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Full text of "Catalogue of the collection of books and manuscripts which formerly belonged to the Rev. Thomas Prince, and was by him bequeathed to the Old South Church, and is now deposited in the Public Library of the City of Boston"

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THE Reverend John Prince, rector of East Shefford, in Berkshire, England, was the 
father of John Prince, who came to America in 1633, and finally settled at Hull, Massa- 
chusetts, and whose oldest son, Samuel, of Sandwich, married, for his second wife, 
Mercy, the daughter of Thomas Hinckley, the last Governor of Plymouth Colony. 

THOMAS PRINCE was the fourth son of this Samuel, and was born at Sandwich, 
then in Plymouth Colony, May 15, 1687. In the Cotton papers in this collection, is a 
letter dated Sandwich, February 5, 1676, signed by Richard Bourne, and superscribed 
by Prince, as addressed " to Mrs. Ruth Wiuslow in Marshfield," to which is appended 
this note, also in Prince's hand: " N. B. This excellent Gentlewoman I very well 
knew when I was a youth. She was D tr toy e eminently Pious Mr Win Sargent of Barn- 
stable. She 1st married to Mr Josiah Winslow of Marshfield, by w m She had 1 child, a 
Son, w Died young, & Her s d Husband I suppose in 7 br 1676. 

" After her s d Husband's Decease she married to Mr Richard Bourn of Sandwich, 
I suppose in June, 1677 (see D te ) w Dying I suppose in y e Summer of 1682 (see Aug. 
7. 1682) left his Homested at Sandwich between the mill River & y e Town Dock to her 
use during Life where she lived with her 3 d Husband Elder John Chiprnan : w marry' d 
Her in 1683 or 4 ; & tho Ruling Elder of y e Church at Barnstable, yet removed to her s d 
House at Sandwich ; where He Died Apr. 8. 1708 at 88 ; in y e very night when I w th some 
others watched w 01 Him. w c Elder Chiprnan was a very venerable gentleman, & greatly 
esteemed in his Day. And This Mrs Ruth Chipman was a Little, lively, smart Gentle- 
woman of very good sense & knowledg, of y e strictest Piety, an excellent spirit of Family 
Gov*, very good skill in y e Diseases of "Women & children, very helpfull to her neigh- 
bors a dear intimate Friend & mother to my mother : & my mother falling into 
Travail with me near a month before I came to maturity, This M rs Chipman was y e only 
Person w living just by, occasionally help'd me into y e world. surviv'd y e Elder, & 

liv'd & died in g* esteem. 


The above extract is quoted for the reference contained in the last paragraph, and 
as a good specimen of the kind of memoranda attached by Prince to many of the books 
and papers in this collection, the most important of which are noted in connection with 
the titles. 

Prince was graduated at Harvard College in 1707. He studied theology at Cam- 
bridge for nearly two years, and sailed for Europe in 1709. During several years follow- 
ing, he was travelling on the continent or remaining in England, chiefly at Combe in 
Suffolk, where he preached and was earnestly invited to abide permanently. 


He returned to Boston in 1717, and was ordained pastor of the Old South Church, 
as colleague with Dr. Joseph Sewall, his classmate, October 1, 1718. In one of Dr 
Sewall's books of notes of sermons, contained in this collection, at the close of a report 
of one by "Mr. Joseph Sewall ; Sepf. 28. 1718. pst 5.," is the following memorandum : 
"Mr. Prince's Letter of Dismission was read from the Ch of Cambridge, where he was 
admitted January 1705. Mr. Sewall said, Brethren your choice of Mr. Prince to y e 
pastoral office among J T OU prevents my asking your consent to his Admission ; and then 
gave hinr the Covenant. Brethren sat in y e Gallery, fronting the pulpit, on y e ordina- 
tion day." A few pages further on, appears this entry : "Mr. Prince ; 8 r . 12. 1718. p. 5. 
Psal. 71. 14-17. D. The first Sermon after his ordination." Then follow notes of 
the sermon. 

In this station he remained till his death, Oct. 22, 1758, aged 71. 

Prince was of rare excellence in all the relations of life, and one of the most ac- 
complished scholars of his time in New England. His publications were numerous. 
Thirty-three of his printed discourses are known. He is best remembered, however, as 
an author and historian by his unfinished but valuable Chronological History of New- 
England, in the form of Annals, the first volume of which appeared in January, 1736-7; 
and three parts of a second were subsequently printed, lie published also, in the last 
year of his life, a revised edition of the New England version of the Psalms. 

Prince may well be called the Father of American bibliography. He began even in 
boyhood to form the collection which is now known by his name. At least one book 
bears date, when he was ten years old, as follows: "Tho Prince His Book 1697 By 
his mother" [shelf number, 15.34]. We have trace of an earlier date in a memorandum 
in a copy of "Wigglesworth's Day of Doom [15.15.] which signifies an exchange " for one 
had AD. 1694". Another volume now preserved bears date at Harwich, 1701. [15.58.] 
His grandfather Hinckley seems to have fostered the boy's spirit of collection, which 
apparently became a settled purpose upon his entering college in 1703 ; and this purpose 
was the illustration of the history of New England. Even a year later than when this 
aim was established, he seems to have been gathering books without marking them with 
the distinctive title they were subsequently known by, The New England Library. A 
book-plate of his own, found in some of the books, consists of a flowered border sur- 
rounding this : 

Thomae Prince Liber, 

Anno Domini: 


Two books of this date show in some memoranda both the youthful hilarity of seven- 
teen and the guarded reverence due a magistrate like his grandfather. The plate in one 
case covers a playful allusion to his native town, and to an imaginary aboriginal dignity, 
-"Thomas Prince Duke of Sandwich Earl of pun'apog 1704". [24.59.] The other 
shows the Governor's initials, " T. Prince. Barnstapula. Julii. 1704. Ex Dono civi 
Honorab. T. II." [15.32.] There are other books in the collection that bear proof, in 
his own autograph, of Hinckley's former ownership. 

It would seem also to have been Prince's habit to associate tin 1 acquisition of a 
book with some marked event, and the stages of his sojourn abroad can be followed in 


this way. Again, there are dates of acquisition enlarged upon in this way : " Mar. 3. 
1728-9. y Day w n y y Began to take down y e South Church old meet B House." [11.8.] 
" T. Prince ) March. 31. 1729. Boston y e Day of Laying y e Foundation of y e South Ch 
new meet 6 H." [24.27.] 

The books, where they seem to have been acquired by Prince personally, almost 
always bear his name in his own hand the place and date of acquisition, not infre- 
quently the cost, and sometimes show further associations, as in the case of one which 
came to him from the father of Franklin, which is marked as " y e gift of my good 
Friend, Mr. Josiah Franklin." 

When the book-plates, which many of the volumes now bear, were put in the books 
and by whom, is not clearly to be discovered, except perhaps as regards particular 
volumes ; but there is enough proof, as will be shown, that the supposition sometimes 
entertained that they were the work of the legatees, or of some one in their interest, 
cannot be maintained ; and some important considerations may hinge upon the case as 
it may be made out. 

First, as regards the New England Library. The plate, which is entirely of print, 
reads as follows : 

This Book belongs to 

The New-England-Z//^r#rv 3 

Begun to be collefted by Thomas Prince, 
upon his entring Harvard-College, July 6. 
1703; and was given by said Prince, to 
remain therein for ever. 

Of this plate there are at least four different impressions from type set up at different 
times, as minor differences show ; and they were probably printed at intervals, as the 
growth of the library required. This militates against the idea that they were printed 
subsequently to the bequest, when the library ceased to grow materially. Further, there 
was another plate prepared as follows : 

This Book belongs to 

Begun to be colle&ed by THOMAS PRINCE, 
upon his entring Harvard-College, July 6. 
1703 ; and was given by 

This was intended probably to be used to designate the contributions of others, but 
they are sometimes filled out in the identical words of the other, and in Prince's own 
hand, which may have happened because, between the successive printings of the com- 
plete plate, the collector had no other to insert. The dates of acquisition in the books 
do not seem to afford the needful evidence when these different samples of plates were 
respectively used, as Prince may have kept a book for some time in his own name before 
he gave to it that of the library. In the case of two books purchased on the same day, 
it is noticed that the same plate is used. In another single volume [33.3], where two 
plates are inserted, one is finished in Prince's own hand, by " s d Prince to s d Library," 


and the other, without mark of his hand, is from different type. In another instance 
[27.17], a first and second volume of the same work, both bearing the same date of pur- 
chase, 1740, have different plates, one a blank filled in by a hand, not Prince's, by " said 
Prince to remain therein forever" ; and the other is the completed print. 

Many of the blank plates are not filled in at all ; and, when filled in, if not in Prince's 
hand, it is usually in one of two hands, and to the effect that the volume in question was 
a gift of Prince by bequest. There is no more reason, however, to believe in such case 
that the plate was itself put in subsequently to Prince's death, than in the case of those 
which have no completion of the record in the blank. This statement of the testamen- 
tary gift is filled in the plate of some of the earliest acquired of all the books, as in that 
given by his mother in 1697. 

The plate is usually pasted on the reverse of the title, but, when that page is occu- 
pied, it is put on the inside of the cover. "When several tracts are bound together, it is 
attached usually to the first only. A copy of Hubbard's Narrative seems to be the only 
book with evidence to enable us to approximate to the time of affixing the plate. In 
this volume it could not have been pasted before 1741, as an attestation of that date, 
signed by the Clerk of the Court, showing it to be the identical volume introduced in 
court in a boundary question with Rhode Island, so covers the page that, to avoid con- 
cealing the writing, the plate was put in one corner. 

There are among the books, however, many without the plate, and which even have 
the plate of others. Some have neither plate nor autograph of Prince. A considerable 
number, which have on them the name of some one of the Sewalls, are of this last class ; 
and though the autograph would necessarily be absent, the plate might be looked for 
in those volumes, which seem to have been added to the collection after Prince's death, 
as indicated by the imprint, but in all or nearly all cases it is wanting. One book has 
not only the full printed plate, but the following is written above it in Prince's hand : 
*' T. Prince, Boston. For the N. Eng. Library." 

This last particular points to a distinction in the composition of his library, which 
is indicated by another kind of book-plate, as follows : 

This Book belongs to 

The South-Church-Library 

in Boston, Begun to be collected by Thomas 
Prince^ upon his being ordain'd their col- 
league Pastor with the Rev. Mr. Joseph 
Sewall, Oct. 1. 1718; and was 

These are sometimes completed in Prince's own hand, to read " the gift of s d 
Prince to s d library, for the use of their ministry for ever." Others are filled out in 
Prince's hand as " the gift of s d Sewall to s d library for the use of their ministry for 
ever." There are still others in which, in another's hand, often Mr. Sewall's, the record 
is completed that the gift came from Prince by bequest. Then again there arc others 
which are printed throughout, and necessarily inserted after Prince's death, as they 
stute that the book was "given by said Prince in his last Will, Oct. 2, 1758, for the 
use of their ministry forever." 


It was, therefore, at the time of his matriculation, in the sixteenth year of his age, 
that Prince systematically laid the foundation of a collection of books and manuscripts, 
a large share of which relate to the civil and religious history of New England, and 
which, with unfailing zeal and under the most favorable opportunities, in this country and 
in Europe, he cherished and enriched during his long life. At the time of his death, 
the New England Library, we may well believe, was the most extensive of its kind 
that had ever been formed. It contains in its depleted state, as represented in the first 
section of this catalogue, not much short of fifteen hundred books and tracts relating to 

During the period of our colonial history, the Mather family and Governor Hutch- 
insou are alone to be compared with Prince as collectors of books and manuscripts. 
Their labors in this direction avail us little now, for the Governor's collection was 
scattered by a mob, while the Mathers' has been gradually dispersed. 


When Prince made his will, twenty days before his death, he had no heir living 
to inherit his name and receive his books, if that had been his wish. His son had 
died at the age of twenty-six. Of his four daughters, only one was living, Sarah, 
subsequently the wife of Lieutenant-Governor Gill, and she died childless in August, 
1771. His widow survived till June 1, 1766. 

That instrument, dated October 2, 1758, makes disposition, first of the South 
Church collection, and then of the New England Library, in the following words : 

" First, I give to the old South Church in Boston, all my Books that are in Latin, 
Greek, & in the Oriental Languages, to be kept, & remain in their Public Library for 
ever and I hereby desire y s* Church to make a [blank] and order that the Key 
of s 1 ^ Library shall always be kept by one of y Pastors." 

" Item, Whereas I have been many Years collecting a Number of Books, Pam- 
phlets, Maps, Papers in Print, & Manuscript, either published in New England, or per- 
taining to its History, & Public Affairs, to w c . h Collection I have given the Name 
of y New Engl* Library, & have deposited it in the Steeple Chamber, in the old 
South Church And as I made the Collection from a public View, & Desire that the 
Memory of many important Transactions might be preserved, w* otherwise [would] 
be lost, I hereby bequeath all y s^ Collection to y s* old South Church forever 
But to the end, that the same may be kept entire, I desire that this Collection may 
always be kept in a different Apartment from the other Books, & that it may be so 
made, that no Person shall borrow any Book, or Paper therefrom, but that any Person 
whom the Pastors & Deacons of s* Church for the Time being shall approve of may 
have access thereto, & take Copies therefrom." 

The books and papers were deposited on shelves, and in boxes and barrels in a 
room in the steeple of the church, under the belfry, which according to tradition had 
been Prince's study. There this valuable deposit was left for many years without care, 
and subject to many vicissitudes. 

During the siege of Boston in 1775-6, the Church, being used as a riding- 
school by the British troops, was often frequented by idle spectators, who must have 
had access to the collection, and may be responsible for some of the loss it has sustain- 
ed. In heating the building, it is known that the pulpit and pews were consumed, and 
the parsonage which stood adjoining and had been the mansion of Winthrop, the first 


governor of the Colony, was demolished to keep up the fires during the long winter. 
Ill the kindling of these fires, it has always been believed many of these precious books 
and papers were used by the soldiers. 

A fragment of the letter-book of Governor Bradford, of Plymouth Colon}', was 
found, in the latter part of the last century, in a grocer's shop in Halifax, N. S. ; and the 
portion thus rescued was ry inted in the third volume of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society's Collections, in 1794. This manuscript was known to have been in the New 
England Library ; and it was reasonably thought that others, of equal or even greater 
value, had gone beyond recovery, without the chance of a favorable accident to indi- 
cate any traces of them. 

"We have, however, reason to be grateful that the cupidity of some of the more 
cultivated depredators saved to the world, if not to this library, another of its greatest 
treasures. The manuscript history of Plymouth Colony, written by its governor, Brad- 
ford, and deposited with the Prince Library, if not belonging to it, may have been car- 
ried away to England at this time by some one cognizant of its value ; though another 
solution of the loss is, that Governor Hutchinson had had it in his possession, so that it 
might have been among his papers when scattered by the mob, or was by him preserved 
and carried to England. At all events, after being lost to the world for many years, 
it was, in 1855, curiously discovered to be in the library of the Bishop of London, at 
Fulham.* In the same place are two manuscript volumes, written by Nathan Prince, 
a brother of Thomas Prince, one a commonplace book, and the other a Dictionary 
of Authors. Each has the book-plate of the New England Library, with a manuscript 
addition to it in the hand of Thomas Prince, almost identical with that borne on the plate 
of a companion volume, which will be found mentioned in the third part of the following 

When Mr. Charles Dearie, who edited the printed volume of the Bradford History, 
was in England, in 1866, he saw the manuscript, and found, in Prince's hand, the fol- 
lowing note, upon a flyleaf: " But Major Bradford tells me & assures me that He 
only lent this Book of his Grandfather's to Mr Sewall, & that it being of his Grand- 
father's own handwriting, He had so high a value for it, that he would never Part 
with y e Property, but would lend it to me, & desired me to get it, which I did, & write 
down this so that Major Bradford and his Heirs may be known to be the Right own- 
ers." This note was written on the opposite leaf to that which contained another note 
in Prince's hand, and the one already quoted is seemingly in qualification of this other, 
wherein it is stated that Prince, calling June 4, 1728, on Major Bradford, at Kingston, 
near Plymouth, had obtained his permission to get the book, then in Judge Sewall's hands. 
The memorandum still continues: "I also mentioned to him my Desire of lodging this 
History in y e New England Library of Prints and Manuscripts, w c I had been then col- 
lecting for 23 years, to w c lie signified his willingness only y l he might h:m- y e periled 
of it while he lived." f The manuscript, however, lias also upon it the Prince book- 
plate, which may, perhaps, be taken as proof that Prince became, subsequently to 
the time of the note, the lawful owner of the book; and the ailixing it, if done by 
him, may have been deemed equivalent to a suitable qualilication of the later note. 

* See Mass. JJist. Society's Collections, -lih scries, Vol. 111. (isr.ti). 
t Mass. Hist. Society's Collections, -1th Scries, Vol. 111., page 11. 


In view of the graceful surrender of some valuable documents of the British archives, 
which has been made within a few years to the English government by the Library 
Company of Philadelphia, it is to be hoped, that, by the reciprocal courtesy of those in 
authority where these waifs are now lodged, they may be returned to be forever kept 
where, if they do not absolutely belong, they most properly can be retained. 

In December, 1813, a committee of the Massachusetts Historical Society, consisting 
of the Rev. Abiel Holmes, D.D., the Rev. Aaron Dexter, D.D., and Alclen Bradford, Es- 
quire, made application to the Trustees of the New England Library for a deposit of the 
same in the Society's room, as appears by an account printed in Vol. VII. of the second 
series of that Society's Collections.* In December, 1814, the Rev. Joshua Huntington 
was put at the head of a committee to make a selection for such deposit, and in the 
subsequent transfer the Church reserved the right to recall them at will. The books thus 
removed numbered two hundred and sixty-one bound volumes, besides twelve volumes of 
manuscripts, namely, seven of the Mather papers, three of the Hinckley, one of the Rhode 
Island Church case, and one of Winthrop's Journal. The history of the last is somewhat 
curious. It is known that Prince had in his hands, in 1754, the three volumes of 
Governor Winthrop's manuscript journal, covering the history of the Colony of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, down to within ten days of Winthrop's death, in 1649. The Hon. Robert 
C. Winthrop believes the volumes to have been borrowed from the family, and not to 
have been a part of the New England Library ; and that Prince, for some reason, failed 
to return the last part to the elder branch of the Winthrop family, which had the other 
two parts in their possession in Connecticut, down to the outbreak of the Revolution, and 
it was probably by them believed that the two constituted the entire manuscript. At this 
time Governor Trumbull procured the volumes, and, with the assistance of his secretary, 
Mr. John Porter, copied somewhat inaccurately a considerable part ; and, after his death, 
Noah Webster, in 1790, printed the work from a copy of this copy, after Mr. Porter had 
collated it with the original. At or about the time of this tranfer to the Historical Soci- 
ety, a third part was found among the Prince papers, buried beneath a mass of p...z- 
phlets and manuscripts, and was included in the deposit, though, on representation, the 
claim of the church to its possession was abandoned. When Mr. Savage prepared his 
complete edition of the Journal, he had at hand this re-discovered record of the last 
four years of Winthrop's life, as well as the two earlier volumes. Before his labors were 
clone, the second volume was burned, Nov. 10, 1825, in a fire in Court Street, where his 
office was situated. The other two are now deposited in a cabinet in the library of the 
Historical Society. 

After this transfer in 1814, the remainder of the collection was removed to the house 
of the pastor, where it remained for many years, until a room was fitted for the recep- 
tion of the whole library in the Old South Chapel in Spring Lane. The preparation of a 
catalogue was intrusted to Mr. G. H. Whitman, who printed in 1846, in octavo, 112 
pages, what is a mere list, often extremely incorrect, with no arrangement by authors or 
subjects. The books and papers still in the keeping of the Historical Society formed a 
separate section, for they were not reclaimed by the church till 1859. Since the date of 
this catalogue not many books seem to have been lost, only five, if Whitman's list 
can be depended on. Dr. Wisner mentions a copy of the Bay Psalm Book, used by 

* Pages 179-185. 


Prince in his revision of that work, and containing his manuscript annotations, which has 
disappeared. Three other copies of this same book, noted in Whitman's catalogue, 
have also passed into private hands. 

To account for the great number of Prince's books, scattered about the country, all 
containing his well-known autograph, and many having the book-plate of the New 
England Library, bequeathed to the Old South Church, not a few of which can be 
traced in well-known collections, and as having passed through dealers' hands, it has 
been suggested that Prince possibly made another collection, which he sold ; but the only 
known authority for this theory is the following advertisement, which (as quoted by Mr. 
Samuel G. Drake) appeared in the " New England Weekly Journal," in October, 1728 : 
"A Farm of 100 acres of choice land in Leicester, to be sold. Inquire of the Rev. Mr. 
Prince in Boston, & know further. Who also intending to Dispose of his Library, desires 
those who have borrowed Books of Him to return them quickly." Many of the books in 
the present collection, bearing date of acquisition prior to 1 728, were certainly not disposed 
of at that time ; and there is no known record of any sale, public or private ; besides, 
the word " Dispose " in the advertisement very likely signified such a disposition as that 
made subsequently by will, which at this period, " as the collection was made from a 
public view," he may have intended perfecting in his lifetime. 

Mr. Moses Gill, a nephew of Lieutenant-Governor Gill, presented to the Historical 
Society, in 1815, a MS. catalogue of books in Prince's handwriting, which is in two divi- 
sions, one entitled " New-english Books & Tracts Colle[c]ted by Thomas Prince, of 
Boston, N. E." ; the other, " New-English Pamphlets, belonging to Thomas Prince of 
Boston." The latest imprint in either of these lists is 1750, earlier than which the 
manuscript was not probably made, and it has been supposed to be a list of the New 
England Library as it was a few years before he bequeathed it. The difference, in 
Prince's mind, between a "tract" and a "pamphlet" is not obvious, except it be that 
the former represents the latter as bound. In both lists the titles are grouped by dates 
under tne designations folio, quarto, and octavo. 

Whether or not these lists represent the New England Library of 1750, or there- 
abouts, a comparison of them with the following Catalogue shows variations not easily 
explained, besides exhibiting in a melancholy light the losses which the collection must 
have sustained, as for instance the publications of Cotton Mather are about twice as many 
in them as in the catalogue here printed. When thrown into one alphabetical arrange- 
ment by authors, about one title in seven or eight remains anonymous, and the consoli- 
dated list shows 1,916 titles ; while the American Part of the present catalogue, aiming 
to represent the New England Library as nearly as may be, contains 1,528. There are 
also in the American Part, as here printed, seventy-eight works having an imprint 
subsequent to the date of Prince's death (1758) ; and of these twenty- three bear date 
after 17GG, when Prince's widow died. In the Foreign Part there are four of a date after 
1758 ; and of these, two are subsequent to 1766. 

It was not possible to determine accurately the line of demarcation, as Prince drew 
it, between the South Church Library and the New England Libraiy, cither as to partic- 
ular works, since some of the books are without plates ; or as to classes, for Prince seems 
to have included in the latter some books for very indifferent reasons, as, for instance, 
Ames's " Catalogus Librorum," " bcc lie intended for N E"; Robinson's works, 
for a like reason ; and the works of some others, for no apparent reason, one would 


judge, except that they had visited 1liis country. It seemed, therefore, better that 
the name of New England Library should be abandoned as a designation of the first 
part of this Catalogue ; and that the " American Part," as here constituted, should 

1st. All books printed in America, whatever their subject or authorship. 

2d. All books by American authors, on whatever subject and wherever printed. 

3d. All books relating to America. 

This re-arrangement has necessitated the putting in the " Foreign Part" many which 
Prince had classed in the " New England Library," and in the " American Part" a 
lesser number which were in the General or " South Church Library." 

A desire had long been felt by antiquaries that this unique collection should be 
rendered more accessible. The pastors and deacons of the church in their letter ad- 
dressed to the Historical Society in 1859, reclaiming the books and papers deposited with 
them, said of Whitman's catalogue, that, though it answered the purpose for which it 
was originally prepared, they hoped soon to have it replaced by one more satisfactorily 
compiled. This had not, however, been accomplished when the thought of its transfer 
to the Public Library of Boston seems first to have suggested itself to the Rev. Mr. 
Manning, one of the present pastors of the Old South Church, at the time he was serving 
on the annual committee for the examination of the Library in 1861. Nothing, however, 
was done till the spring of 1866, when it became necessary, by reason of a lease of the 
Chapel having been given, to remove the books from their place in the same. At this 
juncture Deacon Charles Stoddard called upon Mr. William W. Greenough, of the Board 
of Trustees of the Public Library ; and the result of their interview being communicated 
to Mr. George Tickuor, the President of the Board, that gentleman replied under date of 
May 28, 1866, that he was " assured on the highest and safest legal authorities" that a 
transfer of the care of the collection could be temporarily made " by a very simple pro- 
cess of law, intelligible to all, and maintaining in substance the principles on which the 
Prince books were originally bequeathed " ; and in his letter Mr. Ticknor embodied, " as 
only suggestions of his own," substantially the terms of the subsequent agreement. 

On the 12th of June, this correspondence was reported to the full Board of Trus- 
tees, and Messrs. Ticknor, Greenough and Tyler were made a select Committee of confer- 
ence. On the 22d a communication to the Trustees from the pastors and deacons of the 
Church enclosed a draft of articles of agreement. On the 26th the Trustees addressed 
a statement to the City Council, setting forth the extreme value and rarity of many of 
the books in the collection, and describing it as very rich in whatever relates to the city 
of Boston, and the early history and condition of New England generally, and propound- 
ing the terms of the contemplated agreement. They asked further for the sum of $2,000 
to enable them to enter into this agreement, adding, that, " if the Prince Library could 
now be sold under the hammer in Boston or London, it would fetch from five to ten times 
the sum in question, and perhaps more, as the rarity and value of such books are con- 
stantly and rapidly increasing." In conclusion they say that they are " assured on 
the highest and safest legal authority, that the transfer of the Prince Library can be 
made with a just respect to the wishes and will of Mr. Prince, and to the rights and 
duties of all concerned." Mayor Lincoln communicated this statement, with his approval, 
to the City Council, July 2d. The Committee on the Public Library, to whom it was 
referred, gave it as their opinion " that the proposal made by the Deacons is tantamount 


to an absolute gift of the unique and valuable collection." The City Council authorized 
the Trustcees to receive the deposit, and voted the money. 

On the 10th the Select Committee of the Trustees were given full power to see the 
transfer properly effected ; and on the next day, the following agreement was duly exe- 
cuted : 


This agreement, made and entered into on the llth day of July, in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, by and between the City of Boston, 
party of the first part, and the Deacons of the Old South Church in said Boston, for 
themselves and their successors in office, party of the second part, witnesseth, that it is 
understood and agreed by and between said party of the first part and said party of the 
second part as follows, namely : 

1. The said Deacons will deposit in the Public Library of said City all the books, 
pamphlets, maps, printed papers, and manuscripts now in their possession, which were 
bequeathed to said Old South Church by Rev. Thomas Prince, by will dated October 2, 
1758, and proved Nov. 3, 1758 ; the same being known as the Prince Library. 

2. Said Prince Library shall be kept by the said party of the first part in the Public 
Library building of said City, by itself, and no book or paper belonging to it shall be 
permitted to be taken from said building, except for the purpose of being bound or other- 
wise repaired. 

3. Said party of the first part shall, through the Trustees of said Public Library, 
put said Prince Library in good order, and keep it so ; and shall cause a separate cata- 
logue of said Prince Library to be prepared and printed, keeping an account of the 
expenses that may be incurred in putting said Library in order and keeping it so, and in 
preparing and printing said catalogue. 

4. So long as said Prince Library shall remain in said building, it shall be acces- 
sible for reference and use in the same way with the other books of said Public Library 
which are excluded from circulation, and from use, except in the rooms of the Library 

5. Clergymen and literary men residing out of Boston, known to the Superinten- 
dent of said Public Library, or bringing a note of introduction from a pastor or deacon 
of the Old South Church, shall be permitted to consult said Prince Library, and use the 
same, ill the Public Library building, under the supervision of said Superintendent. 

6. Said party of the first part shall return and restore said Prince Library to said 
party of the second part, whenever duly demanded by said deacons or their successors, 
acting under the direction of said Old South Church, said deacons or their successors 
first paying to said City the expenses to bo incurred o;i account of said Library, as in 
Article 3, before written. But such expenses shall in no case exceed the sum of two 
thousand dollars. And said deacons shall not be required to pay interest upon the 
amount of such expenses. 

7. Said City shall, by the Trustees of said Public Library, acknowledge to said 
deacons, in writing, the receipt of said Prince Library, when the same shall have been 
deposited in the Public Library building. 

The defence offered no testimony, and Mr. L. 
S. Dabney, counsel for the estate oi Dr. Shurt- 
lefF, relied on the letter written by Dr. Shurtleff 
to Mr. Loring in reference to the exchange of the 
Bay Psalm Book for copies of Winthrop's Ne^ 
England and Belknap's American Biography 
which letter was made part of the answer. Mr. 
Dabuey claimed that the fact that no measures 
were taken by the Old South from 18GO to 1874 
toward recovering the book was a bar to the pres- 
ent action. 

Mr. Linus M. Child, on behalf of the Old South, 
said that the reasons why proceedings were not 
sooner commenced was because the present dea 
cons, who are the petitioners, kne nothing about 
the book. 

Judge Morton reserved his decision. 

JL. / 



The Bay Psalm Book, a copy of which was 
withdrawn from the sale of the late Dr. 
Shurtleff' s library iu consequence of an in- 
junction placed upon it by the Supreme 
Court, is a curiosity of literature, besides hav- 
ing the added interest of having been the lirst 
book printed on this continent north of Mex- 
ico. Stephen Daye, the first printer in this 
part of America, set up his press in 1639, 
printing " The Freeman's Oath " and an Al- 
manac that year; in 1640, "The Psalms in 
Metre," known as " The Bay Psalm Book," 
and afterwards as " The New England Ver- 
sion of the Psalms." 

A perfect copy of this book, for which the 
enormous sum of twelve hundred dollars is 
said to have been offered, lies before me, one 
of the veritable first edition. Oil the fly-leaf 
at the beginning is written a statement con- 
cerning its origin : ' ' About the year 1639, the 
New English .Reformers . . . resolving upon 
a new Translation [of the Psalms], the chief 
Divines in the country took each of them a 
portion to be translated; among them were 
Mr. "W>vi acd Mr. Eliot of Eoxbury, and Mr. 
Mather of Dorchester. . . . The Psalms then 
turned into metre were printed at Cambridge, 
in the year 1G10. Maqnalia, III. 100." 

The title-page reads thus: 

" The VVhole book of Psalms Faithfully 
Tn n^ated into English metre. Whereuntois 
--t fixea a discourse declaring not only the 
, iau'f aline.-. but also the necessity o'f the 
.ifcavenly u.dinance of singing Scripture 
Psalms in the churches of God." 

Then follows'} verse from Colossians on 
singing, and another from James to the 
same effect. 

The book has a preface of twelve pages 
the word "The " being printed on the left 
hand page, with a period after "it, and " Pre- 
face" on the opposite one; and another in- 
stance of the eccentricity or ignorance of the 
printer is shown throughout the book, it be- 
ing " Psalm " on the left hand page, and 
"Psalms" on the right. And as for any 
errata, the printer has made a clear con- 
science about such, by adding, at the close of 
the book, under the head of " Faults escaped 
1 in printing," followed by a list of the same, i 
these words" The rest, which have escaped 
through oversight, you may amende, as you 
find them obvious." 

The preface begins by answering those 
questions that had been raised about singing 
in church ; first, what psalms are to be sung in 
church; second, if Scriptural Psalms, wheth- 
er in their own words, or in English poetic 
meter; third, "by whom are they to be sung? 
by the whole churches together with their 
voices? or by one man singing alo'e and the 
rest joyni'g in sile'ce, and in the close sayi'g 
amen." And with reference to this matter 

about~mcter, it may as well be said just here, 
that atthe end of the book, after the " Finis," 
there is what is called " An Admonition to 
the Reader," concerning the way of singing; 
" The verses of these Psalms may be re- 
! duced to six kindes, the first whereof may bo 
1 sung in very neere fourty common tunes; as 
they are collected out of our chief musicians 
by Tho. Ravenscroft. The second kinde may 
be sung in three tunes;" and so on. 

The preface gives a very full statement o 
the modes of procedure of the divines who 
prepared the work, and their reasons therefor 
and closes by saying, that if the verses " ar 
not always so smooth and elegant as som 
may desire or expect; let them consider tha 
[God's Altar needs not ourpolishiugsjEx. xx, 
or wee have respected, rather a plaine trans- 
ation, than to. Smooth our verses with the 
ebtness of any paraphrase, and soe have 
attended Conscience rather than elegance, 
fidelity rather than poetry, in translating the 
hebrew words into english language, and Da- 
vid's poetry into english metre." 

But what would David have said one can 
but wonder at some of their faithful versi- 
fying; for instance, in the first Psalm: 

" O blessed man, that in th" advice 

of wicked doth not walk: 
nor stand in sinners way. nor sit 

iu chayre of scorufull folk." 

''Therefore shall not ungodly men, 
rise to stand in the doome." 

Or this : 

" My bones I may them number all : 
they lookt, they did me vieiy. 

My cloths among them they did part; 
and lot for my coat threw." 

Or the following: 

" They have thy goings seeue o God 

thy goings on progresse ; 
ev'n of my God my king within 

place of his holinesse. 
Singers went first, musicians then, 

iu midst maids with Timbrel. 
Blesse God in the churches, the Lord from 

the spring of Israeli." 

It cannot be denied that the translators 
were quaintly graphic in some cases, coming 
straight, in the simplest fashion that occurred 
to them, to what they supposed to be the 
meaning; for example, in the thirty-fifth 
Psalm, this has the merit of being realistic: 

" As chaffe before the winde. let them 
be, and Gods Angell the 11 driving. 
Let their way dark and slippery bee, 
And the Lords Angell them chasiug." 

Again, in the 68th: 

" O God, when as thou didst go forth 

in presence of thy folk 
when through the desert wilderness 

thou diddest marching walk." 

And the 104th gives us a good idea of the 
staying of the waters, thus : 

" When as that thou rebukedst them 

away then fled they fast: 
they also at thy thunder's voyce 

with speed away doe hast. 
Up by the moumaines they ascend: 

downe by the valleys go, 
the place which thou didst found for them 

initill they come unto. 
Thou hast to them a bound prefixt 

which they may not pass over : 
so that they might noe more returne 

againe the earth to cover." 

There are many stanzas and separate lines 
which have a kind of grace about them, 
among which none is more noticeable than 
the L'.'Jd Psalm, of which the first and last 
verses are as follows : 

" The Lord to mee a shepherd is, 

want therefore !-hall not I. 
Hee iu the fields of tender-grasse, 

doth cause mee downe to lie. 

" Goodness and mercy surely shall 

all my dayes f ollow'niee : 
and in the Lords house I shall dwell 

BO long as dayes shall bee." 



cL Dec. 9. 


Among the valuable literary collections to 
be sold this autumn in Boston is that of the 
late Dr. Shurtleff, ex Mayor of Boston. The 
books go this week ; the autographs and oth- 
er antiques early in December. Among the 
curiosities is a copy of the Bay Psalm Book, 
whose history, with a, suggested problem, is 
thus stated by the Advertiser : T 

About twenty-five years ago, the Prince li- 
brary was still in the custody of the deacons 
of the Old South Church, who had, of course, 
no right to part with the whole of it, nor half 
of it, nor any part of it. In it wore five cop- 
ies of " The Bay Psalm Book," of whirl] a 
perfect copy was then worth perhaps five 
hundred dollars. Two well-known gentle- 
men, zealous collectors of early American 
books, both now deceased, viz , Messrs. Geo. 
Livermore and Edward A. Crowninshield, 
obtained from the deacons who, as well as 
the other parties, seem to have been quite 
unconscious that the provisions of Mr. 
Prince's will prohibited what they were doing 
two of the five copies, rendering therefor, 
it is understood, no value except the rebind- 
ing of one of the copies left. Some ten years 
later Dr. Shurtleff also obtained a third copy, 
Diving in exchange for it a copy of Winthrop's 
Journal and some other books, worth per-, 
haps ten or fifteen dollars. The copy obtained 
by Mr. Crowninshield went with his library 
to London, and was supposed for a time to be 
sold to the trustees of the British Museum. 
For some reason or other they, however, final- 
ly declined to buy it, and it was sold to Mr. 
George Brinley of Hartford, also now de- 
ceased, in whose collection it probably now 
is. The copy obtained by Mr. Livermore has 
most likely remained in Cambridge. That 
which Dr. Shurtleff received is advertised to 
be sold next Tuesday. What sort of compe- 
tition there will be for this very rare and val- 
uable volume, which belonged to Uiehard 
Mather, and has his autograph in several 
places, is a problem admitting of some spec- 
ulation. Suppose the deacons of the Old 
South Church should bid the highest price 
for it; would they be bound to pay for what 
they really could not lawfully part with, 
since it was in their official keeping only? If 
the public library, now the custodian of the 
sadly diminished Prince collection, and of 
the remaining two copies out of its original 
five of the Buy Psalm Book, should bid high- 
est, would it cot be bound to replace the book 
in the Prince collection, and to hold it with 
the rest of that collection subject to the dis- 
position of the deacons? If a book collector 
say Mr. Asay of Chicago, or Mr. Harris of 
Providence should buy it, could a lawful 
and commercially safe title be assured to him ? 


The Bay Psalm Book was No. 13.50 on the 
catalogue of Dr. Shnrtleff's library, and was 
not reached in the sale last week until Thurs- 
day nooni As the hour approached, the 
company in Mr. Leonard's auction-room in- 
creased, and when it had fairly arrived, the 
scene was quite an animated one. The Ad- 
vertiser's article, which we quoted from last 
week, had added not a little to the Interest 
naturally excited by the gale of any such val- 
uable ;. and though many who were present 
were doubtless there simply as spectators, out 
of curiosity, there were enough ready to bid, 
and to bid up high, to warrant expectation of 
spirited competition. Mr. L-ingwortby, of 
our Congregational Library was established 
on a table hardly an arm's length from the 
auctioneer. Behind him were clustered a 
knot of reporters. Pastors Herrick of tfce Mt. 
Vernon Church and Muuson of Nepouset 
were close in front. Hon. Charles Theodore 
Russell and Judge Chamberlain represented 
the large class of private collectors. And Ed- 
itor Goddard of the Advertiser surveyed the ' 
scene from the top of a step-ladder at one 
side. The moment which all had been ex- 
pecting had come, and a hush settled down 
over the room. 

" Gentlemen," said Mr. Leonard, " since 
the sale commenced this morning, I have 
been served with an injunction from the .Su- 
preme Court, forbidding the sale of the Bay 
Psalm Book, until the question of title can be 
passed tipou." So saying he drew an en- 
velope from his pocket. 

There was a general feeling of disappoint- 
ment at the announcement, which took the 
assembly quite by surprise. 

" The question will be argued in a w 
ten days," said a, voice from the other 
of chairs, "and then perhaps the book 
be sold." 

" Can't you sell it now, subj3ct to dec ^ 
of the court?" asked Mr. Buruham, tho " an; \ 
tique " book- seller of the corner (& Tremont 
and School Streets. 

"No," said Mr. Leonard; "I'm a law 
abiding citizen. 

And so for the present the, sale of the Bay 
Psalm Book was arrested. The injunction 
was obtained at the instance of the Deacons 
of the Old South ( :-rch. 

franscrt'pt -flee. <3 

....The copy of the Bay Psalm Book which the 
Old South Church seeVs to recover trom the es- 
tate of Dr. Shurtleff is valued at $1000. 

continued by Me.-)i9. Leonard & Co. yesterday 
and totiay, with no perceptible abatement of pub- 
lic interest. The fact tliat "The Hay Psalm Book" 
the possession of which by the late ex-mayor has 
occasioned some comment, owing to the fact that 
11 was once a part of tho Prince Library, now 
merged in the Public Libiary was coutaiaed in 
today'a list, attracted several old residents who 
sought owueidhip in tho rare volume; bat they 
were doomed to disappointment when that unm- 
ber of the catalogue was reached, the auctioneer 
exhibiting, instead of the book, an injunction np- 
on its sale, served by an officer of the Supremo 
Court. The sale will ba concluded tomorrow. 

THE BAY PSALM BOOK. A hearing was had this 
forenoon before Judge Morton on a bill in equity 
brought by Avery Plumcr and others, deacons of 
the Old South Church, against the executrix of 
the estate of Dr. Shurtleff, to recover possession 
of the "Bay Psalm Book," which was one of a col- 
lecTrfdn bequeathed to the Old South by Rev. 
Tly>mas Prince, an account of which was recently 

_The petitioners called Mr. Justin AVinsor, super- 
iiitendcnt of the Public Library, who testified that 
the book was worth $500 in I860, when the transfer 
I nun the Prince Library was made. Wiuthrop's 
New England and Belknap's Atucriean Biography 
which were given in exchange were worth from 
$5 to 812 per volume. 

Dr. (>. F. Bigelow, who was the librarian of the 
did South at the time the trnn.-ler was made, in 
speaking of conversations had with Deacons Loth- 
i. ip and Stoddard about the book, said that the 
conversations were rather apologetic in tone, and 
hey thought, 'he hook would be returned in time. 

e. gey t. -?/ / Sfff. 

The heirs of the late Dr. N. B. Shurtleff have 
been confirmed by the courts iu the possession 
of the copy of liie Bay Psalm Book, which 
was put into his possession by the deacons of 
the Old South Church; and now th volume 
is to be sold at auction. It is reported that 
$1000 has aliendy been offered for it. The 
Court did not decide that the book 
came properly into Dr. Shurtleff's pos- 
session, but that he got it so long 
ago that the rightful guardians of it could not 
get it back. The shrewd Doctor thus ob- 
tained five hundred dollars' worth (now be- 
come $1000 worth) of property for about ten 
dollars' worth. The statute of limitations 
, cannot, however, make such bargains cred- 
itable; and we can only be thankful that the 
sapient deacons did not peddle off the whole 

Prince Library at the same rate then, ami 
that tne Court did not decide that they mi^ht 
do it now. They would if they could if 
tbeir actions about the old church itself aca 
a fcriterion. 



The troubles of the famous Bay Psalm 
Book are at last over. This highly fla- 
vored relic, it may be remembered, was 
originally Richard Mather's copy, and 
subsequently came into the possession of 
Rev. Thomas Prince ; from whose libra- 
ry, now held by the Old South Church, 
it passed for a consideration a fesv years 
since into the hands of the late- ex-May or 
Shurtleff. When his library was sold, the 
sale of this book was estopped by an in- 
junction obtained by the Old South dea- 
cons; but the Supreme Court confirmed 
the Shurtleff title, and last week the sale 
was consummated at auction. The dingy 
little old book brought more than its 
weight in gojdf even a thousand and twen- 
ty-five dollars; and goes to Providence. 
Eequiescat, heuce, in puce. 

The Buy Psalm Book. 

Judge Morton of the Supreme Court has given a 
decision in the bill in equity brought by the dea- 
cons of the Old South Church to recover a copy of 
the Bay Psalm Book from the executrix of the 
estate of the late Dr. ShurtleJC, so far as to deter- 
mine the facts of the case. Judge Morton nnds 
the following facts : 

1. The Bay Psalm Book now in the possession of 
the defendants originally belonged to the library 
betjueatlied by Rev. T. Prince to the Old South 

2. The late Dr. Shurtleff, being desirous of pro- 
curing a copy, applied many times to the deacons 
of the Old South, and in 1860 the paid deacons gave 
him the copy in question. There were then three 
copies in the library. The value of this copy was 
about $500. At the time of the transactio'n Dr. 
Shurtleff presented to the library "Winthrop's 
New England" in two volumes, and "Belknap's 
New England Biographies" in two volumes, said 
books so presented being of the value of $5 to $10 
per volume. 

The books presented by Dr. Shurtleff were not 
in fact, and. were not regarded, by either party as 
an equivalent for the Bay Psalm Book received by 
him, and I am satisfied upon the evidence that the 
transaction was not a sale or barter of the books, 
but a mutual interchange of gifts. 

3. Dr. Shurtleff then, in 1860, took the copy of 
the Bay Psalia Book and retained possession of it 
until his death in 1874, claiming to own it. This 
was known to the successive deacons of the Old 
South Church, and no demand was made on him 
and no steps taken to dispute his title until his 

4. After his death, in 1874, the plaintiffs demand- 
ed the book of -his executrix, the defendant, who 
refused to give it up, and secreted and withheld it 
so that it could not be repleyined. 

5. The value of the book from its rarity is con- 
siderable, probably $500 or more. 

6. At the time of the gift both parties knew of 
the will of Rev. T. Prince, and that this was one 
of the books bequeathed under it. 

The question whether the statute of limitations 
is a defence to the bill was to have been argued on 
Saturday. There was, however, a postponement, 
and the exact time when it is to be argued is not 
yet determined. 



In witness whereof, the said City of Boston, by Frederic W. Lincoln, Jr., its Mayor, 
who is duly authorized to execute these presents by the City Council of said City, and. 
the said Deacons of the Old South Church, have hereto set their hands the day and year 
first above written. 



of the 

Old South Church. 





I approve and assent to the above agreement. 


Attorney-General of Massachusetts. 

The removal of the books began the same day and was completed the next, each 
title being checked in the "Whitman Catalogue ; and on the 24th, Mr. Joseph Sykes, .who 
had the immediate charge of the removal, made a report, in which he grouped under 
various heads the many divergences from that catalogue, adding that five books there 
indicated could not be found at all, and that thirty-four books, which were with the col- 
lection, not proving part of the Prince Library, were not removed. Some of the MSS. 
were at that time in the keeping of the Historical Society for the correction of proof, 
and were not received till some months afterward. On the 8th of October the Select 
Committee of the Trustees, in their final report, stated that " no book was lost in the 

At the death of the late Superintendent in January, 1868, the card catalogue of the 
printed books had been completed under his direction, and a final revision of them had 
been made by Mr. Charles A. Cutter, the present Librarian of the Boston Athenaeum, and 
the printer's copy nearly all prepared ; but no definite progress had been made in the 

In reading the Catalogue through the press, every precaution has been taken to 
secure accuracy, and the whole has been accomplished under the direction of Mr. William 
A. Wheeler, the present Assistant Superintendent, whose previous experience in critical 
proof-reading gives ground for trusting that the result is satisfactory. He has been 
assisted by Mr. Joseph Sykes, the Office Secretary, and by Mr. William H. Foster, the 
painstaking proof-reader of the Library, who have diligently compared the titles with the 


cards and with the books themselves throughout the entire Catalogue. The synoptical 
work of the Third Part has been done by Major J. Otis Williams. 

In the American Part the capitalization of the titles has been accurately followed ; 
the number of pages in each work invariably given; and the titles presented at greater 
length, and with greater fulness of notes and biographical memoranda, than has been 
thought advisable in the Foreign Part ; and cross references have been inserted even 
under the names of the writers of prefaces, addresses, etc. To insure as great a degree of 
accuracy as possible, in this portion, when the stereot} T ping of it was completed in August, 
1868, a small edition was issued, and distributed in quarters where assistance was likely 
to be gained in making corrections. Some help was got in this wa} r , particularly from 
the Hon. J. Hammond Trumbull and George Brinley, Esq., of Hartford, and the Rev. 
E. H. Gillett, D.D., of New York. 

The type of this portion was also used, under permission, by Messrs. Wiggin and 
Lunt in getting out a small edition in post-octavo size, from which the cross-references 
were omitted ; and to which was added an introduction by Mr. William II. Whitmore. 



OP" Friends of the Public Library will assist in making future editions of this Cata- 
logue more nearly perfect, if they will be kind enough to transmit to the Superintendent 
the correction of any errors they may discover in it. 


Books are entered in the Catalogue under the names of their authors, when known: under the 
initials of the anchors' names, when these only appear, the last initial being put first; under the pseudo- 
nyms, or assumed names, of the writers, when the real names are not ascertained. In the case of an 
anonymous publication, the author of which is unknown, the entry is under the first word of the title, 
not an article or a preposition ; but an anonymous biographical work is put under the name of the sub- 
ject of the biography. All editions of the Bible and its parts, in any language, are entered under the 
word "Bible." Learned societies and public institutions are catalogued under the names of the places 
where they are established. 

In the headings of the titles, the names of authors are given, with a few obvious exceptions, in their 
vernacular form. Sovereigns, persons canonized, and Oriental writers in general are entered under theii 
first names. French surnames preceded by Le, La, or L' are entered under L ; by Du or Des under D ; 
by de or d' under the initial letter of the name following this prefix. In English names, the prefix is 
treated as a component part of the surname. In all other languages, surnames are entered under the 
letter which begins the name that follows the prefix. 

Compound surnames are entered under the first part of the name. 

Noblemen and ecclesiastical dignitaries are entered under their surnames, or family names, with 
cross-references from their titular appellations. 

The arrangement of the titles is alphabetical, but different editions of the same work are placed in 
the order of the years in which they were issued. Cross-references, under any heading, are placed 
after all other entries, and in the alphabetical order of the names referred to. 

A single dash indicates the omission of the preceding heading ; a subsequent dash, the omission of a 
subordinate heading. 

An obelisk or dagger [t] prefixed to a title indicates that the work was published anonymously. 

Brackets, within titles, inclose words added or changed in form. 

!N"urnerals within marks of parenthesis denote pages not numbered. 

4 9 , 8, 12, etc., indicate the exact fold of the sheet, but not always the apparent size of the book. 

The word sic meaning thus is placed within brackets after any striking fault or error, to show 
that the title has been faithfully followed. 

The following abbreviations may need to be explained : 

ff. folios, or leaves. n. d no date. pp pages. 

n. p no place (of publication), obi oblong. pseud.. ....pseudonym. 

Other abbreviations are used in the Catalogue, but they are thought to be so common or so obvious as 
not to require explanation. 

N. B. Books belonging to this collection are not allowed to be taken from the Library, but they 
may be consulted in the building. 

c (xvii) 



Shelf. No. 

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ACCOUNT of the French Settlements in North Amer- 
ica. By a Gentleman. Added, an Account 
of Quebec. By P. Charlevoix. Boston, 1746. 

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and 3 other leaves lost] 32.24 

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Gurdou Saltonstall, Governour of Connecticut. 
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Note. An obituary is given in " Addenda from the 
Boston News-Letter, No. 1079 Thursday October 1. 

The Gracious Presence of Christ with the Min- 

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Jesus Christ an Example to His Ministers. A 

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71. 8 18.177 

Note. The "Preface" is signed "Joseph Baxter 
Richard Brown Nathanacl Ells John Webb Thomas 
Foxcroft." " The Charge, Given by the Reverend Mr. 
Joseph Baxter," pp. 57-CO. " The Right Hand of Fel- 
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pp. Cl-71. 

Epistle in tli,. Rev. Ebeney.T Tui-i-11, in Reli-|ni:e 

Tim!!:e. Sit 'Culm .n, |; , . IS. 22 

Shelf. No. 
ADAMS, Joseph, b. 1689, d. 1783. 

The Blessedness of the Dead who Die in the 

Lord. A Sermon at Newiugtou, New-Hamp- 
shire; Upon the Death Of Mrs. Elizabeth 
Janvrin, Octob. 5. 1729. ^Etatis 18. Boston, 

M. DCC. XXX. pp. (4), 19. 8 18.49 

ADAMS, William, b. 1650, d. 1685. 

God's Eye on the Contrite. [An Election] Dis- 

course. May 27. 1685. Boston, Richard Pierce 

for Samuel Sewall, 1685. pp. (2), 41. 4. 18.7 and 26.154 

The Necessity of The pouring out of the Spirit 

from on High upon a Sinning Apostatizing 
People. Delivered upon 21. 9. 1678. being a 
general Fast throughout N. E. Boston, John 
Foster, for William Avery, 1679. pp. (8), 48. 

4 18.20 

jYore. An address "To the Reader" is signed 
" Samuel Torrey. Josiah Flint." 

ADAMS, William, d. 1798, aged 87. 

A Discourse at New-London, October 23d. 1760. 

On the Thanksgiving For the Success of the 
British Arms, in the reduction of Montreal, 
and the conquest of all Canada. New-London, 
MDCCLXI. pp. 25. 8 18.84 

ADAMSON, M., pseud. A Friendly Epistle to John 
Taylor, of Norwich; containing An Invitation 
to join the Quakers. Third Ed. Added, ADia- 
logue between Timothy Tell-truth & Obadiah 
Friendly. Boston, Re-printed, 1758. pp. (2), 
23. 8 27.131 

ADDERLEY, W. Address to the Reader of Select 

Cases Resolved. See Shepard, T 25.27 

ADDRESS to Persons of Fashion, relating to Balls, 
Play-houses, Card-tables, &c. [With] The 
Character of Lucinda. Boston, MDCCLXVII. 
pp.56. 8 26.60 

AFFECTIONS, Treatise Concerning Religious. Ed- 
wards, J 11.4 


See Ilooker, T. (23.1); Mather, C. (Supports, etc. 
1G.21G); Wigglesworth, M. (14.32). 

ALBERTI. M. f Vita Franckii, Cui adjceta est, Nar- 
ratio Rerum in Ecclesiis Evangclicis per Gur- 
maniam. See Francke, A. H 17.132 

ALLEINE, R. f Heaven opened, Or, A Discovery of 
the Riches Of Gods Covenant of Grace. Being 
the Third Part of Vindicite Pietatis. Boston, 
Bartholomew Green, & John Allen, for Elka- 
nah Pembrooke, 1699. pp. (6), 360. 8 ... 22.58 

ALLEN, James, b. 1632, d. 1710, and others. 

The Principles of the Protestant Religion main- 

tained, And Churches of New-England de- 
fended, Against the Calumnies of George Keith, 
a Quaker. By the Ministers in Boston. Bos- 
ton, Richard Pierce, M DC xc. pp. (10), 156. 
8 28.187 

- Reply to The Principles. See Keith, G. . . 13.7 

Address to the Reader of an Answer to George 

Keith's Libel. See Makemie, F 15.2 

Address To I lie Reader of Late Memorable Provi- 

dences, etc. See Mather, C 13.26 



Shelf. No. 

ALLEN, James, continued. 

Address To the Reader of Benefit of Communion 

with God in His House. See Moody, J. . . . 23.05 
ALLEN, or ALLIX, James, d. 1747, aged 55. 

Tin; Eternity of God, and the short Life of Man. 

A Sermon on the Decease Of Mr. Samuel A.-pin- 
wal,m2. Boston, 1732. pp. (2), ii, 26. 8. . 18.115 

Thunder and Earthquake, A Call to Keforma- 

ti,)ii. A S.Tiium at Brooklyn, November the 
First; Upon a Fast Occasioned by the Earth- 
quake, 29th October 1727. Boston, [1727]. 

pp. (2), 49. 8 18-72 

_ - Same. Second Ed. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 49. 8. 18.121 

Two Practical Discourses, I. The Wheels of the 

World Govern'd by a wise Providence. II. The 
Doctrine of Merit exploded, And Humility 
recommended. Boston, 1727. pp. (2), 46, 29. 
go 10.262 

What shall I Render ! A Thanksgiving Sermon 

at Brooklin, Nov. 8th, 1722. From Psalm 
cxvi. 12. Boston, 1722. pp. (4), 27. 8. . .18.44,85 
ALLEX, Thomas, b. 1603, d. 1073. 

Address To the Reader of The Covenant of Grace. 

See Cotton. J 24-45 

Address To the Reader of An Exposition, etc. 

See Cotton, J 21 - 26 

ALIJN, John, b. I-VJC, <L 1671. 

Animadversions upon the Antisynodalia Ameri- 

cana, A Treatise Printed in Old England: In 
the Name of the Dissenting Brethren In the 
Synod at Boston in New England 1662. [Pp. 
1-38 by C. Chauncy.] Cambridge, S. G. and 
M. J. for Hezekiah Usher of Boston, 1664. 
pp. (6), 82. 4. [1st copy imperfect.] 13.184 and 27.85 

Address To the Reader of The Benefit of a W 11- 

Ordercd Conversation. See Hubbard, W. . 15.14 

Letter in the First Principles of New-England. 

See Mather, 1 17 - 2 ^ 

Preface to the Defence of the Answer to the 

Nine Questions. See Massachusetts .... 23.60 

Remarks with regard to I. Mather's Discourse 

concerning Baptism. See Mather, 1 27.89 

and Shepard, Thomas. 

- A Defence of the Answer made [by R. Ma- 

ther] unto the Nine Positions sent from New- 
England, against the Reply Thereto by John 
Ball ; Eutit tiled, A Tryall of the New Church- 
way in Nrw-E;iglaud and in Old. London, 

K,4x pp. (2), 211. 4 16.186 and 27.15 

ALMANAC. An Astronomical Diary, or, Almanack. 

*?O *^Q 

Ames, N 22 " 8 

AMERICA. Ferraii, F. Lexicon Geographieum .. 30.2 

Las Casas, 15. de. The lirst Voyages and Dis- 

coveries made by the Spaniards in 11-1'j 

PatiTson, J. Mape of the Terrestrial Globe, 

1684 3 - 2:> 

Purchas, S. Historic of 

Seeabo: Atl. .Charle ;.,, (.*C.),Greculand, Havana, 
Indians, Mississippi river, 1'ortobello. 

AMKUIC AN colonies. Acts relating to the. See Great 


Boyer, A. Political State of Great-Britain, 




Chauncy, C. Objections against an Aiin-ri.-an 

Episcopate 20.81,82 

_ _ Remarks on Reproach cast by the Bishop ol 

LaiidalV upon the 

Collcrtii.n of Treaties 

_ Encouragement of the Trade to. 5 


__ Historical Register, 1716,23-36 

_ Little, (). The State of Trade in the North 

,-rn Colonies 

_ Livingston, W. Letter to the Bishop . ^ 




Shelf. No. 
AMERICAN colonies, COH'/U"' <! 

Seward, W. Journal of a Voyage from Sa- 

vannah to Philadelphia, 1740 27.23 

Vade mecunv, The, for America 12.22 

Sec alto: Barbailocs, Bermudas, Brazil, Canada, 
Cape Breton, Connecticut, Fo.t Du Qucsne (!' 
Georgia, Guiana, Jamaica, Loui iana, Ma.--arlm 
Mcxir.>. . \Y_M-M. -, Xi'W Kn-'lainl, Xcw Plymouth, New 
Yo,-k. N'uva Srutin. I'apcr inoiii'y, Plantation-, Kli'.de 
1, Stamp act, Su.-ar cou Lies, Surinam, Vcra 
Cruz, Virginia, AVest Jndicii. 

AMERICAN Magazine. October, 1745. n. p. ,1745. pp. 

421-478. 4" 26.10 

AMES, Nathaniel, d. 1705, <i<-<l 57. 

Astronomical Diary, or, Almanack for 1736, 1740, 

1703,1758,1703. Boston, 1730-63. 8. [Inter- 
leaved, with MS. notes] 22.28 

ANABAPTISTS, Caveat against the New Sect of, at 

Exon 2VX) 

ANECDOTES. Clarke, S. Mirrovrfor Saints and Sin- 
ners - 1 - 9 

Groves, R. Gleanings -',i.!2 

ANGELS. Mather, C. Agathangelus 13.16 

Mather, I. Angelographia 23.3 

See aUo: Devila. 

ANOTHER High Road to Hell. An Essay on the 
Modern Entertainments from the Pulpit. Oc- 
casioned by The Stage the High Road to Hell, 
&c. Boston, Re-printed, M,DCC,LXVIU. pp. 
21. 8 e 16.138 

ANOTHER Letter from One in the Country to his 
Friend in Boston. [On the Governor's Salary. 
Boston? 1714?] pp. 11. 4 17.145 

ANSWEER to the Hampshire Narrative, A Letter to 

the Author of An. See Hampshire county . . 27.129 

ANTI-MINISTERIAL Objections Considered, or The 
Pleas Made against Duty to Ministers, AVith 
Respect to their Maintenance. A Letter to 
Ri.-hard Kent. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), 4.'i. 
S M** 

ANTINOMI.VNS. Bellamy, J. Errors of the .... 11.: 

Dickinson, J. Sundry Antinomian Principles . 24.43 
ANTISYNODA.LIA Americana, Animadversions upon 

the. Allin.J l.US! and 27.85 

APOLLONIT, W. Responsio ad Qncestionum Syllogen 

a G. Apollo:iio propositam. Sec Norton, J. . 15.32 
ArOLOGETlCALL Narration, Some Observations upon 



APOSTLES. Hooper, W. The Apostles neither Im- 
postors nor Enthusiasts 1(>.1-', 1 i 

_ Walker, T. Tin- Way to Try all Pretended . . I'''.-' 

APPARITIONS, Aiwlical. Mather, I 

APPEAL, of some of the Unlearned, both to the Learned 
and Unlearned; Containing some Queries on 
An Appeal to the Learned; l,y S. Stoddard, 
Tret- nil ig si i Answer to a I>i-<rrtation about 
Kkht to Sa.'i-anients, by J. Mather. [Colo- 
phon:] Boston, i709. pp. 2S. 12. [No tith- 

APPLI-.TON. John, d. 1739, aged 87. Rogers, .1. Ber- 

moD on the Death of 

Rou"'rs,N. Sermon on the Death of 

APPLI;T<>N, Nathaniel, /-. 10,':'. ,/. 1784. 
_ The Blessedness of i iix'-d II. 'art grounded upon 
truly Religious Principles: a Discourse ivliv- 
ered Feh. 21. 17. ^i. after the IMI;:. Cenry 
Flynt. Boston, M.DCC.I.X. pp.25, s 1 . . . 17- : '- 
_ The Christian glorying in Tribulation. Al 
Oour8 e0 Death of Mrs. Martht 
Gcrriab, April ll. 1736. Annexed some ol 
Mrs. Gerrish's Letters. Boston, 1730. pp. (4), 
: ! 

-ThO "Epistle rivt'.tc.M " to UK- " l.rttcrs" 

nod" I'. F." [Th ' >"! 

_ 'j-he ,-..nir..rlaMe Uellections of a di-lin- 
guish'd Saint, at [lu Approach of Death. 





Shelf. No. 
APPLETON, Nathaniel, continued. 

Preach'd March 27. 1737. after the Funeral 
Of Benjamin Wadsworth, President of Har- 
vard College. Boston, 1737. pp. (2), 36. 8". 17.174 

The Cry of Oppression where Judgment is 

looked for : Two Discourses, January 28th. 
1747,8: [a Fast-Day]. Boston, 1743. pp.51. 8. 18.77 

Evangelical and saving Repentance, distin- 

guished from a legal Sorrow. A Sermon at 
Newton, August 9th 1741. Boston, 1741. 
pp. (2), 63. 12" 18.223 

Faithful Ministers of Christ, the Salt of the 

Earth, and the Light of the World. A [Con- 
vention] Sermon. May 20. 1743. Boston, 
1743. pp. 56. 8 17.221 

God, and not Ministers to have the Glory of 

all Success given to the preached Gospel: 
Two Discourses, Occasioned by the Preach- 
ing of Whiteficld. Boston, 1741. pp.44. 4. 20.101 

Gospel Ministers Must be fit for The Mas- 

ter's Use : A Scrmo-i at Deerfield, August 
31. 1735. At the Ordination of John Sargent, 
with special Reference to the Indians of 
Houssatonnoc. Boston, MDCCXXXV. pp. (4), 
xiv,33. 8' 17.196,233 

Note. Address to the Govcruour and Charge to 
Mr. John Sargent, by the Rev. William Williams, pp. 
28-32. Right hand of Fellowship by the Rev. Stepheu 
Williams, p. 35. 

The great Blessing of Good Rulers, depends 

upon God's giving his Judgments & his 
Righteousness to them. [An Election] Ser- 
mon, May 20. 1742. Boston, 1742. pp. (4) 
60. 8" 

A Great Man Fallen in Israel. A Sermon at 

Cambridge, after the Death of John Levcrett, 
President of Harvard-College. Boston, 1724 
pp. (2), 30. 8 

How God wills the Salvation of all Men. 

Preached in Boston, March 27. 1753. at the 
Ordination of Stephen Badger, as a Mis- 
sionary to the Indians at Natick. The Charge, 
by the Reverend Dr. Sewall : Right Hand of 
Fellowship, by the Reverend Mr. Abbot. Bos- 
ton, 1753. pp. (4), 34. 8 

Isaiah's Mission. A Sermon at the Gather- 

ing of a Church and Ordination of their Pas- 
tor, Josiah Cofton, In Providence, Octob. 
23. 1728. Boston, 1728. pp. 41. 8. [Half- 
title wanting] 

The Origin of War, [an Artillery Election] 

Sermon June 4. 1733. Boston, 1733. pp.27. 8. 

A plain Testimony against that too fashion- 

able Vice of profane Swearing. The Sub- 
stance of several Discourses. Boston, 1765 
pp. 63. 8 

Righteousness and Uprightness Recommended. 

A Funeral-Discourse, after the Death of Fran- 
cis Foxcroft, Dec 31.1727. With a Preface by 
Mr. Flynt. Boston, 1728. pp. (4), iv, 31. 8". 

Sermon preached October 9. Being A Day of 

public Thanksgiving, Occasioned by the Sur- 
render of Montreal, and All Canada, Septem- 
ber 8th. 1760. Boston, MDCCLX. pp. 36. 8 . 

Superiour Skill and Wisdom necessary for win- 

ning Souls. A Sermon at the Ordination of 
John Sparhawk, in Salem; on the eighth of 
December, 1736. The Charge by the Reverend 
Mr. Holyoke: Right Hand of Fellowship, 
by the Reverend Mr. Prescott. Boston, 
MDCCXXXVII. pp. (4), 51. 8 17.263 

The Usefulness and Necessity of Gifts. A Ser- 

mon at the Ordination of Matthew Bridge In 
Framingham. February 19th 1745,6. Boston, 
1740. pp. 42. 8" 17.190 









Shelf. No. 
APTJIORP, East, J. 1733, d. 1S16. 

The Constitution of a Christian Church illustra- 

ted in a Sermon at the Opening of Christ- 
Church in Cambridge 15 October, MDCCLXI. 
Boston, MDCCLXI. pp. (4),Jv, 27 4 . . . . 16.1 

The Felicity of the Times. .\"Sermon at Christ- 

Church, Cambridge, XI August, MDCCLXIII. A 

Day of Thanksgiving for the General Peace. 

Boston, MDCCLXiir. pp. (2),viii 20. 4 . . . 17.1 

ARMFNIANS, Errors of the. Bellamy, J. . 11.10 

AKMINIUS, God's Dealings with A Person recovered 

from the Errors of. Moodey, S 28.55 

ARMOUR of Christianity. Mather, C 13.54 

ARNOLD, Samuel, ti. 1093, ar/cd 71. 

David serving his Generation, a Sermon to the 

General Court of New-Plimouth the 3d. of June 
1074. The Day of Election there. Cambridge, 
Samuel Green, 1074. pp. (4), 18. 4 . 18.4 and 26.149 

Fate. An address "To the Reader" is signed 
" Thomas Walley. Thomas Tliacher." 

ASHLEY, Jonathan, d. 1780, arjed 67. 

The Great Duty of Charity, a Sermon at the 

Church in Brattle-Street, Boston, November 28. 

1742. Boston, 1742. pp. (4), 25.. 8. 10.45 and 17.133, 166 

An humble Attempt to give a clear Account, 

how the Jewish and Christian Churches were 
constituted, and what Sort of Saintship is 
necessary to be a Communicant at the Lord's 
Table. Two Sermons at Deerfield, June 24. 
1753. Boston, 1753. pp. (4), iv, 20. 4* ... 17.246 

A Letter to William Cooper. In Answer to his 

Objections to Mr. Ashley's Sermon ; as pub- 
lished in the Boston Gazette, January llth. 
1743. [Colophon: Bnston,] 1743. pp. 7. 4. 

[Imperfect] 26.11 

ASPINWALL, Samuel, Funeral Sermon on. See 

Allin, J 18.115 

AssiENTO, The. Sep. Spain 26.33 

ATHENS and Rome. Swift, J 16.187 

ATLAS Minor. Mercator, G 32.25 

AVERT, Mrs. Ruth, Discourse on the Death of. flee 

Webb,B 17.53 

BACKUS, Joseph. 

The Proclamation of Joseph Jenks Dep. Gov- 

ernour, Answered; and the Proceedings Of a 
Justice's Court at Norwich, July 26. 1725 Vin- 
dicated. Boston, and N.London, 1726. pp. (2), 

32. 8 27.175 

BAILEY, John, !>. nm, d. 1007. 

Man's chief End To Glorifie God, Sermon-Notes 

on 1 Cor. 10. 31. Boston Printed by Samuel 
Green, to be Sold by Richard Wilkins Book- 
Seller near the Town-House, 1089. pp. (8), 
160. 8. [Imperfect] 23.56, 58 

To my Loving Friends, in and about Limerick. 

[Dated May. 8. 1684. No title-page.] pp. 40, 

(3). 8 23.57,59 

BAILY, L., 7>p. See Bayly, L., bp. 

BAKER, Daniel, d. 1731, arjf-d 44. 

_ Two Sermons, The First Preached at Dedham, 
October 5th. 1726. On a Day of Prayer with 
Fasting. The Other at Sherbourn, On a like 
Occasion, May 10. 1727. Boston, 1728. pp. 
(2),vi,88, 64. 12 15.51 

Note. The second sermon has a separate title-page, 
" Ivu-ly Piety the Duty & Interest of Youth," etc., 
and a separate paging. 

BALANCE, The, of the Sanctuary. Mather, C. . . . 18.262 
BALCH, Thomas, 1. 1711, d. 1774. 

Discourse at Halifax In the County of Plym- 
outh, February 2d. 1757. When William 
Patten was ordained. Boston, 1757. pp. (4), 
25. 8" 17.264 



Shelf. No. 
BALCH, Tliomas, continued. 

Preaching the Gospel, tho' Foolishness to Men, 

yet a saving Ordinance of God. A Sermon At 
Edgartown, July 23th. 1747. When John 
Newman was Ordained. Boston, 1747. pp. 

(4), 7, 30, (4). 8 17.188 

X't!<: ".\ Prefatory Address To the Church of 
Christ, ami Inhabitants of Edgartown, l>y the Kcv. 
Mr. Mayhew of Christian-Town," is signed "Expe- 
rience Mayhew." At the end are " The Charge given 
to the Kev. Mr. John Newman at his Ordination, by 
the llev. Mr. Kxjininirt.- Mayhew," and "The llight 
Hand of Fellowship, given by the Rev. Mr. Hancock." 

Sermun At Boston, June 6, 1763. [At the Artil- 

lery] Election. Boston, M,DCC,LXIII. pp. 38, 

(1). 8 17.224 

BALCH, William, b. 1704, d. 1792. 

The Apostles St. Paul and St. James reconciled 

with Respect to Faith and Works. A Sermon 
at the Lecture in Bradford, Fch. 2. 1742, 3. 
Boston, 1743. pp.31. 12" 16.212 

The Duty of a Christian Church to manage their 

Affairs with Charity. A Sermon Preached 
October 4. 1732. Boston, MDCCXXXV. pp. (4), 
19. 8 16.47,123 

False Confidences exposed, or Men warned of 

Self-Righteousness. A Sermon at Bradford, 
East-Precinct, January 23. 1742, 3. Boston, 
1743. pp. 36. 8. [Half-title wanting] . . . 16.210 

A Publick Spirit, recommended to Rulers and 

People. [An Election] Sermon, May 31. 1749. 

n. p., 1749. pp. (2), 26. 4. [Imperfect] . . 18.11 

Vindication Of some Points of Doctrine. Being 

an Answer To the Remarks of The Rev. Mes- 
eieurs Wigglesworth and Chipman. Boston, 
174(5. pp. 92. 8 26.71 

Bayly, J. Narrative Of Brethren Of the second 

Church in Bradford : Aggrieved with . 27.198 and 28.52 

Wigglesworth, S. Remarks on Doctrines Propa- 

gated by 26.72 

BALL, J. Defence of the Answer unto the Nine 
Positions against Ball's Tryall of the New 
Church-way. See Allin, J 27.15 

Modest Answer to Ball's Set Formes of Prayer. 

See Cotton, J 24.53 

BALLS, Address to Persons of Fashion, relating to . 26.60 
BANK of credit. 

See Discourse (28.155); Dudley, P. (28.140); Letter 

(-'S,S!) ; Lyude, S. (28.1U1); Model (28.158); Projection 

(28.159). Also : Land bank. 
BAPTISM. Bulklcy, J. Debate at Lyme, Conn. . . 14.58 

Cotton, J. Sermon at Salem, 1G36 2.3.G2 

Defence of the Synod at Boston, 1662 ..'... 27.86 

Mather, I. Discourse concerning 27.90 

- First principles of New-England concerning . 27.89 

Propositions concerning. See Boston, Mats. 

Synod 27.84 

Propositions concerning. See Massachusetts. 

Synods 22.6 

St. Nicholas, J. History of 12.40,41 

See also: Colton, B. (iS..",-l); Norcott, J. (2S.-|n); 
Wadsworth, B. (18.L48); Walton, J. (Religion, 28.24; 
Remarks, 28.58). Also: Infant baptism, Sacraments. 
BAPTISMAL Covenant, Duty of Renewing the. Gra- 
ham, J 16.229 

BAPTISMAL i'icty. Mather, C 28.33 

il M'TlsM.M. Ilegeneralion. Dickinson, J 27.118 

P.AI'TI.-MI S Redivivlis. St. Nicholas .1 12.10,41 

BAPTISTS, Time of the General Meetings of the. See 

Va.le Mecinn 12.22 

B.VIlIiAimr.s. Acts and Statutes <,f llarliadoes. lii.VJ. 
With the Charter. London, [10">4]. pp. xvi, 
178. 8. [Imperfect] 22.5 

Observations on the Case of the Northern Colo- 

i'ii s. [By the Bartmdoes Managers] 27.49 

BAKCI.AV, I'. HcniarkH on Barclay's Persuasive. 

See Foxcroft, T 27.166 

Shelf. No. 

BARCLAY, R. Apology for the True Christian Divin- 
ity, as Preached by the Quakers. Sixth Ed. in 
English. Newport, 1729. pp. (12), 524 [574], 
(31). 8 21.1 

EAIIL.KI s, C., or Baale, or Baerle, C. van. I'oema- 
tvm Editio auctior. Lvgdv. Batav. Ex. Offi- 
cina Elzeviriana cio IDC xxxi. pp (IH), 511, 

(1). 12" 28.206 

\,,lc. Contains " Argo Batava. Sivo Epinicuim in 
captam classcm Mexicanain," pp. 97-107: " Trivinphvs 
Supercapta Olimla, Pernambuei urbe, Brasilia; Mctro- 
poli," pp. 164-169. 

BARNARD, John, of Marble head, b. 1681, d. 1770. 

A Call to Parents, and Children. Or, The Great 

Concern of Parents ; and The Important Duty 

of Children. Boston, 1737. pp. (4), 70. 8". . 16.69 

The Certainty, Time, and End, of the Birth of 

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. A Ser- 
mon, at the Lecture in Marblehcad, December 
25. 1729. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), 66. 8 ... 16.51 

- Answer to. See Pigot, G 1C.63 

Elijah's Mantle. A Sermon at the Funeral of 

Samuel Cheever. Boston, 1724. pp. (4), 41 SMS.122 

The Imperfection of the Creature, and the Ex- 

cellency of the Divine Commandment; Nine 
Sermons on Psal. cxix. 96. Boston, MDCCXLVII. 
pp. (8), 248. 8 11.3 

Janua Coelestis. Or, the Mystery of the Gospol 

in the Salvation of a Sinner. Several Dis- 
courses on Acts xvi. 30. Boston, 1750. pp. 
442, (1). 8 11.2 

The Lord Jesus Christ the only, and Supream 

Head of the Church. A [Convention] Sermon, 
June 1. 1738. Boston, 1738. pp. (4), 34. 8. 17.222 

The Nature and Manner Of Man's Blessing God ; 

A Sermon at Salem, upon a Thanksgiving, after 
the Death of the Reverend George Curwin. 
Boston, 1717. pp. (2), ii, 42. 8 17.165 

Sermons on Several Subjects; A Confirmation 

of the Truth of the Christian Religion. One 
sermon. Compel them to come in. One Ser- 
mon. The Christian Hero, or the Saints Vic- 
tory and Rewards, in 6 Sermons. London : 
Printed for Samuel Gerrish, and Daniel Hench- 
man, Boston, MDCCXXVII. pp.190. 8. [Large 
paper] 31.3 

Tho Throne Established by Righteousness. [An 

Election] Sermon, May 29. 1734. Boston, 
MDCCXXXIV. pp. (4), 60. 8 17.118 

Two Discourses to Young Persons; added, A 

Sermon Occasioned by the Earthquake, Octo- 
ber 2!>. 1727. Boston, MDCCXXVII. pp. (4), iv, 
99. 8 18.123 

The Worship of God, Forever To he accom- 

panied with Judgment, Mercy, and Faith. A 
Sermon at the Lecture in Boston, Sept. 18. 
IT-J'.i. Boston, 1729. pp. (4), 40. 8 10.116 

Charge at the Ordination of James Diman. See 

Holyoke, E 17.200 

From Mr. Barnard's Sermon on Zeal for Good 

Works, Boston, March 25. 174.'. Pa;,'. 30- 
37. [State of Keligion in New England, pp. 
23-33] 2>VJr.r; 

A New Version of the I'salms. ,sVc llible. 

Psalms 22.24 

RiLtht Hand of Fellowship at, the Ordination of 

William Jennison Set Clark, 1' 17.230 

BARNARD, John, ofAndovt r, l>. iiv.m, ,/. i::.s. 

_ Christian Churches fonnM and fimiishM l.y 
Cliri>t. A Sermon at the Gathering of a 
( Ihurch.and the Ordination of Timothy Walker 

at !' iOOk. NOV. 18th 1780. Boston, 1731. 

pp. (4), 42. 8" 17.208 

.V.ifr. Cluine by the Itov. Samuel I'hillips of An- 
d.ivi-r. pp. :! '>': ItiiTlit ll'ind nl' Fellowship by th 
II, v . .l,,!m Ili'MM n of ll.iM'. linl, p| i- ''- 1-'. 



SheU'. No. 

BARNARD, JOHN, continued. 

The Presence of the Great God in the Assembly 

of Political Rulers. [An Election] Sermon, 

May 2S">. 1746. Boston. 1746. pp. 30. 8 . 17.99 

Sin testify 'd against By Heaven and Earth. A 

Sermon after the Earthquake of October, 1727. 

Boston, 1727. pp. 132. 12' 23.2 

Note. Pages 411-88 comprise " Piety described, and 
Early Religion recommended. In a Sermon to a So- 
ciety of Young Men, October loth. 1717. Boston, 17i'S;" 
pages SlT-lL'J, " The Nature and Danger of Sinful 
Mirth, a Plain Discourse." 

BARNARD, Thomas, b. 1716, d. 1776. 

A Sermon at the Ordination of William Whit- 

well, in Marblehead, August 25. 1762. With an 
introductory Discourse in Defence of the Es- 
tablishment of these Churches, and an histori- 
cal Account of the First Church. Boston, 
MDCCLXII. pp. (4), 51. 8 17.195 

A Sermon in Boston, Before the Society for En- 

couraging Industry, and Employing the Poor, 
September 20. 1758. Boston, MDCCLVIII. pp. 
(4), 25, (2). 8 16.127 

Tyranny and Slavery in Matters of Religion, 

caution'd against. A Sermon at the Ordina- 
tion of Edward Barnard, in Haverhill. April 

27. 1743. Boston, 1743. pp. 35. 8" 17.191 

BASS, Benjamin, d. 1756. 

Parents and Children Advised and Exhorted to 

their Duty. Part of a Sermop, at Newport on 
Rhode-Island, September 28. 1729. Newport, 

1730. .pp. (2), ii, IS. 8 18.254 

Note. The " Preface" is signed "Nathanael Clap." 

A Speedy Return to God Assisted and press'd in 

A plain Discourse at New-Port on Rhode- 
Island. Boston, 1726. pp. (2), iii, 40. 8 . . 18.138 

Note. An address "To the Reader," pp. iii, is 
signed " Benjamin Colman." 

BASSETT, Nathan, d. 1738. Remarks on Bassett's 

Appendix. See Fisher, H 27.132 

BATES, William, b. 1625, d. 1699. 

Christ in the Clouds Coming to Judgment. A 

Sermon. Boston, 1729. pp. (4), 20. 8 ... 18.255 
BAXTER, Joseph, b. 1676, d. 1745. 

The Duty of a People to Pray to, and Bless God 

for their Rulers. [An Election] Sermon, May 

31. 1727. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 36. 8 ... 18.102 

Clrirge at the Ordination of John Adams. See 

Adams, John 18.177 

Preface to Jesus Christ an Example, etc. See 

Adams, John 18.177 

BAXTER, R. The Nonconformists Plea for Peace. 

London, 1679. pp. (14), 340. 8 22.11 

Nnte. Win is mention made of Mess" Cotton & 
Hooker, & a just acct of ye Puritans." T. PRINCE. 

Rcliquire Baxterianas : or, Narrative of his Life 

and Times. Publish'd By Matthew Sylvester. 
London, M DC xc VI. pp. (28), 448, 200 [100], 
132. f 33.2 

Note. On the affairs of New England, see pp. 290- 
2!)8, where are letters by Gov. Endicott, John Norton, 
and John Elliot. 

Wehkomaonganoo asquam Peantogig Kah as- 

quam Quinnuppegig. Yeuyeu qushkinnumun 
en Indiane Wuttlnnontsowaonganit. ' Cam- 
bridge : Printed by S. G. for the Corporation 
in London for the Indians in New England. 

1688. pp. 188. 8 24.38 

Note. This is Baxter's " Call to the unconverted" 
translated into the dialect of the Massachusetts In- 
dians by John Eliot. 

Preface to Late Memorable Providences. See 

Mather, C ; 13.26 

BAYLIE, R. Ills Disswasive from the Errours of the 
Time answered by John Cotton. See Hooker, 
T 11.21 

Shelf. No. 
BAYLY, James, and others. 

Brief Narrrative Of some of the Brethren Of the 

second Church in Bradford: Aggrieved with 
the Rev. Mr. Balch's Doctrine 6c Administra- 
tion. Boston, 1746. pp. 14. 8 ... 27.108 and 28.52 

Note. Signed "James Bayly Jonathan Hale 
Thomas Merrill Jonathan Hopkinson." 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Moses Taft. See Shaw, J 27.154 

BAYLY, L., l/p. f Manitowompae Pomantamoonk 
Sampwshanau Christianoh Uttoh woh an Po- 
mantog Wnssikkitteahonat [sic] God. Cam- 
bridge. Printed for the right Honorable Cor- 
peration in London for the Gospclizing the 
Indins, in New England, 1685. pp. 303 [349], 
(2). 8 14.45, 46 and 24.42 

Note. "The practice of piety," translated into the 
Massachusetts Indian dialect, by John Eliot. Men- 
tion is made of this translation in a letter from Eliot to 
Rob. Boyle in Boyle's Works, 177-2, 4, vi, 510, in 
another, 1 Manx. Hist Coll. in, 187, and Conn. Col. 
Records, in, -184-l,S,j. This work was also translated 
into French, German, Welsh, Hungarian, and Polish. 
The "1st English edition appeared in 1792. 

BEACH, John, b. 1700, d. 1782. 

A Modest Enquiry into the State of the Dead. 

By which it appears that there is no Interme- 
diate State. N. London, 1755. pp. (4), 43. 8. 18.220 

- Dickinson, J. Remarks upon Beach's Sermon. 26.78 

- - Second Vindication against Exceptions by 

Beach 27.20 

- Hobart, N. Second Address occasioned by 

the Exceptions 26.79 

BEAKE, or Beak, Richard, b. about 1569. Answer 

unto Papers sent from the Summer-Islands by. 

See White, N 31.6 

BECKWITH, George, d. 1794. 

Adam's Losing, and Christ's Saving all their 

Seed. A Sermon at the Lecture in East-Had- 
dam, June 12th. 1734. Boston, MDCCXXXV. 
pp. (4), 26. 8 16.188 

BEESTON, William. Col. Beeston's adjustment of the 
Peace between the Spaniards and English in 
the West I-. dies. See Voyages of Capt. Sharp. 12.23 

BELCHER, Jonathan, Sermon at the Interment of. 

See Burr, A 17.7 

BELCHER, Joseph, d. 1723, aged 52 or 53. 

God giveth the Increase. Sermon at Bristol, 

N. E. Aug. 30. 1721. when Nathanael Cotton 
Was Ordained. Boston, 1722. pp. (4), iv, 38. 

8 18.170 

Note. An address " To the Reader" is signed " In- 
crease Mather." 

The Singtilar Happiness Of such Heads Or 

Rulers, as Are able to Choose out their Peo- 
ples Way. [Election] Sermon, May 28th. 1701. 

Boston, 1701. pp. 47. 8 28.121 

Note. "A Preface to the Reader," pp. 3-10, is signed 
" Samuel Torrey." 

Dues unto the Memory of. See Mather, C. . . . 18.111 
BELCHER, Mrs. Mary (Partridge), To Governour Bel- 
cher, on the Death of. See Byles, M 17.13 

BELLAMY, Joseph, b. 1710, d. 1790. 

A Sermon before the General Assembly of Con- 

necticut, At Hartford, On the Day of the Elec- 
tion, May 13th, 1762. New-London, n. d. pp. 
43. 8 18.193 

True Religion delineated. Two Discourses. In 

-which some of the Errors of the Arminians 
and Antinomians are confuted. Boston, 1750. 

pp. (2), viii, vi,421,(17). 8 11.10 

Jfote. Contains " A List of Subscribers in an Al- 
phabetical Order," pp. lL". Preface by Jonathan Ed- 
wards, the elder. 

The New Gospel in the Writings of, weigh'd in 

the Ballance. See Croswell, A 16.36 



Shelf. .No. 

BENSON-. M\, lp. Pennon before the Society fur the 
Proposition of tin- Gospel \ \ Parts, 

Fehrunry 15, 17:r>-4 I. Kon.lon, 174n. \i\>. 100. 

8 17.2.32 

. With " An Abstract of the Proceedings of the 
y, List of Members, I.i-t of the Preachers," etc, 

BERKELEY <l .,/./>. s ocietyforti 
IV. litigation of tin- Gospel in Foreign Paris, 
18th of February, 17-H. London, M.DCC.xxxir. 
pp. 78, (1). 8" n.2-,4 

. Witli "An Abstract of the Proceedings of 
the .Society, from the 10th of February ll'M, to the ISth 
of February 17"1; an Abstract of the Charter of the 
ty ; a List of the Members," etc. 

A \\~ord to the Wise: or, Exhortation to the 

Roman Catholick Clergy, of Ireland. Fourth 

Ed. Boston, 1750. pp. 10. 8 17.236 

BERMUDAS. Smith, J. Generall Historic of the Sum- 
mer Isles 30a.3 

White, X. Vindication Of the Practice of the 

Church in the Summer-Islands 31.C 

BERNARD, R., An Apologiu of the Elders in Xew- 

Engla d in Answer to. See Mather, II. . . . 21.12 
BEVERLEY, 07- Beverly, J. Unio Reformantium sive 

Examen Iloornbecki de Imlcpendentismo. 

Londiui, 1059. pp. (16), 1 f" leaf folded, 185 

[183]. 8" 24.12 

X'ltc. Contains numerous references to American 
authors, especially to Cotton and Norton. The " Epist. 
ad Lectorem," pp. S, is signed "Joh. Stalham. Job. 
Sammes Sam. Grossman. Joh. Bulkley. Guliel. Spar- 
row." Prince's own catalogue says, " Herein he de- 
feuds Mr. Cotton and other N. E. ministers, etc." 

BIBLE. Whole miles. 

Hamusse Wunneetnpanatamwe up-Biblum God 

nanoeswe Xukkone Testament kali wonk 
Wnsku Testament. Ne quoshkinnumuk 
nashpc Wu'tinnetimoh Christ noh nsGcwcsit 
John Eliot. Cambridge: Printeuxp nashpe 
Samuel Green kah Marmaduke Johnson. 100?.. 
pp. (10SC). 4 21.4 

Xute. The copies of this Bible, which have been 
minutely described, vary in several particulars, mostly 
relating to the title-page and d< -diration. Some of tlio 
issues of this edition have an Enuli-h (itle-p.iL'e and a 
dedication to Charles n,and it is stated that most of 
the copies with this dedication were sent to England. 
In some copies, the title-page is in Indian and 
Knglish. The present copy has it in Indian only, 
and it wants the dedication. 

The JS'ew Testament of the different i lies has a 
separate title-page, MS follows: " 'Wii^ku Wnttesta- 
mentiirn Nul-lorduraun Jesus Chris! Mupi'oquohwns- 
EIKIIMK -umnn |-l:'i] ' : Printed by Samuel 

Green anil Maimaduke Johnson. MWI..VI." The 
"star," win . . ; I above, is a diamoud- 

shapcd o, I , f thirty-two printer's 

flowers, which is wanting in some issues. In some 
copies of tin- \ew Testament, in Luke, the heading at 
the top nt the 1 i Chapter A'xi, n 

".\;" and for Chapter XXIV, the in ral is ",\v."' 

These errors arc corrected in the ] a "y:but,in 
correeting it apparently, the last h-tti r in (lie c:.teh- 
wonl ' i.: was pnsh'-d into the margin, and it 

stands thus: " waabe h." I : < ' : MI all 

Copies win 1 . -i- tlie h. ailni"- ln\ i- I. . il. The.-e 

last two pei ' ncdto 

11 with the 1 page, as O'Cal- 


Following the >,'c v. ' a'-e tlie Psalms in 

Indian metre, t toted b i it, from the Hay 
i Itn -Hook, \\ ; i , i, i,t with a. 

/ hu- 
maongasli David." 'I be last (i -a 

anting in thi ' c b. m mpiiiii'd in m 

' >] iy in the Lib 
-Mi LCllUSCtl II tO ."d Soei.-tv. 

A full ami i \;n I :ire, unit m' 1. 11. it's Indian Hihle may 
be found E. 1). O'i " List of Editioi 

the llnlv printed in Amcric i. Albany, 

1WJ1." &( .(Tic rhomoB, " Ilistory of Printing." The 

Slielf. Ko. 
B:BC,E, i-otiiiinii :1. 

c..llati..n of the present copy agrees exactly with that 
given by < ITallai-hun on \. 

Different , o f 

.this edition si me ) ' 
foine at two thousand. I,e>s than tv. 
known to bein > In tlii< eonntry. The.-'i lV 

late J,,hn Allan b.ouL-ht *^.:,: it 
.1.1 it 

snbscQiieiilly Cor ?lj :., be the 

highest priees ihi s r!lrc l,,, o v. 

Mimus'BcWuni t m\ve- np-T.ililum (lod 

nancfswc Xnkkone Testament kah wonk 
Vt'nslcu Ti-stament. Xe quoshkinnumuk 
nas!: '.'inciimoh Christ ii'.h as'y. woit 

John Eliot. Xah .litocu ontchetOc I'rln- 
tcnxinuk. Cambridge. Printeu'xp nas'ipe 
SamiK I Green. MDCLXXXV. pp. (1212). 4. 21.5 

X,,IP. This is the second edition of Eliot's Indian 
Bible, and the above till.- is that of the whole Serip- 
tnrrs. The apostrophe in the tirst word of the title is 
rot found in the copy in Harvard College Library, nor 
in the title as given in O'Caliaghan. 

The title-page to the Ne,'. f is as follows: 

" Wiisku Wuttcst.-menf um Xnl-lordumun lesus Christ 
Nnppoquohwussuaeneumun. Cr.mb-idgc. Printed for 
the Right Honorable Corp, ration in London, for the 
propoiration fsie] of the Gospi 1 among the Indians in 
New Lngland. ](l." After the New Testament fol- 
low the Psalms in Indian metre, as in the i!i>t editi 11, 
without separate title-page, but with the following 
heading: " Wame Kctxhomae uk' 
David," Next come two pages of the catechism in 

The collation of this copy corresponds with that 
given by O'Caliaghan, page V- it .</., who copies in 
full the dedication to the Honorable II. I 
signed by William Stomrhton, Joseph Dudley, I 
Bulkley and Thomas Ilinckley. It is said that the 
present is the only copy of the second edition con- 
taining this dedication, which In I the 
recto of the second leaf. The edition is said to have 
been L'.OOO, and perhaps twenty . known to 
exist in this country. E!'n : 1 the 
publication of this second edilion. and was as-i '.< d by 
the Rev. John Cotton, of Plymouth. 

"X. B. YFev .Mr. Toh n Cotton of Plunonth being 
well acq'l wtb ye Iud"> Laii:;g was des i by y? Indu 
Comisnrs to correct .Mr Ell. : took this 

method while a gnud K' ; ler in hi d yo 

Eng Bible aloud, Mr Cotton silently looked along in 
ye same Place in y Indn Bible: & vhn Ilr C. 
Ind" words we He ,)i' use better, 

There lie substituted ym. & this ^.| Editn is accords 
t.i Mr ( otton'a correction." Note '/y /'. Prince in ftia 
MS. cataluyue. 

Csitaloauo of Enu'lish writers On the Old and 

Xew Testament 22.8 

Dummer, J. Disscrtatio coi.'tinens Intcgri: 

< licis S. advn-Mis Xuperas in eum (Ynsiiras 
]>efensionein 20.8 

Matln-r, S. Observations on the Scriptures . . '2:'.."i2 

Tcnnent, <!. I >i vinit y of the Seriptures . . . . 1'J.IH 

W. iltcr, T. The ^eriptnres t!ie Only Itule . I' 

paitli X: I'l-aclice 1S.14G 

Olil Tut -uti nt. 

- Mather. C. Faith of the Fathers In the Words 

( f the old Testament 2^.46 

- Wiirdeswi'i-th, !:. r.viih : piration 

lid Testanior.i. I'n.m ihe Tc'-tiinony of 

Christ and his Apostles 10.41 

_ c '''st 

( hapters of. Col man, 13 li'.-" and 17.15'J 

- J'xd'uix. The XVhi'li- Booke of Psaluies Kaitht'nlly 

Ti-aiislai h Metre. M'hen'iiiit' is 

pri'iK"il a discourse declaring not only 

lawfnllnes, lint al ty of the 1 

Ordinanf.' ol -eriptitre Psa] 

in the ( 'hurehes of i rod. n. p., lnipriiili'il 

1010. IV. (147). 3. [M>. I'. Prince] . 21.14, 15 

- 5 



Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, continued. 

Note. This book was first called the " Bay Psalm- 
Book," but was afterwards known as " Tile New Eng- 
land version of the Psalms." Prince, in a MS. note to 
his catalogue, says it is " Y 1st Impression of ye N E 
version." It was printed in Cambridge by Stephen 
Daye, and was the first book printed in British Amer- 
ica, " The Freeman's Oath," a broadside and a small 
"Almanac" alone preceding It. 

Prince, who published in 1758 an edition nf the "Bay 
Psalm Book," revised and improved, savs in his pre- 
face: "By 103) there were come over hither near thirty 
pious and learned ministers, educated in the universi- 
ties of England; and from the same exalted Principle 
of Scripture, Purity in Religious Worship, they set 
themselves to translate the Psalms and other Scrip- 
ture Songs into English Metre, as near :is possible to 
the inspired Original. They committed this work es- 
pecially to the Rev. Mr. Rirhard Mather of Dorches- 
ter, the Ilev. Mr. Thomas Weld, and the Rev. Mr. 
John Eliot of Roxbury, well acquainted with the 
Hebrew, in which the Old Testament, and with the 
Greek, in which the Nrw, were originally written. 
They finished the Psalms in 1G10, which were first 
printed by Mr. Daye, that Year, at our Cambridge." 

There are in the Prince library two copies of thU 
rare book, one of which (_'!. 1,1) is complete, with the 
exception of a slight mutilation of the " Finis " leaf, 
and the absence of the following leaf, which contains 
oil the recto a list of "Faults escaped in printing." 
The other (21.14) which alone has the book-plate of 
the "New England Library," has a small part of page 
Ee supplied in manuscript, and is otherwise complete. 
There were originally three other copies in this collec- 

A second edition, somewhat amended (of which we 
have no copy), was published by Daye in 1017. After 
which the work was revised by President Dunster and 
Richard Lyou. For an account of this revision, see 

The collation of the first edition is as follows: 
Throughout the book there are no folio or pige num- 
bers. Title-page, with ornamented border; verso 
blank. Preface, twelve pages, and seven lines at the 
close, printed, shortening at each end, on the thir- 
teenth page, the fourteenth being blank. " The 
Psalmes" beginning on page "A," which follows. At 
the head of nearly every left hand page the word 
" Psalm" is spelled correctly, and on nearly every op- 
posite page it is spelled " Psalme." The book abounds 
in typographical errors and improprieties. The last 
verso printed page has, after the word " Finis," fifteen 
lines headed " An admonition to the Reader," which 
relates to the tunes suited to the Psalms. On the next 
page is a list of errata, eight in all. 

In 1862 an exact reprint of this first edition was 
printed at the Riverside Press in Cambridge, under 
the care of Dr. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, who prefixed a 
preface containing an account of the book. One copy 
was printed on parchment; five on India paper; fif- 
teen on thick paper (of which the Public Library of 
Boston has one), and fifty on common paper. The 
highest price at which a copy of the original book is 
known to have changed hands is about five hundred 
dollars. See, beside Dr. Shurtleff 's preface, THOMAS'S 
History of Printing, I, pp. 231, 233, 466. 

- Wame Ketcehomae uketsohomaongash Da- 

vid. [A metrical version of the Psalms, in the 
dialect of the Massachusetts Indians.] See 
Bible 21.4 

- The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs Of 

the Old & New Testament, translated into 
English Meeter. For the Saints, especially in 
New-England. Fifth Ed. London, 1680. pp. 

] (36), 304, (43). 24 25.26 

Xutc, Prince, in his MS. catalogue, calls this 
" The New England Psalm-Book." It is the fifth edi- 
tion of the revision of the " Bay Psalm Book," by the 
Rev. Henry Dunster, President of Harvard College, and 
Mr. Richard Lyon, who had been "probably brought 
up at one of the Universities in England," as Prince 
says. After the second edition of the original "Day 
Psalm-Book" had been published in If!!", Dunster 
and Lyon were appointed a committee further to re- 
vise and improve the I'salms, a service which they 
completed in " two or three years." Their edition was 
first published ill i(JM, with the addition of Spiritual 

Shelf. Jo. 

BIBLE, continued. 

Songs by Mr. Lyon. This version went through 
numerous editions in this country, and was reprinted 
in England ami Scotland, finding use in many of tho 
Dissenting Congregations in England, and in a num- 
ber of the churches in Scotland. It was added to 
several English and Scotch editions of the Bible, and 
weut through fifty editions, including those published 
in Europe. THOMAS'S History of Printing, i, p. 233. 
The last paging contains a metrical paraphrase of 
" The Song of Songs," etc. 

- Liber Psalmorum, cditus [cum nova versione 

Latina] a Johanne Leusden. Londini, 16SS. 

pp. 8, ff. 240, (2). 12 28.203 

Note. " Inscriptum ... D. Crcscentio Mathero, 
conversioneui Indonun, in America (uiui cum viginti 
quatnor, nuper Gentilibus, sed jam Cliristiauis Pasto- 
ribus) feliciter promoventi." 

The Book of Psalmos With the New English 

Translation, published By John Leusden. 
Utrecht, clo ID C LXXXVIII. pp. (S), ff. 240, 

(2). 12 28.203 

Note. Dedicated to John Eliot. 

- Psalterium Americanum. The Book of 

Psalms. A Translation in Blank Verse, Fitted 
unto the Tunes commonly used in our Churches. 
Boston, 1718. pp. (2), xxxv, (1), 423. 8 . . 14.16, 29 

Ifotf. " C. Mather wo comunicated ye same to me 
in his own Hand write before lie Printed it." T. 
PRINCE. "I cannot now think (tho once .. wn I 
wrote a Psalterium amcricanum, I did so)," etc. C. 
MATHER'S Tri-Parailisu*, quoted by T. Prince. 

- The Psalms of David. In Meeter. Newly 

Translated. Allowed by the General Assem- 
bly of the Kirk of Scotland. Boston, 1736. 
pp. (2), 340. 12 15.53 

Note. " A Preface, To encourage and perpetuate 
the Singing of Psalms, in Family-Worship, especially 
amongst Presbyterian Strangers in America," is signed 
"J. M." 

- A New Version of the Psalms of David; Fit- 

ted to the Tunes used in the Churches: With 
several Hymns, Out of the Old, and New, Tes- 
tament. By John Barnard. Boston, 1702. 
pp. (4), 278, (1), 16. 12 22.24 

- An incorruptible Key Composed of the ex. 

Psalme. Gorton, S 13.4a 

Ecclesiastes. Briefc Exposition. Cotton, J.. . 22.9 

Sony of Solomon. See Bible. Psalms. 1680 . 25.26 

- Cotton, J. Brief Exposition Upon Canticles . 22.10 

Daniel. Huit, E. The Prophecie of Daniel 

explained 21.20 

. - Parker, T. Visions and Prophecies of Daniel 

expounded 21.27 

New Testament. 

Gospels. Harmony of the Gospels. Eliot, J. . 11.17 

See aho: Virgins (The Ten). 

First John. Practical! Commentary. Cotton, J. 30a.6 

Revelation. Exposition upon the Thirteenth 

Chapter. Cotton, J 21.26 

BILLS of Credit. 

See Inquiry (27.30) ; Letter (CG.50) ; Reflections 
(23.151) ; Some Observations (2G.49). 

BIL.LTKE Beweegreedenen om aen Spanje den Oorlog 
aen te doen Voorgestelt in eenc brief eenes 
Koopmans te London, handelende op Amerika. 
In 't Hollands overgezet. Amserdam [sic], 
1738. pp.30. 8 27.188 

Ifote. This is perhaps a translation of " Strenuous 
motives for an immediate war with Spain. London, 


See Brief Account (22.38): Chauncy, C. (26.80, 82); 
Scripture-Bishop (22. .(I). J/,i : Episcopacy. 

BISSET, J. A Letter, &c. [No title-page.] pp.112. 8. 28.4 

Note. Criticises a Sroieh apologist for Whiteficiu, 
with many remarks on White lield's course in America. 




Sliulf. No. 
BLAIR, Samuel, 1. 1712, d. 1751. 

A Particular Consideration of The Querists : 

wherein Mr. \VhiteYud. I'M Soundness in Doc- 
trine [is] maintained, Philadelphia: Printed 
and Sold by P.. Franklin, 1741. pp. 03. 8. . 28.99 

A Vindication of Tin 1 Brethren east out of the 

Synod of Philadelphia, airainst The Charges of 
Kev. .lohn Thompson. Philadelphia: Printed 
by P>. Franklin, MIK:CXLIV. pp.63. 8 . . . 2S.19S 

The Great Glory of God, Which is display'd In 

the Gospel <if Christ. Sermon at New-Brans- 
wick, August 7. 17:ii". after the Celebration of 
the I.ord's-Snppcr. [Sermons on Sacramental 

Occasions, pp. (',1-102] 12.34 

BLOWT;RS, Thomas, </. 1729. 

Charge :'t tin- Ordination of "William Jennison. 

See Clark, P 17.230 

Preface to Seasonable Meditations, etc. See 

Chipman, J 16.272 

Sermon upon the Death of. See Foxcroft, T. . 17.66,171 

BOAJTERGF.S. Mather, C 18.133 

BonUN, W. A Brief View of Ecclesiastical Jurisdic- 
tion, As it is at this Day practised in England. 
London, M.DCC XXXIII. Boston, lie-printed, 

n. d. pp. 16. 8 26.224 and 27.74 

BOLL-AN, William, d. 1766. 

-fThe Importance and Advantage of Cape Breton. 

With Maps. London, MDCCXLVI. pp. vi, (2), 

156. 8 26.113 

Ifote. " Taken principally from Charlevoix's 
Nonrdle France ; according to [Eliot and] Allen by 
Bollan." RICH. 
BOLLES, John, of New London, b. before 1700. 

To Worship God in Spirit, & in Truth, is to 

Worship Him in the True Liberty of Conscience. 
With an Answer; By Jacob Johnson, n. p., 
MDCCLVI. pp. 127, (1), 20, (1), 74, (1). 8".. 14.55 

Ifote. Johnson's " Answer" is followed by "A Re- 
ply .. . By J. Bollcs, "addressed " To the General Court 
at Boston, May 20th 1754," opposing their Confession 
of Faith, on "Tour first Day Sabbath," " Swearing," 
"Baptism," and "Civil Government;" with much 
matter on the persecution of the Quakers. 

BONTFACIDS. Mather, C 13.18,19 

BOONE, Nicholas. 

Military Discipline. The Complcat Soldier. 

Added, The Military Law of Massachusetts- 
Bay. Second Ed. with Additions. Boston, 1706. 

pp. (4), 124. 8" 15.7 

BOSTON, aluis Sampson, Patience, tin. 7nditni. 

The Confession of Patience Sampson, alias Bos- 

ton, Who was Executed at York, July 24th. 
17:',:'). for the Murder of Benjamin Trot. [Col- 
ophon :") Boston, 17:'..">. pp. 8. 8 27.206 

X'lte. On pp. 7, 8, is a "Testimony" signed by 
" Samuel Moody" and four others, with a postscript 
by ".Tfr. Wise." 
BOSTON', .l/l/vs. Account of the Revival of Religion 

in. See Christian History, Feb. 23, 1744, 6 . . 26.9 

Byliebi. N'. Declaration of Inhabitants of, 1689. 2r>.:ss 

Letter from a Country Gentleman at Boston, to 

bis Friends in the Country 28.154 

Letter from One in tin-Country upon [Colman's] 

Distressed State- of 28.152 

Mather, ( '. Sermon on the Storm, Kelir. 24. 

17-j_'_:-, 16.217 

Names of the Streets in, 17:;-. *' Vade M.-ciim 

for Ainerir:i 12.22 

Vindication or Tbe Remark 8 of One In the Coun- 

try upon The IMstrcs.sed Stale of Boston . . . 28 I 

Convention <>!' Ministers. 171.".. The Teslimony 

aml A'lviee of an Assembly of Pastors of 
' Cbnr.-des in N'eu -Knu'laml, .Inly 7. 17 I".. Oc- 
Cnston'd I'.x the l.'e\ i\:d ..I' I.Vii'.ion. Added, 
Attestation* IV., in ;i Number ol' tbeir Breth- 
ren. BOG , n. d. pp. .')!. S -T.^U 

Shelf, :\o. 
BOSTON, continued. 

- - Reply to J. Gee's Remarks on the Testi- 

mony, etc. See Hancock, J 26.75 

- 1745. The Testimony Of a Number of New 

England-Ministers Met at Boston Sept. 25. 

174.3. Boston, 1745. pp. 20. 8* 27.32 

First Church. Foxcroft, T. Observations His- 

torical and Practical on the 27.28 

- Wadsworth, B. Sermons Occasioned by the 

Burning of their Meeting-House 25.18 

Second (Old North) church. Mather, I. Sermon 

when that Church did Renew their Covenant. 16.96 

- Willard, S. Sermon after that Church had 

renewed the Ingagementof themselves to God. 16.97 

Fifth (New North) church. Scares, A. Account 

of the Reasons Why a Number Belonging to the 
congregation could not Consent to P. Thacher's 
Ordination 28.50 

- Thacher, P. Brief Declaration In behalf of . 28.79 

- A Vindication of the Church From An Ac- 

count of the Reasons why a Number belonging 
to the New-North Congregation in Boston, 
could not consent to Peter Thacher's Ordina- 
tion there, &c. Boston, 1720. pp. (2), 14. 8 . 28.92 

Note. Pages 10-14 contain self-vindicatory state- 
ments by Peter Thacher and John Webb. 

Sixth (New South) church. Sermon at their En- 

trance into a New Edifice, 1717. Mather, C. 13.46 

Seventh? (Xew Brick) church. Two sermons at 

the Opening of the Meeting-House, 1721. 
Mather, C 13.56, 57 

Synod. 1662. Propositions concerning Baptism 

and Consociation of Churches, by a Synod of 
Massachusets-Colony. Cambridge : Printed 
by S. G. for Hezekiah Usher at Boston. 1662. 

pp. (16), 32. 4 . . 27.84 

Xote. " Chiefly written by the Rev. Jonathan 
Mitchell." ALLEN, Biog. dirt. 

_ _ Allin, J. Animadversions upon the An- 

tisynodalia Americana 27. S5 

_ _ Defence of the Answer of the Synod . . . 27.86 

Synod. 1679. The Necessity of Reformation 

With the Expedients subservient thereunto. 
Boston, John Foster, 1679. pp. (7), 15. 4 . . 27.87 

j\Ve. "SJ to be drawn up by Mr. Increase 
Mather." PRINCE'S MS. catalogue. 

Synod. 1680. Confession of Faith. Boston, John 

'Foster. 1680. pp. (7), 65. 8 14.01 and 24.39 

Note. " A Preface," pp. 4. Mr. Prince states to have 
been written by Increase Mather. 

_ _ Same. [In English and Indian.] Boston, 

Re-printed by Bartholomew Green and John 

Allen. 1699. pp. (15), 161, (4). 8 24.23 

y,,tr. iriHi the second title: "\Vunmiiiiptamoe 
Sampooaonk. Qushkenumun en Imlianc I'nnonto- 
waongauit. Nashpe Grindal Rawson." 

- - flume. Boston, 172... pp. (2). iv, 49. 8. 22.7 

Same. Boston, 1750. pp. (2), iv, 53. 12 . 14.60 
BOSTWICK, David, b. 1721, d. 1763. 

Life of Samuel Davios. See Davies, S 17.44 

BOYEH, Abel. Political State of (! real Britain. [Sept. 

1711 -Nov. 1739]. London, 1711-;''''. '->'> nos. 

in 21v. 8 19-2 

;W,-._ Very incomplete. A list of the numbers 

nnd ofthc American topics treat. <l "I'. Miinctimrs very 

en piously, 1ms been prepared, but i* loo lonj; to ho 


I'.li MIDI KM'., T. Reply to A Discourse on Ihe Sab. 

batii. SeeShepard.T TJ. 7 and 22.1,42 

BRAI>i><x"A. E., A Sermon Occasioned by the Del', at 

of. SeeVlnal.W '""' 

P.llAl>n>i;i>, .U./s.-.'., Narrative Of I'.relhreii Of the 

( .ml Church in. >'.r Bayly, J 27.I'.'S 

BRADSTREET, Mrs. Anne (i>ndi.-y\ /.. ic.12, ./. ir-72. 

Several Poems. The sci dKd. P.oslon, .lohn 

i, L678. pp.(14),255 i 8 21.29 



Shelf. No 
BRADSTREET, Benjamin, d. 1762. 

Godly Sorrow described, and the Blessing an- 

nexed consider'd. A Discourse Deliver'd 
January 2Sth, 1741, 2. At a Time of Great 
Awakenings. Boston, 1742. pp. (4), iv, 28. 8. 16.64 
BRADSTRKET, Simon, d. 1771. 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

William Whitwell. See Barnard, T 17.195 

BRAXNERD, David, b. 1718, d. 1747. 

Account of the Life of Brainerd, Missionary to 

the Indians. Chiefly taken from his Diary, 
and published by Jonathan Edwards. Boston, 
1749. pp. (2), xii, (18), 316 [314]. 8 11.5 

BRADFORD, Conn. Doings of [the] Church and Peo- 
ple. See Robbins, P 26.68 

BRATTLE, William, b. 1662, d. 1717. Sermon after the 

Funeral of. See Colman, B 28.110 

BRAZIL. Trivmphvs Super capta Olinda, Brasilia 

Metropoli. Barlaeus, C 28.206 

BRECK, Robert, b. 1682, d. 1731. 

The only Method to Promote the Happiness of a 

People. [Election] Sermon, May 29th. 1728. 
Boston, 1728. pp. (4), 42. 8 18.103 

Two Discourses. One The Danger of Falling 

away. The Other on a Sacramental Occasion. 
Boston, 1728. pp. 78. 8 16.254 

Proceedings of those Ministers That disapproved 

of the Settlement of. See Hampshire Co. . . 27.65* 

- Answer to Proceedings of the Ministers. See 

Examination 27.8 

Loring, I. Sermon Occasioned by the Death of . 17.32 

Prentice, J. Sermon on the Death of 17.31 

Swift, J. Funeral discourse on the Death of . 17.30 
BREWER, Daniel, d. 1733, affedG5. 

God's Help to be Siught, in Time of War: 

Shewed at Springfield, March 26. 1724. Bos- 
ton, 1724. pp. (4), 19. 8 16.270 

and others. To the Churches, etc. Dedication 

to an Essay, etc. See Williams, W 28.31 

BRIANT, Lemuel, d. 1754, aged 32. 

Some Friendly Remarks on a Sermon Preach'd 

at Braintree, 3d. Parish, by Mr. Porter of 
Bridgwater; from Isaiah, 64. 6. Boston, 1750. 
PP.31. 8 26.74 

- Answer to Some friendly Remarks. SeePor- 

ter, J 27.12 

BRIDGE, Ebenozer, d. 1792, aged 77. 

Sermon, May 27th, 1767. The Anniversary for 

the Election. Boston, MDCCLXvn. pp. 60. 8 . 17.80 
BRIDGE, Thomas, d. 1715, aged 58. 

Jethro's Advice Recommended to the Inhabit- 

ants of Boston, To Chuse Well-qualified Men, 
for Town Officers. In a Lecture 9th. 1st. Month. 
1709-10. Second Ed. Boston, M,DCC,xxxin. 
pp. (6), 24. 8 18.224 

Note, Prince, at the time he made his 3IS. cata- 
logue, apparently possessed only an edition of 1710, 
which was, perhaps, the first. 

Colman, B. Enquiry Meditated on the Death of. 13.62 

Mather, C. Character & History of 13.61 

Mather, I. Brief Character of 23.39 

Wads worth, B. Sermon Occasion'd by the 

Death of 13.63 

BRIEF Account of the Revenues, Pomp, and State of 
the Bishops, and other Clergy in the Church 
of England. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), 13. 8 . 22.38 
BRIEF Discourse Concerning the Lawfulness of Wor- 
shipping God by the Common-Prayer. Wil- 
liams, J 16.93 

Ciu F.r Discourse Concerning the Unlawfulness of the 
Common-Prayer- Worship ; and of Laying the 
Hand on, and Kissing the Book in Swearing. 
Second Impression. London,1689. pp. (4),43. 8. 18.266 

Note. Ascribed to Increase Mather. Allusions to 
America occur on pp. 31, 33. An address "To the 
Header," pp. 2, uot by the author, is signed " T. P." I 


Shelf. No. 
BRIEF Discourse, etc., continued. 

Reply to the Brief Discourse. Williams, J. . . 16.93 
BRIEF Memorial of Matters for Pastoral Visits. Ma- 
ther, C 16.106 

BROWN, 3/Vs. Abigail Reach, d. 1725. Funeral Sermon 

Occasion'd by the Death of. See Mather, C. . 18.58 
BROWN, John, 6. 1696, d. 1742. 

f The Examiner examin'd. Or, An Answer to 

Rev. Mr. Prescott's Examination of Certain 
Remarks On a Letter relating to the Divisions 
of the first Church in Salem. Boston, 1736. 

pp. (4), 105, (1). 8 27.182 

Note. A. prefatory note or dedication is signed 
"N. N." 

Our Great King to be Served with our Best. A 

Sermon delivered At the Lecture in Newbury- 
Newtown, Feb. 27. 1727, 8. Preparatory to the 
Lord's Supper. Boston, M, DCC, xxix. pp. 
(4), 23. 8 16 . 284 

Solemn Covenanting with God, one of the best 

means to prevent Declensions. A [Fast] Dis- 
course in Haverhil March 21. 1727, 8. Boston, 
M, Dec, xxvill. pp. (4), 35. 8 18.82 

Letter containing an Account of the Impressions 

made by the earthquake at Haverhill. See 
Cotton, J 18.106 

f Remarks in a Letter relating to the Divisions, 

etc., Examination of. See Prescott, B. ... 27.174 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Timothy Walker. See Barnard, J 17.208 

BROWN, Richard. 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

John Adams. See Adams, John 18.177 

BROWNE, Arthur, b. 1699, d. 1773. 

Religious Education of Children Recommended, 

a Sermon in Portsmouth December 27th 1739. 
The Day appointed for the Execution of Pene- 
lope Kenny. Boston, 1739. pp. 21. 8 ... 16.145 

Universal Love recommended in a Sermon be- 

fore the Free Masons, in Trinity-Church, Bos- 
ton, l at of October, 1755. Boston, M,DCC,LV. 

PP.27. 4 16.177 

BRUNSWICK, Me. Defence Of Remarks on the Plan 
published by the Proprietors of. See Plymouth 
company 26.3 

Remarks On the Plan. See Plymouth company. 26.17 
BRYANT, Lemuel. See Briant, L. 

BULKLEY, John, d. 1731, aged 53. 

Impartial Account of a late Debate at Lyme in 

Connecticut, On Baptism [and] The Mainte- 
nance of Ministers. Giving some Account of 
the Rise of the Antipedo-Baptist Perswasion. 
N. London, M, DCC, xxix. pp. (2), 199, (1). 8 s . 14.58 

Note. Opposite the title-page is a printed page con- 
taining " Theses concerning the Sabbath." 

- Examination of Mr. Bulkly's Account of the 

Lyme Dispute. See Walton, J 28.58 

The Necessity of Religion in Societies. A Ser- 

mon Preach'd before the General-Assembly 
of Connecticut, May 14. 1713. n. p., 1713. pp. 
(2), 70. 8 18.271 and 28.128 

Preface to Poetical meditations, pp. Ivi. See 

Wolcott, R 24.9 

BDLKLEY, or Bulkeley, Peter, b. 1582, d. 1659. 

The Gospel-Covenant; or The Covenant of Grace 

Opened. Preached in Concord in New-Eng- 
land. London, 1646. pp. (16), 383. viii. 4 . 21.8 

Note. An address " To the Reader," pp. 4, is 
signed "Thomas Shepard." 

- Same. Second Ed. enlarged. London, 1651. 

pp. (14), 432, (9). 4 21.23 

BURCHET, J. Reflections on Burchet's Memoirs. See 

Lillingston,L 13.1 

BDRGESS, Daniel, b. 1615, d. 1612/13. 

Rules for Hearing the Word of God. Third Ed. 

Boston, 1742. pp. (4), 18. 8" 18.215 




Shelf. No. 

BURGESS, Daniel, continued. 

Epi.stle to tbe Reader of The Serious Christian. 

See Mather, C 13.25 

BURGH, J. f Thoughts on Education. Boston, 1749. 

pp. 61. 8. [Half-title wanting.] 27.75 

BURNEL, Rebeckah, Example of Piety in. See 

Mather, C 16.255 

BURNYEAT, J. A New-England Fire-Brand Quenched. 

See Fox, 11.23 

BURR, Aaron, 6. 1716, d. 1757. 

A Servant of God dismissed from Labour to 

Rest. Funeral Sermon of Jonathan Belcher, 
Governor of New-Jersey. New York, 1757. 

pp. v, iv, 22. 4 17.7 

BURRIL, John. Objections to the Bank of Credit. A 

Letter to. See Dudley, P 28.149 

Letter From One in Boston. In Answer to a Let- 

ter to 28.83 

BURROUGHS, E. Works. [London], 1072. pp. (52), 

896, (8). f 30a.2 

Note. To the churches in New-England, Barba- 
docs, and oilier Islands, pp. 544-547; To Friends in 
Barbadoes, Virginia, and New-England, &c., pp. 548- 
550; Answer to a Petition of the General Court of Bos- 
ton, presented to the King Feb. Eleaventh, IfiGO, pp. 

BURROUGHS, J. The Rare Jewel of Christian Con- 
tentment. Eighteen Rules. Added a few 
Passages from Mr. Bolde'a Preparation for 
Death. Boston, 1731. pp. (2), 10. 12. [Im- 
perfect] 13.42 

BUTLER, J., bp. Sermon before the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 
February 16, 1738-9. London, M DCC xxxix. 

pp. 91, (1). 8" 17.256 

Note. With an "Abstract of the Charter, and of the 
Proceedings of the Society from the 17th of Febru- 
ary, 1737-8, to the 10th of February, 1738-9;" "A 
List of th Members;" " A List of the Bishops, Deans, 
&c., who have Preached before the Society." 

BYTIELD, Nathaniel, b. 1653, d. 1733. 

Account of the Late Revolution in New-England. 

Together with the Declaration of the Inhabi- 
tants of Boston, April 18. 1689. London, 

MDCLXXXIX. pp. 20. 4 26.188 

Note. On page 20 is a letter "To Sir Edmond Kt." demanding his surrender, signed by 
Waite Winthrop and 14 others. 

Sermon on the D^ath of. Sec Chauucy, C. .. 18.21, 30 
BYFIELD, Mrs. Sarah Leverett, d. 1730. Sermon on 

the Death of. See Chauncy, C 17.49 

BYLES, Mather, b. 1706, d. 1788. 

To Governour Belcher, on the Death of His Lady. 

An Epistle, n. p., [1736?] pp. (2), ii, 6. 4 . 17.13 

Note. The dedication is dated " Boston, Octob. 13.;." Prince's MS catalnyue only names this in con- 
nection with his own funeral Bermon on Mrs. Belcher, 
which has disappeared. 

Preface to An Humble Inquiry, etc. See Ed wards, . 

J., the elder 17.249 

Preface to The Great Design and Scope, etc. See 

Flavel, J 28.21 

CABOT, Marston, d. 1756. 

The Nature of Religious Fasting Opened. Two 

Discourses At Thompson In Kellingley, Con- 
necticut. On a Day of Fasting. April 13. 
17:;:;. I'.oston, MDCCXXXIV. pp.(4),ii,18. 8". 17.88, 92 

The Nature, Folly, and Evil of rash and unchar- 

itable ,Imliiig. A Sermon at the French 
Meetin^-Honse in Boston, New-England, July 
t.h- llth. 1742. ltostoM.1742. pp.37. 8 . . . 16.130 

The Scripture rh:n-actcrs of False! Prophets or 

Teachers. A Sermon at the French Meeting- 
House, May 2r,tb. 1742. Boston, 1742. pp. 
32. 8" 16.66 

Sheif. No- 
CALLENDER, John, b. 1706, d. 1748. 

An Historical Discourse on thfl Civil and Reli- 

gious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode-Island 
and Providence Plantations. From 1638 to 
[1738]. Boston, MDCCXXXIX. pp. 14, 120, (1). 
8 27.30 

A Sermon at the Ordination of Jeremiah Condy, 

[over] the BaptistChurch in Boston, Feb. 14th. 
1738, 9. Boston, MDCCXXXIX. pp. (4), 02. 8. 17.187 
CAMBRIDGE, Ufass. Harvard College. Testimony 
Of the President, Professors, Tutors and He- 
brew Instructor, against George Whitefield. 
Boston, 1744. pp. 15. 8 26.262 

- - Vindication of Whitefield against the Tes- 

timony. See White-field, G 20.258 

- Progresse of Learning in. See New-Eng- 

land's First Fruits 27.78 

- Library. Catalogue Librorum Bibliothecse. 

Boston!, MDCCXXIII. pp. (2), ii, 102. 4 . . 11.1 

Synod. 1646. The Result of a Synod at Cam- 

bridge, concerning The Power of Magistrates 
[and] Synods; [etc.]. London, 1654. pp.75, 
(1). 8 24.45 

Synod. 1648. A Platform of Church-Discipline: 

To he presented to the Churches and General 
Court for their Consideration. Reprinted in 
London, 1653. pp. 4, 29, (1). 4 27.82 

Note. An address "To all that are Faithful in 
Christ Jesus, especially to the Godly of the Common- 
Wealth of England," etc., is signed " Edw. Winslow." 
Richard Mather had a principal hand in drawing 
up this platform. 

- Same. Cambridge, Marmaduke Johnson. 

1671. pp (12), 33, (2). 4 27.77 

- Same. Boston, John Foster, 1680. pp. (24), 

64, (3). 8" 14.62 nnd 24.40 

-Same. Boston, [1713, date cut off], pp. xv, 36, 

(3). 12 28.145 

- Same. Boston, 1701. pp. (25), 64, (6). 8 . 28.118 

- Same. New York, 1711. pp. (20), 52, (5). 8. 23.63 

- Same. Boston, 1749. pp. xxii, 55, (6) . 12. 14.59 
CAMBUSLANG, Scotland. Webster, A. Divine Influ- 
ence The Spring of the Extraordinary Work at. 26.103 

Whitefield, G. Short Narrative 27.171, 177 

CAMPBELL, Daniel. Sacramental Meditations On the 

Sufferings of Christ. Second Ed. Boston, 1740. 

pp. 187, 5. 24 15.54 

CAMPBELL, or Cambell, Duncan. 

The Library of The Reverend Samuel Leo. 

Boston, Duncan Cambell. 1G93. pp. (2), 16. 4. 11.1 

A'ote. [In Mr. Prince's hand.] " Mr B Green sais 
This was priml by his broth Samuel's Letter [type], m 

CAMPBELL, John, 2d duke of Argijle. The Conduct 
Of His Grace The D-ke of Ar--le, For the 
Four last Years, rcview'd. Together with 
His Grace's Speech, April l.'ith, 1740. Upon 
the State of the Nation. London, 1740. pp. 

63. 8 16.58 

X:,l, ; . Relates in part to Spanish interference with 
the American trade. 

f The Second Edition of The Speech of The D-ko 

of A le, upon the State of the Nation. 
[Colophon :] Boston, 1740. pp. 19. 8" ... 27.159 

Note. Relates chiefly to admiral Vernon's capture 
of Portubrllu tind to utfairs in the West Indies. 

CAMPBELL, John, <l. Kill, uyrd 70. 

After Souls by De.ali are separated from their 

Bodies, they come to Judgment. A Sermon 
At. Worcester, November 24th, 1707. The Day 
of the Kxecution of .l.iliii Hamilton, alias Hugh 
Hen. Icrwon. (With his Confession.) Boston, 

1733. pp. (4), 36. 8 18.200 

CANADA. Account of nn/J-JH 

Hobby, W. S< mi, m On an Expedition against . 16.137 

See ako: Montreal, Quebec. 




Shelf. No. 

CANER, Henry, D.D., d. 1792. Dickinson, J. Ke- 
flcctions upon Caner's Sermon from Matth. vll. 
28, 29 26.78 

Hobart, N. Second Address Occasioned By Ex- 

ceptions made by Mr. Cancr 26.79 

CAPE BRETON. BoUan, W. The Importance and 

Advantage of 26.113 

Cliair.icy, C. Sermon [on] the Reduction of . . 17.110 

Importance of 26.190 

See also: Louisburg. 

CARE, n. English Liberties, or the Free-born Sub- 
ject's Inheritance; containing Magna Charta, 
Charta de Foresta, The Statute De Tallagio 
non concedendo, [etc.]. Fifth Ed. Boston, 
1721. pp. (12), 283. 8" 22.22, 23 

CAROLINE, Queen. Mather, S. Funeral Discourse 

upon the Death of - . . 17.157 

Price, R. Sermon [on] her late Majesty .... 17.65 
GARY, Mrs. Anna Bradley, d. 1755. Sermon on the 

Death of. Prentice, T 17.17 

CASES of Conscience. 

Sec Mather, I. (23.4); Shepard, T. (22.1) ; Stoddard, 
S. (17.135). 

CATALOGUE of English Writers On the Old and New 
Testament. The Second Impression. London, 
1668. pp. (8), 304. 8" 22.8 

Note. " This I number among ye New England 
Books, because several N E authors are here men- 
tioned." Ms. note of Mr. PKINCE. 

"Enlarged from Vernevill's Nomenclator." DAB- 

CATECHISING. Cares about the Nurseries. Mather, 

C 13.52 


See Cotton, J. 08.159); Henry, M. (25.31); Instructor 
(28-100); Keith, G. (12.49); Man of God (25.6); Mather, 
C. Faith (28.46, 67, 120)"; Phillips, S. (History 28.GG; 
Orthodox 15.20); Quick, J. (18.213); Shepard, T. First 
principles (22.45) ; Wadsworth, B. (14.47). Westminster 
assembly (Larger Catechism 14.37; Shorter Catechism 

CAVEAT, A, Against the New Sect of Anabaptists, 
Lately sprung up at Exon. Who were con- 
cerned in the Ilebaptization of Benjamin Read. 
From the Second Edition at London, 1714. 
Boston, [date cut off], pp.40. 8" 28.30 

CAVEAT, A, Against unreasonable and unscriptural 
Separations. A letter from a Minister. Bos- 
ton, 1748. pp. 30. 8 28.65 

CAWDREY, D. The Inconsistencie of the Independ- 
ent way, With Scripture, and It Self. A three- 
fold Discourse, I. Vindiciae Vindiciarum, 
with M. Cotton. II. A Review of M. Hook- 
ers Survey of Church-Discipline. The first 
part. III. A Diatribe with M. Hooker Con- 
cerning Baptism of Infants of Non-confederate 
parents. London, MDCLI. pp. (26), 219. 4. 21.24 
Note. Each part has a separate title-page. 

- Cotton, J. Defence from the imputation of 

Selfe Contradiction charged on him by .... 23.68 

- Stone, S. [Reply to] his Review of M. Hook- 

er's Survey 10.172 

tVinditioe Clavium answered. See Hooker, T. . 11.21 
CHANDLER, James, 6. 1706, d. 1789. 

Christians warned of Temptation, and exhorted 

to Pray, that they enter not into it. Two Ser- 
mons at Rowley, West-Parish, Feb. 10. 1754. 
Boston, 1754. pp. (4). ii, 23. 8 16.273 

CHANDLER, Thomas Bradbury, b. 1726, d. 1790. Re- 
marks on what Chandler has advanced. Scfi 
Chauncy, C 26.81, 82 

CHANLEU, Isaac, b. 1701, d. 1749. 

New Converts exhorted to cleave to the Lord. 

A Sermon Preach'd July 30. 1740. in Charles- 
town. With a brief Introduction relating to 
the Character of [Whitefield]. Boston, 1740. 
pp. (4), iv, (4), 43. 8 16.250 and 28.2 

Shelf. No. 
CHARITY (alms-giving). 

See Barnard, T. (16.127); Chauncy, C. (17.55); Col- 
man, B. (Merchandise 1G.57, 125; Unspeakable 10.144); 
Cooper, S. (16.126). See also : Poor. 

CHARITY (love). 

See Ashley, J. (1645); Balch, W. (16.47, 123); Ten- 
nent, G. (12. 40, 47). 

CHARLESTON, S. C. Sermon at Charlestown after a 

Fire. Smith, J 18.261 

CIIARLEVOIX, P. Account of Quebec. See Account. 26.220 

CHATHAM, Afass., Sentence of Excommunication, 
passed on Two Members of the Church in. 
See Lord, J 27.68 

CHAUNCEY, Nathaniel, 6. 1681, d. 1756. 

Honouring God The True Way to Honour. 

[An Election] Sermon before the General As- 
sembly of Connecticut At Hartford May 14th. 
1719. New-London, 1719. pp. (2), 54. 12 . . 18.273 
CHATJNCY, Charles, president of Harvard College, 6. 
1592, d. 1672. 

The Plain Doctrinof the Justification of a Sinner 

in the sight of God. Six and twenty Sermons. 
London, 1659. pp. (8), 306, (8). 8 21.22 

Animadversions upon the Antisynodalia Ameri- 

cana. SeeAllin,J 16.184 

CHAUNCY, Charles, D. D., b. 1705, d. 1787. [See Add.] 

The Appeal to the Public answered, In Behalf 

of Non-Episcopal Churches in America; con- 
taining Remarks on T. B. Chandler. Boston, 
1768. pp.205. 8" 26.81,82 

Charity to the distressed Members of Christ ac- 

cepted aa done to himself. A Sermon, 
Preached after the Death of Edward Gray. 
Boston, 1757. pp.32. 8 17.55 

Civil Magistrates must be just, ruling in the 

Fear of God. [An Election] Sermon, May 27. 
1747. Boston, 1747. pp.69. 8 17.100 

Cornelius's Character. A Sermon after the 

Funeral of Cornelius Thayer; Who died, April 
10. 1745. Boston, 1745. pp. 34. 8. [Imper- 
fect] 17.4T 

The Counsel of two confederate Kings to set the 

Son of Tabeal on the Throne. A Sermon [on] 
the Present Rebellion. Preach'd February 
6th. 1745, 6. Boston, 1746. pp.43. 8 . . . . 16.74 

Discourse occasioned by the Death of Joseph 

Sewall, June 27. 1769. Boston, MDCCLXIX. 

pp.40. 8 18.40 

yote. Pages 35-40 contain an "Appendix. From 
the Boston Evening-Post of July 3d. 1769." 

The duty of Ministers to "make known the 

Mystery of the Gospel." A Sermon at the 
Ordination of Penuel Bowen. Boston, 1766. 
pp.39. 8* 17.235 

Note. Charge by the Rev. Mr. Samuel Checkley ; 
Eight Hand of Fellowship by the Rev. Mr. Cooper. 

Early Piety recommended and exemplify'd. A 

Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Elisabeth 
Price. Boston, 1732. pp. (4), iv, 25. 8 . . . 16.80 

The Earth delivered from the Curse. A Sermon 

occasioned by the Earthquakes ; Preached Jan- 
unry22,1756. Boston, M,DCC,LVI. pp.28. 8. 17.125 

Enthusiasm described and caution'd againet. A 

Sermon in Boston, 1742. With a Letter to the 
Rev. James Davenport. Boston, MDCCXLII. 
pp. (4),viii,27. 8 16.301 and 17.124 

The Gifts of the Spirit to Ministers consider'd in 

their Diversity. A Sermon at the Thursday- 
Lecture, Decemb. 17. 1741. Boston, 1742. pp. 
40< 8 17.216 and 18.41 

The Idle-Poor secluded from the Bread of Char- 
ity by the Christian Law. A Sermon before 
the Society for encouraging Industry, and em- 
ploying the Poor. Aug. 12. 1752. Boston, 
1752. pp. 23. 8 16.128 






Shelf. No. 

CHAUNCY, Charles, continued. 

Joy, the Duty of Survivors, on the Death of 

Pious Friends and Relatives. A Discourse On 
the Death of Mrs. Lucy Waldo. Boston, 1741. 
pp. (2), 26. 8" ................ 

Letter to a Friend, Containing, Remarks on a 

Sermon by the Bishop of Landaff, before the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts, February 20. 1767. In which 
Reproach is oast upon the American Colonies. 
Boston, MDCCLXVII. pp. 56. 8" ....... 26.80 

Letter To George Whitcfield, Vindicating certain 

Passages in Seasonable Thoughts, [etc.], Bos- 

ton, 1745. pp. 39. 4 ............ 26.99 

Man's Life considered under the Similitude of a 

Vapour. A Sermon on the Death of Mrs. 
Sarah Byfield ; Who died Decemb. 21st. 1730. 
Boston, MDCCXXXI. pp. (6), 42. 8" ..... 

Note. Pages 40-42 comprise " An Appendix. From 
the Weekly News-Letter, No. 1405. Containing an 
Account of the Deceased." 

Marvellous Things done by the right Hand and 

holy Arm of God. A Sermon 18th of July, 
1745. Being a Day for Thanksgiving For the 
Reduction of Cape-Breton. Boston, 1745. pp. 
23. 8 .................... 17.110 

Ministers cautioned against the Occasions of 

Contempt. A [Convention] Sermon, May 31. 

1744. Boston, 1744. pp. 54. 8 ....... 17.220 

Ministers exhorted and encouraged to take heed 

to themselves, and to their Doctrine. A Ser- 
mon Preached 7th of November, at the Instal- 
ment of Thomas Frink [over] the third Church 
in Plymouth. Boston, 1744. pp. 45. 8 . 17.158, 232 

Nathanael's Character display'd. A Sermon, 

after the Funeral of Nathanael Byfield. n. p., 

1733. pp. (4), iv, 35. 8 .......... 18.21, 30 

Note. The " Preface " is signed " Tho. Foxcroft." 
Pages 3J-35 contain "An Account of the deceased. 
From the Weekly News-Letter, No. 15.33. With 

The New Creature Describ'd. A Sermon at the 

Thursday-Lecture, June 4. 1741. Boston, 1741. 

pp. 47. 8. [Half-title wanting] ...... 17.159 

The only Compulsion proper in Affairs of Con- 

science and Religion. A Sermon, September 
2dl739. Boston, MDCCXXXIX. pp. (4), 26. 8. 

The out-pouring of the Holy Ghost. A Sermon, 

May 13. 1742. On a day of prayer observed by 
the first Church. Boston, 1742. pp. 46. 
8 .................. 16.78 and 17.86 

Prayer for help. A Sermon after the funeral of 

Jonathan Williams. Boston, 1737. pp. (4), 25. 

8 ...................... 17.18 

Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion In 

New-England. Boston, 1743. pp. xxx, 18, 

424. 8 ................... 11.9,20 

- Letter to, On Account of his Seasonable 

Thoughts. See Whitefield, G ........ 26.85,89 

An unbridled Tongue. A Sermon at the Thurs- 

day-Lecture, September 10th. 1741. Boston, 

1741. pp. 30. 8 .............. 16.76,79 

Preface to The woful Condition of Impenitent 

Souls, etc. See Whittelsey, 8 ........ 16.60, 77 

ClIAUNCY, Isaac, d. 1745, aged 74. 

The Faithful Evangelist. A Sermon at The Or- 

dination of William Rand, at Sunderland, May 
20th. 1724. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), 35. 8" . . 27.151 

CnEBACOO Narrative, The, Rcscn'd from the Charge 

of Falshood. Cleaveland, J .......... 26.6G 

CIIECKLEY, John, l>. 108D, d. 1 <.'>::. 

| DetViii-r ( )f A Modest. Proof, in a Reply to [IS. 

WigglesWorth'8 | Sulier Remarks, tc. P.ONton, 
1724. pp. (2), 7H, 14, (1). 8' ........ 

Ante. The half-title add* : " With Strictures ou J. 
Dickinson's Defence of Presbyterian Ordination. 



Shelf. No. 
CHECKLEY, John, continued. 

Also Animadversions upon [T. \ValtorV] Essay upon 
that Paradox, Infallibility may sometimes mistake. 
[AndJ The ruling and ordaining Pnwcr of Congrega- 
tional Bishops or Presbyters defended [by T. t'ox- 

- Dickinson, J. Remarks upon The Postscript 

to the Defence Of A Modest Proof 27.183 

- Foxcroft, T. Reply to the Appendix to the 

Defence of the Modest Proof 27.138 

Discourse concerning Episcopacy. ,SVe Prin< <, 

N. Answer to Lesley, and his Interpolator's 
[Checkley] Discourse 16.189 

- Walter, T. Reply to A Discourse 27.122 

Note. On this Discourse, see U. Stevens' Nuygets, 
pp. lOT, 138. 

Discourse Shewing, Who is a true Pastor of 

Christ, Remarks upon A. See Walter, T. . . 27.122 

f A Letter To Jonathan Dickinson ["Author of 

the Remarks." No title-page. 1725.] pp. (2), 

14. 8" 28.54 

f A Modest Proof of the Order & Government 

Settled by Christ and his Apostles in the 
Church. Boston, 1723. pp. (2), v, 63. 
8 27.180 and 28.11 

- Dickinson, J. Answer to A Modest Proof . 28.15 

- Wigglesworth, E. Remarks on a Modest 

Proof 27.165 

CHECKLEY, Samuel, b. 1696, d. 1769. 

A Day of Darkness. An [Election] Sermon : 

May 28th. 1755. Boston, MDCCLV. pp. 35. 8. 17.73 

The Death of faithful gospel Ministers, the 

greatest loss to survivors. A Sermon Septem- 
ber 17th. 1727. after the Funeral of William 
Waldron. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 21. 8 ... 17.22 

The Duty of a People, to Lament the Death of a 

Good King. A Sermon August 20th. 1727. 
After the Death of George I. Boston, n. d. 
pp. (4), 23, (4). 8" 17.34, 51 

Note. " Appendix. (Taken from the London 
Journal, June 17. 17:27.)," signed " Britannus." 

Little Children brought to Christ. A Sermon 

Preached May 6. And June 14. 1741. Boston, 

1741. pp. 2t. 8 28.35 

Mercy with God for the chief of Sinners. A 

Sermon March 4th To a Prisoner Under Sen- 
tence of Death for Murder. Boston, 1733. 
pp.32. 8 16.298 

Murder a great and crying Sin. A Sermon 

March 4th. 1732-3. To a Prisoner Under Sen- 
tence of Death. Boston, 1733. pp. 26. 8 . 16.297 

Sinners minded of a future Judgment. A Ser- 

mon, to A condemned Prisoner, March 18th. 
1732-3. Boston, 1733. pp. 32. 8 16.299 

Charge at the Ordination of Penuel Bowcn. See 

Channey, C 17.235 

CIIECKLEY, Samuel, the .swi, b. 1723, d. 1768. 

The Character and Hope of the Righteous Con- 

sider'd, in a Sermon after the Funeral of Madam 
Lydia llutehinson. Boston, 1748. pp. (2), ii, 
11. 8 18.31 

The Christian triumphing over Death through 

Christ. A Sermon Upo:i [the death of Mrs. 
Mary Gallop). Hoston, M IKVIAV. pp. 45. 8. 17.52 

The Duty of (Soil's People when engaged in 

War. A Sermon in P.,>sion, Sept. 21. To 
Captain Thoni.H Stoildanl, and his Company; 
On their going against the Enemy. Huston, 
IT:.:,, pp.31. 8. [Half-title wanting] . . . 17.10S 
IIEF.V'r.U, K/.ekiel, b. 101"), </. ITil'v 

Scripture Prophecies Explained. In three Short 

Kssays. I. Oil the Restitution of all Thing*. 
II. On St. John's First Resurrection. III. On 
the Personal Coining of Christ, at the Millen- 
nium. Boston, M.DCIM.VII. pp.38. 8 . . . 27.9 




Shelf. No. 
CHEEVER, Samuel, b. 1639, d. 1724. 

God's Sovereign Government among the Na- 

tions. [An Electiqn] Sermon, May 23. 1712. 
Boston, 1712. pp. (2), 53. 8" 18.276 

Sermon at the Funeral of. i'ee. Barnard, J. . . 18.122 
CHEEVER, Thomas, b. 1658, d. 1749. 

Two Sermons at Maldon. The First, August 26. 

1722. The Second on a Fast. June 4th. 1725. 

[Boston,] 172G. pp. (2), 94. 12 15.59 


See Baker, D. (15.51); Barnard, J. (16.69); Bass, B. 
08.254); Checkley, S. (38.35); Cobbct, T. (22.14); Jane- 
way, J. (15.1I6; 24.50); Lewes, D. (28.13): Mather, C. 
(Duty 23.33); Mather, I. (Call 23.0; Earnest 23.40; Pray 
23.10); Thacher, P. (15.55); Williams, J. (16.259). See 
also : Education, Infant, Parents, Piety (Early). 

CHILDREN, Church Membership of. 

See Cobbet, T. (21.C); Shepard, T. (27.83). 

CHIPMAN, John, 6. 1691, d. 1775. 

Seasonable Meditations for the Last Day of the 

Year. A Sermon at the Lecture in Wenham, 
Dec. 31. 1728. Boston, M,DCC,XXIX. pp. (4), 
ii, 21. 8 16.272 

Note. " The Preface," pp. ii, is signed "Thomas 
Blowers, Robert Ward." 

Remarks on Some Points of Doctrine, Propa- 

gated By W. Balch. See Wiggles worth, S. . 26.72 

- Answer to the Remarks. See Balch, "W. . . 26.71 
CHRIST, The History of, Epitomiz'd : In a Catechetical 

Way. Phillips, S 28.66 


Divinity of. See Kent. B. (17.242); Monis, J. (22.46); 
Seccomb, J. (16.133). Glory of. Mather, C. (Glorious 
18.240); Mather, I. (Dying 23.46; Glorious 23.37; Medi- 
tations 23.10; Mystery 23.20); Pemberton, E. (17.244); 
Sewall,J. (16.11). Sttfferinysof. Campbell, D. (15.54); 
Eliot, J. (11.17); Holyoke, E. (12.35); Norton, J. (12.38); 
Pynchon, W. (13.3). Union with. Hooker, T. 
(The Sovles Exaltation 21.18; The Sovles Ingrafting 
21.18a); Hooper, W. (16.18, 20); Mather, C. (Vital 
28.150). See aUo: Barnard, J. (16.51); Finley, 8. 
(16.119); Lord, B. (16.260); Hooper, W. (16.16); Mather, 
C. (Things 13.45; True 27.100); Parker, D. (28.38) j 
Pemberton, E. (Duty 16.247; Knowledge 18.143); 
Prince, T. (16.155); Sewall, J. (Believer'3 15.13; Christ 
17.237); Stoddard, S. (Those 18.239; Three 24.37); Ten- 
nent, G. (Preciousness and Unsearchable 12.34; Two 
12.47); Thayer, E. (22.16); Wadsworth, B. (16.208); 
Walter, N. (24.8); Whitefield, G. (Sermons 15.57)j 
Wilcox, T. (28.142): Woodbridge, T. (18.267). See also: 
Descent into hell, Resurrection, Second Advent, 

CHRISTIAN Cynick, The. Mather, C 13.39 

CHRISTIAN History, The; Containing Accounts of 
the Propagation and Revival of Religion in 
Great Britain, America, &c. Nov. 24. 1744. 
Dec. 1, Jan. 5. 1744, Feb. 23, 1744, 5. n. p., 
[1744]. 4 26.9 

Contents. Tennent's Account of the Revival in 
Freehold, &c., finished; The Revival in Plymouth, 
a Letter from the Rev. Mr. Leonard; The Revival at 
Taunton, finished; lu Boston, finished. 

- Same. Dec. 2, Jan. 12,1744; Feb. 2,16,1744,5. 

Boston, [1744, 45]. 8 27.29 

Contents. Account of the Revival at Taunton, con- 
tinued; In Boston, continued; Accounts of Whitefield, 

Note. This was undertaken at the suggestion of 
the Rev. Thomas Prince, who was one of the princi- 
pal contributors : it was published by his son, Thomas 
Prince, and continued for two years. 

CHRISTIAN'S Daily Devotion, The : A Continuation 
of the Pastoral-Letter. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), 
21. 12 28.S2 

CHRISTMAS. Pigot, G. Vindication of the Observa- 
tion of, in Answer to T. de Laune, Mr. Whis- 
ton, and J. Barnard 16.63 

Bcougal, H. Sermon Preach'd On 18.200 

Shelf. Not 
CHRONOLOGICAL History of New-England. Prince, 

T 22.45 


See Hooker, T. (25.1): Keith, G. (16.180); Willard, S. 
(18.80). Seeatso: Consociation, Ecclesiastical. 

CHURCH and state, Moses and Aaron : Or, The 

Rights of. Noyes, J 26.178 

CHUHCH-CATHOLICK visible, Vindication of the Es- 

BiHice, Unity and Priority of the. Hudson, S. . 32.23 
CHURCH-GOVERNMENT and Church-Covenant dis- 

cvssed. Mather, R 21.12 

CHURCH-MEMBERS, Holiuesse of. Cotton, J 27.17 

CHURCH membership. See Children, Communion 

(Terms of). 

CITY of Refuge, The. Mather, C 13.64 

CLAGGETT, William, of Newport, n. I. 

A Looking-Glass for Elder Clarke and Elder 

Wightman, and the Church under their Care. 

Newport, 1721. pp.230. 8 22.59 

CLAP, Nathaniel, b. 1668, d. 1745. 

The Lord's Voice, Crying to His People : a Ser- 

mon, Preached 27 d. 1 m. 1715. Occasioned By 
a Man Barbarously Murdering his Wife and 
her Sister, and then Burning his House, March 
22. 1715. With some Account about the Poor 
Man. Boston, 1715. pp. (2), 137, (1). 12 . . . 25.1T 

Note. Pages 73-137 contain " Some of the Last 
Words of Several Dying Persons : a Discourse On 
Luke xxiii. 39,-43. The Last Sermon heard by the 
Poor Man. Preached April 10. 1715. Boston, 1715." 

Preface to Parents and Children Advised, etc. 

See Bass, B 18.254 

CLAP, Thomas, 6. 1703, d. 1767. 

Brief History and Vindication of the Doctrines 

Received in the Churches of New-England, 
With A Specimen of the New Scheme of Reli- 
gion. Second Ed. New-Haven, Printed : Bos- 
ton, Re-printed, 1757. pp. 40. S 16.165 

Declaration against Whilefield. See New Haven, 

Conn. Yalu college 28.8 

Edwards, J Reflections on Rector Clap's Man- 

agement 28.138 

CLARIDGE, Richard. 

Epistle dedicatory to Baptism Discovered. See 

Norcott, J 28.40 

CLARK, Peter, 6. 1694, d. 1768. 

The Advantages and Obligations arising from 

the Oracles of God committed to the Church 
and its Ministry. A [Convention] Sermon : 
May 30. 1745. Boston, 1745. pp. (4), 56. 
8 17.137,212 

The Captain of the Lord's Host appearing with 

his Sword drawn. Two Sermons at Salem- 
Village, on the Fast, February 26. 1740, 1. 
Boston, 1741. pp. (4), 55. 8 16.85 and 17.93 

Man's Dignity and Duty as a reasonable Crea- 

ture: A Sermon at the Dudleian Lecture, 

May 11. 1763. Boston, 1763. pp. 47. 8 ... 17.227 

t Remarks on "The Opinion of One that has 

perused the Summer-Morning's Conversation, 
concerning the Doctrine of Original Sin," &c. 
Boston, 1758. pp. 43, (1). 8 8 [See Addenda.] 27.5 

The Rulers highest Dignity, and the People's 

truest Glory. [Election] Sermon, May 30th. 
1739. Boston, MDCCXXXIX. pp. (4), 58. 8. 17.123 

The Service of God in the Gospel-Ministry, re- 

commended and encouraged. A Sermon at the 
Ordination of William Jenison, in Salem, May 
22. 1728. Boston, MDCCXXVIII. pp. (4), 35. 8. 17.230 

y te. Charge by the Rev. Mr. Blowers of Beverly ; 
Right Hand of Fellowship by the Rev. Mr. Barnard 
of Marblehead. 

A Sinners Prayer for Converting Grace. A 

Sermon Preach'J at the Lecture in Boston, 
February 13th. 1734. Boston, MDCCXXXV. 
pp. (2), 83. 8" 16.226, 235 




Shelf. No. 

CLARK, Peter, continued. 

Tim Witness of the Spirit in the- Hearts of Be- 

lievers. A ScrmoTi, at Watcrtown, Sept. 16. 

1743. Boston, 1714. pp. 4"). 8* 16.33 

I\iij;lit Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

James Diman. See Holyoke, E 17.200 

CLABKE, James, of Newport, It. I. Looking-Glass 

for Elder Clarke. Sec. Claggelt, W 22.50 

CLARKE, S. A Mirrovr for Saints and Sinners: By 

Examples. London, 1646. pp. (22), 227. 

8 29.9 

Note. Among the examples are " The wife of Mr. 
\Villiam Dicr" and "Mistress Ilutcliinson," pp. 

ClEAVELAND, John, I). 1722, d. 1799. 

fThe Chebacco Narrative Rescu'd from the 

Charge of Falshood and Partiality. In a Reply 
to the Answer by the second Church in Ips- 
wich. Boston, 1738 [1748]. pp. 20. 4 ... 26.66 

CLOTHE, bp. of. See Berkeley, G. 

COBBET, Thomas, 6. 1608, d. 1685. 

A Fruitfull Discourse touching The Honour due 

from Children to Parents, and the Duty of Pa- 
rents towards their Children. London, 1656. 
pp. (12), 243. 8 22.14 

A Jvst Vindication of the Covenant and Church- 

Estate of Children of Church-Members : As 
also of their Right unto Baptisme. Wherein 
loh. Spilsbury, A. R. Ch. Blackwood, and H. 
Den, are Answered. Annexed a Refutation of 
The plain Treatise touching Baptism. London, 
1648. pp. (4), 29'5. 4 21.6 

A Practical Discourse Of Prayer. London, 

Printed by T. M. for Joseph Cranford. 1654. 

pp. (14), 551. 8 22.15,26 

- Same. Printed by T. M. for Ralph Smith. 

1654. pp. (14), 551. 8 22.27 

COHELETH. Mather, C 28.165 

COIT, Joseph, d. 1750, aged 76 or 77. 

Letter To the People. See Windham county . 26.57 
COLLECTION, A, of Treaties of Peace and Commerce. 

London, 1714. pp. (10), 354. 8 32.22 

Note. Treaties No. 1C, 24, 26, 31, 39, 94, 99, 100 relate 
to America. See also pp. 121, 244, 252, 269, 273. 

COLMAN, Benjamin, b. 1673, d. 1747. 

A Blameless & Inoffensive Life, a Sermon after 

the Funeral of David Stoddard. Boston, 1723. 

pp. (6), 34. 8 18.114, 121 

The Blessing of Zebuluu & Issachar. A Sermon 

before the General Court, November 19. 1719. 
Boston, 1719. pp. (2), 30. 8 16.241 

Brief Dissertation on the Three first Chapters 

of Genesis. Boston, 1735. pp. (4), 59. 8 . . 

16.30 and 17.152 

Brief Enquiry Why the People of God bring 

into their Confessions, the Sins of their Ances- 
tors. Preached on a Day of Fasting, March 
22. 1710. Boston, 1716. pp. 32. 8 18.243 

The Case of Satan's fiery Darts in Blasphemous 

Suggestions ami II< llish Annoyances: Several 
Sermons, May 1711. and 1743. Boston, 1744. 
pp. 95. 8* 16.34 

Note. Pages Hl-95 comprise an "Appendix," con- 
taining a letter hy a clergyman not numcd. 

The Credibility of the Christian Doctrine of the 

Resurrection. A Sermon, July 24th 17'J.i. 
Boston, 17i. jip. (4), ii, 32. 8 16.27 

Death and the (irave without any Order. A 

Sermon July 7. 1728. after a Duel. Boston, 

1T2S. pp. (4), 19. 8 10.35 

A Devout ami Hum Me Kminiry Inlo the Keasons 

of the Death of Good Men. 1'reached on tho 
Death of the llev. llrnli;e. li.:n:i, 
1713. pp. '>. 12'-' U.Cj 

Shelf. No. 
COLMAN, Benjamin, continued. 

A Discourse in the College-Hall At Cambridge, 

March 27. 1722. Before the Baptism of R. Ju- 
dah Monis. Added Three Discourses by Mr. 
Monis. Boston, 1722. 8 22.46,48 

Note. Each of the four discourses has a title-page 
and a separate paging. Colman's is " Moses," etc. (see 
below) ; for the others, see Monis, J. 

A Dissertation on the Image of God wherein 

Man was created. Boston, MDCCXXXVI. pp. 

(4), xii, 47. 8 16.153 

The Doctrine and Law of the Holy Sabbath. 

Two Sermons, October 15. and December 10. 

1724. Boston, 1725. pp. (4), iii, 43. 8 ... 16.158 

Dying in Peace in a Good Old Age. A Sermon 

after the Funeral Of Simeon Stoddard. Bos- 
ton, M,r>cc,xxx. pp. (6), 19. 8 e 17.33 

Early Piety again Inculcated. A Sermon to a 

Society of Young Men, July 10. 1720. Boston, 

1720. pp. (2), 36. 8 16.223 

The Earth devoured by the Curse. A Sermon, 

Novem. 2. 1727. On a Day of Fasting, four 
days after the Earthqvake. See, below, his 
"Judgments of Providence " 17.127 

The faithful Ministers of Christ mindful of their 

own Death. A Sermon Upon the Death of 
Solomon Stoddard. Boston, MDCCXXIX. pp. 

(4), ii,25. (4). 8 17.21 

Note. There is a biographical " Appendix. From 
the Boston Weekly News-Letter: No. 112." 

Faithful Pastors Angels of the Churches. A 

Sermon, March 4. 1739. After the Funeral of 
Rev. Peter Thacher. Boston, 1739. pp. (4), 
26. 8 17.25 

The faithful Servant in the Joy of His Lord. A 

Sermon on the Death of Samuel Holden : 
Preached Sept. 4. 1740. Boston, MDCCXL. pp. 
(8), 21. 4 17.9 

The Fast which God hath chosen. A Sermon 

March 21. 1734. Boston, Moccxxxrv. pp. (4), 

23. 8 17.90 

Fidelity to Christ And to the Protestant Succes- 

sion in the House of Hannover. A Sermon, 
after the proclaiming of George the Second; 
August 19. 1727. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), iv, 18. 
8* 18.145 

The Friend of Christ, and of His People. A 

Sermon, April 1. 1731. Before the General 
Court: Upon the Death of Thomas Hollis. 
Boston, 1731. pp. (4), iv, 29. 8* 17.16 

Funeral Sermon, upon the Death of Grove Hirst. 

Added, An Extract from the Private Writings 
of Mr. Hirst. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), viii, (2), 
136. 8" 14.25 

The Glory of God in the Firmament of his 

Power. A Sermon, October 31st. 1742. Bos- 
ton, 1743. pp. (2), iv, 22. 8" 16.151 

God deals with us as rational Creatures. A 

Sermon, February 7. 1722, 3. Boston, 1723. 

pp. (4), 23. 8 16.264 

God is a Great King. A Sermon May 13. 1733. 

Boston, MDCCXXxm. pp. (4), 20. 8' .... 16.29 

A Gospel Ministry The rich Gift of the Ascended 

Saviour. A Sermon August 2. 1715. Boston, 

1715. pp. (2),4S. 8 14.34 

Government the Pillar of the Earth. A Sermon, 

August 13th 1730. Boston, 1730. pp. (4), 17, 

(2). 8 16.31 

The (Jreat <i<><l has mairnilicd his Word to tho 

Children ..f Men. A Sermon, April 2!'. 1742. 
l-.oston, 1742. pp.32. 8 16.28 

.The Honour and Happiness of the Yerluous 

M'.. ni mi ; In tho Relations Of Wife and Mother. 

Mrditnled upon the Death of Mrs. Klmibeth 
Hirst. Boston, 1710. pp. (2), iii, 33. S . . . 18.183 




Shelf. No. 
COLMAN, Benjamin, continued. 

A Humble Discourse of the Incomprchensiblc- 

ness of God. In Four Sermons. 1714. With a 
Preface by the Reverend Mr. Pcmberton. Bos- 
ton, Daniel Henchman. 1715. pp. ('2), xii, 
109. 8 24.34 

- Same. Boston, Samuel Gcrrish. 1715. pp. 

(2), xii, 109. 8 24.31 

Imprecation Against the Enemies of God, Law- 

ful and a Duty. A Sermon, March 20!h. 1707. 
Boston, 1707. pp. (2), 30. 8 .... 18.137 a:id 23.125 

Jacob's Vow upon His Leaving his Father's 

House, A Sermon Had in Private, Octob. 15. 

1722. Boston, 1722. pp. (4), 20. 8 16.233 

The Judgments of Providence in the hand of 

Christ: His Voice to us in the Earthquake. 
And The Earth devoured by the Curse. 
In four Sermons. Boston, 1727. pp. (2), viii, 

86. 8 17.127 

Note." The Earth devoured by the Curse," haa a 
separate title-page. 

A Letter to the Reverend Mr. Williams of Leb- 

anon, Upon reading the Confession and Retrac- 
tations of James Davenport. Boston, Aug. 14. 
1744. pp. 8. 8" 18.156 

The Lord shall rejoice in his Works. A Sermon, 

August 27. 1741. Boston, MDCCXLI. pp. 26, 

(2). 8 17.153, 155 

Note. With a conzratulatory address of the " asso- 
ciated Pastors " of Boston to Gov. Shirley, and his 

The Master Taken up from the Sons of the Pro- 

phets. A Sermon at Cambridge Upon the 
Death of John Levcrett. Boston, 1724. pp. 
(2), 25. 8 18.61 

The Merchandise of a People Holiness to the 

Lord. A Sermon, July 1. 1725. Boston, 1736. 

pp. (4), iv, vi, 38. 8 16.57, 125 

Ministers and People under special Obligations 

for the Preached Gospel. A Sermon On a 
Day of Prayer. Boston, M,DCC,XXXII. pp. 
(4), 20. 8 16.154 and 17.84 

Moses a Witness to Christ. A Discourse at 

Cambridge, March 27. 1722. Boston, 1722. pp. 

(2), i, (1), 27. 8" 22.46,48 

Note. See, above, his " Discourse." 

Parents and grown Children should be together 

at the Lord's Table. A Sermon Before the 
Sacrament, at the Fryday Lecture in Brattle- 
Street, [Feb. 3, 1727]. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 
27. 8 16.218, 222 

The Piety and Duty of Rulers To Comfort and 

Encourage the Ministry of Christ. A Sermon, 
June 10th. 1708. Boston, 1708. pp. (4), 31. 
8 16.294 and 28.19 

Practical Discourses upon thu Parable of the 

Ten Virgins. London, 1707. "pp. (8), 423. 8. 21.2 

- Same. Second Ed. Boston, MDCCXLVII. 

pp. (2), vi, 344 [342]. 8 . . . . 11.6 

Prayer to the Lord of the Harvest for the Mis- 

sion of Labourers into his harvest. A Sermon, 
August 9. 1727. at the Ordination Of Ebenezer 
Pemberton. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 19. 8 . 17.201,207 

The Religious Regards we owe to our Country. 

[An Election] Sermon, May 28. 1718. Boston, 

1718. pp. (4), iii, 56. 8" 18.93 

Reliquias Turellse. Two Sermons at Medford, 

April 6. 1735. after the Funeral Of His Daugh- 
ter Mrs. Jane Turell. Added, Memoirs of her 
Life and Death, By her Consort, Ebenezer 
Turell. Boston, 1735. pp. (2), iv, vi, 129. 

8 18.22 

Note. Prefixed, pp. vi, is "An Epistle To the Rev- 
erend Mr. Ebenezer Turell, By the Reverend Mr. 
John Adams." 

Shelf. No. 
COLMAN, Benjamin, continued. 

Righteousness and Compassion the Duty and 

Character of Pious Rulers. A Sermon on a 
Day of Private Fasting December 10th 1736. 
Before the General Court. Boston, 1736. pp. 
(6), 31. 8" 17.91, 154 

A Sermon for the Reformation of Manners. 

Boston, 1716. pp. (4), 26. 8 18.242 

A Sermon in Boston, After the Funerals of The 

Reverend, William Brattle, And the Reverend, 
Ebenezer Pcmberton. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), 
iv, 46. 8 24.4 and 28.110 

A Sermon Preach'd at the Ordination of Mr. 

William Cooper, May 23. 1716. With Mr. 
Coopers Confession of Faith. Boston, 1716. 

pp. (4), 40, (24). 8 14.35 

Note. "Mr. Cooper's Confession of Faith," has a 
separate title-page. 

Some of the Honours that Religion Does unto 

the Fruitful Mothers in Israel. Preached 
Jan. 16. 1714, 15. Boston, 1715. pp. (4), 22. 

12 18.216 and 24.32 

Note. Dedicated to Mrs. Margaret Sewall. 

The Unspeakable Gift of God; A Charitable 

Spirit to the Poor. A Sermon, February 1. 

1739. Boston, 1739. pp. (4). 19. 8 .... 16.89, 144 

The Vanity of Man as A Sermon, Sep- 

tember 4. 1746. before the Funeral Of Mrs. 
Frances Shirley. Boston, MDCCXLVI. pp. 
32. 8 17.40 

The Wither'd Hand stretched forth. A Sermon, 

May 17. 1739. Boston, MDCCXXXIX. pp. (4), 

19. 8 16.32 

- Same. Second Ed. Boston, jinccxL. pp. 

(4), 32. 12 18.147 

Address To the Reader of The Doctrine of Pre- 

destination, etc. See Cooper, W 22.49, 53 

Address To the Reader of The Great Salvation. 

See Williams, W 14.43 

Address To the Reader of The Necessity of hold- 

ing fast the Truth. See Tennent, G 12.46 

Charge at the Ordination of Stephen Parker. 

See Sewall, J 17.178 

The Divine Compassions Declar'd and Magnified. 

A Sermon, June 2. 1715. See Mather, C. . . . 13.49 

The Nature of Early Piety as it respects Men. 

[Course of Sermons] 23.1 

Poem on Elijah's Translation, Ocension'd by the 

Death of the Reverend Samuel Willard. See 
Pemberton, E 14.21,23 and 28.108 

Preface to God's awful Determinations, etc. See 

Cotton, J 18.129 

Preface to the Burning of Sodom. See Smith, 

Josiah 18.261 

Preface To the Reader of A Speedy Return to 

God, etc. See Bass, B 18.138 

Preface to Three Discourses. See Phillips, S. . 24.22 

Life and Character of. See Turell, E 11.16 

and Cooper, William. Two Sermons, March 5. 

1723. On a Day of Prayer, by the Church in 
Brattle-Street. Boston, 1723. pp. (4), iv, 38, 
(2), ii, 36. 8" 18.73 

Contents. God's Concern For a Godly Seed. By 
Mr. Cooper; The Duty of Parents to pray for their 
Children. By Mr. Colman. 

and others. Declaration Of A Number of the as- 

sociated Pastors of Boston and Charles-Town 
relating to the Rev. James Davenport. Boston, 
1742. pp. 7. 8 28.75 

- - Reply to the Declaration. See Croswell, 

A 28.77 

COLMAN, John. 

f The Distressed State of Boston, Remarks upon. 

See Letter from One in the Country 28.152 




Shelf. No. 
COLMAN, John, continued. 

- Vindication of The Remarks 28.156 

COLTON, Benjamin, d. 174'J. 

Two Sermons at Hartford. Of the Change of 

the Sabbath, from the Seventh, to the First 
Day. [And] of Baptism. N. London, 1733. 

pp. (4), 67. 8" 28.34 

COMETS. Mather, I. Discourse Concerning. . . . 23.24 

- Heavens Alarm 16.171 

COMMON prayer. Unlawfulness of the Common- 
Prayer- Worship. See Brief Discourse . . . 18.200 

Williams, J. Lawfulness of Worshipping God 

by the 16.93 

COMMUMON, Terms of. 

See Appeal (18.148) 5 Edwards, J. (Humble ir.249 ; 
Misrepresentations 2<J.G1) ; Mather, I. (23.14) ; May- 
hew, E. (28-07) ; Quick, J. (18.213); Stoddard, S. (15.33) i 
Williams, S. (17.243). 

CONANT, Sylvanus, d. 1777, aged 57. Transactions 
at Middleborough, In settling a Minister. See 
Cotton, J 16.102 

CONEY, John, 6. 1701, d. 1726. 

Sermon on the Death of, and Account of, Col- 

lected from his Writings. See Cooper, W. . 18.185 
CONFESSIONS of faith. 

See Boston. Synod, 1GSO (24.39); Cooper, W. (14.35); 
Westminster assembly (14.37). 


Congregationall Churches cleared 11.21 

Davenport, J. The Power of Congregational 

Churches Asserted 14.44, 48 

Foxeroft, T. Ruling & Ordaining Power of Con- 

gregational Bishops 27.166 

Mather, I. The Congregational Discipline of 

the Churches in New-England Vindicated . . 23.36 

- Further Vindication of the Congregational 

Discipline 23.42 

Stone, S. A Congregational Church Is a Catho- 

Hke Visible Church 16.172 

CONNECTICUT, Explanation of the Solemn Advice 

Recommended by the Council in. Fitch, J. . 15.31 

See also: Branford, Lebanon, New Haven, New 
Haven Co., New London, Norwich, Plainfield, Wind- 
ham Co. Also: Sermons (Election, Thanksgiving). 

CONSCIENCE, Liberty of. 

See Chauncy, C. (1C.75); Williams, E. (20.117). See 
also: Persecution, Private judgment, Toleration. 

[CONSEQUENCES, The, of trade, &c. No title-page. 

London ? 17.] pp. 3-35. 8 26.132 

Note. On the woollen trade and the scheme of 
Samuel Webber. 

CONSIDERATIONS on Lowering the Value of Gold 
Coins, Within the Province Of Massachusetts- 
Bay. [Boston, 1761.] pp. 27. 8 20.54 

Note. Panes .T-S contain "a projection," signed 
" Thomas Uutchinson," to which this is a reply. 

CONSIDERATIONS on the Bill Concerning the British 
Sugar-Colonies in America. London, M DCC 
xxxi. pp. 21. 8 27.37 

CONSIDERATIONS upon The Act, wheivliy A Duty 
is laid on M<>la*ses, and Sugar of foreign 
Growth, imported into British Colonies. Bos- 
ton, M.DOC.LXIV. pp. 2s, (1). 8 20.135 

CONSOCIATION of churches. Defence of the Answer 

of the Synod at Boston in 1602. Concerning. . 27.80 

Mather, I. The First Principles of New-Kng- 

land, Concerning < 'ommunion of Churches . . 27.89 

Propositions concerning. See Boston. Synod. 

1002 27.84 

CONVENTION, The, Vindicated iVinii the Misrcpreseii- 
taliiiiis of the Enemies of our Peace. London, 

1739. p,i. 2D. 8" 27. 2:> 

Nutr. Niniu TOUS references to trade In American 


Shelf. No. 

See Bass, B. (1S.1.13); Baxter, R. (24.H8); Chanler, 
I. (1C.250); Cooper, W. (27.UI); C.irbin, S. (28.1X3)! 
Dickinson, J. (J4.43) ; Fluvel.J. ( l.-,..-,J) ; Lord, B. (14.9); 
Mather, I. (2.1.1.T); Slu-pard, T. (I.VJ.V); Stoddard. S. 
(Guide 14..'!.'!; Three 24.37); Tcnncnt, G. (12.34); Wil- 
liams, W. (14.20). See also: Grace, Indians, Jews, 

COOK, William, d. 1760, aged 63. 

A Sermon to a Society of Young People in Sud- 

bury, October 1730. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), 

26. 8 .................... 16.219 

COOKE, Samuel, d. 1747. 

Divine Sovereignty in the Salvation of Sinners. 

A Sermon before the Eastern Association of 
Fairfield County, July 29th. 1741. Boston, 
1741. pp. 40. 8 .............. 28.44 

Necessarius. The Continuance of an able and 

Godly Minister needful. A Sermon at the Fu- 
neral of the lleverend John Davenport. New- 
York, 1731. pp.62. 8 ........... 18.184 

The solemn Charge given to Ministers, to com- 

mit the Truths of the Gospel, to Faithful Men. 
A Sermon at the Ordination Of Cotton Brown, 
in Brooklin. October 26. 1748. Boston, 1748. 
pp.31. 8 .............. .... 17.193 

COOPER, Samuel, b. 1725, d. 1783. 

A Sermon preach'd April 9. 1760. at the Ordina- 

tion of Joseph Jackson, in Brooklin. Boston, 
1700. pp. 46. 8 .............. 17.181 

A Sermon in Boston, Before the Society for En- 

couraging Industry ; August 8. 1753. Boston. 
MDCCLIII. pp. (4), 38. 8 ..... 16.126 and 17.151 

Sermon, May 26th. 1756. the Anniversary for the 

Election, [etc.]. Boston, M.DCC.LVI. pp.43. 8. 17.74 

A Sermon Upon the Death of George the Second. 

Preach'd January 1. 1761. Boston, 1761. pp. 

40. 8 ........... . ........ 17.67 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Penuel Bowen. See Chauncy, C ....... 17.235 

COOPER, William, 6. 1694, d. 1743. 

The Beatifiek Vision productive of Likeness to 

Christ. A Discourse Upon the Death of Mu- 
ses Abbot. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), ii, 26, 24. 
8 ...................... 18.29 

Note. With " a Collection out of his Diary," pp. 24. 

The Blessedness of the Tried Saint. A Sermon 

in Boston, January 19. 1726, 7. Boston, 17.7. 

pp. (4), iv, 29. 8 .............. 27.141 

Concio Hyemalis. A Winter Sermon. January 

23.1736,7. Boston, 1737. pp. (4), 17. 8 . . . 16.19 

The Danger of People's loosing the good Impres- 

sions made by the late Earthquake. A Sermon. 

Boston, 1727. pp. (2), 

S ..... ... 1^.104 

Divine Teaching to be sought, that we may bo 
led into Divine Truth. A Sermon PrrachM 
February 27th. 1731, 2. Boston, 17o-!. pp. (2), 
26. 12 ................... 14.11 

The Doctrine of Predestination unto Life : Four 
Sermons in Brattle-Street. Boston, MlX'OXL. 
pp. (2), 4, 140. 8 .............. 22.49,53 

Note. An address " To the Keadi-r." pp. I, is signed 
"Benjamin Column, Joseph Si-wall, Thomas I'riiu-o, 
Andrew l.cMcn-ier, John Wi-tib." "... Yo Rev. 
Antlir w:is n kind M-; to bring X: rend yo manuscript srr- 
mims to me before He sent y> to y Press, tor my Y.\ 
animation, ic." US. note by PRINCE un the rtcerse of 
tin- title. 

Early Piety Joyful to Beholders. A Sermon at 
Kumncy-Marsli, August 21. 1728. Boston, 
17'J>i. pp. (4), 30. 8" ............. 16.122 

The Honours of Ohriat demanded of tin- Magis- 
trate. [An Kleelion I Sermon, May 2*. 1740. 
Boston, MDCCXL. pp. (4), 4% S" ...... 17.94 





Shelf. No. 
COOPER, William, continued. 

How and Why Young People should Cleanse 

their Way, in Two Sermons. Added, another 
Sermon Preach'd Privately to a Society of 
Young Men. Boston, 1716. pp. (2), vi, 46. 
8 28.193 

Jabez's Character and Prayer. A Sermon To a 

Society of Young Men, August 21. 1715. Bos- 
ton, 1716. pp. (2), 24. 8 28.194 

Man humbled by being compar'd to a Worm. A 

Sermon, March 9th, 1731, 2. The Day after the 
Funeral of William Tailer. Boston, 1732. pp. 
(4), ii, 25. 8 17.37,57 

One shall be taken, and another left. A Sermon 

Preach'd to the Old South Church, March 22. 
1740--1. Boston, 1741. pp.23. 8 27.61 

The Service of God recommended to the Choice 

of Young People. A Sermon on the Death of 
John Coney. With his Life. Boston, 1726. 
pp. (4), 35. 8 18.185 

Note. The "Life" has the title: "An Appendix, 
Containing a further Account of Mr. Coney, Collected 
from his private Writings : [etc.]. Boston, 1T26." 

The Sin and Danger of quenching the Spirit. 

Two Sermons at Portsmouth, December 12th 

and 19th, 1741. Boston, 1741. pp. 49. 8 . . 16.251 

The Work of Ministers represented under the 

Figure of Sowers. A Sermon at Springfield, 
January 26. 1736. At the Ordination of Robert 
Breck. [With Mr. Brock's Confession of 
Faith.] Boston, 1736. pp. (4). 26, (2). 8" . . 17.199 

Three Discourses concerning The Reality, Ex- 

tremity, and Eternity of Hell Punishments. 
Boston, MDCCXXXII. pp. (2), 114. 12 ... 14.10 

Account of the Behaviour of Matthew Cushing 

after his Condemnation, in The Greatness of 

Sin, etc. See Webb, J 18.107 

Address To the Reader of God Glorified. See 

Edwards, J 16.285 

Attestation to A Display of God's special Grace. 

See Dickinson, J 22.29 

Confession of Faith. See Colman, B 14.35 

God's Concern For a Godly Seed. See Colman, 

B 18.73 

Objections [to early piety] Answered. Boston- 

Lecture May 11. 1721. pp. 32. [Course of 
Sermons] 23.1 

Preface to God's Face set against an Incorrigible 

People. See Foxcroft, T 16.265 

Preface to The Burning of Sodom. See Smith, 

Josiah 18.261 

Preface to New Converts, etc. See Chanler, 

1 16.250 and 28.2 

Ashley, J. Letter to 26.11 

Rand, W. Examination of Cooper's Preface to 

Edward's Distinguishing Marks . . 16.256 and 27.155 
CORBIN, S. Advice to Sinners under Convictions. 

Boston, Re-printed, 1741. pp. 36. 12 .... 28.188 
CORLET, Elijah. 

In Obitum Johannis Hull. See Willard, S. . . 27.93 
CORNWELL, F. A Description of the Spiritual! Tem- 
ple. London, 1646. pp. (14), 80. 8 24.19 

Note. Included in the title of John Cotton's " Con- 
ference held at Boston," etc. ('24. IN). 

COTTON, Mrs. Elizabeth (Saltonstall), Character of, 

and Memorials of Piety. See Mather, C. . . 18.116 
COTTON, John, 6. 1585, d. 1652. 

The Bloudy Tenent, washed, And made white in 

the bloud of the Lambc. Added a Reply to 
Mr. Williams Answer to Mr. Cottons Letter. 
London, 1647. pp. (2), 195, 144. 4 . 21.16 and 27.94 

A Briefe Exposition upon Ecclesiastes. Lon- 

don, 1654. pp. (8), 277. 8" 22.9 

- Same. Second Impression, Corrected. Lon- 

don, 1657. pp. (8), 258 [260]. 8" 22.25 

Shelf. No. 
COTTON, John, b. 1585, d. 1652, continued. 

A Brief Exposition upon Canticles. London, 

1655. pp. (16), 238. 8 22.10 

Certain Queries Tending to Accommodation and 

Communion of Presbyterian & Congregationall 
Churches. London, 1654. pp. (2), 22. 8 . . 24.45 

A Conference at Boston With the Elders of 

New-England, With The Difference between 
the Christian and Antichristian Church. By 
Francis Cornwell. London, 1646. pp. (23), 57, 
(15), 80. 8 24.18 

Note. " The Difference " has a separate paging and 
title-page: "A Description," etc. See Cornwell, F. 

The Covenant of Grace. Added, Certain Queries 

tending to Accommodadation [sic] between the 
Presbyterian and Congregationall Churches. 
Also, A Discussion of the Civill Magistrates 
Power in matters of Religion. By some El- 
ders. London, 1655. pp. (34), 198, (2), 22, (2), 
75, (1). 8 24.45 

yote. This title-page was printed to cover three 
pamphlets published the year before: Cotton's "New 
Covenant," his " Certain Queries," and " The Result 
of a Synod at Cambridge;" for the latter, see Cam- 
bridge, Mass. " The Epistle Dedicatory " to " Mrs. 
Catharine Hodson," is signed " W. Retchforde." An 
address " To the Reader" is signed "Tho: Allen." 

A Defence From the imputation of Selfe Contra- 

diction, charged on him by Dan: Cawdrey. 
Prefixed, an Answer to Cawdrey about 
Schisme. By John Owen. Oxford, 1658. pp. 
100,83. 8" 23.68 

An Exposition upon The Thirteenth Chapter of 

the Revelation. London, 1655. pp. (10), 202, 

(6). 4 21.26 

Note. An address " To the Reader," pp. 4, is signed 
"Thomas Allen." 

Gods Promise to his Plantations. A Sermon. 

London, 1634. pp. (4), 20. 4 27.104 

Note. An address " To the Christian Reader," pp. 
2, is signed " J. H.," probably, Mr. Prince says, for 
John Humphrey. 

- Same. Reprinted at Boston, by Samuel 

Green ; and to be sold by John Usher, 16S6. 

pp. (2), 20. 4 16.179, 26.136, and 27.76 

iVore. "This Sermon was preached by the Rev4 
Author, to Mr. Jn- Winthrop &c. at Southampton, 
upon his solemn Fare-.vell to them in their voyage to 
N: England. Joshua Scotto w." J/S. note. 

The Grovnds and Ends of the Baptisme of the 

Children of the Faithfull. London, 1647. pp. 

(10), 1-182 (imperfect). 4 27.54 

Note. An " Epistle to the Reader" is signed " Tho. 

Of the Holinesse of Church-Members. London, 

1650. pp. (4), 96 [99]. 4 27.17 

The Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven, accord- 

ing to the Word of God. London, 1644. pp. 

(12), 59. 4 27.14 

A Modest and Cleer Answer to Mr. Ball's Dis- 

course of Set Formes of Prayer. London, n.d. 
pp.90. 8 24.53 

The New Covenant, or, manner of the giving 

and receiving of the Covenant of Grace to the 
Elect. The substance of sundry Sermons. 
London, 1654. pp. (2), 198. 8 24.45 

A Practicall Commentary upon The First Epis- 

tle of John. Second Ed. inlarged, with the 
Addition of an Alphabeticall Table. London, 

M. DC. LVIII. pp. (9), 431, (5). f 30a.6 

Note. Prefixed is arccommendation signed " Roger 

A Sermon, at Salem, 1636. Prefixed, a Retrac- 

tion of his former Opinion concerning Baptism. 
Boston, 1713. pp. (2), 40. 8 23.62 




Shelf. No. 
COTTON, John, b. 1585, d. 1652, continued. 

Spiritual Milk for Babes. London, 1668. pp. 

(2), 12. 12. [Imperfect] 18.15 

- Same. [In English and Indian. ] See Eliot, J. . 25.29 

- Mather, C. Memorials of Christianity ; Upon 

the Milk for Babes. [Maschil, pp. 14-106] . . 13.20 

A Treatise of The covenant of Grace, As it is 

dispensed to the Elect Seed. The substance of 
divers Sermons. The second Ed. London, 
1659. pp. (24), 250. 8 24.46 

A Treatise I. Of Faith. II. Twelve Fundamental 

Articles of Christian Religion. III. A Doc- 
trinal Conclusion. IV. Questions and Answers 
upon Church-Government, n. p., 1713. pp. 
28. 8" 23.61 and 28.197 

The Way of Congregational Churches cleared, 

From the Aspersions of Robert Baylie, Vin- 
dicae [sic] Clavium, and Mr. Rutherford. See 
Hooker, T 11.21 

The way of Life. In foure Treatises. The pour- 

ing out of the Spirit, Sins deadly wound, The 
Christians Charge, The life of Faith. London, 
1641. pp. (8), 481 [471]. 4 21.21 

Discourse about Civil Government in a New 

Plantation. See Davenport, J 26.182 

In Domini Nortoni Librum, ad Lectorem Pra- 

fatio Apologetica. See Massachusetts, or the 

first Planters of New England, etc 23.60 

In Domini Nortoni Librum, ad Lectorem Prae- 

fatio Apologetica, in Responsio ad Totam, etc. 

See Norton, J 15.4 

A Treatise Concerning Predestination. With 

an Examination Thereof. SeeTwisse, W. . . 12.11 

Verses prefixed to A Congregational Church is 

a Catholike Visible Church. See Stone, S. . 16.172 

Vindicise Vindiciarum, or J. C. his contradic- 

tions. See Cawdrey, D 21.24 

Sermon on the Death of. See Norton, J. . . . 17.15 
COTTON, John, b. 1691 or 1694, d. 1757. 

An earnest Exhortation to seek the Lord. Two 

Sermons in Newton, April 29. and May 8. 1741. 
Boston, 1741. pp. (2), 70. 12 16.300 

A Funeral Sermon at Bristol, after the Death of 

Nathanael Cotton. [With Minutes of Mr. Cot- 
ton's Life and Character. By another Hand.J 
Boston, M, DCC, XXIX. pp. (4), 34. 8 . . . . 18.117 

God's awful Determination against a People, that 

will not obey His Voice. A Sermon In Bos- 
ton, Feb. 8. 1728. After the Earthquake. 
Boston, 1728. pp. (4), viii, 42. 8" 18.129 

Note, The Preface, pp. viii, is signed "Benjamin 

A Holy Fear of God, And His Judgments. A 

Sermon at Newton, November 3. 1727. On a 
Day of Fasting, occasional by the Earthquake. 
With the Impressions made on the Inhabi- 
tants of II:iverliill, &c. Boston, M.DCC. XXVII. 
pp. (4), xvi, 24, 7. 8 18.106, 108 

JTote. " The Impressions " ia signed " John Brown." 

The Ministers of Christ should be Speedy and 

Earnest in speaking to Young People. Four 
Sermons to a Society of Young Men, in New- 
town. Boston, 1729. pp. (2), iv, 85. 12" . . 14.51 

Ministers of the Gospel should speak, not as 

pleasing Men, but (!od. A Sermon at the 
Orel illation of Ward Cotton, At Hampton, New- 
Ilampshire, ,lune 1'Jth. 1734. Boston, 17:',1. 
pp. (4), 23. 8 17.202, 234 

Two Sermons at Dorchester, April, 9, 1727. Bos- 

ton, 1727. pp. (2), vi,4, 63, (1). 12 24.6 

Wiwilom, Knowledge, and the Fear of God 

recommended 1" Killers M: People. [Election] 
Sermon, M ay UWh. 1753. Boston, 1753. pp. (4), 
42. 8 . 17.72 

Shelf. No. 
COTTON, John, d. 1789, aged 77. 

Seasonable Warning to these Churches. A Nar- 

rative of the Train-actions at Middlcborough, 
In settling a Minister [Silvanus Conatit] in 
the Room of Peter Thacher, deceas'd. Boston, 
M,DCC,XLVI. pp. 38. 4" 16.102 and 17.144 

Appendix to A Vindication of a Sermon, etc. 

See Porter, J 27.13 

COTTON, Nathaniel, Sermon after the Death of. See 

Cotton, J 18.117 


See Exeter, JV. H. (28.62); Grafton, Mass. (27.197); 
llopkinton, Mass. (22.35 and 27.144, l!i); Mather, I. 
(Disquisition 23.42; Usefulness 28.78). &e also: East- 
ham, Mass., New London, Newbury, J/oss., Salem, 


COURSE, A, of Sermons on Early Piety. By the 
Eight Ministers who carry on the Thursday- 
Lecture in Boston. Boston, 1721. pp. (8), and 
each sermon separately paged. 12 23.1 

Contents. Preface, by I. Mather; Sermons by C. 
Mather, B. Wadsworth, B. Colman, J. Sewall, T. 
Prince, J. Webb, W. Cooper, T. Foxcroft, I. Mather. 


See Brown, J. (18.82); Bulklcy, P. (21.23); Cotton, 
J. (24.45, 40); Fisher, E. (15.34); Graham, J. (16.220); 
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ing, A sure Method to establish the Linnen- 
Manufacture. Boston, lie-printed, 1750. pp. 
36, (2). 4* 26.69,133 

CROSBY, Joseph. 

A Copy of a Case between Joseph Crosby of 

Worcester in the County of Worcester, Sadler, 
Plaintiff; and Jacob Wyman of Woburn in 
the County of Middlesex, Trader, Defendant. 

[No title-page. 1735.] pp. 11. 4" 26.12T 

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The Work of a Christian. With another Dis- 

course on Preparation for Sudden Death. 

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CROSS, Robert, and others. 

A Protestation presented to The Synod, of Phila- 

delphia, June 1.1741. Philadelphia: Printed 

and sold by B. Franklin. 1741. pp.16. 8.. 28.89 

Note. Signed by Robert Cross and 19 others, who 
soon after became almost the sole members of tho 
Synod, in consequence of the withdrawal of the oppo- 
site, the " Brunswick " party. 

CROSWELL, Andrew, d. 1785, aged 76. 

An Answer to the Rev. Mr. Garden's Three First 

Letters to Whitcfield. With An Appendix 
Concerning Mr. Garden's Treatment of White- 
field, &c. Boston, 1741. pp. (4), 60. 8 . . . 28.6,9 

The Apostle's Advice to the Jaylor improved : 

A Solemn Warning Au'ainst Soul Murder. In 

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Free Justification thro' Christ's Redemption. 

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School-Street, October 17. 1704. In which The 
New Gospel of Messirs. Bellamy and dim- 
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Only by the Obedience of Jesus Christ, A s.r- 

ino n. r.oston, M.PCC.I.Vlll. pp. xiv, 20. 8 . 10.273 

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his Direction to hie People. Boston, 174-. pp. 

10. 8 27.3 

- dimming, A. Animadversions on Mr. Cros- 

well's I, ate Letter 27.12 

- Sober Reply to his Letter to E. Turell . . . 23.64 




Shelf. No. 
CROSWELL, Andrew, continued. 

Kcply to A Display of God's special Grace, At- 

tested by Dr. Colman, Dr. Sewall, Mr. Prince, 
Mr. Webb, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Foxcroft, and Mr. 
G-e. Boston, 1742. pp. 23. 8 16.160 

- Defence of A display of God's special Grace. 

See Dickinson, J 22-2 

Reply to the Declaration Of a Number of Minis- 
ters in Boston and Charlestown, with Regard 
to the Rev. James Davenport. With a Confer- 
ence relating to the Church of Eng'and Clergy, 
&c. Boston, 1742. pp. 18. 8 28.77 

What is Christ to Me, if He is not Mine? An- 

swer to. See Williams, S 26.65 

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Prefaced by George Whitefleld. Boston, Re- 
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Animadversions on Mr. Croswell's Late Letter. 

Boston, M,DCC,LXIII. pp. (4), 40. 8 .... 27.124 

The New Gospel in the Writings of. See Cros- 

well, A 16.36 

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See also: Paper money, Trade (Medium of). 

CURWIN, George, Sermon after the Death of. See 

Barnard, J 17.165 

CUSHING, Caleb, b. 1672, d. 1752, and others. 

A Letter from Two Associations of Ministers, 

to the Associated Ministers of Boston and 
Charlestown, relating to the Admission of 
Whitefleld into their Pulpits. With the Ad- 
vice of a third Association. Boston, 1745. 
pp.8. 4 26.96 

Charge at the Ordination of Samuel Webster. 

See Parsons, J 17.185 

CUSHING, Jonathan, d. 1769, aged 79. 

Charge at the Ordination of James Pike. See 

Wise, J 18.164 

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the Execution of. See Webb, J 18.107 

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The Sin and Danger of Self-Love. A Sermon 

at Plimouth. Boston, 1724. pp. (2), vi, 24. 

8. [Imperfect] 18.144 

Note. Printed, according to Mr. Prince, "By Mr 
S Kneeland." 
CUTLER, Timothy, b. 1683, d, 1765. 

The Final Peace, Security & Happiness of the 

Upright. A Sermon at Christ-Church in Bos- 
ton, Novemb. 28. 1734. On the Death of John 
Nelson, and of Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson. Boston, 
1735. pp (6), 16. 8 18.25 

DANA, James, 6. 1735, d. 1812. 

Two Discourses at Cambridge, May 10, 1767. 

Boston, n.DCC,Lxvn. pp. 70. 8 16.52 

DANFORTH, John, b. 1660, d. 1730. 

A Sermon Occasioned by the Late Earthquake. 

Delivered at a Fast in Dorchester, Nov. 7. 

1727. [With Peter Thacher's '' Two great 
bereavements commemorated." Verses on 
Peter Thacher and Samuel Danforth.] Boston, 

1728. pp. (4), 46, 5. 8 18.135 

The Vile Prophanations of Prosperity. [A Fast] 

Sermon March 15th. 1703, 4. Boston, 1704. 

.pp. (2), 44. 8 14.38 

Ifote. The signatures are continuous with S. Wil- 
lard's "Israel's True Safety." Prince says of it: " At 
ye end is a Declara of y Gov, Council & asserab, 
agt Profaness & Iraoralities." 

Address To the Reader of The Ministers of the 

Gospel. See Belles, N 27.146 

Shelf. No. 
DANFORTII, John, continued. 

Elegy on J. Belcher. See Mather, C 18.111 

Funeral Poem on Mrs. Foxcroft. See Foxcroft, T. 18.20 

Holy Striving Against Sinful Strife The Duty of 

Godly Brethren, pp. 49-128. See Thacher, P. 25.22 

Preface to Two Sermons at Dorchester. See 

Cotton, J 24.6 

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A Brief Recognition of New-Englands Errand 

into the Wilderness; [an Election] Sermon on 
the llth of the third Moneth, 1G70. Cambridge, 
Printed by S. G. and M. J. 1671. pp. (6), 23. 
4 26.143,181 

Note.. The address to the " Christian Reader," pp. 
4, is signed " Thomas Shepard." 

fThc Cry of Sodom Enqvired into; [Discourse] 

Upon Occasion of the Condemnation of Ben- 
jamin Goad. Cambridge: Printed by Marma- 
duke Johnson, 1674. pp. (4), 25. 4" 17.248 

Note. An address to the " Christian Reader," pp. 2, 
is signed "John Sherman. Urian Oakes. Thomas 

Visit of, to the Indians. See Noyes, N 18.274 

DANFORTH, Samuel, of Taunton, b. 1666, d. 1727. 

Exhortation To use Utmost Endeavours to obtain 

a Visit of God for the Preservation of Religion 
and the Church. [An Election] Sermon, May 
26.1714. Boston, 1714. pp. (2), 38. 8 . 18.277 and 28.130 

Verses on the birth and death of. See Danforth, J. 38.135 
DANIEL, the prophet, The Life of. In a poem. Steer, 

K U.50 

DANVERS, Mass. See Salem, Mass. 

DART, Mrs. Hannah, Discourse sacred to the Memory 

of. See Smith, J 17.69 


Confession & Retractations. Boston, 1744. pp. 

8. 8 28.23 

Note. Accompanying the Confession, etc., p. 2, 
U " A Letter from the Rev. Mr. Solomon Williams of 
Lebanon to the Rev. Mr. Prince." 

To the Reverend James Davenport on his De- 

parture from Boston. With a Line to the 
Scoffers at Religion. [Verses.] Added, A 
Postscript to Rev. A--d--w C--W-11. By a 
Female Friend. [Colophon:] Boston, 1742. pp. 
8. 8 18.162 and 28.70 

Chauncy, C. Letter to 16.301 and 17.124 

Colman, B. Declaration of Pastors of Boston 

and Charles-Town relating to 28.75 

_ Letter To the Reverend Mr. Williams, Upon 

reading the Confession and Retractations of . 18.156 

Croswell, A. Reply to the Declaration of Min- 

isters in Boston with Regard to 28.77 

Pickering, T. Letter To 27.120 

Williams, S. Two Letters to, With His Expla- 

nation 28.51 

DAVENPORT, John, 6. 1597, d. 1670. 

t An Answer of the Elders of the severall 

Chvrches in New-England unto Nine Posi- 
tions, sent over to them (by Ministers in Eng- 
land). Written in 1639. pp. 49-78. See 
Mather, R 21.12 and 27.79 

f Discourse about Civil Government in a New >. 

Plantation Whose Design is Religion. Cam- 
bridge : Printed by Samuel Green and Marma- 
duke Johnson. MDCLXIII. pp. 24. 4 . . . 26.182 

Note. "In the Title-page whereof, the Name 
of Mr. Cotton is, by a mistake, put for that of Mr. 
Davenport." MATHKK'S Magnalia, B. 3, p. 66. 

The Power of Congregational Churches Asserted 

and Vindicated, In Answer to J. Paget. 
London, Printed for Rich. Chiswell, and to 
be sold by John Usher of Boston, 1672. pp. 
(10), 179 [163]. 8 14.44, 43 




Shelf. No. 
DAVENPORT, John, 6. 1597, d. 1070, continued. 

The Saints Anchor-Hold, in all Storm* and Tem- 

pests Sundry Sermons. London, 1661. pp. 

(8), 231. 12 ................. 24.52 

Defence of the Answer of the Synod at Boston 

in lOii-', Against ............... 27.86 

DAVENPOUT, John, d. 1730-1. Sermon at the Funoral 

of. See Cooke, S ............... 18.184 

DAVIES, Samuel, b. 1724, d. 1761.' 

A Sermon at Nassau-Hall, January 14. 1761. On 

the Death of George II. Prefixed, A brief 
Account of the Author. By David Bostwick. 
Bobton, n. d. pp. 32. 8 .......... 17.44 

The State of Religion among The Protestant 

Dissenters in Virginia. Boston, MDCCLI. pp. 

44. 8' .......... . ......... 27.169 

DAT, The, of Doom. Wigglesworth, M ....... 15.15 

DAY, The, which the Lord hath made. Mather, 

C ....................... 18.197 


See Foxcroft, T. (16.25) ; Webb, J. (10.26). 


Account of the Last Words of Christian Kerr, 

Who dyed at Edinburgh, Fourth of Febr. 
1702. Boston, Re-printed, 1730. pp. (2), 22. 
12 ..................... 27.204 


See Colman, B. (16.S5); Crosby, T. (28.71,169); Fox- 
croft, T. (Day, l-'.44, 4S; Death, 16.SO); Lee, S. (24.13); 
Mather, C. (Death made easie 13.44 ; Hatzar 13.40 ; 
Ignorantia 27.158 ; Nehemiah 17.6, 11) ; Morrill, N. 
(18.249); Sewall, J. (16.244); Webb, J. (12.1). 

DEERFIELD, Mass., Account of those taken captive 
at, February 29, 1703, 4, by the French and 
Indians. Williams, J ............ 22.18 

DEFENCE of A Display of God's special Grace. 

Dickinson, J ................. 22.29 

DEFENCE Of A Modest Proof. Checkley, J ..... 28.14 

DEFENCE of the Answer of the Synod at Boston in 
1662. Concerning Baptism, and Consociation of 
Churches. Against the Reply made by the Rev- 
erend John Davenport, in his Another Essay. 
Cambridge : 8. Green and M. Johnson for 
Hezekiah Usher of Boston. 1664. pp. (2), 46, 
102. 4" [See Addenda.] . . . 27.51 (imperfect), 86 

DE LA GUARD, Theodore, pseud. See Ward, N. 

DE LAUNE, T., Answer to. SeePigot, G ...... 16.63 


Appendix on a Discourse of C. Mather's. See 

Keith, G ................... 13.7 

DELUSIONS in Religion, Causes and Danger of. 

Sergeant, J .................. 16.224 

See also: Enthusiasm. 

DENISON, Daniel, major-general, b. 1613, d. 1682. 

Irenicon, or a Salve For New-England's Sore. 

[Boston], 1684. pp. (8), 177-218. See Hub- 
bard, W ................... 15.14 

Funeral Discourse Occasioned by the Death of. 

See Uubbard, W ............... 15.14 

DESCENT into hell. Disputatio thcologica de Christ! 

ad Infuros Desccnsu. Duminer, J ...... 26.6 

DEUS Nobiscum. Mather, C ............ 18.222 

DEVILS. Mather, C. Discourse on the Power and 

Maliccof the. [Late Memorable Providences] . 13.26 

- Sin and Misery of tin- Fallen Angels .... 23.3 

- Nature, Number, and Operations of the . . 2:;.s 

Mather, I. Cases of Conscience Concerning evil 

Spirits Personating Men ........... 23.4 

See als< i : An^i'la, Possession, Satan. 

DEVOTION, Kbene/er, d. 1771. 

The civil Ruler, a .li-nifyM Servant of the Lord, 
but a living M.-III. [An Ideation] Sermon, at 
Hartford, May 10th, 1703. N. London, 1703. 
pp. (4), 09. 8" ................ 18.192 

Shelf. No. 
DEWEY, Joseph. 

Hints in regard to the making of cloth. See 

Woleott, R 04.9 

DEXTER, Samuel, b. 1700, d. 1755. 

A Call from the Dead to the Living. A Sermon 

on the Death of Timothy Metcalf. Boston, 
MDCCXXVIII. pp. (4), 34. 8 18.59 

Our Fathers God, the Hope of Posterity. 

Thoughts on the Foundation, Rise and Growth 
of New England. A Discourse at Dedham on 
Thanksgiving, Nov. 23. 1738. Boston, 1738. 
pp. (4), ii, 51. 8 18.87, 90, 92 

DIALOGUE, A, on the Christian Sacraments. What 
are the Qualifications necessary in Order to 
Attendance. Boston, 1702. pp. (2), 81. 8 . 27.53 

DIALOGUE, A, or, Representation of Matters of Fact. 
Occasioned by some Mismanagements in an 
Ecclesiastical Council [in New London on 
complaints against the Rev. James Hillbousc]. 
n. p., 1736. pp. (4), 35.. 8 13.141 

DICKINSON, Jonathan, 6. 16S8, d. 1747. [See Add.] 

f A Defence of A Display of God's special Grace. 

Against Rev. A. Crosswell. In a Letter from 

the Author. Boston, 1743. pp. (2), 46. 8 . 22.29 

A Defence of Presbyterian Ordination. In An- 

swer to [J. Checkley's] Modest Proof. Boston, 

1724. pp. (4), iii,44. 8" 28.15 

- Strictures on Dickinson's Defence of Presby- 

terian Ordination. See Checkley, J 2S.14 

fA Display of God's special Grace. A Dialogue 

About The Work of God, in the Conversion of 
Sinners, in these American Parts. With An 
Addition, relating to sundry Antinomian Prin- 
ciples. Boston, 1742. pp. (2), vi. 111, (1). 12. 24.43 

- Reply to A Display of God's special Grace. 

SeeCroswell.A 16.160 

Familiar Letters To a Gentleman, upon a Vari- 

ety of Subjects in Religion. Boston, 1"4.">. 

pp. (2), v, (1), 424. 8 s 12.21 

The Reasonableness of Christianity, in Four Ser- 

mons. With a Preface by Mr. Foxcroft. Bos- 
ton, MDCCXXXII. pp. (2), xiv, 175. 8 ... 14.54 

Reflections upon Mr. Wetmore's Letter In De- 

fence of Dr. Waterland's Discourse of Regen- 
eration. With Scripture-Evidence, that the 
Notion of Baptismal Regeneration is danger- 
ous. Boston, M.DCC,XLIV. pp. 38. 8 ... 27.118 

f Remarks upon A Discourse intituled An Over- 

ture Presented to the Synod of Dissenting 
Ministers in Philadelphia, in September, 1728 
[by J.Thomson]. New York, 1729. pp.32. 8". 16.288 

Remarks upon The Postscript to [J. Checkley's] 

Defence of [his] Modest Proof of the Order, 

&c. Boston, 1724. pp. (2), 29. 8 . 16.191 and 27.183 

A Second Vindication of God's sovereign free 

Grace. Against John Beach in his God's 
Sovereignty. With Reflections on Dr. Sam- 
uel Johnson's Defence of Aristocles Letter 
to Authadcs. Continued [b}-] Moses Dickin- 
son. Boston, MDCCXLVIII. pp. 143. 8 ... 27.20 

A Sermon at the opening of the Synod at Phila- 

phia, September 19. 1722. Boston, 1723. pp. 

(4), 24. 8 18.71 

The true Scripture-Doctrine Concerning Some 

Important Points of Christian Faith. Five 
Discourses. With a Preface by Mr. Foxcroft. 
Boston, 1741. pp. (2), xiii, (1), 2.V5. 8 . . . . 14.1 

A Vindication of God's sovereign free Grace. 

In Remarks upon John Beach's Sermon, from 
Rom. vi. 2:{. With Reflections upon Henry 
Caner's Sermon from Matth. vii. 2S, 2'.>. And 
On A Letter from Aristocles to Authadcs. 
Boston, 1746. pp. SO. S" 26.78 

Discourse upon the divine Appointment of the 

Gospel Ministry; With the Charge. See I'cm- 
berton, E 17.205 




Shelf. No. 
DICKINSON, Jonathan, continued. 

Letters occasioned by Dickinson's Remarks upon 

Dr.Waterland's Regeneration. SfeWetmore, J. 28.86 

Reflections on Johnson's Defence of Aristocles 

Letter, Continued. See Dickinson, J 27.20 

DISCOURSE, A, Concerning the Currencies of the Brit- 
ish Plantations in America. Especially their 
Paper Money : Particularly In Relation to 
Massachusetts-Bay. Boston, 1740. pp.62. 8. 28.52 

DISCOURSE of the Contests and Dissentiors in Athens 

and Rome. Swift, J 16.187 

DISCOURSE, A, on Government and Religion, Calcu- 
lated for the Meridian of the Thirtieth of Jan- 
uary. Boston, 1750. pp. (2), ii, 7-56. 8 . . 26.115 

DISCOURSE, A, shewing, That the Cause of the Diffi- 
culties of Massachusetts Bay, is it's Extrava- 
gancy, & not Paper Money: also What is a 
safe Foundation to raise a Bank of Credit on, 
with Remarks on Amicus Patrias. By Philo- 
patria. Boston, 1721. pp. 16. 8" 28.155 

DISPLAY of God's special Grace. Dickinson, J. . . 24.43 

DISSENTING Gentleman's, The, Answer To Mr. 

White. Towgood, M 27.143 

DIVINE Meditations and Prayers. Smith, J 24.28 

DIVINITY, The, and Humanity Of Christ, proved. 
And the Personality of God distinguished; 
And theirEternal Union demonstrated. By G. 
G. a Layman. Newport, 1754. pp. 160. 8" . 14.7 

DIXON, H. The English Instructor or, the Art of 
Spelling improved. Fifth Ed., with additions. 
Boston, 1736. pp. (2), ii, 120. 12* 14.5 

DODDRIDGE, P. The Care of the Soul the One Thing 
Needful. A Sermon preach'd June 22. 1735. 
Fourth Ed. Boston, M,DCC,LXI. pp. 26. 8 . 16.159 

A Plain Address to the Master of a Family, on 

Family Religion. Boston, MDCCXCI. pp.30. 8. 17.130 
DOOLITTEL, or Doolittle, Thomas. Earthquakes Ex- 
plained and Practically Improved : Occasioned 
By the late Earthquake on Sept. 8. 1692. in 
England, and heyond Sea. Jamaica's Miseries 
shew London's Mercies. London, 1693. pp. 
(16), 141. 8" 23.76 

A Treatise Concerning the Lords Supper : With 

Three Dialogues. Nineteenth Ed. With Ad- 
ditions. Boston, 1700. pp. (8), 212, (2). 12. 15.41 

The Sufferings of Christ. See Vincent, T. . . . 28.74 
DOOLITTLE, Benjamin, 6. 1695, tl. 1749. 

An Enquiry into Enthusiasm. [Its] Original, 

Progress, and Effects. Boston, 1743. pp.37. 8. 27.126 
DORCHESTER, Mass., Farewel-Exhortation to the 

People of. Mather. R 16.183 

DOWNING, Sir George, bart, d. 16S4. 

Discourse [in answer to] a Libel [entitled] An 

Extract of the Regicter [sic} of the States Gen- 
eral of the United Provinces, upon the Memorial 
of Sir G. Downing. Added, Former and later 
Proceedings of the Hollanders: By a Meaner 
Hand. London, 1672. pp. (2), 31, 139, (4). 12. 22.60 

Note. Relates in part to the Dutch West India 
company and the New Netherlands. 

DRUNKENNESS. Solomon's Caution against the Cup. 

Smith, J 16.207 

DUDLEY, Joseph, b. 1647, d. 1720. 

Declaration, Against Prophaneness & Immo- 

ralities. See Massachusetts 14.38 

DUDLEY, Paul, b. 1675, d. 1751. [See Addenda.] 

t Objections to the Bank of Credit Lately Pro- 

jected at Boston. A Letter to John Burril. 
Boston, 1714. pp. 32. 8 28.M9 

- A Vindication of the Bank of Credit from the 

Aspersions of. See Lynde, S. . . . 26.211 and 28.161 

The Character of Judge Dudley, As it was in- 

serted in the Boston-News-Letter, February 

7th, 1751. See Gay, E 17.226 

Slielf. No. 

DUDLEY, Thomas, 6. 1576, d. 1652. 

Letter to the Countess of Lincoln. See Massa- 

chusetts 23.60 

DUMMER, Jeremiah, d. 1739, aged about 60. 

Disputatio philosophica inauguralis de Ammo- 

rum Msrayyioyiw. Trajecti ad Rhenum, Clo 

lo CCIH. pp. 23, (5). 4 25.5 

Note. At the end are two complimentary Latin 
poems, signed '* Edmundus Rally, Londinensis," and 
"A. Sheppard, Londinensis." 

Disputatio theologica de Christi ad Inferos 

Descensu. Lugduni Batavorum, M. DCC. ii. 

pp. 24, (4). 4 26.6 

Note. At the end are three complimentary Latin 
poems, signed "Johannes P. Orvtndi, Ungarus," 
" David Szentmihalifalvi, Transylvanus," and " Sam- 
uel Trechselius, Ilelvetio-Bernensis." 

Dissertatio theologico-philologica continens In- 

tegritatis Codicis S. adversus Nuperas in eum 
Censuras, Defensionem. Pars I. Lugduni 
Batavorvm, M DCC in. pp. (20). 4 26.8 

De Jure Judaaorum Sabbati. Lugduni Batavo- 

rum, 1703. pp. (2), 20, (1). 4" 26.7 

Note. At the end is a complimentary Greek poem, 
signed " AEilNA'PAOS BAilM." 

DUMONT, J., baron von Carlscroon. f Les Soupirs 
de L' Europe &c. Or, The Groans of Europe at 
the Prospect of the Present Posture of Affairs. 
From the French, n.p., MDCCxm. pp. 128, 

and 1 leaf folded. 8 26.120 

Note. Numerous references to America. 

DUNBAR, Samuel, d. 1783. 

The Duty of Ministers to testify the Gospel of 

the Grace of God. A Sermon in Braintree, 
December 13. 1753. A Day for Humiliation 
and Prayer for Divine Direction in their 
Choice of a Minister. Boston, 1754. pp. (4), 
23. 8 17.21T 

The Presence of God with his People, their only 

Safety and Happiness. [An Election] Dis- 
course, May 28. 1760. Boston, 1760. pp. (-1), 

37. S* 17.7G 

DURY, J. Epistolicall Discourse to Thorowgood. 
Concerning his conjecture that the Americans 
are descended from the Israelites, pp. (16). 
See Thorowgood, T 27.18 

Letter to, about his Pacification. See Norton, J. 26.138 
DWIGHT, Josiah, 6. 1071, d. 1744. 

An Essay to Silence the Outcry against Regular 

Singing. A Sermon at Framingham. Boston, 
1725. pp. 16. 8 18.112 

EARLE, J. Sacramental Exercises, or, The Chris- 
tian's Employment, Before, At, and After 
the Lord's Supper. Fourth Ed. Added, 
Hymns, for Sacramental Occasions. Boston, 
1725. pp. (4), 92. 12 25.20 

Meditations and sweet Ejaculations while par- 

ticipating of the Holy Eucharist, in A com- 
panion. See Vincent, T 28.74 


1092. See Doolittel, T. (23.76). 1705. See Mather, 
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ance 18.125); Some Rude Thoughts, in verse 18.127); 
Wiggles-worth, S. 08.130). Nov. 18, 1755. See 
Chauncy, C. (17-125). 
EAST Indies. Acosta, J. de. Naturall and Morall 

Historie of the 32.24 

Mather, I. Wonderful Success of the Gospel in 

the 23.38 




Shelf. No. 

EASTERBROOKES. See Estabrook, 8. 

EASTUAM, J/l/... A Church of Christ Vindicated. 
A Relation of Transactions In the South 
CliurchatEastham. Boston, [1724]. pp.56. 8". 28.87 

Lord, J. Letter to the General Convention of 

Ministers of Massachusetts 27.GS 

Stone.N. Additional Proposals, 1729 . 18.157 and 27.195 

- On renouncing communion with the church 

in Pochch 22.31 

- The Veracity and Equity of the Council 

in 22.34 

ECCLESIASTICAL history. Historia ecclcsiastica. 

Horn, G , 28.204,205 

See: Baptists, Councils, England (Church of), 
Friends, Genevn, Germany, Martyrs, Nonconformity, 
Presbyterians, Protestants, Revivals, Scotland (Church 
of), Synods, United brethren, Virginia, Windham 
Co. S~e also: The towns referred to under Massachu- 

ECCLESIASTICAL polity. Apthorp, E. The Consti- 
tution of a Christian Church 16.1 

Ashley, J. How the Jewish and Christian 

Churches were constituted 17.246 

Cawdrey, D. A Review of Hooker's Survey of 

Church-Discipline 21.24 

Checklcy, J. A Letter to J. Dickinson .... 28.54 

- A Modrst Proof of the Government Settled hy 

Christ and his Apostles in the Church . 27.180 and 28.11 

Cotton, J. Accommodadation between Presby- 

terian & Coijgregationall Churches 24.45 

- The Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven . . . 27.14 

- Questions and Answers upon Church-Govern- 

ment 23.61 and 23.197 

Dickinson, J. Remarks upon The Postscript to 

the Defence Of A Modest Proof . . 16.191 and 27.183 

Firmin,G. Of Schism, Parochial Congregations 

in England, and Ordination by Imposition of 
Hands 22.44 

Homes, W. Proposals in Ecclesiastical Govern- 

ment 27.22 

Hooker, T. Survey of the Summe of Church- 

Discipline 11.18 

Mather, C. Thirty Important Cases 28.119 

Mather, R. Church-Government and Church- 

Covenant Discvssed 21.12 

Norton, J. Reeponsio ad Apollouium 15.32 

Platform of Church-Discipline. See Cambridge, 

Mass. Synod. 1648 . . . 14.59, 62, 23.63, 24.40, 27.77, 

82 and 28.118, 145 

Results of Three Synods. See Massachusetts . 22.0 

Stoddard, 8. The Doctrine of Instituted 

Churches Explained 17.247 

Wigglesworth, E. Sober Remarks on A Modest 

Proof 27.165 

See also: Bishops, Christmas, Church, Common 
prayer, Congregationalism, Consociation, Councils, 
Deacons, Eldurs (Hiilim,'), Independency, Ministry, 
New England, Ordination, Pastura, Presbyteries, 
Schism, Synods, Tithes. 


See Prince, T. (17.85); Tcnncnt, G. (12.4). 
EDINBURGH. Society in .Scotland for propagating 
Christian Knowledge. A Short State of the 
Society. Edinburgh, MDCCXXXn. pp.32. 8. 10.200 
Note. Pages 30, 31 relate to America. 

- (Jiving a brief Account of the Condition of tho 

Highlands and Island* of Scotland, with Some 
Account of this Society's Missionaries, for 
Converting the Native Indians of America. 
Edinburgh, Mix'cxi.l. pp.75. 8 16.201 

- Account of the. Sewall, J 17.2:17 

EDUCATION, Thoughts on. Burgh, J 27.75 

See also : Catechising, Ireland. 

EDUCATION of Children, Religious. Browne, A. . . 10.145 

Shelf. No. 

EDWARDS, John. The Fruits of the Spirit considered 
and explained, in [a] Discourse on the eighth 
Article of the Creed. Boston, 1742. pp. 8.8 18.218 

EDWARDS, Jonathan, the elder, b. 1703, il. 1758. 

The Church's Marriage: A Sermon at the In- 

stalment of Samuel Buel at East Hampton on 
Long-Island, September 19. 1746. Boston, 1740. 
pp.43. 8 17.262 

Copies of the Two Letters Cited by the Rev. Mr. 

Clap, concerning what he has reported, as from 
Mr. Edwards, concerning the Rev. Mr. White- 
field. With some Reflections on the Affair. 
Boston, 1745. pp. 10. 8 28.138 

Discourses on Various Subjects, Nearly concern- 

ing Salvation. Delivered at Northampton, 
chiefly at the Time of the late pouring out of 
the Spirit of God. Boston, MDCCXXXVIII. pp. 
(2),vi, 286. 8 12.24 

A Divine and Supernatural Light, Immediately 

imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God, 
Shown to be both a Scriptural, and Rational 
Doctrine; a Sermon at Northampton. Boston, 
M,ncc,xxxiv. pp. (6), 31, (1). 8 10.140 

Faithful Narrative of the Surprizing Work of 

God in the Conversion of Many Hundred Souls 
in Northampton, and the Neighbouring Towns 
and Villages of New-Hampshire [,?zc] in New- 
England. Written on Nov. 6. 1736. With a 
Preface, By Dr. Watts and Dr. Guyse. Lon- 
don, M.DCC.XXXVII. pp. xvi, 132. 12 . . . 27.189 

- Same. A Shorter [preface] added by Some of 

the Minister* of Boston. With an Attestation 
from Some of the Ministers of Hampshire. 
The Third Ed. Boston, 1738. pp. (2), viii, v, 
(1),79. 8 12.25 

God Glorified in the Work of Redemption, By 

Man's Dcpendance. A Sermon in Boston, 

July 8. 1731. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), ii, 25. 8. 16.285 

Note. The address "To the Reader," pp. ii, is 
signed " T. Prince, W. Cooper." 

The great Concern of a Watchman for Souls. A 

Sermon at the Ordination of Jonathan Judd, 
in the New Precinct at Northampton, June 8. 
1743. Boston, MDCCXLIII. pp. f 0. 8 . . . . 18.179 

Note. " The Charge Given by the Rev. Mr. llop- 
kins of Springfield," pp. 41-50. 

An Humble Attempt To promote Visible Union 

Of God's People in Extraordinary Prayer For 
the Revival of Religion. Boston, 1747. pp. 

(10), 188. 8" 15.16 

Hole. After "The Contents "is a second title-page, 
much more full. " The Preface " is signed " Joseph 
Bewail, Thomas Prince, John Webb, Thomas Fox- 
croft, Joshua Gee." 

An Humble Inquiry Into The Rules of the Word 

of God, Concerning the Qualifications Requisite 
to full Communion in the Church. With an 
Appendix by Mr. Foxcroft. Boston, 174;i. 
pp. (2), v, (1), 130, 16. 4 17.24'J 

.Vj/c. Two Prefaces, pp. vii, the second of which is 
signed " Thomas Prince, John Webb, Thomas Fox- 
croft, M. Byles." 

- Answer to his Humble Inquiry concerning 

Communion. See Williams, 8 17.245 

Misrepresentations Corrected, And Truth vindi- 

cated. In A Reply to the Rev. Solomon Wil- 
liams's Book, The True State of the Question 
concerning the Qualifications necessary to Com- 
munion in the Sacraments. Boston, 17.")-. pp. 
(2), iv, 173, (4). 8 2r,.r,l 

Sinners In the Ilandsofan Angry !od. A Sermon 

at Knlield, July Mil 1711. At a Time of great 
Awakenings. Boston, 1741. pp. (2\2:>. 8- 1' - '.221, 252 

Some Thoughts Concerning the present Revival 

of Religion in New-Knu'land, a Treatise. In 

Five Parts. Boston, 1742. pp. (2), iv, 373. 8 . 13.5, 




Shelf. No 
EDWARDS, Jonathan, continued. 

A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections, In 

Three Parts. Boston, 1746. pp. (2), vi, 343, 

(9). 8 11.4 

The true Excellency of a Minister of the Gospel. 

A Sermon at Pelham, Aug. 30. 1744. Being 
the Day of the Ordination of Rohert Aber- 
crombie. Boston, 1744. pp. 22. 8 17.190 

Account of the Life of David Brainerd. See 

Brainerd, D 11.5 

Part of a Letter Giving an Account of the won- 

derful Work of God in [Hampshire County]. 

See Williams, W 14.20 

Preface to True Religion delineated. See Bel- 

lamy, J 11.10 

Hand, W. Answer To Edward's distinguishing 

Marks, etc 27.155 

EELLES, or EELLS, Nathaniel, b. 1678, d. 1750. 

The Ministers of God's Word must Approve 

themselves unto God. A Sermon, at Plymouth, 
July, 29th. 1724. when Nathauael Leonard Was 
Ordained. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), ii, 27. 8 . 18.107 

The Ministers of the Gospel, as Ambassadors 

for Christ. A Sermon at Taunton, Feb. 21. 

1728, 9. At the Ordination of Thomas Clap. 
Boston, 1729. pp. (4), ii, 47. 8 27.146 

Note. The address "To the Reader," pp. ii, is 
signed " John Danforth." " The Right Hand of Fellow- 
ship by the Rev. Nathanael Fisher, of Dighton," pp. 

Religion is the Life of God's People : [an Elec- 

tion] Sermon at Boston, May 25th. 1743. Bos- 
ton 1743. pp. (4), 43. 8 17.97 

Charge at the Ordination of Thaddeus Maccarty. 

See Gray, E 17.183,198 

EGERTON, H., bp. A Sermon before the Society for 
the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, On the 21st of February, 1728. London, 

1729. pp. 64, (3). 8 17.255 

Note. With An Abstract of the Proceedings of the 

Society; A List of the Missionaries; A List of the 
Members of the Society, etc. 

ELDERS, Ruling. 

See Letter (28.20); Reply (28.28); Some brief (28.27); 
Vindication CB.C4); White, J. (1G.166). 

ELECTION, The Scripture-Doctrine Concerning. Dick- 
inson, J 14.1 

ELECTUARY. Electuarium Novum Alexipharmacum. 

Harward, T 17.131 

ELEUTHERIA. Mather, C 13.11 

EHOT, Andrew, d. 1778. 

A Sermon Preached October 25th. 1759. A Day 

of Thanksgiving, For the Reduction of Que- 
bec. Boston, M,DCC,LTX. pp. 43. 8 .... 17.109 

A Sermon September 17. 1766. At the Ordina- 

tion Of Ebenezer Thayer. Boston, 1766. pp. 

(2), 35. 8 17.197 

ELIOT, Jared, b. 16S5. d. 1763. 

Give Cesar his Due. [Election] Sermon at Hart- 

ford, May the llth, 1738. N. London, 1738. 

pp. (2), 44. 8 18.270 

The Two Witnesses; or, Religion Supported by 

Reason and Divine Revelation. A Lecture- 
Sermon in Lymc October 29, 1735, Before the 
Association of the County of New-London. 

N. London, 1736. pp. (4), 79. 8 18.205 

ELIOT, John, b. 1604, d. 1690. 

The Harmony of the Gospels, in the History of 

the Humiliation and Sufferings of Christ. 
Boston; Printed by John Foster, 1678. pp. 
(4), 131. 4! 11.17 

f Indiane Primer Asuh negonneycuuk. Ne 

nashpe Mukkiesog Woh tauog wunnamuhkut- 
tee ogketamunnate Indiane Unnontoowaonk. 
Kali Meniiiuuiik wutch Mukkiesog. Mushau- 
womuk, 1720. pp. 84, (165). 12 25.21 

Shelf. No. 
ELIOT, John, continued. 

Note. Second title-page! The Indian Primer. And 
Milk for Babes [by J. Cotton]. Boston, mo. IL'O. 

" Mr B Green says composd by Mr Eliot, & Prin4 
at Camb, abt 1G84." T. PRINCE'S note on the 1st ed. 

Letter to H. Peters. See Perfect Diurnall . . . 31.4 

Mamvsse Wunneetupanatamwe. See Bible . . 21.4, 6 

Manitowompae. See Bayly, L. . . . 14.45, 46 and 24.42 

Wurnc Ketaohomae uketoohomaongash David. 

See Bible. O. T. Psalms 21.4 

Wchkomaonganoo asquam, etc. See Baxter, R. 24.38 

Life. See Mather, C 13.21 

ELKING, H. A View of the Greenland Trade and 

Whale-Fishery. London, MDCCXXII. pp. 68. 8. 27.50 
ELLIS, J., jr., Answer to the Objections made by. 

See Hudson, 8 32.23 

ELT, bp. of. See Greene, T. 
EMERSON, Joseph, b. 1700, d. 1767. 

Early Piety Encouraged. A Discourse occa- 

eion'd by the Death of a Young Woman of 
Maiden, of the Throat-Distemper, Sept. 6, 
1738. Boston, 1738. pp. (2), viii, 30, 8" . . . 28.191 

Exhortation to his People With Respect to 

Variety of Ministers. Boston, 1742. pp.18. 8. 27.199 

Heart-Purity Encourag'd and Press'd. A Ser- 

mon at Maiden Decemb. 4th. 1726. Boston, 
1727. pp. (2), 63. 12" 15.00 

The Important Duty Of a Timely Seeking of 

God Urged; A Sermon, April llth. 1725. 
With a Preface by Cotton Mather. Boston, 
1727. pp. (2), viii, 54. 12" 15.23 

Meat out of the Eater, and Sweetness out of the 

Strong. A Sermon at Maiden, September 
28th. 1735. Boston, 1735. pp. (4), iv, 23. 8 . 16.240 

An Offering of Memorial. Or The Penitent call- 

ing the Sins of his Youth to Remembrance. A 
Discourse from Psalm xxv. 7. Boston, 1732. 
pp. (4), 19. 8 16.263 

Wisdom is justified of all her Children. A Ser- 

mon in Boston, August 26. 1742. Boston, 1742. 

pp. 26, (3). 8 18.43 

A Word to those that are afflicted very much. 

A Sermon in Maiden, October 20th 1738. On 
the repeated Deaths of Children in said Town, 
by the Throat Distemper. Boston, 1738. pp. 

(4), 26. 8 28.192 

EMERSON, Joseph, b. 1724, d. 1775. 

A Thanksgiving Sermon, at Pepperrell, January 

3d 1760. [On] the Removal of Sickness, and 
the Return of many Soldiers from the Army. 
Boston, 1760. pp. (4), 25. 8 18.83 

A Thanksgiving-Sermon at Pepperrell, July 

24th. 1766. On the Repeal of the Stamp-Act. 

Boston, M.DCC.LXVI. pp. l!7. 8 17.103 

ENGLAND. Bohun, W. Brief View of Ecclesiastical 

Jurisdiction in 26.224 

Mather, C. Eleutheria: or, An Idea of the Ref- 

ormation in 13.11 

See also: London. 
ENGLAND, Church of. Brief Account of the Revenues 

of the Bishops in the 22.38 

Mather, S. Against the Ceremonies of the . . 16.225 

Plain Reasons For Dissenting from the .... 27.193 

Towgood, M. The Dissenting Gentleman's An- 

swer to the Reverend Mr. White's Three 

Letters 26.9T 

See also: Nonconformity, Separation. 
ENGLAND, Church of, in America. Hobart, N. Sec- 
ond Address 26.79 

Second Letter From a Minister of the Church of 

England To his Dissenting Parishioners. See 
Letter 27.6 

Some Remarks upon A letter from a Minister of 

the Church of England to liin dissenting Pa- 
rishioners 27.56 



Shelf. No. 

ENGLAND, Church of, in America, continued. 
Sumo i;o:nar;;s upo-i a Second Letter from the 

Church .if Minister 26.100 

ENGLISH language. The English Instructor or, the 

Art of Spelling. Dixon, II 14.5 

ENQUIRY, An, into the Reasons of the Conduct of 
(ircat Britain, With Relation to the State of 
Affairs i;i Knrope. Published (here) for the 
Information of the Inhabitants of New-Eng- 
land. Boston, 1727. pp. 103. 8 27.100 


See Chauncy, C. (10.301 and 17.124); Doolittle, B. 
(27.126). See also : Delusions. 


See Mather, C. (28.47); Prince, N. (10.189); Walter, 
T. (27.122). See also : Bishops. 

ERSKINE, R. Gospel Sonnets, or, Spiritual Songs. 
Fifth Ed. Philadelphia: Re-printed and Sold 
by [mutilated] Franklin, in Market-street, 
1740. pp. xvi, 270. 8. [Imperfect] 29.5 

A Letter to Geo. Whitefield. Philadelphia: 

Printed and Sold by B. Franklin, 1741. pp. 

14. 8 28.103 

ESSAY, An, Concerning Silver and Paper Currencies, 
especially with Regard to New-England Bos- 
ton, [1738]. pp. (2), 23. 8 26.53,105 

- A Reply to the Essay. See Inquiry .... 27.39 
ESSAY, An, on the Merchandize of Slaves & Souls of 

Men, Revel, xvin. 13. with an Application to 
the Church of Rome. Added, An Exercita- 
tion on Numb. xxxn. 10, 11. 12. With an Oc- 
casional Meditation on I. Sam. xxni. 11, 12. 
By a Gentleman. Boston, MDCCXXXI. pp. 
(4), iv. 63. 4 [See Addenda.] 26.32 

ESSAY Upon that Paradox, etc. Walter, T 27.122 

ESTABROOK, Joseph, d. 1711, aged about 68. 

Abraham the Passenger his Privilege and Duty. 

Election-Sermon, May 30. 1705. Boston, 1705. 

pp. (2), 22. 4 26.158 

ESTABROOK, Samuel, d. 1727, aged 52. 

A Sermon Shewing that the Peace and .Quiet- 

ness Of a People Is a main part of the Wort of 
Civil Rulers. Deliver'd at Hartford May the 
8th. 1718. the Day for the Election. New-Lon- 
don, 1718. pp. (2), 26. 8 18.272 

EUROPE. Dumont J. Les Soupirs de L' 26.120 

Enquiry into the Reasons of the Conduct of 

Great Britain, With Relation to, 1727 .... 27.160 

See also: England, Great Britain, Ireland, Nether- 
lands, Scotland, Spain, Treaties. 

EDSEBIUS Inermatus. Just Remarks On a late Book, 
Intitled, " Eleuthcrius Enervatus, Or an An- 
swer to a Pamphlet, Intituled, The Divine Right 
of Presbyterian Ordination &c. argued. Done 
by way of Dialogue between Ensebins and 
Elcutherius; with two Letters. By 1'hilelutli. 
Bangor, V. E. B. Boston, MDCCXXXIII. pp: 
(2), 158 [156]. 8 [Sec Addenda.] 22.13,21 

Note. See Scripture-Bishop and Prajlaticus Tri- 

EVANS, Thomas, of Penc.nder. 

The Querists, or, An Extract,. See Querists . . 26.265 
EVIDENCES of a revelation. 

See Dickinson, J. ill M) ; Eliot, J. (18.20.T); Mather, 
I. (23.45) ; Walton, J. (28.24). See also : Infidelity. 

EVIDENT Advantages, The, to (ircat Britain from tho 
Approaching War. AiMr.l I'ians nf Havana 

and Porto-Belo. London, 1727. pp. (4), 44. 8". 27.71 

]:\VI.H, .!. ( 'haii'icy, ('. Kcmarks mi a Sermon by . 

Livingston, \V . Letter to 27. .">'.' 

J'.\ \IT Lii-t, An.ofl'arliamcnt. Ad.lcd.Th" TniMccs 

fur < Ic.iru'ia, .-rid tin- |'|:IC,TI of Ihcir \ 

L HI.|.>:I, 17:; 1. M'. :;>. 12 13.41 

Shelf. No. 

EXAMINATION of and some Answer to, A Narrative 
and Defence of the Proceedings of the Minis- 
ters of Hampshire, who disapproved of Mr. 
Breck's Settlement at Springfield. Boston, 
1736. pp. (4), 98. 8 27.8 

EXAMINATION of the Power of the Fraternity. Stod- 

dard, S 18.176,182 

EXAMINER, The, examin'd. Brown, J 27.182 

EXAMINER, The, Or Gilbert against Tennent. Han- 
cock, J 27.98 

EXETER, X. 77. The Result of a Council of Ten 
Churches, Jan. 31. 1743. Boston, 1744. pp. 
16. 8 28.62 

EiTOR, C. L. von, The Surprising History of. Ma- 
ther, C 23.41 

EXTRACT from the Political State of Great Britain, 
for the Month of December, 1730. [No title- 
page.] pp. 16. 8 26.214, 215 

Kale. Contains an account of the controversy in 
Massachusetts respecting the Governor's salary. 


See Balch, W. (16.212) ; Cotton, J. Treatise (23.01 and 
28.197) ; Dana, J. (1G.52); Dickinson, J. (14.1); Lee, S. 
(24 17); Mather, N. (16.100); Mather, S. (23.48); Stone, N. 
(24.36); Williams, S. (26.6.5); Willison, J. (18.245). See 
also : Righteousness, Self-righteousness. 

FAITHFUL Narrative of God's gracious Dealings. 

Moody, S 28.55 


See Homes, W. (15,23); Wadsworth, B. (25.4). 
FAMILY religion. 

See Dodd' ridge, P. (17.130); Sewall, J. 05.11); White- 
field, G. (15.57). 

FAMTLY-RELiGroN Excited. Mather, C 18.202 

FASCICULUS Viventium. Mather, C 18.231 

FERRARI, F. Novum Lexicon Geographicurn, Michael 
Antonivs Bavdrand auctiorem fecit. Accesse- 
runt Dominici Magri, Appendices & Correc- 
tiones. Isenaci, M. DC.LXXVIT. pp. (10), 530, 
(2), 484, (22). f 30.2 

Note. tinder "America" this lexicon fives a list of 
the countries described. Many of the articles are long. 

FrNLEY, Samuel, b. 1715, d. 1766. 

Christ Triumphing, and Satan Raging. A Scr- 

mon On Matth. xn. 23. at Nottingham in Pen- 
sylvania. Boston, 1742. pp. 32. 8" 16.119 

A Letter to a Friend [in defence of George White- 

field. No title-page. About 1742.] pp.12. 12. 28.90 

Satan strip'd of his angeliek Robe: the Sub- 

stance of several Sermons at Philadelphia, 
January 1742-3. Shewing the Nature of Delu- 
sion. With an Application to the Moravians. 
Philadelphia, n. d. pp. xii, 42. 8 ...... 18.22T 

FfRMtN, Giles, 6. 1G17, d. 1697. 

The Real Christian, or a Treatise of Effectual 

Calling. London, 1670. pp. (48), 321 [320]. 4. 11.22 
Note. References to various American author*. 

Of Schism. Parochial Congregations in Eng- 

land, and Ordination by Imposition of Hand*, 
Wherein Dr. Owen's Discovery of The True 
Nature of Schism is examined, with Mr. Xoycs 
of New England his Arguments against Impo- 
sition of hands in Ordination. London, 1658. 
pp. (10), 157, (1). 8 22.44 

Reply to Croswcll's Answer to Firmin's Eight 

Arguments. ,SVv Williams, S 26.05 

FISH, Joseph, i>/' stiiiiiiii/tnii. 

Right Hand of l-Yllowship at the Ordination of 

l.<vi Hart. SeeLord.B ' 17.206 

Frsnru, Hugh, <! 1734. 

The divine right of private Judgment. A Reply 

to .loMah Smith's Answer to a Postscript I . V 
I'rc>crval ivc. With Ueinarks on Nathan I'.as- 
M-tt's Appendix, liosl 17.U. pp.;2),lnl. h". 27.133 




Shelf. No. 
FISHER, Hugh, continued. 

A Preservative from damnable Errors, in the 

Uuction of the Holy One. A Sermon at the 
opening of a Presbytery, at Charlestown in S. 
Carolina. "With Remarks, upon Mr. Smith's 
Preface, and Sermon, n. p., MDCCXXX. pp. 
(2), 84. 8 16.215, 257 

FISHER, J., Expostulation with, concerning his Un- 
fair-dealing in his Review of Mr. Robe's Pref- 
ace. See "Willison, J 28.146 

FISHER, Nathanael, of Diyhton. 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Thomas Clap. See Belles, N 27.146 

FlSK, Phineas, d. 1738, aged 55. 

The Good Subject's Wish or, The Desirableness 

of the Divine Presence with Civil Rulers. [An 
Election] Sermon, at Hartford, May 12th 1726. 

N. London, 1726. pp. (4), 38. 12 13.188 

VISE, Samuel, b. 1689, d. 1770. 

The Character of the Candidates for Civil Gov- 

ernment, especially for Council. [An Elec- 
tion] Sermon. May 26th. MDCCXXXI. Boston, 
1731. pp. 50. 8 17.115 

Controversy between Samuel Fisk, and Brethren 

of the First Church in Salem. See Just and 
Impartial 27.26 

Letter Relating to the Divisions in the first 

Church of Salem 28.53 

FISKE, Moses. 

Address To the Christian Reader of Unbelief De- 

tected. See Thacher, P 15.55 

FITCH, Jabez, 6. 1672, d. 1746. 

Discourse On Serious Piety, A Sermon upon the 

Death of Mrs. Mary Martyn. Added, A Ser- 
mon on the Golden Rule of Justice. Boston, 

1725. pp. (4), ii, 37. 8 16.196, 248 

FITCH, James, b. 1622, d. 1702. 

An Explanation of the Solemn Advice, by the 

Council in Connecticut, to the Inhabitants, Re- 
specting the Reformation of those Evils, which 
have been the Cause of the late Judgments 
upon New-England. Boston, 1683. pp. (8), 

133. 8 15.31 

JVote. "The Covenant Renewed by the Church 
in Norwich March 22. 1C75," pp. 67-72; "A Brief Dis- 
course Proving that the First Day of the Week is the 
Christian Sabbath," pp. 73-133. The latter has a sepa- 
rate title-page. 

An Holy Connexion, Or a true Agreement Be- 

tween Jehovahs being a Wall of Fire to his 
People, and the Glory in the midst thereof. 
[An Election] Sermon at Hartford May 14. 1674. 
Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green, 1674. 

pp. (4), 20. 4 26.148 

Note. An address to the "Christian Reader," pp. 
4, is signed "John Whiting. Joseph Haiues." 

FLAVEL, J. The Great Design and Scope of the Gos- 
pel Opened. An Extract from Flavel's Eng- 
land's Duty. With a Preface by Mr. Byles. 
Boston, 1741. pp. (8), 28, (2). 8 28.21 

Prophane Swearing Condemn'd at the Bar of Rea- 

son. Taken from the Works of Flavel. Par- 
ticularly recommended to the Merchants of 
Boston, &c. As proper to be given to their 
Mariners. Boston, 1731. pp. (2), 22. 8. . . 16.232 

The Reasonableness of Personal Reformation, 

and the Necessity of Conversion. Boston, 1725. 

pp. (12), 144. 12 15.52 

A Word To the Well-Wishers Of the Good 

Work of God in this Land. Boston, 1742. pp. 

23. 8 28.63 

Note. An extract from his " Blow at the root." 

FMNT, Josiah. 

Address To the Reader of The Necessity of The 

pouring out of the Spirit. See Adams, W. . 18.2C 

Shelf. No. 
FLYNT, Henry, b. 1675, d. 1760. 

An Appeal to the Consciences of a degenerate 

People, for the Vindication of God's Proceed- 
ings with them. A Sermon in Boston, April 
3. 1729. Boston, 1729. pp. (4), 19. 8. 16.67 and 17.161 

A Caution to Sinners against abusing the Pa- 

tience of God, by a progress in Sin. A. Sermon 
to the Scholars in the College Hall February 
8th. 1735, 6. Boston, 1736. pp. (4), 20. 8 . . 16.129 

The Doctrine of the Last Judgment, Asserted 

and Explained, In Two Discourses on Ro- 
mans ii. 16. Boston, 1714. pp. (2), ii, 28. 4. 16.173 

Note. An address " To the Reader," is signed " In- 
crease Mather," pp. ii. 

Oratio Funebris in Obitum Benjamins Wads- 

worth, Collegii Harvardini Prsesidis. Habita 
in Aula Academies. Bostoni, MDCCXXXVrr. 
pp. (2), 9. 8' 17.176 

Twenty Sermons on Various Subjects. Boston, 

MDCCXXXIX. pp. (2), iv, 312. 8" 11.13,14 

Preface to Righteousness, etc., Recommended. 

See Appleton, N 18.113 

Appleton, N. Discourse after the Funeral of . 17.38, 42 

Lovell, J. Oratio in Funere Henrico Flyutij . . 17.39 
FORDYCE, J. The Folly, Sin, and Misery of Unlawful 

Pleasure. A Sermon before the General As- 
sembly of the Church of Scotland, Muy 25, 1750. 
Boston, M,DCC,LXI. pp. 38, 8". [Imperfect] . 16.71 

FORESTS. Charta de Foresta. Care, H 22.22 

FORMS of Daily Prayer. Smith, J 24.23 

FORT Du Quesne, Penn., Defeat of Braddoek near. 

Vinal, W I 6 - 95 

FOSTER, John and Abigail. Mather, C. Sermon upon 

the Death of 23 - 6 

Mather,!. Discourse Occasioned by the Death of. 23.5 
Fox, George, b. 1624, d. 1690, and Burnyeat, John. 

A New-England Fire-Brand Quenched, in An- 

swer unto a Lying, Slanderous Book, Enti- 
tuled ; George Fox Digged out of his Burrows, 
&c. Printed at Boston in 1676. of one Roger 
Williams of Providence in New-England, n. 
p., M DC Lxxvra. In Two Parts, pp. (28), 

233; (2), 255, (1). 4 H-23 

Fox, John, d. 1756, aged 78. 

God by his Power causes the Earth and its In- 

habitants to tremble. The substance of Two 
Sermons, On I. Sam. xiv. 15. Preached soon 
after the Earthquake, at Wobourn. Boston, 
1728. pp. (2), 58. 8 18.131 

Time and the End of Time, In Two Discourses; 

The first about Redemption of Time ; The sec- 
ond about Consideration of our latter End. 
Boston, 1701. pp. (2), 234, (1). 8" 15.50 

FOXCROFT, Mrs. Elizabeth Danforth, d. 1721. Ser- 
mon after the Funeral of. See Foxcroft, T. . 18.23 

FOXCROFT, Francis, d. 1727. Funeral-Discourse after 

the Death of. See Appleton, N 18.118 

FOXCROFT, Thomas, 6. 1697, d. 1769. [See Add."] 

An Apology In Behalf of The Revd. Mr. White- 

field : against A Letter to Mr. Whiteficld, 
Signed, L.K. Boston, 1745. pp.38. 4. 17.143 and 26.88 

- Examination of his Apology. See Letter to 

the Rev. Mr: Foxcroft 26 - 95 

The Blessings of a Soul in Health to be supremely 

wish'd for. A Sermon Deliver'd (in Part) at a 
Family-Meeting in private, Mar. 3. 174 , 2. 
Boston, 1742. pp. (4), 52. 8 16.21,24 

A Brief Display Of Mordecai's Excel'.ent Char- 

acter. A Sermon after the Funeral of Penn 
Townsend. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 42. 8. . 17.59 

The Character of Anna, the Prophetess. A Ser- 

mon after the Funeral of Dame Bridget Usher. 
With a Preface by the Reverend Mr. Wads- 
worth. Boston, MDCCXXiir. pp. (4), iii, (1), 
62. 8 13-119 




Shelf. No. 
FOXCROFT, Thomas, continued. 

Cleansing our Way in Youth Press'd : And Ob- 

serving the Word of God Recommended. A 
Discourse. Boston, 1719. pp. (8), 192. 8 . 12.30, 37 

The day of a godly Man's Death, Better than the 

day of his Birth. A Sermon, Feh. 25. 1722. 
Boston, 1722. pp. (2), ii, 196, (1). 8 .... 12.44, 48 

Note. Paged continuously with this (pp. 40-126 
and 127-IIU), but having separate titles, are his " Two 
Sermons shewing IIow to Begin," etc., and " The 
Duty of the Godly." 

Death the Destroyer of Earthly and False Hopes. 

A Sermon on January 30. 1725. Boston, 1726. 

pp. (2), 25. S 16.236 

A Discourse Concerning Kindness. A Sermon 

in Boston, Febr. 28th. 1719, 20. Boston, 1720. 

pp. (2), 36. 8 18.230 

A Discourse preparatory To the Choice of a 

Minister. The Substance of two Sermons, June 

11. 1727. Boston, 1727. pp. (2), 67. 8 ... 17.170 

The Divine Right of Deacons. A Sermon On 

the Ordination of Zechariah Thayer, May 23. 
1731. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), 42, (1). 8" ... 16.25 

The Duty of the Godly Among a Professing 

People, to be Intercessors & Reformers, In a 
Day of the Lord's Anger. See, above, bis 
" Day," etc 12.44, 48 

Eli the Priest dying Suddenly. A Sermon, June 

19. 1729. Upon the Death of the Reverend John 
Wil Hams and of the Reverend Thomas Bio wers. 
Boston, M DCC xxix. pp. (4), ii, 36, (5). 
8 17.66,171 

God the Judge, putting down One, and setting 

up Another. A Sermon Upon the Death of 
George [I], And the Accession of George, II. 
Boston, MDCCXXVH. pp. (4), v [iv], 39. 
8 17.63,169 

God's Face set against an Incorrigible People. 

A Sermon, July 30. 1724. Boston, 1724. pp. 

(2), v, (1), 50. 8 16.265 and 18.140 

Grateful Reflexions on the signal Appearances 

of Divine Providence for Great Britain and its 
Colonies in America. A Sermon, October 9. 
1760. On the Surrender of Montreal. Boston, 
1760. pp. (4), 36. 8 17.112 

Humilis Confessio : The Saints united Confes- 

sion, in Disparagement of their own Right- 
eousness. A Sennon, Jan. 30. 1749, 50. Bos- 
ton, MDCCL. pp. (4), 64. 8 16.23 

The Importance of Ministers being Men in 

Christ. A Sermon at Milton, Nov. 13. 1728. 
Upon the Ordination of John Taylor. Boston, 
1728. pp. (4), 59. 8 s 27.147, 152 

Observations on the Rise and Primitive State of 

New-England. With special Reference to the 
first Church in Boston. A [Century] Sermon 
Aug. 23. 1730. Boston, M DCC XXX. pp. (8), 
46. 8 27.23 

A Practical Discourse Relating to the Gospel- 

Ministry. Prcach'd At his Ordination in Bos- 
ton, November 20. 1717. With a Preface hy 
the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth. Bos- 
ton, 1718 pp. (2), iv,65. 8- 18.181 

f The Ruling & Ordaining Power of Congrega- 

tional Bishops, or Presbyters, Defended. Be- 
ing Remarks on 1*. Barclay's Persuasive. 
Boston, 1724. pp,,(2), 45. 8" 27.106 

Note. This is to be considered as an appendix to 
E. Wk'Klesworth's " Sober Remarks," and is BO called 

in ft note to the publisher's n<l<lrrt^ in thi 1 p n<l nli- 

tion of that work. See alto: Foxcroft's "Vindica- 
tion," below. 

Seasonable Memento fur New Year's Day. A 

Sermon, January 1. 1746,-7. Boston, 1747. 

pp. (4), 76. 8 10.12 

Shelf. No. 
FOXCKOFT, Thomas, continued. 

Sermon at Cambridge, After the Funeral of Mrs. 

Elizabeth Foxeroft. With an Addition, refer- 
ring to Her Death. Also a Funeral Poem of 
the Reverend John Danforth. Boston, 1721. 
pp. (4), iv, 55. 8 18.28 

Two Sermons shewing How to Begin and End 

the Year. Added a Discourse on Jer. xviii, 

20. See, above, his " Day," etc 12.44, 48 

Some seasonable Thoughts on Evangflii: Preach- 

ing. A Sermon in Boston, Oct. 23. 1740. Oc- 
easion'd By the late Visit of Mr. Whitefield. 
Boston, 1740. pp. (4), 47. 4 .... 16.22 and 2<3.04 

t A Vindication of the Appendix to the Sober Re- 

marks. A Reply to the Defence of the Modest 
Proof. Boston, MDCCXXV. pp. (4), 59. 8 . 27.138 
Note. See, above, his " Killing & Ordaining Power." 

The Voice of the Lord, From The Deep Places 

of the Earth. A Sermon in Boston, Nov. 23. 

1727. Boston, MDCCXXVH. pp. (4), 52. 8. 17.126, 172 

Address To the Reader of All Mankind, by Na- 

ture, etc. See Mayhew, E 16.253 

Epistle Prefatory to Mrs. Gerrish's Letters. See 

Appleton, N 17.48 

Exhortations 85 Directions to Young People. 

Boston-Lecture, May 18, 1721. pp. 65. [Course 

of Sermons] 231 

Preface and Appendix to An Humble Inquiry, 

etc. See Edwards, J., the elder 17.249 

Preface to All Power in Heaven, etc. See Pem- 

berton, E 17.244 

Preface to Believers in Christ, etc. See Lord, B. 1(3.260 

Preface to Nathanacl's Character displayed. See 

Chauncy, C 18.21 

Preface to Reasonableness of Christianity. See 

Dickinson, J 14.54 

Preface to The woful Condition of Impenitent 

Souls. See. Whittelsey, S 16.60, 77 


Vita Franckii : Cui adjecta est, Narratio Rerum 

Memorabilium in Ecclesiis Evangelids per 
Gerrnaniam &c. Revisa, et, Cura Samuelis 
Mather, Edita. Boston), MDCCXXXIII. pp. (4), 
iv, 31, 11, (1). 8 17.132 and 26.231 

Note. Francke's Life, begun by himself, is con- 
cluded by Michael Alberti, who ia also the author of 
the Narratio. 

Account of some Good & Great Things. See 

Mather, C 28.25 

A Letter Concerning the most useful Way of 

Preaching. Translated by David Jennings. 

pp. 55-86. See Jennings, J 18.160 

Pietas Ilallensis, Extracts from. See White- 

field, G 16.169 

FRATERNITY, An Examination of the Power of the. 

Stoddard, S 18.176, 182 

FREE-GRACE Maintained & Improved. Mather, C. . 28.122 
FREE Grace indeed I Letter to J. Wesley. White- 

field, G 27.200 

FRIENDLY Check, A, from a Kind Relation, To the 
Chief Cannoneer, Founded on a Late Informa- 
tion, Dated N. K. Castle-William, 1720,21. [No 

title page.] pp.7. 12 28.91 

FRIENDS. Barclay, R. Apology for the True Chris- 
tian Divinity, as Preached by the Quakers . . 21.1 

Burroughs, E. Works r.Oa.2 

Fox, G. ANew-Knirland Fire-Brand Quenched. 11.23 

Makemie, F. Narrative of n Late Ditlerence 

among the Quakers, begun at Philadelphia 
[about 1600] l"-.2 

Pratt, P. Recovery from the Errors of Quaker- 

ism 27.157 

Tenncnt, (!. Reply to The Doctrine of Chris- 

tianity, as hc!,l l.y H," Quakers, \indic-ited . . 12.12 

Whiting, J. Truth and Inuoceney Defended . 12.20 




Shelf. No. 



FRIENDS, continued. 

Williams, R. George Fox Digg'd out of his 


Sea also: Adamson, M. (27.131); Bollcs, J. (14.55); 
Keith, J. (Christian 12.49; Presbyterian 13.9, 10; Pre- 
tended 13.7; Way 24.15); Vade Mecum (12.22). 

FRINK, Thomas. 

The beautiful Appearance of the Messengers of 

Christ. A Sermon at Stafford In Connecticut, 
March 23d. 1757. When Mr. John Willard 
was ordained. Boston, 1757. pp. (4), 45. 8". 17.206 

FRIZELL, John, d. 1723. Funeral Sermon on. See 

Mather, C I 8 - 1 ' 20 

FROST, Charles, d. 1724. Funeral Sermon upon. See 

Wise, J 

FUTDRE life. The State of the Blessed, from the in- 
stant of their Dissolution, and after their 

Resurrection. Norton, J 12.36 and 21.17 

See also: Heaven, Hell, Intermediate state, Metem- 
psychosis, Punishment (Future). 

GALLOP, Mrs. Mary, d. 1765. Sermon upon the 

Death of. See Checkley, S 17.52 

GARDEN, Alexander, b. 1685, d. 1756. 

Six Letters to Whitefield. On Justification; on 

The Case between Mr. Whitefield and Dr. 
Stebbing stated, &c. on Whitefield's Letters 
concerning Tillotson, nnd The Whole Duty of 
Man; and on his Letter concerning the Ne- 
groes. With Whitefield's Answer to the first 
Letter. Second Ed. Boston, 1740. pp.54. 8. 26.268 

Note. " Mr Garden's Letters seem full of Mistake, 
Misconstruction], Misrepresentation, Cavil, Hi-Na- 
ture, Ill-manners, S[corn?], & Virulence." MS. note 
by Mr. Prince. 

. Answer to Garden's Three First Letters to 

Whitefield. See Croswell, A 28.6 

GAY, Ebenezer, 6. 1696, d. 1787. 

The Character and Work of a good Ruler, and 

the Duty of an obliged People. [An Election] 
Sermon, May 29th. 1745. Boston, 1745. pp. 
(4), 33. 8 17 -98 

The Duty of People to pray for and praise their 

Rulers. A Sermon in Hingham, August 12. 

1730. Boston, 1730. pp. 35. 8 16.132 

_ Ministers are Men of Like Passions with Others. 
A Sermon at Barnstable, May 12. 1725. The 
Day on which Joseph Green was Ordained. 
Boston, 1725. pp. (6), 41. 8 . . . 17.272 and 27.150 

Natural Religion, As Distinguish'd from Re- 

vealed: A Sermon at the Dudleian-Lecture, 

May 9. 1759. Boston, 1759. pp. 34, 4. 8 . . 17.226 

Note. Appended is "The Character of Judge 
Dudley [from] the Boston-News-Letter, February 7th, 
1751," pp. 4. 

The true Spirit of a Gospel-Minister. A [Con- 

vention] Sermon in Boston; May 29. 1746. 
Boston, 1746. pp. 33, (1). 8 17.210 

The untimely Death of a Man of God. A Ser- 
mon at the Funeral of the Reverend John Han- 
cock. Boston, MDCCXLIV. pp. (4), 25. 8 . . 17.28 

GEARING, H., Account of the Life of, with the Char- 
acter of a Christian, collected out of his Papers. 
See Shower, J 24- 59 

GEE, Mrs. Sarah Rogers, d. 1730. Sermon on the 

Death of. See Thacher, P 17.56 

GEE, Joshua, 6. 1698, d. 1748. 

Israel's Mourning For Aaron's Death. A Ser- 

mon After the Death of Cotton Mather. Bos- 
ton, MDCCXXVllir pp. (4), 34. 8 17.24 

f The Strait Gate And The Narrow Way. Two 

Sermons, Upon Matth. VII. 13, 14. Boston, 

1729. pp. (2), 103. 12 e 15.40 

Address To the Reader of The Widow of Nairn. 

See Mather, C 18-139 

Shelf. No> 
GEE, Joshua, continued. 

Hancock, J. Reply to Gee's Letter on the Tes- 

timony of the late Convention of Pastors in 
Boston, 1743 26-75 

Prescott, B. Letter In Answer to His to N.Eells. 
GENEVA, Church History, Political and Geographical 

Account of. Le Mercicr, A 12.28 

GEOGRAPHY. Ferrari, F. Lexicon Gcographicum . 30.2 

Morden, R. Geography Rectified 31.5 

Purchas, S. His Pilgrimage 30a.4 

Stafforde, R. Description of all Empires and 

Kingdomes 26 - 236 

See also: Atlas, Bermudas, Boston, Brunswick, 
(Me.), Canada, Cape Breton, East Indies, Geneva, 
Guiana, Havana, Louisiana, Maps, Nova Scotia, Por- 
tobello, Virginia, West Indies, World, 
GEORGE I, king of England. Explanatory Charter, 
Granted to Massachusetts-Bay by. See Great 
Britain 27 -l 78 

Checkley, S. Sermon after the News of the Death 

of 17-34,51 

Foxcroft, T. Sermon Upon the Death of . . 17.63, 169 

Mather, C. Sermon on the Succession of the 

Crown to the House of Hanover 18.240 

Bewail, J. Sermon Upon the Tidings of the 

Death of 17 - 68 > a77 

GEORGE II, king of England. Cooper, S. Sermon 

Upon the Death of 17- 67 

Davies, S. Sermon on the Death of 17.44 

GEORGIA. Smith, S. Sermon before the Trustees for. 16.5 

The Trustees for. See Exact List, etc 13.41 

Whitefield, G. Account of Money Received for 

the Orphan-House in 26.100 

_ Continuation of the Account of the Orphan- 

House in 


. - A Poem on his Design for 28 -l 

GEREE, John. 

Address To the Reader of The first Principles, 

etc. See Shepard, T 25 - 27 

GERMANY. Narratio Rerum Memorabilium in Eecle- 

eiis Evangclicis per Gcrmaniam, a M. Alberti. 

SeeFrancke, A. H 17.132 and 26.23 

GERHISH, Mrs. Martha Foxcroft, A. 1736. Discourse 

Occasion'd by the Death of. Annexed some 

of her Letters. See Appleton, N 17-48 

GIBSON, E. Pastoral Letter. OccasionM by some 

late Writings in favour of Infidelity. Sixth 

Ed. Boston, M,DCC,XXX. pp. (4), 48. 8.. 27.4 

Two Letters : The First, To Masters and Mis- 

tresses in the English Plantations abroad; 
Exhorting to the Instruction of their Negroes 
in the Christian Faith. The Second, To the 
Missionaries there. Prefix'd, An Address to 
Serious Christians among our selves, to Assist 
the Society for Propagating the Gospel. Lon- 
don, M.ncc.xxix. pp.31. 8 27 -2 

Whitefield, G. Answer to Observations upon the 

Conduct of Methodists. In Two Letters to, 1744. 26.90 

_ The Bishop of London's Pastoral Letter An- 

ewer'd,1739. With the Letter 26.98 

GIDDINGE, William.- The pretended Plain Narrative 

convicted of Fraud. See Ipswich, Mass. .. 26.67 

GLASGOW, University of, To the Rector : And Pro- 
fessors, of. Mather, C I 8 - 152 

GOAD, Benjamin, Discourse Upon the Condemnation 

of. See Danforth, S I 7 - 248 

>D A rtamning God not an object of love. See Camming, 
A. (27.124). Glory of. Bailey, J. (23.56,58); Blair, 
S. (12.34); Colman, B. (Glory 16.151; God 16.29). Tn- 
comprehensibleness of. Colman, B. (24.34). Om- 
niscience of. Whitman, S. (1S/J51). Sovereignty 
of. Cheever, S. (1S.27G); Cooke, S. (28.44); Johnson, S. 
(27.140); Wigglesworth, E. (28.43), See also: Colman, 
li. 06.28); Cotton, J. (27.104); Flynt, H. (16.C7 and 
17.161); Harward, T. (16.23d and 26.235); Mather, C. 
(18.222); Phillips, S. (16.113, 115); Wadsworth, B. 
(14.62); Williams, E. (18.194). See also: Trinity. 




Shelf. No. 
GOLD Coins, Considerations on Lowering the Value 

of 26.54 

GOOD Old Age, A. Mather, C 28.18 

GOOD Works carefully to be iriaintain'd. [Title-page 

wanting.] pp. 22. 8 16.271 

GOODWIN, John. Narrative of his Haunted Chil- 

drun. See Mather, C 13.26 

GOODWIN, Thomas. 

Epistle To the Reader of The Grounds and 

Ends, etc. See Cotton, J 27.54 

Epistle To the Reader of The Application of Re- 

demptio.i, etc. See Hooker, T 13.2 

Preface to A Survey of the Sumine of Church- 

Discipline. See Hooker, T 11.18 

GOOKJN, Nathaniel, b. 1687, d. 1704. 

The Day of Trouble near, The Tokens, and a 

Due Preparation ; Three Sermons. Added, 
A Sermon on Deuteronomy V. 29. And an 
Account of the Earthquake, in Hampton, And 
something Remarkable of Thunder and Light- 
ning, in 1727. Boston, M.DCC.XXVIII. pp. (8), 

75. 8 18.110 

GORTON, Samuol, b. about 1600, d. after 1676. 

An incorruptible Key Composed of the CX. 

Psalme, wherewith You may open the rest of 
the hol^ Scriptures, n. p., 1647. pp. (2). 6, 
(24), 120, 119. 4 13.4a 

t Simplicities Defence against Seven-Headed 

Policy. Or Innoceucy Vindicated, being un- 
justly Accused, and sorely Censured, by that 
Seven-headed Church Government United in 
New-England. London, 1646. pp. (16), 111. 4. 13.4 

See Colman, B. (1G.31); Davenport, J. (2G.1S2); Dis- 
course (20.115); Pemberton, E. (22.5G). See also: Con- 
science (Liberty of), Grand jurors, Judges, Laws, 
Magistrates, Plantations, Persecution, Rulers, Tolera- 


See Alleine, R. (22.58)- Clark, P. (16.226, 235); Cros- 
well, A. (1G.1GO); Defence (22.20); Dickinson, J. 
(Second 27.20; True 14.1); Vindication 26.78); Dan- 
cock, J. (16.55); Mather. C. (Free-Grace 28.122; Grace 
18.225); Mather, W. (18.149, 264); Mayhew, E. (21.3); 
Short, (18 149, 264); Stone, N. (24.36); Vincent, N. 
(H..V1); Wesley, J. (18.201); Whiteficld, G. (Free 27.200; 
Letter, 28.98, 13G); Williams, E. (18.2GS). See also: 

GRADIN, A. A Short History of the Bohemian- 
Moravian Protestant Church of the United 
Brethren. Translated from the Latin Manu- 
script. London, MDCCXLIII. pp. (2), 62. 8. 27.24 
Note. Allusions to America, pp. 43, 55-58, 60, 61. 

GRATTON, Mass. A Result of a Council of Churches 
at G rafton, October 2d. 1744. [No title-page.] 
PP.11. 8" 27.197 

GRAHAM, John, b. 1694, d. 1774. 

The Duty of Renewing their Baptismal Cove- 

nant Proved and Urged upon the Adult Chil- 
dren of Professing Parents. Boston, 1734. 
pp. (G), 13. 8 16.220 

GRAND Jurors Duty Considered. Boston. 1724. pp. 

16. 8" 18.252 

GRAND Question, The, Whether War, or no War, 

with Spain. London, MDOCXXXIX. pp. 32. 8. 26.119 

X'ltf. Allusions to America, p;>. IS-*, -.'-I, L'H. 

GRATITUDE, An Essay concerning. Mather, s. . . 26.77 
GRAY, A., of (.''iinymr. Sermon Upon the Great Sal- 

vation. Boston, 17:1!. pp. (2), 22. 12 ... 16.202 

Note. Pages 19-22 contain "Four Hymns by an- 
other Hun i." 

The Spiritual Warfare; or, Sermons Concerning 

Mortification. Added Two Sermons concern- 
Ing Contentment. Boston, 1720. pp. (4), 140. 

12" 14.3 

GRAY, Kilward. d. 17. r >7. Sermon after the Death 

of. Sue Cliauncy, C 17.55 

Shelf. No. 
GRAY, Ellis, d. 1753, aged 36. 

The Design of the Institution of the Gospel-Min- 

istry. A Sermon, September 27. 1741. in Bos- 
ton. Boston, 1741. pp. 23. 8 17.184 

The Fidelity of Ministers to Themselves, and to 

the Flock of God. A Sermon at the Ordination 
of Thaddeus Maccarty, in Kingston, Nov. 3. 
1742. Boston, 1742. pp. 40. 8 17.183, 198 

Note. " The Charge given by the Rev. Mr. Eells 
of Scituate," pp. 37-39. "The Right Hand of Fellow- 
ship given by the Rev. Mr. Lewis of Pcmbrook," pp. 

GREAT Britain. Act for the Encouragement of the 
Trade to America. [No title-page.] pp. 24. 
8 26.210 

[Acts and Ordinances of Parliament, 1641-56. No 

title-page.] pp. (40), 186, 21, 515, (41). f . . 33.1 

Note. " Priviledges granted to several Foreign Plan- 
tations," 1G46, cap. 70; " Trade with the Barbada's, 
Virginia, Bermuda's and Antego, Prohibited," 1650, 
cap. 28. 

[Acts of Parliament, 1648, 49. London, 1648, 49. 

No title-page.] pp. 405. f , [Black-letter] . 33.3 

Note. Many of the acts have separate title-pages, 
one of which reads, "An Act for propagating the Gos- 
pel in New England. 27Julii. London, 1649," being 
the charter of the Society for the propagation of the 
gospel in New England. 

Articles of Peace, Between Charles LT. and the 

Netherlands. London, 167^. pp. (2), 12. 4. 26.184 

.Vote. Article V. relates to the transfer of Surinam 
to the Dutch. 

The Explanatory Charter, Granted by King George 

To the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in 
New-England. Accepted by the General Court, 
Jan. 15th. 1725. [Boston], 1725. pp.8. 8. 27.178 

Boyer, A Political state of, 1711-39 19.1 

Care, IT. English Liberties 22.22,23 

Historical Register, 1716, 23-36 31.7 

Perfect Diurnall of Proceedings of the Armies, 

1645,49-52 31.4 

Politics, 1727. See Evident (27.71); 1739. Con- 

vention, (27.25); Grand, (26.119). JtcbeJlion, 
1745. Whitefield, G. (26.93). See also .- George 
I, Pretender (The). 

GREAT Difficulty, The, and Reward of the Ministeral 
Office : A Discourse delivered at an Associa- 
tion-Meeting. Boston, 1762. pp. 12. 8M7.23S. and 18.60 

Note. Separately paged, but with continuous sig- 
natures, and apparently by the smne author, is, " The 
Necessity of brotherly Love," q. v. 

GREENE, T., bp. A Sermon before the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Tarts; 
February 21. 1723. London, 1724. pp.69, (3). 
8 32.4 

y<itc. With an Abstract of the Proceedings of the 
Society from Fi-b. I.". 1722 to Feb. 21, 172:!, and :i LUt.if 
the Members, aud of the Sermons preached before the 

GREENinr, William. 

Address To the Header of The Parable of the Ten 

Virgins. Fee Shepard, T 30a.5 

Address To tho Reader of The Sincere Convert. 

,SV,' Shepard, T 24.35 

GREENLAND. View of the Greenland Trade and 

Whale-lM>!iery. Klking, II 27.00 

GREENWOOD, Isnae, l>. 1702, </. 1745. 

t Arithmetiek Vulgar and Decimal. Boston, 

MDPCXXIX. pp. (6), 158, (4). S 21.7 

A Philosophical Discourse concerning the Muta- 

bility and Changes nf the Material World; 

Read to tin- Students of Harvard-College, April 

7. 17M1. I'pon the Death of Thomas llolli*. 
Boston, \li)i'i-\\\-I. pp. in, 21. 8 . . . . 17.62 
lfote. Se: \v; ,-1,-lcsworth, E. Thr 




Shelf. No. 

GREENWOOD, John, d. 1766, aged about 69. 

The Temple of Qid to he Measur'dby his Minis- 

ters. A Sermon at Southborough, October 21. 
1730. At the Ordination of Nathan Stone. 
Boston, M,DCC,XXXI. pp. (4), 34. 8 .... 27.15 
GROVES, R. Gleanings or, A Collection of Remark- 
able Passages. Second Ed. London, M DC L I. 
pp. (6), 163 [179], (10). 8. [Imperfect] . . . 29.12 

Note. See pp. 24, 100. 

GRDNDLER, J. E. Letter to Cotton Mather, dated 
Tranquebar 10 Dec. 1719. In Latin and Eng- 
lish. See Mather, C 13 22, 23 

GUARD, Theodore de La, pseud. See Ward, N. . . . 12.15 
GUIANA. Pvblication of Gviana's Plantation .... 20.246 

GUIDE, A, to Heaven. Hardy, S 15.36 and 25.32 

GUTHRIE, W. The Christian's Great Interest. Or, 

A short Treatise. Boston, 1701. pp. 234. 8. 15.39 

A Short Treatise of the Christian's Great Inter- 

est. Boston, 1728. pp. (2), viii, n, 208, (7). 

24 25.19 

GUZMAN, Juan Perez de, President of Panama. 

Relation of the late Action of the English in the 

West-Indies, 1670. See Voyages 12.23 

HAINES, Joseph. 

Address To the Christian Reader of An Holy 

Connexion, etc. See Fitch, J 26.148 

HALE, John, b. 1636, d. 1700. 

A Modest Enquiry Into the Nature of Witch- 

craft, and How Persons Guilty of that Crime 

may be Convicted. Boston, 1702. pp. 176. 8. 15.3 

Note. "An Epistle to the Reader " is signed " John 

HALE, Jonathan. 

Narrative Of Brethren Of the second Church in 

Bradford. See Bayly, J 27.198 and 28.52 

HALL, John, d. 1730. Discourse Occasioned by the 

Death of. See Whittlesey, T 13.51 

HAMILTON, John. See Henderson, H. 
HAMPSHIRE county, Mass. A Letter to the Author 

of An Answeer to the Hampshire Narrative. 

Boston, 1737. pp. (4), 84. 8 . . . 27.129 

Narrative of the Proceedings of those Ministers 

of the County of Hampshire, &c. That have 
disapproved of the Settlement of Robert Breck 
in Springfield. By Themselves. Boston, 1736. 

pp. (4), 93. 8 27.65, 99 

Examination of A Narrative of the Proceedings 

of the Ministers of < 27.8 

Letter from J. Edwards, Giving an Account of 

the Work of God in. See Williams, W. . . 14.20 

See also: Northampton, Plainfield. 

HAMPTON, . A Narrative Of a New and Unusual 
American Imprisonment of Two Presbyterian 
Ministers. See Makemie, F 26.209 

HAMPTON, N. H., Earthquake, Thunder, and Light- 
ning in. Gookin, N 18.110 

HANCOCK, John, of Lexington, b. 1671, d. 1752. 

The Lord's Ministers are the People's Helpers. 

A Sermon at the Ordination of Ebenezer Han- 
cock, at Lexington, January 2d. 1733, 4. Bos- 
ton, 1735. pp. (4), iv, 21. 8 17.209 

The Prophet Jeremiah's Resolution To get him 

unto Great Men, and to speak unto them. A 
Sermon in Boston, November 21.1734. Boston, 
MDCCXXXIV. pp. (4), 26. 8 16.33,148 

Rulers should be Benefactors. [An Election] 

Sermon. Boston, 1722. pp. (4), 30. 8 .... 13.98 

A Sermon at the Ordination of John Hancock. 

In the North Precinct of Brantree; Novem. 2. 

1723. Boston, 1726. pp. (4), 36. 8 27.14S 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

John Newman. See Balch, T 17.188 

Shelf. No. 
HANCOCK, John, ofBraintree, b. 1702, d. 1744. 

A Discourse upon The Good Work. In Pern- 

brook, September 7th. 1742. Boston, 1743. 

pp. 38. 8" 16.55, 135 

tl'ue Examiner, Or Gilbert against Tennent. 

A Confutation of Tennent and his Adherents : 
from his Own Writings. With Strictures on 
the Preface to Tennent's Five Sermons. Bos- 
ton, 1743. pp.32. 8 27.98 

- The Examiner, Examined. See Tennent, G. . 22.57 

An Expostulatory and Paciflck Letter, By Way 

of Reply to Rov d Mr. Gee's Letter of Remarks, 
on the printed Testimony of the late Conven- 
tion of Pastors in Boston, against several Er- 
rors and Disorders in the Land. Boston, 1743. 
pp.15. 8 28.75 

The Instability of Humane Greatness. A Dis- 

course At Braintree, April 23. 1738. Upon the 
Death Of Edmund Quincy. Boston, MDCC- 

xxxvm. pp. (4), 31, (1). 8 17.60 

Note. The last two pages contain " Addenda, from 
the Weekly Journal. April 11." 

Sermon at the Funeral of. See Gay, E 17.23 

HARDY, Samuel. 

f A Guide to Heaven From the Word : or, Good 
Counsel How to close savingly with Christ. 
Boston, Samuel Green, 1689. 8. [Imperfect]. 15.33 

- | Same. Boston, 1717. pp. 72. 48 25.32 

JTote. "Ye author of this Book was one Mr Hardy, 
vid Calamy's aect. of elected ministers." MS. note of 
Ifr. Prince. A book with this title is mentioned at p. 
283 of Calamy's Account, but the meaning ascribed 
by Calamy to that title is so very inappropriate to the 
present work, as to suggest a doubt whether Mr. 
Prince was correct in identifying the two. 

HARRINGTON, Timothy, b. 1716, d. 1795. 

A Century-Sermon at the First-Parish in Lancas- 

ter, May 28 th - 1753. Boston, 1753. pp. (4), 29. 

8 16.43 

HART, William, b. 1713, d. 1784. 

A Discourse Concerning Regeneration, and the 

Way Wherein it is Wrought. N. London, 

1742. pp. (6), 57. 8 16.289 

HARWARD, Thomas. 

Electuarium Novum Alexipharmacum. Or, A 

new Cordial, Alexiterial and Restorative Elec- 
tuary ; A succedaneum to the grand Theriaca 
Andrornachi. Boston, 1732. pp. (6), 26. 
8 17.131 and 26.234 

The Fulness of Joy in the Presence of God, a 

Discourse in the Royal Chappel at Boston. 
Boston, 1732. pp. (4), 23. 8 .... 16.230 and 26.235 
HASLEWOOD, F. Sermon before the Lord-mayor of 
London, Jan. 30. 1720. Fourth Ed. London 
Printed: Re-printed for D. Henchman [Bos- 
ton]. MDCCXXIX. pp. (6), 13. 8 16.266 

HATZAR-Maveth. Mather, C 13.40 

HAVANA, Plan of the Port and Bay of. See Evident 

Advantages 27.71 

Sewall, J. Sermon 0:1 the Reduction of . . . . 17.78 
HAVEN, Elias, b. 1714, d. 1754. 

Youthful Pleasures must be accounted for, at the 

Day of Judgment. A Sermon in Wrentham, 
May 27. 1741. Boston, [the date cut oft'], pp. 

32. 8 18-253 

HAVEN, Jason, b. 1733, d. 1803. 

Sermon, May 31st. 1769. The Anniversary of the 

Election, [etc.]. Boston, MDCCLXIX. pp. 55. 

8 17.82 

HAVERHILL, Mass., Account of the Impressions made 
by the Earthquake on the Inhabitants of. By 
J. Brown. See Cotton, J 18.106, 108 


See Harward, T. (16.2.10 and 2C.235); Mather, C. 
(Ccelestinus 13.1G); Mather, 1. (Meditations 23.28); 
Stevens, J. (15.43) ; Tompson, E. (15.29) j Walter, N. 
(22.25); Webb, J. (12.1). 




Shelf. No. 

See Cooper, W. (14.10); Lorinz, I. (l^O; Webb, 
J. (12.1); VVhitoficld, G. (V. 1 of 15.57). See also: Pun- 
ishment (Future). 

HELLENBROEK, A. A Sermon. Take us the little 

Foxes, pp. (2), 31. See Tennent, G ..... 12.40,47 

HELP, A, to a National Reformation. Containing An 
Ah-traet of the Penal-Laws against Prophane- 
ness and Vice. Fifth Ed. enlarged. London, 
1706. pp. (1C), 131. 8 ........... 29.3 

Note. An account of the efforts forthe reformation 
of morals in Jamaica and in New England, pp. 4, 9, 

HEMPHILL, Samuel, came to Philadelphia from Ire- 
land in 1704. 

Extract of the Minutes of the Commission of the 

Synod relating to. See Philadelphia ..... 

f A Defence Of Mr. ITemphill's Observations : or, 

An Answer to the Vindication of the Commis- 
eion. Philadelphia : Printed and Sold by B. 
Franklin, 1735. pp. 47, (1). 8 ....... 

- Remarks upon the Defence of Mr. Hemphill'a 

Observations. See Jenkins, ......... 

HENCHMAN, Nathaniel, d. 1761. 

Letter to the Reverend William Hobby, Occa- 

sioned by sundry Passages in his Letter, In 
Vindication of Mr. Whitefield's Itinerancy 
and Conduct. Boston, 1745. pp. 12. 4 . . 

Reasons For declining to admit Mr. "Whitefield 






into his Pulpit. Boston, 1745. pp. 12. 8 . . 
HENDERSON", Hugh, alias Hamilton, John, b. about 
1708, hanged 1737. 

Confession and Dying Warning. See Campbell, 

J ....................... 

HENRY, M. Directions for Daily Communion with 
God. In Three Discourses. Fourth ed. Re- 
printed at Boston, 1717. pp. (2), ii, 140. 12". 

A Plain Catechism for Children added. Another 

for those to be admitted to the Lord's Supper. 
Fifth Ed. Boston, 1717. pp. (4), 17. 8" ... 
HFPBL'RN, John. 

The American Defence Of The Christian Golden 

Rule. [No title-page, 1714 ?] pp. (5), 1-10. 
8. [Imperfect] ................ 

HERRING, T., archbp. Sermon before the Incorpo- 
rated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 
in Foreign Parts; February 17. 1737-S. Lon- 
don, MDCCXXXVIII. pp. 70, (1). S 3 ..... 

Note. With " An Abstract of the Proceedings of the 
Society from the ISth of February, 170C, to the 1st of 
February, 173"; a List of the Missionaries; a List of 
the Members of the Society; a List of the Bishops, 
Deans, etc., who have preached before the Society," 

HERVEV, James. Sermon Upon the Death of. See 

Romaine, W ................. 17.23 

HIGGINSON, John, b. 1616, d. 1708. 

The Cause of God and his People in New-Eng- 

land. [An Election] Sermon, on the 27 day of 
May 16')3. Cambridge: Printed by Samuel 
Green, 1663. pp. (4), 24. 4. . . 18.1, and 26.139, 180 

Note. The " Preface" is signed 'John Wilson, 
Senior. Samuel Whiting." 

- Same. See Mitchell, J ........... . 28.41 

Our Dying Saviour's Legacy of Peace. Also a 

Discourse on the Two Witnesses. Boston: 
Printed by Samuel Grern for John Usher 
near the Town-House, 16SG. pp. (14), 205. 
8 ...................... 15.0 

.\ ,,if. A second " Preface" is signed " Samuel Wil- 

Address To (he Render of New-England's Memo- 

riall. See Morton, X ............. 12 .^ 

Epistle Dedicatory to Xew Knglaud's Duty, etc. 

Sec Noyes, N ................. 1S.274 

Shelf. Ko. 
HIGGINSON, John, continued. 

Epistle to the Reader of A Modest Enquiry. See 

Hale, J 15.3 

Preface to Winter-Meditations. See Mather, C. 13.24 

and Hnbb.ird, William. A Testimony, to the 

Order of the Gospel, In the Churches of New- 
England. Boston, 1701. pp. 15. 8 28.45 

- Same. See Mather, S. The Self-Justiciary, 

pp. 19-27 23.47 

HlLLnocsE, James, Remarks on the Result made by 

a Council to Judge of Complaints against. See 

Dialogue 13.141 

HIRST, Mrs. Elizabeth, d. 1716. Sermon upon the 

Death of. See Colman, B 18.183 

HIRST, Grove, d. 1717. Sermon upon the Death of. 

Added, An Extract from his writings. See 

Colman, B 14.25 

HIRST, Samuel, d. 1727. Mather, C. Essay on the 

Death of 27.158 

Sewall, J. Sermon Occasioned By the Death of. 16.244 
HISTORICAL Register, The, [for 1716] , 23-36. [Nos. 

2, 31, 32, 34-37, 39-41, 43, 52, 58-61, 74-78, 80, 
82.] London, [1716]-36. 23 nos. in 5v. 8. 

[Xo. 35 imperfect] 31.7 

-Vote. No. 37 contains the letters patent of the In- 
dia company of the Austrian Netherlands ; No. 40, an 
Abstract of the treaty of commerce between the em- 
peror and the king of Spain, the Representation of the 
Dutch W. I. company against the treaty, and the As- 
sicnto; No. 52, pp. 240-290, No. 61, pp. 1-4J, and No. 74, 
pp. 119, 1'JO, relate to the American colonies. 

HISTORY, A, of Seasonable Interpositions. Mather, C. 23.143 
HISTORY, The, of Baptism. St. Nicholas, J. . . . 12.40, 41 
HOBART, Nehemiah, 6. 1648, d. 1712. 

The Absence of the Comforter Described and 

Lamented, in a Discourse. New-London, 1717. 

pp. (2), x, 316. 8 s 14.17, 18 

Address To the Godly Readers of Heaven the 

Best Country. See Tompson, E 15.29 

HOBART, Noah, b. 1706, d. 1773. 

Ministers of the Gospel considered as Fellow- 

Labourers. A Sermon at the Ordination Of 
Noah Willes, at Sanford [Stamford], Dec. 31, 
1746. Boston, 1747. pp.34. 12 17.229 

Second Address to the Episcopal Separation in 

New-England. Occasioned By the Exceptions 
made to the former, by Dr. Johnson, Mr. Wet- 
more, Mr. Beach, and Mr. Caner. Added. A 
Letter from Mr. Dickinson in Answer to Mr. 
Wctmore. Boston, 1751. pp. 172, (2). S . . 26.79 
HOBBY, William, 6. 1707, d. 1705. 

The Happiness of a People, having God for their 

Ally. A Sermon at Reading, April 30. 1758. 
On an Expedition against <'anada. Boston, 
1758. pp. (4), ii, 28. 8 16.137 

Self-Examination Urged and Applied, in Ser- 

mons at Reading. Boston, 1746. pp. (2), vi, 

iv. 191, (1). 8 15.5 

A Letter to Mr. Hobby. By J. F. n. p., 17-T>. 

pp. (2), 9. 4> ...'..." 17.142 

Letter To William llobliy. Occasioned by his 

Letter, In Vindication of Mr. Wliitetield's ( '.in- 
duct. See Henchman, N />.*7 

HOLDEN, Samuel, Sermon on the Death of. See 

Colman, I', 17.9 

HOLLI*, Thomas. Colman, B. Sermon Upon the 

Death of 17.16 

Greenwood, I. Philosophical Discourse Upon 

the Death of 17.62 

"Wiuu'lesworth, K. Sermon upon the News of 

tin' Death of 17.61 

HOLY Spirit. 

S Chimney, C. (l' ; -" s '! IT. MO: Clark, P. O'""' w '>: 
Co.ipiT, \V. (M.-'.Mi; Kilwarils. J. (IS.-JISi; KUhi'r. II. 
(lll.-.i;,, .'.);, X. (14. isi; Scw:ill, .1. (Tli'> I!"ly 
Spiiil C.inviiu'ini; I."'. IT; Tin- Holy Spirit the tiirt 
II. I. 1 ;; Smith, J. il'i.l'.U); WliitiMU'M, G. (\j.:-T.) 




Shelf. No. 
HOI.YOKE, Edward, d. 1660. 

The Doctrine of Life, or of Mans Redemtion. 

With the true nature of our Lords Sufferings. 

London, 1658. pp. (18), 426, (18). 4 12.35 

HOLYOKE, Edward, 6. 1689, (1. 1769. 

The Duty of Ministers of the Gospel to guard 

against the Pharisaism and Sadducism, of the 
present Day. [A Convention] Sermon, May 
28. 1741. Boston, 1741. pp. 39. 8 ... 17.211, 218 

Integrity and Religion to be principally regarded, 

by such as design others to Stations of publick 
Trust. [An Election] Sermon, May 26. 1736. 
Boston, 1736. pp. (4), 51. 8 17.120 

Obedience and Submission to the Pastoral Watch 

and Rule, a Sermon at the Ordination of 
James Diman in Salem ; On the Eleventh Day 
of May, 1737. With the Charge, by the Rev- 
erend Mr. Barnard; and the Right Hand of 
Fellowship by the Reverend Mr. Clarke. Bos- 
ton, 1737. pp. (4), 47. 8 17.200 

Charge at the Ordination of John Sparhawk. 

See Appleton, N 17.203 

HOMES, William, 6. 1663, d. 1746. 

A Brief and Plain Discourse, Wherein, The Doc- 

trine of the Sabbath is explained. Boston, 

1727. pp. (2), vi, vii, 52. 8 16.170 

The Good Government of Christian Families 

Recommended : added, A Discourse on Secret 
Prayer. Boston, 1747. pp. (2), 164. 12 . . . 15.28 

Note. "The Preface," pp. 10, is biographical, and 
signed " Joseph Sewall. Thomas Prince." The " Dis- 
course " has a separate title-page. 

Proposals Of Some Things to be done in our ad- 

ministering Ecclesiastical Government. Bos- 
ton, 1732. pp. (2), iv, 36. 8 ... . 26.111 and 27.22 
HOOKE, William, b. 1601, d. 1678. 

New Englauds Teares, for Old Englands Feares. 

A Sermon July 23. 1640. a day of Publike 
Humiliation, in behalfe of our Native Countrey. 

London, 1641, pp. (4), 23. 4 32.40 

HOOKER, Thomas, b. 1586, d. 1647. 

The Application of Redemption, for the bring- 

ing home of lost Sinners to God. The first 
eight Books. \Vith an Epistle, By Thomas 
Goodwin, and Philip Nye. Second Ed. Lon- 
don, 1659. pp. (22), 702, (30). 4 13.2 

The Danger of Desertion : or A Farwell Sermon. 

Preached immediately before his Departure 
out of Old England. With Ten Rules to be 
practised every day by converted Christians. 
Second Ed. London, 1641. pp. (4), 28. 4" . 26.250 

Note. Mr. Prince attributes the Rules to the Rev. 
E. Reyner. 

Fovre Treatises ; Viz. The Carnall Hypocrite. 

The Churches Deliverances. The Decei'.ful- 
nesseof Sinne. The Benefit of Afflictions. Lon- 
don, 1638. pp. (4), 293. 12 25.1 

f The Sovles Exaltation. A Treatise containing 

The Soules Vnion with Christ. The Soules 
Benefit from Vnion. The Soules Justification. 
London, 1638. pp. (16), 311 [313]. 4 .... 21.18 

Note. " The Soules Benefit," has a separate title- 

fThe Sovles Hvmiliation. London, 1637. pp. 

(2), 224. 4 21.11 

j Same. Third Ed. London, 1640. pp. 223, 

(8). 4 21.10 

f The Sovles Ingrafting into Christ. London, 

1637. pp. (2), 30. 4 21.18a 

f The Sovles Preparation for Christ. Or, A 

Treatise of Contrition. London, 1632. pp. 

(8), 258. 4" 21.19 

Shelf. No, 
HOOKER, Thomas, continued. 

\ The Sovles Vocation or Effectval Calling to 

Christ. London, 1638. pp. (26), 33-6GS. 4 . 21.28 

Kote. Another title-page, inserted between the 
preliminary matter and the body of the work, bears the 
date, 1637. 

A Survey of the Summe of Church-Discipline. 

Wherein, The Way of the Churches of New- 
England is warranted out of the Word, and all 
Exceptions against it, answered. London, 
M.DC.XLVIII. pp. (36), 296 [252], 90, 46, 59. 4. 11.18 

Note. The Epistle " To the Reader" is signed " Ed- 
ward Hopkins, William Goodwin." Verses " In obi- 
tum Hookeri,"are signed " Sum. Stone, Teaching Elder 
at Hartford," " On Mr. Thomas Hooker," "J. Cotton," 
" In sepulchrum Hookeri," " E. Rogers," and a " Pref- 
ace" is signed " Tho. Goodwin." 

- Same. Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Bay- 

lie, The Author of Vinditioe Clavium answered. 
In two Books. The second by John Cotton. 
London, M.DC.Xl/vni. pp. (38), 2 ( J6, 90, 46, 

59, (12), 104, 44. 4 11.21 

Note. Each treatise has its separate title ; for the 
second, See Cotton, J. 

- Cawdrey, D. A Review of the Survey . . . 21.24 

- Hudson, S. Answer to Hooker in his Survey. 32.23 
HOOPER, William, d. 1767, aged$3. 

The Apostles Neither Impostors nor Enthusi- 

asts. A Sermon in Boston, September 1742. 
Boston, 1742. pp. 48. 8 16.15,17 

Christ the Life of true Believers, and their Ap- 

pearance with him in Glory. A Sermon In 
Boston, October 4th. 1741. Boston, 1741. pp. 
i!S. 8 16.18,20 

Jesus Christ the only Way to the Father. A 

Sermon in Boston, December 24. 1741. Bos- 
ton, 1742. pp.22. 8" 16.16 

HOORNBECK, or Hornbeck, J. Examen Hoornbecki 

de Independentismo. SeeBeverley, J 24.12 

HOPKINS, Edward. 

Epistle To the Reader of A Survey of the 

Summe, etc. See Hooker, T 11.18 

HOPKINS, Samuel, of Springfield. 

Charge at the Ordination of Jonathan Judd. See 

Edwards, J 18.179 

HOPKINS, Samuel, b. 1721, d. 1803. 

An Enquiry concerning The Promises of the 

Gospel. Whether any of them are made to 
the Unregenerate. Containing, Remarks on two 
sermons by Dr. Mayhcw of Boston. Also, A 
brief enquiry into the Use of Means. Boston, 
M.DCC.LXV. pp. (2), viii, 145. 8 27.1 

Two Discourses. I. On the Necessity of the 

Knowledge of the Law of God, in order to the 
Knowledge of Sin. II. A particular Inquiry 
into that Change in which men are born of 
God. Boston, MDCCLXVIII. pp.65. 8" . . . 16.70 

HOPKINTON, Afass. The Result of an Ecclesiastical 
Council Publickly declared to the Church of 
Christ in Hopkinton, September 19th 1735. 
[No title-page.] pp. 8. 8 ... 22.35 and 27.144, 190 

HORN, Capt. van. Surprizing of la Vera Cruz. See 

Voyages 12.23 

HoilN, G. [Historia ecclesiastica et politica. Lugdu- 

ni Batavorum, 1671.] pp. (34), 442, (26). 12. 28.205 

Note. " Among ye N E Books, bee of his Great mis- 
takes about N E Ppl & Principles.''!. PRISCE'S 
MS. catalogue. 
Same. n. p., n. d. pp. (34), 368, 72, (28). 12. 28.204 

HOWELL, James. Epistolse-Ho-Eliana?. Familiar 
Letters Domestic and F. >rren. Fourth Ed. 
London, 1673. pp. (10), 510, (24). 8 . ... 29.4 

Note. A letter dated March 28, 1G1S, pp. 5-7, relates 
to the return of Sir W. Raleigh frnm Guiana; another, 
dated May 5, 1645, pp. 3G,S-G73, defends the first against 
some objections. Also pp. 304, SUC, 307, 355, 448, 475, 
470, contain allusions to America. 




Shelf. No. 
JIcBBARD, Thomas, d. 1773. 

Journal of the Commissioners to Treat with the 

Eastern Indian.*. See Wendell, J 20.21 

HuBBAKl), William, b. 1021, (7. 1704. 

The Benefit Of a We 11- Ordered Conversation, a 

Sermon June 24 th , 1GS2. On a Day of publick 
Humiliation. Al>o A Funeral Discourse upon 
tlic Death of Major General DeiiUou. Boston, 
Samuel Green. 1684. pp. (8), 175, (9), 170-218. 8. 15.14 

A'ote. An address "To the Serious Header" is 
signed "J. Allin. Josh. Moodey," and ia followed by 
a copy of Verses, signed "N. N." 

A Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians In 

New-England, from 1607 to 1077. Added a 
Discourse about the Warrc with the Pcquods 
In 1637. Boston; John Foster, 1077. pp. (9), 

132,12,88. 4 11.24 

Snte. Appended is " A Narrative of the Troubles 
With the Indians in New-England. From Paseataqua 
to Pemmaquid," pp. 8S. On the reverse of the title- 
page is a MS. note to the effect that this volume was of- 
fered as evidence in a court of commissioners for set- 
tling the boundaries of Khode Island east ward towards 
the Province of Massachusetts Bay, and was rejected 
by the court as insufficient. Attested June 23rd, 1741, 
by M. Hobinson, Clerk. Among the preliminary 
matter at the beginning of the book are two copies of 
commendatory verses, the first signed "J. S.;" the 
eecond, "B. T.;" that is, Benj. Tompson. There are 
also MS. notes by Mr. Prince. 

Address to the Christian Reader of Cases of Con- 

science. See Mather, 1 23.4, 7 

Preface to Death the certain Wages, etc. See 

Rogers, J 15.58 

Testimony to the Order of the Gospel in the 

Churches of Xew-England. See Iligginson, J. 28.45 
HUDSON, Samuel. Vindication of the Essence, Unity 
[and Priority] of the Church-Catholick visible, 
in answer to John Ellis and M r . Hooker. Sec- 
ond Ed., with an Addition [in answer to S. 
Stone]. London, 1658. pp. (30), 265, (5), 52. 4. 32.23 

Hooker, T. The Essence and Unitie of the 

Church answered 11.21 

Stone, S. Examination of his Vindication of 

the Essence 16.172 

HuiT, Heuet, or Hewett, Ephraim, d. 1644. 

The whole Prophecie of Daniel Explained. By a 

Paraphrase, Analysis and briefc Comment. 
n.p., MDCXLIV, pp. (0), 358, and 10 folded 

leaves. 4 21.20 

Note. " The Epistle Dedicatorie," is signed " Sime- 
on Ash, Samuel Clarke, Will. Ovcrton." 

HULL, John, d. 1083. Sermon Occasioned by the 

Death of. See Willard, S 27.93 

HULL, Mrs. Judith (Quincy), b. 1026, d. 1695. Epitaph. 

See Bewail, S 15.44 

HUMBLE Address, The, of the Publicans of New-Eng- 
land, To which King you please. With Re- 
marks. London, 1691. pp. 21. 4 26.189 

Note. A parody upon "The humble address of ' 
divers of the gentry, merchants, and others . . . iu 
Hi ... to the kin?. London, K7J1." 4. 

HUTCIIINSON, Aaron, b. 1724, d. 1800. 

Valour for the Truth. In :i Sermon at New- 

bury-Port, April 23J, 1707. Boston, MDCO 

LXVII. pp. 26. 8 . . . 16.42 

HUTCH IN SON, I/yilia,d. 1743. Sermon after the Funeral 

.f. ,SVe Checkley, S 18.31 

Urn MI\<ON, Thomas, d. 1739. Sermon Upon the 

Death of. N, , \I:ithi-r, S 18.39 

Hi TOIIN-ON, Thomas, /-. 1711, /. 1780. 

A IV i Lowering the Valii' 1 of (inlil 

Coins. ,SVr Considerations 26.54 

HYMNS an<l Saeiv.l Poems. Wesley, J 12.'J'J 


II . I I i; Moodey, S. (!.',. I'.ij ; Succumb, 

J. (!.:. I;. 

Shelf. No. 
IGNATIUS, of Antioch, Remarks upon St. Ignatius's 

Epistle to the Trallians. See Walter, T. . . . 27.122 

IGNORANTIA Seientifica. Mather, C 27.108 

LMTOHTANOK, The, of Cape Breton consider'd; in a 
Letter to a Member of Parliament, From an 
Inhabitant of New-England. London, MDCC- 
XLVI. pp. (2), 73 [65]. 8 26.190 

Note. Signed " .Mossachusettcnsis." This must 
not be confounded with the " Importance and Ad- 
vantage of Cape Breton truly elated, London, 174C," 
which is attributed by John Eliot, in his Biograph- 
ical Dictionary, to W. Bollan, and here catalogued 
under his name (26.11.0). 

IMRIE, D. A Letter, Predicting The speedy Accom- 
plishment of the Events [of] the Latter Times. 
Boston, Re-printed 1756. pp. 16, (1). 8 . . 27.135 

INDEPENDENCY. Bcverley, J. Examen Hoornbeckl 

de Independentismo 24.12 

Cawdrcy, D. The Incousistencie of the Inde- 

pendent way 21.24 

INDEPENDENTS. See New England. 
INDIAN Charity School. See Lebanon, Conn. 
INDIANS, N. A. Hubbard, W. Narrative of the 

Troubles with the Indians In New-England . 11.24 

Mather, C. Monitory Letter, To those English, 

who debauch the Indians, By Selling Strong 
Drink unto them 28.56 

Penhallow, S. History of the Wars of New-Eng- 

land with t,he Eastern 22.41 

Rowlandson, Mrs. M. Captivity and Restau- 

ration ln.8 

Thorowgood, T. lewes in America 27.16 

Wendell, J. Journal of the Commissioners 

appointed to Treat with the Eastern 26.24 


Account of the Society's Missionaries for Con- 

verting the Indians. SeeEdinburgh. Society in 
Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge. 16.201 

Conversion of some of the. See New Englands 

First Fruits 27.73 

Maqueen, D. State of the Society ia Scotland 

for Propagating Christian Knowledge .... 11.28 

Mather, C. India Christiana 13.30 

Mather, I. De Successu Evangelij Apud Indos 

in Nova-Anglia 23.51 

Mayhew, E. All Mankind, by Nature, Equally 

under Sin 16.253 

- State of the Indians on Martha's Vineyard & 

the Islands adjacent, 1094 to 1720 1S.244 

Noyes, N. Account of the visit of G. Rawson 

and S. Danforth to the Indians, 1698 IS. 274 

Scwall, S. Phenomena quaedam Apocalyptica. 17.140 

Stoddard, S. Whether God is not Angry with 

the Country for doing so little towards the Con- 
version of the Indians ? 17.133 


Williams, R. Key Into the Language of America. 21.16 

Wood, W. [List of Indian words] 20.237 

Works in the Afii$.t<i>-lt>i.'<<'tf.< <Hul>'<-t. 

Baxter, R. Call to the Unconverted. Wehkoma- 

onganoo, etc 24.38 

Bayly, L., Itp. The practice of piety. Manito- 

wompae Pomantamoonk, etc. . . 14.4.~>, 4'i and 24.42 

Eliot, J. Indiane Primer. Kali Meiiimiunk 

wuteh Mnkkieso;,' 2.'..21 

Mamiisse Wurineetiipanatamwe np-Riblum God. 

lor,:;. See P.ihle 21.4 

-Same. See M.l K,l. K^A. .s'.r Uihle -!.."> 

W.rne wimetooog Wil.skrtonip i"_c, BtO. " ' 

\1 .ther, O ... 18 22, 2.",, 30 

WilMtriiiipt.imur S.unp<>oai>iik, ele. .sYr llo-ton. 

Synod, i'*" 24.23 

&e also : Pcquods. 





Shelf. No 
INFALLIBILITY may sometimes Mistake, An Essay 

Upon that Paradox. Walter, T 27.122 

INFANT baptism. 

See Cawdrey, D. (21.24); Cotton, J. (27.54); Mather, . 
C. (Baptismal 28.33); Williams, W. (28.31). 

INFIDELITY, Pastoral Letter Occasioii'd by some late 

Writings in favour of. Gibson, E 27.4 

INQUIRY, An, into the Nature and Uses of Money ; es- 
pecially of the Bills of Credit, Old Tenor. With 
a Proposal of Relief. Added, A Reply to the 
Essay on Silver and Paper Currences. Bos- 
ton, 1740. pp. (2), 78. 8 26.51 and 27.39 

INSPIRATION. See Bible. Old Testament. 

INSTRUCTOR, The. In the Truths of the Gospel. Bos- 
ton, 1726. pp. 12. 12 28.190 

INTEREST, The, of the Country In Laying Duties : or 
how Duties may make New-York richer. New 

York [about 1730]. pp. 35. 8 28.157 

Note. JfS. note by Mr. Prince on the title-page, 
" Guess about 1730." 

INTERMEDIATE state. Beach, J. That there is no 

Intermediate State 18.220 

Whittelsey, S. The woful Condition of Impen- 

itent Souls in their Separate State 16.53, 60 

IPSWICH, Mass. The pretended Plain Narrative con- 
victed of Fraud and Partiality. A Letter 
From the Second Church in Ipswich, to their 
separated Brethren. Prefixed a Letter of the 
late Rev. Mr. Pickering's. Annexed the Re- 
sult of an Ecclesiastical Council. Boston, 1748. 

pp. 38. 4 26.76 

The Chebacco Narrative Rescu'd from the 

Charge of Falshood. Cleaveland, J 26.06 

IRELAND, Exhortation to the Roman Catholick Cler- 
gy of. Berkeley, G., bp 17.236 

See also: Limerick, Linen manufacture. 

JAMAICA. The Laws of Jamaica. Added, A short 
Account of the Island and Government. Lon- 
don,1683. pp. (64), 218, (1). 8" 21.29 

Earthquake at, 1692. Doolittel, T 23.76 

JANEWAY, James. A Token for Children. The Con- 
version, Holy Lives and Joyful Deaths of sev- 
eral Young Children. Added, A Token for 

the Children of New-England. Boston, 1728. 

pp. xii, 117. 12 15.26 

-Same. [No title-page. 17- ?] 16. [Very im- 

perfect] 24.50 

JANTRIN, Mrs, Elizabeth, d. 1729. Sermon Upon the 

Death of. See Adams, J 18.46 

JENKINS, Obadiah. 

Remarks upon the Defence of the Reverend 

Mr. Hemphill's Observations. Philadelphia, 

M,DCC,XXXV. pp. (2), 22. 8 J 28.163 

JENKS, Joseph, b. 1656, d. 1740. 

The Proclamation of Joseph Jenks answered. 

See Backus, J 27.175 

JENNINGS, John, Clark of the Assembly. 

Acts and Statutes of the Island of Barbadoes. 

See Barbadoes 22.5 

JENNINGS, John, of England. Two Discourses : Of 
Preaching Chrvst; [and] Of experimental 
Preaching. With a Preface by Dr. Watts. 
Fourth Ed. Added, the most useful Way of 
Preaching; by Franck. Translated into Latin, 
and out of Latin into English by David Jen- 
nings. Boston, MDCCXL. pp. 86. 8. 18.160 and 28.147 

Note." The most useful Way" has a separate title- 

JEWS. Durnmer, J. Do Jure Judceorum Sabbati . 26.7 

Thorowgood, T. Icwes in America, or Proba- 

bilities That the Americans are of that, Race . 27.16 
JEWS, Conversion of the. 

See Mather, C. (Faith 28.120); Mather, I. (Diatriba 
23.16; Dissertation 16.110); Moni<, .7. (22.46); Willard, 
S. (25.36). 


Shelf. No. 

JOHNSON, Jacob, d. 1794, ngcd about 76. 

Animadversions, With some brief Remarks, 

by way of Answer to John Bolles of New- 
London, &c. See Bollos, J 14.55 

JOHNSON, Samuel, b. 1693, d. 1772. [See Addenda.] 

t A Letter from Aristocles to Authades, Con- 

cerning the Sovereignty And the Promises of 
God. Boston, 1745. pp. (4), ii, 29. 8 ... 27.140 

- Dickinson, J. Reflections On A Letter from 

Aristocles to Authades 26.78 

- - Reflections on Johnson's Defence of Aris- 

tocles' Letter to Authades 27.20 : 

Hobart, N. Second Address to the Episcopal 

Separation in New-England, Occasioned By the 
Exceptions made to the former by 26.79 

JONES, . The Religious Remembrancer. Bos- 
ton: Re-printed, [17 ]. pp.32. 8. [Imper- 
fect] 27.18T 

JONES, D. A Discourse upon the Great Fire of Lon- 
don, In the Year, 1666. Delivered in London, 
Sept. 2d. Boston, n. d. pp. 24. 8 16.49 

JONES, T. The Beauties of Spring. A Sermon at 
Southwark, In May, 1758. Boston, M.DCC.LIX. 
pp. 24. 8 ]6.81 

A Sermon on September 16, 1755, at Southwark. 

London, 1756. pp. (4), 16. 8" 16.238 

JOUTEL, . A Journal Of the Last Voyage Per- 
form'd by de la Sale to the Gulph of Mexico, 
To find out the Mouth of the Missisipi. Trans- 
lated from the Edition just publish'd at Paris. 
London, 1714. pp. (2), xxi, (9), Map, pp. 205, 

(5). 8' 11.25 

Note. " The Preface" is " Written by the Sieur de 
Mitchel Who Methodiz'd this Journal." 


See Prentice, J. (16.73); Stone. N. (16.139). 

JUDGING, Evil of uncharitable. Caldwell, J 16.130 

JUDGMENT, The, Of Several Eminent Divines of the 
Congregational Way. Concerning A Pastors 
Power to Exert Ministerial Acts in another 
Church. Boston Printed by Benjamin Harris, 
and are to be sold by Richard Wilkins. 1693. 
pp. (2), 13. 8 28.166 

Note. Prefixed is a recommendation signed" James 
Allen. Samuel Willard. Michael Wigglesworth. Cot- 
ton Mather. Nehemiah Walter." 


See Bates, W. (18.255); Campbell, J. (18.200); Check- 
ley, S. (16.21)9); Flint, H. (16.173); Mather, I. (Diatriba 
23.16); Tennent, G. (12.34); Webb, J. (12.1); Wiggles- 
worth, M (15.15). 

JURORS. See Grand Jurors. 

FUST and Impartial Narrative, A, of the Controversy 
between the Rev. Samnel Fisk, and A Number 
of the Brethren of the First Church in Salem. 
Boston, 1735. pp. (2), 115. 8 27.21,26,164 


See Chauncy, C. (21.22); Croswcll, A. (Free 16.36; 
Heavenly 16.273); Garden, A. (26.2BS); Hooker.T. (21.18); 
Lorins, I. (15.37); Mather, C. (Adversus 13.13; Ever- 
lasting 13.34, 37;; Phillips, S. (16.234); Tennent, G. 
(16.293); Whitefield, G. (15.57); llillard, S. (Brief 24.3; 
Law 28.177). See also : Righteousness. 

IEITH, George, d. about 1715. 

Christian Catechisme, A, For the Instruction of 

Youth. London, 1698. pp. (14), 110, (2). 8 . 12.49 

The Doctrine of the Apostles & Prophets the 

Foundation of the Church. A Sermon At Her 
Majesties Chappel, at Boston, 14th. of June 
1702. Boston, 1702. pp.14. 4. [Imperfect]. 16.180 

Remarks on a late Sermon by Keith. See 

Mather, 1 28.73,195 

The Presbyterian and Independent Visible 

Churches in New-England And else-where, 
found to bJ No True Church of Christ. With 





Shelf. No. 
KEITH, George, continued. 

an Answer to the Lyes of Increase Mather 
and Samuel Norton [Xathl. Morton]. Phila- 
delphia, Will. Bradford, 1G89. pp. (10), 232. 8. 13.9,10 

Note. " This O. K. has this Book of his bound np 
In Canvas; bccanse I suppose, like one of the Wit- 
nesses, he would Prophcsie in Sackcloth." C. MATH- 
ER'S Late Jfemora'ile Providences, p. HI. These copies 
have the original binding. 

Allen, J. The Churches of New-England de- 
fended, Against Keith 28.187 

- Mather, C. Vindication of a Chapter in Re- 

markable Providences from the Calumnies of 

a Quaker at Pcn-silvania 13.29 

The Pretended Antidote Proved Poyson : Or, 

The true Principles of Religion Defended, And 
the Four Counterfit Defenders thereof De- 
tected, in their Answer to, The Presbyterian, 
&c. With an Appendix by John Dclavall, on 
a Discourse of Cotton Mather*. Philadelphia, 
Will. Bradford, 1090. pp. (2), 224. 8" .... 13.7 

The Way To the City of God described. Added, 

The way to discern the motions of the Spirit 
of God, from those of natural Reason, n. p., 
1678. pp. (20), 178. broad 8 24.15 

A True Copy of Keith's Paper. See Makemie, F. 15.2 
KENNEBECK purchase. Extracts and Collections of 

Acts. See Massachusetts 26.18 

Remarks On the Plan published by the Proprie- 
tors of Brunswick. See Plymouth company . 

Defence of the Remarks. See Plymouth com- 

KENNET, W., bp. The Lets and Impediments in Plant- 
ing the Gospel. A Sermon before the Society 
for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, 15th of February, 17}y And an Ab- 
stract of the Proceedings of the Society within 
the year last past. London, 1712. pp. 48. 8" . 17.260 

KENNIRON, Philip, Sermon On the Execution of. 
With the Confession of his Faith. See Wil- 
liams, W 16-118 

KENT, Benjamin, d. 1788, aged 81. 

f A Sermon in Marlborough, July 9. 1734. The 

Divinity of Christ Vindicated against the So- 
cinian & Arian Heresys, &c. Per Amicum. 

Boston, 1734. pp. (2), 24. 8" 17.242 

KERB, Christian, Last Words of. See Deans, A. . . 27.204 
KING, W., archlip. Discourse Concerning The Inven- 
tions of Men in the Worship of God. Fifth Ed. 

Boston, 1712. pp. iv, 83. 4 16.94 

KlBSiN, William. 

Epistle Dedicatory to Baptism Discovered. See 

Norcott, J 28.40 

LAKE, Sir B. Remarks On the Plan, etc. published 
by the Proprietors of Brunswick. See Ply- 
mouth company 26.17 

LAMPATVMUUS. Mather, C 28.168 

LANCASTER, A Century-Sermon at. Harrington, T. 16.43 

LAND bank. 

Sf.e Letter (27.42); Letter, Second (27.44); Money 
(28.1J.'!); Proposal (>)); See alto: Bank of credit. 

LA PILLONNIEKE, F. de, Letter to. .SV Mather, C. . 26.195 
LA SALLE, R. de, Journal <>( the Last Voyage iVr- 

f . fortn'd by. Sff. Jotitel, 11.25 

f.AH CASAS, B. de, !>p. nf ('h'xipit, )>. 1474, ft. 1566. 

Account of the First Voyages and Discoveries 

Made by the Spaniards in Arnrrira. London, 
H.DC.XC.IX. pp. (8), 24S, 40. 8 11.19 

LATZ Religious CommotloriB in N.-E. Hand, W. . . 27.155 

LAVSON, Deodat, d. nfti-r KV.iH. 

Christ'* Fidelity The only Shield against Satana 

Malignity. A Sermon at. Halem-Village, the 
24th of March, Ifi'.i-j. Being a time f Publiek 
Kfifimlnatlon, of some Suspected for Witch- 





Shelf. NO. 

LAWSON, Deodat, continued. 

craft. Boston Printed, by B. Harris, & Sold by 
Nicholas Buttolph, next to Guttridg's Coffee- 

House. 1693. pp. (16), 79. 8 24.10 

Same. Second Ed. London, 1704. pp. (12), 

120. 12 22.54 

Ifote. Pages 93-120 contain "some Brief Account 
of those Amazing things which occasioned that Dis- 

The Duty & Property of a Religious Household- 

er A Sermon at Charlestown, December. 25. 
1692. Boston, Samuel Phillips, 1693. pp. (8), 
64. 4 

LEBANON, Conn. Indian Charity School. Continua- 
tion of the Narrative of the School. Founded and 
Carried on by the Revd Dr Eleaxar Wheclock. 
With an Appendix, Containing The Declara- 
tion of the Trustees ; List nf Subscribers, [etc.] . 
London, M DCC LXIX. pp. 145. 8 .... 

Narrative of the Design, Rise, Progress and 

present State of the. Wheelock, E 17.129 

LEE, John. Answer to Lee's Remarks on the Pre- 
face of Turell's Direction to his People. See 
Turell, E 27.159 

LEE, Samuel, 6. 1625, d. 1691. 

Contemplations on Mortality. Boston, Samuel 

Phillips, 1698. pp. (10), 149. 8 24.13, 14 

The Joy of Faith, or A Treatise Opening the true 

Nature of Faith. With a Tract evidencing the 
Deity of Christ, and the Divinity of the Scrip- 
tures. Boston, Samuel Green, 1687. pp. (18), 
247, (1). 8 13-3 and 24.17 

The Triumph of Mercy in the Chariot of Praise. 

Boston, 1718. pp. (8), 194 [158]. 24.. 

The Library of. See Campbell, D 

LE MERCIER, Andr<5, d. 1762. 

The Church History of Geneva, in Five Books. 

Also A Political and Geographical Account of 
that Rcpublick. Boston, 1732. pp. (10), 220, 

(2), vi, 76, (2). 8" 12.26, 23 

Note. The "History" and the "Account" hare 
each separate pagings, and independent titles. 

A Treatise against Detraction. Boston, 1733. pp. 

(2), v, (9), vii, (1), 303. 8 11.15 

LEONARD, Nathaniel, b. 1699, d. 1770. 

Brief Account of the late Revival of Religion in 

Plymouth; in a Letter to the Rev. Mr. Prince. 

See Christian History, Dec. 1. 1744 

LESLIE, C. An Answer to Lesley. See Prince, : 
LETTER, A, from a Country Gentleman at Boston, To 
his Friends in the Country. [Boston, 1740.] 

pp.12. 12 28.154 

LETTER, A, from a Minister of the Church of England 
to his dissenting Parishioners, Some Remarks 

Upon a 

LETTER, A Second, From a Minister of the Church 
of England To his Dissenting Parishioners, In 
Answer to Some Remarks on the former, by 
one J. G. Boston, 1734. pp. (4), 113. 8 . . 

Some Remarks upon a Second Letter .... 2i'>.l'.ii 

LETTER, A, from Aristoelesto Authadeu. Johnson, S. 27.140 
LETTEU, A, From a Residing Member of the Society 
For Promoting Christian Knowledge in Lon- 
don, to a Corresponding Member in the Coun- 
try. Second Ivl., with Additions. London, 

1714. pp.54. 12 

LETTER, A, From One in Boston, To his Friend in 
the Country. In Answer to a Letter to John 

Burril. [Signed F 1. B- - -t. Boston,] 1714. 

pp. (2), 37. 8' 

LETTER, A, From One in the Country to his Friend in 
Boston, containing Remarks upon [,T. Col- 
man's] Distressed State of Boston, &c. BOS- 

ton, 172i>. PP.22. 12 28.158 

Vindication of the Remarks '2-vlJO 









Shelf. No. 

LETTER, A, From Some Aged Nonconforming Minis- 
ters, to their Christian Friends, Touching the 
Reasons Of their Practice. August 24. 1701. 
Fourth Ed., Enlarged. Boston, 1712. pp. (2), 
iv, 72. 8 8 13.12 

Note, An address " To the Reader," pp. 4, is signed 
" Increase Mather." 

LETTER, A, Relating to a Medium of Trade, In Mas- 
sachusetts-Bay. Boston, MDCCXL. pp.16. 8. 26.41,55 
Note. Signed " Philopolites." 

LETTER, A, Relating to the Divisions in the first 
Church of Salem. [No title-page. Colophon:] 

Boston, [1734]. pp.15. 8 23.20 

Note. Possibly by the Rev. B. Prescott. 

Prescott, B. Examination of Remarks [on a 

Letter relating to the Divisions] . . 22.37 and 27.174 
Brown, J. Answer to Prescott's Examination. 27.182 

LETTER, A, to a Friend, Relating to the Differences 
in the First Church in Salem. Wherein the 
Proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Councils are 
vindicated. [No title-page. Colophon :] Bos- 
ton, [April 25], 1735. pp.31. 8" 22.36 

LETTER, A, To a Gentleman Relating to the Office of 
Ruling Elders in the Churches. [Boston, 

1731.] pp. 7. 8 23.26 

Some Remarks upon a Letter to a Gentleman . 28.27 

LETTER, A, to a Member of the House of Representa- 
tives, On the present State of the Bills of Credit. 
Boston, MDCCXXXVI. pp. (2), 9. 8" . . .26.50,128 

Note. After the date Mr. Prince has written " viz, 
about ye Beginning of March 35/6." Signed " Philo- 

LETTER, A, to An Eminent Clergy-Man in Massachu- 
setts Bay, relating to Publick Affairs in that 
Province, n. p., 1720. pp. 13. 12 ..... 28.90 

LETTER, A, to Merchant in London, Con- 
cerning a late Combination in Massachusetts- 
Bay to Impose a Private-Currency called Land- 
Bank-Money, n. p., 1741. pp. 14. 8 .... 27.42 
Note. See, below, " Letter to the Merchant." 

LETTER, A Second, to Merchant in London, 

Concerning Land-Bank-Money. [No title- 
page.] pp. 16. 8 27.44 

LETTER, A, to the Freeholders and other Inhabitants 
of Massachusetts-Bay, relating to their ap- 
proaching Election of Representatives, n. p., 

1739. pp. 12. 8 26.129 

Note. Signed "Americanus." 

LETTER, A, To the Merchant in London, To whom 
is Directed A Printed Letter relating to the 
Manufactory Undertaking, Boston, February 
21st 1740,1. n. p., 1741. pp.23. 8 . . . 27.10,43 

LETTER, A, to the Negroes Lately Converted in 
America. Particularly to those at Jonathan 
Bryan's in South Carolina. London, Mocc- 
XLUI. pp. 32. 8 27.60 

LETTER, A, To the Reverend Author of the Winter- 
Evening Conversation on Original Sin [S. 
Webster]. From one of his Neighbours. 
Boston, 1758. pp. 16, 8 27.179 

LETTER, A, To the Reverend Mr. Foxcroft, Being an 
Examination of his Apology for the Rev. Mr. 

Whitefield. By A. C d. Boston, 1745. 

PP.18. 4 26.95 

LEVERETT, John, Gov. of Mass., d. 1679. Discourse 

on the Death of. See Willard, S 27.92 

LEVERETT, John, Pros, of Harvard College, d. 1724. 

Appleton, N. Sermon after the Death of . . 18.62 

Colman, B. Sermon Upon the Death of . . . . 18.61 

Wadsworth, B. Sermon after the Death of . . 18.60 
LEWIS, , of Pembroke, d. 1742. 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Thaddeus Maccarty. See Gray, E. . .... 17.183 

Shelf. No. 
LEWIS, or Lewes, Daniel, d. 1753, aged 68. 

Good Rulers the Fathers of their People. [An 

Election] Sermon, May 25. 1748. Boston, n. d. 
PP-29. 8 .................. 17.101 

The Joy of Children walking in Truth. A 

Sermon, August 15. 1723. Boston, MDCCXXIII. 

pp. (4), 28. 8" ........... 16.263 and 28.13 

The Sins of Youth, Remembred with Bitterness. 

A Sermon At a Private Meeting of a Society of 
Young Men for Religious Exerciso, Feb. 14. 
1724, 5. Boston, MDOCXXV. pp. (4), ii, 22. 8. 16.211 

Note. " Prefaced by the Rev. Mr. Thomas Prince." 
The preface has his MS. corrections. 

Of Taking Heed to, and Fulfilling the Ministry. 

A Sermon at the North-Precinct in Plymouth, 
November 2. 1720. The Day of the Ordina- 
tion of Joseph Stacey. With a Preface by the 
Reverend, Mr. Ephraim Little. Boston, 1720. 
pp. (4), iv, 32. 8 ............ 18.172, 175 

LEWIS, Thomas, d. 1727. Sermon Occasion'd By the 

Death of. See Sewall, J ........... 16.244 

LILLINGSTON, L. Reflections on Mr. Burchet's Me- 
moirs. Or, Remarks on his Account of Cap- 
tain Wilmot's Expedition to the West-Indies. 
London, MDCCIV. pp. (18), 171. 8" ..... 13.1 

LIMERICK, Ireland, To my Friends in. Bailey, J. . 23.57 


See Cox, Sir R. 

, 133); Society (26.14). 

LITTLE, Ephraim. 

Preface to Of Taking Heed to, etc. See Lewis, 

D ...................... 18.172 

LITTLE, O. The State of Trade in the Northern Col- 

onies ; with their Produce, and a Description of 

Nova Scotia. Boston, Re-printed, 1749. pp. 

43. 8 .................... 26.42 

LIVINGSTON, William, b. about 1741, d. 1790. 

A Letter to the Bishop of Landaff ; Occasioned 

by Some Passages in his Sermon, 20th of Feb- 
ruary, 1767, in which the American Colonies are 
loaded with Reproach. Boston, MDCCLXVIII. 
PP. 26. 8 .................. 27.59 

LONDON. Presbyterian ministers, 1649. A Vindica- 
cation of the Divine Authority of Ruling Elders. 
Asserted in a Provincial Assembly. White, 
J ....................... 16.166 

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in For- 

eign Parts. See Society. 
LORD, Benjamin, b. 1693, d. 1784. 

Believers in Christ, only, the true Children of 

God. A Discourse in Boston, June 27. 1742. 
Boston, 1742. pp. (4), iv, 42. 8" ....... 16.200 

Christ's Embassadors furnished with his own 

Means, to persuade Men to be reconciled to 
God. A Sermon at the Ordination of Levi 
Hart, At Preston, November 4. 1762. Right 
Hand of Fellowship, by The Reverend Mr, 
Fish, of Stonington. Providence, M.DCC.LXIII. 
pp. (2), 44. 8" ................ 17.206 

Humble Importunity and Faith, Victorious. A 

Sermon at PlainficlJ, June 14. 1743. After the 
Deliverance of Mrs. Mercy Wheeler from long 
Confinement. Boston, 1743. pp. 48. 8 ... 18.75 

Jubilee ; An Half-Century Discourse. Delivered 

at Norwich Nov. 29th, 1767. New-London, 

1768. pp. 56. 8" .............. 16.213 

Lovo to Jesus Christ, An Excelling Qualification 

in his Ministers. A Sermon at the Instalment 
of the Reverend Nathanael Whitaker, At Chel- 
sea, in Norwich, Feb. 25th, 1761. New-Lon- 
don, 1761. pp. 36. 8' ............ 18.174 

The Parable of the Merchant-Man seeking good- 

ly Pearls, &c. Explain'd & Improv'd : at Nor- 
wich, September 27th, 1772. Norwich, 1773. 
pp.23. 8" .................. 18.142 




Shelf. No. 
LORD, Benjamin, continued. 

Religion and Government together Necessary. 

[An Election] Sermon, at Hartford, May 9th, 

1751. New-London, 17.-.2. pp. (4), 63. 8.. 18.191 

True Christianity Explained. A Discourse at 

Canterbury. N. London, 1727. pp. (2), vi, 

88. 8 14 - 9 

Preface to A Divine Kiddle. See Thachcr, P. . 18.211 
LORD, Joseph, d. 174S. 

A Letter to the General Convention of Ministers 

of Massachusetts-Bay, in 1728. With The Sen- 
tence of Excommunication passed on Two 
Members of the Church in Chatham. And The 
Translation of a Latin Paragraph of Dr. Math- 
er's Magnalia: Containing Mr. Nathanacl Rog- 
ers his Tho'ts of Impediments to Reformation. 

Boston, 1734. pp. (4), 12. 8" 27.68 

jVbte. The " Preface," is signed " Nathanael 
Stone, Joseph Lord." 

Additional Proposals for Convictions of the 

Churches. See Stone, N 27.195 

Post-script [relating to the church in Pocheh]. 

See Stone, N 22.31 

LORD'8 Supper. 

SeeBrect, R. (1G.2S4); Brown, J. 06-284); Colman, 
B. (16.218, 222); Doolittel, T. (15.41); Earlr, .1. (25.20;; 
Henry, M. (L'5.01); Mather, C. (Companion 13.31); 
Smith, J. (24.28); Vincent, T. (28.74); Wadsworth, B. 
(25.12); Walton, J. 0- 1 8.24); Sermons, (12.34). See also: 
Communion (Terms of). Sacraments. 

LORING, Israel, b. 1682, d. 1772. 

The Duty of an Apostatizing People. [An Elec- 

tion] Sermon, May 25th. 1737. Boston, 1737. 

pp. (4), 68. 8 17.121 

Justification not by Works, but by Faith in 

Christ. A Discourse. Boston, 1749. pp. (6), 

93. 24 15.37 

Ministers insufficient of themselves. A Sermon 

at the Convention, May 27. 1742. Boston, 1742. 

pp. 39. 8 18.63 

Ministers must Certainly and Shortly die. A 

Sermon at Marlborough, Feb. 7. 17*. Oc- 
casioned by the Death Of the Reverend Robert 
Breck. Boston, M,DCC,XXXT. pp. (4), 27. 8. 17.32 

The Nature & Necessity Of the New-Birth, A 

Sermon in Boston, May 9. 1728. [Imprint torn 

off.] pp. (2), 4, 88. 8 25.13 

Note. " The Preface "is signed " Thomas Prince." 

Sermon at the Ordination Of Gideon Richardson, 

At Wells, Feb. 27. 1754. Boston, 1754. pp. 

(2), 26. 8. [Title-page imperfect] 17.194 

Serious Thoughts on the Miseries of Hell. A 

Sermon At Sudbury, Feb. 20. 173a. Boston, 
1732. pp. (2), GO. 8 16.237 

Two Sermons at Rutland, September 8th. 1723. 

After the Indians had Kill'd the Reverend 
Joseph Willard, With Two of Mr. Joseph 
Mevens's Children, and Captivated other Two. 
Boston, 1724. pp. (4), 44. 8" . 18.204 

LOUISBCRG. Sermon Occasion'd By taking Louis- 

bourg. Prince, T 16.40 

LOUISIANA, Travels across. Joutcl, 11.25 


See Browne, A. (Ifl.UT) ; Necessity (ir.CT); Pollen, 
T. (10.178); Scwnll, J. (First lii.21. 1 !; Second 1C.88). 

LOVELL, James, b. 1737, (I. 1814. 

Oratio in Funere Ilenrici Flyntij, Arm. li:iliil:i in 

Sacello Tlnldrniann. Coll. Harvard. Boston!, 

1760. pp. 6. 8 17.39, 43 

LOWELL, John, nf \'< iiinin/, d. 17i'>7. 

Right Hand of I'Vllowship :it the Ordination of 

Samuel \Vehstcr. See Parsons, J 17.185 

LUCAS, I;. l.'nles relating t<. Success in Trade. (From 
his Enquiry after Happiness.) Boston, n. d. 
pp.20. 8 26.41 

Shelf. No. 
LYM.VN, Caleb, d. 1742. Sermon after the Death of. 

See Williams, W ............... 17.36 

and others. Vindication of the New North 

Church. See Boston. Fifth church ..... 2S.02 
LYME, (",,,//;., Account of a Debate at. Bulkley, J. . 14.58 
LYNDE, Samuel, and others. A Vindication of the 

Bank of Credit Projected in Boston from the 

Aspersions of Paul Dudley. [Boston], 1714. 

pp. (2), 20. 8 .......... 20.211 and 28.161 

McCLENACnAN, William. 

The Christian Warriour. A Sermon In Boston, 

March 17th. 1744, 5. Boston, 1745. pp. (6), 16. 

8 ...................... 18.238 

MACGREGOUE, David, /*. 1710, (1. 1777. 

The Spirits of the present Day Tried. A Ser- 

mon in Boston, Nov. 3. 1741. Second Ed. With 
a Answer to the Preface of Mr. Caldwell's 
Sermon on the Trial of the Spirit. Boston, 
1742. pp. (8), 30, xi. 8" ........... 16.192 

yote. The Preface is signed "Thomas Prince 
John Webb William Cooper." 


See Cambridge, Synod. VM. (24.45) ; Chauncy, 
C. (17.100) ; Cooper, W. (17.91) ; Stone, N. (17.100 
and 18.42). See also : ftulers. 

MAKEMIE, Francis, d. 1708. 

An Answer to George Keith's Libel. Against A 

Catechism by Francis Makemie. [With 
Keith's Paper.] Added A Narrative of a Late 
Difference among the Quakers. Boston, MDC- 
xcrai. pp. (12), 103. 8 .......... 15.2 

Note. Address to the " Christian Reader " is 
signed "Increase Mather. James Allen Samuel Wil- 
lard John Baily Cotton Mather." 

_ A Narrative Of a New and Unusual American 
Imprisonment Of Two Presbyterian Ministers 
[F. Makemie and Hampton] : And Prosecu- 
tion of Francis Makemie for Preaching one 
Sermon at New-York. [Boston?], 1707. pp. 
(4), 47. 4 .................. 26.209 

Jfote. " This seems to be written by Mr. Makrmie 
Himself; & by Page 4fi, to hare been Published by 
Him at Boston." 3fS. note of T. PRINCE. 

M.ALDEN, Mass., The Deaths of Children in, by the 

Throat-Distemper. Emerson, J ..... 28.191,192 

MALL, T. The History of the Martyrs Epitomised. 
The Martyrs and Confessors, to the End of the 
Sixteenth Century, in their Treatises, Speech- 
es, Letters, Prayers, &c. 2v. P>oston, MDCC- 
XLVII. pp. (16), 207, (2); (4), xi, (1), 292, (2). 8. 11.7, 8 

MAN of God, The, Furnished ; with a Threefold Cate- 
chism. I. Milk for Babes, rcndred more Easy. 
II. An Abridgment of the Assemblies Cate- 
chism. III. Supplies from the Tower of Dvaitl, 
[etc.] Host. .n,170S. pp. (2), 140, (2). 24.. 25.8 

MAN'S Whole Duty: or the Rule of a Christian's 
Life and Conversation. Boston, 1718. pp. iv, 
80, 10. 12" ................. -"'-"' 

MANASM.II IVn .l,.-. pli P,en Israel. Relation of A. 
M.mterinos [Monte/mos], translated out of 
the Kivnch. See Thorowgood. Icwes, pp. 

MANITOMOMI-.VE Pomantamoonk. Bayly, L. 

14.-T., If. and 24.42 
MANsrir.i.n, Isaac, /'. 17.~>n, d. 1S26. 
A Sermon, preached in the Camp at Roxhnry, 
November 2"., 177:>; ivin- [Thanksgiving] 
Day. Boston, iTTf.. pp. 27, (l). S" . . . . 17.163 

M \M r \rTOKY scheme. X. ( Kiiihl bank. 

M\r,iii\, l>. S, -nil. in before the Society in Scot- 
land I'.'i- prop.-uratin:,' ChriMian Knowledge, 
January 1. 17.VX To which is annexed, the 
present State of the Society. Edinburgh, 
M,DCC,LIX. pp. 70. 8 ........... 11-28 




Shelf. No. 
MARBLEHEAD, Mass., Historical Account of the 

First Church in. Barnard, T 17.195 

MARROW, The, of the Gospel. Mather, C 27.201 

MARTHA'S Vineyard, The State of the Indians on. 

Mayhew, E 18.244 

MARTTN, Mrs. Maiy, d. 1725. Sermon upon the 

Death of. See Fitch, J 10.196,248 

MARTYRS, The History of the, Epitomised. Mall, 

T 11- 7, 8 

MASCHIL. Mather, C 13.20 

MASSACHUSETTS. A Declaration, Against Prophane- 

iiess & Immoralities. [Given at Boston the 

Twenty-fourth Day of March, 1703.] pp. G. 

8" 14.40 

Note. Printed as part of John Danforth's "Vile 

Extracts and Collections of Acts, Laws and Or- 

ders " of the several Governments of the late 
Colonies of New-Plymouth, Massachusetts- 
Bay, and of this Province [i. e. Massachusetts], 
relating to Grants and Conveyances." n. p., 

n. d. pp. 4. 4" 26.18 

Note. Without title-page or heading; probably re- 
fers to the Kennebeck purchase, as it purports to con- 
cern " the titles to a great part" of the lands in the east- 
ern Parts of this Province." 

General Laws And Liberties of the Colony: Re- 

vised. Cambridge, 1672. pp. (2), 170, (29), 

105. f 30a.7 

Humble Petition and Address Of the General 

Court Unto Charles the Second. Presented 

Feb. 11. 1660. n. p., 1660. pp. 8. 4 .... 27.18 

[Journal of the house of representatives, May 27, 

1724-Dec. 31, 1726.] pp. 61, 88, 17-69, 90, 3- 

74, 9, 77. f . [Imperfect] SOa.l 

The Results of Three Synods Held by the Elders 

and Messengers of the Churches of Massachu- 
setts. I. The Platform of Church-Discipline, 
1648. II. Propositions concerning Baptism, 
1662. III. The Necessity of Reformation, 1679. 
Boston, 1725. pp. (2), vi, 117, (1). 8 . / . . 22.6 

Account of the controversy in, respecting the 

Governor's salary. Sec Extract 23.214, 215 

Another Letter From One in the Country [on 

the Governor's salary. 1714?] 

Cotton, J. Gods Promise to his Plantations . . 

Explanatory Charter, Granted by King George 

to, 1725. See Great Britain 

Cause of the Difficulties of, it's Extravagancy, 

1721. See Discourse 

Flynt, II. Appeal to the Consciences of a degen- 

erate People, 1729 16.67 and 

Letter Relating to a Medium of Trade in, 1740. 26 

Letter to An Eminent Clergy-Man relating to 

Publiek Affairs, 1720 

Letter to the Inhabitants of, relating to thuir 

Election of Representatives, 1739 

Mather, C. A Distressed People Entertained 

with Proposals For Relief, 1719 

Reflections On the Present State of 

Want of a Medium of Exchange in. See Money 

the Sinews 

See also: Boston, Bradford, Brunswick (J/e.), Cam- 
bridge, Chatham, Dorchester, Eastham, Gnifton, Ha- 
verhill, Ilopkinton, Ipswich, Kenneheck purchase, 
Lancaster, JIarblehcad, Martha's Vineyard, Middle- 
borough, New Plymouth, Ncwbury, Norfolk, North- 
ampton, Plymouth, Rowley, Salem, Taunton. Also: 
Bank of credit, Bills of credit. Earthquake, Gold 
coins, Indians, Land bank. Linen manufacture, Mili- 
tary discipline, Money, Paper money. Also : Ser- 
mons (Artillery Election, Convention, Election, Fast, 

MASSACHUSETTS convention of congregational minis- 
ters. 1743. The Testimony of the Pastors of 



.44, 55 




Shelf. Uo. 

MASSACHUSETTS, continued. 

the Churches in Massachusetts-Bay, May 25. 
1743. Against several Errors in Doctrine, and 
Disorders in Practice. Boston, 1743. pp. 13. 
8 27.33 

MASSACHUSETTS or The first Planters of New-Eng- 
land. Boston, Printed by B. Green, and J. 
Allen. Sold by Richard Wilkins, at his Shop 
near the Old Meeting House, 1696. pp. (2), 
66. 8 23.60 

Note. Supposed to have been " printed at the sug- 
gestion of Joshua Scottow." See YOUNG'S dironiclcs 
of the Pilgrims, p. 340 n. But ALLEN, Amer. biog., 
attributes its publication to Thomas Dudley, the son 
of Gov. Thomas Dudley. 

Contents. " The Humble Request, to the Brethren 
in and of the Church of England," signed by "Jo. 
"Winthrop, Gov." and others ; n Letter to the Countesa 
of Lincoln, signed T. D.. accompanied by anarrative; 
The Preface of John Allin and Tho. Shepard to their 
Defence of the Answer to the Nine Questions; "In 
Domini Norton! Librum, ad Lectorcm Prscfatio Apol- 
ogetica," signed "Johannes Cotton.*' 

MATHER, Azariah, 6. 16S5, d. 1737. 

Good Rulers a Choice Blessing. [An Election] 

Sermon, at Hartford, May I3th. 1725. New- 
London, 1725. pp. (2), 48. 8. [Imperfect] . 18.195 

The Sabbath-Day's Rest. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), 

4, 38. 8 18.221 

Note. "An Attestation," pp. 4, is signed "Co. 

"Wo to Sleepy Sinners. A Discourse in Say- 

brook, January 6. 1719, 20. New-London, 1720. 

pp. (2), 29. 8 18.257 

MATHER, Cotton, b. 1663, d. 1728. 

Adversus Libert in os. Or, Evangelical Obedience 

Described; In an Essay To Establish, the Law 
upon The Principles, of Justification by the 
Faith of the Gospel. Boston, 1713. pp. (4), 
49, (1). 8 13.13 and 28.17 

f The Armour of Christianity. A Treatise, De- 

tecting the Plots of the Devil. Boston, 1704. 
pp. (2), 234. 12" 

fThe Balance of the Sanctuary. A Lecture, 

Oct. 5. 1727. Boston, 1727. pp. 24. 8 . 

f Baptismal Piety. Two Essays. I. The Angel 

of the Waters. II. The Angel of the Little 
Ones. Boston, 1727. pp. 48. 8* . . . . 

Benedictus. Good 1 Men Described. With Some 

Character & History of Thomas Bridge. Bos- 
ton, 1715. pp. (2), 53. 12 12.61 

The Best Way of Living to Die Daily : a Dis- 

course [after] Repeated Strokes of Death, on 
his own Family. Boston, 1713. pp. (2), 26. 
12 15.48 

Blessed Unions. With the Son of God by Faith, 

In the Church of God by Love. A Discourse ; 
with Articles between those two Parties in 
England, which have changed the Names of 
Presbyterians, and Congregationals, for that of 
United Brethren. Boston, Samuel Phillips, 
1692. pp. (10), 86, 12. 12 13.50 

Note. The " Articles " were also printed in the 
Magnalia, V. 50-01. 

f Boanerges. A Short Essay to strengthen the 

Impressions Produced by Earthquakes On the 
Minds of People. Boston, 1727. pp. (2), 53. 
8 18.133 

fBonifncius. An Essay Upon the Good, that 

is to be Devised and Designed. With Propo- 
sals, of Unexceptionable Methods, to Do Good 
in the World. Boston, 1710. pp. (2), 200. 8. 13.18, 19 

| A Brinf Memorial, Of Matters and Methods for 

Pastoral Visits. Boston, MDCCXXIII. pp. 3. 
4. [No title-page ; imprint taken from the 
colophon, title from the heading] 10.106 

The Call of the Gospel applyed. A Sermon, 







Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

Preached 7th March. 1686. In the Hearing of 
a man under Sentence of Death for Murder. 
Second Ed. See Mather, I . . 23.2 

t Cares about the Nurseries. Two Discourses. 

The One. Methods for Parents to Catechise 
their Children. The Other, Instructions for 
Children. Boston, 1702. pp. 88, 23. 12 . . 13.52 

The Case of a troubled Mind. Which appre- 

hends the Face of God Hidden from it. Sec- 
ond Ed. Boston, 1741. pp. 23. 8 18.236 

t The Choice of Wisdom. A Brief Essay. Bos- 

ton, 1726. pp. 23. 8 28.196,201 

t T'i Christian Cynick. A brief Essay On a 

Merciful Saviour. Boston, 1716. pp. (2), 42. 

12" 13.39 

Christian Loyalty. Or, Suitable Sentiments On 

the Withdraw of George the First, And the 
Access of George the Second. Boston, 1727. 
pp. (2), ii, 25. 8 10.242, 287 

The Christian Philosopher : A Collection of the 

Best Discoveries in Nature, with Religious 
Improvements. London, M.DCC.XXI. pp. vii, 
(1), 304. 8 11-12 

-f Christianus per Ignem. Or, A Disciple Warm- 

ing of himself and Owning of his Lord. Bos- 
ton, 1702. pp. 198, (2). 8 15.1 

Note. This is in Mather's list of his works under 
the date 1700. Yet it has been attributed to Nicholas 
Nnyes, because he signs the " Praefatory Poem," al- 
though that is evidently not by the author of the 

| The City of Refuge. The Gospel of the City 

Explained; And the Flight of a Distressed 
Sinner Thereunto, Directed. With a special 
Aspect on Early Piety. Boston, 1716. pp.33. 
12 13.64 

Cffilestinus. Discoveries Of Things in the Hea- 

venly World. And some Relations of Joys 
granted unto Several in the Confines of it. In- 
troduced by Agathangelus, Or, An Essay on 
the Ministry of the Angels. And Recom- 
mended by Increase Mather. Boston, 1723. 
pp. (2), viii, 27, ii, 162. 12 13.16 

( Coheleth. A Soul upon Recollection ; Coming 

into Incontestible Sentiments of Religion. 
Boston, 1720. pp. (2), 40. 12 28.105 

The Comfortable Chambers, Opened and Visited, 

Upon the Departure of Peter Thatcher [sic], 
Pastor of Milton. Boston, 1728. pp. (4), 31, 

(5). 8 18.186 

Note. An "Advertisement," signed " S. M." i. c. 
Samuel Mather, states that this was Cotton Mather's 
last sermon, and was printed after his death. An 
obituary of Mr. Thacher is given in " Addenda from 
the Weekly Journal, No. XL. Milton, December 23, 
ITX." pp.4. 

A Companion for Communicants. Discourses 

Upon The Lords Supper. With Devout Me- 
thods of Pri-paring for that Ordinance. Bos- 
ton, Benjamin Harris, If.'.io. pp. (S), 107. 8. 13.31 

Concio ad Populum. A Distressed People Eu- 

tertained with Proposals For tint Relief of 
their Distresses. A Sermon 12d. 1m. 1710. 
Boston, 1719. pp. (2), 29. 8" 10.293 

The Day, & the Work of the Day. A Discourse. 

I tiered on a Fast, July mh. HV.13. Boston, B. 
Harris, HJ93. pp.71. 12 13.00 

fThc Day which tin- Lord hath made. A Dis- 

course ( 'onc'erninu' the l.onU-1 lay. Delivered 

4d. 1m. 1703. Boston, 17o:i. pp. (2), 40. 8' . 43.197 

A'/f. Ascribed to C. Mather by Mr. Prince, and 

coiiti'im-d in Mull,. V- list nf hi* own works. In the 
C:il:ilo^in' of tliv Library of tin- M.i^ai'lumtlts His- 
torirnl Soc'n-ty, in i-dilioii in Indian and Knglish, 
Huston, Uor. is asi-nbvd to S. Danlortb, who proba- 
bly in the author of the Indi.ui version only. 

Shelf. No. 

MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

Death made Easie & Happy. Two Discourses 

on Prudent Apprehensions of Death. With 
Serious Thoughts in Dying Times : or, A Dis- 
course upon Death. London, 1701. pp. (2), 
100. 12 .................. 13.44 

fDeus Nohiscum. A brief Essay, on the Enjoy- 

ment of God. Boston, 1725. pp.24. 12. . 18.222 
_ -f Diluvium Ignis. De Secundo ac Optando Je- 
hovre-Jesu Adventu. n. p., Vulgariter, 172!. 
Realiter, 1729. pp. (2), xiv. 8" ....... 27.185 

Durable Riches. Two Brief Discourses. Bos- 

ton, Vavasour Harris, 1095. pp. (2), 33, (1), 

34, (1). 12* ................ 13.32,33 

The Duty of Children, Whose Parents have 

Pray'd for them, Or, Early and Real Godliness 
Urged. Second Impression. See Mather, I. 23.33 
_ fEcclesise Monilia. The Peculiar Treasure of the 
Almighty King Opened. At Boston Lecture, 
July 14. 1723. Exhibited in the Character of 
Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton. And Certain Memor- 
ials of Piety, Written by that Gentlewoman. 
Boston, 1726. pp. (2), 42. 8 ........ 18.116 

f Eleuthcria : or, An Idea of the Reformation in 

England : and A History of Non-Conformity in 
and since that Reformation. With Predictions 
of a more glorious Reformation at hand. Writ- 
ten in 1696. Added, the Nonconformist's Rea- 
sons for joining with the Nonconformists. By 
another Hand. London, 1698. pp. iv, 135. 

go ...................... 13.11 

El-Shaddai. Essay, on All Supplied in an Al- 

sufficient Saviour. Produced by the Death Of 
Mrs. Katharin Willard. Boston, 1725. pp. 
(4), 25. 8" ................. I 8 - 56 

_ Euthanasia. A Sudden Death Made Happy and 
Easy to the Dying Believer. Exemplified in 
JohnFrizell. Boston, MDOCXXIII. pp. (4), 27. 
8 o ...................... 18.120 

The Everlasting Gospel. The Gospel of Justifi- 

cation By the Righteousness of God. A Dis- 
course, 1699. Boston, 1700. pp. (32), 76. 8' . 13.34, 37 

Note. An address " To the Tlea.lcr," pp. 2, is signed 
" Increase Mather." Another address, pp. 9. is finned 
"John Higginson." A third, pp. 4, is signed " Samuel 
Willard." The first copy is imperfect. 

_ The Faith of the Fathers. Or, The Articles of 
Religion, In the Words of the Old Testament. 
Chiefly, To Engage the Jewish Nation, unto 
the Religion of their Patriarchs. Boston, 
Printed by B. Green and J. Allen, 1699. pp. 
24. 8" ................. 28.46,67,120 

A Faithful Man Described. Some Passage* in 

the Life and Death of Michael Wiu'glesworth. 
And Memorials of Piety, Left amonu' his Writ- 
ten Experiences. With a Funeral-Sermon 
Preached (for him) at Maldon ; June 21. I7n.~>. 
Boston, 1705. pp. (0), 48. 8 ........ 28.107 

jWite. "The IVdivatiini," pp.-J.U si'-'iu-d " IIUT. 
Mather." The " Written Kxpvrionces" fill pp. --'."--H. 
On page His a punning 1'pilaph on Wigglesworth, in 

fFamily-Religion, Excited and Assisted. [The 

Fourth Impression. Colophon] Boston, IT'-M. 

pp. (2), 20. 8 ................ 13.202 

A Family Well-Ordered. Or An Essay To Ren- 

der Parents and Children Happy in one another. 

Boston, Michael Perry, N: llenjamin Eliot, HV.i'.i. 

1M ,. 79, :, 1- . ..." ............ 13.35 

_ fFaseieiilu* Viventium. Essay on, A Soul Hound 

up in the Bundle of Life. Boston, 172(i. pp. 

4. 8 .................... T-2tt 

_ f.\ Father Departing- A Sermon On the De- 

parture of Increasi- Mather. Hoston, 17i:.'>. pp. 

31. 8' .................... 

18 ' 51 



Shelf. No. 

MATHER, Cotton, continued, 

A Fly ing Roll, Brought forth, to Enter into the 

House and Hand of the Thief. A Sermon, lid. 
llm. 1712. Boston, 1713. pp. (2), 34. 8 . . 18.198 
Free-Grace, Maintained & Improved. Two Dis- 
courses. Boston, 1706. pp. (2), 70. 8 . . . 28.122 

Genuine Christianity. Or, A True Christian 

Both in Life and in Death, Glorifying the Lord. 
A Sermon, On the Departure of Mrs. Frances 
Webb. Boston, 1721. pp. (4), 20. 8 . . . . 18.113 

The Glorious Throne. Our Lord-Redeemer; 

Ordering all the Changes in the World : Par- 
ticularly, in the Death of Our Sovereign, and 
the Succession of the British Crown, to the 
House of Hanover. A Sermon, 23 D. VII M. 
1714. Boston, 1714! pp. (2), 37. 8' 18.240 

fA Good Character. With Dues unto the Mem- 

ory of Joseph Belcher. With an Elegy by the 
Reverend John Danforth. Boston, 1723. pp. 
(4), 24, (3). 8 18 - 1U 

fGood fetch 'd out of Evil. A collection of mem- 

orables relating to our captives 15.44 

Note. Imperfect, only pp. 23-26 and 43-46 remain- 

fA Good Old Age. Essay on the Glory of Aged 

Piety. Boston, 1726. pp. (2), 42. 8" .... 28.18 

Grace Defended. A Censure on Ungodliness. 

A Sermon December, 1712. With a Disserta- 
tion on the Penitent Thief on the Cross. Bos- 
ton, 1712. pp. (2), 35, (1). 8 18.225 

Hatzar-Maveth. Comfortable Words ; The Com- 

forts Of One Walking through the Valley of 
the Shadow of Death. Boston, 1726. pp. (4), 

28 _ 12 13.40 and 28.70 

fAn History of Seasonable Interpositions; Es- 
pecially Relating to the Fifth of November. 
Boston. 5d. IXm. 1719. pp. 34. [No title- 
page.] 12 28.143 

flgnorantia Scientifica. Essay on Man's not 

knowing his Time. Upon a Special and Mourn- 
ful Occasion. Boston, 1727. pp. (2), 24. 8 . 27.158 
India Christiana. A Discourse unto the Commis- 
sioners for the Propagation of the Gospel 
among the American Indians. With Instru- 
ments [in Indian and English, and Latin and 
English] relating to Propagating our Religion, 
in the Eastern as well as the Western, Indies. 
Boston, 1721. pp. (2), ii, 94 [124]. 12 . 13.22, 23, 30 

fLampadarius. A brief Essay, To Show the 

Light, Which Good Men have in Dark Hours. 
Boston, 1726. pp. 24. 12" 28.168 

Late Memorable Providences Relating to Witch- 

crafts and Possessions. Second Impression. 
Recommended by Richard Baxter, and by the 
Ministers of Boston and Charlestown. London, 

1691. pp. (22), 144. 8 13.26 

Hote. For the First Impression, see "Memorable 

Light in Darkness. An Essay On the Piety 

Which by Remembring the Many Days of 
Darkness, Will Change them into a Marvellous 
Light. With a Notable Example in Mrs. Re- 
beekah Burnel. Boston, 1721. pp. (4), 20. 8. 16.255 

The Lord-High-Admiral of all the Seas, Adored. 

A Brief Essay upon the Miracle of our Saviour 
Walking upon the Water. Boston, MDCCXXIII. 
pp. (2), 22. 12 !6.25S 

Love Triumphant. A Sermon at the Gathering 

Of a New Church, And the Ordaining Of their 
Pastor [W. Waldron] ; In the North Part of 
Boston; May 23. 1722. Boston, 1722. pp. (4), 

39. 8 18,171 

jVbZe. "The Charge Given by the Reverend Dr. 
Increase Mather," pp. M, 34. The Right Hand of 
Fellowship By the Reverend Mr. Wadsworth," pp. 

Shelf. No, 
MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

Man Eating the Food of Angels. The Gospel of 

the Maun a, With Examples of Early Piety, Es- 
pecially of Christlieb Leberecht Von Extor. 
Boston, 1710. pp. (2), 85. 12 23.41 

jManuductio ad Ministerium. Directions for a 

Candidate of the Ministry. Boston, 1726. pp. 

(2), xix,151. 8 13.15 

y t e , _ On pp. 148, 149 is a. short English poem, enti- 
tled, " Filii, quum legissct, Gratulatio," signed " S. 

{The Marrow of the Gospel. A brief Essay on 

the Union Between the Redeemer and the Be- 
leever. Boston, 1727. pp. 24. 8. [Imper- 
fect] 27.201 

f^Iascbil, Or, The Faithful Instructor. Offer- 
ing, Memorials of Christianity In Twenty-Six 

Exercises Upon the New-English Catechism. 

Boston, 1702. pp. 192. 8 13.20 

Memorable Providences, Relating to Witchcrafts 

And Possessions in New-England. Particular- 
ly in Boston. Added, A Discourse, on the 
Occasion of that Providence. As also A Dis- 
course of an horrible Self-Murdor. With an 
Appendix, in vindication of a Chapter in Re- 
markable Providences, from the Calumnies of 
a Quaker at Pen-sitvania [George Keith]. 
Boston, Joseph Brunning, 1689. pp. (10), 75, 
21,40, (2), 14. 8 13-29 

jVofe. For the Second Impression, see his "Late 
Memorable Providences." 

_ {Memorials of Early Piety in the Life and Death 
of Mrs. Jerusha Oliver. With [Extracts] from 
her Papers. Boston, 1711. 12. [Imperfect, 
pp. (4), 5-54, remaining] 15-48 

Menachem. Tokens for Good, which have a 

Comfortable Aspect on the Protestant Religion. 
A Sermon, II D. VTII M. 1716. Boston, 1716. 
pp.45. 12'. .'. 18- 2 47 

The Minister. A [Convention] Sermon, 31 D. 

Ill m. 1722. Boston, 1722. pp. (2), 45. 8 . . 18.65 

To m y much Honoured Mr. Francis De la Pillon- 

niare. [Occasional Paper, pp. 25-29] .... 26.195 

|A Monitory and Hortatory Letter, To those Eng- 

lish, who debauch the Indians, By Selling 
Strong Drink unto them. Boston, 1700. pp. 
16. 8 28 - 56 

fA Monitory Letter To them who Absent them- 

selves from Publick Worship. Second Ed. 

Boston, 1738. pp. (4), 17, (2). 12 28.167 

fNails Fastened. Or, Proposals of Piety Com- 

plyed withal. Boston, MDCCXXVI. pp. (2), 

22. 12 28 ' 93 

fThe Negro Christianized. Boston, 1706. pp. 

(2), 46. 12 13 -43 

_ Nehemiah. A Brief Essay on Divine Consola- 
tions. Offered, in Boston. 30d. 9m. 1710. 

Boston, 1710. pp. (4), 24. 4 17.6,11 

jThe Nightingale. An Essay on the Supports 

& Comforts of the Afflicted Believer. Boston, 

1724. pp. (4), 19. 8 16-216 

Nuncia Bona e Terra Longinqua. Some Things 

\. Doing For the Kingdom of God, In Europe. 
Boston, 1715. pp. (2), 14. 8 _. 28.25 

Ornaments for the Daughters of Zion. A Dis- 

course Which Directs The Female-Sex how 
to Express, the Fear of God; and Obtain Tem- 
poral and Eternal Blessedness. Cambridge : 
Samuel Phillips, 1691. pp.104, (1). 12. . . 13.36 

Orphariotrophium. Or, Orphans Well-provided 

for in the Divine Providence. With Advice to 
Parents and Children. A Sermon, on a Day 
of Prayer, kept with a Religious Family, (23d. 
l.m. 1711) whose Parents [John and Abigail 




Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

Foster], were latuly taken from them. Boston, 
1711. pp. (4), 08. 8 23.8,13 

Tlic I'alm-bearers. A Relation of Patient Suffer- 

ings; In the History of the Church of Scotland 
from 1CGO, to 1683. Boston, 1725. pp. (2), 
viii, 58 8" 28.29 

fA Proposal for an Evangelical Treasury; Hum- 

bly tendred unto the Churches. [N"o title- 
page. Boston, 1725.] pp. 4. 4. . . 10.107 and 20.22 

Note. The author's name, and the imprint are 
given from Mr. Prince's MS. catalogue. 

fThe pure Nazarite. Advice to a Young Man, 

concerning An Impiety and Impurity. Bos- 
ton, 1723. pp. (4), 19. 8 27.172 

Ratio Discipline Fratrum Nov-Anglorum. A 

Faithful Account of the Discipline Professed 
and Practised in the Churches of New-Eng- 
land. Boston, 1726. pp. (2), iv, 10, 207, (3). 
8 13.14 and 27.127 

Reasonable Religion. Or, The Truth Of the 

Christian Religion, Demonstrated, [etc.]. Bos- 
ton, 1700. pp. 72. 12" 13.55 

- Same. To which is prefix'd, A Preface, by 

the Reverend Dr. Williams. London, 1713. 

pp. (20), 135. 12" 13.17 

f The Religion of the Cross. Occasioned by the 

Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Mather. Boston, 

1714. pp. (4), 47, (1). 12 15.47 

| Religious Societies. Proposals For the Revival 

of Dying Religion, by Well-Ordered Societies. 
Boston, 1724. pp. (4), 8, 19. 12 28.164 

fRcnatus. Essay on a Soul passing From Death 

to Life; And the Mystery of the Two Adams, 
Explained. Boston, 1725. pp. 34. 8 ... 

18.214 and 28.199 

Repeated Admonitions About the Maintainance 

Of an Able and Faithful Ministry. Boston, 
1725. pp. (2), iii, 19. 8 28.61 

The Serious Christian : or, Three Great Points 

of Practical Christianity. London, 1699. pp. 

(4), 116. 12 13.25 

Note. " The Epistle to the Reader" is signed " Dan- 
iel Burgess." 

fSignatus. The Sealed Servants of our God, 
or, The Witness of the Holy Spirit, with the 
Spirit of the Beleever, to his Adoption of God. 
At Boston Lecture, 1726- - 7. Boston, 1727. pp. 
40. 12 18.208 

fSome Seasonable Advice unto the Poor To be 

annexed unto the Kindnesses of God, that are 
dispensed unto them. [No title-page.] pp. 12. 
12 18.219 

" Sold by T. Fleet, at his printing-press." MS. note. 

fSome Seasonable Enquiries. For the Estab- 

lishment of the Reformed Churches, n. p., 
[colophon] 1723. pp. 12. 12 28.47 

A Sorrowful Spectacle. Two Sermons, Occa- 

sioned by a Sentence of Death, on a Woman, 
for the Murder of a Spurious Offspring. With 
Home Remarkable Things, relating to the 
Criminal. Boston, 1715. pp. (2), vii, 3-92. 
12 13.48 

Jfote. Tnr the second senin.n, which lius n sep- 
arate title-page, p.-i^-intr, and register, see Colman, 1). 
" Tliu Divine Compassions." 

fSuspiria Yinctorum. The Condition to which 

the Protestant IntereM i-i reduce,!. I'.oMon, 

I7.M1. pp. (-J),22. 12" 18.217 

Trla l'r:e\ isa. A Short Kssay, on Troubles to be 

l.ooUM lor. lioston, 17->4. pp. (2), 22. S" . 27. I'M 

flYrra Ueata. A Uriel' K-sav, <>n Ilie 

of Abraham; a Redeemer, r.ostm 

pp. (2), 54. 12" 28.188 

Baelf. .Mo. 

MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

The Terror of the Lord. Some Account of th 

Earthquake, Between 29 and 30 October. 1727. 
With a Speech, unto the Inhabitants of Bos- 
ton, the Next Morning. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 
37, 6. 8 18.132 

fThe Thankful Christian. A brief Essay, Upon 

Thankfulness after the Successes of a Whaling- 
Season. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), 43, (1). 12 . . 18.86 

jThings to be more thought upon. A Treatise 

on the Injuries Offered unto the Saviour. 
With a Conviction of the Jewish and Arian 
Infidelity. Boston, 1713. pp. 108. 12 ... 13.45 

f Thirty Important Cases, Resolved With Evi- 

dence of Scripture and Reason. (Mostly) By 
several Pastors of Adjacent Churches, meeting 
in Cambridge. Boston. Bartholomew Green, & 
John Allen. 1699. pp. 78, (1). 8 28.119 

Note. An "Advertisement," pp. 4, is eigned by 
" Cotton Mather," who edits the book. At the end is 
a Declaration "of Ministers from Diverse parts of 
Massachusetts, Assembled at Boston, May '_'7. ]*>'J7." 

The Triumphs of the Reformed Religion, in 

America. The Life of John Eliot. Boston, 
Joseph Brunning, 1691. pp. (8), 152. 8 . . 13.21 

The True Riches. Essay on the Unsearchable 

Riches of Christ. Boston, 1724. pp. (2), vi, 

31. 8 27.100 

To the truly Honourable Rector : And Professors, 

of the University of Glasgow. [Boston, 1710.] 
pp.12. 12" 18.152 

Note. A letter acknowledging the degree of Doctor 
of Divinity conferred upon him by the University. 

Victorina. A Sermon On the Decease of Mrs. 

Katheriu Mather. By her Father. Added, A 
further Account, By another Hand. Boston, 
1717. pp. (2), viii, 86. 12" 13.51 

fVigilius. Or, The Awakener, a Brief Essay, 

To Rebuke the Natural And the Moral Sleep. 
Boston, 1719. pp. (2), 14. 8 . 16.190, 22.40 and 28.80 

Virtue in it's Verdure. With a Character of 

Mrs. Abigail Brown. Boston, 1725. pp. (4), 

iv, 28. 8" 18.58 

Note. A. Biographical "Appendix" by another 
hand, pp. 25-28. 

A Vision in the Temple. On a Day of Prayer 

kept May 10. 1721. Boston, 1721. pp. (2), 45. 

12 13.56,57 

Note. A half-title is prefixed: "Two Sermons 
Preached at the Dedication of the New Brick-meet- 
ing-house by Dr. Cotton Mather. And Mr. Ben jo. 
Wadsworth." See Wadsworth, B. 

-(Vital Christianity : A Brief Essay On the Life 

of God in the Soul of Man. Charles-Town, 

172.-). pp. (4), 30. 8" 28.150 

|The Voice of God is a Tempest. A Sermon at 

Boston, Febr. 24. 1722-3. Boston, MDCCXXIII. 

pp. (4), 19. 12 16.217 

fLe Vrui Patron des Saines Paroles. [Boston, 

1704. No title-page.] pp. 15. S" 18.155 

.V.i/,-. " Designed lor the Instruction of our French 
Captives." MATULR'S cat<il<ijm- <>/ hi.* uirn irritiiujx. 

The Way to Prosperity. A Sermon to the 1 1 ov- 

ernour, Council, [etc.], May 2:5. lt>S'.i. [With 

An Appendix Touching Prodi^i- > In New- 
England.] See, below, his " Wonderful 
Works" 13.27 

The Wi.low of N'aim. Remarks On The Miracle. 

Boston, MIX \\\ in. pp. (4), 30. 8 . . . . 18.139 

.V.i/.'. An address "To the Render," 1 i>iii.'e, is 
pinned ",1. Gee." 

Winter-Meditations. Directions How to employ 

the Liesuiv [N<Y| of the Winter For the Glory 
Of God. With n. Preface of Hie Uevercnd Mr. 




Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

John Higginson. Boston, Benj. Harris, 1693. 

pp. (16), 82. 8 13.24 

The Wonderful Works of God Commemorated. 

In a Thanksgiving Sermon; Decemb. 19. 1689. 
Added a [Convention] Sermon. Boston. Jo- 
eeph Browning, 1690. pp. (8), 62, 7, 26 [36], 

6, (7). 8 13.27 

Note. The Convention sermon has a separate pag- 
ing and title-page; see, above, " The Way to Prosper- 

The Wonders of the Invisible World. The Na- 

ture, Number, and Operations of the Devils. 
With, I. Some Accounts of the Grievous Mo- 
lestations, by Daemons and Witchcrafts, and 
the Trials of Malefactors Executed upon occa- 
sion thereof. II. Some Counsils Directing a 
due Improvement of the terrible things lately 
done by the Evil Spirits. III. Conjectures 
upon the great Events, likely to befall the 
World, and New-England in Particular. IV. 
A Narrative of a late Outrage committed by a 
Knot of Witches in Swedeland. V. The Devil 
Discovered: a Discourse upon Temptations. 
Boston Printed by Benj. Harris for Sam. Phil- 
lips, 1693. pp. (32), 151, (1), 32 [24]. 8 . . . 23.8 

fThe Words of Understanding. Throe Essays. 

Occasioned by some Early Deaths. Boston, 

1724. pp. (2), 105. 12 13.38 

Note. " These sermons wre publishd & some of ym 
at least Preach'd on occasion of ye Loss of Increase yo 
eldest son of Dr Cotton ^father of Boston; wo havE 
set sail from Barbadoessm time last Fall for Newfound- 
land, was never after heard of, & so concluded to be 
founder'd in ye sea." MS. note of Mr. PRINCE. 

fZalmonah. The Gospel of the Brasen Se,r- 

pent, In the Mosaic History. Boston, 1725. 

pp. (2), 106. 8 28.84 

Zelotes. A Zeal For the House of God ; a Ser- 

mon 8 d. XI. m. 1716, 17. Boston, 1717. pp. 

44. 12 13.46 

Note. Preceded by a half-title : "Two Sermons at 
the Dedication of the New Meeting-Uouse on Church- 
Green, the 8th of January 1710, 17. By the Reverend 
Dr. Cotton Mather, And the Reverend Benjamin 
Wadsworth." See Wadsworth, B. 

Attestation to The Sabbath-Day's Rest. See 

Mather, A 18.221 

Preface to The Important Duty of a Timely 

Seeking of God. See Emerson, J 15.23 

Preface to The Spirit of Man. See Morton, C. . 23.70 

The Principles of the Protestant Religion main- 

tained. See Allen, J 28.187 

Answer to. See Keith, G 13.7 

' Psalterium Americanum. See Bible, Old Tes- 
tament. Psalms 14.16, 29 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Thomas Prince. See Prince, T 12.31,32 

Several Sermons concerning Walking with God, 

and that In the Dayes of Youth : preached at 
Boston. See Mather, S 23.49 

fA Short Discourse Shewing that our Salvation 

is of Meer Grace. See Mather, W 18.149, 264 

Sound Words. See Sound 13.53 

What the Pious Parent wishes for. Boston-Lec- 

ture, 23 d. 1 m. 1721. p. 34. See Course of 
Sermons 23.1 

Gee, J. Sermon After the Death of 17.24 

Mather, S. Sermon after the Decease of ... 17.26 

Whiting, J. Truth and Innocency defended; In 

Answer to his Abuses of the Quakers .... 12.20 

and others. A Serious Address To those Who 

unnecessarily frequent the Tavern. Added, 
A private Letter by Increase Mather. Boston, 

1726. pp. (4), iv, 30. 8 27.186 

A Testimony Against Evil Customs. Given by 

Shelf. No. 

MATHER, Cotton, continued. 

Several Ministers of the Gospel. [Colophon] 
Boston, MDCCXIX. pp. 4. 4 ... 16.105 and 26.21 

MATHER, Eleazar, 1. 1637, d. 1699. 

A Serious Exhortation to the Present and Suc- 

ceeding Generation in New-England. The 
Substance of [his] Last Sermons. Second Ed. 
Boston : John Foster, 1678. pp. (4), 31. 4" . 27.72 

Note. Address "To the Header," pp. 2, is signed 
" Increase Mather." 

MATHER, Mrs. Elizabeth, Sermon on the Death of. 

See Mather, C 15.47 

MATHER, Increase, b. 1639, d. 1723. [See Addenda.] 

Angelographia, A Discourse Concerning the 

Holy Angels : in several Sermons. Added, A 
Sermon concerning the Sin and Misery of the 
Fallen Angels : Also a Disquisition concerning 
Angelical-Apparitions. Boston, Samuel Phil- 
lips, 1696. pp. (16), 132. 8 23.3 

Note. The " Disquisition" has a separate title-page 
and paging. 

A Brief Discourse Concerning the Prayse Due 

to God; for His giving Snow like Wool. pp. 
67-95. See, below, his " Voice of God "... 23.31 

Burnings Bewailed: in a Sermon, Occasioned by 

the Fire, Octob. 2. 1711. Boston, 1711. pp. 

(4), 36. 8 28.125 

A Call From Heaven, To the Present And Suc- 

ceeding Generations A Discourse. Second Im- 
pression. Boston, I. Brunning, 1685. pp. (8), 
159. 8 23.9 

Note. Paged continuously, pp. 161-198, is his 
" Pray," etc. 

A Call to the Tempted. A Sermon On the Crime 

of Self-Murder. Boston, 1723, 4. pp. (4), ii, 

17. 8 16273 

Cases of Conscience Concerning evil Spirits Per- 

sonating Men, Witchcrafts. Boston, Benjamin 
Harris, 1693. pp. (6), 67, (7). 8. Portrait . , 23.4,7 

Note. An address to the "Christian Reader," is 
signed by " William Ilubbard " and 13 others. 

The Day of Trouble is near. Two Sermons. 

Preached the llth day of the 12th Moneth, 
1673. Cambridge : Printed by Marmaduke 

Johnson, 1674. pp. (4), 31. 4 18.14 

Note. An address headed " Christian Reader," 
is signed " Urian Oakes." 

Diatriba de Signo Filii Hominis, et de Secundo 

Messias Adventu ; Ubi de modo futures Judae- 
orum Conversion! s; Nee non de signis Novis- 
simi diei. Amstelodatni, 1682. pp. (8), 98, 
(6). 8 23.16 

Discourse Concerning Earthquakes. Occasioned 

by the Earthquakes, in the Province of Massa- 
chusets-Bay, June 16. and in Conecticot-Colo- 
ny, June 22. 1705. Also, Two Sermons, Sin 
the Greatest Evil ; and, to Redeem Time the 
Greatest Wisdom. Boston, 1706. pp. 131. 
12" 23.30 

Discourse Concerning Faith and Fervency in 

Prayer. Several Sermons, with a true Ac- 
count of the Astonishing Success of the Gos- 
pel in Ceilon, Amboina, and Malabar. Boston, 
1710. pp. (2), xix, (1), 112, (6). 12" 23.38 

Discourse Concerning the Death of the Right- 

eous. Occasioned by the Death of John Foster. 
And of Mrs. Abigail Foster. Boston, 1711. 
pp. (2), 29. 8 23.5, 12 

Discourse Concerning the Maintenance Due to 

those That Preach the Gospel. Boston, 1706. 

pp. (2), 60. 8" 1S.20& 

Discourse Concerning the Subject of Baptisme. 




Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Increase, continued. 

Cambridge, Samuel <Jreen, 1675. pp. (4), 76. 

4 17.2.31 and 27.90 

Discourse Proving that the Christian Religion, 

Is the only True Religion. Boston, 1702. pp. 

96, (4). 12 23.45 

Disquisition Concerning Angelical Apparitions, 

In Answer to a Case of Conscience, shewing 
that Daemons oft appear like Angels of Light, 
and the way to prevent deception by them. 
Boston, Samuel Phillips, 1696. pp. 44. 8 . . 23.3 

Disquisition Concerning Ecclesiastical Councils. 

Added, Proposals concerning Consociation of 
Churches, Agreed upon by a Synod, at Bos- 
ton. Boston, 1716. pp. (2), xx,47. 12. . . 23.42 

Dissertation Concerning the Future Conversion 

of the Jewish Nation. Answering the Objec- 
tions of Baxter, Lightfoot, and others. With 
an Enquiry into the first Resurrection. Lon- 
don, MDCCIX. pp. (4), 35. 4 16.110 

Dissertation, wherein [S. Stoddard's] Sermon, 

[encouraging] Unsanctified Persons (while 
such) to Approach the Table of the Lord, is 
Confuted. With, What Ground there is to 
Hope [for] a Glorious Reformation of the 
Church. Boston, 1708. pp. (12), 135. 12 . . 23.14 

Stoddard, 8. An Appeal to the Learned . . 15.33 

Queries on An Appeal to the Learned, Pre- 
tending an Answer to a Dissertation, etc. See 

Appeal of some of the Unlearned 18.148 

The Doctrine of Divine Providence Opened and 
Applyed: Also Sundry Sermons on other Sub- 
jects. Boston Joseph Brunning, 1684. pp. 
(8), 148. 8 23.21 

The Duty of Parents to Pray For their Chil- 

dren. A Sermon, Preached May 19. 1703. 
Second Impression. Boston, 1719. pp. vi, 40. 
12 23.33 

Note. Paged continuously, pp. 41-99, but with a 
separate title, ia Cotton Mather's " Duty of Children." 

A Dying Legacy of a Minister To his People. 

Being the Three Last Sermons Preached By 

I. Mather. Boston, 1722. pp. (2), 4, 90. 12" . 23.46 

An Earnest Exhortation to the Children of Ncw- 

England, To Exalt the God of their Fathers. 

A Sermon. Boston, 1711. pp. (4), 39. 12 . . 23.40 

An Essay For the Recording of Illustrious Prov- 

idences, Especially in New-England. Boston, 
Joseph Browning, 1684. pp. (14), 372, (8). 8. 23.27 

Answer to the Lyes and Slanders of An Essay, 

etc. See Keith, G 13.9,10 

The Excellency of a Publick Spirit. [An Elec- 

tion] Sermon, May 27. 1702. Boston, 1702. pp. 

(12), 38. 12" 23.35 

yole. Continuously paged, pp. 39-SH, is his " Right- 
eous Man." 

The First Principles of New-England, Concern- 

ing n.i]iiisme & Communion of Churches. Col- 
lected out of Books [and] Manuscripts of the 
Kir-t and chiefe Fathers in the ,\eu--Knu r li-h 
Churches; With the Judgment of Divines .>t' 
the Congregational \V~ay in England. Cain- 
bridge, Samuel Green, 1675. pp. (8), 40, 7. 
4 17.250 mid 27.89 

\ !>!. The last paging contains a letter of the Rev. 
Jnlin Allin, p. 1, uud one n! .lij.aiKui Mitrhcl, pp. 

The Glorious Throne: A Sermon Corn-em ini; 

The (il..ry <il" the Throne of ( 'hriM, Which 
hhaM quickly he seen on the Earth, pp. '.17-122 
of his lelial,,,,) 23.37 

The < l;ie.->iny, (if 1'riinilive < !.in;i.-ellours. 

[An Election] Sermon, May 31st, 1093, Boston, 

Shelf. No. 
MATIIER, Increase, continued. 

Printed and sold, by Benjamin Harris, Over- 
against the Old-Meeting-House, 1693. pp. 23. 
4 13.8 and 26.155 

Heavens Alarm to the World. A Sermon where- 

in is Shewed, That fearful Sights and Signs in 
Heaven are the Presages of great Calamities at 
hand. Boston, John Foster, 1081. pp. (6), 17. 
4 16.171 

Heaven's Alarm, [etc.] Second Impression. 

ton, Printed for Samuel Bewail. And are to 
be sold by Joseph Browning, 16S2. pp. 8, 38, 
(2), 32. 8 23.25 

Ichabod. Or, A Discourse, Shewing what Cause 

there is to Fear that the Glory Of the Lord, is 
Departing from New-England. Two Sermons. 
Boston, 1702. pp. 122. [With Portrait.] 12'. 23.37 

Note. The second sermon has a separate title-page, 
" The Glorious Throne." 

KuiarjTO)pa<pia. A Discourse Concerning Comets: 

With an Historical Account of all Comets. 
Expressing the Remarkable Events which 
have followed. As also two Sermons. Bos- 
ton, Printed by S. G. for S. 8. And sold by 
J. Browning At the corner of the Prison Lane 
next the Town-House, 1683. pp. (12), 143, (1). 
8" 23.24 

Note. An address " To the Reader," pp. 4, is signed 
"John Sherman." The "two Sermons "are, 'Heav- 
en's Alarm. Second Impression 108J," which has a 
separate title-page, and " The Latter Sign," which ha 
continuous signatures with " Heaven's Alarm." 

The Latter Sign Discoursed of, in a Sermon at 

Boston, August, 31. 1682. pp. (2), 32 .... 23.25 
Note. See the preeeding note. 

Meditations on.the Glory of the Heavenly World. 

Boston, 1711. pp. (2), v, (1), 276, (4) 23.28 

Note. "These Sermons were Pluckt out of the 
Burning; when Seven Book-sellers Shops in Boston 
"were Consumed in those Flames, which on the Second 
of this Instant October, made a dismal Desolation in 
the midst of this Great Town." Preface, pp. ii, iii. 

Meditations on the Glory of the Lord Jesus 

Christ. Several Sermons. Boston, 1705. pp. 

(2) viii, 165, (1). 12 23.29 

Meditations On the Sanctificatiou of the Lord's 

Day : And on the Judgements which attend 
the Profanation of it. Added Seasonable 
Meditations both for Winter and Summer. 
Boston, 1712. pp. (2), x, 71, (3), iv, 51. 12" . 23 43 

Note. The " Seasonable Meditations " hare a sepa- 
rate title-page. 

The Mystery of Christ Opened and Applyed. 

Several Sermons, n. p., MDCLXXXVI. pp. (2), 
6,212, (1). 8 23.20 

The Order of the Gospel, Professed by the 

Churches in Xew-KiiLcland, Justified; In An- 
swer to several Questions, relating to Church 
Discipline. Boston, 1700. pp. 143, (1). 12 . 23.32 
[Extract from] The Order. See Vindication. 23.64 

Practical Truths, Plainly Delivered. Boston, 

1718. pp. (4), 138. 12 23.23 

\ . "IV. Tin- Work of the Ministry " has an in- 
ili'l>riiilriit title-page. 

Practical 'I' ruths Tending to Promote the Power 

of Godliness: Sundry Sermons. Boston In 
New IJii^land Printed by Samuel Green upon 
A-siu'nment of Samuel Si-wall, "Hivj. pp. (U), 
jjo. 8 23.19 

Pray for the Ki.-in-; Generation. A Sermon. 

Treadled the third day of the Mil Moneth 1678. 
Si t apart to seek unto God by KastiiiL,' and 
Prayer. Third Impression, pp. 1G1-U18. .SVe 
hU "Call From Heaven" 23.10 




Shelf. No 

MATHER, Increase, continued. 

Returning unto God the great concernment of a 

Covenant People. A Sermon to the second 
Church in Boston, March 17. IGj^. when 
that Church did Solemnly Renew their Cov- 
enant. Boston, John Foster, 1680. pp. (6), 
18, (3). 4 16.96 

The Righteous Man a Blessing: Two Sermons. 

pp 39-84. See his " Excellency of a Publick 
Spirit" 23.35 

Seasonable Meditations both for Winter & Sum- 

mer. The Substance of Two Sermons, pp. 

(2), iv, 61 23.43 

See his " Meditations On the Sanctification," etc. 

A Seasonable Testimony To Good Order in the 

Churches. Declaring the Usefulness of Coun- 
cils in Order to Preserving Peace and Truth. 
Boston, 1720. pp. (4), 20. 8 28.78 

Sermon Occasioned by the Execution of [J. 

Morgan] found Guilty of Murder Preached 
March llth 168^ with the Confession, & solemn 
Warning of that Murderer. Second Ed. Bos- 
ton, J. Brunning, 1687. pp. (4), 124. 8 ... 23.2 

Note, Pages 37-82 con tain "The Call of the Gos- 
pel," with a title-page, for which see Mather, C. ; pp. 
83-124, " An Exhortation," with a title-page, for which 
see Moodey, J. 

A Sermon (Prached at Boston the 18th of the 

1. Moneth 1674. When two men were Exe- 
cuted, who had Murthered their Master). The 
Second Impression. J. Brunning in Boston 
1685. pp. (2), 38. 8" 23.11 

A Sermon Wherein is Shewed, I. That Ministers 

need the Prayers of the Lord's People. II. 
That the People ought to Pray for Ministers. 
Preached at Roxbury, October 29. 1718. When 
Thomas Walter Was Ordained. Boston, 1718. 
pp. (2), ii, 35. 8 12.33 

Several Sermons Wherein is shewed, I. That 

Jesus Christ is a Mighty Saviour. II. That 
God Converts His Elect some at one Age, and 
gome at Another, Commonly before Old Age. 
III. That when Godly Men dye, Angels carry 
their Souls to a better World. With a Char- 
acter of Thomas Bridge. Boston, 1715. pp. 
(2), xi, (1), 126. 12 23.39 

Some Important Truths about Conversion, in 

sundry Sermons. London, 1674. pp. (28), 

248. 8" 23.15 

Some Remarks On a late Sermon, Preached at 

Boston, by George Keith shewing That his 
Good Rules in Divinity, are not built on the 
foundation of the Apostles & Prophets. Bos- 
ton, 1702. pp. (2), 36. 8 28.73, 195 

De Successu Evangelij Apud Indos in Nova- 

Anglia Epistola. Ad Johannem Leusdenum. 
Londini, 1688. pp. (2), 6. 8 23.51 

The Surest way to the Greatest Honour : [An 

Election] Sermon, May 31st. 1699. Boston. 
Printed by Bartholomew Green, & John Al- 
len, for Samuel Phillips, and are to be Sold at 
the Brick Shop, near the Old-Meeting-House, 
1699. pp. (8), 3-42. 8 18.275 and 23.17 

Testimony Against several Prophane and Super- 

stitious Customs in New-England. London, 

1687. pp. (8), 41 [31]. 8 28.16 

The Testimony Finished. See Mitchel, J. . . . 28.41 

Two Discourses I. That the Lords Ears are 

open to the Prayers of the Righteous. II. 
The Dignity & Duty of Aged Servants of the 
Lord. Also, A Preface in which the Congre- 
gUional Discipline of the Churches in New- 
England is Vindicated, with the Authors Dy- 

Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Increase, continued. 

ing Testimony there-unto. Boston, 1716. pp. 

(2), ix, 141, (1). 12 23.34, 30 

The Voice of God, in Stormy Winds. Two Ser- 

mons, Occasioned by the Storm, in the Eu- 
ropean Nations. Novemb. 27th. 1703. Bos- 
ton, 1704. pp.95. 12 23.31 

Note. Paged continuously is hia "Brief Dis- 

The Work of the Ministry [A] Sermon at Cam- 

bridge, < >ctober 9. 1717. When Nathaniel Ap- 
pleton Was Ordained, pp. 97-138. See his 
" Practical Truths." 23.23 

Address to the Christian Reader of An Answer 

to George Keith's Libel. See Makemie, F. . 15.2 

Address To the Reader of A Letter From Some 

Aged Nonconforming Ministers. See Letter . 13.12 

Address To the Reader of a Plea for the Life, etc. 

SeeTorrey, 8 ' 18.6 

Address To the Reader of a Serious Exhortation. 

See Mather, E 27.72 

Address To the Reader of An Exhortation unto 

Reformation. See Torrey, 8 18.5 

Address To the Reader of God giyeth the In- 

crease. See Belcher, J 18.170 

Address To the Reader of The Doctrine of the 

Covenant. See Willard, S 24.33 

Address To the Reader of The Doctrine of the 

Last Judgment. See Flynt, H 16.173 

Address To the Reader of the Everlasting Gos- 

pel. See Mather, C 13.34, 37 

Address To the Reader of the Peril of the 

Times Displayed. See. Willard, 8 15.42 

Advice to the Children of Godly Ancestors. 

Given July 9. 1721. pp. 16. See Course of 
Sermons 23.1 

Charge at the Ordination of Thomas Prince. 

See Prince, T 12.31,32 

Charge at the Ordination of William Waldron. 

See Mather, C 18.171 

Epistle Prefixed to A Guide to Christ. See Stod- 

dard, 8 14.33 

Epistle To the Reader of A Seasonable Dis- 

course. See Oakes, U 18.17 

Preface to a Confession of Faith, etc. See Bos- 

ton, Mass. Synod. 1680 14.61 and 24.39 

Preface to A Course of Sermons on Early Piety. 

See Course of Sermons 23.1 

Preface to A Discourse of the Glory, etc. See 

Mitchell, J 23.54 

Preface to The Truth, etc. See Monis, J. . . . 22.46 

Private Letter on Frequenting Taverns. See A 

Serious Address 27.186 

Recommendation of Ccelestinus. See Mather, C. 13.16 

Recommendation of Practical Religion Exem- 

plified. See Reynolds, T 15.56 

Sermon on the Departure of. See Mather, C. . 18.54 

, Increase, son of Cotton. Words of Under- 
standing. Occasioned [partly] by [the] Death 
of. See Mather, C 13.38 

MATHER, Katharin, b. 1689, d. 1716. Funeral Sermon 
for, and Extracts from her Diary. See Mather, 
C 13.51 

MATHER, Nathanael, 6. 1630, d. 1697. 

A Discussion Of the Lawfulness of a Pastor's 

Acting as an Officer In Other Churches Be- 
sides that which he is specially Called to take 
the Oversight of. London, M DC xc vm. pp. 

(20), 155. 8 23.50 

Same. Boston, 1730. pp. (2), x, 83 23.55 

The Righteousness of God through Faith upon 

All without Difference who believe. Two 
Sermons. London, 1694. pp. (4), 76. 4" . . 16.100 

A Sermon wherein is shewed That it is the Duty 

of Believers, to Live in the Constant Exercise 



Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Nathanael, continued. 

of Grace. Printed at Boston By R. P. for 
Joseph Browning, 1084. pp. (2), 28, (1). 8 . 23.22 

Life and Death of. See Mather, 8 23.49 

MATHER, Kichard, 6. 1.300, </. 1GG9. [See Addenda.] 

f Church-Government and Church-Covenant dis- 

cvssed, In an Answer of the Elders of the 
several! Chvrchcs in New-Kngland To two and 
thirty Questions, sent over to thorn by divers 
Ministers in England. With an Apologie for 
Church-Covenant, sent over in Answer to Mas- 
ter Ber.iard in 10.39. Also an Answer to nine 
Positions. London, 1043. pp. (4), 84, (2), 78. 
[70]. 4 21.12 and 27.79 

Note. The " Apologie" has a separate title-page 
and paging; the " Answer unto nine Positions" has a 
separate title-page, but is paged continuously with 
the "Apologie," omitting pp. 47, 48. Aa the address 
" To the Reader" is signed " II. Peter," the work has 
sometimes wrongly been ascribed to him. 

A Farewel-Exhortation to the Church and Peo- 

ple of Dorchester, in New-England. Printed 
hy Samuel Green at Cambridg, 1657. pp. (4), 
27. 4 , 16.183 

Note. "The Preface To the Reader, 
signed " Charles Chauncy." 

pp. 2, is 

- Defence of the Answer unto the Nine Posi- 

tions. See Allin, J ......... 16.186 and 27.15 

f-A- Platform of Church-Discipline. See Cam- 

bridge, Mass. Synod. 1648. 

14.59,62, 23.63, 24.40, 27.77,82 and 28.118,145 
MATHER. Samuel, 6. 1626, d. 1671. 

A Testimony from the Scripture against Idolatry 

& Superstition, Two Sermons Upon the Exam- 
ple of Hezekiah. The First in general against 
Idols and Inventions of Men. The Second, 
against the Ceremonies of the Church of Eng- 
laud. n. p.,n. d. pp. (G), 83. 8 . 16.225 and 27.167 

Note. Printed in 1725, according to a MS. note. 

Address To the Reader of a Congregational 

Church. See Stone, S ............ 16.172 

MATHER, Samuel, b. 1651, d. 1728. 

A Dead Faith Anatomized. A Discourse on 

[its] Nature and Danger. Boston, Printed by 
Bartholomew Green, and John Allen, 1697. 
pp. 108. 8 ................. 23.48 

The Self-Justiciary Convicted. A Discourse 

Concerning Renouncing our own Righteous- 
ness; and Repairing to the Righteousness of 
Christ. Boston, 1707. pp. (2), 27, (1), 94. 8. 

fi'ote. "The Epistle Dedicatory" contains, pp. 19- 
27, " A Testimony t" the Order of the Gospel, in the 
Churches if Xew- England," signed "John Higginson. 
William Hubbard." 

Filii, quumlcgisset, Gratulatio. See Mather, C. 

MATHER, Samuel, of Witney, Eng., son of Increase 
Wither, b. 1G74. 

jDe. liapti-'matc. Disscrtatio. Londini, MDCCXV. 

pp. 23. 8* .................. 

Ifote. "Sam. Mather Authorc." 3fS. note. Wo 
have not, liowevcr, found the tract ascribed to Mather 

Early Piety. Exemplified in the Life of Nathanael 

M.'i'lii-r. A.Ided Discourses on a VValk with 
God. London, 1GS9. pp. (10), 00, (2), 80. 8. 

Note. The Discourses have a separate paging, and 
a titlc-imgi', fur which tee Mallirr, C. S.-MTM! Ser- 

f Observations on the Holy Scriptures. London, 

17U7. pp. (Hi), Hit, (4). 12 ......... 

MATIII.U, Samuel, /.. 170f,, il . 17v,. 

The Departure and Character of Elijah. A Scr- 






Shelf. No. 
MATHER, Samuel, continued. 

mon After the Decease of Cotton Mather. 
Boston, 1728. pp. (2), 25. 8" 17.20 

A Dissertation Concerning the Name of Jeho- 

vah. Boston, M,DCC,LX. pp. (G), 101. 8 . 26.58 

Essay concerning Gratitude. Boston, M,DCC,- 

xxxn. pp. (8), 53. 8 20.77 

Tlie Faithful Man abounding with Blessings. 

A Funeral Discourse Upon the Death of 
Thomas Hutchinson. Boston, MDCCXL. pp. 
(2), 32. 8 1S.39 

The Fall of the Mighty lamented. A Discourse 

upon the Death of Her Majesty "Wilhelmina 
Dorothea Carolina, of Great- I5ritain : I'reach'd 
on March 23d 1737,8, In the Audience of the 
Governour, in Boston. Boston, 1738. pp. (2), 
33. 8" 17.157 and 18.32 

Of the Pastoral Care : A [Convention] Sermon, 

in Boston, May 27. 1762. Boston, 1762. pp. 31. 

8 17214 

[MATHER, "Warham, b. 1666, d. 1745.] 

A Short Discourse shewing that our Salvation is 

of Meer Grace, n. p., 1716. pp. (4), 32. 8. 18.149,264 

Xote. In the Catalogue of the library of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society this is ascribed to Cotton 
Mather, on the authority of a note said to be in Mr. 
Eliot's handwriting, but it is not in Cotton Mather's 
list of his works. We have followed Mr. Prince. 

MATTHISON, J. The Necessity of Revelation in order 
to Salvation. A Sermon in Edinburgh, 5 Jan- 
uary 1730. [before] the Society for propagating 
Christian Knowledge. Edinburgh, [date cut 
off], pp. 48. 8. [Imperfect] 18.212 

MAXWELL, S. A Discourse concerning the Safety of 
all such as have the Great God For their Guide. 
Boston, 1738. pp. (4), 20. 8 16.295 

MATHEW, Experience, 6. 1673, d. 1758. 

All Mankind, by Nature, Equally under Sin. A 

Sermon in Boston, Dec. 3. 1724. Boston, 17-."}. 

pp. (2), ii,23. 8" 16.2.33, 275 

ybta. An address "To the Reader," pp. H, ia 
signed " Tho. Foxcroft." 

A Discourse shewing that God Dealeth with 

Men As with Reasonable Creatures a Sermon 
at Boston, Nov. 23. 1718. With the State of 
the Indians on Martha's Vineyard, & the Small 
Islands adjacent, from 1694. to 1720. Boston, 
1720. pp. (2), 34, 12. 8 

Grace Defended, in a Modest Plea for an Impor- 

tant Truth; That the offer of Salvation com- 
prises in it an Offer of the Grace given in Re- 
generation. Boston, 1741. pp. (2), vi, 7, (1), 
208. 8" 

fA Ritfht to the Lord's Supper Considered. 

Boston, MDCCXLI. pp. (2), 23, 2. 8" .... 

Charge, with Prefatory Address, at the Ordina- 

tion of John No win in. SeeBalchjT 

, Jonathan, ?. 17J), d. 1766. 

A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of George 
II. and the A. -cession of George III. Deliv- 
ered -Tan. 4th 17<H. Boston, M,DCC,LXI. pp. 
43. 8 

A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Ste- 
phen Sewall. B >ston, 17il>. pp. 00. 8 . . . 

Seven Sermons. Preached in Boston, In 174^. 
II iston, MI> < \MX. [Imperfeet, end in:,' p. 24.] 

Remarks on two sermons published in ITiU by. 

Si i Hopkins, S 

MEAD, NT. Tin- Almost Christian Di<e..vere 1 : Or, 
The False Professor Tryed and t'.ist. The Sni>- 

Btance of Seven Sermons, IVeaehed at Bep- 
nlehers, London, lo ! H. Fourteenth Ed. Bos- 
ton, 17:v.i. pp. (10), 193, (1). 12' 

MEDICINE. Sir Khvtuary. 










Shelf. No. 

MERCATOR, G. Atlas Minor a I. Hondio plurimia 
seneis tabulis auctus. Amsterodami, n. d. obi. 
4 32.25 

Note. The address of Ilondius to the reader is dat- 
ted 1607; the colophon is " Dordrechti, 1GIO." 

MERIT, The Doctrine of, exploded. Allen, J 16.262 

MERRILL, T. Narrative Of Brethren Of the Second 

Church in Bradford. See Bayly, J 23.52 

METCALF, Timothy, d. 1727. Sermon on the Death 

of. See Dexter, S 18.59 

METEMPSYCHOSIS. De Animorurn Mcrtivyio-;uo. 

Dummer, J 26.5 

MEXICO. Epiniciura in captaru classem Mexicanani. 

Barloeus, C 28.206 

MIDDLKBOROUGH, Mass., Transactions at, In settling 

a Minister. Cotton, J 16.102 and 17.144 

MILITARY Discipline. Boone, N 15.7 

MILK for Babes. See Man of God, The, Furnished . 25.6 
MINISTRY of the Gospel. 

See Anti-Ministerial (28.83); Caldwell, J. (1G.66); 

Chaitncy, C. (17.210 and 18.41); Colman, B. (1435;; 

Cooke, S. (18184); Dickinson, J. (18.71); Dunbar, 

S. (17.217); Emerson, J. (27.199); Foxcroft, T. (17. 

170); Gray, E. (17.134); Great Difficulty (17 238 and 

IS.CG); Mather, C. (Manuductio 1:3.15; Repeated 28.C1); 

Plea, (27.209); Rand, W. (17.215); Robie, T. (18.237); 

Rowland, D. S. (1C G5); Stone, N. (22.33); Syrames, T. 

(1G.207); Willard, S. (18.154); Worthington, W. (18.190).. 

SeeaUo: Pastor, Sermons (Installation, Ordination). 
MISSISSIPPI river. The Voyage of de la Sale To 

find the Mouth of the Missisipi. Joutel, . 11.25 
MITCHEL, Jonathan, b. 1624, d. 16GS. [See Addenda.] 

A Discourse of the Glory To which God hath 

called Believers. Some Sermons with [a] 
Letter. Second Ed. with a Preface by Increase 
Mather. Boston, 1721. pp. (2), viii, 10, 231. 
12" 23.54 

Neherniah on the Wall in Troublesom Times. 

[An Election] Sermon at Boston, May 15. 1 'i67. 
Cambridge: Printed by S. G. and M. J., 1671. 
pp. (4), 34. 8 18.2 and 26.140 

Address To the Reader, And Especially to the 

Inhabitants of Cambridge, of The Parable of 

the Ten Virgins. See Shepard, T 30a.5 

Letter in The First Principles of New-England. 

See Mather, I -. . 17.250 

{Propositions concerning Baptism and Consoci- 27.84 

ation of Churches. See Boston. Synod. 1602. 

and others. Elijah's Mantle. A Faithful Testi- 

mony to the Cause and Work of God, in the 
Churches of New-England. By Four Servants 
of God. Boston, 1722. pp. (2), ii, 17, (2). 8 . 28.41 

Contents. I. The Great End and Interest of New- 
England, by Jonathan Mitchel. II. The Cause of 
God, and His People in New-England; a Sermon of 
Mr. John Higginson. III. New -England's True 
Interest [by] William Stoughton. IV. The Testimony 
Finished. By Increase Mather. 

MITCHEL, Sieur de. 

Preface to A Journal, etc. See Joutel, . . . 11.25 
Mix, Stephen, d. 1738, aged - 68. 

Extraordinary Displays of the Divine Majesty 

& Power, are to Try Men. Two Sermons 
Occasioned by a Terrible Earthquake, October 
29. 1727. Delivered in Wethers Held, November 
5th. and 12th. N. London, 1728. pp. (2), 2, 
35. 8 18.134,153 

MODEL, A, For Erecting a Bank of Credit. Adapt- 
ed Especially for his Majesties Plantations in 
America. London, 1688. pp. (2), 38. 8 . . 28.158 

MODEST Apology, A, for Parson Alberoni : being a 
Defence of Priestcraft, and a New Confuta- 
tion of the Bishop of B.tngor. Twelfth Ed. 
[Boston?], 1724. pp. 32. 8 27.137 

Note. An attack upon priests, In which Alberont 

is scarcely mentioned. 

Shelf. No. 

MOXEY the Sinews of Trade. The State of Massa- 
chusetts-Bay Considered, with respect to ita 
Trade for want of a Medium of Exchange. 
Boston, [date cut off], pp.16. 8 28.153 

MONEY, Inquiry into the Nature and Uses of. 26.51 and 27.39 

MONIS, Juduh, d. 1764, aged 81. 

Nothing but The Truth: A Short Essay, [prov- 

ing] the Doctrine of the Trinity, Both out of 
the Old Testament, And with the Authority of 
the Cabilistical Ilabbies. Boston, 1722. pp. 
(2), 26. 8 22.46,48 

Proposals for Printing by Subscription, A He- 

brew Grammar, n. p., n. d. 1 page. 4 ... 16.109 

The Truth, A Discourse Delivered at his Bap- 

tism, Containing Nine Arguments [of] the 
Modern Jewish Rabbins to prove, the Messiah 
is yet to Come : With Answers. And the 
Confession of his Faith. And Prefac'd by the 
Reverend Increase Mather, D. D. Boston, 
1722. pp. (2), iv, vi, 36. 8 22.40,48 

The Whole Truth : A Short Essay [on] the 

Reason why the Jewish Nation Are not yet 
converted. Boston, 1722. pp. (2), 40. 8 . . 22.46,48 
MONITORY and Hortatory Letter. Mather, C. . . . 23.56 
MONTEZINOS, not Monteriuos, A. See Aaron, the 


MONTHLY Review, The, for September, 1761; Octo- 
ber, 1762. [London, 1761.] pp. 161-318. 8 . . 26.62 

Same. For September, 1771. [London, 1771.] 

pp. 161-240. 8 26.59 

Note. Contains a review of Monchy's Essay on 
the usual Diseases of Voyages to the West-Indies; 
Sept. 1771, a review of Kalm's Travels into North 

MONTREAL. Appleton, N. Sermon Occasioned by 

the Surrender of . . . 16.50 

Foxcroft, T. Sermon On the Surrender of. . 17.112 
MOODEY, or Moody, Joshua, b. 1633, d. 1697. 

A Practiaal Discourse concerning the Choice 

Benefit of Communion with God in his House. 
The Summe of several Sermons. Boston, Jo- 
seph Brunning, 1085. pp. (7), 109. 8 .... 23.65,89 

Note. An address " To the Reader," pp. 4, is 
signed "James Allen." 

An Exhortation To a Cjaleinaed Malefactor 

March 7th 16S3. pp. 83-113. See Mather, I. 
Sermon Occasioned 23.2 

The Principles of the Protestant Religion main- 

tained. See Allen, J 28.187 

- Answer to. See Keith, G 13.17 

Address To the Reader of Late Memorable Prov- 

idences. See Mather, C 13.26 

Address To the Serious Reader Of the Benefit 

of a Well-Ordered Conversation. See Hub- 
bard, W 15.14 

MOODEY, Samuel, b. 1676, d. 1747. 

fA faithful Narrative of God's gracious Dealings 

with A Person lately recovered from the Er- 
rors of Armioius. [Boston, 1737. No title- 
page.] pp. 8. 8 28.55 

Note. " Sent from the Rev Mr Moodey of York. 
Boston, Printed in Sept. 1737." MS. note by Mr. 

Judas the Traitor Hung up in Chains, To Give 

Warning To Professors, That they beware of 
Worldlymindcdness, And Hypocrisy : A Dis- 
course concluding with a Dialogue; Preach'd 
at York in New-England. Boston, 1714. pp. 
(2), x, 84. 12" 15.49 

A Sermon, May 31, 1721. the D.iy for the Elec- 

tion. Boston, 1721. pp. (4), 64. 8 18.97 

The Vain Youth Summoned to Appear at Christ's 

Bar. A Lecture-Sermon (June 25. 1701.) at 
York, in Main. Boston, 1707. pp. 64. 12 . . 15.45 
MOORE, J., bp. The Truth Si Excellency of the Gos- 




Shull. No. 

MOORE, J., bp., continued. 

pel. A Sermon before the Society for Propa- 
gation of the Gospel in Koi-ri-n Paris, 20th of 
February, 17l|j. London, 1713. pp. 56. 8 . . 

MORDEN, R. Geography Ki-i-titied : or, A. Descrip- 
tion of the World. With .Seventy eight Maps. 
Fourth Ed., Enlarged. Added a Geographical 
Index. London, MDCC. pp. (9), 626, (72). 4. 



Note. " America,' 

pp. JH2-424. The maps are 




MORGAN, Sir H., Relation of the Expedition of, 
against the Spaniards in the West-Indies. 
See Voyages 

MORGAN, James, Sermon Occasioned by the Execu- 
tion of, with the Confession. See Mather, I. . 

MORGAN, Joseph, b. 1672, d. after 1739. 

The Only Effectual Remedy Against Mortal Er- 

rors a Discourse, Shewing the Cause of alt 
the Heresies, Apostasies, Soul-murdering Er- 
rors, & contrary Articles of Faith. New-Lon- 
don, 1725. pp. (2), 49, (1). 8 27.192 

Sin its own Punishment. A Discourse [in] Con- 

tinuation of, The Nature and Origin of, Sin 
explained. Which was a Continuation of, The 
Remedy against mortal Errors. Boston, N. E. 

1728. pp. (6), 24. 8 

MORRILL, Nathaniel, d. 1730, aged 32. 

Memento Mori. A Plain Discourse to a Plain 

People. Boston, 1730. pp. (2), iv, 68. 12 . . 18.249 
MORTON, Charles, b. 1626, d. 1698. 

The Spirit of Man : Some Meditations. Boston, 

Duncan Campbell, 1693. pp. (8), 100. 8 . . 

2fote. "The Preface is evidently Mr. Cotton 
Mather's style of Phraseology." MS. note by T. 

Address To the Reader of Late Memorable 

Providences. See Mather, C 13.26 

MORTON, Nathaniel, b. about 1613, d. 1635. 

New-Englands Memoriall : or A brief Relation of 

the most Remarkable Passages of the Provi- 
dence of God, manifested to the Planters of 
New-England; With special Reference to 
New-Plimouth. Cambridge : Printed by S. G. 
and M. J. for John Usher of Boston, 1669. 
pp. (12), 198, (10). 4. [Imperfect, but restored 
in MS.] 12.43 

Note. An Address "'To the Reader," Signed 
" John Higginson. Thomas Thacher." 

- Answer to the Lyes and Slanders of S. Nor- 

ton [N.Morton] in his New-England's Memo- 
rial. See Keith, G 13.9,10 


See Checklcy, S. (Mercy 1C.298; Murder 10.20"); 
Clap, N. (i5.17); Colman, B. (1G.:!.5); Mather, C. (Sor- 
rowful I". 4*); MatluT, I.(Scrmon Occasioned 23.2; Ser- 
mon Preached 21.11); Rogers, J. (15.5S); Sampson, P. 

NAILS fastened. Mather, C 23.93 

N ALTON, J. Nature and Necessity of Humiliation 

Boston, 1741. pp.36. 12' 18.259 

NECESSITY, The, of brotherly Love: A Discourse. 

r.oslon, 17C.-J. pp. 88. 8 17.23'.) and 13.67 

\ "i . See Great difficulty, etc. Pages 21-SU con- 
tain " Something of the Author's Character." 

NEGRO, The, Christianized. Mather, C 13.43 

Jx i.iaioi>. (iiliion, K. Two I.ettei-s [on] the Instruc 

tlon of Negroes in the Christian Faith. . . . . 27.2 

Letter to the Negroes Lately Converted .... 27.60 

Tin- As-iento, or, Contract for Allowing to the 

Subjects of (ircat liritain the Librrty of Im- 
porting Negroes into Spanish America. See 
Spain 26.33 

See also: Slavery. 



Shelt No. 

NELSON, John and Elizabeth, Funeral Sermon on 

the Death of. See Cutler, T ......... 18.25 

NETHERLANDS, Articles of Peace, Between Charles 

II. and the. See Great Britain ...... 26.184 

Downing, Sir G. Discourse [in answer to] a 

Libel .................... 22.60 

NEW-ENGLAND. Allin, J. A Defence of the An- 
swer unto the Nine Positions against the Reply 
by Ball; Entituled, A Tryall of- the New 
Church-way in .......... 16.186 and 27.15 

- Efforts for the reformation of morals in. See 

Help .................... 29.3 

- Higginson, J. A Testimony, to the Order of the 

Gospel, In the Churches of ......... 28.45 

- Mather, C. Ratio Discipline Fratrum Nov- 

Anglorum .................. 27.127 

- Mather, I. Order of the Gospel, Professed and 

Practised in ................. 23.32 

SeeaUo: Congregationalism, Earthquakes, Indians, 
Publicans, Revival of 1741, 2, Society for propagation 
of the Gospel in New England, and the names of the 

N. E. states. 

NEW ENGLANDS First Fruits; In Respect, First of 
the Indians. 2. Of the progresse of Learning, 
in the Colledge at Cambridge. London, 1643. 
pp. (2), 26, (1). 4 .............. 

Note. Pages 18-20 contain the Commencement 
theses at the graduation of the first class, in 1W2. 

NEW HAVEN, Conn. Tale College. The Declaration 
of the Rector and Tutors Against George 
Whitefield. Boston, 1745. pp. 14, (1). 8. . 

Note. Signed by Thomas Clap and 3 others. 

NEW-HAVEN County, Proceedings Of the Association 

of, Against Mr. Robbing. See Robbins, P. . 26.68 

NEW LONDON, Conn. Mismanagements in an Eccle- 
siastical Council [in the North Parish, on J. 
Hillhouse]. See Dialogue .......... 18.141 

NEW PLYMOUTH. Extracts and Collections of Acts, 
Laws and Orders of the Government. See 
Massachusetts ................ 26.18 

NEW YORK. Downing, Sir G. Discourse ..... 22.60 

How Duties may make New- York richer. See 

Interest ................... 28.157 

Tenne'nt, J. Address to the Synods of New- 

York & Philadelphia ............ 12.4 

See also; Crown-Point. 

NEWBORY, Mass., Account of an Ecclesiastical Coun- 

cil in. Tucker, J .............. 16.111 

NEWPORT, R. /. Differences between the Baptized 

Church and several Members. Claggett, W. --.">> 

NIGHTINGALE, The. Mather, C .......... 16.216 

NlLES, Samuel, b. 1674, d. 1702. 

Charge at the Ordination of Moses Taft. See 

Shaw, J ................... 27.K.4 

and others. The Sentiments of an Association 

of Ministers (at \\Vyinoulh, Jan. l.'xh. 1744, f>.) 
Concerning WhitelicM. Added, '('ho Opinion 
of Nehemiah Walter of Koxbury, and others. 
Also, The solemn Adviee of Nathanael Stone. 
Boston, 1745. pp.15. 8 ......... 23.102,134 

NOEL, Garrat. 

A Catalogue of Books to be sold. New York, 

1755. pp. 21. 8 .............. 23.113 


See Baxter, R. (22.11); Letter (13.12). 

NON-CONFORMITY, History of. Mather, ..... 13.11 
.Vmr.rrr, J. Baptism Discovered to the 
Wordof (Jod. Kourth Ivl. With an Appendix 
by another Hand. I'.oston, 1723. pp. (S), 3i>. 

A'lf--. .Vu i-pistl.- dciliciit'iry is signed " Will. Kis- 
MII, Hicli. 





Shelf. No. 

NORFOLK Association, Sentiments of the, Concerning 

G. Whitefield. Niles, S 28.134 

NORTHAMPTON, Mass., Faithful Narrative of the 

Surprising "Work of God in. Edwards, J. . 27.189 

NORTON, John, b. 1606, d. 1663. 

Abel being Dead yet speaketh ; or, the Life & 

Death of John Cotton. London, 1658. pp.51. 

4 17.15 

Copy of the Letter Returned by the Ministers of 

New-England to Mr. John Dury about his Pa- 
cification. Translated out of Latino, n. p., 
1664. pp. (6), 12. 4 26.138 

Discussion of that Great Point in Divinity, The 

Sufferings of Christ; and his Righteousnesse : 
and the Imputation thereof. An Answer to 
[W. Pynchon's] Meritorious Price of our Re- 
demption, &c. London, 1653. pp. (16), 270, 
(4). 8 12.38 

- Vindication of The Meritorious Price. See 

Pynchon, W 13.3 

The Orthodox Evangelist. Also the State of the 

Blessed. London, 1654. pp. (14), 355, (15). 4. 12.36 

- Same. London, 1657. pp. (14), 355, (15). 4. 21.17 

Responsio ad Totam Qusestiouum Syllogen a 

Guilielmo Apollonio propositam. Ad compo- 
nendas Controversias quasdam circa Politiam 
Ecclesiasticam in Anglia. Londini, 1648, 
pp. (44), 170, (14). 8 15.4,18,32 

Note. The address, headed "Lector Benevolo, 1 * 
pp. 4, is signed "Tho. Goodwin. Phil. Nye. Sidr. 
Simpson." The Prcefatio Apologetica," pp. 22, is 
signed "Johannes Cotton," and is followed by a letter 
of Apollonij, pp. 6, dated "Medioburgi Zelandorum 
31. die Mali. 1044." This is said to be the first Latin 
book written in New England. 

Three Sermons. The Last which he Preached. 

Cambridge : Printed by S. G. and M. I. for 
Hezekiah Usher of Boston, 1664. pp. (6), 38. 
4 16.174 and 26.137 

NORTON, John, d. 1716, aged 66. Funeral Elogy, 
Upon Mrs. Anne Bradstreet. See Bradstreet. 
Poems, pp. 252-255 24.29 

NORTON, Samuel, mistake for Morton, Nathaniel. 
See Morton, N. 

NORWICH, Conn. Backus, J. Proceedings Of a Jus- 
tice's Court at, Vindicated 27.175 

Fitch, J. The Covenant Renewed by the Church 

in, March 22. 1675 15.31 

Lord, B. Half-Century Discourse, 1767 .... 16.213 
NORWOOD, Richard, Answer unto Papers sent from 

the Summer-Islands, by. See White, N. . . 31.6 

NOVA Scotia, Description of. Little, O 26.42 

NOWELL, Samuel, b. 1634, d. 1688. 

Abraham in Arms; or The first Religious 

General with his Army Engaging in a War. 
An Artillery-Election-Sermon, June, 3. 1678. 
Boston, John Foster, 1678. pp. (4), 19. 4. . 26.150 
NOTES, James, 6. 1608, d. 1656. 

Moses and Aaron : Or, The Rights of Church 

and State; two Disputations. Published by 
Benj. Woodbridge. London, 1661. pp. (14), 
96, 24. 4 26.178 

Note. The "Epistles Dedicatory" to King Charles 
and To the Reader are by Thomas Parker of New- 
bury, N. E. Appended, pp. 24, is "Subordinate 
Power may not resist supreme Power, except the 
Laws permit." 

His Arguments against Imposition of hands in 

Ordination examined. See Firmin, G 22.44 

NOTE'S, Nicholas, b. 1647, d. 1717. 

New-Englands Duty and Interest. [Election] 

Sermon, May, 25. 1698. Boston, Bartholomew 
Green, and John Alien 1698. pp. (12), 98. [Im- 
perfect.] 8 18.274 

Note. Pages 89-98 contain an account of the visit of 
the Rev. Grindal Rawson and the Rev. Samuel Dan- 

Shelf. No. 
NOYES, Nicholas, continued. 

forth, in IWS, to the " Plantations of the Indians, 
within this Province." " The Epistle Dedicatory," 
pp. 10, is signed " John Higginson." 

Address To the Christian Reader of Death the 

certain Wages of Sin. See Rogers, J. . . . 15.58 
NYE, Philip. 

Epistle To the Reader of The Application of Re- 

demption. See Hooker, T 13.2 

OAKES, Urian, 6. about 1631, d. 1681. 

New-England Pleaded with. [An Election] Ser- 

mon, May. 7. 1673. Cambridge, Printed by 

Samuel Green, 1673. pp. (6), 64. 4 26.146 

Note. An address, headed " Christian Reader," pp. 
4, is signed "John Sherman. Thomas Shepard." 

A Seasonable Discourse Wherein Sincerity & 

Delight in the Service of God is pressed. De- 
livered on a Fast, at Cambridge. Cambridge, 
Printed by Samuel Green, 1682. pp. (6), 33. 


Note. An address 
"Increase Mather." 

' To the Reader," pp. iv, is signed 

The Soveraign Efficacy of Divine Providence. 

[An Artillery-election] Sermon in Cambridge, 
Sept. 10. 1677. Boston: Printed for Samuel 
Sewall, 1682. pp. (6), 40. 4 26.152 

Jfote. The address "To the Reader," pp. 3, is 
signed " John Sherman." 

The Unconquerable, All-Conquering, & more- 

tben-Conquering Souldier. [An Artillery-elec- 
tion] Sermon at Boston, June 3d. 1672. Cam- 
bridge : Samuel Green, 1674. pp. (6), 40. 4. 26.145 

Note. An address to the "Christian Reader," pp. 
4, is signed " Thomas Shepard." 

An address to the Christian Reader of The Cry of 

Sodom. See Danforth, S 17.243 

Address To the Christian Reader of The Day of 

Trouble is near. See Mather, 1 18.14 

OBSERVATIONS on the Case of the Northern Colonies. 

London, 1731. pp. 31. 16" 27.49 

Jfote. " By the Barbadoes Managers." MS. note. 
OCCASIONAL papor, The. [Vol. Ill, No. 4. No title- 
page.] pp. 29. 8 26.195 

Note. Pages 25-29 contain a letter, by C. Mather, 
" To Francis De la Pillonniere," dated " Boston, Nov. 
5. 1717." 
ODLTN, John, 6. 1681, d. 1754. 

Christian Courage necessary for a Gospel Minis- 

ter. Sermon At Kingston, Sept. 29. 1725. 
When Ward Clark Was Ordained. Boston, 
1727. pp. (2), ii, 22. 8 17.270 

OLIVER, Mrs. Elizabeth Belcher, d. 1735. Sermon 

upon the Death of. See Prince, T 17.58 

OLIVER, Mrs. Jerusha (Mather), b. 1685 ? d. 1710. 
Account of her Experiences, Extracted from 
her Papers. See Mather, C 15.46 

ONANISM. The pure Nazarite. Mather, C 27.172 

ORDINATION by Imposition of Hands. Firmin, G. 22.44 
See also: Presbyterian ordination. 


See Clark, P. (27.5); Dickinson, J. (U.I); Letter, 
(27.179); May hew, E. (10.253); Paine, T. (10.281); Stone, 
N. (24.30,); Wigglesworth, E. (16.131). 

ORMESBY, John, Sermon Preach'd in the Hearing 

of. See Webb, J 18.107 

ORPHANS Well-provided for. Mather, C 23.6,13 

OSBORN, Samuel, d. 1747 or later, aged between 90 

and 100. The ill conduct of. See Stone, N. 22.31 
OVERTURE Presented to the Synod in Philadelphia. 

Thomson, J 28.88 

J. Answer to Cawdrey about Schisuae. 

See Cotton, J. Defence, etc 23.68 

Owen's Discovery of the True Nature of 

Schism examined. See Firmin, G 22.44 




Shelf. No. 

PAGET, J. Answer to The Defence of Church-Gov- 

crnmcut. See Davenport, J 14.44,48 

PAINE, Elisha, Letter from the Associated Ministers 
[on the doctrines taught by]. See Windham 
County 26.57 

PAINE, Thomas, d. 1757, aged about 60. 

The Doctrine of Earthquakes. Two Sermons at 

a Fast in Weymouth, Nov. 3. 1727. Boston, 
MIX-CXXVIII. pp. 87. 8" 18.100 

The Doctrine of Original Sin. A Sermon in 

Boston, May 21 1724. Boston, 1724. pp. (2), 

ii, 23. 8 16.281 

Gospel-Light. A Sermon at the Gathering of 

the Church at Biddeford, and ordaining Sam- 
uel Willard. Boston, M, DCC, xxxi. pp. (4), 

51. 8" 27.145 

PALMER, H. Memorials of Godliness and Christian- 
ity. In Three Parts. [Pt. 1, 2], Eighth ed. 
Boston, 1713. pp. (2), ii, 36; (2), ii, 28; (2), 

ii, 18. 8 25.30 

Contents. Part I. Making Religion ones Business; 
Appendix, applied to the Calling of a Minister. II. 
The Character of a Christian in Paradoxes; A Proof 
of Visible Godliness; Considerations to Excite to 
Watchfulness; Some Remedy's against Carefulness; 
The true way of Fasting. III. A Daily Direction: 
Or Brief Rules for Daily Conversation; A Particular 
Direction for the Lord's Day. 

Note. "The Character of a Christian" was long 
attributed to Lord Bacon, and printed in his works. 
The real author was first pointed out by A. B. Grosart. 
See Ifotes and Queries, 3d Series, VI, 221, 525; VII, 

PAPER Mone5 r , Currencies of the British Plantations 

in America. Especially their. See Discourse. 26.52 
See aim : Bills of Credit. 

PARENTS and Children at the Table of Christ. [Title- 
page lost.] pp. 27. 8 28.39 


See Baker, D. (15.51); Barnard, J. (15.C9;) Bass, B. 
(18.254); Mather, C. (Baptismal 28.33; Family 13.35); 
Mather, I. (23.33;; Smith, J. (1G.2L'0, 274); Williams, 
W. (28.31). See also : Children, Young (The). 

PARKER, Daniel, b. 1669, d. 172S. 

A Perswasive To make a Publick Confession of 

Christ, and to come up to All His Ordinances. 
[With a biographical preface by T. Prince.] 

Boston, 1730. pp. (4), 19. 8 28.38 

PARKER, Thomas, b. 1595, d. 1677. 

The Visions and Prophecies of Daniel Expound- 

ed. London, 1646. pp. (4), 156. 4 21.27 

Epistles Dedicatory of Moses and Aaron. See 

Noyes, J 26.178 

PARSONS, Jonathan, b. 1705, d. 1776. 

Good News From a Far Country. In Seven Dis- 

courses at Newbury. Portsmouth, 1756. pp. 

viii, 168. 8 16.142 

A Needful Caution in a Critical Day. Or, The 

Christian Urged to Watchfulness. A Discourse 
at Lyme, Feb. 4th, 1741, 2. N. London, 1742. 
pp. (4), 71.8" 18.229 

Wisdom justified of her Children. A Sermon in 

Boston, Sept. 16. 1742. Boston, 1742. pp. (4), 

viii, 5-54. 8 16.39 

PARSONS, Joseph, b. 1671, d. 1740. 

The Validity of Presbyterian Ordination. A 

Sermon at New-Castle, New-Hampshire, Dec. 
20.1732. Boston, M, DCC, xxxill. pp. (4), 27. 8. 18.180 
PARSONS, Joseph, b. 1702, d. 170:.. 

Christian* may and ought to be influenced by 

the I.Vronipene.e of Reward. Two Sermons, 
:M I'.railford, March lltli and 2:>lh 1743, 4. Bos- 

1 1711. pp.30. 8 16.270 

A Minister's Care about his Life and Dot-trine. 

A SiTinonatllif Ordination of.-iaimicl Webster, 
i-i Salisbury, August 12. 1741. l:o.-lo:i, 1741. 
pp. '''>. S 17.180 

Shelf. No. 
PARSONS, Joseph, continued. 

Note. "The Charge given by the Reverend Mr. 
Ctishing," pp. 26-27. "The Right Hand of Fellow- 
ship given by the Revd. Mr. Lowell," pp. 28-30. 


See Judgment (28.16C); Mather, C. (Brief IG.IOC); 
Mather, N. (23.50); Stevens, J. (15,43); Walter, T. 
(27.122). See also : Ministry, Preaching. 

PASTORAL Letter, A, to Families Visited with Sick- 
ness. From several Ministers of Boston, At 
a time of Epidemical Sickness. Third Impres- 
sion. [Colophon] Boston, 1721. pp. 24. 12. 28.141 

PATERSON, J. A New Mape of the Terrestrial Globe. 

Edinburgh, 1684. Obi. 8". 1 page 32.25 

PAYSON, Edward, b. 1657, d. 1732. 

Pious Heart-Elations : The Substance of a Ser- 

mon November 29th. in Consideration of pres- 
ent Awful Providences. Boston, 1728. pp. 

(6), 23. 8 18.241 

PAYSON, Phillips, b. 1704, d. 1778. 

A professing People directed to prepare to meet 

God, in the Way of his Judgments. Two 
Sermons Feb. 26. 1740, 1. Upon A Fast, Oc- 
casion'd by the War with Spain. Boston, 

1741. pp. (4), ii, 49. 12" 14.14 

PEABODY, Oliver, b. 1698, d. 1752. 

That Ministers are to seperate Men to the Min- 

istry, by Laying on their Hands. A Sermon 
at Brimfield, June 9th. 1736. When James 
Bridgham Was Ordained. Boston, MDCCXXX- 

VI. pp. (4), ii, 26. 8 17.189 

PEARCE, Z., bp. A Sermon before the Society for 
the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts; 20th of February, 1729. London, 
M.DCC.XXX. pp. 69, (3). 8 17.253 

Note. With an "Abstract of the Proceedings of 
the Society, from 21st Feb. 1728, to 20th Feb. 1729 ; 
Names of the Society's Missionaries; a List of the 
Members," etc. 

PEMBERTON, Ebenezer, b. 1672, d. 1717. 

A Discourse Previous to the Ordination Of Jo- 

seph Sewall, At Boston, September 16. 1713. 
proving the Validity of Presbyterial Ordina- 
tion, pp. (4), 15. See Prince, T 12.31,32 

The Divine Original and Dignity of Government 

Asserted. [An Election] Sermon, May 31. 

1710. Boston, 1710. pp. (2), 106. 8. . 14.4 and 22.56 

A Funeral Sermon on the Death of Samuel 

Willard. Annexed, A Poem on the same Oc- 
casion. By Benjamin Colman. Boston, 1707. 
pp. (16), 80. 8 14.21, 23, and 28.108 

A True Servant of his Generation Character- 

ized. A Sermon on the Death of John Walley. 
Boston, 1712. pp. (2), 32. 4 17.10, 147 

Epistle to the Reader of Desires that Joshua's 

Resolution may be Revived. See Sewall, J. . 15.11 

Preface to A Humble Discourse. See Colman, B. 24.31 

Colman, B. Sermon After the Funeral of ... 24.4 

Sewall, J. Sermon Occasioned by the Death of . 24.5 
PEMBERTON, Ebenezer, b. 1704, (7. 1777. 

All Power in Heaven, And in Earth Given unto 

Christ. A Sermon in Boston, Jan. 29th 1756. 
With a Preface by the Reverend Dr. Sewall, 
Mr. Prince, and Mr. Foxcroft. Boston, 1756. 
pp. (2), iv, 30. 8 17.244 

The Duty of Committing our Souls to Christ. 

A Sermon, at Stratfield, Connecticut, Sept. 

13th. 1742. Boston, 174:1. pp. 41. 8. [linperf.J. 16.247 

The Knowledge of Christ Recommended, A 

Sermon in New-Haven: April I'.Uh, 1741. New- 
London, 1741. pp. (4), 28, (2). 8 18.143 

A Sermon at the Ordination of Walter Wihnot 

at Jamaica on Long-Island. April 12. 17:;s. 
Ailtled, A Disi-onr-e upon the di\ ine Appoint- 
ment of the (io.-pel Ministry. Boston, 1733. 
1'1>- 14), 03. 8' ".205 




Shelf. No. 

PEMBERTON, Ebenezer, continued. 

A Sermon. Preach'd before the Commission of 

the Synod, at Philadelphia. April 20th, 1735. 
New York, 1735. pp.21. 8 18.163,233 

A Sermon Preached May 25th. 1757. the Anniver- 

sary for the Election. Boston, 1757. pp.32. 8. 17.75 
PENHALLOW, Samuel, b. 1665, d. 1720. 

The History of the Wars of New-England, With 

the Eastern Indians^ From 1703. To 1713. 

And from 1722. To 1725. Boston, 1726. pp. 

(4), 134, (1) 22.41 

PEPPERRELL, Sir W., Sermon Occasioned by the 

Death of. See Stevens, B 17.8 

PEQOODS. Hubbard, W. The Warre with the, In 1637. 11.24 

Vincent, P. The late Battell between the Eng- 

lish and the Pequet Salvages 32.27 

PERFECT Diuruall, A, of Proceedings Of the Armies 
in England, Ireland, and Scotland. London, 
[1645,49-52]. 52 nos. 4 31.4 

Note. No. 17, Apr. 1-8, 1049 O. S., contains a letter 
from John Eliot to Hugh Peters dated "Roxbury this 
12. of Octob. 1649 ; " No. 312, July 10-20, 1649, p. 2U01, 
notices the passage of an Act instituting the Society 
for the propagation of the Gospel. 

PERIODICALS. American Magazine. October, 1745 . 26.10 

Historical Register, 1716, 23-36 31.7 

Monthly Review, for September, 1761, 71 ... 26.59,62 

Perfect Diurnall, 1645, 49-52 31.4 

Political State of Great Britain, Sept. 1711 to 

Nov. 1739. Boyer, A 19.2 


See Cotton, J. (21.16 and 27.94); Mather, C. (Palm- 
bearers 28.29) ; Williams, R. (12.10). See also: Con- 
science (Liberty of), Toleration. 

PERSEVERANCE, Saint's, Scripture-Doctrine Concern- 
ing the. Dickinson, J 14.1 

PETERS, or Peter, Hugh, b. 1599, d. 1660. 

A Dying Fathers Legacy to an Only Child : or, 

Hugh Peter's Advice to his Daughter. Bos- 
ton, 1717. pp. (2), ii, 92. 12 25.3 

Church-Government and Church-Covenant dis- 

cvssed. See Mather, R 21.12 

PHILADELPHIA, Perm. Extract of the Minutes of 
the Commission of the Synod, Relating to the 
Reverend Samuel Heinphil. Philadelphia, 
1735. pp.13. 12 27.208 

Blair, S. Vindication of The Brethren cast out of 

the Synod of 28.198 

Cross, R. Protestation presented to The Synod 

of 28.89 

Dickinson, J. Remarks upon An Overture Pre- 

sented to the Synod in 16.288 

Hemphill, S. Answer to the Vindication of the 

Commission 27.196 

Tennent, G. Address to the Synods of New- 

York and 12.4 

Thomson, J. An Overture Presented to the 

Synod in 28.88 

PHILLIPS, Samuel, b. 1690, d. 1771. 

Advice to a Child. Or, Young People Warn'd 

against Enticing, And Consenting to Sin. A 
Discourse. Boston, 1729. pp. (2), iv, 138. 12. 24.44 

Note. The "Preface," pp. ir, is signed "John 

The Gospel-Doctrine of Justification by Faith. 

A Discourse at Boston. June 1st 1766. Bos- 
ton, 1766. pp. 62. 8 . 16.234 

The History of Christ Epitomiz'd : In a Cate- 

chetical Way. Boston, 1738. pp. (2), iv, 60, 

(3). 8 28.66 

The Necessity of God's Drawing, in Order to 

Man's Coming unto Christ. A Sermon, June 

3d 1753. Boston, 1753. pp. (4), 30. 8 . . 16.113, 115, 

Political Rulers Authoriz'd to execute Justice. 

[An Election] Sermon, May 30th. 1750. Bos- 
ton, 1750. pp. (4), 59. 8 17.70 


Shelf. No. 
PHILLIPS, Samuel, continued. 

Preaching Peace by Christ the principal Design 

of the Gospel-Ministry. A [Convention] Ser- 
mon, May 31st 1753. Boston, 1753. pp. (4), 
42. 8 17.213 

The Sin of Suicide contrary to Nature. A Dis- 

course, Occasioned by the Perpetration of That 
Crime on January 7th 1767. Boston, MDCC- 
LXVII. pp. 48. 8* 16.158 

Three Discourses at Andover. October 29th. 

1727. Decemb. 21st 1727. Dec.- 24th. [Occa- 
sioned by the Earthquake.] Prefae'd by the 
very Reverend Mr. Colman. Boston, 1728. pp. 
(2), vi, 226, (1). 12 24.22 

The Sinner's Refusal to come unto Christ for 

Life. A Sermon at Boston, June 3d 1753. 
Boston, 1753. pp. (4), 29. 8 16.112, 114 

The Orthodox Christian : or, A Child well in- 

structed in the Christian Religion. A Dis- 
course. Boston, 1738. pp. (4) viii, 135, (7). 
12 15.20 

A Word in Season. Or, The Duty of People to 

take and keep The Oath of Allegiance to God : 
a Discourse at Byfleld, Sept. 8th. 1726. Bos- 
ton, 1727. pp. (2), viii, 213, (1). 12 15.22 

Charge at the Ordination of Timothy Walker. 

See Barnard, J 17.203 

PICKERING, Theophilus, b. 1700, d. 1747. 

Letter to Mr. Whitefield : Touching his Relation 

to the Church of England; his Impulses; and 
the present unhappy State of Things, &c. 
With [a] Letter to a neighbouring Minister. 
Boston, 1745. pp. 8. 4 26.88 

Letters to the Rev. N. and Mr. D. Rogers of Ips- 

wich : With their Answer to Mr. Pickering's 
First Letter. Also His Letter to the Rev. Mr. 
Davenport. Boston, 1742. pp. 20. 8 .... 27.120 

Letter to the separated Brethren. See Ipswich. 20.76 


See Wright, S. (24.11). Early piety. Baker, D. 
(15.51); Barnard, J. (25.2); Chauncy, C. (16.80); Col- 
man, B. (16.223); Cooper, W. (16.122); Emerson, J. 
(Early 28.191; Seeking 15.23); Mather, C. (City 13.64; 
Memorials 15.46); Wadsworth, B. (14.52); Whitefield, 
G. (v. 1 of 15.57). 

PiGOT, r George, d. after 1733. 

Vindication Of the Practice of the Antient Chris- 

tian, As well as the Church of England, In the 
Observation of Christmas-Day; In Answer to 
Thomas de Laune, Mr. Whislon, and John Bar- 
nard: A Sermon on the 4th. of January, 1729- 
30. Boston, 1731. pp. 41, (1). 8 16.63 

PLAIN Reasons, For Dissenting from the Church of 
England. By a True Protestant. Eighteenth 
Ed. Boston, MDCCXXV. pp. (4), 40. 8 ... 27.193 

PLAINFIELD, Conn. Farewel-Sermon Occasioned by 

the Long Differences there. Rowland, D. S. 16.65 


See Cotton, J. (16.179, 20.136 and 27.76,104); Word (27.119). 

PLATFORM of Church-Discipline. See Cambridge. 

Synod. 1648 . . 14.50,62, 23.63, 27.77, 82 and 28.118,145 
PLEA, A, for the Ministers of New-England. Per 

Amicum Cleri, et Populi. Boston, 1724. pp. 

(2), 14. 8 18.150 and 27.209 

PLYMOUTH, J/ass., Account of the late Revival in. 

See Christian History, Dec. 1, 1744 26.9 

PLYMOUTH Company. A Defence of the Remarks. 

Boston, MDCCLIIII. pp. (2), 50. 4" 26.3 

Remarks On the Plan and Extracts of Deeds 

lately published by the Proprietors of Bruns- 
wick. [Boston, 1753.] pp. 8. 4 26.17 

POLLEN, Thomas. 

Universal Love. A Sermon at Newport, Before 

the Free Masons, 24th of June, 1757. Boston, 
MDCCLVIII. pp. 19. 4 16.178 




Shelf. No. 
POOR, The. 

See Chauncy, C. (1G.128); Mather, C. (Some Seasona- 
ble Advice 18.219J. 

PORTER, John, d. 1802, aged 86. 

The Absurdity and Blasphemy of substituting 

the personal Righteousness of Men in the Room 
of the Surety-Righteousness of Christ. A Ser- 
mon, at the South Precinct in Braintree, De- 
cember 25th 1749. Boston, MDCCI,. pp. (4), 
30, (1). 8 16.44 

A'ote. The page at the end contains an "Attesta- 
tion," signed by "Nathanael Leonard" and 4 otheri. 

- Some Friendly Remarks on a Sermon by Mr. 

Porter. See Briant, L 26.74 

A Vindication of a Sermon at Braintree, Decem- 

ber 25th 1749. Being an Answer to Some 
friendly Remarks. Boston, 1751. pp. (4), 64. 

8 27.12 


. " An Appendix," pp. 29-C4, is signed ' 
fax, Oct. 22. 1750. John Cotton." 

PORTER, Samuel, d. 1758, aged 49. 

A Sermon at Douglass, At the Ordination 

Of William Phipps, Dec. 16. 1747. Boston, 

MDCCXLVIII. pp. 23. 8 17.182 

PORTOBELLO, Plan of. See Evident Advantages . . 27.71 
POSSESSION, Diabolical, Memorable Providences, Re- 
lating to. Mather, C 13.29 

PRATT, Peter. 

The Prey taken from the Strong. An Account 

of Recovery from the Dangerous Errors of 
Quakerism. Added, The Articles of the Qua- 
kers Faith, especially of the New London 
Quakers. Also, A Brief Answer to John Rog- 
er's Boasting of his Sufferings for his Con- 
science. New-London, 1725. pp. (4), viii, 69. 

8 27.157 


See Gobbet, T. (22.15,20); Cotton, J. (Modest 24.53); 
Edwards, J. (15.1G); Henry, M. (25.14); Homes, W. 
(lj.2S); Mather, I. (Discourse 23.38; Two discourses 
23.34,.%); Smith, J. (24.28); Vincent, N. (15.24); Watts, 
I. (14.31); Whitefield, G. (15.5") ; Williams, S. 04.15); 


See Foxcroft, T. Ofi.22nnd2G.94); Frnncke, A. II. 
(1S.1IX>); Jennings, J. (18.160 and 28.147). See also: 


See Cooper, W. (22.49, 63); Twisse, W. 02-11). 

PRENTICE, John, 6. 1680, d. 1746. 

Christ's Compassion on the Multitudes. A Ser- 

mon at Marlborough, On the Death Of the 
Reverend Robert Breck. Boston, M,DCC,XXXI. 

pp. (4), 27. 8 17.31 

"Addenda" (From the Weekly Journal. January 
15,," pp. 26, 27. 

King Jchoshaphat's Charge to the Judges. A Ser- 

mon at Worcester, August 10. 1731. At the 
Opening of a Court. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), 
25, (1). 8 16.73,149 

Pure Keligion, the truest Glory of Civil Rulers. 

[An Election] Sermon, May 2Sth. 1735. Bos- 
ton, Mnccxxxv. pp. (4), 23. 8 17.119 

and others, f Testimony Of an Association of 

Ministers at Marlborough, Jan. 22. 1744, 5. 
Against Whitefield, Also, The Testimony Of a 
Number of Ministers in the County of Bristol. 

Boston, 1745. pp. 8. 8 2o.-J.V,, 2.V.) 

PHENTICK, Thomas, !,. 17()2, <1. 1782. 

The Believer's Triumph over heath. A Sermon 

Oceasion'd by the Decease of Mrs. AimaCary. 
Boston, M,DCC,I/V. pp. (4), 26, (2). 8 . . . 17.17 

PREsnvrr.itl \\ ( Inlination. 

See Dickinson. .1. (28.15)] IjisrlmiH Tnerimitnn (22. 
I 1 ; !'.. Ni-rof't. T. ( Hilling -jr. Mi!: Vindication 2 
Piiraons, J. (18.180); Scripture-lJWion <. > I',. 

Shelf. No. 

PRESBYTERIANS, Brief Vindication Of the. See 

Some Remarks 27.56, 128 

See also : Philadelphia. 

PRESBYTERIES, The Due right of. Rutherford, S. , 12.2 
PRESCOTT, Benjamin, b. 16V7, d. 1777. 

Examination of Certain Remarks, &c. [by J. 

Brown] In a Letter to the first Church in 
Salem. Boston, 1735. pp. 58. 8 . . 22.37 and 27.174 
The Examiner cxamin'd. See Brown, J. . . . 27.182 

Letter To the Reverend Joshua Gee, In Answer 

to Ills of June 3, 1743. Boston, 1743. pp. 28. 

8 27.97 

Right Iland of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

John Sparhawk. See Appleton.N 17/_i',.o 

PRESENT State, The, of the Sugar Colonies con-M- 

er'd, Remarks upon 20.43 and 27.23 

PRETENDER, Sermon Occasioned by the Rebellion in 

Favor of the. Chauncy, C 16.74 

PRICE, Elizabeth, d. 1732. Sermon Occasioned by 

the Death of. See Chauncy, C 16.80 

PRICE, Roger, d. 17G2. 

Sermon in Boston, March 23. 1737. The Day for 

the Solemnization of the Obsequies of Queen 

Caroline. Boston, MDCCXXXVIII. pp. (2), 19. 

8 17.156 

PRIMEROSE, D. The Change of the Sabbath from Mr. 

Primerose. See Shepard, T 22.42, 50 

PRINCE, Nathan, 6. 1698, d. 174S. 

An Answer to Lesley, and His late Interpolator's 

[J. Checkley] Discourse concerning Episco- 
pacy. [No title-page.] pp. 28. 12. 8. [Imper- 
fect] 16.189 

An Essay to Solve the Difficulties that attend the 

Accounts of our Saviour's Resurrection. Bos- 
ton, MDCCXXXIV. pp. (2), 30. 4 20.1 

PRINCE, Samuel, d. 1728. Sermon after the Decease 

of. See Prince, T 17.19,54 

PRINCE, Thomas, 6. 16S7, d. 1758. 

A Chronological History of New-England In the 

Form of Annals. With A brief Epitome of 
Events abroad. Boston, SID cc xxxvi. pp. 
(10), xi,(l), 20,104,254. 8" 22.45 

The Dying Prayer of Christ. A Sermon, Janu- 

ary xxv. 1731,2. A Day of Prayer for Divine 
Direction in their Choice of Another Colleague 
Pastor, to succeed Cotton Mather. 1 Boston, 
MDCCXXXII. pp. (4), 26. S . . . . 16.155 and 17.85 

Earthquakes the Works of God & Tokens of his 

just Displeasure. Two Sermons. At the Fast 
Nov. 2. and the Thanksgiving, Nov. 9. Occa- 
sioned By the Earthquake. Wherein is a 
brief Account of tho Natural Causes of these 
Operations. Second Ed. Boston, MDCCXXYII. 
pp. (6), 45, (3). 8 17. US 

Extraordinary Events the Doings of God. A 

(Vrmon, On the Thanksgiving, July IS. 1745. 
Occasioned IJy taking the City of Lonisliourg. 
Boston, 1745. pp. 35. 8 16.40 

The Fulness of Life and Joy in the Presence of 

God. A Sermon Oeeasioifd by tin- I>ecea~e 
of Mrs. Mariha StoddarJ. Boston, 1748. pp. 
24. 8 17.2H 

A Funeral Sermon On Nathanael Williams. Bos- 

ton, M IMV\\\\ in. pp. (2), 30. S 18.38 

'I'll.' I I ra\ < a-i.l I>e:ith Destroyed. A Sermon At 

Mi.hlleliorough Kast-Preoinet after The Fune- 
ral of Samuel Prince. Boston, 1723. pp. (4), 
23. S 17.19,54 

The People uf \e\v-I jiu'la'i'l 1'ut ill mind of the 

Kightccms Acts nf the to Them and their 
Fathers. [An Klecli.m] Sermon, May -Till 
MDCCXXX. P.oston, 17:',0. pp. (4), IS (3). 8. 17.114 
.Y.I'. . Tin' l:i-t thi-i'i- , tain "Pa :i ITS from 

M 8tOU hton'l Klrcti.m SrriniMi, Apiil -J.t. IOCS." 

Previous iii the Si^-htof the Lord is the Death 




Shelf. No. 
PRINCE, Thomas, continued. 

of his Saints. A Sermon Upon the Death of 
Mrs. Elizabeth Oliver. Boston, MDCCXXXV. 
pp. (4), 26, (1). 8 17.58 

Note. At the end is "An Account of the Deceased, 
From the Boston Gazette, June 2. 1735." 

The Salvations of God in 1746. A [Thanksgiving] 

Sermon, Nov. 27. 1746. Boston, 1746. pp. 

35. 8 17.4,102 

A Sermon Delivered At the South Church, Au- 

gust 14. 1746. For The Victory near Culloden. 
Boston, 1746. pp. 38, (1). 8 17.111 

A Sermon Delivered October 1. 1718. at his Ordi- 

nation in Boston. The Charge By the Rev- 
erend Increase Mather. Right Hand of Fel- 
lowship, By the Reverend Cotton Mather. 
Added, A Discourse. By Ebenezer Pember- 
ton. Boston, 1718. pp. (8), 76, (4), 15. 8 . 12.31, 32 

Note. The Discourse has a separate title-page and 
paging. See Pemberton, E. 

Address To the Reader of God Glorified. See 

Edwards, J 16.285 

Conclusion to The Redeemed Captive. See 

Williams, J 22.18 

The Great and Solemn Obligations to Early 

Piety. Boston-Lecture April 27. 1721. pp. 52. 

See Course of Sermons 23.1 

Preface to A Compleat Body of Divinity. See 

Willard, S 30.3,4,5 

Preface to A Persuasive to make a Public Con- 

fession of Christ. See Parker, D 28.38 

Preface to All Power in Heaven. See Pember- 

ton, E 17.244 

Preface to An Humble Attempt. See Edwards, 

J 15.16 

Preface to An Humble Inquiry. See Edwards, J. 17.249 

Preface to The Good Government of Christian 

Families. See Homes, "W 15.28 

Preface to The Nature & Necessity of the New- 

Birth. See Loring, T 25.13 

Preface to The Sins of Youth. See Lewis, D. . 16.211 

Preface-to The Spirits of the present Day Tried. 

See MacGregore, D 16.192 

Postscript to Unfruitful Hearers. See "Walter, N. 15.19 

The Publisher to the Reader of Vade Mecum. 

See Vade Mecum 12.22 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

Stephen Parker. See Sewall, J 17.178 

PRIOR, W. A Charge Delivered at the Ordination 
Of Josiah Bradshaw, Matthew Dowdell, Jo- 
seph Keech, Joseph Paull, At Bridport, in 
Dorset, Sept. 26. 1738. Third Ed. Boston, 

1743. pp. 66. 8 18.168 

PRIVATE Judgment. 

See Fisher, H. (27.132); Smilh, J. 0684); Williams, 
E. (26.117). 


See Appleton, N. (16.143); Flavel, J. (16.232); Massa- 
chusetts (1-4.40); Willard, S. (28.171). 

PROJECTION, A, For Erecting a Bank of Credit In 
Boston, Founded on Land Security, n. p., 1714. 
pp.22. 8. [Half-title wanting]. 26.212 and 28.159, 162 

PROPOSAL, A, for an Evangelical Treasury. Mather, 

C 16.107 and 26.22 

PROPOSAL, A, to supply the Trade with a Medium of 
Exchange, and to sink the Bills of the other 
Governments. Boston, 1737. pp. (1), xi. 12. 2S.160 

PROTESTANTS, Protestantism. 

See Allen, J. (28.187;; Mather, C. (Jlenachem 18.247; 
Suspiria 18.217); Williams, E. (26.117). See also: Pri- 
vate Judgment. 

PROVERBS 23. 23. Buy the Truth, and Sell it not. [No 

title-page. Boston, 1686.] pp. 171. 8 ... 15.21 

See Allen, J. (16.262); Dana, J. (16.52); Mather, I. 
(Doctrine 23.21) Essay 23.27); Oakes, U. (-0.152). 

Shelf. No. 

PRYNNE, "W. Fresh Discovery of some prodigious 
New-wandring-blazing-Stars, &c., Answer un- 
to his. See White, N 31.6 

PSAI/TERIUM Americanum. See Bible. Old Testa- 
ment. Psalms 14.16, 29 

PUBLIC Spirit. 

See Balch, W. (18.11); Whittlesey, S. (18.269). 

PUBLICANS of New-England, Humble Address of the. 26.189 

PVBLICATION, A, of Gviana's Plantation. By the 
Earle of Barkshire and Company. London, 
1632. pp. 24. 4" 26.246 

PULPIT, Modern Entertainments from the. See 

Another High Road to Hell 16.138 


See Wigglesworth, E. (16.117). See also: Restitu- 

PURCHAS, S. Pvrchas his Pilgrimage, or Relations 
of the World and the Religions in al Ages and 
Places. In Fovre Parts. This First contayn- 
eth a Theologicall and Geographicall Historic 
of Asia, Africa, and America. The third Ed., 
enlarged. London, 1617. f. pp. (40), 1102 
[1096], (36). [Some imperfections supplied in 
MS.] 30a.4 

PURE Nazarite, The. Mather, C 17.172 

PYNCHON, William, d. 1662, aged 71 or 73. 

The Covenant of Nature made with Adam. Lon- 

don, 1662. pp. (32), 531, (25). 4 11.27 

A Farther Discussion of that Great Point in Di- 

vinity the Sufferings of Christ, and The Ques- 
tions about his Righteousnesse. Being a Vin- 
dication of the Meritorious Price of our Re- 
demption from the exceptions of Mr. Norton. 
London, M DC LV. pp, (52), 439, (1). 4 ... 13.3 

I The Time when II The Manner how the First 

Sahbath was Ordained. Part II. III. The true 
limits of the Lord's Day. London, 1654. pp. 

(14), 143, (16), 120. 4 21.13 

Note. Part II. has a separate title-page, "Holy 
Time," etc. 

The Meritorious Price of our Redemption, An- 

swer to. See Norton, J 12.38 

QUAKERS. See Friends. 

QUEBEC. Account of. By Charlevoix. See Account. 26.226 

Eliot, A. Sermon on the Reduction of 17.109 

QUERISTS, The, or, An Extract of Passages of White- 
field's Sermons, Journals and Letters : with 
Scruples propos'd. By Church-Members of 

the Presbyterian Persuasion. Boston, 1740. 

pp. (4), yi, 29. 8 26.265 

Note. " Whitefleld suspected it was the work of a 
minister, and many attributed it to Thomas Evans of 
Pencader." RICH. AVEBSTER'S History of the Pres- 
byterian Church in America, p. 158. 

Blair, S. A Consideration of The Querists . . 28.99 

Whitefield, G. Letter in Answer to certain 

Scruples and Queries 26.266 and 2S.1 

QUINCY, Edmund, d. 1738. Discourse upon the Death 

of. See Hancock, J 17.60 

QUICK, J. The Young Man's Claim unto the Sacra- 
ment of the Lord's Supper. Fifth Ed. Boston, 
1728. pp. (4), viii, 22. 12 18.213 

RALEIGH. Sir W. Raleigh's Sorry Return from Gui- 
ana. See Howell, J 29.4 


fThe late Religious Commotions in New-Eng- 

land. An Answer To Jonathan Edwards's 
Distinguishing Marks. Boston, 1743. pp. (4), 
20,40. 8 16.256 and 27.155 

Ministers must preach Christ Lord, and them- 

selves Servants. A Sermon at Sunderland, 
November 2d. 1735. Boston, 173Q. pp. (4), 
17. 8 , 17.215 




Shelf. No. 

RAND, W., continued. 

The Ministers of Christ are to enrich those they 

minister unto. A Sermon .at the Ordination of 

John Ballantine, At Westfield, June 17. 1711. 

Boston, 1741. pp. 27. 8 17.271 

RATIO Disciplinoa Fratrum Nov-Anglorura. Mather, 

C 13.14 and 27.127 

RAWSON, Grindall, the elder, d. 1715, 

Wannamptarnoe Sampooaonk. Qushkenumun en 

Indiane Unnontowaonganit. Nashpe Grindal 
Rawson. See Boston. Synod. 1G80 24.23 

Account of his visit to the Indians, 1698. See 

Noyes, N 18.274 

READ, B., Rebaptization of. See. Caveat Against 

Anabaptists 28.30 


See Edwards, J. (10.285); Holyoke, E. (12.35); Hook- 
er, T. (13.L 1 ); Mather, C. (28.180); Pynchon, W.(13.3)j 
Webb, J. (13.207, 2'JS). 

REFLECTIONS On the Present State of Massachusetts- 
Bay, And Town of Boston ; Relating to Bills 
of Credit. Boston, 1720. pp. 22. 8 . . . . 28.151 


See Colraan, 13. (13.242); Flavel, J. (13.52); Help (20.3)} 
\Villard, S. (28.170). 


See Chauncy, C. (17-150); Dickinson, J. (27.118); 
Hart, W. (16.280); Hopkins, S. (10.70); Loring, I. 
(25.13); Mather, C. (18.214 and 28.199); Rule (28.200); 
Wetmore, J. (28.SG); Whitefield, G. (Sermon 20.207; 
Sermons, v. 1 of 15.57); "Wright, S. (24.11). See also: 
Baptismal Regeneration. 


See Bellamy, J. 01-10); Bulldey, J. (18-271 and 
28.128); Crosby, T. (23.71, 109); Eelles, N. (17.07); Jones, 
(17.187); Mather, C. (13.17); Wigglesworth, S. (18.48). 

RELIGIOUS Societies. Mather, C 28.164 

RELIGIOUS Society, Necessity and Benefit of. White- 
field, G. v. 1 of 15.57 

REMARKS on a Letter Relating to the Office of Ruling 

Elders, A Reply to some. See Reply .... 28.28 

REMARKS Upon, The Present State of the Sugar 
Colonies consider'd. Wherein the Consequen- 
ces of Restraining our Trade are examined. 
London, 1731. pp. (2), 34. 8". . . 26.43 and 27.28 

RENATUS. Mather, C 18.214 and 28.199 


See Appleton.N. (13.223); Cornwall, F. (24.10); Rog- 
ers, J. (18.128); Sewall, J. (18.125); Williams, E. (16.290). 

REPLY, A, To some Remarks on a Letter to a 
Gentleman Relating to the Office of Ruling 
Elders. [Boston, 1731.] pp.16. 8 28.28 

REPROBATION, The Doctrine of. Wigglesworth, E. 26.73 

RESTITUTION of all Things. Cheever, E 27.96 


See Cheever, E. (27.96); Colman, B. (10.27); Mather, 
I. (16.110). 


See Prince, N. (26.1); Whitefield, G. (v. 2 of 15.57). 

REVIVAL, Duty of a Degenerate People to pray for a. 

Webb,J 14.13 

REVIVAL, The, in 1741, ctseq. 

See Boston, Convention, (27.34); Christian (20.9 and 
27.2I*); Dickinson. J. (24.43); Finley, S. (10.110); Fla- 
vel, J. (-J8.i>!); MacGn-ijori-, D. (l<i.l!)2); Massachusetts 
convention (27.:;:!); Kami, W. (10.2-Mi mnl 1:7.155); 
Signs (27.210); Tcnncnt, G. (22.57); Turull, E. (Dia- 
logue 27.1/a;-, Dirrction 28.94); Willison, J. (28.146); 
Wfiitcficld, G. (2.s I ' . . 

REYNER, E. The Rule of the new Creature. See 

I looker, T 26.250 

REYNOLDS, T. Practical Religion Kvempiiiy.l in the 

Liven of MTU. Mary Ti-rry, and Mrs. Clissould. 

Boston, 1713. pp. (S), ion. 11;' 15.56 

RHODE-ISLAND, Historical Discourse on the Colony 

of. Cullender, J 27.30 

Xccahu : Newport. 

Shelf. No. 

RICHARDSON, John, <J. K/if,, nr/nl 49. 
f The Necessity of a Well Experienced Soul- 
diery. [An Artillery election] .Sermon, June 
10^: 1675. Cambridg, Samuel Green 1679. 

pp. (2), 15. 4* 26.151 

RIGHT, A, to the Lord's Supper Considered. May- 
hew, E 28.37 


Sne Foxcroft, T. (10.21); Mather, N. (16.100 and 23.53); 
Mather, S. (i'1.17); Porter, J. (Absurdity 16.41; Vin- 
dication 27.12); Stoddard, S. (15.27 and 21.25); Ten- 
ncnt, G. (10.209, 277). 

ROBBINS, Philemon, d. 1781, aged about 71. 

Plain Narrative of the Proceedings Of the Asso- 

ciation of New-IIaven County, Against Mr. 
Robbins, of Branford, Since 1741. With Re- 
murks by another Hand. Boston, 1747. pp. 
44. 4 26.63 

ROBE, J. Letter to James Fisher concerning his Un- 
fair-dealing in his Review of Mr. Robe's Pref- 
ace, &c. See Willison, J 28.148 

ROBIE, Thomas, d. 1729. 

Sermon Preached in the College at Cambridge, 

To a Society of Young Students. Boston, 
Moccxxr. pp. (2), iv, 18. 8 18.237 

ROBINSON, J. The people's Plea for the exercise of 

prophecy, is tryed. See Rutherford, S. . . . 12.2 

RODGERS, Esther, 6. 1680, d. 1701. 

Declaration & Confession, [etc.]. See Rogers, J. 15.58 
ROGERS, Daniel. Letter to the Rev. N. and Mr. D. Rog- 
ers: With their Answer to Mr. Pickering's 
First Letter. See Pickering, T 27.120 

ROGERS, John, the Rogerene, d. 1721. Answer to 
Rogcrs's Boasting of his Sufferings. See 
Pratt, P 27.157 

ROGERS, John, b. 1666, d. 1745. 

Death The certain Wages of Sin to the Im- 

penitent. Three Lecture Sermons; Occa- 
sioned by the Execution, of a Young Wo- 
man, guilty of Murdering her Infant. Added, 
her Life & Death. Boston, 1701. pp. (12), 
153. 12 15.53 

Fate. "The Preface," pp. 3, is signed "Wil'iara 
Hubbard." An address "To the Christian Reader," 
pp. 7, is signed " Nicholas Noyes. Joseph Gerrish." 
At p. 121 begins " The Declaration & Confession of 
Esther Rodgers, of Kittery in Main, Single woman;" 
it is followed by " A Relation of her Experience," an 
account of her last days and execution and "last Dy- 
ing Words and Prayer." 

The perfect and upright Man Charncteriz'd. A 

Discourse Occasioned by the Death of John 
Apple-ton. Boston, 1730. pp. (4,\ 18. 8 . . 18.33 
ROGERS, John, b. it'iSi, (/. 17'>">. 

The Nature of Repentance. A Discourse Occa- 

sion'd by the K.-irtlu[ii;ike. Preach'd at Box- 
ford, on tin' Fa>t, Dee. 21. 1727. Boston, 1728. 

pp.78. 8 18.123 

ROGElts, Nathaniel, b. 1704, il. 1775. 

The Character and Reward of a faithful Ser- 

vant of Christ. A Sermon after the Funeral of 
,]M|,M Appleton. I'.oMon, 17:VJ. pp. (2), 24. S. 18.34 

. The signatures nrc continuous with John 
Rogcrs's " IVrfri-t and upright -Man," etc. 

Riijht Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

.lames Tike. See \Vi>e, J IS. 104 

Letter to. Sec Pickering, S 27.1'JO 

UoMAisr., \V. The Knowledge of Salvation precious 

in the Hour of Death; a Sermon January 4 th - 
IT.v.i, 1'poti the Death of the Kev. , lames Her- 
vey. Boston, Re-printed, M, mv,- 

1.1 \. pi'. 'JS. S 17.23 

ROMAN < latfaollc < 'hm-ch, 

i i i, T. (.10.23); \Yi;,-l.MM, r tli, 

E. (17.225). Sec CI/.-KI; In.-l.uul. 




Shelf. No. 
ROWLAND, David Sherman, d. 1794, aged 74. 

Ministers of Christ freed from Blood Guiltiness, 

by dispensing all the Counsels of God. A Faro- 
wel-Sermon, at Plainfleld, May 3. 1761. Occa- 
sioned by the Long Differences there. Boston, 

n. d. pp. 43. 8 10.65 

ROWLANDSON, Joseph, d. 1678, aged about 44. 

The PossilrUty of Gods Forsaking a people, 

That haw jeendearto him. A [Fast] Sermon, 
at Weathersfield, Nov. 21. 1678. Boston, John 
Ratcliffe, & John Griffin, 1682. pp. (6), 22. 8. 15.9 

Note. An Address "To the Courteous Reader," 
pp. 3, is signed "B. W." 

ROWLANDSON, Mrs. Mary (White). 

The Soveraignty & Goodness of God ; a Narra- 

tive Of the Captivity and Restauration of M ra - 
Mary Rowlandson. Cambridge, Printed by 
Samuel Green, 16S2. pp. (6), 73. 8 15.8 

ROWLEY, Mass., Sermon at the Gathering of the 

Second Church in. Balch, "W 16. 47,123 

RULE, The, of the New-Creature. [So title-page. 

1742.] pp. 24. 12 28.200 


See Colman, B. (Piety 16.294 and 28.19; Righteous- 
ness 17.91,154) ; Gay, E. (16.132). See also: Magistrates, 
Sermons (Election). 

RUSSELL, Chambers, d. 1767, in his 5<lth year. 

Proceedings of Commissioners to Treat with the 

Eastern Indians. See Wendell, J 26.24 

ROSSELL, Jonathan, 6. 1655, d. 1711. 

A Plea For the Righteousness of God. [An 

Election] Sermon, May 31. 1704. Boston, 1704. 

pp. (2), 25. 4 18.10 and 26.157 

RUTHERFORD, S. The Due right of Presbyteries or, 
A Plea for the Government of the Church of 
Scotland, Wherein is 1. The way of the Church 
of Christ in New England. 2. Their apology 
for the said Government, their Answers to 
thirty and two Questions, [etc.]. London, 
1644. pp. (24), 468 [752]. 4" 12.2 

JTbte. "Mr. Mather of New England hath an- 
swered so much of this Booke as Concerned him tis 
done with much Ingenuity Solidity & learning." 
MS. note. 

- Some Mis-constructions of Rutherford in his 

Book The due Right. By John Cotton. See 
Hooker, T 11.21 


See Colman, B. (16.15G); Colton, B. (28.34); Dummer, 
J. (26.7); Fitch, J. (15.31); Iloraes, AV. (16.170); Mather, 
A. (18.221); Mather, C. (18.197); Mather, I. (23.43); Pyn- 
chon, W. (21.13); Shepard, T. (12.7 and 22.1, 42,50). 

SACRAMENTS, Dialogue on the 27.53 

See also: Baptism, Lord's Supper. 

ST. NICHOLAS, J. t The History of Baptism. With 
an Appendix. Added an Explicatory Index. 
London, 1678. pp. (8), 129, (6), 108, (29). 8. 12.40, 41 

Jfote. The Appendix has a separate paging, and 
the title-page, "Baptismtis Redivivus, or the Com- 
mission of our Saviour To Preach and Baptize." 
" To the worthy Governours.and Reverend Ministers 
of the Colonies, and Plantations in New England, 
especially such of the old planters as are yet living. 
J. St. N. An adventurer in the first plantation." The 
preface is signed " Eusebius Philadelphus." As to the 
authorship see Tho. Crosby's History of the English 
Eaptistf, ill, 34, and Calamy's Continuation, p, 591. 

SALEM, iVass. FirstChurch. Narrative of the Contro- 
versy between the Rev. Samuel Fisk, and 
Brethren of the, 1735. See Just .... 27.21, 26,164 

Brown, J. Answer to Prescott's Examination 

of Remarks On a Letter relating to the Divi- 
sions of the, 1736 27.182 

Letter Relating to the Divisions in the, 1734 . . . 28.20 

Letter to a Friend, Relating to the Differences in, 

1735 22.36 

Shelf. No. 

SALEM, Jl/oss., continued. 

Prescott, B. Examination of Certain Remarks 

[by J. Brown], 1735 22.37 and 27.174 

Sewall, J. Proceedings of the Council at, in 

1734 27.139,176 

SAXEM-VILLAGE, now Danvers, Mass., Sermon at, 

24th of March, 1692, a time of Examination, of 

some Suspected for Witchcraft. Lawson,D. . 24.10 

SALTONSTALL, Gurdon, Gov. of Conn., b. 1666, d. 

1724. Sermon on the Death of. See Adams, 

E 18.187 


See Applcton, N. (17.231); Barnard, J. (11.2); Ed- 
wards, J. (12.24); Gray, A. (16.292); Shurtleff, W. 
(1G.5G); Williams, W. (14.43.) 

SAMPSON, Patience. See Boston, P. 

See Colman, B. (16.34); Finley, S. 06.119); Law- 
Bon, D. (24.10); Mather, C. (13.53); Whiteficld, G. 
(15.57). See also: Devils, Temptation. 

SCHISME, Answer to Cawdrey about. By John 

Owen. See Cotton, J 23.68 

SCOTLAND. See Cambuslang, Culloden, Glasgow. 

SCOTLAND, Church of. Mather, C. History of the 

Persecution, 1660 to 1633 28.29 

Rutherford, S. Plea for the Government of 

the 12.2 

SCOTTOW, Joshua. See Massachusetts or The first 

Planters of New-England 23.60 

SCOTJGAL, H. fA Sermon Preach'd On the 25th of 

December. Boston, 1737. pp. (4), 28. 8. 18.196, 260 

SCRIPTDRE-BISHOP, The. Or The Divine Right of 
Presbyterian Ordination Si Government. A 
Dialogue Between Prselaticus and Eleutherius. 
Boston, 1732. pp. (4), ii, 58. 8 [See Add.] 28.12,49 

SCRIPTURE-BISHOP, The, Vindicated. A Defence of 
the Dialogue Between Praslaticus and Eleuthe- 
rius, Against The Scripture-Bishop Examin'd. 
By Eleutherius, V. D. M. Boston, 1733. pp. 

(4), 126. 8 [See Addenda.] 22.12,20 

Note. See Eusebius Inermatus and Praslaticus 

SEARES, Alexander, and others. 

Account of the Reasons Why a Number Belong- 

ing to the New- North Congregation in Boston, 
could not Consent to Peter Thacher's Ordina- 
tion, n. p., 1720. pp. (6), 56. 8 23.50 

Falshoods in An Account. See Boston. Fifth 

church 28.92 

SECCOMB, Joseph, b. 1706, d. 1760. 

A Plain and Brief Rehearsal Of the Operations 

of Christ as God. Boston, 1740. pp. (4), 23, 

(1). 8 16.133 and 17.162 

Reflections on Hypocrisy. A Sermon, at Kings- 

ton. Boston, 1741. pp. (4), 18. 8 16.54 

SECOND advent. 

See Bates, W. (18.255) ; Cheever, E. (27.96); Imrie, 
D. (27.136); Mather, C. (27.185); Mather, I. (23.16); 
Sewall, J. (15.12). 


See Hardy, S. (15.36) ; Higginson, J. (15.6); Hobby, 
W. (15 5). 

SELF-DENIAL, The Extent and Reasonableness of. 

Whitefield, G v. 1 of 15.57 


See Cushman, E. (18.144) ; Stoddard, S. (24.37). 


See Balch, W. (16.210). See also: Righteousness. 

SEPARATION from the Establishment justified. 

Towgood, M 26.70,97 

SEPARATIONS, A Caveat Against unreasonable . . 28.65 
SERGEANT, J. The Causes and Danger of Delusions 
in Religion. A Sermon at Springfield, April 
4.1743. [Before] the associated Pastors of the 
County of Hampshire. Boston, 1743. pp. 36. 
S 16.224 



Shelf. No. 

SERMOXS on Sacramental Occasions by Divers Minis- 
ters. Boston, MDCCXXXIX. pp. (4), vii, (1), 
i!7.-i. 8 12.34 

Contents. G. Tennent; S. Blair; W. Tennent; 
G. Tcnuent. 

SERMONS. Artillery election. 

1072, tee Oakes, U. (".); 107.5, Richardson, J. 
(26.151); 11177, Oakes. U. (26.152); 107s, Nnwell, 8. 
(20.1.V> ; ].;:i.i, Willard, S. (23.18) ; 1703, Appleton, N. 
(17.223) ; 1703, liulcli, T. (17.224). 


1722, fee Mather, C. (18.05); 1723, Walter, N. (18.00,70);, Williams, W. (l.s.i;i); 17:38, Barnard, J. (17.222); 

1711, llnlyokc. E. (17.211,218); 1742, Loring, I. (I- 

171 "., Appleton, N. (17.221); 1744, Chauncy, C. (17. 2-0); 
171.5. Clark, P. (17.137, 212); 174G, Gay, E. (17.210); 
17,53, Phillips, S. (17.21.",); 17(12, Mather, S. (17.214). 


Cambridge, J/oss. Christ Church, 1701. See Ap- 
thorp. E. (1C.1). 

Election ( Connecticut J. 

1074, see Fitch, J. (2C.148); 1712, Woodward, J. (18.189); 
in:',, Bulkley, J. (18.271 and 28. 128); 1714, Whitman, S. 
d's.lifl); 1718, Estabrook, S. (18.272); 1719, Chauncey, 
N. (18.17:!); 172.'!, Williams, E. (18.194); 1725, Mather, A. 
(18.195); 1720, Fi>k, P. (18.188); 1727, Woodbridge, T. 
(18.207); 1731, Whittelsey, S. (18.209); 1738, Eliot, J. 
(18.270); 1711, Worthington, W. (18.190); 1751, Lord, 
B. (18 I'.'l); 17.53, Devotion, E. (18.192); 1762, Bellamy, 
J. (18.193). 

Election (Massachusetts). 

1601, see Norton, J. (10.174 and 20.137); 1CG3, Higginson, 
J.(18.1 and 20.139,180); 10(37, Mitchel, J. (18.2 and2G.140); 
1668, Stoughton, W. (13.3 and 20.141); 1G70, Danforth, 
S. (26.143,181); 1072, Shepard, T. (18.12 and 20.144); 1073, 
Oakes, U. (20.140); 1074, Torrey, S. (18.5 and 26.147); 
Ms", Torrey, S. (18.0 and 26.1.53); 1685, Adams, W. 
(18.7 and 20.1.51); 1G.S9, Mather, C. (13.27); 1093, Mather, 
I. (18.8 and 26.155); 1094, Willard, S. (28.175); low, 
Mather, I. (18.275 and 23.17); 1701, Belcher, J. (28.121); 
1702, Mather, I. (23.3.5); 1703, Stoddard, 8. (18.9 and, 
26.156); 1704, Russell, J. (18.10 and 20.157); 1705, Esta- 
brnok, J. (20.1.58); 1710, Pemberton, E. (14.4 and 22.50); 

1712, Cheever, S. (18.276); 1714, Danforth, S. (18.277 and 
28.130); 1718, Colman, B. (18.93); 1719, Williams, W. 
(18.94); 1720, Stone, N. (18.95,96); 1721, Moodey, S. 
(18.97); 1722, Hancock, J. (18.98); 1724, Sewall, J. (18.99); 
172.5, Thayer, E. (ls.lOO);1726,Thacher, P. (18.101); 1727, 
Baxter, J. (18.102); 1728, Breck, R. (18.103); 1729, Wise, J. 
(17.113); 1730, Prince, T. (17.111); 1731, Fisk, S. (17.11.5); 
1732, Swift, J. (17.110); 1733, Wigglcsworth, S. (17.117); 
173l,liamard, J. (17.118); 1735, Prentice, J. (17.119); 1736, 
H.,lyoke, E. (17.120); 1737, Loring, I. (17.121); 1738, 
Webb, J. (17.122); 17:;:), Clark, P. (17.123); 1740, Cooper, 
W. (1791): 1711, Williams, W. (17.9.5); 1742, Appleton, 
N. (17.90); 1713, Ecllcs, N. (17.97); 1745, Gay, E. (17.98); 
1710, Barnard, J. (17.99); 1747, Chauncy, C. (17.100): 
17IS, Lewis, D. (17.101); 1749, Balch, W. (1S.1I); J7.50, 
Phillips, S. (17.70); 17.51, Wc-l.-tced, W. (17.71); 17.V!, 
Cotton, .1. (17.72); 17,5.5, Chcckley, S. (17.73); 1756, 
Cooper, S. (17.74); 1757, Pemberton, E. (17.7,5); 1760, 
Dunbar, S. (.17.70); 1701, Stevens, 13. (17.77); 1702, Wil- 
liams A. (17.79); 1707, Bridge, E. (17.80); 1708, Shute, 
D. (17..S1); 17";:', llavrn, J.(17.82J. 

Election (Few Plymouth). 

1009, seeWallcy, T. (20.142); 1674, Arnold, S. (18.4 
and 26.149). 

l\i I (I!: nil-ill i/nil special). 

1610, July 2 1 :, ee< Hooke, W. (82.40)i ]07s, Nov. 29, 
Adams, W. (18.20)1 1693, July 6, Mather, C. 
(13.1X1); n::n, Aug. 23, Willard, S. (18.170); 17"], 
Si-pt. H, \Vill:, r,l, S. (is.sii); J7d|, March 1.5, ])an- 
f,,rth, J. (II.:;-,, ami Willard, S. (1I.3S); 171,1, 
March 22, Cnlnian, II. ( 1S.2I !); I 717,. Ian. s, \V.,,| worth, 
I!. ( 13.47); 172."., June 4, Cheever, T. (lfi.JS9)j I7i's, 
March 21, Ilruwn, J. (18.82) I 1731, A|,rii H. Cabot, M. 

(17.88,8 . : i I , \N , bb, J. (14.13); 1736, Di c. 10, 

Cull,, .MI, 1',. i I7.91.U4); 17l-i, \}fr. ."., Sou. ill,. I [7.89J i, 
17!i); 1711, l-'rl>. 20, chirk, I'. , and Pay- 

. I'.iM.iii; 1748, Jan. 28, A|,|,|,TOU, .\. U- s -77); 1765, 
March 30, v, , .;, ,,rth, s. (K7s.) 


in \i.:,,.t, M. i , Cooper, w. I8.29)i .\.>i>i<tnn, 
J. i;., ere. J. 18.33; B ' \ plnwal, s. ( .VI- 

K-II.J. IS.ll.,); Avcry..!/,',. K. (\\Yhli, ; IK'lcll- 

Shelf. No. 
SERMONS, Funeral, continn' 7. 

er, Jonathan (Burr, A. 17.7); Belcher, Joseph (Mather, 

C. 18.111); Blowers, T. (Foxcroft, T. 17.GC, 171); 
Brattle, W. (Colman, B. 24.4 and 28.110); Brcck, R. 
(Loring, I. 17.32; Prentice, J. 17.31; Swift. J. 17.30); 
Bridge, T. (Colman, B. 13.02; Mather, C. 13.61; Wade- 
worth, B. 13.0.':; Drown, Mrs. A. (Mather, C. 18.58); 
Burncl, Mrs. [.V/- -] It. (Mather, C. 1G.2.5.5); Byfield, N. 
(Clia\incy, C. 18.21.30); Byfield, J//-S. S. (Chauncy, C. 
17.49); Caroline, Qiutn, (.Mather, S. 17.1.57 and : 
Price, R. 17.156); Cary, Mrs. A. (Prentice, T. 17.17); 
Cheever, S. (Barnard, J. 18.122); Coney, J. (Cooper, W. 
1-vK":); Cotton, Mrs. E. (Mather, C. 18.116); Cotton, J. 
(Norton, J. 17.15) Cotton, N. (Cotton, J. 18.117); Cur- 
win, G. (Barnard, J. 17.10.5); Gushing, M. (Webb, J. 
18.107); Dart, Mrs. H. (Smith, J. 17.0:>j; Davenport, J. 
(Cooke, S. 18.184); Dcnison, D. (Hubbard, W. 1.5.14); 
Flynt, II. (Appleton, N. 17.38, 42); Foster, J. and Mn. 

A. (Mather, C. 23.0, 13; Mather, I. 23.5, 12); Foxcroft, 
Mrs. E. D. (Foxcroft, T. 18.26) ; Foxcroft, F. (Appleton, 
N. 18.118); Frizell, J. (Mather, C. 18.120); Frost, C. 
(Wise, J. 1852); Gallop, Mrs. M. (Chcckley, S. 17.52); 
Gee, Mrs. S.(Thachcr, P. 17.56); George I. (Checkley, 
S. 17.34, 61; Foxcroft, T. 17.63,169; Mather, C. 10.21 _. 287 i 
Sewall, J. 17.68, 177); George II. (Cooper, S. 17.67; 
Davies, S. 17.44; Mayhew, J. 17.35); Gcrrish, Mrs. M. 
(Appleton, N. 17.46); Gray, E. (Chauncy, C. 17.55); 
Hall.J. (Whittelsey, S. 18.51); Hancock, J. (Gay, E. 
17.28); Hervey, J. (Romaine, W. 17.23); Hirst, Mrs. E. 
(Colman, B. 18.183); Hirst, G. (Colman, li. 11.2.5); Hirst, 
S. (Mather, C. 27.158; Sewall, J. 10.244 and 18.24,55); 
Holdcn, S. (Colman, B. 17.9); Hollis, T. (Colman, B. 
17.16; Wigglesworth, E. 17.61); Hull, J. (Willard, S. 
27.93); Hutchinson, Mrs.. L. (Checkley, S. 18.31); 
Hutchinson, T. (Mather, S. 18.39); Janvrin, Mrs. { Mi -.-] 
E. (Adams, J. 18.49); Kenny, P. (Browne, A. 16.145); 
Leverett, Gov. John, d. 1679 (Willard, S. 27.92); Lev- 
erctt, Rev. John, d. 1724 (Appleton, N. 18.62; Colman, 

B. 18.61; Wadsworth, B. 18.60); Lewis, T. ( Scwall, J. 
10.244 and 18.24, 55); Lyman, C. (Williams, W. 17.36)j 
Martyn, Mrs. M. (Fitch, J. 10. l::,jl- : Mather, C. (Gee, 
J. 17.24; Mather, S. 17.26); Mather, J//-S. E. (Mather, C. 
15.47); Mather, Increase, father of Cotton, (Mather.C. 
18.54); Mather, Increase, son of C., (Mather, C. 1 
Mather, Mrs. K. (Mather, C. 13.51); Mather, N. (Mather, 
S., 23.49); Metcalf, T. (Dexter, S. 1S..59); Nelson, J. 
and Mrs. E. (Cutler, T.18.25); Oliver, J//.<. E. (Prince, 
T. 17.58); Ormesby.J. (Webb, J. Is.K>7): IVmberton, E. 
(Colmau, B. 24.4 and 28.110; Sewall, J. 24.5 and 28.111); 
Pcpperrell, Sir W. (Stevens, B. 17.8); Price, E. 
(Chauncy, C. 10.80); Prince, S. (Prince, T. 17.19,54); 
Quincy, E. (Hancock, J. 17.60); Saltonstall, G. (Adams, 
E. 18.187); Sewall, J. (Chauncy, C. 18.40); Sewall, 
Samuel, (Sewall, J. 17.41); Sewall, Stephen, (Mayhew, 
J. 18.35); Shirley, Mrs. V. (Colman, B. 17.40); Stocldaid, 

D. (Colman, B. 18.114, 121); Stoddard, .!/,.-. M. 
(Prince, T. 17.29); Stoddard, Simeon, (Colman, B. 
17.33); Stoddard, Solomon, (Colman, li. 17.21 ; Williams, 
W. 18.28) ; Tailor, W. (Cooper, W. 17.57); Thachcr, /,' 
Peter, of Milton, tl. 1727 (Mather, C. 18.1*); Thachcr, 
Jiev. Peter, of Boston, d. 1739 (Colman, B. 17.25; Webb, 
B. 18.27); Thayer, C. (Chauncy, C. 17.47); Townsend, 
P. (Foxcroft, T. 17.59); Turell, Mrs. J. (Colman, B. 
18.22); Usher, Dame B. (Foxcroft, T. 1S.119); Wads- 
worth, B. (Appleton, N. 17.174; Flynt, 11. 17.176; Sewall, 
J. 17.173; Wi:-lcs\M>rth, E. 17.175); Waldo, Mrs. L. 
(Chauncy, C. 17.01t;WaMron. W. (Checkl.-y, S. 17.11'); 
Walley, J. (I'cmberton, E. 17.1H, M7i ; Wi-lib, -I//-.--. F. 
(Mather, C. 18.131); Welsteed, W. (Oilman, B. 10.27); 
WL'-lr^vorth, M. (Mather, C. 28.107); Willard, J. 
(Loring, I. 18.201); Willard. Mrs. K. (Mather, C. I 
Willanl.S.UVmberton.E. 14.21,23 and 2S.10S); Williams, 

E. (Williams, S. 18..57); Williams, John (Foxorott. T. 
17. 'ill, 171); Williams, Jonathan, (Chauncy, C. 17.1S1; 
Williams, N. (Prince, T. 1S.3S); Wise, 3. (While, J. 


Of Abcrcrombie, R. (fee 1-Mwanls, J. 17.1901; Ad- 

nms, ,1. (Adams, J. 1^.177); Ap;,l, t. m, V i Mather, I. 

; A-hlry, J. (William*, W. 17.204); Badger, S. 

(Appleton, \. 17.281 >; llallautiiu-, J. (Kami, W.I7 

Barnaul, 1 I: nord, T. 17.11'h; lilnnt, J. il'ar- 

Bowen, 1'. (.Chauiu-y, c. 17.235); I'.irek, 

i; (Coo] er, ^v. 17. i s, M. ( \n |i i m, N. 

17.19 I); Brld li i'ii. J. (Peal . l.Mv'i; iirown, c. 

(Cooke, S, 17.193); Bull, N.(Williame,W. 18.278): Clap, 

r. i Belles, ">.'-'.' i MO i Clark, \\ . (Odlln, .1. 17.2 Con- 

il\ . .1. (CailrmiiT, J. 17.1 ' topi r, W. l Colman, u. 

U35)\ C.,lt,,|i, .1. (.\p,ilrt,.n. N. 17. HIM; C,,tt,m, N. 
(IJuk-lnr, J. ls.1701; I'utt ,, \V. (O'lton, J. 17.HL 




Shelf. No. 
SERMONS, Ordination, continued. 

Dennis, J.(Wigslesworth,E.13.47);Diman,J.(nolyokc, 
E. 17.200); Foxcroft, T. (Foxcroft, T. 18.1S1); Frink, 
T. (Chauncy, C. 17.158, 232): Gookin, N. (Shurtleff, 
W. 17.107,228); Green, 3. (Gay, E. 17.272 and 27.1.x)); 
Hall. D. (Williams, W. 17.2C'J and 27.149); Hancock, E. 
(Hancock, J. 17.200); Hancock, J., jr. (Hancock, J. 
27.148); Hart,.L. (Lord, B. 17.201!); Jackson, J. (Cooper, 
S. 17.181); Jenison, W. (Clark, P. 17.29)); Judd, J. 
(Edwards, J. 18.179); Lee, J. (Swift, J. 17.'Jii::)i Maccarty, 
T. (Gray, E. lf.183, 198); Moore, J. (Adams, A. 17.27:!); 
Newman, J. (Balcli, T. 17.188); Owen, J. (Adams, E. 
18.109); Parker, S. (Sewall, J. 17.178, 2.17); Patten, W. 
(Bali-h, T. 17.2IU); Pemberton, E. (Colman, B. 17.201, 
207); Phipps, W. (Porter, S. 17.182); Pike, J. (Wise, J. 
18.1G4); Prince, T. (Prince T. 12.31, 32); Rand, W. 
(Chauncy. I. 27.151); Richardson, G. (Loring, 1.17.194); 
Sargent, J. (Appleton, N. 17.196, 233); Seccombe, J. 
(Si-wall, J. 17.178,237); Sewall, J. (Pemberton, E. 
12.33); Sparhawk, J. (Appleton, N. 17.263); Stacey, J. 
( Lewis, D. 18.172, 175); Stone, N. (Greenwood, J. 27.15); 
Taft, M. (Shaw, J. 27.154); Taylor, J. (Foxcroft, T. 
27.147,152); Thayer, E. (Eliot, A. 17.197); Thayer, Z. 
(Foxcroft, T. 1G.25); Throop, A. (Thayer, E. 1S.1GG); 
Waldron.W. (Mather, C. 18.171); Walker, T. (Barnard, 
J. 17.208); Walter, T. (Mather, I. 12.33); Webster, S. 
(Parsons, J. 17.185); Welles, N. (Hobart, N. 17.229); 
Whitweil, W. (Barnard, T. 17.195); Willard, John 
(Frink, T. 17.2GG); Willard, Joseph, (Stoddard, S. 
18.17G, 18J); Willard, S. (Paine, T. 27.145); Wil- 
liams, S. ( Williams, William 17.178); Williams, War- 
ham, (Williams, William 18.173); Wilmot, W. (Pember- 
ton, E. 1G.205). 

Thanksgiving (General and special). 
1GS9, Dec. 19, see Blather, C. (13.27); 1705, Dec., On 
the Return of a Gentleman from his Travels, Willard, 
S. (17.10G); 1717, Nov. 28, Barnard, J. (17.1G5); 1721, 
July 12, At Windham for the Success of the Gospel, 
Adams, E. (18.88); 1722, Nov. 8, Allen, J. (18.84,85); 1738, 
Nov. 23, At Dedham, Upon the Conclusion of the first 
Century since a Church was Gathered, Dexter, S. 
(18.87, 90, 92); 1745, July IS, Reduction of Cape-Breton, 
Chauncy, C. (17.110): 1746, Aug. 14, Victory near Cullo- 
den, Prince, T. (17.111); 1746, Nov. 27, Prince, T. (17. 
102); 1749, Nov. 23, New Jersey, Tennent, G. (17.5); 1756, 
Nov. 25, Tucker, J. (17.164); 1759, Oct. 25, Reduction 
of Quebec, Eliot, A. (17.109); 17CO, Jan. 3, Removal of 
Sickness, and Return of Soldiers, Emerson, J. (18.83); 
17GO, Oct. 9, Surrender of Montreal, Foxcroit, T. 
(17.112); Oct. 23, Adams, W. (18.84); 17C3, Aug. 11, For 
the General Peace, Apthorp, E. (17.1); 17CG, July 24, 
Repeal of the Stamp-Act, Emerson, J. (17.103); 1775, Nov. 
23, In the camp at Roxbury, Mansfield, I. (J7.1G3). 

SERPENT, The Gospel of the Brasen. Mather, C. . 28.84 

SEWALL, Joseph, 6. 168S, d. 1709. 

All Flesh is as Grass; but the Word of the Lord 

endureth for ever. A Sermon iu Boston, Jan- 
uary 1st. 1740,1. Boston, 1741, pp. (4), 24. 8. 10.14,146 

Believers invited to Come to Christ. A Sermon, 

Novemb'. 10. 1715. Boston, 1716. pp. (2), 17. 8. 15.13 

A Caveat against Covetousness in a Sermon, Feb- 

ruary 20, 17Jg. Boston, 1718. pp. (2), 22. 

8 18.256 

The Certainty & Suddenness of Christ's Com- 

ing to Judgment. A Sermon, October G. 1715. 
Boston, 1716. pp. (2), 19. 8 15.12 

Christ Victorious over the Powers of Darkness, 

by the Light of His preached Gospel. A Ser- 
mon, December 12. 1733, At the Ordination of 
Stephen Parker, Ebenezer Hinsdell, and Jo- 
seph Seccombe, Chosen by the Society for Pro- 
pagating Christian Knowledge, at Edinburgh, 
to carry the Gospel to the Aboriginal Natives 
of New England. Charge given by the Rever- 
end Dr. Colman. Right Hand of Fellowship 
given by the Reverend Mr. Prince. Boston, 
MDCCXXXIII. pp. (8), 46. 8 nirrS, 237 

Desires that Joshua's Resolution may be Revived : 

or, Excitations to the Exercise of Family-Reli- 
gion: the Substance of Sundry Sermons. Bos- 
ton, 1716. pp. (2), xii, 80. 8 15.11 

Note." The Epistle to the Reader" is signed "E. 

The Duty of a People to Stand in Aw of God. 

Shelf. No. 
SEWALL, Joseph, continued. 

A Sermon after the Earthquake, October, 1727. 

Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 24. 8 18.128 

Same. Second Ed. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 28. 

S 18.45 

The Duty of every Man To be Always Ready to 

Die. A Sermon Occasion'd by the Sudden 
Deaths of Thomas Lewis, And Samuel Hirst. 
Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 23, (1). 8\ 16.244 and 13.24, 55 

The first and great commandment. A Sermon, 

January 28. 1741, 2. Boston, 1742. pp. 31. 8. 16.243 

God's People must Enquire of Him to bestow 

Blessings promised. A Sermon February 26. 
1741,2. On a Day of Prayer observed by the 
South Church. Boston, 1742. pp. 30. 8 . . 18.81 

He that would keep God's Commandments Must 

Renounce the Society of Evil Doers. A Ser- 
mon in Boston, July 18th. 1728. After a Mortal 
Duel. Preface by the united Ministers of the 
said Town. Boston, 1728. pp. (2), vi, 28. 8. 16.87 

The Holy Spirit Convincing the World of Sin, of 

Righteousness, and of Judgment. Four Ser- 
mons in 1741. Boston, 1741. pp. (2), vi, 133, 
(1). 12 15.17 

The Holy Spirit the Gift of God. A Sermon on 

a Day of Fasting, kept by the South Church 
[for] the Rising Generation, Novemb. 13th. 
1722. Boston, 1728. pp (4), 32. 12 .... 14.12 

Jehovah is the King and Saviour of his People. 

A Sermon, August 17. 1727. Upon the Death 
of King George. Boston, MDCCXXVII. pp. 
(4), 25. 8 17.68,177 

The Lamb slain, worthy to be praised. A Ser- 

mon in Boston, July 11. 1745. Boston, 1745. 
PP.34. 8 10.11,13 

Nineveh's Repentance and Deliverance. [A 

Fast] Sermon, Dec. 3. 1740. Boston, 1740. pp. 

(6), 33. 8 17.89, 134, 179 

The Orphan's best Legacy : or, God's Parental 

Care of Bereaved Children : A Discourse Oc- 
casion'd By the Death of Samuel Sewall. Bos- 
ton, 1730. pp. (4), 32. 8 17.47 

Precious Treasure in Earthen Vessels. A Ser- 

mon Occasion'd by the Death of Ebenezer Pem- 
berton. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), vi, 36. 8. 24.5 and 28.111 

Repentance The sure Way to Escape Destruc- 

tion. Two Sermons, December 21st. on a Fast 
occasioned by the Earthquake. And Decem- 
ber 24th. 1727. Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 55. 8. 18.125 

Rulers must be Just, Ruling In the Fear of God. 

[An Election] Sermon, May 27. 1724. Boston, 

1724. pp. (4), 69, (1). 8 18.99 

The second Commandment like to the first. A 

Sermon in Boston, May 6. 1742. Boston, 1742. 
pp.30. 8 16.88 

A Sermon, September 16. 1762. before the Gen- 

eral Court. On the News of the Reduction of 

the Havannah. Boston, 1702. pp. 3.3. 8" . . 17.78 

The Thirsty invited to come, and take the 

Waters of Life freely. A Sermon, March 5. 

1741, 2. Boston, 1742. pp. 24, 3. 8 10.90 

When the Godly cease, we must seek to God for 

Help. A Sermon, Upon the Death of Benja- 
min Wadsworth. Boston, MDCCXXXVII. 
pp. (2), 32. 8 17.173 

Charge at the Ordination of Stephen Badger. 

See Appleton, N 17.231 

Preface to A Compleat Body of Divinity. See 

Willard, 8 30.3,4,5 

Preface to All Power, etc. See Pemberton, E. . 17.244 

Preface to The Good Government of Christian 

Families. See Homes, W 15. 2S 

Sober-Mindedncss Explain'd as a necessary Part 

of Early Piety. Boston-Lecture, April 13. 
1721. pp. 26. See Course of Sermons .... 23.] 




Shelf. KJ. 
SEWALL, Joseph, continued. 

Sermon on the Death of. Sec Chauncy, C. . . . IS. 10 

and others. A Faithful Xan-ntive of the Proceed- 

ing^ of tin- KccleMa>tical Council at Salem in 
17.M4. Boston, 1735. pp. (2), vi, 94. 8. .27.139.170 
SEWALL, Samuel, b. ]r,52, <L 1730. 

Mrs. Judith IIull, of Boston, in N". E. [Epi- 

taiih. Boston, 1095.] 1 page. am. 8. 14.30 and 15.14 

Note. "By Houb Samuel Sewall, Esq.r." T. 

rhasnomcna quasdam Apocalyptic?. Ad Aspec- 

tum Xovi Orbis configurata. Or, a Descrip- 
tion of the Now Heaven As It makes to those 
who stand upon the New Earth. Boston, 

Richard Wilkins, 1897. pp. (8), CO. 4" 17.110 

Same. Second Ed. Boston, 1727. pp. (8), 64. 4. 

17.148 and 26.35 

Proposals Touching the Accomplishment of 

Prophesies. Boston, 1713. pp. (15). 4 .... 17.150 

Note. A poem of eix stanzas is appended headed 
" Wednesday, January 1. 1701. A little before Break- 
a-Day, at Boston of the Massachusete." 

Upon Mr. Samuel Willard, his first coming into 

the Assembly, and Praying, after a long and 
dangerous Fit of Sickness; November 21. 1700. 
[Verses.] n. p., n. d. pp. 2. 8 24.24 

Note. This title, and three stanzas of four lines 
each, fill a page ; another page, dated "May li'th, 
17-jQ." relates to " The Fountain Opened," with which 
both arc bound. " S. Sewall Esqr and PrinJ at 
Boston. 1700." JUS. note bij T. PBINCE. 

Appendix to The Fountain Opened. See Wil- 

lard, S 27.134 

Discourse Occasion'd by the Death of. See 

Scwall, J 17.41 

SEWALL, Stephen, d. 17GO, aged 58. Sermon on the 

Death of. See Mayhew, J 18.35 

SEWARD, William. 

Journal of a Voyage from Savannah to Phila- 

delphia, and from Philadelphia to England 
M.DCC.XL. London, 1740. pp. (S), 87. 8 . . 27.23 

SHARP, B., Voyages and Adventures of 12.23 

SHAW, John, d. 1791, aged about 84. 

The Character of a Pastor, according to God's 

Heart. A Sermon in the Ordina- 
tion of Moses Tuft, August 20. 1752. Charge, 
by the Rev. Mr. Niles : Right Hand of Fellow- 
ship, by the Rev. Mr. Bayley. Boston, 1753. 

pp. (4), 35. 8 27.154 

SHAW, S. Farewell life: welcome the plague, or the 
voice of one crying in the wilderness. Shew- 
ing the business of a Christian. [Boston,] 
1665. pp. xviii, 19-173, (3). 8. [Without title- 
page, and otherwise imperfect; the title above 
is copied from Darling] 24.1 

Iinmumifl: or, a Discovery of True Religion. 

P.eing the latter Clause of The Voice crying in 
a Wilderness ; or a Continuation of the Angel- 
ical Life. Third Ed. Boston, 1744. pp. 240. 

8 24.2 

BnnrARD, Thomas, ft. 1005, d. 1049. 

Certain Select Cases Resolved. London, 1048. 

pp.(!8),l-168, (8), 169-247, (1). 12 25.27 

Note. The address "To the Christian Reader," pp. 
10, is signed " William Adderh-y." A second address 
pp. 3, is signed "John Gcrce and William Green- 

Sump. London, 1050. pp. (0), 87. 8 ... 22.3 

Note. I'a-e .-,;,-s7 contain " The First Principles," 
with a separate title. 

Hump.. London, ]0f,5. pp. 321-324, (2), 32.22.42,50 

.W.-. The first pairing it n>iitiini'ni.< with that of 
his "Theses Salili.ilicie," .if the same date. 

Tne Church-Membership of Children, and their 

l.'i!,'!il in l:a|iti.-nie. r.-nnbridg, Samuel (Jreen. 

1003. pp. (22),2ti. 4 27.53 

Shelf. No 

SHEPARD, Thomas, continued. 

The first Principles Of the Oracles of God. Lon- 

don, 1048. pp. (8), 109-247. 12 25.27 

.\ '., v. This and the next edition arc paged contin- 
uously with his "Certain Select Cases" of the cor- 
responding years. The address "To the Christian 
reader" is signed " William Adderly." 

Same. London, 1650. pp. 55-87. 8". ... 22.3 

Note. An address "To the Christian Reader," pp. 
C7, rA, is signed "William Addcrley," another headed 
" Christian Reader," is signed "John Gcrce and Will. 

Same. London, 1055. pp. (5), 17. 8" ... 22.42, 50 

Note. The signatures are continuous with those of 
the " Theses Sabbaticic " of the same year. 

The Parable of the Ten Virgins Opened & Ap- 

plied: Sermons. London, 1000. pp. (8), 240, 

203, (5). f soa.5 

Note. An address" To The Reader, And Especially 
to the Inhabitants of Cambridge in New-England," 
pp. .5, is signed "Jonathan Mitehel " Another ad- 
dress"Tothe Reader," is signed "William Grecnhil!, 
Edmund Calamy, John Jackson, Simeon Ash, Wil- 
liam Taylor." 

The Saint's Jewel. See the next title. 

The Sincere Convert : Discovering the small Num- 

ber of True Believers, And the great difficulty 
of Saving Conversion. Added, The Saint's 
Jewel, shewing how to apply the Promises ; 
and the Soul's Invitation unto Christ. [Two 
Sermons.] London, 1002. pp. (24), 110 [216]. 

12 24.35, 47 

Note. " The Saints Jewel," etc, has a separate title- 
page. The address "To the Christian Reader" is 
eigned " W. Greenhill." 

Same. [Without " The Saints Jewel," etc.] 

Boston, MDCCXLH. pp. (2), vi, (2), 105, (1). 

12 ]:,._'.-. and 24.54 

Subjection to Christ in all his Ordinances. The 

best means to preserve our Liberty. With a 
Treatise of Ineffectual Hearing the Word. 

London, 1657. pp. (16), 110. 8 22.52 

Same. [No title-page.] pp. (14), 195, (11). 

8 22.4 

Theses Sabbaticae. Or, The Doctrine of the Sab- 

hath : Wherein The Sabbaths I. Morality. II. 
Change. LTI. Beginning. IV. Sanetification. 
are clearly discussed. First handled in Ser- 
mons in Cambridge in New-England. London, 
1049. pp. (20), 151, (1), 32, (4), 50 [58]. 4.. 12.7 

TTcis, Each part lias a separate title-page, and there 
is anew paging at P. 2, 3. 

Same. London, 1G50. pp. (23), 184, (4), 95. 

8 22.1 

Note. Each part has a separate title-page, and P. 
2 a new paging. 

Same. London, 1055. pp. (28), 320. 8 . . .22.42. M 

Note. Each part has a title-page, hut the work is 
paged continuously. His "Certain Belei i Cases "com- 
mences with a paging ccmthuums with this. 

Address to the Christian Header of a Brief Kv- 

cognition, etc. ,s'< c Daiiforth, S 2(i. 113,181 

Address to the Christian Keadcr of The Cry of 

Sodom, etc. Sec Danforth, S 17.218 

Address to the Christian Reader of New-England 

Pleaded with. See Oakes, U 2G.21G 

Address to the Christian Reader of The Uncon- 

querable, etc. SeeOakes,U 2iili.~i 

Address To tho Reader of A Discourse Concern- 

in : Comets. Xrr Mather, I 23.24 

Address To the Reader of the Gospel-Cove- 

nant. ,sVt: Bulkley, P 21.8 

Address To the Keadcr nf The Soveraign F.lli- 

cacy, etc. Xi < Oakes, r 2''i.ivj 

1 1. Fence nf tin- Answer unto the- Nine Positions. 

S Allin. J. .16. ISC, and 27. 15 




Shelf. No 
SHEPARD, Thomas, 6. 1635, d. 1677. 

Eye-Salve, Or a Watch-Word From Christ unto 
his Churches : Especially those within Mas- 
sachusetts. [Election Sermon], May 15. 1672. 
Cambridge, 1673. pp. (4), 53. 4 . . 1S.12 and 26.144 

Note. An address headed " Christian Reader," 
pp. 2, is signed " Thomas Thacher." 

SHIRLEY, J/rs. Frances, Sermon before the Fun- 
eral of. See Colman, B 17.40 

SHORT, Matthew, d. 1731. 

A thankful Memorial of God's sparing Mercy. 

Discourses upon A Recovery from Sickness. 

Boston, MDCCXXIX. pp. (6), 33. 8 16.280 

SHORT Discourse. Mather, W 18.264 

SHORT Narrative. Whitefield. G 27.171 

SHOWER, J. Some Account of the Life of Henry 
Gearing. With the Character of a Real Chris- 
tian, collected out of his Papers. Boston, 1704. 

pp. xxxiv, 134. 12 24.59 

Note. " There is anothr Edn Reprnd Boston. 
1720." J/S.noteq/'Mr.PRiNCE. Pages 84-118 contain 
" A short Account of the Conversion of Mrs, P. F. as 
she left it under her Hand before her Death." 

SHURTLEFF, William, b. 16S9, d. 1747. 

Gospel Ministers Stars ; and Christ holding these 

Stars in his Hand. A Sermon at the Ordina- 
tion of Nathaniel Gookin, at North-Hill in 
Hampton, October 31. 1739. Boston, 1739. pp. 
(4), 35. 8 17.167, 228 

A Letter to Those of his Brethren In the Minis- 

try Who refuse to admit Whitefield Into 
their Pulpits. Boston, 1745. pp. 23. 4 . . 26.84 

The Obligations upon all Christians to desire and 

endeavour the Salvation of others. A Sermon 
September 18. 1741. in Boston. Boston, 1741. 

PP.27. 8 16.56 

SHUTE, Daniel, b. 1722, d. 1802. 

A Sermon, May 25th. 1768. the Anniversary for 

the Election of His Majesty's Council. Bos- 
ton, MDCCXLVIII [MDCCLXVIII]. pp.70. 8. 17.81 

SIGNS, The, of the Times consider'd : or, the present 
Appearances in New-England, and the West 
of Scotland. Edinburgh, MD.CC.XLII. pp. 34. 
8" 27.210 

SIGNATUS. Mather, C 18.208 

SIMPLE Cobbler, The, of Aggawam. Ward, N. 12.15 

and 14.49 

SIMPLICITIES Defence. Gorton, S 13.4 


See Barnard, J. (25.2) ; Hooker, T. (25.1.) Morgan, 
3. (16.214); Walter, N. (18.232 and 28.124). 


See Edwards, J. 06-221,252); Flynt.H. (16.129); Mather, 
A. (18.257); Phillips, S. (16.112.114,); Voice (27.203). 

SLAVERY. The American Defence Of The Christian 

Golden Rule. 1714. Hepburn, J 26.213 

SLEEP, Essay, To Rebuke the Natural And the Moral. 

Mather, C 16.190, 22.40 and 28.80 

SMALBROKE, R. Ip. A Sermon before the Society 
for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, 16* of February, 1732. London, M.DCC- 

xxxm. pp. 83, (1). 8 17.259 and 32.7 

Note. With " An Abstract of the Proceedings of 
the Society from the IS* of February 1731, to the 16th 
of February 1732; a List of the Missionaries; an Ab- 
stract of the Charter; a List of the Members of the 

SMITH, , Doctrine of Christianity, as held by the 

Quakers, vindicated, Reply to. See Tennent, G. 12.12 

SMITH, Capt. -John, b. 1579, d. 1631. 

A Description of New England : or Observatiors, 
and discoiieries in the North of America, 1614, 
15. London, 1616. Map. pp. (18), 61, (2). 4. 27.108 

Note. Among the introductory matter are seven 
pages of encomiastic verses by Wither, Croshaw [Cra- 
ehawj and others. Two pages at the end contain two 
poems by Ed. Robinson and Tho. Carlton. 


Shelf. No. 
SMITH, Capt, John, continued, 

The Generall Historic of Virginia, New-Eng- 

land, and the Summer Isles : with the names of 
the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours 
from 15S4. to 1623. Divided into sixe Bookes. 
London, 1627. pp. (14), 248 [240]. 4 maps. f. 

[Numerous MS. notes by T. Prince] 30a.3 

Note. " A beautifully engraved title-page with por- 
traits of Elizabeth, James, and Charles I." RICH. 
An exact account of the various editions, by J. 
Lenox and C. Deane, may be found in Norton's 
literary gazette, N. S., I, 134a--135a, 218c 2PJb. 
There were distinct issues in 1624, 162G, 1627, and two 
in W32. The printed portion is identical in them all, 
and all want the sheet O, pp. 97104. The variations 
are in the frontispiece, printed title, maps, and plates. 
This copy has the four maps but wants the portraits of 
the duchess of Richmond and Lenox, aud of Matoaka 
Pocahontas. The edition of 1624 und that of!632 are 
each priced by Stevens, Nuggets, at 10 10s. 

SMITH, Joshua. Divine Meditations and Prayers for 
Morning and Evening, and ihe Communion. 
[Selected.] Boston, 1744. pp. (2), iv, 170. 8. 24.28 

Note. The prayers are paged continuously, pp. 111- 
170, but have a separate title-page, "Forms of Daily 
Prayer for Morning, Noon, Evening,and Night," [etc.]. 

SMITH, Josiah, b. 1704, d. 1781. 

The Burning of Sodom, With it's Moral Causes, 

a Sermon, at Charlestowu, South-Carolina, 
after, a Fire, Nov. IS. 1740. With a Preface by 
the Reverend Dr. Colman and Mr. Cooper. 
Boston, 1741. pp. (8), 23. 8 18.261 

The Character, Preaching, &c., Of George White- 

field, Supported, in a Sermon, in Charlestown, 
March 26th 1740. With a Preface by the Rev- 
erend Dr. Colman and Mr. Cooper. Boston, 
1740. pp. (4), vi, 20. 8 28.135 

The Church of Ephesus arraign'd. Five short 

Sermons Contracted into one. Delivered 1760, 
At Charles-Town. Charles-Town, 1768. pp. 
43. 8 3 16.59 

The Doctrine and Glory of the Caint's Resurrec- 

tion. A Funeral Discourse in Charlestown, 
April 25th 1742. to the Memory of Mrs. Hannah 
Dart. Boston, 1742. pp. (4), 19. 8 17.69 

The Duty of Parents, to Instruct their Children : 

the Substance of Several Sermons at Cainhoy, 
1727. Boston, MDCCXXX. pp. (2), ii, 44. 
8 16.220,274 

The Greatest Sufferers Not alwiys the Greatest 

Sinners. A Sermon in Charlestown, February 
4th. 1727, 8. Occasioned by the Earthquake in 
New-England. Boston, MDCCXXX. pp. (4), 
ii, 21. 8 18.105 

Humane Impositions proved Unscriptural, Or, 

The Divine Right of private Judgment. A 
Sermon at the Opening of a Presbytery in 
Charlestown, March 5th. 1728, 9. Boston, 
MDCCXXIX. pp. iii, 11. 8 16.84 

- Fisher, H. Remarks upon 16.215, 257 

Reply to Smith's Answer to a Postscript . 27.132 

A Sermon in Boston, July 10th. 1726. Boston, 

1727. pp. (4), 27. 8 = 16.194,261 

Solomon's Caution against the Cup. A Sermon 

at Cainhoy, March 30. 1729. Boston, MDCCXXX. 

pp. (4), 14. 8 16.267 

The Young Man Warn'd : or, Solomon's Counsel 

to his Son. A Discourse at Cainhoy, 1729. 

Boston, MDCCXXX. pp. 31, (2). 8 16.228 

SMITH, S. A Sermon before the Trustees for Estab- 
lishing the Colony of Georgia, And before the 
Associates of the late Rev. Dr. Thomas Bray, 
for Convertingthc Negroes in the British Plan- 
tations, On February 23, Tl^. 
M.DCC. xxxni. pp. 42. 4 .... 

.... 16.5, 98 

Note. Pages 3512 contain an account of Dr. Bray's 
Designs and his Petition to the Kinj. 




Shelf. No. 

SOBER Remarks on A Modest Proof. "Wigglesworth, 

E 27.181 

SOBER Reply to a Mad Answer. In a Letter to A. 
Croswell, occasioned by his letter to E. Turell. 
By a private Brother. Boston, 1742. pp.16. 8. 28.64 

SOCIETY for Encouraging Industry and Employing the 
Poor. Rules of Incorporation. [No title- 
page.] pp. 6. 4 26.14 

\, ,/. Especially designed to promote the linen- 
manufacture in Massachusetts. 

SOCIETY for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Ac- 
count of the. Thomas, J 16.91 

Letter from a Member in London 24.58 

SOCIETY for the Propagation of the Gospel in New 

England. Act for propagating the Gospel in 
NewEngland. See Great Britain. Parliament. 33.3 

Mather, C. Names of the Society and their 

Commissioners. [India Christiana] . . . 13.22,23,30 

SOCIETY for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, Sermons before the. 

ynmely: 1712, White, K. (17.200); 1713, Moore, J. 
(17.257); 1723, Greene, T. ("-'.4): 1724, Wynne, J. (32.6); 
1728, Egerton, H.(17.255); 1729, Pearce. Z. (17.253); 1731, 
Berkeley, G. (17-254); 1~32, Smalbroke, R. (17.159 and 
32.7); 1739, Butler, J. (17.250); 1740, Benson, M. (17.252); 
1738, Herring, T. (17.1.'58). 

.Vote. Accounts of the Proceedings of the Society, 
Lists of Members, etc., are printed with many of the 

SOCINIANISME, A few words concerning. Firmin,G. . 11.22 

SOME brief Remarks, upon A Letter to a Gentleman, 
Relating to the Office of Ruling-Elders, in the 
Churches. [Xo title-page. Colophon] Boston, 
1731. pp.12. 8 28.27 

SOME Considerations upon the Bill Relating to the 
Trade between the Northern Colonies and the 
Sugar-Islands, n. p., MD ccxxxil. pp. 19. 
8 26.228 and 27.40 

SOME Observations and Annotations Upon the Apolo- 
geticall Narration, submitted to Parliament. 

London, 1644. pp. (7), 71. 4 32.18 

Note. Numerous allusions to New England; see 
especially p. 16. 

SOME Observations on the Scheme projected for emit- 
ting 60000 1. in Bills of a New Tenour, to be re- 
deemed with Silver and Gold. In a Letter 
from a Merchant in Boston, to his Friend in 
the Country. Boston, MDCCXXXVIII. pp. (4), 
25. 8 26.49 

SOME Remarks Upon a late Pamphlet Entitled, A 
Letter from a Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, to his dissenting Parishioners. "With A 
Vindication of the Presbyterians, n. p., 1733. 
pp. (4), 44. 8" 27.56, 128 

SOME Remarks upon A Second Letter from the 
Church of England Minister. Boston, 1736. 
pp. (4), 128. 8 26.196 

SOME Paulo & Indigested Thoughts on the Majesty of 
God In the Works of Nature: Occasioned by 
that Earthquake Octob. 29th. 1727. N. Lon- 
don, M. DCC. xxx. pp. (2), 12. 8 13.127 

POME Reasonable Advice. Mather, C 18.219 

SOME Seasonable Enquiries. Mather, C 28.47 

SOUL, The. 

See Doddridgc, P. (10.159); Foxcroft, T. (10.21,24); 
Jl.xiker, T. (Sovlcs Exaltation 21.18; Sovlcs Humil- 
iation 21.1(1,11; Sovlcs Ingrafting 21. l*:i: Sovles 1'iepa- 
ration 21.19; Sovles Vocation -l.'JN); Mather, C. (18.231). 

SOUND Words, to be held fast, in Faith and Lovo. 

Three Esaayes. n. p., n. d. pp. 23 . 12 . . . 13.53 

JVofc. By Cotton Mather? 

SPAIN. The Assiento, or, Contract for Allowing to 
the Subjects of Great Britain the Liberty of 
Importing Negroes into Spanish Aunnru. [In 
r-pani^-li an.l ICnulinli.] London, 1713. pp. (2), 

48. 4" 26.33 

Same, in English. [Historical Register, v. 2J. 31.7 

Shelf. No. 
SPAIN*, continued. 

Billyke beweegreedenen om aea Spanje oorlog 

aen te doen 27.188 

G rand Question, The, Whether War, or no War, 

with 26.119 

Las Casas, B. de. Fir.-t Voyages and Discoveries 

Made by the Spaniards in America 11.19 

STAFFORDE, R. Geographicall and Anthologicall 
Description of the Kingdoms of this Globe. 

London, 1634. pp. (6), 55, (3). 4 26.236 

3'oJe. " De America, siue India Oriental!," pp. 50-55. 
STAGE, The, the High Road to Hell. See Another . 16.133 

See Emerson, J. 07.103); Stillman, S. (16.80). 
STANDFAST, R. A New- Years-Gift for Fainting 

Souls. Boston, M, DCC, xxxiii. pp. (2), 31. 12. 2S.140 

Same. [Xo title-page.] pp. 45. 8 28.170 

Xotc. " Mr. B Green says This was Prind at Bos- 
ton by his Br. Samuel." MS. note bi/ Mr. PKIXCB. 

STATE, The, of Religion in New-England, Since 
Whitefield's Arrival there. A Letter from a 
Gentleman in New-England to his Friend in 
Glasgow. Subjoined Attestations, By the Rev- 
erend Mr. Chauncy, Mr. Caldwcll, Mr. Bar- 
nard, Mr. Turell, Mr. Parsons, and Dr. Col- 
man. Glasgow, MDCCXLII. pp. 44. 8 ... 26.263 

Same. Second Ed., [with a new Preface and 

Postscript. No title-page. Glasgow, 1741 ?] 

pp. xviii, 112. 8 26.264 

STATE, The, of the Navy consider'd In relation to 
the Victualling, particularly in the Straits, and 
the West Indies. With Some Thoughts on 
the Mismanagements of the Admiralty. Lon- 
don, 1699. pp. 16. 4 26.19 

STEARNS, Samuel. 

Address To the Reader of An Address to Young 

People. See Wheeler, M 28.81 

STEER, Richard. 

f The Daniel Catcher. The Life Of the Prophet 

Daniel : in a Poem. Added Earth's Felicities, 
Heaven's Allowances, A Blank Poem. With 
other Poems, n. p., 1713. pp. (2), 90. 8. . 14.50 
Note. This book was wrote by Mr R. Steer of 

[Southold], on Long Island, & Printed at 

[New London], in New England. JIS. note. 
STEVENS, Benjamin, ft. 1720, d. 1791. 

A Sermon, May 27. 1761. the Day for the Elec- 

tion. Boston, 1761. pp. 72, (1). 8 17.77 

A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Sir Wil- 

liam Pepperrell. Boston, M,DCC,LIX. pp. vi, 

24. 4 17.8 

STEVENS, Joseph, b. 1682, d. 1721. 

Another and Better Country. The Last Sermons 

Of Joseph Stevens. Added, A Discourse, at 
Cambridge, after the Death of the Reverend M r. 
Brattle. Boston, 1723. pp. (2), xii, 116. 12. 15.43 

_Vufe. The " Discourse " has a separate title-page, 
" The Pastor's Office, Among his People, while Liv- 
ing," etc. 

STILES, Ezra, 6. 1727, d. 1795. 

f A Discourse on the Christian Union : before the 

Convention of the Congregational t'lcriry of 
Rhode-Island; at I'.ri-tol April 23, 1700. lios- 
ton, MDCCLXI. pp. 13J. 8". [Title and p. 

i: in MS.J 16.147 

Note. "List of New England Churches," A.D. 
1700," pp. 1211-1^8. 

STILLMAN, Samuel, 6. 1737, d. 1S07. 

News from a far Country. A Pennon at 
i, May 17. ITi'.i'.. 1'pnn the Arrival of (ho 
News Of 4he Repeal of th.' stamp- Act. Bos- 
ton, MiH'Ci.xvi. pp.34. 8" K..-'i 

STODDAHD, David, </. 17J '.. Si>nmm a ft or tlif FUII.T- 

:ii of. > Oolman, r. 18.114, VJl 

STODDAKD, Mrs. Martha, (/. 174S. Sermon Otvasion'd 

by tho Decease of. SM Priuoc, T 17 -J 




Shelf. No. 

STODDARD, Simeon, d. 1730. Sermon after the Funer- 
al of. See Colraan, B 17.33 

STODDARD, Solomon, b. 1643, d. 1730. 

An Answer to some Cases of Conscience Respect- 

ing the Country. [Colophon] Boston, 1722. 
pp.15. 4 17.135 

An Appeal to the Learned. A Vindication of 

the Right of Visible Saints to the Lords Sup- 
per: Against Increase Mather. Boston, 1709. 

pp. (6), 98. 12 15.33 

Some Queries on An Appeal to the Learned. 

See Appeal of some of the Unlearned .... 18,148 

The Doctrine of Instituted Churches Explained 

and Proved from the Word of God. London, 
[I700,datecutoff].pp. (2), 34. 4 17.247 

A Guide to Christ, or, The way of directing 

Souls under Conversion. With an Epistle Pre- 
fixed, hy the Reverend Dr. Increase Mather. 
Boston, 1714. pp. iii-xii, 10, 90. 12 .... 14.33 

The Presence of Christ with Ministers, A Ser- 

mon at Swampfield, January 1st. 17 ]S . the 
Day of the Ordination of Joseph Willard. 
Boston, 1718. pp. (2), 29, 16. 8 18.176, 182 

Note. The last paging contains "An Examina- 
tion of the Power of the Fraternity. By the same 

Question Whether God is not Angry with 

the Country for doing so little towards the 
Conversion of the Indians ? [ColophouJ 
Boston, 1723. pp. 12. 4 17.136 

The Safety of Appearing at the Day of Judge- 

ment, In the Righteousness of Christ. Boston, 
S. Green, 1687. pp. (8), 351. 8. [Imprint in 

MS.] 15.27 

Same. Second Ed. With some Addition. Bos- 
ton, MDCCXXIX. pp. (2), iv, 296. 8 21.25 

Those Taught by God the Father, to know God 

the Son; are Blessed. A Sermon at Boston, 

July 3d. 1712. Boston, 1712. pp. (2), 33. 8. 18.239 

Three Sermons. I. The Vertue of Christs 

Blood. II. Natural Men under the Govern- 
ment of Self-Love. III. The Gospel the 
Means of Conversion. A Fourth added, 
To stir up Young Men and Maidens to Praise 
the Lord. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), 118. 12. 24.37 

The Way for a People To Live Long in the Laud 

that God Hath given them. [An Election] 
Sermon, 26. of May 1703. Boston, 1703. pp. 
(2), 25. 4 18.9 and 26.156 

A Sermon of, Examined. See Mather, I. ... 23.14 

Colman, B. Sermon upon the Death of 17.21 

Williams, W. Sermon on the Interment of ... 18.28 
STONE, Nathanael, 6. 1667, d. 1755. 

On Account of Pleas, that tend to subvert the 

New Covenant Constitution, what follows is 
here propos'd to the Publick. [No title-page. 
Dated Harwich, March 1, 1738, 9.] pp. 15. 
8 22.32 

A Caution to Erring Christians Relating to the 

Ministry. December 1735. [No title-page.] pp. 

7. 8 22.30 

Concio ad Magistratum. A Sermon Before The 

Judges of Assize, at Barnstable, April 24. 
1728. Boston, 1728. pp. (4), 15. 8. 16.139, 17.160 
and 18.42 

Rulers are a Terror, Not to good, but Evil-work- 

ers. [An Election] Sermon, May 25. 1720. 
Boston, 1720. pp. (4), 22, (1). 8 18.95,96 

A very brief Account of the Wretched State of 

Man by the Fall. Added, A Discourse of the 
Absolute Freedom of Grace. And another, 
what Faith is Saving. Annexed Miscellaneous 
Sentences [and] the Covenant Interest of the 
Children of the Kingdom. Boston, 1731. pp. 
(2), 149. 12 24.36 

Shelf. No. 
STONE, Nathanael, continued. 

Preface to A Letter to the General Convention. 

See Lord, J 27.68 

Solemn Advice of, [concerning G. Whitefleld]. 

See Niles, S 28.102,134 

and Lord, Joseph. 

f Additional Proposals for Convictions of the 

Churches. December 3. 1729. [No title-page.] 

pp. 8. 8 18.157 and 27.195 

Note. Relating to the Potchy Church in Eastham, 
and the Rev. Mr. Osborn. 

Post-script in 1732 [on renouncing communion 

with the Church in Pocheh, on account of the 
ill conduct of Samuel Osborn, the pastor. 
No title-page.] pp. 8. 8 22.31 

The Veracity and Equity of the Members of the 

Council held at Billingsgate in Eastham, 1720. 
Asserted and Maintained. Boston, 1723. pp. 

16. 8 22.34 

STONE, Samuel, d. 1663. 

A Congregational Church Is a Catholike Visible 

Church. Or An Examination of M. Hudson, 
his Vindication [and] M. Cawdrey his Review 
of M. Hooker's Survey. London, MDCLII. 4. 
[Imperfect, 40 pp. remaining] 16.172 

Jfote. An address "To the Reader" is signed 
" Samuel Mather," and verses " To my Reverend Dear 
Brother, M. Samuel Stone," are signed "John Cot- 

Answer to Mr. Stone. See Hudson, S. . . . 32.23 

STOUGHTOV, William, lieut.-gov. of Mass., d. 1701, 
aged 70. 

New-Englands True Interest; not to Lie. [An 

Election] Sermon in Boston, April 29. 1668. 
Cambridge : Printed by S. G. and M. J. 1670. 

pp. 40. 4 18.3 and 26.141 

Same, abridged and entitled, New-England's 

True Interest; further Declared. See Mitchel, 

J 28.41 

i - Passages from Mr. Stoughton's Election Ser- 
mon. See Prince, T 17.114 

STRAIT Gate, The, And The Narrow Way. Gee, J. 15.40 

STRENUOUS motives for au immediate war with Spain. 

See Billyke 27.188 

STURGEON, R. A Trespass-Offering, presented unto 
the Churches of New-England. [Colophon] 
Boston, 1725. pp.4. 4 16.108 

SUGAR, Duty on. See Considerations upon The Act. 26.135 

SUGAR Colonies. 

See Considerations (27.37); Observations (27.49)j 
Remarks (26.43 and 27.28); Some (26.228 and 27.40). 

SUMMER Islands. See Bermudas. 

See Mather, (1. 16.278); Phillips, S. (16-158). 

SUPERSTITION. See Apparitions, Possession, Witch- 

SURINAM, Article relating to the transfer of, to the 

Dutch. See Great Britain 26.184 

SUSPIRIA Vinctorum. Mather, C 18.217 

SWEATING. Unlawfulness of Laying the Hand on, 

and Kissing the Book in. See Brief. .... 18.266 

Willard, S. Cautions to be used about . . . 18.234, 265 
Laying the Hand on the Bible in. 16.104, 17.138 and 26,186 

See also: Profanity. 

SWIFT, John, d. 1745, aged 67. 

A Funeral Discourse at Maryborough, On the 
Death Of Robert Breck. Boston, M,DCC,XXXI. 
pp. (4), 17. 8 17.30 

A Sermon at Boston, May 31. MDCCXXXII. the 

Anniversary for the Election. Boston, 1732. 

pp. (4), 25. 8 17.116 

SWIFT, John, b. 1714, d. 1775. 

A Sermon at the Ordination of Joseph Lee. 

October 19. 1768. Boston, 1769. pp. 26. 8 . 17.203 




Shelf. No. 
SWIFT, Jonathan. 

f A Discourse of the Contests and Dissentions 

Between the Nobles and the Commons in 
Athens and Home. [Boston], 1728. pp. (2), 59. 

8 16.187 and 27.46 

A'ote. Mr. Prii.ce Rives, in a MS. note, the place of 
re-print which was made, he says, liy direction of Gov. 

SYMMES, Thomas, 6. 1078, d. 172.~>. 

A Discourse Concerning Prejudice In Matters of 

Religion. Boston, 1722. pp. (4), iv, 21. 8 . 1G.291 

The People's Interest in One Article. A Sermon 

shewing their Duty, toward the Subsistence 
of such as Preach the Gospel. Boston, 1724. 
pp. (2), vi,35. 3 16.207 

SYMONDS, W. Virginea. A Sermon at White-Chap- 
pel, In The presence of the Aduenturers and 
Planters for Vhginia. 25. April. 1009. London, 
1609. pp. (8), 54. 4 26.270 

SYNODS. See Boston, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 
Philadelphia, "Westminster. 

TAILER, William, d. 1732. Sermon after the Funeral 

of. See Cooper, W 17.37,57 

TACNTON, j\fass. Account of the late Revival at. 

See Christian History, Jan. 5. 1744 26.9 

TAVERN, Serious Address To those Who frequent 

the. Mather, C 27.186 

TAYLOR, J., A Friendly Epistle to. See Adamson, 

M 27.131 


See Chandler, J. (16.279); Willard, S. (24.7). 

TENNENT, Gilbert, 6. 1703, d. 1764. 

The Divinity of the Scriptures; And the Dan- 

gers of Covetcusness: A Sermon at New- 
Brunswick in New-Jersey, April 1738. [Ser- 
mons on Sacramental Occasions, pp. 145- 
171] 12.34 

The Duty of Self-Examination, A Sermon at 

Maiden-Head in New-Jersey, October 22. 1737. 
[Sermons on Sacramental Occasions, pp. 125- 
144] 12.34 and 22.57 

The examiner, or Gilbert against Tennent. See 

Hancock, J 27.98 

The Examiner, Examined. Being a Vindication 

of Tcnnent, with six Ministers of Boston, with 
some Remarks upon the Querist's, the third 
Part, and other Performances. Philadelphia, 
1743. pp. 146, (1). 8 22.57 

Irenicum Ecclesiasticum, Essay upon the Peace 

of Jerusalem. Also A Prefatory Address to 
the Synods of New- York & Philadelphia. Phil- 
adelphia, MDCCXLIX. pp. viii, 141, (1). 8 . 12.4 

The Late Association for Defence Farther En- 

couraged: or, Defensive War Defended. A 
Reply to [Smith's] Doctrine of Christianity, 
as held by the Quakers, vindicated. Philadel- 
phia, MDCCXLVJH. pp. iv, 183. 8 12.12 

The Legal Bow bent. Two Discourses at New- 

Brunswick, April 23. 173$. [Sermons on Sac- 
ramental Occasijns, pp. 173-210] 12.34 

The Necessity of holding fast the Truth Three 

Sermons at New-York, April 1742. With Er- 
rors [of] some Moravians. Added, A Sermon 
on the Priestly-Office of Christ, another, On 
Charity. With A Sermon of a Dutch Divine 
on taking the Foxes. Boston, MnccxiAH. 
pp. (2), vi, 110, (2), 37, (2), 31. 8 12.46,47 

.We. The sermons " on the Pricstly-Offlce " and 

11 On Charity" h;i\.' a separate p;iL,"inu' and the titlo, 
"Two Sri-limn .;" that en "liltli 1 r'oxrs" lux.s also a 
separate pi^'in^ and title, fur whii-h * < Ilrlli-iilii-oHf. 
Th6 address. "To Mir Kruilt-r," pp. vi, is Kilned "Itrn- 
juniin Cnliiiaii. Thomas I'l-ince. John Wi-hh. Wil- 
li'ini Cooper. Thomas Foxcroft. Joshua Oecr." But 
"Drawn up by L)r. Colinan," nays Mr. 1'rinco. 

Shelf. No. 
TENNENT, Gilbert, continue'). 

The necessity of studying to be quiet, and doing 

our own Business. A Sermon at Philadelphia, 
September 30th. 1744. Philadelphia, n. d. pp. 
3a. 8 1S.25S 

The Preciousncss of Christ to Believers. A Ser- 

mon at New-Brunswick, 1738. [Sermons on 
Sacramental Occasions, pp. 243-270] .... 12.34 

The Righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees. 

A Sermon in Boston, January 27. 1740, 1. Bos- 
ton, 1741. pp. (4), 19. 8. [1st copy imper- 
fect] 10.209, 277 

A Sermon at Burlington November 23. 1749. the 

Day for a Thanksgiving. With a Prefatory 
Address to Philip Doddridge. Philadelphia, 
MDCCXLIX. pp. 28. 4 17.5 

A Sermon upon Justification : at New-Bruns- 

wick, August, 1740. Philadelphia, M,DCC,XLI. 

pp. (2), 29. 8 16.296 

The Solemn Scene of the Last Judgment. A 

Sermon at Maiden-Head in New-Jersey, May 
23d, 1737. [Sermons on Sacramental Occa- 
sions, pp. 211-221] 12.40,47 

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ. Two Ser- 

mons. At New-Brunswick; August, 1737. pp. 
vii, (1), 59. [Sermons on Sacramental Occa- 
sions] 12.34 

Two Sermons. See, above, " Necessity ". . .12.46,47 
TENNENT, William, b. 1705, d. 1777. 

An Exhortation to Walk in Christ. A Sermon, 

at New-Brunswick, August 8. 1737. [Sermons 

on Sacramental Occasions, pp. 103-124]. . . . 12.34 

TERRY, Mary, Life of. See Reynolds, T 15.56 

TESTIMONY, The, and Advice of a Number of Lay- 
men respecting Religion, and the Teachers of 
it. Address'd to the Pastors of New-England. 
[Dated] Boston, September 12. 1743. pp. 9. 8. 26.64 
THACHEU, Peter, b. 1651, d. 1727. 

Christ's Forgiveness a Patern of Christian Fra- 

ternal Forgiveness. A Sermon. Boston, 1712. 

pp. (2), 128. 12" 25.22 

Note. Paged continuously, but with a separate 
title, is J. Danforth's " Holy Striving." 

A Divine Riddle. He that is Weak is Strong. 

A Discourse at Norwich. With a Preface by 
the Reverend Mr. Lord. N. London, 1723. pp. 
(4), xi, (1), 62. 8 18.211 

Unbelief Detected and Condemned. Added, The 

Treasure of the Fathers, Inheritable by their 
Posterity. Boston, 1703. pp. (12), 190. 12 . 15.55 

Note. The address "To the Christian Readers, " 
pp. 2, is signi'd " Moses Fiske Nehemiah Hubart Zech- 
nriah Whitman John Norton John Danforth Joseph 
Belcher Joseph Baxter Nathanael.Eells." 

Danforth, J. Verses on the birth and death of. 18.135 

Mather, C. Comfortable Chambers Opened Up- 

on the. Departure of 18.186 

TFIACHEH, Peter, b. 1(178, d. 1739. 

Man's Frailty. A Sermon on the Death of Mrs. 

Sarah Gee. Boston, M, DCC, xxx. pp. (4), 31. 

8 17.43,56 

Wise & Good Civil Rulers, To be duely Acknowl- 

edged By God's People as a great Favour. 
[An Election] Sermon, May 25. 1726. Boston, 
172r,. pp. (4), 28. 8" 18.101 

Vindicatory statement by. See Boston. Fifth 

church 28 92 

Reasons [against] his ordination at the New- 

North Church. See Scares, A 2<.:.0 

Colinan, B. Sermon after the Funeral of . . . 17 25 
Wi'lib, J. Sermon after the Death of. 18.27 and 20.144 

and Wetib, John. 

A r.rlrt' IVrlaration of [the] Pastors of tho 

New-Xorlh-rhnivli In Hoston, In behalf of 
Themselves nnd said Church. Boston, 1720. 
pp. (2), 13. 8 28.73 




Shelf. No. 
THACHER, Peter, 6. 1688, d. 1744. 

The Fear of God Restraining men from Iniquity 

in Commerce. A Sermon Nov. 17. 1718. Bos- 
ton, 1720. pp. (4), 20. 8 18.203,263 

TEACHER, Thomas. 

Address To the Christian Reader of Eye-Salve, 

etc. See Shepard, T 18.12 and 26.144 

Address To the Reader of New-England's Me- 

moriall. See Morton, K" 12.43 

THANKFUL Christian, The. Mather, C 13.86 

THAVER, Cornelius, d. 1745. Sermon after the 

Firicral of. See Chauncy, C 17.47 

TIIAYER, Ebenezer, d. 1733. 

Christ the Great Subject of Gospel Preaching. 

The Suhstance of Several Sermons. Added, 
Practical Reflections. Boston, MDCCXXII. pp. 
(2), iv, v, (1), 227, (3), 46. 12 22.16 

Note. "Practical Reflections" has a separate 

Jerusalem Instructed & "Warned. [An Election] 

Sermon, May 26. 1725. Boston, 1725. pp. (4), 

42. 8 18.100 

Ministers of the Gospel are Christ's Ambassa- 

dours. A Sermon at Woodstock, May 24th. 
1727. Upon the Ordination Of Amos Throop. 
Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 30. 12 18.166 

Practical Reflections on the First and Last Days 

of the Year. pp. (2), 46. See, above, his 

"Christ" 22.16 

THEOLOGY, Doctrinal and polemic. Cotton, J. Twelve 

Fundamental Articles 23.61 and 28.197 

Willard, S. A Compleat Body of Divinity . . 30.3,4,5 

See also: Cotton, 3. (24.18); Dickinson J. (Familiar 
12.21; True 14.1) ; Erskinc, K. 0-9.5); Gor'.,>n, S (134.a)j 
Mather, C. (Vrai 18.155); Norton, J. (12.36 and 21.17). 
See also : Anabaptists, Angels, Antinomians, Apostles, 
Apparitions, Arminians, Baptism, Catechisms, Christ, 
Common prayer, Confessions of faith, Covenant, 
Devils, Election, Evidences, Faith, Friends (Society 
of), Future Life, God, Grace, Heaven, Hell, Holy 
Spirit, Judgment (Last), Justification, Lord's Supper, 
Merit, Original sin, Perseverance of saints. Possession, 
Predestination, Protestantism, Redemption, Reproba- 
tion, Resurrection, Sabbath, Sacraments, Salvation, 
Satan, Second advent, Socinianisrn, Trinity, Unregen- 
erated (The), Witchcraft. 

THEOLOGY, Natural. Natural Religion, as Distin- 

guish'd from Revealed. Gay, E 17.226 

See also : God, Providence. 

THEOLOGY, Practical. 

See Cotton, J. (21.21); Firmin, G. (11.22); Guthrie, 
\V. (25.19; Hooker, T. (21.28); Mather, C. (Coheletb. 
28.165; Vital 28.150); Mather, I. (23.23); Palmer, H. 
(2530); Peters, H. (25.3); Shaw, S. (24.2); Shepard, T. 
(25.27); Yenning, R. (25.24). See also: Afflictions, 
Balls, Cases of Conscience, Charity, Children, Con- 
version, Covenant, Death, Drunkenness, En husi- 
asm. Family, Gaming, Gratitude, Hymns, Hypocrisy, 
Judgment (Last), Laws, Love, Murder, Piety, Prayer, 
Profanity, Reformation, Regeneration, Religion, Relig- 
ious, Repentance, Revival, Salvation, Self, Sin, Sin- 
ners, Slavery, Sleep, Soul, Suicide, Swearing, Tavern, 
Temptation, Thief, Tongue, Truth, War, Winter, 
Woman, Young (The). 

THIEF, Crime & Doom of the. Mather, C 18.198 

THIEF on the Cross, Dissertation on the. Mather, C. 18.225 
THINGS to he more thought upon. Mather, C. . . . 13.45 
TCIOMAS, J. Sermon at St. Sepulchre's Church ; May 
5 th , 1737. [At] the Yearly Meeting of the Chil- 
dren in the Charity-Schools [of] London and 
Westminster. Annexed, An Account of the 
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 
London, 1737. pp. 26, (2), 52, ff. 2. 4 . . . . 13.91 

Note. The "Account" has a separate title-page and 

THOMSON, John, d. 1753? 

An Overture Presented to the Synod of Dissent- 

ing Ministers, in Philadelphia, September, 1728. 

Shelf. No. 
THOMSON, John, continued. 

With an Answer to Objections, n. p., 1729. 

pp.32. 8 28.88 

Remarks upon An Overture. See Dickinson, 

J 16.288 

A Vindication of The Brethren cast out of the 

Synod of Philadelphia, against The Charges 

of. See Blair, S 28.138 

TIIOROWGOOD, T. lewes iu America, or, Probabili- 
ties That the Americans are of that Race. 
London, 1650. pp. (43), 136, (3). 4 [See Add.] 27.16 

TITHES [not] by the Divine Law the Ministers due. 

Mather, 1 18.206 

TOLERATION. See Conscience (Liberty of), Magis- 
trates, Persecution. 

TOMPSON, Edward, d. 1705, aged 39. 

Heaven the best Country. Meditations and Dis- 

courses. Second Impression. Boston, 1715. pp. 

(2), ii, 84. 12" 15.29 and 25.15 

Note. An address " To the Godly Readers," pp. 2, 
is signed " Neh. Hobert Zech. Whitman Peter Thach- 
er John Norton John Danforth Nath. Eells." 

TONGUE, An unbridled. Chauncy, C 16.76,79 

TORREY, Samuel, d. 1707, aged 75. 

An Exhortation unto Reformation. [An Elec- 

tion] Sermon, May 27. 1674. Cambridge : 
Printed by Marmaduke Johnson, 1674. pp. (8), 

44. 4 18.5 and 26.147 

Note. An address "To the Reader," pp. 6, is 
signed " Increase Mather." 

A Plea For the Life of Dying Religion : [an Elec- 

tion] Sermon, May 16. 1G83. Boston, 1683. pp. 

(8), 46. 4 18.6 and 26.153 

Note. An address "To the Reader," pp. C, is 
signed " Increase Mather." 

Address To the Reader of The Necessity of the 

pouring out of the Spirit. See Adams, W. . 18.20 

Preface to The Singular Happiness, etc. See 

Belcher, J 23.121 

TOWGOOD, Micajah, b. 1700, d. 1792. 

f The Dissenting Gentleman's Answer To the Rev- 

erend Mr. White's Three Letters; in which A 
Separation from the Establishment is fully 
justified. Fourth Ed. New-York, 1748. pp. 64. 

4 26.70, 97 

\Same. Fifth Ed. Boston, 1748. pp. 121, (2). 

8. [2d copy imperfect] 27.125,143 

TOWN Officers, Chuse Well-qualified Men for. 

Bridge, T 18.224 

TOWNSEND, Jonathan, b. 1721, d. 1776. 

The Believing Gentile's Sure Title to the Prom- 

ise made to Abraham. A Sermon at Medfield, 
September, 3. 1749. Boston, 1749. pp. 24. 8. 16.206 

TOWNSEND, Penn, d. 1727. Sermon after the Funeral 

of. See Foxcroft, T 17.59 


See Letter (20.44, 55); Little, O. (20.42); Lucas, R. 
(20.41); Remarks (J6.4j and 27.28), See also: Money, 
Sugar, Woollen trade. 

TREATIES, Collection of .' 32.22 


See Divinity (14.7); Mouis, J. (22.46, 48). 


See Hutchinson, A. (10.42); Lewis, D. (1G.2GS and 
28.13); (Monis, J. (22.46, 48); Tennent, G. (12.46, 47); 
Willard, S. (15.21 and 28.170a). 

TDCKER, John, 6. 1719, d 1792. 

Brief Account of an Ecclesiastical Council in 

the first Parish in Newbury, March 31. 1767. 

[No title-page.] pp. 12. 4 1G.1H 

Pages 10-12 contain " An Address to the several 
Churches of Christ, lately called to set in Council in 
the first Parish in Newbury. By some of the Members 
of the first Church in Newbury." 

God's Goodness, amidst his afflictive Providen- 

ces, a just Ground of Thankfulness and Praise. 



Shelf. No. 

TUCKER, John, continued. 

A [Thanksgiving] Discourse, November 25. 

175i>. Boston, 1757. pp. (2), 23. 8 17.104 

TUKEI.L, Kl.enezer, />. 17('l, il . 1778. 

Dialogue Between a Minisicr and his Xeighbc ur 

about the Times; Added, An Answer tn John 
Lee's Remarks on his Direction, &c. Second Kd. 
Boston, 1742. pp. 24. 8 27.150 

Direction To bis People with Relation to the 

present Times: with the Unisons why it is 
madcpublick. SecondEd. Boston, 1742. pp.15. 

8" 23.94 

Letter In Answer to his Direction to his People. 

See Croswell, A 27.3 

Life and Character of Benjamin Colmun. Boston, 

MDCCXLIX. pp. (20), 238. 8 11.16 

Memoirs and Sermon on the Death of Mrs. Jane 

Turell. SeeColman, B 18.22 

TWISSE, William. A Treatise of Mr. Cottons, Clear- 
ing certnine Doubts Concerning Predestina- 
tion. With an Examination Thereof; by Wil- 
liam Twisse. London, 1040. pp. (8), 288, (8). 
4. [Imperfect, wanting pp. 149-176] .... 12.11 

Xutc. The title is deceptive; the work does not con- 
tain Cotton's treatise. 

UNITED Brethren. Finley, 8. Satan strip'd of his 
angelick Robe. With an Application to the 
Moravians 18.227 

Gradin, A. Short History of the 27.24 

UNRECENERATE, Promises of the Gospel, Whether 

made to the. Hopkins, 8 27.1 

USHER, Bridget, d. 1723. Sermon after the Funeral 

of. See Foxcroft, T 18.119 

VADE Mecum, The, for America: containing The 
Names of the Towns, and Counties in New- 
England, New-York, and the Jersies; Pensil- 
vauia, Maryland and Virginia: with the Time 
of the Setting of thuir Courts. The Time of the 
General Meetings of the Baptists and Quakers, 
[etc.]. Added, The Names of the Streets in 
Boston. Boston, M DCC xxxii. pp. (2), iv, (2), 

220. Tall 16 12.22 

yule. "The Publisher to the Reader," pp. iv, is 
signed in MS. "T. P." 

YENNING, R. Milk and Honey: A Miscellaneous 
Collation of Christian Experiences, Sayings, 
Sentences, [etc.]. Tenth Ed. Boston, 1708. pp. 
(8), 86. 12 25.24 

VERA Cruz, Surprizing of. See Voyages 12.23 

VERNEVILLE or Veriieuil, John. Nomenclator of 
such tracts, etc. See Catalogue Of English 
Writers 22.8 

VICE. See Reformation. 

VIGILH:S. Mather, C 10.190, 22.40 and 28.80 

VINAL, William, d. 17S1. 

A Sermon on the Accursed Thing That hinders 

Success and Victory in War, Occasioned by 
the Defeat of Braddock. Newport, 1705. pp. 

25. 4 16.95 

VINCENT, N. The Day of Grace, In which the chief of 
Sinners May be Turn'd and healed. Boston, 
1728. pp. (4), 156. 8 14.03 

A I >iscourse on Forgiveness. In Three Sermons. 

Bo8ton,1722. pp. (4), 30. 8 16.239 

.We. On the ruvLTnc of the titlc-pngo is a list of 
tin- Author's Works, and his Kjiitaph. 

The Spirit of Prayrr. A Discourse. Sixth Ed. 

Huston, 1702. pp. 215. 12 15.24 

VINCENT, 1*. A True K< l:ition of Tim late Battell in 
Ni u Kngland, between ihr Knijlish and the 
1'e'Miet Salvages. \Vitli the present M:ite of 
tiling there. London, Kills, pp. (4), 22. 4. 32.27 

,\, ,/,.. Thin in tin- :M . i! ; this lt huil tlie title, " A 
Trim lidution of the l.iUf Uuttrll, |etcj. London, 

Shelf. N'o. 

VINCENT, T. A Companion for Communicants. 
Added, the Snll'erings of Christ. By Thomas 
Dooliitel. And The Christian at the Table <f 
the Lord. By Jabez Earle. Boston, 17.'JO. 
pp. (2), 34. 12 ............... 28.74 

VINDICATION, A, of the Appendix to the Sober Re- 

marks. Foxeroft, T ............. 27.138 

VINDICATION, A, of the Divine Authority of Ruling 
Elders : Asserted by the Ministers & Elders, ;, 
a Provincial Assembly, Novemb. 2d. 1649. 
Printed in London, 1050. Page 34. to 48. 
Added, Whether are not the Brethren, and not 
the Elilers only, to Judge concerning the 
Qualifications of Communion ? By Increase 
Mather, in his Order of the Gospel, Page 23. to 
29. n. p., n. d. pp. (2), 28. 8 ........ 23.64 

VINDICATION, A, of The Remarks of One in the 
Country upon The Distressed State of Boston, 
from some Exceptions in a Letter to Mr. Col- 
man. Boston, 1720. pp. 20. 8" ....... 28.156 

VINDICI.E Clavium. Cawdrey, D. ....... 11.21 

VIRGINIA. Davies, 8. The State of Religion among 

the Protestant Dissenters in ........ 27.109 

Smith, J. Generall Historic of ........ 30a.3 

Symonds, W. Virginea ............ 20.270 

VIRGINS, Ten. Colman, B. Discourses on the Para- 

ble of the ............... 11.6 and 21.2 

Shepard, T. The Parable of the ....... .':>ia.5 

White-field, G. The wise and foolish, v. 2 of 15.57 
VITAL Christianity. Mather, C .......... 28.150 

VOICE, The, of God in a Tempest. Mather, C. . . . 16.217 

VOICE, The, of God to Sinners. With a Form of 

Covenanting with God. By a Divine of the 
Church of Scotland. Boston, M, DCC, xxx. pp. 
(2), 46. 12 ................. 27.203 

VOYAGES, The, and Adventures of Capt. Earth. 
Sharp, And others, in the South Sea. Also 
Capt. Van Horn with his Buccanieres surpriz- 
ing of la Vera Cruz. Added The true Rela- 
tion of Sir Henry Morgan his Expedition 
against the Spaniards in the West-Indies, and 
his taking Panama. With The President 
of Panama's Account. Translated out of 
Spanish. And Col. Beeston's adjustment of 
the Peace between the Spaniards and English 
in the West Indies. London, M DCC LXXX iv. 
pp. (24), 172. 8 ............... 12.23 

t VRAI Patron, Le, des Sauies Paroles. Mather, C. 18.155 

WADSWORTH, Benjamin, b. 1669, d. 1737. 

The Bonds of Baptism. Boston. 1717. pp. (4), 

31. 12" ................... 18.248 

Christian Advice to the Sick and Well. A Ser- 

mon. Boston, 1714. pp. (4), 107. sm. 12 . . 25.11 

The Churches Shall know that Christ Seaivheth 

the Hearts. The first Sermon preachM in the 
New Meeting-House in Summer-street, V.oston. 
January 8. 1716, 17. Boston, n. d. pp. (2), 34. 
12 ...................... 13.47 

Note. Included in the half-title of Cotton Mather'* 
" Zeloteu." 

A Dialogue Between a Minister and his Neigh- 

bour, About the Lord's Supper. Boston, 17 J I. 

pp. (2), iv, 102. 12 ............. 25.12 

Exhortations to Early Piety. Boston, 1702. pp. 

87. sm. 8 ................. 14.52 

Xnti '. I'.i ,-. ! Cil-ST contain his " Wonders " with a 
separate title-page. 

Faithful Warnings against Bad-Company-Keep- 

inu'. A Senivm July 2J. 17'JJ. Boston, 1722. 

pp. (4), 21. 8 ................ 16.283 

Five Sermons. Tin- Kir-t Septenib. ", i. 1711. Be- 

ing the Last Deliver'd in the Old Meetinu'- 
II.. use, Burnt October 2(1. 1711. The Seeond 
Octob. 7. 1711. the First Lords-Day after the- 




Shelf. No. 
WADSWORTH, Benjamin, continued. 

Fire. The Third Decemb. 18. 1711. on a Fast: 
Occasioned by the Burning. The Fourth May 
?.. 1713. Being the First in the Brick Meeting- 
House. The Fifth Nov. 12. 1713. A Thanks- 
giving Sermon for a New Meeting-House. 
With some Account of the Fire. Boston, 1714. 
pp. xi, (1), 168. 12 25.16 

Fraud and Injustice Condemned. A Sermon, 

Feb. 23. 1711, 12. Boston, 1712. pp. (2), 29. 8. 28.127 

An Help to get Knowledge : or, An Essay, to 

Explain the Assemblies Catechism. Boston, 

1714. pp. (2), ix, (1), 176. 8 14.47 

The Imitation of Christ, a Christian Duty. A 

Sermon, March 1. 1721, 2. Boston, 1722. pp. 

(4), 25. 8 16.208 

Invitations to the Gospel Feast, or Free Offers 

of Salvation Through Christ. Eleven Sermons. 
Boston, 1715. pp. (2), ii, 193, (6). 12 .... 25.9 

The Lord Jesus Walking in the midst of the 

Churches. A Sermon, May 10. 1721. Boston, 

1721. pp. (2), 38. 12 13.58, 59 

Men Self-condemned, In being Worse in their 

Carriage to God, Than to One Another. 
Psalms should he Sung, with Grace in the 
Heart. A Pious Tongue, An Inriching Treas- 
ure. Boston, 1706. pp. (4), 88. 12" 25.5 

Ministers Naturally Caring for Souls. A Ser- 

mon Occasion'd by the Death Of the Reverend 
Thomas Bridge. Boston, 1715. pp. (2), 28. 
12 13.62 

Surviving Servants of God, Carrying on the 

Work of the Deceased. Sermon at Cambridge, 
after the Death of John Leverett. Boston, 
1724. pp. (4), 24. 8" 18.60 

Twelve Single Sermons On Various Subjects. 

Boston, 1717. pp. (2), iv, 258. 12 25.7 

The Weil-Ordered Family, The Substance of 

several Sermons. Boston, 1712. pp. (4), 121, 

(5). 12 25.4 

The Wonders of Divine Goodness, and Patience. 

Briefly Spoken to : a Sermon, November 27. 
1701. See his " Exhortations" 14.52 

Preface to The Blessedness of the Dead, etc. 

See Wigglesworth, E 17.61 

Preface to The Character of Anna, the Prophet- 

ess. See Foxcroft, T 18.119 

Preface to A Practical Discourse, etc. See Fox- 

croft, T 18.181 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

William Waldron. See Mather, C 18.171 

Sermon, Setting forth the Nature of Early Piety. 

Boston-Lecture, March 30, 1720-1. pp. 30. 

See Course of Sermons 23.1 

Appleton, N. Sermon after the Funeral of . . 17.174 

Flynt, H. Oratio Funebris 17.176 

Sewall, J. Sermon after the Funeral of . . . . 17.173 

Wigglesworth, E. A Sermon after the Funeral 

of 17.175 

WALDO, Mrs. Lucy, d. 1741. Discourse on the Death 

of. See Chauncy, C 17.64 

WALDRON, William, d. 1727. Sermon after the Fu- 
neral of. See Checklcy, S 17.22 

WALKER, Timothy, d. 1782, aged 78. 

The Way to Try all Pretended Apostles: the 

Substance of Two Sermons at Rumford in 
New-Hampshire, January 1742, 3. Boston, 
M,DCC,XL,III. pp. 29. 8 16.286 

WALLET, John, d. 1712. Sermon on the Death of. 

See Pemberton, E 17.10,147 

WALLET, Thomas, d. 1679, aged 61. 

Balm in Gilead to heal Sions Wounds : or, A 

Discovery of the Sicknesses of New-England, 
in the Civill and Ecclesiasticall State. [An 
Election] Sermon before the Generall Court of 

Shelf. No. 
WALLET, Thomas, continued. 

New-PIimouth on the first day of June 1669. 
Cambridge, S. G. and M. J. 1669. pp. (2), 20. 
4 26.142 

. Address To the Reader of David serving his Gen- 

eration. See Arnold, S 18.4 and 26.149 

WALTER, Nathanael, d. 1776, aged about 67. 

The Character of a true Patriot. A Sermon in 

Boston, August 1. 1745. Boston, 1745. pp. 

20. 8 16.62 

WALTER, Nehemiah, b. 1663, d. 1750. 

The Body of Death Anatomized. Essay Con- 

cerning the Sorrows of the Regenerate, Upon 
their Sense of Indwelling Sin; Boston, 12 d. 
7 m. 1706. Boston, 1707. pp. (2), 26. 8 ... 28.124 
Same. SecondEd. Boston, 1736. pp.(4),26. 8. 18.232 

Discourse Concerning the Wonderfulness of 

Christ. Several Sermons. Boston, 1713. pp. 

(2), vi, (6), 240. 8 24.8 

Faithfulness in the Ministry, Derived from 

Christ. A [Convention] Sermon, In Boston, 
May 30. 1723. Boston, 1723. pp. (4), 26. sm. 
8 18.69, 70 

Practical Discourses on the Holiness of Heaven : 

several Sermons, at the Lecture in Roxbury. 
Boston, 1726. pp. (4), 176. 8 22.47 

Unfruitful Hearers detected & warned : A Dis- 

course. First Published in 1696. Boston, 1754. 

pp. (2), v, 68. 12" 15.19 

Note. The "Preface," pp. iv, is signed "8. 
Willard." A " Postscript," p. V, is signed " T. Prince." 

Opinion Concerning G. Whitefield. See Niles, 

S 28.102,134 

WALTER, Thomas, b. 1696, d. 1725. 

An Essay Upon that Paradox, Infallibility may 

sometimes Mistake. Or A Reply to A Dis- 
course Concerning Episcopacy. Prefixed, 
Some Remarks upon [ J. Checkley's] Discourse 
Shewing, Who is a true Pastor of the Church 
of Christ. Also Remarks upon St. Ignntius's 
Epistle to the Trallians. Boston, MDCCXXIV. 
pp. (2), 120, 1. 8" 27.122 

Note. " The ingenious author of this Piece, was the 
Rev Mr Thomas Walter of Roxbury. MS. note by 
T. PRINCE. The "Discourse Concerning Episcopacy " 
was by J. Checkley, and was published in an edi- 
tion of Leslie's " Short and Easy Method." 

- Animadversions upon An Essay. See Check- 

ley, J 28.U 

The Scriptures the only Rule of Faith & Practice. 

A Sermon in Boston, Sept. 5. 1723. Boston, 

1723. pp. (4), ii, 45. 8 18.146 

WALTON, John, Gent., d. 1764. 

The Religion of Jesus Vindicated. Occasioned 

by some Deistical Writings, lately Printed at 
Newport, n. p., 1736. pp. (2), 28. 8 .... 28.24 

Remarks on, Or, An Examination of Mr. Bulkly's 

Account of the Lyme Dispute, On Baptism. 

Newport, 1731. pp. (4), 112. 8 28.58 


See Appleton, N. (17.223); Brewer, D. (10.270); Check- 
ley, S. (17.168); Clark, P. (10.85 and 17.93); Tennent, G. 
(U.12); Willard, S. (23.18); Williams, J. (28.123). 

WARD, Nathaniel, b. 1570, d. 1653. 

fThe Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America. 

Willing To help 'mend his Native Country, 
lamentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather 
andsole. London, 1647. pp. (4), 80. 4 . . . 12.15 

Note. Three other editions were printed in 1647; the 
4th had pp. (4), 89. 

Same. Fifth Ed. Boston, 1713. pp. (4), 100. 

8 14.49 

WARD, Robert. 

Preface to Seasonable Meditations. See Chip- 

man, J 16.272 




Shelf. No. 

WATERLAND, D. Reflections upon Wetmore'e Letter 

In Defence of Waterland's Discourse of Regen- 
eration. See Dickinson, J 27.118 

Letter Occasioned by Dickinson's Remarks upon 

Waterlai:d'8 Regeneration. See Wetmorc, J. 28.26 
WATTS, I. A Guide to Prayer: or, A Free and 
Rational Account of the Gift, Grace and Spirit 
of Prayer. Eighth Ed. Corrected. Boston, 

M.DCC xxxix. pp. (2), x, 223, (4). 8" 14.31 

"WATTS, Samuel, tl. 17'Jl. 

Journal of Commissioners to Treat with the 

Eastern Indians. See Wendell, J 26.24 

WEBB, Benjamin, d. 1746. 

The present Scope, and future Gain of the Chris- 

tian Life. A Discourse at Truroe, October 8. 

17-2. Occasioned by the Death Of Mrs. Ruth 

Avery. Boston, 1733. pp. (4), 25. 8" .... 17.53 
WEBB, Jfrs. Frances Bromfield, rf. 1721. Sermon on 

the Departure of. See Mather, C 18.113 

WEBB, John, d. 1750, aged 62. 

The Believer's Redemption by the precious Blood 

of Christ. A Sermon at Newport, Rhode- 
Island: December 31.1727. Newport, MDCC- 
xxvni. pp. (4), 55. 8 18.207, 228 

Brief Discourse at the Ordination of a Deacon. 

Boston, 1731. pp. 20. 8 16.26 

The Duty of a Degenerate People to pray for the 

Reviving of God's Work. A Sermon, Juue 18. 
1734. A Day of Fasting, Observed by the 
New North Church. Boston, 1734. pp. (4), 
41. 12 14.13 

The Duty of Survivors to follow the Faith of 

their godly deceased Pastors. A Sermon after 
the Death of Peter Thaeher. Boston, 1739. 
pp. (4), 36. 8 18.27 

The Government of Christ, f An Election] Ser- 

mon, May 31. 1738. Boston, 1738. pp. (4), 39. 

8 17.122 

The Great Concern of New-England. A Sermon 

in Boston, February llth. 1730, 31. Boston, 

1730. pp. (4), 36. 8 18.46 

The Greatness of Sin improv'd by the Penitent 

as an Argument with God fora Pardon. A 
Sermon in Boston, October 17th. 1734. in the 
Hearing of John Ormesby, and Matthew Cush- 
ing, Two Condemned Malefactors. With an 
Account of Matthew Gushing, by Mr. Cooper. 
Boston, 1734. pp. (4), 29, i, (8). 8 18.107 

Practical Discourses on Death, Judgment, Heav- 

en & Hell. In Twenty-four Sermons. Boston, 
MDCCXXVI. pp. (2), v, (1), 350. 8" 12.1 

A Seasonable Warning Against Bad Company- 

keeping: a Discourse. Boston, 1726. pp. (4), 

29, (1). 12" 18.226 

Some Plain and Necessary Directions To obtain 
Eternal Salvation in (Six Secmons. Boston, 
1729. pp. (2), iv, 170. 12 24.27 

Vows made unto God in Trouble to be Relig- 

iously paid unto Him. A Sermon. Boston, 

1728. pp. (4), 41. 12 18.250 

Brief Declaration of the Pastors of tin 1 New- 

\orth-Church. See Thachcr, P 28.79 

The Peculiar Advantages of Early Piety. Hus- 

ton-Lecture May 3. 1721. pp.36. See Course 

nf Sermons 2:;.1 

Preface to Advice to a Child. See Phillips, S. . 24.44 

Preface to An Humble Inquiry. Set- Edward*, J. 17.249 

Vindieatnry statement by. See Boston. Fifth 

chuivli. Yindieatinii 23.92 

WEKIU:II, Samuel, Tin- scheme of. See Consequences 

of trade 26.132 

\Yi.ii-TMt, A. I'sine Inilijenee The true Spri 

tin- I.MiMur.linary \Vurk all 'anilmslaiii.' And 
oilier I'laee- in tin- \Ve-t (,!' S.-ciilaiid. IJoMon, 
1743. pp. (2), 41. B" 20.103 

Shelf. No. 

WEBSTER, Samuel, b. 1718, d. 1796. Letter to [Web- 
ster] the Author of The Winter-Evening Con- 
versation on Original Sin 27.179 

WELSTF.ED, William, b. 1695, d. 1753. 

The Dignity and Duty of the Civil Magistrate. 

[An Election] Sermon, May 29th 1751. Boston, 
MDCCLI. pp. (4), 59. 8 17.71 

Sermon after the Funeral of. See Colman, B. . 16.27 
WENDELL, Jacob, b. 1715, d. 1753, and others. 

A Journal of the Proceedings of Jacob Wendell, 

Samuel Watts, Thomas Hubbard and Cham- 
bers Russel ; Commissioners to Treat with the 
Eastern Indians. Boston, 1752. pp.16. 4. 26.24 

WESLEY, Charles. Hymns. See Wesley, J 12.29 

WESLEY, John. Free Grace. A Sermon at Bristol. 
Philadelphia, Re-printed by Ben. Franklin : 
Boston : Again Re-printed, 1741. pp. 32. 8. 18.201 

Letter in Answer to Free Grace. See White- 

field, G 28.93,136 

WESLEY, John and Charles. Hymns and Sacred 
Poems. Philadelphia, MDCCXL. pp. vii, (5), 
237. 8 12.29 

WEST Indies. Acosta, J. de. Naturall and Morall 

Historic of the 32.24 

Campbell, J. Speech on sending land-forces to 

the 27.159 

Lillingston, L. Account of Captain Wilmot's 

Expedition to the 13.1 

Relation of Sir Henry Morgan his Expedition 

against the Spaniards in the, 1670. See Voy- 
ages 12.23 

The State of the Navy In relation to the Victual- 

ling, in the 26.19 

See also : America (Spanish), Sugar colonies. 
WESTMINSTER Assembly of Divines. The Confes- 
sion of Faith, with the Larger Catechism. 
With a brief Sum of Christian Doctrine. Bos- 
ton, 1723. pp. (2), 161. 8 14.37 

The Shorter Catechism. [Boston], B. Harris, 

and J.Allen, 1691. pp. 31, (3). 12 24.51 

Mather, C. The Word of Truth Divided, in the 

Assemblies Catechism. [Maschil, pp. 133-187]. 13.20 
Wadsworth, B. Essay to Explain the Assem- 
blies Catechism 14.47 

Some Observations Upon the Apologeticall Nar- 

ration 32.17 

WETMORE, James, d. 1760, aged about 66. 

A Letter Occasioned by Mr. Dickinson's Re- 

marks upon Dr. Watcrland's Discourse of lie- 
generation. New- York, MDCCXLIV. pp. 40. 

(1). 8 28.26 

Reflections upon Mr. Wetmore's Letter. See 

Dickinson, J 27.118 

Second Address to the Episcopal Separation 

in New-England. Occasioned By the Excep- 
tions [of] Mr. Wctmore. Sec Hobart, N. . . 26.79 
WHAIE-FISHERY, View of the Greenland. Elking, II. 27.50 
WHALING-SEASON, Thankfulness after the Successes 

of a. Mather, C 18.86 

WHEELER, J/)-s. Mercy, b. 1706. 

An Address to Young People. Boston, 1733. pp. 

vi, 10. 8 28.81 

Sole. The address "To tho Header," pp. vi, is 
signed " Samuel Stearns." 

Sermon after the Deliverance of. See Lord, B. 18.75 
WIII:I;I.OCK, Klea/ar, />. 1711, (7. 177'.'. 

A plain and faithful Narrative of the Indian 

Charity-School At Lebanon, Connecticut. Bos- 
ton, M.DCC. LXIII. pp. 55. 8 17.129 

Continuation of the Narrative. See Lebanon. 16.1-4 

Letter). > Kev. Mr. Davenport. .sW Williams, S. . '-S.51 
WIII^ION, \V., An Answer to, > PigOt, G. . . . 16.63 
YVnrrr., .Urn. Kli/ab.-th, >l. Mr.n. 

Experiences nf God's gracious Peal in i;. I'".-ton, 

1741. pp.21, sm. 12 28.189 




Shelf. No. 
WHITE, John, of Gloucester, d. 1760, aged 83. 

The Gospel Treasure in Burthen Vessels. A 

Sermon On the Death of John Wise. Boston, 

1725. pp. (4), 40, (2). 8 18.50, 53 

Note. The pages at the end contain " A Character 
of the Reverend John Wise. By another Hand." 

New-England's Lamentations, The Decay of the 

Power of Godliness; The Danger of Armini- 
un Principles; The Declining State of our 
Church-Order, Government and Discipline. 
Added, Reasons for Adhering to our Platform, 
and Answers to some Objections against Rul- 
ing Elders. By another Hand. As also, A 
Vindication of the Divine Authority of Ruling 
Elders. By a Provincial Assembly of Presby- 
terian Ministers at London, 1649. SecondEd., 
enlarged. Boston, 1734. pp. (4), 2, 4, 42, 10, (2), 
15. 8 16.166 

WHITE, John, Vicar of Nayland, Eng., d. about 
1760. The Dissenting Gentleman's Answer to. 
See Towgood, M 26.70,97 

WHITE, Nathaniel. 

A Vindication Of the Practice of the Church of 

Christ in the Summer-Islands, an Answer unto 
Papers lately sent from the Summer-Islands, 
by Richard Beake and Mr Norwood, lately 
published by Master Pryime in his Fresh Dis- 
covery of some prodigious New-wandring- 
blazing-Stars. [London], n. d. pp. (12), 168, 
(8). 4 31.6 

Note. Prynne's " Fresh Discovery " was published 
in 1646. 


Account of Money Received and Disbursed for 

the Orphan-House in Georgia. London, 1741. 

pp. (2), 45. 4 26.100 

Note. See below " Continnation." 

The Almost Christian. A Sermon. Added, A 

Poem on his Design for Georgia. London, 

1739. pp. 22, (I). 8 28.10 

Answer To the First and Second Part of Observa- 

tions upon the Conduct and Behaviour of the 
Methodists. In Two Letters to The Bishop 
of London. Boston, 1744. pp. (4), 16, 14, 24. 

4 26.90 

Note. The answers have separate pagings and 
titles, " An Answer To the First Part [etc.]. Boston, 
1744," and " An Answer To the Second Tart [etc.]. 
Boston, 1744," 

The Bishop of London's [E. Gibson] Pastoral 

Letter Answer'd. [With the Letter.] London, 
MDCCXXXIX. pp. (2), 33, (1). 4 26.98 

Britain's Mercies, and Britain's Duty. A Sermon 

in Philadelphia, August 24, 1746. Occasioned 
by the Suppression of the late Rebellion. 
Second Ed. Boston, 1746. pp. 22. 4 .... 26.93 
A Continuation of the Account of the Orphan- 
House in Georgia, From January 174^ to 
June 1742. Subjoin'd, Extracts from an 
Account of a Work of a like Nature, by Pro- 
fessor Frank in Glaucha near Halt in Saxony. 
Edinburgh, M.DCC.XLII. pp. 84, (1). 8" ... 16.169 

A Continuation Of Whitefield's Journal, Dur- 

ing the Time he was detained in England by 
the Embargo. Second Ed. London, 1739. pp. 

iv,40. 8" 26.261 

Same. From his leaving Stanford in New- 
England, October 20th 1740. to his Arrival at 
Falmouth in England, March 11. 1741. Boston, 

1741. pp. 40. 8 28.100 

Same. Boston, 1741. pp. 47. sm.S . . . 28.132 

Free Grace indeed I A Letter To John Wes- 
ley, Relating to His Sermon Free Grace. 

Boston, 1741. pp.39. 8 27.200 


Shelf. No. 
WHITEFIELD, George, continued. 

Journal of a Voyage from London to Gibraltar. 

Sixth Ed. Boston, 1740. pp. 54. 8 28.5 

Letter From the Reverend Mr. George White- 

field, To the Reverend John Wesley, in An- 
ewer to His Sermon, Free Grace. Boston, 

1740. pp. 31, (1). 8 28.98,136 

Letter From the Reverend Mr. Whitefleld, To 

some Church Members of the Presbyterian Per- 
swasion, in Answer to certain Scruples and 
Queries. Boston, 1740. pp. 13. 8 . 26.266 and 28.1 

A Letter To the Reverend Dr. Chauncy, On Ac- 

count of his Seasonable Thoughts on the State 
of Religion in New-England. Boston, 1745. 

pp. (2), 14. 4 26.85,89 

Letter to, Vindicating Seasonable Thoughts. 

See Chauncy, C 26.90 

The Necessity and Benefits Of Religious Socie- 

ty. A Sermon. Boston, 1740. pp. 24. 12 . 28.97 

A Sermon on Regeneration. Boston, 1739. pp. 

21. 8 26.267 

Sermons on Various Subjects. Philadelphia, B. 

Franklin, in Market-street, 1740. pp. iv, (5), 

223; iv, 224. 2v. 12 15.57 

Contents. Vol. I. Regeneration) Justification by 
Christ; Early Piety; The Almost Christian; Extent 
and Reasonableness of Self-Denial; Necessity of Re- 
ligious Society; Intercession every Christian's Duty; 
Family Religion; Sin of profane Swearing; Thank- 
fulness; Hell-Torments; Directions how to hear Ser- 
mons. II. Worldly Business no.Plea for the Neglect 
of Religion; The Marks of the New-Birth; The 
Power of Christ's Resurrection; The Duty of Search- 
ing the Scriptures; Satan's Devices; The Knowledge 
ofChrist; Drunkenness; The Indwelling of the Spir- 
it; The wise and foolish Virgins; What think ye of 
Christ? Several Prayers. 

f A Short Narrative of the Extraordinary Work 

at Cambuslang. Boston : Re-printed, 1742. pp. 

24. 8 27.171 

Some Remarks On a late Pamphlet, The State 

of Religion in New-England, since Mr. White- 
field's Arrival there. Glasgow, 1742. pp. 32. 

8 28.133 

Same. SecondEd. Boston, 1743. pp. 26. 8" . 28.95, 137 

Preface to The Experience of R. Cruttenden. 

See Cruttenden, R 27.202 and 28.10J 

Anonymous pamphlets on WMtefield. 

Some Observations on Mr. Whitefield, and his 

Opposers. Boston, 1740. pp. 15. 8" . 22.40 and 28.7 

The Trial of Mr. Whitefield's Spirit. In some 

Remarks upon his Fourth Journal. Boston, 

1741. pp. 46. 8 26.260 

A Vindication Of Mr. Whitefield against espe- 

cially, The Testimony of the Gentlemen at 
College. Boston, 1745. pp. 15. 8 26.258 

Against Whitefield. 

Bisset, J. Letter in reply to a Scotch apologist 

for 28.4 

Gushing, C. Letter to the Ministers of Boston 

and Charlestowu, relating to the Admission of 

Mr. Whitefield into their Pulpits 26.96 

Declaration of the Rector and Tutors Against. 

See New Haven. Yale College 28.8 

Garden, A. Six Letters to 26.268 

Henchman, N. Letter to the Reverend William 

Hobby, Occasioned by his Letter, In Vindica- 
tion of 26.87 

Reasons For declining to admit Mr. Whitefield 

into his Pulpit 28.3 

Letter to the Reverend Mr. Foxcroft, Being an Ex- 

aminatio-n of his Apology for 26.95 




Shelf. No. 
WHITEFIELD, George, co>itiniiJ. 

Niles, S. The- Sentiments of an Association of 

Ministers (at Weymouth) Concerning. . 28.102,134 

Pickering, T. Letter to : Touching his Relation 

to the Church of Kmjland; his Impulses; and 

the present unhappy .State- of Things, &c. . . 26.88 

Prentice, J. The. Testimony Of an Association 

of Ministers at Marlborough Against . . . 26.255, 259 

Querists, The 26.205 

State, The-, of Religion in New-England since 

Whiteti. Id's Arrival there 26.263 

The Testimony of the President, Professors, Tu- 

tors and Hebrew Instructor, against. See 
Cambridge. Harvard College 26.262 

Wigglesworih, E. Two Discourses After White- 

field's preaching at Cambridge 26.254 

In favor of Whitefteld. 

Accounts of the Propagation and Revival of Re- 

ligion in Great Britain and America. See 
Christian History 26.9 

Applcton, N. Two Discourses, Occasioned by 

the Preaching of 26.101 

Blair, 8. A Particular Consideration of The 

Querists 28.99 

Chanler.I. Character of 16.250 and 28.2 

Croswell, A. Answer to the Rev. Mr. Garden's 

Three First Letters to 28.6,9 

Edwards, J. Two Letters Cited by the Rev. Mr. 

Clap, concerning 28.138 

Extract of a letter from the Rev. Mr. Shurtleff of 

Portsmouth concerning. , See Christian His- 
tory 26.9 

Erskine, R. Letter to 28.103 

Finley, S. Letter to a Friend in defence of . 28.96 

Foxcroft, T. An Apology in Behalf of . 17 143 and 26.86 
Sermon occasion'd by the Visit of . . 16.92 and 26.94 

Seward, "W. Journal of a Voyage from Savan- 

nah to Philadelphia, and from Philadelphia to 
England with 27.23 

Shurtleff, W. Letter to Those Who refuse to 

admit Whitcfield Into their Pulpits 26.84 

Smith, J. The Character, Preaching, &c. of . . 28.135 
WHITING, J. Truth and Innocency Defended ; Against 

Falsehood and Envy. In Answer to Cotton 
Mather his Calumnies, Lyes and Abuses of the 
Quakers, in his Church-History of New Eng- 
land. London, 1702. pp. 212, (1). 8 .... 12.20 

Address to the Christian Reader of An Holy 

Connexion, etc. See Fitch, J 26.148 

WHITING, Samuel. 

Preface to the Reader of The Cause of God, etc. 

See Higginson, J 18.1 

WHITMAN, Samuel, d. 1751, aged 75. 

A Discourse of God's Omniscience; the Benefit 

of Living under a realizing apprehension of 
God's Eye. February, 1732, 3. N. London, 
1733. pp. (2), 26. 8 18.251 

Practical Godliness the. Way to Prosperity. [An 

Klce.tion] Sermon [in] Connecticut, May 13, 
1714. New-London, 1714. pp. (2), 44. sm. 8 . 28.129 
WHITTI'.I.SKV, Samuel, (I. 17.VJ, aged 66. 

A Publick Spirit Described & Recommend. <!. 

| \nElection] Sermon, at Hartford May 13th 
17.ll. N. London, 1731. pp. (2), 45. 8. . . 18.269 
_ Tin K '.'.irds due to such as h:ive tieen Eminent 
& Useful. A Discourse Occasioned by the 
|>.>:ilh of .lolni Hall. Boston, MDCCXXX. 
VP.(4),:U. 8 18.51 

The woful Condition of Impenitent Souls in their 

Separate State. A Sermon in Boston, April 

4. I7:;i. Boston, 1731. pp. (8), 23. 8 .. 10.53,60,77 

, ,/, . An mMri" "To ilu' Ki'iidiT," pp.4, ia 
Tlic'miiH re. \crcilt, Cliiirlrs riiainicy." 

Shelf. No. 
WIGGLESWORTFI, Edward, <!. 17ti:>, ayd 72. 

The Blessedness of the Dead who die in the Lord. 

A Sermon, April 0. 17:U. In tin; Hall of Har- 
vard-College, Upon the News of the Death of 
Thomas Hollis. Boston, 1731. pp. (4), iv, 23. 8. 17.61 

\'itr. The "Preface," pp. iv, ia signed "Benjamin 

A Discourse Concerning The Duration of the 

Punishment of the Wicked in a Future State. 
In Boston, April 24th. 1729. Boston, SIDCC.- 
xxix. pp. (4), 19. 8 16.117 

The Doctrine of Reprobation, being the Sub- 

stance of some Lectures in Harvard College. 
Boston, 1763. pp. 48. 8" 26.73 

Enquiry into the Truth of the Imputation of the 

Guilt of Adam's Sin to his Posterity. The 
Substance of several private Lectures in Har- 
vard College. Boston, 1738. pp. (8), 90. 8 . . 16.131 

A Faithful Servant of Christ, Described and 

Rewarded. A Sermon, After the Funeral of 
Benjamin Wadsworth. Boston, 1737. pp. (2), 
18. 8 17.175 

Sober Remarks on [J. Checkley's] A Modest 

Proof of the Order & Government settled by 
Christ and his Apostles in the Church. Bos- 
ton, 1724. pp. (4). 78, (1). 8 27.181 

Same. Second Ed. Boston, 1724. pp. (8), 126. 8. 27.165 

Reply to Sober Remarks, &c. See Checkley, J. 28.14 

Some distinguishing Characters of the Extra- 

ordinary and Ordinary Ministers of the Church 
of Christ. Two Discourses at the Publick 
Lectures, in Harvard-College, November 12th 
and 19th. 1754. After Whitefield's preaching 
at Cambridge. Boston, 1754. pp. 34. 8 . . 26.254 

Some Evidences of the Divine Inspiration of the 

Scriptures of the Old Testament, From the 
Testimony of Jesus Christ and his Apostles in 
the New : Briefly considered at the Lecture 
in Harvard-College, June 24 th - 1755. Boston, 
1755. pp. 26. 8 16.41 

Some Thoughts upon the Spirit of Infallibility, 

Claimed by the Church of Rome : Offer'd at 
the Dudleian-Lecture, at Harvard-College, 
May 11. 1757. Boston, MDCCLVII. pp. 31. 8. 17.225 

The Sovereignty of God in the Exercises of his 

Mercy. Two Lectures at Harvard College. 

Boston, 1741. pp. 35. 8 23.43 

WIGGLESWORTH, Michael, d. 1705, aged 73. 

t The day of Doom: or, A Description Of the 

Last Judgment. With a Discourse about 
Eternity. London, 1673. pp. (4), 92. 12' . . 15.15 

Meat out of the Eater or Meditations Concerning 

The Necessity of Afflictions. Fourth I-M. Bos- 
ton. Printed by R. P. for John Usher. 1689. pp. 

208. 8 14.32 

jVbre. The Meditations are followed by "Riddles 
unriddled, or Christian Paradox. Broke 'Pi'n, sniell- 
in;; like a sweet Spice taken out of Boxes." Both are 
in verse. 

Passages in the Life and Death, and in the Writ- 

ten Experiences of, With a Funeral Sermon 

for. See Mather, C 2S.107 

WIGGLKSWOUTII, .Samuel, l>. 10S9, <t. 1708. 

The Blessedness of such as trust in Christ. A 

Discourse in Ipswieh, March ->>tli. 17.v>. A 
Day of Fasting and Prayer. Boston, 1755. pp. 
(41,' US. 8. 18.73 

An I'.ssay for Reviving Urli-ion. [An Election] 

Sermon, May 80th. M i><v\\xui. Boston, 
MiMV\\\m. pp. (4), 36. 8 17.117 

The excellency <>f the Gospel-Message; with 

(lie Piity and Pi-nity of the Messengers of 
Christ. A Sermon in Yarmouth, .Inn.- '."J. 
1727. At Hie Ordination of .T.'Mah IVnnis. 
Boston, 1727. pp. (4), 23. S 18.47 




Shelf. No. 
WIGGLESWORTH, Samuel, continued. 

God's Promise to an obedient People, of Vic- 

tory. A Discourse in Ipswich, May 25th. 
1755. [To] Soldiers going against Crown- 
Point. Boston, 1755. pp. (2), 29. 8 .... 18.79 

The Pleasures of Religion. A Sermon Preached 

to a Society of Young Men, At Ipswich. Bos- 
ton, 1728. pp. (4), iv, 34. 8 18.48 

A Religious Fear of God's Tokens. A Sermon 

at Ipswich, November 1. 1727. A Day of Hu- 
miliation on account of the Earthquake, 1727. 
Boston, 1728. pp. (4), iii, 42. 8 18.130 

and Cbipman, John. Remarks on Some Points 

of Doctrine, Propagated By the Reverend Wil- 
liam Balch. Boston, MDCCXLVI. pp 44. 8 . 26.72 
Answer to the Remarks. See Balch, W. . . . 26.71 

WIGHTMAN, Daniel, of Newport, R. I. A Looking- 

Glass for Elder Wightman. See Claggett, W. 22.59 

WILCOCKS, or Wilcox, T. A Choice Drop of Honey, 
from the Rock Christ. Or, A Word of Advice, 
in order to a Reformation. Eighth Ed. Bos- 
ton, 1741. pp.23. 12 28.142 

WILLARD, Joseph, Sermon After the Indians had 

Kill'd. See Loring, 1 18.204 

WILLARD, Josiah, d. 1756. A Poem Sacred to' the 
Memory of the Honorable Josiah Willard. 
Boston, M.DCC.LVH. pp. 16. 4 20.199 

WILLARD, Mrs. Katharin, d. 1725. Essay Produced 

by the Death of. See Mather, C 18.56 

WILLARD, Samuel, b. 1640, d. 1707. 

The Barren Fig Trees Doom. Or, the Danger 

of all who abide Unfruitful under Gospel-Priv- 
iledges. The Substance of Sixteen Sermons. 
Boston, Printed by Benjamin Harris, and John 
Allen, 1691. pp. (6), 300. 8 14.6, 8, 27 

The Best Priviledge. Or, A Sermon wherein 

the Great advantage of enjoying the Oracles 
of God is displayed. Boston, June 19th. 1701. 
Boston, 1701. pp. (2), 30. 8 14.42 

Brief Directions to a Young Scholar, for the 

Study of Divinity. Boston, 1735. pp. (4), iv, 

7. 8 18.154 and 27.207 

A Brief Discourse Concerning Laying the Hand 

on the Bible in Swearing. London, 1689. pp. 

(4) ( 8. 4 16.104, 17.138 and 26.186 

Note. The address "To the Reader," is signed 
" M. I." 

A Brief Discourse of Justification : in several 

Sermons. Boston, Samuel Phillips, 1686. pp. 

(6), 168. 8 24.3 

The Character Of a Good Ruler. [An Election] 

Sermon, May 30. 1694. Boston, Michael Perry, 
1694. pp. (6), 31. 8 28.175 

The Checkered State of the Gospel Church. 

A Sermon on September 18th. 1701. Being a 
Day of Fa&ting and Prayer. Boston, 1701. 
pp.64. 8 18.80 

The Christians Exercise By Satans Temptations. 

The Substance of several Sermons. Boston, 

1701. pp. (4), 268. S 14.41 and 24.7 

Note. Pages 217-2GS contain "Brotherly Love De- 
scribed and Directed, Two Sermons in Boston, 1701." 

A Compleat Body of Divinity in Twp Hundred 

and Fifty Expository Lectures on the Assem- 
bly's Shorter Catechism. Boston, MDCCXXVT. 

pp. (2), iv, 1-666, 581-914, (1). f ' 30.3,4,5 

2fote. "The Preface," pp. iv, is signed "Joseph 
Sewall. Thomas Prince." " The largest [work] that 
was ever Printed Here, and the first of Divinity in 
a Folio Volumn." Preface. " By reason of several 
Presses being made use of in this Large Work, it has 
fallen out (as is frequent in such cases) that the Pages 
for a considerable way, are numbered over again," 
Note on the first p. 606. 

The Danger of Taking God's Name in Vain. A, 

Shelf. No 
WILLARD, Samuel, continued. 

Sermon. Boston, Printed by Benjamin Harris, 

and John Allen, 1691. pp. (2), 30. 8 .... 28.171 

The Doctrine of the Covenant of Redemption. 

Boston, Printedby Benj. Harris, 1093. pp. (8), 

165. 8 24.33 

Note. An address "To the Reader," pp. 7, is 
signed " Increase Mather." 

The Duty of a People that have Renewed their 

Covenant with God. A Sermon, March 17. 
16yg. Boston, Printed by John Foster, 1680. 
pp. (2), 13. 4 16.97 

Evangelical Perfection. Or How far the Gospel 

requires Believers to Aspire after being com- 
pleatly Perfect. A Lecture, June 10th. 1694. 
See, below, his "Fountain Opened" .... 24.25 

The Fear of an Oath. Or, Some Cautions to be 

used about Swearing. A Sermon, January 
30,1700,1. Boston, 1701. pp. 29. 8 . . .18.234,265 

The Fountain Opened: or, The Great Gospel 

Priviledge of having Christ exhibited to Sin- 
full Men. Boston, 1700. pp. (4), 208, (2). 8. 24.25 

Pages 16r-20S contain his "Evangelical Perfec- 

Same. Second Ed. Boston, 1722. pp. (2), 40. 

8 27.194 

Same. Third Ed. [No imprint.] pp. 24. 

4 17 .149 and 25.36 

yote. The first edition contains six doctrines, ap- 
parently so many separate sermons on the same text, 
Zech. xiii. 1. The second edition contains only five 
pages of introductory matter, the fifth Doctrine, and 
appendix by Samuel Sewall, pp. 31-40. The third 
edition contains the same matter, the appendix filling 
pages 16-24. 

Heavenly Merchandize; or The Purchasing of 

Truth Recommended and the Selling of it Dis- 
awaded. Several Sermons. Boston, Joseph 
Brunning, 16S6. pp. (6), 171. 8 . . 15.21 and 28.170a 

The High Esteem Which God hath of the Death 

of his Saints. A Sermon October 7. 1683. Oc- 
casioned by the Death of John Hull. Boston 
Bamuel Sewall : 1683. pp. (2), 20. 4 .... 27.93 

JVbte. Verses "In obitum Johannis Hull Armi- 
geri," pp. 19-20, are signed " Elijah Corlet." 

Israel's True Safety : a Sermon, On March 15th. 

1704. a Day for Fasting and Prayer. Boston, 

1704. pp. (2), 34. 8 14.38 

Jfote. "J. Danforth's " Vile Prophanafions " and 
J. Dudley's " Declaration," though paged separately, 
have continuous signatures with this sermon. 

The La-w Established by the Gospel or, the Gos- 

pel way of Justification by Faith. A Sermon 
in Boston, September 20. 1694. Boston, Mi- 
chael Perry, at the West-End of the Exchange, 

1694. pp.39. 8 28.177 

The Man of War. [An Artillery-election] Ser- 
mon. Boston, Benjamin Eliot, 1699. pp. 30. 
8 23.18 

Mercy Magnified on a Penitent Prodigal. Sun- 

dry Sermons, Boston, Samuel Philips, 1684. 

pp. (6), 391, (1). 8 14.26 

The Mourners Cordial Against Excessive Sor- 
row. Boston, Printed by Benjamin Harris, 
and John Allen, 1691. pp. (4), 137. 8. . 14.28,30 

The Peril of the Times Displayed. Or The Dan- 
ger of Mens taking up with a Form of Godli- 
ness. The Substance of several Sermons. 

Boston, 1700. pp. 168. 12 15.42 and 25.10 

Jfote. The address "To the Reader," is signed 
"Increase Mather." 

Promise-Keeping A Great Duty. A Sermon. 

Boston, Printed by Benjamin Harris, and 
John Allen, 1691. pp. (2), 28. 8 28.172 




Shelf. No. 
WILLARD, Samuel, continued. 

Reformation The Great Duty of an Afflicted Peo- 

ple. The Substance of what was Preached on 
a Day of Humiliation kept by the Third 
Church in Boston, August. 23d. 1694. Boston, 
Bartholomew Green, 1694. pp.76. 8 . . . . 28.176 

A Remedy against Despair. Or A Discourse 

wherein Great .Sinners are Encouraged in 
Praying to God for Pardon. The Substance 
of Two Sermons in Boston, 1699. Boston, 1700. 
pp.70. 8 25.28 

Rules For the Discerning of the Present Tiroes. 

A Sermon in Boston; November 27th. 1692. 
Boston Printed by Benjamin Harris, 1693. pp. 
(2), 30. 8 28.174 

f A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of John 

Leveret. Boston, John Foster, 1679. pp. (2), 

13. 4" 27.92 

The Siufulness of Worshipping God with Men's 

Institutions. Delivered in a Sermon. [Bos- 
ton], Printed by Benjamin Harris, and John 
Allen, at the London-Coffee-house, 1691. pp. 
(2), 29. 8 28.173 

Spiritual Desertions Discovered and Remedied. 

The Substance of divers Sermons. Boston, 
Printed by B. Green, and J. Allen, fc/r Michael 
Perry and Benjamin Eliot, 1699. pp.144. 12. 15.30 

A Thanksgiving Sermon, December, 1705. On 

the Return of a Gentleman from his Travels. 
London, 1709. pp.16. 8" 17.106 

Walking with God, the Great Duty and Privi- 

ledge Of true Christians. Two Sermons in 

1700. Boston, 1701. pp. 56. 8 24.26 

Address to the Christian Reader of An Answer 

to George Keith's Libel. See Makemie, F. . 15.2 

Address To the Reader of Late Memorable 

Providences. See Mather, C 13.26 

Preface to Our Dying Saviour's Legacy. See 

Higginson, J 15.6 

Preface to Unfruitful Hearers. See Walter, N. . 15.19 

The Principles of the Protestant Religion main- 

tained. See Allen, J 28.187 

Answer to. See Keith, G 13.7 

Colman, B. A Poem on Elijah's Translation, 

Occasion'd by the Death of .... 14.21, 23 and 28.108 

Pemberton, E. Sermon on the Death of ... 14.21 

Bewail, 8. Upon Mr. Samuel Willard, his first 

coming into the Assembly 24.24 

WILLIAMS, Abraham, b. 1727, d. 1784. 

A Sermon, May 26. 1762. The Day for the Elec- 

tion. Boston, M,DCC,LXII. pp. (4), 28. 8 . 17.79 
WILLIAMS, Daniel. 

Preface to Reasonable Religion. See Mather, C. 13.55 
WILLIAMS, Eleazar, d. 1742, aged 53. 

An Essay to prove, That when God once enters 

upon aControversie.Withllis Professing Peo- 
ple ; He will Manage and Issue it. [An Elec- 
tion] Sermon at Hartford in Connecticut, May 
9th. 1723. New-London, 1723. pp. (2), 64. 
8 18.194 

Sensible Sinners Invited to Come to Christ. The 

substance of three Sermons at Mansfield, 1735. 

N. London, 1735. pp. (4), vi, 58, (1). 8 . . . 16.290 

Discourse the Day of the Interment of. See 

Williams, 8 18.57 

WILLIAMS, Elisha, b. 1694, d. 1755. 

Divine Grace Illustrious, in the Salvation of Sin- 

ners. A Sermon in the Audience of thn Gen- 
eral Assembly of Connecticut, At New-Haven, 
Octob. 22. 1727. N. London, 1728. pp. (4), 47. 
8 18.151,268 

f The essential Rights and Lii>ertii <>r Protest- 

ants. A Plea for The Liberty of i <>n-. n nee, 
and The Ki^hl ( private Judgment. Huston, 
1744. pp. (2), 00. 8. [See Addenda.] . . . . iy,.H7 

Shelf. No. 

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Eunice, Sermon on the Behalf of. 

See Williams, S 14.15 

WILLIAMS, John, >>p., b. 1034, d. 1709. fA Brief Dis- 
course Concerning the Lawfulness of Worship- 
ping God by the Common-Prayer. Being in 
Answer To a Book, Entituled, A Brief Dis- 
course concerning the Unlawfulness of the 
Common-Prayer Worship. Lately Printed in 
New-England. London, MDCXCIII. pp. (4), 
36. 4 , . . . 16.93 

WILLIAMS, John, b. 1664, d. 1729. 

God in the Camp. A Sermon in Boston, March 

6th. 1706, 7. Boston, 1707. pp. (2), 22. 8 . . 2-8.123 

The Redeemed Captive, Returning to Zion. The 

Deliverance of John Williams; who, by the In- 
dians, was carried away unto Canada. By Him- 
self. Annexed a Sermon, upon his Return, in 
Boston, December 5 1706. Third Ed. Also an 
Account of those taken Captive at DeerfieM, 
February 29, 1703, 4. With a Conclusion. By 
the Rev. Mr. Williams of Springfield, and the 
Rev. Mr. Prince. Boston, 1758. pp. (4), iv, 104. 
8" 22.18 

Note. The sermon has a separate title page, Re- 
ports of Divine Kindness : or, Remarkable Mercies, 
Should be Faithfully Published. A Sermon. After his 
Return from a doleful Captivity, pp. 70-104. 

A Serious Word to the Posterity of Holy Men. 

The Abstract of a Number of Sermons. Bos- 
ton, MDCCXXIX. pp. (4), 60. 12 16.259 

Sermon Upon Occasion of the Death of. See 

Foxcroft, T 17.66,171 

WILLIAMS, Jonathan, d. 1737, aged 63. Sermon after 

the Funeral of. See Chauncy, C 17 .M 

WILLIAMS, Nathanael, d. 1738, aged 63. Funeral 

Sermon on. See Prince, T 18.38 

WILLIAMS, Roger, b. 1599, d. 1683. 

The Blovdy Tenent, of Persecution, for cause 

of Conscience, discussed, n. p. ,1644. pp. (24), 

247. 4 12.10 

The Bloudy Tenent, washed. See Cotton, J. 21.16 

and 27.94 

George Fox Digg'd out of his Burrowes. Bos- 

ton, Printed by John Foster, 1676. pp. (8), 

208, 119. 4 12.3 

Answer unto George Fox Digged out of his 

Burrows. See Fox, G 11.23 

A Key into the Language of America : or, An 

help to the Language of the Natives in New- 
England. With Observations of the Customes 
of the Natives. Added Spirituall Observations. 
London, 1643. pp. (16), 197 [205], (3). 8.. 24.18 
WILLIAMS, Solomon, b. 1700, d. 177<">. 

The Power and Efficacy of the Prayers of the 

People of God. A Sermon at Mansfield, Aug. 
4. 1741. At a Time set apart for Prayer for 
the Revival of Religion ; and on the Behalf of 
Mrs. Eunice, Daughter of the Reverend John 
Williams, from Canada; where she has been 
in a long Captivity. Boston, 1742. pp. (4), 28. 
12 14.15 

The Servants of Christ ought to bo quickned to 

Diligence, Zeal, and Faithfulness in their 
Work, because they must shortly die. A Dis- 
course at Mansliel.l, S-pt. 23. 174.'. The l'.-iy 
of the Interment of Klea/er Williams. Bos- 
ton, 1743. pp. (4), 22. 8 18.57 

The True State of the Question concerning The 

Qualifications Necessary to Communion. An 
Answer to Jonathan IMwarda his humble In- 
quiry. Boston, ITol. pp. (-2), vi, 144. 4" . . 17.245 

lieply to The True State of the (JneMioii. See 

Ivhvanls, J 26.61 

A Vindiealion of the < !ii>e!-l >oet vine <if ,luti- 

An Answer IK Andrew CroMVell's 




Shelf. No. 
WILLIAMS, Solomon, continued. 

"What is Christ to Me, if He is not Mine?" 
[and] to his Answer to Giles Firmin's Eight 
Arguments. Boston, 1746. pp. 95. 4 ... 26.65 
A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Prince. See Daven- 
port, J 28.23 

and Wheelock, Eleazar. Two Letters to The 

Rev. Mr. Davenport, Which were The prin- 
cipal Means of his late Retractation. With a 
Letter from Mr. Davenport. Boston, 1744. 

pp. 31. 8 28.51 

WILLIAMS, Stephen. 

Right Hand of Fellowship at the Ordination of 

John Sargent. See Appleton, N 17.196, 233 

WILLIAMS, William, 5. 1665, d. 1741. 

The Death of a Prophet. A Sermon at North- 

ampton, Feb. 13. 1729. On the Interment of 
Solomon Stoddard. Boston, 1729. pp. (4), 28. 
8 18.28 

The Duty and Interest of a People, among whom 

Religion has been planted, to Continue Sted- 
fast and Sincere in it. With Directions for 
such as are Concerned to obtain a true Conver- 
sion. Added, Part of a Letter from Jonathan 
Edwards of Northampton. Giving an Account 
of the late wonderful Work of God in those 
Parts. Boston, M.DCC.XXXVI. pp. (2), viii, 120, 

(2), 38, 19. 8 14.19 

Note. The " Directions " have a separate title- 
page and paging. 

An Essay to prove The Interest of the Children 

of Believers In the Covenant. And the Obli- 
gations of both Parents and Children. Bos- 
ton, 1727. pp. (4), viii, 42. 8 28.31 

The Great Concern of Christians, And Especially 

of Ministers, To Preserve the Doctrine of 
Christ in it's Purity. A Sermon at Watertown, 
June 11. 1723. At the Ordination of Warham 
Williams. Boston, MDCCXXIII. pp. (4), 28. 
8" 18.173 

The Great Duty of Ministers To Advance the 

Kingdom of God. Boston, 1726. pp. (4), 28. 8. 18.64 

The Great Salvation in the Gospel Explained, 

and an hearty Acceptance of it Urged. Several 
Sermons. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), vii, 195, (1), 
8. 12 14.43 

Note. There is an address "To the Reader," pp. 
vii, signed " Benjamin Colman." 

The Honour of Christ Advanced by the Fidelity 

of Ministers. A Sermon at Westfield, at the 
Ordination of Nehemiah Bull, October26. 1726. 
Boston, 1728. pp. (2), 22. 8 18.278 

A Painful Ministry the Gift of the Lord of the 

Harvest. A Sermon at the Ordination of Ste- 
phen Williams, in Springfield, October 17th. 
1716. Boston, 1717. pp. (2), 25. 8 18.178 

A Plea for God, and An Appeal to the Con- 

sciences of a People Declining in Religion. 
[AnElection] Sermon, May 27th, 1719. Boston, 
1719. pp. 42. 8 18.94 

The Work of Ministers And the Duty of 

Hearers, a Sermon at Deerfield, Novemb. 8. 
1732. Upon the Ordination of Jonathan Ash- 
ley. Boston, 1733. pp. (4), 26. 8 17.204 

Charge at the Ordination of John Sargent. See 

Appleton, N 17.196,233 

WILLIAMS, William, b. 1688, d. 1760. 

Christ living in the Saints, the Life of their 

Spirits, and the Pledge of the Resurrection of 
their Bodies. A Sermon, after the Death of 
Caleb Lyman. Boston, 1743. pp. 31. 8 . . 17.36 

God the Strength of Rulers and People. [An 

Election] Sermon, May 27th. 1741. Boston, 
MDCCXLI. pp. (4), 52. 8 17.95 

Shelf. No. 
WILLIAMS, William, continued. 

The Office and Work of Gospel-Ministers. A 

Sermon at Button, October 15. 1729. At the 
Ordination of David Hall. Boston, MDCC- 
XXIX. pp. (4), 34. 8 17.269 and 27.149 

The serious Consideration, That God will visit 

and judge Men for Sin. A Sermon at Cam- 
bridge, September 15th. 1738. On the Execu- 
tion of Philip Kennison, For Burglary. Bos- 
ton, 1738. pp.23. 8 16.118 


A Letter to James Fisher, containing Expostu- 

lations concerning his Unfair-dealing in his Re- 
view of Mr. Bobe's Preface. Second Ed. cor- 
rected. Edinburgh, 1743. pp.47, (1). 12 . 28.146 

Looking to Jesus. An Exhortation To fly to 

Jesus by Faith. Boston, 1743. pp. (2), 34. 

8 18.245 

Note. Pages 33, 34 contain verses, " Looking unto 
Jesus. By another Hand." 

WILMOT, or Willmott, R. Reflections on Mr. Bur- 
chet's Account of Captain Wilmot's Expedition 
to the West-Indies. See Lillingstou, L. . . . 13.1 

WILSON, John. 

Preface to The Cause of God and His People. 

See Higginson, J 18.1 and 26.139,180 

WINDHAM County, Conn. A Letter from the Asso- 
ciated Ministers to the People. Boston, 

M,DCC,XLV. pp. 52. 8 26.5T 

Note. Relates chiefly to the doctrines taught by 
Elisha Paine. 
WINSLOW, Edward. 

Address to all that are Faithful in Christ Jesus, 

etc. See Cambridge, Mass. Synod. Plat- 
form, etc 27.82 


See Cooper, W. (16.19); Mather, C. (13-24); Mather, I. 
WINTHROP, John, and others. 

The Hvmble Reqvest of Ms Maiesties loyall 

Subjects, the Governour and the Company late 
gone for New-England ; To the rest of their 
Brethren, in and of the Church of England. For 
the obtaining of their Prayers, and the re- 
movall of suspitions, and mis-constructions of 
their Intentions. London, 1630. pp. (2), 10. 

40 27.103 

Same. See Massachusetts or The first Plan- 
ters of New-England 23 - 60 

WINTHROP, Waite, and others. 

Letter "To Sir Edmond Andros Kt." See By- 

field, N 26 - 188 

WISE, Jeremiah, d. 1756. 

A Funeral Sermon upon Charles Frost. Boston, 

1725. pp. (2), 34. 8" 18.23,52 

Prayer for a Succession and full Supply of Gos- 
pel Ministers. A Sermon at the Ordination of 
James Pike, in Summersworth in Dover, Octo- 
ber 28th, 1730. Boston, 1731. pp.63. 8". . 18.164 

jfbte. _" The Charge, Given by the Reverend Mr. 
Jonathan Cushing," pp. 59-61. " The Right Hand of 
Fellowship, By the Reverend Mr. Rogers," pp. 62, 63. 

Rulers the Ministers of God for the Good of 

their People. [AnElection] Sermon, May 28. 

1729. Boston, 1729. pp. 54, (1). 8" 17.113 

Postscript to The Confession of Patience Samp- 
son. See Boston, alias Sampson, P 27.206 

WISE, John, d. 1725, Sermon On the Death of. See 

White, J 18 ' 50 ' 53 

WISWALL, Samuel, d. 1746, aged 67. Character of. 

See Balch,T. [Preaching the Gospel, pp. 36]. 17.188 


See Hale, J. (15.3) ; Lawson, D. (24.10) ; Mather, 
C. (Late 13.26 ; Memorable 13.29 ; Wonders 23.8) ; 
Mather, I. (23.4,7). 




Shelf. No. 
WOLCOTT, Roger, b. 1679, d. 1767. 

Poetical Meditations. With a Preface By tho Rev- 

erend Mr. Bulkley. New-London, 1723. pp. 

(2),vi,ii,78, (4). 8 24.9 

Xnte. The last three pages contain an " Advertise- 
ment," hints in regard to the making of cloth, signed 
"Joseph Dewey." 

WOMAN. A Discourse Which Directs the Female- 
Sex how to Express the Fear of God. See 
Mather, C 13.36 

WOOD, William. New Englands Prospect. A true 
description of New England. London, 1634. 
pp. (6), 98,' (5). 4 26.237 

Note. Five pages at the end contain lists of Indian 
words. It has a map of the South part of New Eng- 
land. Other editions were printed in 1035 and 16C9. 

WOODHRIDGE, Timothy, d. 1732, aged nearly 80. 

Jesus Christ doth Actually Reign on the Earth. 

[An Election] Sermon. At Hartford, May 
llth. 17l!7. N. London, 1727. pp. (4), 33. 8. 18.267 
WOODWARD, John, d. 1746, aged 74. 

Civil Rulers are God's Ministers, for the Peoples 

Good. [An Election] Sermon, at Hartford, 

May, 8th. 1712. Boston, 1712. pp. (2), 46. 12. 18.189 
WOOLLEN trade, The. See Consequences of trade . 26.132 
WORD, A, of Advice, To such as are settling new 

Plantations. [Colophon] Boston, 1739. pp. 15. 

8 27.119 

WORD, The, of God magnified by Him. [n. p., 

17.] pp. 5-32. 8 27.31 

Shelf. No. 

WORLD. Mape of the Terrestrial Globe, 1684. 

I'.ihTson, J 32.25 

WORTIII.NGTON, William, b. 1695, d. 1756. 
The Duty of Rulers and Teachers in Unitedly 
Leading God's People. [An Election] Sermon, 
at Hartford, May 10th, 1744. N. London, 1744. 
pp. (2), 43. 8 18.190 

WRIGHT, S. A Treatise Of being Born Again With- 
out which No Man can be Saved. A Dis- 
course. Sixteenth Ed. Boston, MDCCXXXVIII. 
pp. (2),viii,168. 12 24.11 

WYMAN. Jacob, Case between Joseph Crosby and. 

See Crosby, J 26.127 

WYNNE, J., bp. Sermon Preached before the Society 
for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts, 19th of February, 1724. London, 1725. 
pp. 63, (1). 8 32.6 

Note. With "An Abstract of the Proceedings of the 
Society from the 21st of February, 1723, to the 19th of 
February, 1724;" "A List of the Missionaries, and of 
the Members." 

YOUNG, The. 

See Adams, E. (18.246); Barnard, J. (18.123); Cook, 
W. (1C.219); Cooper, W. (28.193); Cotton, J. (14.51); 
Emerson, J.(](i.2G3); Foxcroft, T. (12.30,37) ; Haven, E. 
(18.253); Mather, C. 03.41); Moodey, S. (15.45); Smith, 
J. (1C.228); Wheeler, M. (28.81). See also: Children, 

ZALMONAH. Mather, C 28.84 


Shelf. No. 

AA, P. van der. Catalogus librorum bibliothecae 
J. van Westrenen. Quorum auctio habe- 
bitur. Lugd. Batav., 1692. pp. 46. 8 ... 28.117 

Catalogus librorum, quibus usus est J. E. "Weer- 

kamp. Quorum publica not auctio. Lugduni 
Batavorum, MDCCXL. pp. (2), 38. 8. . 28.114, 116 

ABARBENEL,or Abrabencl,!. Prooemium commenta- 

riorum in Leviticum. See Moses Ben Maimon. 40a.2 

ABBOT, G., abp. of Canterbury. An exposition vpon 

lonah. Sermons. London, 1600. 8 .... 46.1 

ABERDEEN, Scotland, Ansvveres of some brethren 
of the ministerie to the replies of the profes- 
sors at. Henderson, A 32.28 

ABSTRACT, An, of certaine acts of parlement : iniunc- 
tions : canons, constitutions and synodals pro- 
Tiinciall. n.p., 1583. pp. (70). 4 58.1 

ABSTRACT of certeine acts of parliament. See Answer 

to the abstract 58.2 

ABSTRACT, Answer to the answerer to the. Fenner, 

D 58.29 

ABD Yusuf Yakub Ibn Ishak Ibn As Sabbah, called 
Alkindi. De gradibvs medicinarvm. See 
Miet, P. ." 35.17 

ACCOUNT, An, of several acts passed the last session 
of parliament. [No title-page. London, 1729.] 
pp. 2. 4 26.15 

ADAGIA. [Hanoviaa], M.DC.XXIX. f 00.1 

yote. For list of contents see the First Supple- 
ment to Bates Hall Index. 

ADAM. Bellarmini liber de gratia primi hominis cas- 

tigatus. See Pareus, D 60.41 

ADAM, M. Decades dvse continentes vitas theologo- 
rvm exterorvm principvm. Fraucofvrti, 
M. DC. XVHI. 8 10a.ll 

Vitae Germanorum theologorum. Ilaidelbergse, 

M.DC.xx. 4 10a.8 

ADAMSON,P., bp. of St. Andreivs, Vindication of the 
church of Scotland from the calumnies of, with 

his Recantation. See Bailie, R 32.20 

./ELIANUS, C. Varise histories libri xim. Cum Lat. 
interpretatione. Ed. emend. Colonise Allo- 

brogum, M.DC.XXX. 16 75.27 

Same. Cum Lat. interpretatione I. W. Wet- 

terani. Lvgd., Cio. ID. xxcvil. 8 75.24 

G. See Oemler, Gr. 
Opera. See Demosthenes 71.11 

uEschinis in Ctesiphontem et Demosthenis de 

corona oratio. Interpr. Lat. adj. P. Foulkes, 

J. Freind. 'Ex Oovia, [1696]. 8 75.1 

-Esopcs. Fabvlae. Grabriaj Grseci fabellse XLIII. Ba- 
Tpaxojavo/j.axia Homcri, PaAe<o;oivojuaxia, omnia 
cum Lat. interpr. Ace. Auieni fabulse. Ed. 

post. Geneuas, M.D. cv. 16 75.26 

- Fabuloe Greece & Latine. Ace. [Avieni fabulse 
et] ran arum & murium pugna, figuris. Arnste- 
lodami, M. DC. Lxxn. 8 75.21 

Fabularum delectus. [Ed. A. Alsop.] Oxonia?, 

MDCXCVIII. 8 77.5 

AILMER, J. Musae sacrae. See Bible. O. T 46.33 

Shelf. No. 
AINSWORTII, H. fAn arrow against idolatrie. n. 

p., 1640. 8 68.20 

fThe commvnion of saincts. Amsterdam, 1640. 

8" 68.19 

fCovnterpoyson. Touching the points in differ- 

ence between the Church of England, and the 
brethren of the Separation. M> Bernards Sep- 
aratists schisme. M r Crashawes Questions. 

Answered, n. p., 1608. 4" 59.38 

Same. n. p., 1642. 4 59.40 

Annotations. See Bible. O. T. Deuteronomy, 

Numbers, Psalms 45.6, 7, 8 

The booke of Psalmes in metre. See Bible. O . T. 

Psalms 46.28 

AIR. Nova experimenta physico-mechanica de vi 

aeris elastica, [etc.], n. p., 1661. 8 .... 34.20 
AISLABIE, J. The ease of John Aislabie. [London, 

1721 ?] pp. (2), 42. 4 26.30 

Speech against the bill for raising money upon 

the estates of the South-Sea directors, 19 th of 
July 1721. Third ed. London, 1721. pp. (4), 
22. 4 26.28 

Second speech on his defence, July 20. 1721. 

London, [1721]. pp.22. 4 26.2f 

ALAN, Allen, or Allyn (Lat. Alanus), W., card, 
and abp. Confutation of his declaration touch- 
ing purgatory. See Fulke, W 70a.2) 

ALARME, An, To all Christian princes and states. 
Written vpon the death of the king of Sweden. 
[No title-page. About 1632.] pp. 11. 4 . . 26.247 

ALBEKTI, P. M. Porta linguaj sanctaa, h. e. lexicon 
novum Hebroeo-Latino-Biblicum. Budissse, 
MDCCIV. 4 51.14 

ALCHEMY. The chymical transmutation, genealogy 
and generation of metals & minerals. Para- 
celsus, P. A. T. (Bombast von Hohenheim) . 34.17 

See also: Philosopher's stone. 

ALCHINDUS. See Abu Yusuf, etc. 

ALER, P. Gradus ad Parnassum. Ed.noviss. Lon- 

dini, 1694. 12 76.21 

ALESSANDRI, or Alessandro, A. d'. Genialivm die- 

rvm libri sex. Parish's, 1539. f 72*.2 

Same. Parisiis, 1565. 8 76.39 

ALEXANDER Aphrodisiensis. Quaestiones natvrales, 

de anima, morales: G. Herueto iuterpr. Ba- 

silese, [M.D.XLVIII]. 8 75.18 

ALEXANDRO, A. d'. See Alessandri, A. d'. 
ALLEN, R. Concordances of Proverbs and Ecclesi- 

astes. London, 1612. sm.4 45.27 

f The doctrine of the gospel. London, 1606. 3v. 

in 1. f 62.18 

ALLEN, T. A chain of Scripture chronology. Lon- 
don, 1658. 4 49.11 

Same. Added a chronological table for 600 

years after Christ. London, 1668. 4 .... 49.9 

The glory of Christ in sermons. And The ne- 

cessity of faith. London, 1683. 8 57.11 

The way of the Spirit in bringing souls to Christ. 

X. sermons. London, 1676. 8 57.1 




Shelf. No. 

ALLEN, "William, adj.-gan. The captive taken from 

the strong. See Huish, D 79.21 

ALLEN, William, card. See Alan, W. 

ALLIX, P. f The judgment of the ancient Jewish 
church, against the Unitarians. London, 
MDCXCIX. 8 64.21 

ALPINO, P. De medicina ./Egyptiorvm, libri quatvor. 
& I. Bontii de medicina Indorvm. Ed. vlt. 
Parisiis, M. DC. XLV. 4 35.1 

AliSOP, V. f Melius inqtiirendum. Or a sober in- 
quiry into the reasonings of the serious in- 
quiry, n. p., 1679. 8 66.42 

Same. London, 1081. 8 66.33 

ALSTED, J. H. Scientiarvm omnivm encyclopaedia? 
tomus primvs-tcrtivs. Lvgdvni, M. DC. XLIX. 
4v. in 2. f 00.2 

Contents. Vol. I. [T. 1.] Praecognita disciplina- 
rum: Hexilogia; Tcclinologia; Archelogia; Didactica; 
Philologia: Lexica; Grammatica; Rhetorica; Logica; 
Oratoria; Poetica; [2.] Philosophia theoretica: Meta- 
physica; Pneumatica; Physica; Aritlimetica; Geo- 
nietria; Cosmosraphja; Uranometria; Gcographia; 
Optica; Musica. II. [3.] Philosophia practica : Ethica; 
Oeconomica; Politica; Scholastica; Facultates prin- 
cipes: Theclogia; Jurisprudent; Medicina; Me- 
chanologia generalie, miscellanea, physica, mathe- 
matiea; [4.] Mnemonica; Historica; Chronologia; 
Architectonica; Apodemica; Critica; Magia; Kabba- 
la; Chyraia; Alchymia; Magnetographia; Pyro tech- 
ma; Gnomologia; JEnigmatographia; Paradoxologia; 
Dipnosophistica; Arithmologia ethica; Parcemio- 
graphia; Hieroglyphics; Polyanthea; Mythologia; Cy- 
clognomonica; Ars copiae verborum, rerum; Poly- 
graphia; Aualytica; Meletetica; Dioristica; Syzeteti- 
ca; Symbuleutica: Physica Mosis, Jobi et Davidis; 
Theosophia et philosophia Salomouis; Mimetica; Bi- 
ographia; Euthanasia; Pathologia; Gymnastica; Ta- 
bacologia; Zoopa?dia; Cliarientilogia; Archelogia spa- 
girica; Stratageraatographia; Appendix; Index IV. 

Note. Wants Indices I-I1I. 

Same. Tomus quartus-septimus. Herbornae 

Nassoviorum, M. DC. xxx. f 00.2a 

Note. The contents correspond to those of Tom. 3 
and 4 of the other edition, with the addition of Indices 
I-III. The set has been completed by an odd copy of 
Vol. I (Tom. 1-3) already in the library. 

Thesaurus chronologise. Editio 2a. Herbornse 

Nassovioruin, M.DC.XXVIII. 8 69a.44 

Same. Editio 4a. Herbornae Nassoviorum, 

M. DC. L. 8 69a.46, 47 

ALTAR, Bowing towards the. Caudry, D 32.16 

ALTHAMER, A. Conciliationes locorvm Scriptures, 

ccMiturioe duaa. Norimbergoa, M. D. Lni. 8. 49.18 
ALTINO,!!. Thcologia elenctica nova. Amstelodami, 

Clo loc LIV. 4 64.3 

Tlicologiahistorica. Amstelodami, Claloc LXIV. 

4" 64.1 

ALVAREZ, D., abp. Operis de avxiliis divina; gratire, 
& human! arbitrii viribus, ;x: libertate, ae le- 
gitimaeius cum eflicacia eormulem nnxilio- 
rum concordia. Svmma. Colonise Agrippinee, 

M. DC. xxi. 12 68.27 

AMAMA, 8. Comm. de recta lectione lingua; Ebr:ra>, 
& regularum tcxtualium syllabus. See Marti- 

nius, P 50a.5 

AM \vrii. -,!'.. Polyanthea novissima. See Nani, D. 00.3 
A.MKS, \\'. Animadversiones in aynodalia scrlpta re- 
monstrantivm, quoad uriiciiluin primum. Sub 
pi-:i'.-. Aim-.-ii, clisp. Aradcmia Frane- 
ki-ranu propnL;ii:ii:>'. KraurUoni', li'>2H. 8 . 68.21 

Anti-synoilalia Hcripta, vi'l animadvcrsioncs in 

(loL'inutira ilia, qua) iTinoiiHtrantcs in nynodo 
1 >.,r.l rare na i xhibucrunt ft pontra divulganmt. 
[No titlr-|>:ii;r.] 12 68.35 

BrllarininvH ciuTvatys, hive di>]iVtatiiiiic-> :inti- 

r.i'llarniinaiuo. Tom. 3. Oxonia?, M.m .XM \. 

12 70a.25 

Shelf. No. 
AMES, W., continued. 

Catalogs librorvm Amesii. Amstelodami, MD 

oxxxiv. pp.22. 4 ............. 26.253 

Chri-tiana' catecheseos seiagraphia. Franekera?, 

MDCXXXV. 12 ............... 69.30 

De conscientia, et eius iure, vel casibus. Libri 

quinque. Amstelodami, 1630. 4 ...... 54.17 

-- Same. Ed. nova. Amstelodami, 1643. 12 . . 67.41 

Coronis adcollationemHagien8erjo,qnaargvmenta 

pastoi \ in Hollandiaeadversus remonstrantivm, 
quinque articulos de divina prscdestinatione, 
[etc.]. Editio 3a. Amstelodami, M. DC. xxxvi. 
24 ..................... 68.32 

A fresh svit against human ceremonies in Gods 

worship. Or a triplication unto D. Bvrgesse 

his rejoinder for 1). Morton, n. p., 1633. 4. 49.74 

Medvlla s. s. Theologise. Editio 3a. Londini, 

M DC xxix. 12 ............... 68.16 

Philosophemata. Tcchnometria adversus meta- 

physicam atq. ethicam disputatio. Logicas ve- 
rsa demonstratio, ac logics theses. Canta- 
brigi3, MDCXLVI. 12 ............ 37.22 

Puritanismus anglicanus. Francofvrti, M. DC. x. 

pp. 90. 8 .................. 67.15 

English Pvritanisme. n. p. ,1641. pp. (4), 20. 4. 26.273 

" Printed 1st in Latin at Fraucford. 1610." MS. note 

Rescriptio quod opposuit dissertationi de re- 

demptione generali & electioneexfidepra?visa. 
Ace. aliique theologici tractatus. Ed. altera. 
Lvgdvni Batavorvm, M. DC. xxxiv. 12 . . . 68.33 

Demonstratio logicas veras. See Ramus, P. . . 37.14 

A necessitie of separation prooved against his 

Fresh suit, etc. SeeCanne,J ........ , 59.52 

Vtrivsque epistolaa Petri explicatio analytica, 

nee non III. conciones. See Bible. N". T. Epis- 

tles of St. Peter ............... 48.30 

AMPELIUS, L. Liber memorialis. See Florus, L. A. 74.12 
AMSTERDAM, English church, at. A note of some 
things controverted in the exiled English 
church at Amsterdam. [Xo title-page. 1611 ?] 
pp. 4. 4 .................. 2G.27* 

ANABAPTISTS. Johnson, F. A Christian plea touch- 

ing the ................... 66.1,' 

A most humble supplication of many of the 

kings loyall subjects ............ 79.15 

ANALOGY. De analogia. Cleghorn, W ....... 36,9 

ANATOMY. Berengarius, J. Isagogaa breves in ana- 

tomiam .................. . 35.18 

Verheyen, P. Anatomise libri II ....... 35.4 

ANCIENT truth revived : or, a true state of the limwn- 

ists. London, 1677. pp. (2), 48. 4. [pp. 27-02 

missing] ................... 66.16 

ANCIENTS and moderns. Censvre of the errovr tovch- 

ing natvres decay. Hakewill, G ....... 34.1 

ANDERSON, J. A defence of the church-government, 

faith, worship X: spirit of the pivsbytrrians. 

In answer to Thomas Uliiml. Glasgow, .M.DCC. 

xiv. 4" ................... 49.50 

ANDERSON, W. Diss. philosophies natural! 

hominum ad socictatem propensione. Edin- 

burgi, MDcrxi.n. pp. 10. 4 ........ 86.12 

ANDREWS, or ANDIIF.WES, L., lj>. [Eight sermons.] 

London, 1618. 4 ..... . ......... 66.3 

Contr>itf. Hi-rm<-ir\ preached on Good-Friday bo- 
fori 1 the king; Condo Latind babita coram rcgin inni- 
cstate, quinto Au^i^li UA; ; Sfnn.'iis lu'l',M-c tin- king: 
Ciiiiccrniiig (lie right of ciillhii: ii^M'inlilics; Christ- 
inas ir,M'.i ; Aipjii-t .'., II'.IH; rhristmus, 1010; Diifti-r, 
1(111; Easter, Kill; 

SeniKin at White-hall, on Easter day, the 16. of 

April. lil'JO. l.oii.lon, j.].. ('J\ 4.'. 4'. 

gcniioii at Whitehall, on ICasliT 1HS. London, 

M. 00. XVIII. pp. (-), 51. 4 ......... 






Shelf. No. 
ANDREWS, L., continued. 

Sermon, at "Whitehall the fift Nouember, 1617. 

London, 3i.DC.xvm.. pp. (2), 50. 4 .... 56.4 
ANGELS, T\vo sermons on the ministration of. Pat- 
rick, S 54.15 

ANGER, A treatise of. Downamc,J 55.88 

AMGUIS in lierba : or the fatal consequences of a treaty 

with France. London, 51. DCC.XI. pp.50. 8. 26.233 
ANIMADVERSIONS on the apology of the clamorous 
squire against the duke of Buckingham^ sec- 
onds, as men of no conscience. London, n. d. 

pp. 8. 4 78.94 

ANKER of Christian doctrine. "Worthington, T. . . . 64.23 
ANNESLEY, S. A continuation of morning-exercise 
questions and cases of conscience, practically 
resolved by sundry ministers, in October, 16S2. 
London, 16S3. f 54.1 

Sermon at the funeral of W. Whittaker. See 

WhiUaker, AY 57.3 

ANNOTATIONS upon all the books of the Old and 

New Testament. London, 1645. Iv. in 2. f. 43.5 
ANSWER to An abstract of certeine acts of parlement. 

London, 1584. 4 58.2 

Answer to the answerer to the Abstract. Fen- 

ner, D 58.29 

ANSWER, An, to one part of a late infamous libel. 

Pulteney, W 27.65 

ANSWER, An, to the country parson's plea against the 

quakers tithe-bill. Hervey, J., lord 27.121 

ANTESIGNAN, P. De praxi prseeeptorum grammati- 

ces. [Scot. Univ. gram. Gr.] 77.0 

ANTHOLOGIA : Grsecorum epigrammatum fiorilegium 

novum. Londini, SIDCCXI. 12 77.17 

ANTIDOTE, An, against universal redemption. [No 

title-page.] 8 67.35 

ANTIMONY. Anatomia antimonii. Sala, A 35.16 

ANTINOMIANISM. Vindication of the morall law and 

the covenants from the errours of antinomians. 

Burgess, A 70a.ll 

ANTONINUS, H. A. Vita. See Xiphilinus, J. . . . 75.3 
APOCRYPHA. The song of the three children para- 
phrased. Chudleigh, Lady M. L 38.6 

See also: Bible. O. T. Buth. 

APOCRYPHAL, New Testament. Catalogue of books 
attributed iu primitive times to Christ, his 
apostles, &c. Toland, J 78.4 

APOLLODORUS. B(.;3Aio0>;x'J s > >j n-epi Otiav /Ji/SAiov d. 

Londoni, MDCLXXXVI. 8 75.19 

APOLLONU, W. Consideratio qvarvndam controver- 
siarvm ad regimen ecclesias Dei spectantium, 
qua? in Anglios regno hodie agitantur. Lon- 
dini, 1644. 8 58.20 

APOLOGIE, An , or defence of Christians called Brovvn- 
ists: against the vniversity of Oxford, n. p., 
1604. 4 .- 78.109 

APOSTLES' creed, The received authors and authority 

of the. Ashwell, G 67.2 

APOSTOLIC fathers. Bibliotheca patrurn apostolico- 

rum Grseco-Latina. Ittig, T 20a.l5 

APOSTOLICAL succession. De Christianarum ecclesi- 
arum, in occidentis partibus successione & 
statu. Usher, J 5S.S 

ARABIA. Krpenius, T. Grammatica Arabica . . . 51.12 

Mariana, J. De annis Arabum 62.13 

Schindler, V. Lexicon pentaglotton,Hebraicum, 

Arabicum, etc 51.6 

ARATUS Solensis. Syntagma Aruteorvm. [Lugduni 

Batavorum], cL> loc. 4 72.16 

Contents. Arati phenomena, & Diosmeia Grsece; 
Cicernnis interpretatio H. Grotij vcrsibus intcrpolata; 
Phenomena Aratea Gerrnanico Ctesare interprete; 
Fragmenta prosnosticorum ; Imagines siderum Ger- 
manici, versibus interpositas ex manuscripto desump- 
t:c, & a I. Gheyuio itri iucisae ; Festi Auieni para- 
phrasls cum notis. 


Shelf. No. 

ARETIUS, originally Marti, B. Isagoge ad lectionem 
epistolarvm Pavli. Lavsannse, CID 13. I/XXIIIT. 
8 48.7 

- Novvm testamentvm commentariis B. Aretii. 

Ed. post. Bernsa Heluetiorum, M. DC. vni. f. 52.9 

- Commentarii in ouines epistolas itemqve in Apoc- 

alypsia. See Bible. N. T 52.8 

ARISTEAS. De LXXinterpretibus, Graece &Latine ex 

versione M. Garbitii cum variis lectionibus. 

See Josephus, F 71.8 

ARISTOTELES. Artis rhetoricae libri m. Ilhetorices 

ad Alexandrum lib. I. De arte poetica liber I. 

Francofvrti, MDLXXXIIII. 4 72.20 

Artis rhetorical libri m. A M. 2E>. Porto inter- 

pretatione illustr. Item F. Porti commentarij. 

Spirce, clD ID He. 8 75.15, 16 

Same ; ab A. Riccobono Latine conuersi. Eivs- 

dem paraphrasis. Hanovise, SIDCVI. 8 ... 75.10 

Avgvstini Niphi commentaria, in octo libros top- 

icorvm Aristotelis. Adiectus est contextus 
Graecus, cui respondet Latina interpretatio. 
Parisiis, 1542. f 72.5 

Epitomae doctrinae moralis, ex decem libris Ethi- 

corum ad Niconiachum collecta, pro Academia 
Argentinensi, per Theophilvm Golivm. Adj. 
est libellus De virtutibus & vitiis, S. Grynaso 
interp. Ed. auctior. Cantabrigise, MDCXXX 
mi. 8 76.23 

Les politiqves. Trad, par L. Le Roy. Augm.du 

IX. & x. liures, par K. Strosse; trad, et an- 
notez par F. Morel. Paris, M.D. xcix. f . . 71.12 

Politiqves. Trans, into French, with expositions. 

By Loys Le Roy, called Regivs. Transl. into 
English. London, 1598. f 70a.6 

ARITHMETIC. Arithmetics libri n. Ramus, P. . . 34.4 
See also : Interest. 

ARMINIAN anabaptists, Rebuke of opinions of the. 

Harrison, M 28.32 

ARMINIANISM. Anti-arminianisme. Prynne, W. . . 66.21 

See also : England (Church of). 
ARMINIANS. Johnson, F. A Christian plea touching. 60.15 

A proclamation against the. See Guelderland. 26.202 
ARMINIUS, J. Opera theologica. Lvgdvni Batavo- 
rum, do. loc. xxix. 4 64.18 

Ad examen libelli Perkinsiani responsio. See 

Twisse, W 63.8 

ARNAULD, A., and Nicole, P. Logica, sive ars cogitan- 
di. E tertia apud Gallos ed. auctain Latinum 
versa. Londini, M. DC. LXXIV. srn.S . . . . 37.12 

ARNOLD, N. Lux in tenebris, seu vindicatio & concil- 
iatio locorum Vet. & Novi Testament!, qvibus 
omnium sectarum adversarii ad stabiliendos 
errores suos abutuntur. Editio 4a. Franco- 
furti & Lipsiae, M DC xcvni. 4" 49.3 

ARROWSMITH, J. Tactica sacra, sive de milite spir- 
itual!. Ace. orationes aliquot anti-Weigelianae. 
Cantabrigioa, MDCLVII. 4 54.14, 18 

ARTHUS (Lat. Arthusius), or Artus, G. Mercurii 
Gallobelgici Sleidano succenturiati, sive rervm 
1555-1627 gestarum, narrationis, T. 1-5,7, 
lib. 2-4; T. 8-10, lib. 1, 2; T. 11, 12, lib. 2; 
T. 13-15, lib. 1; T. 16, lib. 3 [conscriptus per 
G. Beatvm]. Francofvrti, 1609-27. 15v. 8. 79.9 

ARTICLES to unite the catholicks and evangelicks (or 
Lutherans). Translated out of the Dutch 
copy. London, 1661. pp. (2), 5. 4 26.177 

ARTS. Ames, W. Technometria 37.22 

Harris, J. Dictionary of 00.5 

ARTS, Liberal. Ramus, P. Seholse in liberales artes. 00.4 

Vives, J. L. De discipliuis libri xx 38.16 

See also : Music. 

ASCHAM, R. Familiarivm epistolarvm libri in. Epis- 
tolarum, aliorum nomine, [etc.] liber vnus. 
Ace. hac postrema editioue I. Stvrmii, H. 




Shelf. No. 

ASCHAM, R., continued. 

Osorii, aliorumque epistolso ad R. Aschamo. 
Addita A<fli:mii ]n ii : m;it;i opera K. <"i[rant]. 
Adiecta E G[rant] oratio, de vita Aschami. 
Coloniae Allobrogvm, M. ncxi. 12 38.21 

ASHWELL, G. Fides apostolica or a discourse assert- 
ing thr received authors and authority of the 
apostles creed. Added appendix, touching the 
Athanasian [and] the Niccne creed. Oxford, 
1053. 8 07.2 

ASIA. Rernm Asiaticarum chronicon. Usher, J. G9a.7, 9 

See also : Arabia, India, Jews, Phoenicia, Syria, 

AssiDEANS. De TTasidaeis in libris Machabaeorum. 

Driessche, J. van den 4G.1G 

ASTRONOMY. AratusSolensis. Syntagma Aratcorvm. 72. 1G 

Copernicus, N". Astronomia instaurata .... 34.3 

Keckermann, B. Systema astronomiaj compcn- 

diosvm 34.19 

Moor, J. De systemate mundi 36.7 

Wing, V. Astronornla Britannica 81.5 

See also : Planets, Saturn. 

ASTT, J., Sermon on the death of. See Guyse, J. . 18.3G 

ATHANASIAN creed, Appendix touching the. Ash- 
well, G 07.2 

ATHERTON, J., Sermon at Hie funeral of. See Live- 

sey, J 5G.43 

ATONEMENT, Extent of the. Davenant, J. De morte 

Christ! quatenus ad omnes extendatur. . . . 60a.l3 

Usher, J. The judgment, etc 67.10 

See also : Redemption. 

ATTERBURY, L. Sermon at Whitehall, June 7. 1716. 
The day of thanksgiving to God, for suppress- 
ingtherebellion. London, MDCCXVI. pp.36. 8". 17.104 

ATTERSOLL, W. Commentarie vpon Nvmbers. Lon- 
don, 1618. f 43.7 

Commentarie vpon the epistle to Philemon. Lon- 

don, 1612. f 53.20 

ATTESTATION, An, of many divines, That the church 

government ought to bee with the peoples free 

consent, etc. Jacob, H 58.28 

AUGSBURG confession. Augustana3 confessionis artic- 

uli explicati. Franz, W 65.19 

ACGUSTINUS, A., St. De doctrina Christiana, libri 

quatuor. Colonia3, 1556. 12 20a.2G 

Liber de hacrcsibus. L. Danaai opera cmedatus, 

& commentarijs illustratus, a quo additos sunt 
hsereses ab orbe condito ad constitutum papis- 
mum. [Et] tractatus de ecclesia. Geneva-, 
M.D.LXXVIII. 8 20a.l8 

Opusculaplurima: qucdam noplusirnpssa. [Col- 

ophon] Venetie, 1491. 4. [Black-letter] . . 10a.2 
Note. Described by Hain, no. 19-19. 

Plurima opuschula sancti Augustini. Venetie, 

1491. 4. [Black-letter] lOa.l 

Contents. De academicis ; De online ; Soliloqui- 
orum ; De immortalitato anime; De grammattica; 
De rhctorica ; DC dialectica ; DC moribus ccelesie cath- 
olice ; De anime quantitate ; De libcro urbitrio ; De 
i^tro ; De operc monachorum j DC bono pcrseve- 

A\ I:\ARIUS (Germ. Habermann), J. Grammaliees 
Kbraicre trcs paries. Vitebergas, si. i>. i.xxxvr. 
4 50a.l3 

Liber radicvmsev lexicon Kbraicvm. Domio auc- 

tus. NVileheix'ie, M. n. I. \\XIX. f 51.3 

AviENrs, R. F. JEsopi fabulu- xi.ll.elego carmine 

c(iiisci-ipta\ ,S'> < .K-opus 7").-l 

FaUhe. !<>< .Ksopns 7.V-V. 

Arati phasnomcna Avieno paraplu-astc. See 

Aratiis Solensis 72. 1<i 

A/.i' I:TA, M. de. Kncliiridion, five manvale con- 
fessarionim et pirnitentivm. Arr. traetatvs de 
vsvrij. Postrema od. Parisiis, M. i>. x\. 8. 50.40 



Shelf. No. 
BABEL. De dispcrsione gentium & terrarum divis- 

ione. Bochart, 8 40a.6 

BABINGTON, G., bp. V.'orks. London, 1022. f . . 43.3 

Contents. Dedication by T. C.; Preface by M. 
Smith; Notes upon Genesis, Exodus Leviticus, Num- 
bers, Deuteronomy; Exposition of the cutludike faith, 
or the XII. articles of the apostles' creed expound''!: 
Exposition of the commandment : Expo ition of (lie 
Lord's prayer; Conference betwixt man's frailtie and 
faith; Three sermons, John vi. 37, at Paul's crosse; 2- 
Kings v. 13-1C, at the court; 1' Sam. x. 1-1, funeral. 

BACON, Sir F. 1 Certaine considerations touching 
the better pacification and edification of the 
church of England. London, 1004. pp. (36). 4. 7>.H>3 

t Xiimr. With a new preface. London, MDC 

LXXXIX. pp. (8), 27. 4" 16.101 

Considerations tovching a warre with Spain. 

n. p. ,1629. pp.46. 4 , 27.101 

Essays. With the colours of good and evil. 

And the wisdom of the ancients. [Tr. from 
the Latin by Sir A. Gorges.] Added the char- 
acter of Queen Elizabeth. London, 1706. 8. 38.4 

K"ovum organum scientiarum. Lugd. Bat., 1045. 

12 34.24 

Atlantis. Abridgment. See Bushell, T. . .26.206,^7 
BAILIE, Baylie, or Bayly, R. An historical! vindication 

of the church of Scotland from the calumnies 
of J. Maxwell and P. Adamson. [With Adam- 
son's Recantation. K"o title-page. London, 
164G.] pp. (14), 79, 56. 4 

Operis historic! et chronologic! libri duo. I n.-i 

cum tribus diatribus. Amstelodami, clo loc 


Same. Amstelodami, C!D IDC LXVIII. f " . 

Satan the leader in chief to all who resist the 

reparation of Sion. A sermon to the house of 
commons at their fast, Febr. 28. 1643. London, 

1643. pp. (11), 54. 4 , 

BAILLIE, J. Spiritual marriage : or y e union be- 
tween Christ & his church. [London, n. d.] 
pp. (G), 48. 4 26.277 

Note. The title is supplied in the hand of Mr. 

BAILLT, G. Ex Baillii de accentibvs Groecorvm libel- 

lo. [Scot. Univ. gram. Gr.] 77.0 

BAILT, L., bp. See Bayly, L. 

BAKER, W., bp. A sermon before the house of lords 
January 30. 172';, the anniversary of the mar- 
tyrdom of Charles I. London, MDCCXXIV. pp. 
31. 8 10.209 

BAXGUY, J. Reflections upon Balguy's Essay on moral 

goodness. See Silvester, T 10.4 

BALL, J. f Principall grounds of Christian religion. 

10th impression. London, 1035. 8 09.24 

Sinne. loth impression. London, 1050. 12 . 69.25 

BALL, T. f Pastor nmpropngnaculnm. Or, the pul- 
ji'ts patronage against un-ordained usurpation, 
London, 1656. 4 59.01 

BALMFORD, J. A modest reply to certain answnvs, 
which M r Cataker in his Treatise of the na- 
ture & vse of lotts, giveth to arguments allow- 
ing lusorious lolls, n. p. ,1023. 8 08. Ic 

BALZAC, J. !..<!. de. Ca-tiirat. notarvni in epistol. ad 

I'.alsacvm. See Du Moulin. I' 07.29 

BANCROFT, U., alj>. Danger.. us positions and pro- 
ceedings, practised under pretence of reforma- 
tion. London, n.d. 8 59.1 

S,nnt'. London, l.V.':;. 4 59.56 

Same. London, 1640. 4, 59.54 

r. \NC'ii;, r.enjainin. /;>.<'. Sfee Hoadley, r.. 

BANOSIU8, T. IVtri Kami vita. N' r Kanius, r. . . <',7.;5 

I: U-TISM. Norcott, J. Baptism discnvered . . . . , r .;.-jr, 
Itoliinsii'i, ,1. Uefvtation of the answer of J. 

Morton 05.33 

I'. U-TISTI:,-:, trau'icdia, auetore (i. I'-u.-hanaiiu. See 

r.iMe. O. T. I'salnis 46.34 




BARCLAY, J. Evpliormionis Ivsinini. 
12" . 

Shelf. No. 
Oxcmiae, 1634. 


Contents. Lib. I, II. Satyricoii bipartitum. III. 
Apologia prose. IV. Icon animorum. V. Veritatis 
lachrymo?, cum clavi projfixa ; Acccssit conspiratio 
Anglican a. 

Icoii animorum. Lonclini, M. DC. xiv. 8 ... 38.20 
BARJAC, G. Introdvctio in artem Icsviticam. Gene- 
va;, M. D. xcix. 8 70a.20 

B ARK.SDALE, C. A collection out of the Cominentarius 

Mascrethicus. See Buxtorf, J., the elder . . 50a.2S 

BARLOW, T., bp. Popery very dangerous to all ; and to 
protestant kings especially. London, MDC 
LXXIX. 8 70a.l3 

Exercitationes aliquot mctaphysicse, de Deo. 

See Scheibler, C 36.22 

BARLOW, "VV. Magneticall aduertisements, or tlie na- 
ture and properties of the loadstone. [London, 
1616.] pp.88, (1). 4 26.278 

The svmme of the conference [of] his maiestie 

with the bishops [etc.] at Hampton court, Jan- 
uary 14. 1003. London, 1604. 4 59.22 

BARNABAS. Barnabcc qua) tribuitur epistola. [Gr. 

and Lat.] [Le Moyne. Varia sacra, v. 1] . . 20a.9 

BARNARUISTON, A., Sermon upon the death of. 

See Shower, J 17.12 

BARNES, J. Estherae historia. See Bible. O. T. Es- 
ther 45.24 

BARON, R. Disp. theol. do discriinine peccati mor- 
talis & veuialis, deque iuipossibilitate implendi 
legem Dei. Amstelodami, IMDCXLIX. 12 . . 68.31 

Philosophia theologice ancillans. Amstelodami, 

M. DC. XLTX. 12 68.34 

Same. Ed. correctior. Amstelodami, SIDCXLIX. 

12" 68.30 

BARONIUS, or Baronio, C. Annalcs ecclesiastic!, ex 

xir. toniis in epitomen redact!. Ed. altera, 

cum vita ac avetario ad ann. 1622. Opera H. 

Spoudani. Mogvntia;, M. DC. xxm. f . . . 10.2 
BARRINGTON, W., viscount, Sermon on the death of. 

SeeMackewen.R 18.37 

BARROW, I. Works. Published by J. Tillotson. 

Vol. 1. London, 1722. f 70.1 

Contents. Life; Thirty-two sermons; Brief exposi- 
tion of the creed, the Lord's prayer, the decalogue, 
and the doctrine of the sacraments; A treatise of the 
pope's supremacy; Discourse of the unity of the 

Theorems of Archimedes concerning the sphere 

and cylinder, investigated. See Euclide.s . . 34.14 

BARROWE, H. A plaine refvtation of M Giffards 
short treatise against the Donatistes of Eng- 
land. Prefixed the causes of our separation. 
n. p., 1606. 4 59.68 

BARROWISTS, Apologie of. Robinson, J 66.25 

BARTHOLINUS, C. See Bertholsen, C. 

BARTHOLOMEWS Edessenus. Confutatio Hagareni. 
[Gr. and Lat.] [Le Moyne. Varia sacra, 
v. 1] 20a.9 

BARTON, W. The book of Psalms in metre. See 

Bible. O. T. Psalms 46.26 

BARZ2EUS, C. VitaBarzoei. See Trigault, N". . . . 10a.24 

BASILIUS Magnus, St., bp. of Ccesarea. Opera. In- 
terpretes. I. Argyropilvs, G. Trapezvn, R. Vo- 
laterra, Rvffinvs. [Colonia?], M.D. xxm. f . 20a.3 

Contents. Hexfemeron; In Eunomium libri iv; 
DC spu eancto; Monodia Gregorij Nazian/.eni in Ba- 
silium; Homelix ac scrmoes ad populum; Ad nepo- 
tcs qvomodo ex gentilivm doctrinis proticiant; In>tl- 
tvtio illorvm qvi vitam copivnt dvccre perfectam; Ad 
Chiloncm pracepta de uita solitaria; Ad Grcgorivm 
Naz. de vita solitaria; Im;titvtio vitce cccnobitarvm; 
Epistola ad monnchvm n_ui castitate exciderat; Qvod 
inandata prasterini vs ; Qvomodo cvm operibus infruc- 
tuosis noil sit couimuuicauduti) ; DC institutioue mon- 

Shelf. No. 
BASILIUS Magnus, continued. 

De differentia vsiaa & hypostasis liher, interp. F. 

I. Conone. See Gregorius Nyssenus .... 20a.8 

Expositio fidei. [Gr. and Lat.] [Le Moyne. 

Varia sacra, v. 1] 20a.9 

BASTWICK, J. Apologeticus ad proesules Angli- 
canos criminum ecclesiasticorum in curia celsas 
commissionis. Ace. du epistola), una do pa- 
pisticro religionis futilitate, altera de Romanaj 
ecclesias falsitate. n. p., M DC xxxvi. 8 a . . 58.15 

and others. Petitions of Bastwieke, Bur- 

ton, Prynne, [etc.] To parliament, n. p. ,1641. 

pp. (2), 41. 4 : 78.88 

BATES, W. The harmony of the divine attributes, in 

Christ. Fourth ed. London, MDCXCVII. 8 . 65.18 

Spiritual perfection, unfolded and enforced. 

London, 1690. 8 54.23 

BAUDIUS, D. Epistolse semiceuturia auctas. Ace. 
orationes et libellvs de foenore. Amstelodami, 

1654. 12" 38.19 

BAUDRAND, M. A. Novum lexicon geographicum. 

See Ferrari, F 30.2 

BAXTER, R. Practical works. London, 1707. 4v. f '. 60.1 

Contents. Vol. I. Some account of the author, and 
of this edition; Christian directory. II. Reasons of 
the Christian religion ; Unreasonableness of infidelity ; 
More reasons for the Christian religion; Treatise of 
conversion; Call to the unconverted; Now or never; 
Directions and persuasions to a sound conversion; A 
saint or a brute; Mischiefs of self-ignorance, etc.; Eight 
method for settled peace of conscience; God's good- 
ness vindicated; Directions for weak distemper'd 
Christians; Character of a sound confirm'd Christian. 
III. Saints rest; Self-denial; Crucifying the world; 
Life of faith; Divine life; Divine appointment of tho 
Lord's day; Obedient patience; Dying thoughts. IV. 
Compassionate counsel to young men; Mother's cate- 
chism; Catechizing of families; Poor man's family- 
book; Confirmation and restauration, etc.; Gildas 
Salvianus, or the reformed pastor; Vain religion; 
Cain and Abel; Knowledge and love; Catholick unity; 
True and only way of concord; ffrue catholick; One 
thing necessary ; True Christianity; Making light of 
Christ; Two treatises of death and judgment; Eleven 
sermons on special occasions; Directions for justices 
of peace. 

Certain disputations of right to sacraments, and 

the true nature of visible Christianity; against 

T. Blake. London, 1657. 4 66.24 

Same. Second ed. London, 1658. 4" .... 65.35 

Confesssion [sic] of his faith, especially concern- 

ing repentance and obedience in our justifica- 
tion & salvation. London, 1G55. 4 65.28 

Confirmation and restauration, necessary for the 

healing of the corruptions and divisions of the 
churches. London, 1658. 8" 58.19 

Giklas Salvianus; the reformed pastor. Lon- 

don, 105G. 8 49.47 

The Grotian religion discovered, at the invita- 

tion of T. Pierce in his Vindication. With a 
preface, vindicating the synod of Dort. And 
the puritancs, and sequestrations, &c. Lon- 
don, 1058. 8 67.38 

A holy commonwealth, or political aphorisms. 

London, 1650. 8 79a.23, 24 

The judgment of non-conformists about the dif- 

ference between grace and morality. [Also, 
Of things sinful by accident, and of scandal, 
and What meer non-conformity is not.] n. p. 
1676. pp. (6), 41. 4 64.15 

A key for catholicks, to open thejugling of the 

Jesuits. London, 1650. 4 70a.O, 10 

Plain Scripture proof of infants church-member- 

ship and baptism: arguments for the dispute 
with Mr. Tombcs, 1640. With animadversions 
on Mr. Bedford.^ tractate. Third ed. Lon- 
don, 1053. 4 54.20 

The second part of the nonconformists plea for 
peace. London, L6SO. 4" 04.16 




Shelf. No. 

BAXTER, R., continued. 

A treatise of knowledge and love compared. 

London, 1089. 4' .............. 54.21 

Sermon on the death of. See Sylvester, 51. . . 90.10 
BAYLIE, R. See Bailie, R. 

BAYLY, L., bp. f The practice of piety. [No title- 

page.] 12 ................. 57.39 

BEAMES of former light, discovering how evil it is to 

impose doubtful formes upon ministers. Lon- 

don, 1660. 8 ................ 58.25 

BEARD, T. The holy seed: or, the life of Th< 

Beard. By himself. With his funeral sermon. 

By J. Torter. Third ed. London, 1715. 12. 10a.l7 
BEATITUDES, Sermons on the. Harris, R ...... 55.85 

BEATLS, G. Mercurii Gallobelgici torn. 16, lib. 3. 

See Arthus, G ................ 79.9 

BEAITVOIH, . Account of Sir G. Rook's expedition. 

SeeBoyer, A ................. 78.121 

BECIIMANN, C. De origiuibus Latin lingvae. Ed. 

innovata. n. p., M.DC.XIII. 8 ....... 76.11 

BEDFORD, A. Sermon preached to the societies for 

reformation of manners, Jan. 10th, 1733. Lon- 

don, 1734. pp. 40. 8 ............ 16.163 

BEDFORD, T. Brief animadversions on [his Vindicioe 

gratiae sacramentalis]. See Baxter, R. . . . 54.20 
BEDINGFIELD, R. Sermon at Pavls crosse 24. of Oc- 

tober. 1024. Oxford, 1025. pp. (4), 43. 4 . . 66.26 
BELGICKE pismire, The. Scot, T .......... 65.34 

BELL, T. The regiment of the church. London, 

1606. 4 ................... 59.60 

BELLARMINO, R. Dispvtationes de controvcrsiis 

Christiana) fidei, aduersus huius tcmporis h;e- 

reticos. Editio aucta. Parisiis, M. DC. vin- 

M. DC. XIII. 4v. in 3. f .......... 70.5 

-- Same. Parisiis, M. DC. XIII-M. DC. xx. 4v. 

in 2. f ................... 70.6 

Ames,W. Bellarminvs enervatvs, tomvs tertivs. 70a.25 

Lubbert, S. De papa Romano libri decem, col- 

lati cum disputationibus ........... 70a.24 

Pareus, D. Liber de gratia primi hominis cas- 

tigatus ................... 60.41 

Raynolds, J. Defence [etc.], wherein Bellarmi- 

no is confuted ................ 26.269 

Refutatio sophismatum R. Bellarmini. Authore 

J. Piscatore. See Bible. N. T. Matthew . . 48.5 

Scharp, J. Ad argumcnta Bellarmini responde- 

tur ..................... 63.2 

Whitaker, \V. Dispvtatio de Sacra Scriptvra, 

contra .................... 49.6 

BENNET, B. The second part of the Christian ora- 

tory: or, devotions of the closet. Second cd. 

London, MDCCXXXV. 8 ........... 54.4 

BENTLEY, R. Life and conversation of Richard IJent- 

ley, in his own words. [In Latin and English. 

A squib.] London, 1712, pp. 14, 14. 8 ... 76.17 
BERENGAKICK, J., of Carpi. Isagogae breves in 

anatomiam hvmani corporis. [Argentorati, 

1530.] 8" .................. 35.18 

BERKF.LI:Y, Sir R., Speech on an accusation of high 

treason against. ,SVr> 1'ienvpont, W ..... 78.11 
BERNARD, E. The separatists schisme answered. See 

Ainsworth, JI ............... 59.38,40 

BERNARD, J. Acts and negotiations of the peace, 

concluded at Ryswick. Premised, the ncgoii i- 

tioiiH and articles of the peace, concluded at 

Turin. From the [French]. London, 1698. 8. 79.1 
BEKNAKD, It. Christian MM- to thy conscience, or a 

treatise of the kinds and differences of con- 

selence. London, io:;i. 12 .......... 07.27 

BERTIIEI.SKN (/./. r.artliolinus), '. Knehiridion 

Argent! ..... , M.DC.XXV. 12. . 84.28 

Mctapliysica major. S' Magirus, J ...... 

l;i:iiTit,\M. >'< Kalranm. 

111. si', \V. K> |>ly loan Answer to (he unjust com- 

plaint <>( VV. I:. Si Davenport, .1 ..... l'.i.77 


Shelf. No. 

BETHEL, S. f The interest of princes and st:r 

London. 1680. S 5 .............. 70.6 

BEVEKii:n, W., lip. Concio ad synoduin provi;. 

Cantu : haliiia ( i.ji.xjxxcix. Loiidini, 

168 '. pp. (2), 32. 4 ............ 

I'rivate thoughts upon religion. Fifth ed. I 

don, 1710. 12 ................ 

BEYEIU.IM K, I,. Promptvarivm moral \an- 

gelia festorvm totivs anni. 1'ars :ja. > 

Au'rippiiKe, M. DC. xvi. 8 ......... 

BEZA, T. de. In Cantiovm canticomn homilre. Kx 

GallicisaN.Latinoefactae. n.p., M.D.LXXXVII. 

8" ...................... 

Epiptolarvm theologicarum, liber vnvs. 1 ed. 

iJenevn', M. D. J.xxv. S" .......... lUa.12 

Vol. 1, 2 Tractationum theologicarum. lici. 

M.D.LXXXII. 2V. f ............ 01.1 

Contents. Vol. I. Confessio Christiana; fidci, & eius- 
dcm collatio cum papisticis lircrcsibus; Altcra <MII- 
fcssio; De hasrcticis a ciuili ui.i.ri*trutu imaiL-ndis, 
nducrsus M. Bellij farraginera, & nouorum nc^idcuii- 
corura sectam; Srinma totius Christianismi, descrip- 
tio & distributio causaruni ^alutis elcctoruni & oxitij 
rcproborum ; Svmma doctrinie dc re Bacramcntaria; 
DC ctEiia Domini, plana & perspicua tractatio: iu (^ua 

I. Wcsphali calumnio; rcfelluntur; Cyclops, 
de veracommunicatione corporis & pnn p ; 

aduersus Heshusij commp:ita; Abstcrsio ciiliiiuniu- 
rura quibus aspcrsa est ecclesia Gcncucnsis a lleshu- 
sio; Ad S. Castellionis calumnias, quibus vuicum sa- 
lutis nostrum fundameutum, id est xternam L)ci pro;- 
destinatioiicm cucrtere nititur, responsio; Ad dcfVn- 
siones Castcllionis, quilm.s :,nain N. T. inlt-r]). d< :, n- 
dere aduersus Bezam, conatus est, responsio; Ad I. 
Brentij argumcnta, & I. Andrea) theses, qttibns car- 
nis Christi omniprffiseutiam nituntur conttrmarc, id 
est, Aduersus rennnat-is Xesturij ^: I^iityeh' : 
responsum; De hypostatica duarum iu Christo natu- 
rarum vnionc, aducrsus I. Andrea; assGrtioncm ; De 
vnitate essentia; diuin;f. ^ tribus in ea Mibsistcntibus 
Personis aduersus Ariunos o/xotoucriois; Theses sine 
axiomata de Trinitate PerSOnarum & Essc ulia- vnitate; 
Qaestionvm & responsionum Cliri.-tiaiiariun libellus, 
iu quo prsecipua Christiannj religionis capita KO.T' 
\TmQ^j.rjv proponuntur; Catechismvs compendarius. 

II. De polygamia ; De rcpudiis & diuortiis ; De 
pace Christiauurum ccclcsiarum coustituenda, con- 
silium: ad sacram C;csarcam inaiestatcm ,t Kmnani 
imperil status Augusto con.jresatus: DefcMisi'i .-ai-ra- 
nirntalis coniunetionis corpori.; ;uinia Christi 
cum sacris symbolis, aduersus M. Flacii talsissimns 
demonstrationes, & cinsdem Ap "l<i_'iam ; Ke.~ponsio 
ad Fr. Balduini; Ad -\. Sc'.iiecci'ni ' 

Ad N. Selnccceri KOKKV(r/uiOUS apuln^ia tertia; Ad 
F. Claudium dc Xaim'tcs aiiidn-ia prima; Ad F. 
Claudii de Xainctes rcsponsionein altcra 

Calvini vita. See Calvin, J ........... lOa.16 

Treatise for such as are troubled about their 

predestination. X" Perkins, AV ..... v. 1 of 61.4 

also: Bible. O. T. Job, Psalms; Bible N. T., 
mid X. T. Romans. 

and La Fayc ( . Vayus\ A. de. TI 

thcoloLfica' in schola Goiii-vensi sub T. I'.e/.a X 
d.Fayodisputatss. Geneva), M. D. LXXXVI. 4. 

I'.IIil.F.. /'o/// ; //(i//.j. I'.ildia sacra pnly-l.itta, com- 

plectentia Ilebraiemn, cum Pent. Samar., 
i lhald., ' ra c. V( r ionumque antii]., Samar., 
i.XXll interp., chald., Syr., Arab., .Kthi- 
op., I'ers.. \uk'. I. at. Cum trans, Ex 
vdustissimis MSS. 10.1. P.. YVultonus. Lon- 
dini, MDCI.V-M i( i.vii. Ov. f ...... 40.1 

. the lexicon prepared for thi* p..l\ J it, 
Bee Cnstcll, E. 

A'm// /..//. The Diiti'h annotations upon the whole 

liilile; \vithtliciro\vn translation: & 
l>y ii of l>.irt, 1'HS. cated iii 

Kn-lish. I'.y T. llaak. ! L637. 2\ . i ' . ll.t 

-- The ll.dy I'.iM". newly T: 1. With ai, no- 

tations. I. ido . M IH<- viu. 1" ...... 40.3 




Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, continued. 

Greek. Divinaa scriptvrre nernpe Veteris ac 

Novi Testament!, omnia, reccns rccognita. 
Francofvrti, MDXCVII. f .......... 41.1 

Greek and Latin. Vetvs Testament vm, sccvn- 

dvm LXX. et ox avtoritate Sixti v. editvm. 
Ace. Nbvvm Testamentvm, Graece Latineque. 
Lutetias Parisiorvm, M. DC. xxvur. 3v. f . 41.5 

Latin. Biblia sacrosancta Testament! Veteris & 

Noui, e sacra Hebrseorum lingua, Grccorumq'; 
fontibus, consultis simul brthodoxis interpret!- 
bus, religiosissinie translataiu serrnoueni Lati- 
num. Tigvri, M. D. L. 4 .......... 44.10 

. Trausl. by Leo Judii, T. Bibliander, and P. 
Cholinus; edited by C. Fcllicanus, with the assist- 
ance of R. Gualtherus. S?c Le Long, Hibl. sacra, 
cant, ab A. G. Masch, II. iii. 459-442. 

-- Biblia, interprets S. Castalione. Vna cum cius- 
dem annotationibus. Totum opus recog- 
nouit ipse, & adiecit ex Flauio losepho histo- 
ries supplementum ab Esdrae tcniporibus usq; 
ad Hachabaeos, itemq; a Maehabasis usq; ad 
Christvm. Basileae,. M. D. mil. f ..... 41.4 

-- Testament! Veteris Biblia sacra, libri ca- 
iionici, Latin! fact!, sclioliis illust. ab I. Tre- 
mellio, & F. Junio. .Acc. libri Apocryphi, (\\^ 
Lat. notis aucti F. Junio. Adj. N. T. ex ser- 
mone Syro ab codem Tremellio, & ex Grraco 
a T. Beza in Lat. versos, notisque illust. 
Quarta cura. Hanoviae, MDCIII. f ..... 41.8 

-- Biblia sacra. Qvae praeter antiqvae Latinaa 
versionis necessarian! emendationem, & diffici- 
liorum locorum explicationem (ex recordationis 
viri, Lucae Osiandri, &c. Andrcae parentis, 
Commentariis Biblicis depromptam) continent. 
Estqve quarta haec ed. prioribus & emendatior 
& locupletior. Francofvrti, M DC XL. f . . 43. la 
See also: Apocrypha. 

Illustrative works. 

Idea theologiae ad formam S. Scripturse. Gale, 

T ....................... 49.25 

Analysis. Hoar, L. Index biblicus multijugus. 

1672 .................... 49.24,26 

--- Historical books, abridged . . . . 18.158 and 49.33 

. -- Pflacher, M. Analysis typica cum V. turn N. 

T. librorum Listoricorum .......... 44.12 

Authority and excellence. Owen, J. Divine 

original!, authority, arid power of the Serip- 
tvres .................... 49.28,31 

Pro Sacris Scripturis exercitationes apologe- 

ticae ..................... 49.29 

- Perrot, R. The Scriptures stability ..... 49.33 

-- Whitaker, W. Dispvtatio dc Sacra Scriptvra, 

contra R. Bellarminvm et T. Staplctonvm . . 49. G 

Dvplicatio pro authoritate atque ai>T07rijia 

S. Scriptures ................ TOa.l 

Bibliography. Elenchus scriptorum in Sacram 
Scripturam tarn Graecorum, quani Latinoruin, 
&c. Crowe, W ................ 49.30 

Commentaries. Annotations upon all the books 

of the O. andN. T .............. 43.5 

-- Pareus, D. Commentari[i] in libros canonicos 

V. et N. Testament! ............ 43.4 

-- Poole, M. Synopsis criticorum aliorumquc S. 

Scriptures interpretum ........... 40.2 

-- Rivet, A. Opervm thcologicorvm tomvs I, II . 41.2 

Dictionaries. Buxtorf, J., the elder. Concor- 

dantiae Bibliorum Hebraicaa Chalduicas . . . 50.2 
-- Clarke, J. Scriptvro phrases alphabetically 

disposed .................. 49. S 

Dictionaries and indexes. Common-place book 

to the Bible. [No title-page.] 8. [Black- 
letter] .................... 68.25 

-- Flacius Illyricus, M. Clavis Scriptvrse Sanctae. 51.4 

Shelf. No. 

BIBLE, Dictionaries and indexes, continued. 

Harlem, J. Index biblicvs 58.35 

Marlorat, A. Thesavrvs S. Scriptvrre prophet- 

icoo et apostolicao 49.14 

Wilson, T. A Christian dictionary 51.8 

Difficult 2)assnr/es. Althamar, A. Conciliationcs 

locorvm, qui specie tenus inter so pugnaro ui- 

dentur 49.18 

Arnold, N. Vindicatio & conciliatio locorum 

V. & N. T 49.3 

Edwards, J. Farther enquiry into difficult 

texts 49.16 

- Est, W. Annotationes in prrccipva ac diflicil- 

iora S. S. loca 41.7 

LaAvson, J. Expositions of difficult places of 

Scripture 10.135 

Scharp, J. Symphonia prophetarvin, et 

apostolorvm 49.2 

Thaddoous, J. Conciljatorium biblicvm . . . 49.34 

History. Allen, T. Scripture chronology. 

1668 49.9,11 

Broughton, H. A concent Of Scriptvre . . . 47.6 

Usher, J. Annales Veteris Testament! . . . 69a.7 

Metaphors. The import of scripture-meta- 

phors. Ferguson, R 67.6 

Philology. Observations on all the primitive 

Hebrew words of the O. T., and all the Greek 
words of the N. T. Leigh, E 51.10 

Promises, threats, etc. Bogan,Z. Threats and 

pvnishments recorded in the Scriptures . . . 49.27 

Gods treasvrie, etc. Promises and threatnings 

of Scripture '. 69.21 

Quotations. Comparatio locorum qui ex Test. 

Vet. in Novo adducuntur. Du Jon, F. . . . 49.17 

Sacred criticism. Cappel, L. Critica sacra : 

eive De variis lectionibus 50.8 

Ellys, Sir R. Fortuita sacra 49.5 

Gell, R. Essay toward the amendment of the 

last English translation of the Bible 43.11 

Glass, S. Philologies sacra? libri V 49.4, 7 

Leusdcn, J. Philologus Hebraso-mixtus uua 

cum spicilegio philologico 40a.7 

Muis, S. M. do. Opera 41 6 

Sixtus Senensis. Bibliothcca sancta 50.6 

Ursinus, J. H. Sacrorum aualectorum volvmen 

altervm 49.15 

Use. Duty in the use of the Scripture. See 

Lively, etc 49.13 

See also: Jews, Palestine. 

Old Testament. 

Hebrew and Lai hi. BibliaHcbraica. Eorvndcm 

Latina intcrpretalio X. Pagnini B. Ariae Mon- 
tani [etc.] Acc. libri Groece script! Apocryphi ; 
cum interlinear! intcrp. Lat. ex Bibliis com- 
plut. [Geneva?], CIO IOC IX. f 41.3 

Greek. Vetus Test. Grsecum ex versione septua- 

ginta interpretum. Londini, M.DC.LIII. S . 48.14 

Illustrative works. 

Suddens, J. F. Historia ecclesiastica Vet. Test. 45.3 

Friedlieb, P. U. Observationes biblicao in Vetus 

Testamentum 41.13 

Kircher, C. Concordantiae V. T. Graecae, Ebroeis 

vocibvs rcspondcntes 51.15 

Leusden, J. Compendium biblicum 50a.3S 

Ruffinus, T. Opvscvla 20a.I 

See also : Chaldee language. 

Octateuch. In priores octo V. T. libros com- 

mentarii. See Procopius, of Gaza 20.10 

Pentateuch. Commentarii I. Calvini in qvinqve 

libros Mosis. Genesis seorsvm : reliqvi qvatvor 
in formam harmonise digest!. Ed. 2a. Genevas, 

M. D. LXXIII. f 53.1 

-Same. Ed.Sa. Genevas, M. D. LXXXIII. f. 53.8 




Shelf. No. 

BIBLE, Pentateuch, continued. 
-- Moses vnvailed : or, figvres pointing out (lie 

Messiah. See Guild, W ........... 49.32 

See also : Hebrew language (Lexicography). 


Genesis. In Genesim commentaiij plcnissimi. 
Avthd re W. : Mvscvlo. I'.asileao, CID DC. f . 
I. Feri, in totain GcncMin, enarrationcs. 3a 
reditio. Colonise Agrippina-, M. i>. LXXIII. 8. 46.7 
Chytrceus, D. In GeneMn enarratio ..... 46.18 
Gibbons, N. Qvcstions and dispvtations upon 


See aha: Paradise. 

Exodus. Chytrasus, D. In Exodvm enarratio. 46.19 
Kncwstub, J. Lectvres upon the twentieth 
chapter of Exodus .............. 45.12 

See also : Ten commandments. 

Numbers. Annotations upon Xumbers. By H. 

Ainsworth. n. p., 161'J. 4 ......... 45.6 

Commcntaric vpon Nvmbers. Attersoll, W. 43.7 
Deuteronomy. Annotations upon Devteronomie. 

By H. Ainsworth. n. p., 1(319. 4 ..... 45.7 
Ad sex postrema capita Dcuteronomii consid- 

erationes. Cocccius, J ............ 45.28 

Joshua. I. Caluini in librvm losve breuis com- 

mentarius. Addita sunt qmedam de eitisdem 

morbo & obitu. Genevae, M. D. LXIIII. 8. . 46.5 
I. Calvini in historiam losve coinmentarirs. 

Ed. 2a. Genevse, M. D. LXXV. f ..... 53.1, 9 
Judges. A commentary vpon Ivdgcs. In lec- 

tvres. By Richard Rogers. London, 1615. f. 43.12 
Ruth. Latin. Historia Rvth, ex Ebraco Latine 

converaa, & commentario explicata. [Et] tra- 

latio Graeca ad exemplar Complutense, & note. 

Add. tractatus, An Ruben mandragoras in- 

venerit. Opera I. Drvsii. Franekeras, Cio. 

10. LXXXVI. 8 ............... 46.14 

Ruth, et seq. Gasparis sanctii,in libros Rvth, Es- 

drae, Nehemiae, Tobiae, Ivdith, Estlier, Macha- 
baeorum commentarij. Lvgdvni, M. DC. xxvin. 
f ...................... 41.9 

1st and 2f? Samuel. In duos libros Samuclis, 
P. M. Vermilij commentarii. Ed. 2a. Tiguri, 
M. D. LXVII. f ............... 43.10 

Ezra. See above, Ruth, et seq. 

Nchcmiah. See above, Ruth, et seq. 

Esther. Greek and Latin. Esthers historia, po- 
ctica paraphrasi, exornata : cum scholiis Grae- 
cis. Add. parodia Uomcricadeeademhistoria. 
AuthoreJ. Barnes. Londiui, do IDC LXXIX. 
8 ...................... 45.24 

Sec above, Ruth, et seq. 

I'iK'tical books arid prophets. Analysis typica 
lihrorum V. T. poeticorum, propheticorum. 
Drandmiiller, J ............... 44.11 

Job. English. The sermons of I. Calvin vpon 
the booke of lob. London, 1574. f ..... 53.17 

French. Le livre de lob: truduit en p- 
francoise, scion Ic verite hebraique, pur A. I)u 
! .-in. n. p., M. D. LIT.. 8 ........ 67.28 

(irt-rk. Liber Job Graeco carmine redditus. 
[Ace. Latina rersio soluta.] Authore J. [Du- 
port.] Cantabrigke, 1>'.:;7. S ........ 46 31 

l.'ilin. In librvm lolii condones. Antea Gal- 
lice, mi:>c primiim Latini; rilitre. Cum pra?fa- T. Bezoc. Geneva-, M. D. : xrm. f . . 53.4 
histories catholica cxplicatio. Wild, J. . 40.0 

Job, et .-.</ l.ntiii. J. Mcrceri commentarii in 

Jdbiini, el Pnivei-liia, ; ; ;,, rantieum 

c-Miiticorum. Lvgdvni ilatnvorvm, Clo lo c Ll. 

f ....................... 11. n 

i iiinl /.HUH iilii/iuiifi. Tin' I li 'In rv, tf\l el' 
ili.' r.-..ii;iii's an. i Lamentations, \\iilnnii. tin- 
1'oinU. !'.^ \\ '. Knbi 'iL-oii. London, It .. I - . 


Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, continued. 

1'salms. Hebrew and Latin. I. Calvini com- 
mcntarivs in librvm Psalmorvm. In hac pos- 
trema editione, Ilebroeum contextum e rcgione 
Latina? interpretationis addidimus. Geiievae, 
M.U.I.XXVIII. i" 53.5 

l-'.nr/lish. Annotations upon the Psalms. By 

Henry Ainsworth. [Xo title-page. 101"2.] 

4 45.8 

The whole booke of Psalines : with hymncs. 

Composed into 4. parts by sundry authors. 
London, 1633. 8 46.4 

The Psahnes, with the prose in the margin. 

Collected into English meeter,by T. Sternhold, 

I. Hopkins, and others. London, 1635. 16. 46.10 
The Psalmes, paraphras'd in English : con- 
ferred with the Hebrew, Latine, Greek Septua- 
gint, and Chaldee paraphrase. By R. B[arna- 
by?] London, 1038. 12 46.30 

The booke of Psalmes in English metre. [By 

Henry Ainsworth.] n. p., M. DC. XLII. 8 . 46.28 

Samuelis primitite : or, a metrical version of 

the Psalmes. By S. Leigh. London, 1661. 

8 46.27 

A paraphrase upon the Psalms. By S. Wood- 
ford. London, 1667. 4 45.11 

The Psalms paraphrased into English verse 

by AI. Smyth. London, 166S. 8 45.22 

The Psalms -in meeter. Ivewly translated. 

London, 1673. 12 46.35 

The book of Psalms in metre. By William 

Barton. London, 1682. 12 46.28 

A new version of the Psahns, together with 

all the church-hymns into metre. By Simon 
Ford. London, MDCLXXXVIII. 12 46.13 

The whole book of Psahns : with the usual 

herons and spiritual songs. With tunes. In 
three parts. By John Playford. Fourth ed. 
London, 1698. 8 45.13 

The Psalms in English metre. The newest 

version fitted to the common tunes. By C. 
Darby. London, MDCCIV. 24 46.25 

The booke of Psalmes collected into English *, 

meeter by T. Sternhold, JvHopldns and others. 
With notes to sing them \rithall. [Xo title- 
page.] 32 46.39 

Comnientaric vpon the fifteene Psalmi gradu- 

ura, Psalmes of degrees. Translated out 
of Latiue by H. Bvll. London, 1615. 4. 
[Black-letter] 47.10 

Meditations upon the 01 Psaline. Page, S. . 50.1 

Greek and Latin. IValUTium. Juxta exemplar 

Alcxandrinum cd. nova, Groccu& Latino. Ox- 
oniae, 1G7S. 8 40/J1 

Latin. Psalmorvm Davidis libri qvimjyu. Ar- 

gumcntis & Latina paraphrasi illust., ac vario 
carminum geiu-rc Latine expressi. A T. IV- 
za. Londini, 15SO. 8 40.32 

Psalmorvm Davidis paraphrases poetiea G. 

P>vchanani opera N. Cliythnei. llerliornaj 
Nassoviorvm, 1010. 12 4'1.3ti 

Eiiarraliniiis IValmorvm ex preelectionibVS 

II. Molleri iidvi.-.-ima rilitio. Geneva-, M.DC 

xix. f 43.2 

A. Riveti commontarius in Psa'.iuorum pro- 

l>1ietii. 1 drvni, tie inystrrijs i-uanirelii-is, dodeea- 
dem selectam. Editio nova. Roterodami, cla 

l.t C. xi.V. 4 45.1 

IV.-ilnidniin Davidis paraphra>is p.ietii-a G. 

Buelianani arL'unientis ae mel.idiis illustrala. 
Opera N.Chj i ' >. 12 . . . 4>'..:;S 

Q-. Buchanan! para phrasisPsalmorumpoetlcaj 

r.'.'ou'iiii.i a T. Kiiil<limamid. A.CC. ilu;e Hn- 
elianani trau' saera-, ,I.'[>hllies \ r>apti>les. 

Edinbur [i, U.DCC.X\ i. I- 46.34 

Psalmi cum commoutailo. Mni.-,>. M. .le . . 41.6 




Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, Psalms, continued. 

Si/riac and Latin. Psalmi lingva Syriaca ed. a 

T. Erpenio. Qui & versioncm Latinam adje- 
cit. Lugduni Batavorum, CID 13 C. xxv. ff. 
155. 4 40a.3 

Bytlmerus, V. Analysis critico-practica Psal- 

morum 40a.4 

Chy trams, N. In Buchanan! paraplirasin col- 

lectanca 46.37 

Hall, J. Some few of David's Psalms meta- 
phrased 58.40 

Hemming, N. Enarratio Psalmi LXXXIV . . . 46.24 

Roberts, A. Exposition vpon the hvndred and 

thirtie Psalme 20.274 

See also: Jeremiah and Lamentations. Also: He- 
brew language (Lexicography). 

Proverbs. English. Briefe explanation of the 

Prouerbs of Salomon. By Robert Cleaver [and 

J. Dod]. London, 1615. 4 45.23 

Latin. Commentariiin Provcrbia. Authore T. 

Cartvvrighto. Adhibita est praefatio J. Poly- 
andri. Lvgdvni Batavorvm, 1617. 4 .... 45.4 

'Same. Amstelodami, M. DC. xxxn. 4. 45.9 

Cato divinus: give, ProverbiaSolomonis Lati- 
no carmine reddita. Autore G. Hogceo. Lon- 
dini, MDCXCIX. 8 45. IS 

Proverbia Salomonis iuxta Hebraica ueritate 

translata & annotatioibus illustrata, autore 8. 
Mvnstero. [Basiliae], n. d. 8 50a.9 

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon. Greek. 

Proverbia, Ecclesiastes, Cantica, Graaco ear- 
,mine donati per J. Dnportum [ace. Lat. ver- 
eio soluta]. Cantabrigiae [et] Londini, 1046. 
8 46.20 

Allen, R. Concordances of Proverbs and Ec- 
clesiastes 45.27 

Trapp, J. Commentarie on 45.14 

Ecclesiastes. Latin. Ecclesiastes Salomonis, 

cum annotatiouibus M. Lutheri. Cum indice 

&c. Halse Sueuo, An. 36 [1536]. 8 46.23 

Metaphrasis et homilia; in librvm Salomonis, 

qui inscribitur Ecclesiastos : authore T. Cart- 
wright. Amstelodami, M. DC. XLVII. 4 . . 45.10 

Satyra sacra sivc paraphrasis in Ecclesiasten 

poetica. Autore G. Hogaeo. London, 1685. 
8m.8 46.9 

Song of Solomon. Hebrew and Latin. Canticvm 

canticorvm Salomonis, Latine iuxta Hebraicum 

contexturn per S. Munsterum t ran si. atq. 

annot, illust. [Colophon] Basilese, M D xxv. 

pp. (64). 8 . 50a.S 

English. An exposition on Solomons song. By 

John Roliotham. London, 1651. 4 45.19 

Gyfl'ard, G. Fifteene sermons vpon the Song 

of Solomon 46.23 

Sibbs, R. Sermons on Canticles iv-vi . . . 51.30 

Latin. In Cantica canticorum, breuis enar- 

ratio M. Lutheri. Witenbergoe, MD.XXXIX. 

8 46.22 

T. Brightmanni commentarius in Cantica can- 

ticorura. Add. Danielis [xi. 36-45, xil.] Ba- 

silea?, M. DC. xiv. 8 46.11,17 

In Canticvm canticorvm homilioe. Beza, T. . 46.8 

Isaiah. I. Calvini commentarii in Isaiam, 

opera N. Gallasii. Geneva), M.D.LXXXIII. f. 53.6 

Jeremiah and Lamentations. Gasparis Sanclii 

in leremiam commentarii cum paraphrasi. 
Ace. explicatio Psalmi cxxxvi. Paraphrasis 
item poetica ad Threnos, & cundem 
Psalmum. Lvgdvni, M.DC.XVIII. f . . . . 41.10 

I. Calvini praelectiones in librvm prophctia- 

rvm Jcremiae, et Lamentationes. J. Budaei et 
C. Jonuillaei labore exceptae. Genevae, M. D. 
1XXVI. f 53.13 

Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, continued. 

Lament. itittnss, Daniel, Joiinh. Musai sacrae : seu 

Jonas, Jcremias Threni, & Daniel Graeco red- 
diti carmine. [Ace. Lat. versio soluta.] Au- 
tore I. Ailmcr. Ox nikc, 16.V2. sm. S" . . . . 40.33 

Lamentations. The Hebrew text of the Psalmes 

and Lamentations. See above, Psalms . . . 50a.33 

EseJdel. English. Exposition of Ezckiel. [Ch. 

I-xiil, xx-xxxix.] By W. Greenhill. [Ch. 
l-v,2ded.] London, 1649, 58. 3v. in 2. 4 . . 45.15 

Sums. [Ch. i-v.] 2d ed. London, 1G4'J. 

4 45.20 

The vision of the wheels opened. Mead, M. . 50.30 

Latin. I. Calvini pra>lectiones in Ezechielis 

viginti capita priora, 1. Budasi & C. lonuiloei 
labore excerptao. [Cum Latina versione.] 
[Genevae], cio. 13. xxcm. f 53.11 

Esekiel and Daniel. Gasparis Sanctii in Eze- 

kielcm Sc Dank-lem commentary cum para- 
phrasi. Lvgdvni, M. DC. XIX. f 41.11 

Daniel. Hebrew, Chaldaic, and Latin. I. Cal- 

vini praclectiones in librum proj>hetiaruni 
D.iniclis. J. Budsci & C. lonuillaei labore 
excerptoa. Genevas, M. D. xci. f 53.12 

Hebrew and Latin. Paraphrasis I. lachiadas 

in Danielcm [Hebraice], Cvm versioue, et 
annot. Constantini 1'Empcrcvr. Amsteloda- 
mi, do ID cxxxm. 4 40a.lO 

Latin. In librvm Danielis prophetae, R. Rolloci 

commentarias. Ediubvrgi, 1591. 4 40.17 

Amandi Polani i:\ Danielcm commentarius. 

Cvm indice, locorum a depravationibus Bellar- 
miui vindicatorum. Ed. 2a. Basileae, 1606. 
4 46.2 

Gasparis Sanctii in Danielcm commentary 

cum paraphrasi. Lvgdvni, M. DC. xix. f . . 41.12 

Danielis xi. 06-45, xn. explicatio. See Bible. 

O. T. Song of Solomon 40.12, 17 

Minor prophets. French. Lecons et expositions 

familiercs de I. Caluin sur les douze petis pro- 
phetes : traduitcs de latin. Geneve, M.D.LX. 
f 53.14 

Latin. I. Calvini proslectiones in xn prophc- 

tas minores. Genevas, M. D. LXXXI. f . . . 53.7 

Prophetae xn minores versione Latina et 

commeutario illust. a J. Coccejo. Lvgdvni 
Batavorvm, do loc rn. f 43.9 

I. Merceri commentarii in prophetas quin- 

que priorcs inter cos qui minores vocantur. 
Adivncti svnt aliorvm & reeentium commen- 
tarii excerpti. n. p., n. d. f 43.6 

Theophylactus. In aliquot prophetas minores 

compendiaria explanatio 20a.6 

Veil, C. M. Explicatio litcralis ducdccim 

prophetarum minorum 46.3 

English. Commentary upon the xn. minor 

prophets. Trapp, J 40.13 

Hose:i, Commentarie oa the xiv. chapter of. 

Sibbs, R 45.25 

Joel. Exposition on loel, in sermons. Top- 

sell, E 45.26 

Amos. In propheram Amos lectiones. Dries- 

sche, J.van den 43.15 

Jonah. Abbot, G. An exposition vpon lonah. 46.1 
King, J. Lcctvres vpon lonas 45.2 

Malachi. Commentary upon Malachy. B^ R. 

Stock. Added, an exercitation upon Malachy. 

By S. Torshell. London, 1041. f 44.5 

Neiv Testament. 

Greek and Latin. Novvm IVstamcntvm Graj- 

cvm, cvm vulgata [et interdura Aria; Montani] 
interp. Latina. Aec. libri Graece scripti, Apoc- 
ryphi; cum interlinear! interpr. Lat. exbibliis 
Complutensibus. [Genevae], cu 10 Cix. f. 41.3 




Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, _Y('- Ti. ^lament, conlhni/i!. 

Novum Testamentum, ciij:irf Graeco contextni 

respondent interp. diue : un:i, veins; altera, T. 
Bez;e. Ejusdem aiinolati":ies. A.CC. etiam .T. 
Camerarii i:i novum fuidus commentarius. 
Cantabrigi;--. MIHM.II. f 02.4,10 

Gi'i '/,-. Novi Testament! libri, recens mine cditi : 

cum notU It. Stephani, .1. Scaligeri, I. Casav- 
boni, [etc.]. Londini, do loc xxxill. 8 . . 43.15 

Novum Testamentum Gr;eeum, cum Irct. var. 

labore J". Millil reeens. L. Ku-t'-ni-. Rotcro- 
flami, MIMTX. f . . 52.2 

Novum Testamentum. Po8tS.Curcc]lsi,&DD. 

Oxoniensium labores; ace. locor. parall. nu- 
merus: variantes praHerea ex MS" Vindobo- 
ncnsi ; nc crisis perpetiia, quasingulas varian- 
tes earumr[iie valorem aut origincm ad xi.lll. 
canones cxaminat G. D. T. M. D. Amste- 
laedaini, 0,1.5 !;> CC XI. 8 48.20 

Dritch (mil I-'reiicli. Hut Nieuwe Testament. 

Amsterdam, 1631. 12 48.22 

English. TheNewTesfamen' , t i-ansl. by T. Heza. 

Adioyued, Short expositions out of [3uza] 
and Camerarius, liy P. Loscler Vilerius. Eng- 
lished by I. Tom.son. London, 1580. 8 . . . 48.19 

Latin and Syria-'. Novum Testamentum Syriace. 

Cum versione Latina a M. Trostio. Cothe- 

ni.s Anlialtinorum, 1621. 4 51.13 

Latin. Novi Testament! catholica expositio ec- 

clesiastica. Sive,bibliotheea cxpositionvm [ab 

A. Marlorato] conflata. [Geneva:], M. D. LXX. 

2v. f ' 52.1 

Novvru Testamentvra ; interprcte T. Beza. 

Londini, MDCLI. 24 48.33 

Novum Testamentum a Scbastiano Castalione 

Latine redditum. Ed. novissima, emacula- 

tior. Londini, MDCXCVI. 12 48.26 

Novum Testamentum Latino. [No title-page. 

Imperfect.] 12 48.31 

- Novum Testamentum Latine. [No title-page. 

Imperfect,] 16 48.32 

Syrinc. [Syriac New Testament, the Peshito 

version in Hebrew characters. With various 
readings from a codex Coloniensis by F. Ra- 
pheleng. No title-page 15-?] 8 50a.l" 

Illustrative Works. 

Aretius, B. Novum Testamentum commentariis 

explanatum 52.9 

Cartwright, T.' Confvtation of the Ulicmists 

translation, glosses and annotations on theN.T. 53.21 
Chcitomaevs, M. P. Grsoco-barbara Novi Tes- 
tament! 47.26 

Erasmus,!). In Nov\ in Testamcntvmannotationcs. 52.12 

Esiieime, II. Concordantias Grsecolatinas Test. 

N(.vi 51.2 

IIci;i>iu j , 1). Hacrarum exereitationum ad N. 

T. libri xx 44.14, 1C 

Leigh, 10. Pliiloloificall and tbeologicall obser- 

Mitions upon all the Grei-U wm-ds nf the N. T. 47.1 

Leui-den, J. C'liiniii ndiiini < ii-aviini N\i Tes- 

tamenti -17.22 

Smid, E. Novi Testament! (iraeei coucor- 

dantiae 51.1 

Syiiisun, A. Lexicon Anghi-cJravo-Latinuni \"- 

vi Ti-.^taim-nti 51.9 

Wetstein, J. J. I'rnli -niiiena ad N. T. Gr. ed. 

accuratiHsiinain 49.1 

See also: Christ, Paul, Thin. thy. 

Selections.|ihrasis. Hive enarratio in epi- 

ntolas ct evangelia, IJVBB doniini.-is x iVsiis 

dietnis Ic'Lri ronsnenenint, antlmre I). Ki-a-mo 
1,'otcruilamo. C'oloniae, [l.'i . Inilirint tnnti- 
lale-1.1 8 4S.21 

Shelf. Xo. 
BIBLE, Xew Testament, continued. 

Gospel* ami .!'/.<. I.niiii. Evangelivm secundum 

Matthicin !. Marcum, l.neam, lohannein. Aeta 
aj)o>tolorvm. [Ivl. 11. ,Sti-phanus.] 1'arisiis, 
.M. \>. XLV. 12 ............... 

Gos/K-./.-i. I-'n iii-h. Exposition continuellc & 

familien- MH- !'> nil. i \.H.L" -listc-s. [Gcncvae], 

M. D. LI1II. f ' ............... 52.13 

.\nft'. A translation nf the Latin edition of l.V< :, in 
which t'ic i ..... iincntiiry on Matthew, Murk and Luke 
is hy K. J'>tioiiiK- ; oa John by Culvin. 

Harmonies. Littin. IlannoniiD ovangelicje, 

M. Chemnitio inchoat;e, X per I'olycarpvm 
Lyservra continvatne, libri qvin^vc [Gr. ct 
Lat.]. Kraiieofvrti, M. DC. xxil. f " . . . . :,2 1 1 

---- Xante. Geneva:, M. DC. xxvm. f . . . :<'!.'> 

--- llannoiiiae euangelistarum Chcmnitio-Lyse- 
rkm;e eontinvatio, a I. Gerhardi:, commen- 
tario illnst. Novissima editio. Ilotcrodami, 
<!.> !.)( xi. vi. f .............. 52.B 

--- Harrnonia ex evangelistis tribvs composita, 
Mattha-o, Marco, & Luca, oommentariis I. Cal- 
vini exposita. Eivsdem in lohannem evan- 
Kelistani commentarivs. Genevas, M. D. LXXII. 
f ...................... 53.15 

---- Same. [Geneva-], M. D. LXXXII. f * . . . 53.2 

--- Cartwright, T. Commentaria practica in 

totam historiam euangelicam ........ 47.15 

---- Ilarmonia evangelica per analysin logicam, 

et metaphrashi ............... 47.11 

--- Thcophj'lactus. Enarrationcs in r|uatuor 

euangelia .................. 20a.5 

-- Hoar, L. A compendious harmony ..... 49.20 

See also: Lord's prayer, Prodigal son, Sower, Ten 


Matthew. Hebrew and Latin. Evangelivm 

secvndvm Matthccvm in lingva Hebraica, i-vm 
versione Latin a, atqve anuot. S. Mvnsteri. 
Cum epistola Pauli ad Ilebrasos, Ilebraice & 
Latiue. Basileie, [MDLVII] . 8 ....... 50a.36 

-- Lntin. Analysis logica cvangclii secundum 
Matthocum: cum scboliis et observationilms 
locorum doctrinsc. Inserta est Refutatio sophis- 
matum II. Bellarmini. Authore J. Piscatore. 
Ed. :'.LI. llerbor:i;o Nassoviorum, 1606. 16". 4S.5 

--- In MaUlueum commentarii. Museulus, W. . 44.1 

Mark. Latin. Analysis logica evangelii secun- 

dum Marcum : cum scholiis et observationibus 
locorum doctrinal. Authore J. Piscatore. Ed. 
3a. Ilerborna! Nassoviorvm, clo IDC vui. S. 4S.6 

Luke. Latin. Analysis logica evangelii secun- 

dum Lueam : cum scholiis et observatl unilms 
locorum doctrinee. Authore J. Piscatore. Ed. 
3a. Ilerliorna- Nassoviorum, 1608. 16 ... 48.2 

John. Latin. In evangelivm secundum lohan- 

nem, commentarivs It. llolUn-i. Aee. liarmoniu 
in historiam mortis, resurrertionis, ,\ ascen- 
sionis Domini, n. p., M. ncvnr. 8 ..... 47.18 
___ Analysis l^L'ica i-vange!ii secundum lohan- 
nein: enia si-lrdiis et Observationibus ln.-oriiin 
doctrina-. Authore J. Pix-atore. ICd. la. Iler- 

bornsB Nassoviorum, M. DC. ix. 16 ..... 4^.3 
--- Analysis logiea euang. Johannis. a .1. Pisca- 
[N"o title-page. ImperiVvt. A.liil'. ed.j 8. 
--- Kua-igermin secundum loannem, cum com- 
nu-ntario J. Coccei. I'.atavorum, 
clo l > i.^x. 4 ............... 

__ Six-' histories of water turned into wine. 

D; lie, D ................... 

J.'.'x. l.ntin. In Acta apostolorum II. r.ullin- 

geri coiiim'-iitariornm lilu'i VI. [Tiguri. Ml>LVI.] 

i ...................... :.:;.!;> 

--- I. Calvin i i-omineniarii in Acta apo~tolo- 

ruin. Geneva-, M. l>. 1A Ml I. t' J ...... "'".H"> 

---- Same. Geneva-, M. l>. lAXMHI. f ..... 1.3 


-17. : 

- 17 -" 




Shelf. Nc 

BIBLE, Acts, Latin, continued. 
Analysis logica libri qui inscribitur Acta 

apostolorum. Cum scholiis et observajionibus 

locorum doctrinae. Authore J. Piscatore. Ed. 

3a. Herbornas Nassoviorum, clo locvm. 8. 48.'. 
In Acta apostolorum homilhe CLXXIIII. "\Val- 

ther, R 48.16 

Epistles and Revelation. Latin. Pavli apos- 

toli epistolse. Epistols9 catholicae. Apoca- 
lypsis. Adiccta diuorsa lectione. [Ed. II. 
Steplianus.] Pnrisiis, M. D. XLV. 12 ... 48.29 

Commcntarii in omnes epistolas itemqve in 

Apocalypsim. Editio postrema. Bornac Ilel- 
vetiorvm, in. DC. Vil. f 52.8 

Analysis typica N. T. epistolarum nccnon 

libri Apocalypseos. Brandmiiller, J 44.13 

Epistles. Latin. I. Calvini comraentariiin omnes 

Paul! epistolas. Adivnxinivs commcntarios iu 
omnes cpist canonicas. Geneva?, M. D. 
LXXX. f 53.10 

' Espositio analytica omnium apostolicarvm 

epistolarvm: opera D.Dicsoni. Glasgua3,1645.4. 47.12 
Analysis logica epistolarum ad Horn. Cor. 

Gal. Eph. Pbilipp. Col. Thess. Cum scboliis. 

Autore J. Piscatore. Londini, 1591. sm.8. . 47.24 
Analysis logica epistolarum ad Gal. Eph. 

Pbilipp. Col. Tbess. Cum scboliis. Autore 

J. Piscatore. Ed. 3a. nerbornasNassoviorvm, 

do lac IX. sm. 8 48.12 

Aretius, B. Isagogo ad lectionem epistolarvm 

v Pavli 48.7 

Est, W. In omnes Pavli et septem catbolicas 

epistolas commentaria 52.3 

Tbeopbylactus. Enarrationes in omnes Pauli 

epistolas 20a.6, 19 

Romans. Latin. In epistolam ad Romanes, 

Petri Martyris Vermilii commentarii, cum trac- 
tatione porutili rerum & locorum, qui ad cam 
epistolam pertinent. Cvm dvobvs locvpletibvs, 
locorum scilicet, vtriusque Testament!, & re- 
rum & verborum indicibus. Basileos, M. D. LVIII. 
f. [Mutilated] 52.7 

In fpistolam ad Romanos notse, ex C. 

Oleviani concionibvs excerptee, & a T. Beza 
editoe : cum pracfatione eiusdern Bezae. Ge- 
nevas, M. D. LXXIX. 8 48.13 

In epistolam ad Romanes, Robert! Rolloci com- 

mcutarivs, analytica methodo. Altera editio. 
Genense, M.DCVIII. sm. 8 4S.23 

Analysis logica epistolae ad Romanos; cum 

scboliis et observationibus locorum doetrinae. 
Authore J. Piscatore. Ed. 4a. Herboruoa 
Nassoviorum, 1608. sin. 8 48.10 

Melancbtbon, P. Commentarii in epistolam ad 

Romanos 48.27 

Parr, E. Exposition on the epistle to the 

Romans 44.8 

Sclater, W- Exposition of Romans i-in . . . 55.92 

Corinthians. Latin. Analysis logica utriusq. epis- 

tolaeadCorinthios; cum scholiis ct observationi- 
bus locorum doctrince. Authore J. Piscatore. 
Ed.4a. Hcrbornse Nassoviorum, clo lo Cix. 

sm. 8 48.11 

Vtriusque epistolss ad Corinthios oxplicatio 

analytica; cum scholiis. Selater, W. 47.17 and 55.93 

Galatians. English. A Commentarie of H.Lvther 

vpon the epistle to the Galathians. London, 

1616. 4. [Black-letter] 47.9 

Latin. D. Parei in divinam ad Galatas apx>sto- 

li epistolam commentarivs. Cum indice gemi- 
no, vno dubiorum, altero verborum & rerum 
memorabilium. Genevas, M. D.CXIIII. 8 a . . 47.19 

Epliesians. Latin. Commentarivs in epistolam ad 

Ephcsios. Avctore J. Crocio. Cassellis, M. i>. 
CXLII. 8 47.20 


Shelf. No. 
BIBLE, continued. 

Philippians, Colossians, and Hebrews. English. 

Paraphrase and notes on the epistles to the Co- 
lossians, Philippians and Hebrews. Annexed 
dissertations on particular texts of Scripture. 
By James Peirce. London, M.DCC.XXVII. f. 44.9 

Colossians. Latin. Expositio epistol* ad Colos- 

eenses per J. [Davenatit] Sarisburiensem 
episcopum. Ed.Sa. Cautabrigire, 1639. f . 44.3,6 
Lectures upon Colossians I. Lockyer, N. . 55.32 

TJiessalonians. English. Exposition vpon the two 

epistles to the I.Ievvell,bp. of 
Sarisbvrie. London, 1584. 8. [Black-letter]. 47.21 

An exposition with notes vpon the first and 

second epistles to the Thessalonians. By Wil- 
liam Sclater. London, 1630. 4 47.13 

1st and 2d Timothy, Titus, Philemon, and He- 

brews. Latin. Analysis logica quinquepostrc- 
marum epistolarum ad. Tun. Tit. Phil. Heb. 
Cum scboliis & observationibus locorum doc- 
trinse. Autore J. Piscatore. Ed. 5a. Iler- 
bornaa Nassoviorum, clo lo cX. 16 48.8 

1st Timothy. Latin. In priorem epistolam ad 

Timotheum commentarius. Per L. Danajvm. 

Geneva, M. D. LXXVII. 8" 48.1 

In epistolam priorem ad Timotbeum commen- 
tarius Antonii Fayi. Ace. eiusdern commenta- 
rius in Psal. 87. Genevas Allobr., cio 10 
Cix. sm. 8 43.17 

Titus. Commentarie vpon the epistle to Titvs. 

Taylor, T 47.2 

Philemon. Attcrsoll, \V. Commentarie vpon . 53.20 
Dyke, D. A most fruitfull exposition upon . . 47.14, 10 

Catholic epistles. Latin. Analysis logica septem 

epistolarum quse catholics appellari soIent. 
Cum scholiis et observationibus locorum doctri- 
nas. Authore J. Piscatore. Ed. 5a. Her- 
bornso Nassoviorum, M DC ix. 16 48.9 

Hebrews. Hebrew and Latin. Epistola ad 

Hebra3os. See above, Matthew 50a.36 

1st and 2d Peter. Latin. Vtriusque epistoloa 

Petri explicatio analytica: nee non in. eon- 
ciones. Authore G. Amesio. Atnstelodami, 
M. DC. xxxv. 12 48.30 

Revelation. Latin. In Apoealypsim eoneiones 

centum: authore H. Bvllingero. Basileae, 

1559. f 53.19 

Same. Basileae, at. . LXX. f 4-K2 

Explicatio Apocalypsis, traclita et recognita 

D. Chytraso. [Cum P. Melanthonis de potes- 
tate papas, et G. ^Emilii Imaginum in Apoca- 
lypsi descriptione.J Viteborgte, M. D. LXXI. 8. 48.25 

Eicasmi sev meditationes, in saci-am Apoca- 

lypsin. Authore I. Foro. Londini, 1587. f. 44.7 

Apocalypsis Apocalypseos. Rcfutatio R. 

Bellarmini dc Antlchristo inseritur. Per T. 
Brigbtmannum. Franc-ofvrti, 1609. 4 .... 47.4 
Broughton, n. A revelation of the Apocalyps. 47.7 

- Gushing, C. Clavis apocalyptica 7'J.'25 

Dent, A. The vrine of Rome. Or, an expo- 
sition vpon the whole Revelation ...... 70a.26 

Guild, W. Explication of the Revelation . . 48.13 

Heidc-gger, J. H. Diatribaa in Apocalypseos 

prophetiam de Babylone magna 47.3 

Petto, S. The Revelation unvailed 70a.l8 

Potter, F. Interpretatio numeri 6G6 67.18 

See also above . Epistles and Revelation. 

, J., Confutation of a Scripture eateehisme 

written by. See Owen, J 64.22 and 65.26 

, N. The rvle of faith : or, an exposition of 
the Apostles creed. Published by A. Bilield. 

London, 1625. 4 6i.8 

3ILSON, T., bp. The effect of certaine sermons torch- 
ing the fvll redemption of mankind by the 
death of Christ [and] the place and purpose 




Shelf. No. 
BlLSON, T.,7-/)., continual. 

of his descent to hcl after death. London, 

1599. 4. [Black-letter] 04.9 

Bileoa's writings answered. See Jacob, II. . . 58.28 
BIOGRAPHY. See Classical dictionary, KccleM-isti.-al 

biography, Kmp> Tors, Inventors, Lawyers, 
Military biography. 

BISHOP, The, of Anna-lies direction, concerning the 
lyturgy, anil cpiseopall government. London, 
1060. pp. 6. 4 20.170 

Jfote. Falsely attributed to James Usher, arch- 
bishop of Armagh. See his Works, I. 208-i'ln. 

Bisnors. Digby, Lord G. Third speech concerning 

bishops and the citie petition 78.29,92 

Englands complaint against the bishops canons. 32.32 

Ficnnes, N. Spcccli in answore to Lord Digby's 

third speech 78.13, 93 

Fiennes, Lord W. Speech against 78.34, 35 

Grimstone, Sir II. Argvment concerning . . . 78.28 

Lucy, W. The necessity of, to ordain 49 43 

Prynnc, W. The prelates intolerable usurpa- 

tions 59.64 

Looking-glasse for all lordly prelates 26.238 

St. John, O. Speech concerning the charge of 

treason exhibited to the bishops accused by 

the house of commons, 1041 78.6 

A very lively portraytvre of the 32.30 

See also : Episcopacy. 

BISTERFELD, J. II. Bisterfeklius redivivus. Seu 
operum posthumorum, tomus n. [Logica.] 
Hagse-Comitvm, M.DC. LXI. 12 37.19 

BLACKALL, O. Sermon before the lord-mayor, [etc.] 
Jan. 19th. 170J. Fast-day. London, MDCCIV. 
pp. 32. 4 18.13 

BLACKMORE, Sir It. fA short history of the last par- 
liament. London, 1699. pp.64. 4" 26.38 

BLACKWOOD, C. A repulse to C. Blackwood, in 

his Storming of Antichrist. See Blake, T. . . 23.159 

BLAIR, II. Diss. philos. inaug. defundamentis & ob- 
ligatione legis naturae. Edinburgi, M.DCC.XXX 

IX. pp. 12. 4 36.10 

' BLAKE, T. Infants baptisme, freed from antichris- 
tianisme. A full repulse to C. Blackwood, in 
The storming of Antichrist. [And] arguments 
by Stephen Marshall vindicated. London, 
1645. 4 26.159 

Right to sacraments, defended against. Sec Bax- 

ter, K. . . 65.35 and 66.24 

BLAKEWAT, R. Exhortation to obedience to King 
George. Two Sermons at Little Ilford in Es- 
sex, Nov. and Dec., 1715. London, 1716. pp. 

(8), 44. 8 16.246 

BLOOD. Grove, It. Carmen de sanguinis circuitu a 

G. Harvaeo invento 49.60, J. Animadversiones in librum [G. 

Ilarvei] de circvlatione sangvinis 35.7 

BOCHART, 8. Geographia sacra, I'haleg [et] Cha- 
naan. Ace. epistohe dine. Fiancofvrti ad 

MuMivm, M DC LXXXI. 4 40a.6 

BODE, or Bodius, H. Vnio dissidcntivm libellvs ex 
ecelesiae doctoribus selcctus. In ciuitati Colo- 

niensi, M. D. XXVH. 8" 2"a.20 

BoEn.Mi: (I.dt. Boemus), J. Mores, leges, et ritvs 

btnnivm gentivm. n. p., M. D. LXX. 8 . . . . "'.'a.'.i 

BOETIIHs, A. M. T. S. J)c consolatione philosophi- 
Ca [cum dilplici roine'ilo sti Tllollle et AM-CII- 
eii] & do iliscij)lina scholastica |al> AsceaMn 
cxplanatus cum oiiintiliani de ollieio discipn- 
loriini compenilii) el j libello de inori'i' in ineiisa 
a Sidpitio vernlano t-dito. Lugd., [l.'il I]. 4. 
[mack-letter] 72.13 

BOGAN, '/,. The threats and pvnisliineiits recorded 

in the Scriptures. Oxford, 1053. 8 49.27 

Shell. No. 

BOHEMIA. Banishment of Jesuits from. See Rela- 
tion of the late journey, etc 27.114 

Succession, to the crown of. See Instrument- <!' 

the pactions, etc 27.116 

BOHEMICA ivra defensa. The Bohemian ri'.'hts de- 
fended, against the informer. Trn:i.-i. b\ J.II. 

n. p., Clo. Cl. C. XX. pp. (8), 44. 4 27.115 

BOLTOM, Sir Richard, Articl s of high tre;:.-on 

against. See Mervin, Sir A 7S.17 

BOLTON, Robert. Workes. London, MDC.XM. 4. 55.87 

Note. With separate title-pajrcs : The state of trve 
happincsse, sermons, 7th i-il.. 1>; ;s. Instrvctions fir af- 
flicted conscirnrrs. .';<! ed., I')!". Ur]p> to hvmiliution, 
4th cd., 1G'!7. Discourse concerning usury, 1(117. 

Short discourse betweene M'. Bolton and M. S. 

concerning usury. London, 1037. pp. (8), 77. 4. 20.210 

A three-fold treatise. Or, meditations, concern- 

ing the word, the Lord's svpper, and fasting. 

London, 1034. 4" 54.32 

BOLTON, S. Deliverance in the birth: a sermon before, 
the house of peeres 29 of July 1G4G. Cam- 1 
bridge, 1647. pp. (4), 42. 4 55.16 

A sermon at themonetldy fast, March 25. 1646. to 

the house of commons. [Xo title-page.] pp. 

37. 4 55.10 

The trvcbovnds ofChristian freedomc. Anm sod 

a discourse of lohn Caracrons, touching the 
threefold covenant of God with man, trans]. 
by Samuel Bolton. London, 1645. 8 .... GS.14 

BONCLE, S. Vestibulum technicum: wherein the 
sense of Janua linguarum is contained. Fourth 
ed. London, 1701. 8 70.8 

BOND, J. Salvation in a mystery: or a prospective 
glasse for Englands case. A sermon, before 
the house of commons, at their monthly fast, 
March 27. 1044. London, 1644. pp. (6), 60. 4. 55.48 

BONGARS, J. Excerpta differentiarvm. [Gottfried. 

Auctorcs Latinac linguae] 72.17 

BONTIUS, J. De mcdicina Indorvm. See Alpino, 1'. 35.1 

BORGIIIA, F. Vita F. Borghiae, et ejus opusenla. 

SeeRibadt-neira, P 10a.22 

BOSCHEIDEN, A. van. Catalogus van bet twee d 

dcelte van de bibliotheek, van A. van JIo- 
scheiden. Lcyden, 1740. pp. (2), 74. 8 . . 38.11 

BOSSUET, J. B., bp. Declaration. See Fenclon, F. 

de S. de la M 57.14 

BOTANY. Corollarium generam plantarum. See 

Linne", C. von 26.109 

BOULAESE, J. Tabvla chronographica ab Adamo ad 
Christum. 2a ed. Francofvrti ad Mcenvm, 

M. D. LXXV. f 50.7 

BOUND, N". Sabbathvm Veteris et Xovi Testameiiti : 
or the true doctrine of the Sabbath. London, 
1600. 4 CG - 3 

BOURGOING, F. Paraphrase, ov briefue explication 
sur le catechismc. See France. Reformed 
churches 69.5 

BOWLES, O. De pastore evangelico tractatus. Lon- 

dini, 1055. 8 4!>.4'J 

Zeal for Gods house quickened: a sermon be- 

fore the assembly, at their fast luly 7. Itii:;. 

at 'Westminster. London, 1043. pp. (8), 4S. 

40 50.19 

BoxnORN, M. Z. Ilistoria uuivcrsalis sacra et pro- 

fana, a Christo nato ad ( IjIjcL. Lugduni 

Batavornm, do !.> i-n- 4" '".MJI 

BOYER, A. Tlie coinpleat Freneh-inaster. Kleventh 

ed. London, MPCCXXXIII. 8 80a.3 

The interest of (ireat I'.i itain. with relation t,i 

the di!l\-i''iices amotii; the northern potent 

consider'd. 1 don, 1710. S 7S.T21 

Conti '.-.-. I. Narrative of (he wars betwixt Sweden 

nild Drnniark. ln-lnri' illnl nl'l.T tin' IIi.M-liild treaty, 
|.\ Sir rhili|) Mi'a'l.nv^. 1 I. Ai-i-cinit i'f Sir C. II 

linti..n in iron, which produced the treaty of 




Shell'. No. 
BOYER, A., continued. 

Travendahl, by Beauvoir. III. Account of the nego- 
tiations before and after the treaty of Travendahl. 
Added, Account of the curiosities observed by Mr. 
Beauvoir at Copenhagen; and the English merchant's 
remarks, on the memorial presented by the British 
resident in Sweden. 

Royal dictionary. French and English. Eng- 

lish and French. London, 1699. 4 SOa.l 

BOYLE, R. Nova experimenta physieo-mechanica de 
vi aeris elastica. Ex anglico in Latiuum con- 
versa. Oxoniffl, 1661. 8 34.20 

BOYSE, J. Vindication of the true Deity of our 
Saviour, in answer to An humble enquiry in- 
to the Scripture-account of Jesus Christ. Dub- 
lin, reprinted at London, 1703. 8" 17.240 

Sermon on the death of. See Choppin, R. . . 17.45 
BRADBURY, T. Confession of faith, at the ordina- 
tion of T. Bradbury. London, July tenth, 1707. 
With an exhortation to minister and people. 

By J. Shower. London, 1707. pp. (4), 60. 8. 26.104 
BHADSIIAW, W. The unreasonableness of the sepa- 
ration ; in answer to F. Johnson. With a 
rejoinder, against J. Canne. n. p., 1640. 4. 32.13 

A marriage feast. A sermon. See Gatakcr, T. 55.107 
BRADWARDINE, T., abp. De cavsa Dei, contra Pe- 

lagivm, et de virtvte cavsarvm, libri tres : 

opera H. Savilii. Londini, M.DC.XVIII. f . . 61.7 
BRAMBLE berry, The: a discourse touching mixt 

assemblies at the Lords supper. London, 1643. 

pp. (6), 54, (>). 4 59.23 

BRAMIIALL, J., abp., Articles of high treason 

against. See Mervin, Sir A 78.17 

BRANDML'LLER, J. Analysis typica librorum V. T. 

poeticoruin, prophcticorurn, cum scholiis. 

Basilea? Helvet., MDCXXI. 4 44.11 

Analysis typica N. T. epistolarum necnon libri 

Apocalypseos. Basilese, MDCXXII. 4 ... 44.13 
BRAY, T. A short discourse upon the doctrine of 
our baptismal covenant. Seconded. London, 
1698. 8 69.8 

Appendix to the Discourse : being a method of 

family-religion. London, 1698. pp. (32). 8. 69.9 
BREREWOOD, E, Tractatvs qvidam logici de prsedica- 
bilibvs, et prsedicamentis vindicati per T. 
S[ixesinith]. Ed. 3a, in qua accesserunt duo 
tractatus ; de meteoris, [et] do oculo. Oxonise, 
M. DC. xxxvii. 8 37.4 

A treatise of the Sabbath. With Byfield's 

answere and Brurewood's reply. Second ed. 
Oxford, 1631. 4 66.10 

A second treatise of the Sabbath. Oxford, 1632. 

4. [Imperfect] 66.11 

BRIDGE, W. The saints hiding-place. A sermon to 
the house of lords, October 28. 1G46. the day 
cif their monthly fast. London, 1047. pp. (4), 
33. 8 55.20 

A sermon before the house of commons, at 

their fast, Novemb. 29. 1643. London, M. DC. 
XLIII. pp. (8), 32. 4 56.20 

Elegy on the death of. See Jessie, H 79.22 

BRIEF account of the gracious dealings of God. 

Dutton, A 27.191 

BRIEF instruction, A, in the worship of God, and 
discipline of the churches of the New Testa- 
ment, by question and answer, n. p., 1G67. 8. 69.22 
BRIEFE aunswere, A, to the principall pointes in the 
archbishops articles. Also reasons against 
subscription to the booke of common prayers, 
and the book of articles : written about 1583. 

[No title-page.] pp. 6. 4" 59.59 

BRIEI-E discourse, A, of the trovbles begun at 
Frankeford, 1554, about the booke of common 
prayer and ceremonies. Published in 1575. 
And now reprinted. London, 1642. 4 ... 59.17 

Shelf. No. 
BRIGHTMAN, T. Apocalypsis Apocalypscos. See 

Bible. N. T. Revelation 47.4 

Commentarius in Cantica canticorum. See Bible. 

O. T. Song of Solomon 46.11,17 

BRINSLEY, John, the father, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 
The third part of the trve watch. London, 
1622. 4 55.104 

Same. Secound ed. London, 1623. 4 ... 

BRINSLEY, John, the son, of Yarmouth. A parlie 
with the sword about a cessation. [A sermon.] 
n. p., 1642. [No title-page.] pp. (2), 29. 4 . 
Two treatises. I. A groan for Israel. II. The 
spirituall vertigo. London, 1655. 8 .... 
BRISBANE, J. A sermon preached at Denny in the 
shire of Stirling; llth. August 1718. after the 
Lords supper. Edinburgh, 1719. pp. (2), 44. 





BRITANIA triumphalis; a brief history of the warres 
and other State-affairs of Great Britain. Lon- 
don, 1654. 8 79.20 

BRITTON, Breton, Bretoun, or Beckton, J., bp. Brit- 
ton. Second cd. Corrected by E. Wingate. 
London, 1640. 8 79a.l9 

BROCHMAND, C. E. Universa? theologiae systema. 

L'lmae Suevorum, [cio DC xxxvui], 2v. 4 . 65.24 

Religionis Christiana; articuli : de ministerio 

ecclesiastico, et disciplina ecclesiastica. [No 
title-page ] 4 49.73 

BROELMANN, S. Epideigma Vbiorvm, et oppidi, quod 
post Colouia. Clavdia. Avg. Agrippinensis. 
In sereis laminis. Apvd Coloniara Clavdiani 
Avg. Agrippinensem. do. lo. C.IIx. f. . . 62.14 

BROUGHTON, H. Works. London, MDCLXII. P. 50.10 

Contents Account of the author's life and writings, 
by J. Lightfoot; Table; The concent of Scriptures; 
The same in Latin; Epistolary appendix; A transla- 
tion of Daniel, with annotations; Commentarius in 
Danielem Lutinitate donatus a J. Boreel; Texts of 
Scripture, chaining the chronicle; Defence of Aeon- 
cent of Scripture; Treatises upon several parts of 
Scripture; The time of the creation and Adam's fall: 
Observations upon the first ten fathers; A treatise 
of Melehizedek, with a discourse touching the Greek 
translation; A translation of Job; A comment upon 
Ecclesiastcs; The Lamentations of Jeremiah trans- 
lated and explained; The genealogie of Christ, with 
a vindication of the gospel; Exposition upon tho 
Lord's prayer; Discourse upon the epistle of Jude; A 
revelation of the Apocalypse; An epistle touching 
translation of the Bible; Of corruption in our hand- 
ling religion [chiefly in wrong translations]; A re- 
quire of consent to the grounds of divinity; Frag- 
ments and miscellanies; An explication of the article 
of Christ's descent into hell, incl. Oration to the Ge- 
neveans, in Greek and English; Epistles chiefly con- 
cerning the conversion of Jews to Christianity; 
Epistle of H. Abraham Reuben in Hebrew, and answer 
to it, in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, and English; Epistles 
in English, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Dutch, 
Italian; The illustration of the Scriptures from Hebrew 
and Greek writers; Sermon at the funeral of Brough- 
ton, by J. Speght; Funeral poem; Tables. 

A concent of Scriptvre. [2d ed. n. p., 1589.] 

ff. (38). 4 47.6 

Sole. " The 1st edition, with a different title-page, 
printed in 15S8." This has " A map of the earth with 
names (the most) from Scripture." 

A revelation of the Apocalyps. n. p., 1010. 4- 47.7 
BROWN, J. De causa Dei contra antisabbatarios. 

Rotcrodami, cio loc LXXIV-VI. 2v. 4 ... 66.5 

Contents. T. I. De legions divinis; De cultu ac 
tern pore solcnni; De sabbati natura & origine. II. 
De clecalogo, & speciatim de quarto pracepto; De die 
dominico; De sauctiflcatione diei dominici. 

BROWNTSTS. Apologic or defence of 78.109 

Hall, J. Apologie of the chvrch of England 

against the 59.59a 




Shelf. No. 
BROWNIST*, rnntlnued. 

Jacob, II. Defence of the chvrcbes of Englande 

against the 78.104 

Robinson, J. A pologie of Christians callcd.66.25 and 68. 19 

True state of the. See Ancient truth revived . . 66.16 

Wall, T. More work for the dean 66.19 

BKOWNRIC, M. ,l'i>. Foiirty sermons. Published by W. 

Martyn. London, era uc LXI. f* G2.17 

BRUEL or Brant, W. tr* 1 " 3 *' 8 mcdicinso theoretiea <-t 

empirica. [No title-page. Lugd. Bat., 1G47.] 

8 35.12 

BOCER, M. Concernyng apparrel of ministers. See 

M. lanchthon, P GS.ld 

BUCHANAN, George, 6. 1506, d. 1582. Opera omnia. 

Curunte T. Ruddinianno. Edinburgi, M.DCC. 

XV. 2v. f 80.4 

jVbfe. For contents, see the Index to the Catalogue 
of Bates Hull. 

De Maria Scotorum 
n. p., [circa 15G7]. 

regina, tragica historia. 

Rerutn Seoticarum historia. Accessit de jure 
regni apud Scotos dialogus, AmstelsBdami, 

Paraphrasis Psalmorum ; and Baptistes. 

See Bible. O. T. Psalms 

Psalmorvm Davidis paraphrasis poiitica. See 

Bible. O. T. Psalms 

BUCHANAN, George, of Clydesdale. Dissertatio philo- 
sophica inauguralis de vacuo. Glasguse, 
M. Dec. xix. pp. 12. 4 

BUCHANAN, Gilbert. Logica. Loudini, M.DCC. xxxvir. 
pp. (2), 68. 8 . 

BUCHLER, J. 1'hrasium poeticarum thesaurus. Auc- 
tus a Nicasio Baxio. Insuper Reformata poe- 
seos institutio. Ed. 16a. Londini, 1664. 12". 

BUDDEUS, J. F. Historia ecclesiastica Veteris Testa- 
ment!. Haloe Magdcbvrgicae, MDCCXV-MDCC 
XIX. 2v. 4" 

BULL, G., bp. A companion for candidates of holy 
orders. London, 1714. pp. 68. 8 

BULLINGER, II. Antithesis ct compcndlvm evan- 
gelicae et doctrinae. [Tigvri], 
M.D.LI, pp. (29). 8 

Ecclesias evangelicas neqve haereticas neqvo 

schismaticas, esse. [Tiguri], 1552. pp. (2), 
93. 8 

The end of the world, and iudgement, two ser- 

mons preached in Latino, cnglished by T. Pot- 
ter. London, 1570. 8 

ybtt.On the reverse of the title-page of this work 
is written: "Edward Burchard his bookc given to 
the church of plimmouth in New England. Anno 
Dm. March. 1023. 

Festorvm dicrvm scrmones ecclesiastic!. Tigvr!, 

M. I). LVIU. f 

Sermonvm decades quinque, de potissimis religi- 
onis capitibus. Tigvri, M. D. LXVII. 3v. in 1. 

In Acta apostolorum commentariorum libri VI. 

See Bible. N. T. Acts 

In Apocalypsem concioncH c.eiitum. &>'<' I'-iMi-. 

N. T. Revelation 44.2 and 

Concernyng apparrel of ministers. Sec Melanch- 

thon, P 

I'.INNY, E. The scepter of Ivdah : or [the] govern- 
ment [of] the church of Israel. London, 1584. 
[No litle-pau'e.] 8 

Ill |(I:I;ICSIII.IK, K. P. 'EpMT'"" logira, sen synopse- 
O8 logics MurtfcrsdiciaiiHi explicatio. I'M. no- 
va. . \ccedil rjiisilmi I 'i'a \i* lo^'ira. ('anlabrl- 

t,'i:i-, KITH. !S 

liiMiUiliotmm logirarnm libri duo. Londini, 
M in i i . 8 












Shelf. Xo. 
BuRGF.nsnuK, F. P., continued. 

Iii.-titiitiorium metaphysicarum lib. II. Ed. 3a. 

Londini, 1653. 12 36.33 

BURCES Hinges*, or Burgess, A. The doctrine of 

original sin, vindicated. London, 1G.7J. f . . GOa.ll 

Publu-k affections, a sermon before tin- house of 

commons: upon the d:iy of humiliation, l-\ l,r. 
25. 1G45. London, M.DC.XLVI. pp. (7;, 23. 
4 55.8 

Koines cruelty & apostacie : a sermon fifth of No- 

vember, 1044. Before the house of commons. 
London, 1645. pp. (4), 21. 4 .Ml. 14 

The true doctrine of ivstilieation. London, 1C4S. 

4 70a.l2 

Vindicias legis : or, a vindication of the morall 

law and the covenants. Second ed. London, 

1G47. 4 70a.ll 

BURGESS, J. A triplication unto his rejoinder for D. 

Morton. See Ames, W 49.74 

BURGUNDY. Rcrvm Bvrgvndicarvm libri sex. Ileu- 

ter, P 79.2 

BURNET, G., bp. History of his own time. Vol. 1. 

London, 1724. f 90.3 

Sermon beforethe house of commons, 31st of Jan- 

uary, 1688. The thanksgiving-day for the de- 
liverance of this kingdomfrom popery and arbi- 
trary power. London, MDCLXXXIX. pp. (2), 
35. 4 17.3 

Speech in the house of lords, on the impeachment 

of Henry Sacheverell. London, 1710. pp. 1G. 

8 26.106 

Vindication of the late Bishop Burnet from A 

specimen of some free and impartial remarks, 
&c. occasioned by Burnet's History of his own 
times, by John Cockburn. London, MDCCXXIV. 

pp. 40. 8 27.135 

BURROUGHS, J. Gospel-fear. Sermons from- Isa. 66. 

.2. and 2 Kings 22. 14. London, 1674. 8 . . 57.2 

Sermon before the house of commons, at their 

fast, August 26. 1646. London, Io46. pp. (7), 

38. 4 55.17 

BURTON, H. Petition to parliament. See Bastwicke, 

J 78.88 

Apology against his Trvth still trvth, though shut 

out of doors. See Calamy, E 55.101 

How H. Burton shut himself out of the church- 

doors of Aldermanbury. See Calamy, E. . . 55.100 
BcilTON, R. The anatomy of melancholy. Fourth ed. 

Oxford, 1632. f 00.8 

BUSHELL, T. Extract of his late abridgment of Lord 
Bacons Philosophical theory in mineral prose- 
cutions. London, 1GGO. 4 2H.200, 207 

BUXTORF, Johann, tJie elder, b. 1564, <l. ir>-'. Con- 
cordantisD Bibliorum llebraicw. Aci-cvscrunt 
novas concordantiro Chaldaictc : cum pnvfa- 
tione, per J. Buxtorfmrn lil. Basileie, MDC 
xxxii. f 50.2 

Epitome grammatics) Ilebra'a-. Adjeeta tex- 

tuum psalmoriimque aliquot Ilebraioorum La- 
tinainterpretatio. Londini, 1G53. 8 .... 50a.25 

Same. Aucta perl.Buxtorlium lilium. Acces- 

sit C. Schotani appendix. Ed. 9a. Londini, 

1GG6. 8 50a.l5 

Grammatical Chaldaicno ct Syriaca- libri MI. IM. 

Ja, emelidalior. P.asileiP, M. DC. L. 8 . . . . 50a.H 

Lexicon Ilcbraicum et Chaldaicum. Acci--it 

lexicon breve Rabblnlco-phllosophlcum. Ed. 

6a. Londini, 8 50a.4 

Masora. A. Collection Out of the ('"min.'ntarius 

Masorrlliii-u-i. I'.y Cli-meiit I'.arUsdalc. Lon- 
don, 1Gii;,. pp. (6), r,i. s 

Synagoga Ivd.iica, IvdaMrvin nativitas, inslitv- 

lio, n 'liirio, \it.-i, inoi-s, sc-pvltvrai|V.'. Aildita 
ot l\cl.ri c-iiin Cluistiano ,lisji\t:ilio <lr \|,->M.I 
uostro. Aeci-Ht-il L. C'anvti epistola de con- 




Shelf. No. 
BUXTORF, Johann, the elder, continued. 

uersione eius ad Christum. Ed. 3a. llano via?, 

M. DC. xxn. 12 50a.35 

Thesaurus grammaticus linguae Hebrajoe. Ed.6a. 

Recognita a J.Buxtorlio, filio. Basi]eae,M. DC. 

LXIII. 8 .' 50a.l 

BUXTORF, Johann, the younger, 1. 1599, d. 1664. Lexi- 
con Chaldaicum et Syriacum. Easileae, MDC 
xxn. 4 40a.9 

Tractatus de punctoruru vocalium, et acceutuum, 

in libris Vet. Test. Heb., origine, antiquitate, 
& authoritate : oppositus Arcano puuctationis 
revelato, L. Cappelli. Basileae, M.DC.XLIIX. 
4 40a.l2 

BYFIELD, N. Answere to Brercwood. See Brere- 

wood, E 66.10 

BYTHNtR, V. Clavis linguae sanctse universas voces 
pentatevchi scntentiis biblicis comprehendcns, 
earurnq; analysin critice exhibcns. Cantabri- 
gice, 1618. 8 50a.l6 

Lyra prophetica sive analysis critico-practica 

I'salmorum. Insupcr hannonia Hcbraji textus 
cum paraphrasi Chaldasa, & versionc Graeca 
LxxTi in Jocis discrepantibus. Addita est 
brevis institutio linguae Hebrasaa & Chaldaeae. 

Londini, MDCLXIV. 4 40a.4 

jVo/c. The Brevis institutio has a separate title- 
page and paging. 

Same. Londini, MDCLXXIX. 4 40a.l 

C.ISAR, C. J. [Commentarii, ed. a J. Jucundo.] Ba- 

silea, [1521]. 8 73.23 

Commentarii. I. locundi opera [ed.] Matvra. 

Lvgdvni, M. D. LXXVI. 8" 74.21 

Caesaris quse exstant, interpretatione et notis il- 

lust. J. Goduinus in usum Delphini. Juxta edi- 
tionem Parisiensem. Londini, MDCXCIII. 8. 73.2 

CAIUS. See Gaius. 

CAIAMY, E. f The door of trvth opened: or, narra- 
tive how H. Burton shut himself out of the 
church-doors of Aldermanbury : in answer to 
Trvth shvt ovt of doors. London, 1G45. pp. 

(2), 18 55.100 

jTote. This is attributed by Burton to Calamy, 
who does not deny it. 

Englands antidote, against civil ware. A ser- 

mon before the house of commons, on their 
fast, October 22. 1644. London, 1645. pp. (6), 

45. 4 55.65 

Same. London, MDCLII. pp. (8), 44. 4" ... 55.97 

Englands looking-glasse, a sermon, before the 

house of commons, at their fast, December 
22.1641. London, 1642. pp. (6), 39. 4 . . . 55.94 

Gods free mercy to England : a sermon before 

the house of commons, at their fast, Feb. 23. 

1641. London, 1642. pp. (6), 51. 4 .... 55.95 

The great danger of covenant-refusing, and cove- 

nant-breaking. A sermon before the lord 
mayor, Jan. 14. 1645. London, 1646. pp. (8), 
40 55.99 

An indictment against England bccavse of her 

divisions. A sermon before the house of 
lords; at the fast, December 25. 1644. London, 
1645. pp. (6), 41, (3) 55.76, 98 

Jus divinum minister!! evangelici. London, 

1654. 4 59.41,43 

Just and necessary apology against an invective, 

by EL Burton iu his Trvth still trvth, thovgb. 

shut out of doors. London, 1646. pp. 12. 4. 55.101 

Memoirs of J. Howe. London, 1724. S . . . 10a.5 

The noble-mans patterne of thankfulncsse. A 

sermon before the house of lords; at their 
thanksgiving, lune 15, 1643. London, si. DC. 
XLIII. pp. (8), 59. 4" 55.96 

Shelf. No. 
CALAMY, E., continued 

- A patterne for all. A sermon at the interment 

of Robert carle of Warwick. London, 1658. 

pp. (8), 39. '4 55.102 

- Truth and -love. A discourse from Ephesiana 

iv. 15. at the merchants-lecture, November 29. 

172.1. London, 1720. pp. 36. 8 16.134 

- Answer to Bishop Hall's Humble remonstrance. 

See Marshall, S 59.6 

- Vindication of the dissertations concerning epis- 

copacy against the Jus divinum, etc. See Ham- 
mond, H. . 59.4 

CALENDAR. De consecratione calendarum et de ra- 

tione intercalandi. See Moses Ben Maimon . 40a.2 
CALEPIO, A. da. Dictionarivm vndecim lingvarvm, 
septimo emendatione. Basilese, [MDCXXVII]. 

f 71.5 

CALVIN, J. Opuscula omnia. Genevse, M. D. LII. 

f 62.4 

Contents. Psychopannychia, etc.; Epistola; dute; 
I. Sadoleti epistola ad scnatum populiimque Gene- 
uensem; Cum Caluini ad earn epistolam rcsponsionc; 
De cccna Domini; Epinicion Christo catatum; Cate- 
chismus ccclesioi Gcncucnsis; Formula sacramento- 
rumadministrandorum, in vsum ecclesire Gcneuensis 
conscripta ; Defensio doctrinal, de aeruitute & libcr- 
atione huraani arbitrij, aduersus calunias A. Pighij; 
Admonitio Pauliterij Horaani potificia ad inuictissi- 
raum Cresarem Carolura quintum, cum scholijs I. Cal- 
uini in eandem epistolam; Articuli a facultate sacrw 
theologiae Parisiensi determinati super materijs fidci 
nostrce, hodiecontrouersis; cumantidoto; DC necessi- 
tate reformandse ecclesia;; Breuis instructio muniedis 
fidelibus aduersus errores eectaa Anabaptistarumi 
item, aduersus sectam Libertinorum, quise spiritualea 
vocant; item, epistola, aduersos Fraciscanum quen- 
dam Libertinorum erroris sectatorem; Admonitio qua 
ostenditurquam e re Christiana: rcip. foret, sanctorum 
corpora & reliquias velut in inuentarium redigi; De 
vitandis superstitionibus; Acta Synodi Trideutinas; 
cum antidoto; Vera Christians pacificationis & eccle- 
six reformaud^ ratio; Admonitio aduersus astrolo-. 
giam; Consensio mutuain re sacramentaria ministo- 
rum Tigurina: ccclesiiE & Caluini; Descandalis; De 
seterna Dei pra;destinatione; De prouidetia qua rea 
humanas gubernat. 

Abridgement of the institvtion of Christian reli- 

gion. [With] aunsvveres to objections. By 
William Lawne. Translated by C. Fether- 
stone. Edinburgh, 15S5. 8 68. 1 

Epistolarvm et responsorurn ed. 2a. Calvin i 

vita a T. Beza. Lavsannrc, cia 10 LXXVI. 8. 10a.l6 

Institvtio Christianas religionis. Genevse, 

M. D. XC. f 70.2 

Same. Genevas, M. DC. xvn. f 61.3 

Institvtion de la religion chrestienne, en quatre 

liures. Caen, M. D. LXU. f 62.20 

Institvtion of Christian religion; transl. by T. 

Norton. London, 1582. 4 64.2 

Commentarii, Praleetiones, etc. See Bible. O. 

T. Pentateuch (53.1,8); Joshua (46.5, 53.1,9); 
Job (53.4,17) ; Psalms (53.5) ; Isaiah (53.6) ; 
Jeremiah (53.10); Ezekicl (-33.11); Daniel 
(53.12) ; Minor prophets (53.7,14) ; N. T. Gos- 
pels (53.2, 13, 15); Acts (53.3, 16); Epistles 

CALVINISM. Evangelical truths restored. Edwards, 

J 64.12 

CALVISIUS, S. Chronologia. Prsemissa est isagoge 

chronologica. Lipsioa, M. D.CV. 4 .... 69a.43 

Opus chronologicvm. Ed. altera. Francofvrti 

ad Oderam, M. DC. xx. f 90.17 

CAMBRIDGE, Eng., History of the university of. 

Fuller,!' 10.7 

CAMBUSLANG, Scotland, Testimony unto the extra- 
ordinary work of God at. Currie, J 27.205 

CAMDEN, W. f Institutio Graecoa grammaices [sic] 

compendiaria. Ed. auctior. Londini, 16S6 8. 77.31 
Smile. Loudini, 1684. 8 77.22 




Shelf. No. 
CAMERARIUS, J. In novum fcedus coinmentarius. 

See Bible. N. T 52.4,10 

CAMERON, J. The soveraigne jvdge of controversies 

in matters of religion. Translate.! [from the 

KrenehJ by John Vernevil. Oxford, 1C28. 

pp. 48. 4" 60.31 

The threefold covenant of God with man. See 

Bolton,S 68.14 

C \MIMON (Lut. Campianus), E., Answer to the ten 

reasons of. See Whitakcr, W TOa.U 

CAMPION, T. The art of descant. See Playford, J. 38.14 
CAMnnrs (Gi-rm. Weiss), P. Tabvke chronolo- 
gicrc. AdditaEpigrammatahistorica. Argen- 
tina, M D xcvu. 4 69a.45 

CAXIXI, A. Dialectorvm canones. [Scot. Univ. 

gram. Gr.] 77.6 

CANNE, J. A nccessitie of separation from the church 
of England prooved by the nonconformists 
principles [against] Dr. Ames. n. p., 1634. 
4 59.52 

Rejoinder against his Necessitie, etc. See Brad- 

shaw, W 22.13 

CANON law. Analysis institvtionvm ivris canonici. 

Wiirner, J 79a.l5 

CAPITAL punishment for theft. Chidley, S 20.200 

CAPPEL, L. Arcanvm pvnctationis revclatvm. Sive 

de punctorum vocaliura & accentuum apud 

Hebrseos vera antiquitate, diatriba, ed. ii T. 

Erpenio. Lugduni Batavorum, 1024. 4 . . 40a.ll 

Critica sacra : sive de variis quas in V. T. libria 

occurrunt lectionibus libri sex. Lutetias Parisi- 

oruin, MDCI>. [No title-page.] f 50.8 

Note. The printed title-page and the first leaf of 
the dedication are wanting, but they have been sup- 
plied in manuscript. 

Chronologia sacra v. 1 of 40.1 

PunctorumHebraicorumanti<iuitas. SeeCooper, 

J 40a.23 

Templi Ilierosolymitani triplex dclineatio . v. 1 of 40.1 

Tractatus oppositus Arcano punctatiouis. See 

Buxtorf, J., the younger 40a.l2 

CARDINALIS Hugo. See Hugo de S. Caro. 

CAREY, or CART, EL, earl of Monmouth. Speech in 
the house of pceres, the 13. of lanuary. 1641. 
Upon the present distractions. London, 1641. 
pp. (7). 4 78.30 

CARIO, J. Chronicon avctvm a P. Melanthone et C. 

Pevcero. Wittebergae, SI.D. LXXX. f . . . 90.10 
Same. Aureliaj Allobrogum, cio locx. 8" . . 79.5 

CARLETON, G., bp. Examination of those things 
wherc-in the author of the late Appeale [R. 
Mountagn] holdcth the doctrines of the Pela- 
gians and Arminiaiis, to be the doctrines of 
the church of England. London, 1626. 4 . 66.29 

CAK.MH IIAKI., F. Of Christian zeal. A sermon in 
Edinburgh, January 7. 1751. before the society 
for propagating Christian knowledge. Edin- 
burgh, M.DCC.LIII. pp. 41. 8 11.29 

CARPENTER, N. Philosophia libera. Ed. 2a. Oxouiao, 

1622. 8 34.22 

CARPUS, J. See Berengario, J., of C'urjii. 

' \KI;\N/. v, r>. Svnmia conciliorvm ct pontilicvm. 

<.< neuo3, 1600. 8 68.36 

CARTARI, V. imagines Penrvm, qvi ab antiijvis cole- 
bantvr: Italica lingua exposiUu: uunc Latino 
scrmone ab A. Venleriu exprcssao. Lvgdvni, 
M.I>. LXXXI. 4 77.31 

CARTER, .1. The nail & the \\heel. Two sermons. 

Linlc HI, [1047?]. 4 50.29 

< ' M;TI It, \V. The r..\ cnanl nt' ( ', m 1 with Abraham, 

i.pi-Mi'd. London, MM. 4 27.:~i2 and 54.31 

i \K I-M KK.II i , T. Commentaria practica id tOtam his- 
torian! riiaii'.relieaiii, ex ijnat nor euangelistis 
haniiMiiiee e.ineiiiiialam. n. p., M. DC. XXX. 
Jv. in 1. 4." 47.15 

Shelf. No. 
CARTWRIGIIT, T., continued. 

Confvtation of the Rhemists translation, glosses 

and annotations on the Xevv Testament, n. p., 

1018. f 53.21 

Uarmonia evangelica per analysin logicam, 

et metaphrusin historicam. Amstcrodami, 

1627. 4 47.11 

f Replye to An answere of Whitcgifte againste 

the Admonition to the parliament, n.p., n. d. 

4. [Black-letter] 49.68 

Second rcplie air.-iynst Whitgiftes second answer 
touching the churche discipline, n. p., M. D. 
LXXV. 4. [Black-letter] 49.07, 68a 

The rest of the second replie agaynst Vuhitgifts 

second ansvuer, touching the church discipline. 

n. p., M. D. LXXVII. 4 49.6Sb 

Commentarii in Proverbia. See Bible. O. T. 

Proverbs 4,~>.4, 9 

Mctaphrasis et homiliaj in Ecclesiastem. See 

Bible. O. T. Ecclesiastes 45.10 

GARY, L., viscount Fa/Li<in<!. Speech upon the arti- 
cles against Lord Fiuch. London, 1641. pp. 

(2), 9. 4" 78.20 

CARYL, J. Heaven and earth embracing ; or, God 
and man approaching: a sermon before the 
house of commons upon their fast, Jan. 2S. 

1045. London, 1646. pp. (4), 44. 4 18.15 

Same. London, 1616. 4. [Imperfect, ending 

atp.40] 55.4 

The saints thankfull acclamation. A sermon 

before the house of commons, the day of their 
thanksgiving for the victory in Yorkshire and 
in Pembrockshire, April 23d, 1044. London, 
1644. pp. (6), 50. 4 56.9 

CASAUBON, I. ISTovi Testament! libri, cum notis. See 

Bible. N. T. Greek 48.15 

CASE, T. Deliverance-obstruction : a sermon before 
the house of peers, upon the monthly fast, 
March 25. 1646. London, 1046. pp. (6), 40. 4. 55.9 

Gods waiting to be graciovs vuto his people : 

with Englands encouragements to wait on 
God. London, 1642. 4. [Very imperfect]. 32.35 

CASSIODORUS, M. A. nistoria ecclesiastics tripar- 

tita. See ISTiccphorus Callistus 20.2 

CASTANEUS, H. L. See La Rocheposay, H. L. C. de. 

CASTELL, E. Lexicon heptaglotton, nebraieuin, 
Chaldaieum, Syriacum, Samaritanum, uEthi- 
opicum, Arabicuni, conjunctim; et I'ersicniu 
[opera J. Golii et E. Castelli] separatim. Lon- 
diui, CID. DC. LXIX. Iv. in 2. f 50.1 

CASTRO, A. de. Aduersus omnes hrcreses, libri xuu. 

Antverpize, M. D. LXV. f 62.5 

CATALOGUES. [Four bookseller's catalogues, with- 
out title-pages. About 1740.] 8 38.2 

Scealso: Aa, P. van der(iS.114, ll(i,117) ; Ames, 'VV. 
(L'li. L'.".';) ; Husi'hcidcn, A van. Twi-ode ;;eiU'i-lte van 
de bibliothcck (:S.ll) ; Corts, O. (28.113) i .lou-elyn, 1!. 
(7S.1L'.'); I.:ui-erak, J. A. (."S.3) ; Lurhtmans. S. 
(,TS.l); Xurl, (J. (.vll:'.)i Oxford university (38.6) i 
Fotvliot. (i. (88.9)s Vrrlicck, J. and 11. i,;tf .8) ; Wil- 
cox, T. (3S.7) ; Wishoff, C. (38.10, 12). 


See Ball, J. (09.24, 2J); Brief (C0.2-J); Chauncy, I. 
(C,7."l); rrance. Kefurineil churi-lios (ii'.i.. r >); tlnda 
: Cnuiaila, I,, de (.1;.'." and ri>..'l): (!rn- 
tiii8, II. (, 7V, llaininonil, II. (iiil.1. 1 ); Henry, M. 
(69.13); Nii-hnla.>n, W. (68.2)i Nnwi-ll. A.. (63.4,20,26, 
27,28)i IVrkins, W. (68 l)i Bfl BF8, 1>. iii'.'-lM: Smith, 
J. (.Vi.-Vi); Sprint, .1. (.V.::!); Wi-slmiiis-tiT assembly 
OW.l, II', 11, hi, Ki, l;i, '.".I). 

CATI-.CIII/IN<;, Something about. Sec Beanies of for- 
mer li-ht, etc 58.25 

Cvro, D. (Distieha de moribus. Lat. et Aiii,'!. e,l. 

C. 11. MI],'. Imperfe.'t.'e lost.] 8. 70.22 
CATULLUS, C. V. Catvllvs, Tibvllvs, rropertivs. 

[Lugduni Batavorum], clo. lo. cm. s . . . 74.27 




Shelf. No. 

CATULLUS, C. V., continued. 

Catvllvs Tibvllvs Propertivs cum C. Galli Frag- 

mentis. Amstasledami, MDCLXXXVI. 16 . . 74.25 
CAUSSE, B. Le vray bovclier de la foy chrestiennc. 
Demonstrant les erreurs d'vn liure, intitule : 
Le bouclier de la foy [par N. Grenier]. n. p., 

1562. 8 70a.30 

CADS3IN, N. De symbolica Aegyptiorvm sapientin, 
ad omnem emblematv, enigmatv, hieroglyphi- 
corum cognitione. Colonioe Agrippinse, M. 
DC. xxxi. 8 38.18 

Contents. Hori Apollinis hieroglyphicorum lib. 2; 
Ex Clemeiitis Alex. lib. 5. stroraatum hieroglyphica ; 
Ex Diodoro, Bibliotheea; hist. lib. 3 ; S. Epiphanij 
physiologus ; Obscruationes ; Symposii aenigmata ; 
Polyhistor symbolicvs. 

ThesavrvsGrascaepoeseos. Mogvntias, M.DC.xiv. 

8 77.14 

CAUTIONS to those who are to chuse members to serve 
in parliament. Added a list of those that 
voted for and against the bill of commerce. 

London, 1713. pp. 32. 8 2S.40 

CAVE, W. Ecclesiastic! ; or, history of the fathers 
in the fourth ceutury. [With] the state of pa- 
ganism under the first Christian emperours. 

London, MDCLXXXIII. f 20.11 

CAWDREY, D. The good man a publickgood. A ser- 
mon to the house of commons, at the fast: 
January 31. 1643. London, 1643. pp. (4), 43. 4. 55.45 

Superstitio svperstes. A discourse concerning 

the holinesse of churches, and bowing towards 

the altar. London, 1641. pp (12), 60. 4. . 32.16 

and Palmer, H. Sabbatum redivivum : or the 

Christian Sabbath vindicated. In 4 parts. P. 

1. London, 1645. 4 12.6 

Same. P. 2-4. London, 1652. 4 66.2 

CEOES. Tabula. See Epictetus 75.6,29 

CECIL, R., earl of Salisbury. An answere to certaine 

scandalous papers. London, 1606. pp. (41). 4. 78.117 

CENSVRA in confessionem remonstrantium. Poly an - 

der, J 63.10 

CENSURE, Treatise concerning. Falkner, W 60a.20 

CEPARI, V. Vita B. Aloysii Gonzagas reiigiosi socie- 

tatis lesv. 2a ed. Antverpise, M. DC. ix. 8. lOa.13 

CEREMONIES. A fresh svit against human ceremo- 

monies in Gods worship. Amos, W 49.74 

CERTAINE argvments to perswade parliament to pro- 
mote the miuistery of .the Gospell ; also to 
speakc for the ministers now silenced, n. p., 
1606. pp. (6), 30. 4. [Imperfect] 78.118 

CERTAIXE considerations touching the church of 

England. Bacon, Sir F 16 101 and 78.108 

CERTAINE considerations wherein the prelates ac- 
knowledge that they stand by the nicer mercy 
of the king and parliament. [Xo title-page. 
16.] pp. (S). 4 32.15 

CERTAINE demandes propounded vnto the archbish- 
op of Canterbury, bishop of London, [etc.]. 
n. p., 1605. pp. 68. 4 78.113 

CHALDEE language. Buxtorf, J., the elder. Gram- 

maticae Chaldaicse 50a.l4 

Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum 50a.4 

Buxtorf, J., the younger. Lexicon Chaldaicum 

et Syriacum 40a.9 

Bythner, V. Brevis institutio lingua) Hebrasse 

& Chaldaeae 40a.4 

Crinesius,C. Chaldaismi grammatica & lexicon. 40a.l9 

Dieu, L. de. Grammatica linguarum Hebraeo- 

rvm, Chaldaeorvm, & Syrorvm inter so collata- 

rum 40a.l5 

Martinius, P. Grammatica Chaldea 50a.23 

Mercier, J. Tabvlaa in grammaticen lingua? 

Chaldaepe, quaj & Syriaci dicitur 40a.5 

PagninijS. AppendicemdictionumChaldaicarum. 50a.2 

Schindler,V. Lexicon peutaglotton Chaldaicum. 51.6 

Shelf. No. 
CHALMETF.US, A. See Chaumette, A. 

CIIAMBERLEN, P. The poore mans advocate, or, 
Englands Samaritan. Powring oyle and vvytic 
into the wounds of the nation. London, [1649]. 
4. [Imperfect] 17.1 <r, 

CHAMIER, D. Epistoke lesviticaj. Pars [prima-]al- 

tera. Geneva?, M. D. xcix, M. DCI. 2v.ini. 8. 7<'a.'J ') 

Panstratiae catholica?, siue controversiarvm do 

religione aduersus pontiftcios corpvs. Gene- 
va, M. DC. XXVI. 4v. f 70.7 

Contents. Vol. I. De canone. II. De Deo. III. 
De homine. IV. De sacrameiitis. 

CHANDLER, E., bp. A sermon preached to the socie- 
ties for reformation of manners, January 4th, 
1724. London, MDCCXXIV. pp. 25, 7. 8 . . 32.5 

CHANDLER, S. f Plain reasons for being a Christian. 

Third ed. London, 1733. pp. 63. 12 ... 28.69 

Postscript relating to. See Guyse, J 18.36 

CHARACTER, The, of an independent whig. Third ed. 

London, 1719. pp. 31. 8 27.117 

CHARACTER, The, of a popish successor, etc. 

Settle, E 27.55 

CHARACTERS. Icon animorum. Barclay, J 38.20 

and v. 4 of 38.22 

CHARENTON, France. Articles agreed on in th 
nationall synode of the reformed churches of 
France, held at Charenton, September, 1623. 

Oxford, n. d. pp. 34. 4 26.204 

CHARITY in reference to other mcns sins. Howe, J. 28.104 
CHARLES I, of England. Answer to the petition 
which accompanied the declaration of the 
house of commons ; presented to him first of 
December. 1641. London, MDCXLI. pp. (2), 
12. 4 78.'" 

Collection of all remonstrances, declarations, 

votes, orders, [etc.] between the kings majes- 
ty, and parliament from December 1041, untill 

March 21, 1643. London, 1643. 4 78.i> 

- Declaration concerning law full sports. London, 

M.D.CXXXIII. pp. 17. 4 26.257 

Declaration of the causes which moued him to 

dissolue the last parliament. London, lij^s. 

pp. (2), 45. 4 73.78 

Declaration of the causes which moved him to 

dissolve the last parliament. London, MDCXL. 

pp. (2), 55. 4 73.79 

Declaration to all his loving subjects. London, 

1641. pp. (2), 25. 4 78.71 

Declaration to pai'liament in answer to that pro- 
. scnted to him 9th of March 1641. London, 

1041. pp. (2), 18. 4 . . . 78.56 

Five matters of state, between his majesty, and 

parliament. London, 1642. pp. (S). 4 ... 78.43 

Message concerning licences to' persons going 

into Ireland. And the answer of the house of 
commons. With his majesties reply. London, 
1641. pp. (2), 14. 4 78.64 

Message to parliament, April 8. 1642. Concern- 

ing his resolution to goe into Ireland. Lon- 
don, MDCXLH. pp. (2), 6. 4 78.53 

-r- Message to parliament : February 14. 1641. Lon- 
don, 1641. pp. (2), 5. 4 78.65 

Message to parliament, January 20. And the 

petition of the house of commons, Jan. 26. 
With his majesties answer, Jan. 28. With the 
Scots commissioners propositions for Ireland, 
and the resolutions of parliament : with his 
majesties answer thereunto. London, 1641. 
pp. (2), 24. 4 78.67 

The none-such Charles his character: extracted, 

out of dispatches, [etc.]. London, MDCLI. 

8" 79.19 

[On the rebellion in Scotland. No title-page.] 

pp. 63. 4 78.80 




Shelf. No. 
CHARLES I, of Enylttnrt, contiiiin <!. 

Orders and directions, with a commission for the 

I., tier administration of Justice. London, 

li>:;<). pp. 33, (-22). 4 20.242 

Speech 2. December, 1011. To parliament. Like- 

wise a relation ' I' murders by the papists in 
Irelatul. London, lij-ll. pp. (81. 4 78.37 

Speech, in the honr-e of commons, 4 Januarii 

Hill. London, HV11. pp. (2), 3. 4 78.38 

Baker, W., l>p. Sermon, Jan. 30, 1723, the anni- 

vereary of the martyrdom of 10.209 

Iloylin, P. Short view of the life and reign of . 78.134 

Peirce, J. Sermon, Jan. 30th. 17]^ 16.141 

Prynne, W. Discoveryof his favours to papists. 26.34 

Toland, J. History of Icon Basilike, proving 

Dr. Gauden, the author 78.4 

See alto: Great Uritain. Parliament. 

CHARLES II, of England. Act for renouncing and 
disanulling the pretended title of Charles 
Stuart. See Great Britain. Parliament. . . 69a.l3 

CHARLES Edward, the Pretender. Kpistola ad Caro- 
lura Monticolarum dueem. [No title-page.] 
pp. 8. 8 34.11 

CHARTARIUS, V. See Cartari, V. 

CIIAUMETTE, A. Enchiridion chirurgicum. See En- 
chiridion practicvra 35.13 

CHAUNCY, I. Alexipharmacon : or, a fresh antidote 
against Neonomian poyson. A reply to the hp. 
of Worcester's discourse of Christ's satisfac- 
tion, in answer to the appeal of Mr. Lob. Also 
a refutation of Justification by man's own 
works of obedience by J. Humphrey and S. 
Clark. London, 1700. 8 66.38 

Christ's ascension to fill all things. A sermon 

at IIorsly-Down, at the ordination of elders 
and deacons, September 21. 1698. London, 
1699. pp. 64. 8 28.106 

The doctrine which is according to godliness. 

Annexed, Account of the church-order of the 
gospel. London, [1604]. 12 67.31 

j Ecclesia enuclcata: Or, the true gospel-church 

in its nature and constitution. London, 1684. 

8 58.21 

" This book is suppos'd to be wrote by Mr Isaak 
Chauncey." JUS. note by T. PKIXCE. 

Ecclcsiasticvm : or a plain and familiar Chris- 

tian conference, concerning gospel churches, 

and order. London, 1090. 8 58.17, 18 

t Examen confectionis pacificoo : or, a friendly 

examination of the p;icifick paper: chiefly con- 
cerning election. London, MDCXCII. pp. 
(2), 22. 4 63.15 

Neonomianism unmask'd : occasioned by Gos- 

pel-truth stated [by D. Williams]. London, 
HV.12-93. 3v. in 1. 4 63.12 

A rejoyndcr to D. Williams his Reply to the first 

part of Neonomianism unmaskt,. London, 
MDCXCIII. pp.48. 4 63.14 

A reply to. See Williams, D 63.1: 

CHALVELIN, <. L. do. The defence of Chauvelin, 

late keeper of the seals in France. London, 

MIX (. \\NVII. pp. 30. 8" 27.67 

ClIEIKACoci \ licliana. A inamidurlion to the phi- 
losopher's magical gold. Added /oroaster's 
cave. With the i-alli'ili,- < pi ' '> "f .T. Pontanns 
upon tli(' iniiierall fire. By G. Thor. Lon- 
don, 10.V.). 8 ' 34.21 

XeipoOf<rt'. or, the apostoliquoinstitvtlon of Imposition 

of bands, for confirmation, revived. London, 

M.DC. XLIX. pp. (12), Si. 1U" 08.11 

ClIF.ITOM i:VS, M. P. Gra'Co-barbara Xovi Tc la- 

inenti <|n;e Orienii orlglncm deb on t. A.mstc- 
lodami, rl.) I.x 1 XMX. 12' 47.20 

CHEMMT/, M. ll'irmonia' . \ ,n ft [ii :: , libri V. Si'l' 

P.ilile. N.T. Gospels. Harmonies. . . . 52.5,11 

Shelf. No. 

HENEAU, F. French grammar. London, 108.3. 8. 80a.4 
HESTER, History of the earldom of. Dodridge, 

SirJ 27.108 

ClIF.TWOOD, K. A sermon at Gloucester, Jan. 20. 
The thanks-giving for his majesty's accession. 

London, L715. pp. (4), 32. 4 17.2 

Cnr.Y.\i:r,[,, F. The divine trinunity of the Father, 

Son, and Holy Spirit. London, 1050. 8 . . 07.7 

A plot for the good of posterity. A sermon to 

the house of commons Maivli 2~>. I'.IO. Lon- 
don, 1010. pp. (9), 47. 4 55.11 

CHIDLFY, S. A cry against a crying ainne. London, 

1G.;2. pp. 24, (4). 4 20.200 

Nate. Printed in red. Appended is n tract, with- 
out a title, consisting of a letter, anil a petition to 
parliament, on eapital punishment, both signed 
" Samuel Chidlcy." pp. 4. 

CHOPFIN, R. A funeral sermon occasion'd by the 
death of J. Boyse. Dublin, 172S. pp. 52. 
8 17.45 

CHRIST. Guild, W. Figvres in the O. T. pointing 

out the Messiah 49.32 

Polhill, E. Answer to Sherlock's discourse on 

the knowledge of, and union with 56.35 

Ross, A. Virgilii cvangelisantis Christiados 

libri xin 47.25 

Speed, J. The genealogies of the Scriptvrcs con- 

firming the humanitie of 49.19 

Deity, t/eniiti/, nml srff-cyistcnce of. Sen Eoyse, J. 
(17.240); Finch, D. (17.241); Korr.aine, V. (17.243). 
Jf'istrry of tlir. person of. See Owen, J. (04.20). 7 
tationa nml sufferings of. See Dyke, D. (."i.j.H7): Jacob, 
II. (CS.3). Ascniisiun mill r/larji of. Allen, T. (."7.11); 
Ames, W. (08.33); Chimney, I. (28.100); Covenlal,-, 
M. (.M.113) ; C.iirtlrr, N. (04. HP) ; Ilarmar, J. (fi!). 17) ; 
Hugo de S. Caro (iiS.24) ; Owen, J. (Ofi.4:l) ; Voss, G. 
3. (47. S). fiiifnlinii ill'. S':e Prime, Ptc. (.'7."J') ; Tl).,in : .s 
n Kcnipis (."7.1 J). See also Fox, J. (24.20) ; Hooper, J. 
(57.10); Jackson, T. (O.j.:!f)); Preston, J. i32."4 and (f, !:,, 
10); Vane, Sir II. (0".0) ; Sec also Atonement, De- 
scent into hell, Incarnation, Jesus, Trinity. 


See Chandler, S. (2S.CO); Gurnall, W. (OJ..T); Insti- 
tutio (74..TS); SlcaiU-, M. (57.13); Preston, J. (05.7); 
Sibbs, R. (,-.7."l). 

CHRISTIAN commonwealth, The : or, the civil pol- 
ity of the kingdom of Christ. [Xo title-page.] 
164-. 4'. [Imperfect] 17.141 

CHRISTIAN year, The. Le sainct et profitable 
employ du temps pour gaigner Peternite. 
Suffrcn, J 54.3 

CHRISTIANS. Tertullianus, Q. S. F. Apologeticus 

ct ad Scapnlam liber 20a.2.3 

Apology or defence of the Christians 20a.l2 

CIIKISTMAS-DAY, The observation of, debated. Col- 
lings, J 4U.71 

CHRONOLOGY. Alsted, J. n. Thesaurus rhronoln- 

gia? O'.ia.-U, 4'i, 47 

Bailie, R. Historic! et chronologic! libri duo . i'i.ia. 1, 2 

Boulaese, J. Tahvla elironographica ab Adamo 

ad Christum 50.7 

Calvisius, S. Chronologia fOa.i:', 

OpiiM idironologicviii till. 17 

Candidiis, 1'. Kabvhe ehronologicro 69a.4S 

Doglioni, (I. X. Recovery of lost time . . . . "S. !:;:'> 

Ilehvieh, O. Historical and chronological thea- 

tre 91114 

Theatrvm historicvm et chronologlcvm .... 

Isaacson, 11. Tabula historieo-chronologica . . sn. _'.:'. 

Pclau, 1>. uationariuni Icinporum 7'.>.7 

.S' 1 ! 1 r i. '.-:!. Arabia, I'.iMr, Culrmlar, Year. 
ClIRYSii ;INIM, St.J. [Opera. Greece, per 11. Savil- 

iiini.] Etonsu, do la cXIL 2v. {".... _"/, 

Epi~tol.i ad i '.e.-iarimn. < r. et Latin. [I.e iloyne. 

V'ari ,-i .-acra] v. 1 of 2Ja.9 




Shelf. No. 

CHUDLEIGH, Lady M. L. [Poems, including The 
song of the three children paraphrased. 
London, 1703?] 8. [Imperfect. No title- 
page] 38.6 

CHUKCH, The. Heshusius, T. De vera Christi 

ecclesia eiusque authoritate 58.13 

Iloadlcy, B. Nature of the church of Christ . . 18.235 

Jackson, T. The holy catholike faith and 

chvrch 65.32 

Loque, B. de. A treatie of the churche .... 58.26 

Melanchthon, P. De ecclesia 68.27 

Preston, J. The chvrches dignitie and dvtic . . 65.8 

Reynolds, E. Sermon touching the peace & 

edification of 55.40 

CHURCH of England, The, not in danger: or, a BC- 
rious answer to Mr. Higgins, in a sermon 
preach'd at White-Hall, Feb. 26. 17o|.. By a 
divine of the church of England. London, 

1707. pp. 15. 8 16.245 

CHURCH-MEMBERS set in joyut. In answer to Preach- 
ing without ordination. By Filodexter Tran- 
eilvanus. London, 1648. pp. (7), 32. 4 ... 59.13 
CHURCHES. Cawdrcy, D. Holiuesse of 32.16 

Salteren, G. Treatise against images and pic- 

tures in 26.248 

CHYLE. De chyli rnotu. Pecquet, J 35.21 

CHYTR^US, D. In Exodvtn enarratio. Vitebergse, 

M. D. LXX. 8 46.19 

In Genesin enarratio. Vitebergte, M. D. LXVIII. 

8" 46.18 

Explicatio Apocalypsis. See Bible. N. T. Reve- 

lation 48.25 

CHYTR.EUS, N. In G. Bvchanani paraphrasiu in 

Psaknorvm collectanea. Herbornoe, clo lo cX. 

12 46.37 

CICERO, M. T. Epistolarumlibri. P. Victorii suaruin 

in easdem castigationurn explicationes. P. 

Manutii scholia. Parisiis, M. D. XLI. 8 . . 73.10 

Epistolaj ad Atticvm, ad M. Brvtvm, ad Quintvm 

fratrem, cum correctionibus P. Mauutij. Ven- 
etiis, M. D.LIIII. 8 73.26 

Epistoloe ad Atticvm, ad Brvtvm, et ad Q. fra- 

trem. Ed. ad Manvtianam & Brutinam con- 
forinata. Francofvrti, M. D. xcix. 8 .... 73.14 

Epistolaj selects, in usuin seholss Westmonaste- 

riensis. Londiui, M. DC. LVII. 12 76.37 

Ethic. Ciceronian.. Libri duo. Seu doctrina 

de houeste vivendi ratione. Ex Ciceronis H- 
bris collecta a A. Buschero. Londiui, 1652. 
12 76.27 

De officiis libri trcs : Catomaior: Laclivs: para- 

doxa: somnivm Scipionis. [Colophon] Vene- 

tiis, M D LV. 8" 73.23 

Orationes selectee, cum interp. & notis quas in 

usum Delphini edidit P. C. Meroiiville. Ac- 
cesscrunt Dialogi de senectute & de amicitia. 
Londini, MDCCVI. 8 73.6 

Deoratorc. [No title-page.] 8 . . 74.5 

Partitiones oratorise. Cum cammentariis I. 

Streboci, B. Latomi, C. Hegendorphini, I. Fos- 
sani, A. Turnebi adiectis pralectionibus A. 
Talei. Denique spicilegia Leodegarii a Qvercv 
auctiora. Parisiis, 150S. 4 72.21 

Sententix Ciceronis, Dcmastinis, ae Tercntii. 

Dogmata philosophiea. Item, apophthcg-mata 

qusedam pia. Londini, 1C48. 12 76.35 

CIVIL, or Roman law. Duck, A. Deusu juris civilis 
Romanorum, in dominiis priucipum Christi- 
anorum 79a.l6 

Justinianus I, emperor. Ivstiniani institvtio- 

nvm libri im 74.15 

Ridley, T. View of the civile and eeclesiastieal 

law 79a.26 

Worner, J. Analysis institvtionvm ivris civi- 

lis 79a.l5 


Shelf. No. 

CLARKE, John, M. A. Holy oylefor the lampes of 
the sanctvarie: or, scriptvrc-pbrases alpha- 
betically disposed. London, 1630. 4 .... 49.8 

CLARKE, John, schoolmaster at Hull, Eng. New 
grammar of the Latin tongue. Annex'd, A dis- 
sertation upon language. Second cd. London, 
MDCCXL. 12 70.19 

CLARKE, Samuel, the father, b. 1599 ; d. 1682. 
t The historian's guide : or Englands remem- 
brancer. Second ed. London, 1079. 12 . . 79.23 

t Englands remembrancer. See Doglioni, G. N. 78.133 
CLARKE, Samuel, the son, d. noi,ayed 75. Refuta- 
tion of. See Chauncy, 1 66.38 

CLARKSON, D. Discourse concerning liturgies. Lon- 
don, 1689. 8" 59.70 

Primitive episcopacy stated and cleared from 

the holy scriptures and ancient records. Lon- 
don, 1088. 8 09.69 

Funeral sermon on J.Owen. See Owen, J. v.lofi>4.11 
CLASSICAL dictionary. Dictionarivm historicvm, 

geographicvm, poeticvm. Estienne, C. . . . 72.19 
CLASSICAL learning. Officinsa epitome. Ravisius- 

Textor, J 70.40 

See also : Games, Greek, Latin, Mythology, Rome. 

CLAVIS apocalyptica. Gushing, C 79.25 

CLAVIUS, C. Clavii errores redarguuntur. See Lyd- 

iat, T 79a.6 

CLEAVEK, R. Briefe explanation of the Prouerbs. 

See Bible. O.T. Proverbs 45.23 

Exposition of the ten commandements. See 

Dod, J 54.19 

Four sermons on the Lords supper. See Dod, J. 56.25 

Ten sermons. See Dod, J 56.34 

CLEGIIORN, W. Disscrtatio philosophiea inauguralis, 

de analogia, & philosophia prima. Edinburgi, 

M. DCC. XXXIX. pp. 13. 4 36.9 

CLEMENS Alexandrinus, T. F. Opera omnia. Recog- 
nita intcrpretatione, commcntariis illustrata a 

G. Herveto. Parisiis, M. DC. xil. f 20.5 

Content.t.~- De Clemente tcstimonia ; Oratio adhoT- 
tatoria a<J geutcs ; Pa:dagogi libri in; Ilymnus Christ! 
servatoris; Stromatum libri vm i Collectanea in 
Clem. Alex. 

Operum dementis Alexandrlni supplementum. 

Edidit T. Ittigius. Lipsiae, M DCC. 16 ... 20a.l6 

Contents. Ittigii praefatio; Quis dives salutcin con- 
Bcqui possit ? Grce & Latin, cum notis F. Combe- 
fisii ; Adumbrationes in epistolas aliquot eathnlicas; 
Fragmenta ; Fasciculus observation um ad historiam 
eeelcsiasticam et patrologiam spectantium. 

Prior S3 posterior ad Corinthlos epistola Grac-co- 

Latina. See Ittig, T 20a.l5 

CtfiNARD, or Kleinarts, N. Institvtiones ac medita- 
tiones in Groecani lingvam, cvm scholiis & 
praxi P. Antesignani. Ed. postrema. Pari.siis, 
M. D. LXXII. 4 72.15 

Institutiones etymological. [Scot. Univ. gram. 

Gr.] 77.6 

CLUVER, J. Historiamn totius mundt epitome ad 
annum MDCXXX. Accessit contiuuatio ad an- 
num Cla IDC LXVH. Ed. 7a. Amstelasdami, 

MDCLXVIII. 4 69a.39 

COCCEIUS, J. Collationes de fcedere et testamcnto 

Dei. Franekene, M. DC, XLVIII. 8 68.13 

Ad vltima Mosis, hoc est, sex postrema capita 

Deuteronomii eausiderationes. Frauckerae, 
MDCL. 4 45.2S 

Euangelium secundum loannem, cum commen- 

tario. See Bible. 1ST. T. John 47.5 

Prophetse commentario illustrati. See Bible. 

O. T. Minor prophets 43- 9 

Coccms, J. Antidotum contra Thesaurum catholi- 

cum I. Coccii. See Perkins, W 70a.27 

COCKBURN, J., Vindication of hp. Burnet, from A 

specimen, etc., by. See Buruet, G., bp. . 





Shelf. No. 

COCKMAN, T. The duty of not conforming to this 
world. A sermon before the university of 
Oxford, on Act Sunday 1733. Oxford, 1733. 
pp. (2), 25. 8" 32.12 

COEFFETEAU, N., Defence of the apologie of lames 

the first against. See Du Moulin, P 70a.8 

COELEMANN, P. Opus prosodicum Gryecvin novvm. 

Francofurti, M DC LI. 8" 77.11 

COGIIAN, T. 'J'he haven of health. Fourth cd. Lon- 
don, 1636. 4 35.6 

COKAYNE, G. t Sermon at the funeral of Sheriff 
Rowland Wilson. [No title-page.] 4. [Im- 
perfect] 59.51 

COKE, Sir~E,. The declarations and other pleadings, 
contained in the eleven parts of the reports. 
Rendred into English, hy W. Hughes. Lon- 
don, 1659. f 69a.8 

COLEMAN, T. Gods unusuall answer to a solemne 
fast. Sermon before parliament, on a fast in 
Margarets Westminster, Sept. 12. MDCXLIV. 
London, 1644. pp. (4), 30. 4 .... 55.61 and 56.18 

COLES, E. A practical discourse of God's sovereign- 
ty: with other points; viz: Of the righteous- 
ness of God. Election. Redemption. Effectual 
calling. Perseverance. Twelfth ed. Edin- 
burgh, M.DCC.XLV. 8 67.11 

COLLATIO scriptohabita Ilagae Comitis anno 1611. in- 
ter quosdam ecclesiastas de divina proedestina- 
tioue, & ejus appendicibus. Subiecta Collatio 
inter sex ecclesiastas Dclphis habita 1613. 
Zirizsere, M. DC. xv. 4 , . 66.20 

COLLECTION, A, of petitions presented to the house 
of commons against the trade with France. 
London, 1713. pp. 24. 8 26.217 

COLLES, J., Sermon at the burial of. See Sclater, W. 55.91 

COLLIER, J. View of the immorality and profane- 
ness of the English stage. Fourth ed. Lon- 
don, MDCXCIX. 8 54.29 

COLLINGS, J. A cordiall for a fainting soule. Being 
the summe of fourteen sermons. London, 
JUDCXLIX. 4 56.36 

Responsoria ad erratica pastoris, a revindication 

of gospel-preachers, [in] reply to The peoples 
privilcdges. London, 1052. 4 49.70 

Responsoria ad erratica piscatoris. Or, reply to 

A cavr-at for old and new Sabbatarians, by E. 
Kii-her, [and] Fcstorum metropolis, concerning 
Christmas-day. London, 1003. 4 49.71 

Vindieiffl minister!! evangelici; a vindication of 

a gospel-ministry. London, 1651. 4" . . . . 49.69 
COLLINS, n. Answer to his Sandy-foundation of in- 
fant-baptism shaken. See Harrison, M. . . . 28.32 
COLOGNE. Epideigma historiae oppidi, quod post 
Colouia. Claudia. Avg. Agrippinensis. Broel- 

mann, S 62.14 

COMENIUS, J. A. Janua linguarum reserata. [Lat. 

and Eng. No title-page.] 8 76.10 

Janua linguarvra trilinguis. Londini, CIO. I3C. 

LXXXV. 8 77.10 

Pro Latinitate Janute Lingvarum sure, illiusqve 

praxeos comicse, apologia. Amstelodami, cL>. 

lj. C. LVII. pp.24. 4" 49.5D 

COMES, X. See Conti, N. dc. 

(Jo.MMoni AM s. Instructiones adversua gentium deos. 

Cum obscrvationibus N. Rigaltii. Reccnsuit 

J. Davisius. See Minu< 'ins I'YIix, M 20a.ll 

COMMUNICANTS, Five propositions concerning di.M-i- 

pline toward. Hammond, II 50.30 

COMMVNION of salncti. Ainsworth, II OS. 19 

( 'i)\ci;ji TATIO ecclesiee ralhf.liea- in Antilia. Kc-nnc,.T. lOa.G 
CONCKINI.H et orationes ex hi-aori.-is l.atinis e\e,erp- 

l;i>. Lvg.l. n.-itav., <!. L> c M.IX. VI*. . . . 70.31', 

CONDUCT, The, of tin- allies. Swift,.! 2'i.u-J 

CONFESSION. Manvale confessariorvm et pccniten- 

tivju. A/.pilcuctu, M. de 50.40 

Shelf. No. 
CONFESSIONS of faith. Bradbury, T. Confession of 

faith at his ordination 26.104 

Formulaire dc consentement dcs eglises rcformees 

sur la grace unverselle. See Switzerland . . 79.26 

Harmony of the confessions of faith of the re- 

formed chvrches of Europe 69.35 

Orthodoxa Tigvrinae ccclesise ministrorum con- 

fessio. See Zurich C7.25 

Westminster assembly of divines. Confessio 

fidei 69.11, 15, 29 

See aUo: Augsburg confession, Palatinate. 

CONFIRMATION. The apostolique institvtion of impo- 
sition of hands for confirmation, revived. See 
Xcipoflecria C8.ll 

CONFIRMATION the necessary means of reformation. 

Baxter, R 58.19 

CONFORMITY, The history of 2ij lt>7 

CONGREGATIONALL churches, Vindication of the, 

from the imputation of schisme. Owen,J. . . 23.67 

CONSCIENCE. Bernard, R. The kinds and differ- 
ences of 57.27 

Goodwin,T. Distresse of 54.24 

Harris, R. How to get, keepe and vse a good. 55.83 
Sixe sermons of 55.84 

Sanderson, R. De obligatione conscientiaa . . 57.5 
CONSCIENCE, Cases of. Ames, W. De conscientia, 

et eius casibvs 54.17 and 57.41 

Annesley S. Continuation of morning-exercise 

questions and cases of 54.1 

Toledo, F. Svmma casvvm conscientioe .... 56.31 
CONSCIENCE, Liberty of. Owen, J. The authority 

of the civil magistrate over the consciences of 
subjects in matters of religion 58.8 

A peace-offering in a plea for 20.183 

See also : Persecution, Toleration. 

CONSIDERATIONS on the present state of affairs in 
Europe, particularly the number of forces in 
the pay of Great Britain. Third ed. London, 
1730. pp. 53. 8 26.221 

CONSTABLE, The exapt. Wingate, E 79a.l8 

CONTACT de la Moulettc, P. du. See Du Coutant de 
la Moulette, P. 

CONTENTMENT, Fifteen sermons upon. Patrick, S. . 54.15 

CONTI, N. de. Mythologies libri decem. Libri mi. 
devenatione. Acccssit G. Linocerij Musarnm 
mythologia, & anonyini obseruationnm de diis 
gentinm libcllus. n. p., M. DCX. 8 77.33 

CONVERSION, The perfect pattcrne of true. Ilieron, S. C2.41 

COOPER, J. Domus Mosaic clavis. give punetorum 

Hebraicorum antiquitas. Londini, 1673. 8 . 40a.23 

COOPER, T. Thesavrvs lingvre Romance .& Britanni- 
ca3. Accessit dictionarivm historieum & peti- 
cuin propria vocabnla complectene. Londini, 
1584. f 72.4 

COPE, Sir A.,SermonatthefuncralIof. Sec Harris, 11. 55.73 

COPENHAGEN, Curiosities observed by Mr. Heauvorr 

at. Buyer, A 7S.121 

COPERNICUS, N. Astronomia instavrata, libris sex. 
Inti-gritati su rcstituta, notisqne illustrala, 
peril N. Mvlerii. Amstelrodanu, .M.I>C.XVII. 
4 34.3 

COBBYN, S. Awakening call to the nnce.n\vrle,l. 

London, 1077. pp- 59. [Title-puiic .srone.] 8. 15^5 

CORNWAI., G. Dissertatio philosopliica inauirii rails do 
aninii iinniortalilate. tilasyuae, JIDCOXXXIV. 
pp. 'JO. -1 36.8 

COUNW M.I,, History of the dutchy of. I>oilriaLre, .s,V 

J 27.106 

COKNWKLL, I 1 '. Gospel-repentance floweth iVom faith, 

;i:id atle'ich-th a iu^tilic'd person all liis dayes. 
,\. I. led, Tin- diH'eren<-e ln-Uveen the law 
Ilie uospi'l. London, 1045. 8" 24.20 

.V,,/, . " 'I'h.' ilillVr.'in','" Irui n K, '|i:ir:iti' pacing anil 
" Kiu^ Jesus," etc. 6'n.- i'u\, J. 




Shelf. No. 

CORTS, G. Catalogue librorum, qui auctione publi- 
ca distrahentur 26. Feb. 1740. Lugduui Bata- 
vorum, 1740. pp. 20. 8 28.115 

COSIN, or Cossens, J., bp. Speech at the transmis- 
sion of his impeachment. See Rous, F. . . . 78.15 

COTTON, Sir R. B. The power of the perrcs and 
comons of parliament, in point of judicature, 
n. p. ,1640. pp. (2), 9. 4 78.84 

COUNCILS. Canones et dccreta concilii Tridentini. 

See Trent 68.37 

Carranza, B. Svmma conciliorvm 68.36 

Merlin, J. Concilia generalia 10.6 

Pridcaux, J. Conciliorum synopsis 66.23 

Quick, J. Acts, decisions, decrees, and canons 

of the national councils of the reformed 

churches in France 10.8 

See also : France, Trent. 

CODNTER-POYSON, A. Fenner, D 58.29 

COVEL, D. Defence against his book against Burges. 

See Dispute 50.39 

COVELL, W. A modest examination, of some things 
in vse in the church of England, in the (Plea 
of the innocent [by J. Nichols]). London, 
1604. 4 78.107 

COVERDALE, M. Fruitfull lessons, vpon the passion, 
bvriall, resvrreetion, ascension, and of the 
sending of the holy Ghost. London, 1593. 4. 55.113 

COWELL, J. Institvtiones juris Anglican!. Oxon., 

1654. 12 79a.l4 

CRAFTSMAN. Hervey, J. A letter to the author of 

the 26.191 

Remarks on the craftsman's vindication of his 

two honble patrons 26.102 

CRASIIAW, W. Mitt[imus] to the Ivbile at Rome : or 
the rates of the popes cvstome-hovse. Lon- 
don, M.DC.XXV. 4 66.27 

His sermon at the crosse answered. See Ains- 

worth, H 59.38, 40 

CRAWFORD, J., Tythes no gospel-ministers mainte- 

tenance, in answer to. See Wall, T 66.17 

CREEDS, Ends and uses of. Dunlop, W 27.19 

See also : Apostles' creed, Athanasian creed, Niceue 

CRESSET, or Cressy, H. P. de. Reflection upon Cres- 

sy's Exomologesis. See Poole, M 70a.22 

CREW, or Crowe, Sir R., Speech concerning. See 

Hollis, D 78.12a 

CRINESIDS, C. Pars prior gymnasii Chaldaici, exhi- 

bentis Chaldaismi grammaticam & lexicon. 

Noribergse, M.DC.XXVII. 4 40a,19 

CRISP, J\frs. R., Testimonie given to, at her huriall. 

See Gataker, T 55.112 

CRISP, T. Quaedam Crispii opiniones consideratae. 

See Williams, D. . . 67.14 

CRISPIN, J. Ivris civilis Rom. initia et progressvs. 

See JustinianusI, emperor 74.15 

CROCIUS, J. Commcntarivs in epistolam ad Ephesios. 

See Bible. N. T. Ephesians 47.20 

CROI, F. de. The three conformities of the Romish 

church with gentilisme, Ivdaisme and auncient 

heresies. Written in French and translated 

[by W. Hart]. London, 1620. 4 70a.l5 

CROMPTON, R. L'avthoritie et ivrisdiction dcs covrts 

de lamaiesticdelaroygne. London, 1637. 4. 79a.25 
CROMWELL, O. Speech to parliament, 27th January 

1658. Also the speech of Nathaniel Lord 

Fiennes. London, [1658]. pp. (2), 9. 4" . . 26.163 

Act for the security of. See Great Britain. Par- 

liament 69a.ll 

Letter to 26.63 

Ordinances, proclamations, declarations, &c. 

Dec. 16. 1653-Sept. 3. 1G54. See Great Britain. 69a.38 

Walker, C. Cromwels new slaughter-house in 

England v. 2 of 78.3 

Shelf. No. 

CROSS, Sign of the. Parker, R. Discovrse against 
symbolizing with Antichrist in the signe of the 

croase 70a.2 

Titchborne, J. A triple antidote, &c 26.271 

CROWE, W. Elenchus scriptorum in S. Scripturam 
tarn Grtecorum, quam Latinorum. Londini, 
1672. 8 49.30 

CROY, F. de. See Cro'i, F. de. 

CROXALL, S. Incendiaries no Christians. Sermon, 
October 9th, 1715. London, MDCCXV. pp.27. 
8 16.150 

CRDCIGER, or Creuziger, G. Harmonia linguarum 
quatuor cardinalium ; Hebraicse, Grsecae, Lati- 
nae & Germanicas. Francofvrti, M. DC.XVI. f . 51.7 

CRUCIUS, J. Suada Delphica sive orationes LXVIII. 

JEd. nova. Amstclodami, da locc IX. 12" . . 37.18 

CUDWORTH, R. Commentary on Gal. vi. See Per- 
kins, W v. 2 of 61.4 

CULVEUWEL, N. Discourse of the light of nature, 

with other treatises. Oxford, 1669. 4 . . . . 54.16 

Contents. The schisme ; The act of oblivion ; The 
childs rcturne; The panting soul; Mount Ebal; The- 
white stone ; Spiritual opticks ; The worth of souls. 

CUKRIE, J. Testimony unto, and vindication of the 
extraordinary work of God at Cambuslang. 
The objections raised by the seceding brethren, 
and in Mr. Fisher's Review considered. Glas- 
gow, 1743. pp.63. 8 27.205 

CURTIS, W. The security and tryumph of true re- 
ligion. A sermon before the corporation of 
Ipswich Oct. 11. 1727. On the coronation of 
George II and Q. Caroline. Ipswich, M.DCC. 

xxvil. pp. 40. 8 32.10 

CURZIO, M. Methodus dosandi. See Meiet, P. ... 35.17 
GUSHING, C. f Clavis apocalyptica ad incudem revo- 

cata. n. p., 1652. pp. (10), 49, (1). 8 .... 79.25 
CYMBALS. Commentarius de cymbalis. Ellys, Sir R. 49.5 
CYPRIANUS, T. C. Opera. Annotationes I. Pamelii 
[cum respousionibus], Ed. vltima [a S. Gou- 
lart]. [Genevse], M. D. xcni. f 20.3 

DANEAU (Lat. Danseus), L. Geographic poeticse, 
ex Latinis poeti? libri quatuor. Lvgdvni, M. D. 
LXXX. 8 76.13 

Augustinus, A., St. De ha;resibus, ad quodvult- 

deum . . 20a.l3 

Tractatus de ecclesia 20a.l8 

Commentarius. See Bible. N. T. 1st Timothy. 48.1 
D'ANVERS, C., pseud. An argument against excises. 

London, 1733. pp.76. 8" 26.39 

A proper reply to a libel, Sedition and defama- 

tion display'd. See Pulteney, W 26.227 

DARBY, C. The Psalms in English metre. See Bible. 

O.T. Psalms 46.25 

DARES, P. De hello Trojano libri. See Homcrus. 71.9 
DAVENANT, C. Report to the commissioners on 

public accounts. P. 1, 2. London, 1712. 2v. 

8 26.123, 124 

DAVENANT, J., bp. Determinationes quaestionum 

quarundam thcologicarum. Cantabrigise, MDC 

xxxiv. f e 60a.l 

Dissertationes duaa: prima de morte Christi. 

Altera de prajdestinatione & reprobatione. 
Subncctitur Sententia de Gallicana controver- 
siar [Cantabrigia3], 1650. f 60a.l3 

Ad fraternarn communionem inter evangelicas 

ecclesias restaurandam adhortatio. Canta- 
brigire, cio DC XL. 12 58.32' 

Expositio epistoloe ad Colossenses. See Bible. 

N. T. Colossians 44.3, 6 

DAVENPORT, Sir H., Speech on the impeachment 

a;c:iinst. See Hyde, E 78.14 

DAVENPORT, J. Apologctical! reply to An answer 

to the unjust complaint of VV. B. Also an 

answer to Mr. I. D. touching his allegation of 




Shelf. No. 

DAVENPORT, J., continued. 

Scriptures against the baptising of some kind 

of infants. Rotterdam, 1G3G. 4 49.77 

jVbfc. Relates to church affairs at Amsterdam, 
especially to the controversy concerning the baptism 
of children. 

DA WES, Sir W., hart. The nature and necessity of a 
Christian conversation. A sermon before the 
queen, at St. James's, November 19. 1704. 
Third ed. London, 1707. pp. 10. 8" .... 16.227 

DAT, M. Excerpta in sex priores lliados libros. Lon- 

dini, M. DC. pp. (14), SO. 8 77.30 

DEANS. Speech upon deancs and chapters. Fury, T. 78.2G 

DEATH. Consolations de 1'ame tidole contrc Ics fray- 

rvr.s de la mort. Drelincourt, C 56.37 

DEBTORS, The, act consider'd. Also the victualers, 
bricklayers, Geneva, and other acts consider- 
ed. n.p.,n. d. pp. (10). 4 26.16 

DEBTS discharge. Morton, C 23.72 

DEFENCE, A, of the measures of the present adminis- 
tration against A letter to . London, MDCC 

xxxr. pp. 32. 8" 26.45 

DEFINITIONS. De rervm definitionibvs. Piccolomini, 

F 36.15 

DE FOE, D. f Whigs tnrn'd tories, and Hanover! nn- 
tories, prov'd whigs. London, 1713. pp. (8), 
40. 8 26.114 

DELAUNE, W. Of original sin : a sermon before the 
lord mayor, Feb. '~2. l"]^. Seconded. London, 
MDCCXIII. pp. 32. 8 32.9 

DELL, W. Right reformation. A sermon to the 
house of commons, November 25. 1646. With 
a reply to Love's sermon, preached the same 
day. London, 1646. pp. (16), 40. 4 .... 55.24 

Animadversions on Mr. Dels sermon. See Love, 

C 55.25 

DEMOCRITUS. Vita & philosophia Democriti. See 

Magnenus, J. C 36.31 

DEMOCRITUS junior, pseud. See Burton, R. 

DEMONSTRATION, A, of the trueth of that discipline 
which Christ hath prescribed for the govern- 
ment of his church. [No title-page.] pp. 86. 
4 59.58 

DEMOSTHENES. Domosthems et ^Eschinis opera, cvm 
vtrivsqve vita, et Vlpiani commentariis, illust. 
peril. Wolfivm. [Or. et Lat.] Avrcliae Allo- 
brogvm, cio DC vir. f 71.11 

De corona. See yEschincs 75.1 

Sententirc. See Cicero, M. T 76.35 

DENT, A. The rvine of Rome. Or, an exposition 

vpon the whole Revelation. London, 1633. 16. 70a.26 
DESCARTES, 11. Meditationes de prima philosophia, 
in quilnis Dei existentia, & animaa human OB a 
corpore distinctio, drmonstruntur. Acljunctas 
eurit varioe objectioncs; cvrn responsionibvs. 
3a ed. Amstelodami, do IDCL. 4 36.19 

Meditationes de prima philosophia. Adjungitur 

tractatus De initiis primse philosophia?. Nee 
non De Deo & mente hnmana. Cum nova 
methodo de prsedestinatione & gratia. Authore 
L. Vclthusio. Londini, 1004. 8 36.25 

Legrand, A.. Institutio philosophia? sccuudum 

principia R. Descartes 36.16 

I'hilosophia vcterum, c mente R. Descartes 

more scholastico brcvitcr digesta 36.30 

Mere, II. Introductio ad universam philoso- 

phiarn Cartesianam 37.17 

DESCENT into hell. J?ilson,T. Place and purpo- of 

i '!n i IV: descent to hel after death C4.9 

fsinlbrd, II. De desccnsv Cliri: ti a<l inferos. 

41U-.5 and 64.14 

DF.SCRIPTION. See Diseription. 

DESERTED eoule, Case and cure of a. Symonds, J. . 67.6 
DES CiORKis (Lnt. <Jon-:nus), 1*. Fnrmvl;u reniedio- 
rvm. See Meiet, I' 

Shelf. No. 

DESMARATS, P. O., Jii.ili.o2) of rjmrtrcs. Declaration. 

See Feuelon, F. de S. dc L 57.14 

DETRACTION. The spirit of detraction, conjvred and 

eonviot"d. Sec. .Spirit 5P.2S 

DlALOCi E between an (jld protestant and a new for- 
malist, with reasons why preachers who refuse 
subscription should not be removed, f No title- 
page. 1606?] pp. GO. 4". [Imperfect]. . 78.116 

DlALOGVE betwixt Cosmophilus and Theophilus 
nnent the urging of new ceremonies upon the 
kirkc of Scotland, n. p., MDCXX. pp. (4J, 43. 
8 57.3G 

DlCKSON, D. Therapeutics sacra, seu, de curandis 
casibus conscicntins circa regenerationem, per 
foederum divinorum prudentem npplicationem. 
Libri tres. Londini, 1G56. 4 66.7 

Expositio analytiea omnium apostolicarvm cpis- 

tolarvm. See Bible. N. T. Epistles .... 47.12 

Henderson, A. Ansvveres of some brethren . . 32.J'i 
DlCTIONARIOLDM trilingue. [Angl., Lat., Or. Title- 
page lost.] 8. [Imperfect] '. . . 77.7 

DIETERICH, J. Refutatio calumniarum, quibus Lu- 
therum et alios depravare conatus est J. Lam- 
padius. See Pezel, C G9a.42 

DlEC, L. de. Grammatica linguarum Oricntalium, 
Hebraeorvm, Chaldfeorvin, & Syrorum inter se 
collatarum. Lvgdvni Batavorvm, C!D Io C XX 
vm. 4 40a.l5 

DIFFERENCES in matters of religion, bctweene the 
easterne and wcstcrne churches. Gathered by 
Irenseus Rodoginus. London, 1625. pp. (40), 
45. 4 66.28 

DlGBT, Lord Q. Speeches in parliament, concern!:)'.; 
grievances, and thetrienniall parliament. Lon- 
don, 1641. pp. (2), 25. 4 78.30 

Third speech, to the house of commons, concern- 

ing bishops and the citie petition, 9th. of Febr : 

1640. n. p. ,1640. pp.19. 4" 78.29,92 

Answer to the third speech of. See Fiennes, 

N 78.13, 93 

DIGBT, SirK. Discourse touching the crc of wounds 
by the powder of smpathy [sfc]. Rendered 
out of French by R. White. The third ed. 
London, 1660. 12 35.19 

DlLLINGHAM, W. Poemata varii argument!, parti m e 
G. Herberto Latine rcddita, partim conscripta. 
Londini, MDCLXXVIII. 8" 74.36 

DlLWORTlTj T. The school-master's assistant. [Lon- 
don.? 1744?] 8. [Title-page missing. Imper- 
fect] 34.16 

DIOGENES Laertius. De vitis, dogmatis S: apophtheg- 
matis clarorum philosophorum, libri x. llesy- 
chii de iisdem philos. & de aliis sei-intm-ii'iis, 
liber. Pythagoreorvm fragmenta. I. Casnvboni 
nota) ad lib. Diogenis auctiores. Kvnapii S-;r- 
diani de vitis philosophorum & sophistarmn. 
liber, acccsserunt eiusdem legationes. (!i 
S: I, at. Coloniaa Allobrogum, 51. PC. xvi. S". 7-">.3 

DISCRIPTION, A, of what find hath predestinated 
concerning man, in his creation, transgres- 
sion, & regeneration. Also an aiiMvere to Inlin 
Robinson, touching Imptisme. n.p., HV20. 8. 68. Ih 

DISPENSATIONS. Rates of the popes cvsduni -lm\ se. 

Crashaw, W <"' -7 

DISPLAY, A, of tyranny. Gates, T 7*.l.'.i 

DISPVTE, A, vpon the qvestion of kneeling in the 
[Lord's supper]. Or a third parte of the De- 
fence of the ministers reasons airainst D. 
Spark, in his llr.itherly perswasion to unitie 
KI-. 11. Cox'el, in his bool insl I. I'.iir 

r ik Tlntton, in his-.!, liool^- airainst the inini.-t. rs 
of Devo!i<hire and Cornwell. T. K > ;cn :'i his 
two dialogues, printed 1008. n. p., I 108. f. 

I )ISM\ isl ni)M.> |i< ilitie.-e, id e 'i'a easlls p,,l- 

itiei. I'M.".:!. Ha^.e-Coini!!-. M. in'. l.V. TJ". 79a.l7 




Shelf. No. 

DIVORCE. Defence of the ivdgment of the reformed 

churches. Raynolds, J 26.269 

DOD, J., and Cleaver, R. f Exposition of the ten com- 
mandements. With a short catcchisme. The 
eighteenth ed. London, 1G32. 4 54.19 

Ten godly and frvitfvll sermons. Annexed a 

hricfe treatise of zeale. London, 1610. 4 . 56.34 

Ten sermons, for the worthy receiuiug of the 

Lords svpper. Annexed a metaphrase on the 
epistle to the Colossians, hy a godly preacher. 
Also, a short dialogue of preparation. Lon- 
don, 1628. 4 56.25 

Briefe explanation of the Prouerhs of Salomon. 

Sea Bible. O. T. Proverbs 45.23 

DODDRIDGE, P. Sermons and religious tracts. Lon- 
don, M DCC LXI. 12 56.49 

Contents. Charge at the onlination of J. Jennings ; 
Answer to Christianity not founded on argument ; 
Principles of the Christian religion, in easy rerse ; 
Compassion to the sick urged, in a sermon ; A charge 
at the ordination of A. Tozer ; Thoughts on the 
means of reviving the dissenting interest ; Disserta- 
tion on the inspiration of the New Testament. 

The Christian's triumph over death. See Orton, 

J 17.2T 

DODRIDGE, or Doddrige, Sir J. History of the an- 
cient and moderne estate of the principality of 
Wales, dutchy of Cornewall, and earldome of 
Chester. London, ai. DC. xxx. 4 27.106 

DOGLIONI, G. N. The historians guide. In two 
parts. First, The recovery of lost time; a 
compendious chronology. Translated out of 
Italian. Second, Englands remembrancer [by 
S.Clarke]. London, 1676. 8 73.133 

DOLCE, C. Schola Italica. Accessit Dictionariolvm 
Italico-Latinvm. Ed. correctior. Colonise 
Agrippinse, M.DC.xxxr. 8 80a.5 

D.ONNE, J. Devotions vpon emergent occasions. The 

fourth ed. London, 1634. 24 53.36 

DORT. Acta et scripta synodalia Dordracena minis- 
trorvm remonstrantivm in foederato Belgio. 
Herder- Wiici, M.DC. xx. 4 63.5 

Acta synodi nationalis, Dordrecliti habitae CID 

ID cxvm et CID TO cxix. Accodunt de quin- 
que articulis, theologorum judicia. Lvgdvui 
Batavorvm, C!D. ID. cxx. f 61.6 

Ivdgement concerning the flue articles. Also 

their sentence touching Conradvs Vorstivs. 
London, M. DC. xix. pp. (16), S3. 4. 23.203 and 27.112 

Ames, W. Anti-synodali a scripta 68.35 

Robinson, J. Defence of the doctrine propovnd- 

ed by the synode at 65.33 

DOCGALL, W. Dissertatio philosophiea inauguralis, 
de origine imperil civilis, & potestatc summo- 
rum imperantium. Glasguos, M. DCC. xvr. 

pp. 11. 4 36.2 

DOWNAME, G., bp. A defence of the sermon preached 
at the consecration of the bishop of Bath and 
Welles. London, 1611. 4 59.15 

Answered. See Jacob, H 58.28 

DOWNAME, or Downham, J. The Christian warfare. 

The third ed. London, 1612. 4 55.42 

Fovre treatises, to disswade from swearing, 

drunkennesse, whoredome, and bribcrie. An- 
nexed a treatise of anger. London, 1609. 4. 55.88 

DRANT, T. Two sermons preached in 1570. London, 

1570. 8. [Black-letter] 57.33 

DRAXE, T. Calliepeia. [No title-page. 1612.] 8. 76.12 

DRELINCOURT, C. Los consolations de 1'ame fidele 
coiitre les frayevrs de la mort. Charenton, 
M. DC. LI. 8 56.37 

DREXELIUS, J. Orbis phaethon. Hoc est de vniver- 
sis vitiis linguoe. Colonioe, 1631. 16. [Im- 
perfect] 37.23 

Recta intontio omnium hnmanarum actiouum. 

Mouachij, MDCXXVI. 12 57.40 

Shelf. No. 

DKIESSCIIE, J. van den. De Hasidacis quorum men- 
tio in libris Machabacorum. Franekerae, 1603. 
pp. 64. 8 46.16 

In prophctam Amoslectiones. Eiusdem in Grco- 

cam cditioncm conicctanea, & veterum inter- 
pretum qnao exstant fragmenta. [Lvgduni Ba- 
tavorura], C!D IDC. ' 8 46.15 

Historia Rvth, Latine conversa, & commentario 

explicata. Additus, An Ruben mandragoras 
invencrit. See Bible. O. T. Ruth 46.14 

DRUSIUS, J. See Driessche, J. van den. 

DUBLIN. Incorporated society for promoting Eng- 
lish protcxfnnt si'hools in Ireland. Proceed- 
ings. Preh'x'd, an abstract of his majesty's 
royal charter. London, M.DCC.XXXV. pp. 16. 

8 27.58 

Continuation of the proceedings, from the 24th 

March, 1737, to the 25th March, 1738. Annexed, 
An account of the benefactions received by the 
society. Dublin, M,DCC,xxxvnr. pp. 60. 4. 16.7 
Sermon before the society. Howard, R. . . . 16.6 

DUCK, A. Do usu et authoritatc juris civilis Romano- 
rum, in domi.iiis principum Christianorum, li- 
bri duo. Lipsias, C!D IDC LXVIII. 12 .... 79a.l6 

Du CONTANT, or Constant de la Moulette, P. Traite 
sur la poesic ct la musique des hebreux. Paris, 
M. DCC. LXXXI. 12 50a.22 

Du JON (Lat. Junius),F. A Christian letter [on] sep- 
aration from the church assemblies in England 
and elsewhere. Written iu Latine, and trans- 
lated by R. G-. London, 1602. pp.14. 4.. 59.13 

Ecclesiastic! sive de natvra et administra- 

tionibvs ecclesia3 Dei, libri trcs. Francofurti, 

M. D. LXXXI. 8" 58.10 

Saerorvm parallelorvm libri tres : id est, compa- 

ratio locorum scriptur sacra?, qni ex Testa- 
mento Vetere in Novo adducuntur. Ed. 2a. 

Londini, [15]. 8 49.17 

Du MOULIN, L. Apologia pro epistola qvoe nupere 
prodiit sub nomine Irenaei Philadelphi ad ver- 
sus argutias Thcophili Iscani. Londini, 1641. 
4" 59.63 

Irenasi Philadelphi. epistola, ad Renatvm Vcrid- 

sevm [And. Rivetum]. In qua epcritvr Jiiystc- 
rivm iniqvitatis novissimein Anglia redivivum, 
& excutitur liber I. Ilalli, quo asseritur episco- 
patum esse juris divini. Elcvtheropoli [Am- 

stelsedami], CID ID CXLI. 4. 59.62 

DD MOULIN, P. [Castigat. notarvm in Molinsei Epistol. 

ad Balsacvm. No title-page.] 8 67.29 

Note. This is the running title of a book which 
wants the first 128 pages. It may be by Dumoulin and 
it certainly relates to his Epitre a M. de Balzac, Ge- . 
neve, 1G33. 12. 

A defence of the catholicke faith : contained in 

the [Apologic] of lames the first. Against the 
answere of [N-] Coeffeteau. Written in French. 
Transl. [by J. Sauford]. London, 1610. 4 . . 70a.8 

Elcmentalogica. 3acd. Parisiis,M. DC. IX. 8. 37.5 
DUNKIRK, The importance of. Steele, Sir R. . . . 26.37 

DUNKIRK, or Dover. Toland, J 27.60 

DUNLOP, W. Preface to an edition of the Westmins- 
ter confession. The usca of creeds and confes- 
sions of faith : a defence of their necessity : and 

an examination of the objections of Episco- 
pius and Le Clerk. The second ed. London, 
3i.DCC.xxiv. 8 27.19 

Du PLESSIS, A. Le livre de lob : traduit en poesie 

francoise. See Bible. O. T. Job 67.28 

DUPLESSIS-MORNAY, P. Mysterium iniquitatis, sou 
historia papatus. Asseruntur etiam jura princi- 
pum Cliristianorum adversus Bellarminum & 
Baroiiium. Ed. 3a. Gorichcmi, M. DC. LXII. 4. 10a.4 

De veritate religionis Christiante^ Antverpl* 

M. D. LXXXIII. 8" 67.12 



Shelf. No. 
DrjpLESSTs-'M'ORNAY, P., continued. 

De veritate rcligionis Christianas liber; Gallice 

primiim conscriptus, Latinu versus. Acccssjt 
vitas mortisq considcratio. Interprets A. Frci- 
tagio. IIcrbornjB Nassoviorurn, IG'J'J. 8 . . 07.5 

DuPONT, L. l)c la perfection dv chresticn c-n tovs 
ses ctats. Trad, en franrois par 11. Gavltirr. 
I'aris, M. DC. xill-xnii. 2v. in 1. 4 . . . . 54.3 

DUPOKT, J. lloraeri gnomologia, duplici parallelis- 
moillustrata; accessit [syllogi'J tcstiinoniorum 
de Homero. Cantabrigiae, 1660. 4 77.1 

Liber Job Gracco carmine redditus. See Bible. 

0. T. Job 46.31 

Proverbia, Ecclesiastes, Cantica, GI-SECO carmine 

donati. See Bible. O. T. Proverbs, etc. . . 46.20 
DURT, John, a protestant. Concordino inter evange- 

licos quoerendae consilia. See Transylvania. 49.57 

Consilia concordia: ecclesiastics promovenda3. 

See Matthia;, J 49.58 

Declaratio amplissimorum Helvetian reformatse 

magistratiium, super negotio pacilicatorio D. 
Durai. See Huldrich, J. J 49.54 

Ecclcsiarum Gallo-Belgicarum de Dnrsei, Irenico 

ludicium. See Middlcburg 49.55 

DURY, John, a Jesiiit. Defence of Caspian's ten rea- 
sons. See Whitaker, W 70a.l4 

DUTCH language. English and Netherduytch dic- 

tionarie. Hexham, H 80a.2 

DUTTON, Mrs. A., wife of Benjamin. Brief account 
of the gracious dealings of God, with a poor, 
sinful, creature. Relating a train of special 
providences. P. 2. London, 1743. 12 . . . 27.191 
State. Many of the names arc filled out in MS. 

A letter to all the saints, on the general duty of 

love. London, 1743. pp. 52. 8" 27.130 

jy f e ._" Among ye N E Books, bee her 2d Hus- 
band, Mr Benjamin Dutton came over to N E in 
174- & travelled & Preached Here." MS. note by T. 

DCTTON, B. The superaboundings of God's free 

grace, towards B. Dutton. London, 1743. 8. 27.95 
DYKE, D. Workes. P. 2. Published by his brother 

1. Dyke. The second ed. London, 1G33. 4. 47.14 
Contents. Sixe evangelicall histories; Commen- 

tarv upon the epistle to Philemon; The schoole of 

The mystery of self-deceiving. Published by 

I. D[yke]. The eighth ed. London, n. d. 

4 55.36 

Two treatises. Exposition vpon Philemon : The 

Bchoole of affliction. Published by I. D. Lon- 
don, 1618. 4 47.16 

Two treatises. One, of repentance : the other, 

of Christs temptations. Published by I. D. 
The third impression. London, 1618. 4 . . 55.37 
DYSON, H. The survey of London. See Stow, J. . 90.7 

EASTERNE association. To parliament. Humble 
petitions of the EasU'rne association. Lon- 
don, 1648. pp. 31. 4 12.14 

EBERT, T. Evlogia juris-consultorum & politicorum 
centum illustrium, qui Ilebream linguam aliasq; 
oricntalcs propagarunt. Lipsizc, M. DC. xxnx. 
8. [Irnpcrfoct] 50a.32 

ECCI.ESIA enucleata. Cliauncy, 1 58.21 

ECCLESIASTICAL biography. Decades dvoe continen- 

tes vitas theologorvm, Adam, M 10a.ll 

See afoo : Pope. 

ECCLESIASTICAL history. ITnitinsrcr, J. H. ITisto- 
riai' iT,-]rsi;iMir;i,', N'>vi Ti'slamcnti. Kniiras, 
1-1 100 10a.l4, IT) 

Ni,'i'|ilic.rns Callistus. Ecck'niaHtirai! historiac 

libri xviu 20.2 

Hiclitor, G. Axiomata ecclesiastica 37.1 

Shelf. No. 

, history, continued. 

Sleidanus, J. Tabvlae in libros historiarvm de 

religione 79.4 

See also: Apostolical succession, Cambuslan, 
Councils, England (Church of), Fathers, Indepen- 
dency, Jesuits, Nonconformists Saint Bartholomew's 
day, Scotland (Church of), Synods, Waldenses. 

ECCLESIASTICAL law, View of the. Ridley, T. . . 79a.26 
ECCLESIASTICAL polity. Bell, T. The regiment of 

the church 59-GG 

Brief instruction in the discipline of the churches. 69.22 

Brochmand, C. E. De ministerio ecclesiastico, 

et diseiplina ecclesiastica 49.73 

C.irtwright, T. Kcplye to an answere of Whitc- 

irifie 49.68 

Second replic 49.67, G8a 

The. rest (if the second replie 49.6Sb 

Cliauncy, I. Ecclcsiaenucleata: or, the true goe- 

pel-church in its nature and constitution . . . 58.21 
Ecelcsiastirvm : or conference concerning gos- 
pel churches and order 58.17, 18 

Dancau,L. Vera disciplinae ecclesiastics forma. 48.1 

Demonstration of the trueth, etc 59.58 

Discipline of the reformed churches. See France. 

Reformed churches 27.91 

Du Jon, F. Ecclesiastici sivc de natvra ct ad- 

ministrationibua ccclesise Dei 58.16 

Fcnncr, D. A covnter-poyson 58,29 

Full and plaine declaration of ecclesiasticall dis- 

cipline 59.5 

Gillcspie, G. The divine ordinance of church- 

government vindicated 59.42 

Hooker, R. The lawes of 12.5 and 49.72 

Jacob, II. The church government ought to bee 

alwaycs with the peoples free consent .... 58.28 

Johnson, F. Short treatise concerning. . . . 26.276 

Jus, etc. The divine right of church- 

government 59.10 

Middle-ton, P. Dissertation upon the power of 

the church 59.14 

Owen, J. Survey of a discourse concerning . . 58.6 

Parker, R. De politeia ecclesiastica 49.04 

The pastor and the prelate t',.i.:vj 

Randall, J. Lectvres of the chvrch 58.9 

Spanhcim, F. Epistola super controversies . . 67. -0 

Stilling(lcet,E. Divine right of particular forms 

of - 49.66 

Stoughton, W. An assertion for true and Chris- 

tian church-policic 58.23 

Tilenus, D. Paramesis ad Scotos, Geneuensis 

disciplinas zelotas GS.lg 

Travers, "W". Full declaration of ecclesiasticall 

discipline 59.65 

Voetius, G. Politicas ecclesiastical 49.51 

AViddowes, G. The schismatical puritan . . . 26.-'4:J 

Zi'pper, W. Politia ecclesiastica 58.7 

See also: Apostolic succession, Bishops, Canon law, 
Churtli, England (Church of ), Episcopncy, Exi-.mi- 
munication. Franco, Ordination, Prcshyterianism, 
Puritanism, Re-ordination, Sacraments, Schism, Scot- 
land (Church of), Separation, Tithes. 

ECCLESIASTICAL union. Davenant, J.,l>p. Ad frater- 
nain coniinuiiionein inter cvangclicas eccli-sias 
rcstaiirandam adhortatio 58.32 

Iluissi'an, I. d'. La revnion dv Christi.inisme . 58.12 

Ircnieum, in quo casus consrinitia- pra'dpui . . 49.56 

Juilir'nini rrrli'Ma- >V ai-adumiao GciK'VOllsis. See 

Geneva 4P -'' 3 

Owen, J. Disi-ourso concerning evanirclical lovo, 

churi-h-pcai'i', X unity 58.9 

Turn-tin, J. A. An oration of oompoMiii,' the 

dill'i TiMi'M's amoni; ur.)trstants 49.62 

N. a iilxn: Dury, J. 
ECCLESIASTICVM. Cliauncy, 1 5S.17, IS 




Shelf. No. 

EDINBURGH. Societ;/ in Scotland for propagating 
Christian knowledge. The state of the society, 
1729. Edinburgh, MDCCXXIX. pp.48. 8. . 1G.199 
Sermon before. Hamilton, W. (16.204); Kin- 
loch, R. (16.203); Matthison, J. (18.212); Wal- 
lace, R. (16.202); Webster, A. (16.205). 

EDMUNDSON, C. The pilgrims saying : or, the saints 
acknowledgement. A sermon, May, 1604. Lon- 
don, [1664]. 12 58.39 

EDMCNDSON, Edmondson, or Edmonson, II. Lingua 
linguarum the naturall language of languages. 
First part vocabulary. London, 1655. 8 . . 76.30 

EDUCATION. Locke, J. Some thoughts concerning. 37.3 

Vives, L. J. De disciplinis libri xx 38.16 

See Dublin, Society, etc. (1C.7); Leyden (49.52). 
See also : Arts (liberal), Cambridge (Eng.), Fraiie- 
ker, Memory, Oxford, Reason, Scholar. 

EDWARDS, John, b. 1637, d. 1716. Farther enquiry into 
remarkable texts of the Old and New Testa- 
ment which contain some difficulty. London, 
1692. 8 

The preacher. The second part. London, 1707. 


Same. The third part. With animadversions 

on, The -whole duty of man, and the writings 
of Hickes, Nichols, Bennet, Clark, and Dod- 
well. With a vindication of the first part from 
the cavils of Lightfoot and others. London, 
1709. 8 49.41 

The Socinian creed: foreign and English. With 

antidotes. London, 1697. 8 64.24 

Veritas redux. Evangelical truths restored. 

London, MDCCVII. 8 C4.12 

EDWARDS, John, 6. about 1705. Short account of the 
experience of John Edwards. London, JIDCC 

XLIV. pp. 24. 8 16.61 

EDWARDS, T. The casting down of- the last and 
strongest hold of Satan. Or, a treatise against 
toleration and pretended liberty of conscience. 
The first part. London, 1647. 4 59.12 

Gangriena : or, a catalogue of many of the here- 

sies and pernicious practices of the sectaries 
of these four last years. London, 31. DC. XLVI. 

4" lOa.10 

EFFICACY, The, of the fear of hell, to restrain men 

from sin. [No title-page.] 8 57.18 

Note. This is the title of the first sermon ; the rest 
of the volume contains seven sermons entitled The 
benefit of the gospel, to the wounded in spirit. 

EGYPT. Alpino, P. De medicina ^Egyptior\-m . . 35.1 

Caussiu,N. De symbolica Aegyptiorvrn sapieu- 

tia 38.18 

Usher, J. Rerum J3gyptiacarurja chronicou . . 09a.7, 9 

See also : Nile. 

ELECTION. Ames, W. De elcctione ex fideprsevisa. 68.33 

Letter to John Wesley in vindication of absolute. 27.133 

Tuke, T. The doctrine of 68.26 

ELIJAH Ben Asher, the Levite, (Lat. Elias Lcvita). 

Ciipitvla cantici, epccierum, proprietatum, & 
oflieiorum, de literis, punctis,&quibusdam ac- 
centibus Hebraicis. Per S. Mvnstervm Latino 
iuxta Hebraismum uersum. Basileae, ai. D. 
xxvn. 8 50a.ll 

Coinposila verborvm & nominum Hebraicorum. 

Opus per S. Munsteru Latiuitate donatum. 
Basileae, M. D. xxv. 8 50a.lO 

Punctorum Uebraicorum aatiquitas. Sea Cooper, 

J 40a.23 

ELIZABETH, queen of England. A declaration of the 
cavses mooving the qveene to the defence of 
the Lowe countries. [With an addition tovch- 
ing the s'avnders published of her mafestie.] 
London, 1585. pp. (2), 20, 5. 4 78.96 

Shelf. No. 
ELIZABETH, queen of England, continued. 

A declaration of troubles pretended against the 

rcalme by seminarie priests and lesuits. Lon- 
don, 1591. pp. (2), 12. 4 78.95 

Letter, containing a report of a conspiracie, con- 

triued betweene E. Squire, and II. Wallpoole, 
against the person of the queenes maiestie. 
London, 1599. pp. (2), 13. 4 78.103 

Trvc report of conspiracies to haue taken away 

the life of the queeues maiestie. London, 

1594. pp. 31. 4" 78.100 

Bacon, Sir F. The character of 38.4 

Injunctions given by the queens majesty. See 

Great Britain 59.16 

ELLYS, Sir R., lart. t Fortuita sacra : quibus sub- 
jicitur commentarius de cymbalis. Rottero- 

dami, MDCCXXVII. 8 49.5 

ELY, Lancelot, lip. of. See Andrews, L., bp. 
EMPERORS. Symbola imperatoria. Reusner, N. . 79a.4 
ENCHIRIDION practicvm mcdieo-chirvrgicvm. Trac- 
tatus duo. I. Incerti authoris. II. Antonij 
Chalmetei Manuale chirurgicum. Avrelianoe, 

CID IOC xxi. 8 35.13 

ENCYCLOPEDIAS. Alsted, J. H. Scientiarvm om- 

nivm encyclopaedias 00.2 

Nani, D. Novissima polyanthea 00.3 

ENGLAND. See Roman Catholics in England. 

Note. Publications of the government are entered, 
and works of an historical or political character are re- 
ferred to, under Great Britain. See also : Cambridge, 
Chester, Cornwall, Kent, Lancaster, Lincoln, London, 
Norfolk, Yorkshire. 

ENGLAND, Church of. Articles agreed [upon] in the 
conuocatiou at London 1562. [London, 1593.] 

pp. 23. 4 27.13 

Note. On the fly leaves are MS. memoranda to the 
effect that these articles were on two Sundays in 1GOO 
read aloud in the parish church of Stebbing [Essex, 
England,] " by me Thomas ffullcr vicar," and sub- 
scribed, as witnesses, by those present. The signa- 
tures follow this statement. 

Constitutions and canons ecclesiastical!, agreed 

vpon at London, 163 [1603]. [No title-page. 

London, 1603?] 4 23.205 

Same. London, 1604. 4 59.67 

' Same. London, 1616. 4 78.106 

Homilies appointed to be read In chvrchcs. Lon- 

don, 1623. 2v. in 1. f COa.5 

Abridgment of that booke delivered to his maies- 

tie, Dec. 1, 1004. See Lincoln diocess .... 78.114 

Abstract of certaine acts of parlement : injunc- 

tions, etc 58.1 

Ansvvere to the petition of the ministers desiring 

reformation. See Oxford university 59.21 

Articles of the church of England. See Great 

Britain 26.160 

Bacon, Sir F. Certaine considerations for the 

better establishment of the church of Eng- 
land 10.101 and 78.108 

Barlow, W. Conference at Hampton court, 

1603, on the millenary petition 59.22 

Bastwick, J. Apologeticus ad prassules Angli- 

canos 58.15 

Book of common prayer. See Briefe discourse 

of the trovbles 59.17 

Carleton, G., bp. Examination whether the doc- 

trine of the Pelagians and Arminians be the 
doctrines of the 66. W 

Certaine argvments to perswade parliament . . 78.118 

Cert;iine demandes propounded vnto the arch- 

bishop of Canterbury, etc 78.113 

Church of England not in danger 16.245 

Covell, W. Examination of some things in vse 

in the 78.107 

Dialogue botweeue an old protestaut and a new 

formalist 78.110 




Shelf. No. 
ENTH. \M>, cinu-i-li i.f. continued. 

Directory for the pnblique worship. .S'ee'W'^t- 

min>ter a--embly 59.26 

Ficimes AV. speeches upon the bishops, tlie 

litnrgie, and separation 78.33 

II:ill, J. Apolou'ie of the chvrch (if England 

againM the I'.rownists 59.59a 

Hi !, I.. Errors of the bouko of common 

prayer 32.31 

Iliitiuii, T. Reasons for rcfvsal of svbscription 

to the li.ioke of common praicr 58.5 

,Taeoi>, II. Defence of the chvrches and ministry. 78.104 

Jewell, J. Apologia ecclesiaj Anglicanoe . . . 58.33 

Late dialogue concerning the condition of the . 32.19 

Morton. T. Defence of the ceremonies of the . 58.3 

Nicolson, \V. Exposition of the catechism of 

the 69.2 

Ordinance selling the presbytcriall government 

in the. See Great Britain. Parliament. . . 59.32 
Petition to her maiestie . 78.97 

Powell, G. Consideration of the dcpriued and 

silenced ministers arguments 78.119 

Reasons ngainst subscription. See Briefe 

annswere 59.59 

Register, Parte of a 59.57 

Robinson, J. Lawfvlues of hearing the minis- 

ters in the 79.17 

Itogers, T. The thirty nine articles analysed 

and proved 69.33,36 

Sprint, J. The necessity of conformitie to the 

ceremonies of ovr chvrch 58. 4 

See also: Bishops, Conformity, Nonconformists, 
Non-conformity, Puritanism, Subscription, Tillies. 

ENC.LANPS complaint to Icsvs Christ against the 

bishops canons, n. p., 1640. pp. (5'2). 4 . . 32.32 
ENGLISH, T. The crisis or, impartial judgment upon 

pnblick affairs. London, MDCCXXXF. pp.24. 

4 26.126 

EX::LISII chronology. 1688 to 1696. Oxford, 1696. 8. 7S.132 
ENGLISH language. The gvide into tongves. Min- 

sheu, J 81.1, 2 

ENQUIKV, An, into the reasons of the conduct of 

Greal I'.ntain, with relation to the present 
of all'airs in Europe. London, JI.DCC. 

xxvil. S 26.116 

EPAHCIIIIS, A. Varia opuscula. Gr. et Lat. [Le 

Moyne. Varia sacra] v. Iof20a.9 

EPICTF.TI:S. Epicteti enchiridion, ct Cebetis tabula, 

Gr -e,\ I. atine. [H. Wblfio interprete. Cum 

notis J. D. Sneeaui.] Lugduni Batavorum, 

Hr;l. 32 75.29 

- Same. Londini, 1070. pp. (4), 53. 8 70.0 

EPlCU:r-. Philosophic Epicuri syntagma, etc. See 

G idi, P 36.28 

Krioit A v, ;. l<'lorilcginm epigrammatum Gr.-vcoruin 

ct Latinornm. Karnaby,T 76.29 

Ki'ii-n \MI s, ,,/ Sn/ii/iiis or Constunfin. Contra 
i ' . . I opn 9, I'anariiiiii, sine Ar- 

rnia, ant ( ' ip.-nla medica appellatum. I. Cor- 

Dario interpret.-. Ilasileic, M. I). I,\XVJ1I. f. 20.7 
Erirn \'. n . N. Empirl . Renou, J. de . . . 35.2 

Ei'iscoivvcY. Ola , D. 1'rimitive episcopacy 

d and cleared 59.69 

]>ire,-tion, concerning episcopall governuie:,i . 

See} , etc 26.170 

I)i>wnaiiii', <i. I>d'. nee ' ion maintayn- 

i:ig tiiat I ml] I'miction i .. ,.!] 

and institution .V.l.'i 

liii Moulin, L. Epiacopatum esse juris divlnl. . 

Jlall, .1., lip. Ilniiiidi' i-eni instra tee to parlia- 


])elV i the IniniMe i 

11,1'iiinond, II. \'i:i.licati f th tiODS 

eming epi -e> .p.iele 

J.mi'.'jiui), W. iSuiu of the ep; 

Shelf. No. 


Marshall, S. Answer to bishop Hall's Humble 

remonstrance ................ 59.6 

U.-her, J. The reduction of episcopacy unto the 

furm of synodical government ........ 67.10 

Vane, ,s',Y ||., ///, younger. Spi'ceb on a bill 

;:gain-t episcopall-goveroment ........ 78.10 

Vindication of episcopacie ........... :;_'.! 7 

Waller, JC. Speech concerning episcopacie . . Tv_:.'> 

See aim : AJM -t ,lii :il succession, Bisnops. 

EPITOME troporum ac schematum grammnticorum 
i't rhetoricum. [Ivavenspnrgi ? 1541?] 8. 
[Imperfect. No title page] ......... 

ERASMl'S, D. Ada'_'h>nim per !;. 'j'appium 

auela. Accessit adagiorum I. Vlpio obserna- 

torvm c]iilom:o. Antverpin?, M. D. till. S. 

Adagiorum epitome. Ed.noviss. Amstclodami, 


Colloqnia nunc emendatiora. Cum annot. A. 

Montani. Amstelodami, do loc LVIII. 12. 

Collorpjia. [No title-page.] 8. [Imperfect] . 

Ecclesiastes, sive cotu-ionator evangelicus. Lib. 

1. Londini, M.DCC XXX. 8 ......... 

Moriaj encomium, cum G. Listrii commeutariis. 

Kpistohe aliquot additoe. Cum Erasmi respon- 
sione adversus M. Lutheri epistolam. Oxo- 
nice, 1653. 12 ................ 

In No win Testamcntvm annotationes, quintum 

recognitre. Easileae, M. n. xxxv. f . . . . 

Enarratio in cpistolas et evangelia. See Bible. 

N. T. Selections .............. 

ERPENHJS, or Erpe, T. van. Grammatica Arahica. 
Leidaj, 1613. 4 ........ . ...... 

Grammatica Ebraja. n. p., M. DC. xxvu. 8". 

Areanvm pvnctationis. See Cappcl, L ..... 
EKSKINE, J. Ministers of the gospel cautioned 

against giving offence. A sermon. Edin- 
burgh, MDCCLXIV. pp. (2). 39. 8 ..... 
ESSEN, A. Systematis theolo-iri pars prior. Ultra- 
jecti,ClolD C LIX [dogmatic!, tomns seeundus. 
Amstelsedarai, cloloctxi]. 2v.ini. 4. . 
\V. Annotationes in pr.-reipva ac difiiciliora 
sacr;e scriptvrx loca. 2a cd. Dvaci, M. DC. 
xxtx. f .................. 

In omnes Pavli ct septem catholicas epistolas 

commentaria. Opera I. Merlo Ilorstii. Colo- 
nise Agrippinse, M. DC. XXXI. 3v.ini. f . . 

In qvatvorlibros [Petri Lombard!] sentenliarvm 

commentaria. 1'arisiis, M. DC. xxxvill. 4v. ill 

2. f " .................... 

ESTIENNE (Lat. Stephanns), C. l>ietionarivm his- 

toricvm, geographicvm, poelicvm. Colonite 

Allohrogvm, M. DCXXVII. 4 ........ 

E.STIENSK ( I. at. Stephanns), H. Concordat) ti, i ; 

Latinas Testament! Novi. Geneva-, M. uc. f " . 
EsTir.NM". H. Exposition sur S. Matthieii, S. Maro, 

s.l. i.e. Sei r.ible. N. T. Gospels ..... 

Novi Testameiiti libri, cum notis. ,S'n' P.i'ule. N. 

T. Greek .................. 

ESTYE (Liit. Esteius), G. Oratlo de certitvdino 

tis, feperseverantia sanctorvm. See Ames, \\'. 
IC'i'inrs. Ames, W. A.lversns ethieam di-pntatio . 

Ari-tntele-i. Kiiiloma- d>n-trin;ci moralis, c'X de- 

cem liliris Kthicoriim a : .hum .... 

Cicero, M. T. V:t!iie . i liana 1 libri diu> . . 

Mire, II. I'.neliiridion etbicum ........ 

Slier, J. Pra->i-ept:l etliiea> .......... 

10 1 ci.i D ' ] ' with Aivhimi- 

ms of Hi sphere and c\ Under 


I. l'..irro\v. AnnexM Kuclide'-: I >al a \viih M ari- 
n i'g I'rei'.iee, and a brief 'I'reat i-e of regular 
!:[liy K. l-'oix]. An.! a Si.ppleir.ent [by II. 
Wil j. I i LOU, K-2. S" ......... 























Shelf. No. 

EUNAPIUS Sardianus. De vitis philosopborum & 
sopliistarum, II. lunio interprcte aucta, & 
emendata. H. Commeleni opera. Acccdunt 
eiusdum legationes. See Diogenes Laerlius . . 75.8 

EUROPE. Arthus, G. Mcrcurius Gallobelgicus, 1555- 

1627 79.9 

Bethel, S. Interest of princes and states, 1680 . 79.0 

Considerations on the present state of affairs in 

Europe, 1730 26.221 

Isselt, M. J. van. Mercurius Gallo-belgicus, 

1593,94 79.8 

Memoirs of the occurrences of Europe, since the 

treaties of Nimeguen and Ryswick 27.70 

Sleidanus, J. Tabvlae in libros historiarvm de 

repub. 1517-55 79.4 

Tables of the soveraign princes and princesses 

in 1703 79.13 

See also : Bohemia, France, Geertruydenberg, Ger- 
many, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Home, 
Ryswick, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Turin, Turkey, 
Venice, Zurich. 

EUTHYMIUS Zygabencs. Prsefatio in Psalmos. Gr. 

ct Lat. [Le Moyne. Varia sacra] . . . v. 1 of 20a.9 

EVANCE, D. The noble order. A sermon before the 
lords, January 28. 1045. London, 1046. pp. 
(7), 46. 4" 55.3 

EVERARD, 11. Reflection upon his account of his 
conversion to the Romish church. See Poole, 
M 70a.22 

Threefold defence of the doctrine of original 

sin. Against his Creation and fall of man. 

See Stephens, K" 66.13 

EVIDENCES of revealed religion. Duplessis-Mornay, 

P. De veritate religionis Christiana? 67.12 

Grotius, H. De veritate religionis Christi- 

an 67.30 and 63.12 

Hamilton, W. Truth and excellency of the 

Christian religion 16.204 

Minucius Felix, M. Octavius 20a.ll, 24 

See also : Christians, Gospel. 
EXACT list, An, of the second parliament of king 

George. London, 1723. pp. (2), 61. 8 . . . 2727 
EXCISE. An argument against excises. D'Anvers, C. 26.39 
EXCOMMUNICATION. A triple antidote. Titchborne, 

J 26.271 

EYE. De occulo. Brerewood, E 37.4 

EYRE, W. Reply to Vindicise justificatiouis gratuita?. 

See Woodbridge, B 64.19 

FAUER, P. Agouisticon, de re athletica Ivdisqye vet- 
ervm gymnicis, nivsicis, atque circensibus. 
Lvgdvni, cL>. ID. xcu. f 72.10 

Semestrivm liber vnvs-tertivs. Accesseruut com- 

mentary, de ivRlitia et ivre, de origine ivris, 
de magistral. Rom. Lvgdvui, Clo. ID. xc-xcv. 

3v. in 1. f 72.12 

FAIR and impartial testimony, in name of a number 
of ministers of the church of Scotland, unto 
the principles of that church. Edinburgh, 

M.DCC.XLIV. 8 27.170 

FAIRCLOUGH, R., Funeral sermon for. See Howe, J. 28.105 
FAITH. Rogers, J. The doctrine of 68.5, 8 

Watson, R. De fide rational! , 36.31 

FALKLAND, Viscount. See Gary, L. 

FALKNER, W. Two treatises. The first, concerning 
reproaching Si censure : the second, an answer 
to Serjeant's Sure-footing. Annexed three ser- 
mons. London, MDCLXXXIV. 4 60a.20 

FAMILY religion revived. Goodwin, P 57.7 

FANCOURT, S. The nature and expediency of the 
gospel revelation, and a public ministry. A 
sermon at the ordination of Henry Lane. An- 
nexed, Mr. Lane's confession of faith; and E. 
Warren's charge. Sarum, M. DCC. xxxmi. 

pp. (2), 69. 8 32.1 


Shelf. No. 

FARNABY, T. Florilegium epigrammatum Grsoco- 
rum, eorumque Latino versu a variis reddito- 
rum. Londini, 1671. 8 76.29 

Index rhetoricus et oratorius, scholis & institu- 

tion! tenerioris celatis accommodatus. Ad- 
jiciuntur formvloa oratoriaa et index poeticus. 
Ed. 4a. Londini, 1646. 12 37.21 

Phrases oratorios elegantiores. Ed. 8a. Acccs- 

scrunt phrases poetica?. Londini, 1048. 18 . 76.14 
FARTHER search, A, into the conduct of the allies. 

Swift, J 27.41 

FASTING, Meditations concerning. Bolton, R. . . . 54.32 
FATHERS of the church. Hickman,H. Justification 

of the, for denying the positivity of sin . . . 20n.22 

.Ittig, T. De hibliothecis et catenis patrurn . . 20a.l4 

Le Moyne, S- In varia sacra notaa et observa- 

tiones 20a.9 

See also : Apostolic fathers. 

FAY, T. Trias lectionum physicarum. Trajecti ad 

Rhenum, M. D. C. C. xxvm, 8 34.9 

FAYUS, A. SeeLaFaye, A. de. 

FfiNELON, F. de S. de la M. The maxims of the saints 
explained, concerning the interiour life. Add- 
ed, thirty-four articles, by the arch-bishop of 
Paris, the bishops of Meaux and Chartres. 
With the French-king's and the arch-bishop of 
Carabray's Letters to the pope. London, 1698. 
12" 57.14 

FENNE, J., and Gibbon, J. Concertatio ecclesia3 
catholicas in Anglia adversvs Calvino papis- 
tas et Pvritanos sub Elizabetha regina. Nviic 
aucta [a J. Aquepontano]. Avgvstas Treviro- 
rvm, 1588. 4 10a.6 

FENNER, D. f A covnter-poyson, to make aunswere 
to the obiections and reproches, -wherewith the 
aunswerer to the Abstract, would disgrace the 
holy discipline of Christ. London, [1585]. 8. 58.29 

Sacra theologia. Altera ed. Geneva}, M. D. 

LXXXVI. 8 67.32 

FENNER, W. Remains. Published by S. Ash [and 

others]. London, 1657. f 60a.l5 

Contents. Second part of Chriats alarm to drowsie 
saints; Treatise of efleetuall calling; The killing power 
of the law; The spirituall watch; The new birth; A 
Christians ingrafting into Christ; Treatise on the Sab- 

FERDINAND, arch-dul:e of Austria. See Instrv- 

ments of the paetions . 27.116 

FERGUSON, R. The interest of reason in religion ; 
with the import & use of Scripture-metaphors ; 
and the nature of the union betwixt Christ & 
believers. London, 1675. 8" 67.6 

Reflections upon his Interest of reason in 

religion. See Hotchkis, T 66.35 

FERNEL, J. Vniversa medicina: G. Plantij echoliis 

illustrata. Ed. 4a. Francofvrti, MD LXXXI. 8. 35.10 
FERRARIUS, J. A. Euclides catholicvs, sive demon- 

stratio Romanae fidei. Oxonii, MDCLXXX. pp. 

(12), 76. 8 50a.21 

FERUS.J. See Wild, J. 

FESTUS, S. P. Schedoe a Pomp. Lto relicta? ; Fes- 

tvs Paulo Diacono coniunctus. [Gottfried. 

Avctores Latinae lingvae] 72.17 

FEUGUEREIUS, W. Thcsavrvs S. Scrlptvra? prophcti- 

C33 et apostolicoa. See Marlorat, A 49.14 

FEVERS. De fehribvs cognoscendis et cvrandis. Le 

Pois, N 35.11 

FIENNES, N. t Monarchy asserted, to be the best, 

most ancient and legall form of government, 

in a conference with Oliver late lord protector 

& a committee of parliament. London, 1060. 8. 78.124 

Speech, before parliament, 20 th of January, 1057. 

London, 1657. pp. (2), 26. 4 26.161 

Speech, before parliament, 27 th of January, 1658. 

London, 1659. pp. 30. 4 26.164 




Shelt No. 
FIENNES, N"., continued. 

Speech in answere to the third speech of lord 

George Digby. Concerning bishops and the 
citty of Londons petition. [London], 1041. pp. 

(2), 28. 4 73.13,93 

FIENNES, W. Speech in parliament. Against the 
svprcmacy of bishops, and their power in civil! 
affaires. London, 1641. pp. (2), 9. 4. . . . 78.35 
Same. London, 1642. pp. 8. 4" 78.34 

Two speeches in parliament. The first upon 

the bishops. The other a declaration touching 
the liturgie, and separation. London, 1041. pp. 
(2), 14. 4 78.33 

FINCH, D., Id earl of Nottingham. Answer to Whis- 
ton's letter concerning the eternity of the Son 
of God, and of the Holy Spirit. Fifth ed. Lon- 
don, 1721. pp. (2), iv, 79. 8" 17.241 

FINCH, J., 1st baron Finch. Speech upon the articles 

against. See Gary, L., viscount Falkland . . 78.20 

FiNCH, M. Animadversions upon Sir II. Vanes Re- 
tired mans meditations. London, 1656. 8. . 68.23 

FIRMIANUS Symposius, C. yEnigmata. [Caussin. 

Symb. Aegypt. sapientia] 38.18 

FIHMIN, G. Scripture-warrant sufficient proof for 
infant-baptism: a reply to Mr. G-rantham's Pre- 
sumption no proof. London, 1688. pp. (10), 
84. 8 57.17 

FISH, S., Supplycacyon of soulys against the Snpply- 

cacyon of beggars by. See More, Sir T. . . 70a.4 

FISHER, . Objections in Mr. Fisher's Review con- 
sidered. SeeCurrie, J 27.205 

FlSHEH, E. The marrow of moderne divinity touch- 
ing both the covenant of works, and the 
covenant of grace. In a dialogue, betwixt 
Evangelista, Nomista, Antinomista. And 
Ncophitus. Seventh ed. London, 16. 8" . 15.34 
Sfote. The date is cut off. 

A caveat for old and new Sabbatarians. See 

Collings, J 49.71 

FISHER, W. A thanksgiving sermon for the defeat of 
the late rebellion, prcach'd June 7th, 1716. 

London, 1716. pp. 24. 8" 18.91 

FLACIUS Illyricus, or Francowitz, M. Catalogvs 
tcstivm veritatis, qui, Pontificum Romanorum 
primatui variisque papismi erroribus, ac frau- 
dibus reclamarunt: nova ed. auctior. CuraS. 
G. S. Accessit appendix rerum ab anno 1517- 
1600. n. p., M. DCVIII. f , . . 10.3 

Clavis scriptvroe, s. sev de sermone sacrarum 

litcrarum, pars prima-altera pars. Ed. vlt. 
Basilea?, clo Io c xvn. 2v. in 1. f 51.4 

Contents. Vol. I. Singvlarvm vocvm attive loeuti- 
onum S. Scripturo) vsus ac ratio alphnbetieo ordine. 
II. De ratione cojjnoscendi sacras lituras; De parti- 
bvsorationisj DC tropis et schcrnatibvs; De stylo sa- 
crarvm literarvm; Aliqvot theologici libclli; Norma 
ccelcstis veritatis. 

Same. Basileos, M. DC. xxux. 2v. in 1. f . . 51.5 

FLEETWOOD, W. Some observations upon bishop 

Flcetwood's four sermons 20.70 

FLORUS, L. A. Rerum a Romanis gestarvm libri iv. 
tl J. Stadio cmendati. Altera cd. Seorsvm 
excvsvs. Commentarivs I. Stadii. Vrsellis, 

M. DC. xix. 8 73.17 

Same. Editio nova. [Ace.] commentarius J. 

Stadii. Accesserunt chronological Cl: Salmasii 
i \rcrptiones. L. Ampelii Liber mcmorialis. 
Oxonias, M. DC. L. 12 74.12 

Epitome historiarvm. See Livius, T 73.18 

Foix, or Klussatcs, F., bp. Brief treatise of regular 

solids. Si'K Kiielides 34.14 

FORltEs, John, b. about 1570, tl. lo:;f. A frvitfvll ser- 

iiKin. Amsterdam, livjij. 8 C 79.10 

~ TroutUe to cleare the doctrine of ivntilir:itiuii. 

Mi.l.lflbvrgh, 1010. 4 00.37 

Shelf. No. 
FORBES, John, I. 1503, d. 1648. An answer to Dr. 

Forbes concerning the necessity of bishops, to 

ordain. See Lucy, W 49.43 

FORD, S. Xcw version of the Psalms, with all the 

church-hymns into metre. See Bible. O. T. 

Psalms 40.13 

FOREKNOWLEDGE, Desire of. Howe, J 50.48 

FOREKNOWLEDGE of God. Rutherford, 8. Dcdivina 

providcntia CO.rf 

Twisse, W. De seientia media 02.7,8 

FORNARI.M. De sacramento ordinis. See Toledo, F. 50.31 
FOSTER, J. Sermon occasion'd by the death of Mrs. 

Mary Wilts. London, 1732. pp. (4), 30. 8. 17.50 
FOX, G. The great mystery of the great whore un- 
folded: and Antichrists kingdom revealed. 

London, 1659. f COa.12 

Fox, J. De Christo gratis iustificante. [Ace. Concio 
G. Fulsii de duobus Abrahaa filiis.] Londini, 
1583. 8 67.9 

King Jesvs is the bcleevers prince, priest, and 

law-giver. London, 1645. pp. (4), 42. 8 . . 24.20 

Sole. Included in the title of F. Cornvrell's " Gospel- 

Meditationes in Apocalypsin. See Bible. N. T. 

Revelation 44.7 

FEANCE. Collection of petitions to the house of com- 
mons against the trade with 26.217 

Fatal consequences of a treaty with. SeeAnguis 

in herba 20.233 

Letters and memorials. See Great Britain . . . 27.48 

Offers of France explain'd 20.112 

Seissel, C. de. De repvblica Gallias & regum 

ofliciis 79a.3 

Some further observations on the treaty between 

Great-Britain and 20.43 

See also: Burgundy, Cologne, Rhe (Isle of ), Saint 
Bartholomew's day. 

Reformed churches. The ecclcsiasticall dis- 

cipline of the reformed -churches in France. 

London, 1602. pp. (4), 47. 4 27.91 

Paraphrase ov brief ue explication sur le cate- 

chisme. Par Francois Bourgoing. Lyon,M. D. 

LXllir. 8 69.5 

Acts of the national councils of the. Quick, J. 10.8 

See also : Charcnton. 

FRANCKE, A. H. Nicodemvs: or, a treatise agninst 
the fear of man. Rendred from the nigh- 
Dutch. Seconded. London, 1709. 12" . . . 57.12 

FRANCKLIN, R. Tractatvs de tonis in lingua Gra> 

canica. Londini, 1033. 8 77.25 

FKANEKER. Copy of the instrument, whereby the 
late Rev. Thomas I'arkrr was made a master of 
arts, April 1, 1017. [No title-page.] pp. 3. 4". 27.110 

FKAJJ/, W. Augustanw confessionis articuli expli- 
cati. Vol.1, 2a cd. Wittebergas, 1610,11. 3v. 
4 65.19 

Contents. Vol.1. Articuli priorea x. II. Postcriores 
XI. III. Artievli abusuuin; Disp. i-in. de tribus pcr- 
eoriis diviiututit). 

FRENCH language. Boyer, A. French and Engiisn 

dictionary SOa.l 

Compleat French-master SOa.3 

Cliencau, F. French grammar SOa.4 

FRESH, A, serious call from tin- city to tin- country; 

to join in setting apart sonic lime, for solemn 
seeking to God to save 1 us from national judg- 
ments, l.omloii, M Dec i.vil. pp. 12. 8 . . 22.33 

, P. II. Theologia exeiretica, si\. : obser- 
vatioiies biblira- in Yet.ct Nov. Test, ex inter- 
collccta\ VA. 2a. Frani-ofnrti, M IT 
f .l 




Shelf. No. 

FRIENDLY caution, A, to secedcrs, in a letter from a 
gentleman in Edinburgh, to one of the seceding 
ministers. Glasgow, MDCCXLII. pp. 32. 8. 28.59 

FRIENDS. Fox, G. The great mystery of the great 

whore 60a.l2 

Hcrvcy, J., lord. Answer to the country par- 

son's pica against the quakers tythe-bill . . . 27.121 

Wilson, T. The spirit of delusion reproved . . 67.34 
FRISIUS, Gemma. See Gemma, K. 

FULGENTIUS, F. P. De prisco sermone. [Gottfried. 

Avctores Latlnae lingvae] 72.17 

FULGENTIUS Ruspensis. Opera. Item opera Maxen- 
tii lohannis. [Colophon] Hagenau, anno xx 
[M. D. xx]. F 20a.2 

Contents. Ad Monimura hbri III ; Contra Arria- 
nos ; Ad Trasimvndvm libri in j Epistolse vn ; Ad 
Donatvra de tide orthodoxa ; Serraoncs v. 

FULGINAS, Gentilis. See Gentili, G. de' 35.17 

FULKE (Lat. Fulsius), W. Two treatises against the 
papistes; [the 2d] touching purgatory [in 
reply to Card. Allen]. London, 1577. 8. . 70a.23 

Concio de duobus Abraham riliis, in Latinura ser- 

monem reddita per I. Foxium. See Fox, J. . 67.9 

FULL declaration, A, of ecclesiasticall discipline. 

Travers, W 59.65 

FULLER, T. The church-history of Britain; from the 
birth of Jesus Christ, untill M. DC. XLVIII. Lou- 
don, 1655. f 10.5, 7 

FUNGER, J. Etymologicvm Latinvm. Francofvrti, 

M.DC.V. 8 76.2 

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Contents. P. III. The vanity of pagan philosophic; 
IV. Of reformed philosophic. 

Idea theologire, tarn contemplative quam active, 

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GALLUS, C. C. Fragmenta. See Catullus, C. V. . . 74.25 
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Marriage dvties briefely covched togither. Lon- 

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The natvre and vse of lots. London, 1619. 4. 55.106 

The spiritvall watch. London, 1619. 4 .... 55.105 

Trve contentment in the gaine of godlines. 

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Two funeral sermons, of the benefit of death. 

London, 1620. 4 55.112 

Two marriage sermons. The latter by W. Brad- 

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Reply to his Nature of lotts. See Balmford, J. 68.1c 

GEERTRUYDENBERG ncgociation, Secret history of the. 26.216 
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last English-translation of the Bible. P. 1. 

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metics practices. See Keckermann, B. . . . 31.15 

Shelf. No. 
GENERATION. Harvey, W. De generatione, partu, 

etc 35.20 

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See also: Manners and customs. 

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GERMAN empire. Mercvrivs Avstrio-Bohemo-Ger- 

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GERMANICUS Caesar. Aratea phenomena. See Ara- 

tus Solensis 72.18 

GERMANUS, of Constantinople. Tractatus, de sex 

synodis oecumenicis. Gr. et Lat. [La Moyne. 

Varia sacra] . . . v. 1 of 20a.9 

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M lOa.8 

See also: Magdeburg, Palatinate. 

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trations of George Whitefleld. Edinburgh, 

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T. 1, part 1. [Genesis.] London, 1602. 4 . . 45.21 
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GIBSON, E., bp. An earnest dissuasive from in temper' 

ance in meats and drinks, n.p., n.d. pp. 24. 8. 28.42 

Evil and danger of lukewarmness in religion. 

The first part of [his] late pastoral letter. 

n. p., n. d. pp. 30. 12 28.144 

Second pastoral letter to his diocese. Occasion'^ 

by writings assert[ing] " That reason is a suf- 
ficient guide in matters of religion, without 
the help of revelation." Third ed. London, 
1730. pp. (2), 80. 8 27.63 

Sinfulness of neglecting and profaning the Lord's 

day. n. p., n. d. pp. 32. 12 ......... 28.68 

Whitefield's answer to [his] last pastoral letter. 

See Whitefield, G 26.256 

GIFFARD, G. Plaine refvtation of Giffards short trea- 
tise against the Donatistes of England. See 
Ban-owe, H 59.68 

Answer to his short treatise against the Donatists 

of England. See Greenwood, J 59.37 

GILBERT, W. De magnete, magneticisque corpori- 
bvs, et de maguo magnete tellure. Loudini, 

Mi>c. f 34.2 

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course at the ordination of G. Braithwaite, 
March the twenty eighth, 1734. London, 

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- The watchman's answer to the question, What 
of the night? A sermon preached December 
27. 1750. Second ed. London, M.DCC.LI. pp. 
44. 8 16.136 




Shelf. No. 

GILLESPIE, G. Aarons rod blossoming. Or, the 
divine ordinance of churcli-govcrument vindi- 
cated. London, 1G46. 4 59.42 

Sermon before the house of commons at their 
fast March 27. 1044. London, 1644. pp. (4), 
42. 4" 55.47 

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publike fast, Novemb. 27. [1044]. London, 
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parliament for peace and vnitic. London, 
1641. pp.7. 4 73.21 

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Contents. Vol. I. De Seripturx sacrosancta? stylo 
nc literatura; De Scripture sacrosanctaj BCUSU. II. 
(jrammatica sacra. III. Rhetorica sacra. 

Same. Ed.5a. Francofvrti, CIOIDCLXXXVI. 4. 49.4 

GNOSTICS. Adversvs hsereses Valentini et sirnilivm. 

See Irenaous, St 20a.7 

GOCLENIUS, R. Obscrvationvm lingua; Latinas ana- 
lecta. Cvm qvinqve libris variorvm problema- 
tum grnmmaticurum. Auctiora, et correctius 

cdita. Francofvrti, M. DC. XXI. 8 76.7 

GOD. Bates, "W. Harmony of the divine attributes 

in Christ 65.18 

Coles, E. God's sovereignty 67.11 

Gretton, P. Being and attributes of 27.7 

Harris, R. Gods goodnes and niercie .... 55.80 

Jackson, T. The divine essence and attribvtes. 66.34 

Lessius, L. De perfectionibvs moribvsque 

divinis 63.1 

Qvinqvagintanomina Dei 10a.23 

Nethenus, AT. Dispvtationis theologica? do con- 

cursu Dei determinante, an determiuabili, sec- 

tis prima 63.11a 

Oweii,J. Diatriba do justitia divina 68.7,17 

Preston, J. The divine essence and attribvtes. 65.9 

Scheibler, C. Exereitationea aliquot metaphysi- 

cve de Deo per T. Barlow 36.22 

See also : Foreknowledge. 

GOD'S love to mankind. Hoard, S 26.252 

GODS treasvrio displayed : or, the promises and threat- 

enings of Scripture. London, 1030. 8 ... 69.21 

GODFREY, Sir E. B., Sermon at the funeral of. See ' 

Lloyd, W 17.14 

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tical rites used by the ancient Hebrewes. 
Fifth ed. London, 1034. 4 40a.l8 

COLICS, J. Dictionarium Persico-Latinum. See Cas- 

teIl,E 50.1 

GONZAGA, L. or A. Vita. See Cepari, V 10a.l3 

GOOD work for a good magistrate. By II. P. Lon- 
don, 1051. ]2 57.24 

GOODE, W. Jacob raised : a sermon before the house 
of peeres, at the fast, Dccemb. 30. 1040. Lon- 
don, 1047. pp. (7), .29. 4 55.30 

GOODWIN, J. Being tilled willi tlir Spirit. Also, 
the divinity of the Ilnly (Jliost asserted. The 
necessity <>( the ministry of the gospel dis- 
cussed. Hormone. London, 1070. 4 .... 63.4 

The doctrine of the perseverance of the saints 

vindicated against his Redemption redeemed. 

See Kendall, U 02.11 

Vindication of Dr. Twisse fn'm the ezceptlona 

(if., \V r.'J.L'l 

GOOD IN, I'. Religlo domes tloa red i viva : or, family- 

religion revived. London, 10J5. 8" 07.7 

Slitlf. No. 

GOODWIN, T. Works. Vol. 1, 2, 4. London, MDC 

i.. \X.\I-.MDCXCVII. 3v. f ......... 60.2,3 

Contents. Vol. I. Exposition on F-phesians I, n, 
1-11; Sermons. II. Exposition upon Revelation ; Dia- 

cnurseof the knowledge of God and Christ; Of the 
creatures, and the mndition of their state by creation; 
Of election. IV. Justify ing faith; Constitution, etc. 
Of the churches of Christ; <jovernincnt and discipline 
of the churches; Letters concerning church-govern- 

Opuscula qucedam. Intcrprete G. de magno con- 

ventu. Ileidelbergoe, cia ID c LVIII. 8 . . 56.38 

Contents. Triumphus fidei a mortc Christ!, resur- 
rcctione, etc. ; Cor Christ! in coclis crga peccatores in 
terris; Rcditus precationum; Vanitas cogitationum. 

Aggravation of sinne : and sinning against knowl- 

edge. [against] mercie. Sermons. London, 

M DC xxxvil. 4" .............. 32.26 

Jfote. Each sermon has a separate title-page and 

Same. London, MDCXLTII. 4 

A childe of light walking in darkncs : ora treatise 

[on] distresse of conscience. London, 1038. 4. 

The great interest of states and kingdomes. 

Sermon before the house of commons, at their 
fast, Feb. 2.3. 1645. London, 1646. pp. (4), 59. 4. 

The retvrne of prayers. London, 1636. 4" ... 

The vanity of thovghts discovered: their danger 

and cvre. London, 1638. pp. (6), 54, (1). 4 . 

Zurubbabels encovrageraent to finish the tem- 

ple. Sermon before the house of commons, at 
their fast, Apr. 27. 1642. London, 1642. pp. 
(4), 59. 4" 

and others. The reasons of the dissenting 

brethren against the third proposition, con- 
cerningpresbyteriall government. [Appended, 
The answer of the assembly, and Proceedings 
of the grand-committee in the matter of tolera- 
tion.] Edinburgh, 1648. 4 

GORR.TJUS, P. See Des Gorris, P. 

GOSPEL, The. The excellcncie of the gospell above 
the law. Sibbs, R 

GOTTFRIED, or Gothofedus, D. Avctores Latinae 
lingvae in vnvm redact! corpvs. S. Gcrvasii, 

Contents. M. Tcrentivs Varro De lingua Latina ; 
M.Verrii Flaeci frngmcnta; Festi fragmcnta a F. Vrsino 
cdita; Schcdae Fcsti aPomp. Lrcto relict.-c; Sext. I'mup. 
Festvs, Paulo Diucono coniunctus; Nonivs Marccllvs; 
Fvlgcntivs Placiades; Isidori nri^invm libri .\\ ; Ex 
veteribvs grammaticis qni de proprietate ditlurentiia 
BCripserunt, excerpta; Vctvs kalcndarivm Ilumanvm; 
De nominibvs & prsBnoiniuibva Ilnmanoriiiii; Varii 
avctorcs qui de notis scripserunt; Notx Gothctnili; 
Variai lectioncs in Fulgcntium & Isidoruni; I.ibi-r 
N glosaarvm ex variis glossariis, quaj sub Isiduri nuin- 
ine circumferuntur collcctus; Excerpta 1'ythccana ex 
vetcribus glossis; Excerpta ditlVicutiarvm liongarsii. 

GOUGE, W. The whole-armor of God. London, 
1616. 4 

GouLART, S. Anthologie morale et Chresticnne, 
Cenrve, M. DC. xvni. 8" 

GOUT. De podagricis, Siarthritieis rnorbis retractatio. 
Sacchctti, G 

GOVERNMENT. Aristotelos. Discourses of 

Baxter, 11. Holy commonwealth, or political 

aphorisms 7 'a 

Civil polity of the' kingdom of Christ. See 

Christian commonwealth 

Dongall, W. De origine imperil civilis, & po- 

testale siiiimionim imperantimn 

(iood work for a good magistrate 

Maniix.,1. de. ReSOlvtlonB polltiqVGB, I I ma \irne. - 












.23, 24 


I'atri/.ii, K. Epitome cuiiuneiitariorvin 





Shelf. No. 

GOVERNMENT, continued. 

Santa Maria, J. de. Policie vnveiled 69a.40 

Sexaginta casus politic!. See Disqvisitiones . . 70a.l7 

See also : Capital punishment, Constable, Conscience 
(Liberty oO, Law, Monarchy, Plato, Subject, Succes- 
sions, Theft. 

GOWER, S. Things now-a-doing. A sermon before 
the house of commons, at their fast, luly 31. 
1644. London, 1644. pp. (8), 20, (4). 4 ... 55.55 

GRACE. Alvarez, D., abp. De avxiliis divince gra- 

tiaj 68.27 

Baxter, R. Difference between grace and mo- 

rality 64.15 

Formulaire de consentcment des eglises re- 

formees sur la grace universelle. See Switz- 
erland 79.26 

Tiscator, J. Tractatus de gratia Dei 67.24 

Prynne, W. Defence of vniversall 66.22 

Rutherford, S. Exercitationes apologeticas pro 

divina gratia 68.18 

Watson, R. De gratia salutari resistibli .... 36.31 

Whitfield, T. Refutation of loose opinions . . 16.182 
GRJECJE grammatices ruclimenta. Londini, MDC 

LXXXIII. 8 77.13 

GR^ECARUM sententiarum spicilegium : cum Latina 

versioiie. Opera J. R. Londini, MDCCII, 

MDCCV. 2v. in 1. 8" 77.18 

GRANADA, L. de. Catechisme ov introdvction av 

symbole de la foy. Mis en frangois par N. 

Colin. Lyon, M. DCII. 8 69.3 

Catechisme et introduction av symbole de la foy. 

Paris, M. DC. xxv. f 70.3 

GREAT Britain. Abridgment of all the statutes in 
force from Magna Charta. Begun by E. Win- 
gate; continued to 1689. London, 1689. 8. 79a.27 

Articles of peace and commerce, concluded in 

the names of lames, king of great Britaine. 
and Philip, king of Spain, &c. 18. Aug. 1604. 
Translated out of Latine. London, 1605. pp. 
(44). 4 78.111 

Catalogue and collection of ordinances, &c. 

Published from Decem. 16. 1653. unto Septcmb. 

3. 1654. London, 1654. f 69a.3S 

Four bills sent to the king to the Isle of Wight 

with the propositions. And the articles of the 
church of England; with the rules concerning 
suspension from the Lord's supper in cases of 
ignorance. London, 1647. pp. 46. 4 .... 26.160 

Injvnctions given by the qvecnes majestic con- 

cerning the clergie and laity of this realme. 
Published 1559. London, 1641. pp. (29). 4. 59.16 

Letters and memorials which have lately passed 

between the ministers of Great-Britain, France, 

and Spain. London, 1727. pp. 48. 8 .... 27.48 

Some further observations on the treaty be- 

tween Great-Britain and France 26.48 


Act against vagrants. [No title-page. London, 

1657.] pp. 3. f 69a.20 

Act for an assessment, for three years ; from the 

twenty fourth of June 1657. London, 1657. 

pp. (2), 28. f 69a 20 

Act for an assessment upon England, of sixty 

thousand pounds the moneth, for three 
moneths. London, 1657. pp. (2), 77. f . . 60a.l5 

Act for continuing the subsidie of tunnage and 

poundage, and for reviving an act for the bet- 
ter packing of butter. London, 1657. pp. (2), 
16. f 69a.l7 

Act for disannulling the pretended title of 

Charles Stuart. London, 1657. pp. (2), 4. f '. 69a.l3 

Act for discovering, convicting and repressing 

popish recusants. London, 1657. pp. (2), 

21. f 69a.28 

Shelf. No. 
GREAT Britain. Parliament, continued. 

Act for indepmnifying such persons as have 

acted for the service of the publiquc. London, 

1657. pp. (2), 5. f 69a.26 

Act for preventing the multiplicity of buildings 

in and about the suburbs of London. London, 
1657. pp. (2), 24. f 69a.24 

Act for punishing such persons as live at high 

rates, and have no visible estate or calling. 

[No title-page. London, 1657.] pp.4. f . 69a.25 

Act for quiet enjoying of sequestred parsonages 

and vicaridgcs by the present incumbent. 

[No title-page. London, 1657.] pp. 4. f . 69a.30 

Act for raising fifteen thousand pounds sterling 

in Scotland. London, 1657. pp. (2), 38. f . 69a.l9 

Act for selling the postage. London, 1657. pp. 

(2), 8. f C 9a.36 

Act for setling the prices for wines. London, 

1657. pp. (2), 2. f 69a.23 

Act for the adjournment of this present parlia- 

ment, from lune 1657 to lanuary next. Lon- 
don, 1657. pp. (2), 2. f 69a.37 

Act for the attainder of the rebels in Ireland. 

London, 1657. pp. (2), 24. f 69a.34 

Act for the better observation of the Lords-day. 

London, 1657. pp. (2), 17. f 69a.27 

Act for the better suppressing of theft upon the 

borders of England and Scotland. London, 
1657. pp. (2), 9. f 69a.33 

Act for the confirming and setling of estates 

in Ireland. London, 1657. pp. (2), 21. f . 69a.35 

Act for the exportation of several commodities. 

London, 1657. pp. (2), 10. f 69a.l2 

Act for the improvement of the revenue of the 

customs and excize. [No title-page. London, 
1657.] pp. 4. f 69a.l8 

Act for the security of the lord protector. Lon- 

don, 1657. pp. (2), 10. f 69a.ll 

Act for the taking away of purveyance and com- 

positions for purveyance. London, 1657. pp. 

(2), 2. f 69a.31 

Act for the taking away the court of wards and 

liveries. London, 1657. pp. (2), 2. f " . . . 69a.l4 

Act giving licence for transporting fish in for- 

reign bottoms. [No title-page. London, 1657.] 
pp.3. f 69a.32 

Act of the commons for the speedy raising of 

monies by way of new impost or excise. Lon- 
don, 1649. pp. 40. f 33.4 

Act touching several acts, made April 1653- 

Septcmber 1654. London, 1657. pp. (2), 

20. f 69a.21 

Additional act advancing the receipts of the ex- 

cise and new-impost. London, 1657. pp. (2), 

61. f 69a.l6 

Another declaration sent to his majesty, March 

21. 1641. London, 1641. pp. (2), 5. 4 .... 78.57 

Note. This is identical in language with the " Pe- 
tition to his majestic March 20. 1042." (78.55..) 

Answer to his majestic, ninth of May, 1642. To 

two messages from his majestic, concerning 
Sir lohn Hothams refusal! to give his majestie 
entrance into Hull. With his majesties reply. 
London, 1642. pp. (2), 5. 4 78.45 

Declaration and votes, concerning the magazine 

at Hull, and Sir John Hotham governour. Lon- 
don, 1642. pp. (8). 4 78.43 

Same. London, 1642. pp. (2), 6. 8 78.44 

Same. And his majesties answer thereunto. 

London, 1642. pp. (2), 14. 4 78.46 

Declaration concerning his maiesties messages 

about the militia. London, 1642. pp. (8). 4. 78.47 

Declaration : with additionall reasons. Annexed, 

his majesties speech, 9 of March, 1641. Lou- 
don, 1641. pp.16. 4" 78.58 




Shell'. No. 
GREAT Britain. Parliament, continued. 

Depositions and articles against Thomas carle 

of StraffordFeb.16.1640. n. p., 1640. pp. (2), 

45. 4 78.90 

Directions for the electing of ruling-elders. Lon- 

don, 1G45. pp. (2), 10. 4 59.30 

Instructions agreed upon for commissioners, for 

surveying [various forests]. London, 1057. pp. 

(2), 14. f 60a.22 

Message to the kings majesty, March 2S. ir,42 

[on the appointment of the lord admiral]. 
With his answer. London, 1641. pp. (2), 5. 4. 78.54 

Message unto bis majestic, concerning the prince. 

With the answer of his majestie thereunto. 
With his answer concerning the militia. 
London, 1641. pp. (2), 13. 4 78.60 

New declaration : sent to the kings majesty, the 

i>ixtrenlh of March upon his removal! to York. 
Also his majesties message to parliament: with 
the votes and resolutions, 16 of March 1G41. 
London, 1642. pp. (1), 6. 4 78.59 

Order of the house of commons, declaring the 

high hreach of priviledge, hy his majesties 
coming, attended with persons, armed, to 
the commons house. London, 1642. pp. (7). 4. 78.70 

Ordinance for keeping scandalous persons from 

the Lords supper. London, 1645. pp. 16. 4. 
[Black-letter] 59.28 

Ordinance. For the defence of England and 

Wales. London, 1641. pp. 15. 4 78.62 

Ordinance : for the ordering of the militia. 

London, 1642. pp. (2), 5. 4 78.68 

Ordinance for the ordination of ministers pro 

tempore. London, 1644. pp. (2), 15. 4 ... 59.27 

Ordinance for selling the presbyteriall govern- 

ment in the church of England. London, 1646. 

PP- (2), 9. 4" 59.32 

Ordinance, giving power to presbyteries to or- 

daine ministers. London, 1645. pp. (2), 6. 4. 

Ordinance 28* of August 1641. For the speedie 

disarming of popish recusants. London, MD 
CXH. pp. (2), 17. 4" 

Ordinance. With rules concerning suspension 

from the Lords supper in cases of ignorance 
and scandall. Also the names of triers and 
iudges of the ability of elders in London. 
London, 1645. pp. (2), 2, 14. 4 

Ordinances for the establishing of the presby- 

teriall government. London 16[45], 46. 4. 

Contents. Directions for the choosing of ruling- 
ciders ; Ordinances : Concerning suspention from the 
Lords supper; Giving power to presbyteries to ordaine ; 
For keeping scandalous persons from the Lords- 
supper, the enabling of congregations for the choyce 
of elders, etc. 

Petition [concerning the expedition] to Ireland ; 

presented [to his majestic] 18 of April. 
[With] hie majesties answer. London, 1642. 

PP. (2), 6. 4 

Same. With his majesties [final] answer. 

London, 1642. pp. (2), 14. 4 

Petition concerning the militia. With his majes- 

ties answer. London, MDCXLI. pp. (2), 0. 4. 

Petition to his majestie, March 20. 1642. With 

his answer. And petition of noblemen and 
gentlemen. And of the countie of Lincoln, 
with his majesties answers. London, MDCXLII. 
pp. (2), 22. 4 

Petition to the king, for leave to remove the 

magazine at Hull to the tower of London : 
ami also to take off the reprieve of six con- 
demned priests. With hi* maje.-ties answer. 
London, MIK-M. II. pp. (-'), 6. 4 

Sitnic. Also names of colonella. London, n.d. 

PP. 8- 4 











Shell. No. 
GREAT Britain. Parliament, continued. 

Petition and advice presented unto the lord pro- 

tector [May 25, 1007]. Also, their additional 
petition. With his highness consent. London, 
1657. pp. (2), 20. f 69a.lO 

A proposition sent to his majestie, by the house 

of commons, for a guard. With his majesties 
answer. London, MDCXLI. pp. (2), 5,4. 4. 

Propositions for the reducing of Ireland. And 

the votes thereupon. London, MDCXLt. pp. 
(2), 18. 4" 

Remedies for removing some obstructions in 

church-government. London, 1647. pp. 8. 4. 

A remonstrance of the state of the kingdom. 

London, 1641. pp. (26). 4" 

Report from the commissioners [on the public 

revenues, &c. No title-page.] 8 26.118 

Two petitions to his majestie. Febr. 2. 1641. 

With his majesties answer : and his consent for 
the Princesse Maries going to Ilolland. . Lon- 
don, MDCXLI. pp. (2), 18. 4 78.66 





Collection of petitions against the trade with 
France 26.217 

Cotton, Sir R. B. Power of the pccres and 

comons of parliament, in point of judicature . 78.84 
Five matters of state, between his majesty, and 

parliament. See Charles I 78.43 

Manner of holding parliaments in England . . 78.83 
Priviledges and practice of parliaments in 

England 78.81 

Proceedings of the last house of commons. See 

Historical 26.46 

Raleigh, Sir W. Prerogative of parliaments in 

England 78.82 

True list of the lords spiritual and temporal, 

1"14 16.193 

- Same. 1715 v. 3 of 19.1 

Ecclesiastical history. 

Declaration [against innovations in worship]. 
London, MDCXLI. pp. (2), 6. 4 78.76 

The 1 d's first protest [and] the 1 s second 

protest. [The latter dated 7. Junii 1712. The 
date of the former torn off. No title-page.] 

pp.8. 8* 27.161 

Edwards, T. Gangraena: or, a catalogue of 
heresies, 1642-46 lOa.10 

. Fuller, T. Church-history of Britain untill 1648. 10.5,7 
Kirkpatriek, J. Historical essay upon the loyalty 
of presbyterians in Great-Britain and Ireland 
from the reformation to 1713 78.1 

. Prynne, W. Proceedings of the pope to under- 
mine the protestant religion 69a.5 

Strype, J. Annals of the reformation in the 

church of England, 1558-80 10.4 

Usher, J. Britannicarum ecclesiarvin autiqvi- 

tates 10a.7 

fee also: Congregational churches, Deans, Sects, 


Blackmore, Sir R. Short history of the last 

parliament, 1699 26.38 

. Burnct, G., lp. From James I. to the revolu- 
tion 90.3 

Clarke, 8. Historian's guide, 1600-79 79.23 

Collection of all remonstrances, messages, etc. 

between the kini; and parliament, December 
1641, untill March 21, 1043. See ( liarles I, of 
Kiiij1iiil 78.5 

Doglioni, G. X. England's remembrancer, II'.HH- 
75, by S. Clarke 7 

Knu'l'^h chronology, ir.SS-DG 7 > vl:'.2 

History of BTCcoaslona V'.'a.-S 

Milton, J. Opera oniuia Latina 90.11 




Shelf. No. 
GREAT Britain. History, continued. 

Narrative of the proceedings of the fleet: giv- 

ing an account of what hath passed since their 
arrivall at Graves End 26.166 

Gates, T. Display of tyranny in the courts of 

Westminster, and Guild-Hall, 1678-88 .... 78.135 

Ockland, C. Anglorvm prselia, 1327-1558 . . . 78.130 
De pacatissimo Angliae statu, imperante Eliza- 

fce'ha 78.130 

Rushworth, J. Historical collections, 1617-60. 78.2 
Historical collections, 1618-29 90.12, 13 

Smithurst, B. Continuation of The historian's 

guide, Nov. 1637-June 1689 78.131 

Speed, J. History of Great Britaine 80.1 

Stow, J. Abridgement of the English chronicle. 78.129 

Truth its manifest. A relation of things from 

the beginning of these troubles to 1645 . . . 79.18 

Vergilio, P. Anglic* historic libri xxvi . . . 90.6 

See also: Chester, Cornwall, Gunpowder plot, Ire- 
land, London, Norfolk, Periodicals, Roman catholics, 
Scotland, South sea scheme, Stage, Treason, Wales. 


Britton, J., bp. Britton. Second ed 79a.l9 

Coke, Sir E. Declarations and other pleadings, 

contained in the reports of Coke 69a.8 

Cowell, J. Institvtiones jures Anglicani . . . 79a.l4 

Crompton, R. L'avtoritie et ivrisdiction des 

covrts de la maiestie de la roygne 79a.25 

The debtors act consider'd 26.16 

See cdso : Ecclesiastical law. 

Civil and political institutions. 

Arguments for the Jews admission into Eng- 

land. See Israels condition 79.14 

Bacon, Sir F. Considerations tovching a warre 

with Spain 27.101 

Boyer, A. The interest of Great Britain, with 

relation to the differences among northern po- 
tentates i> yg 121 

Gary, H., earl of Monmouth. Speech upon the 

present distractions, 1641 78.36 

Cautions to those who are to chuse members to 

serve in parliament 26.40 

Chamberlen, P. The poore mans advocate . 17.140 

Charles I, of England. Declaration of the causes 

which moued him to dissolve parliament, 1628. 78.78 

Declaration, etc., 1640 78.79 

On the rebellion in Scotland 78.80 

Considerations on the present state of affairs 

in Europe 26.221 

Defence of the treasures of the present ad- 

ministration 26.45 

Digby, Lord G. Speeches concerning griev- 

ances and the trienniall parliament 78.30 

Elizabeth, Queen. Defence of the Lowe countries. 78.96 

English, T. The crisis 20.126 

Enquiry into the reasons of the conduct of Great 



Fiennes, N. Speech before parliament, 20th o f 

Jan -> * G 57 2G.1G1 

Speech before parliament, 27th of Jan., 1658. . 26.164 

Guyse, J. God's alarm to Great-Britain . . . 18.76 

Hare, F. The sin and folly of conspiracies 

against the present government, 1722 16.152 

Harris, W. Sermon on the thanksgiving, June 

7, 1716, for suppressing the rebellion 17.108 

Haywood, Sir J. Treatise of vnion of Eng- 

land and Scotland 78.110 

Hollis, D. Speech concerning the protestation 

of the house of commons 78.12 

Honour and prerogative of the queen's majesty 

vindicated 27 47 

Humble petition of the officers of the army to 

parliament 26.167 

Shelf. No. 
GREAT Britain. Civil institutions, continued. 

Humble petitions. See Easterne association . . 12.14 

James I, of England. Speech in parliament . 78.105 
Speech in the starre-chamber 27.109 

Lenthall, W. Speech relating to the distempers 

of England and Ireland 78.39 

Letter from the officers of the army in Scotland, 

to the speaker of parliament 26.165 

Letter to an officer of the army concerning a 

select senate, &c 26.134 

Lloyd, D. State-worthies since the reformation. 78.128 

Management of the war . 27.09 

Mercy of the government vindicated 26.193 

Monk, G. Letter to parliament, 1660 26.172 

Offers of France explained 26.112 

Peters, H. A word for the armie 12.16 

Political state of Great Britain for Nov., 1714 . . 26.219 

Politicks on both sides, with regard to foreign 

affairs v. 20 of 29.1 

Pulpit incendiary 12.18 

Pym, J. Speech, Jan. 25, 1641 7S.51a.69 

Speech concerning the grievances of the king- 
dome, 1642 ^ 78.41 

Remarks on A defence of the measures of the 

present administration 26.222 

Ross, A. Tonsor ad cutem rasus .78.137 

Scot, T. The Belgicke pismire 65.33 

Settle, E. The character of a popish successor. 27.55 

Smith, T. De republica Anglorum 79a.l2 

Some observations on the Occasional writer, 

Numb. IV 26.225 

Some observations on the present state of affairs 

in a letter to a member of the Louse of 
commons 26.223- 

Steele, Sir R. The crisis 26.31 

The Englishman 26.26 

Streater, J. Letter to Lord Fleetwood .... 28.108 

The supposal : or a new scheme of government. 20.125 

Swift, J. Conduct of the allies, and the late 

ministry in the present war 20.122 

That it is of the last importance that England 

have a footing upon the continent. See Me- 
moirs 27.70 

Toland, J. Dunkirk or Dover 27.06 

Vindication of the present m y, 1740 2S.107 

"Walker, C. Relations and observations upon 

parliament, 1048-60 73.3 

Ward, N. A religious retreat sounded to a 

religious army 12.19 

Warres and State-affairs of Great Britain, 1649-53. 

See Britania triumphalis 79.20 

Wentworth, Sir T. The liberty of the subject 

and the priviledge of parliament 78.32 

What's to be expected from a new parliament . 2G.121 

A word to Mr. Peters 12.17 

See also: Charles I, Charles II, Charles Edward, 
Cromwell, Elizabeth, England (Church of), George 
I, Ireland, James I, Parliament, Pretender, Scotland, 
Sermons (Fast and Thanksgiving), Ship money, Slar 
chamber, Whigs. 


Davenant, C. Act for examining the public ac- 

counts 25.123, 124 

Serious considerations on the high duties, 1748 . 26.47 

Miscellaneous references. 

Apollonij, W. Consideratio qvarvndam contro- 

versiarvm qua? in Anglia? regno hodie agitan- 

tur 58.20 

Proceedings of the grand-committee of both king- 

doms for religion, in the matter of toleration. 

See Goodwin, T 59.3 

Rosewell, S. They became a sign. Sermon on 

the deaths of the lords, beheaded for high-trea- 
son, Feb. 24, 1715, 16 61.161 




Shelf. No. 
GREAT Britain, jfiscellaneous references, emit in uc<l. 

Smitlmrst, B. Britain's glory and England's 

bravery 78.131 

Wallace, R. Ignorance and superstition, the 

cause of the |iiv>rnt rebellion 10.202 

GREAT Britain and ;ipain. Articles of peace. In a 
treaty at Madrit, lift of Noitemlier, 
Transl. out of Latine. London, 1030. 4 . . 27.105 

Treaty concluded at Utrecht, July, 1713. London, 

1714. 4' 26.25 

jV'ofe. In Spanish, Latin and English. 
GREEK antiquities. See Games. 

GREEK church. See Differences 66.28 

GREEK language. Grammar. 

Caimlen, W. Institutio GraBcaj grammaices [sic] 

compendiaria 77.22, 31 

Clenard, N. Institvtiones 72.15 

Coelemann, P. Opus prosodicum Grsccvrn . . 77.11 

Fraucklin, R. Tractatvs de touis in lingua Grse- 

canica 77.25 

Grajcac grammatices rudimenta 77.13 

Lcedes, E. Mcthodus Graecam linguam docendi. 77.16 

Maquotus, . Ad prima rudimenta Graecaa lin- 

guas discenda Gra3co-Latinum compendium . 77.20 

Possel, J. Suvrafis Grasca 77.23 

Scot, A. Vniversa grammatica Graaca .... 77.3 

Verwey, J. Nova via docendi Graeca 77.2 

Viger, F. De proecipuis Groeesa dictionis idio- 

tismis 77.27 


Ilesycbius. Aei:oi' 

Lubin, E. Clavis Graecse lingvae 77.19, 

Robertson, W. Thesaurus Grca> linguae . . . 

Ituland, M. Synonymia Latino Grseca .... 

Sehrevel, C. Lexicon manuale Graeco-Lati- 


Syntagma radicum lingua Grsecae 


Caussin, N. Thesavrvs Graecae poeseos .... 

Comenius, J. A. Jauua linguarvm trilinguis . 

Grsecarum sentential 

Historiarum fabcllarumque delectus. See 

Possel, J. Familiarivm colloqviorvm libellvs 

Grace & Latine 

Note. For modern Greek poetry, see Bible. O. T. 
Job, Esther, Proverbs, Lamentations. 

GREENE, J. Nehcmiah's tearcs and prayers for the 
ruines and repaire of Jerusalem. A sermon 
before the house of commons upon their 
monethly humiliation, April 24. 1014. Lon- 
don, 1644. pp. (4), 40. 4 

GREENHAM, R. Workcs: revised. By H. n[ol- 
landj. Fifted. London, 1012. f 

GREEMIU.I-, W. Exposition ( K/ekiel i-xni, xx- 
xxxix. See Bible. O. T. Ezekiel . . . . 45 

GREENWOOD, J. Answere to G. Gi Hard's defence of 
read praiers ami devised litourgies. [No title- 
page. J pp. 66. 4. [Black-letter] 

Plaine refvtation. See Barrowc, II 

GREGOUIIS Na/.i;in/ciius. Opera oninia. Cum.Niee- 

ta3 Setronij commentarijs. Adiunrtum Nonni 
opusculum. Latina facta, I. Billii labore. Ant- 
vcrpiaj, M.D.LXX. f 

In landem Gn-gorij oratio, inlerprete F. I. 

Conone. See Gregorlus Nyssenus, S< 

Monodia in magnum Baiilivm per Rapliaeli-m 

Yolatcrranvm convcTsa. See Batilius Magnus, 


gi-nno de moilei-andis dispntaliniiilins, inter- 

prete 1. < lei-nlanipadio. See 
senna, St 











Shelf. No. 
GREGORYS Nyssenus, St. Opera omnia. Coloniae, 

M.D.Li. f 20a.8 

Contents. DC creationehominis, interprete DiomVio 
Eomano exiguo; De philosophia libri octo, interprete I. 
Conone; Mystica Mosaicae vita; enarratio, G. Trapc- 
zontio interprete; BasiHj MULTIM de differentia vsia? & 
hypostasis liber, interprete F. I. Conone; Gregorij 
Na/.ianzcni, in landem (in-j.nij Nysscni oratio, iu- 
tcrpretc F. I. Conone; Eiusdem sermo de moderandio 
disputationibus, interprete I. Oecolampadio. 

GREGORY, J. Geometria practica. [MS.] pp. 38. 4. 36.14 

GRENADA, L. de. See G ranada, L. de. 

GRENIER, N. Les erreurs de Le bouclier de la foy. 

SeeCausse.B 70a.30 

GRETSER, J., Answer vnto. See James, T 70a.l7 

GRETTON, P. Conciones dua;. Two discourses, one 
in English, concerning the insufficiency of rea- 
son, in religion. The other in Latin concern- 
ing the argument a priori. Preach'd before 
the university of Cambridge. With notes. 

London, 1732. pp. (6), 60, (2). 8 27.7 

jVote. Each sermon has an independent title-page. 

GREVINCHOV, N. Rescriptio ad Responsum quod 
opposuit dissertation! de redemptione gene- 
ral!. See Ames, W 68.33 

GREW, O. Meditations upon our Saviour's rJarable 
of the prodigal son. Sermons. P. 1. Lon- 
don, 1678. 4 54.9 

GRIMSTON, Sir H. Argvment concerning bishops : 
with Seldens answer. Also severall orders 
made in parliament concerning chvrch govern- 
ment. [London], 1641. pp. (2), 5. 4 . ... 78.28 
GROTIUS, II. Baptizatorum puerorum institutio, inter- 
rogationibus et responsionibus. Adjicitur mcta- 
phrasis a C. Wase. Accessit praxis in Groecam 
metaphrasin per B. Bcale. Londini, 1608. 8. 69.6 

English version of his catechisme. By F. 

Goldsmith. With the testimonies out of Scrip- 
ture, by N.'G. London, 1668. pp. (1), 26. 8. 69.7 

De jure belli ac pacis libri tres. Inquibusjus 
natures & gentium, item juris publici prrecipua 
explicantur. Ed. novissimacum annotatis auc- 
toris. Accesserunt annotata in epistolam Pauli 
ad Philemonem, dissertatio de mari libcro, & 
libellus singularis de sequitate, indulgentia & 
facilitate, quern N. Blancardus vulgavit. Nee 
non J. F. Gronovii notas in opus de jure belli 
ac pacis. Halaa Comitis r M DC LXXX. 8" . . 79a.2.i 

De veritate religionis Christians. Ed. lOa. 

Oxouii,1650. 8 68.12 

Same. Oxonioe, CIOID CLXXV. 12 s 67.30 

Baxter, R. The Grotian religion discovered . . 67 .3S 

Owen, J. Vindication of the deity and satis- 
faction of Christ, from the expositions of ... 65.26 
GROVE, R., l>p. Carmen do sanguinis cireuitu, a G. 
llarva-o invento. Adjecta sunt, miscellanea 

.dam. Londini, 1685. pp. (4), 40. 4'.. 4'J.r.D 
GUALTER, R. See Walther, R. 

GUELDERLAND. A proclamation by the lords and 
states, against the slanders laid vpon tin- 
reformed religion, by the Arminians and sepa- 
ratists : eoiitaining all the aceusations, deel.'i.i- 
tions and confessions, of the last prouinei.ill 
nyniide. !.">. Septi-mber Ml*. With tile confes- 
Bions of Leydenberg, and Taurinus ; \\ itb their 
M..laini- and learel'ull ends. London, 1618. 
pp. (2), 19. 4 -"-"- 

GUIDO de Monie Bochcril or Botherii. [Beginning] 

Liber c[iii manipulns euratonim inscriliit, in 
quoollieia eornm qnilms aniinaiTi eura com- 
ini^sa e-t breulter ntrarlanlur. [Kndiiii;] Pa- 
risius. Anno doiniui millt-.-im> q^uadrlngente- 

thnoseptuaices'.imHK-tauo. ll'. 1'JO. 8" 49.38 

V, ,/,. I'.M K'liv.-s, lionvin ehanu-ti-rs. Hain enumer- 
ates _ I eaittom nppan-ntly pubhshed before this, and 
4 M between 1176 and 1JOO. 




Shelf. No. 

GUILD, W. Moses vnuailed : or, figvres pointing out 
the Messiah, explained. Added the Harnionie 
of all the prophets. London, 1626. 8 .... 49.32 

Note. The " Harmonic " is separately paged and 
has a separate title-page. 

The sealed book opened. Or, explication of 

the Revelation. London, 1656. 8 48.18 

GUNPOWDER plot. Cecil, R., earl of Salisbury. 

Auswere to certaine scandalous papers . . 78.117 

James I, of England. Discovery of the treason, 

and examination of the prisoners 78.115 

GUORNERUS, J. See Wcirner, J 79a.l5 

GURNALL, W. The Christian in compleat armour. Or, 
the saints war against the devil. Sixth ed. Lon- 
don, MDCLXXIX. f 62.3 

GURNAY, E. Toward the vindication of the second 

commandment. Cambridge, 1639. 12 ... 58.38 
GiiRTi/EK, N. Dissertationes do Jesu Christo in glo- 
riam evecto fatisquc populi ipsius ex historia 
& vaticiniisrepetitas. Franequerae, MDCCXI. 4'. 64.10 
GCTSE, J. God's alarm to Great-Britain-: a sermon 
in London : on the fast, January 9, 1739-40. 
London, 1740. pp. 40. 16 18.76 

The reasonableness of believers dying. A 

sermon on the death of llcvd. John Asty. 
London, 1730. pp. (2), 36, 6. 8 18.3G 

Reformation upon the gospel-scheme. A ser- 

mon preach'd to the societies for reformation 
of manners, June 30, 1735. Seconded. London, 
M DCC xxxv. pp. 40. 8 16.157 

Sermon at the ordination of William Johnson; 

October 6. 1736. Added, Mr. Johnson's confes- 
sion of faith, and exhortation by A. Taylor. 
London, M.DCC.XXXVI. pp. (2), 74. 8" .... 17.26 
GYFFARD, G. Fifteene sermons vpon the Song of 

Salomon. London, 1602. 8 46.29 

HAAK, T. The Dutch annotations upon the Bible. 

See Bible. English 44.4 

HABERMANN, J. See Avenarius, J. 

HAKEWILL, G. Apologie of the power and provi- 
dence of God in the government of the world. 
Or censvre of the errovr tovching natvres de- 
cay. Oxford, 1627. f 34.1 

HAKEWJLL, W. See Manner of holding parliaments. 78.83 

11 A i.i,, H. Heaven ravished : a sermon to the house 
of commons, at their fast, May 29. 1644. [Lon- 
don], 1644. pp. (4), 72. 4" 55.52 

HALL, J., lp. Treatises. London, 1617. f ' . . . . 62.15 

Contents. Meditations and vowes, 3 centuries; 
Ileauen rpon earth ; Art of diuine meditation; Holy 
obseruations; Some Psalmes metaphrased; Character 
of vertues, and vices; Salomons diuine arts: Ethicks, 
politicks, oeconomicks ; The Song of songs para- 
phrased; Epistles in six decades; Sermons: Pharisa- 
isme and Christianitie; The passion sermon; The 
imprese of God; Farewell sermon to the familie of 
Prince Henry; An holy panegyrick; Apology against 
the Brownists; Dissuasiuc from popery; No peace with 
Rome; A short catechisme; Contemplations vpon the 
principall passages of the holy story; Quo vadis? or a 
censure of trauell. 

Apologie of the chvrch of England : against the 

Brownists. London, 1610. 4 59.59a 

Defence of the Humble remonstance, against 

Smectymnws. Wherein the right of leiturgie 
and episcopacie is vindicated. Seconded [by] 
A. Scvltetvs. London, 1641. 4 59. S 

Humble remonstrance to parliament. London, 

1640. pp,(2), 43. 4 59.7 

Meditations and vowes. London, 1616. 8. [No 

title-page] 58.40 

Contents. Meditations and vowes ; Heaven vpon 
earth; The art of diuine meditation ; Holy observations; 
Pome F?<vlmcs metaphrased; each with a separate 


Shelf. No. 

HALL, J., lp., continued. 

The revelation unrevealed. Concerning the 

thousand-ycares reigne of the saints with 
Christ upon earth. London, 1050. 12. '24. c>o and 63. 10 
Excutitur liber I. Halli. See Du Moulin, L. . 59.62 

HAMILTON, W. The truth and excellency of the 
Christian religion. A sermon in Edinburgh, 
January 3. 1732. Upon the anniversary meet- 
ing of the society in Scotland for propagating 
Christian knowledge. Edinburgh, MDCCXXXII. 
pp. 32. 8 16.204 

HAMMOND, H. Five propositions to the kings 
majesty and the army, concerning discipline 
toward communicants. Cambridge, 1647. pp. 
(2), 6. 4 59.36 

A practical catechism. The sixth ed. London, 

1655. 12 69.12 

Vindication of the dissertations concerning epis- 

copacie : from the answers [of] the London 

ministers, in their Jus divinum minister!! 

evangelic!. London, 1654. 4 59.4 

HARDWICK, H. The difficvlty of Sions deliverance 

and reformation : a sermon before the house of 

commons, the twenty sixt day of June, 1044. 

London, 1644. pp. (4), 36. 4 55.53 

HARE, F., bp. Sermon before the house of commons, 

Feb. 17. 170a. Third ed. London, M Dec ix. 

pp. (2), 22. 12" 17.107 

Two sermons on Rom. xiii. 1, 2. I. Concern- 

ing the duty of the subject. II. The sin and 
folly of entering into conspiracies against the 
government. Preached in Worcester, Novemb. 
18, and 27 [25]. 1722. The seconded. Lon- 
don, M.DCC.XXIII. pp. 48. 8 10.152 

HARLEMIUS, J. f Index biblicvs. Antverpiae, clo lo 

LXXVII. 12 58.35 

HAKMAR, J. Hymnus ad Christum, vitam ejus sum- 
matirn enarrans, Latine redditus, cura J. Har- 
mari. Subnectitur Elegia de Christo in cruce 
patiente ; Consolatorium adversus timorem 
mortis, ex Chrysostomo cum versionibus Lati- 
nise regionepositis. Londiui,169S. pp.34. 8. 69.17 

Lexicon etymologicvm lingua) Graecae. See 

Scapula, J 71.10 

HARMONY, An, of the confessions of the faith of the 
Christian and reformed chvrches, in Europe. 
Transl. out of Latine. Added the Confession 
of the church of Scotland. London, 1643. 4. 69.35 
HARRIS, J. Lexicon technicum : or, an universal Eng- 
lish dictionary of arts and sciences. Second i-d. 
[of v.l]. London, MDCCVHI-MDCCX. 2v. f. 00.5 
HARRIS, R. Absaloms fvnerall : preached at Ban- 

bvrie. London, 1630. pp. (6)', 34. 4" .... 55.77 

The drvnkards cvp. London, 1630. pp. (10), 

29, (1). 4 55.79 

Gods goodnes and mercie. A sermon, at Pavls- 

Crosse, June. 1622. Fourth ed. London, IC'.l. 

pp. (S), 29, (1). 4 55.80 

Hezekiah's recovery. A sermon. London, 1630. 

pp. (S), 48. . 4 55.82 

Peters enlargement vpon the prayers of the 

chvrch. Seventh ed. Added qucres touch- 
ing prayer. London, 1631. pp. (8), 47. 4. 55.81 

Sauivels fvnerall : a sermon at the funerall of Sir 

A. Cope. London, 1630. pp. (10), 25, (1). 4. 55.78 

Sixe sermons of conscience. Seconded. London, 

1630. 4 58.84 

A treatise of the new couenant : delivered ser- 

mon-wise upon Ezechiel n. 19, 20. London, 
[date cut off]. 4 55.86 

Twenty foure sermons on the beatitvdos. [Xo 

title-page.] n.p.,n.d. 4 55.85 

Two sermons : how to get keepe vse a good con- 

science. Seconded. London, 1632. pp. (4), 43. 

4 . 55.83 




Shelf. No. 

HARRIS, W. Lukcwarmness in religion, represent- 
ed and reproved. Two sermons at Sailers- 
Hall: November 2. and 16. 1731. Added, 
a discourse concerning fal.e zeal. London, 
M.DCC. xxxii. pp. iv, 70. 6 16.48 

The nature of the pastoral office. Sermon, at 

Onger, May Ttli, 172.'). At the ordination of 
J. Tren and B. Owen. London, 1725. pp. 
47. 8 32.8 

Sermon on the thanksgiving, June 7, 1716. 

For suppressing the rebellion. London, 1710. 

pp. 34. 8" 17.108 

HARRISON, M. Infant baptism Gods ordinance : 
Part II. With a rebuke of several erroneous 
opinions the Arminian anabaptists hold con- 
cerning original sin, &c. Being an answer 
to the anabaptists ; and Mr. Collins his 
Sandy-foundation of infant-baptism shaken, 
aganst Mr. Mence and me. London, 1096. 
pp. (14), 50. 16 28.32 

HARVEY, W. Exevcitationes de generatione anima- 

livrn. Amstelodami, cla lac LI. 12 35.20 

Animadversiones in librum, de motv cordis, et 

eircvlationo sangvinis. See Primcrose, J. . . 35.7 
HASLEWOOD, F. Sermon preach'd before the lord- 
mayor, Jan. 30. 1T20. Fourth ed. London, 

{1720]. pp. (6), 10. 12' 18.209 

HAYWARD, Sir J. fA treatise of vnion of England 

and Scotland. London, 1604. pp. (4), 56. 4. 78.110 

HEALTH, The haven of. Coghan, T 35.6 

HEAVEN, A glance of. Sibbs, R 57.23 

HEBREW language. Evlogia juris-consultorum, qui 

Hebream linguam propagarunt. Ebert, T. . 50a.32 

^- Avenarius, J. Grarnmatices Ebraicae .... 50a.l3 

Buxtorf, J., the elder. Epitome grammatical 

Hebroeas 50a.l5, 25 

Thesaurus grammaticus linguaa Hebrajoa . . . 50a.l 

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clii sentciitiis bihlieis comprebciiilciis, cariimc[; 
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Shelf. No. 
HEBREW language. Lexicography, continued. 

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tumlibrixx.Ed.2a. Cantabrigia3,MncxL. 4". 44.14,16 
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and Dickson, D. Ansvveres of some brethren of 

the ministerie to the replyes of the' professors 
at Aberdeen, n. p. ,1038. pp. (44). [Title-page 

imperfect.] 4 32.28 

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schism : or a persuasive to Christian love and 
charity. London, 1690. pp. (2), 34. 16 . . . 24.50 

[A method for prayer.] London, 1710. 8. [Im- 

perfect] 56.2 

-s- A scripture-catechism, in the method of the 

assemblies. London, 1703. 12 69.13 

Vindication of Brief enquiry into the true 

nature of schism. See Tong, W 24.57 

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See Dillingham, W 74.36 

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\iin 62.5 

Epiphanius. Contra LXXX hucreses -().' 

HERODIANUS. Historian libri vni. Graece et Latine 

cum A. Politiani interpretatione et hujus snp- 
plemento, examine II. Stcphani. Cum Zosiini 
histoi-iarum libris II. n. p., M. D. L-XXXI. 
[TitK-page supplied in MS.] f 72.11 

Historian svi temporis libri vui. [Gr. ct Lat.] 

conversaa ab A. Politiano. Accessit principnm 
bonorum & malorum speculum. Opera I). 
Parei. London!, 1039. 8 8 75.9 

llistoriarum libri vui. 1'ncmi^a c>>t M. Anto- 

uini vita, a -I. Xiphilino. Edinburgi, M.I>. CC. 

xxiv. 12 75.3 

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of York, Septcinlu -r 22d, 174o. On t'.ie ivhellinn 

in Scotlaixl. London, 1745. pp. vi, 34. S. 10.46 
HEHVET, James. S& .Xynipbas to Sosipat. r . . . . 27.103 
llERVF.y, John, lurtl Jlfrri y. Ai:s\\ n- io the country 

parson's [ilea against the quakcrs tytbe-bill. 

Lon. 1.. n, [17:;'.. /] 8 27.121 

jVb(c. Joseph Trupp is nppiirenlly tlu- "i-..untry," uiihouyii Watt seems to attribute tliis " An- 
swer" to him. 

Sedition and defamation display 'd: in :i letter 

to the ainimr ( the ( 'ral':>nian. London, 

MDCCX'iXl. pp.(4),viii,4S. 8 26.191 

Proper ivplv to Sidiiion anl ilelamation dis- 
played. Sec rulteney, W 26.227 




Shelf. No. 
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authoritate. Libri II. Ihenso, M.D LXXII. 8". 58.13 
HESIODUS. Qlitc exstant, cum interpretatione Latina. 

Accesserunt enarrationes P. Melancthonis in 

epya xal r/|iie'pas ct analysis cjusdem opera E. 

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Qua? extant. Cum notis. Accedit Pasoris index, 

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Batavorvm, do loc LIII. 8 75.22 

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f 72.6 

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claruere, H. lunio intcrprete. See Diogenes 
Laertius 75.8 

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eextus, continct genealogias. Haga>Comitis, 
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dictiouarie. Also a grammar. Rotterdam, 
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1636. 4 66.6 

f Short view of the life and reign of King Charles. 

London, 1658. 12 78.134 

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before the house of commons, at the monethly 
fast, May 27. 1646. London, 1646. pp. (3), 32. 4. 55.15 
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conformistis,1662. Aug. 24. ejectis Adversusca- 
lumnias Durelli, Ellisii, aliorumque. Eleuthe- 
ropilis, 1664. 24 58.31 

A justification of the fathers and schoolmen for 

denying the positivity of sin. An answer to 

T. Pierce. Oxford, 1659. 16 20a.22 

Same. Second ed. Oxford, 1659. 8 20a.21 

HICKS, G. The advantage of afflictions : a sermon 
before the house of peers, January 28. 1645. the 
day of publike humiliation. London, 1645. pp. 
(4), 31. 4 55.2 

The glory and beauty of Gods portion : a ser- 

mon before the house of commons at the pub- 
lique fast, June 26. 1644. London, 1644. pp. 
(4), 43. 4 55.54 

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carmina. I. Curterio interprete. Parisiis, CIO 
10 LXXXIII. 12" 77.26 

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mons. London, 1609. pp. (4), 82. 4 .... 32.41 

HIGGINS, F., Answer to. . See Church of England 

not in danger 16.245 

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ad M.DC.LXXXV. contiuuata. Ed. 5a. Ostero- 
dae, M. DC. LXXXV. 12 79a.8 

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mon to the house of lords, Novem. 27. 1644. 
- the day of the monethly fast. London, 1645. 
pp. (6), 35. 4 55.70 and 56.23 

The season for England's selfc-reflection : a ser- 

mon to parliament, Aug. 13. 1644. being [a] 
day of humiliation. London, 1644. pp. (8), 

37, (1). 4 55.56 and 56.8 

HIPPOCRATES. Aphorism! Graece, & Latine ; a I. 
Hevrnio. Ed. altera. [Lugduni Batavorum], 
M. DC. IX. 12 75.25 

Aphorismi. Interpretationem novain adjecit, L. 

Verhoofd. Lugd. Batav., [1675?]. 24 . . . 75.28 

Aphorismi. [Gr. et Lat.j Ed. A. Vorstivs. [No 

title-page.] 32 75.30 

De Hippocratis magnis lienibus. See Ronsseus, 

B 35.14 

Shelf. No. 
HTPPOLYTUS, St. Sermo'Trepl TOU Travrbs Gr. et Lat. 

[Le Moyne. Varia sacra, v. 1] ........ 20a.9 

HISTORIAN'S guide. Clarke, S ........... 79.23 

HISTORICAL account of all the tryals and attainders 

of high-treason from [1636-84]. London, 1716. 

12 ..................... 78.126 

HISTORICAL account of the proceedings of the last 

house of commons. London, [1735]. pp. vi, 

58. 8 .................... 26 46 

HISTORY. Bailie, R. Operis historic! et chrono- 

logic! libri duo ............... 69a.l,2 

Boxhorn, M. Z. Historia universalis sacra et 

profana, a Christo ad CloIocL ........ 69a.41 

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Pezel, C. Mellificium historicum ....... 69a.42 

Raleigh, Sir W. History of the world .... 90.8 

Sleidanus, J. De quatvor svmmis imperils . . 79a.ll 

See also : Babel, Chronology, Ecclesiastical history, 
> Europe, France. 

HISTORY of conformity, or, a proof of the mischief 
of impositions : from the experience of more 
than one hundred years. London, MDCLXXX- 
IX. pp. (19), 32. 4 ............ 26.187 

HISTORY of svcessions in states, countries, or fami- 
lies. With a particular instance in this country. 
Oxford, 1648. 4 .............. 79a.28 

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1706. 8 .................. 56.42 

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the bishop of Bangor. Sixth ed. London, 
MDCCXVII. pp. 47. 8 ........... 27.57 

Answer to a letter to the bishop of Bangor, 

written by A. Snap. Seconded. London, 1717. 
pp.24. 8 .................. 26.198 

The nature of the kingdom, or church, of Christ. 

A sermon before the king at the royal chappel 
at St. James's March 31st. 1717. Dublin, 1717. 
pp. 16. 8 .................. 18.235 

The present delusion of many protestants con- 

sider'd. A sermon, in Broadstreet, November 

5. 1715. Third ed. London, 1715. pp. 30. 8. 16.82 

A preservative against the principles and prac- 

tices of the nonjurors. Second ed. London, 

1716. 8 ................... 27.11 

Letter to. See Nicholson, W .......... 26.197 

Second letter to. See Snape, A ........ 26.194 

Answer to Dr. Snape's second letter. iSeeWhit- 

by, D .................... 27.142 

HOAR, L. f Index biblicvs: or, the historical books 
abridged. And a chronology. With an harmo- 
ny of the four evangelists. London, MDCLXIX. 
pp. (69). 12 ............ 18.158 and 49.23 

Index biblicus multijugus : or, a table to the holy 

Scripture. With a harmony of the evangelists. 
Second ed. London, 1672. 8 ....... 49.24, 26 

HOARD, S. f Gods love to mankind. Manifested, by 
disproving his absolute decree for their damna- 
tion. n. p., 1633. 4 . ............ 26.252 

HOGG (Lat. Hogajus), W. Proverbia Solomonis La- 
tino carmine reddita. See Bible. O. T. Prov- 
verbs .................... 45.18 

Paraphrasis in Ecclesiasten poetica. See Bible. 

O. T. Ecclesiastes .............. 46.9 

HOLDSWORTH, E. Muscipula, sive Kaju./3po/xuo/" 1 - 

Londini, MDCCIX. pp. viii, 16. 8 ...... 34.8 

HOLLIS, or Holies, D. Speech at the delivery of the 
protestation to the lords 4. May, 1641. With a 
narration of the severall grievances of the king- 
dome. [London], 1641. pp. (8). 4 ..... 78.12 

Speech concerning Sir Randol Crew. London, 

1041. pp. (7). 4 ...... ........ 78.12a 




Shelf. No. 
IIOLLIS, or Holies, D., continued. 

Speech concerning the protestation fram'd by the 

house of commons. London, M. DC. xi.1. pp. 

(2), 10. 4 78.22 

HOLY bpirit. Finch, D. The eternity of the . . . . 17.241 

Goodwin,,!. The divinity of the, asserted. . 63.4 

Of quenching the .Spirit 56.50 

Bibbs, It. The worke of the Spirit in sealing . . 57.28 
HOLYDAY, B. De aniina, & ejus habitibus intellertu- 

alibus. Oxon., 1633. [Title-page missing.] 4". 35.8 
HOLYOKE, T. Large dictionary in three parts : Eng- 
lish Latin; Latin English; Proper names. 

London, M.DC.LXXVII. f 71.2 

IIOMEUi'S. Qva? extant oinnia. Cum Latinu uersione 
item I. Spondani MaulconcusU commentariis. 
Pindari quinctium Thebanicpitome lliadosLat- 
inis uer.sib. & Daretis Phrygij de hello Troiano 
libri, a C. Nepote Latino uersi carmine. Ba-, cl3 la xxcin. f 71.9 

Batrachomyomachia. Gr. et Lat. See -*Esopus. 75.21 

^aLTpaxofJ.vo^a\ia. See ^Bsopus 75.26 

Day, M. Excerpta in sex priores Iliados libros. 77.30 

Duport, J. Ilomeri gnornologia, duplici paral- 

lelismo illustrata 77.1 

Patrick, S. Clavis Homerica 77.17 

HOMES, N. The resurrection revealed. London, 

MDCLIII. f " 60a.S 

HOMILETICS. Edwards, J. The preacher .... 9.39, 41 

Erasmus, D. Ecclcsiastes, sive concionator cvan- 

gelicus 49.42 

Reyner, E. Necessity of learning and grace for 

a gospel-preacher 49.44 

Robinson, J. The peoples plea for the exercise 

of prophesie . . 68. Ib 

Wilkins, J. The gift of preaching as it fals un- 

der the rules of art 49.45 

Zepper, W. Ars habendi et audiendi conciones 

sacras 49.46 

HONOUR, The, and prerogative of the queen's majes- 
ty vindicated against the Guardian : in a letter 
from a country whig to Mr. Steele. London, 

1713. pp. 23. 8 27.47 

HOOKE, W. [A discourse concerning the witnesses, 
relating to the time, place, and manner of their 
being slain. London, 1681. Title-page miss- 
ing.] pp. 48. 4 16.103 

The priviledge of the saints on earth. The sum 

of a discourse upon Ilezekiah's song of thanks- 
giving. Added, a short discourse of the nature 
and extent of the gospel-day. London, 1073. 8. 15.10 

" Note. This author was y Rev M' Hooke once 
of N Haven in N E." MS. note of MB. PRINCE. 

HOOKER, R. Thelawes of ecclesiasticall politie. The 

fift booke. London, 1507. f 49.72 

Same. The sixth and eighth books. London, 

1648. 4 3 12.5 

HOOPER, Hopcr, or Ilouper, J., bp. A declaration of 

Christ and of his oflyce. Zvrych, 1547. 8". 

[black-letter] 57.16 

A declaration of the X commandments of Al- 

mighty God. [MS. title-page, n. p. ,1549.] 8. 

[Black-letter] 57.15 

HOORNBEECK, J. lustitutioncs thcologicae. Lugduni- 

Batavorutn, da la C LVIII. 8 67.16 

HOI-KINS, J. See Bible. O. T. Psalms 40.39 

llori'KR, J. De ivris arte, libri trcs. Ed. 2a. Colo- 

niaj ,\ "i ippm:e, M.O LXIII. 8 79a.20 

llou M'ui.i.o. Ilirro^lyphiroriim lib. 2. [Caussin. 

Symli. Aogypt. napienlia] 38.18 

Jim; \ i n s KlaruUH, (. Poeniata, srlioliis, a J. Bond 

illustrata. 6a ed. Lomlini, lti:;7. 8 . . . . 74.8,16 

Ri'fcirinattiM : Mve, i-ineiidaliones iniiiirK {[iiibus 

editiu Bc'iiili'iana a vuL;:inltus distingiiitur. 
Ed. altera. Lomlini, [date cut ott'J. pp. -1. 
8' 76.16 

Shelf. No. 

HORATics Flaccus, Q., continued. 

Proposals for engraving by subscription, on cop- 

per-plates, the works of Horace. Specimen 

annex'd. [London, 170-?] pp. 12. 12 J . . . 34.13 
HORD, . Answer to his Cods love unto mankind, 

etc. See Twisse, W ............. 62.21 

HORNECK, A. The great law of confederation. Tenth 

eel., curn-ftcd. London, MI ><r\ \i. 8" . . . . 54.8 
HORTON, T. Sinue's discovery. A sermon to the 

house of peers, December 30. 1046. London, 

1040. pp. (4), 40. 4" ............ 55.29 

HOST-WOKSIIIP, The absurdity and idolatry of. 

Whitby.D .................. 70a.l6 

HOTCIIKIS, T. The imputation of Christ's righteous- 

ness to us, and our sins to him. With reflec- 

tions upon what hath been publi.-hi-d by U. 

Ferguson in his Interest of reason in religion ; 

and J. Owen in his Communion with God. 

London, MDCLXXV. 8 ........... 66.35 

HOTHAM, Sir J. Answer of parliament concerning. 

See Great Britain. Parliament ....... 78.45 

Declaration and votes of parliament concerning. 

See Great Britain. Parliament .... 78.44, 40, 48 

Resolution of the gentry and commonalty of 

Yorke, concerning. See Yorkshire, Entj. . . 78.42 
HOTMAN, F. De furoribus Gallicis & ca?de Ami- 
rallij narratio. Ab Ernesta Varamundia. [Xo 
title-page.] 8 ............... 79.11 

e. " On a long-temps attribue cctte satire vio- 
leute a Theodore de Beze ou a Hubert Languet." 
Biogr. unit'. 

HOTTINGER, J. H. Historiae ecclesiasticae Kovi Tes- 

tamcnti, pars i-m. Tigvri, 1651-53. 3v. 8. lOa.U 

HOUSEHOLD religion recommended for the preserva- 

tion of our houses. pp. 44-82. 8" ...... 18.161 

ffote. This is the last sermon in a pamphlet which 
has lost its first pages. 

HOWARD, R., bp. Sermon in Dublin, before the 
society for promoting English protestant 
schools in Ireland. Dublin, M,DCC,XXXVIII. 
pp. (2), 26. 4" ................ 16.6 

HOWE, J. The blessedness of the righteous opened, 
and the vanity of this mortal life. London, 
1673. 8" .................. 56.41 

Of charity in reference to other ruens sins. Lon- 

don, 1681. pp. (14), 56. 8 ......... 28.104 

Funeral sermon for R. Fairclough. London, 

1082. pp. (8), 62. 8 ............ 28.105 

Of thoughtfulness for the morrow. With an ap- 

pendix concerning the immoderate desire of 
foreknowing things. London, 1GS1. 8 ... 50.48 

Memoirs of. See Calamy, E .......... lOa.5 

HOWES, E. Abridgement of the English chronicle. 

See Stow, J ................. 78.129 

HOWES, T. A Christian enchiridion. London, 1615. 

8 ...................... 57.37 

HUGO de S. Caro, card. Exposition ; entitled, A trea- 

tise of the workcs of three dales, on Rom. 1. 'Jii. 

Also the truth of Christes natural body. Tr. 

by R. Curtis. London, 1077. [Xo title-page.] 

8. [mark-letter] .............. 

Huisn, D. The captive taken from the strong : or, re- 

lation of the release of D. Uuish from the 

power of the tempter; written from her own 

mouth. By William Allen. London, 1058. pp. 

73. 8 .................... 

HUISSEAU, I. d'. 1 1'" rrvnion civ cliristianisine, ov la 

nianiere de rejoindre tons les chresuens sous 

vno scule confession de Toy. ,^.i\in\i-, |_! 

HULDRICH, J. J. Declaratio ampllBsimorum Helvetia 

rel'iirmatii* niagistralmitn, super nr^otio p 
caturio D. Dur;ei. pp. 7, 0. [No title-page.] 








Shelf. No. 

HULL, J. Saint Peters prophesie of these last dales. 

London, 1C10. 4 56.28 

HOLD, Eng. See Great Britain (Parliament), York- 
shire, Eng. 

HULSIUS, A. Compendium lexici Ilebraici compen- 
dio hihlico Leusdano subjunctum. Ed. 4a. 
Ultraiecti, do la CLXXIX. pp. CO. 12" . . . 60a.37 

HUMBLE petition of the officers of the army to parlia- 
ment. London, 1659. pp. (2), 13. 4 .... 26.167 

HUMPHREY, J. Animadversions upon the question of 

reordination stated by. See Peaceable, etc. . 58.24 

Refutation of. See Chauncy, 1 66.38 

HUNGARY. Banishment of the Jesuits from. See 

Relation of the late iourney, etc 27.114 

Succession to the crown of. See Instrvments 

of the pactions, etc. 27.116 

HUSSEY, J. A warning from the winds. Sermon 
January xix. 170J. The day of humiliation, 
for the late storm of wind, sent upon this king- 
dom, November xxvi, xxvii, 1703. London, 

MDCCIV. 4 26.23 

HUTCHESON, F. De natural! hominum socialitate. 

Glasgovise, M. DCC. xxx. pp. (4), 24. 4 . . 36.6 
BUTTON, T. Reasons for refvsal of avbscription to 
the booke of common praier, [by] ministers 
of Devon and Cornwall exhibited to W. Coton 
bishop of Exceter. "With an amsvvere [sic] 
returned in conference and in sermons in the 
cathedrall. Oxford, 1605-6. 2 parts. 4 . . . 58.5 

Defence against his 2. booke against the ministers 

of Devonshire and Corn well. See Dispvte vp- 

on the qvestion of kneeling, etc 59.39 

HUYGENS,or Hugenius, C. Systema Satvrnivm, sive 
de causis mirandorum Satvrni phenomenon, et 
comite ejus planeta novo. Hag03-Comitis, 
M.DC.LIX. 4 34.7 

HYDE, E. Speech at a conference betweene both 
houses, 6th. of July, 1641. At the transmission 
of impeachments against Lord Davenport, Mr. 
Baron Trevor, and Mr. Baron Weston. Lon- 
don, 1641. pp. (2), 12. 4 78.14 

HYET, J., and others. A solemn exhortation made to 
the churches of Christ within this province of 
Lancaster. [N"o title-page. London? 164-?] 
pp. 16. 4 17.139 

HYPERIUS (originally Gerhard), A. De theologo, sou 
de ratione studii theologici libri mi. BasilesB, 
[M.D.LXXII]. 8 67.17 

HYPOCRISIE, The discoverie of. Hieron, S 32.41 

IDOLATRY. Ainsworth, H. An arrow against . . . 68.20 

Moses Ben Maimon. De idololatria liber . . . 40a.l4 
IGNATIUS. Epistolse nee non aeta Ignatiani martyrii. 

Gr. et Lat. See Ittig, T 20a.l5 

IGNAZIO de Loyola, St. Vita. See Ribadeneira, P. 10a.l8 
IMAGES. Gurnay, E. Vindication of the second com- 
mandment 58.38 

Salteren, G. A treatise against 26.243 

IMITATION of Christ. Thorn a Kempis de imitatione 

Christi, libri quatuor. Ex recensione J. M. 

Horstii. Colonise, 1675. 12 57.42 

IMMORTALITY. Cornwal, G. De animi immortali- 

tate 36.8 

Wederspan, J. De mentis immortalitate . . . 36.11 
IMPUTATION of Christ's righteousness. Hotchkis, T. 66.35 
INCARNATION, The mystery of the. Usher, J. . . . GOa.7 

INDEPENDENCY, History of. Walker, C 78.3 

INDEX biblicvs : or, the historical books of the Holy 

Scripture abridged. A chronology super- 
added. With an harmony of the evangelists. 

London, 1668. pp. (71). 8" 18.158 

INDIA. De medicina Indorvm. Alpino, P. . . . 35.1 
INFANT baptism. Baxter, R. Scripture proof of . . 54.20 

Blake, T. Infants baptisme, freed from anti- 

christianisme 26.159 

Shelf. No. 
INFANT baptism, continued. 

Carter, W. Covenant of God with Abraham, 

opened 27.52 and 54.31 

Firmin, G. Scripture-warrant sufficient proof 

for 57.17 

Hitcliin, E. The infants-cause pleaded .... 56.42 

Tombes, J. No Scripture-proof of 55.103 

Whiston, J. The right method for the proving 

of 67.21 

INHERITANCE. De successionibus in bona defunct!, 

ad leges Ebraeorum. Sclden, J 51.11 

INNKEEPERS, The, opinion of the triennial act. Lon- 
don, 1716. pp. 23. 8 26.220 

INSTITUTIO epithalmium, & militia viri, ac militis 

Christian!. PerR. H. Londini, M.DC.XLV. 8. 74.33 
INSTRVMENTS, The, of the pactions concerning a per- 
petuall succession in the kingdomes of Hun- 
gary and Bohemia, 6. and 15. of lune, 1617. 

n. p., MDCXX. pp. 16. 4 27.116 

INTEMPERANCE in meats and drinks. Gibson, E., bp. 28.42 

INTEREST, A key to. Ward, J 34.18 

INTEREST of princes and states. Bethel, S 79.6 

INTERIOR life, Maxims of the saints explained con- 
cerning the. See Fenelon, F. de S. de la M. . 57.14 
INTRAM. See Ratramn. 

INTRODUCTIO ad sapientiam. Cantabrigias, 1643. 16. 20a.25 
INVENTORS. De rervm inventoribvs. See Vergilio, 

P 79a.l,8 

IRELAND. Remonstrance of parliament, n. p., 1641. 

pp. (2), 11. 4 78.18 

Sixteene qveres propounded by parliament to the 

judges. Also, speech, by A. Mervin, to the 
house of commons, concerning their priviledgcs 
and grievances, n. p., 1641. pp. (2), IS. 4. 78.31 

Account of the society for promoting English 

protestant schools in. See Dublin 27.58, 61 

Act for the attainder of the rebels in, 1657. See 

Great Britain. Parliament 69a.34 

Act for the confirming and selling of estates in. 

See Great Britain. Parliament G9a.35 

Charles I, of England. Message concerning his 

resolution to goe into 78.53 

Howard, R., bp. Sermon before the society for 

promoting English protestant schools in ... 16.6 

Sherlock, T., bp. Sermon before the society for 

promoting English protestant schools in . . 16.2 

Temple, Sir J. The Irish rebellion 78.125 

Victorie against the Spaniards in, 1602. See Let- 

ter from a souldier 59.19 

Wilcocks, J., bp. Sermon before the society for 

promoting English protestant schools in ... 16.3 

See also : Londonderry. 

IREN^IUS, St. Opvs in [quo] confutat ueterum hajre- 
seon opiniones, Erasmi opera emendatum. 
Basilese, M D XLVIII. f 20a.7 

IRENICUM in quo casus conscientiaa praecipui, de viis 
quaerendffl & constitutendce inter ecclesias 
evangelicas religiosae pacis proponuntur & de- 
ciduntur. Londini, M DC LIV. pp. (4), 14. 4. 49.56 

ISAACSON, H. Satvrni ephemerides sive tabvlahis- 
torico-chronologica. [In English.] London, 
1633. f 80.2, 3 

ISIDORUS Hispalensis. Decreta txix pontificum. 

See Merlin, J v. 1 of 10.6 

Originvm sive ctymologiarvm libri xx ; liber glos- 

sarvm. [Gottfried. Avctores Latinae liugvae]. 72.17 
ISOCHATES. Orationes et epistolaa. Cum Latina in- 
terpretatione H. Wolfii. Ed. postrema. Ge- 

nevaa, M. DC. XLII. 8 75.12 

Same. Rothomagi, M. DC. LXII. 8 75.11 

ISRAELS condition and cause pleaded; or some argu- 
ments for the Jews admission into England. 
With a vindication of Mr. Peters from asper- 
sions by W. Prynn. London, 1656. 16 ... 79.14 




Shelf. No. 

ISSELT, Michael Janson van. fMercurius Gallo-belgi- 
cus; sive rerum. 1593, 94 gestarvm nuncius. 
Tomvs IE. libb. vn-x. Colonise-AgrippiniB, 

1595. 8. [Title-page torn] 79.8 

ITALIAN language. Schola Italica. Dolce, C. . . . 80a.5 
ITTIG, T. Bibliotheca patrum apostolicorum Grseco- 

Latina. Lipsias, MDCIC. 8" 20a.l5 

Contents. Clcmentisad Corinthiosepistolaj. Exediti- 
ODC Pauli Colomesii ; Ignatii epistok-o gcuuim, inter- 
I)ulatx & spuria?, nee non acti Ijaatiani matyrii; Poly- 
carpi ad Philippcnscs epistola; T. Ittigii dissertatio de 
imtribus apostolicia. 

De bibliothecis et catenis patrum, variisque vet- 
crum scriptorum ecclcsiastieorum collectioni- 

bus. l.ipsise, MDCCVII. 8 20a.l4 

IVES, J. The great case of conscience opened : ex- 
amination of Mat. 5. 33, 34. and Jam. 6. 12. 
about the lawfulness of swearing. London, 
1660. pp. (1), 16. 4 26.174 

JACHIADES, J. See Joseph Ben David Aben Jachia. 40a.l6 
JACK (Lat. Jacehreus), T. Oaomasticon poeticvm. 

Edinbvrgi, 1592. 4 76.3,4 

JACKSON, T. Christs answer vnto Johns qvestion : 

or, an introduction to the knowledge of Christ. 

Sermons. London, 1625. 4 3 65.30 

Nazareth and Bethlehem. Two sermons. Ox- 

ford, 1617. 4 65.31 

A treatise of the divine essence and attribvtes. 

London, 1628, 29. 2v. in 1. 4 66.34 

A treatise of the holy catholike faith and chvrch. 

First booke. London, 1627. 4" 65.32 

JACOB, H. f Attestation of many divines, that the 
church government ought to bee alwayes with 
the peoples free consent. Also Downames & 
Bilsons writings answered, n. p., 1613. 8 . 58.28 

fA defence of the chvrches and ministery of 

Englande. Against the obiections of F. lohn- 
eon, and [other] Brownists. Middelbvrgh, 
1599. pp. 7, 91. 4 78.104 

A treatise of the sufferings and victory of Christ 

in the work of our redemption. London, 1598. 
[Title-page wanting.] 8 68.3 

JACOMB, T. Short account of W. Whittaker. See 

Whittakcr, W 57.3 

JAMES I, of England. Declaration concerning law- 
full sports. London, M.DC.XVIII. pp. (2), 9. 
4 27.111 

Speach in parliament. With the maner of the 

discouery of this intended treason.' London, 
1005. pp. (90). 4 78.115 

Speach in the starre-chamber, XX. of Ivne. 1616. 

London, n. d. pp. (61). 4" 27.109 

Speech in parliament 19. of March 1603. London, 

1604. pp. (27). 4 78.105 

Defence of his Apologie for the oath, etc., with 

his confession of faith. See Du Moulin, P. . . 70a.8 

Speach to, 1603. See Martin, R 59.20 

,J\MI:S, T. The corrvption of Scripture, councels, 

and fathers, by the church of Rome. With a 
sufficient answere vnto J. Gretser, and A. 
Posscuine, and the Grounds of the old religion 
& the new. London, 1612. 4 70a.l7 

Catalogvs vuiversalis librorvm in bibliotheca 

Bodleiana. See Oxford university 38.5 

JAMESON, W. The sum of the episcopal contro- 
versy. Seconded. Glasgow, M.DCC. xui. 16. 58.10 

JANNOT, N. Traictc de 1'arnovrevse providence dc 
Dicv cnvrs les homines, an saercS my.stcrc de 
IVucharistie. Lyon, M. UC. xx. 12 68.22 

.) \V-I:N, C. Dopcrala cavxa papatvn, prodita a C. 

Iiinsciiiii. ,sVr Y'H't, (i 70a.7 

JANSON, M. S<'e Isnelt, Michael Jansoii van. 

JTAM:.-, II. A vindication of Dr. Twisse from thu 

exceptions of J. Goodwin. i'eeTwissc, W. . 62.21 

Shelf. No. 

JENKTV, W. Reformation's remora. A sermon be- 
fore the house of peers, 25 th of February, 1645. 
the day for publike humiliation. London, 1646. 

pp. (7), 36. 4 55.6 

JEPHTHES, trngedia, auctore G. Buchanano. See 

Bible. O. T. Psalms 46.34 

JERUBBAAL : or, a vindication of the Sober testimony 
against sinful complyancc, from the exceptions 
of Mr. Tombs, in Thcodulia. London, 1688. 4. 59.2 
JESSEV, LT. Life. Witli an elegy on William Bridg. 

n. p., 1671. 8" 79.22 

JESUITS. Barjac, G. Introdvctio in artem lesviticam. 70a.20 

Chamier, D. Jesviticas epistolae 70a.20 

Elizabeth, queen of England. Declaration of 

great troubles from 78.95 

Relation of the late iourney of the Jesuits ban- 

ished from Bohemia and Ilungaria 27.114 

See also: Barzjeus, C.; Borghia, F.; Gonzaga, L.; 
Ignazio dc Loyola, St.; Kostka, S. ; Lessius, L. 

JESUS. Prynne, W. Bowing at the name of .... 66.21 
Popish original! of bowing at the name of . . . 26.245 

Widdowcs, Giles. The kneelcsse puritan . . . 26.244 
JEWELL, J., bp. Apologia ecclesiae Anglicana?. [No 

imprint.] 12 58.33 

Expositions on the two epistles to the Thessalo- 

nians. See Bible. N. T. Thessalonians . . . 47.21 
JEWS. Arguments for the Jews admission into Eng- 
land, 1656. See Israels condition 79.14 

Bunny, E. The government of the church of 

Israel 68.2 

Buxtorf, J., the elder. Synagoga Ivdaica . . . 50a.35 

Du Contant de la Moulette, P. Traite sur la 

poe'sie et la musique des Hebreux 50a.22 

Godwyn, T. Civil and ecclesiastical rites used 

by the ancient Hebrewes 40a.l8 

Josephus, F. Opera 72.1 

Jurieu, P. Doctrines and worships of the church 

from Adam to Christ 40a.lO 

Millar, R. Ilistory and state of the Jews to the 

present time 50.9 

Selden, J. De successionibus in boua defuncti, 

ad leges Ebraeorum. De successione in ponti- 
ficatum Ebraeorum 51.11 

See also: Assideans, Bible (Illustrative works), Mo- 
saic law, Sacrifices, Talmud, Targums, Temple. 

JOHNSON, F. A Christian plea touching the anabap- 
tists, Arminians, [and] reformed churches, 
n. p., 1617. 4 66.15 

.A short treatise concerning those words of 

Christ, Tell the church, &c. Mat. 18. 17. n. p., 

1611. pp. 30. 4" 26.276 

Answer to. See Bradshaw, W 32.13 

Defence against. See Jacob, II 78.104 

JOHNSON, R. The scholars guide. London, lt'>77. 

pp. (4), 59. 8 70.13 

JOHNSON, W. Confession of faith. See Guyse, J. . 17.2ti7 
JONES, T. Repentance and reconciliation with God 
recommended and enforced: two sermons, Feb. 
1st and 6th. Being a fast. Second ed. Lon- 
don, 1756. pp. viii, 32. 8 17.87 

JONGELIJN, B. Catalogue librorum. Nagolatcn van 
8. dc Bruin. Lugduni Batavorum, [1740]. pp. 

(_>), 16, (2). 8 78.122 

JOSEPH Ben David Aben Jachia. Paraphrasis in 

Daniclem. See Bible. O. T. Daniel 40a.l6 

JOSEPIIUS,F. Opera. [Interpretlbue] 3. Gelenio [et] 
Rulino AtiuileiriiM [Krasmo]. Grrccolatina 
cd. (icnrva-, M. m\ xxxv. f 72.1 

Opera omnia. [Yams interpretibiis, gc. 8. Ge- 

lenio, llulino Ai[iiileiensi Erasino, F. Coinbo- 
iis.] Juxta cditionem !r:oi-o-Latin:im (Jene- 
voiiscin. Prolrgonu'iiis [ T. llli^ii) >V apid'ii- 
dice aactlor reddltur, Cclonia'.M in \ci. f. 71.8 




Shelf. No. I 
JOVRNALL of the proceedings of the duke of Bvcking- 

ham, in the isle ofRee. London, 1627. pp. 14. 4. 66.30 
Jovius, Paulus. See Giovio, P. 

JUDGMENT, Day of. Bullinger, H 70a.32 

JUDGMENT, The, of non-conformists. Baxter, R. . . 64.15 
JUDGMENT of the ancient Jewish church, against the 

Unitarians. Allix, P 64.21 

JUNIUS, P. See Du Jon, F. 

JURIEU, P. Critical history of the doctrines and wor- 
ships of the church from Adam to Christ. 
Done into English. London., 1705. 2v. 8 . 40a.lO 
Jcs divinum minister!! evangelici. Calamy, E. . .59.41,43 
Jus divinum regiminis ecclesiastic! : or, the divine 
right of church-government, asserted. Second 
ed. By ministers of London. London, 1647. 

4". [Imperfect] 59.10 


See Baxter, R. (65.28); Surges, A. (TOa.12); Chauncy, 
I. (06.38); Forbes, J. (G6.3D; Fox, J. (C7.9); Owen, J. 
(03.16); Richardson, S. (32.39); Tuke, T. (G8.2G); Tul- 
ly, T. (fio.29); Woodbridge, B. (MM). 

JUSTINIANUS I, emperor. Institvtionvm libri mi : 
notis illustrati. Adiunximus leges XII. expli- 
catas. Vlpiani institvtionvm titulos xxix, 
adnotatos. Caii institvt. libros II. I. Crispini 
[cditio]. Genevse, M. D. LXVIII. 8 74.15 

In qvatvor institvtionvm libros enarrationes. 

See Kling, M 79a.21 

JOSTINUS. Ex Trogi Pompeii historiis externis, libri 

XLIV. Novissima ed. Londini, MDCC. 8. 74.7 

Pompeii Trogi historiarum epitome. [No title- 

page.] 16. [Imperfect] 74.30 

JUVENALIS, D. J. Juvenalis et Persii satirse. Inter- 
pretatione ac notis illustravit L. Prateus. In 
usum Delphini. Ed. 3a. Londini, MDCCVll. 8. 73.3 

Satyrarvm lib. v. See Persius Flaccus, A. . . 75.5 

KECKERMANN, B. Systema astronomiae compendio- 

evm. Hanovia?, 1613. 8 34.19 

Pystema compendiosum totius mathematices, 

hoc est geometries, opticoe, astronomic, geogra- 
phise [ct] commentatio nautica. Item metho- 
dus arithmeticoe per Gemmam Frisium. Ox- 
onii, M DC LXl. 8 34.15 

Systema gaographicvm. Adiecta sunt Pro- 

blemata nautica. Hanovias, MDCXVI. 8 . . 34.19a 
KENDALL, G. Sancti sanciti. Or, the doctrine of the 
perseverance of the saints. Vindicated against 
J. Goodwin, in his Redemption redeemed. 
London, 1654. f " 62.12 

Vindication of the doctrine concerning Gods 

special grace to his elect in the death of Christ : 
against J. Goodwin in Redemption redeemed. 

London, 1653. f 62.11 

KENNET, W., bp. The Christian neighbour. A ser- 
mon before the lord mayor, MDCCXI. Lon- 
don, 1711. pp. 24. 8 16.121 

t Letter to the bishop of Carlisle, concerning 

bishop Merks. London, 1713. pp.24. 8. . 26.218 
KENT, Topographic of the county of. Kilburnc, R. 78.123 
KET, or Knight, W. Nevilli Kettus. See Ockland, C. 78.130 
KILBURNE, R. Topographic of the county of Kent. 

London, 1659. 4 78.123 

KING, J. Lectvrcs vpon lonas, delivered at Yorke 

1594. Oxford, 1600. 4 45.3 

KINLOCII, R. The truth and excellency of the gos- 
pel-revelation. A sermon in Edinburgh, 4th 
January, 1731. Edinburgh, n. d. pp. 36. 8 . 16.203 
KINSALE, Yielding up of, 1602. See Letter from a 

souldier 59.19 

KIRCHER, C. Concordantioo Veteris Testamcnti Gra> 
C8B, Ebroeis vocibus respondentes. Francofvrti, 

M DCVU. 2v. 4" 51,15 

KIRKPATRICK, J. The loyalty of presbytcrians 
in Great-Britain and Ireland from the re- 
formation to 1713. n. p., MDCCXIII. 4 . . 78.1 

SUelf. No. 

Kis, 8. See Segedin, S. 

KLING, M. In qvatvor institvtionvm Ivstiniani libros 

enarrationes. Lvgdvni, M. D. LXXXII. 8. . 79a.21 

KNEELING. See Solution of Doctor Resolutus . . . 27.113 

KNEWSTUB, J. Lectvrcs upon the twentith chapter 

of Exodus, n. p. ,1584. 4 . . 45.12 

KNIGHT, J. Sermon to the societies for reformation 
of manners, at St. Mary-le-Bow, January 15th, 
1732. London, 1733. pp.40. 8 16.162 

KNOLLYS, H. Rudiments of Hebrew grammar. Lon- 
don, 1648. pp. (2), 27. 8 50a.27 

KORNMANN, II. De miracvlis vivorvm. n. p., M.DC. 

XIV. 8 35.15 

KOSTKA, S., St. Vita Kostkas. See Sacchini, F. 10a.l9, 25 

LA CHAUSS&E, B. See Causse, B. 

LACTANTIUS, L. C. F. Diuinarum institutionum libri 

Vil. De ira Dei liber I. De opiflcio Dei liber I. 

pcrErasmum recognitus, & scholijs illustratus. 

Epitome in libros suos, liber Accphalos. Phcs- 

iiix. Carmen de passione Domini. Carmen 

de dominica rcsurrectione. Antuerpiae, M. D. 

xxxix. 8 20a.l7 

LA FAYE (Lat. Fayus), A. de. Theses theologicae. 

See Bcza, T. de C5.22 

In epistolam priorem ad Timotheum commenta- 

rius. See Bible. N. T. 1st Timothy .... 48.17 

LAMBERT, J. Letters to the council of state, from 
commissioners of the militia. Informing them 
of the marches of Lamberts forces. London, 
1660. pp. 8. 4. [Imperfect] 26.169 

LAMENTABLE complaint of the commonalty, by way 
of svpplication to parliament, for a learned 
ministery. n. p., 1585. pp. (83). 8 .... 67.19 

LAMPADICS, J. Refutatio calumniarum Lampadii in 

Lutherum per J. Dietericum. See Pezel, C. 69a.42 

LANCASTER, Eny., Exhortation to the churches of 

Christ within. Hyet, J 17.139 

L ANGER AK, J. A. Catalogus librorum. [No title- 
page, n. p., 1740.] 8 38.3 

LANGLEY, J. Gemitus columbos. A sermon before 
the house of commons, at their fast, Decemb. 
25.1644. [With a list of the sermons printdd 
by order of parliament.] London, 1644, pp. 
(6), 32. 4" 55-75 


See Arabic, Chaldee, Dutch, English, French, 
Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Oriental languages, 
Philology (Comparative). 
LARAMtiE, P. See Ramus, P. 

LA ROCHEPOSAY, H. L. C. de. Celebriorum distinc- 
tionum philosophioarum synopsis. Ed. nova. 
Lugduni Bat.avorum , cio 10 c XLV. 8 ... 36.26 

Same. Lugduni Batavorum, clo lo CLI. 8. 30.27 

LATE dialogue, A, betwixt a civilian and a divine, 
concerning the present condition of the church 
of England. London, 1644. pp. (2), 42. 4. 32.19 
LATIMER, H., bp. [Forty sermons. Title-page miss- 
ing, n. p., 1570 ?] 4 55.34 

LATIN language. Aler, P. Gradus ad Parnassum. 70/21 

Bcchmann, C. De originibus Latin lingvas . . 76.11 
Boncle, S. Vestibulum technicum 70. S 

Comenius, J. A. Janua linguarvm reserata . . 70.10 

Janua linguarvm trilinguis . 77.10 

Pro Latinitate Janux lingvarum sua;, apologia. 49.59 

Garretsou, J. English exercises to translate into 

Latin 70.26 

Gottfried, D. Avctores Latinae lingvac in vnvm 

rcdacti corpvs 72.17 

Jack, T. Onomasticon poeticvm 70.:!, -t 

Scholars, The, gold ring 76.15 


Clarke, J. New grammar of the Latin tongue. 76.19 

Goclenius, R. Observationvm lingua; Latinaa 

analecta 76.7 




Shelf. No. 

LATIN language. Grammar, continued. 

Goolcnius, R. Problematum graramaticorum 

libri v 76.7 

Lilly, W. Short introdvction of grammar, and 

Brevis.sima institutio 70.33 

Yoss, G. J. In supplcmentum vulgaris gram- 

inaticcs contraotus 76.24 

Walker, W. Improvements to the art of teach- 

ing Latino grammar 76 20 

Wase, C. Essay of a practical grammar . . . 76.9 


Calcpio, A. da. Dictionarivmvndecimlingvarvm. 71.5 

Cooper, T. Thesavrvs lingvaj Romance & Bri- 

tannicae 72.4 

Edmundson, II. Lingua linguarum 76.30 

Fungcr, J. Etymologicvm Latinvm 76. 2 

llolyoke, T. English Latin and Latin English 

dictionary 71.2 

Latin-English aud English-Latin dictionary. See 

Lingvaj 72.14 

Lubin, E. Vocabula Latino-Grocca 77.28 

Rider, J. Dictionarium Latino et Anglicc . . . 72.22 

Ruland, M. Synonymia Latino Graeca .... 77.8 

Schrcvel, C. Lexicon manualo Latino-Graecurn. 77.4 


Buchler, J. Phrasium pocticarum thesaurus . 76.25 

Draxe, T. Calliepeia 76.12 

Farnaby, T. Phrases oratorioe et poetical . . . 76.14 

Manuzio, A. Phrases lingvae Latiuaj .... 76.32, 34 

Phrases poeticoe 76.38 

LATIN language, mediaeval. Archaeologvs. Spel- 

mann, Sir II 72.7 

LATIN poetry (Modern). 

See Ascham , R. (: H8 21) ; Bible . O. T. Proverbs" (45.18) ; 
Buchanan, G. (40,34); Dillin'rham, W. (7-J.3G); Grove, 
R. (49 CO); Holdsworth, E. (34.8); Musa; Anglicanaj 
(74.37); Ockland, C. (78.130). 

LAUD, W., dbp. Charge of the Scottish commission- 
ers against. See Scotland 78.91 

Prynne, "W. Breviate of the life of 69a.4 

History of the tryal and execution of .... 69a.6 

Pym.J. Speech on the charges against . . . . 78.89 
L.vvv, W. The spiiit of prayer. London, M.DCC. 

XLIX. pp.99. 8 17.83 

LAW. Blair, II. De fundamentis & obligatione legis 

naturae 36.10 

Grotius, II. De jure belli ac pacis 79a.29 

Hopper, J. De ivris arte 79a.20 

Melanchthon, P. Whether it be mortal! sinne 

to transgresse civil lawes CS.ld 

SCR also : Canon law, Civil law, Inheritance, Reports, 
Successions, Trials. 

LAWNE, W. Abridgement of the institvtion of Chris- 
tian religion. /See Calvin, J 68.1 

LAWSON, J. Gleanings and expositions of some of 
the more dillicult places of Scriptures. Lon- 
don, 1640. pp. (8), 72. 4 16.185 

LAWYERS. Evlogia jims-eonsultorum & politicorum 

centum. Ebcrt, T 50a.32 

LEARMNC. Keyner, E. Necessity of, for a gospel- 

preiirher, and benefits of, in all au'es 49.44 

Vindication of, from unjust aspersions 59.25 

LEE, S. Antichrist! excidium. Londini, MDCLXIV. 

8 70a.l9,21 

LEEDES, E. Methndus Grtccam linguam doi'rndi. 

Londini, K.'.'O. 8 77.10 

Prima niiliineuta (ir:cc;e lingua 1 . >SV<: Maquo- 

tiiH, - 77.20 

LKICII, K. Critica sacra. Observations on all the 

piimiiive Ili-brcw wnrdi of (in- <)I<1 Testa- 
ment. I.on.lon, Kill. 4 Q 40;, .'JO 

(,'|-iti'-a sacra: or, (ibMTvalion* 11(1.111 all the 

Greek words of the New 're-lain. -nt. Second 

ed. London, U. DC. XLVI. 4" 47.1 

Shelf. No. 
LEIGH, E., continufil. 

Critica sacra in two parts; the first containing 

observations on all the primitive Hebrew 
words of the Old Testament. Second ed. The. 
second observations upon all the Greek words 
of the New Testament. Third ed. London, 
M. DC. L. f 51.10 

LEIGH, S. Metrical version of the I'salmes. SeeBible. 

O. T. Psalms 46.27 

LEGRAND, A. Institutio philosopbiac, secundum 
principia D. llenati Descartes. Ed.4a. Lon- 
dini, MDCLXXX. 4 S6.16 

Philosophia veterum, e mente llenati Descartes 

more scholastico hreviter digesta. Londini, 

MOCLXXI. 12 36.30 

LEMNIDS, L. De plantis sacris. See Valles, F. . . . 49.12 
LE MOYNK, S. Varia sacra ceu sylloge variorum opvs- 
cvlorvm Gra?corvmad rem ecclesiasticam spec- 
tantium. [Gr. et Lat.] Tom. 1, 2. Lugd. 

Batavor., MDCLXXXV. 2v. 4 20a.9 

Contents. T. l.PoIycarpiepistola; Barnnbaequa! tri- 
buiturepistola; Ilippolytiscrrao ireplroD TTO.VTOS', Bre- 
vis intcrprutatioorationis Dominicae ; Germani tractatus, 
de sex synoilis (n-cnincnicis; Alius tractatus dc ecptem 
synodis oecumenicis; Brevis elucidatio fidei Cliristi- 
ance; Brcvis instructio quomodo credere debeamns; 
Basilii expositio fidei; Euthymu Zysabcni Prxfatio in 
Psa'mos; Nili Uoxopatrii notitia patriarchntunm; M;ui- 
uelis apologia; Ecclesioe Constantinop. cpistola ad Bo- 
hemos; Bartholomasi Edesseni cnnfututio Iln^arem; 
Confutatiii Miih-.imniedij; Noinina mcnsiuni vuriarum 
gentium; Epiphanii de ponderibus & mensuris; Frag- 
menta dc ponderibus & mensuris; Antonii Eparchi 
volumen in quo varia opuscula contincntur; Chrysos- 
tomi epistola ad Coc'sarium ; Prolegomena auctoris 
in quibus tres dissertationcs de Polycarpo, Barnaba, & 
llippolyto; Notx & obscrvationes uberiores. II. Notx: 
Ad Poly carpi epistolam; Ad Barnabce epistolam; Ad 
Hippolyti scrmonem. 

LENTIIAL, W. Speech, before the king, in parlia- 
ment, luly third. With his majesties speech 
toharliament, [sjV] July lifth. 1641. Concerning 
poll-money. Star-chamber, and High commis- 
sion. London, 1G41. pp. (2), 10. 4 .... 78.8 

Speech 2. of December. Relating the present 

distempers of England and Ireland. Also the 
kings speech. London, 1641. pp. (8). 4 . . 78.39 

Speech, thirteenth of May, 1641. in parliament. 

At the presenting of three bills, Act for the 
ehortning of Michaelmas term. For the press- 
ing of marriners. For the remainder of the six 
entire subsidies. London, 1641. pp. (-), 4. 4. 7x9 

Speech, with bi-s majesties speech to parliament, 

at the passing of the bill for tonnage and 
poundage, n. p., 1641. pp. (2), 6. 4 .... 78.7 

LE POIS (Lat. Piso), N. De cognosi-eiulis et cvrandis 
pra?cipve iuteniis morhis libri tres. Accessil li- 
ber De febribus. Francofvrdi, M n LXXXV. S. 35.11 

LESSIUS, L. De perfectionibvs moribvsqve divinis 

libri xiv. 1'arisiis, M. nc. xx. 4 63.1 

Do vita Le.ssii, cum ejns diiiinarum perfertio- 

num (ipusculo. See Schoofs, L lOa.'^J 

LETTER, The, and paper inclosed; vi/. A word for 
God: or, A testimony from Walei aLT-iinst 
wickeilnesM in high places. With a letter in 
Cromwel. [No title-pane.! 4 -'''.'> ; '' 

LETTER, A, from a souldicr in Ireland, toneliin^' the 
victorie there, against the Spaniards, and Irish 
rebels: and the ye. 'Minn vp of Kynsali'. Lnn- 
don, li'-trj. pp. (2),25. 4. [Black : letter] . . r.'.i.l'.) 

LETTF.U, A, frmn a tory freeholder to bis representa- 
tive in parliament, upon her majesty's speech 
on peace, June <'. 171J. l.nndon, M.DIT.MI. 
pp. lv,3-36. S'. [ImperCeet] 2T.H-.2 

LETTI-.K, \, to a country gentleman, shewing the In- 
conveniences, which attend the last part ot'lliiv 
act for triennial parliaments. London, 1716. 
pp. 37. 8' 26.192 




Shelf. No. 

LETTER, A, to an officer of the army concerning a 
select senate, &c. [No title-page. Signed II. 
8. 1659.] pp. 76. 4 26.134 

LETTER to John Wesley : in vindication of the doc- 
trines of absolute, unconditional election, par- 
ticular redemption, special vocation, and final 
perseverance. London, 1743. pp. 88. 8 . . 27.133 

LETTER to all the saints. Dutton, Mr*. A 27.130 

LETTER to the bishop of Carlisle, concerning bishop 

Merks. Rennet, W., bp 26.218 

LETTERS to John Westley : against perfection : as 
not attainable in this life. London, 1743. pp. 
56. 8" 27.134 

LEUSDEN, J. Compendium Biblicum continens omnes 
Vet. T. voces, una cum versione Latina. Ed. 
2a. Ultrajecti, si. DC. LXXX. 12 50a.3S 

Compendium Gra?cum Novi Testament!, una 

cum versione Latina. Ed. 5a. Londini, 1091. 8. 47.22 

Philologus Hcbroeo-mixtus, una cum spicilegio 

philologico. Ultrajecti, 1663. [No title-page.] 

4 40a.7 

LEYDEN. Statuta & leges aoadcmix Lvgdvno-Bata- 

vte. Lvgd. Batavor., do lac LIV. ff. (20). 4. 49.52 
LEYDENBEEG, G. van. Examinations and confes- 
sions at Vtrecht and the Hage of one Leydcn- 

berg. See Guelderland 26.202 

LEYSER, orLeiscr, P. Harmonise evangelic libri v. 

See Bible. N. T. Harmonies 52.5, 11 

LIGHT of nature. Culverwel, N 54.16 

LIGHTFOOT, J. Works. [Vol. 1, revised by G. 
Bright ; v. 2, published by J. Strype.] Lon- 
don, MDCLXXXIV. 2v. f 60.5 

Contents. Vol. I. Life; Chronicle of the times, and 
the order of the texts of the Old Testament; Harmony, 
chronicle and order of the New Testament; The fall 
of Jerusalem, and the condition of the Jews in that 
land after; Harmony of the four evangelists, among 
themselves, and with the Old Testament; Observations 
upon Genesis; Handful of gleanings out of Exodus; 
The Christian history, the Jewish, and the Roman, of 
the years of Christ XXXIII-XLIV [being in part a com- 
mentary upon the Acts]; The temple service in the 
days of our Saviour; Erubhin or miscellanies, Chris- 
tian, Judaical, and others; The temple, especially in 
the days of our Saviour, described. II. Chorographi- 
cal century searching out places of the land of Israel 
chiefly by the light of the Talmud; Horas Hebraicte & 
Talmudica: upon Matthew; Mark, with a chorograph- 
ical decad; Luke, premised chorographical notes; 
John, premised a chorographical enquiry; Acts and 
chapters of Romans; 1 Corinthians; Discourse con- 
cerning what Bibles were read in the religious assem- 
blies of the Jews; Sermons: Three before the natives of 
Staffordshire; Eight at the assises at Hertford; One at 
the assises at Ely; Six at S. Maries, Cambridge; Six on 
the fift of November; Sermon before the lord mayor; 
Twenty-one private sermons. 

The temple service as it stood in the dayes of our 

Saviovr. London, [1649]. 4 12.8 

Vindication of The preacher from the exceptions 

of. See Edwards, J 49.41 

LILLY, or Lily, W. Short introdvction of grammar 

of the Latine tongue. London, 1613. S. 

[Interleaved. MS. notes. Black-letter] . . . 76.33 
Note. The introduction is followed by his Brevis- 
Bima institvtio grammatices, in Roman type with a sep- 
arate title-page, but continuous signatures. " This has 
gone through innumerable editions. The English 
rudiments were written by Dr. Colet. The Latin syn- 
tax was chiefly the work of Erasmus." Watt. 

LINCOLN diocess, Eng. Abridgment of that booke 
which the ministers of Lincoln diocess de- 
livered to his maiestie first of December [1604] . 
n. p., 1605. pp. (8), -SO. 4 78.114 

LINCOLN, Thomas, bp. of. See Barlow, T., bp. 

Romance dictionarium. In five alphabets : 
English Latin, Latin English, Latin-proper 
names Latin-barbarous, Law-Latin. Cam- 
bridge, M DC XC ill. 4* 72.14 


Shelf. No. 

(Lot. Linnaeus), C. von. Corollarium gene- 
rum plantarum, cxhibens genera plantarum 
sexnginta, addenda prioribus eharactiTibus, 
expositis in (irnrribus plantarum. Accedit 
metbodus sexualis. Lugduni Batavorum, 17:;7. 
pp. (6), 25. 8 26.109 

Methodus sexualis sisters genera plantarum sc- 

cundum mares et feminas in classes et ordines 
redacta. Lugduni Batavorum, 1737. pp. 23. 8. 26.110 
LINOCIER, G. Mythologias musarum libellus. See 

Conti, N. de 77.33 

LITTLE peace-maker, The. Morton, C 23.73 

LITURGIES. Missale Romanum. See Roman cath- 
olic church 49.37 

Pontificale Romanvm. See Roman catholic 

church 49.43 

LITURGY. Clarkson.D. Discourse concerning litur- 
gies 59.70 

Direction, concerning the lyturgy, and episcopal! 

government. See Bishop of Armagh es, etc. . 26.170 

Greenwood, J. Answere to G. Gifiard's defence 

of read praiers 59.37 

Hall, J., bp. Humble remonstrance to parlia- 

ment 59.7 

- Defence of the Humble remonstrance 59.8 

Marshall, S. Answer to bishop Hall's Humble 

remonstrance 59.6 

See also: Lord's prayer. 
LIVELY oracles, The, given to us. Or the Christians 

duty, in the custody and use of the Scripture. 

Third ed. Oxford, 1679. 8 49.13 

LrVESEY, J. Catastrophe magnatum ; or, king Davids 

lamentation, at prince Abners incineration. 

Sermon at the funeral of John Atherton, esq. 

London, 1557. 8 56.44 

Note. Appended to and paged continuously with 
his " Enchiridion judicum." 

Enchiridion judicum, or, Jehosaphats charge to 

his judges. A sermon. London, 1657. 8. . 56.43 

Series decretorum Dei, causarumquc, et medio- 

rum salutra nostrae. London, 1657. 8 ... 56.45 

Note. Appended to and paged continuously with 
his " Enchiridion judicum." 

Lrvins Patavinus, T. Libri omnes svperstitcs recog'- 
niti a F. Modio [et] lano Grvtero. Acccdvnt 
observationes variorum. Francofurti ad Moe- 
num, M. DC. xn. 2v. in 1. f 71.3 

Decadvm xnil epitome. Lvgdvni, si. D. xxxvu. 

pp.95. 8 73.20 

Decas prima. Cvm Epit. L. Flori. Lvgdvni, 

. M. D. xxxvil. 8" 73.18 

Historiarvm decadis m. liber trigesimvs. Fran- 

cofvrti, si. DC. xix. 8 73.7 

Historiarvm decadis qyintas libri qvinqve. Lvg- 

dvni, si. D. xxxvu. 8 73.19 

LLOYD, D. Stale-worthies of England since the re- 
formation. Second ed. London, 1670. 8 . 7S.12S 

LLOYD, W. Sermon at the funeral of S r Edmvnd- 
Berry Godfrey. Preached October 1078. Lon- 
don, MDCLXXVIII. pp. (2), 42. 4 17.14 

LOADSTONE, Magneticall aduertisements, or the na- 
ture and properties of the. Barlow, W. . . -'' .'J7S 

LOCKE, J. Thoughts concerning education. Fourth 

ed. London, 1699. 8" . . . . : 37.3 

LOCKYER, N. England faithfully watcht with, in her 
wounds: the summe of severall lectures, upon 
Colossians I. London, 1646. 4 55.32 

Sermon before the house of commons : at their 

late fast, Octob. 2S. 1646. London, 1G4G. pp. 

(6), 32. 4 55.22 

LOGIC. Ames, W. Logic verte demonstratio, ac 

logic theses ."7.22 

Arnauld, A. Logica, sive ars cogitandi .... 37.12 

Biaterfeld, J. H. Logica 37.19 




Shelf. No. 
LOGIC, continued. 

Brorewood, E. Tractatvs logic! 37.4 

Buchanan, G. Logica 34.10 

Burgersdijk, F. P. Institutionum logicarum 

libri duo 37.11 

- Synopseos logicoa explicatio 37.9 

Du Moulin, 1'. Elementa logica 37.5 

Gasscndi, P. Instkutio logica, ct philoeophiaa 

Kpicuri syntagma 36.28 

Milton, J. Artis logicso plcnior institutio . . . 37.13 

Ramus, P. Dialecticx libri duo 37.14 

Dialectieao libri xx 00.4 

Stier, J. Praecepta doctrinas logicse 36.18 

V/endelin, M. F. Logicso institutionc's .... 37.20 
LOE, W. [A still voyce to the three estates of parlia- 
ment, on Hoshea a. I. 2. London, 1021. No 
title-page.] pp. (4), 72. 4 26.208 

LOMBARD, P. Scntentiarvm libri iv. quibus vniucrsaa 
theologisc summacontinetur. Ab A. Monchia- 
ceno Deinocharc reeogniti. Annexi sunt ar- 
'iciilierronei. Mogvntias, M. DC. xxxn. 8. 20a.l3 

In qvatvor libros scntentiarvm commentaria. See 

Est, W 20.4 

LONDON. A common councell, held at Guild-hall, 31. 
of December. 1641. London, M D ex LI. pp. 
(2), 11. 4 78.74 

Act for preventing the multiplicity of buildings 

in and about the suburbs of, 1C57. See Great 
Britain. Parliament 69a.24 

Rolls, S. Londons resurrection or the rebuild- 

ing encouraged, iu fifty discourses, 1638 . . . 78.127 

Stow, J. Survey of 90.7 

Charity-schools. Lupton, W. Sermon at the 

anniversary meeting of the 32.3 

Talbot, W., lp. Sermon at the anniversary 

meeting of the 32.2 

Presbyterian ministers. A vindication of the 

presbyter! all -government, and ministry. By 
the provinciall assembly, Novcmb. 2 a . 1G49. 
London, 1G50. 4 59.11 

Itoy/d society. The philosophical transactions 

and collections, to 1720. Abridged, and dis- 
posed under general heads. [To 1700] by J. 
Lowthorp, and [1700-20 by] II. .Tones. Fourth 
ed. [Vol. 4, 5, second ed.] London, 1731- 

M.DCC. xxxn. ov. 4 34.5 

' <>nt' nt. Vol. I. Mathematical papers* It. Physi- 
ological papers. III. Anatomical, medical and chym- 
ical, philological and miscellaneous papers. IV. Mathe- 
matical papers, physiological papers. V. Anatomical, 
medical, philological, and miscellaneous papers. 

Societies for reformation of manners, Sermon 

before the. Chandler, E., bp 32.5 

Society for promoting Chrixtinn knoivledge, 

Account of the. London, 1733. pp.39. 8 . 16.198 

Trained bands. Petition of the field officers 

and captaines of the trained-bands of London. 

I No title-page.] pp. 4. 4 2G.1C2 

LONDON magazine, The: for September, 174H. pp. 

427 1S2, [also Monthly chronologer, for March 

IT.'iH. pp. 14'.)-l.jii.] London. 4. [Imperfect]. 26.12 
LoNnONHKiiuy, Ireland, Vindication of the True 

unt of the siege of. Walker, G 27.73 

1 .01.11 i:, I:, do. A trcatic of the chmvlic. Transl. 

out of French. London, lf>Sl. sm.S". . . . 58.20 
I. <>i;n's prayer. Smith, -T. Exposition on the . . . 55.35 

Virct, P. Exposition familiere de 1'oraLson de 

nostre seigneur lesus Christ 48.24 

Loitn's mippcr. Bolton, B. Meditations, concern- 
ing (be 54.32 

Dlspvte vpon the ijvestion of kneeling in the . . 59.39 

Do>i,.i. Ten sermons of the f>r>.-j;, 

Jannot, N. SacrtS mystere do 1'oiichnf Istie . . . Cis.-j-j 

Ordinance concerning HiispeiiKioii from tlic. See 

</iv:it Britain. Parliament 59.29 

Shelf. No. 
LORD'S supper, continued. 

Reynolds, E., bp. Meditations on the .... 55.39 

Rules concerning suspension from the. See Great 

Britain 26.160 

Satisfaction concerning mixt communions- . . . 59.24 

Touching mixt assemblies at the. See Bram- 

ble berry 59.23 

Vermigli, P. M. Defensio doctrinse apostolica3 

de bucharistiro Sacramento 62.16 

See also: Transubstantiation. 
LOTS. Balmford, J. Modest reply to Gataker . . . 68. Ic 

Gataker, T. Natvre and vse of 5J.10G 

LOUD cry, A, for help to the struggling church of 

Scotland. A. letter from an elder in Glasgow. 

Glasgow, MDCCLllir. pp.32. 8 28.57 

Louis XIV, of France. Letter to the pope. ,S'< <-. Fe- 

nclon,F. de 8. de la M 57.14 

LOVE, C. Short animadversions on Mr. Dels sermon 

Novcmb. 25. 1646. Seconded. London, 1647. 

pp. (6), 44. 4 55.25 

Reply to the contradictions of his sermon, Nov. 

2:>, 1046. See Dell, W 55.24 

LOVE, J. Dissertatio philosophica inaugur.ilis, do 

motu planetarum. Glasguas, M. Dec. xvr. 

pp. 14. 4 36.3 

LOVE. Preston, J. The breast-plate of faith and . fi.").2 

Rogers, J. A treatise of GS.6 

See also: Truth. 

LOWTHER, Sir O., Articles of high treason against. 

See Mervin, Sir A 7vI7 

LUBBERT, S. Commcntarivs in catechesin Palatino- 

Bclgicam. Knuiic.-is, 1G1S. 8 69.31 

De papa Romano libri decem, scholastics S: theo- 

logice collati cum disputationibus Roberti Dcl- 
larmini. [Franekersc], 8 . . 70a.24 
LUBIN, E. Clavis Gra5caj lingvae cvm sententiis Gra;- 

cis, Latin6 explicatis. Londini, 1620. 8 . . 77.21 

Clavis Groscoo lingua;, duabus partibus distincta. 

Ed. noviss. Opera J. II. Londini, 1662. 8 . 77.28 

Clavis Grsecaa linguae, tribus partibus distinet.-i. 

Editio locupletior. Cura J. H. & \V. D. 

Londini, 1069. 8 77.19 

LUCANUS, M. A. Pharsalia, sive de bello civili Csa- 
ris et Pompeji lib. x. Additaj n. Grotii not:o 
et T. Farnabii. Amsterodami, clo loc XLIII. 
12 74.18 

Civilis belli, sive Pharsalix libri X.etpoemation. 

[No title-page.] 8 7l.:U 

Supplementum Lvcani. See Maj% T 74.17 

LUCHTMANS, S. Oit.ilogus librorum. [No title-page. 

1740.] pp. 58. 8 3S.1 

LUCIANUS Samosatciisis. Dialogis select!, et scholii-i 
illnstrati ab E. Lecdes. [Gr. et Lat.] Lon- 
dini, 1678. 12 77.29 

LUCRETIUS Cams, T. De rer\m natvra lil>ri sex. 

Lvgdvni, i:.4S. 16" 71. -j: 

LUCY, W,l>p. A treatise on the natvre of a minister. 
Annexed an answer to Doctor Forbes con- 
cerning the necessity of bishops, to ordain. 
London, 1G70. 4 )'.'. i:; Cili.-on, }'.., lp. Evil and danger of. 'N.144 

Harris, W. Lukewarmness reproved lii.l-i 

LULIO, Ijiill, Lulle, Lullius, or l.ullus, It. Philosophi- 
cal and chyinicai experiments. ,*>'< ' I'.iracel- 

sns, 1'. A. 'I'. ( liiiiln:::l ro/i llnlit'iilx'i.n) . . 34.17 
LUNDOUP, M. ('. Merc\ri\s A \ si i io IJoheiuo-l i er- 
manicvs, a vernalibus, VM|iie ad antumnales 

Uoeno-Francfurtenbca nuiulinas li'2'.. Mceno- 

|M'iineol',;e, M. l.r. \XIII. 8" 79.10 

Ll'l'TON, I >. Oliieclorvm n'dvetio : or, daily iniploy- 

meiit. for the sonic. London, 1634. ll> D . . . 25.20 
LUPTON, \V. The necessity of positive duty. S. r- 

iiion pivach'd June 5lh, 171S. London, 171s. 

pp. 47. S 32.U 




Shelf. No 
LUTHER, M. Respouslo adversus Lutheri epistolam. 

See Erasmus, D 38.23 

Commentaries. See Bible. O. T. Psalms 

(47.10); Ecclesiastes (40.23); Song of Solomon 
(40.22); Bible. N. T. Galalians (47.9). 

See also : Reformation. 

LUTHERANS. Articles to unite the catholicks and 

evangflicks 2G.177 

LYDIAT, or Lydyat, T. Tractatvs do varijs anno- 
rum formis. Quo I. Scaligeri opiiiioucs ac C. 
Clavii, en-ores redarguuntur. Londiui, 1005. 
8 79a.6 

LYE, T. An explanation of the shorter catechism 
[of] the assembly of divines at "Westminster, 
1047. London, 1076. 8" 69.14 

MACCOV, or Makowski, J. Loci comrnvnes theolo- 

gici. Opera N. Arnold!. Franeqyerae, 1050. 4. 64.5 

Johannes Maceovius redivivus. Opera 1ST. Ar- 

uoldi. Editio altora, locuplctior. Franequcrae, 
1054. 4 64.7 

MACKEWEN, R. A crown of righteousness the re- 
ward of Christian fortitude. A funeral ser- 
mon on Vis. Barrington, December 29th, 1704. 
London, 1735. pp. 39. 8 18.37 

MACKOBIUS, A. A. T. In somuium Scipionis, lib. n. 

Saturnaliorum, lib. VII. Lvgdvni, 1560. 8 . . 74.19 

MADDOX, I., bp. [Sermon before the governors of 
the hospital for the small-pox, and for inocu- 
lation, March 5, 1752. London, 1752. Title- 
page missing.] pp. (2), 15. 4 16.181 

MAGDEBURG. Confessio et apologia pastorum & min- 
istrorum ecclesiaaMagdeburgeusis. 1550. Mag- 
deburgi, n. d. pp. (80). 4 69.34 

MAGIRUS, J. Physiologise peripatetics libri sex cum 
commentaiiis. Acccssit C. Bartholiui rneta- 
physica major, scholiis illustrata. Accessit J. 
Magiri De memoria artiliciosa. Cautabrigise, 
1642. 4 30.24 

MAGNENUS, J. C. Dcmocritvs reviviscens : sive vita 
& philosophia Dcmocriti. Ed. ult. Hagae- 
Comitis, M. DC. LVin. 12 36.32 

MAGNETisredvctorivm. Ward, 8 57.20 

MAGNETISM. De magnete. Gilbert, W 34.2 

See also: Loadstone. 

MAIMONIDES. See Mo.cs Ben Maimon. 

MAN, Dignity of. Nixon, A 

See also : Social nature. 

MANAGEMENT, The, of the- war. A letter to a tory- 
member. .Fourth ed. London, 1711. pp. (4), 
39. 8 

MANNER, The, of holding .parliaments in England, 
n. p., 1041. pp. (58). 4 

MANNERS and customs. Mores, leges, et ritvs om- 
nivm gcntivm. Boehme, J . 

See also: Turkey. 

MANUEL, Rhetor Constantinopolitanus, fl. dr. 1500. 
Apologia. [Gr. et Lat.] [Le Moyne. Varia 
sacra, v. 1] 

MANUZIO, A. Phrases lingvaa Latinte. [Lat, ct 
Angl.] Londini, 1013. 8 

Latino3 linguae phrases. [No title-page.] 8 . 

Calendarivm vctvs Romanvm. See Ovidius 

Naso, P 

M. T. Ciceronis orationes. See Cicero, M. T. . 
MANZOLLI, P. A. t z diaevs vitas, hoc est. do homi- 

nis vita, stvdio,ac moribvs optimeinstituendis 

libri xn. Parisiis, 1570. 16 

MAQUOTUS, . Ad prima rudimenta Graecae linguae 
disceuda Grrcco-Latinum compendium cditurn. 
Ab E. Lecdus. Loudiui, M DC xcm. pp. (4), 
22, 22. 8 







Shelf. No. 
MARIANA, J. Tractatus vn. Colonise Agrippina-, 

M. DC. IX. f 62.13 

Contents. 1. De Aduentu B. Jacob! Apostuli in 
Hispauiain; II. Pro editione vulgata; III. De spec- 
taculis; IV. De moncta; mutatione; V. De die mor- 
tis Christ!; VI. DC annis Arabum; VII. DC morto 
& immortalitate. 

MARLIANUS, R. Vetervm Gallias locorvm, popv- 
lorvm, vrbivm, montium ac fluuiorum alpha- 
betica descriptio. See Cassar, C. J 74.21 

MARLORAT, A. Thesavrvs S. Scriptvrac prophi-tic:u 
et apostolicae. Per G. Fevgvercivni digestus : 
I. Fegvernekini, aliorum opera in enchiridij 
formam contractus. Genevas, M. DC. xm. 8". 49.14 
Novi Testament! catholica expositio ecclcsias- 
tica. See Bible. N. T 52.1 

MAUNIX, J. de, baron de I'otes. Rcsolvtions po- 
litiqves et maximes d'estat. Roven, M. DC. 
xxvn. 8 79a.22 

MARRIAGE duties. Gataker, T 55.109 

MARSHALL, S. f Answer to [bishop Hall's] Rumble 
remonstrance. In which the origiuall of lit- 
urgy [and] episcopacy is discussed. By Smec- 
tymnvvs. n. p., 1641. pp. (2), 94. 4 . . . . 59.6 

A'ote. Smectymn-jus is made up of the initial 
letters of the names of the authors, S. Marshall, E. 
Calamy, T. Young, M. Newcomen, and W. Spurstowe. 

Defence of the Humble remonstrance against 

Smectymnvvs. See Hall, J., bp 59.6 

The chvrches lamentation for the good man's 

losse : a sermon, at the fuuerall of J. Pym. 
London, 1644. pp. (4), 30. 4 56.7 

The right vnderstauding of the times : a sermon 

to the house of commons, December 30, 1040, 
the day of their mouethly fast. London, 
1647. pp (4), 46. 4 55.27 

A two-edged sword out of the movth of babes. 

A sermon to the house of lords, Octob. 28. 
1640. the day of their monthly fast. London, 
1046. pp. (4), 34. 4 55.19 

Arguments brought by, vindicated.' See Blake, 

T 26.159 

MARTIN, R. Speach to the kings maiestie in the 
name of the shcriii'es of London and Middle- 
sex. London, 1603. pp. (10). 4" 59.20 

MARTINI, C. Metaphysica. Argentorati, M. DC. v. 

12 30.34 

MARTINIUS, P. Grainmatica Hcbroea, recens aucta. 
Item, Grammatica Chaldca quatcnus ab Ile- 
braa diffcrt. Rvpellse, 1597. 10 50a.23 

Note. The Grammatica Chaldea has a separate 
title and paging. 

- Grammatica Hebrsea, emendata; notis illus- 

trata a G. Coddaeo. Cum ejusdcm Technolo- 
gia, item Grammatica Chaldaea, quatenus ab 
Hebraea differ!. Aceessere commentariolus 
de recta lectione linguae Ebroea?, & rcgula- 
rum textualium syllabus Sistinl Amama. 
Amstelrodami, 1021. 8" 50a.5 

- The key of the holy tongve: wherein is con- 

teincid, first the Hebrue grammar. Secondly, 
a practize upon the first, the twentie lift, and 
the syxtie cyght Psalmes. Thirdly, a diction- 
ary conteining the Hebrue woords in the 
Bible with their significations. By I. Udall. 
Leyden, do. 13. xcm. 8 50a.26 

Note. The " practize " and " dictionary " are sep- 
aratclj' paged. 

MAKTIUS, L. Index Latinvs in Scapvlae lexicon. See 

Scapula, J 71.10 

MARTYR, P. See Vermigli, P. M. 

MARY I, of England. History of the life, reign and 

death of Queen Mary. London, 1682. 12. . 78.136 

MARY, queen of Scols. De Maria tragica historia. 

See Buchanan, G 79.24 




Shelf. No. 

MASON, J. The Christian farewell. Permon at Dor- 
king, July G, 1740. London, M DCC XLVI. pp. 
39. S 10.83 

MASOUA. A collection out of tlic Cuminontarius 

Masorcthicus. See Buxtorf, J., the elder . . 50a.2S 

MATHEMATICS. Keckermann, B. Sy'stema compcn- 

diosuni tot! us matin-malices 34.15 

Ramus, P. Mathematics lib. xxi 

S also: Arithmetic, Geometry, Navigation, Trigo- 
nometry, Sphere. 

MATTIII.I:, J. Apographvm literarum J. Matthias, 
ad rcgem Svecue. In quibus consilia concordiaa 
ecclesiastics inter cvangelicos promovendae 
eormucndat. Ilagaj-Comituru, M. DC. LVI. pp. 
(20). 4 49.58 

MATTHIAS II, emperor of Germany. Seelustrvinents 

of thcpactious 27.116 

MAXE.NTIUS, J. Opera. See Fulgeutius Ruspeusis. 20a.2 

Contents. Libellus fidei; Capitulu, contra Nestoii- 
anos & Pelagianos; Professio breuissma eatholicse tidci ; 
Adunationis ratio Verbi Dei ad propriam curLem; 
Responsio contra accphalos de ilia adunationc; Epis- 
tola papaj Leonis, 'contra Eutyclicn; Contra Nestnri- 
unos; Epistola ad possessorem episcopiim, (also as- 
cripta Ilormisdas; Responsio pro mouuchis Scytliarum. 

MAXIMS. Posscl, J. Apophthcgmata Gra?eolatina . 77.15 

Richter, G. Axiomatvm historicorvm pars tertia. 37.2 
Editio nova axiomatvm ceconomicorvm .... 37.1 

MAXIMI.S, T. Dissertationes. [Gr. et Lat.] Lvgdvni, 

M. DC. xxx. 8 77.12 

MAXWELL, J., Vindication of the church of Scotland 

from the calumnies of. See Bailie, R 32.20 

MAT, T. Supplcmcntum Lucani libri vil. Lugduni 

Batavorum, [cloIocxL]. 12 74.17 

MAYER, C. Diarii meditationvm pars posterior. Co- 
lonise Agrippinre, M. DC. xxxv. 12 57.38 

MATNARD, J. A shadow of the victory of Christ, 
represented to the house of commons, in a 
sermon on the publick fast, Octob. 28. 1646. 
London, 1646. pp. (4), 24. 4 55.21 

MAYR, G. Institvtiones lingvas Hebraicse. Accessit 
exercitatio grammatica in loiiam prophetam. 
Lvgdvni, M. DC. xvill. 8 40a.22 

MEAD, M. The almost Christian discovered, or the 
false-professor tried and cast. Sermons. 
London, 1662. 8" 57.13 

The vision of the wheels seen by Ezckiel; 

opened and applied. London, 1689. 4 ... 56.30 

Censure of a letter written by. See Cawdrey, D. 32.16 
MEDE, or Mead, J. Works. London, 1648. 4 . . 65.23 

Contents. Discovrscs ; The Christian sacrifice ; 
Chvrchcs, appropriate places for Christian worship; 
The reverence of Gods house; Daniels wcckes; The 
name altar anciently given to the lu>ly table. 

Diatrilxo pars IV. Discourses. And epistles, also 

the authors life. London, 16.~>2. 4 C5.27 

MEDEll, A. G. Disputatio inediea inauguralis do 

partium structura respiration! dicata. Lugd. 

l!at.,n.d. pp. 24, (G). 4 36.1 

MEDICINE. Brucl, W. Praxis mcdicinao 35.12 

Kernel, J. Vniversa nic-diciua 35.10 

Kornmann, II. De miracvlis virorvm 35.15 

Scnncrt, D. Opera, T. 3 81.3 

SeeaUo: Anatomy, Antimony, Blond, Chyle, I-^ypt, 
Eye, Fevers, Generation, limit, lli>allh, India, A'c r- 
vous diseases, Pharmacy, Kt-spirutimi, Scurvy, Surgery, 

MI:II-:T, P. Opvscvla lllvstrivm incdicorvm de dosi- 
\<\*, sev dc ivsta qvantilali 1 c-t ]iiMporiinu 
nirdlcamentorum. Kidelius ijiiain anlca cdita. 
[Lii'j.linii|, M. ii. i. \\MIII. 8 35.17 

MELA I'Diupuniiif,. l)r m-iiis .-ilu liln'i in. ,\ ('. Ivlii 

polini, 1'iilyhinlnr. IJa^ileif, < \.t I.) \rv. 10. 7ii.-S 

MELANCHOLY, The anatomy of. iturtun, u oo.s 

Shelf. No. 
Mi:i. \N( irrriON, P. Commentarii in epistolam Pavli 

:nl Ilomanos. Argentorati, M. D. xxx VI. i> . 48.27 

Corpvs doctrinno Christiana?. Lipsiai, M. D. 

I.MII. f" .................. G2.9 

Libulli alicivot vtile.s. Yitebergoe, 1500. 8 . . 58.27 

Contents. DC ecclesia; DC pcenitentia; De rnniiiL-io 
eacerdotum; De usii'ink'^ri sacramenti & nii.-sa tin a- 
trica; De jiotcstutc puntilicis & cpiscoporum, collecta 
opera C. Crucigeri; Scriptum in conncntii Schmalcal- 
densi, contra Suencfeldium, S. Francum, etc., 1.V7; 
Responsio decontrouersijs Stancari. 

-- Same. Vitcbergse, 1561. 8 ......... 

Whether it be mortall sinne to transirrr-se 

ciuil lawes. The iudgement of P. Mtlanc- 
ton in his epitome of raorall philij.sophie. 
The resolution of II. Bullinger, 11. (jualtir, 
M. Bucer, and P. Martyr, concernyng thap- 
parrel of ministers. [Colophon] London, 
[n. d., about 1570]. 8. [Black-letter] . . . 

MELIUS inquircndum. AIsop, V .......... 

MEMOIRS of the occurrences of Europe, with relation 
to the treaty at Utrecht. London, M DCC 
XII. pp. (2), 38. 8" ............. 

MEMORY. De memoria artiflciosa. Magirus, J. . . 

MERCIER, J. Tabvlae in grammaticen lingua; C'hal- 
daBae, qua? & Syriaca dicitur. Parisiis, M. D. 
LX. 4 ................... 

Commentarii inlobum, Proverbia, Ecclcsiasten, 

Canticum canticorum. See Bible. O. T. Job, 
et seq ..................... 

Commentarii in prophctas quinque priores inter 

eos qui minores vocantur. See Bible. O. T. 

Minor prophets ............... 

MERCURIES aulicus: communicating intelligence. 

Especially from Westminster. From Fcbr. 10. 

to Febr. 17. 1648. K"umb. 3. n. p., [1648]. 

pp. (8). 4 ................. 

MEKCURius Britanicus, or the English intelligencer. 

A tragic-comedy, at Paris, n. p., 1641. pp. (6). 

4. [Imperfect] .............. 

MERCURIUS elencticus. Communicating the unpar- 

allell'd proceedings at Westminster. From 9. 

of February, till 16. of Feb. 1647. Numb. 12. 

n. p. ,[1647]. pp. 85-92. 4 ......... 

MERCURIUS melaucholicus: or, nevves from Wot- 

minster, and other parts. From Octob. -. to 

Octob. 23. 1047; Jan. 15-29. Feb. 12-19.1648. 

Numb. 6-S, 21, 22, 25. n.p., [HU7,4>]. 6 nos. 

in Iv. 4 .................. 

MERCVRIVS pragmaticus, communicating intelligence 

from all parts. Especially from Westminster. 

From Octob. 12. to 20, Octob. 26. to Xovcm. 0. 

1647. Num. 5, 7, 8. n. p., 1647. 4 ..... 
MERCY, The, of the government vindicated. Added, 

Remarks upon An argument to prove the af- 

fections of the people the best security of the 

government. London, 1716. pp. 'M. 8 ... 
MERKS, or Merkes, T., ftp., Letter concerning. See 

Kemiet, W., l>2> ............... 

MERLIN, J. Tomvs priinvs [et secvndv.-] (jvatvor 

conciliorum geiieraliiiiu. Parisiis, MDXXIHI. 

2v. f ................... 

Contents. T. I. (Juadraginta septem conciliorum 
pr<>\ ini-ialiu nuthenticoruin , Decretorum eexa^inta 
iimifiu poutifieum, ab apostnlis & corude canouibus 

ir-i|: ad /..ichariam priinum Ysiduro authore. II. l'i:n-- 
tiea (luintf Syinidi C'onstantinopolituno; Srxt:i s\ m dus 
ConStantlDOpoUtnnft i Ada r.'lu-iru C'cutaltticn^is ; 

ItfiTi-ta ciinfilii llM^ilu-nsis: Approbntio actorum con- 

rilii I ^^ilii'ii-is PIT X. 1'.; Confmnalio Odnslitulio- 
iiuni 1'irdriii'i, .t 













Mi.i;\i>, or Mervyn, .s'/Y A. Speech to the lords, 
May -Jl. l>, ||. ( \,n. rrniiiL; the judicature .>f 
iln- lii-li court of parliament. London, 1641. 
pp. (,-j;, 17. 4 ................ 7>.lil 




Shelf. No. 
MEKVIN, or Mervyn, Sir A., continued. 

Speech to the vpper house of parliament in Ire- 

land, March 4. 1640. "NVith articles (of high 
treason) against Sir R. Bolton, John bishop 
of Derrie, Sir G. Leather, and Sir G. Rad- 
cliffe. Added an humble remonstrance of the 
parliament, n. p., 1641. pp. (2), 14. 4 ... 78.17 

Speech. See Ireland 78.31 

MERY, J. Controversia de foramine ovali. See Ver- 

heyen, P 35.4 

METAPHYSICS. Ames, "W. Adversus metaphysicam 

disputatio 37.22 

Burgersdijk, F. P. Institutionum metaphysi- 

carum lib. n 36.33 

Martini, 0. Metaphysica 36.34 

Ratnus, P. Metaphysical lib. xiv 00.4 

Scheibler, C. Metaphysica 36.22 

Stier, J. Pra?cepta doctrinte metaphysics . . . 36.18 
METEOROLOGY. De meteoris. See Brerewood, E. 37.4 
METHODISTS, The spirit of the martyrs revived in 

the. "VVarne, J 64.4 

MICHAEL Apostolius. Proverbia. See Patrick, S. . 77.17 
MIDDLEBURG. Ecclesiarum Gallo-Belgicarum in 
eynodo Medioburgensi 13 Sept. 1656. do I. 
Dura;!, Irenico ludicium. n.p., Cl3 IDC l/vi. 

pp. 7. 4 49.55 

MIDDLETON , P. A dissertation upon the power of the 

church; in a middle way. London, 1733. S'. 59.14 
MILITARY biography. Elogia virorum bellica virtute 

illustrium. Giovio, P 79a.2 

MILLAR, R. The history of the church under the Old 
Testament: also the affairs and learning of 
heathen nations before Christ, and the state of 
the Jews to the present time. Subjoined, A 
discourse to promote the conversion of the 

Jews. Edinburgh, M.D.CC.XXX. f 50.9 

MILLENIUM. Hall, J.,bp. The thousand-yearesreigne 

of the saints with Christ upon earth. 24.55 and 68.10 

Homes, N. The dawning of the day-star for a 

thousand yeers GOa.S 

Vane, Sir H., the younger. The reign and king- 

dom of Christ 63.6 

MlLTON, J. Opera omnia Latina. Amstelodami, 

M.DC.XC.VIII. f" 90.11 

Contents. Defensio pro populo Anglieano, contra C. 
Salmasii Defensionem regiam; Del'ensio secunda, con- 
tra A. Morum; Defensio pro Be, cui adjungitur J. 
Philippi responsio ad apologiam anonymi cujusdam; 
Litene senatus Anglican! nee non Cromwelli, &c. nom- 
ine ac jussu conscripts; Artis logicse institutio ad P. 
Kami methodum; Epistolarum familiarium liber unus; 
Prolusiones quondam oratorise. 

Artis logicsB plenior institutio, ad P. Rami me- 

thodum concinnata. Adjecta est Praxis anna- 
lytica Si P. Rami vita. Londini, 1672. 12 . 37.13 

Defence of Milton's life. See Tolaud, J. . . . 78.4 
MINING. Extract by Mr. Bushell of his late abridg- 
ment of Lord Bacon's Philosophical theory in 
mineral prosecutions. Bushell, T. . . . 26.206, 207 

MINISTRY of the gospel. Bull, G., bp. A compan- 
ion for candidates of holy orders 28.22 

Collings, J. Vindication of a gospel-ministry . 49.69 
Revindication of gospel-preachers 49.70 

Erskine, J. Ministers cautioned against giving 

offence '. 17.261 

Fancourt, S. Nature and expediency of a . . . 32.1 

Lucy, W. Treatise on the natvre of a minister. 49.43 

Melanchthon, P. Resolutions concernyng the 

apparrel of ministers 68.1d 

Stennett, J. Complaints of an unsuccessful 

ministry 17.219 

Svpplication to parliament, for a learned minis- 

tcry. See Lamentable 67.19 

Tomlyns, S. Discourse on 2 Cor. in. 6 .... 18.68 

Trapp, J. Dignity, and benefit, of the priesthood. 16.37 

See also ; Uomiletics, Ordination, Pastor. 

Shelf. No. 
MlNSHEU, J. Ductor in linguas, the gvide into 

tongves. Londini, 1617. f 81.1 

Same. Seconded. London, M. DC. xxvii. f. 81,2 

MINUCICS, F. M. Octavius. Cantabrigiue, 1643. 

16 20a.24 

Octavius, ex itcrata recensione J. Davisii; cum 

notis D. Henildii & N. Rigaltii. Accedit Com- 
modianus, cum observationibus. Cantabrigiae, 
MDCCXII. 8" 20a.lO 

Ootavius. See Tertullianus, Q. S. F 20a.23 

MOLIN.IUS, P. See Du Moulin, P. 

MOLLER, H. Enarratio Psalmorvm. See Bible. O. 

T. Psalms 43.2 

MONARCHY the best form of government. Fiennes, 

N 78.124 

MONK, G., duke of Albemarle. Letter from general 
Monck, and [his] officers to parliament. Lon- 
don, 1660. pp. (2), 15. 4 26.172 

and others. Letter of addresse from the officers 

of the army in Scotland, to the speaker of par- 
liament. 18th of May 1G59. London, 1659. 
pp. (2), 6. 4 26.105 

MONTAGNANA, B. De compositione, & dosi medi- 

camentorum. See Meiet, P 35.17 

MONTAIGNE, M. E. de. Essayes. [Translated by J. 

Florio.] Third ed. London, MDCXXII. f . 00.6 

MOOR, J. Dissertatio de systemate mundi. Glas- 

gune, M. D. cc. xxxii. pp. (2), 18. 4 .... 36.7 

MORAXITIE, The, of the fourth commandement. n. p., 

n. d. 4 66.8 

MORE, H. Enchiridion ethicum, prrecipua moralis 
philosophiae rudimenta complectens. Ed. 
nova: accessit epistola ad V. C. [s. apologia 
pro Cartesio], Amstelodami, clo loc LXXIX. 
12 37.17 

MORE, Sir Thomas. A dyaloge of the worshyp of 
ymagys & relyques, prayng to sayntis, & 
goynge on pylgrymage. Wyth many other 
thyngys touchyng the pestylent secte of Lu- 
ther & Tyndale. Newly ouersene. n. p., 
1530. f. [Black-letter] 70a.4 

The supplycacyon of soulys. Against [S. 

Fish's] Supplycacyon of beggars. n. p., 

n. d. S. xliiii. f . [Black-letter] 70a.5 

MORE, Thomas, a weaver, Examination of the doc- 
trines of. See Whitfield,T 16.182 

MORIN, J. Triplex assertio veritatis Hebraic, ad- 
uersus exercitationes T. Morini. See Muis, S. 
M. de 41.6 

MORLAND, Sir 8. History of the evangelical 
churches of the valleys of Pieniout. London, 
1658. f 10.9 

MORNAY (Lat. Mornaeus), P. See Duplessis-Mor- 
nay, P. 

MORTON, C. t Debts discharge, or some considera- 
tions on Rom. 13. 8. the former part. London, 
1684. pp. (4), 60, (2). 8 23.72 

f The gaming-humor considered and reproved. 

London, 1684. pp. (2), 52. 8 23.71 

| The little-peacemaker ; upon Proverbs 13. 10. 

London, 1674. pp. 86, (2). 8 23.73 

| The way of good men for wise men to walk in. 

London, 1681. pp. 95. 8 23.74 

MORTON, T., 6/>. fA defence of the inuocencie of the 
surplice, crosse after baptisme, and kneeling 
at the sacrament. London, 1618. 4 .... f>8.3 

A triplication unto D. Bvrgesse his rejoinder 

for. See Ames, W 49.74 

MOSAIC law. Weernse, J. Exposition of the lawes 

of Moses v. 3 of 44.15 

Zopper, "W. Legum Mosaicarum forensium ex- 


MOSES Ben Maimon, or Maimonides. De idololatria 
liber, cum interpretatione Latina & notis D. 
Voseii. Amsterdam!, M DC xxxxi. 4" ... 40a.l4 




Shelf. No. 
MOSES Ben Maimon, or Maimonidcs, continued. 

Do Bacriticiis liber. Acccsserunt Abarbanelia 

exordium, scu procemium commentariorum in 
Leviticum: ct Majemonldse tractatus dc con- 
sccratiom- oalciidarnm, ct de ratione intc n-a- 
landi. Convert!! in scrim mem Latinum, & no- 
tis illustravit L. dc C'oinpicgnc dc Veil. Lon- 
dini, MDCLXXXIII. 4" ........... 40a.2 

MOST hvinlile svpplicatlon of loyall svbieets, perse- 
cuted, oncly for differing in religion, n. p., 
Hi-Jl. pp. (2), 36. 8 ............ 79.15 

MOTTOES. Symbula imperatoria. Reusncr, N. . . 79a.4 

MoiM'AGU, or Montagu, R., bp. Examination of 

his Appcllo Cacsarcm. See Carlcton, G., lp. 66.29 

Muis, S. M. de. Opera omnia. Accedit triplex 
assertio veritatis Hcbraicse [I. Morini}. Clav- 
divs D'Avvcrgnc colic-git. Parisiis, M. DC. L, 
M. DC. XLIX. 2v.ini. f .......... 41.6 

Contents. Vol. I. Commentarius liternlia & historl- 
. cus in omnes Psalmos Davidis, & sclecta Yuteris 
Tcstaracnta cantica. II. Varia sacra, varijs c Kab- 
binis contexta. 

MUJJDAY, A. Survey of London. See Stow, J. . . 90.7 
MLHTON, J., Defence of the synod at Dort against. 

See Robinson, J ............... 65.33 

MUSARUM Anglicanarum analeeta. Vol. 1, ed. 3n; 

v. 2, ed. 2a. Londini, M DCC xiv. 2v. 12 . 74.37 
MUSCULUS, Mosel, or Moescl, W. In Matthseum 

commentarii. Bnsilea-, M.D.LXVII. f . . . 44.1 

Loci commviies theologise sacree. Editio vltima. 

Basilcse, clo lo xcix. f .......... 61.10 

In Genesim commentary. See Bible. O. T. 

Genesis ................... 43.8 

Music. Du Contain dc la Moulettc, P. Traite sur la 

musique des Hebreux ............ 50a.22 

riayford, J. Introduction to the skill of .... 38.14 

See also: Cymbals, Violin. 

MUZLED ox, The, treading out the corn, and bellowing 
out his just complaint against his merciless 
masters. [Title-page and- p. 37 supplied in 
MS.] London, [1050] . pp. (2), 37. 4 ... 32.37 

MYTHOLOGY. Bacon, Sir F. The wisdom of the 

ancients ................... 38.4 

Cartari, V. Imagines Deorvm, qvi ab nntiqvis 

colebantvr ................. 77.34 

Conti, N. de. Mythologia? libri decem .... 77.33 

NALTON, J. Delay of reformation. A sermon to the 
house of commons at their moncthly fast, April 
29. 1046. London, 1646. pp. (6), 40. 4. [Im- 
perfect] ................... 

NANI, D. Novissima polyanthea in libros xx. dis- 
pcrtita. Opus pnvclarum, suauissimis floribus 
celebriorum scntentiarum, cum GrsEcarmn, 
turn Latinarum refertum. Francofvrti, M. DC. 
xvii. f ................... 

NAOGJJOUGUS, T. See Phalaris. 

NAKUATIVE, A, of the proceedings of the fleet : since 
lin-ir arrivall lit Graves End. London, 1059. 
pp. (2), 8. 4 ................ 

iVofe. Signed M. II. 

NATURAL history. Magirus, J. Physiologiaj libri 

Ravisius-Textor, J. Cornvcopiac epitome . . 

See also : Botany. 
NATURE. Censvre of the crrovr tovching natvrcs 

decay. Hakcwill, G ............. 

N \v I:A-I IIIN. rrolilmvitu na\ lira. Kci-Ucrinaiin, l'>. 

,\ i dMiMi VMS.M iiimiiinUM. Chauncy, 1 ...... 

;,]. IMI-, i '. De vita excellentiutn iiii|ii'i-ai.u-iiin. In- 
tcrpretatione et noli illusl ra\ .1 ' , < '"vrlin, in 
iisiini Di'lphiui. Juxta ed. noviss, I'ai-i.-icn- 
M in. l.tpiidini, M i>c xci. s" ........ 

Kxcellcatium impi-ratonim \il:c. .Veil i> illus- 

trains ub 11. EMJUIIIO. Loudiui, wuci'X. 1~' . 









S] 1C lf. No. 

NERVOUS diseases. Patholngisc cerebri, ct nervosi 

generis specimen. "U'illis, T 35.5 

NETIIKM s, M. T)i.-pvtalioiiis t].i-'.l'>u'ifip,deconcursu 
Dei determinants, an detcrminabili ? sectio 
l-lli; sub prsesldi'i G. X'oelii. Ultrajecti, Cla 
ID c XLV, XLVI. 4 63.Ha 

NETIIEULANDS. Defence of the Lowe count i 

See Elixalicth, tjmcit nf I'.iif/biinl 78.06 

Strada,F. Dc bc-llo Belj^ico decas prima, 1555-78. 7'J 12 

See also: Amsterdam, Dunkirk, Guuldcrland, Ley- 
den, Middlebur;;, Utrcclit. 

NEVIL, G. f A speech upon the consolidated bill. 

D. p., 1721. pp. (2), 9. 4 20.27 

NEWCOMI:N, M. The all-seeing vnsecn eye of God. 
A sermon before the hovse of commons, De- 
cember 30. 1646. the day of their moncthly fast. 
London, M.DC.XLVII. pp. (5); 4S. 4 .... 55.28 

The craft and crvelty of the chvrches adver- 

saries, a sermon, before the house of commons, 
K"ovemb. 5, 1642. London, M. DC. xuil. pp. 
(6), 70. 4 16.176 

A sermon, before parliament, at a fast, Sept. 12. 

1044. London, 1044. pp. (6), 41. 4 . 55.00 and 56.13 

Answer to bishop Hull's Humble remonstrance. 

See Marshall.S 59.6 

NlCENE creed, Appendix touching the. Ashwell, G. 67.2 

NICEPHORUS Callistus. Ecelosiasticae historiae libri 
decem et octo. Opera J. Langi, e Grrcco 
in Latiuum translati. Adiecimvs Cassiudori 
tripartitam, historiam. IVancof , M. D. LXXX- 
VIII. f 20.2 

NICETAS Serron, or Hcraclccnsis. Commentarii. 

See Gregorius Nazianzenns 20.9 

NICHOLAS, II. Documeiitall senteces. [No title- 
page. AboutlOSO.] ff.47. 8. [niack-letter]. 70a.33 

NICHOLS, or Nicholls, J. Examiuatioii of The plea 

of the innocent. See Covcll, W 78.107 

NICHOLSON, William, ^7). of Carlisle, JDcrri/, and 
Cashel. A eolleeliuii of papers seatter'd lately 
about the town. With remarks upon them. A 
letter *o the bishop of Bangor. Second ed. 
London, 1717. pp.30. 8 26.197 

NICHOLSON, William, bp. of Gloucester. Exposition of 
the catechism of the church of England. Lou- 
don, 1661. 4" 69.2 

NICOLE, P. Logica, sivc sirs cogitandi. See Ar- 

nauld, A 37.12 

NlFO, A. Commcntaria, in octo libros topicorvm 

Aristotelis. See Aristoteles 72.,") 

NILE. Admiranda Nili. Wendelin, M. F 35.3 

NILUS Doxopatrius, fl. about 1143. Notitia patriar- 
chatuum Gr. ct Lat. [Le Mo3'ne. \"aria 
sacra] v. 1 of - la.'J 

NlXON, A. The dignity of man, both in the perfec- 
tions of his soule and body. Part 1 ? 1H12. 
[No title-page.] 4. [Imperfect] 27.107 

NOAILLES, L. A. de, ultp. Declaration. Sec Kenclon, 

F. dc S. dc la M 57.14 

NONCONTOKJIISTS. Alsop, V. Calnniiiics against 

the 66."-, 4'Z 

Baxter, R. The non-conformists plea I'm- peace . 04.16 

Ilickmau, II. Apologia pro ministris in Anglia 

DonconformiSTla 58.31 

Scealsu: (Jrai-c. 
NONCONFOUMITY. Baxter, II. What mec-r non-con- 

lonuity is not 64.15 

The unlawfulness of hearing the conforming 

ministers, pn.vcd. ,s'iv Jcrnbbaal 69.2 

NONirs Marccllus. [( ' nil I Vied. Avrtuivi Lntinnc lin> 

] 72.17 

NONJUiions, Pre<ci-vativi- against the principles anil 

practices of the, Eoadly,B.,6p 

NONNUS. Op use ill n n i. c | Hi i histiu-i.:-; ,;ii.c in iniii el in is 
a<lnci--u.- InlianiM.i upOBtatum repci iunlur, ex- 

puiiil. >n Gregorius Nazianzeuua 20.9 




Shelf. No. 

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don, 1675. pp. (12), 59. 8" 57.26 

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NOTTINGHAM, Earl of. See Finch, D. 

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tatis Christianas, Gr. & Lat. Loudini, 15?3. 8. 69.27 

f Same. Latine explicata. Londini, 1576. 4. 60.4 

1 Same. Gr. &Lat. Londini, 1578. 8.... 69.28 

f Same. Londini, MDCXXXVIII. 12' 69.26 

f Same. Londini, MDCLXXIII. 12 69.20 

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Letters upon Theron and Aspasio. Edin- 
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Westminster and Guild-Hall. From 1678 to 
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OBJECTIONS] answered by way of dialogue wherein 
is proved that no man ought to be persecuted 
for his religion, n. p., 1615. pp. (8), 80. 8. 
[Black-letter] 57.35 

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famous libel, &c. In a letter to Mr. P [ulteney]. 
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ter of a protestant. London, 1716. pp. 22. 8. 27.211 

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1327-1558. Item. De pacatissimo Anglice statu, 
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ad Romanes notse. SeeBible. N. T. Romans. 48.13 

ORATIONS. Conciones et orationes ex historicis 

Latinis excerptse 76.30 

ORATORY, Instructions concerning. "Walker, O. . . S7.7 
See also : Rhetoric. 

ORDINATION. Answer to E. Chillenden's Preaching 

without. See Church-members set in joynt , 59.13 

Ball, T. The pulpits patronage against un- 

ordained usurpation 59.61 

Ordinance, giving power to presbyteries to or- 

daine. See Great Britain. Parliament . . . 59.31 

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bishops valid 58.11 

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glotton, Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacuna, 
Samaritanum, _<Ethiopieum, Arabicum, con- 
junctim; et PerBicnm separatim 50.1 

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sermon occasioned by the death of P. Dod- 
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recognitione, ex recensione nova G. Bersrnani. 

Ed. 3a. Lipsiae, 1596. 8 73.29 

Contents. Fastorvm lib. vi; Tristivra lib. v; De 
Tonto lib. iiii; Dirae in Ibin ; Halievticon fragmeutvm. 

Shelf. No. 
OVIDICS Naso, P., continued. 

[Opervin torn, ill.] Loudini, [date cut off]. 8. 74.14 

Contents. Heroidum epistoljc; Amorum, libri iii; 
De arte amumli, lil>ri iii; De remedio anioris. libri n; 
De nvce; De mcdicamine faciei, etc. 

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notis illustriivit D. Chrisjiiiivs ad usum Del- 
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Imperfect.] 8 74.11 

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Same. Londiui, 1697. pp. (2), 94. 8 .... 74.2 

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Discourse concerning evangelical love, church- 

peace, & unity. London, 1673. 8 58.9 

Divine original!, authority, and power of the 

Scriptures. Also a vindication of the integri- 
ty of the Hebrew and Greek texts; in consid- 
erations on [Walton's] Bibliapolyglotta. Ox- 
ford, 1659. 8 49.28, 31 

The doctrine of justification by faith through the 

imputation of the righteousness of Christ, 
confirmed. London, 1677. 4 63.16 

Meditations on the glory of Christ, in his person, 

office, and grace : with the differences between 

faith and sight. London, 1684. 8 66.40 

De natvra, ortv, progressv, et stvdio versa theo- 

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A plea for Scripture ordination. Prefixt an 

epistle by D. Williams. Second cd. London, 

1707. 8 58.11 

Pro Sacris Scripturis adversus hujus temporis 

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Oxonii, CID IOC LVIII. 8 49.29, 32 

Of schisme with reference to the present dif- 

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8 23.66 and 58.30 

Seventeen sermons. Prelix'cl his life. London. 

1720. 2v. 8 54.11 

True nature of schisme, with a vindication of 

the congregational! churches in England, from 
the imputation thereof unjustly charged on 
them by D. Cawdrey. Oxford, M. DC. LVII. 
8 23.67 

f Truth and innocence vindicated: in a survey of 

[bishop Parker's] discourse concerning eccle- 
siastical polity. London, 1669. 8 58.6 

Vindiciao evangclicaj or the mystery of the gos- 

pell vindicated, and Socinianisme examined, in 
confutation of J. Biddle and the Racovian cate- 
chismc. Oxford, 1655. 4" 04.22 and 65.26 

A vision of vnchangeable free mercy. A ser- 

mon before the house of commons, April. 29. 
the day of publike humiliation. Annexed, A 
short defensive about church-government. 
London, 1640. pp. (4), S3. 4 55.13 

Reflections upon his Communion with God. See 

Hotchkis, T 66.35 

OXFORD, Dp. of. See Talbot, W., lp. 

OXFORD university. The ansvvere of the vicechan- 
celovr, the doctors, proctors, [etc.] ; to the 
petition of the ministers of the church of 
England desiring reformation. Oxford, 1603. 

pp. (6), 32. 4 59.21 

ffotc In answer to the so-called "Millenary pe- 
tition," signed by 8J5 ministers. 




Shelf. No. 
OXFORD university, continued. 

A catalogue of all gradtiats in divinity, law, 

and physick : masters nf arts, and doctors of 
musiek: 1659-1088. [By 11. Peers.] Oxford, 
1689. 8" 37.G 

Statuta selecta e corpora statutorum. Typis 

LitchfieldianK IGiil. 12 37.15 

Defence of tin; Brovvni.sts against thu imputa- 

tions of the heads of the. See Apologic, etc. 78.109 

Jioilleian library. Catalogvs vniversalis libro- 

rvm. Auctore T. lames. Osouiaj, 1620. 4. 33.5 

PAGAN religions. Origin of the idolatries of the pa- 
gans. Jurieu, 1* 40a.lO 

Seealso: Gnostics, Mythology, Syria. . 

PAGE, S. The broken heart : or, meditations upon 

the 51 Psalme. London, 1637. 4" 5G.1 

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Antverpiae, M. D. LXXVIII. 8 50a.3, 12 

Epitome thesavri lingvae sanctce. F. Raphclen- 

givs auxit, emendauit, & appendicem dictio- 
num Cbaldaicaruui adilidit. Accessit hac edi- 
tione index dictionum Latinarum, sine lexicon 
Latiuo-IIebraicum. [Lugduui Batavoruru], 
ClD. ID. 1C. 8 50a.2 

Thesavrvs lingvoe sanctcc, sive lexicon Hebrai- 

cvm auctum ac recognitura, opera I. Merceri. 
Colonise Allobrogvm, M. DC. xiv. f . . . . 50.3,4 

PAIDEUTICA, sive ascctica quxdam. Per II. II. Lon- 

dini, M. DC. XLVI. pp. (6), 78. 8 74.40 

PALATINATE. Declaration of the faith and ceremo- 
nies professed in the dominions of prince Fred- 
ericks, 5. Tr. by I. Rolte. London, 1G14. 4. 69.32 

Declaration of the Pfaltzgraves : concerning the 

faith and ceremonies professed in his churches. 
London, 1637. pp. (47). 4 26.239 

Lectures vpon the cateehisme, authorised by 

prince Frederick. Ursinus, Z 63.3 

PALENGENIUS, Mnrcellus, pseud. See Manzolli, P. A. 
PALESTINE. Palestina ex mouumentis veteribus il- 

lustrata. Rcland, A 40a.8 

PALMER, II. The dvty & honovr of church-restorers : 
a sermon to the house of commons, Septemb. 
30. 1646. The day of the moncthly fast. Lon- 
don, 1646. pp. (7), 63. 4 55.18 

The glasse of Gods providence. A sermon to 

parliament, Aug. 13. 1044 [a] day of humilia- 
tion. London, 1644. pp. (.6), 66. 4". . 55.57 and 56.21 

The Christian Sabbath vindicated. SeeCawdrey, 

D 12.6 and 66.2 

PAPACY. Duplessis-Mornay, P. Mystcrium inicpui- 

tatis, seu historia papatus 10a.4 

Voetius, G. Desperata cavsa papatvs .... 70a.7 
PARACELSUS, P. A. T. (Jiomliiixt run. JIiil/cnIn iin). 

The chymical transmutation, and generation 
of metals & minerals. Also, of the Urim 
und Thummim. With an appendix, of the 
vertues of an excellent water made by Dr. 
Triggc. The second part of the Muniial Trea- 
tise. Added, Philosophical and c-hymical 
experiments of R. Lvlly. Translated by It. 

Turner. London, ir,:,7. 8 34.17 

PARADISE, A treatise of. Salkeld, J 07.13 

PARK, A. Opera ehirurgica. InMiper physiologica 
miijta, X tlier.-ipentiea. Recognita: & Latini- 
tatedonata. I. (! villein i-av labore. France, tYrti 

nd Miuiivin, M. D. .xciiil. f 81.4 

PARENT. I)e patria pole-iaie Konnma. Scott, 1). oG.4 

US, D. Opervin Ihculo^icorvin torn. 1, II. l'i: - 

lixa Cut IKlITutio lliMoric:i dc vit;i e' uliitv 

Davidis 1'arci, coiiHcripla ii 1'. 1'areo. [ lli-idd- 

berg:e|, .M. 111 . \\\m. '2\'. f 43.4 

COnt<:nts. T. I. ('ullimrnt:irills in Crlir-.iii|, in |>ro- 

i, inh. in ii., , i Nnt:r brouiorei > >; !<!< limn inOMs, 
ii Common toriue in rimnyi Hum Muttim.-!. 

Shelf. No. 

PAREUS, D., continued. 

II. Ciiininriituriiu in epistolam ad Romance, in prio- 
rcm ad Cnrintliios; 1'anititla parthcnica, sivc scripta 
praccipvaTertulliani, Ilieronyini, Augustini.&alioruin, 
de vir^initntc', I'mitiin'iitia, viduitate, coniugio, & diga- 
mia, din true t:i, 11 nti-, i 11 u strata; Cummentarius in episto- 
lam ad (J.ilutus; I'. I'urc-i Cciinmentarius in cpistolam nd 
Pliilcmonem; D. Parci commentarius in cpistolam nd 
Ili'liracns, in lacobi, in vtramquc Petri; P. Parei coin- 
montarius in epistolam ludx; D. Parei conimentarius 
in Apocalypsin. 

In Iloseam prophctam commentari[i] prole- 

gomena. Hcidelbergae, Clo loc xvi. pp. (10), 

2. 4 v. 1 of 43.4 

Robert! Bellarmini liber unus de gratia primi 

hominis castigatus D. Parei. Heidelbergae, 

do ID cxn. 8 66.41 

Commentarivs. See Bible. N". T. Galatians. 47.19 

Corpvs doctrhiio Christianas. See Ursinus, Z. . 65.25 

Miscellanea catechetica. See Ursinus, Z. . . . 65.25 
PAREUS, P. Narratio dc vita D. Parei ; commenta- 
rius in epistolam ad Philemonem, in cpistolam 
ludaj. See Parcus, D 43.4 

PARKER, H. f The case of shipmony. n. p., 1640. 

pp. (2), 49. 4 78.86 

fGood work for a good magistrate. London, 

1651. 12 57.24 

PARKER, R. De politeia ecclesiastica libri duo. 

n.p., ClD ID c xxxvin. 4 49.64 

Against symbolizing with antichrist in ceremo- 

nies : especially in the signe of the crosse. 

n. p., 1607. f 70a.2, 3 

PARKER, S., bp. Survey of his discourse concern- 
ing ecclesiastical polity. See Owen, J. . , . 58.6 

PARKER, T. The instrument, whereby T. Parker 
was made a master of arts at Franeker. April 
1. 1017. [Xo title-page.] pp. 3. 4 .... 27.110 

PARLIAMENT. The innkeepers opinion of the trien- 
nial act. See Innkeepers 26.220 

Letter showing the inconveniences of the act for 

triennial parliaments 26.192 

Mervin, Sir A. Speech concerning the judica- 

ture of the high court of 78.16 

Triennial act impartially stated 26.230 

See also: Great Britain. 
PARR, E. VVorkes. Third ed. London, 1631. f. 44.3 

Contents. Exposition upon the epistle to the Komnns; 
Exhortation to the study of the Word, with directions 
for hearing and reading of the same; The grounds of 
divinity expounded and applied; Ahba Father, a 
direction for private prayer. 

PASOR, G. Index voeabulorum quoe in Ilesiodo 

occurrunt. See Hesiodus 75.20, 22 

PASTOR, The, and the prelate, or reformation and 
conformitie compared, n.p., M. DC. xxviu. 
pp. 72. 4 66.32 

PASTOR, The. Baxter, R. The reformed pastor . . 49.47 

Bowles, O. De pastore evangelico traotatus . 4'.>.4l) 

Guido de Monte Uocherii. Manipiilus curato- 

rum 49.38 

See also: Ministry of the gospel. 

PATEROIJLUS, C. Velleius. Patercvlvs. Ex omen. la- 

tionc I. Lipsij. Parisiis, M. nc. i.vm. S . . 74.29 

PATRICK, Samuel, t t'lavi* llomerica. Cum lnwi 
de dialectic appeiidice fa (!. Perkins]. Ncc 
non Mich. Apostolii prnverbiis (!ra>ci>-I.atinis. 
Acce>-erc hnic e.litioni elogia dc- Ilomero. 
Roter.. ln-iii, el.) I.) r l.xxni. S 77.17 

PATRICK, Simon, li/>. Fil'leen sermons upon con- 
tentment. Also two s< nnons on the ministra- 
tions of angels. l..miloii, MUCCMX. S" . . . 54.15 

I'ATIU/.II, l'\, />/>. Compendiosa epitome commenta- 

riorviu. .\ccc,lil, |) 1 - institiilione prinel[ii4 
Clii-i.-tiani e\ lib. D. Krastni, \ e\ Slobn-ii.QuoJ 
optima sit monarchia. 1'arisiis, 1J63. S . . 79a.l3 




Shelf. No. 

PATTERNE, A, of cateebisticall doctrine. London, 

1630. 12 69.23 

PAUL, Sf., the apostle. The example of St. Paul, 
represented to ministers [etc.]. Added an ac- 
count of Timothy. London, 1720. 12' . ... 57.10 

PAUL V, pope. Qvarrels of, with Venice. See Sar- 

pi,P 10a.9 

PEACEABLE enquiry, A, into that controversie about 
reordination. With animadversions upon [a] 
Tract for the lawfulness of reordiuation,by J. 
Humfrey. London, 1661. 8 58.24 

PEACEMAKER, The little. Morton, C 23.73 

PEACE-OFFERING, A, in an humble plea for indvl- 
genoe and libcrtre of conscience. By sundry 
protestants differing from the present estab- 
lishment. London, 1667. pp. (2), 41. 4 . . 26.183 

PECQL'ET, J. Experimenta nova anatomica, De circula- 
tione sanguinis, & chyli rnotu. Hardervici, 
MDCLI. 12 35.21 

PEIRCE, J. The curse causeless. A sermon at 
Exon, Jan. 30th. 17. Fifth ed., corrected. 
London, 1717. pp. 35. 8 16.141 

Paraphrase and notes on the epistles of St. Paul. 

See Bible. N. T. Epistles 44.9 

PEIAGTANISM. Bradwardine, T., abp. De cavsa 

Doi, contra Pelagivm 61.7 

Usher, J. A Pelagic in ecclesiam inductas hae- 

reseos historia 10a.7 

See also: England, Church of. 

PEMBLE, W. VVorkes. Fourth ed. Oxford, 1659. 


Contents. Indexes, etc.; Vindicise gratia;; Vindicia: 
fidei; A treatise of the providence of God; Salomon's 
recantation, or Ecclesiastes explained; Persian monar- 
chy; Exposition upon Zecharie i-ix; Sermon on 1 
Cor. XV. 19, 20; Introduction to the Lord's supper; 
Five sermons: The slavery of sinne, The mischiefe of 
ignorance. The root of apostacie. The benefit of Gods 
service. The Christians love; Introduction to geogra- 
phy; De formarvm origine; De sensibvs internis; A 
svmme of morall philosophy. 

PENNOT, G. Ad ejtis libertatis humanre propugnacu- 

lum responsio. See Twisse, W. 62.7, 8 

PENRT, J. I lohn Penry doo heare set downe 
sumarily the whole truth and nothing but the 
truth in regard of my faith towards my God 
and dread soueraigne queenc Elizabeth. 
["\Viih letters to his church and his wife. No 
title-page. Black-letter.] pp. (12). 4 ... 78.98 

PERFECTION. Bates, W. Spiritual perfection, un- 
folded and enforced 54.23 

Du Pont, L. De la perfection dv chrestien en 

tovs ses etats 54.3 

Letters to J. Westley : against perfection . . . 27.134 
PERIODICALS. London magazine, Sept., 1746 . . . 26.12 

Mercurius aulicus, 1643 59.49 

Mercvrivs Austrio-Bohemo-Germanicvs, 1623. 

See Lundorp, M. C 79.10 

Mercurius, Brilannicus, 1641 59.50 

Mercurius elencticus, 1647 59.48 

Mercurius Gallo-belgicus, 1593, 94. Colonise- 

Agrippinoe. See Isselt, M. J. van 79.8 

Mercurius Gallo-belgicus, 1555-1627. Franco- 

fvrti, 1609-27. See Arthus, G 79.9 

Mercurius melancholicus, 1647, 48 59.46 

Mercvrivs pragmaticus, 1647 . . . 59.47 

Political state of Great Britain, November, 1714. 26.219 

PERKINS, G. De dialectis. See Patrick, S 77.17 

PERKINS, W. Workes. London, 1612, 13. 3v. f. 61.4 

Contents. Vol. I. The fovndation of Christian re- 
ligion, gathered into sixe principles; A golden chaine, 
or description of theologie; A treatise of T. Beza ; Ex- 
positionof the creed of the apostles; Exposition of the 
Lords prayer.; The praiers of Pavl taken out of his 
epistles; A song gathered out ofthe Psalmes; Adeclara- 
tion, whether a man be in the estate of damnation, or 

Shelf. No. 
PERKINS, \V., continued. 

of grace; How a man may know whether he be the 
child of God, or no; A discovrse of II. Zanrluvs; Direc- 
tion for the governemcnt of the tongve; Two treatises: 
Of repentance: Of the combat of the flush and spirit; 
How to live well; A salve for a sick man, or the natvre 
of death; A discovrse of conscience; A reformed catho- 
like; The trve manner of knowing Christ crvcificd; 
A graine of mvsterd-seede; The trve gainc; Warning 
against the idolatrie of the last times; An instruction 
touching diuine worship; Gods free grace, and mans 
free-will; The vocations of men. II. Treatise ofthe cases 
of conscience: Commentarievpon Galatians l-v, with a 
supplement vpon ch. VI, by R. Cudworth; Christian 
eqvity and moderation; Treatise of mans imaginations; 
Problcme of the forged catholicisme, or vniuersalitic 
ofthe Romish religion ; Predestination and grace, transl. 
by F. Cacot and T. Tuke; The arte of prophccying, or 
a treatise concerning preaching, transl. by T. Tuke; 
Harmonic of the Old and New Testament. III. Ex- 
position of Christs sermon in the mount; Com montane 
vpon Hebrewes n; Commentarie vpon Rev. i-ni; The 
combate betvveene Christ andthe deuill displayed; Ex- 
position rpon Zephaniah n. 1, 2; Of the calling of the 
ministerie. two treatises; Dialogve concerning the ende 
ofthe world: Exposition vpon the epistle of lude; Dis- 
covrse of witchcraft; A resolvtion to the covntry-man, 
proouing it vnlawfull to vse our yearely prognostica- 
tions ; Christian oeconomy, or the right manner of 
ordering a familie [transl. by T. Piekeiing]. 

_ -Same. London, 1616, 13, 18. 3v. f . . . . 61.5 

jfote. With the exception ofthe title-page andthe 
address of " The printer to the reader," this edition 
corresponds line for line with the edition of IGli', 1",. 
Vols. I and III are however reprints, as appears from 
the correction of typographical errors. 

The foundation of Christian religion, gathered 

into sis principles. London, 1661. pp. (8), 

39. 8" 68.4 

Do Romanas fidei ementito catholicismo. Anti- 

dotum contra Thesaurum catholicum I. Coccii. 

Editum opera S. Wardi. Hanovias, M DCIV. 

8 70a.27 

Ad examen libelli Perkinsiani, dc prsedestina- 

tionis modo responsio. See Twisse, W. . . . 63.8 
PERNE, A. Gospell courage. A sermon before the 

house of commons, 31. of May, 1(U3. London, 

1643. 4. [Imperfect, ending at p. 24] . . . 56.10 
PERPOYNT, W. See Pierrepont, W. 
PERROT, F., seigneur des Maizieres. Responsum nd 

Auiso piaceuole dato alia bella Italia. See Bel- 

larmino, R v. 4 of 70.6 

PERROT,R. The Scriptures stability. London, 1658. 

8 49.33 

PERSECUTION. That no man ought to be persecuted 

for his religion . See Objections answered . . 57.35 
PERSEVERANCE of the saints. Kendall, G. The 

doctrine of the 62.12 

Letter in vindication of the 27.133 

PERSIUS Flaccus, A. Satyrarvm liber I. Ivvenalis 

satyrarvm lib. V. Svlpicioe satyra I. Cum 
veteribus commentariis. Ex bibliotheca P. 
Pithoei. n. p., ClD. la. xc. 8 75.5 

Satirarvm liber. I. Casavbonvs reccnsuit, & 

commentario illustrauit. Parisiis, M. DCV. 8. 73.12 

Satiroe. See Juvenalis, D. J 73.3 

PETAU, D. Rationarium temporum. Editio opera P 

P, Collegii Moguntini, purgata. Francofurti, 

. M DC LXIV, LXV. 2v.ini. 8 79.7 

PETERS, H. A dying fathers last legacy to an onely 
child : or advice to his daughter. London, 

1661. 12" 57.25 

A word for the armie. And two words to the 

kingdome. London, 1647. pp. 14. 4 ... 12.10 

Vindication of, against W. Prynn. See Israels 

condition 7 '- 1 41 

Word to 13 - 17 

PETITION, A, to her maiestie [on reformation in the 

church of England], n. p. ,1593. pp.83. 4. 78.97 




Shelf. No. 

PETTO, 8. The revelation unvailed. With an appen- 
dix, proving that pagan Kuiin- was not Baby- 
lon, Rev. 17. and that the Jews shall be con- 
verted. London, MWXCIII. S 70a.l8 

PEZEL, C. Mellificium bietoricum integrant. Perfec- 
tum a J. Lampadio. Ed. nova. Marpurgi, 
M. D. cxxxi. 4 69a.42 

PFLACHER, M. Analysis typica cum veteris, turn 
noui Testament! librorum liistoricorum. Ed. 
5a. Basilcoe, M. DC. xxi. 4 44.14 

PHALARIS. Epistolae, Greece ac Latine. T. Nao- 

georgo interprete. Basiled, [1558]. 8 . . . 75.23 

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rvm de dosibvs 35.17 

Renou, J. de. Dispensatorivm medicvm . . . 35.2 
PIIILADKI.PHLS, Irenacus, pseud. See Du Moulin, L. 
PHILIP II, of Spain, Right way to resist the vio- 
lence of. Sec Texeira, J. de 78.102 

PHILIP III, of Spain. See Instrvments, etc. . . 27.116 
PHILIP V, of Spain. Manifesto, justifying his con- 
duct in relation to the late convention. With 
Lis reasons for not paying the ninety-five 
thousand pounds. [In French and English.] 

London, 1739. pp. (4), 53. 8 26.229 

PHILOLOGY, Comparative. Crucigcr, G. Harmonia 
li.iLfuarum quatuor cardinalium; Hebraicse, 
Groecse, Latinse & Gcrmanicse 51.7 

Minf-heu, J. Gvide into tongves 81.1,2 

PHILOSOPHER'S stone. A manuduction to the phi- 
losopher's magical gold. See Cheiragogia 
heliana 34.21 

PHILOSOPHY. Cleghorn, W. De philosophia prima. 36.9 

Deseartes, R. Meditationcs de prima philoso- 

pbia 36.25 

Gale.T. The court of the gentiles 36.17 

Heereboord, A. Meletemata philosophica . . 36.20 

La Rocbeposay, H. L. C. de. Celebriorum dis- 

tinctionum philosophicarnm synopsis . . . 36.26,27 

Legrand, A. Institutio philosophia;, secundum 

principia D. Renati Descartes 36.16 

Saint Paul, E. de. Summa philosophise quadri- 

partita 36.23 

Stahl, D. Regulse phUosophicaa 36.29 

See also; Analogy, Definitions, Democritus, Des- 
cartes, Epicurus, Metaphysics, Pre-existcnce, Plato, 
Pythagoras, Reason, Soul, Will. 

PHOENICIA. De coloniis & sermone Phccnicum. Bo- 
chart, S 40a.6 

[PHRASES poeticaeex probatLssimis poetis desumptoe. 

Title-page lost.] 8 76.38 

PHYSICS. Berthelsen, C. Enchiridion physicum . 34.23 

Carpenter, N. Philosophia libera 34.22 

Fay, T. Trias lectionura physicarum 34.9 

Heereboord, A. Philosophia naturalis. [Add.] 36.20a 

Magirus, J. Physiologiaa peripateticoe libri sex. 36.24 

Ramus, P. Physical lib. VIII 00.4 

Uohault, J. Physica 34.6 

Btier, J. Prsecepta doctrinae phy/sicse, etc. . . 36.18 

Wcndelin, M. F. Contemplationes physicao . . 35.3 

See also : Air, Alchemy, Astronomy. Magnetism, 
Meteorology, Vacuum. 

PICCOLOMINI, F., the elder, d. 1604. DC rervm dcfi- 

nitionibvs. Francoforti, M.DC. 4 36.15 

PICTIUI s, Treatise against, in churches. Salteren, G. Uii.uis 

l'n:i>MONT. ,SV<- Waldcii'c.-i. 

PIERCE, T. Answer to Picrce'g 'AuTOKaraicpio-ts. See 

llickiiKin, II 20a.21,22 

Preface vindicating the puritanca from the cen- 

sures of. See Baxter, K 07-38 

PlEHIlKPONT, W. Speci-h liy \\'. I Vrpoynt against S r 
Kulicrt I'.erkley, in mainteiianei- of lln-ir areu- 
satlon of high treason. At a conference of 
both houses, July 6. 1041. London, 1041. pp. 
(2), 10. 4 78.11 

Shelf. No. 

PIERS, H. A sermon before the dean of the arches, 
and the clergy of the deanery of .Slum-ham ; at 
Sevcnoaks, in Kent, 21st of May, 1742. Fifth ed. 
London, 1757. pp. 11. 4 16.8 

I 'iciiiL'S, A. De aeterna Dei pra?dostinatione, adver- 

sus Pighium. .See Calvin, J 62.4 

PlKERING, B. A firebrand pluckt out of the hvrning. 
A sermon before the house of commons, at 
their fust, Xovemb. 27. 1G44. London, 1645. 
pp. (G), 28. 4 55.72 

PINDAKUS. Olympia, Nemea, Pythia, Isthmia. 
Graece & Latine. Latinam interprttationem 
JE. P[ortus] recognouit. [Heidelbergse], do 

ID xcux. 8 75.2 

Epitome Iliados. See Homerus 71.9 

PISCATOR, J. Tractatus de gratia Dei. Item expli- 
catio qna?stionis de objccto prasdestinationis. 
HerbornaeNassoviorum, 1614. 8 67.24 

Analysis logica. See Bible. N. T. Matthew 

(48.5); Mark (48.6); Luke (48.2); John (47.23, 

4S.3); Epistles (47.24, 48.12); Romans (4S.10); 

Corinthians (48.11); Catholic epistles (48.0). 
Pius II, pope [E. S. Piccolomini]. Rerum familiari- 

um epistole peramene. n. p., [colophon] 1477. 

ff.177. f 00.7 

A'ote. " Fortasse Lovanni." Hain, No. 149. 

PLANETS. De motu planetarum. Love, J 36.3 

PLATO. Opera omnia. Marsilio Ficino interprete. 

Gr. [et] Lat. VitaPlatonis aDiogeneLaertio. 

Lvgdvni, M. D. xc. f 71.4 

Summa doctrinoe Platonis, de republics & legibus. 

See Seissel, C. de 79a.3 

PLAYFORD, J. Introduction to the skill of musirk. 
Added, The art of descant, by T. Campion; 
with annotations by C. Simpson. Eighth cd. 
London, 1679. 8 38.14 

The book of Psalms. See Bible. O. T. Psalms. 45.13 
PLINIUS Secundus,C. Naturalis hystoriae libri xxxvij. 

[Colophon] Parrhisijs, M.D.XIIII. f .... 72.8 

Historic mvndi libri xxxvu. A S. Gelenio cas- 

tigati. Editio altcra. [Colonise Allobrogum], 

M. DCI. 3v. 16 74.22 

PLUTARCIIUS. Qvse exstant omnia, cvm Latina intcr- 
pretationc II. Cruserij, G. Xylandri notis, et 
libellis variantivm Uvtionvm ex Mss. Codd. 
diligenter collectarum, et indicibvs accvratis. 
Francofvrti, M. D. xcix. 2v. f 71.1 

Contents. Vol.1. Vita Plutarch! e Xylandro; Vita) 
parallelse; Lectiones; Index. II. Jloralia. [The order 
the same as in Button's edition, cndin:; ;it DC- musica. 
See First Supplement, p. 4'Ji] ; II. Stephani corn- 
mentationcs; Lectiones varia;; Index. 

IIotKiAi) lo-Topia. Sive novus historiarum fabellarum- 
que delectus: cum notis & versionc. Londini, 

MDCCI. 8" T7.9 

Contents. JEMtmns; Polyocnus; Aristotelcs; Dio- 
nysius Halicarn. ; Mnxiinus Tyriua; Herodotus. 

POLANUS, A. [The partitions and definitions of di- 
uinitic. From the Latin, by T. Wileoeks. 
London, 1000. Title-page missing.] 8 ... 6S.9 

Syntagma theologiaj Christiaiue. Ilanovia', 

M. DC. XV. f 60.4 

Same. Ilanovia?, M. DC. xxv. f 60.5 

In Danielem commentariua. See Bible. O. T. 

I'aniel -W-2 

POLHILL, E. Answer to the discourse of W. Sher- 
lock, touching the knowledge of Christ, and 
our union with him. London. MIHM.XNV. S". 56.35 

POLITICAL M:ite, The, of (ireat liritain, with OCCUr- 
reiu-esin iMirope. For November, 1714. Lon- 

dOD, 1714. 8 -''--1'-' 

S, The, on both sides, with regard to foreiu'ti 
iill'aira. Second ed. London, 1734. pp. 7'2. 
go v. 20 of 19 .2 




Shelf. No. 

POLYANDER, J., and others. Censvra in confessio- 
nem eorum qui remonstrantes vocantur, sujjcr 
praecipuis articulia Christianas religiouis. 
Lvgdvni Batavorvm, do lo C xxvi. 8" ... 63.10 

Synopsis purioris theologias dispvtationibvs 

quiuquagiuta duabus comprehensa. Ed. 5a. 

Lugd. Batav., clc loc LVIII. 8 67.22 

POLYCARPUS. Epistola ad Fhilippenses ; Ecclesiaa 
Smyrnensis de Polycarpi niartyris epistola. 
Gr. et Lat. See Ittig, T 20a.l5 

Epistola. [Le Moyue. Varia sacra] . . . v. 1 of 20a.9 
PONTANUS, J. Epistle upon the minerall fire. See 

Cheiragogia heliana 34.41 

POCXLE, M. Evangelical worship is spiritual wor- 
ship. A sermon before the lord maior, Aug. 
26. 1660. London, 1600. pp. (6), 24. 4 . . 26.175 

The nullity of the Romish faith. Or, an exam- 

ination of the churches infallibility. With 
demonstration of the protestaut faith, [against] 
Rich worth, White, Cressy, and Everard. 
Second ed. Oxford, 1667. 8 70a.22 

Synopsis criticorum aliorumque S. Scripturce 

interpretum. Londini, MDCLXIX-LXXVI 4v. 

in 5. f 40.2 

Contents. Vol. I. Genesis ad Jobum. II. Jobus; 
Psalmi; Proverbia; Ecclesiastes; Canticum cantico- 
rum. III. Prophetce. IV. Evangelia; Acta. V. Epis- 
tola?; Itevelatio. 

POPE. Carranza, B. Svmma pontificvm 68.36 

Lubbert, S. De papa Romano 70a.24 

See also: Paul V. 
POPERY. Barlow, T. Popery very dangerous to all. 70a. 13 

Seasonable exhortation of ministers in London, 

to their people 26.176 

POPULAR prejudices against the convention and 

treaty with Spain, Reply to 27.36 

PORTER, J. Funeral sermon on T. Beard. See 

Beard, T 10a.l7 

PORTUS, F. Commentarii in tres Aristotelis rhetori- 

cae, libros. See Aristoteles 75.15, 16 

POSSEL, J. ApophthegmataGrajcolatina. Ed. noua. 

Opera I. Posselii. Francofvrti, M. DC. xvi. 8. 77.15 

Familiarivm colloqviorvm libellvs Graece & La- 

tine. AccessitDialogus de ratione studiorum 
recte instituenda. Item Oratio de ratione dis- 
cendaa ac docendse linguae Latiuas & Graecaa. 
Londini. 1630. ff. (55). 8 77.24 

Sun-afis Groeca, cum regulis de accentibus, & 

Varennii de iisdem tractatu. Cantabrigias, cia 
IOCXL. 8" 77.23 

POSSEVINO, A., Answer unto. See James, T. . . 70a.l7 

POTTER, F. Interpretatio numeri 666. Latiue red- 

dila. Amstelodami, clo loc LXXVII. 8 . . 67.18 

POTTER, J., abp. Sermon at the coronation of 
George II. and queen Caroline, October 11. 
1727. London, MDCCXXVII. pp. (4), 32. 4. 16.9 

POTVLIET, G. Catalogus librorum. Qui auctione 
publica distrahentur 12. 13. 14. Noverubris. 
1739. Lugduni Batavorum, [1739]. pp. (2), 
50. 8 38.9 

POWELL, G. Consideration of the depriued and si- 
lenced ministers arguments, for their restitu- 
tion. London, 1606. pp. (2), 76. 4. [Imperfect]. 78.119 

PRAYER. Goodwin, T. The rctvrne of prayers . . 54.25 

Law, W. The spirit of 17.83 

Preston, J. The whole dutie of . . . . 27.102 and 65.5 
PRAYERS. Devotions vpon emergent occasions. 

Donne, J 58.36 

PREACHING. See Homiletics. 

PRECES private. Londini, 1575. sq. 8" 58.37 

PREDESTINATION. Davenant, J., bp. Depraedestina- 

tione & reprobatione 60a.l3 

De diviua praedestinatione. See Collatio scripto, 

etc 66.20 

Qale,! Divine pre-determination explained . . 36.17 

Shelf. No. 

Iloard, S. Gods love to mankind manifested, 

by disproving his absolute decree for their 
damnation 26.252 

Twisse, W. Vindiciae gratiae, etc 63.8 

PRE-EXISTENCE. No praeexistence of souls. War- 
ren, E 35.9 

PRELATE, The pastor and the. See Pastor 66.32 

PRESBYTERIANISM. Anderson, J. Defence of the 

church-government of the presbyterians . . . 49.50 

Bancroft, R., abp. Dangerous proceedings, for 

the presbyterial discipline 59.1, 54, 56 

Calamy, E. Ordination by presbyters most 

agreeable to the Scripture-patera 59.41, 43 

Goodwin, T. Reasons of the dissenting breth- 

ren against the third proposition, concerning 
presbyteriall government 59.3 

Jameson, W. The Scripture-arguments for pres- 

byfX-ry, vindicated 58.10 

Kirkpatrick, J. Loyalty of presbyterians in 

Great-Britain and Ireland 78.1 

Ordinances for the establishing of the presbyte- 

riall government. See Great Britain. Parlia- 
ment 59.45 

Presbyteriall government has the truest claim to 

a divine right. See Jus divinuni, etc 59.10 

Vindication of the presbyteriall-goverument and 

ministry 59.11 

PRESTON, J. Abridgment of Preston's works. Re- 
duced into order. By W. Jemmat. [London], 
1648. 12 67.39 

The breast-plate of faith and love. Sermons. 

Fifth ed. London, 1634. 4 65.2 

The doctrine of the saints infirmities. Sermons. 

London,^1638. 4 65.10 

Fovre treatises. Fourth ed. London, 1636. 4". 65.13 

Contents. A remedie against covetousnesse; De- 
scription of spirituull death and life; The doctrine of 
selie-deuiall ; Vpon the Lords supper. 

The fulnesse of Christ for us. A sermon before 

King James. London, 1040. pp. (6), 26. 4 . 65.16 
Same. [No title-page.] 4 32.34 

The golden scepter held forth to the humble. 

With the chvrches dignitie by her marriage. 
And the chvrches dvtie in her carriage. In 
three treatises. London, 163S. 4 65.8 

Life eternall or, a treatise of the knowledge of 

the divine essence and attribvtes. Fourth ed. 
London, 1634. 4 65.9 

A liveles life: or, mans spirituall death in 

sinne. Fourth ed. London, 1641. 4' .... 65.12 

The new covenant or the saints portion. Four- 

teen sermons upon Gen. 17. 1. 2. Adioyned 
foure sermons vpon Eccles. 9. 1. 2. 11. 12. 
Ninth ed. London, 1639. 4 .... 54.10 and 65.4 

Remaines. Containing three treatises, ludas's 

repentance. The saints spirituall strength. 
Pauls conversion. Second ed. London, 
1637. 4 65.14 

The saints daily exercise. A treatise vnfolding 

the whole dutie of prayer. Fourth ed. London, 

1630. 4 27.102 

Same. Ninth ed. London, 1634. 4 65.5 

The saints qualification : a treatise of humiliation, 

eanctification [and] communion with Christ in 

the sacrament. Third ed. London, 1637. 4' . 65.3 

Sermons preached before his maiestie and upon 

other speciall occasions. Fift impression. 
London, 1637. 4 65.6 

Sinnes overthrow. Fourth ed. London, 1641. 4. 05.11 

Treatise on the divine love of Christ. London, 

1640. 4 65.15 

Two treatises, Christian freedome, and a formal! 

profession. London, 1641. pp. (6), 28, (2), 20. 4. 65.7 




Shell. No. 
PHETENDEU, The. The present delusion of many 

protestants consider'd. Iloadly, B., bp. . . . 16.82 

See also : George I. 

PRICE, W. Mans dclinquencie. A sermon to the 
house of lords, Novemb. -">. 1040. tin; <lay of 
their inoiu-tlily fast. London, 1010. pp. (10), 42. 
4 55.23 

PHIDEAUX, J. Fasciculus controvcrsiarum theologi- 
carvm. Ed. 2u. 1. Theologies scholasticae syn- 
tagmati. 2. Conciliorum syuopsi. Oxonia?, 

1652. 4 66.23 

Same. Ed. 3a. Oxonirc, 1004. 4 64.13 

Viginti-duse lecliones de totidcm religionis ca- 

pitibvs. Acoesserunt tridecim orationca inav- 
gvralcs. Ed.3a. Oxonioe, 1648. f 60a.4 

A consideration of his k-c-turc concerning the 

Sabbath. ,SVe 1'wisse, \V C6.4 

PRIME pattern, The, of Christian piety : represented 
in the life of Christ. London, 1713. pp. (2), 67. 
12 57.32 

PRIMEROSE, J. Exercitationes, ct animadversiones in 
librum, de motu cordis et circvlatione sangvi- 
7ii.s. Adversus G. Harvevm. Londini, 1630. 
4 35.7 

PRIVATE conference, A, between Mr. L. Robinson, 
and Mr. T. Scott, upon publishing his males- 
tics letters and declaration. London, 1660. 
pp. 8. 4. [Imperfect] 26.171 

PRIVILEDGES, The, and practice of parliaments in 

England, n. p., 1641. pp. (4), 40. 4" ... 78.81 

PROCEEDINGS at the sessions of the peace, and Oycr 
and Terminer, for the city of London, llth- 
17th of September, 1735. Xo.7,P. 2. London, 
M.DCC.XXXV. 4 26.20 

PROCOPIUS, of Gaza. In octatevchvm siue priores 
octo Veteris Testament; libros antiques Icc- 
tionis commentarii. In Latinum conuersi C. 
Thrasybulo intcrprete. n. p., n. d. f . . . 20.10 

PRODIGAL son, Meditations upon the parable of the. 

Grew, 54.9 

PROPERTIUS, S. A. See Catullus, C. V. 

PROSSET, X. Englands impenitencie under smiting. 
A sermon before the house of commons, at a 
fast, Sept. 25. 1644. London, 1645. pp. (6), 
48. 4 55.62 

PROTESTANTISM. Stillingflcet, E. A rational account 

of the grounds of protestant religion .... 70.8 

The touch-stone of the reformed gospel . . . . 7Ca.29 
PROVERBS. Adagiorum epitome. Erasmus, D. . . 38.24 
PROVIDENCE, Discourse of the divine. Sherlock, W. 65.1 
PRYNNE, W. Anti-arminianisme. [With an appen- 
dix concerning bowing at the name of Jesus.] 
Second ed. London, 1030. 4 66.21 

Abreviateof the life of W. -Laud. London, 1844. 

pp. (0), 35. f 69a.4 

fA breviate of the prelates intolerable usurpa- 

tions. Editions. London, 1637. 4 59.64 

Canterburies doome. Or the first part of a his- 

tory of the tryall, condemnation, execution of 

W. Lavd. London, 1640. f 69a.6 

God, no impostor. Or, a defence of free-will and 

vniversall grace. London, M. DC. xxx. pp. (2), 

36. 4 60.22 

[A gospell plea, for the lawfulnesse of the tithes 

of the ministers of the gospell. London, 1653. 
Title-pane wanting.] 4 32.36 

Hidden workes of darkenes, or, h.tnxlv -lion to 

the history of the archbishop of Camerbvrio's 
triall. London, 1645. f 69a.5 

Lame (iiles his liavltiiiLTs or, a s\rvey of Cilrs 

Widdovveehisconfutationof an Appendix con- 
cerning bowing at tin 1 n: of .Irsiis. \Vitb 

a relation of[il>] popi-h on: mall. London, 
MDCXXX. pp. 1,2), 47, (1), 18. 4 26.21J 

Shelf. No. 
PKYXXE, W., continued. 

fA looking-glasse for all lordly prelates, n. p., 

M. DC. xxxvi. 4 26.238 

The popish royall favourite: or, a discovery of 

his majesties favours to notorious papists. 
Published by authority of parliament. Lon- 

i -II. pp. (8), 76. 4 26.34 

fRcrnGiistrance to his maiesty, against the tax of 

ship-money, n. p., 1011. pp. (2), 44. 4.. 78.85 

Confvtation of an appendix, concerning bowing 

at the name of Icsus. See Widdowes, G. . 20 J 14 

Petitions to parliament. See Bastwick, J. . . 78.88 

Vindication of Mr. Peters from aspersions by. See 

Israels condition , 79.14 

PSALMODY. See Bible. O. T. Psalms 40.13 

PTOLEM.EUS, C. C. Ptoleman inerrantivm stellarvm 
significationes, per N. Leonicum e Grseco 
translator See Ovidius Xaso, P. ...... 73.29 

PCBLICK spirit, The, of the whigs. Swift, J 2G.2 

PULPIT incendiary, The : or, the divinity and devo- 
tion of Mr. Cularny, Mr. Case, [etc.], in their 
morning-exercises, with the angry application 
thereof unto the parliament. With a vindica- 
tion of the covenant from false glosses. [Lon- 
don], 1048. pp. (2), 62. 4 12.18 

PCLTENEY.W., earl of Lath, t An argument against 
excises. By Caleb D'Anvcrs. London, 1733. 
pp. 76. 8 26.39 

t Answer to one part of a late infamous libel, inti- 

tled, Remarks on the Craftsman's vindication 
of his two honourable patrons; in which the 
character of Mr. P. is vindicated. London, 
[date cut off], pp.62. S 27.64 

Observations on An answer to one part of a late 

infamous libel 27.62 

Remarks on the Craftsman's vindication .... 26.102 

jA proper reply to a late scurrilous libel [by 

John, Lord Hervey]; intitled, Sedition and 

defamation display'd. By Caleb D'Anvers. 

London, 1731. pp. 36. S 26.227 

PURGATORY, Confutation of the popish doctrine 

touching. Fulke, W 70a.23 

PURITANISM. Ames, W. English pvritanisme . . 26.273 
Puritanismus anglicanus 67.15 

Bancroft, R. ,&/. Dangerous positions and pro- 

ceedings under pretence of reformation . 59.1, 54, .J6 

Prynne, W. Lame Giles his havltings 20.245 

Saltcrcn, G. Treatise against images and pic- 

tures in churches 20.243 

To the right high and mightie prince Jaines, etc. -''..72 

Widdowes, G. Lawlesse, kneelease, schismati- 

cal pvritan 20.244 

The schismatical pvritan 20.J43 

See also: Bishops. 

PURY, T. Speech upon deanes and chapters. [Lon- 
don], 1641. pp. (2), 9. 4 78.26 

PYM, J. Speech at a conference with the lords. Jan- 
uary, xxv. MDCXLI. By occasion of the pe- 
titions from London, and Middlesex, K.-.*ex, 
and Hertford. London, 1641. pp. (2), 21. 
4 . . 7S.51a,69 

f Speech in parliament, concerning the griev- 

ances of the kingdome. London, 1042. pp. 

(2), 40. 4 78.41 

Speech to the lords, upon the delivery of the ar- 

ticles against W. I.avd. With the arti 

London, 1011. pp. (2), 34. 4 8 78.89 

Sermon at the fnnerall of. Sir Marshall, S. . 50.7 

PI ni \I;OH \s. A vrea Pythagoreorvm Carolina. La- 
tine conuersa, illustr.:t:ii[iie. A \vtore T. Mar- 
cilio. Lvtetia', cl.). lj. xxcv. 12 J 77.20 

QUENCING [>;<] the Spirit. 
8 . 

London, [dale torn]. 





Shelf. No. 

QUICK, J. Synodicon in Giillia rcformata: or, acts 
of national councils of the reformed churches 
in France. London, 1002. 2v.ini. f . . . 10.8 

QUINTILIANUS, M. F. Institvtionvtn oratoriarvm li- 
bri dvodecim. Accesserunt Declamationes ex 
P. Pitlioei [etj aliorum bibliothecis. Colonise, 
M. DC. xvin. 8 73.13 

QUINTUS Curtius, R. De rebvs gestis Alexandri Hag- 
ni, libri x. Ex F. Hodii recognitione. Colo- 
niae Agrippinae, M. D. C mi. 8 73.31 

RABBINIC language. Lexicon pentaglotten.Talmudi- 

co-rabbinicum, etc. Schindler, V 51.6 

RADCLIFFE, Sir (jr., Articles of high treason against. 

See Mervin, Sir A 78.17 

RAGAZZON, G., bp. In epistolas Ciceronis familiares 

commentarivs. Venetiis, M. D. LV. 8 ... 73.27 
RALEIGH, or Ralpgh, Sir W. fThe history of the 

world. London, 1614. f 90.8 

The prerogative of parliaments in England. 

n. p., 1640. pp. (8), 65, (1). 4 78.82 

RAMSAY, J. Sermon to the protestants of Ireland, in 
London, October 23. 1713. The day for thanks- 
giving for the deliverance of the protestants 
of [Ireland] from the massacre begun by the 
papists, 23d of October, 1641. Second ed. 

London, 1714. pp. 24. 8 17.105 

RAMUS, or La Ramee, P. Arithmetics libri duo : geo- 
metriae septem et viginti. A L. Schonero 
recogniti & aucti. Francofvrti, M. D. xcix. 4. 34.4 

Commentariorum de religione Christiana, libri 

quatuor, civsdem vita a T. Bauosio descripta. 
Fraucofvrti, M. D. LXXVII. 8 67.3 

Dialectic libri duo : subjicitur, G. Amesii Dem- 

onstratio logicae verae. Cantabrigias, 1672. 8. 37.14 

Scholae in liberales artes. " Basileae, M. D. LXX 

VIII. f 00.4 

Contents. Grammatical rlietoricae, dialecticse, physi- 
cs, metaphysics, mathematics; Pro philosophica Pa- 
risiensis academice disciplina oratio; Proremivm relbr- 
nMiuhu Parisiensis academic; l>e sva proiessione 
oratio; Actionea dvx; Oratio cie legations. 

Prselectiones in georgicorum libros. See Vir- 

gilius Maro, P 73.24 

RANDALL, J. Twenty nine lectvres of the chvrch. 

Published by W.Holbrooke. London, 1631. 4. 59.9 

RATRAMN, Bertram, or Intram. Concerning the body 
and blood of Christ in the sacrament; writ- 
ten in Latin. Translated [by Sir H. Linde]. 
Third ed. London, 1686. 12 70a.2S 

RAI i , or Ravius, C. Grammar for attaining the 
Ebrew, Samaritan, Calde, Syriac, Arabic, and 
Ethiopic languages. With a discourse of the 
orientall tongues. Also a Sesquidecury of 
epistles concerning care of the orieutall 
tongues. London, 1650. 12 50a.30 

RAVENSCROFT, T. The whole booke of Psalmes. 

See Bible. O.T. Psalms 46.4 

RAVISIUS-TEXTOR, or Tixier de Ravisi, J. Cornvco- 

pise epitome. [No title-page.] 8 76.40 

Oflicinse epitome. Editio auctior. Geneva, 

M. DC. XXVI. 2v. in 1. 8 76.40 

* RAY, or Wray, J. The wisdom of God in the works 

of the creation. Fourth cd. London, 1704. 8. 64.6 

RAYNOLDS, J. A defence of the ivdgment of the re- 
formed churches. That a man may lawfullie 
not onelie put awaie his wife for her adulterie, 
but also marrie another. Wherein Bellarmin 
and a namelesse author are cofuted. n. p., 
1609. pp. (6), 91. 4 26.269 

REASON. Ferguson, R. The interest of reason in 

religion 67.6 

Gretton, P. Discourse concerning the insuf- 

ficiency of 27.7 

Oldfteld, J. Essay towards the improvement of. 36.21 

Shelf. No. 
REDEMPTION. Ames, W. De redemptione gencrali. 68.33 

Bilson, T. The fvll redemption of mankind by 

the death of Christ 64.9 

Kendall, G. Vindication of the doctrine concern- 

ing Gods intentions in the death of Christ . . 62.11 
REFORMED churches, The. Bullinger, II. Ecelcsias 
evangelicas neqve haereticas neqve schismati- 
cas 67.23 

Johnson, F. A Christian pica touching .... 00.15 

More, Sir T. Many thyngys touchy ng the pesty- 

lent secte of Luther & Tyndale 70a.4 

REGENERATION. De curandis casibus conscientise 

circa regenerationem. Dickson, D 66.7 

REGISTER, A parte of a, contayuinge matters, written 
by diuers which desire the reformation of our 
church. [No imprint, about 1590.] 4 ... 59.57 

RELAND, A. Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus il- 
lustrata. Trajecti Batavorum, M. D. cc. XIV. 
2v. 4 40a.8 

RELATION, A, of the late iourncy of the lesuits ban- 
ished out of Bohemia, and Hungaria [in 1619]. 
[No title-page.] pp. 34. 4. [Incomplete] . 27.114 

RELIGIONIS Christianse compendivm. Virell,M. . . 67.4 

REMARKABLE passages and speeches and last dying 
words. Likewise, a relation of bloody Bon- 
ners, and other popish cruelties. London, 
1682. 12 78.138 

REMARKS on A defence of the measures of the pres- 
ent administration, [and on Considerations on 
the present state of afl'airs in Europe]. Lon- 
don, 1731. pp. 25. 8 26.222 

REMARKS on the Craftsman's vindication of his two 
hon Me patrons, May 22. 1731. Par nobile fra- 
trum. Sixth ed. London, MDCCXXXI. pp.62. 
8 26.102 

Answer to Remarks. See Pulteney, W. . . . 27.65 
REMONSTRANTS. Ames, W. Animadversiones in 

synodalia scripta rcmonstrantivm 68.21 

Argvmenta pastorvm Hollandise adversus re- 

monstrantivm, quinque articulos 68.32 

Judgment touching the principal controversies 

betwixt the remonstrants and anti-remon- 
strants. See Charenton, France 26.204 

Polyander, J. Censvra in confessionem corum 

qui remonstrantes vocantur 63.10 

REMONSTRANTIUM hyperaspistes retusus. Voetius, 

G 65.17 

RENOU, J. de. Dispensatorivm medicvm. 3a ed. Ac- 

cessit N. Epiphanii Enipirica. Parisiis, ai. DC. 

xxill. 4 35.2 

REORDINATION, Peaceable enquiry about 58.24 

REPENTANCE. Dyke, D. Of repentance 55.37 

Jones, T. Repentance recommended and en- 

forced 17.87 

Smith, J. A treatise of 55.35 

REPLY, A, to a pamphlet entitled, Popular preju- 
dices against the treaty with Spain, answered. 
London, 1739. pp. 31. 8 27.30 

REPORTS. The declarations and other pleadings con- 
tained in the reports of Coke. See Coke, Sir E. 69a.8 
REPROBATION. Davenant, J.,bp. De reprobatione. 60a.l3 

Twisse,W. Gods love unto the vessells of mercy 

consistent with his hatred of the vessells of 

wrath 62.21 

RESPIRATION. De partium structura respiration! 

dicata. Meder, A. G 36.1 

RESVRGESDVM. A sermon concerning the resvrrec- 

tion. London, 1593. pp. (4), 31. 4 78.99 

RESURRECTION, The. Homes, N. The resurrection 

revealed 60a.8 

Sermon concerning the. See Resvrgendvm . . 78.99 
RETORFOHS, S. See Rutherford, S. 

REVNION, La,dv christianisrne. Huisseau, I. d' . . 58.12 
REUSNER, N. Symbolorvm imperatoriorvm classis 

la-3a. Londoni,M.DC.X!X. 8". [Imperfect] . 79a.4 




Shelf. No 
REVELATION. Gibson, E., bp. That reason is not a 

sufficient guide in religion without revelation. 27.0 

Kinloch, 11. Truth and excellency of the gospel- 

revelation .................. 16.20 

REVELATION, The, unrevealed. Hall, J. ,/-;;. ... 24.5 

REYNER, E. The necessity of humane learning for 
a gospel-preacher. Also, Whether grace be 
essential. London, 1603. 8 ......... 49.44 

Precepts for Christian practice. Eleventh cd. 

London, 1658. 8 .............. 56.46 

REYNEH, W. Babylons ruining-carthquake. A ser- 

mon before the house of commons, August 28. 

1044. London, 1644. pp. (6), 60. 4 .... 55.58 
REYNOLDS, E., bp. The brand plnck'd out of the fire. 

A sermon before the lord major, [etc.], 

Novemb.5. 1G59. London, 1059. pp. (4), 38. 4. 16.99 

Israels prayer in time of trouble, seven sermons 

upon days of solemn humiliation. London, 
1'U.J. 4 .................. 55.8 

Meditations on the Lords supper. Second ed. 

London, 1039. 4 .............. 55.39 

The misery of a deserted people. A sermon be- 

fore the lord major, [etc.], Decemb. 2. 1659. 
London, 1659. pp. (8), 43. 4" ....... 

Sermon touching the peace & edification of the 

church. London, 1638. pp. (2), 46. 4 ... 

The shieldes of the earth. A sermon. London, 

1636. pp. (2), 50. 4 ............ 

Treatise of the passions and facvlties of the soule. 

London, 1640. 4 .............. 55.88 

and others. Seasonable exhortation of minis- 

ters in London to their congregations. Lon- 

don, 1660. pp. (4), 24. 4 .......... 26.176 

REYNOLDS, T. [Funeral sermon on S. Pomfret and 
W. Hocker, on Acts xx. 31, 32 ; with memoirs of 
his life.] London, 1722. 8. [No title-page. 
Imperfect] ................. 17.20 

Note. The Life has a separate title " Some mem- 
ories," etc., but is paged continuously. 

RH^ETOHFORTIS, S. See Rutherford, S. 

RHE, France. Proceedings in the isle of Ree, 1627. 

See Jovrnall ................ 66.30 

RHENANUS, B., and Gelenius, 8. Annotations in. 
extantes T. Liuij libros. Lvgdvni, M. D. 
xxxvir. 8 ................. 73.21 

RHETORIC. Farnaby, T. Index rbetoricus et orato- 





Voss, G. J. Partitionum oratoriarum libri v 

Walker, W. Troposchematologiae rhetorical 

libri dvo .................. 37.10 

RHIND, T., Answer to an apology for. See Ander- 

son, J .................... 49.50 

RIBADENEIRA, P. Vita F. Borgia? tertij societatis 

lesv gencralis Ilispanicc scripta; Latino ab A. 

Sehotto. Accesserunt pia opusculso F. Bor- 

giaj. Mogvntiaj, M. DC. ill. 16 ....... 10a.22 

Vita I. Loiolae. Colonise Agrippinae, clo. la. ell. 

12 ..................... lOa.lS 

RICCOBONI, A. Paraphrasis in rhetoricam Aristote- 

lis. Sf.e Aristotelcs ............. 75.10 

RICH, R., 2rf earl of Warwick, Sermon at the inter- 

ment of. SeeCalamy, E ........... 55.102 

RICHARDSON, S. Justification by Christ alone. Lon- 

don, 1G47. pp. (8), 07. 4 .......... 32.39 

RlCHTKR, G. Axieunatvin histnricorvm pars terti.-i, 

cniitineiiB axioinata ccclesiastica. Gorlk-ii, 

1602. 4" ................... 37 2 

Editlo nova axiomatvm aconomicorvm. Gorli- 

cii, K"'l. 4' ................. 37.1 

Jiiin.i;, J., i'i>. [Dictlonarhun, Latino et Anglicc. 

i (\iinii, l.VS'.i. Title-pa;,'!' iniMsiiii,'.] 4. . . . 72.22 
UlDI.DV, T. A view of llic i-ivil.- ami <.!, MaMiral 

law, :iml \\ hrivin Hi,' |.r:,r|i.,r of ill, 'in may be 

relleued within this land. London, 16U7. 4. 79a.2r> 

Shelf. No. 

RIGHT high and mightie prince James, To the. Suppli- 
cation for toleration, n. p. ,1009. pp.48. 4. 26.272 

Note. Signed ... " some of the late silenced and de- 
prived ministers," etc. 

RIGHT honorable parlament, To the. Petition of 
divers of the clergic. Added five motions con- 
cerning deanes and chapters, n. p. ,1641. pp. 
(2), 5. 4" 

RIVET, A. Opervm theologicorum quse Latine edidit, 
tomus primus, alter. Roterodami, do IDC LI, 

M.DC.LII. f . 



Contents. T. I. Exercitationes in Genesin cxci; 
Commcntariain Exodum; Pra?lcetiones in Oeralogum. 
II. Commentarius in 1'salinorutn propheticorum do- 
decadem selectam; AH-ditalioncs in Pealmos septem 
poenitcntiules; Meditationes in Psalmum xci ; Epis- 
tolte; De pcstis contagio & fuga; De termino vitae 
fatali, an mobili? liomilia de origine erroris in causa 
religionis; Via vitte, meditationes in Psalmum CXIX; 
Commentarius in Hoseam et in caput LIII Jcsaia-: Isa- 
goge ad scripturam sacram Veteris & Novi Testament!; 
CriticusBacer, hoc est, Censura in lucubrationes veteri- 
bus patribus adscriptas; De jutta & gratiosa Dei dis- 
pcnsatione circa salutem generis human!, disputa- 
tionestredecim; Collegium controvcrsiarum interortho- 
doxos & pontificios; Instructio prirparatoria acceetu- 
ris ad Domini mensam: De spiritual! & unicavera man- 
ducatione eorpons Christ!, & sanguinis ejus potu, horn- 
ilia; De sacriflcio nostri ipsorum, homilia; De quffstu 
magno, in pietate cumanimo suasorte contento; Oratio 
inauguralis, De bono pacis & concordiaj in ecelesia; 
Oratio valedictoria. cum a principe Arausiorum vocatus 
fuit ad primum educatiouem unici filii, principis \V\\- 
helmi; Oratio habita in inauguratione schola? & collegii 
Auriaci Breda;; Epistola ad G. Rivetum, DC senectute 
bond; A Rivetus Friderico filio. 

Censvra in confessionem remonstrantium. See 

Polyander, J. . . 

Commentarius in Psalmorvm propheticorum, de 

mysterijs euangelicis, dodecadem selectam. 
See Bible. O. T. Psalms 

Synopsis purioris theologia?. See Polyander, J. 
ROBARTS, F. Gods holy hovse and service, accord- 
ing to the primitive forme. London, 1639. 4. 

ROBERTS, A. Exposition vpon the hvndred and thir- 
tie Psalme. London, 1610. 4 

ROBERTS, F. A broken spirit, God's sacrifices. A 
sermon, before the house of peeres, Pecemb, 
9. 1646. London, 1647. pp. (10), 38. 4 ... 

ROBERTSON, W. Thesaurus Grasca? linguae. Canta- 
brigiaa, 1676. 4" 

ROBINS, B. fAddress to the electors of Great Brit- 
ain. [With an] account of our negoeiations 
with Spain, for ten years. Second ed. Lon- 
don, 1739. pp. iv, 62. 8. [Imperfect] . . . 

ROBINSON, J. Apologia ivsta, et necessaria qvorvn- 
dam Christiunorum dictorum Brownistarnm 
sivc Barowistarum. n. p., 1C19. pp. 96. 8. 

Defence of the doctrine propovndcd by the 

synode at Dorte : against J. M vrton and liis as- 
sociates, in a treatise intuled [NfV] ; A descrip- 
tion what God, &c. With the refvtation of their 
Answer touching baptism, n. p., liiiM. 4 . 

Knaves; or, observations divine and morall. 

Collected ovt of holy Scriptures, ancient and 
modcrne writers, both divine and humane. 
Seconded. London, 1638. 12 57 

Inst apologie of Brownists or Barrowista. 

Translated by himself, n. p., M. 1>C. xxv. 
pp. 72. 4 

The peoples plea for the exnvise of pruphesic. 

Against Iiilin Vates his munnpulie. n. p., 

1618. pp. (10), 77. 8 

A. treatise of the lawfvlnes of hearing of the minis- 
ters in the rlmivh of Knghind. With a letter 
by the name authnrc. n. [>., 1034. pp. ('20), 
77. 8 












Shelf. No. 
ROBINSON, J., continued. 

An answere to, touching baptisme. See Discrip- 

tion 68.1h 

The Bclgicke pismire. See Scot, T 65.34 

ROBINSON, L. Private conference between L. Robin- 
son, and T. Scott. See Private 26,171 

RODOGINUS, Ircnceus, pseud. See. Differences in mat- 
ters of religion 66.28 

ROGERS, D. Collections, or brief notes out of D. 
Rogers's Practical catechism, n. p., 1648. 
8 69.18 

ROGERS, J. The doctrine of faith. Third ed. Lon- 
don, 1629. 12 68.8 

Same. Seventh ed. London, 1638. 12 . . . 68.5 

A treatise of love. Third ed. London, 1037. 

12 68.6 

ROGERS, R. Seaven treatises. London, 1604. f. . 60a.lO 

Contents. Who be the true children of God; What 
the life of the true beleever is; The meanes hy which it 
is holpen and continued; The daily practise of a Chris- 
tian life; The lets which hinder the sincere course; 
What priuiledges belong to euery true Christian j Obiec- 
tic >ns and cauils, and an answere. 

Same. London, 1610. f 60a.9 

Commentary vpon Ivdges. See Bible. O. T. 

Judges 43.12 

ROGERS, T. f The thirty nine articles, agreed upon 
in 1562 and 1604. Analysed and proved. Lon- 
don, 1661. 4 69.33 

t<Se. Cambridge, 1681. 4 69.36 

Defence against his Two dialogues. See Dis- 

pvte vpon the qvestion of kneeling 59.39 

ROHAULT, J. Physica. Latine vertit, recensuit, Sees. 

Newtoni philosophia ornavit 8. Clarke. Editio 

quarta. Londini, MDCCXVIII. 8 34.6 

ROLLOCK, R. Commentarius in librvm Danielis pro- 

phetse. See Bible. O. T. Daniel (45.17); In 

evaneelivm secundum lohannem. See Bible. 

N. T. John (47.18); In epistolam ad Romanes. 

See Bible. N. T. Romans (48.23). 
ROLLS, 8. Londons resurrection or the rebuilding of 

London encouraged, directed, and improved, in 

fifty discourses. London, 166S. 8 78.127 

ROMAINE, W. A discourse upon the self-existence 

of Jesus Christ. Third ed. London, M DCC LV. 

pp. 35. 8 17.243 

ROMAN catholic church. Missale Romanum ex dc- 

creto concilii Tridentiui restitutum. Urban! 

VIII. auctoritate recognitum. Lutetise Parisi- 

orum, si. DC. xcn. 8 49.37 

Pontilicale Romanvm, in commodiorem formarn 

redactuni. Lvtetise Parisiorvm, M. DC. LXIV. 

12 49.48 

Ames, W. Do circulo pontiftcio 68.33 

Articles to unite the catholicks and evangelicks. 26.177 

Bastwick, J. Duse epistolre, una de papistic 

religionis futilitate, alterade Romauae ecclesife 
falsitate 58.15 

Baxter, R. Key for catholicks 70a.9, 10 

Bullinger, H. Antithesis et compendivm evan- 

gclicae et papisticae doctrinae 67.27 

Burges, A. Romes cruelty & apostacie .... 56.14 

Cameron, J. The soveraigne jvdge of controver- 

sies in matters of religion 66.31 

Causse,B. Lc vraibovclierde lafoy chrestienne. 70a.30 

Chamier, D. Controversiarvm aduersus ponti- 

ficios corpvs 70.7 

Cro'i, Agreement of the Romish church 

with geutilisme, Ivdaisme and auncient here- 
sies in matters of religion 70a.l5 

Dent, A. The rvine of Rome 70a.26 

Differences betweene the easterne and westerne 

churches 66.28 

Du Moulin, P. Defence of the catholicke faith. 70a.8 

Shelf. No. 
ROMAN catholic church, continued. 

Fenne, J. Concertatio ecclesiaa catholica? in An- 

glia adversvs Calvino papistas et pvritanos sub 

Elizabetha rcgina 10a.6 

Ferrarius, J. A. Dernonstratio Romanaj fidei. 50a.2l 

Fulke, W. Two treatises against the papistes. 70a.23 

James, T. The corrvption of Scripture, coun- 

cds, and fathers, by tlio church of Rome . . 70a.l7 

Lee, 8. Antichrist! excidium TOa.19,21 

Melanchtbon, P. Libelli allqvot 58.14, 27 

More, Sir T. The supplycacyon of soulys . . 70a.5 

Perkins, "W. Problema de Roman fidei emen- 

tito catholicismo 70a.27 

Poole, M. The nullity of the Romish faith . . 70a.22 

Pryune, W. Proceedings of the pope to under- 

mine the Protestant religion 69a.5 

Sandys, Sir E. Svrvey of the state of religion 

in the westerne parts of the world ...... 70a.34 

Scharp, J. Controversies inter nos et pontificios 

pertractatae 63.2 

Taylor, T. Her cruell mercies to the church of 

God 54.22 

Turner, W. Hunting of the fox and wolfe . . 70a.31 

Whilaker, "W. Adversvs Stapletoni defensio- 

nem ecclesiasticae authoritatis 70a.l 

- Answere to E. Campian's Ten reasons .... 70a.l4 

See also : Bible. N. T. Revelation, Confession, Cross, , 
(Sign of the), Dispensations, Host-worship, Jesuits, 
Papacy, Pope, Popery, Protestantism, Purgatory, Re- 
formed churches, Transubstantiation, Trent. 

ROME. Antiquities. Alessandri, A. d'. Genialivm 

diervm libri sex 72.2 and 76.39 

Faber, P. Semestrivm 72.12 

See also: Games. 

History. Florus, L. A. Rerum a Romanis 

gestarvm libri iv 73.17 and 74.12 

Glareanus, H. L. Chronologia in omnem Ro- 

manam historian! 73.22 

Herodianus. Historiarum libri vin 75.3 

Livius Patavinus,T. Libri omnes svperstites. 71.3 

Paterculus, C. Velleius. Histories Romanes . . 74.29 

Suetonius Tranquil! us, C. Duodecim Cajsares . 74.24 

Tacitus, C. C. Opera 73.11 

RONDELET, G. De proportione medicamentorum. 

See Meiet, P 35.17 

RONSSEUS, B. De hominis primordijs hystericisque 
affectibus centones. Kiusdem de Hippocratis 
magnis lienibus, Plinijq; stomaeacc seu scele- 
tyrbe epistola. Cito, tuto & iocunde. Louanij, 

1559. 8 35.14 

ROSEWELL, 8. They became a sign. Sermon on the 

deaths of the lords, who were beheaded on 

Tower-hill for high-treason, Feb. 24. 1715-6. 

Seconded. London, 1716. pp. (2), 33. 8 . 1G.161 

Ross, A. Tonsor ad cutem rasus. Londini, 1G27. pp. 

(4), 80, (1). 8 78.137 

Virgilii evangelisantis Christiados libri xm. 

Londini, MDCLIX. 8 47.25 

ROUSE, F. Speech before the lords at the transmis- 
sion of D r - Cossens [impeachment] March 16. 

1640. London, 1041. pp. (2), 5. 4 78.15 

Speech in parliament thirtieth of December, 

1641. In opposition of the making of Doctor 
Winniff, Doctor Holsworth, Doctor King, 
bishops. London, 1642. pp. (2), 5. 4 ... 78.40 

ROWBOTIIAM, J. Exposition on Solomons song. 

See Bible. O. T. Song of Solomon 45.19 

RuEDS, F. De gemrnis aliqvot, iis prnssertim qva- 

rvm loannes in Apocalypsi meminit. Sec 

Valles.F 49.12 

RUFINUS, T. Opvscvla qvsedam. Parisiis, M. D. LXXX. 

f 20a.l 

Contents. De benedictionibus ludro, lib. i; Paulini 
ad Ruffinum epistola; Ruffini ad Paulinuiu fratrem 




Shelf. No. 
RL'FINUS, T. Opvscvla qvaedam, continued. 

epistola; In benudictionr.s rcliquoriiin vndoeim pa- 
triarcharum, siuc commcntariorum in Gonescos cap. 
49. lib.n; Commcntariorum in Oscnra prophrtuni lib. 
in ; Comment, in lohcl ; In Amos; In symbolum j 
Historic ecclesiastical) lib. II. 

RULAND, M. Synonymiii Latino Graecalocupletata. 

Opera 1>. llu'sc-hclij. Eclitio emendatior. Colo- 

nias Allobrogvm, M. DCXXIV. 8 77.8 

RCSITWORTII, J. Historical collections. Vol.1, 1618- 

29. London, 1659. f 90.12,13 

Same. Abridged and improved. London, 

M. DCC. ni-viii. Cv. 8 78.2 

RUTHERFORD (Led. Uha?torfortiB), S. The covenant 

of life opened. Edinburgh, 1055. 4 .... 66.36 

Disputatio scholastica de divina providentia, va- 

riis praclectionibus. AdjcctsB disquisitiones de 
entc, possibili, dominio Dei in entia & non entia. 

Edinburgi, M. DO. XLIX. 4 66.14 

Exercitationes apologetic-re pro divina gratia. 
Adverstis Arminium & lesuitas. Franekeroe, 
10.31. 8 68.18 

Plea for Pavls presbyterie in Scotland. London, 

1042. 4 59.60 

Sermon before the house of commons, Januar. 

31.1643. [Title-page wanting.] pp.64. 4. 56.11 

Same. London, 1644. pp. (4), 64. 4 .... 55.44 

RYSWICK, Acts and negotiations of the peace con- 
cluded at, 1697. Bernard, J 79.1 

SABBATH, The. Act for the better observation of the 

Lords-day. See Great Britain. Parliament. 69a.27 

Bound, Is". True doctrine of 66.3 

Brcrewood, E. A treatise of 66.10 

Second treatise of 60.11 

Brown, J. De causa Dei contra antisabbatarios. 60.5 

Carter, W. Something concerning the . 27.52 and 54.31 

Cawdrey, I). The Christian Sabbath vindi- 

cated 12.6 and66.2 

Gibson, E., bp. Sinfulnoss of neglecting and 

profaning the Lords day 28.08 

Heylin.P. The history of 66.6 

Moralitie of the fourth commandement .... 60.8 

Stennet, E. The seventh day Sabbath .... 66.9 

Twisse, W. The morality of the fourth com- 

mamlement 66.4 

Usher, J. Observation of the Lords day . . . 67.10 

Walker, G. The doctrine of the holy weekly 

Sabbath '. 66.12 

Wells, J. The practical Sabbatarian 66J 

White, F. Examination and confvtation of a 

lawlesse pamphlet 26.241 

Wilkinson, H. De jure divino diei Dominicae . 67.8 
BACCHETTI, G. De podagricis, & arthriticis morbis 

retractatio. Brixue, 15SG. 4 76.5 

SACCHINJ,F. VitaS.Kostfcose' societatelesv. Mvssi- 

ponti, M. n. c. x. 12" lOa.19,25 

SACHEVERELL, B. .Sachcveivll against Sachevcrcll. 
A letter to II. Sacheverell: upon the asper- 
sions cast upon his family. London, 1711. 

pp. 16. 8 26.108 

SACHF.VKRF.M,, II., Speech in the house of lords, on 

the iiiipcarhinciit. of. Sec Burnct, G., bp. . 20.100 
SACRAMENTS, Certain disputations of right to. Bax- 
ter, 11 05.35 and 00.24 

SACRIFICES. De sacrifices liber. Moses Ben Maimon. 4na. - _ 
SAINT I: \i; nioi,o.Mi:\v's day. De furoribus Gallicis. 

Ilotman, K. 79.11 

SAINT-JI>M\, <. Speech. At & conference of parla- 
mcMt, 1t!40. Concerning ship-money. Lon- 
don, Mil. pp. (2),G;>. 4 78.8 

Speech in parliament 17* of January . Coneern- 

ini; the charge of treason then exhibited to the 
bishops, formerly accused by tin- house of con:- 
jnoii8,lG41. London, 1041. pp. (2), 5. 4"., 7S.C 

Shelf. No. 
)AINT PAUL, E. de. Summa philosophise quadri- 

partita, de rebus dialecticis, ethicis, physic-is, 

& metaphysicis. Cantabrigiae, ClD. lac. XL. 

8 ...................... 36.23 

3AINT3 in England under a cloude. [No title-page.] 

1048. 8 .................. 67.36 

SALA, A. Anatomia antimonii : id cst dissectio tarn 

dogmatiea qnam hermetica antimonii; vsum, 

proprietatem, & vires ejus declaraus. Lvgdvni 

Batavorvm, do. lo. c. xvn. 8 ....... 35.16 

SALKELD, J. -f A treatise of paradise. And the 

prineipall contents thereof. London, 1017. 8. 67.13 
SALLUSTIUS Crispus, C. Conivratio Catilinae, et bel- 

lum lugurthinura. Alia. [Cum scboliis A. 

Manutii.] London!, MD.LXXIII. 8" ..... 74.10 

Opera omnia, ex recogmtione I. Grvteri. Fran- 

fvrti. M D evil. 8 ............. 73.8 

Opera. [Title-page lost.] 16 ......... 74.28 

Sallustius cum veterum historicorum fragnientis 

Editio novissima. Amstelodami, 1069. 10 . 74.26 

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turs in churches. London, 1041. [No title- 
page.] pp.33. 4 ............. 26.248 

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workes, translated by J. Sylvester. London, 
1621. [Title-page wanting.] f ....... 00.9 

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house of commons, Octob. 25. 1643. London, 
1644. pp. (7), 21. 4 ............ 32.38 

SAMUEL. Introductio in Gemaram. See Yeshuah 

Ben Joseph ................. 40a.l3 

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Ixehemiae, Tobise, Ivdith, Esther, Maehabaj- 
orum. See Bible. O.T. Ruth, et seq. . . . 41.9 

In leremiam commentarii cum paraphrasi ; Ex- 

plicatio Psalmi cxxxvi, etc. See Bible. O. T. 
Jeremiah .................. 41.10 

Commentarii in Ezcchielem cum paraphrasi. 

See Bible. O. T. Ezekiel ......... 41.11 

Commentarii in Danielem cum paraphrasi. See 

Bible. O. T. Daniel ............ 41.12 

SANDERSON, R. De juramenti promissorii obliga- 
tione praelectiones septem. Pracmissa ora- 
tione ciim publicam professioncm auspicare- 
tur. Londini, MDCLXXXVI. 8 ....... 57.5 

De obligatione conscientiae praeleetioues decem. 

Londini, 1686. 8 ... ........... 57.5 

SANDIMAN, R. See Nymphas to Soslpatcr : occa- 

sioned by Saudiman's letter^, etc ....... 27J.08 

SANDYS, Sir E. Europae speculum. Or, a svrvcy of 

the state of religion in the westerne parts of 

the world. According to the authors copie. 

London, 163S. 12 ............. 70a.34 

Kate. The editions published before ISM were 
printed surreptitiously from imperfect M . 

SANFORD, II., and Parker, R. De descensv ChrUi 
ad inferos. Libri qvatvor. Amstelrodami, 
1611. 4 .............. 4-J.iM and 64.14 

SANTA MARIA, J. do. Policie vnveiled. Written in 
Spanish, and translated by 1. M. of Magdalen 
hall in Oxford. London, 1032. 4 ..... 69a.40 

.\,it,'. The epistle dedicatory is signed by E. 

SAKBIF.M-SKI, M. C. Lyricorum libri iv. 

liber unus, alter ( [ne ep'ntranunatuin. Adjiei- 
tur Kpiritharisma, sive erinlitoruin viiorunie 
soeietate Jcsu in authorem poemata. (.'anta- 
brigiiv, MIH-LXXXIV. 16 .......... 74.33 

SARDI, A. l>c' rrruiu innentorilius lihri 11. >'< ' Vir- 

Kiiio, r ................... 7 '-'- 1 - 8 

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libri octo. Ex Italieis Latini faoti. Editio 
noua. n. p., M. D. cxxn. 4 ... ..... 10a.3 




Shelf. No. 

SARPI, P., continued. 

The history of the qvarrels of pope Pavl V. 

With Venice. Translated out of the Italian 

[by C. Potter]. London, M.DC.XXVI. 4 . . 10a.9 

SARRAU, . Jesus-Christ crvcifie. Sermon sur I. 
Cor. 2. 2. Prononce a Ste Foi, 7 decembre, 
1GS1 en presence du synode de la Bassc-Gui- 
cnne. [No title-page.] pp. 48. 8 27.163 

SATAN, Against the mistake that the winds are raised 

by. Hussey, J 26.23 

SATISFACTION concerning mixt communions. Lon- 
don, 1G43. pp. (2), 14. 4 59.24 

SATURN, thcplanet. Systema Satvrnivm. Huygcns, 

C 34.7 

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clerum. III. 2. Ad magistratum. III. 3. 
Ad populum. VI. London, 1032. 4 . . . . 55.00 

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ligeri. See Bible. N. T. Greek 48.15 

Sealigeri opinioncs rcdarguuntur. See Lydiat, 

T 79a.6 

SCANDINAVIA. The differences among the northern 

potentates. Boyer, A 78.121 

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hiec, Auetarium dialectorum omnium a I. Zvin- 
gcro. Editio novissima, annexo Latino indiee 
L.Martij. Etiam lexicon etymologicum. Au- 
tore, I. Harmaro. Londini, clolocxxxmx. 

f 71.10 

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argumenta respondctur. Geneva?, M. DC. 
xvili. 4 63.2 

Symphonia prophetarvm, et apostolorvm. Gene- 

vse, M. DC. xxv. 4 49.2 

SCHEIBLER, C. Mctaphysica, duobus libris. Accessit 

procemium de usu philosophise in theologia. 

[Item] exercitationum auctarium. Per T. 

B[arlow], Ed. ultima. Oxonirc, 1038. 4 . 36.22 

SCHENCKEL, P. Dircctorivm cauouicvm sev ivria 

pontificii. SeeToledo, F 56.31 

SCHICKARD, W. Horologivm Ilcbrsevm, sive consili- 
um, qiiomodo sancta lingua spacio xxiv. bora- 
rum, apprehendi queat. Exauctum a N. H. 
Londini, 1639. 8 50a.l9 

- Same. Ed. ultima. Londini, n. d. 8 .... 50a.29 

Institutioncs lingua? Ebrasa?, harmonia aliarum 

linguarum auctius editje, a J. E. Gerhardo. 
Arnstadiae, M. DC. XLVII. 8 50a.31 

Rota Ilebrsea pro facilitate conivgandi pridem in- 

venta, scvlpta et explicata. Nunc recusa. 
Londini, MDCXXXIX. pp. 15. [The plate 
wanting.] 8 SOa.lS 

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Cbaldaicum, Syriacum, Talmudico-Rabbini- 
cum,& Arabicum. Hanoviae, MDCXII. f . . 51.6 

SCHISM. Henry, M. Brief enquiry into the true na- 
ture of 24.56 

Owen, J. Ofschisme 23.60 and 58.30 

Steele, SirR. Letter concerning the bill for pre- 

venting the growth of 16.10 

Tong, W. Vindication of Mr. Henry's Brief 

enquiry into the true nature of 24.57 

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concordantiae. Accedit praefatio E. S. Cypri- 
ani. Gothae ct Lipsiae, cla Ij ccxvu. f . . 51.1 

Analysis Hesiodi " Operum et dierum" ac Theo- 

gonise xxxvi tabvlis comprchensa. See Hesio- 

dus 75.17 

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verbs in Latino and English. London, 1GG4. 

pp. (2), 33. 8" 76.15 

SCHOOFS, L. Do vita et moribvs. Cum diuinarum 

perfectionum opuscule. Parisiis, M. DC. XLIV. 

12 10a.23 


Shelf. No. 

SCHOOLMEN, Justification of the, for denyirg the 

positivity of sin. Hickman, H 20a. 21,22 

SCHOOTEN (Lat. Schotanus),F. van. Tabvloe sinvvni 
tangentivm secantivni, ad radium 10,000,000; 
eorumqiie in triangulis planis usus. Latir.e 
reddidit I. Magirus. Amsterdam, 1(127. 24. 34.25 

SCIIREVEL, C. Lexicon manualo Grseco-Latinum, 
& Latino-Grascum : hac 4a cditione auctum. 
Opera J. Hill. Adjecta sunt trartatus duo ; de 
resolutione verborum [et] de articulis. Lon- 
diui, M. D. CLXIII. 8 77.4 

SCIENCES. Bacon, Sir F. Novum organum scienti- 

arum 34.24 

Harris, J. Dictionary of 00.5 

See also : Mathematics, Natural history, Physics. 

SCLATER, "W. A key to the key of Scriptvre : or an 
exposition vpon Romanes [l-in]. Seconded. 
London, 1G29. 4 55.92 

Three sermons. Published by his sonne. Lon- 

don, 1629. 4 . 55.91 

Contents. At St. Maries ; At Tanton; At the buriall 
of I. Colles. 

Vtriusque epistolas ad Corinthios explicatio ana- 

lytica ; cvm scholiis : a fllio suo edita. Oxonios, 

M. DC. xxxill. 4 47.17 and 55.93 

Exposition with notes. See Bible. N. T. Thes- 

salonians 47.13 

SCOT, A. Vniversa grammatica Grreca. Lvgdvni, 

M. D. xcin. 8 77.3 

Same. [Third ed.] Lvgdvni, M. DCXIIII. S'. 77.6 

Contents. Orthographic & etymologise auctnrcs 
N. Cleuardua, P. Antesignanus; Dialectorum Angelus 
Cauinius; Syntaxeos, I. Varpnnius, scholiis auctus ; 
Prosodia; de accciitibus G. Baillius; Prosodia; de syl.a- 
barumquautitateF.Vergara.adiectis tabulis Baillij; De 
passionibus dictionum Triphon; Libeling P. Aiitesig- 
nani de praxi prasceptorum grammalicts. 

SCOT, or Scott, T. f The Belgicke pismire. London, 

1622. 4 65.34 

Private conference between L. Robinson and . 20.171 
SCOTLAND. Charge of the Scottish commissioners 

against Canterburie and the lieutenant of Ire- 
land, [etc.]. London, 1641. pp. (2), 53. 4". 78.91 

Buchanan, G. Rerum Scoticarum historia . . 78.120 

Hay ward, Sir J. Treatise of vnion of England 

and 78.110 

Herring, T., abp. Sermon, Sept. 22, 1740. On 

the rebellion in 16.46 

Walker, C. Proceedings of the independent fac- 

tion in v. 1 of 78.3 

See a?so : Aberdeen, Cambuslaug. 

SCOTLAND, Church of. Act of the associate presby- 
tery ancut a publick fast. At Dunfcrmline, 
[July 15, 1742. No title-page], pp.8. 8. . 2S.GO 

Bailie, R. Vindication of the government of the. 32.20 

Currie, J. Objections raised by the seceding 

brethren, considered 27.205 

Dialogve anent the urging of new ceremonies 

upon the 57.36 

Loud cry for help to the struggling church of 

Scotland 28.57 

Reformation and conformitio compared by the 

proceedings of our owne kirk. See Pastor, etc. 60.32 

Relation of things in some whereof the Scots 

are concerned. See Truth its manifest, el c. . 79.18 

Rutherford, S. Plea for the government of . . 5'J.GO 

Stenart, W. The worship, discipline, and gov- 

ernment of the 49.63 

SCOTT, D. Disputatio juridica inauguralis de patri.t 
potestate Romana. Lugd. Bat., n. d. pp. (4), 

28. 4 36.4 

SCOTT, T. See Scot, T. 




Shelf. No. 

SCCDDER, II. Gods warning to England. A scr-' 
inon, before the house of commons, at their 
fast, Octob. 30. 1044. London, 1644. pp. (10), 
35. 4" 55.68 

SCCRVY. De scorbuto. Willis, T 35.5 

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house of commons, at their fast, Stptemb. 25. 
1644. London, 1044. pp. (7), 48. 4 .... 55.63 

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Oxford, July 8. 1733. Third ed. Oxford, 

1733. pp.24. 8" 32.11 

Same. Fifth cd. London, 1734. pp. 24. 8 . 16.68 

SECRET history, The, of the Gcertruydenbergli nego- 
ciation. Done out of French. London, MDCC 
XH. 8. [Imperfect] 26.210 

SECTS. See Anabaptists, Antiiiornianism, Barrow- 
ists, Brownists, Congregational churches, 
Friends, Gnostics, Ilcrosics, Lutherans, Meth- 
odists, Presbyteiianism, Puritanism, .Remon- 
strants, Socinianism, Unitarians. 

SEDGV.'ICKE, O. An arke against a deluge : a sermon 
before the house of commons, at their fast, 
October 22. 1644. London, 1644. pp. (4), 31. 
4" 55.64 and 56.12 

The humble sinner resolved; or, faith in 

Christ the only way of salvation. [N"o title- 

pnge.] London, 1656. 4 56.27 

SEDITION and defamation display'd. Ilervey, J., lord. 26.191 

SEISSEL (Lat. Sesellius), C. de, abp. De repvblica 

Gallia? & regum oflkijs, libriduo. I. Sleidano, 

interprete. Adiecta est summa doctrinas Pla- 

tonis, de repub. & legibus. Argentorati, M. D. 

ixn. 8 .__. 79a.8 

SELDEN, J. De dls Syris syntagmata 11. Londini, 

clo. DC. xvii. 8" 50a.7 

De successionibus in bona defunct!, ad leges 

Ebrseorum, editio auctior. Accedunt de suc- 
cessione in pontificatum Ebroeorurn, libri duo. 
Londini, MD.CXXXVI. f 51.11 

Animadversions upon Seldens history of tithes. 

SeeTillesley, R. 59.55 

SELF-DECEIVING, The mystery of. Dyke, D. . . 55.36 
fsELF-.ML'RDER, A defence agaiust the temptation to. 

Watts, 1 57.8 

SENECA, L. A. Scripta qyae extant I. Gruteri et F. 

lureti nods. Parisiis, M. D. c. n. f . . . . 71.6 

Trag(fidiae. Nolis illustrate [a T. Farnabio], 

Londini, 1613. 8 74.9 

Contents. Medea; Hippolytva; (Edipvs; Troas; Aga- 
memnon; Hercvles Fvrens; Thyestes; Tliebaia; Ilercv- 
les; CEIajva; Octavia. 

Tragojdiae : editio tertia opera T, Farnabii. Lon- 

dini, 1634. 8 74.13 

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liber I. Parisiis, M. p. C. II. f 71.7 

SENNEUT.D. Opera. T. 3, 4. Lvgdvui, M. DC. LVI. 

2v. inl. f " 81.3 

Contents. Medicina: praeticas libri vi; Ejoteriea. 

SENTENCES for children. English and Latin. {N'o title- 

pnue.] 8. [Imperfect] 76.31 

SEPARATION from the church of England. Ains- 
worth, II. The points in difference between 
the church of England and the seduced breth- 
ren of the Separation 59.33,40 

Barrowe, II. 1'lainc refvtation of (iill' short 

treatise against the Donatistes of England . . 59.68, W. The unreasonableness of the 

separation 32.13 

Caniif , J. Nccessitic of, prooved by the noncon- 

formists principles 59.52 

Du. Jon, K. Letter on BOparatiOD from the church 

ii.s-rinhlies in England 59.18 

Win-tin r tho ministry of the church of l-ji^iand 

is to bo separated from. See Treatise, etc. . 78.101 

Shelf. No. 

SERGEANT, J. Answertohis Sure-footing in Chris- 
tianity. See Falkncr, W 60a.20 

SERIES decretorum Dei. Livesey, J 56.45 

Seniors considerations on the high duties : with a 
proposal for preventing the running of goods, 
[etc.] by one tax. Sixth cd. London, M ncc 
XL VIII. pp.32. 8 26.47 and 27.35 

SERMON, A, preached to the house of lords, at th<: 
monethly fast, March 26. 1045. [Xo title-page.] 

pp.50. 4 18.16 

SERMONS. Collections. 

Allen, T. Tho way of the Spirit in bringing 

eoals to Christ 57.1 

Andrews, L., bp. Sermons 56.3 

Baillie, J. Spiritual marriage 26.277 

Brownrig, R., bp. Fourty sermons 02.17 

Bullinger, n. Sermonvm decades quinque . . C2.10 

Burroughs, J. Gospel-fear 57.2 

Collings, J. Cordiall for a fainting soule . . . 56.36 

Dod, J. Ten godly and frvitfvll sermons . . . 56.34 

Doddridge, P. Sermons and religious tracts. 56.49 

Harris, R. Sixe sermons of conscience .... 55.84 
Twenty foure sermons on the beatitvdcs . . . 55.85 

Homilies appointed to be read in chvrches. See 

England, Church of 60a.5 

Latimer, H., bp. Forty sermons 55.34 

Mede, J. Discourses 65.27 

Preston, J. The breast-plate of faith and love. 65.2 

The doctrine of the saints infirmities 65.10 

Fovre treatises 65.13 

A livelcs life 05.12 

The new covenant 54.10 and 65.4 

Romanies 65.14 

The saints daily exercise 27. 102 and 65.5 

- The saints qualification 6.">.3 

Sermons before his maiestie 6.3.G 

Three sermons 65.3 

Reynolds, ~E.,bp. Israels prayer in time of trouble. 55.S3 

Saundcrson, R. Twelve sermons ....... 55.90 

Strong, W. XXXI. select sermons 55.31 

Ward, S. Collection of sermons 57.9 

Whittaker, W. Eighteen sermons 57.3 

Wilkinson, H. Conciones sex ad academicos- 

Oxouieuses 67.8 


1641, Feb. 23, ftee Calamy, E. (55.95); Dec. 22, Calamy, 
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(55.(i!>); Nov. 27, Gipps, G. (55.7:i), llill, T. (.Vi.7() and 
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<}. (.V..2), Vinos, 11. (55.51; Tel). 25. IJurues, A. 
Goodwill, T. (55.7), Jeukyn, W. (55.C.); ItMO, March 25, 
Bolton, S. (55. IH), rase, 'I'. (55.11), Chcyn.'ll, K. I.V..11 ); 
April 211, Nulton, J. (55.12), Owen, J. (55.1 -!); M:iy L7, 
Heyricke, H. (.V..15), Tavlor, F. (55.11); .Inly -'.I. Bol- 
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I'almiT, II. (.V..1S); Oi't. 2S. ISrid-e, \V. (55.:oi. l.ockyiT, 
IM.(.'.5.2J), Marshall, S. (55.1H), May mini, .1 . (,'.5 I'M; \..\-. 
.'... I'ricc, W. (.-* J',); I).'.'. '.I, K..lH-rts, I'. (.V,.'j; )-. li, , 0, 
Unodf, W. (.v,.:;!i),, T. (55.2:'), Marshall, S. 
(M.27), Ni'w.-.iui.'n, M. (05.28)1 I 1 " 1 *, Xov. 13, Stilliiijj- 
flcft, E. (20.J85.)i 1710, Guyse, J. (18.70) 




Shelf. No. 
SEKMONS, continued. 


1643, Jan. 15, see Calamy, E. (55.90); 1&J4, April 23, 
Caryl, J. (5U.ll); July IS, Henderson, A. (50.1>4), Vines, R. 
(50.1U); 1088, Jan. 31, Burnct, G., bp. (17.3); 1 703-9, Feb. 
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(17.2; 1710. June 7, Attcrbury, h. (17.104>, Uarris, W. 
(17.1US); 1741, Oct. 23, llamsay, J. (17.105) 

SESELLICS, C. See Scissol, C. de, at>p. 

SETTLE, E. f Tne character of n popish successor. 
First printed about 1GSO. Reprinted, with a 
preface. London, M.DCC. xir. pp. viii,30. 8. 27.55 

SHARP, J., dbp. Sermon preach'd before queen Mary, 
March 27. 1692. Second ed. London, 1707. 
pp. 16. 8 16.282 

BHEPPARD, W., Reply to The peoples priviledges, 

by. See Coiling?, J 49.70 

SHERLOCK, T., tip. Sermon before the society corre- 
sponding with the incorporated society in Dub- 
lin, for promoting English protcstant schools in 
Ireland, March 17. 1737-8. London, 1738. pp. 
(2), 24. 4 16-2 

Second letter to* See Sykes, A. A 27.123 

SHERLOCK, W. Discourse of the divine providence. 

[Title-page wanting.] 8 65.1 

Answer to the discourse of. See Polhill, E. . . . 56.35 
Anti-sozzo : in opposition to errors maintained 

by. SeeAlsop,V. [Addenda.] 66.39 

Reflections on his Discourse concerning the 

knowledge of Jesus Christ. See Ferguson, R. 67.6 

SHIP-MONEY. Parker, n. The case of shipmony . 78.86 

Prynne, "W. Remonstrance against the tax of . 78.85 

Saint-John, O. Speech concerning 78.87 

SHORT history of the last parliament. Blackmore, 

SirR 26.33 

SHORT treatise contayning all the principall grounds 

of the Christian religion. Ball, J 69.21, 25 

SHOWER, J. A sermon preacht upon the death of 
M A. Barnardiston. With a brief account 
of her life and death. London, 1632. pp. (12), 

38. 4 17.12 

SIBBS, Slbs, or Sibbes, R. Bowels opened : or, a dis- 
covery of communion betwixt Christ and the 
chvrch. In sermons on the fourth, fifth, and 
sixth chapters of Canticles. Third ed. Lon- 
don, 1643. 4 54.30 

The Christians portion. London, 1637. pp. (2), 

67. 12 57.31 

The excellence of the gospell above the law. 

London, 1639. 12 67.37 

A fountain sealed: or, the duty of the sealed to 

the Spirit, and the worke of the Spirit in seal- 
ing. London, 1637. 12 57.28 

A glance of heaven. London, 1638. 12 . ... 57.23 

The rctvming backslider. Third ed. London, 

MDCL. 4 45.25 

-- The spirituall-mans airne. London, 1637. 12" . 57.30 
Two sermons vpon the first words of Christs 

last sermon, lohn 14. 1. Third cd. London, 

1637. 12 57.29 

SILVESTER, T. Moral and Christian benevolence. A 

sermon, containing some reflections upon Mr. 

Balguy's Essay on moral goodness; preach'd 

before the university of Oxford, July 25th,1734. 

London, MDCCXXXIV. pp. (2), 22. 4 .... 16.4 
SILVICS, ^Eneas. See Pius II, pope. 
SlN. Baron, R. De discrimine peccati mortalis & 

vcnh'.lis 68.31 

Goodwin, T. Aggravation of sinning against 

knowledge and mercie 32.20 and 54.27 

Hickman, II. Justification of the fathers for 

denying the positivity of 20a.21, 22 

Preston, J. Mans spiritual death in 65.12 

- Sinues overthrow 65.11 

Shelf. No. 

SIXTUS Senensis. Bibliotheca sancta. Secvnda 

editio. Colonia;, M. D. LXXVI. f 50.6 

SLEIDANUS (orig. Philipsou), J. De qvatvor svmmis 
imperils libri tres : recogniti. Amstclodami, 

C!D IDC LXXVIII. 16" 79a.ll 

Tabulae in libros historiarvm de religione & re- 
pub. [1517-1555. No title-page.] 8 79.4 

SMALSIUS, V. Confutation of the Racovian cate- 
chism. SeeOwene, J 64.22 and 65.26 

SMECTVMNUUi3,7?sef. See Marshall, 8. 

SMITH, J. Essex dove, presenting the world with a 
few of her olive branches. In three treatises. 

London, 1029. 4 55.35 

Contents. Grounds of religion; Exposition on the 
Lords prayer; Treatise of repentance. 

SMITH, P. A sermon before the hovse of commons, 
at their monethly fast, May 29. 1644. London, 
1014. pp. (4), 46. 4" 55.51 

SMITH, S. Noahs dove, or, tydings of peace to the 
godly. Sermon at a funerall. London, 1619. 
pp. (8), 51. 8 6S.le 

Sermon preached to the societies for reformation 

of manners, at St. Mary-le-Bow, March 5th, 

1738. London, 1738. pp.28. 8 16.164 

SMITH, T. De repvblica Anglorvm libri tres. Item 
varij aliorum discursus politici de regno An- 
glisc. Lvg. Batavorvm, C!D IDC xxv. 16 . . 79a.l2 

SMITHURST, B. Britain's glory, and England's brav- 
ery. Added, A continuation of the Historian's 
guide, from November, 1687 to June, 1689. 
London, 1689. 12 78.131 

SMYTH, M. The Psalms paraphrased. See Bible. 

O.T. Psalms 45.22 

SNATE, A. A second letter to the bishop of Bangor, 
in vindication of the former. London, 1717. 

pp.69. 8 26.194 

Answer to a letter. See lloadly, B., bp 26.198 

Answer to Dr. Snape's Letter. See Hoadly, B., 

bp .' 27.57 

Answer to Dr. Snape's Second letter. See Whit- 

by, D 27.142 

SOCIAL nature of man. Anderson, W. De natural! 

hominum ad societatem propensione 36.12 

Hutcheson.F. De natural! hominum eocialitate. 36.6 

SOCINIANISM. Edwards, J. Doctrines of the Socin- 

ians, with antidotes 64.24 

Owen,J. Socinianisme examined . . . 61.22 and 65.26 

SOLINUS, C. J. Polyhistor. See Mela Pomponius . 76.82 
SOLUTION, A, of Doctor Resolvtvs [apb. Spottiswood], 

his resolutions for kneeling, n. p., M. DC. xix. 

pp. 55. 4 27.113 

SOME further observations on the treaty of navigation 

and commerce, between Great-Britain and 

France; and on the scheme of the French 

trade, from 1668, to 1669. Seconded. London, 

1713. pp.16. 8 26.48 

SOME instrvctions concerning the art of oratory. 

Walker, 37.7 

SOME observations on the Occasional writer, Numb. 

IV. London, MDCCXXXVIH. pp. 32. S . . . 26.225 
SOME observations on the present state of affairs, in a 

letter to a member of the house of commons. 

By a member of parliament. London, 1731. 

pp.31. 8 26.223 

SOME observations upon bishop Fleetwood's four ser- 
mons. London, MDCCXII. pp. (2), 36. 8" . 26.76 
SOPHOCLES. Tragoedise vn. Latina interprctatio, in 

qua verbum verbo reddidit V. VVinsemivs. 

Carminum ratio ex G. Cantero obseruata ; ad- 

ditis notis. Ilcidelbergse, clo la xcvii. 8 . . 75.13 
SOUL. Holyday, B. De anima, & ejus habitibus in- 

tellectualibus S5 -" 

Reynolds, E., bp. Treatise of the passions and 

facvlties of the soule 55.38 

See oiso : Pre-cxUtence. 




Shelf. No. 
SOUTH Sea scheme. The case of J. Aislabie. See 

Aislabic, J. . 26.30, J. Speech against the bill for r:n 

money upon tin- c.-taies of the directors. . . 20.28 

Second speech 20.23 

SOWER and the seed, Parable of the. Taylor, T. . . 54.22 
Sl'AIX. Thoughts on the treaty of peace with Spain. 

Signed A.1J. [Xo title-page. 17.] pp. 3-32. 8. 26.131 

Articles nf peaco. See Great Britain 73.111 

Bacon, .S'tV F. Considerations tovching a warre 

with 27.101 

Letters and memorials. See Great Britain . . . 27.48 

Piiilip \. Manifesto 20.22'J 

Reply to Popular prejudices against the treaty 

with 27.30 

Robins, B. Negotiations with, for ten years . 20.130 

Treaty. (See Great Britain and Spain 26.23 

Tresu-ell, II. Journey of the carle of Nottingham 

to, 10:15 78.112 

SPANIIEIM, F. Epistola ad D. Buchananum, super 
coutrovcrsiis quibiisdain qu;o in ecclesiis An- 
glicaniis agiUntur. Lugduiii Batavorum, do 

la c XLV. pp.79. 8 67.20 

6PARK, I). Defence against his Brotherly perswasion 

to unitie. See Dispvte 59.39 

SPEED, J. A clowd of witnesses: the genealogies of 
the Ssriptvres. Confirming the humanitie of 
Christ. London, 1G1G. 8 49.19 

The historic of Great Britaiue. London, 1011. 

[Title-page missing.] f 80.1 

Same. Third cd. London, 1G32. f" 90.4 

SPELMAN, Sir II. Archoeologvs. [Contineus] Latino- 

harbara, peregrina, obsoleta, ct novatoe signifi- 

cationis vocabvla. Londini, 1626. f 72.7 

SPHERE. Pntccpta doctrinal sphajricas. Stier, J. . 36.18 
SPIRIT, The, of detraction, conjvred and convicted. 

London, 1011. 4 56.26 

SPIRIT. Pneumatica. Ileereboord, A 36.20a 

SPOXDE (Lilt. Spondanus), II. do. Avclarivm chrono- 

logicvm ad Annales Baronii. SeeBaronius,^ 10.2 
SPOTTISWOOD, J., ubp. Solution of his resolutions 

for kneeling 27.113 

SPOUTS. Declaration concerning lawfull sports. See 

Charles I, of England 23.251 

Declaration concerning lawfull sports. See James 

I, of England 27.111 

SPRINT, J. Cassander Anglicanvs; shewing the ne- 
cessity of conformitie in case of dcpriualion. 
London, M.DC.XVIII. 4 58.4 

The svmme of the Christian religion. London, 

1013. pp. (0), 49. 8. [Black-letter] .... 57.34 
SPURSTOWE, "\V. England's patterne and duty in it's 
monthly fasts a sermon, to parliament 21 July, 
1043. [A] day of humiliation. London, 1043. 
pp. (4), 31, (1). 4 56.17 

The spiritual chymist: or, six dccads of divine 

meditations. London, 100:3. 8 50.47 

Answer tu the Humble remonstrance. See Mar- 

shall, S 59.0 

SQUIRE, E., Conspiracy of. See Elizabeth, queen of 

I'.ii'jlniiil 78.103 

STAGE, Immorality and prof.ineness of the English. 

Collier, J 54,o 3 

STAIII,, 1). Rcguho philo -..plnca- sub titnlis XXII. 
comprehens;u. .\ I >i -]i:ii.ii i,/nrs II 
DC pnncipio ,V principialn, [<[] de causa elli- 
cicnte. Item, I)oeli -ina prop.isilionmn. I.mi- 
dini, MIM i.\\n. 12 30.29 

STAPM-.TCIN, 'I'. Adversus stapleioni Defensioncm 

ecclc.siastica' anthorita \Vllitaker, \V. 7l>a.l 

Di>pvlatio ,|,- s.i ra S.-riptvra, eontra. ,S',v \Vhit- 

aker, W 49.0 

STAU-CII \SII:I.K, Spec, h on bill concerning the. 

LentUal, W 78.8 

Shelf. No. 

STATH;.S, P. P. Achilleidos libri ir, notis illustrati [a 
T. Stephens]. Cantabrigiae, MDCLI. pp. (8), 
48. 8 73.10 

Sylvarum libri v. Cum notis quas eollegit T. 

Stephens. Canta'ii iu-i '. .MDCLI. 8 73.15 

STAUNTON, E. Phineha>'s /.IM] i.i execs-lion of i\ dgc- 
ment. A sermon before the house of lords, at 
their monethly fast, October 30. 1044. Lon Jon, 
1045. pp. (6), 30. 4 05.67 

Rs-pes Israelis. A sermon before the house of 

commons, at their monthly fast, Apr. 24. 

London, 1614. pp. (10), 29, (2). 4 55.49 

STEELE, Sir R. The crisis: r< pn-~'-n' ing the causes 
of the late revolution : and the settlement of 
the crowns of England and Scotland on her 
majesty. London, 1714. pp. (2), vii, 37. 4 . . 23.31 

The Englishman: being the close of the paper 

so called. With an epistle concerning the 
whiggs, lories, and new converts. London, 
1714. pp. (2), 22. 4 26.26 

The importance of Dvnkirk consider'd : in de- 

fence of the Guardian of August 7th. In a 
letter to the bailiff of Stockbrldge. London, 
1713. pp. 02. 4. [Imperfect] 20.37 

A letter to a member of parliament concerning 

the bill for preventing the growth of schism. 
Second cd. London, 1714. pp. 23. 4 ... 18.10 

Letter from a country whig to. See Honour . . 27.47 

Publick spirit of the whigs in their encourage- 

ment of the author of The crisis. See Swift, J. 26.2 

STENNET, E. The royal law contended for. Or, the 
ten commandemcnts yet in full force. Also, 
the seventh day Sabbath, proved to be a duty. 
London, 165S. pp. (S), 40. 4 66.9 

STENNETT, J. The complaints of an unsuccessful 
ministry. A sermon to the ministers of sev- 
eral churches, in the west of England, met to- 
gether in association, at Bratton, June 9, 17-V2. 
Seconded. London, MDCCUir. pp.viii,43. S. 17.219 

STEPHENS, N. Vindicios fvndamcnti ; or defence of 
the doctrine of original sin : against R. Eve- 
rard, the Examiners of the Assemblies confes- 
sion of faith [and] Jeremy Taylor, in his Unum 
necessarium, and tsvo lesser treatises. Lon- 
don, 1658. 4 66.13 

STERNIIOLD, T. The booke of Psalmes collected into 

English meeter. See Bible. O. T. Psalms . 46.39 

STEDART, W. Collections concerning the worship, 
discipline, and government of the church of 
Scotland. Edinburgh, M occ IX. 4" .... 49.63 

STIER, J. Prtocepta doctrinoo logicas, ethicic, phyi- 
coe, ruetaphysicce, sphcericjeq; Editio emen- 
dalior. [Cantabrigiae, 1647.] 4" 36.18 

STILLINHTLEET, E. The grounds of protestant re- 
ligion: being a vindication of [Laud's] ion 
of a conference, Sec. from the anssver by T. C. 
Seconded.' London, M DC LXXXI. f . . . 70.8 

Irenicvm. Or the divine right of particular 

forms of church government. Second ed. 
London, 1GG2. 4" 49.0 

Origines sacra : the grounds of natural and re- 

\c. iled religion. Eighth ed. Added, part of 
another book upon the same subject. London, 

M [ice ix. f 02.2 

S.inif. London, M.iur, \\iv. f GJ.O 

Sermon at a publiek ordination at St. I'eter's 

Cornhill. March 15' 1 '- IGSj. London, 1 

ji]). (12), 4:5. 8 49.66a 

Sermon on, November 1::. lilT-^. bet'.. re 

the Iniiix- of conimoiis. Third ed. I. mdon, 

ir.TS. pp.(2),62. 4 3 2'", 

Answer to. See Wall, T O'U'J 

Reply tu his di-i '.1111 Q of Christ's s.u isl'.ielioil. 

hiuiicy, 1 G0.39 




Shelf. No. 
STOCK, R. Commentary upon Malachy. See Bible. 

O. T. Malachi 44-5 

STONEHAM, B. The parable of the ten virgins 

opened. London, M. DC. LXXVI. 4 54.13 

STOUGHTON, J. The definition [and] the distribution 

of divinity. The happinesse of man. London, 

1040. 4" 32.33 

Felicitas vltimi sreculi : [Ed.] a S. Ufartlibio], 

Londini, MKCXL. 8 T9a.5 

STOUGHTON, W. t -^ n assertion for true and Chris- 
tian church-policie. n. p., 1604. 8 .... 53.22, 23 

Sermon before the state in Dublin, January 31. 

170g. London, M. DCC. ix. pp.20. 8 . . . . 16.120 
STOW, J. Abridgement of the English chronicle, 

augmented by E. H[owes]. London, 1618. 8. 78.129 

The survey of London. Inlarged by A. M[un- 

day,] H. D[yson] and others. London, 1633. f. 90.7 

STRABO. Gcogruphia decem et septem libros coti- 
nens e Greco inLatinu a Gregorio Typhernate 
et Guarino Veronese couersa. [Colophon] Pa- 
risijs, M. D. xil. f 72.9 

STRADA, P. DebelloBelgico decas prima. Additis 
imaginibus. Editio emendation n. p., do DC 
LIII. 12 79.12 

STRAFFORD, Earl of. See Wcntworth, T. 

STRANGE relation of wonderful sights seen in the air 
in February and March 1661. London, 1661. 
pp. (2), 5. 4 26.173 

STREATER, J. A letter to Lord Fleetvvqpd. Decem- 
ber the 15th. London, 1659. pp. 4. 4 ... 26.168 

STRODE, "W. Sermon at a visitation at Lin in Nor- 
folk, June the 24* 1633. London, 1660. pp. (2), 
30. 4 26.249 

STRONG, "W. XXXI. select sermons, on special occa- 
sions. London, 1656. 4" 55.31 

STROZZI, C. Continvation des Politiques d'Aristote, 

traduicts par F. Morel. See Aristoteles . . . 71.12 

STRUTIIER, W. Christian observations and resolv- 

tions. London, 1623. 12 57.21 

STRYPE, J. Annals of the reformation in the church 
of England. With an appendix. Second ed. 
London, M.DCC.XXV. 2v. f 10.4 

Life of J. Lightfoot. See Lightfoot, J 50.5 

BUAREZ, F. Varia opvscvla theologica. Hogvntiae, 

M.DC. 4 60a.l9 

Contents. De concursu, motione, & auxilio Dei; 
Do scientia Dei futurorum contingentium; De auxilio 
efficaci; De libertate tUuino! voluntatis; De reuiui- 
scentiamcritorum; De iustitia Dei. 

De virtvte etstatv religionis. Mogvntia?, do. la. 

Cix. f 70.4 

Contra ejus libros De scientia Dei. See Twisse, 

W 62.7, 8 

SUAVIS, Pelrus, pseud. See Sarpi.P. 

SUBJECT, The duty of the. Hare, F., bp 16.152 

SUBSCRIPTION (Ecclesiastical). Reasons why preach- 
ers who refuse subscription should not be re- 
moved. See Dialogue 78.116 

A triple antidote. Tichborne, J 26.271 

SUCCESSIONS, History of 79a.2S 

SUETONIUS Tranquillus, C. Cum annotationibus di- 

versorum. Amsterodami, 1671. 16 .... 74.24 
SUFFREN, J. L'annee chrestienne. Seconde ed. 

Paris, M. DC. XLI. 4 54.2 

SULPICIA. Sulpiciae satyra I. See Persius Flaccus, A. 75.8 
SULPICIUS Verulanus, J. Carmen inuenile do morib' 

in mesa seruadis. See Boethius, A. M. T. S. 72.13 
SUPPOSAL, The : or a new scheme of government. 

London, M D cc xn. pp. 8. 8 26.125 

SURGERY. Enchiridion medico-chirvrgicvm .... 35.13 

Pare, A. Opera chirurgica 81.5 

See also : Wounds. 

SWEARING, The lawfulness or unlawfulness of. 

Ivcs.J 26.174 

Shell'. No. 

SWIFT, J. t The conduct of the allies, and of the Into 
ministry, in the present war. Second ed. 
London, 1711. pp. 96. 8 26.122 

| A farther search into the conduct of the allies, 

and the late ministry, as to peace and war. 
London, 1712. pp. 77. 8 27.41 

Jfote. This is, perhaps, the pamphlet called in the 
" List of tracts composed hy Swift," in Scott's edition 
of his Works, VI. 216, "An appendix to the conduct of 
the allies"; yet there are expressions in this pamphlet 
which imply that Swift was not its author. 

f The publick spirit of the whiga : set forth in their 

generous encouragement of the author of The 
crisis : with observations on that treatise. Sec- 
ond cd. London, MDCCXIV. pp. (2), 45. 4 . 28.2 
SWITZERLAND. Formuhure dc consenteuient des egli- 
ses reformees do Suisse, sur la doctrine de la 
grace universelle, et les matieres qui s'y rap- 
portent, [etc.] [Lat. and Fr.] n. p., n. d. 8. 79.28 

See also : Geneva. 
SYDENHAM, H. Sermons vpon solemne occasions. 

London, si. DC. xxxvil. 4 55.33 

A'ote. With separate title-pages. 
Contents. Epistle dedicatory to archbishop Laud; 
The wel-tvned eymball, preached at the dedication of 
an organ; The Christian duell; Jehovah-Jireh: Oscu- 
lurn charitatis; The blinde Ephesiau; The foolish 
* prophet; The good pastor. 

SYKES, A. A. fA second letter to the reverend Dr. 

Sherlock, &c. [No imprint. London? 1717 ?] 

pp.93. 8 27.123 

SYLVESTER, M. Elisha's cry after Elijah's God con- 

sider'd with reference to the decease of R. 

Baxter, preach'd Dec. 18, [1691] . London, 1696. 

pp. (2), 18. f 90.16 

SYMBOLS. De symbolica sapientia. Caussin, K. . 38.18 
SYMONDS, J. The case and cure of a deserted soule. 

London, 1639. 8 57.6 

SYMPATHY, Cure of wounds by the powder [power] 

of. Digby, Sir K 35.19 

SYMPOSIUS. See Firmianus Symposius, C 38.18 

SYMSON, A. Lexicon Anglo-Grseco-Lntinvm Novi 

Testament!. A concordance, [etc.]. London, 

M DC LVIII. f 51.9 

SYNODS. Acta et scripta. See Dort 63.5 

Acta synodi. See Dort 61.6 

Articles agreed on in the nationall synode of the 

reformed churches of France. See Charenton, 
France 26.204 

Ivdgement concerning the fiue articles. See 

Dort 26.203 

See also : Dort, Westminster. 
SYNTAGMA radicvm lingvaj Grasca?. Editio vltima. 

Parisiis, M. D. c. xxxi. 32 77.32 

SYRIA. De dls Syris. Sclden, J 50a.7 

Language. Buxtorf, J., the elder. Grammati- 

cas Syriacre libri in 50a.l4 

Buxtorf, J., the younger. Lexicon Syriacum. 40a.9 

Dicu, Grammaticalinguarum IIebra?orum, 

Chaldseorum, & Syrorum inter so collatarum . 40a.l5 
Schindler, V. Lexicon pentaglotton, Hebrai- 

cum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, etc 51.6 

Trost, M. Lexicon Syriacum 40a.l7 

SZEGEDIN, S., i. e. Kis, S., of Szegedln. Theologiae 

sincerae loci communes de Deo et homine. 

Basileze, Clo la xxcv. 4 61.9 

TABLES of the soveraign princes and princesses in 

Europe. London, 1703. 12 79.13 

TACITUS, C. C. Opera qvaa exstant. I. Lipsivs re- 
censuit. Additi commentarii. Avrelize Al- 
lobrogvm, si. DCXIX. 8" 73.11 

TALBOT, W., bp. Sermon at the coronation of King 
George, October 20th, 1714. London, 1714. 
pp.31. 8 16.72 




Shelf. No. 
TALBOT, W., l>p., continued. 

Sermon preach'd, Juno 13th, 1717. At the anni- 

versary meeting of the children educated in 
the charity-schools of London. London, 1717. 

pp.38. 8" 32.2 

TALMTD. Sanhcdrin et Maccoth : illc de Syncdriis, 
judiciis, supplidis capitalibus Ebrccorum ; liic 
dc pccnafalsi testimonii, cxsilio&asylis, flagel- 
latione : cvm excerptis ex utriusque Gcmara, 
versa, & annotationibus illustrata a I. Coch. 
Amsterodami,1629. 4" 40a.21 

Clavis Talmvdica. See Yeshuah Ben Joseph . 40a.l3 
TARGL'MS. Philologus Hebrajo-mixtus. Leusden, J. 40a.7 
TAURINUS, J., Examination, confesbion, and fearefull 

end of. See Guelderland. A proclamation, 

etc 20.202 

TAYLOR, A. The necessity and advantages of the 
public worship of God; a sermon at Dcptford, 
in Kent. London, MDCCXXX. pp. 44. 8 . . 16.249 

TAYLOR, F. The danger of vowes neglected: a ser- 
mon before the house of lords, at a fast, May 
27. 1646. London, 1646. pp. (5), 26. 4 ... 55.14 

TAYLOR, J. Defence of the doctrine of original sin: 
against his Unum necessarium. See Stephens, 
N" 66.13 

TAYLOR, T. "Works. Published by E. Calamy, A. 

Jackson, 8. Ash [and others]. London, 1653. f. (Jba.14 

Contend. Life of Dr. Taylor by J. Caryl; Catechis- 
tical exercises; The jay lors con version; The famine of 
the word; Peters repentance; Judas repentance; Mir- 
ror of ingratitude; A patcrne of peace ; A caveat against 
offences; Nicolaitan doctrine hateful; Moderation in 
things of this life; A precedent for preachers; Excuse 
of a good Christian; Two contrary masters; The house 
of God; Jepthah's vow; New mappe of Rome; Badge 
of a true Christian; Other sermons; Kings bath; Prin- 
ciples of Christian practice. 

A commentarie vpon the epistle to Titvs. Cam- 

bridge, 1619. 4" 47.2 

The parable of the sower and of the seed. Add- 

ed, A mappe of Rome, in flue sermons. Third 

ed. London, 1634. 4 54.22 

TEATE, F. Ter tria: or the doctrine of the three 
sacred persons, principal graces, and main 
duties, summarily digested. [Verses.] Second 
ed. London, 1669. 8 67.33 

TEMPLE, Sir J. The Irish rebellion : 1641. London, 

M DC LXXIX. 8" 78.125 

TEMPLE-SERVICE, The, in the days of our Saviour. 

Lightfoot, J 12.8 

TEN commandments. Dod,J. Exposition of the . . 54.19 
Hooper, J. Declaration of the 57.15 

TEN virgins, The parable of the. Btoneham, B. . . . 54.13 

TERENTIUS Afcr, P. [Comedies. Latin and English. 
Translated by L. Echard. London, 1694. Title- 
page missing.] 12" 74.1 

Fubvlao omnes Anglica? factoe: opera R. Bfcrnar- 

di|. [ Angl.] Londini, 1614. 4 . . . 73.4 

Sententias. See Cicero, M. T 76.35 

TERTLLMANUS, Q. S. F. Apologeticvs et ad Scapu- 

lam liber. Accessit M. Minucii Fclicis Octa- 

vius. Cantabrigiio, 1686. 12" 20a.23 

Apoloi_'ie or, defence of the Christians. Made 

English by H[enry] B[rown]. London, 1G57. 

4 20a.l2 

TESDALE, C. Hiervsalcm : or a vision of peace. A 
sermon, before the house of commons at their 
mimrtlily fast, Aug. 23. 1644. London, 1644. 
PI>. (4), 31. 4' 65.59 

TEXEIKA, .1. de. f -\ treatise panenelieal, that is to 
nay: an exhortation. \Vhcivin i-< Miewed the 
right way In resist the \ ioli-nee D|~ Ihc ( 'asiiliaii 
king. Translated OUt of Castiliau into l''reneh 
by I. D. Dralymont [/. <. .1. de MmillyardJ. 
And now Englished. London, 1598. 4 ... 78.102 

Shelf. No. 
THADD.EUS, J. Conciljatorium Biblicvm. Amstelo- 

dami, [1648]. 24 49.34 

THEFT, Killing men merely for. Chidley, 8 26.200 

THEOLOGY. Ailing, II. Theologia historica . . . . 64.1 

Harrow, I. Works. Vol.1 70.1 

Busilius Magnus, St. Opera 20a.3 

Bcza, T. de. Epistolarvm theologicarvm, liber 

vnvs 10a.l2 

Fenncr, W. Remains 60a.l5 

Hall, J., bp. Treatises 62.15 

Mariana, J. Tractatus VII 62.13 

Owen, J. De natvra, ortv, progrcssv, et stvdio 

veroe theologioe 63. 7 and 61.17 

Pemble, W. VVorkea 60a.6 

Perkins, W. Workes 61.4 

Stillingfleet,E. Grounds of natural and revealed 

religion 62.2, 

Suarez, F. De virtvte ct statv religionis . . . 70.4 

Taylor, T. Works 60a.l4 

Teate, F. Ter tria 67.33 

Vermigli, P. M. Loci commvnes 60a.l6 

Weemse, J. Works 44.15 

See also: Ecclesiastical biography, history, law, polity, 
Evidences, God, Pagan religions, Sermons. 


Descartes, R. Meditationesdeprimaphilosophia. 36.19 

Ray, J. The wisdom of God in the works of 

creation 64.6 

See also: Light of nature, Providence. 

Doctrinal and polemic. 

Allen, R. The doctrine of the gospel 62.18 

Alting, H. Theologia elenctica 64.3 

Ames, W. Christianas catecheseos sciagraphia. 69.30 
Medvlla s. s. Theologias 68.16 

Arminius, J. Opera theologica 64. IS 

Augustinus, A., St. De doctrina Christiana . . 20a.26 

Baron, R. Explicatio quEEstionum philosophi- 

carum in disputationibus theologicis occurren- 

tium 68.30, 34 

Beza, T. de. Theses theologicoe 65.22 

Tractationes theologicss 61.1 

Bifleld, N". Exposition of the Apostles creed . 64.8 

Bode, H. Vuio dissidentivm 20a.2() 

Bray,T. Exposition upon the church-catechism. 69.8 

Brochmand, C. E. Universaj theologioe systema. 65.24 

Calvin, J. Abridgement of the inslitvtion of 

Christian religion 68.1 

Institvtio Christianas rcligionis ........ 70.2 

Institvtion de la religion chrestienne 62.20 

Institvtion of Christian religion 64.2 

Opuscula omnia G2.4 

CoccciiiSj J. Collationes de fcedere et testamen- 

toDei 68.13 

Davcnant, J., lip. Dcterminationes quaostionum 

quarundam thcologiearum 60a.l 

Essen, A. Systematis theologici partes II . . . 64.11 

Fenner, D. Sacra theologia 67.32 

Finch, M. Animadversions upon Sir H. Vanes 

Retired mans meditations 68.23 

Fisher, E. The marrow of modernc divinity . . 15.34 

Fulgentius Kuspensis. Opera 20a.2 

Goodwin, T. Opiiscula quaxlam 56.38 

Granada, L. de. Catechisme et introdvction au 

symbolc dc la foy 70.3 

Gregorius Nyssenus, St. Opera- omnia . . . . 2.U.S 

Hoornboeckj J. Institutiones theologies* . . . 67.16 

Hugo de S. Caro, card. Exposition on Rom. 1. 

20 68.24 

Ilyperius, A. DC rntlonc studii theologloi . . . 67.17 

Lubbert, 8. Coininentarivs in eateehesm Pala- 

Uolin-elgieam 69.31 

Maccov, J. Loci commvnes thcologici 64.5 

Maccovius redivivus 64.7 




Shelf. No. 

THEOLOGY. Doctrinal and polemic, continued. 

Melanchthon,P. Corpvs doctrinae Christianas . 62.9 

Musculus, \V. Loci commvnes theologies sacras. 61.10 

Patterne, A, of catechisticall doctrine 69.23 

Polanus, A. The partitions and definitions of 

diuiuitie 68.9 

- Syntagma theologies Christianas 60.4, 5 

Polyander, J. Synopsis purioris thcologiaa . . 67.22 

Preston, J. Abridgment of Preston's works . . 67.39 

Prideaux, J. Fasciculus controvcrsiarum thco- 

logicarvm . 64.13 and 66.23 

- Viginti-duae lectiones, etc 60a.4 

Ramus,P. Communtariorum de religione Chris- 

tiana, libri iv 67.3 

Stoughton, J. Definition and distribution of 

divinity 32.33 

Suarez, F. Varia opvscula theologica OOa.19 

Szegedin, 8. Theologioa siucerae loci communes 

de Deo et homiue 61.9 

Thomas Aquinas, St. Svmma totivs theologize. 20.1 

Tilenua, D. Syntagmatis tripcrtiti dispvtatio- 

nvm theologicarvm, partes ill 67.1 

Tuckney, A. Praelectiones theologicae . . . 60a.l7, 18 

Ursinus, Z. Corpvs doctrinae Christianas eccle- 

siarum reformatarum 65.25 

The svmme of Christian religion 63.3 

Usher, J., abp. A body of diviuitie 60a.7 

Vane, Sir H. The retired mans meditations . 63.6 

Vincentius Leriuensis. Pro catholicaj Udei an- 

tiqvitate & veritate, aduersus omnium haereseon 

nouationcs 5S.34 

Voetius, G. Selectae disputationes theologicae. 63.9, 11 

Ward, S. Opera nonnulla 60a.3 

Wendelin, M. F. Christianas theologiae libri II . 68.28 

Williams, D. Veritas evangelica definita et 

ailirinata 67.14 

Wolleb, J. Compendium theologiae Christianas . 68.15 

Worthiugton, T. Ankor of Christian doctrine. 64.23 

Zauchi, (jr. Opera theologica 61.2 

See also : Adam, Angels, Antinomianism, Atone- 
ment, Baptism, Calvinism, Catechisms, Christ, Christ- 
mas, Communion of saints, Confessions of faith, Creeds, 
Election, Grace, Heaven, Heresies, Immortality, Impu- 
tation, Justification, Lord's supper, Millenium, Neono- 
miuuism, Pelagianism, Perseverance of the saints, Pre- 
destination, Purgatory, Redemption, Remonstrants, 
Reprobation, Resurrection, Roman catholic church, 
Satan, Schoolmen, Sin, Sociniauism, Transubstuntia- 
tion, Trinity, Unitarians, Universal redemption. 


Arrowsmith, J. Tactica sacra 54.14, 18 

Baxter, R. Practical works 60.1 

Bayly, L., bp. The practice of piety 57.39 

Bennet, B. Second part of the Christian oratory. 54.4 

Beveridge, W., bp. Private thoughts upon re- 

ligion 57.43 

Bcyerlinck, L. Promptvarivm morale 56.39 

Brinsley, J. The trve watch .... 54.12 and 55.104 

Downame, J. The Christian warfare 55.42 

Fovre treatises to disswade from four sins . . 55.88 

Drexelius, J. Recta inteutio omnium humana- 

nini actionum 57.40 

Gascoigne, Q. The droomme of doomes day . 59.53 

Gerhard, J. Meditationes sacras . 58.41 

Gouge, W. The whole-armor of God 56.33 

Qoulart, 8. Anthologie morale et Chrestienne. 56.32 

Greenham, R. Workcs 60a.2 

Hall, J., bp. Meditations 58.40 

Howes, T. A Christian enchiridion 57.37 

Lupton, D. Daily imployment for the soule . . 25.29 

Mayer, C. Diarii meditationvm pars posterior. 57.08 

Morton, C. The way of good men for wise men 

to walk in 23.74 

Nicholas, II. Documentall sentences 70a.33 

Shelf. No. 
THEOLOGY. Practical, continued. 

Peters, H. A dying fathers last legacy to an 

onely child 57.25 

Reyner, E. Precepts for Christian practice . . 56.46 

Robinson, J. Essayes 57.19, 22 

Rogers, R. Seaven treatises 60a.lO 

Sibbs, H. The spirituall-mans aime 57.30 

Spurstowe, W. The spiritual chy mist; or, divine 

meditations 56.47 

Struther, W. Christian observations and reso- 

Ivtious 57.21 

THEOPIIYLACTUS., abp. In omnes Pavli epistolas 
enarrationea. C. Porsena iuterprete. Coloniae, 
M. D. xxxn. 8 20a.l9 

In omnes Pauli epistolas enarrationes, par I. 

Lonicervm in Latinum conuersae. Ad ha;c, 
in aliquot prophetas minores explanatio. Ba- 
sileae, si. D. XL. f 20a.O 

Tomvs primus, enarrationes in quatuor euange- 

liacontinens. I. (Ecolampadio interprete. Ba- 

sileae, [1541]. f 20a.5 

THERAPEUTICS. Enchiridion medico-chirvrgicvm . 35.13 

Le Pois, N. De cognoscendis praecipve interuis 

morbis 35.11 

THIRTV-NINE articles, The. See England, Church of. 
THOMAS a Kempis. See Imitation of Christ. 
THOMAS Aquinas, St. Svmma totivs theologia?. 

Editio nouissima. Parisiis, M. DCVII. f. . 20.1 

Commentaria qvibvs Svmmas theologicas partes 

omnes illvstrantvr. See Est, W 20.4 

THOROWGOOD, T. Moderation ivstified, a sermon 
before the hovse of commons : at the fast, De- 
cember 25. 1644. London, 1645. pp. (6), 33. 

4 55.74 

THYSIUS, A. Censvra in confessiouem remonstran- 

tivm. See Polyander, J 63.10 

Synopsis purioris theologies. See Polyander, J. 67.22 
TIBULLUS, A. See Catullus, C. V. 

TILENUS, D. Paraenesis ad Scotus, Geneuensis disci- 
pline Zelotas. Londini, do. d. C. XX. pp.72. 

8 es.ig 

S3 T ntagmatistripertiti dispvtatianvm theologica- 

rvm, parftes] prima [et tertia]. Editio pos- 
trema. Genevas, M. DC. xvm. 8' 67.1 

TILLESLEY, R. Animadversions vpon Sc-ldens his- 
tory of tithes, and his review thereof. London, 
M.DC.XIX. 4 50.55 

TILLOTSON, J. Works. Published by R. Barker. 
Fourth ed. Vol. 2, 3. London, MDCCXXVIII. 
2v. f 60.7 

Contents. Vol. II. One hundred and four sermons 
and discourses. III. Ninety-six sermons and dis- 
courses ; Prayers for his own use; Discourse to his ser- 
vants before the sacrament ; A form of prayer for the 
use of King William; Tables. 

TIMOTHY, An account of. See Paul, St 57.10 

TITCHBORNE, J. A triple antidote, against certaine 
very common scandals of this time. Lon- 
don, 1609. 4 26.271 

TITHES. Prynne, W. Gospell plea for 32.33 

Tillesley, R. Animadversions vpon Seldens his- 

tory of 59.f)5 

Wall,T. Tythes no gospel-ministers maintenance. 66.17 
TOLAND, J. f Amyntor : or, a defence of Milton's 

Life. Containing, A catalogue of books, as 
gospels, acts, &c. attributed in the primitive 
times to Christ, &c. A history of Icon basilike, 
proving Dr. Gauden the author. Reasons for 
abolishing the observation of the 30th of Jan- 
uary. [London, 1699.J 8 78.4 

f Dunkirk or, Dover ; or, the queen's honor [etc.], 

at stake till that fort and port be deraolish'd. 
Answer'd. London, [1713?]. pp. 24. 8 . . . 27.08 

" Suppose 1713." MS. note by T. PRIKCE. 




Shelf. No. 

TOLEDO, F. Svmma caswm conscicntito absolvtis. 
. \ccesserunt annotationcs A. Victorelli, nee 
non M. Foruarij de ordinotractatus. K<\. opera 
R. (iibboni. Aceis^t Directorivm canonicvm 
fiev ivris pontilicii. Item Klvidntio Icniiino- 
rviu iviis in Tolcto oecvrrentivm. Opera 1'. 
Hchenckflii. An'.v. rpius, M. DC. xxvill. 10'. 50.01 

TOLERATION. Edwards, T. A treatise against . . 59.12 

Uoodwin, T. Proceedings of the grand-com- 

mittee of both kingdoms for religion, in the 

matter of 59.3 

TOMBES, J. Antipxdobaptism, or no Scripture- 
proof of infants baptism, or church-member- 
ship. London, low. 4 55.103 

Answer to his Theodulia. See Jcruhbaal . . . 59.2 

Arguments for the dispute with, on infant-bap- 

tism. See Baxter, K 54.20 

TOMIANS, 8. Discourse on 2 Cor. in. 6. London, 

1003. pp. (10), 35. 8 18.68 

TONG, W. f A vindication of M[atthew] n[cnry]'s 

Brief enquiry into the true nature of schism, 

from the exceptions of T. W. London, 1691. 

pp. (2), 92. 16 24.57 

Note. Mr. Prince gives Tongue as the name of the 
autliur of this tract. William Tong wrote a funeral 
Rermon on Henry, and an Account of his life. 

TONGUE. Do vniversis vitiis lingvse. Drexelius, J. 37.23 
TOPSELL, E. Times lamentation : or an exposition 

on loel, in sermons. London, 1590. 8 ... 45.26 

TORIES, Whigs turn'd. DC Foe, D 26.114 

TORSIIELL, S. Excrcitation upon Malachy. See Bi- 
ble. O. T. Malachi 44.5 

TORTI, F. Xovissima polyanthca. See Nani, D. . 00.3 
TOL'Cil-STOXE, The, of the reformed gospel. In con- 
firmation of the catholiek doctrine. The last 
ed. [Imprint cut off. " Between 1615 & 1630." 

.!/,>'. note.] 12 70a.29 

TRANSACTIONS. Philosophical transactions to 1720, 

abridged. See London. Royal society .... 34.5 
TRANSUBSTANTIATION. Ratramn. The body and 

blood of Christ in the sacrament 70a.28 

"Whitby, D. Appendix against TOa.10 

TRANSYLVANIA. Concordio; inter cvangelicos qute- 

rcndae consilia, quse ab ecclesioe in Transylva- 
nia evangelicoB pastoribus & seholoo albae Juli- 
acensis professoribus in synodo congrcgatis 
approbata fuerimt an. clo IDC xxxiv. n. p., 
W.DC. LIV. pp. (44). 4" 49.57 

Note. Including Dury's " Quaistiones parascevasti- 
cas," etc. 

TRAPP, J. Commentaric upon Proverbs, Ecclesjas- 

tes, and the Song of songs. London, 1GOO. 4. 45.14 

Commentary upon the xii. minor prophets. Lon- 

don, M04. 1 43.13 

The dignity, and benefit, of the priesthood, Jtc. 

A sermon before the sons of the clergy, De- 
cember 8, 1720. London, 1721. pp. (t), 58. 8. 10.37 

Answer to the country parson's plea. See llcr- 

vey,J.,lordHerveg , 27.121 

TRAVJ:I;~, \V. f Full and plaine declaration of eccle- 

Biasticall discipline. [Transl. from the. Latin 

by T. Cartwri^lit.J n. p., M. D. IAXIIII. 4. . 59.5, 03 
TREASON. Tryals and attainders of high-treason, 

1636-84. ,sV, Historical account 78.120 

TREATIM . A, of the niinistcry of Ihc church of Kn:,'- 

liind. \\'hcther it lie to be separate 1 from. 

n. p., [i.vj:,|. 4". [Black-letter] 78.101 

TK; \TI-I;, A, f vnion of England a:id .Scotland. 

Hay ward, Sir.} 78.110 

TRF.ATISI: p.n;t -in li .-:i|. 'I', \ ri ra, .1. dc "S.lOli 

TKI.N.. [Canonea et dccreta concllil Triileniini cd. a 

P. (.,'hilih -I'o. ColonleB Agripiiin;;-, Mil. Ti- 

tle-pagu Lost. | i- 1 88.37 

liinloria concilil Tridentini. S.irpi, I' LOa.3 

Shelf. No. 
TRESWELL,, R. Relation of the journey of Charles 

carle of Nottingham, ambassadour to Sp:iinc. 

London, 1605. pp. (6), 04. 4 7S.fl2 

TREVOR, Sir T. f-'pccch at the transmission of the 

Impeachment against. Xf? Hyde, E TS.H 

TRIALS. Proceedings at the sessions of the peace, 

and Oyer and Terminer 20.20 

TRIENNIAL act, The, impartially stated. London, 

KM. pp. (4), 30. 10 26.230 

TRIGAI:LT, X. Vita Barzaoi Belgas e societate lesv. 

Colonise, M. DC. xi. 12" 10a.24 

TRIGONOMETRY. Tabula? sinvvm tangentivm secan- 

tivm. Schooten, F. van 34.23 

TRINITY. Owen, J. Brief vindication of the doc- 
trine of the 68.29 

The mystery of the gospell vindicated 64.22 and GO. 2 5 

Tcate, F. The doctrine of the three sacred per- 

sons 67.33 

Sec also: Unitarians. 

TROST, M. Lexicon Syriacum; adjecta vocabulorum 
eignificatione Latina & Gcrmanica. Cotheni-i 
Anhaltinorum, M. nc. xxnr. 4" 40a.l7 

TRDE and correct list of the lords, also of the citi- 
zens and burgesses of the fourth parliament of 
Great Britain; 1713, 171-*-. [With] all the al- 
terations during the two last sessions. Lon- 
don, M. DCC. XIV. pp. 30. 8 10.193 

TRUE and correct list of the lords and burgesses of 
parliament, 1715. Seconded. London, MDCCXV. 
pp. 24. 8 v. 3 of 19.2 

TRUTH its manifest, or a relation of things (in some 
whereof the Scots are particularly concerned). 
London, 1643. 8 79.18 

TRUTH and love. Calamy, E 16.131 

TUCKNEY, A. The balme of Gilead, a sermon before 
the house of commons, at the fast, August 30. 
1643. London, 1643. pp. (16), 43, (1). 4 . . 56.22 

Pradectiones theclogicse, nee non determina- 

tiones quoestionum in scholis academic!- Can- 
tabrigiensihus habitas. Amstelodumi, 1079. 
4 ,' 60a.l7, 18 

TuKE, T. The high-way to heauen : or, the doctrine 
of election, eft'ectuull vocation, institl-ation, 
sanctification and eternall life. London, 160D. 
8" C8.28 

TULLY, T. Justificatio Paulina sine operibvs asserta 
Scillustrata. Accessit dissertatiuncula di' sensu 
Pauli, Rom. 7. a oomm. 14. Oxonire, 1(174. 4. 65.29 

TURIN, Articles of peace concluded at, li'> 'il. P>er- 

nard, J 79.1 

TURKEY. De Tvrcarvm moribvs epitome. Geor -ic- 

vitz, B 79a.lO 

TURNER, W. The hunting of the fox and wolfe, be- 
cause they did m.ike liavock of the i-heep i>f 
Jesus Christ. [Title-pa-c gone, and restored 
in MS. About 1553.] 8. [Tdaek-leUcr. Imper- 
fect] 7'>.i.:'.l 

TURRETIN, J. A. Oration of composing the differ- 
ences among protestants. Spoken at an act of 
the univcr.-ity of (iencva, .Tun. 17n7. [Latin 
and Ku-lish.] London, 170L1. pp. 4'1. 4 3 . . . 49.C2 

TWISSI;, W. Disserttltio di' scicnti-i media, [ 
(I. rcnottvm [et] K. rtuaresi[um]. Arhemii, 
M. nc. \x\ix. f il.' , , s 

Of tin- morality of the I'.r.irth coininainlc'iicnt , a-* 

still in force. Londo I, Mil. 4 60.4 

The riches of ' tods lOVO unto the vcs>c!ls of mer- 

cy, co'i-ijslent with Ilis reproSatio'l of the vcs- 

Of wrath. <>r an aii-wer nnt.> i; >.N love 

u ito mankind, [etc. , by Mr. ll.u-d. Annexed 

two tractates concerning Gods decrees [and] 

predcsiiii'itio'i. With a vindication fro.u tho 
exceptions of J. Cool\vi:i. l',y 11. .le.ines. 
Oxford, M. DC. LIU. 2v.ini. f G---1 




Shelf. No. 

TWISSE, "W., continued. 

Vindicioe gratia; Dei: lioc cst, ad cxamcn libelli 

Perkinsiani, de pradcstinationis modo & or- 
dine, institutum a I. Arminio, responsio. Editio 
secvnda. Amsterdam!, cu 13 c xxxtr. 4 . . 63.8 
TYNDALE, W. See Reformed churches 70a.4 

UDALL, J. The key of the holy tongve. See Mar- 

' tinius, P 50a 20 

ULPIANUS, of Antioch. Commentatii. See Demos- 
thenes 71.11 

Note. " These commentaries, in their present form, 
are of much later origin." Smith'* Dictionary of Greek 
and Jioman Jjioyraphy. 

UPSIUS, J. Adagiorum epitome. See Erasmus, D. 38.15 
UNITARIANS, The judgment of the ancient Jewish 

church against the. Allix, P 64.21 

UNIVERSAL redemption, Antidote against 67.35 

UUSINUS, J. H. Sacrorum analcctorumvolvmen alte- 

rvm. Erancofurti, M DC LX. 8" 49.15 

URSINUS, Z. Corpvs doctrinao Christiana) ecclcsia- 
rum reformatarum. Ex ore theologi Z. Vrsini 
exccptum: ac auctum it D. Pareo. Novam hanc 
editionem cum Miscellancis catecheticis ex 
posthuma recognitione D. Parci procurauit 
P. Parevs. Francofvrti, M. DCXXI. 8 ... 65.25 

The Bvmme of Christian religion, in lectures 

vpon the catechisme, authorised by Prince 
Frederick. Translated hy D. II. Parrie. Lon- 
don, 1G1T. 4 63.3 

USHER, J., alp. Annalcs Veteris Testament!. Lon- 
dini, M. DC. L.-M. DC. LIV. 2v.ini. f . . . 60a.9 
Same. [Vol. 1.] Londini, M DC L. f . . . . 69a.7 

A hody of divinitie. Adjoyned, Immanvcl, or 

the mystery of the incarnation. London, 
MDCXLV. f 60a.7 

Britannicarum ecclesiarvm antiqvitatcs. Inser- 

ta cst a Pelagio inductas hrareseos historia. 
Dublinii, CID loc xxxix. 4 10a.7 

Gravissimaj qvasstionis, do Christianorum cede- 

Editio sccunda. Ilanovise, M. DC. LVIII. 8 . 58.8 

Judgement. 1. Of the extent of Christs death and 

satisfaction, &c. 2. Of the Sabbath, and obser- 
vation of the Lords day. 3. Of the ordination 
in other reformed churches. London, 1658. 8". 67.10 

Direction, concerning the lyturgy, and episcopall 

government. See Bishop of Armaghes, etc. . 23.170 
USURY. Baudius, D. De foenore 38.19 

Bolton, R. Discourse concerning . . . 20.240 and 55.87 
UTRECHT, Treaty at. See Great Britain and Spain . 26.25 

VACUUM. Disscrtatio dc vacuo. Buchanan, G. . . 36.5 
VALERIUS Maximus. Dictorvm factorvmqve mcmo- 
rabilivm libri nouem. Olim a S. Pighio emcn- 
dati : nunc a 0. Colero. Hanovia?, M. DC. xiv. 
8' 73.9 

Dictorvm factorvmqve memorabilium libri ix. 

Ex inuseo 1. 1. Pontani. Amsterodami, 1632. 

VAI.LES, F. De iis qvas scripta svnt physice in libris 
sacris. Liber singvlaris. Adiuncti duo alij. 
L. Leranii de plantis eacris : et F. Rvci de gem- 
mis. Tertia editio. Lvgdvni,cro. lo.xcu. 1G. 49.12 

VANE, Sir H. A pilgrimage into the land of prom- 
ise, hy the light of the vision of Jacobs ladder 
and faith; or a serious search into life eternal, 
n. p. ,1604. 4 54.7 

The retired mans meditations. I. The fulness 

of Christs person as Mediator. II. The natu- 
ral and spiritual man, in their proper distinc- 
tion. III. The reign and kingdom of Christ. 
London, 1655. 4 63.6 

Animadversions upon The retired mans medita- 

tions. See Finch, M 68.23 

Shelf. No. 
VANE, Sir II., continued. 

Speech in the house of commons, at a committee 

for the bill against episcopall-govcrnrncnt. June 

11.1641. London, 1641. pp. (2), 'J. 4 .... 78.10 
VARENMUS, J. De syntax!. [Scot. Vuiversa gram- 

matica Gneca] 77.3,6 

VARRO, M. T. De lingua Latina. [Gottfried. Ave- 

tnres Latinae linguae] 72.17 

VEIL, C. M. de. Explicatio literal!* diiodecini pro- 

phetarum minorum. Londini, M. nc. LXXX. 8". 46.3 
VELTHUYSF.N, L. De initiis prim as philosophic. De 

Deo & mente humana. Cum novamethodo do 

praxlcstinatione & gratia. See Descartes, R. 30.25 
VENICE, Qvarrels of pope Paul v. with. Karpi, P. 10a.9 
VERBEEK, J. and H. Catalbgus librorum. [N~otiile- 

page. 173-or 174-.] pp. 82, (2). 8 38.8 

VEISGILIO, P. Anglicse historic libri xxvi. Ba- 

sileae, M.-D. xxxiin. f 90.0 

De invcntoribvs rervm libri vm. Ace. In do- 

mincam precem commentariolvm. [No title- 
page. Londini? 1524? Imperfect.] 10 . ... 79.1.1 

De rervm invcntoribvs libri octo. Romao recog- 

niti. Item A. Sardi de rerum inuentoribus 
libri II. Lvgdvni, M. D. LXXXVI. 8 .... 79a.9 
VERIIEYEN, P. AnatomiaD liber primus [et secun- 
dus]. Editio secunda pluribus tiguris aucta. 

Bruxellis, 1710. 2v. 4 35.4 

Contents. Vol. I. Anatomicorum inventn. II. Par- 
tium solidannn USU3 & inunia; Dcscriptio iinatnTiiica 
partium fcetui & reccnter nato proprianiTn; Contro\'cr- 
sia dc foraminc ovali inter anthorein, & 1). Mery. 

VERITATE, De, religionisChrisiianop. Duplcssis-Mor- 

nay, P G7.5 

VERMINGLI, P. M. Dcfensio doctrinsc itcteris & apos- 
tolicoe de eucharistioo Sacramento. [Tiguri, 
1559.] f 62.16 

Loci commvncs. [Ed. R.Massonins.] Londini, 

1576. f 60.1.1G 

Concernyng thapparrel of ministers. See Mc- 

lanchthon, P GS.M 

In duoslibros Samuelis commentarii. Sec Bible. 

0. T. 1st and 2d Samuel 43.10 

In epistolam ad liomanos, commentarii. Scs 

Bible. N". T. Romans 52.7 

VERRIUS Flaccus, M. Fragmenta. [Gottfried. A ve- 

tores Latinae linguae] 72.17 

VERWF.Y, J. Nova via docemli Grasca. Acccdent 

lectiones Atticae, lonicae, Doricac, poeticac. 

Gamins, C!D IDCC II. 8 77.2 

VERY lively portraytvre, A, of the arch-bishops, and 

ha. of the chvrch of England, n. p., 1040. pp. 

(2), 60, (1). 4 32.30 

VlGER (Lut. Vigerius), F. De proecipuis Grroca; dic- 

tionis idiotismis. Vndecima editio. Londini, 

1047. 12 77.27 

Note. A second title-page bears the words " Dceinia 

VILLIEHS, G., duke of. Bucldngham. See. Jovr.iall 

of proceedings in the isle of Itee 66.30 

VINCENTIUS Lerineusis. Pro catholicoo fulei antiqvi- 

tate&veritate, aduersus omnium hnoreseon no- 

uationes. Additum est commentariolum per 

1. Costerium. Colonire, M. D. LXXXV. 12 . 5S.34 
VINDICATION of the doctrine of Gods intentions in 

the death of Christ : against J. Goodwin in his 
Redemption redeemed. Kendall, G 6211 

VINDICATION, A, of episcopacie : or, animadversions 
upon Unparallcl'd reasons forabolisliiiiLC epis- 
copacy, n. p. ,1044. pp. (4), 64. 4 .... 32.17 

VINDICATION, A, of learning from unjust aspersions. 

London, 1640. pp. (2), 30. 4 5'.!.2,) 

VINDICATION, A, of the present m y, from the 

clamours rais'd against them upon occasion of 
the new preliminaries. London, M. DCC. xi. 
pp. 52. 8 26.107 





Shelf. No. 

VINES, R. Ma'/nalia IVi ab Aqnilone; a sermon 
before tlio lords and commons, Inly 18, 1644. 
The day of thanksgiving for the victory against 
Prince Rupert m-ere Yorke. London, K>44. 
pp. (4), 21, (1). 4 56.10 

Tin 1 p.. -tun- i,r I i,n ids spirit. A sermon before 

tlio house of commons, oetniii-r 2'J. ]r,n. A 
day for pnblicke humiliation. London, Hill. 
pp. (4\ 2'J. 4 C .-,:,. f,i; and 56.15 

The pvrifying of vnck-an hearts and hands: a 

sermon before tho house of i-ummons, at their 
fast, January 28. 1045. London, 1040. pp.(t), 
31, a)- 4 55.5 

VIOLIN and violoncello, Instructions for the. Play- 
ford,,! 3S.14 

VIRELL, M. Religionis Christianas compendivm. 

n. p., si. D. LXXXVIJ. 8 G7.4 

VIRET, P. Exposition familiere de 1'oraison do nos- 

tre seigneur lesus Christ. Geneve, 1548. 8". 48.24 

ViRGir.irs Maro, P. Praeleetiones in Virgilii Goorgi- 
eurum libros mr. Franeofurti, MDI,XXXIIII. 
8 73.24 

Virgilii evangelisantis Christfados libri xnr. See 

Koss, A 47.05 

VIVES, J. L. De disciplinis libri xx. Lvgdvni, 1551. 

8 38.16 

VOETIUS, G. Dcsperata cavsa papatvs, novissime 

prodita a O. lanscnio. Amstelodami, MDC. 

xxxv. 4 70 a .7 

Political ecclesiastieoe [partes trcs]. Amstelo- 

dami, do To CLXin-ClD lo c LXXVI. 3 parts 

in 4v. 4 40.51 

Selectarum disputation nmtheologiearum. Purs 

prima, [secumla]. Ultrajccti, cla lo c XLVIII- 

clo Ij c r,v. 2v. 4 63.11 

Same. Ultrajeeti, clolc c XLViir-clD c LXIX. 

5v. 4" 63 .9 

Thersitcs heautontimorumenos hoc est, rcmon- 

strantium hypcraspistes, retusus. Ultrajeeti, 

do ID c xxxy. 4 65 17 

Dispvtationis theologicas eectio l-m. See ISTe- 

thenus, M 63 lla 

VORSTILS, C., Ivdgement of the synod of Dort, touch- 
ing. See Dort. 20.203 and 27.112 

Voss, G. J. Harmonise evangelic^ de passione, 
morte, resurreetione, ac adsccnsione. lesu 
Christ!, libri trcs. Amstelodami, cloloc 
4 ' 47.8 

Poetarura antiquorum turn Grreeornm, tuin Lati- 

norum, cm i bus vigucrunttcmpora, in epitomen 
redaeta. Londini, 1G63. pp. (2), 22. 12" . . 76.25 

Rhotorioos contracUe, sive partitionum oratoria- 

rum libri v. Oxoniic, M. DC. LXXII. 12 . . 37.8 

In supplcmentum vulgaris grammatices contrae- 

tus. AbE.Lcedcs. Londini, M. DC. LXV. 8. 70.24 

WAL, A. van. Centura in confessioncm remonstran- 

tium. ,S'cc I'nlyander, J 63.10 

Synopsis purloris theologiae. See Polyander, J. 07.22 
"\VAI.IH.N-I:-;. History of t!ic ovangelical chii'-clie.-i 

<.!' tin- vall'-ys of Pi.-mont,. Mnrland, Sir S. 10.9 
A\'\I.I.-;, Histiu-y of the principality of. Dudridire, 

SirJ 27.100 

M'Vl.KKR, C. | Itelatinns and observations, hiMori- 

<-all anil pnlil ick, upon the ])arliament , lie^im 

]tiio. [Part 1, second ed.] London, ir,is-iv). 

4v. in 2. 4 73.3 

Content*. Vol. I, part 1. Tli. of tho two 

Innto', pri-sliytrriMii noil iiiilr|H>in]<>,it ; Tlic histury 
<if'linlr|j ]"iii-v; AII ii|i|ii-inli v, lirinr :i il.'sci i nh, ,,i 

of Argylo'a procoedlnga. r.u-t -. .\n:i 
or, history of independency, 2d purl, n, pint::. 'I'no 
lii^h ci.ijrl nC .jn-tiri'. or Croinwi'ls new slan-litrr- 
house in Eosland. being the 3d part of the hi t..rv, rii-. 

I'urt -I. Ilistdry of inili-priKli-ni-y t-ontinuvil till tlio 
di-Htlm ofthiM-liii'l'..)' Unit Jiinclo. 

Slielf. No. 

WALKER, G. The doctrine of the holy weekly Sab- 
bath. London, Mix-xr.r. 4" 60.12 

Vindication of.the True account of the siege of 

Dcrry in Ireland. London, 1089. pp. 33, (1). 8. 2773 
WALKEII, O. f Some instrvetinns i-nnccniiiig orato- 
ry. Seconded. Oxf.ii-d.lf.s2. 8 37.7 

WAI,KI:K, "\V. Some impri.M-ni.Mts to the art of 
teacliini.' grammar Latine. Second ed. Lon- 
don, 1070. 8 76.20 

Troposchematologiaa rhctoriea- libri dvo. Lon- 

dini, ic.72. 8 G7.10 

WALL, T. A Christian warning-piece for all true 

protestants. London, MSn. ]>\i. 33. 4 ... 00.18 

More work for the dean. In answer to Dr. Still- 

ingfleet, in his Impartial account of the sepa- 
ration from the, church of England. London, 
1081. pp. (10), 34. 4" 00.19 

Tythes no gospel-ministers maintenance. In an- 

swer to J. Crawford. [Xo title-page. About 
1070.] pp. 8. 4 C0.17 

WALLACE, II. Ignorance and superstition a source 
of violence and cruelty, and in particular the 
cause of the present rebellion. A <. rni .:i in 
Edinburgh,. January 0. 1715-0. Upon the anni- 
versary meeting of the society in Scotland for 
propagating Christian knowledge. Edinburgh, 
M.DCC.XLVI. pp. 39. S" 10.202 

WALLER, E. Speech in parliament, G. Inly ItHl. 

London, 1041. pp. (2), 14. 4 78.24 

Speech in the house of commons, concerning 

episcopacie. [London], 1641. pp.0. 4 . . 78.25 
WALLPOOLE, R., Conspiracic of. See Elizabeth, 

queen of Enr/lan:! 78.103 

WALPOLK, .Sir R. Mr. Wal;> >li'"~ case, i:i a letter from 

a tory member of parliament, to his friend in 

the country, n. p., 1712. pp. (4), 44. 8 . . 27.4."i 
WALTIII:R (Lnt. Gualterus), R. In acta apostolorvm 

homilioBCLXXim. Lvgdvni, r.b'2. 8 . . . . 4S.10 

Concernyng thapparrel of ministers. See Me- 

lanchthon, P OS.ld 

WALTON, P.., ?</>. Introductio ad Icctioni-m lingua- 
rum orientalium. Londini, ll>."i,">. 8 .... 50a.34 

WAR. Christiana-polemiea, or a pn-parative to wan-e. 

Gibson, A f^.lf 

WARD, J. Clavis usura?; or, a key to interest. Lon- 
don, 1710. 12 34.13 

WARD, N. |A religious retreat sounded to a reli- 
gious army. London, 1047. pp. 13. 4" ... 12.10 

JTotf. Mr. Prince in n MS. noK- gives reasons for 
attributing this pamphlet to Nathaniel Ward. 

Sermon before the house of commons at th.-ir 

monethly fast, June 30. 1647. London, b'.IT. 

pp (0),27. 4 12.13 

WAKD, S. Collection of sermons and treaties. I,..!i- 

di.n, 1C>27. 8 57.0 

Magnetis ri'dvetorivm thenl.iLricvm tr.>;>ol,.u'icvm. 

London, 1037. 8 57.20 

Opera nonnnlla. Kdita a S. Ward. Londini. 

1053. f CO.i.3 

Coniento. Determinationes tlu-olivtlc-a-; Tnu-i itniU" 
justilli-:iti<Mie; rra-li-ctiones ill- pi-i-rato ori^innli. 

WARNE, J. The spirit of the martyrs revived in tho 
il,.ctrim-i of t \Vhitetield, and the Meth- 
odists. With nine siirns of the true ministers 
of Christ. Added, some thoughts on plurali- 
ties, and non-resid.-iii-e. London, 1740. N' . (' . ! . 1 

" IVitiiv's Hook. Host. ni ^. a. Oct. 0. 1740, 
The Ctift of y' - U.-v. Exc i' ! D tf r \V1 
Hr w:.^ rolng t. rri-iich in y-' South-Chu .-!i. "--!/-'. 
by 1'. Pun 

\\'AHI:I'\, 1C. ' X" prav\i*te!iiv. Or a bri--f dis-'er- 
tation against tin- hy|nlhesis of humane souN, 
living in a state anti'cc.l.ineoiis to this. Lon- 
don, M :>c i.\ \ n. 4' 35.9 




Shelf. No. 

WASE, C. Essay of a practical grammar of Latin. 

Seventh cd. London, 1070. 8" ....... 76.9 

WATSON, R., l>p. Epistolaris diatribe, una de fide 
rational!, altcru [<lc] gratia salutari. Subuexa 
cst, de voluntate etiam ab ultimo dictamine 
intellectus liberata, dissertatio. Londini, 1661. 


WATTS, I. Defense against the temptation to self- 
murther. With reflections on excess in strong 
liquors, duelling, [etc.]. London, 1726. 8. . 67.8 

WEBSTER, A. Supernatural revelation the only sure 
hope of sinners. A sermon in Edinburgh, Jan- 
uary 12. 1741. Upon the anniversary meeting 
of the society in Scotland for propagating 
Christian knowledge. Edinburgh, MDCCXLI. 
pp. iv, 50. 8 ................ 16.205 

WEDERSPAX, J. Disputatio philosop'hica [de men- 
tis immortalitatu]. Edinburgi, M. DCC.XXXIX. 
pp. (4), 11. 4. ... ............ 36.11 

WEEMSE, or Wcemes, J. Workes. London, 163G. 

4v. in 3. 4 ................. 44.15 

Contents. Vol. I. The Christian synagogue; Por- 
tratvrc of the image of God in man; Observations, 
naturall and inorall. II. Exposition of the morall law. 
III. Exposition of the ceremoniall lawes; Exposition of 
the iudiciall lawes; Exercitatjons divine ; The fovre 
degenerate sonnes, the atheist, magician, idolater, and 
the Jew. 

y t c . Each work has a separate title-page and pagi- 
nation. There are two copies of v. 2, in which the 
" Exposition of the second table " is of different editions. 
One is bound with v. 1. A second copy of the " Exer- 
citations divine " is bound with v. 2. 

WEERKAMP, J. E., Catalogus librorum, quibus usus 

cst. See Aa, P. van dor ......... 28.114, 116 

WELLS, J. The practiced Sabbatarian. London, 

1668. 4 ................... 66.1 

WENDELIN, M. F. Admiranda Nili. [Cautabrigise], 

MDCXLVIII. pp. (16), 72, (10). 4 ...... 35.3 

Christiana? theologies libri n. Editio novissima. 

Lvgd. Batav., do IDC LVI. 12 ....... 68.28 

Contemplatiouum physicarum sectio i-m. 

[Cantabrigise], MDCLXVIII. 3v. in 1. 4 ... 35.3 

Contents. Vol. I. Physiologia generalis, de principals 
& affectionibus corporis naturalis. II. Cosniologia. 
III. De corporibus ccelestibus. 

Logic* iustitutiones. Editio novissima. Amstel- 

rodami, do. IOC. LIV. 12 .......... 37.20 

WENT WORTH, Sir T., earl of Stratford. Two speeches 
in parliament. 1628. Concerning the liberty of 
the subject [and] the priviledge of parliament. 
n. p., 1641. pp. (2), 7. 4 .......... 78.32 

Charge of the Scottish commissioners against. 

See Scotland ................. 78.91 

Depositions and articles against. See Great 

Britain. Parliament ............ 78.90 

WESLEY, J. Scriptural Christianity : A sermon, 
preac-hed August 21. 1744. in Oxford. New- 
castle upon Tyne, 1744. pp.18. 16 .... 28.48 

Letter to ................... 27.133 

Letters to, against perfection ......... 27.134 

WESTMINSTER assembly of divines. Catechesis com- 

pendiosior, in linguam Graecam & Latinam 
traducta. Studio J. Harmari. Loudini, 1698. 
pp. (8), 70. 8 ............... 69.16, 19 

Cont'essio fidei ; cum catechismo, majori, ruinori- 

que; e sermone Auglicano in Latinuni versa. 
Cautabrigiffi, MDCLIX. 8 ......... 69.11,15 

The confession of faith, with the larger and 

shorter catechisms. With the Directory. 
Fourth ed. Ediubvrgh, 1708. 8 ...... 09.1 

[The confession of faith, with the larger and 

shorter catechisms. No title-page.] (5 ... 69.10 
-- Same. [No title-page. Imperfect.] 12 ... 69.29 

Shelf. No. 
WESTMINSTER assembly of divines, continued. 

A directory for publique worship throughout 

England, Scotland, and Ireland. With an 
ordinance of parliament for taking away the 
book of common-prayer. London, 1644. pp. 

(6), 86, (1). 4 59.26 

Same. [No title-page. 1044?] pp.40. 4 . . . 59.44 

Humble advice, [being] a confession of faith. 

London and Edinburgh, 1647. pp. (2), 56. 

40 59.34 

Humble advice, [being] a larger catechism: pre- 

sented to parliament. London and Edinburgh, 

1647. pp.56. 4" 59-33 

Answer, unto the reasons of the seven dissenting 

brethren. Goodwin, T 59-3 

Dunlop, AV. Preface to an edition of the West- 

minster confession 27.19 

Lye, T. Explanation of the shorter catechism. 69.14 
WESTON, Sir R., Speech of the transmission of the 

impeachment against. See Hyde, E 78.14 

WESTKENEN, J. van, Catalogus librorum bibliothecse. 

See Aa, P. van der 28.117 

WETSTEIN, J. J. Prolegomena ad Novi Testament! 
Graeci editionem accuratissimam. Amstelae- 

dami.MDCCXXX. 4 49.1 

WHAT nicer non-conformity is not. Baxter, R. . . 64.15 
WHAT'S to be expected from a new parliament. Lon- 
don, M D cc xxxv. pp. (4), 16. 8 26.121 

WHIGS truly Christians. Occasion'd by a sermon 
entitled Whigs no Christians, preach'd at Put- 
ney in Surrey Jan. 30th, 1712. London, 1713. 

pp. (11), 23. 8 16.195 

WHIGS. Character of an independent whig .... 27.117 

De Foe, D. Whigs turn'd tories, and Hanove- 

rian-tories prov'd whigs 26.114 

Swift, J. The publick spirit of the 26.2 

Whigs no Christians. See Whigs truly Chris- 

tians 16.195 

Withers, J. The whigs vindicated 26.232 

WHISTON, ,T. The right method for the proving of 

infant-baptism. With reflections on some late 
tracts against infant-baptism. London, MDCXC. 
pp.72. 8 67.21 

WHISTON, W., Answer to, concerning the eternity of 

the Son of God. See Finch, D 17.241 

WHITAKER, J. The danger of greatnesse : a sermon 
before parliament, and the assembly of divines, 
14 tl i of January, 1645. a day of humiliation. 
London, 1646. pp. (0), 44. 4 55.1 

WHITAKER, W. Adversvs Thomas Staplctoni Anglo- 
papistae defensionem ecclesiastics authori- 
tatis, quam ipse loculentam & aecuratam in- 
scripsit, tribusque libris digessit, dvplicatio, 
pro authoritate atque ai/ro-isia S. Scripturae. 
Cantabrigias, M. D. xciv. f 70a.l 

Answere to the ten reasons of E. Campian. 

Added notes, in defence of those reasons by I. 
Dvrasvs. Written in Latino. Translated by R. 
Stocke. London, 1606. 4" 70a.l4 

Dispvtatio de sacra scriptvra, contra papistas, 

imprimis 11. Bellarminvm, & T. Stapletonvm. 

Cantabrigice, 1588. 4 49.6 

WUITBY, D. The absurdity and idolatry of host- 
worship. Also an appendix against transub- 
stantiation ; with reflexions on a popish book 
called The guide in controversies. London, 
1G79. 8 70a.l6 

Answer to the Reverend Dr. Snape's Second 

letter to the bishop of Bangor. London, 
MDCCXVII. pp. 40. 8" 27.142 

WHITE, F., bp. Examination and confutation of A 
bric'tY' answer to a late treatise of the Sabbath- 
day. London, Hx,7. 4 J 20.241 

WHITE, J. Speech concerning episcopacy. MS. pp. 

23 . 78.19 




Shelf. No. 

WniTr.riF.r.n, G. Answer to the bishop of London's 
last pastoral letter. London, .MIKVXXXIX. 
pp. 27, (1). 8 ................ 2G.256 

Supplement to WhitelieM's answer to thebi-hop 

of London's last pastoral letter. By a pres- 
byter ot" the church of England. n. p., [1739], 
pp.8. 8 .................. 26.257 

A short narrative of the extraordinary work at 

Cambnslang. Glasgow, 1742. pp. 32. 16.. 27.177 

Aet of the associate presbytery anent a publick 

f.i.-l, 1742. .s'c' Scotland, Church of ..... 28.60 

Friendly caution to seceders .......... 28.59 

The spirit of the martyrs revived in the doctrines 

of. See Warne, J .............. G4.4 

Warning against countenancing. See Gib, A. . 28.131 
WlllTl n:i.i>, <>r Whitfeld, T. [A refutation of the 

l,i,i-i- , .pinions, wherewith lay-preachers la- 
bour to seduce people-; or an examination of 
the doctrines of T. More, weaver, in his book, 
"The universality of tiods free grace in 
Christ to mankiiide." London, 1040. Imper- 
fect.] pp. US. 4 .............. 1G.182 

\n'i: No title-page; the title above taken from the 
-ian catalogue. 

WHIT-GIFT, J., alp. Briefe amis-were to ...... 59.59 

Iteplye to An answere of \Vhitegifte againste 

the Admonition to tho parliament. See Cart- 
wright, T .................. 49.08 

Second replie agaynst Whitgiftes second ansuer 

touching the churchu discipline. See Cart- 
wright, T ................ 4'J.G7, 68a 

- The rest of the second replie. agaynst Vuliitgifts 

second ansvner. See Cartwright, T ..... 49.68b 

WIIITTAKEH, W. Eighteen sermons. With a short 
account of the author, by T. Jacomb. Added, 
his funeral sermon by ,S. Anncsley. London, 
Io74. b .................. 57.3 

WHOLE duty of man, Animadversions on the. Ed- 

wards, J ................... 49.41 

WIDDOWES, O. The lawlcsse, kneelesse, schismati- 
c-all pvritan. Or a confvtation of the avthor of 
an appendix [\V. i'rynne] concerning bowing 
at the name of lesus. Oxford, 1031. pp. (4), 
90, (1). 4 ................. 26.244 

The schismatical pvritan. A sermon preached 

at Witney concerning the lawfulnesse of 
church-authority, for ordaining rites, and eerc- 
inoine". Seconded., augmented. Oxford, 1031. 
pp. (48). 4 ................. 26.243 

Lame Giles his havltiiigs. ,S'< <'. I'rynne, \V. . . 20.245 
WmmiiNtn-oN, ,s'i> T. ^peedi uu. of July, 1041. At 

the impeachment ngainst M. Wren, bishop of 

Kly. l.oiMloii,lG41. pp. (8). 4 ...... 78.27 

WIL<:OCKS, J. ,l>p. A sermon before the society cor- 
responding with the incorporated society in 
Dublin, for promoting English protestant work- 
ing-schools in Ireland, March 17. 1738-'J. Lon- 
don, M.DCC.XXXIX. pp. 32. 4 ....... 1G.3 

Wn.rox, T. Catalogue of books to be sold. [Lon- 

don, 1731.] 8 ................ 38.7 

WlLl> (/.nt. Kcrus),J. lobi historian catholica cxpli- 
catio in cxnil. condones distrihvta enarrata. 
Coloni;e, n. d. 8" ............. 4G.C 

In totam Gene MII, enarrationes. See Bible. 

O. T. Genesis ................ . 4G.7 

Wll.KIVS ' Ecclcsia.-le-, a ili .-course COHCI rnini' Ihe 
gift of preaching as i! fals under the rules of 
art. Third ed. Lon.lon, 1'l.M. S ...... 49.45 

WILKINSON, 1L Condones si \. A'-cedent Iractal us 

duo: epi- loi.inmi decas, nec non oratlo. o\- 

onii, M. DC. i. vin. 8" ............ C7.S 

The ga'mefiill cost. A sermon bofon th< ii 

of lord- , -7 of November, the day l-r pnhlike 

liumilialio , pp. (I), 32. 4 . Ii : 

Slu-lf. No. 
WILKS, Mr*. M., Sermon occasion'd by the death of. 

See Foster, J 17.50 

WILL. Watson, It., lip. Do voluntate etiam ab ultimo 

dictamine intellectus liberata 3G.3/ 

Wilkinson, H. De irapotentia liberi arbitrii . . 67. t 
AVlLLlAM AtiL.'u-1'is, ilul;i-r Cnni'ii rliunl. Epistola 

pratulabunda ad (jnlielmnm C'uiiibri:i.- duccm. 

I-Minlnirgi, M.MC.XI.VI. pp. 1G. S" 34.1W 

WILLIAMS, D. A defence of gospel-truth, r.ein:.' a 
reply to Mr. Chancy's First part. London, 1''' >:;. 
pp. (8), 48. 4 63.13 

Veritas e\ angelica detinita et al!innata; in ipia 

qnaedim doctoris Crispii opiniones conside- 
rantnr. VA oppcsitae veritate- p. r-oiiMie expli- 
cantur ct conlirmantur. Ex . \nglicano in Lati- 
num convertit. Q. A. Londini, M.IXV.XL. 12. 67.14 

Nconomianism unmask'd : occasioned by his 

Gospel-truth stated. See Chauncy, I. ... 0:;.12 

Eejoynder to his Ueplj' to the first part of Xco- 

nomianism unmaskt. See Chauncy, T. ... 63.14 

WILLIS, T. Fathol,>L'i:e cerebri, et nervosi generis 
specimen. In quo agitnr dc mortis convulsivis, 
et de scorbuto. Oxonii, sincLxvn. 4 ... 3.5.5 

WILSON, H. Practical corollaries deduced from 

propositions in Euclide. See Euclides .... 34.14 

WILSON, R., Sermon at the funeral of. See Co- 

kayne, G- 59.51 

WILSON, Thomas, nf Arrow. The spirit of delusion 
reproved: or the quakers cause condemned. 
London, 1078. 8 67.34 

WILSON, Thomas, of C'nntcrliury. A Christian dic- 
tionary: annexed, A particular dictionary for 
the Revelation, Canticles, Epistle to the He- 
brews. Fifth ed. London, 104S. f 51.8 

WlNG,V. AstronomiaBritannica. Londini, lfi'59. f. 81.G 

WINGATE, E. The exact constable. Also the office 
of church-wardens, overseers of the poor, 
[etc.]. Sixth ed. London, 1GS2. 12. . . . 79a.lS 

Exact abridgment of all the statutes. See Great 

Britain 79a.2T 

WINTERTON, R. Poetae minores Gra-ci. Aceedunt 
observationes R. Wintertoni in Ilesiodvm. 
Cantabrigia^, ^IDCLXXXIV. 8 75.4 

Contents. Ilcsiodus; Thpocritns: Mo-'chiis: l!i"ii 
Smyrn.; Simmian Ulunl.; MU<;IMIS: Tln'n.'iiis: PhiK-yli- 
dos; l'ytha'j;cir:is: S.rlon: Tvrta-n<: Siinc'iniilfs; Khia- 
nus; Naumairhius: PanyasN: Orpln'iis: ^liniiu-rnnis; 
I/mus; Callimachns; Kvenn^ Par.; Knti^tlicnc*: M, - 
necrates : Posidippns ; Mrtrmlnrii^ i Knijiiirnta <iu:r- 
duin PliiU'iiionis; AU'xiili'-t Anipliiili-: AnRxSntlridoe; 
Antiplianis; A|"illed,'>ri ; Dipliili; Monandri: niuilnri 
Sinop.; Knlnili ; Ilipparclii ; Nii't'istrati: Plu-rt'i-ratis; 
1'liilippi: Philippida-; Sntuhr; Crati-tisj Kriphi; Posi- 
dippi; Tirnoclis; Clcarchi ; Aliorum. 

WisnOFF, C. Catalogue librornm. Qui nuctione 
])iiblicnp distrahentur, 14. (Vtobris IT:; 1 .). Lng- 
dnni r.atavonnn, n. d. 8 38.10 

Wisiion-', G. Catalogus librorum. Quos,|iie publica 
aiietione distrabet (!. AVisbotV, 29, ".'i \ .".1, ()c- 
tobris I7:; c .i. Lugduni Batavorum, [1739]. pp. 
(2), 40. 8 :N.VJ 

WlTIIi:us, .T. Tin- whigs vindicated, and the iiresent 
ministry i>rov'd to be the best friends to the 
church, the monarchy . | etc. ] of Kit<_'land. l-'il'lh 

ed. London, ITi:.. pp. -is. 8 26.232 

\Voi.l.r.i!, J. Compendium theoloiria' Christiana^. 

Kdilio ultima. Cantabrigia-, 1T..V4. l'J . . . . f.s.i;, 

WOOI>I:I:IIM:I:, 1!. The method of grai-e in the ju-ti- 
llcalion of sinners. A n-ply to a book by M'. 
l\vre: enliluled Vindiciai justilicationis gra- 

tultSB. London, IG.'.ti. 4 Ol.l'.l 

, !'. Christs warning-piece : a sermon 
I,,. lore III LI. of common , tl t thrir f.i I, 
Octob. 30.1644, London, bill. pp. (6), 32. 4. 55.09 





Shelf. No. 

WOODFORD, S. Paraphrase upon the Psalms. See 

Bible. O. T. Psalms 45.11 

WORD, A, to Mr. Peters, and two words for the par- 
liament and kingdom. Or, an answer to a 
pamphlet, cntituled, A word for the armie, 
[etc.]. London, 1047. pp. (2), 33. 4 . . . . 12.17 

WORKER (Lat. Guurnerus), J. Analysis institvtio- 
nvm ivris civilis ct canonici. Ursellis, M. DC. iv. 
2v.ini. 12 79a.l5 

WORSHIP. Poole, M. Evangelical worship is spirit- 
ual worship 26.175 

Roharts, F. Gods holy hovse and service . . . 32.29 
Taylor, A. Necessity and advantage of the pub- 
lic worship of God 16.249 

See also : Altar, Ceremonies, Idolatry, Images, Kneel- 
ing, Liturgies, Prayer, Prayers, Sabbath, Tcmplc- 
service, Transylvania. 

WORTIIINGTON, T. fSecond part of an anker of Chris- 
tian doctrine. Mackline, M. DC. xx. 4 ... 64.23 
WOUNDS, Cure of, by the power of sympathy. Dig- 
by, Sir K 

WRAY, J. See Hay, J. 

WREN, M., bp. The charge voted against Bishop 

AVrcn, 5. of July, 1641. n. p., 1641. pp. 4. 4. 78.23 

Speech at the impeachment of. See Widdring- 

ton, Sirl 78.27 

WRIGHT, S. The duty of holding fast the form of 
sound words. Sermon at the ordination of 
O. Hughes, C. Oldisworth, T. Newman, _& 
J. Smith. At the Old-Jewry, Jan. 11. 17^. 
With the charge, hy E. Calamy. London, n. d. 
pp. 88. S" 17 ' 265 

XENOPIION. Opera qvoe extant, omnia, tarn Graeca 

quam Latina. Basilese, M. D. XLV. f . . . . 72.3 

Contents. -Depfedia Cyri, F. Philelpho interprete; 
De Cyri uiiuoris expeditione, R. AmasiEO iuterprete; 
De rebus Gnecorum, B. Pirckhemero interprete; De 
iactis & dictis Socratis, Bessarione interprete; Oecono- 
micus, R. Volaterrano interprete ; De Agesilai laudibus 
oratio, F. Philelpho interprete; Apologia pro Socrate, 
L. Aretino interprete; liieron siue Tyrannus, Erasmain- 
tcrprete; Pori sou de uectigalibus, I. Ribitto interprete; 
De re equestri, I. Camerario interprete; Hipparchicua, 
ecu de magistratu equitum offieio, 1. Kibitto interprete; 
De uenationc, Omnibono Leouiceno iuterprete; Sympo- 
Bium, I. Ribitto interprete; De republics & legihus La- 
ceda'inoniorum, F. Philelpho interprete; De Atheuieu- 
sium rcpublica, S. Castalione interprete. 
De Cyri institutione libri octo. Gra3ce. Cum 
Latina interpretatione J. Leiinclavii. [Gr.] 

Londini, M. DC. XLVIII. 8 75.14 

XIPIIILIN, J. Vita Antouiui. See Herodiauus . . . 75.3 

YATES, J., The people's plea against. See Robinson, 


YEAR. Tractatvs de varijs annorum formis. Lydiat, 



YESHUAH Ben Joseph, of Tlemsan. Clavis talmvdica. 
Complectens formulas, loca dialectics & rhe- 
torica priscoruni Judaeorum. [Ace. Introduc- 
tio in Gcmaram Samuelis prrefecti. Hebraice 
e.d. Judas filii Bolati.] Latine rcddita per Con- 
stantiuvm 1'Emperevr. Lvgdvni Batavorum, 
cfoloc xxxiv. 4 40a.l3 

Shelf. No. 

YORKSHIRE, Eng. The loyal! resolution of the gentry 
and commonalty, presented to his majestic, 
concerning matters between his majestic and 
Sir I. llotham, governour of Hull. London, 
1042. pp. (7). 4 78.42 

YOUNG, T. Hopes incovragement pointed at in a ser- 
mon, hefore the house of commons, at the 
fast, February 28. 1643. London, 1644. pp. 

(4), 38. 4 05.40 

Answer to the Humble remonstrance. See Mar- 
shall, S, &9 - 8 

YOUTH'S instructor, The, in the English tongue. [Xo 

title-page.] 8 SOa.6, 7 

Note. There are two editions of this work, both very 

ZANCIII, G. Opervm thcologicorvm tomus primus 
[-octauus]. Excudebat S. Camonetus, M. DC. 
xni. 8v. in 3. f 61.2 

Contents. [Vol. I.] T. 1. De tribvs Elohini libri 
tredecim. 2. De natvra Dei. 3. DC operibvs Dei 
intra spacivm sex diervm creatis. [II.] 4. Dchominis 
lapsu, de peccato & de lege Dei. 5. Commentarius in 
Hoseam. 6. Commentaril in epistolam ad Ephesios, 
Philippenses, Colossenses, Thessalonicenses, et primam 
lohannis. [III.] 7. Epistola ad Lantgravivm; Epistola 
ad J.Wolflum; Supplicatio ad senatum Argentinenscm; 
Theses et indicia; Defineseculi; Deperseuerantia sanc- 
torum; De libro vite; De gradibus nostra; salutis; De 
pradestinatione; De exccccatione impiorum; De certa 
salute ecclesioe; De Christo aduocato; De peccatornra 
remissione;De studio Christian!; Depulsio calumni- 
nrum; Theses aliquot; De prtedestinatione sanctorum; 
De perseverantia sanctorum; De cojna Domini; Oratio 
habitalS Dec. 1576; De dissidio coenfc; Oratio deaperien- 
dis in tcclcsia, scholis.etc.; In S. Biblia prologomena; 
Deeeclesia; De magistratu; De convenicntia et discre- 
pantia piorum ct impiorum sub cruce; De furto; De 
Bortibus; Disceptatio inter Zanchium ct Joh. Marba- 
chium. 8. De incarnatione filii Dei; De sacra scrip- 
tura; De religione Christiana fides; Compendium prx- 
cipuorum capitum doctrinas ChristianOB; Ad Ariani 
libellura responsio; Ad V. Holderum responsio; De di- 
vinatione; Epistolarum libri n; Orationes in acade- 
miis; Adversus blasphemum V. Gonedzii tritheitas 
libcllum; Admonitionis Neostadiana; duo capita vin- 
dicata; De variis controversiis theses theologicfe; De 
divortio novisque post divortiura nuptiis, libri n. 

How a man may know whether he he the child 

of God, or no. See Perkins, W v. 1 of 61.4 

ZEAT,. Briefe treatise of zealc. Dod, J 56.34 

ZEPPER.W. Ars habendi et audendi conciones sacras. 

Bigense Nassoviorvm, clD lo xcvin. 8 ... 49.40 

Legum Mosaicarum forensium explanatio. Edi- 

tio secunda. Herbornae Nassoviorum, 1614. 

go 50.1.6 

Politia ecclesiastica. Editio seeunda. Herbor- 

nre, clD 13 C vn. 8 - r ' s -7 

ZOSIMUS. Historiarum libri II. See Ilerodianus . . 7^.11 
ZURICH. Orthodoxa Tigvrinae ecclesiiv ministroruin 
confessio : una cum responsione ad M. Lvtheri 
calumnias codemnationes & conuitia: e Ger- 
manico Latiuitate donata, R. Gualthero iu- 
terprete. Tigvri,1545. 8 ..,,...... 67.25 


MATHER papers, 1632-1089. 7v. f. 

\o/c. When Prince received these papers they were in a miscella- 
neous ma-s, unrl, licin-.' by him arranged chronologically, tlu-y were an- 
notated in his careful hand, and fastened together in parts. When they 
were deposited. in 1-1 1, with the Massachusetts histojieal society, they 
u:id in seven ti ilio volumes, in plain boards, underthc SUCH ty's 
direction, with manuscript indexes inserted. This bindinu' was badly 
broken when the Public library received them. Before the lli-toiieal 
t.,>eiety surrendered them, transcripts of the most important were made 

Hie supervision of the Kev. Chandler Kobhins, D. D. At the 
time Hi' the transfer of the Prince library to the Public library, these 
voliimrs were again in the. keeping of the society, having been bor- 
row. (1, to use in correcting the press fur Vol. VIII, of the Fourth scries 
of the society's Collections, which was devoted to these papers, and was 
published under the editorship of Dr. Robbins, in ISliS, and rendered 
doubly valuable by a carefully prepared index. Dr. Bobbins says in 
his prcluce, that "all the papers in the collection arc here printed, with 
the exception of such as are much mutilated, the few which had before 
appeared in print, some of those which contain only foreign in telli- 

. ami such as possess little or no historical value." The order of 
the printed letters is mainly one of grouping by writers, and so differs 
fiom that of Prince's arrangement, as here followed, which is chrono- 
logical. A comparison of the following table of contents with the 
printed volume will show that the latter omits a considerable portion 
of the correspondence, some of the letters which are left out being of 

illegible chirogniphy. 

*.* The letters referred to below as those of Walter and Frances 
Goldsmith are the correspondence under tho.-e a.-.-nmcd names between 
the regicide "William Goffe and his wile not mother Frances Gofl'e; 
the letters signed T. I), are from William Gofte; the letters signed D. 
G. are from William Hook; and the letters signed James Davids are 
In. i, i Col. John Dixwcll the regicide. Colic usually called his place 
nl concealment Ebenezer. "Prince" signifies a MS. note by the Rev. 
Thomas Prince. 

,i's. Vol. I. I. Rev. John OoMon to his wife, Oct. 3, 1632. 2. 

.ranting a farm at Muddy river [Brookline] to Rev. 

Joint L'ol/i> ; Agreement of the selectmen of Boston, Nov. 5, 1636, in 

ii to the same grant. 3. Notes on church government. 4. 
Her. ,< (Hartford) to Jlev. Thomas SAepard (Cambridge), 

II July, 1IU7, containing an account of the death of Kev. Thomas 
Hooker, etc. 5. of books borrowed by /in: Richard Mather 
from J. Mimon and [V. 1'a.rks, of Roxbury, 10 Jan., 1647. Q. Na- 
tli'iitifl M<i'!" i- (London) to a friend in New England, showing that 
New- England men were in high esteem in England, Dec. - 
7 . S.ime to i;> r. Joint Rogers (Ipswich) [afterwards president of 
llaj-vard college], IK March, lll'il. 8m Copy of a letter sent by the 
n'Tal | OH,-' r I 'romwi l/\ to //. v. ./o-'in i 'otton, of Boston, N. E., 
2 Oct., 1051. I In> collection.] 9. Notes ie -peeling ju-ti- 
tication, etc., runtuining Mr. Cotton's ideas as interpicted by .'//. 

and explained by Mr. i',,tli,n. |O. Fragment of an order of 

lehnsetts), ML'ncd by Edward Kaw-i m , secretary, for a day 

of humiliation, Huston, 4 .March, b!"i_'. I I. (IV.7.//i Heyfordto 7'hniitns 

/./.i, I. OIK Ion, IS April, li;,Vi. 12. Receipt from lio'm-t Breiesterfoi 

received according to an net of parliament for promoting the 

D land, 5 May, li;.V.. |3. Letter from Wnltrr ////. / 

(Windsor), 27 June, 1653, directed to Mr. John Mntlm-( Dorche.-tcr i; on 

same sheet, letter fr Rev. Bichai ' M-tii,. / to , upon l>apti-m. 

etc., Dorchester, -J July, lir,:. |4. Kev. Jihn Davenport to Mrs. <'.,!- 
(on. New Haven, 25 lug., 1653. 15. /' ' liii-lianl Mo/h' , to - , 
rimceriiing the frei|iienev of the administration of the laird's supper, 
'.I.Ian.. Hi.Vi. |3. Ji'-r. S. .I/. >'/,, / to /.' r. Joli'i M-ith, r, April 1.11, H'i.V.1. 

17. J'- '' f- M' "I" r to /,'. o. .I'l.'m Mi !/ier, stating tha 'minis- 

deeid'-d tbe:e shall be but four ministers and that the 

i-liiii-clic-, an- in arrears on ace'. unit of mlarie.-, etc., | Dublin], Sept. Ill, 

13. ill'/ /'/./us',,- I'rote taei.m before lie came into Kngland in 

|li,- year 1660, verses] by the duke of Buckingham. |9. ' 

I'ollon lo his mollier, .I// i. N.I//I'/ M-i'lu'i: llamplon, ' II. 23. 

Fra- lit of a letter from It'illiani .//'/ an lo So :,m/ / lirlliii-ihaiii, [li'iT]. 

21. /,',../. ' ',,!/,,,, .Mailn-r, Plymouth. Dee. 11. 1677. 

22. Avr. ^illinium Sloddard to l;<-r. Increase M.II/,,, speaking of 

Kev. Mr. Mile-'.- pie.iebin- ill lioMon. . 

N. Hamilton, Nov. -.1, 1677. 23. Propositions 

agreed upon by the assembly nt Boston to be discussed on the 10th of 
June, with Mr. D's judgment thereuoon, besides letters, etc., relating 
to the regicides. 24. R">'. J 'hit l>m; ni.urt to William Goffe, con- 
taining news from Kngland, etc., '! July, W>1. 25. }'>*< />h- Ijmh ru'l to 
/,' -. Increase MilHii'r, Durehester, 7 July, lllIJ. 26. AVr. ./ti///( 
and others to Mrs. Si. //; M'it!fi\ coiu'ernitii the proposed settlement 
of Kev. Increase Matherat Hadley [ Aug. 1", WJ!}. 27. Extracts from 
the letters patent granted to "the company for the propagation of the 
(.MS;, ell in New Kngland," etc., ]()!.'. 23. letter, dated 10 June, 
Kisj, from Kev. Joint lt'hi/in : i to R-r. Increase M<itl<>r, giving "an 
account of a Keinurkable passage of Divine Providence" [witch- 
craft] in Hartford, 1WJ. 29. Rev. John Davenport t> Rev. Jo) 
ton, New Haven, -.'! March, lUuj-o. 33. " Some i -i testiong, and 

answers tn:. -ether with they re Explication, taken out of M st 's Cat- 

echisme." 3|. II- r. John Davenport to If*'///" '.'".v<, containing 
news from England, et':., 1 Jan , HitiJ. 32. Letters, etc., relating t i 

the regicides. 33. Request from Richard , Robert and 

others, that his majesty's commission to them, etc., may be i 

and published, Boston, May ^4, 1GG5. [Signatures mutilated.] 34. 

Iter. Ji'tcholiis Xtn-i:t to Su itu-l <ich>;. New Haven, 1-J Mi' 

35. Extract from the Gazette, stating that John De-borough and 

twelve others are ordered to return to England, or be attainted of high 

treason; also, that John Rathbone and seven others have been cxccu- 

teJ for the same crime, etc. 35a. Copy of a letter from J/--. 1C 

t . Mr. ,13 Aug., !'>:!. 33. Proclamation < ' 

in relation to the profanation of the Lord's day, Boston, H July. \>'r',7. 

37. [signature destroyed] to Kei\ Increa- llarha- 

Sov.,1867. 33. Rev. Richard Mather lo Rev. Inci 

L'SJuly, 166.S. 39. "Sum mamorable Passages of gods wonderfull 
Deliuerrances at Sea," by John Graf ton, of Salem, who was cu-t away, 
Sept. i;. !(>;!). 40. Mcmm-andum ot a lease at Muddy river [Brnok- 
line] from Snnth Mather to James Pemberlon, L'li March, bi70. [" This 
James Pemberton was Father to y Rev Mr Ebeue/er Pemheiton, & 
This Sarah Mather 1 conclude was at 1 wife & widow 
Rev Mr John Cotton of Boston, & then of ye Rev Mr Richard 
Mather of Dorchester: wo Mr Mather died Apr. -'-'. UK!." MS. 
note in Prince's handwriting.] 41. Copy of the last will and 
te--:iment of Sarah Matli'r, of Boston, .". May, I'iro. 42. AVr. In- 
crease Mather to Jin: John Mni/o. explaining the reason of .Mr. 
Mather's absence from the intended church meeting, S Aug., KM. 
43. R"-i: John Cottonto his mother, Plymouth, Dee. '.'7. \\J7it. 44. 
Same to Rev. Increase Mat Her, Plymouth, 111 Jan., Iu7ii. 45. Notes, 
apparently of a discourse, cancelled and imperleet. 48. A' 

It t i A'ef. Increase Mather, inclosing a copy of an invoice of 
hooks, etc., London, Ifi Feb., Hi76. 47. Her. _Y<ir/m/,/< I M- 
Rev. Im-rrii-i: Jlnih-r, discussing infant baptism, etc., Dublin, 1:0 
Feb., 1076. 43. Ji"t: John Bishop to .'.' P. // in ase .!/."'/. r, speaking 
of the great lire in which the house of the latter was destroy, d. St mi- 
ford, liii March, M7i;. 49. A'- r. ffathan 

Milliter, sending and highly eommeinling "Cotton Br-ichy-raphie," 
Dublin, L'7 Feb., 167ti. 53. Rev. John Cotton to Rev. Increa* '! 
sympathi/.ing with Mr. Mather in nis loss by the tin-, etc., lii March, 
|i;ri)-7. 51. AV' 1 . Thomo-t Thornton to /,',/-. Increase M nhrr, refer- 
rin- to his loss of a meeting place by the fire, i> March, liuii-7. 52. 

J/ar/ier, returning a book [noto in 

Ma^aehusetts historical society'.^ Collections " c\ idently llubbard's 
Narrative ot the Indian wars"], and speaking of a boy obtained for Rev. 
M:. Uathei ervice, Plymouth, March 19, 16TG-7. 53. AVr. /VIOIWM 
Jullie to A' -. , introducing himself and soliciting u 

corres]M,ndenee. etc., " I'endletoii, ni^'li Clitheroe," J April, ll',rr. 54. 

ilitthfi: "The eoiiM.cati,-, 

nioiied by the prelal- I who went up wtli hi^h expecta- 

tions of straitning the Xon-Coiifoi-ms, & pnAidin,- f>r yms: had 

imission given them t one up," etc., 1-J 

April, I'ir.". 55. /;>: John I'.i'hi 1/1 to i: . i-mgrat- 

nlatiu,' him on the preservation of his library from the lire, an<l 

of the " History of N. I ,," etc., Siamfonl. 1 " April, 

ir,r7. 5G. / '' A', r. liirr, if Mo lining 

that Mr. Mather hod disclosed the contents of ic.taiu piivatc letters 

eoncen: ! ' lard'i honk, etc., Plymouth. April II, I'N7. 57. 

.. i'!,,, ].,. , in the hou-. 

against the address that house presented to bis maji tie," \piil !' 
lijrr. 53. A letter, without address, date, 01- ^n.ituic, commcin.-ins 


" Revrend sr," and signed " A mournr for ye Apostacy of Sion 
and yor ifcllow servant," concerning parliamentary affairs, papacy, 
etc. 59. Rev. John Russell to Rev. Increase Mather, speaking 
of the severe sickness in Hadlcy; of the great fire; of Mr. Mather's 
history, etc., Hadley, April 18, 1077. 6O. Jolm Westgate to Rev 
Increase Mather, speaking of the great fire, of the persecution of the 
quakers, baptists, etc., Charlestown, 8 May, 1677. Q\. Letter of Col- 
lins [now missing, and missing Feb., 1SOS, as appears 1'roni a slip 
bearing that date]. 62. JRev. Janies Forbes to /,'< r. Inerea^e Mother, 
Gloucester, 29 May, 1(J77. 63. Keport of the kind's address to the 
house of commons, etc., Whitehall, 28 May, 1(177. 64. Letter, without 
address, date, or signature, written on reverse of No. 03, on the same 
subject. 65. Remarks on his majesty's speech, 20 May, 1077. 66. 
Rev. S. Hooker to Rev. Increase Mather, June , r >, 1077. 67. To Her. In- 
crease Mather (?) [without signature], referring to his loss by the fire, 
etc., Ebenezcr, 12 June, 1C77. 63. Rer. Seaborne Cotton to Rer. In- 
crease Mather, giving an account of an engagement with the Indians, 
Hampton, 16 June, 1077. 69. Her. Jolm Cotton to Riv. Increase 
Jfn /In*,-, speaking of Rev. Mr. Arnold's approaching death, propounding 
certain theological questions, speaking highly of Rev. Mr. W alley, and 
complaining of the conduct of Rev. Gcrshom Ilobart, Plymouth, 19 
June, 1077. 7O. Rev. John Cotton to Rer. Increase Mather, referring 
to II. 's history, and giving Rev. Mr. Shove's opinion of it, Plymouth, 
'25 June, 1077. 71. " An account of what happened vnto Thomas 
Berry by thunder and lightninge in the pink IIop\vcll," 17 July, 1077. 
72. Rev. William Hook to Rev. Increase Mather, containing " The 
names of the ministers who dyed of late veers in the City London," 7 
August, 1077. 73. Mrs. Jane Hook to Rev. Increase Mather, 8 August, 
1077. 74. Rev. Richard Bltnman to Rer. Increase Mather, expressing 
fears with regard to the N. E. patent, giving English news, cautioning 
against "one Righy," and speaking highly of Mr. Elnathan Chauncy 
as a physician, etc., Aug. 14, 1077. 75. Jiev. Samuel Petto to Rev. 
Increase Mather, about a book, etc., Aug. 31, 1C77. 75. A letter, 
without date, address, or signature. [" A letter [from] ye Rev Mr Thomas 
Cohhet of Ipswich to the Rev Mr Increase Mather in 1077, before Aug. 
10.'' MS. note of T. Prince.] 77. Rtv. John Bishop to 7?cr. In- 
crease Mather, concerning the importance of settling a minister for 
East and West Chester, Stamford, 10 Sept., Ki77. 78. Captain John 
Allan to Rev. Increase Mather, referring to the publication of the 
" Narativeof the pequot war," Ilarttbrd, Sept. 17, 1077. 79. Account of 
the captivity of among the Indians. 8O. Rev. Samuel Wake- 
man to Rer. Increase Mather, inclosing letter and money for Rev. Wil- 
liam Ilooke, Fairfield, 27 Sept., 1077. 8 1 . Her. Samuel Wilting to Rev. 
Increase Mather, urging him to write a history of New England, etc., 1 
Oct., 1677. 82. Rev. John Jlishop to Rev. Increase Mather, concern- 
ing a minister for West Chester, Stamford, 2 Oct., 1077. C3. Rev. 
John Cotton to Rev. Increase Mntlicr, requesting Cotton Mather to 
pass the winter with Mr. Cotton as tutor to his two sons, Plymouth, 
Oct. 20, 1G77. 

Vol.11. I. Copies of three letters, without signature, "arriving 
10th Apr. from Lond. in 6 weekes," one to Mr. Usher, one to Mr. 
(hi'iiiiriilgp, and a "3d letter," not addressed; all containing Eng- 
lish news. 2 Mrs. Frances Goldsmith to her son, Wttlter Goldsmith, 
1.0 Oct., 1071. 3. Record of the case [witchcraft] of Elizabeth Knnpii 
at Groton from Oct. GO, 1071, to Jan. 12, 1071-2, by Re.r. Samuel Willard. 
4. Items of news from England, without address or signature, Jan. 
and Feb., 1071-2. 5. -Letter, without afldress or signature, concerning 
papacy in England, Aug. 15, 1K72. 6. Edirai-d Co7Kns" forthe Hob 
gentlemen att their lodgings whersoever," " H'illiain Cloffe and Etf- 
vanl Whalley," concerning a gift of William Sn/tonstall to their use, 
Charleslown, 1 June, 1072; reply thereon endorsed, 5 July, 1072. 7. 
\\~aller (lolilsinilh to his mother, Ebenezer, 5 July, 1072. 8. Jane 
Ilooke to Mrs. Rebecca Russell, 24 July, 1072. Q, l>. G. to Walter 
Goldsmith, concerning the war against the Dutch, etc., 2 Aug., 1072. 
10. Copy of the magistrate's plea upon the Massachusetts patent, upon 
occasion of and answer to three votes sent up from the house, S July, 
1072. 1 1 . Copy of the last will and testament of Goi: Ricliard Belling- 
linin, 2S Nov., 107J. 12. Mrs. Mart/ Hoare to Mrs. liridij,-! Hoare, re- 
questing her to take her son John into her family, Hull, 9 April, 107.1. 

|3_ to , containing questions relating to the war 

against the Dutch [No date, address, or signature]. 14. An imperfect 

and mutilated letter in the same handwriting as the foregoing, 2 , 

11)7". 15. Copy of thelastwill and testament of Rer. John O.cenbridge, 
in which he bequeaths certain books to the "public Library in Boston," 
Boston, 12 March, 107:;-i. 16. D.(.!. to ll'alt* r Goldsmith, mentioning the 
stagnation of trade, short crops and sickness in England, 4 April, 1074. 
17. Walter Goldsmith in reply to No.lG, Ebenezer, Aug. o, 1074. IS. 
Statement of Rer. John /fijjTtnsoTi concerning the Rc.r. Charles Ntcholet. 
[controversy in the church at Salem], 24 Aug., 1074, at Mr. Mather's in 
ISoston. 19. Apology of Rev. John Iliijginson to the committee of the 
general court on the same subject, Salem, June s, H',7.~j; also dated 1(!.;7. 
29. llaiiakkuk Glover to Rev. Inrrt-asi -Matin r, concerning redemp- 
tion, Newport, 20 Dec., 1(175. 20a. Copy of a letter from Rev. 
Increase Mather to Ilabakkuk Glorer,m answer to No. 20, Boston, 3 
Dec., 107">-P>. 21 a Rer. John Cotton to Ri'v. Inrnnse Matin r, men- 
tioning the death of llev. John Holmes, the disaster to the army, and 
expressing his fears lest Capt. Bradford's wound should prove fatal, 
Plymouth, 3 Jan., 1070. 22. Ilabakkuk Glocer to Rev. Increase 

Mather, criticising a manuscript sent him by Mr. Mnthcr, Newport, 18 
March, 177.1-0. 23. Copy of a letter from Rer. John F.Iiol, /,'.;-. 
Jtnne^ .]/!'//, A'- r. Inert aye Mnthi',- and Rer. Thomas Thacher to the 
churches in /tn'ilin, acknowledging the receipt i>f their contributions 
for sufferers in the Indian war, Boston, 11 Jan., 1070-7. 24. Rev. John 
ilis-ho/i to Rer. Inn-ease Matin r, congratulating him upon his recovery 
from illness, speaking of much sickness in Stamford, and inquiring as 
to the origin of the war, etc., Stamford, 8 July, 1070. 25. [William 
','"/'- | to Rei\ Ini-rea-e Mather, speaking of Mr. Nowell and his -.: I 
ance to the writer in his removal, Ehonr/cr, .s Sept., 1070. 26. Frag- 
ment of a letter, containing European news, from S. P. to , 

Oct. 12, 1070-7. 27. Samuel Hooker to Rer.Im-eia , Mather, stating 
that the Indian troubles were diminishing, and that there was then 
much sickness in Hadley, Oct. 12, 1070. 28. Rer. Jnhn I '<<. to Rer. 
Increase Mather, concerning materials for Mr. Blather's history, and 
containing allusions to a young man who appears to have gone astray, 
Plymouth, 24 Nov., 1070. 29. Catalogue of books, Dec. 5, 1070. [Note 
in pencil: "This is n, catalogue of the books selected by Mather, 
after his house was burnt, from the library of Mrs. Usher, once wife 
of President Hoar."] 3O. Rer. John Cotton to Rer. Im-n n.~e Mo. 
ther, mentioning small-pox in Dnxhury, and desiring to know what is 
good for it, etc. .Plymouth, Jan. 1, 1077. 31. Fragment of a letter from 
Rer. John Cotton to AY?'. Increase Mather. [" Plymouth, Jan. 7, 1077-8"; 
handwriting of T. Prince]. 32. Rev. Thomas Jollie to Rer. Inert ase 
Mather, concerning church matters, " Pendleton nigh Clithciow," 18 
Jan., 1077-8. 33. Rev. Samuel Sou-ell to Mr. Jonathan Hull, giving 
European war news, and expressing fears lest New England should 
have a general governor, etc., 25 Sept., 1070; on the reverse a copy of 
the king's speech to parliament, 28 Jan., 1077. 34. William l'>ni<- 

to , containing European news, London, Feb. 21, 1077-8; 

on the reverse notes in the handwriting of Rev. Increase .Mather. 
35. Rev. A'athaniel Mather to Rer. Increase Mather, acknowledging 
the receipt of sundry letters and four books; discussing the nature of 
the office of deacon; mentioning Rev. Messrs. Thorn, Aubry, and Eliot; 
Rev. Mr. Taylor's dangerous illness, and the will of Samuel Mather, 
Dublin, Feb. 1.3, 1077. 36. Hough draught of notes for an answer to the 
question propounded by some of the brethren of the church in Wob-urn 
to the elders met at the lecture in Boston, 7 March, 1077. [In the hand- 
writing of Rev. Increase Mather.] 37. " An answer to the Question 
propounded by some of ye brethren of ye Church in Woburne, toy" El- 
ders met at ye Lecture in Boston," 7 March, 1077. [An enlargement of 
No. 30, and in a different handwriting.] 3Q, Extract from a letter, 
without date, address, or signature, containing European news; men- 
tioning the death of Dr. Manton [" Dr Manton Died Oct. 18. 10~7." 
MS. note by T. Prince); speaking of the infection in Boston, Charles- 
town, etc., and the adjournment of the court on that account. 39. R r. 
jV//iai'c? Mather to Rer. Increase Mather, introducing Mr. Chetwodc, 
and speaking of the persecutions in Scotland and the political com- 
plications in Europe, 12 March, 1077. 49. Elizabeth Moulder to Rer. 
Increase Mather, giving an account of her voyage to England, etc., 
London, 13 March, 1077. 4|. Ri r. John Cotton to Rer. Increase 
Mather, describing the death of Rev. Mr. Walley, Barnstable, 21 March, 
1077-S; Postscript, Plymouth, March 2.5, 1078. On the reverse, notes in 
the handwriting of Rev. Increase Mather. 42. Report of the pro- 
ceedings in parliament relating to the carl of Danby, etc , 27 March, 
1078. 43. Rer. Jonathan Tnckm n toller. Increase. Mather, thanking 
Mr. Mather for his " Relation concerning the warr," etc., Hackney, .'! 
April, 1078. 44. Letter from the elders and others " in the In-half.- of 
the church and Towne" to " the Reverend Elders to whom these Lines 
may com," speaking of the death of their pastor, and asking for " ad vice 
& furtherance" as to supplying his place, Barnstable, 7 April, 107S. 
45. Rer. Jose/,h Eliot to Rev. Increase Mather, acknowledging the 
receipt of Mr. Mather's books, criticising the "Answer of prayers," 
and speaking of Mr. Mather's views of baptism, the death of Mr. Hiep- 
ard, the prospects of the college, trouble feared from the Indians, etc., 
GuilforJ, 3 May, 1078. On the reverse, notes in the handwriting of Rev. 
Increase Mather. 46. Her. Joshua Moofleij to lie v. Increase Ma!/,' r. 
concerning the admission of Mr. Freyer to the church; also speaking 
of arenewing of the covenant, and expressing fears of achange of gov- 
ernment in England, Portsmouth, May, 107S. 47. X'-r. Ifat 
Matherto Rev. Increase Moth, r (sent by "one Mr. Gilbert"), men- 
tioning that parli.iment seems "set rather agt Popery ymigt y- N-Con- 
formists," 13 May, 1078. On same sheet, notes in the li. mil- 
writing of Rev. Increase Mather. 48. Saimtel fdlo to A. r. 
Increase Mather, acknowledging receipt of hooks and sending others, 
narrating the difficulties between the king and house of commons 
(occasioned by its action in relation to the war, and its requesting the 
removal of certain evil counsellors), a'so the prorogation of parliament 
from that cause (sec No. )'.!), May 14, 1078. 49. Report of the pro- 
ceedings in the house of commons in relation to the war, the disband- 
ing of the army, and an address praying for the removal of the duke 
of Lauderdalc, May and 7, 1078. On same sheet, a letter wiihont 
signature (endorsed "M'-- Richard lUinman"), referring t" the pre 
ceding; also mentioning the discontent in Scotland, the favors shown 
to papists, etc., and predicting " that Earthquake, Revel[ation] 
Iltli, is not far off," 20 May, 1078. 50. Rer. Samuel Ma I In r to R, v. 
Increase Mather, mentioning Rev. Mr. Newton's illness and speaking 
of his own settlement, Milford, 20 May, 1078. On the reverse, notes ill 

the handwriting of Kev. Increase Mather. 51. />'' ''' John Cotton ta 
ICi-r. f'<i/t'ii< Mni In i-, mentioning a sermon of Kev. Mr. Trent, also Mrs. 
Mather's illness, etc., Plyniunth, 11 .Inly, 107*<. On the revcr-e, note in 
the handwriting of Rev, Increase Mather. 52. Mrs..fam- //"'/. t.. /: v. 
Jiii-n-n^- Mat/icr, sending i.ld rlnthcs for poor ministers, etc., _'" June, 
I'!"'". 53. \iiilniiiiil i/ei'/i."/- to R v. Increase M"H,^,-, 7 July. ]07.i. 

54. '' o.John /' 'i"/i to Hir. lac ea H.iiln-r, spc ikmg of the noi-c 
nf ^iins heard in tin- air. earthquakes, etc., Stamfoid, Julv 11, 107s. 

55. /:*.. I >/tn ('-iii'iii to A'' r. Tncreasi tfuMe/-, mentioning a fast ap- 
pointed at liarnstuble, " to be of Goil to ho Mr Thachcrs heart t< 
accept their call," also a false alarm of Indians, etc., Plymouth, 
I.Mind Hi. Inly. li.'7-<. 55. A'- r. ./<'/</< l-'Ji ,t to AVr. Inm u~r Matin r, 
acknowledging the receipt of a letter and criticising some of Mr. 
Mather's works, Guilfonl, 17 July, 107s. 57. Ridi-n <l i:/i,tnain to 
A'- /-. A/'-rr o-.,-r .Mather, containing European news, Aug. 9, 1678. On 
the reverse, AVr. Jurrrasi 'Mutlni tn .)//. 117.';;;'' sirnrth, pastor of the 
chureli in .Maiden, concerning the proposed marriage of the latter 
with his servant maid, s May, 1079. 53, Rer. Increase Mather to 
Rer. Mr / ' / II ig i!> ,~iri>rth, on his propose: d marriage with his servant 
maid. Huston, 1'J May. 107:1. 59. T. It. to Rn: Inn-ease Mather, ac- 
knowledging the receipt of a letter from the writer'.- wife, and mcn- 
tioning the death of Mr. Hook, etc., Ebcnezer. "0 An;?., 107S. 6O. 
Ri /-..III'IH Cotton to /.' p. liicri'inr .Mniln-r, speaking of family affairs, 
the death of Mr. Baker, the arrival of a privateer commanded by 
Capt. Daniel, small-pox, baptism, etc., Plymouth, 2s Aug., 107.S. 61. 
A'< r. Jiilni J/iiiniitstni to Rer. Inmate Mnlliir, concerning the duty 
imposed upon ministers in regard to the public, reading by them of 
certain laws, also concerning the controversy about baptism, Salem, 
Sept. .'{(I. 1078. 62. T. D. in HIV. Increase Mather, speaking of his 

correspondence, etc., 23 Oct., 1G78. 63. Sam ni 1 Mnilin- to , 

speaking of his settlement in Braineford or Milford, etc., 4 Nov., 1078. 
64, R' 1 '- Tlininas 1'iiiiiie.t to Her. Increase Mather, concerning God's 
wrath and the renewing of the covenant by the united churches, nnd 
speaking of his own deafness, etc., Ipswich, 12 Nov., 107S. 65. AVr. 
Jiilni Cnltnn to Mr. di/lon Mather, congratulating him upon his re- 
covery from illness, etc., Plymouth, 15 Nov., 1078. 66. Letter writ- 
ten on the reverse of No. 0."> and in answer to it, from fullini Mather 
to It' i\ Jii.'in Cnllnii, speaking of the small-pox in Boston and its visi- 
tation upon his own family, etc., [no date]. 67 = Her. John Cotton to 
/,*' C. /i/i-r< : in>' Mather, concerning business matters; also the spread- 
ing of the small-pox, and soliciting advice as to the treatment of that 
disease, Plymouth, 2 Dc<v, 1678. 63. AVr. yatluniiri Matin r to Rf.v. 
Im-reiii' Mather, acknowledging the receipt of his letter by Mr. Chet- 
wood, and of a letter and books from Mr. Eliot; also speaking of the 
papist plot, etc., 19 Dec., 1^78. 63. Letter (in Latin, with Greek and 
Hebrew quotations) from " Jultanties Cattonus" to Hev. Increase 
Mather, Plymouth, 35 Dec., 1U7S. 

Vol. III. |. Samuel Petto to Rev. Increase Slather, acknowledging 
the receipt of a letter and sermons, speaking of Hev. Mr. Humfreys, 
discussing the doctrine of the atonement, and mentioning the illness 
of Dr. Owen ; also speaking of the papist plot, the activity of Mr. Gates 
and the prorogation of parliament, 2 Jan., 107S-9. 2. Letter from Her. 
.Inlni \Yliii inif, con taining a postscript by John Allifne to Rev. Increase 
.Miil/nr, in relation to a minister for Windsor, and speaking of liev. 
Samuel Mather and Kev. Isaac Foster in that connection, Hartford, 27 
Feb., 107-S. On the reverse, copy of a letter from Hep. Increase Mather 
in reply to the same, Boston, 10 March, 107s-!). 3 A'' r. Thomas 

IVatct himsr to AVr. Ini'i't </<>' .Mather, speaking of his son, and referring 
tiitheological discussions, West Creeling, 'J4 Feb., 1078. 4. R>'V. Thomas 

]\',iii i-liiin .-< to I!' v. Increase Mather, speaking at length of the popish 
plot, etc.. West Creeling, 27 Feb., 107.S. 5, " /;. /;." to AVr. .hihn Cul- 
eeiitainiiig a copy of the letter of King Charles II. to the duke of 
Yoi I. , requesting him temporarily to go beyond the seas, dated White- 
hall, '_'8 ! i'b., 107S. 6. Fragment of a letter from to Rev. Xa- 

tliiniii'l Miilln'i; speaking of the trial, etc.. of the murderers of Sir E. 
etlodt'ri-y | \vithont date or signature]. 7m Mrs. Jane Ihntk to Rev. 
Inrnii-i- Mather (spelled by the writer " Mader"), sending clothes 

and money to poor ministers, 5 March, lli7'J. 8. to Rev. 

In -i, 11 i Mil/In r, containing English news, etc. [no signature), H 
March li)7s. Postscript, 18 April, 1C78. 9. Report of proceedings in 
parliament on receiving the king's reply to their message concerning 
the choice of a speaker; Col. Titus's speech thereon, 11 March, 107.S. 
10. A 1 ' i'. Jntni f'attiin to /,' r. l/tn->ii*< M ////.'/*, speaking of business 
matters, the deatl\ of treasurer Soiithworth, the sickness of Major 
<'iidworth, i-ie., Plymouth, IL' March, 107S-1I. |J. William Stoughton 
to /,'' r. Iiii-fiii" Mulf/er, discussing political prospects in Kninpe, and 
the ditli'-nlty brtu'ccii the king and commons; also mentioning tin 1 
cnllcL-t- | I l.ii \ -aril | iiinl riTint If ilrii-s to it, 1! March. l'i ( "s-l). |2. 

l'it\ T//I>IIIIIA Jitllii' to A'< r. /iif/.n tfiii/icr, concerning baptism, and 

KcndiiiL" eeitain tic Mi ' . I'c-n 1 ' c ! in -ni gli-Clithcrtie, March !.">, I07S-II. 
13, A*' '. . Vc i !/nin i I M'tiln r to /;. '-. Increast AcfafAer, containing I'.ng- 
lish ni-w-. aiicl UK iifncning the- ti'inl ot tin- mil . dc'i .'i-s cif Sir l^dmiind- 
bliry (IodtVe\', and the loilit.irv prcparationd in 1'rance and Spain, 

Man-Ill ,1678-9. 14. Heporlofpi | c , 'c ,c-c , - 1 1 i, - . coneeril - 

in- Hi.- c:nl of Danby, tic- llomi b plot, etc.; also tin- order to take the 
riil of D.inliy into en tody. |Lnd -d--,i| "For Mr. t'ollings."] (5. 
J!< i: Jiilni /.'/s/ciyi to /.'(. IHI'I-I a.-i- Mnl/ii /-, c-oneerning leu- 
Weatehcbter, ucknow ledging the receipt of u letter froui Mr. llooke by 

the hand of Mr. Mather, speaking of the deaths and sickness among 
ministers, and mentioning the condition of Kc v. Mo-rs. Newton, of 
Milford, nnd \Vah.-m-in, of Fairlielrl: :l l o of the d. Art of the writer to 
educate his son for the mini-try, and making inquiries about the 
charitable endowments of the college [Harvard], Stamford. L'."> March, 

1 '*. 16. licport iif the speech of Sir l-'ranri* H'ii,niii:/liiH,'lu the 

house of ..... n 5, , in the power of the kin- to paid. >n traitors, etc., 
March 1-0, lc;r:i. 17. lie-port of the- same speech in another handwrit- 
ing, March -JJ, 107*-!). |S. .I/,,-. Jane //./ to Kev. Increase afatli . 
sending money and clothes lor poor ministers, and referring to the 
death of Uev. Mr. Gale, 7 April, 10711. |9. Keport of parliamentary 
proceedings, bill for granting writ of habeas corpus, etc., 2 April. 107'.). 

20. T. 1>. to Hi i: Increase .I/."/,, /-, congratulating him upon the 
recover) of his family from the small-pox, etc., Khcne/er, L' April, |i;7:i. 

21. Rev. Joshua Moodey to Itev. Inert ase Mniln r, coneernin-j- hapti-'n, 
the small-pox, and the death of the governor [l.evcrett], 7 April, ]i;7:>. 

22. <'opy of the proceedings at a meeting of the con -legation in 
Windsor, relating to the- call of Mr. [A', v. I-nn,-\ /;,-/, ,-, and the re.-ig- 
nation of Kev. Mr. Chauncey. Windsor, 10 May, 1079. On the revi 
votes on the same matters, Wimlsor, J June, 107!). Endorsed, " Cop- 
pics, of the Aet re.-|iccting.Mf. flo-ter And of Mr. Chaneey his He siirna- 
tion." 23. I'niiiil Clarke, //.///</ If',, <:,//, ,* , and Benjamin fiewh i 
to Kev. Mr. Ootes and others (inclosing No. 22), Windsor, 21 May, io7'.i. 
24. "M r - Titus Oats Jotirnall & Allidavit of his discovr taken K - 
yoK& counsell, written and subscribed by his own]hniiil, 7'T a7'l> 
](!7S." [12 pages badly mutilated.] 25. JUrhanl _\f,:,,t,,,,,,v to 
the lord treasurer, Paris, 11 Jan., 1077-8. 26. On reverse of :.,, 
Rirliard Mniilaine to the same, Paris, l,s Jan., 1077-x, [the leaf 
badly mutilated]. 27, 28. "A Letter dropt upon yc F.xci.g," 
concerning the plot, etc., [without date and in the same hand- 
writing with No. 24]. 29. " A Prophecie wch hath beenc manu- 
script in my Lord Powis tfamilie above 00 yearcs," no date. 3