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Full text of "Catalogue of books in the library of the British museum printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of books in English printed abroad, to the year 1640"

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BO()K> IN Tin: LinHAllY 


rnivTFn rv ENGLAND, scotl^vkd. and Ireland. 

aSw v/4- iiOOKS IX FVnUSH PT!TNTFT> AP!!<\I». 

TO THE VKM? H>10. 

riMNTED bi uiii)tAt OF THE TiilMhl->i. 


hammut* ft C^ 89, Pa imbwhim Kov; a QrABiTOii, Ifl^ Pbodamixt 
* Oou II. BBfW» Siwr. Comrr Oabdo: ahiT 
A Ooi, 97. LmoATi Hujl. 


^ '■ 


namat tr viujam clowh Ajn> 


TO THE TEAR 1640. 

F.. A .^^ ^ I sMir. , IM r.,0,,* Ihffmkr of Oirigtum 

7W or «Mv IIWIj ' Tho Hnc>> Vahmr. DmU-MM. A 

ilia of P. VtrgUiot IUn>...with with Valiant Spiritte tbcwing th* 
kit Owcfiks ... timaaktad iato abnaa of Daalb, that Yakmr ra- 

itaa br A. Flrmasoaf tetth GhaUanfta and Privata 
ry 1599. 4fo. Oonbalta. Safffoorth ^ O. F. 

1077. a. 58. adatodov of Chriatiao VaVwra. 

F,aJ. ThaBloodjBitithar. ^»^ Ori/I^ U^iom. IW. ^ 
A Tiafa^y [w fi^ aeCa asd ia ^^^^ ^' 

ywn^yBf k J. F. (U. F 


l«i. 410. tiZZl. wlaiSoaiaofthalti 

«r i«io 

mit: -TU 

F., O. B. A. A diaoorerj of 

" ia and woodarfiil 

Italiana, wharal^ 

thaj baara awa j orar tha moat 

^^^ part of ChrUtaiidoin^, and onn- 

Daha nfTfrinaMnlT Bisf^ bahaira thaoiaalvaa to feloh 

BfJ.VWiibM;'* thaqaJBtiwwituoptofthapaoplaa 

-.AM^bM>«mv lai ; A7 paf»M,o«o. [Signad, O. B. A. F.] 

-AMCharoopy. 141. L 47. ^^ Ftw kSTNarn. LWc^Jl 

T^E. lapoaribOitiaa. Or. lawioa, 1591. 4to. 1057. a 26. (3.) 

latlar of nothinc, jat 

HO. Ta^wTi^ E F. U SI!Ll£r^H°F tff"'^'^ 
Wwaia Fortn ». ft. 2 pta. *«»««^-P» »•'••* • 

aocta. 1009. 8to. 628. a 6. 

[1680?] ^jiiiflifcL Boi. L 164. 1682. 8Ta 

628. a 7. 

F.,F^8. A diapatation of tha J^^J^^^^T-^*^ 5^ 

Cknth; wharaiBthaoldBaliMkiA ^' .BafiBnaatio Lfcam Eoola- 

iaMialaiaad,bT&&Va^ riaatioanua, aCflL [Efitad^witha 

1440. Snx. MsTaZ! "^>- **^ 517. b. I. 

KMhyH—ftininii p^iartlpa. 1440. 4to. 1888. a 4. 

roL. It. 2 E 


F., J. 8ee'BAMiLrov(P.)Alhoi 
of Feam, Dyvert firatfal gather- 
igm of Boryptnre oonoernyng fay th 
and workes. Translated from the 
LatmbyJ.F[rith]. [1532?] 8vo. 
698. a. 12. 

F., I. Chriites Bloodie Sweat, 
or the Sonne of God in hit Agonie. 
[A poem.] By I. P. B. Blower, 
Lomiom, 1613. 4to. 11623. bb. 14. P. F. Gent., etc. 
1592. 4to. C. 27. b. 

1608. 4to. G. 1029. 

¥y R. See Salo (A. de) An 
admirable method... Englished by 
fi. F. 1639. 12mo. 4402. b. 

F., R., Doeior in Dimmtie. A 
sermon [on Heb. vi. 16] preached an anniversarie dolemnitie 
and assemblie of the Companie of 
Grocers of I^ondon ... By R. F. 
Doctor in Divinitie [•'.«. Roser 
Fenton]. Printed for W. AtfUifi, 
London, 1616. 12mo. 

4474. a. 41. (2.) 

P., R., Oent. See Dedkkind (F.) 
The Schoole of Slovenrie... Trans- 
lated out of Latine into English 
ver8e...byR. F., Gent. 1605. 4to. 
78. a 40. 

P., T. See HoLDT, Town of 
Miraculous Newes from the Cittje 
of Holdt ... faithfully translated 
[by T. F.l, etc. 1616. 4to. 

1103. d. 63. 

P., T. See ToRSELLDio (0.) 
The Admirable Life of S. Francis 
Xavier... Written in Latin by Fa. 
H. Tur8e)linus...And trantoated 
into English by T. F[ita-Her- 
bert?]. 1632. 4to. G. 1340. 

P., T. A Defence of the Catho- 
lyke Cause... Written by T. F. 
[•.«. Thomas FiU-Herbert]. WitJh 
an Apology, or Defence, of his 
innocency m a fayned oonspiraoy 
against her Majesties person, for 
the which one Edward Sqnyre 
was wrongfully condemned and 
executed in November... 1598, etc. 
[St. Omer,] 1602. 4to. 

1019. g. 5. (8.) 
Impsriboi: waaHaff Ihs •« ApcOogy.** 

F., P., Gent. See Fiiwr (J.) Dr. F., T. The Oopie of a Utter 
The Historio of the damnabU ^signed] T.F.)Mnt from sea by a 
li fe . . . of Doctor John Faostos . . . Gentleman, who was employed in 

F., J. The Covenant betweene 
God and Man. Playnely declared 
in laying open the chiefest points 
of ChriMtian Religion, etc. [By 
J.FJ ».%. Copious MS. Notes. 
W. Stanehyfor B. Meighen, London, 
1616. 8vo. 875. a. 9. 

P., I. A sermon Ton John xi. 
25] preached at Ashby De^La- the funerall of... Eliza- 
beth Stanley ... wife to Hen He 
Earle of Huntingdon the Fifth 
Earle of that Familie...The 9. 
of February... 1633. By L F. 
[With an epitaph on the Countess, 
subscribed Falkland.] MS. Note. 
Printed by W, Land T. P....Sold 
hw jr. Siwunom, London, 1035. 4to. 
1415. k. 12. 

— Another copy. 1419. b. 19. 

— Another copy. 1 1 3. f. 1 3. 
Imperfoot ; wanting the titlepage. 

P., N. See M., P., and F., N. 
The Fatall Dowry: a tragedy, 
etc 1632. 4to. 644.6.85. 

F., N. The Hnsbandmans 
fhiitfnll Orchard. Shewing divers 
...secrets for the true ordering 
of all sortes of fruite in their due 
Ma«}ns, etc fBy N. F.] 1). I. 
Imminied for B, Jaekean, Londem^ 
1609. 4ta 966. b. 37. 

r All 


oailMCta^erSpdM 0mm. 

10 ias0inlMM allv !■§ vitsim 
flCUMMlMi Willi oT tW 

IMi. tfo. 

iM bj W. P. 

fai LUte U fIvM Ul»- 
«W»« tlmt MMmU ft. AiM, 
tiiln, IMt, Ua. 6. as. Ik II. 


F^ T^ mmimt S^wm (torn 
%U N .nil. OUmtwU* odM Um 



1M5. 4to. C. 40. (L 



F^W. flwBAmi(P.) The 
trial of a ChrutUiM « % 

mrmon p r Bac b Bajna 
Mid ftmrward wot an wriitng... 
to [aad tdited by] kb frMTDd W. P. 
Uia. 4«ik 4474. c. 31. 

F^ W. 8m BotB.— Old T»- 
Tjjujrr. /tihii. A OoBUBMiterid 
oT IL L CklWM vpoo Um Book* 
of kiM...tfMdfttod...iato Bof- 
IkUbyW.F. 1578. 4to. 

219. o. 9. 


QnTmA7B(D.) A 


byW.F. 1690. 8tro. 

116. a. 81. 

F.. W. te Um 


¥L) Tb. 
TIm Pbiloeopbin 

. F^ W. am Mait MiumALn, 
MJ. MitT Miig-trV*^ liwin 
lOioM fcr lU loMoT bM lUktM 
Jmm. rWilb Ubm |MntABoa« Ad- 
^Ad Mtoram^MKl Mb. 

MribodW.F.] 1604. 4to. 

1076. L 4. 

F.,W. Tbo EoMnj of laio- 
MM*. TMobiBf* pmct pUt- 
hrmm bow to indite Epistle A 
Ltltera of *U mhm : Mwell bj 
Amiim m olborwiM ... NowIj 
Mblkbtd Mid MCMMted ^ 
WTOUmO PTiUwoodl EimAtL 
imJ^J^ ]W£Mdoml621. 8to. 
PirU J priMid Ib BtMk UMv. 

FABRI (JoA!f»n) BlAof of 
Fmmm. Ormlio da ongine, poteo* 
tiikM tyfmimido Tburoonun, ad 
...HoBrioBM Aaglis A Prmnct« 
Bmnmh. Aq. iJMiioiiiiBia OcUYum. 
PicU Loodiiii a D. J. P. [iMdoa f ] 
1&28. 8to. 1818. a. 

WitlMwl pKiMllaa. Big. A-a 

CTwwrfownit. See SifCTii'!i (If.) 
P>t)iodia...Ivditio Deotmaqnarta, 
etc (Mcibodna dtfpoooendarum 
•jIUbanim es O. Abrioii...d6 ro 
poeiioalib. 1.) 1686. 8to. 

628. d. 10. 

— ObMnrationM Virgiliaoaa 

laottonit. 8m Ymuuut Maso ( P.) 

[IPoHb.] Optra, ate 1680. I61110. 

11355. a. 

laaB#. An OratloD of Iboo Pabri- 
tiiia Mootamia wbarbjbo taacbeth 
tbat Cbriaiiaa men oannot rawrta 
lo tba CovdmI of Tiant* witbovt 
MMBiittiiig an bajooM oflbnoa. 
EogljriMd by L. A. ». a. 
ILliEf«.lMdM.1662. 8Ta 





HUdem. Lithotomia Yeeicao : that 
18, an aooarate description of the 
Stone in the Bladder... Written 
first in High Dntch by G. Fabri- 
tius Hildanus... Afterward ang- 
mented by the Author, and first 
translated into Latin by...H. 
Sohobingerus Sangallhensis ; and 
now done into English by N. C. 
...With better instmments than 
heretofore. /. Nortcn^,„§old by 
W. Harris, London, 1640. Svo. 

1189. d. 7. 

FAB YAN (Robert) See Eng- 
land. [The Chronicle of Fabyan.] 
1516. fol. G. 6014. 

— A note of S. Gabotes voyage 
of discoverie, taken out of an old 
chronicle written by R. F., etc. 
See II., R. Divers Voyages, etc. 
1682. 4to. C. 21. b. 

— Fabyans Cronycle newly 
prynted, wy th the cronycle, actes, 
and dedes done in the tyme of the 
rejgae of the moete excellent 
prynoe kynge Henry the vii., etc. 
k. %. 2 vols. W. Baatell, London, 
1538. fol. 688. h. 17. 

— Another copy. G. 6015. 

— The Chronicle of Fabyan, 
whiche he hym solfe nameth the 
conoordaunoe of history ee, nowe 
newely nrinted, i in many places 
oorreoted,eto. V. %. MS. Moris. 
WiUUm BonKam, [LondonA 
1542. fol. G. 6016. 

Newly perused. 

And continued from the begin- 
nyng of Kyng Henry the seventh, 
to thende of Qneene Mary. V. ft. 
2 vols. J. KfngsUm^ London^ 
1559. foL G. 6018. 

"FlnklMd ths . xxrl. day of 
AnrilU...]5fi0,'* aoeoidlii* to the 
eimhoB, wMeh doss not oeoor in 
lbs miowing eopiss. 

— Another copy. C. 12. i. 3. 

The ftoooant of Qaeen EUxabeth, 
oooapjiog the Utt three leaTea, 
differs from that in the preoeding 
oopy; beioir contlnoed from 8ta 
Janoary to 8th May. 

— Another copy. G. 6017. 

— Another oopy. 2070. o. 

Imperfect; wanting pp. 209-21S 
of YOL 1. 

F A G E (John) Soeonlum 
^grotorum. The Sioke-mens 
Glasse ; or, a plaine Introduction 
wherby one may give a tnie and 
infallible judgement of the life 
or death of a sicke bodie... 
Whereunto is annexed a treatise 
of the fuure humors, and how 
they are ingendered and dis- 
tributed in our humane bodies, 
etc. ». a. Printed /or W, Lugger, 
London, 1606. 4to. 1141. a. 6. (1.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. D. I. 
B, Alsop and T. F. for W. Lugger, 
London, 1638. 4to. 1141. a. 6. (2.) 

FAOE (Mart) Fames Roule : 
or, the Names of our dread Sove- 
raigne Lord King Charles, his... 
Queen Mary, and his most hope- 
full posterity : together with, the 
names of the Dukes, Marquesses, 
Earles... of... England, Sootlaod, 
and Ireland: anagrammatiz'd and 
expressed by aorosticke lines on 
their names. R, OuUom, Loudon, 
1637. 4to. 

FAOE (Robert) See La JtAuiE 

(P.Di) P.Kamus...hisDialeotica 

...translated into EngliHh,...By 

R(o.) F(age) Gent 1632. 8vo. 

8467. a. 

FAOIU8 (Paiilus) SmBucir 
()l.) A briefe treatise concern- 
ing the burnjmge of Bncer and 

r A I r A M 

rwiM a Omhtfif*. •<•• raa. il«« d« iiniifinlwi U» 

laS Cm MC.h.40. OW BMliMfa MMhlMtoM^. 

FAiBOLoooH(^«u») £iiJ! /»». Sr,5bft?(ft 

&» BiatB. Th» Hoi* Bibb.^ — .^,^ _ ^ '^ ' 

M— I f tiM«blid...MM riviMd, ^^^' •"■ ■ 

2^1 '**Ti''iUL*^L?:Mi FALOKBlfBimOIOS .J. 

FWirAs. 1600. foL 82. g. 10. ,,^ ^^j^ ^ "glork» ipMi 

I I I mi l J Qodft^of BottloffM, r^^J** """ ^ / *— !.T7 " ^ 

f" ^ " , ^w' ^' ■■•■"' "Tl\ ^ M. Grapkm. Lomdimi. 1578. 8vo. 

682. •.n. ii4U». D.^^.; 

FAIRFAX (RoKBT) Ut re _ . ^ . , 

ay & Ml U.~Mt bartos lost. FALB (Twomam) HoroloKio- 

rWOTdt Mid Mmm.] &• BoML gnphia. TIm Art of DUItinfc : 

Affe. tlmi 1, f«ci».*] C BeMOSi t— ching an eMi6...waj ti make 

[Vmm:] UlliiabolMaraoStojiiTd *U ktoA of DUU, oto. T. Orvtis 

:uutS^€»tfi. ISSO. OU. 4lo. £4NMioml593. 4to. 

FALKLAND, Hixrt, Fi^ 

FAntLAMBX (PKm) Hit •omU. 8m Caet. 

of a BrowBMi. Or 

PviUa. etc v. ft. FALLOWXB (Edwabd) 8m 

far H. gi— IB, Lomiak^ 

1606. 4IO. 105. a 47. inwiack...B3r E. I 

FAIU8 (Avrmm) FAMILT OF LOVE. 5r« 

8m La Fat« (A. d«) ^ T Tho DiADUyinf? of an 

le MOto 01 ... HorrtiqtKA, 

FALCXTA (EoiMo) liMbc^v o/ batumg tl ia B Ma l T i tbo FAioili* 

CmrU. 8m DoRAanscs (T. db) of Lore, with Um Uym of tboir 

^ Firwtir, Oonrfliui Aathoori ... Kewelr Ml foorth 

uonanva Aatooori ... Aewiy at roortu 

onni Bom- bf J. S[<^gtnl... WhorMUito b 

»i» ooogragalorvar pT. do Da- aoBOiod % oontekm of ooHmia 

imstibM, K. F.]. ote. 1618. 4to. Artiaot, whkh wm iim4o by two 

T 78&.(1.) of tbo FamUio of Lotro, cto. 

. 157a 8vo. C.40.m. 


oom) Afmot Foew, pio Bool*. 1578. 8to. C. 21. a. 

(ElAgk do'^EspoditioMTyiBiti. — TboFkMlieorLoT«,ol0i [A 
BonuA ia Hob^ioa, olo. OiiiBii- Gonad/ in 6ro Ao<a, in proM and 




▼erte, by T. Middleton. Printed 

for J. Helmet, Ixmdam, 1608. 4to. 

161. A. 56. 

Without (MlgllUliiOD. 

— Another oopy . C. 34. d. 86. 

Tb* till«pi«» of ihU oofiy diflim 
•lightly from that oT th« pfMtdiaf. 


Sappllofttion of tho Family of 
LoTe ^Mtid to be preaented into 
the Kings royall bands, knowen 
to bo dispened among bit Ley all 
Sabjeotaa^ for gprace and favour. 
Examinoa and fonnd to be dero- 

Storie...nnto the glorie of God, 
» honour of our Kin^, and the 
Religion in tbia 
fe«ed ft...eetabli8hed. J. Legate^ 
Ffimim' lo the UmwertUie of Cairn- 
bridge, leoe. 4to. 852. g. 1. (2.) 

FantanticlcH: 8orving for a per- 
petual Prognoetication. 1626. 4to. 
C. 38. c. 14. 

FARAB (Datid) See Brouoh- 
TOX (H.) Our Lordee Famile and 
many otber poinotes depending 
upon it, opened against a Jew, 
Kabbi D. F., etc 1608. 4to. 

482. b. 3.(1.) 

FARET rXiooLAs) The Honest 
Man; or, ttie Art to please in 
Court. Written in Frenob hv 
Bienr F. TrmnsUted into English 
by E. Q(rimestone). 7. Harper, 
/orE.B(oiNil,LoMlon,1632. 12mo. 
8410. sa. 14. 

FAREWELL (Cmutroriini^ 
An K' Colatiun ; Or, A 

Disoou iravcU; Sot fortb 

in Bouiixy UbsonraUoM^ brtofo 
Md deliichtfbU : Oolkolid by tbo 
Authfir in a Voyago bo iDodo 
unto the Kant-Indlsi, of olmott 
fottre ysorss oontinnaiioo. Frimiti 
ly B. A. a»d r. K LomUm, 
1688. 8vo 0.6508. 

FAREWELL (R.) 5m Dm 
(Sir J.) Lard Chief Jueiice of As 
Court of Common Pleas, Cy en- 
suont sscun novel Cases, eto. 
[Edited by B. F.. etc.] 1601. foL 
5805. a 

FARLEY (HnrBT) The Com- 

Slaint of Ponies, to all Cbristian 

Or an bumble Supplication, 
To our good King and Nation, 
For Her newe Reparation, 
a I^^, [LoRion,] 1616. 4to. 

1077. i. 5. 

— Portland-Stone in Panles- 
Cburch-yard. Their Birth, th#»ir 
Mirth, their Than kef ulnesse,tl'ir 
Advertisement. [In verse.] Prinitd 
5y 0. E, for E. 3f., Xowiom 
1622. 16mo. 1076. b. 20. 

Withoot psginstion. 

— St. Paules-Church her Bill 
for the Parliament ... Partly in 
verse, partly in prose, etc. (Lom- 
don,] 1621. 4to. 698. b. 33. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 11459. 

FARLEY (Robert) Kalenda- 
rium humane vitao. The Kalen- 
der of mans life. [In verse.] 
Lot and Bmg, PriniedforW, Hope, 
London, 1638. 8va 1213. g. 21. 

Without yaglnstfcin TiUepsge 

— Anotber oopy. 637. b. 41. (3.) 

— Anotber copy. 1 1 408. a. 

— Lyobnooausia sive moralia 
faonm omblomata. Ligbts Moral 
Kmbloms. XotaiidEbf. T.Ooim, 
for Jt Sparks, JWor, Lfmdm, 
1688. 8vo. 0.11425.(1.) 

— Anotbor oopy. 687. b. 44. 

IiapsHbsl: VMiUaf the 6nt laai; 
i wu fBitttts vents espnaaloffy of lbs 

'Kaulogia, sive LiventaNavis. 

ZmMti.[tmf] 4to. Ill 
rARMKR i: 

^oelkr •! 

FARNABY (TWhas) «« pTESJSai. 

(■torfktTr i«ia. i3»o. iv-w«p«i«i-ti—iii». 

iuoa.«.ll.(2.) VARMAOa (Pimm o«)A 

loo'i 1 8.rr2.^ t^^ of III. wfc or p. a# k 

1001. ts. (1,2.) k;;;^.!^^ ai,LAPLAc«(P.i»t) 

— At LocAitrt ()L M IL [A iMliM of Um esoellMid. of a 


Lmmi PliMwaU... Ad- durisliMi bah, oCa] [167e.] 8to. 

jtolis ... MUk T. Fainabii, eUu 60a. a. 14. 

liia. 8^ 1001. a. 5. ^^^^ 3^ 3^3^^ 

Ubn: Animm^rmJ^SmSS^^ " T. A Tme W-J^^Jj;* 

oiiMMimirinlit looaloBtor Es- ^wo infamoM uptUH ProplMta, 

plksti rVy T. Fkranbrl R^PMnhmm... •mlJ. null....wiili 

liiL Avi^ lOMuLS. thtlrEiamiiuilioM and Opinion*, 

1«1». ova 1UW1.I.O, ^^ ^333^ ^^ 0.20167. 

lesa. •m 1001.O.6L .,«^,^„„„ « 

FABCICULUa P. pneoep- 

— A* taracA (L. A.) [IVof toram logioomm in grmttam 

,] L. A M. A. 8efiaa« otqno hiTentiitk ooidomioao ooBpoutoa 

tragopdMk AnimaavM^ ^br Chriitoplior Airty] A nano 

ol ■otb...illiuinit« [by pnmiinitypbdoBntoik &. TWmt, 

T. F.]. 161S. 8TO. 11707. a. Opdimm, ito. 8Ta 8466. a. 

1614. 8m 11712. aaa-O.) FAUOOK (Kioouf ) Eodauo 

- Si* TnoiLin Mam (P.) JV^HJ^^. ^S!lf?^ J^ *S! 

oiMfa. nods . ilUurtnta 4 T. Hiiwm, IVIim* </ Oor^^o*. Horo 

Kniabii. 1684. Sto. 11885. aa. btnr»»o**» • Ij*^ C^^J^^^ •««• 

rafnaoKK ioq«. oto. iioo^.aa. [15&t] foL 148. C 1. 

FlorOegioaEp^SiiiMtaOha^ FAUKENER (Jon) &• 

oorma. ooraaqvo Latino Term Hoo«t(W.) The troablod rnaaa 

4 Tani* ndditonnB. F. Kwrng- Mdioino. otc [Edited by J. F.I 

ffrnfrf, fr-'ffff, 11W 8m 1&46. 8to. C. 25. a. 17 < 1. 2.) 

1218. K. 87 

FAVOUR (Jon) AnUoniOo 

— ladoz RlwlorioM, abbolt* trimunliiogoviirNoTf^ltif! WWo- 
A fat ifU o a i tiJNioiii vCatio by it ta |>ivvod lb- it 

* ^aa. Editio altctm a true and oortai -'tf 

A locoploCior. [Hbo Cbristtan CatboUcko Cban:b aad 




Teritj, ftgdnit all new and Ute 
nptUrt heretiM adTanoing them- 
•elTM against the religiotu honour 
of old Borne, eto. B. JFVeM, 
L«md4m, 1619. 4to. 1113. a 1. 

FAUST (JoHAif!!) Dr, The 
Hiatorie of the damnable life, 
and deterred death of Doctor 
John Fanitna, Newly imprinted, 
and in oonvenient plaoee im- 
perfect matter amended : aooord- 
lug to the trne Copie printed at 
Franokfort, and translated into 
English bv P. F., Gent, eto. 
H. %. r. Onrta, ... $olde 6y 
B. Whits, lAmdtm, 1592.' 4to. 

C. 27. b. 

— Another edition. IS. ft. 
/. Windet for E. WhiU, London, 
1608. 4to. Q. 1029. 

Withoat psginatioD. 

— Another edition. Printed hy 
W. 0. for J, Back, London, 
[1630?] 8vo. G. 19126. 

Bligbily cropped. 

— Another edition. H. ft. 
JhrnUsd/or W, Wkitwood, London, 
[1686]. 4to. 113.0.26. 

TiU^isfs mutilated. 

DUUmms, See Joyidsb (H. dc) 
Ddbs. The Life of Fa. Angel 
of Jojenae... Together with Sie 
liTei of Father Bennet end... 
Father Arohangell [bj Fanstinus 
Bieetensis], eto. 1628. 8to. 

862. e. 6. 

FAVYM (AvDEi) The 
Theater of Hononr and Kntght- 
liood. Or, a oompendions 
Ohroolole and Ilistorio uf the 
whole Christian Worid, eto. 
a torn. IT. /sMMml, loiidoa, 
1628. fia. 605X8: 

FAWKNEB (Ahtoht) 
El^niKoyono, or the Pedegree of 
Peace, deliTored in a sermon [on 
Leyitioiis zzit, 111 eto. F. Kyng- 
eUm for B. AUoU, Londom, 
1630. 4to. 1358. b. 

— Nioodemns for Christ, or 
the religious moote of an honest 
lawjer: delivered in a Sermon 
[on John vtu 51] preached at 
the Asifises at OKeham... March 
10. 1627. F, KfngtUm for 
B. AUoU, London, U^. 4to. 

4474. o. 64. 

— Another copy. 114. a. 18. 
With a new titlepage dated 1684. 

See Fkrousson. 

FEATLET (Daxibl) See 
Bible. — Coneordaneee, A com- 
plete Concordance to the Bible of 
the last translation, etc. [With 
a preface by D. P., eta] 1631. fol. 
3103. e. 

1635. 4to. 3103. d. 

— See C, A. An answer to a 
pamphlet [by D. F.] intituled 
The Fisher catohed in his OMme 
net, etc. 1623. 4to. 3936. b. (3.) 

— See duKAirrBORpTR.) Vigi- 
lins Dormitans ... A Treatise of 
the fift generall Counoell held 
at Constantinople, Anno 553, 
etc. [With a preface by D. F.j 
1631. 8to. 8985. f, 

— Conference had between 
Dr. White, ...and Dr. F. with 
Mr. Fiaher and Mr. Sweet, Je- 
suitee,etc S00 Fishkr (J.) jismmL 
The Fisher oatohed in his owne 
net 1628. 8Ta 697.0.40. 

» Another copy. 

--At JiWBL (J.) Biekcm o. 
SoHelmrf. The Works of...J. 
Jewell...newly sot forth with...a 
briefe dieoonrse of his life [by 
0.1182. D.F.]. 1609. foL C. 21. i 


A Mff«m fM XHnk^ tftlii. 10] U»4M Is ematj SiRMM, 

■ llllllli ■! ITt * " ^ ^' MMb«llaltolMUIMMi»0tlOtW- 

A O 


».k(l.) I,«iU0ml6S6. fbC 476.0.8. 

uuuja. A 8Miia FBATLXY (DAinn.) CjrgM* 

t^r^lM UMllMr wiUiaWriior C^tio: orUMMdDMWoMMd 

Irmr [Ij IX WJ]jmd afdMl ^.|4om DiraoCioM Ibr Smarali 

llM ApMiWr rU.7L MffitigM, Ib^tIi 

lTlaHk,a«Uwdl bj...Kio( 

of rilnl i H i r, olo.]. JaMtaWyit Halls few wMk« 

1«M.' 4to. 41M. ft. boftm bk dMlli. [A raUlloa of 

^ . Um mm hj D. F.1 Fiw MS. 

'*«F!".'^ Korv. iViiyfilibrB. ~" 

:!!i;rLt^.L':k!::'J?!r!i^ ii-«m«Sr'4l rorr4T 

nklMd oni <>f lbs Amm by Annt- 

bIm ft&a hk •ebollerm. 1626. -Ito. _ Tb« Qiaad SMiilM of tb« 

4255. o. Cborobof BonOtintdUDcawmj 

.%^.t» ^5— » tboSocrod Cup «W« Ibo Uuoiy 

--J^*««»^««»^2J^ at tbo Loixb Table: dotootoS 

A^T ^^ oad ocmTiiiood bj tb« ertdeiioo of 

•*p ilT ill ^^J Scriplaro, and TwUmonko 

^SIkI ^ •" Afio...TV)falbtr wltb two 

witb D. 8aiitb...tb6 UWr ot 

1640. IbL 

Bv D Pc^tiv Ate. LosdoQ witb Mr. ET«rard« oto. 

1680. 4(0. 8085. b. 

— 8m WAfwoi (IL) An 
•pologio §at D. F....o(piiict the — Tbo Romidi Fiaber caogbt 

of ooo 8. E. in fo»p6ct and beld in bia owno not Or, 
of bit ooateoBoa bad witb Dr. tma RoUtaon of tbo PhiloBUni 

8Mitb,«to. 1684. 4to. Confereooe [of D. F. and F. \V 

700. d. 19. (1.) wiib J. Fiabor jMiod. U, J^Lu 

« .m w . ^ t^ PieroT, and J. Swtoi] and Popiab 

-""^ff^ Hf^^i^^^ Di«i^lloa. AJoatifiiatlooort*:- 

Handllaid toPnratoDaTotiop: ooo, aod Baftilatloii of tbo ot 

pfooanung a nannaU to bar Mio- olo. (AaAppaodiztotboFSabera 

ft — a. f ii n i i i h ad witb i artnwtkioa. Not, oto.-AteoafoUtio«i of tbai 

bifwaa a»d piv«ta...HM aUtb wbldipa.»d in a 

itkm ... aofiMmoa. ai ma. tooobing Timnanbataiitlatioii— A 
Jit FMiBf . /ar N. Bhwm, loodon, Oteftmoa >t writinc. 

1688. Itma. 8487. 0.8. d. r.^.uA iL Swoat 

tbo_gfOOod...of Faitb.) 

If KL.fifr ML JfOkwraa, Lamdom. 

JCTT^jS 1624. 4to. 224. a 12. (8.) 

— CUtIb X jatka 




to UlAi uf 

— Another copy. 8988. b. (1, 2.) 
Impnttei: waoUog Um titkftga. 

Sennon [on Nnmb. xxiii. 10] 

rkohed At the fanendl of. ..Sir Cobhmm, June the 
14<^ 1686. Jf. Par$(mM,/orB, M^U 
hmume^ London, 1638. 4to. 

1418. d. 18. 

— Transnbetantmtion exploded: 
or, an Enoountor with Kichard 
[Smithl the Titularie Bishop of 
Chalceaon oonoeming Christ his 
Dresenoe at his holy Table... 
Wherennto is annexed a...I>is- 
puUtion held at Paris with C. 
Bagshaw.etc. Printed h^O.M. for 
N. Bonnie, London, 1638. 12mo. 
854. a. 23. 

FEATLEY (John) Obedience 
and SaluuisHion. A sormon [on 
Ileb. XIII. 17] preached... on the 
eigth day of December ... 1635. 
Printed fty B. B.. London, 
1636. 4to. 4474. aaa. 49. 

FKATLBT (Joice) [Funeral 
8§rmon.] &« Qatakcr (T.) Saint 
Steyens Laitt Will, etc. 

FEBRES. Conjnncta febrinm 
materia non in solo corde, sed in 
ceteris etiam partibns continetur. 
— Propriaa medicanien tori urn fa- 
cilitates, non ab elemontonimorasi, 
•ed 4 forma snbstantiali prove- 
ninnt. [In Terse.] Cantebrigim, 
1586. $,ik. fol. 
Printed in doable oolumnt. 

FEDERICI (Oebarx) Extracts 
of 0. F. U'lH oi^hteene yeeres In- 
dian Obsunrations. See PvBCBis 
(8.) Pnrehss his Pilgrimas, eto. 
Pi. 2. 1625. fol. 679. h. 12. 

— The V< 

— The VOTaffo and Travaile : 
of M. 0. Frederick, merchant of 
TttiiM, into the East India, the 

Iiulitw, and Wyrmd the 
Wht-rein are contained very plea- 
sant and rare matters, with the 
onstomes and rites of those Oonn- 
tvist. Also, heerein are dis- 
oorered the Merchandises and 
oommodities of those Oonntreyes, 
aswell the aboondaonoe of Ooulde 
and Silver, as Spices, Dmgees, 
Pearles and other JeweUes. 
Written at sea in the Hercules 
of London. ..Out of Italian by 
T.H(ickock). ».l. B.Jone$ttnd 
E. Wkiie, London, 1588. 4to. 

B. 671. (2.) 

— Another copy. O. 6975. 


(IsAACUS L.) Enchiridion locomm 
commoninm theologioornm, Be- 
rum, Exemplorum,atque Phraseon 
sacrarum; ex A. Marlorati The- 
sauro, & C. Obenhinii Promtnario 
ab I. L. F.... con flat nm, recogni- 
tnm, auotum. Impeneie Oeorg, 
Bishop, Londini, 1588. 8vo. 

3125. a. 

FEILD (John) See Ephb- 
MEBiDES. Ephemeris anni 1557 
... per J. r. ... Supputata, etc. 
1556. 4to. 918. g. 61. 

FEILD (Richard) Dean of 
GlouceMter. See FiSLD. 

F E I L D E ( Johh) Minister of 
Wandsworth. See Field. 

FELI0IU8 (CoKSTAimus) 
Durantinus. The Conspiracie of 
Oatiline, written by Oonntanoius, 
Felicius, Durantinus, and trans- 
lated bi T. P^ynell; with the 
historye of Jagurth, writen by 
the famous Romaine Salott, and 
translated into Englyshe by A. 
Baroklaye. ». K. 2 Tola. /. IFo- 
Up, London, 1557. 4to. 0. 18. a. 8. 

FELINU8 (Arctius) Bsrad. 
[i.e. IIartih Bucsr.] 5m Bible. 
— Old TBvrAMEHT.-^PlMlsis. The 
Filter of David...laithfttlly tris- 

FEN •!• 

ktoA ftlWr in* w*% oC Mi«HN rami (»«A«iO I^^ 

C\ 17. A. t. 

FBUm (BAmviMt) TiM Flllini(JQini) fMOmuo 
QiMMrfMr A Trmxim of CVmui- Fmmt t * FftaJUf ^ Mmi. A 

idVl(oMi)T(>MritM) bfttab b/ J. Fco. IMHI. 8m 

J. r-VV, L«Jm» IIM. 4IO. FBIIMB (Twui) Fmm 

^^^^' ^ FralM ... A IllaloffM btlwMM 

^ \ 731.4.40. FWoM and lh« 8oholkr...TlM 1ft- 

mMlabU ndaw whioh allMid on 
r^^ .»~~-:.:^ .:^^ Wan%...Tbai it U aol nq«iirfto 

' to d«HT« our peddfTM fttm tb« 

- tmfaifhMl Trokiia ... B^onbM't 

miAluiptt, etc 9, E. /■frMterf... 

iUccaUarPM»a; r B. Wft, Ltmdm, 1690. 4to. 

^'^"^ * lMrM:«Mlteltokill«f; 

FSUUOW& fttP^M. The whUb-ppltadtolia 

fDod FI41o«M htm, BeloTod, etc FXMMER (Domxr) 8m Asm 

[188571 B^iifa'iifcL Bos.L518. TU Artes of Logik« mhI R^iho- 

..•.».— ,/. V o ril»,ela [ByD. F.] 1584. 4U>. 

FBLTHAM (Own) Bm- ^ ^ ^ 8403. t (8.) 

IVfaiil /«r Itary Mk, Ita rf wi, — Sw Bibul— Old TnTAimrr. 
[18807] ISao. 0.10331. — Smi^ </ &>io»oii. The Soo^ of 

Til iHlifiBi li i^wiwl 8oDgB...tfmii«Utad into Enffbabd 

and intorpreied >r a 

— BmoIvw; a DmU Otatvy. tboii oommeDlarie. [By D. F< 
T* 4* aditioB. A. Mt. lowloa, nar.] 1587. 8to. 1018.110.(1.) 
1831. 4to. 854 

1594. 8to. 8425. aa. 8. 

Ta 5^ Bditiuii, 

M. KS^UUa^ 18^4to: ,,-^^^2^^: ^^VcS:^^ 

'**^*- poy»MirofD.F.]for 

— AaollMrooDy. 8408.dd. of tba aldarahip, ato. [ByD.F.] 
UA^AmmA 1588. 8TO. 3932. b. 

— SmCovrnm-NUOU. AComi* 

Tba VL aditioo, tar-poyno, ato. [By D. Fanoar]. 

ate. A Mm^adta, 1888. 4«a. [15847] 8to. 1380. a. 

8409. bb. 17. .. D. F...«» 

FEMALE. Aniocooataat tba godlia Hiaiaton afiUiial a 

[A Ballad.] AfWitx. BridfM aUudaia^A Coaatar. 

A araU mIOw to a FknraoD, aodaatUa wriltaa ... to 

ate. [18357] SfaadBdifbL oMka aaaiiaia te tlia objaetkiM 

B01.L454. and mprabaa. wbaiawitb tba 




aniwerer to the Abttraot, would 
disgnoe the holy Diacipline of 
Christ. See Ekolaiid, Okwrek of, 
A parte of a register, contayn- 
ingerandrie memorable matters. 
[1593.] 4to. 697. f. 14. 

FENNER (Duplet) An 
annwere unto the Confutation of 
J. Nichols his Beoantation, in all 
pointes of any weight contoyned 
in the same : especially in the 
matters of Doctrine, of Pnrga- 
torie. Images, the Popes honor, 
and the question of the Church, 
etc. /. Wolfe, far J. Harrieon and 
T. Mtmne, Lmdon, 1583. 4to. 

3932. dd. 

— The Artes of Logpke and 
Bethorike, plainly set forth in 
the Englishe tongue... Together 
with examples for the practise 
of the same for methodo in the 

Sovemment of the fumelie, etc. 
[S. Notes [by Dr. Bliss]. B. Schil- 
dere, [lfu2(Ue6tir^A, 1588]. 8vo. 
8466. a. 

— Certain godly and learned 
treatises, written ... for the be- 
boofe and edification of al those 
that desire to grow and increase 
in tme God lines. B. WtUdeffrave, 
JBiltiidiryik, 1592. 8vo. 4411. df. 

» The saored Doctrine of Di- 
vinitto, leathered out of the worde 
of God...Togithor with an ez- 

Etlication of the Lordes Prayer. 
Translated from the Latin.] 
LcNMioiif]1699. 8yo. 8982. a. 

Tbaie ia s folded snsl jrtiesl Tsbls 
•t the sod. 

F K M H E R (WiLum) B.D. 
The Soiihi Looking-glasse...With 
a TreatiM of ConiM'icnco ; where- 
in the dofinitioDB and diiitinctions 
thereof are unfolded, and sererall 
Casee resolved, eta [Edited by 
Edm. 0., le, Edoinnd Calamyr) 
B. DmiNff. .../or J. BoOimO, Osai- 
M^e,1640. 8vo. 4408.0. 

FENNOR (William) ServoMi 
to King Jamee I. The Compters 
Common- Wealth, or a voiagemade 
to an Infemall Iland...long since 
disoovered, etc. E. Orijin, for 
0. GOfbee, Ltmdan, 1617. 4to. 

1077. i. 6. 

— Fennors Descriptions, or a 
true relation of oertaine and 
divers speeches [in verse], spoken 
before the Kin^ and Queenes 
mostexoellent Majestie, the Prince 
his highnesse, and the Lady 
Elizabeth's Grace, etc. E.Oriffin, 
for Q. Gibbe, London, 1616. 4to. 

1076. LI 6. 

— Another copy. 164. k. 3. 

— Pluto his Travailes, or, the 
Divels Pilgrimage to the Colledge 
of JesuiteM. Lately discovered 
by an English Gentleman (W. 
Fenner). fi. I. Printed hy N,0. 
for J, Hunt, London, [161 1 ]. 4to. 

4091. aa. 

Part of the titlepage, probablj 
containing the date, Ib mutilated. 

PENT ON (Edward) So 
shorte a Catecbisme, that whoso- 
ever cannot, or wil not leame, 
are not in sny wise to be ad- 
mitted to the Lord's supper. V. S. 
J, Daweon, London, 1626. 8va 

3504. aaa. 
Four leaTM, withoot psginstka. 

FENTON (Edward) BrMet 
ofSirO.Fcnion. Cortaine Seorete 
wonders of Nature, containing a 
descriptiooftmndry strange things, 
seming monstrous... Gathered out 
of divers learned authors as well 
Greoke as Latins, etc H E. 
H. B^nemam, XoMtea, 1669. 4to. 
957. g. 87. 

— Another oopy. 1251. e. 

CoiuuHUS (A.) An Epistle or 
godlie admonition. ..sent to the 

•^ *" V F B R «|T 

iii9io«rM oi ix>« riowiiaw Ckwoli — At»oUi«r OOflJ. 0. MO. 

wfmcf ) Jbi L. AttdrtwM^ 
of QiiiHUnlIfti...R«4Ma ittio 

ua, tio. [Bj 
4M. L e. (1.) 

byO.riVm. l&M. IbL - «« F. B. I>«iir fa DfafaWt. 
U17. L . An Ab«wm to W. AlablM- 

--OvtdMtoMtelldiMMrw 873.0.11. 

VTittHKNltoof Fi^HmImmm iJitiiif ^__ • flarmoa of QliMrMii^ mm^A 

ia MiUoiittTM or IbivUUMp- 4474. •.41.(8.) 

L 11.1. T.Mtnk^Lamdcm. -. A SOTmoo [oo QaUi. ri. 7] 

■ ^ " ry SpiUU. 
al lUrotffs 

UM'ftui«r»U of Mr. J. Stokok. 
A MTBoii pvtMhod At the ftuMiml 
of Mr. J. KowBuui.) 8 pta. Frimiti 

1547. 4to. 0. 16129. mMlMd •! St. Muy Spittlo. 

^^ ff„m «fQ I A MfBKMI prtMOM M MOfOtffS 

•ditioB. M- B. ^ ^ , . , 

lft79 410. M ^* Ay f <y,I«iA>«, 1616. 12aio. 

12404. a. 4474. •.41.(1.) 

— A t'lntr <>t « liriPtMO polUcio kit llM pi^llMltM sad Nftaltr u« 

KtWrvd o«t of ProMk br O. ii Hto ni Aw ag fc t H . 
lAiMM «te M S IT WSJdJttm 

1, 1574. 4to. - ATWiieagMinttho inm- 

1120. K 85. «7 I>»P«mUiioo npoo that Out 

— GoUm EpaHlM, ooBtmjB- eilktioii to the (Church ^ 
imm Ttfittit or dkooorao, both Togothor with oeruiiie 
iSmll, PyhMophiedl Mid Di- [E&M br B. UtM^ Fiw MS. 

m vol! oot of KoTM. J 

tho reaiTBdw of Qfmwnm Lmim, 1617. 4to. 8936. o. 

_ Aothoort 

Fim^oadltiaiMi. Bj ^ FBRDIKAMD L, Jhipiror 4^ 

O. F. ' M. B. ' m mddUlm fit Oir««if .^ J[ JWol mwm.1 8m 

B,Hwmkww.Lmim,\hlh. 41a QmpiPAi. (E.) wmom t n^ Bkktp 
1065. L 26. ^I^Mbmote. ASonooD^oto. 

-NowWoorfoetodiod FERDINAUD IL, Empm^ 

II.B. Imprimhi.../cr of Omwumg. [IMetfMNi >nMil5« 

Ltmdrm,\&77, 4to. Onm •/ BnliMii \ 8m BomamuL 

6407. bbb. ^UJUmt., Tho Botoooo wUoh 

ooapolUd tho StolM of Pohiwia 

-^«jjjy^gj*^ londMtthoAiohodnkoF.,010. 

1568. 4ta 98. d. 18.(1.) — Sm K., N. Do Cooi 




CmmtiB FerdiAAndl cam qnibus- 
dum Imperii BlMtoribiu Raiia- 
boiuB Miebf»to. ftnno 1630, Kpi- 
sUiU Moormta M rw peraoripU 
•b aotora (N. NA etc 1631. 4to. 
1315. tL 

8m Paul Y., Pop. 
popoeia. Or, a ConfereDoe. 


the Pope, the Emperor, 
etc [A ietire, in TerM.1 
[1620?] 4to. 11626. d. 64.(2.) 

— A remonetimDoe ... to the 
SUtee [of the UDtted ProTinoee 
of the NetherUmde] in the behelfe 
of the king of Bohemia, eto. 8m 
TuATBUL Three ■erermll trea- 
tieee oonoeming the Tmoe, etc 
1680. 4ta £.1943. (7.) 

— An Antwere to the Qnee- 
tion : whether the Emperoor that 
BOW it can bee Joage in the 
Bohemian ControTereie or no? 
Together with the extract taken 
ont of the Acte of the Dyet at 
Aneporghe, in the year 1584 
(IftiB): oonoeming the kingdome 
of Bohemia. [PyoyMf] 1620. 4to. 

1054. a. 5. (4.) 

— Another oopy. J. R. 2. 

— A cleare Demonstration that 
Ferdinand ie bj hie owne de- 
merita fhllen from the Kingdome 
of Bohemia, and the incorporate 
Prorinoea. Written hy a Muble- 
man of Polooia. And translated 
ont of the eeoood Edition 
enlarged. O, fFofm, DoH, 
[1619]. 410. 1054. h. 26. 

— The FuticnUr Slate of the 
Government of the Emneronr 
Ferdinand the eeoond, ae it waa 
at hi«deoeaiiein...l686. Traaa- 
laled ont of Utin bT R W. 

E. Q. fait r. NuAoU, 


41a 691.61)4.(8.) 
— The piiMit State of the 

Aflairee betwixt the Emperor and 
King of Bohemia, and their Con- 
federmtee ... Together with the 
Oocn r renta lately happened in 
the Armiee of Generall Veere, the 
Princes of the Union, and Spinola. 
TraneUted ont of the French, 
and High Dutch Coppice. [Loa- 
dtmf] t62n 1054. a. 5. (3.) 

of Qtnmmf. A Hoi ation contain- 
ing the Ifanner of the Solemnities 
at the Election and Coronation of 
F. the Emperoor, in Francford, 
the 30. of Angnst last part, 1619. 
With other Oconrrenoee in Bohe- 
mia, and diyen parts of Germany, 
eto. Printed for B. MyUxmrne^ 
London, 1620. 4to. 9930. bbb. 

FEROUSSON (David) 8m 
Bekoist (R.) Bukop of Troytfs. 
Ane answer to ane Epistle writ- 
ten by R Benedict... to J. Knox 
...made by D. Feargnssone, etc 
1563. 8vo. 1351. a. 29. 

QUEIROS ^Pedro) Terra Aus- 
tralia incognita, or a new South- 
erne DiaooTerie, containing a fifth 
part of the World. Lately found 
out By F. De Quir...Neuer before 
published. Printed far J, Hod- 
yells, Loadoa, 1617. 4to. 

0. 13. a. 11. (1.) 

— Another oopy. T. 809. (8.) 

— Another copy. C. 32. g. 

ZALo) The hyatorie of the Weste 
Indies. 8m Akououus (P. H.) 
The Deoadee of the newe worlde, 
eto. 1665. 4to. C. 13. a.8. 

1577. 4to. 566. a. 10. 

FERNE(a(rJoni) The Bla- 
ion of Uentne : derided into two 
parta. The first named Tha 
UlorieofGeMroettie. The second. 


1640. 8to. oTnst. 

FBRRAR (KioMLAi) 8m 
BiMA— New TniTAMiafT. — 0<*- 
mIh— AsraMM. TIm AolioM 

* DoolriM S OtlMT PlMMM 

Iwicbing o«r Lord... J«m Ohntl« 
M th^ art ribted Inr Um Posr* 
BrmaMiita, rtdvoid Islo oa# 
oompMto body of H hlo rit, tie. 
rOooipiUd br N. F. u»d bis 
kaUy.] [leail.] foL a38.«.4. 

J™™™jJ^^ - &• B.«x-Niw T«TA. 

or !*• ^fm, faiMf w Mt or r., mo. ^^^^^^ ^ monoobiomMB Ml- 

-> A ti««tiM of Ibo DHocipdl C. 28. o. 8. 

r^^w SioUMwI te VAmiAH ofEngUad^ota— HowoiyrT.or 
(«r W.) DbMioM ftir booltb. Wadotooko Dako of Glooattor... 

itst. 410. 11^9. r. 11. 

Wadotooko Dako of Ulooeolor. 
woo vnlowftilly miudrod. — ^Howo 

IW8. 4ta. iUo9.g.8. ^^S^K^^L^^ 

rSRNXLT (OiMwi) 8m £^'^'''" (W) \Jlr'^ ** 
DoooAUi (O.) A Troo Diimfio **«>»t««*«. «<«• 1^9. 4lo. 
of tbo procrtiM of E. OildwoU... ^' ^^' ^ 

!f^?: *!; ** **^ P*"** ^' 1571. 4ta C. 21. 0. 31 

T. CydwoU. olo. ie04. 4to. 

C. 27.0.27. " 8m EsoLAm. — 

Gmmmi OailmUmm of lU Tbo 

FXRNESERDX (Avreovr) Bokoof lUgBaObrUmritb diTon 

Mm^hr. 8m FaurawnB (IL) oCbor Sutein ... truMUtod into 

Tbo AfftisBOBODt, ote. EDgljoboCbyO. P.). 1&34. 8yo. 

M)5. o. 11. 
FBRNE8BEDB (Mamabct) 

Tbo ftraifinoMnt A Wnias of ^^^ 9^^^ CDArtor, oollod 

Ibo Mwtbor • • •• " 

M. Ftnio ■oodo hr Ibo MwUmt * ^7^ Magoo Oarto, witb divora 
of bar tela Haiboad Aalboay ^^^ aUtotoa, ota (TraaaUlod 
rmaaaaiU, oC& !§• B. Hfaiiif ^'^^ ^ ^^J^ ^^ Frenabo into 

Ar A. Oaia«o, LaoMt 1808. 4to. ^^J^^ by Q. F.) [1541 ?] 8to. 
a2l.b. 505.0.14. 

1542. 8to. 505.0.18. 




FERRERS (George) The 
fall of R. TroHilian, etc. — How 
sir T. of Woodgtocko Duke of 
Gloo66ter...wa8 unlawfully mur- 
thered. — Howe Kinge Rioharde 
the second was... deposed... and 
...mnrthered, etc.— The tragedie 
of Edmund Duke of Somerset, 
eta See Higoins (J.) The first 
parte of the Mirour for Magis- 
trates, etc. Pt.2. 1674. 4to. 

C. 21. 0. 

1675. 4to. 0.21.0.(1,2.) 

1687. 4to. 1077. g. 6.(1.) 

1610, eta 4to. C.12.h.2. 

FERREX. The Tragidie of 
Ferrex and Porrex, set forth 
without addition or alteration 
but altogether as the same was 
shewed on stage before the 
Queenes Majestie about nine 
yearee past, vz. the xviij. day 
of lanuarie . 1561, etc. [In five 
acts and in verse. The first 
three acts by T. Norton, the last 
two acts by T. Sackville, Lord 
Buckhurst.] 19. 1.. J. Daye, 
lAmdom,[mO], 8vo. C. 34. a. 6. 

Tbirty-oM leaves, wilhoni p^gi- 
mUon. Regieter A-fl. Waniing 
Ufll leaf of eic.H. blank. 

FBRRIBR (Auocr) A 
Learned Astronomical discourse 
of Uie judgement of Nativities... 
TranaUted [from the Latin] by 
T. Kelway, etc. PrinM ai ike 
widiam OuurlMooode Jboitss, for 
M WhUe. Ltrndom, 1693. 4to. 

lUl.a. 23. (1.) 

5si Lim FnrivAi.iR. 

FXTBBR8TONE (Chrjsto- 
nmi) 8m Bibul — Old Thta- 
MKirr.— FdjMot. Hagf^us, the 
Prophet. Where-unto is added a 
. . . romnMntarr.. . Tnuishited out of 
Utin...byaF. 1580. Svo, 

8166. aa. 

phbb) See Bible. ^New Thta- 
MCHT. — OotpeU. — Harmoniee, A 
Harmonie upon the three Evanse- 
lists Matthew, Hark and Luke 
with the oommentarie of J. Gal- 
vine... translated R P(aget). 
Whereunto is added a Commen- 
tarie upon...S. John (translated C. F.). 1584. 4to. 

1006. 0. 14. 

1610. 4to. 3225. b. 

— See Bible. — New Tbstambvt. 
—John.Goepelof. The holy Gospel 
... according to John , with the Gom- 
mentary of M. J. Gal vine... Trana- 
Uted... by C P.. etc. 1684. 4to. 

3226. c. 

— See Bible. — New Tistamsht. 
— Ads. The Gommentaries of 
I. Galvin upon the Actee of the 
Apostles... translated G. F. 
1585. 4to. 864. c.l. 

— See Galvin (J.) An 
Abridgement of the Institution of 
Christian Religion. W. Lawne. 
...Translated out of La tine... by 
G. F. 1585. 8vo. 697. a 26. 

1687. 8vo. 3668. 

iius) See Bible. — aeUeti^.* 
Propheticn et Apostolio«...S< : : 
turao Thesaurus... Ex A. Blarloraii 
Adversariis a G. F. in codi- 
relatus. 1674. foL 690. h. 4. 

FBTSRABEND (Siovr^fp) 
&« Li VI us (T.) Patavinue, T. L i v i i 
Patavini...Libriomne8,eta fWith 
the Dedicatory Epistle of S. F.] 
1589. 8vo. 687. b. 3. 

FETNS8 (Hbxri db) <is Mom- 
fart. An exact and oonoos Sur- 
vey of all the East Indies, even 
to Ganton, the chiefs Cittie ot 
Ghina: All duly performed by 
land by Monsieur de Men fart... 
Newly tnmBlatad out of the 

FID F I c ^n 

1044. 0. 10. (I.) OM. k IS. 

— AM4]Mr«o|»3r. O. 04M. 1M1. Sm SttS-K. 

FIDBUTAt, MHMt Fia*. FBLD (Jovii) 8m Nowttx 

UlM. A 4lia»«i DMfeMlft ^r U.) Md Day (W.) |Kift» ^ 

lfc» iMviriac of Um LovA* Mid mmkmtmr. A Inio rvporl of iIm 

•r tii»godli>TWH«o«tw ef tU I>H«tetkNi...luMl...wlthE.OMi- 

iMik WriloT tiM Lo«« of J«M pioo...WlMrMiato b JoTMd a 

OMst 8ii.ftmftli bv F^ a tnM rmrt [bj J. FkU] oT lb* 

ryio«.«lto with H. N. ru. oUmt Oim cUx« ooBfcMMM... 

II. Niltei] iA Um FWoMlk of Um b^l... with ibo mm JomiU, oto. 

Lo«%. TtiMhtod oat of Bm >l» IMS. 4lo. 490. L I. 

-.C-^ .W-. . ^U F*i«*« o' ^ Symbolo of tho 

T>^'*^. .'T^ a^* *'^— * A|iooil«a,...traiiaUtod oot of tbo 

^^^*^ J. F. 1661. 4to. 

) Aw Caltui (JO 8905. a. 

bt j! r — ^ ^»" (^ ) ^ ^'tJ>^» 

^0^^ 1^ ...ozmitioo upon Iho prmjor of 

our Lordo, etc. [With % proikoo 

ThiitMM 8onMM...oii- bj J. P.] 15S3. 4to. 8236. b. 

IrMiiog of tbo Trm Ei«ct2oii of * ^^ ^ # » » 

Ood to Joeob...TrMioUlod..bT ,7" ^ ^^^ y ^Tf**** ?^; 
J.F. 1679. 4to. 1868. L 69. *?*-»«*~f** K "P •^^ •*} 

Um root of that darko bioodo and 

— Tbo oopio of o Utter, witb a nnolaooo oago of poptttoo, wbo 

oottiHrioa 01 Faatb, writlMi bj witb tboir Qntimely bookat, teeko 

two CMiftUl Mnraata of Ood tbe diocredito of tbe trnetb, and 

[T. WOoodtai and J. F.], etc tbe diMuiet of thU Chorcbe of 
8mEmLATn.(%tnk9f. A parte EngUnd. B. WmU^grmm, /or 
of a l offitar . oontajafaga wmdrie T. Jfaa ^ T. Smiik. Lamdom, 

u [1698.] 4IO. [1681]. 8to. 698. a. 29. 

t 14. WUboat 

~ 8m ggOLAJTO.— Parit— iwl. — A sodlj exborUtion, bj 

AaadaoBitJoatotbaPtfiiaoMot. oootAoo of tbe late jodfMMDt of 

ri^ J. F. and T. Wiloos.] Ood« ebowad at AnlMidM, 

[1672.] Sm 864. a. 6. (1.) tba tbirteeotb daj of Jamiarie: 

o » — ■■- ■ ■ ^m wbefo weta aMenbied... above a 

— Am L*B»nrB (J. m) An thoiMinil ptrrnit. wbaieof 

RisbtMWBai, writteo 6nt ID tba ^""^^ ^V^ rTfr^ 

5i?:i:iLi5!; >«»• ^^ 4404.oa(i.) 


J.Feade.ete. 167^ TiST" ^***^ 

8982. a. (a) FIBLD (NAnATOn.) Dr*. 

-teM<Nui4T(P. M)Ma«r ■•^ *•'-». 

~ A riJnSm of -. Amanda to Ladiea. Aoo. 

oat of BMdie [in Ato acta, in proae and 

▼QUO. 2 • 




»> Q.EU,farM,Walbtm€k€, 
LmmIom, 1618. 4to. 11773. a 

FIELD (Natbakul) 2)ra- 
mtOkL AnieiidAforUdias. With 
the mernr prankM of MoU Cni- 
PQr«e...A Ooinedy. J. Okt^for 
M. IToOrndk Lomdam, 1680. 4ta 

Wilboot pafiiuUioii. Bcgtoter A-H. 

— Aiioih«roopjr. 0. 12. f. 7. (2.) 

-— A Woman it a Weather- 
oooka. A new Comedy [in five 
acta; and chiefly in Terael, etc 
JMmt^../or J. BtidM, LimUm, 
1612. 4to. ; 0. 84. c. 82. 

Withoot peciBatioB. BmMvA-L 

— Another copy. C. 12. f. 7. (1.) 

FIXLD CSxruAJftKL) Jteetcr 
BfSUmrUm, WilU. 5m Field (R.) 
Deamo/GUmemUr, OftheChnroh. 
Five bookea, etc. [Edited by 
N. F.] 1628. fol. 480. d. 3. 

1635. foL 4103. g. 

FIELD (Richard) Dean of 
OUmemUr. 8es Champnt (A.) 
A Treatiae of the Vocation 
of Biahope ... against ... Dootour 
Feild.etc 1616. 4to. 3985. bbb. 

— See Htoooms (T.) The first 
MotiTeofT. H(yggon«) sus- 
pect the integrity of his Religion: 
which was detection of fahMbood 
in D. Hnmfrev, D. Field, etc. 
1609. 8vo. 3035. a. 

— Sm K. S., Doeiar of DrnkiiM. 
An Antidote... against the peen- 
fcffooa wiitinga of all' English 
• partioaIer...D. F., 
etc 1615, etc 4tc 3035. c 

1622. 4tc 608. c 24. 

— OftheChnroh. Five bookea. 
(An Appendix containing a de- 
toaa 01 toob partea...aa have 
bene either eioifiled against, or 
wftatad to the maintenance of 

Romish orronrs.) 5 pts. {N, Oke$) 
for 8, Waienom, London, 
1606-10. 4to. 4105. d. 

Each pt h— ft dbtinct p sginstine. 
Ft S hat ft Mpftnito titlepftge, ftod 
pift. a lo 5 hftve ft diftinct vagisler 

— Another edition. 2 pta. 

Fkw MS. Nom. H, Lownee for 

8, IFalsrs0a,XoiMiaa, 1606-10. 4to. 

4105. d. 

Imperfect : wftnting the Appendix. 

The Second edi- 
tion. ..Augmented, etc [Edited 
by R. Field.] W. Turner, Oxford^ 
1628. fol. 480. d. 8. 

The third edition, 

etc 2 pta. W. Turner, Oxford, 
1635. fol. 4103. g. 

FIESCHI (Ottobono) Cordv- 
nal. Ste Ai»rias V., Pope. 

PIOUEIRO (Vasoo) The 
Spaniards Monarchie, and Lea- 
guers Olygarohie... Englished by 
H. O. ».i. B. Field, for J. Ea- 
rieon, London, 1592. 4to. 114. k. 7. 

FILDINQ (Ferdinando) See 
TussANUs (D.) Tho Exorcise of 
the Faithfull Soule... Englished 
ont of the French. F. F. 
1583. 8va 1361. c 16. 

FILLES(Robibt) SeeQwsEVA, 
Clip of. The Lawes and Statntea 
of Geneva... Tranalated... by R. 
Fills. 1622. 8Ta 1127. L 22. 

— Godly prayers and Kedita- 
tions, paraphnstioaUye made 
upon all the l^almea . . . translated 
out of Frenche into Eneliaha. 
19. m. W. Seres, Londem^ 
1577. 16mc C. 25. a. 80. (1.) 

Without peffiaatioB. Thift book 
WIS raprialMi la IflOO aoder the 
oT^The Aaalamie oT the 

FINCH (HiNKAOl) Barl of 
NeUmgkam, Lord High CkemeeUat 

rm no tss 

^ tk^ m i . Aw PtBVUO (E.) Utt<ra ImtImimmiI, wIUi % 

Um Qi m m M M a m rii w How, porumil of oMk.] flwdlf f 

tei. QmMI Ma Nom (Vv U40?) «.«&. M. m.M.9.(49.) 

ILF.). [IfSOf] tm iiaa.e.4. ,^^^„,«, «^ ^ - - 

' ^ ' FIHOHCR.) TUk 

••v^a (air nnrtT) K««i#- or oppwm»oo of Um 

kvoir. ott aMKffip. Qithortd o«l of Iho Ooly 8tHp- 
torn ooIommImBMi dot Art. lJMioMUMlM«m,MMl«liollM 

i^tfmlltlooiovvloilViioiMivttlo Cb«rohtlMioMUMCorft...WHtioa 

ttqgr. €hnmmmuLjUmhmum I7 & PIUmIi, 0(0. Fiw MS. 

4loftoldokilrtftUtot...por U Kom. ». E« il. /^ /^ 

' '^ LojoiiabriagiL B. Ifoni, L0O1IOO, 1690. 4Co. 

i Allir. U 8936. bbb. (4.) 

riMSTT (Ar Jon) Sm 

'Zm^ Looimi (B. m) grff fr i« 

' 14 i4/jr««, olo. Tho Bogianiiig... 

*'* of J. 

* Uw, or, o dbooofM tlMt«< F(iBoi). 1606. 4ta 967. k. 16. (3.) 

FwTwaS^ F^^dJS FIORR Tho boko of wi*. 

im!^^3^^^^^ dooiooUiorwloo«aiodUioFkm« 

y^:, .rP- ? ?I?^. '^ ' ir./^ Uoiii]...TrMiUtod f^wt out of 

^ uiiiiiii ^ «^MMW^ J^UMIH, f|^J-M» into Fifaa^J fc ftti.1 ,.M* **r 

tMv om ju^^ m ItaUoo into FlOMk, and out of 

IflT. 8VO. MW.A.M. ri^ochlntoEoglkhbTj.Urko. 

— Aaotkor oditton. PrtaW »• ^ *• ^ T- ^Wi^ Lomdm, 

*j -V ifrjnri 1// Jfoij, EtjmuM, l^^^l ^^ C 38. l>. 1. 

ZwJM, 1686. 8m 806. a. 87. 8tfiotf«iMlM^wiUKMt|iKi- 

rot CH {Jo^\Bmm F^ _ A«)tlior oopy. C.88.a.l6. 

y F w A pt d L AUtlOTMiitto 
iW Lord CkuBborkiao from John 

dMOiwtSMborb^ndCfriM SCihS^*^ 

ffclTtM^.i'V:? V***"-^ FIORAVANTI (Uo,*««J 

669. f. 4. ^8.) ^ Compoiidiaiii of tbo rmtioBMU 

SocrttHL of tkoM.Mooto oioilloiit 

^ Anothoroopy. Dootoor of Pkiaioko...L. Pkiar»- 

816. BL 1. (46.) ▼mato...doTidod into throe Bookoo. 

^ « ^ ^ T [TimaoUtod ond oditod by L 

- Tbo f yy^ j " " ^gjlj^ faoitor.] II.E. /.IrM>r 

HowiofOoMMMO. [Lm- ^ 7388.0ft. 

.1 1640. 4ta 100. 0. 10. t^. -oj 11^ w. JmLIZ 

~ OnWinpof |» i il oi Hy .boiib« »i<it«iifo> 

Faoro FttMh Flioo nwoy ««mi imdo^^ 

Alot FdoM WUl, — A Diooovno npon ChTmr- 

Hoo*« fiwo^d taoUy. 0ary,...1Vuiiintod o«t of lulton 

[Sotiricol YerM rdntiTo to Loid by J. HMtor,...ond now newly 

Flnche flight, end AiohbUiop pobUebed nnd MgMitod, 



B. Booth. «. %. riw Ma 
7480. b. 

A JuyfuU JowcU. Cooiajning... 
oH«ra. prwwTmUTeo ... fer the 
PUgii«...writt«n in the lUlUn 
long bj...L. FioroTantie...An(l 
nr- — .-«Ut« T. H(ill). 
n J. llMitor.l H. I. 

/iipriiiird /or IT. Wrigd, Lomdom^ 
[\hl^\ 4to. 

nscus PAPALia 

Bm Pai*al Excii»u4t'ER. 

FX8H (SiMox) Set BiBLB.— 
Empmim$ Wprkt, Tho turn roe of 
tho holj Seriptare, etc [Trmnt- 
h^todbrS. P.] 1M8. 8to. 

4401. b. 2. 

— The SupplioeisoD of Besgen. 
80$ K!(OLA!cu, Oommomen o/T A 
8applioation of the Poore Com- 
mons, etc. 1646. 8vo. 


* 8m Mori (Sn>T.) Lord High 
Ci— wlfirr 1/ Ibflwuf. The sup- 
plyceojon of tonlje made by 
■yr T. More... ftgnj net the 8up- 

filvoeoTon of b^nn [of 8. ¥71 
16384 ^ 3^^'* 

J^HMnOf. SM8Htrri(N.) Corona 
ChAriUtie:...* Mnnoii« eta 

(AMMon) A 1)0- 
of the Lhvgie of the 
Oharcli of Bhgiaiid, or booke of 
Ooiina Phiyev, In * didogve 
b e l iiieae Nov«ttiii end IreiuMM, 
•to. FHmUdbfW.a./orXLMO' 
kmmm, Lmitm, 1990. 4ta 

8476. bb. 68. 

— AsoOmt oofij. 231. a 8w 

ntBBR(JAn«i) SutBarroKt. 

Fi^aiit TfOMi eto. [ Aa hielo- 

Hcnl pky br J. P.] 18881 4tii. 

848. b. 68. 


7I8HXB (JoRx) Cardinal Bi- 
$kop 0/ BoehmUr, See Frith (J.) 
A dispatecion of Pareatorye ... 
The tojrde bbke mmketh answere 
unto my lorde of RoohoMtre, etc 
[1688?] 8ro. C. 12. b. 9.0) 

[1685?] 8vo. 

1020. c. 2. (3.) 

— See Trsatisc. A Oodlie 
treattMO deoUryng the benefitee 
...of prayer, etc. [By Cardinal 
J. P.] [1660.] 8vo. 8932. b. 

1677. Svo. C.21.a.(2.) 

— Hereafter foloweth a mom- 
yng remembrauce had at the 
moneth mynde of the noble 
prynoet Margarete coonteiM of 
Kyohemonde 1 Darbve moder 
nnto kynge Henry the . vii. 1 
grandame to onre sonerayne lorde 
Uiat nowe is, nppon whose soule 
almyghty god have mercy. H. I. 
Wynkw de Worde, Lomdam, 
[1609J. 4to. O. 1202. 

TweWe leares, without peginalioo. 
Tho iitlepage is partly oooopied by 
a woodcut 

— Another copy. C. 37. d. 12. 
Imparfeot; wanting the titlepage. 

— The aermon of John the 
byaahop of Rooheeter made again 
Y* ntiioioua doctryn of Martin 
luther irin y* ooUTee of y* a»- 
o8ay5 by y* ai^gnemet of y* 
mooet reTerad fader 1 god y* lord 
Thomaa Cardynal of yurke 1 Le- 
gate es latere from oar holy 
fiith«r y* pope. ». *. Wgm- 
hMmdeWerde,[Ltmdom, 1521], 4to. 

O. 11003. 
Tw«aty*lwo l«av««, withoet pa«ti* 
aatioD. Tho UUo|iaso ia paiUy 

— Another editioD. M. A. 
FlwM8.Nom. IPfd^dtlTor^, 
[IoMioml631?] 4ta C.26.e.84. 

Tbla edition baa dUBwvnt initial 
capitala and other typamphioal 
variaHoaa ftea the pteeaduif. 

F 1 8 1 635 

was Qoa^M t any * iffd^yw tU 

blWOMlMdimllolqrrplMorMxt)t ' 4Ui. 

Jolft byiafcoB of Boolinnr. Um m^ 
Mybi7»f^pMMilortlM»»ft inMj 

fki^oM FTiioa Iraca Hwj SSl'tJ^lSBE?*"^ 
Um . TiJ^ alo. v. 1. w yif a /# "« »• I" I^ 

[IW9> i^ _ — AboUmt aditioD. ». &. 

0. 1901. FlwHaNorv. vyd^ i« iporii, 

O. 11904. 

— AboUmt •ditkm. ». ft. 
A smritnall oooaoUtion, Wfmk^m ds Wt^i^ Ltmdm^ 

by J. F....tQ by* sbtar 1^29. 4to. C. 36. a. 83«. 

— Asoibar adition. H. ft. 
^ lU p!p|3iU l£^^ A-,1565. 8m 218. a. 12. 

^"^^"^^ «-.^-^.L witbitn tba City of OmI 

frooi ao rborribla kinda off tor- 
ttent a[Bd aidmaaj 16. of F^bni- 

.27.a. if 

!rS^ Si ftrJ^«SS! •^i ^' »• *^ -^ 

«« - » - « • ' * - - • Nta* lMm« trilho.1 


TIU«pHp MatOatod. 

ravMla M« ia god Jbbn FISHBR (Jew) aaiai [U. 
tfmkm.^h yw A o p€i B oahtat a rat Jon Pwwr.] Aw aTiL An 
tba atottaaioB «id Matyaga of aaawar to a paapblat thw n. 

aaawar to a paapblat [by IX 
Fbatlyl iatitiilad^ Tba T4abar 
aa l ebaa in bk owna nal. ato. 

yna lorda Kynga Hiry tba 
YIL H. ft. Os Tnxim. Biaifa ^ Am Fiatlit (D.) Tba 

dt Mnit, LwwUa, 1608. 4to. Boadib flabar oangbt ... in bia 

4^. 26. a. 32. owna nai. Or, a tnM raUtiao of 

tba OoBfcmea [of D. Faatlaj 
and F. Wbita, witb J. F.. ate.! 
- Aaotbir aditioa. ». ft. 1624. 4ta 224. a. 13. (1) 




FISHER (JoHv) p§eud. [t-e. 
JoBJi PuBOT.] S00 Laud (W.) BQO- 
oeodTely Bishop of Saini David'i, 
etc A BeUtion of the Conference 
betweene W. Lawd...and Mr. F. 
the Jeenite, eta 1689. fol. 

480. d. 8. (1.) 

A Replie to a Relation of 

the Conference between W. Laude 

and Mr. T'lahar, etc. 1640. 4to. 

109. a. 26. 

~ See Rogers (II.) Pre- 
hendary of Hereford. An answer 
to Mr. F....hi8 five propositions 
concerning Lnther...with some 
passages of. ..Mr. Rogers with... 
Mr. Fisher, etc. 1623. 4to. 

477. a. 33. 

— £1:00 Walker (G.) Fishers 
folly unfolded: or the vaunting 
Jesuites vanity discovered in a 
challenge of his, etc. 1624. 4to. 

3932. e. 

— See White (F.) successively 
Bishop of Nonticn, etc. A replie 
to Jesuit F.*s answere to certain 
oaestions propouded by... King 
James... Hereunto is annexed a 
conference of the ... B. of S*. 
Dayid's w*^. the same Jesuit, etc. 
1624. foL 477. e. 11. 

— The Answere unto the Nine 
Points of Controversy proposed 
by our late Soveraygne [James I.] 
unto M. Fisher... and the Ro- 
joynder unto the Reply of D. F. 
White, Minister. With the Pic- 
ture of the sayd Minister, or Cen- 
sure of his Writings, prefixed. 
2pts. [I>oiuiyf] 1626-25. 4to. 

859. h. 6. 

Pi S has a separate tiUepafe aad 

— The Fisher catohed in his 
owne Net (The occasion and 
isiae of the late oonforenoe had 
between Dr. White, ... and Dr. 
Featly, with Mr. Fiaher and Mr. 

Sweet, Jesuites, etc. A relation 
of what passed in a conference 
touching the risibilitie of the 
Church.) [London,] 1623. 4ta 
697. c. 40. 

— Another copy. 109. a. 22. 

FISHER (Thomas) Briefe so- 
lutions of Questions of Intrest: 
by help of certain tables or bre- 
Tiats, calculated after the rate of 
8 per cent, per Ann., etc. See 
Witt (Richard^ Arithmeticall 
Questions, etc. Ft 2. 1634. 8vo. 
8506. a. 5. (1.) 

— A table of Right Propor- 
tionall Intrest, direct, and to 
rebate for any sum under 10002. 
Calculated after the rate of 8 per 
centum per annum, intrest upon 
intrest, etc. F. Harper^ London^ 
1634. 8vo. 8506. a. 5. (2.) 


Sermon })rcacned at Paules Crosse 

"on Malachi, iii. 16, 17]. ». *. 

Allde, for E. Aggas^ London^ 

1592. 8vo. 3932. b. 

Without pagination. 

FIST ON (Wiluam) See 
OcuiNo(B.) Certaine godly... Ser- 
mons. ..Translated... by W. Phis- 
ton. 1580. 4to. 1025. a. 10. 

— See Troy. The ancient his- 
toric of the destruction of Troy . . . 
Newly corrected and the Kmr- 
lish much amended. By W. F. 
1607. 4to. 12450. e. 

— See VoYON (S.) A Testi- 
monie of the true church of God. 
...Translated W. Phiston. 
[1560?] 4ta 3935. bbb. (3.) 

— The Estate of the Qermaine 
Empire, with the deeoription of 
Qermanie. 1. Declaring how the 
Empire was translated from the 
Rbmaines to the Germainea, etc. 
2. Deaoribing the soituation of 

!• I r 

I 1 


OMUitfici. IVgt i ttOi>i Aoi of 
OwiMBb : tkt Mmm uid oUdb 
oS«m«rilMB«|ili«,«*BL Ffinta 

WiilMlncteMlM. MMtolii A F 

VIT JOmi JJ<Mni) A Din- 

ta U Mrind: lMtnwHiif3l 
lUfHwi Mid S^nrMuitot, bow 
tlM^ owki lo lMd« their Itym, 
•••T liT ft. JEL /anltiwi. loiirfmi. 
Un. 4to. 697. g. 21. 


FITS (At Jon) Tho Bloodj 

Or Uio TragioUl a&d 

lod of Sir J. FiU0 

) Fits. BrimUd/or F, Bmr^ 

Lmdrnt, [16051 4to. 

C 27. a 26. 

— AnoUMTOopy. 0. 27.g.(l.) 

MOtl. 15. %. 


ThoMOOiid impree- 

[iMiMsieoe?] 4to. 

C. 27. c. 26. 

Jvoolt «boal cmr Savloari K«iiri. 

tio. (U 1PM0.] /. iUdVM<... 

iiiilly it #Wf«il,a0r< 16S4. 4to. 

11623. a 1ft. 

— > — — ^-^ Sooood odiUoa 

with AdditloM. L. UMM,... 

MMIf JLfhmil»0^fW<lm 8vo. 

11628. aa. 11. 

Ooau— rino towAida GbpUvM, 
ohkoj towmrdt our BrmoTMi 
Mid Oovntiy-nMNi who are in 
mlentiblii boodeg* ^ Berbarie : 
oiged end pr tM>J in thrao 8«r> 
moM on Hob. 18, 8. Whorranto 
are Moiod aa opiallo ol 8t 
Cjrpriaa oonooniiag tho rtdomp- 
iioQ of the braChorsn ftom tho 
bondage of barbariana ; and a 
paMage OTPoemi^g the benefits 
of Oompawton eitraoted out of 
8t Ambrote hit eeoond booke of 
Oflfeea, a 28. JL LUi^UUi, fmr 
JL fbrf«< Oi/m^ 1687. 4to. 

4474. a 69. 

TIm tgttMJi fnm Ojrpriaa umI 
AmbnM tie anreged, bat tht 

FIT8BB (WiLnLM) Ganio- 
ten and diTerntie of letteni need 
hw direri natione in the World, 
the Antiaaity, tnaoifold oeo and 
Tarietie theieof : with Exemplary 
JteeriptioM of Terjr manj etrang 
Alphaoeta. Carioaelj catt in 
bfaM^J^.deBrr. JuknSica: 

nmitk/brt omtL Mofme, 1628. 4to! 

FXT2«aXFFBXT (Chablbi) 
The BkMed Btrth-Dajr odebrated 
in eooM Ptooe Meditatione, on 
the Angele Aatheai^ Luke 2. 14. 
Ako holT Raptml in eoBtem- 
plating the most obeerYable Ad- 

— The Cane of Come4iordere : 
with the Bleeeing of eaaeonable 
Selling. In three eennooa, on 
Pro. xt. 26 ; beiniQ at the general 
Seenone for... Com wall Md at 
Bodmjm, and oontinned at Fuwy. 
FHmied ftf /. B. for B, DigK 
Ltmdam, 1631. 4to. 44ftft. b. 

— Another oopy. 8246. a. 


— Deatha Sermon nnto the 
Lirinff [on Eoolea. tii. 2]. De- 
liTered at the Fnnerab of... 
Philippe late wife nnto...S' A. 
Rooe, of Halton, eCo. IT. Aaai6f, 
for /. Parktr, Larndtm, 1620. 4to. 
1417. g. 4. 

— Another edition. W. 

&f/or /.Porter, Loeioa, 1622. 41a. 

10825. b. 




Elisha his Lamentation, for hit 
Owne, and alJ Israels losse, in 
Elijah. The Subject of a Ser- 
mon [on 2 Kings ii. 121... preached 
at the PaneraUs of... Sir A. Rons, 
late of Halton, etc. W. Statu- 
fidd^ for J. Parker, London^ 
1622. 4to. 1418. a 49. 

— Sir Francis Drake his 
honorable lifes commendation, 
and his Tragicall Deathee lamen- 
tation. [In Yorse.] J. Bame$y 
Ox/ifrd, 1596. 8vo. 1076. i. 42. 

See Elegies. Certain El^ee,... 
by sand rie... wits. With &ityres 
and Epigrames [by H. P.]. 
1618. 8vo. C. 39. b. 42. 

thony) one of the Justices of the 
Court of Common PUas. See Book. 
Here begynneth a ryglit fi utefuli 
mater : and hath to name the 
boke of surveyeng and improv- 
metes. [By Sir A. P.] [1523.] 4to. 
C. 40. c. 7. 

[1545?] 8vo. 8631. a. 

[1587?] 8vo. 

969. a. 40. (2.) 

— See England. — Courts of Law 
and Equity. Diversite de oourtz 
et lonr jurisdictions, etc. [By 
Sir A. P.?] 1623. 16mo. 

1379. a. (2.) 

1626. 8m C. 27. a. 36. 

[1630?] 16mo. 607.a.4.(3.) 

1643. 8vo. 606. a. 14.(3.) 

— Dirersite de Courtes et lour 
Jorisdiotiuns, etc See Natura. 
Katura btevinm, eta [1634.] 8to. 

607. a. 18. 

new book of Justices of Peace" 
of Sir A. P.] [1540?] 8vo. 

1127. a. 31. 

1545. 8vo. 1379. a. (7.) 

THONy) one of the Justices of the 
Court of Common Pleas. See 
TtuLCT. Here begynneth a newe 
tracte or treatyse mooetj>fy table 
for all husbade men, etc. [By 
Sir A. P.? or J. Pitz-Herbert ?] 
[1525?] 4to. C. 42.a8. 

— The Boke of Husbandry. 
». a. T. Berthelet, London, 
1534. 8vo. 7073. a. (1.) 

Newely prynted. 

13. %. T. Berthelet, London, 
1548. 8vo. 234. b. 42. 

Newlye corrected 

and amended by the auctor... wyth 
dyvers addicions, etc. 13. 7L, 
MS. Notes. J. Walle, London^ 
[1555?] 8vo. 969. a. 32. (1.) 

— Another edition. 13. %• 
T. Marshe, London, [1560 ?] 8vo. 

969. a. 32. (2.) 

— Another edition. 90. Z. 
[Lamian,1560?] 8vo. 969.a.32.(3.) 

Imperfeot ; maoh mutilated. 

Now lately cor- 
rected and amended, wyth divers 
addicions put therunto. 13. I. 
/. Awdely, London, 1662. 8vo. 

449. a. 22. 

Newlie oorreoted, 

amended, and reduced into a more 
pleasing forme of EIngliah than 
before. [By J. R., i.e. f. Roberts.] 
13. E. Printed 6y /. B. for 
S, White, Lomdon, 1698. 4to. 

966. f. 22. 

— AMSntRim. In this Boke — Anthr 
is oonteyned the offjroe of Shv- 
reffes,6to. [Extraoted from **The ~- Aiutlui 


O. 2380. 
234. e. 4. 


OUT) M V <^ J^S!^ Vlf^ podfliM of lU kfalgl PtWUMilf 

, ^ Ommm Mm TTb« 

OiMia Ab rMgp nat of Um Ouiih .miI of JmUm 

»M Uw.l Bifiik Priaa pM« oUmt old« writer* of ihm Uwm of 

baite UbrL EU, Finte todM SiglMidbT....^ lunfonl... 

MiM OM •te. ». ». » 1^ WlMrvttsto it a...., ... the Pft)c« 

MS. Nofm r rirOir* ^ IfM^f |o the mm PfeWMAliT* a|mr- 

£«itef]15l«. fot 20.«.4. tiOniDfc. ». «. ATWlil, iU- 

li^ijl. UtMitf ytdftMtf*. iom 1567. 4U>. 884. h. 1. (2.) 

* — AaotbOT tditioD. V. E. 

— 1M5. UQffmdt Abridge KUj. Kot* [Vt P. Hargimv*]. 

■Mil colUel IMT to J«dM tnm- n 7Wl«L rnarfna l&M. 4to. 

A. P^tentor- 
ATM9 U copy 

& IWtai, iMiom 1668. 4to. 

616. 0. 1. (2.) 

— Another oopj. MS. Kom 

tMfipC«elpero»ooorrwt:aT«iiies — Another oopj. MS. ^OT■i 

to mbri 4al hM, yer quel [bj P. HargrmTe]. 616.0.2.(2.) 

MouMMmt potot tro?*r tot omm ^ ^ 

«v ■1jiijU.iI .uT 1m IwMB Jam. — Another oditMii. v. &• 

w^i miprinM. •toTli: E. -««^ 1^8, 8to. 618. L 1. (2.) 

?l2l/^^5!'*^S^ -AnotWoopy. OonocsMS. 

[I^ rf »«,j 1666. foL 5806. g. 2. ^.^^^^ ■'•' 288. a 88. 

n Iku ■ MpMilt llllwifi md 

to4MMUk> t-o — AiioUi» copy. CowootMS. 
Xom 229. g. 27. (2.) 

1677 [Aaolher •dition.j 

». «. 2 pte. It IbUrf, Ixmdam, — Another edition. ». ». 

1677. fot 608. el. B. Tollrf, i;«Mbim677. 4to. 

6146. a. 8. 

tie) pertie megni MxiwkmM — Another oopy. Ma NJtb. 

librtifS legi M^ord. rBerieed 1379. c. 

and enlarged, IjrJobnS^ -Another edition. ». E. 

1617. foL 614. 1. 21. ^^^^^^ j^^ ^^^ ^231 ^ j2. (2,) 
WHkoet pafiaalloa. 

. . ^ —The newe Booke of Jnehroee 

— U leUe oS^yBMiMi eoai. ^^f p^^^^ j^ade by A. Fitxberbard 

"'•^•.^. ^^^y* Dota btoe en U j^^^^ i^^iy triaUted ont of 

graonde AbridceaeDt, OMpoeei Freoobe into Englyahe. ». E. 

per ...A. Pytde^ert, dernierw r.p,«,i;AU,i54l. 8to. 616.a.6. 
Meat feme et eorige: m <{oeIl 

eat BOTdmeni eSpeitet toe — Another editioii. V. E« 

eTeoqoce IP. P^nmO. leedo^ 1647. 8ra 

deirani 616. a. 7. 




Nowlyo oorreoted. 

Theyoreof ourLorde 1654. V. %. 
R ToUiU, London, 1556. 8vo. 

6145. a. 9. 

thony) one of the Jusiicei of tie 
Court of Comwum Plea$, L* 
Boavelle Natura Br6viam...der- 
nieremeot ... revene et oorrigee 
par lanoteur aveoqaea une table 
parfaiote dea ohoses notables... 
oompoaee par O. Rastell. MS. 
Nom. In mdilmi B. Toitelli, 
Londini, 1553. 8vo. 1130. o. 1. 

— Another edition. D. %. 
In tedHms B. TotielU, Londini, 
1653. 8vo. 1379. b. 

The colophon bean the date 1560. 

— Another edition. B. E. 
MS. Notes. In mdibus B. Tottelli, 
Londini, 1567. 8vo. 1129. a. 40. 

— Another copy. 1379. b. 

— Another edition. 3$. S. 
Copious MS. Notes [by Sir M. 
Hale ?]. Printed for the Companie 
of Stationeri, London, 1619. 8vo. 

607. f. 19. 

InterleaTed in fol. Imperfect: 
wanting the table. 

— Another edition. V. %. 
Bjf ike Atiignei of J, More, Etquiret 
London, 1635. 4to. 608. a. 3. 

— LofBce ot ancthoritie de 
Justjoes de peace, in part ooUeot 
per... A. Fitzherbort, et ore en- 
large per R. Crompton...A que 
eat annex LoflBoe ae Yioonntea, 
Bailiffea, Eacheatonrs, Oonstablee, 
Coronerm eto. 11. %. B, TottiU, 
London, 1583. Sto. 5l6. c. 39. 

— Another edition. D. E. 
Fsw MS. Norn. B. ToUM, Ixm- 
don, [1598]. 4to. 516.0.8. 

». %. Printed for the Oompame 
of Staiionere, London, 1606. 4to. 
516. 0. 4. 

thony) one of the Justices of the 
Court of Common Pleas. Survey- 
inge. «. I. In mdibus T. Berthe- 
let%,Londini, 1539, 8vo. 1381. a. 

— Another copy. 7073. a. (2.) 

— Another edition. 1$. Z. 
In edibus Thome Bertheleti, Lon- 
dini, [1645?] 8vo. G. 16374. 

Imperfect ; wantine one leaf, tig. 
Hs, the omiwion of which doea 
not appear fW>m the paginatkm, 
fbl. 45 being nombered 44. 

— Another edition. 99. %. 
In mdibus T. Bertkeleti, Londini, 
1546. 8vo. 234. b. 44. 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
[T. Berthelet, London,] 1567. 8vo. 

969. a. 40. (1.) 

Tract. Hero begynneth a newe 
tracte or treatyee mooet ^fytable 
for all husbade men, etc. [By 
Sir A. Fitz-herbert? or J. F.?] 
[1525?] 4to. C. 42. c. 8. 

See F., T. 

— See Masom (F.) Vindioin 
Eocleaisd Anglioanas...£ditio Se- 
ounda,...cui inter alia aooooao 
runt ad Fitzherberti Preebyteri... 
Exoeptionee ... Beaponsionea, eta 
1625. fol. 4103. g. 

1638. fol. 695. i. 6. 

— See T.. F. 

— See WiDDRiNOTON (R.) a 

clearo... confutation uf the Reply 

of T. F. who ia knowne to be 

ThomaaFitibflrbert,eta 1616. 4to. 

3935. b. 

Ore le cinque foita R. Widdrington*B last re- 

inlarge per R. Crompton, eto. joynder to T. F. II. s Reply con- 

1 1. K 


wmbff tl» Oftth of AllifkM*. Mllto «r lU dlvlM SMiAot of 

Hw fir»t |¥trt uf a ItmiUm ooo- 
oMrmiag Mite mmI rilifUNi. 
WliMb ItoUmilk of hvttMM 
iFil Is Muriy a«lMd,...div«i» 
plMi|ilM7StOQlik^ ocmftitod. 

•la L. 

Dmma. 1606. 4to. 

TIm MOINld •diCioO 



««d, Mid...MifHNBlid bgr 
lor.olo. 8pli. fDoMffJ 
. 4CO. 69f. •. 18. (1, 8.) 


i L t Im0 

— TU ObaotMoe of F. T. to 
tUBpplMhi of D. OoniM : Ortbo 
Bnty of F. T. to D. CoUiiui hU 
4mm» of mj Lord of Wincheo- 
lin Amwwo Io Ordinal Bol- 
kmiMt Apology... Writtoo br 
T. KitaborlmiJm Mnu of bis 
A^jojnav iomnod tij M. Col- 
lino. olo. [Wilb on appondii.] 
[SL OMrf] 1621. 8m 860.1:31. 

FITSJAME8 (B»AB0) soo- 
I — JTtly BwAop ojr BoekmUr, of 
ClfriMiw, mod o/ Lemdam, Sermo 
die loDO ^ obdoModo PMobo [oo 

Luke xxnr. 16]. Jb^ 

frjriiijra dm Ward, 

[1496?] 4to. 


FmUOHN (Jon) 
SwFiT Jom. 

FITS-BIltf ON (Hmr) 
Mikioa (F.; V indicts 
Ai g lin i iM i... Bditio wcwmda,...cni 
iatar olio inn— ui out od...Fits- 


•to. 162^. ioL 
410 . g 

1638. %L 695. L 6 

doridod into two 
[t>0m9f] 1611. 4tOi 

692. d. 28. 

FXTZ8TBPKBM (Wiixiam) 
8m Stow (Jon) A mutoj of 
LiNidoB...Witli OB omodii* ooa- 
toioiog in LoHno, ** Lilidlani do 
«to £ nobilitoto Londini,** by 
W.F.,«to. 1698. 4to. 678. b.l. 

1603. 4to. 678. b.2. 

FLAMBL (NiooLAi) N. FUm- 
Bol bit Ezporition of tbo Hioio- 
l^l/pbiooll Figures wbiob bo 
ooooed to beo pointed npoo on 
Arob in 8t Innocents Churob- 
jord, in POris. Tosotber witb 
tbo secret Booko of Artepbins, 
ond tbo Bpistle of Jobn Pontonns : 
oooosminff botb tbo Tboorioko 
ond tbo Prsoticke of tbe Pbilo- 
sopbors Siooo. Faith faUj,...dono 
into En^ Uab out of tbo Frensli 
ond Lotuio Copies bj EireiMMi 
Orondus, qni est Vera Tens ono- 
dana. Impnmisi,..h$ 7. 8. for 
T. WaliUf, Lorndtm, 1624. 12mo. 
1032. o. 6. 

FLANDERS. Neweo from 
FUandors. A new Ballad of tbe 

SMt oTortbrow tbat tbo ralliant 
ptoino GroTo Monrioo, Sir F. 
Veers, and otber of tbo Qoeono 
of Englands friends : goTo to tbo 
Arcbdake [Albert], ai^ bis armj 
of Spaniards, npoo Sunday being 
tbo 22 of Juno... 1600. H. E. 
[£oMbo»1600?] «.t&. fol. 

806. k. 16. (68.) 

FLAVXL (Jon) Traototus 
do doaoDitrmtibDO BolbodioM A 


to. rEdited 
mi^] /. UOMd d / 

1619. 8to. 8466. 

— Tbo JMlafteolaoB oad Ex- toriso 


8m Plowdbx (E.) Les Ooommb- 





...Onesqae un table. choses 
notables oontenus en yoel, oom- 
pO0e per W. Flctewood, etc. 
1618, etc. fol. 509. g. 5. 

FLEETWOOD (William) 
The effect of the declaratiu 
made in the Guildhall by M. 
Beoorder of London, conoeming 
the late attemptes of the Queues 
Majesties evill, seditiouH, and dis- 
obedient snbjectes. 19. %. /. Daye^ 
XcwAm, [1571]. 8vo. C.33.a.(l.) 
Ten loaves, without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 27. a. 22. 

— Another copy. G. 1724. (3.) 


.ZBuANUS (C^ Prsenestinus. A Re- 

ffistre of Hystories ... Delivered 

in A. F. 1576. 4to. 

123. b. 8. 

— See Bible. — Old Testament. 
— Deuteronomy. The sermons of 
J. Calvin upon...Deutoronomie... 
Also there are annexed two... 
tables, the one containing tlie 
chiefe matters (gathered... in the 
forme of a Concordance by A. F.), 
etc. 1583. fol. 1216. k. 14. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Ejahenam. TheEpiHtleof... Saint 
Panle ... to the Ephesians ... ex- 
pounded ... by N. Hemming ... 
translated out of A. 
F., etc. 1581. 4to. 851. d. 3. 

— 5m Caios (J.) Of Englishe 
Dogges, the diverwities, the names, 
the natures, and the pro[)orties... 
written in latine bv J. Caius... 
and nvwlv drawne into Englishe 
by A. F. 1576. 4to. C. 81. g. 4. 

— See F., A. 

— Two tables of particulars 
[to the history of England] bv 
A. F. — A table of the princiimll 
particularities [to the Uistory of 
Boutlandj. The third UbU fur 

the Chronicles of England. See 
HoLUfSHED (B.) The first and 
second volumes of Chronicles, etc. 
1587. fol. 2070. d. 

FLEMING (Abraham) See 
Jerome, Saint. A Pithie Exposi- 
tion upon the . 51. Psalme...Al80 
a godly meditation upon the 
. 31. Psal me... Newly augmented A. F. 1578. 16mo. 

C. 25. a. 30. (2.) 

— See Knox (J.) the Reformer. 
A fort for the afflicted, etc. [With 
an address to the Header by A. F.] 
1580. 8vo. C. 37. d. 9. 

— See Rabbotenu (Isaac) 
jpteud. The Bee hive of the Ro- 
mish Church, etc. [With tables 
by A. F.] 1623. 8vo. 697. a. 31. 

— See Synesius, of Cyrene^ 
Bishop of Ptolemais. A paradoxe, 
proving... that baldnesse is much 
better than bushie haire... Eng- 
lished by A. F. Hereunto is an- 
nexed the... tale of Hemetes the 
Heremite ... Newly recoenised 
both in Latine and Englishe, by 
the said A. F. 1579. 8vo. 

C. 40. a. 14. 

— See Treatise. A Treatise 
of blazing Starres in generall, 
etc. [ByA. F.] 1618. 4to. 

532. e. 20. (2.) 

— See W1THAL8 (J.) A Shorte 
Dictionarie in Latine and Eng- 
lish ... augmented with ... ryth- 
micall verses ... by A. F., etc. 
1586. 4to. 12935. bb. 14. 

1699. 4to. 12982. a 30. 

1608. 8vo. 12934. a. 13. 

1616. 8vo. 12935. aa. 87. 

— A Bright Burning Beaoon, 
forewarning all wise Virgins to 
trim their lampea against the 
commin|; of the Bndegroome. 
Conteitung a generall doctrine of 




•p»euiU^ EuiiMMka* ... A di»- 
OMUM oC iIm «M of ihU world : 
A mi— 01 at ion of oar Uto 
BMtlM«ilw... 15M>... N«w| J timos- 
iMJilaooUoctodbjA.F. D.a. 
H. Dmkmm. Lmim. IftSO. Sto. 
444. A. te. (S.) 


FLSmMO (Anuaiii) Tbo 
FootopoUi to FaUoiti^ wkioh 
•vwio CbiittiMi must walke iii« 
btftMhooMi OOM to tbo Und of 
CuMOB. (AG«idoloOodlia«M. 
— TIm 80I100I0 of 8kilL~-A 
•fVAHM of Bm«.~A Plant of 
IieoK«r». — A Qrtnro of Grooao.) 
15. l. e pts. H. Dmhtm, Lam- 
dom,l5Sl, l2ittO. 4412. A. 

bt tW p HJyt*P » — ^ Nfiilv M« 

— [Aaotbv oditioo.] The 
Djomond of Dovottoii : oot and 
oqaarMl into mx MTerall points : 
MBoljr. 1. The foot path to 
Felicttie. 2 A g«ido to Godlinea. 
S. Tbo Sobnolo of SkiU. 4. A 
•warmo of Boea. 5. A plant of 
6 A Grore of Gracea. 
ft. 6 pta. P. Skori^ Londam, 
1002. 12IDO. 4408. a. 

Emeh pi. kM a ^fmUk titkf^f, 

— The foot-path of faith and 
highway to HeaTOO. With the 
bridge of ble«ediieMa. Contain- 
ing., jirajera, meditattona* eta 
H. ft. /. Clarke, Lomdom, 
1610. 12mo. 4400. t 2. 

— A Menoriall of the famons 
Its and charitable almea- 

of...MaisUr W. Lambe 

Eeonira. V. ft. B, DnJum^/or 

T. Tmrmm, [LoMloa, 1580 ?] 8to. 

|. 1687. (1.) 

ia the mind of man : or a Dattell 
belweene Yortvtaaad Viota of ooa* 
trarie <|iudille. [Tranalaled tnm a 
LaUn tTMtiM attributed hf aooM 
to A. Atttpertoe, and by otaan lo 
SaintAogaatina.]... Harettiiloalio^ 
beeidee randrie devout piaien 

ilie inter laoed« diTora 
of 8. Barnard 
and alao a briefe 
ODoo l MiooofhieaponthiaTbeaaie, 
thai Viotorie la obtained hy re- 
■isliiig temptation. New lie eng- 
liaM by A. F. H. DeiU^am, 

,1582. 12mo. 1020. a. 7. 


Panoplic ••«. Or, • look- 

ing gia«e for the anleamed. Con- 
temning a perfocte plattfonne of 
inditing letters... need of the best 
and the eloc^uentest Rhetoriciana 
that have lived in all agea... 
Gathered and translated ont of 
Latino into English bj A. Flem- 
mimt. v. ft. ImprmUd..,/or 
B. Mtmhm§, Lmidom, 1576. 4to. 

Od tbe fljiraf at ths end of th« 
▼oL ia ft M8. prayer. 

— A ftraonge and terrible 
Wunder wronght very late in the 
parish Church of y* 
yeerD...1577. in a great tempeat... 
With the appearance of an hor- 
rible shaped thing, sensibly per- 
ceiTed Of the pe^le then and 
there assembled. 0. ft. JVtnm- 
cu Omi^, Loaioa, [157n 8vo. 


-^ A H. 

of Motives 

FLEMMINO (Thomas) 
B. C. ArchbUkop of DMim. Sm 
Haesis (P.) The Ezcommnnioa- 
tion published by the L. Arch- 
bishop of Dublin T. Flemmtri); 
aliis Bam well... affaiost the In- 
habitanto of the Diooeeae of Dub- 
lin, for hearing the Masses of P. 
Caddell ... and P. Harris ... ia 
proved. ..of no validity. [Withtho 




text of the EzoommiinioatioQ.l... 
In which Treatise is also ais- 
covered that imnions plot and 
licy of the...Archbi8nop and 
is Friars in supplanting the 
Pastors and Priests of the Clergy, 
thereby to bring all into the hands 
of the Friars, oto. 1632. 4to. 

O. 6591. 

FLETCHER (Anthonie) 
CertJiino very pro|)or and most 
profitable Similios, whoroin sun- 
drie, and very many, most foule 
vioes and dangerous sinnes of all 
sorts, are plainly laid open, eta 
H. %, J. Jackson for I. Bing, 
London, [\h'db\ 4to. 4403. g. 

FLETCHER (Francis) See 
Drake {Sir F.) the Younger. The 
World Encompassed By Sir F. 
Drake... Carefully collected out of 
the notes of Master F. Fletcher... 
and divers others, etc. 1628. 4to. 
G. 6519. 

1635. 4to. 303. f. 15. 

2 pts. C. LeggBf Oawhridge, 
1610. 4to. 1077. h. 56. 

Each pt hai a Mpante title- 
page, but the pagination and fegifter 
are oontinuooa throughout 

The second edi- 

P LET CHER (Giles) the 
Elder. Do Literis antiquce Bri- 
tannioe, Rogibus precsertim qui 
doctrin& clarucrunt, quique Col- 
legia CantabrigisQ fnna&runt. [A 
poem by O. P., Edited by P. 
Fletcher J Ex Academm...tfpO' 
grapheo Oantcibrigim, 1633. 8vo. 
1213. g. 20. (1.) 

— Of the RuBse Common 
Wealth : or, Maner of Goveme- 
ment bv the Russe Emporour, 
commonly called the Emiwrour 
of Moekovia, with the manners 
and fashions of the people of 
that Countrey. PrinUdhy T. D, 
for T, Ckarde, London, 1591. 8vo. 
1056. b. 4. 

FLETCHER (Giles) the 
Younger. ChriBts Victorie. and 
Triumph in Heauon, and Elarth 
over and after Death. [A poem.] 

tion. 2 pts. Printed for F, Chreen, 
Cambridge, 1632. 4to. 

239. L 23. (2.) 

FLETCHER (Giles) (he 
Younger. The Reward of the 
Faithfull...The Labour of the 
Faithful!... The Grounds of our 
Faith. Printed by A. B. for 
B. Fisher, London, 1623. 12mo. 
C. 37. a. 69. 

FLETCHER (John) See 

Beaumont (F.) and Fletcher (J.) 

Cupids Revenge, etc. 1630. 4to. 

644. d. 3. 

The Knight of the Burn- 
ing Pestle, etc. 1635. 4to. 

644. d. 17. 

The Maids Tragedie, eta 

1630. 4to. 1346. a. 21. 

Phyla8ter,eto. [1620.1 4to. 

C. 34. t 31. 

— See F., B. J. The Bloody 
Brother. A Tragedy. ByB.J.F. 
[i.e. F. Beaumont and J. Flet- 
cher]. 1639. 4to. 644. e. 1. 

— See Knioht. The Knight of 
the Burning Pestle. [A comedy. 
By F. Beaumont and J. F.] 
1613. 4to. C. 34. f. 30. 

— See Maid. The Maids Tra- 
gedie. [By F. Beaumont and J. 
Fletcher.] 1622. 4to. 644. d. 6. 

— See Theodorio II., King of 
France, TheTragedy of Thierry, 
King of France and his brother 
Thoodoret [ByJ.F.] 1621. 4to. 

841. b. 1. 

— - See Woman Hatkr. The 
Woman hater. [By J. Fletcher.] 
1607. 4to. C. 34. 0. 




#.^ 4 OrmL md I) 

^M. Idia 4la 644. t 


12. r. IS. (3.) 


ftdj, ift itp» Aola, Mid In proM 
Mi4 v«M.] Bt J. F. [ana P. 
BmsokniI]. T,CrmU,JmJ.Hmr%- 
161&. 4la 1346. K. 

— AaodMr copy. 

644. d. 2. 

— TU BU«r BrolbMr. A 
ooMt ili i ]Uk flv« Mil and in 
vwmI Writteo bj J. F. [and 
F. BMSKHit?]. imprimtJl 6f 
rK./mJ.W.mid jTb^ Lamdom, 
1687. 41a 644. h. 27. 

— AboUmt adHkm. ImprimUd 
UF,K.fmJ, W.mdJ.B^L^ 
4m. 1697. 4to. C. 21. o. 35. (8.) 

— TIm Fatihfiill ShephaaidMn. 

[A paaioral. in tre aoli and in 

^fwm^ iVMftd.../br S. B0MM 

mU BLWmtttf, Lomiom, [1609?] 4to. 

0.84. a 88. 


ix^wlv eorraoled. PnnUdhfTO. 
/or U. Ifrff lw, I — d ws 1629. 4fa 

1346. a. 
TW kit ImT It 

— Aaocteroonr. 0.84. •.62. 

oofijr. 161. L 65. 

A. Aooin«djr 

fin firtt acta and in vma. Bdilftd 

«<v rir«fpfr./ir 
•>. 1639. 41a. 
644. K. 36. 

rrsTORBR (Joav) Tba 
Walknr. or Iha LitUa 
1 Udia. A oomadj [in tr% acta 
and in Tocia]. Wriltai by J. K. 
[and J. 8bii4r n. r. Op**. /ar 
il. {Wo*i mdW, Ow&a. lanXn, 
1640. 4to 644. a. 3. 

— Anoibar oppj. 162. a 49. 

— Rnla a WiCi and bava a Wifa. 
A oooKndj [in Ato aota and in 
▼«w]. oto. L. Lid^UU. O^md. 
1640. 4to. 644. b. 80. 

— TbaTragodjofRoUoDnko 
*g of Normandy, [in fira aota and 


in raiaa.] L. Ijui^UUi. (Mcrd, 

1640. 4to. 644. a 3. 

Aa •dUlaa taawad la 1689 aadv 
tiM IHia oT-ft* blaodj bratb^.a 
tf«««lj. ByRJ. r- 

FLETCHBR (Jonv) and 
The r%v(» N'obla Kiniman [in 
five acu and in iraraa]...writtan 
bT tba UMBOfmblo Wortblaa of 
tbair tima; Mr. L F.« and Mr. 
W. ShakaqNar^ Gant. T.Ootm, 
/or J. Waitnom^Lomdam, 1994. 4io. 
644. b.32. 


— Anotbar copy. 
Tba lo«w pMt «f tba 

FZaSTOHXR (PRunus) 8e$ 
BiBUL— Old TwnAMntT.—Pmlmm, 
PortitmM. Tba Way to BlaaiodnaM, 
a trratiaa...on tbe Firit I^alma. 
[Witb tba taxi] 1632. 4to. 

4408. gg. 

— 8m FLVTam (O.) the Eider. 
Da Lttaria antioos BritanoUa, ato. 
[A poam. Editad by P. 
1688. Svo. 

— &a 
a piaofttory [by 
1631. 4IO. 

. F.J 
1218. g. 20. (1.) 






FLETCHER (Phweas) 
Locustae, vel Pietas Jesuitica. 
(The Locusts or ApoUyonists.) 
[A poem.] Lai. and Eng. 2 pts. 
Apid Thomam d Joannem Bucke, 
[Cambridge,] 1627. 4to. 

239. i. 23. (3.) 

Eaeh pt. baa a separate titlepage, 
bnt the pagination and regiater are 
oontinooua throughout. 

— Another copy. G. 11462. 

— The Purple iHland, or the 
Isle of Man : together with Pisca- 
torie Eclogs and other Poetical 
Miscellanies. By P. F(letcher). 
2 pts. By the Printers to the TJni- 
verntte of Cambridge f 1633. 4to. 

C. 34. g. 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage, 
pagination, and register. **A pre- 
sentation copy to E. Benlowes," etc 
Ma. note prefixed. 

— Another copy. G. 11463. 

A plate containing; verses and a 
decorative design is prefixed. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
KoTES. 239. i. 23. (1.) 

Imperfect ; the last leaf being sup- 
plied in MS. 

— Another copy. 1077. h. 44. 

Imperftct; pp. 103-130 only, con- 
tainiug ^'Elisa, an elegy upon the 
unripe decease of 8ir A Irby ," with 
lines to the author by F. Quarlcs. 

— Sylva Poetica. Auctore P. 
(Fletcher). Ex Academim...Tjfpo- 
grapheOf Cantabrigimt 1633. 8vo. 

1213. g. 50. 

FLETCHER (Robert) The 
NineKngli»h Worthies: or^famoua 
and worthv Prinoes of England, 
being all of one name ; boginnine 
with King Uenrie the first, and 
concluding with Prince Henry, 
eldest Sonne to... the Kiue. V. ft. 
Printed by H. L. for J. Harrisony 
L<md(m, 1606. 4to. G 10450. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes. 100. c. 3. 

Imperfect ; wanting sigs. Da and i. 

FLOOD (Griffin) The Life 
and Death of G. Flood, Informer. 
...Wherein is also declared the 
murther of J. Chipperford Vint- 
ner, for which fact the said G. 
Flood was pressed to death, etc. 
Printedby I. T., London, 1623. 4to. 
1132. a. 45. 

FLOOD (John) A relation of 
the...lifeand...deathof J. F., who 
raped his own childe. See Barnes 
(E.) Natures cruell Step-Dames, 
etc. 1637. 4to. 6485. a. 1. 

FLOOD (John) Jesuit. See 
Sheldon (R.) A Survey of the 
Miracles of the Church of Rome... 
wherein are examined and refuted 
the six fundamentall reasons of J. 
Flood... published by him in de- 
fence of Popish Miracles. 1616. 4to. 
1019. m. 4. 

FLORENIUS (Paulus) See 
Freak E (W.) The Doctrines and 
Practises of the Societle of Je- 
sui tea,... discovered by...P. F.,etc. 
1630. 4to. 4091. bb. 

ment of the Pastorall of Florimene ; 
with the Description of the 
Sccenes and Intermedij, etc. 
T. Walkley, London, 1635. 4to. 
644. b. 33. 
The titlepage ia slightly mutilated. 

FLO RIO (Giovanni^ See 
Cartier (J.^ a shorte and biiefe 
narration ot the two Navisations 
and Discoveries to the north weast 
...turned iuto English by J. F. 
1580. 4to. C. 32. g. 20. 

— See MoNTAiQNB (M. db) The 
£B8aye8...of Lo: M. de Montaigne, done into English by ...J. F. 
1603. fol. 721. i. 20. 

1613. foL 8407. h 




FLORIO (OKnrAiijii) [Floiio 

IkMilkrifiMb. mr rhm. 

wittk wt m ttw t > at) -^v. 


tte to lU ItiOiMi 

TVmms.] [T. 

IftTC] 4lOw 6^4. a. ao. 

■nl ImT cf IIm 4mmhIht MbttiL 

— Floffioa Stoood FiiitM...To 
wkioli b MMMd hk QaidiiM of 
Hijomlion^ joldipt til tlMMMuid 
ItalUn ProTwrlM. UmL and JSbg. 
/VmI«I /or r. IToodeodk, LomIom, 
1&91. 4to. 627. g. 28. 

— Gufdino di Ricreatione nel 
ooale cretoono fronde, fiori • 
frutti. Tttgha, le^adri« e aoaTi, 
ftuUo oonie di tei miU ProTerbii. 

• piftOiiToU riboboli lulUni, oolU 

• Mslti da 0. F., oto. T. Wood- 
IMl. 4ta 627. g. 29. 

^^•1 A pottrftii of Um 

— A Worlda of Wordes, or 
mostoopioiuaiid ttiAot Dictionarie 
ia Italiaa and B^l^h. A. Hai^ 

15M. 4to. 

AdoUmt eofij. 

12943. t 2. 
pp. 445.446, 

71. a 23. 

-» Qaeeo Anna's new World 
of Words ; or. Dictionarie of the 
Italiao and English iongiiea, ool- 
latftad and nawljr much angmentad 
bj J. F....Whereanlo are added 
' i rules and 
for the Ita- 

lian longne. JL Broivood, far 
K. Biamd tmd W. Barrwi, Lamdom, 

1611. foL 

1831. L 

!«!«•** bsvvs 

— Another oopj. Pkw US. 
Nairn 627. 1. 4. 

It oT Uw Mlhor. 

WHb s pofllnii «i Um 

PLORIO QtauL AnoiLo) 
*w« CaaisTuii Daaruat. Oate- 
hiemo, oioe Ibnna hrsre per 
aoMMstrare i faooinlli...Trsdottn 
di Latino in lingua Thoeoana per 
ILA. r 1?] 8TO. C.87.a.8. 

— 11.. w .... de la Tita e de In 
Borte de rillostriss. Signora O. 
Qraia, sia Regina eletta e pnb- 
licata alnghilterra : e de le ooee 
nooadnte in qnel rsgno dopo la 
norte del le Edoardo VI. KelU 
qoale eeoondo le dirine Sorittnre 
SI tratta dei principali artiooli de 
la religione Chn«tiana. ' Con 
Taggiunta d*una dottiss. dispota 
fatU in Oseonia Isnno l&54(de 
la real prssensia del corpo di 
Christo no rEncharistia ; fra N. 
Ridleo, et un gran numero di 
Laueati Fspei ... il primo de qnali 
fn dottore Bmitha Lettere e 
ragiooanienti de la Signora O. 
Graia). [Loedonf] 1607. dva 

292. a. 5. (1.) 

FLORU8 (Lucius Anjcjeus) 
L. Fieri in reliqiii« T. Livii libroe, 
qui deeiderantur. Epitome. See 
UrwB (T.) PaUwmma. T. Lirii 
Pstavini ... Libri omnes, eto. 
1589. 8Ta 687. b. 3. 

— The BreTiariee of L. Floma 
upon the rest of T. Liyius his 
Bookes, which are not extant. 
8m Linus (T,) Paianmu. The 
Romane Historie, eto. 1600. foL 

1306. m. 

— L. J. Flori remm a Roman is 
gestaram libri IV., a J. Stsdio 
emendatL Editio noTa-.-Seorsom 
esonens in eoe oommentarina J. 
8tadii...Cni aooeseemnt ohrooo- 
logiosB...C. SalmaKii ei< 
nni com rariis lectionibne. 





oalce proflit L. Ampelii Liber 
Memorialis, etc. 6. Turner^ 
Impenmt J. Wesiall^ Oxonim^ 
1638. 12mo. 9039. aa. 

Tbare ii % Moood titlepag«. Tb« 
**Exrcrptlone«'* and the ** Vari» 

I •" hftTe no paf|ri nation. The 

MeroorialU L Ampelii" baf 

a tiixiiiict pagioatiou. 

FLORUS (Lucius Ann^bus) 
The Roman Historiefl of L. «J. 
Florus from the foundation of 
Home till Caeear Augpi8tU8...& 
from thenoe to Trajan... Trans- 
lated into Engliih [by £. M. B., 
%.€. Bolton]. W. Standnf, London^ 
[1618]. 12mo. 803. b. 10. 

Tho translator's initials appear 
at tho end of the volume. The 
dedicatory epistle is signed ** Phila- 
BaetopliU.** Titlepage engraved. 

— Another edition. B. Btthop ; 
...Bold by F. Bowman, London, 
1636. 12mo. 688. a. 28. 

FLOWER (Margaret) The 
Wonderful Disooverie of the 
Wit< hcrafta of M. and P. Flower 
...executed at Lincolne, March 11. 
1618. who were... condemned... 
for oonfeasing themselves actors 
in the destruction of Henry Lord 
Boase... Together with the... Ex- 
aminations and Confessions of A. 
Baker, J. Willimot,and E. Qreene, 
Witches in Leiceatershire. O. Eld, 
/or L Bame$, London, 1619. 4to. 
C. 27. b. 35. 

Without pagination. 


FLOWER (Phiuppa) 

Flower (M.) The Wonderful 

DiHOOverie of the Witchcrafts of 

M. and P. Flower, etc. 1619. 4to. 

C. 27. b. 35. 

FLOYD (Charlm) Am Hex- 
BAM (H.) a Joumall of the 
taking in of Venlo...the...Seige 
of Mastricht... with an exact Card C. F., etc. 1688. 4to. 
887. g. 25. (2.) 

FLOYD (John) See Masoh 
(F.) VindicisB Ecclesiss Angli- 
cans... Edit io Fecunda,...cui inter 
alia accessertint ad ... Fluddi ... 
Exoeptione8...Responsiunes, etc. 
1625. fol. 4103. g. 

— See R.. I. 

FLOYD (Thomas) The Pio- 
turo uf a perBt Common wealth, 
describing aswell the offioes of 
Princes and inforiour Magistratea 
over their subjects, aa alao the 
duties of subjects towards their 
Govemours, etc. S. Stafford, 
London, 1600. 12mo. 873. b. 41. 

FLUDD (Robert) Doctor 
Fludds Answer unto M. Foster. 
Or, the sqiiesing of Parson Fostera 
Sponge, ordained by him for the 
wiping away of the Weapon- 
Salve, etc. Printed for N. Butter, 
London, 1631. 4to. 1038.1.3.(2.) 

FLUDDUS (Joannes) ^ 
See Floyd. 

Feudigraphia. The Synopsis or 
Epitome of Surveying metho- 
dized, etc. ^, a. Printed for 
B. Moore, London, 1610. 4 to. 

967. k. 22. 

— Panala, Ala Catholica, or a 
Comnound Ale : Which is a gene- 
rail Purge and generous Medicin 
for most infirmities incident to 
the Bodie of Man. t^ta Printed hg 
T.S., London, 162S. 8vo. 7383. a. 

-- Panala Medica; vel, Sani- 
tatis et Longaevitatis Alumna 
Catholica: The fruitfuU and 
fruffall Nourse of sound Health 
and long Life. Eng, M,FUther, 
London, 162S, 8vo. 46. a. 18. 

FONSECA (Christotal dk) 
Devout Contemplations expreaaea 
in two and fortie Sermons upon 
all y* Quadrageaimall Gospella. 
Written in Spanish by Fr. C. do F. 



ff^gthllrf by J> U(Mml of M>r 

4125. t 

FOMTAXmi (BottMT M la) 
S^ U Ma^mi (H.) 

POMTAIinUIC-- tmlSmt. 
[Dmd wiik it v Ulm ml ] 8m 
OnrAun (O. M) TIm Ohotti 

■or aod d« F.. tCo. 

FOORD (Jon) Sit Biiul 
— Nkw TwnMxart.-'BmtUiiotL 
Apooaljpcb Jwtt Ghritii, 
per J. FoortlM. 
1&»7. 4IO. 1169. k. 17.(8.) 

FOORTHX(Joa) Hioltfii, 

FORBK8 (DArto) SwKioolai 

(P.) A [plfopbMto of DoonM- 
.TimiMloted b¥ 

D. F., oto. 
37. A. 14. 



8m BAMMnoi (R.) Dia- 
llMologioA de forniAli 
olvfoolo ftdei« oio. 1627. 4lo. 

8108. bb. 24. 

— iDTCottgAtio ingentiA ... 
•oUlii quod ex Domini nottri 
JeMi ClMCi iMiinm ad dezttmm 
DAi« vbertim k cooAtanter per- 
P. Forbesiai^...qiiAin... 
uiupoAwt J. Porbo> 

«AA fiUM. EjludAIII J. P. dio- 

de TinoM BoAtificA. 8m 
(P.) Mfep ^ Abmim^ 
eto. \W. 4to. 

696. d. 6. (2.) 

/W SiA IjmLmm (O.) 
tliAOlcigiwi 1>ro p e r oA 
tiA AABOlOffSM in crmtiA aaI- 

1637. 4to. 

4256. dd. 2. 

FORBU (JoM) <^ 

A.) Doll 
is b 

1627. 4lo 


•lo. 1627 

1178. k 4.(1.) 

' > TbAANI 



— DisputA thAOlOfiOM 

dna, bAbita it » Abwdo- 

1620 1176. A. 

— IrAoioam 

uUa At PlMiA 1 

OAOA. VttOb it Atudtu J. FurboAiL 
...Editio AAOondA. E, 
Abmdamm, 1636. 4to. 4176. 

FOREX8 (JonO mooAAAiTelj 
Mmidmro/AVrnd, MiddOmg, Aod 
M/L A letter... reAolring tb* 
qneAtion: How a CbrtAtiAO roAO 
mAT diAOAme tb* teAtimoiiie of 
OodA epirit fronn tbe tAAtimonJA 
of bii own epirit, in witnoMing 
bis Adoption^ eto. B. SekiUer, 
MiidsOmtgk, 1616, 8to. 4267. f.l. 

— A Samioii diAOOAAiDg tbA 
true meAninff of tbeAe worde: 
Tbe 1. EpisUe of Timothy, the 
2. chApt. TOTA. tbe 4. Who will 
bATe All men to be AATed, Aod to 
oome to tbe kaowladge of tbA 
tnitb^eto. I>i^l682. 8^a 

608. d. 14. (12.) 

-> A TreAtiAA tending to cIaata 
tbe Doctrine of JnetiftnAtion, 
etc. B. 8rhilitn. Miiddkmr^ 
1616. 4ta 4266. b. 

FORBES (Patakx) BUktp ^ 
8m A^V. 

— An EsqniAite OominentArie 
npon tbe UerelAtioo of Saint 
John. WbAfein, botb tbe oovne 
of tbe whole Booko^ aa aIao tb* 
.plAOAA tbeiAof..* 




are... . xilnul. W. Hall /or 
T. Burt-m, Lowlnn, lOl.l. 4to. 

8187. o. 

FORBES (Patrick^ Buihop of 
Aberdeen. An Leaniea Commen- 
tarie ui>on the Revelation of Saint 
John... VV hereunto is added an 
profitable Treatise of the Author 
in defence of the lawful! calling 
of the Ministers of refumied 
Churches... and an Epistle to a 
ReoQsant, oleering...some pointes 
...ohalenged bv a Roman Elymas 
Bar-Jesus-it. (A short Discoverie 
of the Adversarie his doitage.) 
4 pts. B. Schilderi, MiddeUmrg, 
1614. 4to. 690. b. 8. 

Each pi. has a diitinot pagination. 

— Funerals of a Right Reve- 
rend Father in God P. Forbes of 
Corse, Bishop of Aberdene, etc. 
[Semions and Elegies in English 
and in Latin on his Funeral ; 
with Letters relating to his 
election to, and conduct in, his 
see, etc.] E. Baban, Aberdene^ 
1635. 4to. 696. d. 6. (2.) 

— Another copy. 1418. b. 1. 

FORBES (Walter) A pano- 
gyricko [in verse] to the high 
and mighty Monarch Charles [1.], 
etc. 8e4 Charles I. ITiti^ of Qreai 
Britain and Ireland, The Enter- 
tainment, etc. 1633. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 11. 

See FoRBis (J.) 

FORD (Edward) 
See F., £. 

— A m^nr DiBOonrse betweene 
Norfolke lliomas, and Sialy 
8Undtoo*t his Wife; together 
with their thanklesse journey 
from Norfolk to Ix>ndon, onely 
to tee their friends, etc. [A 
Ballad.] H. %. 2 pts. PrinUd 
h^ M. P. for F. a, [London, 
1630?] Broadeide fol Rox. I. 270. 

FORD (Edward) [ ] or : 
A merry dinoourse twixt him and 

his Joane, 
That sometimes did live as never 

did none. 
But now at the last she provet 

very kinde, 
And doth what heed have her, 

as here you may finde. 
[A BaUad.] ». %. 2 ptn. Printed 
...for F. CouUt, London, [1635?] 
Broadeide fol. Rox. I. 82. 

The flnt pt of the title \b ont off. 

FORD (John) The Broken 

Heart. A Tragedy [in five acta 

and in verse]. Printed by I. B, 

for H.Beeetan, London, 1633. 4to. 

644. b. 35. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C.12.g.3.(2.) 

— The Chronicle Historic of 
Perkin Warbeck. A strange 
Truth. [A Tragedy, in five acts 
and. chiefly in verse.] Printed by 
T. P. for H. Beeston, London, 
1634. 4to. 644. b. 38. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C.12.g.3.(5.) 

— Fames Memoriall; or the 
Earle of Devonshire Deoettsed : 
With his honourable life, peaoe- 
full end and solemne Funerall. 
[An elegy.] Printed for C. Pureei, 
London, 1606. 4to. 239. h. 9. 

— The Fancies, Chast and 
Noble, etc. [A comedy, in five 
acts and chiefly in verse.] Printed 
by E. P. for H. SeiU, London, 
1638. 4to. 644. b. 39. 

— Another copy. C. 1 2. g. 3. (6. ) 

— Honor Triumphant Or, the 
Peeret Challen^, by Armes de- 
fenHible, at Tilt, Tumey, and 
Barriers ... Also the Monarohee 
meeting: or the King of Den- 
markes welcome into England. 





ItOe. 410. 


•44. k 40. 

\iiollMroopx. aiS.f.8.(70 

— TIm L»T«n lUlMieholT, •to. 
[A Tnft wtily. io 0^ Mto Mid 

•44. K84. 

— Another copj. C.12.g.S.(l.) 

— Uvw&Mffifioft. ATiBcedk. 
«to. [Ia i^ Mli. Mid ohMj in 
^«M.h PHMhI If £ B. /br 
H^^ Bttiio*. IomJm, l^SS. 4to. 

•44. KM. 

— AaoUitreo|ij. C.lS.g.8.(8.} 

— Tb PfttT ShMt A Wliors. 
[ ▲ tncodT, in five mCs uid obMjr 
lo^vm.] jr. Ote/or R CMIfM. 

l^SS. 4to. •44. b. 37. 

— AmUmtooiij. C.12.g.8.(4.) 

CT.) TI»d«iVDarUiig:aMund 
MMqiM [in §¥• Mto and ehuAj 
ia TerMj wntt«i...B7 J. Poard 
and T. D. A. Pmmt§tmirk$. Lam- 
4m,{\9M\ 41a. C. 12. g. 8. (8.) 


rHMnmod Priaoaof 

ylMMiit Historte. Coolebiing 
b Nobfe BMtailM teglit ^S^Ml 

UMFaniMM. HwlovatoLMrmiia 
Um K^gi DMigfatsr if ThaiW. 
Aad hk tlfmiiiige Adireotnrea in 
Um DienUto Uttad, etc V. ft. 

1 pis. r. (Hide /ir tL 
lMe-M. 4to. 

•2. k •. (1-2.) 

■mImIIhl BMkBt! 

PORDB rBMAvmn.) TIm 
Pirn pari of FlirlMiM Um ro- 


of tho 

Pirn pari 

aowwH PnBOO Oi BobonUA. Hw 

■Mil flMMNM...Hiotofio. (Pltfio> 

H^^oofPkriMiM.^.E. . 

r. OMdi, Loodgo, 1^08^>9. i:... 

1077. o. M. 

itiiioplo, tiM Paocrall 
or...LMl7A.Qk>T«r, oto. BGrif- 
>, /or P. CbMteUc Loodom 
!•!•. 4to. 1416. h. 47. 

— AnoUier oopj. 1418. b. 18. 

PORE8T. 8m 0., H. Tbo 
FoirwtorPmnoy.oto. [Sobsoribod 
B.C.] 1570. 4to. C. 80. a 88. 

PORE8TU8 (Pmtos) Th« 
Anmigoiuooi of UriuM : wherein 
are oet downo Uie manifold errora 
and aboaaa of if^orant UriDO- 
mongins Empinckaa, ooBentn|| 
QoawauTera. women - phjat- 
tians, and Uie like atnffe: con- 
fining Uie urinea wiU&in tbair 
owne U»ta and limiu ; and adding 
...OaTeati and Caationa to Um 
inapeotion and judgomont of Dta- 
eaaea hy Um MaM...Epitomiied 

aiidtniMlatod...bjJ.Hart (Tbo 
aoaloaio of nrioea...ooataining 
Um ooBTioUoD and ooodomnaUoo 
of UMn...b3r J. Hart— A Dia- 
of Uie lawloioe intniaion of 
and Tioan vpoo the pro- 
of oUiiolM [by I.I Urt ?].) 
2 pto. GlEU fir B, MfUmn^ 
Umdmi, 1828-25. 4to. 






wbioh if in M&.^'wm intondad to 
bee Drinted with the otheiB, bat 
eoola bj no meeoe bee lioeuMd.** 
MS, noUpr^/ixed to that DUetmne, 

FORM. fiwO.. B. A Godly 
form of Houieholde QovernemoDt, 
etc. 1598. 8to. 4411. df. 

1600. Sto. 874. f. 5. 

FORSTER (William) See 
OooHTRED (W.^ The Circles c»f 
Proportion ana the Horizontall 
Instrument ... Tranitlated into 
Engli8h...byW.F. 1632, etc 4to. 
629. b. 2. (3.) 

See Epiiemkicidi:». Ephemeridee 
mftcorographicaB B. F., eta 

FORSYTH (Jamm) The 
Bitter Waters of Babylon, or the 
miserable Estate of the Citizens 
of Sion, etc. E. Griffin for R. Mab, 
London, 1615. 4to. 1358. b. 

Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 
Prenobilis mi litis, cognomen to 
Fore60U, politioa administra- 
tione, et legibus civilibns floren- 
dssimi regpi Anglie, common^ 
tarius. D. Z. Excu9um...tipis 
Edwardi Whitechurche, et veneunt 
in edibui Henrici Smyth, Londini, 
[1550?] 8vo. 1127. a. 44. 

— Another copy. 606. a. 11. (2.) 

— Another copy. 1127. a. 8. 

— A loumed commendation of 
the politique lawos of Englande : 
wherein by moste pitthy reasons 
1 evident demonstrations they are 
plainelye proved farre to excel I 
aswell the Civile lawes of the 
Empiere, as also all other lawes 

A Tk^r r *v u- V* r ®^ *^® world, with a large dis- 

— A Defence of the Bight of oourse of the difference betwene 
Kings; wherein the Power of the the . ii. govemements of king. 
Fapacie over Pnnoes is refuted ; domes ;"whereof the one is onrTv 
and the Oath of Allegeance junti- 
fled, etc (An Examination of a 
PuMition published by P. B. [(.e. 
B. Ptirsons] in the Preface of ois 
treatise...oonoeming,the lawfull- 
nesse of the Popes Power over 
Princes, etc.) Printed h$ B. A. 
for N, Butter, London, 1624. 4to. 
8935. b. 

— > See H., H.. If. of ArU and 
Shtdeni in Divinitie. The Forme 
of Friendship and Love, etc. 
1608. 12mo. 699. a. 3. 

— A fourme of Prayer (for 
deliverance from enemies, eta) 
neoessary for the present time and 
sUte. 0. %. The Deputies of 
C, Barker, London, 1588. 4to. 

G. 6068. (3.) 

— Begin, A forme of prayer 
to be used in private houses every 
Morning and Evening. Id. A. 
[London, 1596?] 4to. 

465. b. 19. (2.) 

A Aragment consisting of six leuTee, 
the last of which has tEe sig. Ff 2. 

FORSET (Edward) A Com- 
paratiro Discourse of the I^ies 
Natural and Politique. Wherein set for the true forme of a 
Commonweale, with the dutie of 
Subjects, and the right of the 
Boveraigne, eta Printed for 
J, BiU,Lond<m, 1606. 4to. 

rogall, and the other ooniii 
of regall and polityoue adin 
tration con ioy ned . . . Newly trans- 
lated into Eoglishe by B. MtiU 
caster. Lai. and Eng. B. 7 
London, 1567. 8vo. 1127. u. ... 

The English tfanalatioD is in 
Black Letter. 


luuug pp. 17 to 24. — Another copy. G. 19332. 

worn FOU UM 

- A»olW Mtkm. m. ft. rOBTBR (Wauui) 8^ 

ML IVmA Iiilr-. UrS. 0VO. rum (tt.1 Uoolor Flttddt Am- 

TO. — liopioqri«B»-tfpoQinM : or, 
SI. a SpoM lo wim awA J Um Wm- 

FORTESCUft (Sir Jo«li) C>ot«I, that Um Cm lOt- 
Od^ Jmmm ^ lit Km$9 BmdL ^,^ ^p Miqani w, W Apply- 

.^r/. Orwi, iMioii. 1631. 4lo. 
1038. L 8. (1.) 


BUUp of SMhrntw. AUMODia*. 

M«a<MrbjJ.8ildM]. ]^it^ lU: cbtfiag hn% Tnthm, 

Ar fJU r jiff [iff i/ arfniirt, mmIimI AUiflittt Mid lafidttla : 1. 
1818. 8«>. 508. A. 28. TbAt, Tbere U a God. 2. TUt, 

There b but one God. 8. Thmt, 

Jehorah, <mr Ood, ia tbat oda 

Ood. 4. ThAi, The Holj Scrip- 

-««• jiAn ^ 00 tare ii the Wofd of thAt Ood... 

oop3r. 808. A. 22. M^j^Ui^j^roredbyNAttirmll 

PORTESCUS (Taoiuj) &# Beima And SMolAr AathonticA, 
Mnu (P.) The FoMt or Ool- etc N. Okm. Lomiom. 1822. fol. 

of Hb« oal 477. e. 10. 

of FreocU into Bnglkh, by Th«tHlepH*i*«U8hUjaatiktod. 

FOBTRBSa teB^L The Whareanto k Added, An Aoewero 

of FWtliera, eroeetlie onto oertAtoe ob{eotioiiA of ooo 

the pnitie of Beligioo. unreeolTed, as oooi-eniiog the oee 

lad oot of LA«i]ie...b7 of the CroM in BoptisBe : writ- 

I.R 1888. 8TO. C.87.d.48.(8.) teo bj him in Anno 1804, Aod 

now oommABded to be jmbltehed 

rORTUHB. Fortnee Ten- bj AOthoritiA. 3 pC|. if. Bollerd, 

•iA.lmll:...or, A PioTte fer aU /or a JL amI IF. O, LimtUm. 

thoee thAt Are elovAled, to tAko 1608. 4to. 1868. e. 

of fiUlins, elo. f Ageinsl ^eHi pt bea a atpMrnl* im^Ia^ 

W. LAod, Arehbiibop of (lAntar- tkm mm! rtfi«i«r 

The gneiml Hietorie of Venice 
F08TBR (SAJfon.) The Ait GoUeoted br T. de F....ootor a11 
ofDkUuur; by a new, eeeie, end Aothori...tbAt hAve written on 
Moot apeedywAy, etc. Fiw MS. thAt mbjeot. Bngliehed_by W 

J. Dmmmm, /jfF. Bgim- »i«to. .8 join. O.Bdamd 

/UU, Lmdm, 1838. Ao. IF. Staailf, Lmim, 1813. fol 

112. A 11. 803. L 8, 



FOUNTAIN. 8eeO.(Cmm- 
TOPH.) The FounUine and Wel- 
■pring of all Variance, etc. 
1689. 4to. C. 40. b. 7. 

HnrsR (JO The Pearle of Prao- 
tiae, or Praotiaera Pearle, for 
Fhiaicke ... broneht into acme 
methode by [J.F.I etc. 1594. 4to. 
643. b. 23.(1.) 

FOWLDE8 (William) See 

HOMKR. [Barpaxpfivofia)^uuli The 
Straoffe, Wonderfull and bloudy 
BatteU betweene Frogs and Mite. 
... Paraph raa ileal Iv done into 
English Heroycall verse by W. 
F(owldes), C. C. C. 1603. 4to. 
C. 39. d. 

1634. 8to. 11315. a. 8. 


FOX (Edward) Biehop of Here- 
ford. See DiFTBRBHTLA. Dc Vera 
Differentia regice poteetatis et 
EocleaiaaUcsB, etc. [By E. F.l 
1638. 8vo. 1020. i. 3. (1.) 

— See Opus. Opus eximium, 
de vera differentia Kegiae Potea- 
tatis et eccleeiasticae, etc [By 
E. F.] 1534. 4to. 697. d. 16. 

— See Staftord (H^ Barom 
Stafford, The true dyfferea be- 
twen y* regall power and the 
ecclesiasticall power. [By E. F.] 
[1548.] 16mo. 697. a. 16. (1.) 

FOX ( JoHN^ Ounner, See BlT- 
NARD (J.) The admirable De- 
liverance of 266 Christians by 
J. Reynard [or rather Fox!,... 
from the captivitie of the Turkea, 
etc. 1608. 4to. 1197. d. 21. 

FOWLER (John) See More poX (John) the Martyrolooitt. 

(Sir T.) Lord High Chancellor of See Bell (J.) The Pope Con- 

^land. A Dialogue of Cumfort futed ... [By J. F.] Translated 

against Tribulation, etc. [Edited out of Latine ... by J. Bell. 

byJ.F.] 1573. 8vo. 222. a. 28. 1530. 4to. 3932. e. 

FOWLER (William) An 
Answer to the calumnious Letter 
and erroneous prupoeitiounsof an 
apostat named M. Jo. Hammil- 
toun, etc. H. Lekprewick^ Edin- 
ImrgKlbSl. 4to. C. 37. d. 13. 

FOWN8 (Richard) Conoie 
[un 2 'i'heas. 11. 3, 4] ad Clerum 
oeleberrims florentiasimnq; Aoa- 
demisB Oxon habita Julii decimo 
... 1606, etc. H. Haworth, Lorn- 
dini, 1606. 4to. 694. e. 15. (6.) 

— Triaaf(ion or, the three Holy 
Offices of leans Christ, the Sonne 
of God, Priestly, IVupheticall, and 
Regall; how they ought of all 
bis Church to bo received. With 
a decUratiun of the violence and 
ii^nriea offered unto the same, by 
the Spiritnall and Komiah Baby- 
lon, etc. H, Lowne$,for M. Lmpnee^ 
London, 1619. 4to. 8936. 0. 

— Notes appertayning to the 
matter of Election. See BfezB 
(T. de) The Treasure of Trueth, 
etc. [1576.] 8vo. 4256. a. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
—Ootpels, Polyglott, The Goe- 
pols of ,the fewer Evangelistee 
translated... into the vulgaretoung 
of the Saxons, etc. [With a 
dedication " to the Qneenes 
Majestic" by J. F.] AngkhSem. 
and Eng, 1671. 4to. C. 10. a. 4. 

— 590 Bible. — New Testambiit. 
— Bevdalian, Latin, Eicaami, 
son Meditationea in ... Apooa- 
Ivpain. Authore J. Foxo, etc. 
1687. fol. 3186. k. 

— See F.. I. 

— iSss Grimdal (E.^ sQooee- 
tivel^ BieKop of London^ eta 
Concio Funeoris in obi turn An- 



1664. 410. 
•M. tw IS. (t.) 

POX (Jowl) KU 


por J. Fosttm. 


677. 4IO. 


Um B««dSr PMlMtt. Mobll^^o 
fai tlHi BmIm oC Bh^mT — a 

^ jBto Um ijmm 

_^_^ OollMVtd Mid 

9AlmAS Mooidiaff to Um tnM 

•It. ».&. BiKPt. M 
/.l>f.Lwrfp«.l56a. foL i i. 

WaMtef Ik* Iwl iMi; «ydi !• 
to '^ 


(M.) A Fnii- 


J. F.). [IMO?] 8m 

— &i Miun* (T.) Cbriito 
Yielork ow Salhaot Tjrmanie. 
WWHa to eoot^Md A Oitol<«ii« 
oT »11 Cbitots toithfiiU Soaldiett 
...•Mftjred for Um Truth... Ex. 
iTMted o«t of Um Book of ll*r- 
Ijia [of J. Fos] and divm oUmt 
" ' 1016. IbL 204. d. 17. 

— . 5m OwooLAnrjMm (J.) [A 
Smnmim. .. to ymm m« nd bmit- 
a^ uuSSU by J. /.] 

[16607] 8m OM. a. 87. 

— At Rwm (U.) An in- 
■ ti a wjm of OuMmi iajrUi... 
TiMtted ioto Englytbo [bj 
J. F.]. [1660?] 8m 4408. MA. 

— M TmDALB (W.) The 
whoto workM of W. TjimUU. 
J. Frith, Mid Doct. Boniom otc. 
[With m iMHBMiidator: 
by J. F. Mid the lifo 
Mithor praAxtd to hto 
ostmcM ftoM the Book of Aoto 
Mid MuoMM to of tho Choroh by 
J. F.] 1678, Ola foL 8.b. 12. 

— Anolhir oopy. 0. 12101. 

or SftlLjitoTwhtok to M i i iilli i 
to tot ■JMlto, Otofw't portnh of 
Itoi MMkor. M ilM A frtislft of 
Bfa kMd Pbi , Btikop of W i ll I t I III I , 


FOX (Jom) tk$ Mmrtfr9lo§kL 
Tho fiM— Koood) VoluM of 
tho F4wl<doitioin htotoiy ooo- 
tayning tho Aolao Mid Mooo* 
BMotMiof thyogttpOMpd io oirory 
kyngoa tymo in thto Bcolmo, 
otpectolly in tho Chordi of Enc- 
Und...Kewly...iDUrgod by tho 
Anthor. H. I. 2 rob. J. Da$€, 
Lomdam, 1570. fol. 4706. h. 

— Another edition. V. X. 
2 ToU. J.Dt^Lamdtm, 1676. fuL 

C. 16. o. 8. 

— Another copy. 4824. o. 
biprftoel: vMltof fOw 1167.68. 

16X6-60. lMl-48. WMH 64. 
YTYTfiMidtoftheliidM^ -""^ 
Y Y TTj 4, cnatototoff Ike < 

Aotoo Mid Moot 

— Aden end MonnaMnto of 
latter and perilUma dayea, 
tooeking nMten of ijbe Chiuoh, 

MBto of 
and mo- 

happoorng in tho 

Cbudli, with an UniTeraall bia- 
torr of tho oano... Newly reriaed 
and reoognioad, partly atoo ang- 
nonted, and now tho fonrth ttno 
agayno the An- 
thonr, etc V. X. 2 toU. /. A^e. 
1683. foL 4824. k. 





The fift time 

newly imprinted. 9, 

P. Short, lAmdom, 1596. fol. 

4824. k. 

— . The sixth time 

newly imprinted, with oertaine 
a4lditionji (unto the time of... 
King Jamen now raigning). 9, IL, 
3 vols. Printed for the Company 
of Stationer§, London, 1610. fol. 
478. i. 1-3. 

The seventh time 

newly imprinted. W hereunto are 
annexed oertaine additions of like 
persecntions, which have hap- 
pened in these later times. 99. «L. 
3 vols. A. lilip, F. Kyngston and 
B. Young, London, 1632, 31. fol. 
4824. k. 

POX (John) the Mariyrologist. 
An Abridgement of the Booke 
of Acts and Monumentes of the 
Church : written by... J. F. : and 
now abridged by T. Bright. 
9, ft. J. Windet, at the assign- 
ment of... T. Bright, London, 
1689. 4to. 1123. g. 24. 

— De Christo gratis justifi- 
cante. Contra Osorianam iuhti- 
tiam, Cfleteroeque ejusdem inhse- 
rontis justitie patronos, Stan. 
Ilosiii,... contra universa deniune 
turbam Tridentinam A Jesuiti- 
cam. Arnica... dufunsio J. Foxii. 
Booeudebai T. Pur/utius impensit 
Oeorg. Bp$hop, Londini, 1583. Svo. 

697. 0. 22. 

— De non pleotendis [Adlul- 
teris, Consultatio J. Foxi. Few 
MS. NoTBB. Apud H. Syngletonumy 
Londini, 1548. 8vo. C. 37. d. 14. 

Witboai paginaUon. Tb« title 
bat bwn dtoml in MH , thu ** Ad '* 
of ** adultori« " having Uvn enuM»d 
•ad the word ** morto ** inserted. 

— De Oliva Evanf^lica. Con- 
oio, in Baptismo ludasi habita 
Londini, primo mens. April. Cum 

enarratione capitis nndeoimi D. 
Pauli ad Romanes. In qua, de 
principiis & fundamentis Chris- 
tianas fidei,; Christo Meesia, 
ejns^ue regni sterna amplitudine, 
...disputatio cum ludtBis ex pro- 
phetic8B scripture certissimis 
testimoniis instituitur. MS. 
Notes. Ex officina C. BarJceri, 
Londini, 1578. 8vo. 4453. df. 3. 

FOX (John) the Martyrologist, 
A Sermon preached at the Chris- 
tening of a certaine Jew [viz. 
Nathanael] at London. ..Con tein- 
ing an exposition of the xi. 
Chapter of S. Paul to the 
Romanes. Translated out of J. Bell. (The con- 
fession of faith, which Nathanael 
...made... in the Parish church of 
Alhallowe8...1577.) ». ft. 2 pts. 
C. Barker, London, 1578. 8vo. 

4034. aa. 

Witbont pagination. The ** God- 
feasion ** has a separate register. 

— A Sermon of Christ crucified 
[on 2 Cor. v. 20, 21] preached 
at Paules Crosse the Friday 
before Easter, commonly called 
Good fry day, etc. (The Prayer 
in this Sermon made for the 
Church, and all the states thereof. 
A postsoripte to the papistee.) 
9, ft. J. Daye, London, 1570. 4to. 

694. e. 15. (2.) 

Newly rooognished 

by the Authour. 1$. ft. J. Daie^ 
London, 1575. 8vo. 3932. b. 

— Another edition. D. ft. MS. 
Notes. J, Day, London^ 1577. 8vo. 

3932. b. 

— Another edition. V. ft. 
Printed by the Amiffnee of B. Day, 
London, 1585. Svo. 3932. b. 

— Another edition. 9, ft. 
Prinied for ike Compamy of Sta- 
tionerh [London,] 1609. 8vo. 

C. 12. a 20. 


f BA 


POX vJgmi) i4# 
D» OMbIo OnMiiio ooMb [om 
a Cor. V. M. ilV JoM. Fbii. 
1^ J. |>ay«m LmMd. 1&71. 

1. 41*. iM.^. 16.(1.) 
— Syllogblicoii hop mi: Am- 

la «tnuM«t iMMtttm, biao 
4 TlMoloffiram llbrit d*- 

pte.M4 in BidMSjUggiMBo- 

IMOrl %To. 
991. a. 46. 

FOX (Loo) Nortli- Went Fox, 
or. Fos tnm tbo NorUi*Wo»t 
with Ring 

bf with briofe Ab^tnoto of tU 
TojiiC«o of Oftbot^ Frobiaher. 
IkTk, W^rwwtb, Knight, Hod- 
ooa. Batten ...Ttigotber with... 
Mr. J. UmWrn thn»o Vujagw to 
Gr'jraUiMU with a Topographi- 
«ai dMoripliaa of tha CoaatriaA. 
...DMaoMHatad ia a Polar Gbrd. 
^With tha Aathor hit owna 

r fbMC. iMte, 1685. 4ta 


FOX (Bnuaa) moomnr^iy 
BUk^ aT &««r, y Ba/A aaii 
ir«llt, af IbrAaia, aad o^ ITta- 
~ BnnBMor.Aaa<,l»o< 
Waa. Biym. flaia 
tha Bala of wejiA 
urTnuMktod from thai ' 
bjB.FO [1516r| fia^O.lo. 

FOXX (Jon) am Jl aH| rafaf < il 


Tha MaMoai lUash : or. JoMh. 
...FrvHB th« T^iiii of Fraoatiorto*. 
traaaUlod Ivtitar. flu 

▼arai».] Pn^,^ ... IL Lm Ltm i tm^ 
1420. 8?a a 88. h 47. 


FRADXUUt (Pinws) Proa. 

nbnnMiA Ad...R4)gvin Jaoomim I. 

Magoani IIago» BritaanuB... 

Monaroham.ale laaiiaj, 1614. 4io. 

887. k. 9. (4.) 

Wlih ll8.kll«orib«MtlMrto 

FRAMPTON (Joan) 5m 
BauL^vn (B. db) A diaooarM 
of tha narigatioo which tha Porta- 
pksdooBMatutha Boalmaiand 
Ptorinoea of tha Baat partat of 
tha worlda ... TiaaaUlad oat of 
8panuib...bT J. F. 1579. 4to. 
C. 82. f. 

.* 5m Moiiaunh (N.) Jojfal 
Newco out of tha aawa fooada 
Worlda, whaiaiB ia daolaiad tha 
...ttitmi of diTeiaa...Hearbea, 
TroM, QtIo^ Plaataa aad Stoaes. 
...Eagliahad bj J. F. 1577. 4to. 
948. e. 19.(1.) 

1580. 4to. 544. g. 7. 

1594. 4to. 234. L 42. 

— 5m PbLO (MAaoo) Tbe most 
noble... timreb of Hamis P^nla*. 
...Tnuulaied into Eogliab [by 
J. F.]. 1579. 4to. 979. f. 25. 

FRAMCX 5m a, a Ao 
azceUent...di«xiam, prooving... 
what great danger will haiur over 
oar h^dg of Eagland and Franoe 
...if it ehall bappen that thoee of 
(^anaanie wbiok are oar frieade 
baanbdnad,at& 1626. 4tD. 

8026. b. 7. 

^5MBML4anu TbeSafcpid 
ot Sajlen or giaat Batter. Ooa* 
teiaiag tha eoaia(«,...wiih the 
lor tha «itiiag...of eua- 




dry harboroughfl ... of ... F., etc. 
1640. 4to. 634. b. 18. 

FRANCE. A Discourse upon 
the preseut state of F. [by M. 
Hurault]. [London,] 1588. 4to. 
114. k. 5. 

— An Historicall Collection of 
the most memorable Accidents 
and tragicall Massacres of F. 
under the raignes of Henry . 2., 
Francis . 2., Charles . 9., Henry. 3., 
Henry . 4. ... Translated out of 
French, etc. Few MS. Notes. 
r. Creede, London, 1598. fol. 

596. h. 18. 

— The Mutable and wavering 
estate of F. from the yeare of our 
Lord 1460, untill the yeare 1595. 
...With an ample declaration of 
the seditious and trecherous prac- 
tises of that viperous brood of 
Hispaniolized Leaguers. Col- 
lected out of sundry, both Latine, 
Italian, and French Historio- 
graphers. T. Creede, London, 
1697. ibl. 696. h. 1. 

— Newes from France. Or, a 
relation of a...fearfull accident... 
which happened at Paris the 
seventh day of March, this present 
yeare 1018. where by meanes of a 
terrible fire, all the Pallace was 
burnt... As also an Injunction of 
the Court of Parliament concern- 
ing the restoring backe...of all 
bags of papers ... and Records 
which were taken up being cast 
out of the Pallace during the said 
fire... Translated according to the 
French copio, etc. W. Jones, for 
N. Browne, London, 1618. 4 to. 

283. b. 1. (16.) 

— Newes from France. A true 
Relation of the great loHsen which 
happened by the lamentable acci- 
dent of fire in the Citie of Paris, 
the 24 ... October ... 1621, ... To- 
gether with the speedy diligence 
used by the Duke de Monbason... 

for the quenching thereof. Also 
a Decree made in the Court of 
Parliament in Paris... to prevent 
the like mischance in time to 
come. Translated according to 
the French Copie, printed at 
Paris. Printed by R. R., London, 
1621. 4to. J. R. 2. 

Without pftgination. 

FRANCE. Practises touching 

the State of France, discovered 

by an Italian, a gentleman of 

Florence. 1^. E. [London,] 1575. 8vo. 

721. a. 6.(3.) 

— The View of Fraunce. 
8. Stafford, London, 1604. 4to. 

1055. g. 2. (2.) 
Without pagination. 

PRANCE.— Zin^«. An Epi- 
tome of All the Lives of the 
Kings of France. From Phara- 
mond the first, to... Lewis the 
thirteenth. With a Relation of 
the Famous Battailes of the two 
Kings of England, who were the 
first victorious Princes that con- 
quered France. Translated out of 
the French Coppy by R. B. Esq. 
[i.e. R. Brathwait?]. MS. Notes. 
J. Okes, London, 1639. 8vo. 

G. 14022. 

With portraits. There i« a second 
titlepage, engmyed. 

FRANCE. — Li^iw. See 
C, E. D. L. 1. A Catholicke Apo- 
logic against the Libels, Declara- 
tions, Advices and Consultations, 
made... and published by those of 
the League, etc. [1590?] 8to. 
3901. b. 

TB.Kl^C^.— Reformed Churcket, 
A Confession of Faith, made by 
common agreement of suche 
Frenohemen as desire to live ao- 
oordinge to the puritie of the 
Gospel, etc. 1661. 5^ SwrratR- 
LAND, Reformed Church of, A 
Confession of Fayth, made by 




of fUvtni r»* him lo Imto tho 
MS. a. 13. 

Mid to 

I&71. 8vo. 


At. \Mkogj or dtfcttM for Um 
i:WwUAM of FmSM whieb m 
of Um Bvi^oaU or rdbroMd 
vtUfioB« for Um Mlkfiing of moh 
M wil Boi liro to pOAOO Mid ooii- 
ooffd wiih UMin...Wntt«ii to the 
Ring of NaTmm and timnaUted 
bjSir I. Boww. H.E. J. Dam, 
1579. 8va 8901. b. 

— Th* OrmtioB OMde unto Um 
Prtnoh King bj tho Dspntiat of 
tbo Nationall Synodo of the 
Rafcraiid Chnrcliet of Frmnoe, 
nm iba dantb of the lfarqiM«ie 
d Aaora, witb the Kingi anawere 
tbaranto, 27. Ilaii . 1617. Alao, 
a diaoonrM of the boffiniiinic... 
acCioiia and bebaTionr oi Cocbino, 
lCarq««na d*Anora. and bia wife 
QaUigaia...Fktlbfnllj TranaUtod 
oat of tba Freiiob Copia. 
F. Kpmgthm for N. N mA u$ , Lam- 
dam, 1617. 4to. 8060. bbb. (1.) 

~ Tba declaration of tbe Be- 
fomad Cborcbet of Franoe and 
tbe Boreraigntie of Besm. Of 
tbeir vnjnat pefaecation bj tbe 
eneBiea of tbe State and tbeir 
i«iigioii« and of tbeir lawfnll and 
neee— rie defence. Aooording to 
tbe Frenob oopie printed at Bo- 
cbell. 1621. [Lomdamf] 1621. 4to. 

1367. b. 

— A De cl a rat io n aet fortb by 
the Proteatanta in Fiance ; tbew- 
ing tbe lamentable diiifreeie and 
oeUmitiea tbat tbey of Beam in 
France are (aUen into, etc. BodUtt, 
1621. 4to. 1867. b. 9. 

— A letter writ 
of tbe AmemUy in^Roebell: to 
Monrienr le Dno de la Digni^ree, 
containing an admonition onto 

arde tbem. An aleo aa atborti^ 
tkm and a warning vnto tboaa 
tbatibMketbetnitE.ele. [Traa*. 
Uted fWwi tbo FMob.1 MmUL 

1621. 4to. 


Angnat it. 1622. A Reaooetrs- 
tioB of tbe French Snbfaeta mo- 
fmdnft tbe Baforawd BeU^ 
nnio tbe Frenob Kiag. Wbmia 
are abowne diven notable Pm- 
eagee...aa well of tbe preeent aa 
of tbe former Tronblee and Dta- 
eentiona in Franoe. Aa aleo a 
Belation, containing tbe BebellioB 
of tbe Kobilitie and Gentrie of 
the Kingdome of Naplea, eto. 
PrimUdhfL D./or N.Satmmmd 
T. Arektr, Ltmdam, 1622. 4ta 

4682. bb. 
8ig. B b wilboat pafiMtloa. 

— Articloe agreed on in tbe 
nationall tynode of tbe Beformed 
Churchea of France held at 
Cbarenton neere Pkria,... Septem- 
ber, 1623. J.UekfUldmidJ.Skori, 
Oxford, 1623. 4to. 3604. bb. 

— Another copy. /. LidkfUd 
amd /. Short for W. Dam9, Oxford, 
[1623]. 4to. 8605.0. 

A doplioat* of tbe pteeedlng, with 

— Another copy. 8606. e. 

This oopj alio has a dUGHaat 
UUepag^ teaiiBg data 18S4. 

— The Apologie of the Be- 
formed Chnrchee of Franoe. 
Wherein are espreaMd tbe Bea- 
eona why their haTo Joyned their 
Armiee ; to tboee of the Ring of 
Great BritUina Tranalated ao- 
oording to the French ooppie 

by J. Bainolda]. PrinUd for 
'". BmUer, Ixmdom, 1628. 4to. 

700. t 6. (8.) 

FRAKOX.~Lotrt8 XI., JTrnf. 
8m EvoLiVD.— EnwARO IV., Kimg, 





Begin. The promisse of matri- 
raonie [made in 1475 between 
Edward IV., King of England, 
and Louis XI.» King of France, 
for the marriage of the Princess 
Elizabeth of York... and Prince 
Charles, etc.]. [U85?] fol.C.33.m. 

FRANCE.— Francis I., King, 
See England.— Henry VIII., iCinty. 
End. m. God save the ky[ng. 
— Two fragment^} of a broadside 
containing the truce concluded 
between England, France, and 
the Netherlands, 24 June 1528]. 
[1528.] fol. C. 18.e.2.(81.) 

FRANCE. — Charles IX., King. 
Protestatio Christianissimi Regis 
Gallorum, Habita et exhibita 
prsestantissimae Reginae Angli^, 
per Ordiuaiium Christianissimi 
Kegis ad Angli«e Keginam Lega- 
tum. Apud B. Woljium, Londini, 
1560. 4to. C. 33. b. 14. (1.) 

ThiB is not the protest itself, but 
an account of that which was made 
by P. de Longutil, Knight of St. 
John of Jerusalem, called the Che- 
▼alier de 8evre. Without pag^- 

PRANCE.— Henry III., King. 
The Edict or Proclamation set 
forthe by the Frenche kinge 
upon the pacifying of the troubles 
in Fraunce, with the Articles of 
the same pacification. Read and 
publihlied in the presence of the 
sayd king, sitting in his Parla- 
ment, the xiiij. day of May, 1576. 
Translated out of Frvnche by A. 
Gelding. T. Vautrolliert London^ 
[1676]. 8vo. C. 33. a. 22. (2.) 

— A Declaration of the Kings 
pleatnre, published after his de- 
parture irom Paris: Importing 
the oanse of his sudden going 
away. Trauhlated according to 
theoriginall, etc (At Chartres 
May 1688.J ID. I. T.Ormn,/or 
E. AggoM, London, [1588 ?] Svo. 
V)01. a. 18. (1.) 

FRANCE.— Henry IY., King. 
The Kinges edict, for the Re- 
unityng of his Subjectes in the 
Catholique, Apostolique and Ro- 
mish Churche. Read, published, 
and registred in the Court of 
Parliament at Roan, the 23 of 
July, 1585. B. Jhones, London, 
1585. 4to. G. 19693. 

— Sommaire Discours an vray 
de ce qui est advenu en Tarmee 
du Roy Tres-Chrestien depuis 
que le Due de Parme s'est joint 
a celle deu ennemis, jusques au 
15. de Septembre, envoye par 8a 
Majeste a Monsieur de Beauvoir, 
etc. T. Scarlet, Londre$,lb90. 8vo. 

807. a. 2. (2.) 

— Ordinances set fuorth by the 
King, for the rule and goueme- 
ment of his Majesties men of 
warre. Read and published at 
Caen the 30. of March . 1591. 
Faithfully translated... by E. A. 
313. a. J.Wolfe,London,1591. 4to. 

283. b. 1. (4.) 

— A Proposition of the Princes, 
Prelats, Officers of the Crowne & 
others of his Majesties councell, 
propounded to the Duke of May- 
en ne and other his adherents as- 
sembled in the Cittie of Paris 
(27 January, 1593). With the 
kings declaration against the 
said assembly and rebells (29 
January). Fr. and Eng. 9B. Z. 
J. Wolfe, London, 1593. 4to. 

283. b. 1. (5.) 

— The Copie of a Letter (from 
Amiens, xvij. December 1594) 
sent by the French king to the 
people of Aitoys and Henault, 
requesting them to remove tho 
forces ffathered by the king of 
Spaine from the Borders of France. 
...Also a decUiatioD of... warre 
against the King of Spaine, etc. 
iS. ft. p. Short, for T, MiUingtom, 
Lomiom 1695. 4to. 114. k. 8. 


rn A 


FBANOB.~HnniT IT^ Km0, 
TIm Kiiift Bdioi mmI DtoUmlioo 
vpoo Um imMT JUioli of Pboi- 
fl«*tkm. PttbUdM in Pkrb at 
Um FwIImmbI Md Ibt iir. 
oT NinMrk . 16M, ete /VtntedT 
If It F. /br T. Xm, Lotulm^ 
ISM. 4ta 1367. b. 

PRANGB.— LocnXimCiif. 
Tht £iafi dtoUiUioii oooUining 
* pvobiUUon lo dU hit tnt^lMts 
lo M* anj trmfiqiM or ooamMTM 
with Um KinfldoM of SiMin^ 

Um 12. of lUy 1625. &• 
CflAiLn L, Kiag ^ Ormi Britam 
mmi IrJmmd. A Relation, etc 

1636. 4to. 605. b. 17. 


— Tbe Kings DeoUmtiont npon 
kis Ediottf ftr Oonibato...tbe 18. 
day of lUroh . 161d....AlM>...th6 
Mid Kin^ Edict, importing an 
..r.l.r for ap|>arell...the 2. of 
. 1618. Hereunto is siso 
t.>i>rx<»d, A Lettvr from the Lord the Qneeoe Regent... 
TimniOeted into English br E. A. 
». &. r. Ormdfir W. Wrigki, 

1618. 410. 114. k. 14. 


— A trne Relation of the Con- 
liaraiofis and proceedings conoem- 
ing the psaoe and mntoall agree- 
asots Setweene the King of 
Prance and Prince of Conde, etc. 
K Grij/U, /or N, BuUer, Lomdam, 
1616. 4to. 283. b. I. (12.) 

— The Publication of the Peace 
•ooording to the good pleaaore of 
the King, and my Lord the Prince 
of the Towne of Lon- 
don the U.oflfaj 1616. KQrQjki, 
far N. BmUtr, Lomdom, 1616. 4to. 

288. b. 1. (13.) 

— The Preooh Kings Declara- 
tion against the Dnkss of Ven- 
doeoM and Majenn^the Har- 
shall of Booillon, the lIan|oes of 
Ouennrs, the President le Jar, 
and aU who assist them. Veri- 

fied in the Conrt of iVirlic%!M* ?>t 

thel8.ofPehraar3r,1617 l',,nird 

Ar IT. A«T<LeMioa.l617. 4ta 

388. b. 1. (15.) 

F R A M X.-~Loui8 XIII., 
Kimg, The Letter of the Prenoh 
King. [Louis XIII.] to the Pkr- 
liiment of Roan [dated 24 April, 
1617,1 ooooeming the doftth of 
the Mandian d'Anore. Tc^ether 
with an Act of the saide Parlia- 
ment therenpon [dated 26 April* 
1617J. iVialid if H: L, for 
N. Nmbtrp, Latkdtm, 1617. 4to. 
8050. bbb. (6.) 

— Another copy. 388. b. 1. (14.) 

— Articles concluded and sgreed 
npon bj the Lords, the Oodinalls 
de la Roche-Foncaud, and de 
Bethnne in the name of the King 
of Prance, to the Qneene Mother. 
...Together with certaine Letters 
interchangeably sent betweene 
the King and the Qneene-Mother. 
Translated out of the French 
Copie. Prinisd hp O. E. for 
0. Fairwbemrd,lAmdam,l6\9. 4to. 
283. b. 1. (20.) 

-- The late Newee from Franco : 
Beingan Important Remonstrance 
or Admonition to the King of 
France, concemingthe disordered 
Affaires of that EsUte at this 
present Faithfully translated 
out of the French copy. [London f] 
1620. 4to. 283. b. 1.(22.) 

— A Declaration, made and 
published bj the King of France, 
whereby the Princes, Dukes, and 
Barons therein named, are all 
prooUymed Traytors, if within 
one month after the publication 
thereof ther do not rnsssci from 
armes, and peraonallv preeent 
themselves unto his kajestie... 
Published the 6* August, 1620... 
FaithruUy translated according 
to the French Copie. [Lomdtm f\ 
1620. 4to. 283. b. 1. (21.) 




FRANC E.—Louis XIII., 
King. LvtterH Patents made by 
the French King, declaring hit 
intent touching those of the Re- 
formed RelijnoD. Published in 
Roane... the Seventh day of June, 
...1621. With two Letters of the 
Assembly at Roohell unto the 
Duke de I.»esdiguieres. [London t] 
1621.. 4to. 283. b. 1. (23.) 

— The French Kings Edict 
upon the Peace which it pleased 
his Majestie to grant unto all 
those of the Reformed Religion, 
within his seyerall Dominions. 
Including likewise those of Ro- 
ohell. Printed for Mercuriut Bri- 
iaunicui, [London,] 1626. 4to. 

700. f. 6. (2.) 

— Articles of agreement made 
betweene the French King and 
those of Rochell (the 28 day of 
October, 1628), upon the Rendi- 
tion of the Towne the 30. of Oc- 
tober... 1628. [Eng. and Fr.]... 
Also a Relation of a... Sea-Fight, 
made by S' K. Digby, on the 
Bay of Scandarone the 16. of 
June last past with certaine 
Galegasses and Galeas^es, be- 
longing to the States of Venice, 
etc. Printed for N. Butter, Lon- 
don, 1628. 4to. 9210. b. 

— Lettres patentes de declara- 
tion du Roy, pour la Reformation 
du luxe des Habits, A Reglement 
d'i<;eux. Publi6es 4 Rotten en 
Parlement, le 30 de May 1634. 
Letters patents, etc. Fr, and 
Eng. PrtntsdhgRR/orKSeiU, 
London, 1634. 4to. 707. a. 29. 

i>e) Do Auspioatissimis Nuptiis 
Illuntrissimi Frincipit D. Frido- 
rici,...Eleotoris,4EO. Gomitis Pala- 
tini ad Rhenuro,...oum ... Prin- 
cipe D. Eli7.abetha ... Magnae 
Britannise, dra. Regis Filia 

unigenita Poema. [London?] 

1613. 4to. 1070. 1. 10. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

FRANCHIS (Joannes Maria 
de) Of the most auspi cations... 
Marriage: betwixt... Frederick ; 
Count Palatine of Rheine,...and 
... Elizabeth ... Daughter to ... 
James, King of Great Brittaine, 
in III. Bookee : composed in La- 
tine... and Translated into Eng- 
lish [by Samuel Mutton. — In 
versel. G. Eld, for WiUiam Blain- 
cher, London, 1613. 4to. 

1070. 1. 10. (3.) 

FRANCIS L, King of France. 
See Calais. The maner of the 
tryumphe at Caleys and Bulleyn 
Ton occasion of the conferences 
between Henry VIII. and F. I.]. 
[1632.] 4to. C. 21. b. 


Assist, Saint. The Alcaron of the 
Barefute Friers, that is to say, an 
heape or numbre of the blasphe- 
mous and trifling doctrines of the 
wounded Idole Saint Frances 
taken out of the bokeof his rules, 
called in latin Liber oonformi- 
tatum [by B. Albizzi ; the selec- 
tion made by £. Alberus]. 90. %. 
R. G[rafton], exeudebat, London^ 
1550. 8vo. 296. g. 45. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 702. a. 35. 

Imperfeot: wanting the prsAMw 
(two louTM) and aig. b i^. It it also 
much mutUatsd : of the last three 
leaves fragments only remain. 

— Another edition. W, White, 
London, U03. 8vo. 4071. a. 

FRANCIS [BbrmaroohiI. / 
i4tftsi. Saint, Brethren amd $Men 
of the third Order of 
See Pbranci, Order of 

FRANCIS [Di Saub], SamL 
See QatAT Britain and Irklanik — 
Charlis L, King. A Proclamation 

Ibr oUUac ia » Book* «illlia«a, — 

As UtfwiMtka lo A Drrmil Ivomh tdlMi*. A. 

)>f« [Wm a trmMtui^ horn 0. SUm. LmMni, l$U. HoT 

lb* rrwk of Mut r.]. •to. ess. *. u. 

uu .A 41. i«i.i.3.(isM nmwon - im iw. 

mnS (M Saub). MM. A BrMr aimm off Um tnMibl« 

iTocx-vs BfttortaiMMote of Um bigOMM at FruMkfbrd In Oor- 

8oab...TrmUlod bj « Dmm mmjt mm Domiai 1664. Abowit 

of Mr U4iM of ooMlbit oT lU Ibo Book* off oommb pm jor 

of 8. Btmol la Ounbimj. mad CvmMmlm, and oooUoood 

Ammit. 16SS. ISmo. bj Um BoglblM »oo tbojrt to 
440t.oM.(S.) ttaido off a MBtim UgM. 

Tbo t. odMoa. (Tbo eoai»ani 

oniosofDootovTbMWmwith — Anolbor oopj. 697.^.26. 

;«to.) a Hnillii. uUili«MryM««tdfb7M.a' 

1614; ISmo. 4410.0. bftv* bM« aMad oo Um UiltpNrt. 

TIm ttttonoi b CMitttad. —4 * M. O of w i k lt" libtoriUA lo 

Um pidbM, is laitetlaB oT tjp*. 

^'*''*^ p2IS"(W7M^' ^ FBABIHU8 (TiTio.) A. 
4410. •. 9«n«(>^) ATr«t«oofdiiit 

tho DofoOMOf Ul0 0tM0l%|dT«l 

— A TrmiiM of tko Lore of iipoa tho bookoo of W. CboflBt... 
Qod. Writtoo ia frondi bj B. Hwtuito oro odjornod Iwu tfoa- 
Fraaolt do 8oUt....tnuMbtod... Utm, writtoo br D. Folko: tho 

bjr M. Cbr...BlgMMatt BdHto. ono ofAiiiol AUmm booko...Uio 
u, Pirnktm^ Dtm§^ 1990. 8vo. otKor onioot tbo imilini 

4410. t. tion of P. Frmrino. 1686. 8m 
Itllliirii f I- " 703. K 4. 

^ Anotbor oopy. 698. a 26. FRAUNCE ( AnuniM) 

FRAMCIB {XAWtrnX 8mmi. ^ ^ ' A. 

Ateirmblo liii of 8. Fraaoit nun. oiM—itom, Tiiwoglypbi- 

XATior, oto. oonuB, oi wjmMiitnm^ qim ob 

F RANG KB (C»«.ruKc) >*??^ ^?T*o»?T^*«:.^!!^^ 


(" •^D^^Jtoi^ ^^O' <!"• Symbolic* pi 
its of tbo SooMo pH«po«t»m^ptjri6rt. r 


^t?^ .^rc:r5w-(;Jin 

FRANCKLIH (BUc*i») ti- nn«.*— . «r P^b«k- 

OMl^vMfl, OM ttmototoo do took — Tho CoontoMO of Pambiota 

ia liacaa QffMaaifla;...i0^tai EaMaaoL Cootoiaing ttio No- 

porB!F(iaaoklia)iaioamnoo. tlW^, PIm^ BamlToad B«r- 

QaBMkaio«B,ol^ F.For- lootioa of Chriot : togMUlior witli 

«Sr P»o O. SktrSi l4mdim, oiitaiao FtolaMt of Dirid. AU 

1630. 8m 622.0.16. ia l i gifa h HooMMton. te- 




printed^for W. Poiwoniy, London, 

1591. 4to. C. 34. a 35. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 80. a. 28. (3.) 

PRAUNCE (Abraham) The 
CouDtesDe of Fembrokee Tuy- 
ohuxxsh. Oonteining the affec- 
tionate life and unfortunate death 
of Phillis and Amyntas : that 
in a patttorall [trunslatod from 
T. Taseol; this in a funorall 
[translated from T. Wataon] : both 
in English hexameters. 2 pta. 
(The lamentati(»n of Corydon for 
the love of Alexis, out of Latine 
[of Virgil]. The beginning of 
Ueliodorus his ^Ethiopical His- 
tory.) r. Oneynfor W. FoMonbyt 
London, 1591. 4to. 

C. 34. c. 35. (1.) 

In the do<Iioation to the Countess 
of Pembroke, Frauuce states that he 
had ** somewhat altered S. Taasoes 
Italian, & M. Watsons Latine Amyn- 
tas." As fur as Act 5, scene 2, 
it is a close tranttlation of Tasso's 
♦• Aminta." The 2nd pt., being the 
*' funerall," is translated almost en- 
tirely from Thomas Watson's Latin 
poem of Amyntas, 1585. 

■— Another copy. 80. a. 28. (1 .) 

—- The Third part of the 
Gonnteflse of Fembrokee Tuy- 
churoh ; entituled, Amintas Dale, 
wherein are the most conceited 
talee of the Fagan Gods in Eng- 
lish hexameters, etc. Printed for 
T. Woodcocke, London, 1592. 4to. 
80. a. 28. (2.) 
The leaves are "eropped.** 

— Another copy. MS. Norw. 

644. e. 9. 

Imperftot; without titlepage, the 
work oomiDMieing at p. 1. wliioh is 
mutilated. AH after p ^7 i« also 

— The Lawiers Logiko, exem- 
plifying the pr»oepta of Logike 
by the practise of the common 
I^we. ». %. W. How for 

T. ChMnn and 7. Newman, London, 
1588. 4to. 1129. h.1. 

— Another copy. 1129. h. 2. 

— Another copy. 231. f. 43. 

— Another copy. G. 10457. 

FRANCIS (Richabd) See 
Dictionaries. Begin. Incipit pro- 
logus in libellii qui dicitur 
promptorius puerorum, etc. [By 
K. F.J Eng. and Lat. 1499. fol. 
C. 11. b. 11. (2.) 

FREAKE (Wiluam) The 
Doctrines and Practises of the 
Socictie of Jesuites. In two 
bookes. The first, Containing their 
grounds and Intentions discovered 
by two of their own Societie,... 
P. Florenius...and C. Francken. 
. . . The second, ... a Detection of the 
secret DesigDe8...of that Societie, 
of later W. F(reake), 
an unworthy Minister of the 
Gospell, etc. Printed hyB.A, and 
T. Fawcet for Q, Gibbe, London, 
1630. 4to. 4091. bb. 

Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage. 

Bohemia and Elector Paiatine, 
See FfcRDiNAND II., Emperor of Oer- 
mantf. The present State of the 
Afiaires betwixt the Emperor and 
King of Bohemia, etc. 1620. 4to. 
1054. m. 6. (3.) 

— Departure from HejfdeXberg 
towarde Prague, CoronaHon, See 
Harrison (J.) A short relation 
of the departure of... Prince F.,eta 

^Nuptim, See Willct (A.) 
Tractatus de Salomonis Nuptiis, 
etc. 1612. 4to. 605. b. 15. 

— Marriage. See Willw (A.) 
A treatise of Salomon's manage. 
[1612.] 4to. 694.0.10.(4.) 

— A Briefe Deecription of the 
reaaont that make the Declaraiioii 


it. Bmrm$, Lwmim, I 

•TBokMikMlMtacBlMlorha*- if. Bmrm, Lm Jm, 1637. 4U>. 

«tt*.,orMivml«fw«l«^ A.Mmms, 1193. k. I. (3.) 

.lll4#Ji^|/.ttSl. 41a. KIM.K3I ««•-*.— ^^ . 


Milt mJ OtHaT P^OatuZ OUtmmmm^fimfi^am^icrtMfJ^ 

ly EUMb«tli...WiUi 


^ ^. Mriiy. i4«to, 16IS. 41a. ^3^ g.^ ^ p^ rj^^^ ^^ 

"• ''^ 643. L 20. (5.) 

fyp«^g»/,'^gg;;; E^^^S^^n^r^J^^^^ 

4 lk» bte...PHMi^ W f^Uk 

T^km wofil te word o«t oT hk FRBBMAN (Thomas) 

bit will ttMl IntaMBt WlMr»- and a groat Cut. £| >^ 

ii dUad tlM LaateraTa his Loaioa, 1614 239. g. 37. 

^^ thaptvbeabyJoluiOMimir, 

iiu. uf KivdiiHck and LiaQtaoant PBBOBVILLB (Jiiui m) 

Q«MralorUM»I*kUtiaataw]aBar. [Tba lUfomad FbUtMa. Thai 

^^. L md m, 1577. 8Ta 1860. a. is. An Apolo^ f - '' - ^eiiarmU 

of Baf< ate] 


ym BtMBAM O^r A Joomall, ' "^T ^VT^ai'^ 

SirSTaw"^^^ ^ ^ progoo.ticatlan..B3r 

MMtridiibyttelViBoaorOraiiga. ^ 

Writtan hj a gaoUaaaa of FRBNOH. B<^ Hera ta 

aaliljr, aad aa aolor in aoat of a good boka to larna to apaka 

tba fMTDoaadiMB, alOL J^ u l t i If fraooh. Tw^ nag bon liTra a 

/. D./mN. OM m mdB. Bmnm^ aBptaadra a parlor fhuuM^oys. 

t«adi«,1632. 4IO. 1056. g. 31. [KL 6, acraa.] Hera folowatha 

— TlM Copy oT tha Artiolta »• »• i*^' •• Jti€mimm Pimmm, 

of AgmnaBi batwitt.nanry... [iMalsa. 1600?] 4ta C.33.l>.31 

I^riaoa of Oiaaga and Um Goirarw EUmm kavai» vflkool tlikpiia, 

MV. B«fgani...and Soaldian of Mgiii H ia , argjtkaapla. Big. a-a; 

Bfada^aboattbai iis aiw ia gof SS2i£r!!li5L^X^ 

•k^ ^Lii ru*« fw %^ --*-M. m -,-T ^ ia«a»aaBiBwaaiaoann«»*fi^i» 

tbaaaHl City... Tinalatad oat of vUbLAaMT.PrfaltdhyWyakjBda 

tka Hatch oopy. 2 pta. Plriatai Waida, miHimd mkr -W 




liah," M the titlepage runs, ** Hero 
begToneth » lytell treatyse for to 
Icdrne EngljMhe and Freiushe." 

— Another edition. 1$. S. 

643. m. 9. (21.) 

A fragment consisting of a muti- 
lated leaf. 


narration, bricfely contayning 
the history of the French Mas- 
Bacre, eepeoially that horrible one 
at Paris,... in the yeare 1572. In 
the passage of which, are handled 
oertaine Questions both Politike 
and Ethike, etc. T. Snodham, 
London, 1618. 4to. 114. k. 15. 


See H., C. The French Schoole- 
master,etc. 1G36. 8vo. 12950.a.26. 

F R E R U S (Joannes) See 

Hippocrates. rA«^opto-/ioi.] Hip- 

pocratis ... Apnorismi versibus 

Bcripti...per J. F. 1567. Svo. 

539. 0. 10. (1.) 

* iTnroKpaTovs . . . d<f>opL(Tfioi . . . 

HippocratiR...aphori8mi soluti et 
metrici...Metaphra8ti8 J. 
R. Wintemono, etc. Or. and Lai. 
1633. Svo. 539. c. 4. 

FRIARS. SeeQ., T. The 
Friers Chronicle, etc. [With a 
dedicatory epistle signed : T. G.] 
1623. 4to. G. 541. 

FRITH (John) 
See BaiGiiTWELL (R.) peeud, 

"-See Crowley (R.) The 

supper of the Lorde...Incidently 

...IS oof u ted the letter of master 

More against J. F. 1533. 8vo. 

1020. 0. 2. (2.) 

— See F., J. 

— See Garoynarb (Gkrmen) 
A letter of a yonge gentylman 
named mayster Germen Gard^- 
nare, wryten to a frend of his, 

wherin men may se the demeanour 
1 heresy of John Fryth late 
burned i also the dyspycyos 
'} reasonynge uppon the same, 
had betwene the same mayster 
Germen and hym. 1534. 8vo. 
G. 11990. 

FRITH TJohn) See Gwyn- 
NETH (J.) The cofutacyon of the 
fyrht parte of Frythes boke, etc. 
1536. 8vo. C. 12. b. 10. 

A Playne Demonstration 

of I. Frithes lacke of witte and 
learnynge in his understandynge 
of holie Scripture, and of the 
olde holy doctours, in the blessed 
Sacrament of the Aulter, etc. 
1557. 4to. 3932. d. 

— See Tracy (W.) The Testa- 
ment of master W. Tracie esquier, 
expounded ... by ... J. Frith, etc. 
1535. 8vo. C. 37. a. 28. (6.) 

— See Tyndale (W.) The 
whole workes of W. Tyndall, J. 
Frith, and Doct. Barnes, etc. 
1573, etc. fol. 8. b. 12. 

— See WiCLiF (J.) Vvicklieffes 
Wicket. Faythfully overseene 
and corrected... With... the Testa- 
ment of W. Tracie Esquire, ex- 
pounded by W. Tyndall, and J. 
Fry the. [1548.] 8vo. 1360. a. 3. 

[1550?] 8vo. G. 11996. 

— A boke made by J. F., prisoner 
in the Tower of London, answer- 
inge unto M. mores lettur which 
he wrote agenst the first litle trea- 
tvse that J. F. made conoeminge 
the saoramente of the body and 
blonde of ohrist unto which boke 
are added. ..the articles of his ex- 
aminacion before the bishoppee of 
London, Winoheetur and lincolne, 
in Paules church at London, for 
which J. F. was condempned ad 
after buret in smithfelde the 

V »» T 



llMirtli(UT<»ui .luii i&SS. H. E. 
C. 11 K. •. (8.) 

— — ^-— Now B«wly !•- 

LiiiwiJ IH6. 8Ta 1418. K •. 


vUx v. ft. It. Am«» [lo mf wij 
1848. 8Ta 1020. a 2.(1.) 

FRITR ( Joan) An oUior bok« 
A{Caiii«t HMtol luuMd Um rab- 
mdy or bulwark to hit IVnil 
boln* nadt bjr J. Pntbo mmtmr 
im Um T6w«. ». ft. [ImAnh 
1888?] 8m 8982. •. 


,,,,f,^fj^ -Aoothwoopj. C.12.b.9.(2.) 

oopj. 1418. b. 10. 
— Aaolbar copy. O. 19965. 
Now Dewely r»- 

▼inl oto. ». ft. J. Scotelm 

md W. 8mm, Ixmdom, 1548. Bra 

C.21. a. 

— AboUmt oop J. C.12.b.20. 

FRITH (J(MDi) AdispuUcioD 
if l^wg^torye nuwie by J. Frith, 
whi^e is derided in to thre bokes. 
The tmt boke is an enswere onto 
Baetell, which goeth aboote to 
Move pergelorTe by netiumll 
niykeophye. The aeoonde boke 
anawereth onto Sir T. Mora, which 
labcmreth to prore porgatorye by 
Script lira. The thj^e boke 
inakcth anewere unto my lordeof 
BocKertra [J. Fiaher] which moost 
leaseth unto the doctoarea, etc. 
H. ft. [LoMi0a.l588?] Sto. 

C. 12. b. 9. (1.) 
Withoat pagimtfaa. 

3932. a. 
^^ tttkptga being 

— [Another edition.] A die* 

5atacio of porgatorye made by 
. Frith which ia derided into 
thre bokea...The aeoonde boke 
answereth nnto Sir T. More... 
The thirde boke maketh aaswere 
nnto my lorde of Boehaelra, olo. 
H. ft. [iAmiom,l5S5li 8to. 

1020. c. 2. (3.) 

— Another copy. 

^ Vox Piecia : or, the Book- 
Fiah, oontayninff Three Treatiaaa 
[by J. F. or by R. Tracy ?] which 
were found in the bellr or a Cod- 
fish in Cambridge Market, on 
Midaummer Eve laat, Anno Do- 
mini 1626; [Tic. The Prepara- 
tion to the Croaae; — A Mirrour, 
or Glaate to know thyselfe; — A 
Briefe Inatniction to teach a per- 
eon willingly to die.] 8 pta. 
PrimUd/ar J. Boler and R, MU- 
Boarae, Lomdom, 1627-26. 12mo. 
694. a 80. (1-^.) 

BMh pt ha* a tpaoid titfeptfe, 
that of pt. 1 beiof BBlUatad. 

Vojfogm. See Bbbt (G.) A tme 
diaconrae of the late Voyagea of 
diaooTerie, for the finding of a 
paaaage to Calhaya, by the Xorth- 
weaat, under the oondact of M. F., 

— Fofa^...l577. See SiTTLt 
(D.) A tme reporte, etc. 

FROI8SART (Jean) HEre 
begmneth the firat volum of nir 
J. Froyaaart: of the cronydea of 
Englande, Frannce, Sparne, For- 
tvn^le, Sootlande, Bretayne, 
Flaudera : and other placea adioyn- 
ynge. TrSslated ont of frenche 
into onr matemall enfflyaebe 
tonge, by J. Boarchier Itnieht 
lorde Bemera, etc. (Here be- 
ginneth the third and funrthe 
boke of ayr J. froiasart of the 
cronyclea of Btglande, etc.) 
15. ft. 2vola. B. Pgneon, Ltmdom, 
1523-25. foL G. 6242. 




— [Another edition.] Here 
begjnnith the firste volam of 
Svr John Froissart: of the 
Cfronycles of Englande, Fraance, 
Spayne, Portjngale, Sootlaude, 
Bretaine, Flaunders: and other 
plaoes adioynyngo. Translated 
cute of Frencho into oure materall 
r«ic] EnglvBshe tongue, by John 
Bouchier knyghto, lord ^mers, 
etc. IS. Z. 2 vols. Vol. 1. 
Wyllyam Myddylton^ ai Ludon in 
Flesirete, etc. Vol. 2. R. Pinson, 
at Londtm in Fkteitreie, 1 525. fol. 

C. 38. i. 3. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

184. b. 1. 

Epitome of Frossard : Or, A sum- 
marie Collection of the most 
memorable Histories contained in 
his Chronicle, chiefly concerning 
the state of England and France. 
...Compiled in Latine by J. Sley- 
dane, and translated into English 
by P. Goldiug. T. Purfoot, far 
P. Oolding, London, 1608. 4to. 

9200. b. 

— Another copy. 596. c. 3. 
The last page is mutilated. 

PRONTINUS (Sextus Ju- 
lius) The strategemes, sleyghtei 
and policies of warre, gathered 
togyther by S. J. F., and trans- 
lated into Englvshe by K. Moiy- 
•ine. 90. %. In sedtbut T, Berthe- 
Uii,L<mdini,n39. 8vo. 534. d. 3. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 0. 17170. 

— Another copy. 54. a. 26. 

Iin|>crfoct: the Utlepage being 
•upplttnl in MS. 

FROST (W.) See Ephcub- 
RiDBs. Frost. A new Almanaoke 
or rrogm)8tication...By W. F, 

See Fbitu. 

FUCHS (Leoxhard) A moat 
worthy practise of...L. Fnohfias 
...moste necessary in this needful! 
tyme of oar visitation... bothe for 
tiie sicke and for them that woolde 
avoyde the dannger of the oon- 
tagion. H. %. B. HaU for 
jr. LobUy, London, [ 1 575 ?] 8vo. 
1167. d. 7. (5.) 

The head-title it **A regiment 
for the plague,** etc. 

PULBECKE (William) A 
Booke of christian Ethicks or 
Moral Philosophie : containing 
the true difference... of.. .Vertue 
and Yoluptuousnesse, etc. 90. %. 
jB. Jones, London, 1587. 8vo. 

8409. a. 

— A Direction or Preparative 
to the study of the La we ; wherein 
is shewed, what things ought to 
be observed and used of them 
that are addicted to the study of 
the Law and what on the con- 
trary part ought to be eschued 
and avoyded. IS. Z. MS. Nons. 
T. Wight, London, 1600. 8vo. 

1130. b. 14. 

— Another edition. 10. %• 
Printed for the Company of 5to- 
tioner$,London,1620, 8vo. 883. e. 2. 

— An Historicall Collection of 
the continuall Factions, Tumults, 
and Massacres of the Romans and 
Italians, during the space of one 
hundred and twentie yeares next 
before the peaceable Empire of 
Au^stus Cesar. Selected and 
derived out of the beat writers 
and rc{>ortcrs of theae aoddents, 
...beginning where the historie off 
T. Livius doth end, and ending 
where C. Tacitus doth besin. 
Printed for TF. Ponmmby, LoMom^ 
1601. 4to. 689. o. 24. 

— An Abridgement, or rather 
a bridffe of Roman Histories to 
p y o Um neercat way from Titus 
Liviua to Corneliua Tacitus. 

r V T 

r T* T 

With a oaolUUUoB of mil 

i^£ ^n It I liMi i lie 
■ Ui« Uw of NattoiM : 
m^rrnUl ditoottiMt of 

• of liAw, wberrin 

<^ Wond QM OOQ- 

etc r. ITMl, 

r oopjr. 1374. 0. 

Pj. 1132.0.1.(1.) 

o or Omleroooo 

Law. the Cadod I^w 

^ -uiiiion Law of-.-Eng- 

di g M Ud ia tnidnr dis- 

ete. T ^^ Lmdom^ 

l^OI. 4Co. 1127.0.17. 

Anotboroditioo. MS. Non 

^v y lIorgimTo]. 2 pU. Pniii«l 

/W lA< OiMufi 4/ ahrttootrt, Loo- 

4M,ieiS-dL 4to. 4M.d.«.(l,2.) 

vkkk «•• jrfBlid by T. Wigiil» 

— Ano^oroopx. 1132.0.1.(8.) 

FULOO (OvuBJius) 
8m Tvua (W.) 

TUhQKnnilB, Mm. L«/€ 
«mI iJUlf. &« Vktob, Bm&op </ 
Tf^eo. Tbe...liiftor]r of the per- 
Mb'otioD in AfHciro> oto. 

FULKS ( WtLUAM) 8m Bima 
— N r ^ TBrrAjmr. The Tort of 

t!.> New TcOtMMOt of JOOM 

I iHtt, tTftOflUtcd o«f* of Uio 

^ oonloiM 
B/W. P. lAM. M. 

1413. k. 9. 

► -- 1<v^! foL 1276.1. 10. 

KIT foL 4«6.f.9.(l.) 

1 OH f(4. 4««.g. 12.(1.) 

FULKE ( WiLUAii) SmBi«jl 
— Nacw TttTAMurr. — BmHJtHmL 
In Sooimm IHtI JoonnU Apoo»- 
Ijpiim PraUootioooi 0. FnloooU, 
olo. 1&73. 4to. 3186. oa 

— A ConfnUiion of a Tfootlao 
Bodo hf W. Allan in dotooo of 
too nrarpod powor of Pi^pioh 
Prieothood to remit dnnoo, of 
tho n ooe wi ty of Shrift, aod of the 
PopM Pludono.~An Apologia of 
tho ProfoMori of the Ooe^ in 
Prmanoe eg&tiMt the railing do- 
clamatioo of P. PrariDe...taniod 
into En^ifth by J. Fuwler. 8m 
Cbaus ( W.) a Treattae againat 
the Defanaa of the Caaaora, eta 
Pta.2A3. 1586. 8to. 702. b. 4. 

— See N., 8., Dodm-o/DivimUf. 
An aDttdote...agminit the peati- 
fanma writinga of all Kngliih partionlar D. T., 
eta 1615, etc 4to. 3935. a 

1622. 4ta 698.0.24. 

The Guide of Faiths or 

a third part of the Antidote 
against the peatiferona writinga 
of...F., etc. 1621. 4to. 3932.00. 

— A raBMnbranoa of the con- 
fbraBoa had in the Tower with 
E. Quapioii Jaaaita, by W. F. and 
B. Ooado 18. Sept 1581. 8m 
Nownx Ul.) and Day (W.) 
Bitkop of WimchmUr. A tme re- 
port of the Di8pQtatioo...had... 
with E.Ounpioo« ate. 1583. 4to. 
860. k. 12. (1.) 

^ Ad T.St^»laioni...C;HioTafw 



Biamm oavillationes & calnmnias 
in sna principionim doctrinalium 
demofltratioDe methodica, oontra 
satisfaotionem ad Kisbtoni poatu- 
lata qasBdam, lib. 4. oap. 10. et 
11. adbibitaa, G. Fuloonis.-.r©- 
sponsio. Ttfpit Thoma Dawaon, 
impeiuis Oeorgii BUhop, Londiniy 
1679. 8vo. 1019.0.32. 

Without pagination. 8ig. a-e. 

FULKE (William) Anti- 
progiioeticon contra inutilee Aa- 
trologorum Prapdictiones Nostro- 
dami, Cunningbanii, Lovi, Hilli, 
Vaghami & reliquorum omnium. 
Antbore G. Fulcone. Ex officina 
H.Suitoni, impennM H, Toii.Londini, 
1560. 8vo. 718. c. 6. 

Withoiit pagination. 

— A briefe Confutation of a 
Popish Discourse... by J. Howlet, 
[i.e. R. Parsons] or some other 
Birde of the night, under that 
name. Contayning certaine Rea- 
sons why Papistes refuse to come 
to Church, etc. 13. E. T.[Daw]8(m 
[for] G. By shop, London, 1581. 4to. 

697. f. 12. (2.) 
The last leaf ia mutilated. 

— A comfortable Sermon [on 
Matt. XV. 21-28] of Faith, in 
temptations and afflictions. 
Preached ... the xv. February e 
. 1573, etc. [With a dedication 
■ignedl. Y.] ». %. J. AwdeUy, 
Xoikian,1574. 8vo. 3932. a, 1.(6.) 

Without pagination. Big. A-G. 

— Another edition. J. Charle- 
wood, London, Ibis. 8vo. 3932. b. 

— Another edition. J. Charle- 
wood, London, 1686. 8to. 

4474. b. 101.(2.) 

— A confutation of a poniNhe 
and BclaanderouB libcUe, in rorme 
of an apologie : gevon out into tha 
courte, and spread abrode in 
diverse other plaoet of the Realme 
[by J. Ilowman of Fcokenham ?], 


etc. D. I. /. Kingiton, for 
W. Jones, London, 1571. 8vo. 

1019. a 1. (1.) 

— Another copy. C. 12. c. 15. 

— Another copy. 697. a. 37. 

In thia copy the date of imprint is 

FULKE (William) A de- 
fense of the sincere and true 
Translations of the holie Scrip- 
tures into the English tong, 
against the manifolde cavils,... 
and impudent slaunders of G. Mar- 
tin... Where-uuto is added a briefe 
confutation of all such quarrels 
& cavils, as have bene of late 
uttered by diverse Papistee ... 
against the writings of...W. F. 
3 pis. H. Bynneman, for G. Bishop, 
London, 1583. 8vo. 844. i. 1. 
Each pt. ia separately paged. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for T. Adams, London, 1617. fol. 

466. g. 9. (2.) 

— Another edition. A. Mathewes, 
Lomion, 1633. fol. 466. g. 12. (2.) 

— Another copy. 3. d. 6. (2.) 

— D. Heskins, D. Sanders, and 
M. Rastel, accounted ... three 
pillers and Archpatriarohes of the 
Popish Synagogue . . . over tbrowne, 
and detected of their severall blas- 
phemous heresies, etc. H. MiddleUm, 
for G. Bishop, London, 1579. 8vo. 

8935. a. 

— A Goodly Gallerye with a 
moat pleasaunt Proepeot, into the 
garden of natarall Contemplation, 
to behold the nataxmll oansee of 
all kynde of Meteora, as wel fyery 
and ayerv, at wa^ and earthly, 
etc 9. 1.. W. OrigUk, Londim, 
1563. 8vo. 8756. a. 

— Another edition. 99. %, 
W. Qrifitk, London, 1571. 8vo. 

588. a. 6. 


r 1 1. 




«• aia;i«*i*«L 


;: Ktuimm d 

U M^ddUiomn. impmm OmHdmi 

J^tu^ Lomdimi, 1571. 4to. 861 0. 00. 


tb« Stored 
aad htfy BtiFtlttidn of & John, 
written in Utine bj W. F....aiid 
timttJalcd into Rnglith hy O. 
Gjr&nL ». t. T. PmfaoU, 
" ' 157S. Sva 8187. a. 

— A TCJojndor to Brittows 
Bflolie in deCoiioo of Allent aoroll 
of Artklooaiid Booke of Pnrgft- 
torku Abo tbe oftrib of X. San- 
d«r...alKNit tbo Soppor of our 
Laid aad Um Apologie of tlie 
Cbmh of EDgUiid, toochiog the 
dootri— iImiwiI^ oonAitod bj 
W. F., 9U, E. MiMUUm, for 
17. BmAm, LoMbm 1581. 8Ta 

8982. «. 

— A Bolmtive, to ttaj good 
C*hri*tmBa» in trao fiuth and 
r^iisioo, agiinol tbe MotivM of 
R. Brktow. Ako, A Dmoototm 
of the daongwcMW Booko of tho 
P»|iiin Cliwii« OonmMBdod by 
M. Binder, etc T.^mkwMm 
JwQ.BUiu^Limd4m,\Wf^ 8m 

1019. d. 2. 


— Another eopj. 

1579. 8to. 
695. b. 8. (1.) 

1019. 0. 81. 

— Anolhtr oopj. 

4474. b. 101.(1.) 

— A Sannon [on OmL IV. 21-81 ] 
pTMobad ... 17. of Marcb Anno 
. i:)77. at 8. AlphegM Cboroii 
within CrepbgAta, ato. H. ft. 
L. HafTfMH, landon, 1577. 8to. 

895. a. 9. 
WIthoat MglMHni Btglrtw 

— A Sannon [on John xru. 171 
preached... within the Tower of 
London, in the heering of snob ob- 
stinate Pkpietea aa were priaonais 
there, etc H. ft. 2*. D a waon, 
/or(7. .BmA<». Ioadcm,1581. 8Ta 

898. a. 88. 

— T. SUpleton and Martiall 
(two Popieh Haratikea) oonfntad, 
and of tbair particnlar beraaba 
detaoted, etc JTortrait.] H. Kir- 
dbba for G, Bitkop, laadaa, 
1580. 8Ta 8982. o. 

— A tma raporte of a Con- 
feranoa bad betwixt Dootonr F. 
and tba Papiata, being at Wbbioha 
Cbatle, ate ». ft. r. Dmmm. 
for r. Smilk, LomUm, 1581. 8vo. 

1413. b. 17. (5.) 




treatises written against the pa- 
pistet, the one being an answore 
of the Christian Protestant to the 
proud challenge of a Popish Catho- 
lioke [Cardinal Allen]: the other 
a confutation of the Popish 
ohnrohes doctrine touching Pur- 
gatory & Prayom for the dtad, 
etc. 2 pts. T. VauiroUier, 
Lomdtm, 1577. 8vo. 3935. a. 

Each pt bM a tepaiats psgina- 
tioQ aod register. 

FULLER (Nicholas) of Gray* b 
Inn. The Argument of...N. F. in 
the CaHo of T. Lad, and R. Maun- 
soU, his Clients. Wherein it is 
plainely proved, that the Eccle- 
siastical 1 Commissioners have no 
power, by vertne of their com- 
mission, to Imprison, or put to 
the oath ex Officio, or to fine anoy 
of his Majesties subjects. [London^] 
1607. 4to. T. 499. (7.) 

— Another copy. 1383. c. 2. 

— Another copy. 108. b. 11. 

FULLER (Nicholas) Pre- 
bendary of Salislmry. Miscella- 
neorum Theologicorum, quibus 
non modo Scripture Divinae, sed 
et aliorum classiconim Auctorum 
plurima monumenta explicantur 
atque illustrantur ; Libri tres, 
plurimarum observationum in 
hao oditione insigni auctario 
locupKtnti. His insuper accessit 
oonsimilis argumenti. Liber ... 
quartUB, etc. J. Bamenue^ Oxonim, 
1616. 4to. 3705. a 

FULLER (Thomas) D,D., 
Prebendary o/SalUbury, See F.. T. 

— DaTids Hainous Sinne, 
Heartie Repentance, Iloavie 
Punishment. [In verse.] T. Ck>te$, 
for J. Bellawtie, Ltrndan, 1681. Syo. 

0. 37. d. 11. 
Without psgination. 

— The Hiitorie of the Holy 

Warre. T. Buck, Cambridge, 

1639. fol. 488. g. 2. 

With ft leoood titlepage, engraired. 

— Second edition. 

R. Daniel for T. Buck, Cambridge, 
1640. fol. 488. g. 22. 

FULLER (Thomas) M.A., of 
Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, A 
Sermon [on Ps. cvu, 17-21]... 
upon the late Decrease and with- 
drawing of Gods heavie Visita- 
tion of the Plague of Pestilence, 
etc. B. AJsop and T. Faweei,for 
N. Butter, London, 1626. 8vo. 

4475. b. 52. 

FULLER (Wiluam) The 
Mourning of Mount Libanon:... 
A Sermon [on Zech. ii. 2] 
preached... 1627 in commemora- 
tion of ... the Lady Frances Clifton, 
etc. T. Harper for B, Boetocke, 
London, 1628. 4 to. 4906. aa. 31. 

— Another copy. 1358. c. 4. 
Imperfoot ; wanting aig. A-E. 

— A Sermon [on Ephes. iv. 7] 
preached before his Maiestie 
[Charles I.] at Dover Castle, etc. 
K Allde for J. Hodgett, London, 
1625. 4to. 4474. b. 35. 

FULLONIUS (Guuklmds) 
J. Palsgravi...Ecphrasis Anglica 
in Comoediam Acolasti. The 
Comedye of Acolastus translated 
into oure englysshe tongue after 
Buohe maner as ohyldeme are 
taught in the grammar sohole 
fyrst worde for worde...and after- 
warde acoordynge to the sence... 
with admonitions... for the more 
perfyte instructynse of the 
lerners, and... a brofo introdnotory 
to... the dyyers sortea of meters 
&o. Interpreted by J. Palsgrave. 
Lat, and Eng. «. I. 7« mdi- 
bue Tho, Berihefet], lAmd^onl 
1540. 4to. ' C. 34. f. 2. 

WlthoQt puginatioD. RsK<sler 
A,b,B-Z,Aft,Bb. lOlleafM. 



-«iMliil»ll»Kj«i«lly«W*/' ^. 
iW/Mmm rlb«r Imvw) mmI tig. 


OftATAMiOt (0.) Tb* OMitI oC 
■lirifiliil bj W. Wm\' 
IMt. Sfo. 61.11.15. 

[15780 tvo. 


PULWKLL (ttriAM) Tb« 
fim IVrt% of Um EjrghUi 
libgrmll M«M»: BnUtaM, An 
ttdttUadi* tU Arte of FUUeH«, 
wtik Um ooofaUtioo Ibwuf... 
a«Tind Md oMpikd bj U. P.... 
K««lj oorrteltd uA nfiwt^d. 

[1560?] 410. a 87. d. 10. 

— Tbo Baimi« of 
T^obiM o poHbei pUl 
to indite BpblUt mad UltM of 
aU torlMTTTbo wbdto dlTidod 
ialo ibvro boobs: now bowIj 
mibliabod aod MgmoBtod« bj 
W. F. A mdUkm, iMdom 
1586. 8ro. C. 40. b. 13. 

PMtl J la BUok Ultar. 

•ditioD. B. li ti w 
1598. 8TO. 1085. a. 88. 

— TboFloworof 
tbo brt^bl 
iortaBoto rmipo or i 
Um Tiii....HorMUilo 
hy Um Asolbor a 
tMotko oC ill Boblo Mid iroi 


km tboi WM doM at 

ta 8oollaado» tbo 

oftbomigMof King 

tbo 8ist _rPbrt]j in 

». E. Wt flMHat, 

1575. 4to. C. 89. 0.28. 

- A picoaant EDterlode, in- 
tituh-i. Like will to Like qnoib 
tboHoTiUtotboCoUior. Wbor- 
in ia dodarod wbat pantabmonti 
tbooa tbat wtU ratbor Hto 
tboa a rt oo m o and 
Ibllowo good CoanoalL And 
wbat beaoAts tbaj laoaivo tbat 
•|»^j tbooi aalToa to f oitau u a 
liTing and good oattiaai. Mado 
bjV. Falw^ [Tbo wbolo oad- 
ing witb a Song, Wbare liko to 
Uka, oto.] H. E. IE. iUUt, 
1587. 4to. C. 84. a 88. 

Ooa- FUMXX (Maktu) 8Umr da 
4 Oman. Tbo biatorio of tbo 
of Uag tionblaaof Hnngmtio: oootaiaiag 
tbe pitifttll loikM and mine of 
tbat kinydome, and tbe warrta 
ba|ipoaod tbaia, in that time, 
batwoeao tbo Cbriatiana and 
Tarkea...Nowlj teanaUtad oot 
of Fraaob into 

b W R. 
(Tbarobol GoatloauMu F. Afo^ 
il0a,l0Mba,ieOO. foL 590.b.l7. 

7nifOK(JoBAV«) SitCAaioa 
The tbra bokaa of Cronidaa. 
ito ia addod an Ap- 
pendix, oootarning all anob... 
tbynpeo aa be ■MBtyoaad in 
Cnmiolea to bavo "^^ 

fh>m...l532 to... 1550, gatbatad 
byJ.F.,eto. 1550. 4to. 0.5981. 

Auorall 8.) [On Pki ic. 12.] 
[Loadoaf 18ior] 4*0. 4478L aa. 14. 

8m F., W. 

all bdbte iif. A4. 

A TOfy briala aad profiiablo 
Tiaatiaa dabUriag bowo BMay 
irnat BMSar of 
Priaco tbat will 
well ongbt to bava. 



[Translated b^ T. Blnndeyille 
from the Italian Version of A. 
d'Ulloa.] W, Seres, London, 
[1570]. 8vo. C. 88. a. 7. 

Without paginailoB. 

FYLL (Robert) See Btzi 
(T. dr). a briefe and piththie 
snmme of the Christian faith... K(obert) F(yll). 
[1665?] Svo. 696. a. 20. 


O., A. See Bible. — Old Testa- 
MBNT. — Daniel. Ck)mmentaries of 
...J. Calvine, npon the Prophet 
Daniel], translated, etc. [By A. 
G., i.e. A. Golding.] 1570. 4to. 
483. b. 3. 

O., A. See Jesus Christ. The 
Benefite th^t Christians receive 
by Jesus Christ Cmcifyed. Trans- 
lated out of French into English, 
by A. G[olding?]. 1573. Svo. 
4226. aa. 

[1675?] 8vo. 4226. aa. 

1580. 8vo. C. 37. a. 50. 

Q.f A. See Patriarchs, the 
TMie, S<mi of Jacob. The Testa- 
mentM of the twelve Patriarches, 
the sonnes of Jacob, translated 
out of Greeke into Latine by 
B. Grosthed, sometime Bishop of 
Linoolne ... now Englished by 
A[ntony] G[ilby]. 1581. 8vo. 
3050. a. 

Q.y A. Arithmoticomm *Ara- 
fivfj<n,% A. G[ill]. See S., N. 
N. bfimpson], arithmetics oom- 
pendium,eto. 1623. 8vo. 8504. aa. 

O., A. An answer to the 
devillish detection of S. Gardiner, 
Bishoppe of Wynoheitter, pab- 
lished to the intent that snch as 
be desirous of the trath should 

not be seduced by hys erronrs, 
nor the blind i obstinate excused 
by ignorance. Compiled by A. 
GTilbv]. ».a. Few MS. Notes. 
[OuaUer Lmme, London,] 1547. 8vo. 
C. 25. b. 12. 

— Another copy. C. 12. b. 14. 

Q.. A. A briefe discourse of 
the late murthcr of master G. 
Saunders, a worshipfull Citizen 
of London : and of the apprehen- 
sion, arreignement, and execution 
of the principall and accessaries 
of the same. [Signed A. G.] 
)$. H. H. Bffnneman, London^ 
1573. 8to. C. 40. a. 36. 

Without M^inatioD. The last 

leaf is mutilttted, and a few others 

are slightly cropped. 

G., A. Eliahs Fiery Chariot, 
or the holy man's triumph after 
death. A sennon [on 2 Kings ii. 
11, 12] preached at Plimouth the 
nineteenth of August 1631. At 
the funerall of...M. Nicol8...By 

A. G. London, 1640. 8vo. 

1418. c. 11. 

O.^ A. The Widdowes Mite 
cast into the treasure-house of the 
prerogatives, and prayses of our 

B. Lady... With reasons why we 
are to have great confidence in 
her prayers... Whereunto is an- 
nexca, A prayer [in verse] for the 
love of God. eta [By A. G.] 
[Douayf] 1619. 8vo. 698. b. 25. 

— Another copy. 874. a 1. 

O., B. See Bertholdus (A.) 
The Wonderf ull and strange etteot 
and vertues of a new Terra Sigil- 
lata lately found out in Germanie, 
etc. [Translated by B. G., i.e. 
Bamaby Googe?] 1687. 8to. 
546. b. 33. 

a., B. See Cabasilas (N.) the 
EMer^ eta A briefe treatise con- 
teynynge a... declaration of the 
Popes ororped primacye, eto. 



/ LmJm. A 

'r«|tOttl««l to IIM 


ntiMI of 

r? or 

lutiittii. 1AI0 isiaiiop of Dm- JVtmrhnifff Iftirfflfr toLAMft4Ta 
r* <s •ndJ. OlokHlqr, MMliM Abtiqlm. ArtioBli Uabethant 

of t 

H.!h^ of London. R Pblo ... CnrA ... F. O. 

< *rhn«II.Mc) ». E. H.Bpm^ NicoUi o|md Triaolmtoi 

'^79. 4ta SMI2.0. *». I AS l. 12mA. 1002. aa^ 

tri. 1631. 12ina 4902.Ma.22.(3.) 

Q*y H. Sm Boc c ao ci o (< 
It dkport of div«r» 
ii...EDgliaMd bj H. U. 

^16M?]^4lo. 12470. d. 

Wanr tliMirfiod W mmo of , 0-,H. fiwBoocAOCio(a) Thir- 

!^ Jr?I!^J!^!^ .!!!!!£ fcrikhdiVH-o. im. 8to. 

of tW dBumid OAiaoi «•• oto. ^. i^ a. i9. 

ra%Md CTO.I /.1ifirf.iV4i«ir Q., H. S«Cataw)(0.) Moot 
li fit UmmnUk af Ckm hr iift , i,ricfo Ubleo to know t^iXy bow 
1S96 4to 8122. on. mnnioranokotof footomon...Ko to 

WiikBai pfi— tfaio. tho Bokin^ of o jnst bottotlo... 

TVmniod...iDio Eogliab bj H. O. 
O^CH. 5mHooo(H.) Tbo 1568. 4to. 1140. b. 2. (3.) 

8iof» of Bindn...TrmnoUtod bj 

a H. O. 1827. IbL 9415. d. O., H. HeoTono opoodio Hoo 

and Cry ocnt after Lntt and 
O^ R. 8m AootTA (J. M) Tbo Mortbor. MnnilMlid npon tbo 
KotnrmU and MomU Hiolorio of anddalno appwJiindhig of T. 
tbo Baot and Wool Indioa:... 8baarwood« and K. Bvnaa, wbooo 
tnnalatod. .bj B. Q{fiflMtonon. nannor of U^roa, D^tb. and fraa 
1804. Bro, 978. t 9. Oonfiainai, nin boom ospraaad 

wbo wom osoontod...l885 

O^B. te Qonoon (J.) A WritlonbjO.H. N.mmdLOkm. 
FHMJgniqno of Oonnalnlntion Lmiwm. 1836. 4to. a 27. a 17. 
for tna Oonooid of tbsnoalaMB of _,„ . . ..— v^^^kv 

Qroai Britnino in Unitio of ro- 
ono king... 


O., I. See Androzzi (F.) Cor- 
taine devout oonsideititions of 
freqnenting the Blessed Sacra- 
ment:... translated into Engliith 
[byl. G.]. [1615?] 12mo. 

4410. aa. 

O., J. See BiBLB. — New Tbbta- 
MINT. — Philippians. An Exposition 
of the third chapter of the Epistle 
of St Paul to the Philippians... 
By R. Sibbee, etc. [The preface 
and dedicatory epistle, signed 
J. O.] 1639. 4to. 3265. b. 

O., I. An Easie Entrance into 
the princi pall points of Christian 
religion. ..By I. O. W. E. 7m- 
printed for W, N(yrtan, London^ 
1579. 8vo. 3505. c. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 15* %* 
H. MiddleUm for W. Norton, 
London, 1581. Svo. 3504. aa. 

O., I. The Maske of Flowers. 
Presented by the gentlemen of 
GraieB-Inne...upon Twelfe Night, 

1613. Being the last of the 
Solemnities ..which were per- 
formed at the marriage of... the 
Earle of Somerset and the Lady 
Francis, daughter of the Earle of 
Sufifulke. [By I. G., W. D., and 
T. B., etc. With music] Printed 
by N. 0. for li. WiUon, London, 

1614. 4to. 161. a. 67. 
Wtthont pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. b. 33. 

O., I. M. Some laid open in 
his coulers: wherein the in- 
different reader may easily see, 
howe wretchedly and loosely he 
bath handeled the cause against 
M. Penri. Done by au Oxford 
man to his friend in Cambridge. 
[Signed I. G., i.e. J. Ponry?] 
[L<md<mf 1588?] 8vo. 848. a. 10. 

— Another copy. 

3932. a. 

O., I. A Refutation of the 
Apology for Actors [by Thomas 
Hey wood] Divided into three 
briefe treatises. Wherein is con- 
futed... all the chiefs groundes 
and arguments alleaged in defence 
of Playes ... By I. G[reene]. 
TT. While, Land4m, 1615. 4to. 

641. e. 12. (2.) 

— Another copy. 641. e. 29. 

The titlepoge of this copy differs 

slightly from that of the preceding. 

O., J., Gent. The Strange Dis- 
covery; Tragi-Comedy [in five 
acts and in verse and prose]. 
Written by J. G[ough], Gent. 
Printed by E. O. for W. Leake, 
London, 1640. 4to. 161. i. 60. 

Without pagination. Other copies 
of this edition were issaed with the 
anthoPs name on the titlepage. 

G., M. Epicedium in obitum 

...Henrici Comitis Derbeiensis, 

etc. [By M. G. and Henry Price.] 

J. Barnesius, Oxoniee, 1593. 4to. 

11403. b. 13. 

O., N. 5c€SonN(G.) A briefe 
... treatise, conteining a true 
description of the Antichrist... 
translated into English [by N. 
G.]. 1692. 8vo. 873. c. 23. 

G., R. See Calvin (J.) The 
mynde of... J. Calvyne, what a 
faithfuU man. ..ought to do, 
dwcllinge amongest the Papistes. 
(Translated by R. G.) 1548. 8vo. 
698. a. 8. 

O., R. See Elizabeth, Qiisaii 
of England. A treat ise of treaaons 
against Q. Elizabeth and the 
Croune of England, divided into 
two partes: whereof, the first 
parte answereth oertaine Treaaons 
protended fin a letter oommenoinflr 
* Salutem m Christo * and signed 
R. G., I.e. Richard Grafton? and 
attributed to W. Cecil, Lord 
Barghley], etc. 1572. 8vo. 

C. 12. 0. 16. 


O.. K. A if^oil i*ftm^ to 
V.tctm^ Hv 1. 0.1 H. &. 

l#Qt. 4IO. e»i.«.S.(t3) 

O. T137. 
M«IMB in 


AMilMf Wfijf* 

OL E. 

Qood MM Mid tvill 

iMvlioMffmiag Um Mi»d ooM- 
mhmmi of |Im1m» of Norfi>lk 
Id Om tV»w«r, daltd OotoUr 18, 

1^7^ Md •koMd B. O^ U. B. 
MtMhamf A&telidloW.CMl 
LordBvsU^.l II.E. [A. On/* 
•Mf JWa.. 1571.1 8vo. 

C. 21. h, (8.) 

1571.] Sro, C. 88.*. 
titlilii bifti Ai. 

€opy. MS. Nom 
b]r O. HftTTvy]. O. 5448. (^) 

O^ R. 


The TniUi of TIUms 
or, the Charchos 
Hglit aaintalMd, Mid dotaded... 
BjT B. O. FnuUd /or IT. BiUter. 
K18. 4to. 878. o. 6. 

■a<i A 

V S 1888. 

A-B^Ai^ AChMMy 
oC tho fimro oardiiud 
8m Pasacia. FlMiaoe^ 
or Seloci Apborismao, etc. 
1880. 8Ta 699. a. U. (8-7.) 

O^ T. 8m 

bj T. 0[ooirwtol Mid 
lima ^4878. a. 

DoloMl B^. 




Miiitio, oCo. [Witli Ml opistlo 
to tbo Boodor Mgnod T. Cf., Le. 
T. QoodwtA.] 1687. 4to. 

8752. b. (6.) 

O.. T Se€ 8am (B.) The 

« Aino ... Pob- 

•owo] 0{oodwiii], 

•t. mo. 4488. d. (8.) 

G., T. Sm aaam (B) Toe 

O., T. The 
eoeg,or, e IHM. 
fceiWWU ead 
whioh befell the 
Dmry e Jcwoito, end the gtmtmr 
Dort of his ooditorj, 1^ Iho 
dowaefall of the ioore ei en 
•Mmbljr in the Bleok*Frioni... 
Together with tho rftheeimll of 
Heeler Drvrie hie text, end tho 
divieioD theraoi; ee eleo en exeoi 
oetelociie...of fQch ee periahod... 
end e brief eppl Urn ttoB thereapoo. 
'By T. O.] /. - ■ - ^^ 
BerrW, end & 

1628. 4io. 8988. b.(l.) 

— Another oopj. 

— Another copy. 

le lids «opj the 


105. d. 58. 
103. h. 2. 

O., T. ThoFrieie Chronibb: 
or, the tme legend of prieete 
eiMl monkot liree. [With e dodi- 
oetory epietle eigned: T. 0.1 
PrimUd/ar R M^bamnm, Lmdom, 
1623. 4to. O. 541. 


0.,T. ThoTregedyofSelimne 
Emperonr of the Tnrkee [in 
▼eree]. Written [by] T. O. 
IVteled/or J. CVoo4e, ead B. Aryir, 
' ' 1638. 4to. 648. a 45. 


Willi e new 
pert «r the 

TmgiadI RdineorScl^eieliL.'- 
\m mWhonX th« iaMftls 


O., T. The Vuuon ead Die- 
of Ilennr the Seirenth 
ooooeming the unitie of Greet 
Britteine...Behited br Tfhomee] 
OTeinelbid. In Teree]. O. EUfot 
K, F^iktrtJom, Iwwba, 1610. 4to. 
a 89. d. 56. 



G., T.. Cdlegii Regalis Canla- 
brig. Sociut. Proditoris Proditor. 
Sive Uecachordon, plectrum ad- 
movente Horatio, ooncinens libe- 
rationem Britannicam [from the 
Gunjpowder Plot. — A cento from 
the Odea of Horace. The Dedi- 
cation Bubacribed T. G., etc.], 
Jmpemu Martini Clerk, Londint, 
1606. 4to. 1070. c. 18. (2.) 

O., W. See Mansfeld (E. von) 
Count. Count Manafields Direc- 
tions of Warre, etc. [Translated 
by W. G.] 1624. 4to. 8824. c. 

O., W., of Southampton, Mer- 
chant, 5e«CARTiONY ( The 
voyage of the wandring Knight 
. . . translated ... by W. G[oodyeare], 
ofSouth-hampton,etc. 1607. 4to. 
1077. f. 8. (1.) 

[1620?] 4to. C. 25. f. 5. 

G., W., Pro/essour in Divinity. 
A Discovery of certaine notoiioiis 
shifts, evasions, and untrnthes 
uttered by M. J. White minister, 
in a booke of his lately set forth, 
and intituled, a Defence of the 
Way... By W. G., ProfesFour in 
Divinity, in manner of a dialogue. 
The second Edition. [Douayf] 
1619. 4to. 117. g. 36. 

G., W., Profemmr in Divinity. 
A Treatise of the Church. In 
which is proved M. J. White his 
Way to the true Church, to be 
indeed no way at all to any 
Church... Written by W. G. Pro- 
feasour in Divinity : in manner of 
Dialogue. [Dauayf] 1616. 4to. 
117. g. 35. 

GABELHOVER (Oswa? i.^ 
See Gaebklkbover. 

GABRIEL, de Saimie Marie, 

Archhinhitp of Rheime. 
See GirroRDus (Guutuius) 

GAOK (Wiluam) iS^ Bible. 
—New Tebtament.— JiaiNM. A 
learned and fmiteibll Commen- 


tarie upon the Epistle of James Hemminge... translated 
into English by W. G(aoe). 
1577. 4to. 3265. a 

GAGE (WauAM) See Ldtbib 
(M.) A right comforUble Trea- 
tise conteining sundrye pointea 
of consolation for them that... 
are laden... Englished by W. Gaoe. 
1580. 8vo. 3905. a. 

— i966 Luther (M^ Special and 
chosen Sermons... Englished by 
W.G(ace). 1578. 4to. 226. e. 31. 

1581. 4to. 227. b. 18. 

— See Rnrius (J.) A euide 
unto godlinesse... Englished by 
W. G(ace). 1579. 8vo. 

698. a. 44. (13.) 

GAD) Ben-Arod, etc., peeud. 
The Wandering-Jew, telling 
fortunes to English-men. [Signed 
Gad Ben-arod, etc J MS. Note 
[by E. Malone]. J. Baworth, for 
N. Butter, London, 1640. 4to. 

1077. e. 27. 


(Oswald) The Boock of Phy- 
8icke...Faithfullye translated out 
of High-duche by...C. Battus... 
And now nuclye translatede out of 
Low-duche into Englishe by A. M. 
Isaack Caen, Darte, 1599. fol. 

41. h. 2. 

The titlenage it eneloted within 
an eDgravea Mfder. 

GAETANI (Enrico) Cardinal. 
Instructions for young gentle- 
men ; or the instructions of Car- 
dinall Sernionetta [E. G.l to hia 
conaen Petro Caetano, at his 6iBt 
g^ing into Flanders to the Duke 
of Parma, to serve Philip King of 
Spaine. /. Uekfield for T. Hug- 
gtne,(k/ord,19S9. 12mo. 722. a. 8. 

GAGER (Wiluam) See H.,W.. 
of Eac. in Os. An Apologie for 
Women. Or an opposition to... 
Dr. G[ager] his assertion... that it 


w«« UwfWU Air liMliiiiiHo btM« OAQftFORD (TmiA«) TIm 

ibrtr wiv«i^ tio. ItOt. 4lo^ TnM RiMipUnr. aihI 

•«!».•. H klory eflif Bvl oT TImM. 

~ Jon) Til' oirwtlifow of ETJIISC ^^ 

'■ v«raio^wisi D. Gam mmI "^ 

riUliil: not fboa Um rtport of 
iMOMtlMUeiiiiUMMlolbrlbM 2^-,iSL^ 'll'?[i^^ US 

im. -410. 64I.O. ll(l.) ^j^ WritttiibyT.0(diSbi2> 

I«9. 4«a. •41.0.8. IVtiMtrf (y 0. P, /or R. Rpmrn- 

1619. 41*' 

OAIMSrORD (TmiAt) * 2^ 


--Tbo Glory of bcUBd* pro Bi^,,. Hcio bagfmith o twot^ 

ffwdowiptteoroMayomUMi of ogoUat^oto/llfiW?] 4lo. 
BforoaMitroo oad loiirlrtiMo p in ^ i< 

rfwpMitroo ud MMrinoUo C. 40. a 12. 

[1522?] 410. 

blHiion whortbjakt trhmpboth 
€«v« oUtlM MlioM of Iko world : 

Willi ojoiftii^mpori«» bo* GALATEA. OalUtheo. [A 

. . . M***??~Sf CoojodT.iofiveocUaodinprooo, 

J^t??l!^v*H JSSHJ-vS^v^- Vy J.UUjl At it WM ploydo 

G(d«.ferd). JtOn#•^rr.^or. ^ibro tW Wm lUictio^at 

1618. 4to. 1308. a. Gfo«io-wiolio...By thoChjldiOQ 

Kowly loriMd ^.f^«^ ^' Okmimoods far iU 



witli BO Um proAtoblo Umo li^«ow B^ooim, LooAw, 1692. 4to. 

By a 84. d. 10. 

T.G. M.GrJthMB. 

Lndio,1619. 4to. 808. d. 11. OAL« (Thomas) At Qalbi 

— AaoUioroditioQ. JBL GrtHm C^) t'^ ^ "^^ worfa.] Car- 

1820. 8to. G. 1848. ^^ Workoa of Goleno, collod 

Mothodos Medoadi, fto. tronoUtod 

Tbo Hiotorio of Tr»bt«md, into Eoglitb, by T. G. 1688. 4to. 

olOL ISimiul /or T, Dowm md 640. o. 7. (8.) 

1 435 b — tCortoiDO work« of chtrnr- 

nrio, oto. Certoioo workot of 

oopj. G. 10485. Golons...troiMUt«d by T. G. 8m 

-Til. Tn» «d W«iia«AiU l^l^(^^T\t£ 

fovtk. ISmtti Vf E. O. fm — Cortotno Workao of Cbirv- 
JV. BMItr, lonloo, 1618. 4io. wio powly^MpOod and pab- 

10816. b. iMhod by T. Gok muM&r in obi- 
Vfpf. C.21.b. x^wdbiL 1688. 8m 649.0.2. 

— ABOtUr ooDy. 2f2. f 22. Mmh ol kM o Myiiili | 

^ . tloo,ta4 a*k8 ai4«bftfo 

oopy. G. 1062. 




GALEN (Claudius) [Two 
or more Works] K. atoCo- 
fi€Vii}v nya. C. G. . . . Opuscula varia. 
A...T. Goul8tono...Grseca reoen- 
Bita, mGndi8que...repurgata, & in 
linguam Latinam ... traducta ... 
Acct'BBcre ab eodem variae leo- 
tioncs, et annotationes critical. 
Typia Hichardi Badger^ Londini^ 
1640. 4tu. 640. f. 7. 

— G. Pergaraensis de Tempera- 
mentin, et de Inaequali Intem- 
perie libri tres, T. Linacro...inter- 
preto. MS. Notes. Per Joannem 
Siberch, apud prseclaram Cantahri- 
giam, 1521. 4to. C. 31. e. 35. 

Eighty-two leaves; the first 72 
without numeration. 

— [C. Galeni Pergameni de 
motu musculorum libri duo N. 
Leonicenu iiiterprote. (Galeui 
quos oporteat purgare medica- 
mentis et quando.)] MS. Notks. 
In sedibus Pynsonianis, Londini^ 
1622. 4to. C. 31. d. 9. 

Imperfect; wanting all except last 
four leaves, commenciug sig. L3, 
and containing "(iaU-ni quos ojx)r- 
teat purgare, etc." 

— Galeni Pergameni do 2satu- 
ralibuB Facultatibus Jibri tree, 
T. Linaoro...interi>rete. (De De- 
cretoriis Diebus.) Few MS. Notes. 
In ^dibus B. Pynsoni^ Londini^ 
1523. 4to. C. 31. e. 36. 

— G. de Temperamentis libri 
tres. De Insquali Intemperie 
liber unus. T. Linacro...inter- 
prete. [London f] 1527. 16mo. 

649. a. 6. 

— Certaine Workea of Galens, 
called Methodns Medendi, with a 
briefe declaration of the worthie 
Art of Medicine, the office of a 
chirurgion, and an epitome of 
the third booke of Galen, of 
Katural Facnlties : all translated 
into English, by T. Gale. ». I. 
r. East, London, 1586. 4to. 

540. e. 7. (3.) 

GALEN ^Claudius) [De 
compo»itione meaicamentorum per 
genera.] See Guido, de Cauliaco. 
GuydoB Questions, newly cor- 
rected. Whereunto is added the 
third and fourth booke of Galen, 
etc. (The Epitomie of the third 
booke of Galen of the composition 
of medicines.) 1579. 4to. 

7321. c. 2. 

— [De composiiione medicamen' 
torum secundum locos.] The third 
book of G. 
Baker. See Baker (G.) Chirur- 
giany etc. The Composi tion . . . of . . . 
Oleum Magi strale, etc. 1574. 8vo. 

C. 31. a. 17. 

— [De dtfferenttts et causis mor- 
borum sympiomatumque.] Galeni 
Pergameni de symptomatum dif- 
ferentiis liber unus. Eiiisdem do 
symptomatum causis libri tres. 
T. Linacro ... interprete. Few 
MS. Notes. Londini in tedtbus 
PynsonianiSf 1524. 4to. 

540. e. 6. (3.) 
Without pagination. 

— [De Elementis.] GalensBookee 
of Elementes, as they be in the 
Epitome ... published foorth of 
Latine into English. See JoNi-s 
(John) Jtf.D., of Bath. A briefe 
...Discourse of the naturall begin- 
ning of... things, etc. 1574. 4to. 

1039. i. 7. (1-4.) 

— [De pulsuum usu.] Galeni 
Pergameni do pulsuu usu T. Lina- 
cro . . . interprete. Few MS. Notes. 
Londini in sedibus pinsoniams^ 
[1522]. 4to. 640. e. 6. (1.) 

Eighteen lenTe^, without pagi- 

— [Methodus Medendi,] The 
fourth boke of the Terapentyke 
[sic] or methode cnratyfe...tranB- 
lated by R. Coplande. Se$ Suiu 
oiONS. The questionary of Cy. 
rurgyens, eto. [1542?] 4to. 

649. b. 24. (1.) 

r; V ! 


hmktSl JmoW MsrHal 8ooU... 
dU priM siaiiiUoiaM A pcmort- 

q«A...O. A dionim 

■•w mtf oot ... propoaiUir, clo. 
^^ Sto. b6.d.l«. (4.) 

OALFRIDU8 [8taiot?1 l^W. 4to. 

Am^Ucmt. Sm Qamlamwa (1. 
1 c » 8jBoajaM...otta •ipositaon* 
itMigiitri gAlfridi anglici, elc. 
1500. 4to. C. 24. a. 12. 

1509. 4to. C. 24. tL 13. 
1518. 8to. C. 24. a. 38. 

O A LLO W A Y. \Ni;tii«. 

JaMM I., Kin.} ' '• ' •• 1. 

•to. Ane fn: I) 

eooldiiiiig At' 

tkmii of y« 7. >• ;« 

of tbo 20. ohftp. uf tlu» liovcla- 
tioom oto. [EdiUnl br P. 0.1 
C. 37. a. 28. (1.) 

Kivaooii (T.) Oertaino 8er- 
■MNM... oal foorth ... bx R. O. 
1«14. Umo. 4454. 

OALLAR8 (HiooLAS on) 
^{m Des Oallabs. 

OALLXM (T.) 8m 
Mwuom. OaUen. 1640. 


OALLOBBLOI0U8, jwetkl. 
Wioo, Boei«, aod Ala, together 
b J tlie Earea. A Dialogue, writton 
fiivt in Dvtefa bj O., and faith- 
fallj traaalaled oat of the origi. 
aall oopio bj Moreurina Brittan- 
nkmo. eto. JViaiM If A, M. /or 
1«29. 4io. 

WithoelpMEiMtiae. TImi 

J. Otm^ Lomitm^ 

will b9 

OALLONIO (Anono) The 
Lifo of 8. Philip Norioa, tnoa- 
Utod [bj E. Kinamaa]. 8m 
KooHAM (E.) An Aflpendix of 
the 8aiBta» eto. 1624. 12mo. 

859. a. 12. 

Ano medttatiotin upon tha 

iiT., XXVI., xxvii., XXVIII., and 
XXIX. yrtanm of tha xr. ohapt of 
the firtt bnke of the Chroniclee 
of the Ringta. [Edited bj P. 0.1 
1589. 4to. C. 37. d. 28. (2.) 

8m Satoxabola ?0.) [Sermom.] 
Sermo ... in Tigilia Kativitatie 
Domini, oora Frmtribne tuis reci- 
tatoa. (De lingua vemacuU Ita- 
lor. in Lattnam oonTertae...per 
Bartholoneam [Galium] Italtim,) 
eto. [1609.] 4to. 224. g. 30. 

OALLUT1U8 (TARQUiirnjs) 
In funere H. Card. Bellarmini 
Oratio, eto. 8m E., C, JmmiL A 
true relation of the last Sicknee 
and Death of Cardinall BelUr- 
mine, eto. 1622. 8to. 859. a. U. 

OALVAM (Asixmio) Briefe 
Collectione of Yoyagea, chieflj of 
Spaniards and Portugals. 8m 
TowcHAB (8.) Purohas hia Pil- 
grimea,etc Pt 2. 1625. fol. 
679. h. 12. 

— The Diaooveriea of the World 
their firtt Originall unto tha 
)...1555; Briefly written in 
the Portogall tongue bj A. Gal- 
Tano; ... (xnrected. Quoted, and 
now published in English by 
R. Ilaklujt H. R. Impamt 
O. Bishop, LomiUd, 1601. 4to. 

1196. L 82. (2.) 

OALVAKO (Arrmo) 
8m Galtam. 



GAMAQE (William) Linsi- 
Woolsie. Or two Centuries of 
Epigrammes. J. Barnes, Oxford, 
1613. 8vo. 1077. 0. 1. 

Without pagination. 

GAME. A Game at Chesse 
[a comedy, in five acts and in 
verse,] as it hath bine suudrey 
times acted at the Globe on the 
Banck side. [By T. Middleton.] 
Jan Masse, Lydden, [1624?] 4to. 
C. 34. d. 37. 
The titlepage is engraved. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1625?] 4to. C. 34. d. 38. 

— Another copy. 161. a. 10. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 
In tbit) copy the last sheet differs 
from that of the preceding. 

GAMELIA. See K., H., Esq. 
TafirjXia. On the happy mar- 
riage of the most accomplished 
paire, H[ugh] R[oger8] Esq. and 
the vertuous A[nne] B[aynton]. 
1640. 4to. 11626. d. 50. 

GAMON (Hannibal) The 
Praise of a Godly Woman. A 
sermon [on Prov. xxxi. 30] 
preached at the...funerall of... 
the Ladie Frances Roberts, at 
Lanhide-Rock-Chtirch in Corn- 
wall, the tenth of August, 1626. 
Printed hy J, U. for J. Grismond, 
London, 1627. 4to. 1419. f. 26. 

OAR. (Beb.) Cittxen of London. 
The JoytvU Keceyuing of the 
Qneenes most excellent Majestie 
into bir Highnesse Citie of Nor- 
wich : the thing^s done in the time 
of hir abode there : and the dolor 
of the citie at hir departure: 
Wherein are set downe divers 
orations in Latino, pronounced to 
hir highnesse by sir R. Wood... 
and others:... every of the turned 
into English. [Compiled by Ber. 


Gar., I.e. B. Garter.] Henry Byn- 
n[eman], London, [1578?] 4to. 

C. 33. d. 2. 

The titlepage is slightly muti- 
lated. Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Id, %, 

H. Bynneman, London, [1578?] 4to. 

C. 33. e. 7.(1.) 

With the autograph of " Hum. 
Dyson" on the titlepage. Imper- 
fect; wanting eight leaves, viz. the 
first and last leaves of sig. B. tlie 
fir^t of sig. C, the first of sie. D, 
the last of sig. E, the first and last 
leaves of sig. F, and the first leaf 
of sig. G. 

GARARDE, Friar Minor of 
the Order of Observants. The in- 
terpretacyon, and sygnyfycacyon 
of the Mafise ... Composed and 
ordeyned by frere G., frere my- 
noure, etc. 1$. 31. Bobert Wyer, 
[London,] 1532. 8vo. C.25.C.21. 

GARBRAND (John) See 
Bible. — New Testament. — Thes- 
salonians. An Exposition upon 
the two Epistles... to the Thes- 
salonians, by ... J. Jewel, etc. 
[Edited by J. G.] 1583. 8vo. 

1005. b. 22. 

1584. 8vo. 3265. a. 

— 5fec Jewel (J.) Bishop of Salis- 
bury. Ceitaine Sermons preached 
before the Queenes Majestie, etc. 
[Edited by J. G.] 1583. 8vo. 

698. a. 27. 

A vie we of a Seditious 

Bui sent into Englande, from 

Pius Quintus, Bishop of Rome, 

etc. [Edited by J. G.] 1682. 8vo. 

698. a. 26. 

GARCIA, Don, p§eud. The 
Sonne of the Rogue, or the 
Politick Theofe. With the an- 
tiquitie of thee ves... First written 
in Snanish by Don Garcia. After- 
waras translated into Dutch, and 
then into French by S. D[*Audi- 
guier] ; Now Engliahed by W. M. 




mU h B. U 
16S0L Xtmo, 

OARDBM. A QcdlU Gar- 
dM : o«t of Um whiob aKMl oMbrU 
%bU Iw^lw BuiT U gaOMTtd flbr 
1^ iMdOi of tte wo«tta«d ooB- 
of all jmiiiMii tiniMra. 
bjadUcBdar.] H. E. 
~ 'mdm. 1604. 16mo. 
C. IS. a. 

\QoUier edition. /. BmIh, 
1619. 82ma 1077. a. 5. 

OARDXN (AuEtAjma) The 
Theatre of the SooClah Kings. 
[la Tene.! /. Wmimm, Bdit^^w$K 


O. 4990. 


GARDIMXR (Einnnn>) The 
Trial of Tabaooo. Wherein, hie 
worth ia moat wmihilj eacpreeeed abo tlie oomplexiona, dtspo- 
aifWii, and oonetitutiona, of eodi 
A perMma. ea are fitteet 
to take It. Br E. G(ardiner). 
tpnmUi h9n.L/or M, UmmeM, 
1610. 4to. 1038.1.41. 

OABDIMXBfJoBv) A briefe 
and deare Oonfeenoo of the Cbria- 
tian F«vth. Containing an hnn- 
dreth artidee, aAer the order uf 
theereedeof the Apoetlee...Tnine. 
lated oat of French into Engliah 
by J. Brooke, of Aaihe, neit 
Sandwitch. An. 1577. H. ft. 
ImpnmUd for B. Wigki, JUmdam, 
1579. 8to. 8505.0. 

GARDINER (Richard) Con- 
cio J[on 1 Tim. tv. 16] ad Clemm 
habita in tempio Beats Maris, 
Oxon: Feb. 14. [16311 /. UA- 
JUUk imptmmB O, J>^ d B. For- 
rmi^ Ommim, 1631. 4to. 

6944». 15. (8.) 

keforihe ' *^*^- 

OARDniBR (RiaiAU>) A 
SarmoB [on Gea. itv. 8] pnaehad 
at 9. Ilariee in Oifoni on Aot 
8andaj...l633. J. IM^ mmd 
J. Sktri /or W, I>orf «, Oxford, 
1623. 4ta 4474. a 115. 

— A SanaoB Ton John i. 14] 
proach* Oxford on rhri»t- 
mm» Ikj: wherein ie dofrndcd 
the Catholiquc doctrine that 
Chriiit ia tnie (lod tnicly incar- 
nate, ete. L. UMddfor W, Doris, 
Oxford, 1688. 4ta 1 14. c 41. 

— A Sermon Ton Rom. Tin. 11] 
preach*d... at Ox ford... wherein ie 
prov*d the Sonne's equality with 
the Father, the Deity of the 
Holv Ghost, and the resntreotion 
of the same numericall body, etc 
L. Lichfield, Oxford, 1638. 4to. 

4474. c 99. 

GARDINER (Samoil) A 
Dialogue or Conferenoe betweeoa 
IrensBUS and Antimaohua, about 
the rites and ceremonies of the 
Church of England. R Broddoek 
/or r. BasUO, Loadoa, 1605. 4to. 
698. g. 4. (4.) 
Wiihoat pagioAiioo. 

— The Foundation of the 
Faythfull. In a sermon [on 2 
Tim. II. 19] deliuered at Taulea 
Crosse, the 17 of Januarie, 1610 

0.5.]. Imnrimied 5y W, W, for 
Jfoaae, London, 1611. 8to. 

3982. b. (1.) 
Withoot pAgiBstioa. Isipsriboi; 
wAotiiif tig. th, Dt. 

— A Pearle of Price ; or, The 
beet pnrchaae: for which the 
spirituall merchant jeweller sell- 
eth all his temporalis. Printed 
5y r. 8. for T. BuskeU, [London,] 
1600. 8va 4412. g. 

— The Scourge of Sacriledge. 
Imprinted fry W. W: for T. ifaa, 
LoMioa, 1611. 8vo. 3932. b. (2.) 

Wiiboot {Mginattoo. lapeifeet ; 

WABtiDgtig. Ds. 





GARDINER ^Sasiukl) The 
Way to 1 1 ea V e n . I n a sermon [on 
Bom. VIII. 16] delivered at Saint 
Maries Spittle on Wednesday in 
Easter weeke...l611. Imprinted 
by W, W, for T Mm, Lmdan, 
1611. 8vo. 874. f. 22. 

Without paginauon. 

of Winchester. See Cranmer (T.) 
Archbishop of Canterbury. An An- 
swer of... Thomas, Archebyshop 
of Can terbu rye... unto a crafty... 
cavillation devised by S. G., etc. 
1551. fol. 475. d. 4. 

1580. fol. 475. d. 5- 

— See G., A. An answer to 
the devillish detection of S. G., 
etc. 1547. Svo. C. 25. b. 12. 

— See Hooper (J.) Bishop of 
Qloucester, etc. An answer unto 
my lord of wynchesters booke 
intytlyd a detection of the devyls 
Sophistrye wherwith he robbith 
the unlemyd people of the trew 
byleef in the moost blessyd sacra- 
ment of the aolter, etc. 1 547. 4to. 

C. 25. e. 32. 

— See JOYE (G.) The refuta- 
tion of the byshop of Winchesters 
derko declaratio of his false 
articles, eto. 1546. Svo. 3932. c. 

— See Martin TT.) A Traictise 
dcclaryng...that the...marri>ige of no Marine... By T. 
Martin [or, by S. Uardiner?]. 
1554. 4to. 697. g. 13. (1.) 

— See PoYNET (J.; snooessively 
Bishop of Boekester, eto. An 
Apoloc^e fully aanswcringe...a 
blaspbemoee Book gathorid by 
D. S. G....and other Papists... 
against the 'godly mariaage of 
priests, eta 1556. 8vo; C.25.b. 7. 

— See Sawtekt (J.) The de- 

fence of the Manage of IVeistes: 

Agonst S. Gardiner, eto. 1541. Svo. 

G. 5909. 

GARDINER C Stephen) BwAop 
of Winchester. The Communica; 
tion betwene my Lord Channcelor 
rS. Gardiner,] and judge Hales, 
being among other judges to take 
his oth in Westminster hall. [ ] 
1553. Svo. G. 11993. (2.) 

Without pagiuation. 

— A Declaration of such true 
articles as G. Joye hath gone 
about to confute as false. )9. %. 
MS. Notes. /. Herford^ London, 
154^. 4to. 3932. e. 

The titlepage has a woodcut border. 

— Another edition. 1$. %, 
MS. Notes. J. Herforde, London, 
1546. Svo. C. 12. b. 13. 

— Another copy. G. 11 987. 

— A Detection of the Devil's 
Sophistrie, wherwith he robbeth 
the unlearned people, of the true 
byleef, in the most blessed Sacra- 
ment of the aulter. 3$. Z. 
J. Herforde, London, 1546. Svo. 

697. 0. 20. 

— Another edition. 19. Z. 
/. Herforde, London, 1546. Svo. 

223. b. 37. 

— Another copy. G. 11700. 

— Another copy. 696. a. 15* 

Imperfect : wanting the leaf eon* 
taining the oolophun. 

— Stephani Winton. Episoopi 
de Vera Obedientia Oratio. In 
aedibui T. BertkeUH, Londini, 
1585. 4to. T. 811. (2.) 

— De vera obedienoia. An 
Oration made in Latine by the 
ryghte Reverend father in God 
Stephan B. of Winohostre,...with 
the preface of £. Boner,.. .B. of 

< t % R OAR fl7ft 

M0»...tnui4al«ltAlo«niUihMMl /. Fmrktr. Lmitm, UI8. 4lo 

jfHm^ bj Mi«Ul wood : wiOi G. iSOi. 

ill* Pk«Cio» Midi oottoliMiaii of Uit ^ . .-^ ., _ v a w..-^ 

om4n^ IMS. sm o. nm. (i) ^•tj* S'^r^*'*^? 

^ ^ ^ • (!lir»»«iitii nK^iiudoii [on OmI. 

— AmUmt tdition. II. t. i^* ^« ^1 ^'^ Cbristo ImmnuOioti. 

B^m9 1 MMib ^ & Awtd mi A§ Norwiob on ohriai- 

2mJ8.P^Bmm(Sn»hm€ m— • aaY...iei4. If. Smfg 

Ifffmjfrfrn. Inrfim.l Tffifiilrr [•»^1 /«r H. JVcAtnlPM, Lonipm 

1^ 8m ai2.l>.i. l«li. 4to. 114.a42. 

l wf»H ; iwrttog Ui« iMt two OAKLAND. &fJomwoji(R.) 

•^•^ The Qvlden QarUnd of Prince!/ 

QARDm%R(BT&n^MtU%op pl««r«... The third Ume im- 

«/]k2u^ An, 1 ptinted,eiiUrged...bTR.Jobii»cm. 

qfthetru. HO **20. 8Ta C. 8«. h. 86 

lijth,loaehpgtheiiiooHUe«ed OARLANDIA (Joa»ji« di) 

SeetmaMttt of the ettlterwithooii- [Holtorum vocabulorum equivo- 

teleeioB of a hoohe writt^k oonun intcrpreUtio.] G. I. 

•ftyiijtUiemmerbyT.CrMiiiier], Wwmmdms d* word^ im Wetimomu- 

ete. ».&. [£eedMif]l&51. Syo. igA, 1499. 4to. C. 24. a. 11. 

695. a. 42. impMlM: wMiteg thetttl. |»c«. 

aARDYHAE«(0««^ A 13=51?^ 

I:2::dl;jrXinrfe -M«lto,Tocehol<«,eqamoa, 
■ .. . f i „f i.r. IntorsreUtio lUEUtn lobiuiu da 

MN^ wiTten to • ft*od of hi. IntwpwUUo lUgirti 

1 hem/ of John Fryth late '^^}^'' ^^"i^^J^^Tr^xJ^ 

leempnce upptm the m^ had ^ ^y«w«i, LomdtM, 1814. 4to. 

hetwvoe&eMiiiemajsterGermeii ^- ^^' ^ ^^ 

aad hrm. ». E. IT. Be-tei/, Wliboet pectmition Fifty ilx 

[£eilAN^] 1584. 8Ta 0.11990. »«~ »*«^»-"^ 

Sm (jAUMJin. gj^,^ gmlfridi anglia : de iwxmli 

IUnr(8AinT«.)0featBrit. '^ZJ!lJLti:^^'^lS,^^ 
ittlo Calendar: or. triple ortograph^^idiligetoime oor- 

daiee. Dirlded into thiee Tiea^ ^^"■""" * "^^^^ ia...eiwlele 


Uiui 1 

tkee. 1. BritaiinuB tuU : or God ffJS^Ai * P^SiT^ 

eaTe the King ... 2 C«earie ^^' **' C. 24. a. 12. 

noetee:or,TheTragedTofTraj- ,J"^***^*.««lioa. FUlHwo 

tari...8 Amphitheatma Soeie- '^^ ~«^*^ 

tori...9 Ampnitneatma soele- ^ 

nun: or. The Tianepodeot of — • STnonima magiatri lohauiit 

TmKin...Whereiuito ia annexed de Garladia. cnm exporitiooe ma- 

a short di«waatire from Poperie. giatri Galfridi angUci. t). 1. 




MS. Notes, v Richardum Pynmm, 
in civitaU LbdoU, 1509. 4to. 

C. 24. a. 13. 

Wiiboot pftginaiioD. Fifty-eight 
iMTet. Big. A-K. At the end i« 
the iMt leaf of an Act of Parliament 
of Henry VllL with Pynion's iin- 
l»int and derioe. 

OARLANDIA (Joaniibb de) 
Syuonima magistri Johanii de 
Garland ia : oum expoBitione ma- 
gistri Galfridi anglici, nuperrime 
oorreota. (Equivoca magi»tri Jo- 
bauis de Gurlandia.) 1$. I. 
2 pts. Per Wynadum de Worde, 
Landaniit, 151S. 8vo. 0.24. a. 38. 
Without pagination. 8ig. A-I. 
Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage to 


GARNET (Henry) 5«« Cooke 
(J.) JuridicaTrium QuaBstioniiin 
ad MajeBtatem pertinentium De- 
terminatio ; in quarum Prima et 
Ultima ProceesuB Judicialis con- 
tra H. Gamctum institutus... 
defenditur, etc. 1608. 4to. 

884. i. 2. 

— See Great Britain and Ire- 
land.-^ ames I., King. Begin. It 
in BO manifest... how slowe wee 
have been to extend the severitie 
of our LaweB...even againBt the 
Romish PriestB, etc. [A pro- 
clamation for the apprehension of 
J. Gerrard, H. Garnet, etc.] (16 
Jan., 1606, N.S.) 1606 (N.S.). fol. 

606. b. 10. (69.) 

— See Weston (W.) A true 
relation of the faction begun at 
Wisbicb by Fa. Edmonds, alias 
Weston, a Jeeuite, 1696, and con- 
tinued Bince by Fa. Walley alias 
G..eto. 1601. 8vo. 860. k. 13.(4.) 

— A True and Perfect Relation 
of the whole nrocecdings against 
the late most barbarous Traitors, 
Garnet a lesuite, and his Con- 
federatt. Contavning Bundry 
Speeches delivered by the Lords 
Commissioners at their orruigu- 

mentB... And lastly all that passed 

at Garnet's Execution. B. Barker, 

London, 1606. 4to. 866. f. 1. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 13. a. 13. 

The titlepagea of thit and the 
following copy differ from that <^ 
855. f. 1. 

— Another copy. G. 4686. (1 .) 

— Another copy. 618. b. 16. 

This copy hai a lecond titlepage 
readiug: "^A True and Perfect Re- 
lation of the proceedings at the 
■everall Ajraignmenta of the late 
moet barbarouii Truitoru." 

GARNET (Henry) Actio in 
H. Gariietum ... et casteros qui 
proditioue long^ immanissima ... 
Britanniae Magnae Begem, & 
Kegni Angliae Ordiues pulvere 
fulminali k medio toUere con- 
jur&runt: Uni cum Orationibus 
Dominorum Delegatorum. Ad- 
jectum est supplicium de H. Gar- 
neto Londini Sumptum. Omnia 
ex Anglico k G. Camdeno Latind 
versa. L. P. J. Norton, Londini, 
1607. 4to. 860. L 11. 

— Another copy. 196. a. 18. 

GARNIER (Bobert) 5m 
Anton 1 us (Marcus) the Triumvir. 
The Tragedie of Antonie. [By 
B. G.] lioone into English by the 
Countesse of Pembroke. 1696. 8vo. 
G. 11169. 

— Antonius a tragedie... done 
into English by the Countewi of 
Pembroke. See Mormat (P. de) 
Seigneur du Pleeeie Marly. Dis- 
oourBe of life and Death, etc 
1692. 4to. 11626. d. 

— Cornelia. [A tragedy, in 
five aotsAnd in verse, 'i'ranslated 
from the French by T. Kyd.1 
J. BoberU for N. L[ing] amd 
J, BuiUe, Ltmdon, 1594. 4to. 

C. 34.6. 


Q A8 


tBtnftiii iilijini I ' amQ^K.aAm^Um 

— &• Oab. (Bn.) €Mmm ^ 

— AaollMrcoiqr- 0. 11. 1 5.(1.) 

irM • lU.. • \t^ 



TMidk: iftpliJ by bar CitlMr 

Mid Ibrtsa*. Writteo in Frtoob, 
b]r...B. O^ Md tTMMktod into 
h^rikb by T. Kid. ^fini^i. fur 
VTUma. Lcmdom, I59:>. 41a. 

14. •. 60. 

QARMON8(Joa) An Elegy 
nd M BpiUkidi OB Ibe dmth of 

rE.Ltwfc«Mr> teOtDMATKBCT.) 

liCn BrtYitie, tlo. 163«. 4to. 
1417.0. U. 

OentltMM ModoTAtor. 

•0 baw baMM b>tweu6 tbe two 
Boymll LiMt of EngUad and 
Spatae, Miioa tbo OoiM|Qe»t, ... with 
divon rwong to modoimte tbo 
Oomtry peoples 
eerning tbe Pkinoe bis Koymll 
lUt. h end ttate d&iree. E. AU- 
de. LoiidfN^ 1624. 4to. 100. a. 9. 

GARRARD (Tsomas) 8m 

GAMufti>(W.) TbeArtofWarm, 

•lou [Edited by T.G.] 1591. 4fo. 


GARRARD (WuxiAJi) Tbe 
Art of Warre. Bemiig tba oaaly 
nuna bookaofMyllitaria pniftiMinii. 
...Oomelad aad iaiabad hj Ckp- 
tAiaa Hibboock. ele. [Edited by 
T. GanmnLJ ». I. erimud for 
R. Herdc, UUim, 1591. 4to. 

8834. aoa 

BiaiA— Niw TwTAMiM <.^- 

Tbe BTaagalioall 
dactng tba ftmra ' 
one oootinned aontail 
leSi. 4to. 


8334. bb. 

OARZONI (ToiiMA«>) 8m 
HoMTAL. l*be UoapitaU of lo- 
ooiabla Foolaa : areoted in Ba^iab 
aa near tba drat Italian modainiy 

T. G.] tbe uimkilfull hand of 
an ignorant Architect could de- 
▼iaa. 1600. 4to. 12316. d. 12. 

OA8COIGNX (Gknmi) 8m 
AxTWEnr. 'I'he Spoyle ol Ant- 
werpe. FaithfbUy reported, Inr 
a tme English man [».«. G. G.j, 
who was preaant at tba aama. 
NoTam.1576. [1577?] 8vo. 

115. a. 17. 

— SwGiLMBT(StrlL) ADis 
ooTTse of a Dtaoooerie for a new 
Passage to Cataia, etc [Edited by 
G.G.J 1576. 4to. 1045. b. 26. 

— A bnndretb anndrie Flowrea 
bontide up in one small Fdeaie. 
Gathered partely (by transUtion) 
in tba fjma ontlandish Gardins of 
Enripides, Grid, Petrmrbe, Ari- 
osto, and others: and partly by 
invention, ont of onr owne fruite- 
foll orcbardea in Englande : Void- 
ing anndria arraata aanoion of 
tiagioal, oomioal, and mocmll Dia- 
oonma, bothe plea/iannt and pro- 
fitable to tba wall smellyng noeea 
of laamad Beadafs. D. ft. /n- 
prtated /or R. 8mHk^ Lomdam, 
[1572].. 4to. a 18. a. 16.(1.) 

Tbit Is the 
Works ef 

fist editloa 



of tbe 



n AS 

— Another copy. C. 34. f. 5. 
Imperfoot ; wanting pp. 293-296. 

— Another copj. 644. a. 15.(1.) 

Imperfect; oontaininx only **Jo- 
OMta, a iragedie,' pp. 71-161. 

— [Another edition.] The 
Posies of G. G. Esquire. Cor- 
rected, perfected, and augmented 
by the authour. Printed for 
B. Smith, London, [1575]. 4to. 

C. 34. f. 6. (1.) 

— [Another edition.! The 
Whole woorkes of G. G....r^ewlye 
compyled into one volume, That 
is to Kay : His Flowres, Hearbi-s, 
Weedes, the Fmites of warre, the 
oomedie called Supposes, the 
tragedie of locasta, the Steele 
glasse, the complaint of Phylo- 
mene, the storie of Fordinando 
Jeronimi, and the pleasure at 
Kenilworth Castle. 15. H. 3 pts. 
A. Jeffes, London, 1587. 4to. 

C. 34. f. 8. 

At the end of the book are three 
leaves of MS. oomprising: copies of 
attributed to Qascoigne. 

— Another copy. C. 13. a. 15. 

— Another copy. G. 11246. (1.) 

OASCOIQNE (George) The 
Droomme of Doomesda^. Wherin 
the frailties and misenes of mans 
lyfe, are lyvely portrayed... Trans- 
lated [the first part from "Lo- 
tharius de misoria humansB con- 
ditionis, by Pope Innocent III."] 
and collected by G. G. 13. %, 
Imprinted for 0, Cawood, London^ 
1676. 4to. C. 14.a. 8. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 19641. 

— Another edition. 19. ft. 
J. Windet for 0. Caicood, London, 
1586. 4to. G. 11246. (3.) 

— The Glasse of Govememcnt. 

A tia;^i(-all < '(jimdie 8o <'ntirul'il, 
bycanso tli»r« in arc handle-i a.-.- 
woU the rewardes for Vertues, as 
also the punishment for Vices. 
[In five acts and in prose and 
yerse.] ]0. ft. By H. M[iddleton] 
for 0, Barker, at the tigne of the 
Oraesehopper in PauUs Church- 
yarde, London, 1575. 4to. 

644. a. 15. (2.) 

Without pagination. After the 
oolophon is a list of the **Faultcs 
escaped in the printe.** 

— Another copy. C. 34. 1 6. (2.) 

— Anothercopy. G. 11246. (2.) 

— Another copy. C. 12. e. 11. 

This copy differs from the pre- 
ceding in tlie colophon, which runs : 
*' Imprinted at liondon in Fleete- 
streate at the Signe of the Fauloou 
by Uenrv Middleton, for ChrL>tophi r 
Barker.'^ Neither docs it contain 
the liiit of " Faultes escaped in the 

Crinte," suooeiding the oolophon, 
ut it has a small woodcut ornament 
in place of it. 

GASCOIGNE (George) The 
Steele Glas. A Satyre copiled by 
G. G. Esquire. Togither with the 
Complainte of Phylomene. An 
Elegie devised by the same author. 
2 pts. Printed for B, Smith, Lon- 
don, 1576. 4to. C. 13. a. 16. (2.) 

Without pagination. The ** Oom- 
piny nt of Phylomene ** has a separate 
titlepage, but the register is eon- 
tin uous. 

Mary, the Bleseed Virgin, Here- 
after Folowith the boke oallyd 
the Myrroure of Cure Lady, etc. 
[ByT.G.?] 1530. fol. C.ll.b.8. 

OASTALDO (Jacopo) A 
briefo description of Moecovia, 
after the later writers, as S. 
Munster, and J. Gastaldus. See 
Anokkrius (P. M.) The History 
of Travaylo in the West and East 
Indies, etc Uo. 506.e. 10. 

OAT O ^ T $7$ 

fy'^.T'^.r.^^, (Tucmt ^-^ OATAXBRo »*•*«•) Cbrk- 
A9hm\ . IkaCVMiaMi^cmwMdlijClirWt 

^ * risiall StHBOa OS ApQOalirM 



• t»r...lMwl>w with Um 

llM^fW MHO hi». 

Sibim] /. BM- 
BMni, ImOm, 

M19. a42. 

^.4 i ii 3187. bk. (6.) 

. ri-.^. f t) ^ - i lie * iiriRiiJin MaIIS OuV. 

^""^ "^ for tiM tiMpltf •ort. /. AM. 

'•4ai^ ImmI /or F. CI(^loa, loai l wi, 

t^ 1924 4io. 447i.bK88. 

— OkrUia* fliifii?iw. Aral g »*» >» »«l *t Um Yimtetioa of Um 
prMBfciil. and aftv pvblnlMd a hw8ohol%«tTaabridge...b]riU 
M««nUtim«...AadBoirBUlMMd WMtMM of tli« WDnhipfall com- 

;«to. apte. J.Badkmi V^'^.^^'^''!^.^?:*'^^ 

MM. Bmmtir.Lmdm. IWT. M. Im^m.KM. 4I«. WS.f. 

475. a 4. (I.) _ j^^^^^^j^ ^y 114. c 44. 

>M!il>tiono«0«Mii«U.8. D»- ^17.^7^ ^S^^^T' n^ 

U.««4*ttUfWMt«Uor...llr.B. |f^M«»«i»^'l>-. ^ 

lOT. 4U>. 1419. g. M. _ The Dmmm of Unnit, 

A.^i.^.»_» IK r <M Chri»t'« Friead. Afoaendlwr- 

— Aaowwoonr- »•»• «• •»• „,«, oa loba. cUp. U. rent II. 

— Aa AaaiT««m Memorudl ?»*:*«* •» *'*«5!r;". "^^H?* 
«r Ea^MMk IMiTMT fit>ai tb« J- P^faMr. ete. ^»^*f^- 
8paaiJiIa«MioD: £bT«t«d ia a jj»* ^TT^.T* I\3^ 
mnroaPMl.48.7.8. /.BM- i«i*^ >•*<>• 4»o. B. 204. (e.) 

^«rtr**Jf?r1S: -AiHHh««wr. HI*.- 40. 

•9».tl«.(4.) -A«*bTOop7. 113. f. 18. 

;ftllall«pil6. — Gods Parley with PriDoet: 
with mn Appeale from them to 

— T. GatAk^ri LoodtDatb An- him. The Sommo of two oor- 
ttthmia, partim Q. AmcAi. parttm moM OB tho a. kil WMf of Iho 
0. VotUt, do Sorto %Mibao n- 83. Fhdmo BMflbid at Sornmits. 
po»ita. Hipw/. BmOmU^Lmdimi, Ihm, oto. JL <7r#m JMou, 
1688. 4101 718.0.28.(2.) 1620. 4tow 4474. bh. 29. 




OATAKER (Thomas) A Good 
Wife GckI's Gitt : and, a Wife 
indeed. Two mariage sermona... 
ProT. 12. 4. [and Prov. 18. 22J 
etc. 2 pta. /. Havilandfor F. Clif- 
tan, IxmtUm, 1624. 4t<>. 

4474. bb. 34. 
Pt 2 has a aepaiate pagination. 

— Jacobe Thankfulneaae to 
God, for Gods Goodnesae to 
Jacob. A meditation on Genesis 
82. 10. Wherein by the way 
also the Popish doctrine of Mans 
Mente is disouHsed. J. Haviland 
for F. ClifUm, London, 1624. 4to. 

4474. bb. 35. 

— Jeroboams Sonnee Decease : 
a Funerall Sermon on part of 
1 Kings 14. 17. [preached at 
the burial of — Crispe]. J. Baoi- 
land,London,ie27.4to. 1416. b. 47. 

— Marriage Duties briefly 
couched togither; out of Colos- 
sians, 3. 18, 19. W. Jones, for 
W, Bladen, London, 1620. 4to. 

4474. bb. 30. 

— A Mariage Praier, or suc- 
cinct meditations: delivered in a 
sermon on the Praier of Eleazar 
the 8ervant of Abraham, Genes. 24. 
12, 13, 14. MS. Note. J. Bavi- 
land/or F. Clifton and J. Bowler, 
London, 1624. 4to. 4474. cc 86. 

— Of the Nature and Use 
of Lota: a Treatise Historicall 
and Thenlogican. E. Oriffin for 
W. Bladen, London, 1619. 4U). 

1118. a. 4. 

The second edi- 
tion... enlarged : with addition of 
answer to some further argu- 
ments; by the anthor. J. Bavi- 
land, London, 1627, 4to. 1113.a.5. 

— A Jnst Defence of Certaine 
Paaaagea in a former Treatiae 
oonoeming the nature and use of 
Lots, against such exceptions... at 

have been made thereunto by 
Mr. J. B(almfonr), etc. J. Barn- 
land for B. Bird, London, 1 623. 4to. 
1113. a. 10. 

GATAKER (Thomas) Panla 
Deaire of Dissolution, and Deatha 
Advantage. A sermon fon Phil. 
I. 25] preached at the Funerall 
of... lira. Bebekka Crisp, togither 
with the Testimonie then given 
unto her. E. Griffin for W. Bla- 
den, London, 1620. 4to. 

1416. b. 46. 

— Saint Stevens Last Will 
and Testament. A funerall ser- 
mon on Acts 7. ver. 59., preached 
at the enterrement of the Re- 
maines of M'** Joice Featly. To- 
gether with the testimonie then 
given unto her. Printed bjf E. P. 
for N. Bourne, London, 1638. fol. 

475. c. 4. (2.) 

— Another edition. Printed 
by E. P. for N. Bourne, London, 
1638. 4to. 1415. g. 39. 

— Another copy. 113. f. 9. 

The titlepage has been matilated 
in the binding. 

— A Sparke toward the Kin- 
dling of Sorrow for Sion. A medi- 
tation on Amos 6. 6. Being the 
summe of sermon preached at 
Sergeants Inne, etc. J. H. for 
W. Sheffard, London, 1621. 4to. 

4474. bb. 31. 

— The Spirituall Watch, or 
Christs general 1 Watch-word. A 
meditation on Mark 13. 37, etc 
E. Griffin for W, Bladen, Lcmdon, 
1619. 4to. 4474. d. 110. 

The aeoond edition 
/. Havikmi for 

... enlarged. 

W, BlaJbn^ London, 1622. 4ta 

4410. 000. 
Imparftrel ; waniiDg all after p. 1S8. 

— Two Funeral Sermons, 
much of one and the same snb- 



i«et . to •!». ',:.. lU !.rj;l . f I^a'li. 
UUrr vti F^vl. 7 \ : lis. 

ImijK l.''<^V 4t^» < 37. a. 30. 

l«>» 41. 

lUriiif* Ssraoot ; Um fonMr oo 
Prov. 19. 14. By T. Q^tektr. 
TiMktttrooJoluil. 1-13. By... 
•* "^ ' "^ w. 3plB. B,Or^ 
Lm dt m^ 1 


^ Two BcnMOt: i^naiDg lo 
aiiwtta for Chfklha OMtf*, 

amiMBt. Th« 

oa IWm. 18. 1. The 

kttv ott Hsbr. 11. 7. 2 pU. 

/ ffwflwrf, Iwirfws 1638. 4IO. 

4474. bLSa. 

OATB8 rab* TmmAM) 8m 
C^ W. A phiiM dMctiptioo of 
ih« BarniQdas...wtUi tlMtr dit- 
ooT«ri0 b]r tbe ■hipwrmck...of Sir 
T. Q.. etc. 1613. 4io. 

1061. g. 34. 

Am JovuiAS (8.) ADinowyof 
Um BttfrnvdM, He. 

OmtkvtBg of Om ImUo dgiMt, 
•Mriflow and Moima«itit iasli- 
t«tit of Ood MO tho OTMtioo of 
tbe wwldo. Aad of the tiow 
CfigiMaiof Um Soeriioe of Iho 
MMfo. TiMsUtliottiof PreDdM 
into Soottk U mm fiuOifiil 



) I- 
•too, Bol qiul 

dolU BAiara, 

»gai iorto di 

eMoUrlo, di 

>. BiUio, 

71. d. 39. 

QAUFREDT (Loom) Tbo 
Ltfo Mid Doath of L. Quafr^w : 
a Prioot of tbo Churob of tho 
Aoooulos in IUtmUIoo ... who ... 
ooBoiitlod many oioBi abbumina- 
bU Soroorioa, ... wbnoo borriblo 
lifo boio^ mado 
waa aiTaign«^...aDd 
hj tbe Coori of Parliament of 
Atz in Pvorinoe to be bamt alire, 
wbtoh waa peHbrmed tbe last day 
of ApriU . 1611. Tofelber with 
tbe 63 artiolee of bie ocinfewioB 
To wbiob ii aoDoted a troe die- 
ooam of a Biiutber, oonmitted 
by ftmre womeo witobea, num a 
young Gyrle...wbo were all eze- 
CQted tbe 28. of Jane Uat past. 
Translated... out of two Frenob 
oopiea, etc H. E. iVialed b§ 
Tko, 0. /or B. Bedmer, London, 
1612. 4to. 8680. b. 


XT. 15] 

OAULE (Jobs) A Defiance 
to Dcatb. [A Sermon oo I Cor. 
BeiBg tbe ftuebriooa 
of...Baptiat Lord 
Hiokai, Yieoonnt Camden ... 
Pkeaohed ... November 8, 1639. 
r. JBbf|Mr. far R. AOoi. Lomdam, 
1630. 12n. 3149. a. (2.) 

or tbe Holy 
Fenreotly (not Fori- 
OBily) innged againat EtiU 
Mao; or againat tbeir ErilU. 
WbereiB tbe Naogbty are dt»- 
~ to fhanieolTie, and otbert 
■ay bafB aea at ooetb wbo 



they are; what they doe; and 

how they oaght, eto. J. Haviland 

for B, Allot, lArndtm, 1 629. 1 2mo. 

856. a. 8. 

OAULE (John) Practiqne 
Theories : or, votive speculations 
upon Abrahams entertainement of 
toe three Angels. Sarah and IJa- 
gars Contention. Isaaos marriage 
with Rebekah. John Baptists... 
Decollation. S. Peters Calling, 
Confession, Denyall, Repentance. 
Upon Sauls Cruelty. Pauls Con- 
version. 4 pts. T. Harper for 
B. AUoii LamUm, 1630. 12mo. 

4412. g. 

Pts. 2-4 hsTS each s separate 
titlepage; the pagination and re- 
gister are ooDtinoous throughout. 

— Another copy. 3 1 49. a. ( 1 .) 

— Practiqne Theories : or. 
Votive Speculations, upon Jesus 
Christs Prediction, Incarnation, 
Passion, Resurrection, etc. (The 
Practiqne Theorists Panegyrick. 
...A sermon Ton Mark vii. 37] 
preached at Pauls-C rosso . Sep- 
temb. 7. 1628.) 2 pts. Printed for 
J, Bowler, London, 1 629-28. 1 2mo. 

4226. a. 

With a Moond titlepage, engraved. 

Ft 2, oontaining *'The Praotique 

Theorists Panegyriok,** has a speoiul 

titlepage and pagination. 

OAWTON (Richard) The 
troubles of M. R. G. of late 
preacher at Norwich, al>oiit anno 
1576. See Enoland, Church of 
A parte of a register, oontayn- 
inge snndrie memorable matti rs. 
[1698.] 4to. 697. f. 14. 

OKAR8T (Abraham) See 
C, R. A cruoll murther, com- 
mitted lately upon the body of 
A. Gearty, etc. [A ballad.] 
[1 635.] Broadeide fol. Roz. 1. 488. 

by the Archbishop of Collen, 
upon the deede of his mariage, 
sent to the States of his Aroh- 
bishoprike. With the letter of 
Pope Gregorie the . 13. against 
the celebration of the same ma- 
riage, and the Bishop's annswer 
thereunto. According to the 
coppie imprinted at Collen . 1583. 
[TrauHlated from the Latin by 
T. Deloney.l ». Z. J. Woolfe, 
London, 1583. 8vo. 698. b. 46. 

Without pagination. 

GEBHARDT [Trucosiss voir 
Waldburo], Elector and Archbishop 
of Cologne. The Proclamation and 
Edict of the Archby8hop...of Cul- 
ler n. Declarynge his... intention 
to bring in the free exercise of 
the preaching of the Goepel, 
etc. (16 Jan. 1583.) 19. %. 
Bichard Jones and L S., London, 
1583. 8vo. C. 40. a. 35. 

GEBHARDT [Truobsbh voir 
Waldburo], SUdor and Arekbiskop 
of Cologne, A declaration ma^e 

Without pagination. 

GEDDE (Walter) A Booke 
of Sundry Draughtes, principaly 
serving fur Glasiers: and not 
Im{)ertineut for Plasterers, and 
Gardiners: besides sundry other 
professions. Whereunto is an- 
nexed the manner how to anniel 
in Glas : and also the true forme 
of the Fornace, and the secretes 
thereof. W, Dight, London, 
1615-16. 4to. C. 21. b. 

The titlepage it surrminded by a 
woodcut border. ** The Manner, how 
to anneile or paint in GIm,** whioh 
is without pagination, has a sepa- 
rate titlepage, with the date 1616. 
I'he register is oontiniioQ& 

O E E (Alexander) The 
Ground of Christianitie, compoaed 
in maner of a dialogue between 
Panic and Titus, contayning all 
the prinoipall poyntea of our Sal- 
vation in Christ B, waldegraee, 
LoniM, 1584. 8vo. 8505.0.(5.) 

Without pagination. 

. 1634. 4to. 106.4.27. 

IV^'21^ S^^fr*^ .VJi- OBPFB (K 
1611, 6m SaM.K(l.) |^...H>haVr 

(Jow) TU Fbol ovt ^}^ ^ fc^«f of^ 

Midnr Ui%» piBolicm aad inpo^ ^'^ fNMfi. Tli9 piffeol vte of 
UimoT tiMPrfoMs Md JMitot 8llk».wofmM...I>p«« o«l of tU 

m OMdogM of Moli books M la 8.662.(1.) 

Wol pool in LoMkNL by Oio ^ Prodwa^Uoo mv«i by ibo dio- 

PriLinLi uiiTiSiitZ Ao sr*i^ ss ^'^w.ii:!?^ 

oteoOMiocMoftkoBo«dib i^ji:?*^*^^j£3*i*s^ 

wilb tbo Fbpitk PbyoicUM now f7j*»* AmmUn. and 8epor». 

pmetiriH^ iibimt Lmidoo. Tbe ^^' ^^^^$ ^jthe point.. 

Uird Efitloo^ onrrjing nl*> n S!?'*^»i?TrSl!f *?.'* "^^ 

■kM, fbr ttUing bim Jonilo. ^^ ^!!^,^!!^ •^ ^^^ 

[Umdm^l^U. 41a. ^^ ^^^•i*^'^«*- ^*'^-* 

0.1W71.(I.) j^,„^,^,g ^^ ^nTZ 

n GbtalogiM of Fbpiob Bookto OELU (Oiotanvi Baitista) 

Utolj dbpBiBoii in oor Kingdomo. Cirow of J. B. OoUo, Floraotrao. 

TboPrialoffn,BUideri.MUoraniid TimnaUtod oot of Italjon, into 

of MMdi bookot Bomirii Ei^rljtbo bj H. Iden. ». 1. 

oadJonittorMidontnbpQt /. cWgodi, London, 1667. 8to. 
Tho fsvrth Bdittoo« 8404.00. 

•ato XMler Mnokok far titling wi»oa» pK««nMoo. 

"■ ^"1^^ J^J^ £^ - Anotbor editioci. H. ». 

oo|»3r. 106. d. 26 

— Tbe Foorfol Foosiflo of tbo 
--KowSbrodooftbooldSooro. FloroattDo Oonpor: Writtaa in 
Cootntaiag tbo ApporitioM of Toooino ... nnd for 

^ . ^ ,, , ^ Tbo timoaotod into Engliob by W. 

Oofdoo of difwi Lotion of kto Borfcor. ». ft. B, BfJmm, 
inltraMno^ooMmiag Bomiob iMdoo, 1668. 8vo. 243. o. 37. 

nwrobmiil nl Boao, gmnlod to — Anotbor oditioo. ». ft. 

AivMo Bnglkb gitloAolooring T. Fmfmi fit iU Ciiiiiji»ri t/ 

< ^ibolionoiiBrtboirMdjMoaoj. SMiamn, London, 1669. 6m 

A Ootnlogno of En|^ Hnaaoo 1081. d. 1. 




Appendix concerning Longitude. 
See Jambs (T.) The... Voyage of 
...T. James, etc. 1633. 4to. 

792. d. 10. 

— A Di^coarRe Mathematical 
of the Variation of the Magneti- 
call Needle. Together with Ita 
admirable Diminution lately dis- 
covered, etc. W. Jonee^ London, 
USy 4to. 538. f. 44. 

QELLO (Giovanni Battista) 
See Gelli. 

OEMINUS(Papyrius) P.Ge- 
mini Eleatis Hermathena, sou 
de Eloquentias Victoria. On 
Vellum. Ex pr9cla[ra] Canta- 
hrifflial 1622. 4to. C. 8. c. 15. 

Without piiginatioD. The title- 
page and other portion! of the boc^ 

OEMINUS (Thomas) Com- 
pendiosa totius Anatomic delinea- 
tio, sere exarata per T. Geminum. 
(A. Ve8alii...saon]m de Humani 
corporis fabrica Libromm Epi- 
tome.) Jn officina J. Herforaie, 
Londini, 1545. fol. C. 43. h. 1. 

Without pagiDation. The title- 
page ii eagraved. 

— Compendiosa totius Ana- 
tomic delineatio, tic. [The text 
translated into English by N. 
Udall.] ». m. N. Hyll London, 
1553. fol. C. 43. h. 2. 

Without pagination. The title, 
page is engraTed. At the end ia an 
anonymous treatise in M8. on ana- 
tomy, in the German language. 

— Another copv. London, 
1559. fol. C. 43. h. 8. 

A duplicate of the preeedinc, ex* 
eept the prefatory matter ana the 
last leaf. It has a portrait of Qoaen 
EUsabtth in the pkoe of the B0J9X 
Arms on the titlepage. This is laid 
to be the first engraved portrait of 
Elisabeth. In this oopy most of the 
plates are oolourcd. Imperfect; 
wanting sig. Aa, for which a dupli- 
cate of aig. At has been substituted. 

OEMISTUS (George) G. G. 
PlothoniH do Kebus Peluponnesi 
Oratio posterior, G. Cantero in- 
terprete. See Dee (J.) General 
ana rare Memoriala pertayning 
to the Perftcte Arte of Naviga- 
tion, etc. 1577. fol. 48. h.18. 

man) Newe8 out of Germanie. 
A most wonderful! and true dia- 
oourse of a cruel 1 murderer 
(named C Gempertinga), who 
had kylled in his life tyme, nine 
hundred, threescore and odde per- 
sons... Translated... by G[eorge?] 
P[en ?]. 1$. a. Imprinted for 
0. Pen, [iTpevnch f 1584]. 12mo. 
C. 27. a. 27. 
Without pagination. 


VEDA (loANNEs) I. G. 
Ritu iiuptianim & dispensatione 
libri tres. In sedibus J. Catcodi, 
Londini, 1553. 4to. 697. f.25.(5.) 
Without pagination. 

GENEVA. The Lawes and 
Statutes of Geneva, as well con- 
cerning ecclesiastical Discipline, 
as civiil regiment, with oerteine 
Proclamations duly executed, 
whereby God's religion is most 
purt'lio mainteined, and their 
commonwealth quietli govemed : 
Translated out of Frenche into 
EngliHhe by . R. Fills. V. E. 
R. Hall, London, 1562. 8vo. 

1127. b. 22. 

GENEVA, C*arc* or—Caie- 
ekism. Catechismus Eccloeiae 
Genevenais. Hoo eat, FormuU 
enidiendi pueroa in dootrina 
Christi. [^By J. Calvin.] (Praadk- 
tionee aliquot piaa.) O, How, 
lAmdimi, 1575. 8to. 

1018.1. 19.(8.) 
Withoat pagination. 

— Another edition. O, Hom^ 
Ioiiaiai\[l590?] 8vo. 8505. a 

<; ex 




i>«in«lt«ti«« At <)• : At«|ifortil 
Mi4 iwiiiT«4 Jbjr Um flmrBlMt of 
SooiIumL (TIm onbr of bip* 
t*«M»Tli» •AwfaMnUioB of 

r IMOf] 8va 

C. Sft. 0. 10. (2.) 

OENINOB8 iRimoxn) TU 
Lil« Mia limiii of Mr. K UeniB- 
M Priit» crovmcd with maii^T- 
imm 1 LoMkn. th« 10. day of 
MopvMibtr, ta IIm jr«M« IM^I. 
( A Mail Bektioii« bj way of 
Appiadls« oooopmmi* th^ HfE> 

MMiaMtllof M. > 

t^aioa Mia Mlo 
Vl QwiittgM.) [Witb a portrait 
Aika eleroa pUSm eagraTad by 
M r e BoMf^ .9. 0>irr«, 

ic:i. ito. 1418. b. 10. 

Tw tiiiii lai b «^i»««a. !». 

; •awHi^ llM pottittH m4 
vviMk plan. TU l«it« 
Mik* «Sw>tW laif ana- 


OBMIUS. 8m Jcui 
/W«. Tha dyaloga brtwenc 
TaJUat tha aMOMla. Oaaiaa» aad 
SayatlVlar. 15^' 


OXMTXLST (IiixocBvnt7t) 

OmnLI rSanovt) Akm, 
*4m da aatalt Jtmn Ckricta, Edofiu 
Sif BiauL— Old TvTAjmrr.— 
I^raphraaia all- 

8. < lotoia, 

4to. 1 .1.4.(8.) 

— 8t9 BiauL— Old Tan-Aanrr. 
— FittlM. Italia. & G4littlis io 
iiT. Daviaia I^Mfaaoa a|iir«a paia- 
pbiaan. IM4. 4lo. 1406. «u 22. 

VOL. ti. 

O ^ LI (Hiinnvt ) /U 

Uk&mm.x T. Ta«ii Si»lym»iafl«» 
libarpnaia* T^titii. namariaot* 
f tmmm 4 a < 4to. 

. ..;. g. 31. (2.) 

OJUIT1LT8 CAiiinti^'i) [A 
iailaf ot) ■"I'waan 

Bitbffll 1' n I oil 



i '•-".•. -iiM. I. -I I. e. .», 

— A. GaoUlia de Jarit Inlar- 
naiibwdialogiMJL Ajmd J. Wol- 
Jhna, Loadna, 1&82. 8ro. 1874. a. 

— A. Gaotilia da LMEaiioaibaa, 
libri trea. T. VtmiroUtrm9, Lorn- 

diat, 1585. 4to. 

594. a 16. 

— A. Qciitilb...Baga]«a Dtapa- 
talioaaa tr»; id est. Do pcitaa- 
tata Bcgia abtoluta. I>a aoione 
Bacnoram Britaaniia. Da ri 
ctnam in Rej^m temper intnsta. 
Nunc primbtn in lucem «ilit». 
Avmd T. VamtrotUrimm, Ijcmdimi^ 
1605. 4to. 621. d. 23. 

OSMTULIS (Imiocsynos) 

OXMTILI8 (RoiniT) 8m 
pAcni), Srrriln, Th« IIi»tory of 
tba lA<|atmtioB...Tranalatad...b/ 
R.Q. 1689. 4to. 501. d. 3.(1.) 

OBNTILLXT (laaocnr) 
8m UkocHikVWLXA (N.) A Dia- 
apoB tba BMaaaa of wal 
2 T 




governing... against N. Maohia- 
Tell. [Byl.Gentillet.] 1602. fol. 

8007. f. 

1608. fol. 521.1.15. 

GENTILLET (I»kocest) 


The Romane Conclave : wherein, 
by way of history, exemplified 
upon the lives of the Bomane 
Emperours-.the forcible entries 
and nitarpations of the Jesuited 
Statists, Buooesftively practised 
against the... said empire; and so 
by Application against the resi- 
due of the Christian Kings, and 
free Statts, are lively acted and 
tniely reported. By J. Ursinus, 
Anti- Jeeuite [•.«. I. Gentillet ? or 
J. Beringer?]. 1609. 4to. 

9326. b. 

— — Concilii Tridentini ... 
historica lelatio, et 
monstrata ... Edita k J. Ursino, 
Anti-Jesuita [i.e. I. Gentillet? 
or J. Beringer?]. 1615. 8vo. 

3908. a. 

GENTLEMAN. A proper 
dyalogu [iu verso] betwene a 
Gentillman and a husband ma, 
eohe complaynynge to other their 
miserable calamite, through the 
ambioion of the olergye. [By W. 
Boy?] (Here foloweth an olde 
treatyse made aboute the tyme of 
kynge Bvoharde the seooude. — 
A compedions olde treatyse, shew- 
ynge bowe that we ought to haue 
the scripture in Englysshe.) 
H. 1. uan$ Luft^ Manorow in 
the hnde of JfesMm, 1530. Sva 

C. 37. a. 28. (5.) 

Without titlepageor pugiiiatioQ. 
Thlrty-two UiiTW. 8lg. A-D. 

Englands Way to Win Wealth, 
and to employ Ships and Idarri- 
ners: or, a plaine de»oripiion 
what great profite, it will bring 
onto the Common-wealth of Eng- 

land, by the erecting, bnilding, 
and adventuring of Busses, to sea, 
a fishing... And also a discourse 
of the Sea-coast tonnes of Eng- 
land, and the most fit. ..places... 
that wee have for busses, etc. (The 
States Proclamation, [against the 
exportation of herring barrels, fish - 
ing nets. Sec] translated out ot 
the Dutch.) Frinted/arN.BuUer, 
London, 1614. 4to. 1029. e. 35. 

CHANT. Begin. Of gentylnt-rf 
and nobylvte: a dyalog^, etc. 
[1535.] fol. 840. k. 18. 


See P., L. A compleate Gentle- 
woman, etc. [1635?] Broad- 
eide fol. Box. I. 62. 

GEORGE, Archbishop of Alex- 
andria. r€tt?pytov...*E^7yi;cr4S, ^rot 
Bios . . . ^Ititawov Tov Xpwrocrro/iof . 
See John, Chrysostom, Saint, etc. 
Tov...narpos rjfuay ^Iumzkko v...rov 
Xpvo-ooTo/iov TO EvpiaKo/ACvo, etc. 
Tom.8. leiO.etc. fol. 475.f.l0. 

GEORGE, Saint. Historie. 
See Johnson {U.) The famous Hib- 
torie of the Seaven Champions of 
Christendome, etc. 

GEORGE, Saint. Manymom. 
See White (Tristram) The Mar- 
tyrdom, etc. 

MEUs) The ofspring of the 
house of Ottomanno, and officers 
TOrtaining to the greats Turkes 
Court. W hereunto is added B. 
Georgieviz Epitome, of the cos- 
tomes. Bytes, Ceremonies, and 
Religion of the Turkes: with 
the miserable affliction of those 
Christians, which live under their 
oaptivitie and bondage. In the 
ends also is adioyned the maner 
how Mustupha, eldest sonne of 
Soltan Suliman, twelfth Empo- 
ruur of the Turkes, was murtherud 




It iUmt^ M. a. r Jv^'O*. 


OMur lUiT 1 

JAtt«» I . ir»«if. HifM. Il te 80 

PrioiUk tlo. [A pto- 

N.<) laoerirat ibi 

GERARD (Joan) 
CbukgtM Arbomm, fir«iio«m ao 
liUaianuB tarn lodifMianiai, 
q«Mi Molkanifli ia borto J. O. 
..aMMthna. TBj J. O.] Km 
<#daa JMatf jhifum, IotmIwI. 
IM«. Sva. a 31. Ik 

rh« n«TWn. or Qaaarmll 
HMtona of Plaataa. /. iVWioa, 
1M7. ftiL 449. k. 4. 



aofijr. S5. g. IS. 

Vary maab aalargad 
bj T. Jobaaoa. 
/. 3ror«Mi aW It IfUla- 
less. foL 450. L 6. 

— Aaotbar 00|>]r. 0. 26S2. 

D Baff- 

GERARD (Piiaai) A Pre. 
pftiaturu to \hm mokt boUa Utaia- 
larfa...Wniieo in Pfaaob 
Oarardaiid ttaarfitad iato 
liiib hf N(i 
r. Oimd fir T. 
IMIS. 8to. 857. Kl. 

GERARD US, «i4a«tTely 
^Tmk. fl^islola Giiaidi ARbi- 

ail AiHalmaai CL' 
Um Um otlibacgr of 
ad a aa J a ai. ala. 9m YaMWAmn, 
MI«fV0hrC&af8. BelilakidaM 
...daaiPliatsalaii 1M9. ISaM. 


AffMn'M. 8m AaitroTUL #»- 
9VK^ *Ai y o « yif. A. lljrpaHi Ooai* 
iiMMliaai PbviioM Aritlolalaa^tla. 
I68S. Svo. M8. a. 14.(1.) 

— Tha PraoUa of 
oUiarwiMoallad Uia P- 
Uia Palpat:...Finit 
LtUo Djr...Aadrea« 
and DOW latalj...Bi>. 
J. Ladliaai...Haf«Qnt' 
OiaUon aa 




aaddaaUiof Uiaaa&i 
(paaaad aad proao 
Marparfs bj W. Oitin 
dona iato Ba^iab bj J. Ltidbaai), 
alo. H. 1. 3 pta. r. BaM, 
Lm d m, 1577. 8yo. 851. d. 3. 

Pt ShMaw|mrmtoUU«pa§i^iAd 
b wilkot ifinattoii, 

— Tba Regimeat of Uia Porar- 
tie...Trmn»lmM into Eagtiaba bjr 
n. Tmpp) minUtar. H. S. 
F. OMoA ami H. Bgmmmam, Lorn- 
dpa, 1573. Sro. 4412. 

— Two CoiDVMD PUof« takan 
oat of A. Hrpariaa...wbataol^ 
ia tba ona, ba abawatb Uia 
faiaa tbat tba aoniia, oMmia aad 
i^airra bava orar nan, Ao. Ia 
tba otbar, wbaUiar tba darib bava 
bana tba sbawara of aiagicmll 
aitat^dm Trmnalatod into Engl iikli 
^ R. V(atix). I>. ft. /. Wolfi 
Loadoa, 1581. 8to. 8830. b. 



— Aaotbar copy. 719. a. 34. 

OXRARDU8 (LAiJtnmot) 
Hfpmm. Sm AMmnmM, #«run| 
If. A. H/pariiCoapaodiaa 

HMClaatiM is fwj IrmgvWr ; 




PhyBice8Ari8toto1oflo,eto. [Edited 
by L. G. U.] 1583. 8vo. 

538. a. 14. (1.) 

GERHARD (Joiiann) Joh: 
Gcrhardi Meditatiunee saorro. 
Editio postrenia, prioribns emen- 
datior. M8. NiiTEs. Ajyud Johan- 
nem LirJ^field, impentia Henrid Cur- 
te^ne,Ox(miae,16S3, 12mo. 4408. a. 

' — The MeditatioDR of J. Ger- 
hard... Written orijipnally in the 
Latine Tongue. Newly translated 
iiito Englihh by R. VVinterton. 
T. Buclce and J. Bucke, Prinien 
to the Univertiiie of Camhridgey 
1627. 12mo. 873. a. 1. 

— Another copy. 4403. b. 

— Gerards Meditations. ..The 
fourth edition. (Gerards Prayers. 
...Translated and revised by R. 
Winterton. The fifth edition.) 
2 j)t8. Printed hy the Printers 
1o the Univertitie of Camhridyey 
1635. 12mo. 844. d. 12. 

— Gerards Meditations... The 
fifth edition. (Gerards Prayers... 
The Kixth edition.) 2pt8. T.Buck 
and B. Daniel y Printers to the 
Univerntie of Cawhridgey 1 638. 8 vo. 

4403. 0. 

— A Golden Chaine of Divine 
Aphorismcs ... Translated by R. 
W'i n terton. Printed by the printers 
to the Universiiie t>f CnnthridgSy 
1682. 12mo. ; 107. aa. 

With an (I'Miii - ii tuiijiage. en- 

gimTcd. will, h i.,i.U: ••The Ifar- 

r..". of iliviwilu," uiid hus the im- 

•'Ix)ndon: Trintod for R. 

— The Snnimo of Christian 
Dootrino, written orif;^inaIIy in 
Latino ... and translatod hy R. 
Winterton. B, Danicly Camhridgty 
1640. 12mo. 3559. a. 

GERMANY. (A Rriefe Din- 
Bectiun of Guimanieti AfHiotion) 

[from war and famine : in verse]. 
LondonyUAOl] 16 mo. 11 623. a. 63. 

Without pafdnation. Imperfect; 
wanting titlepage and leaf fol- 

GERMANY. The InTaaions 
of Germanic. With all the Civill, 
and bloody Warres therein, since 
the first beginning of them in 
Anno 1618. and continued to this 
present yeare 1638. ..with the Pic- 
tures of the chiefe Commanders on 
both hides. Faithfully collected 
ontof good and credibleOriginallM, 
By a (ientleman well deserving 
that hath suffered much in those 
warres. (A true and brief Rela- 
tion of the Bloudy Battell fought 
...betweene Duke Bernard Tan 
"Wimeren, Victour: and John de 
Weerdt, with the Duke of Sa- 
velli, both Imperiall Generalls, 
who were utterly overthrowne 
and lioaten. Translated out of 
Authentick Letters, as well out 
of the Duke of Wimeren his owne 
Letter, as another written to a 
great Lord from Basill.) 2 pts. 
/. Norton for I. Boihwilly Lond4m^ 
1638. 8vo. 9326. a. 

— Another copy. 

1077. o. 20. (1.) 

— Another copy. G. 6312. 

— The Wars in Germany, with 
the taking of the several! townee 
by the Marqnesse Spynola, and 
the present estate of the whole 
arniie now on foote, in right of 
the Emperour ... Together with 
the present estate of the con- 
trary arniie, conducted by Grane 
Maurice of Nassau ...Tniely trana- 
lated out of Dutch and French 
into English, eta Printed for 
N. Buttery Londany 1614. 4to. 


GERMANY, Empire of— 
BeirhtUvj. I-.x 1 1 Hot taken out ot the 
Acte uiadu at the Dyei at Wurmes 

c r R 

An Amttw^. He. !<t:f»^ 4io. 

: . 4.(4,) 

OBmMAIIT, ^mfa% V*.-. 

MUmK Ul tiM OOWMtU of Um 

ill: tWlfo to Mjv, All tho 
.: :.. ctai «HM«r«XBC «^ CbHiitaii 
rttjfioai Ik'Ul tfTMll Mid BOl 
afTMd span: ovMi m Umj wm« 
■vopawMd of iIm Bmmw rCluir> 
CTV^] nto Um wMm of Um 
HMiijra, to bo Jod«d, doljbiod 
MaMoftHL (gywrf ^ 

O. VoMvMk!L!7lL Bmt^Hoio 
Umw ImoI ibn Um ooatmoi, oown- 
odl omI odTjot of Um Emporor. of 
vvorj dtgro of Um Dobloo of Um 
Rtoagrio owl of Um Legolo of 
KoM [CbnItaU O. Ooatorioil 
oooooniT«c UbMO ooljo. Aoa 


of )loioMtoB,...aoi fuith br IL 
Booofo 1 P. MoUooton TnuM- 
Ulod owt of LotyiM...Bjr Mjrl/o 
CVroHolo. [OftoB known 00 Iho 

Book.] 9. a. ^Mwoof] 

1542. 8vo. 


^Tko Aolo of Um Dioi of 
SoMopnrgh : bold in Um jocrao 
18& ond 182S, oontaioing Um« 
•evMoll TtboUooo. 1. 8Uo Pio> 
poiiriano Modo bj Um B o y ro n r. 
2. Um Cononltoot or odno« of 
npon Um inl Uuoo of 
8, UMOMpofonto Boplkn 
loUMirodTioeo. 4. Tboir Antwor 
to bU Roplko, wiUi o lokUon oloou 
%. UMtr Anowor to tbo tbreo loot 
Iinporull Propooitiono. 6, tbo 
EupMonra ftnall reoolntion ooo* 
noraiaff tbo wbdo booiocoM. 
/•y^iiii Jm N. BmiUr, loodoo, 
1023. 4ta J. B.4. 


8Ut««at- irii, 

wbich »;.,.. u. ^^ ot 

Kmoofarti (for tbo Elvotiuo of 
tbo DOW ooit EQip<roar) tbo 
tontb dor of Jal/ noxt cniitiing, 
1619. rrnui«UtiMl fron tbo 
Gonnoo. J itm§nimUd hg T. 8. far 
N. NrntUrff, Loodoo. 1019. 4io. 
591. a 24. (2.) 


GERMANY, Empim of.— 
Ciunt.&t v., Btmpmror, Se§ tmff: 
BmchMng, Tbo ootot of the dio- 
potooiu io tbo ouwDoull of tbo 
Emprro boldon ot RoKooopow 
[15411: Tbot b to Mjo, oil Um 
ortTokn oonoornyng tbo Cbriotoa 
rtljgioo botb ograod ond not 
ogTMd npon : oron oo tboj woro 
piop o wDod of tbo EmpitNir onto 
tbo nobloo of tbo Bmpjio, to be... 
dobotod. Horo ibow boot obo 
tbo ooot ono o, oownoell ond odv^roe 
of tbo Emperor ... ooDoernyng 
tboM ootjs, etc 1 542. dra 

G. 11688. 


Smmire of. — 
. TboGoUoa 

GERMANY. Aopwo of.— 
FnuMKA!ci> 11., Aywor. Bixo 
IVopuoitiofMi mode iy tbo Em* 
ponmr [to tbo Diet ooMmblod 
ot BoiieboQ in 1622]. Tbo Em- 
peroora Replioo« etc. See iopro : 
Beiekeiag. Tbo Acta of tbo Diet 
of B^gonopnrgb, eta 1623. 4to. 

J. R.4. 

— A Sommorio Eztroot oat of 
tbo Treotio of Phmo oooolodod 
betwixt tbo Bmp oi wir ond tbo 
Elootor of Soatonio, ot Pkmgno, 
tbo SO doy of JUy 1635. See 
Stilla (J.) A Bewftvliri); of tbo 
l'booeofGcmimo)',etc! 10 17. 4lo. 
9325. K 




GERMANY, Emphe o/.— 
FBRDllfAND II., Emperor, etc A 
Briefe Description of the reaions 
that make the declaration of the 
Ban made against the king of 
Bohemia, as &ing Elector Fala- 
tine, dated the 22 of Jannarie 
last past, of no valae nor worth, 
and therefore not to be respected. 
Ai the Ha^ [Hague f] 1621. 4to. 

J. R. 2. 

GERMANY, Theotogiam of. 
Colloquii inter prseoipnos ali- 
quot GermaniflD Theologoe, de 
conciliandiH Ecclesiamm Svange- 
licanim dissidiis. Anno 1631... 
Li|>8i8B habiti, Consignatio ex 
Germanico in Latinum sermonem 
tradncta. T. Cotet, pro Humfredo 
Blunden, Londini, 1037. 4to. 

109. a. 23. 

GERRARD (Philip) A 
Godly Invective in the defence 
of the Gospell, against such as 
mnrmure and woorke what thei 
can that the Bible shoulde not 
have free passage, etc. i5. Z. 
R, QrafUm, Londd, 1547. 8vo. 

845. a. 7. 
Without pagination. 

GESNER (Conrad) 
See EuoNYMUS, Philiatrue, peeud. 

^See MouFET (T.) Insecto- 
mm sive Minimomm Anima- 
lium Theatrum: olim ab £. 
Wottono, C. G., Thomaqiie Pennio 
inchoatam, etc. 1G34. fol. 

434. f. 10. 

— See TopsiLL (E.^ The Hit- 
tone of Fonre-footed Beastes... 
Ck>llected ont of all the volumes 
ofC. G., etc 1607. fol. 444. L 4. 

— The newe Jewell of Health, 
wherein is oontayned the most 
excellent Secretes of Phiaioke and 
Fhilosophie, devided into fower 
Bookes... Gathered ont of the best 
... authors, by that excellent 

Doctor Gesnerus. Also, the Pic- 
tures, and maner to make the 
Vessels, Furnaces, and other In- 
strumentes thereunto belonging. 
Faithfully corrected and pub- 
lished in Englishe, bj G. Baker, 
Chimrgian. 1$. %. H, Denham^ 
London, 1576. 4to. 7461. a 

GESNER (Conrad) The 
practise of the new and old 
phisicke, wherein is contained 
the most excellent Secrets of 
Phifiioke and Philosophie devided 
into foure bookes... Gathered out 
of the beet authors by that excel- 
lent Doctor Gesnerus. Newly cor- 
rected and published in English 
by G. Baker. IS. %. Few MS. 
Notes. P. Short,L<mdan, 1599. 4to. 
46. m. 2. 

GEST (Edmund) A Treatise 
againste the prevee Masse in the 
bebalfe and furtheraunce of the 
mooste hylye communyon. 19. %. 
T, Baynald, Lando, 1548. Svo. 

696. a. 21. 
Without pagination. 

GEVEREN (Sheltco a) Of 
the ende of this world, and second 
coraming of Chriist, etc [Trana- 
lated . from the Latin of S. a 
Geveren by T. Rogers.] T. Oitr- 
dyner and T, Daweon^for A, Jfawi* 
•sU, Loiuioa, 1577. 4to. 114.6.32. 

— Another edition. [London, 
1578.] 4to. 3187. bb. (2.) 

• Imperfect : wanting the titlepsge 
and the last leaf. 

— Another edition. /. Windei 
/orA.Mamn9eU,L(mdon,l5S9. 4to. 

4473. bb. 10. 

GIBBEN8 (Nicholas) Qnes- 
tions and Dinputations oonoern- 
ing the Holy Scripture; wherein 
are contained briefe, faithfnll and 
•onnd expositions of the most 
difficult and hardest places... The 

n t n 

n ! r 



(M«r of Bi|MlllkL 

Ui« Aral 

(dUttJn) TU 

iW OMilfio«l 





OiCK T g w» w > or TillAM, 

8226. a. 

the Krriirh. 9>^Ut9d hf A. O.j 

C. 40. a. 89. 

OIBlOlf (Jomi) TUSmwI 
SkiM oC d tTM OirMMi 

•IumI iDTiMiM* AinhMi all Um 
fotm ... of Asy iMr mmiImi 
B. rUU md 


m MOOIBg. 

1A.L1 ^a^ OIBSOlffSAiiuiL) TtMOnly 




xTj. With 

1&94. 4to. 

T«i»<l#r of IKx-Ut Gibboo« unto 
xhm Chrirtiap Cbnroh, for Um 

vfatCB, ftltMted b]r A 
mitt«« oC Um Awtmbly. 
of^trtd by tlM...HoM8 of Fi 
, nnotttb tbo ooMBrrasMof IIm 
Ho^ Um How of Ooummm. 
twfa, 1640?] •.!&. M. 

Hl'V tn. 23.(1.) 

OIBR* "" "". Sr* S., I. U. 
The S«ipi n the R<«d of 

GibrmlUr ixx 2:> oi Aprill Uat» 
Uiwiit tbo K. of SpftiiMs Cb- 
mokto aad QoIImnm, uid tbo 
HoOuiaiA mm oi Warra, ote. 
1^7. 4to. 9414. 

OIBB OII (Aimmnr) A 

'oHMBtiWoortb^QonBdod i 

alt tbo MS ia tbo worl4..^rii- 

too by OM tbai batb boaid a«cb« 

bat kaovoo a graat 

Htilo to wnlke by: giitdio|| 
Cbhita MiniatMi, and ail b& 
nMOiboia, bow to Amm tboir 
oooir«natioii fa tbo way to mX- 
▼adoD. A Sormoo [oo Pbtl. in. 
16, 17] proaebod at a 8yDod,...iii 
a ICdiaela Cburdi in Oovootry 
tbo Soooiid of Ootobor 1615. 
O, Pmntam Jm B. Bo&, Lomim^ 
1616. 8TO. a 12. d. 18. (6.) 

0IB80K (TiiOMAt) MA. of 
Qmmm OotUge, Om/o^ A Fruit- 
fill SoriDoQ [on 1 Cor, ix. 16] 
preacbod at Ocdiam, in tboCunntio 
of Botland« tbo aooond of No- 
ibor.1588. B.a. B.WM^ 
mmIoo, 1584. 8to. 

C. 12. d. 17. (6.) 

GIBSON (TnoMAi) Primimr. 
8m BoMi, Chunk ^. Tbo Bom 
of tbo aolM ... HMdo by divoiM 
biabopa of Rono (trmnsUied oat 
of Latyn ... and ini|>rintod 
T.G.). [1540?] 8T0. 702.0. 

OIF FORD (GtoMz) 8m 
BAtoowdi.; A plaino refatatioa 
of B. Giffarda booke, intitalod, 
A tliort troattao gaiatt tbo Dooa- 
~ " [1605.] 4ta 

T. 804 (8.) 

— 8m BoLC— Niw TaniiiaT. 
apoQ tbo 


C T T' 


whole Booke ui tUu iCevulution. 

Bet forth by 0.0., etc. 1599. 8to. 

3185. bb. 

OIPFORD (Oeoroe) See 
FuLKK (W.) PrasKctions upon 
tho...KevelatioD of 8. John^... 
trauHluted into English by O. 
Gyffkrd. 1573. 8vo. 3187. a. 

— See Greenwood (J.) An 
Aunswer to O. Oiffords pretended 
I>erenoe of Bead Prayers, etc. 
1590. 4to. 3475. b. 20. 

More worke for Priests : 

or, an Answcre to O. Gifford's pre- 
tonded defence of Read Prayers 
and devised Leitourg^es, etc. 
1640. l2mo. 874.0.20. 

— A Briefe discourse of cer- 
taino points of the religion, which 
in amon^ the commo sort of Chris« 
tians, which may bee termed the 
(ountrie Divinitie. With a 
iiianifeHt Confutation of the same, 
aftor the order of a Dialogue. 
Iin]>nnied for Toby Cook, London^ 
l.>.-^2. 8vo. 697. a. 33. (1.) 

— Another copy. 3932. c. 

— Another edition. B. Field 
and F.Kingiton, London, 1598. 8vo. 

3932. a. 

— A Cateohisme, oonteining 
the snmme of Chrihtian Religion, 
giving a most excellent light to 
ail those that seek to enter the 
) ath-way to salvation : Newlieset 
foorth by O. G(yfl'ard). HI. I. 
T. Daweon, London, 1583. 8vo. 

3505. 0. (4.) 
Witlioat psginsUoD. 

— A Dialogue betwaene a 

rai))iHt and a Protiwtant, apfdied 
to tiiu cupaoitie uf the unlearned. 
r. Dawmm for T. Cooke^ London, 
1.HS2. 16ID0. 8982. a. 

Without pagioatloD. 

— A Dialogne oonoenaug 

Witches and Witchcrafts. In 
which is layod upen huw craftily 
the Divell doceiveth not onely the 
Witches, but many other, etc. 
m. %. Printed by B. F[ield] and 
F. K[ing$lon] and are to be told by 
A, Johnton, London, 1603. 4to. 

1395. b. 20. 
Witbottt pagination. 

OIPFORD (George) A Dis- 
course uf the subtill Practises of 
Deuilles by Witches and Sorcerers, 
eta 19.1. Imprinted for T.Cooke, 
London, 1587. 4to. 8630. e. 

Without pagioation. The title- 
ge Ih surrouoded b/ a woodcut 

— Another copy. 231. 1. 42. 

— Foure Sermons [on u. Peter 
I. 1-11] upon the seven ohiefe 
vertuee or princiftall effectes of 
faith, and the doctrine of election: 
wherein everie man may leame, 
whether he be Gods chiide or no. 
Preached at Maiden... by G. Gif- 
ford, penned from his mouth, 
and corrected and given to the 
Couiitesse of Sussex, etc [by 
R. Josua, the elder, with an ad- 
dress to the reader by R. Josua, 
the younger!. Imprinted for 

i, London, 

T. Cooke, 

1582. 8va 
Without paginatioii. 

— A Godlie, zealous, and pro- 
fitable Sermon upon the second 
chapter of Saint James [veraes 
14-261. id. t. r. Eaet for 
T. Cooke, London, 1582. 8vo. 

698. a. 44. (6.) 
WithoQt psginaUon. 

— A Plains Declaration that our 
Druwnists be full DunatisU, by 
ooni {taring them together from 
point to point out of the writings 
uf Augustine. Also a replie to 
Master Qieenwood touching read 
prayer, whereiu his growe igno- 

ci I r en L 

IMM* b li [111 mil I, iltt. FHaitd Malirt^r CUMtolivs IMioIihmmm, 

Av r tU4r. LmIm. ir.W). Ilo. Ibr iIm ooMlurtiiiK of hUi...frUMi 

: 27. MiiiHr IHanj»itt«, bwing UlUm 

. . Uio powrtr, mhI KokIUM by 

OXTFOEDiOMMft) Aa^ IL(l(iibH). A UmttiUalioti««iof 

lMviMtollMMM<«l«llioolBi ftUj,ijfa8tt|mli«ilioopf»t«»n«l 

of IL Omiw Mid X GrMWi»d« by J. MaKikiiiul...ttD(o ib« Uuko 

tl» «bMi ria A a J it i or ovr .7 ti^.t^^^ ^^ Dirvr*^ ' • '- 
IlMMlirttiB 8mm»I: wbitftbili .\ m a 9 ».! 

li^ oM iMr (itM* ifAoraMM. ^^^ i^ /. j^^ i. •...«. 
Md ^te «mN« : mnam whidi 'iftAn 440. 239. c. S3. 

«,1M1. 4to. 4103. MA. to iWjpivU portiM «r IiTmC 

«^ ... . . ^-M ..- . y|i.Ui»i| imM to.,Mwlmwoo»4to 

aOenruvU OABRIEL. ^ g««l> Z.i,,^«„ VIII P.- HiySi. 

»• TvoD-l^p^ j^ ^^^ indotaooas to •nr 
•ajaocU flint do chrStiaiMi whoiimld oootrfUiU 


C. 18. o. 2. (M.) 

taor, ata. 1004^ STi> i IL • A ; KiAsron) SteXromm* 

^ ^ iMored PhikMophM 

«•"" ^?2HC? N)ripUire:Uiddowii0 

?.!"???*?.f^^Tf^ * "^ L uciimoM tn the artklM of 

i hntA mMaa^ 1 i»i- ^^^ Faith ...[being ao espoiitkNi 

rmUoM aortei« ia r & ^f ^j,^ ApoaDea iSeedJ. Written 

■MrilNia MaeMioBe ta- by A. GiL 163^. hi 1217. k. 
diaa, Liber v&aa. ) 

a4J«»ota aunt, •; — *Evm«ior de gentia. 

aaledicitie ^ cahimnna, aibiia et Tictoriia Regie Sneoia ia 

adveraM O. GiffM^...iPoUiaMii... Oenaaaiaiesi. SieGovrATiialL 

<l<tod ille OalriaofrriainM in- AoaLraut, Kuy of Smtdm, Th* 

acrineit, Ubri qaalaur, ete. [by new etarr of toe North* eto. 

ILboteUflel O, Bitkop. B. Am^ 1682. 4to. 0.4227. 
(me. ^ Ir. Barker, LtmiimU 

IVr*. 4t.. 477.*. 10. ^—. UJtOn^«**..,"»?Tf .*>'*• 

Oeotia aenno nouioe addiacitiir. 

^^"^^JSiJSl /. B-If, Lpadtat, 1619. 4I«. 

■®**^ C. 21. b. 

OIFFORD (HimFUT) A „ .77: f^^SS^^T^ 

Pbaie of Gilloflowera, echo dtftr- ^ff^?'* ^V** i' .?^^ 

ag ffom oiherfaroolo«r and *«-.l«2l. 4to. C. 12.0.23.(2.) 

odoor, yet all eweete. pik ooUeo- _ AnoUier cow. G. 16870. 

tioD or miMelkaeotte ooeoMk] ^^ 

n«m 01 BitMeuuMMMM poeoMkj 

(An epiale wiittctt in Italiaii by — Uap^yv, aiYO Poetiei OoM* 


r: T T, 

r, TL 

tu8 Ab'xainlri ab Aitxaiidro Oil 
Loi)dinciiHi8, uh uliijuammultis 
antoha.'c expetiti, tundem in lu- 
ccin |iro(Iouiit. Jmpritiubat Aug, 
Mailh. tumptilmi Hob. Milboums, 
Landtni, 1632. 12mo. G. 46. a. 

GILBERT (Bartholomew) 
Diteoverie of the North part of 
Virginia, See Brkrcton (J.) A 
Briefe and tme Relation, etc. 

GILBERT (Sir Humfrey) A 
discourse... t4) proue a passage by 
the Northwest to Cathaia and the 
East Indies. See Hakluyt (K.) 
The principal Navigations, etc. 
Vol.3. 1698, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

— See P., G. A tme Reporte 
of the late discoveries, and pos- 
sesMion, taken in the right of the 
Crowne of Englande, of the New- 
found Landes. By. ..Sir H. Gil- 
bert, etc. 1583. 4to. C. 32. c. 

— A Discourse of a Discoverie 
for a new Passage to Oataia, etc. 
[With " A general map, made 
unelye for the particuler declara- 
tion of this discovery." — Edited 
bvG.Gascoigne]. ».». H.Mid 
dleton, for B 


Without pftgination. 

JhoneSy London^ 
1046. h. 26. 

— Another copy. C. 13. a. 9. (3.) 

— Another copy. G. 7108. 

GILBERT (Jane) See Gil- 
bert (W.) D.D, Death, Archi- 
tectonioe Consolationis : or, the 
art of building Comfort [a ser- 
mon], etc. 

GIL BERT (William) D.D, 
Arch itocton ice Consolationis: or, 
the art of building Comfort : [a 
Kcrmon on 1 Thess. iv. 18] oo- 
rusioned by the death of.. .Jane 
Gilbert, etc. J, Legatt/or G, Lau- 
tham^ London, 1640. 4to. 

1416. h. 31. 

GILBERT (,W»''^'am) M.D. 
See Barlow (W.) Ma<;neticall 
advertisementM, etc. [Partly com- 

£iled from W. G.'s work— " De 
[ag^ete magnetioisque Corpori- 
bns."] 1616. 4to. 638. g. 17. (3.) 

— The making, description and 
use« of two . . . I nstru men ts . . . to find 
...the latitude... in vented by... 
Doctor G....and now plainly set 
down ... by Master Blundevile. 
Sm Bluwdeville (T.) TheTheo- 
riques of the seven Planets, etc. 
1602. 4to. 1396. c. 4. 

— G. Gilberti...De Magneto, 
magnetioisque corporibus, et de 
magno magneto tellure ; Physio- 
logia nova, plurimis & argn- 
mentis, & experimentis demon- 
strata. P.Short,Londim,l600, fol. 

457. d. 1. 

— Another copy. T. 924. (2.) 

— Another copy. 638. m. 3. 

GILBY (Anthony) A briefe 
Treatise, with certayne Answers 
to the Objections of the Adver- 
saries of this doctrine [of pre- 
destination]. See Beze (T. de) 
The Treaaure of Trueih, etc. 
[1676.] 8vo. 4266. a. 

— 5e« Bible, The Bible Trans- 
lated according to the Ebrew, etc. 
[By W. Whittingham, A. G., etc.] 
1678. fol. 469. g. 9. 

— See Bible. — Old TBariincNT. 
->Pm/iiu. The Paalmes of David, 
truly opened. Paraphrasis... 
Set foorth in Latine by ...T. Beca. 
And faithfully translated into 
English by A. Gilbie, etc 
1681. 12mo. 3090. a. 

1690. 12mo. 8090. a. 

— See Bible. — Old TEarAiiKKT. 
— Mieak. A conunentarye upon 
the prophet Mycha, A. G. 
1661. 8to. C. 26. a. 16. 


- •rtnnlia 
i;]i»- «iitbor0...vid«%Jiotl f^* 
r » ilUot lM|iorlt lU^ 


mm liloimnuB tNtlflMMn:" 
Uf AroMlM. r&Utod b^ r. \ r 
tioQ to Rng^nH {J Hi aiid B. BkUay; wi ' 
to cmll thmn lo "^Iovt latter W the 
^Kmni(J.) Tbt [Lmdtm,l525.] Sm COO.* 
J. K»oi6. «tc. WHlMid pttffbiAlkm. 

— Another oo|)j. (i. :»'^nO. 

1 tWMM a OILD^& Gild« oai Oono- 

rof lUriHckerlL Mono. "T*^ •^ W'^^ ^ H^il? 

-nd aa EDglkh Chap- ^ oooqveatv BrttMiiita, to flmli 

[Bj A. Gilby.] oMtlgatkiDt ia mm. priiMiM 

O. 12013. ^ MMmotM fftiiBiiiiA. veititttiMi- 

morum •!< noo 

" ArpAftiL. To •olnmam^.^i ....^iioata, 

mj Wm. ifHi tlMU it tad •ttaa mmmIom eori* qw 

tTMbljrdft --^dM a|Mtf^ ia prima aditioba a P. Yargilio 

rrf two » nfertablo remote enuit, malUi>lictt«r ancta. 

' «~ [Edited bj J JoMliniu.]/.I>Mc 

(4.) LMMiHii»1668. 8to. 6M. a. 8. 

-~ Aaothercopj. 0.5887. 


OILDEN (O.) 8m 

•Es. Gildeo ... A new Alma- 

oke and Pronioattoatton ... By 

11547!] K (;. ^ 


iMfbMttUUuU. GILL (AuBAjmn) Se$Q.,A. 

OILDAa Tho EpiMia of OILLXBPIX (Qmoft) 8m 

caidas ... FaithfallT Trmaalatad Sootulxd, Ckmrek t/. A Dia- 

oot of tha OrigiaaU Lattaa Twith pate afaiaal tha Euliab-Popiah 

~ r J. Hakias- OeraBOoiaa obtradad vpoa tha 

aa tntfodaetSa, by J. EMttg- 

toa]. T.09im,ftrW.0mki,Lm^ Church of Sootlaad* ato. ~ [Bt O. 

d0B,1688. 12aM. G. 19504. GUlatpia.] 1887. 4to. 401. d. 29. 

I«V«M: vaallaff tht poitmiL qj^PIN (Bmiam>) VUm. am 

— Opw Noraa. Aildm Bri- CAatJcitni (GO aMowiTalj Mlap 

tanaw M oaaahao oai Sapiaatia of LUmAnf. ete. Tite & Gil- 

^ 'i aat iaditva,da oalaaii- ptai, < ' 




- ; 

loll Liiku II. 
tiefure Kii 


anno 15:11.' 




of ChieheMti^. 1 ... 
eta Fourth edition. 




.a. 29. 

— A Sermon [on Luke ii. 49] 
m«ohed before the Court at 
uroenwitoh, before King Edward 
the aizth, the first Sondav after 
the Epiphany, ... 1 552. W. Jone$, 
London, 1630. 4to. 693. f. 17.(2.) 

GILPIN (George} See Bab. 
I10TE.NU (Isaac) ptend. The Bee 
hive of the Romishe Churohe... 
translated... into Englishe by G. 
Gilpin. 1579. 8vo. 697. a. 30. 

GIL POLO (Gaspab) See 
MoNTKMAYOR (J. db) Diana. 
[With a continuation entituled : 
•• Enamoured Diana," by G. Gil 
Polo.] 1598. fol. 12403. b. 

GIOVANNI, da Fireme, 
See Venice, liepublic of. — Consiglio 
di Died. A true copio of the 
Sentence ... against R. Poma, ... 
John of Florence, etc. 1608. 4to. 
1009. c. 6. (12.) 

a I O V I O (Paolo) Bishop of 
Norrra. The historie of tho 1«- 

Sfiou or ambaawade of greate 
silius Prince of Motcovia to 
pope Clement the . vij. See Ak- 
OLKRJUS (P. M.) The Decades of 
the newe worlde, eta 1555. 4to. 
C. 13. a. 8. 

— The Hi«tory...of the lega- 
tion of great Basilius Prince of 
Muaoovia to Pope Clement the 
YII. Ill which It ootiteyned the l^^^^O ^ta 
deaoription of Moacovia, eta See 
AjcuLiiKiUM (1*. M.) The llintory 
of tmvayle in the Wvat and Eaat 
Indies, etc. 1577. 4to. 566. a 10. 

Turken Chronicles, compyled by 
P. luvius bybhop of Kuoeme, and 
dedicated to Charles the . Y. Em- 
peronr. Drawen onte of the 
Italyen tong into Latyne, by F. 
Niger Bassianates. And trans- 
lated oot of Latyne into englysh 
bv P. Ashton. 1$. E. E. Whit- 
cknreke, London, 1546. 8vo. 

280. b. 36. 

QIOVIO (Paolo) Bishop of 
Nocera. The Worthy tract of P. 
Jovius, oontayning a Discourse of 
rare inventions, both 31ilitarie 
and Amorous called Imprese. 
Whereunto is added a Preface 
contayning the Arte of composing 
them, with many other notable 
devises. By S. Daniell. Printed 
for S, Waterton,London,lbS5. 8vo. 
637. b. 41. (1.) 
Without pagination. 

GIRARD ^Albrecht) See 
Marolois (S.) The Art of Forti- 
fication ... Reviewed, augmented 
and corrected by A. Girard, etc. 
1638. fol. 8824. h. 

8ucceR»ively litKhop of Vaithneu 
and Archbishop of Saint Andrew's. 
See SaJTLAND, Church of. — Minis- 
ters. The grievances given in by 
the Ministers... Master G. Glad- 
stones letter to the King, eta 
1635. 8vo. 1369. a. 65. 

GLANVILL (Sir John) The 
Copies of two Speeches in Parlia- 
ment. The one by J. Glanvill, 
Esquire. The other by Sir U. 
Martin, Knight. At a genendl 
Committee of both Houses, the 

22 of May 1628. 2 pta. [London, 
E. 1943. (7.) 

^ A shorto troatiao upon the 

i>f.) liurtholonieu^ do proprieta- 
tibt re^. [Translated into Eng- 
lish by Jobn Trevisa.] H. i. 
2 pta. Few MS. Kotbb. [Wpikpk 

<. 1 \ ^9? 

4fr«f^r«teMHMr.t4M?] 410. E. 4« GUntilU ..r.l kWm mA^ 

ii»itij^l^l<sfm TlMUtWM g. IWlrfi; gimrffai, f 1655 71 Stro. 


^^P'^lLiS^ Jill !li5: OLAPTHOBHB ( i 

O. lOMft. [A Tn4p-outnod}\ in !!▼• aoU 

OLAHVlUJL(B*«««««« B!*pJfcJriLwi^4tor 

hi .i.Trijf'iMlX;. R^ "* -^ '^•- 

[TmMliM into Enrltah br J. — Aii..tli< r o.pv. ( .I2.f.l0.(l.) 

IWrfaiL] il.E. llSlNanBirhj ^ 

W.R. Ii«kBa> /nttiMnir iBir- — T^" H IliimUr. A Gonedr 

lAiJwiC LinAw; l5Sft. fet 466.>,l. [in fi'« »• t*. in jitom mid T«ne]. 

on Ik. m«i <ir tW M liiH fi,^?*T /^ ^- '•'^*««' '^«**^ 

Milaulf allir IW tHWrnf., i«. ><^- 4to. 644. n. If.. 

M. I WAm -Til«l,««» iU^««li. WiihonlMitlnaian. 

Ui7*ia M&TnZifWTbjr kvteaA — Anotbwoopy. C. 12.f. 10^4.) 

T^.k .irTrS*^!! ^ f A Oomn^y. in fiTn not^ nnd in 

run^ [wiU. Uie Umnilntfoy by ^^^j / OUi. /or F. Cbniln»k 

J. Timnan ;j newlr corvMlod« ttt- Iwiii l«40 4to. 644 •. 16 

Isrnd. nad imwidnd ; with mch ^,. . _ ^_ ^ 

«ililk«MMnrarH|«kit«. Taken ^'^'^ 

f r Ibe Ml npprovnd An- ^AnoUmroonr. C.12.tlO.(2.) 

Int^lniBDclkk !!.&. r.JBiitf, — Tb« Tngodr of Albettna 
Ifttt. feL 466. k 15. WnllMMtaiai. Uto Dolw of Fiiftl- 

kukl« oCo. [In 6Te ncU atid in 
-^AaoCbweoiiy. O. M20. tww.] T. >m« /or (7. 


M) Oif/ Jnifionry i/ Iftuplnnrf WIUmwI p^i-ifa*. 

Tf«^t«na.legibMMoonMnl«. - AnoUmr onpy. 644.e.l4. 

J««tadn g«b«iMc«U iMMto... ^ Wit in a Omatmbb. A 




Tomedy [in five acts and in 

verse]. /. Oketfor F, 0[<m9UikiU\ 

London, 1640. 4to. 644. a 17. 

Witboot pagixiaiioD. 

— Another copy. C. 12. f. 10.(5.) 

GLASGOW. A briefe and 
plaine Narration of proceedings 
at an Assemblie in Glasco, 8. Jnn. 
1610. anent the innovation of the 
Kiik-g^vemement. With a nar- 
ration of some straunge Episcopal! 
accidents lately happened in Soot- 
land, etc. [London f] 1610, 8vo. 
698. b. 51. 
Without pagination. 

GLASGOW, JouN, Bishop of. 
See Spotiswood. 

GLASS. SeeE.,C. The Pro- 
spective Gla^se of Warre, eta 
1628. 4to. 103. g. 14. 

— See W., T., Matter of Arte. 
The Optick Glaase of Humours, 
or, the touchstone of a golden 
temperature, etc. [1605?] Svo. 

8403. bb. 

1639. 8vo. 784. a. 8. 

— This is the glasse of Heltho : 
A great Treasure for poore men, 
necessary... for every |)er8on to 
loke in, that wyll kepe theyr 
body from syckenesses and dys- 
eases. And it sheweth howe the 
Pianettes reygne...and the re- 
medyes for dyuers Infynnytics^ 
and dysseases, etc [By T. Moul- 
ton.] ». %. B. H>r, [London, 
1540?] 8vo. C.31. a. 

— Another edition. B, Wyer, 
[London, 1541 ?] Svo. G. 81. a. 29. 

iBperfeet ; wantiog sig. hs, a. 

— A glasse of the tmthe. [An 
argument, by way of dialnj^ue, 
between a I^awyer and a Divine ; 
that the marriage of Henry VIII. 
with Cntharine of At agon was 
unlawful; and that the oanse 

onght to be heard and ordered 
within the Realm.l V. H. T. Ber- 
thelet, [London, 1531]. 8vo. 

228. c. 38. (2.) 
Without pagiuatioo. 

— Another copy. G. 1237. (1.) 

GLEMHAN (Charles) See 
BiBLK.— Old Testament. — Ptalms. 
— Devotional Compilatuma. Most 
Godly prayers compiled oat of 
Davids rsalmes... Translated out 
of Latin... by C. G. 1569. 8vo. 
3456. aa. 72. 

GLENHAM (Edward) See 

B., II. Newes from the Levane 

Seas. Discribing the... events of 

...E. Glenham, etc. 1594. 4to. 

C.32. d. 11. 

GLORY. The Glory of their 
Times. Or the Lines of y* Primi- 
tiue Fathers, cotayuing their 
chiefest actions, workes, sen- 
tences, and deaths. [By D. 
Lupton.] I. Ohee, London, 

1640. 4to. 

488. a. 9 

The titlepage is engrsTed. 

GLOVER (Anne) Lady, 
FuneraU. See Forde (W.) A 
Sermon [on Gen. xxiii. 2-4], etc. 

GLOVER (Mary) Vexation 
by Satan. See Swan (J.) A true of M. Glovers vexation, 

GLOVER (Robert) Mariur. 
Letters of Maister R. G. a gentle- 
man of much godlye leamynge... 
bumte at Coven trie. See Cover 
DALE (M.) Biehop of BaceUr 
Certain most godly... letters, etr. 
1564. 8vo. 488. a. 13. 

GLOVER (Robkrt) Somereel 
HerM, A speciall Treatise of 
that kind of Nobility which 
Soverayne Grace and favor, and 
ContiyM Cnstomes, have made 
meerly Political and peonliarly 



4m Milub « 

A of riiMi /. / 

OLOvsm ni 

pluoa unUm NobililAU di»- 
oiplMiUttai (avU« iatorim 
pcwiMwnitti) ooooliMkMMS. Qo6 
fiiM k apttd Atigkit, qoi ciiil 
Kobilinoi gT»diut| k qiUB ad 
Mbttii«l«fiMlask«v«lMidt mtink 
fiUMJHif. [Bdii^ froM Um 
1188. or R. G. with oopioM 
•dditioM hf T. IIiUm.] IWt 
608. L 4. (3.) 


oopj. 137. t 16. 
oopj. 0.602^(3.) 

— AnollMr eopj 

Wiik tMn 

L.P. Few 
606. b. 12. 

OOAD (TttNUi) The 
full ETcn^fiong. or % Irae. 
taoB of Uiit teiWvU and 
oAkou^ wUoh teirfl Um 
PkvMbor Mr. Drviy ft J«mIU. 
Mid Um j|nml o r part of his 
Aadttory, fy tht doimefkU of iU 
ioorv •% mn AaHoibljr in Um 
Blaok-Friora oo Sondajr Um 26. 
of Oeloli. UtA^ in the 
..With tlM relwannU of 
r>r<tno Ikit Tost...M 

" • '"IV '*• '^ \» ' 

GOADS (Boon) A r^ 

ibrmiioa of ibo QMiDMiBOi* 

\^m^ in tho Towor with K. OmbdIoh 

>ito, hy W. Folks, Mid R. O. 

-"• IMl. am Noiritx(A.) 

>' A. J^wTf ood Dat 

^.^.j i^t&0p 1^ ITfodUtar. A 

roporiof tho DbpotatloD... 

... with & OuBpi«Mi, oio. 

1688. 4to. 860.1l 12. (1.) 

GOGH. Tamm of, A short and 
teathfnil Nanrntioo ftfom oertaioo 
Oitfum of Doto of tho Towno of 
Gn eoMeming iho ahhomlnabU 
1 traaeoag a( 


to Uvo boMO onoalod 
ibo towBii of Goob, Cloof, 
i Bms, otc. 
rOortan waarMbtloh Torbaol wt 
do moot Tan aaoigbo laffwaanUgo 
B o tg at i i Tan Gooh, oto.) Emg, 
and DalcA. oto. 2 pta. Loadoii, 
1615. 410. 1314. g. (4.) 

Tb« Hfload pt bM » dktioot titlo. 
tba taipriat: -Vmnbt, 


ODD. Sm 11., J. Goda 
vnlvonal right proclaimod* oto. 
1608. 8TO. 695. b. 5. (5.) 

— Goda LoTe to Mankind. 
Maaifostod* by Dia-prooring hta 
Aboolnto Daerao for thoir Daipna- 
tkm. [B/ & Hoard.] [London] 
1683. 4ta 4255. b. 

— Aaothoroopj. 478. b. 19.(2.) 

— God 

Catalogoo of tho mums of aook 
ao fftiii bj tUi aoddaot, olo. 

no Impoator nor 
W. Prynna.] (A 
a Bocantatioo of 
ri...ttiado bjr Maiatar 
Bonoi of Kajaa CoUacad \me\ in 
Ombridga ... in ... 1595 ...Tmna- 




la ted ont of Lattine into English. 
— The nine ABsertionii, or Articles 
of Lambheth, composed, and 
agreed upon at Lamnheth-honse 1595, by John Archbishop 
of Canterbury, Kichartl Hiwhop of 
liondon, Kichard oleot Binhop of 
Baijj^or, and sundry other ... 
Divines there present; for the 
determining of certain Arminian 
points of Controven*ie» that then 
aroHo in the Universitie of Cam- 
bridge.) [IxmdoH, 1630.1 4to. 
4103. b. 5. 

GODDARD (Wiluam) [A] 
satirycall Dialogue or a sharplye- 
invective conference, betweeno 
Allexander the great, and that 
tniolye woman-hater Diogynes. 
ImprynUd in the LoteeountryeM for 
aU ntch gentlewomen a$ are not 
aliogeaiker Idle nor yet weU 
Gauged. [Dorif 1616?] 4to. 

1077. c. 11. 

Without pagination. Cropped at 
the top. 

MUs) In '1'. Livii...IIiKtoriarum 
... Libros ... 0l>«ervatione8, etc. 
See Livius (T.) Palacinua, T. 
LiTii Patavini...Libri omnes, etc. 
1589. 8vo. 687. b. 3. 

GODFREY [dk Bouillon], 
King of Jeruetdem, ^iseHERACLiUs, 
Emperor of the Eaet, Begin. 
Hero beffvnneth the boke In- 
tituled x^raoles, and also of 
Qodefrev of Boloyne, etc. 
1481. tol C. Il.a4. 

— Life, See Tabso (T.) the 
Poei, [OemeaUmme iMterata.] 
Godfrey of Boulogne, ete. 

— Godfrey of B' «»r the 
Reooverie of .len Dtme 
into KngliMh hen)icall ^ ui 
tho Italian of Tasso] b^ ' '»»- 
fa X MS. NoTiQB. A, Matfieid for 

J, Jaggard and M. Loumes^ London^ 
1600. fol. 82. g. 16. 

The firat ttaosa, as oriffinally 
printed, haii been oaoceUed, and 
aoothcT pasted over it 

— Another copy. G. 11337. 

OODPRIDUS, Astronomer. 
Here l>cgynneth the Boke of 
knowledge of thynges nnknowen 
ap))erteynynge to Astronoraye 
with oertayne neoesstirye Rules 
and certayne speres contaynyng 
herein. Compyled by G'jdfridus 
super Palladum de agricultura 
Anglicatum. 1$. %. B. Wyer, 
[Loikfon, 1530?] 8vo. C. 27. a. 38. 

Without pagination. 

— The Knowledge of Thinges 
unknowne. Apperteyning to As- 
tronomy, wyth neoe88ary Rules, 
etc. H. Z. H. Jackeon^ London^ 
1585. 8yo. 1395. a. 

Without pagination. 

GODFRIE (Thomas) See 
HuEBKU (C.) A riche Storehoune, 
or Treatturie, for the Sicke... Eng- 
lished by T. G. 1578. 8vo. 

694. a 26. (2.) 

OODSKALL (James) The 
Kings Medicine for this present 
year 1604. pre8cril)ed by the 
whole oolledge of tlie spiritnall 
physitions, made after the ooppy 
of the corporall kings medicine, 
which was used in the city the 
fonner yeere. Given... to the city 
of London, to be taken in this 
yeere for the 80ule as the other 
was for the lM)die...The whole 
collected out of the first book of 
Chr. oh. 2 1 . Prt n/<^ for S. White, 
/xMkicm,[1604], 8vo. 702. b. 7.(1.) 

sively Bishop of JJandcff and of 
Hen/mrd, See Enui isii Affairs. 
ReniiD Anfflioamm livnrioo VIII. 
Edwardo Vl....regiiAntibus An- 

C) O D Q O n 701 

•v*l«m n«M pH»te taili. fBjr GODWIN (Momaii) JbOoo- 

y.Ci |«|«. $aL — i" 1 iiiiniiif In JllfJ^ f 

STlTi* UiiU«oJ..brM.O. 

K.O0t<38.tme3ft.A.l.(3.) ^^ 

AvIL, F. '*4n.) Ilutoirv 

** ' tho nUitorj of 

— Bm L^ r 1 it} French, and 

1 tho oritnn*U 

rmaq; Uwd BiAop of H<wifcH. GODWIN (Tiioma«) Mi 

^^■ ^ ly^ p i —pp uf o i^wpro. GODWIN (Tiioma«) Mom* 

op«i6d« for Um nleiriny of nwar 

— A ^«iaiogtio oi me iiutiopt ofatevrtTtaliUMiowDti t * ' 

of Bm|umI« oinot Um ftfvl plMiU 8oriplari...Tlio Moni. . ..a. 

iagr of riifklUB rBlictoii io this 

lag of riifkiUB rBlupoii io this J,EfmSkad,i»U9Mh§l\SUtimm 
\SbxA. tonlbtr viih • Mf^fo — rf aMtniilk. Lmim. I<26." 4<ow 

llialorr of tMr H^T^ K. 1112. b. 2. 

/•MMM O. fhVAiw. /,ii„f Tho third oditkm. 

401. 4 

4CO. 102. b. 23. 

aMiaif«rWil&,L«Mioi^l628. 4to. 
AaolBtv copjr. 489. c. 1 1 . 690. b. 8. (2.) 

vmftUac Uw ktl two -,, ^^. ... 

— • Xhe fifth odition. 

— KmtAhtt edition. Fnr US. 
Vorm PrimUd fm T. AitmM, 

/. EomluA^ Lomdom, 1634. 4to. 
1113. c. 2. 

1815. 4*0. 489. a 12. _ RomAnoi Hiatort^ Antho. 
— AMtli*roo|»F. OonooilfS. l?Pt ^ xpo«tiooof 

NOTW Ajn AMMTIOXt. 4705. bb. "• ™P ' . .. ^ wbWBIIl 

iBoaT BftmaiHt aim! KiudUib 
— AboUmt eof) V 19839. nrp potmllold and divon obtewo 

- Do pf«wiih«« Alicia ooT :1^ JS*^5T*r^^r ^ ^ 

^ n^'mm H OudSSiJmi <*»>*»««< a.aa.2.(l.) 

jMdoM fttto^ MMUaa, tampora, Uevi«ed and en 

-fii^ atoaa MtloMa Mxia^ Ur«od by tbo Aaibor. /. JUdk- 

loaMfabiki ab altiiaa aatiind. JUU amd J. Short, for B. Orwmm$. 

/^JS^v ^P^^^JI^ Eg; Or/onl. 1828. 4CO. 9089. bbb. (1.) 

1818. 4IO. 489.0.18. — Another edition. FrimUd 

rLtkm^mtmo^n^m^km for EL Orijff$. Orford, \6U. 4Uk 

Md fifii-r. 4705. 0. (2.) 

TOL. u. 2 t 




— Another edition. Printed 
for H. Cripp$, Oxford, 1628. 4to. 

690. b. 8. (I.) 

— Another edition. J. Lichfield 
for n. Cntm$, Oxford, 1633. 4to. 

690. b. 9. 

GODWIN (Thomas) Synop- 
sis Aiitiqiiitatnm Hebraicanin), 
ad ezpHcationem atriusque Teeta- 
menti valde neceeaaria. Ad faoi- 
liorem intelleotnm, plurima sunt 
oollata cum rebus notlie in usu. 
/. BametiuM, Oxoniw, 1616. 4to. 
482. b. 10.(2.) 

— Anothcrcopy. 7706. aa. 2. (2.) 

QOETZE (JoHANN von) Count. 
See Bkhnaud, called the Great, 
Duke of Saxe Weimar. A briefe 
and tiue relation of the... Battel 
lately fought betwixt the Citie 
Colmar and Sletatat in upper 
Alnatia, between D. Bernard 
Saxon \Voymar,...and The Italian 
Duke of Savelly, as well as the 
Imperiall Gcnerall Gotzo, etc. 
[1638?] 8vo. G. 6312. 

GOFFE rTaoMAs^ The Ci.u- 
ragious Turxe, or, Amurath the 
First. A Tragedie [in five acts 
and in verselT R. AUop, and 
T. Fawcit, for B. Meighem, London, 
1632. 4to. 644. e. 20. 

Wiiboiit psgination. 

— Deliverance from the Grave. 
A Sermon [on Ezek. xxxvii. 13], 
etc. Printed for B. Mob, London, 
1627. 4to. 4474. aaa. 66. 

— The Raging Turke. or, 
Bi^aset the Seoond. A Tragedie 
[in five acts and in verse]. 
A. Math€W€$ for B. Meightm, Xon- 
<ioisl681. 4to. 644. o. 18. 

Without psginatioQ. 

— Another oopy. 162. o. 66. 

— The Tragjedy of Oreatet [in 
five acts and in verse]. Printed 

6y /. B. for B. Meighen, London, 

1633. 4to. 644. e. 19. 

Without paginatioo. 

QOKIN (Thomas) Meditations 
fin verse,] upon the Lords Prayer. 
The Key of heavenly, and earthly 
Paradise. Printed by L L. for 
W. Sheffard, London, 1624. 8vo. 
1077. d. 18. 

GOLBURNE (Johk) See 
Valera (C. de) Two treatises ; 
...Translated into English by 
J. Golbume. 1600. 4to. 3901. d. 

-— See Vigor (S.) AreklnMhop of 
Narbonne. Acts of the Dispute 
J. G. 1602. 8vo. 3902. c. 

— See VoYON (S. de) A dis- 
course upon the catalogue of 
Doctors of Gods church... trans- 
lated... by J. Golbume. 1698. 8vo. 

3001. aa. 


See Leoesda Aurea. 

OOLDING (Arthur) See 
Beze (T. pe) a booke of Chris- 
tian Questions, and answers... 
Translated... by A. G. 1574. 8vo. 
698. a. 29. (1.) 

1678. 8vo. 696. a. 20. (2.) 

— See Bible— Old Testament. 
— Deuteronomy. The Sermons of 
J. Calvin upon the fifth booke 
of Moses oalled Deuteronomie:... 
translated. A. G. 1683. fol. 

1216. k. 14. 

— See Bible.— Old Testamekt. 
— Job. Svrmons of Master J. 
Calvin upon the Booke of Job. 
Translated out of French by 
A. G. 1674. fol. 3166. f. 

1680. fol. 8166. f. 

1684. fol. 689. i. 8. 

— See Bible.— Old Testament. 
— Ptaisit. The PMdmet of David 




Ma MUf^ Willi J. CVl^M 

iWUtfnWA 1 IA7I. 4to. 
9090. bli. 


filiu ▲ h«lUl« or BipQritkNi of 
iteOdiMb HmU Aft wmUviwI 
te tUCSkmUe <ir Ood...^ N. 
R««lif«w TivBdatod br A. O. 


A ^isiil, or orderly 
of ONttiM IpiotU 


I5T7. 4to. 6M.d.27. 

— 8m BinjL— New TttTAmDrr. 
^Wftmimm, Tbote«ioiisof...J. 
r«btii opon Um Epialo of 8. 
IVik too Um EpboMBO. TimM- 
ktod oat of FrMMb^.bv A. O. 
ri577.] 4low 226. 0.80. 

— Sfir BiauL— New Tmnunarr, 

CblTfaw vpos Um BpioUo of 
Pli«lo to tiio QokthfaM 
liyA.G.] 1574. 4<o. 

— 8m Bima—Nkw Tan-Aimrr. 
A CiUioliko OS- 

mpom tbo fioTrUtioii of 
JobT OoUooldl liy A. 
llarloffmto,ole. rTrin«1«tr<l from 
iIm Lotia l»3r A. Q. 8vo. 


-^8mflmJWi(L.)Awwimm. Thm 
Iu0torio of 1*. AreiiBO eonoomiiig 
tbo wmrrm btiwrno tlM ImperH 
allot oad tbo Golboi...Trini>Ut«d 

.hjJLO. 156S. 8to. 1432.0. 


■iHUin 8m 

Cmuu (C. J.) 
Tbo mbl boobMoT 
oootormsg bk nortloll onlogrlti 
la tboSoolMofOoUUiMiatbo 
Oowilrioo bordorlag «P|mi tbo 
■MM timMloltd oal of ktia into 
BttfUob by A. G. [With .n 
•^■pMoDidiQotorT'*oiKl onio- 
tfodootioB 1^ A. G.] IMS. 8va 
G. 8048. 

1&85. 8vo. 8038. A. 

A briofo 
triotioo ooBOCTBiog t% borariigo 
of Bootf mad PboKiM oi Coai- 
br7«)g«...TtmMUto<l...b3r A. Gold- 
jog. 1582. 8Ta 29fl. b in 

1580. 4IO. C.2l.b. 

— 8m CnttsnAKB. The Wor- 
fart of rhrislitnt: Cotiocming 
tbo oooflict afpuntt the Klrtho, 
tbo World, tnil the Derill. Trmnt- 
ktod o«t of I^tiDO bv A. G. 
1578. 8to. '4407. a. 

— 8m CouojcT iG. PI) itd- 
Tbo Ljfo of... 
frmntUtod o«l 
.ng. 1578. 8to. 



— 8m FtAXCS.— Hbxbt III., 
Kimg. The £diot...tet forth br 
tbo Frtoobo RingoopoD tbo poct- 
fying of tbo trooblot in Frmonoo 
...the xiiij. day of May, 1578. 
Traiulated.. bvA.O. [1576.] 8ro. 

• c. 38. 0.22. (2.) 

— SwG., A. 

— 5m HtJEACLT (J.) 8Um ds 
VmL Polittcko, moral and mar- 
tial DitooarMs ... TraoaUtcd in 
Eoglitb by A. G. 1595. 4to. 



— 8m Umla (P.) Tbo 
of P. Moh^ ooooemingo 
Sitnttion of tbo world,. A. U., oto. 1585. 

T. 784. (3.) 

1580,et& 4to. 804.b.2. 

— 8m lloa^AT (P. M) 
im Pkmi^Mmri,. A W. 
eooooming tbo trtwnotM of tbo 




Christian Religion... Begrmne to 

be tranBlated by Sir P. Sidney... 

and...fini8hedbyA.G. 1587. 4to. 

1159. 1. 1. 

1592. 4to. 873. k. 7. 

1604. 4to. 854. i. 7. 

1617. 8vo. 4016. b. 

GOLDINO (Arthur) See 
Ovidiu8Xa8o(P.) (Metamorvho$e9.] 
The . XV. Bookes of P. Ovidius 
Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis, 
translated oute of Latin into Eng- 
lish meeter, by A. Golding, etc. 
1567. 4to. G. 17529. 

1575. 4to. 1068. g. 24. 
1587. 4to. 1068. g. 25. 
1593. 4to. 1068. f. 18. 

1612. 4to. 11388. bb. 

— See Seneca (L. A.) The 
Woorke of...L. A. Seneca, con- 
cerning benefy ting,... translated A. Golding. 1578. 4to. 

231. g. 37. 

— See SoLiNUS (C. J.) The 
excellent... worke of J. Solinns... 
contayning the noble actions of 
huuiaine creatures. ..Translatcil... 
by A. Golding, etc. 1587. 4to. 

10003. b. 

— See Troous Pompeius. Tha- 
bridgment of the histories of 
Trogas Pompeius,. 
by A. Goldyng, etc 

1570. 4to 

1564. 4to. 
302. g. 22. 

. 586. c. 24. 

— A disoourse uron the Karth- 

n\6 that happncd throughe this 
me of Englando, and other 
plaoM of Christendom, the sixt 
of Aprill . 1580, eto. ». 1. 
JET. Bnmeman, London^ 1580. 8vo. 
446. a. 16. (2.) 
Wiiboat paginalkm. 

GOLDINO (Per.) SeeYftow- 
8ART (J.) An epitome of Froa- 
sard ... Cfompiled in Latin ... and 
translated into Engliith by P. G. 
1608. 4to. 9200. b. 

briefe declaratio of the shews, 
deTices, speechea, and inventiona, 
done & performed before the 
Qneenes Majeatie, & the French 
Ambassadours, at the most vali- 
aunt and worthye Triumph at- 
tempted and exe<:uted on the 
Monday and Tuesday in Whitson 
weeke last, anno 1581. B. Walde- 
grave, London, [1581]. 8vo. 

C. 33. I I. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 33. a. 

OOLDYNO (Arthur) 
See Golding. 

OOMARA (Francisco Lopk 

de) See Loi'EZ. 

OOMBAULD (Jean Ooier de) 
Endimion. An excellent Fancy 
firt»t composed in French by 
Mounsieur Gombauld. And now 
elegantly interpreted by R. Hurst. 
1. Okes for S. Browne, London^ 
1639. 8vo. 1073. o. 24. 

With an additional titlcpage, en- 


Poems, (The Tragedie of Lodo- 

vick Sforza Duke of Millan [in 

five acts and in verse ]...Seoond 

edition.— The Levito's Revenge, 

containing poetical meditations 

uiH>n the 19. and 20. chapters of 

Judges... Second edition.) 3 pts. 

Printed 6y Jf . F. for J. MarHoi, 

lAmdoi^ 1633. 8va 643. a. 26. 

BMh pt hM a distinct titlepage 

and pagtaalioii, but tlio signaiuns 

are oooiinuoiu. An cn^rraved Utlo- 

|iage la prellxod to pt 2 and to pt 8., 

— Another copy. 238. b. 59. 

r ri %x 



MidJoriMUilOTiorJwIiiaa. Im- 

Ml or tfMltll Ui J. O. <!« M }. 
•to. ian.tlOii Bvo. Ml. a 21. 

-* JU Tmp^i% of Lo4ovlbk 
8lbr«i, D«l»onillUa [is flv««ote 

1077. b. W. (I.) 


OOllB4LB8(IXMaM0) TIm 
lUtt IB tU Moom: or a Db- 

of * ^f^T^ UiiUirr bj 
P 0. [Bj F. God«rtn« Bubop uf 
Hcf^lbi^ wttb Ml BpitUo to tbo 

JmJ.DHmmd T. <r«rf««, Im- 
dM, 163t. 8vo. 635. a. 1. (2.) 


NU8 l:< 



A DiaooTorjr 

1 ■rciamtKItt of MUldrj 

tiiiMi of tbo Holj In. 

>>iio...8ol ftirtb in 

•«. M^ Aiid Aowlv 

finer}. II. a. 

Uo. 4071.0. 

• ^itioo. /. iXff, 
n. 1 1738. 

•cbe tn- 

vt, val- 





DOZA(JCAS) fttCmxA. Tb« 
HiAlorie of... Cbiiui ... trmntUtod 

o«l oC tfi 




llnti « ! 



1 U<rv.i ; w ii< • 

aad Jhf. > 



— Fifit ' 1 

Uppinat. > 
obas bis I > 
1625. IbL 

DOZA (l*Ei>ito) 
Arrkhisknp of Orat, 

troataae of poiuiioa, «itb an ei- 
pUoUion of tbe Rtile...of tbo 
tbirdoffdorofS. Fraiio€ia...wbera> 
unto ta addod tbo apiatle and an- 
notatiooa npon tbu mlo of... P. 
OoonUea. witb a oatalogno mado 
bv bim of. ..tbo chivib p ow oM of 
tbia ordor, oto. 1617. Sro. 

1113. a. 3. 

GOODALX (Joax) Tbo Lj* 
bertiet of the Cleargr, Collected 
ont of tbe Lawee of tbU Sealno 
botb BOceoHury for Vjoani and 
Ciumtea.CoopTledb3rJ.G. II.E. 
R, Wwmr, [Leaipa, 1540?] Sva 
0. 12. a 25. 


GOODALL (BArrtsr) Tbo 
TryaU of Trarcll. or, 1. Tbo 
Waodon in TmYt-U, 2. tbe Wor- 
tbiee of TravalU 8. Tbo Waj to 
Trmrell. In tbreo bookea Epilo- 
Bux'd. [A poem.] /. SurUm, la 




hee §<mld hjf J. Upton, Lcndcn, 

1630. 4to. 230. h. 5. 

Witb)ut pagiimtioii. 

— Another edition. 
London, 1639. 4to. 

J. Norton, 
G. 11550. 

prankefl and merrj jests, etc. 

«. %, 2 pts. London, 1639. 4to. 

12410. bbb. 

Ft. 2 ba« a M|Nurate titlepage, 

but tlie register i« oontinuouA. Tm 

frontiiipiece ia mutiUted. 

GOODMAN (Christophkr) 
IIow Superior Powers ogbt to be 
obeyd of their Subjects: and 
wherin they may lawfully by 
Goils worde be disol>eyed and re- 
sisted. Wherin also is declared 
the cause of all this present mise- 
rie in England, and the onely 
way to remedy the same. [With 
a dedicatory epistle by W. Whit- 
ingbam.] Few MS. Notes. 
J. Crispin, Geneva, 1558. 8vo. 

698. a. 18. 

— Another copy. G. 5916. 

GOODMAN (Gabriel) Dean 
of Westminster. See Bible. The 
. holie . Bible. [Revised by G. G., 
etc.] [1568.] fol. 469. g. 7. 

1572. fol. 469. g. 8. 

GOODMAN (Godfrey) 
Bishop of Gloucester. The Fall of 
Man, or the Corruption of Na- 
ture, proved by the light of our 
naturall reason... First preached 
in a sermon [on 1 Cor. ii. 14]. 
Since ^nlargecl, reduced to the 
form of a treatise and dedicated to 
the Queenes...Maiv8tie, etc. M3^ 
Notes. F. KjfnaUon, and are to he 
told by R. Lee, London, 1616. 4to. 
4265. bb. 

— Tho Fall of Man. Proved 
by reason. Printed for R. WiUon 
and B. BoidUm, London, 1618. 4to. 

4255. bh. 
A duplb'atoof t 
wilb • diirvrvnt t 

bin G(HKlfollow. [A song.] „ — ..'^'*»® ^""^^ ^^ /^^V? f«>» 

». %. 2 pts. Prini^/orH.b,. l^^'^' I^T^ by Naturall 

. » _ J' . - _ - Keason, aud the grounds of pby- 

losophy. Pabliahed some twenty 
yearet since [by G. G.] and now 
— Robin Good-Fellow, bis mad aet fourth by the same ooppy [by 

With ft portrait inserted of Eliia. 
beth of Encrlftnd, Queen Consort of 
Frederick, King of Bohemia. 

GOODCOLE (Henuy) ihe 
A(hiltrc8«es Fiinerall Day: in 
flaming, scortbing, and consum- 
ing Are: or the burning downe 
to ashes of A. Clarke... for the... 
poisoning of F. Clarke her hus- 
band. A breviary of whose con- 
fession. here unto annexed... 
By her daily Visitor H. G(ood- 
oolo), etc. N. and L Oket, London, 
1635. 4to. 6495. c. 38. 

Without pagination. 

— A True Declaration of the 
happy Conversion, contrition, and 
Christian preparation of F. Robin- 
son... Who for counterfetting the 
Greate Seale of England, was 
drawen, hang'd, and quartered 
at Charine-Crosse, etc. 90. 2. 
E. AUde, London, 1618. 4to. 

4902. d. 18. 
Without pagination. 

— Tho wonderfull disooverie 
of E. Sawyer a Witch, late of 
Edmonton, her conviction and 
condemnation and death, etc. 
Printed for W. Butler, London, 
1621. 4to. C. 27. b. 38. 

Twelve learet, without pagina- 
tion. Big. A-D. Upon this narra- 
tive was founded thr tr>iLM.ooinedy 
of the - Wieeh . .«,»• by 

Rowlay, Ford, aiii > 

The mud- 1110 rry prankos of Kob- 

London, [163^7] Broadnde fol 
Box. I. 230. 

. : . . r. r: n o tot 

Z?a Vtt!ll^!SlM!itSM^^ 1«I4. 4to. (I.) 

QOODM41I (KtcaoLAt) Sm TIm OoMmi frMi^r. 

Uoujuok IMIuiitLwKMr: or ••& [fidltod by T : IT. 

lMorkttldiMWW«fili«Ufli BdL] liM. 4to. ^1.) 

mwA ActloM of IXir^ uictk 

Holkftai% tko Ana. . of — Am Simw (R.) Bow«b 

of £Hiu>pU« opMod* or a dinovorj of Um... 

[A wMm is prow, oigiied mi Lo^f% Unkm mmI Cooiaiafiimi h^ 

tK. Ml« iJlor Um wm^ ilnU. twiit Chriirt and Uio ( 

Si<^tAmmGi>uAl^mnr^ 16S3. 4lo. in dit^n mnntm^ olo. 

Q. 8282. by T. Goodwin anil P. Nye 

1889. 410. 4103 a. 


GOODWIN Ml) Auto. 

r N o«»Q8ict of A Tbo ChrktiAiM Portion. 

< •. 1 br J. Sri- ...PabUidicd bj T. Goodwin, ote. 

yc\,: ^- -iLM_>nni(JO To- 1888. l2nio. 4408. d. 
bMOobMtorod,ote.fl888?] 8to. 

1088. a. 48. (I.) A FoonUio Mdod, eto. 

^ ^ [Editod bj T. Goodwin, eta] 

— B«bd« Bftlm : ortbo booey- 1887. 12mo. 4403. d. (1.) 
aoabo of Rome • RcU|(kNi...8aBC 

fai t«iM...Elcfico in Uttoo [Mo- 1888. 8vo. II 12. a. 30. 

" :k»ki rofttiSos «oo- ^ ^ , . ,, ^, 

■HMtnmb^l br ... G. — — Tbo Spintnall Mans 

'^^^- ^- ^ - — Aimo.PtiWisbod by T. G[ood- 

win] and P. Nhre]. 1637. lima 

4403. d. (8.) 



Aiid Trmndated 

into tmm Ei 

Bfliflb B^pm. by 

...J. Viom. 

0. Pmlam far 


Mm, 1824. 4to. 

G. 11287. 

Two SonMMio. [Edttod 

by T.Goodwin, etc.] 168T. 12nio. 

O O O D W I V(J<m9) Sm *^^ ^' W 

l:»w* .N H.; A Olaaiiiiig ia — Aggravation of Si nno: and 

t..4» ll.Mcol, ole. [Fo«r oer- Sinning against Know Uxlgo, Uor- 

Wiiod, with an iBti>tid«e- ^ia. DoUVorod in aaverall tor. 

tttm. br .? Godwin/; 1689. 4to. niona, oto. 8 pta. JT. AdUr/or 

r BoOmM, Limdom, 1637. 4to. 


pL 8iMta 

^ &« Vvrnnm (J.) Tbo Doo- 

triaa of tba Saiala Infinnitiaa. 

rEdM,witbaMioato^r^^ t»atiio'lrba^"'tbia"c«irrnc.- 

VtTG .adT.BalL]tl880fl8ira ^ diM«iia Goda anawei. tooar 

— Tba Ratareaof P^yera. A 

4458. aa. (1.) 
1636. 12roa^458. 
1888. 8va 444>9. da. 

mmyeri] k briofly roaolvad, ate. 
PrimUi Jmr B. Tkt^mam. and 
L. FawM. LiMiaa. 1636. 12i 



GOODWIN (Thomas) The 
Vanity of Thoughts diHcovored ; 
with tiieir danger and cure. 
Prinit'd by JJf. F[UJier]for B. DawU 
•Mm and L, Fawne, London^ 
1687. 12mo. 8403. 

— Another edition. Printed 
hjf M. F. far R Dawlman and 
L. Fawn$, London, 1638. 12mo. 

874. d. 13. 

GOOD-WINNE (George) 
8te GtxuAviN. 

GOODYEARE (William) 
8oe G., W., of Souikaw^tan, Mer- 

GOOGE (Barsaby) SeeG.^B, 

— See G., B., Ciiizen of London, 

— See Hkrsbbach (C.) Foure 
Bookee of Husbandry... Nowely 
Englished, and increased, by 
B. G., Esquire. 1577. 4to. 

1145. f. 30. 

1578. 4to. 234. e. 30. 
1586. 4to. 452. a. 26. 
1G14. 4to. 988. f. 3. 
1631. 4to. 452. a. 29. 

-» See Lopez pb Mkndoza (I.) 
MargnU de Santillana. The Pro- 
TerDe8of...J. Lopez de Mindoza... 
Tnuuilat©d...byB. G. 1579. 8vo. 

107:>. r. IJ. 

— SmPaunokniu.h(Marcki.luh) 
peeud. The Z<xliuke of Life... 
.Kewly trannlated into Englishe 

verse by B. (loogo. 1565. 8vo. 

<;. 1117'.. 

1676. 4to. 1213.e.2a.(2.j 

1688. 4to. 78.0.30. 

— — The firsto syxe bokes of 
...M. Pa1ingeniu•...tran8lat<^d by 
B.G. 1661. 8vo. 11406. am. 

OOOSECAPPE (*9ir Gyles) 
Sir Gvles Gousecappe Knight. A 
Comedie [in five acts, in prose 
and verse] presented by the Chil: 
of the rhappell. J, Windet for 
E. Blunt, London, 1606. 4to. 

11773. bbb. 
Withoni pagination. 

— Another copy. 643. d. 29. 

Imperfect ; wftoting the last page, 
wbion is supplied ia MS. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for H. Perry, London, 1636. 4tu. 

643. c. 17. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 161. a. 36. 

GORDON ( ) Apothecary. 
See Catalogues. — Subdiv. V. 
Gordon ( ) Phamiaco-pinax, 
or a table... of the prj-ces of all 
usuall medicaments ... contayned 
in D. Gordon's Apothecarie ... 
shop, etc. 162 7510. e. 2. 

GORDON (Anne; Coneort of 
George Gordon, 2nd Marquie of 
Eunily, See Gordon (G.) 2nd Mar- 
quis of HnntJy, Illustxissimi 
domini Gordoniae Comitis Ein/iee^ Campbella5...Epitha- 
lamium, 1607. 4to. 1213.k. 17.(5.) 

GORDON (George) 2ml 
MarqUig of Jluntly. Illustrissinu 
IXiuiini Gordonia; Comitis Einxiii*, 
ITa'rcdis Marchiunatus Hniitl.i.'... Doming Ann^ Cam] 
iilia) Comitis Arj^athelin*. Ki 
lamium. B. Charter i», /''-/, 
1607. 4to. 1213. k. 17. ,^:..) 

Without pagination. 

GORDON (John) Anti- 
) " llrirmint>-tortor, sive Tortus 
I!' rtus iV Juliano-papismus Kt 
1 iioM»8,...c]uiliU8 prolwtur adora- 
tionom Paiutrum iH>r Oscttla- 
tionem Cmcis Sandal io pedis 
oa8ut»...osie Arianam creatnnB 
adoiationom ... Contra Laioo-oar- 

GOB <) O U 709 

<li»«li. MUmlBl wMMlmM... OOF 

161 J. 4IO. MO.r. IS.(«.) wfer OM in 

FrvooliV'' * ^'^^ 

OOHDOM (Jon) Antitoiw |^,^ ^, 

«ilm»iftf«». rt urn Ju4iM,t0&.4t 

t«» Jtm MshMi Ri^um H sltt- — TUl> 

ama« UHI«Iumm hmmm ... (A Plut- •• 

jMobiBnUiuiiMbf^oto. Lmh Uon.) 
4ML16I0. 410^ 80O.tia.(: 


- Fkp»-OMat: ^ 

aiiontioMai. Daotttidion in ^ 
leOS. 8m MoMMsboik F,h, 

1810. 4ta Kou. k. 10. (,;:.; 

— ^H nH r thxi RMriiiA Maikm 
d«BaigkMM«lR#gDO. AdUoo- — n-^ir.. T .parmtio 

bwB Bvinsm, BntoBBUnim Re- «d Pacifioiii 

ft», per I. QoHoniam. [In Teramrum do ^ In 



]' impmrnk Tkmtm Jm, niutU roligia»> \y 

^ Deo; obedfaDtSa d. 

---* Em t uri '; or, a ScnDOO [on mb R«gibiit...Ad...I 

lUtt til. 25] of Om Union of Th«ologan...ln0>kta ; 

Grmt Brittotinio, In antiqoiiic domino. T, JbodAai, laipeiiMf 

oT Ungnngo, nnmo, religion, and NaihamaelU BmUer, Lomdimi^ 

kincdooo. tm^temms Gtorpi 1612. 4to. 860. f. 18. (2.) 

BUk^ Umiim, 1604. 4to. 

^800. d. 28. (6.) GORDON (Patwol) [Tbn 

Kttinoun llintorio of iho 

— Anolbor eopj. 114. a. 2). ...prince Hubert, •urnamad tbe 

n.«^nin>n »- ^-1 ^ tiu BTOce, King of Sootlaoda...En- 

_-- Oggoio^nyby . at Fa> ,^^^ ^yf ^ ,^^i^ ^^ ^,,^ 

K^ iSii»«.ir. G^^SJ^ 8«^ ^^«- ""'^"* ^'^ 

armaiaa taattnonna Oraaoorvm, ^^^^j^^ lu— !.;«• ♦/» rti.rlM 

!Lir^r-.1^--..:J-!J? — PH^...t'"BA^1 

Kirria^TToSwi:: ffii t«'^'^^"'?,ut.7. 

Tvraai m fcpioi w A Vt vp t m^ 

-A«Hl-r«py.8«0.«¥.I8.(4.) «'^^-"*— «1*-'^«* 
lM„Bf,rl . pp, S.I9 fcjtoa Mp. — Naptnona Britannlnui Cory- 
pBidinlia* —a-*" donla. Da Incinoao—Uanrid... 




magnie Britannia Prinoipis, ^c. 
obitu. £t felioibus eerenisKimi 
■nooeBSoris Caroli F. Du( is £l)o- 
raoensis, etc auspiciU : QueU in- 
termiztus Friderici, Khonani 
PriDoipis Electoris, &c, & ... 
£lizaU)thae Magnaa Britanniie, 
&0, In fan lis HymenaBas. Printed 
for J. Bwdgt, London, 1614. 4to. 
1070. 1. 6. (6.) 

The original date haa been 
changed bj the pen into 1613. 

GORDON (Sir Bobkrt) of 
Lochinrar. Encouragements for 
SQch as shall have intention to 
bee Under-takers in the new 

Slantation of Cape Briton, now 
few Gallowav in America. 
John Wreittoun,Edinburgh,l625. 4to. 
C. 33. c. 2. 

Without pagination. Dedicated 
to Sir William Alexunder, after- 
wardii Earl of Stirling, to whom the 
present copy belonged, aa appears 
from bis autograph on the flyleaf, 
and initials on the cover of the 


(James) See Huntley. 

GORE rJoHN) The God of 
Heaven. A aeriuon [on Pi»lin 
LXiiii. 25] ... Preached in the 
Cathedrall Church of St. Pauls... 
the 23. of September ... 1038. 
T. CoUs for T. AUkom, London, 

1638. 4to. 3932. f. 

— The Man for Heaven. A 
sermon [on Phil. in. 20] preached 
...tohis A|ajo8tiesHonsbold, 1637. 
H, Bishop for T. Alckom, London, 

1639. 4to. 4474. c. 72. 

— The Oracle of God. A 
■ermon |^on 2 Cor. xii. 9]... 
preached in the Cathedrall Church 
of St Paul... on tho 20. day of 
Deoeraber...l635. T. Coiee for 
T. Alekom, London, 1636. 4to. 

8932. f. 

GORE (John) The Poore 
Mans Hope. A sermon [on Pttalm 
xxxviL 25], etc. T. Cotee for 
T. Alchom, London, 1635. 4to. 

4475. a. 59. 

— Unknowne Kindnesses A 
sermon [on Ps. cxLi. 5] preached 
in the Cathedrall Church of St. 
Paul... 1635. T. Coie$, for T, Al- 
ekome, London, 1635, 12mo. 

4473. b. 88. 

— The Way to be Content. A 
sermon [im Philip, iv. 11]... 
preached in the Cathedrall Church 
of St. Paul. ..the 26. day of May 
...1634. T. Cotes for T. Alchome, 
London, 1635. 4 to. 8932. f. 

— The way to prosper. A 
sermon [on 2 Chron. xxvi. 5] 
preached at St. Pauls Crosse... 
The third Edition. T. Cotes for 
T. Alchom, London, 1636. 4to. 

3932. f. 

— The Way to Well-doin|?. Or 
a sermon [on Tit. lu. 8] of Faith 
and Good Workes, etc. (A 
Summer Sermon [on James v. 
17. 18] upon Eliahs Prayer, etc 
— A Winter Sermon [on Psalm 
cxi.vii. 16-18].eta) 8pis. T. Ooiet 
for T. Alchom, London, 1638. 4to. 

1474. d. 63. 

Kat h pt. htLs a scj^arate Utlepsge 
and imgiuatiuu. 

— A Winter Sermon [on Psalm 
cxLvii. 16-18] preaobed in the 
Cathedrall Church of St Pauls... 
upon Shrove Sonday ... 1634 ... 
being a time of extraordinary 
snow and floods. T. Cotes for 
T. Alchom, London, 16.15. 4to. 

U74. CO, 40. 

Oratio L. Gorotii...ilt utattimonio 
...Regis ao ltegiua» Angliss, 
Hispania, etc. Ad populum 
prindpes^ Anglin. Ik mdHms 

-s n 

a t^ s 



QOR(' St* 

ISamf MvtiMu ... Tr»a«*ito m 
fiwif€iB Mr ... A. f)., •te. 
1619. Itea. &27.A.2S. 

A. G. 1614. 4to. 

Tlw TTIiilnMi of Um 

.ack 7J1.A.U. 

OOROBS (^ Acnnm) 8m 
Guur BtfTAiii An> luLiini.-^ 
^uam U Kim^. A Tnio Trmo- 
»<3tipi of lib ll^i«tk« LeUet* 
IVUcBi fcr M O0c« to b9 orictMl, 
..ud mlbd lU Publkko 
im ... W kwuiii lo it 
«a...«tpl«MlM of Um namn of 
tU MM oAc* ... Bj Sir A. G. 

1611. 41a 1029.0.: 

1612. 4to. llO.c. U. 

~ 8m hockMW (M. A.) Lmmio Sir 


OORGX8 (^Cakkw) te Lo- 

CAiic«(ll. A.) Looom Fhomlia. 

Tr«wJot«d...bT Sir A. Gorgo*, 

■itiBdbjCG.] 1614. 4to. 

11885. g. 

GORING (RiciusD) 8m Du 
Moiu;«(l'. » A loiter unto them 
of thoKooiiab dbmreb, olc [tnuio- 
lUdlbjB.G.]. 1621. 8Ta 

702. K 4. (4.) 


...TrooiJoted by R. G., olo. 

1612. 12ml 4409. ml 

OOR8AM (NKflocju) 8m 
rAi3Kt(R.) A Brilo donripUon 
a lrokaa...|«bUdbod...bT N. 
IMO. Sva G.6488. 


Dniiii. i>«iUMa< 

to o ploMoal now 
8.0.?] [16807] 

OORUB (JoA«m) S 
OmMmm. [For odttioiM of tlio 
Spooolaa Wtm Chriftti, TAriouoly 

B hamanam, [la 
Bttclidi' TOfto.] ommU by & O. 
8mK^ H. Tbo Mirmr of IUm 
lyfo^oto. 1576. 8to. 4403. d. 

— Tbo Epbomoridot of Pbialo, 
doridod into tbroo bookoo. Tbo 
ftrrt, A molbod wbkb bo oocbi to 
Ulow tbol dediotb toroboko bio 
frMBd« wbon bo tooth him twanro. 

Tbo tooood, o Cinnofodo to 
tien in lb«ro pointot. Tbo 
;....a. tbo dolbiiooof o Cortoom 
OTorthrowwi. And o thort 
Apologio of tbo Scboolo of Abtito, 
a^uaot Poote, IRpara* PUyera, 
1 their Escottrt. V. R. T. Dam- 
«m,Lood<«,1579. Sra C.12.d.l4. 

— Anoibor odition. 
r. Dmmom, Lomdtm, 1586. 

«. R. 

— Another ct.|.v 

C. 12.d. 15. 

: wanting tb#*'AjMlQfit 

— PUjot ooofatod in fire 
Aetiooo, proving that thoy art 
Bol to bo tofftod in a Chrittian 
oommop woalo, by tbo wayo both 
tbo covilt of T. Lodga, and tbo 
Play of PUpret, wiiitoo in thoir 
dofoooo, and other objootioot of 
PUyert fToodct«art...anntweartd. 
H. R. Imprimta far T. Oompo, 
Umdm, [1562]. 8yo. C. 39. a. 33. 

Withoat piglaaUoa. 

— Tbo S^oolo of Abntt, 




teining a plesaant invective 
against Poets, Pipers, Plaiers, 
Jesters, and such like Cater pi Hers 
of a ComoDwelth, etc. V, l. 
Printed for T. Woodeoeke, Lfmdan, 
1579. 8vo. 1076. a. 6. 

Cropped At the top. 

— Another edition. )$. %. 
Imprinted /or T. Woodeoeke, Lon- 
don, 1587. Svo. C. 12. d. 16. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting •ig.a4,r< tor 

part of the **Ki 

andthtfoommoucriiH nt "t tin- work; 
but tbo same is Mipnlifd in the 
bandwriling of Dr. iiicimxd Fanner. 

OOSSON (Stephen) The 
TrunnHjt of Warre. A oermon 
Fon II. Chron. xx. 20] preache<l at 
l*aules Crosse the seventh of Maie, 

1598, etc. 9B. E. Printed by 
V.S./orI.O.,L<mdon, [1598?] 8vo. 

4474. a. 11. 
Without pagination. 

QOSTWYKE (Roger) See 
PoLASUS (A.) Treatise ... con- 
cerning Gods Eternal Predesti- 
nation, etc. [Translated by R. G.l 

1599. 8v 702. a. 23.(1.) 

— The Aniiinmio of Ananias: 
or, Gods Censure against *Sacri- 
ledge. With a briefe Scholie 
upon Psalm 83, etc. 0. Legge, 
Printer to the Universitie of Cam- 
hridge, 1616. 4to. T. 803. (3.) 

OOTT. A worke entitled of 
y* oldo god 1 the newe of the olde 
faytho 1 the newe, of the olde 
doctryne and y* newe, or orygy- 
nall iKjgvtinynge of Idolatrye. 
[Originally written in Gorman 
and entitle I : *' Vom alten und 
newen Gott : GlauWn nnd Lero," 
and traiiMluted from the Latin 

>n of II. Dulichius by M. 
< riale. Dishop of Exeter.] 
^. 11. ./. Byddell, London, 
1534. ^vo. C. 26. b.23. 

Without pnginattoii or titbpaga. 
''"'•■■'■'■••V- ♦;'!. •- >«•« tho lest on 

Fuljtntius, Monk of Orhais. See 
Usher (I.) Gottes-chalci, et Prae- 
destinatiansB oontroversisB ... his- 
toria: xxuk cam duplice ejusdem 
Confessione, etc. 1031. 4to. 

4255. bb. 

OOTZE (JouAHN voh) Ckmnt, 

OOUQE (William) ^m Bible. 
— Concordances. A complete Con- 
cordance to the Bible of the last 
translation, etc [With a preface 
by...W. G.] 1631. fol. 3103. e. 

1635. 4to. 3103. d. 

— See Bible. — New Testament. 
— Peter, A Commentary. ..npon 
the second chapter of the nnit 
epistle of Saint Peter... By N. By- 
field, etc. [With an address to 
the reader by W. G.] 1623. 4to. 
3266. CO. 

1637, etc. foL 3266. g. 

— See By FIELD (N.) Sermons 
upon the ten first verses of the 
third chapter of the first Epistle 
of S. W. 
Gouge. 1626. 4to. 4452. bb. 

— See CuLVERWEix (E^ A 
Treatise of Faith, etc. [AVith 
Epihtles to the Rtadcr by R.Sibbes 
and W. G.] 1623. 12mo. 4404. b. 

— 5<'e Rogers (R.) The practice 
of Christianitie, etc. [Witha pre- 
face by W. Gouge.] 1618. 12mo. 


1623. 12mo. 4408. aa. 

— The Workes of W. Gouge. 
In two volumes: the first, ao- 
mcstioall duties. The seoond. the 
whole armour of God. 2 vols. 
J. BeaU for /. Orimnand, Lomdon, 
1627. fol. 3753. d. 

Eaob vol. has a aeiiarate Utlepagcw 
indicating its oontent«, and la of 
edition. Vol 2 baa a 

(;oU OOU :i» 

t!^*'r!^*f'*';J!?rJir^ Chri«U«i BaMim ttma all IW 

«lis of 8aIm« tlQ. /. 
Im. I«I«. 4ta. 44C 

^ ^^ ^ ^OUOB rWiU4Aii) 

Willi yM...TULot^ mfmy Jrtna Ai«»upr. 8^ cmi 

OOUOB(WnJU4M) TImCVII. I^mAm, m«. 4ta. 4403. 
<^ mmI IW Oliatos or Im4 OOUOl rWiU4Aii) ^ a rt- 

AlJoTMa Willi yM...TULot^ »TWT mmi AymiMj. o^ ^ 
Ti tiiM mnm fkU ^av may ^ * 8otiw« (oq L«1w it. 831 
tMiLTrnJ iTStTwh Owk |M«MlMa...«l Um rmiTittg of 

Im lSi«r aAvm TImto It M^ Cbmb, Oolol». 31, lM8...HMiB 
^ ftaBtMUTMtotlMaLwnttra totlMlilslOfyorilMMrprimUAMl 

ItDl rV. Jnhml G. MUUr fm 
/. KiHm md T. Wmnm, Lm i rn, 

itiJ\£lfJt ""^SiT^ !•». ^^ «w- f- >^- (7) 

-TlMDIaiti«</ObiTmlri#; ^ — The Sdnte S^ot^, a 
A<4fiHtliiB\lMMMr«S.CliitNi. CVwmjMiUm Oil lb* ll«. Pi^lmt. 

ArtilWrrCoMBUiy oC Loodoo« 
•!«. 0.jCThr.twiii» 1636. Sto. 


111. 61 iMiaiiMiil bolfara tho •to. O. JfiUir /or B. B riwi t tr, 
li £Iirr^ Tum^, Lomdm. 1682. 410. 8090. b. 

OOUOH(ncoii) SmQimwii- 
Tnt (a) Tko obpriBft of tbo 
-ABBniDiilkmorilMwholo lio«»or<)tti»wuio...W 
ftftliClMiilH^aJoliMGoipoU: ^.•?^^<^^*K!y' '• 

telmft^^UM mooUi of M- w of %h^ ^'»jtoj»y-;«f J,' , ^f 

^ oiMikop.»c^ ^^o- 380. k 85. 

t^n;^^ oovoniJ.) 8..Q.J.0^ 

168L 4la 8337.0. ^ Tlio 8lriiigo DioooTory ; a 

- 3 b iifiHiitf fMtd. trmgi-comody [in 6^6 Mti Md in 

■- uo a . Uiri o Arrow.; PUpio, ^«. r. i^^k liiiih IWO. 4lo. 

{l^djSS^^ ^^55J^ja2^ta.^SSS 

Omqocol orw Um ih. initial. -J. O, On 
rriM Eitoniof Qod*o Pro- 

TtaMO. Ml onl In • Sormon [on OOUOH (Jons) ^^ b.niK. 

)UII. I. 38,010.1-Tbo Dignitio — ^f l g wrfMr . The doro of holy 

Iry.nifortliinnornnon •oriputiy. [Bring the prologno 

Oiron. vni. 9l...8ooaiid •• Wiolif* tnnaktioQ of Um 

iti^ 5 pto. 0. MOUr fat BIbU. wriijd and edited witb a 

Brtmdtr haUtm ir.n 4to. pie&oa by J. O.] 1540. Sto. 

f CbirU 

/• ™^ - . - C.25.d.7.(I.) 

Iteb «iM 4ttff ut iiyii^t. OOUOHS (J<ftB) Sw T., L. 

*^ ■■• ^^Wlr^ ^a^t^Mwoa avt ^^ Answore to ovtoin omm 

. ■ Hn i Hhi» n> B^ . ^ ofM.FocknaBi...wUcb bo 

. Tbo ... aciinst a godly otnnon of 

Wbolo-Amor of God. or tbo M. jrGo«gbot.oto. [1570.] 8to. 
St^taall Fnmitnn wbicb God 666. a. 36. 




GOULART (Simoh) See 
Europe. — Christian and Reformed 
Churches. An Harmony of the 
Confessions of the Faith of the 
Christian and Reformed Churches 
...of Europe. [By — Salnar, with 
notes by d. G.J 1586. 8vo. 

853. e. 1. 

— See S., S. G. 

— Admirable and memorable 
Histories, containing the won- 
ders of our time. Collected into 
French out of the best authors by 
I. [or rather S.l Goulart. And 
out of French into English, by 
E. Grimeston. 0. Eld, London, 
1607. 4to. 12356. b. 

— The Wise Vieillard, or Old 
Man. Translated out of French 
into English by an obscure Eng- 
lishman, a friend and favourer 
of all wise Old-Men (T. Wfil- 
liamson?]). J. Dawson, London, 
1621. 4to. 8405. c. 

— Another copy. 

8405. c. 

GOULSTON (Theodore) See 
Aristotle. [Ilcpt noti/riio;?.] Ari- 
Btotelb de Poetica liber, etc. 
[Edited by T. G.] 1623. 4to. 

519. d. 19. (2.) 

— See Aristotle. [Tcxvij yrjror 
pun;.] *Api<rroT<Aovs T«p(i^ 'Pi/ro- 

SKi)% fiiPXia rpta. Anstotelis de 
httori<a ... libri tres Graecolat, 
etc. [Edited by T.G.I 1619. 4to. 
519. d. 19. (1.) 

— See Qkunt (C.) K. ToXiyFov 
,..TW¥ ffwCofuvw^ Tira. C. Galen i 
...OpnsouU yaria. A...T. G.... 
Graoa reoentita, 
pnrgata, et in linguam Latinam 
...traduota, cto. 1640. 4to. 

540. f. 7. 

G O W E R ( Jou!f ) M.A. See 
Ovimus Naso (F.) [Faeti.] Ovidi 
Festivalls, or Romane Calendar, 

translated into English verse. 
J.G. 1640. 8vo. 1068. g. 20. (5.) 

GOWER (John) M.A. Pyr- 

g)machia; vol potius,Pyffomachia. 
r, in cleane English, the Castle- 
Combat, performed by I. Fenoer 
and W. Wrastler, etc. [in verse]. 
Printed far B. Milboume, Landdm, 
1635. 4to. 1076. i. 26. 

Without paginatioiL 

GOWER (J0H») the Poet. 
Begin, t His book is intituled, 
confessio amantis, that is to saye 
in cnglysshe the oonfessyon of 
the loner maad and oompyled by 
John Gower, etc. [Edited by 
W. Caxton.J IS. E. EnprynUd at 
Westmestre by me Will yam Caxton, 
1493 [1483]. fol. C. 21. d. 

AVithout titlepag:e. The nume- 
ration begins on the seventh leaf, 
which is marked fol. 2, and is otm- 
tinned from thence (with the excep- 
tion of au interval between foL 4 
and 17, in i^hich there are twelve 
leaves unnumbered) to the last, 
which is numbered 211. There are 
218 leaves in all, printed in double 
Columns, of 44 and 46 lines to a 
full Column. This copv has two 
enKmved portraits of the anthor, 
anu a small engraving of his tomb. 

— Another copy. C 1 1 » . 7. 
The first six, the thirteenth, and 

the last five leaves of this copy have 
been supplied in fao-simlle. 

— Jo. Gower de confeasione 
Amantis. H. E. T. BertMetU, 
London, 1532. fol. 641. k. 3. 

— Another edition. 19. X. 
T. Berthelette, London, 1554. fol. 

041. k. 4. 

— Another copy. i. 6. 

GR., Vicar of. A Coale from 
the Altar. Or, an anawer to a 
liCtter not long since written fby 
J. Williams Bishop of LincolnJ 
to the Vicar of Gr[antham]. 
against the plaoing of the Com- 
munion Table at the Eaat end of 

OR <• I: V 7I» 

.. FffH MHil Vr <^ ORAfTON (RievABii) Bm 
mmI ImhmA Diirhi* [P. Buaameth* (^mmi i/ 

ItrfidBi mmI ImhmA Diirhi* [P. Bluumetii* Qm^m tf Bn^mmL 

BMr|pi}^«^«Btklkclia«orhUi A IfVftiiM of trMMM tfAiaH 

VH'iM MmI: «rf bgr Mai mh Q. BUmIwIIi mmI Um CimM of 

■ liiJ Id llw PlWH^ 910. (A JutMa. 4iy<dt4 failp two pttti : 

Cbpi# of Um UMw writiM to wiawol lU tot pMfto •inwiiHk 

iW TioAT of Qf{MilkMil« otob) otrtoiM XfmmnmpnkmA&i [\m • 

MiiiMliW ALJObonM^XiUM, loltor ooMMMiag »M«to«i la 

IfSC 4k 41«>6.a Obrioto** Mid tknidl R. O^ <a 

RklMid OmftoBrMid ailrilmtoa 

— AaollMroonr. ' » to W. OmO, Loi^ BufbloT]. oto. 

1673. 8vo. ai£o.l6. 

— AmUmt oopj. lie. A. II. 

— A ooaliMMkm of iho 

Tko lldrd biprMi- Chroalelo of Bngkad, bMmmiag 

9km. Few RS. Nam. Primhi/ar wbora JhS lUrdjnK left, Uullo 

R. jm«uw 7.n«4i«, ie37. 4to. to Mk, fh>m ibo htgjnnyng of 

•00. g. 18. (1.) fidwttrd ibo funrtb vnto ihU 

#1* P n^m^m^^i^ A..«i: pi-^Mot thiriyo wid ftmro yor* of 

Q»^J^; 9"*?^ ^"?'*" r.kyng H.nry tU oigbt Aw 

ouM^|m€ipii4<|MtaB«4L«iiiim h^^^ho (J.) Tlie Chronicle, 

d»ru od onir^m V Rmi ^ ,^ ^^^ 673. e. I. X 

wwitnodnHi ^^ff ttntimt^ AqUioto 

^'S^^^J^' ^T^'^Il' ^^'^ -AeTitATW. Ahrioftim- 

cMMus CoMKonoiiA owMen eo* iij^ eontrioTiig nuuij p ro p or 

lectkini,«l HimM tvWU tpMo TaUemetc r6jR.O.] 157678m 

delidiB, ttiii com SeiO. aa. 

fofVM riaiiQBtk...Bodoa Ao- 

|1mi«.) Jg^jtrfni Minmi Trj^ 1579. 8to. 12208.M.20. 

1588. 8va 0.7479. 

1582. 8to. 12208. a. 5. 

ORADU8. Rmm. Ormdnt ,,o. ^^ -.- ^ -- 

cdpofmiMi oa ^«Si anomuili. ^*^*- ®^ 717. a. S4. 

Mial 1 oori e5|Mif ). [Bj J. Sun- _ a Briefe Traaiiae coDtaining 

""^••J •^^^S'*'':!^ •■Ji*':^ many proper Table* aad eaato 

^I^lrJ!^' r**J^ nilee...aagmoDtod thia 

1?^ •^,'^ JL f^- ••,*• nilee...aagmoDtod thia praaoai 
ITjraiire ^ '^^^'^^ ^T*^ J?^ *«»>• *• *• t'rmttd far 
[1525? 4fo. C. 40.0. 7. V Jia-t. Le«lom 1611. 8to. 

717. a. 40. 


Hanfia tea Ma _ Thia [Chronicle of Briteyn,] 
■ ^ begiMUiig at William the dm- 
ooefov,oiideth wjth ont 

[A] SiWrbia a»amal>r«D,ul fi"**!^ <^A fablo <Maffay 
ioJ coram oompcmiia. Af. ?* r^^j? !?!* ^*^ !f *™ 
». R. J To^- Ls£tri581. 4toL »^m^ ••»* the Bamea of the 

bajliflea, ahirifee and maiora, oto.) 
». R. Fiwlia Nonk [Lmdgm,] 
1588. fol. 598. l£ 

^ikekMlliy: Ififffc H katteg W« 




for the words **8eeoDde ▼olome." 
The table U nnpa^ed^ and occupiea 
15 leaves. 

GRAFTON (Hichard) A 
Chroniclo at lar^o, and meere 
IliHtory of the affayres of Eng- 
laiule, and kingee of the same, 
dediioed from the Creation of the 
worlde, unto the first habitation 
of thjs Islande, and so by oon- 
tynnanoe to the first yero of the 
reigne of...Qaeene Eli&ibeth, eto. 
1^.1. Uenry Denhamjor R. Tattle 
and H. To^e, London, 1569. fol 
C. 15. b. ^. 

— Another copy. 2070. c. 

Imperfect ; wanting the tiilcpaace, 
which has been Biipplicd in fac- 

— An abridgement of the Chro- 
nicles of England, gathered bv R. 
Grafton, citizen of London. l9. %• 
MS. Notes. In sedibua Richardi 
Tottyll, [LoiMiofi,] 1563. 8vo. 

G. 5900. 

Imperfect ; wanting the table and 

— Another edition. 1$. I. Few 
MS. Notes. In mdibu» Richardi 
ToitjfU, London, 1564. Svo. 1320. a. 

Newly and dili- 
gently oorrected, eto. 1$. ft. In 
mdHms RirlnrAi T^Unll, London, 
1570. 8v 598. a. 6. 


and augmented to this present 
yere...l572. And in thendo of 
thys Abridgement is added a 
propre k nooemry Treatise, oon- 
toyiiing many good Rnlea, and 
specially one eioellent maner of 
oomputacion of yeres« etc. 10. %. 
In mdibn$ B. ToltM, Lomlini, 
1572. 8vo. 598. a. 6. 

— Another copy. 


oion of the worlde, to this yere of 
onr Lorde, 1565. Abridged and 
collected by R. Grafton. 1$. %. 
J, iiCiii^ttofi,-X(miofi, [15651 16mo. 
C. 18. a. 

GRAHAM (David) See Keb 
(G.) A Dittooverie ot the...Con- 
spiraoie of Scottish Papists,... as 
it was confessed... be M. G. Ker 
...and D. G., eto. [1592.] 4to. 
287. b. 20. 

^ 1593. 4to. 113. i. 39. 

GRAHAM (John) Earl of 
Montrose. Pietas Illustrissimi 
Domini, principis Graemorum 
Familiao, Comitis Monti-rosarnm 
in patrem ^ vita ])lacidd deoeden' 
torn 9. Novemb. 1608, eto. [In 
verse.] R. Charteris, Edinbuvgi, 
1609. 4to. 1213. k. 17. (6.) 

Without pagination. 

Anatomio of Humors. T. FinUuon, 
'Edinburgh, 1609: 4to. C. 40. d. 23. 

— The Passionate Sparke of a 
Relenting Minde. H. Lowne$, 
London, 1604. 4to. 11626. bb. 23. 

Without pagination. Each page 
i-A Hiirrouiuled by a woodcut border. 
Imperfect ; wanting sheet F (three 
lea Yes), which is supplied in MS. 

G R A I L E (EoMaKD) Little 
Timoiho his Lesson: Or A Sum- 
mary relation of the Ilistoricall 
part of holy Scriptnre, plainely 
and familiarly comprised in Mee- 
ter, for the helpe of memory... By 
E[dmund] G[raile]. W. HaU for 
J, Man, London '••M 8vo. 

G. 11195. 

— A Manuell oi mr « hroni* 
olcs of Englande. From the orea- 

Third impression, 

corrected, etc (A forme of morn- 
ing prayer, eta ) A, Maihmom for 
J. Oriftmrmd, London, 1632. 8vo. 
1076. a. 11. 

Thn ** Fonne of Moraing Ptmyer " 
ia without paginaiioa. 

OKA Oil A TI7 

ORAmUm QUBtnOlft. GRAHOBS (Tnomm) 8i 

OmImm Kfmai«Mir qi al i y i lor toc«Mi iMtomn. Or, Um tHritm 
IW MMfew •r jwuig MMilkni LogilM. 8crW»ff wiiooUll/ Ibr 
U tW WMmiag of Uit ■ooUi>Pt. Um «•• of DIWMi Hi Om pnialkt 
•.1. riMtef IfOS?] tm oCpntolilMLoto. W.Jmmmd 
8Sa.t7. mltWMinfXJUUMHlMdUs 
1«I0. 4la 84M.K 

(Amakaii^ Am grant (Edwaid) •/ Nprtk^ 

9'5!!^'y:rAjy^ !!••*•• iTMMdUr*. Sm Gmut 

^^ " r*^iu^* »tt q«' BuvAis ASH luLAra.— Jamm L, 

...i^A.n. jQ,^^ 3^^ Wbti«M T. Funox 

O a A V n 1. (jo«,) Tfce -y^ toMt oUy MiOottMormtw 

Ooltei •: A dUmuiI ••*'^^ Umm d i ieoTo i od to hatr* 

din«n», i^nn«i U J. GrMM. «*triir«d Um bkmI horrible Umr 

. \%lMonlobo«UMiod l»T ibo »o-«S»i>Mt oor Pbrno^oto. [A 

•ko aifoiri^pklWT^ (7 J^or. 1«05.) 1»05. foK 

TSt^'a!^ It rriiiniBii^iriirfni, GRANT (Edwaioot) At 

Q^SJ?* JJ^J^^";. "tSlISr AiolMuiii ... fAmiliarhim opittolft* 

TWiMiMiM J'^ItL oSC nmlibri... Studio etkbowRO., 

^^faftffihSk^^ ttou [1576.] 8m low. b. 21. 

GRANGER (TtioMAi) 8m — Sw Cuwi* (J.) Leikoii 

BiBLB. — Ou» TttTAJinrr.-^JBMlt- Gnrao - LAtinum ... looopletatain 

mmim. A IkMiliar Eiporitkm or oper4...E. Gt^rmnt). 1581. 4to. 

CoMMtATio oa FwJw itot f i... 12924. dd- 14. 
RjrT.G. 1621. 8m 8166. ma. 

•M. A •• .• «A . — Tiff •EAAiprunff rXiiaeot ot*- 

^- Tbo ApplMAtooo of SoriD- jpok„^ Qmcm LiogM SpM- 

tero. OrtlMMMrlMmtOMtU (Uii^rez pneotMiiJiB^ 

Hlm^^Sf^^t^ f'*!*^ ■uUJck.lnqiintoorHorwaoolloo- 

»f r. & >r r. Pmner, Imdam, ttim...Oollootoio K G(rAiitA). In 

1«>^ ^^ 3126. K •d^fl:Bioi»om.«»pr»^^V^ 

- r^uU Ciowne of Bejordog. <^' ^"*«*» IjmUm, Volb 4ta 
Or the mnam bow to bom tU C 24. o. 

/■«. T P..J. r J.t— i«i« ^.- I-urrotci (8.) An lUiwn Gi 

«74. c 108. (4.) --j" "^ ^^^ *^»isra7 

— - 8j«tagBO GrunflMtaoui, 

Mtbodioai OS- 1587. 8to. 12948. o. 29. 


Tbo Otftol of Memorio : wboraia 

r. Dmmm. LmJm, 161^ Sm <• oont^Md tbo rMtoryng, mw- 

827. A. 2. »«itj»g. •■d uuu w i i j i B g of tto 

WHhdol figlMlloo. Mwiiwio oad Rf tMbnii 

TOUU. 8a 

pbMtion of LOlieo Gi 
wbMobj tbo ■btorio of tbio Art 

M BMIO plotBolT iOl %rtb« OtO. 




Englished bv W. Fiilwod. id. I. 
Bouland HaU, Landd, 1563. 8va 
51. a. 25. 
Without pftf^iDfttiou. 

— Another edition. H. %. 
W, How, London, [ 1 573]. Bvo. 

1186. b. 5. (5.) 

— Another copy. 61. a» 21. 

ORATAROLUS (Guliklmus) 
fA direction for the health of 
Magistrates and studeutcs... Eng- 
lished from the Latin... by T. Now- 
ton.] H. %. [London, 1574.] 8vo. 
1039. a. 13. 

Without pAgination. Imperfect; 
wanting the tttlcpage. 

ORAY(Alkxia) flfec Benedict, 
Saint. The Kule of the nio«t 
Biissed Father Saint Benedict 
Patriarke of all Munkes. [Trans- 
lated by A.,Gray.] [1632.] 8vo. 
G. 19516. (1.) 

GRAY (Sir Andrew) Arrivall 
...tnto Lusatia. See Bohemia. A 
most true Relation of the late 
proceedings in Bohemia, etc. 
It320. 4lo. 9315. bb. 

GRAY (Nicolas) See Rider 
(J.) Bisftop of Killaloe. Rideri 
Dictionarium severiore trutina 
castigatum ... operis ... N. Gray. 
1626. 4to. 12933. f. 19. 

GRAY (Walter) See Ephe- 
MBUIDK8. Gray ... An Almanack 
with a Prognostication... By W. G. 

OREAME, Familif of. See 


J AM KM I., King, A I*rocIumation 
for transplttntutiim of thoGreamos 
(4 Dec., lOua). 1003. fol. 

506. h. 10. (32.) 

P., R. l)e TniDiio Hritanniop, sue 
de Regnoruni Angliu*, et Scoti^ 
omniumquo atljuountium luhula- 
rum Britauicarum in uuam Mon- 

archiam oonsulidatione ... Dia- 
logus, etc. 1604. 8vo. 

600. b. 33. (1.) 

V , R. The olde Fayth of greate 
Brittaygne, etc. [1549?] 8vo. 
C. 21. a. 44. 

— Davngerons PoMitions and 
Proceedings, published and prac- 
tised within this Hand of Bry- 
taine, nnder pretences of Refer- 
mation, and for the Presbiteriall 
Ditioipline. [By R. Bancroft, 
Archbishop of Canterbury.] 
J. Wolfe, London, 1593. 4to. 

T. 775. (3.) 

—Another copy. 1019.f.21.(l.) 

— The Historie of Great 
Britannic declaring the successe 
of times and afifaires in that 
Hand, from the Romans first 
entrance, untill the raigne of 
Egbert, etc. [By J. Clapham.] 
2 pts. F. Simmes, lAmdon, 
1606. 4to. 508. c. 10. (2.) 

The firbt pt. of this work wm 
published in 1G02 under tbe title of 
**Tlie Historie of £ngland. The 
tint Booke.*' 

— Another copy. G. 4633. ( 1 . ) 

— Another copy. 808. c. 1 . 

deputed to attend the Sifnod o/DorL 
Suffraffium ooUegiale Theolo^ 
rum Magnae Britannin de quin- 
que contix>ver8is RemonHtrautium 
Articulis, judicio Synmlico piav 
vium. [Signtxl by G. Carleton, J. 
Davenant, S. Ward, T. Goad, and 
W. Balcanquall.l Cui adjunct* 
est Conoio de (iratia Disorimi- 
nante, ... per S. Wurduui. Ab 
authoTd jam reoo|piita. 2 pta. 
Jf. FUaker,., Jmpmm$ B, MUbownm, 
Londini, 1627, 4to. 4257. b. 

— The Collegiat SnffVage of 
Uie Divinea of Groat Britaine, 

ORB Tif 

<a. CkrWlMk t. Dii««Mal« tie.) ORBAT BRITAIN AND 
UMFitvAftfoUtoMi. IRBLA1ID.-Jaii» I.. iC.V 

MmIi «, Amw I -M Ondbrwrn wbioh U pUmd hit 

Um Lords Blibopt mmI oChm of 
hk dttak Ota. 1004. 4io. 
ORBAT BRITAHI AND •^ •••. «!4. (2.) 

IRBLAND.TlMlkMtrwhMiA * ^ ' 

ib« Kt«f4oM soiTSiuidoUi, A — AtnMoopjofbklli^iffvtlM 

Um KMMdk. [B/ Sir B. B. Wanmal...fer itej of Um 

.] (Cwiii.) 1438. 4lo. Uoo of L. OoblMi, L. Ormj. aod 

8122. b. Sir O. MamlrlMiiii, olo. 8m 8.. C. 
TIm Oopio of a Ltitor. oCo. 

— Anoiovrqopj. B. 1948. (8.) •' "" 12. 

ORBAT BRITAIN AMD — A Booko of Prr^ci.m.uon., 

IRBLAND. - .4rsit. laolroo- imbllabod fiaoo tbo boginiiiDg of 

tkiM for MiMtofs Attd AroMi, mmI hb MMttio's ttort hftppT Boino 

tU M Ibomf : bj ordMT ftom ow Bngkuia Ac UoUU dife 

%^ IjoHb of Hit MoimUoi ... pTMOt motmth of Folir. 8. Aboo 

4«ii of Hk llMiUoi ... PfMOt BaMth of Fotir. 
CoomtW. B,i/mimmmd boM. 1009. «. R. B. 

^. Bin Lwrfw, 1823. 4ta. ImAm, [1809]. foL 608.d.28. 

— AooClMrooiif. 808. d. 34. 
Willi <Im oMIIiMi «f 81 
— iMwm mod OnliuuMit of !>* ^ «?<' <^.^ 

Worm, ortablkbod far tboboltor Nj !»«*«»•««»• 4ow. ip F^b. «. 

I • ^# *l^ t^ i^ aU^ I0II,U> 

of Iko OM^rioo in tlio 
Kortbora porta. Bj...Uio Eorlo — [A collection of Pn>cU- 

of KortbamlMrUiid, Lord Gone- BMiioM iMoed by Jaqim I. 
rmll, ote. B. BmrUr...amd hf Ot 1803-1809.1 608. b. 10. (2-109.) 
Amimm o/ J, BOt, Lmdm, ^ ' 

1840. 4to. 8828. b. — [ AooOior ooUooCkm. 1804- 

1828.] 508. b: 12. (88-100.; 

oopT. 0. 2328. — [Aaoibor ool l ootfcm. 1815- 

^^' 1824.] 21. k 1.(1-15.) 

IRRLAMD.-iiW%. &fW.,T. — [Aaoibor oolloctioii. 1817- 

A cotaofoo of tbo ^obilily of 102^0 1^1. b. 8. (8-8.) 

WitbottoddiUoaoftboBoniMte . "J^^ *^f **^.«»^SL *?^ 

518. k. 1.(14.) ^SSanr ^ ^u ««»«**• J«> 

^ ^ Mob Townoi, VillogM, mod otbor 

1832. 4ta 807.g.l. W?«»^ •• •«?. «f.»«7 *» 

m oAar ialMlod wtlb tbo P 

1886. Sto. 805. a.33<l.) ...Aloo, on tbo Wl 

loomod in Pbroicko witbin iht« 

1 &I0. Svo. 9904. ML Bmilmo, ocmtnuiing . *' * 



©to. e. I. B. Barker, London, 

1603. 4to. C. 31. e. 3. 

Without pagination. 

IRELAND.— James L, King. A 
Supplication to the Kings most ex- 
cellent Majestie, wherein, severall 
reasons of state and religion are 
briefoly touched [being a petition 
for the toleration of the Roman 
Catholic Religion]. [Douau f] 

1604. 4to. 701.h. 1. (6.) 

— Articles of Peace, Enter- 
oonrse and Commerce, concluded 
in the names of... James... King 
of ^eat Britaine...and Philip the 
third. King of Spaine, &c. And 
Albertus and Isabella Clara 
Eugenia, Archdukes of Austrice, 
...In a Treatie at London the 
1 8. day of August ... 1 604. Trans- 
lated out of Latine into English. 
B. Barker, London, 1605. 4to. 

6955. a. 

— Articles concluded at Paris, 
the xxiiij. of February 1605, 
stylo Anglise [i.e. O.S.]. By Com- 
missioners of... James... King of 
Greate Brittainc.and Uenrie the 
Fourth mo«t Christian French 
king, for the more commodious 
enteroourse in traflSque betweene 
their Subjects. B. Barker, London, 
1606. 4to. 6915. a. 

Without pagination. 

— Articles of direction touch- 
ing Alehouses. Munday the xxj 
of March [CS.] 1607. 19. l. 
JB. Barker, lAmdan, [1608]. 4to. 


— Orderi appointed by hit 
Kajeetie to be straightly ob- 
■erve<1, for the nreventing and 
remedying of the dearth of Graine 
and other Viotuall. ( Ijune, 1 608.) 
». %. B. NorUm €md J, Bill, 
Ltmdtm, 1622. 4to. 104. k. 89. 

IRELAND. — James I., King. 
A Declaration of his Majesties 
Royal 1 pleasure, in what sort 
He thinketh fit to enlarge, or 
reserve himself in matter of 
Bountie. jB. Barker, London^ 

1610. 4to. 709. a. 1. 

— Another copy. 115. a. 25. 

— Another edition. B. NorUm 
and J. Bill, London, 1619. 4to. 

J. R. 1. (7.) 

— The Copie of the Kings 
Majesties Letters Patents (21 
April, 1610) for the making of 
AUomes in England, Sootknd, 
and Ireland, or in any other his 
Majesties Dominions, made to W. 
Tumor, etc. [London, 1610.] 4to. 

712. g. 17. (6.) 
Without tiUepage. 

— A Proclamation published 
under the name of James King 
of Great Britanny [2 June, 1610]. 
AVith a briefe...Answere ther- 
unto. Whereto are added the 
penall Statutes, made in the same 
Kingdome, against Catholikee. 
Togeather with a letter which 
sheweth the said Catholikes piety. 
...Translated out of Latin into 
English. [With a preface signed 
B. D. de Clerimond.] [Doua^f] 
1511 [1611]. 4to. 3932. oa 

— His Maieetiee Commission to 
all the Loros, and others of the 
Privie Counsel 1, touching the 
Creation of Baronets, wherennto 
are annexed divers Inatmctions, 
and his Majesties Letters Patents 
oontaining the forme of the said 
Creation. Also the forme of an 
oath to be taken by the said 
Baronets. B, Barker, London^ 

1611. 4ta 517. k. 3.(1.) 

— Another copy. 518. k. 1.(1.) 

— A True Transcript and Pub- 

'* R R O R r T2! 

,^M^ oi n» IUi«lkt Uilm ORBAT BRITAZlf AND 

FbllMil a MmL Ull OA.) lEBLAMD. -Jaiivi I. X..;; 

Vbr Ml ONkaw Ip te M i i t i d mm! Thtm i^UMli oonotnilac tU 

IW PvU&cIm Bm^Hmt Ibr iMovmbte thpm mA Dtaiitk 

to oT B«raMla i tiit ftm oosMaing 
Um ClwitkHi Mid Chrtnt Th« 

of UW MlOIO...or tlM tiOOOd O dMTOO (IB " 

>r /. bJ§$. TU lynio o oooArwitm Sod 

]U11. 4to. 10M.o.t. osploaoliim. & JIarAir, ImIm, 
«, , .,,. I«IT. 4ID. M7. k. 8. (4.) 

ookmd. Pirwi«d /.r /. Bmd0$, «. jlio Dwioo ood BrtoUbb- 
iLm£m.]m2. 4lo. llO.alX tot of Iho Ki oy MofaoUo, opoo 

Boroooli; ood tooobtoi 
other poioto alto, ooooam 

_ _ woU BoBoereta at tko mI 

Dtolomtio otmiWmi lUgi^ Mia (28 Umj 1612.) B. Bn^iir, 

If aooM 
ORBAT BRITAIN AND ^^•^S'^P^** •^ oooowoloc ao- 
IBBLAKD.— Jamoi L. Boif. woU Baonereta at tko Mid 

rZr^ oala (28 IUt 161 



BtgU, qua qaidmiai l ^ » i om \ 1612/ 4to. 517. k. 3. (2.) 

PkoviooianMi Ordiotbot aapar r» ^.""^^■l!***' •?P7* MS. Non 

VonlU aotea traolatamTa dt^ [^J 8«r Estftoii Br^rdgas]. 

riogillaliM oqplkator. J.Nmkm. 604. K 22. 

Lmimi, 1612. 4to. SM. L 16. (2.) ThI. nj wufctiarf^ m of tte 

— Bia M^iartte IMaratioo ^^ — -^^"^^Ty, Vm^i" 
OSMMoiof lOs PkooMdioga with gnph " fatg«d bjr W. a Miad. 
tho Sliiot Ocoarall of tha Unltad 

fto f io c M of tha Low Ooootfort, — ^ PuUioattoD of hia Ma*" 

fai Um oaMa of D. C. Vorattoa. ^ict, and aaTers Canaoia againat 

B. Biriir, Iniim, 1612. 4to. priTata Combata and Conbatanta; 

8M. L 16. (4.) ^hathar within hta HighoeMa 
Domlniotii, or without ; with 

— AaolhOT oopy. Ptw MS. thair aaeooda, aooooiplioea. and 
Nom. 105. h. 29. adhMoota, ato. R Bmhir, Lam^ 

— DacU^tion da...Boy da U *^ ''''' ^^ '' ^ '' <^> 
Grand* Brataigoa tor tea aotaooa — Anothor oopj. 115. f.l. 
derara laa Eatata Oanaraaz das 

IVaa boa aaia tooehaat k fiUd da — Anolharoopj. 501.a.20.(l.) 

C. Votatioa. /ma Jfartfta, loodrai, TttkHoa rfiabtly malilatod. 
1612. 4to. 859. L 16. (8.) 

^ — AaothOTOopj. 0.2312. 

— Anothor aditioo. Jaaa JVar- 

IMS Laadpo, 1612. 4to. — La Declaration do noatra 

9098. dd. CIA SooTerain Stra la Bor, par TAdvia 

^ ^ ...dnOMMaaprlHda8aMai»t4 

— Anothar edition. JmmKm^ ...toochant laa nrtlantiona da... 
161X 8Tor ila da 8a Makol*. Cbarl« 

1020. d. 12. Doeli4 da ComonaiUty— Tha Da- 


G R E 


claratiou of... the King, by the... 
advise. ..of his Majesties Privie 
Coanoell...Conoeniing the title 
of his Majesties... Sonne Charles the Duohy of ComewalL 
Fr. and Eng. B. Barker, LondcH, 
1613. fol. C. 40. 1.8. 

With two titIepaget,ODe in Froaoh 
and tlie other in £ngH«h. 

— Another copy. T. 924. (3.) 

— Another copy. G. 1158. 

Wanting the table of errata at 
the end. 

IRELAND. — James I., Kint/. 
RemoiiHtrances made by the 
King's Maiesties Ambassadonr, 
vnto the French King and the 
Qneene his Mother, June last past, 
1615. Concerning the marriages 
"with Spaine... Together with the 
French King's Letter to the 
Prince of Conde, dated the 26. 
of July last, 1615, and the Prince 
his Answere thereunto. Trans- 
lated according to the French 
copie. W. StaruHyy for N. Butter, 
Xotkf(w,1615. 4to. 283. b. 1.(11.) 

Without pagination. Imperfect ; 
wanting sbeota B and G. 

— A Proclamation, with Arti- 
cles of Direction thereunto au- 
neied, concerning Ale-houses. 
(19 Jan.. 1618 O.S.) ». tl. 
B, Norton and J. Bill, lAtndon, 
1618. 4to. 1241. a. 

— Exemplar iilius Diploniatis 
Beffii; auo...Magn8B Btitannifo 
...Hex Jacobus... A. Steingenio 
eqnestris ordinis dignitatem etc. 
detulit, etc (30 Nov., 1620.) 
[London?] 1620. 4to. 1327. a. 

Foot Isstss, without pagination. 

— His Majesties Gracious Let- 
ter to the Earle of Sonth-Hamp- 
too,TreMiirer,and to the Connoell 
and Company of Virginia heere: 

oommai....i.g ilie present setting 
up of Sillce works, and planting 
of Vines in Virginia (9 of July 
1622). And the Letter of the 
Treasurer, Councel 1, and Company , 
to the GoTemour and Counoell of 
State there, for the strict execu- 
tion of his Majesties Roy all Com- 
mands herein. Also a Treatise 
of the Art of making Si Ike, eta 
By I. Bonoeil. JP. Kyng$Um, Lon- 
don, 1622. 4to. 988. f. 5. 

— Another copy. 1447. c. 4. 

— Another copy. 234. c. 26. 

IRELAND. — Jam Ks 1., Kinj. 
The Copio of His Majestit-s Com- 
mission ^8 of March 162§) 
touching tne Fees of the Officers 
and Ministers belonging to the 
Courts of Justice, as well eccle- 
siasticall as temporall within... 
England and Wales; together 
with an order made by the... Com- 
missioners therein, touching the 
execution of that Commission. 
B. Norton and J. Bill, London, 
1623. 4to. 6281. a. 


IRELAND.— Chaklls I., Kiu.j. 

[A collection of proclamatii ns 

issued by Charles I. 1625-104 • 

21. h. 1.(16-..:.) 

— [Another collection. 1 625- 
1630. J 

506. h. 11. (1-15 and 31-187.) 

— [Another collection. 1627- 
1640.1 1851. b. 3. (10-36.) 

— [Another collection. 1631- 
1636.] 506. h. 17. (1-67.) 

— Orders thought meet by His 
Majestie, and his Privie CounoeU, 
to Doe executed... in such Townea 
...and other plnccs as are. 
fei*tc<l with the Plague... Also, .An 


n V. y 


— AmUm 

»«n 1 1.) 

Lmitm, !«&. 4: 7M1. b. 



A 1)^1. 


6122. u 


«iU J. 

>i4rlM...Kiiig of 

4 4 Jan. 1627. OS. 
V^nubU eolkotioM 

A^ 1627 roA] 
rwi g. 18.(219.) 

of OerteiM 
-ut« made in 


i Hiri.o. 


makiaf of 0teroli, tad 
tiM MinojrMKwi tliivw!iy« 
Jmt^ 1629.) H. R. B. 
Mtf /. BOL LMHidm 1629. fbt 


- A rrooUoMliott for rittr»{nt 

Ktl)ing...«id Mtiaff of rUh 

U eUs. (18 Jaa., I6811, 

d. 1. B. Borl»r. Im^m, 

ih:,i. c. (4.> 

— ArtiolM of Ptooo, 
oonrw. And Oonmeroo, oumNkM 
In th« namM of iho BOOl high 
and miffhtT Kinn, Chorleo... 
Kinf of Great tintatn6,...aDd 
Philip iha foarth Kinrof Spoino, 
Ao. in a Troatj at SUdrit, tho 
fift dar of NoTonber aftor the 
old atiU,... 1680. Tranoktod out 
of Latine into Bngliih. JL Bmr' 
ktr,..ami lA# Amipm tf /. BO^ 
1680. 4to. 6915. a. 




nnUwfuU gaoMa, to bo pot in 
pcoaaftt osootttioo* br order fron 
thoKiBn...lfnkrtio. ». R. Lm^ 

190. g. 18. (280.) 

— rambinm Rajgio^^or, tho 
OAoa of hia ** " ' 

Bo3rolL Daclannffoadraotifriac 
luo Migortaot Right and tbo Q^ 


Prmki fit 
1628. 4to. 

1890. e. 2. 

— Hta Majfstioi DoeknOioo 
to all hk knriac Solweta. Of 



— B J tbo Kinfic: a rrooh 
tioo lor tho real mining of tho 
inportation of Iroo Wyor into 
thto Kingdomo, aad for tho anp- 

Et of that manntaetnre. (7 
J 1630.) ». R. [Lomdam, 
1680.] fol. 816. m. U. (54.) 

laVOTftat: vaatfagthadM^te- 

— A Coininiadon for tho well 
goremingof Onr people, inhabit- 
ing in New- found -land; or, traf- 
fioning in Bajaa, Orealno, or fraah 
Rlirota thoia. (10 Fob. 1688,0.8.) 
B. B«rlifr...aad Ikt Amifmm •/ 
J, BiU, Lamdem, 1688. 4to. 


— Biyia. Charlea.etc [Lottata 

Satoat. 19. Oct., 1686, grantisg to 
ohn Browaa a aooopolj of tho 




Bale of oaat iron manafactures.] 
10. X. [Loii<i<m, 1636.] fol. 

1851. a. 1. (37.) 

IRELAND.— Cmaki.ks L, King. 
A Proclainatiou tuuching Com- 
mon MauUtera and Brewers. (9 
July 1037.) 1$. %. [LaruUm, 
1637.] 9.$k fol. 1851.0.(8.) 

— A Proclamation for the well 
ordering the making of white 
8tarch within the Realm and for 
restraint of the Importation 
thereof from foreign parts. (9 
Feb., 1638.) ». 1. London, 
1638. foL 816. m. 13. (153.) 

— A Proclamation... to inform 
onr loving Subjecta of our King- 
dom of England of the seditious 
practices of some in Scotland, 
etc. (27 Feb. 1638.) ». ». 
London, 1638. fol. Lutt. III. 67. 

Slightly cut in binding. 

— Another copy. 

816. m. 1. (32.) 

— A Proclamation concerning 
playing-Cards and Dice.(18 June, 
1638.) ». *. B. Barker, London, 
1638. fol. 816. m. 12. (72.) 

— A Proclamation for restrain- 
ing the innwrtation of Lattin- 
AVire into this Kingdome, and 
for support of that Manufacture 
here. (19 Aug. 1638.) 1$. E. 
B. Barker, London, 1638. fol. 

816. m. 14. (53.) 

— A Proclamation for suspend- 
ing the time of healing the dis- 
ease called the Kings Evil! untill 
Easter next. (2 Sept., 1638.) 
90. %. B. barker, London, 
1638. 9. ih. fol. 816. m. 1. (33.) 

— A Proclamation for the due 
Assising of Broad. (19 Nov., 
1638.) «. 1. B. Barker, Lon- 
don, USS, fol. Sir,. In.rJ.(.^7.) 


IRE LAND. —Charles I., King, 
A rro<:lauiation publishing an 
Act of State, and His Majeatiet 
command concerning a soandaloos 
Paper lately dispersed amongst 
many of his subjects [relating to 
the pacification of Scotland]. 
1 1 Ang., 1639.) ». Z. B. Bar- 
London, 1639. «. th. fol. 

1242. i. 20. 

— Begin. C. R. The advice. 
Whereas, by his late Majesties 
proclamation made for snppreM- 
mg of light golde, etc. [Ltmdon t 
1640?] 12mo. 1139. c. 20. 

— His Majesties Declaration, 
concerning his proceedings with 
his Subjects of Scotland, since 
the pacification in the Camp 
neere Berwick (ftlarch 1640). 
B. Toung...and B. Badger, London, 
1640. 4to. 112. a. 32. 

— Another copy. 113. ! I '. 

— Another copy. G. 3811. 
With a portrait of Charles L 

— His Majesties Declaration : 
to all his loving Subjects, of the 
causes which niovtMl him to dis- 
solve the last Parliament [May, 
1G40]. B. Barker, London, 
1640. 4to. E. 203. 1. 

— Another copy. 100. c. 9. 

— Begin, Being informed, 
that many Officers of Our Armie, 
...are absent from their aeverall 
charges... We do hereby... oom- 
mand all Chiefs, Cnptainea and 
Offioers of horse and foot... whose 
regiments, truopes and companies 
are marohed or ready to march, 
to depart out of thtse our Cities 
of London, Westminster and 
other parts, within eight and 
forty houree, eta (June 14, 1640). 
H. ft. B, Barker, London, 
1640. $.$k. fol. 506. h. 13. (71.) 

a R R G R R 72ft 

IRBLAlfD.-CV^ ' ^ ^^- Pto>^.faM<g»*^ ■>>>■■ tiMJiwUi 

wIm hvm mtnd^ or 9m Oaio (D.) CViIo 

la * olo. Iftec 8vo. lltTft. 

10 U loUk ooa timikMifo ^ OBBBK AMTHOLOOT. 

to HIi Maktilk^ J» A mg. lt¥K) ft^g i| i t| M «^M ^ 

l«a IbL ISftt. 0.11.(11.) •« AiilP^ B i l iq l o rm ob h! 

6Hpfcio>> dopUoiqvo ^idlw 

- A Pwi bh a o t i on ooMSood- Jn t M rfw ti U o tt o ospllooionuo 

lag oil Um Tkmiaodl Bm4o ood Pfmxio gimaiinati(m...Opori...J. 

olioroootKiiMoTml«lDUia BlookwooSL Or. and MM. Em 

fiiilhiiwi with llofoo oad Anno, ffmn$rwfkim Admmi JsUp, Lomiimi^ 

lo mrr9 hm M^jortio for dtfeooo 1M7. 8yo. 882. o. 24. 
orUMklogdoiM. (31 Aog. 1640.) 

B. R. E. Mir. XMloi^ ORXBK& Sm C, H. Tho 

l«4a IbL 816. m. 1. (8ft.) Oiorfw ood Trnjons WarrM, oto. 

^^ . , rAbollod.iri640?] BMiiiNifluL 

-^APmloaolkmooouooDdlog *"^ 'Bo«.IILlft8. 
nipiib Rooonali lo rtpoir to 

Oioir ovB dw«UtBfi, oad not GREEN (Qwmtn k) edlod 

•fWrwudi to ooom to Cbort or <A« Pimder t/ Wmk^fUd. A ploo- 

within leo wilcooC Loodoo, with- toot ooaoo y t o d Oooiodloof QopifO 

o«t ftfiMMll Lmoboo. oto. (Nor. o Greooo, tho Ptaoor of Woko- 

11. 164a) B. R. JL Bodbr, ftold. florono. BtRGioom.] 

Lmdm. 1640. o. dL fbl. 8. Slrfifrd /or C. IMf. Iwidro, 

ft06. b. 18. (70.) IftM. 4to. 0. 84. h. 21. 

GREAT CHART, m KemL WIthool PH^Mtlofc 

A»r Ykae. Tho wiodio jojre... ORBBNE(ELLni) AtFLOWiE 

HithAp«rticiiltfrilotmorth.t (it) The Wonderftil Dlooororio 

"H^.^f^J^ GrjotChwt, if tho Witchormllo of M. and 

olo. (1618f OAt] 4to. a608.(8.) p. Flower... Togothor with tho... 

io« lie^ild. Ooiiotl, 1688. 4ta GREENE (J.) PoiL SmQ^J. 
82ft. a. 7. 

,._._ -^ ^ GREENE (Joan) to PaarroM 

??*V»^I? .^* (J.) Sermooo pTMched boforo 

a^ n %?• ?S^' HU ICvo»tJo, oto. [iSditod by 

ft24.d.l7. ooo^ao-^-cj 

— UrACMiif th^anMiwI^ ORBBNB(BoiiaT)AtCo»T- 

mmt ld»T%«rrn\ pZJJZ* CATcaia(C.)w»l. ThoDolonoo 

^' IftS. iSi ^a 83ot <>^ Cooy-boiLiDr Or. • ooof- 

"'^^ • ^*^'^ UUoo of thuoo two injariiHio 

l^eo. 16mo. C. 17.a. iMun|»hl«U paUkhod by H. G. 




a^inst the practitioners of many 
mmble-witted and myBticall 
sdenoee. 1592. 4to. C. 40. b. 6. 

GREENE (Kobert) See 
Green (G. a^ oalled the Finder of 
Wakefield. A pleaaant oonceyted 
Corned ie of George a Green, etc. 
[By B. G.] 1699. 4to. C. 84. b. 21. 

— . See Harvey (G.) Foure 
Letters, and certaine Sonnets: 
especially touching R. G. and 
otner parties, by him abused, etc. 
1592. 4to. C. 40. d. 14. 

— See L., T. Euphues Shadow, 
etc. [Edited by K.G.] 1592. 4to. 

95. b. 17. 

— See Lodge (T.) and Greene 
^R.) A Looking Glasse for Lon- 
aou and Englande, etc. 1598. 4to. 

C. 34. d. 21. 

1602. 4to. C.34.d. 22. 

1617. 8vo. 643. b. 34. 

— See Roland. The Historic 
of Orlando furioso, etc. [By R. 
Greene.] 1594. 4to. C. 34. c. 38. 

1599. 4to. C. 34. h. 

— See SuLAiMAN L, called the 
Great, Sultan of the Turks. The 
1*ragedie of Solimon and Perseda. 
[ByR.G.?] 1599. 4to. 11773.0. 

— See Tamimo. A Fleafant 
Conceited Historie, called The 
taming of a Shrew, etc. [Variously 
attributed to W. Shakespeare, to 
G. Peele and to R. G.] 1696. 4to. 

161. b. 8. 

— Alcida ; Greenes Metaroor- 
photifl, wherein in discovered, a 
pleasant transformation of bodies 
into inndrie shapes ... By R. 
G(reene). H. l. 0. Purehwe, 
London, 1617. 4ta 96. b. 20. (4.) 

Without imgination. 

GREENE (Robert) Ciceronis 
Amor. U'ulliesLove. Wherein is 
discoursed the prime of Ciceroes 
youth, setting out in lively por- 
t rat u res how young Gentlemen 
that aime at honour should levell 
the end of their affections, etc. 
90. *. B. Robinson, for J. BuMe, 
London, 1697. 4to. G. 10464. 

— Another edition. H. X. 
Printed by J. B. for N. Lyng, 
London, 1606. 4to. 1077. e. 7. 

— Another edition. 3$. %, 
W. Stansby for J. Smetkwicke, 
London, 1611. 4to. 95. b. 20. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wantiug sig. Ks. 

— Another edition. 90. Z. 
W. Stansby for J. SmethwicJce, 
London, 1616. 4to. 12404. a. 

— Another edition. 90. I. 
W. Stansby for J. Smethwicke, 
London, 1628. 4to. 95. b. 10. 

The titlepage is slightly mutilated. 

— Euphues his censure to Phi- 
lautu8, wherein is presented a 
philoBophicall combat betweene 
Hector and Achylles, discovering 
in four discourses ... the vertuee 
necessary to bo incident in eyery 
gentleman, etc. 39. %. J. Wolfe 
for E. White, London, 1587. 4to. 

95. b.. 18. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 90. TL. 
Eliz. All-de, London, USA. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 2. 

— Greenes Carde of Fancie. 
Wherein the Folly of those carpet 
Knights is deciphered, which 
guiding their couise by the com- 
pass 01 Cupid, either dash their 
ship against mo«t dangeious 
Rocks, or else attains the haven 
with pain and perill, etc (The 
debate betweene Follie and Love, 
translated out of French [uf 


■ ' M.b.U.(e.) IWT. 4IO. •&.!». Id. 


ORnm (Rommt) 0i 

ORKXKB (BcMiT) QiMM Moaniiftg OmroMt : ^wm hkm 

tevii«UiorDllj;aMiitoOimrtkn Inr S«MMlMot at th« KuMmb oC 
Mi4 MmUm m a piwIdMil 10 Uto, Ola H. E. ^. JNorfiwi. 
WWTM Umoi IWifli Uo Toitto a»- Lmim. 1616. 4«o. 65. Ii. 20. rs.) 

Umo IWifli Uo Toitto d»- Lmim, 1616. 4to. 65. Ii. 20. (3.) 
HglMo UmU dmwoo jooUi oo to WMmmI 


r OdW« «W r JV«MM. Im i m. — Ommo Kovor too klo. Or. 

\y 10TT.e.&. oFowdorof EiporioBoo: «»i>' 

U .4Aart pf<nalino oll jovlliAiU QooUosMi ; tOruuU 

- A»olfcor oo|iy^6&.».»0.(6.} ororwoobiM ooMoilo footer in 

II ■ VmiliTirfili^rr y^ **^ V*»« Smo ©r iMr yomh, 

prtaiJkW«iite«iid. •««. (Fruwooooo Fortonoo: ot 

^ « tbo ooouiid port uf Grwooo NoT«r 

-T-A*^. •**\*!J;^- ? • *• too Utm etc) H. E. 2 olo. 

lOTT.d.68. K,^ i^imU, 1590. 4ta 

Qliool konntittg 95. b. 16. (T, 8.) 

.With the Con- PL S Ims a f^wtel ttlkpoffi aoJ 

Doctor rioch-bocko o t**^'*** '•iS?^"??*****^ 

With the Con- 
W a It. • A SmbooI Bowlon 
V. E. PnmitdfitB.JmAmmmi — Anothor oditiun. ». E. 
/. NmO, Lmdm, 1602. 4to. iViiitorf /or ^T. Lto^, IxNMloii. 

C 40. d. 40. 1607. 4to. 1077. e. 6. 

— Another edition. 15. E. 
— Aoother odHion. V. E. IT. Simtuhg/or J. SmiikmUU, Lorn- 

/mr F. WtUitnm, Lomdam, iom, 1616. 4to. C 40. o. 60. 

1626. 4IO. 0.27. b. 22. 


oopj. 95. b. 20. (8.) __ Anotbor oopjr. 95. b. 14. 

— QfooBco Graotowortb of l«n>»> »; weifa cfjt^ K ''^ 

WHlo: boogbt with a million of tiUrpiv •• «wpl*«i •» «*• "•"^ 

ItoMitoMoideKTibiDfftbeFdIj _ Another editioo. H. E. 

of To«tb.tbe frloboodfof lUke- FrimUd far J. SmtOmitk*, LomJLm, 

shift FUtteren, oce. [Edited br [1620?] 4to. O. 10455. 

MS. Aimf jm n. M3m^ 1^00000, }0mm portion of Um 

1617. 4to. 95. b. 20. (5.) ho«i«Erofftai Wndl 

- Another edition. ». E. 

— Another edition. H. E. Primi^fit /. Sm n km ifk* , Umdum, 

Primild ly N. 0[lw] M H. Dell, 1630?} 4to. 95. b. 13. 

JUmdon, 1621. 4to. C40.d.41. THIj.lji ■■noiit r "^' T 

TU tilWfi^o to Jtichtlj aell- 




Heaven and Hell. Prohibited 
the first for writing of Bookes, 
and baniflhed out of the last for 
displaying of Conny-oatehors. 
Commended to the rrease by 
B. B. 90. %. Londm, 1598. 4to. 
C. 40. d. 39. 
Without pagination. 

GREENE (Robert) Greenes 
Orpharion. Whorin is disoovered 
a musicall conoorde of pleasant 
Histories... With divers Tragicall 
and Cumicall Histories presented 
by Orpheus and Arion, etc. V. %. 
Printed for E. White^ London^ 
1599. 4to. 95. b. 19. (4.) 

— Greenes Vision : Written at 
the instant of his death. Con- 
tevning a penitent passion for the 
folly of his Pen. [Disavowed by 
B. Greene himself.] CB. H. Im- 
printed for T. Netoman, London, 
[1592]. 4to. C. 40. 0. 36. 

Without pagination. Fol. Ha 
and 3 are supplied in fao-simile. 

— The Historie of Arbasto 
King of Denniarke. Describing 
the Anatomy of Fortune in his love 
to faire Doralicia...\Vhertunto is 
added, a lovely Poem of Pyramus 
and Thisbe. 1$. %. Printed for 
Fra: WHliam$, London, IG'ia. 4to. 

95. b. 20. (7.) 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting the ** Poem of Pyramus 
and Thii»be." 

— The Honorable Historie of 
frier Bacon, and frier Bongay: 
As it waa plaid by her Majesties 
servants. [In verse and prose.] 
Printed for E. White, London, 
1594. 4to. C. 34. o. 37. 

Without pngin.Uion. Imperfect: 
wantM all nfter sig. H4 from the 
words ** That for to pleaaure." 

— Another edition. EUxaheth 
Allde, Londtm, 1630. 4to. 

043. e. 23. 
MuUlaled at the cdg«s. 

— Another copy. 162. h. 1. 

GREENE (Robert) Mamillia. 
The second part of the triumph of 
Pallas: wherein with periietual 
fame the constancie or Gentle- 
women is canonised, etc. 19. E. 
Printed by Th. O. for W. Ponton- 
hie, London, 1593. 4to. 

95. b. 19. (3.) 
Without pagination. 

— Menaphon. Camillas alarum 
to slumbering Euphue«, in his 
melancholie Cell at Silexedra. 
Wherein are deciphered the vari- 
able effects of Fortune, the won- 
ders of Love, etc. [With an 
Epistle " to the Gentlemen Stu- 
dents of both Universities," by 
T. Nash.] Printed by T. 0[rwin'] 
for 8. Clarke, London, 1589. 4to. 

95. b. 18. (5.) 

Without pagination. Imperfeet : 
wanting eig. As. 

— [Another edition.] Greenes 
Arcadia. Or Menaphon : Camil- 
laes Alarum to slumber Euphues 
in his Melancholy Cell at Silexe- 
dra.etc. ».*. Printed f or LSmeth- 
wicke,London,1610. 4to. 95.b. 15. 

— Another edition. K. E. 
W. Stantby for J. Smeikwicke, 
1616. 4to. 0.40. e. 5. 

— Morando. The Tritameron 
of Love... Wherein certaine plea- 
sant conceites, uttered by divers 
wortliie personages, are perfectly 
discoui^ed, etc. 2 pts. J. Woife 
for E. White, Lcmdon, 1587. 4to. 

95. b. 18. (3.) 

Without pagination. Pt 2 has a 
distinct titlvpage. The r«gister ia 

— The Myrrour of Modestie, 
wherein appearcth as in a perfect 
Glasse Lowe the Lord doIn*i*rcth 
the innocent from all imminent 
perils... By B. G(reetie) Maibter 

B B B K m 

•TAflvu II.B. B.WmkU.Lm^ bMoUftc* Um »M of wbmib, 
4ms 1M4. 1 too. aili. a. Um #yilMr MMfMoM Af^iatvU, 

or l#««la of iMtliaAblo irttlvo, 

OHBBltB(lMBr)AKotebU i... laoi. 410: »rbri». (A.) 
of Obuohmi> Now 


br Madfj Uwtl ORBBNB OUmmt) P»H. 

CbnMti wloiwii OMiUsUioBUoko-tolilsACQMMi 

m... Willi m ^ MUwd«,kowlo«MllM»fidoia 

Umooohmm ploMMii and jiruflublo mroht, 
k 1591. 4I0. Im^ 1688. 4l0w 1077. •. 4. 

^ — Philomda, Uio Udr Pll». 

TkoTriampliof waten Nightingalo. b. B. 

TImo. WWnhi fa d h oc w rorod by /7 r«rJ4Hr«' /^mJoa, 1616. 4ta. 
• pl««MBt llklafffa, tlMt tlllMgh I. b. 20. C2.) 

WW l^W ^^^B^^S IN ^IH^H^* HM14UIV U<in/«nf w^tfinat^lM 

liati. ia i^Kht of brtviM. it to — Anothar •dltion. V. C 

iifcrtlr reTMM. eto. O. Pmnltm, Loaimt, 1«31. 4to. 
ik S. r Ormim Jm T. CMaoa. M. K ». 

1488. 4IO. »4.lKl8.(4.) riinitnm»rfili nr th. flf t 

ta»Mil rawttk." Iiiiiln, wmrt- o^ ^«* Mvoii PUiiota: wbertiB fa 

l^ikwlMfeariitrSr AttraaomfaaUj d«eeribed thoir 

_^i_^ ..^^ ^ - OMtooa, nalore and infliioiioe... 

UT.C.Jm O. ^. of tb iiSomi and my^ll 

to. 96.b.ll. g^j{,|^ ^ Atftronomfa. D. B. 

1li.uun«c«»iHfMy»itUa«L MS. Hon rt»]r J. O. Halltwdl]. 

Ft. FmJhm, Lmdm. 1882. 4to. 
C. 80. o. 26 

— [Am^mt oditfaB.] The — AnoUiar oopy. 96. b. 18. (I.) 

— [Am^mt oditfaB.] Tbo 
plmitil Hfalorfa of Dorastaa and 
Fawaia. WlKnda fa dfaoororad 


thai altlMMfb by the Maiias of ^ "".^ Q^^P '«" •» l>tari 
Portma, Twtli aay bo &«»*^- ^\ • 9?^^ d«V«*J 

: yH by TiaM,hi might 
of Fortttso, It fa manifaatly re- 

Cloth • brMohot. Whoreia fa 

Taafad, ata ». B. PtimUd fm f^J^f' ^^^"^.^ dfaotdaw 

C.40 d.8. ••*• LW9if<$,Ijmi0m,\h91. 41a. 

^ •• 96. b. 19.(1.) 

a ChfffalaU Mirnir of>iiiiiiiM " 

parfcotfaa riptmwli to^M Tfaw — Aoothor odilfaD. M. K. 

of ovary om thoM %m\wm aad PrimitdkfG.P^Lm i m, 1830. 4low 

whfali aora Mriowly 1077.*. 14 




— Anuther edition. 1$, %, 
E. Pur$low, London, 1635. 4to. 

12315. bb. 22. 

— - Another copy. 12315. bb. 23. 

GREENE (Robert) The 
Scottish Historie of James the 
fourth, nlaine at Flodden. Enter- 
mixed Avith a pleasant Comedie, 
presonted by Oboram King of 
Fttyeries, etc. [In five acts, in 
prose and in verse.] T. Creede, 
London. \59S. 4to. 11773. b. 

a register ooutayninge snndrie 

memorable matters. [1593.] 4to. 

697. f. 14. 

GREENHAM (Richard) See 
Rogers (R.) A garden of Spirit- 
ual! Flowers. Planted by...Ri. 
Gree(nham), etc. 1612. 8vo. 

4401. bbb. 24. 

1622. 16mo. 4402. f. 

1632. 12mo. 4412. e. 

Without pai^inatioD. 
cropped in binding. 

— The Spanish Masqnerado. 
"Wherein under a pleasant devise, 
is discovered effectuallie, in oer- 
taine breefe sentences and Mottos, 
the pride and insoleucie of the 
Spanish estate, etc. 3$. U. 
R. Ward for T. Cadmany London. 
1589. 4to. 95. b. 18. (6.) 

Without pagination. Imperfect ; 
wanting two leaves, sig. Da and Da, 

— Another edition. 93. 2. 
R. Ward for T. Cadmany London^ 
1589. 4to. lOGO. h. 5. (1.) 

— Theeves falling out, True- 
men come by their Goods : or, the 
Bol-man wanted a Clapper. A 
peale of new Villanies rung out, 
etc. 1$. I. Printed for H, and 
jr. BeUy London, 1637. 4to. 

C. 27. b. 25. 
Without pagination. 

GREENE (Thomas) A Poets 
ViHiun, and a Princes Glorie. 
Dedicated to... James, King of 
England, etc. Imprinted for 
W. Leake, London, 1603. 4to. 

239. g. 36. 
Without pagination. 

GREENHAM (Richard) The 
Apologie or aunswcre of Maister 
G....untothu Bishop of Ely, being 
oommaundud to subeoribo, and to 
use the Romish habite, eto. 4800 
Enula.nd, Church of, A parte of 

Slightly ^ [The Works of R. Greenham. 
...Explained, corrected and pub- 
liHhed by H. H(olland).] 4 pts. 
Lotu/on, 1599. 4to. 4452. dd. 

Each pt has a special titlepage, 
but the regiiiter and pagination are 
continuous. Imperfect; wanting 
the general titlepage. 

— The Workes of...R. Green- 
ham... collected into one volnme. 
...The fourth and last edition; to 
which is added sixe severall trea- 
tises of the same author, never 
before published ; by H. H(ol- 
land). 4 pts. F. Kyngeton, for 
C. Burhicy lAmdon, 1605. fol. ' 

3836. bb. 

Each pt has a special titlepage, 
but ilie pagination and register are 

The fift and last 

edition, etc. 5 pts. Printed (fty 
T. Creede) for W. We%, Londom, 
1612. fol. 1012. e. 8. 

Each pt has a special titlepage, 
datetl 1611, bat the pagination ud 
register are continnuus. Pt 4 is 
edited by B. Hill. 

— A mo«t sweete and Mtnred 
Comfort for all those that are 
afflicted in Conscience, or troubled 
inmindo. Written by... R. Green- 
ham. With two comfortable letters 
to his especial 1 frends that way 
meved. [Edited by W. L] Ftw 
M8.N0TB. J, Darter for W,Jonee, 
London, 1595, 12mo. 856.a.4.(2.) 

ORB Q R K rat 


biygf^tlii if iiiinJrit.»tgJ With IKioUimllntt UmU our llniwtiiM« 

W. d] IMk am a4ao.l. lolb«i«rO. 

OBXBKWBT (Rioiua») 

Am Gfttai&«iiT. A tlMrl Rtply mIo Um 

latl pHnltd booln of H* B mw^ w 
ORBBNWnoD(Ho«Y) and J.Ot«iwogil,ait«likfcrUif. 

Tlw.likvM 1 UmU •▼««- 

iMdtn of ottr DoMtloto la Eag- 

"^ . *^ *'*'^ V* o*^ ^"^ ^ liwid.olc I5?l. 4IO. 4103 
our Uifd Mid Savkmr J«ms 

CMic PH»eli«l M iho riMl^ — Au Anmrw lo Ooorgo 

Urn Uko iL 10. 11.] Um S5. of Qiftit|*« pi«lMid«l I>«f«io» Zi (A Pmyor BMdPrmjMMulcloTiMdLtilow. 
f f > M wri f apm tte jonaoa.) gi« with tbo ansiidlj MTib Mid 

!^ !t .^ r"^^/^ wiokod MlMidm oonprkHNl in 

jr. B.. I ia rf w. 1»4, l2»o. tU flm pari of his book Mtitakd, 

993. d. 15. (11.) A short TraatUo aninrt Iho 

lai^«fWt: «maUi«df.Ai. DoiiAtisU of BngUaJ v. E. 

15110. 4ta 8475. 11.20. 

OEXXHWOOp (Jomi) W- 

— Moia worko for PriMU : or. 

Mr SyataikolIWUairor- ^a AaawMO to O. OUfcfd. pfol 

•^Li^lSCi toodod dofcaoo of Botd Prafrr. 

1690. 8m 8a7.d.82. ^^ ia tho tUat pU of hU 

Duoko: Hero-anto U added l^ 

JOOD (Jow) Fa. •■^ ■Sii^i''*^ •^r 

BABaov (IL) The •««• •f^i^l aliatad eemoe aod 

of H. Banowe. J. book* piayer. 1840. 12aio. 

J. Ptairie... 874. a 2U. 

bj the ptieoaeia theai- 
eei rae before tboir deathee. 
tl5887] 410. T.804.(l.) — AaoOier oopj. 4458. aa. i,::.^ 

[1584?] 4to. 105.0.45. 


- A braifo lafoUtioa of Mr. GREENWOOD (P.) 
G. Qi8iMdhiamDpa«odooaeiBitU- ^»MOa.,l. 

^n**TTV aad doooe bj thai iraliaal Kaifbl 

^k, fiaoai At-. T aoTiirJ 8j» F. Drake: Koi oaa^ ai 

•to. [1805.] 4ia T.804.(8.) Hi,oloDooMago,aad OarSaf**. 

-^ &e EsQLAJio.— BmIom. a hot aleoaoweaiOelei^aBd appeal 

ooUeeiioa of orrtaiao edaaader- iha Coaai of 8pa/ae, 1587. [A 

oai ertirlM Hth imfffcjat fr-n- Fmoi: to which \m »abjoiaed 
bad...wilh (J. Q.% eie. ALeitarof 8irF.Dnikelo-4«kii 

[1588?] 4ia T. 1018. (10.) Foa. preeoker of ike wovd oi 




Ood,** giving an aooonnt of the 
late snooesMe agniuBt the Span- 
iards.] 19. 9.. /. Charlewood^ for 
T. Hacket, Ixmdan, [1587]. 4to. 
C. 21. 0. 
Without pagination. Regi«tarA-0. 

OREOORIUS, Di Valentia. 
See Valentia ((i. he) 

GREGORY, Mmk and Priest 
of the nth Century. A Letter 
relating tho Murtyrdomeof Reta- 
ban« Mother of Toimurases Prince 
of the Georgians, & withall a 
notable Imposture of the Jesuitea 
upon that occasion. Sent from 
Gregorius Monke and Priest... 
nnti the ... Abbot Soph renins. 
Written first in Greeke, and now 
done in English. J. Lichfield^ 
Oxford, 1633. 4to. 860. k. 18. (4.) 

GREGORY, of Naziamus, 
Saint, Patriarch of Constantinople. 
Tpriyopiov Na^a»'^i/vov...Aoyo9 cis 
Ta $€o<f>avia tirovu y€vt$Xxa tov 
irom/poc. Excusum in Collegia Be- 
gaU, Eionae, 1615. 8vo. 846. i. 8. 

— Sancti Gregorii Nazianzeni 
in Julianum Invectivae dusB. Cum 
aoholiis Gra3ci8 nunc prirahm 
editis, & ejusdem authoris non- 
nullis aliis... Omnia, cdidit R. 
Blontagii ex bibliothec& ... II. 
Sa\ llii, odidit R.Montagu. Or. 
t - IS MS. Notes fby I. Caaau- 
bon]. Exeudchat J. iforton, Etonae, 
1610. 4to. 1124. f. 1.(2.) 

— Another copy. MS. Notes 
[by Sir H. Savile]. 8670. bb. (1.) 

— Another copy. ConousMS. 
KOTB. 691. f. 15. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Nam. 223. k. 14. 

OREQORY LfSaint, Rumamcd 
the Oreat, Pope. 'I'ho Diiilngues 
of S. Gregorie...With a shorte 
ireatate of sundry miraolea, 

wrought at the shrines of 
tira : taken out of S. Angustin... 
Translated into our English 
tongue, [with dedication and 
pre&oea,] by P. W. Paris, 
1608. 12mo. 846. b. 22. 

Tho **8hort6 Treatise** has a 
disttDct pagination. 

— Another copy. 699. a. 24. 

GREGORY Zf Saint, sumamed 
the Great, Pope. B. Gregorii Magni 
Episcopi Komani, de Cura Paa- 
torali liber... accurate emendatua, 
& restitutus h Vet. Msa. cum 
Romana cditione collati8...Editu8 
k J. Stephano. Typis T. Harper^ 
impensis Philemonis Stephens, d Chr, 
Meredith, Londini, 1629. 8yo. 

846. b. 3. 

GREGORY VIL, Saint, Pope 
[Ildfujrando.] Lyfe. See Benko, 
Cardinal. Tho lyfe of Hyldebrade, 

— See Roberts (John) pseud- 
A mustre of scismatyke bya- 
shoppes of Rome, etc. 


Buoncompagni.] Pope Gregorie 
13 to...Ghebbard Archbishop of 
Collen. . [A letter on occasion of 
the marriage of the latter.] See 
Gebiiardt [Truchsess von Wald- 
bukg]. Elector and Archbishop of 
Cologne. A declaration made by 
the Archbishop of Collen upon 
the deede of his mariage, eto. 
1583. 12mo. 698. b. 46. 


[Alessandro Ludovisio.] The 
Fopea Letter (20 April, 1623) 
to the Prince rcharleaj iu Latine, 
Spanish, and English... A Jeauitea 
Oration to the Prince in Latin 
and English. Printed for N. But- 
ter, London, 1623. 4to. 

C. 33. g. 12. 

Chronologia in T. Livii Uiatoriam 

li II K 

u y i: 


.MM0lltli(Mlibtt«..JlllM«f«U Ihf 0RI880P (TttOMM) /U 


oaiMa, ontagrajBg»A...fl«cUrmUottorilMi 
l«i«d...ligrT. O.. tie. 

' ' . IMO. 

AJ^i) ij Jiitin. 

nil. A. 20. 

• A Trr^iiM^ of tlif (\.i . 


rial«t ul i, iaoilif 
»« ripCioo of Q^nati 
Ut«il bj JLQtmmmt 

I«22. f 


. l.t 

OREHyiLLX (Sir 1 
Sf* Amu». A r(»portof fix iruiii 
of Om flglii aboiit Um lies of 
A^arM...llet«iit thm R«mif«, 
MM oC ber Maj«^tSM tUppM 
[eoaiwuMM br bir R. 0.] and 
•n Anw>aa of Vm Kteg of Spane. 
4to. a 88. b. 13. 

UTTT (R.) TIm prmdMl Kavi. 

0RtioM.elc Vol.1 l5M,eCc ful. 

•88. b. 6. 

ORE8HAM <Ki>vakd) At 
rABLSTAPT [im Cnmtim]. SUmi 
foMfal A trve 


haiMMd At Otflrtadt...TTmM- 
l«tdl oat of Um Doteb ooppto 
[hy K O.]. [IMS.] 8n>. 8610. e. 

— 8i9 ErwDfriw Qrmhtm. 
...A ttow AlsMMcito Mid Pti^ 



Tbo PIctarv of Ittcet^ [TrmiM^ 
Uud ftom Bonk i oAbo Mtto 
]...BjJ.O.I62<; 12010. 
1078. b. 19. 


/ . Snftttn 

ful. li 

Workui uf 

Ktiiko I^. :, 

hU Youth, mud fatniiiar Kicrci^^) 
wiih 8ir P. Sidi*ey, etc 2 • »* 
Pn m^^ 6f if. P. /or N. > 
' ' 1633. fol. 644. > 

Tli« iM^aaHflB of pL 1 )> 
b pw n^ m4 Uw wfi i ltr «iiii 
D. Pt S bMiat «i&i & 1 ftod 
Uf . D. ^^ 

— Another copy. 78. g. 40. 

— Anothor oopj. L. P. 

O. 11602. 

OREVILLE (RoMEirr) Barmt 
Brookt^ The Nuttirt* of Truth, itn 
iiiiioo and unity with the StMile. 
which is one in its oi»»i'ii«f. fs* nl- 
ties, acU; one with truth. [K(lit4^l 
bgr J. 8.1 B. BUkap /«r S Cart 



8408. aa. 

ORBT (Amitni) B^nm 
of WOiam. {Fwm^9rrmom, 

Spabki (J.) A Qmrmon^ eto. 

ORBT f Hcmr) IStrl o/ K^i, 

rPVm«r«l Sfnaeii.1 &v R., J.. 

b.D. A 


[on Lake ii. 29J. 

ORBY (Thomas) 






de Wilton. [Reprieve.] See S., C. 
The Copie of a Lottor, etc. 

ORIBALDU8 (Matth^us) 
called Mopha. A notable ana 
marToiloti8 KpiHtlo of the famous 
Doctonr M. Gribal(l«,...cuceniyng 
the terrible jndpomente of God, 
upon hym that for fearo of men 
denieth Christ and the knowne 
veritie : with a Preface of Doctor 
Calvine. [Translated by E. Ag- 
lionby.] rJow newely imprintetl, 
with a g*>dly ... preservative 
against desperation, etc. V, %. 
H. Denham for W. Norton, London^ 
[1570?] 8vo. • 3932. a. (7.) 

Witboat pagination. 

ORIPPITH (Matthew) 
Bethel: or, a Formofor Families: 
in which all sorts, of both Soxes, 
are so squared, and framed by 
the Word of God, as thoy may 
best serve in their several! placos, 
for usofull pieces in God's Build- 
ing. B. Badger for J. Bloome^ 
London, 1G33. 8vo. 4409. g. 

ORIMALD (Nicholas) See 
Cicero (^M. T.) [De officiis.] 
M. T. C ice roes three bookes of 
dueties... turned out of Latino 
into En;;li8h by N. Grimalde, etc. 
1558. 8vo. 232. k. 44. 

1574. 8vo. 8403. aa. 

1583. 8vo. 720. a. 30. 

[1600?] 8vo. 8461. a. 

— See ViRGiLius Maro (P.) 
\Oearffiea.] N. Grimoaldi...iii 
I*. V. Blaronis quatuor librot 
(t<>orgiconim...|)araphraMi8, etc. 
i:*'.»l. 8vo. 1001. b. 14. 


(LAURKNTurs) HUci'OHHivoly BUhop 
of Kaminietx, of Chetm, of Prte- 
ntifil, and of Po$rH. A Common- 
Wealth of (tootl Oounsiiilo. Or, 
r«»licii^ chicfo Counsellor, ]wr- 
tniitednnto two bookes... Written 

in Latin by L.Grimaldus... Newly 
translated into English. Printed 
5y P. B. for N, Lyng, London, 
1607. fol. 8006. f. 

ORIME (John) See Lantern. 

Here begynnetho the Lanteme of 

lyght. [By J. G.?] [1530?] 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 

Grimellos Fortunes. With his 
Entertainment in his travailo, 
etc [By B. N., i,e. N. Breton.] 
1604. 4to. 12330. b. 24. 


See Gkimstune. 

Bart. 566 Ward (8.) The Won- 
ders of the Load-Stone, etc. 
[Translated from the Latin by 
SirH.G.] 1G40. 12mo. 8756.a. 

GRIMSTONE (Edward) See 
CoKFFETEAU (H.) sucoessively 
Bishop of Lonwez, etc. A Table 
of Humane Passions... Translated 
into English by E. Grimeston. 
1G21. 12mo. G. 10326. 

— See Faret (N.) The Honest 
man... Translated by E. G(rime- 
stone). 1632. 12mo. 8410. aa. 14. 

— See G., E. 

— iSwGoulart(S.) Admirable 
and memorable Histories. ..Col- 
lected into French. L Gon- 
lart. And out of French into 
English by E. G. 1607. 4to. 

12356. b. 

— See Matthiei; (P.J The 
Herovk Life and deplorable Death 
of... Ilonry the fourth... Trans- 
lated by E Grimeston. 1612. 4to. 

610. d. 25. 

The History of Lewis the 

Eleventh, ... tmnslutod ... by £. 
GrimofttoD. 1614. fol. 1199. k. 2. 

— See Ma yrrnk Turquit (L. di) 

cm I n» 

TI>»(ir»cf«lini<loH«orS|i»l»«>. KtUwrtowb ; wiUi Ui>j M iiMi lMrf i 

•mUmmA mlo Umm Umm bj oC HoIUimI. XtdMd, mmI fr«»t. 
E.O. U12. IbL MS.!.! Frk^MMl ' •— TKimy of A«|«|. 

ORmnoini(bvAtti) Sm ^lior > • ^int or 

MtMA iT » Til* InnwrUU Uui- ^^^ , pi^ 

«iilo Uiio pi^l jiwo,...coi- .0 or Oiat Mib>ol: by B. 

iUMibgrB.Q.,010. less, fill (lyWftviniJ.F.l'MiU 

^^'^' AottM Md oUior»]. 

Sit Oram. A InM Hi*- ^. ^V ,«^ ^- «* ^^;«^ 

. ^j «r tiio...8i^ or Oiiood... i«08. fo». w»-^^- 

I iiatiitiiil Vj r QriMitOM. TtftfOtpMiit ii lnl byio 

1«M. 41a. iaM.h. 18.(1.) 

— .*r !VnT (J. F.^ Tbo Low Kcwiy ... oomdoa, 

r«.iintrx < Vjaimoiiw«uUi,...Tr«DO- ^^^ Mipplicd with suodrio nvcm- 

Utoa ^i or FvMoh b/ £. G. .i^no oMnrmtioiifl omitted in tbo 

10O9. .4I0W 794.0. 19. fii^ iw|MtMiun Thimnrmil ioi- 

TUHiitofTorFbl7biao...Timiio- ••^- *^ 591. 1 7, 

Uldl^.b7E.O.,«lo. 1434. fid. ^oTwrkAT /in.u,.u.a BMuumm, 

^ ioo*.ft. ORulDAL rSimvsD) woon 

•ivolj Bidbop ^ X^oadoo, Ank^ 

^amSnmmU.m) Htpmmwl hukom tfYmk. uAjf Otoltrw 

invvolofTortboUrtorloorFhuioo. |w«. 8m Bihx. Tho . bolio 

... TmMUted ... islo Bo^ by . Biblo. [RoTioed bj E. G., ot&] 

B.O. 1907. fid. 595. L 8. [156&3 ful. 469. g. 7. 

,624. fid. 596. k. 15. ,^„ ^, ^^ ^ g, 

— &o TutsBT.— Adtaw. Tbo 

niatorr or tbo ImmML EMoto — A profiloblo and nooMorTo 

of tbo Grmod SoSnovn. Ao. dootiiae, with ocrUyno bomeJyfo 

TroMkud W K. 0(rtmeotooX o^KTiiod tboranto, olo. V- %. 

" l6. 2 piB. iWbo OMwediii Iood0o« 

•to. 163 1033. i. 10. 2 pto. . 

1555. 410. 8559.C. 

.-.- Tbo < onnsriior uf FototO. 

roatoTttiiif tbo Gfootcot oad 


rtboMuMgisgorPii^ — A SomoB [oo lUttb. xur. 
iM...WrHlMifiiPr«Mb 441 ^^ ,|^ foa^ oolowiitio or 

...Prinoo FordiMDdM. tbo kto 

A GeiHSfmU Iliiiorio of tbo 




GRINDAL (Edmund) suooes- 
Bivoly Bishop of London^ Areh- 
hUhop of York^ and of Canter- 
bmry, Conoio Fuuebris in obitum 
AvgQstflD memorifo Ferdinand! 
Cnaarit reoens deftiiicti,...iu £o- 
olesia Cathedrali D. Pauli habita 
Ootob. 3, anno 1564, per reveren- 
dnm D. Episcopuin London. D. 
Edmundum (trindallum. Kx An- 
clieo, in Latinuui convcnta, per 
J. Foxnm. Excuium per J, Dayum, 
lAmdini, 1564. 4to. 604. r. 44. 

WiHiout p«giaatk>n 

GRINGORE (Pieruk) called 
Vamlfmifut. See Casti.k. Tlio 
Castell of Ijabonre. [Translated 
from the French of P. G.] 
[1506.] 4to. C. 21. c. 

GRISELDA. A niost excel- 
lent and vurtuuus BalLid of the 
Patient (irissell. [By T. De- 
lonev?] ». a. 2 pts. PrinUd 
t r.l. Wright, LondonA\(yA01] fol. 
Kox. I. 302. 

— The pleasant and sweet his- 
tory of {mtient GrissoU... Trans- 
lated out of Italian. 1$. H. 
PrinUd by E. P. for J. Wright, 
£oiidoii,[1030?] 8vo. C.40.a. 13. 

Imprint, iucluiling date, slightly 
cat in binding. There is another 
UtleiMige, which reads: ''The his- 
tory ot th« Dobl« Marqaos." 

— The Pleasant Comodio of 
Patient Orissill. [In verso and 
proi». By H. Chettlc.] H. ft. 
Impriniedjfor H. Rocket, London, 
1603. 4to. 161. a. 31). 

Without pagination. With the 
of the Duke uf Itoxburcho 

of • 

la th«a<i 
appear u 

ORISONS (Fki>p.k 

ASTI.KY (.1.) Tk« An «.i hiun.^ 

...with a due interprotation ofci^r- 
toine plates alledgod out of... 
< iiyson, etc. 1584. 4to. 58. b. %.{,\.) 

GRISONE (Federico) A 
newe booke, containing the arte 
of ryding, and brcakinge greate 
Horsoa, together with the shapes 
and Figures of many and divers 
kyndes of Byttes. etc. [Trans- 
lated from the Italian by T. Biun- 
deville.] ».l. W, Seres, London, 
[1680?J 8vo. 56. a. 22. 

Without pogioation. 

ORISONS. The Proceedings 
of the G. in the yeere 1618. 
Wherein are truely and deerely 
laid open the lawfull and urgent 
causes of calling an Assembly of 
the Commons ; and of their due 
proceeding and Honourable pro- 
secution of Justice... Keprinted 
and published by comma iideuent 
of the Lords the heads, the ooun- 
sailours and Commons of the three 
confederations of the renowned 
free states of the Grisons, etc. 
[London,]1619. 4to. B. 671.(6.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 591. b. 26.(1.) 

GRISSILL. See Griselda. 

GROCERS, Jietail, of London, 
See London, Retail Grocers of, 

GROEPPER (Jouann) See 
liKUMANY, Empire of, — Reichstag. 
The actes of the disputiicid in the 
cowncell of the Enipyre holden at 
RegensDurg [1541 J: That is to 
saye, all the artycles ooncernyne 
the Chriftteu rclvgion both agreed 
and not agreed upon : even as 
they were propowned of the Em- 
prour unto the nobles of the I'm- 
pyi-o to bo... debated, eta [>'!|' 

r}d to have been drawn up by 
Groeppor, D. G. Volckiuck, 
MdM. Buoer.] 1542. 8vo. 

G. 11688. 

OROOT (IIuiG nk) Srr Rk- 
i.i«}ii»s. True Holigion explain . 1 
and defended against y* .\iii. 


U li Y 

OmOOT iHt »» <<«j II.Qrotil 

9%^ O. Ofolki. A p«r 

Miork Im wimii 
Mr B. 
fwA. ~ 
4U*1<39. im ' 1113.11.20. 

dk [im a«« Mtik in 

] wTtii 

[TVmJiM into 
llacUib bjr O. Hamlj* from Umi 
' (liHirtat I^tirtM** of n. d« U.] 

e43. A. 42. 

-ABO^flr«lilkNi. PfimUdhf 
/. £. Mil «r« I^WMlrfftf If. I«dk 
1640. 8VO. 11409. K 

wpj. 0. 18839. 

iT 8m4|« It lMH«^ 
«riyt«anr. TIm 


FmUI Qilbulk* a« 
Chrisli advemM 
P. 8Qciaw...C«tt O. J. Votoii ad 
tuaioiui H. BaiMM|iiigiiii de boo 
lifaio BMpmMinin 2 pU. Few 
US. Nofim OmaiAmmM Twer, 
imftrnk OmilUimi WM, Ojoomm, 
1836. Itmo. 4266. a. 

Gwor(II.M> n.GroiiiFooaiaU 
ootlMte olin a fratrs aioa O. 
(iroiio* Jc INT attdan adita, alc 
1<;39. 8ra. 1213. h. 20. 

GR088B(AuBAyMai) Daaiha 
DaUfaraaoa and Elsabaa Fianr 
Cli«at,or tiM llolir laaiia Triaaili 
altar Daith. Miva^d in two 
pTMclicd at PljBioaUl... 
lar th LTiL l,2jai 

iba fanciml; w. i..7..crwUL...16Jl. 

OR088B auaAimta) Tba 
BafiplMs or Balo]rtei, and m 
%mm a lr«a aad ■pawia aaa 
OMKi. Salltoff Airtb, 
Fahiian aC Cbiial [in a 
oa OaloM. II. 9, 10]. 8aootiai/. 
tba daagar of BMlaoiiog rbrUf ... 
[ia a aanaoo on Lako iii. 4 1 . 42 ]. 
Tbifdiir, tba Lord Jaaaa tba wulot 
laat MfftM (ia a aanBon oa Bav. 
XIII. 20j Wbataaato ia addad, 
8l PlMtl*ii Lagaofia, or Farawall to 
tba mm of Oorintb. B. raaaf 
/W/. BarfN,£oadba,1640. 8to. 
••St Pb«rb 

— Swaet and Soola-pefiwadtog 
ladaoMnanta laadiag ooto Cbriat« 
ato. FnmBtihfO.M./arJ.B^H' 
HlMdoa,1632. 4to. E. 120. 

Gnmodworka of Coon^-catchinK: 
tba manner of tbeur Padkn- 
Fraoeb^ and tba maaaaa to andar- 
■Und tbe aama witb tba oaaning 
•U^bUof tbe Counf tarfaltt cranka. 
...Dona by a Jaatioa or Feaoa of 
great aniboritie, etc [A reprint 
of T. fUnnen*e •*Careat or Warcn- 
ing fur oommcn Cunwtora, etc.** 
Wiib a diderent Addreaa to tba 
witb tba addition of 
of "Tba Viaitcr- 

-Tba sbifw.n ». a. 

/. Dmaier/or W. Bmdn, Loadoa, 
1692. 41a. 96. b. 19. (2.) 



^ Anotbar oopj. 

OBTMSS (TmiAi) Tba 
k rtaiaa daaliss nuriar. 
aoMdjr for 

Aiid burta in 

Of, a 




Pew MS. Notes. W. Jtmes for 
A. Kembe, London, 1636. 8vo. 

779. b. 12. (1.) 
Without p«giDation. 

ORYMESTON (Elizabeth) 
Misoelanoa. Moilitations. Me- 
moratives. Jtf. Bradwood for 
F. Norton, London, 1604. 4to. 

8405. 0. 
Withoat pagination. 

— Another copy. T. 505. (5.) 

Imperfect : wanting the firti leaf 
of the dedicatory epitftl* . 



addition of other hir Meditations. 
O. Elde for W. Atpley, London, 
[1610?] 8vo. 4410. g. 

— Another edition. M. Brad- 
wood by W, AtpUy, London, 
[1620?] 8vo. 692. a. 16. 

GRYNiEUS (Simon) The 
history of tlie death of I. Ecolam- 
padiuB, etc. See Bennet (II.) A 
famous and godly history, etc. 
1561. 8vo. 4886. a. 

GRYSON (Frederick) 
8€e UmsoNB. 

OUALLE (Francisco de^ 
principal XSavigations, etc. 

r Voyages, etc.] iS«« 1 1 a k lu yt ( U 
The principal Navigations, ei 
Vol.3. 1598, etc fol. 683. h. 6 

£00 Waltber. 

sta) II PoHtt.r Fido. (Am 

TISTA) 11 I'OHtt.r Mdo. TAminta, 
favola botcberoociu del S. T. 
TaMO.) [Edited by G. Castel- 
vctri.] Per Giovanni Voifeo, a 
wpeee di O, Casteireiri, Londra, 
1591. l2mo. 1071. a. 20. (2, 3.) 

— n Pastor Fido : or the faith- 
fall Shopheard. [A pastoral in 
five mots and in voreo.] Trans- 
lated out of Italian into Eng- 

lish [by — Dymock ?]. Printed 

for 8, Walerson, London, IG02. 4 to. 

C. 34. o. 51. 

Without pagination. Cropped in 


— Another edition. Aug. Mat' 
th[ewe$] for W, Shearet, London, 
1633. 12mo. 

GUARNA (Andreas) See 
8., 1. The Grammar Warre, etc. 
^'ranslated from the ** Bell urn 
Grammaticale " of A. G., etc.] 
[1635.] 12mo. 623. a. 27. 

— Bellnm Grammaticale. A 
discourse of great war and dis- 
sention betwcene two worthy 
Princes, the Noune and the Verbo, 
contending for the chefe place or 
dignitie in Oration... Turned into 
English by W. II(ay ward). ». E. 
H. Bynneman, London, 1569. 8vo. 

12933. aaa. 31. 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 3$. %, 
H. Bynneman, London, 1576. 8vo. 

12932. a. 29. 

GUAZZO (Stefano) The 
civile Conversation of M. 8. 
Guazzo, written first in Italian, 
divided into foure bookes, the first 
three translated out of French 
by G. pettic.In the fourth is set 
down the forme of Civile Conver- 
sation... translated out of Italian B. Young. 9». %. T, East, 
London, 1586. 4 to. 721. e. 5. 

QUEST (Edmund) succes- 
sivvly Bishop of Bockeeter and 
of Salisbury, See BiBLB. The 
. holie . Bible. rRevisod by E. (}., 
etc.] [1568.] fol. 469. g. 7. 

1572. fol. 469. g. 8. 

GUEVARA (AxTONio db) suc- 
cessively Bishop of Gnadix and of 
JUoHdoiirdo. Ste AUKKI.IUS AXTO- 
NiNUs (M.)tulle*l Ihe Philoeopher, 

Emiurnr of Bomc. J^SChH, 


CI u r. 



1&77. iHK 

8407. bbk 

of tW Alt of N*Tifitiott. At 

HMN UmI Mil ia 0*lliti, ttlo. 
[TvMidbtod IWmb tlie Spanbli, by 
klMbnm.] II.E. ImmirnhdM 
- - ' • • • ,ll7a. 4ta. 
8806. tk. 

— A dwottiob^ «MttJBiBg 

Um lifw of tMM BMpmm of 

.. oonpiM by Um Mott 

Syr AmhcNiie of QiMrmrm 

tfftiMkted o«t of Spanith into 

4m.\Vn. 4to. 10805. b. 

— Aaolbtreonr* 

— AodUicr CuDT. 


293. o. 2. 

^ Tbo Dkl of PrinoM (witb 
Ibo fiuMNM Umlw of Marotts Aoro- 
lios) oospilod by.-.Doo Antooy 
of GMTaim ... EBslbhod oot of 
Um Ffoocbo by T. NorUi...A]id 
iK>w newlr rcTt« bym... 
with an ampltfioation %\wo of a 
lb«fth booko ... oatatsM Tbo 
fiivortd Obwtior, ote. (Oertoo 
LHteni writUA by M. Avrtl.) 
I». I. 2 pte. & TMSL •td 
r. Jlcfdk [MMliiSl 1M8. IbL 

8008. f. 


— AMibor odiiioii. ». a. 
JL IWfili llMdbii,] 1888. 4IO. 

888. •. S7. 

GUEVARA (Arrtwio !«) site- 
c«Mtir«ly h \tk m </ QmmiU aod o^ 
Jf««li8«lfw TIm PamilUr K|>i- 
' ' Ambony of G««ir»nk 
-a o«l ^ Um amU 
Tuttttii TTollo%r«»...MKl »ow 

Bowly . l, oomctod i on- 

Uffod «iU« oUior KnisUctof Ibo 
■unoAvlbor.oto. II.E. E.Bpm^ 

WKttk JlUr A. £§9tl9§tjft i[^O00Oi| 

[1&74J. 4ta. 1088. L 27. 

Iwywfcfl; vMllBfr mm Imvm 
of Um lailM at tb* «mI or Um vofk. 

— Another odiiion. V. 1. 
Imi^nlrd for B. NettberrU^ ixm- 
dam, 1577. 4to. C. 40. d. 29. 

— Another edition. H. E. 
IL Neuherie, Ltrndcm. Vo^. 4to. 

93. d. 13. (2.) 

— Aaotbercoiiy. G. 839. 

' A lookiBg GImm for tbo 
Court. ConpoMd in the OmU- 
lian tottgno bj Ibo Lorde Anthony 
of Gnoran... And oQtof CMtilian 
dniwne into French by A. AUy- 
gro. And out of the Freoch 
toDgno into Eagliahe by ^^*- ^* 
Briaai... And aow newly pri 
oonrrotcd and aei ftirth wvm 
aandiy apl aotaa ia Iba aairmit 
byT.Tyauaa. ». E. JmfdiiUd 
for W. Nmitm, Lmim, 157&. 8to. 
888. a. 2. 
: « rrintMl ky 


— Aaotber €0|iy. aj.e.i7. 
tafttKcct ; autief • ieitf ia the 

— Aaolbar eo|»y. j i ^ ^ .' 
^ Aaolbar copy. <; ^ va. 

— The Uoant of <«i'»''<* 
CoBipiled by Aatboaie de <• - 
▼effa...Wherein are haadM ail 
the Ifyatetica of the Mfl«at of 



C'aluario, from the time that 
Christ WI18 oondomnetl by Pilat, 
QDtill huo wuH put intothe sopul- 
ohor, bv Joseph and Nichoilcmun. 
[TranslatOil fnini tlio Spanisli.] 
2 pU. E. Allde for J. Oritmand, 
Xoikfon. 1018,1597. 4to. 4805.C. 

The Moond pi. hM % ipeoial iitlf 
pAge, (Ut«d 1597, and tcparate Mf^- 
luitiun, and b printed by A. lelip 
for E. While. 

GUEZ (Jv.xs Louis) Sieur de 
BaUof. Tho Letters of Moiin- 
■ieur do Balzac. 'rran>lated into 
Englitth, according to the lust 
edition. By W. Tnrwhyt) Esq. 
(Tho rroface...By Mounsieur do 
la Motto Aigron.) JV. Okes for 
B. Cloiterbuck, London, 1C34. 4to. 
10009. 0. 

— Another edition. Printed 
btf I. N. for and are to he sold hy 
W. Edmonds and I. Cosby ^ London, 
1638. 4to. 1455. f.(l.) 

— Now Epistles hy Mounsieur 
d* Balzac. Translated out of 
French into English, by Sir K. 
Baker. Being tho second and 
third volumes. London, 1 038. 8vo. 

1085. f. 6. 

With a tecond tillepago. This 
appears to have l>c«n intended u« a 
cnntintiation of Tirwhyt's transla- 
tion of Balzac's letters. 

GUIANA. A rublication of 
Guiana's Plantation newly under- 
taken by tho... Eiirlo of l^trkshiro. 
...Wherein ia briefly hhowod tho 
lawfulncMO of phmtations in for- 
raino Countrioi)...qualitie of the 
Land. Climate, and people of 
(•uiana...Withan Antwertosomo 
objections touching feare of the 
Kut^mio. ll'. Jones for T. Paine, 
Lomfofi, 1632. 4to. lOOl.g. 13.(1.) 

— Another copy. G. 7172. 

OUIBERT (Piiii.iBBRT) The 
rharitnMo PliVHitian, Shewing 
the manner to make and propose 

in the honse with ease and little 
paines all those remedies which 
are proper to all sorts of diseases. 
...(The Cliari table Apothecarie. 
Showing to make Medicaments 
compounded with great ease and 
in little time. — The Charitable 
Physitian, Shewing the manner 
to ombalme a dead corps, etc.) 
Translate<l into English by L W. 
3pttf. T nnroi'r,London,\639. 4t,. 
li"'. « .»i.-i ;» hiiTo each a Bc^tmuo- 

titU-pngc, hut the pagination aod 

reenter ure continuous. 

ctsco) See Dallinvjton (Sir R.) 
Aphorismes Civile and Militarie 
...exoui])lified with historic, out of 
...Fr.Guicciardine,etc. 1613. fol. 
0. 46. i. 

1629. fol. 592. g. 0. 

— See Nansisi (R.) Fiorenlino. 
Civill Considciations upon many 
... histories ... and principallie 
upon those of Gnicciardin, etc. 
1001. fol. 8007. ee. 

— The Ilistone of Guicciardin ; 
containing tho Warres of Italic 
and other i)arte8, continued for 
manieyeares under suudrie Kings 
and Trincos, together with the 
variations and accidents of tho 
same... Reduced into English by 
G. Fonton. [With four leaves in 
MS. inserted bet%voen pp. 180 
and 181, headed **The I>igro68ion 
w** wa« omitted to be insert' ■' "♦ 
y* picxl w** y* space in pagr 

/?. Field, London, 1599. fol. 

1317. i. 

— Another copy. 592. g. 3. 
Tho Third Edition 

...with restitution of a Digression 
towards tho end of the fourth 
Booke, which had Wno formerly 
ofTaccd out of the Italian and 
I^atine copies in all tho lato 
Editions. U Flrtd, lA>ndon, 
1618. fol. 592, g. 4. 

r. V I 

C I t 



i!i4 la tlK» i> ' " ^ fuik 

hi^Jkm ^( him U 1 iIm 


OUTDO, ^CMKm. GuvIm. 

vnlDitadddl tlw iMrUaad ftmrtli 
boolnorOttkik (TlMB|iilo«l«ur 
^OiM bdolitoroJM oflU 

Idoii of Mdidi 

iWjT <«^t^ 



- T/iweotm- 

i.> 1. J 


SJuffl Jur 
10270. A. 

GUIDO. TIm 6Uflb of Chri*. 
limn PWiih. profitebU to«ll Clim- 
tia— > Ibr to mum thtamlfM 
•CBjwii tU Miaiiat of ilio Qo»> 
tA: oaaaliofertokaowotlMMi* 
liqmtio of oor holy Cijtb« aimI oT- 
tW tnw Cbvreb. OaUMrtd oot 
of iIm works of the MMieoi Doeton 
of ihm Ch«fdi...TmiuUlad ool of 
rrMMbo...bjJ.Bit»ko,olo. m.%. 
J. Aifc Ltmdm, 1577. 8to. 

8001. li. 


OUIDO. At^tintt,. Th.' ai- 
Hmn ioo Mid m ' tfc c t oao of tbo 
Mo ^oc ii o wU aoooi^iiiig to G. Aro- 
tiBM. 8m OBjnTflOfAacNiM (A.) 
A.OrnitbopArobM hfai MtcroMiis, 
etc 1809. ful. a 89. £.3. 

OUIDO, dt OmlMMo. Tbo 
FurnioUfTo of tlio sjrdoo of apo- 
itoMo: of tho holps ^ wouidot 
tie. St9 SoMiBomw 

oooiMMltloii of MdidttM rtmM- 

1«fM bj O. Il«lr«*r\ Tbo fowlbo 

' tpivtiolBo f Mo* 

r c. OoUo), 

witb • tiwotiOT lur tbo bolpa of aH 

fho otifwAnl porloof motw budy. 

>!i vsoalloot AntidoCary 

^ ^ diwri roceipto, oic. 

[Tbo wbJo odiCod bj G. lUkor.] 

11. E. r.JEMl,L0oioo,1579. 4to. 

7321. e. 2. 

GUIDO, «/« ifooltf JKtfrA^M. 

\t.. ...mIus CurmUimoi. H. %. 

i.i'Fuj. 8vo. 848. 1. 1. 

InpMfKt: wtaUof all •!!•? M. 131. 

- /1«^ TFul. 2, dg. o ii, 
recto: mipolai Cam- 

io^ib'^ jUO Doecofrim 

ofioU ou^ («|uib^ omiBO^ cutm 
nBmit mi) brori tor ^troolan t u r . 
JUL Oaloberrimi vtri dni (*. do 
Ifoolo Booborii liber, nui matii- 
pitlus ounto:; inacrtbii . 

m. 1. [BuMard P^mmm, Lou 

1500?] 8vo. 840. b. rj. 

iMpaHiMt ; VMUlog titkptft. 

<— lUaipoliM ooratoram. Bmi^ 
[Si|(. Ii«, rodo.*^ Explicit libcUtM 
totittiUiiu Ifooipoliii cnratomm, 
t> iiuitttMtiooo DoopbiloB onmtoa 
oditiu O...G. do B. r. ». ft. 
Ptr wfmttmdmmtUward$ ; in dritaiM 
15v9. 8TO. C.37.«.iy. 

GUILD ^WiLii am] Aw < 'trir 
(V.} Truclti tritiiuplMiiit. or tli« 
loio oooTonnoo of...K. (*upir. . 
TrmatUlod fhto Kniclmli out tif 
tbo Lstit). W. (t.. rU. 

1837. 4to. 39C»|.e. 

Tbo Qocotio o ofy of i*jTurgj0om, 
etc. [1512?^ 4to. 549.U 24.(1.) 

— A oprmon (on Loko ti. 29] 
proocbod mi tbo T^moiBll of ibo 
R. R. .r. Korbt*. LUo...BUio|i 




of Abordono. See Forbes (P.) 
Bi$kap of Aberdeen, Funorals, oto. 
1635. 4to. 690.d. 6. (2.) 

GUILD (William) An Anti- 
dote acainst Poperio : fit (God 
willing) to preterve and arme 
ovorio ono agaynBt tho seduction 
thereof, etc. (Tho Novoltio of 
Po|)orie, clearlio proven, ©to. — 
Krrour*B Arraignment.) 3 pts. 
E. BtdKUh Aherdene, 1639. 12mo. 
3042. a. 

Eaoh pt. hosa •epanie pai^inatinn 
ana TvgiBUiT. Pt 2, *♦ Tho Novi Itie 
of Popwie,** hM a special Utloi>ago. 

— The Humble Addresao both 
of Church and Pooro, to the Sacred 
Majestic of Great Britane*8 
Monarch. For a just redrease of 
the uuitinp; of Churches and the 
liuino of llospitalls. E. Rahan^ 
Aberdene, 1033. 4to. 700. o. 1.(2.) 

— Ignis Fatuus. Or, tho Elf- 
fire of Purgatorio. Wherein Bol- 
larniine is confuted by arguments 
b«>th out of the Old and New Tes- 
tament, and by his owne proofes 
out of scriptures and Fathers. 
Also an Annexe to this treatise 
of Purgatorie, concerning the dis- 
tinction of sinno in mortall and 
viMiiul. A, MaUketeei, London^ 
1 «',->:,. 4to. 8986. bb. 11. 

— Issachars Asso, braying 
nndor a double burden. Or, tho 
Uniting of Churches. E. Baban, 
Aberdene, \Q'22, 4to. 

Sereral loaves are cropped. 

— Motes Unvatled : or those 
Figures which served unto the 
iwtteme and »luiddow of heavenly 
*'"-"^. pointing out the Messiah 

t Jesus, briffly explained. 
U rurwunto is addod, tho Harmony 
of all tho Prophets, breathing 
with one mouth tho Mysterio of 
hittComming, etc. 2 pts. Priided 

h^ 0. P. for J. Budge, IxnuUm, 
1020, 19. 8vo. 8149. a. 

Pt 2, containing ** The Harmony 
of all tho Pniphcts,** baa a dUtiooi 
tiile|iago, (latoa IGll), and a distinct 
jiagination, but the rcgbter u con- 

— Another edition. Printed 
by O. M. for B, AUott, London, 
1G20. 8vo. 3185. a. 

GUILD (Wiujam) The new 
sacrifice of Christian incense. Or 
the true entrio to the tree of life, 
and gratious gate of gloricms Par.i- 
dise. Printed by H. L. for C. Kniijht, 
London, 1G08. 8vo. 698. a. 19. (1.) 
Tho tltlopago haa a woodcut 

— Popish glorying in anti- 
quitio turned to their shame, etc. 
E. liaban, Aberdene, 1626. 8vo. 

3936. aaa. 6. 

— Throe Rare Monuments of 
Antiquitie, or, Bertram, Priest, 
a French-Man, of the IJodie and 
Blood of Christ (written 800 
yeares agoe) with the late Komish 
purging thereof : yWfricus, Arch- 
bishop of Canterburie, an Eng- 
lish-man, his sermon of the Sacra- 
ment (preached 627 years agoe) 
and Maurus, abbot, a Soota-man, 
his discourso^ of the same (820 
years agoe): all htronglie con- 
vincing that grosse crronr of 
transuDstantiation. Trans1at<tl 
and oompaoted by M. W. (ImM. 
E, Baban, for D. MelmJl, Aberdene, 
1624. 8vo. 698. b. 48. 

Child-birth, or, tho Hapny De- 
li verie of Women... To which is 
addod, a Treatise of the diseases 
of Infants, and voung Children: 
with the Cure of thum. W^ritten 
in French [and trunslated into 
English]. 2 pts. A. Hatfield, 
London, 1612. 4to. 7580. aaa. 
Pt 3 haa a 8c|«iat« tillcpage and 


km Ml iigiiiii i> 

I«r. Imim. ItSft. 4lo. TMl.Ma. 

TIm I^VhmIi CymniwT*. or all 


o«l of 

IH16I [ftoM thm Ttnloa of M. 
BomMhtijiLlt htmOmdm, 


rc) &« TiLiiKtiiAOi. JBMk 
lad|rfl Uber priwM. Rcft 1»> 
^ Um book of Uw |ijlfr»- 
of Um tovk eta [The 
port of O. do Q/t ** BoQuuki 
Is irfitrimgM* Timno- 
kiadO llfiTfbL C.2I.(L 

oC Hotmldrio : BMBilbftiiig o mors 
to tbo kBowMgo 

pobiyioii by OBJ, tbroogb tho 
hncilorMtliod, wboiofailo it it 
mem rrfoctA bj tbo ladvtlnr of 
J. Gvillim [or rotborof J. Bor- 
cUm. «ritb tbo odditkmi of J. 
Gailliml W. BmO. mmd mr^ I0 he 
tifrflf A JfaMwrfpo, 1610. fot 
60ft. b. 13. 

Tbo Sooond Edi- 

tioo, conoetod oad mw^ eiilor|(«d 
br tbo AaUior...Ta0etbcr with 
bu owtto addition of cxpUtnii 
tbo TeOMO of lUwkiog 
tfvating. ele. B. Bmdmr far 
B. Mek, Ipodw, 1632. foL 

60ft. g. 1ft. 

OUIKXA. A doHriptSoB tad 
btatoricoll doclantiop of tbo 
ntdoQ Kiogdomo of Qoinoo. 
St* PinKBAf (&) Pofdioo bio 
rilgiiMo,ola n.2. 162ft. M. 
%79. b. 12. 



VI A tt 


Hgbt wblpb tbo bo«M oC Qmym 
iMolottdolb Id tbo CrowM of 

PM08. r^lblWllT tfMMblod 

oot of tbo FMob. ». E. !«' 


22.(4 ) 

oinssANO (OiovAJiiii riK- 

T»o) Tbo Ufo of a Cborlco 
IlummioQa. tnMudotod into Bog- 
liob [bj E. RiMmoo]. See Kiim- 
MAN (E.) An Appondii of tbo 
8oiiito,oto. 1024. limo. 8ft6.o. 12. 

OUITARD (.Taii»:«'» Srr ITl in- 
«t*ii(l).) Imm* rt<l>culi...'rr>«t>»- 
Uiod...b/J.G.,«to. 1(^4, 
T. 773. ( 

CinuAHo (G.) A ... propbcoto 
opoB tbia tnmbloacNM world. 
CUcoktod by... J. CyprioMb Ooa- 
fiMYod witb • ' - 

tbo JodgaoMBti of 
M oftdSiBiiior G., 

•tc l&9ft. 4to. 

C. 27. 0. 1. 


OUI«IXLMI (M.) Elfvuo. 
Vola ot Soioria Carolo rrtoctni 
Ckroli Aog. F. taoraU. Kt 
yirc^JUaicor. Jam Dati« 
karis. TuNf if. FU*J. . l 
ikd, 1631. 4U>. C. 28. g. 22. (:>.) 

OUUXLinJS, de Ceetm. 
See CuaufXA. A Dialqgoo bo- 
tfPOBO a knjcbt and a olorko, 
ooncomyngo tbo power apiritoal 
and tomporall. Fa tranalation 
of tbo *'l>ialogiia totor Clarioom 
et Militem'' of G. do Oecani.] 
[Iftftft?] 8va C. 12.C24. 

OULXSLMUS, de SmluHo. 
Bmim. In hiK: lil«n) hceptioi'tur. 
Safna oorpotik baloaaniino. Pioa 
oootra TMiooo vliada UoM«i 
[Le. oitraota iboralhMO« trmaidatcd 
ikPM tbo GrMkl rSig. *«0 
In pfiti oodioo ptiooo? doo Ua- 
giilarM 1 Mtllco tiactat* qoog 
prtai9 o do aaloto oorporia, bio 
cdldit. .giiiU*t do Mliotto Altc9 

t i 

r I 


Tero 4 u de ■alatoaiiiine...ppoeuit 
...CardiDalis de tarro cremata, 
etc. rSig. I, verao;] Piisecundi 
pontifiois roaxiiui pro laude Ho- 
meri prefatio iu homerum poe- 
tarum maximum. D. I. R.FaqueSt 
Londoniii, 1509. fol. C. 37. f. 8. 

Twentr-two Icavot. Big. a-o in 
six, and J in fuur, loavet. FWty lines 
to a full iMige. In tho proem ilio book 
it ■toted to lukfo beon printed 
** opeia et imfwnsb Petri do Cham- 
p«igae BegU Corporis Aruiigcri." 

QULIELMUS, ParisienM, a 
Dominiean, Professor of Theology. 
See Bible. — New Testament. — 
Epistlet and OospeU. Latin. Pos- 
tilia 8ivo expositio opyHtolarum i 
evangoliorum domiuicalium, etc. 
[By Guliolmus Parisiensis.] 
1500. 4to. C. 36. e. 



Tho Islo of G. See 

OUNTER (Edmund) Canon 
Trianguloruin sivo Tubulse 
Siiiuuiu ft Tangentiiim arlificia- 
lium ad Kadiuiu 10000.0000 & 
ad Horupula prima quadrantis, 
etc. Qulielmus Jones^ Londtni^ 
1620. 12mo. 717.0.11.(2.) 

Without pagination. In MS. at 
tlio end : " Tahulu Hinuum ot Tan- 
gentium ad (i: O M. Ui. A Cumplo< 
wcntitt,** »♦ Tabula Diflrcn^ntinrum." 
** Tabula lequantium pro 10, vel 
200'*~witti exampltra iiluittrativo 
of their nee. 

— The BesoriptioD and Use of 
HiH Majoetie'a Dials in Whitehall 
(iardon. B. Norton and J. li'dl^ 
London, U2A. 4to. 532. d. 23.(1.) 

— The Description and Uee of 
the Sector, the Croese-Staflfe, and 
other inHtriiments. 2 pt«. Few 
MS. Notes. Printed by W. Jonee, 
and are to he iold by E. Weaver , 
London, 1024. 4to. 50. a. 26. 

Tbo titlcfngo ia engnive<l ; pt. 1 
hna a •|)ccial loitorpnm titlr|Mige. 
rt. 2 haa a disliuot |iagiuatiou and 

With a canon of 

Artificiall Sines and Tan 
to a Kadiuaof 10000.0000 , 
and the use thereof in Aatio- 
nomie. Navigation, Dialling, and 
Fortification, etc. The second 
edition much augmented. 4 nts. 
W, Jonen for J. Bowler, London, 
1636. 4to. 8533. b. 


OUNTER (H.) See Taylor 
T.) The Pilgrims Profession, 
r a sermon... preached at the 
funerall of Mr>«. M. Gunter. To 
which is added, a short relation 
of the life. ..of the said Gentle- 
woman. [Edited by H. G.] 
1622. 12mo. 1418. i. 10. 

GUNTER (Mary) Life and 
Death. See Twijon (T.) The 
Pilgrims Profesjiion, etc. 

GURNAY (Edmund) Corpus 
Christi. [A sermon on Mat. xxvi. 
26.] C. Legge, Printer to the Uni- 
versitie of Cambridge, 1619. 1 2 mo. 

4-171 o 4*> ■ t.) 

— Tho Domonsir.mon oi Anti- 
christ. Printed by L B. for 
L Boler, London, 1631. 12 mo. 

3035. a. 

— Toward the Vindication 
of tho Second Commandment. 
T. Buck, one of the Priniere 
to the University of Cambridge, 
1630. 24mo. 4403. b. 

GURTON, Oammer, See 
S., M'„ Matter of Art, A Ryght 
Pithy, Pleasaunt anp [tic, i.e. and] 
morie Comedie : Intytuled Gam- 
mer gurtons Ned le, etc. 1575. 4to. 
G. 11200. 

PHUS, A'ls:; of Sweden, Death, 
See li., I. An Klegie anon tho 
death of ... UustaTus Adolphus, 
oto. [ByLK.] 

QU8TAVU8 11. ADOL TIm armt |>«it W 

nan, Mim0 ^ ^jmim. (t^cl llMlrMilMidolKijrwiUfQnM. 
9m O iMiiii. A aWt Mrv^v of iWm, m« ite ftuMM mHom of 

Umi w»riil» PrisM ra«rttti 
|i>Hfa»kf|y wM Ci n iia g OmifMrm AMfiliMl kliloriailly ltd aW 

...Now liio UiM Hmo, i^Uil 

SllMMw!^ i^-i^*K !•«• 83. 4W .,^.0. 

SiJlilll^b^^^ 111! r A»oUi»«WorpU. I ana 2 

oo|ipk. [£M4i^]iesa. 4IO. iM^iesa. 4to. t.wi(6) 

114« ■• Qa 

^^ ^ ' IVi iil irf % /. L,for N. BmiUr mmA 

— TlMMwtterrortlioNortb, M Amtm, ImmU, ie82. 4lo. 

•Iitaias «|MNi Um ViotorioM Kinji 10:>4. i. 19. 

-' • (*E«wt«i«r do Mtw TIU0pftt« »«tUAl*L 
•I victorik Regis 

is Otfttanio 1«31. [Br OUTTA. &^ If.. P.. D'. fa 

A, OiLj) L. P. A.Mmikmmf^r Phffmtk. i.utu PcwU^co; ^ 

Jt Wl wi»>, Lm itm ^ 1682. 4to. tfootko of tho (Jotii, rie. 
O. 4227. 1688. 4to. lIHt^. d. 1. (2.) 

poHittit of 

OUT, EaH of Wmnrick [Tlio 

.^^, ,^.^j .•>-•% Book* of Um Biott TictonroiM 

-.AMCWoofij. ia5e.d.l3.(a.) p,y^ q, ^^ Wanrlok.! [In 

P«l»ll«ro«lmtAdil|Aoi. doii,[IWO?] 4ta C.21.C. 

— BifM. Tbo ordor bow Um Wit^mrt Mfiiatlim. la^ofcH; 

OMteTM AdolphM King of wuUacdlUbrtdrri 

WolfMi C^mUo to tho Sliipo, ^OPY (Rowrr) Tho morfy 

J«lj 1«. 1638. [1688 n 4UK C»relco» Loyot: or, m plaMUif 

188. b. 27. ■•^ W**y. cmllcd, 1 loro a 1 

iiatiBi ifcgfii^K •^"** yoitoidoT, uid ytt I oa 

— Tke Bmmom for wbSoh Uie /or F. Otmlm, Lomdam, [1640?] fol. 
i tllwtfioM sad Bosi poteai Bos. L 238. 

Piiooet, Mid Locd, Lord QMteTOs 

Adolpbw King of tbo SwotboM — TbomornrOld W< 
...WM ot loBgib faroed to aoreb Tbiii is n good Old Woouin, 
«ith mm amjr into Qmwmnj. Tbio is a Morry Old WooMa« 

Primlai MBwdnif !#• A$ capio of Hor oottaMll ii good llo wairmat, 
1680. 4IO. For tbto dotb wiftb ill fo 

d, [Ifdjo.] 1680. 4IO. For tbto dotb wU ill fo oo lima. 

1086. d. 18. (1.) [A BolUd.] ». a. 2|»t». Pwimi^ 

/orF.GMlr«,JUod»o.ri640?1 fbl. 

Tbo Swodiab lotoUigMMor. ICos. I. 268. 




GUY (Robert) Thonow-found 
Northorne deedlo: or — 
Mirth and wit aooording to the 

Fancies to fit, are in theee follow- 

iiifc rimes. 
[A Ballad.] ». I. 2 nt«. Printed 
/or T, Lambert, London, [1040?] 
Broad$ide ful. Itoz. I. 294. 

— The witty Westerne Lasso : 
or — 

You Maids, that with your friends 
wholo nights have spent 

Bowaro back-fallings, for foaro of 
the event. 

[A Bulla.!.] ». a. 2 pts. Printed 

for J, ir[ny»/], London. [1 040?] fol. 
Box. I. 450. 

OUYDO, da Cavliaco. 
See GuiDO. 

GUYLFORDE (Sir Richard) 

Tliis i8 the begynnynge, and con- 

tynuaunce of the Pylgrymage of 

Sir K. Guylfordo Knyght, i con- 

trouler unto our late soveraygne 

lordo kynge Ilonry the . vij. And 

howe he went with his servaunt^ 

and company towardes Iheni- 

aalem. i$, E« B. Pyn9on, London, 

[l]6n. 4to. G. 0719. 

The titlepoge is partly occupied 

by a woodcut The lust six leaves 

are mutilated. The register is io 


OWINNE (Matthkw) In 
Aesertorom chy micas, sed versa 
Modicino) dosertorouj, Fra. An- 
tonium, Mattha)i Gwynn...suo- 
cincta Advori^aria. li. Field, 
Loiidini.lGU. 4to. 1034.h. 19.(2.) 

— Another copy. 1033. 1. 1 . 

— Nero : Tragedia Nova [in 
five acts and in verse]... col locta 
b Taoito, Suetonio, Dione, Seneca. 
Impenw Ed, BkmnU, Lowh'ni 
1003. 4to. 630. d. 

Without pagination. 

— Another otlition. Tiij-ia 

M. F[lesher]. Prostant apud 
B, Mffune, Londini, 1039. 12mo. 
036. c 37. 
Rlightly mutilated. 

GWINNE aiATTiiKw) Ora- 
tionc8 (lii.'u liOndini liabita) in 
osdibus Greshamiis An. Dom. 
ir)9H. In landem Dei, Civitatis, 
Fiindatoiis. Electorum. B. Field, 
Londini, IGOo. 12mo. 

1090. 0. 6. (1.) 

— Vortumnus [a comedy, in 
five acts and in verse] sive annus 
rocurrens Oxonii, xxix Augusti, 
Anno 1005. Coram Jaoobo Kego, 
Henrico principo, proceribus, a 
JoannouHibiiB in scena reoitatns, 
etc. Fix officina Nicholai Ohee, 
impenis Ed. Blount, Londini, 
1607. 4to. 030. d. 4. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 007*2. 

— Anotlior popv. 

C. 21. 0. 35. (9.) 

iw]i« ricm ; wanting the titlopage. 

louo mounij-th. [Words and 
music] Sec Book. Begin, [leaf 1, 
recto:"]. €L Bassus. [Verao:'] In 
this boko ar coteynyd . xx. suges, 
etc. 1530. 06/. 4to. C. 31. b. 

— The cofutacyon of the fvrst 
parte of Fry thee boko, with a 
disputacyon before whether it bo 
possyblo ft»r any heretike to 
know tliat hymsclfe is one or 
not. And also an other, whether 
it be wore to denye direotely 
more or lease of the fayth. V. %. 
[Printed hy John Hert/orde for 
Biehard SUvmage, Saint Albans.] 
1536. 8vo. C. 12. b. 10. 

Without pagination. Tlie first 
pL only ; no more pnblisliod. 

A Deolaraoion of the stato, 
Nvluiin all hcietikes dooe leado 
th«ir lives: And also of their 

15 W Y 

cvMiiinnall iaJ^tor, mm! pmiiro 
wtOcii yiatli i» lU 

•97. g. 14. 

rWj—DiicwwtmUoa of L Priihci 
kMto of wtu# mm! kM«vM9 te 
kii <liiiifftto»ton»Qf holti ftrip- 
taTK awl of Um oUt Mjr doo- 
lMf«. in Um bl€Ht4 8>emmwit 
of Um Avilsr, Mwij Mi IborllM. 
If.m. TPc^ltLoA^M, 1557.410. 

9932. a. 


OTXR<KiaKNJU) TbeBng- 
liili PtUtbolMj : or MollMid mkI 
voy of iMAllttg bj kAUag of 
blood. OolWotod onl of good 
A opptOTod oQtlK*ri ... By N. 
0(TorV (IVwM ^ ir. liiMm 
4 J. t>mUm)fm A. Jr^uw^ Urn- 
dM,l&n. 8TO. 78S.h.a9. 

OTFFORD (Gknmi) 

OTLBTfOooptin) StfCKno 
CM. T.) \Ad Qminimm.] All 
BpMllo...wntt«ii in Lntrno... 
Timaalnlod into EngljiUio bj O. 
G0rlb7> 1561. 8T0. 10905. n. 

&. A. Tbo DoeCrino of Con- 
nmokattDfT wfiihilj in tbo Lord* 
8ai>pcr... IW A. II. [U. Artbnr 
IliUerMai). At BftAMiAW (W.) 
A Mfinnitaoii to ^hm loeciTing 
of Ckristn Bodj nad Blond, olc 
19t7. 12nKk 4S27.n. 

iaL,K. Stm D.. J. \ Soonrgo 
for l')i|ier-IVnMntots...Witb n 
GotUinnd JntI inqniaitlon ... 

irr AbmbMiHollMidn. 1915. 41a. 
d 99. o. 55. 

83 A. Hm 8eo«fit of V«nniu 
Or Ttio wnaton Udr. Wiib tbo 
rmro Itirth of Ad<mili. [A trnna* 
Uiiun in ywpo of Grid** itory of 
lljrrb* and CinvrM. Motnmor- 
pOQKP ' " -1 Impnw- 

iion. AT.bftM, 

leiO. 8iro. C. 89. a. 50. 

AUtkOMttd villi 

UMioilUla**!!. A." 

&, A. A Tmitijio of tho Mill- 
intety of tbo Cburch of KngUnd. 
WbMia \m bniidlcU thin (\\\vm- 
Hon, Wbetbor it bo to )v m 1.1. 
rated from, or j<»yiicd on 1 i 

ia diacuMtHl in two Ut:, . ... ...u 

ono written for it, [by A. II., 
U. A. Ilildcrmbam,) \>- •' r 
•gainat it [br F. Jo., i.r 
ami} H.l. [Londtfaf ItyMo: lu*. 
697. a 29. (1.) 

H., A., of TV. CctMf$ im 
hnif4, Ixuidoo Looko-backo, a 
daamptton of tbo mortalitv An. 
1625. Bj A. H. of Tr{initY] 
CoUedgo in Cambridga. 8m 
V^UPna€kero/Ooi§mo^ 8alo- 
■MNi*a P^ai-Honaa,ote. 1680. 4tff>. 
1167. 0.2 J 

H. (Avthovt) 8e« Aat 
TATiut. Tbo loTca of Clitoi 
and Mngiiahwl 
[by A. II., t.e. A. Ho^faa]. 
1638. 8to. 11840.0. 

H., a flat Umus (JoAOU- 
Moi) pMHl. Tba BooMno Oon- 
oUra, ato. fWitb n PkofiMa 
aignad: C. H.T 1609. 4to. 

9325. b. 

WLf C. Tba Fioaoh 
iialor. Whaininia. 
way of nwo — a in g tba P ian uh 
* by M'. 




Cyande] n[ollyl.ana, i.*. C. De- 
•amliens], and now newly cor- 
rected and amended by P. Eton- 
delle. -ft. Field, for V. Knighi, 
London, 1 G 1 2. 8 vo. 1 2953. a. 4. 
Thv firti two leaTM are slightly 

Newly corrected J. Giffard. ». 4. J. Hati- 
land, for T. Knight, ... sold by 
T, Alchom^ London, 1636. 8vo. 

12960. a. 26. 

The Englbh port of the work 
only. i« Bbok Letter. 

H., Chr. The Child-birth or 
Womana lecture. That is : a Lec- 
ture upon Chap. i. ver. 57, 58. of 
the holie GoBpcU according to 
Lukc.By Chr. llfooke]. T, Or- 
vnn for H, Hooke, ... told ... hy 
K, JacJcson, London, 1590. 4 to. 

4474. c. 97. 

H., E. See Bible.— New Tes- 
tament, lierelation. A marvell, 
deciphered [l)cing an exposition 
of the 12"' cnaptei of Kovelution, 
with tlie text. By E. II., i.e. 

E. Hell wis]. 1689. 4to. 

C. 37. c. 3. 

H., F. Renim Anglicaniro, 
Henrico VIII. Edwardo VI. et 
Maria KcgnantibuH, Annnlcs. [ By 

F. U.yi.e. Francitt Godwin BiHliop 
<»f Hert'foid.] Apud J, Billium, 
Lmidini, 1 028. 4to. 808. c. 36. 

The initial letters of the chtpten 
form the wonl* : ^* Franci»eut God- 
winu* l4iudavoniit Epitoopoi hot 


— Another copy. 610. b. 19.(2.) 

H., F.. JB^iVr. See Vihet ( P.) 

An epistle to the faithfull...Eng- 

liBhedbyF.H.Euquier. 1682. 8vo. 

608. a. 44. (8.) 

H.,G. 5r#'« Cotton (P.) Anti- 
Coton, or, a refutation of Cottons 
h'ttt^r declaratoric.for thoapolo- 
;;i/ing of the .I«««uite8 doctrine, 
twnihing the killing of Kings... 

Translated out of the French by 
G. H.,etc. 1611. 4to. 4091. f. 

H., G. A coppy of a letter 
sent from two citizens of London, 
[R. & G. H.,] to theyr friend re- 
mayning beyond the seas for 
caase of religion. See Hill 
(T.) A quartron of reasons, etc. 
1600. 8vo. C. 37. a. 57. 

H., G. See Sibbes (R.) The 
brides longing for her bride- 
groomes second coming, etc. 
[With an " Epistle to the reader " 
Bubecribed G. H.] 1 638. 1 2mo. 
1417. a. 3. 

H., G., D.D. An Apologie of 
the Power and Providence of God 
in the Govomraent of the World. 
Or, An examination and censure 
of the common errour touching 
natures perpetual and universal 
decay. ..By G. H[akewiU], D.D. 
J. Lichfield and W. Turner, Oxford, 
1627. fol. 695. i. 9. 

H., G., D.D. A Comparison 
betweene the Dayes of Purim and 
that of the Powder treason, for 
the better Continuance of the 
memory of it ... Written by 
Greorge]H[akewill]D.D. J.LUh- 
fie)dd:W.rumer,OxfM'd,l626. 4to. 
E. 1943. (4.) 

H., G., Gent. The Private 
Schoolo of Ik' fence. Or the 
defects of Publique Teachers, 
exactly discovered, by way of 
objection and resolution. To- 
gether with the true practice of 
the science... By G. n(ale], Oent. 
Printed for J. Heme, London, 
1614. 8vo. 786. b. 33. 

H., G., M\ Outlandish Pro- 

verba, selected by M'. G[eorge] 

H[eibert]. See Wit. Witts 

Recreations, etc. Pt.2. 1640. 8vo. 

11601. bb. 23. 

H., G.. M\ Outlandiah Pro- 


ir«tU •rUrtcl lu Mr. 0{^om] 
-" l^mimi 1^ r p. /wr 


8ltta«il in i 
mM% it. f: 

&, If. Aw natuum (A.) 
IUltAdirk»Ui«mii,«lo. [Bdttoii 
br H. m U. UMiry DoIIamLJ 

S^ R. Ai Pbonr m la 8nui> 
(J.) Tli» •««•• Tbovf^ti of 
iwib Mi Bmity. [Willi a 
b7H.H.] I«IS. 8vo. 
4401. MM. 10. 

H., H. MoBVOMiite Sefml 
ekimrui SMMli RMili. Th«lloiiii- 
a«itii...orKms«,Kobl«. BUwpt, 
•md otUra, kvriad in Um Ou1i#- 
anOI Ckmli or9 IHmiI, Londoo^ 
mnUn tkb prttMit jw«...l614; 
mmI a GrtilogM of •fl Um BiiboM 


ot iiOttdo«...MtUl tlut praMil... 
Bj R. H. ru Hoonr Holbaai 
PHmttd/m M. UmmmdB. BMmi 
lm i m,[\^l4y 4IO. 577. a 4.(1.) 

— Ama^htm oiffj. 311. K. 15. 

H., H. BodMia Staoli FkoH 
tUwtate. TIm lloBWMBt*...or 
lUmp...wd olhOT, bviod in Uio 
CblMiml Ckmnk of 8t. Fbvl, 

mmtm tliis 

fMit irwr» ... 16S8 ... Br H. 
lUMMil /. BaHm,,..mU hg 
StgU^Lomdom, 1633. 4U>. 

577. c. 4. (2.) 

— AaolhOT oopf. Few MS. 
Kofw. 577. o. 50. 

— AsoUmt oopj. 296. L 44. 


n r*»iniiitM«i>t 

! ! ^ MI A^ KlullTH. 

fenaa. Tbo 

r««ndo4 ... 

n bj J. 

U^arriauOj. 102O, 4to. 1315.0. 

H^ J. 8m r 
[Uoywm Sight 

Krmiroo ia brmas bv J. li.j 
[159S.] foL 1010. r. 18. 

EL, J. SmCalti]i(J.) 

VpOoUlO.L OoaUDtMMMBlM... 

tmnolatod oat of f^ranoho into 

Engitah by J[olin] H[annarl. 
1579. 4ta 8155. f. 

IL,h 8m Comni (J.) Goda 
Promiaa to kia PUntatton...aa it 
waa daliTorad in a Sermon by 
J. Cotton. [Edited by I. H.I 
1830. 4to. 893. f. 7. (15.) 

H^J. SmVawwBOL ADafenoa 
of Tobaooo: witii a friendly 
anawer to tha booka oaUad... 
Worlca lor Chiauiy-SwaapaifB, alo. 
[ByJ. H.] 1602. 4lo. 

1038. 1 20. (I.) 

H., J. &« Qmaan (R.) 
Oraeaaa Qroatawortli of Witte, 

Hayimd?] 1617. 4lo. 95.b.20.(5.) 

1821. 4ta. C.4ad.4l. 

Itclfd e. H^ M. of ArU and 1637. 4to. 95. b. 18. 

YOL. II. 8 

akipaad Love, wbkb Ja 
tba varr piotaia and i 

la of a traa Cbnuttan (V.|. 


H., I. See HEMimrosiir ^N.) 
The Preaoher ... translated into 
English, by I. H[or8fall], etc. 
1676. 8vo. 4498. a. 

H., J. See Mercurius, Britan- 
nieue, neeud. The Discovery of a 
New World or A Description of 
the South Indies, Hetherto Un- 
knowne. [Tranhlated by J. H., J. Healey.l [1G20?] Svo. 

G. 16409. 

H., J. See S., R. Late newes 
ont of Barbary, etc. [With an 
adyertisement to the Reader, pre- 
fixed, subscribed J. H.] 1613. 4to. 
1047. g. 25. 

H., J. See Smith (John) 
Oovemor of Virginia. A True Re- 
lation of such occurrences and 
accidents of noate as hath hapned 
in Virginia since the first plant- 
ing of that Collony, which is now 
resident in the South part thereof, 
till the last rotume from thence, 
etc. [Edited by J. H.] 1G08. 4to. 
G. 7121. 

H.,I. The Divell of the Vault; 
or, the unmasking of Murther in 
a briefe declaration of the Caoo- 
licke-oomplotted Treason lately 
discovered. [By] I. H. [In 
▼erse.] Printed by E, A. for 
N. Butter, London, 1606. 4to. 

1077. b. 51. 
Without pagination. 

H., I. Gods universal right 
proclaimed. A Sermon [on Ps. 
XXIV. 1, 2] preached at Paules 
Crosse, the 27. of March 1603, 
being the next Sunday after 
Her M^esties departure; by 
I[ohD] Hfayward]. Imprinted.., 
for a Burly, Ixmdan, 1603. 8vo. 
696. b. 6. (6.) 
Withont pagination. 

H., I. Mercy and Tnith, Or, 
Charity maintayned by Catho- 

liques. By way of Reply upon 
an Dfr.] Potter to 
a Treatise which had formerly 
proved. That Charity was mis- 
taken by Protestants, etc. [By 

1. H., i.e. Matthew Wilson.] 2 pts. 
MS. Note. [Dauay,] 1634. 4to. 

3936. bb. 

With the autAgniph of Kenelm 
Digby on the titlepege. Eaoh pi. 
ha« a separate pagiuation. 

H., J. The Passion-Sermon 
fon John xix. 30], preached at 
raules-Crosse, on Good-friday 
. Apr. 14.. ..By J. H. Printed iy 
E. L. for E. Edgar, London, 
1609. 8vo. 4474. b. 96. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by W. S. for E. Edgar, London, 
1609. 16mo. 3982. b. 

The signatares have been oat 
away and several pages mutilated 
in the binding. 

H., J. Praxis Grammatica: 
rerum ... Declinationum & Con- 
jugationum usum...indicans...In 
usum Schol. Magdal. Oxon. [With 
a preface signed J. H.] Excudebat 
J. Haviland, itnpentie T, Pavier, 
Londini^ 1623. 8vo. 

12934. aaa. 4. (4.) 

H., I. A Treatise of Union of 
the two Realmes of England and 
Scotland. By [Sir] I[ohn] H[av- 
wardj. Imprinted by F. K. for 
a B., London, 1604. 4to. 

600. d. 29. (2.) 

— Another copy. 601.6.26.(2.) 

H., J. Virgidemiamm Sixe 
Bookes. First three Bookea, of 
Tooth-lease Satyrs. 1. Poetioall. 

2. Aoademicall. 3. Morall. (Yir- 

g'idemiarum the three laat Bookes. 
f by ting Satyrea. Correoted 
and amended with some Additions 
by I. H. [i.«. Joaeph Hall Bishop 
of Norwich].) 2pta. J. Harieam, 

R Tftt 

Pk^ B. Dmtm. Lmdm. IM;- AUo Rf4ffm««Mi bjr BIr J. lI[Ar 

rtrri-^ m^n^tm. 1«M. 4lo. aw.o. IS. 

-AmI^ooi^. M.^%. . ^ j TW WiriBilM of 

— ASoUMrODDT. tiM BMbM of QMtMBlfaAllL 

Q. Ill(l9.(t4kl) Bj (Tj: R. [U. Sir John my. 

• ^* /^ . ** ?*"^ I«i^I«8«. 12»o. 1417. a. 21. 

T^inooMini^ 10. rwiarTpi^. &,unMM.aMi. Aa n. 

liyl.HO r.JBite, L. R[«aipbi«3rl YIommi. Oxoo. 

«h4o«,1602. <><" «r«(>» WoodsliKAbi habiu. An. 

1038. AQfnwt.31. ApmdJ.Da^mm, 

ih% WIoImImm lb«rot Bjr I. d^ltetoofllili, 

R. W. J mf f m d fm H. Bcmrmt, ttelMMvlthllMi 

1615. 4IO. 109. a. JO. jJl^^**" ** •'**^ *• *^ 

boo Ml do Roboo 

^•*tS::^:5? r. _ "r^u-'S^ IWO. 12ao. 806. o. 29. 

or iMviiiitMiriA Jobs HoU]. 

laOi. Sto. H., N. 8m CAMwm (N.) 

9985.*. Gbormsta ood Bolbiildo*! Woo or 

WMrBillg.plMOO. oto. [Edited bj 

H^ J . (;«ii. Tbo Room of '' ^ ' 

Oonootaoo: or, oorteTiio ootjri- H^ K. JSm Elmim. CerUtn 

Writteo bj J. ElogMo, doao br iondno ex- 

«U1 B|tewM. 
HTootbrf Ooot 

Ooot TogHborwttb odloot wito (N. H[ookM?] ote^ 

coUodffwP^H: 1618. 8to. C 39. b. 

or. liko wito liko, q«oib tbo w_ if ^n^ . » Sm wm A 91«w 

olMidfttui, ol loxioi oomoadhwi 

...OMMolm ftdMUM.H.(Pioiil- 

cfAHB. Modite- oMi)8[oon^Trbooloiioo1llfoo. 

' t*«^l »»60w> bolT A bo. teio;i2:N.floM^^ 

Tbo oooood Edition, OB- 1290 . o. 

lorpod. Bit L R. M'. of Arte. . ^ ^ ^. „„ ,^ , , 

1689. ,2«. 4401.00a. ■terti2S!S:^ 

WL,9kJ. SitC\J. AkaU... bjO.H.] 1589. 4te. aiklM. 


H., r., IT. in PAytidfc. GntU 
Podagrioa : a treatise of the Gout. 
The fteverall portii dereof. What 
diet it eood for such as are 
troubled tnere with. And some... 
remedies for the Same. Perused by 
P. H^ ly in PhyBick. T. Harper, 
XoikiomieSd. 4to. 1188.d.l.(2.) 

H., R. SeeBiBLTR.—AhridgmenU, 
The contents of Scripture, etc. 
(The consent of the fuuro Evange- 
lists ; or, the life of Christ, oul- 
leoted by C. I.... Englished [by 
R. H.], etc.) 1596. 12mo. 

1016. a. 13. 

H., R. 5m Chambers ^R.) 
Sarahs sepulture, etc. [With 
a prefatory epistle by R. H.l 
1620. 4to. 119. a. 12. (2.) 

H., R. See Groot (H. de) 
n. Grotii Poemata...Acce8serunt 
jam & alia nonnulla, eiusdem au- 
toris in unum volumen per R. 
Hfodgkinson] redacta. 1639. 8vo. 
1213. h. 20. 

H., R. See Lavater ^L.) Of 
ghostes and spirites wallcing by 
nyght ...Translated by R. H. 
1672. 4to. 8630. f. 

1596. 4to. 8630. f. 

H., R. See Laddonniere ^R. 
T)e) a notable historie contain- 
ing foure voyages... unto Florida. 
...Newly translated out of French 
into English by R[ichard] n[ak- 
Inyt], etc. 1587. 4to. G. 6631. 

BL, R. The Arraignement of 
the whole Creature at the Barre 
of Religion, Reason, and Experi- 
ence, etc. By R. H., t.e. Robert 
Harris.] B. Altop and T. Fauh 
eH, London, 1631. 4to. 876. g. 4. 

H., R. Divers voyages touch- 
ing the discoverie of America, 
and the Hands adjacent unto the 
same, made first of all by our 
Englishman, and afterward by 

the Frenchmen and Britons : with 
two mappee annexed heereunto. 
[By R. BL, f.«. Richard Hakluyt.] 
10. a. 2 pts. (T. Daw8on,)for 
T. Woodcocke, London, 1682. 4to. 
C. 21. b. 36. 

Wiihoat pagination. Pt. 2 haa a 
separate reffiater. Between the title 
and tig. A there are Are leavea 
containing **The naiuea of certaioe 
late travaylers," ete. ** A verj late 
and great probabilitie of a patMge 
by ti.e Northwest part of Ameriea** 
and the ** Epistle dedicatorie** Ia 
** Matter Phillip Sydney, Eaquire.*' 

H., R. A Little Treatise uppt»n 
the firste Verse of the 122. Psalm. 
Stirring up unto carefull desir- 
ing 1 dutifuU labouring for true 
church Governement. fBy R. H., 
i.e. Richard Harrison?] 19. I. 
[InHoUandt] 1683. 8vo. 3090. a. 
Without pagination. 

H., R. A theologicall dis- 
course of the Lamb of God and 
his Enemies, etc. [By R. H., i.e. 
Richard Harvey.] J. Windet,/or 
W. P., London, 1590. 4to. 

C. 37. d. 44. 

H., R., and H., G. A coppy 
of a letter sent from two citizens 
of London, [R. & G. H.,] to thevr 
friend remayning beyond toe 
seas for cause of religion. See 
Hill (T.) A quartron of reasons, 
etc. 1600. 8vo. C. 37. a. 57. 

H., S. Precepts for the pre- 
servation of health, written by 
H. Ronsovius, and now published 
by 8. H. See Acadkmiis, etc. — 
Salkrno. — Sekola SaUrmiama, 
The Englishmans Doctor, etc. 
1617. 8vo. 1039. a. 8.(3.4.) 

H.,S. 5m Hippocrates. [^A^ 
piofioi,] The whole Aphorismet 
of... Hippocrates... translated [by 
8. H.],eto. 1610. 12mo. 

774. a. 11. (2.) 

H.,S. SwMoRi(G.) A true 

n H Tst 

IHmmrM cvMKvmiAf ill* <*r. Uf] ATrtlvnJ BTaooilMnwM] • 
Ukm p — »i » a mhI If f nwii il CMH^l liGMlMii. IdiWw 

mrm m fmn of mi kammmn to a ' 1 1 •. 36. 

i^nMA Mid hJtm rHMomU rVy 

S. IL,<A8MiMlBMMl).ilo. ~A»oUw«p7. lC2.a62, 

■^a A ntolifiHo^ of tgf%- Aii.wTri^aflUi;«lil«w^ 

E^9. A UMMISlMi or OgrO- « -*7 «.wi^y »■> «^^»»ww 

«irMAI«pogt««HUi- «»«^ioc tho Ommm» SigMt, 

w iki borti ofWr ii^L>^u« oaa Owi tlMriof...r^] It. B. 

muJ^b^mSLST^SS^ SlodloM in FhkkU ». ft 

oadAw tbo tfvili of OtfMM f • !f*^ >" * ^ 

, A Jooail^ Mid diiron 

in ll^lMld, ^^^ ^^* C. 81.0.16. 

of Qi^iif o«t Blfiit l«m. witlMNi 

1^ T. Sm Hksirt IV., 

^ JPrMM. All MMWor tO 

iMt tomptrt Mid TilUaio of Iho 

JTT^v-Jl^T^U^ "r"7'" Lttff«o...TrMMUtodoiitof rVtocli 
!S ib!E!ri..uL!ft^\S?T!^ bjT.H. 1698. 4to. 1193. h. 86. 



naoC, AfoUMMop of rMMmmonkomBj] The fa 

T«rk.]jrAlirCU>odoii,lM8.4to. if NM«lEir^tAU«*d...w. . . 

*•*>• •• morml tiMr nlo. olo. [SigMd 

19 d. ft T. H^ !«. ThoMM HowolL] 

' 1560. 4ta a 89. 0.61. 

^^ H., T. Tho BaoQtio of tho 

— AMiteroditioD. J.BtUrit, rMiiMkablo TaMO of Gtooo, 1688. 

— Anotber c^*|>y. 719. 

1608. $wfk 8982.000. Tho Tooio of tbo groot OovoiiMit 

of SooUmmL Bj T. H. [la 
R.. 8. A Dkooiwmj of tho Tono.] 0. Amimmm, BiMm^K 
PrMdoloDlPraoliMOofJ.DMrtl 1688. 4«o. 11688. d. 7. 

iog tho ptotopdad poo> 
•ad diiBOMiiriou of W. 


[BraHniASMHOol EL, T. The ChnttUot two 

J. WMk. Lomim, ehiofo l««oiia, tis. SoUb-DMiioll, 

719. d. 7. Mid 8olfe-Tr7oU« Ao oIm Iho 
PHvilodcoof AdoptioD, Mid TrioU 

H^ a Tho WtMifaioHon of o thoioot In thioo Tnwriooi oo 

Chjiwfioa, whMoia b hMidlod tho Tbsti fbUowtng: via; lUtl. 

.^. _^-. of Chyraigirio i6. 34, 8 06r. 18.. 6, John 1. 

tho 13, 18. Bj T^hoMM] H[ook«r, 

llMlor Md tho StvdMi. By tditod hr Z. ai Pfk^hfT.B. 

8 H. FfkHU ly jr. 0.fmr far P. HmkHi md G. £rMk. 

J, Bt$ th u md W. BtaJm, Lam. Umdtm, 1640. 4loi 4404. g. 

dfi^l612. 41- :>49. f. 27. . . 

B., T. A Curtoio Uetort: 

H., a, iL B., i C. Jfe. Sieflj M it is Md bgr o OdmHv^ Vmr- 

ftoa So|4oi, or, tho FmaU Union, mon wilb to hor Good Mon. Bj 

A TrsgodT [in ivo oeta, la rmrn a Ooantrqr 0«atlo«oMMi or 

aod proM]. Bj 8[oauMl] B[Md- Imdj to hor Bn|«ifo or Kal^ 


By a Souldien wife to her Cap- 
tain or Lieotenant. By a Citi- 
zens or Tradeamans wife to her 
hnihand. By a Court Lady to her 
Lord. Conclndins with an imi- 
tahle Lecture read by a Qneene 
to her Soveraigne Lord and King. 
[The address to the reader signal 
T. H.] B. Toung, for J. Aston, 
London, 1637. 12mo. 1081. a. 19. 

H., T. The equall wayes of 
God: tending to the rectifying 
of the crooked wayes of Man... 
By T. H. Printed for J. Clarke, 
London, 1632. 4 to. 4409. e. 

H., T. A Sermon [on 1 Pet. 
I. 24] preached at the fiinerall 
of.. .Sir R. Boteler, Knight, of 
Woodhall, the ninth of January, 
1622. [By T. H.] N. OJces for 
J, Waterson, London, 1632. 4to. 
1415. b. 48. 

H., T. The Soules Exaltation. 
A treatise containing, the Soules 
Union with Christ, on 1. Cor. 6. 17. 
The Soules Benefit from Union 
with Christ, on 1. Cor. 1. 30. The 
Soules Justification, on 2. Cor. 
5. 21. By T[homa8] Hfooker]. 
/. Eaviland, for A. Crooke, London, 
1638. 4to. 875. g. 1.(2.) 

— Another copy. 4404. e. (2.) 

H.^ T. The Soules ImplanU- 
tion into the Naturall Olive. By 
T[homa8] H[ook©r]. Carefully 
oorrected and much enlarged, eto. 
R, 7onng,,„$old by F, Clifton, Lon- 
don, 1640. 4to. 875. g. 2. (3.) 

H., T. The Soules Ingraft- 
ing into Christ. By T[homa8] 
Hfooker]. Printed by J, H, for 
A, Crooke, London, 1637. 4to. 

875. g. 1. (3.) 

— Another copy. 4404. e. (8.) 

H., T. The Sonlet Yooation 
or effectual caUing to Chriit 

iOn John vi. 45.] By T[homas] 
3[ooker]. J. Eaviland, for 
A. Crooke, London, 1638. 4to. 

4404. e. (1.) 

H., T. A True Discourse of 
the Two infamous upstart Pro- 
phets, R. Famham Weaver of 
White-Cbappell, and J. Bull 
Weaver of Saint Butolphs Algate, 
now Prisoners,... with their Ex- 
aminations and Opinions taken 
from their owne mouthes April 
16,... 1636. As also of Margaret 
Tennis now Prisoner in the Old 
Bridewell, with the Hereticall 
Opinions held by her, at the same 
time Examined. Written by 
T[homas] H[eywood]. PrinUd,,, 
for T, Lambert, London, UZ^, 4to. 
G. 20167. 

H., T. The Unbeleevers pre- 
paring for Christ. By Tfhomas] 
H[ooker]. 2 pts. T. Cotes for 
A, Crooke, London, 1638. 4to. 

875. g. 8. 

Each pt has a disUnot register 
and pagination. 

H., T., Londoner, See Ephv- 
MERiDES. An Almanack, published 
at large, in forme of a Booke of 
Memorie ... Newly set forth, by 
T. H., Londoner. 1571. 4to. 

718. g. 51. 

H., T., M. The Remooval of 
oertaine Imputations laid upon 
the Ministers of Devon and 
Cornwall by one M. T[homasl 
Hfutton] and in them, upon all 
other Ministers eb-whera refus- 
ing to Subscribe. [Am Mnd am f] 
1606. 4to. T. 499. (5.) 

— Another copy. 111. a. 52. 

H., T., jr. See Host {Sir K) 
A Ix)tter to Mr. T. H[if^c;<ma] lata 
Minister: now Fugiuve: ... in 
answere of bis first Motive. 
1609. 4to. 1019. i. 20. (8.) 

H..^". T. ^C, N. A Saxon 

R H A B 7M 

RbloH* p( lU •4«imU« A4. wi««. By W[IUImi] V«ftk] oC 

Ihtm CluUr^ Tr»a»Ul«4 o«t Few MB. Motm /. BtfMK. a»> 

' rt«Mli Vr tl*. T[Immmmi] /v<16ai. 4lD. S4lft. «^ 

" -^^> 164. 4^ 0. 104^1. HABRRMAHH (J<m.n.) 

m^it, r. 8m Qkxmm (K ) T\m Bitek of SiOwitU, or a 

TWRo^ Ob«ft...TimB0Utod bj daUi^ «Mr«k» of godly m^di- 

8* TTmbm] HTAwldMl eta HUtat, dittWM o«l of Um port 

leSC IbL m.Ll9. ImloiMi of Um liolio SoHp- 

R'owkiMl. leU. 4IO. 1138A.a HABINOTON (TmiAt) &• 

^ ^ Gtuun. Tho K{.iiiiloofOiklM... 
16SI. 8mllt76.0M.(i.) FoithfullT TmuiO^ud oot of tU 

163a. xtmo. looiKu. lesa. 12100. o. imo4 

H^ 5^. T. 5ii Matt.110 (P.) HABINOTON (Wilu4«) &• 

Tho RiHom of S. Bliiobolli... Araoox. Qimmi o/. Tho qoooM of 

TmMiolid into Bogliih by 8*. AiT«gi.o, Jtc A f»ci.oMMdy, 

TTboiMilHrowkii^^MKW. 8m Ho. [By W. H.] IWO. fcL 

48U.oa. l«2.«.i. 

H^ W. Ai BnuL— Kiw Tt» ^ CAKtkRk. Cootorm. [8oa- 

T4jiE3rT.-Jon« &M« V^ Tho ^ ^V H.] lW^_4to 

( \«BMitari«o of /. GblTta opoB 

" laol Iboi 

of Jodo 

11626. b. 10. 

»J» i«* ■j*|J^«' ?**~*.^<» I - OMUrm...Tbo Moood oditioo 

. WS'!. . JriT*" ...oogo»aiit«i. (Th«FanoimUof... 

.byW.H.[15«on6vo. Q. Tdbot Emuiw.) 2 pto. PHiOrf 

»»-*^ hm B. JL ir. F. /or r. Cbofa. 

H.,W. Tbo liiM piotaio and £«iA»M«35. 12oia 288. b. W. 

nlotMofPriaooRoDiybisBoblo u thit -— — ^^ 

o^ ^ortooM di«poiirtioo...By ^SS taJUTuSSdiUI* ^^ 

W. EL With tbo tmo B«UUod rthiwtlml'TT Tinrr" 

of tbo rioirniMi ond dcotb of tbo ^ ..^.^ 

«■» MOil illootrioM priooo. witb — Aaotbiroopy. 0.11416. 

tboopyiagof hiobod y. Wriitoo TboThfidlditioa. 

^^ • ^T^.**^. ^ P^T"*^ oorfoolodoiido«««ildL 8 



r. Cbtoi /or W. Cbdk 

into EogVib. B^. fl W Htf i, £fr- ie40. 39. l2mo. 1077. b. 27. 
ifim6S4. 460. £.1948.(10.) ' * .T!L-i .-1 

Ft. I M OHM 1090. 

.MM.iaOS. TWlfMb*- 610. LI. 

ftfl iir hMbuda to bMl* tMr -AMUMTOonr. O. 47M. 




HACKET (Johm) Bishop of 
Lichfield and Ccnentry, See Arth- 
INOTON (H.) The leduotion of 
ArthingtOD, by H. especiallie, 
etc. [1592.] 4to. 113. a. 3. 

HACKET (William) Con- 
spiracie, for pretended Keforma- 
tion : vir.. Preabjtoriall Disci- 
pline. A Treatise, disoovering 
the late designmente and oonrBes 

held for advancement thereof, b 

I. Coppinj 
Arthingtqp...Witn ... the life ... 

W. H.,...E. Copping^r, and 


Arraignment, and Execution of 
the sayd H. ; also an answere 
to the calumniations of such as 
affirme thej were mad men: and a 
resemblance of this action unto 
the like, happened heretofore in 
Germanic. fBy R. Coein.] 7m- 
printed...b!f "^ l)eputiee of 6. Bar- 
ker, London, 1592. 4to. 098. g. 43. 

— Another copy. 1368. d. 10. 

HACKIT (Thomas) Dis- 
co verie of Florida made by... J. 
Ribault...and translated... By ... 
T. H. See H., R. Divers Voyages, 
etc. 1582. 4 to. C. 21. b. 

— See Thivet (A.) The New 
found worlde...tranBlated,etc. [By 
T. H.] 1568. 4to. 798. c. 34. 

HACKLUIT (Richard) 
See IIakluyt. 

HACKNEY, Manor of. See 
Stepnet, Manor of. Begin. Here- 
after ensue th the anncient sove- 
rail cuKtomes of the Beverall Man- 
nors of Stebbenhuth and Hackney, 
ete. [1610?] 4to. 884. h. 8. (2.) 

HACO IV., King of Norway, 
ExjHfdition against Seotiand. See 
Thorvaluson ntf.) The Norwe- 
gian account or Haoo's expedition 
against Scotland, a.d. 1263. 

[TrauHlated into Latin by 6. H. 
and Sir J. Cheke.] 1571. 4to. 
517. b. 1. 

1640. 4to. 1383. a 4. 

H ADD ON (Walter) See 


of Silves. A learned... Treatie... 
by H. Osorius... wherein he oon- 
futoth a certayne Anns were made 
by M. W. Haddon against the 
Epistle of the said Bishoppe 
unto the Queenes liajestie, ete. 
1568. 8vo. G. 19933. 

— Contra H. Osorium, cjusq; 
odioeas insectationes pro Evan- 
gelicse veritatis necessaria Defen- 
sione, Responsio Apologetica per 
...Gualt. lladdonum inchoata: 
Deindd Buscepta<& continuata per 
J. Foxum. JEx officina J. Daij\ 
Londini, 1577. 4to. 697. e. 9. 

— D. G. Haddoni...Cantabri- 
gienses, sive, Exhortatio ad Lito- 
ras. [Edited by Sir T. Wilson.J 
Ex officina B. Oraftoni, Ijondim, 
1562. 8vo. V2VA. . . 1. M.) 

— G. Haddoni...Lucubrationee 
passim colloctse & edit®. Studio 
<fc labore T. Hatoheri. (D. G. 
Haddon i...poemata... studio ds la- 
bore T. Hatcheri colleota, etc) 
2 pts. Apud O. Seresium, Limdim, 
1567. 4to. 90. h. 17. 

Each pt hiw • Mmimte titlepage^ 
pagination, and legisttr. 

— Another copy. G. 9250. 

— Poematum G. Iladdoni ... 
sparsim colleotorum, libri duo. 
(be Obitu...G. Haddoni Elegia 

r A. Fletehemm, etc.) [Edited 
T. Hatcher.l Ajmd G, Ser^- 


HADDON (Walter) See 
Emu LAND, Church of. Reforma- 
tio Legum Eccletiaaticarum, etc. Broodnde 

stum, Londini, 1576, 8vo. 11409. 

See C, R. John Hadlands ad- 

vice, eta [A UlladJ [1635?] 
id§ fol. Box. 1. 522. 

tlMO U \ a TST 

RJiO-VIlt lllr«^ Vir or. W«fr«4 mnI in «I.wt. ihiniBODr. 

Aiipfi«riH>ftUl»Iknli«l«lit«M llil«i < i.foKir to Ui« 

ilio*M«lMr. r t.rMi ImImii >ut>a «t I*mi«: wbodm 

MftlogMWtw. Ma adSd tiM MllMim Ulb in tliU 

» B l iyii H , J^vii, 1686. 16mo. 

orUU*-D»l«iiirtioMCkrM'*or BHJUtb bjr F. a TIm Ibvrtli 
T.B.orJ.0ivliir4»QM0B,ia •difioii. J. OotulmHtr. [ikmmi f] 

— or lU IiUtMto of Chrkt 

Mfe bjr TiMMMMor KMpi. [or 
bjJ.CborikrdoQotml N^. 
l4 oofffoetod« taMlolod and... 
OlaUfmlod bjr T. Rogtri. olo. 
B. MMtlm. Lmiwm. I&87. Iteo. 
4406. aa. 


Aoouirr vQiUoa. P.Skori^ 
I«^1M6. 12BO. 

704. a. 26. (1.) 


Aoot^or oditioB. P. iSloK. 
KIMS. Itao. 88Si.o. 

wyditWMlkoiiUpiiottHlmlid 1668. 16mo. 4404. aa. 

^^ tiT^ - ^^^ - , »l«>«'^« (IT-) 

^ ^ • J C iMi fa . Sohloqtimm AnioMi : 

- Sm Jm» Cmun. Tho Tho Solo-tilke of tU SouU : or a 

T.H. OTXCUrlioTda Qonuci.1 lUa aad God. Whioh...ia bow 
I580n Svo. 4403. aaa. etiUiiilod,Tho foarthboukaofUio 

ImiUtkNi of Chriiit. TimtMOatod 

1668. 8vo. 1412. a 7. and oo n oot o d bj T. Kogon. 

H. Lamm. Lomdtm, 1616. 12aM». 
4409. h. (2.) 

— AnotKor odition. H. 
oadE. To— f, I >ad> a ,1628. 1! 

4403. b. (2.) 

— AnothorodilioB. EL L am m 
mmdR.Tomma.LomJ4m^l9l2S, l6mo. 

704. a. 26. (2.) 
ijDp«ricc« : waoung all afWr p, tlC 

— AdoUmt oditiofi. R, Tmmg^ 
iUmdoa, 1640. 12ido. 4409.K(2.) 

HAaA(OowiL») AtroaDo- 
olamUoo of Iha arriTall of a H. 

-AaolWoditipB. PtmUd/cr (TJ^.!^ !^!!^ .^^^^^ 

.. ^ % » ^ ^^. .» _ ^ oini I cMBDaMaoos* so* uio cobo* 

laii "^*11L "iSIfi kfTx '^^ 8«*^*« o' *k* «>i««> NoUiar- 

1017. IZM. 4409. h. (1.) ^^^ at...OoBrtaBUnopla. To- 

- ABOllMroditioB. Prmiad/cr ^••fcw' with tlio «t«rt^MM 

f^ fVrirgTifr t^ SMfnmt, Ipa/ini, vb^ ^^^b |dhroB« bjr tha TBrke. 

— AaothoroditioB. Frimitd/cr Provtoota. Aad alao» Iho OobIo 

r f\m|iiiii r/ararfwB^.Ioa/oa, of owlaiao LtCtan OMt BBlo IIm 

86. 12BKK 4409. K (1.) ^M 8lalM oT tJbo Kothi fkB d o , 


friBi flnmliBrtnonlt VMktmIfy 
— OflUPoOowiag'ofCkriai: tfiBdatod oBt of tboDotdb OpbIi^ 
riltoB ia LatiBo bj T. a Kobi- Primtti /or T. Arrker, Umim. 
pb [TiBBdaltd bj F. B.] ib- 1618. 4to. 1197. d. 11* 




Divine Meditations and Elegies. 
B. AUop, London, 1622. 8vo. 

C. 30. b. 14. 

— Englands-Exohequer : Or a 
Ditoonrm) of the Sea and Naviga- 
tion, with some things... concern- 
ing Plantations, etc. Printed for 
N, Butter and N. Bourne, London, 
1626. 4to. 633. d. 2.(1.) 

— Yisiones rernm. The Vi- 
sions of Things. Or foure Poems, 
etc. B. AUop, London, 1623. Syo. 

C. 30. b. 16. 

HAKE i^Epwakd) See Jesus 
Chiiist. The Imitation or fol- 
lo^nng of Christ, etc. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin by E. H.] 
1668. 8v«> 1412. 0. 7. 

— A Commomoration of the 
most prosperous and peaceable 
Raigne of our...Soveraigne Lady 
Elizabeth, etc. [In prose and 
verse.] ©. S. W. How, for 
B. JohneSf London, [15761. Svo. 

G. 11176. 
Without pagination. 

— Of Golds Kingdome and this 
Unhelping Age. Described in 
sundry Poems ... intermixedly 
placed after certaine other Poems 
of more speciall respect: and 
before the naiiie is an Oration... 
intended to have bene delivered 
bv the Author... unto the Kings 
Majesty, etc. J. Windet, London, 
1604. 4to. 1077. i. 4. 

Imperfeot ; wanting all after page 40. 

— A Touohestone for this time 
present, ezpreslv declaring such 
mines... as trouble the Cnurche 
of God. this daye. AVhere- 
unto is annexed a perfect rule 
[in verse] to be observed of all 
))arent8 and scholemaisters, in the 
trayning up of their schoUers... 
in learning. ». ft. T. Haekei, 
ZiOiw2oii, 1674. 8vo. C.36.b.26. 

HAKEWILL (George) The 
funeral sermon on behalfe of the 
author of these euhuing works 
rj. Downs]! See Dowhb (J.) 
Certaine Treatises, etc. 1683. 4to. 
868. e. 9. 

— See H., G., D.D. 

— An Answere to a treatise 
written by lY, Carier, by way of 
Letter to his Majestic, wherein 
he layeth downe sundry politike 
considerations : by which nee pre- 
tendeth himselfe was moved,. 
be reconciled to the Church of 
Rome, eta (An answere to... a 
Second Letter of !>. Cariers, 
written. his friends heere in 
England.) 2 pts. J. BiU, London, 
1616. 4to. 698. d. 28. 

— An Apologie or Declaration 
of the Power and Providence 
of God in the Government of the 
World.... The second Edition... 
augmented, etc. IT. Tamer, Ox- 
ford, 1630. fol. 8. b. 13. 

There Ib an enjirraved titlepage 
also, with the imprint of B. Auotl| 

The third edition. 

revised, etc. 2 pts. W, Turner, 
Oxford, 1636. fol. 480. d. 6. 

Thit edition also hat an engraved 
titlepage, bearing the imprint of 
R. Allott, London. 

— Another copy. 


— The Auncient Ecdesiasticall 
Practise of Confirmation. Con- 
firmed by Arguments draune from 
Scripture, Reason, Connoels, Fa- 
thers, and later Writers. Written 
upon occasion of the Confinnation 
of the Prince, etc T. Snodhaw^ 
London, 1613. 4to. 698. g. 42. 

The running title is **Pvinoe 
Oharlea bis Cteflnuation.** Inpei^ 
liMl ; wanting all after p. 26. 

— Kins Davids Vow for Refor- 
mation. ..Delivered in twelve Ser- 

OAK B A K 7»f 

into RiiglM bj R. lUdiliiit, cu*. 
te BftT (T. M) A Mail —d 
IHM rwof I of iIm Mw ImM Im4 

III* RHm« Ilk lliib- 
IWlailOl. m-Kmii. 


HAKLUTT (RiouMi) 8m 
GALrAii (A.) TiMDIioofwIiior 
tiM WoHd AtNB tMr inlorlffl. 
mUI mIo Um 7Mr9...1565...Ckir> 
rtelad«q«ol8d,Mid bow p«blieb«d 
ia iBflUli bj R. If . ifol. 4to. 

— SmH^B. 

— 5M8aTo(7. m) . * 
leiS. T2ma ricbljT«liMd...fmtofthii...irmv«U 

1020. k. 22. (1.) ...of F. d« 8oio...tnuMkled by 
R.H. ie09. 4U>. 278.0.6. 
— Hm Vaiiiii« of Um oio... 
Flfit b»fMi for lb« ooaforior a Tho wortkxo...hktoi7 of 

^•■'••'•"^ ^ ^•^ tbo tymvailoo, di o o u Torjr md _.^ 
•iglii ... SoooDd ^ odttioD. aor qMi ... of T«m FlorkU, oto. 

ttod. /. Borwi. a^M» [TmMktod fhuii tho PortvngM 
laoa. Itea 4404. b. bj B. HakUyt.) 1611. 4to. 

Tbo tbird edition. * 83. •. 19. 

mmmmmUi^, vto. US. Notul 
/. SbriMi, CV«»< 1«16. 12mo. 

— Tbo pnocipaii 2«aTifiUioQa, 
Yniagm mm! DlMOfwits of tbo 
iBffiib BfttioB, Md* bjSMor 

[Aa^lby tditfim] ovwLuid. .. within tbooompMMof 

TboMoaMlodltioii.otau Ffmttd tlKMo 1600. joetot : D^Tidod into 

/•rir 7W.#r Ox/nr.lldS3. 12iiio. tbroo ... pMis. aooording to tbo 

4402.1^ poaittoiitoftlieBogioiMwhinuito 

— ...•— «.i..n X A tb^ woro dii»olod...Wh««mito 

KAXLUTT (fitousD) 8m i. .ddod tbo Uol wmI MowMd 

AMumn (P.IL) Tho Hiolorio Bnglish Naripitioo [Ti.. Sir 
of tho W«ot.lAdMO ... MbUihod F. Drmko*.] itmnd tbo...Eanh. 
!• if*^ *^ * Hoklajt, Ola. g, Bkkap md ML Nmkmit. Dmrn- 

[1620?] 4to. 1197. h. timl»a'Bmlm.Ijmdam.\W9.lA. 

to tho likiBg 

of tho mroio iatoadod towoido Tbit m^ jmMm both j^TW 

VitgiaKoto. Si»Batttm(J.) rSTSEliJrf 

A brM» oad tnio RoUlioa of tbo ^ J^SSTumHS^'i;:^ 

Diwnrorio of tho North part of ^o of ~ 

Vinpiaia* olc 1602. 41a 

C. 88. a 88. 

Ib^hioat of tbo pmUin that ^JL 

parto of Aiaonoa aow oaDod ^ m- r DMhoViMMOMrf iko ta■i^ 

giiiia...Trmiialatod oat of Utin si^ tmiHii igowa pp. 618 Mi 




644. Imperfect; wnnting the map 
referred to in the »ddreee ** to ibe 

— Another copy. G. 6604. 

Cootaiiiiog the map referred to 
in the preface, which U wanting In 

— Another edition. V. X. 
3 voIh. O, BUhop, B, Newberie 
and B. Barker, London, 1598- 
1600. fol. 683. h. 5, 6. 

Vol. 2 ia in two pU. Vol. I baa 
the hTdrog;raphical map, being tbe 
flrat Engliab map upon tne principle 
of Meroator's projection. 

— Another copy. G. 6605, 6. 

— Another copy. 984. g. 1, 2. 

With the reprinted title of vol. 1, 
date<i 15'JU, ami the reprint of pp. 
607-620, contiining tbo Voyage to 
Cadiz, in tbe saiue vol. This copy 
ia without tbe map. 

— Another copy. 212. d. 2-3. 

With tbe reprinta above men- 
tioned, and with a copy of the map 
belonging to tbe edition of 1589. 
The tiilepage of vol. 3 is wanting, 
but instead thereof, the titlepage of 
the edition of 1589 ia prefixed to 
that vol. 

— Another copy. 2067. f. 

With the reprinta as above, and a 
reprint of the last leaf of vol. 8. 
Imperfect: wanting the first leaf of 
the " Kpistle dedicatorie," and pp. 
607-610 of vol. 1, and without the 
map. ^ 

HALE(G.) <Sm H., G., (7enl. 

HALE (Sir Matthew) Lord 
Chief Justice of the Court of King*§ 
Bench, See Fitz-Hkrbkrt {Sir A.) 
Lft novel Natura Brevium, etc. 
Copious MS. Notes [of Sir M. H. ?]. 
1609. 8vo. 507. f. 19. 

— See LrmjETON (Sir J.) The 
first part of the Institntaa of the 
Lawes of England, etc. MS.Noxn 
[by Sir M. 11.]. 1633. fol. 

5805. 00. 

HALES (Sir James) one of 
the JusUees of the Court of Common 
Pleae. See Gardiner (S.) BtOop 
of Wineheeter. The Communica- 
tion betwene my Lord Chaunoelor 
rS. Gardiner] and Judge Halee, 
being among other judges to take 
his oth in Westminster hall. 
1553. 8vo. G. 11993. (2) 

HALES (John) Canon of 
Windsor, Oratio funebriB habita 
in Collegio Mertonensi a J. Hale- 
sio quo die T. Bodleio funus dn- 
oebatur. See Academigb, etc. — 
Oxford. — Merton College, Bod- 
leiomnema, etc. 1613. 4to. 

1213. L 9. (6.) 

— A Sermon [on 2 Pet, iii. 16] 
...concerning the abuses of ob- 
scure and difficult places of holy 
Scripture, and Remedies against 
them. J. Lichfield and W. Wrench, 
Oxford, 1617. 4to. 694. d. 1.(2.) 

— Another copy. 114. d. 1. 

Titlepage mutilated. 

HALES (John) Eig. iSee Plu- 
tarch. ['YyietKa IlapayycAfuxra.] 
The preoeptes of...Plutarche for 
the preservacion of good Healths. 
[Translated by J. H.] 1543. 8to. 
234. a. 26. 

HALL (Anne) The two Not- 
inghamshire Lovers; or, the 
Maid of Standon in Notingham- 
shire (A. H.) and the Leioester- 
shire man (John Browne) : whioh 
were linked toother contranr to 
their friends minds, eto. [A Bal- 
lad.] ».E. 2pts. Printed for n,0,, 
X<NMl(m,[1635?] Broadside fol 
Box. III. 178. 

HALL (Arthur) See A., F. 
A letter sent by F. A. tonohyng 
the prooeedinfj^ in a private qna- 
rell and iinkindne«se, betwesne 
A. Hall, and M. Mallorie, Gen- 
tlemen, eto. [1579.] 4to. G.5524. 

— See HoMCR. [*IAiat.] Ten 

II ^ I 



Boolttor Hm 

Ufn) c^i of 
1 %•* 1 4IU. 

Ttmdk, bx A« H. 
a fe. 4. 87. 

L (Cmumrwai) TU im 
^^9H» of It It FwWbinr, to 
Um XortlitPMi^ Ibr Um tMrob of 


to C^M, ... la ... 

AKunrr (R.) Tli# 

N«ir%akHM^«lo. Vol 8. 

iia ibt Make. 

) 8m Livnusi- 
A Most ex* 
mlM Chirar- 
A Mrvm lAafmBoi«...rtd«otd... 
lo Mr ▼« J. H., 
•lOL 1M&. 4IO. m. b. 1. 

af aU tlM iMid Inti of Um 

[ll«U]Bioii. 1688.^^ 8104.0. 

— 8m lUi i nifiiL D (R.) Xm- 
diiL Or. % trmtim ... toMkiag 
tiM itel* of Um GiMueh of Bom. 
^.Por tlM Tiadkolioo or...tlM 
BMhap of ftmv froa Iho ooTtUi 
or a B[vto«] is Ilk Book inti- 
toMTb»8tv«i Tklb. 1829. 8iro. 
857. b. 7. 

-> &» CaoLMLBT (H.) The 
Stetoof Um Now.RooMM Choioh. 
Diaammd hj w»j of ▼indioitioo 

OffJ. H.]...ftOM tho WOAkoOftTillO 

oTlLBwtoB. 1888. 8iro. 8888. bu 

— 8m Bwuum.— PorlMowal. 
Ab koablo HfiwiolioBM to Um 
Htfli Ooort of BvBMMBt, by % 
doBlUl Mmao of ibo Cboreb 
[J.H.}. 1840. 4to. 700. «L 17. (3.) 

— 8m Exsm, INmw ^.— 
VkitmimArHdm. Artfeki to U 

ivirid of witkia tbo 
ia tbo. 

Jcoopb fH.}. LonI 
«ior. 1888. 4IO. 


b. 20. (18.) 


— SMlMilk (do pooo btor 
liraagoUoot prooafaado). Am 
PMnvTAimk Do Fmo btor 

— 8m Bom, Cloral V'.^-Urbon 
Vni., P«p« An aiMwer In W^m 
Urban bw Innrbaoitio, cipriii \ 
ia a Brrro [dalod 38 Nov. 1838] 
•oat to l^wi« tbo Frmieb Riaf( 
oiaop w a ting bim agAiniit the 
ProlootanU in Franco. Writtoo 
io IaUdo by JoMpb Lord Biobop 
of Esotor: trmoolalod into Ebg- 
Usbbjaa 1829. 4IO. 

700. t 8. (5.) 

^ 8m ViaofMDfijB. Virgido. 
mUmrn, sixo bookoo, ota [Bt 
J. UalL] 1597, Ota 18aM. 

a 89. a. 8. (1.) 

^ Tbo Works of J. H....with 
a Tablo aowlj addod to tbo wbolo 
Worka. 8toaL M. Flmkm, Lm^ 
dia. 1838, 37, 84, 83. fol. 

9. c 7-10. 

IW votloai oofki kft?t •rpanto 
titkMML Tom. 8 «M ^Priaitd 
byRTSTj.O.MMlW.H. SUdhf 
J. WtlliMMs i. 8««Miiig. K. UrMk. 
•ad J. Pbe*.** 

^ A a otbo r edition. •> toul 

/. flWIaad, loadM, 1884-83. fbl. 

8788. d. 

▼oL 1 onl J it flf mmUbm 9AiUm. 
TIm odMT foloMi AM dopBalM af 
Dl«Mt«f fbo 

— Tbo Arto o( i>iTiDo M«<iiU- 
ito. Frimiti kf B. L, for 
8 Mmtkmm. loadoa, 1807. 12bm>. 
874. b. 11.(1.) 

— Aaotbor oditioa. 

/«0f fm 8. Mmekmm < 
l4adM»1809. 12iao. 878.a.8.^2.> 

r. /W- 




HALL (Joseph) suooeniTelr 
Bishop of ExeUr and of Norwich, 
J. Halli Exonienitif Epw)opi 

AirrofrvtBinafxara. Vel Bleditft- 
tiunciiliu 8iil)itane8B, etc. Impentis 
N. BuUer, Londini, 1 635. 1 2mo. 
875. b. 10. (1.) 

— The Best Bargaine. A Ser- 
mon [on Prov. xxiii. 23]. J, Havi- 
land, for N, Butler, London, 
1628. 8vo. 4474. b. 100. (2.) 

— Certaine Irrefragable Pro- 
positionB worthy of Serious Con- 
sideration (concerning oaths and 
covenants). By J. H[all] B. of 
Exon. Printed hy M. F, for 
N. BuUer, London, 1639. 4to. 

1019. f. 10. (1.) 

— Characters of Vertues and 
Yioes. In two Bookes. M, Brad- 
wood, for E. Edgar and S, Macham, 
London, 1608. 8vo. 12352. c. 

— Christian Moderation. In 
two Books. By Jos. Exon. 
Jir. Fle9her,...Bold hy N. Butter, 
London, 1640. 8vo. 875. b. 7. 

— Columba Noss Olivam ad- 
ferens jactatissimas Christi Arc». 
Conoio Synodica [on 1. Cor. xii. 
4-6] ad Clerum, Anglicanum 
(Proyincias pnesertim Cantuarien- 
sis) habiU...Feb. 20. 1623. Per 
O. Stan^, impenns Ouillelmi 
Barret, Londini, 1624. 4to. 

T. 941. (1.) 

— Another copy. .114. b. 15. 

— A common Apologie of the 
Chnrch of England : against the 
nnjust ChallengoM of the over-just 
Sect, ... called Brownists ... occa- 
sioned by a late pamphlet pub- 
lished under the name, Of an 
Answer to a Censoriuus epistle, 
etc. Printed for 8. Maeham, Lon- 
don, 1610. 4to. 698. g. 40. 

Sri nci pall passages of the Holy 
torie...ByJ.H(all)D.D. Vols.l, 
3. 4. 6, 7, 8. M. Bradwood for 
8, Macham, London, 1612-26. 8vo. 
874. g. 20-25. 
Imperfect ; wanting voli. 2 and 5 . 

— Another copy of vol. 8 only. 

C. 48. b. 
Dedication copy to Charles L 

HALL (Josbph) successively 
Bishop of Exeter and of Noneiek. 
Episoopacie by Divine Right. 
Asserted by J. H. 3 pta. Printed 
hy R. B. for N. Butter, London, 
1640. 4to. E. 203. (8.) 

— Epistles. The first Volume, 
conteining two Decads. (The 
second Volume, conteining two 
Decads. The third and last 
Volume, containing two Decades.) 
3 vols. MS. NoTB. Printed hy 
A. H, for E, Edgar & 8. Macham, 
London, 1608,-11, 10. 8vo. 4408. d. 

— Another copy of vol<. 1 . _' 
only. 4902. b. 45. 

— Another edition. Printed 5y 
H. L. for 8. Macham and E. Edgar, 
London, 1608-11-10. 8vo. 

1019. 0. 2-4. 

Vol. 1 only U of a dilTerent edition. 
Voli. 2 and 3 are duplioatee cl the 
eorreeponding Tolamet of Uie pre- 
ceding, but ToL 8 hae a dillBNnt 

— The Great Imnostor, laid 
open in a Sermon [on Jerem. xvii. 
9 J, etc. /. Httnland,for N. Bmttw, 
London, 1623. 8vo. 

4474. b. 100. (1.) 

— Heaven upon Earth, or of 
true Peaoe and Tranquillitie of 
Minde. /. Windet, for J. Porter, 

1606. 12mo. 

874. b. 12. (8.) 

The third edition ; 

Contemplations upon the purged of many grosM faultes, 

HAL n V T«l 

•to. i^^nmikfE^LM^^f^ MALL (Joww) ■ Ml Illy 

1091. Um» BUUf y JftMlir mm! ^ j(fof«ML 

§74.^11.(1) M i l i t rt fe - Md Vow«i, aiviM 


Tha, i m w i f i If. Bmm, L^m im . K^wlj wiUrnd 

liM. lima, aiA k 10. (2.) with 10 Vows aimI MvdiUtioiM. 

n^« ^ I tk f C^ *W"* Otntwy.) 8 pts T. Par- 

l«y7 l2«io. 874. Ii. 11. (8.) Ktwlj «iUmMl 

TW ri>l» iUf#>4liiiMttM ^ with Ometm [me] of VwtaM 

— ABOthor •4itiott. T. IHr- ^Tbo Art of DitUm M&JtelioM. 
>hil Ar & WfJOTi . lifmittm, —Holy Obiirr mt i o— . Boat fiw 
1808. 12m. 87&.tt.8.(4) of D^Tids FtoliMi lf«topbrM>4. ) 

IF. Aflaifty /or £L J'WAiwIoM, iLo** 

— A« Holy PlMtiuiihA A dK 103L 12ao. 4407. m. 
Ni 1. SmuL III. 24, 251 
a Ptevlit CroM vpao — fkwMJnnil Moditatiotw, By 

thi> «Baiirm»rio gnlfiittfa of Iho Jo«. Eton. Sot forth by R. H(«U). 

lB««C«?mtMMior ...King jMMi, iVrated /or JT. Bmicr. Loodoii. 

M«r 24^1818. ByJ.H(aU),D.D. 1880. 12aio. 4412. Ma. 

with tho odditioa of 48 moditA- 

— Tbo HoMT of tho Hamod tiono not horo to tow poblwhod. 
MdaftiyMd ofMoat the Fnid§d hf Jf. #*. /or V. Birfter. 

of C. B. Lowloi^l833. 12ibo. 4412. ooa. 

for tho MifLco of pmm ^ Another oopy. 4408. to. 
FnniirfMfli iTI. ■>a>gDod aipinot bM^M; oMih« ivl m to ur 

Bo fen ao d . Mid Bo«oao Chnroh ; 
— Tho Kiafli iVophooio: or. mad tho Umm of this ■ohi—t fe 

Jojr^ JUpmnd JB o OMI «poa tibo tr«o A«thom» oto. 

HoMr ol Bug. PNMMiyr.A/orjr. Boltar 

PHbtai If r. aM^ iToivoM. 

Iwdw. 1808. 8«a C 88. hi 84. 

ThM oditioii.wfth 




BHch Readera as formerly iitambled 
at some passages in the Booke. 
Priniedfor N, Butter and B. Haw- 
hin$, LaiuUm, 1630. 8vo. 

1019. 0. 6. (2.) 

HALL (Joseph) snooessivelv 
Bishop of Exeter and of Norwich. 
3'he Fassion Sermon [on John 
XIX. 30] preached at Panlen CrusA 
on Good Friday . . . , 1 609. PrinUd 
by W. S. for E. Edgar, London, 
1609. 8vo. 8932. b. 

— The Peaoe of Rome. Pro- 
claimed to all the world, by her 
famous Cardinall Bollarmine, and 
the ... CasuiHt Navarre [i.e. M. 
de Azpiloneta]. Whereof the 
one ack no wledgeth... above three 
hundred differencee of Opinion, 
maintained in the Popish Church. 
The other confesses neere three- 
score differences amongst their 
owne Doctors in one onely point 
of their rel igion. Gatliered ... on t 
of their writings in their own 
words, and divided into foure 
Bookes ... Wheroto is prefixed a 
serious Disswasive from Poperie. 
By J. H(all). Printed for S. Ma- 
dkam, London,! 069 [t.e. 1609]. 4to. 

1124. g. 81. 

— Pharisaisme and Christi- 
anity : Compared and set forth in 
a Sermon at Pauls Crosne, May 1. 

1608. By J. H(all). Up<»n Matth. 
5. 20, etc. If. Bradwood for 
8. Macham, London, 1608. Svo. 

4452. b. 

— Another edition. Printed 6y 
H, L. for 8. Macham, London, 

1609. Svo. 8932. b. 

— Polemices SacrsB pars prior. 
Boma Irroconciliabilis, qua do- 
oetur nullam sperari posse neo 
debere quidem (^uti se nunc res 
habent) Pontificiorum cum Evan- 
gelicis, in causa Religionis, Oon- 
oiliationem, eta (G. Oassandri,... 
ad lites Eoclesin oomponendas 

evocati sententia, etc. Exeudebat 

A. H. impenns 8a, Maeham, Lon- 

dini, 1611. 8vo. 849. f. 13. 

No more published of thb edition. 

HALL (Joseph) sucoeMsively 
Biehop of Exeter and of Norwieh, 
Quo Vadis? A just Censure of 
Travell, as it is commonly under- 
taken by the Gentlemen of our 
Nation. E. Oriffin,for N. Butter, 
London,l6l7. Svo. 1046. a. 24. 

— Another copy. G. 10371. 

This copy ban in the imprint the 
worda, •♦ for H. Fothtwtone.** 

— A Recollection of such 
Treatises as have bene heretofore 
severally published, and are now 
revised, corrected, augmented... 
With addition of some others not 
hitherto extant. 2 pts. Printed for 
H. Fetherstone, London, 1617. ful. 

475. d. 9. 

Each treatise has a separate title- 
page. The general titlopage is 

Augmented ... With 

addition of some others not 
hitherto extant [viz. ** Contem- 
plations upon the principall pas- 
sages of the holy stories," Books 
12-15; ** Contemplations upon 
the historic of the New Testa- 
ment," Bt>oks 1,2]. 2 pts. Printed 
for H. Fethentone, London, 1621- 
20-21. fol. 4378. m. 1. 

— The Reconciler. An Epistle 
Paoificatorie of the seeming-Dif- 
ferences of Opinion concerning 
the troenesse and Visibility of 
the Roman Church. TWith four 
letters from Bishop Morton, and 
others, appended.] Printed 6y 
jr. F. for N. Butter, London, 
1629. 8to. 1019. c. 6. (1.) 

— The Remedy of Prophane- 
nease. Or, of the true aiffnt and 
feare of the Almighty... By Joa. 
Exon. (A sermon [on Gen. zxiu. 

HAL B ^ ! Tii 

|t-^^ prp«cl«*l in \h» H!t of fnrlh In • S<»rm..n on !§» Ittn. 
at I W Oin»cfmHon of 4 1 T. ^ Uforo hi* Mj^Ij «l .TImo- 

,ht Jos. baUti. tie. /. fftrflwidf. /W 

r^>ryB>iMw>.Lwi<w, 1«I7. 8TO. 1019. o. 6. (1.) 

m^^i^ ^^.*:^ HALLOiAML) [JTMir < 

'^^~* A Tmt Ditmiw, tlOb 

iT JTirfw inil al^ nSwf J BALL (Bohct) At Hau. 



i lUdii 

tTTtI ISiMii W A O. yw **<«■ -8^ fc«k by B. H. 

y BJm. Imim. WB. 8vo ««>• »^»o- 4412. •••. 

4474. b. 37. ,^33^ ^2mo. 4406. aa. 

^7*- ^ ^7. HALLB (EowAiD) TTia Union 
of tbo two Dobb And iU«rtimt« 

DiWoo AiiA, of fiwAoWii of LAaeoAtro t Tork% 

I. BlIiklMii^ 1 FblittoktA^ 3. Omxk *»Hy»K lopg in cooUbiiaI diAcos- 

lli^ {« ; tbo QovorasAOl "^ '*^ *^ croaoA of this oobU 

•f i. BtlMTiovr. S. OteMOB* VAAhoA, with All tbA ActcA dooA in 

wAAltli, S FAAiiUA. DrmwM ittlo ^o^^ tbo tjOKO of tbo PriDOti, 

oirtofbiArioTorbtABo. boUio of th. ooo UaAw And of tbo 

■. With AB OpAB...Pbl»> 0^^«« ^»B7B8 •^ tbo t^TMO of 

•pott tbo frmf of g*"> g» K jii|[ Bottfy tbo fowortb, tbo 

■Amto opott tbo Bamm of 8oaa. '^T^K amuj tbo fbwortu, tbo 

4 0^ fWolid If F. L. Jm ^^^ Aoetbor of tbit dertAioii, And 

~ IHUv mai A MaAmm. Inleu^ ^ m tn w d ^j DroooAd^nf to tbo 

m. Avo. ft74. «. lA. lOiCBO of tlM blcb Al ~ 

IfOt. ann 874.f.ia. lotano of tlio bigb And wodont 

«.,,. _^ .. ^. pniicoKTiigBoBtTtbooigbt,tbo 

—■I*—. ^^^tTSSSi nAdobiUto flowor AndTorrbeiro 

of botb tbo lAjd liDAgcA. ». E. 

A ffxnmi Tm. n^j^xt ft 01 ^ #c«AA It Qf^fUmi^ Lamdini, 

>br 0. irsJ<r. tMdsA, 1624. 8m d«yfa>tAdtb>wln>taA. 

fi"s:i:!rof"5:^joL^ -A-oiborcopy. C.12.L2. 

1019.0.6.(1.) _A„^u>or oditicm. ». t. 
— AiMnDcm<rfP«blikoTbAak»- Im ^sfkiM & Or^/Umi, lamJimi, 
AMoff [on IV. LSTin. 19. 20J for 1M8. hL 0. 6004. 

^ wondorMl Mitigotion of tbo 
kit MorlAlitio; prooebt bofbio 

la ihk wn Umm bovo bMO in- 
ecb« «ittiiiA. A 

^ >lbwl|A.M6Al 

1626. 8m 1019.0. 6.(8.) «|ib tbow ia tU cdilloa of 1M6l 

~ to 

696. A. 26. (6.) A»t*4 IMA, oa tW btl kaf 

POL 19-21 labltstllMfad. AfttftWr 

— Tbo TnM F^MOo-lUktr : lAid 

▼«.. II. n n 




— Another edition. 10. %. 
B. Oraflon, Ixmdd, 1550. fol. 

683. h. 15. 

— Another edition. U. tH. 
MS.NaTB8. [lAmdanf 1662?] fol. 

698. h. 1, 2. 

Wanting the tiilepaffe and other 
preliminary matter, and from fol. 
859 (incluaife) of the '* Reigne of 
King Henry VIII." to the end of the 

HALLIARQ (Arthur) 
The Cruoll Shrow : 


The Patient Mans Woe. 

Declaring the misery, and the 

^reat paine. 
By his unquiet wife he doth dayly 

[A Ballad.! ». %. 2 pts. 
Printed by M, P. for E. Gossan, 
London, [1610 ?] Broadside fol. 
Box. I. 28. 

HAMDULTUN (Valentine) 
A mery now Jigge; or, the plea- 
sant wooing betwixt Kit and 
Pegge. V. 1. 2 pts. Printed 
for H, Gosson, London, [1635?] 
Broadside fol. Box. I. 236. 

HAMILTON (James) Ul 
IhJee of Hamilton. Begin. It will, 
no doubt, soome strange to see 
my name in print, eto. [The 
Duko of Hamilton's Vindication 
ofhimKolf,as High CommiHsioner, 
•gainst the charges of having 
aocopted the declaration of the 
Covenant and of having expressed 
dissatisfaction with the Kings 
declaration annulling the Ser- 
vice-book, book of uianons, etc. 
Followed by ** Qenerall Demands 
concerning the late Covenant : 
propounds by the Ministers and 
Frofetsors of Divinity in Aber- 
dene, to some Reverend Brethren. 
...With the answer! of those 
Reverend Brethren... At also the 

replyes ... to their answers.*'] [Edin- 
burgh f]ie3B. 4to. 4175. a. 

Without titlepage, or pagination, 
to the *« Vindication.** The ^ General 
Demanda" have a titlepage end 
irregular pagination. The register 
is oontinooos throughout. 

— Another edition. [Edin- 
burgh?] 1638. 4to. 

111. g. 34 and 31. 

HAMILTON (Jamto) Itt 
Duke of Ha m ilion. [A declaration 
concerning the continuance of 
Episcopal Government in Scot- 
land.] Begin. Whereas some have 
given out that by the Act of 
Councell, which explaineth the 
Confession of Faith,... to be under- 
stood of the Confession of Faith, as 
it was then professed... when it 
was made, etc. B. Young, Edin- 
burgh, 1638. 4to. 111. g. 32. 
Without titlepage. 

HAMILTON (John) See 
Fowler (W.) An Answer to 
the calumnious Letters and erro- 
neous propositiouns of an apostat 
named M. Jo. Hammiltoun. 
1581. 4to. ( '. 37. d. 13. 

— Ane Catholik and facile 
traictise, drauin out of the halie 
scriptures, treulie exponit be the 
anciet doctores, to confirme the 
real and corporell pnesence of 
chrystis pretious bodie and blude 
in the sacrament of the alter. 
(Certain urthoilox and Catholik 
coclusiones..., (^uhilk J. 
ponis to ye mmisteris in ye de- 
ibrmit Kirk in Sootlid.) MS. 
Norn. Pons, 1581. 16mo. 4327.a. 

Leavea 49 and 50 are mutilated. 
The ** Orthodox Cooelaaiona ** are 
without psgioation. 

— A fucile Traictise oontenand, 
first ane infallible reul to disoeme 
trew from fals Religion : Nizi, 
a declaration of Sie Nature, 
Nnmbre, Vertevv A effects of the 

Pl^yviw oC 

BAM HAN 7«7 

la«ia*rw<lliotnAHM of tU wvwaU Biflkli Towmm 

(A QmW- m4 iBni...MMl tiM JpMM «Qil* 

«{«■. lUiu d«a«d Willi lU ImDmm. TU 

iM VT tt 117. WTIltM. IUi» 

.U llM Chrimniiig of FdwImUm 

of GblviM Ml, •!«.) dMf^lw Ma Imt mHam wiik 

I. EdhmL LmmL liOO. ItwK MTlBgliili.aMi. /. &>!# /or 

5. IT. Ifdhf, Im^ms leiA. 410. 

H A M I L T O If (PiTWOt) ^ ^•^ •^• 

Ah^ «/ /Vmh. PjrvMi ftntftil ~ AmUmt oopj. ITS. a 1. 

i.,VK' •^^"S^woSL V«^«W. 0.7131. 

[Emvs m PblHbkli PUow.— HAMPTON OOURT. Th« 
TmMktid fros Um UUb by Itm DiMripdon of o Bo^taU 

J. FTiitiiU ». E. [LMldm IU«m. praMiUd at H. C. opoo 
lUSV] im a<8.^ia. 8adajBi(lit,Miictbool|^or 

'^V^ SwWnmwQT.) Ad... r^^^j^ ,^. ., n 01 ^ iio 

AAU4 • t 

UMilMli Apoirtato Dk* 

1604. 4to. C. 21. 0. 09. 

ISTi. 4ta^ 1010. f.t. 

HAMOND (TmiAt) 8m 
WnuwmCA.) Tkoktooos- 
of oomiM HaklB ia 

H««lbiMto^ Ota. [Bdiltd bf — AaoCMroopj. (;.3<i.v. 1.^^ 

TJLJ 100ft. ux 1I00.B. ^•^••!!5E5L'' "H 

nnrfoB. ■■■«« — t— tUt the in- *» ji «■«■»**•• v^!"""*""/ 
kIuta^!rtuSU«dl.dlbd.. Tw««r«j«pn»cljrfWo».th. 
or S«. Lmiw*, (in Tmd- I"?*!?*? •*Sf'*^iU?'^?lJ'*^ 

Kt'tau?^:ria.*''5^:!!:^ ^*^ * '^ i»68.b. 

it pfoiml« A bffiofii DmriptioB . a StrmoB [on P^. cxxti. 1] 
of tkot lalMMl... Willi Ml pti^ BMdiodtBlhoCitUeof GUmin 

WbfeAfgmMitoofobotMiUlaad gooUond. on Ibo loolh doj of 
^ ^^?S^^ \Pi!^y •^ Jwio. 1010, Al Ibo boldiBf of o 

dm.\$40. 4t 1208.0.0. W T 3 fm If TJkm^mt Lomdm^ 


i«P»««. 1611. 4to. 600.110.(1.) 

008.d.27.(2.) HANAFU8 (KioOLiOf) Pttri- 

RAMOR (RALm) A Ihm ovIo of boljo Seriptara. By N. 

awwrnoofUboiraMtosUtoof BoAopo... And fibgl/M bj 

TifplBKoBdIboiSCiMoflbo l^ro<*n. ». E. £ YWok 

o&ifwi tWo liU Um 18 of Jaoo lo o rfoo, 1661. Otra 223. o. 20. 
.1614. TofNWrwtiboroUlioQ WiikMii 




Tho Paiuefull Hand: shall rnle 

. tho lande. 
A yertuous wife gives housband 

An evill woman is like a scorpion. 
Save us Lord from heathens 


[Fr]oin evill stray and live for aje. 
A xylo;n^phio broadside con- 
taining the aoove Biblical maxims 
printed in horizontal bands be- 
tween varioos pictorial devices, 
representing a oock« a tree, a 
sheep. Prince of Wales*s feathers, 
etc. ; pasted on a board and in- 
tended to be hung in a school- 
room.] [London? 16207] $,ih. fol. 
C. 45. i. 8. 

HANDS. See P., M. Hold 
your hands honest Men, etc. 
[1640?] Broadside fol. Rox.1.614. 

HANMER (Meredith) See 
Charke (W.) A Defence of the 
Censvre gyven vpon two Bookes 
of w. Charkeand M. H. ...against 
...E. Campian, etc. 1582. 8vo. 
3932. d. 

A treatise against the 

Defense of the Censure, given 
upon the bookes of W. Charke, 
and M. H., eta 1586. 8vo. 

702. b. 4. (1.) 

— See EusEBius, Pamphili, 
Biihnp of Ckeearea in Palestine. 
The Auncient Ecclesiasticall His- 
tories of the first six hundred 
Teares after Christ... traublated... 
by If. H., etc. 1577, etc. fol. 

4530. f. 

1585. fol. 482. c. 1. 

1607. fol. 4580. ff. 

1636. etc. fol. 4580. ff. 

— The Chronicle of Ireland. 
See Wark (Sir J.) The Historie 
of Ireland, eta 1633. fol. 

607. 1. 1. 

HANMER (Meredith) The 
Baptizing of a Turke. A Ser* 
mon [on Matt. v. 161« eta 
90. X. B, Walde-ifraee, [London, 
1586?] 8va 114. a. 24. 

Forty^foor learea, without pagina- 

— The great bra^ge and chal- 
lenge of M. Champion a Jesuite, 
oomonlye called £. Campion, late- 
lye arrived in Englande, ountayn- 
inge nvne articles here severallye 
laide downe, directed by him to 
the Lordes of the Counsail, o5- 
futed 1 aunswered by M. H. V. 2.. 
T. Marsh, London, 1581. 4to. 

3932. e. 

— The Jesuites Banner. Dis- 
playing their original and suo- 
oesse : their vow and othe : their 
hyiKKirisie and superstition : their 
doctrine and positions : with a 
Confutation of a late Pamphlet 
...entituled: A Briefe Censure 
upon two bookes written in an- 
sweare to M. Campions offer of 
disputation. 13. E. T. Dawson 
ana B. Vernon, London, 15SI, 4to. 

4091. e. 

Forty-six leareft, without pagina- 
tioD. . 

HANN AY (Patrick) A happy 
Husluiiul or, directions for a 
Maide to choose her Mate as also 
a Wives behaviour towards her 
Husband after MarriHge. By P. H. 
Gent. To which is adjoyned the 
Good Wife; [each in veme ;] to- 
gether with an T ' > dis- 
course of Epitaphs, >; the 
ohovsest thereof, Aucieute A 
modeme. By R. B[rathwait1 
Gent. Prinied for Biekard Bai 
mer, London, 1618-19. 8vo. 

C. 80. b. 19. 

Witboai pagination. Imperfbot; 
wantinf the otiginal Utl«|«M and 
dfdieatKa of pt 1, and tittepafs 
and ** Argument ** of pt S, those 
now pieflzsd betng of modem lype. 





HAllllAT (?ATmin) Tb# 
m Um teA of 

6 pla. 

— Two BUfJM OB Um 
4Um»k oCovr 8ov«i«igM Qai wn 
Amm. WiUi BpltaBliM, olo. 
A OIm. liii^im 1619. 4IA. 

a S4. •. (8.) 

IW 1Mb li fi«i*i4 In vUli Mil 


(Wiluam) a 
of (MwmlUacr. Utl 

Uif of Iko BriteiMi; ooatete- 
faifl 0>iii|»rim «r lh« bglkli 

MM^ tnm Will&a B«ta. till 
H«M7 lU ilt oto. r. <Wi^ 
ilrB..riAii,rwrfwi,1604> 4to. 

a 89. d. ao. 

BARCHXUS (Jooooot) Plo 

BilMblkM AbsL 

.B. Ml...Cbidhi»> 

•a...8«iuiti AacL,«ta 

IMi. 8t. a 88. a. 14. 


Bilatte oC m Vogrig* to 0«iiuia ; 
ll^Mityai tlw nil— t, flrlfi 
fcftnilkL pfPvWoM Md 

ftiUr villi Um aiAMra, ci»- 
loHM...«i4 ditppitkNHi of 1^ 
•MMhli^ ffwJBt—d InrB H tta 

U18. 4IO. C.3Xf. 

~ AmUmt oopj. 0. 7170. 

— ■ K«w1t rtviowwi, 
A iBkrfvU bj MiaiUoo of mm% 
iimmiry lfol«...To«UMr. with 
A Urgtr dMUrmllott or Um fiuBons 
Bivor of Um Amosmno oad tho 
OoootiT Ihonibool, Oolboiod 
ftom Iho nodoTM ospwtooo of 
oorowMOoootrT-OMB. KAOdt^ 

1028. 4to. 0.82.f. 

— Aiiothor oopj. 0.7171. 

BARDINO (Jomi) DD. 8m 
BmUL TboHuly Bible :...N«wljr 
IrmooUlod ... ood roriwd, eCo. 
[Br L. Aadjowot. ... J. H., otcl 
1811. toL 488.1.8.(1.) 

BARDIKO (Joni) • Dtrnkd- 
cm Friar, A BooootoUoo 8or> 
»0Q [on Vu, ciii. 711 pTMobod ia 
tbo OotobMMO ml Woirtaiiii**'^*' 
ou Pmr. Wboioiii ho *•••» 
doeloiod hSo Jool omUitm wbioh 
hmw aoir«d him to Iooto iho 
Choreh of Rottt« oad to nniU 
himoilfi with iho rtfonMd 
ChoroborBiigUnid,olo. B. Altof 
for E. /oefaoo, Loodoo, 1620. 4la 
1416. h. 83. 

BARDIMO (Samuil) of 
Bmier ColUgt, Om/prl 

BARDIMO (Tbomai) Sm 

of mrnoy. 

in tho ftivt ortido of fli7 Lotdo of 
(Btfiibttmi Boplio...Wiih on oo- 
•wmo ooto llMl ... epistle [bjT 
T. H.1 ooUlalod to BL Jod eto. 
[1888.1 4to. 8982. bu 

— 8m E3ioLAsn>, C%mrth tf, A 
ooofatatioo of a booke, inliiiiled 
- Ao Ap»locio of the (*hiircb af 
Bndnftd.'* BrT. H. I&83. \%o. 

• 1382.0.89. 




HARDING (Thomas) See 
Humphrey (L.) J. Juelli...Epi8- 
oopi SariMburiensis Vita,. ..cum 
refutatione qnonuidam objecto- 
rnm T. Hardingi, etc. 1573. 4to. 
490. a. 2. (2.) 

— See Jewel (J.) BUhop of 
Salubury. A Replie unto M. 
Hardingee Anaweare fto the Bi- 
shop's Sermon on 1 Cor. XI. 23, 
** prononnoed at Paules Crosse... 
1560"]. etc. 1565. fol. 12. a. 1. 

A Defence of the Apologie 

of the Churche of Englande, Con- 
teininge an Answeare to a... 
Booke-.-bj M. H.,...entituled, A 
Confutation of (the Apologie of 
the Churche of England), etc. 
1567. fol. 488. g. 1. 

1571. fol. 13. b. 7. 

— See Mason (F.) Vindicias 
EcclesisB Anglicanse ... Libri V. 
In quibus Eccle.sia Anglicana a 
... Harding!.. .Calumniis ... vindi' 
oatur, etc. 1625. fol. 4103. g. 

— A rejoindre to Mr. Jewels 
Beplie. By pemsing whereof 
the discrete and diligent reader 
may easily see, the answer to 
parte of his insolent chalenge 
justified, and his objections 
against the Masse, whereat the 
Priest sometime reoeiveth the 
holy mvsterios without present 
companie to receive with him, for 
that cause by Luther's Schoole 
called Private Masse, dearely con- 
fbied. v. %, ArUwerpim,l566. 4to. 

3932. f. 

— A Beioindre to M. Jewels 
Beplie against the Sacrifice of the 
Masse. Lovanii, 1567. 4to. 

697. e. 8. 

HARDYNO (John) The 
chronicle of J. II. in metre, fro 
the first begynnyng of EngUde, 

unto y* reigne of Edwarde y* 
fourth. ..with a 
prose to this our tyme, [by B. 
Grafton] now first emprinted, etc. 
I). I. 2 pts. In offiana B. Graf- 
tmi, Londtm, 1543. 8vo. 

673. e. 1-2. 

The pagination ii very erroneous. 
Pt 2 hM a separate paf^tion. 

— Another copy. G. 5938. 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
2 pts. Ex officina B. Gra/Umi, 
London, 1543. 8vo. C. 30. e. 9. 

— Another copy. 195. a. 3. 

— Another copy. G. 5937. 

HAREN (Jan) The Bepent- 
ance of J. H. Priest, and his re- 
tume to the Church of God : 
publickly by him recited in the 
French Church ot Wezell... Like- 
wise, the Recantation of M. Bar- 
tox, at Bochell... Translated out 
of Latine and French, into Eng- 
lish. Printed for H. Bockit...and 
N. Bourne, London, 1610. 4to. 

4136. aa. 

Baron Haringion. [Funeral Ser- 
mon,] See Stock (Bichard) The 
Churches Lamentation, etc. 

Bton. Ste CicKKo (M. T.) [Leeliue^ 
$eu de AmicitiaJ] The bboke of 
freendcship of M. T. Cioero. 
[Translated by J. H.] 1550. 16mo. 
231. a. 46. 

HARINGTON (5ir John) 
The Englishman's Doctor, or the 
Schoole of Saleme . . . Translated by 
Sir J. H. See Academies, eito. — 
Sajjolho. — Sehdn SolendUuM, 

— See Apoloot. An Apdoffie. 
1. Or rather a retraction, etc. [J3y 
SirJ.H.l [1596.1 8vo. 

C. 37. b. 8. 



■AmiQTOII (» JmM) SAUIAE (C^) At Tm. 

9^ Ammo (is.) OrlsMo r«. ijml(W.) Tb. ftOlMMt oT i^ 

riM i» Em^M lMtil<Al v«M. 8MMliMffW, oCft. [Trmii«Ui«a bv 

lir J |UHAi«2. 15fl. fbt Cn«r] 1611. 4la 874. k. 44. 

a 84. m. 21. 

IW. M. Il428.k.l. hi, „„„,^,i ^^^ 

1484. M. ao.h.6. lTrmadal«lb>. . 41.. 

te a, T.. TfmmBm. 

MOiMvpoa ih< 

of tbo r 

both nlMMttt ond TrmnaUu 
p^l^ J. H., occ. 

UlV. 4IO. 189.1.28. — &«J 

kHkirUMcilMMcf im •OZ...J. H-' 


— TIm Mi* okfluit aad witKo 
Brfgmo of Sir jrH....IKiMlod 
iaio Ibm booba. rWltbaaodi- 

^— — li. «# WMUUUi ^ III * w iwi*' 


tMnrB^iitUbyJ.B.] Mailoim BosUlai ... dw ol TifnoU ... in 
«. JHUr. L«dbiu 1888. 41a It 

J. HanBori ... Ciub L 
HomiUa doci 
•Co. 1890. 8to. 

of EmimnL > 
Uted ... and roTtoed, o4o. [U; 
I^ Andrewos, ... J. H., ' 
1611. §oL 488.1.8. 


^^j^???^** 2^~- wwr or H«mmti;...^DDiio into 

^Sy., (Tl ^ ??S*?****^ !««• 8^o. 1112. n.1. 
idHndoB of bnann fhultk, olo. 

w A m •• A «• --. . ^ HARBCAR (Jon) <A« FovMir. 

ri;~7^^ ^ 7"* Om— d w«h4. JaaMi lingQnntni...Editio kcxu 

!L£r3r"^?**Sf' •««: tA m- ...OpofTTL H(mmnr> 

g fal of r H.o/'CnTtmt or ie28. 4ta 12901. bbb. 28. 

1882. 4lo. _ Protomnrtrr BHImibm: dw 

9b b. 19. (2.) olflgU Men in CoormfciMM 4k 




Martvrinm Sancti Albani. Lon- 
dtm,[1627]. 4to. 1070.1.13.(10.) 

TiilepAj^e mutibtod, the date 
having been torn off. 

the editioDs of the nrat Book of 
Homilies, severally written by 
T. Cranmer, E. Bonner, J. H. and 
others :] sm Emolamd, Church of, — 

Kd§lon, See Harinoton. 

HARRIOT (Thomas) See Brt 
(T. de) a briefe and true report 
of the new found land of Virginia 
...made in English By T. Hariot. 
1690. fol. G. 6837. 

— A briefe... Report of the new 
found land of Virginia. See 
Hakluvt (B.) The principal 
Navigations, etc. Vol. 3. 1598, 
etc. foL 683. h. 6. 

— Artis analyticas praxis, ad 
sequationes Algebraicas nov&... 
methodo, resolvendas. Apud 
J8. Barker... ei Eaered. J. Billii, 
Londini, 1631. fol. 529. m. 8. 

— Another copy. 47. f. 7. 

— A briefe and true report of 
the new fuund land of Virginia, 
etc. [With a preface by^ne.] 
LomdoH, 1688. 4to. G. 7132. 

HARRIS (Jamis) The Lives, 
£x(Miitions,of the 19. late Py rates 
...Capt. U. Jennings . Longcastle . 
Downes . Haulsey aud their com- 
p*nies, etc. H. 1. MS. Notes. 
Printed for J. Burhv, Londof%, 
[1609]. 4to. 0.27. a 24. 

WIthoat psgiDsUoD. 

HARRIS (Mattriw?) Brit- 
taines Hallelujah, or a Smion of 
Tbankfigiving [on Psal. cxxvi. 8] 
for the happy Pnt'incntion in 
Brittaine, preached in the Kugli&h 

church at Hamburch, etc. [Ham- 
hurgh,] 1639. 4to. 694. d. 1. (9.) 

HARRIS (Paul) The Ex- 
oomrnunication published by the 
L. Archbihhop of Dublin Thomas 
Flemming a\iks Barnwell, Fiiar 
of the Order of S. Francis, against 
the Inhabitants of the Diooet^se of 
Dublin, for hearing the Masses 
of P. Caddell,...and P. Harris...i8 
proved ...of no validity ...In which 
Treatise is also diitcovered that 
impious plot and policy of the 
aforesaid Archbishop and his 
Friars in supplanting the Pastors 
and PriestA of the Clergy, thereby 
to bring all into the hands of the 
Friars, etc [2>u6/tfif] 1632. 4to. 
G. 5591. 

— Fratres sobrii estote. 1. Pet. 
6, 8. Or, An Admonition to the 
Fryars of this kingdome of Ire- 
land, to abandon such hereticall 
doctrines as they daylie publish, 
etc. 1634. 4to. 3942. b. 

HARRIS (Richard) The Eng- 
lish Concord, in answer to Be- 
cane's English Jarre : with a 
Reply to Becan*s Examen of the 
English Concord. Printed 6y 
H. L, far M. Lownee, London^ 
1614. 4to. 1019. 1. 8. 

HARRIS (Robert) See H., B. 

— The Workes of B. H....B©- 
▼ised, and... corrected... With an 
addition of two Sermons, not 
formerly extant [on Exeoh. ii. 19, 
20, and on Heb. xiii. 6]. 17 pts. 
PriniedhyR. T(<mng)JarJ.BartUt, 
London, 1635, 34. fol. 3765. i. 

Each pU baa a dUtinct titlepage, 
in addition to ths gsoatal UUo. 

— Abeoloms Funeral), etc. 
[Sermon on 2 Sam. xviii. 33.] 
J, EMhnd^/or J. Bartlei, London, 
1630. 4to. 4463.0.(2.) 

— David's comfort at Ziklag, 

HAl BAl T7S 

[tm I auniNil HARKU (BoMtr) 

Pnmk4 \a it T. M Tmumnll Or ft •rnwm (<ni I. 

era. k 40. foMnOl of sir A. Oo|"';^««* 

HARRIS (Bowf) rU fiiS^^^^^iiStt 

bftkli V. II to ill F9imt$d If . AMlbM* «litk». a. IW. 

,«a|i| If rfffifi Ar /. 
J. teHrf. iMias IMK 4to. idM. 4to. ' 445$. a (8.) 

I>nialiAr\U ("uik [A 

W* Off* » ^ yy? i^/> Fri^aa w it l. /«- /. ^ 

Ll>Mft.i#. IRVWI, MMMi» r^^j-- i*ao. 41a. 446 


TIm UOrdi •ditMNL 

If A. I0, fir /. Dmilti^ ^^ ^ . ^ 

llrtA aiM. MUM f Mm. MM MIUI MV« 

ImW. M^ OTP0X. I. Mtt«4*«MMl«itll«MMK 

ft (5.) 

figtiMtiMi with a coottoi 
— Two MrmoM [oo Hob. xni. 

EmMtk% Booovorr. Oro 18]: wboroiB wo 010 toaght, 1. 
m '<m UMk xxxTtiL 9] How to got, 2. How lo Utpo* t. 

duwiof wiiot MO HoMkkh did, ":T^?r!,«^?*";*r5!L?2* 

Md olTdbo^ MkooT tMr do- fM^d % 1*. B. /or /. BirfM. 

h^mmtim horn dfkmmm /. Bmi^ LmAm. ie$0. 4to. 44A8. a (9.) 

lOO. 4la 445^0.(4.) HARRX80M (Jamis) [Aa 

- i^i*«_^^ B«bortotk» to tlio Sootto to coo- 

"" p > o o« «i od i tioa , otifc fonno tbinoolvot to tbo booonr- 

If ft. T, fcr /. ftorlta, ^1^ oEpodkot. ond codly onion 

».&.[& Qf^/Um, Lomiam, 
1547.] 8m 888. a. 40. 

tbo IVmjwn of tbo Cbuob. JA ^SmiL 

nrawn on AoH m. 8, 7.] Tbo ^~«»^ "• 

~^*rS?J?.f^ HARRISON (Jow) Ank^ 

ondOMcotoMb- ^MMo/Aowf Tetoooomnt 

faftbo Tboorio on d^lVytio > of tbo Bomyrfio foie : Adr«tojngo 

yV^J^^.^'.SST^^'^ or opooTngo of tbo Manno of 

/. Bmftti, Lmim. 19».^^^^ •TnnT'&UiTnod in tbo kU Do- 

**«••«• (7) ekrml7onoftboFdp«oldofojrtbo 

Tbooigbtbodition. y^ao by R Bonnor bj»boyp of 

WbMmto io nd£d otttnino Londim. wberby w. ^TQ-lw yn 

Qntrao and fHinrr, oto. PrimUi ^^^ ^^^"^ nowljo profe«ad at 

If r P. Ar /. B4ufUt UUm. ^!^ ««? opwijo intoAa- 

\ Iiaii, lOia 

1884. 8m 4478.\aar4! ««»«^« B«"J»bo lalypron, 

^ •pyna by a nowo mm^ «•*• 

Tbonliitboditioo, of obodyoooa, not w ylb iw dy ft 

RT.firJ BmriU^ tbo otbo aado to b ja prynoa albfo 

18ia 18m. 878. U 8. to tbo ooBtiniya...Oooipyled bf 




J. Harryson. [Attributed to J. HARRISON (Richard) 
Bale bishop of Ossory.] Zurik, Auihar of a Treatise <m the I22nd 
IMS. 8yo. 696. a. 22. Ftalm, See H., B. 

HARRISON (John) Bev., 
<me o/ike Suite of Frtderiek, Kina 
ofBdkema, Sm Bohimia.— Xantf- 
iag. The BeaaoDS which oompelled 
^e statee of Bohemia to reject the 
Archiduke Ferdinand ... & ... to 
elect a new King... Translated out 
of the frenoh oopies [by J. H. ?]. 
[1620?] 4to. 1316.0.2.(2.) 

— 5fe«H., J. 

— The Meesiah already come. 
Or Profes of Chriatianitie, both 
out of the Scriptures and auncient 
Babbins, to oonyince the Jewes of 
their... blindneese for their... end- 
lease expectation of their Messiah, 
...yet for to come. Written in 
Barbaric in the yeare 1610, etc. 
[The second edition.] G. Thorp, 
Amtierdam, 1619. 4to. 

482. b. 3. (2.) 

— A short relation of the de- 
parture of ... Prince Frederick, 
&ing Elect of Bohemia : with his 
...Ladie Elizabeth; and. ..Prince 
Henrie, from Heydelberg towards 
Prague, to receive the Crowne of 
that kingdome. [By J. H.] 
Whearunto is annexed the solemp- 
nitle or maner of the Coronation. 
Translated out of dutch. And 
now both tngither published, eto. 
Printed [sicj 6y 0. Waien, Dart, 
1619. 4to. 1054. h. 28. 

Eight learw, without pagioatiun. 

— Another copy. 605. b. 89. (2.) 

— The Tragicall life and death 
of Mulev Abdala Melok the late 
King of Barbaric. With a pro- 
position, or petition to all christian 
rriiiois, annexed thereunto: 
written by a gentleman imployed 
intothoaoparU. I>e(p4,163d. 4to. 

Last leaf mntUatsd. 

HARRISON (Stephen) The 
Archs of Triumph Erected in 
honor of the High and mighty 
prince James the first... at his... 
Entrance and passage through... 
London upon the 15**". day of 
march 1603. [Seven plates with 
letter-press.] /. TFtntfel, Lomdm, 
1604. fol. G. 10866. 

The titlepage it engraved. 

HARRISON (ThomasJ See 
Bible. The Uoly Bible. Newly 
translated ... and revised, eto. 
[By L. Andrewee ... T. H., etc.] 
1611. fol. 466. i. 6.(1.) 

— Life. See Dalechamp (C.) 
Christian Hospitalitie, eto. 

— Vita. See Dalechamp (C.) 
HarrisoQUS honoratus, etc. 

HARRISON (William) Kte- 
iorical Writer. An historical! 
description of the Islande of 
Britayne, etc—The description 
of Scotlande, H. Boethus,... W.H. iSmHoun- 
bhed(R.). The Firste volume of 
the Chronicles of England, etc. 
Vol. 1. 1577. fol. 598. h. 3. 

1587. fol. 2070. d. 

— The description of Scotland H. Boetius,... translated... 
into English by B. [i.e. W.] H. 
5m HouNSBED (B.) The first and 
leoond Tolnmea of Cbronioles, eta 
Vol.2. 1587. fol. 2070. d. 

of the Preaeken for the ComUjf 
Pahtint of Laneaeter, Deaths 
Advantage little regarded; and 
The aoules aolaoe against sorrow. 
Preaohed in two ftinerall Sermons the buriall of Mistris K. 
Brettorgh the third of June, 1601. 

n At n \ l; ::$ 

TU oAo bT \V. II. [oa ImIaIi m. tlos«...TlM BMona I • 

u^ < 1 WlMWttto it Ml* p. 9kakmm md 0. m m iiH K Cmh 

JM..Uf» mi4...4mIIi of 4$m,lim. ISm. 954.1^^11. 
mM Qmlhmimmm TU 

Mifd. 8 pli. BABnrar (Samvil) moob*- 
1601 Itaa ii^J Bfdiw ^ Cifniwiir mmI^ 

m?mC8C7im7^J»«^ iiMriMif^n..j)boMf»or&BMib. 

^JSSSmimAfJnHm MltnUtalk A Dimvtrio of Om 

^i.^,^ towidalMil rnotJMi of J. DmivIU 

ffrT w IrMry " "- ^^ •** **^* **^ 8880. •.(2.) 

1418.*, 12. ^ -SitH.a 

r:^ — r I^ ^^ ?• HARTC )CMtoi^ Cwi. 

oorrvKun. r. ^■fiivii, &4mn<m, ••«« Mid dootltdWI •iinirkfaitf of 

ELAJtRT, BImmL ^i'm^ •t^^ ^ ODoomsTT {8it 

Sm IIokt lAt IfiBtirgI C.) KewM from IrtUnd, •te« 

1608. 4ta 601. d. 84. 

HABRT(GmoiO«tii) Tbo 

OiMliity or...aMMi...Eiiic of HABT (ALBumt) Tbo 

mot BiitteTtto... vith bio UmoU Tngi-OomiooU History of Akxto 

toeool from K«oh, bj divon Mid AogcUco. OooUiaioff tbo 

diiootlTMitoBnitot:...MKlfrcim pn t n mm of o nokmi...MHrifoo- 


btm to CWiwsUdor, Ibe \m»% Kmg oolfoo Loro. With o TMioai 

of tbo Bntttab blood. ..witb o moUbilitj of o feminiao oflbo* 

bffMb Cnaolofio of tbo Mom>. tkm. Togotbor witb Loooo Joo- 

loblo Aola of tbo hmam mm tioo tborrapon. Primt^ hff B, A. 

lOMbod fai tbio Owwolnjpr, ote. md T. F. far N. Vawammr, Lm^ 

rWHb o dodioitofT opioUo br R. doo, 1640. 12aio. 1076. b. 9. 

BoOMid.] &a^^d>rr. 

»«ry.£Mid0O,l6O4. 4to. 806.d.7. 

liZJ'^J^SL^^'SS^^ L,^^ij^&SSi Tbo' 

Ko» An> AMKTNim. 878.k.8X ^a lifo of...Bob«rt Braoo, oto. 

Mt: owiiiaf ib« Ulbmfi. [Bj J. Borboor. Witb o mhm 
L'ini:^JiVtt?S bytbopriiitor,A.H.] 1626.8^ 

— 8m SiUAtT, FooM c/. [A 
188. a. 2. trowo doooriptioo of tbo nobill 

tb*IMl«tioo Booe of tbo StowMdo, oto. Bjr 


k»vte««fMl A.H.] 1603. foL 600.k.4 
^^^ totbto 

I|2Ji^^5ol« loifct 11^ ■•^■^ •***^ tiootyoo iostnictjiig 

"_" ^ ^ OTtry pOTKNi^ bowo thojr oboldo 

HAB81fXT(Aial) A oordioll tnde tborr Irtm io r la; 

kji tbo Afliotod. Tooob^ tbo of Vorto^Mid y«obow7og 

KooHiitao oad Ctilitio oflflio- i dodMyoc obo wbot I 





man hath reoeaved by Chriftt, 
through the effasyon of hys most 
precYOOfl bloade. JB. SUmghiam, 
IcmdoH, 1548. 8vo. 1020. o. 8. 
Bereataen iMtea, without pagi- 

HART ri.) See Smith (J.) 

MmUter of CUuering. Essf^ x Dove, 

etc. [Edited by I. H.] 1633. 8vo. 

3752. b. 

HABT (Jambs) The anatomie 
of iiriDes, eto. — A disooane of the 
lawleese intrusion of parsons and 
▼icars upon the profession of 
phisioke [by J. H.? In MS.]. 
See FoRESTUS (P.) The Arraign- 
ment of Urines ... Epitomized 
and translated ... by J. 11., eto. 
1623. eto. 4to. 1188.1.8.(1,2.) 

— KAINIKH, or the Diet of 
the Diseased ... wherein is set 
downe... the... Diet for those in 
health, but especially for the si eke 
...with divers other things... Col- 
lected... out of the writings of 
ancient Philosophers ... and ... 
modem Writers ... Newly pub- 
lished by J. H., eto. /. Bealefur 
B, Allot, London, 1633. fol. 

776. m. 10. 

HART ( JoH5) Cheeter Herald, 
8e$ Baikolds (J.) The summe 
of the Conferenoe betwene J. 
Bainoldes and J. Hart, touch- 
ing the Head and the Faith of 
the Church, etc. 1584. 4to. 

860. i. 16. 

1698. 4to. 8935. o. 

— 1609. 4to. 860. i. 17. 

Snmma CoUoquii J. Rai- 

noldi cnm J. Harto de ca)>ito ot 
fide EooleaiA, etc 1610. fol. 

14. b. 4. 

— An Orthographie, oonteyn- 
ing the due oraer and reason, 
howe to write or paint thimage 

of mannes voice, most like to the 
life or nature. Corapofied by 
J. n(art) Chester Heralt, eto. 
90.%. Ms. CoBRECTiONS. W.Seret^ 
London, 1569. 8vo. 626. a. 8. 

HART {Sir Wiluam) Lord 
Advocate of Scotland. The Es- 
aminatiouR, Arraignement & Con- 
viction of George Sprot . . . whereby 
appeareth the treasonable device 
betwixt John, late Earle of Gowrr 
and R. Logane ... for the crueU 
murthering of our most gracious 
Sovereigne. Before which Trea- 
tise is prefixed also a Preface, 
written by G. Abbot, eto. 
M. Bradwood, for W. Aepley, Lon- 
Am, 1608. 4to. 600. e. 21. (4.) 

— Another copy. C. 33. g. 5. 

With a difierent titlepage, dated 

— Another copy. G. 5130. 

— Another copy. C. 33. e. 7. ( 1 .) 

With the autograph of **Hain. 
Dyson " on the titlefMtge. 

HARTGYLL (George) Gene- 
rail Calenders, or, most easie As- 
tronomicall Tables : in the which 
are contained.. .the names, natures, 
magnitudes... of all the notablest 
fixS Btarres, eto. /. Windei,,., 
eolde ... 5y A, MauneeU, London, 
1594. fol. 532.1.3.(1.) 

HARTLIB (Saxtjel) See 
EoMENSKT (J. A.) Conatuum 
Comenianomm Piseludia. (Porta 
sapientiss reserata, eto.) [Edited 
byS. H.] 1637. 4to. 

1012. b. 23. (7.) 

— — Bererendi ... J. A. Co- 
mcnii Pansophin Prodromus, etc. 
[Edited by S. H.] 1639. 12mo. 

627. a. 1. 

Lopn (D.) A Re)>ort of the 
Kingdom of Congo,... drawen out 
of the writiDge0...of 0. Lopes, 

R A t BAB 77T 

hr r rififbtl^ Trmatblia... Mid •rfll AMH Im comtnarm. 

hr \ IL 15^. 41a. fttlKSl. 0^ MB. XoT» [lij O. Hai^cyl 

[tbU.] tm G.644i 

HARTWCLL(A«u«Aii) Sm «^«--«--.^ . . 

M^. M rU Hkipfyor . HABVIT (Oawib.) to 

Um Xktatm IwiwMM Um Twrk* *" '•*^... ^^ F^ 

quAir in Aprlll btU kitly pMwd 
CttwvM two UaiirwUtt^ a« 
[B. SiMDMr Md 0. R.l Mc 
-rabSoftinorL.) TUOHo- hNiooUMr...Ull«i.oftbiMM 

MA ^ TMiiUri ... bjr A. H. mm wriUue, •to.) IMO. 4u>. 

ItOt. «to. ISia.al9. ^ ai0.d. l«. 

l^tAlyA^H^tto. lAM. 4tai 


Litofmto iir* d«... — te LiiafnLO (BMUtt) 

I... lMflEtMii*««lB 

OMitobfiglMiiiw ttdvvDts, 

Z!amo1 mI A«c. ft. KmSo "" *• ^^^ ^i> ''•^ '^*^ 
A — > - • •# ,^ ^•w >»- Tov to St ft INI WftidMi« Or, O. H.*i 

1215. K. lo. u ; iv-a-^,^10. 15W. 4to. 96. b. 16.(6.) 

^■^5?"^y\ t^^ST^^f!' iatofwptiDgowtolaoLtltortMid 

^ fcto ■ -moiiM....ooiTiOto<l wy - Fbw* Wtow s^ owtoloo io^ 

•owvkAA wkfffid by B. H. ^^-j ^ ^^^ ^^^^ foia« Prf- 

Itti. 4to. ao. •. 14 ^i^ J^ TiotMll Ibo Low X>mii. 

(B.) Tho ^"^^ '^^^ 4to. 9«. b. 16. (8.) 

QnmU <f Am.;. wwwtod^Oly _ o. Hmrroii CtomoUmit. 

tiatoi MM tftWrf«d...b3r R. H.« ^ ormtio po«t loditiin, babiu 

Ola ItSa. 8m 8606. b. OaiitobrigUi ad mm AoditoiM. 

,688. 8m 86a6.M. ST' u4iif*°l ""^^ 

fCBaiiiiiiMal ^^ Bmnd Bmmmam^ Lomdimi^ 

Hmmw (O.V Tbo SjiMfogM. "77. 410. 1213. 1. 6. (I.) 

i •^wcfc "ll^ '^^ - O- H^" Or.tuUtioi.«« 

MS. [ByCH.] 1640. 12m. V^ldlMMlmD Libri qtuluor. Ad 

11628. a. 13. niMlri«...EltMbHMi AoglM... 

HARVBY (OAMiti) 8m ^'^^!^„1^^J_7^JV'J^ 

B.M,o. AMAd.Mitioii.oto. ?!~ ~f^f;,^'',*r?r; 

liaiCmirbyO.H.1 1671. 4ta !«•<«, 1678. 4to. 1213.L6.(X) 

Ajpotbo- . Asothir oopj. 96. b. 16.(9.) 
1661. fat 644 g. 18.(8.) «nS«JllMMd. 

-SifO.«B. BifAk PFoLAf:] — Anotb* oopy. 0.6946. 
to (Sbiistow dood MO Ah»MirtigttotiM»<fMiM. 




HARVEY (Gabriel) Foure 
LettcrB. and certaine SonneUi 
especially tonohing B. Greene 
and othor parties, bv him abused : 
but incidently of divers excellent 
persons, eta [Including a sonnet 
to the writer subscribed Edmund 
Spencer.] /. TTo//*, London, 
1592. 4to. C. 40. d. 14. 

— Anothercopy. 96.U 16. (1.) 

— A New Letter of Notable 
Contents, with a straunge Sonet, 
intituled Gorgon, or the won- 
derful! yeare. /. Wolfe, London, 
1693. 4to. C. 40. d. 10. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 96. b. 1 6. (2.) 
Imperfect; wanting the titlepage. 

— Pierces Supererogation, or 
a new Prayse of tne old Aaae. A 
Preparative to certaine larger 
Discourses, intituled Nashes S. 
Fame. (Errours escaped in the 
printing, with certaine additions 
to be inserted. The answere to 
letters and sonnets commenda- 
tory.) J. Wol/e, London, 159S. 4 to. 

C. 40. d. 9. 

Tho *' Answere, etc,** ii without 

Sftgi nation, and it preceded by a 
Qplicate of the general titlepage. 

— Another copy. 96. b. 16. (4.) 

— O. Harveii Bhetor, vel 
duorum dienim O ratio, do Natura, 
Arte & Exercitatione Bhetorica. 
Ad suofl audi tores. H, Binneman, 
Londini, 1577. 4to. C. 27. c. 4. 

Without pegination. Cropped. 

— G. HarTeii...Smithu8; vel 
MiiMmiin laohrymtt ; pro obitu... 
TbomsB Smith!, Equitis Britanni, 
etc. H, Binmmtumui, Londini, 
1578. 4to. 1218. 1. 6. (3.) 

The date in the colophon is 1577. 

HARVEY (Jotm) A Dis- 
oouraive l^obleme, oonoeming 

Prophesies, how far they are to 
be valued, or credited... Devised 
especially in abatement of the 
terrible threatenings... denounced 
against the kingdoms ... of the 
world, this present... yeere, 1588. 
supposed the Great... and Fatall 
yeere of our Age. By J. H(arvey) 
Physition. IJ. I. /. Jaciton for 
B. Waikim, London, 1588. 4to. 
718. g. 64. 

HARVEY (Richard) 
SeeU., B. 

— An Astrological Discourse 
Upon the ... Conjunction of ... 
Satume & Jupiter which shall 
happen the 28. day of ApriU, 
1583. With a ... Declaration of 
the effectes, which the late Eclipse 
of the Sunne 1582. is yet heer- 
after to woorke. 39. Z. H, Byn- 
neman, London, 1583. 8vo. 

718. d. 1. 

— Editio secnnda. 

H. Bynneman, London, 1583. 8vo. 
718. d. 30. (4.) 

— Philadelphus ; or, a Defence 
of Brutes and the Brutans His- 
tory. (Written by R. H(arvey).) 
J. Wolfe, London, 1593. 4to. 

292. f. 44. 

— Another copy. G. 5932. 

HARVEY (Sir Sebastian) 
Lord Mayor of London, See M., A., 
CiliMen and Draper of Londom, 
Sidero-Thriambos. Or Steele and 
Iron Triumphing. Applauding 
the advancement of Sir 9. Hanrey, 
Knight, to the dignitie of Lord 
Maior of London, etc. 1618. 4to. 
C. 33. e. 7. (20.) 

Primirosius (J.) J. Primirosii... 
exercitationes et animadversiones, 
in libmm, de motu cordis et cir- 
ouUtinne Sangtiinis. Adversus 
G. HArveom. 1630. 4to. 

788. 1 1. (2.) 

BAR BA8 m 

OmttfwfBommn. ui—ih a u pt u p fc of Um tablUl 

IMS. 410. HT.lLl. 

ptmoiJgM of Ji— Miif MmImb, 
4WW(W.) A_MW OraUrA ^d B. Jkmm. Lamdm. lb$%. 8m 

^joatIm^oio. iwe. 4«o. 68s.a.i«.no 

kittdiMd MMMOf 


^ttMbjoaoMteofaiMiWUl HA8AN IBN,,MUHAM 

UglitaiaK whkk jm ^ 17... jj^^ xL WAZZAN At F4d, 

KofVMbv...l808. did...bii]rM «p ^gtot^mrxU GIOVANNI LB- 


'^^S^ ^!uiS!^^i3L ^*" AFRICANO. A G^ 
•m.Lmdm.\^7. 4to. 3S1.0.87. WitUiB in ouidltalkii 

•— "~ *— — ...«»«"~^ « ^ pwiiciiUr tmiiM of all tlie 

•M. f 

^*'***^*^ **C£^ ...liiid...,wHU«riW br J. Uo. 

^!'^— And %ttmf th« MM it MUMMd 

iv.r am W4.d. 81.(3.) LTlSr^Li^^ 

IlArvudt Pbkboloaij: or, P^*^ ^ ^ world. TimaoUtod 
•t^^ l^tltt^^ Bk^..* Mid oolloeltd bj J. Bbit. /wpw 

^ ^ i^*^*^^ of Blood. *Bd ooiioettci oj <i. nwy. iff 

M viBlbr Ml adYirte^ ^ ^- ^'^'^ teM. 1800. fbt 
' - CM wfgJM i^at ... to O. 4256 

tZ fa Tf^Wfr iliBfffS HA8LOP(HnniT^ B 

V MO. nui U^ ooi of iho CoMt of SpoiBO. Tbo 

7 M^fm_w^n,..tmr ^^^^ BoOOTt oC tho boWNDttblo 

tiaC«^ blood, olo. r. KimfArmfm ZTTuTirVjli !T 
Urd^mwm, Lmiwm. 1601. 8vo. ffTI?* » •J'F^ 

788. d. 9. 

id Si^loor: ooiiliioiBg 
nw oad Apoloflo oot 

•Void of Ood« BOW wo 

br Sir P. Drmte iii...Aprill and 
1UJ...1M7. npoo Coin; and aloo 
dooe Ihoi in tlio Oapo 8. VinoMii 

Tbt Sokm tar tbo 8ooldi« 

iteioiog o Dio- oadCopoSokor.olo. 11.1. W.Bcm, 

of tbo loodoo, 1587. 4ta O. 6512. 

MO to WiiWot 

oadobot woaro to 
of tbo voliMit otloapCo of tboto ^ H A 8 T I M O 8 (EutiKTiO 

of BmnHmgdm. fUwoll. 
8^ F^ I. A MnBOB [on Jobo 
XL25J.oto.1685. 4«o. 1415. k. 12. 

dMBfMi ... to ... obridc§ tbo .%« 
fowor of SpOTBO. r. Orwim /pt 
r. V%(K Lmim, 1592. 4io. 

H A 8TIM O 8 (Srr FftAVCSt) 
100 o. 2. ^ ^*« ^'* A Tompofmto Ward. 
^mi^ A-A ^"^<^ to ^^ torboloBt ood ardi- 
■*^ ^"^ tioM Woteb-woffd of Sir F. Haai- 
Two fodlio Bad loaiBod IsfM^ olo. 1589. 4to. 0. 6100. 




HASTINQS (Sir Frakcis) 

See D., N. The warn-word to Sir 

P. H.S Waatword, etc. 1602. 8vo. 

698. b. 13. 

— 5^ E., 0. A briefe Beplie 
to a...alanHeron8 libel*. ..entitlcxl, 
A Temperate Ward word, to Sir 
F. HaatingM Turbulent Watch- 
word, etc. 1600. 4to. 1019. h. 7. 

— 5m SuTcurrB (M.^ A ful 
and roond answer to "S. D. alias 
Bobert Parsons the Noddle his 
foolish ... Wame-word [entitled 
** A Temperate wardword to the 
turbulent and seditious watch- 
word of Sir F. H.**],etc. 1604. 4to. 

698. d. 29. 

— A Watch- Word to all reli- 
gions, and true hearted Engliuh- 
men. F. Kingston for B. Jackson^ 
London, 1598. 8vo. 600. a. 23. 

H A S T L E R (Thomas) An 
antidote against the Plague. Or 
nay)(fnjaTov : a Salve for all sores ; 
...Delivered in a sermon [on Matt. 
viiL 25]» etc. M, Fltsher, London, 
1625. 12mo. 693. d. 16. (15.) 

HAT. (Ch.) See Wilmot (R.) 
The tragedie of Tancred and Gis- 
mund. Compiled by the Gentle- 
men of the Inner Temple, etc. 
[The fourth act signed Ch. Hat., 
fl.e. Sir Christopher Hatton?] 
1592. 4to. C. 34. e. 44. 

HATCH (John) Belations 
and liomcmbranoes, taken out of 
a large Joumall of a voyage set 
forth by the East Indian Societie. 
See PuRCBAS (S.) Purchas his 
Pilgrimes. eta Pt. 1. 1625, etc. fol. 
213. d. 2. 

HATOHER (Thomas) See 

Carh (N.) N. Carri...De Sorip- 

tomm Britanniooru pauoitate,... 


807. a. 20. 

— Sm Haddom (W.) O. Hmd- 

doni...LucQbratione8 passim ool- 
lectaB et edit» studio et labore 
T. H. (D. G. Haddoni . . poemata 
... studio ... T. Hatoheri collecta, 
etc.) 1567. 4to. 90. h. 17. 

HATHW A YE (Richard) See 
Oldcasti.e (J.) Baron Cobham. 
The first part of the true...hi8torie 
of the life of Sir John 01d-Castl^ 
etc. [Attributed to Shakespeara, 
but really written by A. Munday, 
...and R. Hathwaye.] 1600. 4to. 
C. 34. L 2. 

— See Shakespeare (W.) [Sir 
John OldealUA The first part 
of the true & honorable hi^' 
of the life of Sir John Old-r 
the good Lord Cobham... W; 
by W. Shakespeare [or i i 
by A. Munday ... and R. H.]. 
1600. 4to. ' C. 34. 1. 1. 

HATTON (Sir Christopher) 
See Hat. (Ch.) 

HATTON (Richard) See 
OviDius Naso (P.) [Nux.] Ovid's 
Walnut-tree transplanted [•*.«, 
translated into English verse by 
R.H.]. 1627. 12mo. C.40.a.l2. 

See Caninius (A.) A. Caniuii... 
•EAAiyncr/io?, C(»j>i(»8i8.simi Gneca- 
rum Latinarum(|; vocum Indicia 
acoesiiione per C. H. locupletatus, 
etc. 1613. 8vo. 622. a. 10. 

HAUQHTON (NViluam) See 
Woman. English-Men for my 
Money; or A... Comedy, called A 
Woman will have her Will. [By 
W. H.] 1626. 4to. 0. 34. b. 5a 

1631. 4to. 644. U 44. 

HAUNOE (Evsrard) A true 
report, of the Araiffnement and 
exeoution of the Tate Popishe 
Traitour. E H., executed at Ty- 
bome, with reformation of the 
errors of a former untrue booke 

n \ V HAW THI 

i:^ ii««L r 37. a i7. 

— AooUmt «litioii. n. a. 
HAUSTBD (Pro) TIm XL TuM, Lmdm, IbU. 41a. 
K;t^l rriMk. AoMMHiK««a C 11. a 

MS. Nam [hf J. uSjM\ "^ •?!!• •!»T*'5Jr^^*F* 

«* ^* aL If "^ » - - If ■Miilitd to in liMHi WMMrt 

Lmdkl9St, 4to.'" Il7«.a W*"*^ Wg. A^ C*» IMJ. 

noiW^oT ltt.k.14. HAWKINS (QiDMi) An 

t>0lter OOfljr. IW. fc. 14. ITp mm lUwkiB. ..An Al- 

nolUroopj. 644. b. 45. S*^?^ •^ PrognortiomUoo. 


^^i^ ^« 1 «A /. X HAWKINS mtxET) 

— AmUmt oo^r. 643. L SO. (8.) g^ ^ h 

lmrmc{d§AX ' * HAWKINS 6J<MUI> JUD. 8m 

« .. ^.. -r* ., r, Arroxio, i« I>«6riM. A tn^fe 

— 8ml« Odmm,0omiidk rin biuodiiotion to Syntax-, ri. 

ra Mli Mid in ▼Mwl. Ha Em UmmA t^t ^f N^i^i.^ u.ti. 

^ - ^ ^. *** oooooidAiioe rapplvad by 

lets. dv«. 686.0.86. J(ohn)rT ■.•-i' ngXeto.I68l.8To. 

AmUmt oopy. O. 17410. *^^ "^ ***• 

^^_ — FirlioBUi Loiiiia Ormtioiik, 

P^'^'^Sf'^^JV*? oolUotA. dtmMtiB, A...Cuii&b«. 

. ^ . .^ > ,*Sr . > " Ulioiiibiio difoM0»...Aiitore J. 

-- 1686. 41^ 878. k. 9. Z^^UV^^ 

stwjr^ " " - 

H AWARD CNiOMtAt) 8m ^^^- ^ *^- 

T.) A brioii Cbro. HAWKINS ( Johji) of (>mdm, 

_ lihid by N. H., etc A MUde for the nmple. Qatbeiod 

lS6i. 8TO. C. 12. c II. oat of the fourth Terw of tbo 

-- - . - - ., ,.^. . ,. firit chapter of the IVoT Of bet of 

> "- jP^ ^^ 'r'^'^?^"'*^ 8alooioii;eto. U.K. iVwIid ly 

bwiSiM aad mprolMadiiig tiie j^^y g^, 116. a. 85. 

TioaoC lagimtitado. 

H. K. r. Jbrdk loadoa, HAWKINS (Joh5) Anmm 
1868. 8to. 627. a. 17. OMoiie Wriier, &• BiaLg.->Ou> 

TisTAJinrT. — Pmlm. -^ Pmtiam, 

oopy. 1077. 0. 57. PaFapbnww «poo the aaaTan Ptoi- 

tiAWva /a«».»«\ Tk^iiu- *«>**«^ PtaaliDe«...TraiiaUted oot 

HAWX8 (Siirau) Tba Hia- ^ luWmxi by 1. H(awkios). 

neof naaada AoMiaia aad la ntsu fl«» i m^ • f»i 

beUP^oalladtbaPbatiaMor ^^^^ ^^' l-l&*^21. 

oSiaiatag tbaJmowlega — SmSoto (AjmmtJUDt) Tba 

of Iba eeae eoieaoe i . Alba ooaraa BaDeoane of Tiiaa being oaptiTo. 
of OMaa lUa in tbia arotida. [A Whaiain b daelared bow preoioae 

rbvii.] Nevely peraaed, ale. k tbiag la tima ... Wtittan in 

VOL. It. 8 B 




8|MiDith, bj...A. de Soto... Trans- 
Ut«d into English bj J. H(mw- 
kins). 16S4. 8to. Q. 20020. 

HAWKINS (Sir Jobh) 
Admiral A true dedaration of 
ibe tronbletome Toyadge of M. J. 
Hankina to the partieiiof Guynea 
and the weet^Indies^in the jeares 
of our Lord 1567. and 1568. 
If. 1. T. Pur/ooie^for L. Harri- 
•oa, Ixmdd, 1569. 8vo. C. 32. a. 
WiUtout pagination. BlighUy 

HAWKINS (Sir Richard) 
The 0bMr\'ution8 of Sir R. H.... 
in his Vuia);e into the South Sea. 
Anno Domini 1593. Printed bjf 
I, D. for J, Jaggard, London^ 
1622. fol. 981. f. 22. 

— Another copy. 666. g. 23. (2.) 

— Another copy. 213. a. 7. 

— Another copy. G. 2834. 

HAWKINS (5ir Thomas) See 
BivlT (E.) The lives... of Saint 
Eltear« Count of Sabran, and of 
his wife the Countesse Delphina, 
etc. Translated into EngliHh by 
S'.T.H. 1638. 8vo. 4824. aaaa. 

— See Caussin TN.) The Holy 
Conxt... Translated into English 
by S'.T.H. 1688. fol. 8408. i. 

— See H., Sir T. 

— See HoRATius Flaocus (Q.) 

yhrwdma.] Odes [and Epodes) of SirT.H. 
1688. 12mo. 1002. b. 24. 

— See Matthieu (P.) Un- 
happy Phwperitie, ezpresaed in 
•**^ **?«tori«s of if^lius Seianus and 

{la the ratanian...Trans- 
.-ic« ... by 8V 11. Hawkins. 
1M2. 4to. 10605. oa 

1639. 12mo. 610. a. 7. 

ia. BaUUlons of the Ocourrent«, 

which happened 'in the time of 
his Residence in India. See 
PuBCBAS (S.) Purchan his Pil- 
grimes, etc. Pt. 1. 1625. fol. 
679. h. 11. 

HAWKINS (William) School- 
matter at HadleigK Suffolk. See 
Apollo. Apollo Shroving, eta 
[ByW. H.] [1627.] 12rao. 

C. 34. d. 

— Corolla ▼aria...(Eclog» tree 
Virgilianffi declinatae ; 
Tityrus, J ( Pe»tifngium. 
Pollio, >ad< PoRtliminium. 
Gallus, j ( Fastidium. 
Kisus verberans et vapnlans, 
etc.) Apud T. Buck, Cantaifrigiee, 
1634. 8yo. 11408. a. 

With a aeparate titl6page,eagiaTed. 

HAWKS (Uenrt) A Relation 
of the Commodities of Nona His- 
pania, and the manors of the 
inhabitants. See Haklutt (R.) 
The principal Navigations, etc. 
Vol.3. 1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

HAY (Anne) Counieet o/ErrolL 
Nuptials. See Wilkinson (K.) 
The Merchant Roy all, etc. 

HAY (Sir George) of Kin- 
fawne. See Scotland. — Statotes. 
—James VI., JSTiV TheXXUI. 
Parliament of... James... King of 
Scotland... Extracted foorth of the 
registers... by Sir G.H. 1621. fol. 
5805. b. (4.) 

HAY (JoRiO A Speacdi. 
delivered to the Kings... Majeatie, 
at his entrie into his sood-towne 
of Edinburgh, upon the XVI. of 
May... 1617. In the name of the 
magistrates and citisens, etc. 
(Oratio per eundem ... regi ez- 
hibita.) A. Hart, Bdiidmrgk, 
1617. 4to. 9930. bb. 10. 

HAY rPim) An Advertise- 
ment to the Subjects of Scotland, 
of the ... Dangers threatned to 


I mfnum of IW KhMfeMO Oowmv of tU n«nuiii4i 
^8Q»'ltfMl.«l& jKaiUB.ikr. am%. 3 pit. INMnA ^(U«. 

iPKiaO ▲ tWob of 
Hm WWraia bM dM 

M ifc i H yno Uio f i i n BloUMi of mm vMi pi t. mi4 mv 

8936. <L — Aaotb«roopy. 0. 114M. 

HAT (WtU4A») Jhrl ^ ArtIL pi, c«Btatoiac 

Hilifiili. &• Wtuanov (B.) p^ mt ,, mr 

TUllM«bMtBoj»ll«olo. HATHB (TBonAi) Th# 

HATDOOKX (HlOiUU>) 8m BquU Wajet of God : fur r«rtifjr- 

Umu«> (O. p.) a TtmIo ooii- ink tho ttooqoal wajm of imui. 

Unfnff tto ArtM of oarioM Bmij Mid oloaiij dimwa from 

<\ OurWago A Bvilduico. tboMerBd8oriptiirw...TboMoocid 

bid WK;ielMfd)H(«T- odiliom rrrind aad ioUmd. 

lMa?lbL lE61.e2. B. BMod. /or /. CMk, Im&is 

1689. 12ma 4406. MU 

"^.X**^?^^) ?* Bt««- TU UtkfMict it tlifbUj Mil. 

Tw (I,) A BrMb nd tno i«. Utod. ^^ 

kiloB of tW DiMOforio of lU .m. ^ . «r, « .^ 

iwrtli ptrtof VirfisU.wlim. „T ?^. ^^'•"**^ ^^ S! *^ 

mio ii oraood a u«»Um of E. ^J ScriDtttreo: or, the Time^ 

i^gul, PUoM, aad Vetmm» of Uio Uulj 
pj^rti, 8criptiirei...Tlio Scoond oditkm, 

16Al 4to: asS-oTsS. rr^*^ •!?*: ^"'f"^- ^"T^^ 

Nona. PntUeti 6jf /. B. aiMf 5. B. 

RATB8 («r Tmut) lor^ /or H. OdhaOd, Loadoa, 1640. fol. 

JfaMT i/ Lomdom, 8m yL, K^ 8107. b. 

OWm aad X^nytf' i/ laadoa. 

HiaaUia-Maoa. Tbe Triaaipbt — Giammatioea Lattna ooa- 

of poodiaai. Fkw M& Nom [by 

tba ■ Mtal a n at of 9. T. lUjea. Dr. BUai]. Lai. and Jha. K 

Saigbt^iatbabigboOoeofLofd €«oaoi Imb JL (hi/kd, Lmdim, 


9m tba 

Maior of f ^rmdoQ. ale. 1614. 4to. 1640. 8m 1M84. a. 14. 

0.88. a. 7. (31) 

n!? ?^ rf ^iST^JT^r °^ i^^y nuaLutgaaramHanBOBiA.Dia. 



-1. >^ iSLir^ T^ TOtti«wo 621. b. 1. (8.) 

oat of...J. Owen, and aiber rata ' 

^liH?- ^*»*^ ***» EpioUao of — Fkx in Tarra, mq Traotatai 

F. RiOklaia: Traariatad oal of da Fbot Bookaiaadea, ate. Imn^m, 
bMFkaaob...AUoftb«iooB|Naed inm J. " ^ 


li A ^ 

II A r 

1639. 8vo. lulU. g. 8. 

HAYWARD (Jam»} 5m 

BioNi»i ((f. F.) DonselU Dester- 
nMla, or Tho IWnish'd Virgin... 
EogliiOioa by J. U. 1635. 4to. 
12470. k. 

Eromena... Englished by 

J. H. 1632. fol. 12470. k. 


HAYWARD (Sir Joh.x) See 
Bible.— Ou> Tkstamkst. — Pmdme, 
— PortUma, Davids teares, by 
$'. J. Hayward. 1623. 4to. 


— Another 



1636. l2mo. 3089. a. 

^ S^ H., J. 

— See H., 5^. J. 

— See Williams {Sir B.) The 
Aotiona of the Lowe Countries. 
[Edited by J. U.] 1618. 4to. 

1056. g. 2. (3.) 

— An Answer to the first Part 
of a oertaine Conference oonoem- 
ing Snooeaiion, publiMhed... under 
tlMiUMiieof B.Doluiau. Imprinted 
fat a. WoUrmm aad 0, BuHne, 

' ' 1603. 4ta 808. a 4. 

— nhrista Prayer upon the 

r his enemies ... H V V iewed 

.ed.eto. J, BiU, lAmdom, 

1^24 699. a. 26. (4.) 

Ltfo and Baigne of 
K ird, the Sixt. l^rimied/or 

J je, Lamhm, 1630. 4to. 

610. K 19.(1.) 

With the Begin- 

ntn^ of the Reigne of Qneene 

i vt^th ...The eeooiid edition, 

ivd and amended. R Tmmg 

J, PmtrUfe, LomUm, 

12mo. 0. isnn. 

Imperfeet ; waniini^ the *' Bejcin- 
nioff of ih^ Beigne of Quoene Elixa- 

— Another copy. 610. a. 28. 

This conjr ha* an engrared title- 
page, (liffcreDt from that of the 
preovding, and a portrait of the 


HAYWARD (5ir John) The 
first part of the Life and raigne 
of King Henrie the IIII. Extend- 
ing to the end of the firste veare 
of his raigne. [With an intro- 
dnctory address to the reader by 

A. P.] L. P. /. Wol/e, Ixmdam, 
1599. 4to. G. 1938. 

— Another copy. 10805. b. 

Imperfeet; waoting pp. 27-30 and 
pp. 189-142. 

— Another edition. /. Wol/e^ 
London, 1599. 4to. 291. o. 25. 

— Another copy. G. 1196, 

— Another edition. J. Wod/e, 
London, 1599, 4to. G. 4633. (2.) 

— The lives of the III. Nor- 
mans, Kings of England: Wil- 
liam the first. William the second , 
Henrie the first. Imprinted... hy 

B, B., London, 161S. 4to. 

1199. d. 1. 

— Another copy. 292. e. 23. 

— Another copy. G. 4880, 

— Of Snpremaoie in Affairee 
ofBeligion. MS. Norn. J.Bill, 
London, 1624. 4to. T. 774. (3 ) 

— The Sanctnarie of a troubled 
Sonte. 2pts. O. PmreUm, London, 
1023. 4to. 873. e. 47. 

Tillepsfe tngfaTed. 

— The Beoond F^rt of tho 
Senotiiary of a troubled Soole. 
Newly enlarged, eta Printed hf 
L W. for a Bmhie, London, 

lfl07. limo. 4401. a. 22. 

HAT nil TM 


L 210. 
RKATH (JoNji) Bm Do 

'^ * tbr ln« Fkitb« oootiinii 

— T-lft76. «m ISMS. a. M. it t...Umm I.... 

Tin: MI. 1013. 8vo. 

— At g^ I. TW OnMMMir 1>19. •.ff. 
Wtfi«. tto. fTnuMkted ftoM . ,, , ^ , 

Um "B^va Of— — titmh" of — ^"^ H. J., OmI. 

r^^?i**?!!L.^ J£' ^) — Two OwHiri^t of Epi- 

U^ W^ (/ ICc is Ob. WIUhnU 

6T (Jow) At Eno. HEATH (Nwiolai) 

kit MaaoalL ^^7 BUktf •/ ^wk m A w Mid 9f 
Oat of I T w^aw K r, md J ytiM itld f ^ Fgrl 

A»a CbUt Ids TkbU. 

tW Omk* offigiMU bj J. H« ^ BiiUL Tbo Bybla \u £&«. 

UIO. ISWK 8407. A. (^3.) Ijrii«. .Chr«»«o and MnMsd... 

by ..♦ Niool— btMop of Bochortor. 
I«I2 »2mo. 13gS. a. I'yil. fol. 469. f. 5. 

— fi«H^ HXDQXROW. Sit D^ J. 

^ «L^ Mo»«AT HP UK) Am^ht ^ ■•diptrow (^ biiiHMt» of mi bltt, 

Ai W bi^i Jfaifa. k'MonMi7...1iit •^Wm.oto. 1598. 4to. 

TtMBiirlMMtkofkittoBM... ^'^' K* ^' 

l i gtf i l I i by J. H. 1809. 8vo. HSOXNDOBFF(Cnumni) 

1859. a. Doiiio»tYcmlorhoiMholdo8onnoiM, 

HEALTH. Sm M. I. A Sl'^rti^JtSu^ 

?Tf" '^y** fl^7t--- - ^ vSr tr»n«Ut«d ottto of Uton into Edc- 

— A Httltk to ai Qood-FtI- C. 87. a. 41 

lowtt : or« TIm good CoafMUiiaBt Wiikovt ptfdattioB. 

»"l'*?Sr' rSirfjV ffflS^ HEIDELBERG CATE- 

rT-,IfndnL[11Timn JhatrfiirfifoL OHXBM. Dootriiut Cl i ri t t itna 

ROS.L150. g?Sj;^""- ^ ^^TT^y^^ 
GtttelMtioi« ox ort...Z. Urttni... 

HEART. A light litorlt A [witlijbo tttt of the cmtiwlii^ai] 

doth etmr. • no teaport tb ipoiiit Dit- 

^^I'lnXL Or— f qtti nty— mt i gp ' 

TboboMrtcoodbkdowboa^w 3lnttio«f ooaS 

ling bnt .^ ..,.ulit ojLoopti. Ad •tpfow tx- 
tiT. empUrtt ... emendtti ... et nnae 

[A BoUnd.] ». ll 2 pto. dtntio...loi;npWtnU [by 0. C. 8.], 



etc E. JfuOffomii. 

T. C%ardi, Ltmdim, 1586. 8to. 

8558. a. 

GHISIC £i|)licationniii Cute- 
obetioan^ro, qa«e tractationem lo- 
ooniin thooloj^iooram Kar iwirofirjv 
oompleotuiitiir, sicuti iU» ex re- 
patitionibufl D. Z. Ur-iini, ... Hoidel- 
K--'f in Snpientin Collegio ab 
dinoipulis oollectie Btint, 
vuitio altera... repargata & priori 
DMtra ..facta looupletior. [With 
the text of the H. C] Ex oficina 

1226. b. 27. 

— Cateoheda Beligionis Chrie- 
tianie qime traditur in £c- 
deaiia ... JEUeotoralia Palatinatus. 
O. Turner, Oxcnim, 1629. 12mo. 

8604. a. 

— Tho Catheohiame, or manor 
to teach Children and others the 
Chriittian fuyth : nsod in. ..the... 
dominions that are under... Prinoe 
Frederike, the Palsgrave of ^ 
Rbene... Translated out of Latin 
into English by W. Turner, 
etc V. A. R. Johne$, London, 
1672. 8vo. 8504. a. 

— The Cathechisme, or manner 
how to instrnct and teach Children 
and others in the Christian fuith. 
Appointed to bee read in all tho... 
dominions of...Frederike, Countie 
Palatine of the Khoin ... Newlv 
trmiinUtedoutof Latin and Dutch 
into Engliuhe [by W. Turner]. 
1». %. il. Middleton, for 
J, HmHmm, Lomdom, 1678. 8to. 

8606. 0. (4.) 
Without pafinatloo. 

— The Summe of Clmstian 
BaligioD : delivered by Z. Ursinus 
in luf LeotufM upon tha Cate- 
chism ao torined by . . . Prinoe Freda- 
riok, throughout hia dominions. 
[With the text of tho Catechiam.] 


... Tranalated into English by 
H. Parrie... together with some 
Bupplie of wats out of his Dia- 
ctiiirses, etc. /. Bame$, Oxford, 
1587. 8vo. 8669. a. 

— Another edition. J. Bamm^ 
Oxford, 1696. 8vo. 1361. o. 

Lately conferred 

with the laMt... Latino edition of 
D. D. Parous [and edited by 
R. Crosse], etc. •/. Barnes, Oxford, 
IGOl. 4to. 8506. f. 28. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
hff H. L.,...sold by A. Johnson, Lon- 
don, 1611. 4to. 3506. d. 19. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
by H. L.,...sold by A, Johnson, 
London, 1617. 4to. 8667. oc. 

CHISM. An Kxpowition or Com- 
mentarie upon the Catechisme of 
Christian religion which is taught 
in Schooles and Churches both of 
the Lowe Conn try e^ and... the do- 
minions of the Countie Palatine. 
By J. Bastingius. [With the text.] 
...Translated out of Latine into 
Englitth. With three tables. 
J. Legait, Printer to the Universitie 
of Cambridge, 1589. 4to. 8606. oa 

Impeifeot; wanting all after the 
sixth leaf of **The Table.** The 
tiilvpage is inUid. 

— Another edition. /. Legai, 
OanMdge, 1595. 8yo. 8606. d. 

HXIOHAM (John) Amirrour 
to confease well ... Abridged out of 
anndry confesaionala, b^...[J.H.]. 
— Certaine...conatdenitiona pro- 
per to be exercised, whilst the 
...Sacrifice of the Maase ia cele- 
brated... By J. H.— Divert... con- 
siderations for the more worthy 
receiving of the... Sacrament, oof- J. H.— A briefe...ex- 
crcimj of tho seaven prin'ipill 
effuaioos of the .. blood of... Jcaus 

II B I H R 1. TUT 

«liiic of Jmm. tto. Pit. a Si. 0. M. (1.) 

■■IOHAM(J<Mi»; Auovoni IVMMk An .LUiIoi^Imi 

' \ HMorfo, 

^ m ^H l l**' of Um Holi# Mitt- "^^imi ia OrMloi 1^ HtUodoim, 

WiikMi Mipb HjnhiitliHi of M \mm wittk tkaa plMMUUii. 

•U lU filM Mii Oimmte W BnUriMd bj T. Uo<Urdowii«, k 

loiq^faMi lo Um mmm^ tlo. AiMy, Mwly oomol«l aad MCMBtod 

1614. Mtoa 8477. a. ^i<^ divMs Mid Modnr tmm% 

•dditionii >)T Um taid MtlMmr. 

RBIOHAM (TwMA^ Am H. t. /.pWiOMf /or F. (Ubdk 

OUTAUB (O. wj TU Obosta hmdtti, 1W7. 4to 1074. b. »4. 
«r tlM DfOtMtd SiMTt d« VtU*- 

aor. Md d« rootaiiMi...Trmiu^ — AsoUmt •dIUoa. H. E. 

kltd by T. H. IdSi. Stro. JN-talid /or IT. CbttM, IomIom, 

627. t 10. 100«. 4to. J43. f. 2. 

■BnfSiUS (D4VnL) Lmm — H. bU Acthioi. rj -, 

Miic«li: or «a tiolofttkmH daMO«tofQroek6,[) ler- 

■Moli, to Um ... MMtem %fA dowae] Mid oomparuJ [by Um 

WMdMMorBmnlUllWrittMi Editor, W. Barrvt,] wttk otbtr 

fai ImfSam .^ TiMMbltd ... by J. TrMMUikms in divwv Lmi( 

OfiilHd, 910. r. HiMr, Itiidow, •to. H Kpuft^em^/vt W, 

KM. 4to. t. 778.(10.) IwMJan, 1822, 4to. 1074. L 10 

— TVllim«orH«BUiti«: — Thm hmfom Historto of 
or Two...DiM«iM OB Ibo Na- Holiodorai. AnpUflod, mh^ 
tivitoo mkI PiMrfoa of Cbrkl, SMotod* «od dolivondiMniphrBS. 
doM into Bigliob by J[ohii] ticollr in TorM,by...W. Ltale... 
B(tf«or) Mnotor of Arts in Dirided into tonno Bnokot, eto. 
lUf. Gbli Oton. B.AUo^Lom- J. Dammm/or F. Sglt^fUd. Lamdam, 
dM,l618. Svo. 1112. a. 2. 1888. 4to. 0.11475. 

— AaoObiroopy. 881. f. 28. HELLIAR (Jobv) Tbe Ta- 

lent uf Devotion. A Booke of 

— D. II«in«t Soofmmm Bior- Prnrert Mid MeditAlioM, n* 
•" ' ibU 

•d Nomm TmAmmo- tbofod ont of direri ooralbrtnl 

Ubri XX. In qidbw Ooo- ^oom of boly Scriptnr«. H. a. 

■ 8notr tllMtnttMr, 8S. IV MnW &y A 8lmfard,..mM hg 

olioftMqno Motootia os- W. WoBy, [ iMidon f] 1808. 18mo. 

it«r, IntomttotioMi do- C.88. a. 

'••:^!!?'^Jt!?*? •* r^ WllkoM M^Mlion. 8if . A-U la 

fOiidont«r. Editio Sooudo... «M,y, TWGdii«liMMd«a 

■Mrfatior, Oraoo iaoopor la- vfib eobamd lilli and ilh«r Ims. 

diao InnarWlala Jb CMkrao 

~ " awSw^&^1848r4to! HELLOWI8 (EpwAtn) Aw 

^f<%4 K ll' OOKTAEA (A. m) ■ B oooio i iroly 

8.4. b 11. ^f^^i^Ji^'^ A Book; 

HBLtODOKUS« fMkv <^ of tbo Liaoatioa of tho Art of 

IWaea. Tbo befianing of H. Naaifatioa^oCe. [TruMlalsdfWNn 

' JBttMoal Hiolory. [In tbotattkb. by E. H.] 1878. 4to. 

ail«yte FaAwm (A.) 8808. da. 




HXLLOWE8 (Euward) See 
GoBTARA (A. db) BueoeMivelpr 
Bitkop of Quadix, oto. A Ghroui- 
d«. oontoyninic the livM of tenne 
•mperori of Rome-.tnuuiUtad... 
by £. Hellowas. 1577. 4to. 

10605. b. 

Tho Familiar EpiiUet 

of Sir AnthoDj of Qaovara... 
TranvUtod oat of the Spanish 
Tonng by E. nelluwos, etc. 
[1574.] 4lo. 1085.1.27. 

— - 4to. C. 40. d. 29. 

1584. 4to. 93. .1 

HELLWI8(E.) 5MrU., E. 

HELP. 5ae B.. W., and P., E. 
A llcl|>e to Diaooiime, etc. 
1627. 12mo. 12316. aa. 

— A llflpe to Discourse : or. 
More Blomment niixt with 
■eriuuB Matters. Cousisting of 
witty PhiloHophicall, Grummati- 
call, Physioall, Astrooomicall 
Quvslions aud Answers. As also, 
Epigrams, Epitaphs, liiddles, 
Je«ts...&o. readded and plenti- 
fully dis()oned. Together with 
The Countrey-mant Counsellur 
n>y E. P. Philomuthom.), etc. 
PrimUd bf N. and I. O. for T. Va- 
fOsoMT, loadcm, 1636. 12uio. 

1078. a. 16. 

The ** 0o«intr«7< 


The Thirteenth 

Edition. (Sphinx and (Vdipiis... 
Or u Siiiii> tliitt former 
. ur hvli) to Uim'fiuntt*.) 
*. :..f-i\fiir N. Tarrtjirtir. Laa- 
<laii, 1638. 12ma 12316. aa. 42. 

— A llelpo to Memorie and 
Diaooune. The two Svrens of 
the Eara, and Joynt 'fwins of 

Mans perfrcttnr V-* « fnim 

tiioswrntinglM tianii, P(H*tii...'i no .-^rroiiii iiunrea- 
•iou, Gurruct«d and «nlargM by 

the Author. [Partly in verae.] 

Imprinted... hjf B. A. for L. B., Lon- 

dim, 1621. l2mo. C. 40. a. 41. 

Ful. 25 slighUy mutUatod. 

HELWYS (Thomas) See 
Robinson (J.^ Of Religious Oom- 
inuuion...With the silenceing of 
the clamourri rayi»ed by Mr. T. 
llelwisse agayn^t our reteyning 
the baptism, etc. 1614. 4to. 

4323. b. 

— An Advertisement or ad- 
monition... to the Congregationt}, 
which men call the New Fr\ • " 

in the lowe Ctmntries. Wi 
in Dutche, and Publi'li-l in 
En^lifl. Wherein is huiiilr.l 4. 
Priucipall pointesof Religion, etc. 
[Amelerdam f] 1611. 8vo. 

702. c. 32. 

HELTAS, Knyghi oftkeSwamie. 
See Elias, Chevalier au Cggne, 

HEMINGE (John) See 
Shakespeakk (W.) [DramaUe 
Works.] Mr. W. Shakespearea 
Corned icH, Ilietories, & Tragedies, 
etc. rtxUted by J. H. and H. 
Condell.] 1623. fol. C. 21. e. 


See \\ll\l.y„ — NkW Tt>TAMKNT. — 

QoepeU. A Pobtill or Exposition 
of the Gospels that are usually 
red in the churches... upon the 
Sundayes and Feast- dayes of N. Ileminge, etc. 
[1569.] 4to. 3224. b. 

— See BiBLB.— New Testambst. 
— Epkeeiaiu. The Ei)i»lle of... 
Saint the Kphoeiuns... 
ex|K) N. Ilemiuing... 
translated out of Latine into Kng- 
liah, etc 1581. 4to. 851. d. 3. 

— 5.^ BlBUL— NbW TBaTAMENT. 

— Jamee, A learned and frui to- 
full ( \tmmontarie up<>n the Epistle 
of Jamva... by... N. II. ...translated 
intoEngliah. 1577. 4to. 3265.0. 


11 r.s 


UvAiU wt of iflokat (iJmi... 

«Mil oT llM^OMMMBlftmi of... 

N aMiafi«> §m CmAfk (P.) 

AfnmtlboowMitla. 1579 4low 

4374. d. 

nligiottit o^rftA 

lia.ll€fniiL ]^rr«iiNllirf«-. 
" ^ ' 1»0. 8m $54. a. 7 

— TU Trmtkm. or M •UMdo 
•f pfwoyanb wrillan in Lalioo 
^ N. BHMBft, Mid trmasUu^ 
i»lo Ba^kll, b7 I. II[oniMl]. 

157«. 8ro. 4498. a. 

nmOKAM (» ILoni m) 
Ba4«l|4ii do B«ifbM...8mMi, 

>■■— fitii Aw Vtmnmxm (mr 
J.) CW ^«4m« «/ t&« JBii/« 

D» LMdtbM LtgM 

He. 1818. 8m 


HKHBICUB. dff Jbiiia. At 
WTMrriLUI (A.) Bmrl Ritim, He 
[Thm book woomJ l*oidjrol ... timii*- 
Uuid ool of froMlio. oto. A 
trooohtloa of ibo -c- ->:-»" siv« 
daoMsarttovMoiaii' iiod 

toH.deH.] [147».j toi. 

C. 11.0.3. 

Qmmm Ow m wI of QmrUt I^ Kimm 
ifUfmiBnUummmdlrMmd, 8m 
AcAMHia^ He — Oinittik. — Umi- 
Mvn^ 9f Omfm^ EmtholomU 
ia...Cbroli...caai H. M....rvmnu- 
y«a. 1825. 4to. 887.h. 16.(1.) 


— 9m Ciui 
OvoilAriloii^ole. A 
tW ciorioM TrioaplHMid Older 
of iwOMoaoako u%M i od in 
tlM lforTiM...of Cborlco...ODd 
Um» Lodio Homlta llario^ oCe. 
iri5. 4to. 805. b. 17. 

^mmH ^ OmAm /.. Kim^ 
^Bm^BHkdBmtiimlmmd, 8^ 
olo. AtnM DboowMof all Um 
Rojal poM^oa o l ^i r ftd al Ibo 
...larriofo of...Cbarl«o...aad... 
Ibo Ltd J U. M.. oto. 1825. 4lo. 
1418. b. 8. 





HBNRT L [m LoatAiKt), 
IhkBi^Qmm. AtaMMoflbo 
QaUaa AmbaMHBO to 
of Rooio, fooodo Utolj 
Ibo wriUngw of odo David aa 
Adruoato of Fuia, and Iraoa- 
lalod ool of Fratiob iuio Lalia, 
and from Lalin into RngJiob, 
II.R. [Loadoa,] 1579. 8to. 

1193. a. 24. 

oopj. $932. a. (1.) 

HBNRT 17^ Ib waii t/ Om- 
mam],. /.j/«. 8m BtonKK Om^ 
diaoi. Tbe Ijib of Hjblobtido, 

— If^«. 8m Roum (Joan) 

A moitre of Miomalyko 


pm m i , 

HXNRT L. Kimg of JMoad. 
JJ/0. 8m Hatwarii (8u^ J.) 
Tbo LtToa of Ibe III. Nonnaaa. 

HBNRT IL, timt^ Mm ini . 
8m Masvuba Malm t/. A 
pleaooal now Ballad of the Miller 
of Maao8old...aDd...Kiug Umtirj 
Ibo texiad, Ola [1830?] foL 
Box. I. 228. 

— R rffa t. 8m Max (T.) Tbo 
RoigBo of king Honrj, olo. 

HBMRT ULf Kima pf Em§- 
faad. AobortViowof Ibolioog 
Life and Raigno of Henry tha 
Tbird« King of Eagbuitl: Vx^ 




mted to king Jaroet. [By Sir 

B. B. Cotton.] [Landan,] 1627. 4to. 

J.R. 1. 

— Another oopy . 292. e. 2 1 . 

HENRY IV., King of Bng- 
lamtL Li/W. 5MUAYWAiu>(5irJ.) 
Tho fint part of the Life and 
fiigne of King Henrie the llll., 

— The Hietory of Honrie the 
Fourth; with the battell at 
Shrewnbtirie, betweene the Kinff 
and Lord Henry Percy, samamed 
Henrie HoUnur of the North. 
rin proee and verse.] With the 
nnmorona oonoeiU of Sir John 
FalaUlife. [By W. Shakespeare.] 
Ed. Pr. PrinUd 6y P. 8. for 
A, Wim, London, 1598. 4to. 

C. 34. k. 5». 

Wltbont paginfttloD. Big. A-K. 
Iap(*rfaet ; waDtiog lig. £« and the 
Li«t leaf. 

HENRY v., King of England. 
See ToLYBius, the HUtorian. The 
Uyatotiee of... Poly biu8...W here- 
unto is annexed an Abstract... 
ooaroted ont of the life k worthy 
acts perpetrate by... king Henry 
thefiO. 1508. 8vo. C.12. b. 1. 

— Life omd CkaratUr, See 
Ttucr (J. E.) Henry of Mon- 
uonth, etc 

— The Oronide History of 
Henry the art, with his battell 
fongbt at Agin Court in France. 
Togither with Auntiint PistoU. 
As it >•»•'» 1-"'" sundry times 

la)-d 'tonorablo the 

iord C«iii»'. f •MiMv his st'rvanta. 


[In TefM and prose.] Ki>. Pa. 
PrhUti ftf r. dmde for T. Mil- 


•nd J. 


C. 12. g. 22. 

— Another edition. 
fur T, JP.. [LomIo^] 1008. 4to. 
C. 34. k. 14. 

— Anotheroopy.C.12.g.33.(l.) 

HENRY v., King of England, 
The famous Victories of Henry the 
fifth. Containing the Honourable 
Battell of Agin-oourt. As it was 
acted by the Kinges Majesties 
Servants. [In proee and verse.] 
MS. Note [by J. 0. Halliwell]. 
B, AUop...9old hy T, Barlow, Lon- 
don, 1617. 4to. C. 34. 1. 10. 

^Tithoat iMtKioatinn. This play 
farniabed Shakespeare with the out- 
line of the two parts of Henry IV., 
as well as with tliat of Henry V. 

— Another copy. C. 34. 1. 9. 

The imprint in this copy diifers 
from that in the preceding. 

HENRY VH, King of Eng- 
land. 5wrALEYN(C.) TheHis- 
torie of...Prinoe Henrie, eto. 

— Baigne. See Bacon (F.) 
Vieoouni St. Albane. The Uis- 
torie of the Baigne of King H., 

— 5^ Carmelianus (P.) Begin. 
Hoc presenti 1 i hello... Cotinentur 
...solemnes cerimonie...In susci- 
pieda ... Maxiiuiliani ... Inipera- 
toris ... Legatione. Ad ... Hericu 
septimu Anglie ... Kegero ... Pro 
spoitalibus et niatrimonio Inter... 
principem Karolum. i...Mariam 
...regis Herici tilia...Cotraheu- 
dis. [1510?] 4to. Q. 6118. 

— rFaasroiiSsraion.] 5ee Fisher 
(J.)dardinaL Thiaiennonfolow- 

— TFor " Actes, orders, and De- 
sea ^ made by H. VIL as King 

of England:] sss Emolaho. — 
Heebt Vll.,£iay. 

— Sm 0., T. The Vision and 
DiaooQiia of Henr^r the seventh 
ooooeming the Unitie of Great 
BritUine, etc 1610. 4to. 

C. 8tf. d. 56. 

n E H R K N 791 

CMpiWaUiMclUrTtll- ii^U^*t«. 1616. feL a 47. k. 

^ -^- OL84.*.10. Tlw n h l t ri » of iU P i fa idj w of 

r~ iUaulMilk|MFytk«ol& 

Loibormiif...opiatolf oiemtaum. 
— [Mmtos.] Sif Ac4MBim^ ole. 1526. 8to. 0. 86. b. 20. 

-^Fkami a3i»It4Lt. TlioDttor- 

of Um awoto froMNM... — 8m Bcmrnxn (O.) ^mO. 
■oof Itelj Mid PimuMO. BroditiMunii riri O. tUmm opoo 

fliiBiM--/)i^TwrAOTiiT. Bli qttibM...AngUoo...iogw« 
??• J*T"^ ^ °**^ Hooflciini...ocUv«m tonrrm i«r- 

;olo. 1628. 4IO. 

Ptw m. Km Mid m^rgbul 667. d. 12. (1.) 

Vbf KUif Homy TllIA ^ ' 

[I4«?) 8tra C. 24. b. 4. (1.) — S» T., W. Tlie pnctjM of 

Pr^btoa. WlMthor Ibo Kjiifio 

— 8m Caum, Tho mmmt of Qnoo mojo bo Mpormtod tnm 

of Gbbfi ud bjo qotoo, bmMo'aho wm bis 

of tboOOil- brotbatBW^ 

Ftoaeio L Kiog of FnMOoV olo. 
(1881.] Uo C.21.k 

. bfotbonwjfc. 1880. 8vo. 

H. TIIL Md •" 697. a. ». (1.) 


rm^n^ _i ^i — •«• odvoiwio lUrtiii. Lutherfi, 

^'^g ^f'^""* ^ *;""'? ^?^ adiU Ob toTiotiMbiio Aosto oi 

BiMt.Ani.~Hmf VllL. Km^. ^^ Nom. to mdOm, FfmmmJMwii. 

'^* A^ /^rtMiag a/ opoJ...or6Mi LoodansM, 1521. 4to. 

^,.,.^]X& aSIS O. 1211. (1.) 

Ibo tnrtko» Ola. 

A lU of 

It UMd- 

— &• IL, F. Roraai AB|di- tiikii.Mi te4n 00 tbt iylMvw •! 

enfoa, UMirioo VlIL, Edwaido tW -od, fod o too MB. -oIm. bm 

VL n lUria Bogaoadbai, bt»o.>dd»dlo ^ mm^f om^h^ 

Aaaaloi. 1628. 4lo. 8O8.0.86. S mSpSTto^SKiK^ 

-> &• J.. & R. N. Vol Oall, S?fSlS!rgy>^Sfc',^ 
or Hrwoo frooi Hcavoa. Of o !>■ ilwljiy. Hiit " " * 

aaMallatioatbofoboldbj...Kiatf . .^ 

Boa. 8 ... Edw. 6 ... oiil ... Aaao. — Anolbor odiiion. In mMlm§ 
mmmu Spohioi oaibilioa aad Ppmmmm, Lmiimi, 1622 4fo 

1«.M. 8fo. a 88. g. 10. 




HENRY Vm, Kimf of Eng- 

C^mrou AuguttuiD ... Epiatola, 
qua Uox...<miuM« otftaDdit, et our 
ia VinounttAin, ad Coooilium falao 
nomioe gvoerale appellatum, doa 
•it ▼eDtnrtta:...Addttaii 6«t et li- 
belloa illo, qaem aufHiriori Anno, 
B«s...univonit(3 BrytannisD pro- 
oerea, de Mantaanonai Condlio 
«idi<lamnt In mdOmt T. Btarlke- 
UH, Xomfiai, 1638. 8vo. 

1019. g. 1. (2.) 
Imperfect: vaoting tba teoond 

trael. Withoat pagjnatkm. Twelve 

liriatad laavatb 

— Libello bnio regio haeo in- 
aiint. Ormtio J. Clerk apnd Ro. 
pon. in exhibiiione operta regit. 
Bttipooaio ronian. pont. ad eandem 
•z t«mpore facta. Bulla ro. pon. 
ad regiam majeetatem pro eina 
opcriii confinnatione. Sum ma in- 
dulgetiiiru, Hbellam ipauoi ro- 
gium logentibus, oonoesaanim. 
Lutborum bferoMiarcbon. Epi- 
■toU regia ad illuHtriKHimua Saxo- 
nt» duoea pie aduionitoria. 3 pta. 
MS. Norn. /» mdibus Ppnmmia- 
9$$, ajmd Landimmwi^ 1521. 4to. 

9. a. 9. 
Witbont paidnatinn. Each pt 
bat a (lUUnet mritler. 

— Anotber copy. C. 25. k. 2. 

— A neceiaary Dootrino and 
•mdition for any obryati^n man, 
art furtb by tbe kyngt^a niaieatye 
of Englande, 10. «.%. T, Bmr- 
lA«HXrfNMioml548. 8vo. 0. 1222. 

Witbont pafinatkNi. 

-— In laudom Henrioi Ootavi 
Regit AiiglU» prwaUntiMi* Car- 
man Fbnegirionm. [By Sir T. 
Cbaloner.] L. P. (lamimf] 
1660. 4to. C.84,L 

WltboQt paflaatloa. Tbiaietba 
pteeolatkw vopy to Q« •en RHaa. 
baOi. aad bae tbe aalbor'a aologmpli 
•itfnatam to tbe dedkalkn. 


HENRY VUL, King of Eng- 
land, Tbe praotyae of Prelates. 
Wbetber tbe Kingea graoe maye 
be separated from bys quene, be- 
canae abe waa bia brotbera wyfe. 
"By W. Tyndale.] ». E. mar- 

eh, 1630. Svo. G. 1229. 

Without pagination. 

— A rapplycadon to our moete 
Boveraigne lorde Kynge Henry 
tbe eygbt, etc. [Complaining of 
tbe luxury and ine£Sciency of tlie 
Biabope and clergy.] 19. Z. 
Frw MS. Notes. [London,] 
1644. Svo. 3932. a. 

Without pagination. Big. A-D. 

HENRY m, King of France, 
Oeremonie of removing the body. 
See Hksry IV., King of France. 
Tbe Funerall Pompe and Obae- 
qoies of... Henry tbe fourth, etc. 

— Death. See SiXTUS V., Pope, 
An Oration, etc. 

HENRY IV., King of France. 
Death. See A., T. A Letter of 
a Catholike man ... including 
anotber of P. Coton...Toucbing 
the imputaticm of tbe death of 
H. II II.... to Priests, Jesuites, etc. 

•— \Mmrder.] See Brisbbt (G.) 
Sieur Veegruiieree, etc Tbe apolo- 
gia of G. Briaset... Written upon 
consideration of the inhumane 
murder of tbe late French Ring. 

— Lifeamd Deaik. See Matthiku 
(P.) The Heroyk Life and de- 
pbirable Death of... Henry the 
fourtb, etc 

— A letter written by the King 
of Navarr, to the tbreo eatates 
of Fraunoo: containing a most 
lively desoription of the difMoiu 
modttiss and dangers of c i \ 1 1 
warre... Together with a brtvte 
daolaration upon thrmnttont hap 
pened in Fran 

23. day of 1 i . 


II r. N 


Tr«AAUl*l u«ii vi Krctorli l*y 

HBMRT rr. 

Aa MMWMi Id tU 

Ml4 TlUMlb of IIm 


Um ri«K<li Kmc. IttUl«M: A 
DmImUoci of th« ertmat wImto- 
blo Iho i^ntlMaikw do falU in 
tekisf tlw Kins of Navarrt his 
rarn TimMkted o«l oC Fiwiob 
bj T. H. IVtbfarf /W a JIvlf , 
1593. 4to. 1193. h. 86. 


— TU Apolopw of Ui»... 
kisfCM of PnuiM...II«ifT IIII. 
MdUwkXllL ABAlMofUie 

of Pima. forllM Fiitbm 
of icMt. Timiis- 
i of Luiii into BBglith. 
[AMMyfjieil. 4IO. MSao. 

— A BrMi dkoom of Um 
nonrojloM vklorio foiltB bjr tbe 
Khif of Novarro r9ll«rwttrdb 

IV.. KiM of Fnatml 
iWm of tlM kol jT Lm«m» 
m tko tvootiolli of Ooiobor, 
1387. Boch ia Boglitli, mod in 
.. WlMwnto It added 
M it CUM to BIT band 
thm ftfvi lapmnon. The 
t?«o ooDio of a LaltaroMi by Um 
King of NovmrrstoldtSomCnnr 
•t£eyi,oco. ». ft. Ai^.Mid 
iV. J. ir«(^c loodoo, liUi7. 8vo. 


— A canticio of irio 
obUined by tho i . .ing, 
Bmxim Um IborUi, at Yvf>-. [Ify 
G. do Snloste dn ButM : tnMO- 
kltd froM Um FrMMh by J. 8jl- 

r.] [Iwi d in,139in 4ta 

— A DknonnM to Um Loidt 
of Um FnHtooMot. As tOMbiag 
tbo Mnrtbw ooMMJIIod appoo... 

Itatirir uion of 

Frmnnoe. MAAifsoOMiirooTittgUM 
JmmIIm to bo Um ploIlM Md... 
d*TiMnioftbot...oot. TimMdotvl 
oot of FrMMb [br W. CnMbnw»L 

tamAam, UU. 4to. 880. k. 15.(3.) 

AnoUMTOonr. 114. k. II. 

— AaoUMToofij. S88. b. 1. (9 ) 

HXKRT IV., Kimg of Fmrner, 
Lo ftmiM Dioooani. A IHtoovno, 
p w awit od of Uto to the Frencb 
King, in n«Mwor of utincirj n*- 
qtMito OMdo nnio him, fur Uio 
mtoiiag of tho leooibi into 
Fimnnco. m woU b j tbojr friondo 
nbrood A at home, m by then- 
•olvot in diTcra I'^UUotMiHe 
Bookoo. Writton in FVuMb tbi« 
praomt jveio, 1802, [1^ A. Ar- 
Dsnld, Advoonto-QotMral,] and 
faiUifnllj Eni^labod. [loodnml 
— ^ -^ l.(4.J 

1803. 8vo. 

880. d. 

— > Tbo Franoli HorUd. Sam. 
Moning all tma Christian Prii 
to a gMMrall Cruii 
npoB tho oooition of the . . . mnrtbor 
of Hennr the great MS. Nona. 
K AU^/cr t Lamm, Ixmdcm, 
1811. 4to. 114. k. 10. 

laptHbot: OMtioff eU aA«r |»ce 48. 

^Tho Fimerall F6mpe and 
Obeeqoiee of...IIenrj the fourth, 
...•olenniaed at Paiic, and at 8*. 
Dennis, the 29. aod 80 daiee of 
Jnne hut peat . 1810. Together 
with the order and cereuMnie of 
reoBoHng tho bodj of Hannr, the 
third. Saint Dannie the 22 of 
«lone laat...Tranalated ont of the 
French ooppj, eta N. Oke, Lam. 
ins 1810. 4to. 805. b. 25. 

— Anothercopjr. 283. b. 1. (8.) 

— A iMMBtablo diaoonrM n 
the parioido and blond/ 
taon : oomaiitted on tho 




Henry the fourth... Translated Tan 1590. T. Orwin, pour T, Man, 

out of the French oony. etc L(mdrett[l 590], 4to. 283. b. 1.(1.) 

PrinUd/arE. Blount andW, Barret, WIthont pagination. Imperfeet; 

LaiuUm, 1610. 4to. 10662. aaa. wanting all after lig. EL 

HENRY, the Mimtrel, com- 
TOonly called "BKnd Harry." See 
Blair (J.) The life ... of ... 8' 
W. Wallace, etc. (Turned in 
Scota meeter by...Blinde Harie.) 
1640. 8to. 11631. aa. 4. 

HENRY IV., King of Fremee. 
The Older of Ceremonies ob- 
•erved in the... Coronation of... 
Henry the II 1 1.... Translated ont 
of the French coppy, E. A. 
». 1. J. Windet,...eold 6y 
J. JZoiifcsl, XoiMiom[1594]. 4to. 

Without pagination. 

— The sighes of Frannoe for 
the death of their late King 
Henry the fourth. The true 
maner of his Murther : The forme 
of the Coronation of Prince Lewes 
at 8. Augustinee, etc. Printed 
for J, Bu^ London, 1610. 4to. 


Withont pagination. 

— Three precious teares of 
blood, flowing from the wounded 
harts of three great French Ladies. 
In memory, of the vertues,...and 
execration of the murther of... 
H. the Great. Now shed againe 
in English. [With an English 
translation by R. Niccols.] Fr. 
and Eng, Printed.,.for J, Budge, 
XomIoii, 1611. 4to. C. 89.d.49. 

— A True Relation of the 
French Kinge his good Suooeaae 
in winning from the Duke of 
Parma, his Fortes and Trenches. 
...With other intelligences giren 
by other Letters since the second 
of May . 1592, eto. J. Wo^fe, 
' ' 1692. 4to. 59fi f '" 

— Le rray disconrt de U vio- 
toire merreillense obtenne par le 
]<oy de Franoe et de Navarre, 
Henry 4. en la battaile donn6e 
centre las rebelles lign4a prea la 
bourg d*Yvry...lo 14. de Mara 

— 5^ Wallace (Sir W.) Begin, 
The actis and Deidis of...Schir 
W. Wallace, etc. [In verse: by 
H.] 1570. 4to. C. 39. d. 24. 

1611. 4to. G. 11257. 

1630. 8vo. 1076. k. 4. 

HENRY [de Bourbon], Prince 
of Dombes. A Journal!, or Briefe 
report of the late Service in 
Britaigne, by the Prince da 
Dombes Generall of the French 
Kings Army in those partes, as- 
sisted with Her Majesties Forces at 
this present there, under the con- 
duct of Sir J. Norreis : advertised 
by letters from the said Prince, 
etc. J. Wolfe, London, 1591. 4to. 
283. b. 1. (3.) 

HBNRY, Prince of TTofot, Son 
of Jawtee L Funeral, See Chap- 
man (G.) An Epicede...With 
The Fnneralls, etc 

— [Death.] See Daviib ( Johv) 
The moaea-tearea for the loaae of 
their hope, etc 

— [Biogre^g,] See H., W. 
The true picture and relation of 
prince Henry, etc 

— Life and Death, See Maz- 

wtLL (J.) The Laudable Life,... 
of Prince H., etc 

— Lnudatio fknebrie. See 
NimnaoLi (Sir F.) Memori« 
...Henrici... Litutlutio funebria. 

nKH n R X 7$% 

cDu tit) TW Tluw fli il i?^ A^ IT. IWfwH I wiiwi» 
TMWLvlaw leia 4IO. a S3, d. ft. 

Piftauii(H.) RBHRT, Mm ^ rflin, fci 
TWFMo4orilo«iiliiC,«la ^JmmI TtMOiteMdMiiM. 

iici(U.)_ liBijpnnMWri^ Pri«o» of Wd«, D«l» of Ooni#- 

wmll, Birb of ObtHtr, 4ko....To- 
tiiliHmi [of Ml dMlhl fithtr with Ui» Otwpiitf of Ui» 
uot(D.) MMS-kU... KaisbliofllMB«th...WbOT«iiiito 

it MUMMd Om Bo7»U MmIm, 
(Ttlbjt FlitliTttU or tiM 

^ [FWmI 9mmm.\ 8m W«ko...<loirli«llnr&Ikiikl«ole.). 

Pmcb(D.) Sorrow ftirtboSiaMt Pfima...far /. M^ [liodia,) 

of Iko TUm, olo. I«i0. 4to. 649.0.90. 

f rv^»L.| fi, 1 Am ^*^ " MmIi i'* Imm a ii pMi it 

— I rnlOTVi OWMMLJ OOT fill,,,,-,, «ri«k«M« a^.^TI ^ 

Pin(D.) SpiritaoU (Mom to ""^ wiifco« pigiMiio^ 

tU Mt« oty of Priaot Hoory, oto. — Anolhor oopj. 113.1.4. 

Sm 8bam — ▲aolhtr oopj. T. 60ft. (3.) 

' —AoollMroonr. 0.89.0. 7.(1X) 

aii8TLT»rai(J.) w«|i lb« io>«i|4 «f •Bom. 

Mtfiaonui ... Tho Dyoo'* <o Ui> rtiiif ■§■> 

txioiBphoot, ood roTol ac- 
oompUahmoot of the Boptmne of 
.] teT^OBnoft(a) ... I'Vedorik Hoorj ... Mnoo of 
kSL Sootkad. Roiomnfiwd the 80. 

^ _ ^ doj of Avgnot . Ift04. ». ft. 

AMWinDni(0.) B. WMm^mm, [JiMoroft, 
Prioo* HoAm • ohMqoiot, Ola 1594 f] 4lo. O. 6170. 

— Oimt Brittooo Mooming 

^^•'■^V . <y.^ ^^ y^^"!! - Another oditioo. T. Ooadi 

of Pirlaee B. ^ [A ooUec to o f 1 » ' C. 83. d. 

**TbtheotdBoMholdof PriDoe SBKRY80M (EowAtD) 8m 

H": Q. fU^Jm A. Jmmm. £eo- BonuM. ii ifcii w. The Aetle 

dto, 1612. 4IOL C. 80. d. 13. ead Ooaetittttioaaleof...8ootbad, 

,ri„ti,r «^ [Edited fay & Heor7«m.1 

» ^^ « . **^- ^^'- ^ «• »7. 
Lofolothe Bojol 

PHMe Bearks aeelag Uoi on BSNRY80N (Rohbt) The 

the riTor of Theaee, 1 hie r^ TeelMMttt of OiiiiiJ H. A. 

tmnm tnm Btohawode, with e US. Sanm. R. OUrlmf. £^w. 

wonhj ieeto of her eittteene, on ftwfft, 1868. 4to. C. 21. o. 

Thofodej the kHof Mej, 1610. Wliheetfigieilioe. Tm 




HENSHAW (Joseph) BUkop 
of Peltrhorough. See Mruitations. 
McdiUtioDB miscollaneous Holy 
and Humane. [By J. H.] 
1637. 12mo. 8405. a. 

— Horn Snccisiv®, or Spare- 
Hourea of Meditations upon our 
Dutie to God, Others, Our Selves. 
The second edition ... inlarged. 
2 pts. R. Badger, for B. Mabb, 
IxnuUm, ie[S]l. 12mo. 873.b.38. 

Imperfect; wnntinfi^ six IcavM at 
the b<^)^inning of pt 2, and one leaf, 

Sp. 187, 188, towards the end. The 
ate on tho titlepage has been 
altered to IGOl. 

The third edition 

...inlarf^ed. 2 pts. Printed for 
B. Mabb, LondoHy 1632. 12mo. 

4410. e. 
In an embroidered binding. 

The fourth edition 

...inlarged. 2 pts. Printed by 

T. H. for B, Mabbe, London, 

1635. 12mo. 4402. aa. (1.) 

With a second titlepage, engraved, 

bearing date 1636. 

The fifth edition 

...inlarged. 2 pts. T. Paine for 
B. Mahbe, London, 1640. 12 mo. 
4412. a. 
With a second titlepage, engraved. 

HBRACLITUS, of Evhews, 
p$eud. The Kiddles of H. and 
Deraocritus. [With "the Solu- 
tions."] MS. NoFK [by T. Park]. 
A. Hatfield for J. Norton, London, 
1598. 4to. C. 39. e. 33. 

HERACLIUS, Empermr of the 
Ea»t. Begin. [Fol. 9, preceded 
by the preface and table of con- 
tents on eight leaves.] Here be- 
gynnetb the boke Intituled 
Eracles, and also of Qodefrey of 
Boloyno, the whiche speketh of 
the Conquest of the holy londo 
of Ihorusalero (translated... out of 
ffreusaohe [sic] in toenglysihe by 

...W. Caxton). 10. X. enprpUed 
in thabbay of We9ime»ier by.., 
W. Caxton, 1481. fol. C. 11. c. 4. 

Without titlepage or pagination. 
Register a 3~b 3, and 1 s-l/y 9. H2 
leaves : 40 lines to a full pap. The 
tenth leaf is slightly dMnsged. 
Oanther's "Soljrniarium** is sup- 
posed to have been the original of 
this work. 

HERBAL. See C, W. A 

boke of the propreties of Herbes 

oalledanHerban,etc. [1552?] 8vo. 

449. a. 9. 

— Here begynnyth a, newe 
mater, the whiche sheweth and 
treateth of y* vertuea i proprytes 
of berimes, the whiche is called an 
Herball. ». %. B, Banekes, 
Lddd, 1525. 4to. 546. d. 28. 

Without pagination. 

— [Another edition.] A boke 
of tho propertyes of herbes the 
whiche is called an Herbal. i$. %. 
B. Bedman, London, [1530?] 8vo. 

546. b. 31. 
Without pagination. 

— The grete herball whiche 
geveth parfyt knowlege and un- 
d[er]8tandyng of all maner of 
herbes i there gracyous vert ues... 
Also it geveth full parfyte under- 
standynge of the booke lately 
pr[ynltyd by me (Peter treveris) 
named the noble experiens of the 
vertuous ha[nd]warKe of surgery. 
(^End, Thus endeth the fprete 
herball... which is translated out 
y* Freniwhe into Englysahe, lo.) 
v. %. Peter Treverit, <U Lomdm^ 
in Soutkwarke, 1526. fol. 

C. 27. 1. 1. 
Without pagination. The title- 
page and first five leavwars sligbtlv 
mutilated,and have been fmoamtd. 
The recto of the aUth leaf eoBtains 
a full-page woodoot of the hoaaa 
•keleton, with anatomical explana- 
tions; tho verao U blank. The 
last leaf contains a fullpage wood- 
out of tho printer's device* with the 
imprint at tho foot 


^ Amumc^y C.17. LI 1634. Jmm 

!•• 4 


•diUoa. ». a. 

IbtB. ioL 

— AmUmt oopt. MS. Nom. 

hmfk ln«n. Mi Um ImI, mmOA- 
k« Ikt imiidiil Md Uw iMistw** 

— > Kewlj oofTMlad, 

1539. foL C27.L5. 

ediiioii. v. IL 
1561. foL 

448. g. 8. 

84. e. 19. 


.. , tiMinl Mr- 

■Hof tlM tkiid. 

1888. 4la 


or. tb» PimjM of F^rtilitj. The 
MNid«nBOo[oaHel>.Ti.73. The 
(;«fiMi, or« a oontemDUtion of 
Um Hcrbas. Tbo third Mmioii.) 
O. FmwUmt fir J. Bmif^ Lamdm. 
1818. 4la 109. a. 21. 

HXRBBRT (FotWAiti*) 
B^wi^^Ckfwhwf. DoUToHti, 
Mtaai q«*ollo «rt dlotiMto do U 
R«voUlk»,dti Vrmr^MibUbU,da 
PdHibU ft du Fmiii...]UvM A 
MgOMiiU ... TioisiooM Adltkm. 
TnuMUtod fttHn tho UHn.] 
f]1889. 4to. C. 48.8. 

HERBERAT (Nicolas m) 
8m§mmrdm Emmm. 8m Amamm, 
d§ OmUm. Tho AaoioDt ... Hbih 
lonr of Amadw de Gftiite ... 
wntteo in FrBOch bjr...N. do II., 
etc, 1619.010. foL 12408. g. 

(QwomH) 8m 
Jkmn (J.) A ■•mion of oom* 
momowlioo of tho Udj Kmi. 
...Togolhor with othor 
rmtioDi of her; bjr hor 
0. H« 1627. 12010. 4903. b. 41. 

— sm n.. o., jr. 

— Gomaro'i TreoUoo of 
TompMmooo truMtotod by Q. IL. 
•10. 8m Lnmm (L.) %jgiao- 
tk»o,oto. 1684. 12100. 284.0.61. 

— Ao YALDit (J. m) Tho 
Hondred ond Tod Ooooidmtioiio, 
of Signtor J. Voldono ... with 
Doiw [by Q. H.]. 1688. 8to. 

8901. d. 

^ThoTomplo. Boored 
ond Priroto Ejo oo ktiooo. T.Bmsk 
mtd B, DatM, OawAridae, 
1683. l2mo. 11623.0.20. 

Tho Sooood oditioo. 

1688. 12mo. 1076. L 28. 

Tho third odition. 

1834. 12mo. 1077. b. 23. 

Tho ftmrth odition. 

r. Bmek md B. DmM, OamMim^ 
1635. 12mo. 1077. b. 24. 

The fifth edition. 


1688. 8yo. 





HERBERT (George) The 
Synagogue, or, the Shadow of 
the Temi)le. Saored poems and 
private ejaculations. In imita- 
tion of M' G. H. [By Chriato- 
pher Harvey.] Printed hu I. L. 
for P. Stepkent and 0. Meredith, 
Xoikfcm, 1640. 12mo. 11 623. a. 22. 

HERBERT (Philip) 4^ Earl 
of Pembroke, See Chapman (G.) 
The Conspiracie ... of Charles, 
Duke of Byron, etc. MS. Notes 
[by Philip, Earl of Pembroke} 
1626. 4to. C. 45. b. 9. 

HERBERT (Sir Thomas) A 
relation of some yeares travaile, 
begunne Anno 1626. Into 
Afrique and the greater Asia, 
especially the Territories of the 
Persian Monarchic : and some parts 
of the Orientall Indies... Of their 
Heligion Language, Habit... and 
other matters concerning them. 
Together with the proceedings 
and death of the three late 
Ambassadonrs ; Sir D[odmore] 
C(otton), Sir Rfobertl S(hirley) 
and the Persian Kogdi-Beg, 
... By T. H(erbert) E«quier. 
TTk Stan$hy and J, Bloome^ London, 
1634. fol. 671. k. 26. 

With an eDmred titlepage aa 
follows: **A deaoripiion of the 
Fenian Monarchy.'* 

— Another copy. 10026. f. 

HERBERT (Sir Thomas) 
Bart. Some veares travels into 
divers parts of Asia and Afriqne. 
Describing especially the two 
famouM Empires, the Persian, and 
great Mognll: weaved with the 
History of these later Times... 
With a revival of the first Dis- 
ooverer of America. Revised and 
enlarged by the author. Printed 
5y B. £t^., for J. BUme and 
B, BieKop, London, 1688. fol. 

984. f. 4. 
; wanting pp. 198, 194, 


HERBERT (Wiluam) 9rd 
Earl of Pembroke, SeeC.,T. The 
Juftt Mans Memoriall...To the... 
memory of... William Earle of 
Pembroke... A sermon. 1680. 4ta 
1417. f. 10. 

Danus. See D., I. H. 

HEREFORD, i)ioce«« of— 
Vieitation Articles. Articles to 
bee enquired of within the Dio- 
oesse of Hereford in the first 
Visitation of Augustine [Lind- 
sell] Lord Bishop of Hereford. 
10. Z. T. Harper, London^ 
1634. 4to. 700. g. 17. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

Foure Bookes of Husbandry, col- 
lected by M. C. Heresbachins... : 
Conteyning the whole arte and 
trade of Husbandry, with the 
antiquitie and commendation 
thereof. Newely Englished, and 
increased, by B. Googe, Esquire. 
90. E. B. Watkine, London, 
1677. 4to. 1146. f. 30. 

— Another edition. 18. E. 
MS. Notes. Imprinted ,„ for 
J. Wight, London, 1678. 4to. 

234. e. 30. 
Imperfeet; wanting titlepage. 

— Another edition. H. E. 
Printed for J. Wight, London, 
1686. 4to. 462. a. 26. 

— Another copy. G. 2871. 

— The Whole Art and trade 
of husbandry contained in four 
bookes ... [Translated from the 
Latin of C. H. and] enlarged V 
B. Goose, v. E. Printed Ey T. ' 
for B. More^ London, 1614. 4to. 

988. f. 3. 

— Another copy. 7076. d. 

— Another copy. 234. e. 81. 
laperfbel ; wanting tba tfOapage 


.. JUI ▼. [wm mtm\ 

idUtflrMMwiik AfMUUp m»i Mlm$it ^ O^Umi 

BnUrv^l. Md A bri<ii aad a pUi— ji ok wto 

Willi dl III* M^«i»^li of lU 4«ii^ oC ■•rW fclk|i^ 

«»i prioHwt of •«> Pngiiih f^^lMiid o«i of IIm holj forip- 

VttUoii bff omiaIm Q. lurk- t««i»MdMlf<irllilallMAlmlM 

iMn. klL^M^ If r a 5»ej .bj Horiioo^ Arobbitbop 

ybr M. Mm% Lmim, 1«SI. 4to. f OoU4iit...A»d jMw|yo tM*- 

H. Dikiii. v. E. /iiiirfalil...% 

BMitBdoofGbfMMGbMtitio: [I58a<] Sm^^^tnTTJ! 

^rtl i ID boo Wij of yi grflT WHM partem... MrA-CH 

oad TortwM YootbM of bod 1W d>tto>7a Wi^iSi mmm 

Ota. ». a. E. JdbiK, OOlk*«0lQpkM. 

[1580?] 4IO. 4403. K. _ ^bo BIgbt iiiililioioB of 

BBELS {Cmuam) Coo- ^•^ • • ^lIS^ •^ 

SSSllSLS^^ >^»«^ Oo«pj« by ibo 

8o«iowo^Mb mm! fWrinn •Mi"W»...W. Moaooltis ... trmno- "ir.^'««.[lM87] 8jJ>- 

XZXRCI8B& fajBfc t t ; wyt^fU* TVwHf 
G^miMcmAU. Ltt«r»- 
ftobililM, A gbirU. Liteno 

orts omIo0Im» gvMio aiTiiiM» — [Aootbor odition.] 

Mtboritalo A ffotio iUoolrM» Wjrtb doo o godlj pnjor to bo 
•tadiioMpioBtaaipffMlorB,fr«oCa «nd ot tbo pwyficoHoo or oborob- 

«lotaiom joeudttmto »—< > "> —■ Tag of wmai wjtb tbo ordrt of 
Mm ^gUkm /. B or o w rf , Ommh, BorrolU ote. A. 8eMm mi 

1M9. 8m 1089. g. 29. (3.) IF. Stroi, I^oiioi^ [16601 8to. 

WlikMl PHiMiloo. 4323. o. (1.) 

HERMAN IT. [looifgroii ^ — A timpU ond r^giooioon. 

Hvl ilnryidlnp oatf BMr if osltaUon of no Honiioii...Arcbo- 

liyM. TboOowMBOBtof Ji bkbop of Oolooo, ... by wbai 

it ooataynod tbo BMOiioi o CbrktiMi rolbrmotioo. 

wm J to ott boMOt UK 1^*7 bt bogoo omoog son ooa 

oot of mukj komod mittod to oor pootoiml obuft^ 

writloo ia Utio bj... eto- )^. B. fWitbtbooatooapb 

Bmm [or rmlh^r bj <^ Sir H. Spelman.] /. 1)^ 

of HmmI TrmtuUatod Lmim. 1647. 8to. 3908. b. 

tbto BBgHoho [by M. Boormaa]. Withovt iMfiaatka. 

— Aaotbor odilioii. H. B. 
/. !%• Ml IT. SiriM, Lmdom, 
1648. 8Ta 697. a. 6. 

1666?) 8v<^ 8409. o. — Aootbor oopy. 223. a. 30. 

(Howo o «0B aMTjittomo to tbo 
itat of firttotiwitio. or 
of o Cbriolkm Ufe [by 

H.B»kiidaol) II.B. ff.lW 

irteVft? T»«>?ttol HXRMAKKI (PaiLurpot) 

An Ejusellont TrootiM faaobinf 




howe to cure the Frenoh-Pocke« : 
with all other diseases arising 
and growing thereof, and in a 
manner all other sicknesses. 
Drawne out of the Bookes of... 
T. ParaoeUuB. Compiled b^... 
P. Hermanns and now put into 
Enfclish by J. Hester. 19. %. 
jr. Ckarlwood, London, 1590. 4to. 
1174. b. 4.(1.) 

HERMANNUS (Gouelmds) 
Pia ex|M>8tulatio. [Inverse.] See 
liAiiaMUs (D.) Marnci]nus de 
Q[uat]uor Virftutijbus, etc. 
1(538. 8va 1213. a. 24. 

HERMES. Hermes Anglo- 
liatiuuH : or Directions for young 
Latinists, to speake Latine purely. 
B. Hodgkintonne for T. Slater, 
London, 1639. 12mo. 12932. a. 12. 

HERMES, Trtsmegiatus. The 
Sraaragdiuo Table of Hermes 
Trismegistus. See Bacon (R.) 
The Mirror of Alchimy, etc. 
1697. 4to. 1033. f. 6. (1.) 

PEDRO (Diego) See AkxNalte. 
A small treatise betwixt Amalte 
and Luoenda, etc. [By D. H. de 
San P.] 1639. 4to. 11626. d. 3. 

HEROD, the Great, King of 
Judma. Life, See Caussin (N.) 
The Unfortunate Politique, etc. 

HERODIAN. The History 
of Herodian ... treating of the 
Romayne Emperors after Marcus, 
translated oute of Greeke into 
Latin by Angelus Politianus, and 
out of Latin into Englythe by 
N. Smyth. Wherennto are an- 
nexed, the Argumentes of every 
Booke,...with Annotations, etc 
». I. W, CopUinde, London, 
[1660?] 4to. 198.0.2. 

— Herodian of Alexandria his 
History of Twenty Uoman Cmnmi 

and Emperors (of his Time)... 
Wherein is also declared the 
most Solemne Deification of the 
Roman Emperours and Empresses. 
...Interpreted out of the Greeke 
Originall. (Augustam Herodiani 
Histonam vertebat I. M. [i.e. 
James? Maxwell], Faoultatis 
Art. in utra^ AcademiA M'., etc.) 
Printed for H, Perry, London, 
1629. 4to. 803. d. 2. 

— Another edition. Printed for 
H. Taunton^ London, 1635. l2mo. 

9040. a. 
With another titlepage,engraTed. 

— Another copy. 800. a. 1. 
Imperfect ; wanting ng. Ai and «. 

HERODOTUS. iSee Estieiine 
(H.) A World of Wonders:... 
or a preparative treatise to the 
apologia for H. Translated out 
of the... French copie [by R. C.]. 
1607. fol. 585. i. 21. 

— The Famous Hystory of 
Herodotus. Conteyning the Dis- 
course of dyvers Countreys, the 
succession of theyr Kyngs, etc. 
Devided into nine Bookes, en- 
tituled with the names of the 
nine Muses. [Translated by 
B. R., I.e. Bamaby Rich.] V. 1.. 
T. Marthe, London, 1584. 4to. 

294. e. 11. 
The flnt two books only. 

HEROLT (JoAKVis) 8er- 
monee di^cipuli de tempore de 
Sanctis : et quadragesimale ejus- 
dem...onm oasibos papal i bus et 
episoopalibus : et a sacra Com- 
mnnione inhibitionibos : noviter 
impressi : i non minimo labore 
revisi et oastigati. (End, Finit 
opus... composi turn per... Johanne tpe i de Sanctis oum 
promptuario exem|)Io;^ atq^ taba- 
fis colleotn), Discipulus, nonca- 
patu, etc) ». %. 3 pit. In 

n B B B B R tot 

HSRRXIIO (Jhuwm) la 
C. «?.•.&. MidMlmMi... Jaoobi wittL An- 

KbtnMcvW lagft— , Vommm 
mtaklnriam. ILFUd^immmh 

— AaolWreoi^. 0. 1S019.M. ^^^^' «• *•• (>•) 

RBRON (Haut) a Now* — AaoUiwoaKr. S87. g. 13. 
IMwMMn iif Moittll Pyioioplikw 
mUmM^kmK^rm^OomtmSU. ^— MlMfctt«w Mjnt«rto: or, 

y««MtC£«^f«. £&.B.JI^ii. lf"P**^r*^?; "^^.v.^ 
tf^ijUaM,lft79. 8m 723.a.44. ;?>•. ^ ^^^m or...Dooloor 

Hemog UmosUted, aiid Tcnr 

loiTaii ~ — 

HERRBRA TORDR- maoli diUtwt Br J. Vloai*. 

BTI.I.A8 i^Ajnomo m) A Da- (An BDigrmm agaiiwt JMitaa. 

mlptjy of Iba W«l ladki ^to.) Tin ▼•»•.] IE. OriMm, Loii- 

[MMl^ IhNB tU SpMkbl. iM,1617. 4to. G. 112M. 
»• POHUt (8.) P^utiiM his 

POgiiMi tlo. PL 8.' 1625. foL — A modMt DefsoM of iho 

679. h. 13. Cmrmi giTon to iho WMim of 

HBRRETrRoMST F.) [Pdr ^JS^Tlkom Iho FUiM...Iik». 
Um «dit«oM of Horr»j*s OoMor- ^f^ thai «BlMrtMd...O0faiioo. 

S. . . "*;•'*■ »•••"» " •■• ...te...i«Aitad by wmr oTprabeti, 

BiU«0«*Bau. ato. ± Bt^ /it IT Jmm, 

fPOfo Mibliabod iMMntolT :! Mt 

BimA--4taiinkMm. — PieUs PooUficU, mo. Con- 

JQimttoiiia iUios prodigioMs, ... 

HERRING iUrrinn in Jaoobnm... R«so...KoTemhrM 

Tmjio: ooolnTning a pooti<t3l qninio, ... 1605 ... orerui adnm- 

" bral - - - • 

of diwwn Battan worthia bratio poatioa, ato. JSaea*. IVpM 

tha rnaiag. [By R. Oatow.] /a. lUfr<t,...jiro it Bo||lt,rLoa. 
PHmitd Jm M. Lmmm, Lamdam. dam,] 1606. 4to. 1098. bu 70. 

iMa. 4«o. aao.d-ii. 

— Ab aothoia ra- 

oogaita... Aooenii Vanalio Oalbo- 

HRRRINO (TwiAmm) Car- lioa tlva Meiinda Hiatoria pan» 

taiaa rnlas, diraotiooa or adrar- ato. ^InJeaoitaaBpigrainma,ala) 
'ir thia tiaM of pMti- [Wtth other ptacea in varM.] 
itagion : with a careat >. WmiM, LoaJtai, 1609. Sto. 

abont thair 1213. k. 10. (8.) 
aaialata at a 

prMnratiTa horn tha PUgaa... — FopUh Platia, or tha Ibmt 

iapriatad...WharMnito k added paH of tha Hiatoria of ...tha 

aartaiaa dirtolioM for t^ pooror Powdar-treaaon:... plotted aAlnii 

aori of paapla^ aloi mned ftf JaoMa, King of GrMt Brit&M 

jr. aad L 0. fir N. Vmmmmr. Writtan ftrat in Latin TerM bj 
1625. 4to. 1167.a.32.(^) F. H....a&d tfamdatad into Bnf- 




Ibh [verw] by A. P. Printed 
for W, Janes, London, 1610. 8vo. 
697. a. 9. (2.) 
Twpnty-two Icatcs. Mutilated. 

8e€ Bois-LE-Duc. 

HER VET (Oestian^ See 
ApiiTHdXius, Sophista. Aphthonil 
... praeexeroitamenta interprete 
Tiro doctifisimo. [EMitod byG. H.] 
[1620?] Bvo. C. 20. a. (2.) 

— See Erasmus (D.) [De 
MUerieordia Domini. 1 De Im- 

Dei Misericordia. [Trans- 
latedbyG.H.] Eng. 1633. Bvo. 
C. 39. a. 

1 547. 8 vo. 695. a. 20.(1.) 

— /See Rabbotenu (Isaac) p^eud. 
The Bee hive of the Romishe 
Churohe, etc. [In answer to the 
•* Missy ve...aen de verdoolde van 
den Christen geloove " of G. Her- 
Tet.] 1579. 8vo. 697. a. 30. 

1580. Bvo. 1226. a. 

1636. Bvo. 8935. a. 

— fiwXENOPHON. [Oucovo/iucos.] 

Xenophons Treatise of House- 
bolde. [Translated by G. Hervet] 
1634. 8vo. 234. b. 43. 

1537. Bvo. G. 16783. 

1667. 16mo. 969.a.81. 

HESIOD. [*Epyo icoi ^fitpai,] 
The Georgioks ot Hesiod, by 
0. Chapman; translated elabo- 
rately out of the Greek, etc 
Primed 6y H. L. for Jt PaiHdt, 
Lemdcm, 1618. 4to. 0. 84. g. 

— Another copy. 287. h. 16. 

HX8KYM8 (Thomas) See 
FuL]ue(W.) D. Heakias, D. San. 
ders and H. Bastel aoootinted... 
three pillers and Arobpatriarohei 
of the Popish Synagogue...oTer- 

throwne, and detected, etc. 
1579. 8vo. 3936. a. 

HESTER (John) See Bom- 
bast VON HOHENHEIM (P. A. T.) 
called ParaeeUue. A hundred 
and fonreteene Experiments and 
Cures . . . Collected [and translated] 
byJ.H. 1596. 4to. 778.e.41. (1.) 

— SeeDu Chesne (J.) A breefe the Lxposition of 
J. Aubertns ... conoertiing the 
origin of Me talle8...'\V hereunto 
is added divers rare secretes... 
ByJ.H. 1591. Bvo. 1033. b. 3. 

The Sclopotarie of I. Quer- 

oetanus... published into English 
byJ. H. 1590. 8vo. 783. d. 8.(1.) 

— See FioRAVANTi (L.) A 
Compendium of the mtionall 
Secretes of...L. Phioravante, etc. 
[Translated and edited by J. H.] 
1582. Bvo. 7383. aa. 

A Joyfull Jewell. Con- 

tayning... orders, preservatives... 
for the Plague, etc. [Edited by 
J. H] [1579.] 4to. C. 31. e. 5. 

A short DiBoonrs...uppon 

Chirurgerie ... Translated out of J. H. 1680. 4to. 
649. b. 24. (3.) 

1626. 4to. 7480. b. 

— See HnMANMi (P.) An ex- 
oeUent Treatise teaching howe to 
oure the French Pookes...put into 
English by J. H., etc 1690. 4to. 

1174. b.4. (1.) 

— The fir»t(— the second) 
nart of the Key of Philoeophie. 
\Vherein is Contained meet excel- 
lent eeoretee of Phiidcke and 
Philoeophie, divided into two 
Bookes. H. ft. 2pts. V,8mmee, 
i:«iMioml696. Sto. 1033. d. 2. (2.) 

Ft S haa a lepanite tiUepag^ 
bet the pag i natioa is oootiiiaoas 

n *• 


>. In- 



. .^ *T o OUsMiai, 

*^' 691ft. •. 

OCW^ wmUT«...»nd I»«rfcct 

ollMrCo«ipo«ltl<NM: ai«alIW«t ^ "^^ 

wb^ May mAd* fo U9M%. [ ^^ 



HSTH(Tmut) AM&itet rrf, JLoMlom 1024. 4u. 
It eonmtatioii of «ii WiilMlpftr 

Um dkoomlbft (wiUKHii — ^ 

liiiri B.JL hi &4<.a.2o.(e.) 
«r QiMii 

^M^ of lb* iMk* Mid iiaipU toiiffiie...BTJ.Hewui.. 

Itadw, lesa. Svo. 12988.0.81. 

.AMte«onr. 7l8.b.lS. H«XHAM(H»mT} 8m 

WrrOXJU, Primet ^/ Omigtm. IIamuw (80 , Tbj Art af FbrU- 

Umm liM ■iiMtli • lTt>!l rrrniTnUi,»iitUtodoiiiof FrtDok 

MhS^^ft^^ ...hjH.Httmm.l688.foL8884.b. 

»^!**^gyg^^i ^^ iviiii^fOfJ!g«toaK»iofUio 

fSr^LTl!^ (^Tn'f^ Towdo. Aiidswpporitkaofllio 

^■^rtf'fr'i rif P? V'Jf^ .tot^«iaoid«ofu,«rg*rrk«i 

•«m •.m. ^'^■^IffT?* Mr«ld»i oot... Writto. Vjr H. 

liMTl M. 148.0.1. H/«jMUB\ote. I>iy.l«8a. 12ma 

fb i tj § 1 ■ib ii w l ■■ <! tfci w ■■- ^ '^ 684.^.4.(1.) 

— A Jovmll of the Uking in 
of TobIo, Booraoiit, StimW, ibo 
■mwndiU Soiff* of lUttfielit, 
tko TowM A Cbslio of Unbonb 

.-. [*A4Lp»ii.l -I^wr. «idor...Uia Prinoo of OmfJM^ 
A^n^gyoi Hippocpilk wiih aa osacI Oud dxmwao Hit 




by C. Floyd... and tinoe lettened 
and cntt by H. and W. Hondint... 
Compiled together by...H. H.... 
Al«o a List of the OiBoen... 
and Sonldiera Blayne,...with the 
ArticleaofCompoeition. J.P.TToi- 
w)UjorN,Buii0r,DelphA6S3. 4to. 
837. g. 26. (2.) 

HKXHAM (Henry) The 
Principlea of the Art MiHtario; 
praotiaed in the Warres of the 
united Netherlands. Represented 
by Fignre, the Word of Com- 
mand, and Demonstration. (An 
Appendix, of the Quarter for the 
ransoming of OffioerB...and Sol- 
diers, oonolnded betweene the 
King of Spayne...and...the States 
Ganerall, eto. Prinied 6y M. P, 
for M, 8wmmom»^ London, (Delfe,) 
1637. fol. 718. k. 3. 

The Appendix bM a separate 
p«gi nation and the imprint of 
•• Delfe." 

— A Tongne-combat, lately 
happening betweene two English 
Souldiers in the Tilt-boat of 
Graresend, the one going to serve 
the King of Spaine, the other to 
serve the States Generall of the 
United Provinces. Wherein the 
Cause, Course, and Continnanoe 
of those Warres, is debated and 
declared. London^ 1623. 4to. 

1103. e. 17. 

— Another copy. 1 103. e. 31. (3.) 

— Another copy. 110. c. 13. 

— A tmo and brief relation of 
ih« fiunoiia tibfib of Breda. Be- 
■UjMd aod taCan in under the 
able and Tiotorioiie condaot of hit 
Highaeese the Prinoe of Orange, 
etc J. JTiNsoe, l>s{^ 1687. 4to. 

9407. a. 

HXYDON (Sir CnutroPBn) 
Srr i*. (}. *A(rTpoAova^iayia...Or, 
an Examination of Sir C. Hey- 
dona Booke intituled A Defence 

of Judiciarie AHtrologie, eto. 
1624. 4to. 718.0.14.(2.) 

HEYDON (Sir Christophbi) 
A Defence of Itidiciall Astrologie, 
in aniiwer to a treatise lately pub- 
lished by M. John Chamber. 
MS. Notes. J. Legat, Prinler to the 
Univeriitie of Cambridge, 1 603. 4to. 
8610. bbb. 

— Another copy. 718. e. 14. (1.) 

HEYLYN (Peter) See 
Cole (H.) The Holy Table, 
Name and Thing, more anciently 
...used... then tbit of an Altar: 
written... in answer to D. Coal, 
etc. [or rather, really written in 
reply to •* A Coale from the Altar" 
by P. H.], 1637. 4to. 700. d. 65. 

— See Gr., Vicar of, A Coale 
from the Altar. Or, an answer to 
a Letter [by J. Williams, Bishop 
of Lincoln]... against the placing 
of the Commuuion Table at the 
East end of the Chancell... First 
sent by a ... learned Divine [P. 
H.], etc. 1636. 4to. 4106.0. 

1637. 4to. 

700. g. 13. (1.) 

— See Shsj^ord (R.) A 
Qnench-Coale... wherein. ..all the 
...arguments of... A late Coale 
from the Altar [by P. H.] in de- 
fence of altars... are... answered, 
eto. 1637. 4to. 698. g. 1. 

— Antidotnm Lincolniense. 
Or an Answer to a book entituled, 
The Holjr Table name A thine, 
A'o. Written... bv a Minister in 
Linoolnshire [J. Williama, Bishop 
of Lincoln] (in answer to Dr. 
Coale). 8pta. Prittiod/or J. Clark, 
London, 1687. 4to. 700. g. 18. (8.) 

Iseh pi has a separate psginalSoB. 

— Another copy. 699. e. 6. (2.) 

— A Briefe and Moderate An- 
swer to the seditious and iOMi- 

n K Y 
tnft. 4I0W &7o.a.3. 

MHu.iSPV^'^ A^iw. 410. yM.%. 

litirW ii».«.6.(l.) TbtfoorthwIitkNi. 

fai tU iwu wrwnM. W lit* t^^ft. 4low &70. d. 3. 

lUTbtd. Oonoot MS. Norw. 

•^"^^ /^^^^^••^P^SfTS!!^ •n^ 1629. 41a. 

•006. d. 

KobU (M« of 9 Owfi, 

IIm Q«rw. A CAtelofM of all — Aaolbw •dition. fOiM' 

lU Katflita llMffWir mtOl Uiw i680n 4lo. 670. a 19. 

iL Ptimitd far H, Seile, JmmM iiUng Hilnnif 

1631. 410. 1125. •.27. ^^ ' ^^ 

TIm dztb «UitoQ. 

JV^iOtd /or IT. TWmt «hI & iO- 
196. k. 14. Ut,ar/or<1633. 4to. 10004. bb. 

The •mDth edi- 

TUmoo^ Bdi- tkm. 1ir.7\<if«r.l686.8TO. 
r. Appir, fir 10004. bbb. 

^•^8tti.lX „"T1I»» (1SDWA.D) Tbe 
Vojif» of tiM Abm Bqjmll tnm 
Sorat to Moha in tbo B«l 8ia... 
0.1014.(1.) MHO 1618. 8m VvmauM (&) 
«.ir 4A1A ... P«iroliaoWaPllfri««,ote. Ptl. 

oopy. 4825. a ,^25, eto. ftd. 679. k. 11. 

T¥lt «wf kM loo oMWooal 
J-^«*»^^^ ■'■'■ ' ' i .^'ff- HBYWOOD (JAiria) Sm 
JJJVJL*?* *••■* • •" "•• EowABM (R.) Tbo Pkradioa of 

Datntj I>eTiaM...deTia6d...for tbo 

— noETioloryofUioSabUtb. aiootpartobTM.Edwaido«,...Uio 

la two Bookoa. j^^ated (% rest bj aondrj loarnod OonUo- 

r Bmwtr) Jm K AOt, loodoa, maiiCJ.HaTwwd^oto.). 1696. 4to. 

1686. 4IO. 4866. d.(l.) 889. k. 21. 


— S00H.,J. 

— 8m SnracA (L. A.) [TVo- 
omKmlI Sanooa bia ton no tra- 

oopj. 868. a 7. godica, tranaUtod into Eogljab 

2pta. PrimUifm^ 

1636. 4IO. [TWafflf] '^^ 

acadio of Sai 

tngadio of Saoooa anlilalod 
bMiMMid mitput, Tbjroataa. fiatkAOlj bgUakod 
tatkJSRailb^tr^ byJ.H. 1660. 8m 

^ C. 34. a. 8. (2.) 

I Oroal World. 
lOTiaad. L. P. godto of... L. A. Sanooa, mitltslad 

of tbo Oroal World. [7Vood«J TbodtlTra. 

. - - " -I. . sUai.«n 




TroM,...Mt foorth in Englishe by 
J.H. [1660?] 8vo. C. 34. a. 9. (2.) 

MnoHAirr. Of Qeniylnes and 
nobjljte. A dyaloge, etc. [Bv 
J. H.] [1585.] foL 840. k. 18. 

— J. Hejwoodea woorkea. A 
dialogue oonlevning the nnmber 
of the effeotnall proTerbea in the 
Engliah tonge, oompaot in a 
matter oonoernjnge two maner of 
Mariagea. With one hundred of 
Xpigrammea : and three hundred 
of Epigrammea npo three hun- 
dred proverbea : and a fifth hun- 
dred of Epigprama. Whereunto 
are now newly added a aixte 
hundred of Epigrams by the 
iajde I. H. ». ft. H. Wylcee, 
L(mdon, 1566. 4to. 0. 30. d. 7. 

Without MginatioD. 
■lightly matiUted. 


— Another edition. 33. Z. 
MS. NOTK. r. Manh, London, 
1576. 4to. C. 30. d. 8. 

Without pagination. The oolo- 
phon it dated 1577. 

— The Workea of I. Heiwood 
newly imprinted ... Whereunto 
are now newly added a sixt hun- 
dred of epigrammea, etc. fWith 
the Authors portrait] «. I. 
7. Marth, LoJUm, 1587. 4to. 

C. 21. a 88. 

— Another copy. C. 3 

HEYWOOD (John) A Dia- 
l^ue, coteyninge the number in 
efieote of all the Proverbea in the 
Engliahe tunge, oopaot in a matter 
conceminge twoo maner of ma- 
riagea. Newly ovorsene, and some- 
what augmented, eto. [In yerae.] 
13. Z. Londtni, 1561. 8vo. 

1076. g. 14. 

Without pagmalion. Titlepage 
mutilated. Imperflbot; wanting dgt, 
E, Fi, and all after Ft. 

— The playe called the foure 
PP. A newe and a very mery 
enterlude of A palmer . A nar- 
doner . A potycary . A pedler. 
». Z. W. Mydd^Uon, London, 
[1545?] 4to. C. 34. 0.43. 

Without pagination. Mutilated 
in binding. 

— Another edition. 13. X. 
MS. Notes. /. AUde, London, 
1569. 4to. C. 34. a 44. 

— The Spider and the Flie. A 

5 arable [in verse], eto. 13. %. 
\ PoweU, London, 1556. 4to. 

C. 13. a. 17. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. g. 11. 

Titlepage mutilated. 

— [Two Fragments of a mo- 

Wllboat pagination. The text of »»l>ty ^! .Ej7o7^^^ ** ** 
•lg.Aii.andATiLhaabeenBliffhtlT [Londcnf 1560?] fol. 
mntilated, but haa been ■upplied 643. m. 9. (19.) 

la MA. 

— Another oopy. 0. 11244. 
In this eopj a sseond titlapafe 

baa bean laaertad, apparentlj thai 
oT aaolhtf adltlon of the same data, 
printed bj F. Kingatoa. 

— Another edition. 13. %. 
F. KinMlm, Lomdem^ 1598. 4to. 

1076. g. a 

Withenl pagiaalkm. At the and 
are aooM toarae of M8. Vjr Mr. 8. & 
Banks, daterlplife of an a a eit n l 

HXTWOOD (Thomas) See 

Barcklit (Sir U.) The Felioitie 

of Man, etc [Edited, with ad- 

ditiona, by T. H.] 1631. 4ta 

721. f. 31. 

— See OooKi (Jo.) Qreene's 

Tu QuoqQa,eto. rA comedy. With 

a preliMe by T. H.] 1622. 4to. 

162. c 87. 

» See Edward IY., Xinf ef 
The fint and aeoond 


fttHsoCKUif li«w4l)w>rotirik, RSTWOOD CTimu^ 8m 

•to. [A fiUjr, fai wmm. '■ 1 Saluotumi Ouwt (0.) tlmiwo 

loriM,«l0. r TnuMlatod ft^oM iIm 

KM. 4to. •44. •. •«. 

;r*9ML If 

UtiftbjT.HO I60a,«lo. feL 

«M kMi» mT'II^m k«ow M — &• TocwnHm (C.) ThrM 

161S. 4to. 1070.01.4.(8.) 

1608. 41a. a 84. 0.48. 

18ia 41a. 844.t.80.(l.) (^JirtaiX ^SS^ni"- 

1818. 4CO. C. 84 0.47. »• Tboif AoUqoity. 1. TWr 

MMMOt Dignitj. 8. 1^ triM 
wo of tboir < 


1838. 4la mo of tboir quolitj. N. (Mm, 

1882.:4to. 844.0.82.(1.) ^'«-««»- '•l^. 4to. a 80. d. 9. 

Tbo 8oeottd But o«; If 

aot MO, JOB kaow do — The BrMM Ago [o dimmoiio 

' liioiory, in 6to oots ood in vono). 

Tbo fir»t oot oonUininr, tbo 

844.0.81. dooth of tbo Gootooro Nomo, 

T0« now aot mt^jtm kaowno 
mio, tie. [A ploy ia prooo oad 
^oraiu BjT. E.] 1808. 4to. 

^ ^^ ^ tbo ooooBd, tbo Tnmtdj of U^ 
1808.410. 8440.80.(8.) Ittgw . tbo tbiid, tb? Tni«dj of 

— St» O^ I A RoMitkM Lobom ond dootb of Horako. 
of tbo Apok>nr Cor Acton [of N. 0km, fm 8. Bami. Lmd^ 
T. R.^oto. 1818. 4tA. 161& 4ta a 84 0.41. 

841.0112.(2.) WiOMMtvtcteolko. 

— Ao R., T. 

- - rwv m.. w.* — AnotboroopT. ai2.f.l2.(8.) 

-> Am Ltmati (J.) TboLifo ^^ ^ ' 

oad Dootb of Hoctor. otoi [A __ a CbolUngo for Beootio. 

MdoToioitioa by T. H. of Lyd- [a trogiHwnody. in firo oota, ia 

fUooorigiaalpoom.] 1614. foL Voroo oad prooo.] B. Bmmmik.... 

641. k. 6. «»»%/. AMfc<Ioadoa,1636. 4ta 

Tbo Foyro 644 L 88. 

Moydo of tbo Suboan, ota 

fA ooaMdy by T. Roywood.1 . , ^ ^ 

1607. 4to. T. 2058.(1.) — Aaotboroopy. C.12.f.l4(X) 

1625. 4ta 644 0.84 — Kngla|ido EUnbotb: bor 

\mx7 au^ tuA m stK !**'• ^^ Troabloi, Dnrioc Hor 

1687. 4ta 644 0.85. nj^^riiio, fc«atbo Ciaaio to 

— 8m ]Ublow«<C.) Tbo tbo Crowao. Riotorkolly Uid 

FoMio Tiagody of tbo Ricb opoa oad iatorworoa witb oaeb 

Urn of Malta, ole. [Editod by oaiaoat Vummm of Stoto, oo 
T. Hoywood.] I6tt. 4to. bappoaod aador tbo Rotgno of 

644 0.70. Roairy tbo Eigbt, Edwaid tbo 




Silt, Q. Mary, etc. /. BeaU./or 

P. WaterJunm, Londtm, 1 681 . 1 2mo. 

610. a. 30. 

— Another copy. G. 1509. 

— Another edition. TrinUd 
for P. WaierhauMe, Cambridge, 
1632. 12mo. 1199. a. 15. 

HEYWOOD (Thomas) The 
EngliHh Tniveller. [A tragi- 
comedy, in five acta, chiefly in 
Terae.] R, Bawcrik, London, 
1683. 4to. 644. e. 37. 

Withoat pftgioftiion. 

— Anotheroopy. C.12.f.l3.(3.) 

— The exemplary Lives and 
memorable Acts of nine the roost 
worthy Women of the World, 
etc T. Coiet for B. BoifiUm, 
London, 1640. 4to. 276. e. 1. 

— The Fair Maid of the West. 
Or a Girle worth gold... Writ ten 
by T. H(evwood). 2 pt«. [A 
tragi-comedy, each part in five 
acts, in prose and verse.] Printed 
for B.Moy$Um, London, 1631. 4to. 

C. 34.C. 42. 
The MOOfDd pi ia without pagination. 

—Another copy. C.12.f.l3.(l.) 

— The Fonre Prontises of Lon- 
don, with the Conquest of Jeru- 
salem, etc. [A tragi-comedy in 
verse.] ... Newly revised. N. Oke$, 
London, 1632. 4to. G. 34. c. 49. 

Without pagination. 

—Another copy. C.12.f.l2.(4.) 

— The Golden Age : or the 
lives of Jupiter and Satume, with 
the defining of the Heathen Gods, 
etc. [A dramatic historvt in five 
acts, oliiefly in verse.] Priniodfor 
W.BwnrmgtTt London, HU. 4to. 

0. 12. f. 12. (1.) 

— Another copy. 0. 84. o. 86. 

In this eopj the woid **deityiDff ** 
has hsta sabsUtoted for "ddlniBg ** 

on the iitlepage. The aothot's 
name has been erased from the 
titlepage, and hit initials from the 
leaf containing tlie dedication. 

HEYWOOD (Thomas) IW- 
Kctoi' : or, nine Bookes of various 
History, conceminpe Women, eta 
A. hlip, London, 1624. fol. 

132. c. 12. 
The titlepage is engraTed. 

— The Hierarchic of the blessed 
Angells. Their Names, orders 
and Offices. The fall of Lucifer 
with his angells, etc. A. hlip, 
London, 1635. fol. 641. k. 19. 

Titlepage engrared. 

— Another copy. 8. b. 14. 

— Another copy. G. 19062. 

— The Iron Age. [A dramatic 
history.] Contayning the Rape 
of He lien : the siege of Troy : the 
Combate betwixt HectorandAiax: 
Hector and Troilus slayne by 
Achilles: Achilles slaine by Paris : 
Ajax and Ulisses contend for the 
Armour of Achilles : the death of 
Ajax, etc. (The second part.) 
[Each part in five acts and in 
verse.] jY. Oies, London, 1632. 4to. 

C. 34. c. 60. 

Without pagination. Cropped in 

— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l3.(2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
of the first pt. and the Uiree last 
leaTea» which are supplied in MS. 

— Londini Status FMrntus : or, 
Londons Peaceable EsUte. £x- 
prest in sundry Triumphs, P^ 
geanta, and Shewea, at the in- 
nitiation of...H. Garway into 
the Migoralty of... London, eto. 
/. OAm^ XoMioa, 1689. 4to. 

0. 80. d. 12. 

WIthovl pSgfaDMltiOD. 

— Lovea Mai stre M o ; or, the 
Queens Maaqiie. [A tragi-comedy, 
in five acta and in vane.] 


irm I |,|g„ 8bo««>, at iU UitiatkNi of 

^^- ' , 8irli.Abboi...inlotlMlUiof»ltjr 

▲aolWrooiqr. ail.tl4,(l.) oT ..LoMiao«o<o. XOIivZ^i^. 

leaa. 410. iit.Lio. 

TIm OMMld ii 

M ^- CWoA Umdmm, RSTWOOD (Tmmjji) Tho 
IMI 4IO. 644. o. 42. lUp, of Lmooo, o Thm Roomh 

^./.ao.^1^1^40 4^ r^?li»rt;£'^'^ 

ato btUliJ^tW Tlirfoth Imwiirfoo. PfiJ^ 
• ^ >r If. JNtNr, Xiorfws 1630. 4to. 

HBTWOOD (Tmiai) A a 80. d. 10. 

tritioipbo ■olouiBiirf in Wilkool guglnllw 

am, in B M M aofio of . . _ 

— AboUmtoopj. 

Om lM|ipio BopUals betwixt tho 
...Oooot FkklnM»oBd...tlM Udy 

Tho Fifth Imptoo- 

U18. 4IO. a80.o.84. ^^^^ j. BamortKM N. 

— A pUoMot Obaody ^n^ ImmU, 1688. 4ca 644. o. 40. 

lutAiM^Jn^] -A-^Woopy. C.12.f.l2.(«.) 
jr. <»m fm J. Jmktm aJ — Aaotlwroonr. CS4.g.I9.(^) 

liOjmll ooMoot» oto. lA trmgl- 

oomcdj, in flTO ooto, and in proM 

r. C.12.tl8.(4.) •nd Tono-J ilT. ood /. Okm for 

\ J. B4eUl, LomJIom, 16S7, 4to. 
w% or tho 644. o. 89. 

Dnnkafd, OpMod, Diaootod oad Wiikdvt -"^-^^i^ 

1688. 4ta C.80.d.ll. —Aaolhoroopy. C.84.g. 19.(1.) 

mia — Anothor oopj. C. 12.f.;i4.(8.) 

0, Mieoted o«t of I^wton, fj^ Silvor Aco, tooladinr : 

, TJwtor. Grid, Ae. With tho loro of Jopitor to Aloiiwii; : 

Horooleo: ond tho 

Mttdfj oabloat oattocto d froin |W^ |,|^ ^ 
IhowMloloiMtJ. OOoioo. Ao BoMofPra 

OM iHHimnoiinni . . AitigrMM Hqqiio. fA 

i of tho 

^,. . ^^. [A diBBoHo history, in 

™^ thrso odb, ohidly in vmo.] 

' ^f^ jr. OI<o,...«4d If B. lijktfmu. 

... ««ld If r. After. LaUsm^ whbpw |phi"|" 

1687. 8Ta 1076. L 29. —Anothoroopj. €.12.112.(2.) 

— Forto pkioua» or tho Fort ^ Troio Bkitoiio^ or, Qiool 




Britaines Troj ; A poem devided 
ioto XVII. Mverall Cantoni, 
intermixed with many Poetioall 
Tales. Conoluding with an Uni- 
TenaU Chronicle from the Crea- 
tion, nntill these present times. 
W, Jaggatrd^ L(mdtm, 1609. fol. 
79. g. 17. 

— Another copy. G. 18517. 

HBTWOOD (Thomas) A 
tme Description of his Majesties 
Boyall Ship, built this yeare 1637. 
at Wooll-witch, etc. /. Oke$ for 
J. Astom, LandoH, 1637. 4to. 

8805. a. 

— Another copy. 103. h. 18. 

— A tme Discription of his 
Majesties... Ship called the Sove- 
raig^ of the Seas... With the 
names of all the prime Officers in 
Her... Also a briefe Addition to 
the first printed Coppy, etc. 
/. Okes, London, 1638. 4to. 

G. 3863. 

— The Wise-woman of Hogs- 
don. A Coroedie [in five acts 
and principally in pro«e], etc. 
Prinied 6y Jf. P. for H. Shephard, 
London, 1638. 4to. 644. e. 41. 

Without pagination. 

— Anotheroopy. C. 34. g. 19.(3.) 

— Anothercopy. C.12.f.l4.(4.) 
Imperfeet; wantfiigtbe last leaf. 

— A Woman kilde with kind- 
netse. [A Tragedy, in verse and 
prose.] W, Jaagard^ ... «oU ... 5f 
J. UodgtU, London, 1607. 4to. 

0. 84. g. 19. (5.) 
Witbottt pagination. 

The third edition. 

/. Jaggard, Jjondon, 1617. 4to. 

644. e. 88. 

— Another copy. C.12.f.l2.(5.) 

RSYWOOD (Thomas) and 
BROMS (Richard) The late 

Lancashire Witohea. A weU i^ 
oeived Comedy [in five acts and 
in prose and verse], etc. T. Harper, 
for B. FUher, London, 1634. 4to. 
C. 84. g. 19. (4.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. c. 54. 

See HiTCUcx)CK. 

H I C K E 8 (Francis) Se$ 
LuciAN, of Samosata. Certaine 
select dialogues of Lucian . . .trans- 
lated... by M'.F.H., eta 1634. 4to. 
1067. k. 17. 

HICKE8 (Th.) See Luciav, 
of Samoeaia, Certaine select dia- 
logues of Lucian... Whereunto is 
added the Life of Lucian gathered 
out of his own writings, with 
...notee...byT.H.,etc. 1634. 4to. 
1067. k. 17. 

HICKOCK (Thomas) See 
Federici (C.) The Voyage and 
Travaile: of M. C. Frederick... 
Out of Italian by T. H(ickock). 
1588. 4to. B. 671. (2.) 

— The Voyage... of C Frede- 
ricke ... into the East India ... 
translated... by T. Hiokooke. See 
IIakluyt (B.) The principal 
navigations, etc. Vol. 2. pt. 1. 
1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 5. 

HICKS (BAmsr) VieoowU 
Campden, [^nerai Serwum^ See 
Gadlb(J.) a Defianoe to Death, 

Hao-Vir: ur, the Womanish- 
Man: being an Answers to a 
late Books intituled Hio-MuUer. 
Eiprest in a...Dialpgae betweena 
Hno-vir ... and Hio-mulier, eto. 
[1620?] 4to. C. 40. d. 27. (2.) 

— Hio Mulier: or. The lUn- 
Woman: being a Medicine to 
ours. ..the Staggers in the Ma»- 

Bic nil 811 

(SArnra.) Aa As- 
to m F»pbb Ujmm, kl«lT 
' ttbmd to Um W«il 

.) p^rH Mi4 MMk riljrdi vpoa br 
Lmim, iWk 410. lieicZM. 

or tW ApBlngh gf Hb Malkr; lo TIm wood tdi- 

IW kl» DidBMtiM HpiMl btr, Ite. Primta U B. L, /^ 8. Mm- 

^^'[DMm^k^^mSiBmJkmr dUa, £«mU, 1%$. 4ik 

U Mm Osllii«loA.] iVtiiiiil a M. 1 M. 

^^ a4o.d.44. -j^^'^^^TT^i^rr^ 

oo lUa IL 16.1 iV<KM /0r 

KIDS (TwHAi) A OoMoU- A JCmImh Lmuim, 1618. 8Ta 

torn BpMk to Om OUotoa 4403. «. 

r«llK4nDn:MllboribbyT.Hido •. ^t 

riint II.E. Llmm^Lm&km^ "~ ^^ ChruitiaiM JoQinaH 

1860. Sira 8881. a PfT*^^^*^ '^^ *~?* ^ ^ 

bold, aad tbo wot to be 

bj dl IboM wbo tein (i 

bold, oad tbo wot to bo obood 

oaoiro (oo tbo^ 

oogbt) to OBtor hito lifo. ta 

SmJomwi. tbfoo nrmoM on Mottbowo 

oflfofotb Iborooato, ota PHoImI 

lool fttfo-wolL A ooraMM, oto. — Tbo Dignitio of tbo Son 
1818. 4to. 


— joo uigniiio 01 mo oonp* 
toro togiUior iritb tbo ladigBi^ 
wbicb tbo mitbookftill world 

2^2!^,JJlS^2^^o^ •/Ctaridi.,1607. 4to. 8127. d. 
BjjraH. 1617. 8m 8080. ooo! - Tbo DootriiM' Trioll : abow. 

Til flimwi nf MmIm fT IT ^^ ***** *** "••^•^^y* '^^^ **»• 

fW»orljoQllo0lidto«olborl9bim: Ti^lL^TSi^^ 

to oao luo ciao. tioromtooiooii- r„j_ i«ia a«l AAfA ^ ir 

oftboMMOOtboim. l.Tbo ^-"•*^»«»«- 8^- 4474. o. 16. 

Floo. 2. Aa Aoowor — AHolpoantoDoTotkmiOoD- 
tooBDpUBbMi 8. ModitotioM toioingoertoiDolfoiildiorl^nDoo 
•w i f bio g dootb, 4. TboDoolriBO oT Projor. fittod to oovofmU oo- 
of tbo Borootnc o( Cbiirt» oto. omiooo ... Tbo okvoatb oditioo. 
8. AaBilpootoDoootloB. Witb H. E. /. BmU. /or /. Jfodtom, 
t«o Smbom aoi bwoto to o pob- Lmi^m. 1618. 12ma. 874. a. 4A. 

ffl>- £owlM,1618. 12aia 874.0.40. 
TboSooo^ndoM.) [Bdttodby - — —— Tbo ^tbirtoontb 

diOiim-88. ftO. 11)12.0.12. ftf<7.I«ao>s£oMioo,1620. 12nM. 
»«r«oL8ii«ffmfo4. 1220. o. 

Tbo BifbtoMtb 

/. Jbok liodK 

8468. o. 21. 




The twentieth — 

edition. K. E. J. Beale^ London, 
1636. 12ino. 3467. aa. 37. 

HIERON (Samuel) Three 
Sermons : A remedie for Seonritie. 
The niino of GodH Enemies. The 
"NVorldling«Downfall,etc. C.Legge^ 
Printer to the Univereitie of Cam' 
bridge, 1609. 4to. 4474. c. 114. 

— Three Sermons. 1 . The good 
Fight [on 2 Tim. iv. 71 preached 
at the Fnnerall of H. oommaster 
of Pens-Ford ... Jan. 1 606. 2. The 
worth of the water of Life. 3. 
Davids Longing, etc. J. Legate, 
Cambridge, 1607. 4to. 1418. g. 56. 

Imperfect ; tho firat leriDon only. 

HIERONYMUS, Brunevicen- 
Of. See Braunschweio. 

HIERONYMUS, de Saneto 
Marco. DeHunctoMarcho. Opus- 
cnlnm de uuiversali mundi ma- 
china ao de methooriois impres- 
sion i bus a Fratre Jeronimo de 
acto Marcho ordinis minorum i in 
■acra theologia Htudete Parisiense 
editum. End, Explicit parvus 
traotatus de naturali mundi ma- 
china ac de nietheoricis impros- 
sionibus oompilatus per fratrem 
IlicroDimum de Saneto Marcho 
ordinis minorum in alma nniver- 
sitate exouiense. IhOh [1505?] 
9. die Octobris. 19. %. MS. 
NoTBB. Biehaird: Ppneon [Lcmdtm, 
1505?! 4to. 8561. c. 

tit paii^Diition. Below the 
tiio |>rititer't doTioe. 

— Another copy. G. 8927. 

HIODEN (IUnulphus) The 
deeoryiwyou of Englonde. End, 
Here endeth the deeorypoyon of 
Brytayne, the whiohe oonterneth 
Knglonde Walee and Sootfonde, 
and also... I rlonde... taken out of 

iR. H.'i] Polycnin)oon. See 
^KOLAiin. [The Chronidee of 
England, eta] 1497, etc. fol. 
C. 11. K 1.(1.) 

— 1502. fol. 194.0.16.(2.) 

— 1510. foL 9510. h. 

1516. foL 0.5995. 

1528. fol. C. 16.b.4. 

HIDDEN (Ranulphus) Begm. 
[Fol. X. recto, preceded by 27 leavee 
containing the table of contents 
and other preliminary matter,] 
Cronica Ranulphi Cistrensis Mo- 
nachi (the book named Prolocony- 
con... com piled by Kanulph monk 
of latyn i atte reqneat 
of... Thomas lord of berkeley it 
was translated in to englisshe by . . . 
rj.l Trevisa...vycarye of...bark- 
ley\ rin seven books; edited 
and " tne rude and old engl^ssh 
somwhat chaunged " by W. Cax- 
t<>n ; and continued by him in an 
eighth book from 1357 to 1460.] 
». *. 2 vols. [TT.CStMjton. TTerf- 
mineter,] 1482. fol. G. 6011. 

Without titlepage. Register A»-6, 
B8,C4, 1. a-55. 7. ThenomerRtioDof 
the folios commeuoes on sig. 1. 2, and 
continues to 428, the last leaf. In 
this copy the dates, etc, in the mar- 
gin are written in red ink. This 
copy wants the five blank leaves 
which are found in some copies of 
the work. 

— Another copy. C. 10. b. 7. 

Impcrft^ct; wanting four leaves 
of the table of cont4nta, and a leaf 
next to fol. CCXXIxiii. The last 
iMtf, fol. OCCCjcxviij., has baea 
supplied in M8., but wiihont the 
oulophon. In this copy the dales, 
etc., in the margin are written in 
fed ink. 

— Another copy. MS. Nona. 

C. 21. d. 

ImMrfeoi: wanting 71 Isaves, 
vis. 66 leaves at the oommeiMaBMiit, 
foil. Iv., OOOxziiy., OOOOxxUyn 
and two leatss at tne end. The n- 
maiodsrooiisisls of 874 leaves. The 
daiss in the margin of this copy 
also art in red ink MB. 

— [Polyoronyoon] (made and 
oompyled by Bannlph monke of 

nio nia ma 

\jm dm 827.4. SI. 

f iM wi > m «iMiMriiMiiyifMs 


HIOOIKB (.fnfiii) Am Uv%. 
HW. IbL ' ' ' C, II.K2, ^AT(A ) I ho Mirmvr of Mau- 

htlttio. or Pnnri{t«l| p«rt of thu 
Mirmwr for .Mugminit^i [of J. II. 
•ad oUmtv I via I&79. 4to. 

Sr^nSmr^ *^^^ ^* *• ^^^ 

llw «»4 oTttM i»bM ftMl [MiBliMM.] Pkmvre ... oi Um 

tolbLOCCtlH. OvtiM UtiM8|NiMhKAUMr«loQiofUl 

^^mhfAjmimmmCtpom^ Um aim OoMiiliw of Temo*. 

WlMraoT IhoM of Um fimi thrao 
wmMleotodbyN. U<U11. And 
Umm of tbo Utter ihrM...bT 
J. H^ oto. 1675. 8vo. 

12935. a. 47. 

1581. 8to. C. IZK6. 

__ _^_ — The first parto of the MtrtMr 

imdn^^htktmpiAmii Ibr lUgirtimlM. ooQlaiotiig tbo 

OuiH^«dlite«flitl bllM of tbo fim inforteaato 

\iftiitbM> ^itln. M m ^^^^^^ ^^ Undo: Frtim the 

r^r iirt^a«Lr^?LL. 'IvLJ^ oommlag of Bnito to the Inoum^ 

IM7. fct C. 15. K 3. ,,,« . ly J. H.] (The lort pita 

143ft. te«W tlto«MM — t.,,.:. 

* •^.trsx^jr'' "^ »^ *"-' «* 

wborsio maj be aeeoe bj os- 
anolee poMed in tbie Benlmo, 
with howe greroot pUnce, Tioat 
„_ ^„ erepanidiediBmet Aiaoatuid 
^^^' ^SL rr Megirtnilea. [Cootatnind tbo 
683. L 1. auno point that wtre inolodad 

HIOOX8 fScA.) A tmo *iJ^**S^^/iJf'^^^ 
~^-- - ^j t u^ T.Mm m f t Lm mc m, lSt4. 4ta 

C. 21. a 38. 

lired 10. jfOfoe, bj robbing oo ^. ^i.aoo. 

HIOOIN8(Jomi)Si«Hin4Nrr the ^IdlSi !!f ^mSI ^^ "^ 

<R.) UnloHeDielkm4i.Bo«o- »H i l i lj,m i w byO 

)jeeomelod...bjJ.H. 1572. IbL 

Ml Duke of O 
"•Sm Jcxiof (A.) The No- lISrfMC'lIi 





original work« <»<Ht«d by W. Bald- 
win« and publiahod in 1559 aod 
1571 tmder iba tiila '* A Myrroure 
for MaflMratM:'* tea tha haading 
** Baldwin (WiUiaai>'' 

— Another copy of pt. 2, only. 

G. 11528. 

— Another edition. D. %, 
2 pts. T. Marahe^ London^ 
1575. 4to. C. 21. a 51.(1, 2.) 

— Another copy of pt. 1 only. 

G. 11524. 

HIOGINS(JoHif) TheMironr 
for Maffistratea, wherein may bee 
■eene, by ezamplea passed in this 
Bealme, with howgre^vous plagues 
▼ioes are punished in g^eatFrinoes 
and Magfistrates, etc. [Contain- 
iuK the poems of J. H. originally 
poblished as '* the First Part of 
the Mirror for Magistrates/' with 
28 additional ones ; and the col- 
lection of poems made by W. 
Baldwin, and previously entitled 
"The last part," with the addition 
of poems on Sir N. Burdet and on 
James IV. King of Scotland, by 
J. TI. ; on the battle of Flodden 
Field, by F. Dingley; and on 
Cardinal Wolsey. by T. Church- 
yard.] ». I. H, Manh, London, 
1587. 4to. 1077. g. 5. (1.) 

— Another oopy. C. 12. h. 1. 

— Another copy. G. 115'J 

— A Mirour for Magistrates: 
being a true clironicle hiaturie of 
the untimely falles of suoh unfor- 
tunate Prinoes and men of note, 
as have happened since the firnt 
entrance or Brute into this Hand, 
untill this our latter Age. [Con- 
taining the poomaof J. H. origin- 
ally publiHhod aa ** The first |>art 
of the Mirror,*' with the addi- 
tional ones ; nine out of the 12 
poems of T. Blouer-Hassct origin- 
ally publislied as "The second 
part; and the collection of 

poems made by W. Baldwin, an 1 
previously entitled "The la.-i 
part," omitting therefrum ttie 
poems on James I. and I\\, FIckI- 
den Field, and Richard III., and 
adding one on Lord Cromwell by 
M. Drayton : omitting the proee 
narrative which connected the 
poems in previous editions.] 
Newly enlarged with a last t^irt 
[by R. NiocoTa], called A A\ 
nights Vision, being an adti... ... 

of such are ex- 
empted in the former HiHtorie, 
with a Poem annexed, called Eng- 
hinds Eliza. 4 pts. F. KyngtUm, 
London, 1610-09. 4to. C. 12. h.2. 
Each pt baa a separate titlepaga, 
but the pagination and regi«ter are 
oontiuiKJUs. PU. 1,3, and 4 bear tha 
date 1610, and pi. 2, 1609. 

— Another copy. G. 11530. 
Imperfect; wanting tig. Eae 8, 
containing verBee to Ladj Elisabeth • 
Clere and an addroae to the reader. 

HIGGINS (John) The Fallea 
of Unfortunate Pri noes... W here- 
unto is added the... Life and Death 
of Queene Elizabeth, with a de- 
claration of all the Warree... 
wherein at large is described the 
Battell of 88, etc. [ By J. Higgins, 
M. Drayton, eta Edited by R. 
Niccohi.J Printed by F. K, for 
W. Aniey, London, 1620. 4to. 

C. 21. c 

This \» a reprint of the edition of 
■ A mirour for magiitratea ** printed 
iti 161U: with a mw tiilepage. 

HiaaiNSON (FRANas) 
New-Englands Plantation. Or, 
a abort... Description of the Com- 
modities and Diaconimodities of 
that oountroy. Written by M'. 
IIiffgeson...\V hereunto is added 
a Letter, by M'. Graves an En- 
ffinere, out of New England. The 
third Edition, enlarged. T, amd 
B, Colet, for M. Sporke^ L<md4m^ 
1630. 4to. C. 33. a 6 

Witbont pagination. . BafislK 
D-D. Thirteen leaves. 

n • -: I! I ♦ k: . 

to. A Dirwi l^fiii-ninnii 

M- — Anodbir oopjr. S6t. b. 80. 

rlOB,»lc UM«iid. 

lu. i. ». (2.) ||n,PiHgAM (A«Tmm) 

raoQ ^oA Kpim. tt« 4- Am H., A. 

1611. 4ta ?!"T.?: '" ' /'-'^••J*^ 

^ ^ PNMUd in A«iiD3 t. 

f T. Riinroni 4b 1«2».) 2pl«. r 

JE. BrtmiUr, Lomdo>. 

•ad wtJmU 

— LaetnrM vpoD cIm FovHli 

"• of John. [Edited hj J. C.l 

00ei.(2,) q.M[iaer]/^B.BJMi^.uJ^ 
^ ' dMm629. fe>l. 3227. g. 

'^ '^l«ill kv T H '0«rth of Joliii. rBdllad by J. 

^ n>.fdi or EDg. ^s'SS^,*^ /L.'^ 

11 //a/A Imin, f" ■* « "■ «" . !«•* ■ . 16»a. fcL 

4478. Ik W. »»'• «• 

▼vrt«€s of tlie Mme. ^^'^ ^ Bnwifcr, Iratfti^ 16SA. tiL 

«IOl [A Satin is TMM.1 U.K. *^- 


Ift64. 8m 0.11169. HILL qAoam; Tbo Cri« of 

WUh— I pigtmini EngUod. A Mrmon [on Gta. 

HILARION,«^ lyc SIL^L^TjSlw ^ 

S» JnoM. teaL 0«taiM m- K ABd$/ar SrSoHam. 

••••^ •!**>«•' 8- ™««ii*.6to. 1896. 8TO. 898. b. 12. 

RILDEBRANDT r AmutAf) — TIm Daftoo* of Um ArtieU 

HILDEBRANDT r AmutAf) » TIm DdboM of Um ArtieU : 
[Tba GJBOMkgie Mi[d] BmU- CkrisI dMMiddl itilo B«1L Witli 
fTM oC Um aoti iOwtrioM nd ArnMatt obieetdl aniast Um 

aMrt Bigbtj Uan ia 8a td< a ... tratli of tlia waa dootriaa: of 
TniMlalad taloft^i;lidb lij 8". a oaa A. Haaioik All which itaaoaa 
L, Kaight. Fiw MS. Nona, aia oonlatad^ etc «. E. Fiw 


11 1 r 


M8. NoTW. PrinUd for W. Ptm- 
miAU, Ltmdtm, 1592. 4to. 4226.6. 

HILL yoHn) The Penitent 
Sinn(*rfi Entcrtaincmcnt. [A 
Sermon on Luke xv. 20, etc.] 
/. BeaU, for T, Ma$^ Lomdam, 
1614. 8vo. 4402.6. 

HILL(MARaARRT)lfra. Elegie 

by I. S.. i.e. I. SyWeeterl. See 

ILL( R.^ The Pathway to Prayer, 

•te. 1615. etc. 8vo. 875. b. 13. 


HILL (Robbrt) See BiBrx— 
New Tistamcct. — RevekUim, 
A godly. ..Expoeition... upon the 
three firtt chaptem of the Kevela- 
tion ... by ... W. Perkins ... Fimt 
published... by R.n..eto. 1607. fol. 
3186. h. 

— See BucAXUs (G.) Iniititu- 
iiona of Christian Religion ... 
published in English by R. H., 
etc 1606. 4to. 874. 1. 10. 

— The fourth part of the 
Workes of...R. Groenhara... con- 
taining an exposition of the 110. 
FlHUme, found unperfect amongst 
other writings of Maister Green- 
bam, and perfected by R. Hill, 
etc. See Greeniiam (R.) The 
Wurkes of...B. Greenham, etc. 
1612. fol. 1012. e. 8. 

~ See HiCRON (S.) The 

Sermons of ... S. Ilieron, etc. 

[Edited by R. H.] 1624, etc. fol. 

1012. 6. 12. 

— Christs Prayer expounded, 
a Christian directed, ana a Com- 
municant prepared. ..To which is 
added a Preface of Prayer, a pithie 
Prayer for Chrintian families, etc 
V. k. Few MS. Notes. Printed 
Jot W. OoiUm, Ltmdom, 1606. 8to. 

874. g. 17. 

»- Life everlasting: or the 
true knowledge of One JehoTah, 
Three Elohiro, and Jeens Im- 
manuel : ooUeoied out of the beet 

modeme divines, and compiled 
into one volume, by R. Hill, etc. 
Printed hf J. Legat, Printer to the 
Univereitte of Cambridge, 1 GO 1 . 4to. 
4223. b. 

HILL (Robert) The Pathway 
to Prayer and Pietie : oontayning, 
1. An Exposition of the Lords 
Prayer... 2. A Preparation to the 
Lords Supper, with M. Zanohius 
Confession, concerning that Sa- 
crament. 3. A Direction to a 
Christian Life... 4. An Instruction 
to Dye well, and I. S[ylvester] 
his Elegie upon the Death of... 
Mistris M. ll(ill)...The Sixth 
edition. 5 pts. Printed by 
W. S{tanth}f) for W, Barret, Lon- 
don, 1615-16. 8vo. 875. b. 13. 

The Seventh edi- 

tion. 5ptR. Printed by B.F{ield) 
for W. Barret, London, 1617. 8vo. 

4410. b. 

Eighth edition, etc. 

(The Protestation of J. White... 
written... to the end the Papista 
might understand he departed 
out of this world, of the same 
opinion, etc.) 5 pts. /. Havi- 
land. Bold by J. }y right, London, 
1629. 12mo. 875. b. 26. 

HILL (Thomas) Londoner. See (B.> a brief... Epitoroye 
of the whole art of Phisiognomie by T. 
Hyll, Londoner. [1550?] 8vo. 
1395. a. (1.) 

— See FiORAVANTi (L.) A Joy- 
fullJewell. Con tiyning... orders, 
preservatives... for the Plague... 
translated ... by T. H(ill). 
[1579.] 4to. C. 31. e. 5. 

— See FcLKE (W.) AnU- 
prognoetioon contra inutilee 
Aatiologonim PniMlirtiones Noe- 
tredami, H., etc. 1560. 8vo. 


If I L I! 1 1. itr 

MILL {Tmotu$)Lmimm. TM fuU of Mm, ttom Um Biii lo 
Art* if tnU^ •HllMMliol»...4^ iU Fbol. •. E. IT. U§$ml, 
xyi^\ . B«*lr«i : vintior [lMiM,]1618. Svo. 

MdM tUoi««iUuiWTI.s«arT.llo« 

1«W. 4IO. 6M. o. 12. 

Ibr kwlmdnS lo know* 
BnglklMl bjr T. H^ oto. ». t. 

— A BtMb Md iilMMttoi 3 ptfk MS. KoTM. T. JfordU, 

TmIim* UKlttM: Nfttwmll mmI !«•*». 1M8. 8to. 067. K 3 
Artiiokll OoMteioM: WriitM TIm traniM lMf« s 

bjr Muidffy 8oMUf«of Um 
Uahpwiitk of I^laM...«l tho... 

of OM BArUMOmow, a Now tho thiido 

T««^ao: Md DOW ft ig ti i h o d by tiao Ml ftNrth : ... Wbeiomito U 
T. HtII olo. ». m. E. Atti^ DOwlyoddodotMtiMortboArto 

I tmim ^ l&M. 8vo. 0. 81. o. 1. of grmfllng ood pUatinff of 

!■! I <■ n ; oMifcif >U «lWr ■% . M. E. 2 pte. mS. Nam. 
P*-, y » < f — *••«». wttlwol IT, Bf iioo,Xoodgo, 1674. 4lo. 


— A oottt— pkrioa of Mjii- i < 2 

ooDlojrBiag tho tmn 

oad dgmiiMtioM of oorw _ AooUior odiitoo. 2 pti. 

"« ^??Hr4. •S^ ^- ByminiMW, Loodpm 1679. 4to. 

T. Hvll. H. E. 234^ j^ 27. 


, ^T^ Wttdilioo daobiteted lo U 

1J.(2.) -ttovtte third tiMMftlBrtl^** tie. 

— AMOtlfariofcoiidploMMDt — Anothor copj. 448.0.4. 

tfoat7M.toootgr«fihowotodrMi, i»|nrfw«: 

r. ifMdti, I JSkIW. 8Ta ' — AiioUioroopyofpt.2only. 
448.0.8. C.27.h.8. 

— Aaolhor oditioo. M. E. 
2pU. FtwM8.KoTn. B.WM^ 
whomntoiMnoxodmadfjIVob: ffw. Umim, 1686. 4ta 887. o. 18, 
lomMwithoptOMiiowMret,...aod TUttdHtaiitlOMwlM HiM k 

imfooiMBpl«...Q«thofodl>yUio W«ao«tW tyidtiM«rttlbtt^*' 

^Sf r Of T uz^ ii:^^isx;:zt^^ 

wIt Impriiited. M. E. »• •oa « »m oopy •!• ■wum.i. 

r. Mmnk, Lmdom. 1676. 8vo. — Anoihor odition. ». E. 

719. o. 82. 2 pt& & AttJk, Limdom, 1693. 4to. 

THhoU itlMtino 967. b. 4. 

— APUMiiiHisl4v:docUr. — AaoChw odHioo. M. E. 

— AHMMiilHislonr: dodar. — AnotlMr oditioo. V. «• 
iaClhowholoArtofpQ^iogiMMoy, 2 pta. E.JIUc ImIm, 1608. 4to. 
Ufdorly ttttcTitig mil tho opocioU 44a o. 8. 




— ABoiber oopj. IIS. Noras. 

O. 2887. (2. 8.) 

HILL rrncnus) ImuioMr. The 
Sohoole of 8kil : ountoining two 
bookw: the first, of the Sphere, 
of heATen, of the ftarree, or their 
orbea, and of the earth, Sto. The 
•eoond, of the Sphericall Ele- 
meiita, of the oeleetiall Circles,... 
ite.... With apt figores, etc. 19. Z. 
T, Judion^ /or W, Jaggard^ London, 
1699. 4to. 682. e. 4.(1.) 

— Another oopj. Few MS. 
Nom. 632. e. 3. 

HILL(Thohi8) Boman Catholic. 
8e€ Abbott (G.) suocessively 
Bithop of Lichfield, etc. The 
toasons which Doctour H. has 
brought for the upholding of Pa- 
pistry ...onmaBked, etc. 1604. 4to. 
3935. b. 

— See DiLLiNOHAif (F.) A 
Qnartron of Beasons, compoBed 
by Doctor H. ...prooved a quartron 
of follies. 1603. 4to. 3932. f.(l.) 

— A quartron of reasons of 
Gatholike religion, with as many 
briefe reasouB of refusall. (A 
ooppy of a letter sent from two 
dttxens of London, to theyr friend 
remayning beyond the Seas for 
oanse of Heligion [signed K. & G. 
H.].) Aniwerpe, 1600. 8vo. 

C. 87. a. 67. 

HILL (William) D.D. The 
first principles of a ChriBtian. 
Questiont and answers upon the 
Oreed, the ten Commandments, 
the Sacraments, and the Lords 
PniTer...Tenth edition. Prinied 
far N. Buiier, Lomhn, 1 629. 8to. 
8606. a. 

Wriiet. The Infande of the 
Sonle: or, The Boole of an Infant, 
...Whioh sheweth the infusion 
tbtrtof whiles that the Infant 
ritteth in the Wombe,eto. Im- 

prinied hp W. W. for C. Knight, 

XofMioa, 1606. 4to. 698. f. 3.(1.) 

Without pagination. 

HILLIARD (John) Fire from 
Heavon. Burning the body of 
one J. Hittchell of Holne-hurst... 
in the County of South-hampton 
...who by the same was consumed 
to ashes, and no fire scene... With 
the fearefuU burning of the towne 
of Dorchester, etc. «. %, Prinied 
.../orJ.Trundle,London,16lS. 4to. 
C. 27. b. 36. 

Without pagination. The title- 
page is slightly mutilated. 

HILSEY (John) Biehop of 
Bochester. See Litoroies. — £no- 
LAND, Church of.—Primeri. The 
Primer in English, ... extracted 
oute of the Manuall of Prayers... 
in Englishe and late, set forth 
by Jhj [H.] laet byshop of 
Rochester, etc. [1539.] 8vo. 

C. 36. b. 13. 

The pryn^er both in Eng- 

lyshe and Latin, etc. [Set forth by 
J. H.], etc. 1540. Bvo. 

C. 36. b. 14. 

HILTON (W.) See Rioius 

(U.) The Sermon which Christ 

made on the way to Emaus, etc. 

[Translated by W.H.] 1678. 8vo. 

4226. bb. 

1612. 4to. 4226. oc 

HINDE (William) iSsaBiBLi. 
— Old Testament. — Proverhe. 
Bathshebaes Instructions to her 
Sonne Lemuel: containing a fruit- 
full ... exposition of the last chapter 
of...Proverl>8...Ihibli«hed by J. 
Dod and W. Uiude. 1614. 4to. 
873. h. 16. (7.) 

— See Bible.— Old TnTAMtirr. 
— OboiMiA. The Propheoie of 
Obadiah opened... Published 
W...H(inde). 1613. 4to. 8166. a. 

If 1 \ 1; 1 ^ Pli 

HINDE ^^ i« v i: I lIirPOORATEa \4" 

I w ;«*,,«. jj i... !•* ^ •'. ' MiffKMifmli* Apl.«.ri»uii 

iW^Mmi U liiftM^ I ...pM* J. Ttmtnm. 

•ov |MiUUM« bj W. .%39.o. 10.(1.) 

1614. 4IO. 4 - 

— Sm RAtMiM (J.) Tb# I, "TT ri^ 
I rntliirfi or Obidkli opt-d MMt '^ I'^fbr 
mKvT.. ISbUalMl W. S *•* • 
lltdk UIS. 4IO. 81«5.ft. Jil^y 

- A r«Uilo PSirtk, Itadiag to iV:-' ii ;.. ^ 
UmNv.v. iUTr«lb«MiailMl3lii. i^ 10. i2i. 

Ckitel Jmm, He. /. Bmnm, <. i. a. 1 1. (,.'.; 

a0nl.,6ia. 8^ 4410. f. ^ [„^ ^_^ .,,,,^_3 ^ 

mPOUTO. Tb« Thm Hi»- DiMNOM of HttBMUM Smuif.,. 

tonr of Um tncidn low of H. with on ialtraiolation «poD tho 

Md laiaMlK MoMoltloM. Bmt. mm bj J. do Bovmt. TTimiio. 

liiUd. [PiMdod bj iroiMod. UtodftxwtlioFfoiMC.] At Kir. 

di«nd**T6tboTolo»o'* iicMd Tho Kor to Unknowiio Know- 

r Bmrnr md N.FmU, ' T. Bmpm md N. FmU, Mgo,oto. 1M9. 4to. 774. f.l 
' l<S8. 8m 18818. a. 

• Tho MOOBd oditioB. 
Mid If & Mdfkm. 

— \Uftn»manmvA Tho Plro- 
MM of MTiao Hippodntof... 
OoUoolod OBd TrmiiflUtod hj P. 

1888. 8m 11813. o. i^,^^^ g^ Lo^, /p x ^ pj^ 
HIPPOCRATSa [A^o- oo«».oto. Pt2. l^lloto. 4to. 

Tho AphoriMto of B. 7480. a 

«^t •*JRj?*2r!?^"!^'****' l*^ ^to. 549. f. 5 

ofhMltho.«t8L [IbbOf] 8m -~ r^/ipwdig.] Pirt>gM»tioo. 

1039. t 21. (1.) eioii dhkwoo oot of tho Bookoo 

1588. 8m 1089.132. ^^fiTT:^^ 

— IwoiyorOTf ol 'A^Mio^M Showjngo tho doongor of dj- 

wtO/am tt am *E>^Mrpoi. Hippo- ▼«« oyoheneioeo, oto. M. II. 

ofmtio...ophori«Biool«UABotrIai. H. H>«', [LomIoo, 1530?] 8m 

Ulirpiolo J. Hoonio ... Mot». 1038.0.5.(2.) 
J. Fi«io...ol R. Wintor- 

(EpignBwUa Bogioraai HIRTnJ8(AiJU7f) AoCitBAft 
Mi notenroiic^t*- (C. .K) Kmwrvt^ of Amm. Tho Eiglit lUx^kt-c of C. J. Cboor, 

R WiBtartoni lotophffodii cooteTniog bio maitUU oiplojti 
Qoibw MOBdmt opinrnoiBMiU to tho reolmo of GaUio, oto. 
ii!\3iMlom- (Thooi^thbookoof A.H.«oto.) 

lorm lootomo JBgriUidiBoa) IMO. dto. C. 21. b. 

Of Msd Lot 2 pitL T. AmI i «. ^ - . 

R. I^oomI, CamUArigim, 1838. 8m HISTORY. Tho H. of tho 
• 539. 0. 4. ^<^1 ^ CboTAlnr with tho Ufi 
ri f bin iMMili llilifMii lit ^*^^ dooth of Cavalicro Dioko 

Bowjor. [A pbr. in tct>«, by 




W. Wayer?] 8. Sir^fbrd for 
N. BmtUr, L<mdoi^ 1605. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 60. 
TIm kMl ImJ U ffluUUUd. 

— Another oopy. 161. a. 11. 

Wmtiaff ill* Uty0p^g9 and iba 
iiz ftiUovinir leaves, whieh have 
b«rti ivfirioUMl, and are prefixed to 
tbli eop7. 

HISTORY. The H. of the 
World. [By Sir VV. RaleiKh.] 
2 pta. PnHted/or W. Burre, Lan- 
don, 1614. fol. C. 38. i. 10. 

From ft eeriee of MS. notee on the 
tItlqMige end following leaf, it ap- 
pean tiiat thi^ volume orig^intilly 
belonged to the PrinooM Palatine 
Bisabetb, daughter of James L, 
and was left behind her at Prague 
oo her flight from that city, Novem- 
ber, 1820, when it fell into the hands 
of a Spaniard named Verdugo. At 
the recapture of Prague oy the 
Swedes, 1648, it was recovered by 
a Ovnuan of the name of Kleo, who 
restored it to John Philip Frederick, 
son of the princess. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for W. Burre, London, 1614. fol. 


In this edition, which closely re- 
sembles the preceding, the **errata" 
of the earlier issue have been cor- 
rected. Later editions, which were 
published with the author'8 name, 
will be found under the heading 
- Kalcigh (&> W.y 

HITCHCOCK (Robert) See 

(lAKKAKi. (^W.) The Art of vVarre 

...oorrectCM and finished by Cap- 

Uine Hiohoook, etc. 1591. 4to. 

8824. 000. 

— 8m 8AH80VIN0 (F.) The 
QointaMDoe of wit... Translated 
oat of the Italian tutig [by It. U.l 
1590. 4to. 232. 1. 35. 

— A rollitinne Piatt for the 
honour of the Prince, the greate 
prufite of tlie puUique atate, re- 
lief of the poore, preaerration of 
the riohe, rafonnatiou of Hom 
and Idle pcnoMt, and the wealthe 

of thouaandea that knowee not 
howe to live, etc. 1$. Z. MS. 
N0TI8. J. Kjfngiton, London, 
1680. 4to. C. 27. f. 3. 

Without pagination. 

HITCHELL (John) Bwmmg. 
See iliLLiAUD (j.) Fire from 
Heaven. Burning the body of 
one J. Hittchell, etc. 

HIUD (JoHAN) See Bible.— 

New Testament.— (?o«e&.—flar- 

monies. The Storie of Storiee... 

Collected by J. H. 1632. 8vo. 

4823. aa. 

HN. -SmN., H. 

HOARD (Sajiuel) See God. 
Gods Love to Mankind mani- 
fested, etc. [ByS. H.l 1633. 4to. 
T. 2033. (7.) 

— The Churches authority aa- 
serted: in a Sermon [on 1 Cor. 
XIV. 40] preached at Chelmsford, 
at the... Visitation of William 
[Land]... Archbishop ot Canter- 
bury... March 1, 1636. Printed 
by M. F. for J. Clark, London, 
1637. 4to. 694. g. 20. (9.) 

— The Soules Miserie and Re- 
coverie, etc. Printed If M. F. for 
J. Clark, London, 1636. 8vo. 

874. e. 31. 

HOBBES (Thomas) ^S^Thu- 
CYDiD^x Eight Bookee of the 
Peloponuesian Warre ... Inter- 
preted... by T. H., etc. 1629. fol. 
199. f. 15. 


Johnson (R.) The pleasant oon- 

oeitea of old U., etc 1607. 4ta 

C. 89. d. 2. 

HOBY (Sir Edward) See 
Co^oNKT (M.) Politique [dia- 
oouraea on] trueth and lyiuff... 
Translated out of the Frenoh... 
by Sir £. H. 1586. 4to. 

523. g. 13. 

non II • !• iiti 

■OBT i.^ K»«Aii») Am» l«ua. 4IO. 9403.4. 

Oiiat tt£iT4iii Aim iMBUim.— 


Fj fa Ttin-r HOOUSPOOUS. Hoom 

AmSwm Ur^ttm lo I^»'WI JvoiuT. The AtMlOMfo of 

wSlZoX t^iy '<■■>!"■ Or llM ait of 

ApolaKTorT.RignM...wUrtia >W> i. JM««iim 1686. 4io. 

iIm LtClar oC 8lr B. H....i& ui- 7913. bb. 

»«FtQi of bis Pin»t lloliTa it... VUbnit yi^witiwi 

.WM. law. 3m aw. t. 38. HODD18DOK (Hwtr) A 

— Atlli«MiA(&Mi) TImo- TrtAUMOonowniogUicdwUiMid 

HfM ml PiMliM of Warrt... rwimctioii of o«r bodia^ ata 

TnuiiJ«i»a by 8-, R. H., ato. H. E. B. BnMoek, 

I •" ^t 1140. b. 34. 1306. 8?o. 1412. a. 26. 

— am StOL. 4hmm$. ^ Aa WHboat pigtaMloa. 

^^ ■'•■' f? g i | iMlaf |f . |M«d. A HODOB8 (Amtwwt) 

c urry.««U for a ooi*.«inba... 5^ h. (Axtbomy) 

In aaawvr to a lewd Libtll Utely ^ 

bj Jabal iUcbil agAitmt H O D Q E 8 (Ric«Atl>) En- 

8«r E. ilobiM aoaatar^aaarU, ate chiridtuii Aritlimaticoo ; or, 
I61.V 4UK 873. t 13. iMUiaal of MiUiooa: cootainiiig 

thaiaia mtmm aooomiili ready 
nf" ooMpvlad, ale. Jt WuAm^ Lmt- 
tM dba,i68i. 8m 8608. bb. 3. 

— &• IL, J. 

tHnpb ofar Ball, 

barbiM of Cbrbarw is 8 jr E. wmw^ 

It .w^? rti««i.« .■■■■I. -A* w«fce«i 

liMiijaa tiWMlai aiMila, ate. 

1618. 4IO. 8886.0. H0D0K1N80M (Bjchaui) 

-.AOD«it»«HalbrIab. ^"^ 

A Caon^iidan HODGSON (Wiluam) Tba 

riarUie of Sorrow, let bkiod in 

the aya-Tetne: or, the Moaea 

taata Palpat Babab,** br J. B.] laarea finr the Death of our late 

LvoMBila. [Being a lapfj to 
**Tba ovarthrow of the Plrotaa- 

M8. Nonok tSimiwiftr N. Baiter, BoTaraigoa, Jamaa King of Eng 
1613. 410. W36.b. Uad, eto. /. lifaW, ~ 

mr a. nr. i^^'^^l ^^ 0. W. 0. 34. 

V I^MIar to Mr. T. H[i^ g^,^ bavw, vttboat p tgfu tt f i m 

guiiei iete Mhiialar; now Fiigi- *^-t *'* 1 iMirlnl rn lliV iTliiniiai. aaawaia of bia iral Mo- aad po^ibly tC dnHbata bMiaS 

thra. ia^mta If F. JLfor »«y 
JB> JBtt&tti ess W^. BtfttA^ J^eaoe^ 

H0D80N (Piiixkaa) The 

H^n.. 4t... loiy. ,. JM. t,., King. IH'H-*l: -r. I>avia« de- 

.5... 4U. "'— ,<a.a.3. itJis'-x.^-^^'TiXvi 

.577. 4«. M<«.ooa _Th.U*8.««b. 
1 588. 8to. Q. 16579. I. 2] pfaaabad bafofa bla lUlaatia*a 




PnneraU. PrinUd by JT F. /or 
H. Barret, Londtm, 1625. 4to. 

4474. b. 42. 

H O D 8 ON (WiLLun) See 
BiBUi:,— Old TnTAMSNT.—JPtalmt. 
Partion$. The Divine Coemo- 
graphcr ... in a tractate on the 
vfii. Pnalme. By W. H., etc. 
1640. 12mo. 3089. aa. 

— Credo Rerarrectionem Car- 
nii. A tractate on the Elevontli 
article of the Apostles Creed, 
exactly revised and Enlarged. 
OBecond edition^ Printed 6y tie 
Priniere to the Uniperwitie of Cam' 
bridge,,. §old bff A. Crook, iondon, 
1636. 12mo. 4412. a. 

There is also a aeoond titlepsge, 


— Begin, Sig. As. (Sancta 
Peocatrix.) [A theological trea- 
tihc on the woman who anointed 
ChiiHt's feet. Eng.] [Cambridge, 
1630?] 12mo. 1019. b. 14. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and frontispiece. 

HOFFMAN. The Tragedy 
of H. or, A Kevenge for a Father 

iin five acts and in verse. By 
I. Chettlel. Printed by I. N. for 
H, Perry, Lmdon, 1631. 4to. 

644. b. 11. 

— Another copy. 161. a. 45. 

— Another copy. 

C. 21. a, 35. (5.) 
The laat leaf U slightly mutilated. 

HOOAN ^Edmund) Em^ to 
Morocco, Muley 
Abdelmelech Emperour of Ma- the yeere 1577. See 
Hakluyt (R.) The Principal 
Navigations, etc. Vol. 2. 1598, 
etc ful. 683. h. 5. 

HOGARDB (Mnjn) 5m 

Crowliy (R.) The ConfuUtion 
of the mishapen Aunswer to the 
tuisiiamed, wicked Ballade [by 

H. H.] called the Abuse of y* 
blessed Sacramet of the aultare, 
etc. [1548.] 8vo. C.37.C.23. 

HOGARDE (Miles) See 
Treatise. Here beg}'neth a newe 
Treatyse. [In verse. By M. H.?] 
[1550?] 4to. C. 40. ell. 

— The displaying of the Pro- 
testants, 1 sondry their practises, 
with a description of divers their 
abuses of late frequented. Newly 
imprinted agayne, and aug- 
mented, etc. 0. %. B, Caly, 
London, 1556. 8vo. C.37. b. 45. 

— A new treatyse in maner of 
a Dialoge, which sheweth the 
excellencv of manes nature, in 
that he is made to the Image of 
Qod, and wherin it restyth, and by 
howe many Wayes a man dothe 
blotte and defyle the same Image. 
[Inverse.] ».E. B.Wyer,[Lon' 
don, 1550 ?] 4to. C. 40. c. 14. 

Sixteen leaves, withont titlepage 
or pagination. The name of 
**Myies Hogarde" appears in the 
last stanza but one of "* the Lenvoj." 

HOKER otherwise VOW- 
ELL (John) 
See VowELL otherwise Hoockr. 

HOLBEIN (Hans) 1800 Bible. 
— Old Testament. — Appendix, 
The Images of the old Testament, 
etc. [from designs by H. H.]. 
1549. 4to. C. 37. b. 3. 

— See CauniZR (T.) AnMekop 
ofCanterbury, Cathechismns. That 
is to say, a shorte Instruction, etc 
[With wooden ts from designs by 
H. H.] 1548. 8vo. C. 21. a, 

Loves Complaint for Want of 
Entertainement A Sermon [on 
1 Cor. xiti. 6] preached at Pttiuea 
C r oss e , the third of December, 
1609. Printed for N, Butter, I 
<ioii, [1609?] 4to. 694.k.1.(17.) 
Without paginatiua. 

IT • ^ ASS 

BOLDBRUs ^rnmcii J^« ^ 

rmllMr P. H.t I61H. 4lo. 

1190. b.» ^ 

BOU>T,7W«</. MiiMtkMM liiiffS; 

K««« fftMiIlM duk of Iloiau ■•'*^^» 

bi Um loff4<«blp of MttMtor (is HOLIM8HBD (lUnuo.) 

ivwU^tli of Sip- TU ftnl tad woood TolQaM^of 

ML l«t«. Wb«f« CliroBiQlit» oompridos 

lialj btMd IbrM dttoriptkm Mid kktorto 

d^ttd hodrm Hm o«t of tiMir kad, 1 TIm dttoripiiqo 

(imTM. •dMOBkbiBg Um Ptopk tarkoTIrtUiid^a. TbadiMriptioii 

*4 jodflMMBli to ocNM. rath- sad lUitork of SoollMid. FinC 

M0L l«t«. Wbofo CliroaiQlit» oompridas 1. Tho 

Utorkof ~ 


fWlfj ti^atitti il {hj T. r.) aoootd. oolUotad aad pvblialMd bj B. 
inc to tiM ftnt ooppy priated at Holiaahtd, W. Ilarrina, aad 
< 'oka. H. B. /. Vmrmm, Iwi d wi, othaia. Now newlio aa gm t ato d 

l«l«. 4t<i. 1108. d. 58. aad tbo j«aia 1668 

bj J. H ffot nM* alias YowaU...aad 

BOLIll8HSD(BAfnuB.)Tlia oUmib. (TIm third Toloma of 

Kimto ^aaw of ilia Gbiaaioka duoBioks, baffiaoing at doko 

«f Hagkad. Bootlaadt. aad lia- WUliaa tiM Konaaa...aBd ooa- 

hmii^ Onlnniias. tha d«orip- ttaaed...totha7«aial688.) II.B. 

tka aad Cfcwfaita of Ihgliail, 8iroU AitU»mmtmMEmimm. 

ftoaillMii«iiabaldtiaff«alolba O. BiAm. B.ifmkmft. E. Ika- 

ooaaaart* Tba danripiiou aad Aaa^ aaa T. VFbodoodbCi Lottdou, 

riiioaklia of Soolkad, fioai tlio 1587. ftiL 3070. d. 

(iisl oriciaaU of tU Soottas . ^. ^.. , . 

i.tiDSryaaia .1571. Tho - Aaotharoopy. 874.1.5. 

aad Chruaiolot of . Another oopj. 588. 1. 10. 

ofthatMatioBaatillthajam — Aaothar oop j. 197.g.8-8. 

^^1^ j^^^!!^^^\'^^ — Aaolhw oopy. O. 8282-3. 

fhaa wilUaai Ooaqaaroar aatiU -. [Tho third roloaia of ohniei- 

thiif«aMttiaM.)^ll.B. Sirob. dei, oto.] ». B. [loadba, 

I m p t i m i w i jm /. U mrkm, Lmim, 1587. folj 1825.1. 

1^77. IbL 588. h. 8, 4. iMgiiiifiiii. ■■■hiiiftiMilHBi ■! 

TbiMAlini nflHi hil Till li td H i w i aad'oMtiac t tll ifii , —d 

f I mail ft— tfct MiiDfy of W. lM«««M&rMp7. 

Ii8ill«8«.i8ii,«i4l%«ritotei HOLLAND. &• Kima. 

uuTDt. — Aolfa Q mwmw i , A 
TrMtlae of tho Peaoa aMda...faa- 
tfioaa tho StalM of tho Lowo 
Ooaatri« aad tha Prince of 
— Aaothtfoopjr. O. 8008« 7. Oraace, tho Statia of If. 
. >^>. ^ -^.. nrltlli rj *^ [Xhlt.] 18flKi. 721. • 

"'la tW am aJ^iJS — Ilollaada Leagnrr • r hu 
«r la* TwliiHiiB oT Brt. hiatorioiU disooart* of tho Lila 




and Aotioni uf Duna Britanica 

Hollandla, tlie Aroh-Miitria of tne 

wicked women of Eutouia, etc. 

[A MiUre io proee, signea at the 

end, after the word Finie* 

**Nioljolaa Goodman."] Printed 

fc» A. M./or Riehard Bame$, Ixm- 

dam, 1632. 4to. G. 3282. 

Wiihooi paginatUm. Whether 

NioholM Goodman it the name of 

the aetbor or Mme other perwn U 

quite uitoertain. 

HOLLAND. The True and 
perfect Deacription of three Voy- 
acee... performed... by the Ships of 
HoUand and Zeland, on the North 
sides of Norway, Muscovia, and 
THrtaria, towards the Kingdomes 
of Cathaia & China; shewing the 
disooverie of the Straights of 
Weigates, Nova 2^mbla, etc. [ By 
O. de Veer. Translated by W. 
Phillip.] ». %. Imprinted for 
T. Pavier, London, 1609. 4to. 

G. 2757. 
Without pagination. 

HOLLAND (Abraham) 
See U., A. 

— Hollandi Post-huma. A 
funerall elegie of Kiug James 
with a congratulatory salve to 
King Charles. An elegie of... 
Henry Earlo of Oxford. A de- 
scription of the late... plague : and 
divers other... poemes. (Unto these 
}*u«t-humes is added : Naumachia, 
or a poeticall description of the... 
liattaile of Lepanto.... revised* 
etc.) Iwtpeneie nenriei HoUand, 
CamtaMfftae, 1626, 4to. 239. h. 4. 

Withoat pagination. 

— Naumachia, or Hollands 
Sea-aght. [In verse.! Printed 6y 
T. P, for T. Law and W, Oarrat, 
£oM(ofi,lG22. 4to. 16. 

Without fiagination. 

HOLLAND (IIkxrt) Book- 
eeller. See IUf'^KtlOM (B.) Phar- 

iiiaoopoea...a P. HoQaado in Lati- 
nom sermonem conTem. [Edited 
by H. H.] 1639. fol. 

647. k. 21. (1. 2.) 

HOLLAND (Hexry) Book- 
eeUer. Sm H., H. 

— See Protestant Divikbs. 
The History of the raodeme Pro- 
testant Divines. Faithfully trans- 
lated out of [the] Latiue [of J. 
Verheiden & H. H.], by D. L. 
1637. 8vo. 1112. c.l. 

— See Xenophon, the Historian, 
[Kvpov IlatScia.] Cyrupaediii ... 
Translated ... by P. Holland. 
[Edited by H. H.] 1632. fol. 

10605. g. 

— Bazilioilogia, a Booke of 
Kings ; beeing the true and liuely 
Effigies of all our English Kiu^ 
from the Conquest... un till this 
present. With their seyerall 
Coats of Amies, Impreses and 
Devises... graven in copper [by 
R. Elstracke and others], etc 
[London,] 161S. fol. C. 38.g.3. 

Eograved titlepage and 27 platea. 
This copy want* the portrait* of 
John of Gaunt, Henry IV., Anne 
Bolevn (which has been supplied in 
fao-^mile), and Mary Queen of 

— Hercuologia Anglioa, hoc est 
clarissimomm et doctissimomm 
aliquot Anglorum qui floruerunt 
ab, anno Cristi M. D. us^; ad 
presentem annum MDC.XX. 
Viv8D EflSjries, Vitae et elogia,... 
authore H. H(ol)andio), Anglo 
Britanno, etc. 2 Tom. Jsipeiifw 
C. Pasemi et Janmmii BibUopoim^ 
[Londm, 1620]. foL C. 38. h. 2. 

Engraved tUlepage. The pagina- 
tion and register are oontinuoaa 
Uuooghottt In a MS. note prsllsad 
it is stated that ** this beaatifal eopy 
was oomposed ont of aeteial ooples 
at a great eapense.** ** An seooant 
of the Plel««i firom whioh the 
portiails In the Herwologla were en- 
graved,** U added to this eopy in Ma 

not II «* r «A 

AJK»UMroBmr« i9i«i.«.c2.) MOULAXD {lit%%% ) Vt^m ^/ 
.^ ^ SL BHdm. UUm, A Tft^Hm» 
I14.e.ft. ^^>H WilBbormft : ormitoiflyn, 


ir •iaiM, •!• biMi 



% tbort dkoimfit, OMtelaiftf tU 

MQil 09rt«B RKNlncM fYf«l«!n««1 of 

•^••■••^ Ood, t 

««^ .A.!^ t- i^ ' -'-- ^'•iitHiDtofwileliorn 

iTrliMa iViUbSFr.MMy lif 1590. 4Ca. 

Jhm* L, mdtAjk IM A Ml» M laMrfcol • wit 


G«rUnd, for th« Sucrml Koni < » I 

HOLLAKD (Hmr) Vitar of oor Uto Surrr • 

«" Sf AridMt. Lamdm. An a4- JftBMA. iVIiiM/r.' 

mamxiom vmemmmm ^hm mm o( Ii0Mb«,1625. 4to. 1<n<m. i^. ^^.; 

BL^^f W U 7^2SVf? HOLLAKD ( Joiw) Sm O wat 
Omddivaii (R.) [TIm Blov.ete. (Maroh 21. 1626.0^.) 

WoriB of R. QfwiliMD...Ei. 1«26. fbl. 606. h. 11.(69.) 

nmSI^vi iM* aTt^ HOLLAND (Putuamm) 8m 
H.H(«llMd).] »«W-^^ BAUvmnj, (B.) Vhrniaoc^oan: 

***^ ^ ...• P. H. in Utinum 

160S. foL 8886. l>bb. oonvwm. I63u. fol. 

1612. IbL 1012.4.8. M7.k.21.(l.«id2.) 

n. A fMrmf rnLlli.... f,„ TrMi.Ut^ 1610. fol. 

<<Qodt Biwifil CbJliDg...trmii»- 
" ~ XPMohOTin Loo- 

4ta 856. f. 10. 1637. fol. 1326. k. 

Uted by H. H. PMohOT' in Lon- *^** ^ 

doA. 1808. 4 

— Tht GItfirtka EsOTobe of — &• Lnriut (T.) 
FMlin«. priviUa and fmbUka... Tba Romnaa Hirtom written... 

T oy tlmr with aaadria abant of hj T. Liritui...Tnui«latod oat of 
i» tliiaa gaunfaUum of latino in to English, by P. Hol- 

hjrpaeritaa...Hafanilo art also Uad«ato. 1600. fol. 1806. m. 

on the 

1. aad 2. ahanten of J^ etc — &t MAadLuam (A.) The 
2|ite. PHaM%aairU0wOnrf« R«anHialorla„.Now tnuiiUatM 

/y W. Fway. laadoa, 1596. 4to. »«wly into Enrfkh...WhafaanU> 
874. k. 82. * •«n«wi **»• Chronologia...To- 

n t liM ■ niaiili <iinii_l_i t^^^^ ^*^ oaaipandioaa 
IW fi««aailaa anlncSw Ma W> ialiona...DDM bv P. notUtid. 
ttaap— III i^iiH 1809. foL 




Plinius Sbcundus (C.) The Hit- 
tone of the World. ..Tranidated 
...byP. H. 1601. fol. 

438. m. 2. 

1634. fol. 438. m. 8, 4. 

— See Plutarch. [ Two or wtore 
Worke,] llie Philoeophie, com- 
monly called, the Morals, written 
by. ..Plutarch. ..Translated out of 
Oreeke into P. H.. 
etc 1603. fol. 524.1.3. 

— See SuBTONiCTs Tranquillus 
(C.) The Historie of twelve 
C«iart... translated P. H., 
•to. 1606. fol. 10605. g. 

— See Xknophoic. fKvpov 
Ilai&ta.] Cvrupaedia ... Trans- 
lated... by P/H. l':J2. 4to. 

10605. g. 

HOLLAND (R.) See Harry 
(G. O.) The Genealogy of... 
James... King of ereat Brittayne, 
etc. [With a dedicatory Epistle 
by R. H.] 1604. 4to. 606. d. 7. 

HOLLAND (Robert) The 
Holie Historie of our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ's nativitie, 
life,... resurrection and ascension : 
gathered into English mooter, 
etc 0. Tobie, London, 1594, 8vo. 
C. 39. b. 56. 

HOLLAND (Thomas) See 
Bible. The Holy Bible. ..Newly 
tranMlated...and revised, etc. [By 
L. Andiewes, ... T. H., etc" 
1611. fol. 466. i. 6.(1 

— FuneraU. See Kilby (R.) 
A Sermon [on 1 Cor. zv. 55], eto. 

— Uamvpi9 D. Elizabeths... 
AngHie...ReginaD. A sermon [on 
Matth. xii. 42] preached. ..17 of 
Kovcniber ... 1599 ... and aug- 
mented in thoM plaoea wherein, 
for the thortnet of the time, it 
oould not there be then delivered. 


Whereunto is adioyned an Apolo- 
geticall discourse whereby all such 
sclanderous Accusations are... con- 
futed, wherewith the Honour of 
the Realme hath been...traduoed 
...for observing the 17 of Novem- 
ber yeerely in form of an Holy- 
day, etc J. Barnes, Oxford, 
1601. 4to. 1. 

Without pagination. 

HOLLIDAT {Sir Leonard) 
Lard Mayor of London. Entrance 
09 Lorde Mayor, 29. Oct, 1605. 
See MuvDAY (A.) The Trinmphes 
of re-united Britania, etc. 

HOLLOWAY (Akthoxy) See 

CiPRUxo (G.) A. ..most strange 
...prophesie upon this trouble- 
some world. Translated out of 
Italian by A. H. 1595. 4to. 

C. 27. c 1. 

HOLLOWAY (William) See 
Zarain. a relation of the seidge 
and taking of the city of Babylon 
by the Turke ... Englished by 
W.H. 1G39. 4to. 1048. b. 32. (2.) 

HOLLYBAND (Claudius) 
See Desa IN LIENS (C.) 

HOLLYBUSH (John) 8e4 
Bible. — New Testament. [Pol^- 
glotL] The newe testament boUi 
in Latine and Englyshe...Fayth- 
fullve translated by J. Holly- 
bushe [or rather by M. Cover- 
dale]. 1538. 4to. C. 24. a. 

— See Braurschwiio (H.) 
[Theetturue Pttuperum,] A most 
exoellent...homish apetheoarye... 
Translated out of the Almaine J. H. 1561. fol. 

643. g. 18. (3.) 

— See Mart, theBktied Virgm. 
An Ezposicion upon the Songa 
of the blessed virgine Mary, called 
Magnificat. Whereunto are added 
the tonget of Salve regina. Bane- 

n •» » n i* f 

•mMm mm Xvo vsvawii***. Ttmmi* RlislofiQorvt 

kliA^tigr J. IL IMS. 9^ •m^fk^tm 

§«•. g. II. TWwr, Or 

BOLItB(Wanuti) TIm faU 
•M •▼ill CMOMM «r R«biUkNi — Aaoi} 
Ami IUm Id tia«...Wrilt«i <n _^. 
•Id iMlUtlM wfws W W. II. B^' rliAimai; Abor 

(iwi.) 4iik ion. Ik 44. f^ ''•C'y* A«gy 

026. 4to. 

R O L T (Jomi) Uc nu«^ 3932. f. 

mcvm. If. liolti Mjlks for 

*ijk«hi mA^ n. 9tLM9 iUroo ;..< 

/or ir. B^// 

IftSD]. Slow 0.7567. 

Tb« t 

HOLT 0H08T, ilMiv </ /JU>. - T.x- Mr 

AiflA. [dig. Ait,ffwto:J Hert "»««• <'f »»" '^»^"' •'^ » ^ih^Ihi 

• X»tlMt it Maid tUa^T* oto. IT. Stalif fit J. JMbtr, 

oTtW kolj jriKMrt^ J* tlMOl b iMdomieiS. 4la 648.0.53. 

Mdtd or gvodUd is A oloM ooD- wiUMMipufflMtioii. 

J^'i^ML^SS^^ /«rll.Jl;i^»«,JL«ld«^i680. 4IO. 

^ N>i5» df •wd5^[l500?]^ 4«o. _ Another gop/. 162. h. 43. 

— AaoUMroopy. T. 693. (2.) 

I%A.'d~" " "~* - AaotWoopy. S4l.d. 10.(2.) 

HOLTBAND (Clauwto) ruZL?^ !!!!!III?^ ■!?? *^ 

^ ' mom of o«r 8»vio«r, p wolied at 

BOLTDAT (BAsm) At Osibid, oto. W. ilmAp far 

TlMmOL) A.FbniM IT. Birffer. Lowfoii. 1636. 4U>. 

hi* &itar«i timMUtod in { .'25. !>. 

^ B. IL 1616. 8VO. wv^v ««^^«»>« y-n X w* 

11875. b. .. =0.^^0?liSii2^ ^ 

1617. Sto. 1068.^.22. o«id* oarm ... ObhIa ... •bboimU 

por F. ds Stoim Qmoo, 8m 
1635. 8m 1001. d.20. ^^^ /j.) ^g^ ^ goMm. 

— PlukMoplit* Pdllto-BMlMmB Hi«ler*« dicUat&Ana, etr. 1617. Stro. 

8ptoiami« in quo de Antma ^ ejtta - '*^' ^ ' ^ 

ifobitibM lft*a«t^b«sQM.s- 1^26. 4U>. 1293,1 

(Omio kibtl» otai AiiiloCilio 1640. 4to. 12961.£.ii. 




HOLYOKB (Francis) See, 
Rider (J.) BUhop of KiValoe. 
Bideri JDictionariam ... In quo 
(praeter ea qnae olim elaborarit 

F. de Sacra Qnercu) etyma... 
BQppleDtnr/eto. 1626. 4to. 

12933. f. 19. 

— Dictionarinm Etymologicum 
Ijatinum....or A Dictionarie de- 
claring the Originall and Deriva- 
tion of all Words used in any 
latine Authors ... Hereunto is 
also annexed the Proper Names, 
...with their Etymologies ; illus- 
trated... with Histories Proverhes, 
Mythologies &o. Lastly Riders 
Dictionarie... the English before 
the Latine ... Augmented ... Now 
the fourth time newly corrected, 
and . . . augmented by F. H . ( Cer- 
taine general 1 heads, of birds, 
colours, etc. — J. Rideri calen- 
darium Romanum.) 3 pts. 
A. Itlip and F. Kyngsion, London^ 
1633. 4to. 625. g. 3. 

Withont pagination. 

HOMER. [Works.] The whole 
works of Homer, Prince of Poetts, 
in his Iliads and Odysses. Trans- 
lated according to the Greeke by 

G. Chapman, etc. Printed for 
N, BuUer, London, [1616]. fol. 


The ^OdjHee'* has a distiDci 
register and pagination. 

— [BaTpa;(0/iV0/iavta.] Batra- 
chomyomachia Ijatmo carmine 
reddita, variisque in locis aucta 
et illustrata. See Pi.umitre (H.) 
Epigramraatttin OptiHciilum, etc. 
1629. 8vo. 1213. g. 18. 

— The Strange, wonderful! 
and bloody Battell between Frogs 
and Mi«ie...PaniphrAKtioally done 
into English Herovcull verse by 
W. F(owlde8) C.C.C. Imnrintfd 
(y S. S. for J, Bayly, London, 
1603. 4to. C. 89. d. 88. 

Without pagination. 

HOMER. [Barpavo/xuo/iayta. | 
haTpa)(Ofivofia)(ta : or, the wonaer- 
full and bloudy Battell betweene 
Frogs and Mice . . . Paraphrastically 
done into English Heroycall verse 
bv W. Fowldes, etc. Printed hy 
T. H. for L. Chapman, London, 
1634. 8vo. 11315. a. 8. 

Without pagination. 

— [*IXias.] 'Ofirjpov 'IXuif. 
Homeri Ilias, id est, de Rebas ad 
Trojam gestis. Chr. G. Bishop, 
Londini, 1591. 8vo. 995. a. 7. 

— Another copy. 1 59. c. 23. 

— Ten Books of Homers 
Hiades, translatf'd out of French, 
by A. Hall. [In verse.] ». I. 
B. Newberie, London, 1581. 4to. 

C. 39. d. 37. 

Imnerfeot ; wanting pp. 8-8, whieh 
have been supplied in MS. 

— Seaven bookes of the Hiades. 
...Translated according to the 
Greeke, in judgement of his best 
Commentaries by G. Chapman. 
[In verse.] [With the Autograph 
of Ben Jonson.] J. WinJet, 
London, 1598. 4to. C. 39. d. 46. 

— Homer Prince of Poets: 
translated according to the Greeke 
in twelve Bookes of his Hiads. 
By G. Chapman. [In verse.] 
Printed for S. Macham, London, 
[1610?] fol. 995. k. 4. 

The tiUepage is engrsTed. 

— Another copy. 652. a. 6. (6.) 

T....^.rfeot: wanting the tltlepage. 
Id dedioatnrie,** and pp. Iw- 
oiher portions of the book 
ar« mutilated. 

— The Iliads of Homer Prinoe 
of Poets never l>efore in any lan- 
guag translated. With a Coiuent 
iippon tome of his ohiefe places ; 
Donne aooording to the Greeke 
by Geo. Chapman. MS. Non. 

II OH I t 

Am. [Ily 


•«»wo lta.»kr« .'f H in- t — A not Her ■ ioi.*.7j. 

r • ROOD(Rd•l|^ if. r^ '" 

' Hobaru Ekrlo of II 

11315.^9. ci«ilU.j l». )l. Imfr^mird far 

llUMt.auNAT«A]lllL) • ,rti 

_ — ADolhOTOopj. 0.8i.d.47. 
— U«wy k Injary. Cleaml 

in Ml whiattoo of its bo»t — A mery SMie of Robjn 

A^olOfK •lUt«d bT A oovnltvv Hoode and of hra Ivfe, wyih a 

M iai t Hr. o«t of D^. Asm, in hte mwo pUjo for to Ue pUyod in 

< MM of Ooawiwni» m a pttrijr Mato f/uatm Tory plataanle and 

i^ml pMnm of tUl Apologio. Ibllof MMlYMo[iiivem]. M. t. 

A. AUbf. /or /. Bmerf, LoJom^ W.OofLmdi Lamdm,[lbM?] 4to. 

1«40, 4u^, 104. ©.W. C.21. c 

HOMILIES. H. of tho !««« SlfTA-L BUgMljw 

< h >r }. f ) n^'Und. At Em- labiadtec. 

i.^i.iUr.k./.^HamUim. - R«awDod Bobin Hood 

HOMIWAZ (J.) Sit Em. ^{.^ J"^ ^!?*?7 ^i^ 

AlfMooekooodPtognooUoalioD... ^rJ^Lrf^i^lili^ 
^ Box. L 856. 

I^Ud by A. CUt^ ft^ tbo ^\^, "^.^^^ • «»!T ^S?* :f ^ 

Tioneb Tcffsioo of Uio *«Eliid ^^^l® of dedinalioiu 1692. 4to. 

dtfin-'oTH.] [1508?] 4to. 9606. b. 

C. 21. b. 1596. 410. 0.7811.(1.) 

HOOD(Bo«,) ThedMtbof ,ei,. 4to. 61.0.8. 

K^Urt. E«ria of HiiiiUjigtoo, 

oiWrwMo edlod Robin Hood of _^8m La iUiiit (P.)_ Tbo 

' "• ^Qoomtrio 

with tbo Elcnontatof 

io jf obooto Utod by T. H., otc. 1690. 8vo. 

lUrian, B629. a. 

VOL. II. 9 n 



H n o 

HOOD (Thomas) A Conio of 
the Speaohe made by the BUtho- 
maticall Leotnrer [T. H.] unto the 
...Cuin|)anyo preiiout, at the hotiBe 
of... II. T. Smith, dwelling in Gra- 
cious Street : the 4. of November 
1588. 9t). l. E. AUde, Londam, 
[1688]. 4to. 529. g. 6. 

The last leaf b tlightW routiUted. 
Wiihont pagioaUon. Eight leare*. 

— The Making and Use of the 
Geometrical I InHtrument, called 
a Sector. Whereby many necea- 
aarie Geometriuull cuncluHiuns 
ooDoeming the pniportionall do- 
McriptioD, and division of lines, 
and figures, the drawing of a 
plot of ground, ... may bo me- 
chanically performed vfiih, great 
expedition, etc. D. %. /. Wtndei, 
...§olde S. Shorter , London^ 
1598. 4to. 529. g. 6. (4.) 

— The Marriners guide. Sot 
forth in forme of a dialogue, 
wherein the use of the plaino Sea 
Canl is briefely and plainely 
delivered, etc. «. E. T. Este, 
for T. Wight, London, 1596. 4to. 

G. 7311. (e.) 

— The Use of both the Globes, 
oelestiall, and torroHtnall, most 
plainely delivered in forme of a 
dialogiio. Containing most ploa- 
Hant, and profitiible coneluHions 
for the mariner, etc. T. Dawaon, 
Lnn,lon,\5{y2. 8vo. I0002.atta.(l.) 

Without pagiDstioD. 

— The Use of the Celestial 
(ilolNJ in piano, set f(K)rth in two 
hemispheruH : wheroin are placed 
all tlie moMt notable htarres... 
whereunto are annexed their 
names both I«atin, Groeke, and 
Arabian, or Chaldee, etc. /ai- 
yrinUd...for T. Oookt, London, 
1590. 4to. 629. g. 6. (2.) 

-— The Use of the Jacobs SUffe. 
(A dialogue JUiuohing the use of 
the CroMO lUfle.) S. H. 2 pts. 

Imprinted ... for T. Cooke amd 
B. Dexter, London lAOO. 4t*». 

8534. b. 

Without pagination. Eaeb pt 
has a diatinct register. 

HOOD (Thomas) The use of 
the two Mathematical! instru- 
ments, the crosse Staffe (differ- 
ing from that in common use 
with the mariners ;) And the 
Jacobs Staffe : set foorth Dialogue 
wise in t wo... Treatises ; the one 
mo^t commodious for the Mariner, 
...the other profitable for the Sur- 
veyor, to take the length, height, 
depth, or breadth, of anything 
meanurable. Newly reviewed, and 
the second time imprinted. H. E. 
2 pts. i?. Field for R. Dexter, Lon- 
don, 1596. 4to. 529. g. 6. (3.) 

Without pnginalion. Sixteen 
leavea. Pt 2 haa a aeparate title- 

HOOKE (Christopher) 
See II., Chr. 

— A Sermon preached in Panics 
Church in London [on 1 .John iii. 
1-3]: and published for the in- 
stiuution and consolation of all 
that are heavie harted, etc. D. %. 
E. AUde, London, [1603 ?] 8vo. 

1024. a. 27. (1.) 

Without pagination. In)|)erfcci; 
wanting pari of the leaf tig. a 4. 


Sie Vow KM. oihcneise UOOKXR. 

HOOKER (Richard) See 
CovKi.L (W.) A just and tem- 
perate Defence of the five books 
of Ecclesiastical Pnlicie written 
by...R. U.. etc. 1603. 4to. 

698. h. 22. (1.) 

— The Answere of M'. R. BL 
to a Supplication preferred by 
M'. W. Travirs to the 1111. Lonls 
of the lViviu(*onnsell. J. Bamee, 
Oa^ord, 1612. 4to. 4256. b. 

8 00KBR 

V •ml liow 
- ompr- 

.'. 4IO. 
, 113. 


»^i %«•••••«' m-. 

/. BanM^ <Mi< I«I3. 4lo^ 

UIT-l5 i0S.g. 

Iftiri . . ^iltpH^ 

IW g***.! UlliiJ^ hilllfZ. 

lf«4 lUw ln>iuM« «#dU «wf«li 

^ Siilli ediiiofi. 6 pte. 

ir. AMiftf. l4NMi0iS 1633-31. M. 
493. I 20.!« 

3187. bK (3.) SirrvtiUi •dilion. pto. 

A ImtmI 8mM» [on iMilpis l63$-39-39. foL 
llabM. n. 4] of Um Meters of 8733. oo. 1. 

l^vW. /. Bmnm. (Mmd. 


1613. 4IO. 4473. t 13. TWteHL vblch U viUuHit aJuTi* 

or ilw Uwotof rnnliiliirt 
MA Norm />S.rf< I^Mlio, f B«^...«rfrf % O. !«<£», 

II3#4J. foL 4103, g. i-«<«.1339. ftiL 4103. g. 

TU im Utfapi^i, vkfak ft 

IW iitl fear Wi^ oalT. TW MmekpLkmrn . 

Ffw MS. Kom. /. ir»iK l!aii. ZJ!!!!!^JSLmmL^S^ 

X». 1304-1397. Ibl. 4103. g. Um lv« teoki^ HmmIi «mIi ft. 

iwaE::jrii;r;uri^ ^^ookilr (rioubd) a 

•mMmSl Bomodio agaiiMit Sorrow and 

Faam, delivered in a fanormll 
— AaoUier odition. fWilli a oenaon [on Jobn iir. 27]. 
ptvfimbT J.S^i^, John Spenotf.] /. B^nm, (ktfmd, 1312. 4to. 
IT. fl lM il f ,Loodon,1311. foL 4473. bb. 3. 

-fi^ •!.. ^'2!'*'* HOOKBB (Taoiui) 

TW fTMrnl mi iyafi li ••• ib. If T 

___-«■ vkidl tb« date Mcw.* 

TUiiri^ilM«4liiM«fib9iisi — &• Jhoi Gmutr. Tbo 

Sooloi IVMwnUioo fur Cbfiat; 
Or. a TrmiiM of Cootriiioo. ota 

.1 6 i^u. IT. 3kMi^jr,... 1638. 4to. 875. g. 2. (1.) 



TI () O 

HOOKBR (TwWAi) 8m [1588?] 8vo. 3156. a. 

Boom (J.) TlMclootriM of fiuih, 
tte. [Witli aa •pistia -To tbe 

;-byT. H.] 1629. 12nio. 
4372. MML 7. 

1634. 12IDO. 4408. M. 

— 8m Boat. The Sonlei 
Homili-iion, otfl. [Dv T. H.] 
163^ ' 8. 

1640. 4lo. 875. g. 2. (2.) 

— "" iileii ImplanU- 
tioo. T. llooker.l 
1337. 4to. 4409. f, 

HOOKE8 (Natbajiiil) 
8m II.. N. 

HOOPER (John) BUhop of 
Olemtmim, aflerwardi of Oiouce$ter 
mmd WmtmUm, Tbe teetimonj 
of B. Hooper [concerning the 
Lew, the Death of Cbrist, Faith, 
etc.]. 5m a., J., of Ailward, 
An Hietorioall Narration, etc. 
1631. 4U>. £.21.(10.) 

— A briefe and cleare oonfes- 
■ton of the Christian faith. See 
BAKca (J.) Leoturee t)i)on the 
XII. aniclea of our ChriHtian 
faith, etc 1581. 8ya 3504. b. 

1583. 8vo. 843. c. 23. 

— SmBima—Nkw Testament. 
— itoMM. [Godley ... Annota- 
tioM la ye xiii. obapyior t*M» 
the Bomajnea, eta By J. H.l 
[1551.] 8T0. 4452. a. 

— Letten of maTiter J. Hoper. 
8m OonaDALt (H.) Bishop of 
Awfir. Certain moat godly, fruit- 
f«l« nod eonfortabla lettem, oto. 
1564. 4lo. 488. a. 13. 

— Ae Tw ComiAVDMKirrs. A 
MnatloB of the ten holy 
mMudMHaiitea...oolleotyd ... by 
J.HonMT. 1543. 8vo. 3933.0. 

1550. 8vo. 698. a. 54. 

HOOPER (John) Bishop of 
GlomeetUr, afterwards of Gloticesier 
amd Woreetler. An answer unto 
my lord of wynchesters booke in- 
tytlvd a detection of the devyle 
Sophistrye, whcrwith he robbith 
the unlemvd pcK)ple of the trew 
byleef in the mooet bless^'d sacia- 
ment of the aulter, etc. A. Fries, 
Zurych, 1547. 4to. C. 25. e. 32. 
Without pagination. Big. A-X. 

— An apologye made by ... 
J.;ain8te the untrue and 
Bclaunderous report that he 
should be a maintainor and en- 
corager of suche a8 cursed the 
Queues highneM tliat then was 
Queue Marye...Newely set foorth, 
etc. (Certayno Lettenj.) 10. I. 
Few MS. Notes. J. Tisdale and 
T. Hacket, L<mdon, 1562. Bvo. 

C. 37. c. 31. 

— Another copy. G. 11984. 

— A briefe and cleare confession 
of the ChriBtian faith, conteining 
an hudreth articles, according to 
the order of the Creede of the 
Apoetleo. Id. %. C. Barker, 
London, 1581. Bvo. G. 5259. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. H. %. 
C. Barker, London, 1584. Bvo. 

3504. b. 

Apparently part of a book, oun- 
Bi»ting uf sig. Co-Ub, without pagi- 

— A Declaraoion of Christe 
and of his offyce, etc. A. Fries, 
ZaryeA, 1547. Bvo. 698. a. 7. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 11683. 

— Another oopy. MS. Notes. 

C. 28. a. 

**Oq the revsne of th« coloplion 
of this oopy...ooaBianosi a nolo- 




▼lrii.iL ^ 

HOOPBB (/mm) BUktf ^ 

««! Wmtm^, An UMlti)Mi 
«Mi lli« . S3. ( INmImoI] Dtvid... 
Ut J. rnO ... WiMnralo b mi- 
•ina «^ Affolacylor kteafigrMl 
Mb M fv|S(a] W Im «raia 
Qmm Marr, wjrtli oiKaiM ... 
IttttmhiaMMU. II.&. \l0^ 
4ii^]lMS. 8m aM.a.44.(10.) 
;t I— >itolf Um * Ki* 

A fViBtndl ormljan 

sii^ di^ of J«iiMi7...nMHi Um 
tosit wrrtTM ia Um Re^rda^fWM 
ora«yMl» I>. 1. 
,1549. 8vo. 
C 87. o. 26. 


— A fodl J CuttfcMloa mhI Pro- 
of iko «kri»ti*n f«vth ... 
itdfoUrod what « chri*. 
it bomd to 

of Ood« liT« KiB^ Ilk BoMbonr, 

ftiid h y oi l fc. B. E. /; Dim, 

I>orf>o.[im?] 4to. a25.o.8S. 

WiikMipafiaalloo. 8if. A-H. 

— Aoollior editioD. If. X, 
J. Dmf, U^^ ' 1 '*51 n 8vo. 

a 87. a. 43. 

— Ao Ho— ly to bo tmA in 

tbo tjOM of pMtjloOOO, OBd O 

■MOto pfioiMto roaodjo for tbo 
mmm. %.%. J.Omm. Wmtdw. 
1588. 410. 

— A Lmmm of tbo looamotioo 
of C^rkto tbol bo toib. bio b«- 
itio im oad of tbo BI<Mjrd 

U. M. K. Whiu. 
1848. 8ro. 

a 87. o. 88. 


ROOPBE (Jomi) Bkktf ^ 
OU ■ H i rt ir , o U t r w owb ^ Qkmtiim 
mmd Wvrmthr, An oTonU(rht, and 
doliborookiB opoo tbo boljr Pm- 
pbolo Jooot: modoi oad oitortMl 
Mbto tbo byafM moitstio. oad 
bk Mootl boMoblo oowkmIU bj 
J. Hopor io loot bMt poi*. Coai. 
ioowooomoM^ v.»« 

1860. 8m 1018. b. 10. 

Tlitoa««nrbM A IfatoT "fkoltto 
Mbipnl ia prjatjmff ** on Um msIo 
of tlM ImI Ur. m4 b of M mHIw 

•dltklB tlMB tb« <MM Ifi tU OfM- 

TUk UlMry, tboi«b 

— AooCbor oditioD. ». 1. 
J. Dn9€, Lomdom, 1&50. Svo. 

0. 11880. 

— Anotbor oditiofi. H. E. 
/. TWiOt, Loodtoo. 1f>.V). ffro. 

1.. 21. 

HOPKIN8 (J.) CUftmm fo 
JasMv /. A tormon praoobod bo- 
fbro tbo kiogeo M«jfotie...Gzla 
[me] . 7. 26, 27. impnmUd...b9 
W. W. for T, Mamme, Lomiom. 
1604. 8vo. 1024.0.27.(2.) 

WHhoot pfinatino. 

HOPKINS ( Joiiii) Om 
disL [Tho IV^.k uf Piolroo, trmno- 
Uied into Kngli»h motro bj T. 
Stombold, J. U. and otbort.] 
8m BiHA — Old TvTAimrr.— 
Pmtmg. MrnucAL VnaoM. 

HOPKZM8 (RiauBD) 8m 
Lun, d« Ormfi; Of Prajor 
faadj ModitatiToal. oto. [Truio- 
latodb7R.H«] 186. 8to. 4406.b. 

HOPKINS (Tboiias) Two 

Sydlie and proliublo •ermoiMi [oo 
eb. III. 16. 17]. Eamortlv 
Tojriag acainat tbo tmiMi of 


W n V 


I^nd in genemll, and in V'^^^'^' 
ouIat, sntiiiil IIm mnnm or ibis 
dtk or liOiidoii, etc. IwtjtnmUd 
/«rJr.Bdbr,XoMioii. 1611. 8vu. 
4474. d. 79. 

^ Anothtr ediUon. F. Kfrnff 
thm^Laml^^ «•••- 4to. 

4478. aa. 16. 
MviiiAir*! mrougboat. 

H0PXIK80M (WiixiAM) A 
pHMMintioii into the waie of lifu, 
with m direction into tho right 
tiMuf the LordM Sapper. J.Kfng- 
aUm^/arJ. BmrUcm and T, Matme, 
I4hmU,1583. 8yo. 3505. a (1.) 
Wltboot fttsioetioo. 

HOPPER (John) Bithop of 
Olmumltr. See Hoopkr. 

H OPT ON (Aktiiur) See 
EpHEJinuDiss. iloptun. An Al- 
nMUMcke and Pn^oetication ... 

Bj A. n. 

— A Conoordancy of Teares. 
ContaiDioga...muet exact oompu- 
tatton of time, according to the 
EngUah account. Also the use of 
the Ensliah and RomHn Kalen- 

^vitA notea.vand tables, etc. 
/ trd for the Company of Sia- 
tiimere, Lmdom, 1612. Kvo. 

717. c. 31. 

— Another edition. N. Oiee 
for T. Adame, Ltmdtm, 1615. Svo. 

580. b. 4. 

— — — Newly... augmented, 
•to. Ffimted for Ike Comptm^ of 
aUiUemen, Lomkm, 1616. 8va 

717. c. 89. 

— Anothcroopy. 1105.a.l2 (2.) 

— lIoptoDt Goneordnney en- 
larged... With the v 

Ikh and Roman . 
aa...akBaaaolte ttwu W illiMu the 
OoDi|«anmr. to the yeaie 1700... 
itrrvnnto aUo «r» added TkUea 
uf the (Sold oojnea now cnrrant 
TaUve for the raining of rente 

...and annuities... A plnine direc- 
tion for the. ..computing of in- 
terest... by J. Penkethman. D. %. 
2 pta. Anne Oriffin for A, EM, 
London, 1635. 8vo. 8506. aaa. 
The •'additions " by J. Penketh- 
man hiive a aeiMmite titlepage and 
register. * 

HOPTON (Arthur) Specu- 
lum ToiKigraphicum; or the Topo- 
graph icall Glaose. Containing 
the UKo of the TopograpbioaU 
Glasse, Theodelitus, Plaine Table, 
and Circumferentor. With many 
Rulet) of Geometry, Astronomy, 
Topography, perspective, Und 
Hydrography. Few MS. Notes. 
Print€d...lnf N, O.for S. WaUreon, 
London, 1611. 4to. 580. g. 35. (3.) 

HORATIO. The Spanish Tra- 
gedie, [in four acts and in verse,] 
containing the lamentable end of 
Don Horatio, and Bel-imperia... 
newly corrected and amended of 
such grosse faults as passed in 
the fir«t impression. [By T. Kyd.] 
E. Allde, for E. White, London, 
[1594?] 4to. C. 34. 1 7 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. W, White, 
London, 1010-11. 4to. 11773. c. 

A made-up copy. 8ig. A-O has 
the date ICIO, aud the rest, big. H- 
•ig. Ma, lull. 

— The Spanish Tragedie : or, 
Hieronimo is mad agaiue... Newly 
oorrecied ... aud enlarged, etc. 
FBy T. KydJ W. White for 
I. White and T. Lamjhy, London, 
1015. 4to. 1076. i. 13. 

— Another edition. A» Ma- 
Hmoee;...eold by J, Orimand, Lon- 
don, 1023. 4to. 644. b. 63. 

— Another edition. A» Ma- 
theteee for F. Oroee, London, 
loaa. 4lo. 644. b. 64. 

— Another copy. C. 12. f. 5. (2.) 

— The Siianish Tragedy, con- 

II o R II n II MA 


fit r>UoM4 Billi«p«K Willi (aowTWi \Canmm.] iM«iMi4 

IW ff. fT wj ru Imrf -T. n<l4^* '•^ tm mri a i t i kjf A. M. 

|h,tdkili ful. Ii«>t I i<l LmJam, 1635. 4to. 

— Aaolk^roonr. Boi.L890. 

11386. «. 

r Booto] of 

RORATIU8 FLA00U8 n indto ihwi 

KUoct IWn^U. PI h ,. . .i 1 AwkiML 

Bowl iUMtimtm. (Q. H, K. viu /»|,^*ii,4 If it AL far W. U*. 

lima TrMMttillum.) /"»- LoiUpm 1631. Sto. 11375. ma.(4.) 
mmms i^r^^^i JMbf, Lomdimi, ti- tiilpt-« ». 

The thin! aditk».. 

co^. 1003.0.9. anUrgwl, elo. Lol. and 
l^'S^ijZ 1M5. lam©. 0.»4I5. 


l«ll. 8to. 1003.0.11.(1.) ^*ha 

r«»«r«Mr«Mrl«.] HorM - AnoOiMroopy. 11355. ••. 
kift *n« of I\Mtm. fiMko And Tkkw^lM oolytlM «iigfmv»l 

BUrm BMlklMd uid lo tho 

BiiW of OrawMuito ^T. I>ryi The foarth edition 

H. E. r. M'vAf* ...oiiUrnd. eio. Lai, and Bug. 

1567. 4to. T«.o.33.(X) /. BmSmi far W. Lm, Lomdom. 

WMMlMiMtbo. 1638. 12iaa 1003. !». 24. 

-. [OvommJ AU Um Odeo Witli * Mooad UU«|mC«, «ii«m?«J. 
MM Bpodoioi Hofootu 

{•to Ibgijak ;;mm: hy H. Rider, ^„ ^l.„^ . hj. Art of Poetry. 

t^ , ^' ":r^ f"^ fL?iZ' Bng«»bed by lieu: Joiuwn. WiUi 
'-^- 1838. 13«a 1088. f. 9. other workeo of tbe Author never 

oopy. 0.17153. Print^ before [i^ - Bw. Juii; 

^^ eon*e Exaormttoo against Vuloaii.'* 

— Certain ■eloetod odea of — *• The Maaqne of the OrpaMa ** 

IloffMi^ ffnglfahad, and iliair and ** Bpignuui to eeverall noble 

Argnaantoannand. With poaoM. paiaonagea in thU kingdome**]. 
It and aodam, of divon /. Oktt, /or J. BtaMa, Loadoa, 

Snl^eefti, traaalaftad. Wbaraanto 1840. 12nio. 1088. f. 7. 

em added, both in Latin and Eng- . _^. ^ a«.« 

l^anndrr new KmwfmmmL - Another ooKr. 0.9414. 

Vmk^ anndry new Epignunmea, 

EpiUnhaTbyJ.Aah- -. [gmaoMi.] A MadioinabU 

^ ^ iW^ (gn. L. /or Momll, that ia the two Bookaa of 

B. Jf^ef«,Lindin,1821. 41^ U,„^ y. g.ty„. Englyabad 

1002. d. 28. soootding to the praaoription of 

T W n ljH n i, t^hm^^mr^ Saint IiiemM...Qnod BMlnm a0^ 

■"""'•■•■ n nota. Qood bonam aat« pioda. 

~ AbotUr cofty. IC03. d. 22. The wailyngi of the pfopbel 


no R 


HiereoiUb, done into Englv^he 
▼•me. Aleo epigrmmmes. [By] 
T. DrMit. »r*. r. Jtfartk 
XmnIo«,1666. 4to. T. 773. (2.) 

— Another oopj. 76.e.26. (I.) 

(QUIXTUS) [Appt-mlix.] ^<?G.,T., 
OoUtffii ntgattM Cnntabritj. Socius. 
IVoditons Prtxlitor. Siv» Deca- 
chorduu, pleoimni admovente H., 
Libomtionem Britanni- 
[from iho Onnpowder Plot]. 
1606. 4to. 1070.0.18.(2.) 

HORMAN (Wiluam) Anti- 
boMioon G. Hormani ad O. Li- 
linin. EpiRtola Aldriitii ad Her- 
maiiiim. KpiMtola protovatis (R. 
Whitintoni) ad ... Ilonnanum. 
Apologetio«m Xlorinani ad proto- 
V at« m hi fan u m . In jEdibus Pifn* 
9<miamis, Londinif 1521. 4to. 

1069. b. 12. (2.) 
The flnt two of tliMe pieces are 
Mtiiw apao R WbitliiiKton : the 
third It his reply: and the last a 
retort frooi Honuao, comprising a 
fletMooa dialogue in I^itin proee 
between H. and W., in ridicule of 
the tatter's grammatioal works. 
Firty-llTe leaves; the whole with- 
out pagination. 

— VQigarin, etc. Lai. and Eng, 
Fiw MS. Notes. B. Pynson. Lan- 
dimi, 1519. 4to. G. 83. i. 5. 

— Another edition. Per W. de 
Wmrd€, Londini, 1530. 4to. 

68. b. 28. 

HORNBOOK. [Horn Book 

c«mt<iinin^ thu Alphabet, Kylla- 
bariurn ami Lord'8 Prayer, four 
timet repeated.] D. I. E. Ra- 
&M,AWdnM,[1620?] ».$h. fol. 
0. 38. d. 9. 

RORM (RoBKiiT) The Hiatory 
of tho woman of groat faith, ro- 
OQvded hj Saint Matthew... and 
by Saint Mark...TreatiMd and 
•tpouiMMt eto. PritUed 5v T. 11. 
for P. AepAm. oa<f C. MtriditK 
IwmK Ifta. 12uo. 4410. aaa. 

HORN (Robert) The Shield 
of the Righteous: or, the Ninety 
first Pitalme, R. U. 
Printed/or P. SStephem and 6. Mere- 
dith, Landtm, 1625. 4to. 3o89. c. 

HORNBY (William) Horn- 
byes Hornbook. [In veise.] 
A. Math, for T. Bayly, Londom, 
1622. 8vo. C. 30. b. 20. 

Without paginatioQ. 

— The Seourge of dninkennee. 
[In verse] 0. Eld, for T. Baylie, 
L(md4m, 1619. 4to. 0. 34. f. 33. 

Witlioat pagination. 

HORNE (Robebt) BUkopof 
Winchester. See BiBLB. The 
. holie . Bible. [Revised by R. H., 

etc.] [1568.] fol. 469. g. 7. 

1572. fol. 469. g. 8. 

— See Bridqbb (J.) Biehop of 
Oxford. The Supremacie of 
Christian Princes... against the 
counterblast of T. Stipleton re- 
plying on the... Bishop of Win- 
chester, etc. 1573. 4to. 1127. g. 2. 

— See Calvin (J.) Certain 
homilies of . m. Joan Calvine, 
oontoining profitable and neces- 
sarie, admonitio for this time, 
with an Apologie of R. H. 
[1553.] 8va Q. 11816. 

Two godly... sermons... 

translated out of Latino ... by 
R. H.. etc. 1584. 8vo. 

C. 12. d. 17. (5.) 

— An AnRweare made by R. 
Bishoppe of Wyncheeter, to a 
Booko entitulod. The Declaration 
of sucho Scruples, and staiet of 
Conscience, touch inge the Othe of 
the Supremacy, as M. John Fe- 
keuham...did deliver unto the 
L. Bishop of Winchoitter, with 
his Rcaolutions made thereunto. 
D. %. U. irvlos. Londxm, 
1566. 4to. 1019. m.l. 

— Life and Death. Foure Ser- 



of IW 
TV Ttai^ 



lain i.rrat * : 

IftM. 4taL 


' I obi- 

N hiU- 

1213. 11.83. 

HOR8B. [BO, Fol. 14« 

. IblMMMkllltJMlMtWilMglKM 

t ikm Am^ — la ww : bj Jobn 

Ljrdnala. — Fbllo'ww i^ 


tola ao«M aad irterbs. -^ Ftni 
«lilioa.] H. E. [rOlMiM a»> 
Ita. ir«itaMMtar, 1477?] 4to. 

C. 40. 1. 1. (3.) 

IwvM, of vkkli Um 

it klMk, viilHNrt Utiififi, 

,ar w«ii<t; tS Umi to 

• fUl MM. A ft»fWMi,aoaih»» 

'ft4L««&,9.«Mnil«iily: ML 

■lailmii fbL»it* 


BOR8BT (Sir Jnon) 

•le.1 SMUACLorrCB.) 


083. h.&. 

HOR8rAUi(Jo«ii) 8m H.. I. 

HORTB (TttoMAi) 8m Moa- 
. i;i. ( N ) /l<yin. At Um Coart 
At OAt)aiiiU...A I>rmagbi of Uia 
Coolfttci about Mi ... beSiiK ... 
rMtd« abo a proposilion m««lo bj 
T. II. aad otbm, ota [Kmmmm 
for tbo maiatoaaBoa of a obartar 
mated to oartain partiaa for tiM 
SlanafiMtara of Salt ia 
•to.] [1640?] $,Jl fol. 

190. g. 12. (221.) 

HORTOP (Jo») fVoyapt, 
•tc] 8m Uaeuttt (R.) TU 
prindpalNaT{gatloBa,ctc. Vol.8. 
l&W. eto. fol. • - 5 ». 6. 

— Tbe Trmvsilca of an iuac- 
liabauui, CooUtoioff bta aoadm 
oalamitioa iadared br Um tpaoa 
of twoatio aad odd yorea... 
By J. Il(ortop). JmprinUd for 
Lomdtm, 1591. 4to. 

HORTULANUB, jmrnd. [U. 
JoA^KEx i>r. Gaiii.a!(Ma.J a brief 
CooiBieatario npoo the Saiaiag- 
diae T^bleof Henaeaof Atcbimj. 
8m Baoom (B.) Tbe Mirror of 
AlekimT. etc. 1597. 4t<». 

i<»:n. f. n. (1.) 

HOBTUSb Ortoa Tooabalo- 

Sm DiOTIOllABIta. 


8m UoETiMi (8.) 

H08KIM (Joaa) A Sermon 
apoa tbe Paimble of tb« Kiag 
thai takoth aa aooompt of bta 
aamuita. Matk 18. 23, eto. If. I. 


n '» 

M. /or J, Wri(fhl, 
Bro. 4474. b. 93. 


H08KIN8 {JonO FMrn 0/ 
Nmt CaU^, Omfori. SerniODi 
DTMolMd Ai Fbak OrotM and 
•ki».wliM. 4 pU. r. 5toiM6jf 
/«rjr.Biill«^,I«Mi<m,16l5. 4to. 
4452. d. 
Eiirli fitlHMaditUiietliaaiMige,. 

II >A|>iull fur the DiMMed, etc. 
I6V5. 4U>. 1038. k. 34. (2.) 

^ The Ilospitall of Inotirablo 
Foolee: ereoUnl in English [by 
E. Blount?] as nocr the first 
Ilftlian nuxlel [by T. Garzoni] the upHkilfull hand of an 
iKnurant Architect could devise. 
Primifd hf E. BoUi/ant for 
K Btotmi, [Ltrndim,] 1600. 4to. 
12316. d. 12. 

H08TE (Dierick) SeeCoLV,(J.) 
Of Death a true description, etc. 
[Edited by D. U.] 1629. 8yo. 
4412. g. 

HOSTESS. The Kind be- 
!• Irving iloeteflee. I Owe my 
II'«*t««ie money, etc. [A Ballad.] 
W. I. 2 pfM. Printed /or B. i/., 

Li'Hii'H, [\uS2 ?] Broadtide fol . 
Kox. 1. 172. 

HOTMAK(FiuK^is) Seehk 
UxMix: (P. UK) The three partes 
... of r«.ti • itii, containing 

the whul. iM) of the civil! 

warrva of Fii«iitit*4>,...with an ad- 
diiinri of the oriioll murder of the 
.^ <:hastilIon [by F. II.?], 

• », etc. 4to. 286.0.29. 

— 8m Vaiujiujidw (B,)p0eud, 

HOTMAN (JRAH) Stigntw 
40 Vdhrrt. The Ambtesedor. 

(Trwiml itrti f.nni the French of 

.' H r.i.f. I », I <. ,-,.. j„,„^ 


Shawe?] PrinUd...hp V. 8. /or 
J. Shawe, London, 1603. 8vo. 

596. a. 34. 

HOVEDEN (R00EBD8) 8ee 
Savilb (Sir II.) Annales. Berum 
Anglioamm SOTiptoreepostBedam 
praedipni, etc. 1596. foL 679. h. 4. 

HOVIUS (Matthias) Arch- 
hitkop 0/ Mechlin. See Mart, the 
Bletied Virgin, English Benedictine 
Monaetertf 0/ at BnuseU. Statutes 
oompyled for the better obeerva- 
tion of the holy rule of...S. Bene- 
dict, Confirmed by...M. Hovius, 
eta 1632. 8vo. ,G. 19516. (2, 3.) 

HOULDERUS (Robertds) 

See HoLDKuus (^I'ktrus) 

HOUSE. See H., J., Oent. 
The House of Correction: or, 
oertayne satyricall Epigrams, etc. 
1619. 8vo. C. 39. b. 51. 

P., M. Houshold Talke: or. 
Good Councell for a Married Man, 
etc. [1625?] Broadside foL 

Kox. I. 148. 


gjood IIow8-holder. [An engraving, 
with Venk's, beginning *'Tljeg«K)d 
HowB-holder that his Howse ma}' 
hold."] LoiMioii, 1607. s.tA. 12mo. 
4474. aa.90. (1.) 

— The Housholders New- 
veeres Gift, containing a pleasant 
Dialogue betwixt the Husbuid 
and his Wife, pleasant to be Te- 
nured. [A Ballad.] 9». %. 
Primied /or F. Cowlee, London^ 
[ 1 640 ?] Broadeide fol. Box. 1. 39. 

HOUSEWIFE. The good 
IluMwtVi'H hnndmaid for Cookerio 
in her Kitcliin in dressing all 
maner of. niont, with other whol- 
•om diet, for her & her honn* 
hold, eto. V. %. [R, Jones, Lon- 
don, 1588?] 8vo. 1087. e. 1.(1.) 
ImfHvfrrl: wanting tbe titlet«ge 



K *<• U»' 


niin|Mm«l«r rtoi). Bm Oaksct 
' :* !• Mid l'Wrf(DH...lU« 

It wboU iVMMWiitlKS 

«.«lo. 1406. 4to. 666. 1 1. 

HOWARD <lluiKv) 

HOUTMAN ) . inioK m) 

* to 






UWitiittBDci: _ . 

WnniiM to Ii9 BO 

Woffil of Ood« 
IMK. 4to. 

718. i. 13. 
HOWARD mcniY) Karl of 


112. a. 60. 


HOWARD (DuBUPi) &rl o/ 
A:.mVi«, aptlL.D.P.R.nft. 
HcqpMtta y Hmmumao cxwtim 1m 

M biteptHo a«...doa Cliarl» 

CM4«a«Howundk«to. 1689. 4ta 

682. a 1. (8.) 


riirht lioiiOI»bi« i 

varxl Uta fiRrto of 

r T. Wjgato the 

r [among wbota 

.. . . 

<:. F n-vwi; 




» ;4ii», iiii<i T. 


U. I. B. TollW/, 


r;. 1I17«». 

(H.) AHdatiameto. 

^ Hm Boral 
Ai lw i il o r from ki^fi^wtittD 
lU Kittff of Speine. H. ft. 
F. AmwJW it. rSifmd, Lmdom, 
1806. 41a. E. 1940. (IS.) 


of H.OtfB«t 

> (Hmnr) £M tf 
far ooiDplidtir in Ibe 

— Anomcr c«jnion. H. ft. 
£. Tollill, IcNiioih 1659. 8vo. 

G. 11171. 

— - AnoCher •dition. 19. I. 
R. IVCfilt, IdMiM, 1674. 8TO. 

O. 11172. 

— Another edition. H. R. 
/. Wmiti, Lomdtm, 1686. 8vo. 

C. 84. a. 18. 

» Another oopjr. 0.11173. 




HOWARD (Phiuf) Sari of 
ArwML 8m Johaxx Justus, 
LwMbmrgtr. An EpUtle or Ex- 
hortation of Jeans Christ to the 
Noalo... transUtod ... by... Philip... 
Earle of Arnndell. 1610. 8 vu. 
G. 20019. 

HOWARD (Thomah) Vukt of 
Norfolk, See Q., R. 8alnt«m in 
Chiisto. [A letter oonoeming 
the eecond oonimitment of the 
Duke of Norfolk to the Tower.] 
1571. 8vo. C. 21. b. (3.) 

— A Dtecx>arae touching the 
pretended match betweoe the 
buke of Norfulke, and the Qneone 
of Soottea. [By — Samp«on ?] 
[1671?] 8vo. 0.88. a. 

Withoat titlepage and paginaikm. 

— Another copy. G. 1 724. (6.) 

— Anotheredition. [1671?] 8vo. 
O. 6926. (2a.) 
Without titlepage. 

HOWARD (Thomas) Earl of 
Arundel and Surrty. See A rondel 
Ma&BLCS. Marmora Arundel liana, 
etc. 1628. 4to. 604. d. 8. 

— See Crownb (W.) A true 
Relation of all the Remarkable 
Plaoea and Paasagea obeerved in 
the TraveU of ... T. H., et«-. 
1637. 4to. 1064. h. 26. 

Patt4<nie of Christian Lo)altie: 
whereby any prudent man may 
clearely neroeive, in what manner 
the new Oath of Allegiance. ..may taken by Roman Cntholikes. 
...CoUeoted out of authount, who 
haTe handled the whole matter 
I largaly. By W. Howard, 
PfiMfor k Badger, Lom^ 
iImi.1684. 4to. 8936. d. 

HOWARDUS (QuuiLiius) 
8m Baavonius (F.) Wigomienmt. 

Chronicon ex chroniuis, etc. 
[Edited by G. H.] 1592. 4to. 
680. e. 12. 

HOWELL (Jambb) Aci^po- 
Xoyuu Dudoua*s Grove, or the 
▼ocall fonreat. By I. H(oweU), 
£»q. Printed by T. B. for KMoe- 
fof.[L<Miiaa,] 1640. 8vo. 432. k. 3. 

— Another copy. 194. a. 7. 

HOWELL (Thomas) Boet. 
See H., T. 

HOWES (Eomund) See Stow 
(J.) The Abridgement or Sum- 
marie of the Engliith Chronicle, 
first collected by... J. Stow, and 
after him augmented with sundry 
memorable Antiquities, and con- 
tinued with maters forrein and 
domesticall, unto this preaent 
yeare 1607. By E. H(owee). 
1607. 8yo. G. 6898. 

1611. 8va 698. a. 7. 
1618. 8vo. G. 6899. 

The Annale8...of Eng- 
land... con tinned... by £. Howes. 
1616. fol. 2070. d. 

1631. fol. C. 21. e. 

HOWESOUN (John) A short 
exposition of the 20 and 21 verses 
of the third chapter of the first 
epistle of S. John, containing' a 
very profitable disooune of con- 
science, etc. B. Waldegrave^ 
Edinburgh, 1600. 8vo. 4473. a. 36. 
Without pagination. 


See EuLKNSPiiQBL (Till) 

HOWLET (Jou.n) peeud. [i.s. 
RobKKT Paiisoms.] 5m Catholics. 
A Btiuf Disoourt oontaynins oer- 
tayna Beaaons why Catholiquea 
refute to goe to Church... Dedi- 
oat^ by I. H(owlet) [t.e. R. 

now now mi 

Ntwi«sll» tilt Qiinii .IUI#»- ^LU^miOmmhf.Hii,rhm 
tiiw lato. tm iM.lkit. Oii|i|ii« of a letter, ho. [Willi a 

€lfMkr IhMi J. H.. BiiilKmor Oi. 

im. Um. 9MS.*. lbftl,ioljMOlMg3ronU»Dloot»p^.l 

I63i. 4«& 5IM. ^ 

■OWUR (Jon) mhmI [»a 
mommPummi^ a»ruui(W.J HOWtOll(Joiiii)M00Miriv«lr 

.. bj J. H. ... CoBtejm- ObrtftiM MnsoM [on Imkm sii. 

iiif f^tUi— Htawi wkj PbpMo 41, 42« cia.] iMd« in OififH 

r*.rtt«. ui eosM Id Chvrab, •Is, ...1616 whmin i« pitnrwl iluii 

ilQw m7. r. 12. (3.) 9. FMot ImmI do HoBorobkAll 

Fvwor OTor Ibo reot of Uio 

— &« W., P. A oUelto or ApooUoo, •pd^i IWUrmmr, 

m wo tt fcof IL Uowlote UltiMix 8Md«m Stoniloteo, ooa iU r«»i 

Ai rolli ng ia btr lli^iwlktooM. of tUl oomMMiio. oia ^ ' ' 

villi M OMworo to llM rtMOM ly r. & /or /. iW, 

ollittiftdiaoaimwMllMffomto 16M. 4lo. 694. d. 4. (S.) 

tofo•te(mlol^•te. IMI. 4to. — Aoothtrooi^. 114. d. 24. 

^' ^^ —AnoUiiroopj. 0.20091.(8.) 

HOW LTOW ( J -^^ - A oafmoB [on Mmtth. xxf. 

TTf ^"'"f" **-.2!^^ »2 mod 18] piooobod ol Fkaloo 

^xu ji 1^ ».,t_ Wbortin i« diaooorMd, th«t all 

I-? SJ^fcSlifA^ tajriiig •iMl ••»»»« of 8|.mio-lI 

J^ T^ ^ A vSS!!lL J?^ prwooiioii 10 «ikwfolL A. Umt- 

UiM.E,\\ A OoDfttfari ooofo jgj /or T. iUo»o. I«odom 

«iKi MMadorMM hbellob \rr* ' ^.^ qaqo rTTx 

1019. 0. 1. (1.) _ Anolhor odilion. PrimU4 

Bool»OBlil«lod.7hoI>eoloimlioD — A Sooond 6eniioD« preoclMd 

of MdM 8oni|il«» oad oteiot of at Fkol«o Oom, the 21. of Mat, 

BOMoiwiM lOMbiafo Ibo otho 1598. opun tlio 21. of M«Ui. ibo 

of Ibo Sopfoaofljf 00 M. i. FW- 12. sod 18. TorMo.: coodti'ltnfr o 

kottbMi ... did dolivor aato ibo fomwr oomioii, olo. A. f 

U Biibop oC Wiaebeotor. etc for T. Adamt, Ltmdom, 15i 

1866. 4IO. 1019. m. 1 3932. f. (2.) 

^JBm T^ L. An Aaoworo to — Anotboroonr. 0.20091.(2.) 

i^ J. HA wbieb bo sodo... — ^ r™^ fc"-f^ ?^iU 

A^iBologodljoerMiof ILJ. PT*?^** ?l™rj» ??**^ 

"- 25 Ibo Cboreb of fiDgUnd, and 
' of ber llojaoiko 

HOW80N(Jon)oQooMiiv«l/ OoioootioB...Tbo Sroood imprao- 

•km. Fiwlltf.KonGi. /. 
&rAwn(G.}«ioot«iVeljAUkir O^rd, 1603. 4lu. 4474. c 108. 




H0W80N ( JouM)i>tiooeMivcly 
Bishop of Oxford and of Durkafn. 
Uxuto uimiKsa proi>t«r Fumioa- 
ttoneni aliam non licot fiti|)orin- 
dooere, Tertia Tl)e«i« J. llow- 
■uni...AcoGMtit tguHtlcm thcscos 
deffimio omtni roprehonsiones T. 
P^i.t'tc, f With a kttcr. in Eng- 
Itiih, on tiio Mil bj vet of tho Con- 
iroren^' hv J. KainoldH and an- 
other, m Latin by A. Gvntilis.] 
2 pti. /. BarimuB, Oaeoniw^ 
1606. 4to. 500. b. 1. 

Pt S hai a Mparate tlUepage 
and pagination. 

H O Z Y U 8 Z (Staniskaw) 

Ctirdinal 5fe«Fox(J.) DoChriiitu 
gintij*jtiMtiKrantc. Contra Orostia- 
nu! s<]uocjiitidem 

inl ., . I)ationo«, 8. 

lloaiu^eta 1663. 8vo. 697.0.22. 

— A moat excellent treatise of 
the begynnyng of heresyes in oure 
tyme... Translated out of La ten 
in to Englyshe by R. Shacklock 
...and intituled by bim: The 
hatchet of heresies. 90. %. 
JEg, Diest^ Antwerp, 1565. 8vo. 

G. 5263. (1.) 

— Another copy. 697. a. 21. 

Wantine thA last leaf, containing 
the list of " Faultct escaped " and 
an **AdnM>nitioo to the fault 

TIU8, Hiiruanied Maurus, Arch- 
hi§hop of Mentz. A notable short 
I)iaeuarae...of the Sacrament. See 
Guiij) (W.) Three Rare Monu- 
mentaof Antiquitie,eto. 1624. 8vo. 
698. b. 48. 

(JUAS i»K Dnw) Kxiiiiien do In- 
Ketiiua. Tho ««xaunnation of Mens 
\Vita...In Mrhi(x*h [sic], by dis- 
covering tho variotin of natures, is 
ahewod for what prufoMi»ion each 
QUO is apt, and how far ho sliall 
pioflt therein. -TraualaUd out of 

the Sfianish tongue by M. C. 
Camilli. Englished out of his 
Italian, by R[ichard] Cfarew] 
Esquire [and partly by l^omas 
Carew ?]. A. Islip, for B. Waikine, 
Ltmdim, 1594. 4to. 528. f. 2. 

— Another edition. A, Ulip, 
Ixmdon, 1604. 4to. 1250. c. 

— Another edition. A. Ish'p 
for T, Adamt, London, 1616. 4to. 

528. e. 30. 

Apologio of Infants, in a Sermon 
[on 1. Pot. III. 21, 22] pioving... 
that children prevented by death 
of their Haptifmio...niay be Saved. 
By W. H(nbbocke), etc. PtinUd 
hjf the Widowe Onein for T. Man, 
London, 1595. 8vo. 114. a. 27. 

8omo of the leaves are mutilated 
in the binding. 

— Another copy. 4473. a. 10. 

— An Oration gratnlatory to 
...James of England... King... On 
tho two! ft day of February last 
presented, when his Majesty 
entered the Tower of London to 
performe tho ronidue of the solem- 
nities of his Coronation, etc. Lat. 
and Eng. J, Bamee, Oxford, 
1G04. 4to. C. 33. d. 

WiUiout pagination. 

HUBBURD (Oliver) w«mI. 

ii.«. THO.MAS MiDDLETON.] Father 
Inbburd*B Tales : or the Ant and 
the Nightingale. W, Cotton, Lorn" 
don, 1004. 8vo. C. 80. f. 6. 

HUBERT (5ir Francis) See 
KhWAiU) II., King of England. 
The Deplorable Life and Death of 
Klward the Second, etc. [By 
Sir F. Hubert] 1628. 8vo. 

G. 11407. 

— Egypts Favorite. The 
Historie of Ja«euh ... Together 
with old Israels IVogreeae into 
the Land of Goshen. \Ixl verae.] 

II V n 

II rci 


«W «f i. If. Ar t 

jMvV TV 
Um Stoond 


Willi iv Pten iiov».iyi of kb 

Now PsIiIUImI 

by ilw A«ilmr ^kmrnd, Moonliag 
b> iW tnM OrigiMai €b|rf% mI 
) trfid ftooi tliaM...8rRini and 
( -a^plioML wkvrtwiili UiaI mmi- 


whicli Utolv f 
Um atiM T/tM, 
WiOi Um AddiUoD 

. f ^-.w* ..iK^r OI«arimtiotM...bT 

•"^•-» "-y i». ^« 4UM £• F» fof 

L, Clyrn, Lmim. 1639. 8to. 

— Aaotfcar oopy. S88. K IS. 

— Aaolbaradition. P lrii Mwr if 

1831. 8ro. 1078. h. 31. 

KwiWMtw, Aa AloMMMttk and 
IVo^MMdcAtkNi (b/ J. H.X ote. 

HUDSON (IfioniT) Diwi 
VograffM uid Korthenio Db- 
ttnwM of... H. H....tii 1807. 
Written fMirtly by J. PUyto... 
•ad frnrilv bv IT. FT —A •Mvymd 
Vo7Sfpo...«>f H. If. ijf a 

twiifpB to tbe YjuX I»^..^ ..> tho 
SMrtb-BMl[iiil808}: writt^ by 
l»im«rlfe. — Tbe tbira Toyngo of 
II II .wriitao by R. Irei.— An 
Ab^iTMi of tbe Jovrnall of H. IL 
Ibr ilw d h o iif r i a of tbe Nortb- 
«•#( VmmiiBk^ benn tbe 17tb of 
.\).ni leiO^eaddTwilbbiseiML— 
A iMfv DieoMuie of tbe eeme 
Torege ead tbe eaooeMB tbereof. 
Wnitea by A. PHeket te Pim- 
CiiA«rS.) PerolMM bie PIlgrioM, 
ew . rt, 8. 1828. foL 879. b. 13. 



A ricbe 
fot tbe 

SMin. nill of CbrbribMi mm\ 
mmI ifuUty m«KliuiloM...WIi»m- 
Milo bi tumetod e OiMilbrt ftir 
poore IVIffmen, ead eleo %m Ki- 
hor8ilio«lof«|Mileiioi^ WHllen 
in Ihilobt^ [or imlbcr OenMn,] 
by K\ lUberine. end BngUebed by 
T.OodfHe.ele. II.E. n.Sm^ 

MfrMt, £4MMMI. I.*? A. 8V0b 

•04. 0. S8. (2.) 

HUBS (JtoMKnM) Tmotetee 
de QU>bie ^ eonm Um, eeormi. 
iieqni Londiniolift >tiiii 
l&Oa. eta U m4AmM Tkomm 

10002. eee. (2.) 

— A Ltemed TraetW <>r 
Qloboe, botb Oeleetiell end i 
r*^*"»n... Written flmtin I*n' 

rwani illtiiitr<iti^l 

■ <«>Uts I'V ^ ' " TltAtlOA. All i 

...n ii nvJM'hil- 

etc i'^rtiuM bjf IM Amimm 
T. P. fir P. mmhnm md 
feredtfA, Lmdam, 1888. 8vo. 
8880. ea. 
Titiipit* iUsbtly Mtiliaid. 

HUBT (TiioM4s) 8m Bietjc. 
WML [Y BeiU pyaegr-Un... 
Tbe New tWement...TruieUted 
byT.H..eto.] 1888. foL l.b.13. 

HUOHK (W11.UAM) The 
tmnlil<Ml tniin«i m<*<Ii<'ino fe n>- 
ligidiia trofttiM'T vctvo pmntnMe 
ill lt« rtMldc'fif al iiuMi wlurfin thoy 
may luttrtic iMovontly V* i>tiflrfr nil 
kyinlo«of»4lvfniiti«',«?t<'. < .\i»wriii» 
ooneoUtiu, end Ute eootmd Luke of 
tbe tnmbled auun medioine, ete.) 
[Edited by J. Fkakeoer.] ». t. 
2 pte. /. Htrfirds, LomUm. 
1518. 8to. C. 25. a. 17. (1-2.) 


bM m afatiejt tHI<yeg» aeJ wgtrtf . 

— Anotber edition. H. E. 
2pte. VKmWLhaim. [Lomd^m,] 
1587. 8to. 840o. «. 

TIm if»4 Lm/ i> maliUteL 




HUGHES (Gborob) The 
Saints Losite and Lamentation. 
A sermon [on 2 Kings xju. 14] 
preached at tlio funcrall of... 
Captaine H. Waller, etc. Printed 
fty /. B. for B. Mab, [London,] 
1632. 4to. 1419. h. 38. 

HUGHES (Lewis) Certaine 
grievanci»»<, well worthy the seri- 
ons consideration of the right 
honorableand high court of Parlia- 
ment. [An address to the Par- 
liament on *'sonie erronrs in the 
piihlicko Worship and Service of 
G(hI, ftc./* itigned L. Hughes.] 
[Amsierdamf] lt)40. 4to. 

873. e. 39. 

— Another copy. 698. g. 9. (7.) 

— Certaine Greevanooe well 
worthy the serious Consideration 
of the rt. hon. and high court of 
Parliament. Sot forth by way of 
dialogue between a Countiey 
Gentleman and a mininter of Gods 
word ; for the satisfying of thoKo 
that doe clamour, and maliciously 
levilo them that labour to have 
the errors of the Bo<»ke of Common 
Prayer. [London f] 1640. 4to. 

E. 206. (12.) 

— A Letter sent into Eneland 
from the Summer Hands. [Con- 
taining an account of them.] 
Printed...hy L B. for W. WeUty, 
London,l6\b, 4to. 702. d. 16.(1.) 

— A olaine and true relation 
of the Uoodnes of God towards 
the Sommer Hands, written by 
way of exhortation, to stirre up 
the ]>eoplo there to praise God. 
Whercunto are added oertaine 
questiong and answers concerning 
the keeping holy of the Sabl>ath 
day, etc. E. AU-de, London^ 
1021. 4to. 702. d. 15. (4.) 

HUGHES (Thomas) Certaine 
Devises and she wes presented to 
her Majcbtio by the Genilemen of 

Grayes-Inne at her Highnesi>e 
Court in Greenwich ... in the 
thirtieth yeare of her Majesties 
most happy raigne. (The mis- 
fortunes of Arthur reauced into 
tragicall notes [in five acts and 
in verse] by T. H.) 90. 1. 
R Bobimon^ London, 1587. 8vo. 
C. 34. b. 3. 

HUGO, de Saneio Vietore. An 
exposition of certayne words of 
S. Paule, to the Romaynee [i. 20], 
entiteled by an old wryter Hugo. 
A Treatise of the Workeeof three 
dayee. A Iso an other W^orke of t he 
truth of Christes naturall body 
[the former translated, the latter 
written] by R. Coorte8se...Bi»hop 
of Chichester. [With a com- 
mendatory ** Address to the Chris- 
tian Reader** subscribed by forty- 
two Preachers of the Diooeee of 
Chichester.] ». %. Few MS. 
NarEs. W. Brome^ [London,] 
1577. 8vo. 3932. aa. 

Without pagination. 8ig. A-Xi. 

HUGO, of Caumpeden. See 
Boccus, King. The nistory of 
kyng lk)ctu8, i Sydracke how he 
confoundyd his lemed men... Also 
his answeris to the questions of 
wysdomo,...tranHlatyd by Hugo 
of Caumpeden, out of frenche into 
Englyssho. [1510?] G. 11228. 

HUGO (Hrrmannus) l*he 
Sieffe of Breda, written in Latin. 
...Translated into English by C. 
H. G. [the Dedication subscribed 
H.G.]. [Brm$eUt]l627, fol. 
9415. d. 
The Utlspsge it engraved. 

— Another copy. G. 4745. 

HUI8H (Albxanpkr) See 
Fi.A vr.i. (J . ) TracUtus de Demon- 
■tratione, eta [Edited by A. H.] 
1619. 8to. 8466. a. 

— Lectures upon the Lords 

II t* L 11 D IC 

bifaif llM iMl ImT tiC 
13U.K Qm lalrailMliMi oiOjri 9mkdm> 

of wmnm hy 

Cbm^jrw^r^. ft. [iU«4<k 

Stoat PHtm IVupliirii ,"5'~" L 

>»lo art mIM« Um •tp.rlMM of 

voHd, — aflUni. UmT;! '"* AuuKNi 90«tl^ nd 

mhI to oomThc. immi^ 1*^ Mnriog to tU prMtko 

i6ivyA, 1699. 4to. 

C. 34. f. 19. 

I JMS ( Aij»Ain>Ra) o^ Biim^ 

idod ''"'^i^ OimmmatioA nor. m Mom 

,1^ JQvwitiiti. 8ootio0 Ml motbodam 

,-J^ r.Too.U .b A. Hnmio...AooMdt 

toboU *d noguU 0.piU...Msooiii- 

It WfaUfyf. 16IX 8vo.' 624.A.18. 
^b itt Ml. MraoM, — Aaoth^roonr. 624. .. 14. (2.) 
S, 0./vr8. B^ . PriMKUm«itama».U< 

8TO. 874.0.28. in wsa ja^Mtaii. Sooliooo ob A. 


HULLTXR (Joo) Uttors SSfclf^Sft^^ 
(IL) MHi o/ Oitfir. Ortiin 824.0.14.(1.) 

fBodU, fniitfal, oad ooai. HUMS (ALnAVDift) Se&ooi- 

lbrUbl.L.ttoi.,010. 1684. 4ta moMer «l BolL 8m Hill (A.) 

488. o. 18. TboD.foiio.oftboArtkl.:Cbri.t 

HULOrP (RiaiAED) Abe- tSSlSSilJS^SLf 1£ t2^^ 

]te';?fe..f^ .,^ ,.>yrr hobm.. aii wUob 

'""^ ■■i.^sL^KM. eonfntfd^ote. 1692. 4to. 4226 o. 

-n«loo«sDicUnMHo.iiowol7o ,,^??S (^^J^ »*• ^'^'TJ? 

Wfootod. oMndod, wt in order (^') ^^ i OollMMjr. Tbo 

oad Mkfnd br II IlinriiM. ^^op <'f 0.1low.j hi. Dikaio- 

Emt^ IM. w^ Tt. H flSte lojri.: cooUimngo jo.t Dofaoo. 

T. JTmUL UmiimL 1672. fiiL <"• *«»«>l»^jK. A«in?t 

iMdtiO, 1672. foL 
828. L 18. 

tb....iaiiMiUilioM of M'. D. H. 
1614. 4to. 701. g. 8.(1.) 

iSSTr"'^ ^^^ — I>»pbn - Anwrrlli., ota 

^ ^ & IWI. LoodM*. 16rt6. 4to. 

- [A fr^Mo^ W H«loot'. C. 88. a. 81. (8.) 

TOCU. 3 1 




HUME (David) D. Hnmii... 

LiiHUM Puetici, in tret Partes dis- 

tincti. B. Fieid, Loim^1605. 4to. 

C. 89. d. 51.(2.) 

— De Uutone Intiils BriUnnin 
TracUtns I. O. Elde, Londini, 
1605. 4ta 600. d. 29. (7.) 

— ninstriMimi Principis Hen- 
rioi JukU. Ubi et fponBonim 
rthe I'rinceM Elizabeth, and 
Frederick King of Bohemia,] 
Epithalamiuin ; et oonsolatio : & 
exhortatio ad prinoipem Carolnm 
ad fratrit iniitationem. Bxcudehai 
O. HaU, 9umpitlm$ B. Boyle d 
0. J<mm, Landini, 1 61 8. 4to. 

1070. 1. 6. (6.) 

— Begi too, poet bis septen- 
ninm in Patriam ex Angli4 re- 
deanti, Sooti» Gratnlatio [in 
verse]. A, HarU Edinhurgi, 
1617. 4to. 1070. c. 18. (3.) 

HTJME (John) The lewes 
Deliverance out of Babylon, and 
the Mystery of onr Bedemption ; 
plainely demonstrated in ten Ser- 
mons upon the 126. Psalme, etc. 
W, StanAyfor M. Sparlce, London, 
1638. 4to. 4452. c. 

HUMES (Alexander) School- 
masUr at Bath. See Hume. 

HUMPREY (Biciiard) See 

Ambkcmc, Saint. Christian offices 

Crystal G lasso. Translated into 

English by B.Hnmfrey. 1687. 4to. 

3805. aaa.ll. 

HUMPHREY (Laurimce) 
I. Sheprevi ... Argumenta in 
NoTum Tostamentum; oarmine 
elegiaoo oonsciipta, alphabetic^ 
disposita, ut olim erant edita a 
D. Dootore Humfredo. See Bible. 
-^AhndffwmUe, Biblii Summula, 
•to, 1621. 8vo. 8125. a. 

1629. 8to. 8125. a. 

See BitLi.— MiflKoM. Ad 

Lectorem. Gemma Fabri...Ad- 
jeeimus etiam in novum Tosta- 
mentum Sheprevi ... carmen k 
Dootore Hnmphredo olim editnm, 
etc. 1598. 8vo. 11409. a. 

HUMPHREY (Laurence) 
See H., L., Vieeean. Oxon, 

— See HvoooNS (T.) The first 
Motive of T. H(yggon8) sus- 
pect the integrity of his Reli- 

S'on: which was detection of 
Isehood in D. Humfrey, etc. 
1609. 8vo. 3935. a. 

— Ad Illustrissimam R. Eliza- 
betham, L. H. Vioecan. Oxon. 
oratio WoodstoohisB habita. An. 
1572. August. 31. Jiwd/.DayMsi, 
Londini, 1572. 4to. C. 83. d. 1. 

Without paginatioD. 

— Jeenitismi pars prima: 
sive de praxi Romance curiso 
oontra Resp. & Principes...£t De 
nova legatione Jesuitarii in An- 
gliam, 'jrpo$€pair€ia &> pr»munitio 
ad Anglos. Cui adjuncts est 
concio ejusdem Argumenti. 
H. Middletanue impeneie G. B., 
Londini, 1582. 8vo. G. 11701. 

-- J. Juelli...Episcopi Saris- 
buriensis Vita & mors, cjasq; vera 
dootrin» defensio, cum refuta- 
tions ^uorundam objectortim, 
T. Hardingi, N. Sanderi, A. Copi, 
II. Osorii Lusitani, Puntaci Bur- 
degalensis, L. Humfredo ... Au- 
tore. Ajmd J. Datfum, Londini, 
1578. 4ta 490. a. 2. (2.) 

— Another copy. 202. c 24. 

— The Nobles, or of Nobilitve. 
The original nature, dutyes« right, 
and Christian Institution thereof 
three Bookes. Fyrste eloquentlye 
writte in Latin by L.© 
englished. Whereto... is coupled 
the small trvatyte of Phifo a 

It 111 n r If 

IMk tm lsii.A.27. 

— A»otWr oofgr. •oe.lm • mMt bj W. n. 

^^^ MID m Alio MUMItdllitllMd. 

■ UMPaaST iLAi:snci) ^^ ^ Hon i i>p ki w{ Um Voot% 

■* -» — wM^i^i — ir A^ia t wiMi OliritI Mid m tUam. ite. 

in AttU 

frMl9»*>MUM . l67Sw 8i0lWibw II. 


1587. l2aM. aM.a.M. 

•^^iJ^'^^STTr^- HUNNI8 (WauAM) &• 
M O^". HmW ^irf«j, Kpwaew (K.) Th. Pbniaiot of 

Ikialj DerlM... DfTiMd ...fbr tiM 
mott parte bj M. Edward«i...tlM 

fi^[J:iU^uCJ^^ («W.4la289.k.2l. 
J.W^V^M ^ AS^. I«iA«, tflining fovTO godlk aad 

18.(8.) ptndioos dkoouMt... WhtrMBto 

siSirS r^^v^j^ srs ^^ or jo^*. #10. rio t«^] 

Md in Lo 

6897] 8to 
8486. a. 27 

[■■■■ B I iiiw 1^ I v ~_^^ ^ » "yr 2 pts. PhsImI ha p. 8. fir 


mlSMLAmt^HmtdndCmuU, HUNT (i5m«ro»«ii) 8m 

^, ,«. . Tamo (T.) [OirMMfwiwi IA»- 

to kb.«.llollMr a 

16M. 4to. 1073. g, 

Iflnu WkMuto k ftddad. The HUNT (Matthiai) Sw H., U, 
• • or a IktUr to bk... ^ ' 

teittiac as acknow. HUNT (Kicholai) The Do- 
i or Qud bio groat Tont Christian rommanicant in- 

•tmclod to the twoSacraoienU of 

mmaf^ is brisgiBf bia to tbo 
IVofMOB or tbo tnM Bilickxi... 

thoNowTaotaBMot. BjN.H(iint) 
PraaoborofGoda Word. Frmiti 


L. LU^Ud, fit B. OHmf$. kf Q. M. fit R, 

a0pd.l888. 41a. 898.0.2. 1828. 12m. 4827. a. 

RUVIIIS (Wiluam}^ 8m — Tbo Kew-Borao Cbrkliaii. 

Bw fc>— Oij> TmnkMW0t.^PmimB, Or, a litrelj pattonie...of tbo 




Saint-militant Child of God, etc 
Printeil fnr R, MoMletf, Lomdon, 
1631 874. k. 41 

HUNT (Nicholas) Newe 
Beoreation, or the Mindet release 
and solacing in a rare and ex- 
quisite invention for the exer- 
cising of aonte Wits and indus- 
trious dispositions, etc. ^The 
second book of arithmetioall re- 
creations.) Aua. Maih for L. Faune^ 
jC<Miiom [1631J. 12mo. 786. a. 24. 

There if another Utlo|«gev which 
read*, ''Judiciary Exereisee, or, 
Pnuticall Ckmoliwioiia, etc." Tlio 
tiiiU' haa been eiopped off in the 


HUNTAR (Alexander) A 
treatise of weights, mets and 
measures of Scotland. With tlieir 
quantities, oto. /. Wreitiaunt Edin- 
ImrgK [1626]. 4to. C. 38. d. 12. 
The titlepage is mutilated. 

HUNTING. The Hunting 
of the Hare ; with her last Will 
and Testament, 
As 'twas performed on Bamstead 

By Cony-catchers, and their 

[A song.] Id.*. 2pt8. Printed 
for F. Grove, Ijondan, [1635?] 
Broad9ide ful. Box. III. 202. 

— Another edition. 90. Z. 
[London, 1 640 ?] Broadside fol. 

Box. III. 203. 
A fragment only. 

HUNTINGDON, Euzabeth, 
Couniets of. See Hastimos. 

HXTNTLET (Jambs Gordon) 
A Treatise concerning the Church. 
W her in it is she wm,... that the 
Church of Borne... is the only 
true Church of Christ. Written 
in Latin, by. ..J. Gordon Huntley 
...of the Society of Jesus, and 
translated into English, by I. L. 
of the same society. The third 

part of the second controversy. 
\Douay?^ 1614. 8vo. 

1020. h. 10. (2.) 

i his WBB reprinted ae ** The third 
part of the second oontroTeray " in 
** A Summary of ControTertieai ete." 

HUNTLEY (James Gobdok) 
A Summary of Controversies. 
Wherein are briefly treated the 
cheefe Questions of Divinity now 
a dayes in dispute betweene 
Catholikes & Protestants: espe- 
cially out of the holy Scripture. 
Written in Latin by. ..J. Gordon 
Huntley... And... trauMlated into 
English by I. L....The second 
eilition. Toml. [Dosayf] 1618. 8 vo. 
3935. a. 

No more appears to have been 


HUNTLEY (W.^peend. [{.e. 
William Prysnk.J A Breviate of 
the Prelates intollerable usurpa- 
tions, both upon the Kings Pre- 
rogative Boy all, and the Subjects 
Liberties.... Edition 3. much en- 
larged. (Brief instructions for 
Church wardens... to observe in 
all Episcopall or Archdiaconall 
Visitations and Spiritual Courts.) 
2 pts. [London f] 1637. 4to. 

698. g. 8. (3.) 

' The "Brief InstruoUona** are 
without pagination. 

HUON, of Bordeaux, Duke de 
Ouienne. [The ancient, honor- 
able, famous, and delightful 1 his- 
toric of Huon of Bourdeaux... 
Being now the third time im- 
printed, and the rude Enslish 
corrected and amended.] Bnd. 
[Thus endothe the...hystorie... 
out of frenche into English by 
Syr J. Bourchire Knight, Loid 
Bomiors, etc.] D. ft. [London^ 
1601.] 8vo. C.40. d.42. 

lanwrffet : wanting iHlepase 
and uM leaf, which have been eup. 
plied in Ma Many leaves are 
eiopped in the bindiof . 

UUl n 

d. r^ t^dhlA^ numX. umI fmdU.} PlMMHicMlManmi 
I INmoki fMtOaM Ml df tU BoolBit 9i IpoetM, 


t»w BmIMi .. ... GoMiag. Arioim^la [IMOn IS»o. 
^^^"^ KUtBAWDMAM. SmV 

'^ JUifT*' ^ " te * ] || ;f obMiltla. 16W. 41a. 9«6.K.87. 
(IKTm-B-T^iSi 41©. I14.IL5. —fcO«mjBUJi. A proper 

drmloM [In ^Mtm] 

-^jBm Bittm V^ Bift. Anti. 0«iliUnMii aaa a htMUDdoO. 9Ut. 

ftltlM. rnvU. II.] IMO. 4IO. 15S0. «vo. C\S7.A.28. r6.) 
8078. bbb. 


HUBLBnOMB (Ravaau.) CliMMMMlQoodHMbMMlnr,«lo. 

N«««BfrMBoMOOMOTdBf O^ 1614. 410. O. 23gl(8.) 

PmSimIL. with djrmmJS^ ««>«• *^ ^^'' »• '♦•(2 ) 

tnMtiMvwj^€dlj^<iM8^U. 1^23. 4to. 7i«l. bbb. 

B. E. /. M^AdLM m, Ciiyiiiw. 

[1460?] 8fa. 1631. 4to. 7M74 cc.(4.) 

C 87. 0.88. 


BUBBr(EKiu») fiitOoii- MraMNi [ob Ouilleke ii. 15] 
»40t» (J. O. m) baimiott,... pmohftd in WwtalMitor Um viii. 

ultvrptvtod bj R. H. 1689. 8to. arOololMr,lM6.b«fcrtlUJtidg« 
1078. o. 34. Mid ontiiii RooMMitM : wboraia 

«tw«y> Tbofcwiof ■adfefoii j^^ e«cUUi6 of aubborn and 

Wftko^MiMlim /or* [1686]. 8vo. 8982. •. 

HURTADO (Lent) &• Witkmt 

pAUinusi, ff BmatnH. Tbe fir»t . . ^ ^. • 

^ »\^-.'» .* tis-4_ — A mnoB [oa CknttoUs 

L^ H. mud / do BonJj f?*^ **f *^ ^?F^ ®^ ^"! 

1639. 4to. C.40.d.l. l^ Cb«itA tnily miUiUnt and 

apologie of the Mono. Jamianr 6. 

HURTADO DB MBM- 1689. B. t. /. Botms, Or/ord, 

DOZA (DUM) Sm Touin [1589]. 8to. 1024.0.27.(8.) 

<!«. Ml Tbo notooi Iliotorio ^ „ r r% % .^i 

of I. io Tonoo..^ [Pi. L By ^ " A|8«« [ca 0;d. r 12^^ 

I). Hoftedo do M^odooi? « ^ir^^^.y^^^ S^2r^ '* 
J do Ortofin Dtawiio ooi of J^-VST?!? ^^T'^S^^*"" 
SpoDi«li,olo. 15(96. 4lo. G. 10136. Sffli^^'tSin o 

HUSAIKIBll'AK) ALLAH C. 12. d. 18. (7.) 

\ \u Al) ooUod fm 8M or 




Bible. The Holy Bible... Newly 
iraDsUtod ... and rovited, etc. 
[By L. AQdreweft,...H., etc....! 
1611. fol. 466.1.6.(1.) 

Faithful Declaration of Cbriittes 
holy huppor, oompreheded in thre 
Sermu«, preached at Eaton Col- 
ledge... 1552. V. I. /. Doff, 
Ltmdoti, 1560. 8vo. 0. 12. c. 2. 
Witboat paginaiioii. 

— The Image of God, or laie 
mas booke, in wbyche the ryghte 
knoweledge of God is diacloeed, 
and diverse dontea beaydea the 
prinoipall matter. Newly made 
ont of holi writ bi R. hutchynson, 
etc. J. Date and W, Seree^ Lorn- 
don, 1550. 8vo. 3932. a 

— Another edition. 9B. %. 
Newlif imprinted,., b]f J, Day, Lon- 
don, 1560. 8vo. C. 12. c. 3. 

HUTTEN (Leonard) See 
Bible. The Holy Bible. ..Newly 
traniJated ... and revised, etc. 
[By L. Andre wee,... L. H., eta] 
1611. fol. 4G6. i. 6. (1.) 

— An answer* to a certaine 
treatise of the Croaae in Baptisme 
intituled A Short Treatise of the 
Crosae in Baptisme... By L. H(ut- 
tan) Doot. uf Div initio, eto. 
/. Banm, Oac/ord, 1605. 4to. 

4325. a. 

HUTTEN (Robert) The SS 
of di villi tie diawon out of the 
holy scrii Hrawon out of 

Latino ii. (ihe bv R. H. 

rTranalatod from the lUmmU 
Thtologioa of J. Bpaainnberg, 
revised, and with a preface, by 
W. Turner.] 10. %. Fiw uS. 
Nona. /. Das and W. Seree, 
Lemdam, 1548. 8vo. 696. b. 26. 
Witboot |«f iniiUoa. 6if . a s. 

HUTTEN (Ulrich von) The 
declaiuation of L. Valla against 
tho untnily forged... donation of 
Costatvne, eto. (With a pref>«oe 
bv U. H.) See Romk, Empire of. — 
CoNSTANTiNE, sumamod Ike Great, 
Emperor. A treatyse, eto. 
[1525?] fol. 3935. g. 

— De morbo Gallico. [Trans- 
lated into English by T. Pay- 
nell.] 1$. a. In sedibus T. Ber- 
tkeleti, Londini, 1533. 8vo. 

1174. a. 8.(1.) 

— Of the wood called Guaia- 
oum, that healeth the Frenclie 
Pockes, and also helpeth the 
Goute in the feete, etc [Trans- 
lated by T. Paynell.] ». *. 
In aedUnu T. Berthdeti, Londimi, 
1536. 8vo. 7509. a. 

— Another edition. ]$. Z. 
In aedibus T. Bertheleti, Londini, 
1539. Svo. 1174. a. 8. (2.) 

— Another edition. D. Z. 
Few MS. Notes. Ex offidna 
T. Bertheleti, Londini, 1540. 4to. 

988. f. 1. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes. 1175. k. 5.(1.) 

HUTTON (Henry) Follie s 
Anatomic : or Satvree and satyri- 
call Epigrams. With a compen- 
dious history of Izion*s Wheele. 
Printed for M. Walbanke, London, 
1619. Svo. C. 30. b. 17. 

Without paginaUon. 8ig.A3-Es. 
Fini aod but l«aTSS blank. 

HUTTON (Lukk) See New- 
gate. Tht) Discovery of a Lon- 
don Monstt-r, etc. [By L. H.] 
1638. 4to. 1077. d. 55. 

— The Blaoke Dogse of New- 

Kte, etc [In versa J (A I)ia- 
jua betwixt the author and one 
ZawDy, etc.) tf. 1. Inprimted 

II t' T U \ •. A5I 

/(0Q.mmmmmiW.fnii$.Lm^ B^fM fai liit t«« MOogM. Ho.) 
^fliOO?) 410. 9jf^ [Lmamf]\mhim. 440. 

I— • mmilitittiyi^ 

BUTTON <lf4miiv)toooto- — < | i » ii<o 

uS^^yji ASofSiiroo -A«ilfc«0PKr. W.« 

J»r ri UjJhjMliod ol Yofko» - Anotbor copy. IN *. 7. 

..PmUooi of Imt M^Mltet RUTOBB (Wit4JA») te 

amoiU...Ui tlio Norti^ olo. LmnMm-GnitrA, Obrdb ^.- 

II.B. rDmmm.MB.8mrtr. Bfmtn. Qmmtm. TbofenMoT 

Li ■!■■■> 1579. 8m 0.n85.(l.) oqmmni pmiofo wtd lo Um 

okoiolMOorOooovo: ThomTojs- 

BUTTOlf (Boonr) tnoloo of tho MotmoMQloi, of 

toHirrnDi. Hiprtton ood tho LottUt wppor ; 

Tbo ff dto o kw i of tho ovoko : And 

--UTTON (Saiiov.) &• tho GbUiookkM of Gooovo.Jo 

roAimnJJ. M. o«) Of tho tbo Mdo oio ootoioo oChor Qodly 
■mH ■HpiOitinw Monioco bo> prmToro priTotelT to bo ooad: 
fwtst...rMoriQk«OiNUitPUotiao. taMriolod o«l of froooho ioto 

»te ^ *• m^Mtm. Bw W. Hoyoko. oto. 
JoMii Eiagof QmtlMtliiBO» ]i;\. i^mk 8m G. 12IS7 

blil^ioto Bii^iA [by 

&H.~Io«on»]. UlS. 4to. HTOXB8CORNER Oyo- 
107a L 10. (8.) koeoonor. A drmumtio poem.] 
^ -^ . ». E. MS-Nowi. Iffo^ <(• 

S#w 11 . I . Jf. , • 21. c. 4. 

MMOM, for lint II of oobnri^ CtM» It o MooiluSt Mid ooiho 

tion to Um Booko of OoMMMi ««n» it nolb«. vbMi i t pfH i t tt 

of ooafBfiiitiiL lb»pttnMff«orih»dtM>t. Tte 

t!»l^!. ST-O-fiek OoUaelloo.-* will. Om 

two boolMO ■Mt-D^vidOMftak-to 

ptmjor, oaa oi 
Af^Ml tbo MTormll 

T. HoitaB...ui bit 

OAiMi tho mmiot: of Dtr. and ^ p^H to tkt tJtltptt. TUrtf 

tidmwolL W. OoTol...tii bis MttottloolUI|»«». 

bookoonitirt IL L Boffw. T. bio Biothoriy ««— - - Anotbor edition. H. t. 
LOor. 14. 40.)...Tbo inl petto. Wlihiw< ptelittinB Tbiity- 

fonniSo! [I^Hf" 
oo open 1520?! 

dm tooilio end uilbnnitio. inKT,,^ '•'^/o ^T^! 
in bU eenMO opon 1520?] 4ta C. 18. o. 2. (4.) 

the holy Seriptnoe. Uow t» thtftJI Moe. A 

jwto, uu aeo ra fiig the ^^ZSSiSlmnZ 

holy Seriptmo oad Apoenrphe. ^^^ the line -bo 

(A daepvto npoa tho qoeeniMi of fcrttraoMe." 

toU bfood end wlno...or o H Y O O O M 8 (Tjiiiomuit) 

third porto of tbo Deleooe... Tbo ftnt Motivo of T. H(ygfpne) 

«;;mtnM 1 H. Spork. ^ O eoepooi the iotognty of hie 

Tov.l llotAi UoUfion: which woe ' ^ 




of falsehood in D. Hamfrey, D. 
Field & other learned Protestants, 
touching the question of Purga- 
tory, and Prayer fur the dead: 
with his particular considerations 
perswadinff him to embrace the 
Catholic doctrine in theii«, and 
other points. . An Appendix in- 
tituled. Try before tou trust, 
wherein some notable untmths 
of D. Field and D. Morton are 
disooYered. 2pts. 1609. 8vo. 

8935. a. 

Printed abroad. The Appendix 
hsaa distioot titlepege, regiater, and 

HYLL (Thomas) Londoner. 
See HiLU 

HYLTON (Walter) Here- 
aftro foloweth a deuoute Boke 
com py 1yd by mayster W. H. to a 
doToute man in temperall estate 
ho we he shulde rule hjin, etc. 
See England. Here begynneth 
the Ealendre of the newe Le- 
gende of Englande, etc. 1516. 4to. 
C. 24. a. 

— [Scala perfecconis.] [Fol. 
b 1, recto :'\ Captmprimum. [Fol 
i 1, vereo:] Here after folow3^th 
the second e boke of mayster 
waiter Ilylton. [Fol. s 4, verBo ;] 
Thus fin} sshith this present boke 
whiche oxpowneth many notable 
doctrynes in oontemplacyon, etc. 
End. J fol. s 6, recto : 
Infynite laude wyth thankynges 

many folde 
I yelde to god me sooouryng wyth 

his grace 
This boke to finysshe whiche that 

ye beholde 
Scale of perfecoion calde in enery 

Wherof thauctor waiter Hilton 

And wynkyn de worde this hath 

■ett in prynt 
In willjam Caxstons hows, 
etc. Finit felicil liber intitulatus 

Scala perfeccionis, etc.] V. E. 
MS. Notes. [Wynkyn de worde, 
London, 1494.] fol. C. 40. k. 2. 

148 learea, without pagination or 
oatchwordc. Register, sig. a-a, in 
eights, except a, r, a, which hare 
fuur.^ix, and fl?e leavea req>eo- 
tivoly. Sheet a containa titlepago 
and three learea of table. Prtnted 
in long line*, with 33 linea to a full 
page. Thii oopy ia imperfect ; want- 
ing aheet a, which la rapplied in 
fao-dmile, and 14 learea at the end, 
aig. A-B III., ootnprising the wh<^ 
of the third book. 

HYLTON (Walter) Soala 
perfeotionis. [On verso of title :] 
Uap*la prime partis. Hero be- 
gynnen the chapytours of this 
present volume or waiter Hylton, 
namyd in laten Scala perfeccionis 
englysshod the ladder of per- 
fcocon, etc. 99. ft. MS. Notes. 
[Julian Notary, London, IbOl,] 4to. 
C. 25. g. 16. 

Without pagination. Sig. a-i, i, 
Xt Tf-', a-z alternately in eights and 
in fours; 1 iu sixis; ^ in eights, 
and Tf, in fours. Imperfect ; wanting 
sig. Tj. 1 and 4. The titlepage ia 

— Another edition. V. ft. 
Wynkyn de Worde, London^ 
1525. 4to. C. 21. b.(l.) 

Without pagination. Sig. a-s, l, f . 

— Another edition. U. ft. 
Wynkyn de Worde, London, 
1533. 4to. C. 25. d. 14. 

Without pagination. Sig. a-s, i, j^. 

— Another oopy. C. 25. o. 

HYND(John) Eliosto Libidi- 
noeo... 'Wherein their imminent 
dangers are declared, who guid- 
ing the course of their life by the 
oompasse of AflTcctiou, either dai>h 
their Ship against most danger- 
ous shelves, or else attaino the 
Haven with extreame Prejudice. 
F. Simmee,.,.eM hy N, Bniier, 
London, 1606. 8vo. C. 39. e. 4. 

U Y r I Ml 

aw UWAMWW (AO i^fwfai. 8«rWjr of UNMlott...BqnNiM.. 

•la [idoT) 8VO. M7 I.. K. . Sn/^../ im JHwimM$. A 

^fT". *te!J^3!ST2* B«p«o«tio« of ui« ii«w oufc or 

SLI^ ^'°*f*• ^^y-?"- AUocteaoo. By B. I, SumImiI. 

•Ml tafMl ..i.10 BttAyMbt by ••*• (I--i^]»M^- »rS^ 


E.Hjni««l& [1M0.]~ 4lo. 

^•"^^ I. H Sm SIMM rB.) 
lill. 4ta. UI3.«.U. 1^ ' K^fWrOod. fWiOi 

Addimt to Um BMdor bj II- I] 
1&57. 410. M7. f. 10. (l.) 1689. 12m. 4403. d. 

1502. 16m. 8901. a. j^^ n. Jaoob*s Udder, 

ing oC iftotnoD nr oti or Aoeooto 
toilio ' - ^ . . . 

kaowbdgo of Qod, by tbo 

• y. ooiiiideririoii of Hw CreotorM 

A J OBdAttribotaa ITbooddraito 

. r. ^ . « - • thoBiodoriljiio*H.I.J PHuM 

J., a Tbo ooMiodl Solyrs of /or F. ^Oe, Rm^am Itm. 12mo. 

BTory Mooootof biobsaor. A« ilO. g. 

J., II. IiwtittitionM Pfoo. or 

it wm ftral oooipootd W tbo Aa. 

IborBToBljroMool. Cbotoiniog 

Mio tboa lioo bM miblkkoly 

MkoB or octod, ote. Fwimitdfor DtrectioDO to pny : tXao o abort 

a. Lm§§, Lm im , 1600. 4to. ospontioB of the Lords Prmyor, 

841. d. 20. tbo Cmd...Tbo r. edition eng. 
J., a TboXeoqooof Aogmo. "f^*^ ,^^ .^'.Ir^^^J^ ^"^ 

Wah Ibo mw^ ^HmSq^ H.Uk,UUm.l6S$. 12»a 
I*iOB«ilod OS Twelfe Digbt (By ^li- 
lt. J^ U. Boo. JooooB.] [looioo.^ TttkpitieKnftd. 
1621. 4to. C. 89.0.81 


OLCL AeBoLi. Tboooateote in^ond viotory of Obriol» in tbo 

of teiolsro, oto. (Tbo ooaoMit worko of oor rBdoMptioii : Do- 

of tbo iporo BTmngelbto: or tbo cUring...tbot Christ after hia 

Ulb of Cbriat« oolWotod by C. J. death on the croMe« went not 

awl ptooed before bio Hanaony, into Hell in bia Soolo. Cbotiario 

F^liahad, eCo.) 1596. l2»o. to oortaino ommra ... pobliklio 

*1016. a. 18. praacbod in LcMidoD : Amo 1897. 



[Bt H. I., ue. Henry Jacob.] 
IMUUkBmrghf] 1508. 8to. 4226. b. 

L, H., Stttdent in Diviniiie, 8^ 
BoLUiion(H.) Fiftio Godlie... 
8ermoDt,...ooDteyDing the ohiefe 
...pointM of Chmtiaii Religion. 
... TruuOated ... bj H. I., eta 
1577. 4to. 4425.00. 

1587. 4to. 4424. d. 

J., N. A tme relation of the 
ground, oooarion, and cironm- 
•tanoea, of that horrible murther 
oommitted by J. Bart ram,... upon 
tho iKKly of Sir J. Tyndal... 
Written by way of letter, from a 
sentleman [N. J.] to hie country 
friend. Together with the ex- 
amination of the said Bartram, 
etc /. BeaU, Londtm, 1616. 4to. 
6496. a. 24. 

The ** ezaminAtioQ " haa a sepa- 
rate titlepa^ The regiater is 
coDtinaoas throughout. 

L, B. See Botero (G.) Re- 
latione of the most famous 
Kingdoraesand Common- wealths 
thorowout tho World... Translated K[obert] J[ohn8on], eto. 
1030. 4to. G. 4206. 

L| B. Looke on me London : 
I am an Honest English-man, 
ripping up the Bowels of Mis- 
chiefo, lurlcing in thy Sub-urbe 
an<l rrccincts, etc. [By R. I., i.e. 
liichnrd Johnson.] ». ].. Printed 
hif N. 0. for T. Archer, London, 
1613. 4to. C. 40. d. 26. 

Without pagination. 

L,R. Nova Britannia. Offring 
moat Excellent fruites by Plant- 
ing in Virginia. Exciting all 
■noh aa be well aflTooted to further 
the aame. [With a dedicatory 
Kpmtle aiibaoribod R. I.] iD. 1. 
VrihUd for 8. Maekaw^, London, 
1609. 4to. C. S3. 0. 20. 

Without |«gi nation. 

— Another copy. G. 7127. 

The dedicatory epistle in this oopy 
is not signed. 

L, R. The new Life of Vir- 
ginea : Declaring the former suo- 
oesse and present estate of that 
plantation, being the second part 
of Nova Britannia. Published 
by the authoritio of his Majesties 
dounsell of Virginea. F. KyngeUm 
for W. Welhy, London, 1612. 4to. 
C. 33. c. 31. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. G. 7135. (1.) 


Ly R. Relations of the most 
famous Kingdoms and Common- 
weales thorough the world. Dis- 
coursing of their Scituations, 
Manners, Customes, Strengthes 
and Pollicies. Translated [from 
the Italian of Giovanni Botero, 
entitled "Le Kelationi Univer- 
sali," by R. I., i.e. Robert John- 
son! into English and enlarged 
with an addition of the estates of 
Saxony, Geneva, Hungary and 
the East Indies, eto. Friiied for 
J. Jaggard, London, 1608. 4to. 

566. b. 32. 

I., S. A. Carminum Prover- 
bialiura, totius humano) vitao sta- 
tum brovitcr delioiantiuro,...loci 
communes, in gratiam jnventutis 
selecti [by S. A. 1.]. Few 
MS. NoTBS. C. Barkar, Londini, 
1577. 8vo. 12305. a. 10. 

— Another edition. C Bar- 
kerue, Londini, 1579. 8vo. 

1070. h. 2. (2.) 

— Another edition. T, Daw- 
eonue, l^ondini, 1588. 8vo. 


— Anoilior edition. T. JDoic- 
, Londini, lo95. 8vo. 



of Um TIwm, tlOi 

— Atwiter •dUMi. Ifu M u U mlj to -a IbtoiM Ibr iIm 

li97. 0m IS3M.0.1t. TliMi**li3rT.J.] [I«40rj 41a. 

La R N \ (imAaglki: «. lit. («.) 

«r A» DiMiia m4 SfUbm of L,T. A MinMtU of MIimIm... 

ttaU Utm/um. praMil«l lo tU ia 8cMUMMteUff«...AlM a Pko- 

Uml Oft }hm'ymMm Dmt bat. pl w ei i rtvtttbd by * poor* Ooaa- 

WlMifai M mAUmI Md i«|ii%. fa^lUid»...WitMMdbyltN. 

MiM MMfe tlNHig Rmhhm... FkMT. (LMMaUibk N«w«t otii 

lonn«iii»lriilUi«li«lodniw« oC liiMwlm Air> of Um ovw 

yt BoyttU Simi. Ibr Um Mtorw lowiag oT walm, M».) [Wiih 

lofa» Id kk SottM ia Uw« ate. II. a. 8 pia. P^wImI /«r 
Priaoa Fiad«ioka..«WritlMi bj /. IVm^ Lmdom, 1614. 4to. 

&R.N.L[iAT.8oott]. i;i»adK a 89. d. 5. 

IOC 4io. 8133.a WtUM«l h^ImIIm. Hm ••U. 


oopj. I08.O.8. toDo««mM«(5rrJ.) 

AaodMroopy. »l.t48.(i.) A OottplMi Bmai: or. a D». 

^^ ^ ' aoriptioa of AdvowmM,... bow 

adilioa. mf^Ak, pabIidbtd...b3rW.J. 1880. 4to. 

ItH. 4C0W 1108. a. 80. T. 800. (7.) 

L, W. Am Qtionuv (R.) A 
and Mifeaiaa 

L, & B. K. VoK Oali or fcrt for aU Ukm thai aro afliolad 
froai Haataa. Of a Coa- ia O o mofaa c a , or tniablod fa 

aallataoa tbifa bald bj ibe... auad^ a«a [Edited by W. 1.1 
PriaoM. Kiag Haa. 8....Edw. 8. 1&08. 12»o. 868. a. 4. (2.) 

£l3LhT3:..A!Sr ¥^Z^ ^^^- «- OuanAiHxi (F.) 

aaibitioa aad IriaohiriM T^® DitoooiiM of Maatar F. Gnio- 

■■■■t?i.Mii .t.. I etardiB...dootie into ^g^g*««k flqr 

yMI BOW...C^pO; 

aUDr aadv tba piataadod aalob l,W. Sr« Laaavt (L.) Aooa- 

af P^ CbariM with tba la- «,l,atioa wbat &itb aad laligioa 

^-'^ DDaa Mtfta. Wberooato is baot to ba imbiaoed...TnBa. 

two Itlata writtaa by W. L 1818. I^bm. 

- -— baatrw . Wni. 5955, 1^ 

t«iby&R.N.L [IaT.SooUI 

PMalid fa nUmm, [fTfrwAl^ L, Z.. g ia tf iwi. g» La Vab- 

1834. 81POW a 88. c. 10. M* (<^* M) Tbo HiHoria of 

O. OMtriot...tniiwl« Z^ In 

aditioa. iVtatodni QwitlaBiaB. 1808. Ibl. 10808. a. 
1884. 4IOW C.88.d.l0. * 

uri iliii iMjj iMU. JAOOHJBUS (TaoBAt) Oao- 




priomm quibns in suit monu- 
mentis nsi sunt veteres poetae, 
brevis desoriptio poetica, etc. 
B.Waldegrape^Unhurtri,'[6d2. 4to. 
' 606. a. 32. 

JACK DAVfE, pseud. 

See Dawk. 

See Nkutrales. De Neutral tbas 
ot Modi is. Qrosslj Inglytthed, 
Jackeofbothsydes,eto. 1562. 8to. 

1360. a. 

1591. 8vo. 3932. c. 

...given by a Gentleman, Anno 
. 1580. to...A.Pette and to...C. J., 
...sent by the Marcbants of the 
Musoovie Companie for the dis- 
ooverie of the Northeast stray te, 
etc. See H., R. Divers Voyages, 
etc 1582. 4to. C. 21. b. 

JACKSON (Arthur) See 
SiBBES (R.) Evangelicall Sacri- 
fices... third tome. [With a Pro- 
face by A. J.] 1640. 4to. 

4455. c. 

The Fountaine Opened, 

etc rWith an address to the 

reader by A. Jackson.] 1638. 4to. 

4408. bbb. 

JACKSON (Ue2(ry) See 
IIooKKK ( H.) A learned DiHOOurse 
of JuMtification, etc. [Edited by 
II. J.] 1612. 4to. 4474. c 113. 

1613. 4to. 4255. b. 

— Sm Wicuf (J.) WicklifTes 
Wicket, or a... Treatise of the 
Sacrament, etc. [ICditod by II. 
Jackson.] 1612. 4to. 1018.d.l5. 

JA0K80N (Thomas) Oamm 
of CanieHmrp. Davids Pastorall 
Poeme; or Sheepeheards Song. 
Seven sermons on the 23. Psalmo, 
etc. [Edited by J. Swan.] MS. 

Notes. T. Pur/oot, ... told hjf 
E. Weaver, London^ 1603. 8vo. 

693. a. 18. 

JACKSON (Thomas) Cawm of 
Canterbury. An Helpe to the best 
Bargaine. A Sermon on Mat. 
13.46. Preached... 26 of Octob. 
1623, etc. N. Oke$, for M. Wal- 
banke, London, 1624. 8vo. 

693. d. 19. (1.) 

— Jndah mnst into Captivitie. 
Six sermons on Jerem. 7. 1 6, etc. 
/. Havilandfor J, BulUey, London, 
1622. 4to. 4452. d. 

— Londons New-Yeeres Gift 
Or, the uncouching of the Foxe. 
A godly Sermon [on Song of Sol. 
II. 15], etc Printed by L W. for 
a Kmght,London,l609. 4to.3932. f. 

— Peters Teares. A sermon 
[on Matt. XXVI. 74, 75] preached 
at S. Maries Spittle, etc. Printed 
by W, W. for C. Knight, London, 
1612. 4to. 4474. aaa. 115. 

— The raging Tempest stilled. 
The Historie of Christ his pas- 
sage, with his Disciples, over the 
Sea of Galilee. ..Opened. week- 
ly Lectures... in the Catbedrall... 
Church,. ..Canterb., etc. J. Havi- 
land, for O. Edmondson and N. Va- 

r, London, 1 623. 4to. 873. i. 1 7. 

JACKSON (Thomas) Dean of 
PeterhoroH'jh. Christs Answer unto 
Johns Question : or, an Introduo- 
tion to the Knowledge of Jesus 
Christ, and him crucitiod. De- 
livered in certain sermons, etc. 
Printed ^ O. P. for J, Cllark€, 
London, 1626, 4to. 3755. a. 

— Diverse sermons, with a 
short treatise befitting these pre- 
sent times, now first published, 
etc. 4 pts. L. Lichfield, Oxford^ 
1637. 4to. 4452. c,l. 

PU. 1-3 hsTo Moh a tlisiinct 
paffinatloo: the register u cos- 

J A C » A MT 

oT Q«t l>r life Immm. l«3a. 4Ux 3&04.a. I&.(2.) 

AmUi* C>td, 94^ pSS^ -AttodMrMnr. 850«.o.A0. 

fm / CMk. JLw rf — , IsMHbtl; vmUm all 

int. 4lak SA04. 4.1^.(1.) HniUtAf?. P. mbMllitai. 

^•**'r^rf««*^~**^ WWi^rBSaofiJSrA^^ 

1«I5. 8t«. ^ 2^^ pKirfWftf Jf.#TI-*ir) 
S7M.Mm.l. yw/.didkIwMwi> 1628, ». 4to. 

T^MOiMid •dilioB« 

8756. •« 

•to. ^-(iilirf W Jf. IT'ii*;^] f^ — AnoChtr oopj of pt 1 only. 

/.ChrKIw<-> 1831. 410. 87i8.a. ^^^ (73. k. ji. 

— Tbo KaowUdco of Chmt ~ A TraotiM of Um Holj 

«l«Mi» or tbo mmmHh book of OMboUko F^th ood Chorob, oto. 

OoMMitoHai opoB tbo ApooUot Bk. 1. IVAOirf W ML FTMUr] 

Criod,«ta. IV«irf«rf%jr.F[Mtr] /or/. ClorAt,!^^ 4to. 

/^/.Cbdkloote.1834. 410. 8765. a. 

8755.0. f^.-.^.-..y^«to.l«*l8. 

— KoMwtb oad H t tbk bo M . or. JACKSON (Wiluaji) Tbo 
Imolt portkai ia Ibo Soano of Cole^ikU Uooboodrio: or, tbo 
hmm. Aad, Moakbidi oooObrt TUIogoof tboooolo...In oSormoa 

ftfm tbo wookw on*. Two Mr- [<» Hooeo x. 12] ot Pkob Crmm 

MM [on Jonaiob xzu. 21-2, tbo 25. of Fobraorr 1618...1loob 

•ad o« Gobi. IT. 4-61 L. Lid^ i&kr8od,ole. If. /<»«,...«« % 

pdA md m. WwmA, Of^md, M. Wiater, Lotdom. 1818. 4to. 

1417. 4(o. 4474. a 104. 3932. b. 

— A Treotito onat a iniii f tbo — Another c tv. Few lia 

ofifiooll of Oabtllii^ MiibAofc. KoTi^ '' 114. d. 27. 
or IliipMSWMiooo ooaotraiag tbo 

Voritao, Uaitkb and Attribatot of JACOB, Um AJm, of TtUo. 

tbo Doitio : witb Dinotioao fiir Nug« lUbbint Jaoob Bagoal ba 

laotiiyiag oar bilioii or kaow- Tarim soprA primam oa|mt Qona- 

ta tbo lofo-aMatioaod aooo. 8m BitLa.— Old TaiTAicBaT. 

poiato, Ota tS laitd If H D. /or — Pmimiwrnrh ApptmiU, Haoo 
' ' ■ ~ ^c. Pr 

/. OmU, Lpmdm, 1826. 4to. snot verU Dei. ^o. PrafeoopU 

3755. a. ao Hoaio Sinai daU Jodsb, ota 
1587. 4to. 1008. K 98.(1.) 

— A Troatiao of tbo ooaoeeia. 
tkm of tboSoaaoof God to bio JACOB, ikt PmkimtL 8m 
PHortbood. Aadtbo J., U. Jacob** L^ldor, 

itof it W bio of tllMao DogrsM or 
fioa. Boiag tbo alaft book of 1888. 12aMw ^ 4410. g. 

^ofioao llaaanootbM aad Aaeoi- tbo Kaowlodgo of God, oto. 


.1 A ( 


JACOB, the Patriarch. TDivf- 
tory of Jacob i his . xii. sones [in 
verte]. H. 1. /. Skoi, London, 
[1625?] 4to. C. 21.C. 

WiiboatpagiiMUioD or catch wordi. 
FbnrtotD laaTat. 8ig. A-B. 

— A newe mery... Coined ie or 
Enterlnde [in five acts and in 
Terse]... treatinfiC npon the Hi»- 
torie of J. and Esan, taken out of 
the zxvii. Chap. of... Genesis. 
y. %. ff. Bpm«ma%y London, 
1568. 4to. C. 84. b. 25. 

Wiihoat pagtoation. 

JACOB (Abraham) [f^tneral 
Sermon,] See Layfiblde (E.) The 
Ifappe of Mans Mortality ...a ser- 
mon, etc. 

JACOB (Henry) 5wJ., H. 

— See Johnson (F.) An An- 
swer to Maister H. J. his De- 
fence of tho Churches and Minis- 
ttry of England. 1600. 4to. 

4103. b. 

— An Attestation of many... 
Divines, ... that the Chnrch-go- 
vemement owght to bee alwayes 
with tho peoples free consent. 
Also... that a true Church under 
tho Gospell contayneth no more 
ordinary Congregations but one. 
In the discourse whereof ... 
Dr. Downaines & also D. Bil- 
Bons ohiefo matters iu their 
writings against the suroe, are 
answered. [Oenevaf] 1613. 8vo. 

698. a. 35. (1.) 

— A Defence of a Treatise 
touching the Sufferings, and Yio- 
torie of Christ in the Worke of 
our He4lemption...for answere to 
the late writingn of Mr. Bilson, 
L. Bi^hop of \Vinchet(tor, which 
bo intitloth, Tho effect of cortaine 
Sermons, etc. [London f] 1600. 4to. 

698. g. 45. 
Inperfrct ; wanting all after p. 88. 

JACOB (Henry) A Defence 
of the Churches and Ministery of 
Englande. Written in two Trea- 
tises, against the Reasons and 
Objections of...F. Johnson, and 
others of the separation com- 
monly called Brownist8,etc. 2 pts. 
B.Schilder8,Middellmrgh,U99. 4to. 
4135. b. 

The second treatiM baa a special 
titlepage, bat the pagination and 
register are continooos throoghont. 

— The Divine Beginning and 
Institution of Christs true Visible 
or Ministeriall Church. Also the 
Unohangeablenes of the same by 
men ; viz. in the forme and 
eflsentiall constitution thereof. 
H. Hoitinge, Leyden, 1610. 8 vo. 

4103. b. 
Without pagination. 

— A plaine and cleere exposi- 
tion of the second Commandement. 
[Xcyden?] 1610. 8vo. 4374. a. 

Without pagination. 

— Reasons taken out of Gods 
Word and tlie best humane tes- 
timonies proving a necessitie 
of reforming our Churches in 
England, etc. [Middelhurg f ] 
1604. 4to. 4135. a. 

— Another copy. 109. a. 13. 

JACOBUS, de Voragme, Arek- 
hishop of Oenoa. See Lbqenda 
AuREA. End, Thus endeth the 
legende named in latyn legenda 
aurea, &o. (wry ton ... in eng- 
lysshe). [By W. Caxton. The 
original Latin by Jacobus de 
Yoragine.] 1483. fol. C. 11. d. 8. 

[1493.] fol. C. 21. d. 

[1498.] fol. C. 11. a 16. 

1503. fol. C. 15. c 7. 

[1512?] 4to. 4826. f. 

1527. ful. 488. li 11 


JAOOTIU8 (Pmnmrnt) ^ AntAoffwmiimhf.,,WmmJ^ 

V J \\r.\\^fiad Ih VWkm' 9%a. laOtT 4la 1019. w^ 8. 

??!•?• A iZTl' Otn TvrAMEirr. * FmIm. M»- 

••^ i^A /?? twcAtVawojtt. TMBnlaMor 

18BA.A.1U. EtajDnvW, tuatktil [tolo 

lalktUftTor [1637.] ISWK 84St.d. 

— [OiMlM.] 8m Oouun(JL) 
[TIm giatalopw of J. I., tto.] 

rm„ *-.» ^^-« — /■— ifh'uM • Sm Ckakas- 

--[Fbr ?»>r^y^,P^**S twrnwCk) A Sermon [on 

ia tW nil of Jyati LQ^iy ^3^ d. D., &. B^. 


D. D. 8a Br. OoiMoripta. 1607. 4Ci». 

f torf«« .. 1617. 1213.111.(1.) 

(Jon) T« w Moi^ ^ [IbrfiMt M/Jb ilMw </ Din- 

TU Mmm W«I- Mrl) fe Dammax (H.) Sehe- 

— TU OoBolwloB of the King 
tirfiy BUktf ^ CkUmltt. •!& of Qrmi Bhttaliia't Pk«fm [t.«. 
Torti, iiir» ad lUltliiri of hk PrMMmHioii to mU Chrb- 

IWti Ubnm B ii fwi ri n , qui tUn ManudM, ^to.1 Sm Do 

Im Ac 

i«loonti»A|nlMriMB Moouv (P.) TIm Aooomplisli. 
JftcoWBigbpioJ«MDeiiloFid#. MDi of the Propliaoiat, oTtlM 

liutia.«to. 1109. 4lo. 1010. e. 20. thifd boolw in doteiM of tho 

Caibolioko FWith, oootmod ia 

^ . » « . « •dApologiam ^j^ i,^,,^^ of...Kfaig J. L [▼!«. 
Card. B^lkimmi, Q— I numt ^ Apologio forihe o^' of 

16ia 4la 860. L 12. * ' jqj9 ^ 9^ 

^ &f B., A. D. Tbo Court of P. IColiiMi do Mooarchi* 

JMMo»tlMint,oCe. 1619. 4to. toapofmli Pdotifiek BooMai Li* 

0.6166. btr, qBo...Ub6 r.^.B<ya Jaoobt ab 

1620. 410. 294. h. 37. dpaa iraro B. B6UM^...TiBdi- 

1614. 8to. C. 46.0. 

^8m BAitow ^ , 
iiT«lT Bmk^ ^ Bul iiir. oto. -- &• BuJuaaiB, i^mm ^ 

mrtur m mtm ^ jmm •«»• -- «^ «-••»■■, ^ 

Aa Aatww to a ObUMUka Bar Jhffaai. 8?wpj; Jjjr; or. a»a«[B.PtoaoM.t^J«oait] laia^tatkai lDr...Bliabotk. wtlfc 

who .BMMd hit oiaa&a apoa a tHaiB|ib fcr 




SnooeMuon of ... King James. 
1603. 4to. 1077. 0. 68. 

JAMES L. King of Great 
Britain and Ireland, [Aeeeteum 
to the tknme of Great Britain,'] 
See Emolahd. — Peere^ Privjf 
Couneiliore and Oommonere, Begin, 
Forasmtioh as it hath pleaded Al- 
mighty G»»d to call to hi8 mercy 
...Elizabeth late Queone of Eng- 
land, etc 

Proclamation det eatatz 

d*Angleterre, etc. 

— [For proclamatione and other 
oflBdal documents issued by J. I., 
as King of England :] see Eno- 
LAUD. — Jambs I., King. 

— See Featley (DA Cygnea 
Cantio: or, Loamed Decisions... 
for Students in Divinitie, de- 
livered by... King James, etc. 
1629. 4to. 701. g. 41. 

— Entrance and passage through 
...London. .Ab'^... March leOS. See 
ITaruison (S.) The Arabs of 
Triumph, etc. 

— See I., S. R. N. Votivae 
Ansli» : or the Desires... of Eng- 
land. Con tayned in a... Discourse, 
presented to the King... Wherein 
are unfolded... Reasons... to per- 
swadehis Makstio todrawe his... 
Sword, for the restoring of the 
Pallatynat ... to his Sonne in 
Lawe Prince Fredericke, etc. 
1624. 4to. 8122. c. 

— See Law. The true Lawe 
of Free Monarchies, etc. 1603. 8vo. 

720. a. 82. (4.) 

— See Leslie (J.) Bishop o/Boes, 
A TrcatiKO tovvching the Right, 
Title, and interest of the most 
excellent lVince«se Marie, Queene 
of Scotland, and of the most noble 
king James, etc. 1684. 8vo. 

600. b. 27.(2.) 

JAMES L, King of Great 
Britain and Ireland. Historie. 
See Lever (C.) The Historie of 
the Defenders of the Catholique 
Faith, etc. 

— iS^ Lord's Prater. A Medi- 
tation upon the Lords Prayer. 
Written by the Kings Maiestie, 
etc. 1619. 8vo. C. 27. a. 24. 

— See Mm T. The True Narra- 
tion of the Entertainment of his 
...Majestic, from the time of his 
departure from Edenbrough, till 
his receiving at London, etc. 
1603. 4to. 6. 6165. 

— \Aeeestion.'\ See Maxwell 
(J,) The Laudable Life ... of 
Pnnce Henry, etc. 

— Beeovery. See Montague 
(G.) Bishop of London, A Sermon 
of publicke Thanksgiving for 
the recoverie of his Majestic. 

— See Nixon (A.) Oxfords 
Triumph; in the Rojall Enter- 
tainment of hi8...Majestie...the 
27 of August... 1605. With the 
Kinges Oration, etc. [1605?] 4to. 

0. 33. d. 9. 

— See Rome, Clmrch of. — Paul 
v., Pope. Triplici Nodo, Triplex 
Cuneus, etc. [By King J. I.] 

- (3.5 

1607. 4to. 

861. f. 21; 

The judgment of a Catho- 

licke Englishman. ..conceminge a 
...booke [bv King James LI... 
entituled Triplici nodo, triplex 
cuneus, or An Apologie for the 
Oath of Allegiance, etc. 1608. 4to. 
C. 45. d. 23. (2.) 

— - Be virtutibus JaeoU, See 
Rosa ^T.) Idsaa, sive de Jaoobi... 
virtu tibus...enarratio, eta 

~ See Rous (F.) Testis Veri- 
tatis. The doctrine of King 
James. ..Of the Church of Eng- 
land, Of the Catholioke Church, 

J All Ml 

ylllMlyalMMltolMOMlAllM P.FlMil 

H»to of riBiirtlmliii, fn^ dlMlIt BiXktmlBkid O. 

wilU CVlaialk of UwUlom •!& v^lM...ii«pw SeHpUm). i*H- 

.^.^^^ , -^ ^ ,-, . •b«p»«ifllori...Jaoobo...llaffiii« 

^AMM L liif tf Orjil BriCMib*...R^...Bditor^tNil 

mJhimd. rrbrdkkl niMki^ ..i K^ 

rrMrdkkl piMilM «■! Phallaio MoailorU 
hf Jmms m ...Bodolpko II. ... 
K-ncoCtotVuid:] Mi SoofftASU. 

MoMiQhit M IUsibM...iMoripl«, 
•»>. (gtttlp Jfam. ) 3 PHI. 

^P^^^^^^^^^P liW^W^^^^fc 4I^^^H^^^^V% « ^^r W« Tr»WP» 

.ili^l?....l«M. 8m 1009.0.7.(1.) 

Wao(L) BMPIaoftloM.«lo. JAMBS L, JOv ^ OtmI 

— Owiiifii. AtWourrA.) Mtaimmdh^Umi. A^ciif^wur 
ffwlMJi tiiiMnhani. itn k flwitut dt FidtiiUquob... Buy 

,._ . , ^„ do U gmad* BMhm riqttioil 

- [IW^ oir«i«.J aMWn. dolo»t««^...pioiokwiiM«t 
UAW (Joo) MeoMMthr BUbf i^Im m Inadam mm bob* Btiiu 
Y I fa wh* •to- Ow^ BriUini tM^iit iwmiq« par iMitMr ... 
tklosoa,«ta JaoqQ6t...Rqj do U grmiMl* Bro- 

twa *■* * - ^k# «Va > tOffiM ••• cootro doQX Dnoii do 

U^ ^d BiriSSp^Mfj ^^ ^5* f^ V- •«« CbtboUqiico 

w3Jll*Ii;£ri«T«.toL I-i^IW. 8m O. 11712. 


479. g. la. 

oopjr. 91. g. II. — Aaotbor oopj. 860. d. 8. 

— 80OBi«iad...PriBoipio Jo- JlSSII^^SfaSVtl^ ^ 

M...lUgM...ChMvmodito ob L 

.JntMto, Wintmiioiiri Epb- — BAIIAIKON AOPON. Do- 

ODpo.ele. Afmd B. Nwimimm 4 Tidodiotothwobookoo. B.WM^ 

/. nmimmu Jjcmdimi. 1619. ioL r««. M ii n Uv§ \^ 1699. 4«o. 

479. g. 14. O. 4998. 

Priatod la ilalki. TUt b iM 

— As Apo^po Cbt Um Oath fm c^tioa, «r wkfah oalr 

AlkgioMO, (aniMl tlio two «p|d« om prialtd. 

of AlkgiaMO, r«J>iiMt tlio two 
Bkitob of INm ffwdoo Qmntoa. 

Olid tbolato Latter of GavdioaU — BASIAIKON AQPON. Or, 

BallamioatoO.BIookwol). Firat Hk M^foatk'a lootrwilJoiio to bio 

oei fbnfftbwitbovio Bomo: and dyowol ooMio Hoonr, tbo winoo. 

now oefcaowlodged by tbo aiitbor r. K^fttfrn^fc^ J. NcHam, UUm, 

...Ja»Oi...KlngofOToatBritaioe. »•<»• «^ 730.0.82.(1.) 

...TogotbcrwitbaPrraioniUon... . .. _„ • /• x 

to airj!looondifo...or Cbrialoo. - A«**«^ «PT- «». o. 3. (8.) 

tn6o5.'rto.^<5^t:7.fe ^^Aa.^^^ ^--t 

— Apologio pio JoraaoBto 
rideiiUlia(odirorM dA Bforio 

A aonraii oi Jmm« i. Ii 

VOL. n. 





Another copy. 808.0.6.(1.) fidd for B. Wald-grave, lAmd^m, 
Wiib a diflcMDt tiilepftge. 1608. 4to. 719. d. 9. 

— Another edition. B. TToZid- 
forave^ Edinlmrgkt 1603. 8vo. 

C. 38. b. 6. 

JAMES I. King of Great 
Britain and Ireland, Jaoobt Priroi 
gia InBtitutio ad Henrionm Prin- 
oipem, etc. J. Norton^ Londini, 
1604. 8vo. 523. a. 4. 

— A Prinoes Looking Qiaase, or, 
a Prinoet Direction ... excerpted 
...ont of that most ohriBtian... 
BA2IAIKON AOPON, or his Ma- 
jetties instructions to ... his ... 
ckmne Henrio the Prince, and 
translated into Latin and English 
Ver8e,\V.Willymat. Printed 
hjf J. Legate Printer to the Univereitie 
o/(JomMdge,U03. 4to. 1077.h.57. 

— Another copy. G. 11194. 

With a plate inserted containing 
a portrait and pedigree of Priuco 

— The Fathers Blessing: or, 
oounsell to his sonne. Appro- 
priatc<l to the gonorall, from that 
particular Example of...Pietie his 
Majestic composed for the Prince 
bis Sonne ... The Sixt edition. 
Printed hv B. A. and T, F. for 
T, Jone$, London, 1630. 12mo. 

4410. a. (1.) 

— DaemoDoloffie, in forme of 
a Dialogue, divided into three 
Bookea. MS. Notes. B, Walde- 
grme. EdinburglL 1597. 4to. 

C. 27. h. 1. 

Imperfeel ; wmating the laak leaf, 

JAMES L, King of Great 
Britain and Ireland. A Declara- 
tion of the Kings Majesties in- 
tention and meaning toward the 
lait Actis of Parliament. T, Vant- 
troUier, Edinburgh, 1585. 8vo. 

288. a. 31. 
Withoat pagination. 

— The Essayes of a Prentise, 
in the divine art of poesie. T. Vau- 
troullier, Edinburgh, 1584. 4to. 

G. 11237. 

Without paginatkm. Theauthor^s 
wuno oceurt in an acroatio 00 fig. A. 

— Another copy. C. 84. g. 3. 

Thia copy it dated 1585. 

— Flores Regii : Or, Proverbea 
and Aphorismes divine and morall. 
As they were at severall times 
upon sundry occasions, spoken by 
hi8...Maje8tie James... King of 
Great-Brittaine. Collected by 
J. L. S. Printed by B, A. and 
T. F. for B. Fisher, London, 
1627. Svo. 1075. b. 9. 

— Another copy. G. 16373. 

With a portrait 

— His Maiesties Poeticall Ex- 
ercises at vacant honres. (The 
Furies ^translated from Du Bar- 
tas]. Tbe Lepanto. La Lepan- 
the de Jaanee YI, faicte Fran- 
^oise par le Sieur Da Bartaa.) 
3 pts. Few Notes and Cobrso- 
TioNS IN MS. B. Wald&grave^ 
Edinburgh, lb9l, 4to, C.12.g.l. 

Without pagination. The **La. 
panto" and ita tranalation hare 
each a distinct titlepage. 

— Another copy. 0. 19130. — Another copy. 161. k. 58. 

— Another edition. W, Aftik^ 
and W. Cotton, London, 1603. 4tO. 

8631. d. 

— Another edition. A. Hat- 

Inoperfect; wanting all befbce 

— Ane fruitfull Meditatioun 
oonteining ano plane and facill 
expoaitioan of ye 7. 8. 9. and 10. 


(MtiMi rbrwiii MUmm It 

lt>ClMiiikMniii|kimi»4la Uld. 4IO. $40.1.7. 

JAMBS L, nif ^ <7fMl 

Jn'itoHl MM /fVHHM* A Smboh* 
fltmiiot or...J*a« L...iBr tU 
Bidbl of Kiao. mmI Um MtMMl. 
•■nU of thJrofo WM Amjimt 
Ml ormHoA of Um ... ObMLof 
FHmHi...lVuMlfttod o«i of kit 
«MMNui«pi»lbottT.,KiTL,&xv]i^ Mdiilkt FioMb Oopiow W R. B. 

fS^a^^^J^i^rml^JTlL I'MortollMOMUlAiLlofai 
CW»k or tko imbiite of Iho KoHblko. PMM If a iMft. 

11/ UMI- 

a 87. d. S8. (t.) — Deolarmtioiiaa...BoT JooqoM 

WMmI pafteiia. L...pov lo Dioit d« Roil A in- 

^ doponduieo do kora CoorooMt. 

T^^^HW •ditioo. «5»»;^ ooalio U kormagoo de riUootHo- 

oNiiiiolI^odM /or /-. ^«rl0is .|ai^ Owdiiiol do Fmtob* oCa 

180S. tfo. 710.0.82.(2.) J, BOL LamJrm, \GIS. 410. 

— A MtdHitfini opoD Um ^^- ^ 1- (>•) 

18.» Voni|of tlMsmt.Clnp- — DoUfuU oad Mpoodvo Qhi* 

lirofy. M i fth ow. Oropotarao oSdontioiio opoo fimio oeironai 

foroKio9iiMM««fmtloB. Wril^ iModo of pioofe oad trioU in 

bj Iho Kiaci ICoioilio. Few moManofftoUgioa. PhmMdW 

MS. KcTVL /. BfH Lomim. ^. Jomo Kim of UmI firitoToo 

1820. 12aio. a 25. a. 28. ...lakiokteBookooflVeaMaition 

«.. p^^^i^fc^ . ^ tu^^ to *ll Chrintian Piiooet, ftwr d^or- 

7. Fmfoti, Iijaooa, — Britannui triompbano. Siro 

1818. 41a 601.0.20.(8.) looa qooter maximi Monarchy 

TTIilioil fghMlina Jooobt PriBii...Ad Mrraimmam 

^ -. Hooricani Britoaaioniai Primi 

— Z"?^^*!***?- ^- ^^^ peoi iDclTtom. [la ^ono.] /. S^ 

/mi,Lmdm.l6\9.4to, km^LmAd^lM. 8m 

601. A. 20. (4.) 

' Mull ■■■■li —Aaotboroopjr. 0.15404.(1.) 

Jooobi, Magna lmt.mhuS\m iba 

Britoaaioi ... Sogio, ... DtoUtatio baiiMM aig. Aa 

pvojQroBogiOiSoopCioniaKnicIm. Jii aSE ^TJISJliif^f^ 

noniuto Adwiaoo ... Coraioolia yi_ Bmaoato trraBfOaaaa Ao- 

Pcnoaii owrinaMa. ii^Coouttao 

Fraaofai gMtnlibaiaf oidiaMi — Oertoiao Botioaa oad Arga- 



ments of Policie, why the King 
of England ithould heroaftor give 
over u\ further Treatie, and enter 
into warro with the Spaniard. [By 
T.Soott.] 1624. 4to. 1103.0.21. 
Wilhoat pagiaation. 

— Another copy. 0. 16499. (7.) 

JAMES L, King of Oreai 
Britain and Ireiamd, Cithara Oo- 
tochorda poctine pnlaata Ilora- 
tiano Cantionem oonoinens no- 
Tam...Sive Kapsodia Ootonaria, 
partim ox eeutonibns Horatianis 
oonsarcinata, . . .enarrationem oom- 
plexa exeorandss proditionis & 
perfidi» ... qua ... Bri tannin Regem 
lacobam nna cum ...Anglite... Se- 
na tu, conjurata Diaboli mancipia 
...iu...Concilio6.NovembriB,1605. pulverem...redigere 
...decrevonint. Ejusdom conju- 
rationis patofdctionem deprehen- 
aionem, etc. Excudehat E. A. Im- 
pensis Na. Fotbroke^ Londini, 
1606. 4to. C. 34. h. 2. 

— DeuB & Rex ; sive Dialogus, 
quo demouKtratur,... Jaoobum Re- 
gem, immediate sub Deo oonstitu- 
tiim in Regnis suis, justissimd sibi 
vemlicare qtnc<inid in juramento 
fidflitutiH reijuiritur. [By R. 
Mockct?] Londini, 1G16. 8vo. 

1139. b. 1.(1.) 

Imperfect : wanting the fhmti*- 
pieoe. Cropped in the binding. 

— God and the king: or, a 
Dialogue shewing that our Sove- 
raigne Lord King James being 
immediate under God within his 
Dominions, doth rightfully claime 
whatsoever is required bv the 
Oath of AUegeance. [By B. 
Mocket?] Xoadoii, 1616. Svo. 

1189. b. 2. 
With an engraved ftmitlipiaos. 

— Anotheroopy. 699.a.26.(l.) 

— An cxocllent new Ballad, 


shewing the Petigree of... King 
J., etc. [With woodcut] ». %. 
Imfmnted ...for E. W., London^ 
[1603?] i.ih. fol. C. 18.0.2.(82.) 
Slightly mntilated. 

JAMES L, King of Great 
Britain and Ireland. The Kingis 
Complaint. [A Ballad, of 24 stan- 
zas, on the murder of the Regent 
Murray.] 16, %. \tUiberi Lelcpremk, 
EdifAurgh, 1670. J Broadtide fol. 
Rox. III. 3. 

— Luota laoobi : or, a Bonefiro 
for his Majesties Double Deliverie, 
from the Deluge in Perth, the 6. 
of AuffU8t, 1600. and the Doomee- 
day of Britaine, the 6. of Novem- 
ber . 1 606, etc. [With a dedicatory 
epistle subscribed: Univoc^-Catho- 
licu«J Printed hy T. C. for 
W, WeWy, London, 1607. 4to. 

4474. aa.91. 

— Another copy. 1070. 1. 20. 

— Another copy. 1093. b. 72. 

— Northeme Poems congratu- 
lating the Kings Majesties most 
happy and peaceable entrance to 
the Crowne of England, etc. 
Lat. and Eng. J. Windet for 
E, Weaver, London, 1604. 4to. 


— Series patefacti nuper parri- 
cidii, In ... Begem Re^iimque 
Britannis cogitati & instructi. 
SooendAat R.B.,L€mdim,l(iOb. 4to. 

O. 6167. 

— A short discourse of the 
good ends of the higher provi- 
dence, in the late attemptat [by 
John liuthven. Earl of Gowrie] 
against his Majesties person. 
B. Waldegrave, [EdinlmrgK] 
1600. 16mo. C. 38. a. 17. 

— The Supplication of certaine 
Masse-priesttt falsely called Catho- 
likea. Directed to the Kings 
most excellent Maieetio ... Pub. 


\kk^ villi • i»Arfii»ll fU»r. opIUm.] JL mtmkmttAUmlmf] 
Mi4 Ml ummm Id iW UMkn I609. ISm. 8ftl^. «. d^ 

w ii n ii, ••pw Iwl iii rf >W TWllil*«liM 

-A»otlbtr«Utl«i. /ii^«Ml ^JAMES I. K?iy 1/ OrMf 

BtHliwi fhf npimiltni 

Iwiviit OfMl BritaiM, ud thm l^^^JL!!^ JTT^ZmZ. 
tt^XA— i "fc^ - • ■-- * V-, ■! I . ottt Of uM BOnpCVFBS, ana ptucti— 

I!ll?^ iKl^rj^^ iK •^ «*» Pri«W^ Chuirb' of tU 
«Mw Of ikias timao^ mm um ■! i^a-^#au t^n^iAi^ 

8ooll»aiX][fnr«iff 1624f]4lo! ^•"^ *^ 8W&.*. 

1103.O.11. _ syim. Loelori Ouidido. 

- To Um ricbt Hicfa aod BomIm*, tbo Uwbm of Umm grMt 

MitflitM rriMO JMMi^.Kiiic of TrinmpluUl bodkt, Utelj diiH 

Un>a tlnUMiU...4e. M liuiblo >5riHDd,...I h*To...»| io iMr 

te|i|ai«Mte fcr 'MmmAm sad •Pj-P^ l*^ •^ , i^^ 

Hbtfty to ottfey aad ofanrf* IIm MripUon of Um trionph*! «rolioi» 

iirdiMMi 11 iTfAflM laiw ia tk* ^^ oreetod at Um oqUj of King 

16(Mb «. aft. Ibl. 

of bi 

im. 4to. 418^ a. 190. g. 12. (227.) 

M^ucodwarti—aiirallUM ^IT^S^JS^T^. "iL' 

• •r ^^n t. -t-- ^ •tt-i <tei« JooiT your J03ro it aU so; on 

fa^S bj thTmlSffi U16 battle of Floddoo. S ^Joba 

orGod-dtobradiabklifo. fBy §Wj«"0 M.l. [Bw&ar^Aali^ 

aiul;3!^ I-adoa.1618.] 4to. C ». e. K 

totM* Bmnm^M /. JTirfii. FLmi- 1^^"V 1mm witboot titkpaft or 

d«^]l6la. 4ca crEg.27. ssafjiter^^^JS^ 

■UriiMi 0Imbm4 «i Ib9 tb» vMdBBt M* Um im Ibor IIms 

•ftUhllWpiW. TbblAlfadVM 

faHladad te **A iiialjw of tbo 

\jm TiuiibeM da Roi Jao- 8«IIh*» pmIUMwI btar •»■« 

I....diwL aar rtawiption *OMtjM bdhii. otoM hf wmj. 

U^UM^ym"!^^ •^ uyb-l^i.ri:i«i 

do !■ fbniliMili, 
par \m aMnraillraMa ao- JAMB8 Y^ JBnf ^ SeoiUmd. 
tioao do Uioa ta la Via. Voata, Ad Setaai 

Mto« oi oiaionjf ■» ao t«» illnstio Bofsai Jaoobaai Qaintaai da oaa- 
G. Mar- ca|iCo Bagai Bogiaiiaa a dila lali- 




oiter ominato Strena. 10. %. 
MS. Note [by J. Anderson]. 
Apud T. Vamdmm, Edinhurgt, 
[1526?] 4to. C. 4. g. 12. 

Four Imtm, without pftgioAtioD. 

JAMES ( ) InemOmi of 
Boeiland, Norfolk. A true Rela- 
tion of the moet Inhumane and 
bloody Miirther of Master Jamea 
Minister and Preacher of the 
word of Qud at Rockland in Nor- 
folke. Committed by one Lowe 
his Curate, and consented nnto by 
his Wife, who were both Executed 
for this Fact this last Assises, eta 
«. it. Prinied/or B. Soman and 
H. Walley, L<mdon, 1609. 4to. 

1132. a. 46. 
Withoot pagination. 

JAMES (Dane) ^« Catharine 
[Bkskscasa], of Siena, Saint. Be- 
gin. Here begynneth the orcharde 
of Syon, etc. [Translated by D. J.] 
1519. fol. C. ll.b. 6. 

JAMES (Edward) See Eng- 
land, Church of. — Homilies. Pre- 
gethan a osodwyd allan trwy 
awdurd()d...Gwedi eu troi i'r iaith 
Gymeraeg drwy waith E. J. 
1606. 4to. C. 25. h. 15. 

JAMES (Elizabeth) See'ilvK- 

dhui. Three Bloodie Murders... 

The second £. J., on the body 

of her mayde, etc. [1613.] 4to. 

6495. a. 

See MiKuausFKUX (M) Minu- 
cius Felix his dialogue called 
Octavius ... Translated by R. J. 
[With the translator's autograph.] 
1636. 12mo. 8627. a. 

— 5m Mobe (5iV T.) Epistola Academiani Oxon. Oni ad- 
jecta sunt qmedam Poeuata in 
mort6m...R. Cottoni et T. Alleni 
[by R.J.]. 1683. 4to. 

781. k. 7. (2.) 

JAMES (Richard) Anti- 
Po8«evinu8, sive, Conoio [on 2 
Tim. IV. 13], habita ad Cierum 
in AcademiA Oxoniensi, Ann. 
Domini 1625. /. Lichfield d 
Q. Turner, Oxomm, 1625. 4to. 

694. e. 15. (7.) 

Imperfect: the last four leavea 
being muiilatod. 

— Conoio [on Matt. TVi. 18] 
habita ad Clemm Oxoniensem de 
Ecclesia, etc. Excmdebat J. Lich- 
field... d tfeneunt apud T. Hugging, 
Oxonim, 1633. 4to. 4474. bb. 64. 

Without pagination. 

— The Muses Dirge, conse- 
crated to the remembrance of... 
James,... King of Great Brittaine, 
...who deceased at Theobalds,... 
the seven and twentieth of March, 
1G25, etc. (Anagramata Anglica- 
Latina, or: Certaine Anagrams 
applied unto the death of oar late 
Soveraigue, etc.) Printed by A. M. 
and L N. for J. Browne, 

1625. 4to. 

1076. i. 22. 

— A Sermon delivered in Ox- 
ford, concern ing the Apostles 
Preachingand ours. (The History 
of Lent-Fast.) W. Stantby for 
N. Butter, London, 1630. 4to. 

693. f. 19. (3.) 

Imperfect: wantinf all between 
tig. As and E, indadinc the ** aer- 
mon oonceming the AposUea Preach- 
ing, etc" 

JAMES (Thomas) Captain, 
The strange and dangerous Voy- 
age of Captaine T. J. in his in- 
tended Discovery of the North 
West Passage into the South Sea. 
...With an appendix concerning 
longitude, by ...II. Gellibrand... 
and an advise conoeming the 
philosophy of these late dis- 
ooveryes by W[illiain] \V[attB. 
Signed X. Z.]. /. Legatt, for 
J, Partridge, L^^don, 1683. 4ta 
792. d. 10. 
Titlepage cropped. 


«pgr. aot.0.1. fiM, OMin, 1910. 410. 

•Off. CS14.t. IOIHk».(l) 

to iMt mm %m liMl pM Mte JAMBS Ctwrnt^ ^ T' <M- 


JAWt (TMMAt) Ikl>^ BJk^ BjmiMMMi •dlliOM 

{R>/jBhfcy <ltofto ^ Pbilo. LmIim,1600. 4K 
SimUo T. J^ •to. 1599. 4to. 


— Afiolhwoopj. 26d.o.S. (::.> 

^ ^ «• — AaotlMrwipj. 1012.l>.32.(l.) 

— Aw 8roiaL TIm Mond to tob ««r Ito <Uto tos to« 

PUtoMplijr of tte 8totolB...^Bf. aiimdtoiiiioiaw. 

.bTT.JrAM«).15M.16M. _ OMitognt latorpf^tiiiii 8. 
^^^ ^ 8«iplttni,...oliBi a D. Jamedo... 

ng^ll^ I- •orracto, ato. /. KcMiJJ . Ogmrfg, 

t.776.(l3 *«»• *««^ *20.i.l.(l.) 

— AmIUt oopj. 124. k. 19. 

▼ita ^ CWtotogw Litooram Btbiio. 

•P* UMaiiNiblk»q«MB...T.Bodleii» 

1090.1^32.(2.) XoidMto OsfittteMi iittp«r 

■wii to iBeh...olJ00lioiM M M«^ 
kavv batB litoljr wnd antiisi 

■ * Fatktr FknoM, tU — AnoUiw «opy. 620. g. 2. 

A|iolo«iito.Hido^OT. OOtootod to^iHtoi: «Hili« tto tabb if 

ia willtoB k> tU PvUiks -.Aaottoireditioii. J.UAJM 

LtbranratOstord««to. J.Bmnm, ^ /. siori, 0««mV 1620. 8to. 

a0r< 1609. 4to. T. 776. (2.) , 1. 

— AaollMreonr. 106. a. 12. — AaoUiMr oowr. 269. d. 82. 

— Aaolkaroonr. _ Sotop Otooto-Cbatobri. 
-A-th-cp,. 0.12061.(2.) »i:t;±«tS'Sl& 

— Ballaa Grecoriaoaoi aiva oontoaua libninim Maaoierip. 
CormpttoaiaBunMMitoOparaaa toram to...BibliollM€ia....dBaniai 

D. Oiagorii M. J««a Ptettteam ...Acaitowtonwa, Oaoalw A Caa- 
Rom. laeopiti* alq; ardiiia, ei tolirigia, Fortartor Catoloma 
T]rpofrMt»1.iA Vmticana, Looi ia- eormadamdMaaatiiftdbpoaitai 




■eoundum quatuor facilitates, ob- 
•ervato tarn in Dominiboa, qnam 
in operibuB ipaia, Alphabetioo 
literamm ordine. Ostensum eat 
praeterea in boo aeounclo Libro, 
quid k quoqno viro scriptum sit, 

J no tempore, ao...quot ejusdem 
libri Exero plana, quibuMj; in 
loois baboantur, etc. 2 pts. Im- 
peimt 0, Bishop d J, NorUm^ Lon- 
dim, 1600. 4to. 620. g. 1. (1.) 

Pt 9 bat a tsparate tiUcpage and 

— Anotber copy. 269. c. 8. (1 .) 

JAMES (Thomas) D.D., Sub- 
Dean of Welis. An explanation 
or enlarging of tbe ten Articles 
in tlio Supplication of Doctor J., 
lately exhibited to the Clergy of 
England : Or a manifest proofe 
that they are both reasonable 
and faisiblo within the time men- 
tioned. [In reference to a pro- 
jected now edition of the Fathers.] 
J. Lichfield and W. Turner, Ox- 
ford, 1025. 4 to. 853. c. 13. (2.) 

— Tbe bumble ... Request of 
T. the Church of England, 
for, and in the behulfe of Bookes 
touching Ueligion. [Oxford f 
1025?] 8vo. 4999. a. 

WiiUoui tiUepage. 

— The leeuits Downefall 
threatned against them by the 
•ocular Priests for their wicked 
Hvea, accursed manners. Hereti- 
cal 1 doctrine, and more than 
Matchiavillian Politic. Together 
with the Life of Father Par»ons, 
an Knglisli Jcsuite, etc. J. Bame$, 
Oxford.lUn. 4to. 800.k. 15.(3.) 

— Another copy. 1411' 

— Index general is Libron 
Prohibitorum & Pontificiis, m. . 
cum EilitionibuB oxpurgatis vcl 
cxpurgaudis, Tbum Biblio- 
tbec«Bodleiauie...dcsignatU8, {mr 

T. lames, etc. O. Tmmer, OoBomSm, 
1627. 12mo. 618. a. 15. (1.) 

JAMES (Thomas) D.D., Sub- 
Dean of Wells. A Manuduction, 
or Introduction unto Divinitie: 
containing a Confutation of Pa- 
pists by Papists throughout the 
important articles of our religion, 
etc. Imprinted for H. Cripps, and 
E. Curteyne, Oxford, 1625. 4to. 
698. d. 27. 

— Another copy. 853. c. 13. (1.) 

— Anotber copy. 108. d. 29. 

— A Treatise of the comip- 
tion of Scripture, Councels, and 
Fathers, by Prelates ... of the 
Church of Kome . . . Together wi t h 
a sufficient answere unto J. 
Gretser, and A. Poesevine, 
Jesuites, and the unknowne 
Author of the Grounds of tbe old 
religion & the new. 5 pts. Few 
MS. Notes. Printed by H. L. for 
M. Lownes, London, 1611. 4to. 

854. b. 1. 

Each pt has a diBtinoi pagioatioo 
and neater. 

— Another copy. 3935. h. 

This copy is dated 1612. 

JAMES (William) A Ser- 
mon [on 1 Cor.xu. 25-27] preached 
at Paulea Crosse the IX. of 
November 1589, etc. 0, Bishop 
andB. Newberie,Landon,\5dO, 4to. 

3932. f. 

JANE ( .Ioiim) The first voyage 
of M. Juhi) Davis, undertaken 
in Juno l.'>s:), fur the disooveiie 
of the Ni)ith\vr8t PuKa^ge. The 
third vuya^r N rthwcstward, 
tmulo by M. lolm Davis. ..for the 
'Vt'iy of u pasji4ige to the 
i. .. b of the MuluctM.'*. «T the coast 
of China, in theyo«ro i:».^7. — The 
last Voyage of...T. (Hndish, etc. 
See IIakluyt (H.) The prin- 



JAMUA. <!. 

W«liib] BAilio qiMta. MS. 
1/ Immr, LtmHtu 1611. 4lo. 


5^ieA A lBdio0 a 


r H( 


' ' 1«M. 4to. 
12901. Wk 28. 

JASON, iW An$mtmi. BtgUu 


I IrmMktod ftbok« o«t of 
ia to BBgli«h auMd 
BiM jM of Um kktoffte of TVogra, 
...TlMralbr.^I mtm^ to tnuM- 
Uto lk«...bol» of tUitoriM of 
Jam^ota fTraBdAtod from tbo 
rrmtk of Bftoal lo Forrs bj 
W.Cbstoo.1 II.E. [ir.Cbcipm 
~ M477?]foLC.10.bu8. 

Witkovl III 

of mkUk Qm 
to A Aril 

lh» «i «r llrii eopf Im«« 



«iiiia» MIL W Mr. 
IW ««M«rM.M 



— Aaothw OODT. 


WL 17- W- t5 "«- 13. IM.li6 

•BOT Of UltMl'f ViMMl 

trvo Boporlof IW 

voUft to 3AVA...MrlbnMd bj m 
flMto of oiglil aliiiw uf Am»tor. 
aaw: whiob Ml forth from TosoU 
...tho till of Halo IML Ota. 
V. t. IV^oliil W P. 8. /or 
H' .4j|i/^. I^milom [l&Mn 4 to. 

AhLAB, At KA*id, ThaArriTAll 
umI latortotoommto of tho Km- 
bMndor, Albiid Unrmr Bm 
AbMU, with hk AomUto It. 
R. BUke. From tho High aad 
Mlghlj Prinoo, MttUoT MahMMd 
Shoqvo. Bmpoior of Morooois 
Kiac of F«M Md 8Mi...Uko. 
win Oodi oseeodiog Many, and 
oar Kiagi aipectalT fcraoo and 
lairov aaailbitod in tbe happ/ 

MBpHoa of thraa hvadrtd and 
two of hia M^Jaatiaa poora aob- 

joota, who had baana long in 
mitarabla tlaTenr at Salley in 
Bartary. [With portrait] LOkm, 
" " 1937. 4ta 1434.12. 

— Aaothar oopj. O. 2989. 

— Anothoroopj. 1190.0.90.(6.) 
Impttt^ei: wmaiittf tto portnUt 

WiLUAM I.. Primee of Q r aa^, ola 
A hriolo diaooniaa of the a«aalt 
irffWiB'tf^ vpoo tho...Prinoa of 
,...bTJ.J.,oto. 1582. 4to. 
10790. b. 

it orange, 

n>KM (nKiniT) 8m Qnxi 
(Q. B.) 
H. I. 1557. 8m 8404. aa. 

J EM MAT (Wnxun) 8m 
TAVLoa (T.) D.D. Chriata Vio- 
Uirio ovar tho Dingoa« oto. 
[Bditod by W. J.], etc 1639. 4to. 
^ 9187. a. 





Taylor (T.) DJ), A Mappe 

of Borne ... Published by W. 

J(emm*t), Minister. 1620. 4to. 

3935. b. 

JENINOES (Edmiwd) Pri€$t 
See GoiNGKs. 

JENINOES (Edward) A 
briefo diMCuvory of tho damages 
that hapnen to this Kealme oy 
disordeiea and nnlawfull diet. 
The bene6tes and commodities 
that otherwise might ensue. With 
a perswasion of the people, for a 
better maintenance to the Navie. 
V. %. B, Warde, London, 
1593. 4to. 8805. a. 

JENISON (Robert) SeeE.,l. 

— The Christians apparelling 
byChiist. Wlierein is showed... 
1. the IIappine88e...of all true 
Chri8tian8;...2. theDtietieitselfe; 
...3. the Triall and Examination 
of our selves... By R. I(eni8on), 
B.D. [With a recommendatory 
preface by R. Sibbs.] Printed hy 
A, M. and L N. for J. Broume, 
London, 1625. 8vo. 1112. a. 3. 

— The Cities Safetie : or, a 
fruitfuU treatise... on Psalm . 127. 
1. ... All applyed to our Cities 
in England. Being the effect of 
divers Sermons preached at New- 
castle upon Tine, etc. /. Haviland, 
for J. BeUamie, London, 16S0, 8vo. 

4452. a. 

— Newcastles Call, to her 
Neighbour and Sister Townes 
and Cities throughout tho land, 
to take warning by her Sins and 
Sorrowea. Lost this ovei flowing 
aconrge of Pestilence reach even 
to them also ... Whereunto is 
added, the number of thom that 
dved weekelv in Newcastle and 
Garth-side, from Biay 6. to De- 

cember 31. 1636. Printed for 
J, Col^y, London, 1637. 12rao. 

4404. b. 

JENKINSON (Anne) 0/ 
TunitaU. See Bible.— Ou) Tes- 
tament. — Jeremiah. Expoeitory 
Works, Meditations upun the 
lamentations of Jeremy, trans- 
lated out of French into English. 
By A. I. 1609. 12mo. 3165. a. 

JENKINSON (Anthony) 
[Voyages, etc.l See Hakluyt (R.) 
The principal Navigations, etc. 
Vol. 1. 1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

JENNEY(Georok) a Catho- 
liko Conference, bctweene a Pro- 
testant and a Papist, about the 
Church visible and invisible, 
wherein is declared the happines 
and blessed estate of the members 
of tho invisible Church,. ..and also 
a definition of the viflible Church, 
...and. ..the deoeivable markes of 
the church of Rome, etc. Printed 
by L D. for N. Bourne, London, 
1626. 4to. 3935. c. 

JENNINGS ( ) Pirate. 
See IIarius (J.) The Lives, Ap- 
prehensions... and Executions, of 
the 1 9 . late Py rates . . . Cap t. liar ris, 
J., etc. 1609. 4to. C. 27. c 24. 

JENNINGS (Ralph) 5m 
AsLACUS (C.) The Description 
of Heaven... con verted into Eng- 
lish by R. J. 1623. 8vo. 4373. a. 

JENYNGES (Edward) The 
notable hy«tory of two faithfuU 
lovers named Alfagus and Arche- 
laus. Whoarein is declared the 
true fygureof Amytieand Freynd- 
shypp... Translated into Enelish 
mecter [or rather compoaedj by 
E. Jenynges. With a preface or 
(lofinytion of Freyndshyppe, etc. 
90. E. T, CotweU, Loiidom 
1574. 4to. C. 89. 6 62. 

JERMIN (MiciiAEL) See 

JBB iBt ttl 

— AaocWoD] 

J B R M I K (MMitn.) Am tlmarMLmtTTaMi crUv^* 

llM •^ 9f M. J*« •••. - . — 

JBROMB^AmM. hratm. inn 

iMipii Mpotiob fVfBt obapitra la Uie Ijf of mint 

JmuMi fur imtWr of T. j^v. UIm of legemU 

BttiBMlteiiMbohuiapQilQlonit. ^nx xpUdi rite bMli 

•10. 14te. 41a. 167.V.2i. Jwo&imi amCMoria. ». B« 

sj.utH.urioji tu fill* uoakM ri^s jar^^i^^s:' 

of l^yrte, and of 8. lulohiit: iDafMlpif^ 
vrittMbjUMMaoSoiot. Tirnao- 

kldlfailoBii^iabr^ir.l7«r^«i]. JBROMB (Snran) Iro- 

[Pmk] 1630. 4la. 3470. m. UikU Jabiloo, or Jojw Io-IVmmi« 

far Friaoo Oharlas nk 

for Friaeo OhMks 
4iMkNi «poo tiM . 31. PmIom... <^ ** ^ ^^^ 

If^ly MOMtod ana 

A^F UMig II.E. r. IkMDa, — Smtob Helpet to liMTon... 

■dM, 1578. 16iiia The third edition^ ooiraotod Mid 

C. 25. a. 30. (2.) enkrgrf. 2 pU WiHad 5f 

/. A. Jr. /or R. Jatkmm 

1620,1619. 4to. 4404.1: 

^YHm Mtnni. (Tho...ljt 
of IhooUoAin^lholTfhdOT J2iii^»»'«'*^*****P^'*" 
harsytaa. Ula temnalAlad ooi of PHUMioa. 

whiolN hath U wnru« aod alao of Jenmimo. with tho Warri of 

Uty«. by ... Saynt Jmmm ^, ^ aor25iB tJU ^ f. Kyd.] 

15. B. 3 fHk MB. NofUL ^^ ^_^ ^ _ 

TWiiito«f«ibai|^kaaba« JXBUBALBII. Ar M^ P.I>« 
C?a»l fmiktA The Image of boihe Chwdbea. 




1623. 8vo. 


Babel, etc. 
852. f. 2. 

J E S S E Y (Henry) See 

Adriciiomius (C.) a description 

...of 268 plaooM in JeniBalem... 

Iteviewed...byH. J. 1654. 4to. 

10076. b. 

JESUIT. A JesniteB oration 
[delivorod in Madrid] to the 
prince [of Walea, afterwards king 
Charles I.] in Latine and English. 
See Grboory XV., Pope, The 
Popes letter, etc. 1623. 4to. 

C. 33. g. 12. 

See C, A. An Answer to a 
Letter of a .lesnited (Icntleman, 
...concerning the Appeale, etc. 
ICOl. 4to. 860. k. 12. (2.) 

JESUITS. See Cotton (P.) 
The HelliHh and horribble coun- 
cell practised and used by the 
Jeenite8...when they would have 
a man to murther a king... Sent 
to the Queene Kegent in answere 
of that impudent Pamphlet pub- 
lished by P. Cotton in defence of 
the Jesuites, etc. 1610. 4to. 

4092. bb. 

— See Decacordon. A Deca- 
cordon of ten quodlibeticall ques- 
tions... wherein the authour... 
decides an hundred... doubts about 
the generall eontentiouK betwixt 
the Seminarie Priests and Jesuits, 
etc. 1602. 4to. 4091. dd. 

— See Henry IV., King of 
France, Le franc Discours; A 
Discourse presented of late to the 
French King, in aiinswer of sun- 
dry requostM made unto him fur 
the restoring of the Jesuits into 
Fraunoe, etc. 1602. 8vo. 

860. d 

— See P., R. The Jebuit« 
miracles, or new Popish Won- 
ders, etc. 1607. 4to. 1077. b. 45. 

JESUITS. See Pope. A 

fagge for the Pope and the 
esuit8,eto. 1624. 4to. 696. b. 18. 

— A Generall Collection and 
Hintoricall representation of the 
Jesuites Entrance into Japon 
and China. See Purchas (8.) 
Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 3. 
1625. fol. 679. h. 13. 

— See S.. R. The Jesuites 
play at Lyons in France, as it 
was there presented, both to the 
amazement of the Beholders, and 
the destruction of the Actors in 
August last, etc. 1607. 4to. 

4632. b. 

— See Synge (G.) A Rejovn- 
der to the Reply [to Archbishop 
Usher] published by the Jesuites 
under the name of W. Malono, 
etc. 1632. 4to. G. 5701. (1.) 

— Aphorismes, or certaine se- 
lected Points of the Doctrine of 
the J., with a Treatise concern- 
ing their secret Practices and 
Close studies. All taken out of 
the Writings, Sayings, and Pub- 
like Acts, of the Jesuits and 
other Popish Doctors. 2 pts. 
[LotiAmf] 1609. 4to. T. 785.(2.) 

The "Treatise,** etc, has a di*- 
tinot paginatioD, but the register it 
continuous throughout 

— A Briefe Relation of the 
Persecution lately made against 
the Catholike Christians in the 
Kingdome of Japonia ... Taken 
out of the Annual! Letters of the 
...Society of Jesus ...Written 
in Spanish. ..and newly trans- 
lated by W. VV[right], Gent The 
first part. [£li. Osmt,] 1619. 8to. 

867. e. 12. 

— A Discoverie of the most 
secret and snbtile praotises of 
the Jesuites. IVanslated out of 
French. Printed for R. BomUom, 

London,\^V\ 4to. C.37.d.51.(2.) 
Without |tHginntioD. 




^ AMilMraaiqr. loa.A.St. 

m of Um Lmb of 0<hI 


Mkrl whI mow taMUtdl bilo 

naymU %kmi art diMiM Mid 

lim Mo. 8eo.i.4. 

— TIm Lifiii of Um Jmmtm, 
Or « (VOlietlciA of Um rwMWi, 
for wkkk Um QUiMt oT Trojw 

oT Um J«ttit«t...K«w|j mibl«iMd 
fai FrMMlL Aftd DOW flUU^Ilx 
doM ittto BmIUi. PHMtd If 
X Jf. MTTDmm, Lmtim. 
ItU. 4IO. C. 37. d. 51. (S.) 

— TU FklaM oT Cbrfatlui 
Fortttvda. OrUMffloriowOM- 
hm»M of ClukliAM ia Japoiiia. 
TdkMi o«l of loUtri of Um 

of JOMM ffOM UMOoa 

ItSi. rteMyf]t6aO. Sm 

866. o. 4. 

J«M«Wonhip ooBiyil«d« oto. 
[16407] 8to. 874.0.17. 

^ A brife...aobhnUott of Uio 
tnM &jUi of ChHst Sm a, J. 
A brjofii ami pkino dodaratton 
of oartajM aastSoaa ia UiU liUe 
boko Mowfaw, Ola [1M7.] 8to. 
0. 87. a. 88. 

— ''For Um inin>laHona of Um 
*• l^ 1 mitaUooa Cbr&rti ** in whwh 
Um aaUioniliip of Um work ia 
attrilMitod to cWUer doOofaoci:] 



^ II 1 
TboSoaWii liifTmfUiii: 
•le. 1« 

TU 8ottUa VooaUott or 

dfcfl ti al oaUiag to Okrial. ato. 
1688. 4to. 4404.0.(1.) 

— — Tba Uabtkovan pra- 
parhif(brOlirtol,ate. 1688. 4to. 

— [For Um ttanalaliooa of Um 
-Da iMitaUoM C^iHad " io whieb 
Um aaUMMahip of Um work ia 
attnlmtod to ThooMa k Kanpia:] 


— Aa J., H. A ttvaUaa of 
Um aaftriaga aad Tiotorj of 
Cbrial, to Um worka of oar ra- 
dampUoB^ate. 1588. 8to. 4226. b. 

— 8m M , Cr. a ir^rrrhina 
FDaia of Um biltor doloara of 
Chrial»ale. 1688. 8m 4i27.a.7. 

~&tM..P. The EioallaiMSa 
of tba mratoria of Christ Jcava, 
ata. 1590. 8Ta 4411. da. 

— Tba toarea of oor Sarioar 
in tba Oardao, ate. [In Toraa.] 
teMART.fAaBlMatdFlvyM. Tba 
Song of Mary, ate. 1601. 4ta 

1076. L 2. 

— Sm PuKFomiAsi. Thapralar 
and ooinplaynto of tba plowaaMn 
uto Cbriata, ate. [1581?] 8vo. 

C. 87. a. 28. (4.) 

» Sm R.. & Tba Batmying 
of Cbriat...Wiib otbar poa«a»ate. 
1598. 4to. C.37. d.81. 

— At F^ L Cbriataa Bkiodia 
8w«at« or tba Sonaa of Qod to 
1613. 4ta 

11623. bb. 14. 

^8m H 

— [(Ttaaaloff.] Sm&«J. Tba 

Bwlptwaa. ... Witb tba 
liaa of... Jaaaa Cbrial» ata 

Uibtogioall — Aa Ibavontoina abaw«Ui to 




thifl begynnynge, to wyll I wry te 
of the . iiij. Tokeno, the whiche 
shall be shewed afore the drede- 
full daye of Dome, of our lorde 
Jhesu Christe, etc. (End. This 
translated out of Duche into En^- 
lysshe by J. Dousbrugh.) 10. 1. 
R W^er, [London, 1530?] 8vo. 
4856. a. 
Eight leafM, withoat pagination. 


Benofito that (JhriHtians receive 
by J. C. Criicifyod. (First writto 
in the Italian tongo [by Aonio 
Paleario, i.e. A. dalla Faglia].) 
Translated out of French into 
English, by A. Gfolding?]. ». %. 
T. Ea$t, for L. Hanson and 
Q. Bishop, London, 1573. 8vo. 

4226. aa. 
Withoat pagination. 

— Another edition. 1$. H. 
n. Bynneman for L. Hartson and 
O, Bishop, London, [1575?] 8vo. 

4226. aa. 

— Another edition. 13. H. 
T. Dawson for O. Bishop and 
T. Wodcocke, London, 1580. 8vo. 

C. 37. a. 50. 

— A Briefe Answer unto 
oertaine Objections and Reasons 
against the descension of Christ 
into hell, etc. /. Barnes^ Oxford, 
1604. 4to. 479. a. 19. (1.) 

— A Brife and Faythfull decla- 
ration of the true fay th of Christ, 
made by ccrtoyne men suspected 
of heresy e. [Preceded by an 
addresse to the reader entitled 
•* A bryefe and plaine declaracion 
of certavne sontooes in this little 
boke /olowing," etc.] 16. %. 
MS. Notes. 1547. 8vo. 

1360. a. (1.) 
Without pagination. 

— Oertaine devout and Godly 
petition, commonly Called, Jesus 

Psalter. ». Z. [UUimf 
1545?] 16mo. 0. 18. a. 

Register A-D3, in eights. Im- 
perfect; wanting titlepage. 

— Another edition. 1$. X. 
Apud J. Foulerum, Aniverpiae, 
1576. 16mo. 3455. a. 7. (1.) 

— Another edition. [Donay f] 
1596. 16mo. 3456. aa. 16. 


Psalter of Jesus, contayninge 
very devoute and godlie petitions. 
Newlie imprinted and amplified 
with onnchement of figures. 
(A mirrour to confesse well... 
Abridged out of sundry confes- 
sionals, by a oertaine devout, and 
religious man fJ. Heigham]. — 
Oertaine... considerations, proper 
to be exercised, whilst the... 
Sacrifice of the Masse is cele- 
brated... By J. Heigham. — Divers 
... considerations tor the more 
worthy receaving of the... Sacra- 
ment, collected... by J. Heigham. 
— Oertaine advertismcnts teach- 
ing men how to lead a Christian 
life. Written in Italia by 8. 
Charles Boromeus. — A briefe... 
exercise of the seaven principall 
efi'usions of the. ..blood of... Jesus 
Christ ...Translated ...into Eng- 
lish... by J. Heigham.) 6 pts. 
Doway, s. Omers, 1624. 12mo. 

1219. a. 22. 

The titlepage of pi 1 la engraved. 
Each pt haa a dmtinet tiUepiiga, 
and pt 1 a separate paginatioo; 
pt 6 wua printed at 8t Omer. 

— Oertaine Quasree propounded 
to the Bowers at the Name of 
Jesus and to the Patrons thereof. 
Wherein the Authorities, and 
Reasons alleadged by Bishop 
Andrewes and his FoUowers, in 
defence of this Oeremony, are 
briefly examined and refuted. [By 
W. Piynue.l...The fourth Edition 
corrected. [With an appendix.] 
[LoMioii,] 1636. 4to. 878. e. 9. 

JRS J 18 97* 

f] m. E. \Umdmf 
IMOF] Itoo. 4404. M. 

llMU«»or6u<«llo«mi4ftlU». JBtU8 OHRIST. TU Ibl- 

kiaai^ tlo. (A IWlliia.] •. &. owpig of VhrxH. Uloly tfMM. 

FHiiwIlf lt# Amimm J T. J%i> Utod tmi uf Uijm U to Kasl/nK 

mt^ [Lmim. IMf] JIfm4. mmI mwIj «iumMi, 

iMilbi: BOS.L4M. MMllai|iH»l«L [SjrT. 

Mb* or J. Cliarlior d# Q«f««.] 

— CMil OB lite TkfOM. Or, Al» a IjtiU dovovto MOfmD doo- 

Itfkii disrohfowmaMttl tnrno, oOM tho SpbilMll |dMW 

Molty 1^ 4owM .. BMltrod if^mmU.^\j\iuMSdm. 

U «Mi4i7 MM ol ■ nm olMiBi (Hmlltr felowHb w Mrtk oC 
lUOi 4I». 8TS.0.M. nnil BmM^ oUM tiio joMm 

•pMfo....lnMMbltd o«t of k^n» 

~ A P tp i^ M tmti op of Um la to lBg|Mib»...TIiui...felow« 

mMdi of tiMl DMpMm whkk Ibw vmkSoM of OAjBt Birgol« 

CMito kuk |irmiM...ftNr Iho oto.) ». E. S pta Ma Maim 

ww iMl of kk Chvroli, ia T.MI/raw.LomJam.r\b20f] Bro. 

•U IfaMi Md plooH, valUl Um 4463. 

OMM Of ibo worldOb WbortiB •«. | ^^ 

ort fitkofoA into a pUiao Ibnno ^ ^^^^n ^ 

of: ooi oT iKo miuiM oo, oto. — Th« Imiuita or fbUowiag 

:Ut JoIi» UdalL] MS. Norak of CUtUi, and Um ooDtonmiiig or 
[JfaMiriH^ISel] 8m worldlj Tmnitiot. [TrmnfUtod 

C. 12.0.21. ftomthoUtin of J.OUrliordo 

Oormi or T. H ai in M ri o in m 
oopj. 097. a. se. KoBpUbyELHOnu] Whmmnio 
!■■■»<; wMrtJMtWlMl hai; ...wo kavo odkNraod oaoUior 
iiii l i l i t iUliiiW^aiii. pi^tio tiooIlM, ooUtiaod, Tko 

lofUlMr ia a BooIm. oalitalod nSSL.tnd iTSriliStT^ 

A^DMMMlnUioa of DiMipliao Sptftei: wMtftiiciic. ii/^ 

rwUA Ghikl batik DMoHM... ^, ^ ^. ^ „ 

in lliiiinMH—iii nrhlininrrh — <«l«d tjdiDgi from HeaYea : 

Bj J. Udall]. Wliomla nW, tbo ^''« ('^n*t« gluriooi InTitaUoa to 

tnM alalo of tlbo Coatroronno of ^ Siaawr^ eto. £ A oarji]^ ». E. 

■oBi of Iho Doiate ia Tariaaoa. it ^ P^ FnmUdfir 0. IT., loatloa, 

...dodaiBr&JMbyairflL?^ [lUs?] Bro«b£iift4. B0X.LI84. 

1680. 4to. 

109. a. 10. — *^. ".«• •■^^ • f?^y 

of C^liriat* 

tnat jae of ibo . 
— Aa ojdMirtaeioa to tbo witb aiaaj doTvol 
canoofo of Ctuy ttoi o t oa n, wytb oi am pl oi, aad t«poaiqn«i of t* 
a trao aad brafi coafatadoa of mmm, [Tiaaalaied frooi tbo 
lalaa aad paaislkall ^^ootiyao. Fioacb Inr A. Cbortaejr. Inpnaa 
[Br M. CJMHala, sSop of aad wm.] ». E. Fkw MS. 




Notes. Wpikffn de Worde^ London^ 
1632. 4to. C. 37. e. 15. 

With woodoaU. Without pftgi- 
nation. Big. A-P. Impeifwt; 
wanting the first two leatea. 

of the fay th fill, (letlaryng brefely 
...the resurreocion of oar lorde 
Jesns Cbrytt past, and of our tme 
eaieoial bodyes to come : and 
playnli confatingthe chofeerrours 
tliat bath spronge tberof, etc. 
f Translated by Miles Covordale 
rroni the German of Otho Wermu- 
eller.l lAiUtoer^l 1554?] 16mo. 

4410. e. 

Sheet B ia mutilated, and abeeta 
L and M aro slightly damaged. 

— The Manifold Wisedome of 
God : in the divers dispensation 
of Grace by Jesus ChriBt. In 

the I ^^ \ Testament ... Their 

agreement and difference. Printed 
h}f B. H, for J. BartletU London^ 
1640. 12mo. 4410. aaa. 

— Our saviour Jesus Christ 
hath not overcharged his chirche 
with many ceremonies, etc. 
)$. a. Few MS. Notes. Zijrik, 
1543. 8vo. 4226. a. 

Witbont pagination. 

— Here begynneth the Rosary 
of our Savyour Jesu, gyveng 
tliankes and prayse to his holy 
name, by manor of meditacion i 
prayer ; for all the labours % great 
paynee that he suffred for man in 
this worlde, etc. ». l. J?. i>- 
•cm,Xofiaon,[1520?] 4to. 

C. 25. a 28. 

— The Sinners Redemption, 
wherein is described the blessed 
Kativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
etc. [A Christmas Carol.] 10. I. 
2 iits. \lAmd(m, 1640?] Broad- 

fol. Rox. 1.374. 

Tlie flret 15 voracs are reprinted 
with alight variationa in (Jilbert*a 

"Chriatmaa Carola," 1828, p. 24, 
and alao in Bandys'a **Chi1atmaa 
Carola,** 1838, p. 84. There aro 18 
additional venee in the present 
faftUad, the whole of which ia in 
Ueloney'f *« Garland of Good-WilL" 

Soules Preparation for Christ. 
Or, a Treatise of Contrition. 
Wherein is discovered how God 
breaks the heart and woands the 
Soule in the conversion of a 
Sinner to ffimselfe. [By T. 
Hooker.] Printed for B, Dawh 
man,lAmdm,1^2, 4to. 4409. f. 

— Another copy. 4401. dd. 11. 

— Another edition. Printed hw 
E. A. for B. Allot and B, DawU 
man, London, 1635. 12mo. 

854. a. 12. 

The fourth Edition. 

Printed by the Atrngnee of T. P. for 
A. Crooke, London, 1638. 8vo. 

875. g. 2. (1.) 

— A Sparke of Christs Beauty. 
[A Sermon on Isai. ix. 6.] J. Lidi- 
field and J. Short, Oxford, 1622. 4to. 

4474. e. 63. 

— A Treatise, shewing the 
pos8ibiiitie...of the reall presence 
of our Saviour in the blessed Sacra- 
ment, etc. /. Trogne»iu9, Antwerp, 
1596. 8vo. 3932. aa. 

— The true beliefe in Christ 
and his sacramentes set forth in 
a dialoge betwene a Christen 
father and his sonne, etc (Fyrste 
written in the duche tong, and 
then translated into latine.) 

i Translated into English by W. 
{oy. With a dedication by 
Walter Lynne.] 19. %. Imprinted 
,..for Gteatter Lynne^ lAmdom 
[^Ba$U f ] 1550. 8vo. 3932. a. 

Without Mginaiion. OnW Uie 
Utlepu^ and three following leavea 
of prvllminary matter were printrd 
in I^ndon: the real was printed 
abrtwil, probibly at Baale. 

J K8 -:? 

— A»i4lMf (^i>x. C 46. A. JEWEL. J M^ . //•*>.o^../Si/.*. 

•••^ ** ** [Byjff.'i 15M. Sm ******* 

JBSU8 CHRIST Two •••.•. 11. (I.) 

Ufa— t Ihukiw OM oT Um Birtl^ .in A{xifagi9...ia atfcaot 

%km%4kmrat%kmVimkm9t0ktkiL oltJMC1ittrolioflMEl«id...N«wlv 

ferlh to UHMTligr J. i.1 Md 

1M3. 4la mTK?. 

JBSUr FSALTB& At »**^- «^ C. 12. a 12. 

Jwt On«f. OifteiM a«fo«i A — 'MuUoiiof^book*, 

r ftiiiiiili^ flMlwiritdfl mow 
BrttLiittbi: UM.L9U. 1M2. 

**^* IMS. Uo. 1S52.9.M. 

rw^wv 0^ T uf in. EocMn R<nnan» hkSUAmtim 

ZT^fSr^A:! i^'fTT^ bootrinattWitUBooUdMAa- 
•ie. l^Sl. 4to. 4478. t. 85. ^ix^.^ .^ tiitA ^^^ Atn^ ^ 

4to. 4478.^.85. gli^^Mi^^te. 16I6. 4to. 4106. •. 

— Bit 8^ T. A Jewel! for l^i?. 4Co. 488. •. i. 

Q«iCtit,ttc 161 : 

— fFor Um taitiottt of ihm 
•tooBd tomt of ibt HomiUtt, mid 
.— Mnr TvTA- to kavo batii tditod Mid in pMt 
■M. Ab Expo- writl«o bj J. J.:l tit Esolavd, 
dtloa spoa Um two Ep{ dardk o/.^HomiUm. 

Um Ttiitlfmitnt. by... J. J., eta 
IMS. 8m 1006. b. 22. — 8m HoMiyunr (L.) J. Joelli 

...E^iitoopi Sorkbsrlsiitb Viu ei 
1584. 9yro, 8365. a. Mora, oiiiaq; Tone dootriiUB do- 

*^**- *^ 8265. •. dMiobjwjtonumeto. 1578. 4to. 

— BitDi«iM(B.) AtpariBg 490. a. 2. (2.) 

fvrtniai of auuijr ... uitnitbos, _ fl^ Ritdtabo (At B ) Sir 
wbicb M....IUfdii>g dotlM oh*> B. Hodieid hit mtob in behmlfo 

of the Cltfgio...Oonfinaed b/ tbo 

wbidi M....IUfdiiig dotlM oh*- 
kttn is tht im Artiolo of at j 
Lordo of Striabttriet Btplit. olo. 

of Soriabttffiet Etplit, olo. ttttimottitt of Bithop j/ eto. 

[1568.] 4to. 31*3J b. j«2a 4lo. 688:^10.(40 

— B» Dpwu* (T.) AsioiiCi — Jfct8A»i«t(N.) Atjo«ti«o 

of rtrtopio artioitt ia rtligioii« of tho imtgtt of Christ and of hit 

dtoitd hj M. JoaU, ole. 1564. 4to. aaioU... with aoonfaution of Mck 

8882. f. falM doetritto tt M. J. hath 

A ^■■■^.■f. ^ • k^..,^^ atlortd in hit raplj oonctrning 

t.irtaW?ri!K:t-rfi.5^ ^^-^••'- l«^ am 8885. a. 

Articka in Ral^kai daniad bj — An Epiatia nalo Mgnior 

M JoelUato. 156S. 4toM51.d.l. Sdpio, ... toneUng tba aaaata 

VOL. UL 8 L 




moving the Church of England 
to refiiKo communion with the 
Councell of Trent ; now first 
published aocording to the ori- 
giiiall annexed. Lat. and Eng. 
See SoAVE (P^ Polano^ p$eud. 
The historie of the Ck>anoel of 
Trent, etc. 1629. foL 6017. d. 

JEWEL (John) Bishop of Salts- 
hury. The Works of... J. Jewell... 
newly sot forth with some amend- 
ment of divers quotations: And a 
briefe discourse of his life [by D. 
Featley]. 4 pts. J. Norton, Lon- 
don, 1^0. fol. C 21.e. 

With the Royal arms and the 
initials ** A. R." on the ooTcn, being 
tboae of Anne of Denmark, queen 
of James I. 

— Another edition. 4 pts. 
J. Norton, London, 1611. fol. 

478. f. 6. 

— Apologia EcclesisB Angli- 
canse. Apud B. icolfium, Londini, 
1562. 8vo. 698. a. 20. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. [With a 
prefatory letter to the author by 
P. M. Vermigli.] T. Vautrol- 
lerius, Londini, 1581. 12mo. 

3932. aa. 

— Another edition. Impensis 
T. Chardi, Londini, 1591. 12mo. 

4103. a. 6. 

— Another edition. A. Hal- 
field, Londini, 1599. 12mo. 

G. 19938. (1.) 

— Another edition. Impensis 
Georg.Bishop,Londini,l600, 12mo. 

698. a. 23. (1.) 

— Another edition. Impensis 
Jaeohi Boler, Londini, 1626. 8to. 

698. 0. 12. (1.) 

Cum versione Qrasca 

J. S. [i.e, J. Smith], etc. Lat. 
and Or. Excudehal 0. Turner. Im 

pensis Gulielmi Webb, Oxonii, 
1639. 8to. 4109. a. 9. 

— Another copy. 698. a. 24. 

JEWEL (Jous) Bishop of Salis- 
bury. A Defence of the Apologie 
of the Churche of Englande, 
oonteininge an Answeare to a 
oertaine Booke lately set foorthe 
by M. Hardinge, and entituled, 
A Confutation of (the Apulogie 
of the Churche of England), eto. 
H. Wykes, London, 15«7. fol. 

488. g. 1. 

— [Another edition.] Where- 
unto there is also newely added 
an Answeare unto another like 
Booke written by the saide M. 
Hardinge, entituled, A Detection 
of sundrio fowle Errours, etc. 
H, Wykes, London, 1571. fol. 

13. b. 11. 

— 'AiroXoyta n/s *AyyX<i»i' *E»t- 
KXr/o-ias *Ek\rjvt(m fi€Ta<f>paaO(ura. 
Apologia Eccletiisa Anglicanao 
Graeoe versa. Interprete I, 
S(mith), Baca in Art. J. Bar- 
nesius, Oxonise, 1614. 12mo. 

3505. a. 

— An Apologie of private 
Masse sediciously spredde abroade 
in writyng without name of the 
authour: as it semeth, against 
the offer and protestacion made 
in certain sermons by the ... 
Byshop of Salesburie [J. Jewel]. 
With an answere and confutaoion 
of the same, etc. [by T. Cooper, 
suocessivelyBishopof Lincoln and 
of Winchester]. 19. %. 2 pts. 
7. Powell, Londini, 1562. 8vo. 

C. 12. c. 7. 

— Another copy. 3932. aa. 

This i« a duplicate of the pre- 
eeding, with a new Utlepage, and 
without tlie addreae to the reader 
printed on the tum of the tlUe- 

— Oertaine Sermons preached 



At t^Ml^i croHMi i»9 r.. J. J. ... 

WhMMto It U4«l A •boft 
TtmUm of lU aMmMMiiii 
oat of otlur liit 8h^ 

». 1. Ma. NofM. a AarAir, 
IMS. 8m m^^.tt. 

•lit* t '1 ..ftiMl %nn^ 

ktod inio »,fig iMii# by », V^ •!«. 

llM6f] tm iM.*.44.(A.) 

D. Cblc ^... -^aglil noBiiinn to 
MMMntar. ibortl/ til ftvtU m 
A<*ri m iIm aatbovr oonld «U 
iitorMMnbrm«ao». U.K. Frw 
Md Norm /. Dn, Lmdom, 
[IMO> Sva m2.K(l.) 


— Aaotboroopy. 0. 19989. (^) 

— A MU nto M. BMdiafM 
Mw«m [to iIm BiilKip's teM 

1 C\ir. n. 18, - 
PlMlco OQaN...15#»n bj I 

tlM d&OfiSto 

I W tid wr — TtMflyif 

tlM BoMiM Biligk»; whiefae of 
bt« iMtb bMM Mooaptad Cbtho- 
lk)iM. KWpkm,Lmimi,\hS5. ibi. 

12. a. 1. 

— Tko Ttm Cookt of IIm 
Lallm lHtw«M...Jdiir BiidKip 
of 8Mm Md D. Ook. vpoo 
ocoMioB of o Sotmhi tUl the 
mid Bitbop pf«MlMd bWbn tlie 
Qmms )Uj«rtk...lMa ». E. 
J. d^cLoodM.[l6dO]. Sto. 

ai2.e. 1. 


eopj. 8982. K (2.) 

— AoolUroopj. 0.19989.(1.) 

— A SenMMi [oD 1 FM. it. U] 
in • • * ^ 


Wy. A TtmOm of tU 
Moota, gath t n d o«i of otrlaino 


>W W. JMk iMdoo, 
1808. 8m 4888. M. 

— A Vtowo of m SoditloM Bol 
•Mi into fc>gU«yi^ ft^ooi piQg 

QointiM. BfadMD of Boom, Aooo 
. 1589 ... WbOTMBtO it tddtd. t 
•bort Tnttitt of tht holy 8cHf>. 
torto. tto. [Edited br J. ( 
brmad.] ».%.£. NmUnc J; 
JET. B§immemam^ jLomIoo, 1582. 8va 
898. t. 28. 

Of tnitTrw 

OoldoB OtbiiMi ot tnit TrMuiii r <• 
OOBtai»ins Ibt tuuM of Uotmll 
PbiktopbTtw Trtotltttd ooi of 
Frtaeb * onUmd. bj W. 
Jewol^tle. PHulJ h B. L. far 
J. OmUfi, Itodwi, 1812. 8vo. 

B406. tt. 

IONATIUB [Lom di Kb- 
CAU>&, J« Lo$oU\ 8mmL Sm 
Dom(J.) IgDttratbttConoltvo: 
or, bit taibronittliofi in t Itit 
tlto t kminhtHoto. 1884. 12»o. 

4092. a. 

— Lift. 5MRttADBStBnu(P.ra) 
Tbe Lafo of B. Fatber JgntUut, 

— Igoatint bit ConcUre: or 
bit Iiitbrotii*«Uon in t Ut« Elco- 
tion in liell : wbortin nuuij 
tbingt tro mingltd bj waj of 
Stijr; oonotroiof tbo Ditpoti- 
tion of Jttttiia, Ao OrottioB of 
t now Hell, tbo cotoblitbiof of t 
Cbttrob in tbo Moono. Tmn it 

Hint ta Ot^fbrdo In 
of King Bdwudo tbo 


ta Apology for Jo- 
dodiot t ad to tbo two 





Adversary AngeUi, which are Pro- 
tectors of the Papal 1 Conuistory, 
and of the Col ledge of Sorbon. 

By J. Donne, Doan of St. Pauls.! 

ranxlatcd out of Latine. Printea 
by N. 0., /or B. More^ London, 
1611. 12ma 701. a. 4. 

Ther* is a leoAnd titlepage 
at the end, witboat the woras 

— Another edition. Printed 
by M. F, for B. More, London, 
1626. 12mo. 864. b. 11. (3.) 

IGNATIUS [Lopez de Re- 
CALDE, de Loyola], Saint. A 
Manuall of Devout Meditations 
and ExeruiAes, instructing how to 
pray mentally. Drawn for the 
most part out of the Spirituall 
Exercises of S. Ignatius... Written 
in Soaninh by ...T. d© Villa Castin 
of the Society of Jesus ... And 
translated into English by H. 
M[ore] of the same Society. 
[St.Omerf]l6'24. 12mo. 4405. b. 

IGNORAMUS. Ignoramus. 
Comoedia, [in five acts and in 

Srotic,! coram liegia Majestate 
acobi Regis Anglise, etc. [By 
G. Ruggle.] Impensis L 8., Lon- 
dim, 1630. 12mo. 1070. b. 13.(1.) 

— Seounda Editio 

anctior ... un4 cum Argument is 
unicuique KCienas pra^positis, etc. 
Typii T. H., Sumptibua G. E, d: 
J. 8., Londini, 1630. 12mo. 

11712. a. 

IMAGES. 8ee Strasburo. — 
Preadiere. [A treatise deolaryhg 
*i shewTg dyvera oansM ... that 
pyctures i other ymaffes which 
were wont to be worahypped, ar 
i DO wise to be suiTrod in the... 
ohtirches of Cbristen men, etc.] 
[1636.] 8vo. 0. 87. a. 28. (3.) 

IBfMSRITOjMMMJ. [•*.«. Bd- 
MUND Spkmsbr.] The Shepheardet 
Calender Conteyning twelve 

^glogne« proportionable to the 
twelve monethes, etc. [With a 
**gloese" to each Eclogue by 
E. K., t.e. Edward Kirke? and 

E receded by a copy of verses " to 
is booke/^ signed Immeritd.] 
». %. H, singleton, Lond4m, 
1679. 4to. G. 11632. 

With woodcuts. 

— Another edition. U. E. 
/. Windet for J. Harrison, London, 
1691. 4to. C. 39. e. 6. 

— Another copy. 239. k. 35. 

— Another edition. B. Z. 
T. Creede, for J, Harrison, London, 
1697. 4to. • 1077. e. 52. 

With a I^ttn vernion in MS. by 
T. Bathnnt. The titlepoge U 
slightly mutilated. 

— Another copy. C. 12. h. 19. 

This copy also has the I^tin ver- 
sion by T. Bathurst in MS. 

IMMERITO, pseud, [i.e. Ed- 
mund Spenser.] Three proper, and 
wittio... Letters [the first signed 
Immerito]: lately passed between 
two Universitie men [Edmund 
Spenser and Gabriel Harvey]: 
touching the Earthquake in 
Aprill last and our English re- 
fourined Versifying. With the 
Preface of a Well wilier to them 
both. (Two other... Letters, of 
the same mens writing, eto.^ 
[With certain Latin verses and 
translations of the same ap- 
pended.] v. %. H. Bynneman, 
London, 1680. 4to. C. 40. d. 16. 

Witli the autograph of George 

IMPERIALS. Imperials a 
tragedie [in five acts and in 
yene. By Sir B. Freeman]. 
7. Harper, London, 1639. 4to. 

643. i. 20. (6.) 

Witkoat paginaUoa. Beg. A-H. 

This eopy is inpeifeet; wanting 

leaf A it., eontainiug letter to J. 

Morris. Sereral leavee motilated. 


Smf^VL ImamMSMm, Or, f Lotam Oom.] Sm U 

HUhl r>^ iMUb««a. ri«aof] a^j. TiwMUltd TUm AivI iMrt 
BnUiitiJL UmlLXU. tnm -LoUmHw a« mimtU 

niCB niriM) am Kvnaoo' ImMcvut ni.\otc. ir.rn. 4U). 
jiui * .t (If tW w JfipHoM of 

kM i»lD tti^ildk br H. I. u^W^' V\. 
IlfFORMATIO. 1 -. 2!b""iI^V 

1 •.,*. A !>«% nmoonivr DAT. indi« 

1505?] 4to. 0.7568, Inaootooil 8[«rJiiio pro n ^^ T-i 

bm HMbMlto cr «ildl- P***'*^ IP^ ^^ c. 12 

miii^ TbtHaMTbMtlyoD. V. E. [IFfid^ <f« IT. , . i . 

2S 5l.'^Sr*'T^ Aml49d?) 4t i5.*.35. 

111 If IfciriiiliiliT^iii !■ \kt tigs. 8li.«,b. DmM««Immmi 


"^ IMOUI8ITION, TVAwMil i/. 

mOBLSlID (Tsoiut) A --SfmuL A Diaoinr«He and pUiiM 

pffvtivMKl ll«rTMwBDtrrloa«: Dtckrmtloii of wndry «>ibtiU 

MlWd Um DkobtdUttl CbikL ptaotkM of the IIolv loqnisttkm 

B. E. r. CMMt» Lnin^ of SpaiM, And Um originall 

''1.%7^^' 4to. CSAo.55. UMr6of...TrmiisUUdoiitofLAUiM. 

JVwiwI /or /. BtBmmit, LmJm^ 

wtttoirtpagfMiloB. ,^25 g^ 18«5.b.8, 

«fS2"^'?l¥L^'' '!^J!2^ IN8IOHIA. Qui mliomm 

T* "^"'?^* ^ . ^ ^^*'*^ A ^T*^ iabo ositt «rt indgiiiboa, incurrit 

mbovl tba tttti MOOMrioii criBi« fclid . L. e« qui : Pa. fin. 
JS» *^ Crotnie of IngUod, etc. ^ ^ ]^^^ Cornelimm, do fU- 

•tc] 1591. 8n». O. 15425. Bia«i m dtM>bM rwdita, c^ 

[^154v>j I6in«. rci.a. XK8TITUTXO. RrarMoMi 

Instittttio tea ratio gi 

IKOPBir (WauAM) Th« 
Secfvi* of Nvaben, aooordiag lo vtHitatMi pr— oiipta, qi 
IkaologicmlU aiithMtkmlU gao- laa Bagk llaiaataa in vulbw 

MacriraU and hanaoBkall coai* aoholia piwi 

patalm, ate. (NuMraraoi aa- [Bj W. LUjr.] Sm LATUi'Tdiwra. 

cf^ta batoieo camina oooaiiiMita.) A abort int r o daat ioa of gnmin 

H. Umm fir /. Pmrkm, LmJm^ ate. Pt. 2. 15M, ate. 4to. 

1 G.* 1 . 4 to. 529. g. 28. 1 2934. a. (2.) 




Institutio, sou Katio Grammatioes 
co^no8oendfD, etc. [By W. L»ly«] 
TifpU Joh. Norton^ Londtm^ 
1600. 4to. G. 16848. (2.) 

— Another edition. B, Nor- 
ionui, Londini, 1 G 3 L 8 vo. 

12932. b. 26. 

tuoiuu of a gentleman. D. I. 
r. Mar$he, London, 1555. 8vo. 

232. a. 43. 
WithoQi pagination. 8ig. A-M. 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
T. Marshe, London, 1568. 8vo. 

722. a. 14. 

See J., II. lustitutioues Piao, or 
Directions how to pray, etc. 
1633. 12mo. 4411. cc. 

See W., D., ArcK Certaine godly 
instructions, verie necessary to 
be learned of the younger sorte, 
before they be admitted to be 
])aitaker8 of the holie Com- 
numion, etc. 1580. 8vo. 4323. a. 


(GuLiBLMUs) Aula, dialogns. 
See Castiouose (B.) Count. B. 
Castilionis Comitis de curiali 
live aulico libri quatuor, etc. 
1612. 8vo. 1030. c. 11. 

INTERLUDE. Begin. The- 
terlude of youth. IS. I. J.wdUy, 
London, [1557]. 4to. C. 34. b. 24. 

Without tillopage or pagiuatiou. 
TwelTo iMTc*. Big. A-C. 

— Another edition. 1$. I. 
W. Copland, London, [1562?] 4to. 

C. 34. e. 38. 
Without titlep«g« or pagiiiaUoD* 

Twelve lesTot. 



— A new interlude and a merj 
of the nature of the . iiij. eleroonta, 
deolaryngo many proper poyutd 

of phylosophy natnrall, and of 
dyrerd strannge landya, and of 
djrrers straonge effects i cansia, 
eto. rByJ.Rastell?] ».». Few 
MS. Notes. [London, 1520?] 8vo. 
643. b. 45. 

Without pagination. Iniperfert; 
wanting tig. D and all atler tig. E. 

Begin. [Sig. a ii.] Here foloweth 
the Interpretacyon of the names 
of goddys and goddesses as is 
rehersed in this treatyse folowyng 
as Poetes wryte. End. [Sig. f 6. 
recto:] Here endeth a lytyll 
Tratyse named I>e assemble de 
dvens. [A Poem by J. Lydgato.] 
«. a. [Wynkyn de Worde, London, 
1500?] 4to. C. 13. a. 21. (2.) 

Without titlepage, pagination, or 
catchwords. Forty-aix leatea, 25 
lines to a fall pa^e. The first leaf 
hns a wooclcut on the recto of a 
knight on horseback, and annther 
on the verso of the assembly of the 
gods, which is repeated on the 
vi-rso of the last leaf. On the recto 
of the latter is the device of Caxtoo. 

wherin three principall termes 
of State much mistaken by the 
vulgar [viz. Puritan, Protestant, 
Papist,] are cleai el V unfolded. [In 
Terse.] [Edinburgh t] U22. 8vo. 
1163. a, 22. 

INTRATIONES. Intrajionu 
excellentibsinnis libor per tp ne- 
ccssarius oibus log* hominl) : 
fere in se continens oom medullam 
divorsa:; materia:;, ao pl'it*, tam 
roaliu, personalium S mixt*. 
Necno multonim breTium tam 
executionu fp aliorum valde uti> 
Hum illishunc libruminspeotnris 
ant inscrutandis, etc l$« %. 
Impenn* . . . Ricardi Pyssom London, 
1510. fol. 508. i. 5. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

508. i. 4. 

— Intratiouum liber omnibus 


1 .. V 



•I «lili||Mltlii 9 tkU M 

»MMadMM.«le. v. ft. 


nvntoDuonoK. ah ib- 

t4««lte for to ItnM to rrckoa 
.UitlMp«A,orwiiKi iUeovDtofi 
OTi^yBC to Um txnw €Ml of 
ia bok Bsabort or in 

1S44. ». ft. /. IImsM* 

lM<c 8to. 631. b. 45. 

— An intfodao: of 
to Imtb to lookMi with Ibo Pte 
Oomlwii ia wbok 
ia hi^km. Nowlj 

k oUMna mndm aolaUo and 
It rakt of hJLm raitioat 
•ooia oar Wm^ 
toaac. By wkUk aU a^aer of 
aUMI aaiirtiwn a^r oMtWj bo 
4i«ot^ aad M007M. ». ft. 
XJ» rfrf i f. I<a rf ia, I&74 8yo. 
C21. a. 


— Aa latiodaotioBof tbo^jKbt 
rtoi of ipiflin. aad tba Oba- 
oftboMaMutto. [Pro- 

b^ fear kavao ooatataiag 
\hr A1phabi«, tbo Loid> Piajor, 

tno « racd, tbo Toa 

aMaii. aad two ptajar^ ia Latia 

•aJ EDfrli^.VrCbrktiaai Uo- 

— iMlltatIo 

al&) [Tba wbola ^7 W. Ulr. 

S |ii. On V&UJM. At pfUimm 

r.Jkr«liM,tMd«W, 1543-44. 4lo. 

0. 21. b. 4. 


II ■■lllHni^'Mt llM Mtf 

la vMib lb» Im^« am 
At Um «i4 of IW to. 
■AlKr 00 Ibt v«w of 
baf It • 
llMdilil5«S. WMitlw'i 
•fAfft:IUjiia«l , 
ImI; Md tiM MM «f Ibt Bof . C M. 

Tootioa of abootiDg Fiia-Sbafla 
ia Loa9-Bow«:...pabli»b«d by 
a Trao Pklriol for tho ooauaoa 
jmod of bis Nativo Ccmntror of 
la^Mid. US. NoHL. PnmUi 
hfH. L^ fmr J. BmiUi, Lamdtm, 
1838. dto. 1397.0. 

JO., F. 8e0 n., A. A TrMtiM 
of tbo Mtnist«rj of tbo Cbarcb of two letters, tbo ono 
br A. Hf ildenboai,! tbo otbor bj 
rjoTbaaQBlolo. tl803?1 4to. 
897. o. 38. (1.) 

•/ Dtmimhmrg, Prim^t of 
Aa obrtraol of oortaioo 
Artkte of Pbooo, 
twoaae [MaximilUn. Eieelor of 
Bavaria, 00 tbo pari of] tbo 
OOboUket aad [J. £.. oa tbo p«rt 
of] tboM of tbo Bolbrmod IMi 
gioa«...tba 8 of Jnlj, stylo n ^ 
1820. teBoaBMU. AttHMiiiTx 
BaUtioa of tbo Uta naooidii .. 
ia Bobomia, oto. 1830. 4tn. 

9315. \Ak 

JOAH.Fw. Am m J. Tba 
Aoatomio of Pope Joaa^ ote. 
1824. 8vo. 





JOANNES, Bhhop of CaUi- 
polis. Matter of the Home of Saint 
Thamtu [h Beckett called of Aecns^ 
in the City of London. [For Indul- 
gences, etc., granted by J., Bishop 
of Callipolis, by oommisBion from 
Pope Leo X. :J »ee Rome, Church 
of, — Leo X., Pope. 

JOANNES, Campentie. See 
Bible.— Old Testament. — Pealme. 
A Paraphrasis upon all the 
Psalmos of Dayid, made by J. 
Campeusis, etc. 1539. 8to. 

3090. a. 

JOANNES, de Aetona. Con- 
stitutiones legitime, ecu Icgatine 
regionis Anglicane : cu uubtilis- 
sima iutorprc'tatioue diii Johannis 
do Athon. See Lyndewode (G.) 
Bishop of Saint DavitCs. Provin- 
ciale, seu Costitutiones Anglie, 
etc. 1605, etc. fol. 494. k. 2. 

JOANNES, de Caulibut. 
See GoRus (Joannes) 

JOANNES, de Mediolano. 
[For tlie editions of '* Regimen 
Sanitatis Salemi/* composed by 
Joannes do Mediolano :1 see 
AcADEMiES,etc. — Salerno. — Schola 

JOANNES, de Piano Carpini, 
Archbishop of Antivari. Lilnallus 
Listoricus J. do P. C. qui miKsus 
est legatus ad Tartaroe anno 1246. 
The voyage of J. de P. C unto 
the Northeast parts of the World 
in the yeere 1246. See Hak- 
LUYT (K.) The piincipal Navi- 
gations, oto. Vol.1. 1598, etc. fol. 
683. h. 5. 

JOANNES, de Sancto Qemi^ 
niano. See Gorus (Joannes) 

JloUandus. Of the (piinta cssenoa, 
etc. See BouitAsr von Hoiirnhkim 
(P. A. T.) called ParaceUia. A 

hundred and foureteene Experi- 
ments, etc. 1596. 4to. 

778. e. 41. (1.) 

J O B S O N (Richard) The 
(i olden Trade, or a discovery of 
the Hivor Gambra,and the Golden 
Trade of the Aetbiopians. Also 
the commerce with a great blacke 
Merchant, called Bucker Sano, 
and his report of the hmises 
covered with Gold, etc. N. Oke$, 
...sold by N. Bourne f London^ 
1623. 4to. 1425. h. 11. 

—Another copy. 1 029. e. 20.(1.) 

— Another copy. T. 408. (2.) 

— Another copy. • G. 7073. 

JOCELINE (Elizabeth) The 

Mothers Legacie, To her nnbome 
Childe...The third Impression. 
J. Haviland, for H. Barret^ Lon- 
don, 1625. 12mo. C. 37. c. 49. 

Imperfect; wanting fol. An, 
which is supplied in fac-simile. 

JOCELINUS, Monk of Fur^ 
nes8. The Life of...S. Patricke 
[abridged from the Latine of J.]. 
...Togcather with the lives of... 
S. Bridgit (translated ... partly 
out of Cogito8U8...and partly out 
of Capgrave,) and of... Saint Co- 
lumbe (abridged out of S. Adam- 
nan). [The translator's dedica- 
tion signed "Fr. B. B., one of 
the Irish Franciscan Friaia at 
Louvain."] MS. Note [and au- 
tograph of R. Sonthey]. For 
J. Hetgham, S. Omere, 1625. 4to. 
C. 25. c. 9. 

hergcr. An Kjiistlo or Exhorta- 
tion of Jesns Christ to the soule. 
...Written in latin by. ..Joannes 
Lanspergiu8...and translated into 
English by...Philip...EarIe of 
Arundoll. [With a dedication, 
signed: •• f. W, Tr;. st "] 
1010. 8vo. 1.. - '19. 

J «• II 


iOm. Bm l\ I i: ^» 
J^iiiifliibt Bm.nLl7C 


mM of Um bImm of Um kw« 

—5m ill«UL--NlW TvrAMtifT. 
A» •Kpo d tion apon 
Id Oit gpbwiiin Bt & John 

K\si. 41a. tMft.b. 

,PiMi of] tbt All HooMlfo 
ttmrMt Um J«««ft. 8m Brioobi 
(LJ TIm diaelodiig of a UU 
eomtarlvjtod yiTMiinii hy the 
d^Yjl Ui two MAjdoM within 
tkodtioorLaadoB. [1574.1 8to. 
C. 27. A. 1. 

— T«* Ir 4yMtt Ilttfpof ^air 

T99 Jm/klMm* Ik wAaMir 
iinjmmjm luMWm. 8 Tom. 
/. thnim, Eimm. 1610-12. fol. 
475. f. S-10. 

Attuibar oofijr. 1274. g. 

TMt m§f hm wv tH l ti f w to 
fvfa. 1-7. T«L 1 alM tet * M« 

flML «i4 m Mgrnivd tiilM 

— Aooihtx copy. 

8. d«6. 

— D. loMiab ChryMitoaii do 
ProiriaoDtio Doi« 00 Fklo ocmtioMO 
mm: I. Cb«oo...iiitorpfolo. 
& ^ktoo B. iro(K. L 

154ft. 8m 

8870. o. (2.) 



|iriaita In Inotm odilit, ot 



dM 01 v|. 

•oriptk Not! OollogU 
OodbbM. OpornlildUoLHof 
Mori. ..Com Lotino Tonlono o{oo* 
dom Ilomili* dtoinMi non«, oom 
in Lfttioui otlom oxo«ploriiMM 
iMOloonodotidormUioil. Omrwim 
BUkm 4 Jidihin Jfirtirii, 
Iwdfiif. 1590. 8TO. 848. d. 4. 



•» D. Jooiwio Chrjoosloaii 
HottiliM mx. El Boanocriptlo 
Oodidlmo Noni Collogij. I liar- 
■Mtfi...opoin A indoktrio nono 
Driniiini gnMO in Inoom odiUi. 
JSc <yk9NO ifffOffUfmim «/. Jtoni«w*, 
Opoiim, 1588. 8yo. 854. a I 

— Anothor ooiij. IIS. Norm. 
1121. o. 13. 

- .\notlMr 0017. 1222. o. (2.) 

— To* Ir dviotf 
X^twooToyioo I|^\ia4 5«o ... lo* 
oanio Chr]rwetomi homiltA diuo 
(Oontro 000 aoi noTilonio obi«r- 
Tont, olo. In diet am A postal t, 
do donnioBtiboo nolo to* igno* 
rmio ftmtno, oto.) nnno primnm 
in Inoem «diUB.ot...UtitMB fiMSt», 
4 J. Cboka LaL ond (7r. 2 pta. 
Afmd B. Vmol/imwi^ Lomdimi^ 
1548. 4to. 884.0.42.(1,2.) 

4 pt kM O MpM»l« titW. 
n^slar, ood pifteolioo. 

— An homilio of Soint lobft 
CbmooloaM npon that Mjring of 
Soint Pknl. Brethren I wold not 
hove joo ignorant, what iji booooa 
of UxMO tbol alop^ to tbo ond 

loaoat Bol, oto. With 
10 upon 
IT modo oot of Qrako into 
Utin inr Mootor ClMko and oog- 
liobod bj T. Cholooor. V. f . 
/• i#r^ Tkmm BmOdtti ' 
dioi, 1541. 8vo. 41 

TO loaoai 

oioooiiffBO upon lob ond Abrmhoa* 




JOHN, Chry$09towi,Saint, Patri- 
arch of Conalaniinople, A sermo 
made by John CnriBostome pa- 
triarche of CoDstantinople, of 
pacience, of y* end of y* world, 
and of y* last judgemet. Wher- 
unto IB added an other homelie 
made by J. Brentias of the verttie 
of Christes resurrect iu tnUlated 
into Kngliiihe by T.Sapson. 1$. %, 
N, Hill far J, She/elde, London, 
1550. 8vo. 3833. a. 

Wiihoat pftg:iiuition. Big. A-E. 

— A sermon of Saint Chrysoa- 
tome, wherein. ..he wonderfully 
proveth that No man is hurtod 
but of hym selfe : translated into 
Englishe by...T. Lupsctto, etc. 
». I. In officina T. Bertheleii, 
Londini, 1542. 8vo. 3833. a. 

Without pagination. 8ig. A-D. 

— Thoorremwn : or, the an- 
moutli'd father S*. Chrysostome 
...treating on severall places of 
holy Scripture : selected and 
translated faithfully... by J. Wil- 
loughbic. J. BarneSy Oxford^ 
1602. 8vo. 1223. a. 

— A treatise of S. John Chri- 
Bostome cuoerning the restitucion 
of a synner, which is chiefly 
made against desperacion. Newly 
translated out of (Jreeko into 
Knglishe. ©. U. Impimted [«V] li. Calue within- the jtrecinct 
of the late dis§olved house of the 
oraie Freen, now converted to an 
Hoepitall, called Chrittee hoepitall, 
London,] 553. 8vo. 3932. a. (2.) 

Without pagination. 

JOHN, of Florenee. 
See, da Fir erne. 

JOHN, Pope, 
See JoHW, Prester. 

JOHN XXL, Pope [Pkdro 
JuLiAu Hkdf.llo.] The treasury 

of heal the conteynyng many pro- 
fitable medyoinee gathered out of 
Hypocrates, Galen and Avycen, 
by one Petrus Ilyspanus, i trans- 
la ted... by H. Lloyde, who hath 
added ... the causes ...of everye 
dysease, wyth the Aphorismes of 
Hypocrates, and Jacobus de Par- 
ty bus... With an epistle of Diocles 
unto Kyng Antigonns. V. %. 
W. Coplande, London, [ 1 550 ?] 8 vo. 
1039. f. 21. (1.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. 90. %. 
T. East, London, 1585. 8va 

1039. f. 22. 

JOHN, Pretter. See Emanuel. 
King of Portugal, sumamed the 
Great. Of the new lades and of 
y* people founde by the me^sen- 
gers of the kynge of portygale... 
Of pope Juhn and his landes and 
of the costely keyes and wonders 
molodyes that in that lande is. 
[1522?] 4to. G. 7106. 

JOHN, Saint and Apostle. 
See M., J. The Teares of the 
Beloved : or, the Lamentation of 
Saint Jt)hn, concerning the death 
and passion of Christ Jesus our 
Saviour, etc. 1600. 4to. 


— [Life.] St-e Sim:- x, 1/ •.«- 
johrastes. Vitro Evjihl; i-i Jo- 
haunis Sc Lucro, etc. 

Palatine of the lihine. See Fkk- 
DEKicK III., Elector Palatine. A 
Christian CoiifeMsion, etc. [With 
a preface by J. C] 1577. 8vo. 

1360. a. 

JOHN GEORGE L, Elector of 
Sawonff. The Duke of Saxonio 
hb Jubilee : with a short ohruno- 
logie. Both showing the good- 
nesse of God, in blessing the 
Gospel of Christ, siuoo Luther 

J o n i n mt 

r. /iwa iMHita. id^ Ma. i«ai«oMi«ttbNi Willi ^ 

4M. I. It. (17.) M hii ilt ri i of ^ Okmnk of Bf- 

^ 1mi4. fj riunf]l0iim. 4lo. 


J0R1I801I (OMumrm) 
<;ttlWI«ii WIoommU WUioo. JOHNSON (PRA«a*i A 

1 At Wiumt (R.) kl- TMtlM. TIm flfvl, load 

OM^ WilloU ^goM»Uai libor. ||m AwlapHgli ... TW 
KX I&7S. tm 0.17413.(1.) 

^ Mvbil^OOMBMNlWoolUll 

JOHNSON l> r^^ rroo^ •timaliorAmliil.iia TholhlH, 

to^ latdiyo o iibor...p fipa|mo- |ow«m Ibo Bofemod ChorDhfi.. 
rum copilii MTtonm ommm, ,|^ flwiliwlwn 1617. 4to. 

AolhoM D. <!• [or isOmt, John ^ ^ 

Wood! fiv HS. VkffWL Im \ *>) iio ooooorninir 

' -' ■ ^ iiowWonbof 

U»l, tin- lix|»iwii 

l«tt. 4lo. li8S.A.6.(l.) Chrirt, Toll iho rharoh, oCo. 

TMi li • iipHMii <r Jolui UmL 18. 17. etc [^Mtar^Mif] 

Wmi%^rmMm mMam Ubmr 1611. 4lo. MS.g.41. 

— •-■*-*—• ■- UMh Willi A otw 

*•* WUbo«l 

~A»oUioroo|iy. T74.Ll.(l.) - Tbc CTiirti yi i Mi i tiiii of 
J0HV80M rFfeJkVcit) Sit by mi oiatniif lioo of M'. John 

Aammmtn (IL) Aa oaiModvor- Mog pralMidod woeoni, poUisbod 
okMilo M'. R. artOM AdTortiM- mi. ifes. Wborbr hoe Ubovotk 
■MBi. WIm wite prttooM of to jasUao bis tohisao from iho 

to jusiiSo bis 
C UvMt'bouk^ batli Cbvrah AMoibliM of BngUiKl. 

MMMMtf «B OCMT MUM pHTaio ttc (A MABodietioa lor M'. 
iMk&r. witb IT. F. J^ antwer Robinmn, and tneh •■ oonoeiit 
tlMrto^ole. K18. 4to. 4103. d. with him in priYai 

ri-^i- iS.^J^iL"Tfc!«S »rf^J oomprbwd in a letter 
:-?SroC'1SS'45^^'3^^i ^!!!»> -^^ T.210a^(3.) 


— &« Jaooo (H.) a DofMMa ^ ^ _ . . 
oflboCliafrbetandllinkteiTof SLJtLi'''*^ *• 
BBckado^.a9i2Mt iIm objaoooiia iaie«f«ooi. 
ofFiToto. 1M9. 4to. 4IS&.b. JOHNSON (Jaoomts) Epi- 

^ , y mmmatum libeuna; iItol Scbo- 

— OM JO., r. dia«naU Fuciica, etc /. B««l«' ; 
Aa Aaaww lo Makter H. faj iwiw * BMAordi tUAfmer, Ixmilini, 

JaoobbtaDataoaoflhaChmhco 1^1^ ^to. 1213. c. I V < i ) 

and MioialorTof Eogkod, olo. WIUmwI 

I5.E. LW7ddiiw|f]iaOO. 4IO. JOHMSOK(Jo«i)-«tMMi# 

4103. b. p^ftff^ ^ j^ d^waffg* As 

— CHlajM i«MOB«Mid argv- oosiorteUo oskortalioa: of om« 

MOBli proniig thai it b not law* HMOite bolj OhrlirtMi fiiilli, Md 




her friites Writte (unto the 
Christ© brotherne in Sootlade) 
after the jpoore worde of God. 
90. %. Peter c&ngeth^ Parishe, 
1535. 8vo. C. 37. a. 28. (7.) 

Imnerfoct ; wanting fife leavet of 
■ig. B and two leaves of lig. C. 

JOHNSON (John) of Ant- 
werp. A True relation of Go[d8] 
wonderful! mercieii, in preserving 
fono] alive, which hanged five 
days, who was falsely accused 
[•*.«. J. J.]. ». *. E. AUde, 
l<m<ion,[1605?] 4to. 1132.b. 16. 

Without pagination. The titl«- 
page it mutilated. 

JOHNSON (John) of CoU 
Chester. See ErHBMERiDES. John 
Johnson. ..An Almanacke, etc. 

JOHNSON (Richard) The 
Crowne Garland of Golden Roses: 
Gathered out of Euglands Royall 
Garden. Set forth in many plea- 
sant new Songs and Sonets : 
with new additions never before 
Imprinted. Divided into two 
Parts. By R. Johnson. 15. TL. 
Printed for J. Wriyhty London^ 
1631. 8vo. G. 11411. 

Without Imagination. 

— The famous Historic of the 
Seaven Champions of C'hristen- 
dome. Saint George of England, 
Saint Denis of France, Saint 
James of Spaine, Saint Anthony 
of Italy, Saint Andrew of Scot- 
land. Saint Patiicko of Ireland, 
and Saint David of Wales. 19. %. 
2 pts. T. Sinnlhum^ London^ 
[1616]. 4to. 12614. d. 

Pt 2 it witnoiit imginatioo. 

— Another edition. D. %, 
2 pts. W. Stansbi/, London, 
[1620?] 4to. G. 10476. 

Pt 2 waa printed bj R. Diahop. 

— Another edition. 99. %. 
2 pU. AIS. NoTRS. i?. nUhap, 
London, [lOliO?] 4to. 1077.C. 14. 

JOHNSON (Richard) The 
Golden Garland of Princely plea- 
sures and delicate Delights. 
Wherein is conteined the His- 
tories of many of the Kings, 
Queenee ... of this Kingdome. 
Being most pleasant Songs and 
Sonnets to sundry new Tunes... 
The third time imprinted, en- 
larged and corrected by R. J., 
etc. 90. %. PrinUd by A. M. for 
r. Langley, London, 1620. 8vo. 
C. 39. b. 36. 

Witboot pagination. Big. G? and 
• are muiilaiea. 

— The nine Worthies of Lon- 
don, explayning the honourable 
exercise of annes, the vertues of 
the valiant, etc. IS. E. H. Lownes, 
London, 1592. 4to. C. 38. c. 10. 

— The pleasant oonoeites of 
Old Hobson the merry Londoner, 
full of humorous discourses, and 
witty meriments, etc. (Colected 
together by R. J.) )$. ». 
Printed... for J, Wright, London, 
1607. 4to. C.39. d. 2. 

Without pagination. 

— A remembrance of the 
Honors due to the Life and 
Death of Robert Earle of Salis- 
bury, Lord Treasurer of Eng- 
land, etc. (A Mourners passion, 
etc. [In verse.]) Imprinted.., 
for J. Wright, London, lb 12. 4to. 

C. 33. g. 19. 

Without pagination. Partly 
print««) iu Black Letter. 

JOHNSON (Robrrt) Gent. 
See 1., H. 

— Essaies, or Rather Imper- 
fect Oflfers, etc. J. Windet, for 
J, Barnes, L<mdon, 1601. 8va 

G. 16364. 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for J, Baehe^ Lomdon, 1607. Svo. 

722. 0. 2. 

J o n J o n Mt 

R403. M. J0BH80N Cnmi4i) V.D^ •^ 

AAs. Itar pUaUmm biv«iii|p»- 

''^^ tknlt trfo MtotptaM a <I«cm 

^ •to- l«i9. J BfktiMlll* 

« in t^ — Mtrwritti BoUQiciui: iivo 

I- by Oio. ^no ILDOix 

imMUtoa into (^qm Mram nmim 

M m Mr{r«»l A Anglida, Ao. I 

'.01. 4IO. d«TlMrmis BMlwiii 

•*9.«.90. (MmorU BolMici 

JOHNSON (lUMiT)IVMMlir "T* J^*^I!**J' 

•I JWfi«i^4i». lUkter B. J/« ?*»•"• in.Owohru. ^ - 

ft rtlnl.a *iM j8m Kmm a«a ' ^ - * pUo oi ilM batlit and town of 

^^jTi!^ drf^d^^^ Bm«l») « ?«•• MS- Norn. 

MttefiL [lata.] 4IIK •W.f.M. »88.e.8. 

JOaNSON (Tmuf) A^tt^ wrf ■ J iii Hn n. Wt tW wftrtirle 

MMek and Pror — Aaotiitr oopy. B.206.(2-4.) 

— Another oodt of pt 1 and 

J0HK801I (Tmut) Jf.D.. the Tb«nM Bi^l2&io».Q. 2867. 

1/ MIf. J. Urn Beye Oheerra- 

tiinm ' 

ni BieihiideM edeoeBderva — ^ i>®^ Booke of new Cod- 

^lo. oeits, with a nnmber of Novelttee 

[YAWc^ br T. ^y 8m Bacm- annexed thefeonCo, eto. V. I. 

eon (a) PbenMOopore^ etc PnwUdhf B. A.fa^ B Wri^kiamd 

1689. IbL Ul, k. 21. C. H'r^F**, !-«•*«• 1880. 8to. 

— 8m Gaum (i^ Smwmm. *^^* *^ ^* 

torie of Pteatee, ...enlarged... hj — Theraia Bathonices, stTe 
T. J. 1888. foL 480. L 8. eanim deteriptio, Viree, nt4>ndi 

, aiodna, etc. Ltmdimi, 
8ra 1171.0.12.(1.) 

- iwpti. iti.«<. Phi. isn "*"* •*" *'^' 

tamm invwtigitioaie ergo eae- 

eepii in agniai Omtianaa aaao JOHNSON (Tiioiue) 

IXm. 1832. et eaaneralio pla»- e/ WpoApnmjk. Sundnptoyoar 

taiaai ta Erieelo Haaiartadiano Beliefe, or, a combat b e l ere ea a 

leeias Tieiaie OrMeeatiaai, etc. Salaa traipting and a CMeliaa 

r. CMfli. (Leadta.1 184 ^^ triaaphiag ta the eenlbrt ef tba 

^88.0. 20. Cieed. [Ta vena.] Ftiuki^M 




London hy E. 0,...Sold hy T, Iluni, 
...Exeter, 1640. s. sh. fol. 

Lutt. II. 209. 

JOHNSON (Thomas) JfiV 
cellaneous writer. CornuoopifB, or 
divers Secrets: wherein is con- 
tained the rare secrets in Bian« 
Beasts, ... Plautes, Stones and 
snnh I ike... and not before com- 
mitted to bee printed in Eng- 
lish. Nowlie drawen out of 
divers Latine Authors, etc. 1$. Z. 
Copious MS. Notes. For W. Bar- 
ley, London, 1595. 4 to. 

546. g. 12. (1.) 
TVithout pagination. 

JOHNSON (William) Dutch 
Geographer. See Blaeu (Willem) 

JOHNSTON (Arthur) See 
BiBi.K. — Old Testament. — Psalms. 
Latin. Paraphrasis poetica psal- 
niorum Davidis. Auctoro A. lon- 
stono, etc. 1637. 8vo. 3090. aa. 

— See Bible.— Old Testament. 
— Song of Solomon. Latin. Can- 
ticum Salomonis, paraphraste 
A. Jonstouo, etc. 1 633. 8vo. 

1213. g. 19. (3.) 

— Epigrammata. A. Jonstoni. 
E. Babanue, Abredonim, 1 632. 8vo. 

11408. a. (2.) 

— Another oopj. 1 21 3. g. 19.(2.) 

— In Obitnm Jacobi Pacifici 
Magnm Hritannise... regis... elegia. 
ImpensiM Nath: Butter^ Londini, 
1625. 4to. 1070. 1. 12. (3.) 

— MnssB Anlictt Autoro A. 
Johnatono ... Intorprete F. K. 
Apud T. Ilarperum impensig iVa- 
thanicli* Butter, Londini, 1 63$. Svo. 

1213. g. 19. (4.) 

— Parerga A. Jonstoni, etc. 
E. nahanu9,Aherdon%m,\(^2. Svo. 

11408. a. (1.) 

— Another copy. 

1213. g. 19. (1.) 

JOHNSTOUN (James) See 
Sidney {Sir P.) The Countesse 
of Pembrokes Arcadia,. ..With a 
twofold supplement of a defect in 
the third Book ; the one bv S' W. 
A., Knight, the other by M'. 
J. J., etc. 1638. fol. 12403..g. 

lOLLES (5ir J.) 5e« M., A., 
Citizen and Draper of ^ London, 
Metropolis Coronata, the Tri- 
umphs of Ancient Drapery... In 
honour of the advancement of 
Sir J. lolles to the high office 
of Lord Maior of London, etc. 
1615. 4to. C. 33. e. 

JONAS (Justus) See Cran- 
MER (T.) Archbishop of Canter- 
bury. Cathechi8mus...Set forth 
by. ..Thomas A rohby shop of Can- 
terbury. [Translated from a 
Latin work by J. J.] 1548. 8vo. 
C. 21. a. 

JONAS (Richard) See Boes- 
SLiN (E.) The byrth of Man- 
kynde, newly translated, etc. [by 
R. J.]. 1540. 4to. 43. d. 18. 

JONES, Ca;>/ain. The Legend 
of Captaino Jones: relating his 
adventure to sea, etc. [In verse, 
by D. Lloyd.] Printed for L M., 
XoNdon, 1631. 4to. 11623. bbb. 5. 

— Another edition. Printed 
for J. M., London, 1636. 4to. 

1077. h. 19. 

JONES (Inigo) See CHAr- 
MAN (G.) The Memorable Maske 
of the two Ilonurable Houses or 
Inns of Court ; the Middle Tem- 
ple, nnd Lyncolns Inne. Aa it was 
)>orfoniul before the King,. ..the 
15. of February . 1613... Invented, 
and fashioned, with the ground, 
and special structure of the whole 
worke,By...I.Jouee.[16I4?] 4to. 
C. 34. c 66. 




\ M 

% 1 1 


eil K 59. 


MK^lorU A IUi>|«K wlo. (TU 

clr«K ti| lu>n» hr I. JoMS.) 

NA«T(& >4) Mtm&oU 


iij'tJ^ TrnMlk-miAU 1697, 
•to. /. limami.MT^Wmlkim, 
1637. 4to. a see. 67. 

TU Bmm6I of Uw Miidval 
IUflMi«rBMlMoMi,«la II.E. 

rtw ira. NoriHi. 

Wlifa* H«» hy Um Ki»fi m»- 



— TIm TlMipb of Lot*. A 
Mm^vo. PtvMoua bj Um 

•I Wliiu^MUl. on 8broT»-TMo. 
<W.r,16U. Plrwlirf/«rr IFdUty, 
' ' 1694. 4IO. 1073. L 5. M.) 

Another oopr. 

I. a 36. (7.) 

JOMX8 (JoMi) 
Aaf«»U: orjUWooM 
Mid LoTOi CoMmit A tragi 

1686. 410. 644. b. 60 

— AnolWr oofigr. 162. a 72. 


JONS8 (Jon 
M Arte Mid 8d 


of pruoQf V- 
BodioMid 8o«lo m llMltlio, 

Mid OitlioUlio HoU- 

1679. 410. 1039. i. 7. (6.) 

^ [Tbo BoUmo of BoOmo 

1672. 410. 234. k 46. 


If. JffAllilMi fit W. Jm 
dom 1672. 4Uk O. 19070. 

Tliit b • jjojjt oi to of tW fa wi^ 

— AboUmtooi^. "'^ h. 46. 
Ja?*^ •^•' f«6^ 

— A lirioro...DioooiinM, of tbo 
ttttorall beginning of ftUfrowiag 
and liTiog thiDp, beati*« fonotm- 
tkiii,...wo nd SbMo of PEWeU 
firowi f fttJop, '?<" f'^*i^iito io 
onoiod o...wor lied. Go- 

lens booko of ibo 
wborof io odjogmed two otber 
buokoi. oontatniiig tbo iiotitro...of 
oU tbo Botboo in EngUnd. etc. 
». 1. 4 pto. MS. Nons. 
W. Jomm, L o mi m , 1674-72. 4lo. 
1039. i. 7. (1-4.) 

bab pt bM A wputtte IHIefogii 
Plft.t,l«Mid 4 ban laiha niMiiit 
mriMtloo. rt 1 U vitlMNit pt^" 

— [Tbo Djmll of Asiieo wboro- 
in mmj be oeen the divotoitio of 
tbom with their nonieo. oto.] 
U.K. Few lis. Xom. [Lomdaml 
1666.] 8va 1166. b. 6. (1.) 

nd oU bdbetirfi. Aiiy. WUboSl 
po l BO l iio. «i.A-K. Theobofo 

JONS8 (Jonx) MimuUr ai S». 
JfidUol Ro ii Hu i o if, London. Tbo 
C o n qno ot of tbo Sointo: or. o 
abort Trentioo of Oonoord and 
Fmmso; whorrin io obowod the 
nocoontjT of Unitj and Tcoco, 
wiiboot which ndthor Chttr- H 
nor Cooinion-woaltb oui tt . 
oCa [A Hrrmon, on Rom. i%t. 
20.] Priml^ Af O. M. fm 
W. Jmm, Londen, 1639. 4to. 

693. t 19.(11.) 




JONES (Philip) A trne Re- 
port of a worthy Fight, performed 
in the Toyage from Turkic, by 
five Bhipe of London against 1 1 
(i allies and two Frigate of the 
King of Spaine8...anno 1586. 
See Hakluyt(R.) The principal 
Navigations, etc. Vol. 2. 151)8, 
oto. fol. 683. h. 5. 

— See Meierus (A.) Certaine 
briefe... Inst motions for Gentle- 
men ... employed in Services 
abrr)de, etc. [Translated by P. J.] 
1589. 4to. 10002.0. 

JONES (Richard) A briefe 
and necetjgarie Catechisme... With 
a short instruction fop all that 
doo receive the holy communion. 
i$.%. r.JEa<<, London, 1583. 8vo. 
3505. c. 49. (2.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. i$. E. 
W. Stansby, London, [IfiOO?] 8vo. 

3506. a. 60. 

— Another edition. 90. H. 
T. Snodham, London, [1615?] 8vo. 

3505. b. 27. (2.) 

JONES (Robert) Who shall 
have my fayr lady. [Words and 
Muhic] jS^Book. Begin. [Leaf 1, 
recto:] CI Bassus. [Vereo:'] In 
this lx>ke ar coteynd . zx. soges, 
etc. 1530. Obi. 4to. G. 81. b. 

JONES (WiuJiM) BD., 
Preacher to the Isle of Wight. 
See Christian. A pithie and 
short Treatise... whereby a godly 
Christian is directed how to make 
his last will and testament, eto. 
[ByW. J] 1612. 8vo. 

873. b. 4. (2.) 

— A briefe oxhoitation to all 
men to set their houses in order. 
VK.JoiiM,LoiMiaii,[1612?l 8vo. 

878. b. 4. (1.) 
Cropped in the binding. 

— Another edition. IT. Joneg, 
London, 1631. 4to. 4403. ooc. 

Preacher to the hie of Wight, A 
Commentary upon the Epistles of 
Saint Paul tu Philemon, and to 
the Hebrewes, together with a 
compendious explication of the 
second and third epistles of Saint 
John, etc. Printed by B. B. for 
B. Allot, London, 1636. fol. 

8266. gg. 

Pagination irregnhur. Pp. 47, 48, 
and 659, 660 blank. 

— A Treatise of Patience in 
Tribulation. [A Sermon on Rom. 
XII. 12 ;]... Preached before the... 
Countes^e of Southampton in her 
great heavines for the death of 
her most worthy Husband and 
Sonne: afterward inlarged fur 
the helpe of all that are any way 
afflicted, crossed, or troubled... 
Hereunto are joyned the Teares 
of the Isle of Wight, [in verse,] 
shed on the Tom be of...Henrie 
Karle of Southampton and. ..his 
Sonne. 2 pts. W. Jone$, London, 
1625.' 4to. G. 6212.(2.) 

F.ach pt. has a separate titlepage, 
but the pagination and register are 
continuous throughout. 

— Another copy. 4902. bb. 20. 

The titlepago and following leaf 
are mutilated. 

— Another copy of pt. 2 only. 

16 1 ' •; 

Cropped in the binding. 

JONES (WiLUAM) OenOeman. 
See Lireius (J.) Sixe books of 
politickcs or civil doctrine, ... 
which doe especially ooneerne 
Prii)ci|)alitie. Done into English 
by W. J., etc. 1594. 4to. 8005. e. 

— SeB NiNNA (Q. B.) A di»- 
course whether a nobleman by 
birth, or a Qentleman by dtrtcrt 

J O H JON •# i 

U fMWf im wMUiU [TfMM> afyMl V ik Mi. T W IImi|M of 

Uu4 I7 W. J.] liOO. 410. iStOymkA^SpifiMM lo sm*. 

ion. «k IS. mil mMm ptcMftM, clo. Am 

^ . . Ii<NUTioi Fuooot (Q.) [At AH$ 

5m XftsiYA v«i. 11) N«mUo or A hit Art oT IVNtry. IfttftTTiT^ *^t 

•407. d. J0N80K(BaiAiini) SmJ^B, 

JOMBt (WiLUAa)ir<aHiai0> ^ ^ i^um. TIm FMiMlt 

te ife M iHwii f Ai Am Bm> UUsmmI tMr Uaioo««lo. [By 

MBttMiiL JoM«i.lOS7. AmwAI- ajgawi.] [1634.] 4te. 

KWBS (SAflHAtT) Am U ^ amUuujwftA(S.) CjnihU 

l0fm(^mam)mtmri0UBrmm. oorawite, tlo. rWiUi Um mUh 

AtV«Mktor8p«»lmoralnMUift gnphofa JoMoaO [16237] 4to. 

SifMis ViaioM mmI iMifwritioiis* C. U. d. f. (2.) 
Ijlw|7 aoM Ml of FMoh into 

IballA [ht Z. J.i 1606. 410. — Am MovruoirB (M. m) The 

A Qh|m for Um Plm Mid Um ^ 

[B/-J.1116M.4to. -. Sm KimniR. N«pl«MS 

606. K 16. Tnomph for Um RotUMoT Al* 

OUFMAfl ^G.) 

^ . - ] ■•*• ^ ^- flT f* " ' — TIm workM of B. J. 3 ▼oU 
B.J.,olA. 160&.4to. 644.d.6a. W. aku^....9oU hm B. Mm§km. 

RilM toCUoritMid Imt NjmplM. 

RitMloCUoritMidlMrNjmplM. «JI!ltfl Sf^l!^ 

KnoMted ta » Umqm t Court, Sviinr nlMi Iwf* mp^niu Utl«. 

#•0; [Br a JmmmA [1660.] 4ta. yttM-TpiSlMtlw^^ ^ . 

— AnoUier edition. 2 toU. 
-- Sm Dnom (T.) BftUro- |t Bifk»,...«oU 6f A. Orookt, 

m Dmsam (T.) BftUro- |t Bifk»,...«oU 6y it. Orookt, 
or t^ ■BtTfMring of Um Lmdm. 1640-31. fol 79. 1. 3, 4. 

Smm te Mbb VOL iMivo nam!* 

Antwero JHtoyitw, aad mm aT tto 

to Mairtor WtUMn. 8m Dwxir. wt w fw t ^y pi^id. TW jim4 

TIM. ADa«riplkmorLoTo,oto. ^ k^ ^^flm m^ ^t a ^ 
1626. 6vo. C. 66. a. 43. F*»ta»t«llDfc 

1666. 440^ C66.d.46. Wto Thmhi^ UM-SffM aC 


— R 

TOL. 11. 




JON SON (Bkhjaion) The 
Alchemist. [A comedy, in five 
aot8, and in verse.] T. Sitodkam 
for W, Burre,.,.$old by J. Slepneih, 
London, 1G12. 4to. 644. b. 56. 
WiihoQt {wgiDAtioii. 

— 6. Jonson, His Case is 
alterd, etc. [A comedy, in five 
acts, in prose and in verse.] 
Printed for B. SuUon, London, 
1609. 4to. 644. b. 54. 

Without pagination. 

— Another co} 

192. (9.) 

ThU oop7 baa a second titlepase, 
which reftdi : *' A Pleaaant Comedy, 
called : The Caae is alterd," etc. 

— Catiline his Conspiracy. [A 
tragedy, in five acts, and in 
Terse.] Printed for W. Burre, 
London, 1611. 4to. 644. b. 55. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by N. Okes for I. S., London, 
1635. 4to. 644. b. 58. 

— The Characters of two royall 
Masques, The one of Blacknesse, 
the otlier of Beautie, personated by 
...Anne Qneene of Groat Britaine, 
&o. with her honorable Lad yes, 
1605. and 1608, etc. Imprinted... 
for T. Thorpe, London, [1609]. 4to. 

841. a. 1. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 21. c. 

On the flydeaf it the following 
inscription in Ben Jonsoii** hand- 
writing : ** D. Annn M. BiitanniarO 
Insu. Hib. fta Reginao Feliciss. 
Formoeiss. Musno 8.8. hnno ItbrS 
▼ovit Fam» et houori ejoa eer- 
vicntiss. imb addictiMimiu Ben: 
Jonsonius.— Viotums geniom debet 
habere liber.** 

— llie Description of the Mas- 
que. With the Nuptiall Songs. 
Celebrating the happy Marriage 
of John, liord Kanisoy, Viscount 
IladingtuD, with the I^dy K. 

Batclifie, Daughter to... Robert, 
Earle of Sussex. At Court on 
the Shro ve-Tueeday ... 1 608. [Lon- 
don, 1608.] 4to. C. 34. d. 4. 
Without pagination. 

JON SON (Benjamin) The 
English Grammar made by B. 
Johnson. ..out of his observation 
of the Enelish Language now 
spoken, and in nse. [Ldndon,] 
1640. fol. 626. k. 20.(1.) 

— Every man in his humor. 
[A comedy, in five acts, in prose 
and verse.] Written by Ben. 
Johnnon. Printed for W. Barre, 
London, 1601. 4to. 162. c. 70. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. C. 34. c. 59. 

— B. Jon8on*s Execration 
against Vulcan. With divers 
Epigrams by the same Author 
to severall Noble Personages in 
this Eingdome. Never published 
before. Printed by J. 0. for John 
Benton, London, 1640. 4to. 

1077. b. 19. 
Without pagination. 

— The Fountaine of Self-Love. 
Or Cynthias Kevels, etc. [A 
comedy, in five acts and in yersa 
and prose.] Imprinted ... for 
W. Burre, London, 1601. 4to. 

C. 34.d. 1. 
Without pagination. 

— Hymenni : or the Solemni- 
ties of Masque, and Barriers... 
per formed... at Court: to the... 
celebrating of the Marriage-union, 
betweene Robert, Earle of Essex* 
and the Lady Frances, second 
Daughter to.. .the... Earle of Suf- 
folke. r. Simi for T. Thorp, 
London, 1606. 4to. C. 34. d. 3. 

Without pagination. 

— lioves Triumph through 
Callipolis. Performed in a Masque 
at Court 1630. By his Migestie 

villi iIm UrAii Md OmiUmmi «mm tni islo tU 

^ I t.«m IVMi4 W I. jr. MMl ttoi Mbrt iwblidMd.) S fHi. 

\k§ L N. MMl ttoi Mbrt iwblidMd.) 

•44. K M. Lmim. 1404. 4*0. C St. d. I. 

JOMftOII fBHiAani) TIm WMtoM MlHllMk Ti>' 

riM ilM Ham ..f r»M : Iqr Um 

«K»t alttitato in aU dtelt mi4 — AaoUmt oopj. C.94 

^wit^tU. jr.OI«^/^JI.IU. J0W80H <n«n«T»> 

C 28. s. 5. F*!* ^ * 

*- .. - * Ul B^ MTU, in T«fM and pn4M j 

■•"■■■^ PkFiiliil /or if. L.. I^omIoii, 

oo|>j. 0.11211. ie02. 4Uiw e44.b.&2. 

» TIm New IaM.or,TlMlifbi _ 8^m hit Fall. [A im- 

XimMt, A loMajr [!■ tirt acta, (tdj, in ftv« aetm and In ▼«*•.] 

Ul Mi4 M«Uc«iUj pl^a« far teas. 4la ^44. K w. 

MMilW Einga IbrrMite. Aid i,,,,^ ^ >i^— ..-^--^- . 

MtM aijf Miiililj MmUI Mid *«pim*.iiaMlacaIlaHardf.l*. 

hf oUmhIi Uw KiBfi — TU SiWnl Womaa. A 

l«20. Ka«.alMl«a«l CoMOidb [ia At* aoU aad in 

f to IIm HiMJ— > kb pml ato. IT. AImmIv, ... mM 

vMia tttd aabfaoCa, to If J. Ihww a . Lmi m^ l<20. 4lo. 

'4. •!& r I7«vpir, >^ 1846. a. 

r JJriUrai. twrfw, 18ai. Sto. WUIm«I pafiaailoa. 

^' ^,^' ' -> Aoolhar oonr. 844. b. 51. 

Kta^J.irterL.S'Jaiijf - B«i: Jon-B hi. VolpoD. or 
'.?» ■'.' y, I;* "^ 1^1 i!i!y *«*'«««• [Aoo^irfylnaVnct., 

lliaMda/ Um 15. of Marab, 1803 ^ ^' Tko^ff^lLamM^]l907.4to. 
OS], &»»«cliaawMpfMatod C. JH. O. ^. 

in tlia ifsi attd la«l of Ibair 


TtiaaipbaU Arcba ... Witb bis — AMilb«r oopy. C. 12. a. 17 
" * lo Iba la»l "^ ^^' 

totloBialba8lnuia...Alao,Abriafe mi li - M r! J. flST: 

of bia Maiaatiaa flrai ia w ri ptii m to ktaa aa i^ 8y-faaf fai 

bia bigb Covt of FkrllMMiil, on 
Moiidhj. Iba 19 of tba aasa 
llMiib Wilbolbar AddiUoDiu (A 

wall aaapiaalrd antnum to tbal»ad«rfilac«ritoaaikor. 

— ionaotiM Virbioa: or, Iba 
. . Manoffia of Baa: Joboaon rariTad 

iiabli Iba Lead SpaAeata, 
Iba 2&. af JuTmS. M Ibay — Aa^lbir €0f>: 32. 




cainmi Wintoo. Epiioopi ortat 
atquo vita. — Costodum rive 
Pnvfiidom Collegii Series. fBoth 
ill vo«e.] 5w WiLUM (R.) B. 
Willeii poematam liber, etc. 
1573. 8vo. 1070. d. 18. (1.) 

JONSSON(ARifaiuMR^ Brevis 
ooriimentarius de Islandia: quo 
•oriptonim do hao insula errures 
deitec^ntur, etc. — A briefe com- 
mentarie of Island, etc. See 
Hakluyt (R.) The principal 
navigations, etc. Vol. 1. 1598, 
etc. fol. 683. h. 5. 

— Extracts of A. Jonas ... his 

Chrymogiea or Tlistorie of Island. 

See PuRCHAS (S.) Purohas his 

Pilgrimes, etc. Pt. 3. 1625. fol. 

679. h. 13. 

JORDAN (Jons) See S., D. 
A godly, learned and fruitfuU 
sermon : made upon the four- 
teenth of John [23rd verse], etc. 
[With a dedicatory epistle by 
J. J.] [1584.] 16rao. 4474. a. 50. 

JORDAN (Thomas) Poeticall 
Varieties : or Varietie of Fancies. 
Printed bp T. C, for H. Blunden, 
Ixmdon, 1637. 4to. 239. g. 44. 

JORDEN (Edward) A briefe 
disoonrse of a disease called the 
Suffocation of the Mother. 
Written upon occasion which 
hath boene of late taken thereby, 
to suspect possession of an evill 
spirit, or some such like super- 
naturall power. Wherin is 
declared that divers strange 
actions and passions of the body 
of man. which in the common 
opinion, are imputed to the 
Divell, have their true naturall 
causes, and do acoompanie this 
dissMe. /. Windet. Lorndtm, 
1608. 4to. 1177.0.1.(1.) 

especially of our Bathes at Bathe 
in Sommersetshire. T. Harper^ 
London, 1631. 4to. 234. h. 29. 

The second edi- 
tion,... enlarged. T, Harper, Lon- 
clol^l632. 4to. 1171. h. 18. (1.) 

— Another copy. 234. h. 28. 

JORISZOON (David) [Li/e.] 
See K., 1. The displaying of an 
horrible socte of ... heretiaues, 
naming themselves the familie of 
love. etc. 1578. 8vo. C. 40. a. 

JOSEPH, ten Oorion, pteud. 
A Compendious and moste mar- 
veylous History of the latter 
times of the Jewes commune 
weale, beginnyng where the 
Byble or Scriptures leave, and 
continuyng to the utter subver- 
sion and laste destruction of that 
countrey and people. Wrytt«jn 
in Hebrewe by J. Ben Gk>rion... 
Translated ... by P. Morwy ng . . . 
and nowe newly corrected and 
amended, etc. i, %, B, Jugge^ 
London^ 1561. 8vo. 1363. b. 

— Another edition. 95. %, 
B. Jugge, London, 1567. 8vo. 

C. 21. a. 

— Another edition. 13. %. 
B. Jugge, London, 1575. 8vo. 

1077. d. 7. 

— Another edition. II. It, 
J. Waliie, London, 1579. 8vo. 

C. 12. d. 9. 

The date ii Uken hota the 
eolophon. TLe litlopage is dated 

— Another cciiiion, V. ft. 
Printed for T. Adame$, London, 
1593. 8vo. 4516. a. 

— Another edition. V. S. 
Printed for T, Adame, London, 
1615. 8vo. G. 19633. 

— A Discourse of naturall JOSEPH, o/ i4riaiaUsa. Here 
Bathes, and minorall Waters,... begynneth the lyfe of J. of 

AmalliU. :iii r^tm,] •. 1. tla. [Willi m •Adnm to Um 





UHm failMpilUioM M Bolie «. A DiMOTOTT of tb« IWr- 
J. UMt Ar. Md £«1 /. Jfar- biwIm, oUMnriM oOlcl •' 
* ^ • tMa.Svo.801.a.10. gf Diinb: Bj Sir T. < 

O. So — ! ■» and Gtptoyno S(?w. 
with diMM olbm. Sot 

• IVAoo bj J. fcmiOmf] 

[IM«?] Sir*. 4n«.A. JOY. &»I f 

I6JS, 4to. C.27.0.I6. •"•• 4473. .a. 7. 

— Am Bmtwi CmaoL Do — Tlio Joy of Umv. Or (Vr- 
MitiqmiMo BritaaakM Kmi a ri a dfaOs of Oomlbrt, iprtiigiiig vp in 

> ^. .[By., 

;ii rf t i l WM 

.] 1572. Ibl. 
a 24. b. 7. 

— 8m QiLDAi. 0{U« os- 
ddio oi mw M i aw f Britamiub... 

[BIMwflkf] lt85. Bwo. 

C. 80. K 49. 

JOTBajKNMn) AtAniwKtj. 
(J.) Tho letlora wbirdie J. Ash- 
well. ..oeiito... to the Brtobope of 

• _ •*•.'[■«« »gr J- J;] L^ii^i^ ... Wb«i i^ £ -- 

16«a. 8TO. 6W.a.8. |io«r •ooo^th O. J. . of fowv 

a^ !>•»««• /If \ ^ «»>■ - omnjoot: wyth the aatwore of 

"*"^^*^;K4^lTOr 2r«iydeOoorgo.olo.ri527?]8m 

i^telwfar,. TboKfcofUioTO. -•- /--w.e-..^^...^.j.,^ 

Mstli* Wttiaft, Ola rnmo«- — Sm BiiiJL->Ou> TvrAiincT. 

ArolMbopp off Ouitorburr pro. 
la [Trino- 
Utod^ ftoM tlM^LotiB original of Jntmiah JoreaTtbo 
J. JomUm? ontiUod **m»- timnaUt^.bv Q. J. 1^34! Syo. 
toriok-T 1574. 8vo. C.2l.o.(l.) C. 2:» ) 

^OSIIA (BKMUwa) dU JDhUr. _ 8m BnuL— Old Tt»r amb«t. 
SWOiffo«D(G.> FovoSmmnm ^DmM. Tbo oxpodokm of Di»- 
' Md gKlB to tho Biol tho Pk^hoto gaib«r«d onto 

ComlMM of BmmuL [Inr R. J., of P. Moloaohtoii, J. Eooloaip^ 

etc. I.W. Sirow $433. OA. B7G.J.,ote. 1546. 8to. 

J08UA ( UHMMnpym^ Yimmftr. C. 23. •. 1. 

SftOit* ' ■ *'*^ Ttmm^rmotm, — — 1^50. ^vu. 3185. a. 




JOYE (Qgoroe) 8€$ Oardi- 
nm {6.) Bishop of Winehotier. A 
Declaration of luch true ai-tioIe« 
aa G. J. bath gone about to con- 
fute aa false. 1546. 1 2mo. 

3932. e. 

~ 5m J.. O. 

— See OsiAXDER (A.) The 
oonjecturea of the ende of the 
wurlde, tranalated by Q. Joje. 
1548. 8to. 701. a 19. (1.) 

— A oontraryo (to a oertavne 
mania) Conanltaoion : That Adul- 
teren ought to be panyshed wy th 
de^the. Wyth the soluoiona of 
hia arffumentea for the oontrarye, 
etc. 0. I. G. Joye, Lonaon^ 
[1541]. 8vo. 3932.0. 

Without pagiimtian. Big. A-0. 

Fkw MS. 
3932. c. 

IniiM rttct; wanting the last leaf. 

— The refutation of the byshop 
of Winchesters derke declaratio 
of his false articles, etc. 90. 3L. 
[London,] 1546. 8vo. 3932. o. 

ImpcrfDot: wanting fol. ozoii., 
which i« supplied in MS. 

J O Y E U S E (Henri de^ 
Dm4;«. Tito Life of the Keverend 
Fa. Angel of Joyeuae, Capucin 
Preacher. [Bv J. Brou88e.l...To- 
SBther with the lives of... Father 
Bonnet... and Father Archangel! 
...of the aame order [by Faustinua 
Dioatensia]. Written first in the 
Frenohe tonene, and now trana- 
lated into Kngliah by R. K. 
oatholioue Priest 3 pta. For 
J, Heitjham, Douay, 1623. 8vo. 
862. e. 6. 
Eaeh pt has a distinct pagioatioa 

— Auuthor oopy 





— Another copy. O. 1803. 

— Another copy. 1415. a. 14. 

ImprrfcHH : wnntin); iht* portraits 
of Fathrra Uvitiicl and Arcbungcl. 

— Another copy. 

1415. a. 49 and 20. 

Imperfect ; wanting pt 1 and the 

EPOMYDdN. [Three leaves 
of the metrical Homance of Ipomy- 
don.l ».%. [WynkyndeWorde, 
lAmdon, 1500 ?] 4to. 643. m. 9.(18.) 

IPSWICH, Franci$caH ConvetU 
ai, iSCM Bomb, CAurcAo/.— Leo X., 
Pope, The holy i great Indul- 
gence, etc. [A publication of a 
plenary indulgence attached to 
the Franciscan Convent at Ips- 
wich.] [1517?] M.Mh, 0/>/. 4to. 

[The Description of IJritaiu und 
Ireland, etc. By J. Trevisa. The 
latter translated from Uigden'a 
Poly chron icon.] 1480. fol. 

C. 10. b. 24. 

— See England. [Block im- 
pression of two small maps, one 
of England and the other of I., 
etc.] [1500?] 8. eh. 12mo. 

C. 18. e. 2. (73.) 

— See Spain. — Navy. Certaine 
advertisements out of Ireland, 
concerning the loeaee and dis- 
tresaea happened to the SpaniKh 
navie upon the west ooaatea of 
Ireland, etc. 1588. 4to. 

292. 6, 9. (2.) 

— Cort verhael van den Aena- 
lach gheachiedt in Irlandt, door 
sommighe Wederapannighe te- 
ghen Knghel-landt ... int Jaer 
MDLXXIX. In de Maendt 
▼an Julius. Londen^ [i4iih00r|ifl 
1579. 4to. C. 33. b. 24. (6.) 

Without titlepagv. 

— Brief Diaoonra de rentrcpriae 
faicte aur Irlande par amnina 
rebel lea de la oouronne d*ADf le- 
terro ; Icequola out eat^ detfatots 


I A 

Asm Rii»i iW»ll...4iH 
^ Mw AlllMiP«Hi». 

«I«L Arlkl«tf AOiiiMiafMd 
«|H«i hj AnMUkammmA BUbojp^ 
Md tW ffwirt of Um ClwrfW of lf»- 

•I ll«Uiii...Ul&. far Um oirognl- 
iaf «f divvffvlUci of opIaloMi: 
Mri IW wteblityM of oonooot 

toodk^gtm BOtgioB. /. Fittmck' 

1615. 41a. 


— AmUmt oditioa. PitmImI 

If E. r >W r. DiMMi, loildnm 

los. 4IO. •9a. k. ao. (15.) 

oopy. O. 12060. 

— AMlkiTodilkm. PtmUd 

1619. 4la 3504.0.54. 

— Asotte* oditkM. 

n^ T. De^mm, LamtLm, 1619. 4to. 
r 800.(1.) 

116. f. 26.^) 


I . . . «ii »< 

Ht of 


leu at Dobfin... 

^^ 'Tn. A.Crook 

14 5y 5. Hd- 

•u.'^ 4to. 4165. c. 

tBMlsAXm.^jAMMM I.. ITMf. 

As AoA for Iho grumt of uno 
oBlkr Sobkidio by Uto Tonpo. 
rmlUe. lI.E. ^. fVwocftM. Diil/^ 
16li. fuL 7CK». L. 14. 

doy of 'I 

Um toBlh jooTi of Um iteigiM of 
oor...8ovonUgiM Lotd, Hiftrtm . 
ottd tbofo oonUnocd ant 
doTofApHU.1635...wri I 

«0fi>lloW0Ul. ».&. /»/ > y 

IA« 4Mii|r ^ mtHrnw , i>. . 
1686w M. 124 k 

nunJLND.— Cakt (Hexmt) 
Id Vmommi FmiUmmd, Lord 
Dtpuif. B^gim. Bj Iho Lnfd 
Di!|Hitio mad CoomoII. A Pro- 
claMlioB far Um BonUdiignt of 
Jomitoo oad Pri«oto. [DiCr.! : 
Jon. 1638.1 H. E. Immnmi 
h§ tk§ Joriilii of 9UtHnurt, /' 
1619. cdk faL 11 

AHyiBoo, dofaoded hf 
OB foB Boot Tin. 2] 
loloSTBodoia UmMo. 

Oolh of 
o Sara 


tiopoUtioBll Chvoh of Yorko. 

With Uieoothpraased.] J^. 0km 

W B, AggoM, Lomitm, 1610. 4to. 

698. t 19. (18.) 



TION. A New IrUh rn»jnii- 
tkm or Popish Ckllfiader. \\h' 
is DaMriMd the Diopotition • 
Iriib...wtUi o OaloBktiop of aii 
tho Popish Triakoli bnmghi from 
tho Fbpo, b3r...8oDdori«Dd Allon, 
two fiuBooo Jatoiles. [Bj B. 
Ridi.] iVtalfd firr F. OmttMe, 
Lomdam, 1024. 4to. C. 21. b. 28. 

This work b motiIj s doplkste 
of - A M«« DHortplkMi of IndMd ** 
prtolad ia 1610, th* fMiklnry 


[Lt, Psiun rA5 Mai 
'3t€ lUaoomtc. 




ISAACSON (Henry) Saturni 
Ephomorides sivo Tabula His- 
torioo-chronologica oontaining, 
A Chronologic^ Series or Sno- 
oe«non of the foure Monarobyes, 
witb an abridfffnent of tbe 
Annual . . . Memorable Pava^ in 
them. As also a Saooeasiou of 
tbe Kings and Rulers over mofft 
Icingdomos and Estates of tbe 
World, witb a briefe oborograpbi- 
oal description of tbem, & tbeyre 
■ereral storyes epitomized, witb 
* oompend of tbe History of tbe 
Cbnroh of God from tbe Creation. 
...LaMtlv an Appendix of the 
Plantation and Encrease of re- 
ligion in...Britayne, tbe Tvmes 
or foundation of E^iffboprijques 
in England and Wales, witb a 
ohronologioal succession of tbe 
B[isbolpps tbere, etc. MS. 
Note [by T. Bircb]. Printed by 
B, A, d T, F. for H. Seile arid 
H, Bobin$tm, London, 1633. fol. 
579. 1. 1. 
Titlepage engrared. 

— Anotber copy. 208. b. 4. 

ISABELLA. See niPOLixo. 
The 'I'ruo IIiHtory of the tragicke 
loves of Hipolito and I., etc. 
1628. 8vo. 12613. a. 

1633. Svo. 12613. a. 

ISENBRAS,.9ir. SeeUuuBRAa, 

ISIDORE, Smni, BUkop of 
SemlU, Monita de verbis beati 

r'dori. etc AmChribtun. Beffin, 
U)r qui vooatorSpeoQlam 
-\i i, etc. [1430?! 4to. 

('■ il.a.28. 

— llore be tbe gat bored ooun- 
•ailoi of Sainote ^dorie, to in- 
forme man bowe be sbulde flee 
vices and folowe vertuos. lH. 11. 
In asdOm T. B^rOdeH, Londini, 
1544. 8vo. 3883. a. 

Sizlfloa leavM. wiibout psgiaation. 

ISLE. The He of GulK etc. 

[A comedy, in five acts and in 

prose, by J. Day.] Printed for 

W. Skearei, London, 1633. 4to. 

644. d. 76. 

Witlioat pagination. 

— Anotber copy. 161. i. i. 

ISLES. Tbe Fortunate Isles 
and tlioir Union : celebrate<l in a 
Masque, design'd for tbe Court, 
on tbe Twelftb night 1624. 
[By B. Jonson.] [London, 
1624.] 4to. 1070. 1. 26. 

Without pagination. 

— Anotber copy. C. 34. e. 53. 

— Anotber copy. C. 33. e. 7. (4.) 

With the autograph of **Hum. 
DjTH "[on] on the titlepage. 

ISOCRATES. locratis ad 
Doniouioum oratio parsenetica. 
See Cato (D.) Catonia Distioba, 
etc. 1572. Svo. 524. d. 17. 

— Isocratis orationes tree. I. 
Ad Demonicum. IL Ad Nicoclem. 
III. Niooolis. 5e« Plutarch. [Ilcpi 
Ilai&uK *Ay<uy»;5.] Plutarchi... 
opusoulnm de liberorum inhtitu- 
tione, etc. Or, 1581. 8vo. 

716. b.l. 

1627. 8vo. 722. a. 7. 

— Archidamus, or tbe Coun- 
coll of Warre. Ifeing 2000. yeares 
old, and written by Isoorates 
tbe oouraffious Orator, translated 
by a T. Barnes. W, Jonet, for 
N, Bourne, London, 1624. 4to. 

834. g. 30. (3.) 
Without pagination. 

— Tbe Doctrinal of Princes 
made by tbe noble oratour 
Isocrates i translated out of 
Qreke in to Englisbe by Syr T. 
Eliot. «. E. T. BerikM, Lo^ 
doH, 1534. 8vu. 236. b. 23. 




p^n Mte ANiC WWviilD b ttiia«4 * pMApbivM 
I lU B»v«UciM of & JoIm 
4.?«. a 106,(4.) [6yL.J.?).) IMa.«lo. M. 

ft.«. 18. 


n> fcHu dyrUMiMMb [Itt 

». a. r. 
;is«or] 410. 


1^ ••w'w4l 


RALIAMa teP,«0. B.A. 
A diM0v«7 of Um gnat rabUlti« 
^.oT llM ItettuM. wlMrtl»3r Umjt 
•wmjr ov«r Ib9 SKitt part of 
. 1591. 4IO. 


mo of iknm gnoi oocideiita 
HMtd in luOio withia 
l««itiooB4fllBodojMi.«to. H. B. 
J. WMI^ Lmim. 1588. 8to. 

C. S3.A. 

iUAM, it Soote 


JmmkJtImDmmlfm. Chris- 
Mieku or tlio Chrktaan 

woollh ... Written in 

•ad timnalated into 

[bjr & Bkmnt]. T.Hmr^ 

1688. 4IO. 1134. t 2. 


1568. 8to. 8103. a. 

TW iiil taaM...of tbo FlumplifMO 

01 BRMlBnB npOB UI9VMWO lOSta* 

■wnte. (Tho oeooad toiM...oim- 

iilowotli tbo Jndfottit of all 
Mrnmx mmI for to kaowo tbo 
MbMi from tiM wooMUiMt, and 
boMltt both from tho m8not...i 
womana, with tho ookmrt of 
OTorr (>ryno. Eiormtd i prao- 

tyM hjr iXiolur 8m>'tli una 
othar at Mottotprllor, otc 1). B. 
B.B>r,ri:4i«ioa, 15407] 8vo. 
1189. a. 38. 

WIthovi imglaalioa. 8lff. A-1. 

— The jndgonMot of nrinos. 

]i8.Nom. [Lowioa, 1800 ?] 8m 

1189. a. 4. (4.) 

Th« •bofoavt lh« vwdt ef ths 

Jin>A(L») jSm BiBLB.— Onh 
A brioni and oom* 
tahlo. in a manor of 
a ooMoHannot...Oalh«rtd and 
tot forth by U. Ball jngor, L. J., 
Ota. 1550. 8Ta 1004. b. 20. 

— Tha tiow Jndi[(oai8t and 
dMlaratkm of a (mtthful Cbryo- 
tjan, appun tho aacrament of tho 
liody and blond of Chr^ tt I 
wyth tho ■crjptora and 
Oatholjoko and trew djfiniojon 
of thedoolonra. H.B. BLSkm^ 
km, Lmdom, [1548?] 8m 8982. a. 

WltlMMil w^Mltwi nma 
iMTw^fadadtef thetUkpiifa 8if. 
A-B iii. 

JUDICIAL. Tho Jadvoyall 
of Tryut: Coniydoiyngo tlut it 
is expedjront m OYonr man to 
know tho operation and qoalitioa 
of hit bodj,...whtohe can. not bo 
knowoa ao well ae bj tho UiTno. 
In oonigrdoratian whorof thia 
worko ia ooUoetod and ndeiad 
oat of jT MtttSojala mjnM of al 
in of riiioiko ..Tbivid 


in to . iiL aeirafall 

man J thrnM aKW, tooch.m( tha 

•cjene uf Ajeike, aa hrtfij doth 

apere in a Ubull in lho...eadi^ 


I \ 1 



etc. V* 7L, MS. NoTKs. ^ Lon- 
<ioiifl5d0?] fol. 541^. k. a. 

The eoniart of manj of the 
Imtm were mutilated, bat liaTe 
been renewed, end tho »mul\ itor- 
ikNM of the text wanting aupplied 

— Another copy. 41. g. 1. 

Mutikted end imperfect: wanting 
the table of eonteote. 

IVE (Paul) The Practise of 
Fortification. iS^ Du Bellay (G.) 
Seigneur de Langeff. Instructions 
for the warres... Translated b 
P. I., Gent 1589. 4to. 1897. 

— The Practise of Fortifica- 
tion, eta 1$. %. 7*. Orwin, for 
T, Man and T. Cooke, London, 
1589. 4to. 58. a. 2. 

JULIAN (Michael) The Life 
of Holy A. Kodriqnez abridged 
by Father M.J. 5e« Kinsman (E.) 
An Appendix of the Saints, etc. 
1G24. 12mo. 859. a. 12. 

JULIERS. See Cleves, Duchy 
of, Newes out of Cleave-land : 
being the... relation of the taking 
in of the towne and castle of 
Gulicke, etc. 1611. 4to. 

1054. h. 29. 

— Newes from CJulick and 
Cleve. A true and faithful! Ke- 
latiun of the late afiaires in the 
Countries of Gulicke, Clove, and 
Bergh, and what towncs huve... 
boon taken as well by Mar(|ues6e 
Spinola, as bv Grave Maurice... 
Togothor with Count Ilonrio of 
NoKsau his. ..expeditions in tho 
country of Marok, etc.. ..Trans- 
lated out of Dutch by C. Deme- 
trius. Printed fvr IT. HoUand and 
a. Oibbi, London, 1615. 4to. 

C. 38.6. 

JULISTTA. Honours Aca- 
doinie. Or the famoun pastoral 1 
of tho fairo Shrphcnnh-nHo Ju- 
lit'ttaLby Ullciiix du .Mwnt .Sncrc, 

pMeud., i.e. N. de Montrenz]. . . With 
divers Comicall and Tragioall Hi*i- 
tories, in Prose and VerMc, of all 
sorts. Done into Englihh by 
H. T(ofto), Gentleman. 5 pts. 
T. Creede, London, 1610. fol. 

12403. c. 10. 

The first pt hae a separate pegi- 
tion. The pagiDstion of the re- 
maining pts. is coDtinnoua. 

— Another copy. 86. b. 10. 

-- Another copy. G. 18518. 

JULIUS n., Pope [GiULiANO 
dblla Bo V ere.] The dyaloge 
bytwene Jullius the seconde. 
Genius, and saynt Peter. [By 
P. F. Andreliuus or G. Balbi.] 
1$. %. /. ByddeU, London, 
1535. 4to. C. 37. d. 16. 

Without pagination. 

JULIUS (Alexander) St-e 
Bible. — Old Testament. — Pealme. 
Latin. Ecphrasis paraphraaeoa 
G. Buchanani in Psalmoe Davidis : 
ab A. Julio...elaborata. 1620. 8vo. 
3089. c. 1. 

— Ad ter maximum Magnae 
Britanniae ... Begem ... carmen 
cv^apioTixov. (Epistola jnstas... 
gratias agens Regi . . . qn6d ea nqni- 
tate U8U8 sit in querimonia de in- 
jur! is nobis fuctis, ut sese parti 
utrimie mansuetissimum exhi- 
buerit.) [Londoni 1620?] 4to. 

C. 28. g. 22. (10.) 

— Another copy. 237. g. 11. 

— Ob secundum ot felicem 
eventum conjugii...Frederici 5. 
Electoral is Palatinatus Prindpis 
... ot ... Elicabethn filin ... Regis 

BritannisB, ... Carmen 

wpoirtymritior icoi cvyopurrucoi*, 
etc. T. Finlaeon, Edinhmrffi, 
1614. 4to. 1213. k. 17. (12.) 

JUNIUS (Adrianus) Sm 
V Tho Lyvee of T^ 

; id Ora tours... Truii 

JUii wi9 

iaio UiiM hx It J«ftl«i...Mia XUtnOIOFTRBPBAOB. 

[UTV.] 4law tl«.lkt. llM«lMi|»wilb«U tteptOMoT 

jnitIU8 (AMttAim} am 

J. Ravwi ... IpnoMiib 

SMlljf oomM^jv 

Is U. Jwtt iwofiatkNM. cle. 3 pto. [/ 
lO*. 13m. t<m.kl7. IMO?] 8VO. 

— > TIm y w n iio lilor» or R#- ^ktrn'^miakt 

umtAjm villi ^T^vfs Mw ad- 

ia two To««t pottloiftiac profwr — TIm BoIm Ibr « Jtuitro** «.r 

WMMt mmI mp« tonMt & all r^M amr » w^l ^^ 

iyM« vadtr Ihfir ooaTwiiotit cmUt wl forllM. V. 1. 

TlUf. ... WrillM ... in Utin^ *• •**» W^- MMOM. L 

Qfwin. Fmob mmI oUmt formn [1^^?] 8to. 1379. a. l.v^ 

jTBigiM .Wiai • diotioMl in. •** •••^^ 

^m. tlo. lMriiii4.p/br B. ilTtw- — ADoth«r edition. V. E. 

Wm «d H. D mk t m, Lmdam. j^ j^ Lomdud, 1646. 8to. 

676. a. 4. (1.) 

1686. 8va. 837. d. 31. 

— Philipptit, iivn. In NapiiM _ TIm oonltBtot oC thlt boko. 

^nitippi...*...lUri» ... Bmni — Fjiito Um bokn for n Jntlioo 

Ai^dtt% rVMoiim NtnpoUt, Ilie. ofpanon. Tim bolw Ibnl Hacht h 

tmSLjwMmm^ M HlbirBi».^Oir* to kopo n oonrt Bnn»« or n Lolo. 

lii ^BMm -.TIm boko toinhing to Idmio n 

TU Bmiki, Lmiim, 1664. 4to. ooort hOdiod.— Tho\oko oollod 

807. c 2\ rf»ianio broviS.— Tlie boko ooUod 

Wiilwt iw^Miiw «ito foodi, oStotning tho fonno 

""tl!?**2P^*?!'?"^^^^^ Uiyogofc And tbo boko of tho 

JEli A.* oiiiSiico to bo oboorrod by tbo 

oanftM In Um elltar oowon tko <wMri oi tbo kjngei BnMnr, 

v^nTdriUiiilmflL^^ for foao tokyng. ». I. /» 

JUMIU8 (PiTmiaw) 8m U44-4S-I4. 8va 616. o. 2. 
BiHiL — Old TvTAimT. — /o6. 
P t lf f l a H . Oatono QnMomm F». 
tn...BMlani Job...GnM>4 

.cditOy oi Lolin6 TonMi...opefm 

Tke tnels abov* rtdlid kato* for 
llM noA pAii, «Msk * wpMiito Utl*- 
BM»Md paglMliM; bM tWf do ool 
Mtovte llMonkrtpMiMooIlM 

P. Jnnii, o«e. Or. ond LaL 

1637. fol. 1010. g.l. — Anotboroopj. 616. o. 3. 

JViriUS (H.) tU. Rnuto -jSjSTiw'!^**'^* **'"** 

TooMt?] Sinno oUgiMliod: Or, M 66 of Hm mm b 

Art to know airttiglT, bo- Fhot of IW nikto oT tti« -Otft» 

II550 rigbUj, live reUgioMl/... Jj^*^"SiJ!^?i^I% 

Wbcfovito b onnoiod« Oonploot 
AriMT ofOaift oirill Sodoty. 
nrR.J. JSiMUi fi0O. UiUm, — fAnotbor odition.] 

1639. Bto. 4408. c. unto ^to oddod tbo boko onllod 




Artionli ad narratiues novas, i translated by G. Chapman. See 

the diversitie of courts. V. X. Cuapmui (G.) A Justification oi 

MS. Notes. B, ToUle^ London^ a strange action of Nero, etc. 

1566. 8vo. 1379. b. 1629. 4to. C. 30. e. 6. 

The preceding and following 
ediiioni of thb work are without 
the addittooal matter mentioned 

— Another edition. IH. Z. 
MS. Notes [by W. Lombarde]. 
JS. Totiel, Londom, 1569. 8yo. 

516. a. 5. 

— Another edition. V. %, 
Fkw BiS. Notes. B. Tottyl, Lon- 
don, 1674. 8vo. 1127. a. 47. 


The Auctlioritie of ul Justices 
of peace, with divers warrants... 
thereunto annexed. Wbereunto 
is added a verie perfect fuurme 
for kepinge of Court lectes, and 
Court barons, newly set foorth by 
J. Kitchin...Al8otho booke called 
Novo additiones. The booke for 
keepinge of Court hundredes. 
And the booke called Kotuma 
brovinm. ». l. 2 pts. B, Tottell, 
London, 158()--79. 8vo. 6282. a. 4. 

The first pt., " The Aucthoritie/* 
bean the date 1580, and is a reprint 
of the Artt tract in the preceding 

JUSTINIAN L, Emperor of 
the Ea»L See Ckakanthorp (R.) 
Justinian the Emperor defended, 
against Cardinal Banmius. 
1616. 4to. 4825.0. 

— Defensio. &«RYVE8(5irT.) 
Imperatoris Justiniani defensio 
adversus Alemannum. 

J U 8 T I N U S, the UUtorian. 
[For editions of the History 
compiled by Justinus from the 
writings of Trogus Pompoius, in 
which the name of the latter 
appears :] 9ee Troqos Pompiius. 

JUVENALI8 (Dncius Junius) 
The fifth Satyio of Juvuimll 

JUVENALIS (DFrius Junius) 
J. Juvonalitt et A. Porsii Flacci 
SatyrsB: cum annotationibus ad 
marginem, qu» obecurissima 
qQSBquedilucidarepossint. [Edited 
byT.Famaby.] B. Field, impenaU 
Guilielm TTefty.Loikf int. 1612. 8vo. 
1002. c. 11.(2.) 

The Batirea of Perrios have a 
separate titlepage. 

— Another copy. 

1068. i. 16. (1, 2.) 

— Tertia editio ... 

emendatior, etc. T. Snodham, im- 

pensie JohannU Pyper, Londini, 

1620,21. 8vo. 1001. r V • *-\) 

— That which scemes best is 
worst. Exprest in a paraphas- 
tical transcript of Juvenals tenth 
Satyre. Together with the tragi- 
call narration of Virginias death 
intorserted. By W. B[arkstead?], 
etc. F. Kyngston.forN. Newbery, 
London, 1617. 8vo. C. 39. a. 4. 

JUVENTUS. An Enterlude 
called lusty Juventus. Lyvely 
describing the frailtie of youth: 
of natur, prone to vyce : by grace 
and good counsayll, traynable to 
vertue. [By R. Weaver.] ». I. 
W, Copland, London, [1555?] 4to. 
C. 34. e. 39. 

Without paginatkNL Minctcen 
loavea. Sig. A-E. 

JUXON (Elizabeth) [Fnneral 
ierwum,] See Dbnison (S.) The 
Monument or Tombe-stone, etc 

JUXON (John) [FnneraiSer- 
man.! See Dknison (s.) Another 
TomDettone ; or, » sermon, etc 


lt0lMl Ml of tU ImnmA wmkm 

Kof...iVl«r lUrtrr... aad lma»- 

TW Blwpln«fii«< CWImJt ; Oott- X^T. tlMbcMgrlklMNi T. K. 

K *Ia Mwm^ KiH»r] Hhfl i l . VMM of Vrmjm ana 
1 : 4I.V O. 11A31. kgrn^fHo. lAa«.4lo. a89.«.a. 

l^t. 4to. C99.«.ft. K^T. ft«TA«o(T.) [niWf« 

latT. 410. ian.«.81 pJSiJjK^'" whtwia fe^d*. 

K^P.&9 ^_, 

Att)i«iK» MtM Au JoluMtoo... **«• of H oiM >lw t|rf p g Plr^t 

Ibi.n.f*l»r. K. 16S5. 8m wHttM fai ItoUoa...nuw trma 

I'M u' 19. M.) ■UtodbrT. K. IMS. 4to. 

' ^ ' 1087. iL 41. 

7am UAXnwMar. Thm K.,W. PInoUoot IiMfo. [A 

U^ynAofco ... faiUifully poom* bj W. X, U. J. Morotoo.] 

jd o«t af U^n into Eng- »»C-i ./^^^ PbUoporthooo 

)ii4«bTO.EfoTMoloftlM8ooioi7 loTingFoUy.ola 1619. 8m 

ofjMo. 107. 8m l»9.o. C. 88. o. 87. (4.) 

L H. Tbo Himr of lUnt 1838. 4lo. a89.al8. 

Ijik PliMj aMribiag. wlirr 
«o oro aMkdo oi 

rh«» EdaoAtkNi of 

wooroiobMctaoto: • ^- ^^clMdbT 

r-, .w, tk;^ 1,'tf ff . BftH t >iiooiidllolbod 

wlMtaUlboovoado. i^>rifaJ»^ Ibemi^ eta. (Bv W. K., is. 

^^ M KTortoa ft«M Ifaotemte- WUlioa Kompo.] II. ft. T.C^wm, 

<'oiiloMi>ta Mtt&di" by PkvM /<^ •^* ^^'^'^ ^ ^' OMim, Lam- 

iuiio^idllL]. (8ptOian»ii»!!^ Am, 1688. 4to. C. 27. h. 2. 

-^^i7''?;;a. iSK 1^ W- Tbe Mo f mo r ffririo 
. ^. _ of Pigmoliooo Imogo. Ana oor- 

■■^- - Uine SolTTM [io Tofio. Svh- 

K^J. am Ron (A.) OomU. ooribod: W. K., i«. Kiuydor, a 
f Omrtiofo Anoiiowio... wiitton PMdoBTm ooraoica br J. lUr- 

to Itelka,:..aod tomoolotod iato itoi^ frini^ (hf J. SAmi$,) fir 

BMUiOi bx Jfolui] KToponl. & Jbtt*. £oo'0im898. 8m 

(1488.] 4ta. 0:i8678. 288. b. 54. 

K^l. te8mL8T(H.) Tbo KAT ( Jou) JLD. 8m Caivb. 

odiSodbTLK.1 18^ 4ta KAY (Jom) Pnol 

844. a 55. *• "f?^ *T^. k\^> 

K. L 5»YaBMiou(P.IL) A tbo tnuMktor to Kiag BdwJ^ 
brioti TiootiM, Co^oiog tbo IV.: H]jth tboi I baTo opIyoA 
wt oftd obMo of Dtaadsf. Ool- mm to dooloio ood poblyMbo 




to alle orysten people the siege 
of the noble and inv^Ticyble 
•cytee of Rhodes, etc [A trans- 
lation from the Latin of G. 
Caoorsin, by J. K.] [1482?] fol. 
G. 6209. 

KATE (Richard) See Eprb- 
MBRIDES. Ka3'e...An Almanaoke 
and Prognostioation...By R. K. 

KS., F., Oentleman. See Le 
Roy (A.) A briefe... Instruction 
to set all Masicke...for the Lute. 
...Translated into EagliHh by 
F.Ke Gentleman. 1574. 06/. 4to. 
C. 31. d. 7. 

THOLOM^iuUs) A Maiiudtiction to 
Theoloffie. Written in Latin by 
BarthoT. Keokerm., dono into 
English by T. V(icar8) M' of 
Arts. (A briofo direction how to 
examine ourselves before we go 
to the Lord's Table... By T. V.) 
Printed by Aug: Math: [London^ 
1620?] 8vo. 3559. aa. 

The author's and tranftlator's 
namee occitr iu a pfM>tical address to 
the translator by Michael Drayton. 

KEENE (JoHN^ See Ephe- 
MEUiDFis. Keono...A new Alma- 
iiacke and Prognostication... By 
J. K. 

KEILWEY (Robert) Rela- 
tionc8 qnoruudam casnum seleo- 
torum ex libriH K. K. Ar' : qui 
tcmjpori bus... Regis Ilenrici Sep- 
timi, &... Regis Ilenrici Ootavi, 
emerscrunt, ci' in prioribus im- 
presiiioiiibuH Rolationum de ter- 
niinis illurum regum, non expri- 
mnntur. [E<lited by J. CroKe.] 
m. I. Few MS. Notes. In 
triiibus Thomm Wighi, Londini, 
1602. fol. 608. f. 23. 

— [Another edition.] 

Kecnon Rolationes nonnnlloru 
caNUum t)or...G. Dalison...^ |)er 
G. Bendlocs...quorundam statu- 

torum per lequitatem constmc- 
tionem oontinentee. Cum indioe. 
». *. Few MS. Notes [by F. 
HargraveJ. J. Moore, Londim^ 
1633. fol. 509. g. 6. 

— Another copy. MS. Nom 
AND Table op Cases. 509. f. 16. 

KEITH (Georoe) Earl Mart- 
iehal Ohitue. See Ogston (W.) 
Oratio Funebris in obitnra... 
Georgii Marischalli...D. Keith, 

KELLET (Edward) Misoel- 
lanieK of Divinitie, divided into 
three books, wherein is explained 
at largo the state of the soul, 
etc. Printed hy the Printere to the 
Univereitie of Cambridge,... eold hy 
B. AUot, [JLoiMion,] 1635. fol. 

3558. i. 

Each book hns a separate pagi- 
nation, but the register is oontiiiiioiis 

— A Retume from Argjier. 
A Sermon [on Gal. v. 2], preached 
at Minhead...the 16. of March, 
1627. at the re-admission of a 
relapsed Christian into onr 
Church. (A Returne from Argier: 
a Sermon [on Rev. ii. 5] preached 
at Minhead...tho 16. of March, 
1627, etc. [on the same occasion 1.) 
By H. Byam. 2 pts. Printed by 

T. H./orl. P told hy B. Thrale. 

London, 1628. 4to. 693. f. 20. (6.) 

Each sermon has a separate title- 
page, hut the pagination and regis- 
ter are continuous throughout. 

KELLIE (^iV Thomas) Pallas 
Armata, or Militarie Instructions 
for the Learned and all generous 
spirits, who affect the profession 
of Armes— the first part contain- 
ing the Exercise of Infanterie— 
as well ancient, as modeme, etc 
Prinied...hy lAs Hmre$ of A. Hari^ 
Edinburgh, 1627. 4to. 

534. f. 26. (2.) 

KBL KEM tor 

RSLLI80N < MArnmr) 9m »(• BifMM, tia. A. HmH. 
h \ \ Uim^m oC N. Mill J M iilir ff . I«I7. 4Ui. 1070. I 7. 

>«Mi 'nwSit of tlii^iioliMnHniH XBLLWAYX (Hum) A D»- 

TOI A.A.ra.^ WMwmlo to MUMUM A ■boft 

^^ TmtiM or Um mmU FbM oio. 

piTiira. A BmIj to y- I- M^ Norm /. JfM< 

N. Bmi^ hh riiniiwinn of mm Lmitm, 16M. 4l«». C. 81. «. 8 

loiaiM of M. DuoHMur K. kk vmrvAit 

ImUm of tl» Himioblo. olo. »»I*xOlf 
16A 8^ 8888. 

ON (ARnim) A 
wiUi A UoBoalofio do- 

olomg UiAt 

WollMMB MO...4V00Mld0d fl 

(F.) Vindiefao » ^ v i i^ x 

III QiiwM Fodlorfi nnHtimni ti "w^*^* »•»• ». vr^i»^ ah»^», 
KMimmk ... cmlomoik ... Tiodiot- ***^- "■»• 0.11188. 

lar.Ha 183^ foL 4108. f. WMwt >■ !«■»» ■ <» 8ll«liUf 

^Ji; *!Jtr^?^?oSL!r**' KELTRIDOB ^Joen; The 

Mvolj Amm ^ CMfllMilir, Ola ExpootUon and Boodinmi of J. 

A Oogf follM Now QooMUr... KoUrid|io...Upoii Uio woidot of 

A» AMwortooloteAMteof ^^ garkmr Chrblo, Uiol boo 

OniMvoiiiot [•.*. M. KoUiooo a wriUon in Um . iL of Uko. (A 

o«& 18H. 41a 887. o. 81 aenaoii Too 1 Tin. iii. 1-31 bm^ 

^ „ ^^x ^ ot...Fmlhom...ot tbo moklBg of 

— to SmtUFFi (in An Miniotow,o*o.^ U.K. frTAv, 

AbridftMlorSorr^offW /W it F#ol«, L«io, 1678. 4lo. 

opfiooid nnto M. Kollioon*o 219.0. 18. 
i H U fo j f of Ibo now rMi|pon« olo. 

1808. 4U». 8882. t — Two godlto and loornod 

otnnono ... preoobod, boforo tbo 

~ A SorvoT of Ibo now Ro- JcoQitoo...ood olber odvoraorioo 

ligioo. d«loettns Monio pxmm to Ibo Goonell of CbrUt in ibo 
obonditico wbieb it iBoliolb... Towor of Londoo. In whiob, 
DiTidod tnio oigbl bookat» olo. wofo oonfnlod lo Ibeir Akmi. tbo... 

L. I T t fl oi, i^MMT, 1803. 8^0. oboifii poincto of lboir...rolicioB, 
8888. b. 610. iT &. 2 pta. JL Ikmm, 

" ' [1881]. 8va 1224.d.l2. 


bjriboAQtbor. L. Sodium, Dommg, KBL WAY (Tbomas) 8m 

1805. 4to. 1413. o. 8. Twnun (A.) A Leornod Astro- 

nooiiool diaoociroo, of Ibo. Jndgo- 

A TiooIsoo of Ibo Hiomrobio BonI of KaliTitko ... TnnoUlod 

•od divon ofdon of Ibo Cbnroh bjr T. K. 1898. 4to. 

oipUnitI tbo Anofobio of Oolvin, IMl. a. 23. (1.) 
M. O.MMAon.r^wn.1828. 8va 

8985.000. KXlf (Samuu.) Tbo now 
Fort of Inio Honour nudo in- 
KXLLU8 (&4ifUiL) Cbnnon piognnblo. Or, Ibo lUniolbrto 
UinlnloloH«n« od...JiigDbnni id dignitj ond dniko. PrMntod in 

Btilon- n oMrnMW [on D^U iiiii. 14] 




preached to the Captaiiies, and 
oonldien exeroising Arraes in the 
MartUll Garden, at their general 
meeting ..By S. Kerne, etc. 
Printed for B. OuUon, London, 
1640. 4to. 1112. e. 23. (2.) 

KEMPE (William) SeeK.,W, 

— A Dutiful Invective against 
the rooete haynooa IVeaaona of 
Ballard and Babington . . . Together 
with the horrible attempta and 
actions of the Q. of Soottes ; and 
the Sentence pronounced against 
her at Fodderingav. Newlie ... 
set foorth in English verse, etc. 
D.Z. B,Jonei,London, 15S7. 4to. 

292. e. 16. (3.) 
Withoot pagUuiUon. 

KENDALE (Joannes) [For 
Indulgences, etc., granted by 
J. K. oy commission from Pope 
Sixtiis IV. :J tee Rome, Church 
of, — SiXTUS IV., Pope. 

KENDALL (Timothy) 
Flowers of Kpi grammes, out of 
Kundrie the moste singular au- 
thours selected, as well auncient 
as late writers, etc. ^.1L. LShep- 
perd, London, 1577. 8vo. 

C. 39. b. 32. 

KENDRICK (John) The 
last Will and Testament of ... 
I. Kendricke... Draper of London, 
who departed this life the 30. 
day of December, ... 1624, etc. 
Priniod for N, Butter and 
N. Bomme, London, 1625. 4to. 

491. c. 35. 

— Another copy. 113. a. 20. 

KENNEDIE (John) The 
Ilistorie of (/ulanthrop and Lu- 
oilla, oonspicuouHly demonstrat- 
ing the various mutabilities of 
Fortune in thoir loves, etc [In 
veise.] J, WreiUtmn, Edindmrgk^ 
1626. 8vo. C. 89. b.84. 

Without psginatloii. 

KENT, Weald of. The In- 
rich men t of the Weald of Kent: or, 
a Direction to the Husbandman, 
for the true ordering, manuring, 
and inrichingof all the Grounds 
within the Wealds of Kent and 
Sussex... Painfully gathered... by 
a man of great eminence and 
worth [G. Markhaml. PrinUd,.. 
hjf O, P. for B. Jacluon, London, 
1625. 4to. 966. b. 29. 

— Another copy. 967. i. 4. (11.) 

— Another copy. 7074. bb. 

woorth the reading, or A True 
and faithfull Relation of a Wo- 
man. Kent Street who... was 
delivered of a prodigious and 
Monstrous Child, etc. W. Jone$, 
London, 1617. 4to. 1168. d. 9. 

KEPERS (John) See K., J. 

KER (George") A Discoverie 
of the unnatural! and traitorous 
Conspiracie of Scottisch Papists, 
against God, his Kirk, their native 
Cuntrie, the Kingis Majesties 
persone and estate. Set downe 
as it was confessed and subsorivit 
be M. G. Ker...and D. Grahame. 
... Wherunto are annexed, oer- 
taine intercepted Letters, etc. 
». %. B. WaUegrave, Edinburgh, 
[1592.] 4to. 287. b. 20. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. B. Waide- 
grave, Edinburgh, [1593]. 4to. 

G. 5129. 
Slightly cropped^ 

— Another edition, tf. Z. 
Printed by B, F. for J, Norton, 
London, I5d3, 4to. 113. i. 39. 

— Another copy. C. 33. b. 21. 

KERR (Robbrt) Batl of Lo- 
thian. Nobilissimi Comitis Lo- 
thianae Domini Neobotelli Robeiti 
Cari, et leotisaimn Dominis An- 




\tnUM4lM KritUUMUm, 


•«o Jolm tr. SS] 

ISTiriftTSI «.«./. JDtoc. 

EBTT(FkA»3ni) HmkIoHom 
Mi4 UmU^iU OwImmI ^ Mmm 

Mdhr* Mbterfo of baavMilT 


(SOMBT) A. Kerillt 
K«lt«t, dv« d« Ihr oribt Nuf- 
r lefaMiwM, E«Uo Dm«, Ubtr 
wiwi. AwOoKLAitoCa) Asglonm 
pnOk^Me. Pi. 2. 1582. Stow 
1213. g. 8- (2.) 

nmot) RmcIm Tbeboth, sir* 
AbbrevktarB HefanMk 8m 
8omn»URU»( V.) Scfciadlari Lesi- 
OMi Ftetaglottoo, ete. 1635. M. 
12904. g. 1. 

— A Btlirtmi ^ iIm ttouiiil 

M wHUmi la Um 

Br L. K. T. 

15M. 4ta a82.g. 


3fMi« 1596. 

The K<»j to UnknowM 
KaowMfA. Or, A 8b»p of five 
Wiiidowi^...oood»tiag of fite... 
tfttotim : aaa^lj, 1. Tho Judg^ 
aMat of ariaoiu 2. Jadkiall rules 
of Pbjrirfko, 3. Qatatioat of Ovloi^ 
4. OpiaioBt for catiag oT lUr- 
qar l iw ii S h u t. 5. A diaooarM 
of lioaMBo Katar*. A. hiip /or 
E. WImU, Umdm, 1599. 4lo. 

^ 774 f 1. 

fou 11. 

— ABolktreo|ij. 

KHAlXD Aa raitf Oa Jf«'« 

«;y«^ Aa ilW AiMa (Aa6 HJUwia) 
Al UmtmL TIm Booka of tbo 
Sooiala of Akbiflik OMapoMd br 
OalSa tbo MMiaa of ladoh, trano- 
Ulsd oat of Hebrew into Anil>iclr, 
aad out of Armbick into Inline, 
aad oat of liitin intu Kii|;1i»b. 
8m Biooa (R.) IIm Birror of 
Akkiajr.oto. 1597. 4to. 1033. f. 6. 

KHRYPFF8 (Xioolacs) d& 
Cum. i\iT,lin.^1 The eeotcooe aiwl 
Bjiiil Us oft 'aao... of the 

... dot.- »..'»• ... of CoottaDtvDO. 
8m Bom, Emq^im of, — Con- 
fTAJmyt L, ramamed Am Ormi^ 
Bm p er a r. A txaatTM, eto. 
[1525?] fol. 3936. f. 

BID (Tbomas) 8m Ktd. 

KID2ftAN(TBOMAs) 8mEnnr 
anuntt. Kidman. ..A new Alma- 
nack. ..Calealated bjr T. K., etc 

KIEL (Coaatuf yam) 8m 
8tkai#t (J. VAX Dia) Venataones 
Feranim...oAiaitn« illontratm 4 
C.KUiaao. [1566?] foL 564. •.26. 

BILBT (RicitAKD) 8m Bibli. 
Tbe Holy llible...Kewlj traaa- 
lated ... and rovaecd« ale. [Bj 
I*. Amltewec, ... R. K., etc] 
1611. ri 466.1.6.(1.) 

^A SonaoB [on 1 Cor. it. 
5&-571 fircarbdi ... in Oxfold, 
3 B 


K I r, 


March 20. 1G12. at the fnnerall 
of T. Holland... Rector of Exceter 
College. J. Barnes^ Oxford, 
1613. 4to. 1416. i. 29. 

— Another copy. 1419. b. 10. 
Imperfect ; wftntiog pp. 1-8. 


Conapiraoy, a tragedy. [In five 
acts, in proee and verse. J... By... 
H. Killigraew. J. Norton, for 
A. Croohe, London, 1638. 4to. 

644. e. 67. 

— Another copy. 162. i. 87. 

Of the ru<)oin])ti(>n of mankina 
three bookes: wherein the oon- 
ironeraie of the uniuersalitie of 
redemption and grace by Christ... 
)s largely handled. Hereunto is 
annexed a treatise of Gods pre- 
destination in one booke. Written 
in Latin by I. Kimedoncius... 
and translated into English by 
H. Ince. F. Kingston, London, 
1598. 8vo. 4257. bb. 4. 

Edwards (R.) The Paradice of 
Dainty Devihes... devised... for the 
most parte by M. Edwardes... 
the rest by sundry learned Gen- 
tlemen (F. K., etc.). 1596. 4to. 
I 239. k. 21. 

KINESMAN (Eduardus) 
See Kinsman. 

KINO. .SV*.?., M. The King, 
and a pooru Northcme man, etc. 
1640. 8vo. 11621. aa. 85. 

KINO (Adam) See Canisius 
(P.) Anc Cathcehisme or schort 
Instruction of Christian Religion 
... ftranslatixi from the Latin,] 
with ano kallondar, porpctuale... 
be A. kiufr.rtc. 1588. 8vo. 

C. 26. a 29. 

— In Jacobum sextnm Scoto- 
rum Reg^m, Angli«, Frandn 
et Hibemiie corona, jure h»redi- 

tario, donatum...A. Regii...Pane- 
gyris. [In verse.] B. Charterie, 
Edenburgi,lC03. 4to. 1070.L6.(1.) 

KINO (Edward) Justa 

Edouardo King naufrago, ab 

Amicis moerentibus, amoris & 

fivtMi xapiy' Lot., Gr., and Eng, 

2 pts. Apud Thomam Buck d 

Bogerum Daniel, Cantabrigim, 

1638. 4to. 239. k. 36. 

Pt 2, *«0bMqaie8 to the me- 

morie of Mr. Edward King." has a 

distinet titlepage and pagination, 

and contain* the first editioii of 

Milton'i ''Lycidaa,*' under the 

initials «< J. M." 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
NoTEa. C. 21. e. 

— Another copy. 1077. d. 61. 

— Another copy. O. 11474. 

KINO (Geoffrey) iS^ Bible. 
The Holy Bible... Newly trans- 
lated... and revised, etc. [By L. 
Andrewes,...G. K.,etc.] 1611. fol. 
466. i. 6. (1.) 

KINO (Henry) Biehop of 
Chichester, A Sermon of Deliver- 
ance, etc. [on Psalm la. 3]. 
J. Haviland, for J, Harriot, Lon- 
don, 1626. 4to. 4475. a. 80. 

— A Sermon [on John xv. 20], 
preached at Paurs Crosse, the 25. 
of November. 1621. Upon occa- 
sion of that false and scandalous 
Report (lately Printed) touching 
the supposed Apostasie of...«f. 
King, late Bishop of London. By 
H. K., his eldest sonne. Where- 
unto is annexed the Examination 
and Answere of T. Preston, 
P[rie6t] taken before my Lord 
Graoe of Canterbury, touching 
this Scandall. F. KpkgtUm, for 
W. Barret, London, 1621. 4to. 

693. f. 21. (7.) 

The ** Examination** of Prrslon is 
vltlKNii pagination. 

— Two Sermona preaohed mi 

K I X KIN ftl 

Wliii^ltUI U Uiil« lUidi a. 

ICI^ Mia FW^tmrto 90, KM. m 

3 ftli. /. tfwrtMl> t<i<w^ IBM. 4to. 

.J'^^l^' ^^'g y ^ ^ ryy o^v^iaoo. 410. •M.a.a. 

I i l ftn li imfe i ' iia ftnntlnriilifilti, H Itunm, 

KUfO (Hmf) -/««frfipr h ^^^^ l«l«. 4la SIM. k 

'•*•<•*»• ••a- Two tMMiM fott Kmo (Jomi) BUUf ^ I^^. 

r*. tnn. ft mm! a Sml uiv. li» ^m. Tb« fa«*tv — ^^Z. Toa 

O0r< 1«06. 4to. 

093. t 21. (8.) 

KUKKBoMmiT) AalUlfb. 4476. blv M. (4.) 

«or«( of Fbp«r. Or, Tb« Ite- .^T". n^^^i!L S i^ 

lUnl iaiBMikiB. Ptmtti fit 

r n«]N If lit i w fi iii f ^ 

^^^^ ca9.d.eL aM.t2i.(«.) 

oT London, olo. JSL Ort|b /or 

"^ jiM^ leso. 4IO. 

698. t 21. (9.) 
— A 88fBOB[oalMkhianniL 

KIKO(Joo)BMy y I-ii. "JoTlHiblioko tliMik.^iTliigfcr 
tlj ZS^'!T^ It T. tk*bH»pUwoomi6ofW.Bii^ 
tT* i' !" L! y - y-^ . f* Ik from bk lato daanrnM Jok- 


BiMo: pfoaobod at 
Um 11. of Aprill, 1619. By tlie 
r J ^ Mim^TilT ^ ^ London. Primitd far 

mi BmAmiL if finvJ^u ^- ^^— '» I«ii*», 1619. 4to. 

•to. A omMS [on n, exLrt. 8] 

•I tiM Fnn«sll« of... John . Another edition. iVtalW 

Arcb.bidbonneofTorln.eto. [Bj /or T. Aimam, Lomdtm. 1619. 4ta 
J.E.] IftM. 4IO. 1417.189. 694.124.(10.) 

» Ltctnreo upon Jonae, de- — Anotber oopj. 
UToted ni Yorke in tboTenreof 4476. bb. 98. (1.) 

onr Loide 1594. (A ServMn [on . fu^m^ fn. Pb^ «. 9^^ 

~ ~ rMf, Obr/oni, 1608. 4ta 

695. f. 11. 

of Ko tf ber...l598, .- Anolbv eopj. T. 505. (8.) 
• Kf—rtiHilinfi — A Sermon Ton 1. Cbron. 

innermiiee oi...voBn, mm Ared- ^^ 

BUboppeof Yorb^ma A Ser- ? 

mmi [on 8 Kinfi mti. 35] ''' 

■iimiibia fai Torbn, tbe Snren- • 




XXIX. 2G-28] preached in 8*. Ma- 
ries at Oxford, the 24. of March 
being ... Manndio tharedajr. By 
J. Kingo, etc. J. Barnes, Ox/ora, 
1608. 4to. 4476. bb. 98. (3.) 

KINO (JoHii) Bi$hop of Lon- 
don, A Sermon [on Pa. xlvi. 7-1 1 ] 
preached... the 5. of November, 
1607 By J. Kinge, etc. J.Bamet, 
Oxford, 1607. 4ro. 

4476. bb. 98. (6.) 

— Vitis Palatina. A Sermon 
[on Pftalm cxxviii. 3j appointed 
to be preached at Whitehall npon 
the Tneeday after the manage of 
the Ladie Elizabeth her Grace. 
By the B. of London. Printed 6y 
J..Bi7i,XofMiaii,1614.4to. 114.d.33. 

— Another copy. 

4476. bb. 98. (5.) 

KINO (John) Bishop of Oxford. 
See Leech (H.^ A Triumph of 
Tmth. Or Declaration of the 
doctrine concerning Evangelicall 
OounKaylcs ; lately delivered in 
Oxford, by II. Leech... With rela- 
tion of sundry occuiTents, and 
particularly of D. King... his ex- 
orbitant proceedings ugainst the 
Myd H. L., etc. 1609. 8vo. 

39J?6. aa. 

KHYO (JohnJ Prebendary of 
Chrisi Church, Oxford, Davida 
strait. The after-noonee sermon 
[on 2 Sam. xxiv. 14] upon the 
Act Sunday, etc. See Kino (II.) 
Two sermons, etc. 1 625. 4to. 
44:12. d. 

KINO (Joii.n; Public Orator 
of the Vnircrsitif of Oxford. Ilay- 
oKohiuikno^. 81 vo gratiiliitio pro 
Carolt) Hi'duoo, Oxoniensium no- 
mine recitata, 4 J. K. See Acadr- 
M I KS, etc. — OxrORD. — Un iterwilif of 
Oxford, Carolos Redox. 1023. 4to. 
101. b. 47. 

— Ccnotaphium Jaoobi. Sivo, 

landatio funebris ... memorisB ... 
Jacobi Magnffi BritannisB ... Mo- 
narchsB dedioata, et public^ reci- 
tata a J. King Academiffi Oxoni- 
ensis Oratore. J. Lichfield d 
0. Turner, (hamse, 1625. 4to. 


KINO (Willum) The Strait 
Gate to Heaven. A Sermon [on 
Luke XIII. 14] preached before the 
poore distreraed Prisoners in the 
King^ Bench Common Goale to 
their heavenly comfort. 10. %, 
O, Eld, Jxmdan, 1622. 8vo. 

693. d. 20. (7.) 

most excellent and comfortable 
Treatitie, for all such as are any 
maner of way either troubled 
in mynde or afflicted in bodie... 
Whereunto is adjoyned a verie 
godly and learned Exhortation 
to suffer patiently all afflictions 
for the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 
And also a Conference betwixt a 
godly learned Christian and an 
afflicted Conscience, etc. [Edited 
byF. Mylles.] ^, %, Imvrinied 
by the assignement of C. Barker, 
London, \r>Siy. Svo. 698. a. 31. 
Without pagination. 

— A viewe of mans estate, 
wherein the great mercie of God 
in mans free justification by 
Christ is. ..declaretl... Whereunto 
is annexed a goiUy advise... touch- 
ing mariage. tt. E. H. Bynne- 
man, fur L. Uarison and 0. Bishop, 
London, 1570. Svo. 4255. aa. 

'Witlinut |)Agtnatiun. 

— Another edition. D. ft. 
(7. Bishop and T. Woodeoeke, Lorn- 
don, 1680. 8vo. C. 87. a. 49. 

KINGSMILL rXiioMAs) Clas- 
Bicum PoenitoDtinie, etc. (Trao- 
tatus do scaiidalo.) 2 pta. Adm- 
debat J, Bamemns, OoMmias, pro- 

K 1 i •»!1 

LmikU^ Mfftloakir. Bm < 

! NtATDBE (W.) J»-i*. ,,„^ , , 

TIm» Soowft of Vllkate. trmKi-€nm< fif« 

Champion* *tBttdtrtao. [^A 

Md Md 

kw «<r HAtvTMu [Bjr in tmwo ami v«fM.1...WnilMi by 

••W»y/.k«...iitfftf J. KntkeV J. OI«....«*U % 

mMm, 15M Sm J. !!«*< tmim, 1638. 4to. 

C 39. ^ &. 044. K. 62. 

T ^•?*?r «lltitm. P^wiirf _ AboUmt copy. 162. c 73. 

w/ « 

39. K 48. KI8 (SncniAStini) Ss^^imms, 
TabuUB AoalyiioB, qnibnii eiero- 
m •rrmonam dm 

\itLau«(A.M\UrMor^Bl% ^yj^ '•'-•»!•, at«.ti., 
•to. (An •|i<a4ii of«l*» '»•«»«- ,«od . b«l^ BwriKrli.!.. 

— Aa ApoMdU of Um SatBte I-«*«^ 1M3. 4U>. 3127. bik 

wiCiSTuMlUt ^ ^If^MMi^ KITCHIN ( JoHii) Lo Coati 

tboFiflMiUi. [U^taiZiad ^ •* ^ii ^^ ~"«* 

Ibr IhmmL 1624. 12no. neoeirte por oeoaechtb d« cms 

* or THi Pbacb. The Aoothorilia 

SniWXLMARSH (FftAScit) of si Jnstioet of paMt, eto. Pt 3. 

JoeasU : a Trmcodio writtoQ in 1580, oic. 8ro. 6382. n. 4. 
Oivk* by Eripidci, trmiiahitcd... 

by O. Omb^xIM Mid F. Kin- - Le Omrt Loeto, ol Oowrt 

■ ■ilnwieh». He. Sw OAtooion Bnron, oollooi per J. Kytchin... 

iO.) A Hnoaretfa enndrie Ei leeeeeeeelmeUen 

fWvrw, ele. [1572.] 4to. par S en ee eh e U de oenz courts s 

C. 13. s. 16. (1.) acter, pv les Students de lee 

_^,,, - de Cbsiittoerie. Ore 

^ n L r a n©^««» Isiprlmee. ei per 

U. 84. 1. 6. (1.) hMoibor mmmm oorrigre, o^rim^ 

1587. 4to. divert novel OMet ei titlee...per 

C ^u f ti l*>v sddes. (Relooms Bieviam.) 

C.34.I.8. ^. ^ h^,Mm» B. Tcium. 

(HmiAiDi) An [Loodon,] 1581. 8vo. 

oimli-- - r^tee of tnivell in 1379. b. (1. 2.) 

OrstAi in prmiae |„ n,,. MUi^ tbt -1 

of th^ tr«TrU of GeTBuuiy in Bfttiei " hi • dirtso tHto|ey . 




ptgiiuition, *od regiflier. ftnd formi 
ft tepftrftte traoi. In the following 
editions it formi ft portioa of th« 
whole work. 

— Ore novelroent 

imprimoe & ... oorrigee, ovoaq; 
diveni...ai1dition8, comme Court 
do Marrthalsoy, annoieut demesne, 
Court do Pipowders, etc. H. I. 
2 ptM. In sedihui B, ToUlli, [Lon- 
d4m,] 151)2. 8vo. 617. a. 3. 

— Another edition. 1$. %. 
In mdilm$ Thomm WigU d Bon- 
hami Norton, [London,} 1 59S, 8vo. 

1130. b. 3. 

— Another edition. V. %, 
Printed for the Companie of Sta- 
tumer$, London, 1623. 8vo. 

6281. aa. 21. 

— Another copy. 6281. aa. 20. 

KNACK. A most pleasant... 
new Comedie fin verse and prose] 
intituled, A Knacke to knowe 
a Knave. Newlie set foorth, as 
it hath. ..bene played by E. Allen 
and his Companie. With Kemps 
applauded Merrimentes of the 
men of Qoteham, etc. 33. H. 
B, Jones, London, 1594. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 20. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting aig. Ba and 3, which aro 
supplied in MS., ftnd a portioa of 
•ig. A3, 


8., M. Newes out of York- 
Shire : or, an account of a jouiney, 
in the true discovery of a sove- 
raigne Minerall Medicinal Water 
... neere ... Knarcibrough, oto. 
[1626.] 4to. 1171. e. 40. 

KNAVE. See D., I. The 
Knave in Graine, now vampt, 
eta 1640. 4to. 643.0.22. 

— S€€ R., 8. The Knave [of] 
Clnbba, etc. [Satires in verse, 
by 8. R., i.e. Samuel Rowlands.] 
[1611.] 4to. 1076. i. 10. 

KNAVE. The Knave of Hart*. 

Haile fellow, well met. [Satires 

in vofKo, by S. Kowlands.] Printed 

for J. Backe, London, 1613. 4to. 

1076. i. 11. 

Without paginfttion. 


KNELL (Thomas) 5^ North- 
BROOKE (J.) Spiritusest Vicaiius 
Chrisii in terra. The poore mans 
Garden. [With an epistle to the 
reader signed : " T. Knel, Ju."] 
1573. 8vo. 224. b. 41. 

KNEVET (Ralph) Funeral! 
Elegies; Consecrated to the im- 
mortall memory, of the Right 
Honorable the Lady K. Paston, 
etc. T. Cotet, for A, Crooke, Lon- 
don, 1637. 4to. G. 11473. 
Without pagination. 

— Rhodon and Iris. A [dra- 
matic] Pastorall [in five acts 
and in verse], etc. Printed for 
M. Sparke, London, 1631. 4to. 

644. b. 61. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 162. a 74. 

KNEWSTUB (John) A Con- 
futation of monstrous and hor- 
rible here-sies taught by H. N. 
[i.e. H. Niclas,] and embraced of a 
number, who oall themselves the 
Familie of Love, etc. (A Sermon 
[on Titus II. 11-15] preached at 
Paules Crosse... Good Fry day... 
1576.) ». *. r. Dawton, for 
B, Sergier, London, 1579. 4to. 

697. e. 10. 

la without pagination. 


— Lectures of J. K. upon the 
twentith chapter of Exodus, and 
certeine other places of Scripture. 
Few MS. Notes. L, Barrieon, 
London, 1577. 4to. 3126. b. 

— Another edition. IS. E. 
MS. Notes. L. Harrison, [London,] 
1578. 4to. 219. e. 20. 





• 11.0.94. 

ia Pimm mmd wmmL ^ F. 

ieia. 4IO. 

w. a- 

SliHi J. 


of Itevwi Ytmt 8Ui 
Tttks of 
b adiM a 
_ a I 

of Amli% Ma. T. Ottm fm 
Jt & Mir,...MU If r. jirsdUU, 

1640. 4ta. 790.^.11. 

KMOLLB8 (Riciuio) 8m 
Boms (J.) TIm Sis Boolne of 
% OoMmimaiL ^ 0«l of Um 

tolo B^Uik bj B. K. 1606. IbL 


— TIm QommD Hfalorio of 
Um Tvrino fttMB tbo tnt begin- 
Biagoftliot Katioototho rking 
of tlM OtlKNBoa Fkmilja...To- 
t«tiMr with tho Uvw oad ooo- 
jMtooftboOthoMui Kim 

IMt. foL 9186.^ 

— >^~^— Togolhor with Uio 
IiTM...of tlio OUMNDoa King*... 
nnio tbe jonro 1610 ... Sooood 
oditioiu A. UUm, [LmAw,] 
1610. fol. &8S.IL6. 

lliinl cditic 
1631. IbL 

Unto... 1621 ...Tbo 

A. UUp, [Limdm:\ 

9135. g. 4. 

Unto tbo jonro 

1629...TboCMirUi edition. A.tMp, 
[Lfmd m: \ 1681. IbL ^9138. g. 6. 

Witb n 

tlMHUloai ftoM ... 1639 nbt 
1686, tbltbiyij ooUioled (oni of 
Ibe DiepnlobM of 8*. P. Wjobo. 
nad olbowt bj T. IT 

of tbo Tofbleb Bm|iIio :...bT 
B.K.> Tbo ill odittaT 8 ntl 
A. li^ [£4»dao,] 1688. fcL 

588. L 13. 

— Aaotbor oopj. 588. k. 6. 
laipeHiiei: mrnaMmg tttlif i^. 

KHOLLT8 {ShtTmum) 
Sir P. Knc41i» hi. epenob in Fbr- 
linaoal [on Epieoopnl mamnt- 
Mali relnled hf blnmlfc to... 
Sir w. CooiL Bm Sootlavik— 
r m U mmm i , Inlbnaotiune, or a 
protoitation (oflbred to tbe Par- 
liamont... 1. Jalii, 1606), oto. 
1608. 8TO. 4175. da. 33. 

KNOTS. Ocrtaiaa osoelkBt 
and now invonled Knota aad 
Maara, fcr plota for Oardeaa, oCe. 
^ ' ht J. MmieU, leaden, 

967. L 4. (6.) 


KMOTT (EowAJu) peeoA [ijt. 
Mattbiw WiLIOV.] MCbIU4JM>- 

woam (W.) Tbo Boligion of 
Proteetante, a fafo waj to Salra- 
tion ; or. An anewer to a booko 
[hj E. K^pmmd.1 oniitM, Morcr 
and Tmih, oto. Pt 1. 1688. Ibl. 
475. d. 8. 

— 8m Poma (C.) Want of 
Cbaritie jnetlj ooaigod on all 
enob Ronanieto at dani...afimi«t 
tbet ProtOBtanoia deetiojotb eal- 
Tation. In anewor to a late... 
Punpbltt intitalod Cbarity mie- 
lekon, Ola [by E. K.l 1688. 8ro. 


1684. 8V0. 1019. 0. 8. 

— [Charity mifttakpii. with tho 
went whereuf Cat holies are an* 




jnstly charged, for affinning... 
tliat rruteifUncy unrvponted do- 
atroye^ anlvation.] [/xmm^/h, 
1630.] 8vo. 3035. a. 

Imperfect : wanting tttlcpage. 

or tho knowledge and coiidiicte 
of warruSt etc. 1678. 4to. 

8825. bbb. 

KNOX (Joii!«) See Blast. 

Tho firMt Hiaat of th*e Trumpet 

against tlio Monstrnotis Regimont 

of women. [By J. K.l 1558. 8vo. 

C. 12. b. 18. 

An Ilarborowe for faith- 
fall and trewo Subjcctos, against 
the late blowno Blaato [by J. K.], 
ooncoming the Governmet of 
Women, etc. 1550. 4to. 

884. h. 1. (1.) 

— J. K.'h Limrpy. See LiTun- 
GiBS — Scotland, Church of. — Corn- 

— See Scotland, [llie fir^t 
booke of the History of the lie- 
formation of rcligioun within the 
real me of Scotland, etc. By J. K.l 
[1587.] 8vo. C. 25. c. 10. (1.) 

— See Scotland, Church of. — 
Oeneral Ataewhly, The Oidor and 
Doctrine of the Generall Fast 
holdiii at Edenburgli tho 25. day 
of !)ooeu)ber 1565. [By J. Knox] 
1603. 8vo. 643. c. 40. 

—VUaetobihu. 5mSmkton(T.) 
Ad... A. Haniiltonii Apoatolio I>ia- 
lugum, etc 

— See Tyrik (J.) Tho rofnta- 
tion of ane ansvor made by Schir 
Johne Knox, to ano loiter, tend 
Ih5 .1. Tyrio, to his nmquhyle 
brother, etc. !'TV ^v 

< ■ :: ■!. 23. 

— An Answer to a grent nom- 

ber of blasphemous cavillations 
written by an Anabaptist and 
adversarie to Gods eternal Pre- 
de»tinution. And confuted by 
J. Knox, etc. John Creepiu, 
[Cfewera.] 1560. 8vo. C.37.d.21. 

— Another o ipy. C. 12. d. 3. 

— Another edition. Imprinted 
...far T, Chard, L(md<m, 1591. 8vo. 

C. 37. d. 22. 

KNOX (John) The Appella- 
tion of J. Knoxo from the cruell... 
sentence pronounced against him 
by the false bishoppee and clergy 
of Scotland, with his supplication 
and exhortation to tho nobilitie, 
eatatea, and comunaltie of the 
same real me. (An admonition 
to England and Scotland to call 
them to repentance, written by 
A. Gilby.) Oeneca, 1558. 8vo. 
C. 37. d. 18. 

— Another copy. 205. h. 82. 

— Another copy. G. 10062. 
With a portrait of the author 

in^rtetl at the commencement uf 
the work. 

— The copie of a letter, ^ent to 
tlie ladye Mary dowagire. Regent 
of Scotland, by J. Knox in the 
yeare . 1556. Jlere is also a nota- 
ble sermon, made by the sayde 
J. Knox, wherin is evydentlye 
proved that tho masse is and 
alwayes hath bene abhomi- 
nable before God and Idolatrye. 
11.%. [Geneva f 1556.] 16mo. 

C. 21. a. 
Withont pagination. Register A-U. 

No we augmented 

and explanod by the Author, etc. 
/. Poulhin and A. BsM, (Genera, 
1558. 8vo. 295. h. 33. 

— A Faythfull admonition 
... untu the profeeaoura uf 
Gods truthe in England, wherby 



than MMtnml lr«n»9 llt*«^ 

»yII ImW kk 

A 1 

RNOXrJami) ArortiirilM 

<1i«l«CiaMltlM tlonMiOr iHbQl^ 
lium Cla [Wilh Ml MMffM to 

th« BiMfer* by A. FUaitif.] 

a 37. a. •. 

— A iMW WMv MBt too tU 
fiij^OiriiU in UmAm^ NowoMtelU 
IWnrykr, anil to all oUior within 
Um tmXmt off Bn^Mido, UmU k>ro 
tiM eoMiafO of o«ro Lotdo J«n«, 
^ doeUrftUo 
tliAl motto rrrteous 
...kittg EHwrnnl the Vl^ eto.) 
H. E. 2 pta. imprimUd tn Amm, 
4^«r« IW GmI<^ of «. ilMffl, [or 
rmllMr, Kj A. Sm gi H m , Limdtm,] 
ISM. 8m C. 37. d. 17. 

oto. ^A oosfco 
of praton oaaod 
tlio dMtli of tllA 

Pt 1 it 
WHIi IW prfaitat't dt. 


— A Mnaoa Urn ImL xirt. 
IS-aO] MMbod hw J. Knoi in 
tlio iSiUioM Midiaooo of the 
Chnnk of Edaibtoiigh,...Uio . 19. 
of Ang«»t.l585. 1^ tho which 
J. Rooso WM inhibito 
fbrn HMOB...T0 ihto 
a4ioyfwd oa oihortotioo onto 

J. Ki»ox«,i 

of ih« miniitofffo 

G. 11824. 

1m fiijUifitll within the anjdo 
l»o,...wnttoo bj Iho mum 
Idom, At tho on»Mi«niifiwt 

^~ AttOllMI^ Wi|>T» 

C 12, a, 17. «l. .• . 
t» |n »t n oMllaf Um Wm« l««r 

i«f IhtlMtiflht 

KOMENSKV i.Un Anui) 
I ViiMtuutti CooMttiMKiniBi t*n»> 
>»ai«. ctr, (l\irto Hntaonlino r»- 
Mcmto: 6ivo IV^MHiphiir Chrb- 
tUno) Sominorinm. iloo tot* 
Nov«...ei nlias mmm SoiMliM 
A Art., oaaimnai mtUioaiM. 
A I. A. C.) [Eaii.a by 

h. 1. 'y O.TmnmrmM,0£vmim, 

1887. It ' It»12. b. 23. (7.) 

— Asolhtroopj. 715. a. 30. (8.) 

— VvTiM Lingnumn, trilingnis 
reoermta A Apeiin, dve SemiuansM 
liagnmniai A Boioiiiianiai ooi- 
niom ... IWtIa oaitio. OfMra* 
■tuaio A olnonhmtioiio J. An* 
chorani. (Tbo Onto of TongVM 
nnludtoa. etc— CUm na IVhimb. 
...Wboma jon mmy ... 8nao tho 
Lotino naa Froooh for anv Eog* 
lith wofd, eto. [Bj W. Bolton. 
•UlL]) F Mtmidml Amm OriMm. 
n mi fill I MifkmKi Anrlt, Lon- 
dm^im. 8m 12902. ml 5. 

Tbt " CkiTfa " bM t atpmUc Ull»> 
Mg«,b«t Hm ragklar b eaoliiiMM 
tCw^liiiBt Tht WmMt part of 
tha ««ffk li pttolad ia 

ThoFonrth edition 

mnoh enlar)^ by J. Anrhnran. 
E, OrifUt for Jf. Sforke, Umdom^ 
1839. 8m 58. a. 33. 



— Bemrenai...viri J. A. Co- 
I^UMophuD rnKlrotnn*. in 

no aamifaaai illioa ... Oprria, 
taa, IVMbilitaa, Uulitaa, 
•oliae, p ei nacn e, A elcffaater 
aeiouatratnr. B, qnai nora hae 
editioM lUBiMnhil, inaioit 
fiOio 8. H.« etc [YAWrA 
8. HartUb.^ TpfisM.F 

m fine- 
tea bv 



Inu L, Fawie d S, Gellthrand, 
Landim, 1639. 12mo. 627. a. 1. 

The fMlitor*! 
to the pre&oe. 

i« mbtoribed 

afterwards Thbooosjus) Arehbishnp 
of Arta. Tow o-o^wrarov Kvpiov 0. 
Tov Kofiv^oKito^ wtpi irurrokuciay 
rvwiav. EXXrjywv iitraytvtartptav 
iirurrokai. *EK0«rtc ircm '?rnopucrK.) 
FEdited bv N. MeUxaa.] 2 pte. 
Em Qfiana O. 8., Landini, 
1625. 8vo. 236. h. 25. 

Pt 2 hM a leparaU Utlepage. 

KYD (Thomaa) See Garnibr 

("R.) Cornelia. [A tragedy ... 

Translated by T. K.] 1594. 4to. 

C. 34. e. 

, Pomney the Great, his 

faire Cornel iaes Tragedie ... 
Translated into English by T.Kid. 
1595. 4to. C. 34. e. 50. 

— See Horatio. The Spanish 
Tragedie, containing the lament- 
able end of Don Horatio, and Bel- 
imperia, etc. [By T. Kyd.l 
[1594?] 4to. C.34.d. 7. 

1610, etc. 4to. 11773.C. 
1615. 4to. 1076. i. 13. 
1623. 4to. 644. b. 63. 
1633. 4to. 644. b. 64. 

— See SuLAiHAN I., called the 
Oreat, Emperor of the Turks. The 
tragedye of Solyman and Perseda. 
[ByT. Kyd?] [1592?] 4to. 

11778. 0. 

1599. 4to. 11 773. a 

K T F F I N (Edward) See 
Wblbh. Car-wr y Cymru. [Pre- 
ceded by remarks on Welsh pro- 
nandatioo by £. K.] 1631. 16mo. 
872. b. 4. 


KYFPIN (Maurice) See 
Mauy, Queen of Scotland, A De- 
fence of the honorable Sentence 
and execution of the Qneene of 
Soots, etc. [By M. Kyffin.] 
[1587.] 4to. G. 1737. 

— See Terentius (P.) Afer. 
[Andrta,] Andria the first Co- 
moedie of Terence... translated... 
byM. K. 1588. 4to. C.34.e.49. 

— The Blessednes of Brytaine, 
or a Celebration of the Qiieenes 
Holy-day. Wherein is briefly dis- 
coursed the Most happy Kegiment 
of her Highnesa Newly set 
foorth with a New Addition Con- 
taining the late Aopidents and 
Occurrents of this yeeie 88. being 
the Thirtieth of hir Majesties 
Raigne. J. Wolfe, Lomdtm, 
1588. 4to. 840. h. 1. (1.) 

Without pagination. 

KYNASTON {Sir Francis) 
See Chaucer (G.) [Troilus and 
Cressida.] Amonim Troili et 
Creseidae libri dno priores An- 
glico-Latini. [The Latin version 
bySirF. K.] 1635. 4to. 

1162. f. 1. 

true reporto or description [in 
verse] of an horrible, wofull. and 
moste lamentable murther, doen 
in the citie of Bristowe by one 
Jhon Kynnestar, a Sherman by 
his occupation, declaryng howe 
wickedly ho murthored his owno 
wife, in the monethe of Augunt 
laste paste, and beyng taken, was 
haged the same moneth 1572, eta 
(An admonishment of the same 
[by Jude Smith].) ».*. H. Kirk- 
ham, Lomdcn, 1573. 8vo. 

C. 34. a. 19. 
Eight IcaTM, wilhoot psginaiioo. 

KYTCHIN (John) of Graif$ 
Inn, See KrrcuiN. 

ina. Itao. S45.ka3. 

L^ H. a Ai Malvhb (T.) 
J fay A. RomvlM Mid 1Vuti«la 
...DOW UQKlit Kogllib bgr II. tM«. 
MdtdlMrWlMd IMM Us. Umaj. Bum Omj of 
TwirfiM o»t of FnttoU LMBiaflo^ alWnrMdt EttI of 
i«lo ■H«i«ii [by A. U U. A. MiMMtb]. 1637. 13mo. 800&.A. 

L^ A. &» Caltui (J.) 8«^ 

Li^ A. flbi timmm fff ) AbU- A Bammaiy of Qm Uu f WBi w. 

TkwtoiM, 4«ai oontfoin dia- timMUtod into Boglitb bjr I. U, 

lqyM > 910. rWitli a dtdkmterr •le. 1618. 8to. l996.a. 

IMS. 4IOW 1008. a. 5, (2.) ^ uJIoi^ ooootmiM ibtCbmwIi 

orihciM.fcillfgiiMipfUi^Huly »«»^ »^ 1020. h. 10. (2.) 

War.wlMrafailidimvtrtd; TU l.,l. OwteiMEiiffliilMyi 

BHUoTWftr. TIm Good of Wait. r«iiiia«d: -Tho THonphs of 
noOvidA of War. la Um UmI Tfophrt**] praMOtad nnto ilta 
aC tiMM I r^^ » aoaatUag of QuSms moat asotUaai MaksUa. 

tbaCMitiaaTaoMakB,alo. [Bjr by • Ooartiar: U jojof Uia 
A.l^U.k.hd^tmL] [Lmdmf] i^ppi^ dMo-iag. of Um 
lC3i 4to. 4404. g ^^^^ ^ ' 

V o A -lu. by tba lata asaoatad Trmitoori, 

1^, r. luram Aagliaanua A^^inal b^ ravall oafaoo. and iha 



— AaotbaraoDT. 507.^2.(2.'^ Wbote JealouM© wm joHlj, tba 
^^ ^ ' all their ■trife. 

tb» l«v« 

ik. TSSfcaUd S [A BalUd .i^od M. LJ U. t. 

lfal«r«iSln. 2 pta. /MrMl0d.../ar & H'r^Al, 

Loadoa,ri686?1 .Proadiiifi fol 
I*^ 0. Tba Anatomie of iba Bos. L 264. 

BoaMoa dafcta ; or, a diMOvaria .«•«•• « « v 

of tba abaaii tbaiaot Writleo ^h^ ^: ,^ .???™!f" ('^ > 

i» Laliaa bj Msdria aatboia of Polit4rni»huia. Wit. OomiaoD^ 
11,^ ^y— ^^ Mofcainn. tnd tf *^ wcaltb«eto. [Editadaadailargtd 

Utad iato b|dkb man by )^3,,K ^ ^^^*^/^*;J 
G(aom]L[a«d«^RIUd./ii' [IWO?] Sm 1078. b. 6. 

B. J ffB iwn i . l4»adoa, 1828. 4to. [1805?] 12aM». 

8M8.bbw7. '^ l^.na.48. 

n^ 0mm. 6ratl» Ln [1840?] 12bkk 

Jntia tnm tba UniTor G. 18444. 




L., r. The CoDfiUnt Lover, 
Who his afieotion will not move. 
Though he live not where he 

[A BalUd dffned P. L., ue, Peter 
Lowbery?] «. %. 2pt8. PrinUd 
far H. Gouon, London, [1630?] 
Broadside fol. Rox. I. Gd. 

L., R., Oeni., Mercer. 
See La. (Ro.) of the County 
Noiiinghamf Oentleman. 

L.y R., Oentleman, Diella, cer- 

iaine Sonneta, adjoyncd to the 

amorous Poeme of Dom Diego and 

Qinevra^ By R. L. Gentleman 

e. Richard Linch ?]. Printed/or 

. OUey, London, 1596. 16mo. 

C. 80. a. 19. 

Without pagination. Big. A-F. 

L., Sir S. See Hildebranut (A.) 
[Theg]enoalogie[a]nrd] Pedigree 
of the...kingH in Suuden... Trans- 
lated by Sir S. L. 1632. 4to. 

796. g. 12. (3.) 

L., T. See Lambard (W.) Ar- 
cheion, etc. [Edited by T. L., 
••«. T. Lambard.] 1635. 8vo. 

607. a. 33. 

L., T. The Devil conjured. 
[By T. L., I.e. Thomas Ix)dge.] 
V. I. A, leiipfor W. MaU, Lon- 
don, 1596. 4to. 232. 1. 2. 
Without pagination. 

L., T., of Lincolne Inne, Oent, 
Catharus. Diogenes in his Singn- 
laritie. Wherein is comprehended 
his morrio l)aighting fit for all 
nieuH benefits : Christened by him, 
A Nettle for Nice Noses. By 
T.Lf odge] of Lincoln's Inne,Gont. 
H. 1. W. IhMm A J. Danter 
for J. ByMe, London, 1591. 4to. 
0. 27. b. 12. 

L., W. The conflict in con- 
science of a deare Christian, 
named Bessie Clarksone, in the 
palish of Lanark, which shee lay 
under three, yeare & an half. 
With the conference that past 
betwixt her Pastor and her at 
diverse times. [By W. L., i.e. 
William Livingbtone.] ... Newly 
corrected, etc. J. Wreittoun, 
Edinbimjh, 1630. 12mo. 

4920. aa. 49. 

L., W. Tlio Incomparable 
Jewell, shewed in a sermon [on 
Prov. XXXI. 10,]... preached... at 
the solemnization of a marriage, 
etc. [By W. L.] R. Yonwj. Lon- 
don, 1632. 4to. 4473. b. 35. 

LA. (Jo.) Oent, Tom Tel- 
Troths message, and his pens 
complaint ... Written by Jo[hn] 
La[ne] Gent. [In ver«e.] For 
B. Howell, London, 1600. 4to. 

C. 39. e. 39. 

LA. (Ro.) of the County Not- 
tingham, Oentleman. A Letter: 
whearin, part of the entertain- 
ment untoo the Queenz Majesty, 
at Killingwoorth Castl, in War- 
wik iSh'eer in this Soomerz Pro- 
gress 1575. iz signified: from a 
freend officer attendant in the 
Coourt (Ko. La. of the Coounty 
Nosingham Gentlman [i.e. Robert 
Laneham]) untoo hiz freend a 
Citizen and Merchaunt of London. 
[Subscribed " Par me R. L. Gent 
Mercer.'] [London, 1575.] 8vo. 
C. I2.e.l. 

LABE (I^uisb) The Debate 
between FoUie and Love, trans- 
lated out of French by R. Green. 
See Grkcne (R.) Greenes Carde 
of Fancie, etc. 1608. 4to. 

95. b. 19. 

L.,W. 50« Viu..,,iU8MAR0(P.) LACTANTIU8 (Luaos 

[Bueoliea,] Yirgils eologiieis CatLius Firuianus) L. Laotaniii 

translated into Lnglish by W. Firmiani Carmen. De paotione 

L[isle]. 1628. 8vo. 1068. b. 29. dominica. De rcsurrectione. De 

I \ i> I \ I. fSI 

PlMk^ Unit UIU in UtKlrm LA FRAMBOItlBRB 

Vitfiah iriiwuf Om— m »ilii<m> (Niomjh Amunah Mh AatMnr 

Ab ■MMMiMlteiiiA flitffatkwi mUmmI Id know iIm Cmmm aad 

iMiiniii «UUiM. fbOM f 8ifM of lU IImow mom raWtli 

IMO»] iio. M7. b. 1. billMBo4j,Mi4loairDMlli9iiiby 

•HUi: «MiMi« mJfy U^ tbittipi koitfal, tlo. [TrmMkiod 

i^k-CWv^^lHiiwIiMi fhMi UmU |«rt nf Um JIrd DUfNi- 

2-1.] 8m Wvum (V.) Tb» MO. •.it (3.) 

(^•'••:?v'i!L*?J^. l^ LAONBRIUS (Prow) &• 

Cimo(M.T.) [AMiM.] 8«o- 

iMite CleaiVNih, D w an rt biib, 

LADBNSSa &• CAsmm. •«•• [BdiUid by P. L] 1614. 12mo. 

1385. a. 20. 

LATTON (AuDuamn) 



L*^?IT. u5?^ LAKE rA«Tiii;«) Btdbif •/ 
to Mud biddM 5^ ^mrf ng||^ SormoM with 

^ P«?- •MMBtUirioMMidDiWM IMi- 

■JJJ*»f«J*«J^^ tmtioM...Wbii«uito k 

M. mif km, Lmdtm. 1639. 4to. JV. BMfir, iM^om 1629. fof. 

1036. L 35.(1.) ^012. d. 19. (1.2) 

i^^^^ ^ ^^.^TT- Arfl:Jforf«f.JUmA»,1640r4tOw 

1639. M. 644. k. 31. 694. d. 5.(1.) 

-AoolbtrooFj. 163.M.84. lAK^ (Owwo) A Probe 

LAXT(GAirAB) &«ErBiii»- Tbeologioill : or, tbe 6n*t pett of 

fcit**. AlmMMlMMdmniMtotic*- tbo Chrutimi. Pb«tori proof© of 

tMiiifor...MOOOOC«id^XXVlL >>» ^n>ed P.mhionjni l-.itb, 

[B/O.L.] [1537.] «.dL lul. •««• /•prt»lrrf/or IT. L««i», L^^ 

C. ia«.(29».) *»,1«12. 4to. 873. b. 25. 

LA FAYB (AJIT0151 Ml) 8m LAKB8 (Tboiu;) Sm Bms- 

BiUt (T. M) PktipoMtioiit ... of """«» . '-^••- Tb«. Coantrsy. 

I>iTtiiitio V^f^^ • in «^ ***^ lUl«id«r...By T. L. 

yiyw ilie of OBmya, XrfJ nUkam L'ALLOUXTTB ( 

Jaoobi. The cmm of IVeaiti 

LA FONTAIKB (Botnrr nc) or Um; n and tttaittdor of 

5rr I.i Minxrlt t«) R. La i*t boiBg OBdilod 




upon the Statute of 16. Rich. 2. 

Cap. 5. (Of the Kiog*t eooleidas- 

ticallLaw.) [LaiuUmf 1607?] 4to. 

1130. b. 41. 

Withoat tit1«pftge. 

De) The A 1^(11 men t of Mr. P. de 
la M., A<lv.>cHte in the Court of 
Purliament of Paris, made in Par- 
liament ... For the liector and 
Uiiivoniitie of Paris, Defendants 
and Opponents, against the Jesuits 
Demandants, and recjuiring appro- 
bation of the Letters Patents 
which they had obtained, giving 
thorn power to reade and to teaoh 
i>ublikely in the ... Universitie. 
Translated out of the French 
Copie, etc. [by G. Browne]. 
London, 1612. 4to. 8356. aaa. 

With a ipuriona autograph of 
Shakespeare, on the recto and vereo 
of the titlepage, forged by 8. W. H. 

LAMB. The Lambes Feast. 
See S., W. A newe 6alade...of 
the Lambes Feast 1574. Broad- 
9ide fol. Rox. III. 8, 9. 

LAMBARD(T.) 5e« L., T. 

LAMBARD (William) See 
Knolani). WpxoLt-ovofiia, sive de 
priiicis anglurum logibus libri... 
O. L. interprete. Anglo-Sax. and 
Lai. 1568. 4to. 508. c. 7. 

— See JusTici op the Peace. 
The contontes of this booke* 
Fyrsto the booke f«T a Justice of 
Peaoe, etc. MS. Notes [by W. L.]. 
1569. Svo. 516. a. 5. 

— Arohion ; or, a Commentary 
upon the Iligh Courts of Justice 
in England. Printed for D. Frere, 
London^ 1635. 8vo. 507. a. 32. 

Printed hy E. P,/or KSeOe^Lon- 
don, 1635. 8vo. 507. a. 83. 

LAMBARD ^William) The 
duties of Constables, Borsholders, 
Tithing-men, and such other lowe 
Ministers of the Peaoe. Where- 
unto be also adjoyned the severall 
offices of Churchwardens, of Sur- 
veyors for amending the high 
waye8,eto. I$.Z. B, Newberie and 
E. Middleton, London, 1583. 8vo. 
6281. aa. 24. (2.) 

— Another edition. B. %, 

B. Newberie and H, Midleton, 
London, nS4. 8vo. 1381. b. (2.) 

Enlarged by the 

...authourl587. ».». B. New- 
berie and H. Midleton, London, 
1587. 8vo. 6282. a. 1. 

— Another edition. U. %, 

C. Yetsweirty London, 1594. 8vo. 

230. k. 5. 

— Another edition. W. Z. 
T, Wight, London, 1602. 8vo. 

516. a. 8. (2.) 

Enlarged in the 

yeare 1606. 9». l. Printed for 
the Companie of Stationen, London, 
1606. 8vo. 6282. aa. 9. (2.) 

' Enlarged in the 

year 1610. ». I. Printed for 
the Companie of Stationere, London, 
1610. 8vo. 6281. aa. 25. (2.) 

Newly corrected, 

and enlarged aoc«ording to the 
authors copie. [Edited by T. L., 
I.e. T. Umbard.] MS. Nona. 

— Another copy. 

6282. aa. 10. (2.) 

— Eironarcha : or of the Office 
of the Justices of Peace, into two 
bookes: gathered . 1579. and now 
revised and fii-ste published, eta 
». t. MS. Notes. B, Newbery 
and H. Bynneman tU ike am, of 
Bi, Tot. d Ckr, Bar., London, 
1581. 8vo. 1381. b. 

— Another edition. H. %. 
B. Newber^ and H. Binnewum, 


Im Ikt mmf 0/ R. T>mtM mmi — AmUmt 00|qr. MM), oil. 

-AMiiMr^Aitioii. E.jr«ii«ry -A«nkir«nr. o. am. 

m4 H. Biiww, via, Lw iw , — — — New faoPtani mhI 

IMS. tm iSSl.MkM.(l.) lUteMd *IWr iIm MtJboni owm 

■ rm Jialt, iMKyiif aMU^ri of — AboUmt oofij. 0. 13. a. 12. 

IMsTavo »W.a.ia. — AaotWoopy. 0. 8W5. 

IV-AftfMa-MvMhMiptci. LAKBBrJoa) Abritlbd*. 

■■■*^ toriplioB of iU ttoloriow lUb of 

1^11114 acM- J.LMibt.oaMrwiit«ll«IDoolor 

ftUylolWi«fbnM<dMi»iHiw ImiIw. TonlW with hk It 

orihtBnotwte llM87.T«mor MNniakm DmUl iiwiiiwIiS, 

BUmbtUi, tie. V. E. lett. 41a C.aO.<Ll8. 

MO. k fi. (1.) ABotber oopj. 0. 1089. 

— AmUmt •dttioo« H. ft. 

616. A. a. (1.) 

Bkiada uA jmImmoI of sMbltr 
P. Umbtri of Atohm of tbo 

>r I&0 


Uotly oditioii. 11. J. . ,1 ui cptan,^ aad bondo, Md 

«»Z.M.V.(I.} pUlt...NowolTo triUUtod iolo 

- Aootorr dUtSoB. ». ft. fcflWie bj NOoboU.} Umm\ 

n-njiirj rm, •to. ii.ft. /. j^«Mtir^&ri^ 

1610. 8fo. loiidoi^ [1548]. 8to. 42W. a. 

•aai. M. as. (i.) u^mb«rt(Jo«h)ia. jr-nyr. 

«Wf> MS. Nom. A tnatjrw mad. by J. L. nnio 

6283. M. 10. (I.) Kjrag* Hraiy llie.Tiij.. ooo- 

LAMBARD (Witmii) A !!I[IIJSf J^ J*»^r* ".u*'* 

Md writtao (f.* tlM «ort pvt) in l?^L£?f M'^i" ^ r^r^lT^ 

ef<J>i ^ Um .aaitiaB of MM '"*^^ *~- c- **• •• »»• 

ia l*iiJ^? iS2S5l!'r^ T.8oott...l.yJ.L,rto. I«28. 4U>. 

MJS. noniL If. JnMHMi /or ^ »« _ .« 

A. /iiwtuw* JLwi i tB, 1576. 4io. 

678. r. 1 . LAKBSTH ARTICLB& 
nino A— itiuut, or Ai 

TahiIiIwUi, OOMpOMd 

VfO.1. 1. ■>WP 




agroed upon at Lambhoih-honse, etc. .SIc^God. Gotl no 

ImpotftornurDolQiler. [1630.] 4to. 

4103. b. 5. 

Articuli Lainbcthani : Id CBt, L 
Articulontin Ijauibotlm exhibi- 
tornin HiHtoiia. IL Atticuli de 
rruHlestinatione, & annexis ca- 
pitibuB k I). VVhitakcro Lain- 
Detbffi propofliti. IIL lidein 
prout ab Episoopis Theolugisque 
oonoepti & admiMii. IV. Lance- 
loti Andrew6s,...deSynodooblati8 
Artioulis Judicium ; xmk cum 
ejuMdem CensurA Consum D. B.'ir- 
roti, de Cortitudine salntis. Qai- 
bu8 annexa est V. Sontcntia D. 
Overal ... de Pnedestinatione ... 
Cura...F. G. Ecclesiae S" Nicolai 
apud TrinobantoK Ministri. Typii 
a. />., Londini, 1631. 12mo. 

4902. uaa. 22. (3.) 

LAMBI (Giovanni Battista) 
See Hkvklation. A Revelatiou 
of tho secret spirit. Declaring 
the most concealed secret of 
Alchymie. Written first in 
latino by an unknowne author, 
but explained in Italian by J. B. 
Lambye, etc. 1023. 16mo. 

8610. aa. 11. 


CiCEUo(M. T.) [Orations.] Ora- 

tionum ... Volumen primum ex 

emondationeD.L.,etc. 1585. 8vo. 

835. c. 5. 

[Ad Famth'areB.] M. T. 

CioeroniH Kpi8tola)...a l). L....ex 

C(Mlioibu8...emondat«. Kjusdem 

1). T tationea. 1579. 8vo. 

101*05. a. 

1591. 8vo. 10905. a. 

LAMBYB (Jons Baitista) 
S*'r Lamhi ((J. B.) 

LAMENTATION. A L.. in — See Harriot (T.) A briefo 
whichc is shewcil what Kuyne and true report of the new found 

and dcfitmction oomcth of sedi- 
tious robollyon. [By Sir J. 
Cheke?] 19. %. In aedOmM 
T. BertheUti, L^ndini, 1536. 4to. 
C. 38. d. 7. 
Without iKiginatioD. 

Lamentation of a new married 
man, briefely declaring the sor- 
row and griefe that oomes by 
marrying a young wanton wife. 
(An answer sent to the young 
mariied man, written most 
friendly by his gentle Wife Nan.) 
[A Ballad.] 10. %. 2 pts. Printed 
00 the Assignee of T. Sipneoek^ 
[London, 1625 ?] Broadside fol. 

Box. I. 216. 

( de; See Gvkz (J.L.) Sieur 

de Balzac. The Letters of Moun- 
sieur de Balzac, etc. (The Pre- 
face... by... de la M. A.) 1634. 4to. 
10909. e. 

LANCASTER (Sir James) 
[Voyages, etc.] See Hakluyt (R.) 
The principal Navigations, etc. 
Vol.3. 1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

LANCASTER (Thomas) The 
ryght and trew understadynge 
of tho Supper of the Lord and 
the use therof fay thfully gathered 
out of y* holy Scriptuies, etc, 
».3l. J.2\«rie,L<md<m,[1550?J 8vo. 
3932. a. 
Withunt pagination. 

LANE (John) 
See La. (Jo.) Oent, 

LANE (Uai.i»h) An account 
of t)io...imployments of tho Kng- 
lish men left in Virginia by Sir 
B. Oroenevill...from the 17 of 
August 1585 untill the 18. of 
June 1586. See Haki.uyt (R.) 
The principal NuvigatioUH, etc. 
Vol.3. 1598. etc. fol. 683. h. 6. 

LAX m 

Iaa4 oT Vlnliik. *»». fWltli • — AmUmt copy. C M. f. 

b.aAlt (Eombit) IimmImi (If Slnuv — SmoU 

lia.)^dbCbM%JMii^ l.ACoiMlttUorooMQktiM 2. A 

«4m. Oowfort •gftloti DMMTftllott a. 

^Mcpi^J f i tf i l ww ||K» Jo* 3 Cbftm. tsun. I2J. 

IN* I Mid kaiyd a W /W /. CMk l4»Am, 

rmntrfoHo, OftlM leji. 4to. 447i. oo. M. 
ftrrm LAofrmnrt, Laii- 

' «PM luo briofo: ULMOHAM ( Mart) je«pKM. 

• tfiiMlitfawM Am Ooimuuu (P.) In •nkottoo 

AodBowftril Bi'MlMmi domiiii...T. 8tjU... 

^lydlio prjrnto nvpliM tpitiMkaiiiiai. 

th •nnri^l LANOLAKD (WitUAii) 8m 


^T« of Pleroe Plowman, etc [ Attri 

^ ^ -t Uio...Abitm. both of 11628. c. 87. 

Md pbyiiolM, oto. 1661. 4to. 81.a.86,87. 

782. b.1. LAMOHAM (WiLLUM) Tbo 

Omidoo of llaalUi, otmttjmng thm 

...irortMt and properties of all 

kindea of Stmplea and Planta, ato. 

P) OM H.IL LoMloa, 1679. 4U>. 450.0.6. 

— Anotbor oopj. 460. a. 4. 



jujicr .iicv.* Xha aaoood Edi- 

«•*■•)• •'' Hon, corrected and ammdod. 

H. E. r. Harptt. Ixmdam, 

_ Q_ T 1633. 4to. 460.0.6. 

^'^ ~ Anotbor oopj. 286. b. 88. 


^» ' nt Christa Feet,ra 

ke X. 42] wiibtbo 

...< (iriMTinn life, and oottfortablo 

*<^ death of M*** Ifanr 8wmtfM» fcr 

,, ..M iwrii .dvoii- |||9 tooouigisg of all Chruttan 

icoeaM: tog^lbor witb QanUawota , oto. ». I. Pn«i«l 

tike a»^ptaon of tbo Ooostriaa, ^ jf, f^ j^ !• HV^ londw^ 

Tow»Mj M|dJbbob itantaa of^tbo [leioT] 8yo. 684. a. 48. 

i^SogUab bj W. P(bmip). --Anotbor oditioo. lhm$^ 

78V. a. 16. 6608. o. 





LANOLET (Thomas) Camm of 
Winche$ier. iS^ Veboiuus(P.) An 
abridgemet of the notable worke 
of P. Virgile oonteignyng the 
devUera and fyrat fjmdera out... 
of rites and ceremonies oommonl^ 
tued in the churcho... Compendi- 
ously gathered by T. L. 1546.-8vo. 
720. a. 30. 

1661. 8m 721. a. 6. (1.) 

[1570.] Svo. 721. a. 40. 

LANOLET (Thomas) Philo- 
«uiM. See Ephemerides. A now 
Almanack and Prognoetioation... 
By T. L. 

LANGLOIS ( ) called 
Fahcan, Canon of St. HonorS. 
See Chronique. The Favourites 
Chronicle. [Translated from the 
"Chronique des Favoris" of 
Langlois.J 1621. 4to. 284. b. 3. 

LANOTON (Christopher) An 
intro<luction into phisycko, wyth 
an universal dyet, gathered by 
C. Langton. ». It. E. Whytchurche, 
London, [1550 ?] 8vo. 773. a. 1. 

— A very brefe treatise, ordrely 
declaring the pricipal partes of 
phisick, that is to saye : Thynges 
natural. Thynges not naturall. 
Thynges agaynst nature. i0. %. 
E, Whitekurehe, London, 1547. 8vo. 

8707. aaa. 
Without pagination. 

LANQUET (Hubert) 
See Brotus (8. J,)pMud. 

— See Spain.— Philip II., King, 
The Apologia or defence of tlie 
most noble Prinoe William... 
agaiuMt the pruclamation and 
edict, published bythn King of 
Spaine, etc. [By H. Languet? 
or P. de Loy seleur ?] 1 68 1 . 4to. 

164. g. 16. (1.) 

A Treatise against the 

Proclamation published by the 

King of Spayne, by which he 

Sroscribed the late Prinoe of 
'range, etc. [Translated from 
of H 

the French 
[1581.] 4to. 

1055. g. 16. (4.) 

LA NOUE (Francois de) 
called Braade-fer. The politicke 
and militarie discourses of the 
Lord de La Nouue. IfV hereunto 
are adjoyned oertaine observa- 
tions of the same Author, of 
things happened during the three 
late civill warres of France... All 
faithfully translated out of the 
French by E. A. [i.e. Edward 
•A^SfgH- «• *• Printed for T. 0. 

and E, A. hy T. Orwin, London, 
1587. 4to. 8006. c. 

LA NOUE (Odet de) Sei^nemr 
de Teligni. The profit of impri- 
sonment. A paradox... Translated 
by I. Sylvester. See Salustb du 
Bart AS (G. de) Bartas his Devine 
weekes and workee. 1605,etc. 4to. 
11475. e. 

1613. 4to. 11474. e. 

LANQUET (Thomas) An 
Epitome of cronicles conteining 
the whole discourse of the histories 
as well of this real me of England, 
as all other countreis... gathered 
out of most^bable auctors, fyrst, 
by T. L., from the beginnyng of 
the world to the incamaoion of 
Christ, and now finished and con- 
tinued to the reigne of...kyiige 
Edwarde the sixt by T. Cooper. 
ISl. %. T. Berikelei, London, 
M.D.LXIX [1649]. 4to. 9006. bb. 

Tiilepaffo mutilated. The colo- 
phon bean the date 1540. 

— Another oopy. MS. Non. 
196. a. 19. 
The last leaf is wanting. 

To the reigne of... 

Qnene ElirAbeth, by R. Crowley. 
9i. I. In mdibna Tkowm Mmru!$, 
Londim, 1669. 4to. 9606. a. 

LAN r A r ft? 

AmUmt Mnr* Ml. 4. 1. Liiil«»..lMMlfil«i Mad* la 
II Utw a • D. T. MMI...HM 

iW MMUMT oC UM wImIs iimnd- 

Qmm 3iUffo Vy...T. Oooptr. 0.»fH«t^ 

II.E. xaK 

yUiim b3r...T. Ooomt. 

LANTKRN. A lAoUiorMlbr 

vuiUitf Um tttU 

Bos. L 180. 

^ E&m bifpiiioUM Um Lmi- 

— AmCImt •ditioa. ». &. tjrtt«of |y|bt. [By J. Grim#?J 

4IO. 098. a 1. »• *; ^ Wh«S I <« rf <«> 

[1580?] 8to. C. 2I.A. 


— AaoClMr oo|i]r. O. &880. 

LAlftBBSQBM (Paiumm 
irx«>SitRM(AO CoMMotaai LANTXB (JEmuja) Un. 

?^!SJI!?***~- *»"• P!J7 Ulnlng, 1. llMPteikiaorCbritt 

Ua t Urg lt. ...mfg— wata ... r»M« a. Et« Apologk ia dataea of 
Ul^ato. 1884. 4to. 881. k. 29. WoMMa. LtL 

of tha 
oTJaranlaai. 4. Tha 

\Jjn (Tftamu) [TbaDaOia SS^r"^S~~V^ *?• 

Mate of a Okfiti^ ale.] ??^'**i?*L'^5^^.^*^J^ 

1. [laadia, 1890f] Itao. ^ J^ *^ 1^1***^?'^! "^ 

*• J taiaga aui mfit to be rmd. fin 

bijjS^ 'HSi!ft""™'iiu^tlit ^^■**»1*"- *'o- 1078. g. 80. 

milaSl^nk wmatlag It gfw of th> tilhillij 

■niter, Tis. «*T» IW Udfo Am- 

— Tba Dailj Bsaiaiae of a bilk.''-ToiWL«Ut8M«.aMa. 

Cbrtff^f«n • ■afhaiad oat of the **^ DowtfMr of Koai,** "TIm 

Mj aci1ptaiai,^arT ptafiteble... g^ CbwIiMi Dovmt of 

forallaHatM^ala. ll.m. iVnteii bmAo.** *1VitlM uSTsail 

^ ^ b^aad-Tblto 

XJl PLAOB (Pnas m) TA 
tiaaHae of tba aToalkacfe of'a 
Cbriatian lfan« and bowa ba na j 
ba knowna; wriUaa in Fkaaab bv 
P. da la P....wbaf«aatD la addad, 
Tba Ufa and dialb of tba Mid 

aatbor (by P. da Fkraao*) UmMim- 

qalbai |»o loa» at giada a^jam L. ToaMoa.] H. ft. 

waUatla dbgaU a«ttaitar7.M. [laadoa, 1878.] 8m 898. a. 14. 
BMati ... boa apaa ... fal 4 T. ImtmUei: ■■atiMliw Willi lai 




— Another edition. 
a Barkar, l/mdtm, 1577. 

8932. a. 

— Another copy. C. 21. ft. 

DE) ThoFrencli Acadeniio,wherin 
is discoursed the inKtitution of 
matiers, and whatsoever els oon- 
oemeth the g^ood and happie life 
of all estates and callings, by pre- 
oeptes of doctrine and examples of 
the lives of ancient sages and 
famous men . . . Newly translated 
into English by Tfhomasj 
BTowes? or Thomas Beard?], 
K BoUi/ani for T, Bishop and 
B, Neiebery, London, 1586. 4to. 
8406. ee. 
The tranfllaior*! nrefkoe is signed 
•• T. B. C." 

The second edition. 

ImpentU Georg. Bishop^ Londini^ 
1589. 4to. 716. c. 33. 

The third edition. 

(The second part of the French 
Academie. Wherein ...the crea- 
tion, matter... profite and use of 
all the partes of the frame of man 
are handled... Translated out of 
the second edition, etc.) 2 pts. 
Impenait Oeorg, Bishop, Londini, 
1594. 8vo. 8406. cec. 

Pt 2 has a distinct titlepage, 
paginatioD, and register. 

The fourth edition. 

(The second part of the French 
Aoademie, etc. The third Volume 
...contayning a description of the 
whole world... Englished by R. 
Dolman.) 3 v<ds. Impentii ueorg, 
Biikop^Londini, 1602-05-01, 8vo. 
8405. dd. 
Vol. 1 only Is of the fourth edition. 

Vol. 2 is ** tmiinlatoJ out of the 


Tiio hit edition. 

r. Adams, London, 1614. 4to. 

8405. dd. 
The first pt only. 

DE) The Fi eiieh A'adeiuio. Fully 
discoursed and fmibhcd in foure 
bookes. 1. Institution of man> 
ners... ; 2. Concerning the soule 
and body of man ; [translated 
from the French by T, B. C, i.e. 
Thomas Bowes, clerk ? or lliomas 
Beard ?] 3. A notable description 
of the whole world. (Englished 
by R. Dolman.) 4. Christian 
philosophie (translated out of 
French by W. P.). This fourth 
part never before published in 
Englihh. 4 pts. Printed for 
T. Adams, London, 1618. foL 

12204. k. 1. 
Each pt. has a separate titlepage. 

LA RAMEE (Pierre de) See 
DiuBY (£.) De duplici Methodo 
libri duo, unicam P. Rami Metho- 
dum refutantes, in quibus via 
plana ... ad scientiarum cogni- 
tionem elucidatur, etc. 1580. 8vo. 
627. o. 25. (1.) 

— See Gr., p. Grammatica 
Anglicana, prsecipu^ quatenus k 
Latina differt, ad unicam P. Kami 
methodum ooncinnata, etc. 
1594. 8vo. G. 7479. 

— See ScRiBONius (G. A.) Tri- 
umphus logicas Rameo, ubi turn 
in ipsa praecepta P. Rami addita, 
turn in universes ejus interpretes pro- 
ponuntur,etc. 1583. 8vo. 1134.a.2. 

— 5e« Spencer (T.) The art of 
logick, delivered in the preoepts 
of Aristotle and Ramus, eta 
1628. 8vo. 527. b. 29. 

— The three partee(~th6 
fourth parte) of Comuieutaries, 
containing the whole and perfect 
disoourse of the civill warres of 
Fran nee, under the raignes of 
Henry the second, Frances the 
second, and of Cbarlee the ninth, 
[by P. de La Ram^or rather J. De 

LAS n$ 

8^«^: villi •m AMikm oT Um *aMiffMOiH«t& 1^ 

kl kmtOm ^ iIm AdUMA Biummtu. LmiUL IMt. Sm 

ttt. «. St. (7.) 


DnU (AvTomt) aUM Saool. 

MotU •io»ll«iil MtdiUlioM «p- 

Um txtii. PImIom, wHUm U 

^ SmUI, Md BOM 

"^P.XLa WmStT^ *' 'h1 into BnglMi... 

\» _ by \1 . >> < Aikinaoo), Oto. V. E, 

LA ItAlCnCPnDUUlM} Tbe / Dmnm, /or T. Cbo&i mJ 

EloMtttivorOooMlm. \l^riltoo r.JfaisL«iiioi^l579. 8va80B9.aA. 
fai Luia bT...P. SMi«t...Mi4 

lUUifnlly UmMbltd br T. Hood, LA800 (JoAimn a) BmAm 4/ 

•to. J. Il7«d<>r r tUod. Lm- F«M9Pri«. &• Lmmoiw.— Uw- 

4tm. 1590. Sra 8639. A. Don. Formgm Rt/onmd Chmrrh •«. 

— Liimrfjf, FortiM ao ratio tuU 

— Via Ragia ad OaoM«ria». tootoaiatioi Miaialarti* ia pafv- 


r. CbiM....aJ4 If JC. terl«. Im- — Brtria ao dilooida da 8aei»* 
4m. IMS. Sm 639. b. 10. MBlia BodUiia CbrUli traolalio^ 

y^ !!r^y ^ y oi mf y...Wriltaa grioofmrn ... Bodaala: inadMa 
i« L^aa bj P. Baaa*. aad dow loodinl...aooo...lWO...A«tofaJ. 

?«H^ h4 ••••^^H ^...w. ftL..«UL ri5w.i 8T0. a85.a.i». 

Tb^ I^wlb* «r P BmmiM ip q«>6>fc»a ipi>> d* ralto, lotiaa 
-» Taa liCMmBa aaaiaa " ■M^tariM MHiri jaiaiirafa 

Maftyr, aawlj tianrfafad, and in 

dtvtn plaow corf c la d ...par M. p„^£ _^ , ^ 

R. MakjIaMMiui 8eolom« ato. 1552. g^^ 0.11698! 

With Ibt 

r. Faih ■■rif II . londja, 1574. 8to. 

8467. a. 

— TbaArtofLogick. QaUMrad LA8a SWP.,L. Tba menr 
of ArialolK and aai in dna oonoritod Laaaa» ata [1640^ 

bgrP.Baaaa. Traoalatad BfmdminUA. Bos. L 260. 

tbe Latin of tlM'^Dialaotka" « « *# »m. «f^ 

of R do U R.] , lHAl«-d.,b3r , ^ ^./: J^W.^lJ^ 

A-Woilon. L.ido..l626. sVi ff~;,!lii,?^Z!J2!^ ' 

8467. a. ••^ t»«»*^] ^^"^^'"f ..^ 

Ros. L 533. 

— P. Raaina...bia Dialcolioa in mu 1 1 v.-ai t^— . 

«^ -t-— »^ t _ ♦^-^j.t-^ — Tba lorelT Nortbana LaaM 

iwobookaa. Rolonalytimnalatad ^bo in tbu ditty b«a ocpUin- 

into BMikh, bat a&o digaalad ^»'',» «>»auij 
into iiaMlioaa and aaaw«tiL...BT .^ ^* "^owaa 

GruBOMiieia firadoa. oolUcta : Bos. L tM> 




LASSELS (John) See Wicli? 
(J.) Wicklioflfes Wicket... With 
the protestacion of J. Lassels, etc. 
[1548.] 8vo. 1360. a. 3. 

[1550?] 8vo. G. 11996. 

(Garcia) El Inea, Obeervations 
of Things most remarkable, ool- 
leoted oat of the first Part of the 
Commentaries Royall, written by 
the Inca G. de la V.— The Sup- 

filement of the History of the 
neas, briefely collected out of the 
Anthor*s second Part. See Pur- 
OHAS (S.) Pnrchas his Pilgrimes, 
etc. Ft, 4. 1625. fol. 679. h. 14. 

LATHAM (Simon) Lathams 
.Falconry, or the Faulcons Lure 
and Cure : in two Bookes. The 
first, concerning the ordering... of 
all Hawkes in generall; especially 
the Haggard Fauleon Gentle. 
The second, teaching approved 
medicines for the cure of all 
Diseases in them, etc. (Lathams 
new and second Booke of Falcon- 
rie, concerning the training up 
of all Hawkes that were unmen- 
tioned in his first Booke of the 
Haggart Fauleon, etc.) 2 pts. 
Printed,..hy I. B. fw B, Jackson, 
London, 1615. 18. 4to. 7907. bb. 

Each pt bat a wparate Utlepage, 
pagination, and register. 

— Another copy of pt. 2 only. 

7905. 0. 

— Another edition. 2 pts. 
T. Harper for J. Hari9on, London, 
1633. 4to. 7905. o. 46. 

LATIMER (Hugh) Bithop 
of Worcester. The judgement of 
B. Latimer... in his sermon upon 
Septuagesima. See A., J., of Ail- 
ward. An Hittoricall Narration, 
«to. 1631. 4to. £.21.(10.) 

1- See Lord's Pratbr« Seven 
■ermons, made npon the Lordet 
Prayer, etc. 1572, etc. 4to. 

4452. bb. (2.) 

LATIMER (Hugh) BUkop of 
Worcester. See RiULET (N.) suc- 
cessively Bishop of Boekeeter and 
of London, Certe godly, learned, 
and comfortable conferences be- 
twene ... N. Rydley ... and ... H. 
Latymer ... during the tyme of 
theyr emprysonmentes, eta 
1556. 8vo. 3982. o. 

1574. 8to. 698. a. 28.(1.) 

— 27 Sermons nreaohed by... 
H. L., as well such as in tymee 
past have bene printed, as cer- 
tayne other ... wnych were yet 
never set forth in print, etc. [in- 
eluding nine sermons edited by 
A. Bemher.] IS. %. 2 pts. MS. 
Notes. J. Day, London^ 1562. 4to. 

4452. bbb. 

Pt. 2 has a tpeeial titlepage, read- 
infc: ^^Certayn godly Sermons, made 
uppon the lords Pmyer... Where* 
unto are annexed oertaine other 
sermons, etc.** 

— Frutefull Sermons... Newly 
Imprinted ; with others not here- 
tofore set forth in print, eta 
90. a. Pt. 1. J. Daye, London, 
1571. 4to. 695. f. 10. 

Imperfect ; wanting pts. 2 and 3. 
A table for the three pta. is pre> 
fixed. With a portrait, cot from 
tlie 8vo edition of the ** Bennona,** 
of 1791. 

— Another copy of pt 1 only. 

4452. bb. (1.) 

With a portrait of Latimer in pen 
and ink on the fly-leall 

— Another edition. V. E. 8 
pts. J. Day, London, 1575-71. 8to. 

3932. 6. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlraage 
to pt 2. The paginatioQ of pts. S 
and 8 is continooos. The eolophog 
heart data 1671. 

— Another edition. [With a 
dedicatory epistle by A. Bernher.] 
v. ft. /. ik^e, London, 1578. 4ta 

224. h. 84. 


^ A»o«W tUllMk ».«./. ihm.,.md WiOimm fkfm. Urn- 

QQfjr. a IIMI. LATXMBarnixni) BMUp ^ 
_ r dUlte. v. !• i r *r w i' < ir. A mmtom «iiU ^ 

IVM 4ia IO».r.f. »?••»> r NortK wkIA wj^ 

Bmry tli* •igbl . Aaab do. UW. 

^ •■/'■■•'■• vpooUMEpbtkiwliallMCIiweb 
|«W. 4IO. 4453. a iii^2l. SimdAj aHot Tnmtk 

M tatort tiM KraM lU- _ a 8»nDoii Too lUtlh. nn. 

w*t- •tWtiteTiMlwlLDXL.UL 21] of ll««trr L.. pMob«d al 

*^ ^.^**'*-^ IUWK-.11X of SUmtord iha . I*. d«T of Odobtf 

^'Ti*--*- *•• ^ ?** /.D«r . Anno. Itmoa Mid fy(U«. ».«. 

•mI it. 8mm ; Lom d m. 1549. 8to. /, fw,, IomIp*. ri550l. Sro. 

4458.11a. -^ ^'^ ^-«-«^ l»**«^^^«;;^^ 

CSLi -TWts 4^ iC 4fM^" XJITIN GRAMMAR B^m, 

Mitoteallfliiiltjps. [Sig.b J, r«<o ;]oww A« I uusto 

f>ffifl ^ qMa lMUii...|»l« Koo to Um majrstar, oto. [A 

■ii»«rt -»- WMinaJtifV iflk Littn Gramaar, writleii in Eiic> 

S. f aliMtr* imgi Woraaint in '^^<> Gramaar, writleii in Enj^ 

Mrtt lBnliTriit*irT4 PrTh»niH tmit ^^ne '^m^ Oiil^M, 1481 ?1 4lo. 
teliAMo.28..SaKU Hwrioi a 88. L 10. 

loot. OTO. MbfaaeH botli lo tlM **FWrT«l». 

A .^ «^*kMl — -Jl ^ _l»J.HDyi«U> 

— A aona laitiiniu amwoo pmnnmr Hm 

tiwKyngWffwt kiaifaii li U TTltlinit wilMtlna, 

t^aiMi^Boat «dwitiit7ito-t.ib.nrs5r 

Qw»e>ll,tnhy»Oo«rta lAtIN LANOUAOE. A 

^ W«rt»iMier ... Anoo VomL oomforlablo avda for ScboUora. 

****• •• Bthered oat of [tlia work of] an 

_ kyfc a l ; Italiaa •atboor (intituled in that 

Oa 8(i.Oa4 |o,_^ SoMoiito da la linipia 

^ La&a)bj D. Boidaad. 7. Jfara<, 

— A MtaUa SmiiS foa Boa. £4Mdpa,1578. 8to. 12932. a. 37. 
XT. 4] of J* rofavmo fiOlMr 

H«Kbo UUmor, whieba LATIN TONOX7S. A Short* 

hm pr ttPJ ui ta jT Sbroada at Introdaolioo of Grami 

paaka e baw ha in LaodH, on the rally to ba aood ; ooaimrlao odq 

zriti. daya of Jaaaatya. H. %. aat fortb Ibr tba bria^g ap oC 




all thoee that intende to attayne 
the knowledge of the Latine 
t^mgae. [Brevissima Institutio, 
etc.— By W. Lily and J. Coletl 
2 pU. Few MS. Notes. ImprinUd 
... bw the Ajuignn of F. Plowar, 
XoimU, 1577. 4to. 12933. b. 4. 

Wiihont naf^nation. Imperfect: 
wantinff foil. D? and 0, the Uat of 
which bthetitlepage ofpt 2. Foil. 
Ai and • are mutilated. 

— Another edition. 2 pts. 
MS. Notes [by P. Bliw]. /m- 
yrtnted 6y the Aeeignee of J, Bat- 
tenbie, Jjmdtm, 1599-1602. 4to. 

12934. a. 21. 

— Another edition. IS. %. 
J. Norton, London^ 1607. 4to. 

G. 16848. (1.) 

— Another edition. 2 pt«. 
Printed by the Aaeignee of B, Nor- 
ton, London, 1621. 8vo. 623.0.25. 

— Another edition. ^5. H. 
Printed by the Assignee of R. Nor- 
ton, London, 1636. 8vo. 

12935. a. 33. 
Containing the first pt. only. 

— Another edition. Printed 
by R. Daniel, Printer to the Uni- 
vereitie of Cambridge, 1640. 8vo. 

12932. b. 27. 

Containing the first pt. only. 
Imperfect ; wanting fol. BhI, ft. 


(Gboffrot dbJ Begin. [Sig. A j., 
preceded bv four leaves, contain- 
ing the Introduction, and the 
Table of Contents:] Here be- 
ffynneth the book whiche the 
knyght of the tonro [i.e. G. de la 
T. L.] made, And spekoth of 
many fayre eniamplet and then- 
•ygnementys and techyng of his 
dunghters (tranitlated oute of 
Frensah in to...Engly88he by 
W. Oaxton ). H. I. enprynted ai 
Weeimynetre [by W. Gocloii.] the 
lasi day of lanyuer the fyret yere 

of the regne of hynge By chard the 

thyrd, [1484]. fol. C. 21. d. 15. 

Without titlepage, pngination, or 

oatoh words. Register A j.-n iii. 

lOi leares: 88-^ lines to a fnll 


— Another copy. C. 11. c. 6. 

The last five leavee hare been 
supplied in MS. 

See liiBLE.— Old Testament. — 
Lamentatione. Latin. [A Com- 
mentary on the Lamentations by 
J. L., with the text.] Begin. 
In nomine patris et filii et spiritna 
sancti, eto. 1482. fol. 

1215. k. (1.) 

LA VARDIN (Jacques db) 
The Histurie of George Castriut, 
sur named Scanderbeg« King of 
Albanie... Newly translated. ..into 
English by Z. I., Gentleman. 
Imprinted for W. Pomonby, Lon- 
don, loOG. fol. 10605. g. 

LAVATER (LuDwio) Of 
ghostes and spirits walking by 
nyght, and of strange noyses, 
cracices, and Bundi-y forewam- 
ynges, which commonly happen 
before the death of menne, great 
slaughters i alterations of kyng- 
domes... Translated intoEnglyshe 
by R. H. ». H. 'H. BemSyman, 
for B. Watkine, London, 1 672. 4to. 

8630. f. 

— Another edition. 1$. %• 
T. Creede, Jjondon, 1596. 4 to. 

8630. f. 

— Three Christian Sermons... 
of Famine and Dearth of Victuals. W. Barlow. etc 
r. Owsds, Londion, 1596. 8vo. 

8433. aa. 

LAUD (William) suooeasiveW 
Biekopof Saint David^e, of Batk 
and WeiU, and of London^ and 
Arekhiekop of Canierlmrf. 8e€ 
Anorcwbs (L.)8uooewiTefy£<fAop 
of Ckicheeter, etc. XCV'^I. Sar- 

LAO I \ r 

l^«i«0 lOi. M. 400.4,4 Book ' 

LAUD (WiU4Att) 

01.) A mmt^mm Omi- 
wiikUM Biflkli Oblbo- 
toim, olQ. [Willi iIm ^ ^. . . , 

ofw.L.] im. 410. •^ • ^w Sf*^:; 

' ••ry. Aq 

'"'^ •'^ U Mm him) ai 

Lofd Biibopt Bj R. B(«jl7?]. 

of tht Lora*« BiaiMMs ... tU a tlMt wm •» 

ilabl«pMnc« eoa«M«M». &• W 

oCtUArob-PMikltorOMiltrlmrT ocnivaljr JNOap 0/ 

rW.L.JiBliatla»booka,iatital«d, A rtplia to Jomtit i .p... . . .u- 

A Bohrig> oC a OoaftrMioo. Aa tw^rv to oorUio qa«>«tiun« pro- 
art by tk# waj Mat wtihall. po8dad by... King Jamat, ato. 
1«40. 410. 4103. Ul. 1024. lul. 477. a. 11. 

— 8m WoBOBmR, Dmmw ^. 
TbaOuitar- Artiolat to ba iaqiiirMl of in tba 
Or an Tiritalte of ... William ... Arob- 
OTidoai ilimwHiaUua of Iba bidiop of OuitariNinr, ia aad 

avoarod AraUaiMdHM^ l^Dptria^ lot tba diootaa of 

and tjiauiia of Ibal FWatioa, 1086. 4to. T. 1016. (7.) 

by tbair owao oo aJ Mi i oaa [in a d w # ^v # 

kv w r mmA njK,«i ^ —A Balalion of tba oonlar- 
l2rW.I.a»dolb«l.alj. ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ Lami...a»d 

1040. 410. 800. b. 8. w «. . ^. , .^ . . 

Mr. Fiaber, tba Jaraita;...witk 

— 8m CAsmaiTftT, JViaMiin 4/. an Answer to toob Exoaptiooa 
Aitklaa to ba aoqitirad of in tba aa A. 0. takaa against it, ato. 
...rmilatioBof...W.[L.]...inand & Bo^«r, Ixwdoa, 1080. fol. 
Ibr tba DMnty of [tba Arobas], 480. d. 8. (1.) 
ato. lOaCO}. 410. 0157. aa. _ Anotncr copy. 480. d. 7. 

— 8m FiMi (J.) BafM Fimek, Jmpm§ m i i wa^H tba kibla of 
aC«u On Wisfi of Faara Fincb 

ra« away, ace. [Satirical Varaw — Aaolbar oopy. 14. b. 5. 
'•t'T* !??_*?'?• .'*^** ^^h ^^ wMtiaf tb* tobUofMalMta. 

and Arobbp. L.'a iaprimuMntl 

:i040n «.dL fol. 885.m.0.(40.) —A Baplia lo m Balaliott of 


".**..^^^'^ Fort«n«a and Mr. Fldiar tba Jaaidta. By 

Tauia^mU Or, a ProWao for a Witnaia of Jaans Cbiist. ISim^ 

aU tboaa tbat aia alavaiad to OarfOf] 1040. 4to. 109. a. 20. 

ubabaadof fidliiy.a«e. [Againal i ^^ r ix^i 

^v I. lo ^mmJr 1040. 4to. "" ^ 8«nftoii [00 FimL xii. 

a 100. (5 "i •• ^] pwaobad-oo tba 24. of 

• ^ ^ MarBb.1021. Baaing tba day of 

— 8m LmnMtaL—SooTUisrD, tba beginning of bb MaJytiaa 




mott gracious Beigne. B, NorUm 
amd J.BiU, London, 1622. 4to. 
4474. 00. 65. 

LAUD (William) sncoessivcly 
Bishop of Saint David'it of Bath 
and Wells, and of London, and 
Archbishop of Canterbury. A Ser- 
mon [on Ps. Lxxiv. 22] preaohed 
before His Majestie on. ..the fift 
of July. the solemne Fast then 
held. etc. Printed for B. Badger, 
London, 1626. 4to. 114. a. 28. 

— A sermon [on Ps. cxzii. 3-5] 
preached... at the opening of the 
Pari iamen t. B. Norton ana J. Bill, 
London, 1625. 4to. 114. d. 40. 

— A Sermon [on Ps. cxxii. 6, 7] 
preaohed before his Majesty... at 
Wansted, etc. Imprinted by F. K. 
for M, Lownes, London, 1621. 4to. 

694. d. 5. (9.) 

— A Sermon [on Ephes. iv. 3] 

? reached... at the opening of the 
'arliament, etc. Printed for 
B. Badger, London, 1628. 4to. 

4474. cc. 64. 

— A Speech delivered in the 
Starr-Chamber on Wednesday, 
the XIV* of June. the Censure 
of J. Bastwick, H. Burton & 
W. Prinn : concerning pretended 
Innovations in the Church, etc. 
B. Badger, London, 1637. 4to. 

1130. b. 39. 

— Another copy. 4106. b. 

— Another copy. T. 809. (5.) 

— Another copy. 108. b. 16. 

— Another copy. J. B. 6. (1 .) 

— Another copy. G. 20077. 

— Another edition. B, Badger, 
XonAm.1637. 4to. 883. h. 2. (2.) 

— Divine and politike Obser- 
vations newly translated out of 
the Dutch language, wherein they 

were lately divniged, upon some 
Lines in the speech of the Aroh. 
B. of Canterbury, pronounced in 
the Starre-chamber upon 14. June, 
1637. [Translated by Theo- 
philus.] [ilfliftordamr]1638. 4to. 
4106. a. (1.) 

LAUDER (George) 8ee'L.,Q. 

A notable Ilistorie, containing 
foure Voyages made by oertaine 
French Captaines into Florida. 
Translated ont of French into 
English by B. Hakluyt. See Hak- 
LUYT (B.) The principal Naviga- 
tions, eta YoLd. 1598, etc. fol 
683. h. 6. 

— A notable historic oontain- 
ing foure voyages made by oer- 
tayne French Captaynee unto 
Florida... Newly translated out of 
French into English by R[ichard] 
H[akluyt], etc. 90. 1. T. Daw- 
son, London, 1 5S7 . 4to. G. 6531. 

LAVENDER (Theophilus) 
See BiDDULPH (W.) The Travels 
of oertaine Englishmen into 
Africa, Asia, etc. [Edited by 
T.L.] 1609. 4to. T. 408.(1.) 

1612. 4to. G. 6726. 

LAUNAI (Pierre Boaistuau) 
See Boaistuau (P.) called Ltmnag. 

Calvin (J.) Institutionis Chria- 
tianie Beligionis a J. Calvino con- 
script® Epitome. In qua adver- 
sariorum objectionibns...respon- 
siones annotautur, per G. L^ etc. 
1584. 8vo. 3505. c. 

LAURENS (Andr^ db) See 
Crocks (H.) Mucpoicoo-uoypa^co. A 
Deaoription of the Body of Man... 
Collected and translated out of A. 
Laurentias,etc. 1631. fol. 7421. i. 



(b.) Mmimmm. 



tioTWK of«tm B. L UT' 

>^«w I rMMubfv 
TlUt book «M en 
M««to of kymg i 
wiwmaim [hj LMrmi. 

tftkd -U MUM 

te^ortM** or -L 
EbI^^oIo. [1488? 

LAUSON rWitxii 
D^ L, Et^v 

C dl. o. 43. 
' aofF^ 





l<M>a. biru. 
720. a. 32. (4.) 

(HntT) A porm. 

Ilio ml^M, ft to 

bj H. L. 8m Bmm, 


tUDiTiMFMM.ole. 18S8. IbL 

$104. a 

— 8m homjom Cutim. A 
Umkm [Omm] pnmmttd ml Lud- 
Iow-CmIK oto. [Bjr J. Unum. 
Edited bj EL L.] 1687. 4to. 


LAWKB (Onttmma) 8m 
Atw«omi(H.) AnAaiamdvw 
dm to W. K, ajfloat Advw- 
t i I ■ ■ ■■<> Wbo VBdor witeBw 
of oMvoriBf a Lm book, bolh 
Mbliihod oa oCbor smm privote 
Utter, ole. 1818. 4t^ 4108. d. 

tbo la- 

M»f a BormloU 

^ tiiote roligkm. •to. 


L., oto. 
097. a 28. 

u»??<. 8Ta 8888. MA. 


Ulrn Tmmptt, to rowio op o 

«> Moftetvate: or. a po^ 

for a Govomora Pm ot i w^ 

dimWBoftoM Ohi fa te OOMJlMr l» 

it wail KNUHlod ol Fbok 
OoM tbo 11. oCAprUU 1824. 
'A otroMB, OQ Loko ztx. 41.] 

ffmrilamA^ LomJam, 1824. 4to. 

4478. bb. 81. 


LAWRXMCX (LmiABii) 8m 
AftSALTi. A unall Trtotko bo> 
twist Arnolte sad LmoImU... 
toni*d into Knglirfi Torao by 
L. L(owroooo> 1888. 4ta 

11828. d. 8. 

Too Ks. ui. 5] 

Kings ]ii^{eotio...tho 
TU. of FebnutfT. 1888 ... Tbo 
ion. & B fl dftr. Loo- 

114. d. 42. 

oooond odition. 
d0o. 1887. 4ta 

LAW80N (WnxtAii) A 
Orchani and Gordon, or tho boot 
WOT for plaiiting...o riok orebord. 
...Tbo tbird timo oorroo ta d. oCo. 
8m Ujjouum (fl.) A Way to got 
Woaltb,o«o. Pt.8. 1888, Ota. dtew 

— > A now Orcbord and Oar- 
dan. Or tbo boot waj fur plaai- 
ing...aad to make an/ gronad 
imd. Ibr a rich Orebanl...Witk 
tbo Coontiy Hoaoowlf<H Oaidoa 




for hearbefl of oommon use ... At 
alHO the Hasbandry of Beee. 1$. %. 
2 pt8. B. AUop for R, JadcMtm^ 
XofMion, 1618-17. 4to. 966.b.28. 

Pt 2 bM a Mparate tiUepage, 
bearing date 1617, and a teparate 
pagination, but the regi«ter ia oon- 
nnuoui tbrougbout 

— Another copy of pt. 1 only. 

B. 620. (5.) 

Now the third time 

corrected and much enlarged by 
W. L. Whereunto is newly added 
the Art of propagating plants (by 
8. Harward), with the true order- 
ing of fruits. 90. Z. 4 pts. 
Printed. ,.hy I. H, for F. WilliatM, 
lAmdon,\62e. 4to. 967. i. 4.(7-10.) 

LAWYER. See D., I. The 
L.'s Light: or, a due direction 
for the study of the Law, etc. 
1629. 4to. 884. h. 31. (2.) 

— See S., S. The Honest Law- 
yer, [a comedy,] etc. 1616. 4to. 

C. 34. b. 27. 

— The just Lawyer, his Con- 
scionable Complaint, against Auri- 
cular or private Informing and 
soliciting of Judges, by their 
MeniallK, Friends, and Favourites. 
With. appendix with objec- 
tions against Favourites at the 
barre of Justice, etc. 0. Purshwe^ 
Londtm, 1631. 4to. 6145. b. 30. 

The Holy Bible ... Newly trans- 
lated... and revised, etc. [By L. 
AndreweB,...J. L.,etc.] 1611. fol. 
466. i. 6. (1.) 

LAYPIELDE ^Edmund) The 
mappo of .Muns Mortality and 
Vanity. A sermon [on Ps. xxxix. 
5] preached. the...Funorall of 
A. Jacob. the Church of S* 
Leonards-Bromley by Stratford- 
Bow, May 8. 1629. Printed for 
N. Bourne, London, 1630. 4to. 

1415. k. 25. 

— Another copy. 1419. b. 28. 

LEA (James) See M., D. F. R. db. 
An Answer to the Untruthes, 
published and printed in Spaine 
m glorie of their supposed victorie 
atchieved against our English 
Na vie... translated by J. L(ea). 
1589. 4to. 292. e. 9. (5.) 

LEA (Roger) See Let. 

LEAGUE. The NeoeMarie 
League [against the House of 
Austria], ^ja Ligve NecetMore.) 
Eng. and Fr, 2 pts. [London t] 
1625. 8vo. 699. a. 26. (2-3.) 

Pt. 2 bae a teparate pagination 
and half-title, but the renter is 
continuous throagbout. 

LEAR, King, The Tme 
Chronicle History of King Leir, 
and his three daughters, Gonorill, 
Hagan, and Cordelia. As it hath 
bene divers and sundry times 
lately acted. [In verse.] S. Staf- 
ford for J. Wright^ London, 
1605. 4to. C. 34. 1. 11. 

Without pafinnation. Imperfect; 
wanting tig, G2 and Ca, two leares, 
which have been supplied in MS. 
This plaj, on the same storj as 
8hake8|)eare'8 tragedy, is supposed to 
be the source from which be drew 
bis materials. 

— Another copy. 161. a. 51. 

LECEY (JoHN^ 500 England, 
Lay CathoUce of A Petition 
Apologeticall presented to the 
Kings... Majesty by the Lav Ca- 
tholikee of England, etc [^ited 
by J. L.] 1604. 4to. 3935. b. 

500 E., F. 

LEECH (Humfrbt) See 
Prick ( D. ) Dean of Hereford, The 
Defence of Truth against a booke 
falsely called. The Triumph of 
Tmth wot over from Arraa a.i>. 
1609 by H. Leech, eto. 1610. 4to. 
1025. a. 19. (9.) 

LB? Wf 

t/mdk, — km B m H i mnam iIm 

IMT. 6VO. 141S.i.2«. 

(AM^p.]ltOt. ata 9V9«.a*. jppi^^ior. leiO. 4U>. 8654. bb. 
C a Idjrllk -Mjfelon. III. ^ ^ ft^o«b«...Tb.nifor I •«. 

Ittt 8vo. I3ia.g. 16. thitloriitor J«m,olo. [Tnuio- 

^!fcj!*r 'iSirtJSr^ ■*■ Utrfftt»UiorwodiofB.UF.] 
««WMtoii|iiililjrMii. [1477?] foL (MO. b.8. 

— Am TaoT. Tbo aadtot bk- 

torb of tbo dottnotioii of Trojr, 

•to. [Bj R. U P.] 1807. 4to. 

124M. •. 17. 

1817. 4to. 12450.O.1. 

▼oliiiiMliititiilo lo ioomU 6m 
bUloiTM do tnjmCompom {mt... 
nool le feiirB...Eo Uo mil. oooa 
UiiiL [ Edited bv V Cazton?] 
S.K. Few MS. Notu. [IF.Cbdoo, 

f 1478?] foL aai.d. 


1817. 4to. Im?c« (m bUftk M««rti Ut. 1 1 

0. m. 6. (4.) S): 81 Umi lo • fUl 

KoMu GbloBditlUU. Add* 

— bErebtfjanoUi tboTolamo 
intttiilod Olid BMBod tbo laoaysU 

Dom. 1817. AoUmmo J. UocbMo of tbo biotoryot of Tim. 
OuutO- fA Latin rptm iddnwoil tu potad ood dimwvn out of djotfoo 
JaaMaLonbiaVtaitioteitlaiid.1 bookaa of Ut jn in to (raaadM bjr 

bia Vtait to SooUaad.] 

T. FuJmm. MiiMlmrgU 1817. 4to. -K. la. SMra...aad tiaaaUtad. 

837. c 22. out of fianaba in to aogliaiba bj 

^ W. QixUim ato. S.R. Sbooka. 

— A SanMa, Too 2 Cor. t. K] Fkw US. Nana. [IT. Cba^a, 

maabad balm tba Loida of tba R^mwF 1474?] lot Cll.o.1. 

OoaMial...a» tba FnaraU of tba 

Moai EmQasi ^ PAmm, tba 

Lady Maria'a Gtaoa. Bw J. 




LE PEVRE (RAomO ["The 
Boke of the Reonylee of the 
Siege of Troye, or Gaderige 
to gyder of ye Hystoryes of 
Troye.n Begin, [Pol. A i., recto; 
preceded by the table:] Here 
foloweth the recuyell or bystorye 
ofTroye,eto. ».**. [Wptkjfn de 
Worde, London, 1503.] fol. 

G. 10509. 

Witiiniit piii^ination or oatoh- 
wmrd*." four, A-Kkinnixot. 
Printed in doublo colurona, 42 linet 
to a tnXl oolamn. With woodouta. 
Imperfect: wanting the flrat leaf 
eoutaining the title, and part of the 
table: wanting also the last four 
learet. The first three leaTet are 
■lightly mutiUted. 

— The recuile of the Histories 
of Troie. First traslated out of 
latin in to Freche by R. le fevre 
in the yere...M.CCCCLxiiii. and 
trannlatcd out of Frenche into 
Englishe by W. Caxton,...begon 
in the fjrrst day of Marche 
in the yere ... MCCCCLxviiii. 
and fynishod in the . xix. of Sep- 
tembre in the yere mencyoned by 
the sayd Caxton in the eiide of the 
seoonde booke« etc. 90. E. 3 pts. 
W. Coplad, London, 1553. fol. 

C. 34. m. 2. 

Printed in dooble oolamns. Each 
pt baa a separate tiilepage, pagina- 
tion, and register. 

LEGATE (Robert) A Breife 
Catechisme and Dialogue betwene 
the Husbande and his Wyfe : con- 
taynvnffe a pyththy declaraoyon 
of the Pater noster, Crede, and 
tene Cooimaundementes...Ite dy- 
Terse other Dialogues betwene 
the Truthe and &e Unlearned 
man, etc. [Translated by R. L.] 
». I. Weull, 1545. 8vo. 

1018. h. 4. 
WiUiout pagination. 

LEGATUM. I.rgatum dia- 
tribuendum in nuptiia niulienim 
panpemm, diutribui debet in 

nnjptiis virginum, non vidnarum. 
— Venditio jurisjurandi relligione 
minoris obstricta, firma permanet. 
[In verse.] CanUhrigim, 1586. 
#. «A. 06/. avo. C. 38. L6. (9.) 
Printed in double colomna. 

L E a AT U S. De Legato et 

absolute principe perduellionis 

reo. Tyfit J. Bamesti, Oxonii, 

1587. 8vo. C. 27. a. 21. 

Without paginatioD. 


5m Liber PesTiTALis. Begin, tHia 
day is callyd the first sonday in 
advent. [A Collection of Ser- 
mons drawn from the ** Leg^enda 
Aurea," otc.l 1483. fol. 

< . lie. 6.(1.) 

— End. Thus endeth the 
legende named in latyn lezenda 
aurea, that is to save in englysshe 
the golden legende... wherin ben 
conteyned alle thc.festys of onr 
lord, the festys of our blessyd 
la(iy, the Ij^ues passyons and 
myiacles of many other sayntes, 
and other hystoryes and actes. 
(Wry ton oute of thre bookes a 
legende in frensshe, another in 
latyn, i the thyrd in englysshe.^ 
[By W. Caxton; the original 
Latin by Jacobus de Voragiue.] 
19. Z. Few MS. Notes. W, Caxton, 
Westmestre, USS. fol. C. 11. d.8. 

Without titlrpage. The nomeia- 
tion uf the foline coromenoea on the 
firth leaf (whore alao the n-giiter 
commenres a jX fol. j. and eoDlIniies 
throughout, the la«t being foL 
occoxliiij. The first fire leaves eon- 
tain llie introiiiielioD. tables of eon- 
tente, nnd prv'face. Tiiia copy wants 
ibLccxij. The device of William, Earl 
of Arundel, a hors« with the motto 
**h\y trusto is,** appara in a wood- 
cnt on tiio lenf following the first 

f>rolojrue. - i Tao-simile. The 

ii»t li<nf • > is supplied in 

fao-sioiilv. 1 .... k ..J. U sliiclitly unU- 
laled. Tbars an several dopUeata 
Bombera, and sons omitted. It is 
printed in double eolamns* 55 Haas 
toeaoh ftiUooltUBB. 



a lA. «. 1 (isi) 

Ilia !• I» o^ i» iMbiii Um 

!••» Ml 

Wttik^FbLAi: iorf, mA ilw i«rt iMiiiMl to M. 

». E. 7rfiari^r<nkr«i|. - Another •ditko. Ji. 1. 

-r r ii - iiilluiii M jiil in, ^«Hl5l2. fil 0.11924. 

Iter iiiliili 2 liAVi^Bl^tar Wltkont Htfwifi Willi «m4. 

*-«\%4. A-t. M-mli«biiiw Mil. ImH pL iMt A HfMito 

Pi, vkWb lM«» lb«; Md i; vUah vmUm iiiL Ai Md a, vlloli «• 


— AooUmt oop7. 4S26. 1 

I«9«fcc«: pi 1 WMII^ an 
MbM O^mmI pi. S wMHtoff IM to c 
• «M4m4aaa •itsa.aaiall 
iftor. 8o«» of lk« lMf« iMMii 

wnm TWi to [to »j«1 telbr — Asoibw tditioiL H. E. 

hpU IW follMi toMd% M. 3 pto. MS. Nam. ITfAlyii ^ 

S. E. S ptoL lb. NofVL ITonli. LomIo., 1527. foL 

rrjfdllNi 4t Wmd^ Wttlmimtlir. 488. h. 11. 

L^ ^ ^- "•"•*•• I-'OH (G"^) The Ao. 

-?y ft.^** A *?*'" * ^^y^* eed«M of Armoiy. [With an 

^r? f^- T- * - ' MldMi to the Beeder V ^ Ar- 

«e>ito« Ike MiCt SSS« CpU- Woodeato.] MS. Nom. 

e ei ii rt -4 twnhtoof ptl; & IWlOi; loiidim, 1582. Sm 

ML«f|.M4uxfl.«rptl:M4lhe 805. h. 1. 

toiil«r«rikeMfc.eHtofeiiwlhe ove. n. i. 

— AaollMr oopjr. 805. h. 3. 

Another edition. R, Totld. 
MS 1588. 4to. 805. h. 8. 

— Another oopj. 0. 1080. 

»Pt.«, -«--«^ ,1^ 1^ —" Another edition. R, TWfd^ 

»d to ktyn^lMB^ I«id«,1578. 4to. 1327. h. (I.) 

eeien* the! to to i^to EbglTM — Another edition. JL Ttitd. 

the golden kfende...Wherin hen leedois 1591. 4io. 9917. h. 

eontojnedell the...feceteeof onte 

Amrthereditiofti H^BmOmnl, 

iZt^^'llr^^^ I«id«Sl597. 4ta 805.'d. 1.(1.) 

•TrmcUe of tamoy oihftr eejntee, — Another eopj. 0. 1081. (1.) 




— Another copy. 9904. o. (2.) 

Imperfect; wanting • woodcut at 

— Another copy. 138. a. 16.(1.) 
AIjo wanting a woodoot at p. 180. 

— Another edition. J. Jag- 
gard, London, 1612. 4to. 605. b. 4. 

LB QRYB (Sir Robert) See 
YiLLBius Paterculus (C.) Vel- 
leins Paterctilu8« his Romane 
Historie... Translated... by S'. R. 
LeG. 1632. 12mo. 9040. a. 

LOVERS. The two Lester- 
sheire Lovers. [A Ballad.] )$. i. 
2 pta. Printed for J. Trundle, 
Xoiidoii, [1619?] Broadside M. 
Rox. L 412. 

LEIGH (Charles) Captain. 
Capt. C. L. his Voyage to Guiana 
and Plantation there. See PuR- 
CHAS (S.) Purchas his Pilgrimes, 
etc. Pt. 4. 1625. fol. 679. h. 14. 

LEIGH (Dorothy) Mrs. The 
Mothers Blessing : or, the godly 
Counsaile of a Gentle-woman, not 
long since deceased, left behind 
her for her children... The seventh 
Edition. J. Budge, London, 
1621. 12mo. 4405. ua. 

Titlepage and other parts mutilated. 

The fifteenth edition. 

Printed for R. Allot, London, 
1630. 12mo. 4410. a. (2.) 

LEIGH (Edward) Selected 
and choice Obeervations ooncorn- 
ing the twelve first Caesars, Em- 
perours of Rome, etc. L. Lichfield 
for W. Webb, Oxford, 1635. 12mo. 
589. a. 24. 

— A Treatise of the Divine 
Promises. In five bookes, etc. 
0. Miller, London, 1633. 4to. 

4377. g. 

LEIGH (Richard) iS^ Me^i- 

doza (B. de) The oopie of a 

letter... to Don Bemardin Men- 

doza, etc. [By R. L.?] 1588. 4lo. 

599. b. 3. (2.) 

LEIGH (Valentctk) The 
mostc profitable and commendable 
science, of Surveying of Landes, 
Tenementes, and Hereditamentes. 
...Whereunto is also annexed... 
A... Treatise, of the measnryng of 
all kyndes of Lande, etc. . 19. %. 
Imprinted for M. Jenmmg; London, 
\bn. 4to. 967. k. 15. 

Without pagination. 

Newly imprinted 

and coiTected, etc. 13. H. Im- 
printed... for A. MaunaeU, London, 
1578. 4to. 51. 0. 13. 

— Another edition. 19. E. 
J. Windet for A. MaunseU, London, 
1588. 4 to. 8505. c. 

— Another edition. H. X. 
J. Windet for R Dexter, London, 
1592. 4to. 967. k. 16. (1.) 

LEIGH (Edward) See — Another copy. T. 773. (1.) 
Whatkly(W.) Prototypes... With 
Mr. Whutelyv*8 life and deatli. 
Published by E. L. and H. Scud- 
der. 1640. fol. 8165. f. 

— Critica Sacra : or. Philologi- 
cal 1 and Theologicall observa- 
tions, upon all the Greek words 
of the New Testament in order 
alphabetical], etc. H. Young,... told 
hj G. Lathum...and hg P. Nevill, 
London, 1689. 4to. 1217. a 23. 

LEIGH (William) The first 
step towards Heaven, or Anna 
the prophetesse, her holy Haunt, 
to the Temple of God. [A ser- 
mon on Luke ii. 36-39.]... With 
the second edition of great Brit- 
taines Deliverance, newly cor- 
rected and enlarged by the author. 
2 pta. N. Okei, for A. Joknmm, 
London, 1609. 8vo. 874. a 34. 
Pt 2 bat a aeparaU Utlepaga. 

L B I L E L Ml 

^ >M. nwM fT. •<; BifiM IVenki Lite L BmU- 

MmkUto o Jutslii tofrfwi fiwUnlinifr. 

w(tk ikiri d, Jpw^ a^ (JoMiak SMoai «i M. L iU- 

1611. 6ira •74»«.14. 

o^ , > 1* .^tu «^ '^^^ y^oTM Qyti givvD of liini to 

^ ^ ^ KIbc HoBfk Um . tUL IttilM 87. 

^^ Tmm of hk riigii% oonotrttiM 

,^ Ilk kiborioM JornoT umI tMidi 

* fbr Btt^Midis Aatlqaitka. 8m 

Bmqo (R.) a Dbcotwio of 

/ .tr/.<i«<«i. owtiiM ornNim jNibliibod...itt 

iAmrnt : or, Um mmtt ooM—Mod BrilMUik. 

lYdaoK [16M.] 4to. 796. g. 12. (2.) 

4. 8. (2.) — Aawrtio inoljtiniMi Artvii 

Bogia HritanniA J. Ltlaado... 

Alitor*. ]iS.NoTm ApmdJoammm 

LXIOHTON (Sir WnxiAii) flci/or^ LmMd, 1544. 4to. 

Tho TcATrs or Umontiriom of 1075. n. 16. (5.) 

• oorfowfnU 8o«k^ fla totm.] 

B. BliMr. Lmim, 1618. 4lo. — Aaolhor oonr- MS- Vorm 

a 80. d. 17. 282.127. 

— Vcrttio Tnaapliant, or a — ADOtbtr oopy. (h ViLum. 

Iiv«lj dowrijption oi_Uio fb«ro C. 20. b. 

— Anotlior cop j. O. 2929. 

iMnptioii 01 the uwro 
OMdiiMaL ria Tmo.] 
w&i^fmr JL I WW, hem- 

1608. 4IO. a 80. d. 16. ^ , ^ ^ m_ 

mx^%^^ ^- ^ - — A Leftnad and Tr«6 

w m^ygl-itea. ^.^ ^^ ^ original, Ufe, Aolts, 

UEniB(ILiTnoAS) Ow tmi aa and doath of...Arthara, King of 

grBalBrittaine... Newly tranalalfd 

ApuUlaa dnoa, oontra BarbaHaa Qito Engltak br R. Bobinoiai. 

MMoapImB: *...EUabatbas Aa- H.B. /. irp{/<,ix»do«,1582. 4lo. 

glial ... BMdMi. ... Barbarbi vio- C. 38. d. 6. 
uid . ...D.DJ>. BL LaiiMi, ate. ^m 

LomJimi, 1600. 4to. — ADothar eofj. O. 2980. 
1070. 1. 5. (1.) 

tio FMrTTpoaoiollaC. Afmd 
— M. L<nt...Ubar da Tiiva. B. W«(lBa^ laadki. 1546. 4to. 
pbatn Barbaria. (libar Bptgrun- 1075. m. 16. (8.) 

.) [Laadiaf] 1621. 4to. ^ ^ ^ ,^^^ ,^^ 

1070.15.(2.) -Anotbaroopj. 0.2928.(2.) 

^ Oaoatbliaoon [in TafaaJ... 
1818. k. 81. niaatHaMoii Eldnardi Priacirii 
C^aibris:...liUll«iB aafa all<|nol 
vot. u. ' 3 f 




annos inchoatns, nuno Ter6 abeo- 
lutus, & editus, etc. Copious 
MS. Notes. Apud B, Vuolfium, 
Londini, 1543. 4to. 

1075. m. 16. (1.) 

— Another oopy. G. 2928. (1.) 

LELAND (Jomi) Kvickcioi^ 
dtrfia. Cygnea oantio. (Com- 
mentarii in Oygneam Cantionem, 
etc.) Lai, 2 pts. Londini^ 
1545. 4to. 1075. m. 16. (2.) 

— Another copy. G. 2928. (3.) 

In thi« oopy the UUepage bean 
1K> impriui. 

— The laboryonse Jonmey i 
■erohe of J. Leylande, for Eog- 
landes Antiquitees, geven of bym 
as a newe yeares gyfte to kynge 
Henry the viij. in the . xxxvij. 
yeare of his Keygne, with decla- 
racyoDs enlarged: by J. Bale. 
».a. J. Bale.London, 1549. Bvo. 

291. a. 48. 
Without paginatioD. 

— Another copy. G. 2931. 

— Naeniae in mortem T. "V iati, 
Eqnitis incomparabilis, etc. 
[S. Wolf] Ad aignum senei Ser- 
penii9t Limdinif 1542. 4to. 

1075. m. 16. (4.) 

— Another copy. 11408. aaa.l. 

— Another copy. G. 2927. 

— Prinoipura, ac illustrium 
aliquot & eruditorum in Anglia 
virorum, Encomia, Trophada, 
Genothliaca, & Epithalamia... 
nnnc primiim in luceni edita. 
Qnibus...a()iuncta sunt Illu8tiis> 
simonim aliquot Iloroum, hodii 
Tiventium, aliorumc^ hinc indd 
Anslorum Encomia et Eulogia 
a T. Kewtonc.exarata. MS. 
Norn. 2 pts. Apud T. Orwinum, 
Londini, 1589. 4to. 1218. 1. 8. 

Pt 2 hM a diiUnot Utlepnge. 

— Another oopy. G. 2932. 

LE LOYER (Pjerre) Simr 
de la Broue. A Treatise of 
Specters or strannge Sights, 
Visions and Apparitions appear- 
ing sensibly unto men. Wnerein 
is delivered the Nature of Spirites, 
Angela, and Diyels... With a table 
of Contents... Newly done out of 
French into Englinh [by Z.Jones]. 
PrtfUed 5y VaL 8. for M. Loumet, 
Ionian, 1605. 4to. 8630. e. 

LE MAgON (Robert) oaUed 
De La Fontaine, Cateohisme et 
Iniitruction familiere pour ies 
en fans, qui se pneparent k com- 
muniquer k la saincte Cene; en 
rendant raison publiquement de 
leur Foy,selon la forme de I'Eglise 
Francois recueillie k Londres, 
etc. B, Field, Londret, 1^2, 8vo. 
1018. h. 12. (2.) 

— A Cateohisme and playne 
instruction for Children, which 
prepare theselves to communicate 
in the holy Supper,... aooording 
to the order oi the Frenche 
Church at London. Written in 
French by Monsieur Fountaine, 
...and lately-translated into Eng- 
lish by T. Wfilcox?]. H. Mid- 
dleton, for T. 3fan, London, 
[1580 ?i 8vo. 3605. c. 52. (5.) 

"Withoat pagination. 

— Les Funorailles de Sodome 
et de ses Filles, desoriptes en 
vingt Sermons sur THistoire de 
Moyse en Geneee, oh. 18. & 19. 
Plus nn autre Sermon aur le 
Pseaume 34. Le tont...revea & 
corrig^ de nouvean, etc. B. Field, 
Londret, 1610. 8vo. 846. k. 14. 

LEMAN (Sir Jobn) Lord 
Mayor of London, Adwmeemad 
to Ms dtgnilie of Lord Maior, 29 
Oetcher, 1616. See Mukoat (a.) 
Chrysanaleia : the Golden Fill- 
ing, eta 

LBMnUi(AnMr) AWMb 

MUms AaoiMt < 

M« IMotm. 

tU una of 

PmWJ am 
MkM ki* PU- 

friM^ata^ n.1. 

. lOft. fcL 


tin LBH 

QmU [IMC] Itaa 

LBNIfAED(8A«MMi) 800 
C«AMiNi(P.) OfWhdwn,Utt^ 
Boote ... 1 rtttuOAUd hj B, h, 
[UIA?] 41a. SiOt-L 

[l<aor]4to.S4M. 000.14. 

LBMKIUt (Umtn) An 

Eorinl ior Om BiUo. (Mtela- 1^^* ^^ ^l** ^ <'• 

■koim.bolkU t^oyftlWlAM^i '^iM^t-nuuMn; or, » UIom 01 

Iloriii^Ploato.TMo.Fr«iloo»d tj^iSk w!^? t ••^SSt^iT 

W Y Kowte. JL M&o^ »^»«- ^ »• (*•) 

'■■'"■• ***^* •^w*' 9W.\ •. ^ An EsliortolorT laol—**— 

o ipMJ y rwololKm of 

Oo.^y.liif...r«loo.... ^?^ "^ J^^^^ ^^^ 
iwmL aSv ^Lm. ^ B imm t md W. Bmrrtl, Lmdem, 

•oiii w^Sii^ SIu::*TiS >«o^- ^^mo. ^¥».^ 

WMwr : TyrwX vnttos in Lotiao^ ,„^^ ^^ j^],,,^ ^ 


T. llovloB. II.E. KHmI. LENNOX, Locxnnai,IMiy: 

1581. 8n». iaS9.o. 14. Sm 9n;A>T (L.) Ddbi ^ BUU 
— AboUmt oditioo. ^rimlti **** •^ !•»»«. 
If E J. yW JL 4Mdk loii'om LENTON (FiiLMi) Tbo 

im. 4to. 784.0.11. IniiM of Court 

TwjTiUgMywrtlhlid. or, tho Maoqven mooqiMd itt 

I^ b!?L?'*"5!1* of tlM perlbnMra in Um Mmom 
— *2L^*'^^*^i: I>i«»BU>d at CoOTt br tiM Caw 

yy*- ,t"^ J***.** ** f**: Horn Or Dr. Bliw). l>»«rt.rf 

tl— .J,5M. <ffW 4W...8. ,^, ^^- ~^ i;^ 

727.0.81.(2.) _ThoTomigOolUnUWliirU- 

^*? sin: or TooUio Bookoo. Do- 
Has tho laonliaolo 

ili4iiMilt«L ■ooommag too woroiaoio oBio- 

LENNAED (sAfoov) 8m oipiwo, of wAridlod mSlSSH 
BoonCT.) PtobkMoofBMoiio. toloi Tovth ^. OospOoA oad 




written by F. L(enton). Printed 
by M, F, for B, BoiUxie, LontUm, 
1629. 4to. C. 30. e. 10. 

Italian Grammar. Written in 
Latin by S. Lentu1o...and turned 
into Englishe by H. G(ninthan). 
MS. Notes. T. VautroulUer, Lon- 
dam, 1676. 8vo. '27. o. 9. 

— Another copy. G. 16760. 

— La Grammatica di M. 8. 
Lentulo...da lui in latina lingna 
Soritta, & hora nella Italiana & 
Inglete tradotta da H. G. An 
Italian Grammar ...turned into 
Englishe by H. Granthan. MS. 
Additions. T. Vautrollier, Lon- 
don, 1587. 8vo. 12943. a. 29. 

LEOCHiBUS (Joannes) 
See Lkbch. 

LEONE (Giovanni) Africano. 
See IIasan Ibn Muhammad Al 


The boke of wisdome otherwise 

called the Flower of Vertue, etc. 

[Attributed to T.L.] [1565.] 8vo. 

C. 38. b. 1. 

LEOWITZ (Cyprianus von) 
Geniturus ex physicis causis... 
extnicta...Praenxa est admonitio 
de vero & licito Astrologiso usn 
per H. dialogo con- 
acripta. Adiectu8e8t...libollu8de 
PrsMtantionbus quibusdam Na- 
tarn virtutibus; J. Dee...authore. 
H. StUianue, Londini, 1668. 4to. 
718. e. 8. (3.) 

WitboQt Mginniion. With the 
**£piitoU Nunou|wU)ritt«" only, of 
iWs ** Libelluft," etc, in oonne of 
which U given a oalalogoe of ele?Mk 
of hia works. 

— De Conjunotionibas roagnit 
insignioribus suporiorum plane- 
tarum, Soils defectiouibun, ^ Co- 

metis, in qnarta Monarch ia, onm 
eonindem eflTectuam histonca ex- 
positione.-.His aooessit, ab anno 
Domini . 1564. in viginti annoe 
seqnentes, prognostioon, etc. MS. 
Notes. Ex offidna T. VautrouiUerii, 
Londmi, 1573. 4to. 8610. b. 

Without pagination. 

LE ROY (Adrieiv) A briefe 
and plaino Instruction to set all 
MuHicke of eight divers tunes in 
Tableture for the Lute. With a 
briefe Instruction how to play 
on the Lute... and divers new 
excellent tunes. First written 
in french by A. Le R. and trans- 
lated by F. Ke, Gentleman. IS. Z. 
J. Kyngeton for J. Bchoikowte, 
London, 1574. 06/. 4 to. C.31.d.7. 

LE ROY (Louis) Of the in- 
terchangeable course or variety 
of things in the whole world; 
and the concurrence of Armes 
and Learning, thorough the first 
and famousest Nations, from 
the beginning of Civility, and 
Memory of Man, to this pre- 
sent. Moreover, whether it be 
true or no, that there can be 
nothing sayd, which hath not bin 
said heretofore: and that we 
ought by our own Inventions to 
augment the doctrine of the 
Auncients; not contenting our- 
selves with translations ... and 
abridgments of their writings, 
etc. Written in French,... Ttan§» 
lated ... by R(obert) A(shley). 
CharUe *Yeiswmri, B$q., London, 
1594. fol. 8405. i. 

— Another oopy. 120. e. 20. 

LERY (Jban db) Extracts 
out of the Histone of John 
Lerius, a Frenchman who lived 
in Brasill with Mons. VLUsgagnon 
ann. 1557 and 58. See PuRCRis 

S.) Purchas his Pilgrimes, etc. 

t 4. 1625. ful. 679. h. 14. 



r4»Ai^. > ' - **•%•«*•: Of <K*. 
taHfi^k» |Mft of N 

CbvMMMit btoly CWOfM MK 


KTibMl by May l» 8od( 


Mivvf^ itt A ayiwli. •! Um 

Vi4uiioii of DimM m4 € 


BvptoaiUr, 16A. /. BmmO. 

fjrSifhmmm mi a 1 


Lmdm.l9m. 4to. 111. 

4. IS. 

Willi Vlfci»k«..1VMMlilia fftwn 
U» MoM mA ibM boobor 

FteM»).«ta. I60t. 4IO. — A»ollMr«ppy. J. B. •. 

C tt. ff. 16. I.B8I4B (Hnmr) Moomivtly 

GbpHAiM J. l^bMl. dipalte Md Wto«boi% tb« !•. of JiiIt . l«25. 

MMttll iir Um Fiwiob ■§■, iiilo i^mmi tf i#. i#. «•• if 

ia«,«to. II.B. A mJUi, 700. •.1.(1.) 

LMte.[lM6ri 8m 2Ta.a.44. _ a 8««i [<m J«« L 18) 

wiyiiMt t ig tM«M E**''*^ ^'^^'^ ^^ ''^^ *^ 

llblMl of tiM OloU llM 18. of ^^^' •^ "• 

lUir....u aa MMshor Vr tho Ohio -. A TmtiM of the AnUioriij 

of Good lIoM. ««o. 0. Pm t imm, of Um Gbwoh. Tbo maoM 

I ni w> 1817. 4IO. 4474.0.82. wboraofwwaolhrmd tnatmMMi 

• •«.•.-« ^^ V [oB lUtt. itrui. 17] pwMbod.-a 

^ » 5 ^/".^ S (QwiMw) Uo TUtetioo or lh!iDioo»o of 

th oo ki^ pro Do^i^ao and OooMr...Tof9tbir 

""'^^TJ'!^ with an Amww to o»taltt objto- 

1827. 4ta. 
4286. dd. 2. 

tioaa Biado a^niaal tka Ortea 
of our Cbarah, ato. JNfaltd If 
Iftt gjrfiil ^ Jfltotfoain, 1MK< 
1880. 4to. 4108. K 

TiBftTiTB (Hnar) wiowiTilj 

Dimm jf, A tpooob doU^aiad — Aaolharoonr. T. 1080.(1.) 

al tba YidtatioB...28% of Sap- WiOMwlUwllilofcmte. 

1888. 4to. ^^ 118.1.40. „ ^"» (J^!? > ^^/ffT 

i9M Pniupm (MoaoAii) Bmtkd w 

Onjiuadoaii Sod- •/ Vmmifi^ f t mi , 

— A Tiaatioe torrohiag tba 

doaaTii J. Pdrtaiiat. ,, ^ SooUaad, aad of tba 

tifl»: iiva, ofalio babila 

^Uad Aeiiialw BMia- W*o*"o oi ocouana, mhi «m miv 

eta. «i 

4175. a. tbaCoaaaofEaglaad. 
— A fall ooafatAia of tba k ooataiacd at wall a OaMtlogia 




of the Competiton pretending 
title to the same Croune as a 
resolution of their objections... 
With an exhortation to the Eng- 
lish and Scottish nations, for 
uniting of themselves in a true 
league of Amitie. [BheimB,'] 
1684. 8vo. 600. b. 27. (2.) 

— Another copj. 288. a. 28. 

Imperfeoi; wanting the "Gene- 

— Another copy. G. 1734. 

LESLY (JoHw) An Epi- 
threne : or Voice of Weeping : be- 
wailing the want of weeping. A 
meditation. PrinUd by A. M. for 
H. Bobinson, London, 1681. 8yo. 
873. a 44. 

L'ESPINE (Jean de) See 
Vigor (S.) Archbishop of Narhonne. 
Acts of the Dihpute... between 
two Doctors of Sorbon, and two 
Ministers of the Reformed Church 
[J. de L. and H. Du Rosier], etc. 
1602. 8vo. 3902. o. 

— An excellent and learned 
treatise of Apostasie ... directed 
against the Apostates in the 
churches of France. Written 
first in the French tongue... and 
now faithfully translated into 
English. Thomae VautroUier, 
London, IbSl. 8vo. 695. a. 44. 

— An Excellent Treatise of 
Christian Righteousnes, written 
first in the French tongue by 
H. I. de I'Espine and translated 
into English by I. Feilde, eto. 
V. 1. T. VautroUier, London, 
1678. 8vo. 8932. a. (8.) 

— A very excellent... Discourse, 
touching the Tranqnilitio and 
Contentation of the minde : oon- 
teining sundry notable instruo- 
tiona, and firme Consolations,... 
Written in French, ... and newly 
tranalated into English by £. 

Sm^. Printed bff J, Leoaie^ 
Printer to the Univertitie of Cam- 
bridge, 1692. 4to. 8403. h. 

L E 8 8 E (Nicholas) See 
AuQDSTiNB, Saint. A worke of 
the predestination of saints ... 
translated by N. L. ... Item, 
another worke... en tytuled, Of the 
vertue of perseveraunce to thend, 
translated by... N.L. 1560. 8yo. 
3670. aaa. 1. 

— See Erasmus (D.) [Amola- 
tionee in N. Tesiawtentum, — Selec- 
tions.] The Censure and judge- 
ment of... Erasmus: ... Whyther 
dyyorsemente betwene man and 
wyfe stondeth with the lawe of 
God, •... translated by N. L. 
[1550?] 8vo. 1127. a. 2. (6.) 

— See Lambert (F.) The 
minde and judgement of maister 
F. Lambert. ..of the w^ll of man. 
...Newelye traslated into Eng- 
lishe by N(ichola8) L(eese), etc. 
[1648.] 8vo. 4256. a. 

— An Apologie or Defence of 
the Worde of God, eta See 
Melanchthon (P.) The justifica- 
tion of man by faith only...Trans- N. L., eto. 1548. 8yo. 

C. 21. a. 

LESSIUS (Lbokardus) ;S^ 
DowMAME ^G.) bishop of Derry. 
Papa Antichri8tus,...cujus du» 
partes:... posterior, *\vaatc€vtj, qua 
L. L. Sedecim demonstrationea, 
monitorisB Regis prsofationi oppo- 
ait», refutantur. 1620. 4to. 

1010. a 22. 

— See WxDDRiKOTOif (B.) B. 
Widdringtons last rejoinder to 
Mr. T. FitK-HerberU Reply Con- 
cerning the Oath of AUeffianoe 
and the Popes power to depoee 
nrinoea...Aleo many replies... of 
L. Leasins in his singleton are 
refuted, etc 1619. 4to. 697. e. 19. 


LB88IUB iUmAmm) A l«it. Sto. I07«.g.3i. 

IMoa it b«l Id I» laibfMtiL LBVBIIS (Pvnn) lUiii|i«lM 

Wr£lnilftUlia.^Mi4lffmMkl«l l""!^^*^?*. ^ DioUottAm oC 

Ill* JfegMl >y W. I. (AaAp. 

— A right proitabU Boolw for 

in^j ^yr^iVi^iliiirMi •UIH oiOkd^TU 

iijiriiTin ■■iliiiM ifcr-^-7' loHiAltli...No«r|ir oom 

-> ^ yArtiM i; or> Ui» right ST^K i^««fc% !•» ^^ 
mm <1 pMMnriag Ufii mmI 1088. g. li. (t.) 

EmXth onto eitrtMi old Agt... ^ ^ ^ 

Writteft tn UiiM br L. Lmmm LBVSR (Cnvroran) A 

mmI sow aoM into iBifliih [bjr CrooiflM: or, % ModiUtfam anai 

T. &].-(ODnutfo*« TkMlko of BopvitMio^ ami, tho holio & 

THmmooMidSobriotio, trmns- «ioii. [In Tortal PtmImI ftf 

ktodbjr Matter Qoorgo ElofbMt. F. & M J. Bmi^ U^dom, 

— A Duttwrw timiMklod out of 1607. 4to. 11626. d. 81. 

IlalMa. That a Spara Dial aa 
than a flplaaiid and 

8««pl«M».) ThaaMoodaditioB. — Haavao aad Barth, Baligte 
S pHL Pinalid If f&« iVtofirf Mid PolioT. Or. tha maiDadflhr- 
It lit Um iw tfi iU i 9i C h wir frff i . moo Utwaana Baligkm aad 

2Si.a.51. FbUer. IVtfalid ly A B. /«> 
/. OorlMs riaMba,] 1609. am 

4874. a. 

— Tha Hittoria of tha Da- 

imdort of tha OathoUana FWith. 

Diaooaniiis tha stata of Baligioa 

in Bagtaad, aad tha eara of tha 

poUtiaaa atata for Baligkm daring 

a o - ^ vmgBM of King Heorrj 8. 

8m%vmam EawaiTft. QnaeiSa Maria... 

(B.) ThaarrMgninant,ata Eliiabcth,ando«rhita8oi«aigna^ 

frft 'l'l'BH f SmVL^X. Gkm* King Janiea...With all, DeeUr- 

aijlad Ltttaia, nawly laTda opan, ^"K V "^^"^ »~«» ♦]»T_/«JP 

•Ic 1618. 4IO. 6. 10458. ^ »" ■■ " ^^ obtainad thta 

^ u. ivioa. xitla,DafcndorofthaFkith,and 

1632. 4ta 1086.a.48. whaiain thaj ha^ daaonrad it 

w _iiiiuii o^ p fl Tk« Wharwinto ara addad Ofaaerva* 

.^S^J'v M**-^. ««^ »» iVt1« O. Jf. fm N. P^m^ 
t ha Haad >Vama. With a naw ^rfH. JlflMl^,Loaia,1627. 4to. 
HorMna mhumpi dj ataTaii o&a u y 

DioginaiTabha. [Batngapigwa Thm b •!• aa -fiafad lllla. 

and iHm bj fi B . J> ftiMaal '"'^ 

Bowlandi.] 1600. 8to. 1076.b.28. — Aaothar oapj. O. f«749. 




LEVER (Chri8T0PHIr) The 
Holy rilgrime, leading the waj 
to Heaven ... In two Bookes. I1ie 
first declaring what man is in the 
misery of himselfe. The second, 
what man is in the happinee of 
Christ. ..Written by C. I/ever). 
B, AUopfor W, Barringer, London, 
1618. 8vo. 873. i. 6. 

— Qneene Elizabeths Teares : 
or. Her resolute bearing the 
Christian Crosse, inflicted on lior 
by the persecuting hands of S. 
Gardner bishop of Winchester, in 
the blood ie time of Queene Marie. 
FA poem.] Printed. V. 8, for 
M. XoioiMt, London, 1607. 4to. 

11626. d. 30. 

Withont pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting the last leaf, which lias been 
aupplied in fac-aimile. 

— Another copy. G. 11245. 

LEVER (Ralph) [The Arte 
of Reason rightly termed Wit- 
craft, teaching a perfect way to 
argne and dispute.] 1$. H. Few 
Ms. Notes. H. Bynneman, Lon- 
don, 1573. 16mo. 526. e. 45. 
Imperfect; wanting the titlepage. 

— The most noble, auncient 
and learned playe, called the 
Philosophers game ... Set forth 
with...playne precepts, rules and 
tables... by R. Lever, and ang- 
mentedbyW.F. ». l. B, Hall, 
/orJ,Bowbothufn,Londan,lb6'S. 8vo. 

56. a. 2. 
Without pagination. 

LEVER (Thomas) A fruit- 
full Sermon made in Poules 
ohurohe at London in thenhroudes 
the seoondo daye of February, etc 
1$. E. J. Daie and W, Sere$: 
London, 1560. 8vo. 4474. a. 86. 
Withoot pagination. 

— A Sermon preached at Pauls 
CroMe, the . xiiii. day of Decem- 

ber... Anno M.DX. ^,7L, J' Day, 

L<miofi,[1550]. 8vo. 4473.a.9.(l.) 

Without pagination. 

LEVER (Thomas) A Sermon 
preached y* fourth Sudaye in 
Lente before the Kvngee Majestie 
and his honorable Counsell ... 
Anno Domini M.CCCCC.l. ». E. 
J. Day, London, [1550]. 8vo. 

4473. a. 9. (2.) 
Withont pagination. 

— A Treatise of the right 
way fro Danger of Sinne & ven- 
geance in this wicked worlde, 
unto godly wealth and salvation 
in Christe. Made by T. Lever, 
and now newly augmented. 19. %• 
H. Bynneman for G. Bythop, [Lou- 
Am,] 1575. 8va 3932. o. 

L E V E S O N (Sir Richard) 

S Funeral SermonS\ See Pagi 
Samuel) A Sermon, etc. 

LEVETT (Christopher) An 
Abstract of Timber -Measures. 
Wherein is contained the true 
content of the most timber Trees 
within the Realme of England... 
By C. L(evett) of Sherborne, etc. 
W. Jones, [London f] 1618. 8vo. 
531. d. 32. (1.) 

— A Voyage into New Eng- 
land begun in 1623. and ended in 
1624. Performed by C. Levett, 
etc. W.Jonee„,,9old by E. BrewHer, 
London, 1628. 4to. C. 83. o. 13. 

LEVETT (John) The order- 
ing of Boos : or, the true history 
ofmanaffing them, eta T.Harper, 
for J. Haruon, London, 1634. 4to. 
972. i 25. 

LEVINS (Peter) 5m Litwis. 

LEVINU8 (Guuilmus) 8— 
Harvbt (Q.) G. Harveii Cioero- 
nianuB, etc. [With a Prefatory 
Letter by 0. L.] 1577. 4to. 

1213. L 6. (1.) 


^ &f^ LBmamoR (Bdwabo) am 

49 U) I&IS. 4I». Uia.0.11 

v««>«/tt\ i n LlWE«HOB(«rUw«) 

m IM* Sim l-IO] pMoM At OoMwowidai aad OovwanMl 

il «w» iaiwddl lo Bm« W Ba — Am Bmumi FoomrM. TIm 

a0f<15M. 8m 6^.16.(8.) Um kW oC SiMiiM. tto. [By 
WHkMiBwlMitoii. SirLrL!] IftMTlto. 

1060. h. 5. (2,) 
LBWX8 (Jnuoiua) TIm 
DoQtriM of TbAnkfnlncM : or. 1696. 4ta 100. a 1. 

TriwMik. onnaiiiiiii! hr 

tte amraotfoa of FkMoh...ia LBWKSNOR (Samuil) A 

tlM ltd flta, A Stntm [oa Bs. Diwovrw ... of all ikoM Ciiti«t, 
IT llnfmofctil JM NortkMBplOB, wktrain do« flottriah at thk daj 
XovMibift.1618. PrndtihtrTa. privil6a«l_ UniT«fjrfti«a_ ,fa- 

ibift.1618. JMHirfly.... . . ^ ^ , „ . „ „ 

ArjrB^»<fr.LMtfM.1610. 4ta pnmi^ h L W. fw K Bmmt, 

3187. bk. (4.) X4»4m,l«00. 4to. 88&i. a 

(Jon)lttMiinaMlM — Aaother oopy. 274. k. 20. 

Aoti^xpa: ortbt m nM ll Prittt li^wtel: imatlaf tO tflir M. 67. 
kooa. tad All-«dU«it SMrifiM 

of Ckriit Witk tka mnHaj of LBT (Jobs) A Mttonio of 
tkaMiM. OoBteiaiiicM osaol PfeUa. Or. tko raOpoos life 

Conftt- ana daatk of...Mn. J. fiatolifla 

tatiaa of Um Boaiiak Saarilloa. of Cheater, ato. F. Kimg^Um for 

ale. jr. Olaa. fir B. BHUiaftara, R. Botlodka, Limdm, 1640. 8vo. 

Iwita. 1624, 4to. 108. d. 28. 1418. a. 47. 

LSWKSMOB (Sr Bdwaid) — AaoUiar oopj. 1418. a. 48. 

{^r^ *S!r-L, *• ^.^■!~ - ABOlkar OODT. 0. 19726. 

ja) Tka Wiaa King and tka — "oiaarooRr. 
LaanadJ•df^al8. LBT(BoaBO Tka Bmiauf 

of tka Sarpaata Baad. A 

^^P^*^«I>B. fooLiika w:21-28] piaaekadat 
S?"*^..^.?- S""*"" PkalaCnia«.ato. Xlkmmm M 

Gaa)j«gia...FttaataU T 
tka daatf 

CroaM. ato. J. Dmtmm fir 

^r^"^-?^ f- ^•''te? 1 14. d. 47. 

..aad...8aaaa kia Ladr. Witk 

liaatkaApok^gia.aiidaBaioyadar — Two aarvMaa, oaa [oa L 

to tka fluaa. [Edit^ W tkair Cor. it. 24« 26]... bj R. Jjm^ 

aoa E. Lawkaaor?] A. Em^UU Aaotkar [oa Ada tu. 67. 68]... 




by J. Squire. JPrinied &y W. I. for 
N. Bourne^ London, 1619. 4 to. 

114. d. 48. 

LSTGH (Wiluam) The 
■onlee solace against sorrow. A 
fvnerall sermon [on Isaiah lyii. 
11 etc Sa0HARaisoar(W.) Deaths 
advantage, eta 1602. Svo. 

4902. aaa. 18. 

1605, eta 4to. 1416. a. 12. 

1617. 8va 4902. aaa. 19. 

L'HERMITE (Jacques) A 
Truo Ifelation of the FJeete which 
went undor the Admirall J. Le 
Hermite through the Straights of 
Magellan e towards the Coasts of 
Peru and the Towne of Lima in 
the West-Indies. With a Letter, 
Ck)ntaining the present State of 
Castile in Peru. Hereunto is 
annexed an excellent Discourse 
which she we th... how that it was 
...necessary ...for the United Pro- 
vinces to erect a West-India 
Company... Written by a Well- 
wilier of the Common-wealth. 
Printed for Mercurius Brilannicus, 
London, 1625. 4to. C. 32. g. 17. 

— Another copy. G. 6921. 

LIARS. See P., W. Foure 
great Lyers, striving who shall 
win the silver-whetstone, eta 
[1580?] 12mo. 8610. a. 


[Wi^rks.] ArjfioaOtvov^ Xoyoi t*. 
With the Arguments of L.] 
1597. 4to. 236. h. 11. 

LIBELLULUS. ^ Libellulus 
Secundaru intentionu logicalium 
Doviter oompilatus pro scholari- 
bus. 1$. H. Few MS. Norn. 
B. Pptmm, [London, 1505?] 4to. 
520. b. 28. (1.) 
Nine leavca, itiihout pagiDStioo. 

— Another edition. V. ft. 

Few MS. Notes. B, 
[Loaion, 1515?] 4to. 

519. d. 4. (2\) 
Imperfect; wanting titlepags. 

LIBELLUS. Parvus Libel- 
lus oontinens formam multarum 
reru prout patet in Calendario in 
fine mde oontento... Carta feodi 
simplicis cum littera attumatoria. 
[London, 1525 ?] 4to. 1379. a 
Without paginaiioo. 

— Another edition. I$. X. 
B, Bedman, [London,] 1530. 8vo. 

1127. a. 52. 

— Another edition. V. X. 
Per... Wilhelmum Myddylton, Lon- 
dtnt, 1543. 8vo. 1127. a. 45. 

— Another copy. 1379. a. (3.) 

— Another edition. Id, X* 
Per Boberium Toye, Londini, 
1546. 8vo. 516. a. 4. (2.) 

Begin. [Sig. a His day is 
callyd the first sonday of advent, 
that is the sonday in cristys 
comyng, etc. [A collection of 
Sermons, on Sundays and Holy 
days drawn from the '* Legenda 
Aurea " by John Mirkus a Canon 
of the Idonastery of Lilleshal, 
and by him called " Festial." 
Edited bv W. Caxton.] )». %. 
Enprynted ai Weiimintier by 
W, Caxton, 1483. foL 

0. 11. a 6. (1.) 

Without titlepaffe or ptginatioD. 

Begiiiter, a ij.-p liL 114 le^rm, 

88 lines to a full pa«o. A iinaU 

Krtion of the tint lea^ in this oopy, 
s been lupplied in facsimile Mb. 

— Begin. [Sic. b j.! must also 
hate sinne namely and 666 it in 
all that ye may, eta — End. [Sig. 
■ ▼., Mfto.*] Caxton me Beri 
fecit.^[Seoond edition.] M. E. 
MS. Norn. [W. Owioii, ITsH. 
mh^er, 1491 ?] 4to. 0. 21. d. (1.) 

126 leaves, withoot UUepage or 


-^ iSTTn rt I 'I ai.a. ipii. [rtdb^dbWifZ^ 

*if MHTOTMli Mi Mr MM «r in r flu \m. 4I0W 

*if MHTOTMli Mi Mf MM «r in r fib lAt. 4I0W 

JlMMrih»*Aih«M*«lHqn^ 0. M. A. t. 

Hm vwi * HaffMis CMMi kilNw *^ hmml nuMi m mmi§ 

I p(a. Ma Norm Bir «• i^thy 

il<>SMiMBpM^JMiMMM^149&.4lOw pMflHl; 

0.86. 0.7. •*>•• 

UBSB VBtnTALia Ib. «>» Mi. . «... 

•TO tai Jbm Mi r, vtOdii 

I bi-«, ai-4, 0I, At 

_Prtli4hiiMy»MiM y,wjtk — Biyia [Slg. o l] Tho 

nViVo^iirtrta^ ^ [Oil] i»di£uw'?g 

[It P^MM» LMiM, 14Mn 
fc titmUt So oovo oomotat ol uZS^^uS!^!^^ 

flii. ^IL'" ' -T^Ji"?!?- — ADotbor wuuon. 1^. ft. 

14M. 4ta C. 36. 1 6. 2 pi,^ p^ y i 'y j^i, P^mmm, 

1MI»~ Hatrf fai ioohb £mMs1602. 4Io. a86.alO. 
T- ■—J-.r" "^ "^ y,g lOT •-▼, A-B, is diMi» mbmI ▼, 

^ C.86.f.7. JJXdc • '^ 

«hlL«t»biMit,ft-«»ki,ai-«,qi LXBERAUTT. A pleMMt 
Mi^Mir-v. CooMdio, [in fiTo acta and ia 

Ud^ liber Qoi rt^timlS appal- P™^ iLS^*!^''^ .^^ 

[If yf ^ * H'-t*] Ai 

riifeinirfii fib 1406. 4to. UOHFIBLD AKD COT- 

<yil.a.aO. BHTRT, INrnwi/. AHMm to 

la ba innirvd of in tlia Ordiaario 



ViBitation, of... Richard [Ban- 
croft]... Archbishop of Cannter- 
bnrie.iD, and for the diooes of 
CoTentry and Lichfielde, in the 
Teare of our Lonl God, 1609, etc. 
9. %, E, Blower, London, 
1609. 4to. T. 1018. (11.) 

TiUepage mntiUted. 

LICHFIELD ('RiCHARD)jMeiMl. Gabriel Harvey.] The 
Trimming of T. Naahe Gentle- 
man, by the high-tituled patron 
Bon Kichardo de Medico Campo, 
Barber Chimrgion to Trinitie 
Colledge in Cambridge. Printed 
for P. Scarlet, London, 1697. 4to. 
96. b. 17. (4.) 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 

1080. i. 13. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and three fuUowing leaves. 

See Lydgate. 

LIEBAULT (Jean) See 
EsTiENNE (C.) and Li^ault (J.) 
MaiKon Hustique, or the Countrie 
Farme, etc. 1600. 4to. 7074. g. 

1606. 4to. 85. a. 9. 

1616. fol. 33. f. 9. 

LIFE. Cyvile and nncyvile 
life... Where, in forme of a Dia- 
loge is disputed, what order of 
lyfe beet beseemeth a Gentleman 
in all ages and times, etc. 19. %. 
B. Jonei, London, 1579. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 25. 
Without pagination. 

See Ei'HKMEUiiiiiS. Litfuterfoote. 
A new Almanacke...Ciuculated... 
by R. L. 

bhin : or MiHcollanieH, cnnstian 
and Judaicall, and otliera. Penned 
for recreation, etc. 0, Miller /or 


B, Swayne and W. Adderton, Lon- 
don, 1629. Bvo. 1020. e. 12. (1.) 

LIOHTFOOT (William) 
The Complaint of England. 
Wherein it is clearely prooved 
that the practises of Traitrons 
Papihts against the state of this 
Realme...are...unlawfull, odious 
...and ridiculous, etc. 10. %. 
J. Wolfe, London, 1587. 4to. 

697. g. 26. 
Wlthoot paginaHon 

See WiLUAMs (Joh.s) suooessiyely 
Bithop of Lincoln, etc. 

LILBURNE (John) Aconpv 
of a Letter written by J. Lil- 
bume, close prisoner in the 
Wards of the Fleet,... to J. In- 
gram and H. Hopkins, Warders 
of the said Fleet. Wherin is 
discovered their... Cruelty exer- 
cised upon his Body. [London f 
1640?] 4to. G. 5954. (2.) 

Four leaves, without titlepage. 
Bound between pp. 8 and 9 of ** A 
Worke of the ~ " 

— A W^orke of the Beast, or a 
Relation of a mobt unchristian 
Censure, executed upon J. Lil- 
bume (now prisoner m the Fleet) 
the 18 of April! 1638. With the 
lieavenly speech vttered by him 
at the time of his sofifering, eta 
[London f] 1638. 4to. 1104. a. 13. 

— Another copy. G. 6954. (1.) 

LILLY (John) osUed The 
Euphuist, See BoMBix, Mother. 
Mother Bombie, etc. [By J. L.] 
1594. 4to. C. 34. d. 15. 

1598. 4to. C. 34. d. 16. 

— See CiMPASPE. Campsm, 
etc. [A tragi-comedy, by J. L.] 
1584. 4to. 0. 84. b. 8. 

1591. 4to. 644.6.64. 


LILLY (J<«s) mIM TV J.mhih^O. 

A»OraiTtiATg(Cirr- 1M7. 4«o. 91.11.6. 

— 3m OhLkVU. OmlktlM^ 1607-4M. 4lo. ' C. 40. 4. Si. 
«taL [ByJ.UUy.) IMS. 4ta. ^^^ «# «i_ i 

Aj. v. E. Pwiirf/or If. LmW, 

— 8«# MitK Th« M«jril« I<»iftw> 1609. 4IO. C.40.d.ll. 
MrtiMiiniiiWM. 9^ [Bj J. 

mf.] RooT 4i». akd. IS. 7- ^"^^ •*?****■?' 7*- J 

^ "* only. Primal for W. Lmkt^ 

— &» M4«r«iLAim (MAsmi) Lmim. ISIS. 4«a 0. 104S8.(X) 
■mW. a wkip Csf An Ap6i« 

;iQ. fBy J. LUlT? or T. NMhTl — Aaotbtrtditioo. H. 1. 2 pu. 

llMVrj «». TUX. g. ». ^^ j^^^ ^^^^ ^^ j^^^ ^ ^ 

Pium ^^ * lMl^8l« 

otoi [By J. UUt? or T. Natb?] 
[lSaS>] 41a. JOS. s. SO. 

— 9m MmAi. Uidm, olo. fBy J^- ^•■'^ /^ •^^ ^*»*^« ^ »■ * >■» 
J.L.] ISM. 4l« ^^ ^^ JSli'*'^ 

— AnoUitr oopj. O. I04SS. 
—Aaoihar odi E .2yto. 

1»4. 4to C. Si a. 17. li40S.*. 27.(2.) 

faMtHM: iwilhif ilf. Aa»-«. 
1&91. 4to. C.S4.d.l8. TIm UUtpaflt aod df. A«i •!• 

^ BaplliMa. Tbo AootooiT of 
Wyt. Votj plotMt for all ^T-ADoOyroditioii. ». E. 2^U. 

-^- toiSTTwhoriiim ?^«^*f/-^V •^^f/l^W*'' 

tko doUghts Uwl Wrt £«<MloiS 1^1* ^to* 12410. 00. 1. 

fcU^^^***^^^ "»^ r^^ Vy tho _ Another edition of pt 2 

plMnaBtMBM of LoTo, mad the ^j PrimUi hw J H. mid hg 

Hfiy — \ V ^^^^ i* K^ /. W. London. 1681. '410. 

rt_T*w J"™?"""" « wiaiomo. O. 10438. (I.) 

(JU. IbnvoiaidMdtlioftnrtpnrt ^ ^ 

ofBm4n«.olOL) /■frwliiy.../<r — Anothoroditaon. H.E. 2ptt. 

/.Chniil,Iwdtn,rii78?] 4Co. /. EMlMd. Lendtn, 1686. 4to. 

C. 40. d. 88. 12018. o. 

CorMtod and LILLY (Jomi) oallad TU 

E. r. Bml. fm BtfimUL \jamm " 

a. Omtti^ Lomdam, 1561. 4to. A wiUj and otmrtl/ nMlorall [in 

0. 10487. five acta, and in proaa]. iVtafid 

^ . . /«' ^* ^«>4 LoMlpn, 1601. 4to. 

ObrvMlod and ' C. 84. d. II. 

aiondad (Bnbnaa and kia 
Enciaad ; eontafa^ I* Vojaffa 
and AdTontnwLalo.) M. E. 3 pta. — 

tnm^alo.) 19. E. 3 pta. — Anotlwr copy. I6S. L SS. 




— Another copy. C. 34. d. 12. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage^ 
The iMi leaf UmatiUiled. 

LILLY (John) oaUed The 
EuphuUt. Sixe Court Oumediet, 
eto. W. Stamhy for E. BUmni, 
LantUm, 16S2. 12mo. 644. a. 30. 

Each pUy has a distinct titlepage. 
Without pagioatioa. 

— Another copy. 238. b. 31. 

— The "Woman in the Moone, 
•to. [A comedy, in five acts and 
in verse. ] ItnpnnUd . . ./or W. Jone$, 
London, 1597. 4to. 0. 34. d. 19. 

Without pagination. 

LILLY (William) tlie Oram- 
marian. See Lilt. 

LILY (William) iS^M Granger 
(T.) Syntagma grammaticnm or, 
an easie... explanation of Lilliee 
Grammar, etc. 1616. 8vo. 

827. a. 2. 

— See Institutio. Brevissima 
Institutio, sen Batio Gram- 
matioes cognoscendae, eta [By 
W. Lily.] 1606. 4to. 

G. 16848. (2.) 

1634. 8vo. 12932. b. 26. 

— Institntio compondiaria 
totins Grammatic®, eto. See 
Introduction. An Introdnction 
of the eyght partes of speohe, eta 
1542, eto. 4to. 0. 21. b. 

— See Latin Tonouk. A Shorte 
Introduotion of Grammar, eto. 
[By W. Lily and J. Colet.] 
1577. 4to. 12933. b. 4. 

1599. 4to. 12934. a. 21. 

1607. 4to. G.16848.(l.) 

1621. Svo. 623.0.25. 

1640. Svo. 12932. b. 27. 

— The Bohoole-maaters pre- 
cepts, or Lillies letwm to his 

SchoUers.... Translated by J. Pen- 
kethman. [In verse.] See Pen- 
KETHMAN (H.) Onomatophyla- 
oiom, eto. 1626. 8vo. 

11355. a. (2.) 

LILY (William) G. Lilii... 
Rudimenta. See Wolset (T.) 
Cardinal. Rudimenta Gramma- 
tioes et dooendi methodos, etc. 
1529. 4to. C. 40. a 39. 

— Antibossicon. (G. Lilii in 
Aenigmata Bossi [t.e. R. Whit- 
tington] Antibossioon primnm — 
tertium.) In mdtbue P^n$omianU, 
Londini, 1521. 4to. 

1069. b. 12. (1.) 

Twenty-three leaTea, without pagi« 

^ — G. LiIlii...De generibns no- 
minum, Ac verborum prssteritis 
& supinis Regale... Opus reoog- 
nitum & adanctam onm Nominnm 
ao verborum interpretamentis, per 
loanne KituiMsi Schol^ Paulino) 
prwoeptoris [«c]. [1520?] 4to. 
625. d. 11. (1.) 
Without pagination. Big. A-E. 

— Another edition.^ Aimd 
TTttuifidi* de Worde, Londini, 
1533. 8vo. C. 21. a. 1. 

Without pagination. Big. A-0. 
Cropped in the binding. 

— Animadversions npon Lillies 
Grammar, or Lilly scanned. An 
Extract of Grammatioali Prob- 
lemes. Gathered out of the In- 
quiries. ..of the most judicious 
Grammarians. Set downe by 
way of Questions and answers, eta 
TF. StanAjffor B, Hawkm$, London, 
1625. Svo. 625. a. 6. 

— Another copy. 624. a. 34. ( 1 .) 

LIME. (Spirituall Lime and 
Sand.; [With prayers.] ». E. 
[London? 1610?] Sva 

8224. a. (2.) 

A fragment, ooaabUng of pp. 10- 

», 49-112, and 185-267, also 

lis lis 

hnMm TimiiM^ for Um tmiUh 


IfttT. tm 540.a.6. 1007. 8vo. 4401. bblK 12. 

Od«U...a« Kalurmliboa B^riMd lU fbttrth 

F i e il torilw M libri trtt T. Liaaoro tiM«» oorrMlid« ... aiid «iki«d, 

lUt. 4«Qc tla r. aMfty /or /. JWkr, 

M0.1t.(S.) iM^ldO. 12Ma Q.4i$.h. 

^y^rr UMORrBioiutp) 

d§ njf oiywiMMini hi 

^■■■^■■llbtr mat. Bvttoi LINCOLN, a««lv o/.^Om. 

i» ■■■ lHu i t M <Mwto Uhri tin. MMTf. A BrMlb Hdbtioo br 

T. Umtmo^iMmjfmm. 1M4. 4to. th« OoBaMNMn oT UaoolMbira, 

Ma •.«.(«.) oTUMirLMAllIiitoMt^Mid UmI 

Til ■■■■■! £mImS m T *^— telnrs liavv in Law. [giwrfwi, 

^!lSS™ir[llS^'4^ 1«8?] 4to. 715. a 88. 

540. «. «. (1.) AfcH>— ••'•book,!^ I7.4ii 

~T. LiMeri...dt «M«MUta L I N C O L H. DiMM o/— 

■mwteim Utiai mnmamk libri HomOks. A briefb Homilr. 

tn. AfmiB,Pi^mmmm.Lomdiwi^ wb«retii Ube... right qm of th« 

1534. 4ta 835. d. 14. Lords Sapper it rtry pUinlj 

— AaolkvflODT. 0.7589 opened and daUTer8d...Mjide to 

— Uanori propTmoawDaU of Liooolne, Mbre ererie eele- 
' TiOgana. [A Latin- hration of the Loidee Sapper, in 

MMM-.] ». E. MS. all eooh Chnrehie end fSim 

J. BrntttO. Loedoft, ae heve not n eofleient hehle 

[15857] 4to. 0.7588. Pieeoher, allowed oader the hand 

itheatfke oeale of the 

X Biehopth«%eto. [ By T. Cooper?] 

I fniTiri iHHrtiiir Metirtte ilennii ** ^ / f ri ii i » r .../or T. JMwit, 
JhL h^inmTl^^ttU Lomdtm,lb«0. 4to. 4885. aea. 

Iae d te f .[1555?] 4Co. a2Lh.(l.) 

Wliliiiiitiiiihi, LIHCOLN, XKoMM ^.-^/a- 

~Aae«heredHion.O«Titxv]f. / — «*'« »■ Injuootkme given by 

la mMkm rjpawfeafi, foadbW, ...Thonae Biahop of Liaoolae, to 

[15587] 4la a21.h.(2.) be oheenped thnmghoat hie Pi**- 

- - 4 08aae....the8.ofJaae.aanol 

Aleo, oerteine Artklee to be a^^ 




auired of, in the vihitation of 
be said... Thomas Bishoppe of 
Linoolne, in the xix. yeare of... 
Elizabeth, etc. 13. %. B. New- 
herrUf London^ 1577. 4to. 

5155. a. 20. (2.) 
Without pegination. 

LINCOLN, Dioee$e o/.— 
MinUiert, An Abridgment of 
that Booke which the Ministers 
of Lincoln Diocoes delivered to 
his Maj^tie npon the first of 
December last. Being the first 
part of an Apologye for them- 
selves and their brethren that 
refuse the subscription, and oon- 
formitie which is required. Wher- 
unto is annexed, A table of sondry 
poyntfi not handled in this Abridg- 
ment, etc. [London f] 1605. 4to. 
698. g. 4. (5.) 

— Another copy. 108. b. 8. 

— Another edition. Reprinted, 
[London f] 1617. 8vo. 851. f. 15. 

LINCOLN, Diocese of .— Visi- 
icUion Articles. Articles to bee 
enquired of, within the diocesse 
of Lincolne, in the visitation of 
...Thomas Bishop of Lincolne. In 
the xvj. yere of... Elizabeth, etc. 
90. il. B, Netcbery^ London^ 
1574. 4to. 5155. a. 20. (1.) 

Witbooi pagination. 

1585. ». a. 

J. Windet, London, 1585. 4to. 

5155. a. 20. (3.) 

•- Another copy. 608. g. 30. 

1588. 1$. 1. 

r. Orwin for T, Chard, London, 
1588. 4to. 5155. a. 20. (4.) 


13. I. 


». X. 

T. Orwin, London, 1591. 4to. 

698. g. 32. 

In the zl. yeare.. 

Printed for C. Knight, London, 
1614. 4to. 5155. 0. 

— 1630 & 1631. 

Printed by the Printers to the Uni- 
versitie of Cambridge, [1630]. 4to. 

5155. c. 

; 1635. Printed hp 

the Printers to the Universitie of 
Cambridge,lQ35. 4to. T. 1013.(14.) 

LINDSAY (David) sucoes- 
sively Bishop of Brechin and of 
Edinburgh. Depotestate principis. 
Apborisiiii. T. Finlason, Edin- 
burgi, 1617. 4to. 522. d. 1. (2.) 

Preceded by a leaf, on the recto 
of which i« a portrait of King 
Jamtn L, and on the verso a 
dedicatory epistle to the 

of Elizabeth. J. Legat, Cambridge, 
1598. 4to. 6155. a. 20. (6.) 

— A true narration of all the 
passages of the proceedings in the 
generall Assembly of the Church 
of Scotland holden at Perth the 
25. of August ... 1618, etc. 
W. Stansby for B. Bounthwait, 
London, 1621. 4to. 489. d. 1. 

LINDSAY {Sir David) See 
Scotland. [The Complaynt of 
Scotland.— Attributed to Sir D. 
L.] [1549?] 16mo. C. 21. a. 

— The Warkis of the famous... 
Enioht, Sir D. Lyndsay of the 
Mont ... Kewlie oorreotit ... and 
augmentit with sindry warkis, 
quhilk was not befoir imprentit, 
etc. V. %. H. Charteris, Edin- 
burgh, I bd'2. 4to. C. 39. d. 40. 

The last two pieces named in the 
table of oontenta (on the venoof the 
titlepage, which bears the date 
15U2) appear not to have been pab> 
liah«d tm 1694, when they appeared 
as a di«iinot work, sntiasd ••Hm 
Historie of... W. Meldram ... The 
Testament of the said W. Meldram." 

— The workee of ... Sir D. 
Lyndeaay ... Newly correotad, ... 
and augmented with sundrie 
workee never before imprinted. 

1. 1 SC 1»AT 

». 1, 4. Il«f«, Bihkmfk. LOflXtA n«vtM A 

o^ mmI a < 

— AmMh U t. la III. 

.1 abH^IHiiihul, I^a4> 8m ivMd 
lOTCluSO. IkU: A 

of • fifbZ, WUeh ly^ M« ^ , I ^ . /S: 

^ JMML iMlim 153a. 4to. 

a la. s. 3. (2.) 

•^«\iji: WktHbn ftKtyU rMcltni — A .n. 15. E. 

L*a« ywi T* Im ««i« Mto of T P-r' i:>Hl. 4to. 

[In ir«m.] H. &. ( . 39. d. 23. 

— AooUmto t. 115«1. 

- Ai» MUqc btCirfU] El- f B MjftH j ^ .. .-.^ 

Ot llw Miwrmlijh Etiait of the ilfTZSlkt. 

Wfaridl CoMMrUi U Sohir D. 

I r»a«]iij, cte. (Htir Ibllmiia —The Hiit 

ib^ TMtiUe. of Um Umoiihylo and wmibnuid 

mmiA Ummmd VmOm DutM anim...Tbo TcaUiiMi uf...W. 

(B«IOM)^CbnliMll, •to.—Hoir Moianini, olo. flnTme.] ».«. 


^jmt of o«r 8o««mM Lotdk C. 89. d. 23. 

hmfo . Krsg Jmms IIm Fyil WiilM«l p^lMlkm. Twwtj- 

.Q«kflk IjiUi «f« woaodit, and MghHiafw. 8if.A-a 

«MT ooi dot . TtU oTonr ouui _. _, , • * ^». * »> 

BoirfbUoviitlioDMiiof Sdiir ?^^ ^''^S??. ''i '^"if* ^?' 

■# rViMflr MMMtorO. WTMlMrto...forwlioM 

iMiiiMo. 1562 wk« tlio AfureMTod bishotiM VM 

liifiiin " inn it "^ ^8 ^'^ aUTno. [Ediiod, 

c. 89. d. 59. 60. r*^*"«^4f%**>*^;^«^ 

TS^ tZmh£, ^' Smm, Lmim^ 1546. 8to. 

»*'INBlllf*' K 

"riii^Tmii* ^ — Anothor copy. < i i* :»4. 

LIND8BLL ( Aoootrm) mio- 
AmcImt oditk». ». B. OMifolj JKi5flf i/ rM ii*i>*H* 
rf» of Of BiHi ■ I omI «. Md V^ E^nfmd. am Bnuu— 
igf aoMlcr flbwojiJ^in ray, to Krw TvrrAMiirr. — - JI^M« ^ 
\^>^. AUK C. 12. c. 2. &M-I Poal. P t igf lt it , ^ 





XaxTOV. ..i^tJY^^i TWK iiri(rTo\MV rov 
Ayiov IlavXov. 
D. Pauli epUtolas (Jommontarie 
...Studio & ourA...A. Lindselli... 
descripti & oastigati, etc. Or. and 
Lai. 1636. fol. 9. d. 9. 

LINDSELL (AuGusTiifE) soo- 
oeMivtly Biah'tp of Peterborough 
and of Hereford. See Hbrepord, 
Dioceee of. — VinUUum Articles. 
Articles to boe enaaired of within 
the diocesse of Hereford in tho 
first visitation of A. [L.], etc. 
1634. 4to. 700. g. 17. (2.) 

LINDSEY (David) Minister 
at Leilh. The Godly Mans 
Journey to Heaven : containing 
ten severall treatises. Printed hi/ 
B. F. for R. Bird, London, 
1625. 8vo. 873. f. 10. 

Imperfect; wanting the last loaf 
of the table of contenta, which, how- 
ever, id supplied in MS. 

LING (Nicholas) See B., J. 
Politeuphuia. Wits Common- 
wealth. [By J. B., i.e. J. Boden- 
ham. Edited by N. L.?] 

1597. 8vo. 1076. a. 38. 

— See L., N. 

— Politeuphuia. Wits Com- 
mon wealth. Newly corrected 
and augmented. [By J. Boden- 
ham. iSitedbyN.Ling.] Printed 
by L M. for Nicholas Ling, London, 

1598. 8vo. G. 16446. 

Imporfeot ; wanting eight leavoa, 
Ds, Ci and s. Fa, Bb i and », li i and «. 

Michael) A letter written to 
the...ArohBish. [of Spalatro, i.' 
M. A. de Dominis]. Lat. and En>j. 
£I^Doiiii(i8(M. A. Di)BUOoesi»ively 
Bishop ofSegni, etc. A Mani fusta- 
tion of the Motives, whereupon 
...M. A. de Dominis, Arohbishop 
of Spalato,...uudortouke his de- 
parture ihenoe, eta 1616. 4to. 
477. a. 26. (I.) 

LINGUA. Lingua: Or, the < 
Combat of the Tongue, and the 
five Senses for superiority. A 
pleasant Comcedie [in five acts, 
in prose and verse, by A. Brewer?]. 
0. Eld for S. Waierson, London, 
1607. 4to. 643.0.25. 

Without pagination. 

— Another edition. N. OJces 
forS. Waterson, London, 1617. 4to. 

643. d. 35. 

— Another edition. N. Okes 
for S. Waterson, London, 
[1618?] 4to. 643. c. 24. 

— Another edition. N. Okes 
for S. Waterson, London, 1 622. 4to. 

643. c. 26. 

— Another edition. A. Matheiees 
forS. Waterson, London, 16S2. 4to. 

643. 0. 27. 

— Another copy. T. 1414. (1.) 

— Another copy. C.l2.g.9.(l.) 

— Another copy. G. 1 1 2 1 9. 

van) J. H. van Linschoten his 
Discours of Voyages into y* Baste 
& West Indies. Devided into 
foure Bookes. (Translated out 
of Dutch into English by W. P. 
i.e. William Phillip].) ». 1. 
: Wolfe, London, 1598. fol. 

983. g. 13. 


With man and plates. EogrsTcd 
titlepage. Eaohbookhasaaeparate 

Another copy. 212. d. 9. 

Vnothor copy. 0. 7008. 

LINNE (Walter) A most 
neceesario Treatise, declaring the 
beginning and ending of all 
Poperie, or the popish Kingdome. 
Drawne out of oortaine oldo 
prophooies above ihiee handred 

1 I V Lift M» 

IMS. i¥x lAM. 4IO. 800ft. •. 

(J wr w) J. Upiii 


UirrOIMAimmnr} N««w MMM4Mi...«til«.^ 

Aa4oril»lliglilte lAM. IHw. MO. a. 4. (1.) 

•rQulOk TafMlMr Willi wmimi 

IW Stfttlls of AaiMi. Bj A(tt- 
tlM'U)LQrmliNiX«to^ F.Jbi^iitiS 

/.«*«i««,i(m. 41a. an. •.a. 

— Two boolm of 

WriMM iA UtiM, hf J. LifHrfM. 

OosteiaiM* nrlMiiHaik, % Com- 
oopy. O. 7313. iortebfo OAwm la oommni 

AjMlkweo|iX. 60. a. 10. stimdlittg. ^ l! SSbL. lZirf<«i 
-AMtWrooi^. C.I3.a.9.(4.) 1&03. 4to. 3403. bb. 

L.A.8oMm. ^8nnQ4(L.A.) [i^}f>vml^mmmt^PLAmmM.] 
rr«*a] Tbo Worto of L. a: a L<|ydario, ooDteiBiaf m 

faMo^'oto. 1314. M. 31i.k.l3. Wfi^'^*'"?^^ *^ii7 ri 

bilMTiov of Chorki Oardiaol of 

OnAam fpiMt OUuuijr. Lonmiao, oad of bU bioCluoB, of 

am STAfmo (i.) Moditotkimi Um iMiwof Qirfoo. WtHlMi ia 

olOL 1313. llM. 3403. a. IVtaoli Igr Fnuioio do 

_^ [aiMiof]l377. 3Ta 1133. b. 23. 

— AooBpoiteiiof laoRomMM WHhoai 
■■■■•r of wmiTt witli thit of o«r 

tiM» o«t of tbo Md of tte ifth LI8LX(WiLLUii) Sit.£urBM; 

of J. LipifaM Do milieu toooaMiveWBii&ip^irilloi^ola 

A 80x00 TreoUoe oooeaming tlio 
1 Tbo kiolorio of Jtoao- Old aad New TetUoMotTi^Kow 
olo. 1333. foL 300.0.11. ftrrtpoblidiod...byW.LUIo,olo. 

1323. 4to. a 27. o. 15. 


— A Dirootaoo for TroTmilen ^ — w^. * ^ 

tokoorVrflirJ.SlndliMloaiof "^^ HiuoDoaoi. Bmkom ^ 

ftbo "Mjiirtuh do rimn 1 1 M 1 tinno ^^^^*^0** Tho fiMaoot Hiotono of 

Italka^of] J. LipM and on* HoUodonw. Aaipli3od« oag^ 

Untd iir tbo behoofc of...Uio nMtod« oad dolWoiodpormplino- 

voSc Bwlo of Bedford, beinir ticolly in Tef»e,by...w:LlJo,elo. 

iowloodT to tfmvoU. eto. /li »^ *<^ O- »"73. 

Ito d f, 1333. 4IO. 10024.OO.6. «- *-• ^- 

— 8m SALOtTI DO Babtai 

(O. ot) Bobikm« o port of tbo 

' woeke of O. do MmUm 

JT !KL'l!f'!^.£?"x**^.'' ••*«??" *• BenM....Kiigl»bed 

^/ ypriS''^.j»;-f^ ' o. 11237. 

Qootlemen, — UiToni oaotcDt Mooi 

PriMiDolitkJi D^ into 


L 13 


in the Saxon Tongue : written 
seven hundred yeares a^oe. Shew- 
ing that both in the Ola and New 
Testament, the Lords Prayer, and 
the Greede, were then used in the 
Mother Tongue: and also, what 
opinion was then held of the 
Sacrament of the Body and Blood 
of Christ... Whereunto is added 
out of the Homilies and Epistles 
of iElfricus a second Edition of a 
testimony of Antiquity touching 
the Sacrament, and a Sermon 
[AngUhSax. And Eng.] on the Pas- 
ohall Lambe, etc. (The Lords 
Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten 
Commandements in tha Saxon 
and English tongue.) Printed by 
E. O. for F. Egletfield, London, 
1638. 4to. 1016. f. 2. 

The •• Testimony, etc.," and " The 
Lords* Prayer, etc.," have each a 
separate titlepage, and the ** Ser- 
mon *' lias a separate titlepage and 

— Another copy. 67. a. 20. 

— Another copy. G. 20048. 

LISLE (William) The Faire 
Ethiopian. [A poem, in ten 
J. llavl 

Causes, Conditions, and Remedies 
ofSinne,otc. [In verse.] B. Bry- 
M>n, Edinburgh^ 1640. 4to. 

1076. k. 6. 

Without pagination. 

LITHGOW (William) A 
most delectable, and true dis- 
course, of an admired and paine- 
full peregrination from Scotland, 
to the most &mous Kingdomes in 
Europe, Asia, and Affricke, etc 
N, Oke$,...Bold by T. Archer, Jxm- 
don, 1614. 4to. 1045. h. 29. 

Without paipnation. Imperfect ; 
wanting sheet D. 

— Another copy. G. 6933. 

The dedicatory epistle to the Earl 
of Somerset and the Tcrses to tlie 
Countess of Somerset, contained in 
the preceding oopr, are in this 
replaced bv an address **To all 
Noble-minded Gentlemen, and 
Heroieke Spirits, in Ck)urt, Citty, 
and Countrey." 

The second Im- 

1631. 4to 

land, London, 
11626. d. 32. 

— Another copy. 1 1 626. d. 33. 

There is a slight tlifffronce in the 
imprint between this copy and the 

Erasmus (D.) [morim Encomium,] 
D. Erasmi...Morin Encomium, 
oum G. L. oommentariis, etc. 
1633. 12mo. 1080. d. 9. 

LITHGOW (Wiluam) The 
TravtslM of W. L. in Candy, Greece, 
...and other Parts of the East. 
See PuROUAS (SO l^irchas his 
Pilgrimes, etc Pt. 2. 1625. fol. 
679. h. 12. 

— The Gushing Teares of 
Godly Sorrow. Containing the 

pression. 15, IL, N, Oke$...tM 
by T. Archer, London, 1616. 4to. 
790. b. 5. 

Newly imprinted 

and...inlarged by the Author., 
with certame rare Helations of 
his second and third Travels. 
N, Okes, London, Hy2X 4to. 

1045. b. 28. 

At the end are some MS. Terses, 
said to be in the authoifs band* 

— The Totell Discourse, of the 
I^are Adventures, and painofnll 
Peregrinations of long nineteene 
yearee Travayles, from Scotland 
to the most famous kingdomes in 
Europe, Aiiia, and A frica ... Divided 
in throe Booken; two whereof, 
never heretofore published, etc. 
N, Oke$„„9old by N. FkueU tmd 
H. Modey, London, 1632. 4to. 

1045. h. 3. 
With a frooUspicoe. 

I 1 r HI 

1^ P»mj«ni.«lo. /. 

AnoiKcr o-liiioii. X OIm. In^ ,1 Jrif,Iniifni.lini 

l«4n. 4tuk fttMV f I SAM. 0.61. 

AhoOm^t €Kmx 

UTTLrrOll (» Tmiiai) 

OmmmHtm. LrUjIUm toovrHu 
Am Natoka. NMwm br»vira, 
•la [1584] 8Ta 607.1^.18. 

~ Sm RAintx (J.) TU 
•xpoiiokiM of tho Ivaoo of Um 
Uim of iBglMid, fHtli diTon... 

raloi Mid prtBoiploi of Um Uw«, 

LITRQOW (Wouam) Tho MwdU oat of Uio bookoo of... 
PllfrfaMorMOTolUTobkNotivo LiUotoo^ •• of oibor, olo. 
OMnitmr of SooUoad : Whortin ]M7. Sva 608. a. 19. 

it ooiitoiBod. ill WAT of Dtal«Hroo. 

TIm Joyoo Md Mbarioi of Pbw- ^,-"5* vwmmm. mmm. troL 
■ li— liiM ote. rin ^ofoo.1 iU- ^1 ^^Mioal on fco oImK •te* 

» A TnM Md Byporitntill 
iaooora* opoB IIm Dtgiaaimr... 

0.11682. Toiiom ijcjroUL [BySirT.L.] 
[1481.] foL a 12. i. 9. 

[1488f] foL a 88. h. 9. 

IiMooora* opoB IIm btfinninf — Tho 8nt Pbri of tho laoli- 

ViotaffioM ovoBi of Olio ImI tatm of tU Uwoo of BaglMd. 

MMBlMio vpoo Littlo- 

«i«o of Brads, oto. LOkm^fir Or, a 

/.Atfiir, Lwdio> 1887. 4IO. toB. not Ibo mom of o Uwjer 

1198. k. 1.(2.) oodT, bat of tbo Uw it telfo... 
Aatboro E. Ooko MiUto. [With 

LTTLXTON (SnrmDi) Sm tho t«Kt, Nitrmm Fr. ond Bbf.l 

OuiT BftTTAtsi AXD lucLAjiD.— (A TaMc io the Fint Pi^rt of 

Ja«» U JCtaf. Biyn. Where the Inelitolee, eta) iVtalW/or 

jBWMrt other permM dteooirerad IW flbeMt i/ aeifawri, I d a d ea, 

to bee Coafoderatee ia the late... 1828, 80. foL 608. f. 8. 

Tiaeeoa, ola [A ptode m e ti oa The T^iUe ket a Moeiali title- 

far the ■pMibieion of a LiUa- laft, with the delt 16A 

fOBl (lAllov^l806.) 1806. foL A«Mli*r«»^ MML^ S 

608.VlO.(80.) ~t^:^Si.ttli^ 

BAWWiwajaji iicr iadiraiyBfit^ lei* li» the - 'Mle.*' ahtoh li of a 

STnl^SSS^ -A«i«Woopy. ConowMa. 
itaw fli^hi^ Iw S. Ufetfabaft HotHl 608. g. 1. 

idiraSj 1698. 4to. TiSssi^s^iaiSiYSh 

479. a. 4. (1.) 
— A Briela CalM^icmc. ooD- The eecoad ediUoa* 




oorreoted. Printed hv the AmgnM 
of J. More Esqutre, London, 
1629. fol. 608. g. 16. 

• The third edition 

oorrected. MS. Notes. Prinisd 
hp jr. F. I. H. and R. T. AetigneB 
of J. More E9qn\re, London, 
.1633. fol. 608. g. 2. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes 
[by Sir M. Hale]. 6805. oo. 

— Another copy. 608. h. 1 . 

LITTLETON {Sir Thomas) 
one of the Judges of the Court 
of Common Pleae. A I'able 
to the First Part of the Insti- 
tutes of the Lawes of England 
[by Sir E. Coke]. Digested 
into Alphabeticall Order and 
Method. [London,'] 1629. fol. 

608. h. 11. 

*'Thi8 table is taken from the 
second edition."* MS. note by F. 
Hargrave. Interleaved. 

— [Littleton's Tenures.] Be- 
gin. [Fol. a i., recto ; preceded by 
a leaf containing the table : 
TlEnant en fee simple, etc. End, 
[Fol. i 6, vereo :] Expliciut To- 
nores novel li Impssi p nos Johej 
lettou 1 Willj de machlinia 
i Citate Londoniaz^ 1?^^ ecea^ 
oim S002;. Norman Tr, 1$. ft. 
MS. Notes. J. lettou 
machlinia, [London, 1481 ?] fol. 

G. 2190. (1.) 

Semty kavM, witboat titlepaga, 
pagination, or catchwordg. Big. 
a-i. Thirty-eight linos to a fuU 

— Leteltun teners newe oor- 
reote. V. E. MS. Notes. B.pjfn- 
mm, [London, 1510?] fol. 

606. d. 26. 

Fiftj-seren numbered leaves, 
pnoedcd by the titlepi^e, wbleh 
oontains a print of Henry VII. and 
bis oonrt, Pynson's deTloe with his 
name oooon 00 tbe Yerio of the last 

leaf; there is no oolopbon. Begister, 
siff. A-I. Forty-three Unas to a 
Ml page. 

— Another edition. 90. %, 
MS. Notes. Per...Richardii Pyn- 
•on, [London,] 1616. fol 608. f. 8. 

— Another edition. 10. %• 

[R. Pynson. London, 1518?] fol. 
G. 2191. 

WitiK'ut titnpnge. Sig. A-L 
Big. A is preccKled by a dtstinet 
work on eight leaves, known as 
•' Tlie Olde Tenures,'* not l^ LitUe- 
ton r* I-*]; tbe first of wbich bears 
on tbe Terso an ornamental heraldio 
eoinposition, the recto being Uank, 
printed in different type from the 
rest of the Tolume, and oooelnding 
witb the colophon: **I 
per Ricbardum rynson.** 

LITTLETON (Sir Thomas) 
one of the Judyes of the Court of 
Common Pleas. Lyttylton Tenures 
newly imprinted. MS. Notes. 
R. Redvfian, London, [1 530 ?] 8vo. 
607. a. 2. 

— Another edition. Id. E. 
MS. Notes. In mdtbue T, Bet- 
theleti, Londini, 1530. 8vo. 

1128. a. 1. 

— Les Tenures de Lyttelton 
novelment imprimes, et... revises, 
etc Copious MS. Notes. R, Bed- 
man, London, [1540?] fol. 

608. f. 4. (1.) 

— Another copy. L. P. 
Copious MS. Notes. 608. f. 19. (1.) 

Interleaved. Prefixed to this 
oopy are some Latin Terses in MS., 
a<ldressed bT Robert UUl of Gray*s 
Inn to Sir Henry TelTertoo. 

— [Lytylton Tenures newlve 
imprinted.] Norman Fr, D. E. 
Few MS. Notes. W, Myddylion, 
London, 1646. 8vo. 607. a. 4. (1.) 

Imperfeol ; wanting tbe titlepag% 
wbieb has been soppUed is ftio- 

— Another edition. 19. E, 



UTTLBTON (» Tmias) 

»9«l7 fiTtwdl mm! tf«ljrMff« 
15 t MaXoTm tLf^fkk.Um' 

<i^^ 1 ^H. tfOb use. A. a. 

-^ UlktaM IWww. Oni- 
•wrta vitli aiirwi tnM wttIImi 
of mdry 
FV. ». E. 

1V>: 8vow 1118. •. 6a 

•Ate J> Mlltn d9 pliMH tMB|M» 

dD. i.t. OorKtct MS. Norm 
It IWNl. LiiJt% 1667. 8m 

1138. •. 6. 

— AootiiQr witMia. H. E. 
MS. Xotm JL IWlfll. iMiiiS 
I6n. 8vow 1138. a. 8. 

•dittos. H. E. 
MS. NofM. 
16n. 8vo. 
607. %. 8. 

oopjT. Mo. 

VJ7. a. i». (1.) 

— AaoUier vdiiioo. II. E. 
I. P. MS. Norm & IWllA 

1679. 8m 607. A. 10. 

U P. 


— Lm T«B«rM da 

•to. [iditod nd 

bj W. W«tl.] Fnr 

1S«1. 8Ta 1128. a. 7. 

U P. 

». E. 
Ma Nam. 
168E 8m 

1S79. b. 

— AhoUmt oopT. !«. P. Cofioot 
Ma. Morm 1878. h. 10. 

— AwillMr«UUo«. M.E. L P. 
OonoM Mii Nam fbj — 0»bU- 
dMtal A. UiiL UUm. 
1888. 410. aS7.g.6. 

— AttollMraditiaB. M.E. UP. 
Ma Nam. B. YVrfiill, tendtii, 
1691. 4IO. 60ao.4. 

•— AnoUi«raa|>3r. L.P. 608.0.6. 

— AnoOicreopy. L.P. 60ao.8. 

LnTLETON {8k Trnmu) 
mm of iht Jmifm tf Ikt Omtri of 
Cbmmm PU^ Lao Tenorw do 
Moniioor Littlotoo ... R&ritm k 
oliongo en brdro dot •nofiflno, olo. 
M. E. /o mUkM a T wIm wm U. 
Awwdgmi, liodfcrf, 1694. 13aia 
607. o. 11. 

— Loo Tonorao do L....BoTio« 
k corrigo od divort Uottz« olo. 
Im mdAm Thpmm WJ^ 4t Biwiif 

1699. 12nM>. 

607. o. 12. 

— Lm tHimo do 
LilUotOQ, oto. nSditod \n W. 
Waatl M. E. L. P. Gbr»n 
Ma Nam. /• wiiiM no. IF%6l, 
UMmi^ 1604. 4to. 60a a 29. 


— AnoUiorodittoii. M. E. Ma 
Nam. ImfrimUd/mrOtOmfmrnh 
^ai mHm § n, Lmim, 180a 12ao. 

607. o. la 

— Anothor oop J 


— Another oopr. Oonoos Ma 
Nam. 60a t 6. 

Anotbor oditioo. M. E. 




Imprinted for (he Companie of 
Stationers, London, 1612. 12ino. 
507. a. 14. 

— Another copy. L. P. Copious 
HS. Notes. 508. b. 1. 

Printed on 4to pftper and inters 
leafed. The tiilepage i« mniilated. 

— Another oopj. L. P. Copious 
MS. NoTO. 508. f. 6. 

Alao printed on 4to paper and 

— Another edition. V. I. 
Imprinied for the Companie of 
Statiomen, London, 1617. 12mo. 

1380. a. 

— Another copy. Copious MS. 
Notes. 508. f. 7. 

Mounted on 4to paper. 

— Another edition. Printed by 
the Assignee of J. More Esquire, 
Xonrfon, 1639. 16mo. 607.a. 16.(1.) 

— Another copy. 607. a. 15. 

Imperfect; wanting the laat six 
leaves of the table. 

LITTLETON (Sir Thomas) 
one of the Judges of the Court of 
Common Pleas. Lyttilton tenures 
truely translated into £n>i;ly8Mhe. 
». I. MS. Notes. T. Berthetet, 
Londini, 1538. 8vo. 1128. a. 38. 

— Another edition. 19. %. 
r. Petyt, London, [1544 ?] 8vo. 

1379. a. 

— Another edition. 1$. %, 
W, Powell, London, 1548. 8yo. 

507. a. 6. 

— Another edition. 10. %, 
MS. NOTIS. B. Tottle, London, 
1556. Svo. 507. a. 7. 


— Another edition. 19. TL, 
T. Mar^, London, 1556. 8vo. 

507. a. 6. 

— Another edition. )9. %, 
MS. Notes. [Zoikiow, 1560?] 8vo. 

1128. a. 52. 

LITTLETON (Sir Thoiias) 
one of thr Juiljes of the Court of 
Common Pleas. Li ttletons Tenoree 
in English. Lately perused and 
amended. 19. 2.. C. Teteteeiri 
Esq., London, 1594. 8vo. 1379. a. 

— Another edition. 19. 7L. 
Jane Teteweirt, London, 1597. 8to. 

1128. a. 8. 

— Another edition. 19. Z. 
Few MS. Notes. Printed for the 
Companie of Stationers, London, 
1612. 8vo. 1379. a. 

— Another edition. 19. E. 
Printed for the Compamie of Sta- 
tioners, London, 1621. 8vo. 

6305. a. 21. 

— Another edition. 19. %. 
Printed for the Companie of Sto- 
tioners, London, 1627. 8vo. 

1128. a. 9. 

LITURGIES.— England, 
Church of. — C'nnmon Prayer. [For 
editions of the Order of Morning 
and Evening Prayer, printed with 
the Bible and forming an integral 
portion of the book :] see BiBUL — 

— The booke of the common 
prayer and administracion of the 
oaoramentee, and other rites and 
ceremonies of the Churohe : after 
the use of the Churche of Eng- 
land. 10. Z. 3 pts. Edwards Whit- 
churehe, London, the seventh days of 
Marehe,U49, fol. 

187 karea. The titlepaflB and 
preliminary matt* r are oo lOMaTea ; 
pt 1 eootaina 187 leaTea. wfoagl j 
numbered 1S4— two leavM hdnm 
nnmbered vu., and threa nunberaa 
LZ.; pt 2 eoDkaina thraa an- 
numbered learea; and pt 8« 87 
nurotiered learea. The tarao of Um 
lajit leaf oontaint the King'a pro- 
elamation at to the pitoaa at wnieli 
oopiea shall be iokL 


0. 13100. 

iMT •wtatoUg III* Kli«^ PMmImm- 
Umi M l» Hhi MiMial vMili Ik* 

«> : —»-»■» *- - ^ — - -g - J- ^t - ^> '- J 

fM^llff«%MV-IrvMMfrf -A»oUOT00|>3r. a 35. A. IS. 

l«tf«rilliMnk. ai*«i ftM All te 

i54o.] lot a3ft.Lia fj^^^t^tr^t'^^'''^ 

<* iflf* o/ Jfttft, 1549. foL 

fai of M?niliiiinf mitj C 35. m. 8. 

i<f. <X Di> M^^sjt, «Wm Um TlM«oloHmbMov«dh7AlMr 

CJmSw cmv mm iulin'al tU kook «w I* W mM. 
•iil.ilWvr«. Mf AAltMlililid. 

— Aaotber tditloii. ». «. 

LITUROIB8.— boLAni. /• Q/Umm J. OtmrnnU Wi^ormm, 

Ckmtl y:- Oi w I Plwyr. TIm l5tMJtt.^^Jfflf, 1549. 4ta 

' oT llw ooMWNi ptmiv mm! C 10. a. 10. (I.) 


Ckmnkm oC MWglaBiJi II.X. /• « ^u j*^* %« « 

^^^ » fTra^^^ fimiimi — Another oditioo. o. E. 

i« ^MM. >- > " ^,. Itofei, wmm Jtmii^ 1549. foL 

Imrihf.iiiMiM UwtidHiMiiar TW datooo tlM«olopboB k'lto 

M Uvtef two In«w Im tlMa it terth <bjr« oflU j« . IMA.** 
•h«bIIj Hmu TW wdlMiinr 

IS k»««i^ m4 fe — AnoOMT edition. ». E. 

^^ ^ M. WhiUkmti^ Umdom. ike mtL 

J^rim 'if«<//M«ilM9. foL C.25.L4. 

_i4 -TW 

I nil J ■■itriftiiii- mil 11 H 111 — ABoCher oditkm. H. E. 

•ii4«/iWWdk.WtaMMlfaiiW R inMbrdk Iwifaf, !&• «rf. 

<^ ' "■ '■>' iif«<//«M,i549. fiiL ap 

B ^^^ r*v.*' — Aaother oditkm* ». E. 

•.JbrM,1549. W. .^^ /.wV, 1549. foL a 35. 1. 5. 

TW ."lill toU utiUttoitWFk ntwMdb 

'•m-* M tW IMI %mi.imA aWf* IW W- 

- Aaothv odittoB. ». E. 




— Another copy. 468. a. 20. 

Imperfect ; wanting titlepage, 
preliiiiiDanr matter, the whole of 
■ig. A, and the two laat lea? ea. 

— Another edition. 10. %. 
JTii offieina J, Oneseni^ WigomitB^ 
(tkiB . Cfl». day of July, ) 1 549. fol. 

468. b. 6. 

Imperfect; wanting foil. ri. and 
xztUi., which are lupplied in MS. 

LITUROIE S.— England, 
Church of. — Common Prayer. [The 
order of Common Praver for 
the whole year. With the Col- 
lects, Litany, etc.; and references 
for the Introits and Lessons. 
According to the First Prayer- 
book of Edward VI.] 1^. H. 
N. Hyll, for A. Veale, London, 
[1550?] 4to. 3406. c. 

Printed in double columns. This 
copy is imperfect, containing only 
foil. 9-12. A perfect copy contains 
only 12 leaves. 

~ The Psalter or Psalmes of 
David, corrected and poyncted, 
as thei shalbe song in Churches 
after the translaoion of the greate 
Bible. Hereunto is added, diverse 
thynges as maie appere on the 
next side, where is expressed 
the contentes of this boke. (The 
ordre how the Psalter shalbe red. 
The table for the ordre of the 
Psalmes. The Kalendor for the 
ordre of common praier. The 
ordre for Mattyns and Evensong 
the whole yere. The Letanie and 
Snffraget. All that shall apper- 
teigne to the clerkos to saie or 
syng, at the ministraoion of the 
Communion and when there is 
no Comunio. At Matrimonie. 
The visitaoion of the Sioke. At 
Buriall of the dedde. At the 
Piirifioaoion of women. And the 
first daie of Lent.) V. I. MS. 

Notes. B. OrafUm, [lonion,] 
Men9e Augustii, 1549. 4to. 

C. 36.d. 1. 

In two pts., each having a aep*> 
rate titlepage and register; the 
Psalter forming pt 2. Imperfect; 
wanting sig. ds, preoeding the 
Psalter, and tenninatiDg Dt 1, whidi 
was probably a blank leaf. No other 
copy is known of this Psaltor, whidi 
appears to have been iasiied as a 
kind of SQpplement <a oompanion 
volume to the First Prayer-book, to 
ienre as a maooal for the ** Clerks ** 
in the different services. 

LITUROIE 8.— Englaitd, 
Church of — Comwum Prayer, The 
booke of Common praier-noted [bv 
J. Marbecke]. (In this booke is 
conteyned so much of the order 
of CommS prayer as is to be song 
in Churches.) 19. %. B. Oraflon, 
[London,] 1550. 4to. C. 10. a. 11. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 845. e. 8. 

Imperfect ; wanting the last leaf, 
which has been supplied in MS. 

— The Boke of common prayer, 
and administracion of the Sacra- 
men tes, and other rites and 
Ceremonies in the Churche of 
Englande. (The fourme and 
maner of makynge and oonse- 
cratynge Bisshoppes, Priestes and 
Deacons.) 99. Z. 2 pts. In 
offieina Edwardi Whitchurehe, Lorn- 
don, 1552, fol. C. 26.1. 9. 

Without pagination. «« The 
fourme and maner of makynge 
Bisshoppes,** etc., has a distinol 
titlepage. The oolophoo is followed 
by a leaf eontaining on the reoto 
*« Faultes eeoaped " and *" The prices 
of this booke.'' 

— Another copy. 468. b. 7. 

Imperfect: wanting the titlepage 
and seven following ie«?«i ana sig. 
Ms. This copy has the dsetotstfai 
oooeemlng kneeling Inaerlad on a 
separate leaf at the end of the Ooa- 
manion Servioe. 

— Another edition. In <^/Uina 

t I i Ht 

LmMd, Ma Nofm h 
IMS. %JL ' O.IS09#. W%iitU\tkhLmdlidAlU2f] 4lo. 

a SA. L A. (1, 3.) 

— Anolhwr •ditiQn, H. &. 
AmUmt •ditktt. ». a. /• #0iMi B. OrVW^ iMiiW. 

' MmmAm§mli.lbS2. IbL iWLl-llMi 

a 26. La. 
TW iilifciii It MmM by * ^ AaollMr tditioa. V. E, 

miM OumA LmHrni, 16M. foL 
•ditks. ». ft. a25.L«. 

ir«Mil««li»156a. IbL —AoollMr •ditioB* H ft. 

bf a Mt Chwgorf, LoiitfM, 1569. 44a. 

1412. a 34. 

taMoii. in. ft. JlX2Sll'TT^ll!rftirf|^ 

1662. toL 

0. 26. L 7. . — AnotW c U. ft. 

MUtm. h, ft. mt Oimd^ ImHut, [1669]. Ibl. 

2 pte. lb ^fUM Ji Oniflami^ 0. d. 9. 

;i662. IbL 
C 26. L 16. — AaoUmt edition. II. ft. 

MB. Nan [aiid two MiioimiplM 
br Sir N. BmodI B. Hn$ 4 
/.Qwipii,IwilfaCl669. foL 


Ifiwt; wMmlilipiji— d -btUiMyaptlwlMfwiii. 

ite.A^vMabbM»btMHt«ljOTr tndMid(ptbUlyatlk«liM)Tii.: 

ZdtollflUaadalwf b^M- tWT^bixfLww—d^Oilwikr 

S5Sv dgb* lM«« «rtlM pM- %eilniM.166Mtai M •dMn of 

— AaolUr oditkNi. V. ft. 
2 pta. JL Of^fhmm, l$miimi, 
JfnMr.lsfwIi. 1662. foL 46a.m. 6. a 26. m. 7. 

oditiott. (The — Anodiar oditioB. (Th« 

FbdlvorFlMbM0olDiiTid,AlUr Fbalter or BmIbm of OtTid albr 

tbo tiM ioiiwi of Iho gwmf Brbto, IbotimiMbttooribogrMlBjbl^ 

pi^jTBtod m U abftlbo M/do or Pojntod m it alMlbe Mjrdo or 

•oafoiaCbuobn. — ObrtmiogodlT oonsiiaGhviofaMi.) Il.ft. 2pti. 

fnjw to U wd fot mmdryn &%fM 4 J. Ommti. Lmimi. 

fMirpoM.) ». ft. 2 pto. Fiw 1660. 4to. C 25. h. 14. (1, 2.) 




— Another edition. U. 7L, 
2 pt8. B. Jugge d J. Cateode, 
Zoiklfni,1564. fol. C. 12. i. 1.(1,2.) 

The date ii taken from.tbe Pialter. 

— Another edition. V. %. 
2 pta. JR. Jugge and J. Cawood^ 
Jxmdan, [1665?}-70. 16mo. 

8405. a. 6. (1, 2.) 
The Psalter ii dated 1570. 

— Another edition. 1$. %, 
2 pts. R, Jugge and J. Cawood^ 
Xonioii, [1606?] fol. 3407. e.(l.) 

Imperfect : wantine the titlepage, 
tiff. Ac, T, G 3, 4, and H6 of pt I. 
The numbering of dg. H and I ia 

— Another edition. 98. %. 
2 ptB. [Lmdon, 1 567 ?] 8va 

3406. b. 3. (1, 2.) 

Imperfect; wanting titlepage. 
Tbe first five leaves are mutilated. 
The Psalter also wants sig. Js, Ki, 
and Si. 

— Another edition. 1$. %, 
2 pts. Few MS. Notes. JR. Jugge 
and J. Cawoody London, 1 567. 4to. 

3407. 0. (1, 2.) 

Imperfect; wanting all before 
■ig. Aa, and alto As. 

— Another edition. 1^. %. 
2 ptfl. R. Jugge and J. Cawood^ 
Xoiidon,1570. 4to. 3405. b. 11.(1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
to the Book of Ckimmon Prayer. 
The first leaf of the prefaoe it 

— Another edition. V. %. 
B. Jugge, London, 1572. 8vo. 

0. 36. a. 7. 
Imperfect ; wanting titlepage. 

— Another edition. V. I. 
2pta. Ii.Jugg€,L<mdon,[l57S], fol. 

C. 26. m. 4. (1. 2.) 

Imperfect; wanting titlepage and 
all but one lonf of the pnuiminary 
matlur, also tig. 1%. 

— Another edition. H ft. 
JR. Jugge, London^ [1577?] 8vo. 

3405. b. 

Imperfect; wanting titlepage and 
all before, sig. Cl4 and after mt of 
the almanac, all before €D of the 
prefkoe, and At of the text Other 
parts of the volnme are mutilated. 

— Another edition. Id. %. 
a Barker, London A 157S?] 4to. 

C. 27. f. 8. (1.) 

— Another edition. 10. Z. 
a Barker, London, [157S?] 4to. 

3408. c. 

— Another edition. II. E. 
a Barker, London, 1580. foL 

C. 25. m. 8. 

— Another edition. 99. X. 
2 pts. MS. Notes. 0. Barker, 
Lowion, [1580?] fol. 3406. e.(l.) 

Imperfect Pt. 1 wants the title- 
page and sig. As, 3, «, Bs, 0«, Qi, i. 
Pt. 2 wants sig. Di and Ii and «. 
The titlepage of pt 2 hat an oi* 
graved border. 

— Another edition. 90. %, 
[London f 1 580 ?] 4to. 3408. c. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlqiage 
and all introductorr matter pra» 
ceding sig. A, also all after tig. Ps. 

— Another edition. [With the 
PHalmes translated into English 
metre by T.Stemhold and J.Hop- 
kins.] 90.1.. 2 vols. FkwMS. 
Notes. [London, 1580 ?] 16mo. 

3406. a. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and the first leaf of the calendar. 
Several leaves are slightly muti- 

— Another edition. 9B. E. 
Ftw MS. Notes. [0. Barker, 
London, 1684?] 16mo. 8406. a. 

Imperfeel ; wanting foL Ai (title- 
page) and foil. At, &, a, t, Ci. LI 3, 
Bt t-it. FoU. Pp t, T are aligktly 


». ft. — AmUmt •aitloii. U. ft. 
C JWW. JU«4m, IMft. liMk B9 Hi Oif ■IfM V^g B^rAir, Lm- iIhsIAM. 410. aOSI. 00.(1.) 

I ■"i«U^ 1 A.-0. _ AmMm odUkm. ». ft. 

?• .*• aSA.M.lL 

Tlite It ||» iral cMm iT ll» 

3piiL Bbifcijpiimfiivaairw, 

^ V2&.m.&.(2.) - Aw^thor copy. MOft. 00.(1.) 

Ml: OMUliif Uilio^urt 

•If. O : vMiUttx Jm li»-f, 

MoHL MuKQi. In 14. I, «i4 Ai 

oo4 H la pt 1. Bif . Qi, t te 04. f 

oftaolilAlHi: W-lXawlikl^MMiy 

odiUoo. ». ft. 
[/. WUtI, Lmdmk. 1M57] 8vo. 

•ISa. 00. !.(«.) -. Anotbor odIlioD. H. ft. 

t^ rtti ifiii. [ImhIoo, 1608.] 4ta 
Mtkm. n. ft. 1275. b. 11.(1.) 

'— •- flSW]. foL 468. bi 10.(1.) mAfm^tmjmmm. 

^^ — AaoUMT oditkNL ». ft. 

j^^,l 1^ rrT^y^ Bmkm. l^oJ^W. 8405! <L 6. (1.) 

I8M. ilo. G.15.k.7.(l.) _ AiioUior oditioo. H. ft. 

odHaoa. H. ft. 2pU. B.BmkmJimdtm.1^04. 4io. 

ril^ fl0 Dtoilfii ^ a Bmkm. C. 26. h. 13. (I.) 

Iiiilf, 1887?] fcL A fnror tiM lwv« •»« riichUy 

488.b.ll.(l«2.) BoUktod. 

-^farJ—^ 2 pU. B. Bmkm. Loodbo. 

t^lrtffni [LmUam, 

1687.] IbL 484.0.6.(1.) -- Aaolhor odiucm. H. ft. 

iMffrL TMtoooy iw 2 pU. & 

vftiTSi^j^ortlwLte^j^UMi 1806. fid. 84*18.0. 

iSSLErSSlilSt "• "^ — Anolbor odiHoo. U. ft. 

""^ ~ £. BorAor, lowbo, 1608. 4iu. 

— AaollMr odHioo. V. ft. 1411. L 2. (1.) 

2p«o. [loodio, 168871 fol. ^^ .. ,. ^ 

a 26.1. 10. (1.) - Anoiiioroopjr. 469.0.18.(1.) 

fatiiftil; oMi^ <b«<jtfy— r i Miim ;o-iif dg.CXt. 

gj'^JIl ^f^ Jg^*^^''*'": - Anothor odiUoo. R Boidor. 

k7lIr^rU»ft.ll.rT'^ I^odM, 1807. IbL 1278.k.2.(l.) 




— Another edition. 1$. %, 
B. Barker, London, 1608. 16ino. 

3405. aa. 

Imjperraot: w»ntiog ^titlepttge. 
8ig. Oo4, ft, Va, aod Ee4 are muti- 

— Another edition. 10. %. 
B. Barker, London, 1609. 4to. 

3052. CO. (1.) 

— Another edition. IJ. %. 
B, Barker, London, 1611. 4to. 

1276. e. 4. (1.) 

— Another edition. V. %, 
[Z»oiidoii,l611?] 4to. 464. b. 1.(1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepege 
and ul the preliminary matter ex- 
cept one leaf. 

— Another edition. )3. S. 
[B, Barker, London, 1612 ?] 4to. 

1226. b. (1.) 

Imperfect; containing only the 
Psalms and "Godly Prayers" at 
the end. I 

— Another edition. 1$. %• 
2pt8. Few MS. Notes. B. Barker, 
London, 1613. fol. 3406. e. 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage. 

— Another edition. 1$. H. 
B, Barker, London, 1613. 4to. 

3406. c. 

— Another e<lition. 90. ft. 
2 pta. B. Barker, London, 
1613, 14. 4to. 3406. a 

— Another edition. 3$. %, 
B, Barker, London, 1614. 4to. 

1008. 0. 13. (1.) 

— Another edition. V. %» 
B. Barker, London, 1614. 4to. 

1411.6. 1.(1.) 

— Another edition. V. %, 
2 pts. B, Barker, London^ 
1615. fol. 468. b. 2. 

— Another edition. JB. Barker, 
London,l6l5. 4to. 1 008. c. 12.(2.) 

— Anotheroopy. 1276.e.8.(l.) 

— Another edition. B. Barker, 
London, 1615. 8vo. 3408. bb. 

— Another edition. B, Barker, 
London, 1615. 12mo. 3408. 

— Another edition. B. Barker, 
London, 1616. fol. 1276. k. 3. (1.) 

— Another edition. D. Z. 
B. Barker, London, 1616. fol. 

1276. k. 4.(1.) 

— Another edition. 10. %, 
Few MS. Notes. B, Barker, Lon- 
don, 1617. fol. C. 46. i. 

On a leaf at the end of the tolmne 
is written a fona of thaokagiring 
upon the Qneen'i pngnaney. 

— Another edition. B. Norton 
and J. Bill, London, 1618. 8yo. 

3408. bbb. 1. (1.) 

— Another edition. U. Z. 
B. Barker and J. Bill, London, 
1619. fol. 3406. e. (1.) 

— Another edition. 1$. %» 
B. Norton d J. Bill, London, 
1619. 8vo. 3406. a. 

— Another edition. B. Norton 
and J. Bill, [London, 1619 ?] 8vo. 

3051. b. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlepage 
and nrat leaf of the calendar. 

— Another edition. 19. Z. 
2 pts. B, Barker and J. BiU, 
Xondoii, 1620. 4to. 3407. b. 

— Another edition. B, Norton 
and J, Bill, London, 1620. 12mo. 

C. 27. d. (1.) 

— Another edition. 19. S. 
2 pts. Printed by tke Soeietie of 
Stationer; Dublin, 1621. 4to. 

8406. o. 8. (1.) 

The cover ia itemped with the 
anna of Robert Domier, flrti Earl of 


MM IMS.** 

M. C tt.m. ia(l.) ^*^»fTt^A._???**^.**^ .•***•• 

IfM. 4IO. 840ft. a 

141 1.«. 5.(1.) 

oUnc 1m«w ifuMil m4 1 1 mil I 
TlOi book bilwMad to WUILm 

TlOi book b i l wuid to W 

— AaoOMr «littoii. B. Bmrktr 

•ftitoBltolir. ' — rf !!• Amirm^J, BOt, Lomdom. 

^K.^^^ B.B^ '"^^ •"^ •^^ 

tiJ.Bm. Lmim. 16M. 8m — AhoUmt •ditioo. [Iwirfis. 

8408. bb. 8. (1.) 1880?] 8Ta 1005. b. 8. (1.) 

— AnollMif wiImi* A* tMHtt^ MdAutalvtMi ito. 

:!; 19907] 8Ta 840t. •.(!.) 

VnottMrtdition. JiBvAgr 

Itkk;. ISma 3053. a. (1.) 

» Anothar •ditioo. H. %. 
-AMtWoopy. C.I5...7.(7.) a pt.. A Biv^ md J, BiU^ 
' ■ ! ■ '* ■ » ; «Mltef tb«Ftoltor. £4NmK1^8O,20. fol. 8408. e.(l.) 

Oorms Iki. Narm B. JKiriM^ cii«dk pnjw book* aU littk far 

/. B m.Umim,mS. 8m 8408.a. Kli« Jaaa Hi Mirii to tkb Ktef.^ 

^ f «» r_i^ ^^'^^ — AaoUier ediUoo. If. «. 
•W/.iiig>Iw d w , 18» foL a. Btfri«r, I<mdcm, 1831. ful. 

* (*•) 8406. •. 

^-Aaolbflrooiijr. 8083.«M.(1.) — Another ociiiion. II Barker 

._^, .... ^ , mtd lk§ tmigmm o/ J. mu, LomUm, 

j^^fr^y^ / ffSf, Inr'ifS'. '•^** '^^^^ 1278. f. 1. (1.) 

18)8. 4I0W C. 47. C — Aaolberaditioo. BBrnktr 


[Lmdmf 1828?] 4lo. 1220.1i.(l.) 

^ ^ — Another tditioii. ». ft. 

8089. K 

liaMnM* wMtaffaU bilmt^ AovMavr «uii««m. v 

AllMte QmTS Vt «r lh» iVA-id /or l5< ai«|>«|r 1/ 
bMiWiiL IfeMW, Ioiid0ml83l. 8VO. 801 


1. 1 r 


— Another edition. 10. %. — Another edition. The 
R. Barker and the Amgnee of Printers to the Kings Majesty, Edin- 
J. Bill, London,ie32. 4to. 3406.0. hurgh, 1634. 8vo. 3406. b. 10. (1.) 

— Another edition. JR. Barker 
and the Amgnee of J. BiU, London^ 
1632. 8vo. 3408. b. 

— Another edition. B. Barker 
and J. BiU, London, 1632. 8vo. 

3407. a 

— Another edition. [London, 
1632.] 8vo. 3052. b. (1.) 

Imnerf(i«t ; wanting tho titlepoge 
and all before sig. A3. 

— Another edition. B. Barker, 
Lond<m,l6S2. 12mo. C. 27.a. (1.) 

With an umameDtal silrer binding. 

— Another edition. B. Barker, 
London, 1633-32. fol. 3405. g. (1.) 

The oolophoQ if dated 1632. 

— Another edition. 15. 3C. 
3 pts. B. Barker and the Assignee 
of J. Bill, Lmdon, 1633. fol. 

3405. d. 4. (1.) 

— Another edition. MS. Notes. 
B. Barker and the Assignee of 
J. Bill, L<md(m, 1633. 4to. 3405.0. 

— Another 
Printers to the 
Edinburgh, 1633. 

edition. The 

Kings Majestie, 

Svo. 3406. o. 

— Another edition. B. Barker 
and the Assignee of J. Bill, London, 
1633. 8vo. 1276. b. 14. (1.) 

— Another edition. B. Barker 
and ike Assignee of J. Bill, London^ 
1683. 12mo. C. 36. a. (1.) 

— Another edition. D. %. 
4 ptB. It. Barker and ike Amignee 
of J. BiU, Landtm, 1 683-84. fol. 

3406. f. 

— Another o<1iti()n. 10. ft. 
2 pts. B. Barker and the Auignee 
of J. Bill, London, 1634-83. 4to. 

3406. o. 

— Another edition. 90. %. 
B. Barker A the Assignee of J, BiU, 
London, 1634. Svo. 8408. g. 5. 

The titlepage it tiirroaiidod by a 
woodcut border. 

— Another edition. Printed 
6y B. F. Printer to the Kings Ma- 
jestjf, Edinburgh, 1634. 12mo. 

3406. b. 

— Another edition. The 
Printers to the Universitie of Cam- 
bridge, 1635. 4to. 8407. d. 

— Another edition. B. Barker 
and the Assignee of J. Bill, London^ 

1635. 8vo. 3020. aaa. (1.) 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
L. P. 3 pts. Fkw MS. NoiEa. 
B. Barker and the Assignee of 
J. Bill, London, 1636. fol. 

C. 36. 1. 1. 

— Another copy. 

468. b. 12. (1, 2.) 

The •* Psalter or Book of Paalms *• 
is made up from two different edi- 
tions, and the chasms are soppUed 
in MS. The ** forme of iioleiitniaa- 
tion of Bf atrimonio '* is also made op 
from two different editions. Im- 
porf(<ct: wanting titlepage and part 
of the calendar. 

— Another edition. B. Barker 
and the Assignee of J. BiU, London, 

1636. 4to. 1276. f. 4. (2.) 

— Another copy. Fkw MS. 
NoTB. 3061. oa (1.) 

Sligbily mntilated. 

— Another edition. H. %. 
B. Barker d the Aeeignes of J, BiM^ 
London,U37. 4to. 3053.e. 1.(1.) 

— Another edition. H. %. 
[Om^rtd^, 1637?] 4to. 

8405. 0. 1. (1.) 
Impcrlbct; wiiboal titlepafe. 

\oolW ffOilioiu H. 1. — AiioliMN- 9Aiikm. U. ft. 

wi< f»# 4iw»/i>*# »/X EiH ! ■— < ■■ » — Anotli«r •ditioo. M. ft, 
ICI7. tm liOi. •. «. (I.) A Bmkm md A» Amipm m/ 

«U it riirf. fVwInrfjf. 9«Uf. 0.(1.} 

Itt7. tm aMa.M.(l.) — AqoUmt tdlUoo. ». ft. 

;S:bbrt(,.) 472.. 10.(1.) 

TWi4r«iMitoliiMiaM«ao»«r — AooUmt •dition. 12. Barlur 
•'•»>* "5?^ •■•?•**• *•••• •^ 1274. •. 15. (I.) 

■iMy M« — Aoollier editicn. R Bmrktr 

fA< Am ig m m tfJ, BiU. Lpmdm. 
1689. 8m 1274.^.14.(1.) 

LmUm.l§a^ Bmtk. MAO k.ri ^ — • <*• Ami§ mm of J. BUI, L md tm^ 

— AMtbtroopj. (I.) —Aaothw •ditioo. B.Bmtktr 

- AmOmt tditioii. iVMlid ?!l?**f*'*^'5^'^^^'ff?f^ 
AiaifcMji. 1888. 8m 8408. g. 2. — AaoUiereditioii. ItBidW 

1888. 12mo. »«•• «^ 219. g. 18. (1.) 

8405. M. 5. (I.) _ AnotUr edittoo. U. Bidhr 
At Amifmm of J. BOl, Lmim^ 
-. AootbaradiUoo. JLlM«r ^^^^ *«« »^- ^• 

«mI l&i in^^^J. BmAj^icm, LITUROIES.-Ewmure. 

1099. MM. 8405. MA. a«r.i ' a,»«o»/V«|ir. Tll« 

~ Another editiao. A fi^dbtr J'** '*'5?!,!f ^"I^^S?* 

A^ ^^' ^fj nm F^^^ the irsiiKiauoD of toe great Byhlo. 

1888.8rfcL * 2. f. 8.(1.) '"^'^^'^'"g^l^.^r^C 

^ ^ p myw and OMtsyiie additioiit of 

-A»>ih««,7. <««.«. 2.(1.) 5^i:i£^sri.'"i*v^ 

mTVSLJhSm # tiMulS *«ii.l^«i^«,[lWOr] 8tro. I 





contalniog only the tiilepage, pre* 
llminary mAtter, and prayers. 

— Another edition. 1$. %. Im- 
printed for the Company of Stationers, 
London, U06, 32mo. C.46.a.(2.) 

— Another copy. 3433. a. 3. (1 .) 

Imperfect : wiinting title and 
following leuf, and fol. x 3. Fol. Ds 
is matilated, and many leavea are 
damaged by ink. 

— Another edition. 15. U. 
2 pts. Printed for the Company of 
Stationers, London, 1615. 4to. 

3406. c. 9. (1.) 

— Another edition. 90. %. 
Printed for the Company of Sta- 
tioners, London, 161S. 4to. 3407.0. 

Imperfect; oontainiog only the 

LITURGIE S.— -England, 
Church of — Common Prayer. Liber 
precum publicarum.seu niinisterii 
ecclesiastic^ administrationis Sa- 
cramentorum, aliorum rituu et 
c^remoniamm in Ecclesia Angli- 
cana. Apud H. Volfium, Londini, 
[1560]. 4to. C. 25. f. 18. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. MS. Notes. 

C. 25. f. 19. 

With 16 cancelled leaves, con- 
taining the occotfional oflScitt, which 
do not appear in the preceding copy. 

— Another copy. C. 11. a. 27. 

— Another copy. G. 12044. 

— Another edition. Apud 
ILWo^m,LondiniJl57l]. 8vo. 

G. 12015. (1.) 

— Liber prccnin publioarum, 
eta (Liber PBalmorum ad He- 
braicam Teritatem a S. Munstero 
ouam diligeutisiiime yersoa.) 
T. VauiroUerius, per OMtignaHanem 
F. Florm, LondinX 1574. 8vo. 

3406. b. 

— Another copy. 0. 12014. 

— Another edition. Per 
ataignationem F, Flora, Londini, 
1594. 8vo. 1221. 0. 

— Another copy. 3406. b. 

— Another copy. 843. e. 10. 

Imperfect; wanting all after 
Psalm cxnL 8. 

— Another copy. 1018. e. 3. 

Imperfect; wanting the first eight 
leaves, which are supplied by a 
mutilated sheet uf the editi^ti of 

— Another edition. Few Mb. 
Notes. Typis Joh: Norton, Londini, 
1604. 8vo. 8395. aa. 

LITURGIE S.— England, 
Church of — Common Praver. La 
Liturgie Angloiae, ou le fivre dee 
pri^res publiquee de Tadministra- 
tion des Saoramens, & autres 
ordres & ceremonies de TEglise 
d'Angleterre. Nouvellement tra- 
duit en Fran^jois, etc. (Le livre 
des Pseaumes de David.) 2 pta. 
Jehan Bill, Londres, 1616. 4to. 

3406. c. 

Without pagination. The Psalms 
have a dibtinct titlepage and 

— Another copy. 1220. h. (1.) 

— Another copy. C. 46. g. 

— Actrovpyia Bptrravuci^, i^vr 
Bt^Aot ^rffiooiiov ^vx*>*y f(ai Aiaxo- 
vriciuti Mvamjpiijiy #cai roty dAAoiK 
Oitofiuiv Kat TcArrtDF iv rg ^J^KKXajiri^ 
•qfuov 'AyyAucttKy (is rrjv Twv ♦tXcA- 
Xriviav vtiov X'^^ iXArjviori iicSo' 
$uaa. Liber rrectim Publicarum EcolesiA noatrA AnglioanA... 
nunc primhni gneod editaa. OperA 
ic studio £. Petilii, eta {"^aknipiov 
Upo^fjTov Kai Ba<riX(a»s rov AafitB, 
EU ra Tfirffiara Kai KOfAfiara i¥ 
*EKt(Xrjin^ ^fjuuv 'Ayy^ayp $i|fU)<rtaK 
BiripaifVQV.) 2 pta. 2]MMt 
r. Ooimii pro B. Wkitakero, Dm- 
(fifii,16S8. 8vo. 68d.al8.Xl, 2.) 



olioi J aiii i M^ i«w wMflrftmi- iMMtofllMUtargWorUMClMitdi 

of BbgUaa, Ho. Ifao. 4li>. 

mUW U sMiUiftliilitKli «««• W 847ft. bli. M. 
InrMfMOblioiKao tiir«fillM 

MaMM. [TlMilaKlfhWlUM — BiMOMI fer filbnl of 8«b. 

BMrfA W W. IkAWU Aidi- •oHsUMlDtlMBooltoorooMMm 

MSb^ Tmmii.] • iHfk Skim pnte «id«> Uw iMadt of 

«» olMt IVaarAiM^ • JfWIt otrtaiM Mtnistari of V&rtm ftsd 

«iU€Kill.l60a. IbL CL%Lh 17. Oomwall won! for wonl m Um¥ 

tte iMI f^Mtai cf tiM Baok of ^"^'^ ssliibitod bj W. 

OMMM n^|« to Um IfMi OoltoB,...BiihopofEi«HM>:%rilli 

^^ n *f' > * ?* J >" g ^ » - U 4wi Ml Abswoto a ttrviml tints r». 

Mt«niilBik»rniBi tWMd Uma ia |mblilw ooa- 

— AmUmtoopj. Q. 120S«. «w»o% aad la dli»i» 8jr»oM 

-MjfrOwaddiOjiMia* A iTHatloa, ate. Ub^WM^^^ 

wran aa Ua , ao orooaipiB^UoafBHaCiof aUvtbar 

a O i i aai u aUa araptkiaatakMibyoUMfiaffaaai 

LMffr. (IWla^a tU bookM of CoaiaianicNi« Hoaii- 

^][MtlUaa a*r MU Um. aad CMiaatkNi...With aa 

aoawaia,alo.) 2 pta. MS.Notml 

IftM. 4U». /. Bmnm, Omf^^ mU /. WMM, 
•7S. k. a. ImUmu 160ft-0e. 4lo. 321. a. «. 

409. a. 14. 

■^^■^r"?^ t?"^^T*^« - A 8anr^ of tha Booke of 
■odia, 1630.] 8m O. 88. d. 2. Coauaoo P»ayer. by way of 197. 

Qaaiat ^iroinided apoa 68 plaoei. 

^lij^ ^ • AiaiiitnDgjaatBiatt«rofaQestMio« 

Q^ ^— J ML* rwJr ^'^ • ^^'^ <*^ London Ministofs 

1884. 4to. 8408. bb. p,„u,aad, tUt tber aiy ba 

ayaoeialj aDawaiad: or da 
faligkNMlj vaeMvad. 

— Biyia. (A Prajar. for iba [£«Mi0a,] 1806. 8m 8406. b. 
Bi|di Onait of Itoifaanai, lo ba 

laad ia Mob plaaa of thwa LITUROIX&— EsoLAin). 

IViyan after Um LeCaay, as Iba <3br«& y: — OaaiaaiVm. The 

riM- ofdar of iba OoaiBi 

Mtaialar aball tlUak it.) [£aa- Mar of iba CoaiMnioD. If. E 
f H 

dMf 1640n iuA 4to. E.20i(8.) JKe&ard Ori|/lpa, iMidoa, f4« ifyAl 

iicTJrioSBL. ^^^ c. 28.1: 16. 

Aa liporitiaa of Iba priaJMi ^^^ 

Soii p t ai i w and ta — ^^Tigftrii — AaoCbir aditioa. ». E. 

Litargia^aCo. 1610. 4loi 1218. g. ^cAar^T Or^bw, Ltadta, Om 



eyght date of Marche^ 1548. 4to. 
C. 25. f. 12. 

Ten learet, without pagination. 
Big. A-0. 

— Another edition. U. TL, 
B, Orafton, London, the . VIII. 
daye of Marche, 1548. 4to. 

0. 25. f. 15. 

Ten leaTea, without pagination. 
Big. A-0. 

LITURGIE S.— England, 
Church of, — Oommunion. Ordo 
difitributionis Sacramenti Altaris 
Bub utraque Specie, et formula 
confessionis faciende in regno 
Angliffi. [Translated from the 
English by A. A. S. D. Th., i.e. 
A. Alesius, Scotus, Doctor Theolo- 
giae.] LonditnSLeifmc ?^ 1548. 8vo. 
(;. 25. b. 5. 

\\ uiioui pftgination. A presenta- 
tion copy from A. AlesiuB, with his 

L I TU R G I E S. — England, 
Church of — Litany. A Letanie, 
with suffrages, etc. See Exhor- 
tation. An exhortacion unto 
prayer, etc. 1544. 8vo. 

C. 85. b. 16. (1.) 

— (The Letany and Suffrages.) 
18. H. ILmdon, 1564?] 8vo. 

C. 25.b. 10. (3.) 

I . -, v;it' r-t *^t'.-]>age or 

I tins the 

u.:: ! .M..;'., being 

til tiich this is 

kii' I The present 

oopy u prubttbly uui4ue. 

— [The Litany of the Church 
of England.] Begin. Suffrages. 
O God, the iathcr of heaven, have 
mercio upon us miserable synnerB, 
etc. 18.%. [LotuUm,155d7] 8vo. 

G. 86. a. 6. 

Biz leaTet, without titlepag« or 

LITURGIE a— England, 
Church of — Ordinals. The forme 
and maner of makyng and con- 

secratyng of Archebishoppes, 
Bishoppes, Priestes and Deacons. 
». a. Few MS. NofES. B, Oraf- 
ton, [London,] 1549^ 4to. 

472. a. 11. 

— Another copy. C. 25. g. 7. 

— Another copy. 224. 

Imperfect ; wanti ig the laai^leal, 
oontalning the imprint. 

— Another copy. T. 773. (3*.) 

Imperfect; wanting the iiilepaga 
and the last leaf. 

— Another edition. 18. %. 
B. Jugge and J. Cawood, London^ 
1559. fol. 468. b. 9. 

— Another copy. C. 25. 1. 11. 

Imperiect; wanting the last leaf, 
containing the printers' derioe. 

— Another edition. 18. I. 
B. Barker, London, 1607. fol. 


With tho autograph of Brian 

— Another edition. 18. Z. 
JR. Barker and the Atsignes of 
J. Bill, London, 16SI. fol. 3407. f. 

— Another edition. 18. %. 
B. Barker and the amgn$ of 
J. Bill, London, 1639. foL 

3407. e. (2.) 

LITURGIES.- England, 
Church of — Particular Services. 
A Fourme to be vaed in Com- 
mon Prayer twise a weeke, and 
also an order of publique fast, 
to be used every Wedneeday 
in the weeke, during this tyme 
of mortal i tie. etc. (An Homyly 
concerning the justice of God in 
punyshyng of imi^nitent Bjn- 
nen, etc.) 18. I. B, Jugge ami 
/. Oiwood, XoRdon, [15681 4to. 
692. d. 4. (1.) 

— Another edition. 18. %. 
B, Jftggs d J, Cawood, Londem, 
[1568]. 4to. 3406.0, 

LIT LIT 911 

pAfiiii eli«roii 
fiio* of OMilir> 

fiTiUf . llHW^lMMt IIm Lmiwm,[liMf] 4to. S40T.9. 
^m^ %o fftmj^iat ^ ^tmtm^ — AaodMr oof^. 8407. K 

•. (I5WJ. 4lik T.'WD. (l.J F^Hur»» ©T P*iJ^, mo i mf y tor 

IhMtaMd iavMloD by 

- A prmfw tor tU «Mt of kb ArMda]. H. E. IV iW 

GMHw Chuttk: to bt «nd oa tim^a tMtr. LoUom.\h%S. 4Co. 

andirau ». a. rJUii^M, 692. d. 4. (3) 

imq 4to. ft04.bbu u 

^''^ — A FtaalBM Md oolUot of 

AFovMofooouMiaPnijw tbfak«^^<«^. no* •»«;•* tor 

to te ii»d...bgr Molkoritto of tU t>^ I"?r?*i^ V^ ^y^ 

tttfiiiii Miiiitit, Mil ■inMiiiii dOMloftUSiMiA AhmmUI: to 

tor tl» BiwHii trao Mid ttotow ^ *^ ^ ***^ ^ Chmwiat. 

lft7S.170Molk [OwMtoMd bj V-1L Ht ll yi g w^aBaHbr. 

tW ■liiiBri of tU riolwtoiito I«mIpo,1568. 4to. 8406. c. 

ol IMs, Ott 81. lkHhnb«—w'o Wilbovl nifiMliao. 
Dbf .] v. E E. /sfft, Iimdmi, 

I l&7a\ 4to. 8406. b. — OerUitio pnuera to bo voed 

^ ^ oi Ibu preooDt time fur the good 

- A towM of piijor with roooMoa of the Fnmcb King 

to bo «tod of oil oAinol tbo ooomlM of Qodo trae 

lUi«tki loTtng iSigioD and bio SUto. ». E. 

•my joort, tbo 17 of Tim Dtmiim of 0. Borior, Loodjo. 

^,_^ r. bi&f tbo do^ of bor 1590. 4to. a 26. f. 25. 

lUgbaot OBliio to bor kuifdooM. «iiiM,.i «.rf— ii<i. 

>-> ^^o. 472. 0,28. _ An oidor fur pimjor mud 

tbookoigiTing (nooMuy to bo 

- Tbo oidor of p»7or mad "f*^*" ^ doMoroiM tiaeo) 
- Jmt ■■■iiitM. opoa Wodaoo- ^ ^* afetlo and praM 
<bifoo oad Frrdo wTto oTort ^ ^^ Malaotj oad tbk 
ihA wfmtb &o«^ oo, tbiootiied »• ^ ^^^T!!^ "-^ ^'^^^^ 
by tbo loto ... oortbqooko, oto. J^^omdom, \b94. 4lo. 8407. b. 
*1 E. a Bmlm. LmMm, Witlwot pmioatlao. 

IMO. 4to. 8804. bb. «.«„_. ^__.. 

^^ ^ . , ^. — CortoiDo Prmveri oti toortb 

^^ ' * by Atttboritio. to bo o«d for tbo 

— Aa ofdor tor p«blU(#^yoro 
to bo aoid oa Wodawdiyoi aad 




The Deputies of C. Barker^ London, 

1597. 4to. 3406. b. 

WitboDt pA^nation. 

— Another edition. V. E. 
The Deputies of C. Barker, London, 

1597. 4to. 


LITUKOIE S. — Enolanp, 
Church of. — Particular Services. An 
order for prayer and thankes- 
giving (neoeaaary to bee used in 
these dangerous times) for the 
safetie and preservation of her 
Majestie and this Real me. Set 
foorth by Authoritie Anno 1594. 
And revewed with some altera- 
tionfl upon the present occasion. 
10. Z. The Deputies of C. Barker, 
Xondon, 1598. 4to. 3406.0.3.(1.) 
Without pag^Dation. 

— A Prayer for the good sue- 
oesse of hor Maiesties Forces in 
Ireland. J3. H. The Deputies of 
C. Barker, London, 1 599. s. sh. fol. 

1220. m. (106.) 

— Certaine prayers collected 
ont of a forme of godly medita- 
tions, set fortli by his Majestie's 
authontio: and most necessary 
to be used at this time in the 
present vihitation of Gods heavy 
nand for our manifold ^innes. 
Together with the order of a fast 
to be kept every NVednesday 
during the said viuitation. IS. %. 
B. Barker, London, 1603. 4to. 

3406. 0. 
Without pagination. 

— Another copy. T. 860. (2.) 

— Another copy. 221. e. 4. (2.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the titlonage, 
which has Ihh)U ■tii)}>Iii'<l in M8. 

— A fourme of be 
used... every ycere the fift of 
August: being the dav of his 
Ilighnesse happy deliverance 
from the travteroiiB attempt of 
the Earle of Gowry and his 

brother with their Adherents. 

90. ft. B. Barker, London, 

1603. 4to. 472. a. a (1.) 

Withoat pagination. 

— Another copy. 221. e. 4. (1.) 

— Another edition. 90. Z. 
B. Barker, London, 1606. 4to. 

3406. c. 

— Another copy. T. 860. (8.) 

— Another edition. )$. %. 
B. Norton and J. Bill, London, 
1623. 4to. 3407. a. 

The titlepage U tlighUy matiUted 

LITUROlE S.— Enolavd, 
Church of. — Particular Services, 
Prayers appointed to be used. 
morning and evening prayer... for 
the Queenee safe deliveranoe, etc. i{.Barl^,ixm(2(m,1605. 4to. 

3407. b. 
Without pagination. 

— Another edition. V. Z. 
B. Barker, London, 1606. 4to. 

3407. b. 

— Prayers and Thankesgiving 
...for the happy delinerance of 
his Maiestie, the Queene, Prince 
and States of Parliament, from 
the... intended Massacre by Gun- 
powder, the 5 of Nt)uember, 1605. 
». ft. B. Barker, London, 
[1605?] 4to. 695. e. 2. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 221. e. 4. (8.) 

— Another edition. D. ft. 
B. Barker, London, [1605]. 4to. 

8406. c 

— Another edition. V. ft. 
B, Barker, London, 1620. 4to. 

3407. a. 

— Another edition. 10. ft. 
B. Norton and J, Bill, [London,] 
1625. 4to. 3407. b. 

— Another edition. V. ft. 

I t t 

540«.a. 1.(8.) 

ft. BaH^ mi alt iwrf|ifi ^ ' ' * 

/BflLtflrfMSieae. 41a. MM.a LXTUBOXBt.— boLAm, 

C%m9tk •f^ P t uHml m B m w tm , A 
— AMtlMroonr* 471. A. IS. FbnM oC Plijr«r Mo«nnr lo bM 

TW Urtipni mi MWtil Iwfw MmI Ui UmM aMUpPMM «•« oC 

u Ui> N0>«aM aw wi i hU i l Wmt» Mid FHttMAM Ibr Um 
"•!^*^. ,-N I«- •»2.d,5.(l.) 

S406. a. 1. (6.) 

— ADoibOToonr. 700.g.l7.(4.) 

LITUROIB8.— BitoLAim, 

of |imtor« to b» w» B. NoHm mad /. BJQ, 
Uito tiM of arMKht, tto. B. &. 1626. 4(u. 8406. d. 1. (6.) 

A. Barlvr. tiwrfrM Ifill 4U^. 

— A FonM of Pvmyor, with 

TbaakoiCiTiBg to U wmd...9W9rj 

— A foff«« of pmjor to bo yowt tbo 17 of BBiob, btisf ibo 

MbUMTwodladHmbM^'dwiBf Iky of hk HigbaoMt oiitrj to 

{y» ■■oMwmlili wMlbor, oad thb KiBgdomo. B. B. B. JVW- 

ofrmiBO.ote. B. E. Icmmi J. BOi, Lomiam, 1626, 4io. 

Imim, 1618. 4to. 700. g. 17. (8.) 

^''^ -AiioUiorooiiy.8406.d.l.(4.) 

~ A fsnaoofOoouMNiPrtpr, ImmHImI: vMllaff tis Imvw, 

togotbrrwitboaordorof Ibstuig: df.BMdri«t. 

SL.!^?^'^'*^ "^ ^Jir7f - AiioUier oditioo. B. 1. 

^.. .^ > J. BO/, Lpiidom 1640. 4to. 

E. B. XarfM Md -.AiioUMrcopj.8406.d.l.(8.) 
J Bill, Inidw, IfftfT 4to. 

8406. d. 1. (I.) - A tUtikotgiring ond proyor 

^,^^ -. .. - for iho adb obild-beonng of 

maMtfagHMw. ^^ Qottow Bftkolio [U. of 

— Aaotbor odHioB. B. E. 0^**^ Honrioito MaHoI B. E. 
B BoHm oad J- B.77 LoMlM^ B. N^Hm md J. BOC, Lomiim, 
1618. 4to. 47T7ri! !«»• •••*• fol- C. 88. 1. 6. (28) 

— AaoUior oditioB. B. E. — .^ t^^"^ P^JCL^ST 
F.W M& Nam. B. BWtai ood "l^Jf'il-LT^-aL^^ 

8^06. d. 1.(2.) j;^^ia5l!^^ 

— A tboH teM of tboiikoo- feftbopraMrrBliooofHkBA{«. 
giviag to God, for •Bying tbo Ue, and Hb rmlmm, oad all 
of tho Rofurmod CborA^ B. E. 


I. I T 


B. Norton and J. BUI, London, 

1628. 4to. 472. a. 30. 

The hut le«r i^ tlighily mutiUted. 

LITURGIE S.— Ekolakd, 
Church of.— Particular ServiSu. A 
thankesgiying for the safe do- 
livery of the Qiieene, and happv 
birth of the yons Priuoesae. D. A. 
B, Barker and the Ajuignea of 
J. BiU, Lond4m, 1631. «. $h. fo). 
8406. e. (1.) 

— A thankesgiving and prayer 
for the safe child-bearing of the 
Qneene*8 Majeetie. ]9. E. B, Bar- 
her mid the Aeetgnee of J. BUI, 
London, 1635. $. eh. fol. 

3406. 0. (2.) 

— Another edition. 1$. Z. 
B. Barker and the Aseignes of 
J. BiU, London, 1636. «. ah. fol. 

693. d. 4. (5.) 

— A Forme of Comniou Prayer, 
together with an order of Fast- 
ing: for the averting of Gods 
heavie Visitation vpon many 
places of this kingdome, and 
for the obtaining of his Bless- 
in>5 upon us. To be read every 
AVoduesday during this Visita- 
tion. B. Barker and the Asaignee 
of J, BiU, London, 1636. 4to. 

848. 1. 26. 

— Another edition. 90. %, 
B. Barker and the Aiaignea of 
J. BUI, London, 1636. 4to. 

T. 860. (4.) 

— Another copy. 692. d. 4. (2.) 

— A prayer for the Kings 
llajettie, in hiH Northern Ex- 
pedition, etc. 10. %. B, Barker 
and the Aaaignea of J. BUI, London, 
1639. $.ah. fol. 8406.6.(8.) 

— A pra;^er for the King*a 
Majestie in hit expedition against 
the rebels of Scotland. U. %• 
London, 1640. a, ah, fol. 

. 3406. e. (4.) 

LITURGIE S.— Ehouliid, 
Church of. — Particular Sermeea, A 
Forme of Common Prayer to be 
used upon the eighth of Jaly: 
on which Day a Fast is appointed 
...for the averting of the Pkgue 
and other Judgments of God from 
this Kingdom. 90. %. B. Barker 
and ihe Aaaignea of J. BUI, London, 
1640. 4to. 472. a. 21. 

Without pagination. 

— Another copy. 3406. d. 1.(7.) 

— A Forme of oommon Prayer 
to be used upon the 17** of 
November and the 8** of December 
on which Dayes a Fast is ap- 
pointed... for the removing of the 
Plague and other Judgements of 
God from this Kingdom. 90. %. 
B. Barker, London, 1640. 4to. 

472. a. 24. 

Withont pagination. The tiUe- 
pagc is slightly mutilated 

LITURGIES.— L:...., 
Church of—Primera. A goodly 
prymer in Englysshe, newely 
corrected and pry n ted, with cer- 
teyne godly meditations i pra^ era 
added to the same, very neoea- 
sarye and profytable fur all them 
that ryghte assuredlye vnder- 
stande not the latine i greke 
tongues. 90. %. [J. BJddM, 
Xoiui(m, 1538?] 4t<j. C. 35. a 12. 

Imperfect : wanting the U«t leaf, 
ooiituining the colophon. 

— Another copy. C. 10. a, 7. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepace 
and colophon, which are rappUed Id 

— The Manuall of Prayers, or 
The Prymer in Enffly8he...8et 
forth bv Jhon [HibeyJ Byahoppe 
of Rocheater, at the oomannde- 
ment of the right honorable Lorde 
Thomas Cruwel, Lorde Privie 
Seale Vioegerent to tbe Kyngea 
Hyghnea. (The Pystels and 

LIT I 1 i Ml 


ilui4 M, •iMMMi «r •vHm^* to ITagiigin ■nd Uty^t ■•! fcortb 
*Tli»l>Miiiadinib-lM«»* Inr Um KjMM MMk Mkl bit 
r i'* *^" < ^' tWiiJiiiifrt«i olmtolpUtMclii.lmMd«id 

^''^ rpftd: Md MNM oUisr lo U Mid 

\mSZ of d^jidiwi MteMtod C 25. h. 10. (1.) 

of Um ryEbt b oo onb fa, Lord _^, ^ ^ .^ . , 

omK VMMerMii to Um t^nam BMiUil 

kjglMMik (An AlaMHMMk* nr imm^ lin 

irii ymm.) ». fL Fiw JI& gs,fc«f !«»« «r il» 

iMtf^ ItMin^ lomy «▼©. SaaMifT — tut, itj. B Tin, q 

aXh.13. !--r2.irA:L""Tj 

A-BtBi»4L TW 

gfm villi IffH Tlla 

•m4»: -la|mi>4 bf Jim liar — Th« Primer Mi fbrtli by j* 

iMt Itf llMi WsflMiis.* kifliMM matMiA Aflul kk oImiwv. 

kiiigw m^ietto Mid bb olaMgj, 

INMMIUm] a^mvim avw . as.E^.^ft^j. .« a . w j 1JLAA ftwA 

;^ fortb b^ J. HUmt. Bbbop of «i»«^^'«»**^»^>**- ^ 
kodMster.] (Tbo Pvttcb and u. »o. i. 

Qoi|wls of Um Soodajot Mid Wttfcoirt ptflMltaii. 

S^li?^^j22LLTlj T Anotber oditkm. ». E. 

— AnoCber oditioo. ». 1. 

A fr«giiMot ol A i'nmer.j 1546. 4to. C. 86. o. 16. 

/ ^ U. C BfidUvd ar0o«, iM 1m««, wfthmrt |Mtoall«i. 

/ ' 24»o. C.18.A. B«iitar44^ CX-LLiU 

laEm Fo) k. 

l«tei.4 -> Tbt PriflMT, in EsfUibo i 



Latin, etc. V. E. and H. %. 
[London,] 1546. 8vo C. 25. 0.22. 

Printml in doable colttmiu, with- 
out pagination. 

LITUROIE 8.-~ Enoland, 
Church of. — Primen. The Primer 
in Engljsshe, set forth by the 
kjngea majestie and his Clergie, 
to be taught, learned and red, 
thoronghont his dominions, all 
other set apart. ^. %. E. WhU- 
ehurehe, London, 1546. 8vo. 

C. 85. a. 18. 
Withooi pagination. 

— Another edition. IS, %. 
B. Orafton, London, 1546. 4to. 

C. 35. c. 18. 

117 leaves, without pafj^nation. 
Some of the leaves are mntilated. 

— Orarium, sen libellus pre- 
cationum per Kegiam majestatem 
et cleru latine aeditus. Ex 
offlcina B. Graftoni, [London,] 
1546-45. 8vo. C. 35. b. 18. 

Without paginntion. Thid«'Ora- 
rium" is the Latin part of the 
Primer set forth by King Henry 
VUI. Imperfect; wanting colo- 
phon, which has been supplied in 
fac-itimile. The date on the colo- 
phon is 1545. 

— The primer set furth by the 
kinges nmjfstie, etc. )^. %. 
B, Ora/Um, London, 1 547. 4to. 

C. 25. h. 6. (1.) 
Without pagination. 

— The Primer in Englishe i 
Latin, etc. E. Whitchurehe, Lon- 
don, 1548. 8vo. C. 35. b. 19. 

In doublo columns, without pagi- 
nation. Im|M>rrcct; wanting ng. 
Aa. Is is slightly mutilated. 

— Another edition. Bnff. V. E. 
[B,Ora/lonr London, IbbO?] 4to. 

C. 86. c. 19. 

Imperfect ; wanting all befoie sif . 
C, and all after sig. Ff 4. whioh Is 
mutilated. Twonly-flvo liaM to a 
full pagt*. 

— Another edition. Eng, ]$.E. 
In tedibus B. Qra/loni, Londim, 
1551. 4to. C. 25. k. 9. (1.) 

— Another copy. C. 16. a. 10. 

Imperfect : wanting the titlepage 
and three following leaves. 

— Another edition. V. %, 
Few MS. Notes. B. QtafUm, Lon- 
don, 1551. 8vo. C. 35. b. 20. (1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting the tttlepaga 
and aii before sig. f. 

LITUROIE S.— Enolakd, 
Church of. — Primers. A Primmer 
orboke of private prayer nedefull 
to bee nsed of all faythfull Chris- 
tiana Whiche boke i» auctorised 
and set forth by the kynges 
Majestye, etc. 15. X. W. 8ere$, 
Xondtm, [1553]. 16mo. 0.86. a. 9. 

— [A Primer, or book of private 
prayer.] End. The ende of this 
Primer. ». E. W. Seres, Lon- 
don, [1559 7] 4to. 3406. c. 

Without pagination. Register 
A-U, Aa-Hh, in fours. Impeneot; 
wanting the titlepage and prelimi- 
nary matter, containing calendar, 

— Another edition. 90. Z. 
Ex officina Wilhelmi Sere», Londini, 

1560. 8vo. G. 12139. 

Without pagination. 

— Orarium, sen libellus pre- 
oationum per Regiam majestatem 
Latine oeditus. W, Seres, Lon- 
dini, 1560. 8vo. 0. 36. a. 6. 

Without pagination. 

— [The Primer, or catechism, 
•et furth in Queen Elizabeth's 
reign : for private devotion.] 
». H. [LoiM2aiifl664?] 16mo. 

3408. aa. 

Ninety Kavca, without pagina- 
tion. Register A-L,.in eights, ex* 
eepi Ih which hn» 10 leaves. Six- 
t4«n linos ir> a full (lage. Imperfect ; 
wanting foil. Ai, s, Bi, 3, «, s, and 

I I 1 


t4^t^:^ff«lk [me] CliHsll Oum. 

FNteMid TWftbMKiTiAc for tU 

rii—iitiiii uf tlu QuonM» UMl MlblW. to U wtd of 

th<^ rr«Mbci»...or Um DkMw of 

Wmiiiilir. With A ahorl os* 

tf»et of W. lVTk0...0IMlfcMiMI. 

[1M4}. 4CO. «6. f.8.(l.) 


of Q«MT» 


lad tiM LofdeoMp> 
por : Um ^TiiiaoioB of tho tjrelEO : 
Aftd tlM QukoebiHM of Gooorm : 
■Md» bf ■Mtur J. CblTjBo. In 
tlM oado MO oortaiaootMr Qodlj 
prmym priiratolj to bo ooed: 
tfoifcihiod oQt of fkooobo into 
Efiffliiobo. Br W. Horoko, olo. 
'\V;tii • jwv&ee by T. Broko.] 
II. E. JBL mildUrdk iMi^om 
1&50. 8m O. 12187. 

JSi^iiJk lU/anmtd Ckmrtkm ml— 
O wiw w Pir«fif«. A bouko of tho 
turwam of ooouboo pimjron^ odmtn- 
kttmtiaa of tbe SoenuBOBto 
to Oodo wordo 
MO of tbo foforaod 

ftS9»«l Sva 8106. b. 

B^idEe of tho Formo of 
t '>mn.o«i Pim j ri o , oda^iottrntioa 
of ibo Socrmncoto Ae. ttranbU to 
a^ troidc. ttd tlM «• of tbo 


oo|ij. C88.b. 11. 

— Anotbor oopj. Q. 12140. 

- Anolbir oditkw. XL MO- 
Avf. IMMwf , 1887. 8m 


#W«^ JM»«mI Ckmnk im^ 
L Um an . Wanfm no mtio toCn to* 
oMnotki Minklorii« in poiofri. 

,por... B f ( | O Bi EdaoHaai...nono 
...1880...Antort Jonnno n Lmoo 
Pblonko Bnrooo. 0«n brrri... 
onlmninnini qnanuidnm refaU- 
tiooo: qo« Mnitininni caius. 
diiB...fiinmcino Jnipori baboo- 
tnr. rFWuVoH m Oi Mmimf 
1588.] 8m a 88. 0.19. 

— Do CbfliUiokn (Miaoaota 
der Kodertnnoobor QhoMoyton 
CbH»tl. die TmQdoo...Co. Rdo- 
woerdt den VI. in tioor 1880 to 
London ingboololtwni. Dewold» 
ffbovoaobt ondo wtgbootolt sijn 
door M. Mioroen [who trantUtod 
thorn from tho Latin of J. a 
LmooI [J^MiM 711868. 8m 

8928. a. 

— Tonto la forme k manioro 
dn MiniatAni Woolariaatigoo, on 
TEglioo dea oatiifan, draoi k 
Lonidrea on Anglotarra par lo 
Prinoa troa ftdolo dn dit pnja, lo 
Boj Edooard YL do oo nom: 
L*an aprea rinoamation do Christ 
. 1880. ... Far IL Joan a Laaoo, 
Barun do Foloaio. Tr^lait do 
Latin en Fran^oia. 1886. Sro, 

25. b. 18. 

— KirpiienomniiDK, wio dio 
•ntw doB GMiUidMO Kta% 
CM Engollaad. Bdwud d«B TL 


I. I I 


ill der Statt Londen, in der 
Niderlendiaohen Gemeine Cbristi 
...geordnet und gehalten worden 
...Diirch J. von I^ Latoin- 
iscber Bpraoh...boHchrieben Aber 
duicb M. Micronium in tine 
knrze Sum Terfaflset, und jet- 
znnd ver deutaobet. HeideWurg, 
1666. 8vo. 1219. b. 28. (1.) 

LITURGIE S.— London. 
Foreign Reformed Church in. — 
Liimrgy, La Forma delle Publicbe 
Oratioiii. et della cofeeaione, <& 
aatolutione, la ^ual si uaa nella 
obieaa de foreetieri, obe h nuova- 
mente stata instituita in Lon- 
dra...con rautont& k cosenti- 
mento del Be. [Edited witb a 
preface, by P. P. Vergerio.l 
[BaOe, 1560.] 8vo. C. 36. b. 26. 

Eight leaves, without pagination. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Missals. Tbe Cau teles. 
Canon, and ceremonies, of the... 
Popish Masse. Togither, The 
Masse intituled Of the body of 
JesuH Cbrist. Fully ... set downe, 
both in La tine and Englishe... 
With certaine annotations... set 
fortb by... P. Viret, and trans- 
lated out of French... by Tho- 
(ma**) Sto(cker), Gent. T. Van- 
trollier for A. Maunsell, London, 
1684. 8vo. C. 37. b. 18. 

— Another copy. Few MS. 
Notes. 3476. a. 

Imperfeot; wtntinffthe iitlepage, 
three leavet of prefatory mattera, 
and tbe laat four leaves. 

— De Cautelen (dat is te seg- 

fhen,de waersohouwinghe ofte on- 
erwiJHingho) met bet Sanon ende 
Cereuiunii-n vander Misae. TdiU- 
ffaders de Miaee ghointitulert, Van 
Tliohaom Jeau ChriHti. Al in 
Lfityn ondo Duytsch, hot latyn 
ghctrauwolijck ghetrookcn wten 
Mislxx-ck na hct Roomache gho- 

bruyck die ghedmokt was tot 
L^ons door J. van Cameriok int 
Juer M.D. en XX....Met...aen- 
teeckennighen...eer8t ^hemaeokt 
int Fraoois. door P. Yiretum... ; 
nu nieuwelyck overeeeedt, eta 
Lot. and Dutch. In addilms Henrid 
Bynneman, London, 1668. 8vo. 

3477. b. (1.) 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Primere. The primer, or 
office of the Bleeeed Virgin Marie, 
etc. (The Manner how to serve 
the Priest at Masse.) [Edited by 
R. v.] Lat.tind.Eng. A.Coninge, 
Antwerp, 1604. 12mo. 1219. a. 

The ** Hymnes ** have a seiiarate 
fAgination, but tbe regifter £■ ooo- 
tinaoot throughout 

— The Primer, or Offioe of the 
...Virgin Marie in English. Ac- 
cording to the last editio of the 
Romaine Breviarie. 16^2. 12mo. 
336rt. a. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Heueford, Diocese of. — Mis- 
aaU. Begin. Anno Incamationis 
dominice Secundo supra quingen- 
tesimum atc]^ millesimu, die Vo 
prima mosis Septebris opera et 
industria M. Petri oliuerii et Jo- 
bannis mauditicr Impressomm 
Rothomagi...Impensa vero Jo- 
hannis nobardi meroatoris : hoc 
nouum et egregiu opus sacri Mis- 
Balis ad vsu famose ao peroelebris 
eccl'ie Helfordeu nup^ instanti 
ac pcruigili cura visum correcium 
et cmendatum, etc. 6r. %, FlW 
MS. Notes. Opera... PeirioUuerii 
et Jvhannis mitinJUiW, Sothomagi, 
1602. fol. C. 36. i. 4. 

Wlihout pHKumiion. 8ig. A-B iv., 
in eighth ; n- h, in eights ; i, in ten ; 
k-f|, ill eighU ; r, in t«-n: A-E, in 
« i;.lit<«: VAi, in sixcfl: U« in eight; 
I K. in •ixvi I.-M, in eigTit«: 
N l\ in »ixo«. The title hiu btucatb 
it a Wfirnlcut repn^fenting the oom- 
bat b«tweon 8u QtK>rge and tbe 
Dragon, and on the verso a table uf 


I ! 1 
«yill It MHlttI m Uw 

UW IMI iMf !• «>* ««4. 

Ib«l «r llOt iPi 1 li II m 1 
Uf «r n4. 1 llM« •«« !)>< 
•V«Mlit ImImIw 

una mm to o« V«i 

At llM 

III* l»4 

on PAfm Vol. 1 t^ 


1 <<ll« 

i[^l,]l^"L'a te'tSSSS 


•fiittvBEiSii hlly 

itg.*H li ■■iMiii to p«mto«Mil»l«irall»r 

l«. I pttMif ttdf m h 

OiiiMiMit«r foLi iwimpiofv. 

_ _ i LXTOROXBa-RoMi. Om* 

•rfMM.' ilM 4mC77iC pHiitar «/.~^AUWi;»r, DioMM V*--^^ 

Wfe^M lk»fOT»«rilMlM«l«t iMvte r A BrtrUnr Cor Um a«« 

?^. .~■*f..??^T!•r*^• ■?» of UieDfeoBieofWblHiry. Pa« 

TtlrxT^ilr^i rl AartivmllikjOiiViLUJii. /■ip'««$ 

JITiSh^mIi^ Um ?«riMM. 14M. l«iiio. C. 41. b. 22. 

mwm m IkffM In Iko tn* Wli^^ HUmmml Prinlad in 

AatipboMin ad otS ao- 
8a9 poUtlirfwji iBiMrf- _PardlbrianwBroTUriana 
»ibw daoormtea. fWiUi Um mqbi aoolasio 8nruibiiri«ids : om- 

.] S. E. 2 Tolt. ti0ita nppietQm BMrnmOilNM 
US. Nonii. / ii f ii i mi hop ^SSkmihoM mkinuM, no ii9o 

CjfcST ^ ^ti?-*^ * ^?y?^ primttm ad TeriMliiiiiiii ordioalia 

■ P ■ iM 1 1 ^ wmaai ■ kopfU^tm- ^^apUr in sQani ordine...rodnctiL 

fmm F^ mm em i b fnhii ^ tmtOa^^ Uni oam dinotorg (qoodM Pkm 

T?f .f!TS?""ffT"* ▼ooMut) ioterpodttocM. Pluv En- 

^*"Jii?-.*?-. tiTnlin. [N.^rmmiflPanm^ 

a 96.18,4. 1510. 8to. C. 86. d. 4w 

btoif^|£^!ll^M^^ . TW^IIIk-ppwiirftolfcnwwk 

bdMnaOMlon. PL 1. ML I 

— [FoL At, neh:] Adfwiltti 

b A Wfli* wfw^emL with m \wwA^, tempoTO byvuialt. [, iwlo: J 



L I T 

Psalterium daviticum, etc. [Fol. 
,^1, recto;] Proprium sanctorum 
tempore hy email. AW. [Fol. T^3 
recto:] lireviaiiii uive Portifo- 
rium ad uBiim inHigniM ecclesie 
SarisbiirieiiHis, etc. G. %. 3 pta. 
Industria Chrisiophori Ruremunaen- 
#ij, Anttcerpic, 1525-26. 4to. 

C. 36. f. 2. 

i t< I mil 2 have a distinct pagi' 
nuti M. i> 1 pt. 3 is without iiagina- 
ti M i hx titlopaK*« Uar the date 
l.'.j .. ii I th«' colophon of the last 
j.t f I.V2»]. Imperfect: want- 
in^' til- -ii. . t -f" pruliininnry matter. 
In. irk. l ^li uiA consiHting of 10 

LITUROIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Diocese o/.—Bre- 
viaries. Breviariu beu horariu do- 
meeticu : sive ohoro ecclesiastico 
deeeiriens ad usum insignia eo- 
oleaie Sa:;: cu integro ordinaiio 
BH0, propriis Buis locis accommo- 
date insorto. ( Prologus in accen- 
ttiariu [with the Aocontuariuin].) 
G. %. 3 pts. C. chevallon i 
F, regnauH, in alma Parisioru 
academia, 1531. fol. C. 35. k. 6. 

Each pt. has a distinct pagina- 
tion. The '' Aooentuarium " is at the 
end, after the imprint, and is without 
pagination. With woodcuts. Im- 
perfect: wanting foil. 88 and 90, 
which are supplied in fac-simiie. 

— Portiforiu seu Breviarium 
ad nsnm ecclesie Sarisburiettis 
oastigatom, suppletum, margina- 
libus quotationibus adomatu... 
Purs Hyemalis. ®. %» 3 pts. 
F. BegnauU, Parisiie, 1535. fol. 

C. 35. h. 18. 

Pts. 1 and 2 have each a distinct 
pagination ; pt. 8 is without pagiua- 
tioo. The ''Para iEstivaTia^' is 
wanting. With woodcuts. 

— Another copy. C. 85. b. 14. 

Imperfect; wanting the titlepam 
and a leaf at the end containing tha 

— Portiforiu tea Breuianum 
ad usum ecclesie Salisburietis 

castigatum...i*ur8 ]i\ . niiUs. (Ti.TL. 
[F. HegnauU, Pari^,' I :>.',:, lul. 
C. 35. h. 12. 

Imperfect: being the second ptof 
the ^ Pars. hyemaO^" wanting leaf 
80 and two learea at the end. 

of, — Salisbury, Diocese of. — Bre- 
viaries. Portiforiu secundu usum 
Saru, noviter impressum, i a 
plurimis purgatu medis. In quo 
nomen Romano pontifici false 
asoriptum, omittil, una cum aliis 
que christian issi mo noetri Regis 
statuto repugnant. ®. %, 
2 Tols. E. Whylchurch, Londini^ 
1541. 16mo. 219. b. 6, 7. 

This copy wants the leaf following 
the titlepage, but the text appears to 
be perfect 

— Another edition. ©. %. 
2 vols. B, Grafton d E. WhU- 
church, Londinij 1544, 43. 8vo. 

C. 35. b. 5, 6. 

Each vol. is in three pts., of which 
the first two have each a distinct 

Kgintitiun, but the last is without, 
the colophon of voL 1 the date is 

— Another edition. 6r. %. 
2 vol8. Per J. Kyngstan et 
H. Sutton, Londini, 1555, 56. 4to. 

C. 35. g. 19, 20. 

Each vol. is in three pta., without 
paf^ination. Imperfect ; wanting 
tith page to the *' Para Hjemalis,** 
which is supplied bj one to the 

— Another copy of the Pirs 
Hyemalis. C. 85. g. 22. (1.) 

Imperfeet; wanting the 10 pre- 
liminary leaves, oontaintng titlepage, 
ealendiir, **Tabala festorom,** alo. 
Wanting also the whole of the 
** Para JSstivalea." 

— Begin, [Fol. a l, after nine 
pajget of preliminary matter, oon- 
taining Calendar, Tabula festo- 
rum, etc. :] Sarisburiensis Porti- 
forii nuperrime exaotiesime^ re- 

LIT m 

vW vol««M imuhImi. |>tri UTOBOiaa-Jtow, Ckm^ 

lin»n: «iiiimiimpfi-^ Uq •biB 41 8*1 «fo Qj. m.%. 

lalUi twSrulit fc lli> r. <li rtn. riwfaKir. I47>n Ua, 


C 40. L 1.(5.) 

«iv4dL hMti&iriiaMBprrkrism JS^rSuS ulTETi^^ 

•a VMS i ff B l iii l l StriiUriMiis ■•d t ii n li l MrWymkyJi^ 

Tsiis.) eJL a^ Lo«i»i.«. 7SJi£iX!L%^ 

lM5w 4I0L C 8ft. f. 33, 34. i^tOwiiMiiliiiilWgti 

rm^um, Imn rprmd«l by mtwi 1«it« 

.>^'!L''JL*i!^/^a!:^ [8<f-«J] CMleaiohiSaqMitei; 

f^lwtini. i«t Uk' bit ti vftiMi arliooli Twlalati •8t'iM|mbAii 

•^T ptr fmmiooi Booleiit 8mm.) 

i. . , _ rriM wbotorvrindfMidoocTwtad 

— PMiCMioi MM BfCTianom iZilk.*'ltl iSi hi ««nab K ia Ikk «pr. 

^^^^ • TillXiir' _lk Aalmmfm,HM. Mo. C.S&.r.a. 

WMtwHtillMlli.. I7lh.n.i 




LITURGIES.— Rome, Chtfrch 
of. — Samsbuiiv, Dioeeteof. — Diree- 
torium Sac*rdotum. Begin, [Sig. 
a I.] Incipit prolo|i^8 in traota- 
tum sequontum (qui dicitur direo- 
toriu saoerdotum). [Preceded by 
a Kalendar on eight feavee.^ (De- 
fensorium ejusdem direotoni. Li- 
bellus putilis quod Crede mihi 
vooitatur.) ». ». Few MS. 
Notes. In we$tmona$terio per 
wunkwn de wcrde^ 1495. 4to. 

C. 35.f. 4. 

Without titlepego or pagination. 
Big. i.-viii . a-», 1, 2, A-C, all in 

— Begin, Animadvertendu. 
Liber presens, directoriii sacer- 
dotu, que pica Sarum vulgo voci- 
tat clems Ac-magister [G.] 
olerke ... emedavit, correxit at^ 
8cd*m vcrum ordinale Sa^ colla- 
tionavit. [With the " Prologue " 
of C. Maideston, who had revised 
and corrected the work previ- 
ously.] ([Sig. 2 iii.] Incipit de- 
fensonu ejusdem directorii. [Sig. 
A i.] Incipit libellus putilis 
quod Crede mihi vocitatur.) (5. H. 
MS. Notes [by T. WAgstaflel 
B. vynrnm extra barrd navi tepli 
hmdoniaq, 1497. 4to. C. 36. f. 6. 

Without titlepage or iMgination. 
Sig. a i-8» a i-x, i, 2» ana A-C. 

— Another edition. 99. H. 
JR. oyiM9 intra harra notfi tepli 
hndoniai^nOl. 4to. C. 35. f. 7. 

Without titlepage or pngination. 
Bcgittcr oa, a-«, % 2* w»d A-C. 
Thia copy ii Imperfect: wanting th« 
whole of tig. C, four learet. 

of. — Salisbury, IHoeeee of ■— 
Oraduala. Graduale ad iis8 eoolede 
SarisboriensiB, ad ▼erorti exom- 
plariu fide diligotinime reoognitu : 
et a media omnibus tarn in cantu & 
in litera expnrgatu. CrawdoriK 
<i antca notis ... excusu. ^. I. 

3 pts. Apud F. Begnault, Parisiis, 
1532. fol. C. 35. 1. 5. 

Rrgifiter in eights. Each pt has 
a diatiuct register, and pts. 1 and 8 
a diBtinct pnginatiii 2 l»ciug 

without pugination. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of — Salisbury, Dioceeeof — Hours. 
[FragmentB of a Book of Hours 
according to Salisbury use. Lot.] 
Begin. Ne reminisoaris. End. Be- 
nignus eripias. 99. %. [WiUiam 
CaxUm, WestmineUr , 1 480 ?] 4to. 
C. 40. 1.1.(4.) 

Withont pagination : 20 lines 
to the full page. Theae fragmenta 
consist of four learea, of whieh the 
second and thinl are mutilated. 
The third and fourth are printed on 
one side only, and form one aheet, 
although separated in the complete 
book by about 73 learea, of whieh 
the first fragment is one : they are 
probeblv proof or cancel sheets. 
The third fragment follows imme- 
diately after the second. They were 
found among a number of waste 
leaves bound up in the covers of a 
copy of Cax ton's Bocthius, formerly 
belon^ng to the Grammar School of 
8i AlbunV 

— [Fragments of a Book of 
Hours] ». a. W. Oaxion, 
Westminster, 1 489 ?] 8to. 

C. 35. a. 7. 

Consisting of sig. d 1-4, m i-t, 
and fou r ot hers. Some of the leaves 
are mutilated. 

— Begin. [Sig. a v.] Februarius 
habet dies xxviii. Luna xxix. 
rSig. d iii., ver«o;] Incipiunt here 
beate Virginia marie seoandum 
UBU) Sarum. — End. [Sig. x viii., 
ver9o:'] Hore intmerate dive vir- 
ffiniB marie Bocundnm OBum 
Sarum. G. I. Pro anihomio ve- 
rard,[Paris, 1490?] 4to. C. 85.0. 4. 

166 leaTei, withoot pagination. 
Register a-x. Imperfbet; waatisg 
■igt. a L-a im. With woodcuts, and 
boraera ornamented with flgorca of 
the Virgin, etc A few of the 
prayers, and the table of oootents at 
the <<nd, are in Bogltsh. Bound up 


LrniBOIB&— Bom, CiMvi 

•r tU MMtd VMa M. OdiwlMr.tlo.:] 1 normu 

Um mm of Sftlb. bMte Mrk> -. ." »»t« 

(jMAwf fr rjMlMi ii r««ltf Few Md. No.., 



IBIIM1 gilt, n «•§ r 

AfUnn; l*riim oT W«iM, «• ^ 
Biwj vn^ Kiig of gagiMd. It 

^f. f fci fi^tTUM to* Mdliiil •lililiWr«0MlilTk«M Mf^ 

' UitlMlralMid AmA iMuM v^Bs I^o^ w 

Arttal 8«<iH ^riMteit Watlto: 

DMb Cbniabto; 
•I (ttiMs:** Mi4 Ulovlkk to Iks 
PriMt't •■tofiMk, ••Aftlnvi to 
prtoos." lit Cbtoaiv ibiIiImi 
obitMriMorMtml ■■■>■■ of Um 

■ t<clii,All«nltaf.bdl FojratolkaUj. At lU bolloM of Um 

— iif — liiMto Hiiflnit. imtoiif ■pp««nitb«aiitamipli*0. 

MtlwinlMdtlitoitoif 8oMr 8tir pR*M»Hr tiMt of air 

«af:|«naMawljwulMifU OmwIw SomimI, ateviidt Bui 

^I^IL Tlwwto — «y»Sa ofWpHaiiwT 

ISSSJrilllto^llS^^ — Hon beato Harie %gb m- 

r «itk ibr bonltni caodii tunm Saniiii. [Praoedfld 

**'*\'^^£S! »7 1* !*«•?. Independent of the 

««noortWiUtkkef«rric.L M reuli, 1497. 0TD. C. 41. ft. 17. 

*!j*^*!r!jytllf .filSL^'iiS Wltkort MtaettoiL 8if. hf to 

vtiL f «C DMlBli eMfli <l Amm^ ■■tlto^il >^ fc«ix> nfTmiiMf 

t'^TSftHMMSSf^ tolftl^^ik AtU»«Mleie< 

«lwiarii oMv iIm «<mtoi.«Okttoft Hoffft meemtcie ftd vsoa 

!^'i3ritoMri!l^lS^ P. iVftdK iVimie^ 1498. 8m 

to ky tfct f^MHor. Ttae to aa T 4i . 18. 


T. T T 


LITURGIES. K'-MK, r7,iircA 

of. — SaI.I^IUI'.V, I>ii>rrtu' nf. Jhfun. 

Begin. \\>r< f>s( nt< h ad iisu 8aru 
impre«Kc in. rut rarisins, etc. 
G. a. On Vi 1 1 im. ;. Philippu 
pigoHchet , Symow loHtre, Pari- 
9ius, 1501. 8vo. C. 29. h. 12. 

Wiihoat pnginaiion. 122 leftTM- 
8ig. o-p. With woodeaU and 

— Hore beate Marie Virginia 
■ecundiim tisnm insignia ecolede 
Sanim total iter ad longnm i sine 
require (una oii multis sancto^ i 
sanctaru sulTragiis, i nniltis aliis 
divcrsin oratioibns novitor super- 
addit^ ; cu qiiattuor evangeliis n 
passione dni i cu horis duicissimi 
nomiH Jesu.) 1$. H. On Vei,luii. 
P. Winandum de Worde, Londonii, 
1603. 4to. C. 41. e. 8. 

Without pagination. Sig. a and 
b, A-8, and aa. The colophon i.s on 
the Terse of sig. S«. Many of the 

f^rayer^ and rubrics are in Eng- 
ish. Imperfect ; wanting foil. B: 
and 03. With a MS. Indulgence 
on vellum inserted at the end. 

— [H]ore Bive Virginis Marie 

secundum usum infiignis Ecclesie 

Sai?. G. E. On Vellum, p An- 

ihonto rerarrf, Parisius, 1506. Svo. 

C. 41. a. 19. 

112 Icavet, without pagination or 
catchwords. Register, ng. a-o, in 
eights: 23 lines to a full page. 
Each page is surrounded by an 
elaborate woodcut l>order, rtpre- 
seuting (among oth(>r things) the 
Dance of Drath. There are also 
twalve woodcuts occupying an entire 
page each; theaeand the inittnl and 
camtal letters are illuminated in 
sold and coloum. Imperfict; want- 
ing fnl. b4. Foil, a I and d4 are 

— Begin, Ilore presentee ad 

nsnm 8anim impresee fuerut 

Parisius, etc. <5. %. Oh Vellum. 

S, voiire, Paritius, [ 1 507 ?] Svo. 

C. 41. a. 20. 

With woodcuts aod 
border*, incladiiig a repnetntation 
of the Dance of Death. Without 

pagination. A few of the prayers, 
and the table of contents at the end, 
are in English. 

— [Another edition.] End, [Co- 
Thus endeth the Matyns of our 

With many a prayer and devonte 

With pryme & honree Tij pealme. 
Enlonged without inquysyon 
Newly corrected in the cyte of 

Emprrnted by me Wynkyn de 

etc. V. %. Wpihyn de Worde, 
London, lb] S, 4to. C. 35. o. 7. 

Imperfect : wanting titlepage, 
table of moTable feitfts, foil. 1-2 
and 9-56. 

— Another edition. C Z. 

[Pierre Ouerin fParisfl 51 5?] 1 2mo. 

C. 35. a. 2. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting »ig. a i, 3, and 13, Bi-ie, 
£i3, Ii and 3, and all after Iio. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Chtreh 
of. — Salisbury, Dioeeteof. — Hour*. 
Hore bcate virginis Marie:* se- 
cundu usum Sarum : cu illius 
miraculis : una cu figuris apoca- 
lipbis : Thobio i Judith, ao etiam 
mortis accidentia, noviter addita, 
etc. On Yeixum. Ova 
ac arte N. Hygmd, impenti$ 5. Toi- 
tre, Parwttf, [1520?] Svo. 

C. 41. e. 9. 

Without pagination. A few of the 

{>raT(-rs are in English. The eighth 
laf of sig. d is a fao-simile. 

— Hore beate marie virginis 
ad nsnm insignis ac preclare ec- 
clesie Sa:;. [\Vith illuminations.] 
e. %, On Vkllum. Pour P. 
guerl demourat en la paroitBe sail 
lauret mlaruede Ifsssreiii, [Parie f 
1520?] 12mo. C. 41. a. 21. 

Without pagination. A few of the 
dlnrtions and the table of contents 
are in English. Imperfect; want- 
ing all after sig. Ks. 

I I I 


UTUmOIBa-ltaa OmA 
llaMBMlWaMvir): '••4 

|MiMi9rri«ii«» •< 

m^mil, Pmimmt. lASC 4lo. 

C, $5. h. 7 

#t**. I :>}«. 4lo. C. 46. a. 




MWmnm. 15M. 4IO. 
C. 8ft. 1l a. 

MM* (Ml 

t. a. m 

>rr HttioB. ۥ. E. 

p4trflu0ii0. 1527. 4ta. 
« .85.a.9. 

' «. 1527. Sto. 
f^. 2»,t4. 


— f 

C 42. •. 7. 



Bom bMit IUri« Wrsfaib ad 

8Miiai« Mdilir ad Iwgmi dM 
rtqvim. Cvai DittrllNNi MiNfllt 
^omtkHinMML S.E. Ovynnim. 

IW OfTMAimM /lorrfovjra. Pttrimms, 
[1528?] 8ro. C. 4I.«. 2X 

8lf.A-r. Willi iUMi 
• Mka4iirlbrl5»*15ll. 

AooUMTOopy. C. 41. a. 25. 

■Mllliff • iMf to IIm 

«r«l« A :»{« Hi 

EDo hi ri di op ydm mnhrn^ 

\im imafnaiB. 
6. E. Ov 


... nMaMDHM 

1528. 8va C. 17. a. 4, 5. 

SoM «r tiM raMei mmI mmm 


— Hora Baatiaaia— Timnu 
BBaria ad lagttiaiam Sambvri- 
afMna aoolaaia ritva^ oon qviikU- 
doi or»tinnil>ui baata Brigitla aa 
militia aliia orationilmt |iiilcfM»r. 
riadact it)-. •*. ctiin t:. 

Aptkiiiiia u... ...umo a4i«>--— 

1530. 4to.* C. 

Uamj of Ui» pfsfwi Mid rwMm 
— tofagHdi lM««K«: vMlNl 

M. aa Matte Imi EBfariii* to4«. 

MLia,tt. S«. 45. M. 54. 57. 71, 
71. 145, 17a. Md two ImvmoT tW 

— AnoCber adiUos. S. ft. 




F, SegnauU, Parim, [1530?] 4to. 
C. 35. h. 2. 

Imperfeei: waDting the iiUe|Nige 
and toe greater part uf ibe calendar. 

— Another edition. ®. H, 
[Paritf 1530?] 12mo. C.35.a.3. 

Imperfect : wantine the titlrpnis^e, 
two ItATOS of the rulendiir, and a 
li af or leave* of the table of cod- 
lenta at the end. 

— Another edition. G, %. 
[F. BeffnauUr Parisf 1530?] fol. 

C. 35. h. 1. 

Iini)«rfect ; wanting the titlepage 
anil foil. 217 and 223. FolL 2, 25, 
aud 06 are mutilated. 

— Another edition. G. ft. 
[F. RegnauU, Paris, 1530?] 4to. 

C. 35. g. 11. 

Witliout pa^nation oroatchwords. 
Twenty-six hoes to a full page. 
With woodcut borders. The initials 
and the titles of the prayers are 
printed in red ; some of the latter 
are in English. A fragment oon- 
sibting of 14 leaves, viz. foil. A2, 3, 7, 
Bi, 2, 4, 6. 7. C3, 4, 8, D2, 7, 8. These 
Hours differ from thuse of Salis« 
bury by the insertion of *' A praver 
to Saute thomas and to all the holy 
sayntes howes rolyqucs rtste in the 
holy place of chrychurcho wythT 
cStorbery ** and other prayers on foil. 

— Another edition. ®. E. 
Per Chrialophorum EndovienBem, 
Antwerpie, 1630. 4io. C.35.d.l2. 

Register +. A-X. AA-DD, in 
eights, except DD, which hss four 
leaves. Imperfect ; wanting fol. -f 1 
(titlepage). +»« and leaves 2, 7, 12, 
]U-2i 87, 44, 45. 

LITURGIES.— Rome. Ckureh 
of. — Salisbuky, Dioeeteof. — H(mr9» 
£nchiridion prcolare eoolcsie 8a- 
mm: dovotiiiaimia prccutioihus : 
ao venuHtiasimis imaginihiis : 1 
lis auidem nun pauois refertiim. 
iSi, \, 0. Hardtmjfn^ ParinU, 
1530. 8vo. C. 35. f. 11. 

The insoripUoDS on the woodcuta 
are in Bngliib* 

— Another edition. ]$. %, 
BiS. Notes. [1530?] 4to. 

C. 35. e. 6. 
Very imperfect, all the leave* 
which had large woo<lcuts having 
betn cut out Wanting the titli^ 
paze and nil after sig. q 6. Twenty- 
two lines to a full pagu. Th^ text ia 
surrounded by woodout borders. 

LITURGIES.— Rome. Ckureh 

of. — Salisbury, Diocese of. — Hours. 

Hore bte marie virginis ad nsti 

eccleeie Sa:^ : cu mnltis ao varils 

orationibus multu devotU. (The 

maner to lyve well, oompyled 

bj mayster J. quentjn, translated 

out of frenche in to englysshe 

by R. Coplad.) ®. Z. Ex offi. 

cina 0. Buremundeh, [Antwerp,] 

1531. 4to. C. 35. d. 13. 

** At the end [are] two leaves of 

another edition [oontuining prayers 

in English verse] — perhaps printed 

separately to insert in variooa 

Books." M8.noU. 

— Another edition. End. 
ImpiesBUin est hoc orariii, eto. 
&M. Few MS. Notes. Inedibus 
... Oermani Hardouyn, Parisijs, 
[1533?] 8vo. C. 35. b. 11. 

Without pagination. Big. a-z. 
Each leaf has an engraved oorder. 
Imperfect ; wanting titlepagei 

— Hore Beatissime virg^inia 
marie ad Icgitimum Sarisbarieniiis 
Ecclesie ritum, cum quindeoem 
orationibuB beate Brigitte, ao 
mult is aliis orationibus, et indol- 
geutiifl, cum tabula aptisi^ima, 
iam ultimo adiectifl. 6r.%. F.Reg- 
nault, Parisiis, 1534. 4to. 

C. 35. i\ i 1 . 

Part of ** the forme of ooofessjOD,** 

the whole of ** the xv. 00s in eng- 

lysshe,'* and part of the Uble of 

contents, are wanting. 

— Another edition. C Z. 
F. ReffuauJi Pnrrhiwiis, 1536. 8vo. 

C. 35. h. 15. 
Imperiect: waatiog tlfts tiilepsiga. 

— Aul. [Fol. K8, wr»:] Ex- 
plicinnt hore beate Marie rir- 



•.a. uTURona-Rowk 

im90f^^ f iirtlm >>Mb»n%. ftAHn<«» rttm JlTmiiU aod'Mi 

ItW Mil il»» A-aa Ibr U ». g. •. 

l^VftoM.* IM IM to. **•♦• •^ CXW.Ki. 

<f 8il.iMW^iT> IKmmm ^.-^Bmr*, — Etpoiltio hramoma [of lU 

bv* bMto MMifo viffgiak 8». BrtrUrr MooHlng to SalislMinr 

«nidlM Ml iMlc»ii •odwit w). JM. Fiolt oonpttidiM 

8BHlNiH»lmHiim a« doto farw. k.vmttorii txr -*- inc nedQ dif- 

[fmim. i541> l6flMw tOm IvddWM rtddit 

a 8ft. a. 11. JMr Mi<w U lf if— i f , i 

Til tn-« ^llOTl imiMlIni nc 1^^* ^^ a 86.0. J. 

'y-*^>*^'"^"!*i' — Eipodtjo bjanoniai loClw 

arSTSIir^ ■"^ ttendsa mmoi 8Mroa: 

mlkZihmmZ diUMmim Moogallori mvlcit 

•iMidaioBibw aocu rbj J. 

,11^ ^ ■.- ■■ gt a J1irr»Mt«ri £•««<■. 1402. 4to. 

1I& AMmow Arm. [F.ilir C. 84. g. 1. (I.) 

Bir<R.]1841. 8tKo^ _ Another ediiuio. H E. 

VMbNlpii^MllM. 22ig.20. 

1843. 8m a88.*.l. aniiii«iiidttm«im8*nim,etc] 

^Expodtto MqiMotknim mood- 

Aoolbtir •diikm. S. E. ^<>"> *"*">* ^^^^ DUimitir i«- 

1888. leao^ 8888.M. oogniu et mmIa.) H. A. 8 pta. 

8%.A-i;. ■ • 1808. 4UI. 222. g.^. 

IFoL liiiiL. 99rm:\ rtJMtmlm fo. 

tkin grm A f«o» Wipw aolti, vwm — AaoUiir •diUoo of tU 

flli4K ▼«•. e. a. 410. lijiniuU onlj. V. E. » vyMm- 

a 18. b. 34. (2.) iniitMP^i:.aiirfoM£.l&14. 4ta. 

liMi •» ft Adl piigib — Aooifao' ^dmon ot um 


I. I r 


Hymnal. 1$. %. Ptr w^nandum 
de worde, Londoni'u 1515. 4 to. 

C. 35. g. 5.(1.) 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of, — Salisbury, Dioce§e of. — 
Mtfmnait. £xpoeitio hyiuDorum 
totiu3 anni Bccunduin u>um Sa:; 
diligentissime recoguitorum [by 
J. BemUqb AsceDUQB] miiltis elu- 
oidatiouibus aiiota. (Expositio 
■equeiitiaru totius anni ecd'm 
nsQui Sa^, etc.) iS. ft. 2 pta. 
W, de Worde, Londini, 1517. 4to. 
C. 35. g. 7. 

The ** Kxpositio SequeotiarS " 
has a distinct titlepage and pagina- 
tion. Oil the vento of each title- 
page is an address hy J. B. Ascen- 
sius to the youth of Great Britain. 

— Uymnorum cum notis opus- 
oulu, secuiidu usutu iDsignis eo- 
clesie Sarisbuiieusis, etc. S. %. 
ImpeniU F. Brickman, per 0. En- 
doviemen, AnticerpiCt 1525. 4to. 

C. 35. g. 10. 

— Hymnorum cum notis opus- 
uulu Usui iubiguis occlcsie Saiu 
Bubserviens. G. U. In officina 
Vidue Christophftri Buremundent 
Antwerpie, 1532-33. 8vo. 

C. 35. g. 12. 

The date of the colophon in 15:^1 
Imperfect: wantint; foil. 10-15,44, 
45, 47-til, and 177-184. 8ome of 
the leaves are wrongly numbered, 
and several of them art- mulilated. 

— Another edition. G. %. 
In offieina Vidue C, liuremundeti^ 
gumpltbiu J. Cocciiy Anlwerpie^ 
1541. 4to. C. 35. g. 13. 

— Anotlur edition. G. %. 
Per Joannem Kyng^ton A Htmrtcum 
Sutton, Londini^ lo55. 4 to. 

C. 35. g. 21. 
lu)|)erfect ; wanting ull after ful. 13C. 

LITUROIEa— lioMB, Church 
of, — Sausiiuuy, Dioe$t€ of, — 
ManuaU. Mannale ad uaam in- 
signia ecclesie Sa?, etc. <fi. E. 

In offieina Petri Olivier, Boihotuagi, 
[1520?] 4to. C. 35. g. 9. 

Imperfeet; wanting foil. 10, 12. 
and aU after foil. 163. Sereral of 
the leavei axe mutilated. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 

of. — Salisbury, Dioeeae of, — 
Manuals. Manuale secundum 
usum inHi;;nis...eccle8ieSani opti- 
mia tyiiis...impre8suuj... Adjeota 
sunt inhiiu nonulla : quo in priori 
editioe ad cultu divinu Hpectare 
visa aunt neoeHfcaria. G.l. Chris- 
iophorus Endovitsis, Antwerpie, 
1523. fol. C.35. h.6. 

— Manuale ad iisum percelebris 
ecclesie Sari8l)erieii. novissime, 
et nun an tea tali volumine, oum 
latine tum anglice Impreasum. 
[With musical notes.] 6f. Z. 
Per Desideriu maheu, Parrisiis, 
1526. fol. C. 35. h. 0. 

142 nnmbeied leaves, with 36 
lines to a full page. Fol. A4 is 

— Manuale ud U6um percelebris 
ecclesie Sarisburiensis ... multis 
mendis terbum atcR emundatum. 
(5, %, In edibus N, Bufi, BoAo- 
magi, 15^3. 4to. C. 35. g. 14. 

With the muaioal notes. Small 
|K)rtions of the btiptiauial au<i matri- 
monial serviots aie iu English. 

— Manuale ad usum insignis 
eccUsio Sarisburiensi'', contiues 
eccle>ie sacrumenta, et modu ad- 
nlini^tludi ea: cii multis aliis 
coiiuHlitiitibuH que in ottoiis de- 
siderautiir. (5, %. Apud Bober- 
tum vaihina, liothomnqi, 1 AA I. 4to. 

>,< i 11 A. 

— Manuale ad usum peroelubiia 
occlet>ie Sarisburiunsis, Londini 
recenter iinprcflsu, necno multis 
mendis t<.rbum att^ emudatum. 
C. %. Few MS. Nona. Londini, 
1554. 4 to. C. 12. h. 3. 


1. 1 1 

•. «. [ifZdUil rMilir. DmU, 


!ttfn ». E. 
IV O. a6.kl7. 


C S&. g. 18. 

— S^unvrnT, Dmmm o/.— 
Iwultatio B^- 
u : —pruaoftii eiltbrMiiii ; In 
I ■■f ii; Mortaot sMMli- 
MdU Mm«Ui BitM to- 


Ira, HMn, tiOi. 4tou 

473. A. 7. (8.) 

ofllM OMUrfl of Uw Mm. 

LirURODBa— Boiii, Okmnk 

E. /•- 

Ail&a«M^«iV '&iu^ 11483. IbL 
C. 18. li. 18. 

Ml to Oit^MiErW 8lf.BL 

S395. b. f» 

Tbto «iff v*«w 


rtslmfietMl*. ( 

) L. JTrfliii, Amo, 1810. 8vo. 
C. 35. o. 35. 

LITITROIS&'-.|to«l^ aUr«5 
mU Bif ««. tFoL a ij.« pM«8«l 

bf Um CblffHltf. ClQ.] MiMk 

•a SMai 8119 UMipil MkHw. 
JSbaL MkMUadaMaSa^cwMH 
tiiMiMtto M doMi aSgno ooim. 
miiM ekbafmtaai finil ftrltrt i<»r. 

■4 «filn Ml 

Ijr M to rigiili M fcr M I, 
to tlilrti. TiM dfMlins UmI 
G. to ttoi^ %.Tl Mat ««3ito 
««UMatel buntor. TW toiltol 
UOtn Mt to i«d or btook tok, aad 
to MB., t«o or tkff«« or 
UlwyMtod. TiM 
bak* to M& TlM 
wtto tfct WiHipa of tHo 
b ptMoa to 4oiiblo oolMMMi Ob 

»iHlooribolMt loo^oAlUtop 
Ibo ioeowl ooloMs, io Um coto- 


— Mt^aato Moandam asam eo> 
cW»ie Sari AoKlioaiia. S. ft. 
Por Jonua MMf it I«mM«, 
FtflcfN^ 1494. 8to. C. 85. d. 1. 

Ob Ik* foiw or Um bfClMTb 
Um MtolH'i 4«vk«. Midor vkMi 

MO lU «0fd«, * FfoMOM MMBI 




T. T T 


■ignis occlio Sa:^. (5* %, On 
Vellum. Martinus morin^ Bouen, 
[1497?] foL C. 18. c. 9. 

Printed in doable colomni. 224 
Dumbered leavet (the Uai errtmo- 
ou»ly marked ocviii.), preceded br 
eight unnumbered )«Rve« of pn>li« 
miliary nintlcr, and foUowtd by 
twelve unnumbcroil leans contain- 
ing the ** Aeccntiiariiim." On the 
T( rso of the lajtt leaf ia the device 
of the printor. The arm* of King 
Henry VIII. are emblaxoned on the 
titlepa^e. and at the foot of the 
titlt>|Nigo are the following word* 
in MS. :— *• Ex dono P. FranciBci 
Tolet" "Hoc miaaale fuit olim 
...Cardinalb Reg«. Poll" These 
woffda, howerer, hare been almost 
eompletely erased, and are sraroely 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbl'uy, Diocese of. — Mia- 
§ah. End. In landem sanctissime 
trinitatis totius^ nailicie celestis 
ad honore et decore bc© ecclesie. 
Sarn anglicane ejus^ devotissimi 
cleri : hoc missale divinorum 
ofBciomm yigilanti studio emcn- 
datura...explicitu3 est, etc. ®. H. 
Impens pstantisaimi viri Winkin de 
Worde. Impressum London, apud 
Weatmonastertu per J. notaire et 
J.barbier.UdS. fol. C. 35. h. 3. 

Printed in double columns, in 
block and red; with the musical 
•tave, but not the notes. On the 
▼erso of fol. ciii, is a coloured wood- 
cut, representing the Cmoiflxion. 
Imperfect : wanting titlepego and 
pr< liminnry matter; also aig. a i., 
and the whole of sig. y, i.e. full. 

— Miwale ad nsiim insignis % 
prcclare ecolesie Sariim : jmlcher- 
rimifl'R8iim : additis 
^ pliiriiniH coninioditiitilmH qno in 
oetoris )niiuMm(Kli codicibns non 
bal)cntur,ctc. <5. %. Os Villum. 
2 pis. B. Pynson^ in opulenii civi- 
iaie London, lb04. fol. C.41.k.4. 

Printed in doable coltunnii in 
black and red, with the mosioal 
octet. The**OoinmaDe8anotonam** 

boa a distinct pagination. The 
titlepagc, the fol. containing the 
•* Ik>nedictio salis et nque,'* foil. 3-8, 
87-<J0. of pt. 1, and foil. 1 and 4 of 
pt. 2 are on paper. PL 1 contains 
162 numbered leaves, but the last 
20 are wrongly numbered, making 
only 152. Imperfect; wanting six 
« li-aves containing the calendar. 
Wanting alito, in pt 1, foil. 2, 59, 
70, 77, and 111 ; also the ^ Caatebs 
missn '* on two leaves at the end. 
Wafiting in pt. 2, foil. 27, 82-38, 
and two leaves containing the table. 

LITURGIES.— Boms, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Dioee$e of. — Ms- 
$al$. Missale ad usu insignia eo- 
clesie Sa:^ : nup accnratishie cas- 
iigatu : ppuicrisc^ caracteriB 
ipressii : otncia omninra sancto- 
mra total iter ad longii [qd* cele- 
bratibus roaxime erit utilitati] 
contines cum pliiribns ofiQciia 
novis in fine additis. ^Prologus 
in accentuarium [with ike acoen- 
tuarium].) ®. 2. 3 pis. Jf.mortii, 
Bothomagi.lbOS. 4to. C. 36 d. 2. 

Each pt. has a distinct pagina- 
tion. The " Accentuarium,*' which 
is at the end, is without pagination. 

— Missale ad nsnm ipsignis 
ecclesie Sai^. nuper accuratissime 
castigatu: perpulcris^ caracte- 
ribus impressum officia omnium 
sanctonim total iter ad lognm ... 
contincs, cu pluribus ofliciiB novis 
1 fine additis. (Prologna in Ac- 
centuarium [with the Acoentua- 
rium].) G. %. 3 pta. In officina 
P. tiolette^ impentis G. candot, Bo- 
thomaffi, lb09. 4to. G. 35. d. 3. 

Each pt has a distinct pagina* 
tlon. The " Accrntuarium, which 
is at the end of the vol. nfti-r the 
imprint i« without pagination, and 
commences at »ig. I i. 

— Missale ad ooenetudinem 
occleaie Sarum : nnper una cum 
dicto ecclesie institutia oonsnetu- 
dinibuaq^ elimntiw^ime impres- 
•nm : additis pi u rim is commodi- 
tatibna quo in oeteria deaidermn- 



mmSM it 

dm mO^ totelitar ad ItM 
iiiS ■»>{«• crit null- 

utr roCi»«t oi plvriS oaksgt 
ix>v:» i fiMaaaitiB. S.E. 4pla. 
FcvM.S. Xoim MmUmmMtnm. 
1S14«] 4fto. a36.d.5. 
Fml I. S. S M wpiiimy BM. 
: yt < *• wii^— t wtwHaB . 

Www IS nl 19. pi. 1; ImT 41. 
ft. S: Ml Mm kMt iMf. ««m«l 

— MiMMkadaMMat^eoMM- 
tiHlM in^iniii Molasie Svf nop 
tOM CQ di< i« ■ooiwie iiuiiiii'is 
oanvttifltoibiM a Tar**- •• -"~)ia 
MvgAlft 1 A*! ItmS n^ \«1. 

ditai pinrimia aNBO>iiiaui> (|iie 
hi evicrui dcddctmiit C &. 

1515. *• 


— AidL MiPttUc ma qsqib eo- 
rlnie SMitbiritMis: oiittaiis for- 
M«lw («l fw ipiA indioil) dili- 

Ha alplia be ticia. cvifriiovC at^ 

wlilBiaq ofiglnS ii 
fflTs |4ik P#r J, 
0dkf Jfafwite. i« J. A^m 

/*ar»ai«a, 15ie. 4lo. C.8A.£8. 

Linmotatb— ttomu dwA 

Mk Aai M&mW aa «a««i «>. 
diiab te4ali«ri»*ia.,.q«od ottatia 
i« mallk «tc«»iHl, aCa •• ft. 
Os Yitxrii. a pta. <W« ITaif. .^ 
fttMJ liif f^ i. f'a alaM ff in W araai ^^ 
«MdHi<a. 1514. IbL C.4l.f. 2. ""^ 


IW iial aa4 

i4 1 

LITUROIBa— itoMk OU rtA 

l/.— 8At4aM7tY, IVlBMI ^,^Mis- 

Mi«»<«* »'i "•HfitittiiigAltao 
pnotert wr nvpar tOM- 

mtMoM €»»i.g»i..iM '-'Hria 

ouaolerilNM cwtiM ui- 

tioaiboaallSoaM alpiiaM^ itt. 
ria Mptr apjivtoUa av.;,< ii 
irwiioMos •! j^mdiulUi immraaum 

ola aiolontiii u*talit«r ad 
a ... oootaoSi c^^ ^^'oa 

iiaaoTb in llnoa'i • n». 

logaa itt acoaolaariaai.) I(. ft. 
3 pta. MS. Nora. Ojpira JEm- 
faoM AarJf , Impmti* JiJutmrnis eoU' 

C. 36. d. 7. 

i'nnwti la «knim« 

— Mianlaad 
tadincm inaigiiia acclaaia Santn. 
^. ft. SpCa. Ogmm^.Peinoimtt, 
Mrfmm§...Imeohi Commm^ [iioaaa,] 
1519. fol. C. 35. i. 7. 

Tb* Umt aoalaiaiME tba plaW of 
Iba Ciaaiisfaa aad iW im laaf af 
aiaaa vallaaL 

— Miaaale ad nanin inaigtiia ao 

preolara codaaia Sarnm. S. ft. 

Oil VBLUm. 3 pta. Per Rteknr' 

imm Pffmmm, Lamiimi, 1520. ful. 

C.41. 1. 1. 

SlOlfavcik Baiiilari¥«,A-«,a-i« 
A-F, to ilia^ aaawc 34. M. 8 in 
pLLaad r to Bl.i»«iM aia to 
^la. aad If .vk&i baa Ibar faitaa. 
Priatad to aaabia aolaauM^ 


JBai Esplidt aiaMla ad 
aoclwia Sa?. optimia for- 




mnlis (at res ipsa indicat; dili- 
gotissiine, revisum ao correctu 
oiiin multis annotatiucuHs ao lit- 
terin alphabeticiH ovugelioru at^ 
epibtolaru originom iuclicantibus. 
(Prologu8 in Accentuarium [with 
the Accentuarium].) <5. %. 5 pts. 
ImpensU J. petite J. lnenay$e i 
J, ada, Parinus, 152L fol. 

C. 85. i. 8. 

The *" Ordinarium MiaM" and 
the **Aooeiituariuin" are without 
pagination ; the other pt«. have each 
a distinct pagiaation. Imperfect: 
wanting tttlepage and fol. B ii. of 
the Oanon on vellum. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbuiiy, DiocA'se of. — Mis- 
$ah. Missale ad usu ao cosuetu- 
dino Saru. [With the musical 
notes and several woodcuts.] 
®. a. Ox Vellum. Opera N. Pre- 
vo»tt impensis F. Byrckman, in alma 
Paritiorum academia, 1527. fol. 
C. 41. k. 5. 

Pt. 2, the ♦' Sanctorale," is with- 
out pagination. Imperfect: want- 
ing two leuved in the calendar, foil. 
153-158 in the "Temporale," and 
G IV. and G v. in the " Sanutorale." 

— MiKsale ad usum...eccle8ie 
Sar. una cu dicte eccksie insti- 
tutis, cosuetudinibu.scg nuper 
eliniatiNsimo impresstini, etc. 
iS. %, 3 pts. F. retjnauUy ParisiiSf 
1527. 4to. C. 35. d. 10. 

Each pt. has a distinct pagina- 
tion. Foil. 129 (wrongly numbered 
cxix.)-135 are on vellum. 

— Missale nd usum insigniK eo- 
oloMe Sar II m : in ({uo quidem et 
illi, quoM dicta ecolotiia observat 
ritUH, con«uetudinf8(R, debito 
couipilantur ordinc.rreteica ot 
oalci quidu tabula quorunda fus- 
toru...annexa vat. rimtrcniu ap- 
plicatu est opusoulu, quotl accen- 
tuariii libuit appellari, in (juo i 
cujuslibct diotionis accetuH, pro- 
ductus, tuni o<irreptus ... e<b>cel. 
G. %. 4 pts. [PrinUd hi/] 0. JRure- 

midti. ; apud F, hyrckman^ Antwer- 
pie, 1527. fol. C. 35. i. 9. 

808 leavef. B^ter, tig. ifU, 
a-r, a-C, A^I. «-*♦ in c%hU, 
except r, which has 10 leaves ; 
9-C of. pt. 2, i and It of pt 4, 
which have six each ; and |^ of pt 
4, which has four. Piinted in double 
columns, with 42 lines to the full 
column. Fol. |}4 of pt 2 is a 
vellum leaf. Imperfect; wanting 

— Another copy. C. •- 

Imperfect: wanting, in pt 1| *i8« 
^ 3 and e, a 1 : iu pt 2, sig. 9b 
and 4 : and in pt 4, sig. U-K, fur 
which sheet G of another edition is 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Diocese of, — Jfit- 
sals. Missale ad usum ecclesie 
Sarisburiesis, una cu dicte eocUe 
cosuetudinibus i institutis. Ao- 
cuiatissime tersum CograentiB 
historiis passim decoratu. Mar- 
ginalibus quotationibus ac literis 
alphaboticis materia:; origine in- 
dicautiB locupletatu. Adjecta 
etiu tabula, etc. G. Z. 3 pts. 

F. Eegnault, Pan«i», 1529. fol. 

C. 35. h. 10. 

Each pt. haa a di:»tiiict titlepage 
and pagination. Fol. OLT.-CLViii. of 
pt 1 are on vellum. 

— Begin. [Fol. 8, recto:'^ Missale 
ad usu Sa^ incipit feliciter. Et 
primo dominica prima adventus 
doinini. Ad missam. OfBcium.' 

G. H. 4 pts. MS. Notes. Impentis, 
F. Begnault, Parinis, 1531. fol. 

C. 35.i. 10. 
Each pt. has a distinct register 
and {lagination, except pt 2, which 
is uiiimged. Sig. B iL-iu. of pt. 2 
are on vcUuni. Iwpirfoct; wauling 
titlepage. Sig. C ii. of pt 2, and 
foil. 22, 28, 80, 87. 44. 45, 47, and 49 
of pt 4, are mutilated. 

— Begin. [Fol. 1, sijc. a i.] 
MisMulu ad consuetudiuo Ecclesie 
Sarum incipit feliciter. End. 
Missale ad usu occlesie Sarisbu- 
rioais optimis fi»n<»nH« int j«s ir.u 


brtliMi) Jnigpliwlwt fiThiM B- ^ AnolWr w^ty. at*. LIS. 

U««k -^-g Ik* miiyijt. m^ ui ml Moiiih flarli 

Hii. nm «|iy ii fajiifca; a86.d. 


-- Amothm oopj. S. E. 

a 85. d. 15. 

^•l»MLI«.ll,l5.MMll«lor TlAV%. 4lo. 

9I.L M.*5««MlM«irUM«UM 13, 


TRQIS&— Horn. CWr5 S*.?^ !" ■■■ ■ " ■' " ■ 

MmmW ftd imoi •Mil*^ — UlmmU mX mam indgoia 

$uitKntiB» Ci. IL I5S4. foL rionaliiiitDorwMiA 

C 85. Lit. ribiM •sarmtiiai, 

fttolil te 4wAto MteBM: tt hl^ •!». vanj* ac proprys 

Man !• • foU «lMiM. j„. ri a uumdui c|ttaiii 

^ T.Hf*^ *!> y"« .y^ ^ . iivpM'eMiiaatvai. 

reU-, SZ^ 1554. 41a. ^' ^- '• '*• 

C. 85. •. l^»i» ^^"^ ffmotd» Um miMl. 

eMiiUliiC » te&t oC eoBtaoU ana 


— MiMto ad MUB iiMigiiw LITUBOIX&— Bomb. CAnrrA 

f mhri< a>riilwiritnfifa,ttmo noum </. -Salisbury, Dioetm of.^Var- 

t>pb tlegaDtkiiilNM •sarmttim, tkmimSmwiim. B^ghu fiOolMo 

1 ftj tooi: d( a ni«tidM (^ piori- imoW Jbu xpt dni ii««tii/Ad 

.,ut).n« |i«»iiii acatebat) ^masvSAo/ JSwi. €1 Caxton ma 

^ iiupraimrtifnin fieri foiit/ ». 1. [IT. Cufam, 

O. Jll^rlii^ Avim, 1555. ful :i5. t 19. (1.) 

C. 85. i. ii. x^ |^«^ witbottt UUrfMMCr. 

•lM.totV»lT.k«m«r.ori«.l,Md UrliMtaafWlMM. TWif»; 

Mffiiri: -iMtJBj tVf r?- — ' - M««nabltkl l«il«ra«Mw«ata4 III 

ITtlM -GMMbMiL* •liMi •» f-t T^iwtoa— II ~d«ilrfilM. 

poctiMor Ti«Mic«mtoa(NiaMrMloaCM.I. 

•■''"'^ — Bi^fii. m tVtttm dolcM- 


T. IT 


simi noininis iesu fiat scptimo 
IduB Augusti fcetii maius pnplex 
Ooi. cu roginiino chori. 1$. I. 
^er me Bicardum Pinton, [London, 
1495?] 4to. C. 36. f. 19. (2.) 

Without titlepage, pagioatioo, or 
oaicbwords. Twenty-four Icavcs. 
6ig. aa-cc. 25-26 lines to a full 
page. The printer** device 'occurs 
ou the verso of the fly-leaf at the 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Diocese of, — 
Primers. ThU prayer [Wc] of 
Saliebury use is set out a Jong 
wout ony serchyng, with many 
prayers, and goodly pycturos in 
the kalender, in the matyns of 
our lady, in the houres of the 
orosse, in the . vij. psalmes, and in 
the dyryge. And be newly en- 
prynted at Parys. Lai. (5. E. 
On Vellum, per F. Regnault, 
Parisiis, [1531]. 8vo. G. 12136. 

The explanatory verses under the 
plates, some of the headings, and 
part of the introductory matter are 
in English. 

— This prymer of Salisbury 
use, is set out a long, wout ony 
serchyng, with many prayers, 
and goodly pyetures, etc. Lat. 
».a. T.iCcrrer,Pori/«,1532. 16mo. 

C. 35. a. 14. 

The greater part of tlie work is in 
I^tin. Biff a-8, A-N, »i*»ioi4, in 
fifi^lits. The last two slieets are 
without pagination. Between foil. 
Ivij. and Iviij.. and foil. Ixxxv. and 
Ixxxvi , there are Mverally in8ertt>d 
four leavi» on vellum, each contain- 
ing seven MS. Latin prayers. 

— Anothrr co]n*. MS. NoTES. 

C. 35. a. 13. 

ImfH rfcct ; wanting sig. f t, i T, 1 1, 
q e, V », X 1. One of the MS. notes, 
which is signed "* Maria Prineepa," 
appears not to be in Queen Mary't 
handwritiog, and It prf^l^i^Liv « 

— This prymer off Biil.\Nt uj v 
UBe is sett owcht a lon^;. wvili- 
owgbt ony serohyng, wyth many 

prayers and goodly jpyotures, etc. 
Lat. ». *. T. Kerver, Paris, 

1533. 16mo. C. 35. a 12. 
Im))erfect; wanting full. 48,52,53, 

CO, iind all after sig. n 6 of the tables 
Fol. 1 13 is mutiluted. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Diocese of. — 
Primers. Thy s primer of salysbury 
use is set out a long without ony 
serohyng W3*th many prayers and 
goodly pyetures in the kaleder, 
in the matyns off our lady, etc. 
And be new corrected. (An in- 
vocatyoD glonous, named the 
psalter uf Jesus.) Lat. 1$. Z. 
M S. Notes. Thylman karver, Paris, 

1534. 16mo. C. 35. a. 4. 
The *♦ invocatyon ** is without 


— This pr3Tner of Salysbury 
use is set out a long wout ony 
serchyng, with many prayers and 
goodly pyetures in te kaleder, in 
the matyns of our lady, in the 
houres of the crosse, in the vii 
psalme-s, and in the dyryge. And 
be newly enprynted at Rowen. 
Lat. JS. v.. N. le Roux, impesis 
F. Regnault, Bothomagi, 1638. Svo. 

C. 35. c. 14. 

— Begin. This prymer of 
Salysbury use is set out a long 
wout ony serchyng, with many 
prayers, and goodly pyetures in 
te kaleder, in the matyns of our 
lady, in the houres of the Croflse* 
in the vii. psalmes, and in the 
dyryge. And be newly enprynted 
at Kowen. Lat. fe. %. Per 
F. BegnauU, Parttyf, 1538. 8vo. 

C. 12. e. 14. 

Rouen is nentionod in theUtl«as 

the place of imprint, but the oolo- 

phoo hat **Pari»ij«." On the buit 

leaf is ib« derioe of F. Begnaolt. 

— Another edition. V. ft. 
On Vellum. [Bonaif 1538?] Svo. 

C. 12. e. 15. 
Imperfeet: wantinc the lint IS 
leaves and all after fol. clt. 




u«l Mijr »>tr Bli yinp> will! mmmj 
Vtfmm. Un. II. ft. ^pr fW 
mam F^it. Ltmitm^ 1^44, Iteo. 
CIS. a. 8. 


o«t al WttfUi Willi mmmf ffuoai/ 
pfmyvm. Willi UMMBoaieviNi Tpos 
Um IWm «aM Ukmm^ mi 
dMi. Mi4 la to dtdulM MMmvi f ^ 
O. atvoMnOA). wiib QmWfjMU 
Mid Qi Mp i l i ott •v«f7 mmUj, 
mnI boljr* dAjr« la Um rtart. 
H. ft. % pta. r P<«K iMdM, 
1543. 4to. C. U. •. 14. 

llM Iplite A cliiiiK It w«di 
iwri— 11— ■ Tto"BBpudllMi'*lM« 

Thia pijiMM of 
StUabvrj «■• i« mI ool aloog 
wiilMsl cHij 9ankym§, willi smij 
pnijwv ^ goodly pyotnw*^ olo. 
L«l H. ft. Pir j: It Mil, ff 
ILrmkmiimmm,tUmm,liU. 8to. 

— Aaolhtr oofiy. C. 10. a. 14. 

~ Aaoihrr odiiioo. I>. ft. 
r. IVipC, iMdM, 1644. Sra 

C. 36. b. 16. (S.) 

WMmI pMimioiL iBjitftil; 
r ilM A, wyti tkodd 
Ibt lltfMMM, AImm% Md 


— Tkli pffTmnr of Sdiobary 
Tio it M lo«l A long willikMt 
«jr«rokjriig. «ilh bmbj prmjwi. 
1 foodljr pjrctsfto is Ibo kaloodor, 
in thm MsliM of o«r lady, ia Um 
bovaa oTUm croM, ia Ihca, TiJ. 
paUaoo, mad in the drfTga, oto. 
UL m.K. J.krri^SLpmmM 
,,,tL YiUmHmi^Bmm. 1666. 8to. 

UTUBQUftb— Bom; Okrdk 
o/l -^ SAUflNjar, IKtetM V"* -* 
Pfimtn. TlMPriaiMriaUliaaad 
EacUabe (alW Um ttM of Saniai) 
wiCh aMaj godljro aad doroalo 

— TIm Prjmer ia LaUaa, tat 
forth after Um aM of SaHabarya: 
«alarfad wrUi saa ja pia jara aad 
mdha motaM. Itft H. ft. 
nnrliaKarm BtOmmrmtf 
/ Ifapfaad. laadfa, 1667. 8to. 
a 36. k 23. 



- I bra ptyBMr ia Bagljraba 
tad IB Lalaa ia aewlj tratUlrd 
tAar Um Lalaa laxta. ». ft. 
Pvyt.1688. 8m 

— Tba prjMor la Eaplirali tr 
Utja, aAar Iba aaa of 8an», t^ 

prajeta, at ia Um eoottatta doUi 
appvia. Whataaato it addad a 
plajiM aad godlj liaaUat ooa- 
OHraiag Um Maan, ale. ». ft. 
/. ITayltadt, loadba, 1666. 4lo. 
0. 36. 0. 23. 

WillMal ptirfattfoa. PHaMia 
lao tolaauSTLtlteaad la^: 
34 Uati lo t Ml «al«Ba oT tbt 
UUa, tad t? Uatt to t Ml ttlwaa 
of Um Caglfak Bigltltff. A-B, 
a-t, \A»^iafNai,aMt9lP, 
mhUk hm II Ittm: ifMtM bf 
liawilailaary liafi 
aad aodlv inMiiM** t 
ItrB / 

— AaoUMroopT. 

C. 36. c 21. (1.) 

laiptrftel: vtatiivlW "filtTBa 

%tA fodljr tfttyttb** tad tbt ItH 

hiat Itafw of iht FriaMR. vUtii 






1, 1 T 

!. T T 

— Another rciition. 15. Z. 
J, Viay\anA,L(md(m,\\hhh\ 4to. 

C. 10. a. 12.(1.) 

Thif edition ii of the tame im- 
preMion m the preceding, with the 
exception of vheet 1% which in this 
has four le«Toa only, and omits 
several prajen. Imperfect; want- 
ing the first fonr leaves, and sheet 
R, and the '* Playne and godly trea- 

LITURGIEa— Rome, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Diocese of. — 
Primers. Ilereafter Foloweth tlie 
Prymer in Enplyashe and in 
latin 8ette out alon^e : after the 
nse of Saru. U. U. In edi- 
bus Bcherti Valcvtint Bothomagi, 
1666. 12ni.. C. 36. a. 10. 

— The Primer in English and 
Latin, after Salisburie use: set 
out at length with raanie Praiers 
and goodly pictures. 1$. H. 
In aedibus Robe Caly, Londini, 
1666. 16mo. C. 35. b. 21. (1.) 

Without pngination. Imperfect; 
wanting sig. A ii. and a i. Leaf 
z viii. is mutilated. 

-^ The Primer in Englishe and 
Latino, set out along, after the use 
of Sa:?: with many godlie and 
devoute praiers: as it apeareth 
in the table. 15. U. J. Kynggton 
and H. Sutton^ London, 1657. 4to. 
C. 36. c. 24. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 
wanting a leaf containing the 
Almanack, and leaves 1, 2, and 6 
of the " Kalender.** 

— Another copy. 

C. 10. a. 13.(1.) 

Imperfect ; wanting fol. Ai, which 
is supplied in M8. 

— The Prymer in Engliahe and 
T4itino, after Salisbury' use, etc. 
19. %. By the ass$gnes of J. Way- 
land, London^ 1667. 8vo. 

C. 35. b. 22. 

Without pagination. Imperfect : 
wanting sig. DJ., H iij., liiij., Kj 

N T., Q j., Aj4 iij., Cc uj. 

Cc VI.. 
and the whole of sig. Dd. Several 
leaves are sliglitly mutilated. 

— Another edition. 19. Z. 
By the assygnes of J, Wayland, 
I^ondon, 1568. 8vo. C. 35. b. 24. 

— Another edition. 96. Z. 
By the assignee of J. Wayldnd, 
London, IbbS. 16mo. 0.36. a. 17. 

LITURGIES.— Pome, Church 

of. — Salisbury, Diocese of. — 

Primers. End. Thus endeth the 

Prymer in Englysshe after the use 

of Salysbury, dilygetlv correcte i 

newly i in pry n ted. &.». N.leBomz, 

for F. Regnault, Rowen, 1638. 8vo. 

C. 35. b. 12. 

Without pagination. Imperfect; 

wanting all before L iii. N i., ii., 

Ov., and Ovi. are mutilated. 

LITURGIES.— Pome, Church 
of. — Salisbury, Diocese of. — Pro- 
cessionals. Processionale ad usnm 
insignis ac preclare ecclesie Saru, 
noviter ac rursus castigatu per 
de Wynton [R. Fox] feli< it. r 
incipit. (5. %. Venumdantur 
Londonii, apud F. Byrekman, Per 
Christophoru endocien, Antwerpie 
exatsum, 1523. 4to. C. 35. f. 8. 
Imiierfect ; wanting foil. 1, 2, 8, 4, 
9, 16, 17, 148. 

— [Processionale ad usus in- 
signis ccctie Sa:^ observandc^s 
accomodii, etc. With the mnsioal 
notes.] G. I. [C. Buremunden- 
sis,Antteerp, 1526f| 4to. C. 36. f. 9. 

Im|>erfeot; wanting titlepag^al•o 
foil. 8, 24, 81, and all after 207. 
Foil. 122 and 204 are mutilated. 

-— Processionale ad usnm Sa^, 

p reueretlissimu in ohristo P^tro 

dnm nrm dominum [K. Fox] 

episcopu do winton, casticatnm 

ao nouiter impreflsmn. G. %. 

C.Burenmden,[Aniw0rp,']lb2S. 4to. 

C. 85. f. 10. 

With two pages of M6. inu»ic«l 

tation ai the end. 






fWiylAM J. 

1&44. 4IO. 


«\ 35. f. U 

C. 35. f. 13. 

— AnoilMrcatlioa. S. t. 7* 
^Mmm wHmt,„C. Ifmr t mmm 4enm»^ 

.lnfir^Tw.] 1M3. 41a. C.SS.f.U. 

nolhar rditioQ. II. E. 
iu:Wi.i. I.'M. 410. a S5. f. 16. 

— AikHWt taitkMi. ». K. 
Lmdimi^lbU. 8vow C.35. f. 16. 

— AboUmt «diUoo. v. E. 
156&. 4to. C.35.f. 17. 

Aaotlicr edifioD. ». E. 
i;i&&6. 4ta C.S5.f. 18. 

Lnnmois&-Boinu ami 

4/.— fiAumniT. /KiMM of.^Pmi' 
Un, Bf f i m, [Sig. a i, prvoeatd 
hj 21 lMv«i oootatiiiiig a o«t 
nii«i«iiitiBg Um iMtnaMttli of 
Um Vtmkm Mid Um ciUeiidar, 
ele.:] Fbaltorim u midato 
▼kterioKMBimi Anglia racis Hen- 
rid wptimi eaai tMalaMiri Ttrtala 
FaUdter iiiri|iit. [Followed bj 
Ouilisitt, tU AtlMUMaiaB Cmd« 
tKr UUay. etc] «. E. Prr Gml^ 
Mmm Fmf^ » ... mrhe LamtLM, 
IdOi. 8TO. O. 12150. 


Tl«c It MM 


•'•'' •— ■'•*«<••••• ■f^niiiMiad 

11 -R,alo. S. E. 2pu. Ftw 

TWtL %'rmmmilmmlmr Ixm* 

lb2i. BYO. 



— ABoUitr adition. S. E« 
:iA39?] Idina C. 86. t. 6. 



At Mid t of Um 

UTUROISa.— RoMt, Ckmtk 
^.— SALMMmY, Diotrm of.^S^- 
f umem . EspoaiUo aaqoantianim 
toCiw aasi meuudvm vavai 8i^ 
nim. 8mmfm: BpmmU. [Bi- 
poaiiiobjawor«m,ale.] 1606. 4lo. 
222. g. 28. 

1617. 4to. C.85.g.7. 

— Etpoailio aaquanttaimB aa- 
emdam Mum 8anini. Diluranter 
recogaita at ancta [bv J. fiadina 

AaoanaiQa]. B. E. ^A. Docard, 
i^rrM,]1602. 4to. C.35.g. 1. (2.) 

— Another 

ediUoD. ». E. 

mi m, 1606. 4to. 

222. g. 6. 

— Eiponitfo 8w|iM>ntlanim. 

Saqueii' ' mm 

■aoandam iir> •••ia 

Analioana ] • an- 

taadantm «~.E. 


fk<. I.ll. 

r«Utcri«iB cam Qjrai&M 
acd m nam at wlwiiitinyeaiii 8i9 
«t Eboracdl 4(. E. iTts. Fnr 





r, I T 

LITURGIES.— RoikiE, Church 
of. — Salisuukv, Dioce$e of. — Se- 
quences. Exftoeitio Sequetiaru 
tot ins anni Kedm uhuiu Sa:; tlili- 
gentissime recognitariim, luultiH 
elueidationibuBaiicta. 1^. I. Fkw 
MS. Notes. Per iffynandtt de 
uorde, Londini, lol4. 4to. 

C. 35. g. 4. 

— Another edition. V. %, 
Few MS. Notes. Per wynandu de 
Words, London, 1515. 4to. 

C. 35. g. 5. (2.) 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — York, Diocese of. — Breviaries. 
Breviariitm ad usum insigis [sic] 
Metropolitano ecclesie Eboracciiis 
una cum Pica 
cognitum et emoi)datu...hic Biuim 
capit exordium pro tempore hye- 
mali. (5. 31. 3 pts. MS. Notes. 
F. Begnault, Parisiis, 1526. 8vo. 
C. 35. b. 4. 

Register a-t ; ^, A-P4 ; ^, A-G. 
Pts. 1 and 3 are without pagination. 
Imperfect: wanting sig. e7, 8, fi,2, 
i 1 ; and G i in pt. 3. 

— [Breviarium insignia ac 
metropolitane ecclesie Eboracesis 
una cum Pica ... diligentissime 
emendatum ... Pars Aestivalis.] 
e, *. 3 pts. [jP. Begnault, 
Pan«i#,1533.] 16mo. C. 35. a. 15. 

Begister A-Tia; eight nnnumbered 
leaves, and A-P: AA-TT. PU. 1 
and 8 are without pagination. Im- 
perfeot: wanting titlepnge and all 
lerore sig. B ; also sig. Hs, Oi, 8, and 
all aftrr sig. TT. Oa-7 are much 

-YoKK, Diocese of. — Hjfmnals, 
suvra: Salisbury, Diocese of 
-^PsaUers, Psalterium cum hym- 
BiB sod*!!! uiiom...Sa:7 ct Eboracen. 
1516. 4to. C. 35. g. 6. 

1524. 8vo. C. 86. b. 8. 

[1529?] 16mo. C. 85. a. 5. 

— Hymni canori cum iubilo 

secundum morem usumq^ presta- 
tissime ac nominatissime ecclesie 
Eboracesis eraedati atq^ correcti 
recentistiime iuxta exemplar ipsios 
prefate ecclesie. Impensa Johan- 
nis gaehet' mercatoris libro:;... 
iuxta ^taxata ecclesia degeU. 
rVVith the musical notes.] ®. A. 
Exaratu Roihomafji % qfficinina 
[sic] M. P. Oliuier, 1517. 4to. 

C. 35. e. 8. 
Sixty-nine nnmbered leaves. Big. 
A-I. Preceded bjr four nomberM 
leaves, including the titlepage, aod 
followed by an nnnumbered leaf 
containing the colophon. FolL 11- 
14 are printed on one side only. 

LITURGIES.— Rome, Church 
of. — York, Diocese of — Missals, 
3Ii8sale ad usum celeberrime eccle- 
sie Eboracensis optimis caracteri- 
bus receter Impressum cura pemi- 
gili maximaq^ lucubratione men- 
dis $ pluribus emendatum sumpti- 
bus 1 cxpeusis Johannis gaehet... 
juxta prefutam ecclesiam coiiimo- 
rantis. Opera.. .P. oliuier, Botho- 
magi, 1516. fol. C. 35. i. 6. 

A fragment consisting of 16 leaves, 
with sig. A and »^ in eighth, and 
ending with ''Cautele ad missam 
celebrandam." Printed in Uack and 
red, in double columns : 46 lines 
in a full column. No oatohworda or 

— Missale ad usum celeberrime 
ecclesie Eboracensis, optimiscarao- 
teribus novis>iine Impressum, cura 
porvigili maxima^ lucubratione 
mediM q^ pluribus emendatum atq^ 
in forma portatili marginatu, etc. 
G. %. AVe ei impensis Guilerri 
bernard i Jacobi cousin hihUopoiafu, 
BoihamaQi, 1517. 4to. C. 35. e. 9. 
Printed in double columns, with- 
out pagination. tSig. a-B in eight% 

followed by 1 in eigl.t ' -T^ ••• -'- 

The preliminary nu 
titlepage, is on eig! 
the sig. A. 

of. — York. 2>i< - 
sionah. Procch j)Utum 

iSrr^ 'e. "^ MH "nvIS! fc^ ^r SopOMia; losidiUr Willi 

(BMfjiMa. am c. si. aft. i5i"T^c^^**^%5^^ 

oordlBf M Um/ am nuig ia tlM 
KirkorSooOMKl. TocHlNvwilh 

STlSIO 4te^ a Sn t ^••-'W-"* or »ui«r to tddM 
•^ »*!• ««^ U».g.«. CblldfwitlieChrirtlwiwUglqo... 

Itt4 8vpw C. 85. K 8. miMl«bT...J.aUiiiiie. ^ T— iHn* 

nmn 16«a. C.85.a.6. «w,lo»Uoan and of 

LITUROiaa-Sotm^um, ESl^w^^ ^/ 

W:— Ommm CMir. The |^ ly^f^i,, .i- j^r 

tte of tJM SMMMiln. «Md in 

■ j f iunl Md rMind Vjr Um 

CbndMorSooUaiid. Whwwuito „ 

UmI whidb WM in tho or4MMl4.toc 

pit. 4. 

Pi ! 

Oitinliinii.jMao bgr J. Gains.) SiL oT pc i. 
1584. Itfao. 8405. a. >-«,««l«l) 


Pt Ska*. 

eopj. 1018. a. 18. 

— Bmw. IMaaa oT IkTid. —Tho CL. TcaliiMa « 

{X>o^^ ioto Eo|^ »otr» br in Motor with the woaa. 

^•.J?"*teSL-L ^^F^ ^ Ua» of Uio Kirfof ^ 

olham Followod bj Uio "Ib- [WiUi the wliolo Chmti 

£!5f^i?L!*^*^ in ^ pUn^ p«j^ Ao. of the Kirk 

!iS^; "^l S^T3^:;T!:ft? SfSottnijaWTIioOatocluaino 

ydi in tho KiA of SopUand."] .oade by J. Calrin] 8>iL 

r. Fonlro«ir, 14-Aj, 1587. 8m B^SduU^MidMrnrp. IM2, 6ro. 

1278. b. 2. (2.) C. 25. a 11. 

UipwfMi: tM wv. oaaHMBafaM irark nt bai ■ iltoHnid iIjImm— 

al Dl TWt OTpf if aHi4» an al ^^ ..^JlLZZ *""— * t*— 

Wfc i l l iiHm, ajwatiwi OT tiia '"•— ~^ 

^ijSSkSLA^ — The CL. Ptaalmaa of Darid, 

Wm Md^pBteS ^ ^^f^f^ '^*^ Maotor: witb iMr 

1 a awiii t3FFa> tii JTwc Th« whola naoall Tmiea. Hacwnto it 

T^, Tt 8 T 



J. 1 T 

added the whole Church Dis- 
cipline, with many godly prayen 
and an exact Calendar for xxv. 
Teerea: and also the SonjBT of 
Moaea in Meeter, etc. (A Cate- 
chisme of Christian Keligion, 
appointed to be printed for the 
rue of the Kirke of Edinbargh.) 
3 pta. A. Hart, Edinburgh, 
1615. 8vo. 1411. b. 16. 

Pto. 1 and 2 are withoat pagina- 
tion : pt S, the *" Catechiime,^ hM 
a distinct pagination and register. 

LITURGIE S.— Scotland, 
CJmrch of. — Common Order. The 
PBalms of David in prose and 
metre with the whole Forme of 
Discipline and Prayers according 
to the Church of Scotland. The 
Psalms in Prose being of the last 
translation ; translated by the 
speciall Commandement of King 
James the sixt 1610. E. Bahan 
/orD.Melmll,Aherd€ne,16S3. 8vo. 
473. a. 1. 

— Another copy. 221. c. 7. 

Imi)erfoct; wanting the la«t two 

— The CL Psalmes of David 
in Prose and Meeter with their 
whole usuall Tunes newly cor- 
rected. [Preceded byj (the Con- 
feaaion of faith, used m the Eng- 
lish Congregation at Geneva: 
approved,... by the Kirk of Soot- 
land. The order of Baptiame. 
The administration of the Lords 
Supper. The form of Marriage, 
etc.). Printed by the Heiret of 
A, Hart, Edinburgh, 1634. 16mo. 

3433. a. 

— The Psalmoa of David. in 
Prose and Meeter. With their 
whole Tunes in foure or mo parts, 
and some Psalmes in Reports. 
Whereunto is added many godly 


Prayers, etc. Printed bjf i 
of A. Hart, Edinbw^K 1686. 8to. 

8433. a 


Church of.-^Commm Order. The 
whole Book of Psalmes, in Prose 
and Meeter. With an exact 
Ealendar, and morning and even- 
ing prayer, and many other godly 
prayers, etc. [With the musical 
notes.] J. Bryton, Edinburgh, 
1640. 16mo. 843.0.8. 

— [Foirm na nurmnidheadh 
agas freasdal na Sacramuinteadh, 
Sffas foirceadul an chreidimh 
christuidhe andso sios. Mar 
ghnathuigthear an eagluisibh 
alban, dogradhuigh a^ doshlao 
Boisgel dileas d4 tareis an fhuar 
chreidimh dochur ar gcul ama 
dtairraing as laidin [of John 
Knox] & as saillbherla in gaoid- 
heilg le M. Seon Carsnel.] 
B. Lekprevik, indun I 
1567. 8vo. C. 36. a 

Withoat pagination. Sig. A-g, 
in eights. Imperfect; wanting title- 
page and sig. D yiii, Ei, O L-iiL, 
k VI., M i., iii., vm., N L, O i., lu., 
Yiu., Q I.-II. Sig. A ii and Bi are 

Church of,— Common Prayer, The 
Booke of Common Prayer, and 
Administration of the Sacra- 
ments. And other parts of divine 
Service for the use of the Churoh 
of Scotland. [As amended by 
Archbishop Laud.]--(TheP»alter, 
or, Psalmes of David : aooording 
to the last Translation in King 
James his time. Pointed as they 
shall be said or sung throughout 
all the Churohes of Scotland.) 
90. %. Bobert Yomg, Edinburgh, 
1637-36. fol. 0. 36. g. 1. (1.) 

Without pagination. The PMltcr 
haa a teparate titlepage aad ngia- 
ter,and i^dated 16M7nnledi3oD 
of the Prayer-book known as Ijaad*e, containing at the end 
of the laet page of the Paalter the 
oatohword *« OBrtaine," of **Cer. 
taine godly prayer^** whieh ware 
intended to follow, bat wklok ware 

I I \ 1007 

Mi«iH«f4i««iKii«ciMH.»L UtmLY Ckmum) (ktBauL 

tloMt fai flviaai Bfioraa ax mL 

fai fviaqi priom m ai- 

eonr. ■onoM P» > f ktlii L em UiIm 

6. ISOM. (1, 1) •onm tolwiiiHaiiiMn^ »«d«Htaii 

«pm,«Ce. 1M7. am 

TltkiaaM •44.lLi.(l.) 

~ A tnMOIuMQl«W oTlkt 

tlMt oTUm FHii 

aad aUtr to tlto 

JtnilwH by lh« 

WkMib b]r Um wftT brkiy Is 

hudM tU <Uj of rtiriat hk 

birth: wMi a <boU: Uw 

€«rlllk^lL^M^ if tLitwloriili0.obap^«platl 
Miii«ril»iH|yMpl«. »• mvoMt ooaotitaof IL B»- 

rodd. Jl IfrjilPB /or T. 

— [8MBd •ditilNI.1 H. 

rMM. IMniUijft. 1637- 1^7. 8m 680. K 80. 

"• a 88. g. 2. (1. 2.) _A«,,fc^«ppT. 280.185. 


M K.. W. 

LIVXU8 (Trrvt) 

Am Bonn (A. tas-indi) 

£« Sfhmm, Tb« Ormtor: Hui- 

dling A bvndrad MretmU Db- 

: ...8oMe of tbe ArgniMnti 

dmwn from T. LiTi«t 

oUmt MoiMii Writon, sto. 

eo|7. 8. d. 1.(1,2.) 16M- 4to. 11808. AM. 

T TTnitQTin— fliM^mii- — Af OoTt (Sir A.) TbsHit. 

uS^8l»rtLBii^^^ ...tfmiiiUatodo«tofT.LiTl«,So. 
!!g?^ ^^y^T ^^^^^ 1888 [1648]. 4UK 10806. bb. 

^1681. Sm 1807.4. 

pio IIM I 

Utatfw 1 WO. 8Ya 1807. b. 6. 

^rfjj — Sm ILuJWUTiLU (N.) lU. 

Tb. Holy &hU...Kimij tna». 8W».«» 

lM.d...ud WTiwi. .to. [By — T. Livii PftUTuu...LiM 

L. AadtWTMi ^ E. 1^ Mc] <mhm., qiwl<|iiot m1 Dcatna 




4?...denn6 editi. Quibufl adjnnota 
est chronologia nova, accommo- 
data ad Tabulas Capitol inas Verii 
Flacci, annotatioDibuB...illn8trata 
[by J. GrelliuB]. (L. Flori in 
reliquos T. Livii libroe, qui de- 
siderantur, Epitome. F. Robor- conveniontia Supputa- 
tionis LiviansB Annotat. cum mar- 
moribus Bom. qne in Capitolio 
sunt. — In T. Livii...Hi8toriarnm 
... Libros ... Observation cs, ex va- 
riis autorum scriptis oollectsB, 
per W. GodelevBBum.) Cam In- 
dice cuiqne parti separatim ad- 
juncto. [With the dedicatory 
epistle of o. Feyrabendius.l 6 pts. 
MS. Norra. Fer E. BolltjfarUum, 
Londini, 1589. 8vo. 587. b. 3. 

Each pi. has a distinct paginatioD, 
and the fifth and sixth pta. have 
separate titlepages. 

LIVIUS (Titos) Patavinus. 
The Romane Histone written by 
T. Livius of Padua. Also, the 
Breviaries of L. Florus: with 
a Chronologie to the whole His- 
torie (compiled according to the 
tables and records of Verrins 
Flaccus, etc.) : and the Topo- 

nhie of Rome in old time (by 
}. Marlianus). Translated 
ont of Latine into English, by 
P. Holland, etc. A, IsUp, Lon- 
don, 1600. fol. 1306. m. 

LLAND AFP, Dioceseof.— Fm- 
iaiion Articles. Articles to be en- 
quired of in the fourth Trienniall 
Visitation of... William, L. Bishop 
of Landaffo. Holden in the yeere 
...1640. ». %. Printed hp T. B., 
London, 1640. 4to. 5155. c. 

Without pagination. 

LLOYD (David) See JoRn, 
Captain. The Legend of Cap- 
tame Jones, etc. [By D. L.l 
1631. 4to. 11623. bbb. 5. 

1636. 4to. 1077. h TV 

LLOYD (Humphbey) Anti- 
quarian. See Llwtd. 

LLOYD (Humphrey) a Bomam 
Catholic. Tryall and death of 
H. L. for malicionslie murdering 
one of the guard. See Drubt (R.) 
A true report, etc. 1607. 4to. 
C. 27. c. 7. 

LLOYD (JoHx) 5e« JosEPHUS 

(F.) ^Xafitov *luxrrtirov etc MaKJca- 
fiaiov^ Xoyos...Cum Latina inter- 
pretatione ac notis J. Luidi. Or. 
and Lai. 1590. 8vo. 801. a. 10. 

LLOYD (Lodowick) See Em- 
perors. The Order, Solemnitie 
and Pompe, of the feastes, sac- 
rifices, ... and triumphes : used 
upon the nativities of Emperours, 
etc. [By L.Lloyd.] 1610. 4to. 

— See L., L. 

— A Briefe Conference of diveiv 
Lawes ; divided into certain 
Regiments. T. Creede, London, 
1602. 4to. 229. 1. 8. 

— The Choyce of Jewels. 
T. Purfoot, London, 1607. 4to. 

721. f. 30. 

— The Consent of Time, dis- 
ciphering the errors of the Gre- 
cians in their Olympiads, the 
uncertaine computation of the 
Romanes in their Pentetezydee 
and building of Rome, of the 
Persians in their aooompt of 
Cyrus, and of the vanities of the 
Gentiles in fablee of antiauitiee 
disagreeing with ... the baored 
Histories in oonaent of time, etc. 
O. Biekop and B, Nmoberie, Lon- 
don, 1690. 4to. 680. d. 6. 

— Another copy. 303. i. 19. 

— The first part of the Diall 
of Daiea, containing 320. Romane 
triumphet, beaidea the trium- 
T hant Obelisks and Fyimmydes 

I.LO LLW idOt 

of iIm AisrplkM. tla 11.1. LLWYD (BovMnv) 

>r it Wm4. LmUm, Camaum:, ^ iJmmfm. Thm 

IM). Mf^ Mao. a. liirtorfoorOMibrk:...tfMMUtoa 

LLOYD (L««-) n. •vHUt- ««4.«.*«»T..K 

JvliiW ol UHtUM^ tlo. r Fiv» — aHiJoMXXI., Aft. TU 

X£ii<ii>liOT. 41a. WXM.e. tiMMmr of IndtlM. 

I«0T. 410. §407.0. 


by IL Llojr4o. Ota. [IMon Svo. 

-UooMSpiotaoioo. If. ai«, ^^ ioto.i:ii.(i.) 

1M5. Sm 1080. f. n. 

_ - Aa bMo of H. U»yd... 

— tbo PIMmm of PriMio. ta A. OrM wboroia ... bo aio> 

tf E, /. Wttfi, LwUm, 1386, 4to. omtmUi of iho iUod Mooo. 8m 

8005. 0. Oftnojos (A.) Thooima OrbU 

j^^^, i^iyi^^^ Tonmnumota. 1606. foL C.46.L 

olOL v. E. IF. Wm$^ Lomim, ^ De ModA, Dnttdiim ItumlA» 
1807. 4ta. 391. o. 13. aatkiiUteti ooa rwUtiiU opi- 

oloU,ota. tePMte(ArJ.) Hio- 

oopgr. Q. 16581. ig^a Bryteimte d^fooi^ oCo. 
-TboPnMtktorPbUcy.ota. **^^- ^^' 588. d. 11. (2.) 

&ah#W. £m4«, 1604. 4U>. ^Sm YAtmn (J.) Hm bo- 

18880. d. 1. giimiUi a Utol InoUio oootoja- 

— Tbo 8lmtac«Mi of Jorwo- ^•^ ^* jo g wi il of yiTDOt ... 

l<*in witbtboSSlloviooad !?fl?^ ^ ^•.1:^3^.?*^ 

mii.un* di«i|diM. 0. woU of **»• •^ 1188.0.48.(1.) 

tbo Uwm. ot of Ibo Gootileo. — The Breriorr of Britajmo. 
r nnM^, LoUon, 1608. 4ta. Ao Uiio most DobIe...Iktid. woo 

oopy. 58.0. 1 

584. d. 18. of ooodoni timo doTidod Into 

OOMO, EogUnd 8ooi- 
olso. ContojnjDff o 
Mino of tboTomblo 

^ Tbo TkoglooModio of 8or- loonod dioooono 

OMta. r. Pm^^ ... mU h& *tolo, i oltorottoo iborol^ 

J. JUbMMs loodoo, 1607. 4to. diveri, m wol notiiiml : oo form 

1077. a 55. P»??^.' ^'■•T^, J?***^ 
with tbo Qoogruiiuooll dotonp- 

— Tbo TripUeitIo of Tri- tkm of tbo lomo ... Writton b 

fuopbto. CoBlohi i n g , Ibo ordor. Utin bj H. LbQTd...Utelj Eoc. 

■o l i pairt o oad Mipo, of Ibo UslMd \j T. Twyno. ». E. 

H wo ta i, lj f wri8M0 , Vowoo, Qamm. B. /o&oat, Lowlp% 1578. 8m 

oad TrioapbM ... ootd opoo Ibo 588. o. S3. (3.) 
N atiTitioo of BBpercmTv. H iocoa, 

Piiocoo, ole, ». E. ii. Jhomm, " AhoUmt oopy. O. 5803. 

Lmi^isn, 4ta 811.0.14. « AiK^lb* «py. [WItb Ibo 

Wiikovt yiglHiiiit ooio^npbo of T. Hoorno and J. 

L L O T D (B.) Sm Wilh. ^"^^^ C. 13. b. 8. 

Cbr.wry C3r«ro,olc [Ending wll^iSSL'l't'uSnl^ 

wHL on oddsoM to iIm Btodtr "■■■•• •■ • i^r ■■-"■* 
by B. L.] 1681. 16nor%73. b. 4. 




Exercise of a Cnristian Life ... 
Newcly pcniBed & corected bv 
theTranBlatour(J.Sanoer). With 
oertaine verie devout Exorcises 
& Praiers added themnto, etc. 
[Bheimi f 1579 ?] Svo. 4409. o. 

— Another edition. [Rheinuf] 
1584. l2mo. 4408. c. 

The last leaf is slightly matilated. 

— With oertaine... 

Praiers added... more then were 
in the first edition of the Anthour. 
[Doikiyf]1610. 8vo. 4402. f. 

— Instructions and Advertise- 
ments, how to meditate the Mis- 
teries of the Kosarie of the most 
Holy Virgin Mary. Written in 
Italian ... and newly translated 
into English. (LitanioD Deiparo) 
Virginis ... quae in alma domo 
Lauretana ... decantari solent.) 
[Bouen f 1600 ?] 8vo. 698. a. 34. 

— [Another edition.] Where- 
unto IS annexed brief Meditations 
for the seven Evenings and Morn- 
ings of the Weeke. Cardin Ha- 
millon^ Rouen, 1613. 12 mo. 

4405. aaa. 

LOBEIRA(Vascode) See 

Amadis, de Gaula. The first book 

of Amadis of Gaule. [By V. de 

L. Translated, etc.] [1590?] 4to. 

1075. f. 14. 

— — llie second booke of 
Amadis de Qaule. [By V. de 
L.l ... Englished by L(aj5arus) 
P(yolt). etc. 1595. 4to. 12403. a. 

The Ancient ... History 

of Amadis de Qaule, etc [Trans- 
lated from the Spanish of V. de 
L.] 1619, etc. ful 12403. g. 

L*OBEL (Maitmias oe) See 
Pena (T.) and I/Obbl (M. de) 
Btirpium Adversaria Nova, etc. 
ir.70, etc. fol. 447. g. 3. 

L'OBEL (Matthias de) Bal- 
sami, Opobalsami, CarpobalMmi, 
& Xylooalsami, cum suo cortioe 
explanatio, . etc. A, Hatfield,... 
impenms Joannie Norton, JLondini, 
1598. 4to. 546. g. 13. (1.) 

— Another copy. B. 146. (4.) 

— Matthiae de L'Obel ... in 
G. Rondelletii...Pharmaceuticam 
Officinam animadver8iones...Ao- 
oesserunt Auctaria, in Antidotaria 
vulgata CensursD,... & ... Simpli- 
cium Medicamentorum Explica- 
tiones, Adversariorumque Volu- 
men, eorum^ pars altera [by 
P. Pena and^M. de L.J & Hlua- 
tramenta, quibus ambigna eno- 
dantur. Cum L. Mvrei...Para- 
graphis utiliss. (Rondelletii 
Tractatus de Hydrope. — Ejusdem 
Elephantiasis nova...curaDdi ra- 
tio, etc.) 3 pts. ExcudAai prm- 
lum T. Furfooti, Londtni, 1605. fol. 

C. 24. b. 9. (1, 2.) 

LOCHER (Jacob) called 
Philomusus. See Bramt (S.) 
Stultifera Navis...The Ship of 
Fooles, etc. [The Latin version 
byj. L.] 1570. fol. C. 39. i. 2. 

LOCK (A.) SecL., A. 

LOCK (John) The Second 
voyage to Guinea set out by 
Sir G. Bame ... in ... 1554. See 
Hakluyt (R.) The principal 
Navigations, etc. Vol. 2. pt, 2. 
1598, etc. fol. 683. h. 5. 

LOCK (Michael) See Anols. 
luus (P. M.) The historie of the 
Weet-Indiee... translated... by M. 
Lok. [1620?] 4to. 1197. h. 3. 

LOCKE (Hihrt) iS^BiBLi. 
—Old Testament.— EccMoitet. 
Ecdesiastes ... oompendionsly a- 
bridged, and also Daraphnstioally 
Engliah poena... by 

dilated into 
H. L(ok), etc. 

1597. '4to. 

C. 87. d. 26. 

LOC LOD l^ii 

m am%^W. TU H. ft. MaM iW J. Ilmskh. 

UM«UMlMMwor Elaf BnilM WM^m p^lMMiiL 

UfviM IW w«ff«t of IW Bri- - AttotWoopy. 0. 10441. 

Imln.* N««|jr m^^Cm^ «7[^ LODOB <Tm^4«) PldlUi t 

•r^t c »a4 HniM. » w. 8. BoiKmrid with IWior«ll flcwiBtH 

|«D«««4«it ftUHtelii 10 W. BidtiL mkI MMraM MIditeL 

hlilfm^l. im. 440. wSSTmSHiMiMln^ 

LODOS(Tmut) SmOus- /W /. Bmdk, I lira, im. 4lj^ 

lWi>mtaMorLiMolM«N«r. ----- — ^^ 

MritL [Willi Ml latrodMlkNi br 
T I.Q4ga1 IttS. 410. a40.a.80. 

-RoMlTBd. lopluMtQddoo 
— Bm Omm