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Full text of "A catalogue of 1017 books, maps, pamphlets, etc. relating to Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas, including many rare volumes with beautiful coloured plates and fine bindings"

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*C 17M S7M 

A Catalogue -**-•- 

of ....... 

Books, Maps, Pamphlets, &c. - 

relat/ng to------- 

Australia, New Zealand 

and --.--.-. 

The South Seas -4 '•'"*. ■• ■ ' - 

£ £ £ 

Collected by - 

Mr. George Calvert. 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2008 with funding from 

Microsoft Corporation 








Including many Rare Volumes with Beautiful Coloured 
Plates and Fine Bindings 





IN placing this synopsis of my Collection of Australian 
Books, Maps, Pamphlets, etc., before the public I desire 
to impress those " Fellow Collectors " interested, that it has 
always been my great desire to collect material relating to our 
Colonial Possessions in the Southern Seas. 

A world tour whilst accompanying my uncle, the late Mr. 
John Calvert in 1890 during which we visited Australia, and 
subsequently my own travels in which I toured America, 
Mexico, and Canada, previous to my final settlement in 
England, left me with a paramount interest in Australia, and 
the past history and records connected with the Southern 

I have since done my utmost to give practical effect to the 
carrying out of my intention to make a representative Australian 
Collection of books, maps (especially those printed in the 
Colony), and other items of interest. 

After many years of research and labour, I submit in the 
form of a catalogue the results of my efforts, and feel sure 
that those interested will share my present views and hopes. 
That a collection of such material may be of some national 
value in the years to come and that in the sphere of research it 
may create an advanced interest comparing favourably with 
the past and present enthusiasm for the study of the works on 
Americana is my earnest wish. 

London, June 1920. 








is ta, c> 





Arranged according to date. 

1 Australia — Journael vande Nassausohe Voot Onder't beleydt den 

Admirael Jaques l'Hermite, ende Vice-Admirael Gheen Huygen de 
Quir, aegaende de ontdeckingo van't onbekent Australia, 6 plates, 
8vo, hoards, with vellum lack Amsterdam 1643 

; - 2 Hacke (Captain William) A Collection of Original Voyages containing 
amongst others Captain Sharp's Journey over the Istmus of Darien, 
and Expedition into the South Seas, Illustrated with several maps and 
draughts, 8vo, full calf London, James Knapton 1699 

3 Dampier (Guillaume Nouveau Voyage autour du Monde, including 
Torres Austales, plates and maps, Old Bindings, calf backs, 4 vols, 
8vo Amsterdam Paul Marret 1701-1705 

L 4 Harris (John) A Compleate Collection of Voyages and Travels, with por- 
traits, maps, and plates, 2 vols, folio, calf (repacked) London 1705 

P [5 Funnell (William) A Voyage Round the World, containing an account 
of Captain Dampier's Expedition into the South Seas in the Ship 
St. George in 1703 and 1704, with maps, draughts, figures, &c, calf, 
8vo London 1707 

^ 6 Narbrough (Sir John) Account of several Late Voyages and Discoveries, 
including Voyage to the South Sea, also Captain J. Tasman's dis- 
coveries on the Coast of the South Terra Incognita, &c, maps and 
plates, 8vo, calf 1711 

' 7 Shelvocke (George) A Voyage Round the World, by the way of the 
Great South Sea, maps and plates, 8vo, old calf rebacked 1 726 

8 Schouten — Voyage de Gautier, aux Indoa Orien tales 1658-1665, toaduit 

du Hollandois, plates 8vo, 2 vols, uncut, half calf 1725 

9 Voyage au Torres Australes, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, 1739, containing Duke of 

Kent's Book-plates, 1733, also Earl of Grey's Book-plate 
10 2 vols bound in one, 8vo, calf 1739 

i 11 Dampier (Captain W.) A Collection of Voyages, folding maps and plates, 

4 vols, .contemporary calf, 8vo, Best Edition. Fine Copy 1729 

'- 12 Holmesby (Captain John) Voyages, Travels and Wonderful Discoveries 

in his Voyage to the Southern Ocean in 1739, half calf, 8vo 
^ 13 Anson (George Lord) Voyage Round the World in 1740-44, compiled 
from his Papers by Richard Walter, Chaplain, with 42 plates and 
charts, calf, 1748, 4to 

14 Fifth Edition, 1749, 4to, calf {rebacked) 

14a Fifteenth Edition, Large Paper Copy, 4to 1776 

! B 


(\ 15 Anson — Voyage Round the World {Fifteenth Edition), 8vo, with maps, 

calf 1780 

16 Dalrymple (Alexander) Historical Collection of the several voyages and 

Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, with plates and maps, 2 vols 
in one, calf, 4to 1770 

17 Cook (Capt. J.) The Three Voyages of 1769-70, with the preceding 

Voyages of Byron WallLs and Carteret, 1772-5 and 1776-80, 8 vols, 
also Forstor's Narrative of the Second Voyage, 2 vols, and the Life 
of Cook, by Kippis, numerous maps, charts and engravings, 11 vols, 
with a duplicate set of maps and plates to the First Voyage (much 
better impression — see note in the first volume), laid down on larger 
paper and uniform with the plates to the Second Voyage and atlas 
to the Third Voyage, the latter having 4 extra portraits, &c.,by 
Bartolizzi and Hogg, making in all 11 vols 4to and 3 vols folio, the 
whole forming a fine and complete set, and uniformly bound in old 
calf gilt, 1773-88, the whole containing book plates of Edmond 
Walter Rundell. 

18 Cook (Capt. James) Holograph Letter with regard to the purchase of 

stores for H.M. Bark " Endeavour " at Rio de Janeirio (when on 
his First Voyage round the World), L.P., folio, signed James Cook, 
November 30, 1768, with an official copy of the same, under same 
date, also signed, and the receipted account of the stores in question. 

Capt. Cook's Letter. 

Endeavour at Rio de Janeirio, 
Honble Gentlemen, 30th November, 1768. 

I have this day drawn on you at thirty days' sight in favour of 
Messrs. Scott & Pringle, or Order for account of Mr. Feliuana Teiaira 
Alves, the sum of One hundred and fifty two pounds three shillings and 
sixpence half penny Sterling, value received, being to purchase sundry 
sorts of Provisions for the use of His Majesty's Ship Endeavour under 
my command, the aocount and vouchers for this sum shall be forwarded 
to you by the first opportunity. 
I am, Honble Gentlemen, 

Your Most Obedient Servant, 
Received 4th May, 1769. James Cook. 

12th May, 1769. 
Let the above Bill be accepted and charged as Imprest on Lieut. Cook. 

(See photograph.) 

19 Becket (Thomas) Voyage Round the World in H.M. Ship "Endeavour'' 

all the various occurrences of the Voyage, to which is added a concise 
Vocabulary of the language of Otahitee, 4to, calf London 1771 

20 Parkinson (Sydney — Draughtsman to Capt. Cook) Journal of a Voyage 

to the South Seas in the "Endeavour" (1768-71), edited by his 
brother, Stanfield Parkinson, with portrait and 27 fine views and 
portraits of natives by the Author, imp. 4to, uncut, 1773, half calf, extra. 
Large Copy 

21 Reissued and Enlarged Edition, portrait, 27 plates and 2 maps, 4to, 

half calf 1784 

22 Anderson (G. W.) Cook's Voyages, plates, with portrait of Capt. Cook, 
folio, calf 1784 

^ 23 Dixon (Capt. Goorgo) Voyage Round tho World, particularly to the 

N.W. Coast of Amorica, 1785-88 in the " King George and Queen 

Charlotte," First Edition, charts and coloured plates, 4to, half calf 

with appendix at end. Fine Copy 1789 

2^ Second Edition, plates plain, 4to, calf with appendix at end 1789 

P 25 Portlock (Capt. Nathaniel) Voyage to the N.W. Coast of America, 1785- 
88 in the " King Goorgo and Queen Charlotte," Capts. Portlock and 
Dixon, with 20 copper portraits, including portrait, maps, 4to, calf 1789 

ll 26 Bligh (William) — Narrative of the Mutiny on Board the " Bounty " 

1789, and subsequent voyage of part of the crew in the ship's boat 

j from the Friendly Islands to Timor, with 3 charts and plan of launch, 

4to, half calf, uncut. Fine Copy 1790 

ft 27 Bligh (William, Admiral) Voyage to the South Sea, for the Conveying 
the Bread-Fruit Tree to the West Indies, including the Narrative of 
the Mutiny, with 7 charts, diaarams and portrait, 4to, half calf 


|| 28 Hunter (John) Historical Journal and Voyages, portrait, plates, folio, 

uncut, half calf. Fine Copy 1793 

29 Parker (Capt. John) Voyage round the World, in the Gorgon Man of 

War, 8vo, boards, uncut 1795 

SO The Voyage of " La Perouse " Round the World, in 1785-88, illustrated, 

with 51 plates, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, uncut, 1798 

21 La Perouse, Voyage round the World, 2 vols, 4to, half calf, 1799, and a 

folio atlas of maps and plates, uncut, {with Lieut. General Tremeheere 

Bookplate) 1798 

32 Labillardiere — Search of La Perouse, plates, 8vo, 2 vols, calf 1800 

33 Plates, Collection of, to La Perouse, 4to, half calf 1800 

34 Search of La Perouse, plates, 4to, half calf 1800 

35 Burnoy (Capt. James, R.N.) A Chronological History of the Discoveries 

in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean, with a History of the Bucaneers of 
America, maps and charts, 5 vols, 4to, calf 1803-7 

W 36 Woodard (Capt. David) Narrative of — with four seamen who lost their 
ship in a boat at sea, and surrendered themselves up to the Malays 
in the Island of Celebes, maps, dec, plates, portrait, 8vo, boards, uncut 


37 La Perouse— Voyage Round the World, in 3 vols, 8vo, half calf 1807 

38 Labillardiere — Atlas of Plates to La Perouse, folio, map and plates 

Paris chez, F. SchoeU, 1811 
w 29 Wilson (Capt. James) Missionary Voyage in the Ship " Duff," maps, 
charts and views, 4to, calf (rebacked) 1799 

40 Some interesting Particulars of the Second Voyage made by the Mis- 
sionary Ship, " The Duff " which was captured by by " The Buona- 
parte Privater," in the year 1800, 8vo, boaids, uncut Knaresbrovgh 

p 41 Peron (M. F.) Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere, 1800-4 
performed by order of Napoleon, two folding plates, 8vo, luilf calf 

PhiUips 1809 

42 Krusenstern (Capt. A. J. von) Voyage round the World, 1803-06, by 

order of Alexander the First, on the ships " Nadeshda and Neva," 
translated by R. B. Hoppner, map and two coloured plates, 2 vols in 
one, 4to, calf, 1813, The first Russian Circumnavigation. (Author's 
presentation copy signed Richard B. Hoppner) 

43 Flinders (Matthew) Voyage to Terra Australis, 1801-03 in H.M.S. 

" Investigator," " Porpoise," and " Cumberland," with an account 
of the Shipwreck of the " Porpoise," steel engravings by W. Westall, 
and Atlas of charts and plates, 2 vols, 4to, and 1 vol, folio, original 
cloth, with labels uncut, folio volume bound in green cloth sides with 
calf back 1814 

44 Peron et Freyoinet — Voyage De Decouvertes Aux Terres Australes, 

portrait of Peron, 2 vols, 4to, and Atlas of plates and plan of Sydney, 
some coloured, folio, with bookplates of the Marquis of Stafford, and 
Coat of Arms in gilt, on the calf bindings, Atlas, 1880-2, 4to, vols 


45 Kotzebue (Otto von) Voyage of Discovery into the South Seas and 

Beering's Strait, for the purpose of exploring a North-East Passage, 
undertaken in 1815-1818, maps and coloured plates, 8vo, 3 vols, 
original calf, fine condition 1821 

46 Freyoinet (Capt.) Narrative of a Voyage round the World in the "Uraine" 

and " Physicienne Corvettes," commanded by Capt. Freycinet 
1817-20, in a series of Letters by J. Argo, Draftsman to The Expedi- 
tion, with 26 engravings by the author, 4to, half calf, uncut 1823 

47 Drake (Sir Francis) The Life of, The First English Circumnavigator, 

reprinted from The Biographia Britannica, sm. folio, boards, uncut 


48 Dillon (Capt. P.) Discovery of the Fate of La Perouse, maps and plates, 

one coloured of natives, 2 vols, 8vo, uncut, original boards, with labels 


49 In French, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, plates plain, Paris 1830 

50 Montgomery (J.) Journel of Voyages and Travels, by the Rev. D. Tyer- 

man and George Bennet, Esq., in the South Seas, &c, portrait, plates, 
2 vols, Svo, original hoards, with lubels 1831 

51 Beechley (Capt.) Voyage to the Pacific and Beering Straits, maps and 

plates, 2 vols, Svo, half calf 1831 

52 Holman (James, R.N.) Voyage Round the World, including Travels 

in Africa, Asia, Australia, America, &c, portrait, maps and plates, 
4 vols, 8vO, original cloth, uncut, with crown and the globe at backs 


\H/ 53 Wilson (T. B.) Narrative of a Voyage round the World, an Account 
of the Wreck of the Ship " Governor Ready " in Torres Straits ; 
a Description of the British Settlements on the Coasts of New 
Holland, maps and plates, 8vo, cloth (author's presentation copy) 1835 

54 Wilkes (C.) Narrative of the United States Exploring F"qMr n -'+ ; on during 
the years 1838-42, 8vo ,half calf 


55 Montgomery (J.) Voyages and Travels round the World, Second Edition, 

corrected, portraits, plates, &c, 8vo, original cloth 1840 

56 Smith (Par William) Collection, Voyages Autour du Monde, maps and 

illustrations, 12 vols, 8vo, half calf Pari* 1841 

' 57 Belcher (Capt. Edward) Narrative of a Voyage round the W T orld, 
performed in Her Majesty's Ship Sulphur, during the years 1836- 
1842, maps and plates, 2 vols, original cloth, 8vo 1843 

G- 58 Goodridge (C. M.) Narrative of a Voyage to the South Seas, and the 
Shipwreck of the Princess of Whales Cutter, with an account of a 
Two Years' Residence on An Uninhabited Island, frontispiece, 
8vo, printed boards Exeter 1837 

59 Fifth Edition, plates, 8vo, original cloth 1841 

60 Fifth Edition, plates, 8vo, original cloth 1843 

61 Fifth Edition, plates finer impression, 8vo 1843 

62 Scoresby (Rev. W.) Journal of a Voyage to Australia and Round the 

World, portrait, 8vo, cloth 1859 

63 Hood (T. H.) Cruise in the H.M.S. " Fawn " in the W T estern Pacific in 

year 1862, plates, 8vo, original cloth Edinburgh 1863 

V 64 Milner (Rev. J.) and Brierly (0. W.) Cruise of H.M.S. " Galatea," 
Captain H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., in the years 1867-68, 
portrait and coloured plates, 8vo, decorated cloth 1869 

C5 Trenchley (Julius L.) Jottings during the Cruise of H.M.S. " Curacoa " 
among the South Sea Islands, 1865, including Natural History 
Notes, map, wood engravings and 50 plates of birds, dec, beautifully 
coloured, roy. 8vo, cloth 1873 

P 66 Purves (D. L.) Voyage round the World, by Sir Francis Drake and 
William Dampier, frontispiece, 8vo, cloth 1878 

67 The Cruise of Her Majesty's Ship " Bacchante," 1879-82, Prince Albert 
Victor and Prince George of W 7 ales, with additions by John N. 
Dalton, map and plates 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth (decorated) 1886 

f} 68 Brassey (Lady) The Last Voyage of the " Sunbeam," map, plates and 
woodcuts, 8vo, original cloth (signed Qeorgie E. Muirhead, from Brassey) 


69 Barrington (G. W.) Remarkable Voyages and Shipwrecks, illustrated, 

8vo, cloth 

70 Wallace (Sir D. Mackenzie) The Web of Empire : a Diary of the Imperial 

Tour of their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall 
and York in 1901, plates, imp. 8vo, decorated cloth covers , ,, 1902 



71 Hall (J.) Mundas Alter et Idem sive Terra Australis, ante hac Semper 

Incognita, longes itineribus peregrini Academici nuperrime lustrata, 
Auth. Mercurio Britannico, maps, 8vo, old calf, rebacked n.d. 

72 Historie des Sevarambes, La Terre Australe, frontispiece, 2 vols in one, 

8vo, old calf (bookplate of Henry Duke of Kent, dated 1733, and Earl 
Grey) Amsterdam 1672 

73 Siden (Capt.) The History of the Sevarambi : a Nation Inhabiting part 

of the Third Continent, commonly called Terrae Australes Incognitse, 
8vo, half calf 1679 

74 Sadeur (Jacques) Les Avantures dans la Decouverte et le Voiage de 

la Terre Australe, 8vo, old calf Paris 1692 

75 Foigny (G. de) A New Discovery of Terra Incognita Australis, or the 

Southern World, with description of the Manners, Customs, &c, 
of the People, by James Sadeur, 12mo, morocco 1693 

76 Histoire Des Sevarambes, La Terre Australe, plates, 2 vols, 8vo, old calf 


77 Barington (G.) Life and Trial of, from his Birth in June, 1755, to the 

Time of his Conviction in September, 1790, portrait, 8vo, new half 
crimson calf 

78 Pownall (T.) The Administration of the Colonies, 8vo, calf 1768 

79 Eden (W.) The History of New Holland, and Description of Botany 

Bay, map and charts, half calf 1787 

80 A Companion to the Museum (late Sir Aston Lever's) relating to Aus- 

tralia, frontispiece of the Museum, plates, sm. 4to, half crimson calf, 
uncut 1790 

81 Muir (T. and Rev. T. Palmer) Speech of William Adam, Esq., in the 

House of Commons, for Justice and Clemency, in their behalf, 
8vo, half calf 1794 

82 Stuart en Kuyper. De Mensch, zoo als hij Voorkompt op den Bekenden 

Aardbol, coloured plates of the Aborigines of Australia, &c, 6 vols, 
8vo, thick paper boards, with labels, uncut 1802-7 

83 Catalogue of the Leverian Museum Sale, 5th May, 1806, prices realised, 

and purchasers' names, included in the sale, Clubs and Spears, 
Masks, from the South Seas, 8vo, new Juilf calf 1806 

84 The Leverian Museum. Natural Curiosities, from all parts of the World, 

and a Short History of Insects (extracted from works of Credit) 
in the Leverian Museum, in one vol, plates, 8vo 

85 Visits to the Leverian Museum'; an account of the Principal 

Curiosities, with frontispiece of the Museum, 8vo, boards, calf back 1805 

86 Naval Anecdotes : Illustrating the Character of British Seamen in 

every Quarter of the Globe, frontispiece, 8vo, half calf 1806 

87 Webber (James) Views in the South Seas, from drawings by the late 

James Webber, Draftsman on board the " Resolution," Capt. James 
Oook, from 1776 to 1780, with letterpress descriptive of various 
scenery, &c, these plates form a series, and are of the same size as 
those engraved for Capt. Cook's last Voyage, the drawings are in 
possession of the Admiralty, beautiful coloured plates, large folio, 
new half calf, uncut 1808 

88 Griffin (J.) Memoirs of Capt. James Wilson, Third Edition, portrait, 

8vo, half calf 1819 

89 Kingdom (W r .) America and the British Colonies of Canada, the Cape 

of Good Hope, New South Wales, and Van Diemens Land, 8vo, 
new half calf, uncut 1820 

90 Crawfurd (J.) History of the Indian Archipelago, with maps and engrav- 

ings, 3 vols, 8vo, calf Edinburgh 1820 

5 91 Sparks (J.) Memoirs of the Life and Travels of John Ledyard,from his 

Journals and Correspondence, 8vo, half calf 1828 

92 Jewitt (J.) The Adventures and Sufferings of, only survivor of the Ship 

" Boston," boards rebacked, 8vo, uncut, America, Printed Edin, 1824 

93 Hervey (T.) Australia, with other Poems, 8vo, half calf 1824 

94 South Sea Bubble, and the Numerous Fraudulent Projects to which 

it gave rise in 1720, Historically Detailed as a Beacon to the Unwary 
against Modern Schemes, curious frontispiece illustrated, 8vo, boards, 
uncut 1825 

95 Adventures of British Seamen in the Southern Ocean, displaying the 

striking Contrasts which the human Character exhibits in an Un- 
civilized State, portrait, cloth boards, uncut, 8vo 1827 

96 King (Capt. P. P.) Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and 

Western Coasts of Australia performed between the years 1818-22, 
illustrated with plates, charts and woodcuts, 2 vols, 8vo, new half calf, 
uncut 1827 

97 Lycett (J, Artist to Governor Macquarie) Views in Australia or New 

South Wales, and Van Diemen's Land, 2 maps and 50 beautiful 
coloured plates {including title), with descriptive letterpress, oblong 
4to, half morocco 1824 

98 The Picture of Australia : New Holland, Van Dieman's Land, &c, 

map, 8vo, original cloth 1829 

99 Hervey (T.) The Poetical Sketch-book, Australia, engraving on title- 

page, 8vo, boards, uncut 1829 

100 The Friend of Australia ; or a Plan for exploring the Interior, and 

for carrying on a survey of the whole Continent of Australia, map 
of Australia and 5 beautiful coloured plates, 8vo, Italf calf 1830 

101 Memoirs of James Hardy Vaux, a Swindler, and Thief, now trans- 

ported to New South W T ales for the second time, and for life, written 
by Himself, Second Edition, 8vo, calf 1830 





02 The Traveller ; or an Entertaining Journey round the Habitable 

Globe, coloured plates and costumes, boards, calf back 

03 Maurs of Costumes de differens Peuples de la Terre, 31 coloured plates 

and title, including plate of the Natives of Australia, 8vo, original 
decorated boards, rebacked 

04 Alfred Dudley ; or, the Australian Settlers, plates, 8vo, half calf 1830 

05 Dawson (R.) The Present State of Australia ; a Description of the 

Country, with reference to Emigration, and Account of its Aboriginal 
Inhabitants, 8vo, half calf 1831 

06 Tagart (E.) Memoir of the late Capt. P. Heywood, R.N., with extracts 

from his Diarios and Correspondence, 8vo, half calf 1832 

07 Stewart (C. S.) A Visit to the South Seas, portrait, map and woodcuts, 

half calf 1832 

08 Whately (R.) Remarks on Transportation, in a second Letter to Earl 

Grey, 8vo, boards 1834 

09 Nightingale (T.) Oceanic Sketches, portrait, 8vo, cloth 1835 

10 Martin Montgomery. History of Australia, frontispiece and maps, 

8vo, cloth 1836 

11 Fox (Lady Mary) Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New 

Holland, 8vo, calf 1837 

12 Walker (G. W.) Extracts from the Letters of James Backhouse, now 

engaged in a Religious Visit to Tasmania and New South Wales, 
accompanied by G. W. Walker, 8vo, boards 1838 

13 Coates (D.) Evidence on the Aborigines, 8vo, cloth 1837 

14 Bannister (S.) British Colonization and Coloured Tribes, 8vo, new 

half mottled calf 1838 

15 Howitt (W.) A Popular History of the Treatment of the Natives, 

8vo, original cloth 1838 

16 Butler (S.) The Hand Book for Australian Emigrants, map, 8vo, 

original cloth 1839 

17 The Emigrant's Manual Australia, with map, and the Gold-Seeker's 

Chemical Guide, by J. Scoff ern, both bound in one vol, 8vo, half calf 

18 Matthew (P.) Emigration Fields, North America, the Cape, Australia, 

and New Zealand, map, 8vo, cloth 1839 

19 Wheeler (C.) Extracts from the Letters and Journal of Daniel Wheeler, 

now engaged in a Religious Visit to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, 
Tasmania, &c, accompanied by his son Charles Wheeler, 8vo, cloth 


20 Martin (Montgomery) British Colonies, including Austral-Asia, Africa, 

&c, with the Charters and Engraved Seals, map, imp. 8vo, cloth 1839 

21 Whately (D. D.) Substance of a Speech on Transportation delivered 

in the House of Lords, May 19th, 1840, 8vo, new half calf 1840 

22 Russell (A.) A Tour through the Australian Colonies in 1839, with 
.*9.A notes ^^ incidents of a Voyage round the World, 8vo, cloth 1840 


123 Southern (T.) A Treatise on Sheep,' addressed to the Flock-Masters 

of Australia, Tasmania, and S. Africa, showing means by which the 
Wool of these Colonies may be improved, 8vo, cloth {Author's Pre- 
sentation copy) 1840 

124 Cunningham (P.) Hints for Australian Emigrants, uith engravings, 

and explanatory Descriptions, 8vo, boards jtl841 

125 Phelphs (P. H. F.) A Fine Collection of Original Drawings in black 

and white, Native Life and Customs, and Views, original Water 
Colours of Birds, and Animal Life. Also a Map and Plan of the 
Moruya Estate, County of St. Vincent, Township of Broulee, N.S. 
Wales, owned by P. H. F. Phelphs, an Early Settler, and numerous 
others, relating to Australia, a Fine Original Collection, evidently 
intended for producing a Book on Australia, in 2 4to, and one oblong 
folio, vols date about 1842 

^ffi The above drawings and coloured plates of birds, &c, are very cleverly 

126 Beddow (Mrs.) Perseverance Rewarded ; a Sequel to " Use Them, 

or Gathered Fragments " relating to Missionary Mission in the 
South Seas, 8vo, cloth 1842 

127 Browning (C. A.) England's Exiles ; or a view of a System of Instruc- 

tion and Discipline, as carried into effect during the Voyage to the 
Penal Colonies of Australia, 8vo, cloth 1 842 

128 The Prisoners of Australia, 8vo, cloth 1841 

129 Rowcroft (C.) Tales of the Colonies, or the Adventures of an Emigrant, 

in 3 vols, 8vo, half calf 1843 

130 Voyages round the World, from the Death of Capt. Cook to the Present 

Time, 8vo cloth Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh 1834 

131 Backhouse (J.) A Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies, 

illustrated with maps, etchings and woodcuts, 8vo, original cloth 1843 

132 Benevolence in Punishment, or Transportation made Reformatory, 

8vo, cloth (Author 8 presentation copy) 

Seeley, Burnside 4s Seeley, London 1845 

133 Martineau (Harriet) Dawn Island : a Tale written for the National 

Anti-Corn Law Bazaar, frontispiece, dec, 8vo, original cloth 1845 

134 Pridden (W.) Australia, its History and Present Condition, map, 8vo 

cloth 1843 

135 1847 

136 Barylett (T.) New Holland : its Colonization, Productions and Resources, 

8vo, cloth (Author's presentation copy) 1843 

137 Darwin (C.) Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands, visited 

during tho Voyage of the H.M.S. " Beagle," together with some 
brief notices on the Geology of Australia, &c, plan, 8vo, cloth 1844 

138 Rowcroft (C.) Tales of the Colonies, Third Edition, 8vo, cloth 1845 
139 1850 

140 Prichard (J. C.) Natural History of Man, coloured plates, &c, including 
North American Indians, and Natives of Australia, 8vo, calf gilt, 
(book plate, C. Hardy) [l^-io 


141 Eyre (E. J.) Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Aus- 

tralia, and overland from Adelaide to King Georges Sound, in the 
yeara 1840-1, plates, &c, original cloth, 8vo, 2 vols 1845 

142 Coulter (J.) Adventures in the Pacific, Manners, Customs of the Natives 

of the various Islands, 8vo, cloth Dublin 1845 

143 Hodgson (C. P.) Reminiscences of Australia with Hints on the Squatter's 

Life, frontispiece and map, 8vo, cloth 1846 

144 Australia, Van Dieman's Land and New Zealand, Emigrations, im- 

partially examined, map on title page, and the Four Colonies of 
Australia ; Dicovery of Gold with advice to Emigrants. London : 
Cradock and Co., 48, Paternoster Row, both bound in one vol, 8vo, half 

145 The Recreation, Tales of the World, including the South Seas, plates, 

8vo, cloth 1846 

146 Morgan (G. O.) Settlers in Australia : a Prize Poem, recited in the 

Theatre, Oxford, June 24th, 1846, 8vo, new half calf Oxford 1846 

147 Davidson (G. F.) Trade and Travel in the Far East ; or Recollection 

of 21 years in Australia, China, &c, 8vo, cloth 1846 

148 Maconochie (Capt.) Crime and Punishment. The Mark System, framed 

to mix persuasion with punishment, and make their effect improving 
yet their operation severe, 8vo, original cloth 1846 

149 Stokes, (J. L.) Discoveries in Australia ; Coasts and Rivers explored 

and surveyed, during the Voyage of H.M.S. " Beagle," in the years 
1837-43, plates and maps, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth, 1846 

150 Earl (G. W.) Enterprise in Tropical Australia, map, 8vo, cloth, 1846 

151 Haydon (G. H.) Five Years' Experience in Australia Felix, comprising 

a short account of its early settlement and its present position, with 
many particulars interesting to intending Emigrants, with Illustra- 
tions by Henry Hainsselin, from sketches, made on the spot by the 
Author, imp. 8vo, 1846 

152 Southey (T.) The Rise, Progress and Present State of the Colonial 

Wools ; comprising those of Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, 
Africa, America, &c, 8vo, original cloth 1848 

153 Mitchell (T. L.) Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical 

Australia, in search of a route from Sydney to the Gulf of Car- 
pentaria, maps and plates, 8vo, original cloth, , 1848 

154 Landor (E. W.) The Bushman or Life in a New Country, plates, 8vo, 

calf 1847 

155 Leichhardt (L;) Journal of an Overland Expedition in Australia, a 

distance of 3,000 miles, 8vo, cloth, plates 1847 

156 Settlers and Convicts ; or, Recollections of Sixteen Years' Labour in 

the Australian Backwoods, by an Emigrant Mechanic, 8vo, cloth 


157 Lang (J. D.) Cookland in North-Eastern Australia ; the Future Cotton 

Field of Great Britain with a Disquisition on the Origin, Manners, and 
Customs of the Aborigines, map, 8vo, cloth 1847 

158 How to Settle and Succeed in Australia : comprising every information 

for Intending Emigrants by A. Bushman, 8vo, new boards 1848 


159 Haygarth (H. W.) Recollections of Bush Life in Australia, 8vo, half calf 


160 Gould (J. F. R. S.) An introduction to tho Birds of Australia, 8vo, 

original cloth, 1848 

161 Wakefield (E. G.) A View of the Art of Colonization, with present 

reference to the British Empire ; in letters between Statesman and 
Colonist, 8vo, original cloth with label scarce 1849 

162 Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Holland, 8vo, cloth, 

with label 1849 

;, ; 163 Walpolo (Lieut. F.) Four Years in the Pacific in Her Majesty's Ship 

" Collingwood," from 1844-8, plates and woodcuts, 8vo, 2 vols, 

original cloth 1849 

164 The Emigrant Family : or the Story of an Australian Settler, by the 

Author of " Settlers and Convicts " 3 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1849 

165 3 vols, half calf, 1850 

166 M'Combie (T.) The Colonist in Australia ; or Adventures of Godfrey 

Arabin, 8vo, new half calf, 1850 

» 167 Sailings over the Globe ; or the Progress of Maritime Discovery, the 
East and West, woodcuts, 8vo, cloth 1850 

168 Sowerby (H.) Popular Mineralogy ; comprising a Familiar Account 

of Minerals and their uses, coloured plates, 8vo, cloth 1850 

169 Mackenzie (Rev. D.) Ten years in Australia, map, 8vo, new half calf 


170 Lee (Mrs.) Adventures in Australia ; or Wanderings of Capt. Spencer 

in the Bush and the Wilds, plates, 8vo, cloth 1851 

171 Melville (H.) The Present State of Australia, including New South 

Wales, &c, with Hints on Emigration, frontispiece, 8vo, half calf 


172|Grey (Earl) Australia and Prison Discipline Dedicated by Permission 
to Earl Grey, engraving of Native on title page, 8vo, half calf, 1851 

173 Southey (T.) The Rise and Progress and Present State of Colonial 

Sheep and Wools, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, &c, 8vo, 
original cloth 1851 

174 Wells (H. W.) A Geographical Dictionary ; or Gazetteer of the Aus- 

tralian Colonies : Mines, Rivers, Bays, Gulfs, Mountains, Population 
and General Statistics, numerous maps and illustrations, 8vo, original 
cloth, with label 1851 

175 Hughes (W.) The Australian Colonies : their Origin and present con- 

dition, 8vo, half calf 1852 

176 Another Edition, 8vo, cloth 1852 

177 Lang (J. D.) The Australian Emigrant's Manual ; or a Guide to the 

Gold Colonies of New South Wales, and Port Phillip, 8vo, cloth 1852 

178 Mackenzie (Rev. D.) Tho Gold Digger : a Visit to the Gold Fields of 

Australia, in February, 1852 ; together with much useful informa- 
tion for intending Emigrants, map, 8vo, new half calf 1852 


179 A Voyage to Australia ; and a Visit to the Gold Fields, illustrated with 
six engravings from sketches made on the spot, 8vo, new half crimson 
calf 1852 

<£\ 180 Cheyne (A. A.) Description of Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, 
with sailing Directions, together with their Productions, Manners 
and Customs of the Natives, and Vocabularies of their Various 
Languages, 8vo, new half crimson, calf 1852 

181 La-ncolott (F.) Australia as it is : its Settlements, Farms, and Gold 

Fields, map and, plate, 2 vols, cloth, 1852 

182 Far Off : or Asia and Australia Described, with Aneodotes, and numerous 

illustrations and map, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1852 

183 Pfeiffer (Ida) A Woman's Journey round the World, illustrated with 

Tinted engravings, 8vo, original cloth, 1852 

184 Lang (J. D.) Freedom and Independence for the Golden Lands of 

Australia ; the Right of the Colonies, and the Interest of Britain and 
the World, map, 8vo, original cloth 1852 

185 Strachan (Rev.) Remarkable Incidents in the Life of the Rev. Samuel 

Laigh, Missionary to the Settlers and Savages of Australia and New 
Zealand, portrait, 8vo, original cloth 1853 

186 Mossman (S.) and Banister (T.) Australia Visited and Revisited, map, 

8vo, cloth 1853 

187 Jones (Rev. H. B.) Adventures in Australia, in 1852-3, 8vo, with 

Birds and Kangaroos, on original cloth 1853 

188 Clacy (Mr3. C.) A Lady's Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 

1852-3, written on the spot, by Mrs. Clacy, frontispiece, 8vo, original 
cloth 1853 

189 Sidney (S.) The Three Colonies of Australia : their pastures, Copper 

Mines, and Gold Fields, with numerous engravings, original, cloth, 
with Birds and Kangaroo, 8vo, map, 1853 

190 The Australia Directory, edited by J. Burdwood, Master, R. N., from 

Cape Leeuin to Port Stephens, including Bass Strait and Tasmania 
8vo, Vol 1, original cloth covers 1853 

191 Vol 2, East Coast, Torres Strait and Coral Sea. Compiled by 

Charles B. Yule, R.N., 8vo, original cloth 1859 

192 Mundy (G. C.) Our Antipodes, or Residence and Rambles in the Aus- 
tralian Colonies, with a Glimpse of the Gold Fields, plates 3 vols, 
8vo, original cloth 1852 

193 Another Edition, 3 vols, 8vo, half calf 1852 

194 Another Edition, complete in one volume, 8vo, cloth 1855 

195 Earp (G. B.) What we did in Australia : being the Practical Experience 

of Three Clerks, in the Stock-yard and at the Gold Fields, 8vo, new 
boards 1853 

196 Earl (G. W.) Contributions to the Physical Geography of South-Eastern 

Asia and Australia, map, 8vo, new half calf 1853 

197 Calvert, John (of Australia), The GoldRocks of GreatBritain and Ireland, 

and General Outline of the Gold Regions of the World, with a Treatise 
on the Geology of Gold. (This book refers to Mr. Calvert's expe- 
riences in Australia, Discovery of Gold,*&c.) 8vo, original chthy^_XS53 


198 Sherer (J.) The Gold-Finder of Australia ; Hem he went, and how ho 

fared, and how he mado his fortune, with 48 engravings 8vo, original 
cloth 1853 

199 Read (C. R.) What I Heard, Saw and Did at the Australian Gold 

Fields, coloured plates, &c, 8vo, original cloth 1853 

200 Earl (G. B.) Tho Natives Races of the Indian Archipelago, Papuans, 

maps and coloured plates, 8vo, original cloth 1853 

201 Another Edition, 8vo, cloth 1853 

202 Martin (Montgomery R.) Australia : comprising New South Wales, 

Victoria or Port Philip, South Australia and Western Australia : 
Gold Discoveries, Mines of Copper, Lead, map, portraits, imp. 8vo, 
plates, half calf 1853 

203 Leakey (C. W.) Lyra Australis ; or Attempts to Sing in a Strange 

Land, 8vo, cloth 1854 

204 Haydon (G. H.) The Australian Emigrant, a Rambling Storey, con- 

taining as much fact as Fiction, with illustrations by Watts Phillips, 
Esq., 8vo, original cloth 1854 

205 Clacy, (Mrs. Charles) Lights and Shadows of Australian Life, 2 vols 

8vo, half calf 1854 

206 Sydney (S. Gallops) and Gossips in the Bush of Australia ; or, Passages 

in the life of Alfred Barnard, frontispiece, 8vo, cloth 1854 

207 Chamberlayne (Rev. I.) The Australian Captive ; or an Authentic 

Narrative of 15 years in the life of William Jackman in which, among 
various other adventures, is included a forced residence of a year 
and a half among the Cannibals of Nuyts' Land, on the Coast of the 
Great Australian Bight, with portraits and illustrations, 8vo, original 
cloth 1853 

208 Malone (R. E.) Three Years' Cruise in the Australian Colonies, 1, 8vo, 

original cloth 1854 

209 Gerstaecker (F.) Narrative of a Journey round the World, Australia, 

the South Seas Islands, Java, &c, 3 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1853 

210 Elwes, (R. A.) Sketcher's Tour round the World, with coloured illustra- 

tions, from original drawings, by the Author, original decorated, imp. 
8vo, cloth 1854 

211 The Land of Promise ; or My Impressions of Australia, by the Author 

of " Golden Dreams and Waking Realities," 8vo, original cloth 1854 

212 Kingston (W. H. G.) The Emigrant's Home or How to Settle. A story 

of Australian Life for all classes at Home and in the Colonies, 8vo, 
cloth 1856 

213 Kingston (W. H. G.) How to Emigrate ; or the British Colonists, with 

an Appendix forming a complete Manual for Intending Colonists, and 
for those who may wish to assist them, 8vo, cloth 1855 

214 Campbell (W.) The Crown Lands of Australia ; being an Exposition of 

the Land Regulations, and of the Claims and Grievances of the 
Crown Tenants, 8vo, original cloth 1855 

215 Paris Universal Exhibition, 1855, British Section of the Exhibition, 

imp. 8vo, map and woodcuts 1855 


216 Hargraves (E. H.) Australia and its Gold Fields : The Recent Gold 

Discoveries, Present Aspect of the Land Question, with a map, and 
portrait of the Author, 8vo, original cloth 1855 

217 Strzelecki's (Count) Gold and Silver : A Supplement to Physical Descrip- 

tion of New South Wales and Van Diemens Land, with autograph 
letter by the Author inside, presenting the book to a friend, Svo, cloth 


218 Tucker (Miss) Abbeokuta or Sunrise within the Tropics, coloured frontis- 

piece and map and plates, 8vo, cloth 1856 

219 Diary of Travels in three quarters of the Globe, by an Australian Settler, 

2 vols, 8vo, cloth 1856 

220 Norton (James) Australian Essays on Subjects Political, Moral, &c, 

original decorated cloth with Birds and Kangaroo, 8vo, sm. 4to, in gilt 


221 Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, by an Englishman, 8vo, original 

red cloth 1857 

222 Second Edition 1857 

223 Tallangetta, the Squatter's Home, a storv of Australian Life, 2 vols 

in one, 8vo, cloth 1857 

224 Puseley (D.) Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, 8vo, original red 

cloth 1858 

225 Shaw (J. A.) Gallop to the Antipodes, returning through India, 8vo, 

original cloth 1858 

226 Home (R. H.) Australian Facts and Prospects : to which is prefixed 

the Author's Australian Autobiography, 8vo, original cloth 1859 

227 Rambles at the Antipodes : A Series of Sketches of Moreton Bay, 

.lew Zealand, the Murray River and South Australia, and the Over- 
land Route, maps and tinted plates, Svo, cloth 1859 

228 Fowler (F.) Southern Lights and Shadows ; being brief notes of three 

years' Experience of Social Literary, and Political Life in Australia, 
8vo, decorated boards 1859 

229 Cornwallis (K. A.) Panorama of the new World, in 2 vols, 8vo, original 

cloth 1859 

230 Binney (T.) Lights and Shadows in Church-Life in Australia : to which 

is added Two Hundred Years Ago and Now. Svo. cloth I860 

231 ■ Second Edition, half calf 1860 

232 My Experiences in Australia, being Recollections of A Visit to the 

Australian Colonies in 1856-7, by a Lady, frontispiece, 8vo, cloth 

K 1860 

233 Major (R. H.) On The Discovery of Australia, by the Portuguese in ' 

1 601, map, 8vo, new half crimson calf 1861 

234 Belt (T.) Mineral Veins : an Enquiry into their Origin, founded en a 

story of The Auriferous Quartz Veins of Australia, coloured plan, 8vo, 
new half mottled calf 1861 

235 Meredith (L. A.) Over the Straits : a Visit to Victoria, with illustrations 

rom Photographs and the Author's Sketches, 8vo, original cloth 1861 

236 Bush Wanderings of a Naturalist : or Notes on the Field sports and 

Fauna of Australian Felix, by an Old Bushman, 8vo, cloth 1861 


237 Porry (R.) Contributions to an Amateur Magazine, in Prose and Verse, 

8vo, cloth 1861 

238 Another Edition, cloth, 8vo 1857 

239 Social Life and Manners in Australia, being the Notes of Eight Years' 

Experience, by a Resident, frontispiece, 8vo, original cloth 1861 

240 Westgarth (W.) Australia, its Rise, and Present Condition, original 

8vo, green cloth, with Kangaroo in gilt 1861 

241 Another Edition, with map 1861 

242 Jackson (A.) Robert O'Hara Burke and the Australian Exploring 

Expedition of 1860, portrait on title page, map, 8vo, original cloth 1862 

243 Polehampton (Rev. A.) Kangaroo Land, frontispiece, &c, 8vo, original 

cloth with Kangaroo in gilt 1862 

244 Jessop (W. R. H.) Flindersland and Sturtland ; or the Inside and Out- 

side of Australia, 2 vols, 8vo, with original cloth, with Kangaroo in 
gilt, on both vols, 1862 

245 Another Edition, 2 vols in one, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1862 

246 Heywood (B. A.) A Vacation Tour at the Antipodes, through Victoria, 

Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, and New Zealand, in 
1861-2, 8vo, plates, original cloth 1863 

247 Westgarth (W.) Tracks of McKinlay and Party Across Australia, by 

John Davis, one of the Expedition, with map and coloured illustrations, 
8vo, original green decorated cloth 1863 

248 Silver's Guide to Australia and Itinerary to, and in the Colonies of 

Victoria. New South Wales, &c, maps, 8vo, original green cloth covers 


249 Bird (S. D.) On Australian Climates and their Influence in the Prevention 

and arrest of Consumption, plates, 8vo, some coloured cloth 1863 

250 Graham (Rev. J.) Lawrence Struilby : or Observations and Experiences 

during 25 years of Bush- Life in Australia, 8vo, original cloth 1863 

251 Beckett (Sir W.) The Earl's Choice, and other Poems, 8vo, cloth 1863 

252 Bedford (Pirn. Commander) The Gate of the Pacific, coloured plates, 

8vo, original decorated cloth 1863 

253 Howitt (W.) The History of Discovery in Australia, Tasmania, and 

New Zealand, from the Earliest date to the present Day, with maps of 
the Recent Explorations from Official Sources, in 2 vols, 8vo, original 
cloth 1865 

254 Stuart (J. M.) Journals of Explorations in Australia, 1858-9 and 60-2, 

edited by W. Hardman, 8vo, map and plates 1865 

255 Australian Capers : or Christopher Cockle's Colonial Experience, by an 

Old Boomerang, with an Introduction by the Rev. Dr. Steel, 8vo, 
cloth 1867 

256 Universal Suffrage and Vote by Ballot in Australia. An Inquiry 
j addressed to the Right Hon. The Earl of Derby, K.G., by an Old 

Colonist, London, 1867 ; also, A reply to the Misrepresentations, 
which have been put forth respecting Female Emigration to Australia, 
with an Appendix, by J. Marshall, both bound in 1 vol, 8vo, new half 
mottled calf 1834 


257 Mos3man (S.) Our Australian Colonies : their Discovery History 

Resources and Prospects, with map and plans, Svo, original cloth, 
with f Bird and Kangaroo, in gilt 1868 

258 Australia as it Is : with notices of New Zealand, by a Clergyman, 8vo, 

original cloth, with Kangaroo, in gilt 1867 

258a Second Edition, cloth with map 1868 

259 Yule, (Capt. C.) The Australia Directory, vol. 1, South and East Coasts, 

Bass Strait, and Tasmania, Sixth Edition, 8vo, original cloth 1868 

260 Three Years on the Australian Station, for private Circulation, 8vo, 

maps and plates, original cloth, London Hatchard and Co., Piccadilly 
1868, with D. McDonald Smith, bookplate 

261 Howell (Mrs. W. May) Reminiscences of Australia : The Diggings and 

the Bush, portrait, 8vo, original blue cloth 1869 

262 Martineau (J.) Letters from Australia, Svo, cloth 1869 

263 Denison (Sir W.) Varieties of Vice-Regal Life, maps, 8vo, half calf 2 vols 


264 Pouchet (F. A.) The Universe, coloured plates of birds, <Scc.,and Engravings 

on wood, imp. 8vo, half calf 1871 

265 Beauvoir (Le G. De) Australia Voyage Autour Du Monde, portrait, 

Svo, plates and maps, half calf 1871 

266 Colonial Adventures and Experiences, by a University Man, 8vo, cloth 


267 Baden-Powell (G. S.) New Homes for the Old Country : Australia and 

Jew Zealand, with 46 illustrations, 8vo, cloth 1872 

268 Erewhon or over the Range, London Triibner & Co., Paternoster Row, 

8vo, cloth 1872 

269 Barker (Lady) Travelling about over new and old ground, with maps and 

illustrations, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1872 

270 Lintern (W.) The Mineral Surveyor and Valuer's Complete Guide, and 

... Thoman's Compound Interest and Annuities with Tables, 8vo, 
cloth 1872 

271 Stoddard (C. W.) Summer Cruising in the South Seas, illustrations, 8vo, 

original cloth 1873 

272 Ranken (W. H. L.) The Dominion of Australia : an Account of its 

Foundations, 8vo, original cloth 1874 

273 Merewether (H. A.) By Sea and by Land, being a Trip through India, 

Australia, New Zealand and America, all round the World, 8vo, 
cloth frontispiece 1847 

274 Wood (C. F.) A Yachting Cruise in the South Seas, 8vo, original cloth 


275 Forrest (J.) Explorations in Australia : with an Appendix on the 

condition of Western Australia, illustrations by G. F. Angas, 8vo, 
original green cloth 1875 

276 Silver (S. W.) & Co. Handbook for Australia and New Zealand, with map 

of the Colonies, 8vo, original cloth 1874 

277 Bradshaw's Overland Guide to India and Australia, &c, maps, 8vo, 

original cloth 1875-6 


278 Warburton (Col. P. E.) Journey across the Western Interior of Australia, 

map and illustrations, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1875 

279 Goodenough (Commodore J. G.) A Brief Memoir, by C. R. Markham, 

C.B., 8vo, cloth J. Griffin <fc Co. 

280 Streeter (E. W.) Gold : or Legal Regulations for the Standard of Gold 

and Silver Wares in different Countries of the World, map, 8vo, 
original cloth 1877 

281 Rains (P. L.) By Land and Ocean or the Journal and Letters of a young 

Girl, who went to South Australia with a Lady Friend Alone to 
Victoria, New Zealand, &c, and across America Home, plates, 8vo, 
cloth 1878 

282 Barry (Capt. W. J.) Up and Down : or 50 Years' Colonial Experiences 

n Australia, California, New Zealand, &c, written by Himself, with 
portrait of the Author and illustrations, 8vo, original cloth 1879 

283 Cornish (H.) Under the Southern Cross, map and plates, 8vo, original 

blue cloth 1880 

284 Booth, (E. C, F.R.C.I.) Australia, illustrated with drawings by Skinner 

Proui, N. Chevalier. &c. 2 vols, 4to, half calf gilt London Virtue & Co. 

285 Wallace (A. R., F.R.G.S.) Australasia with Ethnological Appendix, 

by A. H. Keane, M.A.I. , maps and illustrations, 8vo, original green 
cloth 1880 

286 Third Edition 1883 

287 Wieser (Dr. Franz) Magalhaes-Strasse und Austral-Continent, Auf Den 

Globen Des Johannes Schoner, maps, half calf, 8vo Innsbruck 


288 Etheridge (R.) Catalogue of Works, Papers, Reports, and Maps on the 

Geology, Palaeontology, Mineralogy, Mining and Metallurgy, &c, 
of the Australian Continent and Tasmania, 8vo, cloth 1881 

289 Silver (& Co.) Handbook for Australia and New Zealand, with new map 

of the colonies, 8vo, original cloth, Third Edition (Publishers' presenta- 
tion copy) 1880 

290 Fourth Edition 1883 

291 Fifth Edition 1886 

292 Nash (R. L.) The Banking Institutions of Australia, portraits, 8vo, 

cloth London : The " British Australasian " Co., Ltd., Fleet St. 

293 Bonwick (J.) First Twenty Years of Australia : A History Founded on 

Official Documents, 8vo, original cloth 1882 

294 Nicols (A. F.G.S.). The Acclimatisation of the Salmonidae at the 

Antipodes : its History and Results, 8vo, original cloth 1882 

295 Jung (Dr. Karl) Der Meltteil Australien, numerous plates of Native Life 

dsc, 4 vols, 8vo, cloth Leipzig 1882-3 

296 Tangye (R.) Reminiscences of Travel in Australia, America, &c, with 

Illustrations by E. C. Mountfort, and portrait, 8vo, original cloth 1883 

297 Twopeny (R. E. N.) Town Life in Australia, 8vo, cloth 1883 

298 Coote (W., F.R.G.S.) The Western Pacific, being a Description of the 

Islands to the North and East of the Australian Continent, with map 
and 23 illustrations, 8vo, green cloth 1883 



299 Dorville'?(J. W.) Cruising in many Waters, 8vo, 1885, original cloth, 
inserted a Momento to George Whitaker,, Esq., Owner of the Yacht 
Falcon, as a token for Kindness in Rendering a Timely Service off 
Sheerness, May 25 1885 

390 Finch- Hatton (The Hon. H.) Advance Australia : An Account of Eight 
Years' Work, Wandering, and Amusement in Queensland, New South 
Wales, and Victoria, plates, imp. 8vo, original green cloth, with Bird 
and Kangaroo, in gilt 1885 

301 Dilke (Sir C.) Wentworth. Greater Britain : A Record of Travel in 

English-speaking Countries, illustrations, 8vo. cloth 1885 

302 Her Majesty's Colonies. A Series of Original Papers issued under the 

Authority of the Royal Commission, maps, 8vo, original decorated 
cloth 1886 

303 Bonwick (J.) French Colonies and their Resources, 8vo, original decorated 

cloth 1886 

304 Clarke (P.) The " New Chum " in Australia or the Scenery, Life, and 

Manners of Australians in Town and Country, illustrated by an 
etching, and over 40 original Sketches, by the Author, 8vo, original 
decorated cloth 1886 

305 Travels of Robert and Sarah Lindsey, illustrated by Rabat Lindsey 

Clarice, after Original Sketches by F. Mackie, edited by one of their 
Daughters, 8vo, original cloth 1886 

306 Thomas (J.) Cannibals and Convicts : Notes of Personal Experiences 

in the Western Pacific, with portraits and map, new half calf, 8vo 


307 Another Edition, original cloth 1887 

308 The Postage Stamps of Australia and the British Colonies of Oceania, 

with Autotype illustrations, Compiled and published by The Royal 
Philatelic Society, London, 1887 ; also, The Stamps of Tasmania, 
compiled by A. F. Basset Hull, Hobart. Published by The Philatelic 
Society, London, 1890 ; Fine plates of Sydney Views, plates 1-2-3, 
unused and used ; also plates of Queen on Throne, Victoria, &c, 
bound in half crimson, calf gilt, sm. folio 1887-90 

309 David Kennedy (Jun.) David Kennedy, the Scottish Singer : Reminis- 

cences of his Life and Work, by Marjory Kennedy, and Singing 
Round the World : A Narrative of his Colonial and Indian Tours, 
with portrait and illustrations, 8vo, anginal decorated cloth 1887 

310 Wood (H. T.) Reports on the Colonial Sections of the Exhibition : 

Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886, 8vo, original cloth 1887 

311 A Century of Australian Song, edited by D. B. W. Sladen, 8vo, original 

cloth (A scene of an Australian Burial on cover) 1888 

312 Martin (A. P.) Australia and the Empire, 8vo, cloth {with Bookplate of 

Viscount Sherbrooke) 1889 

313 Australian Heroes and Adventures, pmtraits and plates, 8vo, decorated 

cloth 1889 

314 Dale (R. W.) Impressions of Australia, 8vo, original cloth 1889 


315 Hogan (J. F.) The Australian in London and America, 8vo, original 

decorated cloth Kangaroo, dec. issy 

316 Knox (T. W.) The Boy Travellers in Australia : Adventures of Two 

Youths in a Journey to the Sandwich, Marquesas, Society, Samoan, 
and Feejee Islands, and through the Colonies of New Zealand, New 
South Wales, &c, coloured frontispiece and numerous illustrations, 
imp. 8vo, original cloth, decorated with Native Canoes, Savage Weapons, 
&c. 1889 

317 The Golden South, Memories of Australian Home Life, from 1843 to 

1888, by " Lyth," 8vo, decorated cloth covers 1890 

318 Nisbet (H. A.) Colonial Tramp, Travels and Adventures in Australia 

and New Guinea, coloured frontispieces and numerous plates, 2 vols 
8vo, cloth, with birds and Kangaroos, dec, on covers 1891 

319 Verschuur (G.) At the Antipodes Travels in Australia, New Zealand 

The New Hebrides, &c, 1888-9 ; Translated by Mary Daniels, 
numerous illustrations, decorated cloth, with Kangaroo, on covers, 8vo, 
map 1891 

320 Calvert (A. F.) Sketch Plan and Plates, Exploring Expedition into the 

Interior of North- West Australia, small oblong, 8vo, new half calf 


321 Darwin (C.) Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology 

During the Voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle, plates, 8vo 1891 

322 Moyarra an Australian Legend in Two Cantos, by Yittadairn, frontis- 

piece of Native Oirl, drawn from life, 8vo, original cloth 1891 

323 Reeves (E.) Homeward Bound after Thirty Years : A Colonist's Impres- 

sions of New Zealand, Australia, Tangier and Spain, with numerous 
illustrations, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1892 

324 Calvert (A. F.) Reproduced by, Collection of Maos to illustrate the 

Discovery of Australia 
\ Contents. 

Map of the world by Desleius of Dieppe, studded over with flags of 

different Nations, dated 1566. 
Section of Map by Nicolas Vallard. 
Section of Map in British Museum, declaring Manoel Godinhode 

Eredia to have discovered Terra Austral is in 1601. 
Dauphin, Chart of Australia, date 1530-36. 

Section of Map by Pierre Des-celiers, Priest of Arques, dated 1550. 
Rare illustrated Map by Jean Rotz, 1542 
A complete Map of the Southern Continent, surveyed by Captain Abel 

Section of Chart, presented by Sir Joseph Banks to the British Museum. 
Section of unique Map showing abrupt termination of coast-line, by 

Jean Rotz, 1542. 
Map of the World by Jean Rotz, dedicated to Henry VIII, dated 1542 
An old Chart of Australia, and a modern one compared, showing the 

division of Pope Alexandra VI. 
Section of Map from Jomards Atlas in the British Museum, dated 1546. 
Rare Map of the World found in a work of the tenth century. 
Double cordiform Map by Orontius Finaeus, dated 1531. 


CALVJSBT (A. V.)- (continued). 

Section from Map of the World by Orontiua Finaeus, dated 1531. 
Map of the World by G. Mercator, 1587. 
Map of the World by Ortelius, 1570. 

Map of the World, published with the Account of Frobisher's Voyage 
in the year 1578. 

Also letterpress of the various Voyages to Australia, with plate of 
carved New Zealand Tattoed Heads, dkc, cloth, 4to 1893 

325 Demark (J.) Adventures in Australia Fifty years ago, being a record of 

an Emigrant's wanderings through the Colonies of New South Wales 
Victoria and Queensland, during the years 1839-44, map and plates 
8vo, half calf 1893 

326 Goldsmith (H.) Our Alma, an Australian story, 8vo, cloth 1894 

327 Gordon (Adam Lindsey) Poems, portrait and plates, cloth 1895 

328 Paterson (A. B.) The Man from Snowy River and other Verses (" The 

Banjo ") portrait &c, 8vo, cloth 1897 

329 Calvert (J.) Catalogue of Savage Curiosities, from Australia, formed 

by John Calvert, while in Australia, Sketches of Gods, Death Masks, 
Savage Spears, &c, sale catalogue sold at Mr. J. C. Stevens, Covent 
Garden, 1897, with prices realised, 8vo, new half calf 1897 

330 Scott (G. F.) The Romance of Australian Exploring, frontispiece, with 

maps and illustrations, 8vo, cloth 1889 

331 Boxall (G. E.) The Story of the Australian Bushrangers, 8vo, cloth 1899 

332 Shaw (F. L.) The Story of Australia, 8vo, cloth 1897 



333 Ortellius' theatrttm orbis terrartjm, including Map of the World, 


Noua Guinea Islas de Salomon, dated 1587, and other maps, some 
relating to America, dated 1587, the maps beautifully done in Colour, 
and Figures in colour and gold, also old ships of the Time, with a 
Magnificent Title Page, figures in colour and gold. A perfect book 
with the 3 parts complete, folio, old calf. Fine condition (see 
photograph) 1558-1595 

334 Atlas Portatif Pour Servir A L'intelligence de l'histoire Philosophique 

et Politique : Des Etablissemens et du Oommerce des Europe'ens 
dans les Deux Indes, with map of the World, including Australia, 
1773, and others of America, calf, 4to, rebacked, Amsterdam E. van 
Harrevelt 1773 

335 Cartes Les Voyages — Maps including Capt. Cook's Route to Discover 

Australia, and numerous others, some relating to America, 4to, half 
calf 1748-74 

336 Map of part of New South Wales, embellished with Views in the Harbour 

of Port Jackson, drawn by J. W T . Lewin, dedicated to Capt. P. P. 
King, R.N., by his obliged humble servant J. Cross ; also view of 
Natives sitting by a Fire, on map ; enclosed in case with label, and 
view of Natives on cover, published by J. Cross, London, Oct. 3rd, 
1825 case 4to, size 

337 Map of W T estern Australia, and Van Diemen's Land, published by 

Baldwin and Cradock, 1833, enclosed in 8vo, size case with label 

338 General Map of the South Eastern Portion of Australia, showing the 

Colony of New South Wales, as surveyed and divided between the 
years, 1827-1850, J. Carmichael, sec. Kent St., Sydney, enclosed in 
4to case 

339 Map of Australia, from Surveys made by order of the British Govern- 

ment, combined with those of D'entrecasteaux, Baudin Freycinet, 
&c, by John Arrowsmith, 1838, published by G. F. Cruchley, Fleet 
St., London, enclosed in 8vo case with label 

340 Similar Map by the same publisher, no date, 8vo, case 


341 Wyld (J.) Map of Australia, complied from the Nautical Surveys, mad 

by order of the Admiralty, 1848, enclosed in 8vo case 

342 Map of the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand, showing Freehold 

Sections and Pasturage, Runs, from Admiralty Charts and Colonial 
surveys, E. Stanford, 1856, also list of Original Land Purchasers and 
Holders of Pasturage Runs : to accompany map ofj the Canterbury 
Province, New Zealand, 1856, enclosed in Svo, cloth case 

343 Johnston (W. and A. K.) Emigration Map of Auckland Wellington, 

&c, in cloth case, 8vo, 1876 

344 Map of Voyage Round the World, on Mercators Projections, London, 

J. Betts, Strand, also enclosed inside case Sketch Map of North- 
Western Australia, showing the Kimberley Goldfields, published by 
J. C. W r ilkin, for the Lyttelton Times Company, Christchurch, 1886, 
enclosed in cloth case with label, 8vo 

part; iv. 



345 An Historical Narrative of the Discovery of New Holland and New 

South Wales, containing an Account of the Inhabitants, Animals, 
and other Productions of those countries, and including a particular 
Description of Botany Bay, illustrated with, a Chart of New Holland, 
New South Wales, Botany Bay, &c, 4to, half calf, Scarce 1786 

346 Tench (Capt. Watkin. R.N.) A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany 

Bay, with an Account of New South Wales, and a List of Civil and 
Military Establishments at Port Jackson, frontispiece view of Botany 
Bay, Ships at anchor. Fine Copy, 8vo, new half crimson calf 1789 

347 Tlie Second Edition, 8vo, half calf, with Book plate of James Smith 

of Fordanhill 1789 

348 Phillip (A.) Voyage to Botany Bay, with Account of the Establishment 

of the Colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, with the Journals 
of Lieuts. Shortland, Watts, Ball, and Capt. Marshall, First Edition, 
uncut, portraits, maps and charts, and numerous plates, new Imlf calf, 
4to. Fine Clean Condition 1789 

349 * The Second Edition, maps and charts, plates, &c, boards, calf back, 

4to, 1790, including Appendix continued. The History of New 
Holland, from its First Discovery in 1616 to the Present Time, and 
a Discourse on Banishment, by the Right Hon. Lord Aukland, 
illustrated with a Chart of New Holland, and Plan of Botany Bay 1790 

350 The Third edition, portrait plates, &c, half calf, uncut, 8vo 1790 

351 The Third Edition, portrait plates, dkc, With the History of New 

Holland, by Lord Aukland with Cluxrt, &c, at the end, 8vo, calf, Book- 
plates, J. T. Dering, and I. S. Henslow 1790 

352 Voyage du Gouverneur, Philip A. Botany- Bay, 8vo, half calf 

Paris, Cliez Buisson, 1791 

353 Phillips (Arthur) Reise nach der Botany- Bay, portrait plates, and 

chart of New Holland, boards, rebacked, 8vo, Hamburg, 1791 

354 White (J.) Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, with Appendix, 

&c, with 65 coloured plates of Birds, Animals, dkc, 4to, half roan, g.e. 



355 Accounts and Papers, relating to Convicts on Board the Hulks, and 

those transported to New South Wales, folio, uncut new half calf 


356 Tench (Capt. W.) A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port 

Jackson, in New South Wales, including an accurate description 
of the situation of the Colony, of the Natives, and of its natural 
Productions, half calf gilt, 4to, uncut. Fine Condition 1793 

357 Collins (D. Sec. to the Colony) Account of the English Colony in New 

South Wales, with Remarks on the Aborigines and some particulars 
of New Zealand, Maps and Plates of Native Life, &c, First Edition, 
original boards, uncut. Fine Large Paper Copy 1798 

358 Also with an Account of a Voyage by Capt. Flinders and Mr. 

Bass, by which the existence of a Strait separating Van Diemen's 
Land from New Holland was Ascertained, maps, views and plates of 
Native Life, dec, including two coloured plates of birds, 2 vols, calf, 4to, 


359 The Second Edition, with Portrait of D. Collins, Esq., maps, plates, 

2 coloured, dec, new half calf, uncut, 4to. Fine Condition 1804 

360 Barrington (G.) The History of New South Wales, including Botany 

Bay, Port Jackson, Parramatta, Sydney, &c, from its Foundation 
to the Present Time, with coloured plates and engraved title, with an 
Account of a Voyage to New South Wales, with the Author's Life, 
'Trials, Speeches, &c, with portrait, plan, engraved title, and coloured 
plates, 2 vols, 8vo 1802-3 

361 Grant (Capt. James, R.N.) Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery in the 

Lady Nelson to New South Wales, 1800-02, with Remarks on the 
unknown parts of New Holland, &c, with an Account of the Natives 
of N.S.W., with 3 plates, figure of cockatoo (coloured), large chart, and 
folding sheet of the sliding keels, 4to, half calf 1803 

362 Lewin (John W., of Paramatta, New South Wales) Prodromus Etomo- 

logy. Natural History of Lepidopterous Insects of New South 
Wales : Collected, engraved, and faithfully Painted after Nature : 
London : Printed for the Author, and Published from the Hand of his 
brother, T. Lewin, 4to, original boards 1805 

Tffl Exceedingly scarce, not in Royal Colonial Institute Catalogue 

363 Tuckey (J. H.) An Account of a Voyage to Establish a Colony at Port 

Philip in Bass's Strait, on the south coast of New South Wales, in 
His Majesty's Ship " Calcutta," in the years 1802-3-4, 8vo, original 
boards, rebacked, uncut 1805 

364 Foreign Field Sports, from Drawings by Messrs. Howitt, Atkinson, 

Clarke, Manskirch, &c, containing one hundred coloured plates, sport- 
ing anecdotes, with A Supplement of New South Wales, Native Life, 
&c, coloured plates, calf gilt extra, 4to, A Fine Clean Copy 

London 1814 

365 Wentworth (^V. C.) Description of the Colony of New South Wales, 

and its Dependant Settlements in Van Diemen's Land : new half 
calf gilt, unuct, 8vo 1819 


366 The Second Edition, considerably enlarged, and embellished with a 

view of the Town of Sydney, and a map, original boards, with label, 
8vo, uncut 1820 

367 Oxley (Lieut. J. R. N., Surveyor- General, N.S.W.) Journals of Two 

Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales, 1817-18, with 
map8 and fine views (some coloured) 4to, new half calf, uncut. A Fine 
Copy 1820 

368 Reizon in De Binnenlanden Van Australie, in de jaren 1817 en 

1818 Door John Oxley. Uit Het Engelsch, with maps and plates, 
boards, rebacked, 8vo, Te Dordrecht, bij Blusse En Van Bram 1821 

369 Wallis (Oapt. James, 46th Regiment) An Historical Account of the 

Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements, in 
Illustration of twelve views, engraved by W. Preston a convict, from 
drawings taken on the spot by Capt. Wallis, to which is subjoined an 
Accurate map of Port Macquarie, and newly discovered River Hastings, 
by J. Oxlsy, Esq., folio, original boards, with label, rebacked 1821 

370 Dixon (J.) Narrative of a Voyage to New South Wales and Van Dieman's 

Land, in the Ship " Skelton," during the year 1820, with portrait 
of Cobawn Wogy, one of the natives of New South Wales, 8vo, boards, 
uncut 1822 

371 Kittle (S.) A Concise History of the Colony and Natives of New South 

Wales, with portrait of native, 8vo, new half calf 

Edinburgh, Oliver <fe Boyd 

372 Cunningham (P.) Two Years in New South Wales ; comprising Sketches 

of the Actual State of Society in that Colony, of its Peculiar Advan- 
tages to Emigrants, map, 8vo, 2 vols, uncut 1828 

373 Field (Barron) Edited by. Geographical Memoirs on New South W T ales 

by various Hands, with view of Campbell's River, N.S. W., map, 8vo, 
new half calf, uncut 1825 

374 Atkinson (J.) An Account of the State of Agriculture in New South 

Wales, coloured folding view of Port Jackson and Sydney, from a 
drawing in possession of Barron Field, and coloured plates, with a 
fine map at end of book, relating to part of New South Wales, embellished 
with views in the Harbour of Port Jackson, also natives, drawn by 
J. W. Lewin, First Edition, original boards, uncut 1826 

*ffi The above copy of this interesting book has been corrected and amended 
throughout, presumably for the later edition which appeared in 1844. 

375 MSS. — Kenny (J.) The Account of the loss of the Ship ' Saracon " 

from London bound to Sydney, New South Wales, 1827, written in 
book, signed John Kenny, Commander, Richard Stephens, jun., 
P. Lucy Jane, 4to, half calf 

376 Gouger (R.) A Letter from Sydney, the Principal Town of Australia, 

together with the Outline of a System of Colonization, map, 8vo, 
boards, uncut 1829 


377 Barrington (G.) A Voyage to Botany Bay, with a Description of the 

Country, Manners, Customs, &c., of the Natives by the celebrated 
G. Barrington, engraved title-page, 8vo, boards, uncut " 1793 

378 Royal Instructions and Despatches to the Governors of New South 

Wales, Tasmania, &c, in disposing of Crown Lands, and the means 
by which Emigration may be facilitated, 1831-40-8, seven orders 
bound in one vol, folio, new half calf, uncut 

379 Whately (R.) Thoughts on Secondary Punishments in a Letter to 

Earl Grey, 8vo, new half calf , uncut 1832 

380 Lewin (J. W., of Paramatta) A Natural History of the Birds of New 

South Wales, Collected, Engraved, and faithfully Painted after 
Nature, New and Improved Edition, 26 fine coloured plates, with 
Descriptive Text, half morocco, cloth sides Bohn 1838 

381 Breton (Lieut.) Excursions in New South Wales, &c, during the 

years 1830-33, plates, 8vo, polished calf 1833 

382 Bennett (G.) Wanderings in New South Wales, 2 plates coloured, 2 vols, 

8vo, half calf 1834 

383 Another Copy, 2 vols, plates plain, uncut, tall copies, new half 

calf gilt extra 1834 

384 Report from the Select Committee on the Conduct of General Darling, 

while Governor of New South Wales, with the Minutes of Evidence, 
and Appendix, September, 1835, Joseph Sudds, New South Wales. 
A Return of all Letters addressed by the Right Hon. the Sec. of 
State for the Colonies, in reply to Gov. Darling Despatches, relative 
to the Punishment and Death of Private Joseph Sudds, late 57th 
Regt., dated Dec. 1826-9, ordered to be printed July, 1832, both 
bound in one vol, folio, new half calf 

385 Grey (Sir G.) Papers relating to Emigration to Australia, North America, 

&c, six bound in one vol, folio, new half calf gilt extra, uncut 1837^49 

386 Lang (J. D.) Historical Account of New South Wales, both as a Penal 

Settlement and as a British Colony, 2 vols, map, 8vo, new half calf 


387 Macarthur (James) New South Wales, its Present State and Future 

Prospects : being a Statement with Documentary Evidence, map, 
8vo, original cloth 1837 

388 Mudie (James) The Felonry of New South Wales ; with a Faithful 

Picture of the Real Romance of Life in Botany Bay, map of the town 
of Sydney, 1836, 8vo, original cloth 1837 

389 Mitchell (Major T. L.) Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern 

Australia, with descriptions of the recently explored region of 
Australia Felix, and of the Present Colony of New South Wales, 
plates, some coloured, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1838 

390 Three Years' Practical Experience of a Settler in New South Wales» 

being Extracts from Letters to his Friends in Edinburgh from 1834 
to 1837, with map, 8vo, new half calf 1838 

391 Twenty Years' Experience in Australia ; with Advantages of Emigra- 

tion to New South Wales alike to Men of Capital and the Labouring 
Classes, 8vo, half calf 1839 


392 Burton (W. W.) The State of Religion and Education in Now South 

Wales, with map, 8vo, original cloth with, kangaroo at back 1840 

393 Macarthur (Major) Colonial Policy of 1840 and 1841 as illustrated by 

the Governor's Despatches, and Proceedings of the Legislative 
Council of New South Wales, 8vo, new half calf 1841 

394 Hood (J.) Australia and the East : being a Journal Narrative of a 

Voyage to New South Wales, in an Emigrant Ship ; with a Residence 
of some months in Sydney and the Bush, in the years 1841-2, 8vo, 
original cloth 1843 

395 Meredith (Mrs. Charles) Notes and Sketches of New South Wales, 

during a Residence in that Colony from 1839 to 1844, 8vo, half calf 


396 Strzelecki (P. E. de) Physical Description of New South W T ales and 

Van Diemen's Land, with portrait, map, sections, and diagrams and 
figures of the organic Remains, 8vo, original cloth 1845 

397 Hay (J. H. D.) Western Barbary : its Wild Tribes and Savage Animals, 

New South W r ales, &c, 8vo, cloth 1846 

398 Griffith (C.) The Present State and Prospects of the Port Phillip District 

of New South Wales, portrait of Native engaged in a Corrobaree, 
8vo, original cloth Dublin 1845 

399 Braim (T. H.) History of New South W T ales, from its Settlement to 

the close of the year 1844, plates, 2 vols in one, 8vo, cloth 1846 

400 Marjoribanks (A.) Travels in New South Wales, 8vo, original cloth 1847 

401 the Second Edition, 8vo, original cloth 1851 

402 W T estgarth (W 7 .) Australia Felix ; or a Historical and Descriptive 

Account of the Settlement of Port Phillip, New South Wales, map 
and plates, 8vo, original cloth 1848 

403 Westmacott (Capt. R. M., Late 4th King's Own Regt.) Sketches in 

Australia, drawn on stone by W T . Sprat, 18 views, with Descriptions, 
complete in three parts, imp. 4to, original wrappers, bound in new 
half calf gilt extra 1 848 

404 Constitution of Australia, 5 orders bound in one vol, folio, new half 

calf gilt extra 1849-56 

405 Townsend (J. P.) Rambles and Observations in New South Wales, 

with sketches of men and manners, notices of the Aborigines, Glimpses 
of Scenery, and some hints to Emigrants, 8vo, original cloth 1849 

406 Henderson (J.) Excursions and Adventures in New South Wales, with 

Pictures of Squatting and Life in the Bush, plates, 2 vols, 8vo, 
original cloth 1851 

407 Hinton (F.) Recollections of a Ramble from Sydney to Southampton 

via South America, Panama, the West Indies, the United States 
and Nigera, 8vo, half calf 1851 

408 Shaw (J.) A Tramp to the Diggings : being Notes of a Ramble in 

Australia and New Zealand in 1852, 8vo, original cloth 1852 


409 Landscape Scenery illustrating Sydney and Port Jackson, Paramatta, 

Richmond, Maitland, Windsor, 38 coloured plates and title-page, 
oblong, half morocco Sands & Kenny, London and Australia, 1855 

410 Cooper (F. de B.) Wild Adventures in Australia and New South Wales 

beyond the Boundaries, with Sketches of Life at the Mining Districts, 
plates, 8vo, original cloth 1857 

411 Marsden (Rev. S.) Memoirs of Life (Senior Chaplain of New South 

Wales), portrait, 8vo, original cloth 1858 

412 Bennett (G.) Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australia, New South 

Wales, New Zealand, and some of the Austral Islands, coloured plates 
of Birds, &c, 8vo, original cloth, uncut 1860 

413 M'Combie (T.) Australian Sketches, the Gold Discovery, Bush Graves, 

&c, &c, 8vo, original cloth 1861 

414 Therry (R.) Reminiscences of Thirty Years' Residence in New South 

Wales and Victoria, with a Supplementary Chapter on Transporta- 
tion and the Ticket-of -Leave System, 8vo, original cloth, uncut 1863 

415 Trollope (A.) New South Wales and Queensland, maps, 8vo, original 

cloth 1874 

416 New Edition, map, 8vo, decorated thick paper boards 1875 

417 Inglis (J.) Our Australian Cousins, original cloth with bird and Kangaroo 

in gilt, 8vo 1880 

418 Gane (D. M.) New South Wales and Victoria in 1885, 8vo, original 

cloth 1886 

419 Liversidge (A.) The Minerals of New South Wales, &c, map, imp. 8vo, 

original cloth, Author's presentation copy to J. Perdy April 12th, 1888 


420 Murray (Hon. R. D.) A Summer at Port Phillip, frontispiece, 8vo 

original cloth 1843 

421 Lang (J. D.) Phillipsland ; Country Hitherto Designated Port Phillip ; 

its present condition and prospects, as a Highly Eligible Field for 
Emigration, maps, 8vo, original cloth 1847 

422 Clutterbuck (J. B.) Port Phillip in 1849, map, 8vo, original cloth 1850 

423 Howitt (W.) Land, Labour, and Gold ; or two years in Victoria : with 

visits to Sydney and Van Diemen's Land, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 

Boston, 1855 

424 Another Edition, Taller copies, 2 vols, London 1855 

425 Wathen (G. H.) The Golden Colony, or Victoria in 1854, with remarks 

on the Geology of the Australian Gold Fields, frontispiece and map, 
8vo, original cloth with figures of Miners on side in gilt, 1855 

426 Westgarth (W T .) Victoria and the Australian Gold Mines in 1857, with 

maps, 8vo, original cloth 1857 

427 Cornwallis (K.) Yarra Yarra ; or the Wandering Aborigine : A Poetical 

Narrative, original boards with figure of Native both sides, 8vo, 1858 


428 Kelly (W.) Life in Victoria or Victoria in 1853, and 1858, showing the 

March of Improvement made by the Colony within those Periods, 
in Town and Country, Cities and Diggings, map, 2 vols, 8vo, original 
cloth 1859 

429 Burrows (W.) Adventures of a Mounted Trooper in the Australian 

Constabulary : being Recollections of seven years' experience of Life 
in Victoria, and New South Wales, frontispiece, with similar view on 
cover, boards, 8vo 1859 

430 Westgarth (W.) Victoria : Late Australia Felix, or Port Phillip District 

of New South Wales ; being an Historical and Descriptive Account 
of the Colony and its Gold Mines, map, original cloth, 8vo, with book- 
plate W.D.P. 1853 

431 Brown (H.) Victoria as I Found It, During Five Years of Adventure, 

in Melbourne, on the roads, and the Gold Fields, 8vo, original cloth, 


432 Wills (W r . J.) A Successful Exploration through the Interior of Australia, 

from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria, frontispiece, map, 8vo, 
original cloth 1863 

433 Westgarth (W r .) The Colony of Victoria : its History, Commerce, and 

Gold Mining ; its Social and Political Institutions ; down to the 
end of 1863, map, 8vo, original cloth 1864 

434 Booth (E. C.) Another England, Life, Living, Homes, and Home- 

makers in Victoria, 8vo, original cloth 1869 

435 Duncan (S. T.) Journal of a Voyage to Australia Six Months in Mel- 

bourne, including Scenes and sayings on Sea, and Land, 8vo, original 
cloth, with ships on cover in gilt 1869 

436 Landsborough's Exploration of Australia from Carpentaria to Mel- 

bourne, with especial reference to the Settlement of Available Country, 
edited by J. S. Laurie, with a Chart ; and a systematic arrangement 
of Carpentarian plants by F. Mueller, M.D., F.R.S., 8vo, cloth 

437 Victoria, The British " El Dorado " or Melbourne in 1869, by a Colonist 

of 20 years' standing, with coloured plates and map, 8vo, cloth 1870 

438 Glimpses of Life in Victoria by a Resident plates of Native Life, &c, 

8vo, half calf 1872 

439 Smyth (B.) The Aborigines of Victoria : with notes relating to the 

Habits of the Natives of other Parts of Australia and Tasmania, 
compiled from various sources for the Government of Victoria, 
views and plates of Native life, imp. 8vo, original cloth, with Natives 
on covers in gilt, 2 vols (bookplate, Sir W. Crookes, F.R.8., in both 
vols) 1878 

440 Labilliere (F. P.) Early History of the Colony of Victoria, 2 vols, 8vo, 

original cloth 1878 

441 Bonwick (J.) Port Phillip Settlement, coloured frontispiece and numerous 

Drawings and Letters in Facsimile, original cloth, 8vo, with Native 
spearing Kangaroo in gill on cover 1883 

442 Seventy Years of Life in the Victorian Era embracing a Travelling 

Record in Australia, New Zealand, and America, &c, by a Physician 
illustrations, 8vo, original cloth 1893 



443 The New British Province of South Australia, map and frontispiece, 

8vo, original cloth 1834 

444 Torrens (R., F.R.S.) Colonisation of South Australia, map, 8vo, new 

boards 1835 

445 Colonization of South Australia, Annual Reports, First Report 1836, 

to 4th ditto, 1840, also Report of the Debts incurred by the Govern- 
ment of South Australia ; and also an Account of the Income and 
Expenditure of the said Colony, bound together in folio volume, new 
half calf, uncut, gilt extra 1841 

446 Gouger (R.) South Australia in 1837, in a series of Letters with a Post- 

script as to 1838, map, 8vo, original cloth, Second Edition (Author's 
presentation copy) 1838 

447 Capper's South Australia containing the History of the Rise, Progress 

and Present State of the Colony, Hints to Emigrants, three maps, 
8vo, original cloth 1838 

448 Another Edition with map of the Eastern Coast of Gulf St. Vincent, 

also a plan of Adelaide, 8vo, original cloth 1838 

449 James (T. H.) Six Months in South Australia, with advice to Emigrants, 

map, 8vo, original cloth 1839 

450 Gouger (R.) South Australia in 1837, First Edition, 8vo, original cloth 


451 Stephens (J.) The Land of Promise : South Australia by one who is 

Going, map, 8vo, original cloth, with Kangaroo on covers, First Edition 


452 The History of South Australia, map, 8vo, original cloth, with 

Kangaroos mi side, Second Edition 1839 

453 Leigh (W. H.) Voyages, Travels and Adventures, in the New Colonies 

of South Australia, &c, frontispiece of an Australian Warrior, and 
plates of Natives, &c, 8vo, original cloth, First Edition 1839 

454 Torrens (Col.) Paper intended to have been given to the Committee on 

the Affairs of South Australia, as part of his Evidence, on Tuesday, 
March 30th, 1841, 8vo, new half crimson calf gilt extra 1841 

455 Reports from the Select Committee on South Australia, together with 

Minutes of Evidence, Appendix and Index, folio, 8vo, new half calf 
gilt extra 1841 

456 Dutton (F.) South Australia and its Mines, with an Historical Sketch of 

the Colony, to the Period of Capt. Grey's Departure, frontispiece, 
and map, 8vo, original cloth 1846 

457 South Australia, its History, Progress, and Present Condition, by the 

Editor of the South Australian News, 8vo, new half crimson calf 1848 

458 Angas (George French) South Australia Illustrated, a series of 65 large 

Coloured Plates of River Scenery, Aboriginal Inhabitants, their 
Weapons and Utensils, Views of Townships, &c, with Letterpress 
Descriptions, Includes fine views of Adelaide, views on the River 
Murray, Port Lincoln, Encounter Bay, Mount Gambia, &c, imp. 
folio, morocco j gilt, extra. A Fine Copy 1847 


459 Wilkinson (G. B.) South Australia : its Advantages and its Resources, 

hoing a Description of that Colony, 8vo, original cloth 1848 

460 Sturt (Capt. C.) Narrative of an Expedition into Central Australia, 

performed under the Authority of Her Majesty's Government, during 
the years 1844-5-6, together with a notice of the Province of South 
Australia, in 1847, plates, some coloured, 2 vols, cloth, 8vo 1849 
460ASturt (C.) Two Expeditions into South Australia, coloured plates, 
2 vols, 8vo, cloth, uncut 1833 

461 Sinnott (F.) An Account of the Colony of South Australia prepared for 

distribution at the International Exhibition of 1862, together with a 
Catalogue of all the Products of South Australia, with map, 8vo, new 
half calf 1862 

462 Woods (J. E.) Geological Observations in South Australia : plates, 8vo, 

original cloth 1862 

463 Hardman (W.) The Journals of John McDouall Stuart during the years 

1858-62, when he fixed the Centre of the Continent and successfully 
crossed it from sea to sea, portrait and plates, 8vo, original cloth, 
Second Edition 1865 

464 Harcus, (W.) South Australia : its History, Resources, and Productions 

illustrated with photographs taken in the Colony, with maps, 8vo, 
original cloth 1876 

465 Hale (Rev. Bishop) The Aborigines of Australia, being an Account of 

the Institution for their Education at Poonindie, in South Australia, 
frontispiece, 8vo, cloth, n.d. 

466 Daly (Mrs. D. D.) Digging, Squatting, and Pioneering Life in the 

Northern Territory of South Australia, map, 8vo, original decorated 
cloth 1887 

467 Whittington (F.) Augustus Short First Bishop of Adelaide. The Story 

of a Thirty-Four Years' Episcopate, portrait cloth, n.d. 

468 Hoddor (E.) The History of South Australia from its Foundation to 

the Year of its Jubilee, with a Chronological Summary of all the 
Principal Events of Interest up to Date, 2 maps, 8vo, original cloth, 
2 vols 1893 

469 Footprints. A Memoir of the Late Alexander Hay, one of the Fathers 

and, Early Colonists of South Australia, by his Widow, portrait and 
plates, 8vo, cloth 1899 


470 Speech of Sir W. Molesworth, Bart, M.P., in the House of Commons, 

on Tuesday, 25th July, 1848, on Colonial Expenditure and Govern- 
ment, James Ridgway, Piccadilly ; also Catalogue of the Natural and 
Industrial Products of Queensland, International Exhibition, 1862, 
Peter and Galpin, Ludgate Hill, both bound in 1 vol, 8vo, new lialf 
calf, 1848-62 

471 Papers Relative to the Affairs of Queensland, folio, new half calf 1861 

472 Lang (J.) Queensland : A Highly Eligible Field for Emigration, and 

the Future Cotton Field of Great Britain, map, 8vo, original cloth 



473 Marsh (M. H.) Overland from Southampton to Queensland, maps, 8vo, 

original cloth, with bird on side in gilt (Author's -presentation copy) 1867 

474 Kennedy (E . B.) Four Years in Queensland, with map, and photographs 

of a Squatter's House, 8vo, cloth 1870 

475 Allen (C. H.) A Visit to Queensland and her Goldfields, map, 8vo, 

original cloth, with Bottle tree in gilt at side 1870 

476 Daintree (R., Agent-General) Queensland, its Territory, Climate and 

Products, &c., illustrated with maps and plates, 8vo, original decorated 

477 Kerr (J.) Geography of Queensland, map, 8vo, cloth 1876 

478 Grant (A. C.) Bush- Life in Queensland or John West's Colonial Ex- 

periences, 2 vols, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1881 

479 Wawn (W. T.) The South Sea Islanders and the Queensland Labour 

Trade, a Record of voyages and experiences in the Western Pacific 
from 1875 to 1891, with numerous illustrations, imp. 8vo, original 
cloth 1893 

480 Bicknell (A. C.) Travel and Adventure in Northern Queensland, with 

illustrations by J. B. Clark, from Sketches by the Author, 8vo, original 
cloth (Author's presentation copy) 1895 

481 Oscar (De Satge) Pages from the Journal of a Queensland Squatter, 

portrait and Illustrations, 8vo, original cloth 1901 


482 Returns Relative to the Settlement on the Swan River; A Return of the 

number of vessels that have cleared out from the Port of London 
for the Settlement formed on the Swan River ; and an Extract of a 
Dispatch from Lieut. Gov. Stirling to the Right Hon. Sir G. Murray, 
dated 20th January, 1830, ordered to be printed February, 1831 : 
also Correspondence relative to Port Essington, with map by J. 
Arrowsmith, 1843, and in further papers relative to the Discovery of 
Gold in Australia, 1856, February to July, all bound in one folio 
volume, new half calf 1831-56 

483 Roberts (Jane) Two Years at Sea being the Narrative of a Voyage to 

the Swan River and Van Dieman's Land, during the years 1829-31, 
frontispiece, 8vo, calf gilt 1834 

484 Doyle (M.) Extracts from the Letters and Journals of G. Fletcher 

Moore, Esq., at the Swan River Settlement, 8vo, original cloth, book 
plate 1834 

485 Ogle (N.) The Colony of. Western Australia : A Manual for Emigrants 

to that Settlement or its Dependences ; illustrations and the most 
correct map extant, 8vo, original cloth 1839 

486 Irwin (Capt. F. C.) The State and Position of Western Australia, com- 

monly called the Swan- River Settlement, 8vo, cloth 1835 


487 Grey (G.) Journals of Expeditions in N.W. and W. Australia, 1837-39, 

desoribing many newly discovered Distriots, with Observations on 
the Moral and Physioal Condition of the Aborigines, &c., map and 
plates (some coloured) 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth with Kangaroo at back 
in gilt 1841 

488 Grey (Capt ; G.) A Vocabulary of the "Dialects of South Western Aus- 

tralia, original wrappers bound in half crimson calf gilt extra, 8vo 1841 

489 Moore (G. F.) A Descriptive Vocabulary of the Language in Common 

Use amongst the Aborigines of Western Australia, 8vo, original cloth 


490 Millett (Mrs. E.) An Australian Parsonage, or the Settler and the 

Savage in Western Australia, 8vo, frontispiece cloth 1872 

491 Mueller (Baron F. Von.) Report on the Forest Resources of Western 

Australia, plates, 4to, original cloth 1879 

492 Calvert (A. F.) The Mineral Resources of Western Australia, 8vo, cloth 


493 Vivienne (May) Travels in Western Australia being a Description of the 

various Cities and Towns, Goldfields, and Agricultural Districts of 
that State, with numerous illustrations, 8vo, vellum with swans in 
black and gilt on cover 1901 


494 Jeffrys (Lieut. C.) Geographical and Descriptive Delineations of the 

Island of Van Diemans Land, 8vo, old calf 1820 

495 Evans (G. W.) A Geographical, Historical, and Topographical Descrip- 

tion of Van Diemens Land, with folding view of Hobart, 8vo, half calf 
gilt, extra uncut 1822 

IfflT^e chart referred to on the title, was issued separately. 

496 Godwin's Emigrant's Guide to Van Diemen's Land, more properly 

called Tasmania, with chart and folding plate of the South West view of 
Hobart, 8vo, new half calf gilt extra, uncut 1823 

497 Curr (E.) An Account of the Colony of Van Diemen's Land, 8vo, beards 

uncut ■> 1824 

^ The Appendix contains letters from Government House, Hobart Town 

June, 1821-22, relating to flocks of sheep their care, dec, also 

" Michael Howe " the last and worst of the Bushrangers of Van 

Dieman's Land- 

498 Bisohoff (J.) Sketch of the History of Van Diemen's Land and an 

Account of the Van Diemen's Land Company, map and plates, 8vo, 
original boards 1832 

499 Prinsep (Mrs. A.) The Journal of a Voyage from Calcutta to Van 

Diemen's Land, from Original Letters, map, 8vo, clcth with label 


500 Parker (H. W.) The Rise, Progress, and Present State cf Van Diemen's 

Land, with advice to Emigrants, also a Chapter on Convicts, map, 8vo, 
original cloth 1833 



501 The Second Edition containing a Supplement, showing the 

State of the Colony in May, 1834, map, 8vo, original cloth 1834 

502 Extracts from the Letters of James Backhouse, now engaged in a 

religious visit to Van Diemen's Land, and New South 'Wales, accom- 
panied by George Washington Walker, 8vo, new half calf gilt 1837 

503 Cruikshank's (George) Omnibus, illustrated with one hundred engravings 

on steel and wood, edited by Laman Blanchard, with portraits of 
George Cruikshank, 8vo, half calf, with an amusing aocount of the 
First Discovery of Van Demons' Land, by Capt. Marryat, C.B. 1842 

504 Browning (C. A.) The Convict Ship ; A Narrative of the Results of 

Scriptural Instruction and Moral Discipline as these appeared on 
Board the "Earl Grey," during the voyage to Tasmania, with brief 
notices of Individual Prisoners, 8vo, original cloth with the convict 
ship on covers 1844 

505 Syme (J.) Nine Years in Van Diemen's Land, Discovery, Possessions, 

Settlement, Progress, &c, an Essay on Prison Discipline, 8vo, cloth 


506 Stoney (Capt. H. B.) A Residence in Tasmania, with a Descriptive Tour 

through the Island from Macquarie Harbour to Circular Head, map 
and fine tinted lithographs and woodcuts, 8vo, original cloth 1856 

507 Young (Rev. R.) Journal of a Deputation from the Wesleyan Conference 

to Australia and Tasmania including notices of a visit to the Gold 
Fields, map, 8vo, cloth 1858 

508 The Experience of Forty Years in Tasmania, map of Tasmania by Hull, 

H.M., 8vo, new calf half gilt 1859 

509 Meredith (Louisa A.) Some of my Bush Friends in Tasmania, Native 

Flowers, Berries and Insects drawn from Life, illustrated in verse, and 
briefly described, fine coloured plates, folio, cloth gilt 1860 

510 The Life and Labours of George Washington Walker, of Hobart Town, 

Tasmania, by J. Backhouse and Charles Tylor, portrait, 8vo, original 
cloth 1862 

511 Bonwick(J.) Daily Life and Origin of the Tasmanians, coloured frontis- 

piece and plates of Natives, &c, 8vo, original cloth, with Native Head 
on cover in gilt (Author's presentation copy) 1870 

512 Bonwick (J.) The Last of the Tasmanians, or the Black War of Van 

Diemen's Land, map and numerous illustrations, and coloured engrav- 
ings, 8vo, original cloth with native on cover, in gilt 1870 

513 Baird (Rev. J.) The Emigrants Guide to Australia, Tasmania, &c, map, 

8vo, green cloth covers 1871 

514 Bonwick (J.) The Tasmanian Lily, frontispiece, 8vo, original cloth 1873 

515 Senior (W.) Travel and Trout in the Antipodes, an Angler's Sketches in 

Tasmania, &c, 8vo, cloth 1880 

516 Catalogue of Works, Papers, Reports, and Maps, on the Geolcgy, &c, 

of the Australian Continent and Tasmania, complied by Robert 
Etheridge, Jun., and R. L. Jack, F.R.G.S., 8vo, doth 1881 

517 Crozet's Voyage to Tasmania, New Zealand, the Ladrone Islands and 

the Philippines, 1771-72, translated by H. Ling-Roth, with preface 
by J. R. Boose, plates and charts, 8vo, cloth 1891 



518 Nicholas (John, L.) Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, 1814-15 

in company with tho Rev. S. Marsden, Chaplain of N.S. Wales, with 
chart and engraved views, 2 vols, 8vo, calf 1817 

519 Cruise (Capt. R. 84th Regiment) Journal of Ten Months Residence in 

New Zealand, coloured portrait of Tetoro Native Chief, engraved by 

Finden, 8vo, new half calf gilt, uncut 1823 

520 The Second Edition, new half calf gilt, 8vo, uncut 1824 

521 The New Zealanders, map, plates and woodcuts, 8vo, cloth 1830 

522 Earle (A.) A Narrative of a Nine Months Residence in New Zealand in 

1827, portrait of Aranghie the Tattooer of New Zealand, and plates of 
Tattooed Natives, 8vo, half calf (bookplates of F. Wickham, M.A., 
New Coll.) 1832 

523 The British Colonization of New Zealand, being an Account of the 

Principles, Objects, and Plans of the New Zealand Association, with 
charts and illustrations, 8vo, original cloth 1837 

524 Yate (Rev. W.) An Account of New Zealand, portrait, map and plates, 

with coloured plate of flags, 8vo, original cloth 1 835 

525 The Second Edition, 8vo, original cloth, &c. 1835 

526 A Bill for the Provisional Government of British Settlements in the 

Islands of New Zealand, June 1838, folio, new half calf, uncut 

527 Information Relative to New-Zealand, for the Use of Colonists, map 

1839 ; Lang, J. D., New Zealand in 1839 ; Information respecting 
the Settlement of New Plymouth, in New Zealand, with view of part 
of New Plymouth Settlement, 1841 ; Hanccck, J., Observations on 
the Climate, Soil, and Productions of New Guiana and its Advan- 
tages, 1840, bound together in 1 volume, 8vo, cloth 

528 New Zealand Papers, Reports, &c, 2 vols, folio, maps, half calf 1838-44 

529 Correspondence and Papers Relating to New Zealand, six bound in 

folio volume, new half calf gilt extra, uncut 1840-6 

530 Polack (J. S.) Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders, with Notes 

of their Habits, &c, with map and numerous woodcuts, 2 vols, 8vo, 
original decorated cloth 1840 

531 Supplementary Information Relative to New-Zealand, comprising 

Despatches and Journals of the Company's Officers of the First 
Expedition, and the First Report of the Directors, 8vo, new half calf 
giU 1840 

532 Bright (J.) Hand-book for Emigrants, being a History of New Zealand : 

its State and Prospects, original cloth covers, 8vo 1841 

533 Petre (The Hon. H. W.) An Account of the Settlements of the New 

Zealand Company, from Personal Observation during a Residence 

There, map, 8vo, original cloth 1841 

534 The Fourth Edition 1842 

535 The Fifth Edition 1842 

536 Terry (C, F.R.S.) New Zealand : its Advantages and Prospects, as a 

British Colony ; with a full account of the Land Claims, Sales of 
Crown Lands, Aborigines, &c, map and plates, 8vo, original cloth 



537 Reasons for Promoting the Cultivation of the New Zealand Flax, by 

F. D. Bell and F. Young, Junr, 1842 ; New Zealand, Nelson, the 
Latest Settlement of the New Zealand Company, by Kahha, 1842 
Ordinances and Regulations Relating to the Issue of Timber and, 
Depasturing Licenses on Crown Lands, 1851, bound in 1 vol, new lialf 
calf gilt, 8vo 

538 Dieffenbach (E.) Travels in New Zealand, with Contributions to the 

Geography, Geology, Botany, and Natural History, map and plates, 
2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1843 

539 Suttor (G.) The Culture of the Grape- Vine, and the Orange, in Australia 

and New Zealand, frontispiece, 8vo, original cloth 1843 

540 Wakefield (E. J.) Adventure in New Zealand, from 1839-44, with some 

Account of the Beginning of the British Colonization of the Islands, 
map, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1845 

541 Brown (W.) New Zealand and its Aborigines : being an Account ofrthe 

Aborigines, Trade, and Resources of the Colony, 8vo, original cloth 


542 Marjoribanks (A.) Travels in New Zealand, with a map of the Country, 

8vo, original decorated cloth 1846 

543 Papers Relative to the Affairs of New Zealand : Correspondence with 

Lieut. Governor Grey, 1845-7, maps, five Papers bound in folio 
volume, new lialf calf gilt, uncut 

544 Correspondence Lieut. Governor Grey, 1845-7, folio, uncut 

545 Brees (S. 0.) Pictorial Illustrations of New Zealand, with 21 plates 

(64 views), with panoramic views of Wellington and Port Nichohon, 
engraved by Henry Melville, with descriptive letterpress, folio, original 
cloth 1847 

546 Another Copy, Title and 61 beautiful coloured views on 20 

plates, Large and Thick Paper (only a few coloured copies issued), 
folio, half morocco 

547 Descriptive Catalogue of the Paintings by George F. Angas, 

Illustrative of the Natives and Scenery of New Zealand and South 
Australia, &c, &c, now exhibiting at the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, 
8vo, new half calf gilt 1846 

548 On the British Colonization of New Zealand, by the Committee of the 

Aborigines' Protection Society, 8vo, cloth 1846 

549 Angas (George F.) Savage life and Scenes in Australia and New 

Zealand, being an Artist's Impressions, with 12 lithographs and other 
illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf 1847 

550 Annals of the Diocese of New Zealand, map plates and woodcuts, 8vo, 

cloth 1847 

551 Chamerovzow (L. A.) The New Zealand Question and the Rights of 

Aborigines, original cloth, 8vo 1848 

552 Hurtshouse (0.) An account of the Settlement of New Plymouth, in 

New Zealand, with a plan and views, 8vo, original cloth 1849 

553 Power (W. T.) Sketches in New Zealand with pen and pencil, plates, 

8vo, original cloth 1849 


554 Jameson (R. G.) New Zealand, South Australia, and New South 

Wales : a Record of Recent Travels in these Colonies, with reference 
to Emigration, maps and plates, 8vo, original cloth 

555 Domestio Scenes in New Zealand, map and woodcuts, 8vo, original 

cloth 1851 

556 Fox (W.) The Six Colonies of New Zealand, map, 8vo, original cloth 

(Author's Presentation copy) 1851 

557 Adams (C. W.) A Spring in the Canterbury Settlement, with\engiavings, 

original cloth 8vo 1853 

558 Taylor (Rev. R.) Te Ika a Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants 

with map, and numerous illustrations, 8vo, original cloth 1855 

559 Grey, Sir George, Polynesian Mythology and Ancient Traditional 

History of the New Zealand Race, as furnished by their Priests and 
Chiefs, numerous illustrations, original decorated cloth, 8vo 1855 

560 Fitton (E. B.) New Zealand : its Present Condition, Prospects and 

Resources, map, 8vo, original cloth 1856 

&61 Swainson (W.) The Substance of Lectures on the Colonization of New 
Zealand, with Notes, 8vo, original cloth (Author's Presentation Copy) 


562 Papers relating to the Recent Disturbances in New Zealand and Native 

Affairs, maps, folio, new half calf gilt 1856-63 

563 Hursthouse (C.) New Zealand or the Britain of the South, with maps 

and coloured views, 2 vols, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1857 

564 The Second Edition, with a Chapter on the Native War and our 

future Native Policy, maps, 8vo, cloth 1861 

565 Tucker (Miss) The Southern Cross and Southern Crown, plates, 8vo, 

cloth 1858 

566 Young (Rev. R.) The Southern World, New Zealand and Polynesia, 

8vo, cloth 1858 

567 Fuller (F.) Five Years' Residence in New Zealand, or Observations on 

Colonization, 8vo, original cloth, with fine bookplate, John S. Paking- 
ton 1859 

568 Swainson (W.) New Zealand and its Colonization, with map, 8vo, 

original cloth 1859 

569 Costume — Illustrations of Missionary Scenes, 40 fine coloured plates, 

including Aborigines of New Zealand, W 7 ar Canoes, &c, and North 
American Indians, in 2 vols, oblong, cloth, Mayence, date about 
1859-60 J. Scholz, n.d' 

570 Fox (W.) The War in New Zealand, 8vo, new half calf 1860 

571 Another copy, also Miscellaneous Pamphlets relating to New 

Zealand, &c, 1860-1, 8vo, half calf 

572 Papers Relative to the Recent Disturbances in New Zealand, folio. 

maps, new half calf gilt 1861 

573 Swainson (W.) New Zealand and the War, 8vo, original cloth 1862 

574 Old New Zealand : being incidents of Native Customs and Character 

in the Old Times, by a Pakeha Maori, 8vo, original cloth 1863 


575 Stack (F. R. Major of Brigade) Views in the Provinoe of Aukland, New 

Zealand, comprising 6 coloured lithographs, with descriptive letterpress, 
the views are with fine margins in splendid condition, enclosed in cloth 
portfolio (new), folio 1862 

List of Plates. 
Aukland Harbour during Regatta, 1862. 
Aukland from the Crater of Mount Eden. 
Aukland from the Lake on the North Shore, Frith of the Thames, &c, 

from Howiek Ranges. 
Wairda Creek (Alex. Kennedy, Esq.). 

View from the Ranges overlooking the Entrance to the Manukau 

576 Muter (Mrs.) Travels and Adventures of an Officer's Wife in New 

Zealand, &c, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1864 

577 Further Papers Relating to the Military Operations in New Zealand, 

maps, folio, new half calf gilt 1864-5 

578 Gorst (J. E.) The Maori King, or the Story of our Quarrel with the 

Natives of New Zealand, map and portrait, 8vo, cloth 1864 

579 Fox (W.) The War in New Zealand, with 2 maps and a plan, 8vo, original 

cloth 1866 

580 Musgrave (Gapt. T.) Castaway on the Auckland Isles : A Narrative of 

the Wreck of the Grafton " and of Escape of the Crew after Twenty 
Months' Suffering, portrait and map, 8vo, original cloth 1866 

581 Taylor (Rev. R.) The Past and Present of New Zealand, with its Pros- 

pects for the Future, with numerous illustrations, 8vo, original cloth 


582 Braini (T. H.) New Homes : Australian Colonies and New Zealand, 

regarded for all classes of Emigrants, profusely illustrated, 8vo., 
original decorated cloth 1870 

583 Taylor (Rev. R.) Te Ika a Maui ; or New Zealand and its Inhabitants, 

with numerous illustrations, some coloured, 8,vo, original cloth 1870 

584 Barker (Lady) Station Life in New Zealand, coloured frontispiece, 8vo, 

original cloth 1870 

585 Meade (Lieut. The Hon. H.) A Ride through the Disturbed Districts 

of New Zealand, together with some Account of the South Sea 
Islands, with maps and coloured illustrations from the Author's 
Sketches, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1870 

586 Hutton (Capt. F. W.) The Geographical Relations of the New Zealand 

Fauna, &c, from the " Transactions of the New Zealand Institute," 
8vo, plates half calf 1872-3 

587 Kennedy (A.) New Zealand, frontispiece and map, 8vo, cloth 1874 

588 Buller (Sir W. L.) A History of the Birds of New Zealand, First Edition, 

numerous fine coloured plates by Keulemans, 4to, original cloth, with 
bird on cover in gilt 1873, 

589 The Second and Best Edition, with Supplement, containing altogether 

60 beautiful coloured plates and other illustrations, together, 3 vols 4to, 
half red morocco, gilt 1888-1905 

590 Trollope (A) New Zealand, map, 8vo, original illustrated boards 1875 

591 Wilson (G. H.) Ena or the Ancient Maori, 8vo, cloth 1874 


592 Trollope (A.). Now Zealand, 8vo, map, cloth 1874 

593 Barraud (C. D.) New Zealand, Graphic and Descriptive, title, map and 

24 coloured lithographs, and 19 plain lithographs on 6 plates, and 31 
woodcuts in the text, by 0. E. Barraud, with descriptive letterpress, by 
W. T. L. Travers, folio, halj calj 1877 

594 Gully (J.) New Zealand Scenery chromo-lithographed ajter Original 

Water-Colour Drawings, with descriptive letterpress by Dr. Julius Von 
Haast, original cloth, folio 1877 

595 Colonial Experiences ; or Incidents and Reminiscences of Thirty-Four 

Years in New Zealand, by an Old Colonist, map, 8vo, original cloth 


596 Buller (Rev. J.) Forty Years in New Zealand : including a Personal 

Narrative, an Account of Maoridom, portrait and plates, 8vo, original 
decorated cloth 1878 

597 Simmons (A.), Old England and New Zealand : with an Historical 

Sketch of the Maori Race, to which are added Extracts from the 
Author's Diary of his Voyage to New Zealand in company with 500 
Emigrants, map, 8vo, original cloth 1879 

598 Bathgate (J.) New Zealand : its Resources and Prospects, map and 

illustrations, 8vo, new halj calj gilt 1880 

599 Reminiscences of New Zealand, by Hawkswood, 8vo, cloth 

London 1880 

600 Poenamo Sketches of the Early Days of New Zealand, Romance and 

Reality of Antipodean Life in the Infancy of A New Colony, 8vo, 
cloth, Williams and Norgate, 1881 

601 The Natural Wonders of New Zealand, its Boiling Lakes, Steam Holes, 

Mud Volcanoes, Sulphur Baths, Medicinal Springs, and Burning 
Mountains, 8vo, map, cloth 1881 

602 Saunders (A.) Our Domestic Birds, a Practical Poultry Book for Eng- 

land and New Zealand, 8vo, original decorated cloth 1883 

603 Martin (Lady) Our Maoris, map and plates, 8vo, original cloth with 

Maori Weapons on cover 1884 

604 Bracken (T.) Lays of the Land of the Maori and Moa, portrait, 8vo, 

cloth with Maori weapons on cover 1884 

605 Clayden (A.) A Popular Handbook to New Zealand, its Resources and 

industries, map, 8vo, Jtalj calj 1885 

606 Payton (E. W.) Round about New Zealand, being notes from a Journal 

of Three Years' Wanderings in the Antipodes, portrait oj Rewi 
Maniapoto, with 20 original illustrations by the Author, 8vo, original 
cloth 1888 

607 Barlow (P. W.) Kaipara or Experiences of a Settler in North New 

Zealand, illustrated, cloth, with coloured view on cover 8vo 1888 

608 Gisborne (W.) The Colony of New Zealand, its History, Vicissitudes 

and Progress, map, 8vo, cloth 1888 

609 Firth (J. C.) Nation making a Story of New Zealand, Savagism v. Civili- 

sation, frontispiece, 8vo, halj calj 1890 

610 Mannering (G. E.) with Axe and Rope in the New Zealand Alps, with 

illustrations, 8vo, decorated cloth 1891 



611 New South W T alea — Almanack, 1814, printed by G. Howe, Government 

printer, Sydney (very early date) — 8vo, enclosed in crimson calf case 

612 Busby (J.) A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine and the art of making 

W T ine (dedicated to Sir Thos. Brisban), presentation copy to Lord 
Goderich, 8vo, calj (Sydney R. Howe) 1825 

613 Proclamations, Government Orders, and Notices, by His Excellency, 

Lieut. -Gen. Ralph Darling of New S. Wales, 1825-1826, folio wrappers 

Sydney, Robert Howe, 1826 

614 Proclamations, Acts and Ordinances of New South Wales, by Lieut. - 

Gen. Ralph Darling, 1826, folio wrappers 

Sydney, Robert Howe, 1827 

615 Proclamations, Government Orders from January 5th to June 20th, 

1828, New South Wales, by Lieut.-Gen. Ralph Darling, folio wrappers 

Sydney, R. Howe, 1828 

616 Proclamations, Acts and Ordinances, New South Wales from July 28th 

to 16th December, 1828, by Lieut.-Gen. Ralph Darling, folio wrappers 
Sydney, R. Mansfield for the executors of the late R. Howe 1829 

617 Proclamations, Acts in Council, New South Wales from 1st January to 

30th June, 1829, by Lieut.-Gen. Ralph Darling, folio wrappers 

Sydney, R. Mansfield, government printer, 1829 

618 New South Wales — -Calendar and General Post Office Directory, 1832, 

8vo Sydney by Stephens and Stokes, King Street 1832 

619 New South Wales — Calendar and General Post Office Directory, 1833, 

engraved titla, plan of Sydney and views, post 8vo, original cloth, with 
label Sydney 1833 

620 New South Wales : Illustrations of the Present State and future 

Prospects of the Colony, by an impartial observer, with illustrated 
covers, 8vo Sydney, printed by W. Jones, Bridge Street 1835 

621 Brocket (W. E.) Narrative of a voyage from Sydney to Torres Straits 

in search of the Survivors of the " Charles Eaton," in his Majesty's 
Colonial schooner " Isabelle," C. M. Lewis, Commander, portrait and 
plates, 8vo, half calf Sydney, Henry Bull 1836 

622 New South Wales — The Decision of the Three Judges of the Supreme 

Court, on the Applicability of the Marriage Act of England to this 
Colony, 8vo, half crimson calf Sydney, William Jones, 1836 

623 New South Wales — -Correspondence with his Excellency, Sir Richard 

Bourke, K.C.B., relative to the removal of Alexander M'Leay, from 
the office of Colonial Secretary of New South Wales, 8vo, half crimson 
calf Sydney, James Spilsbury, Colonist Office, 1838 


624 Now South Wales — Government Gazette, published by Authority, 

Wednesday, November 7th, 1828, to Wednesday, December 19th, 

1838, printed at the " Herald " Offioe, Lower George Street, folio 

Sydney 1838 

625 Now South Wales — Aborigines of N.S. Wales, in ourious European 

costumes date about 1840, printed by Austin & Co., No. 12 Bridge 
Street, Sydney, 4to, with label, half calf 

626 Boyd (H. V.) Letters of Education addressed to a friend in the Bush of 

Australia, 8vo, original cloth 

Sydney, W. <fe. F. Ford, George Street 1848 

627 Catalogue of Superior Bloodstock, the property of Messrs. Durbin and 

Way, by Public Auotion at Clevedon, Gresford, Paterson, on Thurs- 
day, 7th December, 1848, 8vo, half calf 

Sydney, T. Trood, 113 King Street, East 

628 Walsh (W. H.) Sermon preached at Christ Church, St. Lawrence, 8vo, 

boards Sydney, W. ds F. Ford 1848 

629 Census of New South Wales, 1846, by Ralph Mansfield, 8vo, half crimson 

calf Sydney, Kemp <b Fairfax 1847 

630 General Education Vindicated, 8vo, half calf 

Sydney, William Ford {late Clarke) George St. 1844 

631 Buller (0.) Letter from the Australian Patriotic Association, May 31, 

1839, revised March 4, 1843, 8vo, half crimson calf 

Sydney, Daniel Lovett Welch, 1843 

632 Tegg's. New South Wales Pocket Almanac, for 1842, 8vo, original 

cloth Sydney, James Tegg, George Street 

633 Hill (Fidelia S. T.) Poems and Recollections of the Past, Authoress, 

Presentation Copy, 8vo, cloth Sydney, T. Trood, King St., East 1840 

634 Well's Geographical Dictionary or Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies 

8vo, with engravings, original cloth, with label 

Sydney, W. A. F. Ford 1848 

635 Mitchell (Lieut.-Col. Sir T. L.) Australian Geography, with the Shores 

of the Pacific, and those of the Indian Ocean, map, 8vo, original cloth 

Sydney, J. Moore, George St. 1850 

636 Wall (W. S.) History and Description of the Skeleton of a new Sperm 

Whale, together with some account of a new genus of Sperm Whale 
called Euphysetes, plates, 8vo, cloth boards 

Sydney, W. R. Piddington 1851 

637 Sydney University Calendar, 1852-53, original cloth, 8vo 

Sydney, Joseph Cook 1853 

638 Wooloott & Clarke's Map of Sydney, 8vo, in cloth covers 1854 

639 Sherriff & Downing's New Map of New South Wales, 8vo, cloth 

about 1854 

640 Waugh & Cox's Australian Almanac for 1856, 8vo, paper boards 

Sydney 1856 

641 Gazetteer of New South Wales, with coloured map of the Colony, 8vo, 

cloth Sydney, Sheriff da Downing 

642 Pidgeon Nathanial, Life Experience and Journal of, written by himself 

8vo t cloth A Sydney 1867 


643 Peter Possum's Portfolio, 8vo, cloth 

Sydney, J. R. Clarke, George St. 1858 

644 Wilkinson (W. H.) Plunkett's Australian Magistrate, 8vo, cloth 

Sydney, J. J. Moore, George Street 1860 

645 Crown Lands Acts and Regulations of 1861, for New South Wales, 

half crimson calf Sydney-Thomas Richards, Government 'printer, 


646 Barton (G. B.) Poets and Prose Writers of New South Wales, 8vo, 

original cloth Sydney — Gibbs, Shallard <fc Co. 1866 

647 Kreff t (Gerald) Two Papers of the Vertebrata of the Lower Murray and 

Darling, and on the Snakes of Sydney, 8vo, half calf 

Sydney, Reading and Wellhank 1865 

618 Bailliere's New South Wales Gazetteer and Road Guide, compiled by 

Robt. P. Whitworth, with map, 8vo, original cloth Sydney 1866 

649 Ridley (Rev. Wm.) Kamilaroi, Dippil, and Turrubul, languages spoken 

by the Australian Aborigines, with Australian arms in gold and 
colours on title-page, 4to, cloth 

Sydney, Thomas Richards, government printer 1866 

650 Francis (Henry) The Present and Future Government of the Colony 

of New South Wales, 8vo, half crimson calf 

Sydney, F. Cunninghame cfc Co. 1869 

651 Waugh's Australian Almanao for 1869, with plate of descriptive flags, 

dbc, 8vo, original cloth Sydney 1859 

652 1863 

653 The Australian Almanac for 1869, with plate of coloured flags, 8vo, 

original cloth Sydney, John L. Sherriff 1869 

654 1870 

655 1871 

656 1872 

657 Industrial Progress of New South Wales, being a report of the Inter- 

colonial Exhibition of 1870 at Sydnej', views and maps, 8vo, boards 

Sydney, Thomas Richards 1871 

658 Sketches of Life in the Bush or Ten Years in the Interior, 8vo, original 

cloth Sydney 1872 

659 Robinson (Charles) New South Wales, the Oldest and Richest of the 

Australian Colonies, maps, 8vo, half mottled calf Sydney 1873 

660 de Quir's Australia Incognita, by W. A. Duncan, semi 4to, half calf 

Sydney, Thomas Richards 1874 

661 Fussell (J. C.) Squatting Directory of New South Wales, imp. 8vo, 

cloth Sydney 1865 

662 Fowles (Joseph) Sydney in 1848, plates, 4to, cloth ' Sydney, D. Wall 

663 Ridley (Rev. Wm.) Kamil aroi and other Australian Languages, 

portrait, 4to, original cloth 

New South Wales, Sydney, Thomas Richards 1875 

664 Reid (G. H.) An Essay on New South Wales, folding views, 4to, original 

cloth Sydney 1876 

605 Catalog ue of the Australian Birds in the Australian Museum at Sydney, 

N.S.W., Part 1, Acoipitres, 8vo, paper boards Sydney 1876 


636 Barleo (C. H.) " Sydnoy Onco a Wook " Magazine, FirsOSeri^s, vol 1, 

8vo, original cloth Sydney 1878 

637 Cantata written expressly for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 

International Exhibition, words by Henry Kendall, music by 
Cavaliore Peolo Giorza, folio, green morocco Sydney 1879-80 

668 Lyne (Charles) The Industries of New South Wales, folding plate and 

maps, 8vo, original cloth Sydney 1882 

669 Riohards (Thomas) New South Wales in 1881, diagrams and maps, 

8vo, original cloth Sydney 1882 

670 Jackson (J. D. D.) Sir Roger Tichbourne Revealed— Lady Tichbourne 

Correspondence, 8vo, half mottled calf Sydney 1885 

671 Special Volume of the Proceedings of the Geographical Society of 

Australasia, with maps and illustrations, 8vo, morocco Sydney 1885 

672 New South Wales : its Progress, Present Condition and Resources, 

8vo, paper boards Sydney 1884 

673 David (T. W. E.) Department of Mines, maps and plans, folio, thick 

paper boards Sydney, Charles Potter 1887 

674 Report of the First Meeting of the Australasian Association for the 

Advancement of Science held at Sydney, New South Wales in 1888, 
vol 1 Sydney, 8vo, original cloth 

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and plates, 8vo, original cloth Sydney, Turner <fc Henderson 1888 

676 Mann (J. F.) Eight Months with Dr. Leichhardt in the years 1646-47, 

frontispiece, 8vo, half mottled calf Sydney 1888 

677 Griffin (G. W.) New South Wales : her Commerce and Resources, 8vo, 

maps, original cloth Sydney, Charles Potter 1888 

678 The Centennial Supplement to the Sydney Morning Herald, coloured 

maps, 4to, half calf Gibbs ShaUard <b Co., Sydney 1888 

679 Parkes (Sir Henry) The Federal Government of Australia, with frontis- 

piece, 8vo, original cloth Sydney 1890 

680 Coghlan (T. A.) The Wealth and Progress of New South Wales, 1894, 

vol 1, 8vo, original cloth Sydney 1895 

681 Coghlan (T. A.) A Statistical Account of the Seven Colonies of Austra- 

lasia, 1897-8, map, 8vo, paper boards Sydney 1898 


682 Kerr (William) Melbourne Almanac and Port Philip Directory for 1842, 

8vo, boards Melbourne 

683 Remarks on the Probable Origin and Antiquity of the Aboriginal 

Natives of New South Wales, by a Colonial Magistrate, 8vo, half 
mottled calf Melbourne 1846 

684 A'Beokett (William) The Magistrates Manual for the Colony of Victoria, 

containing Practical Directions to the Justices of the Peace as 
required by the Jervis's Acts and the New South Wales Act of Council, 
8vo, cloth Melbourne 1852 

683 Archer (W. H.) The Statistical Register of Victoria, with an Astro- 
nomical Calendar for 1855, 8vo, paper boards Melbourne 1854 


686 Bonwick (James) Geography of Australia and New Zealand, 8vo, 

cloth maps Melbourne 1855 

687 Tulloch & Brown. Map of the Colony of Victoria, comprising part 

of New South Wales, the Goldfields, Roads, Tract, &c 1856 

688 Hannaford (Samuel) Jottings in Australia or Notes of the Flora and 

Fauna of Victoria, 8vo, cloth Melbourne 1856 

689 Bonwick (James) William Buckley, the Wild White Man and his Port 

Philip Black friends, 8vo, half crimson calf Melbourne 1856 

690 Map of and Guide to Melbourne, 8vo, thick boards 

published by George Slater, Melbourne 

691 Bunce (Daniel) Australasiatic Reminiscences, including Travels with 

Dr. Leichhardt in North or Tropical Australia, portrait, 8vo, morocco 

Melbourne 1857 

692 Bonwick (James) Discovery and Settlement of Port Philip, map, 

8vo, half calf Melbourne 1856 

693 Sea and River-Side Rambles in Viotoria, woodcuts, 8vo, with illustrated 

cover boards Geelong, Heath & Cordell 1860 

694 Catalogue of Victorian Exhibition, 1861, 8vo, paper boards 

Melbourne 1861 

695 Harkly (Sir Henry) First Annual Report of the Acclimatisation 

Society of Victoria, Melbourne 1862 ; Duffy (Gavan Hon.) Guide to 
the Land Law of Victoria, both bound in one vol, 8vo, half mottled 
calf Melbourne 1862 

696 Papers relating to a Federal Union of the Australian Colonies, Melbourne, 

1862 ; Adderley (C. B.) The Australian Colonies Government Bill 
disoussed, both bound in one vol, 8vo, half mottled calf 

697 Robinson (E. L.) New Pocket Map of Victoria, cloth covers 1862 

698 The Goldfields of Viotoria in 1862, 8vo, original cloth 

Melbourne, December 1862 

699 Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria in search of 

Burke and Wills, with map showing his route, frontispiece, 8vo, paper 
boards Melbourne 1862 

700 McKinlay's Journal of Exploration in the Interior of Australia (Burke 

Relief Expedition), with 3 maps, 8vo, original cloth 

Melbourne, F. F. Balliere 1862 

701 Gold Diggings of Victoria in Five Views in Colour taken on the spot by 

D. Tullooh, engraved and printed by Thomas Ham, oblong 4to, 
pictorial wrappers Melbourne 1852 

Tflf The subjects, with letterpress descriptions, are as follows : Golden 
Point, Ballarat, 1851.' Golden Point, Mount Alexander ; Monster 
Meeting of Gold Diggers, Dec. 15, 1851; Commissioner's Tent and 
Officers' Quarters, Forest Creek, Dec. 1851 ; Forest Creek, Mount 
Alexander. The plates are full of life and go, and the drawing both 
clever and spirited. 

702 Ballantyne (Rev. James) Homes and Homesteads in Victoria, 8vo, 

plates, half calf Melbourne 1871 


703 jWhiteman (John) Sparks and Sounds from a Colonial Anvil, 8vo, plates 

Melbourne 1873 

704 Bonwiok (J.) Geography for Young Australians, Tnap, 8vo, half calf 

Melbourne 1875 

705 Thompson (VV.) On Typhoid Fever, 8vo, cloth Melbourne 1874 

706 Giles (E.) Geographic Travels in Central Australia from 1872 to 8741 

with map {Author's Presentation Copy signed), 8vo, cloth 

Melbourne 1875 

707 Mueller (P.) The Vegetation of the Chatham Islands, plates, 8vo, cloth 
(Author's Presentation Copy) Melbourne 18C4 

708 Musgrave (Capt. Thos.) Castaway on the Auokland Isles : a Narrative 

of the Wreck of the " Grafton," with a map, 8vo, half calf 

Melbourne 1865 

709 Bailliere's Victorian Gazetteer and Road Guide, with map, 8vo, original 

cloth Melbourne 1865 

710 Halford (G. B.) Not like a Man Bimanous, and Biped, nor yet Quad- 

rumanous, but Cheiropodous, plate, 8vo, half calf Melbourne 1863 

711 Bonwick (J.) John Batman, the Founder of Viotoria, 8vo, original 

cloth Melbourne 1868 

712 Viotoria Legislative Council, Standing Orders, original cloth 

Melbourne 1869 

713 Guide for Excursionists from Melbourne, 8vo, original cloth 

Melbourne 1868 

714 Kendal (H.) Leaves from Australian Forests, 8vo, original cloth 

Melbourne 1869 

715 Guide for Excursionists from Melbourne, edited by J. Hingston, Second 

Edition, 8vo, original cloth Melbourne 1869 

716 Smyth (R. B.) The Gold Fields of Viotoria, plates, maps, plans, dec, 

imp. 8vo, original cloth. Melbourne 1869 

717 Giles (E.) Geographic Travels in Central Australia from 1872 to 1874, 

map, 8vo, original cloth Melbourne 1875, 

718 Post Direotory of Viotoria, map, imp. 8vo, cloth 

F. F. BaiUiere, Melbourne 1875 

719 Bayne (E.) Truth and Trust, 8vo, paper boards Melbourne 1880 

720 Melbourne International Exhibition, Official Record, plates and plans, 

imp. 8vo Melbourne 1882 

721 Acts of the Assembly Church of England Acts, 8vo, half calf (the Bishop 

of Melbourne copy) Melbourne 1888 

722 Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London, 1886, Illustrated Handbook 

of Viotoria, plates, imp. 8vo, half calf Melbourne 1886 

OT Presented to Sir I. D. Hooker, with the compliments of the Royal 
Commission for Victoria, signed Victorian Court, South Kensington, 

723 The Australian Irrigation Colonies, maps, dec, plates, 8vo, boards 

Melbourne 1889 

724 The Year Book of Australia for 1889, maps, dec, 8vo, boards 1889 



725 Cotter (T.) The South Australian Almanack for 1844, map, 8vo, cloth 

covers with label Adelaide, A. Macdougall, Bundle Street 

726 Garran (A.) The Royal South Australian Book Almanack, and General 

Directory, for 1854, 8vo, paper printed boards Adelaide 1854 

727 Austin (J. B.) The Mines of South Australia, map, 8vo, original cloth 

Adelaide 1863 

728 Boothby (J.) South Australian Directory, 1877, 8vo, morocco 

Adelaide 1877 

729 Worsnop (T.) History of the City of Adelaide : with Appendix and map, 

8vo, original cloth Adelaide 1878 

730 Stow (F. P.) South Australia : its History and Natural Resources, 

maps and plates, 8vo, original cloth Adelaide 1883 

731 Second Edition 1884 

732 Searcy's (A.) In Northern Seas, as Recounted to E. Whitington, maps 

and plates, original cloth Adelaide 1905 


733 Queensland Geological Papers, 1868-1869, 1870, maps, James Beal, 

Printer, William Street, Brisbane ; Geological and Mineralogical 
Survey New South Wales, 1854 to 1870, coloured plans, &c, both 
bound in one vol. folio, half calf 

734 Withers (W. B.) The History of Ballarat, with plans and illustrations 

and original Documents, 8vo, half calf Ballarat 1870 

735 Gregory (A. C.) and Francis Thomas Gregory. Journals of Australian 

Explorations, 1846-58, Western, Northern and Central Australia, 
Search for Leichhardt, 8vo, original cloth Brisbane 1884 

736 Withers (W. K) The History of Ballarat, plates, plans, &c, illustrated 

cloth covers, 8vo Ballarat 1887 

737 The Queensland Guide for the Use of Farmers, &c, plates, 8vo, original 

cloth, 8vo. Brisbane 1888 

738 Bartley (N.) Opals and Agates or Scenes under the Southern Cross 

and the Magelhans : being Memories of Fifty Years of Australia 
and Polynesia, illustrations, 8vo, original cloth Brisbane 1892 


739 The Van Diemens Land Almanack for the year 1833, edited and printed 

by H. Melville, Elizabeth Street, Hobart Town, 1833, coloured plates 
of flags and portrait of native on title-page, 8vo, cloth covers 

740 The Van Dieman's Land Almanack for the year 1833, edited by H. 

Melville, Hobart Town, 1833, coloured plate of flags and view also 
coloured portrait of native on title-page, 8vo, half calf 

741 (Ross's) Hobart Town Almanack and Van Diemen's Land Annual 

for 1835, frontispiece, 8vo, original boards Hobart Town 1835 


742 Elliston's Hobart Town Almanack and (Ross's) Van Diemen's Land 

Annual for 1837, coloured frontispiece oj flowers and map, 8vo, original 
cloth Printed by William Gore Ellislon, Hobart Town, Van Diemen's 

Land 1837 

743 Maconoohie (Capt.) Thoughts on Convict Management, and other 

subjects connected with the Australian Penal Colonies, 8vo, cloth 

Hobart Town 1838 

744 Supplement to Thoughts on Convict Management, 8vo, half 

crimson calf Hobart Town 1839 

745 Whiting (G.) The Products and Resources of Tasmania, Hobart Town, 

1862 ; Industrial Produots of Tasmania Transmitted to the Crytsal 
Palace at Sydenham for Exhibition there, both bound in one vol, 8vo, 
half calf Tasmania 1859 

746 Hannaford (S.) The Wild Flowers of Tasmania, Illustrated, 8vo, 

original cloth , A Melbourne 1866 


747 Forrest (J.) Journal of the Proceedings of the Western Australian 

Exploring Expedition through the Centre of Australia, from Champion 
Bay on the West Coast to the Overland Telegraph Line between 
Adelaide and Port Darwin, coloured views, folio, half calf Perth 1875 

748 Mueller (Baron) General Information respecting the Present Condition 

of the Forests and Timber Trade, map and plates, 4to, cloth 

Perth 1882 

749 Hardman (E. T.) Report on the Geology of the Kimberley District, 

Western Australia, plates, maps, dkc. (John Calvert's copies both 
bearing his Signature), folio, half calf, both bound in one vol. 

Perth 1884 and 1885 

750 Calvert (A. F.) Journal of the Calvert Scientific Exploring Expedition, 

1896-7, equipped at the request and expense of Albert F. Calvert, 
Esq., F.R.G.S., London, for the purpose of exploring the remaining 
blanks of Australia, folding maps on linen, folio, half calf 

Perth, W. A. Watson, Government Printer 


751 England and the New Zealandors' Remarks upon a Despatch from 

the Ri^ht Hon. Earl Grey to Governor Grey, dated Dec. 23rd, 1846, 
8vo, half crimson calf {presented to E. Cardwell, Esq., by the Bishop 
of New Zealand) Bishops Auckland 1847 

752 Old New Zealand, a Tale of the Good Old Times, by a Pakeha Maori, 

8vo, original cloth Auckland 1863 

753 New Zealand Exhibition, 1865, Reports and Awards of the Jurors, 

8vo, original cloth covers, with label Dunedin 18C5 

754 Peterman (Dr. A.) Geological and Topographical Atlas of New Zealand, 

six maps, 4to, boards Auckland 1864 

755 Finance Accounts of the General Government of New Zealand, 1862-63, 

folio, half mottled calf Printed at Auckland 1864 


756 Papers relative to a Loan of £3,000,000 sterling for the Service of 

New Zealand, printed at Auckland, 1864 ; and Financial Statement 
by the Hon. the Colonial Treasurer, printed at Wellington 1871, 
both bound in one vol, folio, half calf 

757 Statistics of New Zealand for 1869, compiled from Official Records, 

folio, half mottled calf Printed at Wellington 1870 

758 Hector (J.) Reports of the Geological Explorations during 1870-1, 

with maps and sections {published by Command), plates, 8vo, thick 
boards, calf back New Zealand 1871 

759 Hutton (F. W.) Report on the Geology and Gold Fields of Otayo 

plates and maps, 8vo, original cloth Printed at Dunedin 1875 

760 Julius Von Haast. Geology of the Provinces of Canterbury and West- 

land, New Zealand, plates and maps, 8vo, cloth Christchurch 1879 

761 Buller (W. L.) Manual of the Birds of New Zealand, plates of birds, 

8vo, original cloth (decorated) New Zealand 1882 

762 Colenao (W.) Three Literary Papers, 8vo, half mottled calf 

New Zealand 1883 

763 Tregear (E.) The Aryan Maori, 8vo, original cloth (decorated) 

Wellington 1885 

764 Hector (J.) Handbook of New Zealand, plates and maps, 8vo, original 

cloth Wellington 1886 

765 Smith (S. P.) The Kermadec Islands : their Capabilities and Extent, 

plates, 8vo, half mottled calf Wellington 1887 

766 New Zealand Railways Annual Report, 1887-88, coloured plate of 

mileage, folio, cloth Wellington, May 9th, 1888 

767 Brett's Handy Guide to New Zealand, edited by E.E. Bilbrough, 8vo, 

plates H. Brett, Fort and Shortland Streets, Auckland, New Zealand 

768 Spaokman (W. H.) Trout in New Zealand : Where to go and how to 

catch them, maps y 8vo, cloth covers Wellington 1892 


769 Moyarra. An Australian Legend in Two Cantos, 8vo, half crimson calf 

Printed by B. Jones, " Mercury " Office, Maitland 1851 

770 Fairfax (W.) Handbook to Australia, with map of the Australian Colonies, 

8vo, original cloth Melbourne 1859 

771 Viotorian Government Prize Essays, 1860, map, 8vo, paper boards 

Melbourne 1861 

772 Australian Handbook and Almanac for 1874, maps, 8vo, original cloth 

Publishers, Gordon da Qotch, Collins Street, Melbourne ; George Street, 

Sydney ; and St. Bride Street, London 
773 for 1875 

774 Wildey (W. B.) Australasia and the Oceanic Region, 8vo, original cloth 
Printed by George Bobertson t Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide 1876 


775 Tho Vagabond Papers ; Skotche3 of Molbourno Lifo in Light and 

Shade, First Series, 8vo, boards 1877 

776 — '~m Second Series 1877 

777 -— — i Third Series, with portrait of the Author 1878 

778 — Fourth Series 1877, 

779 — — Fifth Series, Sketches in New South Wales and Queensland 

G. Robertson, Melbourne and Adelaide 1878 

780 Lang (J. D.) Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation, frontis- 

piece, 8vo, original cloth G. Robertson, Sydney, Melbourne, AdelaidelSll 

781 Solomon (V. L.) Northern Territory Times Almanac and Directory 

for 1887, 8vo, cloth (decorated) 
Palmerston, N.T., "Northern Territory Times and Gazette" 1887 

782 Banking under Difficulties ; or Life on the Goldfields of Victoria, 

New South Wales and New Zealand, by a Bank Official, 8vo, cloth 

Edwards Dunlop & Co., Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 1888 

783 Bruok (L.) Guide to the Health Resorts in Australia, Tasmania, and 

New Zealand, 8vo, cloth Published at the " Australasian 

Medical Gazette " Office, Castlereagh Street, Sydney, 1888 ; Bailliere, 

Tindall ds Co., King William Street, Strand, London 

784 Hand Book New South Wales and Victoria, maps, 8vo, cloth 

Gordon do Gotch, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and London 1884 

785 — — South Australia, West Australia, and Queensland 1884 

786 — — Tasmania and New Zealand ' j 1884 

787 — — Australian Colonies, &c. &c, Miscellaneous Information 1884 

783 BDnwick (J.) Early Struggles of the Australian Press, with Facsimile 
of the Front Page of the First Australian Newspaper, &c, photograph, 
8vo, original cloth ^Gordon do Gotch, Publisher, Bride 

Street, London, also at Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane 1890 

789 Sutherland (A. and G.) The History of Australia from 1606 to 1888, 

woodcuts, 8vo, original cloth 

G. Robertson, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide 1390 

790 Murif (J. J.) From Ocean to Ocean across a Continent on a Bicycle : 

an Account of a Solitary Ride from Adelaide to Port Darwin, 8vo, 
boards, illustrated covers G. Robertson do Co., Melbourne, 

Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, London 


791 The New South Wales Magazine, October 1st, 1833, Sydney, R. Mans- 

field (Sole Proprietor), Pitt Street ; J. M. Richardson, London, and 
Bell & Bradfute, Edinburgh, 8vo. 

Anne Howe, Printer, George Street, Sydney 

792 Teiohelmann (0. G.) Schurmann (C. W.) Vocabulary and Phraseology 

of the Aboriginal Language of Australia (South)), 8vo 

Published by the Authors at the Native Location, Adelaide 1840 



793 Mineral Map and General Statistics of New South Wales, 8vo 

Sydney 1876 

791 Walker (W. H.) The Invasion Illustrated, 8vo, thick paper covers oj 

two Eagles rushing at the Kangaroo Turner ds Henderson, Sydney 1877 

795 Morton (H. B.) From Auckland to Preservation Sound, 8vo 

Auckland 1878 

796 Sutherland (G.) Tales of the Gold Fields, 8vo, G. Robertson, Publisher, 

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane 1880 

797 Wood (H.) Wilkinson (C. S.) Liversedge (A.) Department of Mines, 

Sydney, Mineral Products of New South Wales, maps, diagrams, &c, 
4to T. Richards, Government Printer, Sydney 1882 

798 Hayter (H. H.) Crime in New South Wales : a Paper written for but 

rejected by the Royal Society of that Colony, 8vo Melbourne 1884 

799 Our Inheritance in the Hills, being a Series of Articles by a Special 

Correspondent, 8vo Adelaide 1889 

800 Faveng (E.) Western Australia : its Past History, its Present Trade 

and Resources, &c, map, 4to Turner <Ss Henderson, Sydney 1887 

801 The Hypochondriac : a Farce in Four Acts founded on Fact 

Wanganui 1891 

802 Handbook of Information for Intending Settlers in British New Guinea, 

8vo, map Brisbane 1892 

803 Bailey (F.) Ferns of Queensland, plates, 8vo Brisbane 1892 



804 Ellia (W.) Polynesian Researches, during a Residence of nearly six 
Years in the South Seas Islands, maps and plates, 2 vols, 8vo, new 
half col], gilt uncut, tall copies 1829 

805 Polynesian Researches, during a Residence of nearly Eight 

years in the Society and Sandwich Islands, maps and plates, 4 vols 
8vo, original cloth with labels 1831 

806 Williams (J.) A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea 
Islands, illustrated with engravings on Wood, by G. Baxter, fine coloured 
frontispiece by Baxter, Best Edition, map, 8vo, half calf 1837 

807 Another Edition, engravings and coloured frontispiece by Baxter, 

8vo, original cloth 1838 

808 Another Edition, with portrait of the Author and woodcut, 8vo, 

half calf 1840 

809 Campbell (J.) The Martyr of Erromanga, illustrated from the Labours, 

Death, and Character of the Late Rev. J. Williams, with a fine coloured 
frontispiece by Baxter, 8vo, original cloth 1842 

810 prout (E.) Memoirs of the Life of Rev. J. Williams, missionary to 

Polynesia, illustrated by Baxter, 8vo, original cloth 1843 

811 Williams (J.) Another Edition, with coloured frontispiece by Baxter, and 

engravings, 8vo, original cloth 1846 

812 Melville (H.) Narrative of a Four Month's Residence among the Natives 

of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands ; or a peep at Polynesian Life, 
8vo, calf gilt 1846 

813 Typee, and Omoo : or the Marquesas Islands and Adventures 

in the South Seas, 8vo, calf 1850 

814 Russell (Rev. M.) Polynesia : A History of the South Sea Islands, 

including New Zealand, frontispiece and map, 8vo, original decorated 
cloth 1852 

815 Erskine (Capt. J. E.) Journal of a Oruise among the Islands of [the 

Western Pacific, including the Feejes and others inhabited by the 
Polynesian Negro Races, in Her Majesty's Ship " Havannah " map 
and plates, some coloured, 8vo, original cloth with Native spears on 
cover in gilt 1853 


816 Gill (Rev. W.) Gems from the Coral Islands ; or, Incidents of Contrast 

between Savage and Christian Life of the South Sea Island, Western 
and Eastern Polynesia, map and illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 
with savage with spear on covers 1856 

817 Young (Rev. R.) Journal of a Deputation from the Wesleyan Con- 

ference to Australia and Polynesia: including notices of a Visit to 
the Gold Fields, 8vo, original cloth 1854 

818 Second Edition 1855 

819 Turner (Rev. G.) Nineteen Years in Polynesia : Travels, and Researches 

in the Islands of the Pacific, maps and plates and coloured frontispiece, 
8vo, original cloth 1861 

820 Murray (A. W.) Missions in Western Polynesia, from their Commence- 

ment in 1839 to the Present Time, plates half calj, 8vo 1863 

^Author's presentation copy to C. C. Baljour, Esq., on board the " Nor- 
mandy," April, 1875, also bookplate C.C. Baljour. 

821 F. S. Baden-^Powell. In Savage Isles and Settled Lands, Malaysia, 

Polynesia, &c, map and plates, 8vo, original cloth, uncut 1892 


822 Shillibeer (Lieut. J.) A Narrative of the Briton's Voyage, to Pitcairn's 

Island, 8vo, plates, calj 1817 

823 Second Edition, including Interesting sketch oj the Brazils and 

Spanish South America, plates, 8vo, new halj calj gilt, uncut,. Tall 

Copy 1817 

824 Third Edition, plates new halj calj gilt, uncut 1818 

825 Murray (Rev. T. B.) Pitcairn : The Island, the People, with a short 

account of the Mutiny of the Bounty, 8vo, plates, cloth 1853 


826 Martin (J.) An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the 

South Pacific Ocean, with an original Grammar and Vocabulary of 
their Language, jroniispiece, 2 vols, 8vo, original calj 1817 

827 Hunt (Rev. J.) Memoir of the Rev. William Cross, of the Friendly 

Islands, &c, 8vo, original cloth 1846 

828 Lawry (Rev. W T .) Visit to the Friendly and Feejee Islands, plates, 8vo, 

original cloth with Ship on cover in gilt 1850 

829 i Second Visit, 8vo, original cloth, &c. 1851 

830 Farmer (S. S.) Tonga and the Friendly Islands, plates, 8vo, origina 

cloth 1855 

831 Williams (T. and Calvert J.) Fiji and theFijians — The Islands and their 

Inhabitants, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth illustrations 1858 

832 Another Edition, in 1 vol, plates, original cloth 1870 

833 Koe Tohi Tabu Katoa : aia oku i ai ae, Tohi Tabu Motua, Bea Moe 

Tohi Oe Fuakava Foou, 8vo, calj rebacked _ Loniloni 1884 



834 Keate (George) An Account of the Pelew Islands in the Western Part 

of the Pacific Ocean, and of the Shipwreck of the Antelope, 1783, 
composed by G. Keate from the Journals of Capt. H. Wilson, portraits, 
charts and numerous plates, 4to, half calf, uncut, large paper 1788 

835 — — Another Edition, portrait, plates, due., 8vo, calf rebached 1788 

836 History of Prince Lee Boo, a Native of the Pelew Islands, brought to 

England by Capt. Wilson, 12mo, portrait boards 1789 

837 History of Prince Lee Boo, to which is added the Life of Paul Cuffee, 

a Man of Colour also, some account of John Sackhouse, portrait of 
Prince Lee Boo, 12mo, calf rebached Dublin 1822 


838 Forrest (Capt. T.) A Voyage to New Guinea, and the Moluccas, from 

Balambangan ; including an Account of Magindano, Sooloo, and 
other Islands ; and illustrated with thirty copper plates, Second Edition, 
with an Index, portrait, 4to, calf (Francis Reed bookplate) 1780 

839 Discoveries of the French in 1768-69 to the South East of New Guinea 

with the subsequent Visits to the same Lands by English Navigators, 
who gave them new Names, to which is prefixed an Historical 
Abridgement of the Voyages and Discoveries of the Spaniards in the 
same Seas, translated from the French, charts, 4to, boards calf back 


840 Kolff (D. H.) Reize door Den W T einig Bekenden Zuidelijken Molukschen 

Archipel en langs de Geheel Onbekende Zuidwest Kust van Nieuw- 
Guinea ; chart boards, 8vo, cloth back 1828 

841 Voyages of the Dutch Brig of War "Dourga," through the Southern 

and Little-known parts of the Moluccan Archipelago, and along the 
previously unknown Southern Coast of New Guinea, in the years 
1825-26, translated from the Dutch by G. Windsor Earl, 8vo, chart, 
original cloth 1840 

842 Jukes (J. B.) Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. " Fly," 

commanded by Capt. F. P. Blackwood, R.N., in Torres Strait, New 
Guinea, &c, maps and plates, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1847 

843 Macgillivray, J. Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. " Rattlesnake " 

commanded by the late Capt. Owen Stanley, R.N..F.R.S., during 
the Years 1846-50 including Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea, 
&c, maps, and plates, 2 vols, 8vo, original cloth 1852 

844 N. Von Miklucho-Maclay. Ethnologische Bemerkungen ueber die 

Papuas Der Maclay-Kuste in Neu-Guinea, 8vo, new half calf gilt 

Batavia 1875 

845 Lawson (Capt. J. A.) Wanderings in the Interior of New Guinea, with 

coloured frontispiece and map, 8vo, original cloth 1875 


846 Moresby, (Capt. J.) Discoveries and Surveys in New Guinea, &c., with 

maps and illustrations, 8vo, half calf 1876 

847 Murray (Rev. A. W.) Forty Years' Mission Work in Polynesia and 

New Guinea, map and plates, 8vo, original cloth 1876 

848 Stone (O. 0.) A Few Months in New Guinea, illustrated, 8vo, original 

decorated cloth 1880 

849 Steel (R.) The New Hebrides with a Sketch of the Labour Traffic, 8vo, 

frontispiece 1880, cloth. Bookplate of James Elphinstone Erskine, 
B.N. Author's presentation copy 

850 Powell (W.) Wanderings in a W T ild Country ; or three years amongst 

the Cannibals of New Britain, illustrations, 8vo, decorated cloth 1883 

851 Chalmers (J. and W r . W. Gill) Work and Adventure in New Guinea, 

maps and illustrations, 8vo, decorated cloth 1885 

852 Romilly (H. H.) The Western Pacific and New Guinea notes on the 

Natives, Christian and Cannibal, with map, 8vo, cloth (bookplate of 
James Elphinstone Erskine, B.N.) 1886 

853 Lyne (C.) New Guinea, an account of the Establishment of the British 

Protectorate over the Southern shores of New Guinea, illustrations, 
8vo, cloth with Native in gilt on cover, 1885 

854 Cooke (C. K.) Australian Defences and New Guinea, portrait and maps, 

8vo, cloth 1887 

855 Romilly (H. H.) From my Verandah in New Guinea Sketches and 

Traditions, map, 8vo, cloth 1889 

856 Pitcairn (W. D.) Two years among the Savages of New Guinea, with 
j map, 8vo, cloth 1891 


857 History of the Otaheitean Islands, with an Historical Sketch of the 

Sandwich Islands, frontispiece, 8vo, original boards, uncut 1800 

858 Ellis (W 7 .) Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii, or Owhyhee ; with 

remarks on the manners, customs, &c, of the Inhabitants of the 
Sandwich Islands, map and plates, 8vo, new half calf gilt, uncut 1826 

859 Stewart (0. S.) Journal of a residence in the Sandwich Islands, map 

and plates, 8vo, new boards 1828 

860 The Private Journal of the Rev. C. S. Stewart, 8vo, boards 

Dublin 1830 

861 Jarves (J. J.) Scenes and Scenery in the Sandwich Islands, and a Trip 

through Central America : 1837-42, map and plates, 8vo, original 
cloth Boston 1843 

862 Bird (Isabella L.) Six Months among the Palm Groves, Coral Reefs, 

&c, of the Sandwich Islands, illustrations, 8vo, decorated cloth 1880 



863 Love (J.) Addresses to the People of Otaheite, 8vo, blue wrappers 1796 

864 Colonization Circular, July, 18-48, 8vo 

865 Thomas (R. M.) The Present State of Melbourne and the Gold Fields of 

Victoria, 8vo 1853 

866 Canterbury New Zealand in 1862, published with the Approval of the 

Provincial Government, map, 8vo 1862 

867 Hawtrey (Rev. M. J. G.) Justice to New Zealand Honour to England, 

8vo " 1861 

868 An Account of the Diocese of Nelson, New Zealand, map, 8vo, 1862 

869 Murchison (Sir R. I.) Address at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal 

Geographical Society, 1866, relating to Australia, &c, 8vo 1866 

870 Etude sur L'Australie, 1862-69 Rapports a Monsieur le Ministre des 

Affaires Etrangeres par Salvador Morhange, 8vo Bruxelles 1869 

871 Hand-Book for Emigrants to Queensland, map, 8vo 1875 

872 Harcus (W.) Handbook for Emigrants to Adelaide, South Australia, 

with map of the Colony, 8vo 1873 

873 Gwlad Yr Aur ; neu Gydymaith ya Ymfudwr Cymreig i Australia Gan 

D. ap G. ap Huw, Feddyg, 8vo, map 

874 Conigrave (J. F.) A Hand Book of South Australia Exhibition, London 

1886, 8vo, decorated wrappers, plates 1886 

875 The Sugar Industry of Queensland Acts and Regulations, map, 8vo 


876 The Aborigines of Australia : Their Ethnic Position and Relations, by 

J. Fraser, F.R.S., 8vo 

877 Maclaren (J. M., F.G.S.) The Physical History of the Fjords of New 

Zealand, being a paper read before the Victoria Institute, 8vo 1902 

The Pamphlets are enclosed in a cloth case. 

878 Forster (J. D.) Observations made during a Voyage round the World 

on Physical Geography, Natural History, &c, 4to, calf 1778 

879 Petherick (E. A.) Catalogue of the York Gate Library, formed by Mr. 

S. W. Silver, fine plates, 4to, uncut vellum 1886 

880 Catalogue of the Royal Colonial Institute Library, 2 vols, imp. 8vo, 

half calf gilt with crown on covers, 1895, and supplement 1901 


Printed by John Edward Francis, 

The Athenaeum Press, 

11 and 13 Bream's Buildings, Lordon, E.C.4. 


1 Leguat (F.) Voyages et Avantures en deux Isles Desertes des Indes 

Orientales, plates, 2 vols in 1, 8vo, half morocco, uncut Londres 1708 

2 Frezier. Voyage to the South Seas, maps and plates, sm. 4to, old calf 


3 Anson (George, Lord) Voyage round the World 1740-44, with 42 plates, 

Twelfth Edition, 4to, calf 1767 

4 Ellis (John, F.R.S.) Natural History of many curious and Uncommon 

Zoophytes, Collected from Various parts of the Globe, Edited by 
Dr. Daniel Solander, with 63 plates (1 coloured), 4to, calf 1786 

5 Vancouver (George) A Voyage of Discovery to the North 

Pacific Ocean, and round the World, in the years 1790-1795, 
plates, 4to, original boards, uncut, and folio Atlas of Maps and 
Charts 1798 

6 La Perouse. Atlas to Voyage, with Portrait of La Perouse, maps and 

plates, folio, half calf, uncut 1798 

7 Savage (J.) Account of New Zealand, Portrait of Tiana, chief, with 

Tattooed Head, plates, 8vo, cloth, uncut 1807 

8 Fitton (W. H.) Account of some Geological Specimens, from the 

Coasts of Australia, map and plates, 8vo, half calf 1826 

9 Duperrey (L. I.) Voyage, autour dtj Monde. 

(1) Atlas. Hydrographic, maps, etc., folio, 1827 

(2) Botanique, Part 1, 39 plates {including 24 coloured), and Part 2, 
51 plates, in 1 vol, with the original wrappers bound in, folio, 1826, 

(3) Mammals, 8 coloured plates, 
Birds, 43 beautiful coloured plates, 
Reptiles, 7 coloured plates, 
Crustaces, 5 ditto, 

Insects, 22 ditto, 

Zoophytes, 16 ditto, 

the six parts in 1 vol, with the original wrappers bound in, together 

3 vols, folio, handsomely bound in half green morocco 1826-7 

10 Statistical View of Van Diemen's Land, forming a complete Emigrant's 

Guide, frontispiece, coloured map, plates, 8vo, cloth 1832 

11 South Sea Stock — An Estimate of the Value of South Sea Stock, 

1720 ; The Schemes of The South Sea Company, and the Bank 
of England as proposed to Parliament, for the Reduction of the 
National Debts 1820 ; Case stated between the Public and the South 
Sea Company, the 3 bound in 1 vol, sm. folio, new half calf 1720-1820 

12 Angas (George French) The New Zealanders, Illustrated, 

60 large and fine coloured plates, after the original paintings by 
the Artist with Descriptions, impl. folio, half calf 1847 

f If A Fine Copy. 

13 Peck (B. C.) Recollections of Sydney, illustrated by a Plan of the City 

8vo, cloth. 1850 

14 English (H.) The Mining Manual and Almanack, for 1851, 8vo, cloth 

Author's Presentation Copy. 

15 Saunders (T.) The Asiatic Mediterranean and its Australian Port, The 

Settlement of Port Flinders, and the Province of Albert 

Views and Maps, 8vo, cloth, 1853 

16 Bainbs (Thomas, F.R.G.S.), (Artist and Explorer of Australia and 

Africa) A Fine Painting in Oils of Canoes of South East Australia, 
communicating with the " Monarch " and " Tom Tough " of the 
North Australian Expedition, signed T. Baines, sketched on August 
28th, 1855, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, south of the Prince of Wales 
Island 18in. by 26in., framed 

(See Frontispiece) 

17 Bonwick (J.) The Bushrangers, Illustrating the Early Days of Van 

Diemen's Land, 8vo, cloth Melbourne 1856 

18 Snow (W. P.) Voyage to the South Seas, coloured plates, 2 vols, 8vo, 

cloth 1857 

19 Gill (S. T.) Life at the Diggings, 48 clever lithographs with descrip- 

tions (each plate signed and dated), being interesting scenes at the 
Diggings, very scarce, oblong sm. 4to, morocco 1852 

20 Thomson (A. G.) The Story of New Zealand, maps and illustrations, 

2 vols, 8vo, cloth 1859 

21 Angas (G. F.) South Australian Shells, coloured plate, 8vo, half calf 1865 

Author's Presentation Copy. 

22 Angas (G. F.) Mollusca New South Wales, coloured plate, 8vo, half 

calf 1867 

Author's Presentation Copy. 

23 Broinoweski (G. J.) The Cockatoos and Nestors or Australia 

and New Zealand, beautiful coloured plates, sm. folio, morocco gilt 


24 Broinoweski (G. J.) The Pigeons of Australia, beautiful coloured 

plates, sm. folio, morocco gilt 1888 

25 Robley (Maj. Gen.) Moko, or Maori Tattooing, fine Illustrations and 

Portraits from Sketches of Chiefs' Tattooed Heads, etc., 4to, original 
decorated cloth 1896 

26 Calvert (A. F.) The Exploration of Australia, map and portraits, 4to, 

cloth, vellum back 1895 

27 Calvert (A. F.) The Exploration of Australia from 1844 to 1896, map, 

4to, vellum 1896 

28 Calvert (A. F.) Reproduced by, Collection of Maps to Illustrate the 

Discovery of Australia, maps and portraits (see No. 324), Second 
Edition, 4to, cloth 1902 

29 Calvert (A. F.) My Fourth Tour in Western Australia, Illustrations and 

Photographs, 4to, cloth 1901 




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