Karsten, 0. J. B. System der metallurgie. U 1 
Kerl, B. Allgemeine hdttenkunde. 
——' Beschreibung der oberbarzer 

— Metallhtittenkunde. 

Metallurgische huttenkunde ... IT 188 

Kupelwieser, F. Hattenwesen U 88 

Kustel, G. Concentration of all kinds 

of ores TJ 88 

Ledebur, A. Oefen fttr metallurgische 

processe TJ 87 

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Mondy. E. F. Course of metallurgy. 
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Knapp, 4''c TJ 23 

Metallurgy ; introduction TJ 19 

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kunde TJ 73 

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traitment des minerals m^talliques. TJ 116 

Scheerer, T. Metallurgie TJ 36 

Schinz, C. Action of the blast-furnace. TJ 13 
Steinmann, F. Fortschritte auf der 

gasfeuerungen TJ 130 

■ Gasfeuerung auf die hCitten- 
industrie TJ 123 

Stolzel, C. Metallurgie. 


Balling, C. A. M. Fortschritte im 

Beringer, C. & J. J. Assaying. 
Bodemann, T. & Eerl, B. Assaying of 

lead, copper, silver, gold and 


Bolley, P. A. Essais et recherches 


Brown, W. L. Manual of assaying. 

Gold, silver, copper & lead ores. 
Goodyear, W. A. Assaying of lead, etc. 
Kerl, B. Assayer's manual. Tr. by W. 

T. Brannt. 2. ed., by F. L. Garrison. 
Metallurgische probirkunst. 


Lieber, O. M. A asayer*s gn^ide 

Mitchell , J. Practical assaying 

^— — I'he tame. 5. ed. 

U 63 
E 41 

North, O. Practical assayer 

Phillips, J. S. Explorers' and assayers* 

Plattner, C. F. Probirkunst mit dem 


The same. 5. aufl., von T. Richter. 

Ricketts, P. de P. Assaying 

Rivot, L.-E. Docimasie 

Staples, B. C. Assay reports. 

Frantz, W. A. & Dannenberg, J. 

Huttenmannisches w5rterbuch 

Oesterreichische zeitsohrift fur berg- 
und hdttenwesen. 
See also Blowpipk — Mining. Also the 
names of metals. 

Metals and Metal working. 
Alder- Wright, C. R. Metals. 

Bloxam. C. L. Metals 

& Huntiagton, A. K. Metals. 

Hunt, R. Manufactures in metal. 
I5edebur, A. Metalle. 

■ Venirbeitung der metalle 

U 3 
U 80 

U 2 

U 89 

U 66 
TJ 114 

U 92 

TJ 12 

TJ U2 

Olhme, J. Fabrikation der wichtigsten 

RuU'je, F. F. Technische chemie der 

nutzlichsten metalle 

SchloBser, E. Das Ibthen und die bear- 

beitung der metalle 

^— The same. 2. aufl. 

Tetmajer, L. Methoden resultate der 

prftfung der festigkeitsverhaltnisse 

des eisens und anderer metalle. 

E 218 

E 277 


Tregold^ T. Cast iron and other metals. 

Wagner, J. B. Metalle uud ihre yerar- 

beitung^ U 58 

Warn, R. H. Sheet metal worker's in- 

Whitney. J. D. Metallic wealth of the 

United States K 29 


Zippe. F. X. M. Geschichte der metalle. U 135 
See alto Chkmistbt, Analytical — 
Imdustsies, Mechanical — Mbtal 
coLouBiNG — Metallic alloys — 
Mbtallurgt — Mining, 4'^. Also the 
namet of metaU. 

Metaphyedos. See Phjlobopht. 

Abererombyi R. Principles of forecast- 
ing by means of weather charts. 
■ Weather. 2. ed. 

Blasins, W. Storms R 20 

Buhan, A, Meteorology of Ben Nevis ... R 68 


Cornelius, C. 8. Meteorologie R S7 

Drew, J. Meteorology R 7 

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Law of storms. 

Finley, J. P. Six hundred tornadoes ... R 47 
Ponnelle,W.D. Thunder and lightning. B 24 

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orologie W 88 

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Jackson, L. D. A. Modem meteorology. 

Kaemtz, L. F. Meteorology R 9 

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M^moires de meteorologie dynam- 

jque R 35 

Treatise on meteorology. 

Martin, W. R. Ocean meteorology. 
Mohn, H. Meteorologie. 4. aufl. 
Mailer, J. Grundriss der physik und 


The same. 10. aufl. W 281 

Hie same. 12. aufl. 

The tame, 13. aufl W 406 

' Lehrbnch der physik und mete- 

Mathematischer supplement- 
band zum grundriss der physik und 
meteorologie W 17 

Rossi. M. S. de. Meteorologia endogena. R 49 
Boy, R. F. The weather book. 


Scott, R. H. Elementary meteorology. 

4 ed. 
Scott, B. H. Weather charts and storm 

< — — ■ TJte tame. 3. ed. 

Smith, B. A. Air and rain B 

Wadsworth, J. L. B. & Nipher, F. E. 

Zendejas, J. Tablas psyorom^tricas oal- 

culadas para la altura de m^zico. 

Obtervationt, Puhlieationt of ohtervatoriet, 

a^d Periodicals. 
Adelaide obserratory. Meteorological 

observations T 

Astronomie; revue d'astronomie, de 

meteorologie, i^e. 
Behring Strait. Hildebrandsson, H. H. 

Observations m^t^orolog^ques faites 

par Texp^tion de la Y^ga du Cap 

Nord K Yokohama par le d^troit de 

Behring B 

Berlin. E5n. meteorologische institut. 

Krgebnisse der meteologisolien beo- 

Bombay. Chambers, C. Meteorology 

of the Bombay presidency. 
— — Government observatory. Mag- 

netical and meteorological observa- 
Bruxelles, Observatoire royal de. An- 

nales m^t^orologiques. 
Denmark, Sweden & Norway. Danske 

meteorolog^ske institut. Mete- - 

orologfisk aarbog. 
■ Instituts m^teorolog^ques de 

Norv^ge, de Danemark et de SuM& 

Bulletin m^t^orologique du nord. 
IKongl. svenska vetenskaps akade- 

mi. Meteorologiska iakttagelser i 

— ^— Xorweg^che meteorolog^che 

institute. Jahrbuch. 
Great Britain. Meteorolog^ical office. 

Hourly readings. 
Meteorological atlas of the 

British Isles. 

• — i Meteorological observations. 

Meteorological observations 

made at Sanchez (Samona Bay), St. 
Domingo, 1886-88, by the late W. 

Monthly weather report. 

Quarterly weather report 





Report of the meteorolog- 
ical COUDCil. 

■ Weekly weather report. 

Greenwich, Koyal obeerratory. Reduc- 
tion of twenty years' photographic 
records of the barometer and dry- 
bult and wet-bult thermometers, and 
twenty-seven years' obserrationfl of 

. the earth thermometers. 

Results of the magnetical and 

meteorological observations. 

International meteorological committee. 

Lick observatory. Publications. 

Melbourne observatory. Monthly re- 
cord of results of observations. 

Milan, Reale osservatorio di Brera in. 

Montsouris, Observatoire de. Annuaire. 

New York meteorological observatory. 

Report T 162 

O Gyalla., Astrophysikalisches obserrsr 
torium in. Beobachtungen. 

Ohio meteorological bureau. Annual 

report Z 896 

Report Z 397 

Potsdam, Astrophysikalisches observa- 

torium zu. Publicationen. 

St. Petersburg. Physikalisches central- 

observatorium. Annalen T 659 

Sydney observatory. Results of mete- 
orological observations. 

■ Results of rain, river, and 
evaporation observations made in 
New South Walea 

Torino, Osservatorio della regia univer- 
sity di. Bollettino meteorologico. 

IT. 8. office of the chief signal-officer. 
Bulletin of intemationaJ mete- 
orology T 82 

Daily bulletin of weather reports. Y 31 

Instructions to observer-ser- 

■ Instructions to observers of the 

■ Monthly wheather review Y 38 

■ Practical use of meteorological 
reports, etc. 

XT. S. weather bureau. Bulletin. 

■ Monthly weather review. 

Upsal, Observatoire m^teorolog^qne de 
r university de. Bulletin mensuel. 
Utrecht Meteorologisch waamemingen. 


Venice. Massimiliano, A, Relazione 
dei fenomeni meteorici nvennti dal 
1878 al 1830 Nella Citta di Venezia, 
Vienna. Kais. E&n. central-anstalt far 
meteorologie und erdmagnetismus. 
See alto AsTBONOirr, observations. 
Williamson, R. S. Practical tables in 

meteorology and hypsometry R 56 

See also AiBr— Cliicatx and Clikatol- 
OGT — DiionoHTB — ^Floodb — Phtbio- 



Daubr^e, A. Experiences synth^tiques. 
Rammelsberg, C. F. Chemische natur 

der meteoriten T 60 

Tscfaermack, Q. Die mikroskopische 
beschaffenheit der meteoriten. 
Metrio system. See Wrights and 

Metrology. See Wbiqhts and Mbasubbs. 
Microbes. See Bioloot, bacteria. 
Mioro-orgajiisms. See Mbdicznb, germ 

theory. Al$o Biologt, bacteria. 

Beale, L. S, How to work with the 

microscope W 86 

■ Tlie tame. 5.''ed. 
Behrens, W. Tabellen turn gebraueh 

bei mikrosk(^ischen arbeiten. 

■ Tlie tame. 2. aufl. 

Carpenter, W. B. Microscope 

Davies, T. Microscopic objects. 

Dippel, L. Mikroskop 

Frey, H. Mikroskop. 

■ The tame. 5. aufl 

Tlie tame. 6. aufl 

Tlhe tame, 7. aufl 

The tame. 8. aufl. 

Friedl under, C. Mikroscopische technik. Q 122 

The tame, f 2. aufl. 

. Tlie tame. 3. aufl. 

W 85 

q 102 

Q 115 
Q 116 

Q 117 

Gosse, P. H. Microscope 

Ha^er, H. Mikroscop 

■ TJte tame. 7. aufl. 

Harting, P. Mikroskop 

' The tame. 2. aufl. 

Haushofer, K. Mikroskopische reac- 

Lankester, £. Half-hours with the 


D 51 
Q 129 

Q 133 

W 84 


Martin, J. H. Hierosoopic inountinip ... 

Nftgeli, C. ▼. & Sohwendener, 8. Mikro- 


The same. 2. aufl 

Soinerrille, M. Molecular 

Stein, S. T. Mikroskop und mikrograph- 

iflche technik 

Vogel, J. Mikroskop. 4. aofl. von O. 

Willkomm^ M. Wander dee mikroflkops. 
Wythe, J. H. Mieroscopist 

OriiBs, J. W. & Henf rey, A. ^Miorograpliic 

PeriodiealM Sf -^Society publication». 
Quarterly journal of microscopical 

Boyal microecopical society. Monthly 

microscopical journal 

Zeitschrift fOr wissenschaftliche mikro- 

skopie und der mikroskopische 

See also Mxdicine, Microecopic. 

Middle a 2^68. See HisTOBT, Europe. 
Midwlfezy. See GtnabcoiiOGT, obstetrics. 
Military engineering. 

Aide-memoire de Laisne k I'usage dee 
offioiers da genie captive. 

Duane, J. C. Engineer troope 

Long, J. H. & Buel, R.|H. Cadet engineer. 

Mahan, D. H. Military engineering ... 

U. 8. chief of engineers. Annual report. 

CuUum* G. W. System of military 

bridges. 2. ed. 
Muller, L. Die europaeischen kriegs- 
Bomecque, J. Examen du syst^me de 
fortification des principales puissan- 
ces de r Europe. 
Briiilmont, A. Le defense des etiits et 
les camps retranch^s. 

Etude sur la fortification des 

capitales eb Tinvestissement des 
camps retranches. 

- La fortification k fosses sees. 

La fortification du temps pre- 

• Traits de fortification poly- 




Q 65 

Q 180 
Q 181 
D 29 


Q 211 
W 134 

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q 706 

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See also AjtMS, Technology of. 
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See also Maiebia mxdica and Thbba- 


pxuTios, milk. 

Mills and Mill- works. See Mechanical 
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Mind. See Pstcholoot. 

Mind and Body. See Pstchologt, Physio- 

Mind-reading. See PsTCHOLoay — Mes- 


Mineral waters. 

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2. ^d. 

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• Mineralogie mit naturbistor- 

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ricbt T 80 

Analytical and Determinative, 

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mineraliexi und gesteinen. 
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Bcopiehe sa roome e minerali d'ltalia. 
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tioii of silver. 
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qualitative des mati^res min^ralee...' £ 435 
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des roohes. 
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2'he same. 3. ed. 

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cben silicate E 884 

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mlneralogie zugleioh aJs einfilbrung 
indieohemie T 91 

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Determination of rock-forming 

minerals. Tr. by E. G. Smith. 

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mikroskopischen mineral-bestim- 

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propria tes physiques et cbimiques 

des mineraux microsoopiqucs. 
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der mineralien mittels ausserer 

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«(*« T »3 

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Japan and Chincu 
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japonaise et cbinoise T 4£ 

New South Wales. 
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Wales T 40 

The same. T 79 

Rocky Mountains. 
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west of the Booky-Monntains U 44 


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mlneralogie Busslands. 
' Ueber die russisclien topase. 


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das k&nigreich Saohsen T 83 


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Turkestan russe. 
United States. 

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von 1660-1860 T 47 

Microsoopieal mineralogy. 
See MiNSBALOGT, Analytical and 
Determinative. Also Miobosoopxs. 




■ Cours de machines. 
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' Mining U 434 

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Mining U 107 

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■ Hydraulic mining. 
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appliques dans les mines, les usines 
et les trayaux publics H 399 

■ - Traite pratique de I'exploitation 

des mines XT 119 

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surveying U 56 

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bergwerke U 75 

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werke U 81 

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wetterfUhrung fQr grubensteiger 
und grubenauf sichtsorgane U 86 

. The tanu U 87 

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Die st5rungen der g&nge, fldtze 

und lager. 

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of mineralogical, lithological and 

palaeontological specimens in the 

natural history department T 

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logische nomenclatur. 

Periodicals 4* Society puUications, 
Great Britain & Ireland, Mineralogical 

society of. Mineralogical magazine. Z 
Jahresbericht Uber die fortsohritte der 

• mineralogie. 
Mineralogische und petrographische 

Xeues jahrbuch fur mineralogie, ge- 

ologie und paJaeontologie. 
Zeitschrift ffir krystallographie und 

See aieo Blowpipbb — Gboloot — 

Mbtallubgt — Miming — Pbbcioub 

8TOMXB, ifc* ^ 1*0 the nahui of miner- 


Andr6, G. G. Mining machinery. 

— — Uock blasting U 

Atkinson, J. J. Friction of air in mines. U 
— -^- ITie gases met with in coal 

mines U 

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Bergwerks- und htitteu-karte des west- 

f Slischen ober-bergamts bezirks. 
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tungswerkstiitte der grube Himmel- 

fahrt bei Freiberg i. B. 
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— — TJie tame, 2. ed. 
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• Traits du gisement et de I'ex- 
ploitation des min^raux utiles K 

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combustibles min^raux de la France, 
Callon, M. J. Cours d'exploitation des 









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praktische geometrie H 291 

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mining students. 

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— — Ventilation of mines. 

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an bergwerksforderunden. 
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metallurgists* companion U 131 

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and metallurgy U 62 

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des mines de houille U 117 

Traits de Texploitation des 

mines de houille. Supl^ment U 116 

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bereitungskunde U 146 

Taschenbuch der aufbereitungs- 

kundo U 149 

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fur die brentzischen staaten. 
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medizinische statistik beim preuss- 

ischen bergbau '. IT 182 

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alterer g&nge. 

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& Stdlzel, C. Bergbau- und 

hdttenwesen U 147 

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Vie souterraine ou les mines et 

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lipomas, J. W. Coal, mine-gases and 

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during the last twenty-five years, 

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und devitscher sprache far berg- 

und hattentechnik U 187 

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See alio Indubtbiai. abts, dictionaries. 

Periodicals 4* Society publicatiofie. 

Annales des mines Z 88 

Bauliche anlagen auf den berg-hiitten- 

und salien werken in Preussen Y 535 

Berg- und huettenmaennische zeitnng. 

Berggeist Y 534 

Engineering and mining journal. 
Jahrbuch far das berg- und hfittenwesen 

im k5nigreiche Sachsen. 

Kaia K'6n, bergakademien zu Leoben 
und Pribram und Kdn. ungarische 
bergakademio zu Schemnitz. Berg- 
und hattenmannisches jahrbuch. 

Mhiing journal. 

Oesterreichische zeitschrift far berg- 
und hattenwesen. 

Record of mining U 188 

School of mines quarterly. 

Zeitschrift fur das berg-, batten- und 

salinen-wesen im preussischen 


Reports and Statistics. 
Australia. Chief inspector of mines. 

■ Department of mines, New 
South Wales. Annual Report 

■ Mining surveyors and regis- 
trars. Reports. 

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statistics of New South Wales U 104 

IWINtNQ 188 

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isch-nngarischer ber^- und hiltten 

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report Z 292 

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Oppel-Bericht vom bergbau. 
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tiques de Tindustrie des mines en 

Russie en 1868-76. 
United States. Raymond, R.W. Mining 

industries of Rocky Mountains U 27 

Statistics of mines and 

mining, in the states and territories 

west of the Rocky Mountains. 
See also Gboi<oot — Metallubot — 


the names of minertilt. 

Great Britain. Mint. Ajinual report. 
Japan. Mint. Annual report of the 

■ Annual report of the com- 

United States. Mint. Annual report of 
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See also Gold and Silvbr. 


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Money. See Cambistbt— Xumiskatics. 

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See also Abchitbcubb. 
Moon. See Astbonoict, eclipse. Lunal. 
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Morphine. See Matbbia mbdioa, mor- 



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See also Compabatiye anatomt. 

For morphology of special animals, see the 
names of animals under Zoologt. 
Periodicals S^ Society publications. 

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the morphological laboratory. 
Journal of. morphology. 
Morphologisches jahrbuch. 

Morter. See Cbubnt. 

Moulding. See Cabtino. 

Muscles. See Anatoitt, muscles. Also 


, Diseases of. See Pathologt, muscles. 


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[Xew South Wales]. Technological, 

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See also Exposition. For special 

museumSy see the subjects. 


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MUSIC 189 

' Public opinion and official com- 
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—— Hindu musical instruments. 

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Ten principal avataras of the 

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See also Acoustics. Also Education, 
Musical. For indian vmsiCf see also 
PoETBT & Drama, Indian. 








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6. aiifl. 
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S^e aho Anthropoloot and Eth- 


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Naphtha* See Petroleum. 

NarooticB. See Materia medic a, narootios. 

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naturkunde in. Jahreshefte. 
Sfe also Biology — Bota^nt — Compa&a- 


', Medical. See Mbdicinb, natural 
Nautioal astronomy. See Nayigatiom. 
Naatioal surveying. See Hydbogbapht. 

Naval arohitectnre. 

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yachts k voiles de course pour la 

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des voiles des navires et embarca- 



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Variations de stabilite des 


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coraparees sur machines fixes, 
machines mnrines. (Moteurs k 

Etude experimentale comparee 

sur 1*4 moteurs Ik un et k deux 
cylindres, influence de la detente. 
^(Moteurs k vapeur.) 

> Etude pratique sur rechappe- 

meut et la cowpression de la vapeur 
dans les iniichines. (Moteurs k 

-— Experiences faites sur les ma- 
chines woolf horizontales et sur 
les machines verticales compound 
de la marine fran^aise. (Moteurs k 
-^ Experiences faites sur les 

machines woolf vertical k balancier, 
machines woolf horizontales. (Mo- 
teurs k vapeur.) 

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■ Sails and sail-making. 

Lecture de technologie. (Construction 
navale.) (MSS.) 





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builder*s pocket-book. 

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— Tlie $ame. 6. ed. 

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—^^ Naval architecture S 

— — Naval architecture: an elemen- 
tary treatise S 

'llieoretical naval architecture. 

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tables of experiments on hemp and 

wire rope. 
' Report of the board for testing 

plain and galvanized iron and st'Oel 

wire, 4*^., ^c. 

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d^placement et de stabilite hydrostat- 
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■ Tlie same. 2. ed. 

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Periodicah d Society pubiieationt. 
Institution of engineers and shipbuUders 
in Scotland. Transactions. 



Institution of naval architects. Trans- 
See also Ibqn and Stkbij — Mabini 


Stkah bnoinb — Stbak ship, ife. 

Naval soienoe. 

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materiel de I'artillerie de nos navires 

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Papers and discussion on ships, guns and 


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See al9o Military bciknck, dictionaries. 
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durin)^ the rebellion. 
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Camet de Tofficier de marine. 
Colbnm's united service magazine. 
Nayal annual. 
United States naval academy, Annapolis, 

Md. Annual register. 
U. 8. navy department Annual report. 
See also ARM8,'I'echnology of — Htdbog- 


Naval architectube — Navigation 


Navigation & Nautical astronomy. 

Alston. Seamanship. 
Astronomical papers. 
Bedford, F. G. D. Sailor's pocket book. 


Bennett, W. C. Songs for sailors P 26 

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■ Donn^es th^oriques et experi- 

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Instructions as to the survey of the hull, 
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Note sur un appareil destine k enregistrer 
h bord d'un navire. 

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astronomy S 55 

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handy book. 

» Seamanship. 

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gation and nautical astronomj. 
New ed. 

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^ der ruderregel- und dampfschiflfe. 

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and their cargoes. 7. ed. 

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Columbus, and how he received and 
imparted the spirit of discovery. 
4. ed L1054, 

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Dampier C 264 

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Drake C 257 

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Almanac Y 86 

American ephemeris. 
Astronomical papers prepared for the 
use of the american ephemeries and 
nautical almanac. 
Greenwich, Royal observatory. Nautical 
almanac and astronomical ephemeris. 
U. S. naval observatory. Observations. 

Nautical magazine and journal of the 

royal naval reserve. 
Revue maritime et colonial e. 
Shipping world and herald of commerce. 


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Young, J. R. Tables for nautical as- 

Tables for navigation. 

See also Astbonomt, observations^ 
Commerce — Hydrogbapht — TiioHT 
HOUSES — Marine engineering — 
Steam engine — Yachting, Sfc. 
Navy. See Naval science. 
Nebulae. See Astronomy, nebulae. 
Necroscopy* See Forensic medicine. 
Nervous system, Diseases of. See Pa- 
thology, nervous system. 


Neurology. See Anatomy and Physio- 
logy, brain and nervous system. 
Also Pathology, nervous system. 

Hubbard, H. P. Newspaper directory. 
See also Journalism — Periodicaj.b. 
Nicknames. See Sobriquets. 

Gross, G. Die Stickstoffgruppe der 
neueren chemie. 

Mowbray, G. M. Tri-nitro-glycerin. 
Nobility. See Heraldry. 
Normal school. See Education, normal 

Nose. See Anatomy and Physiology. 

Nose, Deseases of. See Pathology, di- 
seases of nose. 
Nosology. See Pathology. 
Numbers, Theory of. 

Dirichlet, P. G. L. Uber zahlen-theorie. B 390 

■ The same. 3. aufl. 

Legendre, A. M. Zahlentheorie B 467 


Arneth, J. Monumente des k. k. milnz- 

und antiken-cabinettes in Wien. 
Bahrfeldt, M. Mttnzen der stadt Stade. 

Periodicals ^' Society publications, 
Canadian antiquarian and numismatic 

Philadelphia, Numismatic and antiquari- 
an society of. Report. 
Nursing. See Gynaecology, nursing — 
Medicine, nursing — Paediatrics, 
Nutriment. See Nutrition. Also Hy- 
giene, dietetics. 


Dietzsch, O. Wichtigsten nahrungs- 

mittel und getranke. 4. aufl Q 1198 

The same Q 1121 

Duflos, A. Wichtigste lebens-bedurf- 

nisse Q 2ii 

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untersuchung von nahrungsmitteln 

und gebrauchsgegenstanden, 4*^. 3. Q ll^iS 


llie same, 3. aufl. 

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• Unsere nahrungs-und genuss- 

mittel aus dem pflanzenreiche. 


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wichtigsten nahrungs- und gennss- 

mittel. 2. aufl. 
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emahrung nach v. Pettenkofer und 

Heinzerling, C. ConserTimng der nah- 

rnngs- und genusgmitiel. 
Hilger, A. Vereinbarungen betreffs der 

untersQchung und beurteilung von 

nahrungs- und genussmitieln Q1U9 

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nahrung und fleischconserven Q 268 

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nabrungs- und genussmittel. 3. 
aufL Q 1281 


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rungsmittel Q 

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des gesunden und kranken men- 

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nabrung auf das blut. 

Pajen, A. Substances alimentaires E 

Banke, J. Erniibrung des menscben. 
Schiipper, A. P. W. Mikroskopiscbe 

untersucbung der nabrungs- und 

Vircbow, C. Analytiscbe metboden zur 

Voit, C. V. Pbysiologie des allgemeinen 

stoffwecbsels und der ernabrung. 
See also Food-Hyoibnb«-Physiologt. 




Obstetrics. See Gtnaecoloot, obstetrics. 
Oocult sdence. See Spibititalisu. 
Oocultatioiis. See AsTBONOHT, occulta- 

Ooean. See Physical oeogbaphy. 

AnUsell, T. Pbotogenic or hydrocarbon 

Cameron-Cburcbill. Oils and varnisbcs. 
Daddow, 8. H. & Bannan, B. Coal, iron 
and oil. 

GesQor, A. Coal and distilled oils £ 130 

See also Fats. 
Old age, Diseases of. See PatholooYi old 

Ontology. See Philosophy. 

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& Saemiscb, T. Gesammte 


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The same. 6. aufl. 

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■ Augenbeilkunde. 

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— —— & Landolt, E. Traitc complet 

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Albrecht yon Graefe*s archiy fur ophthal- 

Archly fiir augenheilkunde. 

Archiy fiir ophthalmologie. 

Centralblatt tiit praktische augenheil- 

Jahresberichte iiber die leistungen und 
fortschritte im gebiete der ophthal- 
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See also Coloub-blindness — Spbc- 
TACLBS. Also Optics. 

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■ Photometrischer calciil. 

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optik W 292 



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Interferenz des bebengten 


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ijber die optischen axen und 

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— — " On the beneficial effects of 

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— — On the change of refran- 

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Central-zeitung fur optik 

See a/«o OoLOUBS — Light-houses — 
Phosphorescence — Photoqba.phy 
— Physics — SSpbctacles. Also Oph- 
thalmology — COLOUB-BLINDNESS. 


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■ Works 

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Tr. by C. R. Kennedy 

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orations. Tr., with notes, S^c, by C. 

K. Kennedy 

The orations against Leptines, 



O 503 

O 499 

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Tr., with notes, 4*<^., by C. R. 

— The orations against Timocrates, 
Aristogiton, Aphobus, Onetor, etc, 
Tr. with notes, S^c, by C. R. 


—^ The orations on the crown, and 

O 500 

on the embassy. Tr., with notes, S^c, 
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See also Elocution — Litebatube — 

Ordnanoe. See Abms, Technology of. 
Ore-dressixiK. See Mining. 
Oriental studies (collectively). Periodicals 
and Societies relating to. 

Archives pour servir a I'etude de I'his- 
toire, des langues, de ia geographic 
et de Tethnographie de I'Asie 

Asiatic society of Bengal. Journal 

Asiatic society of Japan. Transactions. 
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degli orientalisti lenuto in Firenze 

nel septembre 1878. 


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O 501 

P 320 

P 614 

P 184 

Y 178 
Z 243 


Z 276 




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y5lkerkunde Ostaaiens in Tokyo. 
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Zeitschrift Z 184 

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lievue orientale et am^ricaine Z 237 

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and Ireland. Journal Z 210 

Transactions Y 16 

Society des etudes japonaises, chinoises, 

indochinoises. Memoires Z 228 

See also L-A-Nguage, Oriental. 

Origin of Species. See Biologt, species. 
Ornamental alphabets. See Alphabets. 
Ornithology. See Zoology, birds. 
Orography. See Geology. 
Orphan asylum. 

Pennsylvania. Superintendent of sol- 
diers' orphans. Annual report Xa 22 

Orthopedy. See Surgery. 

Osteology. See Coupabativs anatomt. 


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— — Ohrenheilkunde Q 821 

Tfie same. 2. aufl Q 1357 


■ Zehn wandtafeln zur anatomie 
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Ovaries. See Anatomy. 

, Diseases of. See Gynaecology. 

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aberdasozon E 436 


Pacific msAl S. S. C. 

Burning of P. M. S. S. C.'s steam ship. 


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' Pflege des gesunden und kran- 

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■ Tlie sajne, 9. aufl. 
■■ TIte savie. 10. aufl. 

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Arohiv fiir kinderheilkunde V 89 

Jahrbuch fiir kinderheilkunde und 
physische erziehung. 

OesCerreichisches jahrbuch fiir paedia- 

trik Z 182 

See also Gynaecology — Medicink. 


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See also Fine Arts. Also Ooloubs 
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, Mechanical. 

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See also Decobation and Obnament. 
Also Colours and Piguents. 
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Palaeontographical society. 

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Flachen-skelete der famkrauter. 

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Fossile flora. 

' Fossile proteaceen. 
■ Xervation der blatter bei den 

Nervation der bombaceen. 

- Proteaceen der vorwelt. 

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—^ Tertiarflora des Jesuitengrabens 

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alteren braunkohlen-formation der 

Fossile flora des Mahrisch- 

schlesischen dachschiefers. 

Fossile flora des tertiar-beckens 

von Bilin. 

— Fossile flora von Leoben in 

— Fossile flora von Radobaj. 

— Fossile flora von Sotzka in Un- 


— Fossile flora von Tokay. 

— ■ Fossile flora von Wildshuth in 

— Fossile von Sfigor in Krain. 

— • Fossilen algen des Wiener und 

des Karpathen-sandsteines. 
—' Kreideflora von Xiederschoena 
in Sachsen, ein beitrag zur kennt- 
niss der altesten dicotyledoneuge- 
wache. Appended to the same author* s 
Die fossile flora. 
— Tertiare flora von H&ring in 


— Tertiarflora der insel Java. 

Tertiarflora Steiermark's. 

Tertiili-flora von Sumatra. 

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ectyporum echinodermatuin fos- 
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— ^ Crustiices divers et poissons 

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■ Distribution des cophalopodes 

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Japanische elephanten der 


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vegetatation du sud-est de la France 
a r epoque tertiaire. 

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travertins anciens de Sezanne. 

— & Marion, A. F. Veg^taux fos- 
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dorzfer schichten in den Noi*dkar- 

— — ■ Fossile flora der uordwestdeu- 
tschen wealdenformation. 

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flora Siid-West-Russlands. 

" — — Tertiiir pflanzen aus dem tliale 
des fiusses buchtorma am f usse des 

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flore fossile italienne. 2. memoire. 
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der insel Euboea. 

— ■"— Fossile flora von Sotzka. 
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gebrannten tertiaren letten von 

VrSovic bei Laun. 

Gymnospermen der bohmischen 
kreide-f ormation . 




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See also Geology. 


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power X 413 

See also Theology, Historical. 


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boards M 35 

Watt, A. Art of paper-making. 
See also Papyrus — Parchment. 


Book of the dead. Facsimile of the 
papyrus of ani in the British 
Paraffin. See Distillation. 
Paraedtes. See Pathology, parasites — 
ZooLOaY, worms. 


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For Parliamentary law, ^'c, see under 
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Pt. 2. 


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See also Inventions — Industrial 


Pathology and Therapeutics. 

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eincs klinikers zur feststellung 

* zweckmassiger ku rme thoden 

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pathologic Q 454 

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• tJber die aufgaben und die 

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- 'Tlie same. 3. aufl. 

■ The same. 4. aufl. 

TJu! same. 5. aufl Q 1105 

■ The same. 6. aufl Q 1247 

See also Anatomy and PHTSioLoar, 
practical anatomy k post-mortem 
examinations — Gynaecoloot, ana- 

For Patlwlogical chemistry see Medi- 
cine, chemistry. 

Dictionaries S( Encyclopaedias. 
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jahrbUcher der gesammten heil- 

Real-encyclopiidie der gesamm- 

ten heilkunde. 

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und pharmakologie. 
Journal of anatomy and physiology, 

normal and pathological. 
Xotizen fiir praktische arzte iiber die 

neuesten l^eobachtungen in der 

Therapeutische monatshcfte. 

Special patliology Sf therapeutics. 
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- Tlie same. 2. aufl. 

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therapie Q 669 

^— Specielle pathologie und 

therapie Q 668 

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und therapie Q 684 

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Abdomen, Diseases of. 
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ungs-methoden fttr die brust- und 

' 77*^ same. 5. aufl. 

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• 'Tlie same. 7. aufl. 

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Ataxia. See Xervous system, Diseases of. 

Bladder, Diseases of. 

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the bladder Q 706 

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Brain, Diseases of, 

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des geistes, geisteskrankheiten sind 

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krankheiten gehatten am University 

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der himarterien Q 572 

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ruckenmarks uud gehirns sowie der 

allgemeinen neurosen. 

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See also yerTous system, Diseases of. 

BreuU Diseases of. 
Gnttmann, P. Klinische nntersnch- 

imgg-methoden fiir die brust- nnd 

' 'The same. 5. aufl. 

Tliesame. 6. aufl Q 1123 

The same. 7. aufl. 

Lebert, H. Elinik der brustkrank- 

heiten Q 594 

Bronclwpneumonia. See Lungs, Diseases of. 

Caleuluit. See Bladder, Diseases of. 

Cerebro spinal menivgitis. See Nervous 

system. Diseases of. 
Children, Diseases of. See Paediatrics. 

Cholera epidemic of 1873 Q 4S 

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bome department. Choleraic diseases 
in Japan, 1877. 

— - Cholera in Japan, 1879. 

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• Verbreitungsart der chorela in 

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Chronic diseases. 
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acute and chron ic diseases Q 493 

Circulatory system. Diseases of. 

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herzens Q 1059 

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vind pathologie des kreislaufs. 
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- Krankheiten des herzens. 
1889-91 Q 1384 

The same. 1892. 

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dem franzos. von G. Krupp Q 1347 

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gruenz in der thfttigkeit der beiden 

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wande des herzens. 

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des respirations- und circulations- 
apparats Q 663 

Constitutional diseases. 
Lazansky, A. Pathologie und therapie 

der constitutionellen krankheiten... Q 592 

Consumption. See Lungs, Diseases of. 
Contagious diseases. 

See Infectious (and contagious) diseases. 

Couglis and Colds, 
Ebstein, W. Ueber den hasten. 

Coun ter-irritat ion. 
Granville, A. B. Counter-irritation Q 558 

Klebs, E. Verbreitung des cretinismus 
in Oesterreich. 
Diabetes. See Geni to-urinary diseases. 
Digestive system, Diseases of. 
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therapie der magenkrankheiten. 
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The same. 3. aufl. 

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organs Q 56i 

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Philip, A. P. W. Indigestion and its 

consequences Q 626 

See also Gastro-enteritis— Intestines — 

Liver — Rectum — Stomach. 
Heubner, O. Ezporimentelle diphtherie. Q 1312 


Oertel, M. J. Pathogencse der epidem- 

ischen diphtherie. 
Wertheimber, A. Schlund-diphtherie... Q 675 

Solon, M. Albumenure ou hydropisie... Q 646 
Ear, DUeaties of. See OTOLoaT. 

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See Infectious deseases. 
Eye, Diseases of. See Ophthalomologt. 

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relative to the fever Q 432 

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lung des fiebers. 
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lehre und der fieberbehandlung Q 455 

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therapie des fiebers. 
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eigenwarme und der fiebres. 
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diseases Q 422 

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Jamaica fever. 

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Scarlet fever. 

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Typhoid fetter. 

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of typhus fever, of the common 
continued fever and of inflammatory 

diseases, 4"^ Q 494 

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exanthematicus Q 611 

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1868 im kreise LGtzen Q 613 

Yellow fever. 
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tar of 1828 Q1097 



Louis, P. C. A. G^tro-enterite disease. Q 78 
Oenito-iirinary system, Diseases of. 
Bartels, C. Krankheiten des hamap- 

parates Q1336 

Bell, C. Disease of the urethra Q 697 

Brigham, C. B. Diabetes mellitus Q 516 

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organs Q 710 

Ducamp, T. Retention of urine Q 721 

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und geschlechtsorgane Q 1137 

Internationales centralblatt f(ir die 

physiologie und pathologie der 

ham- und sexualorgane. 
Kiilz, E. Pathologic und therapie des 

diabetes mellitus Q 5vS6 

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Luther, E. t!ber das vorkommen von 

kohlehydraten im normalen ham. 
Neubauer, C, Anleitung zur analyse 

des hams. 
■ Systematischer gang deir analyse 

des hams. 
-; & Vogel, J. Analyse des hams. 

6. aufl. 

The same. 7. aufl Q 295 

Tlie same. 8. aufl. 

^— ^— The same. 9. aufl. 

Thompson, Sir H. Krankheiten der 

hamwege. Nach der 8. aufl. des 
originals fibers, von L. Casper. 
Ultzmann, R. Harnconcretionen des 

Ueber haematurie (bluthamen). 

— ^ Untersuchung des harnes Q 311 

& Hofmaun, K. B. Atlas der 

physiologischen und pathologischen 

Willis, R. Urinary diseases Q 801 

See also Bladder — Kidney — Prostate. 
Gout. See Rheumatism. 
Heart. See Circulatory system. Diseases of. 
Hemorrhoids. See Rectum. 
Hereditary diseases. 
Bollinger, O. Ueber vererbung von 

Whitehead, J. Transmission of somie 

forms of disease Q 74 

Hot climates. Diseases in. 

Lind, J. Diseases incidental to europeans 

in hot climates Q 598 


Thacher, J. Hydrophobia Q 658 

Indigestion. See Digestive system. Diseases 

Infectious (and contagious) diseases. 
Bncbner, H. Naegeli'sche theorie der 
inf ectionaskrankheiten . 

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krankheiten Q 969 

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middle ages Q 55 

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concomitant epidemical diseases ... Q 573 

K5r5si, J. Cber den einfluss der wohlha- 
benheit und der wohnverh&ltnisse 
aaf sterblichkeit und todcsursachen 
mit besonderer berdcksichtigiing des 
auftretens der infectidsen krank- 

Kuessner, B. & Pott, R. Die acuten 

infectionskrankheiten Q 585 

Thesame Q 1136 

Lersch, B. M. Kleine pest-chronik. 

Mittenzweig, H. Die bakterien-aetiolo- 
gie der infections krankheiten. 

Nothnagel. H. Physiologie und patholo- 
gic des darmes. 

Oesterlen, F. Die seuch^n. 
Presl, F. Prophylaxis der iibertrag- 
baren infections-krankheiten. 

Kosenbach, F. J. Mikro-organismcn bei 
den wund-infections-krankheiten. 

Wemich, A. Des infectionslehre. 

Zimmermann, K. Ueber die pest und 
ihr auftreten wRhrend des 19 
jahrhunderts in Europa Q 1348 

See also Medicink, germ theory. 

See also the names of infectious (and 
contagious) diseases under Patho- 


Bums, J. Inflammation (^ 438 

Cohnheim, J. Ueber die entzundung ... Q 440 
Louis, P. C. A. Effects of bloodletting 

in some inflammatory diseases Q 73 

Intestines, Diseases of. 

Abercrombie, J. Diseases of the intestinal 

canal, 4*^ Q 489 

See also Abdomen — Digestive system. 


Japan, Diseases in. 

Pekelharing, A. & Winkler, C. Onder- 

zoek naar den oard en de oorzaak 

derberi-beri Q 1202 

Scheube, B. Die japanische kak-ke 

— ^^ Klinische beobachtungen iiber 

die krankheiten Japans Q13I8 

Joints, Diseases of. See Bones and joints. 
Kakke. See Japan, Diseases in. 
Kidneys, Diseases of. 
Frerichs, F. T. Bright'sche nieren- 

krankheit und deren behandlung ... Q 1803 
Xitze, M. Lehrbuch der kystoskopie ... Q 1356 
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Bright'sche krankheit. Ubers. von 

W. Lewin. 
Stewart, T. G. Diseases of the kidneys. Q 39 

Wagner, E. Der morbus brightii Q 525 

Larynx, Diseases of. 
Bruns, V. v. Beobachtung von polypen 

des kehlkopfes Q 519 

Burov7, E Laryngoskopischer atlas ... Q 526 
Lewin, G. Klinik der krankheiten des 

kehlkopfs Q 535 

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heiten Q 660 

• Laryngoskopie und kehlkopf- 

krankheiten Q 661 

Lehrbuch der laryngoskopie . . . Q 662 

Tiirck, L. Klinik des kehlkopfes und 

derluftr5hre Q 665 


Tanquerel, L. Lead diseases Q 533 

Chomse, O. Casuistik der lepra in den 

ostseeprovinzen Russlands, speciell 

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spedalskhed Q 1869 

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de la l^pre. 
Paulson, F. Kenntniss der lepra in den 

ostseeprovinzen Russlands Dorpat. 
Unna, P. G. Zur histologie und therapie 

der lepra. 
Liver, Diseases of. 
Charcot, J. M. Lemons sur les maladies 

du foie, des voies biliaires et des 

reins Q 1218 

Frerichs, F. T. Klinik der leberkrank- 




Saclis. Uel>er die hppatiti8 der heis- 

sen lander. 
Lungs, Diseases o/. 
Anfrecht, E. Chronische bronchopnou- 

monie und die grannlie. 
Beddoes, T. Medical and domestic 

management of the consumptive. 
Birnbaiim, M. Die heilmethode der 

tiiberknlose dt^s professor Koch. 

2. anfl. 
Blaizot, ¥. Traitement des tuberculosc^s 

chirurgicales i>ar les injections 

Bmun, J. Balneo-therapie einschliess- 

lich dor klimato-therapie der 

phthisis. 4. anfl. Heransf?. Ton B. 


The same. 5. anfl. 

Brehmer, H. Aetioloi^ie und therapie der 

chronischen lunerenschwindsucht. 

Chronische lunjjenschwind- 

sncht und tuberkulose der lunge. 

Therapie der chronischen 


Buhl, L. Lungenentziindung. 
Cohnheim. J. Tuberkulose vom stand- 
punkte der infectionslehre. 

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Degail, L. Des hemorrhagies intestinales 
des tuberculeux. 

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Feller, H. Koch's heilung der schwind- 
sucht (tuberculose) und ihre bedeu- 

Friedltinder, C. Untersuchungen liber 

lungenentziindung Q 1327 

Holm, E. Zur kreosot-therapie bei 


Jiirgensen, T. Croupbse pneumonie ... Q 1331 
Klebs. Ueber die wirkung des Koch'schen 

mittels auf die tuberkulose der 


Koch, R. Heilmethode der tuberkulose. 
■ Wirksanikeit des KocVschen 

heilmittels gegen tuberkulose Q 1256 

Heilung der schwindsucht und 

ihre bodeutunjr. 

— Heilmittel gegen die tuberculose. 

— Verfahren tuberculose zu 


Kronfeld, A. R. Koch's Terfahren 

tuberculose zu heilen nebst be- 
sprechung alterer methoden. 
2. aufl. 

Lepine, R. Acute lobare pneumonia ... Q 1308 

Tjiterature concerning the new remedy 
for tuberculosis. (In Peprivts of 
three editorials regarding the 
priority in demonstrating the toxic 
effect of matter accompanying the 
tubercle bacillus and its nidus. ) 

Louis, P. C. A. Pathological researches 

on phtliisis Q 601 

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schwindsucht Q 615 

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Pfaff, E. R. Vorbeugung und heilung 

der schwindsucht Q 625 

Pfeiffer, R. Zur behandlung der kehl- 
kopf- und lungen- tuberculose mit- 
telst parenchyraatoser injectionen. 

Pons, T. E. Quelques considerations sur 
le tr.iitement de la tuberculose pul- 

Predohl, A. Gescbichte der turkulose. 

Present status of the new treatment of 
tuberculosis. {In J^eprints of three 
editorials regarding the priority in 
demonstrating the toxic effect of 
matter accompanying the tubercle 
bacillus and its nidns.) 

Preventive inoculations against tuber- 
culosis. {In BejYrints of three edi- 
torials regarding the priority in de- 
monstrating the toxic effect of 
matter accompanying the tubercle 
Ixicillus and its nidus.) 

Reboul, J. Contribution h. Tetude du 
traitement de la tuberculose des os 
des articulations et des synoviales 
tendincuses de I'emploi des antisep- 
tiques et en particulier du naphtol 

Recken, W. Zur Buchner'schen arsen- 
behandlung bei tuberculose. 

Reprints of three editorials regarding the 
priority in demonstrating Uie toxic 
effect of matter accompanying the 
tubercle becillus and its nidus. 

Riedl, M. R. v. Uber einen fall von 

ausgepriigter latenter tuberkulose. 
Sattler, E. E. History of tuberculosis... Q 1067 
S^e, G. Die bacillgre lungenphthiae. 




BemheiiD, H. Die snggeBtion and ihre 
heilwirkung. Autor. deutsche ausg. 
▼on S. Freud. 

Brown-Sequard, C. E. Neirous affec- 
tions Q 53 

Barckhardt^ G. Diagnoslik der nerren- 

krankheiteu Q 524 

Charcot, J. M. Elinisohe YortrUge tlber 
krankheiten des nerrensystems. 
tubers. YonB. Fetzer Q627 

■ Xeue Yorlesnngen iiber die krank- 
heiten des nervensjstems insbeson- 
dere Ubcr hysterie. Ubers. Yon S. 
Freud Q 1292 

Deutsche zeitschrif t fur nerYenheilkunde. 

Deutschmann, R. Ueber neuritis optica 
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oullnbehandlung bei 41 Inngon- 

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Inngenschwindsucht und scrofulose. 
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See also Embolism— Larynx— Respira- 
tory system. S;'c. 

Malaria. See Fever. 

VeninffitiM. See NerYous system,'Diseases of. 
Mmury poisoning. 
Kussinaul, A. ConstituUoneller mer- 

curialismus Q 591 

Muteles, Diseases of. 
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phie Q 550 

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den indlYidaellen , und socialen 
organismus sowie die mittel, ihn 
zu. bekiimpfen. 

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<iie Ycrschiedenen formen der 

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mtlre) erkrankung der rflcken- 

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See alio Brain, Diseases of. Alio 


Neuralgia. See Nervous system, Diseases of. 
Note, Diiemes of, 

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des nasenrachenraumes. 
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Centralblatt fur baktoriologie und para- 
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Die parasiten des menschen ... Q 467 

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See alio Zoologt, parasites- ^worms. 


Pelvit, Diseatei of. 
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goschichte des spondylolisthetischen 
beckens und seiner diagnose Q 1349 

Pest. See Infectious diseases. 
Phtluit. See Lungs, Diseases of. 
Pneumonia See Lung^, Diseases of. 
Prostate, Diseases of. 
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Bespiratory system. Diseases of. 

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des respinitions- und circulations- 

apparats Q 663 

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zersUiubten flussigkeiten sowie der 

dflmpfe und gase Q 1022 

■ Die locale behandlung der 

krankheiten der athmungsorgane. Q 672 
See also Larynx, Diseases of.— Lungs, 

Diseases of. 

Blitumatism. • 

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matisme articulaire Q 510 

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therapie der scropheln Q 1079 

See also Lungs, Diseases of. 

Sexual organs, Diseases of. See Genito- 
urinary system. Diseases of. 
Small'pox. See Vaccination. 
Spinal cord. Diseases of. See Nervous 

system, Diseases of. 
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Ubers. von V. Hinz. 
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wechsels Q 436 



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der zunge Q 103 

Tuberculosi. See Iiungs, Diseases of. 
Schuh, F. Deber die erkenntniss der 

pseudoplasmen « Q 478 

Typhus. See Fever. 

Urinary diseases. See Geni to-urinary 

system, Diseases of. 
Vaccination. See Vaccination. 
Venerial diseases. See Syphilis and Yeni- 


Viscera, Diseases of. See Abdomen , Diseases 
See also Materia medica and Theba- 
PEUTics — ^Medicine. 

F&ttem-making. See Casting. 
Fayements. See Enoineebinq, roads. 
Peerage. See Heraldby and Genealogy. 
Penitentiaries. Se^fPBisoNs. 
Penmanship. See Wbitinq. 
Perception. See Psychology. 
Percussion. See Medicine, diagnosis. 

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Edinburgh review Z 137 

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See also Periodicals tindei' special sub^ 


Perspective. See Deawino. Also Geome- 



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Pharmacology. See Materia uedioa. 
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Pharmaeopde, Beeeptirkunde, and 

Medical botany, chemistry, zoology, 


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See also Medicine, chemistry. 

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See also Materia uedica — Toxi- 


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See the names of special philosophers, 
(whose biographies are wanted,) under 
Special works. 


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— ^ Grundriss der geschichte der 

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■ History of eclecticism in greek 

philosophy. Tr. fr. the german 

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History of g^reek philosophy. 

Tr. fr. the german by S. F. Alleyne. 

History of greek philosophy 

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Outlines of the history of greek 

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Hittory of Early christian and 
Mediaeval philoiophy. 

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aufl V 601 

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Hittory of Modem philosophy. 
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^ phie im neunzehnten'jahrhundert... V 998 
^^^che denker und ihre geistesschdp- 

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Mmd Z 209 

Philosophische monatfihefte Z 196 

Philosophische studien Z 150 

Beyue philoeophique de la Fiance et de 

I'etranger Z 222 

Vierteljahrssohrift fiir wissenschaf tliche 

philosophie Z 135 

Zeitschiift fur exakte philosophie im 

sinne des neuem philosophischen 

realismuB Z 46 


Zeitschrift far philosophie und philoso- 
phische kritik Z 108 

Society publications. 
Edn. b5hmische gesellschaft der wissen- 
schaften. Abhandlungen der classe 
far philosophie, geschichte und 
phUologie Y 136 

Sitzungsberichte. Classe filr 

philosophie, geschichte und philolo- 

gie Z 307 

EOn. pr«iU8siche akademie der wissen- 
schaf ten zu Berlin. Sitzungsberichte 
der philofiophisch-historischen classe. Y 11 

For tlie publications of philosophical 
societies not in exact sense, see 
Lbasnbd societies. 

Special works. 

Ancient philosophy. 
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gore et la philosophie pytha- 

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Socrates C 250 


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newly tr. from the 3. german ed. 

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Tr. from the german by O. J.^Reichel. 

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American philotophy. 
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English philosophy (including 
Scotish philosophy ). 

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— — — Advancement of learning V 513 

Essays and colours of good and 

evil. ByW. A. Wright P 1226 

Physical and metaphysical 

. Fischer, K. Francis Bacon ... V 722 

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doubt V 314 

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The same. Ed. by A. C. Eraser. 

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of the universe V 439 

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R. Cudworth V 506 

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Hamilton's philosophy V 70 

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Hamilton V 2l7 

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• Opera philosophica P 367 

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uebers. von H. Kurella V 845 

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The same P 431 

■ Human nature. 

The same V 190 

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assumption V 301 

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-^— Human understanding V 155 

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concerning human understanding." V 983 

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French philotophy. 
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individualiste V 399 

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■ Cours de philosophic positive. 

3. ed V 411 

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26. ^d V1040 

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■ 'TJie same. 9. ed. 

• I'he same. 10. ed. 

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school. Tr. from the 3. germ, ed., 

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bUme de la connaissance, le pro- 
bl^me cosmologique, le probl^me 
anthropologique, I'origine de la 
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d'histoire et de philosophic X 7 

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french C 170 

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Gei'man philosophy. 
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metaphysik Y 94 

— - System der metaphysik und 

religionsphilosophie Y 653 

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Natur und geist Y X 

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erkenntnissthatigkeit beleuchtet 
vom psychologischen und kritischen 

geschichtspunkte Y 990 

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Deussen, P. Die elemente der meta- 
physik. 2. aufl J YlOll 

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Duhring, E. K. Cursus der philosophic 
als streng wissenschaftlicher Weltan- 
schauung und lebens-gestattung ... Y 822 


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Tr. fr. the german by C. C. Massey. Ya 13 

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tiber die einbeit des geistcslebens in 
bevrusstsein tind that der menscb- 
heit V 939 

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lage der deutscben pbilosopbie ¥1032 

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— ^— Metbode pour arriver h, la Tie 

bienbeureuse Y 386 

— — New exposition of the science of 

knowledge Y 307 

- Popular works Y 126 

— ^-^ Science of knowledge Y 173 

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sopbie der seele. 

■ Zur klarung der begriffs der 
unbewussten seelentbatigkeit. 

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und ibre Ibsungen. 2. aufl Y 830 

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ralismus Y 842 

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2. ausg Y 656 

The tame Y 1000 

•^— Das grundproblem der erkennt- 

nisstbeorie Y 843 

The tame Y 944 

• Das sittlicbe bewusstsein. 2. 

aufl Y 657 

' Erganzungsband zur ersten bis 
neunten auflage der pbilosopbie des 
unbewussten Y 550 

■ Gesammelte studien und auf- 
s&tze gemein verstandlicben inbalts. 

3. aufl Y1007 

•^— Kritiscbe grundlegung des 

transcendentalen reaJismus. 2. aufl. Y 658 

Licbtstrahlen aus...werken. 2. 

ausg. Herausg. Yon M. Sohneidewin. Y 1002 

■ Neukantianismus, s c h o p e n- 
bauerianismus und begelianismus. 
2. aufl. der " Erlauterungen zur 
metaphysik des unbewussten *' Y 932 

Philosophy of the uncouscious. 

Tr. by W. C. Coupland Y 485 

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Pbilosopbie de la nature Y 406 

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— ^— Seth, A. Hegelianism and per- 
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und ibre geist^sscbopfungen C 154 

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Jaeger, G. Die entdeckung der seele. 

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readers. [Tr. & ed.] by J. P. Mahaffy. 
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— Yol. 8. Prolegomena to any fu- 
ture metapbysic Y 291 

TJie tame. [Tr. & ed.] by J. P. 

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The prolegomena translated, with 

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Critique of practical reason and 

other works on the theory of ethics. 

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- Critique of pure reason. Tr. by 

J. M. D. Meiklejohn Y 168 

The tame. Tr. by F. Itf. Miiller. Y 437 

- Das nachgelassene werk. Dap- 
gestellt Ton A. Erause Y 951 

Eritik der reinen vemunft. 

Herausg. Yon E. A dickes Y 839 

■ The philosophy, as contained in 
extracts from his own writings. 
Selected & tr. by J. Watson Y 915 

■ Prolegomena and metaphysical 
foundations of natural science. Tr. 
fr. the orig., with a biogr. & introd., 

by Ernest Eelfort Bax Y1028 

Sammtlicbe werke Y 280 

Theorie der erfahrung. 2. aufl. Y 967 

— ^ Adickes, E. Eants systematik 

als systembildender factor Y 892 

— — AYenarius, B. Eritik der 

reinen erfahrang Y 926 

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er&hrang. 2. anfl V 967 

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in der enten und in der zweiten 
auflage der kritik der reinen yer- 

nunft V 949 

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achen antinomienlehre Y 938 

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Tr. fr. the germ, by W. S. Hough ... V 700 

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of pure reason V 434 

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entwicklungsgeschichts der kant- 
ischen erkenntniss theorie Y 10 

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Hitfichl. Tr. by D. W. Simon V 909 

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Kant V 438 

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zu Kants kritik der reinen yer- 
nunft V1088 

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erkenntnisstheorie nach ihren 
grundprincipien analysirt Y 962 

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• The philosophy of Kant, 

as contained in extracts from his 

own writings Y 915 

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par A. F. de Careil Y 765 

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ing the human understanding Y 875 

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lichkeit 2. aufl Y 855 

The same. Y 971 


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2. aufl Y 9 

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— ^— Metaphysio in three books, 

ontology, cosmology and psychology. 

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ton & E. E. C. Jones. 2. ed Y 504 

The same Y 573 

Mikrokosmus Y 526 

' Naturphiiosophie Y 535 

■ Outlines of metaphysic; dic- 
tated portions of the lecture. Tr. & 

ed. by G. T. Ladd Y 570 

— — Outlines of practical philosophy ; 
dictated portions of lectures. Tr. k 

byG. T. Ladd Y 567 

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Streitschriften Y 780 

' System der philosophic Y 546 

System of philosophy Y 484 

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losophic Y 686 

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sein^und geschehen in ihrem Ter- 
haltniss zur lehre Herbarts Y 847 

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machers Y 659 

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Lichtstrahlen aus seinen werken. 

Mit einer biographic und charak- 
teristik Schopenhauer's. Yon J. 
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Studies in pessimism. Selected 

& tr. by T. B. Saunder& 2. ed Y 91 


The world aa will and idea. 

2. ed. Tr. fr. the germ, by B. B. 
Haldane & J. Kemp 

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lebexL 2. aufl 

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Arthur Schopenhauers 

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elner erkenntnisstheorie 

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—^— Oeuvres. Tr. par E. Saisset ... 

■ Sammtliche philosophische 

werkp. Ubers. von J. H. von 

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- Stein, L. Leibniz und Spinoza. 
Stem, M. L. Philosophischer und 

naturwissenschaftlicher monismus. 
Strieker, S. Studien tlber die bewegungs- 


Wallaschek, K. Ideen zur praktischen 


Wundt, W. Essays 

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See also Literatubb, Chinese — 
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See also Aesthetics — Ciyilization — 
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See also Climatology — Cosuoorafhy 
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Periodicals Sf Society publications. 

Annalen der physik Z 

Annalen der physik iind chemie. Bei- 

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— — Neue folgo Z 

Register Z 





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Ste also Acoustics — Ashonbutics — 
AiB — Electricity — Gases — Gravi- 
tation — Heat — Learned societies 
—Magnetism — Mechanics — Me- 
teorolooy — Optics — Pneumatics 
—Science, ^'c. 


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General physiology of muscles 

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—^ Tlie farnie. 3. ed. 

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The same. 2. aufl 

^— The savw. 4. aufl. 

Q 807 

Q 308 


Q 312 
Q 1124 

Q 818 

g 316 


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. Die f undamentaleu der physio- 
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• tjber die entwickelung der 

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■ Physiologische chemie Q 


Jahres-bericht tiber die fortschritte der 


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Lehrbuch der physiologischen 


— Manual of chemical physiology. 

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• Zeitschrift fur physiologische chemie. 
See also Medicine, chemistry. 

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Periodicals S( Society publications. 
Arohiv fUr die physiologie. 
ArchiV f (ir anatomie und physiologie. 
Archives de physiologie normale et 

Centralblatt f iir physiologie. 
Deutsches archiv f iir die physiologie. 
Journal of physiology. 
Leipzig, Physiologische anstalt zii. 

Arbeiten Z 

See also Anatomy and PHTBioLoai — 
Medicine. Also Dj&av and Dumb — 
Death — Hair — Nutrition — Psy- 
ch iatbics — Psychology, Physio- 
Piano-forte. See Music. 

Burton, R. F. Pilgrimage to El Medinah 

and Meccah L 

Piers. See Enginkebing, piers. 
Pigments. See Colours and Pigments. 
Pilot. See Hydrography — Navigation. 
Planets. See Astronomy, planets. 
Planimetry. See Surveying. 
Plants. See Botany — Q^abdening. 
Plastic arts. See Sculpture. 




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— ^ Science and art of sanitary 

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See also Sanitary engineering. 

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See also Aeronautics — Gabes — Pa- 
thology — Pneumonia. 
Poetry and Drama. 

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P 490 
P 315 
P 132 


















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(a*»w) p »4i 

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P 307 

P 382 

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P 307 I 




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notes by W. T. Webb P 1196 

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introd. & notes by G. C. Macaulay... P 1250 

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— — A key to lA)rd Tennyson's ** In 

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See Quotations. 


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■ Les plaideurs. Ed. par R. 

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Wustmann P 484 




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or tha binding of the braid, a San- 
skrit drama. Tr, hj S. M. Tagore ... P 33 

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ger) P 595 

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ragore, S. M. Bharatiya natya rahasyn. 


' Veni-sanhara nataka P 83 

■ Victoria-giti-mala. 

■ Victoria samarajyan. 

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o u A G E, Sanskrit — R E l i o i o n, 

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Tlie same. Xew &, literal tr. fr. 

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P 534 

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• Iliaa. By H. Grimm 

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^ Ody.ssey. Tr. hy W. C. Bryant. 

' The same. Tr. by A. Pope 

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zu Homers Odyssee und ilias 

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Studies on Homer and ho- 

P 876 
P 876 

P 876 



merio age 

— — Willmann, O. 
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Lesebuch aus 


P 616 

P 187 

P 365 

P 876 

P 311 

O 2.i7 

P 539 

P 528 I 

L 520 

O 50S 

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C. Jebb 

' Campbell , L. Sophocles 

Collins, W. L. Sophocles 











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japaniBchen drama's 

See aUo LANanA.aB, Japanese. 



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Tibnllus and Propertius 

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-^-^ Herausj?. Ton K. Lehrs 

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by Schmitz & Lumpt 

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On the nature of things 

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The heroides epistles of the 

heroines, the amonrs, art of lore, 
remedy of love, and minor works. 
Literally tr. into eng. prose, Sfc, by 

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Tibnllus and Propertius 

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vonP. Wagner 



O 544 


P 876 







































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— The same. Ed. by T. E. Pa^ ... P 810 

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■— First six booxs of Virgil's 

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— Koch, G. A. Wfirterbuch zu den 

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Norman french. 

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national dramas P 1172 

See also Litkbatube— Qootations— 
SoNQB— Thbatbe. 
Poisons. See Toxiooloot. 
Folarisoope. See Opxics. 
FolarlzatioiL See Optics. 
Politics. See Politics in Catalogue, Pt. II. 
Popes, Biographies of. See Theology, bi- 
Porcelain. See Pottebt. 
Post office. 

Japan. Postmaster-general. Annual 

U. S. Postmaster-general. Annual report. 
Post-mortem examinations. See A- 
natobct, practical anatomy and post- 
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Potash. See also Alkaxies. 

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Fower«loom. S^AVeavinq. ^/«o Textile 


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Precious stones. 

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Schrauf , A. Edelsteinkunde T 3S 

Pregniaucy. See GTNAEcoLoaT. 
Pre-historic man. See Anthropoloot. 
Prescription. See Materia medic a, pre- 

Prime meridian. See Meridian, Prime. 
Primitive society. See Anthropoloqt. 
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Specimens of wood- type. 

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See also Alphabets. .-I/xo Dyking. 


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Syst^me p^*niteutiaire. 
Wines, E. C. State of prisons and of 

child-saving institu tions X 271^ 

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See also Least squabes. 

Projectile. See Arms, Technology of. 
Prostate. See Pathology, prostate. 


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grossen stiidten im nounzehnt«n 
jahrhundert und die vernichtung 
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Prohibition. See Tempebancr. 
Protoplasm. See Biology. 


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— ^ Polyglot of foreign proverbs ... P 505 
Dictionary of English proverbs and pro- 
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MBDiCA, prussic acid. 
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Btudiu lu der geistesstdrnngen Q 1 259 

Themvu Q 541 

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sfcdrangea ia ihreui begiane zu be- 

handeln? Q 5i2 

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Die kdrperlichen grundlagen 

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See also Fobbnsic hedicini— Phtsi- 
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See also Bbxdqss and Roors — Dbain- 


and Steau engine, locomotive — 



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See also Mbtsobolooy. 
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See also Education, self-culture. 
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Bandh&yana. Tr. by G. Btihler. 
Pt. 2.— V. 15. The Upanishads. Tr. 
by P. M. Muller. Pt. 2.-V. 16. The 
sacred lx>oks of China. The texts of 
Confucianism. Tr. by J. Legge. 
Pt. 2.— V. 17. Vinaya texts. Tr. 
fr. the pAli by T. W. R. Davids & 
H. Oldenberg. Pt. 2.— V. 18. Pah- 
lavi texts. Tr. by E. W. West. Pfc. 
2.— V. 19. The Po-sho-ling-fcsanking. 
A life of Buddha, by Asoaghosha 


Bodhisattva, f r. Sanskrit into Chinese 
by Dharmaraksha, A. D. 420, & fr. 
Chinese into eng. by S. Beal. — V. 20. 
Vinaya texts. Tr. fr. the pAli by 
T. W. R. Davids & H. Olderberg. 
Pt. 3.— V. 21. The Saddharma- 
pundarfka ; or, the lotus of the true 
law. Tr. by H. Kern.— V. 22. Gaina- 
S(!itras. Tr. fr. pr&krifc by H. Jacobi. 
Pfc 1.— V. 23. The Zend-Avesta. 
Tr. by J. Darmesteter. Pt. 2.— V. 24. 
Pahlavi texts. Tr. by E. AV. West. 
Pt. 3.— V. 26. Manu. Tr. by G. 
Buhler.— V. 26. The Satapatha- 
Brdhmana. Tr. by J. Eggeling. 
Pt. 2.— V. 27 & 28. The sacred books 
of China. Tr. by J. Legge. Pt.3&4. 
—V. 29. The Grthya-Siitras, rules 
of vedic domestic ceremonies. Tr. 
by H. Oldenbetg.— V. 31. The Zend- 
Avesta. Tr. by L. H, Mills. Pt 3.— 
V. 33. N&rada, and some minor law* 
books. Tr. by by J. Jolly.— V. 34. 
The VedAnfca-Sfiifcras, with ;9ankara*8 
commentary. Tr. by G. Tliibant. — 
V. 35. Milinda. Tr. by T. W. R. 
Neumann, K. P. Die sikh und ihr reich. Va 269 

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Rig-Veda-Sanhita. Sacred hymns of the 

brahmans Va209 

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beschreibung CAk jamuni's C 156 

Schlagintweifc, E. Buddhism in Tibet. 

niustr. by liter, documents, Sj'c Va 213 

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Buddha son caract^re et ses origines. 

2.6d Va212 

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Gautama Va203 

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Tatva Va217 

Sutta nipata. Va 215 

Wassiljew, W. Buddhismus Va220 

Williams, M. Hinduism Va2l9 

See aho Literature, Sanskrit 

Bibel, Die, oder die ganze heilige schriffc 
des alten und neuen testaments 
nach der deut uebers. M. Luthers... Va29l 
Bibl sontel, Ar. (Inbreton) Va292 


Biblia, La. Antigua version de Cipriano 

de Valera Va293 

Biblia sagrada, A. I'raduzida em portu- 

guez Va294 

Coloured bible for the young Vall2 

Harris, J. R. New testament autographs. O 32 i 

Haug, H. Das alte testament von " Der- 

von-Schiloh. " Va 98 

Hexaglot bible.* comprising the holy 
scriptures of the old and new testa- 
ments in the original tongues. Ed. 
by E. R. de Levante Va 132 

Holy bible containing the old and new 

testaments. Lond. 1873 Val34 

Lond Va295 

Ox. 188*. 

Holy bible. The. (Inliebrew) Va296 

Neue testament. Das. Nach M. Luther's 

ue1)ersetzung Va297 

New testament of Jesus Christ Va 28 1 

New testament, The. (Inliebrew.) By 

Salkinsou-Ginsburg Va282 

Xouveau testament, Le. Version d'Otjter- 

vald V'a283 

Novo tcstamento, O. Traduzido em 

portuguez Va284 

Nuevo testamento. El. Antigua version 

de Cipriano de Valera Va285 

Nuovo testamento^ II. Versione secondo 

la traduzione di Giovanni Diodati... Va286 

Novum testamentu m. ( In greek. ) Va 287 

Sacra biblia. La. Versione secondo la 

traduzione di Giovanni Diodati Va288 

Sainte bible. La. Version d'Ostorvald... Va289 
Testamant nevez. Lekeat en brezounek 

gant G. At. Cheat Va 290 

BiUical literature. 
Ayre, J. Bible Knowledge. New ed. 

Barrows. E. P. Study of the bible Va 96 

fiiblical reason why Va 100 

British and foreign bible society. Re- 
port Z 164 

Clowes, J. Holy words Valll 

Cruden, A. Concordance to the bible ... Va 114 
Driver, S. R. Introduction to the litera- 
ture of the old testament. 2. ed. ... Va 116 
Gesenius, W. Hebrew and english 

lexicon of the old testament Va 275 

Is the bible true ? Va 135 

Kalisch, M. M. Commentary on the old 

testament Val39 

Ladd, G. T. Doctrine of sacred scripture. Va 141 


Meurer, H. Wortschatz zu pauli sextani 

S m ith , W. , New testament history 

Old testament history 

Tischendorf , C. Our gospels 

Westcott, B. F. Gospel of life 

DoUinger, J. J. I. v. The gentile and 

the jew 

■ Heidenthum und judenthum ... 

Kuenen, A. Religion of Israel 

Stanley. A . P. Jewish church 

Stille, G. Der kampf gegen das juden- 
thum. 2. aufl 

















Minor non-chrittian religions. 
Callaway, C, tr. Religious system of 
the amazulu 

Sfohammedan ism. 
Hisch4m, Abd el-Malik Ibii. Das leben 

Muhammed*s. Herausg. von F. 


Irving, W. Mahomet and successors ... 
Mohammed, 'llie koran. Tr. by G. Sale. 
Muir, W. Cor An ; its composition and 


Pischon, C. N. Der einfluss des Isl&m. 
Stobart, J. W. H. Ishim 

See Buddhism and other oriental 

See Buddhism and other oriental 

Zend Ai'eata. 
See Buddhism and other oriental 

See also Relioion and Philosophy — 
Religion and Science — Rbliqion, 
Philosophy of — Theology. 

Religion and Philosophy. 

Abbot, F. E. Scientific theism 

Age of reason 

Balfour, A. J. Philosophic doubt 

Bayley. Great truth on great subjects. 
Blackie, J. S. Natural history of atheism. 
Bruce, A. B. Apologetics ; or Christianity 

defensively stated 

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Duboc, J. Das leben ohne gott 

Fisher, G. P. Faith and rationalism ... 

Va 229 

C 149 
P 204, 























Qaquoin, K. Die grundlage der Spencer- 
schen philosophie, iasbesondere als 
basis fiir die versbhnnng von reli- 
gion und wissenscliaft 

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Goyder, T. Spiritual reflections 

Greg, W. B. Enigmas of life 

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christen thnms. 3. aufl 

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' Study of religion 

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le christiauisme. 14. ^d 

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Perrin, K. S. Religion of philosophy ... 

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geschichte und l5sung des problems 
der erkenntnis, der kosmologie, der 
anthropologie und des ursprungs 
der moral und der religion. Autor. 
deut. ausg. von E. Fabarius. 2. ausg. 

Piinjer, B. History of the christian 
philosophy of religion. Tr. f r. the 
germ, by W. Hastie 

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Schopenhauer, A. Religion. Sel. & tr. 
by T. B. Saunders 

Stephen, L. Freathinking 

Stirling, J. H. Philosophy and theology. 

Strauss, D. F. Old faith and the new ... 

Ward, W. G. Essays on the philosophy 
of theism. Ed. with an introd. by 
W. Ward 

Werner, J. Kegels offenbarungsbegriff. 

ZMler, E. Gottesbegriff in der neueren 

schwedischen philosophie 

See also Religion — Religion and Sci- 
ence— Religion, Philosophy of. 
Also, Theology. 

Beligion and Science. 

Bixby, J. T. Similarities of physical 
and religious knowledge 

Btichner, L. Das kiloftige leben und 
die moderne wissenschaft 

Buckland, W. Geology and mineralogy 
as exhibiting the power of god 

' Reliquiee diluyians 



V 912 

Va 126 
P 570 

V 467 

Va 20 
P GOl 
Va 23 
P 74 

Va 30 

V 522 

V 800 



















Va 86 




















V 712 

Calderwodd, H. Science and religion ... V 36S 
Combe, G. Relation between science 

and religion 

Dawson, J. W. Earth and man 

Origin of the world, according 

to revelation and science 

Draper, J. W. Conflict between religion 

and science .• 

Drummond, H. Natural law in the 

spiritual world 

Duke, E. Beneath the surface 

Ewing, J. A. Christian religion and 

natural science 

Fabre d'Envieu, J. Les origines de la 

terro et de Thomme d'apr^s la bible 

et d'apr^s la d'apr^s la science 

Im kampf um die Weltanschauung. 

7. aufl 

Kidd, J. Adaptation of external nature 

to the physical condition of man ... 
Tie Conte, J. Religion and science. 

Lond. 1874 

T'nesanu, X. Y. 1860 

Miller, H. Footprints of the creator. 

18. ed 

Reusch, F. H. La bible et la nature ... 
Savage, M. J. Religion of evolution ... 
Sauthall, J. C. Epoch of the Mammoth. 
Stewart, B. & Tait, P. G. Unseen 


White, A. D. Warfare of science 

Winchell, A. Science and religion 

Zollner, F. Naturwissenschaft und 

christlicho ofifenbarnng 

See also Religion — Religion and 

Philosopht — Religion, Philosophy 

of. Aho Theologt. 

Beligion, Philosophy of. 

Bcneke, F. E. System der metaphysik 

und religionsphilosophie V 653 

Biedermann, G. Riligionsphilosophie. 
Hartmann, E. v. Religionsphilosophie. Va 17 
Kant, I. Religion within the boundary 

of pure reason Va270 

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religions. Tr. & ed. by G. T. Ladd. Va 271 

Religionsphilosophie Va298 

Mansel, H. L. Limits of religious 

thought Va 21 

Martig, E. Religionsunterricht in der 

volksschule. 13. aufl Va 22 

Pfleiderer, O. Development of theology. 

Tr. by J. F. Smith Va 31 

Va 14 

V 876 

V 6 

Va 19 
Va 18 

K 23 
Va 38 

V 248 
K 53 

V 426 
Va 47 

V 178 

V 261 


Pfleiderer, O. Philosophy of religion ... 

l*alloch, J. MoYements of religious 

thought in Britain 

See aUo Rbligiom— Bbligion and Phi- 
losophy — KcLioiON and Scibnob. 


Beligtons eduoation. See Education, 

Beservoir. See Htdbaulic Enginrbbtno 
— Sanitabt Enoinbbbing. 

Besin (m wood). 

Thenius, Q. Harze und ihre producte... 

Baspiration. See Phtsiolooy. 

Respiratory organs, Diseases of. S^fe 
Pathology, respiratory organs. 

Betaimng walls. See Enoin ebbing, re- 
taining walls. 

Bhetorio and Composition. 

Bhdr, H. Rhetoric and belles lettres ... 

Brinkmann, F. Die metaphern 

Drew, B. Pons and types 

Spencer, H. Philosophy of style 


Bain, A. English composition and 

Brookfield, F. Composition 1 

Chamber's Introduction to english com- 

Cox, W. D. Rhetoric and composition. 

Genung, J. F. Practical elements of 


■ Study of rhetoric in the college 

Hayen, E. O. Rhetoric 

Kichol, J. English composition. 

& M'Cormick, W. S. Questions 

and exercises on english composition. 

Quackenbos, G. P. Advanced course of 

First lessons in composition ... 

Parker, R. G. English composition 

Pryde, D. Composition 

Swinton, W. English composition. 

Whately, R. Rhetoric 


Chalamet, C. !Su jets et modules de com- 
positions fran^aises 

Fasnacht, G. E. Macmillan's course of 
french composition 

Filon, A . Rhetorique f rangaise 

Nouvelles narrations fran^aises. 

Jullien, B. Rhetorique et litterature. ... 

Laronsse, P. A. B. C. du stylo 



Va 32 

Va 83 

E 269 










28 i 


O 493 

F 234 
O 318 

O 513 

O 267 

O 191 

O 291 

O 484 

O 54 

O 157 

O 418 

O 273 

P 98 

O 142 

O 217 

Gymnastique intellectuelle O 221 

Longhaye, P. G. Theorie des belles- 
lettres Tame et les choses dans la 
parole. 2. id 

Pellissier, A. Premiers principes de 
style etde composition 

Rhetorique fran^aise. 3. ed. 

■ The same. 7. 6d 

Suj^ts et modeles de composition 

fran9ai8e k Tnsage des classes ^1^- 

■ Su jets et modeles de composition 

O 270 
O 271 

O 268 

f rangaise h I'usage des classes supe- 

Fasnacht, G. E. German composition. 

First course. (Macmillan*s course.) 
Kriebitzsch, K. T. Siebensachen zu den 


Laas, E. Der deutschen au f satz 

Postol, E. Stoffe und ausg^ben zu 

deutschen aufs&tzen 


Harkness, A. Latin composition 

Postgate, J. P. Sermo latinus. A short 

guide to latin prose composition 

See also Language — Lbttbbs and 


Bheumatism and Gk>ut. See Pathology, 
rheumatism and gout 

Bigging. See Nayal abchitbctubb. 

Bivers. See Hydraulic bnginebbing, 
rivers — Floods — Physical geogra- 

BrOads. See Engineering, roads. 

Bocks. See Petrography. 

Bomaji. See Language, Japanese. 

Boman antiquities. See also Histort, 

Bomanoes. See Fiction— Poetry and 

Boofb and roofing. See Architecture- 
Bridges and Roovs. Also Asbestos. 

Bope, Hemp and Wire. See Naval 

Bosin oil. See Distillation. 

BulerSy Biography of. 

Alexander the Great, Curtius Rufus. 

De gestis Alezandri Magni 

Life and exploits of Alexan- 
der the Great. With eng. notes, by 
W. H. Crosby 

O 269 

O 514 

P 106 

O 382 

O 30 

O 207 

O 435 

L 408 

P 10 


Alfred tlie Great Pauli, R. Life of 

Alfred the Great C 69 

Csesar, C. J. Fronde, J. A. Csasar C 118 

Ceesars, Twelve. Suetonius, C. Livos of 

the twelve CsBsars C 33 

Charles tlie Great. Eginbard. Life of 

the Emperor Karl the Great. Tr. by 

W. Glaister C 93 

Elizabeth, Queen. Beesly, E. S. Queen 

Elizabeth C 274 

English queens. Strickland, A. Lives 

of the queens of England C 64 

Francis I. Bacon, J. Life and times of 

Francis the First, king of France ... C 177 
Friedrich der Grosse. Anekdot«n. Ge- 

sammelt von F. Meyer P 1220 

Becker, K. F. Friedrich der 

Grosse P 762 

— — - Carlyle, J. History of Frederick 

IL of Prussia C 46 

Freytag, G. Der staat Fried- 
riches des Grosses. Ed. by H. 
Hager L 652 

The same. Ed. by W. Wagner. L 654 

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rich s des G rossen C 245 

• Lange, E. Die soldaten Fried- 
rich* b des G rossen C 246 

Grant, U. S. Personal memoirs C 237 

Heinrich IV. Itinerar. Bearb. von E. 

Kiliau L 369 

Henry IL (of England). Green, Mrs. J. R. 

Henry the Second C v70 

Henry V. {of England). Church, A. J. 

Henry the Fifth C 255 

Henry VI I. {of England). Gairdner, J. 

Henry the Seventh C 272 

Jackson, A. Parton, J. Life of Andrew 

Jackson C 75 

Jefferson, T. Parton, J. Life of Thomas 

Jefferson C 76 

Johnson, A. Memorial address C 57 


Lincoln, A. Carpenter, F. B. Inner life 

of Abraham Lincoln C 333 

Lorenzo de Medici. Koscoe, W. Life 
of Lorenzo de Medici, called the 
Magnificent C 70 

Mary, Queen of Scots. Strickland, A. 

Life of Mary queen of scots C 63 

Maximilian. Keratry, E. Graf. Kaiser 

Maximilians erhebung und fall C 240 

Napoleon I. Abbott, J. S. C. History of 

Xapoleon I C 16 

Abrantes, D. Xapoleon, his 

court and family C 42 

— ^— Achthundert bis jetzt unge- 
druckte briefe. Xapoleon's I. von 
1795 bis 1815. Aus den ' Memoires 
du roi Joseph ' iibers., 4*<?., von A. 
Wolff C 190 

Confidential correspondence 

with his brother Joseph P 713 

Cunningham, A. Anecdotes 

of Napoleon Bonaparte and his times. C 10 

Lanfrey, P. Hxstoire de Napo- 
leon I C 105 

Life of C 92 

Norviiis, De. His to ire de 

Napoleon C 15 

Napoleon IIL The story of his life C 12 

Victoria, Queen. Smith, G. B. Life of 

Queen Victoria C 122 

Washington, G. Baker, W. S. Charac- 
ter portraits of Washington C 145 

Headley, J. T. Life of George 

Wasliington C 46 

Irving, W- Life of George 

Washington. Lond. 

The same. N. Y C 30 

William the Conqueror. Freeman, E. A. 

William the Conqueror C 269 

William III. {of Eiigland), Traill, H. D. 

William the Third C 276 


Safety lamp. See Coal and Coal mining. 
Sails. See Naval arohitvctdbe. 

Richardson, T. & Watts, H. Salts. 
Sanitary engineering. 

Baker, M. N., ed. Manual of american 

Baldwin, G. R. Supplying Quebec with 

pure water H 265 

Bell, T. J. History of the water supply. H 381 
Beloe, C. H. Catch- water reservoirs. ... H 55 
Boulnois, H. P. Municipal and sanitary 

engineer's hand-book. 
Brooklyn water works. 


Browne, J. H. B. Water so pply H 225 

Crols, J. J. R. Statistical tables of a- 
merican water works. 

Fanning, J. T. Hydraulic and wat-er- 

supply engineering. 

Water-supply engineering H 126 

Flynn, P. J. Flow of water in irrigation 

canals, ditches, flumes, pipes, sewers, 
conduits, etc. App. to Flynn, P. J. 

Irigation canals and other irrigation 

Hughes, S. Water-works. 

Humber, W. Water supply; 

Jacob, A. Storage reserroirs H 231 

Kirkwood, J. P. Filtration of river 

Koch, R. Untersuchungen des berliner 

lei tu ngswasse rs. 

Krantz, J. B. Reservoir walls H 384 

Latham , B . Sanitary en gi neerin g H 1 50 

■ The same. 2. ed. 

Midgley, G. Water pipe discharge dia- 

Xichols, W. R. Water supply H 831 

Philbrick, E. S. Sanitary engineering. H 256 

Reuleauz, F. Ueber das wasser in seiner 

bedeutung fur volkerwohlfahrt Q 922 

Slagg, C. Sanitary work H 216 

Water engineering. 

Spon, E. Water supply. 
Taylor, E. B. & G. M. Water pipe dis- 
charge diagrams. 

Tidy, C. M. London watersupply E 223 

Society puhlications. 
American waterworks association. Con- 
stitution and by-laws. 

■ Report of proceedings of the 
annual meeting. 

Association of municipal and sanitary 
engineers and surveyors. Proceed- 
ings Z 69 

Massachusetts. State board of health. 
Examinations of the water supplies 
and inland waters. 

Experimental investigations 

upoQ the purification of sewage. 

New England water-works association. 

Collection of diagrams representing 

the general plan of twenty-six differ- 
ent water- works. 

Philadelphia water department. Annual 

See also Drainage — Hydraulic en- 

oiNEBRiNG — Plumbing. 



Juvenalis, Sfc. The satires. Literally tr. 

into Eng. prose, with notes, Sfc , by 

the Jiev. Lewis Evans P 1066 

Lenient, C. La satire en France au 

moyen age. 3. ^d P 1140 

Persius. The satires P 1066 

Sulpicia. The satires P 1066 

See also Collected works and Miscellany 

of various national literatures under 


Saturn. See Astronouy, saturn. 
Sawing and Sawing machinery. 

Holly, H. W. Art of sa wfiling H 22 

Worssam, S. W. Mechanical saws. 
School architecture. See a rchitbctu re, 

Schools. See Education. 

Arendt, K. Materialien ftir den an- 

schauungs-unterricht in der natur- 

lehre. 4. aufl. 
Bary, M. E. Neue physikalische pro- 

bleme B 155 

Berghaus, H. Physikalischer atlas. 
Bericht iiber die wissenschaftlichen 

instruuiente auf der berliner gewer- 

beauf8t<ellung im jahre 1879. 
Bernstein, A. Naturwissenschaftliche 


Borchardt, C. W. Gesammelte werke. 

Brewer. Scientiiic knowledge 

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la 3. ed. allemande par G. Lauth. 

2. ed., fran<j 

Carpenter, W. L. Energy in nature ... 
Chambers' Introduction to the sciences. 
Comte, A. Philosophy of the sciences... 
Du Bois-Reymond, P. Qrundlagen der 

erkenntnis in den exacten wissen- 

chaften V 991 

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und constanten. Tr. by P. Chapbuis 

&. D. Kreichgauer. 
Piguier, L. Merveilles ie la science ... Q 21 
Foucault, L. Recueil des travaux sci- 


Frost, P. Newton's prinoipia B 423 

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sciences, les arts et Tindustrie B 180 

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Guillemin, A. Applications of physical 

forces W 168 







W 260 






Hartsen, F. A. Philosophie als wis- 

senschaft V 459 

Helmholtz, H. L. F. Popular lectures. W 138 

Populiire wissenschaf tliche 

▼ortrage W 271 

Vortrage und reden. 3. aufl. 

der " Popularen wissensohaf tlicben 
vortrage .' W 397 

Wissenschaf tliche abhandlun- 

gen W 255 

Henry, J. Scientific writings W 431 

HerscheU J F. W. Scientific subjects. 

Hooker, W. Science for the school and 

family. Pt. 1— Natural philosophy. W HI 

Pt. 2— Chemistry E 65 

Pt 3— Mineralogy and ge- 
ology T 27 

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d'astronomie W 380 

Humboldt. A. v. Cosmos R 5 

Kosmos K 43 

Hutton, C. Recreations in mathematics 

and natural philosophy. 
Huxley, T. H. Critiques and addresses. W 115 

Introductory W 377 

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Krafte in der natur W 403 

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senschaft V 581 

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ical foundations of natural science. V 1028 
Lardner, D. Museum of science and 

art (3' 165 

Lehmann, O. Physikalische technik. 
Littr^, E. La science au point de yue 

pbilosophique V 396 

Loewy, B. A graduated course of natural 
science, experimental and theoreti- 
cal W 396 

Lupton, S. Numerical tables aud con- 
stants in elementary science. 

Masius, H. Gesammte naturwissen- 

schaften W 301 

Maxwell, J. C. Scientific papers W 419 

Newton, T. First three sections of 

Newton's principia B 298 

Principia B 235 

■ Principia. First book. Sections. 

1,2,3 B 423 

The same. 4. ed. 


Preyer, W. Natnrwissenschaf tliche 

thatsachen und probleme, populare 

Proctor, R. A. Light science B «^. 

Sammlung. gemeinTerstandlicher wis- 
senschaf tlicher Tortriige Z 1 

Sang, £. Applied science B 171 

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■ Das buch der natur. 18. aufl. W 5 

Tiu: same. 20. aufi. 

Wonders of nature W 438 

Scientific memoirs W 257 

Simmonds, P. L. Science and com- 

Spencer, H. Chissification des sciences. 

4. t'd V 702 

Recent discussions in science... V 50 

Timba, J. Curiosities of science. 

Notable things of our own time. 

Tyndall, J. Belfast address W 109 

Fragmente aus den natur- 

wisseuschnften W 296 

Fragments of ecioDce W 137 

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schaf ten. 

Virchow, R. Die nationale cntwickel- 

ung und bedeutung der naturwis- 

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Whewell, W. Philosophy of discovery. V 153 
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ihre l)eziehung zum causalprincip. W 311 
Zbllner, F. Wissenschaftliche abhand- 

lungen W 343 

Zoff, W. Der naturwissenschsftliche 


Kongel. danske videnskaberues selskab. 

Fortegnelse. I tidsrummet, 1742- 

Loudon, Royal society of. Catalogue of 

scientific papers G 81 

Poisson, S. D. Catalogue des ouvrages 

et memoires sclentifiques. 
Scudder, S. H. Catalogue of scientific 


Biography of scientijie men. 


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scientific men C 129 

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Miller, H. My schools and school 

masters F 49 

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Chemists E 4U 

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Davy E 64 

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■ Bericht fiber die zur l>ckannt- 



53 L 





machung geeigneten verhandlungen. 

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See nlao Leasnbi> bocibtibs. 


Scientific voyagett. 

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liche beobachtuQgen auf reisen. 

-^— The name. 2. aufi. 

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Aeiens und Europas auf der Vega. 

Voyage of the Vega round Asia 

and Europe. 'I'r. by A. Leslie. 

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gouvemements meridionauz de 
Tempire de Russie, dans les annees 
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etTonnelier ^ h 880 

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linger, F. Wissenschaftliche ergebnisse. L 477 

"Woodruff, J. O. Scientific expedition. 
See also Gboqbapht — Htdbogba- 
PHT — Travels and Votaqes. 
See also Acoustics — .Astbonoicy — 
Oheuistbt — Qeologt — Heat — 
Invention — Mathrbtatics — Me- 
chanics — Natural histobt — Op- 

TlOfl — PH1L080PHT — PhTSICS — 

llELTOioN and Science — ZooLoaT, 

Soienoe and Religion. See Religion 

and Science. 
Sorew-propellers. See also Steau and 

Steam engine — Mabine engineering. 

Ball, R. S. Theory of screws. 
Screws and screw-making. 
SoroftQa. See Pathologt, scrofula. 


Berlin, K&n. museum zu. Die gypsab- 
giisse antiker bildwerke, in histori- 
scher folge erklart. Neu bearb. von 
p. Wolters I 79 





Verzeiclmiss der gypsabgiisse. 





Kleine ausgabe. Her.iusg. von cler 

general verwalfcung T 

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fuenfzehnten jahrhunderts irn 

kiinstgewerbe-museum zu Berlin. 
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3. aufl. I 

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Booth A 

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schen plastik I 

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darian sculptures L 415 

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kunste I 03 

BiofjraiTthij of sculpton. 
'i horvaldsen, A. Plon, E. Thorvald- 
sen ; his life and works. Tr. fr. the 

french by I. M. Luyslor C IS 

See aUo Fine arts. 
Sea. See Physical oeogbaphy. 
Sea bathing. See Bathing. 
Seamanship. See Nayioatton. 
Secret societies. 

Heckethom, C. W. Secret societies of 

all ages and countries. 
Secret societies of the south of Italy, 

particularly the carbonali. Tr. fr. 

the original MS Val94 

See also Fbee masonry — Friendly 


Seismology ( incUuiitiff T '«/ra nolofiij ) . 

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terre les volcaiis. Ed. par F. Hoy. 
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■ Vulkanc. 

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scheinungen der erde K 139 

— Les Yolcans ct les tremblements 
deterre K 101 

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ments de terre. 

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O'Reilly, J. P. On a relation to be 

established between coastline direo- 
, tions represented by circles on 

the globe and certain localities in 

Europe marked by frequency of 

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phenomena, and probable cinsei?. 

• Earthquakes and volcanoes. 

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2. ausg. 

' Vulkane und erdbel>en. 

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sbind der erdl)ebenf rage. 
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Geoflrajth iealJy, 

Austria . 
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01 dham. Notice of some'of the secondary 
effects of the earthquake of 10th. 
Jan., 1889, in Cachar. With remarks 
liy R. Mallet. 

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quake which destroyed the tx)wn of 
Cariiccas on the 26tJi. march, IS 12. 

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earthquake experienceil in Chile on 

the 20th. of fob., 183r>. 
FAna. See Sicily. 


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volcanoes of central Franc a K 

Seebach, K. v. Mitt<»ldeutsche erdbeben. 

Great Britain. 

Roper, W. List of the more remarkable 
earthquakes in Great Britain and 




Joliii8toii«Layis, H. J. Monogpraph of 
the earthquakes of Isohia. 

Mercalli, G. Vulcani o fenomoni 

vnlcanici in Italia. 
Palmieri, L. Eruption of Vesuvius. 

Phillips. J. Vesuvius TC 26 

See aUo Xaples — Sicily. 

Burton, W. K. 'J'ho great earthquake 

in Japan, 1891. 
Eruption of Bandai-san. 
Milne, J. & Burton, W. K. 'I'he jrreat 

earthquake in Japan, 1S91. 
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san im Juli 18SS. 

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and subsequent phenomena K 137 

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of 1857 R 16 

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' . Ueloerdie vulkanischengesteine 

in Sicilien und Island und ihre 

subiuarine umbildung. 
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terremoti dell* Etna nel 1879. 
Heim, A. Die schweizerischen erdbel>en 

vom november 1879 bis ende 1880. 
Vnnrhin. See Italy. 

Seismologfical society of Japan. Trans- 

actions Z 35 

Self-oultura. Sej K-duqatios, splf-educa- 

Senses, see PsYCHOLoaT. 

Sermons. See Thkologt, niiscelljinoous 

Sewerage. See Dratnaoe. Aho Aortcol- 


Sewing Machine. 

Green, U. Sewing machine 

Herzberg. Sewing im chine M 47 

Shell Mound. See Antheopoloqy. 
Ship-building. See X a v a t^ A Rc httectu re. 


Ship propulsion. See Marine kn- 

GiNKERiNG — Stkam and Steam Bn- 

01 HE. 


Lloyd's register of british and foreign . 
Shooting. See Sports. 
Shoring. See ENOxNESRiNa, shoring. 
Short hand. See STBNoaRAPHT. 
Shortsightedness. See Ophthalscoloot. 
Show. See Theatre and Show. 

OjiUinghaiii, J. Sign writing. 

Lirwood, J. & Hotten, J. C. History of 

sign-board L 808 

Silicate, .s:^^^ MmERALoay. 
Silk and Silk-worms. 

Kendo, T. A. Silk and tea culture. 

Piwteur, Ti. Maladie des vers k sole M 83 

Ure, A. [Silk manufacture]. (In hig 
Philosophy of manufactures.) 
Silver. See Gold and Silver. 
Simulation. See Military hedtcinb. 
Slate. See Petrography. 

.Stroyer,J. My life in the south C 96 

Wallon, H. Histoire de Tesclavage dans 

rantiquit^ L 498 

Sleep. See Physiology — Psychology, 

Experimenttil and physiological. 
Sleep-walking. See Physiology — Psy- 
chology, Experimental & physiologi- 
Small-pox. See Pathology, small-pox. 
Smithing. See Blacksmithtng. 

Carpenter, L. Manufacture of soap'and 

Dussance, H. Manufacture of soap E 101 

Otto, A. Saap E 122 

Watt, A. The art of soap making. 3. ed. 

Wiltner. F. Seifen-fabrikation E 249 

Wiackler, E. Die f abrikation der seifen. 

Frey, A. R. Sobriquets and nicknames. L 707 
Socialism. See Catalogue, Pt 2. 
Societies, Learned. .SV^* Learned socie- 
— , Friendly. See Friendly societies. 

Aito Free-masonry. 
Sociology. See Catalogue, Pt. 2. Also 
Anthropology — C ivilizatio n— 
Folk-lore — History — Man •— My* 



SODA 260 

* ■ ■ ' ■ I ... 


Anaatasi, A. Nicholas Lebrano. 
Lunge, G. Soda-industrie iind ihrer 

■ Soda-, pottasche- und ain- 
uioniakfabrikation. 2. aufl. 

See aUo Alkalies and Alkalotpb. 


Fatb, F. Lieder des castellajis von 

Coucy P 

Freytag, L. Das nibelungenlied P 

Scbur^, E. Gescbichte des deutechen 

liedes P 

Simrock, K. Das heldenbuch P 

Swinburne, A. 0. Songs before sunrise. P 

Songs of two nations P 

Tagore, S. M. Indian songs. 

Watts, I. Horae lyricae P 

See alio Poetry and Drama. 
Sound. See Acoustics. Aho Music. 
Species, Origin of. See Biology, species, 

Origin of. 
Specific gravity. See Physics. Aho 



Coccius, A. Augenspiegels Q 

Shweigger, C. Gebrauch dos augen- 
spiegels Q 

' Qebruik van den oogspiegel Q 

Spectroscopes. See Spectrum and Sprc- 


Spectrum and Spectroscopes. 

Boisbaudran, L. de- Spectres lumineux. W 48 
Browning, J. Spectroscope. 
Capron, J. K. Photographed spectra ... E 181 
Crookes, W. On radiant matter spec- 
troscopy. (The bakerian lecture.) 

Kayser , H. Spectralanalyse W 330 

Kirchhofif, G. Solar spectrum. 


Kriiss, G. & H. Kolorimetrie und 

quantitatlTC spektral-analyse. 

Liveing, G. D. & Dewar, J. On the 
ultra-Yiolet spectra of the elements. 

Lockyer, J. N. Researches in spectrum- 
analysis in connection with the spec- 
trum of the sun. 

^-^^ Spectroscope W 87 

■ Tlie same. 2. ed. 

Studies in spectrum analysis ... W 155 

■ & Roberts, W. 0. On the quanti- 

tative analysis of certain alloyes by 
means of the spectroscope. 







Koscoe, H. E. Spectrum analysis. 

The same. 3. ed W 90 

■■ ■ The name, 4. ed. 

Rowland, H. A. Photographic map of 
the normal solar spectrum with the 
concave grating. 

Saint-Yenant. Memoire sur la torsion 
des prismes. (Memoircs pr^sentes 
par divers savante & Tacademie des 
sciences de I'institut imperial de 

Sohellen, H. Spectralanalyse W 401 

Spectralanalyse in ihrer anwen- 

dung E 23G 

Spectrum analysis \V 109 

The same. 2. ed. 

Societk degli spectroscopisti italiani. 

Suffolk, W. T. Spectrum analysis ns 

applied to microspical observation... £ 415 
Vogel, H. W. Praktische spectralana- 
lyse irdischer stoffe E 363 

Watts, W.M. Index af spectra \V 89 

See aho AsTBONOBfT — Chemistry — 
Speeches. See Languaoe— Obations. 
Sphygmograph. See Medicine, diagnosis. 
Spiders. See Zoolooy, arachnidn. 
Sxnnning, Cotton. See Cotton. 

Brown, J. P. Dervishes V 465 

Hartinann, E. v. Der spiritisuius V 960 

Home, D. D. Spiritualism P 656 

See aho Philosophy. 


Aschaui, R. Toxophilus. (Tn English 

reprints.) P 307 

Baker, S. W. Wild beasts and their 

Hansard, G. A. Book of archery S 90 

Markham, Col. F. Shooting in the 

Himalayas h 704 

Strutt, J. Sports and pastimes Tj 310 

See ahoGmti. KSTics — Fishing — Hunt- 
ing — Yachting. 
Stair-building. See Carpentry and 

Stammering. See Pathology, stauimering. 

Frankel, J. Starch, glucose, starch- 
sugar and dextrine. 
Niigeli, W. Beitrfige zur nftheren kennt^ 

niss der stjtrkegruppe E 347 


Behwald. F. Starke-fabrikation E 255 

Wagner, L. v. Starkefabrikation in 
berbindung mit der deztrin- and 
Stars. See Abtbonoict, stars. 
State and Church. See Chorch and State. 
Stateemen^ Biography of, 

Burr, A. Parton, J. Life and times of 

Aaron Burr C 98 

Ferry, C. S. Memorial addresses on the 

lifeof C 56 

Franklin, B. Autobiography C 41 

Parton, J. Life and times of 

B.Franklin C 84 

Starkweather, H, H. Memorial address* 

es on the life of C 58 

Wilson, H. Memorial addresses on the 

lifeof C 59 

Mettemich, C. W. X. L. Memoirs. 'J'r. 

by 3/rs. A. Napier L 518 

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Het archief van den raadpensionaris 
Antonie Heinsius 247 


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statesmen .* C 99 

Campbell, J. Lives of lord chancellors. C 1 
Higginson, T. W. Brief biographies ; 

english statesmen C 2 

Hinton, B. J. Brief biographies : english 

radical leaders C 3 

Lardner, D., ed. Cabinet cyclopaedia. 

Eminent british statesmen. By J. 

Forster C 81 

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opinion in Ireland X 271 

Beaconsfield. Hitchmann, F. Public 

life. of the right hon. the Earl of 

Beaconafield C 36 

Bentinck, G. Disraeli, B. Lord Qeorge 

Bentinck ; a political biography. 

10. ed C 117 

Canning, G. Stapleton, A. G. George 

Canning and his times C 183 

Cromwell, O. Harrison, F. Cromwell. C 275 

Disraeli, B. See Beaconsfield. 

Kliot,J. Forster, J. Sir John Eliot ... C 91 


Eldon. Twiss, H. Public and private 

life of lord chancellor Eldon C 123 

Erkine, T. Speeches. With memoir of 

his life, by E. Walford P 1188 

Fox, C. J. Trotter, J. B. Memoirs of 

the latter years of the right hon. 

Charles J. Fox C 189 

Gladstone, W. E. Kitche, J. E. Life of 

the right hon. William E. Gladstone. 
Hampden, J. Grenville. G. Memorials 

of John Hampden, his party and his 

times C 65 

Hastings, W. Lyall, Sir A. Warren 

Hastings C .261 

- Macau lay, T. B. Warren Hast- 

— The satne. (In English 

klassiker mit deut. anmerkungen.; 

Lawrence. Temple, R. Lord Law- 
rence C 266 

Melbourne. Torrens, W. M. Memoirs 
of the right hon. William, second 
Viscount Melbourne X 455 

Xorthcote, Sir S. Life, letters, and 


Paine, T. Vale, G. Life of Tliomas 

Paine C 43 

Palmerston. Ashley, E. Life and cor- 
respondencd of Henry J. Temple, 
Viscount Palmerston. 

Peel, R. Memoirs..... C 1S5 

'Tlie same. Pub. by Earl Stan- 
hope, 4'c X 454 

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Pitt, W., the younger. Kosebery, Lord. 

Pitt C 279 

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the right hon. William Pitt C 121 

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Sully, Duke of. Memoirs. Tr. fr. the 
french. New ed., with add. notes 
and an hist, introd. attributed to Sir 

Walter Scott C 176 

Walpole, 6'iV li. Morley, J. Wolpole... C 277 
Wolsey, Cardinal. Creighton, M. Cardi- 
nal Wolsey C 273 

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et sou temps C 239 

King, E. French political leaders C 4 

Richelieu, Cardinal de, Memoires. 2. ^d. C 2 1 
Saint-Simon, L. de R., Due. Memoires. 

Par Chernel L 449 


■ Memoirs. Tr f r. the f rench by 

B.St. John P 513 

• Caunan, E. Duko of Saint 

Simon C 130 

Talleyrand-Perigord, C. M. de. Me- 

moires C 242 

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Kodbertus, drei deufcpche nieister. 
2. aiif. 

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keiten des staatskanzlera Furs ten 
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— — Seeley, J. R. Life and times of 

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Cicero C 119 

Trollope, A. Life of Cicero ... C 120 

Statics. See Mrchanics. 

, Graphic See Mechanical knoinkkr- 

iNQ, graphic method. 
Statistics. See Catalogue, Ft 2. 
Steam and Staam engine. 

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cylindres k vapeur H 412 

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Rudimentary treatise on steam 


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■ Recent improvements in the 

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Screw propeller. 

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Condensation of steam. 

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Practical rules for the propor- 
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TJie same. 6. ed 

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Safe use of steam. 

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■ Valve-gears, with special consi- 
deration of the link motions of 
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Railway locomotives. 

■■ Railway machinery. 

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Locomotive and locomotive building in 

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■ The same. 17. ed. 
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its development. 

Marine uteam engines. 
See Marine enoineebino — Naval 


See also Heat — Mabine engineering 
— Mechanical engineering. Also 
Fire and Fire engine. 


The steamship, an illustrated monthly 
scientific journal. 
See also Marine engineering — Naval 




Upham, W. P. Brief history of stenojj- 

raphy P 253 

Stereo-typing. See Pbinting. 
Sterility. See Gtnabcoloot. 
Stimulants. See Materia, hedica and 

Thbbafeotics, stimulants. 
StoflWeohsOl. See Patholoot, stoff- 

Stomaohy Diseases of. See Patholooy, 

stomach — Alto Digestive system. 


Uillmore, Q. A. Building stone in tbe 

United States H 136 

Hull, E. Building and ornamental 

stones A 31 

, Artificial. 

Gillmore, Q. A. Coignet-beton ; U 96 

Keller. H. Fabrikation und onwendung 

feuerfester steine U 167 

See also Gbanite. 

. Precious. See Pbbciodb stones. 

Stone cutting. See Masonbt. 
Storms. See Meteobolooy. 
Strains. See Bbidobs and Roofs. 
Street railways. See Railways, tram- 
Strength of materials. See Engine bbinq , 
strength of materials. AUo the uamett 
of fpecial inaierialt. 
Stress. See Bbidobs and Koofs. 
Style. See Rhbtobic and Comp osition. 

Bur^b, X. P. Sugar macbinery. 
Orookes, W. Manufacture of beet-root 

sugar E 124 

FrCihling, R. & Schuiz, J. Anleituug 
zur untersucbung der fur die zucker- 
industrie in betnvcbt kouimenden 
rjhmaterialien, producte, nebenpro- 
ducte und htilfssubstanzen. 
Kruger, W. Berichte der yersuchsstation 
far zuckerrobr in West-Java, Kagok- 
Tegal (Java). 
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for planters and refiners. 

k VVigner, Q. W. Sugar growing 

and refining. 
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znckers E 255 

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chemie der rubensaf treinigung E 279 

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U. S. national academy of science. 

Sorghum sugar industry M 79 

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history of the beet sugar industry 

in Europe. 
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Morselli, H. Suicide. 
See also Ethics. 

Barstow, W. Sulphurets. 

Brunfaut, J. Exploitation des sou free. U 57 
Sulphurio aoid. 

Lock, A. G. & Charles, G. Manufacture 

of sulphuric acid E 30 

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acid E 2i3 

Tlu tame, 2. od. 

Schmelzer, A. Schwefelsaure-fabrika- 

tion E 10 

Smith, H. A. Sulphuric acid £ 125 

Sun. See Astbonomy^ sun. 
Sun spot. See Abtbonomy, sun. 

Beard, G. M. Psychology of the Saleui 

witchcraft excitement \ 429 

Conway, M. D. Demonology and devil- 
lore Va239 

Henze, A. Die chirogrammatomantie. 

Upham, C. W. Salem witchcraft V 113 

See also Spibitualism. 


Abernethy, J. Surgical works Q 685 

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of surgery. 
Albert, E. Chirurgie und operations- 

lehre Q lOW 

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tomie Q 689 

Bardeleben, A. Chirurgie und ope- 

rationslehre Q lOil 

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— — Theory and management of 

ulcers Q 696 

hell, John of EdinburglL Wounds Q 69S 

Bell, Joseph. Surgery '. Q 699 

Bergmann, E. r. Yon den kopfrerletz- 



Bermird, 0. Cbirurgiache opoiations- 

& Huette, C. Atlas zur oporati^en 


■ Preces iconograpbiquo de iiiede- 
cine operatoire et.d'anatomie chirur- 

Billroth, T. Aligeiueioe cbirurgische 

The game. 8. aufl. Q 704 

Tlie same. 9. aufl. 

Tlie tame. 12. aufl. 

■ k Winiwarter, A. v. Allgeineiue 
chirurgiscbe pathologio und ther- 
apie. 4^ aufl. 

The same. 13. aufl QlllO 

BIosiuH, E. Akiurgiscbeabbildungen... Q 7o7 
Bbhm, C. Therapie dor knocbea-brucbe. Q 708 

Boyer. Surgical diseases Q 709 

Bruzi8,y. v. Arznei-operationen Q 712 

Cbirurgiscbe beilmittellebre ... Q 718 

Larjngoskopie Q 518 

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Cbeyne, W. W. Antiseptiscbe cbirurgie. Q 1217 

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Deutsche cbirurgie. Ueiausg. Ton 

Billroth & Luecke. 
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lazareth Q 724 

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surgery. 5. ed. 

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hoben steinscbnitts von 1851-1878. 
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schen Q 1065 

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uienscblicben k5rper Q 736 

(iiirlt. E. Lebre von den knocbenbrtl- 

cben Q 737 

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scben operations- und verbandlcbre. ' 

3. aufl. 

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tafeln Q 743 

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Holmes,!'. Surgery Q 746 


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— -^^ Grundriss der cbirurgie. 2. aufl. 
von H. Lossen. 

Tlie name Q 1106 

^•^^ 'i'racbeotouiie und laryngotomie. Q 1328 
Karpinski, O. Studien uber kanstlicbe 

Konig, F. .A llgemeine cbirurgie Q 1034 

Theimme Q1117 

Specie! le cbirurgie...^ Q 753 

Tlietuue. 4. aufl Q 1113 

Tlitfiame, 5. aufl Q 1250 

Kriicbe, A. Allgemeine cbirurgie und 

openitionslebre. 3. aufl. 

'The same. 4. aufl. 

Specielle cbirurgie. 4. aufl. 

Tlutame. 6. aufl Q 1157 

— ^— ' 'Tlie taiiu. 6. aufl. 

Ltmgenljeck, B. v. Schussfracturen der 

gelenke Q 755 

Leser, £. Specielle cbirurgie in 50 

Lessing, M. B. Cbirurgiscbe diagnostik. Q 756 
Linbart, W. v. Chirurgiscbe opera tions- 

Malgaigne, J. F. Knochenkrilcbe. 

Uebers. von C. G. Burger. 
Mayor, M. Nouveau syst^me de deliga- 

tion cbimrgicale Q 768 

Mosetig-Moorbof, A. K. v. Chirurgiscbe 

technik bei operationen und verbiin- 

den. 3.aufl- Q1282 

Mailer, R. Akiurgiscbe vortrage Q 761 

lluitame. 2. aufl Q 1048 

Paget, J. Surgical pathology Q 765 

Pitba, V. k Billroth. Cbirurgie. 

Ravoth, F. Akiurgie Q 770 

Kichard, A. Pratique joumali^re de la 

cbirurgie Q 771 

Sargent, F.W. Bandaging Q 776 

Samuel, 8. Entztindungsprocess. 

Say re, L. A. OrthopAdiscbe cbirurgie 

und gelenk-krankbeiten. 2. aufl. 

Uebers. von F. Dumont. 

Schmidt, T. Cbirurgie g 779 

Sims, J. M. Uterine surgery Q 878 

■ Intrauterine fibroids Q 879 

Surgeon's vade mecum Q 786 

Swain, W. P. Surgery Q 787 

Syme.J. Surgery Q 790 

Thiery, P. De la tuberculose chirurgi- 

Thomson, J. Inflammation Q 481 




Thampson, H. Znr cbimrgie der ham- 

or,^ane. Uebers. Ton E. Dupiiis. 
Tilluianiu, H. Allgemeine and specielle 

Troschel, H. Chiriirgiache Terfjaid- 

lehre Q 7»3 

Ulirer. L. Compendiam der helkologie. Q 795 

Wiirr«n«J. C. Rodent nicer Q 674 

Weias, M. Ueber symmetriBche ganfpran. 
Wells, 8. Diftn^ose und chimrgiache be- 

handlnng der unterleibs-geschwQkte 

(tamoren). Uebers von W. v. 


Bierkowski, L. J. Anatoiuisch-chirurgi- 

scbe abMldnni^n Q 703 

Froriep, B. Chinirgi«cbe aaatomie der 

ligaturHtellen Q 728 

— ^ T afeln fiber die knocbenbrache. Q 729 
Joeeael, O. Topographiacb-chirurgische 

anatomie • Q 1038 

Piro^^off, N. Cbimrgucbe anatomie der 

arterienstuinme und lacien. 
KoseauiQller, J. C. Chirurgisch-aoa- 

tomische abbildungen Q 778 

lioter, W. Anatomische chirurgie. 

— Chimigiach-anatomitches Tade- 
uiecuin (4 774 

IKidinger, X. Topograpbiscb-cbirar- 

giflche anatomie des menscben Q 193 

Tlie Mine Q 1161 

See aUo Anatomy and Phtsioloot, 
practical and pout- mortem examina- 

U. 8. army. Medical museum. Catalogue 
of tbe surgical section. 

Hurgeon-generars office. Index- 
catalogue of the library. 

Mott, V. Gross, 8. D. Meuioir of 

Valentine Mott L 669 


Cooper, 8 Dictionary of surgery Q 9i2 

All^ert, E. Heitriige zur geschicbte der 

chirurgie (^ 1229 

Fischer, O. Chirurgie Tor 100 jabren. 
Grttnder, J. W. L. Geschicbte der 

chirurgie Q 1236 

Uaeser, U. Uel^ersicht der geschicbte 
der chirurgie und des chirurgischen 


Windier. H. Preis-Terzeicbnias des 

ungBxins and der fabrik cfairorgi- 
scber instrnmente, etc. 

Arcbir fur kliniscbe cbimigie. 

Centralblatt fur chirurgie 

fllustrirte monatsscbrift der iirzt lichen 
polytechnik nnd centralblatt der 

orthopidiscben cbini rgie ^ 

See alto Gtwabooloot — Hiutabt 


Baker, T. Land and engineer! og sur- 

Bauemfeind, C. M. V. Bayeris^be 

Elements der Termessungs- 

z is; 

Z 163 

kunde. 4. aufl. 

— The sanie. 5. anfl. 

Bayerische landesTermessnng 

Borcher, £. Die praktiscbe markscheide- 

Burt, W. A. Surveyor's companion 

Carpenter, F. de Yeaux. Geographic U 


Castle, H. J. Elementary textbook for 

young surveyors 

Dayies, C. Su r keying and leveling 

Fletcher, B. Compensation : a text book 

for surveyors. 
• Quantities: a text-book for 


Frome. Trigonometrical survey 

Gillespie, W. M. Land-surveying 

Levelling, topography and 

higher surveying 

Uawes, J. U. United States surveying. 
Herrmann, F. Katecbismus der feld- 


— — ^— Katecbismus der nivellirkunst. 
Hoskold, H. D. Mining, land and 

railway surveying 

Johnson, J. B. Theory and practice of 

surveying. 5. ed. 

Jordan, W. Yermessungskunde 

Koppe, K. Planimetrie 

Manual of the principal instruments 

used in american engineering 

Merret, H. 8. Land and engineering 

Xesbit, A. Land surveying 

U 803 

U 293 

H 371 
H 2D2 

H 3()4 

H 30ri 

H 301 

U 338 

H 280 

H 279 

H 278 

H 295 

U 268 

H 269 


H 3S-' 
B lOS 

H 2G3 

H 281 

SURGERY t2(>7 

riane ktble and its topographical eur- 

veyinjf H 287 

Scblieben, W. A y. Gesauiinte feldmoss- 

kunst H 299 

Schotten, H. Inhalt und methode des 
planimetrischen nnterricbts. 

Siuime, F. W. Jjevellin}]^ H 284 

Weisbocb, J. Tafel der Ti»*lf»chen tdnus 
iind coeinus. 

Wiegand, A. Feldmesskumle B 93 

— ^— — Zweiter cursus der planimetrie. B 32.'!> 
Winslow, A. Stadia surveying H 385 

Indiiu Great trigorouietrical surrey. 

Account Y 550 

Surrey of India department. 

Genonvl report Y 552 

Japan. Day, M. S. lieport of the 
trigonometrical survey of the island 
of Hokkaido, Japan, for 1875. 

U. S. A. Instructions to the surveyors 
genenil of public lands of the 
United States. 

U. S. geographical (and geologic- 
al) surveys west of the one hun- 
dredth meridian. Progress^report Y 98 

Report Y 99 

■ U. S. naval academy. A text 

book on surveying, projections and 
portable instruments for the cadet 
midshipmen at the U. S. naval aca- 
demy, Annapolis, Md. 

, Marine. See Htdboobapht. 

.Military. See Militast kn- 


, Mining. See Mining. 

, XauticaL See Htdsoobapht. 

See also KNOiNKiSBiNG — Geodkst — 
Mensuration — Tbioonometrt. 
uWdlliag. See Pathology . swelling. 

Miirey, G. S. Memoir on swords, etc, 
SymboUism. See Mtthologt. 
Syphilis and Venereal diseases. 

Auspitz, H. Syphilitische contagium ... (^ G90 
Boerensprung. F. t. Die hereditiire 

bell, B. Gonorrhoea virulenta leus 

venerea Q 695 

Carmichael, K. Essay on venereal ; 

diseases .. Q 715 ' 


Chowne, F., Sfc. Clinical lectures — Lec- 
tures on syphilis Q 530 

£ngelsted, S. Conslitutionelle syphilis. Q 722 
Fiug(*r, E. Die syphilis und die veneri- 
schen krankheitcn. 2. aufl. 

Hunter, J. Venereal diseases Q 749 

Hutchinson, J. Syphilis. Deutsche 

ausg. Ton A. Kollmann. 
Kaposi, M. Pathologic und thcrapie der 

Die syphilis der haut und der 

augrenzenden schleimhaute Q 1296 

Kohn, M. Syphilis der sch lei mha«t ... Q 7^4 
Lang, E. Dns venerische geschwiir Q 1353 

Pathologic und thorapie der 

syphilis Q 1283 

Michaelis, A. C. J. Lehre von der 

syphilis Q 760 

Muller, F. W. Compendium der ge- 
schichte, pathologic und therapie 
der yenerischen k rank heiten Q 1235 

Oppenheim, H. Zur kenntniss der 

syphilitischen erkrankungen des 
centralen nervensystems. 

Proksch, J. K. Litteratur ttber die ver- 

nerischeu krankheiten Q 1358 

Ricord, M. Venereal diseases ... Q 772 

Kumpf , T. Syphilitischt n erkrankungen 
des nervensystems. 

Simon, F. A. Kritische goschichte des 
uraprung, der pathologic und be- 
handlung der syphilis, tochter und 
wiederum mutter de.s aussatzes Q 1239 

Swediaur, F. Syphilis Q 788 

• Venerische zieklen Q 789 

Turck, L. Schets der syphilitische ziek- 
teu, volgens de klinische lessen van 
Ph. Kicord Q 794 

Virchow, K. Ueber die natur der con- 
sti tu tionel-syphilitischen affectioneu. 

Zeisbl. H. V. Lehrbuch der syphilis, 
tf. aufl. 

• Tlu: same. 3 aufl. 

TJiesante. 4aufl Q 1346 

Pathologic und therax)ie der 

syphilis und der mit dieser verwand- 
ten venerischen krankheitcn. 2. aufl. 

von M. V. Zeissl Q 1257 

Archiv fur dermatologie und syphils. 
Viertel jahrsschrift far dermatologie und 
See also Pbostitution. 





Tables, Mathematical. See Mathematics, 

Tales. See Fiction. 

Tanning. See Lbatueb. 

Tannins. See Materia, medica, tanuins. 

Tapestries. See aUo Decor \tion and Or- 

Taxidermy. See Zoologt, taxideruiy. 


Kendo, T. A. Tea culture. 
Wankljn. J. A. Tea, coffee &> cocoti. ... £ 163 
Teaching, Method of. See Education, 

school management. 
Technical education. Seig Education, 

Technology, Chemical. 

Allen, A. H. Commercial orgjinic 


Introduction to orgimic analysis. 

Barruel, G. Traite de chimie technique. E 58 
Bericht iiber die Tersammlung der ftei- 

nen yereinigung bayerischer ver- 

treter der angewandten chemie. 
Bimbaum, K. Chemische technologie. 
Bloxam, C. L. Laboratory teaching or 

progressive exercise in practical 

chemistry. 6. ed. 
Blumner, H. Technologie der gewerbe 

bei griechen und rdmern M 65 

B()ckmann, F. Chemisch • technische 

untersuchungsmethoden der gross- 

induBtrie E 336 

Tlie same. 2. aufl. 

Bolley, P. A. Chemische technologie. 
■ Technisch-chemische untersuch- 

uugen E 27 

Braunt, W. T., eil Manufacture of 

vinegar and acetates, cider, and 

fruit-wines, ^'c. 
Churchill. Technological handlKX>k of 

acetic acid and vinegar* ammonia, 

and alum. 
Du mas, J. B. Traits de chimie appliquee 

auxarts E 191 

Fischer, E. Exercises in the preparation 

of organic compounds. 'Jr. from the 

2. germ. ed. by A. King. 
Gerding, T. Gewerbe-chemie E 19 

Heinzerling, C. Chemische technologie 

mit besonderer rQcksicht auf statistik 

und preisverhaltnisse. 
Herzberg, C. Chemische fabrikenkunde. E 2 
Hofmann, A. W. Entwickeluug der 

chemischen industrie - £ 219 

H5hnel, F. li. v. Die mikroskopie der 

technisch verwendeten faserstoffe. 
Horn, F. M. Anleitung zur chemisch- 

technischen analyse organische 

Jurisch, K. W. Die fabrikation von 

chlorsaurem kali und anderen chlo- 


Knapp, F. Chemiail technology £ 106 

• Chemie technologpque et indus- 

trielle E 46 

Chemische technologie E 230 

Koller, T. Kationello verwerthung von 

abfallstoffen jeder art E 271 

Mesnard, J. Les merveillos de I'art eb 

de Tindustrie. 
Muir, M. M. P. & Camogie, D. Practical 


Muspratt, J. S. Chemie, in anwendung 
auf kttnste und gewerbe. 

Tlussame. 3. aufl E 247 

— — TJte same. 4. aufl. 

• Chemistry, as applifd to the 

arts and manufactures E 108 

Noyce, E. Boy's own book of the uianu- 

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Industrial chemistry. 

Technische chemie E 20 

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Chemisch-technische analyse... E 310 

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t43chnik £ 358 

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technolog^e E 364 

Handbook of chemical technology. 

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■ Handhuch'der chemiRchen tech- 

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• Tlte ttame. 10. aufl. 

'llie same. 13. aufl. 

• Maua) of chemical technology. 

Tr. & ed. by W. Crookes, from the 13. 

germ. ed. as remodelled by F. 

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imd notizen E 370 

Z^lle auf chemische produkte in alien 



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Pocket dictionary of technical terms in 
english, german and french lan- 

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Periodicals 4" Society publications. 

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Jahres-bericht Uber die fortschritte ' 
(leistungen) der chemischen tech- 
nologie Z 152 

Jonmal fiir praktische chemie Z 2i 

Polytechnisches notizblatt. 

Recueil des travnux chimiques des Pays- 

Society of chemical industry. Jonmal. 

Stnttgart, K6n. polytechnikum zu. 
Jahresbericht. a 



Technisch-chemisches jahrbuch. 
Victoria jubilee technical institute. 

Prospectus. Day and evening 



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practical receipts in the arts, (S^'c. ... M 50 

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recept-taschenbuch E 240 

See also Acms— Alcohol— A lkalikb 
and A LK ATX) I D8 — A RMS, Technology 
of — .Arts — Brkr — Blk aching — 
BuTTRR — Candles — Ckment — 
Chbmistrt — Colours — Distilla- 
tion — Dtkino — Enauel — Explo- 
sives — Fai^ — Fermentation — 
Fqlminatino powders — Gases — 
Glass— Glue — Gun-powder — Tcr- 
makino — India rubber — Indust- 
rial ARTS — Matches — Mktals— 


Perpuubrt —Petroleum — Ptro- 
TRCHNics — Resin — 8oap — Soda — 
Starch — Sugar— Sulphuric acid 
— Varnishes — Vinegar — Wax — 

WiNF, Sfc. 

Technology of Arms. See Arms, Tech- 
nology of. 
Technology of Explosives. See Ex- 
plosives. Also Military engi- 
neer! so, projectiles — Pyrotechnics 
— Thbbhochemistry — Thermody - 
NANMIC8— Torpedoes. 
Teeth, Diseases of. See Dentistry. 
Telegraph and Telegraphic engi- 
Ahemethy, I. P. Modern service of 
commercial and railway ielegraphy. 
Ayrton, W. E. Determination of true 
wire and insulation resistances and 
the position of the resultant fault 
in a telegraph line. 


& Perry, J. Duplex piirtial- 

earth test. 

-' Resultant fault in the oondiic- 
tion, insulation, and circuit tests. 

Telegraphic engineeriu^. 

Test for determining the posi- 
tion of a partial discontinuity with- 
out earth fault. 

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tvlegraphio electriquo 

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and descriptions of t-elegraphic ap- 

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testing of telegraph cables. 2. eil.... 

*^—^— Thr ttnnie. 3. ed. 

T^aying and repairing of electric 

telegraph cables 

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' Elektrizitfits-messungen 

r*andner. Electric telegraph. New ed. 
by K. B. Bright. 

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and electric telegraphy. 
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the civil war in the United Stat4?s. 
Pope, P. L. Electric telegraph 

The tanui. 13. eti 

Preece, W. H. <fe Sivewright. J. Tele- 


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■ Electricity and the electric 


— — The name. 5. ed 

■ The tavie. 7. ed. 
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Morse memorial. 

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W 228 

W 133 

H M^ 
W 220 

H 354 

H 3.53 
AV 385 

W 98 

H 352 
W 32« 

W 233 

H 366 

H 2i'fi 
W 99 


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testing of insulated wires and cables. 

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ment to the telegraph X 

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Writing telegraph. 

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ihre anlage fflr alle zwecke der 
praxis W 841 

/ Hiitory. 

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t-elegraph W 97 

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electric telegraph. 

Veriodicahy Society puhUeationt S( Report*. 
Japan. [Telegraph department]. Tteport. 
Society of telegraph-engineers. Jourmtl. 
'I'elegraphic journal and electrical review. Y 539 
See a ho Elkctbic LiOHTiNa— Elkc- 


—Magnetism — Railways, Elec- 
trical — Tklrphone. 


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struction and fitting. 2. ed. 

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and jfuide to the telephonic ex- 

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electric light, f-fc W 284 

R^j.s, P. Thompson, S. P. Philipp Reis, 
inventor of the telephone. 

The telephone. 
See alto Elrctbical knginrrbing — 
Electbicitt — Magnetism — Tk- 



Cyclopaedia of temperance and prohibi- 
tion QI872 


Marfcias, W. Der kanipf gegen den al- 
See also Alcohol. 
Temparature in diseaflos. Sfe Mkdtcink, 

Temperatures, Under^ronnd. See Ge- 
Textile fiabrlcs. 

Alcan, M. Mati^res textiles M 68 

Ashenhurst, T. R. Design in textile 

f ibrios M 84 

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weaving? by hand and by power. 
3. e<l. 

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Iirefs, dessins et mises en carte 
faisant suite au tnvite de la fabrica- 
tion des tissns. 2. 6d M 70 

— 'i^raite encyclop^ique et Dietho- 
diqtie de la fabrication des tisRiis ... M 69 

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(methoden, mitt el, maschinen). 

Meissner, G. Der practischc apprcteur. 

PoUeyn, F. Die appretnruiiitel nnd ihre 

Watson, J. Art of weaving. 
See also Dtking — Wool. 

Theatre and Show. 

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in the reign of Louis XV P11I9 

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ciennes et modemes, fran9ai8e8 et 
etrang^res. Xouv. ed X 102 

lies spectacles populaires et les 

artistes des nies X 108 

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die sittlichkeit. 2. aufl P 1222 

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theatre en Fmnce: les myst^res ... P 1144 

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dentschcn theaters P 751 

Trangicum theatmm actorum, et casunm 
tmgicoriiin londini publice cele- 
bratorum P 1185 


Apoloffitics and Doffmatics. 
Amberley, Viscount. Religious l)elief ... Va 5 
Pirks, T. B. Bible and modern thought. Va lOl 

Butler, J. Analogy of religion Va 3 

Christian evidence lectures Va 109 



Christlieb, '1'. Modern infidelity Va 1 10 

Daniel ; statesman and prophet.'. Va 1 1 5 

Figuier, L. 'J^he day after death. 
Giles, Incarnation, etc. of the Lord 

.Tesus Christ Val24 

Spiritual world and our children 

there Val26 

Great problem Val27 

Greg, W. R. Creed of Christendom Va 1 28 

Truth Tersus edification P 620 

Griffiths, W. Divine footprints in the 

field of revelation Val29 

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7 aufl V 599 

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Kennedy, J. Resurrection of Jesus 

Christ Val40 

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siinde. 6. aufl Va 147 

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hommes de mou temps & h ceux de 

I'avenir V 462 

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Works Val5l 

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lichen glaubens- und sitt«nlehre. 

3. aufl Val53 

Philosophy of the plan of salvation Va 16i 

Present day tracts VaK^O 

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Supernatural religion Va 42 

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wahrheit. Deutsche wiedergegeben 

von C. M. Schneider Ya, 184 

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ethik V 964 

Bernard, St. Morison, J. C. T<ife and 

times of Saint Bernard C 103 

British reformers. 

Contents~^Yo\. 1. Wickliff to Bilney— 
Vol. 2. Tindal, Frith, and Barnes- 
Vol. 3. Edward VT., Parr. Balnavcs, 
cS'c. — Vol. 4. Latimer — ^Vol. 5. Hooper 
—Vol.6. Bradford— Vol. 7. Ridley 
and Phil pot — Vol. 8. Cranmer, 
R-ogers, Careleas, 4'c. — Vol. 9. FCnox 
—Vol. 10. Beoon— Vol. 11. Jewell 
—Vol.12. Fox, Bale, and Coverdnle. Val03 


Christ. See Jesas ChriHt. 

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Comeniua F 165 

Ecce homo : a survey of tlie life and work 

of JesusChrist Vall9 

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second Bishop of Manoh ester 1 34 

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Canterbury C 102 

Jesus Christ. Duruy, V. Vio de notre 

Seigneur J^sus-Christ L 20 

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Renan, E. Life of Jesus C 24 

Strauss, D. F. liife of Jesus ... C 26 

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Leo, X. Roscoe, W. Tiife and p<.ntificate 

of Leo the tenth C 68 

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J. C. Patteson C 366 

St. Paul. Farrar, F. W. Life and work 

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Swedenborg ;'the spiritual Columbus. V 336 

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an outline of his life and writings. V 326 

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cerning the life and chamcter of 
Kmanuel Swedenborg Va 1 82 


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Cranmer, R. & C. Writings Va 103 

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Jewell, J. Writings Va 103 

Knox, J. Writings Va 103 

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Tindttl, Frith. & Barnes. Writings Va 103 

Wickliff, J. am^ hh dhciple*. Writings, Va 103 


HUtorieal tJieology (includivg CJmreh 
history t history of doctrines 4* tliat 
of ehristiitn ethics). 
Alzog, J. Manual of universal church 
history. Tr. by F. J. PabiscH & T. 
S. Byrne Va 63 

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rebus oceanicis et orbre novo decades 
tres [IV] . . . ejusdem legationis 
babylonics libri tres V 973 

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■ Les Chretiens dans I'empire 

remain L 616 

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the reformed church of England ... Va 50 

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und predigten aus den zwei letzten 
jahrhunderten des kirchlichen alter- 
thums und dem anfang des mittel* 
alters Va 105 

Catrou. Histoire des anabaptistes Va 67 

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blissement, des progres et de la de- 
cadence du christianisme dans Tem- 
pire du Japon •.. V 810 

Chasseaud, G. W. The druses of the 

Lelmnon L 909 

Chateaubriand, F. A. de. Le genie du 

christianisme Val06 

• The same. Suivi de la defence 

du genie du christianisme et de la 
lettre k M. de Fontanes Va 107 

Conciliorum omnium, tum generalium, 

turn provlncialinm Va 58 

Croese, G. General history of the 

quakers Va 59 

Dallet, C. Histoire de Tt^glise de Cor^. Va 00 

D'Aubigne, J. H. M. Hintory of the 

reformatio]! Va 62 

Dollinger, J. J. T. v. First age of Chris- 
tianity Va 61 

Papst-fabeln des mittelalters ... P 859 

Ungedruckte berichte und tage- 

bilcher zur geschichte de concils von 
Trient Va 64 

& Reusch, F. H. Geschichte der 

moralstreitigkeiton in der rdmisch- 
katholischen kirche seit dem sech- 

zehnten jahrhundert V 669 

Duruy. V. Petite histoire saintie L 20 

Fisher, G. P. The l^eginnings of Chris- 
tianity Va 65 


Fox, S. Monks 4* monasteries Ya 123 

Friedrich, J. Documenta ad illustron- 

dam concilium vaticannm anni 1870. Va 66 

Gascoigne. Loci e libro veritatum -, 
passages selected from Gascoig^ne's 
theological dictionary, illnBtratin<? 
the condition of church and state 
1403-58. With an introd. bj J. E. 
T.Rogers X 665 

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ethik Va 67 

Theiame V 661 

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— — ^ Oonpendium of ecclesiastical 

history. 4. wl. Tr. fr. germ, by S. 

Davidson Va 68 

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the english church and of the sects. Va 70 

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Councils and ecclesiastical docu- 
ments relating to Great Britain and 
Ireland. Ed. after Spelman & Wilkins. Va 73 

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geschichte. 2. aufl Va 72 

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der reformation 1517-1648. Her- 
ausg. von W. Oncken L 1041 

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and usages upon the christian 
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norum ab condita ecclesia a A annum 
post Christum natum 1193 , Va 74 

Kohte, J. Die kirche San Lorenzo in 

Legge, J. The nestorian monument 
of Hst-fui fd in Shen-hsi, China, 
relating to the difFusion of Chris- 
tianity in China in the seyenth and 

eighth centuries V 85S 

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lichen ethik V 668 

Martyrs of Carthage P 1424 

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tianity Va 75 

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Mongeuot. Histoire abregee do I'eglise 

catholique Va 76 

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Lond. 1754 Va 78 

T!ie$anw. N. Y. 1871 Va 77 

Nicolini, G. B. History of the Jesuits ... Va 79 


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vincial V 495 

Philaret Geschichte der Kirche Russ- 
lands Ins deutsch tibers. von Blu- 
menthal Va 80 

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dentini P 892 

History of the council of Trent. Va4l4 

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romanornm L 972 

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aufklarung Va 81 

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formata L 757 

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sacher der piipste zur zeit Ijudwig 
des Balers L 818 

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Christlishe kirchengeschichte 

seit der reformation Va 83 

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rum pontificum L 755 

■ Zur geschichte des concils von 

Trient Va 84 

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of Scotland. AVith biogr. sketch & 

notes, by M. Russell L 954 

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land Va 89 

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Wattenbach, W. Geschichte des r5- 

misclipn papstthnms Va 90 

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of the church of Scotland. With an 
original memoir of the author, &c., 
by the rev. R. Burns L 957 

Mucellaneous tcorks. 
Arnold. M. God and the bible V 202 

Last essays on church and reli- 
gion Va 93 

• Literature and dogma V 203 

• St. Paul and protestantism Va 94 

BazendaJe, W. Dictionary of anecdote, 
incident, illustrative fact, selected 
and arranged for the pulpit and the 
platform V 796 

Blackie, J. 8. Lay sermons Va2(U 



Brewer, F. C. Dictionary of miracles, 

imitative, realistic, and dogmatic ... V 761 

Browne, Sir T. Iteligio medici, letter to 
a friends Sifc, and christian morals. 
Ed. by W. A. Greenhill P 1229 

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doctrines and disclosures of Swe- 

denborg Va 9 

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et les traditions populaires qui 8*y 

rattachent P 535 

Eby, C. 8. Christianity and humanity. Va 118 
Falch,E. Deutsche gbttergeschichte ... Ya3(X) 
Giles, J. A., tj\ Biographical writings 
and letters of venerable Bede. 'IV. 
fr. the latin L 748 

Grundzuge der gesellschaftswissen- 
schaft oder physische tind natdr- 

liche religion X 599 

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Jessica's first prayer Va 136 

Jourdain, C. Budget des cult«B en 

France Val38 

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■ Sermon on the plongbors. {In 
English reprints.) P 307 

Seven sermons. {In English 

reprints.) P 307 

Laveleye, E. de. Avenir des peuples 

Le Blanc, E. Xouveau recueil de monu- 
ments fun^bres. 

Lever, T. Sermons. {In English re- 
prints.) P 307 

Luthardt, C. E. Vortrage tiber die moral 
des christenthums im wint^^r 1872 zu 
Leipzig gehalten Val43 

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Missionary society of the methodist 
episcopal church. Annual report. 

Moody, D.L. Heaven V G52 

— — Prevailing prayer : what hinders 

it? V G47 

Secret power ; or, the secret of 

success in christian life and christian 

work V 650 

To the work ! To tbe work ! 

E xhortations to christians V 648 

Twelve select sermons Y 649 

• 'J'he way to God and how to find 

it V 651 


Nicolai, F. Versuch tiber die beschul- 
digungen, welche dem tempelherreon- 
orden gemacht worden, und liber 
dessen geheimniss Va 259 

Xoble, S. Appeal in behalf of the views 

of the eternal world and state Va 28 

Pandurung, R. B. D. Hindu gentle- 
man's reflections respecting the 
works of Swedenborg. 

Parsons, T. Outlines of the religion and 

philosophy of Swedenborg Va 1 52 

Pascal, B. Pens^es V 891 

Provincial letters V 234 

Pollard, A. F. The Jesuits in Poland ... Va 155 
Revelation to the monk of Evesham. 

(fn English reprints.) P 307 

Schultz, F. Die grundziige der medita- 
tion F 252 

Meditationen F 253 

South, R. Sermons Va 164 

Swedenborg, E. Account of the last 

judgment and of Babylon destroyed. V 325 

- Angelic wisdom concerning the 
divine love and divine wisdom Va 16C 

Angelic wisdom concerning the 

divine providences Va 167 

Apocalypse explained Va 168 

Apocalypse revealed Va 169 

Arcana coelestia Va 170 

Athanasian creed Va 171 

Brief exposition of the doctrine 

of the new church Va 172 

Canons V 716 

- Conjugial love and its chaste 
delighta Va 173 

Coronis V 717 

Divine love and divine wisdom. V 718 

Earths in tbe universe Xn. 4-'l 

Four lea<Ung doctrines of the 

new church Va 174 

Future life Va 44 

■ Heaven and its wonders Va 1 75 

Manual of the doctrines of the 

new church. Comp. by E. Swift ... Va 181 

■ Miscellaneous theological works. Val77 

— ^— New Jerusalem Val76 

■ On the white horse Val80 

• True christian religion Va 1 79 

Taylor,J. Holy living Val8S 

S^e aho Chorch and Statr— Crea- 
tion — Rbltoion — RKi.iaT0N and 
Science, cf*c. 

Va 29 

H 234 

H 233 

H 245 



OloottpH. E. Theosophy 

See aho Spibituai^isic. 

Therapeutios. Sm Materia, kedica and 
Thibapectics — Medicine — Pa- 
TROLOOY and Thebapeuticr. 

Thermo-chomiatry. See Heat. 
Thermo-dynamios. See Heat. 
Thiophene. See Chemistry, Tnorganio. 
Thunder. See Meteobologt. 
Tides. <S^« Physical geoobaphy. 
TQes. See Bbicks. 

Britton. T. A. Dry rot in timber 

Dropisch, B. Holzstoffe und HoIzcpI- 

Laslett, T. Timber and timber trees ... H 185 

Lea, W. Tables of the streno^th and 
deflection of timber 

Wood, D. V. Preservation of timber. 

lite iame. 4. ed 

T}ie name. 6. ed. 

Time. See Chronolology. Also Longi- 
Tin and Tin goods. 

Cliarleton, A. O. Tin: describing the 
chief methods of mining, dressing, 
and smelting. 
Japing. Blech und blechwaaren. 
Pose with, T. Die zinninseln im in- 
diBchen ocean. 

Toad. See Zoology, Ixitrachia. 

Schreiber, E. Tabaks und cigarron 


EnthofPer, J. Manual of topography ... H £89 

Hanpt, L. M. Topographer, his instru- 
ments and methods. 

Smith, B. S. Manual of topographical 
drawing. 4. ed. 

^— ^ Tite same. 5. ed. 

Tlie same. 6. ed. 

See also Geography. 

Tornado. See Meteobolooy. 

Abbot, H. L. Submar i ne mines 

Barnes, J. S. Submarine warfare. 
Brialmont. Influence du Sir Plongean 

et des obus-torpilles. 
Histoire des torpilles. 
}IoTgaar4. O. W. Submarine boats. 



U 100 

Jnques, W. H. Modem armor for 

national defence. 
Xormand, J. A. Etude sur les torpilleur. 
Pugibet, H. Appareie directeur per- 

mettant de gouverner de terre les 

torpilles automobiles. 

Sarrepont, H. de. Les torpilles. 
Sleeman, S. W. Torpedoes and tori>edo 

Wandevelde, J. A. Bapport de la com- 

missioD des torpilles. 
See also Explosives. 


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Bernard, 0. Le9on sur les effets des 

substances toxiques et medicament- 

Blyth, A. W. Poisons. 

• Practical chemistry E 180 

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gifte. Mit zusatze. 

Poisons Q 337 

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lichen und giftigen gasen. 

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Feoktistow, A. E. Wirkung des schlan- 

gengiftes auf den thierischen or- 

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Frr»hner, E. Lehrbnch der toxikologie 

fur thierazt. 
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der pflanzengif to. 2. aufl. 

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cologic Q 365 

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tischen toxikologie. 2. aufl Q 1200 

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der gift. 6. aufl. von R. Otto Q 1142 

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c)er praktischen toxikologie. 


Woodman. W. B. & Tidy, C. M. Toxico- 

Wormley, T. Q. Micro-chemistry of 

poisons E 76 

See aim Forensic medicine — Materia 
MEDIC A — Pathology, lead-poisoning 
— Pharmacy. 

AUo Chemistry. 

Tragedy. See Pobtby and Drama. 
Tramways. See Railways, tramways. 
TransfUsioxi of blood. See Materia 

MEDicA and Therapeutics, trans- . 


Transportation. 5^<? Commerce— Naviga- 
tion — Railways — Shipping. 

Travels and Voyages. 

Fefcridge, W. P. Harper's phrase-hook ; 

or, handbook of travel talk O 195 

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every clime J 107 

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I'Amerique meridionale, depuis 
1781 ju8qu*en 1801. Publics les 
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Walckenaer ; enrichis de notes par 

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Pacific and Beering Strait L 461 

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brigand adventures, tales of the 
battlefield, life and natu re L 217 

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John Byron, containing an account 
of the great distresses suffered by 
himself and his companions on the 
coast of Patagonia L 893 

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Paris & Jerusalem L 902 

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^. 1532-50. Tr. & ed. with notes, 4'^., 

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Pacific ocean • L 911 

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dentale d*Afrique, fait dans les 
annees 1786 et 1787 L 974 

— — Voyage dans Tlnde et au Ben- 
gale, fait dans les annees 1789 et 
1790 L 975 

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and adventures in the Indian archi- 
pelago, in 1832-33-34 L 919 

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Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the 
seventeenth century. Tr. fr. the 
turkish by J. V. Hammer L 920 

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Pacific L 55.5 

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discovery into central Australia, and 
overland from Adelaide to King 
George's Sound, in the year 1840-41. Ti 922 

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the polar sea, in the years 1819, 20, 
21, and 22 L 994 

Narrative of a second expedition 

to the shores of the polar sea, in the 
years 1825, 26, & 27 L 995 

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monde L 927 

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Indies. 2. ed L 105.3 

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covery to the west coast of Corea k 
the great Loo-choo Island L 645 

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in the southern hemisphere L 5.3^ 

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can squadron J 73 

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reisen und entdecknngen im Stld- 
Meer. Ul)ers. von J. F. Schiller & 
G. Forster L 931 

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Wales's Fort, in Hudson's Bay, to 
the northern ocean L 997 

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Historical account of the circumnaviga- 
tion L 235 

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world J 116 

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from the wild coasts of Nipon, with 
chapters on cruising after pirates in 
Chinese waters L 711 


Kaltbrannerp D. Der beobachter ; allge- 
meine anleitun^ zu beobaclifcun^ii 
(iber land und leute fiir touriston, 
exkursiomsten und forschnngfs- 

Kotzebue, O. v. Entdeckungs-reise in 
die Gild-See und nach der Berings- 

Kreitner, G. Im fernen osten ; reisen 
des Graf en Bela Sz^chenyi in Tndien, 
Japan. Obina, Oibet & Birma in den 
jahren 1877—80 

Milner, J. iSfc, Cruise of H. M. S. Galatea. 

Morier, J. A second journey through 
Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor to 

New general collection of voyages and 

Nordenskj5ld, A. E. Umsegelung Asiens 
und Europas 

-^— Voyage of the Vega round Asia 
k Europe 

Osborn, S. Discovery of north-west 

^—^ Stray leaves 

Parkes- Belloc, B. Peoples of the world. 

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the best and most interesting 
voyages and travels 

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einem vorwort von J. Proelss 

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liber die oesterreichisch- ungarische 
expedition nach Siam, China, und 

Statistisch-commerzielle ergeb- 

nisse einer reise um die erde, 
untemommen an bord der osterrei- 
chischen regiitte Novara, 1857 — 1850. 

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Simpson W. Meeting the sun 

Picturesque people 

Taylor, B. Travels 

Thomson, C. W. Voyage of the Challen- 


Thumberg, N . Voyages au Japon 

See also Science, voyages. For the 

traveU of ttpeeial countries, see the 

names of countries under Gbogbapht. 

Trees. See Forest and Foeestrt— Hob- 


TrlangulatioiL See Geodesy. 



J 261 

Ti 945 

L 1045 
J 241 

L 647 

















L 15 















August, E. F. Trigonometrische tafeln. B 384 
Bezodis, A. Trigonometrierectiligne... B 115 

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Briot & Bouqu.ct. Lemons de tiigonome- 

trie B 181 

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trigonometry B 255 

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trigonometrie B 97 

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Spherical trigonometry. 

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metrische tafeln. 

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goniometrie en regtlijnige trigono- 

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plane trigonometry B 529 

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' Higher trigonometry B 330 

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■ Plane and spherical trigonome- 


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trigonometrie B 102 

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beispielen aus der trigonometrie 
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Key to trigonometry. 

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metrie B 98 

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metrie B 317 

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colleges and schools. 

The same. 7. ed B 802 

• Tlie same, 8. ed. 

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colleges and schools B 335 

• Trigonometry for beginners ... B 249 

Traite elementaire de trigonometrie B 316 

Wiegand, A. Ebene trigonometrie B 827 




Stereometrie und spharische 

trigonometrie B 

See alto Gkodbst — - Gsomktrt — 


Trout. See Fish culture. 
Trusses. See Bbidoes aoid Roofs. 
Tuberculose. See Pathologt, lungs. 


Tumours. See Fatholoot, tumours. AUo 


Tunnels and Tunnelling. See Kn- 

GiNBSBiNO, tunnol. 
Turbine wheels. See Mbouamical sm- 



Campin, F. Handtumiog. 


Hasluck, P. N. Lathe-work. 

The wood turner's handbook. 

Holtzapffe], C. 'i'urning and mechanical 

manipulation M 43 

Latho and its uses M 11 

Lukin, J. Turning lathes. 

— '—^ Tlie $ame. 3. ed. 

Northcott, W. H. Lathes and tnming. M 23 

Turner's companion M G 

Watson, E. P. Hand-lathe. 
See also Industries, Mechanical. 
Typhoid. See Pathology, fever. 
Typhus. See Pathology, fever. 
Typopraphy. See Pbikting. 


Uloers. See SuRGBBY. 
Undulation. See Acoustics— Dynamics- 
Undulatory theory of light See Optics. 
Universe. See Abtbonomy, universe — Cos- 


Universities and Colleges. 

Australia S( New Zealand, 
Melbourne university. Calendar. 
New Zealand university. Calendar. 
Sydney, University of. Calendar. 

Austria S( Hungary, 
Budapest! kiralyi magyar tudomany- 

egyetem. Almanachja. 
Sammlung der fdr die bsterreichischen 
universitftten giltigen gesetze und 

verordnungen F 

Wien. Kais. kOn. universitat. Jahrbuch. 

Bruzelles, University libre de. Bapport 

Canada 4* Nova Scotia, 

Dalhousie college and university. 

Kingston. Queen*8 college and univer- 
sity. Calendar. 
■ Examination papers. 

McGill college and university. Annual 

Toronto, University of. Calendar. 

Universito Laval. Annaaire. 


Louvain, Universite catholiquo de. 

Annuaire Z 111 

— Liber memorialis F 258 

Lyon, Faculte de. Annuaire. 

Paris. Jourdain, C. Histoire de 1* uni- 
versite de Paris. 


Arnold, M. Higher schools and univer- 
sities in Germany F 102 

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gungen zur erlangung der doctor- 
wilrde bei alien facultaten der uni- 
versitaten des deutschen reichs F 256 

Berlin, Kdn. universitat zu. (Systema- 
tische zusammenstellung der fiir 
dieselbe bestehenden gesetzlicheu, 
statutarischen und reglementari- 
schen bestimmungen.) 

Conrad, J. German universities for the 
last fifty years. Author, tr., by J. 
Hutchinson F 207 

Universitatsstudium in Deutsch- 


Deutscher universitat-kalendar. 

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Heidelberg, Universit&t zu. Fischer, K. 
Festrede zur fiinfhundert jahrigeu 
jubelfeier der Buprecht-Karls-uni- 
versitat zu Heidelberg. 

Almanach. Hezausg. von P. 





■— Ruperto Carola; illiistrirt fest- 

chronik der U. eacularfeier der uni- 

versitat Heidelberg. 

— Thorbecke» A. Die altesto zeit 

der uuiTersitftt Heidelberg, 1886- 


— - Winkelmaim, E.» ed. Urkun- 

denbuch der umversitat Heidelberg. F 241 
Jena, UniversitiLt zu. Keil, Richard &. 

Rob. Geschichte des jenaischcn 

studontenlebens (1548—1858) ¥ 247 

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Sffeutlicheleben F 287 

Kon. bay. akademie der wissenschaft 

Kuknla, B. Allgemeiner deutscher 

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sitdten F 111 

Tiibinger uniTersitatsschrifteii. 

Great Britain, 
Aberdeen uniyersity. Calendar. 

Bristed, C. A. English unirersity F 'i8 

Bristol. UniTersity'ooUege. Calendar. 
Cambridge university. Mullinger, J. B. 

Cambridge cbaracteristies in the 

seventeenth centuiy V 252 

Cork. Queen's college. Calendar. 
Dundee. University college. Calendar. 
Edinburgh, University of. Qrant, A. 

University of Edinburgh F 119 

Mason college, Birmingham. Calendar. 
Glasgow university. Calendar. 
London, University college. Calendar. 
Owens college, Manchester. Calendar. 
St Andrews university. Calendar. 
Wordsworth, C. Social life at the eng- 

lish universities X 306 


Groningen, Bijks-universiteit te. Jaar- 


Padova, B. universitA degli studi di. 

Pisa, R. university di. Annuario. 

Roma, R. univendtA degli studi di. An- 

Torino, B. universita degli studi di. 


St Petersbourg, Imperial university of. 
Account of the condition and work. 
(In mssian,) 

• Progpramme. (In russianj 

Universidad central de Espaila. Memoria 

Zaragoza, Universidad de. Discurso. 

Sweden Sf Norway. 
Kongel. norske Frederiks universitet 

Universitets-bil.iUothekets aarbog. 


Lunds universitet. Ars-skrift Y 140 

Universiteta-og skole-annaler. 

Upsala universitet. Arsskrift Y 92 

United States of America. 
Amherst college. Catalogfue. 
Bi^ton university year book. 
Brown university. Catalogue. 
California, University of. Addresses of 
W. T. Reid. 

■ Annual report of the secretary. 

Biennial report of the president. 

The blue and gold hand book... F 286 

' Register. 

Clark university, Worcester, Mass. Re- 
gister and official announcement. 

Columbia college in the city of New 
York. Register. Handbook of in- 

Cornell university. Annual report of 
the president. 

— — • Register. 

Harvardjuniversity. Annual reports. 



- Report of the committee of the 

Illinois industiiul university. Report... Z 241 
Johns Hopkins university. Annual 


■ Circulars. 


Kansas university. Annual catalogue. 
Kentucky university. Catalogue. 
Lafayette college. Owen, W. B. La- 
fayette college. 

— — Raymond, R. W. Address at 

Lafayette college F 257 

Michigan, University of. Semi-centen- 
nial celebration of the organization, 
1887 F 210 

Mississippi, University of. Catalogue. 

New York, University of the state of. 
Annual report 




Historical and statistical record 

during the century 1784-1884, by F. 
B. Hough. 

Oberlin college. Catalogue. 

Ohio uniyersity. Annual report. 

• Catalogue and circular of infor- 

Pensylvania, Western university of. 
Annual register. 

■ Catalogue. 

Porter, N. A merican colleges F 

Rochester, University of. Annual 


Kutgers college. Catalogue. 


Ten Brook, A. American state univer- 
sities F 

Tuftfl college. Catalogue. 
Wosleyan university. Catalogue. 
AVilliams college. Catalogue. 
Yale university. Catalogue. 
See also Learned societies. 
Upholstery. See Cabin et-makimo. 
Urine. See Pathology, genito-urinary 
system. Also Medicine, chemistry — 
Uterus, Diseases of. See Gynaecology. 
Utilitarianism. See Ethics. 




Bauer, M. Schutzpockenimpfung und 

ihre t^chnik. 
Depaul. Experiences faites k I'academie 
imperiale de medecine avec le cow- 
pox Q 534 

Freund, M. B. Animal vaccination in ^ 

ihrer technischen entwickelung. 
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studien ilber den jetzigen stand der 
Hay. Die kuhpockenimpfung in Deu- 
tschland, Holland, Bolgien und 

Martin, H. A. Animal vaccination Q 1317 

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perimentellen und erfahrungs- 

gemassen grundlagen 'und ihre 


■ Die schutzpockenimpfung. 

Pohl-Pincus, J. Uber die wirkungs- 

weise der vaccination Q 22 

Koepcke, F. Die animale impfanstalt. 
Valve gearing. See Mechanical en- 
gineering, mill and mill-works. Aho 
Steau and Steam engine. 
Variations, Calculus of. See Calculus, 

variations, Cal. of. 

Andre, E. Fabrication of volatile and 
fat varnishes, Sfe. Tr. k ed. by W. 

T. Brannt M 86 

Clark, U. 1. A few notes on varnishes 
and fossil resins. 

Vedas. see Literatuke, Sanskrit — Reli- 
gion, Buddhism. 

Vegetables. See Botany. 
Veins. See Anatoity. 
Veins, Mineral. See Geology. 
Ventilation and Heating. 

Baldwin, W. J. Steam heatings. 9. ed. 

The same, 10. ed. 

Billings, J. S. Principles of ventilation 
and heating. 

Bosc, E. Traito complet du chauffage 
et de la ventilation. 

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Drysdale, J. & Hay ward, J. W. House 

Fawkes, F. A. Hot water heating. 

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Gouge, H. A. Ventilation A 43 

Hood, C. Warming buildings, by hot 

water, steam and hot air. 4. ed. 
— — TJie saiM. 6. ed. 
Jones, W. Heating by hot water. 
Lew, I. Die feuerungen mit fliissigen 

Morrison, G. B. The ventilation and 

warming of school buildings. 
Quagio, J. Wassergas. 

Ruttan, H. Ventilation and warming. A 12 
Sneltzer. A. Acoustics and ventilation. H 339 
See also Gases. 

Veterinary soienoe. 

Frdhner, E. Arzneimittellehre fur 

thierarzte. 2. aufi Q 1298 



Fuchs, 0. J. Seuche and ansteckende 

Dussauce, H. Mannfactnre of Tinegar. 

krankhei ten der haussaugetbiere . . . 

Q 961 

See alto Technoloot. 

Uoell, M. F. Pathologie und therapie 

Vineyard. See Qbapb coltube. 

der hausthiere 

Q 1012 

Vision. See Optics. 

Kush, J. Veterinary homoeopathy 

Vivisection. See Comtpabatitb anatomy. 


Voice. See Putsioloqy. 

Hering, V.,jun. W6rterbucli fur thier- 

Volcanoes. See Ssishologt. 


Q 978 

Volumetric analysis. See Chemirtbt, 

Probgtmayr, W. Etymologisches w5r- 


terbuch der Yeterinar-medicin 


Vortex rings. See Physics. 

See also Toxicologt. 

Voyages. See Tbayels and Voyages. 

Viaducts. See Bbidgks and Hoofs. 

AUo Gbogbapht — Hydbogbaphy — 


Navigation — Science, travels. 

Bersch, J. £sBig-fabrikatiun 

K 253 


Warehouses. See Factobies. 
Wanning. See Ventilation and U sating. 
Wars, History of. See Militaby science, 

Wasps. See Zoology, insects. 
Watch-making. See Chbonology. 

Beam, W. Examination of water for 
sanitary and technical purposes. 

Beardmore, N. Manual of hydrology ... W 163 

Blair, J. A. - Organic analysis of potable 
waters. 2. ed. 

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by J. A. Wanklyn. 

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tary purposes E 241 

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den nntersuchangen von Gerlach, 
kremers und J. Thomsen. 

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tion of water for sanitary and 
technical purposes. 2. ed. 

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collection and distribution. 

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wassers in natiirlichen wasserlaufen. 

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chemische und mikroskopischbak- 
teriologische untersuchung des 
wasers. 3. aufl. 

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analysis. E 79 

Tlie $ame, 6. ed. 

The same, 7. ed. 

■ Hie same, 8. ed. 


Jahrbuch filr hydrologie Z 131 

See also Hybbaulic snginebbing — 
Hydbogbaphy — Sanitabt bn- 
G I NEBBING — Stbam and Steam 


Water cure. See Matbbia mbdica, water 
cure. Also Bath — Matkbia medioa, 

Water supply. See Sanitabt enginkeb- 



Andres, E. Fabrikation der lacke E 252 

See also FkTs. 

Weather. See Mkteobology. 
Weaving. See Textile fabbick. 
Weights and Measures. 

Airy, Sir G. B. Account of the construc- 
tion of the new national standard of 
length, and of its principal copies. 

Barnard, F. A. P Weights and measures. 

Base du syst^me m^trique decimal B 283 

Bockh, A. Metrologische untersuchun- 
gen aber gewichte, mflnzfasse und 
masse des alterthums X 92 

Breguet, A. Machine de gramme, sa 

theorie et sa description W 404 

Brook, J. French measures. 

Chisholm, H. W. Science of weighing, 

tj-c, W 121 


Clarke, F. W. Weights, measures and 

money of all nations B 507 

Craig, B. F. Weights and measures. ... B 167 

Daries, C. Metric system X 84 

Everett, J. D. Centimetre-gnnmme- 
second system of units. 

Goodeve, T. M. & Shelly, C. P. B. Whit- 
worth measuring machine H 195 

Kater, H. Account of the construction 
and adjustment of the new standards 
of weights and measures of the 
United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Ireland. 

Smith, R. H. Japanese, english, and 
french measures. 

Woolhouse, W. S. B. Measures, weights, 

and moneys of all nations B 376 

■ TJie fame. 6. ed. 

Heporti if Society publicathne. 

American metrolog^cal society. Pro- 

Bur«au international des poids et 

mesures. Travaux et memoires Y 551 

Comite international des poids et 

mesures. Proc^-verbauz Z 273 

Rapport aux gouvemements 

signataires de hi convention du 
mfetre Y 537 


Spon, S. Sinking and boring wells. 
Swindell, J. G. Welldigging, boring, Sfc 

' Tlie same. 5. ed. 
& Bumell, G. R. Wells and well- 
sinking U 101 

See also Sanitab(t SNGiNEEBiNa. 

Will. See PsTOHOLOOY. 
Wind. See Mbtborolooy. 

Wolff, A. B. WindmiU H 392 


Barth, M. Die weinanalyse. 
Borgmann, E. Anleitung zur chemischen 
analyse des weinea 

Cazeneuve, P. La coloration dos vins 

par les couleurs de la houille. 
Dahlen, H. W. Die weinbereitung. 

Griffin, J. J. Wines and spirits E 155 

Haraszthy, A. Wines and wine-making. 
List, E. Siissweine. 

Maumen^, E. J. Travail des vins E 306 

Pasteur, L. Etudes sur le vin E 197 

Beemelin, C. Wine maker's manual ... M 63 


Thudichum, J. L. W. k Dupre, A. Wine. 
See also Bbbb. AUo Tbchmologt, 

Wit. See HuMOUB. 
Witchoraft. See Supebstition. 
Wives, Duties of. See Ethics, Practical. 

Bttchner, L. Prauen und ihr beruf F 132 

Chad wick, J. R. Medicine by women ... Q 847 

Elemm, G. Die frauen; culturge- 

schichtliche schilderungen des za- 

standes und einflusses der frauen in 

den verschiedenen zonen und zeit- 

alten L 944 

MtiUer, S. Elementar-unterricht in den 

weiblichen handarbeiten. 2 aufl. ... F 227 
Wiese, L. Zur geschichte und bildung 

derfrauen F 86 

Zeitschrift far weibliche bildung in 

schule und haus Z 9 

See also Dombstic bconomy. 

', Duties of. See Ethics, Practical. 
, Education of. See Education, 

Female. Also Dobcbstic kconoiit. 
Wood. See TiHBEB — Tbees. Also Abcui- 


Woodworking machinery. 

Bale, P. Wood-working machinery H 340 

Richards, J. Woodconversion by machi- 
nery H 29 

- Wood-working machines H 193 

See also Timbbb. Also Industbiks, Me- 


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See also BiOLOOT, evolution — Coh- 


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.SVe ditto Biology — G omparativr 
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— Phakmact, zoology. 
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89 m 






































The compiler takes tliis opportunity of gratefully expressing his deep 
obligations to several members of the teaching staff of the College of Law, — 
especially to Prof. Miyazaki, Prof. Oume, Prof. Kanai, Prof. Hijikata, Prof. 
Ikki, Prof. Terry and Mr. Tanabe, (formerly a Lecturer of the College), — 
whose intelligent counsel and never-failing sympathy have been of no small aid 
in the completion of the work. 

August, Meiji XXX. 

(Imperial University Library of Tokyo.) 






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[-10- 6 

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