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Full text of "Catalogue of antique Chinese and Japanese objects of art ... belonging to T. Idsumi ... to be sold ... Feb. 8-10, 1906. The sale will be conducted by Wm. B. Norman of the Fifth Ave. Auction Rooms"

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Antique Chinese and Japanese 

Objects of Art, Ancient Chinese Bronze 
Statues, Garden Ornaments, Bronzes, 
Ceramics, Clocks, Carvings, Screens. 
Paintings, Prints, Illustrated Books and 
Albums, Etc. ::::::::::::::::::: 



A Native Expert and Collector of 

To be sold without reserve by order of the owner 

and under the management of 



At thk fifth avenue AUCTION ROOMS 
333-341 Fourth Avenue, New York. 


February Sth, 9th and loth, 1906, ,; 

at two o'clock I 1 


February 9th, at eight o'clock. 


Beginning Monday, February 5th, 1906 

The Sale will be conducted by 

Wii. B. Norman, of the Fifth Avenue Auction Rooms 




1. If there should be a dispute in regard to the bid 
between two or more buyers, the article shall be at 
once put up and resold. 

2. Purchasers to give their names and places of 
residence and to pay a cash deposit of at least 25 
per cent, of the purchase money — or the whole of 
the purchase money if required — in default of which 
the lot or lots so purchased to be immediately put 
up again and resold. 

3. Bills payable in cash before deliver3\ 

4. Bills must be sent for delivery of goods. 

5. Goods to be removed at the expense and risk 
of the purchaser, on the morning following each 
day's sale, between nine and twelve o'clock, and the 
remainder of the purchase money to be absolutely 

6. Goods not removed on the morning following 
each day's sale, between nine and twelve o'clock, 
remain at the sole risk of the purchaser. 

7. No claims allowed after the removal of goods. 

8. Articles are exposed for examination and are 
sold v/ithout guaranty of any kind. 

No goods delivered during the sale. 

9. Our record of sales in all cases final. 

10. Upon failure of complying with the above con- 
ditions, the money deposited in part paj-ment shall 

,be forfeited; all lots uncleared within the time afore- 
;s3id shall be resold by public or private sale, and the 
Ide-ficiency (if any) attending such re-sale shall be 

made good by the defaulter at the sale, together 

with all charges attending the same. 

This condition is without prejuaice to the right of 
tthe Auctioneer to enforce the contract made at this 
"sale without such re-sale if he thinks fit. 





Thursday^ February Sth, 1906, 

at 2 o'clock. 

I. Imari Plaque. 

Decorated with fan designs, in colored 
enamels in centre. 

Diameter, i8 inches. 

2. Imari Plaque. 

Decorated in centre with peony flowers 
and medallion in colored enamels. 

Diameter, i8 inches. 

3. Imari Plaque. 

Figures in centre and panel decorations 
on the border in colored enamels. 

Diameter, i8 inches. 

4 Old Imari Plaque. 

Decoration of chessmen and gourd in 

blue and white. 

Diameter, 19^ inches. 

5. Old Imari Plaque. 

Decoration of map of old Japan, minute- 
ly painted in blue and white. 

Diameter, 19 inches. 

6. Old Imari Plaque. 

Panel decoration of landscape, flowers, 
and figures in colored enamel. 

Diameter, 22 inches. 

7. Old Imari Plaque. 

Cow and a boy, decorated in a rich blue 
and white in elaboration. 

Diameter, 21 inches. 

8. Old Imari Plaque. 

Falcon and pine trees, in fine blue and 

white enamel. 

Diameter, 18 inches. 

9. Old Kutani Plaque. 

Hotei in centre, and bamboo and spar- 
rows in green, yellow and purple. 

Diameter, 14)^ inches. 

10. Old Imari Plaque. 

Peony flowers, in fine blue and white. 
Diameter, 22 inches. 

31. Old Kutani Plaque. 

Decoration of the famous hundred 
poets of old Japan; most accurately and 
elaborately painted in gold and colored 
enamels in centre. 

Diameter, 21^ inches. 

12. Old Imari Plaque. 

Peony in centre, medallion in borders 
in red, gold and blue enamels. 

Diameter, 16 inches. 

13. Old Imari Plaque. 

Shell decoration in centre, peony 
flowers on border in blue and colors. 

Diameter, 24 inches. 

14- Old Imari Plaque. 

Chrysanthemums in centre, floral pat- 
terns on border in red, gold and blue. 

Diameter, 25 inches. 

15. Old Imari Bowl. 

Lotus flowers in blue around the bor- 

Diameter, 165^ inches. 

16. Old Oribe Jar. 

Rich green glaze, decorated with 
crests of chrysanthemum in white re- 
Height, 103^ inches. Diameter, 10 inches. 

17. Old Oribe Covered Bowl. 

Green, brown and grey decoration of 
diapers and floral design. 
Height, Sy2 inches. Diameter, 9 inches. 

18. Old Kameyama Hibachi. 

Blue decoration of chrysanthemum and 
in celadon. 
Height, 7 inches. Diameter, gy^ inches. 

jg. Old Imari Bowl. 

Figures and landscape, in fine blue 

Diameter, 15 inches. 

20. Old Seto Jar. 

Splashes of blue, brown and green, 

Height, 8 inches. Diameter, 9 inches. 

21. Old Oribe Dish. 

Flower shaped ; green and blue glaze 
on grey. 

Diameter, ii>^ inches. 

22. Old Ohi Covered Jar. 

White chrysanthemum flowers on 
brown glaze ; well modeled. 

Height, 63^ inches. Diameter, yY^ inches. 

23. Old Shigaraki Jar. 

Rich dark brown glaze, running over 
from shoulder; gold lacquer repair. 

Height, II inches. 

24. Old Kutani Water Jar. 

Medallion decoration of various flow- 
ers in colored enamels an red reserve. 

Height, yyi inches. 

25. Old Satsuma Bottle. 

Gourd shaped; a rich black glaze.- 
Date, 1750. 

Height, 183/2 inches.- 

26. Old Satsuma Bottle. 

Slender neck; a rich thick black glaze,, 
with iridescence. Date, 1700. 

Height, i6>4 inches. 

27. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Rich brown glaze on entire surface; 
handles on shoulder. Date, 1750. 

Height, i6>^ inches. 

28. Old Celadon Vase. 

Archaic decoration in relief under the 
glaze; a fine example. 

Height, 15 inches* 

.29 Old Shigaraki Jar. 

Blue running glaze on shoulder on 
brown glaze. 

Height, i6 inches. 

30. Imari Jar. 

Rich decoration of geese and iris flow- 
ers in colors and gold. 

Height, 1834 inches. 

31. Elaborately Decorated Imari Jar. 

Three medallions of floral design, and 
dragons in red, blue, green, purple and 

Height, 17 inches. 

32. Old Imari Jar. 

Openwork floral design and enamel 
painting of peony and chrysanthemum 
in gold, red, blue; rare piece. 

Height, 20 inches. 

33. Porcelain Vase. 

Kioto; lotus flower and water birds 
in India ink and colors. 

Height, i8>^ inches. 

34- Old Seto Jar. 

Thick running brown and yellow glaze^ 
metal rims. 

Height, 8 inches. Diameter, 7 inches. 

35. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Soft blue glaze over incised decoration 
of leafy scrolls ; handles around the 
neck. Ch'ien-lung period. 

Height, 19 inches. 

36. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Mottled brown, red, green glaze on 
entire surface. 

Height, lyyi inches. 

37. Tall Blue and White Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. Conventional lotus flow- 
ers and leaves in blue and white. 

Height, 25 inches^ 

38. Tall Decorated Vase. 

Chinese porcelain. Ch'ien-lung. Dec- 
oration of dragons and flowered leaves 
in purple, green and yellow on dark 

Height, 26>^ inche?;. 

39. Tall "San-de-bauf" Vase. 

Narrowing neck; beautiful red glaze 
on entire surface. Ch'ien-lung. 

Height, 23^ inches. 

40. Old Imari Bowl. 

Scrolls of diapers in rich red, blue and 

Diameter, 10 inches. 

41. Richly Decorated Porcelain Jar, with 


Chrysanthemum flowers in pink, yel- 
low, grey and gold ; three legged. 

Height, 13 inches. 

42. Old Kutani Jar, with Covei. 

Chidori birds and waves in fine gold and 
silver, on dull red enamel ground. 

Height, i6^ inches. 

43. Kioto Porcelain Vase. 

Chrysanthemum in relief on dark iron 
rust background. 

Height, 123^^ inches. 

44. Porcelain Jar. 

Raised decoration of dragons and cloud 
form, in white, yellow and blue. 

Height, 10 inches. 

45. Hawthorn Jar. 

Plum flowers and trees in blue, with 
white relief on dark background. 

Height, 14 inches. 

46. Chinese Porcelain Jar, with Cover. 

Rich green glaze, crackled with iri-- 

Height, 15 inches. 

47. Old Imari Bottle. 

Blue and white Chinese landscape on 
crackled glaze. 

Height, 163^ inches. 

48. Satsuma Vase. 

Short, slender neck ; decorated with 
raised herons and stream in blue on 
crackled body. 

Height, 24 inches. 

49. Richly Decorated Imari Koro. 

Tripod, with openwork cover; storks 
and floral designs in red, blue, pink, 
white and gold. 

Height, 19 inches. 

50. Celadon Jardiniere. 

Floral scrolls incised under celadon 

Diameter, 10 inches. Height, 10 inches. 

51. Seto Jardiniere. 

Torafu glaze in brown, white and yel- 

Diameter, 12^ inches. Height, 9 inches. 

52. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Fine cherry red glaze; six marks of 

Height, 15 inches. 

53. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Flaring top ; openwork decoration 
around the body; elephant handles at 

Height, 12^ inches. 

54. Bronze Jardiniere. 

Lotus design, with a support of lotus 

Height, 12 inches. 

55. Bronze Vase. 

Bamboo design, skilfully modeled and 

Height, 15^4 inches. 

56. Large Brass Jardiniere. 

Repousse decoration of dragons and 
cloud forms. 

Diameter, i^y^ inches. Height, i6 inches. 

57. Large Bronze Okimono. 

Large toad, with its young on back; 
skilful casting and modeled. 

58. Bronze Vase. 

Flower shaped, mottled niurashido 

Height, I2J/2 inches. 

59. Bronze Bottle Shaped Vase. 

Made to imitate a pottery vase, orna- 
mented around its neck with a coiling 

Height, t8>< inches. 

60. Cloisonne Vase. 

Gilded bronze, medallions of dr 'gons 
and diapers in green, blue, white and 
gold; carefully executed. 

Height, 15J/J inches. 

6i. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Oviform, dull cream white crackled 
glaze; side handles. Date, 1820. 

Height, 13 inches. 

62. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Oviform; ivory white crackled glaze, 
mottled. Date, 1800. 

Height, 8^ inches. 

63. Old Raku Water Jar. 

Roughly modeled, with red and brown 
glaze. Date, 1850. 

Height, 5 inches. 

64. Old Shigaraki Water Jar. 

Square form ; running glaze of blue and 
grey. Date, 1800. 

Height, 6 1-3 inches. 

65. Old Korean Jar. 

Cloud forms and cranes incised under 
the glaze. Date, 1750. 

Height, 6 inches. 

66. Old Korean Water Jar. 

Celadon glaze with large crackle. Date, 

Height, 7 inches. 

67. Old Imbe Jar. 


Height, II inches. 

Covered with reddish iron souffle glaze. 
Date, 1800. 

68. Old Kioto Water Jar. 

Pink flowers in blue and green enamel 
on a grey. Date, 1820. 

Height, 6^ inches. 

69. Old Seto Jar. 

Narrow neck, with four ring handles ; 
brown glaze. Date, 1700. 

Height, 14 inches. 

70. Old Kutani Bottle. 

Panel decoration of floral design in 
red, green and blue enamel. Date, 1650. 

Height, 14 1-3 inches. 

71. Old Ofuke Jar. 

Mottled dark brown and grey glaze, 
handles on shoulder. Dated, 1800. 

Height, 15^ inches. 

72. Old Seto Jar. 

"Iron rust" souffle glaze. Date, 1800. 
Height, 14 inches. 

73. Old Kakiyemon Jar. 

Decorated with wild chrysanthemums 
in red, blue, and purple enamel. Date, 

Height, 7 inches. 

74. Old Satsuma Bowl. 

"Torafu" or tiger skin glaze both in- 
side and out. Date, 1800. 

Diameter, 11 inches. 

75. Old Kioto Water Jar. 

Made by Zengoro; decorated with in- 
cised floral design in brown and grey. 
Date, 1750. 

Height, 7 inches. 

76. Old Moru Bronze Jardeniere. 

Bold relief decoration of Kirin and 
cloud forms. 

Height, 12^ inches. 

77. Brass Jardiniere. 

Relief decoration of lions at play. 

Height, 14^2 inches. 

78. Brass Jardiniere. 

Bold relief decoration of lions at play. 
Height, 19^ inches. 

79. Two Old Iron Sake Heaters. 

Relief casting of rice-barrel design ; the 
spouts lined with silver. Black lacquer 

80. Old Bronze Koro. 

Hexagonal; openwork cover; relief cast- 
ing of floral design. 

Height, 6 inches. 

71. Old Ofuke Jar. 

Mottled dark brown and grey glaze, 
handles on shoulder. Dated, 1800. 

Height, 15^ inches. 

72. Old Seto Jar. 

"Iron rust" souffle glaze. Date, 1800. 
Height, 14 inches. 

73. Old Kakiyemon Jar. 

Decorated with wild chrysanthemums 
in red, blue, and purple enamel. Date, 

Height, 7 inches. 

74. Old Satsuma Bowl. 

"Torafu" or tiger skin glaze both in- 
side and out. Date, 1800. 

Diameter, 11 inches. 

75. Old Kioto Water Jar. 

Made by Zengoro; decorated with in- 
cised floral design in brown and grey. 
Date, 1750. 

Height, 7 inches. 

76. Old Moru Bronze Jardeniere. 

Bold relief decoration of Kirin and 
cloud forms. 

Height, I2I/2 inches. 

77. Brass Jardiniere. 

Relief decoration of lions at play. 

Height, 14^ inches. 

78. Brass Jardiniere. 

Bold relief decoration of lions at play. 
Height, 191^ inches. 

79. Two Old Iron Sake Heaters. 

Relief casting of rice-barrel design ; the 
spouts lined with silver. Black lacquer 

80. Old Bronze Koro. 

Hexagonal; openwork cover ; relief cast- 
ing of floral design. 

Height, 6 inches. 

8i. Old Bronze Koro. 

Openwork cover, three figures sup- 
porting the censer. 

Height, 5 1-3 inches. 

82. Two Old Bronze Snakes. 

Skilfully moulded and chased. 

83. Pair Old Bronze Candlesticks. 

■ Openwork decoration on the columns. 
Height, 11^2 inches. 

84. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

A stork standing on a turtle. 

Height, 13^ inches. 

85. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Openwork decoration on the column. 
Height, 16 inches- 

86. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Stork on a turtle. 

Height, iSyi inches. 

Sj. Old Bronze Vase. 

Cloud forms in relief casting; side 
handles in lotus design. 

Height, yy^ inches. 

88. Old Bronze Ornament. 

In design of dragon, carved. 

89. Old Bronze Stand for Crystal Ball. 

In design of a dragon. 

90. Old Bronze Vase. 

Slender form ; lizard handles. 

Height, Sy2 inches. 

91. Old "Moru" Bronze Kettle. 

Hammered decoration of leaf pattern, 
handle on top. 

92. Three Old Bronze Cabinet Vases. 

Perforated decoration of floral design, 

Height, 254 inches each. 

93- Three Cabinet Vases. 

One Shibnichi, one bronze, and one 
brass, with openwork decoration. 

Height, 2^ inches. 

94. Old Mask. 

Carved wood and decorated. Date, 

95. Old Mask. 

Wood carving and lacquered. Date, 

96. Old Mask. 

Wood carving, decorated. Date, 1800. 

97. Old Mask. 

Made of Hakata pottery, well modeled. 

98. Old Pottery Mask. 

Made at Hakata, bearded. 

99. Old Pottery Mask. 

Gold painted. Rare piece. 

100. Old Carved Mask. 

Decorated on a carved wood. Date, 

loi. Old Carved Wood Mask. 
Decorated. Date, 1750. 

102. Old Mask. 

Carved wood and decorated. Fourteenth 

century. Rare specimen. 

103. Old Carved Wood Stand. 

Decorated with carved lions and peony- 

Diameter, 7 inches. 

104. Old Wooden Okimono. 

In design of a carp inlaid with mother- 

105. Old Wooden Okimono. 

Carved carp, skilfully executed. 

io6. Old Lacquer Sake Holder. 

Panels of wicker work decoration. 

Height, 7 inches. 

107. Old Lacquer Sake Holder. 

Made to represent a pottery bottle. 

Height, gy2 inches. 

108. Old Lacquer Sake Bottle. 

Gourd shape, decorated with flowers and 

Height, 7^ inches. 

109. Old Chinese Lacquer Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung period ; decorated with 
mother-of-pearl, inlaid cloud forms and 
symbolic signs on four sides. 

Height, 10^ inches. 

no. Old Chinese Lacquer Vase. 
Similar to the preceding. 

111. Old Chinese Lacquer Box. 

In three sections ; mother-of-pearl in- 
laid decoration of various medallions on 
black lacquer. 

Height, 4^ inches. Length, 6>2 inches. 

Width, 4 inches. 

112. Old Chinese Box. 

Ivory inlaid decoration of Chinese 

Height, 2^ inches. Length, 5 inches. 

Width, 33^ inches. 

113. Set of Ivory Comb and Hair Pin. 

Carved decoration of crests and 

114. Set of Ivory Comb and Hair Pin. 

Openwork decoration of basket de- 

115. Set of Ivory Comb and Hair Pin. 

Carved decoration of peony flowers, 
minutely executed. 

ii6. Set of Ivory Comb and Hair Pin. 

Chrysanthemum flower ; carefully 

117. Ivory Carving. 

Figure holding a small one and a scoop. 
Height, 9>4 inches. 

118. Ivory Carving. 

A sculptor at his work. 

Height, 9>4 inches. 

iig. Ivory Carving. 

A man holding a coiling snake. 

Height, Sy2 inches. 

120. Ivory Carving. 

A fisherman with a bamboo pole and 

Height, 10 inches. 

121. Ivory Carving. 

A giant holding a tengu. 

Height, 9 inches. 

122. Ivory Carving. 

A gardner with bunches of grapes. 

Height, 8 inches. 

123. Ivory Carving. 

A man carving a rooster. 

Height, 9)^ inches. 


124. Snuff Bottle. 

Art object in the matrix in red. 

Height, 2^ inches. 

125. Snuff Bottle. 

Chinese landscapes and inscription. 

Height, 2^/2 inches. 

126. Snuff Bottle. 

Flowers in deep carving on both 

Height, 2^ inches. 

127. Snuff Bottle. 

Pomegranate on both sides. 

Height, 2^ inches. 

128. Snuff Bottle. 

Deep red hue. 

Height, 2 inches. 

129. Snuff Bottle. 

Blue dragon in relief carving. 

Height, 2 inches. 

130. Snuff Bottle. 

Chinese cat and rock on both sides. 
Height, 2y2 inches. 

131. Snuff Bottle. 

Beef fat texture. 

Height, 2 inches. 

132. Snuff Bottle. 

Amber-colored texture. 

Height, 2^/^ inches. 

133. Snuff Bottle. 

Carved decoration of boating and 

Height, 2 inches. 

134. Snuff Bottle. 

Chinese landscape and figures. 

Height, 2% inches. 

135. Snuff Bottle. 

Deep amber texture. 

Height, 2^ inches. 

136. Snuff Bottle. 

Floral design in relief. 

Height, ^Yz inches. 

137. Snuff Bottle. 

Birds and flowers in relief carving. 

Height, 3 inches. 

138. Snuff Bottle. 

Flowers on both sides; coral stopper. 
Height, 2^ inches. 

139. Snuff Bottle. 

Aquatic plants in relief. 

Height, 3 inches. 


140. Snuff Bottle. 

Howo birds and tree carved in the 

Height, 2>4 inches. 

141. Snuff Bottle. 

Beatle and a vase in relief carvinji. 

Height, 2>^ inches. 

142. Snuff Bottle. 

Animals in relief carving. 

Height, 2 inches. 

143. Snuff Bottle. 

Bat and horse in relief. 

Height, 2I/2 inches. 

144. Snuff Bottle. 

Dull yellow, carved with lotus de- 

Height, 2 inches. 

145. Snuff Bottle. 

Moss design. 

Height, 2% inches. 

146. Snuff Bottle. 

Leaf design in brown. 

Height, 2V2 inches. 

147. Snuff Bottle. 

Dog and bird in relief carving. 

Height, 2 inches. 

148. Snuff Bottle. 

Lotus carved in low relief. 

Height, 2^ inches. 

149. Snuff Bottle. 

Pale grey and white mottled. 

Height, 2 inches. 

150. Snuff Bottle. 

Flattened shapes, dark red texture. 

Height, 2 inches. 

151. Snuff Bottle. 

Relief carving of falcon and dog. 

Height, 2 inches;. 

152. Snuff Bottle. 

Rare specimen of pale white agate. 

Height, 234 inches. 

153- Snuff Bottle. 

Birds in low relief. 

Height, 2y2 inches. 

154- Snuff Bottle. 

Crystal of tea color, carved with bam- 
boo design. 

Height, 2y2 inches. 

155- Snuff Bottle. 

Moss streaks in light shade. 

Height, 2^4 inches 

156. Snuff Bottle. 

Carved decoration of lotus and bam- 

Height, 2 inches. 

157. Snuff Bottle. 

Pale clouded texture in yellow. 

Height, 234 inches. 

158. Snuff Bottle. 

Carved decoration of tigers. 

Height, 3 inches. 

159. Snuff Bottle. 

Crystal of tea color; cut decoration 
of Chinese inscription and flower design. 

Height, 2^ inches. 

160. Jade Necklace. 

Composed of four large beads and 
six small ones; ornamented with brass 

i6i. String of Ojimes. 

Composed of forty-eight beads, incluJ- 
ing ivory, silver, and other metals. 

162. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens, including silve: 
ivory, nuts and bronzes. 

163. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens, including silve: 
bronze, copper and other metals. 

164. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens, including ivory, 
silver, copper, bronze and other metals. 

165. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens, including silver, 
bronze, iron and other metals. 

1&6. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens in silver, copper, 
bronze, iron and other metals. 

16;. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens of silver, bronze, 
shibuichi and other metals. 

i68. String of Ojimes. 

Fort3^-nine specimens, including sil- 
ver, bronze, iron and other metals. 

169. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens, including silver, 
bronze, iron, etc. 

170. String of Ojimes. 

Fifty specimens, including ivory, sil- 
ver, bronze and other metals. 

171. String of Ojimes. 

Forty-five carved ivory specimens in 
various sizes. 

172. String of Ojimes. 

Forty-five carved ivory specimens in 
various sizes. 

173- Amber Necklace. 

Composed of fifteen beads and two 
large agate beads. 

174. String of Beads. 

Composed of eighty-one beads, in- 
cluding amber and other colored beads. 

175. String of Amber Ojimics. 

One hundred and twenty-two speci- 
mens, including fourteen red beads. 

176. String of Beads. 

One hundred and nine amber beads 
in clear color. 

177. String of Beads. 

One hundred and fourteen specimens, 
including six red beads. 

178. String of Beads. 

Sixty-four specimens of red textures. 

179' String of Beads. 

One hundred and eight specimens of 
clear amber, including six pink beads. 

i8o. String of Beads. 

Sixty-two specimens of deep red tex- 

i8i. String of Amber Beads. 

One hundred and ten specimens of 
clear amber beads. 

182. String of Amber Beads. 

One hundred and eight specimens. 

183. String of Beads. 

Composed of sixty-four jades, ame- 
thyst and other precious stones. 

184. Tobacco Pouch and Pipe Case. 

Kinkara leather, decorated with sil- 
ver pipe, carved ivory netsuke, silver 

185. Inro. 

Five sections; black lacquer, millet 
and quails; gold nashiji inside; shippo 
slide ; seventeenth century. 

186. Inro. 

Four sections; medallions of kiku 
flowers in pov^rdered gold lacquer; black 
lacquer inside; carved .vory netsuke. 
Eighteenth century. 

187. Inro. 

Five sections; black lacquer Japanese 
coin decoration in gold and brown 
lacquer; black lacquer inside. Eigh- 
teenth century. 

188. Inro. 

Six sections; gold lacquer; decorated 
with willow trees and branches in 
raised gold lacquer; nashiji inside, guri 
ojime. Seventeenth centurv. 

189. Lacquer Sweetmeat Box. 

Four sections ; gold lacquer decora^ 
tion of diaper pattern, on black lacquer; 
slight nashiji inside. 

Height, 6y2 inches. Length, ^V^ inches. 

Width, 6 inches. 

190. Lacquer Writing Box. 

Two drawers, inkstand, silver water 
holder and silver seal can. Elaborate 
decoration of butterflies, inlaid with 
mother-of-pearl on entire surface. 

Height, 9 inches. Length, 11 inches. 

Width, 7 inches. 

191. Leather Covered Manuscript Box. 

Parrot and art objects in embossed 
decoration on the cover. 

Height, 3^ inches. Length, 13 inches. 

Width, 9^ inches. 

192. Kutani Porcelain Jar, with Cover. 

Beautiful panel decoration on three 
sides in green, purple and yellow; the 
cover in yellow, green and purple floral 

Height, 21^ inches. 

193- Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Slender neck, decorated with dragons 
and cloud forms in green, on red back- 

Height, i8^ inches. 

194. Porcelain Vase. 

Kioto; yellow glazed, decorated with 
howo birds and clouds in pink, green 
and blue enamels, the reverse in in- 
cised leafy scrolls. 

Height, 18 inches. 

395. Chinese Porcelain Jar and Cover. 
Black hawthorn pattern. 

Height. 17 inches. 

196. Elaborately Decorated Satsuma Vase. 

Panel decoration of Kuanon and 
Buddha and attendants on one side and 
ancient Japanese warriors minutely 
painted in raised gold enamel, the re- 
serve of diaper in gold and colored en- 

Height, 2i><4 inches. 

197- Old Satsuma Bottle. 

Six sided; panel decoration of chrys- 
anthemum flower in gold and other 
colored enamel, in careful execution. 
Signed, Kintogan. 

Height, 10 inches. 

198. Old Satsuma Okimono. 

Lion with a ball ; ivory crackled glaze. 
Height, 12^2 inches. 

199. Tall Chinese Vase. 

Panel decoration of Ch"nese domestic 
and outdoor scenes in various colored 
enamels, the bands of deep green diapers. 

Height, 24^4 inches.. 

200. Tall Trumpet-shaped Vase. 

Kioto porcelain; dragon design in 
raised enamel decoration, with reserve 
of blue leafy scrolls. 

. Height, 25 inches. 

301. Imari Porcelain Vase. 

Graceful form ; decoration of tsuta 
vines and leaves in shaded red and 
other light colors in pale blue. 

Height, 20 inches. 

302. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Splashes of ''San-de-beouf" glaze. 

Height, 21 inches. 

303. Tall Chinese Vase. 

Black hawthorn, elaborately drawn 
in dark brown, green and in white, re- 
serve with plum trees and birds on en- 
tire surface. 

Height, 2634 inches. 

304. Chinese Blue and White Vase. 

Slender form ; hawthorn design in 
blue, with white relief. 

Height, iSyj inches. 

205 Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Graceful form; Chinese figure deco- 
ration beautifully painted in varied en- 
amel colors. 

Height, 23 inches. 

206. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Four sided; hawthorn design in 
green and red enamel. 

Heigh*-, 18^ J inches 

207. Imari Porcelain Vase. 

Narrowing neck; white cherry blos- 
som, water birds and marsh decoration 
in white and colored enamels. 

Height, 18 inches. 

208. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

''Namako" glaze, slightly mottled. 

Height, 1454 inches. 

209. Owari Porcelain Vase. 

Relief decoration of ge'^se and reeds 
in colored enamels. 

Height, 14 inches^ 

210. Handsomely Decorated Kioto Vase. 

Graceful form ; white heron and reed 
artistically decorated in blue and green 

Height, 21 inches. 

211. Elaborately Decorated Imari Jar, with 

Richly decorated on all sides with a 
scene of Japanese indoor and outdoor life 
of Genroku period in red, blue and 
gold ; lion surmounted on the C(wer. 

Height, 29^4 inches. 

212. Bronze Hanging Vase. 

In design of hechima or melon, orna- 
mented with snake, frog and vines ; 
partl}^ enameled on leaves. 

Height, 29 inches. 

213. Bronze Vase. 

Lotus leaves tied with cord an 1 or- 
namented with lizards in bold relict. 

Height, loy^ inches. 

Grand Pottery Teapot. 

By Goroshichi. Artistic drawing of 
Buddhist rakan in India ink and green 
and brown. 

Height, 24 inches. 

224. Grand Imari Jardiniere. 

Elaborate decoration of diaper pat- 
terns; inside of each is minutely painted 
with various floral designs, with red, 
blue, green and gold. 

Height, 18 inches. Diameter, 21]^ inches. 

225. Cloisonne Lantern. 

Openwork butterfl}^ decoration on 
bronze in varied colors. 

226. Cloisonne Vase. 

Three legged; archaic design, in vari- 
ously colored enamels in bronze, gilded. 

Height, 16 inches. 

227- Old "Moru" Bronze Jardiniere. 

Shallow, with four legs, repousse 
dragons on all sides. 

Diameter, 1834 inches. Height, 12 inches. 

228. Old Bronze Hibachi. 

Tripod ; two upright handles ; marks 
of seuente at base. 

Diameter, 13 inches. Height, 9)^ inches. 

229. Cloisonne Enamel Vase. 

Flaring top ; chrysanthemum in yel- 
low, white, and red on blue ground. 

Height, 1254 inches. 

230. Old Shippo Koro. 

Lotus design, ornamented on the col-' 
nmn with lotus leaves, with lotus base. 

PTcight, 19^2 inches. 

331. Old Shippo Bowl. 

Decoration of lotus flower in centre 
and on outside. 

Diameter, 9 inches. 

232. Old Shippo Plate. 

Lotus design in centre and on back. 
Diameter, 9^ inches. 

233. Old Bronze Stand. 

Flat, oblong; decorated with bamboo 
design in openwork. 

Diameter, 17 inches. Height. 7 inches. 

234. Old Bronze Vase. 

Low, flower-shaped green and brown 
Height, II inches. Diameter. 20 inches. 

235. Old Bronze Incense Burner. 

Animal design ; decorated with cloi- 
sonne enamicls in medallion shape. 

Height, 1414 inches. 

236. Old Bronze Water Jar. 

With bronze cover ; gourd shape ; 
handle at side. 

Height, 7>^ inches. Diameter, 8 inches. 

237- Old Gilded Bronze Temple Tengai. 

Ornamented with pendants on all 

238. Old Bronze Vase. 

Narrowing neck ; green verdigres, mot- 
tled patena; ring-shaped handle. 

Height, 15 inches. 

239. Old Bronze Hibachi. 

Chrysanthemum flower in relief deco- 
ration ; three legged. 
Diameter, io>^ inches. Height, S'A inches. 

240. Old Bronze Vase. 

Flaring top; archaic design in relief; 
green and gold patena. 

Height, 173/2 inches. 


Friday, February 9th, 1906, 

at 2 o'clock. 

251. Bottle-shaped Vase. 

Splash glaze of blue and white,; 
Kioto porcelain. 

Height, 9^ inches. 

252. Banko Bowl. 

Rich thick glaze of green, slightly 

Dameter, 7^4 inches. 

253. Ohi Pottery Water Jar. 

Mottled red glaze, gold lacquer re- 
pair. Date, 1750. 

Height, 5^ inches. 

254- Kutani Jar. 

Leaves and scrolls of flowers in green 
and yellow. 

Height, 8 inches. 

255. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Ivory white crackled glaze. Date. 

Height, 13 inches. 

256. Akahada Plash Vase. 

Thick white and brown glaze, heavily 
coated ; seal mark of ''Akahada.' 

Height, Sy2 inches. 

257. Old Sanuki Stand. 

Perforated panel decoration ; four 
turned legs. Scrolls of leaves and flow- 
ers in green, purple and yellow. Date, 
1800. Impressed seal mark. 
Height. 7 inches. Diameter, 14 inches. 

258. Old Raku Pottery Hand Warmer. 

In design of a dog; skilfully molded. 
Date, 1780. 

259- ' Old Satsuma Water- Jar. 

Handled; ivory white crackled glaze. 
Date, 1750. 

Height, iQi^ inches. 

260. Old Karatsu Pitcher. 

Archaic decoration, incised and 
glazed ; four curved handles. Date, 


Height, 10 inches. 

261. Old Bizen Water Jar. 

Roughly molded, glazed with brown 
and yellow. Date, 1700. 

Height, 6}i inches. 

262. Hand Warmer. 

Old Takamatsu pottery; painted with 
cherry trees with blossoms over a pink 
body. Date, 1780. 

Height, 10 inches. 

263. Old Raku Water Jar. 

Red and brown glaze. Date, 1750. 
Height, 6 inches. 


264. Old Korean Water Jar. 

Incised decoration of almanac design 
in white on grey. Date, 1600. 

Height, 8 inches. 

265. Old Karatsu Jar. 

iMottled and splashed blue and grey 
glaze. Date, 1700. 

Height, Syl inches. 

266. Old Seto Water Jar. 

Drops of blue and white on a brown 

body. Date, 1800. 

Height, 6y2 inches. 

267. Old Hagi Bowl. 

Unique shaped, with spout, splashes 
of white on grey. Date, 1750. 
Diameter, 14^/^ inches. Height, 6^ inches. 

268. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Narrowing neck, glazed with ivory 
white, crackled. Date, 1800. 

Height, II inches. 

26g. Unique Water Jar, with Cover. 

In design of Fuji-yama; running glaze 
of brown and white. Date, 1750. 

Height, 7 inches. 

270. Old Karatsu Bowl. 

Grey crackled glaze ; rare example. 
Date, 1650. 

Diameter, 11I/2 inches. 

271. Chinese Celadon Vase. 

Lizard decoration around the neck. 

Height, 6 inches. 

272. Chinese White Porcelain Bottle. 

Raised flower decoration. Ch'ien- 

Height, 9^ inches. 

273. Bottle-shaped Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. Ruri glaze of even 

Height, 10 inches. 

274- Bottle-shaped Vase. 

Chia-ching. Decoration of animali 
and waves in coral red. 

Height, 9>4 inche^i 

275. Chinese Celadon Vase. 

Yung-ching; incised leafy scrolls un- 
der glaze. 

Height, 9 inches. 

276. Chinese Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. White porcelain deco- 
rated with Chinese characters, and plum 
trees in reUef. 

Height, ID inches. 

277. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Chia-ching. "San-de-beouf of red 
and blue texture. 

Height, 15 inches. 

278. Yung-ching Bottle. 

White porcelain, incised decoration 

of Chinese landscapes and figures in 

Height, 12 inches. 

279. Yung-ching Vase. 

Peony flowers and leaves in red, 
green and yellow glaze ; gold lacquer 

Height, 12^ inches. 

280. Large Crackled Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. Celadon glaze; animal 
headed handles. 

Height, 16 inches. 

281. Chia-ching Bottle. 

Splashes of "San-de-beouf" glaze, in 
varied shades. 

Height, I3>< inches. 

283. Ch'ien-lung Vase. 

Flowers and leafy scrolls in white re- 
lief on blue ground ; ring-shaped 

Height, 12 inches. 

283. Chinese Gourd-shaped Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. Dragons, lions and 
cloud forms incised under yellow glaze. 

Height, 18 inches. 

284. Chinese Blue and White Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung specimens; blue decora- 
tion of floral vines; animal headed 

Height, 14 inches. 

285. Chinese Bottle-shaped Vase. 

Chia-ching. Beautiful blue splashes. 
Height, 15 inches. 

286. Chinese Blue and White Jardiniere. 

K'ang-hee. Figure decoration in 

Diameter, 9],^ inches. 

287. Chinese Vase. 

Fine example of Yung-ching; 
crackled blue glaze; side handles. 

Height, 13 inches. 

286. Chinese Blue and White Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. Panel decorations of 
lotus and other floral designs in fine 

Height, 15^ inches. 

289. Ciub-shaped Vase. 

Beautiful coral red glaze; thickly 
coated ; rare specimen of Ch'ien-lung. 

Height, 18 inches. 

290. Old Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Four sided; medallions and panels of 
figures and animals in green, red and 
purple glaze; fine example of Chia- 

Height, 19 inches. 

291. Old Chinese Vase. 

Chia-ching. Slender neck, decorated 
with floral scrolls and flowers in red, 
purple and green. 

Height, i8 inches. 

292. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung. Panels of figures on 
two sides, minutely painted in fine 
colors ; the reserve of incised decora- 
tion of flowers slightly repaired. 

Height. 153^ inches. 

293. Chinese Porcelain Vase. 

Yung-ching specimen ; ivory crackled 
glaze; animal headed handles. 

Height, iy/2 inches. 

294. Chinese Iron-rust Vase. 

Yung-ching period ; side handles at 
the neck. 

Height, 13 inches. 

295. Chinese Porcelain Jardiniere. 

Ruri blue glaze; Ch'ien-lung speci- 

Diameter, 7 inches. 

296. Chinese Decorated Bowl. 

Ming example. Animals and floral 
leaves in green, purple and yellow 

Diameter, 8 inches. 

297. K'ang-hee Bowl. 

Blue decoration of bamboo, and floral 
designs both interior and exterior; 
slightly repaired. 

Diameter, 9^ inches. 

298. Yung-ching Bowl. 

Panel decoration of figure designs in 
colors; seal marks of Yung-ching. 

Dameter, 9 inches. 

299. Yung-ching Plate. 

Lotus shaped; a rich blue glaze. 

Diameter, 11 inches. 


300. Blue and White Plaque. 

Flowers and birds in blue and white. 
Diameter, I4>4 inches. 

301. Rare Porcelain Plaque. 

Red and green enamel decoration of 
fish design. 

Diameter, i4y2 inches. 

302. Rare Porcelain Plaque. 

Green and red decoration of birds and 
flower design. 

Diameter, 143^ inches. 

303. Rare Porcelain Plaque. 

Birds and llowcrs in red and green 

Diameter, 14^^ inches. 

304. Porcelain Plaque. 

Landscape and seal marks in gree« 
and red. 

Diameter, 14^ inches. 

305. Porcelain Plaque. 

Zodiac characters and fish designs iu 
green and red. 

Diameter, 14^4 inches. 

306. Porcelain Plaque. 

Howo birds and flowers around the 
borders in blue and red. 

Diameter, 15 inches. 

307. Porcelain Plaque. 

Fish and fruits decoration in red and 
green glaze ; decorated on outside. 

Diameter, 14^4 inches. 

308. Pofcelain Plaque. 

Chinese figures and flowers and sym- 
bols in blue glaze. 

Diameter, 153/^ inches. 

309. Blue and White Decorated Plaque. 

Wild flowers in centre in white relief 
on soft blue ground. 

Diameter, I5>^ inches. 

310. Large Plaque. 

Blue and white decoration of howo 
and peony. 

Diameter, i8>^ inches. 

311. Cochin Chinese Bowl. 

Incised decoration of figures, and 
dragon in yellow on green. Ming 

Diameter, 18 inches. 

312. Old Kutani Bowl. 

Peacock and peahen in purple, green 
and yellow glaze. 

Diameter, 13 inches. 

313. Old Kioto Plaque. 

Decoration of plum trees in raised 
white enamel on a yellow glaze. 

Diameter, 16 inches. 

314- Old Porcelain Plaque. 

Imari specimen. Landscape in blue 
and white (repaired). 

Diameter, 14}^ inches. 

315. Cochin Chinese Bowl. 

A rich yellow glaze inside and out- 

Diameter, 11 inches. 

316. Cochin Chinese Bowl. 

A rich brown glaze inside and out- 

Diameter, 10 inches. 

317. Old Oribe Plaque. 

Green and brown decoration of 

Diameter, 18^ inches. 

318. Large Oribe Plaque. 

Flowers and leaves in thick blue, 
brown glaze on a brown body. 

Diameter, 20>^ inches. 

319- Old Karatsu Bowl. 

Incised decoration of flowers and 

lines in white enamel on drab ground. 

Diameter, i^y2 inches. 

320. Old Yeiraku Bowl. 

Yellow glaze, decorated with figures 

in relief, in green and purple ; incised 
marks of Yeiraku on bottom. 

Diameter, 11^ inches. 

321. Old Bronze Vase. 

Relief decoration of waves ; has stand 
in design of dragon. 

Height, 7)4 inches. 

322. Old Bronze Vase. 

Relief decoration of flowers and ani- 
mals ; flaring top. 

Height, 7^ inches. 

323. Old Bronze Jar. 

Mottled murashido patina ; upright 

Height, gj/^ inches. 

324. Old Bronze Okimono. 

Lotus and dragon holding a crystal ]| 

Height, 11^ inches. 

325. Old Sahari Bronze Kettle. 

Cover with enameled chrysanthemum 
flowers; handle on top. 

Height, 8 inches. 

326. Old Repousse Bronze Sake Heater. 

Dragon design in relief. 

327. Old Chinese Bronze Hand Bell. 

Handle in design of arrowhead; re- 
pousse decoration. Date, about 1600. 

328. Old Thibetan Hand Bell. 

Handle decorated with a head of fig- 
ure in relief. Date, 1700. 

329. Old Bronze Flower Vase. 

Ornamented with handle in design 
of tree branches with monkeys. Date, 
. about 1750. 

330. Old "Moru" Bronze Cake Tray. 

Dragon design incised. 

Diameter, 93/2 inches. 

331. Old "Moru" Bronze Cake Tray. 

Dragons incised in centre. 

Diameter, 9^ inches. 

332. Old Bronze Kettle. 

Red patina ; slightly mottled. 

333. Old Sahari Bronze Covered Jar. 

Hammered decoration ; the cover 
with repousse of leaves. 

Diameter, 734 inches. 

334. Old Japanese Bronze Sake Heater. 

Silver inlaid flower decoration; a fine 

335. Old Brass Censer. 

Openwork cover; incised decoration 
of dragon. 

Height, 6y2 inches. 

336. Old Brass Censer. 

Diaper patterns in relief; iion on top 
of the cover. 

Height, 51/^ inches. 

337. Old Brass Censer. 

Openwork cover with lion on top; 
lotus designed handles. 

Height, 6 inches. 

338. Old Brass Vase. 

Engraved decoration of bamboo and 
peony; lions as handles. 

Height, 7 inches. 

339. Old Brass Vase. 

Six sided; engraved decoration of 
peony and lotus; lion handles. 

Height, 7 inches. 

340. Old Brass Vase. 

Flaring top ; relief decoration of dragon 
and peony. 

Height, 7^ inches. 

341- 01<i Brass Candlestick. 

In design of a stork standing on a 

Height, i8 inches. 

342. Old Iron Sake Heater. 

Relief cast decoration. 

343. Old Repousse Bronze Sake Holder. 

Relief decoration of waves ; side 

Height, 7 inches. 

344. Old *'Moru" Bronze Kettle. 

Lotus design, incised. 

345. Old Iron Helmet. 

Date, 1550. A rare example. 

346. Old Iron Helmet. 

Decoration of hachimanza in gilded 
bronze. Signed, llarunobu. Date, i6cx). 

347' Old Iron Helmet. 

Small division of lines; a fine old ex- 
ample. Date, 1600. Signed Otome- 

348. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Yoshimichi. Date, 1650. 

349. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Munemichi. Date, 1600. 

350. Old Iron Helmet. 

Hachimanza in Shakudo, and gold. 
Lacquer front guard. Date, 1750. 

351. Old Iron Mempo. 

By Miochin Munetomo. Date, 1630. 

352. Old Iron Mempo. 

Date. 1550. 

353. Old Iron Mempo. 

Lacquer front guard Date, 1750. 

354- Old Iron Mempo. 

By Miochin Munehisa of Kaga. Date, 

355. Old Iron Mempo. 

Front decoration under chin. Date, 

356. Old Iron Mempo and Silk. 

Corded decoration. Date, 1650. 

.357. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Dragon decoration around the col- 
umn. Three curved legs. 

Height, 16^ inches. 

358. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Stork design ; standing on a turtle. 

Height, isy2 inches. 

359- Tall, Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Gilded ; repousse design of chrysan- 

Height, 2T) inches. 

36o. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Openwork decoration on the column^ 
Height, 17 inches^ 

361. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Elaborate decoration of openwork 
around the column, with openwork base. 

Height, 25^ inches. 

362. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Storks on turtle, in relief 

Height, 153^ inches^ 

363. Old Bronze Koro. 

Openwork decoration of plum, bam- 
boo and pine trees. 

Height, 5j^ inches. 

364. Old Bronze Koro. 

with lion. 

Panels in relief casting; surmounted 

Height, 6y2 inches. 


365. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Stork on a turtle. 

Height, 17^ inches. 

366. Old Bronze Candlestick, 

Openwork decoration on the column, 
with base of bronze. 

Height, 21 inches. 

36;. Old Iron Helmet. 
Date, about 1700. 

368. Old Iron Helmet. 

In sixty-two plates ; inside of each is 
inscribed with name of artist, and other 
inscription. Date, 1600. Very rare 

369. Old Iron Helmet. 

Shell shaped, riveted plates. Date, 

370. Old Iron Helmet. 

Decorated on top with hachimanza ;: 
neck guard. Date, 1650, 

371. Old Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with numerous ibo or 
bosses. By Muneharu. Date, 1700. 

372. Old Iron Helmet. 

The shape called "Chiukeigata." Date^ 

373. Old Iron Helmet. 

The Yeboshi shaped. Date, 1600. 

374. Old Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with tall ibo or bosses;, 
leather and silk cords decoration on both 
sides, inside is finished with gilded 
metal and leather. Date, 1650. 

375- Old Iron Melmet. 

Unique shaped, lacquered in black; 
corrugated ornamentation on back. 
Date, 1600. 

376. Old Iron Helmet. 

Made of rare "namban" tetsu or 

ancient European iron. Mailed neck 

guard. A very rare example. Date, 

377. Old Iron Jingasa. 

Hammered iron plates, with riveted 
joints. Ring on top. Red lacquered. 
Date, 1700. 

378. Old Iron Jingasa. 

Bears crest of a daimio of Kaga; 
signed, Miochin Muneyoshi. Date, 1650. 
A rare and important example. 

379. Old Iron Jingasa. 

Flat-riveted decoration on top; coat- 
of-arms in gold lacquer inside. Date, 

3So. Old Iron Jingasa. 

Ring and silk cord ornamentation and 
the hachimanza on the cap, gold lacquer 
coat-of-arms inside. Date, 1700. 

381. Old Bronze Koro. 

By Seimin. Signed and dated, Bunsei 
period (1817). Relief flower decoration 
around the body. Flowering decorations 
on flower-shaped legs. 

382. Two Old "Moru" Bronze Plates. 

Repousse decoration of flowers and 

Diameter, i^j4 inches. 

383. Old Brass Flower Plate. 

Openwork design of crests and lotus 

Diameter, 9^ inches. 

384. Two Old Brass jpiower Plates. 

Lotus and leafy scrolls in openwork 

Diameter, 11 inches. 

385. Old Cloisonne Bowl. 

Gilded bronze, decorated outside with 
lotus and leafy scrolls, in blue, red and 

Diameter, 6 1-3 inches. 

386. Old Bronze Scripture Holder. 

Incised Buddhistic images and inscrip- 
tion on entire surface. 

Height, I2y2 inches. 

387. Two Old Brass Ornaments. 

In design of dragons' heads in relief. 

388. Old Bronze Okimono. 

Design of coiling dragon with five 

389. Old Chinese Bronze Censer. 

Archaic decoration in relief; animal- 
headed handles on sides. 
Height, 6y2 inches. Diameter, 8^/2 inches. 

390. Old Bronze Hibachi. 

Perforated decoration around the 
edge. Green patina. 
Height, GYz inches. Diameter, 8>^ inches. 

391- Old Iron Vase. 

Cylindrical; gold and silver damasend 
decoration of dragon and cloud form. 
Signed, Miochin. 

Height, ID inches. 

392. Old Chinese Iron Sweetmeat Box. 

Silver inlaid, dragon decoration on 
cover and on side. 

Diameter, 7^ inches. 

393. Old Japanese Iron Tobacco Pouch. 

Repousse iron netsuke and ojime. 
Date, 1650. 

394. Old Chinese Iron Tobacco Box. 

Silver inlaid dragon on the cover. 

395. Old Chinese Iron Nioi. 

Silver inlaid dragon design on handle. 

396. Old Chinese Iron Tobacco Pouch. 

Inlaid decoration of dragon in silver 
and gold. Signed, Kochi. Seal. 

397- Old Chinese Iron Box. 

Fitted with secret key arrangement 
on top. Silver inlaid decoration of plum, 
and inscription; handle on top. 

398. Old Chinese Brass Tobacco Pouch. 

Old brass netsuke in design of a com- 
pass, decorated with flowers. The 
pouch in relief, decoration of dragon on 
both sides. 

399. Old Chinese Iron Arrow Head. 

Silver inlaid, decoration of Chinese 

400. Old Chinese Iron Incense Box. 

Silver inlaid, leafy scroll; minute 

401. Old Iron Vase. 

Cylindrical ; made to represent a bark 
of wood. 

Height, 6yi inches. 

402. Old Chinese Writer's Pen Washer. 

Inlaid silver decoration of symbols 
and diaper. Chien-lung period. 

Height, i}i inches. 

403. Old Chinese Iron Box. 

Drawer with handle, inlaid with dia- 
per pattern in silver. Chien-lung (1736). 

Height, 2}i inches. Diameter, 25/2x3^ inches. 

404. Bronze Okimono. 

Design of a mallet, inlaid with gold, 
shakudo, and silver. Red silk cord. 

405. Old Iron Censer. 

Figure of Jurojin, well modeled. 


406. Hanging Vase. 

Boat-shaped, ornamented with chains. 

407. Pair Temple Rinto. 

Incised dragon and cloud form deco- 
ration, gilded. 

408. Pair Chinese Pewter Vases. 

Engraved, decoration of dragOB 
around the column in low relief. 

Height, 8 inches. 

409. Old Chinese Pottery Vase. 

Mounted with pewter bands, engraved 

Height, 10^ inches. 

410. Chinese Pev/ter Tea Pot. 

Floral pattern engraved. 

411. Old Japan Pewter Bowl. 

Karakusa design engraved, signed 
with seal marks at base. 

I^iamctei, -jYi inches. 

412. Old Chinese Pewter Tray. 

Octagonal shaped, Chinese figure 
decoration engraved. 

Diameter, 9^ inches. 

413. Old Chinese Pewter Tray. 

Landscape decoration engraved in 

Diameter, iiVz inches. 

414. Old Chinese Pewter Tea Pot. 

Inscription and figure on both sides. 

415. Old Chinese Pewter Tray. 

Birds and flowers in centre, engraved. 
Diameter, 11x9 inches. 

416. Old Chinese Pewter Tray. 

Oval shaped, Chinese inscription and 
peony engraved. 

Diameter ii>^x9^ inches. 

417* Old Pewter Jar. 

Extra cover inside; stamped with seal 

Height, 7 inches. 

418. Old Pewter Tea Jar with Cover. 

Extra cover inside, fish and waves 
engraved. Signed, Suzuya Yazayemon. 

Height, 8 inches. 

419. Old Pew^ter Tea Jar with Cover. 

Extra cover inside; silvery grey patina. 
Signed at the bottom, Suzushi Mima- 

Height, II inches. 


420. Pair Mailed Sleeves. 

Medallian decoration inlaid witli sil- 
ver. Date, 1600. 

421. Pair Mailed Sleeves. 

Silver inlaid decoration on plates and 
bands. Date, 1600. 

422. Old Iron Helmet. 

Date, 1700. Rare example. 

423. Old Iron Helmet. 

Hachimanza in silver and gold; 
leather covered ornaments. Date, 1700. 

424. Old Iron Helmet. 

Well hammered plates. Date, 1600. 

425. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Sotome lyenari; one of a very 
rare example. 

426. Old Iron Helmet. 

Dated Tembun, 7th year (1538). A 
rare specimen. 

427. Old Iron Helmet. 

Small rounded shape. Probably 14th 

4^8, Old Iron Mempo. 

Chained ornament on front. Date, 

429. Old Iron Mempo. 

Well hammered work. Date, 1700. 

430. Old Iron Mempo. 

Decorated front ornament; red 
lacquered inside. Date, 1700. 

431. Old Iron Mempo. 

Well hammered iron. Date, 1720. 

432. Old Iron Mempo. 

Date, 1700. Lacquered and chained 
front ornament. 

433- Old Iron Mempo. 

Decorated with silver dots. Date, 

434. Old Iron Mempo. 
Date, 1700. 

435. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Sotome lyeharu. Signed. Rare 
and important example. 

436. Old Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with bosses on rivited 
plates; neck guard. Date, 1600. 

437. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Miochin Muneharu. Inscriptions 
on each plate. Date, 1650. Rare 

438. Old Iron Helmet. 

Pointed cap. Date, 1650. 

439- Old Iron Helmet. 
Date, 1550. 

440. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Sotome lyesada. Inscription on 
plates inlaid. Date, 15th century. 

441. Old Iron Helmet. 

Pointed crown. Date about 1500. 

442. Old Iron Helmet. 

By Miochin (Tosa). Riveted plates. 
Date, i6th century. 

443. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Inlaid decoration of floral leaves in 
brass; gold lacquer on the handle. 

444. Old Japan Matchlock. 

Silver inlaid cranes and pine trees, 
and coat-of-arms, gold lacquer decora- 
tion on handle. 

445- Old Japan Matchlock. 

Silver inlaid crest and animals; gold 
lacquer decoration on the handle. 

446. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Silver inlaid animal and flower; gold 
lacquer on the handle. 

447. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Dragon in silver inlay; kiku flower on 
the handle. 

448. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Coat-of-arms and howo birds in sil- 
ver inlay. 

449. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Inlaid decoration of crests and figures; 
gold lacquer on the handle. 

450. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Inlaid decoration of peony flower, and 
flower on the handle. 

451- Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Silver inlaid decoration of floral de- 

452. Old Japanese Matchlock. 

Brass inlaid decoration of tsuta vines 
and flowers ; gold lacquer on the handle. 

453. Pair Old Bronze Rinto. 

Dragon design on handles; inscrip- 
tion on the plates. 

454. Old Chinese Moru Bronze Koro. 

Boat-shaped, elaborate decoration. 

455. Old Temple Bronze Panel. 

Repousse figure of a standing Buddha 
and ornaments. 

456. Old Chinese Bronze Bowl. 

Green and brown painting. Date, 

Diameter, 11 inches. 

457- 01<i Chinese Vase with Cover. 

Animal decoration on top of the 
cover; green patina. 

Height, II inches. 

458. Old "Mom" Bronze Writing Case. 

Lion and peony in high relief on the 
cover. Inkstand and waterholder com- 
Height, iy2 inches. Diameter, 9x6^ inches. 

459. Old Bronze Stove and Iron Kettle. 

Howo birds in relief. 

Height, gy2 inches. 

460. Old Chinese Bronze Vase. 

Bands of archiac design in relief on 
three sides; handles at the neck. 

Height, 12^ inches. 

461. Gilded Bronze Hanging Lantern. 

Openwork decoration of peony flowers. 
Diameter, 18 inches. 

462. Old Bronze Hanging Lantern. 

Globular; Howo birds in openwork. 

Diameter, 125^ inches. 

463. Old Chinese Bronze Vase. 

Archiac design in relief around the 
body, ring handles. 

Height, 15 inches. 

464. Old Bronze Hibachi. 

Square form ; ring handles, brown 

Height, with stand, yYz inches. 
Diameter, 9 inches square. 

465. Old Chinese Bronze Okimono. 

Animal design, engraved decoration. 

466. Old Bronze Swan. 

Skilfully modeled specimen. 

Height, 25^ inches. 

467. Old Bronze Vase. 

Flaring top, handles at the neck in de- 
sign of elephant, brown patina. 

Height, 13^ inches. 

468. Old Bronze Vase. 

Wide opening; handles at the neck 
in design of leaf; fine brown patina. 

Height, 12 inches. 

469. Statuette of Buddha. 

Old Thibetan bronze, gilded; jeweled 
ornamentation; bronze stand. A rare 
and costly example. 

Height, II inches. 

470. Old Chinese Colored Bronze Koro. 

Deer, elaborately ornamented with 
jewels. Specimen of Ming period. 

471. Old Indian Buddha. 

Well modeled bronze, ornamented with 
halo on back. 

Height, 5 inches. 

472. Old Chinese Buddha. 

Gilded bronze ; well modeled. 

Height, 93^2 inches. 

473. Old Chinese Bronze Incense Burner. 

In design of an elephant, ornamented 
with jewels. 

Height, 834 inches. 

474. Old Chinese Bronze Vase. 

Four-sided; slender neck; decorated 
with floral design and symbols. Carved 
teak stand. 

Height, 15^ inches. 


Friday, February 9th, 1906, 

at 8 o'clock. 

Rare and Valuable Japanese Illustrated 
Books on Art, Fiction, Designs and Flower Ar- 
rangements, etc., etc. 

475. Pictorial Book. 

I vol. 1779. Tosei komoshi hinagata. 
Illustrated. By Sukenobu. i vol. 

476. Four Illustrated Books. 

Gwa fu, I vol. Kiosai rakugwa, I vol. 
Takawo nen dai ki, i vol. 1849. Illus- 
trated by R. Tanehiko. San kai meisan 
dsu ye, i vol. Illustrations by Tenkado. 

477. Ye hon jisei no yoso-oi. 

Illustrated. Utagawa Toyoguni. I 
vol. Dated, 1802. 

478. Eight Old Illustrated Japanese Books. 

Ye hon tozen gusa, i vol. Onna kokio 
dsu ye, i vol. Illustrated by Watanabe 
Rosai. Dated, 1829. 

Gwa ho hikketsu, i vol. 1799. Ye hon 
shoshin michi sirube, i vol. Ye hon Ju 
yo, I vol. By Sesshosai. Dated, 1750. 

Tansei nishiki bukuro, I vol. By 
Hogan Shunboku. Dated, 1753. 

Gwashi Kaiyo, i vol. By Kano artists. 

Ye hon komiofutaba gusa, i vol. 
Dated, 1755. 

479. Hana dsukushi, i vol. 

Illustrations by Moronobu. Dated, 

480. Six Rare Books. 

Kinsei kiseki, 2 vols. By Takekiyo. 
Dated, 1803. 

Ye hon fuki no tane, 3 vols. By Suke- 
nobu. Dated, 1744. 

Nihon meisho dsu ye, i vol. By Hase- 
gawa Mitsunobu. Dated, 1754. 

481. Ye hon taso gare gusa, 5 vols. 

By Hokkio Giokuzan. Dated, 1799. 

482. Sono no yuki, 5 vols. 

By Hokusai. 1807. 

483. Todo meisho dsu ye, 2 vols. 

Scarce publications, n. d. 

484. Hon oho gwa rin, 3 vols. 

By Kosuke Tokaki. 1752, 

485. Korin hiaku dsu, 2 vols. 

By Ho-itsu. 1826. 

486. Ye hon sei shocho, 3 vols. 

Dated, 1728. 

487. Jinbutsu sogwa, 3 vols. 

By Kokwan. 1734. 

488. Kingioku gwa fu, 2 vols. 

By artists of the Kano school. 
Fushi kun. Dated, 181 1, 2 vols. 

489. Six Old Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon miyako zoshi, i vol. By Suke- 
nobu. 1746. 

Iwa no umi, i vol. By Shuncho. 

Yedo meisho, 2 vols. By Zippensha 
Ikku. 1813. 

Ye hon kotowaza gusa, i vol. By 

Bon kei, i vol. By So-an. 

490. Four Old Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon tsukinu idsumi, 2 vols. By 
Hokkio Giokuzan. 1797. 

Yu Jo gojiinin isshu, 2 vols. By 
Tsukioka Tange. 1753. 

491. Hiaku nin isshu, i vol. 

Illustrations by Moronobu. Dated, 

492. Five Illustrated Books. 

Kiokwa sugata kagami, 2 vols. By 
Hasegawa Mitsunobu. 1739. 

Ye hon genjimonogatari, i vol. By 

Ye hon amano gawa, i vol. Dated, 

Sukenobu gwa fu, i vol. 

493. Six Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon yezo nishiki, 2 vols. By Tera- 
zawa Masatsugu. 1781. 
Ye hon yamato hiji, 2 vols. 
Ye hon taiko ki, i vol. 
Obana dsn ye, i vol. 

494. Raiko ichidai ki, 5 vols. 

By Torii Kiyomitsu. 1770. 

495. Meika gwa fu, i vol. 

By Hosen donin. 1807. 
Itcho gwafu. 1770. I vol. 
Ruisei s6g\\'a 1734. i vol. 

496. Six Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon misawo gusa, 2 vols. By Suke- 

Ye hon fude tsubana, i vol. By Suke- 
nobu. Dated, 1747. 

So so horidashi, i vol. 

Korobanu sakino tsuye, i vol. By 
Okino Shiraho. 

Jochu fuzoku tamakagami. By Suke- 
nobu, I vol. 

497. Five Illustrated Books. 

Gara gvvako, 2 vols. Dated, 1818. 

Waka hiakunin isshii, i vol. Dated, 

Beijin gwa fu, i vol. Illustrations by 
Kano painters. 

Gwadsu sen yo, i vol. Illustration by 
Kano painters. 

498. Adsuma karage, 2 vols. 
Gwa fu, I vol. 

499. Yakusha dsu yc, i vol. 

By Toyokiini. Dated, 1804 

500. Godai bosatsu, 2 vols. 

Illustrations by Moronobu. Dated, 

501. Yedo mcisho, 2 vols. 

Illustrations by Utamaro. 

502. Koto no uta, i vol. 

Illustrations by Shunsho. Dated, 1790^ 

503. Eight Books. 

Ye hon towa kagami, 2 vols. By Suke- 
nobu. 1739. 

Ye hon chiga no ura, i vol. By Shige- 
fusa. 1750. 

Ye hon hiji bukuro, i vol. By JissuL 

Ye hon tsukuba yama, 2 vols. By 

Sukenobu. 1740. 
Ye hon ike no kokoro, i vol. By Suke- 
i nobu. 1739. 

Ye hon mina no gawa, i vol. 

504- Four books. 

Muso fu, 2 vols. Dated, 1766. 
Bunpo gwa fu, i vol. Dated, 1791. 
Bairei gwa fu, i vol. 

505. Suicho ki. . 2 vols. 

Illustrations by Moronobu 

506. Umi no saiv^^ai, 3 vols. 

Illustrations by Hidekuni. Dated, 1750. 

507. Koku yo kiokwa shu, 2 vols. 

Illustrations by Moronobu. 

508. Haru no kotobuki, i vol. 

Illustrations by Utamaro and Shun- 

509. To gwa shi, i vol.. 

Illustrations by Moronobu. 

510. Shikata banashi, 3 vols. 

Illustrations by Moronobu. 

511. Nishiki gi, 5 vols. 
Dated, 1662. 

512. Ye hon choku shiho, 2 vols. 

Illustrated by Morikuni. Dated, 1743^ 

513. Eight Old Books. 

Ye hon jitsu gokio, 3 vols. Illustra- 
tions by Kitawo Sekkosai. 

Takeda Shingen. Illustrated, i vol. 

Atsume gusa. Illustrated, i vol. 

Ye hon tatoye gusa. Illustrated, i vol. 

Ye hon yasa kotoba. Illustrated. 2 

514. Ye hon mitsu wa gusa, i vol. 

Illustrated by Sukenobu. 
Jokio bansho kagami, i vol. Illustrat- 
ed by Sukenobu. Dated, 1742. 

5x5. Obana dsu ye, 4 vols. 

Illustrated. Dated, 1702. 

5i6. Four Illustrated Books. 

Jo hin ye hon fuzoku, I vol. Dated, 

Ye hon jitsu go kio, i vol. 

Ye hon hime komatsu, 2 vols. By 

517. Ise monogatari, 2 vols. 

By Moronobu. 1679. 

518. Ye hon kan so gundan, 7 vols. 

Illustrated books on ancient Chinese 
historical battles. 

519. Five Illustrated Books. 

Iro ha uta no jo, i vol. 

Ye hon asana banashi, i vol. 

Ye hon hobana, i vol. 

Ye hon ogurayama, i vol. By Suke- 
nobu. 1749. 

Ye hon kaigwa sen, i vol. By Suke- 
nobu. 1748. 

520. Ye hon fuku juso. 

By Sukenobu. 1770. 15 vols. 

521. Ye hon tebiki gusa. 

By Kano artists. Dated, 1772. 2 vols.. 

522. Don ranki. 

Yoshida Togetsu. N. d. 2 vols. 

523. Shinobu gusa. 

On arrangement of flowers. By 
Yoshida Togetsu. N. d. 2 vols. 

524. Ye hon kaigwa sen. 

By Sukenobu. 1748. 3 vols. 

525. Ye hon yamato shikio. 

By Yanagiwara Senjiro. Dated, 1786^. 
3 vols. 

526. Kwacho gwa fu. 

By Nakajima Tanjiro. Dated, 1737- 
2 vols. 

527. Eight Illustrated Books. 

Kigan no fumi. 3 vols. Chitose no 
tane. i vol. By Shuncho. 

Ye hon o shiku bai. i vol. By Mori- 
kuni. 1740. 

Kio-no monogatari. i vol. By Moro- 

Yakusho ron. 2 vols. 

528. Six Illustrated Books. 

Shoku nin dsukushi. i vol. Inga kio. 
I vol. By Moronobu. 

Gwa dsu hiakka cho. 2 vols. Kiokwa 
hosoye. i vol. By Harukawa. 1819. 

Shin moyo. i vol. 

529. Tokaido gojusan tsugi. 

Japanese color-prints of the fifty-three 
famous places on the Tokaido roads be- 
tween Tokio and Kioto, i vol. By Kuni- 

530. Five Illustrated Books. 

Waka gusa monogatari. i vol. By 

Homotsu dsu ye. i vol. 
Taiko bijin atsume. i vol. 
Ye hon keiko cho. i vol. 
Usuynki monogatari. i vol. 

531. Eight Illustrated Books. 

Kokwa yushu. i vol. By Hironobu. 

Senriodo gwafii. i vol. By Takezawa 

Michi shirube. i vol. By Hotta Ren- 
zan. 1813. 

San kai meibutsu dsu ye. 1728. i vol. 

Komio bushi. i vol. 

Otoshi banashi. 2 vols. 

Ogura hiakku. i vol. By Hokusai. 

532. Eght Illustrated Books. 

Hiaku nin isshu. 3 vols. By Sukenobu 
and Harunobu, 

Ye hon kioka sen. 1790. 3 vols.. 
Ye hon jisei no kagami. i vol. 
Tengu tsu. i vol. 

533- Wakan meigwa yen. 

By Hogan Shunboku. 6 vols. 1749. 

534. Jisan Kachu. 1484. 3 vols. 

Gwashi kaiyo. i vol. 
Nantei gwa fu. i vol. 
Umpitsu sogwa. i vol. 

535. Hiaku fuji. 

Published by Nishimura Genioku. 8 
vols. Dated, 1785. 

53G. Fu so gwa fu. 

By Tachibana Morikuni. 5 vols. 

537. Gwa sen. 

6 vols. Dated 1731. 

533. Ye hon mitsuwa gusa. 

By Sukenobu. 3 vols. Dated, 1758. 

539. Ye hon chiyomi gusa. 

By Sukenobu. 2 vols. 1740. 

540- Genji kumo gakure. 

By Moronobu. 6 vols. 1759. 

541. Kiosai gwa fu. 

Sketches by Kiosai. 3 vols, 

542. Ye hon fukujuso. 

By Shunsen (Ooka). 5 vols. 1755. 

543. Hidano Takumi Monogatari. 
By Hokusai. 3 vols. 

544. Six Illustrated Books. 

Kotto jo hin. 181 5. i vol. 
Gwa fu. 1806. I vol. 
Gwa hin hippo. 1730. i vol. 
Soken sokwa. i vol. 
Gwa hon hitsuyo. 1751. 2 vols. By^ 

545- Nine Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon makudsuga hara. By Suke- 
nobu. 3 vols. 1741- 

Kioka makuno uchi. By Hokusai. 2 

Hiaki yagio. 2 vols. 

Kwacho gwafu. i vol. 

Ye hon tamakadsura. By Sukenobu. 
I vol. 

546. Five Illustrated Books. 

Gwa ho. By Kano artists, i vol. 
Gwa yei. 1807. 2 vols. 
Jisan Kachu. 1668. i vol. 
Hiaku nin isshu. By Morcnobu. 1678. 
I vol. 

547. Toto junikei. 

By Ilokkei. 1819. i vol. 
Iwa tsiitsiiji. 2 vols. 

543. Seven Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon biwa no umi. i vol. 

Shigure no yen. By Moronobu. 
vol. Dated, 1684. 

Shikata banashi. By Moronobu. 
vol. Dated, 1671. 

Yamato Shikio. i vol. 

Ise san gu. 1797. i vol. 

Onna ron go. 1829. i vol. 

Hengaku kihan. 1821. i vol. 

549. Ye hon shimidsuno ike. 

By Sukenobu. Dated, 1744. 6 vols. 

550. Gempei seisuiki. 2 vols. 

Yokan hiroku. By Hokio Chuwa. I 
vol. 1803. 

Kwannon kio. By Moronobu. i vol. 

551. Ise Monogatari. 

By Tsukioka Tankei. 2 vols. 1756. 
Koromo gusa. By Sukenobu. i vol. 

Kanso monogatari. i vol. 
Ye hon tsu hoshi. i vol. 
Sayo monogatari. i vol. 

553. Ye hon himebunko. 

By Sukenobu. 4 vols. 1755. 

553. Ise monogatari. 

(Rare publication.) 2 vols. 

554. Sha ho bukuro. 

By Tachibana Sobei. 6 vols. 1730. 

555. Six Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon genmi gusa. i vol. 

Riugio. I vol. 

Koromo gusa. By Sukenobu. i vol. 


Monji bukuro. i vol. 1762. 
Ise monogatari. i vol. 1670. 
Hoshij gwa fu. i vol. 18 14. 

556. San kai meibutsu dsu ye. 

By Hasegawa Mitsunobu. 4 vols. 

55'7 O-son gwa fu. 

By Ho-itsu. i vol. 

558 Eight Illustrated Books. 

Kai uta awase. By Sukenobu. i vol. 


Sha ho bukuro. 2 vols. 

Hitomoto Suzuki. By Morofusa. 3 

Ogi ye ai. i vol. 

Ye hon ogura yama. By Sukenobu. 
I vol. 1749. 

559. Ye hon wa higato. 

Illustrated in colors by Sukenobu. 10 
vols. 1742. 


56o. Twelve Illustrated Books. 

Ye hon yamato bunko. By Sukenobu. 
I vol. 1769. 

Tatoye gusa. By Sukenobu. i vol. 
Adsuma tamoto. By Masayoshi (Kita- 
wo). I vol. 

Ye hon adsuma meibutsu. i vol. 
Toshi sen. i vol. 

Hojin dsukushi. i vol. 
Kinsei kisekko. By Santo Kioden. i 

Otsuye metsuke. i vol. 
Yamato hiji. By Sukenobu. i vol. 
Illustrated book. By Moronobu. i 

Hiji bukuro. By Sukenobu. 1 vol. 

Chitose no atsume. i vol. 

562. Do chiu sugoroku. 

By Minzan. i vol. 

San sui dsu shiki. By Hokusai. i vol. 

Kiosai mangwa. 1 vol. 

563e Eight Illustrated Books. 

Ise san gu dsu ye. i vol. 
Gempei seisuiki. 3 vols. 
Sugawara zikki. i vol. 
Ise monogatari. i vol. 
Yamato meisho dsu ye. By Nobu- 
shige. I vol. 1 791. 

Masa kado dsu ye. i vol. 

564. Ye hon tcshi sen. 

Illustrations by Hokusai. 2 vols. 

565. Yoshitsune kunkodsu ye. 4 vols. 

566. Nantei gwa fu. 3 vols. 

567. Riogan ichi ran. 

Colored illustrations by Hokusai. i 

568. Minaye banashi. 

By Sari. 5 vols. 1799. 

569^ Eleven Select Books. 

Ye hon haruno kotobuki. 2 vols. 
Ye hon suruga mai. By Utamaro. 3 

Ye hon naniyori no koto, i vol. 

Ye awase. i vol. 1822. 

Musha dsukushi. i vol. 

Ise monogatari. By Sukenobu. 2 vols. 

Ye ho san. i vol. 

570. Nenju gioji (complete). 

By Utamaro. 2 vols. 1729. 

571. Kio no ada nami. 4 vols. 1805. 

Jigoku monogatari. By Moronobu. 3 

572. Ye hon ho kan. 

Illustrated in black and \v'hite. 3 vols. 

573- Nine Illustrated Books. 

Michi no shiba ore. 2 vols. 
Kaidatsu monogatari. Dated, 1690. 2 
Kasho ki. i vol. 
Ye hon satoshi gusa. i vol. 
Shogaku susume. i vol. 
Kwannon kio. By Hokusai. I vol. 

Yamato hiji. i vol. 

574. Kano gwa fu. 2 vols. 

Kwacho gwa fu. 2 vols. 
Ye hon fukujuso. By Shunsen (Ooka). 
2 vols. 

575. Bon san hiakkei. 2 vols. 

576. Hokusai gwa fu. 2 vols. 

Buyu sakigake dsu ye. i vol. 
Hokusai mangwa. i vol. 

577. Hokusai mangwa. 5 vols. 

578. Hokusai mangwa. 5 vols. 

579- Hokusai mang^va. 4 vols. 
Hokusai gwafu. i vol. 

580. Hokusai jinji andon. 5 vols, 

581. Kai awase. 

By Utamaro. i vol. 

582. Six scrolls in black and white. 

By Kitawo Masayoshi and Kano art- 
ists. Subjects including landscapes and 
Japanese interiors, etc., etc., in colors ; 
also views of Riogoku Bridge, etc., by 
Hanabusa Itcho, and color prints by 
Yoshiiku, illustrating "the niakki yagio.** 

583. Album. 

Illustrations of daimios ceremonial cos- 
tumes, in hand painting. 

584. Album. 

Surimono of seventy-six difTerent sub- 
jects, by Hokusai. 

585. Album. 

Nineteen surimonos, by Hokusai, 
Shunman, Hokkei, and others. 

586. Album. 

Silk paintings of birds and flowers, by 

587. Album. 

Containing landscapes, flowers, birds, 
etc., painted in colors on silk, by Yama- 
moto Seiitsu. 

588. Japanese Design Book. 

Containing patterns of chintz done in 
hand painting. 

589. Album. 

Of rare old specimens of ancient Jap- 
anese brocades, silks, textiles, etc. 

590. Album. 

Of rare specimens of ancient fabrics, 
brocades, textiles. 

591^' Album. 

Of ancient Japanese brocades, kinran, 
and other costly fabrics. 

592. Album. 

Of rare brocades, textiles of costly 

593. Album. 

Of ancient brocades, textiles, and other 
rare fabrics. 

59^. Album. 

Of extremely rare specimens of ancient 

595. Large Album. 

Containing miniature specimens of 
various kakemono mountings. Very 
useful and valuable album. 

596. Large Album. 

Containing specimens of rare old bro- 
cades and textiles. Extremely rare 

Collection of Old Japanese Color Prints, Care- 
fully Selected. 

Pupil of Kuniyoshi. 

597. Color Print. 

"Young woman with umbrella/ 

Pupil of Kuniyoshi. 

598. Color Print. 

"General Yoritomo near Fuji-yama." 

599. Color Print. 

"Portrait of a girl." 

Contemporary of Hokusai. 

600. Color Print. 

"Yama-uba and bov Kintoki." 

6oi. Color Print. 

"A young woman." 

6o^. Color Print. 

"Head of Shoki." 

603. Color Print. 

"Young woman promenading." 

604. Color Print. 

"Girl reading love-letter." 

605. Color Print. 

"Kanzan and Zittoku." 

606. Color print (a set of three). 

"The Riogoku bridge in summer." 

Pupil of Yeizan. 

607. Color Print. 

"Lady on the porch." 

6o8. Color Print (in aizuri). 

"Chinese ladies." 

609. Color Print. 

"Lady and companion. 

610. Color Print. 

"A young woman." 

611. Color Print. 

"Girl with a doll." 

612. Color Print. 

"Woman promenading." 

613. Color Print. 

"Girl with a fish-bowl." 

614. Color Print. 

"Young woman." 

615. Color Print. 

"Girl in the garden." 


Date, 1840. 

616. Color Print. 

"Woman in winter dress.' 

617. Color Print. 

"Woman reading." 

618. Color Print. 

"Girl going to school. 

6ig. Color Print. 

"Portrait of girl." 

620. Color Print. 

"Young woman with fan.' 

Contemporary of Kunisada. 

621. Color Prints (three in set). 

"Women and children in the iris gar- 


62a. Color Print. 

"View of Hamamatsu, on the Tok- 

623^ Color Print. 

"The Yoroi ferry in winter." 

624. Color Print. 

"Sprays of the shukaido plants. 

625. Color Print. 

"Cherry blossoms of Yoshino in Ya- 

626. Color Print. 

"Gotenyama, near Tokio." 

627. Color Print. 

"Temple of Atagoyama, Tokio. 

628. Color Print. 

"A ferry on the Sumida." 

629. Color Print. 

"Beach of Shichirigahama, So-Shu." 

630. Color Print. 

"Kameido temple and wistaria garden. 

631. Color Print. 

"The Takanawa, near Tokio." 

632, Color Print. 

"The Takanawa in moonlight eve." 

633. Color Print. 

"Maple-blossom of Takino gawa." 

634. Color Print. 

"Girl sitting." 

635. Color Print. 

"King-fisher and sprays of flowers." 

636. Color Print. 

"Bird perching on a branch of apple- 

637* Color Print. 

"Swallows and iris flowers." 

638. Color Print (three in set). 

"Picnic parties in the Uyeno Garden.' 

639. Color Print. 

"Studies of flowers and insects." 

640 Color Print. 

"Lion and its young." 

641. Color Print. 

"Winter landscape, Kisokaido.' 

643- Color Print. 

"Falcon perched on pine branch.' 

643. Color Print. 

"The seven gods of good fortune. 

644. Color Print. 

"Sunrise and crane." 


645. Color Print. 

"A moonlight eve, Tempozan, nea. 

646. Color Print. 

"Rainy day.' 


647. Color Print. 

"The fall of Urami, Nikko. 


1 760 1 849. 

64S. Color Print. 

"Swallows and willow-trees. 

649. Color Print. 

"Cuckoo and rainbow. 

650. Color Print. 

"Woman promenading.' 

65 -f. Color Print. 

"Plgrims on the Fuji Mountains. 

652. Color Print. 

"The Yahagi Bridge, Province of 

653. Color Print. 

"Fuji viewed from the Misaka, in 

654. Color Print. 

"Fuji viewed from Mishima, in Ko- 

655. Color Print. 

"Fuji seen from Surugadai, Tokio.* 

656. Drawing. 
"A lion." 

657. Drawing. 

"The thunder god. 

658. Drawing. 


659. Drawing. 

"Group of Buddhist saints." 

660. Drawing. 

"Lion on stand." 

66/. Color Print. 

"Fuji seen from Senju, Musashi." 

662. Color Print. 

"Fall of Kiyotaki, on the Tokaido." 

663. Color Print. 

"Fall of Awoigawa, Tokaido." 

664. Color Print. '"^ 

"Fall of Ono, Tokaido." 

665. Color Print. 

"Fishing near Ishinosawa, in Koshu." 

666. Color Print. 

"Fuji from the Nihonbashi, Tokio." 

667. Color Print. 

"Fuji from village of Izawa." 

663. Drawing. 

"Study of head." 

669. Color Print. 

"Views of the Tokaido" (The print 
bears signatures Zen Hokusai Taito no 


Pupil of Toyokuni. 

67c. Color Print. 

"An actor." (Illustration from a book 
called Suikoden.) 

671. Color Prints (five in set). 

Illustrations from "The twenty-four 
paragons of filial duties." 

^72. Color Print. 

^'Summer eve enjoyment.' 

67J. Color Print. 

"Girls clamming on the beach, Futa- 
miga-ura, in Ise." 

^74. Color Print. 

"Woman near the well." 

Pupil of Shunyei. 

675. Color Print. 

"Sunrise and stork." 

670. Color Print. 

"Young women clamming." 

677. Color Print. 

"Boating excursion; Fuji-yama seen in 

678. Color Print. 

"After bath.' 

679. Color Prints (set of three). 

"Court ladies in flower garden.* 

680. Color Prints (set of three), 

"The clamming party." 

681. Color Prints (set of three). 

"Sumida River in summer/* 

682. Color Prints (set of three). 

"Returning after bath." 

683. Color Prints. 

"Taking writing lesson." 

684. Color Print. 

"Young woman with lantern.' 

685. Color Print. 

"Young people amusing." 

^86. Color Print. 

A scene from the play called "Chiu- 
shingura," act seventh. 

687. Color Print. 

"Amakawaya Gohei." A scene from 
the play, "Chiushingura." 

688. Color Prints. 

Set of five prints. A scene from the 
play of **Chiushingura." 


689. Color Print. 

"Two lovers." 

1 780- 1 800. 

690. Color Print. 

"Tea-house girl.' 

SHIKO. . ^ 

1 780- 1 800. 

691. Color Prints. 

"Young woman and attendant/' 


692. Color Print. 


693. Study of Birds. 

694. Study of Birds. 

"Buncho birds and shapotcn plants' 


695. Color Print. 

"Girls reading love-letter/' 

^6. Color Print. 

"Girls in the garden." 

€97. Color Print. 

"Girls promenading." 

1 780- 1 800. 

698. Color Print. 

"Girl and Youth." 

699. Color Print. 

"Interior of a tea-house.'' 

700. Color Print. 

"Having a game of checkerboard.' 

701. Color Print. 

"Excursionists near bridge" 


702. Color Print. 

"Young women on a balcony. 

703. Color Print. 

"Lion and cub.' 


704. Color Print. 

"Ladies and companion playing with 

705. Color Print. 

"Ohan and Choyemon" (two lovers). 

706. Color Print. 

"Girl with fans." 

707. Color Print. 

"Young woman. 

708. Color Print. 

709. Color Print. 

"Death scene of Buddha (a very rare 

710. Color Print. 

"Girls mounting pictures and Kake- 

711. Color Print. 

"Woman dressing child's hair." 

712. Color Print. 

A scene from play of "Chiusingura, 
act eleventh. 

713. Color Print. 

"Woman sculptor." 

I 760-1 780. 

714. Colored Print. 

"Arranging flowers." 

715. Color Print. 

"Lady and attendant." 

716. Color Print. 

"Priest Saigio near Fuji mountain.' 

717. Color Print. 

"Girls near window." 

718. Color Print. 

"Hotei and his companion. 

719. Color Print. 

"Girl hanging mosquito net.' 

720. Color Print. 

"Tiger in storm.' 

721. Color Print. 


722. Color Print. 

"Ladies near pine trees. 

723. Color Print. 

"Dream of good luck.' 

724. Color Print. 

"Pine trees and cranes." 

725. Color Print. 

"Empress Jingo Kogu.' 

726. Color Print. 

"Lady reading book." 


727. Color Print. 

"Interiors of a tea-house." 

728. Color Print. 

"View of Nakazu in summer." 

729. Color Print. 

"The Soga Brothers.' 

Contemporary of Shunsen. 

730. Color Print. 

"Portraits of actors." 


731. Color Print. 

"Dance of Hollanders." (A rare print.) 

1 780- 1 800. 

732. Color Print. 

"The Shichifukujin." 

733* Color Print. 

Lady and attendant. 

734. Color Print. 

Ladies in garden. 

735. Color Print. 

Ladies playing with Koto. 

736. Color Print. 

Ladies and attendants. 


1 785- 1 827. 

737. Color Print. 

Women with umbrella. 

738. Color Print. 

The bov Kintoki 

1 780- 1 800, 

739. Color Print. 
An actor. 

740. Color Print. 

741. Color Print. 
An actor. 

742. Color Print. 

An actor. 

743. Color Print. 

Actor with umbrella. 

1 726- 1 792. 

744. Color Print. 

Portrait of Tametomo. 

745' Color Print. 

The Takasago of Sumiyoshi. 

746. Color Print. 

A court lady. 

747. Color Print. 

748. Color Print. 
A Samurai. 

749. Color Print. 

750. Color Prints. 

Set of two. The Sambaso dance. 

751. Color Print. 

752. Color Print. 

Yenoshima near Yokohama. 

753- Color Print. 

The Riogoku bridge boating scene. 


754. Color Print. 



755. Color Print. 

Ladies under plum trees. 

756, Color Print. 

Lady and attendant. 

757 Color Print. 


758. Color Print. 

Lady with umbrella. 

/59' Color Prints. 

Set of two. Young peopie amusing. 

760. Color Print. 
A youth. 

1 728- 1 809. 

761. Color Print. 

A scene from play of "Chiushingura." 

762 Color Print. 

763. Color Print. 

The "Sanno" festival. 

764. Color Print. 

Children at play. 

765. Color Print. 

Lady and companion. 

766. Color Print. 

Ascending carp. 


767. Color Prints. 

Set of two. Monju and Fugen. 
(Signed, Komatsu.) 

768. Color Print. 

Young people at play. 

769. Color Print. 

The Shichifukujin on the treasure 

770. Color Print. 

Ladies with salt pails. 


771. Color Print. 

Young lady. 


772. Color Print. 

Daikoku and companion. (In uru- 

773. Color Print. 

Lady and youth. (In urushiye.) 

774. Color Print. 

View of Yabase, Lake Biwa. (In 

775. Color Print. 

The temple Miidera, Lake Biwa. (In 


776. Color Print. 

The stage scene. (In uru.-^hiye.) 

777- Color Print. 

Samurai and servant. (Black and 

778. Color Print. 

Crossing the embankment. 

779. Color Print. 

Men carrying money chest. 

780. Color Print. 

Amida and demon. 

781. Color Print. 

Chinese sages. 

1 720- 1 760. 

782. Color Print. 
A woman. 


I 720- I 760. 

783. Color Print. 

Festival of Uji-gami. 

784. Color Print. 

Yebisu and Daikoku. 

1679- 1 762. 

785. Color Print. 

Two actors. (In urushiye.) 

1 693- 1 768. 

786. Color Print. 

Samurai and servants. (J land col- 


787. Color Print. 

Country scene. (Hand colored.) 

788 Color Print. 

Scene of daimio's procession. (Hand 

789. Color Print. 

Visiting the temple. 

790 Color Print. 

Interiors of a tea-house. 

791. Color Print. 

Daikoku and companion. 


792. Painting. 

A young woman. 


793. Color Print. 

Head of a girl. 


794. Color Print. 

The New Year's amusement. (Hand 


795. Color Print. 

Girl dressing hair. 

TOMOFUSA (Hishikawa). 

796 Color Print. 

Young woman. (Hand colored.) 


797. Color Print. 

Young woman. 


798, Color Print. 

Young woman. (Hand colored.) 


799. Color Print. 

Interiors of a tea-house. 


800. Color Print. 

Girl and demon playing samisen. 


Saturday^ February loth, 1906, 

at 2 o'clock. 

801. Old Shigaraki Jardiniere. 

Blue and white running glaze. 
Height, 113^ inches. Diameter, 12^/2 inches. 

802. Porcelain Jardiniere. 

Old Chinese; lions and floral design 
in delicate blue. 
Height, Sy2 inches. Diameter, 103^ inches. 

803. Old Oribe Pottery Hibachi. 

Four-sided; blue and brown glaze, 
with incised decoration. 
Height, ioj4 inches. Diameter, gyi inches. 

804. Old Raku Pottery Kettle. 

With double covers. Mark of "Raku" 

Height, 7 inches. 

805. Old Kakiyemon Vase. 

Openwork decoration of butterflies, in 

Height, 13 inches. 

806. Old Hirado Porcelain Vase. 

Delicate celadon glaze; ring-shaped 

Height, ioy2 inches. 

807. Jar with Teakwood Cover. 

Old Imari porcelain; peony flow- 
ers in fine blue. 

Height, 12J/2 inches. 

808. Vase. 

Old Hirado porcelain; pure white 
glaze, incised with design of storks and 

Height, 11^ inches. 

809. Shuro with Bronze Cover. 

Old Oribe pottery; thick blue glaze on 
crackled ivory white body. 

Height, 12}^ inches. 

8 10. Tea Jar. 

Old Shigaraki pottery; brown and 
green glaze. 

Height, 15^ inches. 

811. Large Pottery Jar. 

Old Oribe; globular form; slightly 
mottled brown glaze. 

Height, 17 inches. 

812. Tall Pottery Jar. 

Old Seto; fine brown glaze on a drab- 
colored body. 

Height, 20 inches. 

813. Porcelain Jar. 

Chinese of Ming; six marks of Chia- 
ching, decorated with floral scrolls in 
yellow, purple and green. 

Height, 7 inches. 

814. Porcelain Jar. 

Chinese of Ming; blue and white lotus 

Height, 6/2 inches. 

815. Porcelain Jardiniere. 

Old Chinese ; landscapes and bamboo 
design in blue. 
Height, 12^ inches. Diameter, 14 inches. 

816. Old Celadon Vase. 

Delicate celadon glaze; handles on 

Height, 13^ inches. 

817. Porcelain Jar with Teakwood Cover. 

Kang-hee specimen; landscapes in fine 
blue; gold lacquer repair. 

Height, 16 inches. 

818. Han Pottery Vase. 

Tall form; decorated with inscription 
in high relief. A very rare example. 

Height, 185^ inches. 

819. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Stork standing on a turtle. 

Height, i8j4 inches. 

820. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Herons standing on a bronze turtle. 
Height, 14^ inches. 

821. Old Brass Candlestick. 

Heron on bronze turtle. 

Height, 173^ inches. 

822. Old Brass Candlestick. 

Heron on bronze turtle. 

Height, 173/2 inches. 

823. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Openwork dragon decoration on the 

Height, 25 inches. 

824. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Diaper pattern in relief casting. 

Height, 203^ inches. 

825. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Leafy scrolls in openvvrork on the 

Height, 24^ inches. 

826. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Scroll design in openwork. 

Height, 25^ inches. 

827. Old Bronze Candlestick. 

Floral pattern in openwork. 

Height, 24^ inches. 

828. Old Brass Vase. 

Relief decoration of dragon design; 
lion-headed handles. 

Height, 75^ inches. 

Rare Examples of Old Iron Helmets, Masks, 
and Other Metal Objects. 

829. Iron Mask. 

Date, ^^650. ; ^ T 

830. Iron Half Mask. 

Date, 1700. 

831. Iron Half Mask. 

Date, 1700. 


83a. Iron Half Mask. 

Date, 1550. A very rare example. 

833. Iron Half IMask. 

Front decoration. Date, 1550. 

834. Iron Half Mask. 

Flat shaped. Date, 1550. 

835. Iron Helmet. 

With hachimanza in silver, shakudo 
and gold. Rare old example. Date, 

836. Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with il)o or bosses and tht 
hachimanza. Date, 1650. 

837' Iron Helmet. 

With hachimanza and gold surfaced 
edges. Date, 1600. 

838. Iron Helmet. 

By Yoshitoshi. Signed. Seventeenth 

839. Iron Helmet. 

With mayedate and hachimanza. By 
Hayanobu. Sixteenth century. 

840. Iron Helmet. 

With hachimanza and bosses. Date, 

841. Iron Helmet. 

By Sotome lyenaga. Signed. Deco- 
rated with hachimanza in shakudo, sil- 
ver and gold. Sixteenth century. 

842. Old Iron Kusari-gama. 

Ancient war implement. Exceedingly 
rare piece. Date, 1500. 

8^3- ^^^^ Mailed Sleeves. 

Inlaid decoration, lined. Sixteenth 

844. Pair Mailed Sleeves. 

Decoration of jars and crests, lined. 
Sixteenth century. 

845. Iron Half Mask. .^ 

Date, 1650. 

846. Iron Half Mask. 

Date, 1700. 

847. Iron Half Mask. 

Date, 1700. 

848. Iron Half Mask. ; :-;^' 

Date, 1700. . •[ 

849. Iron Half Mask. 

Mailed decoration. Date, 3650 

850. Iron Mask. 

Unique example, with mailed orna- 
mentation. Date, 1600. 

851. Iron Half Mask. 

Decorated. Date, 1650. 

852. Iron Half Mask. 

By Masaiye. Signed. Date, 1650. 

853. Iron Half Mask. 

Date, 1600. 

854. Pair Old Stirrups. 

Carps and waterfalls decoration. By 
Tomonaga. Seventeenth century. 

855. Pair Iron Stirrups. 

Silver damascene decoration. By Shi- 
geyoshi, of Kaga. Seventeenth century. 

^56. Pair Iron Stirrups. 

Inlaid flower decoration. Seventeenth 

857. Iron Helmet. 

By Yoshitsugu. Signed. Date, 1550. 

858. Iron Helmet. 

With hachimanza. Date, 1650. 

859. Iron Helmet. 

Unique shaped. Date, 1500. 

860. Iron Helmet. 

By Yoshimichi. Signed. Sixteenth 

861. Iron Helmet. 

With hachimanza and neck guard. 
Seventeenth century. 

862. Iron Helmet. 

Hachimanza in silver, shakudo, and 
gold; gilded mayedate. Seventeenth 

863. Iron Helmet. 

By Miochin Nobumasa. Signed. Six- 
teenth century. 

864. Iron Helmet. 

Engraved decoration; the mayedate. 
Rare. Date, 1550. 

865. Iron Helmet. 

Repousse decoration and inscription. 
Date, 1650. 

866. Iron Helmet. 

Well hammered plates; rounded form. 
Date, 1600. 

867. Iron Helmet. 

By Nobuiye. Signed. Date, i6o(X 

:868. Iron Helmet. 

Well executed specimen. Date, 1400. 

€69. Iron Helmet. 

By Yoshimichi. Date, 1650. 

870. Iron Helmet. 

By Sotome lyetada. Date, 1650. 

Sji, Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with neck guard and hachi- 
manza. Date, 1700. 

S72, Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with hachimanza and boss- 
es. Date, 1750. 

873 Iron Helmet. 

Hachimanza and crests. Date, 1650. 

874. Iron Helmet. 

By Sotome lyechika. Date, 1750. 

875» Iron Helmet. 

Decorated with hachimanza. Date^^ 

876. Iron Helmet. 

Gilded decoration of hachimanza^ 
Date, 1700. 

877. Iron Breast Plates. 

By Nobuiye. Relief decoration of 
Sanskrit letters. Date, 1600. 

878. Iron Breast Plates. 

Relief decoration of floral design. 
Date, 1600. 

879. Old Matchlock. 

Inlaid flower decoration and gold 
lacquer painting. 

880. Old Matchlock. 

Inlaid decoration. Signed, Yamato 
no Kami. 

«8i. Old Matchlock. 

Decoration of monkeys and trees in 
silver inlay. 

882. Old Matchlock. 

Flowers and birds inlaid with silver. 

-883. Old Matchlock. 

Birds and flowers in silver inlay. 

884. Old Matchlock. 

Lions and peony in silver inlay. 

885. Old Matchlock. 

Flowers and animal decoration; gold 
lacquer painting. 

886. Old Matchlock. 

Crests and dragons in silver inlay; 
gold lacquer painting. Fine old ex- 

887. Old Matchlock. 

Turtle, bamboo and peony in silver 

888. Old Matchlock. 

Turtles, pine trees and bamboo in sil- 
ver inlay. 

889. Old Matchlock. 

Crests and peony flowers in silver in- 
lay, with gold lacquer painting. 

890. Old Matchlock. 

Inlaid dragon decoration. Signed,. 
Hiro. Seal. 

891. Old Matchlock. 

Silver inlaid dragons; gold lacquer 

Old Bronze and Cloisonne Okimono and 

892. Statuette of Kuannon. 

Old bronze; the Kuannon standing on'' 
a floating lotus flower. Skilfully modeled^ 

Height, 24 inches^ 

893. Large Bronze Eagle. 

With bronze stork underneath. Fine 
modeling and casting. 

Extreme length, 40^/^ inches. 

S94, Old Bronze Okimono. 

Statuette of Kwannon seated on rocks. 
Height, 13 inches. 

895. Bronze Camel. 

Skilfully modeled and cast. 

Height, 123/^ inches. 

896. Bronze Flower Pot. 

Square, oblong form; inlaid dragon 

Height, 5 inches. Diameter, 10 and 15 inches. 

897. Old Bronze Vase. 

By Shizan (Ilirayama). Relief deco- 
ration of Buddhist saints and attendants 
in gold and silver, worked out on both 
panels. Stand. 

Height, 18 inches. 

898. Chinese Cloisonne Vase. 

Chien-lung; lotus flowers in varied 

Height, ii>4 inches^ 

899. Chinese Cloisonne Vase. 

Chrysanthemums, flowers in delicate- 
colors on light blue. 

Height, I7>2 inches. 

900. Old Chinese Bronze Box. 

Decoration of symbols of divination 
and leafy scrolls. 

Height, 2^ inches. Diameter, 4 inches. 

901. Old Chinese Bronze Vase. 

Inlaid decoration of symbols of divina- 
tion. Teakwood stand. 

Height, 6 inches. 

902. Old Chinese Bronze Koro. 

Silver inlaid decoration with openwork 

Height, 7^ inches. Diameter, 6>^ inches. 

903. Chinese Cloisonne Box. 

Floral patterns in various colors. 
Height, 55^ inches. Diameter, 5J4 inches. 

904. Beautiful Inlaid Bronze Vase. 

Dragon decoration in relief and sil- 
ver inlaid cloud design. Carved bronze 
stand. Chien-lung. 

Height, 23 inches. 

905. Old Chinese Bronze Vase. 

Beautiful green mottled patina; ring- 
shaped handles. 

Height, 183^ inches. 

906. Old Chinese Bronze Vase. 

Relief decoration of bird design in 
colored bronze and ornamented with 

Height, 153^2 inches. 

907. Old Chinese Colored Bronze Koro. 

In design of an elephant, embellished 
with jewels. 

Height, 12 inches. 

goS. Old Chinese Colored Bronze Okimono. 

Figure, dancing. Bronze stand. 

Height, iSy2 inches. 

gog. Colored Bronze Okimono. 

Statuette of Confucius; skilfully mod- 
eled and cast. Mounted on framed 
bronze stand. 

Height, 27 inches. 

gio. Grand Bronze Vase. 

Old Chinese; band decoration with 
handles on sides. Teakwood stand. 

Height, 23 inches. 

gii. Bronze Vase. 

Old Chinese; relief decoration of ani- 
mal and scroll design. 

Height, i6>4 inches. 

gi2. Bronze "Dora." 

Mounted on the mother-of-pearl inlaid 

Height, 38 inches. Length, 32 inches. 

913. Bronze Flower Jar. 

Flat, rounded shape ; ring handles. 
Height, 7 inches. Diameter, 143^^ inches. 

914. Bronze Stove and Iron Kettle. 

Howo pattern on the stove and pine 
grove on the kettle. 

Height, 133^ inches. 

915. Bronze Hibachi. 

Wave decoration and animal designed 
handle. Stand. 

Height, 133^ inches. Diameter, 15 inches. 

916. Old Bronze Vase. 

Relief floral patterns; ring shaped 
handles at the side. 

Height, 16 inches. 

9 1 7. Elaborately Carved Cabinet. 

Teakwood, minutely carved with floral 
design, inlaid with mother-of-pearl in- 
side of panels; upper compartment with 
sliding doors ; three drawers underneath. 
Chased silver mountings. 

Height, 24^ inches. Lenth, 23 inches. 
Depth, 8^ inches. 

gi8. Lacquer Panel. 

By Shiomi. Decorated with a gourd 
design within which is beautifully paint- 
ed with lotus flowers in variously col- 
ored lacquer; polished; chased brass 

Height, 30 inches; length 193^^ inches. 

919. Old Lacquer Box 

For keeping priest's robes. Tsuta 
leaves painted in gold lacquer on nash- 
iji ground; fine example. 

Height, 73^ inches. Length, 285^ inches. 
Width, 17 inches. 

920. Old Wood Carving. 

Carved decoration of howo birds. 

921. Ramma. 

Intricate carving of cloud-forms; 

Height, 8 inches; length, 2i7 inches. 

922. Ramma (Pair). 

Fan and panel patterns, carved in 
open work; finished similarly on both 

Length, 31 inches and 38 inches. 
Height, io>^ inches and 11^ inches. 

923. Pair Candlesticks. 

Old Chinese bronze; dog Foo orna- 
mented on the column, and decorated 
with openwork figure design. 

Height, 195^ inches. 

924. Pair Images of "Nijin." 

Elaborately carved and painted in 
colored lacquer; date, 1750. 

Height, 20^ inches. 

925. Panel. 

From a tea-room. Carving of an 
owl and tree. 

Height, 14 inches; length, 165^ inches. 

926. Tea-Room Panel. 

Wild geese and reed, in openwork 

Height, 16^ inches; length, 14 inches. 

927. Small Panel. 

Carving of white rabbits and bam- 
Height, 13^ inches; length, 16 inches. 

928. Small Panel. 

Carving of chrysanthemums in artistic 

Height, 163^2 inches; length, 135/2 inches. 

929. Small Panel. 

Pair pheasants and mokuren flowers, 
in bold execution. 

Height, 15 inches; length, 19^ inches. 

930. Small Panel. 

Quails and millets carved in relief. 
Height, is'A inches; length, 13^ inches. 

931. Small Ramma. 

Keshi flowers, in artistic carvnng. 
Length, 15 inches; height, 14 inches. 

932. Small Panel. 

Owl perching among the pine branches. 
Length 15 inches; height, 14 inches. 

933. Ramma. 

Wild ducks and reed, carved in relief; 
lacquered frames. 

Length, 27 inches; height, 19 inches. 

934* Panel. 

Iris flowers, in artistic carving; lac- 
quered frames. 

Height, 32 inches; length, 20 inches. 

935. Panel. 

Chrysanthemums and sparrows in 
skilful carving; lacquered frames. 

Height, 23^ inches; length, 20 inches. 

936. Four-fold Lattice Screen. 

Bird design on upper panels and 
floral patterns on the lower; painted in 
lacquers and lined. 

Height, 71^ inches; width, 13^ inches. 

937. Four-fold Lattice Screen. 

Birds of paradise carved on upper 

panels and peony flowers on the ^owe' 

ones; painted in lacquers and lir.ed 
with gauze. 

Height, 'J2 inches; width, i6/i inches. 

938. Pair Shrine Doors. 

Panel decoration of Kirin and dragon, 
in repousse ; mounted with brass. 

Height, 70 inches; width, 133^^ inches. 

939. Four Shrine Doors. 

Chrysanthemums and leaves in white 
and green pigments on a black lacquer 
ground; bronze mounting. 

Height, 61 inches; width, 115^2 inches. 

940. Two-fold Screen. 

Most elaborate decoration of Bud- 
dhist subjects; two images of "Monzu 
and Fugen Bosatsu," carefully carved 
and exquisitely painted in rich colors 
of various shades ; the reserved space 
of diaper patterns, with lotus de- 
sign carved on lower panels ; the uppe* 
panels containing howo birds and floral 
patterns. Frames of reddish brown 
lacquer, mounted with chased brass, 
and lined with gauze. 

Height, 'J2^y2 inches; width of each fold, 30 

941. Panel 

"Moon and snipe" painted in colors 
on silk. Sugi wood frame. By Shokwa. 

Length, 29^ inches; height, 22y2 inches. 

942. Panel. 

Boating and picnic parties, painted 
in colors on silk; lacquer frame. By 
Miyagawa Choshun. Eighteenth cen- 

Length, 22^ inches; height, 36 inches. 

943. Panel. 

Painting of Japanese domestic life in 
winter; in colors, on silk; lacquer frame. 
By Choshun. Eighteenth century. 

Length, 22^ inches; height, 36 inches. 

944. Panel 

Painting of Falconry; a daimio and 
his attendants, in colors, on silk; lacquer 
frame. By Choshun. Eighteenth cen- 

Length, 22^ inches; height, 36 inches. 

945- Panel. 

A card party, painted in colors, on 
silk ; lacquer frame. By Choshun. 
Eighteenth century. 

Length, 223/2 inches ; height, 36 inches. 

946. Panel. 

Young woman riding on floating sake 
cup; painted in colors, on silk. By 
Tsukioka Settei. 1820. 

Length, 19 inches; height, 47 inches. 

947. Panel. 

Painting of young woman, in colors, 
on silk ; lacquer frame. By Ycishun. 
Date, 1750. 

Length, 173/^ inches; height. 43 inches. 

948. Panel. 

Painting of masked woman, in colors, 
on silk. By Jorio. Date, 1750. 

Length, 19 inches; height, 46 inches. 

949- ir^anei. 

Painting of young woman, in colors, 
on silk; lacquer frame. By Utamaro. 
Nineteenth century. 

Length, 17 inches; height, 483^ inches. 

950. Panel. 

Painting of "Dancing Group," in col- 
ors, on paper; lacquer frame. By Kano 
Giokuraku. Date, 1580. 

Length, 30^ inches; height, 63 inches. 

951. Pair Small Screens. 

Peacocks and peony and howo birds 
and cherry blossoms, in colors, on gold 

Height, 19 inches; width, 8>^ inches. 

952. Six-fold Screen. 

Falcon perching on branch; painted 
in India ink, on paper. By Choku-an. 

Height, 42 inches; width, 16 inches. 

953- Six-fold Screen. 

Cherry blossoms, peony and roosters, 
in colors, on gold paper. By Kano 
Kiuhaku. 1780. 

Height, 6sy2 inches; width, 25 inches. 

954. Six-fold Screen. 

White herons and willow trees; 
winter; painted in colors, on gold paper. 
By Kano Tanyu. 1640. 

Height, 66 inches; width, 243^ inches. 

955. Six-fold Screen. 

Scene of Chinese fanner's life; rice 
field and country road; painted in ex- 
quisite colors, on paper; lacquer frame. 
By Kano Takanobu. 17CXD. 

Height, 68 inches; wMlh, 24 inches. 

956. Six-fold Screen. 

White herons and willow trees, in 
winter; painted in colors, on gold pa- 
per. By Kano Tanyu. 1640. (Com- 
panion screen to 954-) 
Ilei-ht, 66 inches; width, 24%. inches. 

957. Six-fold Screen. 

White herons and willow trees; 
winter time. By Kano Kiuhaku. 1780. 

(Companion screen to 953.) 

Height, 65 >^ inches; width, 25 inches. 

958. Six-fold Screen. 

Ancient Japanese battle scenes, painted 
in colors, on gold paper. By Kano 
Takanobu. 1630. 

Height, 66 >4 inches; width, 25 inches. 

959. Two-fold Screen. 

Paintings of landscapes, flowers and 
birds ; mounted on gold paper. By artists 
of the Kano school. 

Height 59>^ inches; width, 2'jy2 inches. 

960. Two-fold Screen. 

"Peony flower and flower cart," paint- 
ed in raised colors, on paper. By artists 
of the Kano school. 

Height, 69 inches ; width, 26^ inches. 


961. Two-fold Screen. 

"Chinese palace and its interiors," 
carefully painted in exquisite colors, on 
paper. By Kano Sanraku. (1559-1635.) 

Height, 68 inches; width, 37 inches. 

962. Two-fold Screen. 

"Chrysanthemum flowers and faggot 
fances;" painted in colors, on paper. By 
Kano Tansetsu. 1714. 

Height, 'J2i inches; width, 37 inches. 

963. Six-fold Screen. 

"Plum trees and peony flowers," in 
colors, on gold paper. By Kano Takan- 
obu. (1571-1618.) 

Rare and Valuable Old Japanese Clocks. 

964. Hanging Clock. 

Elaborately decorated with howo and 
floral design, in gold lacquer. 

Height, i^Yi inches. 

965. Daimio Parlor Clock. 

Mother-of-Pearl inlaid decorations, on 
kuwa wood ; brass mountings ; carved 

Height, 233^ inches. 

966. Richly Decorated Clock. 

With white chrysanthemum and paint- 
ed in colors on gold lacquer background ; 
pendulum and bell attachment. 

Height, 23 inches. 

967. Decorated Clock. 

Painted with mandarin ducks and 
reeds; brass movement. 

Height, 32 inches. 

968. Ancient Parlor Clock. 

Decorated on the stand with herons 
and reeds, in colors, on gold lacquer back- 
ground; brass movement; silk tassels. 

Height, 39 inches. 

969. Ancient Parlor Clock. 

Elaborate decoration on the stAn.^. : 
engraved dial and movement. 

Height, 295^ in- hes. 

970. Ancient Parlor Clock. 

Richly decorated in gold lacquer, with 
howo birds, flowers and various plants; 
inlaid with mother-of-pearl. 

Height, 40 inches. 

971. Ancient Clock. 

Mounted on carved stand, with gold 
lacquer frames ; brass dial. 

Height, 26j^ inches. 

972. Handsomely Mounted Clock. 

Carved stand of sakura wood; brass 
dial and movement. 

Height, 40 inches. 

973- Library Clock 

Lacquered stand and case; decorated 
by Zonsei; chased brass dial and move- 

Height, 35 inches. 

974. Decorated Clock. 

Mounted on Kiri wood stand, with 
repousse bronze case and decorated 
with floral design in colors. 

Height, 44 inches. 

975. Grand Palace Clock. 

From a palace of diamio of Hikone. 
Kamakua lacquer decoration of dragon 
design, in bold relief; inscriptions in 
lacquer: "li Kamon no Kami Goten 
Ohiroma yo 12th year of Genroku 
(1699)." Dial and movement by Ki- 
mura of Omi. 

Total height, 75^ inches. 

976. Tall Cloisonne Lamp. 

Inlaid dragon decoration on the col- 

Height, 65 inches. 

977- Bronze Lamp. 

Birds and flowers in relief decoration 
on the post. 

Height, 40 inches. 

978. Bronze Lamp. 

Dragons in relief casting. 

Height, 28 inches. 

979. Bronze Lamp. 

Lotus design; cast in bold relief. 

Height, 67^2 inches. 

980. Tall Bronze Lamp. 

Lotus design in high relief. 

Height, 60 inches. 

981. Tall Bronze Lamp. 

Similar to the preceding. 

982. Bric-a-brac Cabinet. 

Drawers and . shelves carved with 
floral design. 

Height, 37^ inches. Length, 31 inches. 
Depth, 10 inches. 

983. Old Imari Jar, with Cover. 

Panels with figures beautifully paint- 
ed in enamel colors; a fine old porce- 

Height, 365^ inches. 

984. Old Imari Vase. 

Trumpet form; howo birds and peony 
in colors and gold. 

Height, 24^ inches. 

985. Old Imari Vase. 

Rich painting of figures and houses 
on both panels, in colors. 

• ;. Height, 30 inches. 

986. Large Imari Jar. 

Floral design and birds carefully 
painted in various colors and gold. 

Height, 28 inches. 

987. Grand Cloisonne Vase. 

Flower patterns in various colored 
enamels, elaborately decorated on en- 
tire surface. 

Height, 55>^ inches. 

r3C. Imari Vase. 

''Dancing parties of Genroku period," 
painted in colors; old specimen. 

Height, 243^ inches. 

989. Old Imari Vase. 

Panel decoration of figure design and 
interiors in varied colors. 

Height, 30 inches. 

990. Awata Vase. 

Oviform ; medallions of dragons, in 
white relief or green. 

Height, 24 inches. 

99 1. Old Satsuma Vase. 

Cylindrical; "Plum trees and fence 
design," beautifully painted in ex- 
quisite colors on ivory white body. 
Date, 1800. 

Height, 14^ nches. 

992. Large Chinese Vase. 

Ch'ien-lung, 1736. Flaring top, cov- 
ered with delicate blue glaze of even 

Height, 26 inches. 

993. Grand Pagoda. 

Most elaborately ornamented with 
carved and decorated roofs, ceiling, bal- 
cony and railings; the whole details are 
most carefully worked out and finished 
in elegance. 

Height, 71 inches; width, 2)7 inches. 

994. Large Cloisonne Vase. 

Archaic design in various colors, beau- 
tifully worked out; a fine piece. 

Height, 30 inches. 

995- Grand Bronze Vase. 

Relief decoration of archaic pattern; 
animal-shaped handles at the neck. 

Height, 363^ inches. 

Fine Selection of Garden Ornaments. 

996. Bronze Fount. 

Lotus design, with relief decoration. 
Height, 20 inches. 

997. Bronze Jar. 

Murashido patina; ornamented with 
dragon around the edge. 

Diameter, 20j^ inches; height, 20 inches. 

998. Large Bronze Lantern. 

Lotus design, in open work, finished 
in cloisonne enamel. 

Diameter, 24 inches; height, 30 inches. 

999. Bronze Fount. 

Lotus design; bronze stand, with 
panels of waves and chidori birds. 

Diameter, 27 inches; height, 27,y2 inches. 

1000. Bronze Fount. 

Lotus design, with support in form 
of a dragon. 

Diameter, 28 inches; height, 22 J^ inches. 

looi. Bronze Garden Lamp. 

Crests of the Tokugawa and dragon 
around the post, surmounted with 
flaming ball. 

Height, 55 inches. 

1002. Bronze Fount. 

Lotus design, ornamented with 
dragon; bronze stand. 

Diameter, 29 inches; height, 26^ inches. 


1003. Bronze Fount. 

Lotus designed body, with a bronze 

Diameter, 28 inches; height, 24 inches. 

1004. Bronze Garden Lamp. 

Lotus designed, decorated with 

Height, 45 inches. 

1005. Bronze Fount. 

Six sided, with panel decoration of 
herons and lotus in relief; bronze 

Diameter, 2^ inches ; height, 20 inches. 

1006. Gilded Bronze Fount. 

Lotus design, with eight panels, 
decorated with lions and peony in re- 

Dameter, 353^ inches; height, ZlY^ inches. 

looy. Tall Stone Garden Lamp. 

The "Adsuma" shape, cut in the 
"Mikage" stone. 

Height, 65 inches. 

1008. Small Bronze Lamp. 

Roof shaped at the top, with relief 
dragon decoration on the column. 

Height, 46 inches. 

1009. Tall Bronze Lamp. 

Design of a house, decorated about 
the post with vines and leaves. Owl 
perchaing on top. 

Height, 571^ inches. 

loio. Tall Bronze Lamp. 

Design of lotus, with decoration of 
Awoye crests. 

' Height, 59 inches. 

loii. Grand Bronze Lamp. 

Dragons and Awoye crests in bold 
relief workmanship. 

Height, 66 inches. 

I0I2. Great Bronze Stork. 

For garden ornament; green patina. 
Height, 98 inches. 

1013. Great Bronze Stork. 

For garden ornament. Companion 
to the preceding. 

Height, 96 inches. 

1014. Tall Bronze Lamp. 

Lotus design, with the column 
decorated with lotus; ornamented on 
top with a kingfisher. 

Height, 733/2 inches. 

1014A. Great Bronze Deer. 

For garden ornament, in green 

Height, 'J2 inches. 

1 015. Great Bronze Fount. 

Lotus designed shape; panel decora- 
tion around the base. Date, 1750. 

Diameter, 583^ inches; height, 56 inches. 


1016. Bronze Statue of Buddha. 

Elaborate decoration in colored 
bronze, painted with gold. Ming 

Height, 23 inches. 

1017. Bronze Statue of Buddha. 

Similar to the preceding. 

1018. Great Bronze Statue. 

Of Kongara Doji; mounted on a 
bronze stand. 

Height, 54 inches. 

Following Extraordinary Statues in Gilded 

Bronze are from the Celebrated Ancient 

Temple '^Onsu,'* in Peking^. 

1019. Great Statue of Monziu. 

Gilded bronze, of Ming dynasty. 
Gilded bronze stand of lotus design. 

Height, 48 inches. 

1020. Statue of Jizo-o Basatsu. 

Gilded bronze in seated attitude. 
Gilded bronze stand of lotus design. 
Ming dynasty. 

Height, 48 inches. 

102 1. Great Statue of Yudo. 

Gilded bronze; standing on a gilded 
bronze stand. Ming dynasty. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1022. Great Statue of Jiusha. 

Gilded bronze; standing position. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1023. Great Statue of Yudo. 

Gilded bronze; standing on bronze 

Height, 6S inches. 

1024. Great Statue of Yudo. 

Gilded bronze; mounted on a bronz 
stand. Ming. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1025. Statue of Jiusha. 

Gilded bronze; mounted on a bronze 
stand. Ming. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1026. Statue of Jiusha. 

Gilded bronze; mounted on a bronze 
stand. Ming. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1027. Statue of Doshi. " 

Gilded bronze; standing on a bronze 
stand. Ming. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1028. Gilded Bronze Statue. 

Ming dynasty. Holding a dagger. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1029. Gilded Bronze Statue. 

Ming. Standing. 

Height, 68 inches. 

1030. Great Gilded Bronze Hansho. 

Chinese of early Ming. Dragons and 
cloud-forms executed in variously col- 
ored bronze treatment. Has exceed- 
ingly fine tone. From a temple in 

Height, 24 feet. Diameter, 2^ feet. 

1 03 1. Great Statue of Anan Sonja. 

Early Ming. Colored bronze in 
standing attitude. Elaborately dec- 
orated in various colors. From a tem- 
ple in Peking. 

Complete height, with stand, 8 feet. 

1032. Great Bronze Statue of Kason Sonja. 

Chinese of early Ming. Made of 
colored bronze; standing. 

Complete height, with stand, 8 feet.