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if O i 




Mondaj March i\st 1870 and five following Days by 


At their Salb-Room3 694. & 696 Broadway 

* J. |ABIN & SONS 

I 870 


DEC 99 1883 


In offering to the public this Catalogue of Mr. 
Rice*s Library, it is almost unnecessary to say anything 
further about the Books than to commend the Cata- 
logue itself to the careful reading of our book-buying 
friends ; but custom has made it almost imperative to 
submit some preliminary remarks, which in this case, 
however, will be mainly confined to an enumeration of 
the leading books, in the various departments of litera- 
ture, in which the Library is especially strong. 

We might, in general terms, have characterized this 
as ^ ^^ splendid^' "-^ superb^* ^^ magnificent^'^ ^^ recherchiy* 
and ^^ unique** library, had we not felt that these terms 
have been latterly applied with so much freedom to 
collections of inferior merit. It will not, however, be 
too much to say that this Library includes as many rare 
and costly books as can be found in all the Catalogues 
of books sold by Auction in New York since the sale 
of the famous "Private Gentleman's Library,"* in 

In common with many other book-buyers, Mr. Rice 
commenced the formation of his Library without any 
definite decision as to the class of books of which it 
should consist. It is due to his now more matured 

* Such was the eitraordinary title given to the Fisher Catalogue, 


taste to remark that this Catalogue contains many 
works which had been put aside for sale some years 
ago. Lot 505 is a case in point — not but that it is a 
good book of its kind, but it is of a kind of which it 
was not desirable to form a "Rice" Library. An 
accumulation of many other books, which do not accord 
with Mr. Rice's advanced views, was one of the reasons 
for making a sale of the whole Library, although Mr. 
Rice feels that, having bought and paid for his books, 
he is at perfect liberty to do what he pleases with them, 
and offers no apology for their sale. Yet it is not with- 
out regret that he parts with some of the rarities of this 
Library, the equals of which money cannot purchase. 
Still, having determined to make a radical change, he 
has thought proper to sell his entire collection, reserv- 
ing only some books presented to him. 

Perhaps the most interesting of the specialties of this 
Library is the large number of ILLUSTRATED 
BOOKS, by which we mean books in which plates 
have been inserted in addition to those which properly 
belong to the work. This is not the place for an essay 
on Illustration ; we may, however, observe, in defence 
of the gentlemen who destroy so many books in order 
to form one which is superior, that the result of their 
labor, when exhibited, generally affords more gratifica- 
tion to their book-loving friends than any other depart- 
ment of a library. Of course every gentleman who 
pretends to having a library will have a Dibdin's 
"Tour," and an ordinary copy will be passed over 
without comment ; but what shall be said of Lot 567, 
with its brilliant array of Portraits, Drawings, Views, 


etc. ? That, with others of its class, demand an inspec- 
tion, and lead to a comparison with other copies, very 
much to the gratification of the owner of the best. In 
this department we also refer the reader to the follow- 
ing works : 

io6. Barlow's Colambiad. 410. 1807. 

140. Benson's Andre. 1807. 

327. Byron's English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. 

476-477. Cooper's American Navy. 

567. Dibdin's Southern Tour. Extended to 6 vols. 

$83. Dibdin's Reminiscences. Large Paper, 

598. Doran's Annals of the Stage. 

605. The Croakers. By Drake and Halleck. 

638. Dayckinck's Cyclopedia of American Literature. Large 

844. De Grasse's Operations. 

869. Griswold's Republican Court. 2 vols. 

924. Hamilton's Flag of the United States. 4to. 1852. 
1088. Hunt's Anecdotes. 2 vols., i2mo. 1830. 
1 1 28. Irvingiana. Large Paper. 1 860. 
1642. Public Libraries of New York. 1865. 
1837. Rabelais. 4 vols., 8vo. 75 plates. 
2048. Simcoe's Queen's Rangers. 26 plates. 
2072. General Scott's Autobiography. 

2080. Smith's Andre. 53 plates. 

2081. Trial of J. H. Smith. 

2129. Sparks' Life of Gen. Washington. 114 plates. 

2132. Spooner's Dictionary. Extended to 10 vols., 4to. 

2450. Irving's Life of Washington. Extended to 10 vols., 4to. 

2639. Wynne's Private Libraries of New York. 

Bibliography and Literary History form an 
extensive department, conspicuous in which are 

263. Brunei Manuel. Large Paper. 12 vols. 

457. Collier's Bibliography. 4 vols., 8vo. India Paper. 


567 to 585. Dr. Dibdin's Works. A splendid series. 
1 160. Johnson's Typographia. Largest Paper. 1824. 
1 217. White Kennett's Bibltothecae Americana. 17 13. 
1647. Nichols' Anecdotes and Literary History. 17 vols. 
1749. Bibliotheca Sussexiana. 3 vols. 
1877. Rich's Bibliotheca Americana. 
1928. Sabin's Dictionary of Books Relating to America. Large 

2082. Smith's Friend's Books, z vols. Large Paper > 
2528. Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica. 4 vols., 4to. 
2531. Weigel's History of Printing. 2 vols,, 4to, 

The Fine Arts are represented in many works of 
great value, some of which are now, for the first time, 
offered at auction : 

157. Dore's Bible. First Edition. 

510. Daniel's Oriental Scenery. 3 vols., elephant folio. 

511. Dore's Dante. 

658. Portraits of the Poets. 2 vols. 

754. Foucquet CEuvres. 2 vols., 4to. 1866. 

793. Gallery of Portraits. 

872. Gruner's Ornamental Art. 

887. Hall's Baronial Halls. 2 vols., folio. 

991. Herculanum and Pompeii. 8 vols. 
1 1 30. Jackson on Wood Engraving. 
1137. Jamieson's Hand Books of Art. 6 vols. 
1 1 80. Jones' Grammar of Ornament. 4to. 
1212. Kempis' Imiution of Christ. 1858. 
13 12-13. Lewis' Scenery. Folio. 1845. 
1339. Lodge's Portraits. 12 vols. 1835. 
1382. Mclan's Scottish Clans. 2 vols. Colored plates. 
1468. Mercuri Costumes. Paris, i860. 
1473. Meyrick's Ancient Armour. 3 vols., folio. 

1566. Musee de Versailles. 3 vols. 4to. 

1567. Musee Royale et Mus6e Francais. 6 vols., folio. 
1588. Napoleon Gallery. 


I59&-95. Nttiontl Galleries. 

162$. Lougmtn's New Testament. 

1659. Becker and Hefner Objets d'Art du Moyen Age. 

1685. Ottley on Printing. 

1688. Ovid. Beautifully illustrated. Paris, 1806. 

1758. Pyramids of Gizeh. 

1907. Rosetta Stone. Unique copy. 

1962. Nuremberg Chronicle. Folio. 

1989. Agincourt's History of Art. Folio. 

2077. Smith's Catalogue Raisonne. 9 vols., imp. 8vo. 

2132. Spooner*s Dictionary. Extended to 10 vols., 4to. 

2147. Sututs de rOrdre du Saint- Esprit. 

2200. Strutt's Dresses and Decorations. 2 vols., 4to. 

2290. Tuckerman's Book of the Artists. 4to. Plates. 

2296. Picturesque Voyage to Tuscany, 3 vols., folio. 

2332. Waagen's Art Treasures. 4 vols., 8vo. 

2344. Walpole's Anecdotes. 5 vols. 1828. 

2638. Waring's Masterpieces of Industrial Art. 

Lot 2351. A superb copy of Walton's Angler 
would not be unfitting a position among the Fine 

Of what may be called Belles Lettres, or General 
Literature, in which department we here include any- 
thing that cannot be otherwise conveniently classified, 
the collection is fairly large. We content ourselves 
with a reference to 

lo. Addison's Works. Basktvilk^s Edition. 

17. ^sop's Fables. Stockdale^s Edition. 

61. Arabian Nights. Lane's Translation. 3 vols. 

63. Archaica and Lot 978, Heliconia. 

76. Ascham's Schoolmaster. Black Litter, 

90. Lord Bacon's Works, &c. India Paper. 
125. Bayle's Dictionary. 5 vols., folio. Large Paper, 
189. Pickering's Prayer-Books. 8 vols., folio. 

• • • 


376-7. Don Quixote. 4 yol8.« 4to. 

414. Cicero's Cato Major. Printed by Franklin, 1744. £/«/#/. 

549. Defoe's Works. 20 vols. 1840. 

587. Dickens' Works. 54 vols. Large Paper. 

636. D'Urfey's Wit and Mirth. 6 vols., i2mo. Rare. 

709. Masarum Deliciae. 2 vols. 

782. Friar Rush. Printed on vellum. 

807. Gay's Fables. Best edition, 2 vols. 

934. Harington's Metamorphoses of Ajaz. 

978. Heliconia. Edited by Park. 3 vols., 410. 1815. 
1 127. Irving's Works. Large Paper. 28 vols., 8vo. 
1 196. Woodfall's Junius. Large Paper. 181 2. 
1 240. Knight's Worship of Priapus. 
1274. Lavater's Physiognomy. 5 vols., 4to. 18 10. 
1 304' Le Sage's Gil Bias. 4 vols. 1 809. 
1318. Lewis' Monk. First edition. 3 vols. 1796. 
1358-9. Chevalier de Faublas. French and English. 
i486. Milton's Works. Pickering's Edition. 8 vols. 
1498. Mirror for Magistrates. 3 vols., 4to. 
1509. Montaine's Works. Large Paper. 1864. 
1528. More's Utopia. By Dibdin. Large Paper. 1808. 
1646. Nicolas' Orders of Knighthood. 4 vols., 4ta 
1793. Plato. Translated by Taylor. $ vols., 410. Umeut. 
1 87 1. Retrospective Review. Complete. 18 vols., 8vo. 
1967. Scott's Novels. 2$ vols., 8vo. Meroeeo, extra, 
2044. Sir P. Sidney's Arcadia. Folio. 
2054. Singer on Playing Cards. 4to. 18 16. 
2346. Horace Walpole's Works. Strawberry Hill Editien. 5 vols., 

Natural History is largely represented, and in- 
cludes some of the grandest works in existence, among 
which we enumerate 

81. jAadubon's Birds of America. Folio. 

82. Audubon's Quadrupeds. Folio. 
369. Catesby's Carolilu» Florida^ etc. 


667. Elliott't Birds of North America. 
1140. Jirdine and Selby's Ornithology. 3 vols., 410. 

1474. Michauz and Nattall's North American Sylva. 6 yols. 
1542. Morton's Crania Americana. Folio. 

1596. Naturalist's Library. 29 vols., royal 8vo. 
2046. Samuels' Ornithology of New England. 
2o6i. Sloane's Jamaica. 2 vols., folio. 1707. 
2601. Wilson's American Ornithology. 9 vols., 4to. 

The collection of Poetry and the Drama will not 
be found so complete in original editions as some other 
departments. The first editions of 

*• The Fairie Queene, 
Old GcSrey, Sidney, Drayton, Randolph, Greene, 
The double Beaumonde, Drummond, Browne," * 

are ** conspicuous by their absence ; " but such absence 
is weU recompensed in many instances by the beautiful 
reprints of Pickering and others ; and, for an ordinary 
library, there is surely enough. We instance 

226. Anne Bradstreet's Poems. First Edition. 165 1. 

245. British Poets. 130 vols. Largi Paper. 

J24. Byron's Works. Largi Paper. 10 vols. 4to. 

512. Longfellow's Dante. On India Paper. One of three copies 

592. Doran's Annals of the Stage. Extended to $ vols. 
1030. Homer. Translated by Chapman. Folio. 1616. 
II 17. Ireknd's New York Suge. On Drawino Paper. One oi 

tw9 copies. 
1184. Ben Jonson's Works. Folio. 
1438. Massinger. By Giffbrd. 4V0IS., 8vo. 181 3. 

1475. Middleton. By Dyce. 6 vols. 1840. 
1482. Milton's Poems. First complete edition, 1673. 
1776. Aldine Poets. 57 vols. Uncut. 

* W[hitmg'<] «« Albiui and Bellania.'* 


1991. Miss Sewird's Monody on Major Andre. 4to. 

2001. Shakespeare. White's, Knight's, Singer's, and other editions. 

2014. Shakespeare Society Publications. 18 vols., 8vo. Trei calf 

2037. Shirley's Dramatic Works. 6 vols. Large Paper, 

2041. Sibbald's Scottish Poetry. 4 vols., crown 8vo. 

2159. Sterling's Recreations with the Muses. Folio. 1637. 

2203. Suckling's Works. 1709. 

2327. Voltaire's La Pucelle. Translated. 

2547. Phillis Wheatlcy's Poems. 1773. 

History in general is represented by 

21. Alison's Europe. 23 vols., 8vo. 
737. Finlay's Historical Works. 7 vols. 
871. Grote's Greece. Best Edition. 12 vols., 8vo. 
1374. Macaulay's Works, 14 vols., 8vo., on India Paper, 1866. 
1603. Lord Nelson's Dispatches. 7 vols., 8vo. 
1692. Oxford Classics. Consisting of Hume, Smollett, Gibbon, 
Robertson, Johnson, &c. 46 vols., 8vo. calf, gilt. A 
beautiful set* 
2197. Strickland's Queens of England. 
2205. Sully's Memoirs. 2 vols., folio. 
2251. Thomson's Magna Charta. 

But the chief feature and crowning glory of this 
Library is the almost unequalled collection of Ameri- 

This department, although the last formed, is, in 
many respects, the most complete. It properly forms 
a part of the history of the formation of this Library 
to remark that Mr. Rice, through our agency, in the 
year 1866, became the purchaser, at a cost of fourteen 
thousand dollars, of the entire library of Americana 
formed by Mr. John F. McCoy, of New York, which, 
for its size, was one of the best within our knowledge. 


Since that time, Mr. Rice's purchases have been mostly 
in this direction ; and after this sale, he expects to re- 
enter the lists as a buyer of books of this class. Includ- 
ed in this department are many specimens of early 
printing in this country, by Samuel and Benjamin 
Green, William Bradford, Benjamin Franklin, James 
Franklin, and others. 

Among the books in this division, we enumerate the 
following Lots as being of special merit, either for their 
beauty or rarity : 

3. Acosta's West Indies. J^^lgA JTetttr. 

23. Allen's Captivity. 1779. 

46. Andre's Cow Chace. 1 780. 

75. Ash*s Carolina. 1682. 
204. Boston Massacre Orations. 
217-18. Braddock's Expedition. 
224. Bradford Club Books. A compliU set, 
274. Budd's Pennsilvania. 4to. 1685. 
277. Bullock's Virginia. 1649. 
292. Bark's Virginia. 4 vols., 8vo. 
319. Byfield's Revolution in New England. 4to. 1689. 
337. Callender's Rhode Island. 1739. 
357. Case of Protestants in Carolina. 1706. 
442. Clarke's Banker Hill. 1775. 
490. Cotton's Bloody Tenant. 4to. 1647. 
499. Creuzius' Canada. 410. 1664. 

518. Davenport's God's Call to His People. Cambridge ^ 1669. 
552. Delavall and Keith. 4to. Philadelphia, 1693. 
662. Eliot's Indian Bible. First Edition, 4to. 1663. 
664. Eliot's Tears of Repentance. 4to. 1653. 
683. Buccaneers of America. 
690. Evans' Map of the Colonies. 1755. 
718. Federalist. First Edition, Uncut. 1788. 
733. Filaon's Kentucky. litustrated Cofy, 1784. 


758. Foxe's North-west Fox. 410. 1635. 

764- Franklin's Pennsylvania. Unique Copy, 

762 and 769, Almanacks. Printed by B. Franklin, 1 752-1 766. 

772. Franklin's Works. E. D. Ingraham's Large Paper copy. 

776-781. Freneau's Poems, ^//the Editions. 

835. Gorton's Simplicities Defence. 4to. 1646. 

854. Green's Jersey Prison Ship. 1829. 

874. Gryneus' Novus Orbis. 

878. Haklayts' Voiages. Folio. 1589. 

909. Hamilton's Observations. Unique Illustrated Copy. 1800. 

927. Hamor's Virginia. A German Translation. 4to. 16 17. 

964. Haywood's Tennessee. 8V0.9 calf. 1823. 

965. Hazard's Collections. 2 vols., 4to. 1792. 
973. Heath's Memoirs. Unique copy, uncut. 1798. 
983. Hennepin's Travels. Splendid copy. 1698. 

001. Higginson's New England's Plantation. 4to. 1630. 

005. Hilliard d'Auberteuil Essais. Portraits. 2 vols., 4to. 1782. 

037. Hooke's New England's Sence. 4to. 164$. 

038. Hooke's New England's Tears. 1641. 

047. Horsmandeu's Negro Plot. Quarto Edition. 1744. 

064. Hubbard's New England. First Edition, 4to. 1677. 

077. Boston Petition. 1660. 

080. Humboldt's Atlas of the Cordilleras. Folio. 

103. Regulation War in North Carolina. Perhaps unique. 1770. 

Ill and 1 1 12. Indians in New England. 1659. 

134. James' Life of Marion. 1821. 

151. Jefferys' Atlas. Folio. 

156. Jesuits Letters. 34 vols., i2mo. 

171, Jones' Virginia. 1724. 

185 and 1 188. Josselyn's New England. 2 vols. 

207 to 1 210. George Keith's Works, 

215. Kendall's Mexican War. Folio. 1851. 

229. Lord Kingsborough's Mexico. 9 vols., folio. 

243. Knox's Journal. 2 vols., 4to. . 

277 and 1278. Lawson's Carolina. 4to. 171440^1718. 

305. Leslie's Deists and Checkley's Speech. 1730. 

344. Long's Jamaica. 3 vols., 4to. 


388. McKenney's Indian Tribes. 3 vols., folio. 

402. Mante's Lace Wars. 410. 1772. 

414. Martyn's Georgia. 410. 

421. Maryland Historical Society's Tracts. 43 vols. 

425-1436. Sundry rare books relating to Massachusetts. 

439-1453. Mather Family. Sundry rare books. 

471. MetcalPs Indian Wars. 1821. 

476. Milbert's Hudson River. Folio and 4to. 

489-1492. Minutes of Conferences with Indians. 

493. Scandal about George Washington. 1786. 

502. Nehemiah on the Wall. Cambridge^ 1671. 

503. Mohawk Prayer Book. 8vo. 1787. 
504-5. Monardes' Joyful News. 15774^1596. 
510. Montanus' New World. Folio. 1671. 

540-1. Morton's New England's Memorial. 1721 and 1772. 
547. Moultrie's American Revolution. 2 vols., 8vo. 1802. 
558. Munsell's Historical Series. 10 vols. 
564-5. Murray's Impartial History. 3 vols., 8vo. 
607. New England's First Fruits. 1643. 

610. Lawes of New England. 1641. 

611. Church in New England. 1645. 

640. Memorial of the Merchants of New York. 1765. 

644. Right of the Colony of New York. 1773. 

650. Niles' Register. First Series. 

655. Norton's Heart of New England Rent. 1660. 

658. Oakes' New England Pleaded With. Cambridge, 1673. 

740. Penn's Letters. Folio. 1683. 

745 to 1755. Rare Books relating to Pennsylvania. 

'7^2. Peters' Connecticut. 1781. 

792. Platform of Church Discipline. 1671. 

813. Prince's New England. 1736. 

828. Purchas, his Pilgrimes. Complete, 5 vols., folio. 1625. 

861. Reed and Cadwallader Tracts. 

891. Rivington's Revolutionary Tracts. 6 vols., 8vo. 

897. Abbe Robin's Travels. 1783. 

898. Robinson's Epistles to New England. 1669. 
995. Se wall's Phenomena. 4to. Boston, 1727. 


2030. Shepird's Church Membership. Cambridge , 1663. 

2031. Shepard's Clear Sunshine. 1648. 
2034. Shepard's Eye Salve. Cambridge ^ 1673. 
2047. Simcoe's Queen's Rangers. Original Edition. 

2072. Smith's Virginia. Folio. 1624. 

2073. Smith's True Travels. Folio. 1630. 
2084. Smith's New Jersey. Unique copy. Uncut. 

2088. Smith's New York. Large Paper copy. Probably uniqui. 

2091. Bouquet's Expedition. Philadelphia^ 1 7^5. 

2129. Sparks' Washington. 

2142 to 2145. State Papers. 

215 1. Stedman's American War. 2 vols., 4to. Uncut, 

2166. Stiles' Three Judges. 1794. 

2177. Stith's Virginia. Williamsburgh^ ^747. 

221 1 and 2218. Talbot's Life. 

2223. Tarleton's Campaign. 4to. Uncut, 1787. 

2232. Ternaux-Compans Voyages. 20 vols. 

2233. Thevet's America. 4^^* iS^i- 
2237. Thacher's Fast Sermon. Boston^ 1678. 
2275. Trial of Soldiers at Boston. 

2303. United States Exploring Expedition. 26 vols., 4to and folio. 

2313. Vaughan's Golden Fleece. 4to. 

23 1 8. Vinal on Braddock's Defeat. 

2329. Acugna's Voyages in South America. 1698. 

2358. Woodworth's The War of 1812. 4to. 

2362. Ward's Simple Cobbler of Aggawam. 4to. 1647. 

2370 to 2524. Books by or Relating to Washington. A most beau- 
tiful collection. Nos. 2370, '80, 2406, '14, '17, '18, '19, 
'29, *5i, '65, '67, '82, '96, 2502, '8, '14, '15, and 2519 
are particularly worthy of notice. 

2555. Whitfield's Light Appearing. 165 1. 

2558. Whitfield's Strength out of Weakness. 1652. 

2561. Whiting's Last Judgment. Cambridge^ 1664. 

2574. Wilkinson's Memoirs, Burr and Clarke. 6 vols., 8vo. 

2577. Willet's Military Actions. 1831. 

2584. Williams' Bloody Tenant. 1644. 

2585. Williams' Bloody Tenant more Bloody. 1652. 


2586. Williams' Answer to Mr. Cotton. 1644. 

2605. Wilson's Carolina. 1682. 

2610. Wingfield's Virginia. 1850. 

2623. Wood's New England's Prospect. Superb copy, 1634. 

The Condition of the Books is generally all that a 
collector of the most critical taste could desire. The 
proportion of Uncut and Large Paper Copies is 
unusually large. 

The Binding is of the best order^ and includes some 
of the choicest specimens of the workmanship of Francis 
Bedford, W. Pratt, and Charles Lewis, of London ; 
William Mathews, J. M. Bradstreet & Son, and R. W. 
Smith, of New York ; Pawson and Nicholson, of Phil- 
adelphia, and a few especially fine by David and other 
French artists. 

The Catalogue has been made with great rapidity, 
and this circumstance must be accepted as an apology 
for some of the errors which have occurred, several of 
which are pointed out in the "errata." Brief notes 
of the titles and condition of the books were taken in 
Chicago, between the ist and 7th of December last, and 
the Catalogue has been elaborated from a previous 
acquaintance with the books, a large proportion — nearly 
four-fifths — of them having already passed through our 
hands, and we are enabled to guarantee all the books 
perfect, unless otherwise stated in the Catalogue; and 
notwithstanding the frequent use of the "adjective," 
the buyers at this sale will be satisfied, when they get 
their purchases, that we have not overstated the merits 
of the books. To facilitate a reference to the contents 
of the Catalogue, which is arranged alphabetically, an 


Index of Subjects has been prepared, which we hope 
will be found useful, if not absolutely correct. 

To conclude, we sincerely hope that the buyers at 
this sale will not be backward in emulating the enthu- 
siasm, determination, and liberality exhibited by their 
present owner, and that the financial result will be such 
as to stimulate the ardor of every other collector. Be 
it remembered, that such a sale is the bibliographical 
event of the period, that several of the books in this 
Library are Unique, that the Public Libraries are 
rapidly absorbing rare and valuable books — some of 
them will be bought for European Libraries, and are 
not likely to reappear in this market. Finally, we 
believe the Bibliomania is in the ascendant, and that 
with many of these books it is — Now or Never. 


84 Nassau Street. 

New York, Feb. 15/^^, 1870. 

P. S. — To our numerous friends, who are in the habit of 
sending us orders to buy, we respectfully suggest that they send 
them along without delay ; and, whenever practicable, name the 
limit of their bids. 

The sale will progress at the rate of about five hundred lots 
per day, beginning each day at 4 o'clock P. M., and lasting until 
about 10 o'clock P. M. 




BBOT (Abiel). History of Andover from 
its settlement to 1829. Andavtr. 1829. 

ismo, doth, nncat; /au cUa» cofj. 

2 A BECKETT. The Comic History 
of England, [and] The Comic History 
of Rome. By Gilbert Abbott X Bec- 
kett. With Etchings. By John Leech. 
lLondon:'\ Published at the Punch Office. 1864. 

a vols., 8 TO tree calf extra. 

3 ACOSTA (Joseph). The Natvrall and Morall Historie of 
the East and West Indies. Intreating of the remarkeable 
things of Heaven, of the Elements, Mettalls, Plants and 
Beasts which are proper to that Country: Together 
with the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, Governments, 
and Warres of the Indians. Written in Spanish by R. 
F. loseph Acosta, and translated into English by E. G. 

London: Printed by VaL Sims fir 
Edward Blount and fVilliam Aspley. 1604. 

■ 4Co^ green moroccoy gilt edges; Pbrtrait of Sir Robert Cecil, to whom the work it 
dedicated and inscribed ; fiu copy f rart, 

^ Acosta is one of the earliest writers who hu treated philosophically of America and 
ici prodnctions. His work has gone through sereral edidons in Spain, and 
has been translated into most of the modern European langvaget. The 
ZagUdi cnmlator is said to be Edward Oiimitone.**- 


, ADAMS (A.) Concise Historical View of the DiflSiculties, 
Hardships, and Perils, which attended the Planting and 
Progressive improvements of New England. With a 
particular account of its long and Destructive Wars, 
Expensive Expeditions, &c. With reflections, princi- 
pally moral and religious. In two discourses, preached 
at Roxbury on the general &st, April 6, 1769 ... By 
Amos Adams, a.m. Pastor of the first church in Rox- 
bury ... . London, 1770. 

Svoy poliihed calf, by F. Bedford. For an acconnt of this rare work^ u* the ^ Matia- 
chutetts HUtorical Collection/* xxvin, p. 280 j M. R., zux, p. 156. 

ADAMS (Daniel). See Washington (G). 

5 ADAMS (J.) The Works of John Adams, Second Presi- 
'-^JKi — dent of the United States; with a Life of the Author, 
Notes and Illustrations, by his Grandson C. F. Adams. 

Boston: Little^ Brown & Co. 1856. 

10 voU.y imp. Sto, cloth, oncnt ; Laege Papbe ; 250 co^ea printed. 

^ !>^>7^ ADAMS. Novanglus, and Massachusettensis; or Political 

Essays, published in the Years 1774 and 1775, on the 
Principal Points of Controversy, between Great Britain 
and Her Colonies. The former by John Adams, late 
President of the United States j the Latter by Jonathan 
Sewell, ... To which are added A Number of Letters, 
lately written by President Adams, to ... William Tu- 
dor} ... Boston. 1819. 

Svoy half lerant morocco, gilt top. 

VotwithatEndiog the potitiTe statement on the tide, it is latiafiictorily settled that 
Daniel Leonard was the author of ** Massachusettensis.** 

, . ,7 ADAMS (John G.) Our Country, and its Claims upon us. 
I Oration ... July 4, 1862. Providence. 1862. 

i 8vO| pp. 30, and three other tracts. 


ADAMS (Jonathan). Set Washington (G.) 

j^i ADAMS (J. Q.) Oration ... Quincy. Fourth of July, 
1831. Boston. 1831. 

ADAMS (Nathaniel). Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a 

^^ period of 200 years from the first Settlement of the 

Town, ... Portsmouth. 1825. 

8?0| boards, ancnt ; fiu copy, 

/ Jfi ADDISON. The Works of the Late Right Honorable 
Joseph Addison, Esq.; ... With a Complete Index. 
Birmingham: Printed by John Baskervilli ... mdcclxi. 

4 Tolt^ rl. 4to, calf; Baskerrille's beautiful editioO| in large type; Poktrait and 
Emgiavingi, by Ortgnon, from Hayman*a designs \ ntery Karc§ ; fin* eofy § 
fru from itaitu. 

Lovodei sayi, ** A beautiful and esteemed edition. Copies are rarely found free from 

Dibdia is entbnsisadc in recommending this splendid edition. 

"'Study Addison night and day,* has been a frequent injunction. What Quintilian 
says of Cicero and Parr has applied to BurJce, may be pronounced also of 
the writer of the * Spectator :* Il/e u profuiue plurimum uiat^ cut Additontu 
valdt placebit. The * Vision of Mirza* is, perhaps, the first of Eastern apo- 
logues, and No. 34 one of the purest specimens of genuine humor. 

"When Addison presented. his works to Boileau, the latter replied, that 'he should 
nerer hare talcen up the pen against Perrault, had he been preriously ac- 
quainted with such excellent pieces of a Modem.' He is, indeed, the 
* RaAelle of essay-writers;' and was, deservedly, popular." — WaANORAM. 

y ^ n ADDISON'S CATO, A Tn^edy, adapted to the Stage by 
^"^^ J. P. Kemble. London. 181 1. 


Sto, interleaTed on 4to, half calf. Kemble*ii copy, with some MS. notes. 

2 ADDRESS of the Twelve United Colonies of North- 



^ ii^ 

America by their Representatives in Congress, to the 
People of Irehnd. Pbiladilpbia. 1775. 

8tO| half green morocco, gilt top, by Bndttreet. 

13 ADOLPHUS (John). The History of England. 

London. 1840. 

7 voli^ Svo^ cilf extra, gilt | Jbm copy, Vtrj Importaat lor the hittory of the Amer- 
ican Revolution. Also a continiiadon of Home and Smollett's histocy. 

14 ADVENTURES (The) of Baron Munchausen. A New 

and Revised Edition. With an Introduction by T. T. 
Shore, a.m. Illustrated by Gustave Dore. 

London: CasselL [n. d.] 

4to, half red morocco, uncut. 

15 ADVICE to 0£5icers of the British Army, A Fac Simile 

reprint of the Sixth London Edition. With an Intro- 
duction and Notes. 

New Tori: Jgatbjnian Club. 1867. 

Sfo, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Braditreet } No. 41 of 110 copies piinted. Written 
in imiution of Swift's ** Adrice to Servant^** perhaps by Captain Grose. 

16 ^LFRIC. The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church. 

The First Part, Containing the Sermones Catholici, or 
Homilies of ^Ifric. In the Original Anglo-Saxon, 
with an English Version. By Benjamin Thorpe, f.s.a. 
London: Printed for the Mlfric Society, mdcccxliv. 

3 vols., 8to, calf extra, gilt edges, by Holloway \ tkgamt cofy. 


17 iESOP. The Fables of iEsop. With a Life of the 
Author; and Embellished with one Hundred & twelve 
Plates. London: John Stockdale. 1793. 

% Tols., imp. Svo, tree calf, gilt, by Rividre. A most beautiinl copy of Stockdale's 
magnificent edition, printed in large type, with XX2 BsAvrmn. Enokatdiob, 
by Blalce, Stothard, Landseer, etc ; fint and tsrfy m^nuiwif tcsre*. 


i8 AGASSIZ (L.) Lake Superior: its Physical Character, 
V - Vegetation and Animals, compared with those of other 

and similar regions. By Louis Agassiz. With a nar- 
rative of the tour by J. Elliot Cabot, and contributions 
by other scientific gentlemen. 

Boston: Gouldj Kendall i^ Lincoln, 1850. 

ItO) doth I very tearci, Ths moit complete work on this comparatively unknown 
region. Su Chr. Ex., zux, 9 $ Sou. Q, R.y six, 400. 

19 ALCIPHRON'S EPISTLES; in which are described, the 
3 ^^ Domestic Manners, the Courtesans, and Parasites of 

Greece. Now first translated from the Greek. 

London. 1 79 1. 

8tO| cloth; tearet, 

20 ALDEN (T.) A Collection of American Epitaphs and 
^/.2^— -^I'^^criptions with Notes, By Rev. Timothy Alden, a.m. 

New York. 18 14. 

5 volt., i6moy half morocco, gilt top, nncut, by Braditreet ; ,^ ^^i Korct. The 
moit complete work on the subject. 

ALDINE POETS. Set Pickering (Wm.) 


21 ALISON (A.) History of Europe from the Commence- 
ment of the French Revolution to the Restoration of 
the Bourbons in mdcccxv [followed by the] History of 
Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in mdcccxv to the 
Accession of Louis Napoleon in mdccclii. By Sir 
Archibald Alison, Bart. 
[Edinburgh :] William Blackwood and Sons, mdcccliv. 

23 ToU., Sto, and Atlas in 4to, half calf, gilt. 

The oalj work which has treated the subject at so much length. Written with moch 
elegance and great ability, but with a Tory bias. 



[22 ALLAN (J.) Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, En- 
^^^ gravings, &c., belonging to the Estate of John Allan. 

By Joseph Sabin. Also : Catalogue of the Library and 
Antiquarian Collection of John Allan, Esq., with the 
Names of Purchasers and the price each article sold for, 
preceded by a few Introductory Remarks [by William 
Gowans.] New Tori. 1865. 

2 Yoli., imp. 8to^ oacnti 100 copiei printed. 


23 ALLEN (£.) A Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's Cap- 
tivity, From the Time of his being taken by the British, 
near Montreal, on the 25th Day of September, in the 
Year 1775, to the Time of his Exchange on the 6th day 
of May, 1 778) Containing, His Voyages and Travels, 
With the most remarkable Occurrences respecting him- 
self, and many other Continental Prisoners of different 
Ranks and Characters, which fell under his Observation, 
in the Course of the same; particularly the Destruction 
of the Prisoners at New York, by General Sir William 
Howe, in the Years 1776 and 1777. Interspersed with 
some Political Observations. Written by Himself, and 
now published for the Information of the Curious of all 
Nations. [Motto.] Boston. 1779. 

8?0| diuiied red lerant morocco, by W. Pratt; jfivf cofyj extremely uaree, J. B. 
Fiaher*a copy, printed at Philadelphia in this year, aold for $56. 


24 ALLEN. [Another Edition.] Walpole^ N. H. 1807. 

Svoy poliahed calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

{ 25 ALLEN. [Another Edition.] Jlbafiy. 1814. 

^ ^^ iimo, polished calf, ^t top, uncut, by W. Pratt; tuutu 

/ /^~ 

26 ALLEN (George). Life of Philidor, Musician and Chess- 



Player, with a supplementary essay on Philidor as Chess^ 
Author and Chess-Player. Philadelphia, 1863. 

Rl. Svo; half morocco; beautifully priutedj on Lakgk Paper. 

27 ALLEN {Maj.'Gen. Ira). Natural and Political History 
of the State of Vermont, one of the United States of 
America. With an Appendix, containing answers to 
sundry queries addressed to the Author. London. 1798. 

8vo, half green morocco extra, gilt top, uncut; Jine cofyf uaret. 

28 ALLEN (J.) New-Englands I choicest Blessing] And the 
Mercy most to be desired by | all that wish well to this 
People. I Cleared in a | Sermon | Preached before the | Covrt 
of Election I At Boston on May 28. 1 1679. | By James 
Allen, I Teacher to the first Gathered Church therein. | 

I Bostonj] Printed by "John Foster^ ^^79-1 



4to^ red morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedibrd ; fine e^fy ; ^try tearce. 

y ',29 ALLEN (Joseph). A Centennial Discourse delivered in 
«^t5Vi Northborough, Mass., 1846. Boston. 1846. 

I 8vo, pp. 64, brown polished calf, ^t edges, by F. Bedford. 

y ^^ |3^ ALLEN. Half-Century Sermon ... Northborough, Mass. ... 
^*^ Cambridge. 1867. 

8vo^ pp. 58, brown polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 


Z ^ y ALLEN. Historical Sketch of the Town of Northborough, 

Massachusetts. [n. p. n. d.] 

8vo, brown polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

32 ALLEN (Joseph). Genealo^cal Sketch of the Allen 

Family. Boston. 1869. 

iimo^ pp. 88, oociit. 



33 ALLEN. The Worcester Attoctation and its Antece- 

dents. Bost9n. i868. 

itmOf tJiecCt iblded{ one dgmton waadaf. 

34 ALLEN. Eight Historical TracU. By Rev. Joseph 

Allen. [v. d.] 

1^5 ALLEN (Paul). History of the American Revolution; 
-V /^'^ comprehending all the Principal Events both in the Field 

and in the Cabinet, with the important resolutions of the 
Continental Congress, Washington's Letter, etc. 

Baltimore. 1822. 

a volt., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, nncut^ by Bndttreet $ JStie cofy § tctret, 

<* Although the name of Paul Allen it on the title, thit work wu written by John 
Neal and Mr. Watkint.**— Axxxn't ** Biog. Dictionary.** 

36 ALLIBONE (S. A.) A Critical Dictionary of English 
^ I ^ Literature and British and American Authors. Vol. i. 

! ' Philadelphia. 1859. 

I Rl. Svo, cloth. The remaining volnmet of thit Talaable work will probably be pub- 
' lithed within a year. 

I ! 

ALSOP (Richard). See Washington (George). 


i ; 37 AMERICAN (The) and British Chronicle of War and 
/«^ ^^ Politics; being an Accurate and Comprehensive Regis- 

ter of the most memorable Occurrences in the last ten 
t Years of His Majesty's Reign : in which will be found 

! above Eighteen Hundred Interesting Events, During the 

late War between Great Britain and America, France, 
Spain and Holland i From May 10, 1773, to July 16, 
1783. The whole carefully collected from Authentic 
Records, and correctly arranged in Chronological Order. 
Multum in Parvo. This compendium, or Political Sys- 
tem of Foreign and Domestic Aflairs, is a faithful Diary 


of Civil and Military Transactions, extracted from Gov- 
ernment Dispatches and Official Papers, Votes of the 
House of Commons and Lords, Resolutions of Congress, 
Acts of Council, Royal Proclamations, Edicts, &c. 
Provincial Considerations, Debates, Petitions, Addresses, 
Meetings, and Determinations. Every Engagement by 
Sea and Land, Military Operations, Civil Establish- 
ments, Changes in Administration, Political Struggles, 
and Principal Appointments ; Treaties of Alliance, Com- 
merce, and Peace; Constitutional and Financial Re- 
form ; Land and Marine Force of the Belligerent Pow- 
ers; Public Revenue, Debt, and Expenditure, &c. &c. 
&c. To the Recapitulation of Public Occurrences 
during the late War in America and in Europe, is added 
a general Table of Prior Events ; British Governors in 
America at the Commencement of Hostilities ; Mem- 
bers of the first Congress; Constitution and Form of 
Government of the several States, and Population in 
Each ; Ships of War taken, lost, or destroyed ; Roads in 
America; and a copious Abridgement of the Treaties 
of Peace. London: PrinUd far the Author. [1783.] 

I«[^ half ffioroccoy gilt top ; nnry u«nt. The dedication is iigned B. J. S. Fari- 
baalCy No. 926, quotes a book mth a similar dtle, 4 toIs., 4tOy Ltndon^ 
J 801, which is probably an error. 

AMERICAN Anecdotes. Sa [Hunt (Freeman)]. 

f / ^ AMERICAN Antiquarian Society. Proceedings, &c. 
•^ WorcistiT. [v. d.] 

15 pomphletSy Svo. &» ^ Arch«ologue Americana.** 

AMERICAN Archives. See Force (Peter). 

AMERICAN Bards. A Satire. Sa [Wain (Robert)]. 

AMERICAN Independence. Sa [Cartwright (John)]. 







[9 AMERICAN PIONEER. A Monthly Periodical, Devoted 
to the objects of the Logan Historical Society; or to 
Collecting and Publishing Sketches Relative to the Early 
Settlement and Successive Improvement of the Country. 

Cincinnati. 1844. 

ftToIi.9 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Platu and Fac- 
UMXLBi; rtrely found in luch fine condition. 

AMERICAN (The) WAR. A Poem. &/ [Cockings (G.)] 

40 AMES. Works of Fisher Ames. Compiled by a Number 
of his Friends. To which are prefixed, Notices of his 
Life and Character [by J. T. Kirkland]. ... 

Boston. 1809. 

8to, half morocco \ PoaTaAxr. 


41 AMES. Works of Fisher Ames. With a selection from 
his Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his Son, 
Seth Ames. Boston: Little^ Brown and Company. 1854. 

a vols., 8vO| half green morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

; AMES (Joseph). See Dibdin (T. F.) 



/ cp<J 4^ AMORY (T. C.) The Military Services of Maj. Gen, 
I Sullivan. Boston. 1868. 

I 8yo, cloth, uncut. Written in reply to Bancroft. 


43 [ANBUREY (Thomas).] Travels through the Interior 
Parts of America ; in a Series of Letters. By an Officer. 

London, mdccxci. 

% Tolt.y Svo, half red levant moroccO| gilt top^ uncut; Mats and Plates $ vtry fiu 

The author wu an officer in Borgoyne*i army, and wu taken prisoner bj the Americans 
when that wing of the British army feU into their hands. A graphic per* 

andr£. 1 1 

•Qoal namdve. For Taried crittdamt on this work, ut ^ Sabiii*i Dictioiuryy** 
▼6L ly No. 1367. 

44 ANDERSON (Rev. James S. M.) The History of the 
/ ^ Church of England, in the Colonies and Foreign De- 
pendencies of the British Empire. London. 1856. 

3 Tols., fcap 8tO| doth, uncnt. 


45 ANDR£. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, 

1^ Held by order of His Excellency Gen. Washington, 

Commander in Chief of the Army of the Unites States 

of America Respecting Major John Andre, Adjutant 

General of the British Army. September 29, 1780. 

Philadelphia: Printed by 
Francis Bailey in Market^Street. m.dcc.lxxx. 

Svo, morocco, oncnt edges j first edition, of extreme rarity. 

46 ANDR£. Cow Chace, In Three Cantos, Published on 
liS^^O Occasion of the Rebel General Wayne's Attack of the 
Refugees Block-House On Hudson's River, on Friday 
the 2ist of July, 1780. 

New Tork: Printed hy James Rivington. mdcclxxx. 

Ivo. Tlia soperb copy of this extremely rare hook is one of the caoicisT gxms in this 
coUectaon. The binding n a piece of fine art, in Francis Bedford's best style. 
It tt in rich crimson crushed levant morocco, beautifully polished, and 
finished to a Grolier pattern ; the inside linings are likewise finbhed in the 
most beautiful manner, and in corresponding style. The binding alone cost 
orer $75, and is well worth its price. A gentleman, whose experience is 
only equalled by his taste and judgment in such matters, expresses the 
opinion that there is not a finer specimen of bookbinding in the city of New 
York. The condition of this copy is enhanced by its being entirely umeutm 
In this respect, it is presque unique, '* The Cow Chace** occupies eighteen 
pages ; the remainder is a reprint of ** The American Times, A Satire, In 
Three Parts, In which are delineated the Characters of the Leaders of the 
Am e ri ca n Rebellion,** and two other short poems. 






Tlie fbllowing it the Umc itaiisa of this mock-licroic poem, fiawde4 on the defeat of 
Generals Wayne, Inring, and Proctor, to which nhieqiieiit of onta gave a 
melancholy interest t 

^ And now IVe dosM ray epic strain, 
I tremble as I show it. 
Lest this same warrior-droYer, Wayae^ 
Should cTer catch the poet.** 

First pnblished in RiTington's *< Royal Oaaette.** &f M. R^ ixn, p. ^%\ Nileili 
*< Register,*' zz, p. 386. 

47 ANDR£. Minutes of a Court of Inquiry, upon the case 

of Major John Andr£, with accompanying documents, 
and an Appendix containing copies of the papers found 
upon Major Andr6 when arrested. Albany. 1865. 

Sm. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut; Fm PoftraAir. PiiTately reprinted ibr 
Mr. John F. McCoy, of New York. 

48 ANDR£. [Another copy.] Albany. 1867. 

4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Labob PAni. Ten copia only 
printed in this siae. 

: ^*j 49 ANDRfiANA. Containing the Trial, Execution 
/ ' rious matter connected with the History of Majoi 

and va- 

or Andre, 

Adjutant-General of the British Army in America, a.d. 

1780. Philadilphsa. 1865. 

4tO| half red levant morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet j with 1% Fxmx PomTaAirs $ ^rfv- 
au/ypriMttd; only 50 copies of this site. Su mIu [Benson (Egbert)], Sargent 

I (Winthrop), Seward (Anna), and Smith Qoshoa Hett). 




y , J 5^ ANDREW (J. A.) Errors of Prohibition. An Argument. 
^ ^ ! Boston. 1867. 

Sto, half blue lerant morocco, gilt topi 

::2 vf> 

51 [ANDREWS (Charles).] The Prisoners' Memoirs; or 
Dartmoor Prison. Containing a complete and Impartial 
History of the entire Captivity of the Americans in Eng- 


bnd, etc., with a particular detail of tbe Horrid Massacre 
at Dartmoor on the Fatal Evening of the 6th of April, 
1815. NiwTork: Printed for the Authnr. 1815. 

lamo, hilf morocco, uncnt; witii pUte often wanting. 

' 11 ANDREWS (John). History of the War with America, 
^!i/V France, Spain, and Holland; commencing in 1775 and 
ending in 1783. With Plates, Maps, and Charts. 
I London, mdcclxxxv. 

4 Tolt., 8to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

Ut M. R., ixrt^ p. 466. " Compiled chiefly firom the newspapers and the proceedings 
of the House of Commons.** — Rich. *' A judicious compilation.** — Lowtndis. 

' Highly commended by Dr. Boucher. Includes portraits of Gens. Washington, Greene, 
Clinton, Bnrgoyne, Comwallis, Lafiiyette, De Grasse, Count D*£staing, and 
Captain Asgill. Sm (Washington) G. 

53 ANDROS (T.) The Old Jersey Captive \ or a Narrative 
1/ X^ °^ ^^ Captivity of Thomas Andros, (now Pastor of the 

Church in Berkley,) on board the Old Jersey Prison 
Ship, at New York, 1781, in a series of letters to a 
Friend, suited to inspire Faith and Confidence in a par- 
ticular Divine Providence. Boston. 1833. 

l6mo, half brown morocco j scarce, Moreirs copy sold for $ii, 

54 ANGLING. Bibliotheca Piscatoria. A Catalogue of 
Xfg^ Books upon Angling. London. 1836. 

Fop gvo, aocut. This privately printed volume is attributed to Sir Henry Elles and 
William Pickering. Su Walton and Cotton. 

/ 55 ANSTEY (C.) The New Bath Guide ; or Memoirs of 
^ ^Cf the B — n — ^r— d Family, ••• by Christopher Anstey, 
Esq. A New Edition ... by John Britton, f.s.a. Em- 
bellished with Engravings by G. Cruikshank, &c. 

London: H. Washbourne. m,dccc,xxxii. 

^ ^fOy half morocco, gilt top, uncut. See Cens. Lit., vi, p. %%i\ Nichort 
"lit. Anecdotes,** i, p. %%i i *' Lond. Mag.,** ▼, p. 36. 




ANTHOLOGY of New Netherlands Su Bradford Club. 

ANTIQUARIAN and Topographical Cabinet. Sa [Storer 

56 APEL (H.) Prose Specimens for Translation into German, 

with copious vocabularies and explanations. 

London. 1862. 
Fcap Svo, doth. Dedicated to Jeffexfon Davii, President C. S. A« 

57 APIAN Cosmographie Corrige6 per Gemma Frison. 158 1. 

4to^ witli MoTCABLK Mapi. Concerning tiiU early description of America, see Sabin*s 
Dictionary, VoL i, Nos. 1738-1757. 

58 APPENDIX to the History of America. Containing an 

Account of the Rise and Progress of the Present Un- 
happy Contest between Great Britain and her Colonies. • 

4to, pp. 409 to 629, half calf ; Map. 

59 APULEIUS* (The) Metamorphosis, or Golden Ass, and 
^ C^€r^ Philosophical Works of Apuleius. Translated [with 

Notes by] Thomas Taylor. London. 1822. 

\ I 8vo, half calf, gilt \ tearct, 

I This is one of the copies having the suppressed passages printed on an eztn sheet 
' inserted at the end of the volume. See Bohn*s Lowndes, p. 58. 


60 APULEIUS (L.) The Golden Ass of Lucius Apuleius of 
Medaura, Reprinted from the scarce edition of 1709, 
Revised and corrected. London. 1821. 

a vols., 8to, half calf, extra $ FaoNnsYnci ; very uaree. 

This work is a reprint of ^ The New Metamorphoses ; ** being the '* Golden Ass,** 
altered and improved to the modern size and manners, by Carlo Monte Scio, 
and was intended and passed off as a translation of Apuleius ; like its proto- 
type, many of its stories are of a character tret libre. 



j 6i ARABIAN NIGHTS. The Thousand and One Nights, 

/AS^ commonly called, •.. The Arabian Nights Entertain- 

mentSy A New Translation, ... with copious Notes. By 

E. W. Lane. Illustrated by many hundred Engravings 

on Wood, from Original Designs by William Harvey. ... 

London: Charles Knight and Co. MDCCCXLI. 

S tolt^ rl. 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt tops, uncut, bound from the numben i a 
utperh eopj, 

•The Notes of Mr. Lane throw more light upon the mystery of Arab life than per- 
haps all other works in the language.** — Athknaum. 

** Adminbly descriptive of the manners and customs of the East, and more particularly 
of the Arabian genius and character. The classical reader does not require 
to be told that Wolfius extravagantly conjectured the Iliad to be a ' Canto 
composed of the remnants of different rhapsodists of different ages.* Hane 
dbh pinionem non probarl aiebat Ruknkenius, (Wyttemb. Vit. Ruhnlc., pp. 
1x4, 2x5.) This theory would, probably, with more correctness, fit the 
volumes of the * Arabian Nights.* But see Mr. Granville Penn*i ' Exam- 
ination of the Primary Argument of the Iliad,* and his ingenious defence 
of it in the *■ Classical Journal.*** — Wrakcham. 

62 ARCH-SOLOGIA Americana. Transactions, Collections 
'^ ^ and Catalogue of the Library of the American Antiqua- 
rian Society. 1 820-1 860. 

5 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; Engravings and Mats. 

63 ARCHAICA. Containing a Reprint of scarce Old Eng- 
^ ^<^ lish Prose Tracts. With Prefaces, Critical and Bio- 
graphical. By Sir £. Brydges, Bart. London. 1815. 

^ ^., 4to, half morocco ; only aoo copies printed. From W. E. Burton*8 library, 
with some MS. notes by him. The edges of this copy very slightly trimmed. 

^«i valuble work contains: i. Greene*s Philomela; ii. Green*s Arcadia; in. 
Southwell's Triumph over Death; iv. Harvey*s Four Letters; v. Breton's 
Characters and Essays, Good and Evil, concerning whom the reader Is 
referred to Wood*s « Athens Oxoniensis,*' Brydges '<Cens. Lit.,** Beloels 
Anecdotes,** Diaraeli*s <« CaUmities of Authon,** and <* BibUogr. Poetica." 
Su Heliconia. 




64 ARIOSTO. Orlando Innamorato di Bojardo; Orlando 

Furioso di Ariosto, with an Essay on the Romantic Nar- 
rative Poetry of the Italians; Memoirs and Notes by 
Antonio Panizzi. Best edition. 

London: Pickiring. 1830-1834. 

9 folt^ pott Sto, half calfy gilt top. 

65 ARIOSTO. Orlando Furioso \ translated from the Italian 

of Ludovico Ariosto; with Notes; By John Hoole ... 

London: Otridye & Son. 1 799. 

5 Tolt., rl. Sto, nMiiy gilt } Pkoof Plath; Labob Papbk. 

66 ARNOLD. Proceedings of a General Court Martial for 

the Trial of Major General Arnold, with an Introduc- 
tion, Notes and Index. Nnu Tori. 1865. 

4tO| half red levant morocco, gilt top, nncat| by Bradttreet ; Laboe Papbb CorT ] 
prrvatelj frimud^ tearee§ Pobtbatt. Thirty-fiTe copies printed in thii lise 


^kjfi^ 67 ARNOLD. [The same.] 

New Tori. 1865. 

, Sto, half red levant morocco, gilt top, oncnt, by Braditreet. These elegant reprints 
were iuned by Mr. F. S. Hoffman, for presentttion only. ^ 


J ^^ 68 ARNOLD (S. G.) History of the State of Rhode Island 

and Providence Plantations. 

New Tori: Z>. AppUton CsT C$. 1859. 

% Tols., 8vo, half calf, red edges. See Washington (O.) 


' 69 ARNOLDUS. Istam letaniSl magne efficacie coposuit ven- 
erabilis ac multum denotus pater dfns Henricus Arnoldi 
prior Cartusien in Basilica. Anno AHL M.cccclxxvi. 

8vo. A small, but fine specimen of printing in the fifteenth century (1476). 


^ Lyo ARSCOT (Alexander). Some Considerations Relating to 
^^1 ' the Present State of the Christian Religion. Wherein 

l'art. 17 

the Nature, End and Design of Christianity, as well as 
the Principal Evidence of the Truth of it, are explained 
and recommended out of the Holy Scriptures; with a 
General Appeal to the Experience of all Men for Con- 
firmation thereof. London printed; reprinted by B, 
Franklin^ at the New Printing Office in Philadelphia. 1732. 

I vola., iimo^ half calf. The third volume is a book of mach rarity, and bears the 
following imprint: London: Prinud 1 734. PAiladelpAiag Ro-printtd by 
Andnw Brat^ord, 1 738. 

, 71 ARTHUR. The History of The Valiant Knight Arthur, 
/o ^C of Little Britain. A Romance of Chivalry. Originally 
translated from the French, by John Bourchier, Lord 
Berners. With a Series of Plates from illuminated draw- 
ings. London. 18 14. 

4tOy green morocco extra, gilt edges. 

Tbe wk wu edited from the extremely rare original edition by E. V. Utterson, who 
uses extraordinary diligence in tracing out the name of the original writer 
of the romance, the time of its composition, and other much-wished-fbr 

71 ARTHUR. La Mort d'Arthurc. The History of King 
^ 2^Sr^ Arthur and of the Knights of the Round Table. Com- 
piled by Sir Thomas Malory, Knt., edited from the Text 
of the Edition of 1634, with Introduction and Notes by 
Thomas Wright. London. 1858. 

S vsb^ crown Sto, tree calf, gilt edges, by Revidre ; Laxgk Papzi \ teareef uneastrated 
ediiiom. See *<Lond. Mag.,** u, p. 42; "Hut, Bibliogr.,** i, pp. 43, 49} 
Dibdin*s *'Ames,** n, pp. 81, 82 1 and Burnett's "Specimen's,** i, pp. 
147-259. Arthur died in 542. 

73 L'ART dc P6tcr, Essai Theori-Physique et Methodiquc, 
-T aa et I'usuage des Personnes constepees ... 

En fTestphalie. M.DCC.LZXTI. 

luno^ half morocco, with appropriately gilt ddes. 







74 L'ART de P6tcr. [Another Edition.] 

En WiOphaUi. 1852. 

iSmo, half moroccO| gilt top, nncati with appropriate FmoimtnicB. 

r 5 \[SH] (T.) Carolina ; | Or A | Description | Of the Present 
State of that|Country»|and|The Natural Excellencies 
thereof, viz. The | Healthfulness of the Air, | Pleasant- 
ness of the Place, I Advantage and Usefulness of those 
Rich Commo-|dities there plentifully abounding, which 
much I encrease and flourish by the Industry of the Plan- 
I ters that daily enlarge that Colony. | Published by T. 
A. Gent. | Clerk on Board his Majesties Ship Richmond, 
which was I sent out in the year 1680. with particular 
Instructions to | enquire into the State of that Country, 
by His Majesties I Special Command, and Returned this 
Present Year, 1682.] 

London. Printidfor W. C. ... 1682. 

Soil. 4tO} fiu cofy^ in ptiititd cmI/^ bj F. Bedford. One of the earliest boolci relating 
to Carolina. 

76 ASCHAM (R.) The Scholemaster, Or plaine and per- 
fite way of teaching children, to understand, write, and 
speake the Latin tong, but specially purposed for the 
priuate bringing vp of youth in lentlemen and Noble 
mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as haue 
forgot the Latin tonge, and would, by them selves, with- 
out a Scholemaster, in short time, and with small paines, 
recouer a sufficient habilite, to vnderstand, write, and 
speake Latin. By Roger Ascham. 

At London J Printid by John Daye^ 1573* 

Sin. 4tO} red morocco extra, gilt leavety by F. Bedford ; Black Lima ; verjr rmre, • 

Written to decry the severe school discipline of the time. Dibdin pronounces it **a 
work which can only perish with oiir language.** 


^ 77 ASCHAM. The Whole Work of Roger Ascham, now 

^^ ^^ first collected and revised, with a Life of the Author ; by 

the Rev. Dr. Giles. London. 1865. 

4 ¥oIs^ crown 8yo, tree calf, gilt edges, by RiTiire j Laxgk Paper Copt. 

''Aidum was the founder of oar prose style, and bravely determined to 'speak as the 
common people, think u wise men.* ** — DisaAxu*s *' Calamities of Authors.** 
&» al» Wood's ** Ath. Oxon.,** and Bohn's « Lowndes,** p. 79. 

78 ASHER (G. M.) A Bibliographical and Historical Essay 
Ijo^ on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets relating to New 

Netherland and to the Dutch West India Company, and 
to its possessions in Brazil, Angola, etc. ... 

Amsterdam. 1854-67. 

One of a few co^es on Laegz Papsx, uncut. 

lodiipattable to the collector of books relating to New York. The notes are nomer- 
ous, and, in some instances, extend to great length. 

79 ASHLEY (John). Memoirs and Considerations concern- 
\J S^ ing The Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in 

America. London. 1740. 

8to, pp. ▼!, Z54, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

80 ATHERTON (Wm.) Narrative of the Sufferings and 
u^ Defeat of the Northwestern Army, under General Win- 
chester. Frankfort^ Ky. 1842. 

lamo, pp. 100, half boards. 

'^ - .c^^ 


81 AUDUBON. The Birds of America from Original Draw- 
*^^ ings By John James Audubon ... . 

London: Published by the Author. 1827— 30. 

4*ob., elephant folio, and Lrrrzapaiss, imp. 8vo, in 5 toIs.; an extremtiy fiu €fy^ 
newly bound, in half mssia, gilt backs. 

Ok of the most sumptuous ornithological works ever published ; the coloring of the 
plumage, and the exact drawing of the birds, can scarcely be surpassed. 








The Urdi ire repratented in action amid the tcenc^ or on the plaatt aad 
tRCSi most common to their habitt, presenting a Tarietf of land and maiine 
▼iewB of floral and other productions of different dinutet and teaiona. Ita 
great dtmentions have permitted eagles and other birdi of the largest sixe to 
be represented In their natural sixe, and even in groups. ** All is combined 
to ally,** says Brunet, ** in the most happy manner, the exactness of indiiidnal 
details with a living and animated representation of general forms.** The 
plates were published without any text, to avoid the necessity of furnishing 
copies gratis to the public libraries in England, agreeably to the law of copy- 
right. Trubner, p. 174, quotes the work indth plain plates. I have never 
seen one in that condition. Owing to the destruction, by fire, of the stock 
and copperplates, the work has become extremely rare; and even smaU 
sections command high prices. 

82 AUDUBON and BACHMAN. The Viviparous Quad- 
^ ruped»of North America. By John James Audubon .•• 

and the Rev. John Bachman ... • 

New York: J. J. Audubon. 1845-48. 

% vols., folio, and LxTTxaraxss in 3 vols., Svo, half russia. This, ^th the preceding 
lot, forms a complete set of this magnificent work. We trt uumUt t$ grsa 
tkt tale of a complete tet in any auction during the last twenty yean. An 
opportunity to procure so fine a set should not be permitted to pass. 

83 AUDUBON. The Birds of America, from Drawings 

made in the United States and other Territories. By J. J. 
Audubon, f.r.s. New Tiri: George R. Lochuood. [n. d.J 

8 vols., imp. Svo, morocco, ^t edges. Also, 

84 AUDUBON. The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North 
America. By J. J. Audubon and the Rev. John Bach- 
man. New Tori: J. J. Audubon, M Dccc XLVi. 

3 vols., imp. Svo, together, 11 vols., awropcv sustfutf gilt edges. 


^A ^ 85 AUFRICHT (Th.) Catalog! Codicum Manuscriptorum 

Bibliothecae Bodleianae pars octava. Codices Sanscriticos 
complectens. Oxoniu 1864. 

4(0^ doth, uncut. The Bodldan Library b particularly rich io manuicripts, mui this 
is a complete catalogue of the Sanscrit series. 


86 AVTHENTISCHE ) Nachricht | Von der | Verhandlung | 
J id und dem Verlass | Der am I4<'«'' und 1 5^*" | Januarii Anno 

174J. |Iin sogeninnten Falckncr-Schwainm| An Georg 
H&bncrs Hause gchaltcncn | Zwcycen | Versammlung | So< 
wol I Einigcr Tcutschcn Arbcitcr Der | Evangelischen Re- 
ligionen | Als | Vcrschicdcncr einzclcn trcucn Gczcugen 
und I Gottsfurchtiger Nachbarn. | Nebst einigen Bcylagen. | 
Pbiladtlpbia^ I Gtdruckt und %u baben biy B. Franklin. \ [a. d.] 

tfo, pp. 19-40, uncut( fimM afj. 

AVERY 011^ HEMPSTED. Stt Rathbun (Jonathan). 

87 AYTOUN (W. E.) Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and 
'^■em other Poems. By W. E. Aytoun. ... With Illustrations 

by Joseph Noel Paton ... and W. H. Paton. 

William Blackviood and Sans. MDCCCLUt. 
4tii^ t^trt ttfy, in bine monxeo citn, gilt edgo. 

j2 ABBAGE(C.) &/BridgewaterTreat!i«. 

88 BACON (Francis). Of the Advance- 
ment and Proficiencies of Learning. 
IX Book*. Oxfiri. 1611. 

Folia, lulf cilf, utiqiM. 

^ I BACON. Advancement of Learning. 

iMtdon: W. FHcitring. 1825. 
Cnnra S*o, nncDt) Laiox Patik. 

t BACON. The Works of Francis Bacon Baron of Veru- 
^ lam Viscount St Albans and Lord High Chancellor of 

England Collected and Edited by James Spedding m.a. 
of Trinity College Cambridge Robert Leslie Ellis m.a. 
late Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge and Douglas 
Devon Heath Barrister-at-Law late Fellow of Trinity 
College Cambridge. 

Cambridge: printed at the Riverside Brest. 1863. 

ToU^ crown Sto t Lum Patki ; On or Two Conu priDled aa Ihbh Pa*u, 
one orwbich wu lor the Amerioo editor, O. W. Wight. 

li ii, doubclcM, the bat edited editioD of the wurlti of tlili gmt mu, aboDt whote 
monl chincter poHeritr \» much divided, thaD|h til naite Id conceding to 
him greit meotil poweti. 


ifi [BADGER (B.)] The Naval Templej containing A 
Complete History of the Battles fought by the Navy of 
the United States. Besttn. 1816. 

■to, ihecp { muy Punvi 


92 BAILY (J. T.) Historical Sketch of the City of Brooklyn 
^ 'f^ and the Surrounding Neighborhood, including the village 

of Williamsburgh and the towns of Bushwick, Flatbush, 
Flatlands, New Utrecht and Gravesend. To which i^ 
added an Interesting Account of the Battle of Long 
Island. Compiled from the best authorities. 

Brooklyn: Published hy the Author, 1840. 

I omoy half morocco } tcarct, ^ 

93 BAILEY (William). Records of Patriotism and Love of 
Q ^V Country. Washington, 1826. 

Sto, half morocco, gilt top, ancat; fimt cofyi twcuty'tkra Fxni Platm inierted. 

94 BALLADS. A Catalogue of an Unique Collection of 

Ancient English Broadside Ballads printed entirely in. 
the Black Letter, on Sale by John Russell Smith. 

London. 1856. 

ismo, boardf, gtlt top, ancotj htoMtifilly printed by Wittingham. 

BANCROFT (Aaron). &/ Washington (G.) 

95 BANCROFT (G.) History of the United States, from 
^ /^ the Discovery of the American Continent. By George 

Bancroft. Boston: Little^ Brown ^ Co. 186 1. 

8 Toli^ imp. 8yo, doth, nncutj Lakoi Papss; 50 copies printed. 

96 BANCROFT. Joseph Reed; A Historical Essay. By 

George Bancroft. New Tori: W. J. Widdleton. 1867. 

Sto, half morocco, gilt top, uncat. 

/ 97 BANCROFT. Memorial Address on the Life and Charac- 
ter of Abraham Lincoln, ... Washington, ... 12th of 
February, 1866. Washington. 1866. 

4^ ptper, ancttt j Poktiaiti Labob Pavbas bnt ft limited edidon printed. 



\^^ 98 BANCROFT. [The ume.] Washington. 1866. 

Svo^doth) PomuuT. 

99 BANGS (£.) Oration. Worcester, July 4, 1800. 

JVorcistir. 1800. 
8fO| half red morocco, gilt topi anciity by Bradttrcet} umm, 

100 BARBARITIES of the Enemy exposed, in a Report of 
the Committee of the House of Representatives of the 
United States, appointed to enquire into the spirit and 
manner in which the war has been waged by the Enemy. 

\ Troy. 1 8 13. 

I lomoy botrdsy ancut. Indada tome Indian atroddet. 

iioi BARB£-MARB0IS. Complot d' Arnold et de Sir Henry 
Clinton contre les Etats-Unis d'Am£rique et contre le 
General Washington Septembre 1780. Paris, mdcccvi. 

Sm. Sto, half moroccoy gilt top \ Two Fns PoRTaAin. 

:^ A 

102 BARBER (J. W.) History and Antiquities of New Eng- 
land, New York, and New Jersey. Illustrated by 
numerous engravings. Worcester. 1841. 

Rl. 8to^ roan, gilt. 

X4 <rX'"'^3 BARBER. History and Antiquities of New Haven, 
^^ (Conn.), from its Earliest Settlement to the Present 

Time. Collected and Compiled from the most Authen- 
tic Sources. Illustrated Engravings. 

New Haven. 1831. 

Iimoy half calf, gilt top. Contains Tiew of New Haven and Fort Hale, Battle of 


Leiington, etc. ; nwj uarei. 

104 BARBER. Massachusetts Historical Collections, Being 
a general Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, 


Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, &c., relating to the 
History of Every Town in Massachusetts, ... 200 En- 
gravings. Worcester. 1839. 

8vo, old calf. 

los BARKER (James N.) Sketches of the Primitive Settle- 
^ ^^ ments on the River Delaware. A Discourse delivered 
before the Society for the Commemoration of the Land- 
ing of William Penn, On the 24^ of October, 1827. 

Philadelphia. 18 1 7. 

8to, half brown morocco $ Portaait and Platxs inserted. 

BARCLAY (Sidney). Set [Post (L. M)]. 

106 BARLOW (Joel). The Columbiad. A Poem. 
/-WT**- Philadelphia. 1807. 

4to, morocco extra, by Bedford $ BaxLLXANT Proof iMFRXtsioNt of the Portrait of tJke 
Axtikor and the numerous beautiful EngravingM after Smirks*! deugnti a 
matcJkUu cofy^ perfectly free from itainSf an J of the greatett rarity^ in uncut 
condition, Containi, also, a large number of Additiokal Illustrations, 
tbe particulars of which we are not able to give, the book now (Dec, 1869) 
being in the hands of Mr. F. Bedford, of London, who is instructed to bind 
it in crushed levant morocco, gilt top, in his best style. 

The quarto edition was printed at the expense of Robert Fulton, to whom it was dedi- 
cated. It is '' a new edition, with great alterations of the ' Visions of Colum- 
bus,* beautiiiilly printed, and illustrated with fine engravings.** — Rich. 

107 BARLOW. The Columbiad. A Poem. London. 1809. 

Imp. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. 



108 BARLOW. The Vision of Columbus ; A Poem in Nine 
Books. By Joel Barlow, Esquire. Hartford. 1787. 

tns calf; fnt old cofy. The subscribers* names include His Most Chrutian Majesty 
[Louis XVI], 25 copies; His Excellency George Washington, Esq., so 
copies; Maj.-Gen. le Marquis de la Fayette, 10 copies, etc. Afterwards 
amplified into « The Columbiad.** 




J2 ^:fi? 


• ^^ 


109 BARNES (William). The Settlement and Early History 

of Albany. Albany: Munsell. 1864. 

Crown Sto, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Plan and Cun, 

1 10 BARNEY (M.) A Biographical Memoir of the late Com- 

modore Joshua Barney, from Autographical Notes and 
Journals. Edited by Mary Barney. Boston. 1832. 

Sto, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut \ PoRTaAir. 

111 QARNUM (H. L.) The Spy Unmasked; or, Memoirs 

of Enoch Crosby, alias Harvey Birch : being an Authen- 
tic Account of the Secret Services which he rendered his 
country during the Revolutionary War. (Taken from 
his own lips, in short hand), etc. New Tork. i828« i« 

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut j 25 PotTaAm and Platss inserted. 

BARRETT (Walter), pseudon. See [Scoville (Joseph A.)] 

^. 1 112 BARRY (J. S.) The History of Massachusetts Colonial, 
' Provincial and Commonwealth Periods. 1856—7. 

3 ToU., Sto, cloth. Set " North Am. Rev.,** zxzv, p. 266. 


,113 BARTHOGGE (R.) An Essay upon Reason and the 
/ c^^ Nature of Spirits. London. 1694. 

8yo, half morocco ; ran, 

;ii4 BARTLETT (John Russell). Bibliography of Rhode 

^ "^ y\ Island. A Catalogue of Books and other Publications 

j relating to the State of Rhode Island. Providence. 1864. 

Rl. 8vo, half boand; Labos Papsb; only 150 copies printed. 


115 BARTLETT. Dictionary of Americanisms. A Glos- 


sary of Words and Phrases usually regarded as peculiar 
to the United States. Third Edition. Boston, i860. 

Sto, half levant morocco, uncut. 

116 BARTLETT. A History of the Destruction of His 
^ 2^ Britannic Majesty's Schooner Gaspee^ in Narragansett 
Bay, on the lOth June, 1772; accompanied by the Cor- 
respondence connecfd [j/V] therewith, etc. 

Providence. 1 8 6 1 . 

Imp. 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut j Plats of the " Destruction of the 
Gapi,** and Autogkafh Lettxr (1837) of Colonel Ephraim Bowen, the 
last BurriTor of the party which destroyed the Gasp^ ; also letter of J. R. 
Bartlett inserted ; 125 copies privately printed, 

117 BARTLETT. Memoirs of Rhode Island Officers who 

were engaged in the Service of their Country during the 
great Rebellion of the South. Illustrated with 34 Por- 
traits. Providence. 1867. 

4to, boards, uncut; 50 copies printed. 

118 BARTLETT. The Literature of the Rebellion. A 
^ %fi; Catalogue of Books and Pamphlets Relating to the Civil 

War in the United States, on the Subjects growing out 
of that Event, Together with the Works on American 
Slavery, etc. Boston. 1866. 

4tO) half IcTsnt morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, by Wm. Mathews ; Lakgi Patss ; 
60 copies printed. 

"9 BARTLETT (W. H.) American Scenery; or, Land, 
J^f0 Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature. 
From Drawings by W. H. Bartlett ... the Literary De- 
partment by N. P. Willis, Esq. 

London: George Virtue, m.dccc.xl. 

^ ^1 4to, half blue morocco, gilt edges ; fine copy ^ Fust Edition, with fine im- 
preinons of the Plates. 







[20 BARTLETT. The Pilgrim Fathers; or, Founders of 
New England in the Reign of James the First. 

London. 1850. 

Ri. Svo, cloth, ancut { »8 Plates ; fim* •mrly C9fy. 

121 BARTOL (C. A.) A Tribute to Brig. Gen. Charles 
Russell Lowell, Jr. Boston. 1864. 

8vo. Alio Bullock*! Address. 

122 BARTRAM (Wm.) Travels through North and South 
' Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, the Cherokee 

Country, the Extensive Territories of the Muscogulges 
or Creek Confederacy, and the country of the Choc- 
taws, containing an account of the Soil and Natural Pro- 
I ductions of those Regions \ together with Observations 

I on the Manners of the Indians. Embellished with cop- 

perplates. London. 1792. 

' Sto^ half red morocco extra, gilt top, ancut, by Bradstreet. 

" The Utest book of travels I know written in the spirit of the old travellert, n Bar- 
tramps account of his tour in the Floridas j it is a work of high merit every 
way.-— CowaiDoi's " Table Talk." 


123 BAYARD (N.) Journal of the Late Actions of the 
French at Canada, by Col. Nicholas Bayard, and Lieut. 
Charles Lodowick. 

New York: Reprinted for Joseph Satin. 1868. 

4toy half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 


BASCOM (J.) See Washington (G.) 

I 114 BATTY (R.) French Scenery from Drawings made in 
1819 by Captain Batty. London. 1821. 

4to, half calf J contains 64 ExquiarrxLY Enghatso Vixwi. 


125 BAYLE (P.) The Dictionary Historical and Critical of 
^ a^^ Mr. Peter Bayle. The Second Edition, Carefully col- 
lated with the Several Editions of the Original ; in which 
many Passages are restored, and the whole greatly aug- 
mented, particularly with a Translation of the Quotations 
from Eminent Writers in various Languages. To which 
is prefixed the Life of the Author, Revised, Corrected 
and Enlarged by Mr. Des Maizeaux, Fellow of the 
Royal Society. London: Printed for 

J. y. far P, Knapton fcf Co. mdccxxxiv.-mdccxxxviii. 

5 Yols., folio, old calf, gilt ; Laroe Papsk Copy. 

" The learning of Bayle was copious, especially in what was most peculiarly required, 
the controversies, the anecdotes, the miscellaneous facts and sentences, scat- 
tered over the vast surface of literature for two preceding centuries. ... He is 
admirable in exposing the fallacies of dogmatism, the perplexities of philoso- 
phy, and the weaknesses of those who affect to guide the opinions of man- 
kind.** — Hallam. 

" Hii critical Dictionary is a vast repository of facts and opinions, and he balances the 
fidse religions on his skeptical scales till the opposite quantities (if I may 
use the language of algebra) annihilate one other.** — Gibbon. 

126 BAILEY (J. R.) Memoirs of the Right Reverend Simon 
3 j^ Wm. Gabriel Brute, d.d. First Bishop of Vincennes, 

with Sketches describing his recollections of scenes con- 
nected with the French Revolution, and Extracts from 
his Journal. New Tork: y, G. Shea. i860. 

410, half green levant morocco, uncut, gilt top $ Fink Portbait on India Papbb, and 
CoTt , usrce ; 50 copies printed. 

127 BAYLIES (F.) An Historical Memoir of the Colony of 
2- ^{f New Plymouth, From the Flight of the Pilgrims into 

Holland in the Year 1608, to the Union of that Colony 
with Massachusetts in 1692. By Francis Baylies. With 
some Corrections, Additions, and a Copious Index, by 
Samuel G. Drake. ... Boston. 1866. 

1 vols., 8vo, boardsy nncut. 




128 BAYLIES. Some Remarks on the Life and Character 
of General David Cobb, ... delivered at the Taunton 
Lyceum. July 2, 1830. Albany. 1864. 

8to, half smooth moroccOy gUt top, uncut ; 3 PonTBAm inserted \ 100 cofHes only 


^-^ /^ 

ij29 BEAUMONT tf«^ FLETCHER. The Works of Beau- 
mont & Fletcher; the Text procured from a New 
Collation of the Early Edition. With Notes and a 
Biographical Memoir by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. In 

Eleven Volumes. 

London : Edward Moxon. mdcccxliii. 

II Tols.y 8to, cloth, uncut. One of the best edited works of modem times j nnv 

^ 130 BEAUMONT and FLETCHER'S Rule a Wife and 
Have a Wife, A Comedy, adapted to the Stage by James 
Love; Revised by J. P. Kemble. London. 181 1. 

8vo, interleaved in 410^ half calf. Manuscript notes by iCemble. 


131 BECHTELN (J.) Kurzer | Catechism us | Von etlichc 
Gemeinen Jesu| Aus der Reformirten Religion] In Penn- 
sylvania, I Die sich zum alten Berner Synodo halten : | 
Herausgegeben von | Johannas Bechteln, | Diener des 
Worts Gottes. | 

Philadilphia^\Gedruckt bey Benjamin Franklin^ '734- 

' isimo, crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. In the Nuggets, No. 496, 
this book is priced at £10 los., and is said to be unique, which is an error. 

^ j^ 132 [BELKNAP.] The Forresters ; An American Tale J being 
^ *^ a Sequel to the History of John Bull the Clothier. ... 

Boston. 1792. 

lamo, plate, half morocco; ^ery scatve. 

An historical allegory, in which the whole of the occurrences of the War of Inde- 
pendence are dramatised. Virginia figures under the name of Walter ^pe- 
weed, whose grandson George, is Washington. 

BELTZ. 31 

133 BELKNAP (Jeremy). A Discourse, intended to Com- 
1 ^' memorate the Discovery of America by Christopher Co- 
lumbus; Delivered at the Request of the Historical 
Society in Massachusetts, on the 23d day of October, 
1792, being the Completion of the Third Century since 
that Memorable Event. 

Boston: Belknap and Hall, mdccxcii. 

8voy polUhed ctlf, gilt top, oncat, by F. Bedford $ uarce in such fine condition. 

134 BELKNAP (Jeremy). The History of New Hampshire. 
^ fy Comprehending the Events of one Complete Century, 

' from the Discovery of the River Piscataqua. Contain- 
ing also a Geographical Description of the State, etc. 

Dover^ N, H. 1812. 

3 Tolt.! 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

135 BELOE (W.) Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books. 
^ $f^ By the Rev. William Beloe. 

London: Rivington. 1807. 

6 Tolt., Syo, half Tellam, gilt top^ uncut. 

i Coataini moch valuable and interesting bibliographic Information in general, besides 
many copious extracts from rare and curious old English books, in prose and 


Bdoe had conjectured the Duke of Rozburghe*B " Valdarfer Boccacio ** would, on a 
sale, produce not much less than £500 1 "A thousand," guessed Mr. Johnes. 
''Two thousand two hundred and sixty,** said the Marquis of Blandford I 
&e ** Bibliogr. Decam,** m, p. 62-65.) 

136 BELTZ (George Frederick). Memorials of the Most 
<f^^ Noble Order of the Garter, from its Foundation to the 

Present Time; including the History of the Order; Bio- 
graphical Notices of the Knights in the Reigns of Ed- 
ward III. & Richard II. London: W, Pickering. 1841. 

Rl. 8 TO, boards, uncut. 





^ Belts*t < Mcmorialt * deienre, ibr research and abilityi to be ranked with the works 
of hU predecetson [Camden^ Anuh^ DugdaU)^ and no historical library^ cs^ 
be complete withont them.** — Atkenanm, 

,137 [BENEZET (Anthony).] A Short Account Of that Part 

of Africa, Inhabited by the Negroes. 
I London, mdcclxviii. 

8vo, half brown morocco, pit top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 



^ 1 138 BENNETT (H.) The Treasury of Wit; being a meth- 
/xr odical Selection of about Twelve hundred, the best, 

j Apophthegms and Jests; from books in several lan- 

guages. London: C. Dilly. m,dcc,lxxxvi. 

1 vols., i2mo, half vellum, gilt backs. 

139 BENSON (Egbert). Memoir read before the Historical 

Society of the State of New York, December 31, 18 16. 
I Second Edition with Notes. Jamaica. 1825. 

i2mo, half calf, uncut; rart. Relates to the Dutch and Indian names in New York. 
Morrell*8 copy sold for $5. ^ 

140 [BENSON (E.)] Vindication of the Captors of Major 

Andr6. New Tor k: Rich and Mercein. 181 7. 

Origimai. Edition, of great rarity, Fisher *b copy sold for $45. This beautifiil copy 
is a fine specimen of illustration. It was got up by Mr. J. F. McCoy, of 
this city, who spared neither time or money in making this one of the finest 
copies extant. It includes a fine Plate of the capture of Andr6, Autograph 
of E. Benson, Portraits of Andr6, John Paulding, another Plate of the 
capture. Portraits of Benj. Tallmadge, O. Washington, Lafayette, Charles 
Thompson, Secretary to the Congress, Alexander Hamilton, Major General 
Greene, and a third Plate of the capture of Major Andre. It is beautifialiy 
bound in crushed red levant morocco extra, richly tooled inside morocco 
linings, by W. Mathews. Uncut cofy, 

141 BENSON. Vindication of the Captors of Major Andr6. 

By Egbert Benson. 

New Tori: Reprinted /or yoseph Satin, 1865. 

Rl. Sto, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Laroi Papir ; 50 copies printed. 


142 BENSON. [Another copy,] New York. 1865. 

*f O^ 8to, oncttt; Small Papxs ; zoo copiet printed ; Stbin** Reprints, No. m. 

143 BEOWOLF. The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowolf, the 
/ ^^ Scop ; or, Gleeman's Talc, and the Fight at Finnesbury. 

With a Literal translation, notes, glossary, etc. By B. 
Thorpe. Oxford. M.DCCC.LV. 

lamo, cloth, ancut. 

144 BERKELEY (G. T.) Reminiscences of a Huntsman. 
^ yS^ With Illustrations by Leech. London. 1844. 

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Colosbd Plats. 

145 BERKSHIRE (The) Jubilee celebrated at Pittsfield, Mass. 
^ Albany. 1845. 

8vo, cloth ; AvTOGKAPM of Rufus Choate inierted. 

146 BERNARD {Bp.) Incipunt meditationes beati bernard 
> ^O prima abbatis clareuallensis. [n. p. n. d.] 

Sd. 4to, calf; Black Lbttbx. Printed about 1470. From John Allan*a collection. 

^ 147 BERNARD. Letters to the Right Honorable the Earl of 

^^^^^ Hillsborough, from Governor Bernard, General Gage and 

the Honorable His Majesty's Council for the Province 

of Massachusets-Bay. With an Appendix containing 

divers Proceedings referred to in the said Letters. 

London : J. Almon. [n. d.] 

8vo ; a rare Re^folutionary tract. 

148 BERNARD. L'Art d'Amicr et Poesies diverses de 
^ ^^ Bernard. £ditionse ornee de sept figures. Paris, [n. d.] 

RL 8vOy boards, uncut ; 7 Bxaotifvl Platbs of pretqut nude lubjecti. 

149 [BERTIE (W.)] Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund 







Burke, Esq. ; ... on the Affairs of America. By the 
Earl of Abingdon. Sixth Edition. Oxford, [n. d.] 

Sto, half morocco, nncat. Concerning this, wtt Sabin*8 Dictionary, Vol. i. No. 60. 
It may not be generally known that Abingdon Square, New York, it named 
in honor of this gentleman, who presented his estate to the Congress of the 
thirteen provinces. 

150 B[EVERLEY] (R[obert]). The History and Present 

State of Virginia, In Four Parts. ... By a Native and 
Inhabitant of the Place. London, mdccv. 

Svo, calf) fim cofy f FovaTBSN Plates by Gribelin, after De Bry. 

151 B[EVERLEY]. [The same.] The Second Edition re- 

vis'd and enlarg'd by the Author. London. 1722. 

Sto, calf; JSne cofy $ 14 Platss. 

152 BEWICK (T. and J.) History of British Land and 

Water Birds. Newcastle. 1847. 

1 Tols., 8vo, cloth, uncut ; Fins Wooocvtb. 

y^ j^SZ BEWICK. Select Fables; with Cuts Designed and 
\ Engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, and others, 

previous to the Year 1784. Together with a Memoir; 
and a descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs. 
Bewick. Newcastle. 1820. 

8yo, boards, uncut ; Jint copy, 

X- . IS4' BEWICK. Scrap Book, containing a large number of 
/ Wood Cuts by the Messrs. Bewick. 

Sm. folio, half morocco. To eulogise the works of Bewick is unnecessary ; their 
WooDcvTs of birds and animals are almost facsimiles of nature. 

cf ^d^ 

155 BHAGVAT-GEETA, (The) or Dialogues of Kreeshna 
and Arjoon. Translated by Charles Wilkins. 

New York, m.d.ccc.lxvii. 

Svo, half grtcn morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; 161 copies fri^Mciy frimttd. 


156 BIBLE. Miles Coverdale's Translation of the Bible. 
fi ^^ Bagster's reprint. London. 1838. 

" Dr. Kennicoc does not Bcruple to prefer, in many instances, this to our present trans- 
lation.** — Magbs on the Atonement. 

157 BIBLE (La Sainte). Selon la Vulgate traduction nouvelle 
^i/ a a ^^^^ '^^ Dessins de Gustave Dore. 

Tours: Alfred Maine et Fib. mdccclxvi. 

2 roU., folio, red cloth, uncut ; first edition ; subscribers* copy. This edition contains 
Platis omitted in the subsequent issues. It is scarcely necessary to obserTe 
that the plates in this edition are superior to those of other dates. 

For grandeur of conception, and elaborateness and beauty of execution, these are 
perhaps the most remarkable Bible prints ever produced, and fully sustain 
the reputation of M. Gustave Dore, whose illustrations of the "Inferno** 
of Dante, and other works, have placed him in the very first rank of 
imaginatiTe artists. 

158 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. A Catalogue of Boolcs 
^ S</ Relating to the History and Literature of America. Sold 

by Messrs. Puttick & Simpson, March, mdccclxi. 

London, 186 1. 

Imp. Sto, cloth, uncut; Labgi Papxs; few printed; an abridgment of '^SteTens* 


159 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. Catalogue of ... S. G. 
^ Deeth's Books. New York. 1865. 

Sto ; Laaoi Pafib Copt. 

160 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. Catalogue of the ... Li- 
4^ brary of W. Eliot Woodward. New York. 1869. 

8vo, uncut. Describes 6810 lots. 

161 BIBLIOTHECA Americana; or a Chronological Cata- 
6^a^ logue of the most Curious and Interesting Books, Pam- 
phlets, State Papers, &c,, upon the Subject of North and 





South America, from the earliest Period, in Prim and 
Manuscript. Lond$n. 1789. 

4to, half morocco, ancat. 

162 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. A Catalogue of a Valu- 
able Collection of Books, Pamphlets, &c.. Illustrating 
the History and Geography of North and South America. 

London: J. Russill Smith. 1865. 

8 TO, btlf morocco, uncut. 

BIBLIOTHECA Americana Vetustissima. See [Harrisse 

, (H.)] 

BIBLIOTHECA Anglo Poetica. Su [Griffith (A. F.)] 

, , 163 BIBLIOTHECA Burnsiana. Title pages and imprints 

I ^j(\ of the various Editions of Burns prior to 1866. 

I Kilmarnock. 1866. 

8vo. Mr. James McKie*8 collection. 

!^^i 164 BIGELOW (J.) Plants of Boston and its Environs. 

Boston. 1 8 14. 

8 TO, boards, uncut. 

y/ ^ 


BIGELOW (T.) Sii Washington. 

165 BIGLOW (William). History of Natick, Mass. From 
the Days of The Apostolic Elliot, mdcl, to the Present 
Time, mdcccxxx. Boston. 1830. 

Svo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; fnt elisn C9fy $ tctret. 

BINNEY (William). Set Lincoln (Abraham). 

BIOGRAPHY of the Signers. See [Sanderson]. 


i66 BISBE (J.), Jun. Oration July 4, 1821, in Southbridgc, 
' 3^ Mass. W or aster, 1821. 

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

167 BISHOP (Abraham). Oration Delivered in Wallingford, 
^^ on the ijth March 1801, for the Election of Thomas 

Jefferson to the Presidency and of Aaron Burr to the 
Vice Presidency of the U. S. of America. 

New Haven, 180 1. 

8vo, pp. Ill, paper. 

168 BISHOP (George). New-England Judged by the- Spirit 
j^ ff^ of the Lord. In Two Parts. Containing a Brief Rela- 
tion of the Sufferings of the People call'd Quakers, in 
New-England, from the Time of their first arrival there 
in the year 1656, to the year 1660. With a farther 
Relation of the Cruel and Bloody Sufferings of the People 
call'd Quakers in New-England, etc. Also an Appen- 
dix, Containing the Writings of Several of the Sufferers. 

London, T703. 

8to, sprinkled calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt; 'very fine cofy^ scarce, 

BISHOP (S. G.) 5^^ Washington (G.) 
BISSET (R.) See Smollett (T.) 

169 BLACK LIST. A List of those Tories who took part 
// ^^ with Great-Britain In the Revolutionary War, and were 

attainted of High Treason, commonly called the Black 
List ! To which is prefixed the Legal opinions of At- 
torney Generals McKean & Dallas &c. 

Philadelphia. 1802. 

8to, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford ; -oery scarce. 





170 [BLACKBURNE (Francis).] Memoirs of Thomas Mol- 

lis, Esq. F.R. and a.s.s. [Motto.] London, mdcclxxx. 

1 Tols., 4to, green morocco extra gilt, gilt top, uncut; Labge Patui Copt. 
Thit privately printed work i« now rather scarce. The plates are by Baxtoloni, 
Cipriani, and others. Between pp. 532 and 533 come pp. 533'-576*, 
S77t~'584* 579^^-580. These pages are sometimes deficient. Heach*s 
copy sold for £4 7s. ; Brockett*s for £6. The subject of this memoir was 
a liberal benefiictor to Harvard College. We have never seen another large 
paper copy. 

171 BLADES (W.) The Life and Typography of William 

Caxton, England's First Printer, with Evidence of His 
Typographical connection with Colard Mansion, the 
Printer at Bruges. Compiled from Original Sources by 
Wm. Blades. London. 1861. 

1 vols., 4to, half morocco, uncut \ illustrated with more than 60 Facsimile Plates, 
executed by Tupper in the most careful manner. 

Besides copious quotations firom original documents, illustrative oi the life and times 
of this great and good man, to whom England is indebted for the introduc- 
tion of the *' Divine Art** of printing, derived from hitherto unexplored 
sources, it includes the whole of his prologues and epilogues attached to the 
various books printed by him ; also his own historical work, entitled ** PoU- 
cronicon Liber ultimus.** 

The second volume is devoted to a bibliographical and literary account oi all the wcn-ks 
printed by, or ascribed to, the preu of Caxton, including many books unde- 
scribed by Dr. Dibdin and other bibliographers, accompanied urith most 
careful collations of them, and a list of copies of books printed by Caxton,'Hn 
number, more than four hundred and fifty, now in the public and private 
libraries of Great Britain. Published by subscription j only 250 copies printed. 

j^ ^ 172 BLAINE (D. P.) An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports. 

London. 1858. 

Very thick 8vo, pp. 1246, half morocco, uncut { with many hundred Woodcuts. 

/ /7^r 

173 BLAKE (F.) An Oration, pronounced at Worcester, 
(Mass.) ... July 4, 1812. Worcester, [n. d.] 

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

BLAKSLEE (G.) Ste Washington (G.) 



^, 174 BLAND PAPERS (The). Being a Selection from the 

^^ \O0 Manuscripts of Col. Theodorick Bland, Jr., of Prince 

! George County, Virginia. To which are prefixed an 

Introduction and a Memoir of Col. Bland. Edited by 

Charles Campbell. Petersburg, 1840-43. 

% vols, in I, 8to, half morocco, gilt top. 

175 BLEECKER (A. E.) Posthumous Works of Ann Eliza 
2/ 1^0 Blcecker, in Prose and Verse. To which is added, A 

Collection of Essays, Prose and Poetical, by Margaretta 
V. Faugeres. New York: T. fcf G, Swords. 1793. 

laino, red crashed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; Poktkait ; ^ne 
C9fj} scarce, Mr. Corwin*s copy sold (1846) for $11. 

" The Memoirs of Miss Bleecker and her poems were published many years ago ; but 
I have sought in vain among the libraries and the Bleeckers to obtain a 
copy."— W. L. Stoni's "Lifie of Brant,- Vol. i, p. 107. Mr. Allibone 
lays, reprinted, 1809, which is an error. 

176 BLEEKER (L.) The Order Book of Capt. Leonard 
^ i^if Bleeker, Major of Brigade in the early part of the Ex- 
pedition under James Clinton, against the Indian Settle- 
ments of Western New York, in the Campaign of 1779. 
Edited by Franklin B. Hough. 

New Tori: yos. Sabin, 1865. 

4to, half levant morocco, uncut ; Laigb Patxk ; 50 copies printed. 

177 BLEEKER. [The same.] New York: Jos. Sabin. 1865. 

^^ Fcap 4to, uncut; 200 hundred copies printed. 


178 [BLOODGOOD (S. Dc Witt).] The Sexagenary; or 
<? ^3 Reminiscences of the American Revolution. 

Alhairf. 1833. 

lamo^ half calfj fintedidon; vtry rtrt. 





/ J2 

179 [BLOODGOOD.] The Sexagenary; or Reminiscences 

of the American Revolution. Portrait of Gen. Schuyler.. 

Albany: MunselL 1866. 

Imp. Svo, uncut; Laigx Papu; 50 copies printed. 

180 BLUE LAWS (The) of Connecticut; A Collection of 

the Earliest Statistics and Judicial Proceedings of that 
Colony; being An Exhibition of the Rigorous Mojals 
and Legislation of the Puritans. Edited with an Intro- 
duction by Samuel M. Smucker, ll.d. 

Philadelphia: Duam Rulison. 1861. 

luno, pp. «35, iheep. 

81 BLUE LAWS (The) of New Haven Colony, usually 
called Blue Laws of Connecticut ; Quaker Laws of Ply- 
mouth and Massachusetts; Blue Laws of New York, 
Maryland, Virginia, & South Carolina. First Record of 
Connecticut; &c. Compiled by An Antiquarian. 

Hartford. 1838. 

iirao, pp. 336, doth. 

}i82 BLUNT'S Stranger's Guide to the City of New- York. 

I To which is prefixed. An Historical Sketch, General 

I Description, Plan and Extent of the City. With an 

; Appendix. New-Tork. 1817. 

lamo, half bound, uncut, gilt top, by Braditreet. 

y. X- 183 BO ADEN (James). Memoirs of Mrs. Inchbald, in- 

^^ ^ eluding her Familiar Correspondence with the Most 

* Distinguished Persons of her Time. London, 1833. 

2 voli., 8vo, morocco extra gilt, gilt edges ; PoRTiArr \ a splendid cefy. 

184 BO AG (J.) The Imperial Lexicon of the English Lan- 
guage. Edinburgh, [n. d.] 

t Tola., rL 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges. 


BOOIL. 41 

185 BOCCACCIO. Decamerone di Messer Giovanni Boc- 

cacio. Lendra: Guglielmo Pickering* m.dccc.xxv. 

3 Tolt., poet %yo, uncut 

186 BOCCACCIO. A Scries of Ten Fine Plates by Stothard, 

illustrative of Boccaccio. Printed on India Paper. 

187 BOHN (H. G.) A Catologue of Books. 

V t^ London: Htnry G. Bohn. mdcccxli. 

Very thick Svo, half morocco. Known ai the '* Guinea Catalogue.*' 

188 BOLTON (Robert). A History of the County of West- 
^ ao Chester, from its First Settlement to the Present Time. 

New York. 1848. 

ft Tolt.! S^Of cloth} ntiry umtt, 

189 BOOK of Common Prayer. Pickering's Splendid Re- 
/Si^^ prints of the Seven various Editions from Edward VI. to 

the present time. Also, The Order for the Administra- 
tion of the Holy Communion and Occasional Offices 
according to the Use of the Church of England. 

[London :'\ Pickering. 1844. 

S voh., fidio, white Tellnm, printed in Laegb Black Lxttbb type, in red and black 
inkt, by C. Witdngham, uncut edges ; fne copy, 

Thii choice Bet comprise! : x. First Prayer-Book of Edward VI, JFitckurck^ 1549$ o* 
Second Prayer-Book of Edward VI, fFiuiurci, 1551$ m. Fint Prayer-Book 
of Qoeen Elisabeth, Gra/tpti, 1559; xv. King James's Prayer-Book, Barker, 
1604; ▼. Scotch Pnyer-Book of Charles I, (Laud's), 1637) yu King Charles 
II Pnyer-Book, (Sealed Book), 1662; txx. Edition of 1661 adapted to the 
prcKnt Reign, 1844$ Tin. Occasional Offices, 1844. 

190 BOOK (The) of Common Prayer, and Administration 
^ c^4/ of the Sacraments. London. 1863. 

tvoy crimson morocco eztia, gilt edges ; fiu €9fy, Vaqkoblb, of the Prayer Book of 
Qocea Elisabeth, adapted to the present reign, with Wood EMOBATOfCi of 

^ 6 



42 BOSSU. 

Albert Dorer't " Life of Christ,** rich Woodcot border 00 every ptge, of 
fruit and flowen; alto the *' Dance of Death,** a tingiilarlj cnrioni leriei 
after Holbein, with SctirruaAi. QooTATiom and PaoTxais in the margin. 

191 ORDER for the Administration of the Holy Communion 
and Occasional Offices. London: W. Pickering. 1842. 

4to, calf, andqoe, red edges. 

^ J192 BOOK (The) of the Signers; containing Fac-simile Let- 
ters of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. 
Illustrated also with sixty-one Engravings from Original 
Photographs and Drawings of their Residences, Portraits, 
&c. From the collections of an Association of Ameri- 
can Antiquaries. Edited by Wm. Brotherhead. 

Philadelphia. 1861. 

Folio, half levant morocco, gilt top; Laiob Pafu; onlj 99 copies printed. The 
iLLurrmATioiis in this copy are prooft on IicniA Pafxe. 

^ ^^^^ 

BOOTH (M. L.) History of the City of New York. 
By Mary L. Booth. 

Ntxu rork: W. R. C. Clark. 1867. 

% Tob., imp. Sto, boards, oncot; Laxgx Pafxk; ioo copies printed. 

194 BORDE (A.) The Boke of the Introduction of Knowl- 
edge. By Andrew Borde. 

London: Reprinted by R. and A. Taylor, m.dccc.xiv. 

4to, 55 lesTes, printed in Black Lbttia, l)oards, uncut { no copies printed on paper, 
4 on vellom. 

^ '^J ^95 BOSSANGE (H.) Ma Bibliothique Fran^aise. 

: Paris: Hector Bossauge et Fib. 1855. 

' lamo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

196 BOSSU (M.) Nouveaux Vojrages aux Indes Occtdentales. 

Paris. 1768. 

% Toli., lamo) irerf Fun Plates. 




197 BOSTON BOOK (The), being Specimens of Metropoli- 
^ /*- tan Literature. Boston. 1841. 

lamo, cloth; uartt. Edited by O. S. Hillard. 

198 BOSTON (The) Directory, containing The Names of 
'^ ao the Inhabitants ... To which is prefixed A general De- 
scription of Boston ... Plan of the Town [&c.] 

Boston. 1796. 

isao^ polished calf, gilt edges, bj F. Bedford; fiu etfyi Old Vixw of Boston 

199 BOSTON (The) Gazette and County Journal. January 
^^^ 7j '765 to December 28, 1767. Boston. 1765-67. 

Folio^ half calf; uncut edges. Also, alaige number of other odd Boston newspapers, 
from 1750 to 1766; an extrewuty rtrt sertts, 

200 BOSTON. Dedication of the City Hall, etc. 1865. 

2^ Svo; fttnicts. 

201 BOSTON. Historical Sketch of Boston. Boston. 1861. 

^^ Sto. &* "Humble Petidon." 

^ 202 BOSTON. Orations delivered at the Request of the 
'^ ^O Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the 
Evening of the Fifth of March, 1770; when a number 
of Citizens were killed by a party of British Troops, 
quartered among them, in a Time of Peace. 
Boston: Prtntti by Pettr Edes^ ... in State Street. [1785?] 

iimo, green crashed levant morocco extra, by W. Pratt. 

203 BOSTON. Orations, delivered at the Request of the 

- - ^ Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the 

Evening of the Fifth of March, 1770, etc. Second Edi- 

ton. Boston. 1807. 

ixmo, boards, uncut; Korce in this condition. 






204 BOSTON MASSACRE. A Series of the Orations to 
Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 
1770, as follows; all of these orations are scarce, and 
some are very rare : 

I. LoTSU (Jamet). An Orationy delivered April ftd, 177I9 tt ^ FSftli of March, 

1770. 4tOy pp. 19 s th* ar«r/«ji ptrftct^ ha km m fiee* aa frcm tit Ua 
Uafafttr tkt reading mstttr, Btttm, 171 1. 

II. Wamjot (Joseph). An Oradoo, deliTered AAarch 5, I77it •^ • 4to, pp. iS; ia 

good order. Bmtom. 177s. 

III. CnvBCR (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered March Fiftli, 1773* ... . 4to, pp. 

fto; in good order. B0tt§m, 1773. 

IV. Hancock (John). An Oration, delivered March 5, 1774, .- 4to, pp. so; pre* 

tencation copjr from the antlior, in good condition. J'Mfwi. 1774. 

V. WAaaxM (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March Sixth, 1775^ ... • 4to, pp. 23; 

lut page a iitUe stained, and a piece of blank paper cnt firom it, otherwise in 
fine condition. Bpstom, 1775 

VI. TiiACHKa (Peter). An Oration delivered at Waterton, AAarch 5, 1776, .« 410, 

pp. 15} in fine order. JFatinvwrn. 1776. 

VII. HicBBoaN (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 1777, .•• • 4to, 

pp. 18. itwftff. 1777. 

I VIII. Dawxs (Thomu), Jr, An Oration, delivered March 5th, 178 1, ... • 410^ 
pp. 22 J a leaf gone at the end. M«U9», 1781. 

{ IX. MnroT (George Richards). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 178ft, ... • 410, 
PP* '5) presentation copy from the author, in good order. Bottom, 178ft. 

I X. Wbum (Thomu). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 1783, ... 4to, pp. 18; 
presentation copy from the author, in fine order. Bottom, 1783* 

XI. Pabsoics (J.) A Discourse Offered to a numerous Assembly, On March the 
Fifth, I774t At the Presbyterian Meeting-Hoose in Newbnry-Port. By 
Jonathan Parsons, v.d.m. 4to, pp. 19. 

Newhtry^Porty Ntw-EugUmdt Printed by J, TkamssmmdH. W, Pmrga, 

No. zi is added, although it is not, strictiy, one of the series. 


; 205 BOSTON. A Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre 
^^\ in Boston, Perpetrated in the Evening of the fifth day 

I of March, 1770, by Soldiers of the xxixth Regiment; 

which with the xiv Regiment were then Quartered 

I I 

B08WELL. 45 

there: With some Observations on the state of things 

prior to that Catastrophe. Printed by Order of 

the Town of Boston^ and sold by Edes and Gill^ in 

^een-Streetj and T. iff J. Fleet j in Cornhillj 1770. 

8to, pp. 48, 58, calf eztrsy gilt. 

BOSTON MASSACRE. See Trial of Wecms. 

206 BOSTON— Proceedings. Hollis Street Church, 1838 and 
7"^ 1839. Boston, [n. d.] 

Sto; with other tracts on the subject. 

207 BOSTON. Two Plans for forming the Town of Boston 
i/V^ into an Incorporated City. 

Published by order of the Town for the 
Perusal and Consideration of the Inhabitants. [1784.] 

8to, pp. 8| half morocco. 

208 THE Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and other 
^ (^ Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, In Town Meeting 

assembled, According to Law. [Published by order of 
the Town.] To which is prefixed, as Introductory, An 
attested Copy of a Vote of the Town at a preceding 
Meeting. Boston: Pointed by Edes and Gill ... 1772. 

tve^ bcowB polished calf^ gilt top, by Bedford. This copy contains the printed slip 
reforing to the edition sent to England. See page 39. 

209 BOSWELL (J.) The Life of Samuel Johnson, ll.d., 
/<^ including A Journal of his Tour to the Hebrides. By 

James Boswell, Esq. 

London: John Murray, mdcccxxxv. 

10 vols., fcap, Sto, half morocco, uncut. See << Oxford Classics.** 

"We place Boeweirt Johnson in our libraries, u an enthusiast hangs up his Gerard 
Dow in his cabinet, to be gaxed at again and again { to feed upon, and to 
dcfonr."-- DzBOOf*i " Lit. Comp.** 




! 210 BOTTA. History of the War of the Independence of 

I the United States of America. Translated from the 

j Italian, by George Alexander Otis, Esq. 

Philadelphia. 1820. 

3 voIt.y StO| half calf^ gilt. 

-i- > 2IZ BOTTA. [The same.] Second Edition, in two vols., 
cy ^<i revised and corrected* Boston. 1826. 

% Tob.) 8tO| half red moroccoy oncnty by Bradttrcet; tpUmMdeppy, 


BOUQUET (H.) Expedition. &/ [Smith (Z)r. W.)] 


,^ 212 BO WEN*S Picture of Boston. Boston. 1838. 

iSmO| roan ; nomeroof SntL PLAm. 

,- 213 BOYNTON. History of West Point, and its Military 

Importance during the American Revolution; and the 
Origin and Progress of the United States Military Acad- 
emy. New^York: D. Van Nostrand. 1864. 

Imp. 8to, uncut; Laigx Papbk. 

I 214 BOZMAN (J. L.) Sketch of the History of Maryland, 
y during the first three years after its Settlement. To 

I which is prefixed a Copious Introduction. 

Baltimore. 181 T. 

^15 BRACKENRIDGE (H. M.) History of the Western 
••'^^ ^ Insurrection in Western Pennsylvania, commonly called 

the Whiskey Insurrection, 1794. Pittsburgh. 1859. 

8vO| cloth ; uarct, 

.X. 116 BRACKENRIDGE (H. H.) Gazette Publications. By 
/tJY'J^ H jj Brackenridge. 

■ j ♦ CarMe: Printed by Alexander i^ Phillipt. 1806. 

lamo, half morocco, gilt top, ancutj frivettly frimtd, and vtrj umti. 




217 BRADDOCK. The Expedition of Major General Brad 
Zf^g/if dock to Virginia ; with The Two Regiments of Hacket 

and Dunbar. Being Extracts of Letters from an Officei 
in one of those Regiments to his Friend in London, 
describing the March and Engagements in the Woods. 
Together with many little Incidents, giving A lively Idea 
of the Nature of the Country, Climate, and Manner in 
which the Officers and Soldiers lived, also the Difficul- 
ties they went through in that Wilderness. 

London: Printed Jor H. CarpinUr. mdcclv. 

8vo, polished calf, ^t edgea, by W. Pratt ; stay rare. 

218 BRADDOCK. Six Plans | Of the DifFerent | Dispositions 
7^ ^O I of the I English Army, | Under the Command | of thc| 

Late General Braddock, | in | North America. 1 1. Line of 
March with the whole | Baggage. | ii. Plan of the Dispo- 
sition of the I advanced Party, of four hund- 1 dred Men to 
protect the | Workers while clearing the | Road. | iii. En- 
campment of the Detachment | sent from the Little 
Meadows. | iv. Line of March of the Detach- 1 ment sent 
from the Little Mea- 1 dows. | v. Plan of the Field of 
Battle on I the 9th of July 1755. |vi. A Map shewing the 
Rout and | Encampments of the Army. | By an Officer. | 

London : \ Printed for 
T. Jefferys at Charing Cross, mdcclviii. | 

Folio, half crashed red lerant morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. The only other perfed 
ufy of which we know la in the pouenion of Mr. Wm. M. Darlington. 

^ 219 BRADFORD. History of Massachusetts from 1764 to 
^ ^^ 1820. Boston. 1822-29. 

3 Toll., Svo^ ind History of Maasachusetts for Two hundred Yean. B^uon. 1835, 
together, 4 volt., 8to, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, oncut ; fin t9fj. 
Su elu Maasachnsetts. 


220 BRADFORD. History of the Federal Government foi 
^^ Fifty Years: from March 1789, to March, 1839. By 

Alden Bradford ... • Boston: Samtul G, Simpiins. 1840. 

8to^ boards, uncutj fiu copy, 

^ 221 [BRADFORD.] A Particular Account of the Battle of 
/ ^4f Bunker or Breed's Hill, on the 17th June, 1775. By a 

Citizen of Boston. Second Edition. Boston, 1825. 

I I 8vO| pp. 27, uncut. 


222 BRADFORD (Alexander W.) American Antiquities and 
Researches into the Origin and History of the Red Race. 

Nnv Tori. 1841. 

Sto* doth. 

^ ^ 223 BRADFORD (Gov. W.) History of Plymouth Pknu- 
-^ ^ tion. Boston. 1856. 

8tO| dothy uncut. Edited by Charlei Deane. 

. 224 BRADFORD CLUB. [A complete set of the Publica- 

^^ ^^ tions of "The Club,*' and the "Bradford Club."] 

New Tori. [y. d.] 

10 volt., rL Sto, in paper coTeta. 

Tliif Mt is complete, and coniiiu of Washington*! *' Diary/* Mdvin'a ** Journal,*' pub- 
lished by «The Qub,** and Nos. i to 7 of the « Bradford Qub,** vis: I. 
Papers concerning the Attack on Hatfield and Deerfield, 1859 j ^* T^ 
Croakers, 1860; III. The Operations of the French Fleet ander Coont De 
Grasse, 1864; IV. Anthology of New Netherland, 1865 ; V. Narrative of 
the Career of De Soto in Florida, 1866; VI. Northern Invasion, 1866; 
VII. The Laurens Correspendence, and the Allen Memorial [by £. A. 
Dayckinck]. They are all in paper covers, u originally published, and, with 
the exception of Melvin*8 ''Journal,** are all uncut. Of the last named 
work, the entire edition was cut. Of the earlier numbers, seventy-five copies 
only were printed, and a complete series cannot easily be procured. 


225 BRADISH. Proceedings of the New York Historical 
y Society on the Death of Hon. Luther Bradish. 

New Tori. 1865. 

Svo^ uncuti Laiob PArsa Cam. 






226 [BRADSTREET {Mrs. Anne).] The | Tenth Muse| 
fy Lately sprung up in America. | Or | Several! Poems, com- 
piled! with P^^^ variety of Wit | and Learning, full of 
delight. I Wherein especially is contained a com- 1 pleat 
discourse and description of | The Four] Elements, [Con- 
stitutions, I Ages of Man, | Seasons of the Year. | Together 
with an Exact Epitomie of | the four Monarchies, viz. | 
The I Assyrian, | Persian, | Grecian, | Roman. | Also a Dia- 
logue between Old England and | New, concerning the 
late troubles. | With divers other pleasant and serious 
Poems. I By a Gentlewoman in those parts. | 
^ Printed at London /or Stephen Bowtell at the 

signe of the \ Bible in Popes Head- Alley ^ 1650. | 

So. 8fO| red morocco, g^lt edges j excessively rare. We are unable to trace the sale of a 
co{7 in this country. A copy sold in London, some years since, for £12 iia. 

227 BRADSTREET. The Works of Anne Bradstreet, in 
/^ ^^ Prose and Verse. Edited by John Harvard Ellis. 

Charlestown: A. E. Cutter. 1867. 

Ai 8vo^ half red lerant morocco, gilt top, uncut. Of thii elegant reprint, two hundred 
and fifty copies were printed for subscribers. 

Cotton Mather, in his '* Magnalia,** remarks, these " poems, divers times printed, have 
a£forded a grateful entertainment unto the ingenious, and a monument for 
her memory beyond the stateliest marbles,** which is higher praise than we 
can accord them. Ward, author of the ** Simple Cobler of Agawam,** says, 
"The Authoress was a right Du Bartas girle.** Some extensive selections 
from this authoress are included in Duyckinck's *' Cycl.j** i, pp. 47'5i. 

128 [BRAGG {Gen.)'] Official Report of the Battle of Chicka- 
'u Sif mauga. Published by Order of Congress. 

Richmond: R. A. Smith j Public Printer. 1864. 

tvo, half maroon morocco, gilt top; PotTRAirs inserted} very uarce. 


M9 BRAITHWAITE (R.) A Survey of Histoiy; Or A 




50 BRAY. 

Nursery for Gentry. Contrived and Comprised in an 
Intermixt Discourse upon Historical 1 and Poeticall Rela* , 
tions. ... By Richard Braithwaite, Esquire, Oxon. 
I Imprinted at London by y. Opes, 1633. 

Sm. 4tOy calf gilt, red edgei ; Jine copy, 

230 BRAITHWAITE. Barnabse Itinerarium, or Barnabee's 
Journal. The Seventh Edition. To which are prefixed 
an account of the Author, now first discovered ; a Bib- 
liographical History of the former editions of the work ; 
and illustrative notes. London, 181 8. 

Beauiifui cofy^ in polished mottled calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. A carefvl reprint 
of this amusing work from the first edition, with a re-engraved facnmilt of 
the OaiGiMAL FaoNTispisci, by Marshall. 

Generally known as " Drunken Barnaby*s Tour.** 

'* The real author seems now, by the industry of Mr. Haslewood, to be fully ascer- 
tained ; but this quaint work is assigned to one W. Bosworth in * Gent. 
Mag.,* Lxxxv, 2, 696. See also lxxxi, 2, 124, and Wood*s * Athen. Oxon.,* 
II, 55 J where it is observed that the English translation, rather than the 
original, suggests the idea of his name being Harrington. The writer, like 
another Ennius, appears nuuquam nisi potus" — Wiangham. 


231 BRAMAN (M. P.) Election Sermon, 1845, and 5 other 
tracts. [v. d.] 

— 232 BRAY {Mrs.) Life of Thomas Stothard, r.a. With 

^-^ Personal Reminiscences By Mrs. Bray. ... With Nu- 

merous Illustrations from his Works. 

London: John Murray, 185 1. 

4to, cloth, uncut. 

'^33 BRAY (T.) Bibliotheca Parochialis : | or, a | Scheme | of 
^^ ' such I Theological Heads (both [General and Particular,! 

as are | more peculiarly Requisite to be Well | studied by 
every | Pastor of a Parish. | Together with a | Catalogue of 


Books I which may be read upon each of those Points. | 
Part L By Thomas Bray, d.d. | 

London : \ Printed by £, H, for Robert Clavel^ at 
the Peacock^ in \ St, PauFs Church-Tard, m do xc vii. 

4tOy half olive morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

**The conclusion, showing the present state of the Protestant religion in Maryland,** 
etc., pp. 125-130. The author states that the object of this bibliographical 
treatise was to give those who went to Virginia, Maryland, and the American 
plantations, an idea of the books they should take. 

234 BRAYLEY (E. W.) Londiniana, or Reminiscences of 
^tf^ the British Metropolis. London. 1829. 

4 vols., i2mo, calf. 

235 BRAZER (S. J.) An Oration, Worcester, Mass., July 
/ ^2^ 4th, 181 1. Worcester, 181 1. 

Svoy half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

236 BRAZER. Oration at Charlton, Mass. July 4, 181 1. 

y v3 Worcester: Henry Rogers, [181 1.] 

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

BREE (C. K.) See Naturalists' Library. 

237 BRETON (Nichol). Cornu-copia. Pasquil's Night Cap ; 
-^^*^ or Antidote for the Head-ache. London, [18 19.] 

^^° 8vo^ uncut; only 100 copies printed. A reprint of the original edition of i8ia. 

y8 BRETON (N.) Breton's Longing ofe Blessed Heart. 
^/^O Lee Priory. 1844. 

4to, boards, uncut. One hundred copies probably printed. 


Estiva. Londini : Apud f, Toovey, mdcccliv. 

% voh., thick 4tOy half morocco, uncut. A magnificent tpecimen of printing in red and 
Uaei, PrhoMUly printed for the « Maitland Club." 





240 BRICKELL (J.) The Natural History of North Caro- 
lina. With an account of the Trades, Manners, and 
Customs of the Christian and Indian Inhabitants. Illus* 
trated with Copper-Plates, whereon are curiously En- 
graved the Map of the Country, several strange Beasts, 
Birds, Fishes, Snakes, Insects, Trees and Plants, etc. 
By John Brickell, m.d. Dublin. 1743. 

8to» calf) fm§ cofj. 

,241 BRIDGE WATER TREATISES (The) on the Power, 
Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as manifested in the 
Creation. [Including the Ninth Bridgewater Treatise 
by Babbage.j London : fFilliam Pickering, 1835. 

13 volt.! '^^'f poliihed calf, gilt tops, iincat. 

This collecdon of booki owes its existence to the munificence of the Dake of Bridge- 
water, who ga?e a prise of one thousand pounds to each of the socccssfbl 
writers of these treadaes. 

1242 BRIDGMAN. The Pilgrims of Boston and their De- 
^^ ^iP scendants : with an Introduction by Hon. Edward 

Everett, hL.D, Also Inscriptions from the Monuments 
in the Granary Burial Ground, Tremont Street. 

New Tiri: D. AppUton (^ Co, m.dccc.l?i. 

Svo, cloth. 


^ 243 BRIEF (A) and True Narrative of the Hostile Conduct 

'"^^ of the Barbarous Natives Towards the Dutch Nation. 

Translated by E. B. O'Callaghan from the original 
j Dutch MS. Albany: J. MumelL [mdcccljciii.] 

Svoy half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; only 50 copies printed. 

244 BRIEF (A) Description of the whole World. The.fift 
Edition. London. 1620. 

4to^ half calf; v«ry Ktrct ; twenty-three leaves relate to America. 


Briton's 53 

245 BRITISH POETS. [A complete Collection of the 
/ L^ British Poets, from Chaucer to Wordsworth ; embracing 

the whole Works of the most distinguished Authors, 
accompanied with Biographical, Historical, and Critical 
Notices. Edited by F. J. Child.] 

Boston: LittUy Brown ^ Co, 1864-7, 

1 30 ▼oil., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut ; Largs Paper. 

The abore leriei inclodes Akentide, Beatde, Burns, Butler, Byron, Campbell, Chatter- 
ton, Churchill, Cderidge, Collins, Cowper, Donne, Drjden, Falconer, Oay, 
Goldsmith, Gray, Herbert, Herrick, Hood, Keats, Marrell, Milton, Mont- 
gomery, Moore, Parnell, Tickell, Pope, Prior, Scott, Shakespeare, Shelley, 
Skelton, Southey, Spenser, Surrey, Swift, Thomson, Vaughan, Watts, Kirke 
White, Wordsworth, Wyatt, Young, and eight volumes of English and 
Scottish Ballads. This series of " The British Poets** is perhaps the most 
extensive in existence. The Chiswick collection, in xoo volumes, lamo, 
inclodes a Urge number of authors ; but many of the modem poets could 
not, under the British law of copyright, be included. Although the number 
of pages varies in the volumes, their relative bulk is equalixed by the use of 
paper of diffident thickness. 

The tttk of editing this collection was undertaken by Professor Child, of Cambridge, 
Mats., whose principal labor was in gathering the ** English and Scottish 
Ballads,** in eight volumes. Why Skelton should be included, and Chaucer 
omitted, it is difficult to say. 

246 BRITISH ESSAYISTS (The); with Prefaces, Historical 
/ 00 ^nd Biographical, By A. Chalmers, f.s.a. 

Boston: Littli^ Brown iff Co. 1866. 

3S vols., crown 8vo, uncut; Largs Papse; ioo copies printed. Includes, The Tat- 

ler, 4 vols. ; The Spectator, 8 vols. ; The Guardian, 3 vols. ; The Rambler, 

3 vols.; The Adventurer, 3 vols.; The World, 3 vols.; The Connoisseur, 

1 vols. ; The Idler, i vol. ; The Mirror, 2 vols. ; The Lounger, a vols. ; 

The Observer, 3 vols. ; The Looker-On, 3 vols. ; Index, i vol. 

247 BRITON'S Fine Arts of the English School. With 
'T^Sa Biographical and Critical Descriptions. London. 18 12. 

Folio, red morocco ; fine impressions of the ENoaAviNGS. Contains spedmens oi Sir 
J. Reynolds, Flaxman, Weitall, Romney, Nollekein, Northcote, West, etc. 



\ H8 BROCKEDON (W.) Illustrations of the Passes of the 
Alps. London, [n. d.j 

I 2 vols., rl. 8v(i, !i.ilf green morocco, gilt edges; 109 Highly Finishxd £NGiAvmGa,by 
Fiiideiiy iuid other eminent artists. 

J 149 BRODHEAD (John Romeyn). History of the State of 

/ O 4? New York. First Period, 1609-1664. Second Edition. 

New York. 1859. 

8vo, cloth, uncut ; Map. 

250 BROMLEY (Thomas). The Way to the Sabbath of 
^ Rest; or, the Soul's Progress in the Work of the New 

Birth, with two Discourses of the Author, never before 
Printed, viz. : The Journeys of the Children of Israel, 
as in their Manners and Historical Passages they com- 
prise the Great and Gradual Work of Regeneration ; and 
a Treatise on Extraordinary Divine Dispensation under 
the Jewish and Gospel Administrations. London^ printed: 
Germantown^ re-printed and sold by Christopher Sower. 1 759. 

Svoy sheep. All books printed by Sower are ran, 

>- .. 251 BROMLEY (Henry). A Catalogue of Engraved British 
^ ^ Portraits, from Egbert the Great to the Present Time. 

Also the Portraits of such Foreigners as may claim a 
place in the British Series. London. 1793* 

4to, calf; 'vtry uarce, 


252 BROOKLYN. History of the Brooklyn and Long Island 
^ ^^ Fair. Brooklyn. 1864. 

; 4to, morocco extra, gilt edges ; many Colokbd Plats*. 

253 BROOKS (J.) An Oration Delivered to the Society of 
/ j^^ST^ the Cincinnati in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 

' July 4^** 1797- By John Brooks, Esq. 

j Boston : Printed by Edmund Freeman. m,dcc,lxxxvii. 

I Sm. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 


BROWN. 55 

254 BROUGHAM (H.) Historical Sketches of Statesmen 
'/ Pa vvho flourished in the Time of George HI. ; to which are 

added, Remarks on the French Revolution. First, Second 
and Third Series. By Henry, Lord Brougham. 

London : Charles Knight and Co. mdcccxliii. 

3 Tob., rl. 8vo, half bound ; poor binding, but good impressions of the Platxs. 

255 BROUGHAM. Lives of Men of Letters and Science, 
'/^^ who flourished in the Time of George HL By Henry 

Lord Brougham. With Portraits engraved on Steel. 

London: Charles Knight and Co. 1845- 1 847. 

a vols., rl. 8vo, half morocco, uncut ; fine copy. 

256 BROWN (H.) A Narrative of the Anti-Masonick Excite- 
*jSb ment, in the Western Part of the State of New- York, 

during the Years 1826, '7, '8, and a part of 1829. By 
Henry Brown, Esq. Counsellor at Law. 
Batavia, N. IT. : Printed by Adams and M^Cleary, 1829. 

i2mo, 4 1., pp. 244, boards. 

257 BROWN (R. W.) A History of Greek and Roman 
/So Classical Literature. London. 1853. 

1 vols., Sto, cloth. 

258 BROWN (S. R.) Views on Lake Erie, Comprising A 
^ *A> minute and interesting account of the Conflict on Lake 

Erie, &c. Troy^ N. T. 18 14. 

l2mo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

259 BROWN (Thomas). Illustrations of the Fossil Conchol- 
/ ^87 of Great Britain and Ireland. Louth. 1849. 

4to, half morocco, uncut ; Fins Platxs, some colored. 

This veiy extensive and excellent work contains double the number of shells figured 
in any other work of the kind, namely, Sowerby*s, the selling price of which 






260 BROWN (William). An Oration, Spoken at Hartford, 
... July 4th, A.D. 1799. Hartferd. 1799. 

Sto, uncut. RdatM to the French dUBculda. 

261 BROWN UNIVERSITY. Celebration of the One 
hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of Brown Uni- 
versity, Sept. 6th, 1864. 

Providenci, S. S. Rider t^ Br9. 1865. 

I 4to, half levant morocco, gilt top, oncat; Poitkait; Lxaas PA»a; 5ocopia printed. 

^ I ' 262 BROWNE (T.) Sir Thonaas Browne's Works, including 



his Life and Correspondence. Edited by Simon Wilkin, 
F.L.s. London: ff^illiam Pickirimg. 1836. 

4 Tols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 

Hii character aa a writer, translated from Coleridge*i ** Magnalia,'* U given in " Black- 
wood*! Magasine,** n, p. 197. Sh aim Morhof *i ** Poljhittor/* m, ▼. i, 10 



y/ ^^4^ 

/ ^^^f 

BROWNE (WilUam). Sa Roxburghe Library. 

263 BRUNET (Jacques Charles). Manuel du Libraire et de 
I'amateur de livres contenant un nouveau Dictionnaire 

Bibliographique, et une table en forme de Catalogue 
Raisonn6. Paris. 1860-65. 

I a Toll., imp. Sto, at published, with the additions, in a wrapper; printed on Laioi 
I Holland Pavbb ; nttry tctnt $ only 100 copies printed. 

264 BRUNET. Manuel du Librarie et Tamateur de livres. 

Paris. 1842. 

5 vols., Svo, half morocco, gilt top. 

265 BRUNET. Recherches bibliographiques et critiques sur 

les editions originates des cinq livres du roman satirique 

de Rabelais, et sur les diff6rences de texte &c. 

Paris. 1825. 

Svo^ uncut} ]Oo copies printed. 



266 BRYAN (Daniel.) The Mountain Muse, comprising 
y Siff the Adventures of Daniel Boone ; and the Power of 

Virtuous and Refined Beauty. 

Harrisonburgh : Printed for the Author. 18 13. 

l2mo^iheep$ V9ry scarce, 

267 BRYAN (M.) A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of 
f%i*^ Painters and Engravers. London. 1816. 

% Toli^ 4ta, half calf, gilt; Best Edition, with Cipmbki, Monograms, etc. 3 uartt. 
Published at five gaineas. 

268 BRYANT (W. C.) Poems by William Cullen Bryant. 
'-2. /^/y Collected and Arranged by the Author. Illustrated with 

Seventy-one Engravings from Drawings by Eminent 
Artists. New York. [n. d.] 

fto, blue morocco extra, gilt edges. This edition was really published in London. 

269 BRYANT. Poems. New York. 1856. 

270 BRYDGES {Sir S. Egerton). Restituta; or, Titles, Ex- 
ff Sa tracts, and Characters of Old Books, in English Litera- 
ture, revived. London: Longman. 18 14. 

4 vols., 8 TO, boards, uncut; very uaree in this condition. 

See Vol. II, p. aoa, for a reprint from the excessively scarce original of '* A True 
Report of the Laste Voyage into the West and Northwest Regions, etc., 
1577, worthily atchieved by Captaine Frobisher, etc.** 

A Tahable work, «rath copious extracts of the rarest and most curious books in early 
English literature; only 250 copies were printed, which were published at 
£6 6s., in numbers. 

271 BRYDGE&. Select Poems. By Sir Egerton Brydges. 

^7*^ Le Priory. 18 14. 


t 4tO| half morocco, uncut ; 100 copies printed. 




58 BUDD. 

272 BRYDGES {Sir E.) Imaginative Biography. 

LiHibm. 1834. 

% volt., poit %wOf boardfi oncat. 

BRYDGES (Thomas). See Homer. 

1 I 

/!^ '273 BUCHEZ {M.) Premiere [et seconde] Centuric de 
I Planches, eu luminees et non en lumin6es. Paris, [n. d.] 

! a vols., folio, half calf. In this valoaMe and rare bounical work, the Platu arc both 
fUred and plmu, 


, I , 274 BUDD (T.) Good Order Established | in | Pennsilvania & 

^ ^ \ New- Jersey | in | America, | Being a true Account of the 

I Country ; | With its Produce and Commodities there made. 

I And the great Improvements that may be made by| 
1 means of Publick Store-houses for Hemp, Flax, and| 

I Linnen-Cloth ; also the Advantages of a Publick- 1 School, 

the Profits of a Public-Bank, and the Proba- 1 bility of 
I its arising, if those directions here laid down are | fol- 

lowed. With the advantages of publick Granaries. | 
Likewise, several other things needful to be understood 
by I those that are or do intend to be concerned in plant- 
ing in I the said Countries. | All which is laid down very 
plain, in this small Treatise ; it | being easie to be under- 
' stood by any ordinary capacity. To | which the Reader 

is referred for his further satisfaction. | By Thomas Budd. | 

[London :"] Printed in the Tear 1685. | 

4to, crushed red levant morocco, by Pratt ; fint copy ; extremely tcttree, 


275 BUDD. Good Order established in Pennsylvania ... • A 
^ ^ New Edition with an Introduction and Copious Histori- 

cal Notes, By Edward Armstrong. New York. 1805. 

i 4to, cloth, edges uncut ; Laegb Papbb j only 60 copies printed. Forms No. 4 of 
I Gowans* *'BibUotheca Americana.** 



276 BULLINGER (Henry). A hvndrd Sermons vpo the 
Apocalips of Jesu Christe, reveiled in dede by Thangell 
of the Lorde. Anno 1551. 

4tOk old calf; dfaf tpechun of early Englhh printings by John Days. See Dibdin*! 
** Typog. Andquitict,** Vol. nr, p. 30. 

277 BULLOCK (W.) Virginia | Impartially examined, and 
o/f 00 left I to publick view, to be considered by all Iudi-|cious 

and honest men. | Under which Title, is compre- 1 hended 
the Degrees from 34 to 39, wherein | lyes the rich and 
healthfuil Countries of Roanock, | the now Plantations of 
Virginia I and Mary-land. | Looke not upon this Booke, 
as I those that are set out by private men, for private | 
ends; for being read you'l find, the publick] good is the 
Authors only aime. | For this Piece is no other than the 
Adventurers | or Planters faithfull Steward, disposing the 
Ad- 1 venture for the best advantage, advising | people of 
all degrees, from the highest | Master to the meanest Ser- 
vant, | how suddenly to raise | their fortunes. | Peruse the 
Table, and you shall iinde the | way plainely lay'd downe. 
I By WiUiam B vllock, Gent. London : \ Printed for 

John Hammond and art to ht sold at bis bouse \ovir 
against S. Andnus Churcb in Holborne, 1649. | 

So. 4to, fkhly bound in crushed red levant morocco, by F. Bedford ; ntery rare, 
t With the exception of the title>page, which is somewhat soiled, this is a 
remarkably large and clean copy. 

278 [BULVSTER-LYTTON.] The Pilgrims of the Rhine. 
f^ So By jjjc Author of Pelham, &c. 

London: Saunders and Otley. MDCCCXxxix. 

IiDf . Sto, green morocco extra, by Hammond $ proofs on India Papxa ; 50 copies 


60 bunyan's. 

279 BUNKER HILL Monument Association. Act of Incor- 
poration, By-Laws, &c. Boston. 1830. 

8vo, uncut. Alio : ** Ceremoniet of the Banker HiU Monument Auociation, June 
17, 1861. Spuon, 1861.** 

;^^ 280 BUNKER HILL. Sketches of Bunker Hill Battle and 

I Monument ; with Illustrative Documents. 

j Cbarlistown. 1844. 

' ismo, pp. 17a, cloth. Fourth Edition. 

.^ ^^81 BUNN(A.) The Stage; both Before and Behind the 
^1 < Curtain. London. 1840. 

3 vols., poft 8?o, half cmlf, gilt ) best edition. 

t? ^> ^*^ BUNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress. The Thirtieth 
y Edition. Adorned with curious Sculptures, engraved by 

J. Sturt. London. 1760. 

8vo, calf extra, by Jenkins ScCtdL 

283 BUNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress; ... By John Bun- 
yan. With Original Notes. By the Rev. Thomas Scott. 
The Eighth Edition. London: Suley. mdcccxl. 

Sm. 4to, morocco extra, tooled edges ; 17 Platxs on India Patxk. 

Stothard comet out in all hu atrength and feeling in this charming volume. It ii, 
perhaps, the most perfect example of an illaitrated English classic. The 
India proofs must rapidly increase in value. Several imitations of soch of 
the designs as are oat of copyright have been published, but their inferiority, 
as works of art, is very evident. 

^ ^^ 284 BUNYAN'S Pilgrim's Progress. With Illustrations by 

Charles Bennett, and a Preface by the Rev. Charles 
Kingsley. New Tori [i. e. London"], i860. 

4tOy red morocco, gilt edge. In this edition the artist has successfully endeavored to 
represent the phyisognomical portraits of the characters of the story. 


"Tbii work hu an ancient prototype in the ' Pelerinage de la Vie Humayne mil en 
prose, i la Val,* etc., 4to, Lyon, 1485. By tome, its origin has been attri- 
buted to Barnard*! ' Religious Allegory.* ** — Camybbll. See DunIop*s ** His- 
tory of Fiction/* and Burnett*8 ** Specimens,** lu, pp. 421-426. 

285 BUNYAN. Divine Emblems; or, Temporal Things 
^^ Spiritualized, &c. London: Bickers i^ Son. 

l6mo cloth, gilt; 49 Platbb; an elegant little b§ok. 

286 BURGES (T.) Remarks ... Fourth of July, in Clay- 
Jif^ villc, R. I., and at Providence, 1831. 

Providing, 1 8 29-3 1 . 

8ro$ 2 Tracts. 

287 BURGES. Liberty, Glory and Union. 

%^J~' Providinci. [1810.] 

8vo, uncut ; uarce. 

288 BURGON (J. W.) The Life and Times of Sir Thomas 
*y 2^ Gresham. London. 1839. 

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt. 

289 BURGOYNE {LieuU-Gen.) A State of the Expedition 
y ^ ^ from Canada, as laid before the House of Commons, by 

Lieutenant General Burgoyne, and verified by evidence ; 
with a Collection of Authentic Documents, and an 
addition of many circumstances which were prevented 

from appearing before the House Written and 

Collected by himself. London. 1780. 

4tOi balf green morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Finb Maps and Plaks of Battlbs \ iplendia 
eofy; tearce, 

** General Burgoyne writes well; his very interesting study is told in a masterly man- 
ner, and the materials of which it is composed will be held in great estima- 
tion by the historian who shall record the events of the unhappy war to 
which they owe their birth.** — Monthly Review. 




I290 BURGOYNE. The Substance of General Burgoync's 
/ I Speeches, on Mr. Vyner's Motion, On the 26th of May; 

and upon Mr. Hartley's Motion, On the 28th of May, 
1778. With an Appendix, containing General Wash- 
ington's Letter to General Burgoyne, etc. London. 1778. 

8vo, half blue morocco, by Bradstreet; fmt ttfy. 







291 BURGOYNE. Orderly Book, from his Entry into the 

State of New York, until his Surrender at Saratoga, i6tb 
October, 1777. Albany, i860. 

; 4tOy half morocco, gilt top ; onlj xoo copies printed. Manieiri '* Hiitorical Series,** 
No. Til. 

292 BURK (John). History of Virginia, from its First Settle- 
ment to the Present Day. With the Continuation, by 

Skelton Jones and Louts Hue Girardin. Complete. 

Peter shurgh, i804-*5-'l6. 

4 vols., 8vo, crushed levant morocco extra, gilr top, by F. Bedford. One of the fineu C9fin 
ever offered for tale^ Vols, i, ii, and ill being in uncut condition ; Vol. nr, being 
a large copy, with rough leaves, is stilted to match the other volumes. 
The fourth volume is rarely found, as nearly all the copies were destroyed 
by fire. 

293 BURK. [Another copy.] Vols, i, 2, and 3. 

Petersburgh. 1804-5. 

8vo, sheep J c/mh copy. 

294 BURKE. The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund 

Burke. Revised Edition. 

Boston: Little^ Brown^ ^ Co, 1896. 

12 vols., rl. 8vo, cloth, uncut j Laige Papu ; 100 copies printed. 

Some of Burke's best writings are in defence of the measures taken by the American 
Colonists, and this edition includes his account of the European settlements 
in America, usually omitted. 

BURR. 63 

*■ It U at the foot of the statues of Sheridan, of Ctirran and Grattan, that Ireland takes 
her stand ; and, in pride and sorrow, provokes the contest with the world.** — 

295 BURKE (W.) Memoir of William Burke, A Soldier of 
-2 ^^ the Revolution. Hartford. 1837. 

t8fDO, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

296 BURNABY (A.) Travels through the Middle Settle- 
^ ^S ments in North America. Edition the Third. 

London* 1 758. 

410, boards, uncut \ Plats ; best edition oi an interesting work. 

297 BURNS (R.) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, by 
^^^ Robert Burns. Kilmarnock. 1786. [^f^r/Wrf, 1866.] 

8to, boards, uncut. No. 122 of 600 copies reprinted. 

298 BURNS. The Poems, Letters, and Land of Robert 
'^ £^/9 Burns : illustrated by W. H. Bartlett, T. Allom, and 

other Artists. With A New Memoir of the Poet, and 
Notices, Critical and Biographical, of his Works, by 
Allan Cunningham. London, [n. d.] 

a voli., 4to ; a mtagnijictnt cofy^ in morocco extra, tatin linimgt^ broad geld harden 
inside, and inlaid with miite calf, and rptet in colors, 

*^ He owes nothing to the poetry of other lands — he is the offspring of the soil : he is 
as natural to Scotland as the heath is to her hills ; his rarietj is equal to his 
originality ; his humor, his gayety, his tenderness, his pathos, come all in a 
breath ; they come freely, for they come of their own accord ; the contrast 
is never oiiensiire ; the comic slides easily into the serious, the serious into 
the tender, and the tender into the pathetic.**-— Allan Cunmhigham. 

Su ** British Poets,'* and Pickering's '* Aldine Poeo.** 

299 BURR (A.) The Trial of Colonel Aaron Burr, on an 
^^o Indictment for Treason, before the Circuit Court of the 

United States, held in Richmond, (Virginia), May Term, 


64 BURR. 

i I 1807; including the Arguments and Decisions on all the 

Motions made during the Examination and Trial, and on 
, the Motion for an Atuchment against Gen. Wilkinson. 

j Taken in Short-hand by T. Carpenter. 

fFashington Gty: Wistcott^ G». 1807-8. 

3 volt., hadf morocco, gilt top, ancot, by Bnditrcet \ a htaaHfnl eofy ; txtrtmefy tcsree, 

300 BURR. Reports of the Trials of Colonel Aaron Burr 
(late Vice-President of the United States), for Treason 
and for a Misdemeanor, in preparing the means of a 
Military Expedition against Mexico, a Territory of the 
King of Spain, with whom the United States were at 
Peace, etc., etc. By David Robertson. 

PbiloiUlpbia. 1808. 

2 vols., Svo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut \ fau cltam eofy $ rmn. 

^301 BURR. A Narrative of the Suppression by Col. Burr, of 

the History of the Administration of John Adams, late 
President of the United States, written by John Wood. 
To which is added a Biography of Thomas JeflFerson, 
President of the United States s also of General Hamil- 
ton. With Strictures on the Conduct of John Adams, 
and on the character of General C. C. Pinckney, &c. 
By a Citizen of New York. New Tori. 1802. 

Svoy half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Braditreet. 


y ^~ ' 302 BURR. A Correct Statement of the Various Sources from 

which the History of the Administration of John Adams 
was compiled, and the motives for its suppression, by 
' Col. Burr \ with some observations on a Narrative, by a 

Citizen of New York. By John Wood. 

New Tork. 1802. 

, Svo, half levant morocco, gilt top» by Braditreet. Su Wood (John). 


303 BURR. A View of the Political Conduct of Aaron Burr, 
2Si^ Esq. Niw Tork. 1802. 

8to» lulf calf, by John Wood|; mery tearce. 

304 BURR. The Amorous Intrigues of Aaron Burr. 
^XS Niw Tork. [n. d.] 

i2ino, pp. 100. A Tile libeL 

305 BURR. Memoirs of Aaron Burr. With Miscellaneous 
i ^-*^ Selections from His Correspondence by Matthew L. 

Davis. Portraits of Burr and Mrs. Alston. 

New Tork. 1858. 
s folt., SvOy cloth. The author*i motto if, '< I come to hury Cctar, not to pnise him.** 

306 BURTON. The Anatomy of Melancholy What it is, 
^^ ^^ with all the kinds causes symptomes, prognostickes & 

seuerall cures of it. In three Partitions, with their 
several! Sections, members & Subsections. Philosophi- 
cally Medicinally opened & cut up By Democritus 
Junior. Oxford. 1633. 

FoUo, calf, Emgiateo Titlx-Paox ; gtQd wumd eofy, 

307 [BURTON.] The Anatomy of Melancholy. What it 
^ ^^ is, with all the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, &c. In 

Three Partitions. A New Edition Corrected and en- 
riched by Translations [of the Classical Extracts]. 

Boston: William Viazii. 1 86 1. 

3 Tob., cro«m 8vo, half morocco, uncut ; Lakoz PAPxa ; 75 copiei printed. 

Sm Dibdin't "Biblion.," p. 736, and Wood'i " Ath. Oxon.," 1, p. 637. "Thii,- uji 
Burton, pcnonattng hit objecton, "ii a thing of mcere Industrie, a collection 
without wit or invention, a very toy.** So men are valued, he adds, their 
labonn vilified by fellowet of no worth themselves, as things of nought, who 
could not have done as much. *'In an interval of vapours (remarks Bishop 
Kennet, in hit curious ' Register and Chronicle *) Burton would be extremelj 
pleaaanty and raue laughter in any company.** — Wkamcham. 






/ \2L 

308 BURTON (W. E.) The Cyclopedia of Wit and Hu- 
mor; containing Choice and Characteristic Selections 
from the Writings of the most Eminent Humorists of 
America, Ireland, Scotland ... Edited by W. E. Burton. 

New York: D. Appleton faf &. 1838. 

% fols., imp. 8?o, half calf, gilt. 

^09 BURTON. Catalogue of the Theatrical & Miscellaneous 
•^ Library of the Late William E. Burton. [Prepared by 

New York, i860. 

J. Sabin.] 

Imp. Svo, uncatj Poetkait; Largb Patui. 

^ ^ ^10 BURY. Philobiblon, A Treatise on the Love of Books> 

^ By Richard De Bury, Bishop of Durham, and Lord 

Chancellor of England. First American Edition, with 

The Literal English Translation of John B. Inglis. 

Collated and Corrected with Notes by Samuel Hand. 

Albany : Joel MunselL mdccclxi. 

Svo, half morocco, uncut ; Laigb Papkr $ 30 copies printed on this sise. 

His book relates the measures he took, the difficulties he encountered, and all the art 
he exerted to gratify his favorite passion. When Chancellor and Treasurer 
of England, he took his perquisites and new-year's gifts in books. Ste Bar- 
ton's '* Leicestershire,*' fol. 1622, p. 300. Oough's "Topography,** n, p. 



II BUSHNELL (C. L) An Arrangement of Tradesmen's 
Cards, Political Tokens \ also, Election Medals, Medal- 
lets, etc.. Current in the United States of America for 
the last. Sixty years. Described from the Originals, 
Chiefly in the Collection of the Author, with Engravings. 
By Charles L Bushnell. ... New Tori. 1858. 

8 TO,* half red morocco, gilt top. 

312 BUSHNELL. Crumbs for Antiquarians: Vol. i. Con- 
taining Early New York Business Tokens, Memoirs of 


Samuel Smith, Journal of Solomon Nash, Memoirs of 
Tarleton Brown, Narrative of Levi Hanford, Journal 
of R. J. Meigs during the Expedition against Quebec. 

New Tori: Privately Printed. 1862. 

Sto, half blue morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, by Braditreet. 

313 [BUSHNELL.] A Memoir of Eli Bickford, a Patriot 
*^ ai^ of the Revolution. New Tori : Privately Pointed. 1865. 

8vo, pp. 15; % Platis; 30 copies printed. 

^ 314 BUSSEY (G. M.) History of Napoleon ; Illustrated by 
^ ^^^ Horace Vernet. London. 1840. 

1 fdi.y imp. Sto, half ninia, gilt. One of the mott impartial of the nomeroof bio- 
graphies of Napoleon. 

31S BUSSEY (G. M.) and GASPEY (T.) The Pictorial 

^ Z4S History of France and of the French People. With 400 

Designs, by Jules David. London. 1843. 

2 ToU., imp. 8vo, half russia, gilt top, uncut. 

316 BUTLER (Mann). A History of the Commonwealth of 
^ ^^ Kentucky, from its Exploration and Settlement by the 

Whites, to the close of the North-western Campaign, 
181 3. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged. 

Cincinnati. 1836. 

Svo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; iearet in this condition. 

317 BUTLER (S.) Hudibras, by Samuel Butler; with Dr. 
^ 2S^ Grey's Annotations. A New Edition, Corrected and 

Enlarged. London: C. & H. Baldwyn. 1819. Also: 
The Genuine Poetical Remains of Samuel Butler. With 
Notes by Robert Thyer ... With Selections of the 



Author's Characters in Prose. Illustrated with Humor- 
ous Wood Cuts and Portraits of Butler and Thyer. 

London: Joseph ButUr. 1827. 

s Tols^i rl. 8to, calf j together, 4 toIi. $ Lakgs Patsk $ Platu on India Patxa. 

What, however, can be happier than some of his phrases to these ▼olomes, e. £,, 
where he defines a proud man to be ' a fool in a fiermentation ?' And the 
* Satyr upon Plagiaries,* x, 168-176 (directed, probably, against Denham, 
who has been taxed with borrowing his * Sephy^* and buying his * Cfofer^i 
Hiir)^ is declared, by Horace Walpole, in his cixth Letter to George Mon- 
tagu, to e^ual in wit anything Butler ever wrote.** — WaAMOHAM. &r Pick* 
ering (W.) 



318 BY the Loch and River Side. 

EMnburgb. i860. 

Oblong folio, half morocco, gilt edges. A series of FAcmous ETomfcs illortrative of 
the delights of angling. 

319 BYFIELD (N.) An Account of the Late Revolution in 
^y New England. Together with the Declaration of the 

Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of Boston, and 
the Country adjacent, April 18, 1689. Written by Mr. 
Nathaniel Byfield, a Merchant of Bristol, in New Eng- 
land, to his Friends in London. 

London: Printed for Ric. ChiswelL MDCLXXXix. 

Sid. 4tOy crashed red levant morocco, by Pratt | original edidon ; fine cofyt ^aj uam. 

^ 320 BYFIELD. An Account of the Late Revolution in 

/ New-England. By Mr. Nathaniel Byfield. 

New York: Reprinted for Joseph Sabin, 1864. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; Labos Pafbs. 

^^ l%i BYFIELD. [The same.] New Tori. 1864. 

410, uncut I Skau PATtB. Sabin*s Reprints, Quarto Seriei, No. 1. 

^ y 322 BYRD (William.) Westover Manuscripts; containing 
ex \^y ^g History of the Dividing Line betwixt Viiginia and 


BYRON. 69 

North Carolina ; a Journey to the Land of Eden, A.D., 
1733: and a Progress to the Mines, written from 1728 
to 1736, and now first published. Petersburgb. 1841. 

RL 8?o^ balf levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; fint edition. 

323 BYRD. History of the Dividing Line and Other Tracts. 
J ^S^ From the Papers of William Byrd, Esquire, of West- 
over, in Virginia. Richmond^ Va, 1866. 

% Tols., 4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut ; 200 copies printed. 

324 BYRON {Lord). The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. 
9 sf^ 8 Vols., 4to. Also Letters and Journals of Lord Byron, 

with Notices of his Life, by Thomas Moore. 2 vols., 
4to. London: John Murray. 1839. 

Together, 10 volt., 4to; Largs Papul. The Most Biautifitl Enrnoif Bvxt 
PtXNTKO ; a iplcnixd cofyj in polished calf, gilt. 

A taperb and alnwt matchless set of books, fit to adorn the shelves of the most fas- 
tidious collector. We are not able to trace the sale of another copy of this 
edition o« large paper. 

325 BYRON. Finden's Ill.ustratioii of the Life and Works of 
3 3jyt^ Lord Byron. With Origii>al and Selected Information 

on the Subjects of the Engravings by W. Brockedon. ••• 

London: John Murray. 1833. 

3 vols., 4to, blue morocco, gilt edges; Larox Papke; upwards of 150 highly finished 
Engbatings, tarly mpreuhns^ from drawings by Stanfield, Roberts, Catter- 
mole, Callcott, Westall, etc. This series of plates would form an admirable 
pendant to the preceding lot. 

326 BYRON. Journalof the Conversations of Lord Byron ... 
^<^o at Pisa. By Thomas Moore, Esq. London. 1826. 

Half red levant morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews. Contains 57 inserted Platxs. 

J 327 BYRON. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. 

^^ London. 18 10. 

Svo, inlaid and extended to 4to, in morocco, with 50 Plates inserted, some of which 
are rare portraits, and many of the engravings are India Paoori. 

70 BYXON. 

328 BRYON. Engliih Bardi and Scotch Reviewera. A 
Satire. With a Prelace by Evan A. Duyckinck. 

Nfw Terk. 1865. 
4tc, botrdt, ODcnl; LAiom Patm j only 7j cd|»c* priaRd. 

The recent coatrorenjr concmuai Lord Bjrnin hiring excited id much imetnt, wc 
Tcntort to direct the itteatian of geDtlemen to t bibiiagnpby of Btiim 
in Sibin ft Son'i " Americui Bibliopoliw" for December, 1I69. 



ABE^A DE VACA. The Narrative of 
Alvar Nufiez Cabe^a de Vaca. Trans- 
lated by Buckingham Smith. 

Washington. 1 85 1. 

Folio; 8 Maps; 110 copies printed, for private drcuUtion, . 
by O. Riggt, ten of which are on large paper. 

330 CABINET (The). Pbila. : J. Laval & S. F. Bradford. 

imo, half morocco ; PoBTSAm and BiooaApaiu of Jackaon and hit Cabinet, with 
their AoroGtAPm iaaerted. 

331 CADWALLADER (John). See [Reed (Joseph)]. 

332 CALEF (R.) More Wonders of the Invisible World : or, 
/ 2jrf~ The Wonders of the Invisible World displayed in Five 

Parts. ... Collected by Robert Calef. Salem. 1823. 

itmo. See alu Drake*t ** Witchcraft delusion in New England/* ▼, pp. a-3, and 
« Salem Witchcraft." 

333 CALDWELL (C.) A Discourse on the Genius and 
2- 2jS^ Character of the Rev. Horace Holley, ll.d., ... With 

an Appendix, containing Copious Notes, Biographical 
and Illustrative. Boston. 1828. 

Sto^ half bine morocco, gilt top, nncut, by Bradstreet; Poktkaxt, and s Platis. 

334 CALDWELL. Memoirs of the Life and Campaigns o: 
^ oa the Hon. Nathaniel Greene, Major General in the Army 

of the United States, and Commander of the Southern 
Department, in the War of the Revolution. 

Philadelphia. 1 8 19. 

t?o^ half green morocco, uncut, by Braditreet ; PoRTaAir. Sue Washington (O.) 

• 1 


55 [CALDWELL (T.)] A Tour through Pin of Virginia, 
in the Summer of 1808. In a Scries of Letters including 
an Account of Harper's Ferry, the Natural Bridge, the 
New Discovery called Weir's Cave, Monticello and the 
Different Medicinal Springs, Hot and Cold Baths, visited 
by the Author. Ntw Yeri: printed /w the Author. 1809. 
Sto, half browo niarocca, uncDt, hf Bndtlrccl. 

]6 CALLENDER (J.) AnjHistorical Discourse|on [he{ 
Civil and Religious Af&irs|of the Colony of | Rhode 
Island I and Providence Plantations | in New-England | in 
Amcrica,]Fro[n the first Settlement 1838, to the End of 
|[the] First Century.jBy John Callender, a.m.j 

Boiten : Printtd and Sold by S. Kntiland 
and T. Grim \ ^een Street. MDCCXXXIX. 

Sto, poliilied ctlf, |ill edget, hy F. Bedfi»d ; Gnt edition ; v£iy narii. 

n CALLENDER. A|Discourse Occasioned by the|Death 
I Of the Reverend j Mr. Nathaniel Clap, [ Pastor of a 
Church I At { Newport on Rhode-Island, | On October 30, 
1745. [in the 78th Year of his Age [By John Callender, 
A.M.|... I Newport: Printed by the IVfdaw 

Franklin,\at the Town- School- Home. 17+6.I 

■Mno, cnuhcd blue letint meracco, gilt top, uncat, bf F. Bcdliird, 

38 [CALLENDER (James Thompson).] The American 

Annual Register, or, Historical Memoirs of the United 
Sutcs, for the Year 1796. Philadelphia. 1797. 

%ia, half brown moroccD, gilt top, uncut, by Btiditreet ; Jiat cfj. 

39 CALLENDER. The History of the United States for 

1796. Including a variety of Interesting Paruculars 
Relative to the Federal Government previous to that 
Period. Philadelphia. 1 797. 

Ito, half morocco, gilt top, nocnt, bjr Bndicreet ) team. 


t It k in tUi work that the charge of iffl|>roper pecuniary tpeculadona was made against 
Alexander Hamilton, which occasioned his celebrated defence, at the 
expense of his private character, in the so-called ^ Reynold's Pamphlet.** 
&f Hamilton (A.), for an answer. 

340 CALLENDER. Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King 
7 S}/ of the Feds, Ci-devant Secretary of Jthe Treasury of 

the United States of America, Inspector-General of the 
Standing Armies thereof, Counseller of Law, &c. &c. 
&c. Being intended as a reply to a Scandalous Pamphlet 
lately published under the sanction, as it is presumed, of 
Mr. Hamilton, and signed with the signature of Junius 
Philaenus. By Tom Callender, Esq., Citizen of the 
World. New tori : Printed by Richard Reynolds. 1 802. 

S?o, polishad calf, g^lt top, uncut, by F. Bedford j Jiae cofy ; rare, 

341 [CALLENDER.] The Political Progress of Britain; or, 
/ (^ an Impartial History of the Abuses in the Government 

of the British Empire, in Europe, Asia, and America. 
From the Revolution in 1688, to the Present Time. 
The whole tending to prove the Ruinous Consequences 
of the Popular System of Taxation, War, and Conquest. 
[Motto.] Part First, Third Edition. 

Philadelphia: Printed for Richard FolwelL 1795. 

8vo, pp. lao, half morocco, gilt top. 

342 CALLENDER. Sketches of the History of America. 

// ii3 Philadelphia. 1798. 

8?o, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; fnt titan tofy, 

343 CALVERT (G. H.) Arnold and Andre. An Historical 
2a5^^ Drama. Boston. 1864. 

344 CAMPANIUS (Thomas). Description of the Province 
J^ 60 of New Sweden. Now called, by the English, Pennsyl- 



Tania, in America. Translated from the Swedish ij 
Peter S. Du Ponceau, ll.d. t^tladtlpbia. 1834. 

Sto, boudi, niKDt. 

(S CAMPBELL (WillUm W.) Annals of Tryon Countfi 
or the Border Warfare of New York, during the Revo- 
lution. New York. 1831. 
If a thccpj with Mat. 

t^ CAMPBELL. Border Warfare of New York, during the 
Revolution ; or Annals of Tryon County. 

Ntw Tori. 1849. 

IlBM^ cloth. 

(7 CAMUS (A. G.) M^moire sur la CoUeaion des Grands 
et Petit! Voyages [De Bry] et M. Thevenot. 

Parii. 1802. 

4M, pp. 401, (2), boirdi, uncut ; vMry Ktra. 

(8 CANADA. A Letter From an Old Whig in Town, to a 
Modern Whig in the Country, Upon the late Expedition 
to Canada. London: J. Merpbtw. [l?!!-] 

4to, pp. 8 ; vtiy titrtt. Signed X. Z. 

f9 CANADA. A Letter to a Friend in the Country, On 
the Late Expedition to Canada: with An Account of 
former Enterprizes, a Defence of that Design, and the 

Share the Late M rs bad in it. 

London: A. Baldwin. lyil. 

StO, pp. aa ; an iitnmilj rtrt (net. 

CANDID (A) Examination. Stt Rivington (James.) 

JO CANTICUMCANTIC0RUM,reproducedin&c.8imilc, 
from the Scriverius copy in the British Museum, with a 


Historical and Bibliographical Introduction, by J. Ph. 
Berjeau. London. i86o. 

Folio, vdlum ; heamtifutty fitted on Hkatt Papbk ; only 1 50 copies printed. 

For interating acooonti of thit celebrated work, see Sotheby*t "Principia Tjpographica,** 
and Ottlej't *' Hiatoiy of Printing and EngraTing.** 

351 CAPGRAVE (J.) The Book of the Illustrious Henries. 
'' o^ London. 1858. 

Rl. 8 TO, half morocco, uncut. 

352 CARDOVA. The Prince's Visit: A Humorous Descrip- 
Z /3 tion of the Tour of his Royal Highness, the Prince of 

Wales, through the United States of America, in i860. 
By R. J. de Cardova. Illustrated by Stephens, Rosen- 
berg, and J. D. Smillie. New Tork: B. Frodsham. 1861. 

Svo, morocco extra. 


353 CAREY (H. C.) The Past, the Present, and the Future. 
/7^ Philadelphia. 1848. 

8to, half calf. 

354 CAREY. Principles of Social Science. Pbiladilphia. iS^S. 

>'- /2J^ 3 v©l«'» 8^> half calf. 

355 CAREY (P.) Trivial Poems and Trivolcts. Written in 
y^ Obedience to Mrs. Tomkin's Command. By Patrick 

Cary. London. 1820. 

4tOy half morocco. 

356 CASAS. An Account Of the First Discoveries Made by 
s? y^ the Spaniards in America. By Don Bartholomew de las 

Casas. London, mdcxcix. 

Sto, caU. Includes a '< Relation of their unparallel*d Crueltiet on the Indians, ia the 
destncrioa of aboye Forty Million of People.** 

357 CAROLINA. The | Case | of | Protestant Dissenters | in 
^^/•i/7 Carolina, I shewing I How a Law to prevent Occasional! 



Conformity There, has ended in the TonI | Subversion 
of the Constitution in Church and] State. | Recommended 
to the serious Consideration of al) that are true | Friends 
to our present Establishment. | [Motto.] 

London : Printed in tbt Tear H.DCC.n. 
pdiikcd cilf, filt, bj F. Bedibcd. pp. 4a, followed by the Fine Cluncr pp. 67. 
For the contenN of tbii nre Tolume, ui Scctciu' ■' HuuBn," No. 45S. 

3j8 [CARPENTER (Stephen C.)] Memoirs of the Hon. 
Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State, Vice-President, 
and President of the United States of America ; conuin- 
ing a Concise History of those States from the Acknowl- 
edgment of their Independence. With a view of the 
Rise and Progress of French Influence and French Prin- 
ciples in that Country. Printed for the Purchasers. 1809. 

» tdU., Ito, hair brown motMci\ uncut, hj Bnditreet; itarti. The aathot criticiiB 
TcTj leTerely the cbiractet ud adminUtralion of Tbo*. JeSenoo. 

. 359 CARPENTER (W. H.) The History of Massachu- 
^^ setts from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. 

Philadelphia. 1853. 
l2mo, cloth, pp. 33C1. 

1.360 CARROLL (B. R.) Historical Collections of South Caro- 
'^^" lina. New Teri. it7<a. 

a foil., 8to, hatrmoroccD. 

_ 361 CARROLL (C.) Journal of Charles Carroll of CarroU- 
ton, during his Visit to Canada in 1776, as one of the 
Commissioners from Congress. With a Memoir and 
Notes by Brantz Mayer. Baltimore. 1S45. 

Vm, bdf morocco, |ilt top, uncut; IjPlatu, Po(tuUt1,Vii«i,cIc., iiuerted. Pnb- 
liibed by tbe Marjlind Hktoricil Society. Su Wuhingtoa (G.) 

Crystal Palace Illustrated. Ntw York. 1834. 

Imp. If o, doth j CoLotBB Vnwi. 

CASB. 77 

. 363 CARTER (W.) A Genuine Detail of the Several En- 
^ gagemems, Positions, and Movements of the Royal and 

American Armies, during the Years 1775 and 1776; 
with an Accurate Account of the Blockade of Boston, 
and a Plan of the Works on Bunker's Hill, at the time 
it was abandoned by his Majesty's Forces on the 17th of 
March, 1776. In a Series of Letters to a Friend. By 
William Carter, Late a Lieutenant of the 40th Regiment 
of Foot. London: G. Kearsley, 1784. 

4to, polished calf, gilt, by F. Bedford ; splendid copy ; 'very uaree, 

364 [CARTWRIGHT (John).] American Independence the 
/ 2S Interest and Glory of Great Britain. London. m.dcclxxv. 

8 TO, half brown morocco, gilt Cop, by Bradstreet. 

/ 365 CARVER (J.) Travels through the Interior Parts of 

*^^ North America, in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1768. 

By^J. Carver, Esq., Captain of a Company of Provincial 

Troops during the late War with France. Illustrated 

with Copper Plates. 

London : Printed for the Author^ £sf f . MDCCLXxviii. 

Rl. 8?o, half morocco extra, gilt top, uncut. 

Carrer came to England soon after he returned from hit travels, with the intention of 
publishing his account of them ; but, when he had already sold the manu- 
script to a boolcseller, he was ordered, by the government, to deliver up all 
his maps and journals; and it was not until near ten years after that he 
obtained permission to publish the work. 

366 [CASAUBON.] A Treatise on Vse and Cvstome, 

^^U London. 1 738. 

4to, half calf; rare. 

367 CASE (W.) Revolutionary Memorials, embracing Poems 
2^^ l>y the Rev. Wheeler Case, published in 1778, and An 

Appendix, Edited by the Rev. Stephen Dodd. 

New York: M. W. Dodd. 1852. 

I2m0y cloth. 




368 CASS (L.) Outlines of tbe Life and Character of Gen. 

Lewi) Cass. Albany. 1848. 

(TO, pp. 64; K-™, 

369 CATESBY (Mark). Natural History of Carolina, Florida, 

and the Bahama Islands; containing the Figures of Birds, 
Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects, and Plants. Particu- 
larly the Forest Trees, Shrubs, and other Plants, not 
hitherto described, or very incorrectly figured by authors, 
Together with their descriptions in English and French, 
To which are added observations on the Air, Soil, and 
Waters, etc. Revised by Mr. Edwards, of the Royal 
College of Physicians, London ; with the Supplement, 
Map and 200 beautifully colored plates of American 
Birds, Animals, Fishes, Insects, Plates, &c. 

Ltnden. 1771, 
* vol*., imp. folio, htif calf, uncut; Jiiu ttfjf ran. 
Thii copir x colored with topcrier can. Heni; Lannni, of South Carolina, in 17S0, 
njn : " Tbe bat Natural Hiiioi; of^ thit cosnlrjr will be found in Citabr'i 
book of 'Natural Hiitoty,* publiahed bjr a locietjr of noblemen and pBtle- 
men, about thirt]r-fi*e yean a|o." Sa Laurent' " Conopondence," p. 1(7. 
(real honour to him and to hii nad*e country, and it perhapi the matt ciuiooi 
and elegant perfbimaoce of itt kind that htt anywhere appeared in Europe." 


370 CATLIN (George). O-Kce-Pa : A Religious Cere- 
mony : and other Customs of the Mandrans. 

Philadtlphia, 1867. 
Imp. Svo, cloth citn, gilt edgei; 13 Colorid iLLUtTKATiom. 

371 CAULFIELD (James.) Portraits, Memoirs, and Charac- 
ters of Remaricable Persons, from the Revolution in 
1688 to the end of the Reign of George II., collected 
from the most authentic accounts extant. 

London. 1819-20. 
4 Tolt., 4to, half calf eitn, gilt edgei; fine impmaiont of the Platu ; Laaai PAm. 
11 lit,, in boirdi. IndiapcDiable to tlie Illnitntor. 


372 CAVENDISH {Sir H.) Government of Canada. De- 
2^ bates in 1777. London. 1839. 

{▼Oy cloth, uncut ; Map. 

373 CAXTON (W.) The Game of the Chesse by William 

Caxton. [^London: Reprinted. 1855.] 

Fanmni reprint of the rare original. Some remarks on the history of the art of 
printing are appended. This reproduction of the first work printed by Cax- 
ton at Westminster, containing thirty-three woodcuts, is intended to bring 
the present age into somewhat greater intimacy with tie Father of English 
Primters. The type has been carefully imitated, and the cuts traced from 
the copy in the British Museum. The paper has also been made expressly, 
as near as possible, like the originaL 

374 CAXTON. Ars Moirendi. Here bcgynneth a lytyel 
^ ^^ treatyse schortely compyled and called ars moriendi, that 

is to saye the craft for to dye for the helthe of mannes 
sowle. [^London: reprinted. 1849.] 

tvo, aacst One of fifty copies reprinted from the unique copy in the Bodleian Library. 

375 CERTAIN Inducements to Well Minded People. Who 
/ ^J are here Straitned in their Estates or otherwise : or such 

as are willing out of Noble and Publike Principles, to 
transport Themselves or some Servants or Agents for 
them into the West Indies, for the Propogating of the 
Gospel and increase of Trade. 

New tori: Reprinted /or Joseph Sabin. 1865. 

4t(^ half morocco, uncut; Lakob Pafxjl Sabin*s Reprints, Quarto Series, No. it.', 

, 376 CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (M. de). El ingenioso 

f Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. ... Nueva Edicion 

corregida por la Real Academia Espafiola. Madrid. 1780. 

4 vols., rL 4to, polished calf, gilt edges, by Bausenot Trautz ; Finb Engbatings. A 
heaatiful copy of this, the most elegant edition extant, illustrated with a series 
of additional Platis by Vander Gucht, from Dbszghs by Vanderbank. 
Bernal^s copy sold for £14 14s., in 1855. 
** Cette Wtion est un vral chef d*au?re typographique.** — BaoMxr. 

'^ Sa 


'ef t*t> 

377 CERVANTES. Don Quixote de la Mancha. Tnni- 

lated from the Spanish of Miguel de Cervantes Saavcdra. 
[By Mary Smirke.j Embellished with Engravings from 
Pictures Painted by Robert Smirke, Esq., r.a. In Four 
Volumes. hmim: Printtdfer T. Cadtll. 1818. 

4 nb., rl. 4(0, hilf cilf, gUt top, DBCut j LAionr Pate*. BuIomt'i i^tiUiJ i£di*. 
A mm hiamiifal afy, pcriupt the j(«tf ctci lold M luction. 

" Some Doe, not lea thuiibuhopi ii itid to )utc leunt Spuidi, tbr the ukc <f 
reiding thii celcbnted rainioce in the ori|iatl — thai fine CutilUa [oa^uc, 
pmnounceii by tbe Abbt Rnyiul ichiimu nmmi Ftr, ti uKin tnau rMrfimi, 
The aachoT, in (hit celcbnied ptoductian, hai giiea hit own hiicoijr. Bni 
he wu crippled and eniliTcd by [he tribanil or the loqaUitioa, which und 
OD bii mind u the battlt o( Lepmco had done on hia body. ■ The lo^ni- 
aitioa ■> a piii|naid aimed at the throat of Uteratnie,' ao eaid AoniDa Paleaiiv 
{Amamh JiUa P*jlU), and hi wai burnt Air ilT — WiAHoaAM. 

378 CERVANTES. Don Quichot. ^Hagt. 1746. 

4Ce half calf; iodudea 31 CorrsuLATU by Pieitt and CoypclL 

379 CHALMERS (G.) Opinions on Interesting Subjccu 

Arising from American Independence. Londen. 1784. 
tta, half brown moracco, |ilt top, uncut, by Braditreet. 

380 CHALMERS. Political Annals of the Present United 
Colonies, from their Settlement to the Peace of 1763. 
Compiled chiefly from Records, and Authorized often by 
the Insertion of Sute Papers. Vol. i., [all published], 


4to, halt green moracco, oncnt ; Jin climm c^ tft Kara vtri. 

tDpponer of the ri|ht of the mochei cmntiy to tu the 

381 CHALMERS (Roben). 

Cyclopedia of English Litetat- 
BoitM, 1847. 

Tola., imp. Sto, lialf blue morocco, gilt topj mtnihitlj iUnurttJ by a Kiiea of 
■boiK 100 Plath Inaerted. 

CHAPIK. 8 1 

382 CHAMPION (R,) Considerations on the Present Situa- 
y^fT tion of Great Britain and the United States. 

London, mdcclxxxiv. 

8vo, pp. zzxivy 174, 269 half calf, uncut. 

• 383 CHANDLER (P. W.) American Criminal Trials. By 
3 i^^ Peleg W. Chandler. 

Boston : Charles C. Little and James Brown, mdcccxli. 

2 vob., I2m0y cloth; Vol. n it tcgru. Includes an account of the New York 
Negro Plot, Boston Massacre, etc., and the trials of Zenger, Lesler, Major 
Andr^ and Joshua Hett Smith. 

384 CHANDLER. The Morals of Freedom. An Oration 
OS^ ... July 4, 1844. Boston. 1844. 

8yo, pp. 54, Also aark*8 Oration, July 4, i860. 

385 CHANDLER (Thos. B.), d.d. The Life of Samuel 
/ 2^' Johnson, D.D., the first President of King's College in 

New York. Containing many interesting Anecdotes, 
&c. New Tork. 1805. 

i2mo, sheep ; good copy ; scarce, 

386 CHANNING (Edw. T.) Oration ... July 4, 1817 • 
y^ Boston. Boston. [18 17.] 

8?o, pp. 24; AuTocutAPR of the author. 

387 CHAPIN (H.) A Poem delivered at the Celebration of 
/ a/9 xhc Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Town of Men- 
don. Melford. 1867. 

iimo, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

388 CHAPIN (The) Gathering. Proceedings at the Meeting 
2 So of the Chapin Family in Springfield, Mass., September 

17, 1862. Springfield. 1862. 

8 TO, pp. 96, half green morocco, gilt top. 



. ^^1^99 CHAPMAN (I. A.) A Sketch of the Hutory of Wy- 
oming. By Isaac Chapman, Esq. To which u added 
an Appendix, containing a Statistical Account of the 
Valley and Adjacent Country. By a Gentleman of 
Wilkesbarre. fTilitikirrt, Pa. 1830. 

tUDO, bilf marocco, gilt. 

390 CHAPPELL (W.) Popular Music of the Olden Time. 
A Collection of Ancient Songs, Ballads, and Dance 
Tunes, illustrative of the National Music of England: 
the whole of the Airs harmonized by Macfiurcn. Also 
a Short Account of the Minstrels. Lendtn. [1858.] 

X Toll., imp. Sto, half morocco, gilt topj FjtcaMii.1 EnGEATiiiai. 
Btiiel the Urge unount of moit curiom loliiniiaciDn on our cirlj popiilir moiic, lota- 
■pened with the mnp lad bilUdt, thii work contiiiu more than finr haa- 
drcd originil ain collected and arranged Iroiii mtninctipt, tod the noi^iic 
I worki hitherto inacccMible. 

J 391 CHARLESTON. The Siege of Charleston, by the Brit- 
ish Fleet and Army under the Command of Admiral 
Arbuthnot and Sir Henry Clinton, which terminated with 
the Surrender of that place on the 12th of May, 1780. 
Jliany: J. Munstll. 1867. 

4ta, half leTant nDrocco, gilt top; 100 copci printed. 

^ ^ 39a CHARLESWORTH (E.) The Magazine of Natural 
K** History. Letiden. 1837. 

4 Tol*., Sto, elMh, Dncnt ) maaf Plath. 

/ .-393 CHARLEVOIX. Letters to the Duchess of Lesdiguiercti 
giving an Account of a Voyage to Canada, and Travels 
through that vast Country and Louisiana, to the Gulf of 
Mexico. Undertaken by Order of the present King of 
France. By Father Charlevoix. 

London: Printtdfar R. Gtadbj, 1763. 
I*n, cdf) Ma* ) /m* trfj [ t rtrt tditiu, difftrini from the work d( duulenui, ifl 
two TolMnet. 



394 CHARLEVOIX. History and General Description of 
^ c New France. By the Rev. P. F. X. de Charlevoix, 

S.J. Translated, with Notes, by John Gilmary Shea. In 
Six volumes. New York: John Gilmary Shea. 1866. 

3 toIb., 4to s Laioi Papie \ 25 copies printed. 

395 CHARLEVOIX. [The same.] New rerk. 1866. 

"f ^^ 3 Tols^ imp. 8vo J Small Papu. Vol. nr is nearly ready. 

ThJi great work is the foundation of all oar knowledge respecting the countries formerly 
under the French dominion in North America. 

396 CHARTERS (The) of the Province of Pensilvania and 
^ yS' City of Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia: Printed and sold by B. Franklin. 1742. 

Folio, half calf. 

397 CHASE (Samuel). Trial of Samuel Chase, an Associate 
/ ^^ Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Im- 
peached by the House of Representatives, for High 
Crimes and Misdemeanors, before the Senate of the 
United States. Taken in short-hand by Samuel H. 
Smith and Thomas Lloyd. Washington City. 1805. 

1 Tob., 8 TO, half morocco, uncut; ^m eofy of a tcarc9 editimt. 

398 CHASTELLUX. Travels in North America, in the 
^ 2^ years 1780, 1781, and 1782. By the Marquis de Chas- 

tellux. One of the Forty Members of the French Acad- 
emy, and Major General in the French Army, serving 
under the Count De Rochambeau. Translated from 
the French by an English Gentleman, who resided in 
America at that Period. With Notes by the Translator* 
[Motto.] London: Robinson. M dcc Lxxxvii. 

% Toll., 8to, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

Hschiag escapes the eager eye and minute attention of this lively traTeller, and we owe 
to him the most graphic account of the private life of the Revolutionary era. 







CHATHAM {Earl of). See Pitt (William). 

399 [CHATTO (W. A.)] The Angler's Souvenir. By P. 

Fisher, Esq. Assisted by Several Eminent Piscatory 
Characters. With Illustrations by Beckworth & Top- 
ham. London, 1845. 

iimoy green morocco, gilt edges; Fink Platbs. 

Rich in anecdote and tong, and contains local descriptions of some of the most lorel 
scenery in England. 

400 CHAUCER. The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer; With 

An Essay on His Language and Versification, an Intro- 
ductory Discourse, Notes, and A Glossary by Tho. Tyr- 
whitt, Esq. London: William Pickering. 1 830. Also, 
Chaucer's Romaunt of the Rose, Troilus and Creseide, 
and the Minor Poems, with the Life of the Poet, By Sir 
Harris Nicholas. London: William Pickering, 1846. 

Together, 8 toIs., crown 8 to, green lerant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bndstreet 
For another edition, ut Pickering's ** Aldine Poets.** 

** In elocution and elegance, in harmony and penpicuity of Tcnification, he surpasKi 
his predecessors in an infinite proportion; his genius wu universal, and 
adapted to themes of unbounded Tariety, and his merit was not less in paint- 
ing familiar mannen with humour and propriety, than in moving the pas- 
sions, and in representing the beautiful or grand objects of nature with grace 
or sublimity.** — Wabton. 

401 CHAUNCY (C.) The accursed Thing must be taken 
away from among a People, if they would ... hope to 
stand before their Enemies. A Sermon Preached at the 
Thursday-Lecture in Boston, September 3, 1778. ... By 
Charles Chauncy, ly.iy.^ Senior Pastor of the first church 
in Boston. Boston^ New England: 

Printed by Thomas & John Fleet. 1778. 

8to, pp. 9,T \ m nftfj tcttrct rnfolutiouMry sermoa. For a series of critical notices, ue 
Allibone*s ** Dictionary,** pp. 373-5. 

CHILD. 85 

402 [CHAUNCY.] A Letter to a Friend. Giving a con- 
^ ^^ cise, but just, representation of the hardships and suffer- 
ings the town of Boston is^exposed to, and must undergo 
in consequence of the late act of the British Parliament. 
By T. W. A Bostonian. Bosiorij N. E, M,DCC,LXXiy. 

8to, pp. 35, uncut ; rare. Relates to the Port Bill. 

403 CHAUNCY. Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Re- 
i^ij ligion in New- England. Boston: Printed by 

Rogers and Fowle^for Samuel Eliot in CornhilL 1743* 

8vo, pp. XXX, 424; old calf. 

CHECKLEY (John). See [Leslie (Charles)]. 

404 CHESTERFIELD {Earl fif) Letters. Including nu- 

merous Letters now first published, from the Original 

MSS., Edited with Note, by Lord Mahon. 

London. 1845-53. . . 

5 Tolt., Sto, doth, uncut ; Poitrait ; the Only Complstk Edition. 

*^ In Lord Mahon*8 case the work of ' editing * is not confined to putting his name on 
the title-page, and adding a stray note here and there. He supplies the 
elucidatory information required b^ the text, and employs conscientious care 
in seeing that the text is critically perfect.** — AnxNicuM. 

405 CHICAGO Academy of Science. Vol., i. Part i. 

^ ^^ Chicago. 1867. 

'Imp. 8to, pp. I A I, uncut} Platxs. 

406 CHICAGO. Guide to the City of Chicago; its Public 
i^ Buildings, Places of Amusement, ... Map. 

Chicago: T. Ellwood Zell ^ Co. 1868. 

i8mo, doth} Platxs; and another work. 

407 [CHILD (Mrs.)\ The First Settlers of New-England. 

^' ^^ Boston, [n. d.] 

iSmo, half red^morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Plats. 

4o8 CHILDREN {The) in the Wood; with engravings by 
Thompson, Ncsbit, Williamt, Jackson, Branston, etc., 
Drawn by Harvey. The Beggar's Daughter of Berhnall 
Green, edited by Dr. Percy, with engravings, by Bran- 
ston, from Harvey's designs, and Burns' Address to the 
Dei], with engravings after Landseer'g designs. 

Lenden. 1830-31. 
in I <roI., pat Sra, bilf mDracco j vnj uartt. The aboTc tbrce tncn ire itm- 
dfbllj printed [farougboul ui the final IHCU Pajk. 

.409 CHIPMAN (D.) Memoir of Colonel Seth Warner. 

MiddUbuTj. 1848. 

iSmo, pp. »i6, doth. 

CHRONICON Nurembeigensis. Stt [Schedel (H)]. 

CHURCH. Stt Boston Massacre, No. 204. 

410 CHURCH (T.) The | Entertaining | History | of | King 
Philip's War, I which b^n in the Month of June, 1675. 
|As also of| Expeditions I more lately made|AgatnGt ibe 
Common Enemy, and Indian | Rebels, in the Eastern 
Parts of New-England : | With some Account of the 
Divine I Providence towardsjCol. Benjamin ChurchijBy 
Thomas Church, Esq., his Son. The Second Edition. 
Besten: Printed^ i-]if}. Newpsrt, Rhode-Mand: Rtprinttd 
and Sold\by Salomon Seulbwici, in ^een-Stretl, 177a. 

I '*<^ FP- 19S (l),'poluhedcilf, giltedga,b)' F. Bedford; Poitiatt inierted ; fit cipj. 

^411 CHURCH. The History of Philip's War. Bnttn. 1829. 

Iimo, pp. %bo, thety ; Plato. 

412 CHURCH. The History of King Philip's War. By 

Benjamin Church. With an Introduction and Notes. 

by Henry M. Dexter. Boston: J. K. fViggin. mdccclxt. 

3 Tell., 40), half bhw lenst morocca, I'dt cop \ LAiei Patu ; JJ copia piiateil. 

CLARK. 87 

413 CHURCH. [The same] Boston: J. K. fTtggin. 1865. 

% Toli. fcap 4to, uncut. Edition 250 copies. ** Library of New England History,** No. n. 


, 414 CICERO. M. T. Cicero's | Cato Major, | or his | Dis- 
course I of I Old- Age : | with explanatory Notes. | 
Philadelphia :\ Printed^ Sold by B. Franklin, mdccxliy. 

tvo^ (S}/ii// by 6} in.) a beautiful cofy$ half calf, imcDT leaTes, in the original hind- 
iui; PomTiAiT of Logan inserted. A remarkahly clean copy. This book 
Franklin always considered the chef d'ofvre of his press. He took many 
copies to England, and distributed them with evident satis^ction. We can- 
not find an account of the sale of any other uncut copy. Bruce's cut copy 
sold for $90. 

415 CLAIBORNE (N. H.) Notes on the War in the South; 

with Biographical Sketches of the Lives of Montgomery, 

C <^^ Jackson, Sevier, The late Gov. Claiborne, and others. 

Richmond. 18 19. 

ixmo, calf. 

416 CLAP (R.) Memoirs of Roger Clap. Boston. 1844. 

417 CLARENDON. The History of the Rebellion and 
''^ 00 Civil Wars in England, 6 vols. The Life of Edward, 

Earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England 
and Chancellor of the University of Oxford : in which 
is included A Continuation of his History of the Grand 
Rebellion, 2 vols. Oxford and London. i8i6-'28. 

Together, 8 vols, in 4, 4to, calf, gilt. 

The cbaracter of Clarendon, as the champion of the Constitution against the encroach- 
ments of prerogative, no less than the opponent of the continually increasing 
demands of Parliament, is admirably stated in Lord Grenville*s prefiice to 
Chatham's ^ Letter,** written to his nephew, pp. xix-xxiv. 

CLARK (Daniel). Su Wilkinson (James). 

418 CLARK (Edward L.) Daleth or the Homestead of the 

Nations; Egypt Illustrated. Boston. 1864. 

, 8to^ cloth, top gilt; Vxxws and Illustkatxoni* 






419 CLARK (Hugh). An Introduction to Heraldry: contain- 
ing the Origin and Use of Arms, Rules for Blazoning 
and Marshalling Coat- Armours, etc. With nearly 1000 
Illustrations, all colored. London. 1859. 

1 6mo \ sixteendi edition. 


^ ^ 420 CLARK (Sam.) The Life and Death of Sir Francis 
Drake, His Voyages and Discoveries in the West Indies, 



etc. London. 167 1. 

4to, hilf morocco; PoiTtAir; cltmn cofy; very searee, 

421 CLARKE {Dr. Adam). A Bibliographical Dictionary. 
London. i8o2. Also, The Bibliographical Miscellany; 
or. Supplement to the Bibliographical Dictionary. 

London: Printed /or W. Baynes. 1806. 

8 ToU. in 4» lim, hilf red morocco, gilt top. Inclndet Harwood's ^'View of the 
** ClaMici,** and ** Ettay on Bibliography.'* In the Appendix, n, pp. 7'47) 
the invention of printing it ucribed to Gnttenberg. 





422 CLARKE (J.) An Impartial and Authentic Narrative of 

the Battle Fought on the 17th of June, 1775, be- 
tween His Britannic Majesty's Troops and the Amer- 
ican Provincial Army, on Bunker's Hill, near Charles 
Town, in New-England, with A True and Faithful 
Account of the Officers who were killed and wounded in 
that memorable Battle. To which are added. Some par- 
ticular Remarks and Anecdotes which have not yet trans- 
pired. The whole being collected and written on the 
Spot. The Second Edition. London, mdcclxxv. 

8to, poliahed calf, by F. Bedford. This interesting contemporary report of this hmom 
battle it a volumt ofuuui rarity. 

423 CLARKE (J. L.) The Duties of Massachusetts. 

Boston. 1868. 

8to, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradatreet. 


424 CLARKE (M. A.) The Rival Princess ; or a Narrative 
/ 2^ of Facts relative ... to The Duke of York, 

" London. 18 10. 

2 vols, in I, izmo, calf; Poetbait. 

425 [CLARKE (Wm.)] Repertorium Bibliographicum ; or, 
f^S^ Some Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries. 

London* 1819. 

1 fob., imp. 8vo, half olive levant morocco, uncut, by W. Mathews ; Lascs Papxe ; * 
PomTBAm on India Papkr; a btautiful cepy\ only 50 printed. Includes 
the '* Dialogue in the Shades and Rare Doings at Rozburghe Hall,** 
** Anecdotes of Roger Payne and his Deary,** '* List of Book Sales,** " Sketches 
of Public and Private Libraries,** and a valuable index. See ** Gent. Mag.,** 
18 18, p. 434. Mr. Beckford assisted in its compilation. 

426 CLINTON (H.) The Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir 
^00 Henry Clinton, k.b., relative to his Conduct during part 

of his command of the King's Troops in North America ; 
Particularly to that which respects the unfortunate Issue 
of the Campaign in 1781, with An Appendix, ... 

London. 1783. 

Sto, pp. 114, half purple morocco, gilt top, edges uncut, by Bradstreet; iplendid cofj. 

In thb detail Sir Henry Clinton acquits himself of all share in Lord Cornwallis* mis- 
fortune ; leaving that general to answer for misconceptions of the ordeit sent 
him, and for the choice of the post he was reduced to surrender. 

427 CLINTON. [Another Edition.] New Tork: 
I ^^ Sower ^ Morton^ and Homer, mdcclxxxiii. 

4^^» PP* 39» polished calf, by F. Bedford ; Poitrajt inserted ; a very rare editien, 

428 CLINTON {Sir H.) and CORNWALLIS {Earl). Nar- 
^ 7S^ rative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., 

Relative to his Conduct during Part of his Command of 
the King's Troops in North America, etc. Answer to 
that Part of the Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir 
k 12 

Henry Clinton, k.b., which relate* to the Conducl ( 
Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwallii during the Cap 
paign in North America in the Year 1781. Otaervj 
tions on Some Parti of the Answer of Earl Cornwall: 
to Sir Henry Clinton's Narrative, etc. Leiuim. 178; 
3 Toli^ 8ti^ poUihed cil^ gilt top, nncBl, bjr F. Bedibrd. 

429 CLINTON and CORNWALLIS. [The same.] 

PhilatUlphia : John Campbell, hdccclxi 
] Tsll., 4ta| half marocco, nacDt) Laioc Fatu. 

430 CLINTON, Observations on Mr. Stedman's History 1 

the American War. New Tori. 1861 

431 COBBETT (W.) Selections from the Political Worl 

of William Cobbett i being a complete abridgment of tl: 
100 volumes which comprise the Writings of *'Porci 
pine" and the "Weekly Political Roister," Wil 
Notes, Historical and Explanatory. By John M. Col 
bett and James P. Cobbett. LonJttt, [n. d 

6 foil in 3, Sto, half c*lf, gilt. 
Ttie great object of tbc dUcon hu been to preicm til Cobbctt'i belt midiiti, mi 
reader tbem euiljr ntemi to by a geaeial analytical iodes. 

432 [COCKINGS (George).] The American War, A Poen 

in Six Books. In which the Names of the OflScers wh 
have Distinguished themselves, During the War, are h 
troduced, Lendan. HDCCLzxx 

Std, bilTealf, oncut; Plat* of Bunker'i Hill j icarci. 
A refj renuikable ipcdmen of poetiy. Stt " Moathlj' Keiicw," lt, p. 409. 

433 CODE (The) of 1650, being a Compilation of the earHe 
Laws and Orders of the General Court of Coimeaicut. 

Harl/ord: PubUsbtd by &las Andna. 182: 
Sai. Sto, pp. lao, nd doth. 


434 CODE of 1650. [Another Edition.] Hartford, [n. d.] 

J^ iimoy pp. 120, boardB; Plati. 

435 COFFIN (C.) History of the Battle of Breed's Hill by 
/ ^^ Major-Generals William Heath, Henry Lee, James 

Wilkinson and Henry Dearborn. Portlani. 1835. 

8to, sewed ^ Pebiimtatzom Copt, with aathor's Autogkaph. 

436 COFFIN. The Lives and Services of Major General 

/ ^^^ John Thomas, Colonel Thomas Knowlton, Colonel 

Alexander Scammell, Major General Dearborn. 

New York. 1845. 

iimo, pp. zzzy cloth, 

437 [COFFIN (R. S.)] Miscellaneous Poems of the Boston 
^ JS^ Bard. 1818. 

izmo, half green morocco, gilt top, oncot; PomTiAiT imeited. 

438 COGHLAN {Mrs.) Memoirs of Mrs. Coghlan, (daughter 
2 I^Sl^sA the late Major MoncriefFe). Written by herself, and 

Dedicated to the British Nation ; being interspersed with 
Anecdotes of the late American and present French War. 
with Remarks, Moral and Political. London. 1794. 

1 voli. in I, un. 8to, cilf $ CmmNOB interted ; Laiok Ttpi $ fint elesn eopj§ uivet. 

/ 439 COGHLAN. [The same. Another Edition.] 

^•^-^ Dublin. 1794. 

Sm. Sto, polithed calf, gilt edges ; fin eofy, 

jf, 440 COGHLAN. [Another Edition.] Cork. 1794. 

Sm. Svo, poibhed cilf, ^It edges, by W. Pntt. 

V 441 COGHLAN. [Another Edition.] Now York. 1795. 

lUBo, half morocco^ gilt top, uncut. Mr. W. J. Davis*s unique copj, illustrated inth 
30 portnits, plates, Tiews, etc., sold for $28 in Morrell's sale. 




442 COGHLAN. Mcmoira of Mr*. Cog^Un, ... With In 
troduction and Notes. 

Privately Printed: Nnv York. 1864 
4tD, oncnlt Laioc Paphj onlj 10 copia priDled. 

443 COGHLAN. [The same.] NaoTark: Rtprititid. 1864 

444 COLCHESTER (Charles, Lord). Diary and Corrci 
pondcnce of, London. 1861 

) id)., Ivo, polJthed calf, gilc civi \ tamli/ml afj. 

445 GOLDEN (C.) The History of the Five Indian Nation 
depending on the Province of New- York. By Cad 
wallader Colden. Reprinted Exactly from Bradford' 
New York edition, (1727.) With an Introduction an 
Notes by John Gilmary Shea. 

New rori: T. H. Morrtll. i86( 
Imp. 1*0, DncBl) Laioi Patu; 30 cepia printed. 

446 COLDEN. [The tame.] Nm nri. i86( 

Sto, clolb, uncut ) PoiTKArr on Imu pAn>. 

447 COLDEN. The History of the Five Indian Nations c 
Canada, which are Dependent on the Province of Nei 
York in America, etc. London, mdccli 

* Toti. la I, llmo. Cliff Mai ; fm tfy. 

448 COLDEN. [The same.] Second Edition. London. 175c 

Sto, ulf j with Mat. 

449 COLDEN (C' D.) Lif^ of Robert Fulton. With a 

Appendix. New Tar k. 181; 

8*0, hilf leTME mwocco, gilt top, nncnt ) Pmtbait. 


450 GOLDEN. Memoir, Prepared at the Request of a Com- 
^' ^^ mittee of the Common Council of the City of New York, 

and Presented to the Mayor of the City, at the Celebra- 
tion of the Completion of the New York Canals. By 
Cadwallader D. Colden. Printed by Order of the 

Corporation of New York^ by W* A. Davis. 1825. 

4to, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

451 [COLEMAN (William).] A Collection of the Facts and 
33 a a Documents, Relative to the Death of Major General 

Alexander Hamilton; with Comments; together with 
the various Orations, Sermons, and Eulogies, that have 
been published or written on his Life and Character. 

New Tori. 1804. 

8to, half brown morocco, gilt top, by Mathews. 


4S2 COLERIDGE (S. T.) Pictorial Works. 

London: W. Pickering. 1829. 

3 Toli^ crmrn 8to, cloth, ODcut ; unifonn in <ixe vnth Pickeriog't " Dramatbti." 

453 COLES (Edward). History of the Ordinance of 1787. 

/ ^2_- miadelphia. 1856. 

8to, pp. 33, oncut ; tearct^ 

454 COLLECTION of Papers, That have been published at 
o a^f different Times, relating to the Proceedings of His Ma- 
jesty's Commissioners, &c. &c. &c. 

NeW'Tork : Printed by fames Rivington^ Printer to the 
Kin^s most excellent Majesty, m.dcc.lxxviii. 

Sfo, polished calf, gilt top, by F. Bedford, with Lrrrui by Rirington inserted. 

/<J aa 

455 COLLECTION (A) of Seventy-nine Old Black Letter 
Ballads and Broadsides. Printed in the Reign of Queen 
Elizabeth, between the years 1559 ^^^ '597) ^^^ '^ 


printed from the celebrated folio Volume formerly in tb 
Library of the tate George Daniel, Esq. With an In 
troduction and Illustrative Notes. London. 1868 

Q, ni IcTiDt rrnrocco, gilt top, iincat, by W. Micbcwi. "I lore ■ bilbd i 

456 COLLIER (J. p.) A Btblic^raphicat and Critical Ac 
count of the Rarest Books in the English Languagt 
Alphabetically arranged, which During the last fift 
years, have come under the observation of J. Payne Col 
lier, F.S.A. Londen. 1861 

457 COLLIER, £The same.] New Tori. 186; 

I., cniwn Sfo, red lennc morocco, uncut, hjr W. Mathewt ; one of Gn copt 

printed on Laroi Ihdia Pafu. 
In thii lEprinl of the Enfliih edition ill the "Addenda and Corrigenda " whic 

■re prefiaed to the fint valoaie of that edition are placed in their prop 

poiiliona. The "Indei," alio, ia greatly enlarged- 
Thla iiluable and intetetting waric ii, in fact, in extended edition of the author'a at: 

logae of the Duke of Bridgewacer'i libnrjr. It deicribea boolu whicli, t 

the moat part, are ao acirce, that but few American librariea poaaeaa iben 

■nd Mr. Collier hu perfanned an acceptable office in ^noting largely ftoi 

the trorlu he haa dcKtibed. 

458 COLORS (The) of the United States Brst raised upon th 
Capital of the Confederate Sutes, April 3, 1865. 

Marrhaniay N, Y, i86j 
Sto, pp. 17; twenty-acTen capiea printed for private diitribnciiin ontf. 

459 COLUMBIAN (The) Magazine ( or Monthly Miscel 

lany. Containing a View of the History, Litemtun 
Manners, Characters of the Year 1 787-1 789. 

Hiladelphia. 1787-c 

A iirlnmtlj rart »a[tmiii, in *m*aulfy fill imJilin. Tbia lot comnencea wh 
Nov., l7Sfi, to 1787, and « Supplemeatl, except September, 17S7, ai 
October, 1 7S9, in all, 37 puta. 


^460 COLUMBIAN MUSE | (The). | A | Selection | of | Ameri- 
can Poetry, | from | various Authors | of | Established Repu- 
Ution. I New^Tork: Printed by J. Carey ^ ... 1794. 

isaio^ 1 Ly pp. 224, green morocco extra, gilt edges. One of the earliest collections of 
miscellaneoiis American poetry. This copy sold for $zo at Morreirs sale. 

COLUMBIA'S LEGACY. See Washington (G.) 

461 COLUMBUS. Personal Narrative of the First Voyage 
^'^Sif of Columbus to America. From a Manuscript recently 

discovered in Spain. Translated from the Spanish. 

Boston. 1827* 

Sto, boards, nncut. 

462 COMMODITIES (The) of the' Hand called Manati ore 
^ 3S Long He which is in the Continent of Virginia. 

Imprinted hy J. M.for J. G. S. 1865. 

8vo^ pp. i6y uncut^ Map; pmately printed, 

463 C0ND£ (J. A.) History of the Domination of the Arabs 
7^5~" in Spain. Translated from the Spanish of J. A. Conde, 

by Mrs. J. Foster. London, mdcccliv. 

3 Tols.y post %yoy cloth, uncut. 

464 CONDUCT (The) of the Late Administration Examined. 
O 4>^ With an Appendix, containing Original and Authentic 

Documents. London: J. Almon. mdcclxviii. 

8to, brown polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

The** Monthly Review** characterises this as one of the most formidable attacks 
made on the late administration. The author of a letter to O. G., calls this 
Mr. G[renYille*s] celebrated pamphlet on the stamp act. 

465 CONFEDERATE SONGS. A Collection. 
/i^ oar 

^ Some very uarce. 


y^466 CONGREVE'S Wiy of the World, A Comtdy ... Re 
vised by J. P. Kemble. LenJan. [n. d.^ 

Sto, inlolctnd in 4I11, fajlf ulf) J. P. Kcmble'i copri witb hi, aunacript oMo. 

CONNECTICUT. General History of Connecticut 
Sn [Peters (S.)] 

467 CONSIDERATIONS upon the Rights of the Colonisu. 
iVrtl) nri: Jihn Hilt. 1766 

Sio, tulf morocco, gill top, aacnt, hj Braditrect. 

468 CONSTABLE (J.) English Landscape Scenery i ^ 
•^ <^| Series of 40 Engravings on Steel, by D. Lucas, fron 

Pictures by John Constable, Londan. 1855 

I Folio, bilf red morocco, gilt edgo. 

CQNSTANTINE and EUGENE. Su Washington (G. 

469 CONSTITUTIONS (The) of the several Indepcndcn 
States of America; the Declaration of Independence 
the Articles of Confederation between the said States 
the Treaties between His Most Christian Majesty an( 
the United Sutcs of America. Published by order o: 
Congress. Pbiladtlpbia : F. Bailey, u. dcc. lxxxi. 

ttao, poliihed morocco ciCn, gilt lop, uncut, by W. Michemj only loo copie 
priaud j vrrjr ran. Momiri copy, in ihcip, lolil for tl°- 

Tbi fblloiring notice, from pige a, mil ihow thit ihii ii the Ja-it tmioriutim ux 
anginai frimliJ liKl of iheie importint docameaU: 

"In Congren, December »g, lyio. Raolved, Thit ■ Commiiwe of clircc b> 
appointed to collect ind ciiue to be publiihed nm hunJrid ctrriti ctfit 
of the Decbntion of Independence, etc (u in title aboTc), to be bsazi< 
together in boardi, etc. 

"Eitnct from the Minutei. CaAiLU TaounoK, Siertttrj' 

470 CONSTITUTION (The) of the Independent States 01 
America. London. m,dcc,lxxxii 

tvQ, pp. 1 68, half momcco, gilt top, micai, by Bnditrect. 


471 CONSTITUTION of the United States. 

^^ Philadilpbia. 1 79 1. 

lamo, thcep; first edition, which includes Vennont. 

472 COOK (E.) The Sot- Weed Factor ; Or, a Voyage to 

Maryland. A Satyr. In Burlesque Verse. 

London^ 1708. Reprinted^ 1865. 

Laiob pArn; only 30 copies printed. Forms No. 11 of << Shears Early Southern 

^ 473 COOK. A Journal of a Voyage round the World, In 
^■*^ His Majesty's Ship Endeavour. London, mdcclxxxi. 

4tc^ half calf. The first published account of Cook*s Vogage ; noto very scarce. 

474 COOKE (E. W.) Sixty-five Plates of Shipping and Craft. 
^v5V^ Drawn and Edited by E. W. Cooke. London. 1829. 

Imp. 4toj represents all the principal varieties of shipping met with in British waters; 
India PaooFS, on Labce Pxpza. Cooke is second to no arrist for faithful 
and jHctoreaque delineations of shipping. 

475 COOMBE (Thomas). A Sermon, preached ... Philadel- 
^ ?%5~ phia, on Thursday, July 20, 1775; the day recommended 

for a General Fast throughout the twelve United Colonies 
of North America. Philadelphia, mdcclxxv. 

Svo half morocco, uncut. An important revolutionary sermon. 


476 COOPER (J. F.) The History of the Navy of the 

^o^ United States of America. By J. Fenimore Cooper, 

Esq. In Two Volumes. London: Richard Bentley. 1839. 

2 vols., Svo, levant morocco extra, by F. Bedford. 

Tkh ieMtifiU copy contains 27 AurocaApRs, as follows: A, L. S.^ Svo, 1848, of J. 
Fenimore Cooper; L, S,y 4to, 1755, of Oen. William Shirley; Signature of 
Sir Wm. Pepperell; L, S.y 4to, 1779, by Wm. Vernon and Jno. Deshon, 
First Naval Bdard; A, L. of Jno. Paul Jones, 4to, pp. 4, 1777, unsigned, 
dated on board the "Ranger;** A,L, S,^ folio, 1779, of Silas Talbot; L, 
S,f 4tOy 1767, of Thot. Gage (Governor of Mass.); A. L, S,, Svo, pp. 3, 



till, L. S., 4tD, I 1st, and D|aanire of Com. Wu, Biiiibiid|e; A, L. ■ 
4to, iljo, ind A. L,. S., 4(0, iSiJ, of Com. John Rofcn; £. £, 4(0 (p 
•igulorei), itjl, ud A. L. S., 41a, iSi], of Com. DiTid Pottn; ^ L.^ 
ffilMi 17961 Antofnph bill retdpRd. 1714, o( Joho Bany; A. L.S.,v 
PP- !■ ■799t "f 0«D. Wm. Elton, diced *l Tonit; A. L. S., 41a. pp. 
iSoo, of Com. Jima Barron ; Note in (bird penoB, 4(0, a. d., of C01 
Thomai TreiEODj L. 3., 410, 1817, of T. TiojE}; L. &, 400, 1779, 
John Atett; .i4. Z. 3., 410, ig}i, of Com. W. Warringtoni Ant Da 
■ifntd, 4ID, 1819, of Com. Ap Catobr Janet; D.3.,^to, 1 1 07. of Hti 
Dcaiborn, Sec. of Wu ; A. L. S., 4(0, ■gi5, and A. L. S., 41a, 179;, 

I I Gen. Alci. Uacombj aba, 53 PoiTKAm, many of them ran, lamt t 

I pmA b]r Edwin, and 17 Viiwi, etc. 

^ 1 477 COOPER. [Another copy.] LeiuUn. 1831 

' 1 Tola., Sto, lenot morocco eitra, by Bedtordj concaiaing 50 PoaTtjtm, Viawi, to 

alao, AoTOOiArH Nora of Cooper, and La-mai ligRed by Commoda 

Stennrt and Warrington, the patticolara of which we ate not alile to giit, 

the boolc ii now (January, 1170} in the pow ew ion of Mr. F. Bedford, boo 

J 478 COOPER {Rtv. Mr.) Histoiy of North America. Cu 
'^ ■ toms of the Original Inhabitants, &c. London. f}% 

■ ■mo, ff. 1S4, calf; Fon Platm. 

I 479 [COOPER (M.)] What think ye of Congress Now. 

NnuTork: Janus RivingUn. M,DCCLXir 

' 8*0. Ar*rt Tirj Trta afaioat the Congrai. 

1480 COOPER (T.) Some Information respecting America. 
■^'^ Lomien. 179 

[ (to, half morocco, gill top, uncut j Map. 

j CORNWALLIS. Answer to Sir Henry Clinton's N» 

I rative of the Campaign in 1781, in North America. S 

' Clinton, No. 427. 

I The work k an attempt to prove that " the conduct and opioioni of the anibor w< 
I «( the canae of the cataatrophe which terminated the unfiirtinate campu 

of 1711." 



481 CORRESPONDENCE of the American Revolution, 
^ *^ being Letters of Eminent Men to George Washington, 

from the Time of his taking Command of the Army to 
the End of his Presidency. Edited from the Original 
Manuscripts, by Jared Sparks. 

Boston: Little^ Brown^ and Company. 1853. 

4 vols., imp. 8to, cloth, uncut ; Labgx Papix. 

CORRY (John). See Washington (G.) 

482 CORTES (H.) The Despatches of Hernando Cortes, 
t ^ c? the Conqueror of Mexico, Addressed to the Emperor 

Charles V. Written during the Conquest, and Contain- 
ing a Narrative of its Events. Now first Translated into 
English from the Original Spanish, with an Introduction 
and Notes by George Folsom. 

New Tor k: fFiliy and Putnam. 1843. 

8ro, boards, uncut ; Lakok Papbii. 

483 CORWIN (E. B.) Catalogue of the Library of Mr. E. 
7- ^/r B. Corwin. Priced. New Tork, 1856. 

8^0, half calf, red edges. 

484 CORY (J. P.) Metaphysical Inquiry. 

-2 ^^ London: W. Pickering. 1833. 

Fcap Svoy half red morocco, gilt top, uncut; scarce. 


485 COSTELLO (L. S.) Jacques Coeur, the French Ar- 
^<^ gonant, and his Time. London. 1847. 

8 TO, half morocco; Fine Poktiait. 

Jacques Conir, chief adviser to Charles VII, of France, was one of the most remarkable 
peitonages of his time. 

486 COSTELLO. Specimens of the Early Poetry of France, 


// ■ 



trom the Times of the Troubadoun and Trouveies t 
the Reign of Henri Quatre. Letidon: W. Ptcktring. 183; 

Pod in; the Piatu hdthKdtd with ^i and (g/trji vtryfna nfiu i* tUi afli 

487 COTMAN (J.) Liber Studionim ; A Series of Lant 

scape Studies and Original Compositions. LmJan, iS^i 

Folio, half monuo. 
"Hit Elchingi have all ibe richncM and ngoi of the bat aiom of the oM Kliod."- 

488 COTTON (H.) Editions of the Bible and Parts therco 
In English, 1505-1850. With Bibliographical Di 



script ions. 

Oxfird. 185: 

489 COTTON. A Typographical Gazetteer. Second editi<i 

corrected and much Enlarged. 

Oxfvrd: Univeriiiy Prttt. 183 
tro, htif moroccD, oatDC. 

490 COTTON (J.) ThelBloudyTenem,|washed,|Andiiiai 

white in the bloud of the[Lambe: being discussed ai 
dischai^ed of | bloud-guiltincsse by just Defence. | Where 
I The great Questions of this present time arc | handle 
viz. How ferre Liberty of Conscience | ought to 1 
given to those that truly feare God? And how fam 
restrained to turbulent and pestilent persons, that n' 
one-|ly raze the foundation of Godliness, but distu 
the Civill | Peace where they live ? Also how &rre tl 
Magistrate may pro- | cced in the duties of the fii 
Table? And that all the Magistrates | ought to stui 
the word and will of God, that they may frame |thi 
Government according to it. | Discussed | As they a 
alledged from divers Scriptures, out of | the Old and N< 
Testament. Wherein also the practise of| Princes 
debated, together with the Judgement of the An-jcie 

v/ a 


and late Writers of most precious esteeme. | Whereunto 
is added a Reply to Mr. [Roger] Williams | Answer, 
to Mr. Cottons Letter. | By John Cotton Batchelor in 
Divinity, and | Teacher of the Church of Christ at Bos- 
ton in New-England. | 
LondoTiy I Printtd by Matthew Symmonsfor Hannah AlleUy 
at the Crowne in\ Popes- Head' Alley. 1647.] 

4to, crashed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford \ splendid copy, 

491 COTTON. A Brief I Exposition I With Practical | Ob- 
servations | Upon the whole Book of | Canticles, | Never 

before Printed. | By that late Pious and Worthy Di- 1 vine 
Mr. John Cotton Pastor of | Boston in New England | 
Published by Anthony Tuckney d.d. Master | of Saint- 
Johns Colledge in Cambridge. | London : Printed for 

T. R. &r E. M.for Ralph Smith] ... 1655. 

Sm. 8^0, 7 1., pp. 238, panneled calf, red edges ; Jltu copy, 

COUCH (J.) See Naturalists' Library. 

492 COWLEY (A.) The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley : 
^^ ... Consisting of these which were formerly Printed ; 

And these which He Design'd for the Press. Published 
out of the Author's Original Copies. ... The Tenth 
Edition. Adorn'd with Cuts. London: J. Tonson. 1707. 

3 vob., 8to, marbled calf, by F. Bedford ; illustrated with Platbs ; beautiful impreuious, 

'^ Had Cowley ne*er spoke, nor Killigrew writt, 
They'd both have made a very good witt.** 

— Dbnbam. 

493 COWPER (W.) Complete Works. Edited by Southey ; 
^^ comprising his Poems, Correspondence, and Transla- 
tions. With a Memoir of the Author. London. 1836. 

15 Tols., fcap 8vo, cloth, uncut; illustrated with 30 Finb Engravings. 

The only complete edition. In the life of the poet, Dr. Southey hu introduced much 
of the literary history of England during half a century. 



494 COX (Ross). Adventures on the Columbia River, . 

among various Tribes of Indians. LanJon. 1831 

a voli., Sto. pp. HIT, 368) im,vxi;htl( zx\(\ fimctfy. 

495 COXE (Peter). The Social Day; A Poem. London. i%i 

Rl. g.o, cilf citn, pit tifa; ji Fm. Pum. 
Thit buutilul volume connini cngnTingi iftet Wllkie, Scothvd, Sroirkc, Coopi 
Hill, Ik. The iiquiiie plitc of cbe Broken Jir, br Wilkie, tii foi fl. 
iiHinud m iihI, cafnTed by Wimn, hu alanc beta Mid fat £3 31. 

496 CRABBE (G.) Poetical Works of the Rev. Gcorg 

Crabbe ; with his Letters, Journals, and Life. 

LottdoH: "Jihn Murray. 1 85 1 

il vail., Itip R*o, half gnen morocco, gilt cop; bia iJiiitu, 

497 [CRAIG (N. B.)] Memoirs of Major Robert Stobo • 
the Virginia R^ment. Ptttthurgb. 185 

iSmo, hair brown moroccoj Mat. 

498 CRANTZ (D.) The History of Greenland: conuinir 
a Description of the Country, and its Inhabitants: Ar 
Particularly, A Relation of the Mission, carried on f( 
above these Thirty Years by the Unitas Fratrum, ^ 

I New Herrnhuth and Lichtenfcis, in that Country. B 

: David Crantz. Translated from the High-Dutch, an 

illustrated with Maps and other Copper-plates. 

London, hdcclxvi 

I 1 *olf., Iio, calf, red edgei ; tiii tJiiim, HigUj colDgiicd by Dibdin. 

' CROSS. See Pennsylvania. 

499 CRUSIUS. Historic I Canadensis, | sev | Novs-Francisc 
' ' Libri Dcccm, | Ad Annum vsquc Christ! mdclvi. | Au< 

j tore P. Francisco Crevxio, c Societate Icsv.|/5ir(H7i, 

y/pud Sebattianvm Crameisy, Et Sebatt.\Mabre-Crami>i!_ 
Typographm Regis, \ via lacobaa, sub Gconijs. | M. DC. LXIV. 

I 410, morocco, ^1( cdgeij Fidi Piatm and MAf; one pUlc wintiag; _fiiie tfy if 
wtrt ef Mwi r'riry, wiici ri rtrilf /mud itmplm. 

CYRILL. 103 

500 CUMMINGS (T. S.) Historic Annals of the National 
^ ^^ Academy of Design. Philadilphia. 1865. 

Svo, pp. 364, cloth. 

501 CURTIS (G. T.) History of the Origin, Formation, and 
^ ^ Adoption of the Constitution of the United States ; with 

Notices of its principal Framers. ... 

New Tork: Harpers. 1854. 

2 roU., 8to, cloth. 

502 CURWEN (S.) The Journal and Letters of Samuel 
^ ^^ Curwen, an American in England from 1775 to 1783, 

with an Appendix of Biographical Sketches. By George 
Atkinson Ward. Fourth edition. Boston. 1864. 

8 TO, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

503 CUSHING (Caleb). An Oration on the Material Growth 
/^^ and Territorial Progress of the United States ... Spring- 
field, Mass., on the Fourth of July, 1839. 

Springfiild. 1839. 

8to, pp. 31. Also, Baker*s Oration at Swanzly, 1829. 8to, pp. 16. 

CUSTIS (G. W. P.) S« Washington (G.) 

504. CUTTER (W.) The Life of Israel Putnam. 
^ ^<* New York. 1848. 

iimo, half green morocco, gilt top. Third edition. 

505 CYRILL. S. P. N. Cyrilli Alexandria Archiepiscopi 
v/ oa Opera in vi tomos tribvta. Lvtetia. m.dc.xxxviii. 

7 vols., iblioy calf, newly bound ; fait old copy. 

ABNEY (R. L.) A Defence of Vh 
ginia [and through her of the South, 
in Recent and Pending Contests again! 
the Sectional Party. Nnv Tori. t86; 

1X010, dotb, uncut cdgci j uara in th'u coBdiikiii. 

507 DALRYMPLE (A.) An Historical Collection of tf 
Several Voyages and Discoveries in (he South Pacif 
Ocean. London, tyjt 
4M, calTi Mah. Cb'teflf a truulilioii from the Spannb wilten. 

508 DAMPIER {Captain William). A Collection of Voyage 
London. Mdccxxi 

4 voll., 1*0; I complccr copj or ihc bat edlcion, compriiing the cntiic t<IJifa 
I Danpiei and liii uiociMa tinont the boccumn, anil Vofifa of Wtf 

I FonatU, Sbvpe, Ac. Bcnul'i copir told for £5 lu. 6d. 

I " Dunpici'i Vojaiei cootiin dacripticnu made by a mv> gifted with the mau aiciin 
CHifi taiil, the moit delicata tact, with an eicellent judgmenC j an ^ of Dui 
' a preciaion and jret rapidity of ityle which chaniia tfa* reidn, Riffu then; 

I out the whole of the WDrk.~— K^. UnhBtruUt. 

i DANKERS and SLUYTER. See Memoirs of the Loi 

Island Historical Society. 

I 509 DANA. The Household Book of Poetry. Collected ai 
^: Edited by Charles A. Dana. Ninth Edition. 

New Tork: D. JppieUn and O. 186 

Rl. Ito, morocco, antique. 

510 DANIELL (Thomas). Oriental Scenery. London. 179 

] TUli., imp. dephint folio, half gmn IcTut morocco, gilt edget; iodndei «c i»i 
I «W Jffy Van of the jtrtkiuelmrt, jtmijuiiiu, ad LmmiKof >f B 

d'arblay. 105 

dutam ; Thx Platss aix ExquuirxLY Colorxd, in exact imitation of Highly 
Fncniao Drawimoi. 

" It ii almost unnecenaiy to lay anything in commendation of this extraordinary work, 
which is, without exception, the most magnificent series of views ever pro- 
duced in this, or any other country. The plates measure no less than 24 
inches by 17 inches, and are colored in the style of drawings.** — Bohn. 

^'Thc exccotion of these drawings is, indeed, masterly; there is every reason to confide 
in the fidelity of the representations ; and the effect produced by this rich 
and splendid display of oriental scenery is truly striking. Everything is 
drawn with the most astonishing accuracy. The animals, trees, and plants, 
are studies for the Naturalist. The views were taken by Mr. Daniell, with 
singular perseverance and industry, during a long residence in India.** — 
Monthly Magamint^ 

, 511 DANTE. The Vision of Hell. By Dante Alighicri. 
'^ ^^a Translated by the Rev. H. F. Gary, m.a., and Illus- 
trated with the Critical and Explanatory Notes, Life 
of Dante, and Designs of M. Gustave Dore. New 
Edition. With Chronology. London: CasselL mdccclxyu 

Folio, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

''The telling, bold, and dramatic compositions of M. O. Dor6 will obtain admiration 
from a wide circle. Thousands will go down in fancy with the living artist 
into the shades of hell, and be so impressed by his photographical vigor, that 
they may even know how, in the thinking, it reneweth fear to have 
ooce seen such monstrous shadows, sudden flames, and dismal regions.** — 


^ ir^ 

512 DANTE. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri 
Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

Boston Ticknor & Fields 1867. 

3 fok., 4to, sheets folded ; one of three copies on India Papsk, printed specially for 
three gentlemen of Chicago, at a cost of one thousand dollars. This 
splendid work is on very large paper, and afifbrds ample space for the 
illustrator of Dante to exhibit his taste in making a Umqpi Copt. 

513 D'ARBLAY. Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay, 
^ jS' Edited by Her Niece. London: H. Colburn. 1843-6. 

7 vols., crown 8vo, half morocco, uncut ; PoaraAm. 

I 14 


SpuUing with wit, Cecmlag wich lively inecdotn ud delectihle goaip, and Ul i 
■oond ind di*cmt viewi of penon* ind thiagt. 

514 DARLEY (F. O. C.) Compositioni in Outline, by Fell: 
O. C. Darley from Judd'i Margsuet. Engraved b 
Konrad Huber. Rtdfitld: New Ytri. [1856. 

I Obloni 4to, brown monicca, tndque ; ttra. 

515 DARLEY. The Cooper Vignettes. From Drawings b 
' F. O. C. Darley. India Proofs before Letters. 

j New Yari: J. G. Grtgary. 1863 

Folio, norocco, indqne ; LAtat PjiHt ; fiw friwnJ. 
Thn u 1 una of 64 eniniinf ■ iltutntiTc of Coapcr'i noTcli, wirh » much of tl 
»II at will eipUin tilc plitc. Thej ire cnlirely niQoul in theme, [he pn 
duct of the loremall of our dnnghDmen, ind eieciited entircl)' by Amuici 

516 DARLEY. A Selection of War Lyrict, with 8 Illustn 
'^ tions on Wood by F. O. C. Darley. New Tori. i86^ 

Hilf red levant morocCD, gilt lap, by Bndatmt. 

„Si7 DARLEY. Yankee Doodle, Illustrated. 
■^ New nri. [n. d. 

4to, half red moiocui, uncut, gilt tap. 

518 DAVENPORT (John). Gods Call|to|His PeoplcIT 
Turn unto Him i[ Together with | His Promise to Tur 
unto thcin.|Opcned and Applied in|ii. Sermons|At tw 
Publick Fasting-daycs appointed by Authority. ] By Mi 
John Davenport b.d. and Pastor to the First | Church c 
Christ at Boston in New-England. [Published at th 
desire of sundry Friends. | Camhridgt : \ Printed t 

S. G. W M. J. far John fiber a/ Biittoii.\uDCLxn 

4to, pp. 17, criuhed blue leTint morocco, gilt edgci, b^ F. Bedford. An only (pecitue 
of printing Id New England. 

DAVIS. 107 

519 DA VIES (Samuel), Religion | and | Patriotism. The Con- 
'/* ^ ^ stituents of a Good | Soldier. | A | Sermon | Preached to | 

Captain Overton's Independant | Company of Volunteers, 

raised in | Hanover County, Virginia, Au-|gust 17, I775* 

I By Samuel Davies, a.m. Minister of | the Gospel there. | 

Philadelphia^ Printed: \ London; Reprinted for J. Buck- 

land^ in \ Paternoster Row^ J. Ward at the King* s- Arms 

in\Cornhillj and y. Field in Cheapside. 1756.] 

8?o, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford; Pkoof Portrait inserted. 

A fine copy of this remarkable sermon, which contains the foUowing prophetic note on 
page la : *' As a remarkable instance of this, I may point out to the public 
that heroic youth. Col. Washington, whom I cannot but hope Providence 
has hitherto preserved in so signal a manner, for some important service to 
his country.** 

520 DAVIES. A Sermon, Preached before the Reverend 
^ S^r Presbytery of New-Castle, October 11, 1752, in Han- 
over, Va. Philadelphia: B. Franklin ^ D. Hall. 1753. 

8vo, polished calf. 

521 DAVIS (John). An Oration ... Worcester, (Mass.) on 
^^ the Fortieth Anniversary of American Independence. 

Worcester . 18 16. 

8vo. pp. S3. Also, Caldwell and Hallett's Orations, 3 vols. Su Washington (6.) 

522 [DAVIS (J.)] The First Settlers of Virginia, an Histori- 
' O/f cal Novel, Exhibiting a View of the Rise and Progress 

of the Colony at James Town. The Second Edition, 
considerably Enlarged. New Tori. 1806. 

lamo, pp. 284, sheep. 

DAVIS (M. L.) See Burr (Aaron), No. 305. 

523 DAVIS. Catalogue of the Private Library of the late 
/ So William J. Davis. With the Biographical Sketch by 

Henry B. Dawson, Esq. New Tori. 1865. 

1 vols.y rl. 4to, uncut; PoanAir j Lakgb pAPBa; only 75 copies printed. 

524 DAVIS (W. W. H.) Hiftoiy of the 104th PennBylm 
Regiment from August land, 1861, to September jOt 
1864. Pbihdt^hia. 186 

Im, pp. J64, clMhj Sa Platu. 

515 DAWSON (H. B.) The Assault on Stony Point, I 
General Anthony Wayne, July 16, 1779- Prepan 
for the New York Historical Society, and read at 1 
regular monthly meeting, April i, 1862, with a Ma 
Fac-similes, and Illustrative Notes. 

Merrisania^ N. T. 186 

Rl. 1*0, half IcTint moTocco, uncut, bjr W. Mathcwi; jo FiNi PoiTUun i 
PiATU inirmd; fritiaiilj frimitJ. Fdrmi Put n of Diwion'i *'Gleuii 
fniai ihc HuTtii-licId of Aataictn Kktaqr.' 

f^\ 526 DAWSON. [Another copy.] Murriiunit, N. r. l86 

Imp. Its, uacati S50 copiei printed. 

, ,- 527 DAWSON. Battles of the United Sates by Sea ii 
; Land. Ntw Tfri. 185 

1 ToU., 410, half red Itvint morocca, |U( lop, ancut ; PoKTmAiT ; Smhurit*n' Ctfi 

528 DAWSON. Battles of the War of the Revolution. 

Merriiania. 1 86 

Vol. 1, Pirt t, pp. 96. Thia pnbliucion wu unonoced in tt(5. Pirt i wu iai 
io 1S67, ind Put n ii not )iEi (iIto) publiihed. 

529 DAWSON. Gazette Series. rmieri. 186 

4 roll., rl. 1*0, btlf ted Icnnt morocco, (ill top, uncut, bj Bridnrceti frivti 
frimudi onlj 16 cop'm; vrf ran. ThU a 1 genetil dtle to tbe lidknri 
Encti, whicb were Gnt publiihed in the *< Wettchotcr Ouctte,' of wh! 
jootnal Mr. Dimon wu the editor. Tbe lulwcriptton price m one hi 
dtcd dollati per kc : 
' V<d. I. PapcTi Coaceming the CapCnie uid DeCcntian of Major John Andii. C 
I lected bj Henr; B. Dawion. 

VoL n. Pipen Coacerning the Boundirj between the Stitei of Hew York and N 
JotBT, Wiittea bf ScToal Huidi. 


DAWSON, 109 

Vol. m. Papen Concerning the Town and Village of Yonkers, Westchester County. 
A Fragment, by Henry B. Dawson. 

Vol IT. Rambles in Westchester County, New York. A Fragment, by Henry B. 

530 DAWSON. The Magazine Miscellany. 
d^ Morrisania, 1869. 

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut j twenty-fire copies only printed ; very uarce. 
This series consists of the <* Trial of Joshua Hett Smith,** and ** Fugitive 
Pieces ** by various hands. Vol. 11, has not been published. First printed 
in the «< Historical Magazine.** 

' 531 DAWSON. Major-Generai Israel Putnam. A Corres- 
""^ 04^ pondence on this Subject, with the Editor of the ** Hart- 
ford Daily Post." By " Selah/' of that city, and Henry 
B. Dawson, of White Plains, N. Y. 

Morrisania^ N, T, i860. 

Rl. 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by W. Mathews ; Fink PoaTXAm ; 47 
PLATXi inserted; privateJy printed ^ 250 copies printed, 131 of which are 
said to have been destroyed by fire. Forms Part ti of Dawson *s Gleanings. 

532 DAWSON. The Sons of Liberty in New York. A 
/'Z^"" Paper read before the New York Historical Society, 

May 3» '859. 

Printed as Manuscript^ for Private Circulation, 1859. 

Rl. 8 TO, uncut; a unique imprint. 

533 [DAWSON and DAVIS.] Reminiscences of the Park 
^J a^ and its Vicinity. New Tork. 1855. 

iiroo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut; twenty-five copies only printed. Mr. Davis* 
own copy, iUuarated by 61 imerted plates, 

534 DAWSON, HAMILTON, and JAY. Correspondence 
/ So between John Jay and Henry B. Dawson, and between 

James A. Hamilton and Henry B. Dawson, concerning 
the Foederalist. New Tori. 1864. 

Rl. 4to, uncut ; Large PArn ; only lo copies printed. 


15 DAWSON a«rfjAY. [The same.] l>fM nri. ii6. 

[6 DAY BREAKING (The), if not the Sun Rising of tl 
Gospel with the Indians in New England. 

A'w rori: RiprinUdfor Jistpb Sabin. l86 

4JD) half morocco, gilt Eop j Ljuok Pap»| jo copio printed. 

j7 DAY BREAKING (The). [The wme.] 

Nnu rerk: Rtprinttdfar Jetepb Satin. 186 
4ID, uiKu[{ Small Pmu. Sibin'i Repriali, No. u. 

[8 DEANE (S.) Papers Relating to the Case of Silas Dean 
Now first Published from the Original Manuscripts. 

Philadtlphia : Stvtntf Six Sacitty. iSj 
Itd, cloth, uncut { 150 cofta printed. 

19 DEANE (Charles). A Bibliographical Essay on Govern 
Hutchinson's Historical Publications. 

Boston: Privately Printtd. 18] 

Std, pp. 19 i JO copiet printed ; virj uarct. 

\o [DEANE.] Bibliographical Tracts. Number One. Sf 
nous Reprints of Early Books. Beiten, i8( 

HI. in, hilf brown morocco, uncut, bj BndilTcct{ edition, 131 copiet. 

^i DE BRAHM and ROMANS. The American Miliu 
Pocket Atlas. London, [n. ' 

6 Lakok Hah, folded in (no, hilfcilf) fau tUan afj. 

.2 DECLARATION (The) of Independence} A Poei 

Accompanied by Odes, Songs, &c.. Adapted to the D: 

By a Citizen of Boston. Printed at Bast 

Faust"! Statue^ Me. 45, Newbury Street. MDCCXa 

1*0, pp. »4, balTnMD. 

DE FOE. Ill 

543 DECLARATION by the Representatives of the United 
/ "/S' Colonics of North America, now met in General Con- 
gress at Philadelphia, Setting forth the Causes and Ne- 
cessity of Taking up Arms. London, mdcclxxv. 

4to, uncut. Privatdy rtprinttd for R. W. Roche. 

544 DE COSTA (B. F.) A Narrative of Events at Lake 
2- /pa George, from the Early Colonial Times to the close of 

the Revolution. New York. i868. 

Imp. Sto, uncut; only 75 copies printed. 

545 DE COSTA. Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by 
2 2S' ^^ Northmen. Albany. 1868. 

8ro, cloth, uncut \ yihf, 

546 DE COSTA. Sketches of the Coast of Maine and Isles 
' '^^ of Shoalsy with Historical Notes. New York, 1869. 

4to, cloth \ Protogkapuc Platx ; 24 copies printed. 

547 DE FOE (D.) The Life and Strange Surprizing Adven- 
^/ aa tures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner. He being 

cast on Shore by Shipwreck wherein all the Men perished 
but himself. With an Account how he was at last as 
strangely delivered by Pyrates, Written by himself. Il- 
lustrated by Stothard. London: John Stockdale. 1 790. 

1 voli., imp. 8vo, half morocco, uncut; with 17 BzAunrvL Platu after Stothard*8 
deiigna, engraved by C. Heath ; India Proofs j LAsas Papsr ; scaret, 

** Perfaapt there exiata no work, either of instruction or entertainment, in the English 
language, which has been m(»« generally read, or more deservedly admired, 
than the < Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.* ** — Sik Waltkk Scott. 

$48 DE FOE. Collection de Cent-Cinquante Gravures regre- 

^f ^^ sentante et formant une Suite non interrompue des 

Voyages et Adventures de Robinson Crusoe, dessinees 

et gravees par T. A. L. Dumoulin. A Vivey. [n. d.] 

probiblf : 

1 50 Fmi EKOUTDtoi, iUoMntini the " AdTencura of Robii 
A nun complete vtiei of pl^tet, JUuatrmting thii Hbjcct, I 
EKt been mide. The irtitt weiiu to hne iiiulied ihe nib 
T CO ]ti illintridon. The title pra no dele, but the plita 1 
ibout 170O1 pcrhipe eirlier. 

549 DE FOE. The Novels and Miscellaneous Works 
Daniel De Foe. With a Biographical Memoir of 
Author, Literary Pre&ces to the various pieces, illust 
tive notes, etc, including all contained in the Edit 
attrihuied to the late Sir Walter Scott, with Consid 
ahle Additions. Oxferd: D. A. Taibojs. i8. 

ola., fup Sto, cloth, ODCDt i bot ind onljr amfUa iJii'm 1 tctrci. Sa " Din 
"Cai. Utentnie," " Oentlemtii'i Uifuine, Mirch, l?!!," uil O. 
"Olio," pp. ji-4j. 

[DE FOREST {T. R.)] &/ New York. 

I DEHON(T.) jiff Washington (G.) 

, ' * -/SSO DE KAY (James E.) Zoology of New York. Fauna 
' f/^, Albany. .8, 

I I 1 TOb., 4(0, half monKco ; Couiep Pum. 

. , ^JS5» DELAPLAINE. Delaplaine's Repository of the Li 
' , ■ . and Portraits of Dtttinguithed American Characters. 

Pbiladtlpbia. l8 
3 Tola, in one, 4[i>, hilf clotb { eoacuni Futi Poe-nuTi of Wubiagnn, Muoil 
Amei, Dr. Ruah, ColuabiH, etc. 

552 DELAVALL and KEITH. The|Heresie and Hatr< 
Which was falsly Charged upon the | Innocent |Jus 
returned upon the|Guilty. {Giving some brief and i 
partial Account of the most ina-|terial Pass^es of a I 
Dispute in Writing, that hath | passed at Philadelp 


betwixt IJohn Delavall and George Keith, With some 
iotermixt Remarks and Observations on | the whole. | 

Printed and sold by 
fVilliam Bradford at Philadelphia^ Anno Dom. 1693. | 

4ta^pp. AS (i)> crushed brown levant morocco, by W. Mathews; the last leaf is a 
FiOMTiiFUCB, by W. Bradford. 

553 DE-LA-WARRE (Lord). The Relation of the Right 
^^ ^{f Honourable the Lord De-La- Warre, Lord-Governour 
^ and Captaine Generall of the Colonie, planted in Vir- 

ginea. London: Printed^ 1611. 

Reprinted hy C. Whittingham. 1858. 

So. 4to^ half green levant morocco^ ^t top, uncut, by F. Bedford; ^nvatefy printed; 
only fifty copies. 

DELTA, pstuJen. Set [DEANE (C.)] 


554 [DELL (W.)] The Doctrine of Baptisms, Reduced from 
^^ its Ancient and Modern Corruptions ; And restored to 

its Primitive Soundness and Integrity ; According to the 

Word of Truth ; the Substance of Faith, and the Nature 

of Christ's Kingdom. The Fifth Edition. London^ 

Printed. Reprinted by B. Franklin and D. Hall. 1759. 

8 TO. pp. 43, polished cal/^ gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

555 DELL. The Trial of Spirits, both in Searchers and 
y 00 Hearers, wherein is held forth The Clear Discovery and 

certain Downfall of the Carnal and Antichristian Clergy 
of these Nations, etc. 

London: first Printed in the year 1666. Philadelphia: 
Reprinted by B. FranUin and D. Hall, mdcclx. 

Sto, pp. 55, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

556 DENNISTOUN (J.) Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, 
//o- ,5 

illufltrating the Anns, Arts, >nd Literature of Italj from 
1440 to 1630, with appendix of Original Documentt, 
Poetiy, etc. LnttUn. 1851. 

] Tidi^ *q. Ira, ddCli, (ill J fauij lUmurtai ^li En ^ rawtJ Vnvt, PcunAm, etc. 
Oat of tlic DMCt detinc inl ialeR«ia| worki oo Itiljr cTcr pabUtbed) it 
cootii&> co^cMU detiili of the linntnn of the time. 

-557 DENTON (Daniel). A Brief Hittory of New York, 

y rormerly New Netherlands. New edition, with copious 

notes, by the Hon. Gabriel Fumun. Mtu Ttri. 1845. 

41a, dotb, oncBtj Lame Puuj oalji 50 copja printed. Oowum' "BiblMtlwi 

f> 558 DE PEYSTER (F.) The Moral and Inlelleaual Influ- 
ence of Libraries upon Social Progress. 

f/fw Tork. MDCCCLXV 

Imp. 4to, half morocco, oncntj Laidi PjirUj ooljr jo co|Hii priiced. 

^^ 559 DE PEYSTER (J. W.) Banle of the Sound, or Baltic. 

Peugbhepsii, 1858 

-.560 DE PEYSTER. The History of Caniusius ... the firs 
/ Sailor King of England. Pmgbkiepiie. 1858 

in, half morocco, grit top. 

^^ 561 DE PUY (H. W.) Ethan Allen and the Green-Moun 
tain Heroes of '76. With a Sketch of the Early HIttor 
of Vermont. 

tftw Terk: Phinnej^ Blakrman (^ Mai»n. t86c 

lama, pp. 418, doth. 

DETROIT. Stt Muniell (J.) 
^ 56Z DETAIL of Some Particular Services Performed in Amei 

DIBDIN. 115 

ica, During the years 1776, 1777, 1778, and 1779. 
Compiled from Journals and Original Papers, etc. etc. 
Printed for Ithiel Town from a manuscript obtained by 
him while in London, in the summer of 1830. 

Niw Tori: Privately printed /or Ithiel Town. 1835. 

iimo, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bndstreet. This ** Detail*' had already appeared 
in print in the ^ Naval Chronicle ** twenty years before. 

563 DETAIL (The) and Conduct of the American War, 
/^ ^^ under Genls. Gage, Howe, Burgoyne, and Vice-Admiral 

Lord Howe: the Evidence given before the House of 
Commons: and the Fugitive Pieces which are said to 
have given Rise to that Important Inquiry. Exhibiting 
a Complete History of the Real Causes, Rise, Progress, 
and Present State of the American Rebellion. Third 
Edition. London. 1780. 

tTO| entirely nncnt ; a heoMtiJuI C9py ; scarct. In this edition many interesting papers 
have been added. 

564 DEUX-PONTS {aunt William De). My Campaigns in 
3 So America, 1780-81. Translated from the French Manu- 
script, with introduction and Notes, by Samuel A. 
Green. Boston. 1868. 

Sto, half red morocco, gflt top, ancut. 

565 DIARY of a Southern Refugee, during the War. By a 
^ 47 cf Lady of Virginia. New York. 1867. 

iimo, cloth, uncut; narct in this condition. 

566 DIBDIN (T.) The Reminiscences of Thomas Dibdin. 

London. 1827. 

1 Tols., Syo, half calf} Poktrait. 

DIBDIN {Rev. T. F.) Set Kempis (Thomas a'), and 
More {Sir T.) 

1 16 DIBDIN. 

! $67 DIBDIN (T. F.) A Bibliographical Antiquaritn and Pic 
[ turesque Tour in France and Gennany. By the Rev 

Tho. Frognall Dibdin, f.r.8. s.a. 

Louden: Pajni and Fm. i8it 

i J *di., imp. Ito, cnliried to 6 ray thick Tclt^ imp. Sio, LJRGB FMEi, aa 

\ luMliJmlfy immJin t/im mantet mptr-txtrt, iki ttttl riiUf [ill, mi mtrj im 

I rieUj Mild itrJeri tffiiJ « ric dJa, mlid iniiJa md >'■», «/&■ /i.f^ 

I aaJ fy-kavii, fill fJgii, by Chirld Levii, in hit beat atylc g contiuuc 

1 DBinenni BiAVrmt PoiTftAin, Platu, ViOHrrm, «nd Woopcim, i 

Csoici Punn, niii am Sxiratrdiuarj Strict if ikt Plath it varit 

i "t" if agrmviii[, mmJ iJu umi pUu titrj friptntlj I'a im, llirtt, t*i fn 

I £ffrrtmt usiti, *ti. ; ETCBmot, Uwr muM ic Pioon, Puwn unu n 

I Lrrrui, Pioon uroH India Papii. and imfriiiim afta lit FUui «< 

laaalUi, v>ilk til Fainci Plan Calaniafitr lit Origiaai Draning. Ii i 

alia tit Siriii if Gnufi illuaraiii^ lii Piyiiigatmj, ManiHri, tti Omrm 

tfiii PttfU tf Fratct and Ginma-j, by O. R, Liwiij 60 Platu, P«oo 

DTOF Ihdia Papu, wiih oBmcroui DdtlicatU in varitmi Uifii tf E 

gravlag, icmt tf vikick mrr afitrviarit alltridi and a Priviulj Priti 

Siattmt*! rtifttiiiig tit Print ki ekargid fir tit Sincka and Drawitgt} 

(ill fFtri, tokici icn afitrviardi txffritud. 

Thb b decidcdij the unu ipUadid aad magaificiia ttfy in txiittma. Beudet the inuDa 

nomber nf Platz*, in ihcit *uum •[>((•, of Ptoon, Puirn, ck., whii 

belong to thii work, it ii further illnttraud yitth n (rKunw aaoMap 

OutHHAi, DiAwmoa ind Tiacikoi, Putati Platu, Etcbirgi, Parrtjui 

Vnwi, AHTiqprnu, etc. 

Il contUB* gpwirda of l]o Fikb Ouoihal Diawihg^ bjr the Ibllowiag emiiie 

utian, lii. I 1 ID colon by N. Bcrin, 17 in cohni bj T. Burr, one id pc 

ind-ink bjr Cone]', ■ in pencil bjr Dt. Dibdia, 7 id colon bf B. Fcrt, i 

colon bjr O. Jonea, 15 in pcDcil, pcD-uid-ink, chalk, colon, etc^ by G. 1 

Lewia, with u oritinal tnciop alio by O. R. Lewii, 1 io colon by ' 

Mercer, 6 in colon by J. P. Neale, t J in colon by W. Price, j» ia (oli 

by A. W. Pu|iB. 

Alas, 11 PuTATX Platu, inclDding the PoaTuur of Dr. Dibdin, by HodgetO, of whi 

then were only 75 impreaaioBi, Tour d'EglJie de St. Okd 1 Roneo, t 

beaatifal Portnit of DiaDa of Poictieta, engraved by Tbomion, Buuui 

Paoor iiroDi tni Limia, of which only 11 were taken, and a fine Pn 

after the letten, of which only 50 itDpradoni were taken, when the pL 

waa datroycd, with one of (he three impreauona atnick off in ita nndlal 

atate, and a Fntf tn India Fafir of the redoced copy; Ptriraii of Adam 

I Biitach, eBfnnd by WortUnpon i yiivr of CtoatemcDbatt Monine 


near Vieniut ; Pwtrmt of M. Heerdegen ; Portrait of M. Dominique Aitaria, 
engraved by Grimm ; 8 Plata of Bayeuz Tapestry. 

It H alio Anther Uluttrated with a collection of about 230 PoaTRAiTS, Plates, £tch- 
mot, etc., including some Choice Proofs before any Letters^ many Proofs 
Mpem India Paper and other Proofs^ among which are several Plates engraved 
for the second edition of the work, vie. : two Portraits of the Author, one of 
which is a Pro^ before the letters, the other the Prater at Vienna, Proof in 
three different states. 

We conclude a necessarily long description of this Splendid Set or Books, with 
the remark) that no finer copy of this work can be produced. Sir George 
Henry Freeling, Bart., to whom it formerly belonged , was occupied upwards 
of twenty years in gathering the material of which it consists, sparing neither 
expense or labor, in gratifying his determination to make this the most 
valuable and extensively illustrated copy in existence. 

^ A work calculated to have as intoxicating an effect on the imagination of literary 
antiquaries, as the adventures of the heroes of the Round Table on all true 
knights, or the tales of the early American voyagers on the ardent spirits of 
their age ; filling them with dreams of Mexican and Peruvian mines, and of 
the golden realm of El Dorado. It has not passed, however, without some 
hostile (though unfounded) remarks from the printers, binders, and librarians 
of France." — Wbangham . 

568 DIBDIN. Sixty additional Plates to Illustrate the Original 
Edition of the Tour in France and Germany, by George 
Lewis. London. 1823. 

3 parts, rl. 410 ; India Paoors. These are extra illustrationSi and published at £i lis. 
6d. per part. 

$69 DIBDIN. A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque 
WZ x^ Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in Scot- 
'^ ; ^ land. By the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, d.d. 
•^-^ London: James Bohn. MDCCCXXXViii. 

1 vols., imp. 8vo extended to 3 vols., by the addition of all the cancelled leaves and 
other additional matter ; a beautiful and spotless copy — ^umk^tc. 

la this work the author concluded his tours, but failed to give to this the interest that 
attached to the southern trip, whether firom a lack of mattrial or from hav- 
ing written himself out, is uncertain. The book, however, is an essential 
companion to France and Germany; and, as it describes some collections 
that have ceased to exist, possesses an historical intexest. 


• . . 

1 1 8 DIBDIN. 

,570 DIBDIN. The Bibliographical Decameron; or, 1 

Days Pleasant Difcourse upon Illuminated Manuscrij 

and Subject) connected with Early Engravings, Ty 

graphy, and Bibliography. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdi. 

Lenden : G. and W. Nieat. 18 

; Tfrit., imp. In, boirdi, nocDt; DnmeroiH PoiTiAm ind iLLnrtATiri Pu 
aunji of them upon Ikdia Patu j m iftilta afj. 

The dUlofDc Ii cIcKrljr MutiiiKd, loJ thc occuional tocntic fbm iffbrdi oppsti 
for nnmcnHu uUia of wit, while ihe iaiiirmitiaa tawfti t) of moR i 
thin that uHiuincd in tajr other of the Dottor'i worki which affect gK 

"Thb work mtf be coniideRd u i contiaiudon of the ** Bibliomiaii,' the i 
chinctert beiiiE lairadDCed In the diilogaei. From the infirmtin w 
it coMiiDi, uid the iftnJtr of ihe iatraiiaiu and friiu'm[, it will ck 
conaidered at a model of euellence and good taaie in t}rpognphr and 
am. Both the coppetpiitei and the woodcnta which embcUiahed the i 

. 571 DIBDIN. The Bibliomania; or. Book Madness, C 
taining some Account of the History, Symptoms, 1 
Cure of this Fatal Disease. In an Epistle addrcsse<l 
Richard Hebet, Esq. Londm. iS 

Sto, boanb, uncut j firit i£iin. 

572 DIBDIN. [Thc same] 

Privattly Reprinttdfar tbt Ciui of Odd Slicii. 18' 

Lmoe PaTU i onlj lortT copet pfioted. 

1, half moracoa, |ilt top, nocst, b; BndMrect. Thii eopf it irtmtifiify illi0 
with Ra» Pditbait* of the Duke of Reibargbe, L. Sterne, Jneph A 
Ahp. Cnnmcr, Lord Burleigh, Ladji Jane Orajr, Queen Elinbeth, Qi 
Anne, Holbdn, Addiaon, Eati Spencer, Bp. Buntet, Lord ClanndM, 
Rncoc, and Wm. Lambarde j Vuwi of St. Alban'i Abbe;, Brimh Miai 
Veoice, and the Bodloao LibruT- Theae Platu are bcaatifiilljr iolaii 
OeoTie Trent. 

DIBDIN. 1 19 

573 DIBDIN. Bibliomania; or Book Madness: A Biblio- 
Z ^OJ"/ graphical Romance, in Six Parts. Illustrated with Cuts. 

London. 181 1. 

2 Tob. in ly old calf; good copy, 

574 DIBDIN. Bibliomania; or Book-Madness; A Biblio- 
Tfj 4f ^ graphical Romance. Illustrated with Cuts. By Thomas 

Frognall Dibdin, d.d. New and Improved Edition ... 
including a Key to the assumed characters in the Drama. 

London: H. G, Bobn. mdcccxlii 

Rl. 8 TO, boardt, uncut. 

Thii cdebfated work, which unites the entertainment of a romance with the moat 
valuable information on all bibliographical tubjecti, hat long been scarce. 
This edition was undertaken by Mr. Walmsly. It contains a Key to the 
characteiSy etc., and a supplement, edited by Dr. Dibdin himself, Mr. 
Allan's copy sold for $100. 

" You have contrived to strew flowers over a path which, in other hands, would have 
proved a very dull one ; and all Bihliomanet roust remember you long, as he 
who first united their antiquarian details with good-humored raillery and 
cheerfulness.** — Sia Waltse Scott to Da. Dibdim. 

*'The * Bibliomania * is evidently formed, in the first instance, on the plan of 
honest Isaac Walton*s * Complete Angler;' with conspicuous marks of the 
author's being deeply versed in the * Battle of the Books,* and a familiar 
acquaintance with old English literature, and occasionally with the digres- 
sions of Yorick, Under the shape of dramatic dialogue, the reader is equally 
enteruincd and instructed ; the abstruser parts, with the historic details, being 
thrown into the form of notes. It would now be useless to pass an encom- 
ium on this work, as its merits are so fiiUy established as to have more than 
doubled the original price of a volume now with difficulty to be obtained." — 
Gtufi Mag. 

575 [DIBDIN.] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the Present 
Languid and Depressed State of Literature and the Book 
Trade. In a Letter addressed to the Author of the Bib- 
liomania. By Mercurius Rusticus. With Notes by 
Cato Parvus. London. 1832. 

Imp. Svo, boards, uncut j Laiob PAPia; 100 copies printed. 


.576 [DIBDIN. The nmc] LnJtn. li; 

Snijbaudt, BKK. TU) i>, in bet, i conliniutioB oTUkc ** BiblionuDUi'' io (Ik fi 
of > tour tkroBfh the difienot baak«cUen' ihopi of London, Oxford. 

J77 DIBDIN. Bibliotheca Spencerianai or, A Dncript 
Catalogue of the Books Printed in The Fiftcentb O 
tury, and of many valuable first Editions, in tbe Libr 
of George John Earl Spencer, k.g., &c., &c., Stc. 
the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin. Lend 

Priniidfer iht Auihtr, by Bulmtr H Ce. 1814-18 

4. Toll., imp. tia, gilt cop, uncntj jb( c*)^. Thii laluiblc week nnigaatiaa 
lUndi M the hud of in dut u the bat bibliognphical dacriptioa of m 
the moit eitenuTe and boat collection! of ran eaily literatut eier tarm 

578 DIBDIN, Descriptive Catalogue of Books printed in 

Fifteenth Century, lately forming part of tbe Library 
tbe Duke di Cassano Serra. LoHdtn. 18 

Imp. 8*0, doth, DBCBt. 

579 [DIBDIN.] Tbe Director. A Weekly Literary Jouri 

containing — I. Essays on Subjects of Literature, < 
It. Bibliograpbiana, account of rare and curious bo« 
and of the book-sales, from the close of the Seventec 
Century, iii. Royal Institution, tv. British Galler 
L,HJ»n. 18 

* Tidi., Ito, half calf. The bibliographical portion waa written bj Dr. Dibdin 

580 DIBDIN. An Introduaion to tbe Knowledge of R 

and Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Class 
Fourth Edition, greatly enlarged and corrected. 

Londan. 18 

" Thi* edition u enlirelf rewritten, and coniaini, for the inx time, an accooat of 
beat edition! of tbe Hebrew Biblei and the Graek and Latin Fuhen 

DIBDIN. 121 

/'581 DIBDIN. The Library Companion ; or the Young Man's 
^^ Guide, and the Old Man's Comfort, in the Choice of a 
Library. By Rev. T. F. Dibdin. Second Edition. 
London: Printed for Harding^ Triphook^ Lepard. mdcccxxv. 

2 volt., rl. Svo ; Laeob Papbb Copt. 

^582 DIBDIN. Poems. London, i'j()(). 

8to, pp. X, 117, boards, uncut ; fne copy ; smppresud by the author. 

*' In the fint edition of the ' Bibliomania * it a cnriout note retpecting thete poemt, 
firom which it appears that five hundred copiet were printed, the major part 
of which were dettroyed. ' My only contolatiou it,* tays the author, ' that 
the volume it exceedingly rare.* Brockett*t copy sold for £1 iSs., and Bind- 
ley*t for £1 i8t.** — Lowmdu. 

583 DIBDIN. Reminiscences of a Literary Life; By the 
^<^ty^ Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, d.d. 

London: John Major. MDCCCXXXVI. 

2 Toll., imp. 8vo{ Labgx PAPxa, noitk proof impressions of tie PosTaAm atid pLATSt ; 
Jhe eopyg rusaa txtroj with borders ofgold^ andjoiuts^ uueut ; scarce. 

Very few copies of this interesting woric were printed on large paper. This was the 
late Miss Currer*8 SuBscaipnoN Coft, who has illustrated it with several 
additional prix>ate plates and portraits^ two long and interesting autograph 
letters to her from the author, and various printed particulars relating to him 
and his works. It contains the Inobx, often wanting. Among the plates 
is a PoKTBAXT of Dibdiu, from a private plate; Vixw of Eshton Hall, the seat 
of Miss Cuner ; Paoor of the Battle of Waterloo. There are also some Auto- 
oiAFHic NoTXS on the margin by Miss Correr, some of which are character- 
ised by more strength than elegance in thdr diction. She actually gives the 
Ue to some of the Reverend Doctor*s statements. 


DIBDIN. [Another copy.] London. 1836. 

> vols., Svoy boards, uncut ; Postkait; Small Papxk; with AuroaiAPa of the 
author, being a preseutatiom eopy to Frederick Verachter ; contains the Imdix, 
which is frequently deficient. 

. / 585 DIBDIN. Typographical Antiquities ; or the History of 
Printing in England Scotland and Ireland; containing 




Memoirs of our Ancient Printo-s, and a Register of the 
Books Printed by them. Begun by the Ute Joseph 
Ames, p,R.s k a.8S. Considerably augmented by Wil- 
liam Herbert, of Cheshunt, Herts; And now grcatl]^ 
enlarged, with Copious Notes, and illustrated with appro- 
priate Engravings \ Comprehending the History of Eng- 
lish Literature, and a View of the Progress of the An ol 
Engraving, in Great BriuJn; By the Rev. Tliomu 
Frognall Dibdin. Lenden : I^nltd ij 

tVilliam Savage, [n. d.] Vol. ii; Printtd ftr mi- 
Ham Militr. l8l2. Vol. lll; PrinUd far Willian 
Miller, 1816. Vol. iv; Lendan: Ltngman. 1819. 

4 mil., 4ta, hilf calf, ancnt j numtroiii Poi-nAiii anil Facbkilu. 
ladbpeonblc (o tht collector of eailj £a|liih boolu. Later wriicn on the iimc mbjed 
■R Utteljp indcbccd to the mccEiuTe luthon of cbtt work. Notwithnaiidiii| 
iti man, which an BBmcivDi, it i> ihc mott complftc work of iti Idnd. 

,>586 DICKENS (C.) American Notes for General Circula- 
tion. Landan. 1842. 
a *ob., peat l«o, doth, oacM. From the libraiy of Mr. DaTJd Robetti (llu artiR). 

587 DICKENS (C.) Works of Charles Dickens. Illustrated 
with Proof Impressions from Designs by Darley, Gilbert, 
Cruikshank, Phiz, &c. 
! Cambridge : Pritiied at the Riverside Preis. 

44 T(^, S*o; 100 copiet aal7 pfinted. Thii cditiaii contain! the Platu i«a«l writ 
the £D|liih editiaii, in addidoa 10 thoae b; Dailer- 

^ J588 DICKENSON (Jonathan). God's | Protecting Providence, 
I I Man's I Surest Help and Defence, | in Times of greatest 

Difficulty, and I the most eminent Danger, evidenced in 
I the I remarkable Deliverance of Robert | Barrow, witl 

' divers other Persons, | from the devouring Waves of the 

I Sea,[amongst which they suffered Shtpwreckj and abc 

from the cruel devouring Jaws | of the inhuman Canibali 



DONKIN. 1 23 

of Florida. | Faithfully related by one of the Persons con- 
cern'd therein, Jonathan Dickenson. |The Fifth Edition. | 

London : Printed and Sold by Mary Hinde^ 
No, 2 in George-^yard^ Lombard^Strat, [n. d,] 

Sto^ 7 l.| pp. 116, Bookf, 2 1. j half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradttreet. '' A 
highly intereitiog volume.** — Rich, l, p. i 30. 

y 589 DICKESON (M. W.) The American Numismatic 
'^^ Manual of the Currency, or Money of the Aborigines, 
and Colonial State, and United States Coins. ... Illus- 
trated by 30 plates ... Second Edition. 

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott ^ Co. i860. 

4to, cloth } 30 Plates. 

590 DICKINSON (D. S.) Speeches, Correspondence, &c. 
7^~ New rori. 1867. 

a vols., 8vo, cloth. 

591 DOBSON {Mr.) Chronological Annals of the War; 
-^ y^^ from its Beginning to the present time. With an Intro- 
duction. Oxford. 1763. 

8vo, old calf; very tcarc; AuTOGaATR of W. L. Stone. Contains fiiU particulars of 
the French and Indian war in America, as well as the events which took 
place in Europe. 

592 DOCTRINE (The) of Christianity, as held by the People 
i>€> called Quakers, Vindicated: In Answer to Gilbert Ten- 

nant's Sermon on the Lawfulness of War. Philadelphia: 
Printed by Benjamin Franklin and D. HalL MDCCXLVIII. 

8voy panneled calf, antique style. 

593 DONKIN. Military Collections and Remarks. Pub- 
f^a^ lished by Major Donkin. 

New York: Printed by H, Gaine^ at the 
Bible and Crown^ in Hanover^ Square. M,DCC,LXxyii. 

Svoy x6 1.^ pp. 164, brown polished calf, uncut, by F. ^tdfyf^ 


594 DONNE (John). Letten to SevenUl Persons of Hon 
our i Written by John Donne Sometime Dean c 
S< Pauls. LonJm. 1651 

4(0, oM cilf t atmatlj rtn. 

595 DONNE. Devotions. London: W. Ptcktring. 1841 

Fcap gn, calfindiiHe, red cdgci. 

596 DONOVAN (E.) The Natund History of British Quid 
rupeds. Londtn. iSic 

J Toll. ID I , rl. Its, lulf {rcca morocco, (ill cdia | miny beaodliilljr Colbud Putn 

J 597 DOOLITTLE (M.) Historical Sketch of the Congre 

I gational Church, in Belchcnown, Mass., from its orgini 

sauon ; and Early History of the Place, By Hon. Mar 

Doolittle. Nertbamptn. 185] 

limo. pp. 164, cloth. 

I 598 DORAN (Dr.) Annals of the Ei^lish Stage, froi 
Thomas Bettenon to Edmund Kean, Actors, Authon 
Audiences. tfnu Tori. i86j 

t tdIl, imp. Itoj Laui Patu; 161 eopia piiniEiI. The 1 Tola. eReDded to fit 
Tob., A. Ito, bj nuncTooi plita iDKrad; half polUlud Unst motoH 

[ cnn, |Ut lop. 

I Thii nnq;i copy conwini Mme liir kiaJnJ pmaiii and ikartiar illuurtiim^ toot 

I ini froBi the iwjt of Bctlertoa to Chirla Manbewi. No Engliih un 

or Bctica of celcbritjr ii omitted from thu callecdoR, ud of the mow cell 
bnlxd then m nrioM porlruti lad wpummtioM in their bat pull o 

. the tOfc, Meoj of the impmdoa* of the pUtei ire choice proo^ end il 

U the preaeac day, are difficult to be pnciued. The pnpention of the *v 
in Lwrndm, with the belt ^cUltio ud opponuniCiet of an experienced coUccIo 

' occnptcd the Icianie hoon of otci two jean. The United number of goo 

I impr—aoM capable of bein| nreck off Inm ■ copperpUle engnnng — tb 

onl]' meant IB oie when ouM of theec deeifoi were made — reader the pioet 
work of nnuoal nrit]i and ralae, 


i 599 DORCHESTER. History of the Town of Dorchestei 

DRAKE. 125 

Massachusetts. By a Committee of the Dorchester An- 
tiquarian and Historical Society. 

Boston: Ebenezir Clapp^ Jr, 1859. 

8vo, pp. zzi, 672, half calf, gilt. 

600 DOUCE (Francis). Illustrations of Shakspeare, and of 
/ ^^ Ancient Manners: with Dissertations on the Clowns and 

Fools of Shakspeare ; on the Collection of Popular Tales 
entitled Gesta Romanorum ; and on the English Morris 
Dance. London: Longmans. 1807. 

s folt., Svo, half calf, gilt top, uncut ; the Engbavings on Wood, by J. Benyman ; 
hett t£ti$n^ with numerous Facsimilu. 

Dooce figures in Dibdin*s ** Bibliomania ** and in his ** Biographical Decameron,** under 
the name of Pr§tpero. 

** I look upon this work as a sort of Htrtus SJkahpearisnus $ the research and learning 
bestowed on it are immense.** — Dibdin. 

" Of this literary writer, notices are copiously strewed over the three volumes of the 
' Bibliogr. Decam.* The work itself, amidst an infinite yariety of curious 
matter, discusses the man in the moon, whom Ritson has endeavoured to 
identify with the stick-gathering Sabbath- breaker of 'Nuuib.* zv, p. 32, and 
Chaucer conceived to have stcUm the sticks in question, the weight of which 
kept him from climbing nearer to heaven thfn the moon. The Italians 
deem him to be Cain, and Dante, in his < Inferno,* periphrases that planet 
accordingly by Caimc t It tpine. The Jews find in him their Jacob ; the 
Ceylonites call the animal, there imprisoned, a harej and, among the 
Chinese, the moon is represented by a rabbit pounding rice in a mortar.** — 

601 DOWSE. The Dowse Library. 

^^ Boston: Printed for Private Distribution. 1869. 

Svo, pp. 80, cloth ; 3 Platbs. 

602 DRAKE {Sir F.) The Life of the Celebrated Sir Francis 
^ ^^ Drake. London. 1828. 

Inp. S?0) half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Reprinted from the *^ Biographia Britannica.** 
Sti Clarke (W.), No. 425. 


1 26 DftAKS. 

'603 [DRAKE.] The Engliih Heroes or Sir FrancU Dm 
Revived. Landm. i6f 

i itmt, cilf ) PsmAtT of Dnke ; firu t£iU* ; titry rtn. Su Sabia't " Dicccmii 
Vol. m. No. 9500. 

_:6o4 DRAKE (J. R.) The Culprit Fay, and other Poems. 
Nnv Tork, 18; 
Ito, morocco, nncat g oewipaper cutlinp uucited. 

60s DRAKE and HALLECK. The Croakers, by Jo« 
Rodman Drake and Fitz Greene Halleck. First Co 
plete Edition. New Tork. mdccc: 

Rl. Ira, balf-dile, pp. «»■, 191 i Poitutt ; Cina Cott, No. *. Bndford I 
Stiiet, No. a. 100 copia printed. Tbii copf u tUutnttd with 4] Pu 
ric: Pmrmiu of HtWecktai Dnke; Pm/t — hjit Paftr 1 Aiigrtfi . 
of Hillcck to Mr. W. L. Andrem, the fiitmei oiriicr of tbu (olimici . 
Pirlrmi of Woodworth (coit $10) j Pntf Ptnrmi of Sbtkapeuci H 
ittoD, Dr. S. L, Mitchell, 1 Pirtralu vtry rtrt Ptnr»ili of FnnUin, 
Bnren, W. C. Biymnt, Uorgao LewU, Stepben Allen, D. Howck, Aw 
Jacluon [Pntf), J. R. Dnke, Hilleck (Prtaf). A. Burr, Z. TitIoc, 
Godwin, Oirkioa Croliiu, ind aj rari Plata if Vitm h Nne Ta 
WHU^ Pntft tm Ihqu Patu. 

606 DRAKE (Nathan). Shakspeare and his Times ; includ 
the Bic^raphy of the Poet ; Criticisms on his Genius : 
Writings ; a new Chronolc^ of his Plays ; a Disc 
sition on the object of his Sonnets ; and a history of 
Manners, Customs, and Amusements, Superstitic 
Poetry, and Elegant Literature of his Age, Lttuttn. 18 
1 fob., il. 4to, cloth, Docnti Laioi Patii. 

Thii muterlji ptodocdon conuin* i miM of «tmibie and well-digcMed infbnni 
The " Ocndenien'i Migiiine," -nmarki, '* No work hu bitbeno ippi 
ia whkb m much inlbrmMiaB re*pectiD| Shikapeare, md hi> dme*, wi 

.607 DRAKE (Samuel G.) Biography and History of the 
diang of North America. Baitm. if 

S*o, hilf rod morocco, |ilt top, b]> Vmitttttt i fin a/j. 

DRAKE. 127 

J. 608 DRAKE. The Book of the Indians ; or Biography and 
History of the Indians of North America, from its First 
Discovery to the Year 1841. Eighth Edition, with 
large Additions and Corrections. Boston, m.dccc.xlv. 

tfo, doth i PomAiTiy Mapi, etc. Containi the portraits of Sir William Johnaon, 
Gen. Wayne, Red-Jacket, Pocahontai, omitted ia lubaequent edidons. 

609 DRAKE. A Brief Memoir of Sir Walter Raleigh ; pre- 

pared for and published in the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Roister for April, 1852, and now Re- 
printed with Additions. Boston : 
Printed far the Author for Private Distribution. 1862. 

4tO| half green morocco^ gilt top, uncut ; Pobtrait of Raleigh, after the picture bjr 
Zocchero, with 18 Flatxi inserted, consisting of rare Poktraits of Raleigh, 
Queen Elisabeth, Drake, etc. ; Labox Patu ; only lo copies printed ; vrijr 
uarce. Among the plates inserted is a fine impression of the tttettdii^Ij rare 
PomAiT of Sir Walter Raleigh, engraved by Simon Pass. 

610 DRAKE. The History and Antiquities of Boston, the 
^ Sa Capital of Massachusetts and Metropolis of New Eng- 
land, from its Settlement in 1630, to the Year 1770. 
Also An Introductory History of the Discovery and Set- 
tlement of New England. With Notes, Critical and 
Illustrative. By Samuel G. Drake, a.m. 

Boston: Published iy the Author. 1856-7. 

Imp. 8to, boards, nncat. 

61 1 DRAKE. A Collection of Plates to the foregoing Lot. 
-^^ Boston. 1856. 

612 DRAKE. The Old Indian Chronicle ; being a Collection 
u ^^ of Exceeding Rare Tracts, written and published in the 

Time of King Philip's War, by Persons residing in the 
Country. To which are now added an Introduction and 
Notes, by Samuel G. Drake. Boston : S. A. Drake. 1867. 

4to, half levant morocco, uncuc 


.613 DRAKE. Result of Some Researches Amoi% the Britii 
Archives for Information Relative to the Founders 
New England ; Made in the Years 1858, 1859 and iS6< 
Originally Collected for and Published in the New £n| 
land Historical and Genealogical Raster; and no 
corrected uid Enlarged. By Samuel G. Drake, etc. 
B$stBn: N. E. Hist, and Gtn. Rtgtsttr. 186 

41a, pp. 143, pipn, oncntj Hat, utd * Pi-k-m. 

y^ 614 DRAKE. Result of Some Researches. Third Editio 
1 Boston: B-ts! afjthn fTtluH W Stn. 186 

j KL 4n>, bilf monxco, naciit , Laio* Pater ; ooljr ■ law copitt priand in ibii «> 

I ; 

1^^615 DRAKE. The Witchcraft Delusion in New Ei^ndi 
, Rise, Progress, and Termination, as exhibited by £ 

Cotton Mather in the Wonders of the Invisible Wori 
and by Mr. Robert Calef, in his More Wonders ... wi 
a Prcfiicc, Introduction, and Notes. 
Rsxbury: Printidfor W. Elliot Woodward, mdccclx' 

] *oli., 410, lulf red IcTiDt moncco, |ilt tttf; Laioi Patil 

616 DRAKE. [The same.] Reximj. lit 

) Toll., 4*0, paper, Bncnt. Wnodwird'i Hittoriul Seiia, Vat. 5-;. 

! -^617 DRAPER (James). History of Spencer, Massachuset 

from its Earliest Settlement to the year i860: Includi 

a Brief Sketch of Leicester to the year 1753. Seco 

edition enlarged and improved. fVerctster. [n. 1 

Ira, half biown muroccD, |Ut top, bjr Bnd>trect| PeaTiAm. 

^ 618 DRAPER (J. W.) History of the American Civil Wa 

JVntf Tsri. i8( 
. I Tolt., bair puiple Boncco, pk cop, oocnt, bj BruUtraet. 


DRYDEN. 129 


619 DRAYTON (John). Memoirs of the American Revolu- 
''^^^ tion, from its Commencement to the year 1776, inclu- 
sive; as relating to the State of South Carolina; and 
occasionally referring to the States of North Carolina 
and Georgia. Charleston. 1821. 

iTob., Sto, polished calf, gilt top, uncat, by Bradttreet; Poitbait. Moireiri copy 
•old for %%% in boards. 

620 DRAYTON. A View of South Carolina, as Respects 
'^ -2*5 her Natural and Civil Concerns. By John Drayton. 

Charleston: Printed hy W. P, Toung. 1802. 

8¥0, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; uaree, 

621 DRING (T.) Recollections of the Jersey Prison-Ship, 
^' 00 from the manuscript of the late Capt. Thos. Dring, of 

Providence. New Edition with Notes and Introduction 

by Henry B. Dawson. Portraits and Plans. 

Aforrisania, 1865. 

Folio, uncut ; Labge Patu ; fifty copies printed. See Greene (A. 6.) 

622 DRUMMOND. Origines; or, Remarks on the Origin 
3 7^^ of Several Empires, States, and Cities. By the Right 

Honorable Sir W. Drummond. 

London: Baldwin l^ Co, 1824. 

4 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt; fiie eofy. 

'^ThetabjectB of investigation in these erudite volumes are, the early state and history 
of the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires, Iran, Egypt, Phoenicia, Arabia, and 
Asia Minor. His disquisitions on hieroglyphics are particularly interesting, 
and he has brought much learning to bear in his attempt to unclose those 
sealed books of the Egyptians.** — British Critic. 


623 DRYDEN (John). The Fables of John Dryden, orna- 
mented with Engravings by Beauclerc. London, 1797. 

Folio, calf; ^ne cofy. 

''When I name Dryden, I comprehend every varied excellence of our poetry. In 
harmony, strength, modulation, rhythm, energy, he first displayed the full 
power of the English language.** — Purs, of Ut. See ** Brit. Plut.,** iv, p. 
467, and Bomett*s '< Specimens,** in, p. 467-477. 



^624 DU BARTAS, his Divine Weckes and Worket; Wit 
A Complete Collection of all the other most delightfii 
VVorkes, Translated and Written by that hma\i 
Philomusus Josuah Sylvester, Gent. With Addition! 
I LmdoH. 1641 

I Folia, old ulf ) PorruiT. 

I TU( work coDDiu the frimt lUmit of Hilloo'i *■ Pindiie Lot." Sa Duata 1 

i "Milton'i Eirljr Reiding." 

I "Both the (ciiKHi of Sflrarer, and hii otiginil poemi, publithed with it," apt 

Drake, "are rimirkable for [heir inequality ; lot great beautia and {Uiii 
j defecti. Hit venificatioa ii •ometimet eiqaliitel]' melodioia, and wu reu 

DIMd u luch by hii contemporariet, who diitingniihed him by the tffitt 

tion of lilvtr.ui^iitJ Sf/vtUT." 

,^625 DUBOURG (M.) Views of (he Remains of Anciei 
Buildings in Rome and its Vicinity. LonJm. 1821 

4ta, doth, 16 Platu, ittuiifii/ljfiiiiiiiil lib Jrtv/in^i. 

, 626 DUCH£(J.) Human Life a Pilgrimage! Or the Christis 
a Stranger and Sojourner upon Earth : A Sermon, Occ 
sioned by the Death of the Hon. Richard Penn, Esi 
One of the Proprictarries of the Province of Pennsylv: 
nia: By the Reverend Jacob Duche, m.a. Pbiladtlpbii 
Printid by D. Hall, and W. StUert. MDCCLXX 

8*0, s 1^ pp. 19; half morocco, gill top, uncot, by BndMrecl. 

, 627 DUER (William A.) Reminiscences of an Old York* 
By the late William A. Duer, ll.d., President of C 
lumbia College, etc. tfnu Terk. 186 

Imp. Ito, cloth, uncut j privaly frimitd for W. L. Andtcwi, Eiq. ; oolji ]j topi 
ThcK articlei on Old New York originall]' appeared in the " Americ 
Mail,'' 1S471 and hate become ao uarci ihu iul «ik ttfj nmU hi dMi'n 
fitm tviici a rtprint tUi mri. 

, 628 DUGDALE (Thomas). England and Wales Delineate 

Historical, Entertaining and Commercial. Lendt 

: i Tola., Sto, doth) many himdredi of Stul Plati Ii 


. 6m DUNLAP (William.) History of the Rise and Progress 
of the Arts of Design in the United States. 

New York. 1834. 

a ▼olt., 8to, half green morocco, oncut; uarce^ veryj!ne cofy, 

6^0 DUNLAP. Life of Charles Brockedon Brown. 
^/•^ Philadelphia. 1815. 

2 vols., 8vo, half green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; scarce, 

bji DUNTON (J.) The | Life and Errors | of | John Dunton | 
^ Late Citizen of London; Written by Himself in Soli- 
tvde. With an Idea of a New Life ; | Wherein is Shewn 
I How he'd Think, Speak, and Act, might he | Live over 
his Days again : | Intermix'd with the | New Discoveries 
The Author has made In his Travels Abroad, | And in 
his I Private Conversation at Home. | Together with the 
Lives and Characters of a Thou- | sand Persons now 
Living in London, &c. Digested into Seven Stages with 
their Respective Ideas. 

London: Printed /or S. Maltbus. 1705. 

Sm. 8vo, old calf J nfery scarce, 

'< Tiiis corioQS work abounds with interesting literary history, anecdotes of Bostonians, 
4x.** — Blackwoo^i Magaxiney ti, p. 26. See Prince Society. 

632 DUNTON. John Dunton*s Letters from New Eng- 
^^^ land. Boston: Printed for the [Prince"] Society. 1867. 

4to, oncut; Lakgb Patxk. Publications of the Prince Society; only twenty copies 
printed in this sixe. 

. 6m dunton. [The same.] 

/ Fcap 4to, oncut ; i 

] Boston. 1867. 

zo copies printed. 

634 DUPORTAIL. Love and Patriotism! or, the Extraor- 

/ ^ dinary Adventures of M. Duportail, Late Major-General 

in the Armies of the United States. Interspersed with 

many Surprising Incidents in the Life of the Late Cou 
PulaiJci. Pbila. : Printtd by Cariy ti Maciland. 17^ 

615 DURER (A.) Passto Chritti. The little Passion. 
/ I Complete Set of the Thirty-seven Wood-cuts by Albi 

Durer Reproduced in Fac-iimile. Edited by W. ' 
Prime. Nnu Yvri. i8£ 

Rl. 4(0, bllf mnrocco j am ilijatl iftiimn tf lyfgrafJij. 


•2 , i636D'URFEY. Wit and Mirth ; or Pills to Purge Meb 

choly i Being A Collection of the best Merry Balh 

and Songs, Old and New. Fitted to all Humou: 

having each their proper Tune for cither Voice, or 1 

I I strument: Most of the Songs being new Set. In Fi 

' Volumes. The Fourth Edition. To which is added 

I Mr. D'Urfcy's Songs, above One Hundred of which we 

I Never before Printed: Together with his several Oj 

tions spoken by himself on the Stage. Ln^ 

PriHttd by fV. Ptarstn^ftr J. Tonun. 1719.-J 

i Tok., iimo, iprinkltd calf, gilt, red edict; virj jlut nfji titrat ' f^"' 

hiTing tbe liaik w/imit, which ii often »uidn|, or replaced b; " VHi 

Puifc Suu McUnchoIji," whicb hu no cannectiMi with the wink 1 

richcH collection of old Eafliih tonfi. The miuic to ach loiii ii bj Bli 

; I PnrceU, etc. 

I I H fbc Keca of thii author are remarkable for licentionueaa, looacncM of )ealiai( 

. and indeljcacj of wit, jet are very far from being devcad of merit.** 

" Poor Tom Dnrfty I who would han eipected to h»e kco hit witty worki tulirii 

in the manrrolofj of booki, a puniahment no doubt onring to hit and 

ment ID the Tory inleml. It appear! that the memben of tbe nnowi 

, ! Kit Cat Club rt^netlcd iheir (bander to bake tome mnttoa pa with D 

\ tef* wocki wider tbem." — y. T. 

^ . V^37 DURRIE (D. S.) Alphabetical Index to American Gen 
^ r'^^' aio^es and Pedigrees. Albany. 186 

I I 1*0, pp. lii, S->9G) dolb. Indiapcnaabis to tba faiala(iM. 



DWIGHT. 133 

6^8 DUYCKINCK. Cyclopedia of American Literature; 

*^ ^ embracing Personal and Critical Notices of Authors, and 
selections from their writings, from the earliest period to 
the present day. By Evart A. and George L. Duyckinck. 

New York. 1866. 

5 ToU., Rl. 4to, half brown morocco, gilt cop, uncut; Laigb Papxr; only loo copies 
printed \ Uniqux Copy, with 297 Poitraits, Vizwi and Autographs in- 
serted ; also copy of the Nt^ York Mirroty printed by Hugh Gains, loater' 
coior xtino of the residence of G. C. Verplank, and tvater-color portrait of 
T. Romeyn Beck. 

One of the most interesting books in this collection. The autographs are peculiarly 
appropriate, being, generally, letters to the Messrs. Duyckinck on the subject 
of the identical articles in the " Cyclopedia.*' 

DU PRATZ. See Le Page du Pratz. 
DWIGHT (Jasper), pseudon. See Washington (G.) 

639 [DWIGHT.] Remarks on the Review of Inchiquin's 
^xfh Letters. Boston. 18 15. 

8vo, half calf I Karee, 

640 DWIGHT (T.) History of the Hartford Convention with 
^S" a Review of the Policy of the United States Government 

which led to the War of 181 2. ... 

New rork: N. and J. White. 1833. 

Sto, half levant morocco, gilt top. 

641 DWIGHT. An Oration spoken at Hartford, on the State 
3/> of Connecticut, on the Anniversary of American Inde- 
pendence, July 4th, 1798. By Theodore Dwight. 

I Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin. 1798. 

f * %yOj pp. 31, and two other Orarions. 

' 642 DWIGHT. Travels in New-England and New- York. 
/ ^2^2^ By Timothy Dwight, ... Illustrated with Maps, &c. 

London: fT. Bqyrus V Son. 1823. 

4 ▼ols^ 8to, boards, uncut. Highly commended by the ** Quarterly ReTiew.** 


I ^^ (S.) Further Quriet upon the Prcsc 

State of the New-English Affairs. 1 
S. E. Nm Ttt 

Rtprinttd far Jnepb Sabin. l8( 

4to, half rooroccD, gilt top ; Lards Patu \ oal; < 

^^ „ 644 E. (S.) [The same.] Nnu rori. i8( 

' I 4M, ODcnt) imMfafr, SiUn'i Re;nnt>, Qouto Serin, No. Tin. 

I EASTON (John). Ste Munsell (J.) 

^-^'645 EATON (J. H.) The Life of Andrew Jackson, ... 

History of the War in the South, from the Commeix 

ment of the Creek Campaign to the Termination 

I Hoitilities before New Orleans. Philadelphia. \%: 

. Rl. Sto, hilflcTUiI morocco, tilt top, uncut; Postvatt. 

^g\ 646 EBERT (F. A.) A General Bibliographical Dictiona 
I from the German of Frederic Adolphus Ebert, Librar 

I to the King of Saxony, &c. 

1 Oxford: at tht Univtrsity Prits. hdcccxxxi 

I 4 Tol*., Sto, bilf blue monxca. A (iluaUc aod wcll.«iccutcd w«k (on the pU 
I Branet), oecaiuy to ill who cnldTite bibliognph]'. 


I 647 ECCENTRIC (The) Magazine; or Lives and Portn 
7^\ of Remarkable Characters. With 18 Portraits. 

landon, 1812- 
1 Tok^ limo, calf, gilt edge*, b^ Hiydij. Coatiiiu an account of Jamet Aiti 
alto Jacic tbe Painter. 


, 648 ECKFELDT (J. R.) and DU BOIS (W. E.) A Manual ^ 
"^^ of Gold and Silver Coins of all Nations. Illustrated by 
numerous Engravings of Coins by Joseph Saxton. 
Pbiladilpbia : PubUshid at the Assay Office of the Mint. 1862. 

4to, pp. xao, cloth; very acarce\ 16 Plates. 

649 EDDIS (William). Letters from America, Historical and 
^- y^ Descriptive, Comprising Occurrences from 1769 to 1777, 

inclusive. London, mdccxcii. 

8to, boardi, uncut Juu copy ; scarce. Valuable as indicating the state of public feeling 
unknown to the Revolution. 

650 EDGEWORTH (M.) Tales and Novels. By Maria 
^ -2^ Edgeworth. ... With Engravings on Steel. 

London: Simpkin. 1857. 

10 vols., fcap Sto^ cal^ gUt. Includes « Moral Tales,** « Popular Tales,** « Belinda,** 
«« Castle Rackrent,** « Irish Bulls,** " Self- Justification/* « Tales of Fashion- 
able Life,** « Patronage,** << Ormond;** etc. 

EDMUNDS (C. R.) See Washington (G.) 

651 EDWARDS (Bryan). The History of the British West 
^ £^ef Indies. London. 1794-1801. 

3 vols., 4to^ russia ; June cofy ; Platis by Bartolosci. 

** Obtain, by all means, the History of those Islands, by Bryan Edwards, the */aci/e 
frimeeps* of writers in his department.** — Dibdin. 

652 EDWARDS. An Historical Survey of the French Colony 
'' ^^ in the Island of St. Domingo, etc. London. 1801. 

410, boards, uncut ; Best edition, ** Very full and minute on almost every topic con- 
nected with this island.** — Stbtxnsom. 

653 EDWARDS (Ed.) Chapters of the Biographical History 
'^•^^^^ of the French Academy. New Tori: [i. e. London"] 1864. 

Sto, cloth, uncut. 

136 EFFIOIB8, 

654 EDWARDS. Memoirs of Libranesi Including a H: 
Book of Library Economy by Edward Edwards. 

LttuUn: Trubtur £^ G». 18 

1 fdlL, S*D, clMh, Bociu j contiiw gugraviiigi frtm arlj lUSS^ Ftaimilii if I] 
JmWh^i;, m. Thii impcraot work wit in pcepmtioD chinctn f 
Neither France nor Oenninj' can boul of * work tidting the tnbjuii ' 
a dinUu comprehsniiicniM, and In En|land the work hia cenaialji Iw 

,_^^SS EDWARDS. Libraries and Founders of Libraries. 
Edward Edwards. Nfw Tork: G. P. PbiUi and 

\\. e. LoK^n: TrSbntr ii O.] iS 

,656 EDWARDS (J.) An I Account of the | Life] Of the I 

Reverend | Mr. David Bratnard, | Minister of the GoS| 

I Missionary to the Indians, from the | honourable Soci 

in Scotland, for | the Propagation of Christian Knot 

I ledge, and Pastor of a Church of | Christiaji Indians 

I New Jersey. |... By Jonathan Edwards, a.m. Mini: 

\ of the Gospel at Northampton. | BtsUn^ N. . 

i PrinUdfor and Said by D. HtnchmaH. 17 

Sto, 16 I., pp. JiG, half brown morocco. 

,! 657 EDWARDS. [Another Edition.] Nm^-Havm. iS 

8*0, iheepj fat ttjy. 

J 658 EFFIGIES POETICS i or The Portraits of the Brii 

' Poets illustrated by Notes Biographical, Critical : 

Poetical. London: James Carptntir. HDCCCXl 

* roll., fblio; Lar^i Papir j Prt^ Imfrtuiimi am ItJia Ptftr. 
Thii beaudtiil work wu publiahed at no leu a iDm than £31. It ii the oolf ( 
plete Krica in an elegant form, and it adapted to illuttrale all ediiioi 
(he poct^ Iram octaro 10 folio tite. 

ELIOT. 137 

659 EGAN (Pierce). Life in London, or the Day and Night 
*" ^^ scenes of Jerry Hawthorne, Esq., and Corinthian Tom, 

accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in their Ram- 
bles and Sprees through the Metropolis. With 36 
Colored Plates by Cruikshank. London, [n. d.] 

RI. 8to, half morocco, guilt top, uncut. 

660 EGAN. Pierce Egan's Finish to the Adventures of 
'X^a Tom, Jerry, and Logic, in their pursuits through Life in 

and out of London ; Illustrated by 36 Scenes from Real 
Life, drawn and engraved by Robert Cruikshank. 

London, [n. d.] 

Rl. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

661 EGAN. The Life of an Actor. By Pierce Egan. The 
^ Sa Poetical Descriptions by T. Greenwood. London, 1825. 

Sto, ruttia ; 17 Colored Platu. 

662 ELIOT (John). The | Holy Bible : | containing the] Old 
y^OO Testament I and the New. Translated into the | Indian 

Lang;uage,|and|Ordered to be Printed by the Commis- 
sioners of the Vnited Colonies in New-England, | At the 
Charge, and with the Consent of the | Corporation in 
England | For the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the 
Indians I in New-England. Cambridge: Printed by 

Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson. \ mdclxiii. | 

So. 4to, old blue morocco, gilt edges. Duplicate from the Bodleian Library. 

MUttom : Title, I 1. } Dedication to King CharlcB II., 1 1 ; Liat of Books, i 1. ; 
Text, AtoMaB«aBMin4s. Title : Wutku | Wutteitamentum, | Nul- 
Sordumam | Jesus Christ | Nuppoquohwuiniaeneumun. | Cambridge : \ Printed 
by Samuei Green and Marmaduke yohnson. | mdclzi. | I 1. ; 'verto^ blank ; 
Text : Matthew to the end of Luke, sigs. A* to verso of L* ; John to Rer. 
Aa to verip of Xx*, all in 4s ; i leaf blank. VVame — Ketoohomae uketoo- 
homaongash | David, v to n in 4s Noowomoo, i 1. Size of printed page 
in foU, 6| inches by 4f inches, or thx lkap, yf bt 5 j- imchxs. 



Tl)i> b, wichtmt doabc, the jbtn cfj thu hu, foe ana} yan, bean oStnd fii nlc a 
it bdicTcd to be tlK Jin, in point or nu, proBTMiaii, uti intEroal omdili 
(if we except ihc Bodleian Libnrr itimp, on tlie rtrenc of the udo) 
injr on thi* nde of the Atlutic. The Allan cop^ mt one-ci|fath of 
inch litmr. la thia copj Pioor LEjt*n an to be met with at treiT 1 
pa(ei, whik in tb< Allan cop} there were few oi doh. The bindin|, lAi 
i>, pcibapi, [he ariiinal, h a Jin trjtr. In than, it ii a Matulbi Cor 
SiK, it, f^rtisM, im Jn. iSSI./tr Ma. Kv:t,ilu LEAF OF CONTENTS kMii 
upfliid frim tMBtitr Off, Mid ii it ima tbitiMtify c—tflm. It bnmi 
$1130 at the BnKe Sale. 
AnuHif the Danjr pmnta of interat which tbii book poaaenca, not the leaK ii 
bc^ that it ii the luigtuge of a lurion no longer in ciiiteBce, and ii aln 
the onlf moaomeiDt of the ncc ) another, thu it ii fit fira BIBLE f 
liJ»d in lifi nmnlry. The *«]r light of It caoled the ^Baiot Cot 
Huhei to eicUlm ! " Btkld, jt j^iricami, lit piaiat konr thtt tmtr 
ittn panmkiTi tf! Tkii 11 rit smij BnLE lUt trtr wm frimttd it 
t^trit; Jrtm tkt vtrj fimndstitm tflkt tFirld." 
nanwa of the Bookt are retained *a in the Engliah lenioni, and inch word 
were nnluowo to the Indiana are retained with an Indian tenninatioa, i 

! aa chembimJdi, etc. The loageat word ia (Mark, i, 40] : Wiuteppi 

nkquiUDiiaowcbtankqaob, aignifjing "kneeling down to him." 

According Id Thomai {" Hiat. of Printing"), Tamiy Cefiii •mfy tf lit Dt£ctii» 

JCli^ Citrin mri frimlid f but Dr. O'Callaghan eipiemea aome dsnbti 

chia point. 

Jom Eiicrr, the celebrated miauouary among the Indiana, waa bcvIji wxtf j 

I paatoi of the church at Roibor^r, in Maaaacfanaetla. He ia uanally cal 

, "The Apoitle of the Indiana." He made everr exerdon to pnmon 

I wetlare of the Indian tribe* — be atimulated many cletgjrmeo to engig 

the miaaionarr work ; and, although he moumed over the atopdit)! of m 
who preferred darkneal Co light, yet he lind to aec twcntf-lbor of ibe 1 
pcr-colored abortginet lellow-preachen of the Goapel of ChrlaL He 

I leawd an inflneace oiet the Indiana which no other miaalonaiy could obi 

and waa their ahield in 1G75, during King Pbilip'a war, when icsn 
the people of MaaaacbuaetO, actuated bj the moat infuriate tpirit, inia 

; to haTe deatrofcd them. He auSered CTerj abuae lor bia friendahip to th 

bat nothing could quench the diiine charity which glowed in hii b 
Hia firmneai — hia aeal — hia Iieuc*olence at thia period, increaae4 the 
luitre of hia character. 

; Eucr'a great work waa thia latouif Biui. It wai three yeua in the p«*a, and 

ELIOT. 139 

ytrf great TrrooiAPnCAi. Cuuoott ; and, it 11 said, that there are not now 
more than two penont Hying who can read the language in which it ii written. 

Cotton Mather, in hit <* Magnalia,** mendont that Eliot wrote the whole of thu great 
work wirh one pen. Thomas, in his *< History of Printing/* supposes, if 
this was so, it must have been a metal pen, and not a goose quill. That, 
howeTer, by no means follows. 

Tbe Corporation for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians seem to hare folt 
great interest in the publication of this Bible. In 1660, they engaged Mar- 
maduke Johnson, and sent him to America to assist in printing that Biblx. 
And, in a letter dated <<Cooper*s Hall in London, April 28. 1660,** and 
directed to the Comminioners of the United Colonies, they write : 

** Wee have out of our desire to further a worke of soe greate consemment, agreed 
with an able printer for three yeares upon the tearmes and conditions en- 
closed. Wee desire you at the earnest request of Mr. Johnson, the printer, 
and for hb inconrragement in thb undertaking of printing the Bible in the 
Indian language, his name may bee mentioned with others as a printer and 
person that hath been instrumentall therein ; for whose diet, lodging and 
washing wee desire you to take care of.** 

The Commissioners, in their answer, say : 

* The printers doubt not but to print a sheete every weeke, and compute the whole to 
amount to a hundred and Hhy sheets,** which the collation shows to be 
ncariy the fact. 

663 ELIOT. Mamvsse Wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum 

^00 God Naneeswe Nukkone Testament kah wonk Wusku 

Testament. Ne quoshkinnumuk nashpe Wuttinncumoh 

Christ noh asoowesit John Eliot. Nahohtoeu outchetot 

Printeuoomuk. Cambridge : 

Printcuoop nashpe Samuel Green, mdclxxxv. 

Thb wcood edition, unfortunately, lacks the pages before Oenesb, Chap, iz, 28, and 
the title-page b copied lirom another source. It is otherwise perfect, and 
a hu copy, with a prefatory note by Gabriel Furman, from which ,we have 
made extracts in the note to Lot 662. 

Mr. Eliot also had the superintendence of thb edition j and, in hb letter to the Hon. 
Robert Boyle, Prendent of the Corporation, he acknowledges the reception 
of nine hundred pounds sterling, in three payments, for carrying it through 
the press. Eliot, however, had to give part of hb salary towards printing 
the work. 

• t 



t « 

♦ i 

f r^ 



Thb edidon went to preti in the year i6to, and was not completed till the beginniiig 
of 1686. EHot died, May ao, 1690, aged about eighty-six yean, laying his 
labon were poor and small, and exhorting those who surroonded hit bed 
to pray. Hts last words were, ** Welcome, joy.** 

For further particulars concerning this Biblx, the reader may consult ** O'Callaghan'i 
« Lbt of Bibles,** and Sabin*s « Catalogue of Allan's Library,** No. IG13, 

/^^ ^^664 ELIOT. Tears of Repentance : | Or, A further jNarra- 
I tive of the Progress of the Gospel | Amongst the | Indians 

I I in I New-England: I Setting forth, not only their present 

state and condition, but sundry Confessions of sin | by 
diverse of the said Indians, wrought upon | by the saving 
Power of the Gospel ; Together | with the manifestation 
of their Faith and Hope | in Jesus Christ, and the Work 
of Grace upon | their Hearts. | Related by Mr. Eliot and 
Mr. Mayhew, two Faithful Laborers | in that Work of 
the Lord. | Published by the Corporation for propagating 
the Gospel there, for the | Satisfaction and Comfort of 
such as wish well thereunto. | [Motto.] 

London: Printed by Peter Cole in Leaden-Hall^ ana 
are to be Sold at \ his Sbop^ at the Sign of the Printing- 
Prcsi in Cornhill^\near the Royal Exchange. 1653. | 

Sm. 4to, 18 l.y pp. 47, polished calf, by W. Pratt; am extrewielj rare xnlMme. 

cf V7 ^^5 ELIOT. A Biographical Dictionary of the First Settlers 

of New-England. Salem, 1809. 

8to, half green levant morocco, gilt top, oncot. 

J^ ^y^'/ ^^^ ELLICOTT (A). Journal of Andrew Ellicott, late 
I Commissioner on behalf of the United States for De- 

j termining the Boundary Between the United States and 

I the Possessions of his Catholie Majesty in America. 

Philadelphia. 1814* 

4to, boards, oncot ; Mats \ uaree in tkU condition. One of the earliest books by aa 
an American author, which describes the vast regions traTened by the Com- 


667 ELLIOT (D. G.) The Birds of North America. By 
/ 7"^ D. G. Elliot, F.L.s. F.z.s. 

New Tor k: Published by the Author. 1866. 

15 parti, folio, in boards. TKvtJime work describct the birds which are not included 
in the works of Audubon or Wilson, and this is the firxt set ever offered 
for sdte by auction, 

668 ELLIOT (J.) The Debates in the Several State Con- 
^ ^7jx tions, on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, as 

Recommended by the General Convention at Philadel- 
phia, in 1787. Together with the Journal of the Fed- 
eral Convention, Luther Martin's Minutes, Yates's 
Minutes, Congressional Opinions, Virginia and Ken- 
tucky Revolutions of '98-^99. Philadelphia, 1866. 

5 vols., Sto, sheep ; heti edition. 

669 ELLIOTT (S.) A Sketch of the Botany of South Caro- 
-^-^ Una and Georgia. Charleston^ S. C: J, R, Scbenck. 1821. 

a vols., 8yo, boards, uncut; 12 Platxs; very scarce, 

670 ELLIS. Polynesian Researches, ... in the Society and 
^J^ Sandwich Islands. New Tori. 1833. 

4 vols., iimo, half calf. 

671 ELSEMORE (Moses). Life of Rev. John N. Maffitt. 
^^ New Tork. 1848. 

SvOy pp, 31. (l); PoiTBAIT. 

672 [ELY {Rev. J.)] Journal of the Stated Preacher of the 
2S" Hospital and Almshouse, in New York, for 181 1. 

New Tork. i8ia. 

I2mo; very scarce, 

673 EMANUEL (H.) Diamonds and Precious Stones : Their 
aa History, Value, and Distinguishing Characteristics. With 

simple tests for their Identification. London. 1865. 

Pott 8v0| cloth, uncut ; Platis. 

142 ikolamd' 




674 EMERSON (W.) An Hittorical Sketch of the Fii 
Church in Boston. Bisttn. 181 

Iro, pp. 154, boirfj, UKU. 

675 EMMONS (Richard). The Fredonud or Indcpenden 
Preserved, An Epick Poem on the War of 1812. Seco 
Edition. PhilafUlpbia. i%-. 
Tob., ilmo, half mococco, (ill top) PtwrmAir of Liftjenc ioKitnl. 

676 EMMONS {Col. William.) The Battle of Bunker H 
or the Temple of Liberty. Sixth Edition. Btittn. \%i 

■ imo, boirda \ Poitiatt of the iDthar. 

677 EMORY (William H.) Report on the United States a 

Mexican Boundary Survey, made under the Direction 

the Secretary of the Interior. ff^aibingim. 18; 

Tob.| 4*0, clocb I Vol. a it comparadielr ictrti. Coauini the nininl lunoij of 

678 ENGEL (E. B. d'). Essai sur cette Question: Qui 
et Comment I'Amerique a-t-elle ete peuplee d'bomn 
d'animaux? Amsttrdam. 171 

4to, cdf J a cmriua htek. 
The inthot ledarci the theoria of Orodoi, Do Laet, Honiiia, ind other wiiun 
the origin of the Americuu nntciubli^-thit America wu peopled (be 
the Dcinge) by i nee tuperior ro the preicnt — thit the Deluge did 
extend to America, and chat the ptincipal tbeoriet of the Deluge are on 
ouj, particularly that of Wblatan, He girea hit ovro cheortei on all tl 
pranti, a> well at upon many othen of equally high iatereit, not eidiu 
the OrigiM tflki Nt[n. 

.679 ENGLAND'S WORTHIES: Under whom All 
Civill and Bloody Warrcs, since Anno 1642 to Ar 
1647, "'^ Related, wherein are Described, the Sevci 
Battails, Encounters, and Assaults, of Cities, Town 


and Castles, as also Several Victories by Sea, by the 
Noble Admiral, Robert Earle of Warwick. 

London: Printed 1647. Reprinted, 1819. 

4to, half red morocco. Each biognphical sketch illustrated by a Fmx Postiait. 

ENGLISH DRAMA. See Roxburghe Library. 

680 ENGLISHMAN'S (An) Answer, | to the | Address, | from 
2 Jf" the Delegates, | to the | People of Great-Britain, | in | A 

Letter | To | The Several Colonies, | which were | Repre- 
sented I in the late | Continental Congress. | 

New^York: Printed hy James Rivington. M,DCC,LXXV. 

8to^ pp. a6y half morocco, uncut. Perhaps by Dr. Linde. 

681 ERSKINE (J. £.) Cruise among the Islands of the 
-^ 'i-^ Western Pacific. London^ 1853. 

8to, half calf, gilt; Colokxo Platu. The first British expedition for officially in- 
specting the great group of islands in the Western Pacific. 

682 [ESQUEMELING (J.)] Piratas de la America. Tradu- 
^ ^^ dda per el I>w de Buena-Maison. CoU Agr, 1681. 

4to, half calf. From the Emperor Maximilian's Library, wth his Book Plats ; a rar* 
SfamisA veruM. 

683 ESQUEMELING. Bucaniers | of | America : | Or, a true 
^^ ^^ I Account I of the I Most remarkable Assaults | Committed 

of late years upon the Coasts of | The West-Indies, | By 
the Bucaniers of Jamaica and Tortuga, | both English 
and French. I Wherein are contained more especially,! 
the unparallel'd Exploits of Sir Henry Morgan, our En- 1 
glish Jamaican Hero, who sack'd Puerto Velo, burnt 
Panama, &c. | Written originally in Dutch, by John Es- 
quemeling, one of the | Bucaniers, who was present at 
those Tragedies: and thence translated into Spanish by 
Alonso de Bonne-Maison, Doctor of | Physick, and Prac- 

titioner at Amsterdam | Now faithfully rendered iai 
English . Landan : \ Printtdfar IVtlSam Oui 

at the Grttit Dragtn witb-\nit TtmfU. i68. 
* Tok., 41a, puaeled ulf j fit t»fj. 

J ,^684 ESTAING {Cemtt d'). Le Plaisir, Poeme en VI cban 
Par feu le Comte D'Estaing. Nouvelle Edition. 

A Parit: Chrt C, Mtrcitr ... ii.DCC.zct 

3SD10, tiMUifiillj hmmJ iu mmett, atrt gib ; Lirrxa ligned bjr D'&tiiai, intiodi 
iof t fticnd to Hon. John Hucock, June llth, 1783, iiucrtcdj ccnr. 



685 ETLICHEjZu dieser Zeit niche unn&tze|Fragen|Ub 

Eimge|Schrift-Stellen,|Welche|Von den Liebhabcni d 
lautern WahrheitjDeutlich erdrtert zu werden gcwu 
schet hat | Ein ] Wahrheit-forschender in America, | im ja 
1 742 : 1 So deutlich und cinfaltig eronert als es ihm moglii 
gewcsen ist; und | in Jblgendcr klarcn und bequein< 
Form benusgegeben I Von einemjEnecht Jesu Christi. 
Pbihdtlpbia : Gtdruckt und zu haien ity B. Fraitilin. | [n. ( 

4ta, pp. 14, half cilf, uncut. 

ETOURNEAU (M.) &i Washington (G.) 

686 EULOGIES on Catboun, Clay, and V^Tebster. 
fVaibingtan. l8j 

in, pp. t], loj, 4S, cloth j Thku PoiTVArn. 

687 EVANS (G. W. D.) The Classic and Connoisseur 

Italy and Sicily. Lendon. l8j 

} Toll., Sto, doth, UDCM. Ahlf compilcil fhnn ill preceding publicidcmi on 
■Dbjecl, including Eonact ind Hoire, compleced bjr the tnTcIa of the cdi 

688 EVANS (I.) A | Discourse | Delivered | Near York 
Vii^nia,|on the | Memorable Occasionjof the|SuTTCDii 

EVANS. 145 

of the British Army | to the | Allied Forces of America 
and France, | before | The Brigade of New- York Troops 
and the Division of | American Light-In&ntiy, under the 
Command of the | Marquis de la Fayette. | By Israel 
Evans, a.m. | Chaplain to the Troops of New-Hamp- 
shire. I Philadelphia : \ 

Printed hy Francis Bailey. M.DCC.LXXXii. 

8 TO, pp. 45, half red morocco ; uaret, 

689 EVANS (J.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the 
f Cf a Rev. William Richards, ll.d. Who Died at Lynn, Sep- 
tember 13, 1 8 19, in the sixty-ninth year of his age. 
With some Account of the Rev. Roger Williams. By 
John Evans, a.m. Chiswici: 

Printed iy Charles Wittingham^ College House. 1819. 

Syo, pp. zzzii, 396, boards, uncut ; PoiTtAiT. 

690 EVANS (L.) Geographical, Historical, Political, Philo- 
/y a a sophical, and Mechanical Essays. The First, Containing 

an Analysis Of a General Map of the Middle British 
Colonies in America; And of the Country of the Con- 
federate Indians: A Description of the Face of the 
Country; The Boundaries of the Confederates; And 
the Maritime and Inland Navigations of the several 
Rivers and Lakes contained therein. By Lewis Evans. 
Philadelphia: Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, mdcclv. 

4to, pp. IT, 3a, calf, antitiue ; Jine C9py with the Map, usually deficient. 

691 EVANS (Nathaniel). Poems on Several Occasions, with 

some other Compositions. Philadelphia. 1772. 

8vo, thcep. Among the tubscribert to this rare volume of early American poetry 
were Got. Franklinj of New Jersey ; Governor Eden, of Maryland ; Hugh 
Gaine, Joaeph Galloway, Dr. Duch^ Gen. Wayne, Wm. Paca, etc 


146 BTtRtTT. 

693 EVANS (R. H.) Old Billidi, Historical and Nuntivc 

Landm. i8l( 
4 voU^ crown Sto, bomb, ancut i ictra in Oui coniiliaci. 

693 EVE (The) of San-Pietro. A TaU. Lmubn. 180^ 
] Tok^ psM Ifo, green morocco, fill cdga | tMm. From tbe Piincot Sofliii 

694 EVELYN (J.) The Miscellaneoui Works of Jc^o £vi 
lyn, Esq. Edited b^ G. W. Upcott, Esq. Lrndtn. til. 

4to, boinU, DDCDI; ttra. 
Thb Tolome inelndn, '*Thc HilEoi; ind An of Ciulca|nphj ind EotnTiDf < 
Copper," New Way of EngnTing, or Meuo Tinto," "The Quitac 
Almtatc," " Hutof7 of Three Uu Fudoin Impooen," "The Lidi> 
Dreaiag Room Unlockeit," Ne«> iiDm BnuwU Unmuk'd,' e<c. 

yA(t9S EVERETT (A. H.) An Oration ... Holliston, Mass. . 
F«urth of July, 1839, ... BttitH. 1831 

Bto, pp. 48 i abo at Ami, iIjO, Ito, pp. 47, tad " Defence of Mr. Jeflenoo," ti 
pp. 76, three trmcn. 

7^696 EVERETT (E.) Address ... at the National Cemetci 
at Gettysbui^. Batten. t86 

lio, doth, pp. I7 j Two U«n. 


697 EVERETT. Dorchester in 1630, 1776, and 1855. J' 

Oration delivered on the Fourth of July, 1855. I 
Edward Everett. Also an Account of the Procecdini 
in Dorchester at the Celebration of the Day. 

BosUn: D. Clapp. 185 

Sto, pp. riii, ijS, cloth. 

698 EVERETT. A Eulogy on the Life and Character 
John Quincy Adams, dehvered at the request of tl 
Legislature of Massachusetts, in Faneuil Hall, April i 
1848. By Edward Everett. Bastan. 184 

Itc^ pp. 71 j •oeood edUoa. 


699 EVERETT. Eulogy on John Quincy Adams. 
^cT" Boston. 1848. 

Svo. Imcribcd, <* Hon. WiUUm Kent, 'and the best retpectt of Edward ETerett.** 

700 EVERETT. Eulogy on Lafayette. Boston. 1834. 

//a . 

8 TO, half morocco, gilt top, ancat. 

701 EVERETT. Eulogy on Thomas Dowse, of Cambridge- 
2'S port, Pronounced before the Massachusetts Historical 

Society 9th Dec. 1858, With the Introductory Address 
by Robt. C. Winthrop, President of the Society ; and an 
Appendix. Boston. 1859. 

8to j a few copies privately printed, 

702 EVERETT. A Memoir of Mr. John Lowell, Junr. 
2*^ Boston. 1840. 

tvo, pp. 84. Inicribed, <* Hon. William Kent, with the kind regards of Edward 

703 EVERETT. An Oration. Cambridge, [July 4, 1826.] 
^^ Boston. 1826. 

Sto, pp. 51, oncnt; aecond edition j also, Oration, Ckarlesfwn^ >S^3> S^o, pp. 43, 
and another. 

704 EVERETT. Orations and Speeches on Various Occa- 
•^ ^fS sions. By Edward Everett. Second Edition. 

Boston: Charles C. Little and yames Brown. 1850-59. 

3 ToU.! fl« S^o» dothy uncut \ Laios Papbr. Uniform with the large paper editioni 
of Adamty Bancroft, Fraifklin, Wkafaington, and Webater. 

705 EVERETT. A Memorial of Edward Everett, from the 
>^ ^4^ City of Boston. Portraits of Everett. 

Boston: Printed by order of the City Council, mdccclxy. 

4tOy cloth, pp. 315 } 2 PoKTftAinj 100 Gopiea only printed. 


J706 EVERETT. Memorial of Edward Everett. 

I Publiihed by tbt Niw Bnilai 

I Hiiteritait^ Geniahgieal Secitty. Batten. MDCCClz 

4(0, pipo, uncut; Poitiait on Ihdia PafU, uid Vun of Mr. Enrctt'i libm} • 
birtb-plic«j Illdmihatid TiTLij 7J copict frhiaify frirnti tm tititd h 
fafrr. Sa Onaoi (S.), aid Wvhlngton (G.) 

707 EXTRACTS From the Votes and Proceedings Of i 
American Continental Congress, Held at Philadelphia i 
the 5th of September 1774. Containing The Bill 
I Rights, A List of Grievances, Occasional Resolves, t 

Association, an Address to the People of Great-Britai 
and a Memorial to the Inhabitants of the British Ame 
can Colonies. Published by order of the Congress. 

Philadelphia: Printtd by ^tlUam a 
Thtmas Bradford. Octabtr ijtb, h,dcc,LXI: 

' Ito, hilt alt; PoiTUun, Pum, Patu Mohit, etc., iniened. Thb cop; 

contiuu IB orifinil MS. docamcnt, ud uity-ttine liiDUant of injinii 
I who "io htnhj oblige ounelra Ri abide hjr ind conform to the nn 

it ran tt a h mf r trj ftftr. 



ABLES. Fifty-One Original Fables. 
Embellished with Eighty-five Original 
Designs by R. Cruikshank. 

London, 1833. 

8yo, doth. Includes a transUdon of Plutarch's '' Ban- 
quet of the Sages.** 

700 FACETIiE. Musarum Deliciae: or. The Muses Recrea- 
^* ^^ tion. Conteining Severall Pieces of Poetique Wit. By 
Sn J. M. and Ja. S. 1656. And Wit Restored, in 
Severall Select Poems, not formerly publish't. 1658. 
Also Wits Recreations, Selected from the Finest Fancies 
of Moderne Muses. With A Thousand Out-hndish 
Proverbs. Printed from Edition 1640, with all the 
Wood Engravings, and Improvements of subsequent 
Editions. To which are now added Memoirs of Sir 
John Mennis and D^ James Smith. With A Pre&ce. 

London: Printed iy T. Davison, 18 17. 

1 vols., pott Svo, half morocco, uncut ; only 1 50 copies printed. Edited by Thomas 

Park and Edward Dubois. The &mous couplet, 

** He that fights and runs away, 
May live to fight another day,** 

generally ascribed to *< Hudibras,** is in this work. 

710 FAIRBAIRN (J.) Crests of the Families of Great Britain 
^^ and Ireland Compiled from the best Authorities by 

James Fairbairn and Revised by Laurence Butters. 

Edinburgh: T. C. Jack, [i860?] 

z vols., 4to, Lamgx Papu \ India Pkoof Imfiissions of the Platbs. The most 
complete work on the subject. 

711 FAIRHOLT (F. W.) The Civic Garland. A Collec- 
'^ <fcf tion of Songs from London Pageants. London. 1845. 

Post StOi half red morocco, gilt top, nnciit. 








712 FAIRHOLT. Miscellanea Graphica. Representations 

of Ancient, Mediaeval and Renaissance Remains in the 
possession of Lord Londesborough. Drawn, Engraved 
and Described by F. W. Fairholt, with Historical Intro- 
duction by Thomas Wright. London. 1857. 

Rl. 4tO| cloth ; 44 Stul Engravxhgs, many illuminattd in gold and niori^ and Domer- 
out Wood ENCiAvmot. A beautiliil and interesting volume, illostnting an 
extensive and uni^ collection of Aucient, Meoijbval, and REMABsaRcz 

713 FANNING (David). The Narrative of Col. David Fan- 

ning, (a Tory in the Revolutionary virar With Great 
Britain ;) Giving an Account of his Adventures in North 
Carolina, From 1775 to 1783, as written by himself, 
with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes. 

Richmond^ Va. : Printed for Private Distribution only, 
1 866. In the first year of the Independence of the 

Confederate States of Jmerica. 

4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; 50 copies, prhfmtely frinttd^ oo 
t/kin writing p^r f very uaree, 

714 FANNING. [The same. Reprinted.] New York. 1865. 

Rl. 8vo, half morocco, uncut, gilt top ; Laags Papu ; only 50 copies printed b this 
site. Sabin*s Reprints, Second Series, No. i. 

71s FANNING. [The same.] New rtrk. i%bs 

8 TO, uncut; Small Papsa (1 copies). 

716 FARNHAM (Luther). A Glance at Private Libraries. 

Boston. 1855. 

8to ; uarc9. The principal collections mentioned in the above work are thocc of 
Webster, TScknor, LiTerroore, Hosmer, Lawrence, Prescott, Ererett, Choate, 
Crowninshield, Sparks, Parker, and Adams. 

717 FAURIEL(C.) History of Proven9al Poetry. Translated 

from the French, by G. S. Adler. New Tori. i860. 

8to, pp. zl, 496, doth, uncot. 


718 FEDERALIST (The):|A Collection |of| Essays,! written 
2*? ^Cf in favour I of the | New Constitution, | as agreed upon by 

the Federal Convention, | September I7,<%787. | 

Niw-'Tork: S. bf A. McLean, mdcclxxxviii. 

1 vob^ itmoy richly bound in lerant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford ; fint 
edition, of great rarity in this condition. Sold at Morrell*t tale for $32. 
Vol. n it printed on paper somewhat larger than that of Vol. i ; in this copy, 
Vol. I is stilted to range in height with Vol. n. 

719 FCEDERALIST: A Collection of Essays, written in 
-2- 2*5^ fiivor of the New Constitution, as Agreed upon by the 

Foederal Convention, September 17, 1787. Reprinted 
from the original text, with an Historical Introduction 
and Notes by H. B. Dawson. Morrisania^ N. T, 1864. 

Imp. Sto, Vol. I ; LAacx Papis ; only 150 copies printed ; PomArr of Hamilton 
on India Papia. Vol. u b not yet (and probably never will be) published ; 
but the entire text is included in this Tolnme. 

720 FEDERALIST (The) ; a Commentary on the Constitu- 
2 /7>^ _tion of the United States. A Collection of Essays by 

Alexander Hamilton, Jay, and Madison. Also the Con- 
tinentalist, and other Papers, by Hamilton, Edited by 
John C. Hamilton. Philadelphia. 1865. 

1 Tols., imp. Syo, cloth, uncut edges ; LAmox Papxx ; 100 copies printed. 

721 FELLOWS (John). The Veil Removed; or, Reflec- 
^J tions on David Humphey's Essay on the Life of Israel 

Putnam, etc. New Tori. 1843. 

lamoy pp. 331. 

722 FELTHAM (Owen). Resolves, Divine, Moral, Political. 
^' d^ London. 1840. 

4to, half mcyocco, g^lt top, uncut} But idittM of this highly esteemed old book; for a 
notice of which, tee tht ** RetrotpectiYe Review,** i, pp. 343-55, uid the 
*'Ccnsan Liteiaria.** 

^ ^ j723 FELT (J. B.) An Hiftorical Account of Mamchaa 
1/ ' Currencv. Baltn. i8 

Ivo, hut brown picvocco, ^t top. 



724 FELT. 

History of Ipiwich, Essex, and Hamilton. 

Ito, pp. IT, 304, clDth. 


i / 1 725 FEMALE REVIEW. Life of Deborah Sampson 
'^ ^ ■^^ Female Soldier in the War of the Revolution, with 

Introduction and Notes by Jno. A. Vinton. BaiUii. t8 
I Sm. 410, nncuti PoiTmAiT} only two hBudred md Gft) copic* priatEd. 

J 726 FEMALE REVIEW. [The same.] BuUn. 18 

I Rl. 41a, uncut; Lusi Patu; onlf tblrtjr-fiie co^et prioled. For the arigiui cdi 
)« [Sunpwn (Dibonh)]. 

727 FENELON. Les Avanturcs dc Telcmaque fils d'Ul; 
Par la Mothe Fenelon ... Nouvcllc Edition ... avec 
Notes ... Le tout cnrichi de Planches St de Vigne 
qui ont rapport au sujet. 

J Ltfdt cbfx J. de Wttsttin. MDC 

Folio, morocco mn, gilt edga oTcr mirblc; iflimJid tfjt Euilt ui4 Buli 
Imtuboh) of the Platul 

^~- ^1-728 FERGUSON (A.) Biographical Skcicb|or|Memoir! 
Lieutenant-Colonel | Patrick Ferguson: | ori^oally 
tended for the | British Encyclopedia. | By Adam Fei 
son, LL.D.j... ESHburgh:\Printtd by fabn Aieir. iSi 

i*o, pp. }6j PoanAiT; vtrj ran. Fergwon wii killed U the butle of K 
1, S. C, Oct. 7, 1780, 

Sterne, with Miscellani 
Londaii. 1! 

u tiiccd Sterne through the H 

7 i / , '7^9 FERRIAR. Illustrations of 


1 Toli., pott Sto, bilf green 
. Feniu, with mott lingulic pitience 

•oorcei whence he borrowed moet of hi> leuniDg, and aunj of bu 
■Biking end pecnUu •xpntMou." — Sn W. Soott. 

PINCH. 153 

730 [FESSENDEN (T. G.)] Terrible Tractoration ! a Podti- 
/ ^^ cal Petition against Galvanistic Trumpery, and the Per- 

kinistic Institution. In Four Cantos. New Tork. 1 804. 

ixmo, calf. 

FESTIVAL of Song. See [Saunders (F.)] 

731 FEUCHTWANGER (G.) A Popular Treatise on Gems, 
2. ^^ In reference to their Scientific Value: ... With Elegant 

Illustrations. New Tork. 1859. 

ismo, cloth. 

732 FIELDING (H.) Tom Jones ; ou histoire d*un enfant 
^ ^€P trouve. Paris: Didot. 1833. 

4 vob., Sto, morocco extra, gilt edget, with many BxAunroL Stsxl Platis. The 
austere author of ** Pantiits of Literature** includes Tom Jones in the novels 
necessary to be read. 

f 733 FILSON (J.) The Discovery, Settlement And present 
'^^^ State of Kentucke: and An Essay towards the Topog- 
raphy, and Natural History of that important Country. 
To which is added An Appendix, containing the Ad- 
ventures of Col. Daniel Boon, one of the First Settlers, 
comprehending every important Occurrence in the Politi- 
cal History of that Province. By John Filson. 

Wilmington : printed by James Adams. 1 784. 

8voy red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford \ PoaTRAxr of Boone \ Avto- 
GaATH LxTTXxs of Todd and Daniel Boone \ Documents signed by Lord 
Dunmore, Stephen Trigg, and John Todd ; Avtograpm of O. R. Clark ; 
An Account with Col. John Bowman ; Maf fW)m the French Edition \ 
and PoETiAiT of Clark inserted ; jint eofy of the original edition of this rare 
tract. It may be well to mention that the map announced in this edition 
was never published. 

734 FINCH (J-) Travels in the United States and Canada. 
^ %6<a London. '833. 

Syo, half calf, gilt. Includes notices of geology and mineralogy. 


4i -. 



^5" V^/ 



735 FINDEN. Landscape Illustrations of the Bible, consist- 

ing of Views of the most remarkable places mentioned 
in the Old and New Testaments from Original Sketches 
uken on the Spot. Engraved by W. and E. Finden. 
With Descriptions by the Rev. Thomas H. Thornc. 

London : John Murray, mdcccxxxti. 

2 vol., 4to; BuLLiANT PtooF iMPtBmont. &« alto Byron (Lord), Lot No. 325. 

736 FINDLEY (William). History of the Insurrection, in 

the Four Western Counties of Pennsylvania ; in the year 
MDCCXciv, with a Recital of the circumstances specially 
connected therewith ; and an Historical View of the Pre- 
vious situation of the country. Philadelphia, mdccxcvi. 

Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; uarce in this condition. MorrelPt copy sold ((x 
$19.50. See Bnckenridge (H. M.) 

737 FINLEY (G.) A Complete Series of the Historical 

Works of George Finley. 

London. 1844-61. 

7 volt., Svoy cloth, uncut. Comprising, Oreece under the Romans, 1844 — Medicral 
Greece and Trebisond, 1851 — History of the Bysantine Empire, from 716 
to 1057 — History of the Byzantine and Greek Empires, from 1057 to 
1454 — History of Greece under Othoman and Venetian dominition — His- 
tory of the Greek Revolution, 2 vols. 

. ^ x^3^ [FISCHER.] Bibliotheca Mejicana. London. 1869. 

> 8vo, uncut. Father Fischer was chaplain to the Emperor Maximilian. 



V: »• 

1 '., ' 

I i 

■ ;■■■! ;-,h 


{■■»!■ ( 

r 1 



739 FISHER (Charles F.) Catalogue of the Library of J. B. 
Fisher, Containing many Choice and Curious Books, 
mostly in Elegant and Substantial Bindings, Sold at Auc- 
tion, March 5, 1866. Philadelphia, 1866. 

4to, paper, uncut ; Lakgs PApsa ; only fifteen copies printed. The cover title reads, 
** A Private Gentleman's Library,** which %vill, doubtless, distinguish it from 
the ** rest of mankind.** 

740 FISKE {Dr. Oliver). An Oration, Worcester, ... July 
4. 1797- fyorcistir: Isaiah Thomas j Jr. [i797»] 

4to \ nftry uarce. 

M FLEMING and TIBBINS. Royal Dictionary English 
' and French and French and English. Paris: Didot. 1863. 

'oil., 410, half mOTocco utn, gilt \atMt and topi ; bta idition ; iflindid iipy. Com- 
^Icd (Tom the diclianuio of Juhnion, Todd, Aah, Webitcr, ind Cnbbt, from 
the lut edition of Chimbiuil. Gicntr, and J. Demiriere^ tha uich editioa 
df the gnmmitical diccioniry afltiveaui, Boiite'l "Lnicon," etc. 

p FOOTE (S.) The Works of Samuel Fooie, Esq. 

' Landtn. 1799. 

I vol!., Sio, halfodf, gilt j kttti£lim. 

t3 FORCE (P.) American Archives; consisting of a Col- 
^ lection of Authentick Records, State Papers, and Letters 
and other notices of Public Affairs; the whole forming A 
Documentary History of the Origin and Progress of the 
Notrh American Colonies; of the Causes and Accom- 
plishment of the American Revolution, and of the Con- 
stitution of Government for the United States to the 
Final Ratification Thereof. Washington. 1837. 

larth Sena, j toIi., Fifth Serin, 4 vols. ; together, 9 toll., folio, half nuiia. The 
great finintain-head of hittorical documeaD. The other letiea hate not been 
pobluhed. &e «/» "Sute Papen." 

H. FORCE. Tracts and other Papers, relating principally to 
' the Origin, Settlement, and Prepress of the Colonies in 
North America, from the Discovery of the Country to 
the Year 1776. Collected by Peter Force. 

ffashingtsn: Ptter Force. 1836.' 

■oil., Its, half bcowa morocco, uDCUC, by Btaditieet. A moat TaBiuble coUection, 

45 FORD (John). Fame's Memorial ; An El^y upon the 
i Earl of Devonshire. Edited by Joseph Haslewood. 

Ktnt: Printtd at the private press of Ltt Priorj. 1819.. 

Sto, half brown niDracco, ^ top. 


SIGN Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdote 
, from Drawings by Howitt, Atldnson, Cbrk, k 
itaining loo Plates. Landan. i8i 

hilf (ncn moracco, gill tAftt j loo Fnii Couiuii Purm. 

k4 (A) of Prayer, ... for a General Fast. 177 

CO. The pnycr for our cuemia rdalci to the Americu RcKJBliHi 

lEST (E.) Catalogue of the Library of Edw 
rest. Compiled by Joseph Sabin. Pbiladtlphia. 1S6 

uncutj FiHi PocTiAiTi 175 copia frivtltlf frimuJ i Ktra. 

!YTH (J. S.) The Antiquary's Portfolio, or Cabir 
ction of Historical & Literary Curiosities, on Subjei 
cipally connected with the Manners, Customs, a 
rals ... of Great Britain, during the Middle and Lai 
s. By J. S. Forsyth. In Two Volumes. 

London: Gtcrge ffigbtman, MDCtXXl 

1 Toll., Stc, hllf DWCDCCO, gill rop. 

T CHARTRES. Affairs at Fort Chann 
I-1781. Albanj. \U 

, half brown IcTuit morocEO, gilt top, uocK, b]i BradtCieel. 

r PILLOW Massacre. fFatbinglan. tit 

ROOKE (T. D.] Encylopaidia of Antiquitii 
1] Foreign Topography, or an Encyclopediclt h 
It, alphabetically arranged, of the Ancient Rcmai 
iftica, Asia, and Europe, forming a Sequel to t 
^lopaedia of Antiquities. London. 1825-3 

3 Toll., 4ts, tiaxb, uncut. 
piul a it ii impottinl — elegantljr writtEH and fiill of iaiereitini inl 
1, with which CTcry penoD of liberal cducition au|ht to be acigiuiiii 
od libnrj ihoald be irithoM it." — Liltrttj Ckrmiielt. 

*ox. 157 

J FOSTER (D.) A Sermon preached before His Excel- 
f~ Icncy John Hancock, Esq. Govcrnour; His Honor 
Samuel Adams, Esq. Lieutenant-Govcrnour ; The Hon- 
ourable the Council, Senate, and House of Representa- 
tives, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 26, 
1790. Being the day of General Election. By Daniel 
Fos:er, A.M. Pastor of the church in New-Braintree. 

BtslMf Mast. : Printed by Thamas Aianti, M,DCC,XC. 
1*0, pp. 35, bilf Uuc moriKco, gilt tap, bjr Bndicrcct. 

\ FOUCQUET (J.) CEuvres de Jehann Foucquet. 

Par'n: L. Curmer. 1866. 

oil., 4(0, luir cruhed I<v«nt morocco, poljihdl, gilt lop, UDCutj tfarec hundred 
copia aniT pabliihed, tbr lubicTibcn. 

I enjokin rcpmductioD of the worki of Foucqaet ii no lea i monunKnt to the 
t5tb ceniuiy illumiDiIor ind painter than to the bciutifiil art of chroroo- 
Uthognphy — an art which Curmer bai done at mnch to tefiae ai lajr man in 
Europe — witnea the " Houn o( Anne of Brilannj," " Imitation of Chiiit," 
etc. Foucquet wai ptinter to Charlei VII and Louii XI, Pope Eugene 
IV, and minUlnml to Stephen CheTalier, Treaiilrer of France, etc., and fa'u 
wotlu eatended lioin about 1443 to 1510. 

CK wnki coniiM either of entire pagei of illumiaauil miniamrfi or of itBaiifiil 
fitriaud itriiri, Facuuilu of the original, in gold and colon. Vol. ii con- 
taiu a complete eipoaidon of the illumination!, etc., and a life of Foucquet, 
with addilioiul Illduihationi, and manj WooocD-n. 

5 FOWLE (W. F.) Catalc^uc of the Choice Collection of 
' Books belon^ng to William F. Fowle, Esq., of Boston, 

Mass. Riverside Press. 1865. 

i.l*a,nDcal; Lakoi Patu; only S5 copica printed, chieflj for preientaiiaD j raled 

and priced t vtty uarct. 
1 library, sithougb it contvned but 1614 (olumei, realiied $17,511.19, an avenge 

of almiMt $1 1 pet Tdnoe, the higbett, ptobaUjr, ctct teatiwd in Boitoa. 

6 [FOX (Charles James).] An Essay upon Wind, with 
^ curious Anecdotes of Eminent Peteurs. Humbly Dedi- 
cated to the Lord Chancellor. [n. p. n. d.J 

if 0, half DKmcco { ooly 50 copiea prinitd. 

I » 



I I t 

t I 

t ' ' I 





FOX (Charles). See Washington (George). 






757 FOX (E.) The Revolutionary Adventures of Ebcnczcr 

Fox, of Roxbury, Mass. Boston, 1838. 

l6mO, pp. 138, cloth; PORTKAIT. 

758 FOXE (L.) North-V Vest Fox, | or, | Fox from the North- 

west passage. | beginning | With King Arthvr, Malga, 
Octhvr, I the two Zeni's of Iseland, Estotiland, and 
Dorgia; I Following with briefe Abstracts of the Voyages 
of Cabot, I Frobisher, Davis, Waymouth, Knight, Hud- 
son, Button, Gib-|bons, Bylot, Baffin, Hawkridge:| ... 
M^** lames HalPs three Voyages to Groynland, with a | 
Topographical! description of the Countries, the Salvages 
I lives and Treacheries, how our Men have beeneslayne| 
by them there, with the Commodities of all those | parts. { 
By Captaine Lvke Foxe of Kingstone vpon Hull, Capt.{ 
and Pylot for the Voyage, in his Majesties Pinnace [the 
Charles. | Londoriy \ Printed by B, Alsop and 

Tho. Favvcet^ dwelling in Grubstreet,\ 1635. | 

4tOy sphere, l 1., 5 I., pp. 176, old ▼ellum; Map \n facsimile ; fine large re^jp, with 
many rough leaves. This very rare collection of early voyages towardi 
making a discovery of the north-west passage, contains many important facti 
and judicious obsenrations on the ice, tides, compaM, northern lights, etc 

FRANCIS (J. W.) Old New York: or, Reminiscences 
of the Past Sixty Years. By John W. Francis, m.d., 
LL.D. With a Memoir of the Author, by Henry T. 
Tuckerman. New Tork: W. J, Widdleton. mdccclxv. 

Imp. Svo, cloth \ pp. cxxxvi, 400 ; a Pobteaitb, and Plats. 

760 FRANCIS. Reminiscencs of the late Samuel Latham 


New Yorky 1859. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. A UNxqus volume, inlaid on rl. 4to, and con- 
taining an Illumimatso Titi.x-Pagb and 15 Platss. 

t 1 

r \ 

LV '"'' 


FRANCIS (S. W.) Memoir of the Life and Character of 
Prof. Valentine Mott, Facile Princeps. By Dr. Samuel 
W. Francis, (Fellow of the New- York Academy of 
Medicine). Second Edition. 

ATm. reri: fT. J. WiddUtm, PuhlUhtr. 1865. 

Rl. gns, uncut; PoiTurr oh India Patu; L. S. of Dr. Mott iDierted. 

FRANKLIN (B.) Autobi<^raphy of Dr. B. Franklin. 
Edited by John Bigelow. Philadelphia. 1868. 

Imp. (to, balf marocco, gill top, aDCUt, by Briditreec. 

FRANKLIN. The Examination of Doctor Benjamin 
Franklin, Relative to the Repeal of the American Stamp 
Act, In MDCCLxvi. [n. p.] mdcclzvii. 

Sto, dtlc, I I., pp. 50, half ctlT. 

[FRANKLIN.] An Historical Review of the Constitu- 
tion and Government of Pennsylvania, From its Origin \ 
So &r as regards the several Points of Controversy, 
which have, from Time to Time, arisen between the 
several Governors of that Province, and Their several 
Assemblies. London. MDCCLIX. 

0, old ulf. Tbit copy a printed on itrj thick piper, uid u, perhipt, ooiqM. 

FRANKLIN. [Another copy.] Londan 1759. 

Sto, hiircalf, on ordinuy pipei. 

FRANKLIN. Letters to Benjamin Franklin from his 
Family and Friends, 1751-179. oUtw Tori. 1859. 

ro, half icd morocca, uncut, b; Braditreet; PoiTXAm of Mn. Fnnklin ind 

FRANKLIN. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 
Benjamin Franklin, ll.d., f.r-s., etc.. Minister Plenipo- 

I tentiary from the United States of America, at tfae Co 

I of France, etc., etc. Now first published from i 

■ Original MSS., etc. Landnt. iSiy-iZ 

s Tab^ 41a, hijf BtarDcco, fUt top, nncM, by BtadMrteC; Fun PornAir, cnpanr 
Pje, ud Fu:B>ili.t { Ra>i Postiajt intencd. 

^768 FRANKLIN. Poor Richard Improved. Being an , 

manack for 1752, [andj 1753, 1754, 1755, and 1756. 

I Phiiat/epbiti: Printed and Sold by B. Franklin, [v. 

I J nil*., I imo. ThcK alouiuci in mtrtmilj rtrt, and art priced at $1 u. ud 

I the " Nuiieta." The hvja will bnt the priTikfe of tiking all or oi 

the valamet. 

FRANKLIN. A Pocket Almanac For the Year 17 

[and] 1763, 1764, 1765, and 1766. Phiiadtlfl 

Printed and Sold hj B. Franilin and D. Hall. [v. 

' 5 nd*., I4mi> ; elttn tfia. More ran than the preceding lot ; lold with the i 


) 770 [FRANLIN.] Some Observations on the Proceedi 

against the Rev. Mr. Hemphill i with a Vindication 

I his Sermons. Philadelphia: Printed iy B. Franilin. 17 

I llmo, morocco eitraj lillt rtfairij. 



771 FRANKLIN. Works of the late Dr. Benjamin Fra 
lin : Consisting of Memoirs of his Early Life, Wrii 
by Himself; together with a collection of his Essj 
Humorous, Moral and Literary, chiefly in the manoe: 
the Spectator. A new edition revised and enlarged. 
Easton: Published 1^ Htnry fV. Gihbt. 18 
llmo, pp. »74, eilf. 

77a FRANKLIN. The Works of Benjamin Franklin; c 
uining Several Political and Historical Tracts not 
eluded in any Former Edition, and many Letters o£ 


and private not hitheno published; with Notes and a 
Life of the Author. By Jared Sparks. 

Bastan: Htlliard, Gray t^ Co. 1840. 

Tall,, lap. Sto, hiir red lennt maracto, gUt top, oncut, V/ Braditmt; Laiqi 
pATU; « ifltnid nij»|r, with aumcrinii lixvrntrnmit ind CdttIHM in- 
■Crted. FoRuerljr Mr. E. D. iDgnfaun'i capy. 

; FRANKLINIANA, ou Recueil d'Anecdotes, bons mots. 
Reflexions, Maximes et Observations de Benjamin Frank- 
lin J Par un Amcricain. A Parh: chex Tigtr, [n. d.] 

itnw, hilf blue iminKco, gilt top, ancBt, bjr Bndicnct; % Poitiatti iaKrted. 

^ FREEMAN (Frederick). The History of Cape Cod, the 
Annals of Barnstable County, including the District of 
Marshpec. Many Portraits. Boston. 1858. 

1 voll., imp. Itq, clotb, uacnt. 

FREE THOUGHTS. &# Rivington (James). 

i [FRENCH (James Clark).] The Trip of the Steamer 

'~' Oceanus to Fort Sumter and Charleston, S. C, April 

14th, 1865. BrooJtfyn, 1865. 

$10, half gnen marocco, gilt top, oncut, by BndMieet. 

) FRENEAU (P.) Freneau's Poems, Written between the 
' years 1768 and 1794, by Philip Freneau of New Jersey. 
A New Edition, Revised and Corrected by the Author ; 
Including a considerable number of Pieces never before 
Published. Manmautbj {N. J.) printed at tht 

prist of tht Author^ at Mount Pleasant^ near Mlddletou/n 
I^nt; M,DCC,XCVi and a/ American Independence XIX. 

■ i « mm haiaifil etfj, in cnuhcd n\ lenat morocco, gilt cdgct, by F. Bedford. 

r FRENEAU. The I Poems I of I Philip Freneau. | Written 

chiefly during the late War, | PbiUdtlphia : \ Printi 
Francit Bailiy^ at\Yorick'i Htad^ m Afar kit Striet. 

luno, calf, flit cdga, bj Pntt; drgm off. 

Ji^^% FRENEAU. The Miscellaneous Works of Mr. P 
t Freneau, containing his Essays and Additional Pocn 

Philadelphia: F. Bailty. udcclxxx 
I I una, pp. ii, 419, poliabed calf, bjr W, Mubcwi. 

■ 779 FRENEAU. Poems Written and Published during 

American Revolutionary War, and now Republished 

the Original Manuscripts, interspersed with TransU 

from the Ancients, and other pieces not heretofo) 

I Print. By Philip Frcneau. Third edition. 

I Philadelphia : From lit Press tf Lydia R. Bailrf. 1 

1 ToU., lUDo, politbcd cilf, hj W. Mithewi. 

. ^780 FRENEAU. Poems on Various Subjects, but cl 
illustrative of the Events and Actors in the Amc 
War of Independence. By Philip Freneau. Repr 
... with a Prc&ce. Leitdon: J. R. Smith, i 

Fcip t<n, poluhed ciir, gilt top, aacnt, bjr W. Mithewi, 
781 FRENEAU. Poems Relating to the American Rei 
tion by Philip Freneau. With an Introductory Me 
and Notes, by Evert A. Duyckinck. 

Nnu Tark: mddUtOH. I 

I Rl. Sto, half nd morocco, gilt top, uncul; Laxoi Pafu; only loo copiei f 

I J4 Plato, and AurocurH LiTTia by the editor, inieiteil. The 

I coniiit of Rerolutionaij PnlniH, etc., and arc of etptciat rarity, mi 

i them (Gent. Reed, Gige, Greene, Ojrnirallit, etc., etc.) being cMti i 

I wH( of Viar ScAici Ehckatihci. A Sue dnwin| is India ink of I 

I Jen^ priion-ibip ii alio included in the iUuiltitioni. 

i 782 FRIAR RUSH. The Histoiie or Friar Rvih : boi 

PORMAH. 163 

:ame to si house of Religion to seek service, and being 
Entertained by the Priourf was first made vnder Cooke. 
Being full of pleasant mirth and delight for young people. 
Imprinttd at London by Edw. All-dt^ dwelling near Chrisi- 
ureh. 1620. London: reprinted for Robert "Triphook. 1810. 

if lour copici printed on TcUnm. Tliii vu Mr. J. B. Elliott'* cap;. No. 4. 
Ode copj i) in the Briliih Miueom. 

lOTHINGHAM (R.) History of the Siege of Boston, 

ind of the Battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker 

Hill. Also, an Account of the Bunker Hilt Monument. 

Boston. 1849. 

if 0, fiiir morocco, gilt cop g ttarti ,- Mati ind Plahi. 

LOTHINGHAM. Life and Times of Joseph Warren, 
ly Richard Frotbingham. Portrait and fac-simllc. 

Boston: Little, Brown (3 Co. 1865, 

Sto, bilf bine morocco, gilt top, uocuL 

JLL VINDICATION of the Measures of the Congress 
Tom the Calumnies of their Enemies. Set [Hamilton 

JLLER (T.) Gnomologia j Adages and Proverbs, Wise 
Sentences, and Witty Sayings. ... Compiled by Thomas 
Fuller, M.D. A New Edition. London: Allman. 1816. 
■ amo, hilf morocco, nncac 

JLLER. Good Thoughts in Bad Times, and Other 
Papers. Boston: Ticinor and Fields. 1863. 

IcTint morocco, extra looled, gilt top, ddcdC, by W. Mathem; with ■ 
Fm PoiTiAiT (India prttf htftrt iiiari)i Laioi Patu; eoljr ]o copea 

JRMAN (Gabiiel). Notes, Geographical and Histori- 



I I 


J I 








cal, Relating to the Town of Brooklyn, in Kings County, 
on Long Island. Brooklyn. 1824. 

iimo, half morocco, gilt top, oncot; /m nfy of the scarce original edition. 

788 FURM AN. [The same.] With Notes and a Memoir of 
the Author. Brooklyn. 1865. 

4to, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet $ Laigb Patzm. ; 20 coplei 00I7 
printed for the Faust Club. 

.789 [FURMAN.] Rural Hours: A Poem. Maspab. 1824. 

8to, boards, uncut ; 3 Platis ; « ^fcry rare rolume of American poetry. 


rgo FURTHER (A) Manifestation of the Progress of the 
Gospel among the Indians in New England. 

New rork. 1866. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Laagb Pafsh j 50 copies printed. 

791 FURTHER QUERIES upon the Present State of the 
New-English Affairs. By S. E. New York. 1866. 

fto/^uncot ; Laagb Papxa ; lOO copies printed. 

Vl * 



' I 1 

» • • 

% <w 


AGE (T.) The English-American his 
Travail by Sea and Landjjor, |A New 
Svrvey [of the| VVest-India's,] conuin- 
ing I A Journall of Three thousand and 
Three hundred | Miles within the main 
Land of America. | Wherein is set forth 
his Voyage from Spain to St, John de 
rom thence to Xaiappa, to Tlaxcalla, the 
es, and I forward to Mexico; With the de- 
hat great City,|as it was in former times, 
this present. | Likewise his Journey froni 
igh the provinces of Guaxaca, | Chiapa, 
'era Paz, Truxillo, Comayagna ; with his | 
I years about Guatemala, and especially in 
wns of Mixico, Pinola, Petapa, Amatitlan. | 
e and painfull endevours of Thomas Gage, 
of the Word of God at Acris in the County 
o Doffl. 1648. 

Landau: Prtntid by R. Cain, tte. 1648. 
Fi>liD, bairbnnra roorocco, |Ut lop; OMmHAL EnmaH, 

k ifpeuw to hive Ikecn much cclebrited in iti time, hiving been freqaeacl} 

Epciated, and mnilated into French, Dutch, Oerniiii, etc." — Rich. 

or of tbk work wu probabl; 'Panoo o( D«le.' In the aecond and [bird 

dilioni, after eipurging from the dedkilion certain pauafei in honor of 

'ao&i, the temainiler were deiteioiuly conTcrted into a preface; and the 

.td chapter, u containing particutira leUtiie to the attiGcet ued by the 

PaTnlini ' to convert the writer, totally omitted. It wu ifietwarda printed 

cpuatelf. " — WaAHciAH. 

brma ni [that part of the ^book li taken wtrtm im tl Uitrtlim ta*a an old 

moirt by Distinguished Biographers. 

Laadan: Charlii Ktiigbt, 181 

7 Toll., imp. >To,dalb. anCDl; triginml amJ trillUtI imfnohmi f |6S Pwiu 
Tcry iatenfting Kriei, tagrrni in the faighnc ityle ef the iit, in i 
■iiinner m Lodgt't Portnio, Id whkh it fomu U nctllent compu 
portnin being diflcnni. 

-^^ 79+ GALLOWAY (J.) The Examination of Josepl 
loway, Esq. By a Committee of the House of 
mons. Edited by Thomas Balch. Two hundri 
fifty copies Printed. 

Pbiladtlpbia: PrinUdfar thi Sevtnty-Six Sadttj. 

SlO, doth, UOCDt. 

^ 795 [GALLOWAY.] Letters to a Nobleman, on the 

^^ duct of the War in the Middle Colonies. The ] 

Edition. Ltndin. 

Licut.-Gen. Sir William Howe, on a Pamphlet £ 
Letter* to a Nobleman, etc. Second Edition. 

Len^n: Wtlkii. H,DCC, 

Im, pp. 157, lulf morocco, gilt top. 

"Mt. Oillomf wu ■ member ofCongren (ind Spejker of the Houm of Aiv 

PenniyWinii) ; he went over to the Royil Army in Decembei, i; 

i eoniinued with it till the enciuiian of Philadelphii, io June, 177 

dotting bit nuts ind pri^oty [o the Tiluc of above ftxtj tbouuiii 

, 797 GALT (J.) The Life, Studies, and Works of Bcr 
West, Esq. President of the Royal Academy of Lc 
composed from materials furnished by himself, Bj 
Gait, Esq. Undan: Printtd fir T. Cal 

IV. Davieiy Strand, and ff. Biachuwd, Edinburgh. 
% nk, (to, bilf fieeo macDcco, oncal, b]r Bndltieet. 3m [Onjdoa (J 

GARDEN, 167 

NO (Stephen). Sn Washington (G.) 

RCILASSO DE LA VEGA. Histoire des guerres 
ivilcs des Espagnols, dans les Indes. Jmttrdam, 1706. 
iTol*., I2ma, ulf. 

RCILASSO DE LA VEGA. The | Royal | Com- 
icmaries|of| Pcru,|in|Two Parts. | The First Part.| 
'rcattng of the Original of their Incas or Kings ; | Of 
letr Idola-|try: Of their Laws and Government both 
I Peace and War: Of the Reigns {and Conquests of 
le Incas i ... | The Second Part, | Describing the man- 
tr by which that new World was conquered | by the 
paniards. ... | Illustrated with Sculptures. | Written orig- 
ally in Spanish, | By the Inca Garcilasode la Vega, | and 
:ndered into English, by Sir Pavl Rycavt, K'- | 
.eiuUn: ... | Cbriitafhtr fVi/iimaa. ... | MscLXXXVnt.| 

Folia, cilf, gilt ; iitrj jSiu cify i uarci. 
ind trolling ipiril, rather than a wiic one, pioud of being ■ ton of one of 
e imicrupulDui conigueron of Peru, hut ilwijii betriying iLe weaker natun 
hit mother, who wu of the blood royal of the Incai, and Derer entirely 
rgetling the gloriel of fall Indian race, or the cruel injuiiel they had luf- 
red at the hand) of Spain. The ' Commentariet ' are ■ itriking and 
temting bDak,ihowin| muckofiheipitiiofilie old Chiaaiclea." — TickHor. 

RDEN (Alexander). Anecdotes of the Revolutionary 
iTar in America, with Sketches of Character of Persons 
le most distinguished, in the Southern States, for Civil 
id Miliury Services. Charleston. 1822. Also, Anec- 
>tes of the American Revolution, illustrative of the 
'alents and Virtues of the Heroes and Patriots, who 
:ted the most conspicuous parts therein. Second Series. 
CbarUston. 1828. 

Scriei Sto, id Seriea iimo, half icd IcTanl morocco, gUc lap, aacul, b]r 
idatrecl j a au itauii/ui ui. 

GARDEN. [The nme.] 

Rtprinttdy BriifyHy N. T. il 

] Tob^ 4tO, bond*, »KBL 

GARDEN. [Theaine.] Br«i*». li 

k, folio i Lmdi PAru. Tbb sdttioD coatuM iddiliaiul iwta by the i 
Thaoui W. Field. 

[GARDINER vtriui DIBDIN.] Catalogue of Anc 
and Modern Books, many of which are rare and valua 
etc. Lsndtn: W. Gardintr. ll 

bilf calf; vtrj nam. The Ixt lot (Stl) of thii citilogiu dcKriba i cc 
Dibdin'i "Bibliominu," which i> ioMomtA bj ■ iinin uumr to tbi 
00 Oudiner ind hii aUlo|iici, bj Gudldcr, on puge 16a. 

GARDINER {Capt.) An Account of the Expedttio 
the West Indies, against Martintco, With the Reduc 
of Guadelupe, And other the Leeward Islands; ... 
Third Edition. 

Birmingham: Printtd by y^bn BeiieroilU. l\ 

4(0, half cilf) a Uamifkl ifttimn 1/ ijf^^ly ; rtrt, 

GARNEAU (F. X.) History of Canada. Translate. 
Andrew Bell. Mantrtal. tl 

S foil.. Its, cloth; Pditkait of Jicfoei Ctrticr. 

GARRARD (L. H.) Chambersbui^ in the Colony 
the Revolution. Philadelphia, il 

Std, cloth. 

GAY (J.) Fables by John Gay, with a Life of 
Author, and embellished with Seventy Plates. 

London : Printed fir John Stocidalt. [n. 

■., imp. Sto, hindiomcly bound in pallihed cilf, bf W. Malhcwi; 1 I 
pAn> cop]! of lhi> FiHi Eorriaii, printed in larp ijf€, wiih 70 Buir 
EHGiAdHca, bj Blake, Scoihacd, Wilun, Andinct, etc. ; trilHtal imfri 
Of the 70 cngTiTingi In [he iboTc work, tome 10 are b]r the celel 
Blake, "Picnr Igmiii." Thli il unifbiiD, in )ise and Unding, with thi 
of jEup'i fible^ fbnniiii lot 17. 

OZSTA. 169 

;BHARD (F.) Illinois as it Is. Chicago. 1857. 

I imo, doth ; MAn. 

:E (J.) Letters Against Several Errors and Disorders 
Q the Land. Boston. 174.3. 

Sto, bUrmoiKco. 

:ORGI A. Collection of the Georgia Historical Society. 
Savannah. 1862. 
I. Thi* m indudd Vol. ui. Part 1, all publUhed ; alio Judge Liwi' 
)ntioD, Dr. Arnold'i Oration, ind 5 other tiuti publiihcd by the Society, ind 
I probably ibe only complete let tbii hu bten olfered toi ule. 

lORGIA. An Impanial Enquiry into the State and 
Jtility of the Province of Georgia. London, mdccxli. 
8*0, half (Teen niDnicco, gilt tap, by Bradiceec. 

:ORGIA. Reasons For Esublishing the Colony of 
jeorgia. Stt [Manyn (Benjamin)]. 

RSON de rimitation de Jesus-Christ. Paris, 1869. 

morocco, gilt top, uncut) a htauiifiU nfj on thick paper; illucrated by 
IKTaoDCOT Bou»u. 

ESTA ROMANORUM: or, Entertaining Moral 
stories \ Invented by the Monks as a Fire-Side Recrca- 
:ion ; and Commonly Applied in their Discourses from the 
Pulpit : whence the most Celebrated of our Own Poets 
ind Others, from the Earliest Times, have extracted 
:heir Plots. Translated from the Latin, with Prelimi- 
nary Observations and Copious Notes. By the Rev. 
Charles Swan. [Motto]. In Two Volumes. 

Londm : Riv'mgton. M,DCCC,XXIV. 

1 Toll., iimo, hair morocco, ducuE; Kara. 
« oldat Itocy booki eitint, from which our early EngUah pocll, etpccully 
Oowe, Chaucer, and Shaketpeare, bcnoired Ur|ely. 


"Tbt Ibgodatian of Shdutpcm'i uarj of the Thnc Cnbcti, ia tbc 'Uctihi 
Venice,' lad of the Jew'i Bond, ii to be found in tliii hronte cotUi 
■ad it mmt be eoaleued tbil there ii ■ much grata tai mac bea 
Tuietj in the original, which Shiketpcare bii loUawed, dun In Oove 
WAaTDN') "Hiatorr of Engliih Poctrr." 

GIBBON (Edward). &e Oxford Claiiici. 

, 814 GIFFORD (J.) A History of the Political Life of 
Right Honourable William Pitt ; including Some 
count of the Times in which he Lived. By J 
Giffbrd, Esq, In Three Volumes. 

Ltndan: T. Cadtll. i\ 

1 Tola., Imp. 410, half ttMita, pit top, oncnt. One of a few cope* ptintrd OB E 
no Piuu. 

81S GILBERT (B.) A Narrative of the Captivity and 

/ ferings of Benjamin Gilbert and his Family ; who 1 

Surprised by the Indians, and uken from their Fai 

on the Frontier of Pennsylvania. London. 1; 

; 816 GILLESPY (Geo.) A Letter to the Rev. Brethren ol 
! Presbytery of New York, or of Elizabeth Town, 

j Pbiladtlphia: Printed by B. Franklin for thi Jutbtr. I 

Sm. 8*0 { an arrtmtly rari and viry frij Franklin imprint. Unutaally Fm ' 


817 GILLIES (J.) Memoir of the Life of the Reve 

George Whitefield, m.a. ... To which are added 

particular Account of his Death and Funeral; and 

tracts from the Sermons, which were preached on 

Occasion. Compiled by the Rev. John Gillies, o.z 

NtwTari: Printed by Hadgt and Shohrr, ... M.DCCUt 

ismo, old calf J Pmtiait. 

3ILPIN (Thomas).] Exiles in Virginia with Observa- 
tions on the Conduct of the Society of Friends during 
the Revolutionary War, comprising the oiEcial papers of 
the government relating to that period, 1777-1778. 

Philadelphia: PubUsbtd fir the Subtcribers. 1848. 
df red morocco, gilt [op, uncDtj Aotooiaph orTimothr Mitlock inwned. 

IRARD (C) Contribution to the Natural History of 
the Fresh Water Fishes of North America. 

Washington. 1850. 
hilf cilf, pp. to; ] Puts*. 3a Unircd Suta Eiplaring EipcdiUon. 

LAZIER (L.) History of Gardner, Massachusetts, 
from its earliest settlement to i860. Worcester, i860, 
iimo, pp. itj, cloth. 

jLEIG (G. R.)] A Narrative of the Campaigns of the 
British Army, at Washington, Baltimore, and New Or- 
leans, ... in the years 1814 and 1815 i ... By an Officer 
who served in the Expedition. London. 1821. 

■to, hilf bnnini mococco, gilt top, nncot, bj Bndicrcct. 

ODWYN (Morgan). The Negro's and Indian's Advo- 
cate, suing for their Admission into the Church; or a 
Persuasive to the Instructing and Baptizing of the Negro's 
and Indians, in our Plantations, etc. London. 16S0. 

7 L, pp. 174, calf. In the une Tolame : " Piimitive Lilurg;, /or the me 
of ihc OraiDi;." LamJin. 171G. Black Littii, h'ui ttfj, pp. 63. "A 
Lener from Fart St. George, Coacerning the ProtEiUnt MJiuoa in lbo«e 
Paiti.*' LamJm. 1711, pp. ig. "A Collection of Apboiumi, milten b]r 
Dr. Henry Moic." Xjaiu. 1704. *■ The Wife : in EicellcBtlf 
Coniiderate Young Viigiu' CiulioDary Refleclioni upon Bcaucj, etc., irith 
the Trnly Vertuooi Engliih Woniin'i Mircauri a Poem." [£h^.] 1710. 
pp. 16. "An Addren to the Unmatried Women, on the behalf of Venuou* 
Men." LiaJn. ij It. And otbci iin tracn. Some of the Unei GUI off ia 





833 GOETHE. Fault. Mit Zeicbnungen von Engelbert 
bertz. Stuttgart, i 

FaUo,datli citn, |ilt ed|«; tllutnMd with the BxAffnm PtHTti eafiv 
Adiiia Schlcick, iftcr the doigiu of Eii|clbcit Scibemi Stlikdib Ei 

^ 824 GOETHE. Faujt, a Tragedy, in Two Parts. By G 

Rendered into English Verse. 
I London : Printed by Arthur Taylor. 1 

S T^i^ crowa tio, Une morocco, fill cdgci; 50 copia [frnMn/r] friaa 

_^ j _. : 825 GOFFE (W.) Plan for seizing and carrying to> 
S^-y^ Col. Wm. GaiFc the Regicide, As set fort 


Regicide, As set forth in 

! Affidavit of John Lindon, Ap. 20, 1678. Publ 

! from the Original tn the office of the Secretary of 

' of New-Yoric by Franklin fi. Hough ... 

I Jlbany. M, DCC( 

, Ito, pf. 17, hiir morocco ; 50 copia piloted. 

!^ ^826 GOLDSMITH (O.) The Works of Oliver Golds: 
/ Edited by Peter Cunningham. ... 

Landan: yabn Murray. 1 
4 miU., Sio, tree cilf, filt ; But Epctioh { »n uarrt. 
wu 1 Diin wbo, whitcTer he wrote, Hi It better thu tny othi 
could do."— Di. Joii>.ioii (iD BoiwelL) 


827 GOLDSMITH. A History of the Earth and Anii 
Nature. Glasgow. 

9 Tol)., tnip. Sto, half morocco ) CoLoMD Platu. 
** It pntcnt* to the ruder ■ fcneril ind intcrdlin^ flew of the lahjecl, covchei 
cleiratc ind moit beautiful ltn|uage, and iboandiat mth eKuIleat nl 
IK Walth Scott. 

! 828 GOODHUGH (W.) The English Gentleman's Li 
Maniul. Lmdm, 

■to, hilf Duracco, |U| top. 

OORDOH. 173 

tODRICH (F. B.) The Court of Napoleon ; or, So- 
icty under the first Empire. With Portraits of its 
leauties. Wits, and Heroines. ... Third Edition. 

Philadelphia. 1864. 
Imp. Ivo, morocco, int'iqne; Coloiu Plati. 

lODRICH. The Tribute Book. A Record of the 

lunificencc, Self-Sacrifice and Patriotism of the Amer- 

an People during the War for the Union. Illustrated. 

Ntw Tori. 1865. 

Rl. 1*0, mDiooco citti, gilc 

lODRICH (S. G.) Illustrated Natural History of the 
knimal Kingdom, ... With 1400 Engravings. 

Ntw rork: Derby y Jacksun. 1859. 

3 *ob., imp. Sto, morocco, gilt cdguj aara. 

>RDON (T. F.) The History of Pennsylvania, from 
s Discovery by Europeans to the Declaration of Inde- 
endence in 1776. Philadelphia. 1829. 

iv>, hair green monKCO, gilt top, uocut, by Bradttrect. 

tRDON (W.) The History of the Rise, Prepress, and 
iftablishmem of the Independence of the United Slates 
f America; Including an Account of the late War, and 
f the Thirteen Colonies, from their Origin to that 
eriod. By William Gordon, d.d. mdcclxxxviii. 

4 foU., 8(0, half moKicco, gilt rop, ancnt. 

f hii work an ifac ipoC, ind ii dcicrieiily reckoned u one of th> moat im- 
irtlal of ihc numetoui hiitoriins of the Americui Revolution. 

174 GOWDL 

834 GORTON (J.) A General Biographical Dictionary, 

John Gorton. A New Edition. To which is ad 

Supplementary Volume, completing the woric ti 

Present Time. L»ndm, 

4 Tob., 1*0, ulf, pit. 

83s [GORTON (Samuel).] Simplicities Defence ] ags 

Seven-headed Policy. | Or | Innocency Vindicated, 

unjustly Accused, [and sorely Censured, by that |S 

headed Church-Government [ United in | New-£ng1 

or|Thit Servant so Imperious in his Masters Abs 

Revived, and now thus re-acting in New-England. 

I Ltitdon, I Printed by fahn Macaek, and art to he . 

I Luie Fawne^ | al hh shap in Pauls Church yard^ 

sign »f the Parrel, t 

' ] 4M, 1 I,, pp. Ill, ted cmhcd IcvinE morocco, |i1t cJga, by W. Pritt; Fnd 

I iKirtmilj rsrt. Th]t work wu reprinted for the Rhode IiUnrt H 

Society, boi their ediiian ii dated 1647, ind the til le diSen. Cai 

I thia work, w ■ note in Bartltli't " Bibliopiphy of Rhode Jilud," f. 

, 836 [GOWAN (W.)] The Phoenix: A Collection o 
and rare Fragments. New Tari: fP'iUiam Gawan. 

' lUM, boudt, uncut. Thii Tolume, completed by the well knom booki 
I Nwuu Street, ii now vtrj uartt. Set Allin (John), Lot No. 11. 

1^^^ 837 GOVERNMENT SALE. Catalogue of Books, ei 
, be sold at Auction By Order of Hiram Barney, 

Collector of N. Y., Nov. 17th, 1862, etc. 

New Tori. 
1to| uara. Sile conawrmiadcd, lod catalofue lappreued. Thii wu ilu 
I , , Library at Bcaulbrt, S. C, wiaed diuint the rcbellioii. 


838 GOWER{J.) Confessio Amantisof JohnGower. 1 
and Collated with the best Manuscripts by Dr. Rci 
Pauli. Ltndan. 

3 Toll., Ito^ cloth, QocMf «■ ti^at rtfriai. 

OKASSB. 175 

ftHAM. Memoir of General Graham with Notices 
'the Campaigns in which he was engaged from 1779 to 
ioi. Edited by his Son. Edinburgh. i86z. 

dotb, ancut; Poktiatt. Include* ■ plan al Yarktowo, 17!!. A few 
pin only fr'mastlj frimud. The iioij of Cipcain Aigill end the Ootrdi ii 
ipbiullf reUted. 

AHAME (James), The History of the United States 
' North America, to their Independence. London. 1836. 
4 Toll., 8*0, boardi, nncnl. 

ime hu pablbbed Ihc bat book ihit h» anjirbcre ippcered upon the Hn- 
7 of the United Sum. He hu cortecled che miitakc*, wbethec of eiror 
malignii)', which hii predeceuon in the umc Ubon h*d committed." — 
irri sdmcrinm Rroino, 

AMMONT'S Memoirs. Sit Hamilton (Anthony). 

LANT {Mn,)"] Memoirs of an American Lady; with 
eetches of Manners and Scenery in America, as they 
listed previous to the Revolution. Ltndon. 1808. 

a 10I1., ttmo, hilf c;df, filt. 

ANT (U. S.) Public Honors to Lieutenant-General 
irant, by the Citizens of New- York. Fifth Avenue 
[otel, November 20th, 1865. Printed for the Citizen's 
ommittee. New-Teri: Get. F. Ntsbil £if Cc. 1865. 
Imp. Iro, pp. 39, ancot. 

tASSE {Count de).^ Journal D'un Officier de I'armee 
ivale en Ameriquc en 1781 & 1782. 

jt. Jmsttrdam. m.occ.lxxxiii. 

hair calf. Coast de On<u*i Joarnil tnnilated for the Bndfoid Club, 
ilj one other capjr ii koowa to be in thi> cauntij. 



844 GRASSE. The Operationi of the French Fleet ur 
Count de Grassc in 1781-2. New Ttrk. 1% 

RL In; I JO copitt prioicd li>r the Bndfbrd Gub| Uloilnccd with X7 EiTXa Pli 
Raii PoKTKAm of Ct. D'Euiing, Cc De Grawe, De SuSren, Wabia, 
Cornwalllt, Saumarei, Lord Kainej, ind View of Boiton, Bound ji 
bat njrle of Piwkd ft Nicliolioii, with elibonte toolingi on the iaildi cc 
urbjch arc CQdreL^ lined with ireea end ciimion leraiit noracco, on 
poliihed, and omaoiEnted, (ilt top, uncut. 

1^45 GRAY (T.) Odes by Mr. Gray. 
'' Printtd at Strawhtrry Hill, mdccl 

4to ] alM icKtal other poetical piecea in ibc tame Toluine. 

j.846 GRAVES (W.) Two Letters from W. Graves, E 
Respecting the Conduct of Rear-Admirat Thomas Gn 
in North America, during his Accidental Command il 
for Four Months in 1781. London, i; 

inotocco, gill back, and richlj' loolid inude boiden, by Maihewij Plax « 
Sea Fioht between Admiral Graves and Count de Grane; FiNi PoaT 
of Admiral Gravei and Count de Graiie inierted \ Ougihai Eotnov, 

^^ 847 GRAVES. [The same.] 

4to, uncuti only ii 

GRAY (F. C.) Sit Washington (G.) 

Mtrrisama, N, Y. i! 
ipia reprinted. 

848 [GRAYDON (A.)] Memoirs of a Life, Chiefly Pa 
in Pennsylvania, within the last Sixty Years. V 
Occasional Remarks upon the General Occurrcn 
Character and Spirit of that Eventful Period. 

Harriiburgh : Printtd by Jthn ff^jetb. il 
1 l*DC, pp. yjt, Icvaot morocco, gilt lop, uncut, by Bedbid. We hart neiei 

849 GRAYDON. [Another copy.] 

iimo, (liccp. 


CSHENB, 177 

LAYDON.) Memoirs of a Life, Chiefly Pasted in 
cnnsylvanta, within the Last Sixty Years. 

Edinburgh. 1S22. 

MD lennt morocco, gilt top, Bncot. Thi> edition wu edited bjr John Oilt. 
ru 1 cjpuin in the niTy darinf the ReTolationiiy War." — Allim. 
It belt perMHut Daititivc that hit jret appured relitiTe to that gieat cooflicc 
lich tmniDated in etubliahing the independence of the United StaEei." 

EELEY (H.) The American Conflict; A History 
' the Great Rebellion in the United States of America, 
i6o— '64 : Its Causes, Incidents, and Results : ... By 
orace Greeley. Hartford: O. D. Case (sf Co. 1865-66. 
»ToU., rLSTo, halColf. 

EEN BOX (The) of Monsieur de Sanine. The Fifth 
dition. London : A Btcktt. mdcclxxix, 

Sn>,i I., pp. 71, calf. 

.EEN (Jos.)] Entertainment for A Winter's Even- 
g: ... By Me, the Hon. B. B. Es<]i ... . Busttn: 
Fainted in the Tear 1750, Reprinted *79S- 

Sto, pp. 1%, uncut; a nrj rari poem. 

EENE (Albert G.) Recollections of the Jersey Prison- 
lip ; taken, and prepared for publication, from the Orig- 
al Manuscript of the late Captain Thomas Dring, of 
rovidencc, R. I., One of the Prisoners. 

Providtnce: H. H. Brown, 1829. 

67, blue levant morocco, gilt edfea, bjr F. Bedford ; PtATi of the Priioa 
lip} tttniiful itfj. Greene'i copjr aold for (ii. 

EENE. [The same.] Edited by Henry B. Dawson. 
Morriiania, N. T, 1865. 

Rl. Its, hilf red morocco, gill top, nncuL 




178 CRIFFtTH. 

^ ,-556 GREENE. [Another copy.] Marritania. i 

F^io, aacoti Laui Papuj 30 co^ piiiited. 

^ (857 GREENE. Catalogue of the Library of Albcn 
I Greene [Old Grimes]. Nrw Tori, i 

1*0, pp. 5at, Docul. Rich in Amaictn Facfr. 

^J858 GREENLEAF (M.) A Statistical View of the Dii 
I of Maine. Bostim. i 

I Svd, bairbrawn raorocco, gilt lop, iwcac, b; Bndnren. 

History of E 
Boitm. 1 
I; Plats. 



859 GREENWOOD (F. W. P.) 
Chapel, in Boston. 

lliDO, pp. lu, 115, boaidi, u 

turesque and Monumental Views, in highly finished 
Engravings. From Drawings taken on the Spot 
James Smillie ; the Literary Department by N. Cli 
land. New Tark. [lE 

4to, hilf morocco, gilt edga J BiAimnn. Stxel Platui arlj imfnaina f pal 
I hj lubiciiptioa only. 

/ L^y86i GRESSWELL (E.) View of the Early Parisian G 

. ^, " Press, Lives of the Stephani, Notices of other G 

Printers of Paris, and Literary History of their Timi 

Oxftrd. I 

1 nU., iro, balfciircitn, gilt top, uncut j jtiw »|9- 

/a ^^ ^^* [GRIFFITH (A. F.)] Bibliothcca Anglo-Poctica ; 
A Descriptive Catalogue of a rare and rich Collcctic 
Early English Poetry: in the Possession of Loi^ 
Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Illustrated by occasi 
Extracts and Remarks, Critical and Biographical. 
Ionian: Printed for the Preprietars of the Collection, i 

IVD, half brawn morocco, gilt top, uncuij Ntruuoai Pot-raAtni IiimAL Lr 


lofnc dcKribei 956 itciu, ind doct great credit la tbe dili|CDce aod tccaney 
of iti compiler, *nd dcurvei ■ place in ereiT |ood libnir, from tbe inlereat- 
iD| inlorniation which it affbidi of the worki of our eirljr p«tl. 

RIFFITH (T. W.) Sketches of the Early History of 
Maryland. Baltimore. 1821. 

Ito, hilf green norocco, gilE top. 

RIFFITH. Sketches of the Early History of Maryland 
and Annals of Baltimore. Baltimm-i. 1821—24. 

1 Toli. m t. Ire, balf green morocco, gilt lop, udcde, b]i Bnditreet. 

RIFFITH (W.) Historical Notes on the American 
Colonies and Revolution from 1754 to 1775. 

Burlington, N. J. 1843. 

jlvo, pp. 300, Note, % luva, boardli Kara', 

RIGG (John W.) Catalt^ue of the Private Library of 
John W. Gri^ of Philadelphia. Privatify Printtd. 1867. 
<^ PP* S°i ^^ tnta moiocco, gilt top, bj BndMreet} ten copiee printed. 

RIGSBY (Hugh Blair). A Discourse on "The Vir- 
ginia Convention of 1776/* delivered ... July 3, 1855. 
Ricbmend, 1855. 
Sea, pp. lot, dolh. 

RIMK£ (Thomas S.) An Oration ... Fourth of July, 

1809, ... South Carolina State Society of Cincinnati, ... 

Charlttten. 1829. 

Ito, pp. i«i), gncat; Kant. 

RISWOLD (R. W.) The Republican Court or Ameri- 
can Society in the Days of Washington. By Rufus 
Wilmot Griswold. With Twenty-one Portraits of Dis- 
tinguished Wotnen, engraved from Orig^l Pictures by 


Woolastan, Copley, Gainsborough, Stuart, Trumbul 
Pine, Malbone, and other contemporary Painters. 

Nnu yeri: 13. AppUton and Company, m. OCCC. LV 

Eiteoded to > vdIi,, Imp. Sto, hi!t( porple mcnicco ntn, jilt, uncat. Th!) copf 
illulraud wilh 74 Eit>a Platti ud i TrTLi-pAOU ia witer colon. S 
Wuliingron (G.) 

870 [GROSE (F).] Advice to Officers of the British Armj 
A Fac Stmite reprint of the Sixth London Edition 
With Introduction and Notes. 

Nnu Tori: jtgatbyman Club. r86; 

■to, lulf bine mococco, gill top, by BndMrMC ; no copia printed. A Facdhili Ri 
MINT of the 6th London edition. One of three copiei primed on thin pipe 
An imitition of Swift'i " Adiice to Sernnu," which wu probably derim 
fitna 1 Oennu lourcc, '* Dedclcioden de Monun Simpticitite." 

! ^871 GROTE (George). History of Greece : i. Lt^ndat 

r^ Greece. 11. Grecian History to the Reign of Peisistratu 

^ at Athens. London: J.Murray. i854-5( 

I II vela., Sts, cloth, uncut; Foot-ni aho Bxtr EnmoM j lum. 

I " A iRit litem; undomking, e<)uallT notable whether we regud it ai an accewon i 

what u of itindinl ralue in our language, oi aa an 
what Eogliih icholanhip can do." — ^Jntfn, 

. J 872 GRUNER (Lewis). Specimens of Ornamental An 

; selected from the best Models of Classical Epoch: 

Illustrated by 80 Plates. With Descriptive Text b 

Emil Braun. London. 185c 

Imp. fiilio Atlat of Plats^ and 410 Texl, boud in half mococo^ gilt top, nnot. 

TUi nugnificeat woilc a lUitftnled with daigna ftom the moit beaodfiJ ipecimeni c 

OaHAHiJiTAL AaT in Europe, many of them elabonlely colored, and on 

•cale neier bctbie altenipled. The namei of Raphael, Romano, Kolbeii 

Giotto, Bnmute, and Luini, give ihe work the higheit clanicil chtnctH 

II li the moat elegant work on DicoaATm Aat ei 


873 GRUNDLICH£|An-und au&brderuiig|aii die|£bmahli{ 

GDTCH. l8l 

erweckte hter und dar zerEtreuete|SecIen dieses Lindes,| 
In oder ausser Parthcycn, | zur | Neucn Umfassung, | Glied- 
licher Vcreinigung, | und | Gebets-Gemcinschaft ; | Dar- 
gclcgt aus dringendcm Herzen eines urn Heilungjder 
Brfiche Zions angstlich bekummerten Gemuths, | im jahr 
1736. 1 PhUadilphia^\ 

Gidrucit und zu habin\ bty B. Franilirty] M DCC XUl.j 

GRYNEUS.] Novvs orbis rc-|gionvm ac Insvlarvm 
ve- 1 tcribus incognitarum, una cum tabula cosmographica, 
& I aliquot aliJs consimilis argumenii Irbcliis, quorum | 
omnium catalt^us sequent! patcbit pagina. | His accessit 
copiolus rerum memorabilium index. | [Printer's arms.] 
Pariiui apvd Inanntm \ Paruum sub Jiore Lilio, ma 
ad sanctum Iacobum.\ [1532. J 
Folio, 16 I., pp. joi, (■), old *cl]utn ; Lakce Mat, in 1 Kdiont. 

.Uc coUecdan of carijr Toyajci 10 Ameiica, retpecciag whicb, m [Hiirilic] 
** BibltotlKci Americani." 

3UARD (Theodore de la). Stt [Ward (Nathaniel)]. 

jUILD (Reuben A.) The Librarian's Manual : a Treat- 
ise on Bibliography, comprising a Select and Descriptive 
List of Biographical Works; to which are added Sketches 
of Public Libraries, Illustrated with Engravings. 

Ntw Tori : Printed by Munull. mdccclviii. 
Fcip 4to, boudi, nncBt. 

3UIZOT (M.) St, Washington (G.) 

3ULLIVER (Lemuel). S„ [Swift (J.)] 

lUTCH (J. M.) A L/teU Geste of Robin Hode. In 

eight Fyttei. With other Ancient and Modem Ballad 
and Songs relating to this celebrated Yeoman. T< 
which is prefixed his History and Character, grounde 
upon other Documents than those made use of by hi 
former biographer, " Mister Ritson." Adorned witi 
Cuu byF. W. Fairholt, f.s.a. LtniUn: Lengmaa. 1847 

» KoU., Ito, lulf |r«a morDCCO, |ili top, nocat, \tj W. Machcwi \ jot tfj. 
Appendtd ire *■ D'uKmtioni upon the Monii Duct and Uiid Marian, etc, bjr Ui 
Hooc and F. Douce, ljt\." 


A K E W E L L (James). The History of 

( Windsor, and its Neighbourhood. By 

James Hakewell. London. 1813. 

4to, half morocco, gilt lop, uncut j naaierou FiHi Stul 

PljiTU. From Dinlel O'Conaell't library, with 

bi) Book Plati. 

HAKLUYT (R.) The Principall Navigations, Voiages 
and Discoueries of the English nation, made by Sea or 
ouer Land, to the most remote and farthest distant Quar- 
ters of the earth at any time within the compasse of 
these 1500 yecres: Dcuided into three seuerall parts, ac- 
cording to the positions of the Regions whereunto they 
were directed. ... Including the English valiant attempts 
in searching almost all the corners of the vaste and new 
world of America, etc. 

Imprinttd at London by George Biiktp and Ralph 

Newbtrie, Deputies to Christopher Barter, printer to 

the ^eenes most excellent Majestie. 1589. 

jU/, inb^DB, |ilt cd|cij virj ran. Title-pgc mounUd, otherwiie i fine copy, 
coauining tbc ui inierted lean) between pp. 643 and 644,wiib ibe accaunt . 
of Sir Francii Drake'! foyage to tbc touth, 
reader conTeraanc in the annali of our naval traniactioni will cbeerfnlly ac- 
knowledge tfac merit of Richard Hakluyc, who devoted bii ttudio to the 
invoiigaiian of choie period* of £ngliib biitory which regard the improve- 
ment of navigation and commerce. To him we are principally indebted for 
1 dear and compreheniiie deicriptlon of thoae noble diicoveria of ibe Eng- 
lUh nation, made by lea or overland, to [he mo«t ditcint (jnarten of the 
cinb. Hit Tolumei contain an invaluable treaiure of nautical ioloimaiion, 
which, even at ibii day, affia to I 


^ J879 HALE (H.) Ethnography and Philology. 
'^'^ Pbiladilphia. i84f 

410, doth, BDcgtt lsoeoplaoiiI|fprinted|«7it<rM. Form* V<i 7 of (he " Uoiti 
Stiui Eiplariai Ezpeditkn." 

^^880 HALIBURTON (Thomas C.) An Historical and fu 
tisttcal Account of Nova Scotia. Halifax. 1825 

U., tfo, bond*, ancul; Mat of the ProTinci, and icinil EncUTtMOt. Tl 
tuthor ii benei kmnra u " Sun Slick." 


881 HALL (B.) Forty Etchings from Sketch« made with tb 
Camera Lucida, in Nonh America, in 1827 and iSzf 
Captain Basil Hall, R.N. Edinburgi: CatitU^ Co. 182c 
4(0, half morocco, gill top, ODCot. 

^^ 882 HALL (B. H.) History of Eastern Vermont, from ii 
I earliest settlement to the close of the eighteenth centurj 

With A Biographical Chapter and Appendixes. 

I Aliany: MunuU. i86< 

I I Talf.,rl. ■», half ted leeanl morocco, udcui, bjr Bndicreet; Lauii Papu| 50 co^ 

^^83 [HALL {Capt.)-\ The History of the Civil War i 
America. Map. Vol i. Lendtn. 178c 

Half morocco, gilt top, ancnt, bf Briditieet. No niate Toluma printed. 

.^^884 HALL (David). A Mite into the Treasury; or, Som 
serious Remarks on that solemn and indispensable Dut 

I of duly attending Assemblies for divine Worship, incum 

bent upon all Persons come to Years of Understandin 
(especially the Professors of Truth) whilst favoured wit 
Health, Strength, and Liberty. ... To which is subjoine( 

I an Epistle to Friends of Knaresborough Monthly-Meei 

' ing, Londony Printtd. Philadtlpbit 

Rt-pr'mudhj B. Franilin^ and D. Hall. 175! 

I Ito, pp. I, 5], half calf. 

HAttAM. 185 

HALL (Hiland). The History of Vermont from its Dis- 
covery to its Admission into the Union in 1791. 

Albar^. 1868. 

HALL (M.) TTie Queens before the Conquest. 

Lmdon. 1854.. 
3 tdU., poit Sto, doth, uncut. 

HALL {S. C.) The Baronial Halls and Ancient Pic- 
turesque Edifices of England. From Drawings by J. D. 
Harding, G. Cattcrmolc, S. Prout, ... and other emin- 
ent Artists. The Text by S. C. Hall, f.s.a. ... In Two 
Volumes. London: fVilBs and Ssutheran. MDCCCLVIII. 
1 Toll., folio, green moiocco excn, by Wrigbr. 

iwingi of thit 4ttncti*e work lire cxecaEed in ibe faigfaac ityle of «t, b|r che mote 
eminent liring artiM, and compriie [he mote ancient cutln and miDiioni 
now eiiiting in England. The imall piper iuoe wai publiihed ai £14 14*. 

HALL. Ireland : its Scenery, Character, &c. By Mrs. S. 
C. Hall. London, [n. d.] 

3 Tola., Imp. tio, cloch, uncut j nun; Platd. 

HALL-STEVENSON (J.) The Works of John Hall- 
Stevenson, Esq. ... Corrected and enlarged. With 
Several Original Poems, now first printed, and Explana- 
tory notes. London, mdccxcv. • 

ya, 3 Kol)., half red mraocco. Includa Cruj Talet, Fables, Monkiah Ep- 

HALLAM (Henry). Works, complete. Reprinted from 
the last London edition, revised and corrected by the 
Author. Boston, [v. d.] 

10 foil., crown Svo, half calf, gilc. 
lu great induitry and great aculeneu — bil knowledge ii eiteniiTe, *arioui, and 
ptofbund — hit mind ia eiioally diitinguiihed by (he amplitude of ita grup, and 
bj the delicacj of ita touch." — BJimimr^i Xtvirw. 

1 86 



891 [HALLECK (Fi« Greene).] Alnwick Castle, wi 
other Poems. Ntw Yvrk. 182 

lino, lulf moracco, |ili top, uocuc \ Fmr EDirtOK ; vrrj ttmra \ «iih Poxthiut ani 
ItivmATioiia, iDcludiDE in Emciatimo of Dnltc'i (nie, witfa a deuHpii 
<K^ uid in AimKiiArii Littu by Hillcik Lucned. 

89a HALLECK. Fanny, Second Edition. Ntw Yvrk. 182 

lolaid ID 4to, bDnnd in bilf morocco «tn j Ikpu Ptoor PotTkAIT of HdUck i 
•cncd, ilM nnmeTOiu Pottum, Viiwi, etc., iuicned. 

^-^893 HALLECK. Fanny: a Poem. With Notes. A^. 

I York: Privatily Printtd fir Mr. W. L. Andrews. 186 

410, dotb, ancut; E*Koor Poitkait on Ihdu pAru, of Hallcck, engraved by B 
by Rejen. Oh *f amij 5 ctfiti frimiiJ M India Patu. 

y' 1^^894 HALLECK. Fanny: A Poem. Also, Lines to t 
I Recorder. Mtw Yerk: ff. L. Andraui. 186 

I * KOll., tL SiOi uncut J FlHI PomAir of Hilleck on India piper, engrared by Bu 

prniaitly frimiii, JO coplel only. Theie beautiful reprinn were edited 

the aolhor, and will alwayi be raluabte a> beint probably the laac publica^ 

I I containing Mr. Halleck't inootatJoni. The porttait «ru engnred from 

I I Ofiglnal miniature by Kogen, apcclilly lor thii edilioD. 

y ^^895 HALLECK. Fanny and the Recorder. NtwYtrk.iZt 

s ToU. in I, rl. Sto, half oiDrocca extra, gill top, uncut. Tbu VHiqiii Ml i> printed 
paper of vaitoui colon, and hu prooft of the Pobtkait of Hallcck in i 
diffcRnl Itatei, all on India paper. 

^ ^ J 896 HALLECK. Poetical Writings. Nm Turk. jU 

iimo, pp. jSg, half morocco, uncut. 

897 HALLIWELL (J. O.) A Brief List of some of t 
■^ -^-^r Rare and most Curious Old Book Rarities in t 

Library of J. O. Halliwell, Esq. Illustr|^chicfly 
Early English Popular Literature. ^r 

JVest Brtmpttn, Fvr Private GrculaUon anfy. tZt 
Sf . (to, half motocco, uncut ) titrit j 15 co^ea printely printed 


HALLIWELL. The Defence of Coney Catching, a.d. 
1592. Being a Reply to Works by R. Greene on the 
■ame Subject. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 

London: J. E. Ailard. 1859. 
Sto, doth, oncat; 16 co^a prliuclj printed. ^ 

lALLIWELL, A Dictionary of Old English Plays, 
existing either in Print or in Manuscript, from the 
earliest times to the close of the seventeenth century ; 
including also, notices of Latin Plays written by English 
Authors during the same period. London, i860. 

tin, poliihed cair extra, b; Riiifre. 

iALLIWELL. A Hand-Itst of upwards of a Thousand 
Volumes of Shakcspcariana, added to the Three previous 
Collections of a similar kind formed by J. O. Halliwell, 
and of which lists have been previously printed. 

London. 1862. 

. Sio, hil/ morocco, nncot; 15 KBfxa, privtitlj friBiid hj Wliinin|lum. 

lALLIWELL. An Historical Sketch of the Provincial 
Dialects of England, Illustrated by Numerous Examples. 
Albany: Munsell. 1S63. 
Imp, Sto, half mococca, |il[ top, unenl. 

lALLIWELL, The Jokes of the Cambridge Coffee 
Houses in the Seventeenth Century. Cambridgt. 1842. 

Iimoy half moncca, ^It lap, uikcac. 

lALLIWELL. The Metrical History of Tom Thumb 
the Little, as Issued early in the Eighteenth Century, in 
Three Parts. Edited by J. O. Halliwell, f.r.s. 

London: Printed for tie Editor, i860. 

9, pp. le, hilf morocco, uocdE j jo capia, fHvaulj frimuJ \ij WhildDilum. 


904 HALLIWELL. Nugx Peticx. Select Pieces of C 

English Poetry illustrating the Manners and Arts of t 
Fifteenth Centuiy. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 

Lenden. 18^ 

Qma morocco, gilt edge). Ihicuiid : "Thick paper, onl; 6 copia pnuled ; 1 
4i Not. ftj, lg44i Jabn Rnndl Smith.** 

905 HALPINE (C. G.) Poetical Works. Ntw Ttri. i8( 
llmo, cloth. The luthor wu better knowa by hit fuaJtiym " Milei O'RtiU;.' 

906 [HAMILTON (A)0 A Full Vindication of the Mcasui 
I of the Congress, from The Calumnies of their Enemi 
I In Answer to a Letter, under the Signature of A. 1 
I Farmer, whereby His Sophistry is exposed, his Ca« 

confuted, his Artifices detected, and his Wit ridicule 
{ in A General Address To the Inhabitants of Amerii 

i and A Particular Address To the Farmers of the Provin 

! of New- York. 

I Nnv-Tari: Printed by yames Rivington, 17; 

I Sto, puple mococco eitn, gill edga, bj W. Mathcm. Written bj Alexander Hu 

ten when eighceea jeira old. Stt Ritingcan (Jimei). 

907 HAMILTON. Letter from Alexander Hamilton, co 

cerntng the Public Conduct and Character of Jo! 
Adams, Es<]., President of the United Sutes. 

Ntw Teri. i8c 

Sto, half mor(KCO, dDcdc, bj BrmdiCreet. 

908 HAMILTON. [Another Edition.] 

Nnu Tori : Printed far John Lang, by Gearge F. H»pHi 
1800. Philadelphia: Rt-printid Pre Bona Pi^k 

tm, pp. J4, i, pDlithed calf, gilt lop, iuicdE, by Bedlord ; Poituit of Adanu 'uuert 

909 HAMILTON. Observations on Certain Documei 

contained in Nos. T, and ri. of " The History of tl 



Unittd States, for the year 1796," in which the Chaise 
of Speculation against Alexander Hamilton, late Secre- 
tary of the Treasury, is Fully Refuted. Written by 
Himself. Phila<ielphia : Printed for John Ftnno. 1800. 

1. liiii, purpU moioccD, gilt top, uncut, bjr Matfaem. Tbri it the Adthox'i own 
EnmaM, md cbli bciutilul md unique copy conliina an AcTOGtATn Nan 
bjr Hamilton, and a Vut Raii Plate ol tht "Subtle Seducer and the 
American Financicc," which, if ntH intended for Hamilton, i> at leail pni- 
pheiic. Thii i< uiualty known a> the '■ Reynold! Pamphlet," in which Ham- 
illDO eaplaini hii public conduct at the eipenie of hii prirate chancter. Set 
Callender (J. T.), Lot 3J9, for the charge, and Lot 340, for C'l reply. 

HAMILTON. [The same] 

Philadtlphia : Printed Pre Beao PubUce, 1800. 

Sio, poliihed calf, gilt cop, bdcuI, by F. Bed&rd. 

HAMILTON. [Another Edition.] 

New rerk: Printed for the Hamiltan Club. 1865. 
8*0; only 50 CDpiei printed. 

HAMILTON. The Official and other Papers of the 
late Major General Alexander Hamilton, Vol. i. [All 
published.] New York. 1842. 

Sto, half morocco, gilt top, by firaditreet. 

HAMILTON. The Works of Alexander Hamilton: 
comprising his most imponant Official Reports ; an im- 
proved edition of the Federalist, on the new Constitu- 
tion, written in 1788 \ and Pacificus, on the Proclamation 
of Neutrality, written in 1793. New Ttrk. 1810. 

, l«o,halfmwia, uncut; PoKTiAiTt. Thii edition contain) niicter oat included 
in ibe following lot: 

HAMILTON. The Works of Alexander Hamilton: 
comprising his Correspondence, and his Political and 

Official Writings, exclusive of The Federalist, Civil ai 
Military. Published from the Original Manuscripts d 
posited in the Department of State, by order of the Joi 
Library Committee of Congress. New York, 185 

7 rolL, Ito, lulf morocco, ^It lop. 

HAMILTON land athiri'}. The Federalist: \ A Cc 
]ection|of!£ssays,|written in bvourfof the[New Coi 
Gntution,|as agreed upon by the Federal Convention 
September 17, 1787.] 

New Tart: f. and A. McLean. MDCCLXXXvm 
1 «oli., iimo, ihap; FtuT £DtTiaH. Sold la Momll'i mIc for tji. 

HAMILTON. The Federalist; A commentary on tl 
Constitution of the United States; A collection of £ 
says by Alex. Hamilton, Jay, and Madison. Also tl 
Continentalist and other Papers, Edited by John ( 
Hamilton. Philadelphia. 186 

roll., imp. Sio, clotb, Dncat{ PomMirg Lakoi Patui; ioo copin piiand. 

HAMILTON CLUB. Publications of the Hamilto 
Club. New rari. i86( 

,, 4R>, half morecco, nncut , Laici Pafu ; onlf lO copia of all the naoibi 

printed. No. lllof tbit ii printed oti irnsimi ftftr, 
Jfc of Aleunder HimilEon, bf Joho Williimi. 
)bter*iiiant on Certain Docament) in the " Hiitorr of the United Satet br tl 

Year 1796," bf Aleunder Himilloa. 
'he Hiniltoniid, bj John Williaou. 
ctten to Alexander Hamilton, Kint of the Fedi., Ci-dennt SKcrettrf of tl 

TrcUBiT, etc., bjr Tom Callender. 

HAMILTON CLUB. [Another set.] Ntw Ttri. i86( 

4 Tol>., Sto, UDcnt ; 40 icti ootj printed. 

HAMILTON. See [Coleman William)]. 


lAMILTON (A.) Memoirs of Count Grammont, by 
Anthony Hamilton. A New Edition ... Illustrated with 
Sixty-four Portraits, Engraved by Scriven, &c. 

London: W. Miller. 1811. 

■to, morocco, |ilr edfo. "Lc leite 1 iti retu par Bertnnd dc MoleTlUe." 
&t in ablt ardcic oa thn woik hj Bolton Ccmey, In ■■ Note> ind Queriet." 

lAMILTON (John C.) The Life of Alexander Hamil- 
ton. By his Son. Fine Portrait, engraved by Durand. 
Ntw 7'ari. 1834-1840. 

9 Toll., two, lulT motocco, gill tap> bj BridiDtet; Vol. 1 viry utrti, 

lAMILTON. [The same.] Vol. i. Ntw r,ri. 1841. 

Kto, uncut ; » ffrirtit, 

iAMILTON. History of the Republic of the United 

Sutcs, as traced in the Writings of Alexander Hamilton. 

New Tori. 1857. 

7 volt., SlO, doth ; PoiTlAJT. 

iAMILTON (Schuyler). History of the National FUg 
of the United Sutes of America. Philadelphia. i8j2. 

en IcTint moracco citrt, gill back and lidei. Id tliii UHiqjri Con every leaf 
bu been iKMifMlIj UUU, ani txutiJU a ^, ,i%i, lit itrJir, ithg rultJ 
viitiridM. It contain! 69 Ikiutid Platu, comptiiing ran ai</cHri«ii 
PoaTlAIT* of Waihington, Putium, Reed, Arnold, Gage, Franklin, Paul 
Jonei, CommodDre Hopkin*, etc. Alia, a great variety of htaatiftiUj altrei 
Flam, and the verf mn Enct ATmo of ihe AiHiandihe GaiAT Sial of the 
Uailed Siatei, liom the old "Columbian Migaijne." Alio, EncaAfiKCt of 
Wauimcton'i Coat or Aim, and the Miutait Cditumi or thb Rito- 
Tion, illuminaled in gold tod colon. Maaj tf llit itlutiratiim ari frttft t* 

lAMILTON {Sir William). Lectures on Logic. [Also] 
Lectures on Metaphysics. Edinburgh, i860. 

Togelber, 4 vol)., Sio, doth, ancDC ; Bnr Zornoir. 


926 HAMOR (R.) A Trve discovrse of the Present Est 
of Virginia ; and the Successe of the Affaires there 
the 18 of lune. 1614.. ... Written by Raphe Hamor 1 
yonger, Ute Secretarie in that Colony. 

{^Albany: Rifrimted. l8fr 

927 HAMOR. Oreyzeliente Schiffahrt]Darmnen|Eia W 
hafftiger und[Giundtlichcr Bericht, von dem jtzig« 
Zusundt dcr Landschafit Virginicn; Auch wienun-|nii 
dcr Friede mit den Indianern bcschlossen: Vnd 1 
ctliche I Static vnd Vestunge alda zum Schuz des Lan 
von dem Enge- 1 lischen aufgebawet worden. | Sampt j Eii 

Relation, Wic Konig Powhatans in Virginien|Tochti 
Pocahuntas genant | Christlichen getauSt vnd mit enei 
Engelischen verhcurahtct worden |schr anaiiitig zulet 
jErttlichen in Englischer Sprach durch Raphe Ham 
&c. Sccretaium I daselbst beschrieben ] aus dercnjdui 
einen Licbhaber der Historien, injTeutch vbergcsetzi 
Pterate Fiedes Gaudct. | Gtdrutit xu Hanaw 

VerUgung der Hulfiscben. Jnne. m.d.c.xvh 
4C0, pp. 76, full cnuhcd lennt morocco, bjr Bedfbtd j 4 Plath. 

928 HANCOCK (John). An Oration deUvered March 

1774, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town 
Boston; to Commemorate the Bloody Tr^edy of t 
Fifth of March, i??^. The Second Edition. 

Beilen. m,dcc,lxzi 

4to, paneled cilfj Fmi Pditujt iuertcd. 

929 HAND BOOK to the Cathedrals of England. Easte 

Division — Western Division — Southern Division. Tv 

Parts. Londen: yobn Murray. 186 

'oli., crown tin, half morocco, uncDt. Compruing dacripdinu ud dn«rifl|>, 

dcuil, of the bUowini cwbedraU, Tu.1 Oxford, Petabonwib, Honrii 


Elf, Lincoln, Winchemr, Siliibuir, Eictcr, Wellt, Briitol, Olaucatet, 
Hndbnl, WoKcner, Ltcbficld, Chichatn, CinCerbniy, and RocheKcr. 
UpwinU of JOO EngnTinga. Tbii clepnt work it inEcnded to tcrre both 
m a bittorj aad « (aide to the vliilor. 

tlANGER (G.) The Life, Adventures and Opinions of 

. Col. George Hanger, With Advice to the Lovely 

Cyprians and the Fair Sex in general, Adventures in 

America, &c. by himself. Londtn. 1801. 

1 Toh., Sto, bitr (TccD moioccoj Fihi Corr. 

Ufa (iftcmrd Lord Coleniae) terteil with diirinction in 

Thi following curioui propheC)' will be found on p. 417 of Vol. a ; ■' One 
of tboc i»ji the Nortbern and Soolbcra powen will fight aa rigonnttf 
againat cacb olhet aa iher both hate onited to do aguntt the BiitUi.'' 

iANNA CJ. S.) A History of the Life and Services of 
Capuin Samuel Dewees, a native of Pennsylvania, and 
Soldier of the Revolutionary and Last Wan. Alio, 
Reminiscences of the Revolutionary Struggle (Indian 
War, Western Expedition, Liberty Insurrection in North- 
ampton County, Pa.) and Late War with Great Briuin, 
in all of which he was patriotically engaged. The whole 
written (in part from manuscript in the handwriting of 
Captain Dewees,) and compiled by John Smith Hanna. 
Embellished with a lithographic likeness, ... and e^ht 
wood-cut engravings. 

Baltimort: Printtd by Rahtrt Neilsm. 1844. 
lamo, pp. 360, old calf{ Poa-nAtr. 

lANSARD (G. A.) The Book of Archery, being the 

Complete History and Practice of the Art, Ancient and 

Modern. Interspersed with ... Anecdotes ... By George 

Agar Hansard. Landtn : Btbn. mdcccxu. 

tta, clotb ; manjr Fm* Platu. 




933 HARDING {C.> My Egotiit^phy. By Char 

Harding. Prepared for his Family and Friends. By < 
of his Children [M. E. White]. 

Camhridgt: Prets ef^hn fTtbtn and Sm. igl 
Itno, pp. llj) frivaaif friMuJ. Mr. Hndiog mi an eminent utitt. 

934 HARINGTON (Sir John). The Metamorphosis 

Ajax, a Cloacincan Satire : with the Anatomy, and i 
Apology; to which is added, Ulysses upon Ajax; edii 
by S. W. Singer. London: C. f9^hittiHgham. i8: 

Im, nd cnuhed leTint morocco txtn, b; W. M*tliew>j PornAtr uid CDinm Ci 
tflaJii nfy. 

ObIjp 100 capia were reprinted from the Teiy nre oritinil ediljoo printed in t ; 
priced, in the "Sibliotheci Anglo-Poetiu," £40, The iTowed pwpoi 
the dcKripdon of a ipecier of mter-clowt which Sir John KuioftDn 
inicnted and ececled ; but he hat contrired to malce it the rehjcle of m 

g hit e 

He h 

aha inMnpe 

It Eoucfaea and iliinioni Co contemporaij penoot and ere 
wluch were, no donbl, the caute of ica great popularity at the time ol 
publication. Lownda lemarkt that it combina mnch leimiag with D 
hiunar, and the author wai fbibid the court f(>r writing it. He alao obaer 
** in tbia new edition, nine objectionable p*a^u hare bees omitted," wl 
ii a miitakcj faoMfu were not omitted, but a few wocdt are indicated 
their initiali, followed bjr daahea. 

935 HARLAN (R.) A Description of the Mamniferous A 
inals Inhabiting Nonh America. Pbiladt^bia. 1 8: 

■to, pp. ]lS, (l), boaida, nncnt; vtrj ugrn. 

j i'936 HARLEIAN (The) Miscellany : or a Collection of Scar. 

i ''/ T Curious, and Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, a* w 

I in Manuscript as in Print, found in the Earl of O 

' ford's Library ; interspersed with Historical, Politic 

' and Critical Notes. London. i8c 

I lirola.,STo, half calf, gilt. Contain! 

relate to Ameika, and are t< 
dollar) and upwardt each. 

limbic political, hUtoriul, Uil intiiiiuriaa racoid, ii in indupciuabU ■luilUrjr 
id the illiutration of Biitiih hiitoiy," — LomiDU. 

lARPER'S Pictorial History of the Rebellion. 

Ntw Tori. 1867-8. 
s n>b., faUo, ibect) folded; miny hundred Wooocim. 

lARRINGTON (J.) The Oceana and other Works. 

Louden. 1 77 1. 
4to, alt, gilt i >( nfj. 
II the 'Oceani,' Wren drew dp hi> 'Modarchir Aimted,' and Baxter hii 
'HoIt Commodwealth ;' add at the Realoratiad Harrington mt ilt-Ireated, 
in cadtcqaence 0/ having written it; jet, by Lord Oxford'i denn, it waa 
reprinted! Mame prooouncea it 'the only valuable model of ■ coDiman- 
weaith that hai e*er been ofined to the public.' " — Wkahobah. 

lARRIOT (John). Struggles Through Life, exemplified 
in the Travels and Adventures in Europe, Asia and 
America, of John Harriot. New Yari. 1809. 

liTDO, half morocco. A Urge portiod ofthii curioua book relatn to America, 
and npccialljr New York, the author haring paned much of hia lift there. 

lARRIS (J.) A Complete Collection of Voyages and 
Travels, consisting of above six hundred of the most 
Authentic Works [from] Hackluit, Furchass, Ramuuo, 
Labat, De Brye, Gryneus, Herrara, Oviedo, Coreal, Sic, 
Originally Published by Dr. John Harris, with Large 
Additions. LentUn. 1774. 

Ailio, half calf, uncut. We ha*e de*er teen another copj udcuL Containa 
madjr tratulalioni Irom the early Toyiget to America not to be liinnd eltewhere. 
A copioDt notice will be ibund In Rich') ■* Bibliotbeca Americini." 

lARRIS (M.) An Exposition of English Insects. 

LandtH. 1783. 
■If; Hxi in Latik tiU Ewouni ; ^tj tiautifiillj ctlpnJ Platm, contaioing 

nearly joo Fionau. 
K painter and tngra*er of inaecll thit dajr, belidei being a moat iccniitc de- 

\ ■ ■ y 


< ! 

.V I 


I < 

if I 

i I 

' '!. 



• •• i it, u' 


■ ^ ■ 






4/^1942 HARRISON (G.) The Stratford Bust of William Shake- 

spcare. Brookfyn^ N. T. 1865. 

4tos umemtf-fivtfau ctpiu printed. 



943 [HARRISSE (H.)] Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima 
A Description of Works relating to America published 
between the Years 1492 and 1551. Niw Tori. 1866. 

4tOy red lennt morocco, gilt top, uncut j Labgi Papu $ otUj 99 npUs pHmttJ. 

Tbw raluable work wu undertaken at the loggettion of Mr. S. L. M. Barlow, of New 
York, and contains the titlet (which have been reproduced in Roman and 
black letter) of over 300 booki. Printed by Mean. J. M. Bradttreet ft Son, 
and, u a specimen of American tsrpographj, has probably never been surpassed. 

, ^-944 [HARRISSE.] A Brief Disquisition Concerning the Early 
History of Printing in America. 

Niw Tork: Privately Printed. 1866. 

Rl. Sto, uncut I 9IU »f $ cofiu primud em Dbawiko Papib. 

^ ;c^> 

945 HARSHA. Life of Philip Doddridge, d.d. With Notices 
of some of his cotemporaries, and Specimens of his style. 

Albany: y. MunselL 1864. 

i t?o^ half blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; LAaos PAPsa; only 50 
' copies printed, 10 of which were destroyed. 

Edition, corrected and improved. 

Sto, uncut. 

Proceedings. Third 
Boston. 1 8 15. 

/ 1 947 HARTFORD (The) | Convention |in an Uproar ! | And the 

/u^ i^iJ I Wise Men of the East | Confounded ! | Together with | a 

' Short History of the | Peter Washingtoniansij being {the 

First Book of the Chronicles | of the | Children of Disobe- 
dience; [otherwise falsely called | ^^ Washington Benevo- 
I lents/'|By Hector Benevolus, Esq.| 

I Windsor^ Vt^\... 1815. 1 

' Svo, morocco ; verf rw%. From the library of the Duke of Sussex. St* Dwighc (T.), 
^ Lot No»64o4 , 

HAVSV. 197 

HARTLEY (David). Substance of a Speech in Parliament 
upon the State of the Nation and the Civil War with 
America, April j, 1776. Second Edition. 

London: T. Almon. mdcclxxvi. 
4to, dtle ind pp. 14, hilf morocco. 

HARTLIB (S.) Samuel Hartlib bis Legacy of Husbandry. 
London, 1655. 
d ciir. Rcbtci M lUk-waniu, etc., and iodudci iiiin]r reference! to New Kng- 
Unii hgabindry. 

HARTSHORNE (C. H.) The Book Rarities in the 
University of Cambridge. Illustrated by Original Letters 
and Notes, Biographical, Literary, and Antiquarian, By 
Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, m.a. London. 1829. 

l«o, b*lf lennt morcxco, gill (op, uncol; Lahoi PateIj vtrjfra iifiu primuJ. 
larenpcnnl ihrooghaac hf nur^nil notei, neatly written Jo French. 

HATFIELD and DEERFIELD. Papers concerning the 
Attack on Hatfield and Deerfield by a Party of Indians 
from Canada, September Nineteenth, 1677. 

N*w Tfri. 1859. 

D,iiBcBt{ Mat; laa fXfatt frntiily frimid { virjrmrif Bndfbrd Club Seriei, 
No. I. Momell'i copj eold &r (40. 

HAVEN (C. C.) Thirty Days in New Jersey Ninety 
Years Ago : An Essay Revealing New Facts in Con- 
nection with Washington and his Army in 1776 and 
1777. Trenton. 1867. 

Sto, pp. 71, hilf morocco, gill top, ancat; ta Platu ioteited. 

HAVEN (S. F.) Archeology of the United States. 

~ ffathington, 1856. 

4t<^ » U, pp. I6I, BBCTt. 

# ^ 






■' t 



' 1 ' 

It •} 1 



l> •( 

I ' 

1] i,'. 

r: , 

•1 \ 

5: ' 





\ > 

1 <■ I 

^954 (HAVEN (Samuel F.) An Historical Address, delivered 
^ I before the Citizens of the Town of Dedham, on the 

Twenty-First of September, 1836, being the Second 
Centennial Anniversary of the Incorporation of the 
Town. Dedbam. 1837. 

Svoy lulf purple morocco, {Ut top, uncat^ by Bndstreet. 

JSS HAWEIS (J. O. W.) Sketches of the Reformation and 
/ '^;5. Elizabethan Age. London: fVm. Pickering, mdcccxux. 

Fcap, Sto, oncat. 

.^^^J9S6 HA WES (S.) The Pastime of Pleasure: An Allegorical 

Poem. London: Percy Society, 1845. 

' Crown 8vo, pp. zii, aao, oncut. 

y/ c 


.> 4^^ 

// ^^ 

957 HAWKINS (C.) The Adventures of Christopher Hawk- 

ins, containing Details of his Captivity, ... in the Rev- 
olutionary War, by the British, and his consequent 
sufferings, and escape from the Jersey Prison Ship, ... . 
With an Introduction and Notes by Chas. I. Bushnell. 
Illustrations. New York: Privately Printed, 1864. 

Rl. Sto, cloth, uncut \ 8 Platbi. 

958 HAWKINS (Sir J.) History of Music from the Earliest 

Times. London. 1776. 

5 Tolt., 4to, calf; NuMMout Poktbaiti, AiBt, and Engravimgi of ancient mmical 
inttnuncnti \ imw rttktr Karttf and one of the best works on the tubject. 

959 HAWKINS (T.) The Origin of the English Dnuna, 

illustrated in its various Species, viz. Mystery, Morality, 
Tragedy and Comedy, By Specimens from our earliest 
writers; with Explanatory Notes. 


3 Yoli.y poit Sto, calf; Jmt c«fy. From Markland*t librtiy. 

HAWKS (Francis). Contribution! to the Eccleiiastical 
History of the United States. New Tar k. 1836-39. 

a Toll., tvo, dothj utrct. CoHTuiTti Vlrgidi inil Miijluid. 

HAWICS. Narrative of the Expedition of an American 
Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in the 
Years 18521 1853, ^'^^ '8541 under the Command of 
Commodore M. C. Perry, United States Nary, by order 
of the Government of the United States. 

New Tori. 1857. 

I 4tOj 89 Platu. Combed finm the p*pen cf Ccmmodorc Penj bjr Dr. 
Hiwki, united br Rcbert Toma mnd J. C. Brooort. 

HAWKS. Revolutionary History of North Carolina. 

Raleigh. 1853. 
iimo, pp. ajfi, doth ; Platu by OtAej uid Lmini. 

HAYWARD (T.) The British Muse, Or, A Collection 
of Thoughts, Moral, Natural, and Sublime, of our Eng- 
lish Poets-, who flourished in the Sixteenth and Seven- 
teenth Centuries ... London. M,Dcc,xxxrui. 
3 roll., I amo, half morocco ; itartt. 

HAYWOOD (J.) The Civil and PoUrical History of 
the State of Tennessee from its Earliest Settlement up 
to the year 1 796 ; including the Boundaries of the State. 
By John Haywood. Knoxvillt, 1823, 

c^ •prinkled calf, bj F. Bedloidj Rimakeailt Fiki Corr j tmrtwulj Kara. 

HAZARD (E.) Historical Collections i consisring of 
Sute Papers and other Authentic Documents, intended 
as Materials for an History of the United States of Amer- 
ica, By Ebcnczer Hazard, a.h. 

miadelphia. UDCCXCii-ir. 

, 4(0, half calf; vtrj team. Sett of thii valuable work ate rarely fband com- 
ftete i tb« (ccond (olnma U otaallj wanted. 




« t 


I •! 



( •* 









^V /^H 

966 HAZARD. Historical Collections. Vol. i. 

Philadelphia, 1792. 

4tO| boards, uncot. Many of the docomenti are here printed for the firtt time, par- 
ticularly the records of the United Colonics of New England, firom 1643 to 
1678, which occupy nearly the whole of the second yolnme. 

967 HAZARD (Samuel). Annals of Pennsylvania, from the 

Discovery of the Delaware. Philadelphia, 1850. 

8to^ cloth. 

168 H AZLITT (William Carew). Hand-Book to the Popular, 
Poetical, and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain, from 
the Invention of Printing to the Restoration. 

London. 1867-68. 

1% partSy rl. Sto, uncut j LASct Pxpsa Copy. 

969 HAZLITT. Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of 

England ; Collected and Edited, with Introductions and 
Notes, by W. Carew Hazlitt.' London, 1864. 

Crown Sto, tree calf, gilt edges, by RIyi^} Lasgk PAPXa$ ftw cfies fnnted. 

HEADLEY (J. T.) See Washington. 

970 HEADS of the People; or. Portraits of the English; 

Drawn by Kenny Meadows. London. 1841. 

2 Tols^ Svo, cloth ; Mamt Humoeous Platxs. 

, 971 HEARD (F. F.) The Legal Acquirements of William 
^^ I Shakespeare. By Franklin Fiske Heard. 

Boston: J, K, Wlggin. 1865. 


4to, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; RuiaicATXD Titlb; only 64 copies 
printed; a fnt tpteinun nf tyfvgr^hy. 

i 972 HEARNE (S.) A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort 
in Hudson's Bay, to the Northern Ocean. Undertaken 



1 V 1 

By Order of the Hudson's Bay Company for the Dis- 
covery of Copper Mines, at North West Passage, &c. 
In the years 1769, 1770, 1771 & 1772. By Samuel 
Hearne. Ltnden : Printtdftr A. Straban. 1795. 

irdi, uncnt. Thii Tiluible work contiiiu id iccoudI of the Gnc Eunipeui who 
JKIUtTlIed to the ocein north of Aiperlci. 

HEATH (William). Memoirs of Major-Gencral Heath. 

Containing Anecdotes, Details of Skirmishes, Battles, 

and other Military Events, during the American War. 

Written by Himself. Pr'tnttd at Boston, 

By J. Thtmai and E. T. Andravt. Aug. 1 798. 

. ]88, morocCD, uncnt. PioaMiv UHiqDi. We hife neTs leen or heard of 
mother copy which ii atnimulj mum. 

HEBER(R). Bibliotheca Heberiana. Catalc^ue of the Li- 
brary of the late Richard Hcbcr, Esq. Lendon, 1834-36. 

I in 4 10I1., Sto, hilfciir. Mr. Heber'i libni; wu probablr the lugat collet- 
twn ever gxheieil hy one indifidiul, aad contaiiu title) of tout) very rare 
booki reiaiiag to America. 

HECKEWELDER (John). Narrative of the Mission of 
the United Brethren among the Delaware and Mohegan 
Indians, from 1740 to 1808. Interspersed with Anec- 
dotes, Historical Facts, Speeches of Indians, and other 
Interesting Matter, etc. Philadelphia. 1820. 

8*0, half cair, giilj Pornurr. Morrell') copjr lold Ibr $9. 

HEDGE (Frederic* H.) An Oration ... Bangor, on the 
~ Fourth of July, 1838. ... Bangor. 1838. 

8.0, pp. j8. 

MEEREN. [A Collection of the Works of A. H. L. 
Heeren translated from the German.] 

London: H. G. Bohn. mdcccxlvii. 

, In, nee calf, gilt eicra, Contectai Ancient Oteece, Manual of Aoclenc 
HitlgiT, Rcaearcbet inio the Polidci of Ancient Africa, Alia, etc. 


202 HINLBY. 

!" He it the e; lul of Nicbnlkr, Ufilkr, and of Boeck, in letrni&i aod olenl, ud 
puM* then ill in ihicwdncM »jA nftdcr." — Atkim^ttm. 

HELDERBERGIA. Sn [Schoolcraft (H. R.)] 


J 978 HELICONIA. Comprising A Selection of English Po< 
;_. of the Elizabethan Age, Written or Published betw 

I 1575 and 1604.. Edited by T. Park. Lmc 

j Fnm the Privatt Prtis »f Lengman, Huniy *tc. 18 

I 9 pun In 6 toIl, 4to, htlf tftcn morocco, gilt top, nnciiL Ftoa W. E. Bui 

tibnrj, viih nnic minncrijit ootei by him. ijo cofiia onlj printed. 
' Coirmm : VoL I. Breton'i Snull Hidd&ll of Fngnnt Flowen — Pioctor'i Gor] 

OtUcrr of Oillant iDTendoiu — Breton'i Flooiuh opon Fincie. 
I VaL 11. Hiodciidl of Pleuuit Delitei, ediced by C Robinion— Whetatoac'i lift 
j Death of Fraacii, Eirle of Bed lord— Phmix NeM, edited b; R. 5.— Bi 

I SpIritiullSooimiibjH.C— Chutchi«rd'i Faneral— Stoter'tCvdisil Wi 

I Vol. 111. Eathwd^ Puauiiu'i— Chatchrud'i OoodwUl— 5id Vene> fbr the La 
I Archhp. Whitfift. 

! 979 HELPS (Arthur). The Life of Las Cata^ ''the Ape 

of the Indies." 

LttuUn. li 


980 HELPS. The Spanish Conquest in America. 

LttuUn. 1855- 

4 Tola., Sto, doth, unciu : Btrr Enmon. 


Ex offitina Ebuvmana. Antu cisiacxxvu [i6: 

jsmo, Tcllum j Jautj frimtti. 


982 HENLEY (D.) Proceedings of a Coun-Manial, hel< 
Cambridge by order of Maj.-Gen. Heath, Com. k 
Troops, for the Trial of Col. David Henley, accuse< 
Gen. Burgoyne of 111 Treatment of the British Soldi 
Second Edition, Landm: Almm, \\ 

>I0, pp. IJSJ tlf etfyi W17 Ktrti. 


HENNEPIN (Lewis). A ] New Discovery| of a IVast 
Country in America, | Extending above Four Thousand 
Miles, I between I New France and New Mexico. | With 
ajDescription of the Great Lakes, Cata-|Taas, Riven, 
Plants and Animals; ... With a | Continuation :| Giving 
an Account of the | Attempts of the Sieur De la Salle 
upon the | Mines of St. Barbe, &c. The Taking of | 
Quebec by the English ; with the Advantages | of a 
Shorter Cut to China and Japan. | Both Parts illustrated 
with Maps and Figures,]... | By L. Hennepin, now Reu- 
dent in Holland. |... Lntdm. 1698.) 

b (recn cnubed leTut morocco, pll back and edft*, inudc bocden, b<r F. 
Bcdfiirdj Platti, inclading the rire view of NUpra tiUt^ fiii, tall, and 
^tllta ttfj i vtry rmrt. 

Hennepin wu comminkiiied by La Salle to explore the Dppei couite of the 
MimaippI la jti Knirce, and nnki u the diacoTerer of the imnieiue re|iaQ 
watend by that ri*er. 

tlENRY {John P.) An Accurate and Interestii^ Ac- 
count of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of 
Heroes who Traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign 
against Quebec in 1795. Lancaittr. tSiz, 

iSmo, pp. *%i, ihcep. 

tlENRY. Campaign against Quebec. Wattrtawn. 1844. 
1 8 mo, iheep. 

HENRYSON (R.) The Moral Fables of Robert Hen- 
ryson. Reprinted from the Edition of Andrew Hart. 

Edinburgh. h.i>ccc.xxxii. 
f calf, oncBt ; nlj efno ttfin prrvtulj fritted for tbc Maitlaad Club | ^trj 

IIERBERT (C.) A Relic of the Revolution, containing 
a Full and Particular Account of the Suffirrings and Pri- 




vations of all the American Prisoners captured on 
High teas, and Carried into Plymouth, England, du 
the Revolution of 1776, etc. Bnten, if 

lunn, polluted cilf, pit cdga, by P, Bedford; Plati. 

988 HERBERT. [Another copy.] 
iimo, clotli. 

BKttit. l\ 

989 HERBERT (G.) The Works of GeoTge Herber 
Prose and Verse. Landon: Pichring. if 

«., S(o, cloth, uncut) FiMi PonTiArr. E^cltering't fine edidon, in Urg 
(ii|ue type, by Wbitiinghim. Thii ediiion contiini the Pro«ctb>, ind i 
|dcca ncTcr before printed, with notet by S. T. Coletidge, ind life b 
hiognphet, Birnibu Olej. 


.990 HERBERT (W.) Frank Forester's Horse and Ho 
manship of the United States and British Province 
Nonh America. By William Herben. ... With si 
engraved portraits of Celebrated Horses. 

Nrw Tori: Stringer^ Tnvnstnd. i! 

Tok., imp. in, cloth j iC Platu. An idmUibie work on theiubject. The a 
wn ID En|lithinin, of (leat tilenti, who, in a fit of di 


991 HERCULANUM ET POMPEI. Recueil g«n£nl 
peinturcs, bronzes, mosaiques, etc. Decouverts jusi 
ce jour, et reproduits d'apres le Antichita di Ercolam 
Museo Borbonico, et tous Ics ouvrages analogues ; : 
mentc de sujets inedits, graves au trait sur cuivre 
H. Roux Ainc, et accompagne d'un textc explicatif 
M. L. Barrf. Parii. i( 

8 Tol)., imp. Sto, hilf ted IcTant motticco, gill top, uncut. Vol. Tin ii the ", 
Secret," which ii often deficient. Thii ii (he moat complete work ei 
diecoTeriei at HeKulineum ind Pompeii, eihibitiog all tlie piintiii(>, bto 
minuturei, tK., hitherto puhlithed in rare or eipeuire worki, with the 
tioa of many otheia which hare not picvioutly appeared. 


HERIOT (George). Travels through the Canadas, con- 
taining a Description of the Picturesque Scenery on some 
of the Rivers and Lalces, etc. Illustrated with a map 
and numerous engravings. London. 1807. 

410, halfmorDcco, (ill top, uneu 

HERRICK (R.) The Works of Roben Herrick. 

Edinburgh: Reprintidfor W. and C. Tail. M.DCCC.XXIU. 

oil., 4ID, a\f; Lamgi Patii j 14 copiet printed { a iiaaiifiil amj ran tditien. 

HERRING (J.) National Portrait Gallery of Distin- 
guished Americans. Conducted by James Herring, New 
York, and James B. Longacrc, Philadelphia, under the 
Superintendence of the American Academy of Fine Arts. 
Philadelphia. 1834—35—36-39. 

>li., rl. 8va, morocco, gilt; 144 PotTtAirt of icicetmen, (oldicn, aulhon, etc. 

HEWES. Traits of the Tea Party, Being a Memoir of 
George R. T. Heives, one of the last of its Survivors -, 
... . By a Bostonian. New Tori: Harpers. 1835. 

HIBBERT (George). A Catalogue of the Library of 
George Hibbert, Esq. of Portland Place, ... by Mr. 
Evans, ... London: ff. Nicol. 1829. 

>ir morocco, with ptica and namei of bujrcn; Plath and Fachhiiu. ThJi 
coUcctioD lold Tor £tl,56o, ind w» one of the moit important collecEiDni 
of book) eier lolil. 

HICKCOX. An Historical Account of American Coin- 
age. By John H. Hickcox. With Plates. 

Albany: Munsell. 1858. 

[mp. Svo, half blu morocco, gilt top, uncul; 100 cope* frrnmtttf friuti. 




I > 




1 ' 

t . 


« t 


Ji « 

I J jr. 









r I 

.»» ( 



1 ; ■ f. 

t > 

.111 t 

u i;ll ' 

^. A 



til i\\ 




J ^^^ 


998 HICKCOX. A History of the Bills of Credit or Paper 

Money issued by New York, From 1709 to 1789; 
with a Description of the Bills, and Catalogue of the 
Various Issues. Albany^ 1866. 

4to, oncot ; Lasgi Papek ; 50 copies printed. 

999 HICKS (T.) Eulogy on Thomas Crawford by Thomas 

Hicks, N.A. Portrait & Views on India Paper. 

New Tori. 1865. 

4to» half levant morocco, ancut; Lasgb PAria; 25 copiei printed. 

1000 HICKS. [Another copy.] New Tori. 1865. 

8yo, uncut s Small PAPxa; prhtately prinudfvr W, L, jiudrewt, 

looi HIGGINSON (Francis). New-Englands | Plantation. | 
Or, I a Short and Trve | Description of the | Commodities 
and I Discommodities | of that Covntrey. | Written by 
Mr. Higgeson, a reuerend Diuine | now there resident. | 
Where vnto is added a Letter, sent by M'- Grauesjan 
Enginere, out of New-England, | The third Edition, 
enlarged. | London^ \ Printed by T. 

and R. Cotes, for Michael Sparie^ dwelling] at the 
Signe of the Blue Bible in Greene^] Arbor. 1630. | 

4C0| red crushed levant morocco, by Bedford. On the reverie of the title, ''To the 
Reader,** i8 lines in italics, signed <<M. S/* Text, 12 leaves, without 
pagination, vrith signatures B, C, D, in fours. " Finis ** on the recto of the 
izth leaf. Ji veluwu of extreme rarity. 

-7 1^^1002 HILDRETH (R.) The History of the United States 
" '^* ! of America. By Richard Hildreth. New Tori. 186?. 




6 vols., 8vo, half blue morocco, uncut. 

/ \^'^ 

1003 HILL (Isaac). An Address ... Portsmouth ... July 4, 
1828. Concord. 1828. 

Svo, pp. 13, uncut J and Joseph Healy*s ^Appeal,** Svo^ pp. 38. 


1004 HILLARD (George S.) An Oration 
J?^ the fourth, 1835. 

8to, pp. 30, uncut J and 3 others. 


... Boston, July 
Boston, 1835. 

1005 BILLIARD D^AUBERTEUIL (M.) Essais Histor- 
AJ%S^ iqucs et Politiques sur les Anglo- Americains — Vol. 11. 


sur la Revolution de TAmerique Septentrionale. 

Bruxelles. 1782. 

2 Tolt., 4to, old calf; fiu clean cofy^ vrith Maps of all the States, and, amongst others, 
the following Plates, by Le Barbier and others : First Assembly of Con- 
gresssy Portraits of Hancock and Washington, Death of Warren, Mont- 
gomery, Fire in New York, Portraits of Franklin and Pitt, Plan of the 

Battle of Monmouth, etc. At the end of Vol. ii are a number of Eri- 


TAPES upon American officers. We never saw another copy of this work 
in 4to. 

1006 MILLIARD D'AUBERTEUIL. Miss Mac Rea, Ro- 
^^ /y^ man Historique. J Philadelpbie. m.dcc.lxxxiv. 

24mo, pp. xii, 131, old calf; very scarce. 


1007 HINTON (J.) The History and Topography of the 
^^ United States: edited by John Howard Hinton, a.m. 

Assisted by several Literary Gentlemen in America & 
England. Illustrated with a Series of Views Drawn 
on the spot, and Engraved on Steel, Expressly for this 
Work. London. 1 830-1 832. 

1 Tols., 4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; OaiGXNAL Edition. The 
Plates include beautiful views of the New York Battery, Columbia Col- 
lege, Fort Ticonderoga, Lake George, the Palisades, Chestnut Street 
Theatre, Phila., Walnut Street Theatre, Plula., Masonic Hall, Broad- 
way, etc. 

** Written with great spirit and accuracy, and is not only fiill of valuable and general 
information, but is illustrated with splendid engravings of the architecture, 
scenery, and local improvements of this flourishing republic." — Morning 



1008 HISTORICAL ANECDOTES, Civil and Military i 

in a Serin of Letters, written From America, in 
years 1777, and 1778, to different Persons in Engldi 
containing Observations on the General Managero 
of the War, and on the Conduct of our Principal Co 
manders in the Revolted Colonics, During that Peri' 
landon: J. Beui. M.DCC.Lxx 
Rto, 1 1., pp. 85, poUdici) cil^ gill top, WKUI, bf F. Bedford. 

concerning the Antiquities, History, and Biography 
America. New Tork. 1857, « 

4to, Voli. I to I, with the " Ptttcott Uemorial," in all 1 1 loli., lulf brown moro 
gilt top, b]r BndMrect. 

Jioio HISTORY (The) of Little Goody Two Shoes. 

Werctittr: 7. Themat^ Pr'mttr, [n. 
■at motoGco, gill tap, uncut, by F. Bedford. 


fSmo, green cnuhed lei 

/ t^i 




HISTORY of North America, comprising a Geograp 
cal and Statistical View of the United States and 
the British Canadian Possessions; Including a Gr 
variety of Important information on the Subject 
Emigrating to that Country. Embellished with Pla 
and Maps. Ltids: PrinUJ iy Daviti & C». 18: 

1 (ob., Sto, botrdi ; PomAir of Wubington, and otbei Platu. 

I0I2 HISTORY (The) of the American Revolution, Includi 
an Impartial Examination of the causes which p 
duced that Important Event; and Monthly Rc^stcr 
the United States, to the Present time. 

CharUsion, S, C. i8< 
Sto, balfred leTaoi morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

lorj HISTORY of the American Revolution, edited by J. 
BUke. Ntw Ttrk. i8< 

HISTORY of the American War of 1812. 

Philadelphia. 1817. 
Ilmo, pp. 193, iheepj Plate. 

HISTORY of the British Dominions in North America; 
from the First discovery of that Vast Continent by 
Sebastian Cabot in 1497, to its present Establishment, - 
as Confirmed by the Late Treaty of Peace in 1 763. 
In Fourteen Books. Londen. mdcclxxiii. 

4I0, half Hd lennl morocco, gilr lop, uncut. 

HISTORY of the Buccaneers. See [Esquemeling (J.)], 
Lot No. 683. 

HISTORY (The) of the Civil War. Set Hall (Capt.), 
Lot No. 883. 

HISTORY (The) of the Origin, Progress, and Termina- 
'/C -tion of the American Revolution. By a Society of 
Gentlemen. Philadelphia. 1798. 

1 voU., Sua, old calf; PoiTKAiTt of Wuhiogtan ind Franklin, 

HITCHCOCK (Enos). An Oration, in Commemwa- 
-~ tion of the Independence of the United States of Amer- 
ica. ... Providence, July 4th, 1793. 

Printed iy J. Carter. [1793.] 

BvD, pp. 19) vtrj Karcc. Sti Wuhington (0.) 

I HITCHCOCK (Edward). Final Report on the Geolc^ 
of Massachusetts ; In four parts: i., Economical, u., 
Scenographical. in.. Scientific, iv., Elementary. With 
an Appendix. Illustrated by 53 Plates. Amherst. 1841. 

HITCHCOCK. A Report on the Sandstone of the 
Connecticut Valley. Beitan. 1858. 

fto, doth. 



bo20 HITCHCOCK and HAGER. Report on the Geol 
■^ of Vermont: Descriptive, Theoretical, Ec(Hiomi< 

and Scenc^aphical. Claremont. 18 

1 Kill., 4ta, cloth i NvMuon PuTU. 

I02I HOBART(A.) An Historical Sketch of Abington, I 
mouth County, Manachusetts. With an Appcni 
By Aaron Hobart. Betttn. 18 

Sto, pp. 176, doth. 

^ /-g^i02l HOBBES (James R.) Picture Collector's Mai 
^ Being a Dictionary of Painters, adapted to the pro 

siona) Man and the Amateur. Landen. 18 

1023 HOGARTH (W.) The Works of William Hogart! 
L^ndan. [a. 
1 Tdli., 410. Complete in nunberi. 

F024 HOLBEIN (Hans.) L'Alpbabet de la Mort. Ento 
de bordures du xvie siecle et suivi d'anciens poi 
fran^ais sur le sujet des trois morts et des trois 
publics d'aprcs les manuscrits par Anatole de M 
taiglon. Paris: Trift. 18 

Sn>, hilf morocco, gilt tt^, Docut. 

jp25 HOLGATE (Jerome B.) American Genealogy, beir 

' ' '^■^ History of some of the Early Settlers of North An 

ica and their Descendants, ... Illustrated by GeiM 

gical Tables. J/iany. 18 

HOLLIS (T.) Sif [Blackburne (F.)], Lot No. 170. 
[026 HOLLISTER (G. H.) The History of Connectic 



from the First Settlement of the Colony, to the 
Adoption of the Present Constitution. 

New Havtn. 1855. 

1 roll., Std, clath ; man; Poitiaiti. 

7 HOLMES (Abiel). AnnaU of America from the Dis- 

covery by Columbus in the year 1492 to the year 
1826. Cambridgt. 1826. 

la., Sfo, blue IcfuiC motiKco, gilt top, uncut j virjfm cefy of the But EoinaH. 

8 HOLMES. The Life of Ezra Stiles, D.D., ll.d. 

'■ ' Botton. 1796. 

Sto, tnarocco exlti, gilt top, uncat. 

9 HOMERI IlUs et Odyssea. 

Ltndini: Guilitlmus Pickrring, mdcccxxxi, 

1 nil., 3lmo, hair moiocco, gill top. 

o HOMER. The whole Works of Homer; Prince of 
> Poets. In his Iliads, and Odysses. Translated accord- 
ing to the Greeke, by Geo. Chapman. At London: 
frinttdfor NethanitU Butttr. [cirea i6i6.} 

, in cmhcd levant monxca, ^It cdgu, bj BEdlbrd ; jCm cliam itfy j viiJi mar- 
gin. The Futr Edttiok of Cfaapman'i tniuUdoot of "The Whole 
Worlu oT Homer." Stlihdid Coil, with PoaTHAir of Chapman oo the 
reTcne of the title-page, not found in >U copea. 

'' Troj nc't ; Oreece wrackC : who monniea } Ye both majr bout ; 
£lae th' Iljradi, and Odjilea, had bene loat." 

(the 'Iliad') u ai truly an original poem M the ' Faerj Qneenej' it will gi*c jrou 
amall idea of Homer, ihoagfa 1 lac Icgei one than I'ope'a epigrama, or 
Cowpec'i cumbenome moat *nti-Homerie MiltDniini. For Chupmao 
writea and fecli u a poet, — u Homer might hare written bad he lired in 
England in the reign of Queen Eliubeth." — Coliudoi'i '■ Lectuiea." 

[I HOMER. The Iliads of Homer, Prince of Poets, 
^„ never before in any Unguage truly translated with a 



Comment on some of his chief places. Done accord- 
ing to the Greek by George Chapman. With Intro- 
duction and Notes by the Rev. Richard Hooper, m.a. 
Second Edition. [Also.] The Odysseys of Homer 
translated according to the Greek. London. 1857. 
[And] Homer's Batrachomyomachia, Hymns and Epi- 
grams. Hesiod ... Musaeus ... JuvenaPs Fifth Satire. 
Translated ... London. 1858. 

Together, 5 vols., pott 8to, cloth, uncut. The only complete reprint of Chapouin's 
traniUtions of Homer. Contains Facumilu of the titles and frontispieces 
of the original folio editions. See ** Ret. Rev.,** ui, 168. 

^ ^1^032 HOMER TRAVESTIE. A Burlesque Translation 

of Homer. [By Thomas Brydges.] Twenty-three 
Comic Illustrations. The Fourth edition improved. 

London. 1797. 

2 vols., 8to, polished calf} gilt top, uncut; 16 Plates; very scarce in tacA beamtifml 
conMon, A witty but most groMly indecent work. 

y^ I yyr^'1033 HOMES of American Authors; comprising Anecdotical, 
/ Personal, and Descriptive Sketches, by Various writers. 

Illustrated with views of Residences and facsimiles of 
the MS. of each Author. 

Niw Tork: G. P. Putnam £5f Co. 1853. 

Sq. 8vOf half green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. 






HONE (W,) Ancient Mysteries Described, especially 
the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal 
New Testament Story, &c. London. 1823. 

8yo, boards, uncut. Includes notices of the Festivals of Fools and Astes, the Descent 
into Hell, Lord Mayor*s Show, Guildhall Giants, Christmas Carols, etc. 

1035 HONE. The E very-Day Book and Table Book [and 
Year Book] ... For Daily Use and Diversion. By 
William Hone. London: Th. Tegg. 1837. 

Sto, Cllf, gilt CI 

tn i 5 50 WoDDCuTi of old building!, old cwtomi, remarkable 

chiriclen, ■ 

•tniclioii noi 

r eailly to be found eliewhere. Commended by Limb, Scott, 

Sauthey. etc 

. FiHi Ea»lt Co»r. 

HOOD {T. H.) Notes of a Cruise in H. M. S. 
"Fawn," in the Western Pacific, in the Year 1862. 

Edinburgh. 1863. ' 
Sto, uncut) Colohid Plati. 

HOOKE (W.) Ncw-Englands Sence, ] of | Old-England 
|and|Jrebn(}s|Sorrowes.| A Sermon Preached upon a 
day of|generall Humiliation in the Churches of | New- 
England. |In the behalfe of Old-England and JreUnds| 
Sad condition. [By William Hooke, Minister of] Gods 
Word at Taunton in | New-England. | 

Londan : \ Printed for John Rolhwell at tbi 
Signe oftbi Sunne\in Pauh-Cburcb-Tard. 1645. | 
Sm. 4to, title i I., pp. 34, bilf morocco. 

HOOKE. New | Englands |Teares, | for Old | Englands [ 
Feares. I Preached in a Sermon on July 23. 1 1640 being a 
day of Publike Humiliation, |appointed by the Churches 
in behalfe of our [native Countrcy in time of | feared 
dangers. | By William Hooke, Minister of Gods | Word ; 
sometimes of Axmouih in Devonshire, | now of Taun- 
ton in New England,] Sent over to a worthy Member 
of the honourable] House of Commons, who desires it 
may be for]publick good.] 

LondoK,\ Printed for E. G.fer lebn Rethvjill 
and Henry Overton-, and\ari to be sould at the Sunne 
in Pauls Church- \yard., and in Popes-head Alley. 164 1.] 

i»htA c*ir, by W. Pratt; fiai ctfy. There appein to biTe been two edidont - 
prialed in the aune year. 








1039 HOOKER (W. J.) Botanical Miscellany; containing 

Figures and Descriptions of such Plants as recommend 
themselves by their Novelty, Rarity, or History. 

London, 1830. 

3 vola^ rl. 8to, doth, uncut ; contadns 1 50 beamtifiUly cohrtd Platu. 

1040 HOPE (T.) Costume of the Ancients. By Thomas 

Hope. A New Edition, much enlarged, ... 321 
Plates. London, mdcccxli. 

1 Tola., rl. 8vOy tree calf^ gilt. An indiipenMble book to utitts \ the bctt on the 

1041 HOPKINS (Albert). A Sermon ... State Fast, March 

28, 1830. Troy^ N. r. 1831. 

8vo, pp. 21 { alto» Hill on Bancroft and Thmyer. 3 tracts. 

• ^1042 HOPKINSON (J.) Speeches of Joseph Hopkinson and 

Charles Chauncy, on the Judicial Tenure. 

Philadelphia. 1838. 

Sto, pp. 68. 

/^r i-^ ^ 



1043 HORACE. Quinto Horatii Flacci Opera. Cura H. 

Milman, d.d. 

Londini : Apud Joannem Murray, mdcccliii. 

8vo, adf, gilt) Fine Plates; uaree, 

1044 HORNE (T. H.) An Introduction to the Study of 

Bibliography. To which is prefixed a Memoir on the 
Public Libraries of the Antients. Illustrated with 
Engravings. London. 18 14. 

% vols., Svo, tree adf, gilt. On page 91, et seq»y is a chapter on Mexican and North 

American ptcture-writing.) iliillilil 


1045 HORRY and WEE MS. The Life of General Francis 

Marion, a Celebrated Partisan Officer in the Revolu- 

HOSACK, 215 

tionary War, against the British and for Us, in South 
Carolina and Georgia. Philadtlpbia. 1818. 

llmo,ibccp{ Cniian Platu. 

HORSFELD (T.) Zoolopcal Researches in Java, and 
the neighbouring Islands. Lttidtn. l82t. 

410, ulf; minjr htanlifullj altrlJ Platm. 
X a nituble work. The pUCa, by Mr. W. Dinlell, an in hil belt nuniier, 
■nd cboM conlnining the inaCoinicil dccaili are (upciior to taj hltheito 
pabliihed in lh» coantrj." — PkiUdilfkia Mt^niiu. 

[HORSMANDEN.] A | Journal|of the] Proceedings | 
in I The Detection of the Conspiracy | formed by | Some 
White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other 
Slaves, I for| Burning the City of New- York in Amer- 
ica, I And Murdering the Inhabitants. | Which Con- 
spiracy was partly put in Execution, by Burning His 
Majesty's House in Fort George, ... [With] An Ap- 
pendix. By the Recorder of the City of New- York. 
Nnu-Yari: Printed by 
Jamts Parker^ at thi New Printing-Office. 1 744. 

. X06 mi 16, nd crwhed leiaat morocco, gill edgoj ixauhiilj rari, Thii 
cop7 of tlie v(r|> ran iriginal tJitia wu wacer-uiincd, but hai becniEitored 
b; F. BcdAud ; in hit note iniened. Parker (the printer of thu lolnine) 
wa* BD ipprencice to Bradford, and luccecdcd ta the biuineu in 1741. 

HORSMANDEN. Negro Plot. [Another Edition.] 
Ntvi Terk. iSio. 
1*0, half morouo, giit lop, uneul, b; Btadtcreet. 

HOSACK (David). Memoir of DeWitt Clinton : with 
an Appendix, containing numerous Documents, Illus- 
trative of the Principal Events of his Life. Plates. 

New Terk. 1829. 
410, half green levant moracco^ (ill top, nncat, by Braditreet. 





:^- \y^ 

^^hoso HOSMER. Catalogue of the Valuable and Choice 

Library of Zelotes Hosmer, Esq. of Cambridge, Mass. 

Boston. 1 86 1. 

Rl. 8to{ Lasgs Pafu — priced. This collection wu particularly rich in early Englifh 
literatore, bibliography, and rare edidona of the Greek and Latin classics. 

HOUDIN (M. G.) Sfi Washington (G.) 

^J05i HOUGH (F. B.) History of Duryea's Brigade, during 
the Campaign in Virginia under Gen. Pope, and in 
Maryland under Gen. McClellan, in ... 1862. Por- 
trait. Albany. MunselL 1864. 

Rl. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncat, by Brad«treet ; 300 copies printed. 

_I052 HOUGH. History of St. Laurence and Franklin Coun- 
ties, N. Y. Albany. 1853. 

8vo, uncut; one of 15 copies printed on thick paper. 

/ !• jc^^^i HOUGH. Washingtoniana : Or Memorials of the Death 
|/ of George Washington, giving an Account of the Fu- 

neral Honors paid to His Memory, with a List of 
Tracts and Volumes Printed upon that occasion. 

Roxbury. 1865. 

1 vols., 4to, paper, uncut; 2 PoRTaAirs; 91 copies privately printed. See^ aito^ Nan- 
tucket and Pemaquid. 


y^ 1054 " HOURS" (The) of Anne of Brittany, and the " Hours" 

of the Duke of Anjou. London. 1845-50. 

2 vols, in I, imp. Syo, half green morocco ^ mott heautifuUy printed im red Mndhlack»n 
thick Drawing Papxr ; each page ornamented with MiNiAToau in goI<l 
and colon, by Owen Jones. The " Hours ** of the Crusading King of Jeni- 
salem is exceedingly interesting, as aflfbrding an example of art at a period 
when decorated examples are very rare. 

^ /.5 

1055 HOUSE (The) of Wisdom in a Bustle; A Poem, descrip- 
tive of the Noted Battle, Lately fought in C — ^ng— ss. 
By Geoffirey Touchstone. Philadelphia. 1798. 

8vo, pp. 27, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

HO WITT. 217 

HOUSEHOLD BOOKS. Edited by Bp. Percy, Sir F. 
Madden, and Sir Harris Nicolas. 

Landan: W. Piektring. l8a6, 7. 

tto, cloth, uncut. Compriiing "Eirl of Nanhumberlind'i Houiehold Book," 
"PHtj Pdiu! EipcDK) of £linb«tb of Yoik, Qohd of Hcnt? VII, " 
" Priijf Pnne £ipciu«t of Henrjr VlII," "Piivy Pur»« Eipcnui of Princcu 
Muj, daufhtet of Henry VlII, atierwirdi Queen Miry." 

HOW (D.) Diary of David How, a Private in Colonel 
Paul Dudley Sargent's Raiment of the Massachusetts 
Line in the Army of the American Revolution. Notes 
by Henry fi. Dawson. Merrisania^ N. Y. 1S65. 

In, uncut I 150 copiei printed. Forma No. it of Davnon'i " Oleiningi." 

HOWARD (H.) The Laugher's Companion! or, A 

~ Cure for the Spleen. A Collection of Original Songs. 

Ltnden. 1 76 a. 

16010, half caBf. From Delaware Lcwk' collection. 

HOWE (Henry). Historical Collections of Virginia. 
Its History and Antiquities. Illustrated by over lOO 
Engravings. Cbarltsten^ S, C. 1856. 

Ito, morocco. 

HOWE (W.) The Narrative of Lieut. Gen. Sir William 
Howe, in a Committee of the House of Commons, on 
the a9ih of April, 1779, relative to his conduct, during 
his late command of the King's Troops in North Amer- 
ica : To which arc added, some observations upon a 
phamphlet, entitled, Letters to a Nobleman, &c. 2d 
Edition. Louden, hdcclxxx. 

4to, pp. tia, half morocco, nncul. 

HOWITT{M.) Pictorial Calendar of the Seasons. 

Landau. 1854. 
PoK Sro, half morocco, g!l[ edgei. 









^' ^/^ 

1062 HOYl* ^E.) Antiquarian Researches, comprising a His- 

tory of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Con- 
necticut River, and Parts Adjacent. GnenJUld. 1824. 

Svo, half red morocco, gilt top, oncnt, by Bndftrect. 

1063 HUBBARD (J. N.) Sketches of Border Adventures in 

the Life and Times of Major Moses Van Campen, a 
surviving Soldier of the Revolution, By his Grandson, 
John N. Hubbard. Batb^ N. r. 1841. 

8vo, pp. 310, thecp; uartt, 

1064 HUBBARD (William). A | Narrative | of the Troubles 

with the I Indians | in New-England, from the first plant- 
ing thereof in the | year 1607, to this present year 1677. 
But chiefly of the late | Troubles in the two last years, 
1675 and 1676. 1 To which is added a Discourse about 
the Warre with the | Pequods | In the year 1637. | By 
W. Hubbard, Minister of Ipswich. | Published by Au- 
thority. I [With the Election Sermon.] 

Botton:\ Printed by John Foster^ in the year 1677. 

1 Tols IB I, 4tUy red marocco, gilt edges j Maf. Inieited is an original Marriage Cer- 
tificate, eight lines, being the Avtocmaph, with SiGicATumx of the Rev. 
William Hubbard (Sept. 5, 1700)) also Sigmatvkx of John Appkton. 
The autograph of William Hubbard is of the kigkut rgrhy, A letter 
written by him wat sold, a few yean since, for upwards of $50. 


1065 HUBBARD. The | Present State | of | New England, 

being a | Narrative | Of the Troubles with the | Indians | 
in I New-England, from the first planting | thereof, in 
the year 1607, to this present year, 1677. | But chiefly 
of the late Troubles in the two last | years, 1675 and 
1676. 1 To which is added, a Discourse about the War 
I with the Pequods, in the year 1637. | By W. Hubbard, 
Minister of Ipswich. | Lnubn. 1677. | 

luTooD moracco tttn, (ilt tiga. A ftw of (he leivet which were torn, 
hiTc b«en neatly mtond, and (ome miuing wordi lupplied in miniucript. 
The mirgin ii unuiuilljr luge, *nd thii it t fair itfy, bat the Ma* it in 

HUBBARD. Narrative of the Indian Wars in New 
England, from the first Planting thereof in the year 
1607 to the year 1677 j Containing the Occasion, Rite 
and Progress of the War with the Indians, etc. 

IVoretiter. 1 80 1. 
Itmo, ciimion motocco, gill back and cdget, by Mithewt, 

HUBBARD. A | Narrative of the | Indian Wars | in New- 
England, | from the first Planting there- 1 of, in the year 
1607, to|thc year i677.|Containing|Thc Occasion, 
Rise and Progressjof the War with the Indians,|in 
the Southern, Western, I Eastern and Northern Parts | 
of said Country. | By William Hubbard, a.m. | 

Daniury: Printed by Stiltt Ntcbeb. 1803. | 
lin», pp. 174, halTmotiKca, gilt edgei. hy B 

HUBBARD. [Another Edition.] 

BrattUbere' : William Fesstnden. [n. d.] 

lamo, half red monKCa^ gilt top, nncni. 

HUBBARD. A General History of New England, from 

the Discovery to 1680 by the Rev. Wm. Hubbard, 

Minister of Ipswich, Mass. Second Edition, Collated 

with the Original MS. Botten. 1848. 

Sto, Rmbnrghe bindli^, gilt lop, nncut. 

HUBBARD. The History of the Indian Wars in New- 
England, From the First Settlement to the Termina- 
tion of the War with King Philip, in 1677. From the 

220 HUDSON. 

Original Work by the Rev. William Hubbard. Care- 
fully Revised ... By Samuel G. Drake. 

Printed for W. Eliot IVoodwardy Roxbury. MDCCCLXV. 

1 vo}i.| 4tOy half red levant morocco, |ilt top; Lamgs PAru; 50 copies printed. 
Forms Not. m and iv of Woodward*i Hiatorical Series. 

y ^^1071 HUBBARD. [The same.] 

Albany: J. MunselL mdccclxv. 

s Tob., imp. 8 TO, tinted paper, ttncot; 100 copies only printed in this lise. 

/ ^/07a HUBBARD. [The same.] 

^^ Albany: J, MunselL mdccclxv. 

2 Tols., fcap 4to, nncut. 


. 1073 HUBLEY (Benrard). The History of the American 

Revolution, including the most important events and 
Resolutions of the Honourable Continental Congress 
during that Period. Northumberland^ Pa. 1805. 

8 TO, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Vol. i all published ; usra. 

. , 1074 HUDSON (C.) History of the Town of Lexington, 

^ ^ Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its first Settle- 

ment to 1848, and a Genealogical Register of Lexing- 
ton Families. Boston, 1868. 

8vo, pp. 449, ^96, doth, uncut ; Platks. 

1075 HUDSON. History of the Town of Marlborough, 
Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its first set- 
tlement in 1657 ^o 1861 ; with a Brief Sketch of the 
Town of Northborough, A Genealogy of the Families 
in Marlborough to 1800, and an Account of the Four 
hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the 
Town. By Charles Hudson ... 

Boston : Press of T. R, Marvin and Son, 1862. 

I '^<*> PP* ^f 544» Note, I 1., half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 


& HUGO (T.) The Bewick Collector. A Descriptive 
' Catalogue of the Works of Thomas and John Bewick ; 
including cuts, in various states, for Books and Pam- 
phlets, ... . The whole described from the Originals 
and illustrated with a hundred and twelve cuts. ... 

London : LovtU Reeve, mdccclxvi. 

Imp. Sto, cloth, unculj Lakci Pafu. 

; HUMBLE (The) Petition | and | Address | Of the General 
' Coun Sitting at | Boston in New-England, | unto | The 
High and Mighty | Prince | Charles] The Second. | And 
presented unto His Most-Gracious {Majesty Feb. ii, 
1660. 1 Printed in the Tear 1660. | 

Signed John Endecot Gov- In the Name, and with 
the consent of the General Court. 

fto, brawn calf, gilt edgci, bj P. Bedford ; fimt eefj if a maa ran hull reladnf » 

the early hiitoty of New EngUnd. 
I itytniy ciiticiied in 1 tract, entitled : " Addteu of the Publicaiiu of New- 
Englaad. To which King you pleaie. With Some Remarlu upon ic" 

1 HUMBOLDT (A. von). Personal Narrative of Travels 

S^ to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, 

-' during the years 1799 - 1804. Maps, Plans, &c. 

Translated by H. Maria Williams. London. 1814. 

7 voli. in 6, Svo, half calf} But Editiom. 

J HUMBOLDT. Researches on tfae Institutions &-Monu- 
' ments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America. Trans- 
lated. London, 1804. 

1 Toll., gTO, half calf, nncot ; Kara. 

3 HUMBOLDT. Atlas Pittoresque, ou Vues dc Cordil- 
leres et Monuments des Pueples Indigenes dc I'Amer- 
ique. Paris. 1810. 

folio, half morocco, uncut) printed on vellain paper, and lixirmATUi with 69 
Elmakt Platu, Pxoor iMNuaiaita, maaj of which are colored. From 

// '^C^ 


I the library of the Emperor Masimifian, with hit Book Plate. Published 

at 756 francs. The roott beautiful and generally interesting of Humboldt's 
works, rarely found perfect. 

Humboldt traced, with the hand of a master, the outline of a rast picture, which 
present and future travellers can only assist in fUling up. In this work 
the picture-writing of the Mexicans first received the attention and the 
ample treatment which are due to a literature as strange and important in 
the records of the new world, u that of Egypt in the old. 

HUME (David). Sa Oxford Classics. 

1081 HUMPHREY (D.) An Historical Account of the So- 
ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 

I Parts. London, 1730. 

I 8vo,old calf; Mapsj teartu Relates to the proceedings of the missionaries indiflmnt 
parts of North America, together with the state of religion there, with 
I maps of Carolina and New England, by Moll. 

1082 HUMPHREYS (D.) An|Essay|on the|Life|of the| 

Honorable Major-General | Israel Putnaai : | Addressed 
to the State Society of the Cincinnati | in Connecticut. | 
By Col. David Humphreys. | Hartford :\Print€d by 

Hudson and Goodwin^\u.iiCC.L7i'xxyiii. 

iftmo, pp. 1S7, brown morocco; Plate inserted. 

' 1083 HUMPHREYS. [Another Edition.] With an Appen- 
dix. By S. Swett. Boston. 18 18. 

lamo, cloth. 

,-^1 1084 HUMPHREYS. Life and Heroic Exploits of Israel 

Putnam • . Hartford. 1847. 

lamo, pp. 190, cloth ; PoaraAiT. 

1085 HUMPHREYS. The Miscellaneous Works of David 
Humphreys. Now Tori. 1804. 

Sto, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford ; PoKTmAir. Contains a ** Poedcal 
j Eulogy" on WnUngton m S6o line.. 



B6 HUMPHREYS. Poems by Col. Davtd Humphreys, 
' late Aid-dr-Camp to his Excellency General Washing- 

ton. Second Edition: — With Several Additions. 
Philadelphia: hinted by Mathew Carty, M,DCC,LXXXIX. 
iimoipp. 91, (i).»''"p- 

87 HUNT (C. H.) Life of Edward Livingston. With an 
' Introduction by George Bancroft. New Terk. 186^. 
>. Sto, clotb, aacBl; PoaTKAtn of Lirinpcan and Gcoenl JackioD j Laigi Pavuj 

oalf JO co^et prinud. 

88 [HUNT (Freeman).] American Anecdotes. Original 
'^ "and Select, By an American. BeiUn. 1830. 
ill., ixmo, bilf gtecQ oiorocco, gilt top, uncai; Illditbatis Con, hiiing 47 

Platu intened, cooiuling of PoanAin, Vnwi, etc., minf wy rartf 
fimt npj i tttrii. Thctc Tolamci contain 4S7 anecdote*, neirl]i all rdttlic 
10 thE Amtricu Re*alutkiD. 

B9 [HUNT (Leigh).] The Liberal. Verse and Prose from 
yV the South. London, 1822, 

•oU^ S*a, half niaracco, ^t co|i. locBudci aonie Sbiketpeariani. Lord Bjtod 
aanated in the work. 

50 HUNTER (Joseph). Founders of New-Plymouth. 

f London. M.dcccliv. 

giD, cloth, pp. t>i, 105, Enata, i alip, cloth, uncat. 

)l HUTCHINSON (F.) An Historical Essay concerning 
Witchraft, The Second Edition, with considerable 
Additions. London: R. KnapUei. mdccxx. 

Sto, 16 1., pp. 336, half Dorocco, gilt top, oocuc, bjr Braditreel. 
hia wotk coDUint much intcreiting matter, ind deielopea tatnj celebrated impot- 
tnret. In it it a curioui chconolagical tabic of the number of poor wretcha 
boint ai irilclica.'' — Lowhdu. 

92 HUTCHINSON (Mr.) The History of the Colony of 


Massachusetts Bay. 1628 to 1691. Second edition. 
London, mdcclx. From 169 1 to 1750. Ehstm. 
MDCCLXVii, and The History of the Province of Mas- 
sachusetu Bay, from The Year 1750 until June, 1774. 

London, mdcccxxvii. 

Together, 3 toU., Svo, half green morocco, gilt top, edges oncut ; gMtrtmely xMnt 
in this condition. 

*'The reputation of Gorernor Hatchinton*! History retti on the solid bans of utility 
and truth.** — Jodox Datis. 


^ ^ 1093 [HUTCHINSON.] A Collection of Original Papers 

^^^^' Relative to the History of the Colony of Massachu- 

setts-Bay. Boston^ Now England. 1769. 

Sto, half green morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews; usrce. 

This collection of papen was published by Lieat.-Gov. Hutchinson, ** to support and 
elucidate the principal facts related in the first part of the Hbtory of Mas- 
sachusetts Bay, and may serve as an appendix to it.** ** The author of 
that History wu possessed of many other ancient and very curious original 
papers, which are irrecoverably lost by an unfortunate event sufficiently 
known ** (alluding to the desuuction of his papers by a mob, at the time 
of the riots in Boston on the account of the stamp act, in 1765). Set 
Prince Society. 

/ V -r*'^^ HUTCHINSON. (T.) Copy of the Letters Sent to 
-^ Great Britain by his Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, 

the Hon. Andrew Oliver, and several other Persons, 
born among and educated among us. Which Original 
Letters have been returned to America, and laid before 
the honorable House of Representatives of this Prov* 
ince. London, mdcclxxiv. 

8vo, 2 I., pp. 142, half morocco. 

*' These letters were procured by Dr. Franklin, and sent to Boston to hb friend Dr. 
Samuel Cooper, with strict injunctions not to aUow them to be published. 
I They ^irtrt^ however, printed in Boston, and made a great noiK at the 

time.** — ^RiCH. 




ofSacmund. Translated. Bristol, 1797. 
gvo, boardt, nncuCi tctrtt. 

1098 ILLINOIS in 1837. Phila. 1837. 
gvo, bmrilij Man Sometimn (ttribated to S. 
A. Mitcfacll. 

Geological Survey of Illinois. A. H. 
• wertneo, Director. Chieaio. 1866. 

3 *oli., inp. Sto, dotb. 

bition. LotidtH. 185 1. 

4ti>, dotb { tatay hundred WooDcim. 

LIMITATION de Jesus-Christ. Traduction Nouvellc 
par F. de La Mennais. Nouvelle edition. 

Paris: DiJat. 1S25. 

>, lulf morocCD, uncut j La>(u Patuj Juit nfy, an *ellam papa, iritb PUMin 
of tbt PutTU before letnr. Onl} 50 copiet prinud in ihit it^U. 

IMLAY (George). A Topographical Description of the 
Western Territory of North America, ... to which 
are added, The Discovery, Settlement, and Present 
State of Kentucky, ... By John Filson, etc. 

Louden : J. Dtbrttt. UDCCxciu. 
Int, hilTcalfi Uavj lUrd md iia iMim. 

IMPARTIAL I (An) Relation | of the | First Rite and 
Cause I of the | Recent Differences! in (Publick Affiurs 


) ' I In the Province of North-Ca- 1 rolina ; and of the 

I past Tu-|miilt8 and Riots that lately | happened in that 

' Province. I Conuining most of the true and genuine | 

Copies of Letters, Messages and Remonstrances, | be- 
tween the Parties contending ! By which | any 
impartial Man may easily gather and see the | true 
Ground and Reasons of the Dissatisfaction | that uni- 
versally reigns all over said Province in | a more or less 
Degree. Printed for the CompiUr. 1770.* 

iSmOy pp. 104, polished levant morocco extra, by F. Bedford. A volume of extreme 
rarity f which hat been attributed to Harmon Husband. 

^. .1104 IMPARTIAL History of the War in America, between 

Great Britain and her Colonies, from its Commence- 
ment to the Year 1779 Illustrated with a variety' 

of beautiful Copper-Plates, representing real and ani- 
mated Likenesses of those celebrated Generals who 
have distinguished themselves in the important contest. 

Carlisle. 1 780. 

ISvo, pp. 60S, 44, half red m<m>ccO| gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Map, and i^faO' 
leagtA PoaTKAiTS of American and British Generals, being those of Gen- 
erals Washington, Gates, Arnold, Wooster, Putnam, Charles Lee, Com. 
Hopkins, Samuel Adams, Hancock, Franklin, Gen. Howe, Admiral Howe, 

I American Rifleman. 


J1105 IMPARTIAL History of the War. [n. p. n. d.] 

Svo, pp. 64. 

^^1106 IMPARTIAL Observation, To be considered on by 
I The King, His Ministers, and the People of Great 

I Britain. [^^^P* B'<10 

4^» PP* *7' Relates entirely to America. 

y ^ iioy IMPARTIAL (An) Relation of the Hail-Storm ... and 

Tornado ... which appeared in the Towns of Box- 
rah, Lebanon and Franklin, ... Norwich. 1799- 

Svo, pp. 30, uncut. 


1 108 INDIAN ATROCITIES. Narratives o£thc Perils and 
-2 y^ Sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, among the 

Indians during the Revolutionary War. 

Nashville. 1843. 

I«mO| pp. 96; nfery uarce, 

1109 INDIAN NARRATIVES: 1620-1794. 

/ ^^ Claremoni^ N. H. 1854. ' 

i2mo, pp. *76f cloth. 

HID INDIANS. Graphic Sketches of the Aborigines of 
^ ^^ America. New York. 184 1. 

Sto I 24 Platu, after Wythe*i designs. 

1 1 II INDIANS. A Further Accompt of the Progresse of the 
^y^ /^/5 Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England, and of 

the means used effectually to advance the same. Set 
forth in certaine Letters sent from thence declaring a 
purpose of Printing the Scriptures in the Indian Tongue 
into which they are already Translated. With which 
Letters are likewise sent an Epitome of some Exhor- 
tations delivered by the Indians at a fast, as Testimo- 
nies of their obedience to the Gospell. As also some 
helps directing to the Indians how to improve naturall 
reason unto the knowledge of the true God. 

London : Printed by At. Simmons 
for the Corporation of New-England. 1659. 

4tOy dark blue morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; very tearee, 

1 1 12 INDIANS. Of the Conversion of Five Thousand and 
2^i^C9 Nine Hundred East Indians, in the Isle Formosa, by 

means of M. Ro: Junius. Related by his friend M. 
C. Sibellius. With a Post-Script of the Gospel's good 
Success amongst the West-Indians, in New England. 
. London: John Hammond. 1650. 


azS ntBLAND. 

4toi 4 1^ pp. )t, ly /m €fy^ with hfdJ msrgim, Tbe poitcript to tint rmrt 

IbniM a large portion of the work, and b eiccedingly tatercstiqg. It 
•eeou to be compiled fron the three tracts : L Good Newet of the Daj- 
Breaking. II. Of the Sunshine. III. Of the Glorious Piugiessc of the 
Gospel, etc. ) and fton Letters hy John Eliot (the Indian apostle), dated 
Roxbury, i64S>49, abont ten years belbre the publication of his Bible. 

1 113 INDIANS. Proceedings of the Commissioners of Indian 
^^ ^' Afiairs, appointed by law for the Extinguishment ot 

Indian Titles in the State of New York, With an In- 
troduction and Notes, By Franklin B. Hough. 

Albany: Joel MunselL MDCCCJ.XI. 

4to, pp. 498, half morocco; 3 Mats; LAmos PAPia. Published from the original 
, manuscript in the library of the Albany Institute. 

^^ 1 1 14 INDIANS. An Inquiry into the Causes of the Aliena- 

tion of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the 
British Interest, and into the measures taken for re- 
covering their friendship. Together with the remark- 
able Journal of Christian Frederic Post, &c. 

London. 1759. 

Svo, pp. 184, half morocco. By Charles Thonsson, Secretary to the Congress. 

>-t 1115 INGELOW(J.) Poems by Jean Ingelow. With Illus- 

trations by Pennell [and others]. Engraved by the 
Brothers Dalziel. Boston [i. e. London"], 1867. 

I 4to, morocco extra. 

^ ^^ "'^ [INGRAHAM (Edward D.)] Sketch of the Events 

which preceded the Capture of Washington, by the 
British, on the twenty-fourth of August, 1814. 

Pbiladilpbia. 1849. 

, t^ half morocco, nncnt ; Maf, with AvrooEArH of the author inserted ; pi w mwlj 
prinud, Allan's copy sold for $8 ; Wight*S| $6.50. 

^ 1 1 17 IRELAND (J. N.) Records of the New York Sugc, 

^^^^ ^' ^ ^ from 1750 to i860. By Joseph N. Ireland. 

New York: T. H. MorreU. 1866. 

IRVING. 229 

' a volt., 4to ; Otat or Two Conn Pumteo om Whatman*! Diawimo Papu. A few 
I Fmi PoiTftAiTi inserted. Vd. i ii bound in morocco, uncat; Vol. u is 

in paper covers. 

. iij8 IRELAND. Mr. Ireland's Vindication of his Conduct, 

'^^ respecting the Publication of the Supposed Shakspeare 

MSS. London. 1796. 

Sto, pp. iVy 481 uncut $ very tcsrte, 

1 1 19 IRVING (D.) The Lives of the Scottish Poets, with 
/ ^2L^., Preliminary Dissertations on the Literary History of 

Scotland, and the Early Scottish Drama 

London: Longman* 18 10. 

% vols., Svoy 3 I., pp. 447 s 3 1., pp. 507, half morocco; tcarce, 

1 120 IRVING ( W.) A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada. 

London, 1829. 

% vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

112^^ IRVING (W.) History of the Life and Voyages of 
Christopher Columbus. London. 1828. 

I 4 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut ; Maps ; Fms PoiTRArn of Irving and Columbus inserted. 
Murray^s fine large type edition. 

1122 [IRVING.] A History of New York. By Diedrich 
/ /2^ . Knickerbocker. London. 1821. 

% vols., post 8vo, pp. 341 s 4 1., 182, boards, uncut. 

'1123 IRVING. [Another Edition.] Philadelphia. 1830. 

^^ % vols., i2mo, sheep. 

1124 IRVING. Knickerbocker's History of New York. 
^ ^^ With Designs by Darley. New York: Putnam. 1867. 

' Imp. 8vo, pp. 459, half purple levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Platis, 
ViGicrms, etc., by AUstoa and Darley \ Laeob Papu \ hat tMiitm, 





1 1 25 IRVING. The Life of George Washington. 

New Tark. 1856. 

5 Tob., 4to, cloth| nnciit; Lakoe Papsi, of which only 100 copies were printed, con> 
taining Nomkkovi PoentAin and Vnwi on India Pafu. 


J 1 126 IRVING. Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. 
! Artist's Edition. Illustrated with 120 Engravings on 

I Wood, from Original Designs. 

Niw Tark: G, P. Putnam. m.dccc.lxv. 

4to, red levant morocco^ gilt edges, by Mathews. 

^I^^nia; IRVING. The Works of Washington Irving. New 
I Edition. Revised. [Also, The Life of Washington.] 

Niw York: G. P. Putnam. 1 861. 

aS vols., sq. Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; the Elioamt Laboi PAPta Eomoii, 
printed on sliiktlj tinted p^ftr. 

" It seems probable to us that Mr. Irving might prove no contempdble rival to Gdld- 
smith, whose turn of mind he very much inherits, and of whoae style he 
particularly reminds us. Lake him, too, Mr. Irving possesses the art of 
setting ludicrous perplexities in the most irresistible point of view, and, we 
think, equals him in the variety of his humor.** — Sfusmrly Review, 

1 128 IRVINGIANA. A Memorial of Washington Irving. 

New Tork* i860. 

4to, morocco extra, beveled, gilt top, uncut; 4 PoaraArrs on India Papu ; no copies 
only printed on LAaox Papbb. In addition to the 4 Platu belonging to 
the book, this volume has been illustrated with 45 Extka Platxs, and a 
page of MAMoscaipT in Irving*s own hand. Nearly all the plates are in 
beautiful condition, being mostly proofs en JndiM and Isrge paptr prints^ all 
rare in this condition, Morrell*s copy, inferior to this, sold for $65. 

^ 1 129 IRVINGIANA. A Memorial of Washington Irving. 

-^^ ^^^^ Niw nrk. i860. 

4to, boards, uncut; LAaox Papxiu See Washington (6.) 








(hk -,^>J/: 





.x... ■•> -..<.,i„ 

A C K S O N (John). A Treatise on 
Wood Engraving, Historical & Practi- 
cal. With upwards of Three hundred 
Illustrations Engraved on Wood by John 

London: Charles Knight CsT Co, 1839. 

Rl. Sto, half morocco, uncut ; Obiginal and But Edition. From Mr. E. B. Cor- 
win*! library. 

1 131 JACKSON. A Treatise on Wood Engraving, Histori- 
'^^^ cal and Practical, with Upwards of 300 Illustrations ... 

on Wood By John Jackson. The Historical Portion 
by W. A. Chatto. Second Edition with a New 
Chapter ... By H. G. Bohn and 145 additional Wood 
Engravings. London, m.dccc.lxi. 

RI. 8 TO, half brown morocco, gilt top. 

1 1 32 JACOB (J. J.) A Biographical Sketch of the Life of 
^ ^o the Late Captain Michael Cresap. Cincinnati, 1 866. 

4t0y half morocco, uncut. 

JAMAICA. History of Jamaica. Sa [Long (Edward)]. 

1 1 33 JAMES (W.) Military Occurrences of the Late War. 
V? ^^ London. 18 18. 

% Toll., Svo, half calf, gilt backa; Platis ahd Mats. 

1 134 JAMES (Wm. Dobein). A Sketch of the Life of Brig.- 
%y^^^ Gen. Francis Marion, and A History of his Brigade, 

from its Rise in June, 1780, until Disbanded in De- 
cember, 1782} With Descriptions of Characters and 




Scenes not heretofore published. Containing also an 
Appendix. Charleston^ S. C 1821. 

8to, green lettnt morocco, gilt lidei and cdgcf, by F. Bedford ; a SurasB Copt of one 
of the rsrtst of all revolutionaiy biographies. 





"35 JAMESON (J. A.) Responsibility of American Merch- 
ants. New York. 1855. 

i2ino, pp. 47, cloth. 

1 136 JAMESON {Mr$>^ Memoirs of the Beauties of the 
Court of Charles the Second, with their Portraits, after 

Sir Peter Lely and other eminent Painters. Illustrating 
the Diaries of Pepys, Evelyn, Clarendon and other ... 
writers. By Mrs. Jameson. Fourth Edition. 

London: H. (7. Bobn. mdccclxi. 

Imp. Sto, red morocco, gilt edges. 

1 137 JAMESON. [A Series of Hand Books of Christian 
Art.] L&ndm. 

6 ▼ola.y Svo, half levant morocco, gilt top, oncot, by Rividre. 

Co w i awH : Sacred and Legendary Art, Legendi of the Madonna, Legends of the 
Monastic Orden,, History of our Lord. 

J *' Mrs. Jameson has done much to fiimiliarise her countrymen with the nobk works of 
early Italian art, and with the origin and progress of the great revival now 
going on in Germany.** — Loan Limosat's " Christian Art.** 

/ /^;^'3* JAMISON (D. F.) The Life and Times of Bertrand 
^ \ du Guesclin. Charleston [i. e. Lonion\. 1864. 

I a vols., Svo, cloth, uncut ; PoaTtAiT. The author, Jamison, was President of the 
Convention in Charleston, S. C, which passed the ordinance of secesnon. 
This book was printed in London, and 90 copies were taken in a blockade 
runner. It is %fin* tptttwun ^f^ffagrgpky^ and is tomntfJkat tcsm, 

X^ 1 1 39 J ANSON (C. W.) The Stranger in America ; contain- 

ing Observations made during a long residence in that 
Country, on the Genius, Manners and Customs of the 
People of the United States ; with Biographical Particu- 

JAY, 233 

lars of Public Characters ; Hints and Facts relative to 
the Arts, Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture, Manufac- 
tures, Emigration, and the Slave Trade. By Charles 
William Janson, Esq. Late of the State of Rhode 
Island, Counsellor at Law. Illustrated by Engravings. 
jflbion Press: Printtdfor James Cundee. 1807. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top. 

: 1 140 JARDINE {Sir W.) and SELB Y. Illustrations of 
-^ ^. ^^ Ornithology, with 150 colored Plates of New, Interest- 
ing, or Rare Birds ; also, a duplicate set of the plates, 
> uncolored. Edinburgh. 1829. 

I 3 vols^ rL 4to, half morocco, oncnt, gilt tops \ a most htautiful and imteretting v»rk. 
Among the contributon to thia worlc are J. £. Bicheno, J. O. Children, 

I Dr. Honfield, R. Jameson, Sir Stamford Raffles, J. Goold, N. A. Vigors, 

etc. Published at £15. 

1 141 JARVIS (J. J.) The Art-Idea: Sculpture, Painting, 

^y ^ and Architecture in America. Niw York. 1866. 


I i6mo^ cloth, nncot. 

1 1 142 JARVIS (W. C.) An Oration delivered at Pittsfield, 

\ before the Washington Benevolent Society of the 

County of Berkshire, on the 4th July, 18 12. 

Pittsfield. 18 12. 

8vo, pp. 11, wicat. 

1 143 JAY (Sir James). A Letter to the Governors of the 
/ 4^"^ College of New York \ respecting the Collection that 

was made for the Colleges of Philadelphia and New 
York. London. 1770. 

Svo, pp. Ti, fs, uncut ) fine copy ; rart. 

1 144 JAY (William). The Life of John Jay, with Selections 
^ from his Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers. 

New Tork. 1833. 

% Yols., Sto, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreetj PorntAir. 




^ ' -r 


t^ /y/f 

1 145 JEAFFRESON and POLE. The Life of Robert Ste- 

phenson. Byjeaflfreson and Pole. With descriptive 
chapters on some of his most important professional 
works. London, 1866. 

ft Toll., Svo, doth. 

1 146 JEANNE DE ARC. Memoirs of Jeanne d'Arc sur- 

named La Pucelle D'Orleans; with the History of 
Her Times. London. 1824. 

% voU^ rL Svo, boards, nncuc; LAtox pAPUtj 50 copies only printed. A tnniUdoo 
from the French by W. H. Ireland. The second Tolttme contiins an ex- 
tensive bibliography of books relating to Joan ^i Arc 

1147 JEFFERSON (T.) Notes on the State of Virginia. 

Written by Thomas Jefferson. 

London: John Stockdali. m.dcclxxxvii. 

8 TO, bloe morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstrect; LAaoi Map. 

,^ ^ ±1 148 J[EFFERSON]. Observationes sur hi Virginie, Par M. 
^^ / \ J * * *. Traduite de I'Angloise. 

ei^ ^^ 

/ ^^ 



A Paris: cbiz Barrois. 1786. 

Sto, title, I, pp. viii, 289, half calf; Map; tjetremify scarce. 

1 149 JEFFERSON. Memoirs, Correspondence and Miscel- 

lanies of Thomas Jefferson, Edited by Thomas Jeffer- 
son Randolph. CharktiemlU. 1829. 

4 vols., Svo, half morocco, gilt top, ancut, by Bradstreet. Contains FACsmiLX of 
Declaration of Independence. Sit [Lee (H.)] 

1 150 JEFFERSON. Writings of Thomas Jefferson. Being 

his Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports, Mes- 
sages, &c. fTasbington. 1853- 

9 vols., Svo, cloth. The only ctmpUu edttiom, 

1 151 JEFFERYS (Thomas). The American Atlas j or a 

Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of 




America; wherein are delineated at large its Several 
Regions, Countries, States and Islands ; and chiefly the 
British Colonies, Composed from numerous Surveys, 
several of which were made by Order of Government, 
etc. Engraved on Forty-nine Copper Plates. 

London. 1776. 

Folio, half calf. Thb valuable collection it composed of separate Mafs, mostly exe- 
cuted by the surveyors of the various States on a large scale. New Eng- 
land, 1774, by Hacsen, etc.; New York and New Jeney, by Major 
Holland, 1776$ Pennsylvania, by Wm. Scull, 1770; Virginia and Mary- 
land, by Fry and Jefferson, 1775; North and South Carolina, by Henry 
Mouion, 1775; Lake Champlain, by Wm. Braader, 176a, etc. 

1 152 JEFFRIES (D.) A Treaties on Diamonds and Pearls. 
^^ London, [n. d.] 

ismo, cloth. 

1 153 JENNINGS (Paul). A Colored Man's Reminiscences 
c/^ of James Madison. Brooklyn. 1865. 

4to; Labox Papss; 75 copies printed. 

1 1 54 JERDAN. Autobiography of William Jerdan. With 
y^ ^r^ his Literary, Political and Social Reminiscences. 

London. 1852. 

4 volt., iimo» half morocco. Comprising the most interesting anecdotes, sketches, 
and correspondence of the principal statesmen, poets, authors, artists, etc., 
of the age. 

1 155 JERROLD (D.) Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. By 
Douglas Jerrold. Illustrated by Charles Keene. 

New Tori [i. e. London:"} D. AppUton & Co. 1866. 

Sm. 4to, cloth, gilt. 

1 156 JESUITS. Lettres £difiantes et Curieuses, jcrites des 
^ ^^ missions Etrangeres. Nouvelle Edition. Toulouse. 


^ y 



1810. Alio, Nouvdlet Lettres Edifiantei des miitioni 
dc la Chine, et det lodei Orienules. 

34 ToU^ luno, iulf morocco, gilt top. 

F* cooHder that tbe rn'minmriit ind calaniKi of Giul foaoA thdr mj to the 
Kcanebcc, the Mohiwk, Ctatnl New Yoik, Ohio, Uichigu, DliiHK, 
and WiKoada, io [he pcnod cmbnccd in (hoc rolnmct, their imt 
importaocc Eo oar culji hittofj it at once cndent. 
contUDi the principal letttra wrineo by the French n 
Amsica, giTiag u accooat of adTcntarea and proceedingt in onbSaUni 
the Catholic rcli|ioa. Foatenitle remarlti that he had neirer Rid 1 wstk 
St Dlbdin*! "LibniT CoBpaiiioa." 

h aniweted better to ia tide. 


1157 JOE MILLER'S JESTS: or, the Wits Vade-Mecum. 
Being A Collection of the most Brilliant Jcstt ; tbe 
Politest Repaitees \ the most Elegant Bons Mots, 
and most pleasant Short Stories in the English Lan- 
guage ... 

Lnibin : T. Read. Msccxxxix. [Reprinttd 1864.} 
Dorocco, nocat. An exact Fjuomilb oT the OuonrAL Ennos, with Che 

$^[^^{1158 JOGUES (Isaac.) Novum Belgium: An Account of 

! New Netherland in 1643-+, With a Facsimile Por- 

' trait, a Map, and Notes, by J. G. Shea. 

i ' Ntw Ttri : Private^ Printed. l86a. 

I 410, half brown lev anl morocco, gilt top. 

Pbiladilpbia. 1867. 

^^ "59 JOHNSON (Andrew), Trial of. 

1160 JOHNSON (John). Typographia; or the Printers' In- 
stniaor } including an Account of the Origin of Print- 
ing, with Biographical Notices of the Printers of Eng- 
land, from Caxton to the close of the Sixteenth 
Century : A Series of Ancient and Modern Alphabets 
and Domesday Characters t etc. By J. Johnson, 
Printer. LMJim. 1824. 


2 Toll., 8to» 7 1., pp. ziiy 6iO| index, 5 1. ; 4 1., pp. W, 664, index, 8 1.; green morocco 
extra; Portxaits of Caxton, Vignxttxs, and Oxnamxmtal Boroxri; 
Laxgkit Papxx, " Roxburghe edition ;** 'oery few prhtid. Containa the 
etieace of Dtbdin'i "Typographical Andquitiet,** and other valuable 
works ; a '* Hiatoiy of Printing and Printen,** etc. 

1 161 JOHNSON (J.) Traditions and Reminiscences chiefly 
'^ i^ ^ of the American Revolution in the South; including 

Biographical Sketches, Incidents and Anecdotes, Few 
of which have been published. Particularly of Residents 
in the Upper Country. Charliston: S. C, 1851. 

Svo, half red morocco, gilt top; Maps, etc; 'very learee. Morreirs copy sold for $13. 

1 162 JOHNSON (S.) Graphic Illustration of the Life and 
^/ ^ ^ Times of Samuel Johnson, iA..i>. 

London: John Murray . 1836. 

4 parts, imp. Sto ; a series of Bkautifvl Poxtkaits and Platbs. 

JOHNSON (Samuel). Sei Oxford Classics. 

1 1 63 JOHNSON (W.) Sketches of the Life and Corres- 
Y ^ /y pondence of Nathaniel Greene, Major-General of the 

Armies of the United States, in the War of the Revo- • 
lution. Compiled chiefly from Original Materials. 

Q>arUston. 1822. 

X volt., 4to, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Poxtxait of Greene, 
and Mafs; uarce, Morreirs copy sold for $25 ; Whitmore's for %%^, 

1 164 JOHNSTON (C.) Narrative of the Incidents attending 
the Capture, Detention, and Ransom of Charles John- 
ston, of Botetourt County, Virginia, who was made 
Prisoner by the Indians, on the River Ohio, in the 
year 1790. Niw Tork: Harpirs. 1827. 

ixmo, boards, uncot; ^«c clean copy, 

1 1 65 JOHNSTONE. Remarks on Governor Johnstone's 







•^1 ^f^ 

Speech In Psriiainent; with 2 Collection of all 
Letters and Authentic Papers, Relative to His Pre 
sition to engage the Interest of one of the Delegate 
the Stale of Pennsylvania, in the Congress of the St: 
of America to promote the Views of the British C 
stitution. Pblladtlfi 

Prinltd by Francis Bailtj. m.DCC.LX] 

4to, pp. (l, htif (Tcca matocco, gilt top, b]' Bradnrect. 

1166 JONES (C. C), Jr. Historical Sketch of Tomo- 
chi, Mico of the Yamacraws. Albany, li 

■k>, boudt, uncyt. 

1 167 JONES. 

Monumental Remains of Georgia. 

Savannah, li 

[168 JONES (D.) A DiEcourie upon the Great Fire of I 
don, 1666. Batten, m.dcc 

Itd, pp. Hi *!''> * SiHsnLAi WooDcrr. 

169 JONES. A Journal of Two Visits made to some 
tions of Indians on the West Side of the River 
in the Years 1772 and 1773. By the Rev. D 
Jones ... With a Biographical Notice of the Aut 
By H. G. Jones. 

Niw Tork: Rtprintidfar Jtitfb Sabin. il 

RJ. Sto, hilf monKco, |ilt top, uikbI ; Laboi Patu ; S50 ufHci printed. No 
SiUii'i repiinn. 

1170 JONES. [Another copy.] New Ttri. V. 

I171 JONES (H.) ThelPrescnt State[of|Virginia.|Givio 
particular and short Account of the In-|dtan, Eng 

JONES. 239 

and Negroe Inhabitants of that | Colony. | Shewing their 
Religion, Manners, Government, | Trade, Way of Liv- 
ing, &c. with a Description of | the Country. | From 
whence is inferred a short View of | Maryland and 
North Carolina. I To which are added, | Schemes and 
Propositions for the better promotion of | Learning, Re- 
ligion, Inventions, Manufactures, and Trade in | Vir- 
ginia, and the other Plantations. | For the Information 
of the Curious, and for the Service of such | as are en- 
gaged in the Propagation of the Gospel and Advance- * 
ment | of Learning, and for the Use of all Persons 
concerned in the | Virginia Trade and Plantation. | 
[Motto.] By Hvgh Jones, a.m. Chaplain to | the Hon- 
ourable Assembly, and lately Minister of |James-Town, 
&c. in Virginia. I London :\Printed for J. Clarke^ 

at the Bible J under the Royal- \ Exchange. M DCC xxiv. 

Sto, 2 1^ pp. viu, 151, (1), crushed red leTant morocco, by F. Bedford. Mr. Rich 
pronoimcei thia Co be one of tht uaretu hooks relatii^ to Virginh, 

1 1 72 JONES. The Present State of Virginia. By Hugh Jones, 

A.M. New Tori: Reprinted /or Joseph Sabin, 1865. 

Rl. Svo; hilf morocco, gilt top, uncut; Laagx Paper Copt. 

1 173 JONES. [Another.] New Tork. 1865. 

gvo, uncut ; 200 copies printed. No. ▼ of Sabtn'i reprinti. 

1 1 74 JONES. A Defence of the Revolutionary History of 
%jfi7 the State of North Carolina from the Aspersions of 

Mr. JeiFerson. By Jo. Seawell Jones, of Shocco, North 
Carolina. Boston: Published by Charles Brown. 1834. 

lamo, doth, uncut. 

1 1 75 JONES (J. P.) The Interesting | Life, Travels, Voyages, 
[and daring | Engagements, | of the celebrated | Paul 


Jones : | Commodore in the American Navy during 
late I Revolutionary War : | containing | Numerous A 
dotes]of Undaunted Courage,|in the prosecution 
his Undertaking. | 

Hiuittn : I PubUshtd by Willmm E. Ntrmaii, M. 

barren Strut. | N. Elliot^ Printer^ CattkUl. \ i» 
lO, pp. 46, red craihcd lerlnt nMKKni, hj Btdfard ; Pmtvait iiuated. 

J 1 176 JONES. The Interesting] Life, Travels, Voyages, 
I Daring Engagements! of that { Celebrated and Ji 
Renowned Commander | Paul Jones. | Containing! 
meroui Anecdotes of Undaunted Courage, in | the 
tecution of his various Enterprises. | Written by F 
self. I [The first Philadelphia from the fourth Loi 
Edition.] | Pbila4tlpbia:\PiaUsbtd by m, 

Al'Carty.\ James Mcxwtllt printer^ 50 S. 5. A.jiS 

Ito, pp. ]6, cntbed lavuii e 

I, uuCDt, bj Mathemj Baouc Bwwi a 


\Tn JONES The!Life, Travels, Voyages, | and daring! 
gagements | of ! Paul Jones: | containing | Nume 
Anecdotes of Undaunted Cour2ge.|To which is 
fixed I the Life and Adventures | of | Peter WilUami 
Who was kidnapped, when an In&nt, from his ! N 
Place, Aberdeen, I and! sold for a Slave in America. 
Albany: Printed hy H. C. Soutbwuk,\\i 

llmo, pp. loS, red cruihed lev inc morocco, by Bcdfetd ; Poituut iUCTttd 

1 178 JONES. The Life of Paul Jones, from Original 1 
uments in the possession of John Henry Sbcrbi 
Esq. Register of the Navy of the United States. 

Ltndan : Jabn Murray, mdccc 
pint In, pp. lii, ]>o, hilf cilf. 

JONSOH. 241 

79 JONES. Life and Correspondence of John Paul Jones, 
^ including bis Narrative of the Campaign of the Liman. 

Nno York. 1830. 
Rl. Ito, half red morocco, gilt top, UDCDt, Vf firadttrect. 

80 JONES (Owen). Grammar of Ornament. Illustrated 
^ by Examples from various Styles of Ornament. 

London. \a. d.J 

p. 4(0, morocco, gilt edgeij .one hundred and twelTc Platu Id gold ind colon, 
cooutniog jooo ExAM?LU. Thit work of the Ereit llluminicoi ii the 
avAj cyclopedia of the orniment of ill agei and nitioni. Ediliooi biTc 
been pobLihed in Engliih, French, and Oerman, and i( a ntti at a text- 
book in (11 tbe principal ichooli of art in Europe. The principal clanei 
of ornament, a> arranged in the work, are » follow! : Ornament of Sarage 
Tiibu. Egyptian Ornament, Aiiyrian and Pcnian, Greek, Pompeian, 
Aoman, Byzantine, Arabian, Turkiih, Moreique, Petvan, Indian, Hindoo, 
Chineie, Celdc, MediETal, Renamance-Euiabtthaa, Italian, and Leavet 
and Flowen from Nalore. 

[81 JONES. Examples of Chinese Ornament. 
^ Lmdan. 1867. 

ip. 4(0, cloth eatra, gilt edgeij too BiAonruL PutTi) in rici riVi, execnted in 
CBioHo-LiTHOOiArHT, compriiing nearly tooa Oijatm in the South 
Kentington MoMiun, and other collection!. The companion or aecond 
!erie! of the ttandard work, "The Grammar of OmameDt." OolyaimaH 
nnmber of co)Hei were printed, and no new edition will ever appeir. 

182 JONES. One thousand and one Initial Letters, De> 
'^ signed and Illuminated. London. 1864, 

Folio, cloth, gilt j a ttaniifrl wiiiait. 

183 JONES. The Psalms of David Illuminated by Owen 
'** Jones. [Lenden. 186-.] 

lio, tl^iulfy frinad U pid tmd attri, and bound in embooed calf. Alto called the 
"Victoiia Pialter." 

184 JONSON (B.) The Workes of Benjamin Jonson. 

'" Londtn. 1640. 


///; ^a 


^>-j f"^ 

Folid, eld calf i ExoaAftD Titli ind Poctuit b; Vngbin ; LaicE Con. 
' JoDMn, oe ire lold, wu tlic fint who ga*e hit plijv the <1tle of ■ Worki,' i 

1185 JOSSELYN (J.) An I Account I of two [ Voyages | 

Ncnr-England. I Wherein you have the setting out 
Ship, I with the charges ;| The prices of all ncccss: 
for I furnishing a Planter and his Family at his 
com-|ingi A Description of the Countrey, Nai 
and I Creatures, with their Merchantil and Physical 1 
The Government of the Countrey as it is now p 
sessed by the English, &c, A large Chronolof 
Ta-|bleof the most remarkable passages, from the 
dis-j covering of the Continent of America, to the ; 
1 1673. By John Josselyn Gent. | 

tandauy Printtdfir Giles ff^iiUows^ ai 
Green-Drag9n\in S* PauFs-Cburcb-TarJ, 16; 

I fimo, cnMbed red lenat moroccD, by Pratt j OaisiNiu. Eorrioir ; fim afy ; vrry 
Allan*! copr, miich interior to tliii, lold for $40. 

1186 JOSSELYN. An Account of Two Voyages to N 

England, Made during the years 1638, 1663. By J 
Josselyn Gent. Besten : fTi/liam Feazii. hdccci 

Uedium 4ta, half blue Inant morocco, uncut; 35 copiea priaccd. 

1187 JOSSELYN. [The same.] Bmn. ll 

4to, cloth, oocut i Small Pmu. 

1188 JOSSELYN. New-EngIands|RaritieslDiscovered: 

Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, | and Plants of 
Country. I Together with I The Physical and Chyn 
cal Remedies [ wherewith the Natives constantly w 
I Cure their Distempers, Wounds, | and Sores. | A 


A Perfect Description of an Indian Sqva,|in all her 
Bravery ; with a Poem not | improperly conferr*!! upon 
her. I Lastly A Chronolt^ical Tabic] of the most re- 
markable Passages in that [Country amongst the Eng- 
lish. I Illustrated with Cvts. | By John Jossclyn, Gent. | 
London, \ Pr'inttd for G. Widiswes at the] 
Grien Dragon in St. Pauls Church yard, 1672.I 

iiDio, old morocco; line copy. 

[89 JOSSELYN. New-England's Rarities discovered in 
^ Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that 
Country. By John Jossclyn, Gem. With an Intro- 
duction and Notes By Edward Tuckerman, m.a. 

Boston: ff^ilUam Feaxie. MDCCCLXV. 
edinra 410, half tefanc moroccc^ gilt top, uncut} Mat; Luge Patu; only sj 

[qo JOSSELYN. [Another copy.] Betien. 1865. 

3 4to, cloth, uucui; Shau. ?aw. 

gi JOURNAL of a Young Man of Massachusetts, late a 
^ Surgeon on board an American Privateer, who wag 
captured in May, 1813, and confined at Hali^; then 
at Chatham, in England, and last at Dartmoor Prison, 
etc. Written by himself. Betlon, t8i6. 

iia,ihecp; Mat damigcd. Dedicated to "tbe Common Scuc and HanuK Fecl- 
in| of the People of AmeTiu." 

92 JOURNAL of the Proceedings of the Congress held at 
'c Philadelphia, May to, 1775. miadtlphia. m.dcc.ucxv. 

Sto, pp. IT, 139, luicnt. 

93 JOURNAL of the Proceedings of the Congress held at 
^ Philadelphia, May 10, 1775 ... September 5, 1775, to 


April 30, 1776. Conatitutions of the Indepeiu! 
Sutes of America. Loitdtn. 1776-17 

J *ol>. ID I, tm, calf J a icmra aUaota. 

1 194 JOURNAL of the Voyage of the Sloop Mary, fi 
Qucbeck, Together with an Account of her Wt 
off Monuuk Point, L. L, Anno 1701. With In 
duction and Notes by E. B. O'Callaghan. 

Munstil. it 


Sa. 4to, balf gnea maRKco, gilt tap, nn 
100 capia frivtutf frinuJ. 

I, by Brad)tn« ; 

/ \>-~5' 

/ ' 

119s JOUTEL. Journal Historiquc du dernier Voyage 
M. de la Sale dans Ic Golfe dc Mcxique; £et] Lo 
iane. A Paris, mdcci 

limo^ pp. auT, ]8£, old cilf. 

196 JUNIUS: Including Letters by the Same Writer, ur 
other Signatures, {Now first collected) To which 
added, The Confidential Correspondence with i 
Wilkes, and his Private Letters addressed to Mr. H 
Woodfall. With A Preliminary Essay, Notes, F 
Similes, &c. In I'hree Volumes. [Motto.] 

LcHdcii: Printtdby G. fFoad/all. 18 

Tid>., t). Svo, half moll, onent; Paoimilu; Lauii Patkj Ua tStini vtrj 

.1197 [JUNIUS.] An Enqviry into the Condvct of a '. 
Right Honovrable Commoner. 

Landen : J, Jltiun. [0. 

■to, pp. 71; OiioixAL Editiok; virjKtrct; with other nn tTKB. ReiMB to 
Chitbam ind (he Americia RcTDloiion. 

1 19S JUNIUS. " A Letter to an Honorable Brigadier G 


eral. Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces in 
Canada." Edited by N. W. Simms. 

Leaden: fV. Pickering, 1847. 

ap Sto, pp. iut, no, clatb, nncac. Lord George Townibcnd ii the banDTible 

t99 JUVENAL // PERSIUS. London: ff.Pidiring. 1826. 


** IVorctsUr: hrael Themas. [n. d.] 

311110, gteen leTinl maiocca, gill cop, uneut, by F. Bedford. 

101 JUVENILE MISCELLANY, Including some Natural 
<^ History, for the use of Children. 

Philadelphia: Jacob Jehnttn. 1808. 

241110, calf, gilt, by W. Pnicj ocnameated with iS Ehgiatinoi. 


,^^ APP (Fricdrich). Life of Frederick V 

liam Von Steuben, Major-Gcncral id 
Revolutionary Army. With an Introd 
tion by George Bancroft. 

Ntw Terk. tS 

gni, half calf; PaiTiAir; Adtookafh of Stcobcn iim 

)hn). The Christian Year : Thoughts 
the Sundays and Hulydays throughout 
legantly illustrated by S. G. Schmolze. 

Philadelphia. i8 

Ito, oarocco, gill edga. 

-, .) An|Answer|tD|Mr. Samuell Willa 

^ _he Ministers at Boston in New-England) { 

; I Reply ] To my Printed Sheet, called, A Danger 

I and I hurtful Opinion mainuined by him, viz. (That 

j Fall of Adam, and all the Sins of Men neccssari 

come to pass by virtue of Gods Decree and his Dei 
inin-[ing both of the Will of Adam, and of all oi 
' Men to I Sin. | By George Keith, m.a. | 

' Prinitd and Sold by fVilHam BradJ 

I at tbt Sign ofthi BihU\in Ntw-rork^ 170 

' 4M, 1 1., pp. 41, poliibed calf, gilc tdgct, by F. Bedford; fim 1^, 

' 1208 KEITH. The | Doctrine | of the Holy | Apostles 

I Prophets the Foundation | of the [Church of Christ | 

I it was Delivered in a | Sermon | At Her Majesties Ch 

pel, at I Boston in N,cw-England, the | 14th of Ji 

i702.[By George Keith m.a.| BeiUn.\Printtd 

Samutl PbilUpi at the Brick Shtp. 170 

4to, titk, Pf. .7. 

KEITH. 247 

t09 KEITH. The | Presbyterian and Independent | Visible 
Iff Churches | in | New-England | And else-where, | Brought 

to the Test, and examined accor- 1 ding to the Doctrine 
of the holy Scriptures,! in *''*''* Do"rine, Ministry, 
Worship, Consti-|tution, Government, Sacraments and 
Sabbath ] Day, and found to be No True Church of | 
Christ. I More particularly directed to these in New- 
Eng-|land, and more generally to those in 01d-|Eng- 
land, Scotland, Ireland, &c. | With | A Call and Warning 
from the Lord to the Peoplejof Boston and New-Eng- 
land, to Repent, &c. And two | Letters to the Preachers 
in Boston; I and an Answer to the | Gross Abuses, Lyes . 
and Slanders of Increase Mather and Samuel Norton, 
&c. I By George Keith. | Philadtlphta, 

Printed and Sold by ffilL Brad/ord,\ jfnno 1689.] 

n. iro, 6 1., pp. 131, blue oiarocco citn { mtii ran. The fint leaf coniliti of pu- 
Mgei from Revelitioni. 

210 KEITH. The I spirit I of I Ratling Shimei|and of | Baal's 
' Four Hundred Lying Prophets | Entered into | Caleb 

Puscyjand his {Quaker- Brethren in Pennsilvania, [who 
Approve him. Containing an Answer to his and their 
Book, falsly I called, Proteus Ecclcsiasticus, Detecting _ 
many of their gross | Falshoods | Lyes, Calumnies, Per- 
versions and Abuses, as well [as his and their gross 
Ignorance and Infidelity contained in | their said Boole. | 
George Keith, a.m. | Prlnttd and Said by William 

Bradford at the Sign 0/ the Bible\ia New-Tori, 1703.] 

M, ] 1., pp. 61, nd cnuhed leiint marocco, gilt edgei; Fm Laigi Corr, with rough 
leiTO. , 

Kath ■• (be (ime perton who, tome yean beft>ie, defended the Qoaken againil la- 
creiie aad Cotton Mather, but afteiwardl (otned againil ihem himielf, 
and became a Baptiit." — Rim, 

211 KEITH {Sir William). The | History] of the | British 


Plantations in America. | With | A Chronological Ao 
count of the most remarkable | Things, which happen'( 
to the first Adventurers in their several Discoveries oi 
that New World. |Pan i.|Conuining the History oi 
Virginia ; with Remarks on the | Trade and Commerct 
of that Colony. | Lmdon. m.dccxxzviii. 

Sai. Its, 4 I., pp. lt7, bltw cruhed Ictidc norocco, ricb gilt bick, loil ioiide bordcn, 
gilt edgH. by W. Mathewi { I luge folded MAFt; v(rj fin off ; rm. 
The fint of an intended icriei of CoLOHMi HnroBin, wbicb «*> nMt«. 
linued. Sir Williaoi Keith wu Gavernor of Pcnn>]ilnni> from 171; K 
1716. MotreH'icopj (old fbr $>1.50. 

I2I1 [KEMPIS {T. A).] Limitation de Jcsus-Christ. 

Paris: Curmtr. 1858, 

>aU^ imp. Ifo, red morocco, illb liaingf, (ill edgci ; Sdtikb Editiom, cicty pigi 
decanted with tnntifiil mitiaJuri vifitnti tMj hrjtri, im [tJi tai abn. 
All the oraimeau b>*c been copied from the molt bcautlfiil old nioa- 
Kripu, ind eiecuted bjr tbe proccM of chiMno-lilhogiiphf. ETeiy p*(e hii 
> diflertnt deugn, and the work foinu at once the matt SnNmiDn En- 
TIOH, and a complete hiitory of illumination, the lubjeco being amafcd, 
u neail]' u pouible, in chronological order. Vol. a ia an appcndii. and 
k alio illintraled with PaorocaATHic PoanAm of tbe )uppa«d aothoR, 
and teTcnl hundred Wootmri, incloding the leriet Iumwd u the Dwca 

or DlATN. 

-, ^^ 1313 KEMPIS (T. A). Of The Imitation of Jesus Christ, 
translated from the Latin. Originally ascribed to 
Thomas a Kempis: with an Introduction and Notes 
by the Reverend Thomas Frognall Dibdin, d.d. 

London: ffiliiam Pieitring. udcccxxtiii. 


~'/V^^ "'4 KEMPIS. [Thciamc] Lmdm. iSlS. 

Imp. Ito, cloth, uncut) Fihi Plathi Lauji Papu Corrj tMtrtmtlj tin*. 


1215 KENDALL (G. W.) The War b«<v«n the Unircd 
States and Mexico Illustrated, embntcing Pictoiial 

K.SRR. 249 

Drawings of all the Principal Conflicts, by Carl Nebcl, 
... with a Description of each Battle, by Geo. Wilkins 
Kendall, ... NewTeri: D. AppUtun^ Company. 1851. 

>, pp. ir, ji; II itMUifiilfy altrti Platu. Tbii work liu long been out of 
pridi; ihu copj Ii M cl«D u the da^ it ini inued ; it wu reiUy printed 
in Puii. 

;6 KENNEDY (W.) Texas; the Rise, Progress, and. 
Prospects of Texas. LondoH. 1841. 

I roll., Sto, cioth, ODCut. Tlie bat work on Tmu. 

7 [KENNETT (White).] Bibliotheca: Americana; Pri- 
r mordia. An Attempt Towards laying the Foundation 
of an American Library, In several Books, Papers, and 
Writings, Humbly given to the Society for Propoga- 
tion of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, etc. By a Mem- 
ber of the said Society. Landon. 1713. 
4to, bilf marocca, aaculj Fmi Corrj virj Kara la chit coadiden. Conuini 
copioui iccounti of the earlieic book* relating Co Amcrio. Up to it> dite 
tbc bett work on ihe lubjecc. 

i8 KENTUCKY. A Description of Kentucky in North 
America, to which are prefixed Miscellaneous Obser- 
vations Respecting the United States. Londan, 1792. 

bulTcilf; with the fottovring tract! : "Burke'i {£.) Leiccr to ... on ibe aSain of 
America. LanJin. 1787." "French Arrogance or ifae Cat let out oTthe 
Ba| ; A poecieal dialogue between the Enioya of America and X Y Z and 
iheLadf. PkilaJilfiia. 1798." "Smilh't (of South Carolina) Spcechea. 
1794." " Comipondence of Pincknej, Muihall and Oeiry, miniatEn to 
Fnace. 179!." " Cooper. Some Inlbrmalion [eipcccin[ AniErici. 

[9 KERR (R.) History of Scotland during the Reign of 
Robert the Bruce. EtUnburgb. i8it. 

* nil,, Sto, half calf, pit f Kd a 






1220 KETTELL (S.) Specimens of American Poetry, wii 
Critics! And Bi<^raphical Notices. 

Bostan. uDCCCxxn 
imo, half bloc morocco, (ilt top, uncut. The third rolume coanju a htUi 
|n|hk*l and cbroiudottol lut of American poea. 

1231 KIDD. A Full Account of the Proceedings In Relatio 
{ to Capt. Kidd. In two Letters. Written by a Pei 

I son of Quality to a Kinsman of the Earl of Bellamor 

' in Ireland. London: Printtd an 

S«ld by tht BtohtlUn »f London and IVeslmintttr. mdcci 

Sm. 410, 4 L, ff. Jt, nd moroccD, uncuij vtrj Jitt afj- Tfac Eiii of BcUunon 
^^_ QoTcraor of Nc« York, wu (lapected, in popular apiaian, to be impUutc 

in tbe proc«dia| of Cipoja KJdd, who tailed snder hit licciuc, etc, 10 
«ii atterwirdi diaainied by hia. 


>'l^x/7 1222 KIDDER (F.) The Expeditions of Capt. John Lovewell 
: and his Encounters with the Indians ; including a Par 

I ticular Account of the Pigwaket Battle, with a Histor; 

I of that tribe ; and a Reprint of Rev. Thomas Symmet 

! Sermon. By Frederick Kidder. 

Botton: Barthtt and HalSday. 1865 

' 4M, half Itmol noTOCCO, gilt lop, aocuC, bj Braditiecl. 

^ ,' 1223 KIDDER. Military Operations in Eastern Maine an< 
''■^^" ■ Nova Scotia, during the Revolution, chiefly compilet 

from the Journals and Letters of Colonel John Allan 
with Notes and a Memoir of Col. John Allan. 

Albany. 1867 
Sto, half red morocco, |Ul mp, uneol, by B 


: 1124 KIMBALL (David T.) A Sketch of the Ecdesiastici 
I History of Ipswich. ... Havtrhill, Mm. 1823. 


5 KING (C. W.) The Handbook of Engraved Gems. 
' With numerous Illustrations. Londen. 1866. 

Crown In), cloth, nncut. 

6 KING. The Natural History, Ancient and Modern, of 
^ Precious Stones and Gems, and of the Precious Metals. 

Lentien. 1S65. 
Rl. Sto, »lf, gill cdgd. 
A iplcndid coonibadon to archKoloty ind ninenlopcil •oenn.*' — Riadu. 

J KING (W.) The Original Works of. In Verse and 
Prose. (Edited by Nicolas & Reed.) Lendtn. 1776. 

3 Toll., Svo.hilFfclluiii, uncut; Poitxait. 

" Hii qrc wat keen. 
With iwectneu ipcl; mixed." 

"Ccrtn, he wu i man engaging wigbt, 
Of lociil glee, and wit bumine choagli been] 
Turning the night to daj, and dajr to night." 

8 KINGMAN (B.) History of North Bridgewater, Ply- 
~~ mouth County, Massachusetts, from its First Settle- 
ment to the Present Time, with Family Registers. 

Boitm: PuhBshtd kj the Autbtr. 1866. ' 

■to, pp. 6^6, half puerile morocco, gilt top, uncut, b; Brad«reet( pLATn, 

^ KINGSBOROUGH. Antiquities of Mexico; com- 
' prising Fac-Similes of Ancient Mexican Paintings and 
Hieroglyphics, preserved in the Royal Libraries of 
Paris, Berlin, and Dresden; in the Imperial Library 
of Vienna; in the Vatican Library; in the Boipan 
Museum at Rome ; in the Library of the Institute at 
Bologna; and in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. 
Together with the Monuments of New Spain. By 
M. Dupaix: with their respective Scales of Measure- 
ment and accompanying Descriptions. The whole 
illustrated by many valuable Inedtted Manuscripts. By 


Lord Kingsborough. The Drawings on Stone, by A. 
Aglio. In Nine Volumes. 

London: Henry G. Bobn. m.dcccxlvui. 

Folio, hilf green morocco, gilt top. A vMt ttore-houte of invaluable materiali for the 
history of Mexico. When, tome four centnriet ago, the enterpriie of 
Spanish navigaton opened the vast continent of America to the admiiarioa 
of Europe, the civilisation of the New World wm found to be concentrated 
in two spots, and two only, o( that enormous territory. One of these 
Avored regions wu Peru; the other wu Mexico. It was in Mesco, 
especially, that art, polidcs, and science, had received their g re a te s t develop- 
ment. There the Spaniards found an organised state, an ancient polttf, 
an opulent capitsl, an exalted dynMty, a formidable priesthood, and a people 
well skilled in mechanical and decorative arts. So great, in ^Kt, wai the 
proficiency of the Mexican workmen, so elaborate the system of govern- 
ment, and so impressive the whole evidence of wealth and grandeur, that 
iot some time the civilisation of Mexico was regardnl as superior to that 
of Europe. 

^ 1230 KIRKLAND (T.) Cyclopedia of Commercial and 

' Business Anecdotes. New Tori. 1864. 

a vols., Svo, pp. 779, cloth ; PoaTXAiTS and Platzs. 

y 1231 KNAPP (S. L.) Life of Timothy Dexter j Embracing 

Sketches of the Eccentric Characters that Composed 
his Associates. Boston, 1838. 

iSmo, pp. 108, half morocco; Plats; PotTSArr inserted. 

. ^ ^1232 [KNAPP.] Extract from a Journal of Travels in North 

America, consisting of an Account of Boston and its 
Vicinity. By AH Bey, &c. Boston. 18 19. 

lomo, pp. 114, boards, uncut. 

1233 KNIGHT (C.) Cabinet Portrait Galleiy of British 
Worthies. London, [n. d.] 

1% vols, b 6, iftmo} 71 PoarnAm. Written hy Lord Brougham, De Morgan, and 




KHtORT. 253 

34 KNIGHT. London, Illustrated by 650 wood engrav- 

ings. London. i84i-'44. 

iAm^ Imp. tf 0, cloth. The mon elcgint, originil, «nd intemtiog of ill the picto- 
rid worki |irodaced b|r tbu eaterpruing publiibcr. 

35 KNIGHT. Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature; and 
' Companion for the Zoological Gardens. Illustrated 

with Four Thousand Wood Engravings. 

Londen. {a. d.] 
1 nil. in I, blio, hilf momcco. 

36 KNIGHT. Pictorial Gallery of the Fine and Useful 

Arts. Several hundred plates. Lendtn. [n. d.] 

a Tolt. folio, half morocco. Sti Sbaluipeare (W.) 

37 KNIGHT [Dr.) Indian Atrocities. Narratives of the 

Perils and SuiFerings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, 
among the Indians, during the Revolutionary War. 

Gnciiinati. 1867. 

i>iiio, failf red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by BriditiEel, 

38 KNIGHT. Journals of Madam Knight and Rev. Mr. 

Buckingham. From the original Manuscripts^ written ' 
in 1704 and 1710. New Tort. 1825, 

10, half numccii, gilt top, uncut, by Biidilrcct; Okioimal EetnoM; Kara. The 
fermct lelicei Co ihc upedltion agtinil Port Royal in 1710. 

39 KNIGHT. The Private Journal of a Journey from 

Boston to New York, in the Year 1 704. Kept by 
Madam Knight. Many: Frank H. UttU. 1865. 

4C0, half morocco, uncat ; joo copiet priaccd.' 

\o KNIGHT (R. P.) A Discourse on the Worihip of 
Priapus, and its Connection with the Mystic Theology 
of the Ancients. By Richard Payne Knight, Esq. (a 

254 KNOX. 

new edition). To which is added an Essay on the 
Worship of the Generative Power during the Middle 
Ages of Western E.urope. 

London: Privately Printed. 1865. 

4to, half moracco, uncvt. A i ingulaiiy curious and i choUrly production. The eitreme 
, rarity of the original edition of Payne ICnight*! curiout eisay on the mystic 

theology of the ancienti it well known to collector!, copies having been 
recently told at $150 in thb city. Thu new and elegant edition, edited 
hy two very distingmthed English scholan, embraces the original work 
entire, with much highly important additional matter. 

1 241 KNOLLES (R.) The Turkish History, from the 
^^ Original of that Nation, with a Continuation By Sir 

Paul Rycawt. London. 1787. 

3 vols., folio, calf; NvMsaoos Fnci PoanAm. 

'** Dr. Johnson, in his brief criticism upon the English historians (< Rambler,* No. 12a), 
after a short character of Raleigh and Clarendon, adds : < But none of our 
writers can, in my opinion, justly contest the superiority of Knolles, who, 
in his " History of the Turks,** has displayed all the eicellency that nar^ 
ration can admit.* ' Nothing could have sunk this author in obscurity but 
the remoteness and barbarity of the people whose story he relates.* ** — 


/ ^/f 

1242 KNOWLES (J. D.) Memoirs of Roger Williams of 
Rhode-Isknd. Boston. 1834. 

iimo, pp. 437, sheep; Facsimils. 

y 1243 KNOX {Captain John). An Historical Journal of the 

/ Campaigns in North-America, for The Years 1757^ 

1758, 1759 and 1760: containing The Most Remark- 
able Occurrences of that Period ; particularly The Two 
Sieges of Quebec, &c. 

London: Printed for the Author. MDCCLXix. 

X vols., 4to, half green morocco, gilt top, uncvt, by Bradstreet : Fins Poktiaitb of 
Generals Wolfe and Amherst, with Map $ Jhu c/tau cfy ; vay tcsrtt in 
this condition. Whitmore*s copy sold for $14. Highly commended in 
the M Monthly Review,** xu, 395. Stt Rich, i, 169. 

. iiluble cellKlici) of nuterUi to«ratd> > bialMj of Oat penod, wiib ■ docHption 
mod niiiuil biiurr of tho« put! in whicb Knoi penatuUf wrTed. 

244 KOHL (J. G.) A Popular History of the Discovery of 

America, from Columbus to Franklin. London. 1862. 

1 foil., p«i gvo, tlotb, unCDt. 

245 KORAN (The), commonly called the Alcoran of Mo- 
^ hammed i translated from the Original Arabic, with 

Explanatory Notes ... By George Sale. A New 
Edition ... Lontbn. 1836. 

1 *ali., 1*0, catt, tjilt J htii iJiiltn. 


^ ^^{ ACO. Ten Chapters in the Life of John 

I Hancock. The Writings of Laco, as 

I published in the Massachusetts Ceminel, 

I in the months of February and March, 

I >7S9> with the addition of No. vii, which 

was omitted. Nno Tari. 1857. 

1*0, ilclb. A rtprinr of ifae edition priniEd m( Bonon in 17S9. Tbae Hticki M 
\ Hucock are of u eitiEmEl]i bitter chinctet. 

1249 LA FONTAINE. Fables de La Fonuine prficMte 
''''^' * d'unc notice par C. A. Sainte-Beuve ... Gravures par 

T. Johannot. Paris: Funu tt O* 1858. 

1*0, half moRKCo, pit edgcij FiHm Platu. 

^ 1250 LA FONTAINE. The Loves of Cupid and Psyche; 

'' * in Verse and Prose, From the French, and a Version 

of the same Story from Apuleius. Lenden. 1744- 

Its, calf j fin ctfj j tcerei. 

y ^- 1251 LA FONTANE. Tales and Novels in Verse. From 
the French of La Fontaine. By Several Hands. 
Adorned with Cuts. London. I73S> 

Itc, cilf j fimi c*tj. The only irinilatioa of iIm "CoDtea." 

^ ,/"5* ^A FONTAINE'S Tales: imiuted in English Vene. 

•^' ^/A In Two Volumes. LohJoh: C. CbappU. 1814. 

• Toll., Ivno, Cflfl vtrj tcortt. 

,,, 1JS3 LA FONTAINE. The F>Uei of La Fontaine, tnio- 

I I 

lAHBBRT. 257 

lated from the French by Elizur Wright, mth 240 
lUuMrations by J. J. Grandrille. Battm. 1841. 

1 rab., rojnl ivo, ludf ni Icraat morocco, bj W. Madum j with Tmn sad Fiomt- 
nmcn npoo Ihdia Patu ; vfry xmrci. 

1254 LA FONTAINE. [The tame.] TtansUtcd from the 
'df French by Robert Thomion. Paris. 1S06. 

4 put), In, bolrdi, DDcnt. 

125s LAHONTAN {Barm dt). Dialogues d'un Sauv;^e dans 
a l'Am£rique. Amsttrdam. 1704. 

ilmo, calf. A njlomc of much nrltf, whh mujr Platu. Sii Sutcdi' "Nngpti,'' 
No. l«>4. 

1256 LAHONTAN. Memoires de I'Amerique Septentrionale 
ou La Suite des Voyages. Illustrated. ■7IS< 

1257 LAHONTAN. Nouveau Voyages dans l'Am£rique. 
'^ La Hagut. 1703. 

■ TOli., I imo, calf; minj Platu. Flnl utd bat edidon of tbcM nn wojttft. 

1258 LAMB (C.) The Works of Charles Lamb. A New 
"h Edition ... Bmim: WiUiam Vtavat. 1865. 

S *•!•., eroum S«a, hilf morocco, uacDt j Lamu Patdi ; loo ca^n printed. 

f 259 LAMB (R.) Memoir of His Own Life, by R. Lamb. 
^ Dublin, 18 1 1. 

Ito, half Une morocco, ^t top, bdcdI, hj BndNicet. 

1260 LAMB. An Original and authentic Journal of Occnr- 
^ reoces during the late American War, from iu com- 
mencement to the year 1783. DukUn. 1809. 

■(■>, half nd IcTUU morocco, gUl li^, by Bnditnel ; vttjfiu ttfj, 

1261 LAMBERT (John). Travels through Lower Canada, 



and the United States of North America, in the Years 
1806, 1807, and i8o8. LonJon. 1810. 

a Tobi, 8to» half moroccoi gilt top; 18 Platu and Maps. 

y . ^ ^ti262 LANCASTER (D.) The History of Gilmanton, from 
'^ I the first settlement to the present time, including what 

is now Guilford, to the time it was disannexed. 

Gilmanton. 1845. 

Sto, boarda ; Mat ; tetm, 

1263 LANGDON (S.) A Sermon ... Before the ... Congress 
of the Colony of Massachussetts-Bay In New-England, 
Assembled at Watertown, 31st Day of May, 1775. 

Watertown: Benjamin Edes. M,DCCLXxy. 

Sto, pp. ^9, half morocco. In the tame ▼olnme, Price on Gvil Libertyi Boutm^ 1776, 
and Chaanc]r*t termon at the Thunday lecture in Boston, September 3, 
1778 } 8vo, pp. 317 $ a rare reTolutionary lermon $ and another tnct. 

JJ264 L ANGEL (A.) The United States during the War. 
^ By Auguste Langel. 

Nnv York: BailSire Brothers. 1866. 

Sto, cloth } uncut. 

y, I 1265 [LANGWORTHY.] Memoirs of the Life of the late 

^ Charles Lee, Esq., Second in Command in the Service 

I of the United Sutes of America. London. 1792* 


I 8voy calf. 

I 1266 LANGWORTHY. [Another Edition.] N. r. 1792. 
^ ^^ 1267 LANGWORTHY. [Another Edition.] AT. r. 1813. 

i PP* 35^ half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradatreet; txtremelj rart in thJa con- 

' 1268 LANSDOWNE. A Catalogue of the Library of the 
Marquis of Lansdowne. London. 1806. 

I Sto, half morocco, uncut Prices and namea. 

I ' 


[ 1269 LAPPENBERG (J- M-) A History of England under 
y*^ the Anglo-Saxon Kings. Translated from the German, 

I by Benjamin Thorp, f.s.a. With Additions and Cor- 

I rections by the Author and Translator. 

Lonehn: yobn Afurrt^. 1845. 
a Toll, Snt, clocfa, tmcui. 

1270 LARWOOD (J.) The History of Sign Boards, from 
tf~£y the earliest times to the present day. By Jacob Lar- 

wood and J. C. Hottcn. 1867. 

4ta, half iDiHOCca, gilt top; with loo iLLorntATiOMi in Fachmili by J. Larwood ; 
Ljuicm Path. Of the luge paper edition, onljr one hundred copiet have 
been printed, containing, baidca the whole of the text and picture* given 
in the •mall paper edition, avinij-rm aJJithrtl illtulrttie»t of ancient 
Dgn-boardi, with other Tcminitceaca of Old London. 

1271 LATIMER (H.) Fruitful! Sermons Preached by the 
^Zgy Reuerend Father, and constant Martyr of lesus Christ. 

Mr. Hugh Latimer, etc. 

At London: Printtdfar the Campany af Stationers, 1607. 

4tO, calf i Blace Lima j vtry ic£ra, 

1772 LATROBE, The History of Mason and Dixon's Line ; 
2_^ — contained in an Address delivered by John H. B. La- 
trobc, of Maryland, November 8, 1854. 

Pbihdtlphia. 1855. 

8*0, pp. 51, unboond. 

1273 LATOUR (Major A. Lacarriere). Historical Memoirs 
y ^y of The War in West Florida and Louisiana in i8i4-'i5. 

With an Atlas: written originally in French, and 
Translated for the Author by H. P. Nugent, Esq. 

Philadelphia: Conrad. 1816. 
2 Tob. in I, 8*0, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradatrect. 
*• Major Lalour*) nanatiTC of the military ercnt* ia minute and intereatint, and the 
■ppendii containt an inralnable collection of alate ptpen." — Ntrti jhur- 





f274 LAVATER (J. C.) Essays on Physiognomy, designed 
to promote the Knowledge and Lore of Mankind. 
By John Caspar Lavater, Citizen of Zurich and Min- 
ister of the Gospel. Dlustrated by more than Eight 
Hundred Engravings, Accurately Copied ; and some 
duplicates added from Originals, Executed by or under 
the Direction of Thomas HoUoway, Translated from 
the French by Henry Hunter, d.d. [Motto.] 

London. i8io. 

5 Toll., imp. 4C0, raaua extn, marUed letTCi $ BsAunnrL EKOtAmfoty by HoOowi/, 
BartoloiKi, and otbcn ) figinsi 0md briUiaut mfretaom. So fine a copy 
of thii tplendid work at the above leldam ocean. The ordtnaij copia, 
with the worn pUtet, are hardly worth potieniag. 

I ^ ll%75 LAW (William). An | Extract | from a | Treatise | By 
^^ / ] liam Law, m.a. | called, | The Spirit of Prayer ; 

/ /3 



The Soul rising out of the Vanity of | Time, into the 
Riches of Eternity. | Discovering the True Way of 
turning to God, | and of finding the Kingdom of Heaven 
I the Riches of Eternity in our Souls. | Philadelpbia :\ 
Printed iy B. Franklin^ and D. Hall. 1760.I 

•▼o. PP- 47t calf. 

1276 LAWS MADE, Manufactures Set up, and Trade Car- 
ried on in America, 1 733-4. 1749- 

Folio, half morocco. 

1277 LAWSON (J.) The | History | of | Carolina j | containing 
^^ the I Exact Description and Natural History | of that | 

Country : I Together with the Present State thereof. | 
And I A Journal | Of a Thousand Miles, TravelM thro' 
several | Nations of Indians. | Giving a particular Ac- 
count of their Customs, | Manners, &c. [ By John Law- 
son, Gent. Surveyor-General | of North-Carolina. 


' Lmden :\PnHUd far W. Taylor at thi Ship, and J, B. 

Baktr at tht Blaci-\ Bay, in Pattrnostrr-Raw. 1714.I 
Sm. 4I0, } L, pp. 458, old calf; tA*r \ [Mi ttfj. 

1278 LAWSON. The History|of[Carolina;|containing the| 
^^r? Exact Description and Natural History [of that | Coun- 
try j| Together with the Present State thereof. | And | A 
Journal | Of a Thousand Miles, Travel'd thro' several | 
Nations of Indians. | Giving a particular Account of 
th«r Customs, | Manners, &c. | By John Lawson, Gent. 
Surveyor-General | of North-Carolina. | 

Leadon:\Prinitdf6r T. Warntr. ... [ ... 1718.I 

4ta, 3 L, ^, 158, (1), old calfi Mat akd EHauTixa; m 'Krj Urgt and fni afj. 

1279 LAWSON. [Another Edition.] RaUlgh, N. C. i860. 

t«ma, clotb. 

1280 LAYS of the Western World. Illuminated by T. W. 

Gwilt Mapleson. Nnu Tork: Putnam, [n. d.] 

4to, bcTcIcd morocco extn, pit cdgci; uck luf iUMminaui and mnnud m Riuii gaarii. 

1281 LEAKE (Isaac Q.) Memoir of the Life and 'Haies of 
'^ ^ Genl. John Lamb, an officer of the Revolution, who 

commanded the post at West Point, at the Hdm of 
Arnold's defection. Alhany, 1857. 

Rl. Ito, fatlf IcTut norecco, flit to^ oncat, b; W. Mithcwa ; 4S haiuun md 
Plath iawrud. 

1282 LE BLANC (Vincent). The World Surveyed: Or, 

^-^ The Famous Voyages & Travels of Vincent Ic Blanc. 

Lendan, 1660. 
Folio, 6 I., pp. 407, Table, 6 I., old calf. 

1283 LECHFORD (T.) Plain Dealing; or. News from 

262 LBB. 

New England. By Thomas Lechford. With an 
' Introduction and Notes by J. Hammond Trumbull. 

Boston: H^iggin^ Lunt. mdccclxvii. 

j 4to» half blue levant morocco^ ttJicot ; Labgx Pafxb« 


• .^^^11284 LECHFORD. [The same.] Boston, mdccclxvii. 

4to, uncoc ; Small PArta. 

^ ^^ 1 1285 LE CONTE (J. L.) The Colcoptcra of Kansas and 

New Mexico. fVashington. 1858. 

4to, pp. 5S, half calf} Mat and 2 PLATts. 

^ ,'1286 LEDRU (Oscar). Les Maris Celebres anciens et 


A. Paris: Pau d^Adam^ premier mart ciUhrt. 5868. 

No. 115 of 125 copies printed. A curiooi woXumty pHnttJ §m tiuttdp^er, 


y y ^ j 1287 LEE (C.) Memoirs of the Life of the late Charles Lcc, 

Esq., Second in Command in the Service of the United 
States of America during the Revolution ; also Letters 
to and from Many Distinguished Characters, both in 
Europe and America. London. M,DCC,xai. 

Sto, calf, gilt edges; PoaTiAiT inserted; ntftrh nfy, 

. ^^ '1288 LEE. Proceedings of a General Court-Martial, held at 
/ Brunswick, in the State of New Jersey, by Order of 

His Excellency General Washington, Commander-in- 
Chief of the Army of the United States of America, 
for the Trial of Major-General Lee, July 4th, 1778. 
Major-General Lord Stirling, President. 

Cooperstown (N, T.): 
Printed for the Publisher^ by J. H. Prentiss. 1823. 

I 8to, half morocco. Fncx Copt, in nearly nncnt condition, of the ^my rart rtfnwt of 
the trial of General Lee, and of which hut few copiet were published. 

LEE. 263 


1289 I^££- [The same, reprinted.] New Tori, 1864. 


Rl. 8to, uncut ; Laegx Papse \ only 20 copies printed. 

1290 LEE (H.) The Campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas; 
'3 ^€f ^ith Remarks, Historical and Critical, on Johnson's 

Life of Greene. To which is added an Appendix of 
Original Documents, relating to the History of the 
Revolution. Pbiladtlphia. 1824. 

SyOy brown poliihed calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

1291 LEE. Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department 
^ ^^ of the United States. By Henry Lee, Lieutenant 

Colonel Commandant of the Partisan Legion during 
the American War. Pbila. : Bradford and Insieep. 1819. 

a Tob., Sto, a L, 426; 2 1., 486, brown polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

1292 LEE. [The same.] A New Edition, with Corrections 
-^ ^^ left by the Author, and with Notes and Additions by 

H. Lee, the Author of the Campaign of '81. 

H^ashington: Peter Force. 1827. 

8t0) pp. 466, boards, uncut. 

1293 LEE. Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee and 
3 ^A^ his Correspondence with the most distinguished Men 

in America and Europe ; illustrative of the Events of 
the American Revolution. Philadelphia, 1825. 

a Tols., 8to, half blue morocco, ^It top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Portbait. 

1294 LEE. Observations on the Writings of Thomas Jef- 
/ 39^ ferson, with Particular Reference to the Attack they 

contain on the Memory of the Late Gen. Henry Lee. 
In a Series of Letters by H. Lee, of Virginia. 

New York, mdcccxxxii. 

8to, pp. 237,^half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; uniibrm with Jefiexton, 
Lot No. 1x49. &« Washington (O.) 


264 L1NDR0M. 

1295 LEE (R. H.) Life of Arthur Lee, VL.ii.^ Jouit Cem^ 
mituoner of the United States to the Court of France, 
and sole Commissioner to the Courts of Spain and Prus- 
sia. During the Revolutionary War. Boston, 1829. 

% volt^ two, hilf gnen OMraccoi gilt top^ uncaci naurJMyJbu C9fj. 


1296 LEECH (John). 51 Etchings from Jack Bragg, Chris- 
topher Tadpole, and Hector O'Halloran. Lmdm. [n. d.] 

4ta| botrdf{ 

y , x^ 1297 LEGGETT (A.) The Narrative of Major Abraham 

Leggett, of the Army of the Revolution, .*. With an 
Introduction and Notes by Charles I. Bushnell. 

Niw Tori. 1865. 

Sm. Svo, dtte, pp. y%i Pobtbait. 

. J2gS LE GRAND, Fabliaux, or Talcs, Abridged from 

^ . . French Manuscripts of the xiith and xiiith Centuries, 

by M. Le Grand. Selected and translated into Eng- 
lish Verse, by the late G. L. Way, Esq. With A 
Preface, Notes, and Appendix, by the late G. Ellis, 
Esq. A New Edition, corrected. 

London: PrinUdfar J. Rodwell. 18 15. 

3 vok. in I, ptwt Sto^ half moroccO| gilt top. 

/ ^ '299 LEIGHTON. The Life of Man, Symbolized by the 

^ Months of the Year in a Series of Illustrations by John 

Leighton, f.s.a. and Pourtrayed In their Seasons and 
' Phases, with Passages selected from Ancient and Mo- 

' dern Authors. By Richard Pigot. 

London: Longmans. 1866. 


4tOy green morocco extn, gilt edges. 

^ I 1 1300 LENDRUM (J.) A Concise and Impartial History of 

t^ /y^f , ^^^ American Revolution, to which is prefixed, a Gen- 

LESLIE. 265 

end History of North and South America, ... and a View 
of the Progress, Character, and Political State of the 
Colonies previous to the Revolution. From the best 
Authorities. By John Lendrum. Boston : Printed. 

Trenton: Re^ Printed and Published by James Oram. 181 1. 

a Tols., 121D0, pp. 415$ 371, old calf; Maf. 

1 301 LENOIR (A.) Museum of French Monuments. Vol. 
^\%^^ I. [all published]. Paris. 1865. 

Rl. Sto, half calf) 35 Fmx Platis. 


1302 [LEONARD (Daniel).] Massachusettensis ; or, a Series 
/ t^^ of Letters, containing a Faithful Statement of many im- 
portant and striking Facts, which laid the foundation 
of the Present Troubles in the Province of the Massa- 
chusetts-Bay Boston: Printed. 

London : Re-printed for J. Mathews. MDCCLXXYI. 

8to, pp. viii, 118, half morocco, gilt top, oncat. 

1303 LE PAGE DU PRATZ (Af.) History of Louisiana, 
/ ^ ^ Virginia and Carolina. Translated. London. 1774. 

8yOy theep ; good cofy ; nftry sesrce, 

1304 LE SAGE. The Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. 
2^5 Translated from the French of Le Sage, by Benjamin 

Heath Malkin, Esq. London. 1809. 

4 Tolt., rL iTOy calf; Laigx Pakb* This splendid edition it printed in Labgb Ttfb, 
and iUnstrated with 14 Highly FnntHBD EMoaATnias, from Smirke'i 
celebrated dengni. 

^'How vronld that beatitude be enJianced, could human genius a£fbrd us another Oil 
Bias.*'— Sia Walter Scott. 

1305 [LESLIE (Charles).] A Short and Easie Method with 
:>^y the Deists; ... In a Letter to a Friend. London: 

' Printed by J. Applebee and Sold by John Checkley^ at the 

" ' '" 34 



Sign $ftbi Cmvn and Bbu-GaU^ 0Vir against tbi Wut- 
End $f tbi Tnvu- House in Buton^ ^7^3* [Followed 
by] The Speech of Mr. John Checklej upon his Try^l 
At Boston in New-England, For Publishii^ the Short 
and Easie Method ... and A Specimen of a True Dis- 
senting Catechism. London. 1730. 

Together, 3 volt, in I, Sto, bloe lerint morocco, hj F. Bedford. Very fine copy o^* 
book of the highest intereit in connection with the liberty of the pmi m 
New Engknd. SteTent, in hit <*Nogget^'* Not. S35~53^f P^^ * ^ 
account of the work, and prices the three at £6 ice. 6d. 

" Leslie is said to luve brought more persons, from other persosdoos, into tlie Chudi 
I J of England, than any man erer did.** — ^Bisnor Hoan. 


,'^^^11306 [LESLIE.] A Short and Easy Method, kc. First 
; American, from the Eighth London Edition. 

1 fFindsar^ Ft. 1812. 

inmo^ pp. 16S, sheep { Jfiw ttfy, A reprint of the preceding. 

^^ ; 1307 L[ETCHWORTH] (TQiomas]). A | Morning and Ere- 

ning's I Meditation, I or, a | Descant | on the | Times. |Al 
Poem. I London^ Printed. \ miadelpbiaj 

Re-printed and Sold by B. \ Franklin and D. Hall. 1766. 

8to^ 3 i«> PP- 5-5S» half calf. 


y ^^ ! 1308 LETTER (A) on American History. mia. 1847. 

/ \ S?o, pp. 39 { « rtrt^frroMilj frtmfd^f^lmmt, Perliaps by W. B. Reed. 

X ^ J1309 LETTERS I between I Theophilus and Eugenio,|on thc| 
I Moral Pravity of Man, | and the | Means of His Restor- 

ation.) Wrote in the East- Indies, I and now First Pub- 
lished from the Original Manuscript.! Pbiladelpbia : 
Printed and Sold by B. Franklin. \ MJXXrxLyi. | 

Sa. 4to, pp. iv, 64, smooth morocco, gilt edges | ^vy Jhu tfy. MQrrcU*s copy soU 
fcr $15- 

LBWIS. 267 

1310 LETTSOM (J. C.) Memoirs of John FothcrpU, 

M.D. &c. The Fourth Edition. Lond.: C. Dilly. 1786. 

Ivo^ boardty aociit; Raax PomAiT of Frtnklin iiuerted. 

131 1 LEWIS (A.) The Orderly Book of that Portion of the 
%3 ^ ^ American Army stationed at or near Williamsburgh, 

Va., under the command of General Andrew Lewis, 
... With Notes ... by Charles Campbell, Esq. 

Richmond. Va. i860. 

Sm. 4tO| half red leTint moroccoy uncot; only too copies prvately primed^ by Joel 
Moniell, Albany. Unilbrm with Manaell*! Series. Fowle*s copy sold 

1312 LEWIS (F. C.) Scenery of the Rivers of England and 
/^? \T/f Wales. London, [n. d.] 

Folioy half morocco, gilt edges ; 68 Coppuplati Engeavinos, by one of the most 
eminent painters and engraTers of the present day, and unrivalled of their 
kind. They are scarcely known to the public, only a few copies having 
been privately distributed among the author's Mends. 

1 3 13 LEWIS. Scenery on the Devonshire Rivers. 

/^^^ London. 1845. 

Folio, half morocco \ 16 Aimmc Plates. 

*< These etchings are altogether the most beautiful and instructive of their kind we 
have yet seen. Some are mellow and beautiful etchings } others amount 
in value of execution to eflfective and finished engravings.** — jSrt ymruai. 

1 3 14 LEWIS. [A Collection of Etchings of Animals, by F. 
^ ^^^ C. Lewis, Esq.] 

Folio { 1% Platbs. 

1 3 1 5 LEWIS (G. ) A Series of Groups, illustrating the Physiog- 
^ y^ — " nomy. Manners, and Character of the People of France 

and Germany. By George Lewis. 

London: J. & A. Arch. 1823. 

iffcdiom 410$ ffoft M India paper § Laiqb Papsm. Adapted to ilhi*tnt8 Dibdia*s 
** KbUographical Tour.** 


/ !/^i^ 

268 LIBRI. 

1316 LEWIS and CLARK. Message from the President of 
the United States communicating Discoveries made in 
Exploring the Missouri, Red River, and Washita, by 
Capts. Lewis & Clark, Dr. Sibley, and Mr. Dunbar, 
etc. ff^asbington, 1806. 

Svo) w€fy usra. This menage forms the fint published account of the exploradoBi 
of Lewis and Clark. A copy of this work sold at auctioni in Loadon, bit 
June, for over £%. 

y/y^l J'3'7 LEWIS and CLARK. History of the Expedition 

{ under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to 

I I the sources of the Missouri, thence across the Rocky 

! I Mountains and down the River Columbia to the Pacific 

I 1 Ocean, Performed during the years 1804-5-6. 

Philadelphia. 1809. 

I % Tols., Sto, sheep \ ^ftry aaa^ee. 


I ** This inteiesting work ezhibiti not only some Taloable geographical notices, but nrf 

' copious and amosing details respecting the manneia* haMts, and diveisiooi 

! of the North American tribes.** — Critiesl Review. 



^cf}^ 1318 LEWIS (M. G.) The Monk, a Romance. Lond. 1796. 

3 vols.! Iimo, half calf extra ; Okioimal Imnon iJSme eefy; very se^ree. The later 
editions are aU more or less castrated. An extremely ledoctive snd dan- 
geroos romance, the outline of which is taken from the story of the Ssatao 
Barissa, reUted in the ** OuardUn,'* No. 48. 

<* rd give a world of sugar-cane. 
Mat Leiris were alive again.** — Btbom. 


^ 1319 LIBRARIES. Report from the Select Committee on 

Public Libraries. 
Ordered J by the H$use of Commons^ to be Printed. 1849. 

> Folio, half morocco, gilt top. 


i 1320 LIBRI (G.) Catalogue of the Celebrated Library of M. 
/ \^> Gugliclmo Libri. Lond$n. 1861. 

% vols., imp. Sto^ uncut. 


I 1321 LILLY (J.) The Dramatic Works of John Lilly, (the 

^ ^'^ Euphuist). With Notes and Some Account of His 

I Life and Writings By F. W. Fairholt. In Two 

I Volumes. London: John Russell Smith, 1858. 

j 2 vob., crown Svo, tree calf, gilt edges, by Rividre ; Lasgx Papsk. The Eaphues of 
Lilly deserve notice on account of the influence it had upon the court of 
Elisabeth and the public taste, which is manifested in the literature of 
the age. 

1322 LINCOLN (A.) Commemorative Proceedings of the 
i^^ Athenaeum Club, on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, 

President of the United States, April, 1865. N, T, 1866. 

Imp. 8to, uncut; Porteait; ^hfotefj printed, 

1323 LINCOLN. Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln in Union 
^^ Square. New Tori. 1865, 

Imp. SyOy pp. 30, (2) ; Poiteait. 

1324 LINCOLN. Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln at New 
^^ York. New Tori. 1866. 

Rl. Svo, cloth. Not puMisAeJfor tali. 

1325 LINCOLN. Proceedings at Providence and Oration on 
the Death of Abraham Lincoln by William Binney. 

Providence^ R. L mdccclxy. 

8vo, uncut. 

1326 LINCOLN. A Memorial of Abraham Lincoln, late 
President of the United States. Boston: 

Printed by Order of the City Council, mdccclxv. 

Imp. SvOy pp. 153, cloth. 

1327 LINCOLNIANA. In Memoriam. 

Boston: Spencer, 1865. 

4tOy cloth| uncut $ elegantly printed. Sermons, eulogies, and speeches. 

1328 LINCOLN MEMORIAL. New Tork. 1865. 

47^ Sto, cloth; Postsait and Plate. See << Addenda.** 


^^^1329 LINCOLN (L.) Oration •., at Brookfield ... Fourth 

of July, 1807. fForcister. [1807.] 

Svo, half red moroccO| gilt top, oocat, hj BradfCreeC 

y/ I '330 LINCOLN (W.) History of Worcester, Massachu- 

setts, from its earliest settlement to Sep. 1836; with 
various Notices relating to the History of Worcester 
Co. i by William Lincoln. [Also,] History of Wor- 
cester from 1836 to 1 86 1, with interesting Reminis- 
cences of the Public Men of Worcester Co., by Chas. 
I Hersey. Published by the Avtber. 

RL 8vo, boardt, ancatj PoRTiAin and Vnwt. 


1^^1-1331 [LIND.] Rights of Great Briuin asserted against the 
' Claims of America ; being An Answer to the Declara- 

tion of the General Congress, said to be written by 
Lord George Germaine. * 

London^ printed. Philadelphia^ re-printed. 1776. 

I '^ PP« 9^ lulf morocco, uncut. A powerfully written tract agaiatt the American 

\^^ ^33^ LIND. [Another Edition.] Glasgew. 1776. 

j 8?Oy old calf. With the following rare tracts : '* A Declaration by the RepreKBtadrei 

of the United Colonies, signed John Hancock, Pret. PAilsdtlpkid. July 

t 6» <775*** "Some Memoin of the Life of Job, the Son of Solomon, the 

High Priest of Bonoba, in Aftica ; who was a Slave about two ycaia in 
Maryland. London, 1734.** ** A Calm Address, by John Wesley. Lon- 
don. 1777.** ** The Case of the Planters of Tobacco in Virginia ai Repre- 
sented by Themselves. LomUn, 1733.** ** Thoughts on the Utter of 
j Edmund Burke, £sq.,to the Sherifis of Bristol. London. 1777.** ''The 

, Trade and Navigation of Great Britain Considered. London. 1731*** 

And other tracts. 

^> U33 LIVERMORE (G.) An Historical Research respccring 

J^ \^ ^ \ the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic on Ne- 

groes as Slaves, as Citizens, and as Soldiers. 

BettM. 1863. 

4tD, doth, uncut I Lanoi PAnn; 50 c o pici frhmtdj^ fvkmd fir frtteuutm 0^ 

LIVRB. 271 

' 1334 LIVES (The) and Amours of the Empresses, Consorts, 
/^ Si^ &c., To the first Twelve Caesars of Rome. Lond. 1 723. 

I Sto, calf, pit ; fnt C9fj ; icaree. 

I 133s [LIVINGSTON.] A I Review I of the I Military Opera- 
^! ,2^5 tions I in | North-America ; | from | The Commencement 

of the French Hostilities | on the Frontiers of Virginia 

I in 1753, to the Surrender | of Oswego, on the 14th of 

August, 1756.1 Interspersed I With Various Observa- 
tions, Characters, and Anecdotes ; necessary to | give 
Light into the Conduct of American Transactions in 
general: I and more especially into the political Manage- 
ment of Affairs in | New- York. | In a Letter to a Noble- 
man. Lond. : Printed for R. and J. Dodsley. M D cclyii. 

, 4to, 2 1., pp. 144, half morocco, gilt top. 

■ 1336 LIVINGSTON. [Same Title.] To which arc added, 
//f ^^ Colonel Washington's Journal of his Expedition to the 

Ohio, in ] 754, and several Letters and other Papers of 
Consequence, found in the Cabinet of Major General 
Braddock, after his Defeat near Fort Du Quesne ; and 
since published by the French Court. None of these 
Papers are contained in the English Edition. 

Dublin: Printed for P. fFilson and 
y. ExshaWf in Dane-Street, M,DCC,Lvri. 

8vo, pp. ^76, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

""The author*! chief design is to vindicate Governor Shirley, and asperse the characters 
of those who opposed his measures.** — MoutUy Rtaiew. 

1337 LIVRE D'HEURES ou Offices de I'Eglise illustres 
/ 2i ^4t7 d'apres ses Manscrits de la Bibliotheque du Roi. Par 

Msse A. Guifbert. Paris. 1843. 

8 to, blue levant morocco, gilt edges, silk linings, and broad borders of gold. This 
bcantiful volume is printed in gold and colors, in tmitadon of the original, 
and contains specimens of ornamentadon of the 13th, X4th, and X5th 




// ^^ 

1338 LLOYD (L.) Field Sports of the North of Europe. 

London. 1 831. 

% Tob., Ivo^ lialf green morocco, gilt top, aacuc \ fan tafj, 

1339 LODGE. Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great 

Britain. Engraved from Authentic Pictures in the 
Galleries of the Nobility and the Public Collections of 
the Country, with Biographical and Historical Memoirs 
of their Lives and Actions. London. 1835. 

11 Tols^ imp. Sto, half morocco, gilt cop, uncot; Ougixal iMnmiom. A moit 
bcantiiul and interesting national work, engraved fiom authentic pictorci 
in the galleriet of the nobility and the public collections of the coanC7. 




4^ /yr^ 


1340 [LOGAN (James).] The | Charge | Delivered from the 

Bench I to the | Grand-Jury, | At the Court of Quarter 
Sessions, | held for the County of Philadelphia, | the 
second day of September, 1 723. | Published at the Desire 
of the Grand-Jury. (Together with Their Address. | 
Pbiladtlphia:\PrinUd and Sold by Andrew Bradford. ... 


Small 4to, pp. 16, half morocco, uncut. 

1341 [LOGAN.] The I Charge I Delivered from the Bench to 

the I Grand Inquest, | At a Court of Oyer and Terminer 

I and General Gaol Delivery | held for the City and 

County of Philadelphia, April 13, 1736. Pbiladilpbia: 

Printed and Sold by B, Franklin. M,DCC,xxx7i. 

4tO| pp. 24, paneled calf. 

i 1342 LONDON. Vestiges of Old London. A Series of 
I Etchings from Original Drawings, Illustrative of the 

Architecture and Monuments of London, in the ist, 
ivth, xiith, and Six succeding Centuries, with Descrip- 
tions, etc., by J. W. Archer. London: Bogue, 1851. 

Folio^ half morocco } CoLotxn Pxatu. 


1343 LONDON SOCIETY. An Illustrated Magazine of 
^ s:f // Light and Amusing Literature for the Hours of Relax- 
ation. London. 1862. 

9 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt. 


1344 [LONG (Edward).] History of Jamaica, or General Sum- 
^^y^ — mary of the Ancient and Modern State of that Island, 

&c. London. 1774. 

3 Tola., 4tOy rossia ; /m c^^i tearct. Heath't copy lold for £14 148. Roxburghe, 

£12 51. 
** A work of sterling merit, and, if read in conjunction mth thit of Brown, will leave 

little to be known of this important island.** — ^Lowndes. 

1345 LONG (J.) Voyages and Travels of an Indian Inter- 
7\^ ^ prcter and Trader, Describing The Manners and Cus- 
toms of the North American Indians ; with an Account 
of the Posts situated on the River St. Laurence, Lake 
Ontario, &c. To which is added a Vocabulary of the 
Chippeway Language. London, mdccxci. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Maf \ fne cofy, 

, 1346 LONGFELLOW (H. W.) Ballads and Other Poems, 
«J^^ by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Third Edition. 

Cambridge. MDCCCXLII. 

8to, boards, uncut \ Laagx Papsm ; but few printed. 

1347 LONGFELLOW. The Complete Works of Henry 
^ /^v4 — W. Longfellow. Revised Edition. Boston. 1866. 

7 Tcds., post 8 vo, uncut ; PoaTSAjr; LxaGX Pafss; ioo copies printed. Ranges with 
the ''British Poets,** Lot No. 245. See alto Dante, Lot No. 511. 

1348 LORD (W. W.) Andre; A Tragedy. N. Y. 1856. 

1349 LOSSING (B. J.) Eminent Americans. Brief Biog- 
/ ^^ raphy of 330 Distinguished Persons. Over 100 Por- 
traits by Lossing & Barritt. New Tori. 1857. 

8 TO, cloth. 

' 35 




^ii3SO LOSSING. The Hudson, from the Wilderness to the 

Sea. Illustrated by Three Hundred and Six Engravings 
on Wood from Drawings by the Author, and a Frontis- 
piece on Steel. New Tori. 1866. 

Sm. 4tO| half lerant morocco, gilt top, ancnc, by Bndttreet ; one of a few copia in 
this comUdon. 

/^ cf^^ 

.r /^ 

1 35 1 LOSSING. The Pictorial Field Book of the Revolu- 

tion ; or Illustrations, by Pen and Pencil, of the His- 
tory, Biography, Scenery, Relics, and Traditions of the 
War for Independence. New Tori, 1851. 

2 vols., imp. Svo, cloth. 

1352 LOSSING. Pictorial History of the Civil War of the 

United States of America. 

Pbiladelpbiay 1866, and Hartford. 1868. 

3 Tols.| imp. Sto, half blae morocco, gilt top, ancut. 

y jg^ .\' 353 LOSSING. Pictorial History of the War of 1812. 
^ , ; Ntw York. 1869. 

I Complete in ii pftrtB, rl. Sto, uncut. 

^ ^^354 LOSSING. 1776, or the War of Independence. 


Sto, half calf, red edges ; aearct. 

New rari. 1847. 

^A^3S5 LOTHROP (S. R.) A History of the Church in Brattle 
j Street, Boston. Boston. 1851. 

i2mo, pp. TI9 (1), 217, (i), cloth. 

j2, ^y^ 


1356 [LOUDON.] The Conduct of a Noble Commander in 

North America, Impartially reviewed. 

London. m,dcc,lvu. 

Svo, half morocco \ ^try tcMru. By Juniui. 

1357 LOUISIANA. Relations de la Louisiane, et du fleuve 

Mississtpi. Ou Ton voit Tetat de ce grand Pais & les 


' avantages qu'il peut produire &c. a, Amsterdam: che% 

Jean Fndiric Bernard. M.occ.xx. [AlsoJ Recueil 
d' Arrests £t autres pieces pour restablissetnent de la 
Compagnie d'Occident Relation de la Bale de Hudson. 
Les Navigations de Frobisher au Detroit que Norte son 
nom. A Amsterdam. m,dcc,xx. 

izmo, pp. 408; 2 Maps; pp. 253, 100; 2 Platis. Together, 2 vols., i2mo, calf. 

1358 LOUVET DE COUVRAY. Les Amours du Cheva- 
^/ /^^ Her de Faublas. Ornce de huit superbes gravures, 

dessinees par Collin. Paris. 1821. 

4 vols., Svo, half morocco ; ^try beautiful Platis. 
** La plus belle des nombereuses editions de ce roman licencieux.** — Brvnet. 

1359 [LOUVET DE COUVRAY.] The Life and Adven- 
cy^^ v^_ tures of the Chevalier de Faublas. Translated. 

London. 1793. 

4 vols., i2ino, calf; very temret, 

1360 LOVE. Bibliographie des Principaux Ouvrages relatifs a 
^^ ^4^ TAmour, aux Femmes, au Mariage, indiquant les 

auteurs de ces ouvrages, leurs editions, leur valeur et 
les prohibitions ou condamnations dont certains d'entre 
cux ont etc I'objet. Par M. le C. d'L*** 

Paris: cbez Jules Gay. 186 1. 

Svo, calf, gilt ; interleaved throughout, with additional titles in manuscript ; uaree. 

1 361 LOVELACE (R.) Lucasta. The Poems of Richard 
^^ 'y^ Lovelace, Esq. Now first edited, and the Text care- 
fully revised. With some account of the Author, and 
a few notes by W. Carew Hazlitt. London. 1864. 

Cro^am 8vo, tree calf, by Rivi^ ; Portraits ; Largs Papsr ; btautifuily printed hy 

« ElUs* ' Specimens,' m, 273 $ Headley*s * Biogr. Sk.,'* Ivii ; * A then. Ozon.,* n, aaS \ 
* BiUioth, Angl»-Poet.,* Nos. 424, 425 ; * Cens. Lit.,* xz, 338 ; and « Ret. 





Rer./ nr, 1 16-130. Thk 'moit ■miablc tad bcaatilul penon (accoriisi 
to Wood) that eye ever beheld,' oied to call Locj Sacheverel, the beniae 
of hit < Locaita,* Imx Casta. She rappoied him to have died of bit vowidi 
received at Dunkirk, where he commanded a regiment, and manied 
another.** — Wiamgham. 

1362 LOW (Nathaniel). An Astronomical Diary ; or, An 
Almanack. For the Year of Christian ^ra, 1777. 
Being ... the first year of American Independence, 
which began July fourth, 1776 ... 

America. Boston: Printtd by J. GUI. [1776.] 

iimo, 1% leavet, green morocco, gilt top, uncut. Interesting aa being pabliibed 
during the American Revolution. Contain! '*A View of the Proenc 
Seat of War at and near New York,'* with ** An Addreu to the Torio,** 
by the author, October 8, 1776. Also patriotic mottoes at the head of 
each month*8 calendar. 



J? V*^ ' '2^3 LOW (S.) Index to the British Catalogue of Books. 

London. 1858. 

Rl. Svo, half morocco. An invaluable work to the collector of a library of modem 
I books. 

I ■ 

LOWE (E. J.) See Naturalists' Library. 

• ^^1364 [LOWELL (J.)] Perpetual War, the Policy of Mr. 

Madison. Boston. 18 12. 

Svo, pp. 119, uncut; ehaa at wken nrtv. 

^ / 11365 LOWNDES (W. T.) The Bibliographer's Manual of 
^ , yJ English Literature, containing an Account of Rare, 

Curious and Useful Books. With Bibliographical and 
Critical Notices, Collations, and Prices. 

London: fV. Pickering. 1834. 

4 vols., Svo, half morocco, gilt topi uncut. 


LOWND£S. The Bibliographer's Manual of English 
Literature. ... By Williani Thonus Lowndes. New 

LUNT. 277 

Edition Revised, Corrected and enlarged ... By Henry 
G. Bohn. In Six Volumes. 

London: Belll^ Daldy. 1865. 

6 vols., post 8to, half calf, gilt top. 

There is no Bubadtute for '' The Btbliographer*8 Manual,** Undertaken originally to 
supply an obvious desideratum felt by all readers and book-buyers, it forms 
at once a key to the riches of English literature for the student, and a 
guide in the formation of a library for the collector. In its present enlarged 
form it comprises notices of upwards of one hundrtd thoutand distinct hooh 
published in Great Britain and Ireland, firom the invention of printing to 
. I the present dme. 

1367 LUCAS (G.) Charters of the Old English Colonies in 
/ ^^ America, with an Introduction and Notes. Lond, 1850. 

8vo, boards, uncut. 

f 1368 LUDEWIG (Herman E.) The Literature of American 
/-2 ^y ^ Local History 5 A Bibliographical Essay. 

New York, mdcccxlvi. 


8vo, morocco extra, gilt edges, by W. Mathews \ $earce. This copy contains the sup- 
I plemental titles from the *' Literary World,** inlaid in 8vo. 

> 1369 LUNT (G.) Three Eras of New England and other 

_^ Addresses. Boston^ 1847. 

I i2mo, cloth. 






A CAUL AY (iwrf). [Works, viz.:] 
The History of England, from the Ac- 
cession of James the Second. By Lord 
Macaulay. In Eight Volumes. [Also], 
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous 
Essays. With a Memoir and Index. 
Cambridgt: Printtd at iht RiversiJ* Prttt. 1866. 

14 n>k., Svo, mocDCCa eiln, gilt top, uncut ; one of Two Corm oa Inu 

1375 MACAULAY. Lays of Ancient Rome. With Illus- 
trations ... by George Scharf, Jun. New Edition. 

Philadtlphia. 1864. 


Sid. 4to, calf, f\t •dgo. 

1376 M'CALL (Hugh). The History of Geoi^ia, Conuining 
Brief Sketches of the most remarkable Events, up to 
the present day. Savannah. i8ii-i6. 

% foU., Itc^ pol'ubcd calf, (ill cop, Docat, bjr F. Bcdfiird, FimtcloM ajt^ of ooe of dw 
ttnu of Stitc hiitoriet. Momll'l cepy told fix ^40. 

1377 McCLELLAN (G. B.) Army of the Potomac. Re- 
port of Maj. Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, August 4, 
1863. With an Account of the Campaign in Western 
Virginia. Nitu York. 1864.. 

Imp. (to, half lennt morocco, pit lop, uocnt, bjp BndMrcclj Lasoa Purtli ooljlfci 
copiei prioled. 

^ ' ^ J-'37* McCLELLAN. How McCIelUn took Manassas, ind 
■^'.^^SV Tardy George. Ntw Ttri: Privattlj Prinui. 1864. 

4*0^ Title, 1 L, pp. 4) 50 copiea printed. 



1379 McCOY (Jno. F.) Catalogue of the Entire Collection 

i^/^ of Coins, Medals, &c.. Collected by Mr. J. F, McCoy. 

Roxbury. 1864. 
8vo, oncut. Sold at aucdoo May, 1864. 

1380 [McCULLOUGH.] Researches relative to the Abori- 
gines. Balttmori. 18 j6. 

8to, boardf, uncut; tearee. 

1 38 1 M'GREGOR (John). British America. Lond. 1832. 

Z'tS' 9t Toll., 8vo, boardf, uncut. 

1382 McIAN (R. R.) Costume of the Clans of the Scottish , 
^/ ^^ Highlanders, Illustrated by appropriate Figures from 

Original Sketches by R. R. Mclan. London. 1852. 

i % Tola., 4to^ half red morocco extra, gilt ; contains 72 keautifuUy color td Full-Lbngth 
FxGURBs, displaying the dress, tartans, arms, armorial insignia, etc., with 
• historical memoranda, by J. Logan. 

^ One of the most Taluable and interesdng works of modem times. The portraits are 
painted by a veritable Highlandman — an artist of the true stamp, who is 
I familiar with his subject.** — Art Union, 

^The tartans given by Messrs. Mclan and Logan we know have always been recdved 
, as the veritable patterns.** — Morning Post, 

1383 MACKAY (£.) The Salamandrine i or Love and Im- 
«y ^^f mortality. With Illustrations, Drawn by John Gilbert. 

London. 1853. 

Imp. Svo, cloth, gilt; Autoobaph Lsttbe to Wm. Jerdan inserted; contains 50 
beaudfiil Woodcuts. 

1384 MACKENZIE (Alexander). Voyages from Montreal, 
^' ^^ through the Continent of North America to the Frozen 

and Pacific Oceans in the ^Year 1789 and 1793, with 
maps. London, m.dccc.i. 

410, half morocco, ^t top, uncut j Poxtiatt and 3 Lamgs Mats. Contains an account 
of the rise, progress, and present sute of the fiir trade. 

■385 MACKENZIE (A. S.) Life of Paul Jones. Nnu Ttrk. 

% Tols., iimo. 








1386 MACKENZIE (R.) Strictures on Lieut. Col. Tarlc- 
ton*s History *^of the Campaign of 1780 and ijSijin 
the Southern Provinces of North America," wherein 
Military Characters and Corps are vindicated. By 
Roderick Mackenzie late Lieutenant in the 71st Regi- 
ment. To which is added a Detail of the Re-aptvre 
of the Island of New Providence. 

London: Printid for the Author. 1787. 

(▼Oy pp. iS6{ vtry Ksret. 

1387 MACKENZIE (W. B.) Married Life, Its Duties, 

Trials, and Joys: and the Dwellings of the Righteous: 
Pastoral Advice on Home Duties. With Ornamenul 
Devices by John Leighton, f.s.a. 

Nnu Tori [i. e. London^. 1866. 

Sq. Sto; white silk, gilt edges; JSme editiwu. 

1388 M'KINNEY (T. L.) History of the Indian Tribes 

of North America. With Biographical Sketches and 
Anecdotes of the principal Chiefs. Embellished with 
120 Portraits from the Indian Gallery, in the Depart- 
ment of War, at Washington, by Thomas L. M'Kin- 
ney, late of the Indian Department, Washington, and 
James Hall, Esq., of Cincinnati. Washington, 1838-44.. 

3 Tob, iblio, elegantly bound in half morocco, gilt top, by Bradttrect. 
At early at 1S24, the practice was begun of taking portraits of the principal Indisos 
who came to Washington, and depositing them in the War Depaitmest 
Under the management of Col. M'Kinney, Superintendent of Indian 
AAlrs, the number rapidly increased, till a very interesting gallery wu 
ibrmed. They were chiefly painted by Mr. King, an artist of high repute, 
who, by frequent opportunities of studying the subject of his pencil, hai 
been remarkably successful in transferring to his canvas the strong linea- 
ments of the Indian countenance. Col. M*Kinney conceived the plan of 
making this rare and curious collection more valuable to the world by pub- 
lishing a series of engraved portraits exactly copied and colored from tbeie 
paintingi. With each portrait is connected a biographical sketch of the 



in<fividiial whom it b intended to rcpretcAC, drawn from originsl mtteriak, 
and intenpened with anecdotes and narrations, many of which are spirited 
and strikingly graphic. The work contains also a historical account of 
the varioos Indian tribes within the borders of the United States — a valu- 
able contribution to Indian history. 

1389 McLEOD (D.) Memoirs of the Life and Gallant Ex- 
/^ ^^ ploits of the Old Highlander, Serjeant Donald Macleod, 

who, having returned, wounded, with the Corpse of 
j General Wolfe, from Quebec, was admitted an out- 

pensioner of Chelsea Hospital, in 17599 and is now in 
I the ciii.d Year of his Age. London, mdccxci. 

. Svo, a 1., pp. 90, half blue leTant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; PoaTBArr. 
The author of this rare tract was William Thomson, ll.d. 

1390 M'MURTRIE (H.) Sketches of Louisville And its En- 
%^ c^^ virons ^ including, among a great variety of miscellane- 
ous matter, a Florule Louisvillenses \ To which is added 
An Appendix, containing an accurate Account of the 
Earthquake experienced here from the i6th December, 
1811, to the 7th February, 1812. ... LouisvilU. 1819. 

Sto, pp. Tiii, 255, half morocco, new, gilt top, uncut; Map. 

1 391 [MACRAY (W. D.)] A Manual of British Historians 
to A.D. 1600. London: W. Ptckmng. 1845. 

8 TO, Roxburghe binding, uncut. 

1392 MADISON The Papers of James Madison, purchased 
y/- ^^9 by order of Congress ; being his Correspondence and 

Reports during the Congress of the Confederation and 
, bis reports of Debates in the Federal Convention. 

Now published from the Original Manuscripts, under 
the Superintendence of Henry D. Gilpin. 

fVasbingtoH. 1840. 

3 volt., 8 TO, iheep; FAcnaiiLnj Jime cfj, 






^ x^f 393 MADISON. Selections from tbc Private Correspond- 
ence of James Madison From 1813 to 1836. Pub- 
lished by J. C. McGuire, Exclusively for Private 
Distribution. tVasbington. MDCCCUn. 

4t<H ^^ moroccoy uncut \ ^otry tcsree, A picicotttion copy trcm the pobUaherto John 
W. Fonwj. 




'J A* 39* MAITLAND CLUB. Catalogue of the Works printed 

for The Maitland Club, with Lists of the Memben 
and Rules of the Club. 

Printtifn- tbt Mmtland CM. 1836. 

4to, gnen motocco, pit tdget. Fram John Allan's libnfjr. 




1395 MAJOR (R. H.) The Life of Prince Henry of Portu- 

gal, surnamed the Navigator ; and its Results ; Com- 
prising the Discovery, within one Century, of Half the 
World. With New Facts in the Discovery of tbc 
Atlantic Islands; a Refutation of French Claims to 
Priority of Discovery i Portuguese Knowledge (sub$^ 
quently lost) of the Nile Lakes ; and the History of 
the Naming of America. From Authentic Cotempor- 
ary Documents. By Richard Henry Major. Illus- 
trated with portraits, maps, etc. 

London: A. Asberi^ Co. 1868. 

RU Sto, pp. UU, 487, half morocco j ii Maps, and PLATBt; Laegx PArxa; 70 copici 

** It it not often that a biographer hat been to fortunate in the choice of a lubject fat 
hit pen at Mr. Major hat been in hit telecdon of Prince Henry. 'The 
Liie of Prince Henry * it a piece of good work, full of new matter, and of 
high mark in European letten.** — AtMetueum, 

** Bin IClaititchet Getchichtiwerk.**— Da. Pncnu., in << Dat Autland.** 

1396 MALDEN. The Bi-Centennial Book of Maiden. ... 

and Matters pertaining to the History of the Place. 

Boston. 1850. 

lamoi pp. 151, doth. 



1 J 397 MAN (George F.) An Oration, ... at Apponang, War- 
\f^ wick, July 4, 1838. Prvuidinci. 1838. 

Sto, pp. 13. 

1398 [MANGIN (£.)] Piozziana; or Recollections of Mrs. 
<^^ Piozzi. London. 1833. 

' Pott Sto, boardf, uncut; Facumilb. 

1399 MANLY (J, R.) Eulogium on De Witt Clinton. 
OxS^ New Tork. 1829. 

Sto, pp. 22 ; Poktiait inserted. 


1400 MANN (James) Medical Sketches of the Campaigns of 
^ ,^jr 1812, '13, '14. Didham. 1816. 

Sto, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

1401 MANSFIELD (Joseph). Hope, A Poem, delivered in 
^^ ^^ the Chapel of Harvard University, at a Public Exhibi- 
tion July 8th, 1800. Cambridgi. 1800. 

4to, pp. 14, half morocco. 

1402 MANTE (T.) The I History I of the | Late War|in| 
S^ 42 ^ North America, I and the Islands of the West-Indies, | 

including I the Campaigns of mdcclxiii and mdcclxiv| 
against his Majesty's Indian Enemies. | By Thomas 
Mante, | Assistant Engineer during the Siege of the 
Havanna, | and Major of a Brigade in the Campaign of 
1764. 1 London: PrtnUdfor W. Straban 

and T. Cadell in tbi Strand, (mdcclxxu. | 

4to, pp. 54ft, leTant morocco, gilt top, by F. Bedford ; Splendid Copt. Contuni, on 
paget 6 and 7, the original account from which Irving gives a description of 
the attempted assassination of Washington by his Indian guide, in 1753. 

1403 MARCHESE {Fatber). Lives of the most Eminent 
/ ^^y Painters, Sculptors, & Architects of the Order of S. 

Dominic. Dublin. 1852. 

% YoU., ivno^ cloth, iTjrvf. 





^^ ^^1404 MARLOWE (C.) The Works of Christopher Mar- 

lowe, with Notes and some Account of bis Life and 
Writings, by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. London. 1850. 

3 Tolt^ crown Sto, half morocco, ^It top, ancvt; Birr Editiok; vtry tcaretj oalj 
150 copies printed. 

Mr. Makme laid, that "if Marlowe had lived to finish his < Hero and Leander/lie 

perhaps might haTc contested the palm with Shakespeare in his 'Venoi 

and Adonis.* ** Another able criac says of it : ** It is scarcely haarding 

too much to assert that a more exquisite specimen of poetical ideas, clothed 

in elegant and barmonjons language, does not exist. Shakespeare adverti 

to it thus : 

* A story of deep love. 
How young Leander crossed the Hellespont.* ** 


^. 'c^>l 

/ i >^^! '*®5 MARSHALL (C.) Passages from the Diary of Christo- 
! I pher Marshall, kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster during 

the American Revolution, Edited by William Duane, 
— 1774-1777. Pbiladilpbiau i839-'40. 

lomo, cloth I AoTOGSAra of the author. 

1406 MARSHALL (John). A History of the Colonies Planted 
on the Continent of North America, from their Settle- 
ment, to the Commencement of the War, which ter- 
minated in their Independence. Pbiladelpbia, 1824* 

Sfo, maroon lerant morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

1407 MARSHALL. Life of George Washington, from Orig- 
inal Papers, with a Compendious View of the Colonies 
planted by the English, etc. London. 1804. 

5 vols., Sto, boards, uncut ; fiu clean cofj^ with Maps, etc., complete ; PoKTSArr of 
Marshall, by Durand, inserted \ Laxob Papxi. 

** A book that contains original informadon, and should be read. It is chiefly com- 
piled from Washington*s correspondence, and a < Life of Washington is, of 
course, a history of the American war.** — Paor. Sicm. 

/ I c^«r> 



1408 MARSHALL. The Wridngs of John Marshall, on the 
Federal Constitution. Boston, mocccxzxix. 

Svo» half bine morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstieet. &» Washington (G.) 



1409 MARSHALL (O. H.) The Niagara Frontier; em- 
^^ bracing Sketches of its Early History and Indian, 

French and English Local Names. Read before the 
Bui{alo Historical Club, February 27th, 1865. By 
Orsamus H. Marshall. 

Printed for Private Circulation, [n. d,] 

8^0, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut; 8 Finx Platu inserted. 

14 10 MARTIN (Francis Xavier). The History of North 
Carolina, from the earliest Period. New Orleans. 1829. 

2 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top ; fint cofy ; rare, 


141 1 MARTIN (lohn). The Insatiate Countesse. A Trage- 
^^^ die; Acted at White Fryers. London, 1631. 

4to, half morocco. See Lamb*s ** Eng. Dramatic Poeti.*' 


141 2 MARTIN (R. M.) The Indian Empire. London, [n.d.] 

^^ 3 vols., imp. 8 to; illustrated with Maps, Poktraits, and Vnws. 

141 3 MARTIN. China, Political, Commercial and Local. 
^ .2^5 London. 1847. 

I A fols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

1414 [MARTYN (Benjamin).] Reasons For Establishing 
v3' ^ ^ the Colony of Georgia, With Regard to the Trade of 

Great Britain, The Increase of our People, and the 
* Employment and Support it will afford to great Num- 

bers of our own Poor, as well as foreign persecuted 
Protestants. With some Account of the Country, and 
the Design of the Trustees. 

London : Printed for W^ Meadows, mdccxxxiii. 

4to, pp. 48, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet ; Map and Plats. 

1415 MARTYRS to the Revolution in the British Prison Ships 
/ \3S' in the Wallabout Bay. New York. 1855. 

8to, pp. 60, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet) Platb. 









1416 MARYLAND. Papers relating chieBy to The Mary- 

land Line during the Revolution. Edited by Thomas 
Balch. One Hundred and Fifty Copies Printed. 

Pbiladilpbia: Siventy^Six Society. 1857. 

Syo, dotby ttncot. 

141 7 MARYLAND. Proceedings of the two Houses of As- 

sembly of Maryland, on the Subject of Confiscation of 
British Property, &c. 

Annapolis: Fred. Green^ clerk. [1780.] 

Syo^ uncut } cUam smdfau, 

1418 MARYLAND. A Relation of The Successefull begin- 

nings of the Lord Baltemore's Plantation in Mary- 
Land. Being an Extract of certaine Letters written 
from thence, by some of the Adventurers to their 
friends in England, Anno Domini 1634. 

[Newrork: Reprinted by J. G. Sbea. 1866.] 

4to, half brown morocco, gilt top } Laags Pafxb j 50 copies printed. 

|J4I9 MARYLAND. A Relation of Maryland, Reprinted 

^ from the London Edition of 1635, With a Prefatory 

I Note and Appendix. By Francis L. Hawks, d.d. 

LL.D. New York: fosepb SaUn. 1865. 

! 4to, half moroccoy gilt top, uncut ; Lakgb PAFXt j 50 copies printed. 

^jf^\ 1420 MARYLAND. [The same.] New Tork. 1866. 

4to, uncut. Formt No. n of Sabin's Reprints, 410 Series. 



plete Series of The Tracts published by the Maryland 
Historical Society.] Baltimtri. {y. d.] 

8to, 43 tncti. Thb u the matt complete let ever loM. It mi fbciDed bjr > litenrj 
gentleman lendeot in Maryland, who guannteet it to be perftet. It 
would be very difficult to find anotlier act. 


1422 [MASERES.] An Account of the Proceedings of the 
^3 British And other Protestant Inhabitants, of the Prov- 
ince of Quebeck, In North-America, In order to obtain 
An House of Assembly In that Province. 

London, mdcclxxv. 

a Tob., Syo, pp. 394, 16, 24, 74, Addidonal Papen, pp. 510, calf. 

1423 MASON (J.) Brief History of the Pequot War. 
/ ^^ New York. 1869. 

Sto, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

1424 MASONRY. Proceedings of the United States Anti- 
^,y^ Masonic Convention. Philadelphia, September u, 

1830. Pbiladilpbia. 1830. 

8fo, half morocco, gilt top. 

1425 MASSACHUSETTS. Acts and Laws, passed by the 
^^\ ^^ Great and General Court or Assembly of the Province 

Of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England, from 
1692 to 1719. To which is Prefix'd the Charter 
granted by King William and Queen Mary, a.d. 1691. 

London: John Baskitt. mdccxxiv. 


Folio| old calf. From the library of the late Sir James Stuart, Chief Justice of Lower 
Canada, with his Autoobafr. 

1426 MASSACHUSETTS. An Address of the Convention, 
y^ For Framing a new Constitution of Government, for 

the State of Massachusests-Bay, to their Constituents. 
Boston : Printid by Wbite and Adams. M,DCC,LXXX. 

Sto, pp. 18. Signed by James Bowdoin. 

1427 MASSACHUSETTS. The | Charter | Granted by Their 
yy^Z — Majesties I King William I and I Queen Mary, | to the| 

' Inhabitants | of the | Province | of the | Massachusetts- 

Bay I in I New-England. | Boston in New-England: \ 

Printed by B. Green^ ... 1726. | 

I Folio, Title, I 1., pp. 14, 17, 419, old calf. 






1428 MASSACHUSETTS. Collections of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society. From 1792 to 1867. Boston, [v. d.] 

3S Yoh., Syo, half morocco^ gilt top, oncat. Afiit eopy^ rtrj leldom found complete. 
A most important collection, containing tlie only reprinti of mtny of the 
earliest and most rare tncti and books relating to the history of this cooatiy. 
Vol. a, 1st series, VoL rr, 3d series, are cat. 

1429 MASSACHUSETTS. Proceedings of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society, 1 855-1 865. Selected from 
the Records. Boston, m.dccc.ux-lxiti. 

6 ▼ols., Svoy cloth. 

,L^^ 1430 MASSACHUSETTS. Debates of the Convention Con- 
vened at Boston 9th of January 1788, for the purpose 
of assenting to and ratifying the [Federal] Constitution. 

Boston. 1788, 

lAmo, sheep; very secret, 

^^tJ '+3^ MASSACHUSETTS. A Defense of the Legislature of 

Massachusetts, or the Rights of New England Vindi- 
cated. Boston. 1804. 

Sro, pp. a8, uncut. 

, ,-^ 143a MASSACHUSETTS. Journal | Of the Honourable 
I House of I Represent ivcs, | Of his Majesties Province of 

the Massachusetts-Bay, | in | New-England, | begun and 
held at Boston, in the County of Suffolk, on | Wednes- 
day the Thirty-first day of May, Annoque | Domini, 
I 1758. 1 

I Boston^ N. E.y | Printed by Samuel Kneeland^ 1758. 

I Sm. folio^ pp. 360, half oli? e morocco eztray gilt top. 


^ ^ 1433 MASSACHUSETTS. Papers relating to Public Events 

In Massachusetts preceding the American Revolution. 

Pbiladilpbia: Sevonty^Six Society. 1856. 

Sto, cloth, nncntb 

MATHER. 289 

( 1434 MASSACHUSETTS. Records of the Governor and 
^ \^yy^ Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. 

Printed by Order of the Legislature. Edited by Na- 
thaniel B. Shurtleff, m.d. Boston. i853-*4. 

6 Yolt., 4to, cloth. 

1435 MASSACHUSETTS. Reports of the Commissioners 
'2^^ on the Zoological Survey [of the State]. Boston. 1838. 

8vo, pp. 107. 

1436 MASSACHUSETTS. Result of the Convention of 
j^^ — Delegates Holden at Ipswich in the County of Essex, 

who were deputed to take into Consideration the Con- 
stitution and Form of Government, proposed by the 
Convention of the State of Massachusetts-Bay. 

Niwbury-Port : John Mycall. 1778. 

Svoy pp. 68, brown polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. Signed, Peter Coffin. 

1437 MASSACHUSETTS. Speeches of the Governors of 
/ /7i7 Massachusetts, 1765-1775. Boston. 1818. 

Sto, pp. 4^4, botfds, uncut. Edited by Alden Bradford. 

1438 M ASSINGER. The Plays of Philip Massinger, in Four 
>^ JZ^ Volumes. With Notes Critical and Explanatory, by 

W. GifFord, Esq. The Second Edition. 
I London: Nichol. 1813. 

4 vols., Svo, calf, gilt j tearce. A more perfect edition of an old poet than thia never 
iitaed from the preii. 

' '^Tliii b the best edition of an English dramatist that we have ever seen; the editor 
I has done evexything which was necessary, and nothing more.** — jSmummI 


, J439 MATHER (C.) India Christiana. | A Discourse | De- 
X^l^KZm livered unto the | Commissioners, | for the [Propagation 

of the Gospel among | the American Indians | which isj 
t Accompanied with several Instru-| ments relating to the 

j 37 





Glorious I Design of Propagating our Holy | Religion, in 
the Eastern | as well as the Western, Indies. | An Enter- 
tainment which they that are (Waiting for the Kingdom 
of God I will receive as Good News | from a far Coun- 
try. I By Cotton Mather, d.d. | and f.r.s. | 

Boston in New England:] Printed by B. Green. 1721. 

Sm. Svo^ pp. (a), 11, 94, drrigtrnds^ 1 U, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

J440 MATHER. The Life and Death of the Rev. Mr. John 
Eliot, who was the First Preacher of the Gospel to the 
Indians in America. With an Account of the Won- 
derful Success which the Gospel has had amongst the 
Heathen in that Part of the World : And of the many 
strange Customs of the Pagan Indians, in New-Eng- 
land. The third Edition carefully corrected. 

London : printed for fohn Duntm^ at tht 
Raven in the Poultrey, 1694. 

Sm. Syo, polished cal^ gilt edges, by F. Bedford j Jbu cfy^ with Aotookapm of the 
aathor inserted. 

J441 MATHER. Magnalia Christi Americana; or, the 
Ecclesiastical History of New England, From Its First 
Planting in the Year 1620, unto the Year of our 
Lord, 1698. In Seven Books. By the Reverend and 
Learned Cotton Mather, m.a. and Pastor of the North 
Church in Boston, New-England. Map of New- 
England and New York. London. 1702. 

y^-^^ ; y^iA^y J^^ Folio, calf; with the adTcrtisements. 

/j^^ ^^'1442 MATHER. The Wonders of the Invisible World :| 

Being an Account of the|TryaIs| of Several Witches, | 
Lately Executed in | New England : | And of several re- 
markable Curiosities therein Occurring. | Together with, 
1 1. Observations upon the Nature, the Number, and 
the Operations of the Devils. |u. A short Narrative 



MATHER. 291 

of a late outrage committed by a knot of Witches in | 
I Swede-Land, very much resembling, and so far explain- 

ing, that under which | New-England has laboured. | 
III. Some Councels directing a due Improvement of the 
Terrible things lately | done by the unusual and amazing 
Range of Evil-Spirits in New-England.] iv. A brief 
Discourse upon those Temptations which are the more 
ordinary Devi- 1 ces of Satan. | By Cotton Mather. | Pub- 
lished by the Special command of his Excellency the 
Governour of | the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay 
in New-England. | Printid firity at Boston 

in NeW'England : and Reprinted at Lon'\dony /or 
John Duntony at the Raven in the Poultry. 1693. | 

4tOy Tide, pp. 98, half morocco ;7fiw eofy. 

A 1443 MATHER. A Sermon in the Autograph of Cotton 
^ ^^^^ Mather. 1701. 

Ito^ antique morocco extra ; PoaTtAir inierted { am iittra»r£iiMrf rarity. Two leaves 
slighdy imperfect. 

1444 MATHER (Increase). Burnings Bewailed; In a Ser- 
^^ €J /7 mon Occasioned by the Lamentable Fire Which was 

in Boston, October 2d, 171 1. ... The Second Edition. 

Boston. 1 71 2. 

i2mo, pp. 36. A very rare hiatorical sermon. 

1445 MATHER. A I Discourse I Concerning I the Subject of 
^^ i^ C> Baptisme I Wherein the present Controversies, that are 

agitated in | the New English Churches are from | Scrip- 
ture and Reason modestly enquired into | By Increase 
Mather, Teacher of a Church | in Boston in New-Eng- 
land. I Cambridge \ Printed by Samuel Green. 1675. | 

4to, 1 1., pp. 76, blue morocco, gilt edges. 

1446 MATHER. The I Divine Right | of | In&nt-Bapti8me| 










Asserted and Proved from | Scripture | And jAndqvity. 
By Increase Mather, | Teacher of a Church of Christ 
in Boston in New-England | [Mottoes.] 

Boston^ I Printed by John Foster^ in the Tear 1680. 

4to« 4 Lf pp. I7f blue cmthed lefint morocco, bj F. Bedford. 

1447 MATHER. Early History of New England; being a 

Relation of Hostile Passages between the Indians and 
European Voyagers and First Settlers: ... By Increase 
Mather. With an Introduction and Notes. By Samuel 
G. Drake. Boston. 1864. 

Sm. 4to, half levant morecco, gilt top, uncot ; only 250 copiei printed this siae. 

1448 MATHER. An | Essay | for the | Recording | of | Illustri- 

ous Providences: I wherein I An Account is given of 
many Re-|markable and very Memorable Events, | 
which have happened in this last Age ^(Especially ih| 
New-England. | By Increase Mather, | Teacher of a 
Church at Boston in New- 1 England. | Printed at Boston 
in New-England^ and are to | be sold by George Cahert at the 
Sign of the\Half"moon in Pauls Church yard^ London 1684. 

it mo, 10 1., pp. 37ft, Contents, 4 1., green morocco, gilt edges, by T. Aitkin. 

1449 MATHER. The History of King Philip's War; abo, 

a History of the same War, By the Rev. Cotton 
Mather, d.d., to which are added an Iiitroducdon and 
Notes by S. G. Drake. Portraits and Pedigree of the 
Family of Mather. Boston. 1862. 

Fcap 4to, half red levsnt morocco, nncat| 250 copies printed. 

1450 MATHER. The | Mystery | of | Israel's Salvation, | Ex- 

plained and Applyed : | Or, | A Discourse | Concerning 
the General Conversion of the | Israelitish Nation. | 
Wherein is Shewed, |i. That the twelve Tribes shall 


be saved. 1 2. When this is to be expected. 1 3. Why 
this must be. 1 4. What kind of Salvation the Tribes of 
Israel I shall partake of. (viz.) A Glorious, Wonder- 1 
ful, Spiritual, Temporal Salvation. | Being the Substance 
of several Ser-|mons Preached. | By Increase Mather, 
M.A. I Teacher of a Church in Boston in New-England. | 

London^ Printed for John Allen in 
Wentwortb'Street^ near \ Bell-Lane^ 1 669. | 

Sm. Sto, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

145 1 MATHER. Remarkable Providences Illustrative of the 
/ %^^ Earlier Days of American Colonization, with Introduc- 
tory Preface, by George OiFor. London. 1856. 

Fcap SvOy half morocco ; PoaTBAiT. 


1452 MATHER. A Sermon shewing that the present Dis- 
^ ^ pensations of Providence, declare that wonderful Revo- 
lutions in the World are near at hand; with an 
Appendix, etc. Edinburgh. 1 7 10. 

4to, pp. 3a; ^eryfint clean €ofy\ some rough leaves. 

! 1453 MATHER (S.) The I Life I of the I Very Reverend and 
/^2i ^ ^7 Learned I Cotton Mather, |d.d a f.r.s. |Late Pastor of 

the North Church in Boston. | Who Died, February 
13. 1727, 8. 1 By Samuel Mather, m.a. | 

Boston^ New-England: \ Printed for 
Samuel Gerrishy in CornbilL \ MDCCXXix. | 

%fOf la l.y pp. 186, polished calf, ^t edges, by Bedford. 

j 1454 [MAUDUIT (Israel).] Governor Hutchinson & Oli- 
ver's Letters and Remarks thereon, with other Rare 

Tracts. London. 1774. 


' Stos half calf. Very important for the Revolutioiiaiy history. 



/ b455 MAUND (B.) The Bounic Garden^ comprisii^ Figures 
/T and Description of the Hardy Ornamental Flowering 

Plants cultivated in Great Britain. Lotukn. 1825. 

t ▼olt., •mall 4to, half calf ; nomcroos finely Colobxd ENCftAviHOb 



1456 MAUNDRELL (H.) Journey from Aleppo to Jerusa- 
lem at Easter, a.d. 1697. Lombn. 1810. 

Sto, half calf; many Fmi Platis 


^ ^457 MAXWELL. Life of Field-Marshal His Grace the 
^^ Duke of Wellington, ... By W. H. Maxwell. ... 

London : A. H. Baily V Co. 1839. 


1 3 ▼oil., rl. Sto, red morocco, gilt edges $ PoftTKAiTt and Plani or Batixis j f^^fi m 
ImMa p^ptr ; Lasgb Patxe. 

' ** Mr. Maxwell*! * life of the Duke of Wellington * hat no rival. It u free from fiat- 
' teiy and bombast, succinct and masterly, the portraits many and ftithfol, 

I the battle pictures animated and brilliant, and the vignettes are worthy of 

Horace Vemet himself.** — Times, 


1458 MAYER (Brantz). Tah-Gah-Jute, or Logan, and Cai>- 

tain Michael Cresap. 

Svo, pp. z, 004, cloth. 

Albaf^. 1867. 

yp 11459 MEARES (John). Voyages Made in the Years 1788 

'; I and 1789, from China to the N. W. Coast of Amer- 

ica } with Observations on a North West Passage. 
1 London. 1790. 

4to, calf; Platks by Stothard ; Jimt efy. 


J4460 MEIGS (J.) An | Oration | pronounced | Before a public 
' Assembly in New-Haven, | On the 5^^ Day of Novem- 

ber 17819 1 At the celebration of the glorious Victory | 
over Lieutenant-General Earl CornwaI-|lis, at York- 
Town in Virginia, on the 19*^ | Day of October, 1781. | 
By Josiah Meigs, a.m. | New-Haven : 

Printed by Thomas and Samuil Green, mdcclxxxu. | 

Sm. 4to» pp. 14, half moraccoj txtrtmtJj tearu. 

MENZEL. 295 

1461 MELISH (J.) Travels in the United States of America 
/ ^"X^C^ and Upper Canada, in the Years 1 806-181 1. 

Philadelphia. 1812. 

I 2 ToU., 8to, half morocco, gilt \ Maps ; fnt copy, 

1462 MELVIN (J.) A Journal of the Expedition to Quebec, in 
/ / ^ the year 1775, under the command of Colonel Benedict 

Arnold, by James Melvin, a Private in Captain Dear- 
born's Company. Franklin Club: Philadelphia, 1864. 

4to, uncut ; Lasgx Papu; ; only 20 copies printed. 

1463 MELVIN. [The same.] 

/ <^£f Franklin Club: Philadelphia. 1864. 

tvoy half morocco, gilt top, uncut; lOO copies pHvateij printed in 8to. 

1464 MEMORIAL of the United Illinois and Wabash Land 
^ ^ ^ Companies, to the Senate and House of Representatives 

of the United States. Baltimore. 1810. 

Svoy half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; uarct, 

1465 MEMORABLES of the Montgomeries. 

"Z^S^ New rork: Printed for the King of Clubs. 1866. 

4to ; LAacs Papxe ; No. 24 of 40 copies printed. 

1466 MEMOIRS of the Long Island Historical Society. 
/ ^^ Volume I. Journal of a Voyage to New York in 

1679-80. Brooklyn^ N. T. 1867. 

Inp. 8to, cloth, uncut} LAtax PAPKa; 100 copies printed. The authors of the 
journal are Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter. Translated from the 
original manuscript in Dutch, and edited by Henry C. Murphy. 

1467 MENZEL (W.) History of German Literature. Trans- 
^ i7^ lated, with Notes, by Thos. Gordon. Oxford. 1840. 

4 vols., crown 8 to, brown morocco, uncut. 

** There ii no higher name in the living literature of his country than Meniel j he is 
eloquent and popular at the same dme.** — Biackwoo^M Magamiut, 










1468 MERCURI (Paul). Costumes Historiques des me, 
xiiie, xive, ct x?e Slides. Paris: Levy. i860. 

% Tolt., 4to, half cn»hed IcTant polUhed morocco, gilt top, ancnt ; two hundicd elegtndy 
CoLORBD Plath of cottumei. A wtm btstuiful vtrk, from tlie moit 
aothendc monumenti of painting and aculpciire. Hiitorical and docripdTe 
text by C. Bonnard. 

.1469 MERCURIUS. La Commare oricogli hice Del Ecc. S. 
Scipion Mercurii. Ventio. 1604. 

410^ calf. One of the earliest treacbet in midwifery ; the WooDcvn are nomcfsiu 
and curious. 


1470 MEREDITH (L. A.) Some of My Friends in Tas- 
mania. London, i860. 

14 tltgtMily nlamd Platbs of flowen, fruits, insects, and Elxoamt Boaosas snrroonding 
the text. *' A triumph of floral taste and lithographic skill.** — ^ 

1471 METCALF. A Collection of some of the most inter- 
esting Narratives of Indian Warfare in the West, 
Containing an Account of the Adventures of Colonel 
Daniel Boone, one of the first Settlers of Kentucky, to 
which is added, An Account of the Expeditions of 
Gen'ls T. Harmer, Scott, Wilkinson, St Clair and 
Wayne. By Samuel L. Metcalf. Lexington^ Ky, 1821. 

8to, brown polished calf, gilt top, by F. Bedford. 

1472 MEXICO. Landscapes and Popular Sketches. By C. 
" i Sartorious. Edited by Dr. Gaspey. With Steel En- 

\ gravings by distinguished Artists, from original Sketches 

' by Moritz Rugendas. Nnu Yori. [n. d.] 

; 4to, in 9 parts. Each part contains two Bxautiful Stxxl ENoaATmos, ac c om p a n i ed 

by upwards of is |Mgcs of descriptive text. 



1 1473 MEYRICK (S.) A Critical Inquiry into Antient Arm- 
^ our, as it existed in Europe, particularly in Great 

Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of 



King Charles II. Illustrated by a Series of illuminated 
Engravings. With a Glossary of Military Terms of 
the Middle Ages, By Sir Samuel Meyrick ... In Three 
Volumes. Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged. 
I London: Henry G. Bohn. mdcccxlii. 

3 Toli^ 4tOy half red morocco, gilt top ; fnt tofj f the Platu heightened with gold 
ind colon. Sir Walter Scott justly detcribei this coUecdon u '^the in- 
comparable armory.*' 

'^This mott superb archaeological work is animated with numerous novelties, curious 
and historical disquisitions, and brilliant and recondite learning — learning 
going to court in the full, rich costume of the Order of the Garter. Plates 
' fl fine as the monuments of Westminster Abbey. We see the haughty 

nobles and the impetuous knights — we are present at their arming — assist 
them to their shields — enter the well-appointed lists with them—and 
partake the hopes and fears, the perils, honors, and successes of the manly 
tournaments. Then we are presented to the glorious damsels, all superb 
and lovely, * in velours and clothe of golde, and dayntie devyces, bothe in 
pearls and emerawds, sawphires and dymondes,* — and the banquet, with 
the serving men and bucklers, serviton and trenchers — ^kings and queens- 
pageants, etc.** — Edinimrgk Rsvieto, 

1474 MICHAUX and NUTTALL. The North American 
^y ^ ^ Sylva ; or, a Description of the Forest Trees of the 

I ^ United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. ... Trans- 

lated from the French of F. A. Michaux. With 
Notes by J. J. Smith. ... Philadelphia. 1859. [Also,] 
The North American Sylva ; or, a Description of the 
Forest Trees of the United States, Canada, and Nova 
Scotia, not described in the work of F. A. Michaux ••• 
By Thomas Nut tall ... Philadelphia. 1865. 

Together, 6 vols., imp. 8vo, morocco, gilt edges ; nearly 300 Finxlt Colomo ENotAv- 
IMGS. With a description of the most useful of the European forest trees. 


1475 MIDDLETON (T.) The Works of Thomas Middle- 

"^^^ ton. Now first collected, with Some account of the 

Author, and Notes by the Reverend Alexander Dyce. ... 

London: E. Lumley. 1840. 






5 Tokiy crown tvo, calf, gilt, oncut ) tuwu. The antfaor wu a contcmponiy with 
ShaketpearCy and tome of hit pieces aie only inferior to him. 

^ Hwnor, wit, and character are to be found in the comedy of Middleton, and, occa- 
•ionally, a pleasing interchange of elegant imagery and tender sentiment.** — 


1476 MILBERT (J.) Itineraire pittoresque du fleuve Hudson 
et des parties laterales de I'Amerique du Nord. [From 
Original Designs, J. Milbert.] Paris. 1828. 

ft vols.| 4to, of Text, and 1 vol., folio, of Plates, boards, uncut; uarcti 54 Lmo- 
CBAPHic ViBws on the Hudson, in New Jersey, New York, FennsylTsnii, 
Falls of Niagara, etc., on India Papxi. 

^ y^i477 MILES (H. A.) Lowell, as it was, and as it is. Second 

Edition. Lowell. 1847. 

iSmo, cloth; Map. 


7L .^1478 MILITARY JOURNALS, (The) of Two Private 
^ V I Soldiers, 1758-1775, with numerous Illustrative Notes, 

to which is added A Supplement, containing official 
' Papers on the Skirmishes at Lexington and Concord. 

I Poughkeepsie. 1855. 

Sto, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; Platb; a limited edition only printed. 


^ 'y^ 1479 MILLER (G.) History, Philosophically illustrated from 

the Fall of the Roman Empire, to the French Revo- 
I lution. Londm. 1832. 

4 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 




1480 MILLER (John) A Description of the Province and 

City of New York, with Plans of the city and several 
Forts, as they existed in the year 1695. With Notes 
by John G. Shea, ll.d. New York. 1862. 

4to, doth, uncut; La«ok PArxaj 50 copies printed. Gowans* <* Bibliotheca Amer- 
icana,** No. 3. 

1481 MILMAN (H. H.) Life of Horace. Lmdm. 1854. 

tvo, cloth { himuttfuUy frimtd wiVi CoLotxs Botnias. Sti Horace. 

MINOT. 299 

^ 1482 MILTON (John). Poems, &c., upon Several Occasions. 

^^ By Mr. John Milton j Both English and Latin, &c. 

Composed at Several times. With a Small Tractate 

of Education To Mr. Hartlib. London. 1673. 

tvO| old calf; good tomnd C9py ; FiitT Complktx Editiok ; extremely Koree. 

1483 MILTON. Paradise Lost. Illustrated by Dorc. With 
Notes by R. Vaughan, d.d. London, [n. d.J 

Folio^ half morocco, gilt top. 

y^ 1484 MILTON. Le Paradis Perdu. Traduction de Chateau- 

^^ briand, precede de reflexions sur la vie et les ecrits de 

Milton par Lamartine. Paris. 1855. 

Folio, clorh , %$ Magnificbnt Stiel Platis on India paper, including fine PoaixAm 
of Milton, Chateaubriand and Lamartine; LAitoi Paper. Burnet pro- 
nounced the " Paradise Loet ** ** the beautifullest and perfectett poem that 
ever was wrote, at least in our language.** " A mistake/* wu the tar- 
castical gloss of the bitter Dean of St. Patrick*s, ''for it u in English.** 

1485 MILTON. L'AUegro and II Penseroso. Illustrated 
^ ^^ with Etchings on Steel by Birket Foster. Lond. 1859. 

Imp. 8vo, green morocco, gilt edges. 


i486 MILTON. The Works of John Milton, in Verse and 
^^ Prose. Printed from the Original Editions, with a Life 

of the Author. By the Rev. John Mitford. 

London: William Pickering. 185 1. 

t volf., 8ro, half morocco, uncut; only 500 copies printed; Milton*s peculiar ortho- 
graphy is preserved in this valuable and beautiful edition, now ^ery umree, 

Warbiuten characterises Milton*s prose works u discovering *< A prodigious spirit of 
poetical enthusiasm ; frequently breaking out into strains at sublime, or, if 
possible, more so than any in his higher poetry." 

1487 MINOT (G. R.) Continuation of the History of the 
-^ ^^ Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1748. 


300 MINUTB8. 

With an Introductory sketch of Events from its Original 
I Settlement. Boston. 1 798-1803. 

p vob^ Svoy half morocco, gUt top, nncot. The second ▼olume wan pabliihed lAer 
the authorli death in 1S03 j it brings the histoiy down to 1765, sod mi 
apparently Intended as a contbnation of Hntchinsonls. 

, 1488 MINOT. The Historjr of the Insurrections in Massa- 
^^ , ^n chusetts, in the year seventeen hundred and eighty-six, 

I I 

and the Rebellion consequent thereon, by George 
Richards Minot, a.m. Second edition. B^stm. 1810. 

Sto, boards, nncnt) fm tfj, 

. J'4^ MINUTES of Conferences held with the Indians, at 
'^ Easton, in the Months of July and November, 1756; 

Together with Two Messages sent by the Government 
to the Indians residing on Susquehannah ; and the Re- 
port of the Committee appointed by the Assembly to 
attend the Governor at the last of the said Conferences. 
Pbiladilpbia^ printed and sold by B. Franklin and D. Hall^ 
at the New-Printing'-Officey near the Market^ mdcclvii. 

Folio^ PP* 3^ polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

yj ^ 11490 MINUTES I of| Conferences, I held with the [Indians, | at 
j Ea8ton,|In the Months of July, and August, 1757. | 

j Philadelphia : \ Printed and Sold by B. Franklin^ and D. Hall, 

j at the I NeW'Printing- Office^ near the Market. MDCCLVil. | 

I Folio, pp. 24, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

Zi,jr- ^^49' MINUTES I of| Conferences, I held at|Easton,|In Octo- 
'^^* ber, 1 758, 1 With the Chief Sachems and Warriors of 

the Mohawks, I Oneidoes, Onondagoes, Cayugas, Sen- 
, ecas, Tuscaroras, Tuteloes, Skaniada- 1 sadigronos, con- 

j sisting of the Nanticokes and Conoys, who now make 

I one I Nation : Chugnuts, Delawares, Unamies, Mahick- 

MIRICH. 301 

anders, or Mohickons : | Minisinks, and Wapingen, or 

Pumptons. I Pbiladilphia: \ Printed and Sold by B. Frank- 

lin^ and D. Hally at the \ New- Printing- Oficiy near 

the Marht.\MDCCtyiii.\ 

FoliO| pp. 31, poliahed calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

1492 MINUTES of Conferences, Held at Lancaster, In 
^/S^ ^ /> August 1762, With the Sachems and Warriors of Sev- 
eral Tribes of Northern and Western Indians. 
Pbiladilphia: Printed and Sold by B. Franklin & D. Hall^ 
at the New^Printing'Office^ near the Market. MDCCLVIII. 

Folio, pp. 36, polished calf, gilt edges, bj F. Bedford. 


1493 MINUTES I of the I Trial and Examination|of | ceiuin 
^47 Persons, I in the [Province of Nevir York, | charged wUh 

being engaged in a | Conspiracy against the Authority,] 
of the Congress, | and | I'he Liberties of America. | 

London : Printed for J, Bew. M DCC Lxxxvi. | 

9wo, pp. iVy 45, half morocco. This extremely rare tract contains some charges af!<scting 
the prrs0n.1l character of General George Washington. It was reprinted 
with the following title : 

1494 MINUTES of a Conspiracy against the Liberties of 

America. Philadelphia: John Campbell, mdccclxv. 

4tO| half raorocco, gilt top» nncot. 

1^5 MINUTES of a Conspiracy. Philadelphia. 1865. 

9rOf uncut j aoo copies printed. 

1496 MIR ABE AU {Comte de). Considerations sul Tordre de 
^^^ Cincinnatus. Londres. 1784. 

SvOy boards, uncut } very scarce. Concerning thb, see Rich*s ** Bibliotheca Americana.** 

1497 MIRICH (B. L.) The History of Haverhill, Massa- 
.2. ^3 chusetts. Haverhill. 1832. 

IMBO^ half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut^ by Bradstreet} "Plate inserted. 

/:7 ^^ 



1498 MIRROR for MagUtrates. Edited by Joseph Hasle^ 

wood. London. 1815. 

3 Tolt., tin. 4US haif calf J 150 copies printed. ThJi work tuggeited tcena to Shake- 
tpeaie, and wai the origin of our historical plays. &e ^ Bibliogr. Poet. ;** 
Drake's •« Shakespeare and his Time f Wood's " Ath. Oioo.,** by Blin, 
I, 343 J Warton*s "Eng. Poetj" Brydges* "Cens. LiLj- "RestitBiaj" 
«'Brit. Bibliog.{** and ''Bib. Ang. Poet./* 437-44S. 

^ Best edition of this popular producrion of the reign of Elisabeth, collated with the 
▼arioiis editions and historical notes.'* — ^Lowndu. 

1499 MISCELLANEA CURIOSA. A Collection of Curious 

Travels, Voyages, and Natural Histories, as delivered 
to the Royal Society. London. 1726. 

3 vols., 8to, calf ; Maps» Plates, etc. The third ▼olame contains Clayton's sccoont 
of Virginia, and other papers on America. 

1500 MISCELLANIES selected from the Public Journals. 

Boston* 1822. 

% vols., timo, half morocco. Mostly original articles by American writers, in proie 
and ▼ene. Contains an extract from the Ndtiansi Gamette^ published in 
Philadelphia, on Major Andr£. 

1501 MISSALE ROMANUM. With numerous Colored 
^y Initials and Ornaments. Findohonoe. [n. d.] 

Folio. Bronet calls this one of the most beaatiftil producdons of the xylogrsphic 
process of printing in colors. Su Manuscripts. 

^^^ 1502 MITCHEL (JO Nehemiah|on the | Wall | in Trouble- 

som Times j | or, | A Serious and Seasonable Improve- 
ment of that great | Example of Magistratical Piety and 
Prudence, Self-denial | and Tenderness, Fearlesness and 
Fidelity, unto In-| struction and Encouragement of 
present and succeeding Rulers in our Israel, | As it was 
delivered in a Sermon Preached at | Boston b N. £• 
I May 15, 1667, being the | Day of Election | there. | By 

that £iithful Sei-vant of Christ, | Mr. Jonathan Mitchel, 



' late Pastor of | the Church of Christ at Cambridge. | 

Cambridge: \ Printed by S. G. and M. J. 167 1.| 

Sin« 4tOy ft l.y pp. 34, red criuhed levant morocco, by W. Pratt ; very scarce. One of 
the earliest Mauachutetta election lermons. Fine specimen of early 
colonial printing by Samuel Oreen and Marmaduke Johnson. 

y 1503 MOHAWK. The Book of Common Prayer, And 
^-2» \f2^ Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and 

Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the 
Church of England: Together with a Collection of 
Occasional Prayers, and divers Sentences of Holy 
Scripture, necessary for Knowledge and Practice. 
Formerly collected, and translated into the Mohawk 
Language under the direction of the Missionaries of the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, to the Mohawk Indians. A New Edition: To 
which is added The Gospel according to St. Mark, 
Translated into the Mohawk Language, by Capt<^* 
Joseph Brant, An Indian of the Mohawk Nation. 

London: C, Buckton, 1787. 

(▼Oy levant morocco extra, by F. Bedford. The frontispiece represents the reception 
of the Mohawk delegation by George IIL 

1504 MONARDES. Joyfvll | Nevves ovt of | the newe founde 
«^^ ^7^7 worlde, wherein is | declared the rare and singular ver- 

tues of diuerse | and sundrie Hearbes, Trees, Oyles, 
Plantes, and Stones, with | their aplications, as well for 
Phisicke as Chirurgerie, the saied be-|yng well applied 
bryngeth suche present remedie for | all deseases, as maie 
seme altogether incredible : | notwithstandyng by prac- 
tize founde out, | to bee true : Also the portrature of | 
the saied Hearbes, very apt- 1 ly discribed : Engli- 1 shed 
by Jhon Framp- 1 ton. | Marchaunt. | 

Imprinted at London in \ Poules Cburcbe-yardey by | 
ff^illyam Norton.\Anno Domini\ 1577. | 

304 MONROE. 

Sn. 4tOp 3 t, pp. 109, Table t I., brown morocco, gUt tAgt$t by T. Aitkto; Blacs 
Lrms } /m c$fy •/ thit rmrt mt§rk, ThU ia the fint edition, and ii dor 

lire tban the feUowing : 



C -f^f^ ^/f ' ^^5 MON ARDES, Icy fvll Ncwcs | Out of the New-found | 

VVorlde. I Wherein are declared, the rare and|siiiguler 
vertues of diuers Herbs, Trees, | Plantes, Oyles & 
Stones, with their ai>- 1 plications, as well to the vse of 
Phisicke, as of|Chirurgery:| which being well applyed, 
bring I such present remedie for all diseases, as mayj 
seeme altogether incredible: notwith- 1 standing by prac- 
tice found out I to be true. | Also the portrature of the 
said Herbs, |verie aptly described : | Englished by John 
Frampton Marchant. | Newly corrected as by conference 
with I the olde copies may appeare. Wher-|ynto are 
added three other bookes treating of the Bezaar stone, 
the herb | Escuerconere, the properties of Iron | and 
Steele in Medicine, and the be- 1 nefit of Snow. | 

London^ | Ptintei by 
£. AlUiy by the Amgne of] Bonham Norton. \ 1596. | 

Svo, 3 L, Testy 1S7 L, crashed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, fht 
€fj •ftkit rmn wrk, which, imong other carious matter, contains a bog 
article on tobacco. 

JjSo6 MONROE (J.) The Memoir of James Monroe, Esq. 
^ i relating to his Unsettled Claims upon the People and 

Government of the United States. 

CbarlottesvilUy Fa. : GilmiTy Davis and Co. 1828. 

Svo, pp. 60, uncut. 

I 1507 MONROE. A View of the Conduct of the Executive, 
^^\ in the Foreign AiBtirs of the United States, connected 

with the Mission to the French Republic, Duiii^ the 
j years 1 794-5 & 6. Philadilpbia. Moccxcvn. 

8 TO, half morocco, nncnt. 



; 1508^ MONTAGUE (M. W.) The Letters and Works of 
^ '^^ Lady Mary Wortly Montague. Edited by her Great- 
I grandson. Lord WharnclifFe. Third Edition, with ... 

Notes ... By W. M. Thomas. ... 

London: H. G. Bohn. mdccclxi. 

2 voU., 8to, tree calf, gilt. 

' " This Udjy who his been called ' the English Sevigni/ seems to have anticipated her 
title ; for, in a letter to Lady Mar, she says : ' The last pleasure that fell 
in my way, was Mme. Sevigni's " Letters ;** very pretty they are ; but I 
assert, ' without the least vanity, that mine will be full as entertaining forty 
years hence.* For an article relative to their authenticity, set * Walpole,* 
n, i8o~i8ft, App. No. iv." — WaxNCRAM. 


1509 MONTAIGNE (M. de). Works of Michael dc Mon- 
ty/f^^yC^ taigne, comprising his Essays, Journey into Italy, and 

Letters, with Notes from all the Commentators, Bio- 
graphical and Bibliographical Notices, etc., by W. 
Hazlitt. A new and carefully revised edition by O. 
W, Wight. Cambridgi: Rhirsidi Press. 1864. 

4 Tola., Svoy half morocco, by Wm. Mathews ) Labgk PArxa; only 75 copies printed; 

" No prose writer of the sixteenth century hu been so generally read, nor probably 
given so much delight. There can be but one opinion of the felicity and 
brightness of his geniiM.** — Hallam*s *' Literature of Europe.** 


** Set 'Retrosp. Rev.,* n, 207-227. With Montaigne, says Mosheim, many have 
classed Pomponatius, Bodinus, Rabelais, Des Perieres, Doletus, Charron, 
Leo X., Bembo, Politian, Bruno, Ochinus, Paracelsus, and Taurellus — as 
enemies to all religion. But many of those thus charged, he adds, were 
' either innocent, or profane to a less degree.* Montaigne*s characteristic 
it is, to be simple. Pope speaks of showing himself 

' as plain 
As downright Shippen, or u old Montaigne.** 

Montaigne, however, cannot be acquitted of great vanity and great inde- 
cency, not to add some scepticism.**— Wranoham. 

1 5 10 MONTANUS (Arnoldus). De Nieuwe en Onbekende 


/ y^ 

306 IfOORfi. 

Weereld : of Beschry ving von America en 'tZuid- 
. Land, etc. fAmstirdam, 1671. 

!Fo1jo^ calf) Laigs Pafis* G9od impmaMu of the NvMUunn Platis. Fihb Pot- 
TiAin of Mauritii Colambtu, Vetpucitiiy Mafellan, Aihabalipa (Pentviaa), 
Montesuma, Pisarro, and Eailibit Vnwi of New Amtterdam, /. <. New 
York, in 1670. 

^511 MONTESQUIEU. The Spirit of Laws. By M. dc 
I Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu. Translated from 

the French By Thomas Nugent. ... 

London: y, Collingwood, 1823. 

* Yolt^ 8vo, calf; PoaTBAir; Jtut cppy, 


^ jr-- 1512 MOODY (J.) Narrative of the Exertions and SuflRerings 
'"''^ of Lieut. James Moody in the Cause of Government, 

since the Year 1776. Written by Himself. With 
Notes, by Charles L Bushnell. New Tori. 1865. 

SyO| half red morocco, gilt top^ uncot, by Bradttreet $ too copies prhfoiily prtMtti, 

Lieut. Moody, an American farmer, wai lo harratsed by mobt, asaociationi, and com- 
mitteesy that, driven into the Britiah lines, he became an active, and, in 
some instances, sncceisful partisan against his countrymen. 

^ ^^ ; 1513 MOORE (F.) American Eloquence; A Collection of 
^^ ' Speeches and Addresses, by the most Eminent Orators 

of America; with Biographical Sketches and Illustra- 
tive Notes, By Frank Moore. 

New Tork: D. AppUton & Co. 1864. 

I % Yols.9 imp. Svo^ half morocco. 


C7 P^ 


514 MOORE. Diary of the American Revolution. From 
Newspapers and Original Documents. By Frank 
Moore. New York: Privately Printed. 1865. 

1 vols., imp. Svo, half levant morocco, ancut $ Platis on India PArn ; 100 oopiet 

1515 MOORE (F.) Materials for History Printed From 

MOORE. 307 

Original Manuscripts. With Notes and Illustrations. 
Portrait of Henrj Laurens. 

New Tori: Printed for the Zenger Club. 1861. 

' Sm. 4to, half red morocco, gilt top, oncot, by Bradstreet ; 150 copies printed ; rarely 
fomnd complete. Contain! the Laurens correspondence. 


y 15 16 MOORE. The Rebellion Record: A Diary of Amer- 

>?V^ ican Events, with Documents, Narratives, Illustrative 

Incidents, Poetry, etc. Illustrated with Portraits on 

Steel, and various Maps and Diagrams. N, T. 1862. 

Complete in la vols., imp. 8to, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

15 1 7 MOORE. Songs of the Soldiers, Lyrics of Loyalty, and 
2jkS Rebel Rhymes. New Tori. 1862. 

3 vols., iSmo, half roan. 

1518 MOORE (G. H.) Notes on The History of Slavery in 
/*-y Massachusetts. By George H. Moore. 

^ New Tori : D. Jppleton bf Co. u dccc lxvi. 

8vo, doth, uncut. 

1519 MOORE. The Treason of Charles Lee, Major Gen- 
/ ^^ eral : Second in command in the American Army of the 

Revolution. Portraits and fac-similes. N. T. i860. 

8to, cloth, uncut. 

1520 MOORE (Hugh). Memoir of Col. Ethan Allen; con- 
^ ^? taining the most Interesting Incidents connected with 

his Private and Public Career. Plattsburgb^ N. T. 1834. 

i2mo, half morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

1521 MOORE (S. S.) tfiirf JONES (J. W.) The Travelers' 
/ ^^7 Directory. Philadelphia to New York, and Philadel- 
phia to Washington. Philadelphia. 1802. 

8to, sheep ; uarce, A series of Emokatsd Platis ; the fint American book of its kind. 

308 MORE. 

y ,; ^-^'1522 MOORE (Thomas). Moore's Irish Melodies. Illus- 
trated by D. Maclise, a.A. New Edition. 

London : Longman, [n. d.] 

, 4tO| green morocco extra, gilt tides and edges ; Obiginal Editioii ; every page onu- 
nented with Biautuvl EMoaAnNGs | vtryfim cfy. The text eogrsvcd 
'* Moore is one of the few writers who will sonrive the age in which he so dcserredly 
flourishes. He will lire in his Irish melodies. They will go down to 
posterity with the mnsic — both will last as long as Ireland, or as music 
and poetry.** — ^Loao Btbom. 

^ ^^ 1523 MOORE. Lalla Rookh: An Oriental Romance. By 
^ Thomas Moore. With Sixty Nine Illustrations from 

Original Drawings by John Tenniel. Engraved ... by 
Dalziel and five pages of Persian Design by T. Sul- 
man, Junr. New Edition. London: Longman. 1863. 

4to, blue morocco extra, gilt edges. 

. 1524 MOORE. Loves of the Angels. A Poem. 

London: Longman. 1823. 

Sroy half red morocco, oncot, gilt top ; FxasT Edition ; utrtt, 

yi525 MOORE. The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore. 
Collected by Himself. Niw York [i. e. Lond9n\. 1853. 

10 rols., fcap Svo^ calf, gilt. 

^ i 1526 MORAES (Francisco de). Palmerin of England. Trans- 

--""^^ lated from the original Portuguese by Robert Soutbey. 

London. 1807. 

4 vols., i2mo, calf; utrce, 

I ^ Let Palmerin of England be prcserTed, and kept as a singular piece.** — JDra ^mmt. 
&f, also, '< Brit. BibUog.,** i, 135, and Drake's <* Shakespeare.** 

^ >^5^7 MORE {Sir Thomas). The History of King Richard 
<^ ^ • the Third. Chiswick. 1821. 

Half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut j Lxaos pAFxa ; 25 copies printed. 

MORGAN. 309 

1528 MORE. ... Utopia; Writtten in Latin by the Right 
/y 45^ Worthy and Famous Sir Thomas More, Knight, and 

translated into English by Raphe Robinson, a.d. 1551. 
A New Edition; With copious Notes ... by the Rev. 
T. F. Dibdin, f.s.a. London: William Miller. 1808. 

a voli.y 8vo; Lakgs PATXt; with Pbivatk Plats of ''The Family of Sir Thoi. 
Moore/* only to be found in Urge paper copies, Facsimilu, etc. ; beautiful 
copy in smooth le?ant morocco j one of the rarest of Dibdin*s works. 

** As a writer, the reputation of More rests principally upon his Utopia, a description of 
an imaginary commonwealth ; it discovers great observation and acuteness, 
reprobates sanguinary punishment, and describes a system of religious 
liberty.** — Birn.ui*s "Erasmus.** See, also, HaUam*s ''Literature of 
Europe,** and " Macdiarmid.** 

1529 MORE. Life of Sir Thomas More by his great- 
O^ f^^ grandson, Cresacre More, with a biographical preface, 

notes, and other illustrations by the Rev. Josph Hunter, 
F.S.A. London: W. Pickering, 1828. 

8vo, half purple morocco, gilt top, uncut \ Plats of the More fsmily inserted ; fine 
copyi uarce, 

1530 MORGAN (Abel). Anti-Paedo-Rantism ; | or | Mr. 
^3 ^4^ Samuel Finley's | Charitable Plea for the Speechless | 

Examined and Refuted :| The Baptism of Believers | 
Maintain'd; | And The Mode of it, by Immersion, | 
' Vindicated. | 

Philadelphia :\ Printed by B. Franklin^ ... m,dcc9XLVII. 

iimo, pp. x6o, crushed levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by F. Bedford; Jine eofy. 

1 531 MORGAN (J.) The | Portsmouth Disputation | Ex- 
^^ 4:70 amined, | being | A brief Answer to the Arguments | 

used by the Anti-Paedo- Baptists in Dr. | RussePs Nar- 
rative of the Disputation held | at Portsmouth, between 
some Baptists I and Presbyterian Ministers. | By Joseph 
Morgan. | 
Printed^ and Sold by William Bradford in \ New- Tor ky 17 13. 

ivno, pp. 98. 

310 MORSE. 

Ki~a '53* MORRIS (B. F.) Christian Life and Character of the 

Civil Institutions of the United States developed in the 
Official and Historical Annals of the Republic. 

I Philadelphia; Geo. W. Cbilds. 1864. 

I I Sto, pp. S31, doch. 


MORRIS (F. O.) See Naturalists* Library. 

^ So '533 MORRELL (T. H.) Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue 

of the entire Private Library of Mr. T. H. MorrcU; 
comprising a Choice Collection of Books on the His- 
tory and Antiquities of America, Illustrated Works, 
etc. Sold ... November, 1866. New Tiri. 1866. 

4C0, imcot; Laaos pArn; frieed; only 10 copies printed. 

^^ 1534 MORRELL. Catalogue of Books on America, &c. 

New Tork. 1869. 

8vO| uncac 

^ jT- \ 1535 MORRIS (M.) Private Journal kept during a portion of 

the Revolutionary War. By Margaret Morris. 
I Philadelphia: Privately Printed. 1836. 

j 4to, half red morocco, uncat ; only 50 copies printed. Remlly israed in New York 

in 1865. 


I 1536 MORRISTOWN. Souvenir de Morristown. 1869. 

I 8vo. Privately printed. 

1537 MORSE (Jedediah). Annals of the American Revolu- 
tion; or, a Record of the Causes and Events which 
produced and terminated in the Establishment of the 
American Republic, etc. Hartford. 1824. 

, 8to» ibeep. Containa many curiout Platxi, illustrating important eventi in the Aner- 
ican Revolution. AurootAra inserted. 

1538 MORSE. A Report of the Secretary of War on Indian 

MORTON. 311 

Afiairs, comprising a Narrative of a Tour, ... [and] 
the Actual State of the Indian Tribes in our Country. 

New Haven. 1822. 

Sro, boardi, oncot. 

1539 [MORTON {Mrs.)] Ouabi; or, the Virtues of Nature. 
S ^7s^ An American Tale in 4 Cantos. By Phillenia, a Lady 

of Boston. Boston, mdccxc. 

8to, boards, uncut; Plats. 

1540 MORTON (N.) New-England's | Memorial; | or, | A 
2^4^ ^ brief Relation of the most Memorable and | Remarkable 

Passages of the Providence, of | God, manifested to the| 
Planters I of I New-England in America ; | With special 
Reference to the first Colony | thereof. Called | New-Pli- 
mouth. I ... I Published for the Use and Benefit of | present 
and future Generations. | By Nathaniel Morton. ... | 
Boston^ Reprinted for \Daniel Hinchman^ at the Comer \ 
Shop over^against the Brici-Meeting-House. 1721. | 

Sm. Sto, 5 1^ pp. ^48, Advertiiementy i 1., polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; 
JStie eofy. Contains a supplement by Josiah Cotton, Register of deeds for 
the county of Plymouth. 

1541 MORTON. New-England's Memorial: or, A brief 
/}^ ^O Relation of the most memorable and remarkable Pas- 
sages of the Providence of God, manifested to the 
Planters of New-England, in America: With special 
Reference to the first Colony thereof. Called New- 
Plymouth, ... Published for the Use and Benefit of 
present and future Generations. By Nathaniel Mor- 
ton. Second Editioy. Newport: 

Reprinted and Sold by S. Soutbwick. m,dcc,lxxii. 

Sm. 8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

1542 MORTON [Dr. S. G.) Crania Americana, or a Com- 
^<? parative View of the skulls of Various Aboriginal 


Nations of North and South America. To which is 
prefixed an Essay on the Varieties of the Human 
Species. Illustrated by 78 plates and a colored map. 

Philadelphia. 1839. 

FoUO| half morocco ; mery tcsree, Thit valuable work gives accurate delineatioM of 
more than forty Indian nationt, Pemrian, Brasilian, and Mexican, with a 
particularly extended lerics from North America, from the Pacific Ocean to 
the Atlantic, and firom Florida to the regions of the Polar tribes. 

^ ^ 1543 MOSES (H.) Ancient Vases from the Collection of Sir 

Henry Englefield. London: Bohn. 1848. 

Imp. Sto, cloth ; 51 Plates, of which la are now first published. 

^*"^ ^-1544 MOSES. Antique Vases, Paterae, Tripods, Candelabra, 

Sarcophagi, &c., with Descriptions by H. H. Baber. 

London, 1814. 

4to, cloth ) 170 BxAVTiPVL Engbatinos, some in colors. 

1545 MOULTON (Joseph W.) New York 170 Years Ago: 

with a View and Explanatory Notes. Niw Tori. 1843. 

Sto, pp. 14; Plats. 

1546 MOULTON ( W.) Concise Extract from the Sea Journal 
of William Moulton ; written on board of the Onico, 
in a Voyage from the Port of New-London, in Con- 
necticut, to Staten-Land in the South Sea, in the years 
1799 to 1804. Utica. 1804 

Svo, uncut ; very tcmrce, 

1547 MOULTRIE (W.) Memoirs of the American Rcvolu- 
/ ^ ^\ tion, so fiir as it related sto the States of North and 

South Carolina and Georgia. Compiled from the most 
Authentic Materials, and the Author's Personal Knowl- 
edge of the various events, &c., &c. New Tori. 1802. 

1 Tols., Svoy polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, f^ery fint eofy of a rare sod 
Taluable work. 



MULLER. 313 


1 1548 MOURT. The Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, 
^ ^^ in New England, in 1620. Reprinted from the Original 

Volume. With Historical and Local Illustrations ... 
By G. B. Cheever, d.d. Second Edition. 

New York: John fTiUy. 1848. 

i2mOy clochy gilt. 

1549 MOURT'S Relation or Journal of the Plantation at Ply- 
C7 ^^^ mouth. With an Introduction and Notes. By Henry 

M. Dexter. Boston: J. K, fViggin. mdccclxf. 

4to, half blue morocco, gilt top, ancut ; Lasgx Papxs. 

1550 MOURT. [The same.] 

/ ^^ Boston: J. K. Wiggin. mdccclxv. 

Fcap 4tOy uncttt; 250 copies printed. ''Library of New England History,** No. 1. 

1 55 1 MUIRHEAD (J. P.) Winged Words on Chantry's 
/ */^ Woodcocks. With Etchings. London, mdccclviii. 

Sm. 4to, cloth, uncut ; heautifully prinud. 

1552 MILLER (F.) Catalogue of Books relating to America. 
^^ Amsterdam, [n. d.] 

i»mo, pp. 104, uncut. 

1553 MULLER. Extract I aus I Unsers Conferenz-Schreibers | 
^ ^^ Johann Jacob MfiUers | Gef&hrten Protocoll | Bey der| 

Fdnften Versammlung | der | Gemeine Gottes im Geist, 
Gehalten in Germantown 1742. den b^^ April und 
folgende Tage : | Nebst einer Vorrede an die ehrwurdige 
Conferenz aller | Arbeiter bey der Kirche Jesu Christi 
in Pennsylvania. | 
Philadelphia^ \ Gedruckt und %u haben bey B. Franklin. \ 

'4to, Title, pp. 93'ioa. 

1554 MULLER (S.) Voyage from Asia to America. Trans- 
/ c^^ lated by JeiFerys. London. 1761, 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Mat mounted on muslin. 


314 MUN8BLL. 



I ^>r '555 MUNSELL (J.) Catalogue of a Rare and Extensire 

Collection of Books relating principally to America. 

Niw Tiri. [1865.] 

Svo, tinted ptpery aocot| Lamib Patuu 

^ ' ^55^ MUNSELL. Chronology of Paper and Paper-Making. 
-^* r^"^ Third Edition. Mafiy. 1864. 

Rl. 8?o» half moiocco, gilt cop, oncat; Plats. 

:y 1557 MUNSELL. Collections of the History of Albany from 

^ its Discovery to the Present Time. With Notices of 

its Public Institutions and Biographical Sketches of 
Citizens Deceased. Portrait and Illustrations. Vol. i. 

Jlbai^: Munsill. 1865. 

Rl. Sto, ptper, oncati RraucAivs TnxB. 

/^ 1558 MUNSELL. [A Complete Set of Munsell's Historical 

"^^ ^^' Series.] Albany. 1857-^1. 

10 volt.y 4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top, ancut. The leriet coodit of the 
I foUowing works, of which only too tett were printed in this tin : 

I. Comffliaiary Wilton*t Orderly Book. 

II. A NanatiTe of the Cauaes which led to Philip*! Indian War, of 167$ and 1676, 

l»y John Eatton of Rhode Itland. 

IIL Orderly Book of the Northern Army, at Ticonderoga. 

IV. Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the War with Pontiac. 

V. Obatmctioni to the Navigation of Hiidton*i River. Edited, with an Intradoctioo 

and Appendix, by £. M. Rattenber. 

VI. The Loyal Venes of Joseph Stanabory and Dr. J. W. Odell, edited by Wiothrop 


VII. Orderly Book of Lteut.-Oen. John Burgoyne, edited by £. B. 0*CalUghaa. 

I Vni. Early Voyages ap and down the Mississippi, with an Introduction, Notes, sod la 
I Index, by John Oilmary Shea, 

I IX and X. Proceedinp of the Commissioners, Appointed by Law for the Extingoiik- 
I ment of Indian Titles in the State of New York. With an latrodnctioa 

snd Notes by Franklin B. Hoagh. 



MURRAY. 315 

1559 MUNSELL'S Series of Local American History. 
^7/* Alhaty. 1863-68. 

9 volt., rl. 8to, uncut \ Laaob Patks ; of which only 30 teti were printed. Thb 
series consists of the following works : 

I. Pioneer History of the ChunpUin Valley ; being an Account of the Settlement of 

the town of Willsborough, by William GiUiland, together with hb Journal 
and other Papers, and a Memoir, and Historical and IllnstradTe Notes, by 
Winslow C. Watson, Esq. pp. 231 ; lo copies printed. 1863. 

II. Sir Charles Henry Frankland, Baronet; or, Boston in Colonial Times, by Elias 

Natouy M.A. pp. 129. 1865. 

III. Random RecoUecdons of Albany, 1800 to 1808, by Oorham A. Worth; with 

Notes, and numerous portraits and plates, pp. 114. 1866. 

IV. History of Lake Champlain, from its Exploration by the French in 1609, to the 

close of the year 18x4, by Hon. Peter S. Palmer, pp. 250. 1866. 

V. The Sexagenary, or Recollections of the Rerolutionary War, [by S. De Witt 

Bloodgood, Esq.] portraits of Schuyler, Burgoyne and Lady Harriet Ack- 
land. pp. 234. 1866. 

VI. Letters and Journals relating to the War of the American ReTolntion, and the 

capture of the German Troops at Saratoga, by Mrs. General Riedesel; 
translated by William L. Stone, pp. 233. 1867. 

VII. Tah-Gah-Jute; or, Logan and Cresap, an Historical Essay, by Brants Mayer, (a 

▼indication of Capt. Cresap against the charge of murdering the family of 
Logan), etc. 8to» pp. 204, cloth. 1867. 

VIII and IX. Memoirs and Letters and Journal of Major-General Riedesel, during his 
Residence in America. Translated from the Original German of Max 
von Eelking. By William L. Stone. 2 toIs. Poxtbaxt and Platis. 

1560 MUNSELL. The Typographical Miscellany. 

^<^ Albany. 1850. 

8iro, half gieen morocco. 

1561 MURRAY (A.) The Geographical Distribution of 
^^ Mammals. London. i866. 

4tD, pp. xTi, 4SO| cloth \ loi Matc and Platis. Includes much American Natonl 

1562 MURRAY (C. A.) Travels in North America, includ- 

3i6 MusiB. 

I ing a Summer Residence with the Pawnee Tribe of 

Indians, in the Remote Prairies of the Missouri. 

London, 1839. 

% ?oli., Sto, half calf, gilt} Platxs. 

^562 MURRAY (Hugh). Historical Account of Discoveries 

, and Travels in North America, Asia, and Africa. 

E£nburgb. 1820-1829. 

7 vob«| Svo, half red morocco, gilt top, oncut. The volonet relatiiig to America 
comprise copious details of the Yoyages ta search of a North-west Passage, 
and the scries inclades a large amount of information concerning all psrti 
of the world. 

** I strongly recommend these Tolomes to a place in cTery library.** — Dnnnc. 

^ ^ 1564 MURRAY (J.) An Impartial | History | of the Present 
' *^ War in America;|Containing| An Account of its Rise 

and Progress, I The Political Springs thereof, | with its 
various] Successes and Disappointments, I on Both Sides. 
I By the Rev. James Murray, of Newcastle. | 

Niwcastli upon Tyne :\ ... T'. Robson .. [n. d.] 

3 vols., Sto; PorntAiTs and Mats; vtryJUu iwtprtwiu of the Platxs. The Ode of 
Vol. in, after <<The Political Springs,** reads : <* Of the War now carrying 
on I between | Great-Britain | And the United Powers of | France, Spain, 
and America,** and ends abruptly at page 33%, and is of txtreme acmxiijf. 

^ ^565 MURRAY. [Another copy.] 
/ y^ NiWcastli Upon Tyne. [1779.- 80.] 

1 vols., Sto, half morocco, gilt top, uncnti PornAirs, etc. Bound uf fiom At 
original numbers, with the wrappers. 


1566 MUS£E de Versailles avec un texte historique par M. 
T. Burette. Paris. 1844. 

3 vols., 4to, morocco extra. From the library of the Emperor Maximilian, with his 
Book Platx. Contains upwards of 160 kigUyJiuhUd ENcaATffaa from 
paintinp and sculpture by French artists, and illustrates the history of 
France from a.d. 41a to 1840. 

MUSEUM. 317 

w^i ^^ cugji jgg pjyg beaux Tableaux, Statues, et Bas-Reliefs 

qui existaient au louvre avant 18 13, avec rExplication 
des sujets, et des discours historiques sur la peinture, la 
sculpture, et la gravure. Par Duchesne Aine. 

A Paris : A. et TV. Galignani. [n, d.] 

6 vola., folio, half bound. One of the moit magnificent worki that e?er inued from 
the Parisian preu, representing the matchless collection which formerly 
graced the Louvre, combining, as it did, nearly all the excellence of which 
the various countries on the continent could boast in painting and sculp- 
ture, and is, unquestionably, the grandest production of modern times. It 
exhibits a series of engravings (by the most distinguished artists) of such a 
collection of paintings as can never again be united. It is almost un- 
necessary to observe that this work is not a mere collection of prints, as it 
contains many luminous and masterly dissertations upon the state of the 
arts in different ages, observations upon the style, excellence, and defects 
of the various schools of painting, a minute description of every painting, 
etc., drawn with extreme care and correctness. The present is an early 
copy, much superior to some of a later iuue. 

1568 MUSES' LIBRARY; (The) or, a Series of English 
^ %^^ Poetry. Being a General Collection of almost all the 

old valuable Poetry extant. London: Hodges. 1741. 

8vo, calf; cUan eopy ; tcsrce, 

1569 MUSEUM DISNEIANUM, being a Description of a 
^^ ^€^ Collection of Ancient Marbles, Specimens of Ancient 

Bronze and various Ancient Fictile Vases in the pos- 
session of John Disney, Esq. London. 1849. 

Rl. 4to, half morocco, uncut, 127 Platbs, some tinted. A very splendid and valua- 
ble work ; the marbles, etc., were chiefly collected in Italy. A very 
limited number was printed, chiefly for private dbtribution. 

1570 MUSEUM WORSLEYANUM ; or, a Collection of 
^^ ^ ^ Antique Basso-Relievos, Busts, Statues, and Gems, 

formerly in the possession of Sir R. Worsley, with 
Views of Places in the Levant. London. 1824. 

p. 410, half tDORKco, gilt top, aBcntj aborc 150 BxAimnL EmiiAnMi. 
:ji Ott recammiBdible par ton toina red, deviciu lurloac preckoi in 


y A-^57> MUSPRATT (S.) Chemistry, Theoretical, Practical, 

/ -^ &e Analytical, as applied and Relating to The Am and 

Manufactures. By Dr S. Muipratt. 

fVilliam Mackenzit: Glasgno. [a. <t-] 
s nda., imp. Its, hilf mm. 

>r- J572 MYSTERY (The) Reveal'd, or Truth brought to Light. 
*^ -^ Being a Discovery of Some Facts, in Relation to the 

Conduct of the late M ^y, ... By a Patriot. 

ImuIm. 1759. 
Iio, half ulT. ILapcctiB( thii work, m Riefa^ " Bibliotheci AnericuM.' 



A;GLEE (H. M.) Report of the Con- 
duct of the Advance for the Relief of 
Little Washington, N. C, 1863, 

Philadelphia. 1863. 

8vo, ancttt. Jt very rare pamphlet, reladog to the 

1584 NANTUCKET. Papers relating to the Island of Nan- 
^ ^^ tucket With Documents relating to the Original Set- 
tlement of that Island, Martha's Vineyard, and other 
Islands adjacent, known as Duke's County, while under 
the Colony of New York. Compiled from official 
Records. With Notes by Franklin B. Hough. 

Albany: MunsilL 1856. 

Fcap 4to^ half morocco ; 100 copies privately prtuted. Uniform with ManteH*! Series. 

1585 NAPHEGYI. The Album of Language. Illustrated 
^1^ ^y ^ by the Lord's Prayer in One Hundred Languages. 

Philadelphia, 1869. 

4to, doth extra, gilt edges. 

1586 [NAPOLEON.] History of Julius Casar. Vol. i. 

London : CasseUj Petter i^ Galpin. 1 866. 

Imp. Sro, half morocco, gilt top; Lamob Pxruu 

1587 [NAPOLEON.] History of Julius Casar. 

New Tori: Harper bf Brothers, 1866. 

1 Tols., Svo, cloth, uncut. 


1588 NAPOLEON GALLERY. Galerie du Mus6e Na- 
poleon, public par Fibol et Lavallie. Paris, [a. d.j 


11 vob^ imp. Svo{ Opxic Lbttbs Ptatrni fiu htpremiu. Thb tec iododet the 
rapplcmental Tolome, and containt apwardi of 700 Bsavtifiix. Emcka?- 
i I moiy by the bett French artittt, of paintinp by the great masten, ancknc 

•cttlptuict, etc. Thu fine work it the only one which contain! engrafingi 
of »ll the magnificent patadngi and tcalptiim, etc., concentrated by Bona- 
parte from Italy, Spain, and other countries, befi>re they were again ditpened. 

y ^^ 1589 NARRAGANSET CLUB. Publications of the Nar- 

raganset Club. (First Series.) 

Providence^ R. L mdccclxti-vii. 

3 roll., 4to, uncut ; Laiox pAFta ; only 50 copies printed. Contents ; Vol. 1. Wil- 
liams* Key onto the Language of America, n. Cotton's Answer to Roger 
Williamsi and Queries of Highest Consideration, in. The Blondy Tenent 
of Peisecntion. Edited by S. L. Caldwell. 

A ^ 1590 NARRATIVE (A) of some of the Adventures, £>anger5 

and SuiFerings of a Revolutionary Soldier ; interspersed 
with Anecdotes of Incidents that occurred within his 
own Observation. Written by himself. 

Halhwell: Printed by Glavuer^ Masters & Co. 1830. 

iimOy pp. 113, half blue morocco, gilt top. 

^^ -^ 1 59 1 NARRATIVE | (A) | of the | Proceedings | Subsequent to 
'y the I Royal Adjudication, | Concerning the | Lands |To 

the Westward of Connecticut River, lately usurped by 
I New-Hampshire, | With | Remarks | On the | Claim, 
Behaviour, and Misrepresentations,! of the | Intruders 
under that Government: Intended as an Appendix to 
the General Assembly's State of the Right of the Co-| 
lony of New- York (with Respect to its Eastern Boun- 
dary, on Connecticut I River, so fiir as Concerns the 
late Encroachments under the Government of | New- 
Hampshire) Published at their Sessions 1 773^1 
I New- Tori : \ Printed by John Holt^ . . . | M,i>cc,LXXiii. | 

Folio, pp. 28, Appendix, 34 1., half blue ierant morocco, gilt edges, by W. Mathews \ 

vtry Msm. Sttf «/jo, Lot No. 1644. 





^^ monies on the Occasion of Laying the Corner Stone, 

, October 21, 1863. And the Inauguration of the 

Building, April 27th, 1865. New Tori. 1865. 

Ri. Svo, uncat ; Plats of the Academy and 2 Illuitsationi ; only ftoo copies printed. 

1593 NATIONAL GALLERY. Engravings from the Pic- 
"^^ ^^ tures of the National Gallery. 

London: Published for the Associatid Engravers. 1840. 

Fdioy half morocco, gilt top, nncut; 29 PLATta, engraved by Finden, Le Keuz, Pye, 
Goodall, etc. ; LAacx Papui ; a wtagnijkint n/lectiou, 

y^ j^fS guished Americans, conducted by James B. Longacre 

and James Herring. Philadelphia, 1836. 

4 Tolt., 4to, cloth, uncut ; hrtlliant impressions of the numerous PornAm ; LAasx Pafu« 
Contains 144 portraits, accompanied by biographies written by J. Q. Adams, 
Prof. Ticknor, Dr. Francis, etc. Up to this date nothing had came from 
the hands of American engravers to equal in delicacy of handling, and 
beauty of finish, these fine portraits. 



and Eminent Persons of the 19th Century, with Me- 
moirs by Jerdan and Stebbing. London. 1830. 

5 Tok., royal S?o, half morocco, gilt; 1%^ Jintly engravtd PoBTKAm. Uniformly 
printed with, and forming a most desirable continuation to, Lodge's '' Por- 

IJ96 NATURALISTS* LIBRARY. [A Collection of works 
by the following Authors.] London. 1863, etc. 

Together, 29 vols., rl. 8vo, half green morocco— -uniform. A BsAunnrL Sbt or 
Books, consisting of 

I. Bkss. History of the Birds of Europe, not Observed in the British Isles. 4 toIs. } 

illmsirMtd with 182 beautifully colered engramings, 

II. CovcH. A History of the Fishes of the British Islands. 4 vols., 8to. 




III. Lows (N.) Beantifal LcsTed Plaatt ; being a DeicripCioo of the Most Betndfnl 

Leaved Plants in ColtiTatioa in this Country: To which it added u 
Extended Catalogue. With 60 epitrtd illmstrsii^mt. 

IV. Lows. Ferns s British and Eiotic, 9 toIb. 

V. Lows. A Natural History of New and Rare Ferns ; containing many Spedet 

and Varieties, none of which are contained in ... " Ferns $ Britiih and 

VI. Lows, A Natural History of British Oraases. 
VII. MoBUS. A History of Britith Birds. 6 toIs. 

VIII. Motus. A History of British Butterflies. With 71 nlTtdpUut, 
IX. Moaus. A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds. 3 vob. 


1597 NAUNTON (&> Robert). Fragmcnta Regalia. Me- 
moirs of Elizabeth, her Court, and Favorites. By Sir 
Robert Naunton, Secretary of State to King James the 
First. A new edition, with Notes, and a Memoir of 
the Author. The text collated with the manuscript 
copies in the British Museum. London. 1824. 

Sto, half morocco, gilt top, uncut: 9 Vut Fins PotTSAm; Im£^ frotft^ Bnx 
EornoM. Z<owndes isys that this edition " was edited by P. W. Dodd.** 
This is erroneous. The error was repeated by Bohn in hit reissue of 
LAwndes. The editor was Brownlow Wright. 


1598 NAUTICAL SONGSTER I or I Seaman's Companion. 
To Encrease the Joys of | Saturday Night : | A Collec- 
tion of the Newest I and Most Approved | Songs. (Inter- 
spersed with many Originals. | [Engraved Frontispiece.] 
Baltimore :\ Printed for Henry S, Keatinge.\l'iqli.\ 

iftmo, pp. 64, calf extra, by Pratt ; Platb; oftxctsshfe rarity. 


; !'599 NEAL (D.) History of New-England, Containing an 

/• - ^cy • Impartial Account of the Civil and Ecclesiastical Afiairs 

of the Country. To which is added, The Present 
State of New England, etc. London. 1720. 

SI vols., Svoy polished calf extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford $ Mat $ Jhu t9fy. 


1600 NEAL (John), Oration: Portland, July 4, 1838. 

^^ Portland. 1838. 

8vo, pp. ^5 ; with AoTOGiAFH of the author. 

1 60 1 NEILL (E. D.) The History of Minnesota : from the 
y %i O Earliest French Explorations to the Present Time. By 

Edward Duffield Neill. 

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott ^ Co. 1858. 

4to, pp. 528 ; Many Plates , ioo copies printed. 


1602 NEILSON (C.) An Original, Compiled and Corrected 

Account of Burgoyne's Campaign, and the Memorable 
Battle of Bemis's Heights, September 19, and October 
7, 1777, from the most Authentic Sources of Informa- 
tion, etc. Map of the Battle Ground. Albany. 1844. 

i2mo, cloth. 

1603 NELSON (Horatio). The Despatches and Letters of 
Lord Viscount Nelson, with Notes by Sir N. Harris 
Nicolas. London. 1845. 

7 vols., 8vo, polished calf, gilt extra ; a beautiful ut. 

** Thti collection b the most genuine and true portrait of a great public character which 
the public has ever seen.** — Ttmet, 

of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers. 

Edited by Joseph Crawhall. NewcastU-^n-Tyne. 1864. 

8vo, half morocco, uncut; btautifully printed and illustrated with WooDcnrs. 

1605 NEW ENGLAND (The) Patriot: being a Candid Com- 
/ y^ parison, of the Principles and Conduct of the Wash- 
ington and JeiFerson Administrations. Boston. i8io. 

Sfo, pp. 146, I ft, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Poitrait of Waihing- 
ton inserted. 

324 ''BW BNGLAND. 


L^\ ry^\^^^ NEW-ENGLAND (The) Pialtcrj or. Psalms of Dirid. 

B$st0n. 1 771. 

I Sm. St<h PP« i^ ^f brown morocco, gilt Cop. 

:2.^\ ^y^''^7 ^^^ ENGLAND'S First Fruits; with Divers other 
/ j Special Matters concerning that Country. LonJ. 1643. 

I 4tOy polithed calf, g^t, bj F. Bedford ; Ouoocal Eoitiom of thb rare tract, of which 

the following 19 a reprint : 

/ ' j^ »6o8 NEW ENGLAND'S First Fruits, with Divers other 

Special Matters Concerning that Country. 

London. 1643. ^^^ Tori. 1865. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, oncat ; Lamom. Patui ; 50 copies printed. 


^^^ 1609 NEW ENGLAND'S First Fruits. Niw Tork. 1865. 

Fcap 4C0, oncat. Formi No. vn of S«bin*i Reprinti, Quarto Seiiet. 


y^^ ^^.1610 NEW ENGLAND. An | Abstract | of the | Lawes | of| 

New England, I As they are now established. |Z#in^,| 
I Printed for F. CouUs^ and W. Ley at PauUs Cbain^ \ 1641. | 

4to, Title, pp. 15, Table, pp. i, calf, by Pratt. Fine topy of the fint printed coUec- 
tion of lawi relating to New England. 

yyy ^^ji6ji NEW ENGLAND. A Brief| Narrative | of the|Prac. 

tices I of the | Churches in New-England. | Written in 
private to one that desired | information therein; by 
an Inhabitant there, | a Friend to Truth and Peace. 
I Published according to Order. | 

London^ \ Printed by Matth. Simmons for John Rotb- 

welly and \ are to be sold at bis Sbopj at tbe sigm 

oftbe Sunne\in Pauls Cburcbyard, 1645.) 

Sm. 4to, Title, i 1., pp. iS, crinhcd levant morocco, by F. Bedford. 

x^!i6ia NEW ENGLAND. The Day-Breaking, if not The 

Sun Rising of the Gospel With the Indiaqs in New- 
England. Now York. 1865. 

4to, oncvt. 


1 61 3 NEW ENGLAND. A further Accompt of the Pro- 
«^^ gresse of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New- 
England. New Tori J Reprinted. 1865. 

4to, paper, ancut $ Laios Papbk ; 50 copies printed. Forma No. yi of Sabin*i Re- 
prints, Quarto Series. 

1614 NEW ENGLAND. The Light appearing morcand* 

more towards the perfect Day, Or, a farther Discovery 
of the present state of the Indians in New England. 

New Tori J Reprinted, 1865. 

4to, paper, uncut ; Laigi Papxa^ 50 copies printed. 

1615 NEW ENGLAND. Further Queries upon the Present 
«^^ State of the New English Afiairs. By S. E. 

New Tori, 1865. 

4to, paper, uncut ; Labos PAria ; 50 copies printed. 

1 616 NEW ENGLAND. Pages from the Ecclesiastical His- 
c^^ tory of New England, during the Century between 

1740 and 1840. Boston, 1847. 

i2mo, pp. ift6. 

1617 NEW ENGLAND. Strength out of Weakness, Or a 
c^2/ Glorious Manifestation Of the further Progresse of the 

Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England. 

New Tori. 1865. 

4to, uncut ; LABqc Papu ; 50 copies printed. 

1 61 8 NEW ENGLAND. A View of the New-England 11- 
^ *^dt7 luminati, &c. Philadelphia, 1799. 

Svo, pp. 20, half morocco ; scarce, 

1619 NEW HAMPSHIRE. Collections of the New Hamp- 
^- 2«^^ shire Historical Society. Concord, 1824-32. 

3 vols., Svo, boards, uncut. 



1620 NEW HAMPSHIRE. CoUections, Topographical, His- 
torical and Biographical, relating Principally to New- 
Hampshire. Edited by J. Farmer and J. B. Moore. 

Concord, 183 1. 

3 ▼ok., 8T0y boards ; VoL m oacat. 

J?- /5r^:i62i NEW JERSEY. Collections of the New Jersey His- 
torical Society. 1846-1852. 

j Volf. I to IT, Sto, doch. 


-j 1622 NEWPORT. The Controversy touching the Old Stone 
j Mill, in the Town of Newport, Rhode Island. [By 

< C. T. Brooks.] Newport, mdccclz. 

iimo, pp. 89, (i), half red morocco, gilt top, oncut, by Braditreet. 

• ^ x^'623 NEWS from New- England, Being A True and last Ac- 
' count of the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt 

the Infidels, Natives, and the English-Christians, and 
Converted Indians of New-England. 

Boston^ N. £., Reprinted. 1850. 

Sm. 4tOy half morocco, uncut. 


1624 NEWS from New England. [Another Edition.] 

Albany: Reprinted by Munsell for IV. E, Woodward. 1865. 

4tOy half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet ; LAaoi Pafei ; only 60 copici printed, 
I on one tide of the paper only. 

^/ i 1625 NEW TESTAMENT (The) of Our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ. With Engravings on Wood from De- 
signs by Fra Angelica, Pietro Perugino, Francesca 
Francia, Lorenza di Credi, Fra Bartolommeo, Titian, 
Raphael, Gaudenzio Ferrari, Daniel di Volterra, and 
others. London: Longman. 1865. 

4to^ red levant morocco extra ; illuitrated with Boaoxat, OaNAifXim^ and IicrnAL 
LiTTxai, copied from the finest Italian MSS. of the 15th and 16th cen- 
turies and by numerow other SicoaATiKai oic Woon^ firom the old 

NEW YORK. 327 

muneroat Mxdaluomb are introduced in the margins. The fimtu hook 
of Wood EicoiAviWGi ever produced in anj country. The work wai pro- 
duced under the general superintendence of Mr. Henry Shaw, r.s.A. 
Stt, «/i0, Bible. 

** As a specimen of English workmanship in the arti of wood engraving and prindng, 
it will take rank as one of the most remarkable examples of the perfection 
to which they have been brought.** — Guardian, 

^ 1626 NEW TESTAMENT. Pbiladilpbia. m.dcc.lxxx. 

isimo, half morocco. One of the first American editions. 

1627 NEW YORK CITY During the American Revolution. 
T ^<^ Being a Collection of Original Papers (now first pub- 

lished) from the Manuscripts in the possession of the 
Mercantile Library Association of New York City. 

New York, 1861. 

4to, cloth, uncut \ frivattly priuud for the associations. 


1628 NEW YORK. An Account of the Banquet, given by 
^ ^ the Saint Nicholas Society, of the City of New York, 

on the^Occasion of the Visit of the Netherlands Frigate, 
"Prins Van Oranje," at New York, May, 1852. 

Prepared and Published by Order of the Society. 1852. 

Svo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; 10 Fmc and Rau Platb 
inserted j a limited edition only printedfj vtry teara, Mr. Allan's copy 
sold for $22.50. 

1629 NEW YORK. An Account of the State Prison or 
/ ^"^ Penitentiary House, in the City of New- York, By 

one of the Inspectors. New Tor k, i8oi. 

SvOy half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut ; 2 Foldxd Platis ; Jint eofy, 

1630 NEW YORK. Blum's Strangers' Guide to New- York. 

New Tork. 1817. 

iSmo^ half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreetj Map mounted on linen. 



Lf ^r^ 


1631 NEW YORK. Caledonia Ball Tickets. A Collection 

of 25 Tickets, all India Paper Proofs, mounted on 
drawing paper. 

! 4to, half morocco extn. From John AlUui*i coUectkm. 


1632 NEW YORK. Collections of the New York Historial 

Society. [Also], The Proceedings, 1843 ^^ '849. 

New Tork. i8ii-'49. 


Together^ 14 toIb., Sto, half bloc morocco, gilt top, imcat, by W. Mathewi; fim «r; 
complete in eveiy respect. It wonld be difficult to procure a duplicate. 





^3 ' 

c^ ^7^7 

1633 NEW YORK. Commemoration of the Conquest of 

New Netherland, on its Two Hundredth Anniversary, 
by the N. Y. Hist. Society. The Oration by John 
Romeyn Brodhead. New Tori, mdccclxiv. 

Imp. Sto, paper, uncut, PoaTtAiTt and Map, Labgi PAPxaj 100 copies printed. 

1634 NEW YORK. Documents Relative to the Colonial 

History of the State of New York; Procured jn Hol- 
land, EngUnd and France, by^ John Romeyn Brod- 
head, Esq., Agent. Edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, m.d. 
With Index Complete. With a General Introduction 
by the Agent. 

Many: Weed^ Parsons and Company. 1 856-1 861. 

1 1 Toll., 4to, doth. 

163s NEW YORK. Horace in New- York. 

Now rori ... 1826. 

iftmo, pp. 47, half morocco, gilt top. The author*! name was Inac Starr CUiob. 

1636 NEW YORK. Journals of the Votes and Proceedings 
of the General Assembly of the Colony of ... from 
1691. Niw Tori: Hugh Gaine, 1764. 

2 Tolt., folio, calf; utarce. 

NEW YORK. 329 

1 1637 NEW YORK. Journal of the Legislative Council of 
2^i>^ the Colony of New York, 1691-1775. Albany. i86r. 

% Tolt., folio, half calf;* only a few copies reprinted. 

, 1638 NEW YORK. Valentine's Manual of the Corporation 
v/2^ of the City of New York. 1843, etc. 

xo volt., i8mo and xamo; Many Platis. 

1639 NEW YORK. Twenty Coloured Plates from the 

Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, 
illustrating Old New York^ 

4C0. All the Vxxwi inlaid by Trent, and bound in morocco extra, by Pawton h, Nich- 
olton. None of the large prints have ever been folded, as they must be 
in the <• Manual ** itself. 

1640 NEW YORK. The I Memorial I of the | Merchants of 
y ^^9 the City of New- York, | In the Colony of New- York, | 

In Ameriea;|To the Honourable | The Knights, Citi- 
zens, and Burgesses, | in Parliament assembled. | Read in 
the General Assembly of said | Colony, the 20th of 
April, 1764. 1 New-Tork: [Printed by Hugh Gaine^ at 
the Bible and Crown: \in Hanover-Square. \ M,DCC,LXV. | 

i2mo, pp. 14, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

1641 NEW YORK. Olden Time in New York, by Those 
^ ^^^ Who Knew. New Tori. 1833. 

luno, half morocco ) CoLoain Plats inserted; very tearee. By T. R. De Forest. 

1642 NEW YORK. Public Libraries of New York. [By 
-2^ ^c> R. G. Horton.] New Tori. 1865. 

Imp. Svo, purple morocco, gilt edges. This Umqvi and Biadtxful Copt was pre- 
pared by Mr. W. L. Andrews, and is a fine specimen of his taste. It con- 
Uins DiAwiNOs of the Astor Library, Society Library, Mercantile Library^ 
New York Historical Society, Mechanics* Hall, New York Free Academy, 
New York University, and title-page ; also i^ scarce PornAXTs and Vuws} 
with the text neatly inlaid by Trent. 






1643 NEW YORK. Short Advice To the Counties of New- 
York. By a Country Gentleman. 

New York : Printed by 'James Rwingten, 

tvOf bloe morocco extra, gUc edges, by W. Mathewi. 

^ , 1644 NEW YORK. A I State I of the I 
/ ' New- York, with respect | To it 

I Right of the Colony of 
its Eastern Boundary on 
Connecticut River, | So tar as concerns the late En- 
croachments | under | The Government of New-Hamp- 
shire. I And also | A | State | of the | Rights of the Colony 
of New-York, | So far as concerns the Grants formerly 
made | by the | French Government of Canada,) Of 
Lands on Lake-Champlain, | And at and to the South- 
ward] Of Crown-Point. I Agreed to and published by 
the General Assembly of the Colony of | New York, at 
their Sessions in m,dcc,z.xxiii. I 
I NeW'Tork: Printed by H. Gaine^ ... | ... | 1773. | 

j Folio, pp. ftS, half blae leTant morocco, gilt edges, by W. Mathewi — uniform with Lot 
' No. 1 591, to which it forms an answer ; fine copy, 

^^ 164s NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY. Catalogue of 

Maps. Albany. 1857. 

Rl. 8to, pp. zii, (2), 274, half morocco. 


1646 NICOLAS (N. H.) History of the Orders of Knight- 
hood of the British Empire, of the Order of the Guelphs 
of Hanover, and of the Medals, Clasps and Crosses 
conferred for Naval and Military Services. By Sir 
Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 

London: William Pickering. 1 842. 

4 Tols., 4to, cloth, uncut. History of the Order of the Garter, Order of the Thistle, 

Order of the Bath, Order of St. Patrick, of St. Michael and St. George, 

, , etc., with CoLORBD iLLurrsATioNs of each order and of medals, clasps, etc. 

I '* One of the most elaborately prepared and splendidly printed works that ever issved 
from the press. The author appears to us to have neglected no wmroBS of 

NILES. 331 

ioibnnation, and to hare ezhauited them, as far as regards the general 
scope and purpose of the inquiry. The graphical illustrations are such as 
become a work of this character upon such a subject; at, of course, a 
lavish cost.** — Sluarterly Review. 

1647 NICHOLS (John). Literary Anecdotes of the Eight- 

^^{.^ZaJ^ ecnth Century. 9 vols. Also, Illustrations of the 

. Literature of the Eighteenth Century. Consisting of 

Authentic Memoirs and Original Letters of Eminent 

Persons. Numerous illustrations. London. i8i2-'22. 


Together, 17 vols., 8vo, half vellum, gilt tops, uncut; a very fine set. A most inter- 

I esting and valuable literary work, containing vast collections of curious 

literary and biographical matter. There is scarcely a literary or scientific 

I character of the last and the beginning of the present century of whom an 

account is not to be found. 


,1648 [NICHOLS (J. B.)] Collectanea Topographica & Gene- 
ts ^^y^,-- alogica, London. 1834. 

8 vols., rl. 8vo, half red morocco. The most valuable collection of materials for family 
history and topography ever published. The articles were contributed by 
the best anriquaries of the day. It contains an immense mass of curious 
genealogical and topographical information, novrfor thefira time printed, 

1649 NILES (H.) Principles and Acts of the Revolution in 
^ %^^ America, or an Attempt to Collect and Preserve some 

of the ... neglected pieces, belonging to the Revolu- 
tionary Period in the United States, etc. Bait. 1822. 

Rl. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

1650 NILES. The Weekly Register. Containing Documents, 
Jy2^ ^ ^ Essays, and Facts ; together with Notices of the Arts 

■'^ ' ; and Manufactures, and a Record of the Events of the 

Times. Baltimore. 18 16. 

Vols. I to xLvm, lacking Vol. xi. This valuable series covers a period of Amer- 
ican political history which is nowhere else recorded with so much minute- 
ness. A complete set of Niles* '< Register ** is rarely to be found. This 
set is, fortunately, only lacking in the later volumes, which can be pro- 
cured wkh more comparative ease than the earlier ones. 


33^ NORTON. 

I1651 NORTHBOROUGH. Centennial Celebration at 
Northborough, Aug. 22, 1866. B9tt§H, 1866. 

8to, brawn polished calf, gilt edgtt, by F. Bedford. 

y^ I 1652 NORTHCOTE (James). One Hundred Fables, Original 

and Selected; [Also], Fables, Original and Selected. 
Second Series. London. 1828-33. 

1 voU.| Sto, purple morocco, gilt topt, ancnt ; upwards of loo Fables, illustrated with 

560 very htautiful WooD ENcaATiMcs after designs by Harrey; hritiuMi 

iwtfrtutMs i OaiGWAL Edition on LAaci Papkb ; very Kmtt, The late 

Mr. Northcote bequeathed upwards of three thousand pounds to hii 

, ezecutofi for the purpose of bringing out this work, and the whole sum 

was expended on it. 

/x^ '653 NORTH PROVIDENCE. A Report of the Centen- 

nial Celebration, on the Twenty-fourth of June, 1865, 
at Pawtucket, of the Incorporation of the Town of 
North Providence. Providenci. 1865. 


4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 50 copies printed for Albert V. Jenki. 


^ 1654 NORTON (Charles B.) Literary Letter, comprising 

American Papers of Interest. Plates and facsimiles. 

New Tori. 1857-60. 


6 Nos., sm. 4to ; all published. Includes bibliography of Maine, Vermont and New 
Hampshire. Complete sets are scsrce. 


y-^ 165s NORTON (John). The | Heart of New England | Rent at 

the I Blasphemies | of the present Generation. | Or a brief 

I Tractate, | Concerning the | Doctrine of the Quakers, | 

Demonstrating the destructive nature | thereof, to Re- 

I ligion, the Churches, and | the State ; with consideration 

i of the Re- 1 medy against it. | Occasional Satisfaction to 

Objections, and Confirmation of the contrary Truth. | 

I By John Norton, Teacher of the Church of | Christ at 

I Boston. I Who was appointed thereunto by the Order of 

NUTTALL . 333 

the I General Court. | Lendm^ Printid by J. H. for John 
AiUn at the Rising- 1 Sunne in St. Fault Qiunh-yard. 1660, 
iCmo, brown cnahcd le*anr marDCce, gilt edgo, by F. BedioTd. 

1656 NOVA BRITANNIA. OlFeriiig most encellem Fruit! 
// 00 by Planting in Virginia. Nmi Turk, t%b^. 

410, morocca eitri, gilt (op, uncut, by F. Bedlrnd. One of the mtit iligai of modem 


1657 NUTTALL (Thomas). A Journal of Travels into the 
/ y^^ Arkansas Territory, during the year 1819; with Occa- 
sional Observations on the Manners of the Aborigines. 

Pbiladelpbitt. 1 82 1. 

Std, biirmoiocco. 


/^^ ^^, A K E S (Urian). New-England | Pleaded 

with,| And pressed to consider the thingt 

which I concern her | Peace | at least in this 

her Day: I Or, I A Seasonable and Sen'ous 

Word of faithful Advice to the Churches 

I and People of God (primarily those) in the 

Massachusets Colony i | musingly to Ponder, and bethink 

themselves, what is the Tendency, | and will cenainly 

be the sad Issue, of sundry unchristian and crooked | 

wayes, which too too many have been turning aside unto, 

if persisted | and gone on in. | Delivered in a Sermon 

Preached at Boston in New-England, | May. 7. 1673. 

being the Day of Election there. | By Urian Oakes 

Pastor of the Church of Christ in Cambridge. | ... | 

Camhridgt^ Printed by Samuel Green, 1673. 

4'Oi 3 l.| fP- Mt crobcd fncn leTini morocco, Kill edge*, bjr W. Pnll. PJmt i fu im n 
of earlj coloaiil priniln|, and i iiiry rtn book, bant one of the euEcS 

^,. t^"^ 1659 OBJETS d'Art et Meublcs dc Luxe du Moyen Age « 
/ de la Renaissance, par Becker et Hefner. 

Francfwt-tttr-Mein. 185a. 

■% Tolk, 4to, hil/ cnuhed Icrinl morocco, gill top; 116 Plati*, *Ii humtiftilj nlf^ 
if rirtmtJIittirtffy, Ooc 1 > lie bum receat ud bundlnl worki oa tht 

/ ^^r 1660 O'CALLAGHAN (E. B.) The Documentary History 
of the Sute of New York. Jlkanj. 1851. 

4 Toll., 410, doth i PuTn, tAoaatMt, etc 

1661 O-CALLAGHAN. A Liu of Edilioos of the Holr 

r 'T'^, 

OGIZ.BY. 335 

Scriptures, and Parts thereof, printed in America pre- 
vious to J 860. With Introduction and Bibliographical 
Notes. Albany: J. MunselL 1861. 

Imp. SvOy balf green morocco extra, gilt top, by Bradttreet; only 150 copies printed. 
Contains Facsimilxs of the Title^Pagss to Eliot's Indian Biblk and 
New Txstamint. Stt Lot No. 662. 

1662 O'CALLAGHAN. The Register of New Netherland: 
i^S' 1626 to 1674. Albany, mdccclxv. 

Imp. Sto, paper, oncnt ; only a rery limited edition published. 

1663 OFFICIAL Correspondence with the Department of 
^ ^^ War, relative to the Military Operations of the Amer- 
ican Army under the Command of Major General 
Izard, of the Northern Frontier of the United States in 
the Year 1814 and 1815. Philadelphia. 1816. 

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

1664 OGDEN (John C.) An Excursion into Bethlehem & 
y^ Nazareth, in Pennsylvania, in the year 1799; with a 

Succinct History of the Society of United Brethren, 
commonly called Moravians. Philadilphia. 1805. 

i2mo, pp. 167, paneled calf. 

1665 OGILBY (John). America: being the latest, and most 
^^ ^^ ^ accurate description of the New World; containing 

The Original of the Inhabitants, and the Remarkable 
Voyages thither. The Conquest of the Vast Empires 
of Mexico and Peru, and other large Provinces and 
Territories, with the several European Plantations in 
those Parts, etc. Adorned with Maps and Sculptures. 

London, m.dc.lxxi. 

Fotio, calf; Enosatxd Titlx, and numerous Platbs, including the rart Portkaitb of 
Columbus, Vespuctus, Magellan, etc. ; fine n^. This work also contains 

33^ 0LOY8. 

the carlictt view of "Niew AnMterdui ** (New York). U m mottdft 
reprodoctioii of Montanos, plates indaded. Set JLot No. 1510. OgUbjr 
may be comidered the Englith De Bry. Hit worlci are limtlar ia their 
objccci, compilatioii, and mode of iUuttration. 

/. ^ y 1666 [OGLETHORPE.] A|Ncw and Accurate Account 

of the I Provinces I of | South-Carolina | and | Georgia: 
With many curious and useful Observati- 1 ons on the 
Trade, Navigation and Planta-jtions of Great- Britain, 
compared with her | most powerful maritime Neigh- 
bours in an- 1 tient and modern Times. | 

London :\ ... y. WwraU ... 1732. | 

Sto, pp. 76, half morocco. 

/ ^^ 1667 O'KEEFE (J.) Recollections of the Life of John 

O'Keefe, Written by himself. London. 1826. 

a volt.9 tvoy half calf. 

1668 OLD ENGLISH BALLADS. A collection of £ivorite 
ballads of the Olden Time. With 50 Illustrations by 
Birket Foster, and others. London. 1864. 

Sm. 4to, cloth extra, gilt edfca. 

^ ^^ 1669 OLD JERSEY CAPTIVE; (The) or a Narrative of 

the Captivity of Thomas Andros, on Board the Old 
Jersey Prison-Ship at New- York, 1781. 

Bnton. 1833. 

iSmOy boardi; fantofyi Kara. 

y ^~ 1670 OLDYS (F.) Life of Thomas Pain, the Author of 

Rights of Man, With a defence of his Writings. The 
Third Edition. London : y. StockdaU. MDCCxa. 

Sto, half morocco. Uuinallj attributed to G. Chalmen, who, howefer, denied the 
charp. Oldyi ii a ^teudoiym. 



167 1 OLIVER (P.) The Puritan Commonwealth. An His- 
^ *5^ torical Review of the Puritan Government in Massa- 
I chusetts in the Civil and Ecclesiastical Relations ... By 

the late Peter Oliver • . • Boston, m.dccc.lvi. 

- 8vo, half calf, gilt. 

' 1672 ONDERDONK (J. H.) Documents and Letters intended 

^ ^^^ to illustrate the Revolutionary Incidents of Queens 

County ; with Connecting Narratives, Explanatory 

Notes, and Additions. New York, 1 846. 

i2mo, half bound* 

. 1673 ONDERDONK. Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk 

/ *5V7 and Kings County, with an Account of the Battle of 

Long Island. New Tork. 1849. 

i2mo, half bound. 

1674 O'NEIL (A.) A Dictionary of Spanish Painters. 

^ y^ London. 1837. 

s Tola., imp. Svo, cloth, uncut. Only 250 copies of this valuable work were printed. 

1675 ORDERLY BOOK of the Siege of Yorktown, from 
// ^S^ September 26th, 1 781, to November 20, 1781. Now 

first printed from the Original MSS. 

Philadelphia. 1865. 

4tt^ half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; Laegx Papxr, No. i of only 10 copies 
printed on plate paper. 

1676 ORDERLY BOOK (The) of that portion of the Ameri- 
3^^ can army stationed at or near Williamsburg, Va., Under 

the command of Gen. Andrew Lewis, from March 
i8th, 1776, to August 28th, 1776. Printed from the 
Original Manuscript, with Notes and Introduction. By 
Charles Campbell, Esq. 

. Richmond^ Va.: Privately printed, i860. 

/u9y^ A^ 4to, a L xL 100, paper, unciit. 

/ I IZ^S^ 43 

338 OSGOOD. ' 

/ cf C^'677 ORDWAY (G. W.) Catalogue of the Libraiy of. 

Prqpared by J. Sabin. 

Niw Tork: Private^ Printid. 1869. 

tvo^ doth, aacot. Indodct maay bibtiognpliical 

^/-^ 1678 ORIGINAL LETTERS of Locke, Sidney and Lord 

Shaftesbury. Lmubn. 1830. 

iimoy calfy antiqiae, red edgo. 

^^^1679 ORNE (Henry). An Oration .. . Boston, 4th July, 1820. 

B9st9n. 1820. 

Svo^ pp. S3i oacvu Alao^ Mann and Otis* Otadom 

ORPHEUS JUNIOR. See Vaughan (W.) 

^ ^,^ 1680 ORTELLIUS (Hiron). Vita Christie. 

Numburg, 182a 

tSmoy brawn Irraat moracco, ^t edfo, hy Rin2re | bcantifaUy illnicnted by a Sena 
of Coma pLATBt. 

y ^ 1681 [OSBORN]. The Vision of Rubeta, an Epic Story of 

the Island of Manhattan. With Illustrations done on 
Stone. Boston, mdcccxxxvui. 

Sto, pp. six., 4x4, calf. 

/ C^ '^*^ [OSBORN]. Arthur Carryl. A Novel. 

NiW York. 1841. 

Svo, half red morocco, gilt top. uncut. 


r-Z^yi 1683 OSGOOD (S.) Our Patriot Scholar. Discourse in 

Memory of Edward Everett, at Vespers, in the Church 
of the Messiah, Sunday, January 22. By Samuel Os- 
good, p.D. New York. 1865. 
Imp. Sfo^ nnc«t| Laiob PAmj 50 prinmd. PomAir. 


OTOO. 339 

f 1684 OTIS (H. G.) An I Oration I delivered July 4, 1788.I 
^ y^^ At the request of the | Inhabitants of the Town of Bos- 
ton,] in celebration I of the Anniversary of | American 
Independence. | By | Harrison-Gray Otis, Esquire. | 

' Printed by \ Benjamin Russell | . . . Boston : \ 1 788. 

Small 4to, pp. 23, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 


■ t 


1685 OTTLEY (W. Y.) An Inquiry concerning the Inven- 
^^ ^^ tion of Printing ; in which the systems of Meerman, 

, Heinecken, Santander, and Koning are Reviewed, in- 

cluding also Notices of the early use of Wood-Engrav- 
> ing in Europe, the Block Books, etc. 

London, mdccclxii. 

4feo^ half morocco, uncut edget. lUuitrated with 37 Platis and numerooi Wood 
EwGiATixGa. The author adrocatea the Claims of Holland. 

1686 OTTO (F.) History of Russian Literature. 
^ ^^ Oxford. 1839. 


Sto^ half morocco^ ^t top, uicuL Contunt a Lexicon of Ruaaan Authon. 

1687 OTWAY'S Venice Prseerved. A Tragedy. Revised 
/ ^-d^ by J. P. Kemble. London. 181 1. 

8vO| interleaTed in 4to^ half calf; mth MS. NoCei by Kemble. 

1688. OVID. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, trad. nouv. avec 
^^ ^ ^ le Texte Latin. Ornee de gravures d'apres le dessins 

de MM. Labarbier, Monsian et Moreau. 

Parts. 1806. 

4 Tola., 4tO| half morocco. From the Library of the Emperor Ma»imilbn, with hit 
Book Plate. One of the most beautiful books of ita cliti the engravia|i 
are finished in the very best manner. 

in n recent New York Catalogue, $1x5.00. 

340 OXFORD. 

/J\ ^/ ^7 1689 OVID'S I Metamorphosis. | English'd, | Mythologiz'd,] And 

Represented in Figures. | An Essay to the Translation | 
of VirgirsiEneis.|ByG. S.| 
Imprinted at Oxford^ \ By lohn Lichfield^ \ An. Dam. MDCXXXII. 

Folioy old calf$ 16 fine PlatU| Proof ImprcMions. 

Thi« Tolttme potietici a pardcular interest to an American collector. It it cbe fint 
translation of a classic into the English language made on this continent* 
by George Sandp, who was Secrettry to the Colony of Virpnia at that 
time. Set the Dedication. 

Sandp is pronounced by Dryden to be the best Tenifier of the preceding age; and Pope 
affirmed that English Poetry owed much of its beauty to his translationa. 

• j^s 1600 OVID'S Epistles. Translated by Several Hands. 
/ ^^ LonJan. 1712. 

8vo, calf { many fine Platis. 

/ 4^7 '^' OWEN (D. D.) Report of a Geological Survey of Wis- 
consin, Iowa, and Minnesota ; and Incidentally of a 
Portion of Nebraska Territory, made under Instructions 
from the United States Treasury Department. 
I Philadelphia, 1852. 

4tOy doth; and Atlas of Platbs. 



^^1692 OXFORD CLASSICS. [A complete set of the ele- 
gantly printed series of books known as the Oxford 
Classics, consisting of the following works] : 

Oxford. 1825-6. 

I. Johnson (S.) The Works of Samoel Johnson, LL. D. [including the Parliament 
ary Debates], xi vols., Sto. 

II. Boswell (J.) The Life oi Samuel Johnson, with Additional Notes and IllaaCra- 
ttons by F. P. Walesby, Esq. 4 vols. 

III. Gibbon (E.) The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 8 voU. 

IV. Home (D.) The Hbtory of England, from the Invasion of Julius Cesar to . . . 
1688. [And] The Hbtory of England, from the ReTolutiaa to the 
Death of Oeorge the Second ... By T. SmoUett, M. D. 8 toIs., 8to. 


OXFORD. 341 

' V. RobertMn (W.) Worlu, -nt.: Hiitotr of Scodudi Reign or the Emperor 

Cbarlei V. ; Hulory of Americi. S toU., Sto. 
TI. Smyth (W.) Lectnrei on Modem Hinorr [lad] od The Fnach Rerolutioa. 

By William Smyth. Londoo: William Piclceriag. 1%^. 5 ToU., Ito. 
No hiMmicil worlu hiTc cier gifen more enlighCEned and penpicuoua TJewi of the 

coune of grcu events than iheie celebrated LecCum. 
Tie bft-nanied work it ler one of the leriet; but being uiufbrm in lUe, ityle and 

binding with the othen, it ii legirded ai a dctJrablE adjunct, and will be 

■old with the let. 
Together they make ■ tetiei of 49 Tolt., Std, beautifully bound in poliihed calf, gilt 

top, uncut, by W. Manhewi j and formi one of the fineatteti of booluiD 

thJa Catalogue. 

1693 OXFORD SAUSAGE (The) : or, Select Poetical Pieces, 
^^ written by the most Celebrated Wits of the University 

of Oxford. Landon. 1815. 

Royal Std, half moioecD, gilt top; Laioi PAru. New edition, inch nuniecaui 

Cirn from OuoraAi. Duqhb by Bewick. 


,'2-^^ €ra\ 

P»**** (J***). Thc|Life|of|Gen- 
eral James Wolfe, | The] Conqueror of 
Canada ; | or, the | Eulogium of that 
Renowned | Hero, | Attempted accord- 
ing to the I Rules of Eloquence. [With 
a I Monumental Inscription, [Latin and 
English,|To perpetuate his Memoty.j 
By J • * • ?••**•, A.M. 

BeiUn : Reprinted. mdcc,lx. 
'^^ PP' I^ brown nir, oncat edtci,b<rF.Ikdfiird. Rut pbttofthe Dcadiof WoUi 
iuCTtcd. A book of much rarity. Momll'i copjr Mid for $]o. 


1695 PACIFIC RAILROAD. Reports of Explorations 
and Surveys to Ascertain the most Practicable and 
Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississipi» 
River to the Pacific Ocean. Watb'tngtan. 1855. 

a, doth. The dlle liil> to fire to Idea of the *iIbc of [hii pni «oA, 
which h in clabonte report apon the Nittinl and Phjwical HiMoij of 
the Tut cflQDtiT cnTcned hj tbit (rat nilroid. 

J — ^^^ 1696 PAINE (Nathaniel). Remarks on the Early P^>er 
Currency of Massachusetts. 
I Cambridge: Press off abn JVibon and Sons. 1866, 

I Imp. Ito, bilf green morocco, gilt lop, bj Bradicreet ; with Paoor Platu on Tcllum 

y J-1697 PAINE (R. T.) The Works in verse and prose of the 
i Late Robert Treat Paine, Jr., Esq., with Notes. To 

I which arc Prefixed Sketches of his Life, Character and 

j Writings. Bostm. 181 2. 

I Sto, bilf morocco, uncnt j PomAir, 



1698 PAINE (T.) The I American Crisis, | and | a Letter to| 

Sir Guy Carleton,|on the Murder of | Captain Huddy,| 
and the Intended Retaliation on | Captain Asgill, of the 
Guards, I and other tracts. London, [1788.] 

Svoy Title, pp. a93 ; nttrj rare, 

1699 PAINE. Common Sense \ addressed to the Inhabitants 
/ i>0 of America. The sixth edition. 

Philadelphia: Printed, Providence: Reprinted and 

sold by John Carter. M,DCC,LXXVi. 

4to, pp. 33, half calf. A Tery rare and fine edition. 

1700 [PAINE.] A Dialogue between the Ghost of General 
/ ^^ Montgomery and an American Delegate in a Wood 

near Philadelphia. 
[Philadelphia']: 1796. [New York: Reprinted 1S67.] 

ZrOf pp. 16, half moroccoy gilt top, uncut ; PoaTKAir inserted. One of ao copies. 

1701 PAINE (T.) Tom Paine's Jests: [being an entirely | 
// S^iy New and Select Collection | of | Patriotic Bon Mots, Re- 
partees, Anecdotes, I Epigrams, Observations, etc.,|on| 
Political subjects. I By Thomas Paine, | and other {sup- 
porters of the rights of man. | To which is added, | A 
Tribute to the Swinish Multitude, | Being a choice col- 
lection of I Patriotic Songs. | 

Philadelphia : \ Printed for Matthew Carey. MDCCXCVi. 

Svo, pp. 7a, polished calf, extra, by Bedford ; PotTaAir inserted. 

1702 PAINTER (W.) The Pahce of Pleasure, beautified,, 
adorned, and furnished with Pleasant Histories and ex- 
cellent Novels. Edited by Joseph Haslewood, from the 
edition of 1575. London, 1813. 

% wis. in 3, 4C0, calf, gilt edges $ only 165 copies printed; team. Best edition of a 
work to which Shakespeare and seTeral others of o«r old Dramatists were 
greatly indebted. 

344 PALMBR. 

[-,^1703 PALFREY. History of New England. B^stM. 1865. 

■ 3 Tob-yimp. 8to. dochy ancati Maps and IixutTmATiovi{ Lamom Papeb; ioo 

I I copies pctated. 

. '^^1704 PALLISER {Mrs. B.) History of Lace. By Mrs. 
y I , Bury Palliser. London. 1865. 

(Square StOi blue calf, gilt edget; profusely illustrated mth seTeral hundred beautiful 
£m oaATiM OS ON Wood, many of which are printed in tints. 

/A^ ^^1705 PALISSEY,THE POTTER. Monographic dcl'CEuvrcs 

de Bernard Palissey suivie d'un choix de ses continua- 
teurs ou imitateurs dessinee par MM. Carle Delange 
et C. Borneman et accompagnee d'un Texte par M. 
Sauzay et M. Henri Delange. Paris. 1862. 

FoliO| half crushed levant morocco, gilt top; loo splendidly colored Platis, and a 
fine PoKTaAiT of Palissy. No. 96 of only 300 copies printed, nearly all 
of which were subscribed for. jf wupiifoemt vhwu. 

1706 PALISSEY. CEuvres completes de Bernard Palissey. 
/ ^^ Paris. 1846. 

lamo, uncut. 


^ ^\^o^ PALMER, (John.) An [Impartial Account | of the] 

^ "^^ State of New England | or, the | Late Government there. 

Vindicated I In answer to the | Declaration | Which the 
Faction set forth, when they Over- 1 turned That Gov- 
ernment | With a Relation I Of the Horrible Usage they 
treated the Gover-| nour with, and his Council ; and all 
that had His Ma | jesty's Commission. | In a Letter to the 
Clergy there. | By John Palmer. 

London : Printed /or Edward Poole at his Shop over 
against the Royal \ Exchange in Cornhillj 1690. 

4to^ pp. 40y moroccoy antique. A Tery fine copy of this rare tract, relatinf to the A"* 
droi affiur. 



1708 PALMER (John). Travels in North America and in 
^ 2«5~ Lower Canada. 1817. London. 1818 

8vo^ half calf; Maw. Includes copioot detailf of the West, etc. 

1709 PALMER (J. W.) Folk Songs. Illustrated from ori- 
/^%^^ ginal designs. New York. 1861. 


Imp. Sto, smooth green nuvoccoi gilt edges; jfiw tarly eofy. 

1 710 PALMER (P. S.) History of Lake Champlain, from 
"^^ ^^ its First Exploration by the French in 1609, to the close • 

of the Year 1 8 14. Albany. 1866. 

Impw 8v0y half morocco, gilt top; Laeox Papxe copy, illostnted by theJnscrtion of 25 
▼ery rare Platm, beautifully inlaid by Trent. 

1711 PALMER (Ray). Hymns and Sacred Pieces, with Mis- 
2-^^ cellaneous Poems. Albany: J. Munsell. 1865. 

8to^ half morocco, gilt top, uncut; Lasgi Papu; only 50 copies printed. 

1 712 PALMER (S.) The General History of Printing. 

-^ y\i London. 1732. 

4t)0^ boards, uncut. A valuable and rare book on the subject. 

1 713 A|PARAENETICK!or|Humble Addressejto the Par- ' 
^O ^^y liament |and ^jjf^iii^l for (not loose, but) | Christian 

Libertie. |The second Impression. | Perused and allowed 
according to Order. | 

London : \ Printed by Matthew Simmons^ for Henry 
Overton \ in Pop^s-Head- Alley. 1644. | 

410, P. 1. I, pp. 14, blue crushed levant morocco, by F. Bedford; relates to the 
Puritans and New England. 

PARIS AND VIENNE. See Roxbuighe Libraiy. 







1 714 PARKER (J. H.) An Introduction to the Study of Gothic 

Architecture. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. 

Oxfwi. 1867. 

Sm. 8vO| cloths neaily soo Woodcut lunTBAnoin. 

1 715 PARKER (P.) A Biographical Memoir of the late Sir 

Peter Parker, Baronet, Captain of His Majestie's ship 
Menelaus, of 38 guns, killed in action while storming 
the American camp at Bellair, near Baltimore, on the 
thirty-first of August, 18 14. 

London: PtAlisbid by Longman {etc.) 1815. 

4to^ Title and pp. iii, half morocco. 



1716 PARKMAN (F., Jr.) France and England in North 
America. A Series of Historical Narratives. Part First : 

Pioneers of France in the New World. Part Second: 
The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Cen- 
tury. Boston. 1866. 

a volt., xffi^ Svo, dochy oncut $ PotTtAsn on India ptperj Laboi PApm ; only 75 
copies printed. 

1717 PARKMAN (J.) History of the Conspiracy of Pondac, 

and the War of the North American Tribes against the 
English Colonies after the Conquest of Canada. 

Boston. 1866. 

Royal Sto, doth, ttnait$ llArt) PtATi; Laeob Pakks 75 copies pfiBted. 

1 7 18 PARR (S.) A Catalogue of the Library of Samuel Pirr, 
/ \^^ LL.D. Lmion. 1827 

I Stoi dothy nncoi; 


, 1719 PARRY (W. E.) Voyage for the Discovery of the 
^, North-West Passage. London. 1821. 

4t0| halfmorocco} many Platm by WaddL 

PATTBR80N. 347 

I720 PARSONS (U.) The Life of Sir WiUiam PcpperrcU, 
c5 /5»^ Bart. Boston. 1856. 

tTO| lialf (reen moroccoy ^t topi by Bradttreet; PotTiAir and Docombnt inserted. 

1721 PARTON. (J.) Life and.Timcs of Benjamin Franklin. 
fS ^^ By James Parton. New York: Mason Brothers. 1865. 

Imp. tvo» half red moroccoi ^t top, uncuty by Bndstreets Lamb Papui only 100 
copies printed. 

1722 PARTRIDGE (J. A.) On Democracy. By J. Arthur 
^^ Partridge. London: Trubnerbf Co. 1866. 

8to, half calf, gilt. 

1723 PARTRIDGE. The Making of the American Nation ; 

or, the Rise and Decline of Oligarchy in the West. 
By J. Arthur Partridge. 

London: Edward Stanford. 1866. 

8vo, half calf, gilt. 

1724 [PATRICK (J.)] Quebec: A Poetical Essay, in Imita- 
^ ^^ tion of the Miltonic style : being a regular Narrative of 

the Proceedings and Capital Transactions performed by 
the British Forces under the Command of Vice-Admiral 
Saunders and Major-General Wolfe, in the glorious Ex- 
pedition against Canada, in the year 1759. The Per- 
formance of a Volunteer on board His Majestjr's ship 
Somerset, during the Passage Home from Quebec. 
The whole embellished with entertaining and explana- 
tory notes. London : T. Whitridge. mdcclx. 

4<^ PP« 3^ half blue moroccoi gilt top, by Bradttreet ; Map of Quebec insetted. 

17^5 PATTERSON (J. W.) Responsibilities of the Founders 
/ ^2-* of Republics: An Address on the Peninsula of Sabino, 


on the Two Hundred and Fifty-eighth Anniversary of 

the Planting of the Popham Colony, August 29, 1 865. 

! Bmm. 1865. 

Sto, pp. 389 half brown monocop fit tep» vaco^ hj Bimdatreet ; only ^50 copies 
I prtntocL 



^ : 1726. PATTERSON (R.) A Narrative of the Campa^ 
^ in the Valley of the Shenandoah in 1861. 

Philadelphia. 1865. 

Imp. Stoi half bloe moroocoy fit top, hy Braditreets Labob and Tuck Pafbbj 100 
copici pnntad* 

/ /J^/ 

727 rPATTERSON (Samuel).] Another Traveller; or Cur- 
sory Remarks and Critical Observations made upon a 
Journey through the Netherlands. By Coriat, Jr. 

London. 1767. 

m Tola, in 31 half morocco. Dr. Johnson taid this was in imitation of Sterne; b«t the 
author prodnced evidence to show it was written before the <<^entimentai 
Jonmey.** The author of these Tolumes was distinguished for hu ability in 
drawing up catalogues of libraries, and as an auctioneer. Ste Nicnou** 
Ut. AnecdoCy iii^ 448, 734. 

•/ ^ ^7^8 EIWTIE (J. O.) Personal Narrative of James O. Pat- 
^ * ^' tic, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St. Louis 

to the Pacific Ocean, in which he and his Father, who 
accompanied him. Suffered unheard-of Hardships and 
Dangers, had various Conflicts with the Indians, etc. 
Edited by Timothy Flint. Cincinnati. 1833. 

8to, sheep; xmrct. Wight's copy sold for $6.00. 

■ 1729 [PAULDING (J. K.)] The Diverting History of John 

/ \//^ gjj ^j Brother Jonathan. By Hector Bull-us. 

New Tork: Imkeep & Bradford. 1812. 

IimO| pp. 1359 half moroccoy uncut; rgrt. 


1730. PAULDING. Report of the Select Committee on 
/ 3iy Erecting a Monument to the Memory of John Pauld- 
ing, with an Address by the Mayor of the City of New 
York. New Tor.k 1827. 

Svo, pp. 47, roia \ Poitbait of John Paulding inserted. Pretentadon copy irom 
Major Paulding, with AuTocaATR. 


I ^73' P[AUW]. Recherches Philosophiques sur les Ameri- 
^^3y^.^-~ cains. Berlin, mdcclxx. 

I % Toll.! lamoy calf; «r«rcff. 

1732 PEABODY. An Account of the Proceedings at the 
/ £^ iT Dinner given by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans, 

at the London Coffee House, 27th October, 1851. 
I London : W, Pickering, mdccli. 

8to, cloth ; 2 PoRTaAXTB. 

1733 PEABODY. [The Same.] Lxmdon: VT . Pickering. 1851. 

' •^Mp. 8vO| doth, gilt ; LAaoi Pxpsa ; printed for private dittribution. A Preientation 

copy Irom Mr. Peabody, with AurooaAPH. 

1734 PEABODY. Proceedings at the Reception and Dinner 
^^ in honor of George Peabody, Esq. By the Citizens 

of Danvers, Oct. 9, 1856, with Historical Sketch of 
the Peabody Institute. Boston. 1856. 

8vo, pp. 195, cloth, gilt; PoantArr and Platis. 


1735 PEMAQUID. Papers Relating to Pemaquid and parts 
^ ^^ adjacent in the present State of Maine, known as Corn- 
wall County, when under the Colony of New York. 

Albany. 1856. 

Royal 8vo, half morocco, uncut ; thick paper copy. 

1736 PEMBERTON (Ebenezer). Heaven the Residence of 

the Saints. A Sermon occasioned by the sudden and 
I much lamented Death of the Rev. George Whitefield, 








A. M., Chaplain to the Right Honourable the Countess 
of Huntington. Delivered at the Thursday Lecture at 
Boston, in America, October ii, 1770. By Ebenezer 
Pemberton, D. D. Pastor of a Church in Boston. To 
which is added. An Elegiac Poem on his Death. By 
Phillis, a Negro Girl, of Seventeen Years of Age, Be- 
longing to Mr. J. Wheatley of Boston. 

Axfwf ; Printed. Lmubn : RefrinUdfir E. li C. 

Dilly. M.DCC.LXXI. 
Svo, pp. 31. 

1736 PENHALLOW (Samuel). The History of the Wars 
of New-England with the Eastern Indians, or a Narra- 
tive Of their continued Perfidy and Cruelty, from the 
1 0th of August, 1703, To the Peace renewed 13th of 
July, 1 7 13. And from the asth of July, 1722, To 
their Submission 15th. December, 1725, Which was 
ratified August 5th. 1726. 

Cincinnati: Reprinted. 1859. 

4t)0^ half red morocco, gilt top, ancvt, by Bnditreet. 150 copies printed. Cfffit*"* 
alio ** LoTCweirt Tight,** Gardener** Account of the *< Peqnot Waira,** 
and ** The Gotpel in New England.** 

1738 PENLEY (Aaron). The English School of Painting in 

Water-Colours : its Theory and Practice. With the 
Several Stages of Progression accompanied with 47 Il- 
lustrations in the First Style of Chromo-Lithography. 
New and revised edition. 

London : Day & Sm. 1869. 

Large foliOy cloth ; a tplendid and uaefol work. 

1 739 PENN [(W.)] A I Further Account | Of the Province of | 
Pennsylvania | and its Improvements. | For the Satisfaction 
of those that are Adventurers, andjenclined to be so. | 

London. 1685. 

PBNN. 351 

4to, pp. ao, poljthed od^ bjr W. Pratt j signed at the end, Williun Peon. An «r 
trtmeij Kgre§ Tolume. 

1740 PENN. A I Letter I from I William Pemi|Poprietary {sic) 
^^ ^ ^ and Gouvernour of | Pennsylvania | In America, | To the | 

' Committee I of the | Free Society of Traders,) of that 

Province, residing in London. | Containing | A General 
Description of the Said Province, its Soil, Air, Water, 
Seasons and Produce, | both Natural and artificial, and 
the good Encrease thereof. | . . . To which is added, an 
Account of the City of | Philadelphia, newly laid out. | 
Its Scituation between two Navigable Rivers, Dela- 
ware and Skulkill,|with a [Portraiture or Plat-form 

London^ Printed and Sold hy Andrew Scwle^ . . 1683. 

Folio, pp. 10; Plan of the city of Philadelphia. This it one of the first printed ac- 
count! of Philadelphia by the founder of the Colony^ and it of the high- 
est interest to a Pennsylvania collector. I am unable to trace the sale 
of any copy in this country with the Plan, which is usually defident. 
The title, at length, will be found in Rich's Catalogue, page 108. 

1 741 PENN. Missive Van William Penn, [a translation of 
^ ^T^ the preceding Title, with additions.] 

f Amsterdam. 1684. 

4(0^ ppu »8. The same Map ■§ In the London edition, but reduced and mth slight 

1 742 PENN. A I Letter | to | Mr. Penn ; | with | his Answer. | 
y ^"^ London : Printed for Andrew Wilson . . . 1 1688. 

4t)o^ pp. 40. Relates to PennsyWania. 

174.3 PENN. Hie People's Antient and Just Liberties asserted 
in the Tryal of William Penn, and William Mead. 

Printed in the Tear 1670. 






1 744 [PENN.] Some Fruits of Solitude, in Reflections and 
Maxims. Newport: James Franklin. 1749. 

Iiao^ morocco, eztn, gilt edgct) i^U e9fj, Jaaiei FnakliB (eUot bfodicr of Ben.) 
wai the fiiBt printer ia Newport. 

174s PENNSYLVANIA. An Answer to an invidious Pam- 
phlet, intituled, A Brief State of the Province of Penn- 
sylvania, wherein are exposed The many false Assertions 
of the Author or Authors of the said Pamphlet, with a 
View to render the Quakers of Pensylvania and thdr 
Government obnoxious to the British Parliament and 
Ministry; and the Several Transactions, most grosly 
misrepresented therein, set in their true light. 

Lendon. MDCCLV. 

- ^^^:f 



I 8¥0| pp. So^ half morocco. ^ In Smith*! ' Brief View * this answer b said to be the 
production of one 4~ (Cross), fbnnerlj an attorney's clerk, wlio wai 
conricted of fbcgeryi sentenced to be hanged, but after some time ob- 
tained the 6rour of transportation \ and did us the honoor to take op hit 
residence in this province,** etc 

1746 PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief State of the Province of 

Pennsylvania, in which the conduct of their Assemblies 
for several years past is impartially examined, and the 
true cause of the continual encroachments of the French 
displayed upon the river Ohio, etc. London. 1755. 

SyO| pp. 45, half moroceo. **From the answer to this pamphlet (see preceding lot) 
it would appear that its author was * Parson Smith,* probably the Rev. 
William Smith, author of ' Discounes,* etc., 1759, assisted, according to 
a MS. note in a copy of the same work, by Dr. Franklin.**--^Rici. \Sm 
Smith, (W.)] 

1747 PENNSYLVANIA. Summary of Acts of Assembly in 

Force For Regulating of Descents. 

Philadelphia : Printed by B. Franklin. M,DCC,zn. 

Folio^ pp. 14, half calf. 


1748 PENNSYLVANIA. The | Articles, | Settlement and 
^7 Sa Officers I Of the Free | Society |of| Traders | in jPcnnsil- 

vania : | Agreed upon by divers | Merchants | And Others 
' for the better I Improvement and Government! of | 

Trade | in that | Province. | 

Lmdon^\ Printed fir Benjamin Clark iu George Yard in 
Lombard'Street^ \ Printer to the Society of Pennsil- 

vania. mdclxxxii. 

FoUo^ 8 leaves, polished calf, by F, Bedford. 

1749 PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief History of the Charitable 
// O/f scheme carrying on by a society of Noblemen and Gen- 
tlemen of London, for the Relief and Instruction of 
poor Germans, and their Decendents, settled in Penn- 
sylvania, and the adjacent British Colonies in North 

Philadelphia: Printed hy B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1755. 

4tOy pp. i%y top edge cut, but front and lower edges uncut; gtod c^fy, 

1750 PENNSYLVANIA. The Charters of the Province of 
/y O"^ Pennsylvania and City of Philadelphia. Also, A Col- 

* lection of all the Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania, 

Now in Force. Published by Order of Assembly. 
Philadelphia : Printed and Sold hy B. Franklin. MDCCXLII. 

Fa&o^ pp. 30 and 561 respectively. Table xi. p., calf gilt; splendid corr ; yxiY sAtB. 
Contains the 3 title-pages, each with Franklin*s imprint. 

1 75 1 PENNSYLVANIA. Letters and Papers relating Chiefly 
to the Provincial History of Pennsylvania, with some 
Notices of the Writer. 

Philadelphia: Privately Printed. 1855. 

Iiaio^ pp. cxxzTiL, 312, green crushed levant morocco^ hf Bradstreet. Known as 
the Shippen Papers. PoRTRAm and Cuttxmgs inserted* 

1752 PENNSYLVANIA. Minutes of the Provincial Council 









of Pennsylvania, From the organization to the renuncia- 
tion of the Proprieury Government. Published by the 
State, containing the Proceedings of Council from 
March lo, 1683, to November 29, 1700. Phila., 
1852. Also of the Supreme Executive Council of 
Pennsylvania, from its organization to the termination 
of the Revolution. Published by the State. 

Harrisburg^ 1852. 

16 voU^ Sroy half morocco. 

1753 PENNSYLVANIA. Some| Account|of the| Province] 

of I Pennsilvania | in| America ; | Lately Granted under 
the Great Seal |of| England | To {William Penn, etc.| 
Together with Priviledges and Powers neces-jsary to 
the well-governing thereof. | Made publick for the In- 
formation of such as are or may be | disposed to Trans- 
port themselves as Servants | into those Parts. | 
London : Printed and Sold by Benjamin Clark \ Bookseller 

in George^Tardy Lombard-^streetj 1681. 

Folio^ |»p. 10^ poUthed oalf, gilt edga, by F. Bed/brd; iflndid Ur^ cpfy. 

1754 PENNSYLVANIA. Some | Account | of the] Pennsyl- 

vania Hospital ; | From its first Rise, to the Beginning | of 

the Fifth Month, called May, 1754. 

Pbila: \ Printed by B. Franklin^ and D. Hall. Mdccuv. 

4to, pp. 40| calf andque. Wight*! copy lold for $ai.oo. 

17s PENNSYLVANIA. A True and Impartial State of 
the Province of Pennsylvania. The whole being in 
full Answer to the pamphlet entitled A Brief State and 
A Brief View, etc., of the Conduct of Pennsylvania. 

Pbila. : Printed by W. Dunlap^ moccux. 

Sto^ old calf. 

/ /^P 

1756 PEPYS. 

and Correspondence of Samuel PqijrSt 

PBRRY. 355 

' F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the- Reigns of 
Charles II. and James 11. With a Life and Notes by 
Richard Lord Braybrooke. Lohdon : Hy, Colburn. 

5 vcdsy Svo, boirdBy uncut; hest edition, 

^The aUeit picture of the tge in which the writer lived, and t work of ■taadard im- 
portance in En^h literature.** — Sia WAtna Scott. 

1757 PERCY (Thomas). Reliques of Ancient English 
^^ ^> a Poetry : Consisting of old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and 

other Pieces of our Earlier Poets. Together with some 
few of Later Date, and a Copious Glossary. 

London. 1845. 

3 Tols, red morocco^ extra, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

"The moit elegant compilation of the early poetry of a nation that has ever appeared 
in any age or country. Evny page evinces the fine taste, the genius, 
and learning of the editor. — £vams*s Old Ballads. 

Bm Lit« Anecd., ill., i6o; BibL Decam., iii., 336-244. Dr. Johnson praises the 
Bishop for great extension of mind, and minute accuracy of inquiry. 

1758 PERRING (J. E.) The Pyramids of Gizeh, from actual 
Survey and Measurement. With Notes and Sketches 

taken on the Spot, by E. J. Andrews. 

London. . i839-'42. 

Atlas folio, half morocco. 

Ptot I. The Great Pyramids. II. The second and third Pyramids and the six other 
Pyramids. III. The Pyramids to the Southward of Oiseh' and at Aboa 
Roashj Campbeirs Tomb, etc. 

Contains 58 large Views and iLLusraATioNs of the Pyramids of Oiseh, with notes 
and references to Col. Vyse's great work; also to Denon, Napoleon's Ex- 
pedition, Belaoni, Burkhardt, Sir G. Wilkinson and othen, with Buck's 
Remarks on the Hieroglyphics. It was published at 15 guineas. 

1759 PERRY. Narrative of the Expedition of an American 
— Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in 

the years 1852, 1853, and 1854, under the command 




of Commodore M. C. Perry, United States Navy, by 
order of the Government of the United States. 

Washington. 1856. 
3 Tolf 1 4tD| cloth. 

^^1760 PERRY, Inauguration of the Perry Statue, At Cleve- 
land, on the Tenth of September, l86o ; Including the 
Addresses and other Proceedings, with a Sketch of Wil- 
liam Walcutt,| the Sculptor. Clrueland^ O. 1861. 

4tOy pp. 128 ; LAtOE Paper. Eleven copies printed on this sise. 



Cf\/'^ €^ 

1761 PETERS (H.) A Dying Father's Last Legacy to an 

Only Child: or Mr. Hugh Peters' advice to his 
Daughter. Boston: B. Green. 171 7. 

iS mo, old morocco. After page 8S, made up in MS. by Mr. Charles Deane. 

1762 [PETERS (S.)] A|GcneralHistory|of|Connecticut,| 

from its I First Settlement under George Fenwick, Esq.| 
To its I Latest Period of Amity with Great Britain;) 
including I a Description' of the Country, | And many 
curious and interestii^ Anecdotes. | To which is added. 
An Appendix, wherein new and true Sources of the 
present | Rebellion in America are pointed out ; together 
with the particu- 1 lar Part taken by the People of Con- 
necticut in its Promotion. I By a Gentleman of the 
Province. | 

London : Printed Jor the Author, mdcclxxxj. 

8vo, green levant morocco, gilt edges, bj F. Bedford ; a samftuous nfy. 

Contains a wonderfal account of the Upper Cohoes Falls, ** where water is consolidated 
without frost, by pressure, by swiftness, between the pinching, sturdy 
rocks, to such a degree of induration, that no iron crow can be forced 
into it.** Also a curious account of the ancient custom of courtship by 
" bundling,** 

<< The author was Dr. Samuel A. Peters, a refugee. He resided in England from 
1774 to 1805, when he returned to Amvica, and died in New York 
in i8a6, at the age of 90.** 


! 1763 PETRONIUS ARBITER. Transktcd by Several 
^ ^^^ Hands, with other Pieces. London. 17 14. 

• Svoy calf} best edition^ adorned with Cots \ fine cefj. Includes TnmsUdons from Ca- 
tttllusy TlbuUus, Propertinsy Anacreon, Sappho, etc. 

' 1764 PETTIGREW (Thomas J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana. 
^ fSt^ A Descriptive Catalogue, accompanied by Historical 

and Bibliographical Notices of the Manuscripts and 
Printed Books contained in the Library of His Royal 
Highness the Duke of Sussex, K. G., D. C. L., etc., 
I etc., in Kensington Palace. By Thomas Joseph Petti- 

grew. London: Printed for Longman ^ Co. 1827. 

% vols. (Vol. I. in 2 parts), imp. Svo, boards, uncut. Portrait and numerous elegant 
Facsimilis. Uniform with :.ibdin*s " Spcnceriana.** Fim eofy^ com- 
plete, not often so found. Vol. II. being published some years aftei 
Vol. I. 

''A magnificent work. The first portion of Vol. I. is appropriated to MSS. of the 

j Holy Scriptures, the number of which amounts very nearly to 300 j the 

second part treats of printed editions of Polyglot and Hebrew, Greek and 


Latin Bibles, 499 in number.** — Lowndbs. 

1765 PHELPS (N. A.) History of Simsbuiy, Granby and 
/ ^^^ Canton. Harfiord. 1845. 

8vo, pp. 175. 

1766 PHELPS (Richard H.) A History of Newgate of Con- 
JZ ^^^^ necticut, at Simsbury, now East Granby ; its Insur- 
rections and Massacres. Albany : Munsell. i860. 

4to, pp. 151, cloth, uncut. 

1767 PHILADELPHIA Directory and Register (The) : Con- 
taining the Names, Occupations and Places of Abode 
of the Citizens. By James Hardie, A. M. 

Philadelphia: T. Dobson. 1 793. 

tvo^ pp. xii. and 234, half morocco. On page 152 appears the following : '* Wash- 
ington (George), President of the United States, 190 High St.** 









J768 PHILADELPHIA. The | Charter, Laws, | and | Qta- 
logue of Books | of the | Library Company | of | Philadel- 

Philadilpbia : Printed by B. Franklin and 

D. HaU^ M,i>cc,LXiy, 

1769 PHILADELPHIA. The | Charter] of the | Library Com- 

pany I of I Philadelphia. | 

Philadelphia : \ Rented by B. Franklin^ m,dccxlvi. { 
[Also] Laws I of the | Library Company | of | Philadelphia. | 
made, in Pursuance of their | Charter,] At a General 
Meeting, I held in the Library, on the Third Day | of 
May, 1742. 

Philadelphia : \ Printed by B. Franklin^ m,dcc,xlvi. | 

a voli.y uiull Sroy pp. 8 tnd 15, half morocco. 

1770 PHILADELPHIA. Observations on the North Amer- 

ican Land Company, lately instituted in Philadelphia. 

London: 1796. 
Sto, calf. Thb copy contains a large quandcy of manuscript additions. 

177 1 PHILADELPHIA. A | Protestation | presented to | the 

Synod I of I Philadelphia, IJune i, 1741.I 
Philadelphia : Printed and Sold\ by B, Franklin. 1741- 1 

Small 8vo, pp. 16, polished calf, extra, by F. Bedford. 

1772 PHILLIPS (E.) Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum : 

Containing Brief Characters of the English Poets, down 
to the year 1675. By Edward Phillips, the Nephew 
of Milton. The Third Edition. Reprinted at the ex- 
pense, and with the Notes, of Sir Egerton Brydgcs, 
Bart., etc., etc. 

Geneva : from the Press of Bonnant, 1824. 



Rojral Sto, mottled calf, atn^gilt tJga and uneut^ by F. Bedford. One hundred 
copies printed. Contradictory as it may seem, this book is gilt edges and 
uncat — in other words, the signatures were separately gilt. 

^ The hand of Milton may be often discovered in this publication of his nephew. 
Among the criticisms, those on Shakespeare and Marlowe are eminently 
conspicuous.'* *'In the pre^Ke are more manifest marks of Milton's, 
hand in the book itself.** — Lowndes. 

1773 PHILLIPS (H.) Historical Sketches of the Paper Cur- 
^ ^ rcncy of the American Colonies, Prior to the Adoption 

of the Federal Constitution. First and Second Series. 

Roxbury, 1865. 

% vols,, 4to, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; LAaos pApxa ; only 50 
copies printed. 

1774 PHILOBIBLION (The). A Monthly Bibliographical 
/ yS^ Journal. New York. 1862. 

% v(ds., 4to, uncut. 

1775 PICKELL. A New Chapter in the Early Life of Wash- 
/^5 ixigton. By John Pickell. New York. 1 856. 

8vo, cloth. 

1776 PICKERING (W.) The Aldine Edition of the British 
/ ^^:^^__-Pocts. Also, Gray's Complete Works. 5 vols. 

London: William Pickering. 1 839. 

Tofecher 58 vols., foolscap Svo, doth, uncut. A clean and beautiful set, mostly of 
the first editions. 

The above is a general title ibr this elegant collection of the British Poets, which will 
always continue in the highest estimation, on account of the elegance of 
its typography, the correctness of its texts, a«id the convenience of its siae. 
It includes the works of Akenside, Beattie, Burns, Butler, Chaucer, 
Churchill, Collins, Cowper, Dryden, Falconer, Gray, Goldsmith, Milton, 
Parnell, Pope, Pryor, Shakspeare, Spenser, Surrey, Swift, Thomson, 
White, Wyatt, and Young. Many pieces by these authors appear for the 
first time in this edition. 
ne Memoirs and Notes are by Sir Harris Nicolas, J. Mitfbrd, A. Dyce, and othcn. 
Priced in $otheran*s Catalog, December, 1869, £26. 




• 1777 PICKERING (John). A Vocabulary, or CoUcction of 
Words and Phrases which have been supposed to be 
peculiar to the United States of America. 

Boston. 1 8 16. 

tvoy half purple moraoco^ ^t tQp, nncvt, hj Bnditreet. Scaice in todi fine condidpo. 



1778 PICKERING (T.) A Review of the Correspondence 
between John Adams and William Cunningham, Be- 
pnning in 1803, and ending in 18 12. Second Edition. 

SaUm, 1824. 

Sto^ pp. 197, boirdsy iiactit. 

/^f ! 1779 PICKERING. CoL Pickering's Observations ... At 

Salem, July 4, 1827. Salem. 1823. 

Sto, pp. t%f ancut; and ** Pocctr^ OndoQ. 



kS..^ •• 

^^ 1780 PICTURE (The) Exhibition. 

I Worcester : L Thomas, [n. d.] 

3ftaio^ green lerant monccoi gilt top, nncot, bj F. Bedford. 



/ ^^ 

1781 PICTORIAL BIBLE. Illustrated with many hundred 

woodcuts. London, 1839. 

4 T0I1.9 4to, morocco, extra, gUt edges. This work is illnstrtted with real Landseapa 
and Platis of the Natural Costume and Antiquities, and Original Notes. 

1782 PIDGEON (W.) Traditions of De-coo-dah, and Anti- 

quarian Researches : Remains of the Mound-Builders 
in America. New Tork. 1858. 

Svo, cloth. 

1783 PIERPOINT (John). Airs of Palestine: A Poem. 

Baltimore. 1 8 16. 

tvo, pp. 57, half green morocGO, gilt top, uncut; PoKTaAir inserted. 

-^ 1 1784 PIKE (J.) An) Epistle | to the | National Meetii^ | of| 

ci : ^^' 


Friends, | in | Dublin, | concerning Good Order and Dis- 
cipline I in the Church. Written by Josph [sic] Pike. 
Philadelphia^ Re-printed^ and Sold by B. Franklin^ and 

D. Hall. 17 S7' 

Small Svoy pp. 23, hilf calf. 

1785 PIKE {Major), Expedition to the Sources of the Mis- 
^ /%3 sissippi and through the Western parts of Louisiana, 

< etc., by Order of the Government of the U. S., in the 

years ]8o5,-'6 and '7. London. 1810. 

4tOy boardiy uncttt. 

1786 PILSBURY. Sketch of the Life and Public Services of 
/ ^,5 Amos Pilsbury, Superintendent of the Albany Peniten- 
tiary, and late General Superintendent of the Metro- 
politan Police. Albany: Munselli^ Rowland, i860. 

Syo, pp. 44, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstxcet. 

1787 PINELLI (B.) Twenty-seven Etchings Illustrative of 
(7 c7^7 Italian Manners and Costume. Rome. 1844. 

Folio, half morocco. 

1788 PINKERTON (John). A General Collection of the 
/ Y'^^ ^^^^ ^'^^ °^°^^ Interesting Voyages and Travels from 

the 1 6th Century, with maps and upwards of 200 en- 
gravings, by G. & W. Cooke. London. 1808. 

27 voliy. 4to, half morocco, gilt. " The most valnable coUecdon of Voyages exunt. 
The 17th ▼olume contains a copiooi catalogue of Books on Voyages and 
TraTels, and an excellent Index.**— -Dibdxm's Lib*y Companion. 

1789 PINKERTON. The Scottish Gallery; or, Portraits of 

Eminent Persons, many of them after Pictures by the 
celebrated Jameson, etc. London. 1799. 

4C0, boards, uncut \ I>Aaor Patsb} 52 fine PomAxm 




r^ ^^^ 



1 790 PITT (W.) Anecdotes of the Life of WiUiam Pitt, Earl 

of Chatham, with his Speeches in Parliament from 
1736-78. London. 1810. 

3 Tolt^ Sro^ calf. This collection wai edited bj John Almon, the bookieUer, and 
contatni much inteictting matter relative to the American Revolotion, in 
which Earl Chatham took an important political part. 

1791 PLATFORM (A.)|Of|Chiirch.DisciplineGathered out 

of the I Word of God j | And Agreed upon | By the Elders 
and Messengers of the Churches] Assembled in the| 
Synod | At Cambridge in N. E. | To be presented to the 
Churches and General Court for their Consideration 
and Acceptance in the Lord, the 8th month. Anno 
1649. 1 

Cambridge: Printed by Marmaduke yohnssn, 1671. 

4fi0i Title, I 1.; Pre^ce, 5 1.; Text, 33 pp. Blae crushed lerant morocco^ by F. 
Bedford. Fiarr Edition — cf extreme rarity. 

1792 PLATFORM (A) I ofj Church-Discipline, I Gathered out 

of the Word of God, and Agreed upon by the | Elders 
and Messengers I Of the Churches assembled in the| 
Synod | At Cambridge, in N. E. 

Boston : Printed by J. Allen. 17 17* 

Sto, half morocco ; very rare, 

1793 PLATO. The Works of Plato, viz.. His fifty-five Dia- 

logues, and Twelve Epistles, translated from the Greek; 
Nine of the Dialogues by the Late Floyer Sydenham, 
and the Remainder by Thomas Taylor: with Occa- 
sional Annotations on the Nine Dialogues, Translated 
by Sydenham, and Copious Notes by the Latter Trans- 
lator, in which is given the Substance of nearly all the 
Existing Greek MS. commentaries on the Philosophy 
of Plato, and a considerable Portion of such as are al- 
ready published. In five Volumes. [Mono.] 

London: Printed for Thomas Taylor. 1804. 



5 Talt.9 4^ botrdiy uncut ^ vei^ Koree^ Only > tmall edition printed. 

« r 



1794 PLUMPTRE (J.) The English Drama Purified : being 
-2 /^^y^ * Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages 

that have appeared to the editor to be objectionable in 
point of morality are omitted or altered. With Pre- 
faces and Notes. By James Plumptre, B. D. 

Cambridge, 181 2. 

3 Tolti, iftmoy calf, by HoUoway. [Mln Joanna Baillicy with the Editor's retpectiy] 
on tlie title in MS. 

1795 PLYMOUTH. The First Plymouth Patent; Granted 
c^^ June I, 1621. Now first printed from the Original 

Manuscript. Edited by Charles Deane. 

Cambridge, mdcccliv. 

Ckown 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncnt ; too copies privately printed. 

1796 POE (E. A.) The Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe^ 
jjT ^ €^ with Original Memoir. Illustrated by F. R. Pickers- 
gill, R. A,, John Tenniel, Birket Foster, Felix Darley, 
Jasper Cropsey, P. Duggan, Percival Skelton, and A. 
M. Madot. New Tork\\. e. London:"] mdccclviii. 

4fio^ morocco, extra. Thb copy is illuminated throoghont by Mr. R. E. Moora, of 

1797 POE. Poetical Works. NewTork. 1852, 

^ ^ 3 vols., lamo, doth. 

1798 POETICAL. (A) Description of Song Birds; Inter- 
/^ ^s:^^^ spersed with Entertaining Songs, Fables and Tales, 

Adapted to each subject \ for the Amusement of 
Children. The First Worcester Edition. 

Printed at Worcester^ Massachusetts^ By Isaiah 

Thomas J mdcclxxx. 

Sftmo, green levant morocco, extra, by W. Pratt* 









^ /^^ 


1799 POLYANTHEA (The)} or, A CoUecdon of Interesting 

Fragments, in Prose and Verse. Lmdm. 1804. 

a *oIi, Sto, half leraat motoeoa, |^ top, aacot. IdcIbJw matt of Stila'i Voukj 
of the Judfo. 

1800 POLYDORI VIRGILII dc Rcnim Invcntcmbus- 

Transbted into English by John Langley, with sm 
account of the Author and his Works. 

Newr^rk. 1868. 

Sto, hilf gieea lerant mofPCco» gilt top^ wicut, bj Bnditrect. The list piiUicado& 
of the Agathynian Club, lao copies printed. 

1801 POOLE (J.) Hamlet Travestie, with Burlesque Anno- 

tations. New Tork. 1866. 

Imp. Svo, moroccoi andqne, gilt top, nncnt, by Bnubtreet. No. So of 100 copies re- 
printed for private distribution. 

Otrkk, A hit, 1*11 bet a crown. 

1802 POPHAM COLONY (The). A discussion of its His- 

torical Claims^ with a Bibliography of the Subject. 

Boston, 1866. 

Sto^ half brown morocco, gilt top^ nncnt, by BradstreeL 

1803 PORTRAITS of Eminent Conservative Statesmen, with 

Genealogical and Historical Memoirs. London [n. d.] 

ft vols., folio. 7a splendid Portkaits. Published at £8 81. o^. 

1804 POST (C. F.) The Second Journal of Christian Fred- 

erick Post On a Message from the Governor of Pen- 
sylvania to the Indians on the Ohio. London, 1759. 

Svo, pp. 67, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

i^V^i 1805 [POST (L. M.)] Personal Recollections of the American 

I [ Revolution. A Private Journal. Prepared from Au- 

j thentic Domestic Records. New York. 1859. 

i iftmo^ doth. 




1806 POTTER (Israel R.) Life | and | Remarkable Advcn- 
^ ^ turcs I of Israel R. Potter, | (a Native of Cranston, Rhode- 
Island,) who was a Soldier in the | American Revolution, | 
And took a Distinguished part in the Battle of Bunker | 
Hill (in which he received three wounds,) after | which 
he was taken Prisoner by the British, convey- |ed to 
England, where for 30 years he obtained a | livelihood 
for himself and family, by crying " Old | Chairs to 
Mend," through the Streets of London. 

Providence: Printed by Henry Trumbull. 1824. 

i2mo, pp. 108, polished calf, gilt edges; Platb. 

1807 POUCHOT. Memoir upon the Late War in America, 
/ y^S^ between the French and English, 1 755-60. Followed by 

Observations upon the Theatre of Actual War, and by 
New Details concerning the Manners and Customs of 
the Indians ; with Maps. Translated and edited with 
Notes. By F. B. Hough. 

Printed for W. E. Woodward; Roxhury. 1866. 

a vols.9 i>np. Svo, half bloe morocco, uncut. 143 copies printed in this sisc 

1808 POWELL (Thomas). [Poetical] Works of. 

/ ^•^^ [London, n. d.] 

iftmo, green morocco, gilt edges. A rare, privately printed volume, firom £• D. In- 
graham's library. 

1809 POWNAL (T.) The Administrator of the British Colo- 
yS^ nies. London. 1774- 

% vols., 8vo, calf; fine copy. Fifth and best edition. 

1810 PRESCOTT (W. H.) [A Collection of the Works of 
^ ^-^ William H. Prescott, Esq.] 

Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott iff Co. [n. d.] 

15 vols., 8vo, half calf, antique. Fine cofy. 



jCompiiMi Che Conquest of Mexico, 3 Tolt.$ PhiSp tlie Second, 3 vols.; Conquest of 
Pcniy 2 rob.; Charles Vth, 3 toIs.; Ferdinand and Is^bcUa, 3 roll.; 
and Miscellanies, i toI. 

^ Pietcott, the historian of both hemisphefes, whose name wHl not be forgotten b 
other, but whose honours ^Nill always be dearest to those who have bdt 
known the discouragement under which they have been won, and the 
modesty and gentleness with which they are worn.** — ^TicsNoa. 



181 1 PRICE (R.) Observations on the Nature of Civil Lib- 
erty, and other Tracts. Boston. [1776.] 

tvo, pp. 71, half mocpcco. One of the fiunous dncts on the American RcTolntion. 

i8i2 PRIME (N. S.) A History of Long Island. 

New York. 1745. 

iimo^ pp. bL, 4*0, doth. 

^^1 '813 PRINCE (T.) A I Chronological History|of Ncw-Eng- 

land I In the Form of | Annals : | Being] A summary and 
exact Account of the most (material Transactions and 
Occurrences relating to this) Country, in the Order of 
Time wherein they hapjpened, from the Discovery by 
Captain Gosnold, in 1602, to the Arrival of| Governor 
Belcher, in 1 730. With an Introduction, . . . Vol. L, 
Parts I and 2. Boston, N, E, mdccxxxvi. 

Small Sro, crimson crushed levant morocco, extra, gilt back and edges, hj F. Bedford ; 
Jbig eofy, rmrt, MorreU*s copy sold for $25 ; Rochets for $23. 

^ : ^ ^ 1814 PRINCE. The Salvations of God in 1746. In Part set 
' " ' '" I forth in a Sermon at the South Church in Boston, Nov. 

27, 1746. Being the Day of the Anniversary Thanks- 

I giving In the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in N. 

{ E. Wherein the most Remarkable Salvations of the 

I Year Past, both in Europe and North-America, as hr 

as they are come to our knowledge, are briefly consid- 



ered. By Thomas Prince, M. A., And a Pastor of said 

Boston : Printed for Z). Henchman in CornhilL 1 746. 
I 8vo, pp. 35. 

1815 PRINCE ... Sermon At the South Church in Boston 
-2 '■ :2 *5"^ N. E. On the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, July 

'8, 1745. Occasion'd By taking the City of Louis- 
bourg. On the Isle of Cape-Breton, by New-England 
Soldiers, assisted by a British Squadron. 

Boston: Printed for D. Henchman, 1745. 

Svo, pp. 35, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 


1816 PRINCE. A Sermon Delivered at the South-Church in 
Boston, New-England, August 14, 1746. Being the 
Day of General Thanksgiving for the Great Deliver- 
ance of the British Nations, by the Glorious and Hap- 
py Victory near CuUoden ... By Thomas Prince, 

Boston : Printed, London : Reprinted and sold by John 

Lewis, 1747. 
Svo, pp. 39, half morocco. 

181 7 PRINCE. Catalogue of the American Portion of the 
cf^ Library of The Rev. Thomas Prince. Boston, 1868. 

lomo, pp. x66, uncut J Portbait. 

1818 PRINCE SOCIETY. Publications of the Prince So- 
ciety. Boston, 1865-67. 

Together 4 yoIs., 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by BiadstreeL 
This Scries consists of— 
No. I. and II. The Hutchinson Papers, a vols. 
Va. III. New £ngland*s Prospect. By William Wood. , 

No. IV. I>unton*s Letters j Written from New England, A. D. z686. In which 
ax« described His Voyages by Sea, His Travels on Land, etc. Now fint 
puUithed firom the Oiiginal Manuscript. 







1 8 19 PRIVATE LAWS of the Confederate States of America, 

passed at the First Session of the First Congress, 1862. 
Carefully collated with the Originals at Richmond. 
Edited by James Matthews • • • To be continued an- 

Richmond: R. M, Smithy Printer to Congress. 1862. 

Rojral Syo» pp. 6. Sccoody 3 L} third, 6-11 \ (barthy 1^-15. 

1820 PROCLAMATIONS for Thanksgiving, issued by the 

Continental Congress, President Washington, by the 
National and Sute Governments on the Peace of 18 15, 
and by the Governors of New York. 

Alboftf. 1858. 

Royal Sto, half mofpoeo^ onaity gilt top} flo fine PoaTaAm ioaotcd. 150 copia 

1821 PROLUSIONS} or Select Pieces of Antient Poetry, ... 

in three Parts ; containing, I. The Nutbrowne Mayde ; 
Martin Sackville*s Induction ; and, Overbury's Wife. 
II. Edward the Third, a Play ... Ill . . . Nasce teip- 
sum by Sir John Davis. 

London: y. and R. Tonson, 1760. 

Svoy Use morocco, gilt edgetj fine copy $ vtry usru, 

1822 PROUD (R.) The History of Pennsylvania, in North 

America, from the Original Institution and Settlement 
of that Province, under the first Proprietor and Gov- 
ernor, William Penn, in 1681, till after the year 1742. 
With an Introduction, Appendix, etc. 

Philadelphia, 1779. 

% vob.» Ivo, half green morocco, uncut, gilt top, by Bradttrcetj PoaTBAir and May. 
Wight*! copy told for $aa.oO{ H. A. Smith*! for $23.00. 


^- . 1823 PROVERBES Basques recueillis par Arnauld Oihenan, 

PUGIN. 369 

I suivis des Poesies Basques du meme Auteur. Scconde 

edition augmentee d'une Introduction bibliographique. 

Paris. 1837. 

Post 8 Y(v uncut; uarce. 

1824 PSALMS. The Whole Booke of Psalmes faithfully 
/ Translated into English Metre, whereunto is prefixed a 

discourse declaring not only the lawfuUness, but also 
the necessity of the heavenly Ordinance of singing 
Scripture Psalms in the Churches of God. Imprinted 
1640. New York. 1862. 

St09 blue IcTant morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathewt ; thick p^pcr ; one of twelTe 
copies so printed. Fowle's copy sold for $60; Whiteman*s for $50. 

A literal reprint of the Bay Psalm Book ; being the earliest New England version of 
the Psalms, and the first book printed in America. 

1825 PSALTER or Psalms of David, Printed as they are to be 
^ ^^ sung or said in Churches. London, 1848. 

4to^ boards, uncut. A beautifully printed and rubricated Tolume, with woodcut 


1826 PUBLIC LAWS of the Confederate States of America 
^^ ^ ^ Passed at the First Session of the First Congress, 1862. 

Carefully collated with the Originals at Richmond. 
Edited by James Matthews . . . To be continued an* 

Richmond: R. Af, Smithy Printer to Congress. 1862. 

Royal 8to, sheep. Set Statutes. 

1827 PUGIN. Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Cos- 
^4/ ^^ ^^ tume. Compiled from Ancient Authorities and Exam* 

pies, by A. Welby Pugin, Architect. Illustrated by 
Extracts from the works of Durandus, Georgius, Bona, 
Catalan!, Gerbert, Martene, Molanus, Thiers, Mabillon, 

Ducangc, etc. Enlarged and revised by the Rev. Ber- 









nard Smith, M.A.9 of St. Marie's College, OscotL 
Third Edition. London. 1868. 

Imp. 4tD| half morocco, g Ut top, nocne. The standard work on Ecdeuaitical Oma- 
oiene, illuttratcd by 73 PtATif, all splendidly printed in gold and colon, 
and about 50 Woodcvts in the text, giving examples of the Coitume of 
the Roman, English^ French, and Qerman Bishops, Priests, and Detcoos, 
etc, etc 

1828 PURCHAS. Hakluytus Posthumus, or Purchas, his 

Pilgrimes, containing Peregrinations and Discoveries in 
the remotest North and East parts of Asia, called Tar- 
taria and Asia, by Englishmen and others, and Voyages 
and Discoveries of the North parts of the World, by 
Land and Sea, Polar Regions and North-West of 
America, also English Northern Navigation, and Dis- 
coveries of Greenland, the North- West Passage, and 
other Arctic Regions ; Voyages and Travels to and in 
the New World, called America, and of the Seas and 

Islands adjacent. 

London^ 1625-26. 

5 vols, folio, nisua, gilt edges. Engraved Titlb. 

^ We owe to the seal and vast erudition of this laborious man, one of the most cele- 
brated collection of Voyages which have ever appeared— valuable alike 
for the abundance of his materials and its importance to the histoiyof eaiiy 
discoveries, especially those of the English.** — Biog. Univenelle. 

Pnrchas says, in his pre&ce, that he has incorporated the lubttance of more than twelve 
hundred wricen of Voyages and Travels. Priced, in Qttartrich*s Cats- 
logue for 1869, £100. 

1829 PURVIANCE (R.) A Narrative of Events which Oc 

curred in Baltimore Town during the Revolutionary 
War. Baltimore, 1849. 

ismo, »1., pp. 331, doth. 

1830 PUTNAM (G. P.) American Facts. Notes and Sta- 

tistics Relative to the United States of America. 

London, 1845. 

Post Svo, boards, nnoit. 

PUTKAH. 37' 

I 1831 PUTNAM. Memoirs of the Life, Adventures, and 
'^^ \^^ Military Exploits of Israel Putnam, Senior Major~Gen- 
eral in the Revolutionary Anny of the United States, 
and next in Rank to Gen. Washington. Together 
with memoirs of Major General Lee. Dedicated to 
the Youth of America, 

Philadelphia : Publishtd and Sold by David Hegan. 
Stiles^ Printer. 1808. 
i4mo, pp. 107, red cnnhcd leruiC morocco, b; Mitcbewt. 

, 1832 PUTNAM. [Another edition.] New Yvrk. 1815. 

tJTl ^^ llmo, pp. log, red IcnnC morocco, gilt cdgct, b; Mattbewi. 



UINCY (J., Jr.) Observadons on the 

Act of Parlumentf commonly called 

the Boston Post-Bill i With thou^ 

on Civil Society and Standing Annies. 

Philadtlpbia. mdcclxziv. 

Sto, pp. 60, lenol iiMtocco, pit top, uucdc 

'834 QUINCY (J.) The History of Harvard Univcr^ty. 

Bottm. i860, 
s Tell., tofil Sra, ddth, oncvt. Platm *nd Wooiic«n.The nwM complete «i>fc an 

183s QUINCY. A Municipal History of the Town and City 
of Boston, During Two Centuries, From September 17, 
1630, to September 17, 1830. Baslen. 1852. 

1*0, clotb. 

1S36 QUINT (A. H.) A Sermon at the Election, Jan. 3, 
1866. BastfH. j866. 

Sto, hiir brown morocco, ^t top, nocot, b; Bndnnct. 





ABELAIS (F.) The Works of Francis 
Rabelais. Translated from the French. 
With Explanatory Notes by Du Chat, 
Motteux, Ozell, and others. 

London. 1807. 

4 vols., STOy calf, Lahcx Papxkj PoitritAiT. Inserted 
in the abo^e copy are 75 plates, from a French 
edition, all but 4 being proofs before the letters, 

1838 RABELAIS. [Another Copy.] London. 1807. 

4 vols., 8vo, calf, sprinkled edges. 
'' This translation is, by the best judges, accounted the most perfect ▼ersion of any aa« 
thor whatever ; as it preserves the spirit of the obscure, singular, and dif- 
ficult original in substantial vigor.** — WaANGHAM 


1839 RAFFLES (T.) Memoir of the Life and Public Services 

of Sir Thomas Raffles, particularly on the government 
of Java, with Details of the Commerce of the Eastern 
Archipelago. London. 1835. 

% vols., 8vo, cloth. Also an Atlas of Platis, many of which are colored. 

1840 RAFINESQUE (C. S.) Atlantic Journal and Friend of 
Knowledge. Philadelphia. 1 832-1 833. 

Svo, half calf, gilt. 

1841 RALEIGH (W.) The Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh : 
^ now first collected. With a Biographical and Critical 

Introduction : By Sir Egerton Brydges, K. J. 

Printed at the Private Press of Lee Priory : by 

Johnson and Warwick. 1 81 3. 

4to^ morocco, extra, morocco and vellum linings. icx> copies printed. Vtry Mane. 

From Dr. Morehead*s Library. 
^ A rt/buff of whom the Muses cannot but be pnmd.**— Hiadlst. 







1842 RALEGH. The History of the World. A New Edi- 
tion, revised and corrected. To which is added Sir W. 
Ralph's Voyages of Discovery to Guiana. 

Edinburgh. 1820. 

6 ToU., tvo, boards, uncut. 
*^ Hif style is pure, nenrous, snd majestic ; and much better sotted to the dignity of 
history than that of Lord Bacon.** — DaAKX. 




RAMSAY (A.) Poetical Works, complete, with a 
copious Glossary ; and Life of Allan Ramsay. 

London. 1800. 

% Tols., 8to, polished calf, extra gilty by RiTi^ j fine PoartArr and Facsdolx. 
But EnmoM, Splendid copy. Scsn§, Edited by O. Chalmers and 
Lord Woodhouselce. 

4844 RAMSAY (D.) The History of the Revolution of 
South Carolina, from a British Province to an Indepen- 
dent State. Maps. Trenton. 1785: 
[Also] The History of South Carolina, from its first Set- 
tlement in 1670, to the year 1808. Charleston. 1809 : 
[And] The History of the American Revolution. 

Philadelphia, m.dcclxxxix. 

Together 6 voU, Sto, polished calf, gilt top, tancut, by F. Bedford. A SrLXiioio Sxt. 
Vtry tegrcM in an vncut condition. 

1845 RAMSAY. Life of George Washington. 

New York. 1807. 

Ivoy boards. Sm mlm Washington (O.) 

yy^ 1846 RANTOUL (Robert, Jr.) An OratR>n, ... Gloucester 

...Fourth of July, 1877. SaUm. 1833. 

Syoi pp. 51, ttttcvc 


1847 RAPHAEL. Tableaux representant les faits le plus c6I£- 
bres du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament. 

Rme. 1788. 

OUfiOg 4M^ half calf} %% ^m^ Platbs cagnvcd by BiaachL 

MAD. 375 

1848 RAPHAEL. Les Vierges de RapbaeL Grav&s par les 
premiers Artistes Fran9ais. 

Paris^ Fume et Pirrotin, 

Foliot t% bcaudfiiUy engnvcd Platbi, and a fine PoaTSAxr on India paper. 

1849 RATHBUN Narrative of Jonathan Rathbun, with 
*^ ^^ Accurate Accounts of the Capture of Groton Fort, the 

j Massacre that followed, and the Sacking and Burning 

of New London, September 6, 1781, by the British 
Forces, under the command of the Traitor Benedict 
Arnold. By Rufus Avery and Stephen Hempstead, 
Eye-witnesses of the same. Together with an Interest- 
ing Appendix. [n. p. n. d.] 

zamoi Title, i 1 } pp. lo, cloth. 

1850 R[AY]. A Collection of English Proverbs. Digested 
^\^-<S^ into a convenient Method... with Short Annotations. 


By S. R., M. A. 

Camhridge: Printed hy John Hayes. 167O. 

161110^ half moroccoy ^t edges; with Aotograph of Archhithop Wranghanu X«r«. 

185 1 RAYMOND (G. F.) A New, Universal and Impartial 
History of England, ... to the . . . Year 1 727. 

London. [1788.] 

Folioy half calf j zio Plates from Drawings by Stothard, etc Some of the Plates 
are illustratiTe of Amskican Histokt, including a fine PoartAir of Am- 
naiy Surrender of Count dx Gbassi, etc. 

1852 RAYNAL (Abbe). Revolution jle TAmerique. 

London. 1781. 

1853 RAYNAL. The Revolution of America. 

/^ DubUn. BA^DCC^LXXXX. 

lamoi pp. XX., 244, calf. 

1854 READ (J M., Jr.) A Historical Inquiry concerning 






Henry Hudson, his Friends, Relatives and Early Life, 
his connection with the Muscovy Company and Dis- 
very of Delaware Bay. Albany, mdccclxvi. 

^rry half morocco^ gilt top, anctte; Lasox Pafxx; 0111725 copiei printed. Scmu 
a Platm and Aotogbatb of the Author imerted. 

1855 READ. [Another copy.] 

tvoy boardti anait| tmall paper. 

Alhanj. 1866. 

1856 RECORD (The) of the Court at Upland, in Pennsyl- 

vania, 1675 to 1681 ; and a Military Journal kept by 
Major E. Denny, 1781 to 1795. Philadelphia, i860. 

Sto, cloth } PoftTBAm of Majoi Dinmt and Osn. HAiuiAa, etc 

1857 RECORDS of Salem Witchcraft, copied from the Ori- 

ginal Documents. 

Roxburj : Privately printed fir W. EUiat Woodward. 

% Tola., 4t0| halflcvant morocco^ gilt top, tmcut j Laigb pArnu 

858 RECUEIL d'Antiquites Egyptiennes, Etrusques,Grecques 
et Romaines. A Paris. 1761-67. 

7 Tda.» 4tO| calf, gilt edgeaj fine set. Edited hy the Comte de Caylns. Conraint iip» 
wardi of 700 EitGaATiKGi. 

1859 RECUEIL d'Estampes Representant les Differents Even- 
emens de la Guerre qui a procure ^Independence aux 
Etats Unis de P Amerique. Paris [i 790.] 

Oblong 4t0y calf, gilt. A Series of 26 Stbu. EiioaAvniot, by Godfrey and M. 

Ponce, illustrative of the principal eventa of the ReToludonaiy War, 

with deacripdons, also engraved. 
Contains Visws of the Battles of Lexington and Saratoga, Sorrefider of Lord Con- 

wallis, etc 

i860 [REED (I.)] The Repositoiy: A Select Collection of 

'^y S/f 


REED. 377 

Fugitive Pieces of Wit and Humour, in Prose and 
Verse. By the most Eminent Writers. 

London: Dilly. m,dcc,lxxvii. 

4 V0I1.9 imall Svoy calf} icsnt. Edited by Itaac Reed. 

j86i [REED (J.)] Remarks j on a | Late Publication! in the| 
Independent Gazetteer ;| with a | Short Address | to the| 
People of Pennsylvania, | on the many | Libels and Slan- 
ders [which have I lately appeared against the Author. | 
Pbiladilphia : \ Printed by Francis Bailey^ in Market^ \ 

Street. M,DCC,LXXXUI. 

Sto, pp. 71. Errata 1 1. 

[Also] A I Reply | to | General Joseph Reed's | Remarks, | 
on a Late Publication! in the | Independent Gazetteer, 
With some Observations on his | Address | to the [People 
of Pennsylvania. | [By John Cadwallader.] 

Philadelphia : \ Printed and Sold by T. Bradford^ in 
Front^Street^ the Fourth\Door below the Cof^ 

fee-Home^ MDCCLXXXiii. j 

8vo, pp. 54. 

Tlicic OajcoiAL EDmom are two of the rarest pieces in Pennsylvvania literature. 
The occasion of the dispute was the assertion, by Gen. Cadwallader, that 
in Dec, 2776, before the battle of Trenton, Gen. Reed was so much de- 
pressed by the sad state of American afiairs as to mediute withdrawing 
from the service. This assertion Gen. Reed denies, and Gen. Cadwalla- 
der defends, in very heated and bitter language. The dispute was re* 
vived on the publication uf the ninth volume of Mr. Bancroft*! history. 
Stt Reed (W. B.) 

The only set of which we can trace the rale was Mr. Haseweirs copy, sold May, 1859. 
Tlie same volume contains — Adams*s History of the Dispute with America. 2784. 
Paine*s CommonSense. 1776. Paine*s Letter to Raynal. 2782. Etc. 

1862 REED. A Report of the Reed and Cadwallader Pam- 
phlets. With an Appendix. mdccclxiii. 

Sto^ haM morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Braditreet. Includes the privately printed 
^ Correspondence between Wm. B.Reed and John Pennington and Son,** 
ia relation to the reprint. 











4863 REED. [Another copy.] Pbiladilphn^ 1863. 

tvo» boardSy naciit. too copict priottd. Fovle't copj mU Ibr $9.00. 

1864 REED (W. B.) Life and Correspondence of Joseph 

Reed, Military Secretary of Washington, at Cambridge, 
Adjutant General of the Continental Army, etc. By 
his Grandson. Pbilaiilpbia. 1847. 

% mlia^TOy doth} PoKTBAiT laaotcd. Wight*! copy lold far $9.00} H. A. Siiiitb*i 
for $8a5. 

1865 [REED] Life of Esther de Berdt, afterwards Esther 

Reed, of Pennsylvania. 

Pbiladilpbitu 1853. 

ixmO| doch. PiiTatcIy printed. 

1866 REID (J.) Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica ; or, an Account 

of all the Books which have been printed in the Gaelic 
Language, with Bibliographical and Biographical 
Notices. Glaspnx). 1832. 

Sto, half calf. From John Allaa*i Ubraiy. 

1867 REMINISCENCES of the French War ; Containing 

Rogers' Expeditions with the New England Raiders 
under his command, as published in London in 1765 ; 
with Notes and Illustrations. To which is added an 
Account of the Life and Military Services of Maj. Gen. 
John Stark ; with Notices and Anecdotes of other Offi- 
cers, distinguished in the French and Revolutionary 
Wars. Concord N. H. : T. H. Roby. 1831. 

timoy pp. 275, boar^, uncut} PoariAiT. 

1868 REPORT of a French Protestant Refugee in Boston, 
1687 : Translated from the French. By E. T. Fisher. 

Broaifyny N. T. 1868. 

410^ oacnc. Privately printed. Bdition, 125 copiei. 

MYKARD. 379 

1869 RETROSPECT (A) of the Boston Tea-Party. With a 

\^?^ Memoir of George R. T. Hewes, a Survivor of the 

little Band of Patriots who drowned the Tea in Boston 

Harbour, in 1773. By a Citizen of New York. * 

I Niw Ywrk. 1834. 

iftiBOy pp. Z09, boards ; PoartArr. 

£/ i? <7 landen : C. and H. Baldwyn. 1820. 

[Also] The Retrospective Review and Historical and 
Antiquarian Magazine. Edited by Henry Southern, 
Esq.,... and N. H. Nicolas. Second Series. 

London: Baldwin [ttc,"] X827. 

[Followed by] The Retrospective Review. Consisting of 
Criticisms upon. Analyses of, and Extracts from Curi- 
ous, Valuable, and Scarce old Books. 

London : John Russell Smith mdcccuu. 

iS volt., Sto. Volt. X to X 6 in half rusaia; the remainder in numbcra. 

The tittce series complete forming " An excellent Review of early English Literature. 
The Criticisms in the first series were written by George Robinson, Esq., 
W. Gray, Esq., Mr. Sergeant Talfourd, Joseph Parkes, Esq., etc., the whole 
being under the superintendence of H. Southern, Esq. 'The second series 
was edited by Henry Southern and Nicholas Harris Nicolas. The papcn 
In the third series were chiefly written by Thomas Wright, Eiq.9 J. O. 
Halliwell, Esq., and M. A. Lower, Esq.** — I«owNDEt. 

Somcrby*! copy sold, in June, 1869, for $117.00. 

1871 RETZSCH (M.) OutUnes to SchUler's Fridolin. 
/ ^t? London. 1814. 

Oblong 4to, in cloth 


1872 REYNARD the Fox. After the German Version of 

^ ^ Goethe. By Th. J. Arnold, Esq. With Illustrations 

, from the Designs of Wilhelm von Kaulback. 

' New Tori [i. e. London], i860. 

Royal 8?o, morocco, extra, gilt. 





1873 REYNARD the Fox; a renowned Apologue of the Mid- 
dle Age, reproduced in Rhyme. Translated by S. 
Naylor, Esq. London : Longman, mdcccxlv. 

Ito, half morocco, uncut. A beautiful tpcdmen of printing, all the initials bang inred. 
Inserted in this copy are the 1 a iLtotTBA-nom by Jot« Wolf, eiecnt e d for 
Pickering*t edition. 




^^ '87 

1874 REYNOLDS (J.) The Pioneer History of Illinois, con- 
taining the Discovery, in 1673, ^^^ ^^^ History of the 
Country to the year 18 18. BillevilU^ HI. 1852. 

luno, doth. The author was Oovenior of Illinoia. 

.187s REYNOLDS (J. N.) Voyage of the United States 
Frigate Potomac, 1831-34. New York. 1835. 

StOi doth. Deicribei a CircumnaYigatioa of the Globe. 


^6 RHEES. The Altar of Peace, being the substance of a 
Discourse Delivered in the Council House, at Gren- 
ville, July 5th, 1795, before the Officers of the Ameri- 
can Army, and Major General Wayne, Commander in 
Chief, and Minister Plenipotentiary from the United 
States to treat with the Indian Tribes, North- West of 
of the Ohio. By Morgan J. Rhees. To which is pre- 
fixed An Address of the Missionary Society, with their 

Pbilaiilphia : Printed hf Ephram Conrad. 1798. 

tvoy Pp. 1 3» half Uue morocco. 

1877 RICH (O.) [A complete set of Mr. Rich's Bibliotheca 
Americana, consisting of the following Works.] 

London. 1832-1846. 

3 Tola.| 8to, green morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, by W. Mathews ; in which condi- 
tion utt are very rare, as mott of the copies of the ** Catalogne, i83i»** 
were cot when pablished. 

|. Catalogue of Books, 1493-1700. it3»s and Bib. Am. VeC.; pp. 16 and t. 

RI£D£S£L. 381 

II. Bibliotheca Americana Noto, 1 700-1 800. III. BibUotheca Amer- 
icana Nova, 1800-1844. • 
Sa fine and to complete a set of this scarce and valuable work, indispensable to the 
American collector, is seldom to be found. 

1878 RICHMOND (J. W.) Revolutionary Debt Repudiated 
/ i> ^ by Rhode Island. Second Edition. Providence, 1855. 

Svoy pp. 2o8 J Facsimilxs. An acrimonious assault on the State. 

1879 RICRAFT (Josiah), A Survey of England's Cham- 
/ /^ t^ pions, with the lively portraitures of the Several Com- •' 

manders. London, 1647. 

8 TO, boards, uncut ; many PoiTaAXTS. 
^ A (rand pmbyterian*** — Wood. This reprint was limited to 50 copies. 

1880 RIDGELY (D.) Annals of Annapolis, comprising no- 
^ ^ tices of that old city from 1649 to 181 2, with various the History of Maryland. 

Baltimore. 184 1. 

121B0, half green morocco, uncut, gilt top, by Bradstreet. Includes some letten from 
O. Washington, 

188 1 RIEDESEL {Madame De.) Letters and Memoirs Re- 
^ •^^ lating to the War of American Independence, and the 

Capture of the German Troops at Saratoga. Trans- 
lated from the original German. New York, 1827. 

lamoy half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Fine copy. 

1882 RIEDESEL. [Another Edition. Translated from the 
^^ Sic? Original German. By William L. Stone.] 

Albany, 1867. 

Royal 8vo; half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, elegantly tooled, by Matthews. 
Illustrated with numerous rare PoaTftAirs and Views, including the ex- 
tremely rare plate of Andre Hanging. Laagx Papie \ of which only 50 
were printed. Siu al» Munsell (J.) 










RIGGS (Samuel J.) Catalogue of a Remarkable Collec* 
lection of Books. Pbiladilpbia. 1849. 

STOy half calf. This was a large collection of Facedc^ 908 loti. Alio, anocber Cat- 
alogue of kindred books. 

1884 RIKER (James, Jr.) The Annals of Newtown, in 
Queens County, New York. New TirL 1852- 

8v0| half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by BndstneL 

^885 RILEY (H. T.) Chronicle of the Mayors and Shcrife 
of London. Edited by H. T. Riley. London. 1863. 

4to, vellum, red edgek 


RIPLEY (R. S.) The War with Mexico. 

New Tori. 1849. 

a Toll., Sto, half red lerant morocco^ gilt top, uncut y PoaTiAiTt inserted j vtry fine 
copy—now scarce. 

-1887 RITSON (Joseph). Robin Hood ; a Collection of All 
the Ancient Poems, Songs, and Ballads . . . relative to 
that Celebrated English Outlaw, [with] Historical 
Anecdotes of his Life. London: Pickering. 1832. 

a Tols., crown 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, by Hayday; Woodcuts by Bewick. 
Second Edition. " This edition contains sereral additions made by Ritson in his 
9wn copy, and the editor (his nephew] has added in the Appendix the 
Tale of Robin Hood and the Monk, which Ritson did not know was in 
existence. The Woodcuts are better struck off and dearer.** — Lowndis. 

^.^^1888 [RITSON.] Bibliographia Poetica : A Catalogue of 

English Poets. 1 300-1 700. London. 1802. 

Iftmo, purple calf; rare. For additions and alterations to this volume, see Cens. Lie, 
T. and vi. ; and Fry*s Bibliog. Mem., 7-1 1. 



1889 RITSON. Letters. London: W. Pickering. 1833. 

a vols«, post 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 


1890 RITSON. Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls. 
^ /3 London. 1827. 

Poit, 8vOy dothy uncat. 

1891 RIVINGTON (James). [A Collection of Tory Tracts 
o'O^ printed by James Rivington.] New Tor k. 1774-5. 

6 Tolg.9 tmall 8vo. All unifonnly bound in half red crushed levant morocco, gilt^ 
edges, by F. Bedford. 

L A Candid Examination of the Mutual Claims of Great Britain and the Colonies. 
New York : James Rivington. m.dcc.lxzt. 

11. Free Thoughts, on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress Held at Philadel- 
phia Sept. 5, 1774: wherein Their Errors are exhibited, their Reason- 
ing Confuted, and the faul Tendency of their Non-Importation, Non-Ex- 
portation, and Non-Consumption measures, are laid open to the plainest 
Undentandings. By A. Farmer. Printed in the year m.]>cc.lxxit. 
pp. 14, 

III« A Full Vindication of the Measures of the Congress from the Calumnies of their 
Enemies : In answer to a Letter under the signature of A. W. Farmer. 
Whereby hu Sophistry is exposed, his Cavils refuted, his Artifices detect- 
ed, and his Wit ridiculed ; In a General Address To the Inhabitants of 
America, and a Particular Address To the Farmers of the Province of 
New York. New York: Trinted by J'imes Rivington. 1774. Written 
by Alex. Hamilton when only eighteen years of age. 

IV. The Other Side of the Question ; or, A Defence of the Liberties of North-Amer- 

ica. In Answer to a late Friendly Address to All Reasonable Americans, 
on The Subject of our Political Confusions. By a Citizen. New- York : 
Printed by James Rivington, Hanover-Square, m.dcc.lxxiv. pp. 30. 

V. The Congress Canvassed ; or An Examination into The Conduct of the Delegates, 

at their Grand Convention, Held in Philadelphia, Sept. i, 1774, Ad- 
dressed, To the Merchants of New York, by A. W. Farmer, Author of 
Free Thoughts, etc. Printed in the year m,occ,lxxiv. pp. 27. 

' VL A View of the Controveny between Great Britain and her Colonies ; including a 
Mode of Determining their present Disputes, finally and effectually ; and 
of preventing all Future Contentions. New York : printed by James 
Rivington, m,i>cc,lxxxv. 

1892 ROBBINS (C.) History of the Second Church in Bos 
ton. Boston. 1852. 

8fOy pp. viil, 320} 5 Plato. 



/ .J^^ 


1893 ROBERTE the DeuylL A Metrical Romance from an 

Ancient Illuminated Manuscript. 

London: L Herbert. 1792. 

8tO| half red morocco, naait. 

1894 ROBERTS (W.) An Account of the First Discovery 

and Natural Histoxy of Florida • . . Map ... By T. Jef- 
ferys. London, mdcclxui. 

4to^ half morocco, fQt top} Mar. 

1 1895 ROBERTS (W.) History of Letter Writing from the 
Earliest Period to the Fifth Century. By William 
Roberts, Esq., Barrister at Law. 

London : William Pickering. MDCCCXLUI. 

Sto^ doth, nncat. A Selection of the best Epittlci of Antiquity, including CScen^ 
Pliny, Seneca, the early Fathers, and others, translated into English. 

!^^ J-X896 ROBERTSON (W.) The History of America. Boob 
K . TY ^^A V TValpoU, N. H. 1800. 




IX and X. 

iSmo, pp. 191, half green morocco. 

1897 ROBIN {Ahhe). New Travels] through JNorth-Amcri- 
ca:|In a Series of Letters ; | Exhibiting, the History of 
the Victorious Campaign of the Allied Armies, under 
His Excellency, Gen. Washington, | and the Count de 
Rochambeau, in the Year 1 78 1 , . . . Also, | Narrations 
of the capture of General Burgoyne, | and Lord Corn- 
wallis, with their Armies . . . Translated from the Origi- 
nal of the Abbe Robin i|one of the Chaplains to the 
French Army in Ameiica. 

Philadelphia, mdcclxxxiu. 

8vo, panelled calf. First edition j nttrj umret, 

; 1898 ROBINSON (William). Several) Epistles | Given forth 
by Two of the I Lords Faithful Servants, | Whom he 

ROGERS. 385 

sent to I New-England, | to j Bear Witness to his Evcrr 
lasting Truth, j And were there (by the Priests, Rulers, 
and Professors) I after cruel and long Imprisonment, and 
inhumane | Whippings and Banishment, put to death ; 
for I no other Cause, but for keeping the | Command- 
ments of God, and | Testimony of Jesus. | William Rob- 
inson. I William Leddra. | Here is also prefixed W. R. 
his Testimony of his call to | that Service, for obedience 
unto which, he under- 1 went the wrath of Men, but 
hath obtained | Everlasting Peace and Rest with God. | 
[Motto.] London: Printed in the Year 1669. 

Soull 4tOy pp. z I, brown calf, by F. Bedford. One of the rarest of the Tracts relating 
to the Peraecutions of the New England Quaken by the Puritani. 


1899 ROBINSON (W. D.) Memoir of the Mexican Rcvo- 
/ O'/^ lution. London. 1821. 

a Tols.y 8to, half calf, gilt ; PoiTmArr of Mini. 

1900 ROCHE. Catalogue of the Library of Richard W. 
<r^^S^ Roche. New York. 1867. 

8vo, boards, ancnt. One of a few copies printed on Thick Papik. 

} 1901 ROCHESTER (Earl). Arbor Vita: or, the Natural 
^ ^^ History of the tree of Life. 

London : E. Hill. MDCCXLi. 

Folio } Laigut Papbi, One of five copies reprinted on this size for H. W. Smith, 
of Philadelphia, 1865. This facetious work is attributed to Earl Rochet- 
tor, and is a very witty though grossly indecent work. 

1002 ROGERS. A Concise Account of North America: 
/ 9 ^^y Containing A Description of the several British Colo- 

nies, etc. Also, of the Interior or Westerly Parts of 
the Country, upon the Rivers St. Lawrence, Missis- 
sippi, Christino, and the Great Lakes. To which is 

' subjoined an Account of the several Nations and Tribes 





of Indians residing in those Parts. London : Printed for 
the Author, mdcclxv. [Also] Journals of Major Rob- 
ert Rogers: Containing An Account of the several 
Excursions he made under the Generals who com- 
manded upon the Continent of North America, during 
the Late War. 

London : Printed for the Author, mdcclxv. 

Together, Sto, a toIs., poUthed calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; PomAir of Rogeti 

** Major Rogers headed, with much reputation, the proTiocial troops called Rangers, 

during the whole course of what were called the French wan in America. 

To this brave, actire, judicious officer, it is, that the public are indebted 

for the most satisfactory account yet published of the interior parts of 

America.** — Monthlt Rbyikw. 


1903 ROGERS (S.) Italy, A Poem. 1830. [And] Poems 
By Samuel Rogers. London: T. CadelL 1834. 

% Tok., Svo, calfj with the Titles oi the Plates neatly written in red ink. The 
OaxGiNAL EomoKs, profusely illustrated with upwards of loo 
Enceatings by Fmden, firom Pictures by Stothard and Turner. 

1604 ROGERS (W. H.) Spiritual Conceits, Extracted from the 
Writings of the Fathers, the Old English Poets, etc. 
Illustrated by W. Harry Rogers. 

London : Griffith and Farran, MDCCCLxn. 

Small 4to, morocco, gilt edges. 



905 ROMANCE OF HISTORY. England, by Henry 
Neele. 3 vols. Spain, by Don T. De Trueba. 3 vols. 
France, by Leitch Ritchie. 3 vols. Italy, by C. Mac- 
farlanc. 3 vols. India, by Rev. H. Caunter. 3 vols. 

London. 1828-35. 

15 Tols., uniformly bound in half purple calf, gilt (ercept England, which is purple 
calf, gilt). A complete set of this very entertaining series of books. 

1906 ROORBACH (O. A.) Bibliotheca Americana. Cata- 




logue of American Publications, including Reprints and 
Original Works, from 1820 to 1852. 

New York. 1852. 

1907 ROSSETTA STONE. Report of the Committee ap- 
pointed by the Philomethean Society of the University 

of Pennsylvania to translate the Inscription on the 
! Rossetta Stone. Second Edition. 

{Philadelphia. 1858.] 

Imp. 4to, half morocco. Unique Co?y of thu curious and valuable work; the 
Platis being each mounted on drawing paper, within a gilt border. In- 

I terted is a letter in Ucsimile from Alex. Von Humboldt, concerning the 

work : the translaton were Messn. Hale Jones and Morton, and great 

I credit is due to them for the manner in which the work is executed. 

1908 ROUX DE ROCHETTE. Etats-Unis d'Amerique. 
^ : ^*' Paris, [n. d.] 

' 8tO| doth. Contains upwards of 100 Plates } one of which represents the Capture 
of Andr6. 



1909 ROXBURGHE LIBRARY. [A Series, so far as pub- 
^ ^yy^ lished, of this Collection of old English Authors.] 

^ London. 1868-9. 

6 vols., 4to, half morooco, uncut. 

Coosisting of the following works — 

L Paris and Vienne. Thystorye of the Noble Ryght Valyaunt and Worthy Knyght 
Parys and oi the fayr vigenne the Daulphyns daughter of Vyennoys 
From the unique copy printed by William Caxton at Westminster in the 
year mcccclxxxv. With a Preface, Glossary, and Notes. z868. 

II* Inedited Tracts 1 Illustrating the Manners, Opinions, and Occupations of English* 
men during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Now first repub- 
lished from the Original Copies, with a Preface and Notes. 

JH. The Whole Works of William Browne ... now first corrected and edited, ... 
by W. C. Haslitt. 3 vols,, 4to. 

IV. The English Drama and Suge under the Tudor and Stuart Princes, j 543-1 664. 
Illustrated by a Series of iJocumentii Treatises and Poems. 1869. 







I ^^ I 

1910 ROXBURGHE. A Catalogue of the Library of John 
Duke of Roxbui]ghe. LonJon. 1812. 

8vo, half morocco^ nacst 

III ROWSON. Miscellaneous Poems. By Susanna Row- 
son, Preceptress of the Ladies' Academy, Newton, 
BostQn : Printed for the Author by Gilbort & Dicn. 1804. 

ismo, pp. aay, old calf. 

1912 ROYAL GALLERY of Pictures. Beii^ a Selection 
of Cabinet Paintings in Her Majesty's Private Collec- 
tion. London, 1850. 

4to^ half morocco. The Pictures are by Rembrandt, Vandyck, Douw, Van Oitade, 
Cuyp, Reynoldty Potter, Titian, Tenien, Rubens, etc. 

J 813 RULES I and j Articles, | for the better | Government | of the | 
Troops I Raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay by and 
at I the joint Expense of the | Twelve United English 
Colonies | of | North America. | 

Philadelphia :\ Printed by fVilliam and Thomas Bradford. 1775. 

Small 4to, pp. 1 6, half blue morocco. 

1914 RUSH (Benj.) An Account of the Life and Character 
of Christopher Ludwick, Late Citizen of Philadelphia, 
and Baker-General of the Army of the United States 
during the Revolutionary War. Philadelphia, 1 831. 

X2mo, half bound. 

X915 RUSH (R.) Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of 
London. By Richard Rush, Envoy Extraordinary and 
Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States of 
America, from 181 7 to 1825. Second Edition, Re- 
vised and Enlarged. Philadelphia. 1835. 

8to^ half morocco, uncut. Stt Washington (George). 

RUTTY. 389 

1816 RUSSELL. Memorials of the Lifo and Works of 
Thomas Fuller, D.D. By the Rev. Arthur T. Rus- 
sell, B.C.L. London. ' x^/^. 

Foolscap 8TO9 uncut. Contains AoroiaArH of Pickering. 

1917 RTJSSELL'(John).'' liifebF William Lord Russell. 
^ ^^ ■ 'London. 1853. 

Crown 8 vo, tree calf, gilt. 

I9fl8 RUSSELL (W.) HistoryV America/ london. 1778. 

*^^ ft Tols., 4to, half calf. 

I . 

igig RUSTICUS. Remarks on a Late Pamphlet entitled 
/ ^P^^/ ' Plain Truthr By Rusticus. 

Philadelphia. M,DCC,LXXVi. 

" 'Wo, half brown moroccoi gilt top. 

1920 RUTGERS. The Case of Elizabeth Rutgers versus 
^ ^^ ' Joshua Waddihgtbni Determined in the Mayor's Court, 

in the City of New York, August 7, 1786. With an 
Historical Introduction by Henry B. Dawson. 

' Morrisania^ N.'T. 1866. 

4t0y half morocco^ gilt top } Laics PAm \ No. 4 of 25 copies printed. 

RUTGERS. [The Same.] Morrisania^ N. T: 1866. 

8 TO, paper, uncut; loo copies printed in this sise. 

* 1921- RUTTY (J.)-^ The I Liberty 1 6f the | Spirit] and of the] 
^ ^^^ Flesh Distinguished : | In an Address to those Captives 

in Spirit I among the People called Quakers^ who are| 
commonly called Libertines. | By John Rutty, | An un- 
" worthy Member of that Community. 

Dublin: Printed^ Philadelphia: Re-prineed by B. 

Franklin andD. HalU 1759. 

tTO| pp. 64, calf}/M <^. 



^; , ABIN (J.) A BibUogni^ual Catalogue 

*" of the Waltonian Library, bclon^ng to 

j the Estate of Robert W. Coleman. 

Nmi rtrk. 1866. 

Ivc, aouL 75 topic* onljr, primely priatcd. TUi 

' Library waa collcctU by tbc Utc Rtt. Dr. 

BetliuDc. Tba woodcut inliul it iM it* 

lauUil for 1 pntnit. 

ibliotheca Dramatica. Catalogue of the 
id Miscellaneoui Library of the Late 'H^iU 
i on... Sold... i860. Nnu ruri. \%hi. 

df morocco, |itt cop; Lam* Patu **VJi PonUtT. 
by tbi compile!. 

f?- 1924 [SABIN.] Catalogue of the Rare, Curioui and Valuable 
/ , Collection of Books, Tracts, Autographs, etc., of the 

late Mr. £. B. Corwin. New York. 1856. 

Kofil (to, pp. lii., 16], ODCM) Liuui* Patu copj. toe copa priatcd. 


' 1925 SABIN. A Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, En- 
gravings, etc., belon^ng to the Estate of John Allan. 
JVm- nri. 186+. 
Rojil 1*0, ancnC) Laiqi Patiki with Paa'nuuT. too coptci only priiit«d,na>e ti 
wliicli were dcMnijred bjr fire. 

, ' 1926 SABIN. Catalogue of the Entire Library of Andrew 

/ -2*-5 Wight. New Teri. 1864. 

I Rqjnl Its, uncnt; Laioi pAtu. Rlcb la Fnnklio imprinti and other tut books. 

I Sold by BiicboD, 1164. The pricci realiied at thii lalc lure BCTcr becD 


8AFPORD. 39' 

1927 SABIN. Catalogue of the Libnury of Edwin Forrest. 

Pbiladilphia. 1863. 

8?«^ WKot; PorriArr. 175 copies priTatdy printed. Rich in Shaketpcariui and 
Dnmittc Licenture. 

1928 SABIN. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, 
yX ^49 From its Discovery to the Present Time. By Joseph 

Sabin. Fourteen parts. New Tori. 1867-69. 

Royil %wOf imcat; Laslom Paps*. 100 copies printed. Parts I. to XIV., are now 
ready for delivery. The purchaser at thir sale will have to assume the 
subscription undertaken by Mr. Rice. It is the most complete work of 
the kind, and indispensable to the collector of an American, library. For 
ferther particulars see the cover of this Catalogue. 

1929 [SABIN]. Shakspeariana Burtonensis : being a Catalogue 
«y2^ of the Extensive Collection of Shakspeariana of the 

late William E. Burton, Esq., of New York, etc. 

New Tori. i860. 

Royal Svo, pp. j% ; Laios Patek. 100 copies printed. 

1930 SABINE (L.) Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the 
/ CL^ American Revolution, with an Historical Essay. By 

Lorenzo Sabine. Boston. 1864. 

a vols., 8vO| boards, usciit. 

1931 SAFFORD (W. H.) The Blennerhassett Papers, em- 
kX ^^7 bodying the Private Journal of Harman Blennerhassett, 

and the hitherto unpublished correspondence of Burr, 
Alston, Comfort Tyler, Devereaux, Dayton, Adair, 
Moir, Emmett, Theodosia Burr Alston, Mrs. Blenner- 
hassett, and others, their Contemporaries. 

Cincinnati. 1864. 

Svo, cloth, uncut. 





\^ SAFFORD. The Life of Harman Blennerhassett, com- 
prising an Authentic Narrative of the Burr Expedition ; 
and Containing Many Additional Facts not heretofore 
published.. Gndnnati. 1853. 

y^;^^!i933 SAGITTARIUS'S Letters | and | Political Speculations,] 

Extracted [Fxoni the Public Ledger. | Humbly inscribed! 
To the very Loyal and Truly Fious Dr. Samuel | 
Cooper, Pastor of the Congregational Church in Brat- 
tle I Street. [ 

Bpstmt : I Printed by Order of the Select Men^ and Sold at 
Dona\tion HaU^for the benefit of the distressed 

Patriots^ mpcclxxv. 

Sto, tide and pp. lay, half red morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedfonl. 

M A itrong^Tqry, iiiui-Padtanica) pablicatioo, fitll of hits against th; PUgrim Fatjim 
and their descendants, with a_ great deal of penonal .gjo^ip, and, on the 
whole, a book of considerable historic interest. ,To the New York, 
Philadelphia and Southern antiquarian explorers after scrapi against the 
early New Englanders, this little volume will prove a mine, and afiord 
salt and spice enough for many fourth of July orations.' 


1934.SAINT (The) apd the ?inner.^ Jl [Poetfcai;iTale. . ^. 

JVitt/JtJri. 1854. 

8vO| doth. Somewhat ftcedoySt , 

1935 SAINTE-CHAPELLE (La) Histoire Archeologiquc, 
^ descriptive et Graphlque de, pa/ MM. Ppcloux, Archi- 

tected et Doury, Peintre. 

Paris: MoreL 1865. 

Folio, half morocco ; 25 Platxs, ^5 on India paper, and 20 beautifully executed in 
colors. This woirk is alike valuable to the architect, painter, or tourist. 

*' La Saint'ChaptlUf cette mervcille du rooyen age, est remarquable par Tunite de son 

• * « « « 

ensemble, I'clegance de u forme, la variete et la richesse de son ornamcB* 


I 1936 ST. CLAIR (A.) A Narrative of the Manner in which 
/ : the Campaign against the Indians, in the Year 1791, 

was Conducted, under the Command of Major-General 
St. Clair, etc. Pbiladilpbia. 1812. 

8 TO, half red morocco, gilt cop, uncut, bj Bndttreet. 

1937 ST. JOHN (J. A.) History of the Manners and Cus- 
^ ^^ toms. Arts, Sciences, etc., of Ancient Greece. 

London. 1842. 

) Toll., 8vo, doth. « A masterly picture of the Hellenic fiimily, not in their political 
relations only, bat in the still more attractire aspect of their social history 
and domestic life.** — Atheugtwm, 

1938 ST. JOHN (J. Hector). Letters from an American Far- 
-^- *^^ mer, describing Provincial Manners, Customs, &c. 

London. 1782. 

Sto, calf; fnt cfy. 

1939 ST. JOHN, Lettres d'un Cultivateur Americain, ecrites 
^^ a W. S. Ecuyer, 17 70-1 781. Paris. 1784. 

% volf., 8vo, calf J fnt §id eofy, ** One of the few well-written books produced by 
American authors.** — H axlitt. 

1940 SALEM WITCHCRAFT; Comprising More Won- 
ders of the Invisible World, Collected by Robert Calef, 

and Wonders of the Invisible World, by Cotton Mather. 
Together with Notes and Explanations by Samuel P. 
Fowler. Boston: fFm. Vea%ii. mdccclxv. 

4tOy half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; PomTaAir of Cotton Mather; LAacxPAFUi; 
only 100 copies printed. For a severe tritipu on thii reproduction, tu 
[Deane (C)], Lot No. 540. 

1941 SALLUST. La Conjuracion de Catalini y La Guerra 
// iZ/^ de Jugurta por Cayo Salustio Crispo. [Colophon.] 

En Madrid: Por Joachin Ibarra^ 
Impressor di Camara del Rei Nuestro SiHor. M.DCC.LXXli. 




Rl. 4C0| bloe morocco, lilk liningt, gUt cdgci} Platsi; Lamom PAm^ m m^mfatiu 
vbtme^ and one of the moit perfect ipedroens of printing and embellish* 
ment ever produced. It contain! the original Ladn at the bottom of the 

, P*SCS9 *B^> *t the end, notes by the learned P. Bayer. Moct of the copies 

printed were distribnted u presents. Among the plates is a series of 
RoifAM Coofs. 


1942 SALT (H.) A Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels in the 
Interior, with an Account of the Aborigines. 

Lomkn, 1 8 14. 

4tO| half morocco ) Jhu efy^ with Tribty^iz Cboick Enobayings by Heath. Dr. 
Dibdin, after speaking in the highest terms of Brace, says : *' If I am 
uked by the economical collector, to give op Bruce or Mr. Salt, I shall 
onhesitatingly say, Ibrego the former and secure the latter.** 

1943 [SAMPSON (Deborah).] The Female Review ; | or, | Me- 
moirs I of an I American Young Lady : | whose Life and 

Character are Peculiarly Distin-jguished — being a Con- 
tinental Soldier, for nearly | Three Years, in the late 
American War. | During which time, | she performed the 
duties of every department, | into which she was called, 
with punctual exactness, | fidelity and honor, and pre- 
served her chastity in- 1 violate by the most artfiil con- 
cealment of her sex. | ... By a Citizen of Massachusetts. 

Didbam. M,DCC,xcru. 

iftmo, pp. a59| (4), red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; PoaraArr; 
with a receipt for a pension, signed ** Deborah Gannett,** inserted. This 
rsn vlmme usually lacks the portrait of Deborah. 


yf^ y^y^\ '944 SAMPSON, The Female Review. Life of Deborah 

Sampson, the Female Soldier in the War of the Revolu- 
tion. With an Introduction and Notes by John Adams 
Vinton. Boston: y, K, ff^iggin. mdccclxvi. 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; Laegx PAPxa; 35 copies printed. 

y ^ . 1945 SAMPSON. [Another copy.] Boston, mdccclxvi. 

Fcap 410, uncut $ 250 copies printed. 



1946 SAMUELS (E. A.) Ornithology and OSlogy of New 
^ ^^ England : containing Full Description of the Birds of 

New England, and adjoining States and Provinces. 
With Illustrations of many Species of the Birds, and 
accurate Figures of their Eggs. Boston. 1868. 

4C0, cloth, DDCut ; a beautiful voluuu, 

1947 SANDERSON (J.) Biography of the Signers to the 
^ w ^ Declaration of Independence. By John Sanderson, 

[and others]. Phila.: Joseph M. Sanderson. 1820. 

9 Tola., Sto^ half red levant morocco, uncat; jint copy^ with all the PoftTtAirs; Fowle*s 
copy told for $8i. 

1948 SANDERSON. [Another copy.] Pbiladtlpbia. 1820. 

' y ^ 9 vols., Svo, boards, uncut; fm evfy, 

1949 SANDERSON. [Another Edition.] Phila. i860. 

^ ^^' 4to, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

^ 1950 SANDYS (George). Christ's Passion. A Tragedy j 
^ ^^ with Annotations. The Second Edition, Illustrated 

with Scvlptvres. London. 1687. 

Sm. Svo, calf} fine cfy. This tragedy it much praised by Langbaine. The author 
was Secretary to the Colony of Virginia. Su Ofid, Lot No. 16S9. 

195 1 SANNAZARIIS. laobi Sannazarii Opera Omnia, Lat- 
^ ^^ ine Scripta. Ex Bihliotbica Aldina Venetiis. m.d.lxx. 

Sm. Sto, red morocco ; PoBTaAiT. One of the earliest books on the art of angling, 
printed by Aldus. * A beautiful and rare edttiou, 

1952 SARCASTIC NOTICES of the Long Parliament; A 
I? -^c5 ' List of the ** Members that Held places, both Civil and 

Military, Contrary to the Self-Denying ordinance of 
April 3rd, 1645; ^'^^ ^^^ Sums of Money and Lands 
which they Divided among themselves.'' London. 1863. 

Sm. 4to, half morocco, uncut Oives many curious particulars about this famous 
assembly not mentioned by historians or biographers. 

39^ SAVAGE. 

^^1953 SARGENT (Gov.) Papers in Relation to the Official 

Conduct of Governour Sargent. Boston. 1801. 

8 TO, pp. 64, vncnC 

A^'954 SARGENT {Major W.) A Journal of the General 
I Meeting of the Cincinnati, in 1784. By Major Win- 

throp Sargent, Edited by Winthrop Sargent. Thirty- 
nine Copies Reprinted. Philadelpbia. 1859. 

Svo, pp. 59. 

^ ^955 SARGENT (W.) The History of An Expedition against 
" Fort du Quesne, in 1755; under Major General Ed- 

ward Braddocky Generalissimo of H. B. M. Forces in 
America. Edited from the original Manuscripts, by 
Winthrop Sargent. Philadelphia, 1856. 

Sto, cloth \ Platis and Maps. 

• ^ 1956 SARGENT. Life and Career of Major John Andre, 

Adjutant General of the British Army in America. 

Boston. 1 861. 

Svo, dothy uncut} PomTBAir; Labgi Pavbk; only 75 copies printed. A work of 
great merit, now usrct, 

1957 SARGENT. The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution, 
Edited by Winthrop Sargent. Phila. mdccclvu. 

Sm. 4to^'half green morocco^ gilt top, uncnt; 99 copies printed; rf great rarity, 
Fisher's copy sold for $85. 

y^ ^- 1958 [SAUNDERS.] Festival of Song; a series of Evenings 

with Poets. With Seventy-three Pictures by memben 
of the National Academy of Design. Engraved by 
Robbett and Hooper. Ntw Tmrk. 1866. 

Imp. droy green morocco, gUt edges. 

1959 SAVAGE (J.) An Oration ... July 4, 181 1. ... Boston. 
Second Edition. Boston. 181 1. 

Sto. pp. aI| uncut. 

8CHBDBL. 397 

i960 SAVANNAH. The Siege of Savannah, by the Corn- 
el ^^ bined American and French Forces, under the Com- 
mand of Gen. Lincoln, and the Count D'Estaing, in 
the Autumn of 1779. Albany: y. MunselL 1866. 

4to, hilf leTaot morocco, gUt top, uncat; 100 copiei printed. Set Lot No. 391. 

1961 SAVERIEN (M.) Histoire des Philosophes Modernes 
^ y^ ' avec leur portrait grave dans le gout du crayon, d'apres 

les desseins des plus grands peintres. Paris. 1763. 

7 voli., 4to, half calf. A teries of very rare PoaTtArrt and Platm, with biographies. 

1962 SCHEDEL (H.) Chronicon Nurembergense, auctore 
y ^^ Hartmanno Schedel. Registrum hujus operis libri 

cronicarum cu figuris et ymagibus ab inicio mudi. 

Nuremberge : Antbonius Koberger, 1493. 

Folio, in the original binding; Gothic Lrrna. Tku copy mesutret i%\ hcMes in keigkt 
i^ iz} imciet in toidtk, wAick renders it, proheihly^ om or tbx laegut 
ever offered f»r sale here. It has always been styled, by way of distinction, 
the <' NvuMBBfto CHaoNiCLi," and scarcely any volume has been so cele- 
brated for a long series of years. The ENGKATmcs, vhich are nfiwardi ef 
zftoo in nvmher^ are in Woop, and were executed by Michael Wolgemut 
and Pleydenwurf, the former of whom was the master of Albert Diirer ; 
the subjects are Poktbaiti or Illusteious CHAiAcrxu, Vixws or Towns, 
etc. This Tolume contains the supplemental leaves, which are often 

The original edidon of one of the most extraordinary and curious productions of the 
fifteenth century, which can never ftil to be highly interesting to the lover 
of ancient engraving and printing. The fine woodcuts present the fint 
successful imitation of the cross-hatchings of a pen drawing. If Koberger 
had printed only this chronicle, he would have done enough to place hb 
name among the most distinguished of his typographical brethren } but he 
has other and nearly equal claims to a very marked celebrity. See the 
** Bibliotheca Spenceriana,** where no less than twenty-six pages are devoted 
to an account of the work, accompanied by ftcsimiles of many of the very 
singular woodcuts. Hearne, in the prefice of ^ Robert of Gloucester,** 
aays : '* For my part, the of^ner I consult this chronicle, the more I won- 
der at the things in it, and I cannot but esteem the book as extremely 
pleasant, useful, and curious, by reason of these very odd cuts.** 

39^ 8COTT. 

/ ^^/i '963 [SCHOOLCRAFT (Henry R.)] Hcldcrbcrgia : or the 
I Apothesis of the Heroes of the Anti-Rent War. 

' Albany: MunseU. 1865. 

Sto, pp. 54y half red moroccO| gilt topi nncnty hf Bnubtreet. Jtmtymmulf frbuUfv 

J$. .6~^ 

tkt muUr, 

1964 SCHOOLCRAFT. Notes on the Iroquois: or Con- 
tributions to American History, Antiquities and Gen- 
eral Ethnology. New Tork. 1846. 

8t(s half morocco, uncat. 

^ 1965 SCOTCH Presbyterian Eloquence displayed; or, the 

Foolishness of their Teaching discovered from their 
Books, Sermons, and Prayers, interspersed with some 
genuine Adventures in Love, etc. 1731. 

Sto, calf; eurhmt Vnottrmnwa in the style of Hogaith, 

^- ^ 1966 SCOTLAND ILLUSTRATED, in a series of Views 

taken exclusively for this work, by Bartlett, Allom, &c. 

London, 1838. 

z ToU^ 4to, morocco, gilt cdgcf ; Fan* Editioh. 

A^ ^^ 1967 SCOTT {Sir W.) Waverley Novels. 

E£nburgb: A. bT C. Black. 1856. 

15 Yolt., Sto, red morocco ezba, gilt sides and edges ; Sufbkb Copy ; hm Bhrsrj 
eMtiom^ containiog all the latest corrections and additiona of the avtliar, 
heautijullj frinud in Isrge tyfe, with an exttuMtve amd heamti/ml teria tf 
EzTBA ENoaATOiGB. An elegant copy of this edition, illoMrated with 
upwards of 150 extra and highly finished engrarings, from pictures by C. 
Stanfield, Leslie, Nasmyth, etc., and including namerouB portraita. 

^27 '968 SCOTT. The Vision of Don Roderick J A Poem. 

E£nkurgb. 181 1. 

410, calf; Fust Edition. 


^ 1969 SCOTT. Rokeby, A Poem. lUustiated Edition. 
^ ^y London. 1841. 

^ iSmo, morocco, gilt edges; nomeroos Stbbl Platis; g—dimfnui»mu 


' 1970 SCOTT. A Series of Illustrations of the Poetical Works 
/ a%3 of Sir Walter Scott from Paintings by R. Smirke. 

London. 1823. 

iimo} 10 Pt^ATia. 


1 . 197 1 SCOTT. Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery 

^dT^ . of Scotland, with Descriptive Illustrations by Sir Walter 

jft^//(^' l^7%zoXX. London. 1826. 

2 volt, in I ; 53 Platss, after Turner, Calcott, Natmyth, Blore, Thompson, etc., en- 
I graved by Le Keux, Cooke, Blore, etc., tome of them stained \ proof im- 

I preuiont of the platet; Laegb Papim. 

^ 1972 SCOTT (W.) Memoirs of Lieut. Gen. Winfield 
^^^ Scott, LL.D. Written by Himself. New York. 1864. 

RL Svo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews j Laeob PAFBa|; only 100 
copies printed. This elegant copy contains 70 rart Poxtiaits and Plates 

1973 SCOTT. [Another copy.] New York. 1864. 

•^ O ^ JU. Sto, doth, oncot; Lasgx Papxb. 

1974 [SCOVILLE (Joseph).] Old Merchants of New York 
^ ^^ City. New York. 1863. 

4 vols., lamo, cloth. Complete sets are scarce. 

1975 SpR API AN A} or Elegant Extracts of Wit. 

T^^in I, iSmo, half green morocco, oncut. A uarct amd atrious collection 0/1365 

\^ ^f Cf 

1976 SCULPTURE (The) Gallery. A Series of Eighty one 
Engravings. Accompanied with Descriptive Prose 
and Illustrated Poetry by James DafForne, Esq., J. K. 
Hervey, Esq., and other Living Authors. Preceded by 
An Historical and Critical Essay on Sculpture, Ancient 
and Modern. London: Virtut and Co. [n. d.] 


. ^ jr977 SEAFIELD(F.) The Literature and Curiosities of 
^ Dreams. A common-place book of Speculations con- 

cerning the Mysteries of Dreams and Visions. 

Loiukn, 1866. 

% rob., poet Svo, balf calf, gik. 

^^^ 1978 SECOND APPEAL (A) to the Justice and Interests of 

the People, on the Measures respecting America. By 
the Author of the First. London, lyjS^ 

Sto, half bonndy oncat. 

^y 1979 SECRET HISTORY of the Calves-Head Club. 
X London. 1706. 

Sto, calf; acsret. 


1 1980 SECRET JOURNALS of the Acts and Proceedings of 
Congress, from the first meeting thereof to the Disso- 
lution of the Confederation. Boston. 1826. 

4 YoU.y 8?0y half blue morocco, gilt cop, oncat. 

yy ^^; 1981 SECUNDUS (J, N.) The Epithalamium ; or, Nuptial 

Song. By Joannes Nicolalus Secundus. Translated 
I by Dr. John Nott. Pbila. : Prsvatofy PrinUd. 1856. 

4tOy half bloe morocco \ 10 copies priated. 

^ ^^ 1982 SEDGWICK (Theodore). A Memoir of the Life of 

William Livingston, Member of Congress in I774> 
1775, and 1776, Governor of New Jersey from 1776 
to 1790, &c. Niw Tork. 1833. 

Sto, half green moroccoy gilt top, uncut. 

^^^^^^1983 SELDEN (J.) The Table Talk of John Selden. With 
I a Biographical Preface and Notes by S. W. Singer. 

London, i860. 

Crown StO) tree calf, gilt eiigety by Riridre \ PoaTtAir ; Labob Papkk ; few printed. 

I '* There b more weighty bullion tense in tbit boolc than I ever found in the aune 
I number of pages of any uninapired writer.** — CoLsamoi. 


1984 SERIES (A) of Small Episodes in the Life of a Recluse. 
^ ^^ London. Pickering. 1851. 

Fcap Svo, doth, uncut. 

1985 [SERLE (Ambrose).] Americans against Liberty ; or an 
/ O/? Essay on ... True Freedom, ... [n. p. n. d.] 

Sto, pp. 64, half morocco, gilt top. 

1986 SENTER (I.) The Journal of Isaac Senter; ... on a 
^ ^1/ Secret Expedition against Quebec, under the Command 

of Col. Benedict Arnold, in September, 1775. 

Philadelphia. 1846. 

8to, pp. 40, uncut. 

1987 SEROUX D'AGINCOURT. History of Art by its 
J ^^ u- u^ Monuments from its Decline in the 4th Century to its 

- ^ '' X/v / Resto ration in the i6th. Translated from the French, 
/ /^ ^oy Owen Jones. London. 1847. 

3 Tob. in I, folio } contains 318 Platu, including 3335 subjecti on architecture^ 
Kulpture, and painting. This fine work was the first in which the idea of 
exhibiting the progress of art, by a series of its noblest monuments, was 
perfectly carried out. By a series of accurate engrarings from celebrated 
monuments, we trace the transitions of art from the classic period to our 
own times. Sculpture, painting, the art of illuminaaon, and the art of 
engraving on wood, on gems, and on medals, are similarly fcprcscnted. 


1988 SEVENTY SIX SOCIETY. [The Publications of the 
Seventy Six Society, consisting of the following works.] 

Philadelphia. 1855-57* 

Together, 4 toIs., 8 to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; only 150 sets printed. 

i. Pnpcn in relation to the Case of Silas Deane. Now first Published from the 
Original Manuscripts. 

il. The Examination of Joseph Galloway, Esq., by a Committee of the House of 
Commons. Edited by Thomas Balch. 

III. Fapen relating to Public Erents In Massachusetts preceding the American ReTo- 

lY. Papers relating chiefiy to the Maryland line during the Rerolution. Edited by 
Thomas Balch. 


402 SBWARD. 


^^ 1989 SEW ALL (J. M.) Miscellaneous Poems. 

Pmrtimouth. iSoi. 

iSino, pp. 304, sheep { Jim tvfj $ umtt, &t Wathington (6.) 

y y^ 1990 SEWALL (S.) The History of Woburn, .•. Mass. fix)in 

1640, ... to i860. Bcstcn. 1868. 

Svo, pp. 657, doth, oncvt; PotTmAiT. 

yy 199 1 SEWALL (S.) Phsnomena qu£dam|Apocalyptica|Ad 

Aspectum Novi Orbis coniigurata. | Or, some few Lines 
towards a description of the New | Heaven. | As It makes 
to those who stand upon the (New Earth. | By Samuel 
Sewall, A.M. and sometimes Fellow of Harvard (College 
at Cambridge in New-England. | The Second Edition, | 
[In the same Vol.] The [Fountain Opened, | or | The 
Admirable Blessings plentifully to | be Dispensed at the 
National | Conversion of the Jews, | by Samuel Willard. 
With Appendix by Samuel Sewall. | Afassacbvstt ;\ 

Boston^ Printed by Bartholomew Green; ... 1727. | 

4to, 4 L, pp. 64, 14, morocco, gilt top. A vtry rtrt work, relatiog in great part to 
New England History and the Indiana. 

^^ ^ 1992 SEWARD (A.) Monody I on I Major Andre. I By Miss 
^ ^' ^ Seward. I (Author of the Elegy on Capt. Cook.) | To 

which are added | Letters Addressed to her | by Major 
Andr&,|in the year. 1 769. | The Second Edition. | 

Lichfield i \ Printed and Sold by J. JacisoHy 
for the Author i\ ... m.dcclxxxi. 

4to, pp. vi, 47, half calfy by Bedford ; ^nry rart. 

A" '993 SEWARD. Monody | on | Major Andre, | (Who was exe- 

cuted at Tappan, November — 1 780.) | By | Miss Seward. 
I To which are added, | Major Andre's | Letters, | Ad- 
dressed to Miss Seward, when at his 18 Year.) 

Philadelphia : \ Printed and Sold by Enoch Story, [n. d.] 

I lino, pp. 56, brown crutiied levant morocco, by Mathewt. 


1994 SEWARD. [The Same] Tenth Edition. Land. 1817. 

iSmo. Title, pp. 178, old calf. 

1995 SEWARD. [The same.] A New Edition, with En- 
^ ^^ gravings. London: Otridge and Rackham, 1 821. 

iSmoy pp. lySy half blue morocco, gilt top, ancut, by Braditreet; Platk. 

1996 SEYMOUR (Horatio). A Lecture on the Topography 
^^ and History of New- York. IJtica. 1856. 

Svo, pp. 41 ; uaree, 

1997 SEYMOUR'S Humoroqs Sketches, Comprising 86 Cari- 

cature Etchings, Illustrated in Prose and Verse, by 
Alfred Crowquill. New Edition ... 

London: H. G. Bohn. 1866. 

Rl. Svo, doth, gilt edges. 

1998 SHAFTESBURY. Characteristicks of Men, Manners, 
^ ^^T Opinions, Times. By the Right Honourable Anthony, 

Earl of Shaftesbury. The Fifth Edition. 
Birmingham: Printed by John BaskervilU. m.dcc.lxxiii. 

3 Tolt., rl. 8vo, calf; printed is ktrgg and beautiful typt^ with Potiait and VioNrma, 
by Orignon. 

1999 SHAKERS. Peculiarities of the Shakers. Origin, 
^ ^^ Worship and Doctrines. New Tork. 1832. 

Iimo) uare§, 

2000 SHAKERS. Testimony of Christ's Second Appearing. 
^ <^ Albany. 18 10. 

Svo, ibcep ; ^ery uartt, Thii if known at the Shaker Bible. 

2001 SHAKESPEARE. Twenty of the Plays of Shakespeare, 
^ ^o Being the whole Number printed in Quarto, During his 

Lifetime, or before the Restoration, Collated where 

404 8HACS8PB are's 

I there were diflFerent Copies, and Published from the 

Originals, by George Steevens, Esq. Lond. ncoccLxn. 

4 volt^ Svoy cftlf, gilt. SoM at N«iMa*i nle for £s 71. ; WUte Kiiiclit'ii £1 It. 

^^-^^: 2002 SHAKESPEARE As put forth in 1623- A Reprint of 

Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories & 
Tragedies. Published according to the True Originall 
Copies. London ... £. Booth. 1864. 

Folio, red morocco, gilt extra ; LAioifT Patib. 

jy ^^ 2003 SHAKESPEARE. The Works of William Shakespeare, 

The plays edited from the Folio of MDCXxm., with 
Various Readings from all the Editions and all the 
Commentators, Notes, Introductory Remarks, A His- 
torical Sketch of the Text, An Account of the Rise 
and Progress of the English Drama, A Memoir of the 
Poet, and An Essay upon his Genius. By Richard 
Grant White. Boston. 1857. 

t% roll., Sto^ half oUtc morocco, gilt top, uncut; PoKTaAm amd Woodcvti; Laaai 
PArma ; only 4S copies printed ) very umrct. 

** Each plaj ii preceded by an introduction, remarkably well digested and condensed, 
giving an account of the text, and of the sources from which Shakespean 
helped himself to plots or incidents. His notes prove him to be capable cf 
profound as well as delicate and sympathetic exegesis, and we think that s 
careful collation justifies us in saying that in acute discrimination of csifcedc 
shades of expression, and often of textual nicedes, Mr. Wlute is supcrioi 
to any previous editor.**— Lowsix. 

The buyer of this lot will hare the privilege of purchasing the three fbllovring woiks tt 
the same rate per volume. It is unnecessary to observe chat they ksm a 
desirable adjunct to the foregoing. 

^ 2004 SHAKESPEARE'S SCHOLAR; being Historical and 

Critical Studies of his Text, Characters, and Commen- 
tators, with an Examination of Mr. Collier's Folio of 
1632. By Richard Grant White. Now to:k. 1854. 

Svo, cloth, uncut. 


' 2005 SHAKESPEARE, Memoirs of the Life of William 
^ ^^ Shakespeare, with an Essay toward the Expression of 

his Genius, and an Account of the Rise and Progress 
of the English Drama. By Richard Grant White. 

Boston. 1866. 

Sto, half morocco, ^It top; LAiom PArst; only 100 copies printed. 

2006 SHAKESPEARE. An Essay on the Authorship of the 
/^ ^^ Three Parts of King Henry the Sixth. By Richard 

Grant White. Riverside Press: Cambridge. 1859. 

Sto, half morocco, nncut, by W. Matbewi ; 15 copies prhnUelj printed; very seMrce, 

2007 SHAKSPEARE. Mr. William Shakspeare his Com- 
^fy^yi.^ edies, Histories, and Tragedies, set out by himself in 

quarto or byjthe Players his Fellows in folio, and now 
fiiithfully republish'd from those Editions in ten Volumes 
octavo, with an Introduction, etc. 

London: J. JsT R. Tonson. [1767-68.] 

10 Tok., Sto, boards, Tellum backs; Jint margins, Capell was, according to SteeTcas, 
forty years in editing and printing his edition. 

** Capell was a careful and industrious editor, and is praised for the purity of his colla- 
tions. The notes and Tarious reading promised in the title-page were not 
printed till 1779-S0, and then only in 410.** — ^Lownoks. 

2008 SHAKESPEARE'S Plays, with the Corrections and 
^ ^^^ Illustrations of various Commentators, to which are 

added Notes by Sam. Johnson and Geo. Steevens. 

London. 1803. 

SI Tola., Sto, calf, gilt. This, the first of the Tariorum editions, was edited by Isaac 
Reed. North's copy sold for £18 7s. 6d. 

2009 SHAKESPEARE. The Pictorial Edition of the Works 
^ of Shakspere. Edited by Charles Knight. 

London : Charles Knight i^ Co. [n. d.] 

S wols., imp. Sto, cloth, uncut; kniliamt imprtuions ef tJkt many kuudreA beautiful 
WooDCVTs; OuoiMAL Edition Thbooohodt ; includes the poems, doubtful 
plays, and biography^ perhaps tk* most eUgumt tdstiQu extant. 



o SHAKESPEARE. The Plays of Shakespeaie, In Nine 
j Volumes. London: fFtlliam Piciering. mdcccxzv. 

9 rth^ Itmo, half morocco, gilt top. 

i^ J^-v^20ii SHAKESPEARE. The Dramatic Works of William 
^ ; Shakespeare. The Text carefully revised, with Notes 

by Samuel Weller Singer, f.s. a. The Life of the Poet 
and Critical Essays on the Plays, by William Watkins 
Lloyd. London: BoUbf Dalij. 1856. 

10 vok., fcap Sto, tree calf j PtoftTKAiT oa India fsper, and WooDcvn; a Umaijul afj. 


Mr. Singer hat produced a text, tbefaccuracy of which cannot be inrpmed 
in the preeent aute of antiquarian and philological knowledge. 

^•^^^2012 SHAKESPEARE JEST BOOKS. Being reprints of 

the Early and Very Rare Jest Books supposed to have 
been used by Shakespeare. Edited with Introduction 
and Notes, by W. C. Hazlitt. London. 1864. 

3 Tok., fcap Sto, half morocco, nncot. The originals of the abore curiouf ''Jetc Booki " 
are to exetahftfy rsre, that, however ardent in hit learch, or prodigal of ha 
money, the book coUector|woald find it next to imponible to procnre all 
I that are aitembled together in these tolttmct. 

^ ^^y 2013 SHAKESPEARE JEST BOOK. A Hundred Mery 

Talys, from the only perfect copy known. Edited, 
with Introduction and Notes, by Dr. Herman Oester* 
ley. London. 1866. 

Fcap StO| half morocco, uncnt. The original, Irom which the above was taken, wv 
printed in 1516, by John RattelL 



[Complete from the commencement of the Society to 
its dissolution in 1853.] London. 1841-53. 

j 47 parti in iS volt., Svo, elegant tree calf, by Rivi^; Numeeovs FAnmn.n^ etc A 
collection of great importance, coniitdng principally of reprinti of rare old 
pieces of dramatic poetry, printed before the publication of Shakeipcare*! 
playi, with annotations by Collier, Halliwell, Dyce, and othen. 


2015 SHAKESPEARE. A Collection of Prints, from Pic- 
/^^ . turcs painted for the Purpose of Illustrating the Dra- 

f^/iity ^iy^matic Works of Shakespeare, by the Artists of Great 

Britaia Land,: pubHsbed by John t^Josiab BoydelL 1 803. 

% Toll, in I, large fblio, half inorocco,marbled edges ; loide wiargint ; 94 very large and 
btamtifuliy executed Platii, from paintingt by Northcote, Smirke, WesUll, 
Reynoldi, Opie, Fnteliy Stotfaard, West, etc.; 3 or 4 of the Platis 
Moumtbd; hrittiant impreuiotu. 

2016 SHAKESPEARIAN A. A Catalogue of the Early Edi- 
y^^^^ tions of Shakespeare's Plays, &c., by[ J. O. Halliwell. 

London. 1845. 

Sto, boards, nncnt ; tcarce, 

^a ^^7 the Birth of Shakspeare by the New England Historic- 
Genealogical Society, at Boston, April 23d, 1864. 

Boston. 1864. 

Folio, nncat ; Lakg^ Papxk ; lo copies printed. This Tolume is illustrated with a 
large collection of Bxautipvl Poktraits of Shakespeare, and other Platis, 

sMtf/y ^oofs M Jmdia paper $ a tpUndid vo/nw. 

^ y^ Boston. 1864. 

{▼o, paper, uncut } 175 copies printed. 

2019 SHAKESPEARE. A Series of Ancient, Allegorical, His- 
' ^ torical and Legendary Paintings, which were discovered 

at Stratford-upon-Avon. From Drawings by Thomas 
Fisher, Described by J. G. Nichols. London. 1838. 

Folio, half morocco, uncut. Alike interesting to the andquary, the topographer, the 
iurious in early English art, and the collector of what relates to the birth- 
place of our immortal bard. 

** Tbcste ancient fresco paintings are especially curious, as haring been executed in Eng- 
land in an age of which, according to the opinion of Walpole, in his * His- 
tory of Painting,* no specimens of the ait existed. Only 150 copies were 
printed."— -Gntf/nMw't JdCqri 

408 $HA&P. 

^looao SHALLUS (Fnmcis). Chronological Tables for Every 
Day in the Year, Compiled from the most Authentic 
Documents. Pbiladilpbia. 1817. 

! % Tola., iftmo^ half moracco, aacut, bjr Bndftreet % wcmrct. 

/^ K^^ 

20a I SHARP (T.) A Dissertation on the Pageantt or Dram- 
atic Mysteries anciently performed at Coventry, by the 
I Trading Companies of that City. To which are added, 

I the Pageant of the Shearmen and Taylor's Company, 

I and other Municipal Entertainments. Coventry, 1825. 

i 4to, cloth J 10 Cvuooi Platm. Highly Gommeadcd in the ** Retrotpecdvc Review/ 
To show the iaterert end importance attached to thew andeat mjaieria, 
it maj be obienred that a manaicript volamc of theoiy at the lak ai 
Strawbeny Hiil, sold for no le« than £150 lot. 

^ ^^ '• 2022 SHARPE (S.) The History of Egypt from the Earliest 

Times till the Conquest by the Arabs a.d. 540. The 
Fourth Edition. Londm. 1859. 

% Toli^ tirOf tree calf, gilt. 

y^ jfry^ 2022 SHARP (J.) A Sermon Preached at Trinity-Church 

in New-York, in America, August 13. 1706. At the 
Funeral Of the Right Honourable Katherine Lady Corn* 
bury, Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold, &c. 
Heiress to the most Noble Charles Duke of Richmond 
and Lenox, and Wife to his Excellency Edward Lord 
Viscount Cornbury, Her Majesty's Captain General, 
and Governor in chief of the Provinces of New- York, 
New-Jersey, and Territories depending thereon in 
America, &c. By John Sharp, a.m. Chaphun to the 
Queen's Forces in the Province of New-York. 

London: H. Hilb. [n. d.] 

Sto» pp. 16, half bloe morocco, gilt top, oncati by Bradttreet. There k a stJiy ahont 
this lenBon of thU kind : Some of the lUte dig nitariea, having been invued 
bj Lord Combuiy to attend thii funeral, replied that they would be voy 
happy, indeed, to attend hit UrdtAif^U fonenl. 


' 2024 SHAW (G.) The Naturalists* Miscellany; or Colored 
-2 i^^y Figures of Natural Objects drawn from Nature. 


5 ToU^ 8to, old calf. Contains many hundred Fimslt CoLoaio Plates. 

2025 SHAW. Zoological Lectures. London. 1809. 

2 Tols.y rl. 8to, half calf; many Fins Platis. 

2026 SHAW (H.) Examples of Ornamental Metal Work. 

Drawn and Engraved by Henry Shaw. 

London: Pickering. 1836. 

2027 SHAW. A Hand Book of the Art of Illumination, as 
// ^^ ' practiced during the Middle Ages. With a description 

of the Metals, Pigments, and Processes employed by 
the Artists at different Periods. By Henry Shaw, f.s.a. 

London, 1866. 

Folio, half morocco, gilt edfei ; Lakob Pafsk. 

2028 SHEA (J. G.) Discovery and Exploration of the Missis- 
^ ^^ sippi Valley: with the original narrative of Marquette, 

AUouez, Membre, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay. 
With a facsimile of the newly discovered Map of Mar- 
quette. Redfield: New Tori. 1852. 

Sra^ half green morocco, gilt top. Forma Vol. iv of French's ** Hist. Col. of iiouisiana.*' 

2029 SHELVOCKE (G.) A Voyage round the World. By 
^ y^ — . the Way of the Great South Sea. 1719-22. 

London. 1726. 

Svop calfy gilt ; Jute cofy. Contains the fullest account of California, the natires, ftc, 
of any of the old Toyagers. Qold dust was discovered by the party in such 
abundance, that they were '' prejudiced against the thoughts that this metal 
should be so promiscuously and uniTersally mingled with the common 
earth,** but the specimens they brought away were lost. 

2030 SHEPARD. The I Church Membership! of Children, 
^ ^4^ 52 



and their Right to | Baptisme, | According to that holy and 
everlasting Covenant of God, | esublished between 
Himself, and the Faithful! and their seed after | them, 
in their Generations : | Cleared up in a Letter sent unto 
a worthy Friend of the | Author, and many Yeares ago 
written touching that subject ; By Thomas Shepard, 
sometime Pastor of the Church] of Christ at Cambridg 
[sic] in New-England. | Published at the earnest request 
of many; for the Consolation (and Encouragement, 
both of Parents and Children in the Lord. | [Mottoes.] 
Cambridg \ [sic] Printed ky Samuel Green, 1663. 

4tOy II 1^ pp. a6y blue crushed kTaat morocco, by F. Bedford. 

^^ ^^y^l^ SHEPARD. The I Clear Sun- 1 shine of the Gospel Break- 
ing forth I upon the | Indians | in New-England. | Or, | An 
Historicall Narration of Gods|WonderfulI Workings 
upon sundry of the [Indians, both chief Governors and 
I Common-people, I in bringing them to a willing and de- 

I sired submission to | the Ordinances of the Gospel; 

! and framing their [hearts to an earnest inquirie after the 

knowledge I of God the Father, and of Jesus Christ | the 
Saviour of the World. | By Mr. Thomas Shepard Min- 
' ister of the Gospel of | Jesus Christ at Cambridge in 

New-England. I London^ Printed hj 

R. Cotes ftr John Bellamy at the three Golden\Li9ns 
in Cornhill near the Rayall Exchange j 1648. 

4to» 7 1*» PP* 3^1 cs^» ^ ^' Pratt ; Ouoimal Edition ; vcrp rmr. 

c^ t^^ 

2032 SHEPARD. [The same.] 

New Tork: Reprinted for Joseph SaUn. 1865. 

4to, half moroccoi gilt top, nncntj Laegb Papuj 50 copies printed. 

x^- \ 2033 SHEPARD. [The same.] New Tork. 1865. 

j Fcap 4to, tincot. Formi No. z of Sabin'i Reprinti, Quarto Series. 



2034 SHEPARD. Eyc-Salvc, | Or A | Watch- Word | From our 
^^ ^ a Lord Jesus Christ unto his Churches : | Especially those 

within the Colony of the Massachusets | In New-Eng- 
land. I To take heed of Apostacy : | or | A Treatise of 
Remembrance of what God hath been to us, as also | 
what we ought, and what we ought not to be to him, 
as we de-|sire the prolonging of our Prosperous Dayes 
in the Land which | the Lord our God hath given us. | 
By Thomas Shepard, Teacher of the Church of Christ 
in I Charles-Town : | Who was appointed by the Magis- 
trates, to Preach on the day of | Election | at Boston, May 
15, 1672. 1 Cambridge^ Printed hy Samuel Green^ i673* 

Sm. 4to, % 1., pp. 52, blue cnuhed levant morocco, gilt edgea, by F. Bedford. Fine 
^ecimem of early colonial printing, of extremt rarity. 

2035 SHERBURNE (A.) Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne ; a 
<y^ Pensioner of the Navy of the Revolution. Written by 

Himself. Uttca. 1828. 

iimo, iheep. 

2036 SHERBURNE (Jno. H.) Life and Character of John 
w^ ^^ Paul Jones, Captain in the United States Navy during 

the Revolutionary War. Washington, 1851. 

Svo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. PoaTSAiT and FAcnifXi^ 

2037 SHIRLEY (E. P.) The Noble and Gentle Men of Eng- 
/ ^ S^ land, the Arms and Descents, &c. London. 1866. 

4to. cloth ; Triro Editxon, corrected. 

2038 SHIRLEY (J.) The Dramatic Works and Poems of 
James Shirley, now first collected ; with Notes by the 
late William GiiFord, Esq., and Additional Notes, and 
some Account of Shirley and his Writings, by the Rev. 
Alexander Dyce. London, mdcccxxxiii. 

6 Tola., rl. 8to, cloth, uncut; Labgx Papxk; fint dean eopji very uarce. The most 
complete and belt edition of Shirley, now quite icarce in thii condition. 



412 SIDNEY. 

j 2039 SHORTER CATECHISM, (The) agreed upoo by the 
I Assembly of Divines at Westminster. 

Pbiladtlpbia : Printed by B. FrankSn. m.dccxlt. 

Sto, half calf. 

2040 SHURTLEFF (N. B.) A Decimal System, for the 
Arrangement and Adminstration of Libraries. 

Boston: Privately Printed, mdccclvi. 

' 4CD, doth. 


^ \^ ^r^^04' SIBBALD(J.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry; from the 
/ Thirteenth Century, to the Union of the Crowns. 

Edinbitrgb. 1 802. 

4 Tob., crown Sto^ boards, oncat ; extrewuly xtarce. Hat the scmrtt cMmeeOed skta an 
page 120. Vol. IT contains the glotaary. 

^ 2042 SIBLEY (John L.) Notices of the Triennial and An- 

' I nual Catalogues of Harvard University : with a Reprint 

of the Catalogues of 1674, 1682 and 1700. 
' Boston: Jobn IFilson & San. 1865. 

, 4to, oacut ; 30 copiet printed on Laigs Papeb. Separately printed from the praceed- 
' ings of the MaMachutetti Jliitorical Society. 


^ ■ 2043 SIDDONS (Henry). Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical 

Gesture and Action ; Embellished with Sixty-nine en- 
gravings. London, 1822. 

8 TO, boardti ancnt; KMne. 

1^ Cft^ 

2044 SIDNEY (P.) The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia, 
Written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the ninth 
time published, with a twofold Supplement of a defect 
in the third book ... Whereunto is also added a Sixth 
Booke, By R. B. ... London: J, Waterson. 1638. 

Folio, calf. Ste Beloe*t «' Anecdotes,** ni, 364$ <<Bibl. Poet.," 331 ; and Harvcj*i 
*' Pierce*t Supererogation.** 

'< There ii no work in the department of proie fiction which contains more apophthe- 
gamic wiidom than the 'Arcadia* of Sidney.**— Dbakb. 

SIMMS. 413 

i 2045 SIDNEY. The Miscellaneous Works of Sir Philip Sid- 

/ ney, with a Life of the Author, and Illustrative Notes, 

by Wm. Gray. Boston, i860. 

Svo. Contaiju seTeral letten by Sidney, now first published, from the original MSS. 

2046 SILLIMAN (B.) Remarks made on a Short Tour, be- 
€^ ^^ tween Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 18 19. 

Niw Haven. 1820. 

iimo, boards, nncnt; Bngratxd Tnxi, Vixwi of Lakx Gsoaax, Qoxbbc, etc. 

2047 SIMCOE. A Journal of the Operations of the Queens 
y^ o^ Rangers, from the End of the Year 1777. to the Con- 
clusion of the late American War. by Lieutenant- 
Colonel Simcoe, Commander of that Corps. 

Exeter: Printed for the Author. [1782.] 

4to ; red crtahed levant morocco, gilt edges over marble ; with ten large Folded Maps 
and Plans of military operations. A Su?xeb Copt of the txctsu^tly rare 
OaiGiNAL EnmoN, and is, in all respects, in as good condition as when 


2048 SIMCOE. [The same reprinted, with a Memoir of the 
Author.] New Tork. 1844. 

Svo, half levant morocco, uncut. This copy is ixttmHfe/j illuurated with a6 Extia 
Platd, some of which are of extreme rarity^ including Lord Rawdon, 
Major Robert Rogers, Sir Henry Clinton, General Charles Lee, General 
Gates, Barl Cornwallis, General Washington, LaAyette (3), Steuben, 
Tarleton, and Dr. Franklin. 

^ This book was first printed soon after the termination of the War of Independence, 
but apparently not published, and was almost unknowa to exist, until a few 
years ago, when a copy turned up in a sale (I believe of Mr. Chalmers* 
libraiy), and from that copy the edition (of 1844, New York) was 
printed.** — Rich. 

2049 SIMMS (J. R.) The American Spy, or Freedom's early 
'T^ *^^ Sacrifice : A Tale of the Revolution, Founded upon 

Fact. Albany. 1857. 

8to^ half morocco, gilt top, uncut \ Plats ; Laaos Papxh \ aS .copies printed. 

414 8INOBR. 

2050 SIMMS. Trappers of New York, or a Biography of 
Nicholas Seiner & Nathaniel Foster; together with 
Anecdotes of other celebrated Hunters and some ac- 
count of Sir William Johnson and his style of living. 

i Albm^. i860. 

Sto, half green morocco^ gilt top, nncut, bjr BndsCieeC ; Pobtkait. 

y ^^y I 2051 SIMMS (W. G.) Lyrical and other Poems. 

^ y ' Char listen. 1827. 

luno, pp. 19S, (6), half red morocco, uncut; F»b Eomoif ; xccrm. 

^^2052 [SIMMS.] South-Carolina in the Revolutionary War: 
y^ being a reply to certain misrepresentations and mistakes 

of recent writers, in relation to the course and conduct 
of their State, by a Southron. 

CharUstm: Walker and James. 1853. 

Half gfcen morocco, gilt top, by Bradttreet; PomAiT of W. O. Simms inieited. 

,^ ^^ 

2053 SIMS (Clifford S.) The Origin and Signification of Scot- 

tish Surnames. With a Vocabulary of Christian 
Names. Albany. 1862. 

Imp. Sto, uncut 

2054 SINGER (S. W.) Researches into the History of Pby- 

ing Cards ; with Illustrations of the Origin of Printing 
and Engraving on Wood. London. 1816. 

• 4to, calf eitra ; fan efj i Nnmom CNGiAvnroa on Cofpu and Wood^ FafBMn.w 
or Eailt Panrra amo CAaoa, jmm /» M/»n, amd msmy am Iu£m fmferi only 
I 150 copies printed ; very uane, 

' '' It b seldom that the public have seen a more beaotilully planned and executed work 
than the present. The facsimile engraTin|s upon wood cannot be sv^ 
passed. The entire impression is limited to 250 copies ; so that, when its 
intrinsic worth and eztrindc beauty be conndered, the curious will not fiul 
to secure copies whenever they make their appearance." — Dnnir. 

2055 [SINGER (S. W.)] Some Account of the Book Printed 

8L0ANB. 4'5 

at Oxford in mcccclxviii., under the title of Exposicio 
Sancti Joronimi in Simbolo Apostolorum. In which is 
examined its claim to be considered the First Book 
printed in England. London, mdcccxii. 

8 TO, half morocco eitra, gilt top, uncut; only 50 copies printed. Concerning this, ue 
Johnion*t <* Typognphia,** i, p. 83. 

2056 SLANG DICTIONARY ; or the Vulgar Words, Street 
/ ^%? Phrases, and Fast Expressions of High and Low So- 
ciety, Many with their Etymology and a few with their 
History traced. London. 1865. 

lamo, cloth; But Edition. 

2057 SLAVERY. Reflexions d'un Cultivateur Americain 
/ ^S ' sur le projet d'aboler TEsclavage & la Traite des 

Negres. Ouvrave traduite de TAnglais. 

A Londres: Et setrouvea Paris Obex Lagrange. 1788. 

i8mo, 1 1. pp. 99, uncut. 

2058 SLAVERY. A Collection of rare tracts on Slavery, 
^^yty 5jc., published in the West Indies. [v. d.] 

4to, half calf. 

2059 SLEEMAN (W. H.) Rambles and Recollections of an 
^ ^:y^ Indian Official. London. 1844. 

% Tolt., rl. Sto ; Mamt Colobsd Platis. 

2060 SLEIDAN. J. Sleidani de Qvatver Svmmis Imperiis 
/ ^^ Libritres. 

Lugd. Batavorum Ex offictna Elzeviriana. A^ cio.ioc.xxxi. 

jimo, Tellum, and another ElxeTir imprint. 

2061 SLOANE (H.) A Voyage to the Island of Barbados, 
y ^^^^ Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, with the Natural 

History, Illustrated with Figures of the Things described. 
In large Copper-Plates as big as the Life. Lond. 1707. 

4^6 sinTR. 

I % Tob., f>lio, half calf; contains 274 Platis, whkh, in thit copy, are MonmD w 
I OvABM ; Jim efy | tuuxt. ^ A rich mine of natural history. Heath*i 

I copy told for £10 9s. $ Deot*ty £17 lyt.} WiUett*t £16 te.** — tamvmx, 

! Sir Hant Sloane %rent to Jamaica, at physician to the Duke of Albemarle, \that he 
remained fifteen months^ and made an extensive botanical coUectioo, which 
formed the materials from which he wrote hb great work. 


y^ , 2062 SMETS (A. A.) Catalogue of the Library, Autographs, 
I &c., of A. A. Smets. New Tork. 1858. 

3 Tols^ Sto, paper, oncut. 

^^^2063 SMITH (B.) An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Docu- 
ments concerning a Discovery in North America claimed 
to have been made by Verazzano. 
j Ne%v Tori, mdccclxit. 

i^^ PP« Ih P*P^f oncnt} Map ; LAtoB PAnas ixo copies printed. Sn Bradford CJab. 

^^ ' 2064 SMITH (Charlotte). Elegaic Sonnets. 

ff^orcester: Isaiah Thomas, [n. d.] 


»4mo^ red crashed levant morocco, gilt top, ancot, by F. Bedford. 

'^^2065 SMITH (Henry B.) An Oration ... Dorchester ... 

Fourth of July, 1822. Boston. 1822. 

Sto, pp. 18, nncntj also, J. R. Williams* oration. 

^ ^ ^ *^^^ SMITH (H. W.) Nuts for Future Historians to Crack. 
I Containing the Cadwallader Pamphlet, Valley Forge 

Letters, &c. Pbiladilphia. 1856. 

Sto, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. This copy contains an extra title-page. 

^ ^ 2067 SMITH (J.) Advertisements | For the unexperienced 
I Planters of | New-England, or any where. | Or, | The 

Path-way to experience to erect a | Plantation. | With 
the yearely proceedings of this Country in Fishing | and 
Planting, since the ypire 16 14. to the yeare 1630. | and 
their present estate. | Also how to prevent the greatest 

SMITH. 417 

inconveniences, by their | proceedings in Virginia, and 
other Plantations, [ by approved examples. | With the 
Countries Armes, a description of the Coast, | Harbours, 
Habitations, Land-markes, Latitude and | Longitude : 
with the Map, allowed by our Royall | King Charles. | 
By Captaine lohn Smith, sometimes Governour of 
Virginia, and Admirall of New-England. | London^ \ 
Printed by lohn Haviland^ and an to be sold by | Robert 
Milbovrne^ at the Grey-hound\ in Pauls Churchward 163 1. 1 

4to, green morocco, gilt top, ancat. 

2068 SMITH. Advertisements For the Unexperienced Planters 
V' ^^ Of New England, or anywhere j or, The Pathway to 

erect a Plantation. Boston^ Reprinted^ 1865. 

Imp. 4to, half levant morocco, gilt top ; Lakgx Papkb ; only 25 printed. 

2069 SMITH. [Another copy.] Boston. 1865. 

'^-^^ Sm. 4to, doth, uncut ; Facsxmilx of Smith's Map op Nxw England (1635). 

2070 SMITH. A Description of New England; or Observa- 
^ *5^ tions and Discoveries in the North of America in the 

Year of our Lord 16 14. With the Success of Six 
Ships that went the next year, 16 15. By Captain John 
Smith. (Admiral of that Country.) With a Fac- 
simile of the Original Map. 

Boston: WilL Veaxie, mdccclx. 

4to, half levant morocco^ uncut ; Laage Papxk. 

2071 SMITH. [Another copy.] Boston. 1865. 

/ *^V^ 4to, cloth ; Small Paper. 

2072 SMITH. The Generall | Historie | of | Virginia, New- 
^ "^^ England, and the Summer) Isles : with the names of 

the Adventurers, | Planters, Governours from their | first 
beginning An. 1584 to this [present 1624*1 With the 


4l8 SMITH. 

Proceedings of those Several Colonies) and the Acci- 
dents that befell them in all their |Journeyes and Dis- 
coveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those 
I Country es, their Commodities, people, | Government, 
Customes, and Religion] yet knowne. | Divided into Size 
Bookes.jBy Captaine lohn Smith sometymes Gover- 
nourjin those Country es & Admirall | of New England. 

I London, \ Printed by I. D. and L H. for 

Michael Sparkes. 1624. 

Folio, old calf; Map and Platii. 

j^^ >-^;2073 SMITH. The|Trve Travels,|Adventvres,|and|Obsc^- 
' vations | Of | Captaine lohn Smith, | In Europe, Asia, 
Aiirica, and America, from Anno | Domini 1593. ^^ 
1629. 1 His Accidents and Sea-fights in the Straights; bis 
I Service I and Stratagems of warre in Hungaria, Transil- 
! vania, Wallachia, and | Moldavia, against the Turks, 
and Tartars ; his three single combats | betwixt the 
Christian Annie and the Turkes. | After how he was 
I taken prisoner by the Turks, sold for a Slave, sent into 
I Tartaria \ his description of the Tartars, their strange 
manners and customes of | Religions, Diets, Buildings, 
Warres, Feasts, Ceremonies, and | Living; how bee 
slew the Bashaw of Nalbrits in Cambia,|and escaped 
from the Turkes and Tartars. | Together with a con- 
tinuation of his general! History of Virginia,] Summer- 
lies, New England, and their proceedings, since 1624. 
to this I present 1629; as also of the new Plantations of 
the great I River of the Amazons, the lies of S^ Chris- 
topher, Mevis,| and Barbados in the West Indies. | All 
I written by actuall Authours, whose names] you shall 
finde along the History. | 

London^ Printed by J. H,for Thomas Slater j and are 
I to bee\sold at the Blew Bible in Greene Arbour. 1630 

' Folio, pnrple morocco extra, by W. Mathewi ; Pokteait intertcd. 

SMITH 419 

. 2074 SMITH. [The two preceeding works reprinted.] 
■"^ Richmond. 1 8 19. 

% ▼ols.y 8vo, brown polbhed calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

2075 SMITH. A True Relation of Virginia, by Captain John 

^^ Smith, With an Introduction and Notes, by Charles 

Deane. Boston, mdccclxvi. 

4to, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; Map in Faciimilx; Laigx Papxe; 35 
copies printed. A reprint from the original black letter volume — ^the 
earliest published work relative to the colony of Jamestown. 

^ 2076 SMITH. [The same.] Boston, mdccclxvi. 

Fcap 4to, uncut) 180 copies printed. 

2077 SMITH (J.) Catalogue Raisonne of the works of the 
/ ^^ most eminent Dutch, Flemish and French Painters; in 

which is included a short Biographical Notice of the 
Artists, with a copious Description of their Principal 
Pictures, a Statement of Prices, a Reference to the 
Galleries and Private Collections, the names of Artists 
by whom they have been engraved, and a Brief Notice 
of the Scholars and Imitators of the great Masters of 
the above Schools, etc., etc.. By John Smith. 

London. 1829. 

9 v(^., 7 in half morocco, gilt top, uncut, and a in doth, uncut ; PoaTiAm of some 
of the masters in these schools. But few copies frintedj which are now 
fuite uarce^ especially in uncut condition. From W. £. Burton's library. 
This elaborate work is indispensable to the collector of paintinp. 

y 2078 SMITH (J. J.) American Historical and Literary Curi- 
^ ^^ osities; consisting of Fac-Similies of some Plates, &c. 

Relating to Columbus, and Original Documents of the 
Revolution, &c., with a Variety of Reliques, Antiqui- 
ties, and Autographs. Edited by John Jay Smith. 
Second Series. New York. i86o. 

Folio, half green levant morocco, gilt top; 64 Platis; Labgs Patuu Complete in 


420 SMITH. 

^^|2079 SMITH (J. R.) Bibliotheca Americana. Catalc^e of 
^ \ Books Relating to America. London, mdcccliii. 

I Sto, half morocco. 


\ ^ 2080 SMITH (J. R.) An Authentic Narrative of the Causes 
I which led to the Death of Major Andre, Adjutant- 

General of His Majesty's Forces in North Ameria. 
I By Joshua Hett Smith. To which is added a Monody 

I on the Death of Major Andre by Miss Seward. 

London. 1808. 

8¥0| half morocco, gilt top, uncat; 53 PoRTtAm and PLATia interted j some veryfm, 

lZ/i/7^^ 2081 SMITH. Record of the Trial of Joshua Hett Smith, 

Esq., for alleged complicity in the Treason of Benedict 
Arnold, 1780. Edited by Henry B. Dawson. 

Morrisama, 1866. 


8to, 3 1., pp. 116, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. No. 04 of 50 
copies printed. Inierted in this copy are Fms and Rams Pornuun of 
Arnold by Du Simttier, Andr6, Hamilton, Sir Henry Clinton, Captarc of 
Andr6, La&yette, Washington, Putnam. Very rare. 


V ^^o** SMITH (J.) A Descri[itive Catalogue of Friends' Books 

or Books written by Members of the Society of Frieiids 
commonly called Quakers, From their first Rise to the 
Present Time, interspersed with Critical Remarks and 
Occasional Biographical Notices, and including all 
writings by Authors before Joining and by those after 
having left the Society, whether averse or not, as far as 
known, compiled by Joseph Smith. Londen. 1863. 

' a Toll., imp. 8to^ cloth, uncut ; Lakgk Papba ; nftry tcmret. The best work on the 
subject. The collector of early American imprints vnll find the titla of 
many booki in this work which are comparatively unknown. 

2083 SMITH (P.) A History of the Worid, from the Earliest 

SMITH. 421 

Records to the Present Time. By Philip Smith, b.a. 
... Illustrated by Maps, Plans, and Engravings. 

New Tori, 1865. 

3 Tols., Sto, half morocco. 

2084 SMITH (S.) The | History | of | the Colony | of | Nova- 
^O^ t7 ^ Caesaria, or New- Jersey ;| Containing, an Account of 

its First Settlement, | Progressive Improvements, | the 
Original and Present Constitution, | and other Events, 
to the Year i72i.|With some Particulars Since; and 
a Short View of its present state, | By Samuel Smith. | 

Burlington^ in New- Jersey : \ Printed and sold by 
James Parker : Sold also by \ bavid Hall^ in 

Philadelphia. MDCCLXV. | 

Svo, morocco, gilt top, uncut, by T. Aitkin. TAis is the qhIj copy we have seen im this 
UNCUT CONDITION^ and is probably UNISlUB, Roche's copy, cut, 
sold for $52.50. 

2085 [SMITH (Seba).] The Life and Writings of Major Jack 

Downing, Of Downingville, away down East in the 
state of Maine. Third Edition* Boston. 1834. 

lamo, pp. 138, boards; Platxs. 

2086 SMITH (Sol.) Theatrical Apprenticeship. Phila. 1847. 

^^^ lamo, pp. 215; Woodcuts. 

2087 SMITH (S.) The works of Sydney Smith. Fourth 
^ ^^ Edition. London: Longman. 1848. 

3 vols., Sto, doth, uncut ; Portbait. 

^ 2088 SMITH (W.) The History of the Province of New 
y^i/ ^ i^ York, from the First Discovery to the Year M. doc xxxii. 

To which is annexed, A Description of the Country, 
with a Short Account of the Inhabitants, their Trade, 
Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of 
the Courts of Justice in that Colony. Loni. m.dc&lvu. 




/V ^f^^ 


4to, morocco extra, gilt edges, by W. Mathewi \ s ipUnMd Laios Patik Copt, ni 
MUvtd f he UNI^yEi it k certainly vincMowii to all btbUognpbcn. 

*' Smith gtvet at impoftant detailt of the wart between the French and Eogliifa va. 
America. It alto givet the bett account of the confedcratioo of the 
Iroqaoit.** — Ds TocqirxTiLLS. 

2089 SMITH. [Another Edition.] Niw nri. 1830. 

1 volt., Sto, boards, oncut } tearee. 

2090 [SMITH (Dr. W.) A Brief | State | of the | Province |of| 

Pennsylvania, | in which | The Conduct of their Assem- 
blies for several] Years past is impartially examined, and 
the I (rue Cause of the continual Encroachments of | the 
French displayed, more especially the secret | Design of 
their late unwarranuble Invasion | and Settlement upon 
the River Ohio. | To which is annexed, | An easy Plan 
for restoring Quiet in the public Mea*|sures of that 
Province, and defeating the ambitious | Views of the 
French in time to come. | In a Letter from a Gentle- 
man who I has resided many Years in Pennsylvania] to 
his Friend in London. | London : | Printed fw R. Griffiths 
at the Dunciad^ in Pater INostir-Row, 1755* 

Sto, pp. S8, poluhed calf, gilt edget, by F. Bedford. 

• 2091 SMITH. A Brief State of the Province of Penns^vania. 
By William Smith, d.d. 

Nnv Tork: Reprinted for J. Sabin. 1865. 

I Rl. Sto, half morocco, oncot. 

^ J- 2092 SMITH. [The same.] New Tori. 1865. 

Sto, uncut; soo copies printed. Sabin*s Reprints, No. nr. 

' 2093 [SMITH.] A Brief View Of the Conduct of Pennsyl- 
vania, For the Year 1755; So &r as it aflfected the 
1 General Service of the British Colonies, particularly the 

SMITH. 423 

expedition under the late General Braddock. With an 
Account of the Shocking Inhumanities, committed by 
Incursions of The Indians upon the Province in Oc- 
tober and November ; ... London, 1756. 

SvOy hal^ morocco ; very scarce. This work, written anonymously by Dr. Wm. Smith, 
is in continuation of his ** Brief State,*' etc. (the preceding lot.) An 
elaborate notice of this work will be found in the Monthly Revieto^ xn, 
192, xiv, ftoS. 

2094 [SMITH.] An Historical Account of the Expedition 
L?3 €1 ^ against the Ohio Indians, in the Year 1764, Under the 

Command of Henry Bouquet, Esq: ... Including His 
Transactions with the Indians, relative to the delivery 
of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of Peace. With 
an Introductory Account Of the Preceding Campaign, 
and Battle at Bushy-Run. Philadelphia: 

Printed and sold hy William Bradford, m.dcc.lxv. 

4to, Title, I 1., pp. ziii, 71, morocco extra, by W. Mathews; Maps and Plates. A 
beautiful cofy of the First and Bist EomoN. The maps are mounted on 
linen. Platk inserted. 

2095 [SMITH.] [Another Edition.] London. M Dcc lxvi. 

4tOy half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. This mott rare work is curious 
from its containing two fine Historical Platrs, engraved by Grignon 
firom the earliest drawings of Benjamin West. 

2096 [SMITH.] Relation Historique de I'Expedition contre 
Les Indiens de TOhio mdcclxiv. Traduit de TAn- 
glais. Par C. G. F. Dumas. 

A Amsterdam^ chez Marc^Michel Rey^ m.dcc.lxix 

Svo, pp. xvi, 147, (10); 1 Maps. This edition contains a pre&ce by the translator. 

2097 SMITH. An I Oration I in Memory of | General Mont- 
/ <^^ gomery,|and of the | Officers and Soldiers, | who Fell 

with Him, December 31, 1775, | Before | Quebec; | 




Drawn up (and Delivered February 19th, 1776)! At the 
Desire of the | Honourable Continenul Congress.) By 
William Smith, o.d. | ... | Philadelphia^ Printed', 

London^\Reprintedfor J. Almon. ... mdcclxxvi. 

Svoy pp. Wy 36, half boundi ttJicut. 

2098 SMITH. A I Sermon I On the Present Situation of I Amer- 
ican Afiairs. | Preached in Christ-Church, | June 23, 
1775,1 At the Request of the Officers of the | Third 
Battalion of the City of | Philadelphia, and District of 
Southwark. | By William Smith, d.d. | Provost of the 
College in that City. | 

Philadelphia^ Printed: \ London^ Re^printeJ^ 
a Sec9Hd Time^ [for Edward and Charles Dilfy. 

Svo, a I.y pp. !▼, 31, calf gilt, gilt edges. The title-page hat the following inscriptioo: 
** The author re^ueftt Colt. Cadwalader*i Acceptance of the English Edi- 
tion of a Sermon Publithed at hit request Sc the Officers of the Battalioa, 
ic that he will give it a Place in his Library.** 




2099 SMITH (W.) Dictionary of Greek and Roman An- 

tiquities. Edited by William Smith, ll.d. ... Second 
Edition. Boston [i. e. Ijtndon\^ mdccclxv. 

Medium 8to, half calf. 

2100 SMITH. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography 

and Mythology. Edited by William Smith, ia,.t>, ... 

Boston [i. e. L9nd9n\, 1859. 

3 volt., medium Svo, half calf. 

^ , 2 Id SMITH. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. 

' Edited by William Smith, ll.d. Illustrated by nu- 

' merous Engravings on Wood. 

\ , Boston [i. e. London"]. 1854. 

% volt.! medium %wo, half calf. 

8MTTH. 4^5 

t^ 2102 SMITH. A dictionary of the Bible, comprising its An- 
tiquities, Biography, Geography, and Natural History. 
Edited By William Smith, ll.d. 

London: yobn Murray, 1863. 

3 Tolf, medium 8to, half calf. The above four lots are uniformly bound. 

2103 SMOLLETT (T.) History of England from the Revo- 
cf ^^ lution to George n. London, 1841. [Also], History 

of the Reign of George IIL By R. Bissett. 

London, 1820. 

Together, 10 volt., Sto, calf, gilt \ fne copy, Theae form a pendant to Hume*i <* Hii- 
tory.** &r « Oxford ClaMiCi.** 

2104 SMOLLETT. The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias 
c^ *^^ Smollett, M.D. With Memoirs of the Life and Writ- 
ings of R. Anderson, m.d. The Sixth Edition. 

Edinburgh. 1820. 

6 Tolt.! Sto, polished calf } an elegamt set, 

« Smollett inherited from nature a strong sense of ridicule^ a great fund of original 
humor, and a happy Tersatility of talent, by which he could accommodate 
his style to almost every species of writing. He could adopt, alternately, 
the solemn, the lively, the sarcastic, the burlesque, and the vulgar. To 
these qualifications, he joined an inventive genius, and a vigorous imagina- 
tion." — ^TtTLKR. 

** Perhapt no books ever written excited such peals of inextinguishable laughter u 
Smollett's.** — Six Waltxx Scott. 

''His ' Count Fathom,* however (as well as his other novels), is affirmed, on the prin- 
ciple of the 

** * Ridemtem dicere verum 


to have contained some historical truths; where he speaks of penont of 
mean parentage, self-raised (' highly to their honor *) to power and fortune i 
'One sprung from the loins of an obsure attorney; another was the grand- 
son of a valet-de-chambre ; a third the issue of an accountant) and a fourth, 
the o Apring of a woolen draper ' — alluding to the Yorket, the Foxes, the 
Aialabies, and the Manns.'* — Wramohais. 

2105 SMYTH {Sir James). Precis of the Wars in Canada, 
^ ^^ 54 



426 8N0WDSN. 

from 1755 to the Treaty of Ghent in 18 14. With 

Military and Political Reflections. 

London: Privately Printed for Official People onhf, 1826. 

Sto, half red moroccoi gilt top, oncttt, by BniditrecC. 

>Vi j^'-^^'^^ SNOW (Caleb H.) History of Boston, the Metropolis 

/ \ \ of Massachusetts, from its Origin to the Present Period; 

i ' with Some Account of the Environs. Second edition. 

I Boston. 1828. 

I Svo, half brown morocco, gilt top, oacut, by Bradttreet; Maps, and iS Platis of 

PaoMiMSicT BviLoiNGi, etc., in Boston and vicinity ; semtt, 

: :2I07 [SNOWDEN.] The American Revolution; Written 

in the Style of Ancient History. In two volumes. 
Philadelphia: Printed by JoneSj Hoffii^ Derrick. M,DCC,xcni. 

lamo, pp. iii| %2^f ziiy A16, old sheep. 


y 2108 [SNOWDEN.] The | History | of the | American | Revo- 

lution;! In Scripture Style. | To which is added, | the 
Declaration I of Independence,! the | Constitution of the 
United States of| America,! and the | interesting Fare- 
well Address! of! General Washington.! 

Frederick County^ Md.j\ ... Matthias Bartges.\i822'\ 

! iimo, pp. lii, 300, half calf, uncut j Cuaiom Woodcut PoaTiAir or WAannfOToii; 


• ^ 2109 SNOWDEN. The American Revolution Written in 
/^^ Scriptural, or Ancient Historical Style. By Richard 

Snowden. Baltimore: Printed by W. Pechin^ ... [n.d.] 

lamo, pp. 360, Colnmbiad, 44, old calf. 


^ 21 10 SNOWDEN (J. R.) A Description of the Medals of 

•^^ Washington, of National and Miscellaneous Medals; 

and of other Objects of Interest in the Museum of the 

Mint ... By J. R. Snowden. 

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott& Co. 1 861. 

4to, dothy gilt. 

aOTHBBY. 427 

, ' 21 1 1 SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI. Proceedings 
*^^ of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati. To 

which is Prefixed, the General Institution of the Order, 
as originally framed, and afterwards altered at the gen- 
eral meeting in May, 1784. Published by direction of 
that State Society. 

Pbiladilpbia: Printed by John Steele. 1785. 

Sto, half green morocco^ by Bnditreet ; FROimtrxBCX inserted. 

21 12 SOCIETY. A I Gratulatory Address [delivered July 
-2- 1^ ^ 5th 1 7go. before the | Society of the | Cincinnati, j of the | 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. | Published by their 

Order. | Printed in Boston^ \ By 

Benjamin Russell^ near the State-House^ \ m,dcc,xc. | 

Sm. 4to, pp. 14, hadf red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Braditreet. 

21 13 SOCIETY. Proceedings of the Society of the Cincin- 
^^^ nati. Philadelphia. 1847. 

Imp. Sto, hadf morocco, uncut. 

21 14 SOCIETY. Institution of the Society of the Cincin- 

nati in New Jersey. Albany N. T. 1866. 

8to, uncut. 

21 15 SOME Observations, Shewing The Danger of Losing 
^^ the Trade of the Sugar Colonies. Humbly OfFer'd To 

the Consideration of the Parliament. By a Planter. 

London : Printed in the TeoTj MDCCXiv. 

Sto, pp. 15; and three other ran tracts on the same subject. 

21 16 SOMERBY (G. A.) Catalogue of the Library of G. A. 

Somerby. Boston. 1869. 

Sto, uncut; frictd. 


ai 1 7 SOTHEB Y (S. L.) Ramblings in the Eluddadon of the 

428 SOUTH. 

Autograph of Milton. lUiutnted by Photographs of 
Milton, and fac-similes. Lmdm. mdccclxi. 

Folio, moroccoy with characteristic dettgnt inlaid on tides, gilt top. The aobjcct 
thoroughly treated, and the iUoatrationa produced at great 

^ ^ ^f2ii8 S0UL£(J.H.) The Annals of San Francisco, containii^ 

|V *^ ' a Summary of the History of the First Discovery, Set- 

j tlement, Progress, and Present Condition of California. 

t New Tiri. 1865. 

Sto, morocco extra, gilt edges. 

I I 

^ 21 10 SOUTH CAROLINA. Collections of the South-Caro- 

^ lina Historical Society. Charltst9n. 1857-59. 

3 Tols., Svo, doth. Complete sets are ir«rrr. 


/ -5^ 31' 310 SOUTH CAROLINA. Historical Collections of South 

Carolina; embracing many Rare and Valuable Pam- 
phlets, and other Documents relating to the History of 
that State. Compiled by B. R. Carroll. N. T. 1836. 

% Tols., Sto, half roan { Map. Set [Young], Lot No. ^642. 


^ ^ ^2121 [SOUTHEY (R.)] The Doctor. Lvnion. 1835-1847. 

7 vols., crown Sto, cloth, uncut j Bitr Ernnoii. 

^^ 2122 [SOUTHEY.] The Annual Anthology. Bra/0/. [i8oa] 

% vols., fcap 8to, hal/ morocco, gilt cop. 

I » 

^ 2123 SOUTHEY. Sir Thomas More; or Colloquies on the 

' " Progress and Prospects of Society. Lond$n. 1829. 

% Tola., Sto, half morocco, gilt top. 

* Full of wisdom and doTOtion, of poetry and feeling conceived altogether in the spnit 
of other times, such as Eveljm, or Isaac Walton, or George Herhect, woold 
have delighted in.** — ^tutrurly Review, 

^ ^ .-^2124 SOUTH SEA COMPANY. An Examination of the 
" ^ Scheme, &c. Loiubn. 1720. 

8to{ three npv tracts. 

SPARKS. 429 


2125 SOUTHWELL (R.) Marie Magdalen's Funcrall Tears 
'^^^^ for the Death of our Saviour. London. 1823. 

Sq. Svoy half vellam, gilt top, uncut. " Never mutt be forgotten those serious poems 
said to be Father Southwell's ; the English whereof aa it is most proper, 
so the sharpness and light of wit is very rare in them.** — Bolton. Sit 
*«Cens. Lit.,**vi5 "Bibl. Ang. Poet.,** Kos. 671-6775 "Gents. Mag.,** 
KoT., 1798; ''Ret. Rev.,** iv, 267-280. The author was executed at 
Tyburn in 1595, at, 35. 

2126 SPARKS (J.) The Library of American Biography. 
Q2^y^ ^Conducted by Jared Sparks. [First and Second Series.] 

New York and Boston, i860, etc. 

■ 25 vols., i2mo, boards, uncut. 

2127 SPARKS. The Life of Gouverneur Morris, with Se- 
u? :z.S^ lections from his Correspondence and Miscellaneous 

Papers; Detailing Events in the American Revolution, 
the French Revolution, and in the Political History of 
the United States. Boston: Gray &r Bowen. 1832. 

3 vols., 8to, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet} Portiait. 

2128 SPARKS. A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon 
2^^ ^"<J others, in the Mode of Editing the Writings of 

Washington. Cambridge. 1852. 

Sto, pp. 35 1 scarce, 

^ 2129 SPARKS. The Life of Washington. Boston. 1839. 

2 Yola.9 8vo, elegantly bound in morocco, with tooled sides and inside edges, gilt top, 
uncut. This work has been extended, by the insertion of 114 lLLVt> 
TaATioNS, to two volumes. Each has an Extka Tztlx-Paox, beautifully 
^inted in water colors^ and illustrating the birth-place (2 inews),- Mount 
Vernon, Pohiclc Church, first head-quarters. New York, Valley Forge, 
Newburg, Richmond Hill, Morristown, and Washington's grave. All the 
Insutbo Platxs zrcJluCf and many rmrt^ especially the following : Arnold, 
Lafayette, De Vergennes, Wm. Elden, Silas Deane, Franklin, Mount 
Vernon, etc. A itery lingular FoRTaAir of Charles Lee b included. All 
the plates which were not as large at the page have been inlaid in the 
moit exquisite manner by Treat. &«, tf/ja, Washington (O.) 



^ /r ^/ 2130 SPENCE (J.) Anecdotes, Obsenrations, and Characters, 

of Books and Men. Collected from the Conversation 
of Mr. Pope, and other Eminent Persons of his Time. 
With Notes, and Life of the Author. By Samuel 
Weller Singer. London. 1858. 

Crown Syo, tree calf, gilt edges, by RiTiirc; Pobtiait; Laigs Papu; yftp/rrsfti; 
Sbcomo AMD But Editxon. 

** Who censured with respect, and praised with alacrity.** — Da. JoamoN. 

^^i 2131 SPENSER (G.) Calendarium Pastorale. The Shcp- 

herds Calendar. London, [n. d.] 

Sto, half bonnd, uncut; Many Fine Platu. In Latin and English. Fust EDITlOl^ 
containing the ntppreued caricsntre PorntArr of Dr. Cc»oke, Provoit of 
Eton, u an ass, teaching. Su Pickering (W.) 



'\.y - ^ ; ^> f 

c^c^ ^^y 2132 SPOONER (S.) A Biographical History of the Fine 
7 / -^ / t^ /' / ^^y' Arts; or. Memoirs of the Lives and Works of Em- 

- inent Painters, Engravers, Sculptors, and Architects. 
' From the earliest ages to the present time. Alphabeti- 
cally arranged, and condensed from the best authorities, 
including the works of Vasari, Lanzi Kugler, Dr. Waa- 
gen, Bryan, Pilkington, Walpole, Sir Charles East- 
lake, and Mrs. Jameson. With Chronological Tables 
of Artists and their Schools, Plates of Monograms, etc. 
By S. Spooner, m.d. Ntw Tori. 1865. 

» Tols. extended to 10 vols., stout 410, by the insertion of OySR ONE THOUSAND 
ENcaATSD PoaTaAiTi, Lanoscapxs, Etchings, DaAwmcs, Wooncim^ etc^ 
half crimson levant morocco, gilt tops ; LAacx Papuu Of all the worki 
usually illustrated, there is scarcely one which offers more scope for iastnc- 
tive amusement than this dictionary, and we cannot do better than print| 
with some verbal alterations, the description in Mr. Boaton*^ catalogue : 

*< The illustrations in these volumes are of great variety, and possess unusual excellenoe, 
being the gleanings of many years by a diligent collector from the Londoa 
print emporiums, reinforced by numerous additions of rare plates from the 
continent. No prominent subject hu been neglected, while of many 
there are various illustrations. The variety of design of which such a work 
admits is very great, permitting not only portraits of the arasts, but ezhi- 

SQUIER. 431 

bitioni of their works, and specimeni of engraven and peculiar styles of 
art. All of these various sources of interest have been provided for in 
these richly decorated volumes. They have been prepared in London with 
great care, are all, when necessary, tastefully and carefully inlaid, and ex- 
hibit, as a whole, a comprehensive view of the fine arts, embracing different 
countries and eras, from the revival of painting to the present day. The 
cost of the preparation of such a work can be properly estimated only 
by those who have made similar attempts at illustration. In this country 
it would be impossible to procure the engravings, but, wherever procured, 
the expense in the destruction of costly works, to say nothing of the long- 
continued search for the material, must be very great. The work, as now 
perfected, invites careful examination, and will well repay the attention of 
students of art.** 

The work is based on Bryan*s ** Dictionary,** concerning whom a writer in the Utermry 
Gazette justly remarks : ** No private individual has been more conspicuous 
in the annals of British art than the late Michael Bryan, Esq. ; and very 
few, if any, of his contemporaries have had so much influence in all mat- 
ters of refined connoisseurship as he exercised for a number of years. His 
skill and judgment in pictures were looked up to as decisive of the merit 
or demerit of paintings, whether derived firom ancient masters or from the 
easels of modern genius, and many hundred thousand pounds have been 
expended upon his dicta in af^Eiirs of this kind. His valuable publication, 
the ' Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Engravers,* is a great improve- 
ment as well as enlargement of Pilkington*s design, and is an evidence of 
the diligence and talents of the author, which will hand down his name 
with distinction to the latest posterity.** 

2133 SPRECNERUS. F. Sprcchcri Rhetia, vbi Eius vcrus 
%^7^ situs Politia, bella, foedara, et alia memorabilia accura- 

tissime describunter. 

Lvgd. Batavorum^ Ex officina Elzeviriana Anno 1633. 

32mo, vellum. A neat specimen of an Elxeior imprint. 

2134 SPRY (H. H.) Modern India. London. 1838. 

ft vols., post 8vo, half calf. 

2135 SQUIER (E. G.) Collection of Rare and Original Docu- 
Cx /'.2--— ments and Relations, concerning The Discovery and 

432 8TARK. 

Conquest of America. Published in the Original, with 
Translations, Illustrative Notes, etc. 

New Tori, mdccclx. 

410, half moroccoy oncnt ; 100 copies printed. 

2136 SQUIER. Monograph of Authors who have Written 
on the Languages of Central America, and Collected 
Vocabularies or Composed Works in the Native Dia- 
lects of that Country. By E. G. Squier. 

London: Trubner ^ Co. m.d.cclzi. 

4to» pp. 70y uncut; 100 copies printed. 

2137 STANLEY (Thos.) History of Philosophy, containing 
the Lives, Opinions, Actions and Discourses of the 

' Philosophers of every Sect. London. 1701. 

. Folio, calf; PoBTftAm by Faithorae. ** Stanley's * History of Philosophy * is, in a giest 
I measure, confined to biography ; he brought a good deal from an almost 

! untrodden field.** — Hallam. 


^^1 2138 STAMP ACT. Rights of Parliament Vindicated, On 

Occasion of the late Stamp- Act. [Dulany] Considera- 
tions on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes, 1766. Pro- 
test against the Bill To repeal the American Stamp- 
; Act, 1776. London, [v. d.] 

3 rmre tracts on the Stamp Act in I toL, Svo, half rossia. 


2139 STANSBURY (H.) Exploration and Survey of the 
Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, including a 
Reconnoissance of a New Route through the Moun- 
tains, ff^asbington. 1853. 

a vols., Sto, one being an atlas, cloth. 

2140 STARK (J.) Reminiscences of the French War J Con- 
taining Rogers* Expeditions with the New-England 
Rangers, under his Command, as published in London 

STATE. 433 

in 1765; with Notes and Illustrations. To which is 
added an Account of the Life and Military Services of 
Maj. Gen. John Stark; with Notices and Anecdotes of 
other Officers distinguished in the French and Revolu- 
tionary Wars. C$ncordyN. H.: Luther Roby. 183 1. 

lamoy pp. 275, boards, uncut; Plati. 

2141 STATESMAN'S MANUAL (The). Conuining the 
t^^ Presidents* Messages, Inaugural, Annual and Special, 

from 1789 to 18589 with their Memoirs and Histories 
of their Administrations. Together with a very valu- 
able collection of National and Statistical Documents, 
&c. By £. Williams and B. J. Lossing. Revised 
Edition. New Tori. [1866.] 

4 Toll., large Svo, cloth; Stszl PoKTiAm of the PazamDm. 

2142 STATE PAPERS, Documents, Legislative and Execu- 
/ 42 ^ tive, of the Congress of the United States, from the 

^^^^^ First Session of the First, to the Second Session of the 
Twenty Second Congress, Inclusive. Commencing 
March 3, 1789, and ending March 3, 1833. Selected 
and Edited, under the Authority of Congress, by Wal- 
ter Lowrie, Secretary of the Senate, and M. St. Clair 
Clarke, Clerk of the House of Representatives. 

JVasbington: Published hy Gales t^ Seaton. 1833. 

In ai Tola^ fotio, half ruitia. This great historical work wu printed by order of the 
United States goTemment, and was distributed through the members of 
Congress, but wu never for sale. It has been long out of print, and com- 
plete copies are not common. It contains reprints, not only of all the 
early irregular publications of the Congress that could be found, but many 
important papers from the archives of the goTemment never before pub- 

2143 STATE PAPERS and Publick Documents of the United 
^^fif States from the Accession of George Washington to 

the Presidency, Exhibiting a complete view of our 


434 8TATUT8. 

Foreign Relations since that time. Second Edition 

Published under the Patronage of Congress. Including 

Confidential Documents, now first published. 

Boston. 1 817. 

, 12 Tolf., Sto, boards, uncvt. 

^^ 2144 STATE PAPERS. Register of Debates in Congress. 

Comprising leading Debates and Incidents. ... 

ff^asbington. 1825-35. 

17 Tob., imp. Svo^ thccp. This, with the lucceeding lot, fbnni a complete Official 
Regitter of the Debates in Congress, from 1S14 to 1867. Their im- 
i portance is well indicated by De TocqueviUe, who truly remarked that 

I ''the Literatttre and Science of the Great Republic lies buried in her 

' public papers.** 


^^^/ 2145 STATE PAPERS. Congressional Globe: Containing 
I Sketches of the Debates and Proceedings of the Coo- 

I gress. Gty of H^asbington. 1 834- 1 867. 

60 vols., 4to, half bound. So eztenslTe a series, complete firom the commencement, 
is rarely to be Ibnnd. 

r^ ^^i 2146 STATISTICS (The) at Large of the Provisional Gov- 
ernment of the Confederate States of America, from the 
Institution of the Government, February 8, i86ij to 

> its Termination, February 18, 1862, inclusive. Ar- 

ranged in Chronological Order. Together with the 
Constitution for the Provisional Government, and the 
permanent Constitution of the Confederate States, and 

I the Treaties concluded by the Confederate States with 

Indian Tribes. Edited by James M. Mathews, ... 

' Ricbmond: R. M. Smithy Printtr to Congress. 1864. 

Rl. Sto, pp. xtI, 411, zlviii. Set *' Public Laws.** 


droit desir ou nceud Institue a Naples en 1352 par 
Louis d'Anjou, Premier du nom, Roi de Jerusalem, de 
Naples et de Sicile. Manuscrit du xivme Siede con- 


serve au Louvre. Avec une Notice Sur la Peinture 
nes Miniatures et de la Description du Manuscrit par 
M. le Comte Horace de Viel-Castel. 

Paris: Engelman et Graf. 1853- 

FoliOy beautifully bound in crushed levant moroccOy with inside toolugs and ornamental 
paper, gilt edges, by Gruel; 17 Svlendid Platis in gold mnd cclonj 
one of the most BxAunruL Volumis extant. 

2148 STEARNS (J. £.) Historical Discourse, relating to the 
^^ First Presbyterian Church in Newark, Newark, 1853. 

8V0, cloth ; PotTEAITS. 

2149 STEBBINGS (H.) Lives of the Italian Poets. 

/ 0<y London. 1831. 

3 vols., post 8vo, half calf} Kortt. 

2150 STEBBINS (R. T.) A Centennial Discourse ... Leo- 
^ ^49 minister, September 24, 1842. Boston, mdcccxliii. 

8to, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

215 1 STEDMAN (C.) The History of the Origin, Progress, 
y ^^ and Termination of the American War. London. 1794. 

a ToU., 4to, morocco, gilt top, uncut; 15 Maps and Plans. The work b par- 
ticularly valuable on account of the large and ifhndid Miutart Maps 
and SvavBTS, from the official criginalt by the British engineering staff, 
with which it is adorned. Fisher's copy sold for $38 $ MorrelFs, $38. 

''Stedmam wrote a * History of the American War,* an actor in the scene, and a sen- 
sible man. He served under Howe, Clinton and Cornwallis, and when 
the conduct of the war is to be estimated, he must be consulted.** — Smttrx. 

2152 STEDMAN. [Another Edition.] Dublin. 1795. 

a vols., 8to, old calf. 

2153 ^STEDMAN {Capt. J. G.) Narrative of a five years* 
n^ ^^ expedition, against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam 

in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America ; from 
the year 1772 to 1777 : elucidating the History of that 




/;^. Sry\ 

countiy, and describing its Productions, viz. Quadru- 
peds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Trees, Shrubs, Fruits 
and Roots \ with an account of the Indians of Guiana. 

London. 1813. 

% Yob., 4ti>» calf { 80 PiATSs. 

** In this work, which b m entertaining ai a romance, wUl be feood a Uvely pictaic of 
Sortnam and iti inhabitanti.'*— LowMosa. 

** A Tery amiising and inttnictive work.**-— PiicxxaToit. 

2154 STEELE (&V R.) The Theatre. With the Anti- 
' Theatre. London. 1791. 

1 Tola^ crown Sto, boards, uncnc 

2155 STEELE (Z.) The Indian Captive; or a Narrative of 
the Captivity and Sufferings of Zadock Steele, Re- 

; lated by himself. To which is prefixed an Account of 

. the Burning of Royalton. 

MontpeUiTy Vt. : Publisbid bj tbi Author. 1 818. 

luno, pp. 141, Namet, i L 

j y^ I 2156 STEINMETZ (A.) Manual of Weathercasts. 

London. 1866. 

ismo. The only recent work on the subject. 

I I 

I I 2157 STEPHEN {Sir James). Lectures on the Histoiy of 

^ ' France. London. 1857. 

I 2 vob., S^o, cloth, oncnt \ Tmao Enmoii. 

1 I 

2158 STEPHENSON (M.) A Call from Death to Life, 

Being an Account of the Sufferings of Marmaduke 

Stephenson, William Robinson and Mary Dyer, in 

New England in the year 1659. London^ Brinuit 

1660 ; [Providinci^ PHvatify Riprinud^ 1865.] 

Sm. 400$ 100 copies printed. 



y^ A%iS^ STERLINE. Recreations with the Mvses. By Wil- 

liam Earle of Sterline. 

London : Printed by Tbo. Harpor. 1637. 

8TILB8. 437 

Folio, calf; Emokatko Tnxx ; PotTiArr inserted ; fmt than C9fy, with good margtna $ 
vfry searet. Hit poetry, for purity and excellence, it far beyond the gen- 
erality of the prodoctiont of the age in which he lived. 

2160 [STERNE (L.)] A Sentimental Journey. Land. 1794. 

/ y^ iimo, calf; Fimx pLATXt. 

216 1 STEVENS. Historical Nuggets Bibliotheca Americana 
S^ "T^"^ or a Descriptive Account of my collection of Rare 

Books relating to America Henry Stevens gmb fsa 
London Printed by Wbittingham and Wllkins Toots 

Court Chancery Lane mdccclxii 

2 Tolt., fcap 8to, morocco, gilt top, uncot ; elegantly printed. Containt the titlet, at 
length, of three thoutand bookt relating to America. 

2162 STEVENS. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of 
^^ %S^ Books relating to the History and Literature of Amer- 
ica. Sold by Auction. London, 1861. 

Rl. 8to, pp. 275, doth, uncut. The ** Naggeti ** have now become tcarce, bat the 
titlet, with a very few excepciont, will be found in thit catalogue. 

2163 STEVENS (Thaddeus). An Address, delivered on the 
j/^ Fourth of July, 1835, at an Anti-Masonic Celebration. 

Pittsburgh, [n. d.] 

Sto, pp. 8. 

2164 STEWART (C. S.) A Trip to Boston. 

/ ifiST Boston. M Dccc xxxvin. 

i8mo, pp. 224, cloth. 

2165 STEWART (R. J.) A Geography for Beginners. 
^2L^ Richmond^ Va. 1864. 

ismo, pp. Tiit, 223, cloths Maps. The late confederacy it much magnified in that 
Englith work. 

2166 STILES (Ezra). A History of Three of the Judges of 
/o ^^ King Charles I. Major-General Whalley, Major- 
General Goffe, and Colonel Dixwell; Who, at the 





Restoration, 1660, Fled to America ; and were secreted 
and concealed, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, for 
nearly thirty years, ... Hartford. 1794. 

iimoi red cruhed levant morocco, gtle edges, by W. Mathewt; PoRfiArr^jSM m- 
frtisitm^ and Plath] Jine eiean cpfy $ rare. MorreU** copy lold for $20; 
H. A. Smith*!, $15$ Wight's, $12$ Fisher's, $11.50; Brace's, $11.50.' 

2167 STILES. The United Sutes elevated to | Glory and 
Honor. | A | Sermon, | Preached before | His Excellency^ 
Jonathan Trumbull, Esq. l.l.d. | Governor and Com- 
mander in Chief, | And the Honorable | The General 
Assembly | of | The State of Connecticut, | Convened at 
Hartford, | At the | Anniversary Election, May 8^» 1783. 
I By Ezra Stiles, d.d.| President of Yale-College. | 

New-Haven : \ Printed bj 
Thomas (^ Samuel Gnen. \ m,dcC9LXXZIII. 

Sm. 4to, pp. 99, half crushed levant morocco. 

^ >-tff 

2168 STILES (H. R.) Bundling; its Origin, Progress and 
Decline in America. ABfany, 1869. 

i6mo, pp. 139, cloth, uncut. The only American work on this curious subjecL 

^^ '2169 STILES. A History of the City of Brooklyn. 

I Brooklyn. 1867. 

% vob., imp. Svo, uncut ; Lasgk PArxt $ fuhlitied by mherifiieu, 

I ! 


,^1 2170 STILES. Letters from the Prison-Ships of the Revolu- 
I tion. With Notes. New Tork : Privately Printtd. libs. 

, , 4to» half morocco, uncut; Labok PArxt; 35 copies printed. Forms Ko. i of **T1» 

, WaUabout Prison-Ship Series." ^^ 


21 7 1 STILES. [The same.] N.T.: Privately Printed. 1865. 

Sto, paper, uncut; 80 copies printed, 35 of which are on Lam» Papkx. 

2172 STILES. Account of the Interment of the Remains of 

STITH. 439 

American Patriots, who perished on Board the Prison- 
Ships During the American Revolution. With Notes 
and an Appendix, By Henry R. Stiles, m.d. 

New Tori: Privately Printed. 1865. 

4to, half morocco, uncut; Laagk Paper; 35 copies printed. Forms Ko. 11 of *'The 
WalUbout Prison-Ship Series.** 

2173 STILES. [The same.] N. T. : Privately Printed. 1865. 

8vOy boards, uncut. 

2174 STILLMAN (S.) Two Sermons on the Execution of 
/ ^^ Levi Ames. Boston. M dcc lxxiii. 

8vo, pp. 67, haUf brown morocco. 

217s STIMPSON (W.) Synopsis of the Marine Invertcbrata 
4f^ of Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Wash. 1853. 

4to, pp. 66, (i), half calf; 2 Platis. 

2176 STIRLING. Narrative of the Oppressive Law Procecd- 
^ ^^ ings, and other Measures, resorted to by the British 

Government and numerous Private Individuals, to over- 
power the Earl of Stirling, and subvert his lawful rights. 
Written by Himself. Also a Genealogical Account of 
the Family of Alexander, Earls of Stirling, etc. 

Edinburgh. 1836. 

4to, half green morocco; ft Portbaits inserted. 


2177 STITH (W.) The | History | of the | First Discovery | and 
y^ /f ^ I Settlement | of | Virginia : | Being | An Essay towards a 

General | History of this Colony. | By William Stith 
A.M. I Rector of Henrico Parish, and one of the Gov- 
ernors of I William and Mary College. | 
Williamsburg: \ Printed by JVilUam Parks. m,dcc,xlvii. 

8to, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; ^tryfnt mnd Isrgt eofy. The Taluable 
original documents from which it u compiled have been recently destroyed 
by fire. 





2178 STITH. The History of the First Discovery and Set- 

tlement of Virginia. By William Stith, a.m. 

New Tart : Reprinted /or yesepb SaUn. 1865. 

RL SvOy half bloc morocco, g^t top ; LAtox Papui \ 50 copies printed. 

2179 STITH. [The same.] New Tork. 1866. 

Sto, oacttts Smaxx Pafi1{ «oo copies prlAted. Forms No. ti of Ssbin's Reprmti, 
Octavo Series. 

2180 STOBO (R.) Memoirs of Major Robert Stobo, of the 

Virginia Regiment. Pittsiurgb, 1854. 

i6moy cloth ; Map. Relates to Braddock's expedition. 

^^ 2181 STONE (A. L.) A Discourse occasioned by the Death 

of Abraham Lincoln. 

Sto. uncut; 300 copies printed. 

Boston, 1865. 

y i^^ *'8* STONE (E. M.) History of Beverly, Civil and Eccle- 
siastical, from its Settlement in 1630 to 1842. fiy 
Edwin M. Stone. Boston : yas, Munroe ist Co. 1843. 

I iftmo, pp. iv, 314, cloth, uncut. 



^ \/y^f 


2183 STONE. Rhode Island in the Rebellion. 

Providence. 1864. 

Stoi pp. xxxriii, 39S, doth ; 3 PoxTXAm. 

2184 STONE. The Invasion of Canada in 1775, including 

Journal of Capt. Thayer. Providence. 1867. 

Svo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

2185 STONE (W. L.) Border Wars of the American Revo- 



% Tols., i8mo, half red morocco. 

New York. 1854- 

2186 STONE. The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, 
Bart. By William L. Stone. Albany. 1865. 

X vols., half red levant moroccOi gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet^ Ruxxxcatxd Trnxj 
PoxTXAXTSj timtedp^^trf Laxgx Papxx} only 50 copies printed. 

! 2187 STONE. Life and Time« of Red-Jacket, or, Sa-go-ye- 
%^\^49 wat-ha, being the sequel to the History of the Six Na- 
! tions. Ntw Tori. 1841. 

1 Tola., S*o, half red Itrant red merocco, pit t^ nncnt ) Pmruur. 

218S STONE. Life of Joseph Brant, (Thayendan^ea) in- 
«? *y<3 eluding the Border Wars of the American Revolution, 

and Sketches of the Indian Campaigns of Generals 
Hannar, St. Clair, and Wayne, and other Matters con- 
nected with the Indian Relations of the United States 
and Great Briutn, from 1783 to 1795. JIhattf, 1864. 
s *ok.,iinp. Sto, half red leTint marocco, (ilt top, nncBt; PoaTaAjn; L/ioi pAfn; 
JO copiei printed. 

2189 STONE. The Poetry and History of Wyoming, con- 
/ ^£7 taining Campbell's Gertrude, and the History of Wy- 
oming. Albany: MunstlL 1864. 
ima, pper, vncnt. Reinoe of the e^cioo of 1I45, with indei, etc 

1190 STONINGTON. The Defence of Stonington (Con- 
^ ^ ^ necticut) against a British Squadron August 9th to 
I2th, 1814. Hartford, 1864. 

Sm, 4ta, ODCot } onlj 1 15 copia printed, for frivati Murihaha, 

3191 STORER anJ GREIG. Antiquarian and Topographi- 
^2 y *.// '^■' Cabinet, containing a Series of Elegant Views^of the 
Most Interesting objects of Curiosity in Great Briuin. 
Accompanied with Letter Press Descriptions. 

LentUn: W. Clark*. 1807. 
la ToU., iSmo, bloc moroeco, gilt edga. From Dr. John Huncer'i Iibni7, 

3191 STORIES about General Warren, in Relation to the 

^^iC^ Fifth of March Massacre, and the Battle of Bunker 

Hill. Bnton. 1835. 

■>DO, pp. lla, datb; Pun. 





2193 STORY (J.) Power of Solitude. A Poem. 

Bost9H. [n.d.] 

FiatT Editiom j tcsne. 

^^2194 STORY (Isaac). An Oration ... Worcester, July 4, 

1802. Wmrcester. l802. 

Svo, pp. 31, half red mococco, gilt top, ancnt, bj Bndttrect. Ste Washington (G.) 

. , ^ I 2195 STRATFORD, Connecticut. A collection of Cuttings 
^ relative to Stratford. [n. p. n. d.] 


i 1 

^ i I 2196 STREET (A. B.) Frontenac. A Poem of the Iroquois. 

^ ' ^^1 By Alfred B. Street. 

Albany: J$el MunselL mdccclxti. 

4to, dothy ancttt ; Lamgx PAruu 

' I 


^ 2197 STRICKLAND (A.) Lives of the Queens of England, 
y ' From the Norman Conquest. Now first published, 

I from Official Records ... By Agnes Strickland ... 

With Portraits of every Queen. ... 

London: H. Colburn. 1 853. 1 

8 ▼olt., 8vo, calfy gilt edges; Btsr Editiom; Koret. 


^2198 STRICTURES on a Pamphlet, entitled a "Friendly 
^ Address to All Reasonable Americans, on the Subject 

of our Political Confusions,*' addressed to the People 
' of America. America ; Boston : 

I j Reprinted and sold at Greenleaf*s Printing Office^ op- 

posite the Conduit^ near the Market, m,dcc,lzx,?. 

Svo, pp. so. A very rart Rev^trntionary tract, 

I I 

I 2199 STRICTURES on the Philadelphia Mischianza, or 
/ \^^\ Triumph upon leaving America Unconqucred. With 

Extracts, containing the principal Part of a Letter, pub- 
lished in the ^* American Crisis." In order to shew 


how far the King's Enemies think her General deserv- 
ing of Public Honours. London: y» Bew. m.dcc.lxxix. 

8vo, pp. 4fty polished calf, gilt edges, bj F. Bedford ; PoariAir of William, Viscoant 
Howe, inserted. 

2200 STRUTT (Joseph). A Complete View of the Dress 
4^ and Habits of the People of England, from the Es- 
tablishment of the Saxons to the Present Time. Illus- 
trated by Engravings taken from the most authentic 
Remains of Antiquity. New and Improved Edition 
by J. R. Planche. London. 1842. 

% vols., 4to, half morocco, gilt top; over 100 Plates, beamtifully colored, 

** The amusing pages of Strutt entitle his memory to great respect, and, borrowing the 
idea of Dr. Johnson, I will boldly affirm that he who wishes to be informed 
of the curious and interesting details connected with ancient manners and 
customs, costume, regal and ecclesiastical antiquities, * must devote his days 
and his nights ' to the volumes of a Strutt." — Dibdin's ** Decameron.** 

2201 STUART (I. W.) Life of Captain Hale, the Marty r- 
-^-2^5 Spy of the American Revolution. Hartford. 1856. 

iftmo, cloth, A 1., pp. 230; 6 Plates; uarce, Wight's copy sold for $5.75. 

2202 STUBBES (P.) The Anatomie of Abuses. Reprinted 
'^^^ ^^ from the third Edition of mdlxxxv, under the super- 
intendence of William B. D. D. Turnbull, Esq. 

London: Pickering. 1836. 

8to, green levant morocco extra, uncut, by W. Mathews ; 100 copies printed ; tcarce. 

2203 SUCKLING (J.) The Works of Sir John Suckling, Con- 
^^ ^^ taining The Poems, Letters and Plays. London. 1 709. 

8vo, blue morocco, gilt edges ; very Koret, 
** This darling of the muses was worthy to be crowned with a wreath of stars.** — Win- 
STAMLXT. See Ellis* ** Specimens,'* m, 243 $ ** Ret. Rev.,** n, 19 ; « Lond. 
Mag.,- 1, 369. 

aao4 SULLIVAN (A. M.) A Visit to the Valley of Wy- 
c? ^^ oming. Dublin: John F. FowUr. mdccclxv. 

8vo» pp« 33 ) 4 leaves paged io«} 4 Platxi. 




2205 SULLY. Memoires des Sages et Royalles (Dconomies 
d'esur, domestiqves, politiqves et militaires de Henry Ic 

Grand, I'Exemplaire des Roys, le Prince des Venvs, 
des Armes & des Loix, & le Pere en efiet de ses Peuples 
Franfois. £t des servitvdes vtiles, obeissances conuen- 
ables & administrations loyales de Maximilian de Bctb- 
vne Tvn des plus confidens, familiers & vtiles soldats, & 
Seruiteurs du grand Mars des Francois. 

A jtmstilndam. [n. d.] 

4 voli. in Sy folioi calf, firtt edition | printed from the priTite press of the Chateaa it 
SvUy, under the author's inspection ; extremtJj rsre, 

** The memoirs of SoUy finish the portrait of these times, in finishing for us not oolf 
the portrait of Henry IV, but in giving us many curious particulaia respect- 
ing the practical government of France, its finances, Actiona, and the 
whole state of its constitution and interests. His work is authentic and 
particularly valuable, and must be read.**— Paor. Sicmi. 

2206 SUMMERS (J.) Rudiments of the Chinese Language. 

Londm, 1864. 
i2mo, cloth. 

. ^^5^207 SUMNER (C.) The True Grandeur of Nations, Ora- 
tion ... July 4, 1845. Boston. 1845. 

Svo, pp. 96. Sbcoitd EnrnoM. 

^^5^^208 SUMNER (George). Oration ... July 4, 1859. 

Boston. MDCCCLIX. 
8vo» pp. 69 s also three other Oradons. 

I ] 

^ ' 2209 SUMNER (Wm. H.) A History of East Boston ; with 

Biographical Sketches of its Early Proprietors^ and An 
Appendix. Boston: J. E. Ttlton (^ Co. 1858. 

' RL 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

' ^ ^ 2210 SUTCLIFF (Robert). Travels in some Parts of North 
I I America, in the years 1804, 1805, and 1806. 

Philadilphia : Publishod by B.bT T. Kite. 1811. 

Svo^ boards^ uncut. The FKommriaci is an old mw of Niifsia FaUt. 

8YICB8. 445 

22 1 1 SWANWICK (John). Poems on several Occasions, by 

, John Swanwick, Esq., one of the Represontatives in 

the Congress of the United States, from the State of 

Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, mdccxcvii. 

240:10, half morocco; neat; uaret, 

I 2212 SWETT (S.) History of Bunker Hill Battle. With a 
^^V Plan- By S. Swett. Third Edition. With Notes. 

] ^ Boston. 1827. 

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncat ; 4 Platxs inserted. 

I 2213 [SWIFT (J.)] Travels into Several Remote Nations of 
-2 /"Zy^.^ the World. By Lemuel Gulliver. London. 1777. 

I % Tolt., l2mo, calf; uara edttion. The idea of this work is supposed to have been 
derived from Bp. Jos. Hall's *' Mundas alter et Idem.** 

** When will the day come when ' Galliver*s Travels * shall be forgotten or unread.** — 
S» Waltkk Scott. 

2214 SWITZERLAND Illustrated in a Series of Views uken 
y^ ^^ Expressly for the Work, by W. H. Bartlett, Esq. 

London. 1836. 

2 vols., 4to, half green morocco ; fint early iwtpreuions, 

2215 SYKES (M. M.) A Catalogue of the Library of Sir 
y ^^ Mark Masterman Sykes. London. 1824. 

8vo, parti I and a, half calf. 


A L B O T. An Historioil Sketch to the 
end of the Revolutionary War; or, the 
Life of Silas Talbot, Esq., of the State of 
Rhode- 1 stand, lately Commander of tbe 
United States Frigate, tbe Constitution, 
and of an American Squadron in the 
West Indies. Nnu Tori. 1803. 

Srtxtmo CwT, in crvibcd blue IcTint manxta. gilt edge*, bjr F. BedfM. Art*- 
OCJUN Lnru ado Poctkait inKrted. 

I2i8 TALBOT. An|HistortcaI Skeichlof the ] Life] of | Silas 
Talbot, Esq. j of the Stale of Rhode-Island, | late Com- 
mander of the United States Frigate, | the Constitutiaa, 
I and of an I American Squadron in the West Indies.] 
Loaden:\Printtd Far T. OsttU. iSoj-l 

laBO, 4 1., pp. 147, cUr, bjr Bedford \ virj Ktra, MorTdl*! copjr mU liir %t^.y>. 

. ^ 2219 TALBOT (J.) History of North America. 

I UvtrptU. 1 821. 

I 1 Toll., Ito, boudi, uncM; Maht Putra. 

:^.3 -^/? 

2220 TALES from " Blackwood." 

{Edinhurgb-l fVilUam Blackwood and Sent, [r.d.] 
IS Toll,, lup 1*0, hdf calf. 

. ' .^-^ ' 2221 TALES: Original, and Translated from the Spanish. 

Landan. 1810. 

RI. >To,bairru 

1 EiCBT WooDcm. K»wii u "Stockdale'i Tile*.' 

1222 TARDY GEORGE, and How McCicUan took Manassai 
Nfw Tori. 1865. 
s* 1, 4to,clotb, oncutf $0 kq^ frnatlj friMtd, [Bj O. H, Baker. j 


2223 TARLETON. A History of the Campaigns of 1780 
^%/%S^ and 1 781, in the Southern Provinces of North Amer- 
ica, By Lieutenant-Colonel Tarleton, Commandant of 
the British Legion. London, m.dcc.lxxxvii. 

4to, red levant morocco extra, gilt top, uncut. 

2224 TARLETON. [Another Edition.] Dublin. 1787. 

8vo, old calf. 

'< Colonel Tarleton*! history givei a minute detail of all the military operations in both 
Carolinas, and part of Virginia, until the surrender of Lord Cornwallis with 
his whole army at Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781.** — Rich. 

2225 TASSO (T.) La Secchia Rapita ; or. The Rape of the 

Bucket: an Heroi-Comical Poem. Translated from 
the Italian of Tasso. London. 1825. 

% vols, in I, 8vo, half morocco; Plate. 

2226 TAYLOR. The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living 
/ ^^^^ [and Dying]. By Jeremy Taylor, d.d. 

Boston: Little^ Brown ^ Co. [1864.] 

% Tols.y crown 8yo, half morocco, uncut; Largk Papxr. ^* Bishop Taylor has the 
eloquence of the orator, the fancy of the poet, the acuteness of the school- 
man, the profoundness of the philosopher, and the piety of the saint.*' — Paib. 

2227 TAYLOR (John W.) An Address ... Fiftieth Anni- 
y^ versary of the Independence of the United States. ... 

Balston Spa. 1825. 

8vo, pp. 21, and Kirk*s Oration, 1836. 

2228 TEFT (L K.) Catalogue of Autographs. 

/ y^ New Tork. 1867. 

8vo, pp. 262, (2). Prieed. 

2229 TENNYSON (A.) Elaine, by Alfred Tennyson. II- 
^ ^^ lustrated by Gustave Dorc. 

London: Edward Moxon and Co. 1867. 

Folio, in case ; Paoon om India Patbb. 





TENNYSON. The Miller's Daughter. Illustrated by 
L. Bond. London. [n.d.]« i 

4to, cloth, gilt edges and tides. 

223 X TERENCE. Publius Terentius Afer. 

Londoni: GuL Pickering, mdcccxxii. 

3SinOy cloth, uncut. 

2232 TERNAUX-COMPANS. Voyages, Relations, et Mc- 

moires Originaux pour servir a Phistoire de la Decouverte 
de TAmerique, publies pour la premiere fois en Francois. 
Par Henri Ternaux. 
Paris : Artbus Bertrand. M. dccc xxxvii.-mdcccxu. 

110 Tols.! Svoy half morocco, gilt top, uncut. An important and valuable coUccdon of 
early voyages and relations on North and South America, Mexico, etc. 
The contents, at length, will be lound in Rich*i ** Bibl. American Nova,** 

2233 TEVET. Historia dell' India America, detta altramente 

Francia Antartica di, M. Andrea Tevet, tradotu 01 
Francese in Lingva Italiana, da M. Givseppa Horologgi. 

Finegia: Giolito. 1 56 1. 

Sm. Svo, vellum, in the original binding; fru Italian edition ^ ktamtijui eafyi very 
rare; also, in the same volume, and firom the same press, is a^«f eofy of 
Historia delle du Sarmadedi Mattheo di Micbeovo tradotta per Annibal 
Maggi. Finegia. 1561. Both these works are Bkadtxfvl SpBCumnop 
Eamly PaiNTING. 

<^ :2-^ 

^^2234 THACHER (J.) American Medical Biography: or Me- 
moirs of Eminent Physicians who have flourished in 
America. Boston, 1828. 


% vols, in I, Svo, half green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; Fma iMpaxssioMS or 
PoBTaAiTS. Fisher *s copy sold lor $17. 

223s THACHER. A Military Journal during the American 
Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783, describing In- 
teresting Events and Transactions of this Period; with 

I numerous Historical Facts and Anecdotes, from t 

Original Manuscript. Boston, 182 

Svo, half brown morocco, gilt top, nncuti by Bndttreet ; Jbie t9fj $ tcare*. Wh 
more*8 copy lold for $10. 

' 2236 THACHER. [The same.] Second Edition. 
^ ^dSf Boston. 182 

Sto, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2237 THACHER (T.) A Fast of Gods chusing, | Plainl 
^/ ^^ opened. For the help of those poor in Spirit, whose 

hearts are Set to seek the Lord their God | in New-Eng 
land, in the solemn | Ordinance of|A Fast [Wherein i 
shewed i. The nature of such a Fast. 2. ThejTesti 
mony God will give thereunto of his gracious accepta 
tion.|3. The special Seasons wherein God will bea 
witness to such | A Fast. 4. Some helps to Faith tha 
it shall be so. 1 5. Why such a Fast is so acceptable and 
successfull. 1 6. How much this concerns Gods people 
in New-England. | Preached on a Fast called by publick 
Au-|thority, On 26. 1.74. | By Thomas Thacher, | 
Pastor of a Church in Boston. 

Boston^l Printed by John FostiTj 1678. 

4CD, ) I., pp. 25, crushed green levant morocco extra; J!»e cofyf and an Eaalt Sfici- 
MXN or PxnmMo in Boiton. 

^238 THACKERAY. The Works of W. Makepeace Thack- 
eray. Londtn : Smithy Elder i^ Co. 1869. 

%% Tolt^ Svoy doth, nncttt. This edition, bj its BxAvnrux. Ttpookafht and Nvmxb> 
ous iLLvnriATiOKSy well merits the appellation of 6ett, 

2239 THEIRS (M. A.) The History of the French Revolu- 
tion. By M. A. Theirs. Translated, with Notes ... 
by Frederick Shoberl. New Edition. ... London. 1854. 

5 vok., post 8to, calf, gilt $ Plates. 





450 THOMAS. 

2240 THIRTY I Important Cases, | Resolved | With EvideDce of 
I Scripture I and | Reason.) [Mostly.]] By several Pastors 
of Adjacent Churches, | meeting in Cambridge, | New- 
England. I [With some other memorable matters.] | 
Now Published for | General Benefit.) 
BosUn in New^EnglanJL \ Printed by Barthohmew Gretn^ 

I (^ John Allen \ Sold at the Booksellers Shops. 1699.I 


I Sm. Svo, pp. 781 Errata, t 1., in the original sheep binding. 

^ 2241 THOMAS AQUINAS. Excimij ventatis schole pro- 
fessoris fratris Johannis Lapreoli ... Liber quart' defen- 
sionu theologie diui doctors Thoma de aquino in quarti 
sententiaru feliciter incipit. Fenetiis. 1483. 

, Folio, in wooden boardi, with clupt, original binding. A Stlixdio SpBcmaii or 
PaiNTuro in the 15th ccncuiy, infim c»n£ti§m, 

^ , 2242 THOMAS (Gabriel). An Historical and Geographical 

' Account of the Province and Country of Pensylvania 

and West-New- Jersey in America. 

New Tori: Reprinted /or //. J. Brady. 1848. 

ismO| half morocco, uncut; Map. 

2243 THOMAS. In Memoriam Geo. H. Thomas, Artist. 

^ A Collection of Engravings from his Drawings 00 

; Wood. London. 1869. 

4to, cloth eitra, gilt top. Vut Elbgamtlt Puntbd and prointeljr ilhutrattd. 


2244 THOMAS {Col.) The Trial of Lieut. Col. Thomas, of 
the First Regiment of Foot-Guards, on a Charge ex- 
hibited by Lieut. Col. Cosmo. Gordon, for aspersing 
his Character, By accusing him of Neglect of Duty 
before the Enemy, as Commanding Officer of the First 
Battalion of Guards, on the 23d of June, 1780, near 
Springfield, in the Jerseys : containing the whole Pro- 
ceedings of a General Court-Martial, Held at New- 


THOMS. 451 

York on the i6th of September last, and continued by 
several Adjournmenis to the 26th of the same Month. 

London : J. Ridley, mdcclxxxi. 

8vo, Tide, pp. iiSy half blue morocco, gUt top, uncut, by Bndstreet. 

2245 THOMAS (Isaiah). The History of Printing in Amer- 
^V ica. With a Biography of Printers, and an Account of 

Newspapers. To which is Prefixed a Concise View of 
the Discovery and Progress of the Art in other Parts of 
the World. Wor aster. 18 10. 

% volt., 8vo, cruihed levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford j Platu ; SptiN- 
DiD Copt. 

2246 THOMPSON (B. F.) The History of Long Island ; 
^^ from its Discovery and Settlement, to the Present 

Time. With many Important and Interesting Matters, 
etc. Second Edition : Revised and greatly Enlarged. 
Portrait and numerous Plates, New York. 1843. 

% Yols., Sto, half blue morocco; v«ry uaree. 

2247 THOMPSON (H.) Original Ballads, By Living 
^«^ Authors. London. 1850. 

8to, morocco, gilt edges. 

2248 THOMPSON (T.) Two Missionary Voyages to New 
y y^%5*" Jersey, &c. London. M dcclviii. 

8vo, 2 1., pp. 87 J nftrj tcaret. 

2249 THOMS (W. J.) Early English Prose Romances, with 
Bibliographical and Historical Introduction. Edited 
by William J. Thoms. Second Edition, enlarged. 

London. 1858. 

] vols., 8 TO, half morocco, uncut: Larob Papbb; 50 copies printed. Includes Robert 
the Devyl, Thomas a Reading, Friar Bacon, Friar Rush, Virgilius, Robin 
Hood, George a Green, Tom a Lincolne, Helyas, Dr. Faustus, and 
Second Report of Dr. Faustus. 





2250 [THOMSON (Charles).] An Enquiry into the Cause 

of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanesc In- 
dians from the British Interests. ... Together with the 
remarkable Journal of Christian Frederic Post. With 
a Map. Lmdm. mdcclix. 

Svo, half gfcea morocco, gilt top. This ^try rtre tr^et wat wiittea by Chazlca Then- 
soiiy ftftervardt Secretiry to CongreM. 

2251 THOMSON (R.) An Historical Essay on the Magna 

Charta of King John : To which are added, the Great 

Charter in Latin and English ; ... By Richard Thorn- 

i son. London : John Major, m.dccczxix. 

; Rl. Sto, calf, gilt. Printed by J»Am y^Jkmiom, Every page of thii Yolofflc n lor- 
founded bf an •hgsm mmd MffenmUy ^agmtd Woodcot Boanra. 

.- I 

^-^ \ 2252 THORNBURY. Songs of the Cavaliers and Round- 

heads, Jacobite Ballads, &c. 

Pott Svo, dothy uncut; Wooocvia. 

London. 1867. 




2253 THORPE (B.) Northern Mythology, comprising the 
principal Popular Traditions and Superstitutions of 

j Scandinavia, North Germany, and the Netherlands. 

London. 1851. 

3 volf^ crown Svo^ half morocco, uncut; Plate. 

2254 THORNTON {Major John). Tour in the Northern 

States and Canada. London, 1850. 

i8mO| half moroccoy uncut'; one of two copiei^princcd on DaAwnco Patuu 

^ . ^ ^-f 2255 TICKNOR (G.) History of Spanish Literature. By 

George Ticknor. ... Third ... Edition, corrected and 
Enlarged. Boston: Ticknor. 1866. 

3 ▼ola.y Svo^ boardi, uncutj LaaoB Papuu 


2256 TICKNOR. History of Spanish Literature. 

New York. 1849. 

3 volt., tvo^ doth, uncut; Fiatr Eninoii. Includes outerial not in che aufaae^ococ 


'2257 TICKNOR. Life of William Hickling Prcscott. By 
^^ George Ticknor. Boston : Ticknor and Fields. 1866. 

4to, uncut } Lasckit PAPia ; only a few copies primed. Alto, the Pretcott ** Memo- 
' rial.** This is much larger than the ordinary quarto edition. 

2258 TIFFANY (Osmond). Sketch of the Life and Services 
/ ^tf^ of Gen. Otho Holland Williams, read before the 

Maryland Historical Society, on Thursday Evening, 
March 6, 1851. Baltimore. 1851. 

Svoy half morocco, gilt top ; Portiait inserted. 

2259 TIMBS (J.) Romance of London, Scenes and Re- 
/ ^y^f^-^ markable Persons of the Great Town. By John 

Timbs. ... London. 1865. 

3 Yols., post 8vo, cloth, uncut. 

2260 TIMBERLY (C. H.) A Dictionary of Printers and 
t/ V'^^ Printing, with the Progress of Literature, Ancient and 

Modern \ Bibliographical Illustrations, etc. 

London. MDCCCXXXix. 

Imp. Svo, boards, uncut j Fins Copt, and tcaree in this condition. Contains an im- 
mense mass of useful and entertaining information upon literature, com- 
piled from eYery accessible source. 

2261 TITFORD (W. J.) Hortus Botanicus Americanus. 

/ <^^ London. 181 1. 

4to ; Many Fink Cai^rxo Platss or Plants and Faurrs. 

2262 TOCQUEVILLE (Alexis). Democracy in America. 
3 /^^^^y^^^JTrznshtcd by Henry Reeve, Esq. Edited with Notes. 

The Translation Revised and in great part Rewritten, 
by Francis Bowen. Cambridge. 1864. 

» vols. rl. 8vo, cloth, uncut; Laeos Papkr; only lOO copies printed. 

** Let me earnestly advise your perusal of M. de Tocqueville's work. His testimony, 
as well Ax>m actual personal experience, as on account of freedom from 
prejudice, is above exception.**— ^r Rthtrt PeePt Speech. 



454 TRACTS. 

2263 TORNADO (The) of 185 1 in Mcdford, West Cam- 
bridge and Waltham. Boston^ 1852. 

iftmo, pp. 7^ clocli, 

2264 TORRENT OF PORTUGAL. An English Mctriod 
Romance, now First Published from an Unique Manu- 

i script of the Fifteenth Century, preserved in the Cbetham 

Library at Manchester* Edited by J. O. Haliiwcll, 
Esq. London. 1842. 

Crown Svo, doth, uncut. 

^ ,^[2265 TORRE Y (J.) A Portraiture of Domestic Slavery in 
I the United States. Philadelphia. 1817. 


. Svo, boariU, nncut j Platu j ^ery scsne. Pretcnurion copy to Praident Jeflenoa. 

2266 TRACTS relating to American History. 

[v. p.] 1774-1833- 

' 16 vob., 8tO| calf, anifbrmly boond. This valuable and interesting collection com- 
|Mitea many wij r»re tracts relating to tlie American Revolatioo, tlie 
French difficulties, the War of 1811,'^etc. It includes over 100 tracts, 
among which we notice, Journals of the First Congress; Wesley *s Calm 
Address { Massachusettensis ; Dr. Prices* fiunoos Tracts; Galloway^ 
Tracts — Clinton and Cornwalls ; Tracts on Slavery ; The Times, a Poem; 
Tracts on Lord Selkirk*s Red River Settlement, and Tracts relating to 

I Canada, the West Indies, etc. A large collection* 



^^^ j 2267 TRACTS. A Collection of Scarce and Interesting 

'^' ^^1 Tracts, written by Persons of Eminence, upon the 

I most Important, Political, and Commercial Subjects. 

London. MDCCLZXXVin. 

4 vols., Svo, half calf. This important collection is necessary for the proper onder- 
standing of the difficuldes connected with the Stamp Act, the American 
Revolution, etc. From the library of Sir James Stuart. 

/// ^7^ 

2268 TRACTS. [A Collection of Acts of Parliament re- 
lating to the American Revolution.] I'j'j^'-^. 

TREATY. 455 

Fifteen ActB of Parliament and several Original Mandicript Documsnts, relating to 
America — yiz.. Act to Cloee the Port of Boston for Destroying the Tea, 
j January 13, 1774$ Act to Suppress the Riots in Massachusetts, Jan., 

' 1774) Act for better Regulating the Province of Massachusetts Bay, Jan., 

> 1774$ Acts for Governing^the Province of Quebec, 1774; Act to Re- 

strain the Trade and Commerce of Massachusetts and other Provinces in 
America, 1774; Act for Punishing Mutiny and Desertion in America, 
1775s Ac^ ^^ Restrain the Trade and Commerce of New Jersey, Mary- 
land, Sec,, 1775) Act to Prohibit all Trade and Intercourse with the 
Colonies of New Hampshire and other revolting States during the present 
Rebellion, 1776; Act to Detain Persons suspected of High Treason in 
America, on the High Seas j Act for the Sale of Prizes from the revolting 
Colonies, and others — being Fiftksn Skparats Acts, and uvtral original 
manuscript documents relating to the subject^ folio, rare. The collection 
of Original Documents is highly interesting. 

2269 TRACTS. [A Collection of Tracts relating to the 
£i^ American Revolution.] London, 1778-85. 

50 tracts, 8vo and 4to. Many of these tracts are scarce^ and all of them are interesting 
and necessary in an American collection. 

2270 TRAVIS (Daniel), mdccx. An Almanack of Celestial 
^ *^^ Motions and Aspects ... 1710. 

America: Printed in the Tear 1 7 10. 

iftmo, 8 leaves, half morocco. 

2271 TRAVIS. An Almanack ... for 1720. Boston. 1720. 

^^ i2mo, 8 leaves, half calf. 

2272 TREATY OF PEACE, in America, between James 
/^ II. ... and Louis XIV. London. 1686. 

4to, pp. 19, (l)j extremely uarce, 

2273 TREATY of Amity & Commerce, and of Alliance 

Eventual and Defensive, between his most Christian 
Majesty and the Thirteen United States of America. 

Philadelphia. 1778. 

4to, half morocco ; Autogkafh of S. Adams. 




J d^^ 

/3 ^^47 

2274 TRIAL (The) of the British Soldiers, of the 29th 

ment of Foot, for the Murder of Crispus Attacks, 
Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell and 
Patrick Carr, on Monday Evening, the 5th of March, 
1770, at the Superior Court, held at Boston, the 27th 
Day of November, 1770, etc. 

Boston: Belcber and jtrmstrong^ 1807. 

Sto* pp. ISO, half blue moracco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford} Platk or rax Mahacu 
iiuerted \ temrct, 

227s TRIAL (The). [Another Edition.] Boston. 1824. 

ismo, half morocco | Plate or ms Mamaciw iiuerted ; ustcm, 

2276 TRIAL (at large) of James Hill; otherwise, James 
Hind ; otherwise, James Actzen : for Feloniously, Wil- 
fully, and Maliciously, Setting Fire to the Rope-House, 
in His Majesty's Dock- Yard at Portsmouth. ... March 
^» '777* London: G. Kearsfy. [n. d.] 

I Folio, pp. 40 ; EiTaiMiLY Raeb. Important fat the Hittoiy of the America Revo- 
lution. The subject of this trial was better known at John the Painter. 


<^' ^2277 TRUBNER (N.) Bibliographical Guide to American 

Literature. With Notes and Index. London. 1850. 

8 vo, pp. cxlix, 555, half morocco. 

2278 TRUMBULL (B.) A Complete History of Connecti- 
cut, Civil and Ecclesiastical from the Emigration of its 
First Planters from England, to mdcxxx to MDCCxm. 
' By Benjamin Trumbull d.d. 

Hartford: Hudson ^ Goodwin. 1797. 

I 1 volt., 8vo, calf; Jine efy f Many PoaTtAirt. 

j 2279 TRUMBULL. A General History of the United Sutes 
of America. Nnv Tori. 1810. 

Svo, boarda $ Vol. i, aU pnblithed* 


I 2280 TRUMBULL (Henry). History of the Discovery of 

^\^^ America; of the Landing of our Forefathers at Ply- 

I mouth, and of their most remarkable engagements with 

the Indians in New England. Boston. 1828. 

8T0y pp. 2569 boardty uncut j Foloxd Platz. 

2281 [TRUMBULL (J.)] M'Fingal, a Modern Epic Poem. 
/2* S^ In Four Cantos. [Motto.] 

Hartford : Printed by Hudson and Goodwin^ near the 

Great Bridge. 1782. 

Small 8vOy pp. loo, polished calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt; First Edition; vtry 

2282 [TRUMBULL.] M'Fingal. [Another Edition.] 
x^ ^'Z? London. M dcc ixxxvi. 

8to, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2283 TRUMBULL. M'Fingal: | A Modern | Epic Poem, 
/^ Cf^ I ^^ 1 Yoxxv Cantos. | By John Trumbull, Esq. | 

Embellished [ with nine Copper Plates ; | designed and 
Engraved by E. Tisdale. | The First Edition with 
Plates, I and Explanatory Notes. 

\New Tori:] Printed by "John Buel^ No. 132. 

Fly^Market. \ m,dcc,xcv. 

Syo, pp. viL and 136, polished calf, gilt edges, by Bedford. 

2284 TRUMBULL. M'Fingal, a Modern Epic Poem, in 
Four Cantos. Embellished with nine Copper Plates 
designed and engraved by N. Tisdale. The Second 
Edition, with Plates and Explanatory Notes, 

New-York: E. Low. 1810. 

8vO| pp. tU., 1 36, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 9 Platis. 






2285 TRUMBULL. McFii^ : An Epic Poem, with In- 
troduction and Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. 

New Ym-k. i860. 

Royal Svo| doth, uncut ) Lams Patib ; Poatbait. Only 100 copiet printed. 


^2286 TRUMBULL Poetical Works. Containing Mc- 
Fingal, a Modern Epic Poem, revised and corrected, 

' with copious Explanatory Notes, etc., and a collection 

of Poems on various subjects written before and durii^ 
the Revolutionary War. Hartfari, 1820. 

% Tols^ Svoy half moroccoy gjilt top, uncut. PoKTaAir and Platbs by Tisdak. 


^ \ 2278 TRUMBULL. Autobiography, Reminiscences and 

. Letters of John Tnmibull, from 1756 to 1841, with an 

Appendix, etc. New York, 1841. 

Svoy doth. PMTiAm and EicoBATiiiai. 

lyiXi TUCKER (Geoige). The Life of Thomas Jeflfcrson, 
^^ // Third President of the United Sutes. With parts of 

his Correspondence never before published. 

Philadelphia^ 1837. 

I % ▼olt.y STOy half blue morocco^ ^t top, uncut, by Braditreet. ForrtAir. 


- 2289 TUCKERMAN (H. T.) America and her Commen- 
tators. New York. 1864. 

^ I 2290 TUCKERMAN. Book of the Artists. American Ar- 

'^■'^/\ ^^ tist Life, comprising Biographical Sketches of Ameri- 

can Artists, preceded by an Historical Account of the 
Rise and Progress of Art in America. With an Ap- 
' , pendix containing an account of notable pictures and 

I private collections. NewYerk: Putnam. 1867, 

I I 4fio^ iheetsj Laeos Papek. 15 PnorooaAnuc PoKTtAm of Aitiati» PorrtAir of 

Huntington on India paper, and Plati, on India, of the Academy of 
Deugn. Fiity copiet only printed. 

TWO. 459 

A 2291 TUCKERMAN. The Character and Portraits of 
^^ ^^ Washington. By Henry T. Tuckerman. 

Niw York: G. P. Putnam^ 1859. 

4to» doth. 

2292 TUDOR. The Life of James Otis, of Massachusetts. 
^ %:5*4^ Containing also, Notices of some Contemporary Char- 

acters and Events, from the year 1760 to 1775. 

Boston. 1823. 

8vo| kalf green levant moroccOi gilt top, uncut. Poetkatt and Platxs. Fine copy. 

. 2293 [TUFTS (M.)] Flowers of Vespucci; or, Romance 
^ wi? without Fiction. Lexington Ms. 1833. 

Zflmoy pp. 240. A lingular work — printed by its author. 

2294 TURNER (J. M. W.) Liber Fluviorum ; or. River 
^^ 1^^ Scenery of France. Depicted in Sixty-one Line En- 
gravings from Drawings by J. M. W. Turner, R. A. 
With Descriptive Letter-Press by Leitch Ritchie, and 
a Biographical Sketch by Alaric A. Watts. 

London : H. G. Bohn. MDcccLvn. 

Imp. Sto, green morocco, extra; Laegx Paper copy. Paoort on India PAVsa. 

2295 TURNER and RUSKIN (John). Harboure of Eng- 
^%j ^^ bnd. London. 1856. 

AiniTB* Paoort in a Portfolio, with text. 

2296 TUSCANY. Viaggio Pittorico della Toscano. 

O^ ^^ Firenze. 1801. 

3 Tola., folio, half morocco. A very fine leaies of Aqvatuita Platu, with Letter- 
pren DeKriptions. 

y 2297 TWO (The) Congresses Cut Up : | Or a | Few Remarks | 
uy iOf ^ upon some of the | Votes and Resolutions | of the | Con- 

tinental Congress, | Held at Philadelphia, in September, 



I and the I Provincial Congress, | Held at Cambridge, in 
November, 1774. | By a Friend to Peace and good Or- 
der. | 

Boston^ Printid:\New TerJtj Rifrintedhj 

James -R/v/nf^/«». |[i775] 

Sroy pp. 14, cmilied leraiit morocco, by Matthews. 

y 2298 TOWNSEND (Joseph). Some Account of the British 

Army, under the command of General Howe, and of 
; the Battle of Brandywine, on The Memorable Sep- 

' tember nth, 1777. By Joseph Townsend, M. D. 

Published by Townsend Ward^ Philadelphia. 1846. 

/ /y^^ 

Sto, pp. ii., 33. And Papcn on Brandywine, etc 

2299 TYLER (J. E.) Henry of Monmouth ; or. Memoirs 
of Henry the Fifth. London. 1838. 

% Tolt., Sro. half cair, gilt. PoiTmAiT. 

^ ^ j^ 2300 TYNDALE. Memoir of William Tyndale, who First 
,/ Printed the New Testament in English, 1525. 

London : S. Bagster. . [n. d.] 

Sto, pp. 98, calf { each page mled with a red line. 



^ NITED STATES Boundary. [A Col- 

lection of Documents relative to the 
Boundary between the U. S. and Great 

Printed but not puhlitbed. 
ff^ashinglon. 1829. 

Folio half morocco; vtry icara. 


J^ttL" [^ Collection of the Publications bearing this title consisting 
^j,/^ the works described below]. Philadelphia. i844-*58. 

Tofclher tS toIi., 410, ind S iroli., folio, of Platii. The quirto« ill unifomilr 
^^^^ff bound in blue morocca, eilia, gitc edgci, and tliE Atlaki in failf mo- 

rocco. A PrcMnuiion Copy by the United Suco to lome Public Inititu- 

ThW lutotTAirr National Puilicatioh coniun of the fallowing worlu — 

Vob. I. to V. Narrative of the Unind Scatn Exploring Expedition during the jrean 

lgj8, ig}9, 184°, t!4>. )i4i- Br Chirin Wilkn, U. S. N., Com- 

■naadet of the Expedition. PiilaJelfkia i Prhud bj C. Sturman. 

1S44. 4to, pp. ixYi. (1) 455 i xYi., 505 j i*., (1) 4*3! "'-. S74i «»t 

(l)S91. Err.ta, g lina. 
' VoL VI. Ethnography md Philology. By Hoiatio Hale, Phllologirt to the Eipe- 
I diiioa. PUlaJtlpiia I Printid by C SlUrmaii. 1846. 4(0, pp. xii.i 

! Vol. VII. Zoophytei. By Jamn D. Dina, A. M., Gealogltc of the Expedilioa. 
j With a folio ATUi of Siicy-one Platii. Piitadt/piia: Prinud by C. 

I £briuii. 1346. 4to, pp. X., 7-740. Atlai 61 Ptitet. Thii ■• one of 

the tcarceti of the terio, loa copirs only primed. 
' Vol. VIII. Maronialia and Ornichology. ByTltian R. Peale, one ofthe NatonlLiti 

of the Expfdiiion. PiiUJclfhia : Frinui by C. Siirma*. 1848. 4ta, 

pp. IXT., 17-138. r*f. «./!.«( wai LuffriiuJ, and 11 ./ lit gnauit 

VoL VIll. ill. Mammalogy and Ornithology. By John Cuiin. With a fblio At. 
Uu, FhilaJtlfiia ! Prhud by C. Siirmat & San. iSjS. 4X0, pp. 
tiiL, (i) 466. Atlai, folio, 1 1., j] Platii. 


▼oL IX. The Races of Man t and thdr Geographical IKstrihatioB. By Charia 
Pickering, M.D. TkUOdfinmt Prhfd iy C Sktrmmm, 1843. 410, 
pp. 447. 11 PLATiSy colored. 

Vol. X. Geology. By James D. Dana, A. M., Geologist to the Expeditkui. With 
folio Atlas of Twenty-one Plates. PJkUadtlfUt Primud by C Sker- 
msn, 1849. 4to, pp. xii., 766. Atlas, pp.6; 11 Platxs. 

Vol. XI. Meteorology. By Charles Wilkes, U. S. N. With Twenty-fi^e lUostra- 
tions. PhiUdtlpkiat Printed by C SUnmtm, 185 1. Pp. Iviu. (tI}, 
716; appendix, 11 1. 

Vol. XII. Mollusca and Shells. By Augustus A. Gould, M. D. With an Atlas of 
Plates. PkiUdtlpkims Primtd by C Sbermam, l%$i^ 4to, pp. xv., 
510. The Atlas «p«i tnt and probably never will be published. 

Vol. XIII. CrusUcea. By James Dana, A. M. With a folio Atlas of Niacty-six 
Plates. Part I. PkiUMpkia : Priuud by C. Sberm^. 18 51. 4to^ 
viii., 685. Atlas, 1855, pp. sy, 96 Platxs. 

Vol. XV. Botany. Phanerogamia. By Asa Gray, M. D. With a folio Atlas of 
One Hundred Plates. PkiUdtlpkias Printed by C Sberwun, 1854. 
4to, 2 1., pp. 777. Atlas, 100 Platxs, folio. 

Vol. XVI. Botany. Cryptogamia. Filices, including Lycopodiaceae and Hydrop- 
terides. By William D. Brackenridge. With a folio Atlas of Forty-ux 
Plates. Pkiiadelpkia: Printed by C. Sherman. 1856. 4to, pp. liiL, 
357. Atlas, Philadelphia, 1855, pp. 7, 46 Platxs. 

Vols. XVII., XVIII., and XIX., have not, and perhaps never will be published. 

Vol. XX. Herpetology. Prepared under the superintendence of S. F. Band. With 
a foUo Atlas. Pkihdelpkim : Printed iy C, Sberman & Sms, 1858. 
4to, pp. XV., 491. Atlas in folio, pp. x., 32 Platxs. The subsequent 
issues of this work have the following title : 

Vol. XX. Herpetology. By Charles Girard. With a folio Atlas. PMhddpkia: 
J. B. Up^neott & Co, Folio. 4to, pp. xi^., 496. Atlas, pp. x^ 32 

Notwithstanding the comparatively recent date of this publication, we qnesrioo if any 
of our public libraries contain a complete set of thb Gxans Sxaixs or 

Strange to uy, the National Library at Washington laclcs some of the volumes. So 
the Astor Library, the Public Library at Boston, etc., are in the same con- 
dition. This set is complete, with the exception of one vol. of the Crus- 
tacea, and Pickering on the Geographical Distribution of Animals — which 
last is not unfrequendy to be found. 

An opportunity to procure so fine and so complete a set has never occurred since the 
publication of the work, and is not ilkely to occur again ; and we veatuic 
to suggest to those who now only possess part of a set, that they should 
secure this and sell their duplicates. 

UPSHUR. 463 



2304 UPHAM (C. W,) Lectures on Witchcraft, Comprising 
^ ^^ ^ History of the Delusion in Salem, in 1692. 

Boston. 1833. 

i6mOy morocco extra. The ablest work on the subject. 

2305 UPHAM. Salem Witchcraft, with an Account of Salem 
<f ^^ Villages, and a History of Opinions on Witchcraft and 

Kindred subjects. Boston, 1867. 

4 Tob.y 4to, half maroon lerant morocco, g^t top, uncut. No. 74 of 100 copies 
printed on La«gx Pafuu 

2306 [UPSHUR]. A Brief Enquiry into the True Nature 
i? ^^^> ^^^ Character of our Federal Government; Being a 

Review of Judge Story's Commentaries on the Con- 
stitution of the United Sutes. Petersburg. 1840. 

I ^^^ pp- '3^ ^"y fc^o^t^ 


ALENTINE (D. T.) Histoiy of the 
City of New York . . . 

New Tvrk: G. P. Putnam. 1853. 

l«o doth; Hat. 

VALENTINE. Manual of the Cor- 
poration of the City of New York for 
the Years 1842-3. New Tori. 184a. 

■o 10I1., iimo, doth ; Man ud Fachmilu. 

2309 VAN RENSSELAER (S.) A Narrative of the Affiur 
of Quccnstown : In the War of 1812. With a Re- 
view of the Strictures on that event. 

New Tark. 1836. 
Ilmo, PP.4I) 96, datb; Plate. 

^ - -2310 VANSCHAACK (H. C.) Henry Cruger ; the Col- 

" I league of Edmund Burke in the British Parliament. A 

{ Paper read before the New York Historical Society, 

\ I January 4th, 1859. New Tvrk. 1S59. 

! Std, btlf morocco, gill top; 10 Platei iuerted, indiuluii rare Poitkait of Cnga 


/ rg' 


231: VARIN (N.) La Trcsor du Fidelc. Gravure par Mm. 
N. Varin Frcres. Texte extrait des plus celcbrcs Au- 
teurs Crctiens. Paris: L. Curmer. [n, d,] 

4to, btlf motocco, gilt edgo. A lena nf buutiful Putu of Midowu^ cu., with 
Ictter-pren docription. 

2312 VARNHAGEN (F. A. de). Amerigo Vespucd. Son 
Caractere, ses £crits (meme les moins authentiqucs), sa 
vie et ses Navigations, avec une Carte indiquant Ics 
Routes, par A. de Varnhagen. Lima. 1S65. 

Folio, S 1., pp. 119, boirdi, uncul; Mat ind Facunili, Onlj a fi:w ccpiu [liu.:'- 


2313 [VAUGHAN (Waiiam)]. The | Golden Fleece | Divided 
/^ Si^ into three Parts, |Vnder which are discoured the Er- 

rours I of Religion, the Vices and Decayes of the 
King- 1 dome, and lastly the wayes to get wealth, and 
to I restore Trading so much com- jplayned of. | Trans- 
ported from I Cambrall Colchos, out of the Southern- 
most) Part of the Hand, commonly called thejNew- 
fovndland, | By Orpheus lunior, | For the generall and 
perpetual Good of | Great Britaine. | 

London^ \ Printed for Francis JVilliam^ • • . 1626. 

4to, 14 Ly pp. 149, 105, and 95, old calf. 

2314 VENEGAS. A Natural and Civil History of California ; 
^^5 containing an accurate Description of the Country, Its 

Soil, Mountains, Harbours, Lakes, Rivers and Seas, 

its Animals, V^etables, Minerals, and Famous Fishery 

, for Pearls. London. 1759. 

ft T0I8.9 ^^^t ^U silt } ^AF. Fine copy. 

2315 [VERPLANCK (G. C.)] Twelfth Night at the Cen- 
^^2_^ tury Club, January 6th, 1858. By G. C. Verplanck. 

New Tork. 1858. 

Small Sto, boards. Only a few-copies printed. 

2316 VERTOOGH van Niew Nedcrland, and Breedcn 
/^ ^^ Raedt aende Vereenighde Nederlandsche Provintien. 

Two rare Tracts printed in i649-'50, relating to the 
Administration of afiairs in New Netherland. Trans- 
latedfrom the Dutch by Henry C. Murphy. N. T» 1854. 

4fiOy pp. TiL, Z90. Z25 copies privately printed for Mr. James Lexar, for presentation 
only. Ste Lot 9330. 

2317 VICTORIA. The Early Years of His Royal Highness 
^ ^^ ^ the Prince Consort. Compiled under the direction of 

the Queen. London. 1867. 

8vo, doth, uncut ; fine PoaraAXT. 

i 59 



2318 VINAL (W.) A|Scnnon|on the| Accursed Thiiig| 
That hinders Success and Victory in War | Occasioned 
by the Defeat of the Hon. Edward Braddock, £sq;| 
General of all the English Forces in North-America, 
who was I mortally wounded in an Engagement with the 
French and | Indians, near Fort Du Quesne ; and died 
of his Wounds the | third Day after the Battle, which 
was fought July 5, 1 755. | Published at the Request of 
the Hearers. | By William Vinal, A. M. | Pastor of the 
First Congr^tional Church in Rhode-Island. | [Mot- 

Niwp9rt : I Printed by Janus FrankUn^ at the Printing 

Office at thi\Town^Scbool'Hmse. 1755. 

4to» pp. a5, poUthed calf, by F. Bedford. 
Aa«Ktreiiid]r nuv tract Rlatiaf to Bnddock*t Ddcat. 

^ 2319 VINTON (F.) An Oration on the Annab of Rhode 

Island. Poem by G. W. Curtis, etc. 

Providence. 1863. 

' 8vo| half morocco^ gilt top. 


^ J> 

2320 VIRGILIUS. This boke treateth of the Lyfe of Vir- 
gilius, and of his Deth, and many Marvayles that he 
dyd in his Lyfe Tyme by Whychcrafte and Nygraman- 
cie thorowgh the Heipe of the Devyls of Hell. An- 
warpe by me Johun Doesbocke, n. d. (1510.) Edited 

I by £. V. Utterson. TS^otk I^CttlT* London. 1812. 

8t0| old ealfy uncut ; WooDCun. Oppoiite to the title-ptfe is a ^ery fne Corrta 
Plati, engrared by O. P. (Geo. Penes, a popil of Dorer), about 1550. 
50 copies pnvately reprinted, yery uarct, 

2321 VIRGINIA. Nova Britannia. Offering most excellent 

Fruits by Planting in Virginia. New Tori. 1864. 

4to, uncut ; Labcb Pafu. 50 copies only printed. One of the most elegant of 
modem reprints. 



2322 VIRGINIA. Proceedings and Debates of the 
<^^ State Committee in i829-*30. . Richmom 

8tO| iheep. 

; 2324 VIRGINIA. Public Good Without Private Int 

^2: ^^ A Compendious Remonstrance of the present s 

I and Condition of the English Colonie in Virgii 

I Humbly presented to His Highness the Lord Pro 

By a Person zealously devoted. 

London : Printed for Henry Marsh 1 

4tOy pp. XTU, 26. Reproduced by photo-lithography. 



2325 VOICE (A) from America to England. By an 
K^T^ can Gentleman. London, mdccc 

Sto, pp. xii.y 321, half calf| gilt. 

2326 VOLNEY (C. F.) A View of the Climate and . 

the United States of America ; To which are ai 1 
Some Accounts of Florida, the French Colony 
Scioto, Certain Canadian Colonies, and the Sava 
Natives. London. 

Sto, pp. Ti., iiL-xxiv., 503, half calf, gilt. Gibbon calla Volney the most jud 1 
Travcllen, and says : *'I with he could trarel over the globe." 

2327 VOLTAIRE. The Maid of Ortbans, or La Puce 
^ €>^ Voltaire. Translated into ]£hglish Verse, with 

... By W. H. Ireland. London. 

% Tola., 8voy old calf, gilt. The onlj deplete translation of this extras 

** The indecency, often amounting to absolute obscenity, which pervades ne 

whole composition, cannot be excused on the pica that it is only 

licentiousness.** — Lord BaouoHAM. 

2328 VOYAGES. Collection of Voyages by Captain 
liam Dampier. London, [t 




4 w6tLf tvD| iaColciTed ia 4to. Thk editioa wm eAcd bj Captaia Lqraan of the 
Royal Navyi and contaim nttmeroai additioi|% with a witm to pcintug « 
saw edidoB. The tett b the bait edioon of Dampicr. 

2329 VOYAGES and Discoveries in South America. By 
Christopher d'Acvgna, M. Acarete, Grillet and Bech- 
amel. Done into English from the Originals, being' 
the only Accounts of those Parts hitherto extant. 

Lmdm, 1698. 

StO| calf. Extremely icarce. Sat SaUA*t Dictioaafyy No. 151. 

1 2330 VRIES. Voyages from Holland to America, A. D. 1632 
^ ' to 1644. By David Peterson de Vries. Translated 

I from the Dutch by Henry C. Murphy. 

New nri. 1853. 

• 4^ PP* '99f cloth) PorntArr. Only 1^50 copiei printed Ar praenti by Mr. Jtnio 
Lenov. A companion Yolnme to Lot %%i&. 


(A). A Vicvof the Controversy between 

Great Briuin and her Colonies ; includ- . 

ing a mode of Determining their present 

Disputes, finally and effectually i and 

of preventing all Future Contentions. 

Nna Tori : Printed by Janus Riv- 

• ington. MjDCC^xxiv. 

gTO, brown marocco eitn, pit Edgd. 

2332 WAAGEN (Dr.) Treasures of Art in Great Britain : 
^ ^<f being an Account of the Chief Collections of Paintii^ 

Drawings, Sculptures, Illuminated Mss., etc., etc. 

LtnJm: Murrirf. 1854. 
3 *ob., Sfo, calf, pix. 

2333 WACHSMUTH (W.) The Historical Antiquities of the 
i^f^ Greeks, with reference to their political Institutions, 

translated from the German. Oxford. 1837. 

I Toll., Sta, ddth. 
" Wich all the ciuncteriidc leaniing and ingenoitjr of hli coantiTincn, he Bnita s 
■oander judgment, more chute and reaaonable than their worki often ex- 
hibit." — Da. AaKoLii. 

2334 WALKER (C. M.) History of Athens Co., Ohio, and 
c/ ^^ incidentally of the Ohio Land Company and the First 

Settlement of the State at Marietta, with Personal and 
Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers, Narratives of 
Pioneer Adventures, etc. Gndnnali. 1869. 

■to, doth, nncDL Mat and Stiil Poitiaiti. 

1335 WALKER (J.) Memoirs of Josiah Quincy. 
2- 2S~ Cambridge: Printed bj John IVibon and Son. 1 867. 

tTO,hilf bl«inencca,|ilt top,>mcBt,bj BiadatncC 







2336 WALKER (J. C.) Memoir of Alessandia Tastoni, 

Author of the Rape of the Bucket. Lmdan. 1855. 

tvD| half grata aonMco^ filt top. PonmAir. 

2337 WALKER (J.) A Selection of Curious Articles finom 

the Gentleman's Magazine. L&nim. 1 809-11. 

4 yqIs^ StO| lialf cat£ Co mp ri ici ao cjctea i t y c ▼ttiecy of Urtoiicil, ami^iiirim, and 
liiafaiy artiuci. 

2338 WALLACE (J. W.) An Address Delivered at the 

Celebration of the Two Hundredth Birth Day of Wil- 
liam Bradford, who Introduced the Art of Printing into 
the Middle Colonies of British America. 

Albany : J. Munsell. 1863. 
Svo» half bovadfttaoity top ^It. Plats of Fi 


^ S^ 


2339 WALLACK (James Wm.) A Sketch of the Life of 

James William Wallack (Senior), Late Actor and 
Manager. New Tmri. 1865, 

4CD, paper, anoit; Larob Papbm; 50 copkt printed. 

2340 [WALN (Robert.)] American Bards. A Satire. 

Pbiladilpbia. 1820. 

Svo| pp. to, half blue morocco, g^t top, uncat) i% Platm imoted. 

2341 WALN. Life of the Marquis De La Fayette ; Major- 

General in the Service of the United States of America, 
in the War of the Revolution. Philadelphia. 1825. 

Sto, half green leTant morocco, gilt top, uacot. 


WALPOLE (F.) Four Years in the fticific. 1844- 
1848. Lmdm. 1829. 


I 2343 WALPOLE (F.) The Ansayrii and the Assassins, and 
/ iy^ Travels in the further East in 1850 and 185 1, includ- 
ing a visit to Nineveh. London. 1851. 

3 Tidf., Svoy dochy uncut. Of this remarkable people and their country little is 
known. **A work full of entertainment.** — Atheitjium. 


^344 WALPOLE (Horace). Anecdotes of Painting in Eng- 
land ; with some account of the Principal Artists ; and 
incidental Notes on other Arts ; collected by the late 
George Vertue ; digested by the Hon. Horace Wal- 
pole i with considerable additions by the Rev. James 
Dallaway. London. 1828. 

5 volt.y royal 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. Beit edition; numerous Poi- 
TBAiTs; India Pioors of all the plates. Vtry uarct. Published at 
£15 151. Beautiful alike in paper, printing, and engraving; and one of 
the mo«t popular of the author*! works. 

^345 WALPOLE. A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble 
u ^dT Authors of England, Scotland and Ireland ; with Lists 

of their Works ; by the Late Horatio Walpole . . . En- 
laiged and Continued ... By Thomas Park, F.S.A. 

London: "John Scott. 1806. 

5 vols., 8 TO, half morocco, uncut, by Hayday. 

Mjirtbe good old times of the Bibliomania, this work would have walked of its own 
accord into the mahogany book-cases of half the collectors in London.** — 
DxBDiN*s Bibliomania. 

** Walpole was the last surviving disciple of the school of St.Evremont, Chaolieu, etc.; 
a tribe of philosophers who united study with amuaementi and sentiment 
with vivacity ; but in him the levity of the French Epicureans was invig- 
orated by the masculine strength of the British character.** — Weangham. 

2346 WALPOLE. The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of 
^ ^^ Orford. London. 1798. 

5 vols., royal 4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by W. Mathews. Numer- 
ous fine PoBTEAiTs and Engeavings by Heath, etc. Splendid copy, 

** He is the father of the frit romance, and of the last tragedy in our language, and 
surely worthy of a higher place than any living writer, be he who he 
may.** — Loan Byeon. 





• TUt ii the OuoDfAL EBmoif, and ii the onlyooe '^«r****«**g the numeraai fine 
PoBTeAm u4 EnotATniGt hjr Heath. Iti contenti comp i Me Rojral vA 
Noble Aothofff , Anecdotes of Paindngy Catalogue of Eagnven, Ceide of 
OtrantOy Description of Stfawberry Hill. Hiitocic Doobiiy Concipon- 
dence, Mitcetlaniet, etc. 

2347 WALPOLE. Memoirs of the Life and Administnuion 
of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. By William 
Coxe, M.A. London. 1798. 

3 volt., 4to, half morocco; fm etfy, 
^ A more judidooa and instnictiTe biographical work, or one more ■atitfactory to eteiy 
natural deiire for knowledge, b not found in English literature.** — Qeai- 


^-'-2348 [WALSH (Robert).] The American Register: or Sum- 
/ I mary Review of History, etc. Philadelphia, 1817. 

ft vols., Svo, half maroon morocco, gilt top, uncut. Includes a Translation of the 
Complot d* Arnold, par Barb6-Marbois. 


/ /^ 

2349 WALTER (T.) The sweet Psalmist of Israel. | A |Scr- 

monjPreach'd at the Lecture held in Boston, | by the 
Society for promoting | Regular and Good Singing, | And 
for Reforming the| Depravations and Debasements our 
Psalmody labours under, | In order to introduce the 
proper and true J Old Way of Singing. | Now published 
at the Desire of Several Ministers | that heard it, and at 
the Request of the Society | aforesaid. | By Thomas Wal- 
ter, M. A., I Minister of a Church in Roxbury . . . 
Boston: Printed by y, Franklin for S. Gerrish^\near the 

Brick Meeting'House in Combill. 1722. 

Small Svo, Title and Dedicatio** 3 1., pp. 10, polished calf extra, by Bedford. ^«7 

2350 WALTON (I.) The Lives of Donne, Wootton, Hooker, 

Herbert and Sanderson. 

London : fVilliam Pickering, m.dcccxxvu. 

3amo, uncut $ Lamgx Patie. 



2351 WALTON AND COTTON. The Complete Ang-. 
J 2, i> ^ Icr^ Qj. ^iie Contemplative Man's Recreation being a 

Discourse of Rivers Fish Ponds Fish and Fishing writ* 
ten by Izaak Walton ; and Instructions how to Angle 
for a Trout or Grayling in a Clear Stream, by Charles 
Cotton With Original Memoirs and Notes by Sir 
Harris Nicolas C.M.G. 

London: William Pickering. 1836. 

\ volt., imp. 8to, green levant morocco eztrsi tooled to a superb pattern of Roger 
Payne*t by F. Bedford. PoaTaAxn, Vnwt and ENcaAvxNcs of Fishy 
by Stothard and Intkipp. Dvplicatis of all the Platxs, Aairtrt* 
Paoort on India paper : only 50 sets so taken off and published at £10 
lOf. each. Very scarce in this state. A Maonipicint Copy. 

Thtt by without doubt, the most beautifully illustrated edition of << Honest Izaak*s** 
charming Pastoral ever published. To the late tasteful publisher, Mr, 
lackering, its production was literally a labor of love. Neither time nor 
expense were spared to render it worthy of the arts and the importance of 
the subject, and the result was a union of literary and artistic talent which 
hat rarely been equalled and never surpassed. 

*< A work the most singular in its kind, breathing the very spirit of contentment, of 
quiet and unaffected philanthropy, and intenpened with some fine relics 
of old poetry, songs, and ballads." — Bowlis. 

He exhibits a striking contrast between the force of nature and habit; when instruct- 
ing you how to impale a worm for angling, he bids you *' handle him 
tenderly withal, and treat him like a friend.** 

2352 WALTON. [A Set of Proof Impressions of the Plates 
/^ ^^ illustrative of Pickering's Edition of Walton and Cot- 
ton's Angler.] London. 1836. 

In a portfolio. 

2353 WALTON. Index to the Original and Inserted lUus- 
oS^ ^ ^ trations contained in ''The Complete Angler." 

New Tori: Privately printed. 1866. 

4to^ half morocco } 50 copies printed for private distribution. This work describes 

Mr. Lane's copy of Walton's Angler, illustrated with over looo Plates. 
t 60 




474 ^hSi. 

2354 WALTON. The Complete Angler, or the Contempla- 
tive Man's Recreation of Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton* Edited by John Major. 

Boston: LittUj Brownish Co. 1866. 

SvO|iiiicvts Laxgb Patik. 100 copiet printed. 

2355 WANLEY (N.) The Wonders of the Little World; 

or, a General History of Man. In Six Books. Dis- 
playing the various Faculties, Capacities, Powers and 
Defects of the Human Body and Mind, in several 
Thousand most interesting Relations of Persons re- 
markable for Bodily Perfections or Defects, etc. 

London, 1788. 
4to^ calf) 6 Stixl Platis. 

A moft cxtnordiiufy uid amntittg common-place book of thomands of manrelloos 
ttoriet of former timet ; extracted from the Greek and Latin dasaci and 
middle-age writerty chronidei, traTclt, and miscellanies of every period 
and narion. ETery story, however incredible, has its authority adjoined. 

^ ' ^ ^356 WANSEY (H.) The Journal of an Excursion to the 
^ United States of North America, in the Summer of 

1794. Salisbury. 1796. 

Sto, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Platbs j fine copy 

2357 WANSEY. An Excursion to the United States of 
North America, in the Summer of 1794. 

I Salisbury. 1798. 

• UncQt. San, Second edition, with aJdidnns. Embellished with the Paonxx «f 
General Washington, and aii iVquA-TiNTA Vow of the State Home at 

2358 WAR (The). Being a Faithful Record of the Transac- 
tions of the War between the United States of America, 
their Territories, and the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland, and the Dependencies thereof. 

New Tori. 1813-14. 



WARD. 475 

t Tob. in If 4tO| half morocco j Mat. A War Newspaper, edited by Samuel Wood- 
worth. Fine, clean copy. Scaret. 

2359 WARBURTON (Acton). Holla and his Race: or. 
Footsteps of the Nonnans. 

London. 1848. 

% Toli., pott 8vo, half calf, g^t. 

I 2360 WARBURTON (E.) Memoirs of Prince Rupert and 
/ tt^V the Cavaliers. London. 1849. 

I 3 Tola.) 8T0y doth) uncut j muneroat fine PoaraAm. Comprises the Civil History of 
Charles the Hnt, and the Military Story of the Rebellion. 


2361 WARD (H. G.) Travels in Mexico during the years 
Ky xT^ ^S^S) '26 ^^^ '279 with an account of the Mining Com- 
panies, and of the Political Events in that Republic. 
Second Edition. London. 1829. 

% Tols.) 8¥0y half calf, gilt; 2 large Mats and numerous Platis^ some colored. 
Buckle's copy, with his Book-plate. 

**ItB colon have the loveliness of truth.** — WxsTMiNsrxa Revixw. 

2362 WARD (N.) The I Simple Cobbler] of |Aggavvam in 
s^4tf C^ cp America. | Willing | To help 'mend his Native Coun- 
try, la-|mentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather] 
and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take. ] And 
as willing never to bee paid for his work, ) by Old Eng- 
lish wonted pay. |It is his Trade to patch all the year 
long gratis. ) Therefore I pray Gentlemen] Keep your 
purses. ) By Theodore de la Guard. 

London : Printed by J. D.l^ R. Lfor Stephen Bow- 
telL, at the Signe of the \ Bible in Pope's Head- 
Alley. 1647. 

4to. » p. L, pp. 80, polished calf, by F. Bedford. The popularity of this work was so 
great on its publication that four editions were published in the same year. 
It is now very scarce. 


<«Tiie wit of thk met ii Uke a gem badly kl Like the ignit htam, its liglit thas 
only amidit manbj places and that at iaterraby nfideat to am expec 
tation bvt not to gvidc* 

2363 WARD. The Simple Cobbler of Agawam in America. 
^ y^^ Edited by Edward Pukifcr. Bostm. 1843. 

tUM^ half moroGco^ g^t tof, by Bradstreet. 

y ^ 2364 WARE (H.) Two Discourses, containing the Histoiy 

of the Old North and New Brick Churches . . . 

B9st9H, 1 821. 

SvO| vacat; and 4 other tracts by the same author. 

,-h 2365 WARREN (H. W.) Sermon . . . Annual Election. 
y B9st9n. 18^7. 

SvO| half brown morocco^ gilt top^ by Bradstreet. 

/ y^j 2366 WARREN (Joseph). Inauguration of the Sutue of 

Warren,... June 17, 1857. B9st9n. 1858. 

SvO| cloth. Printed by authority of the Committee. 

^ y^ 2367 WARREN {Mrs. M.) History of the Rise, Progress and 
<-^ cV Cf Termination of the American Revolution, Interspersed 

with Biographical, Political and Moral Observations. 

Boston. 1805. 

3 vols., half red morocco^ gilt top, nncvt, by Biadstreet. Fine copy. 

y 2368 WARWICK. The Poets Pleasaunce ; or. Garden of 

all Sorts of Pleasant Flowers. Which our pleasant 
poets have, in past time, for pastime planted. By Eden 
Warwick. London: Longman, mdcccxlvii. 

4tOy marbled calf, gilt. A beantiAil ▼olnme. 

/ <^ 2369 WASHBURN (Emory). Historical Sketches of the 


Town of Leicester, Massachusetts, during the First 
Century from its Settlement. 

Boston: Printed hy John fTilson £sf Son. 1866. 

9vOp a 1.) pp. 467, half morocco ; Map and Platu. 

■ 2370 WASHINGTON. The Writings of George Washing- 
^^ ^7 ^ ton ; being his Correspondence, Addresses, Messages, 

and Other Papers, Official and Private, selected and 
published from the Original Manuscripts, with a Life 
of the Author, Notes and Illustrations. By Jared 
Boston: jfmerican Stationers* Company ^ John B. RusseL 1837. 

I a Tolt.y imp. 8to, half red levant morocco, uncut, by Bradttreet; Labgb Papbi. A 
particularly fine and interesting copy, containing a number of inierted 
Plates and Cuttingb. Presented to £. D. Ingraham of Philadelphia^ 
by Jared Sparks. The Fowle copy, cut^ brought $300.00. « 

2371 WASHINGTON. [Another Copy.] Boston. 1837. 

^ ^4!^ II vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut; Labgb Patkb. 

2372 WASHINGTON. Correspondence of the American 
/ ^^ Revolution ; being Letters of Eminent Men to Wash- 
ington, from the time of his taking Command of the 
Army to the end of his Presidency. Edited from the 
Original Manuscripts by Jared Sparks, LL.D. 

Boston, 1853. 

4 Tols., imp. 8 TO, cloth, uncut; Laagx Papsiu 

2373 WASHINGTON. Diary of Washington; from the 
^O S^^ first day of October, 1789, to the loth day of March, 

1790. From the Original Manuscript, now first 
printed. New York. 1858. 

Royal 8vo, uncut. lOO copies printed. Very rart. Privately printed. 



t^ y 


^ 51*374 WASHINGTON. Diary of George Washii^on, from 

1789 to 1791 ; embracing the opening of the First 
Congress, and his Tours through New England, Long 
Island, and the Southern States. Together with hb 
Journal of a Tour to the Ohio in 1753. Edited by 
Benson J. Lossing. 

Ricbmond: Press of the Historical Sodity. 1 86 1. 

Svoy half Une morocco, gilt top^ hf BndstraeL 


2375 WASHINGTON. Epistles Domestic, Confidential, 
and Official from General Washington, Written about 
the Commencement of the American Contest. 
Nov Tori. London: Re-printed for F, and C. Rivington. 1796. 

Svo, pp. ztL, 303, half blue morocco, ^t top, uncnt. Fine copy. 

^ "T/^ *3^^ WASHINGTON. Official Letters to the Honorable 
^ j American Congress, Written, during the War between 

the United Colonies and Great Britain, By his Excel- 
I lency George Washington. London, 1795. 

' % Yola., Svo^ half blue morocco, aocat, by Bradsticet. Very tcarce ia luch fine con- 

I 2377 WASHINGTON. Fac Similes of Washington's Ac- 
/ ^C^\ counts. From June, 1775, to June, 1783. 

[fFasbington. 1833.] 

FoUo^ dtle I 1., pp. 64, roan. 


1^2378 WASHINGTON'S Farewell Address to the People of 
the United States. Published for the Washington 
Benevolent Society. New York: y. Seymour, 1808. 

zimo, pp. 45, poliihed calf, by F. Bedford ; PoariArr. 


2379 WASHINGTON'S Farewell Address to the People of 


the United States. Embellished with Arabesque De- 

signs and Illuminations. 

Philadelphia: Devereaux. [n. d.] 

4tOy Plats and za leavet. 

2380 WASHINGTON. The | Journal | of | Major George 
t^-2- ^ ^t Washington, | Sent by the | Hon. Robert Dinwiddie, 

Esq; I His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and|Com- 
I mander in Chief of Virginia,! To the | Commandant of 

the French Forces | on Ohio. | To which are added, the] 
Governor's Letters | and a | Translation of the French 
Officer's Answer. I With I a New Map of the Country, 
as &r as the | Mississippi. 
WilUamshurg Printed, \ London : Reprinted /or T. "Jeffries^ 
the Comer\o/ St. Martin* s £tf»^. | MDCCLiv. | 

ZwOf tevend L m., pp. 3a, red levant morocco, richly tooled iniide, by W. Mathews; 
Mat. Inserted is a Poktkait of Washington, with his Avtogiaph 
SiGMATOBX beautifully inlaid by Trent. 

2381 WASHINGTON. The Journal of Major George 
^^^ Washington, sent by the Hon. Robert Dinwiddie to 

the Commandant of the French Forces in Ohio. With 
a Map. NewTork: Reprinted for Joseph Sabin. 1863. 

Royal Syo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut j Laegx Paw. 20 copies printed. Sabin*t 
Reprints, No. I. 

2382 WASHINGTON. [The Same.] Ntw Tori. 1865. 

J^ 8vo^ uncut. 

2383 WASHINGTON. Letters from General Washington 
/^ ^^ to several of his Friends, in June and July, 1776 j in 

which is set forth An Interesting View of American 
Politics at that all-important Period. 

Philadelphia. 1785. 

Sto^ pp. 44, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, hj F. Bedford. Rau PosTiArr of Wash- 
ington inserted. 




2384 WASHINGTON. Letters from His ExceUency 
Geoige Washington, President of the United Sutes of 
America, to Sir John Sinclair, Bart., M.P., on Agricnl- 
ture and other Interestii^ Topics, etc. 

Lmdm. 1800. 
410^ half rai Icviat o w rac cD i sacat. Eacnved Fac 





2385 WASHINGTON. Letters from his Excellency Geoigc 

Washington, to Arthur Young, Esq., F.R.S., and Sir 
John Sinclair, Bart., M.P., containing an Account of 
his husbandry, with his opinions on various questions in 
Agriculture \ and Many Particulars of the Rural Econ- 
omy of the United States. 

Alexandria : Printed hy Cottom and Stewart^ and sM at 
their Bpokstores in Alexandria and Fredericksburg, 1803. 

SyO| pp. laSy poUtlied calf, by Bedford. 

2386 WASHINGTON'S Monuments of Patriotism. Being 

a Collection of the Most Interesting Documents, con- 
nected with the Military Command and Civil Adminis- 
tration of the American Hero and Patriot. To which 
is annexed, an Eulogium on the Character of General 
Washington. By Major William Jackson. 

Philadelphia. l802. 

Svoy half Icvaat morocco^ gilt top» by Bnditeeet } Pobtiait. Conttim tbe iau 
PoftTBAiT drawn and engnved by Savage. 

2387 WASHINGTON'S Political Legacies. To which is 

Annexed an Appendix, Containing an Account of his 
Illness, Death, and the National Tributes of Respect 
paid to his Memory, with a Biographical Outline of his 
Life and Character. Boston. 1800. 

lamo, pp. aoSy xiv., half blue levant morocco, gilt top, by BradftreeL 




2388 WASHINGTON. President Washington's Rcsigna- 
/ 1 ^^S~^ tion, and Address to the Citizens of the United States, 

I September 17, 1796. An invaluable Legacy to Ameri- 

cans, Newburyport: Printed by William Barrett, ^796. 
InwU 8«o, pp. 19, \M moioeco. 

2389 WASHINGTON. Selections from the Correspondence 
^ /& ^f George Washington and James Anderson, LL.D., . . . 

Cbarlestown: Samuel Btheridge. 1800. 

8to, pp. 79, half bluf morocco, gUt top, uqcaC| by BradftrcfC 

2390 WASHINGTON'S Speech, with a Prefece by William 
'T' ^ tf Gilbert, an4 The Hurricane. A Poem. Bristol. 1 796. 


Sto, calf. Very rare. 

2391 WASHINGTON, The | Will | of | General | George 
/ «^^ Washington ;|to which is annexed, |a| Schedule of his 

Property, | directed to be sold* 

Alexandria : \ Printed frmt the Record of the County \ 

Court of Fairfax. \ m.dccc. 

iimO) pp. 3X9 half brown morocco. 

^ 2392 WASHINGTON. The Will of General George Wash- 
^ ^^o ington . . . Also, The Oration delivered by Major Gen- 
eral Lee, at the request of Congress, at a Funeral Sol- 
emnity in Philadelphia, in Honour of the Memory of 
General Washington. 

London : West and Hughes, i8oo. 

^^ FP* 4^ ^>*1^ ^ltt< moroccoy pk top, nncut, by Braditnet. 









2393 ADAMS (D.) An Oration sacred to the Memory of 
Gen. George Washington at Leominster, Feb. 22, 
l8oo. Leominster n 1800. 

Syo, half morocco, gilt top. 

(94 ALLEN (J.) A Poem... and an £ul<^ on General 
George Washington. Haverhill. 1800. 

iimo, pp. 36, half morocco, gilt top. 

2395 ALSOP (R.) A Poem : Sacred to the Memory of George 

Washington, 22d of Feb., 1800. Hartford. 1800. 

Svo, pp. ft 3, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Biadttreet. Sunt, 

2396 AMES (F.) An Oration on the Sublime Virtues of Gen- 

eral George Washington, Pronounced in Boston, Feb. 
8, 1800. New Tori. 1800. 

8vo, pp. 4«. 

2397 AMES. [Another copy] Pbiladelpbia. 1800. 

Svo, pp. 51, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bndstreet 

2398 ANDREWS (J.) An Eulogy on General Geoi^ Wash- 

ington. Delivered in Newburjrport, February 22d, 
1800. Newburyport. [1800.] 

8vO| pp. ai| half blue morocco, uncut, by Bnditreec. 


2399 ARNOLD (S. G.) The Life of George Washington. 
\3 Sc^ Nf^ York. 184: 

iSmoy polialied calf, eztn, gilt edges, bjr F. Bedford. 

2400 AUSZUG von General Washington's Circular-Schreibe 
. . . Die Constitution der Vereinegten Staaten und Di 

Constitution von Staate Pennsylvanien. Presider 
Washington's Addresse . . . 

Cbambersburg : Gedrucht , . . by y. B, Sehapjlin. 18 if 

iSmo, pp 9a, calf, by F. Bedford; PoaTKAiT. 

2401 BALDWIN (T.) A Sermon in Boston, December 29 
SZ ^ ^ 1 799) occasioned by the Death of General Georg 

Washington, etc. Boston. [1800. 

8to^ pp. a8, half morocco. 

2402 BANCROFT (A.) An Essay on the Life of George 
3'^^ • Washington. Woraster, 1807 

8yo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

2403 BANCROFT. [The same, another edition.] 

/ %S^ Boston. 1839. 

a Toli.y iftmo, half red levant morocco, gilt top. 


, 2404 BASCOM (J.) An Oration, Delivered Feb. 22, 1800, 
\<? the Day of Public Mourning for the Death of General 
I George Washington. Boston. 1800. 

8to, pp. 15, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Ran. 

2405 BIGELOW (T.) An Eulogy on the Life, Character, 
^^ and Services of Brother George Washington, Deceased, 
Pronounced before the Masons, by Request of the 
Grand Lodge, at Boston, Feb. 11, 1800, etc. 

Boston. [1800.] 

8yo, pp. a6, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by BradstreeL 




f/ ^f/f 







^2406 BIOGRAPHICAL Memoirs of tfce Ilhtttrious Gen. G. 
Washington, late President of the United States of 
America, etc., etc. Containing A History of the Prin- 
cipal Events of his Life, and Extiacts from his Jour- 
nals, Speeches to Congress, and public addresses : Also 
A Sketch of his private Life. The Third Edition, En- 

Pbtladilpbia : From the Pinsso/R. FohviU. 1801. 

iSmo, polUbed calf, by F. Bedford. 

2407 BIOGRAPHICAL Memoirs of the Illustrious General 
George Washington, Late President of the United 
Sutes of America^ and Commander in Chief of their 
Armies, during the Revolutionary War. ' Dedicated VS 
the Youth of America. 

Frcm Sedni/s Press for J. Cooke W G». . . . New Haven. 1810. 

iSmo, pp. 144, calf, extra, by F. Bedford, ytry rart, 

2408 BIOGRAPHICAL Memoirs of the Illustrious Gen. 
George Washington, late President of the United States 
of America, and Commander in Chief of their Armies, 
during the Revolutionary War. Dedicated to the 
Youth of America. 

Barnard^ Ft.: Published iy Joseph Dix. 1813. 

lamOf ppk 160, politbed calf^ gilt cdgei, bjr Mactbewt. Poatiait of Waabiagtoo, 
ang<sl crowaing bim witb laurelt. Fery rttru 

2409 BIOGRAPHICAL Memoirs of the Illustrious General 
George Washington. 

New Tori: Evert Duyckinck. 1815. 

Red crtttbed lerant ffloroccO| by W. Macbewfj PoaraArr* 

2410 BISHOP (S. G.) Eulogium on the Death of George 
Washington. Roxbury: Privately printed. 1866. 

Roftf Iniy ttiicac. 50 copiet printed for preaenti only. 


24 It BLAKE (O.) A Masonic Eulogy 01 

i I 

.1412 BLAKSLEE (Solomon). An On 
0\^^ dam, Feb. 22, 1800, on the Dcatli 
I ington. 

I Svo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by 

I 2413 CALDWELL (C.) An Elegiac Pcx 
General Washington. 

' SVOy 1 1., pp. II. 

2414 CARROLL {Bishop John). A Dis 
0\^^^y Washington, Feb. 22d, 1800. 

j Svoy pp. 24, half calf, uncut. Avtockaph Lrma by 
Platxs inserted. 

2415 CELEBRATION of Washington's I 
\Ocf~ York. 


8VOy pp. 113. 

I 2416 CHAUDRON (S.) Oraison Funeb 
I Washington, Janvier, 1800. .' 

8vo, pp. 35. 

: 2417 COLUMBIA'S Legacy ; | or, | Washi 
Advice to his Fellow Citizens, publi: 
period of announcing his inten-|tio; 
Public Life | at the expiration of the 
tional Term of the Pre-|sidency of t 
To which is added, I his Speech to (, 
present session, which terminates] his 
Philadelphia: Printed by H. Sweitz 


l6ino, pp. 89, Original binding. Pobtiajt of WasJ 






^ [2418 CONSTANTINE and Eugene, or an Evening at Mount 
Vernon. A Political Dialogue by Junius Secundus. 
Brussels : PrinUdfor the author^ by P. J. de Mat^ 
Printer to the Academy, M,DCCC,xvin. 

lamo, Platb, % p. 1. pp. 252, potithed calf, gilt top, bjr F. Bedford, Very 
T\m book is not dacribed by tny American bibliognplier. 

2419 CORRY (John). The Life of George Washington, late 

President, and Commander-in-Chief of the United 
States of America i Interspersed with Biographical 
Anecdotes of the most Eminent Men who effected the 
American Revolution, etc. London. 1800. 

Small Svo^ pp. aiS, polithed calf, gilt edges, by W. Pntt. Rare PorntAiT inserted. 
Fine edition. Fine copy, and of much rarity. 

2420 CORRY. [Same title.] DuhKn. 1801. 

lamo^ red cruslied lerant morocco, by W. Mathews; Pomuur inserted. 

2421 CORRY. [Same title.] New Tork. 1809. 

Polished calf, gilt edge^ by W. PratL 







.22 CUSTIS (G. W. P.) Recollections and Private Memoirs 
of Gen. George Washington, by his Adopted Son, 
George W. P. Custis, with a Memoir of the Author, 
by his Daughter, and Illustrative and Explanatory 
Notes, by Benson J. Lossing. New Tori. i860. 

Svo, half morocco, gilt top. PoiTRArrt and CvmNGS inserted. Scm'ce. 

2423 DANA (J.) A Discourse on the Character and Death 

of General George Washington, delivered at Ipswich, 

1800. Newburyport. 1800. 

8¥o, pp. a8, half morocco. 

2424 DAVIS (J.) An Eulogy, on General George Washing- 
ton, at Boston, February xix, mdccc. 

Boston. MDCCC. 

irouRNEAU. 487 

4tOy pp. 24, half moroccoy ancat. With MS. emendatioiii and conrectioiii— piohably 
the author's own copy. 

2425 DEHON (T.) A Discourse [on] the Death of General 
/ L^^ George Washington. Niwport. m.dccc. 

4to,pp. 17. (a) 

2426 DWIGHT (Jasper), pseudon. A Letter to George • 
,^^ Washington, President of the United States ; contain- 
ing strictures on his Address of the Seventeenth of 
September, 1796, notifying his Relinquishment of the 
Presidential office. Philadelphia. 1796. 

8vo, pp. 20, half morocco, uncut. 
Dnane waa the real author of this pamphlet. 

2427 DUNHAM (J.) A Funeral Oration on George Wash- 
2^\ ^^ ington, pronounced at Oxford, Massachusetts. 

I Boston. [1800.] 

Svoy pp. 48, poliahed calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford ; fine Portkait inserted. 

2428 EARLY LIFE (The) of Washington ; designed for the 
/: ^^ Instruction and Amusement of the Young. By a 

Friend of Youth. 

Providence: Knowles^ Vose and Company. 1838. 

iSmo, pp. 80, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

2429 EDMUNDS (C. R.) The Life and Times of General 
^\^^ Washington. London. 1839. 

' % Tols., foolscap Sto, uncut. This copy is illustrated with about 30 inserted ENcaAT- 



2430 £T0URNEAU (M.) Le General Washington et Ma- 
^^ dame la Generale Washington Biographies. Par M. 

£tourneau Ornees Portraits historiques graves sur 
acier. Paris : Bestel et cie et Gr assart. i86o. 

Sto, 4 p. 1., pp. 96, half blue morocco, gilt top. 






^ jj?^'**^ 



2431 EULOGIES and Orationt on the Life and Death of 

General Geoige Washington, First President of the 
United States of America. [Mottoes.] 

Bnton: Manning V Lorn^. 1800. 

SyQ| pp. 304, hal/Uoe moraccoy gilt top, by Bnditreet. 

2432 EVERETT. The Life of Geoige Washington. By 

Edward Everett. 

NiW Ymrk : Sheldon and Cgmpanf. 18&). 

SyQ| pp. 3S4, half moracco^ ancnt ; Lasgx Patxi. 

2433 FACSIMILES of the Memorial Stones of the hst Eng- 

lish Ancestors of Geoi^ Washington, in the Parish 
Church of Brington, Northamptonshire, England ; per- 
nunently placed in the State House of Massachusetts. 
Boston: fVilliam White ^ Printer to the State. 1862. 
Small folioy pp. 1 5, uncut. 

FLINT (A.) A Discourse delivered at Hartford, Feb. 22, 
1800, the Day set Apart to pay a Tribute of Respect 
to the Memory of General George Washington, etc. 

Harifiri. i8(S0. 

tYOy pp. S2» half Une moroccoi gilt top, URCut, by Bra4strftt. 

2435 FOSTER (J.) A Discourse delivered December 29, 

1799, Occasioned by the Melancholy Death of George 
Washington. Boston. 1800. 

Syoy pp. 2A, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradatreefc. 

2436 FOX (C.) A Portrait of George Washington, from an 

Original Drawing, as he appeared while reviewing the 
Continenul Army on Boston Common, in 1776; A 
History of the Portrait and Documenarty Evidence in 
proof of the Correctness of the Likeness. 

Boston. 1851. 

Sto^ half blue moroccOf gilt top^ uncut, bj Bva^trcct. 

HBADtEY. 489 

2437 FRISBIE (L.) An Eulogy on the Illustrious Character • 
^ ^^ of the late General George Washington, etc., Deliver- 
ed at Ipswich, January, k 800. Niwburyport, 1800. 

8?o, half blue moroccO| gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2438 GANO (S.) A Sermon on the Death of George Wash- 
ington \ delivered Lord's Day, January 5, 1800, before 
the Baptist Society in Providence. By Stephen Gano, 

Pastor of the Baptist Church and Congregation. 

Providence : Printed by John Carter^ J^n. 1800. 

Sto, pp. 20 ; very 9C£rc«. 


; 2439 GRAY (F. C.) Oration delivered before the Legislature 
^ i5^ of Massachusetts, At their Request, on the Hundreth 

Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington. By 
Francis C. Gray. 

Boston : Dutton and Wentworth^ Printers to the 
I State. 1832. 

8?o, pp. 80, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

I 2440 [GRISWOLD.] Washington and the Generals of the 
/ 7^^ American Revolution. Philadelphia. 1847. 

a vols., iimo, half morocco; Platx. 


2441 GUIZOT (M.) Essay on the Character and Influence 
^ ^ ^T^ of Washington in the Revolution of the United States 

of America. By M. Guizot. Translated from the 
French. Second Edition. 

Boston and Cambridge : James Munroe ana 

Company. 1851. 

8vo, pp. 160, half red morocco, gilt top. 

j 2442 HEADLEY (J. T.) Washington and his Generals. 
2^ ^ ^ New Tori. 1847. 

a yoli., iimos PosTiAirt) fine copy. 










[TCHCOCK. A Discourse on the Dignity and Ex- 
cellence of the Human Character, Illustrated in the 
Life of General George Washington. 

Providence. 1800. 

Svo, pp. 35, oncat. 

2444 HOLCOMBE (H.) A Sermon, Occasioned by the 
Death of Lieutenant-General George Washington. 

\Savannab. 1800.] 

4tO| pp. i8| half blue morocco, gilt top, uacut. 

1 2445 HOLMES (A.) The Counsel of Washington Recom- 
mended, in a Discourse Delivered at Cambridge, Feb- 
* ruary 22, iSoo. Boston. 1800. 

Syoy pp. S3, balf blue morocco, gilt top^ uncut, by Bradttroet. 



j '^w^ HOLMES (A.) A Sermon Preached at Cambridge, 
December 29, 1799, Occasioned by the Death of 



George Washington. And Hymn. Boston. 1800. 

Svo, pp. 22, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bndttrect. 

2447 HOUDIN (M. G.) A Funeral Oration on the Death of 

George Washington: Delivered in Albany, on the 
Twenty-sec.nd of February, iSoo. By Michael Ga- 
briel Houdia, Majur in the late Revolutionary Army of 
the United Sutcs. Albany. [1800.] 

SonU 4to, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bndttreet; Plats; «c«rcr. 

2448 HOUGH. Washingtoniana -, or Memorials of the Death 

of George Washington, giving an account of the Funeral 
Honors paid to his Memory, with a List of Tracts and 
Volumes printed upon that occasion, and a Catalogue 
of Medals commemorating the event. Roxbury. 1865. 

ft Tob., 4to, uncut; Laiob Papu. Only 91 copies printed in thii oie. 


2449 HUNTINGTON (J.) [Funeral Eulogy by Genera 
Huntington and Oration by Lyman Law, dated] 

New London^ yan. 20, 18 

SvOy pp. 17 ; ^ery scarce* 

2450 IRVING. The Life of George Washington. By Wa 
yiT ^^ ington Irvilng. Numerous Portraits and Views uj 

^ ' ' India Paper New York. i8j 

5 vols., 4to, extended to 10, blue morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Tius SPLENDIDLY ILLUSTRATED BOOK forms one of the most desirs 
works in this Catalogue. It is the last work of the GR£ATl 
AMERICAN AUTHOR concerning the GREATEST and n 

This copy was formerly part of the very fine library collected by Mr. W. L. Andn 
of New York, and he always regarded it as one of his CHOICE 
Boohf and pronounced it scarcely inferior to MorelFs copy, which sold 
1866 for Two Thousand Dollars ; it contains about EIGHT HUNDRl 
(including Fifty-nitte Portraits of Washington) Portraits and Plates, 
addition to the set of choice PROOF PLATES which form a part of t 
work itself, and it b extended fromjhe to ten volumes in Quarto. 

The Portraits include almost every officer named in the text. The other Plates coi 
prise almost every scene made memorable by the stirring events of t 
American Revolution. The capture and execution of Andri, and oth 
striking events, are illustrated by the rarest of plates. 

Some of the portraits are of so much rarity that one of our best known coUectoi 
himself the owner of the finest set of the work in existence, remarki 
concerning one of them, that it was worth Jifty dollars — we do not pr 
tend to say there are many of that value, but we do venture to assert th 
the collection of a similar lot of plates would be a work of much timi 
and would involve the expenditure of a very large sum. 

In addition to the plates there is an AUTOGRAPH LETTER entirely in th 
Handwriting of GEORGE WASHINGTON, and letters by othc 
distinguished men. 

It is altogether a work of the AigJkest interest, and fitted to adorn a Hbnxj of the jGn 

2451 IRVING'S Life Washington. A complete set of One 
Hundred Engravings to Illustrate the Work. 

New Tori. 1859. 




tlw letcsrt« 

lifirmiiiii 0if Tf^y it FAittf flsiflv ff vUck ut htftn 







2452 KINKER (J.) Treurzang, bij bet plecbdg vieren der 

Nagedachtenis van Wasbington, en de maatscbappij 
van verdiensten felix mentis, Den 21 Maart 1800. Uit- 
gesproken doo Mr. Jobannes Kinker, . . . 

TV Amsterdam^ bij J. ten Bruck. 1800. 

SvO| 18 leaveiy half grasii levaat morocco^ file top, uncut, by Era4streets Plati. 

2453 KINGSTON (Jobn). Tbe Life of General George 

Washington. Baltiman: T. Kingston. 1817. 

3xmo, pp. 118, poltthed calf, gilt edget, by F. Bedford ; Poktmatt. Thh ti Goodie*! 
Life, witb a new title-pafc. 

2454 KIRKLAND (J. T.) A Discourse occasioned by the 

Death of General George Washington, DeKvered Dec. 
29, 1799. [Boston. 1808.] 

Svo^ pp. SI, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstrtec 

1455 LEE (H.) A Funeral Oration On the Death of George 
Washington, Delivered at the Request of Congress. 
To which is subjoined An Eulogy, By Judge Minot. 

London* 1800. 

Sto, pp. 28, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncnt^ by Bradstreet; cr^rce. 

2456 LEE. [Another edition.] Edinburgh. 1800. 

Svo^ hatf blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

2457 LIFE (The) and Memorable Actions of George Wash- 

ington, General and Commander of the Armies of 
America. A New Edition, Corrected. 

Frederickiown : Printed by M. Bartgis. l802, 

iSmo, pp. 6S, index 1 1., calf gilt, by Bedford; Woodcut PoaraAiT. 


2458 LIFE I of I Genrral George Washington, I late President 
^y^ the United States | of America, | and | Commander 

Chief of their Armies, | during the | Revolutionary Wj 
Dedicated to the Youth of America. | 

Poughkeepste : Print id hy Paraclete Potter, 18 

limoy pp. 143, polished calf, gilt, by F. Bedford. Rare^ 

2459 LIFE I of I George Washington, | late President of tl 
United States of America, | and | Commander in CI 
of their Armies, | during the \ Revolutionary War. | D< 
cated to the Youth of America. \ 

Boston: Isaiah Thomas^ ^«. 18 

ismoy pp. 144, polished calf, gilt back, by F. Bedford. Rare, 

2460 LIFE of George Washington, late President of the Uni 
^ ^ States of America \ and Commander in Chief of tl 

Armies, during the Revolutionary War. Dedicatee 
the Youth of Ameriea. 
i Bridgeport: Lawrence Lochman. 18 

lamo, pp. 107 (i), polished calf, by F. Bedford. 



. 2461 LIFE (The) of Washington, and History of the Ameri 
j2 3^ Revolution. Together with Washington's Fare\ 

Address, Declaration of Independence, Constitutior 
, the United States. New York : J. Slater, [n. 

iimo, pp. 108, half blue morocco, by W. Mathewi. 


2462 LOSSING. The Home of Washington and its Asso* 

/0^\i?^ tions, Historical, Biographical, and Pictorial, New I 

I tion. Revised, with Additions, by Benson J. Lossi 

j Illustrated by Numerous Engravings. 

i New York: W. A, Tmvnsend, 18 

Impu SvOy pp. 376, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Braditreet ; Larci ^/ 

Only 100 copies printed, 










c9<:y ^^ 

2463 MACCLINTOCK (S.) An Oiadon Commemorarivc 

of the late Illustrious General Washington, Pronounced 
at Greenland, February 22d, 1800. 

Portsmouth. 1800. 

Stoi pp. ft6y half Une morocco, gilt top, hf Bndttreets vcrj tune, 

2464 MARSH (£. G.) An Oration delivered at Wethersfidd, 

February 22, 1800, on the Death of General George 
Washington. Hartford. 1800. 

Syoy pp. 16, half bine morocco, gilt top, nncoty by BniiatRet. 

2465 MARSHALL. The Life of George Washington, Com- 

mander in Chief of the American Forces during the 
War which established the Independence of his Coun- 
try, and First President of the United States. Com- 
piled under the inspection of the Honorable Bushrod 
Washington, from Original Papers bequeathed to him 
by his deceased relative, and now in possession of the 
author, etc., by John Marshall. London. 1804. 

5 ▼ols«9 4to, half levant morocco^ uncut. Fine copy. Contains all tbe Oucwal 
Mah and Plato, sone of which were omitted in the American editioo. 

2466 MAPS and Subscriber's Names for Wayne's Philadelphia 

Edition of Marshall's Washington. 

Philadelphia: C. P fFaym. 1807 

4to, uncut. 

2467 M£MORY|of I Washington: I Comprising I a sketch of 

his I Life and Character ; | and the | National Testimonials 
of Respect.) Also, I a collection of (Eulogies and Ora- 
tions. I With a I copious appendix. 

Newport^ R. /., 1800. 

lAmo^ blue levant morocco, by F. Bedford. Beautiful copy. Veiy icarce. Allan*! 
copy, without the Portrait, loldibr $io, in sheep. 


2468 MINOT (G.) An Eulogy on Gcoi^e Washingtc 
^ y^^ Delivered [at] Boston. Boston [180C 

Svoy pp. 24, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bndttreet. 

2469 MONUMENTS of Washington's Patriotism. 

\Waihington^ 184 

Folio, roan; Pobtiait. 

2470 MORISON (W.) An Oration Delivered at the Reque 
O €^^ of the Officers of the Assembled Cavalry and Infantr 

and Other Militia Officers, on the 22d of Februar 
1800, In the West Parish of Londonderry, in Con 
memoration of the Death of General George Washing 
ton. Newburyport. [1800. 

Svo, pp. II, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2471 MORRIS (G.) An Oration, upon the Death of Gen 
L? ^^ cral Washington. Delivered at New York on the 31s 

Day of December, 1799. New Tori. 1800 

Sto, pp. 24, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2472 MORSE. A Prayer and Sermon Delivered at Charles 
/ ^4^ town, December 31, 1799, On the Death of Georg< 

Washington. Charlestown, 1800 

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet. 

24.73 ^ORSE. [Another edition.] London. 1800. 

^ ^ 8to, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2474 M YCALL (J.) A Funeral Address on the Death of the 
cy ^^ late General Washington. Boston. [1800.] 

Sto, pp. 27, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2475 NORTHMORE. Washington; or, Liberty Restored. 
2^ ^ ^ A Poem. Baltimore. 1809. 

Half morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet. 







2476 NORTON (J. N.) Life of Genend Washington. 

Niw York, 1 86a 

SbiU 8?o^ ppw 4001 balf nd morocco^ gUt top. 

2477 OGDEN. Two Discourses occasioned by the death of 

General George Washington. New Tori, mdccc 

Svoy pp. 4tt half blttc morocGOy s^t top, ancnt, by Bradttrrrr PoraAir by TieboaL 

2478 ORATION (An) in Memory of Gen. George Washing- 
ton. Delivered at Lovett's Hotel on the evening of 
the 22d February, 1800, before a Literary Society ; and 
published by their Order. By a Member. 

New rork : T. S. Jrden. 1800. 

ismoy pp. 2^f Jialf blue moroGCo, gilt top, uncut, bj Braditreet. yiery 

2479 PAINE (T.) A Letter to Geoi^ Washington, President 

of the United Sutes of America, on Afiairs Public and 
Private. Philadelphia: Benj, FrankUn Bacbe. 1796. 

Sto^ pp. 78, polished odf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. PomAxr of Paine in- 

2480 PICKELL (J.) A New chapter in the Early Life of 

Washington, In Connection with the Narrative History 
of the Potomac Company. New Tork, 1856. 

Svo, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Braditreet. 

2481 PICKMAN (B.) An Oration, pronounced, February 

22, 1797) Before the Inhabiunts of the Town of 
Salem, in Massachusetts, assembled to Commemorate 
the Birth-Day of George Washington, President of the 
United States of America. By Benjamin Pickman, 
Jun. Printed at Salem by James C Curbing. 1797^ 

Sto^ pp. 11, half ffloroGCO, s&t top, uncut. Scant, 


1. 1482 PIERCE (J.) An Eulogy on George Washington, 
^ ^^ ^ Great and the Good. Delivered on the Anniversar 

his Birth, At Brookline. Boston, 18 

8vO| pp. %4^ half blue morocco, gilt top, uncst, by Bradtcreet. Scarce, 

2483 POETICAL (A) I Epistle I to his Excellency | Geo 

^^ €P ^ Washington, Esq. | Commander in chief of the Arn 

of the I United States of America, | from j An Inhabit 

of the State of Maryland. | To which is annexed 

Short Sketch of | General Washington's Life and Ch 

acter. | 

Annapolis: Printed^ ^779- London: Reprin 

for C Dilly, M Dec lxj 

Small 4to, pp. 24, poliibed calf, gilt ; Pobteaxt. Very team, 

2384 POETICAL Epistle. [The Same.] 

New rork: Reprinted,, i%i 

Small 4tOy half red morocco, bj Bradsticct. 75 copiiei rvprinted. 

2485 PUBLIC Expressions of Grief on the Death of Gene 
/ ^^ George Washington at Dorchester. [n. p. n. < 

8to, pp. 22, sheep. Harris*! DiKoone, pp. 16, 30 

2486 RAMSAY (D.) The Life of George Washington, Coi 
%^ i "2^^^ mander in Chief of the Armies of the United States 

America. New Yori. i8c 

8?o, half red levant monvcco, uncatj Poiriuuiv 


248641 RAMSAY. [The Same.] London: T. Ctdell. 180 

Sto, half red levant morocco, uncut. 

2487 RAMSAY. [Another edition.] BatHmort. 182 

/ I «7 ^ i2mo, pp. 248, half red morocco^ gilt topi jby Bradstreet. 











O /^^ 



Xf88 RAMSAY. An Oration on the death of Lieutenant 
General George Washington. Delivered in Charleston, 
South Carolina. CbarUston. mdccc. 

Sto, pp. 30, balf Uoe morocco, gilt top, uocBty by Bndstreet. 

2489 REED (W. B.) Reprint of the Original Letters from 

Washington to Reed, during tne American Revolution* 
Referred to in the Pamphlets of Lord Mahon and Mr. 
Sparks. Philadelplna. 1852. 

tvo^ half blue morocco, hf Bndstxeet. 

2490 REMARKS occasioned by the kte conduct of Mr. Wash- 

ington, as President of the United Sutes, mdccxcxi. 
Philadelphia : Printed for Benjamin Franklin Bache^ 1 797. 

Sto, pp. ▼!., 84, poliihed calf, by F. Bedford; Pobtiait inserted. 

.2491 ROGERS. The Prayer, Delivered On Saturday the 
22d of February, 1800, in the German Reformed 
Church, Philadelphia -, Before the Pennsylvania Society 
of the Cincinnati, By Wm. Rogers, D.D. 

Philadelphia. 1800. 

Sto, pp. tA, half bine morocco, gilt top, by Bradttreet. 

2492 RUSH (R.) Washington in Domestic Life. From 

Original Letters and Manuscripts. By Richard Rush. 

Philadelphia. 1858. 

Sto, pp. 95, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstieet. 

2493 SAVAGE (E.) An Eulogy on Gen. George Washii^- 

ton. Delivered at St. Peter's Church, in Salem, the 22d 
of February, 1800. Salem. 1800. 

Svo, pp. 13, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradatxeet. 

2494 A I SELECTION | of | Orations and Eulogies, | pronounced 

in different parts of the | United States | in commemoration 


of the Life, Virtues, [and Pre-eminent Services of | Gen. 
George Washington, j Who Died, at Mount Vernon, 
December 14, 1799 . |in the 68th year of his Age. | 

Amherst. 1800. 

ismoy pp. 105, Index i 1«, blue crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by W. Mathews ; 
PoBTKAiT inserted. A iftry rart v^itwu, 

2495 SEWELL (J. M.) Eulogy on the late General Wash- 

4^ "Z-^ ington. 31st December, 1799. 

Portsmouth. [1809.] 
4to, pp. a9. 

•2496 [SEW ALL.] A I Versification I of I President Washing- 
--^^ 4^ ^p ton's I Excellent | Farewell-Address, | to the | Citizens of 

the I United States. | By a Gentleman of Portsmouth, 
N. H. 

Portsmouth^ New~ Hampshire : \ Printed and Sold by 
Charles Pierce^ at the\ Columhian Bookstore. 1798. 

4^9 pp. $%y polished calf, uncut, by F. Bedford. 

2497 SMITH (S. S.) An Oration upon the Death of General 
/ 7^ George Washington, at Trenton, January. 1800. 

Trenton, mdccc. 

8TO9 pp. 46, half Uae morocco^ fpUt top^ uncoty hf Bradttreet. 

2498 SPRING (S.) A Discourse on the Death of General 
^ y^ George Washington, Delivered in Newburyport, De- 

cember 29, 1799. Newburyport. [1800J 

$▼0, pp. 28, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. 

2499 STILLMAN. A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of 
%^ ^^ George Washington. Boston. [1800.] 

8to, pp. 26, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 




^^ 4500 STORY. An Eulogy cm General Gaoige Vf^iiunffon. 

at Marbiehcad, January, A- D. i9oo. Salem. 1800. 

Svo, pp. »4i £1^09 pp. I s Mf blue moracco^ gilt tqp, hj Bndtmtet. 

2501 STRONG (N.) A Discourse Delivered on Friday, De- 
cember 27, 1799, the Day set apart by the Citizens of 
Hartford to Lament before God the Death of Gen. 
j George Washington, who Died Dec. 14, 1799. 

! Hartfird. 1800. 

I '^ PP- l'» ImI^Uuc aocoooo^ gilt top, bjr Bnditreec. 

^ ; 2502 TEXT-BOOK | (The) j of the | Washington | Benevolent 
^ ' Society: | Containing, | a Biography and Character! of | 

George Washington, | his | Farewell Address | to | the 
People of the United States, | and the | Federal Constitu- 
tion, I with the Amendments. | Portrait. | 

Ctncfd : \ Published by George Htmgb . . . ] 1812. 

tvoy pp. 106, poUsbed ctlf, csCn, hf F. BedfM. P«>ETtAiT$ Piats. yery 

1 2503 THACHER (P.) A Sermon Occasioned by the Death 
!^«>j of General George Washington, Feb. 22, 1800, Before 

I the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachu- 

setts. Boston. [1800.] 

^ /^^ 



8to^ pp. fti, balf moroccoi uncut. 

2504 THACHER (T.) An Eulogy on Gcoige Washington, 

who Died December 14, 1799. Dedbam, 1800. 

Sf«ty pp. 11, half blue morocco, uncut, by Bra4ttrect. 

2505 TOMB of Washington at Mount Vernon. ' 

Philadilpbia : Carey ^ Hart. 1840. 

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Braditreet. AirrooaAPB of B. J. Loninc. Ap- 
pended U Wathingtoii*8 Farewell AddicM. 

2506 TOMB of Washington. [Another copy.] 

Philadelphia. 1840. 
Svo, doth. 



2507 TRUMBULL (B.) A Funeral Discourse, delivered 

^^ North-Haven, December 29, 1799, on the Death 

George Washington. New Haven. 18 

Svoy uncut; Portbait. 

2508 TUCKERMAN (Henry T.) Character and Portr 
^ ^'O of Washington. New York. 18 

4to; PoRTSAin on India Patsi; only 156 copies printed. 

1509 TUCKERMAN (J.) A Funeral Oration occasioned 
^ *527 the Death of General George Washington, Bost< 

22d of February, 1800. Boston. i8< 

Svoy pp. 24y half bound. 

2510 UPHAM (C. W.) The Life of General Washingt< 
^ Written by Himself, comprising His Memoirs and C 
respondence, as prepared by him for Publication, inch 
ing several original Letters now first printed. 

London, mdccci 


1 Toll., I2m0y half calf, gilt j Poktbait. 

251 1 WASHINGTON. [A Poem.] Ltyden. 17I 

ojral 4to, hilf red levant morocco, gilt top j Facumilxi, ENCKAViNas and M 
A Poem and sundry Epistlei to George Washington in the Dutch I 
guage, with hit Answer. 

y 2512 WASHINGTON at Valley Foi^e, together with t 
^^ Duche Correspondence. 

Philadelphia: Published by J. M. Butler, [n. . 

I2m0y half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Only a few copies print 
Contains Platb of " Washington and the Duchi letter,*' PoaTSAii 
Dr. Doche, Vixws of Christ's and St. Peter's Churches, and Washi 
ton's Headquarters at Valley Forge. 








^ r^»5 




2513 WASHINGTON'S Birth-Day :| an | Historical Poem,| 

with I notes and Appendix. | By a Washingtonian. | 
Atkany : Printtd and Publithtd by E. and E. Hasfwrd. \ t8l2. 

4to, pp. 55, app. II, poibhed cM, bjr F. Bcd/ord; PonSAiT iuerteA. 

2514 WASHINGTONIANA (The); containing A Sketch of 

the Life and Death of the late Gen. George Washii^- 
ton ; with a collection of elegant Eulogies, Orations, 
Poems, &c., sacred to his Memory. Also, an Appen- 
dix comprising all his most Valuable Public Papers, and 
his last Will and Testament. Lancaster. 181 2. 

iTOy half bloc morocco, gilt top, by Braditreet ; Pobtkait cngnYed by Edwin. Fim 
C9fj» F. Johiuon and W. Hamilton were the editon of dbis work. Sat 
Hiitorical Magasine, Vol. II., April, 1858. 

2515 WASHINGTONIANA (The); containing a Biographi- 

cal Sketch of the late Gen. George Washington, with 
various outlines of his Character, From the pens of dif- 
ferent eminent writers, both in Europe and America ; 
and An Account of the various Funeral Honors devoted 
to his Memory. To which are annexed his Will and 
Schedule of his Property, Embellished with a good 
Likeness. Baltimore: Samuel Sower. m,dccc 

luno, green crashed levant morocco, by F. Bedibrd. Very fine copy. Extrtmtfy 

2516 WASHINGTONIANA. [The same.] Privately 
reprinted. New Tori: E- Dexter & Son. 1865. 

4to, half blue levant morocco, gilt top ; Lamom Papu. 50 copiei printed. 

17 WASHINGTONIANA. [The same.] 

New Tori. 
8vo, paper, uncut. 


2518 WASHINGTONIANA : or, Memorials of the Death 
of George Washington, giving an Account of the 



Funeral Honors paid to his Memory, with a List of , 
Tracts and Volumes printed upon the Occasion ... By 
Franklin B. Hough. 

Printed fir JV. E. fFoodward. 1865. 

A Tob., 4tOy half blue levant morocco, uncut; Largk Pafu. 

2519 WEEMS (M. L.) A History of the Life and Death, 
«^^ Virtues and Exploits, of General George Washington. 

Faithfully taken from Authentic Documents, and, now, 
in a Second Edition, improved, respectfully oiFered to 
the perusal of his countrymen ; as also, all others who 
wish to see human nature in its most finished form. By 
the Rev, M. L. Weems, of Lodge No. 50 — Dumfries. 
I Philadelphia: Re-printed by John Bioren^fir the Author, 

8vo, ft p. 1., pp. Sly calf, by Bedford, ytry ran. 

2520 WEEMS. The Life of George Washington; with 
^ ^^ Curious Anecdotes, equally honourable to himself, and 

Examples to his Young Countrymen. Embellished 
with Six Engravings. By M. L. Weems. 

Philadelphia: Joseph Allen, 1 8 12. 


Ivo, pp. ftftS, poUthed calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 


' 2521 WEST (S.) A Sermon occasioned by the death of 
-^ ^^ George Washington. Boston, [1800.] 

8to, pp. 17, with 23 addidonal pages of <'FareweU Address,** half blue morocco, gilt 
top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 

2522 WHITING (J.) Revolutionary Orders of General 

^S7^ Washington, issued during the years 1778, *8o, *8i, & 

i '82, selected from the MSS of John Whiting and edited 

j by his Son Lieut : Col Whiting. New Tor k. 1844. 

8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 





2523 WILLARD and Tappan. An Address in Latin, by 

Josqdi Willard, LL.D., President, and a Discourse in 
English by David Tappan, Hollis Professor of Divinity, 
delivered before the University in Cambri(%e, Feb. 21, 
1800, in Solemn Commemoration of Gen. George 
Washington. [Bm/mt.] moccc. 

4^ Vh 3'» lulf morocco^ uacot. 

2524 WORD (A) to Federalists and to diose who love the 

Memoiy of Washii^on. [No imprint] 







,1525 WATSON (H.) John Watson, of Hartford, Conn., 
and his Descendants. A Genealogy. 

New rori : Printed by the U. ^ Out. 1865. 

4to, pp. 4S, miCQt ; ^ftry umret, 

2526 WATSON (W. C.) Men and Times of the Revolu- 

tion ; or. Memoirs of Elkanah Watson, iocluding Jour- 
nals of Travels in Europe and America from the year 
1777 to 1842,... Edited by his Son, W. C. Watson. 

New Tork. 1856. 

Stq^ Uf bine morocco, gilt top. Poktkait and EicciiAmiGS om Wood. 73 Poi^ 
TBAm and Platm infertsd. 

2527 WATSON. Pioneer History of the Champlain 

Valley \ being an Account of the Settlement of tbe 
Town of Willsborough, by William GUliland, together 
with his Journal and other Papers, and a Memoir. 

AUuiny. 1863. 

Rojil Svoy half morocco^ nncut; Laigb Pafiju 50 copies only printed. 


2528 WATT (R.) Bibliothcca Brittanica 5 or a General 
y CL^ ' dex of British and Foreign Literature. 

Edinburgh, i! 

4 voli.y 4tOy half morocco. Good copy. This work if of the highcit utility. It 
taint a Catalogue of Authors and their Works, ancient and modern, 
Tariotts editions and siics, and a carefully arranged Index. 

** Let me not forget to notice that wonderful work of Dr. Watt. Both father an 
fell victims to their seal in its completion. Such a concentration c 
bour was hardly ever beheld; and it should never ^ to be the Lxa 
CoMr ANION of all Collectors." — Dudin. 

2529 WEBB (T.) A New, Select Collection of Epitaphs, 
O /^5^ 2ii^d Inscriptions. By T. Webb. A new Edition. 

London: S. Bladen^ [n. 

% vols., izmo, half red morocco, uncut. Scarce. Includes i,ooo Epitaphs i 
before collected ; and contains the most remarkable Insckiptions it 
Collections of Hackett, Jones, and Tolderoy. 

2530 WEBSTER (D.) The Works of Daniel Webster. . 
^[^y^/_ ton. 185 1. The Private Correspondence of Da 

^ Webster. Edited by Fletcher Webster . . . Boston : . 

tUy Brown &f Co, 1857. 

Together 8 vols., imp. 8vo; Lakos Papbk. Few copies printed. With Aotog 
I of Daniel Webster. 

2531 WEBSTER. Mr. Webster's Speech on... the S 
.J^^ Treasury Bill. Boston. 18 


8vo, pp. 9a. And two other Tracta. 


' 2532 WEBSTER. Portrait and Autograph Note by Da 
2\^/^ Webster. i8 

I Ivoy half blue morocco. 


2533 WEBSTER (J.) The Dramatic Works of John W 

S ^ tf ster. Edited by William Hazlitt. 

London: J. R. Smith. i8 
64 -^ 



/ 3 


4 voli., crown 8to, tree cmlf, gilt edges \ Laagb Pafbi. One of the fiaert of the 
Eliubethan Dramatists, and scarcely inferior to Shaketpeatc. 

** In htt pictwe of vrrecchedness and despair, he has introduced touches of expfcsdon 
which curdle the very blood with toror, and make the hab stand erect** 

— DtAKB. 

2334 WEBSTER (J. W.) Trial of J. W. Webster. 

New rark. 1850. 

Sto, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, hf Bradstreet. 




^535 WEBSTER (N.) An American Dictionary of the Eng. 
lish Language. By Noah Webster, LL.D. Revised 
by C. A. Goodrich and N. Porter. 
Cambridge: for G. bf C. Merriam. Springfield, 1865. 

% ▼olf., lolio, russu, gilt edges ; Lakgb Pafie. 150 copies printed. It may not be 
improper to remark that many of the peculiarities which distinguiihed the 
early editions of Webster's Dictionary are omitted in this. 


i ^^ 2536 WEBSTER. The Prompter; a Commentary on Com- 

\/ \ mon Sayings and Subjects, which are full of Common 

I I Sense — ^the best Sense in the World. 

' New Tori. 1793. 

{ l6mOy half morocco. 

. i J 2537 WEDGWOOD (J.) The Life of Josiah Wedgwood, 
^ . /I from his Private Correspondence and Family Papers. 

With an Introductory Sketch of the Art of Pottery in 
England, by Eliza IVlctcyard. London. 1866. 

% vols., royal Sto, cloth. Contains 3.0 WooDCirrs. A most elegant work. 




2538 WEIGEL(T. O.) CoUectio Weigeliana: die Anfangc 
der Drucker kunst in Btld und Schrift: an deren fruhcsten 
Erzeugnissen in der Weigelschen Sammlung erlautert 
von T. O. Weigel und Dr. Ad. Zestermann. 

Uifxig: T. O. Wtigtl. 1866. 

a vol*., jolio, hill red le*uiE morocco, gut top, nncat; with 14J Facomilu, toa 
', many Wooncvn in the text. 

I OdIt J15 cD^n were piintcd of chii mMC imponuit^.pnblio^an, ihe neeetuij com- 
I pinion to "Sothibt'i Principia Tjrpagriphlci, ] Tolt., folio, 1858," but 

' eiccuCed with infinitely more critical H^ciCj ind learning. 

Eray ditdnguitbed collector of Boolu and Printi and ever; Public Libniy unit hive 
thi) book at the iiandinl work of inbrnution and reference on the nib' 
ject of the Hiitoiy of Piindof before the an of printing with mnratit 
tjrpei wa< invenced by Gcttinbiio »i Menti. 
The text to thia gnnd work wai written by D. Aoguit ZaCermaon, with the anirt- 
ance of Mr. T. O. WeiEcl, and they have now placed before the world 
in the above work, a complete Hiitoit or thi Giunrc AiTi, Turn 


trated throughout by the Ait-Monumenti of the Wdgel collection, thui 
diiplaying 1 vivid [rictuie of the thougho, feelings, and (upcndtlani of 
the Christian world previoui to the Reformation, readily undenlood, and 
fiilly revealing the itate of mind of Chriitian Europe during that period. 
The utiitic eiecntioa of the 145 Facaimila has been accomplished with marvellont 
fidelity, — and even the moit rigid and fuiidiou) ciitic would find himielf 
compelled to acknowledge and eitol their absolute correctneia. Both the 
R-eagravtng and the coloring of ill the faciimilei of Block printi have 
been elected with urupulout accuracy, and the very (pint and qdainc ex- 
proaion of the mediaeval aidili have been caught and reproduced. 

2539 WELD (I.) Travels through the States of North Amcr- 

'/ *s* <y ica, and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, 

during the years 1795, 1796 and 1797. Illustrated and 

Embellished with Sixteen Plates. London. 1799. 

2540 WELDE (T.) A Short Story of the Rise, rngn and 

2.'^ ^^ mine of the Antinomians, Familists & Libertines, that 

/ I infected the Churches of New-England ; And how they 

' were confuted by the Assembly of Ministers there : As 

of the Magistrates proceedings in Court against them. 

Together with Gods strange and remarkable judgments 

' from Heaven upon some of the chief fomenters of these 



Opinions ; and the lamentable death of Mr. Hutchin- 
ton, &c. &c. 

L$nd9H : Pointed /or Ralph Smith at the signe $fthi 
Bible in Ctmhill^ mare the Royall Exchange. 1644. 
Small 4tO| pp. 66» moroccoy cztn, by Aitkia. A fine copj of tliu nre tnct. 

J 2541 WELLS (W. V.) The Life and Public Services of Sam- 
uel Adams, being a Narrative of his Acts and Opinions, 
I and of his Agency in Producing and forwarding the 

American Revolution. B$st9n. 1866. 

3 Toll I imp. Svo, dochy bacttt{ Lasob Papib} PoBTBAm and Fachmius 100 
copies priftted. 

\y >^2542 WEST (Benjamin). Catalogue of the Pictures and 
^ ^ Drawings of Benjamin West. Lvndan, 1826. 

SvO| pp. |i. Very tcarcc. 5w Lot 797. 

i i 





c^ \:^ 



. 2543 WESTHAMPTON. Memorial of the Reunion of the 

Natives of Westhampton, Mass., September 5, 1866. 

Waltham. 1866. 
Svo, pp. 85. 

2544 WESTMACOTT (C.) Points of Misery; or Fables 
for Mankind. London. '823. 

Royal Svo, half green moroccO| gik top, uncot. 10 PLATn by R. Cruikshank. 

2545 WESTWOOD (Thomas). The Chronicle of the 'Con»- 

pleat Angler' of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. 
Being a Bibliographical Record of its Various Phases 
and Mutations. London: fVilUs^ Sotberan. 1864. 

4tO| half moroc c o, uncat. 

2546 [WETMORE (Prosper M.)] Lexington, with other 

Fugitive Poems. New Tori. 1830. 

StO| half red lerant moroccO| vacot. 


2547 WHEATLEY (P.) Poems | on j Various Subjects. 1 1 1 
^^ gtous and Moral. | By Phillis Wheatlcy, | Negro 

vant to Mr. John Wheatley, | of Boston, in New I { 
land. I 

London: Printed for A. Bell^ Bookseller ^ AldgaU^ 1 

Sold hy I Messrs. Cox &f Berry ^ King 1 

Boston. MDCCLX3 I 
lUBO, poliihed calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. Fine copy, with PonTitAiT. 

2548 WHETSTONES (George). A Remembrance of 
^ S^^ worthie and well imployed life of the Right Honoun 

Sir Nicholas Bacom, Knight ; Thomas, Earl of Suss ; 
and Sir Ph. Sydney. 

Reprinted at the Auchinleek Press^ by Alexan \ 

BorwelL 18 1 

4to, green morocco, by Hayday. Inserted is an Autogkaph Littki by Bosw I 
John Allan's copy. For some particulars concerning the author, . 
Warton's ««EnglUh Poetry," Ritson's "Bibl. Poet." 391-4, Bel i 
«« Anecdotes," Brydges* "Cenaora," «<Br. Bibling," and Collier's "P 1 
ical Decameron." 

2549 WHIPPLE (Edwin P.) . . . Oration . . . Boston, July . 
/gf" 1850. Boston. i%[ I 

8 TO, pp. 30. Also two other Orations. 

2550 WHITE (H.) The Early History of New England. 
•^ Concord. 18^; 

i2mo, pp. 420, sheep. 

2551 WHITE (R. G.) National Hymns. How they ai 
^3^ written and not Written. A Lyric and National Stu I 

for the Times. New York. mdcccl> 

8vo, pp. 151, doth ; Platx. &« Shakespeare (W.) 

2552 WHITEHEAD (W.) Plays and Poems, by WiUiai 
-2^^ Whitehead, Esq. London, 1771 

3 vols., post 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 









/ d'^ 

2553 WHITEHEAD (W. A.) Contributions to the Eariy 

History of Perth Amboy and Adjoining County^ with 
sketches of Men and Events in New Jersey, during the 
Provincial Era« New York. 1856. 

Svo, cloch{ PomAm aad BCAfft. 

2554 WHITELOCK (B.) Memoriats of the English Afiairs. 

[Temp. Charles I.] Oxford. 1853. 

4 Yolt., SvOy doch, ttncQt. Best edidoa of a matt ▼alnabte htttarical work. Sm 
Wood*i Ath. OzoB^ and Ceatttra Lit.,iu., 173. 

1555 WHITFIELD (H.) The Light appearing more and 
more To- (wards the Perfect Day. |Or,[A farther Dis- 
covery of the present sute|of the Indians | in | New- 
England, | Concerning the Progresse of the Gospel | 
amongst them | Manifested by Letters from such as 
preacbt | to them there. | Published by H. Whitfield, hte 
Pastor to the j Chuch [x/V] of Christ at Gilford in New- 
England, who came [late thence. | 
London : Printed by T. R. bf E. M. for John Bartlitj 
and are to be [sold at the Gilt Cup^ neer St, Austins 

gate in Paurs\ Chwrcb-yard. 1 65 1. 

4tO| 4 p. 1.9 pp. 469 poliihed calf, by W. Pratt. Thti u the icarce origiiul edhioD of 
the fbUowing reprint : 

2556 WHITFIELD. A Further Discovery of the Present 
State of the Indians in New England, concerning the 
Progress of the Gospel among them ... By Henry Whit- 
field. New York: Printed for J. Sabin. 1865. 
4to, half morocco, gilt top; 50 copies printed. 

a557 WHITFIELD. [The same.] 

Small 4to, oncut. 

New York. 1865. 


2558 WHITFIELD. Strength | ovt of | Wcaknessc, | Or a < I 
-^/ ^ €^ rious I Manifestation I of the further Progresse of 

Gospel amongst the Indians | in New-England. 1 1 ! 

forth in sundry Letters | from divers Ministers and ot : 

to the I Corporation established by Parliament for| : 

moting the Gospel among the Hea- 1 then in New-I 1 

I land; I and to particular I Members thereof since the i 

Trea- 1 tise to that effect, published by Mr. Henry W 

field late Pastor | of Gilford in New-England. 

London : \ Printed by M, Simmons for John Blogue a ( 

Samuel Howes^ and are to be sold at their : 

in Popes-Head-- Alley, li \ 

4tOy 8 1., pp. 40y blue crushed levant morocco, by F. Bedford. Fine copy. Ol I 
rare tract there were three editions in the tame year. Su the Intn 
tion to the fbUowing reprint. 

2559 WHITFIELD. Strength out of Weakness : or a Gl 
/ ^^ ous Manifestation of the Further Progress of the G : 

pel among the Indians in New England. 

New York: Reprinted for Joseph Sabin, 18 i 

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; Large Pafxe. 50 copies printed. Forms I 
V. of S%bin*s Reprints, 4to Series. 

2560 W[HITING] (J.) A Catalogue of Friends' Books. 
-2.^:^4^ London. 17: 

8to, boards, uncut. Extremely scarce in such fine condition. Until the publics : 
of Smith's Catalogue, the best work on the subject. 


2561 WHITING (S.) A I Discourse | of the Last | Judgment 
or I Short Notes upon Mat. xxv. jfrom Ver. 31 to 1 
end of the] Chapter. I Concerning the Judgment 
Come, and our Pre- 1 paration to stand before | The Gr: 
Judge of Quick and Dead. | Which are of sweet! 
Comfort to the Elect Sheep, | and of most dreadi 
Amazement and Terrourjto Reprobate Goats. | And 




Concern All to think Seriously upon, that | they may 
look the Judge in the Face with | Comfort in the Gieat 
Day of His | Appearing. | By Samuel Whiting, Pastor of 
the I Church of Christ at Lynne in N. £.| 

Camhridge: Printed hy S. G. and M. J. 1664. 

7 f. L, pp. 160^ graea crvthed Icvaat morocco^ by F. Bedford. Fiae 
flf an early colooial impciat. 

^- ^^^^ 


2562 WHITMORE (H.) Catalogue of the Entire Private 
Library of the Late Mr. Henry Whittmore, Sold May 
8th, 1865. Niw rori. 1865. 

4C0» ttacots Lamb Papib inteikaved. Only 50 copies pciated. 





2563 WHITMAN (Walt.) Leaves of Grass. 

Brooifyn. 1855. 
Folio| PttmuoT. Pint cdidoiu Vtry aearct. A chancceriMic extract will be Iboa^ 
in one of Mr. W. Gowant* Catalo|nes. 

, 2564 WHITMAN (Z. G.) An Historical Sketch of the An- 
cient and Honourable Artillery Company; from its 
Formation in the year 1637, to the present time. 

Butm. 1820. 

Ivo, half red morocco, uncut, by B iaditi e et . 

2565 WHITMORE (W. H.) Handbook of Amencan Geneal- 
ogy, being a Catalogue of Family Histories & Publica- 
tions containing Genealogical Information, chronologi- 
cally arranged. Albany : J, Munsell. 1862. 

Foolscap 4to, doth. Only 100 copies printed. 

1566 WHITNEY (P.) The History of the County of Wor- 
cester, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With 
a Particular Account of every Town from its first 
Settlement to the Present Time; Including its £c- 



clesiastical State, together with a Geographica 
scription of the same. 

ff^orcestir: Isaiah Thomas, mdcc 

Svoy polbhed calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. Very scarce. 

2567 WHITNEY. Half-Century Discourse, deliver 
Northborough, June 9, 1796. 

Ivo, pp. 22, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. 

2568 [WHITTIER] (J. G.) Leaves from Margaret Sr 
Journal, in the Province of Massachusetts, 1678-H 

Boston, ] 

lamo, 3 1., pp. 224, doth. 

2569 WHITTIER. Maud MuUer. By John G. Whi 

With illustrations by W. J. Henessy. 

Boston : Ticknor and Fields. ] 

2570 [WHITTIER.] The Supernaturalism of New Eng 
tfi/ By the Author of " The Stranger in Lowell." 

New Tori, i 

2571 WILKIE (F. B.) Davenport, Past and Present, in< 
ing the Early History and Personal and Anec< 

Reminiscences of Davenport. Davenport, i : 

Svo, pp. 333, doth. Many PoaTtAiTS. 

2572 WILKINS (W. W.) Political Ballads of the Se . 
/^3 % teenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Annotated. 

London* ill 

% vols., post Svo, doth, uncut. A most curious and interesting collection, from 
ceedingly rare or unique sheets and broadsida, old manuscripts, and 
temporary journals. 55 














2573 WILKINSON (E.) Letters of Eliza Wilkinson, Dur- 
ing the Invasion and Possession of Charleston, S. C^ 

bj the British in the Revolutionary War. 

Niw 7ork. 1839. 

iAmO| doth. 

2574 WILKINSON (J.) Memoirs of My Own Times. By 

General James Wilkinson, [also] Burr's Consixracy 
Exposed; and General Wilkinson Vindicated against 
the Slanders of his Enemies on that important occasion, 
1 82 1 — [and] Proofs of the Corruption of General 
James Wilkinson, and of his connection with Aaron 
Burr, with A Full Refutation of his Slanderous Allega- 
tions in Relation to the character of the Principal Wit- 
ness against him. Philadelphia. 1809-1821. 

TogeUia' 6 Tolt., 8 to, half green levant morocco, gilt top, bj Bradstreet. The BIati 
to thia let are mounted on guards in Svo form, to range with the other 

Thn series of Willcinion and Burr ia at once the most elegant and eomplete that has 
ever been offered for sale— the vol. of Burr*s Cons^racj ia of extrrmi 
rarity, and we know of two other copies onlj in existence. The late 
Peter Force was in the habit of showing his copy of this volume as one of 
the modem rarides of his immense collation. 

2575 WILLARD (J.) WiUard Memoirs; or Life and Times 

of Major Simon Willard. Boston, 1858. 

Svo, cloth J 3 Platxs. 

2576 WILLARD. An Addi ?ss in Commemoration of the 

Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorparation of 
Lancaster, Massachusetts. Boston. 1853. 

Svo, brown morocco^ gilt top^ uncut. Privately printed. 

2577 WILLET (W. M.) A Narrative of the Military Ac- 

tions of Col. Marinus Willett. Taken chiefly from 


his own Manuscript. Prepared by his Son, Williai 
WiUctt. Ntw Terk. i 

IvOy half calfy oncat % Poktiait. 

2578 WILLIAMS (C. H.) The Works of the Right 1 
^ ^^ ourable Sir Chas. Hanbuiy Williams, K. B. . . 

Notes by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford. 

London, i 

3 ToU., pott 8voy half morocco ; with Pobtraitb. Facettooi. 

2579 WILLIAMS (Mrs. C. R.) Biography of Revolutic 1 
Heroes ; containing the Life of Brig. Gen. Wil . 
Barton, and also of Captain Stephen Olney. 

Providence, i I 

iftmoy half green morocco. 

^580 WILLIAMS. Tales ; National and Revolutior 1 
y "^^ By Mrs. C. R. Williams. 

Providence: H, H. Brown. 1830' 

% Tob., i2mo^ pp. 21 5y 167, half green morocco, gilt top, by F. Bedford. M: i 
the tales are founded on facts connected with the Reyolodon, and 
2y p. 261, contains a curious account of a prophecy made in referei i 
Arnold's treason, several yean prior to that officer's defection. 

2581 WILLIAMS (Eleazer). Life of Te-ho-ra-gwa-ne* i 
c^ ^^ alias Thomas Williams^ a Chief of the Caughnav) 

Tribe of Indians in Canada. Albany : Munsell. ill 

Svo^ morocco, extra gilt, and inside linings richly gilt. 

2582 WILLIAMS (H. W.) Select Views in Greece. V. 
"^^ ^^ Classical Illustrations. London, ill 

% Tok., bound in i, royal 8vo, levant morocco ; 84 fine Stzxl Plates. The cl 
of subjects, the exquisite beauty of the execution, and, above all, 
poetical feeling displayed, render these views truly fascinating. Art » 
here to be carried to the highest extent. 




2583 WILLIAMS (J. L.) The Tcnritoiy of Florida: or. 
Sketches of the Topography, Civil and Natural His- 
toiy, etc. Nov Tori. 1837. 

Ivo, dock; MAr% Vnw^ etc 

^- 2584 WILLIAMS (R.) The | Blovdy Tcncnt, | of Persecution, 
^ ^ for cause of | Conscience, discussed in|A Conference 

betweene | Trvth and Peace. | Who, | In all tender affec- 
tion, present to the High | Court of Parliament, (as the 
Result of I their Discourse j these, (amongst other {Pas- 
sages) of highest consideration. | 

L$ndon: Printed in the Tear 1644. 

4lD^ IS L| ff. M7y red cnuhed levant morocco, by F. Bcdibrd. Fine Urge cepj of 
this cscremely me volume. 

^^ - 2585 WILLIAMS. The | Bloody Tenent |yet | More Bloody : 

^^^^ by I Mr. Cottons endevour to wash it white in the| 

Blood of the Lambe ; | Of whose precious Blood, spilt 

> in the | Blood of his Servants ; and | Of the blood of Mil- 

lions spilt in former and | later Wars for Conscience 

' sake, I that I Most Bloody Tenent of Persecution for 

cause of I Conscience, upon a second Tryai, is found 
now more I apparently and more notoriously guilty. | In 
this Rejoynder to Mr. Cotton, are principally! I. The 
Name of Persecution, | II. The Power of the Civil 
Sword I in Spirituals] | Examined | III. The Parliaments 
permission of | Dissenting Consciences | jjustified. | Also 
(as a Testimony to Mr. Clarks Narrative) is added j a 
Letter to Mr Endicot Governor of the Massachuscts in 
N. E.|By R. Williams of Providence in New-Eng- 

London : Printed fw Giles Calvert ^ and are t9 he sold at\ 
the hlack-spread'Eagle at the West^-end of Pauls. 1652. 

4to, red crashed levant morocco, by F. Bedford. Kne large cofijr. 

^ : XS86 WILLIAMS Mr. Cottons | Letter | Lately Printed, |£x- 
y amined I and I Answered ;|By Roger Williams q{ Provi- 

dence I In I New-England. | 

London: Imprinttd in tht jeen 1644. 
SnuU 4to, p. 1. 1, pp. 47, bine cnulwd lenni moiocco, by F. Bedbrd. Tbii leria 
by Roger WillUmi ii very dainble in tny American CoUectioD— >pinic> 
nlailj M> in Rhode IiUnd Ubniy. 

2587 WILLIAMS. Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health, 
<'<» And their Preservatives. Providtna: Reprinted. 1863. 

2588 WILLIAMS (S.) Natural and Civil History of Ver- 
/ %:J> mom. ft^alpele: Isaiah Thomas. 1794. 

■to, ilwep } Mat. AnrooiArK note to Cluncellat Kcat. 

25S9 WILLIAMS. [The Same.] Second Edition, Corrected 
y fS€> and Enlarged. BurltngttH^ Vt. 1809. 

1 vdi., 1*0, ibeep. 

3590 WILLIAMS (S. W.) A Biographical Memoir of the 
^^ Rev. John Williams, and papers relating to the Early 

^ Indian Wars in Deerficld. Greenfield. 1837. 

■imo, pp. 1*7, doth. 

3591 WILLIAMS (T.) A Catalogue of the Library of the 
*5> Rev. Theodore Williams. London. 1827. 

Rofil gTo,bavdi, uncut; Luai Patu. From Jofan AUia'i Libnij. The ule 
amonnud Id £10,115 171. M. 

2592 WILLIAMSON (Hugh). The History of North Caro- 
/ /^^__ lina. Philadelphia. 1812. 

a Toltq 1*0, h«lf c*lf J Mat. 


518 WIL80K. 

WILLIAMSON (William D.) The Histoiy of the 
State of Maine \ From Its first Discovery^ A.D. 
1602, to the Separation, A.D. 1820, Inclusive. 

HalkweU. 1833. 

' % Yob., rayil Svoy half gnea morocco^ uncut \ Povtsait inserted. RenurkaUy fine 

^^ 2594 WILLIS (W.) The History of Portland, Part II, 1790 

to 1833. Portland. 1833. 

Svoy pp. 355y doth \ Plats. 

595 WILLIS. The History of Portland from 1632 to 1864. 
With a Notice of Previous Settlements, Colonial 
! Grants, and Changes of Government in Maine, By 

William Willis. Maps and Engravings. 

Portland. 1865. 

{▼Oy dochy oncnt. One of only 15 copies, on tinted paper. 

2596 WILLISTON (E. B.) Eloquence of the United States : 
/ ^^ Compiled by E. B. WiUiston. MiddUtoum. 1827. 

5 Tolf., 8 TO, boards, uncut. Fine dean copy. 

^ ■ 2597 WILLS (W. H.) Poets Wit and Humour, Selected by 

^ _ : W.H.Wills. Illustrated with 100 Engravings from 

Drawings by Charles Bennett and George H. Thomas. 
I London, [n. d.] 

, 4to, green morocco, gilt edges. 

^.2598 WILLSON (E. B.) An Address, Petersham, Massa- 
-^1 chusetts, July 4, 1854. One hundredth Anniversary of 

the Incorporation of that Town. Boston. 1855. 

Svo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Braditreet. 

2599 WILSON (A.) American Ornithology ; or, the Natu- 
/^ ^f^ \ ral History of the Birds of the United Sutes. Illus- 

nated with pbtes. Engraved and colored from original • 
drawings taken trom nature. By Alexander Wilson. 
Philadelphia: Published by Bra^^ordl^ Insiip. 1808. 

9 nd*., 4to, liilf inonKco. A good copy of the criginil edition. The Platu of 
likii editloo exceed in beiuty tai fnihnai thoK of inj labuquenc iane, 
■od though tome of them hive been "lec off" on the oppmite pagei of 
text, the book u not the leu raliuble, i> ihu ii the lure mailc of an orig- 
inal eopjr. The pliiet In diii edition weie all colored b; hand. 

Hit ardent and penpicacioui mind enabled bim to eibibit the trnthi he diacoveicd, in 
that warm, lucid, and captivating language which neter fiiltio reach the 
heart of hit reader) while the iaithfulnen of hii ddineationi ihov mou 
adrantageouil]' the accuracj of hii pencil. 

« Equal in elegance to the matt diitinguitbed of oar own tplendid worlci on Omichol- 

"With an enchuiiaini never excelled, (hij eicnordinar]' man penetiatEd the *ait ter- 
ritoiiet of the United Slata, undeCerred by liirein or iwampi, fiir the tole 
pntpote of docribing the native birdi." — Loap BaoncHAU. 

la tbia, a ia all the copiei of the original edition, the plato are diacolored, owing to 
the Mftneat of the paper. 

1600 WILSON. The Foresters : A Poem, Descriptive of 
•^. v5^ a Pedestrian Journey to the Falls of Niagara. 

West aester^ Pa. 1838. 
I Imo, abeep. A rare Tolune of Ametiean poetry, bj the author of ■< American Or- 

2601 WILSON (D.) The Life of Jane McCrea, with an 
\f,^0 account of Bui^oync's Expedition in 1777. By D. 
Wilaon. New Tori. 1855. 

lUDo, pp. 15 J. 

a6o2 WILSON (H. H.) The History of British India. From 
^7^ 1805101835. Lmdm. 1848. 

3 Toti., Svo, doth. Tbii period include! the Mutinlea of Vellore and Bamckpore, 
and the accounti of them wilt be found to throw light on more recent 



^ ^^ 2603 WILSON (J.) Noctcs Ambrosiana by John Wilsoo . . . 

• Wm. Maginn, J. G. Lockhart, James Hogg and others. 

Revised Edition with Memoirs and Notes by R. S. 

! Mackenzie, D.C.L. New Twk. 1866. 

' 5 Toli. royal Sto^ half gnai OMtocoOp nacnt; Laiob PAm. too copies pri* 
▼>t*l7[0 printed. 

^ ^ ; 2604 WILSON (J. M.) The Rural Cyclopaedia, or a General 

Dictionary of Agriculture, and of the Arts, Sciences, 
Instruments and Practice, necessary to the Farmer, 
Gardener, etc. Edinburgh. 1847-49. 

■ 4 Yoli., imp. Sroy half cal/; many Platbi. One of the mott uaeful booki of in 

^ ^ ; 2605 [WILSON (S.)] An | Account \o{ the | Province |of| 

Carolina I in I America. I Together with | An Abstraa of 
the Patent, I and several other Necessary and Useful 
Par- 1 ticulars, to such as have thoughts of Trans- 1 porting 
; themselves thither. | Published for their Information. | 

London : \ Printed by G. Larkinfor Francis Smithy af^ the 
Elephant \ and Castle in CornhilL 1 682. | 

SmaU 4to^ pp. ay, red crushed levant morocco, by Bedford ; Maf. One of the or- 
liett and rarest books relating to Carolina. 

-^j 2606 WILSON (Thomas). The Biography of the Principal 

American Military and Naval Heroes ; comprehending 
Details of their Achievements during the Revolutionary 
and Late Wars . . . Embellished with Portraits. 

New Tori. 181 7. 

% Tob.^ tamo^ >^>*cPf ^^ impressions of the PoaTVAm. 

J 2607 WILSON. [The Same.] Second Edition, Revised. 

^ 7^ New Tork. 1810. 

^ I 

% ▼ols.y ixmo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstieet. 



A 2608 WILSON (T.) An Analysis of the Illustrated Shake- 
^ speare of Thomas Wilson, Esq. London. 1820. 

* 4tOf hilf moroccoy uncuc ; Lasge Pap&«. The Shakcipeare desciibed was in 10 folio 

▼oluroety conulning if$^S PuiTts. Only 15 copies printed in this size. 

2609 WINTERBOTHAM (W.) America and the West 
Indies. London. 1795. 

4 Tob., 8vo, calf; Px.atxi« Fine PoBTtAXT of Washington, and other plates. 


2610 WINGFIELD (E. M.) "A Discourse of Virginia." | 
By Edward Maria Wingfield, | The First President of 

the Colony. | Now first printed from the Original 
Manuscript in the Lambeth Library. | Edited, with 
Notes and an Introduction, | By Charles Deane. 

Boston: Privately printed, 1859. 

%wOf pp. 44, red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by Mttthews. 100 copies pri- 
vately printed for Mr. Charles Deane. Fowle*» copy sold for $45, on- 

261 1 WINSOR (J.) A History of the Town of Duxbury, 
/ /:2-^ Mass., with Genealogical Registers. Boston. 1849. 

tro, pp. 360, boards, uncut; Portbatt. 

2612 WINTHROP (J.) The History of New England, from 
/ y^^_ 1630 to 1649. By John Winthrop, Esq... from his 

- \.- Original Manuscript, with Notes . . , By Jatmes Savage. 
-^ A New Edition, with Additions* 
' Boston : Little^ Brown & Co. Mbccclin. 

% Tola., fvo, half moroccoy uncut. 

26*3 WINTHROP. Life anrf hittM of Johtf IflTinthrop, 
/ /jt-^ Governor of Massflcfiu^ftti Bay Company at their 

Emigration to New England, 1630. Edited by Robert 
C. Winthrop. Asfon. 1864. 

% Tols., Svoy half morocco^ oncnL 


522 WOOD. 

^ \^^\^f>H WINTHROP Relation of a Voyage from Boston to 
! New-Foundland. BastMj N. E. m,dcc,lxi. 

// ^^ 

8to^ half morocco^ gilt top^ hy BndfCzcet. 

2615 WISDOM in Miniature. WmrasUr: haiah Thomas. 

3iroo, freen cmthcd lerant morocco, gilt top, \j F. Bedford. 

-^ \ 2616 WISE (J.) A Vindication of the Government of Ncw- 

y f ^ England I Churches. By John Wise, A.M., Pastor tea 

'^y . y ^-* ■ ♦" Church in Ipswich. The Churches Quarrel Espoused; 

Also, A Platform of Church Discipline of the Churches 
assembled in the Synod At Cambridge in New England, 

1648. Boston. M,DCC,LXXII. 

3 Toli. in i» iamO| polithed calf extra, gUt edgei, by F. Bedfbfd. Fine laijc and 
clean copy of these toy scarce tracts. 

2617 [WOLCOT (Dr.)] The Works of Peter Pindar. 
^ London, 1802. 

4to^ half calf} PoaTtArr. A series of the first editions of these £uioas poemt. 

. ^ 2618 WOOD (John). The History of the Administration of 
^ "^ John Adams, Esq., Late President of the United 

Sutes. New Tori. 1802. 

' SrOy half levant morocco, i;ilt top, uncut, by Br idstreet. All bat ten or twelve oopia 
of this work were suppressed. Fine copy. 

/ A^ 

2619 WOOD. The Suppressed History of the Administration 
of John Adams, as P:inted and Suppressed in 1802. 
Now Republished with Notes and an Appendix, bj 
John Henry Sherburne. Philadelphia. 1846. 

lamo, doth. 

y ^ IjitlO WOOD. An Antidote to John Wood's Poison. By 
^ ^-"^ Warren. New Tori. 1802. 

Syo, pp. 63. 





2626 WOODWORTH. Reminiscences of Troy, from its 
Settlement in 1790 to 1807. Second Edition, with 
Notes. Albany. i86a 

Foobcaf 4101 lulf OMfocea, p|t tof^ •acM, hj BndMract. 

2627 WOO^EY (C.) A Two Yew Journal in Nw York; 
and parti of its Territories in America. A new edi- 
tion with copious Historical and Biographical notes, by 

[ E. B. 0*Callaghan, M.D. New Tw-k. i860. 

4M^ clocKg uQciit Oowaqi* >^^^Motheca Amfric^ai, No. a. Lako* Paw. 50 
cofiei printed. 

I 2628 WORCESTER COUNTY. Proceedings of a Con- 

vention. WwrcttUr. 1812. 

St«, fp. SI (1), WKM. 







2629 WORCESTER Magazine and Hi^oriol jQitfoal. 

Wvrc^er. 1826. 

2630. WORDSWORTH (C.) Greece, Pictorial, Descripdre 
and Historical. By Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. A. 
New Edition, carefully Revised. With numerous En- 
g^xiogs^ iUJAisg^iatiYe of th^ Scenery, Architecture, Cosr 
tume, and Fine Arts of that Country, and A History of 
... Greek Art. By George Scharf, F.S.A. 

London: yohn Murray, 1859. 

Royal Sfoi half morocco, uncut. Containi upwardt of 350 EmsRAViNGa on Woon, 
and %t on Stku, bj Fidding, Crcswick, Hanrey, Paul Huet, Daubign}-, 
etc, and is one of the moat elegant boolu of iti daat. 

2631 WORSLEY (J.) A View of the American Indians, 
their Character, Customs, Rites and Tradiuons, etc. 

London, mdcccxxviu. 

I CnwB In^ hauit. A carioM work, ihowint the Amaiaa lodiaM ta be the de- 
■ceoduD of the tea tnba of bncl, bj coopwini ibcii nitomi, eIc., 
^ with choK of the Jewi. 

0631 WORTH (S. A.) Random Recollections of Albany, 
from 1800 to 1808 : Third edition, with Notes by the 
Publisher. Albany: J. MunitU. 1865. 

Inf. tia, imcot) Laioi Pa?u. 50 copet printed. 

2633 WRIGHT (R.) The Life of Major-Gencral James 

V .*> Vfo\ft. Undtn. 1864. 

■vo, pp. ixa., 6*6, half blue morocco, (ill Mp> uncut, bjp Bi 

3634 WRIGHT. A Memoir of General Oglethorpe. 
Pom Ito, pp. xri., 414, cloth, iui< 

^ ^-^^ Lmdm. 1867 

2635 WRIGHT (T.) Caricature History of the Georges, ot 
/ Annals of the House of Hanover, compiled from the 

S<]utbs, Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lampoons and 
Pictorial Caricatures of the time. By Thos. Wright. 
With nearly four hundred Illustrations on Steel and 
Wood. 1868. 

4tot tulf norocco, fitt top j Laiu Pafu. OaVf loo copiei of the Lufc Pipct 
cdirion ban been printed. It coatiiDi ■ddtttoul PoiTiAm of Janci 
Oilnr, the Ciricirariil, and KiC, Enl of Cbuhun. 

2636 WRIGHT. [A Collection of Old English Pieces.] 
^ y'd ' Edited with Prefaces, Notes and Glossary by Thomas 

Wright, Esq., M. A. London: ^. Picitrlng. 1836. 

4 mil., t^nare ilmo, half morocco, uncut. Thu elegant leriea conutti of The Tur- 
nunent of Tattenhara ind the Featj Songi and Carolij Tale of the 
Baiyn and the Frere and [he Bo; ) Ind the Nulbrowne Maid. 

2637 WYATT (M. D.) The Art of Illuminating, as prac- 
i$*^^f <f ticed in Europe, from the Earliest Times. Illustrated 

Borders, Initial Letters and Alphabets, Selected and 





JS'S' o ^ 


Chromo-lithognphed by W. R. Tymms. With an 
Essay and Instructions by M. Digby Wyatt, Architect. 

London : Day & Son. [n. d.] 

Lai|« Sto^ cloch. Condiat lom pLATn^ all iUamtiuted and printed ia colon aad 
inclttdci i^ooS Illomiicatio Fiovan. 

2638 WARING (J. B.) Masteq>ieces of Industrial Art and 

Sculpture at the Industrial Exhibition of 1862. 

London. 1864. 

3 vob., feliO| kopcrbly bound in morocco, |Qt edges, Grolier tooling on the ndo. 
Contains 300 Plates, including sereral hundred of the most choice ex- 
amplcs of Sculpture and Decorative Art exhibited in London at the Ex- 
hibition of it 61. It renders with exact fidelity the tkifi^mmrrt of the 
world's progress in Art and Industry, and will always serve as a penna- 
ncnt model for all interested or occupied in the various arts and manu&c- 
tures represented. 

2639 WYNNE (James, M.D,) Private Libraries of New 

York. New York, i860. 

1 vols., imp. Sto; LAaot Pxpta. Only loo copies printed. Among the prindpal 
libraries mentioned in this work, are those of John Allan, George Ban- 
croft, Thomas P. Barton, J. Carson Brevoort, Rev. Dr. Chapin, Aimoa 
W. Griswold, William Menxies, William Curtis Noyes, Dr. I*ttrple, Gcou 
T. Strong, R. L. Stuart, and Richard Grant White. 

This UMiqyx and Bkautifvl Copt was got up by Mr. W. L. Andrews of New 
York, for his own library, and is one of the most successful of his e£brts; 
it contains onx RUNoaxo and THtxx scakcx platxs, in the finest pos- 
sible condition, many being Ptoors; among which may be mentioned 
three Poktkaits of Dr. Dibdin, Jacob Cats, Lafayette, two of B. Frank- 
lin, Shakespeare, Isaac Walton, Paul Jones, Gen. Putnam, B. Arnold, 
Paley, Burton, Major Andre, Washington, Earl Spencer, Colonel Tarlctoo, 
Prof. Silliman, and Dr. Williams : View of Venice, and the CanCerboiy 

Many of the Platis are inlaid by George Trent, in his best manner. It is un- 
doubtedly the Finest Copt kvex oppsau> roa sale. 

2640 WYOMING. The Betrothed of Wyoming. An His- 

torical Tale. Philadilpbia. 1830. 

iftmo, pp. 181, boards^ ncnt. 

/^MT^^^^M ^"^^^ ^* ^- NO^nd MouUon (T. W.) 
History of the State of New York, in- 
cluding its Aboriginal and Colonial An- 
nals. Both parts complete in one vol. , 
New nri. i824-'26. 

Ito, hiirmorocco. ytrj Ktret. 

2642^[YONGE (F.)] A] Narrative] of the | Proceedings! Of 

^^ ^ -^ the People of | South-Carolina, | In the Year 1 7 1 q : | And 

of| The True Causes and Motives that induced | them 

to Renounce their Obedience to the Lords | Proprietors, 

as their Governors, and to put | themselves under the 

immediate Government of the | Crown. | 

' London:] Printed in the Tear MDCCXXVI. 

4to, pp. 40, half gtcen morocco, ^t lop. Vcfj me. 

1643 YOUNG 'A.) Chronicles of the First Planters of the 

'4'. ^^ CoitvJf of Massachusetts Bay, from 1602 to 1636. 

No.t#lrst collected from Original Records and Con- 

temfttraneous Manuscripts, and Illustrated with Notes. 

By 40cxander Young. Boston, mdcccxlvi. 

SVO, hllf eiir, DDGOt. 

2644 YOUNG. Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the 

^ ^^__^ Colony of Plymouth, from 1602 to 1625. Now first 

Collected from Original Records and Contemporaneous 

Printed Documents, and illustrated with Notes. By 

Alexander Young. &>ttan. MDcccxi% 


528 YOUNG. 

^ 3645 YOUNG. A Discourse on the Ufe of Hon. Nathuw 

' 2646 YOUNG. Discourse. Ordination of Rev. G. E. Ellis. 
I BtOrn. 1S40. 

] tTo,r^«4■ 

I ^^ 26+7 YOUNG'S REVENGE. A Tragedy. Retised by J. 
P. Kemble. Lmtdm. 1811. 


NGER. The|Tryal|of|John Peter Zen- 
gcr, I of I New- York, Printer, | Who was 
lately Try'd and Acquitted for Printing 
and [ Publishing a Libel against the Gov- 
ernment. | With the Pleadings and Argu- 
ments on both Sides. | 

Lmdon: J. JVilfariL,... 1738. 

Sam. A laj imponut nut 
decided igiiait Oo*. Croabji oT 

I L, pp. yx, htlf 

fer the libot; of tlx po^ wUdi 
He* York. 


2649 [ZINGENDORF]. The] Remarks, |wbicb| The Author 
•'^ oMhc I Compendious Extract, &c.,|In the Preface to 

his Book, I Has friendly desird of | The Rev. of Thurcn- 
stein,[For the Time Pastor of the Lutheran Congrega- 
tion of J. C. in Philadelphia. 
Pbiladtlpbia : | Printed and said by B. Franklin. \ m,dcc,xlii. 
Smill S*o, pp. 14, calf, uncut. 

1650 ZUVERLASSIGE ] Beschreibung j Der Drittcn | Confer- 
•7 v^^ enzjDcr Evangclischcn Religionen|Teutscher Nation | 
L) Pennsylvania,! Wclche ^™ 9- >0. und if" Feb- 
niarii i74j|In Oley an Johann de Turks Hauselge- 
halten worden; | SamtjDcncn dieses mahl verfasstenj 
Gemein-Schlusscn. { 
Pbil«dtlpbiat\ Gtdrueit vnd zu haben hey B. Franilin. [1742.] 

Smill 4to, bltf Cll£ 





/ <^i^ 

2651 BOUTELL (Charles). English Heraldry. With Four 
Hundred and Fifty Illustrations. London. 1867. 

8tO| doth, gilt cop, uncvt. 


\ 2652 CLAVIGERO (F. S.) The History of Mexico. Trans- 
I lated by C. Cullen. Lmdon. 1787. 

' 1 Tolf., 4to» boards, uncut ; Fink Corr. 

" BeiUei lutttral hucory, there is in this work much learned research on the aacieat 
hiscoiy of Mexico.**-^TBvsiisoM. 

2653 COTM AN (J. S.) Liber Studiorum \ a Series of Sketches 
and Studies. London. 1838. 

Folio, half morocco } 4S Platbs. 

2654 DIAZ (B.) The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernai 
Diaz del Castillo ... containing a True and Full Ac- 
count of the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico and 

i New Spain. Translated by J. L Lockhart. 

Lond. 1844. 

% vols., Sto, half calf, gilt. ** The quaint, simple chronicling of this old soidier ii tfae 
most trustworthy of the narrators of this conquest.** — Atkeu4 

» * 



^4 ^. 

/7 <^ 

2655 DONOVAN (E.) Natural History of British Quadru- 
peds, Birds, Shells and Fishes. Illustrated by many 

beautiful colored plates. London. 1 794-1820. 

tt vols., rl. Sto, in 13, half morocco, gilt edges. ^ One of the most valuable asd 
important works upon natural history ever issued from the press.** 

2656 EXCURSION sur let Cotes el leur leu peuts de Nor- 

mandie. Paris, [n. d.] 

FoUo) 37 Platm som a of them adapted to iUnstrate Dibdinis '*Tmv." 



2657 GALERIE BRITANNIQUE de Gravurcs, feitcs d'aprcs 
des Peintures des £coles Italienne, Fran^aise, Flamande, 
HoUandaise, et Anglaise ; avec un Historique de Chaque 
Tableau; par Edouard Forster. A Lonirti. 18 14. 

Folio, half morocco, uncut; 49 Platis; wryfrn im^rtiiiomi, 

{ 2658 GALLERY of the Society of Painters in Water Colors. 
I London. 1832. 

j Folio, in 6 parts ; 18 India Paoor Platu. Published at a 11. for each part. 


• 2659 GUIAND (J.) and HARRIS (C.) The Ruins of Man- 

doo, the Mahommedan Capital of Malwah, India. 
i London, i860. 

' Folio ; 6 Fins CoLoaiD Platis, with descriptive letterpress. 

2660 JACKSON (A.) Proclamation, by Andrew Jackson, 

President of the United States. i^SS* 

The Yimous Proclamation of Nullification, December 10, 1833. BeaittifuUy prinud 
on Satin, with Oinamsntal Boxoca. Sise, 3iin.,x i%\, 

2661 LANDON. Annales du inus6e et de Tecole moderne 
^^J(^ — des beaux-arts, recueil de gravures au trait d'apres les 

tableaux des anciens maitres et les principaux ouvrages 
de peinture, sculpture ou architecture des artistes 
vivants, etc. Paris. 1 801-1834. 

44 vols.y Sto. This extensive and valuable work consists of the fbUowinf subjects : 
Peinturt: Bcole italienne, 8 vols.; Ecole flamande, allemande, etc., 4 
vols. ; Ecole fran9aise ancienne, 3 vols. ; Bcole fran^aise moderne, 4 
vols. Sculpture : Sculpture antique, 2 voIl ; Sculpture moderne, 3 vols, j 
Architecture fran^aise, i vol.; Oalerie Giustiniani, t vol. Oalerie Massais, 
^.^ I vol. Stctiom modeme s Salons de 1808 i 1831, 15 vols. 


, I vol. 5 

* 4 / 4^ — 

266i LINCOLN. Eulogies, Sermons, Orations, Poems, &c., 
^^^ on the occasion of his death. A Collection com- 
prising two hundred and seventy-seven titles in two 
hundred and forty-two separate pamphlets. This col- 
lection was in part formed by Mr. Spencer, the Editor 



of Lincolniania^ and contains all mentioned in his list, 
with perhaps one or two exceptions. Since the pabli- 
cation of that work, the present owner has made large 
additions, and the collection is now nearly complete, as 
it contains all mentioned in Bartlett's List of three 
hundred, with the exception of twenty-nine, together 
j j with several which he does not name. Of many of 

I these pamphlets, but small editions were published; of 

' , Samuel Johnson's only 15 were printed, and of several 

j of the others, only one hundred. [v. d.] 

NO DUPLICATES, ud all in Vsit Fnrm ComvnoM. 


^i" ^^ 2663 MANUSCRIPT (A) on Vellum, Having the Arms of 
I the Barbarni Family, a.d. 1743. 

I 410, morocco. From the Allan Collection. 

g ^^, 1664 MISSALE ROMANUM. A Manuscript on Vellum, 

probably written at the end of the 15th Century. Con- 
I \ tains 10 leaves with floriated borders, and numerous 

colored initials. 

I ' Square iimo, red moiocco. 

^^ ^7 ^ 3^^5 PRECIS. A Manuscript, probably written between the 
I Xllth and Xlllth Centuries. Elegantly written, in a 

I minute hand, on abortive vellum. 

I , Sq. iSmOy cnithed levant morocco, inlaid j colon and [tooled, gilt edges, etc. Tbii 

I Es^BiTB MAMutCKiPTy covering about 600 paget, and probably 600 jtm 

I old, it in vifimt ttmMvm ai any . manmcript of its age. 



^2666 RAPHAEL. The Cartoons of Raphael. A Series of 

Seven Colored Plates. 

-7 I jT-^ \ 2667 REBELLION. Manuscript Maps and A Collection of 
I j the Autographs of the Federal Soldiers in the Con- 

federate Prison at Portsmouth — ^including John A. Dix, 
Frank E. Howe. 

An interetting memento of the Rebellion. 



ArucA — 3a, 156, lei, 394. 
Agucultou — 480, 481, 510. 
Almanacs — 160, 276, 455. 
Amuican CoLOMUt— I ly 19, 23, 96, 145* 

Amuicam Retolution — 3, 6, 8, 10-13, 
22-24, a^ a7, 30» 3»» 33. 39> 40» 
4a^-44j 46, 48* 60-63, 67, 71, 77, 

80-85, *9-93» 95-99» '<». '03> 'o^- 
III, 114, 115, 123, 129, 13s, 142- 

^44^ «48> »50j 'S^. «55> ^S^i 'S*, 
159, 161-163, 166-168, 171, 173, 

«75-«79i '84, 188, 193, 197, 198, 
201-204, 107-209, 217, 220, 222- 
224, 226, 227, 231, 237, 239, 241, 

H3* a44. M, H9» »5o» ^S^-iS^, 
261, 264, 265, 267, 270, 273, 274, 

279, 280, 284, 285, a93-a9Sf »98» 

301, 306, 307, 310, 312, 314^316, 

320, 323, 331, 336, 337, 343, 349, 

364^366, 370-372, 374f 375. 377. 

378, 381. 383. 384. 387, 388, 39^ 

39»> 394» 396, 400, 40*. 4ii.4i3f 

4«4» 4«6, 419. 4»o, 423, 426, 427, 

4»9. 43a, 435» 438-443» 445, 447- 
45o» 454^56, 460, 469, 470, 472, 

476-489, 498, 504, 508, 514, 515, 
519, 520. 

Angumo— 13, 68, 84, 323, 395. 473, 

474, 508. 
Anglo-Saxoii— 4, 33, 259. 

AimqsnTtxt— 156, 197, 204, 238, 265, 
3»a, 317, 355i 376, 387, 39a, 407f 
409, 4*41 4»5» 469- 

AicHmcTuis. Su Fine Am. 


AuA— 156^ 201, 31 J. 
AorntALiA — 296, 

Bamama — 78. 

Bbllis Lsima — 3, 8, 15, 18, 22, 29, 
3«i 33, 4a, 53, 55, 65, 80, 85, 94, 
99, "5, «46, 15a, «94, aoo, 217, 
223. 230, 257, 273, 278, 280, 302, 
305, 306, 309, 331, 338, 342, 343, 

348, 35a, 361, 373, 376^ 379i 38a, 
386, 387, 398, 400, 401, 403, 412, 

413, 415. 411, 425, 4a7-43o, 43a, 
436* 437, 446, 449, 45a, 466, 470, 
474, 5«8, 520, 525. 

BiBLM— 35, 137,139, 3a6, 327, 360,425. 

Bibliooxafhy — 8, 19, 20, 26, 27, 31, 

35, 36, 38. 4a, 50. 56. 57, 66, 74, 88, 
89, 94, 100, no, 114, 1 16-122, 
125, 133-136, 150, 172, 178, 181, 
186, 187, 196, 197, 200, 214, 229, 
249, 250, 268, 275-277, 313, 315, 

3«6, 33a, 339, 357, 358, 359, 378, 
380, 390. 391. 41a, 414, 420, 432, 

437, 45»» 453, 456, 47«, 505. S^ 
508, 511, 512, 526. 


26, 28-31, 38, 45, 48, 55, 58, 61, 
65, 66, 69, 71, 72, 75-78, 81, 86-88, 
91-93, 102, 103, 105, 112, 113, 115, 
124-127, 131, 141, I44r-i48, 151, 
152, 158, 159, 163, 170, 174, 175, 
191, 193, 195, 196, 201, 202, 205, 
211, 212, 214^-217,222, 223, 229- 
a35» a37, a39-24i, 245, 246, 252, 
254, 256-258, 261-264, 267, 269, 
a73i a79, 281-284, 290, 293-295, 
a98, 307, 309, 3«9» 336, 338, 340, 
34a, 347. 349, 354, 358, 359, 361, 
365. 366, 373, 374-376, 378, 381, 
383. 384. 388, 389. 39>, 39a. 395- 
397, 399. 400, 403, 407, 411, 424, 
429, 430, 440, 44i-444» 446, 448, 
453. 458-460, 464, 465, 469, 470» 
47a, 478-506, 508. 509, 514, 515, 

5'7, 5'9-5ai, 5a5. 5a8. 




(W.), PrHmr^ti%t M^ *47, 
309* 470. 

Amuica — »t, 61, 61, 66, 74, 

76, 79» *•» *3» ■©*» «53. «*'t '•4» 
197, SOI, 10 J, 105, fto8, 144, 150, 

»57. »79. »*7i a9S» »97. 14^. 3«5» 
4«S. 4*5. 439. 44©. 45*. S^- 
r.uccAMuta— 104, 143, »50, 467. 

CAuroftitiA — 341, 409, 4ftS, 465. 

Camaoa. &r Bricitb AmericA. 

CABdUNA. SUf «/»» North and Soach 
CarolaBA— li, 75, 7I, »6o, »6i» 510. 

GATALOovn. &cy «/•»• Bibliogrmphy — 6, 
«3» »7f 35. 3^ 4i» 54i 6^ 99. «07. 
■ 54i «57. i6«, 174, «7«. «79. «». 
105, 11 6, ast, 26S, 276, iSa, 310, 

3«3. 3"4. 330. 33*. 34^ 35». 3^7. 
3*». 3«5. 3«^ 3««. 390. 39«. 407. 
416,427, 437, 445. 447. 5«». 5«7. 

CaufimT — 3 1 8. 

CatM — 6, 79. 

Cmima— 199, a«5, »94, 355. 444- 


mo TO THK Rbbbluon — 14, 27, 49, 
94,95, 116, 128, 146, 156, 173. «77. 
195, 216, 258, 269, 274, 278, 307, 
3«9. 347. 34«» 3^, 3^9. 434. 437. 

COMNKTICOT 24, 40, 48, 90, 91, 197, 

209, 210, 218, 226, 287, 312, 320, 

330. 35*. 357. 413. 437, 44«. 44*. 

454. 45*- 
CorroMt — 214, 279, 280, 296, 297, 361, 

3^. 443- 

DtLAWAAI ^25, 113, 353. 

DiamonmanoGbms — 141,153,235,251. 

DlCTIONAUXS — %6, 29, 40, 155, 360, 391, 
415.4*4. 506- 

Dofti (Gottati)— 4, 35, 105, 299, 447. 

DitAMATIC LiTUATOftB 3, 3O, 40, 60, 

124, 125, 126, 155, 171, 198, 112, 

ai8, 241, 269, 284, 285, 289, 297, 

33*» 339. 3*3t 403-406, 408, 4". 
436, 470, 505, 509, 528. 

Egtft^87, 355, 408. 

Emblcms — 264. 

Enoland. See Great Britain. 

EwTAHU— 5, 505. 

Etrnology and ETNNOGftAPMY. See NJt- 

ural History. 
Euaops — 5, 114, 156, 185, 201. 

FABua— 4, 34, i»9. "49. ««. «>3. *5^ 
»57. »^ 33*. 508. 

FAcmA— 1,4, 5, I4» 17. »«. 3*. 50| Sh 
^ 67, 75. ■3*. «34» 137. »49. '57, 
162, 163, 169, 180, 181, 187, 194, 
900, 212, 217, aj5, 237, 25a, 256, 
262, 264, 268, 271, 275, 343. 3>:- 
373. 376, 379. 380, 385, 399.40^. 
403, 406, 415, 421, 438, 467, 511, 

5 "5. 5*5. 

Ficnoir. &«, slm^ Belles Lettret— 4, 14. 
■5. «7. 30, 59. 79. «o. III, no, 
122, 135, 14^ 152, 153, 185, as3» 
256, 264, 265, 268, 308, 33«, 34*. 
39«. 445. 446, 449. 45 «. 454, 459, 

FiKE A«Ts— 27, 28, 34, 4". 50. 53. 54, 
57. 59. ^. 9^ 97. «oo, 103, 106, 
111, 112, 116, 131. 132, 150, 154, 
157, 166, 169, 180, 184, 185, 19a, 
194, 196, 204, 206, 210, 216, 211, 
225, 231. 232, 233, 241, 248. 251, 

*53, *59. *^. **'. »^. *7»i »7«, 
283, 296, 302, 312, 313, 316, 317, 

319, 321, 326, 334, 337. 338. 344. 
346, 369, 374, 375, 379, 388, 399, 

401, 407. 409, 4«9f 430, 434* 443, 
450, 4581 459. 464. 4^. 47». 50^ 
508, 5'5. 5*«. 5*5. 5*6. 530 

Floiida— 28, 48, 71, 7S, 122, 259, 44S, 

Foom or Jvlt OaAtiom — 2, 3, 24, 37, 
3«. 5»» 54. 56. 61, 81, 103, 107, 
«33. '46, 147, 154» «79» «oi, 106, 
207, 209, 233, 270, 283, 323, 33«, 

339. 360, 374, 3*0. 396, 416. 457. 

44*. 444. 447. 509. 5"8- 
Francs— 13, 28, 29, 67, 99, 116, I73» 

*67. 39*. 436, 444, 449i 455. 459- 
Fbamkum (B.), Printer — 16, 21, 30, 87, 

113, 123, 144, 160, 170, 180, 184, 

260, 266, 272, 309, 313, 389, 47s, 


Fksmch Was in Ambasca — 47, 77, 123. 
209, 254, 271, 274, 281, 383, 31? 

34*. 347. 365. 3*6. 3*9. 396, 4i^^ 
43*. 466, 479, 5^5- 

GSMKALOGT 7, 52, 81, 1 28, 1 32, HO, 

33«,439. 504. 5«*- 
GsoaaAPMr — 14, 95, 181, 424. 

Gbologt. See Natoral History. 

Gbosgia— 28, 129, 141, 169, 214, asSi 
278, 285, 312, 336, 397. 



OsuiAirr emd Okkman Litiiatvbx — 
ii6, 117, I7a,a67, 295. 

Gmat Bbttain— I, 4, 17, 31, 51, 55, 
6«. 75>87, 89, 114, 130, 137, 141, 
149,156. 170, 183, 185, 187, 192, 
aoo, ai7, 229, 232, 238, 244, 249, 

a53. »59» *67t »7». a73» »78. a79» 
»97» 308. 3»»» 3*3« 33O1 37S» 3**, 
395f 398* 399» 4"t 4i4i 4aS» 44'- 
443» 45»» 453» 460, 469, 472, 475, 

Gftsscx— 5, 154, 180, 201, 214, 393, 
424,469,515, 524. 

GisxN (Sam*l), Prinur — 106, 291, 302, 
334,410, 411, 512. 

Gmsxnland^io2, 158, 183, 370. 

hzralory 88, 149,411. 

HuTORT m GxNSRAL — 5, 8, 10, 15, 49, 

129, 185, 198, 201, 202, 208, 266, 
281, 298, 340, 365, 374, 386, 397, 
408, 420. 

Illinou— 85, 169, 225, 235, 295, 380. 
iLLurrxATXD BooKi — 80, 98, 99, 487,491. 
India— I, 34, 104, 285, 415, 431, 47P 

Indians— 1, 24, 28, 32, 39, 48, 52, 75, 
78, 86, 87, 102, 122, 126, 127, 136- 
240, 142, 15^, 158, 164, 165, 167, 
170, 171, 197, 201, 218-222, 227, 
228, 231, 235, 237-239, 242, 243, 
»5o-iS3» »57i a6o, 261, 273, 279, 
280, 285, 287, 289, 290, 292, 294, 
296, 300, 301, 303, 310, 311, 315, 

3»9. 3^4, 3»5« 333» 335» 34^. 348- 
350. 360, 364, 393, 398, 410, 416, 

417. 4*3. 436, 44i» 44», 4S*> 457i 
510, 511, 515, 517, 524, 527, 530. 

Iowa— 340, 513. 

Irxlano. &«, a/10. Great Briuin. 

Italy and Italian Litzraturx — 16, 41, 
105, 113, 144, 361,435. 

Jamaica. &«, alsoy West Indies — 273. 

Japan- 199, 355. 

Java — 215. 

KxNTwcxT— 67, 141, 153, 225, 249, 281, 

Laxx Sutzrior — 5. 

Linguistics. &«, a/m, Indians — 165, 
184, 187, 319. 

Logic — 191. 

Local Hvrouxt. &» under the name 
of the Statu. 

LovmANA — 82, 83, 171, 259, 265, 274, 
314, 361. 

Maink— III, 178, 250, 347, 349, 364, 

Maitlano Club — 51, 282. 

Masonry — 256, 287, 483, 485. 
Maryland— 40, 46, 50, 76, 97, 135, 171, 

179. «99» »70i »86, 370, 381, 401. 
Massachusxttb — I, 2, 7, 8, 12, 24, 26, 

»9. 33. 36, 40, 43-48, so, 52, 54, 
76, 77, 81, 88, 91, 110, 124, 127, 
128, 142, 152, 157, 161, 163, 169, 
171, 178, 192, 198, 209, 210, 220, 
221, 223, 246, 247, 250-253, 258, 

265, 270, 274, 282, 287-289, 291, 
298-301, 307, 315. 332, 337, 342, 
349> 363* 366, 367, 372, 383, 393, 
396, 402, 409, 412, 426, 435, 437, 

440, 444» 44S» 449. 455» 45^, 47Si 
507, 508, 5»»-5»4i 5«8, 521, 524, 
Mxxico— 63, 64, 75, 82, 99, 140, 141, 

Ha, »54f «6S. *oa> ao3» "»i *36. 
244, 248, 251, 262, 296, 335, 366, 

382, 385, 475, 514, 530, No. 2232. 

MxTAPHYnCS 1 9 1 . 

Michigan — 236. 
MiNNXsoTA — 236, 360. 
Mississippi Vallxy — 409. 
Missouri — 236, 268. 
Music — 82, 198, 472. 
Mythology — 253, 424, 452. 

Natural History — i, 5, 7, 19, 20, 34, 

361 5*» 55. 58, 78, 82, 112, 124, 141, 

i4», 153. »7i-i73. «94i I95i *09> 
210, 214, 215, 217, 233, 242,243, 

253, 262, 267, 281, 294, 296, 297, 
303. 304, 3". 3«5. 3"f 340, 34*, 
355» 384* 395» 409, 4151 4»5i 439i 
453> 465» 518, 532. 
Niw £nglano^2, 7, 24, 26, 37, 68, 71, 
85-87, 100, lox, 106, 1x0, X20, 128, 

«3i. 133. *347 137-1401 164, 174, 
197, 206, 213, 218-220, 223, 227, 
242, 243, 246, 247, 261, 262, 265, 

266, 277, 288, 290-292, 302, 311, 

313, 322r-326, 332, 334, 344, 345, 
362, 366, 376, 385, 409-411,416- 

4»8, 457. 478, 50^ 509^5»»» 5«3j 



Kbwfoomolams — ^465, 52s. 

N«w HAifptnBx—5, 3>. 3*0. 3*5. 3*6, 

N«w Jbmbv— 24, 108, 136, 197, 310, 

316, 400, 411, 435, 450, 451, 510. 

N«w pLTMoimi — See Manachuictti. 

N«w Yo«K Crrr— 40, 41, 81, 93. 103, 
109, 130, 141. 158, 195, ai5, ai8, 

ai9, »33» »53' 3«». 3*7-3*9. 338. 
389, 464, 516, 531, 

N*w Yo»K Statb— 19, 13, 24, a6, 32, 
39. 40. 41. 46, 4«. 5». 54-66, 74, 76, 

9»> 93. 9S. »o«. "*. ■«4. 1*3. "63, 
164, 178, 214, 233, 235, 236, 274, 
285, 29s, 298, 301, 314, 315, 319, 
320, 328-330, 334, 335, 337, 345, 
366, 368, 381, 398, 399, 403, 408, 
4*1, 4**, 440. 45*. 465. 468, 504, 
5»3-5»5» S»7. 
NoBTH Cabouma — 28, 52, 68, 69, 129, 

199,225, 239, 260, 261, 285, 312, 

3«9, 5>7. 

NoBTH Amsuca m oncuAi — i, 2, 14, 

»3» *7. 3h 5*. 63, 73> 9«. «". "*» 
«45. ■75. «84, ao8, 209, 211, 232, 
ass. »6o, *66, *93, 305, 315, 331, 

335. 345. 370, 384, 3*5. 389. 393. 
416, 431, 444, 446, 448, 452, 454, 

457, 45«. 467. 47*. 5»«. 

Norra-WtsT Pamaob~158,20o, 370. 

No?A Scotia. Su Britith America. 


«5*» *05. «>6, 279, 342, 359, 393, 

OU0--236, 238, 271, 356, 358, 364, 
4*3» 469. 479- 

Pacific. At, Ww, CAurotKiA — No. 2342, 
102, 104, 143, 213, 268, 470. 

PiinnTLirAinA— 21, 25, 46, 47, 58, 73, 
82, 83, 108, 130, 144, 154, 159, 168, 

«73. »76, 177. *oO| 433. H7» *7*. 
300, 301, 313, 335, 350-354, 357, 
358, 368, 376, 377, 422, 423, 443, 
466, 526, 529. 

Pbsv — 1651 167. 

PimioooifoicT — 260. 

PomT— II, 13, 16, 21, 23, 25, 33, 39, 
49» S't 53. 57. 63, 67, 69, 70, 73, 
75. 77i «i» «4. «6, 90, 91, 93, 95- 

PosTBT, e^miimmeJ. 

97. 99t loi, 102, 104-106, 110, 
121, 126, 129, 130, 142, 144^146, 
'SO. »5«. «53. '56, 161, 162, 164, 
174, 176, 177, 181, 186-188, 198- 
200, 202-205, 211, 212, 214, 216, 
222, 223, 225, 228, 229, 246, 250 
*6i, 273, 275, 278, 279, 283, 286, 

*99» 308. 3". 3'4t 317, 34*. 33^ 
338-341, 345. 347» 355. 358. 359, 
360, 363-365, 368, 369, 373, 374. 
379. 380, 38*, 384, 386, 388, 391, 
395. 396, 398, 400. 40*. 403-406, 
4«*, 4141 416, 4*8-430, 435. 43^ 
44*. 443. 445-448, 45 ». 45*. 454, 
457-459. 467. 470, 476, 48*, 485, 
495. 497. 499. Soi, 508, 509, 5'*. 
S»3. 5>8, 519, 5**, 5*3. 


«o, 12, 37, 48. 64, 65, 71, 73. 75. 
90, 96, 97. «03, 109. 110, 123, 133, 
«4«, 15*. "55. «79. 188-191, 195, 
196, 214, 234, 281, 284, 304, 347. 

400, 43«, 433, 453, 459. 47^-«8i. 
485. 487, 496. 505. 508, 514, 5'8t 

POLYGKAPHIC WUTXU— 2, 3, I9, 22, 26, 

»9. 39. 53. 5^. 6*, 65, 77, 146, 147, 
151. 156, 160, 161, 163, 172, 174, 
194, 212, 234, 251, 299, 364, 373, 

471, 477. 505- 

Porr«AiTt— 54, 78, 136, 166, 179, i05, 

*37. *5*, »7a, 3»», 361, 364, 397, 
471,488, 491, 501, 530. 

PiATU Boox»— 41, 4*, 51. 

PsoTUM— 368, 375, 506. 

QvAmt— 37, 40, 171, 246, 247, 3^ 
385. 436, 5". 

RnxLuoN. Su Confedente Scita. 
RBGiciDn>~ 172. 

Rrooi Iilamb— 16, 26, 27, 56, 72, 100, 
'74. *54, 3«o, 3*6, 332, 440, 466, 
5*6, 517. 

ROMS— I, 130, 278, 319, 424. 

St.Doioiioo. &r,«/M,WettIiidk»-*i35. 
Samowicb Iilaiim— i4iy 143, 213. 
ScoTiAMD. Set Great Bricaio. 
SioLT— 144, 
Slatbbt— ftji, 270^ 307, 415. 

Som Ahkica — 4JS, 443,468. 
Soim Cakoliha — s8, 40, 76, 8a, 119, 
141, iSi. 311, J36, 414, 4»g, (14, 

Sowi» (C), iV/mr— 54, 

SrAiH — 13, 95, 119. 

SnwTi. &f, iitu, Angling — ]j, jg, 156, 

igj, 104, 171, 414. 
Stuwmut Hill — 176. 

SwtTSUtAND-^ 1 5 . 

To-Acco— 170, 304, 

Tbeouigi — 60.61,103, '°^' "7' "*> 

iij, 134, 148, ijs. »S9< *'5' »*6. 

191-193, j6j. 403. 447, 450 507, 
516, 517, S". 
TorooMMY— I4S, tsj, 134. J07. 33°. 

TuALt— II, 11, 16,63,64, ij, «0«, 136, 

161, 163, 3S1, 4SO, 456, 506. 

TrroGK AT HT — Eaut Spicmnii, etc. — 16, 
»l. 33. 59. 79. 'o*. »JS, 1S9, 339, 
345. 4S<i, 45'. 453. S"'- 

Umitid Statk, ctmtiiaui, 

M16, »07, 1S7, 310, 433, 434,438, 
45*. 463. 467. 474. 509- 

VUMONT 7, 114, II4, 185,110, 517, 

VnciNtA— 34, 39, 40, S9, 61, 6!, 69, 7a, 
95, 104, 107, 113. 141, 171, 179, 
191,117, 134, 138, 139, 147, i6j, 
170, 171, 3". 333. 337. 34». 417" 
419, 439, 440, 466, 467, 486,493, 

VOYAOU AND T(ATIU~-IO, iS, 63, 77, 

Bi, 83, 97. 104. '43. '5>. '*•- '83, 
■95. >99. »». »>3. "9. »44> *S7. 
i6l, 179. »Bi. »94, 3'1. 3'S. 3'*. 
346, 361 370, 380, 41B, 4^44S> 
467, 46S, 470, 530. 


14. 16. 55. <7. 9'. 

34. 141. '71, 193. 

196, 109, 11a, 131, 143. aS9.»74. 

176, 183, 335, 3461 l^o, 44', 4*4, 

474. 5»o- 

WuT Ihdiu — 1,41,79, 88, 13s, 143, 

•44, 415. 418. 4»7, 44«- 
WuTUK Statu — lo, 57, 115, 135, 348, 

97. 98. > 

WrreHctATT — 118, 113, 190, 376, 393. 


Tmi tnon in thi> CitalogBe ve roan Duneioiia chin impoitint, and the iaCelUgeot 
reader cm uircct tbc moit af then. Thej will be fbnnd on fagit >, n, ud ii of 
the "Noike," and in the following Lota: — 4, 38, 46, 54, 59, 65, 94, 106, 116, 157, 
165, 175, 189, 199, 104, 109, «4, 140, »47, 163, 173. a7S> »89i »94i i" Lot 316, 
for "Mooie," rttd Medwinj 336, 351, 3764 Lot 381, ibr "CHALMERS," rod 
CHAMBERS; tbe ttlt in Lot 401 belong) to Lot 400; 414; Lot 451, for « Pic- 
ioiial,"rM<f Poetical; 485, 499; in Lot 553 (»'<), for " Faoirmruci," rod Amta- 
tuxhimt; Lot 567 (hbm), for " tTctattti*," etc., rod ETcamc, etc.j 600, 743, 803, 
9*9. 954, 984* ""6, 1177, 1171, 1388, 1469, "49», '55*. ^T'li '737. >7S7. 
1861, 1904, J913, 1131, 114', »5'4. »SS4) *SSS> *S»'- Tbe« ««. < 
many otber errort which hare been oTerlooked. It ii ilmoat ii 
miatakei, eipeciatlj in a catalogue got up with » much hute. 







1668 BARBER (J. W.) Historical, Poetical and Pictorial 

American Scenes. New Haven, [n. d.] 

tftao^ balf brown morocco, gUc top, oacnt. 

1669 CONSTITUTION of Frsme of Government, for the 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Wn-astir. 1787. 

iSmo, politbcd calf, gUt top, oacati by F. BedArd. 

1^^1670 COOPER (J. F.) Memorial of. New York. i860. 

.^ 1671 DIBDIN. A Lot of Proof Plates, illustrative of (Lot 

/^\ /^^ jj^ jg^j Dibdin's Tour to the Northern Counties. 

/ '^'^/tJ' **'* [DICKINSON (John).] The | Farmers' and Monitois'| 

Letters | to the | Inhabitants | of the | British Colonies. | 
WiUianuhurg: \ Printid by IFilUam Read. \ MDCCLZIX. | 

410^ pp. (ft)» BDy 97, (i), blue OHHocco, gilt odgct; Jtm efy, AoroasAnn of Wiltcr 
Liviogitoci and Arthcr Lee inaerted. 

^ ^673 DISOSWAY (G. P.) The EarUest Churches in New 
/ l-?'^^: York and its Vicinity. New rark. 1865. 

'1 ^' 

8iro,cloth| Platm. 

^ ^t«/^'^74 I^ISRAELI (Isaac). Amenities of Literature, consistiif 
^ '^Zt of Sketches and Characters of English Literature. A 

t^^ new edition edited by his Son, the Right Hon. B. 

D'lsraeli. Also, Curiosities of Literature, with a View 
of the Life and Writings of the Author, by his Son. 

Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1864. 

4 nb., together, 6 TOlt., Sto, hilf moiacca tttn, eiga aacnl, by Mathem; Fim 
PoiTuitTtj Liuei PAriBijfiKU t£iitmf anljr lOo copin piioted. Ooe 
of [he fiaat prodactloiu of the Rif nude PrcM. 

2675 DIXON (W. H.) The Personal History of Lord Ba- 
/O Sh con. From unpublished Papers, by William H^worth 

Dixon of the Inner Temple. Author's Edition. 

Bmton: Ttcknorii Fttldi. 1801. 
In; Ulmttatcd by aometoiu Fine Pmtvaiti (iniected)) L*m» PAmt 75 copiei 
priDtcd. Thii work i> unilinni In lisc with the Urge papCr Cilidiiti W 
Bacon, printeil u (be RiTcrdde Prcu. 

2676 EATON (W.) The Life of the Late Gen. William 
^^ Eaton. Brukfitld, 1818. 

in, half gnen moiocco, gilt top oacot. 

2677 FROTHINGHAM (R.) The Command at Bunker 
^'^ Hill. Btsttn. 1850. 

1678 GIBSON (J.) A Boston Merchant of 1745. 1847. 

iSmo. loclndci > Jaunul of the Saige of Loviibarg. 

, 2679 [HOLLIS.] The True Sentiments of America. 

/\^3 Lendan. 1768. 

Sto, bilf morocco, gill top, ucot. 

2680 MAUDUIT (J.) A Short View of the History of 

Massachusetts. LmJen. 1774. 


1681 NOTICES of Sullivan's Campaign. 1842. 

(7^ iSmOtcloth; Colored Puvn, 

2682 PEALE (R.) Notes on Italy. Phihdtlpbie. 1831. 

-^-' >^ ^ tist, half morocco ) Poeteait and AoroMAnt UMcrtcd. 

^ 2683 PETERS (R.) The Two Last | Sermons | Preached at| 



Christ't-Church I in I Philadelphia, I July 3. 1737. B7 
Richard Peters. | Philadtlpbia : Priattd and 

Sold by B. Franilin. M,DCC,xxxTn. 
4to, pp. nii, >9, grten ncnuo, gUt top, luenE j Fan Corv j i PUtci iaiotcd. 

.2684 RAMSAY (D.) History of the United States. 

Philadtlpbia. 1818. 
J Toll., Int, lulf morocco, (ill tcf, ODCut. 



2685 SEGUR. MemcHrs and Recollections of Count S^;ut. 

Bostnt. 1825. 
1*0, half IcTint morocco, gill top, ddcul 

.2686 STRONG (T. M.) History of the Town of Flatbush. 
Nno Teri. 1841. 


1687 ft 2710 ENGRAVINGS. A Collection of Portraits and 
Plates, Illustrative of American History, 

of Ptrirain if Wauuhotoh, Paul JdKU, GinenI PrrvAM, Cnmmnikti 
Horcnn, Cottok Matvu, Geninl Wolti, Bihjamih Fkamklim, Utfw 
AxDii, Captuo Amill, Gencril Bdicothi, " UofbilBiuCB Diath| of 
Hljei AhmI," and ochcr JL^£ PRINTS, to be uM MpuvEely. 





Lot. Pkics. 
























































Lot. Puck, 


























1. 00 






Lot. Pucb. 












I 92, 













































































1. 00 






















1. 00 




































, 2.00 










1. 00 






, 155.00 
























, 80.00 








, 14.50 








, .60 















, 6.00 




1. 12 












, 6.50 








, I.OO 
























, 6.50 








1 17.00 
















, 8.00 








, 1 20.00 













































































































































1. 00 


> 6.7s 








































> 12.50 








































1. 00 






















































1. 00 


















. 155.00 

















































































































47 ». 







1. 00 






1. 00 






1. 12 



















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1. 00 

























































1. 00 









































































































































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1. 12 






































































































































































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I 126, 




























































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1 140, 







1 142, 














1 100, 






105 1, 












1 146, 


















1 014, 







































1 019, 
















102 1, 

1. 00 






























1 02s, 








































































LIST or 













1 216, 














































1 176, 































1 180, 






























1 184, 







1 185, 








1 186, 








1 1 88, 
















1 190, 








































1 196, 




1 291, 





































































1 254, 





























• 50 

























1 215, 

























































































I. 00 






























1. 00 

































































14 18, 



























■ 5°6. 












































1. 12 











































































■ 52^. 











LIST or 






























































































































1. 00 














































1. 00 







































































































































































55 » 






























1. 00 






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1. 00 








Lot. Puck. 




































































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1. 00 



1. 00 











































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■ ■50 



































■ 906, 

















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■ 63 









































































































































21 19, 























































































































































































































225 s» 












1. 00 






































$2. 50 






1. 00 


1. 12 




















































1. 00 














1. 00 

































234 »i 











. .40 
















^^ ^^ ^^ 
































1. 12 

235 ». 




























23 '3. 






23 H. 


















23 '7. 












23 »9. 

























2450, $980.00 


, $2.25 



































241 1, 














































1. 00 
















































































1. 12 


1. 00 


































































































1. 00 

















































253 11 
























2604, $12.00 



2662, S126.OO 












I. 00 




















































































































































































Toul amount $4.2,262.69