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State Library. 

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Accessions No. 1 1 tf 3 IS* Received 

Class ,jj/ 

■asasa taeiBa s wTifff esi 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2007 with funding from 

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Chicago, January ist, 1898. 

rr ~"~T~~ - l 




The plan of this catalogue is that of a single alphabet of authors and titles. It 
is a consolidation of all previously printed catalogues, supplements and bulletins of 
English Prose Fiction and Juvenile Books, and includes all accessions to January 
i, 1898. 

Authors are entered under their real names when known, and under the pseu- 
donym, or assumed name, when not known. Where only the initials of an author 
are given, the last initial is put first. A cross reference is made from the pseudonym 
to the real name, and the pseudonym is given in italics after the real name. 

Anonymous books are entered under the title only. 

Books especially suitable for young people are indicated by the case letter H. 

I nder the author's name are given the titles of his or her books in alphabetical 
order, except in the case of series, which are arranged as the books should be read. 

Contents of volumes of short stories are given under the author's name. 

Works having a historical basis, and descriptive novels, are so indicated by a note 
appended to the title under the author's name only. When this information forms 
no part of the title it is enclosed in brackets. 

Titles are entered under the first word not an article, and also under an important, 
or catch-word, when such occurs in a title, followed by the author's surname. 

For the benefit of those who wish to plan a systematic course of reading in fic- 
tion, the list of bibliographical aids which follows has been compiled. Many of the 
books mentioned in this list, especially the catalogues of fiction in various libraries, 
have been freely used in the preparation of this catalogue. 

The titles of all new accessions to the library, since January 1, 1898, will be 
found on the bulletin boards in the Delivery Room, in the quarterly bulletins, and 
in the public card catalogue. 


Adams. Dictionary of English Literature *R 13S 1 

Besant. Art of Fiction J 1 597 

Brewer. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable *R 1390 

Reader's Handbook *R 1366 




Acland. Guide to the choice of Books [1891] J 1435 

Boston Public Library, Historical Fiction, America *0 1036,10-1 1 

Austria, Hungary, Bohemia *0 1036,13 

England *0 1036,11-12 

France *0 1036,12-13 

. Germany *0 1036,13 

Ireland *0 1036,12 

Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Eastern Empire, Turkey, Servia *0 1036,14 

Spain, Portugal *0 1036,14 

Switzerland, Netherlands *0 1036,13 

Another Set of the above in Public Card Catalogue Room. 

Catalogue of English Prose Fiction, 1877 *0 1043 

Bowen. Catalogue of Historical Novels and Tales [1882] *0 624 

Brookline Public Library, Catalogue of Historical Fiction [1897] *0 1213 

Burt. Literary Landmarks J 1803 

Dixson. Subject Index to Prose Fiction [1897] *0 528 

The same *Ref. Dept 

Evanston Public Library, Fiction, Books for Young People, 1897 *0 1508 

Griswold. Descriptive Lists of Novels, etc *0 566 

Books for the Young [1895]; Novels dealing with Ancient History and History of 
North America; American City and Country Life; Life in France, Germany, Italy, 
Norway, Russia [1892]; List of Romantic, British and International Novels [1891]. 

Hardy. Five Hundred Books for the Young [1892] J 14 18 

Hartford Public Library, Boys' and Girls' Books [1895] *0 1593 

Hewins. Books for the Young [ 1884] J 1 450 

Holbrook. Reading for Boys and Girls [1882] *J 1465,1 

Indianapolis Public Library, Books for Young Readers [1888] . .*0 1663 

La Fayette Public Library, Books for Young Readers [1891] *0 1689 

Leypoldt and lies. Books for Girls and Women and their Clubs [1895] J 2790 

The same *Q 582 

Perkins. The Best Reading [1872-3]. 2 v.. *R 1380 

and Jones. The same [1877-91]. 4v *R 1379 

St. Louis Public Library, English Prose Fiction, 1897 •© 

Salem Public Library, Historical Fiction, pp. 123-141 [1895] *0 io^q.i 

San Francisco Public Library, Classified English Prose Fiction [1891] *0 1998 

Sargant and Whishaw. Guide Book to Books [1891] *0 595 

Sargent. Reading for the Young [1890-96]. 2 v J 1433 

The same *0 581 

Sonnenschein. Best Books [1891-95]. 2v *0 662 

U. S. Bureau of Education, Catalogue of A. L. A. Library [1893] J 1712 

The same *0 490 

Cervantes Saavedra, M. de: 

Cervantes; by Oliphant J 2244 

. Don Quixote, his Critics and Commentators; by Duffield J 2332 

Sancho Panza's Proverbs; by Burke E 2244 

Spanish Salt, Proverbs in Don Quixote; by Burke E 866 

Century Cyclopedia of Names *R 30 

Chapman's Magazine of Fiction, 1895-97. 7 v *Ser. 

Clouston. Popular Tales and Fictions; their Migrations and Transformations. 2 v L 2530 

Crawford. The Novel: What is it? E 

Cross, M. A. {George Eliot): 

Ethics of George Eliot's Works; by Brown J 153° 


Cross, M. A. {George Eliot)-. 

George Eliot and her Heroines; by Woolson C 2753 

George Eliot and Judaism ; by Kauf mann E 3964 

George Eliot in Derbyshire; by Roslyn I 6300 

Scenes and Characters from Works of George Eliot; by Seguin *V 1580 

Wise, Witty and Tender Sayings from George Eliot; by Main E 4527 

Wit and Wisdom of George Eliot E 1336 

Davenport. Best Fifty Books condensed J 1 507 

Dickens, C: 

About England with Dickens; by Rimmer I 6269 

Bibliography of the Writings of Dickens; by Cook *0 281 

Bozland, Dickens' Places and People; by Fitzgerald I 6319 

Charles Dickens' Readings; by Field J 1569 

Cyclopaedia of the Best Thoughts of Dickens; by Fontaine *R 1307 

Dialogues from Dickens; by Fette J 2508 

Dickens Dictionary; by Pierce and Wheeler *R 1386 

History of Pickwick; by Fitzgerald J 1721 

In Kent with Dickens; by Frost I 685 

Law and Lawyers of Pickwick; by Lockwood N 5128 

London in the Works of Dickens; by lVmberton I 743 

A Week's Tramp in Dickens-Land; by Hughes I 6297 

Dodds. Stories from Early English Literature J 2221 

Dunlop. History of Fiction [1855] J 1487 

The same; new ed. revised [1888]. 2 v I 3093. 

Egan. Modern Novels and Novelists [1888] J 1806 

Forsyth. Novels and Novelists of the 18th Century J 1805 

Gordy and Twitchell. Pathfinder in American History B 1987 

Hardy, T.; by MacDonell J 2228 

Art of; by Johnson J 2227 

Hawthorne, N., Analytical Index to Works of *R 1388 

How to write Fiction, especially Short Story Writing J 2238 

Howells. Criticism and Fiction E 3401 

James. Romantic Professions, and other Papers J 1724 

Jeaffreson. Novels and Novelists from Elizabeth to Victoria. 2v J 1578 

Jusserand. The English Novel in the Time of Shakspere J 1628 

Kite. Fiction in Public Libraries *J 1465,2 

Lanier. The English Novel and its Development J 1529 

Mangin. Essay on Light Reading J 1457 

Masson. British Novelists and their Styles J 1574 

Matthews. Aspects of Fiction J 1649 

Morley. Library of English Literature *R 1 279,4-5 

Morris (Tr.). Old French Romances J 2239 

Moulton. Four Years of Novel Reading J 1725, 

On the Art of Writing Fiction; by Norris and others J 1723, 

Parsons. The World's Best Books J I43 2 " 

Philipson. The Jew in English Fiction J 1941 

Rabelais, F.; by Besant J 2246 

Readings in ; by Besant J 2256* 

Raleigh. The English Novel J 1722: 

Russell. Guide to British and American Novels [1894] J 175& 

Saintsbury. Essays on French Novelists [1891] E 5768 

The Flourishing of Romance and Rise of Allegory J 1682 

Salmon. Juvenile Literature [1888] J 1801. 


Scott, Sir W.: 

Account of the Scott Exhibition, 1871 ; by Maxwell *R 4438 

The Bible in Waverley ; by Dickson E 2373 

Biographical and Critical Notices of Eminent Novelists J 262,3-4 

Philosophy of the Waveriey Novels; by Canning E 926 

Lands of Scott ; by Hunnewell I 757 

Portraits of the Principal Female Characters in the Waverley Novels *P 665 

Scott and Scotland; by Ritchie I 6482 

Scott and Scotland, Illustrations of Scottish Story; by Stevens *I 6487 

Tales from Scott; ed. by Sullivan F 6909 

The Waverley Dictionary; by Rogers *R 1392 

The Waverley Manual; by Cornish *R 1393 

Senior. Essays on Fiction J 22 16 

Simonds. Study of English Fiction J 165 1 

Spofford and Gibbon. Library of Choice Literature. 8v E 5772 

Stedman and Hutchinson. Library of American Literature. 11 v J 1855 

The same *R 1285 

Stevens. How Men propose; Love Scenes from Works of Fiction F 6739 

Stevenson, R. L.; by Raleigh J 1888 

Swinton (Ed.). Treasury of Tales *V 714 

Thackeray, W. M. 

Bibliography of Thackeray; by Shepherd *0 266 

The same; revised and enlarged E 5971 

Stray Moments with Thackeray; by Rideing E 5427 

Thackeray, a Study; by Jack J 1889 

Thackeray's London ; by Rideing I 6237 

With Thackeray in America; by Crowe I 5215 

Thompson. Philosophy of Fiction in Literature J 1629 

Traill. The New Fiction, and other Essays J 1900 

Tuckerman. History of English Prose Fiction J 1592 

Turner. Modern Novelists of Russia [1890] J 2341 

Van de Velde. French Fiction of To-day [1891]. 2v J 2230 

Vogiie. Russian Novelists [1887] J 2334 

Warner. Library of the World's Best Literature. 20 v *R 1286 

Warren. History of the Novel previous to the 17th Century J 2235 

Wheeler. Dictionary of Noted Names of Fiction [1870] I 3323 

The same [1889] *R 1408 

Who wrote it? [1882] *R 1406 

Wright (Ed.). Collection of Latin Stories, being a Contribution to History of Fiction dur- 
ing the Middle Ages *J 1 147,8 

Yardley. The Supernatural in Romantic Fiction L 2506 

Zola. The Experimental Novel, and other Essays J 2232 







Chicago Public Library. 

OCTOBEB. 1897. 

A. L.O.B., pseud. See TUCKER, C. M. 

Abandoned Claim, The. Loughead. . .F 4870 
Abandoning an Adopted Farm. San- 
born K 6830 

Abbe" Constantine. Halevy F 3929 

Abbe" Daniel, The. Theuriet F 6964 

Abbe* Tigrane. Fabre F 564 

ABBOT, W. J. Battle Fields and Camp 

Fires B 2559 

Battle Fields and Victory B 2508 

Battle Fields of '61 B 2543 

Blue Jackets of 76 B 2367 

- Blue Jackets of 181 2 B 348 

Blue Jackets of '61 B 2633 

Abbot, The. Scott F 2150 

The same G 535 

Abbot's Bridge, The. Peard F 6023 

ABBOTT, A. E. The Gods give my 

Donkey Wings F 7770 

ABBOTT, C. C. A Colonial Wooing.. F 7761 

When the Century was New F 7762 

ABBOTT, E. Long Look Books H 1 

v. 1. Long Look House. 

2. Out Doors at Long Look. 

3. A Trip Eastward. 

ABBOTT, E. A. Flatland F 2430 

Onesimus: Memoirs of a Disciple of 

St. Paul M 2021 

ABBOTT, Jacob. American History. .H 15 
v. 1. Aboriginal America. 

2. Discovery of America. 

3. The Southern Colonies. 

4. The Northern Colonies. 

BOTT, Jacob. American History. .H 

v. 5. 

Wars of the Colonies. 


Revolt of the Colonies. 


War of the Revolution. 


Washington . 

The August Stories H 

v. 1. 

August and Elvie. 


Hunter and Tom. 


Schooner Mary Ann. 


Granville Valley. 

Florence Stories H 

v. 1. 

Florence and John. 




< )rkney Islands. 


English Channel. 


Isle of Wight. 


Florence's Return. 

Franconia Stories H 

v. 1. 





Mary Erskine. 


Mary Bell. 






Ellen Linn. 







Harper's Story Books H 

Contents: v. 1. Bruno; Willie and the 

Mortgage; Strait Gate. 2. Little Lou- 

vre ; 

Frank; Emma. 3. Virginia; Tim- 

boo and Joliba; Timboo and Fanny. 4. 


Harper Establishment; Franklin, 







ABBOTT, J. Harp. : Hooks.. H iS 

the Apprentice Boy; The Studio. 5. 
Story of Ancient History; English His- 
tory; American History. 6. John True- 
Elfred ; The Museum. 7. Engineer; 
Rambles among the Alps; Three Gold 
Dollars. 8. Gibraltar Gallery; Alcove; 
Dialogues. 9. The. Great Elm; Aunt 
Margaret; Vernon. 10. Carl and Jocko; 
Lapstone; Orkney. 11. Judge Justin; 

j. a; Jasper. 12. Congo; Viola 
tie Paul. 

History of Alexander the Great. . . H 19 

Alfred the Great H 

Charles I... H 23 

Charles II... H 

Cleopatra H 2 \ 

Cyrus the Great .. . H 25 

Darius the Great H 26 

Elizabeth of England H 

Genghis Khan H 

Hannibal H 29 

Julius Caesar . H 21 

Margaret of Anjou H 35 

Mary Queen of Scots H 36 

Nero H 37 

Peter the Gre H 38 

Pyrrhus . H 39 

Richard I H 40 

Richard 1 1 . H 30 

Richard III .11 31 

Romulus H 32 

William the Conquerer H 33 

Xerxes H 34 

The Jonas Series .11 51 

v. 1. Jonas's Stories. 

2. Jonas a Judge. 

3. Jonas on a Farm in Winter. 

4. Jonas on a Farm in Summer. 

5. Caleb in Town. 

6. Caleb in the Country. 
Marco Paul's Voyages and Travels. H 

v. I. Marco Paul in New York. 

:. Marco Paul on the Canal. 

3. Marco Paul in Maine. 

4. Marco Paul in Vermont. 

5. Marco Paul in Boston. 

6. Marco Paul at the Spring- 

field Armory. 

Rainbow and Lucky Stories H 53 

v. 1. Handie. 

2. Rainbow's Journey. 

3. Three Pines. 

4. Selling Lucky. 

5. Up the River. 

ABBOTT, J. Rollo Series H 

v. 1. Rollo Learning to Talk. 
2. Rollo Learning to Read. 
Kolloat \\ 
Rollo at Play. 

5. Rollo at School. 

6. Rollo's Vacation. 

7. Rollo's Experiments. 

8. Rollo's Museum. 

9. Rollo's Travels. 

10. Rollo's Correspondence. 

11. Rollo's Philosophy: Water. 

12. Rollo's Philosophy: Air. 

13. Rollo's Philosophy: Fire. 

14. Rollo's Philosophy 

Rollo's Tour in Europe H 55 

v. 1. Rollo on the Atlantic. 

2. Rollo in Paris. 
Rollo in Switzerland. 

4. Rollo in London. 

5. Rollo on the Rhine. 

6. Rollo in Scotland. 

7. Rollo in Geneva. 

8. Rollo in Holland. 

9. Rollo in Naples. 
10. Rollo in Rome. 

Young Christian Series H 

v.i. Young Christian. 
I Orner-Stone. 

3. Way to do Good. 
j. Hoaryhead and McDonner. 

ABBOTT, J. S. C. Child at Horn 

History of Joseph Bonaparte H 

Hernando Cortez H 

Henry IV. of France H 

Hortense H 

Josephine. . . H 

Louis XIV H 

Louis Philippe H 

Marie Antoinette H 

King Philip H 

Madame Roland H 

Mother at Home H 

ABBOTT, M. Alexia 

TheBeverleys; a Story of Calcutta. F 

Abby's Discoveries. Bramston H 

ABD EL ARDAVAN, pseud. See 

Abdallah. Laboulaye F 

The same 1 

Abel Forefinger, Mystery of. Drysdale. H 

Abel Perry's Funeral. Holley F 

Abelard and Heloise. Newton F 













Abigail Templeton. Marshall H 5020 

Aboard the Mavis. Markham H 18 10 

ABOUT, E. F. V. The Fellah F 11 

The Man with the Broken Ear F 12. 

The Notary's Nose F 2327 

Story of an Honest Man F 13 

These Lots to be Sold F 4955 

About English Children. Lippincott. . H 1760,2 

About Money and other Things. Craik.E 2227 

About Old Story-Tellers. Mitchell. . . . E 4610 

About some Fellows. Banks F 2405 

Above Board. Metcalfe H 1948 

Absalom Billingsley, Mr., and other 

Georgia Folk. Johnston F 4444 

Absentee, The. Edgeworth F 518,6 

AbuTelfan. Raabe F 6242 

Academy Boys in Camp. Spear H 2375 

Accepted Addresses. Sala F 6587 

Accidental Romance. Rossiter F 6458 

Accomplished Gentleman. Sturgis....F 6859 

According to St. John. Chanler F 6285 

Account of Amyot Brough. Briton F 2603 

Ace of Clubs. Lubomirski F 5041 

ACHARD, E. History of my Friend 

Home Life with Animals H 94 

Achsah. Round F 1399 

ACKERMAN, A. W. Price of. Peace. 

[Time of Ahab, King of Israel). F 7740 

Across an Ulster Bog. Hamilton F 9068 

Across India. Adams H 891,9 

Across Texas. Ellis H 1237,3 

Across the Chasm. Magruder I" 

Across the Zodiac. Greg F 3685 

Acte. Farrie G 1392 

Actions Speak louder than Words. 

Neely H 574,5 

ACTON BELL, pseud. See BRONTE, A. 

Actress' Daughter, The. Fleming F 3515 

Adam Bede. Cross G 361 

The same. 2v F 1079 

Adam Blair. Lockhart F 1071 

Adam Brown, the Merchant. Smith.. F 1539 

Adam Grainger. Wood G 685 

Adam Hepburn's Vow. Smith F 671 1 

Adam Johnstone's Son. Crawford F 8328 

Adam's Daughters. Wright F 7519 

ADAMS, C. Boys at Home H 100 

Edgar Clifton H 101 

ADAMS, F. Australian Life F 7801 

A Child of the Age F 7802 

ADAMS, F. A. My Man and I F 2335 

ADAMS, F. C. Manuel Pereira; or, 

Sovereign Rule of South Carolina.F 2406 

ADAMS, F. C. Siege of Washington 

for Little People H 878 

ADAMS, F. U. President John Smith, 

the Story of a Peaceful Revolution. F 7800 
ADAMS, H. C. Charlie Lucken at 

School and College H 84 

Mystery of Beechey Grange H 85 

School-days at Kingscourt; Tale of 

1803 H 103 

Who did it? H 102 

Who was Philip? Tale of Public 

School Life H 881 


MRS. B. A. 
ADAMS, M. An Honorable Surrender.F 2404 
ADAMS, N. Sable Cloud; a Southern 

Tale F 18 

ADAMS, W. Sacred Allegories. .. .G 1 

ADAMS, W. H. D. Days of Chivalry; 

or, Page, Squire and Knight H 82 

Forest, Jungle and Prairie H 117 

Lives of Noble Women H 119 

Same as Sunshine of Domestic Life. 

Threshold of Life H 1 18 

Yoilllg Marmaduke; Story of the 

Reign of Terror H 83 

ADAMS, W. T. {Oliver Ofitic). All- 

Over-the- World Series H 891 

v. 1. A Missing Million. 

2. A Millionaire at Sixteen. 

3. A Young Knight Errant. 

4. Strange Sights Abroad. 

5. American Boys Afloat. 

6. The Young Navigators. 

7. Up and Down the Nile. 

8. Asiatic Breezes. 

9. Across India. 

10. Half Round the World. 
It. Four Young Explorers. 

Army and Navy Stories H 105 

v. 1. Soldier Boy. 

2. Sailor Boy. 

3. Young Lieutenant. 
4 Yankee Middy. 

5. Fighting Joe. 

6. Brave Old Salt. 

Blue and the Gray (Navy) Series. . H 890 
v. 1. Taken by the Enemy. 

2. Within the Enemy's Lines. 

3. On the Blockade. 

4. Standby the Union. 

5. Fighting for the Right. 

6. A Victorious Union. 


ADAMS, W. T. Blue and the Gray 

(Army) Series H 890 

v. 7. Brother against Brother. 

8. In the Saddle. 

9. A Lieutenant at Eighteen. 
10. On the Staff. 

Boat Builder Series H 104 

v. 1. All Adrift. 

2. Snug Harbor. 

3. Square and Compasses. 

4. Stem to Stern. 

5. All Taut. 

6. Ready about. 

Boat Club Series H 106 

v. 1. Boat Club. 

2. All Aboard. 

3. Now or Never. 

4. Little by Little. 

5. Try Again. 

6. Poor and Proud. 

Great Western Series H 115 

v. 1. Going West. 

2. Out West. 

3. Lake Breezes. 

4. Going South. 

5. Down South. 

6. Up the River. 

In Doors and Out H 114 

Just his Luck H 1613 

Lake Shore Series H 107 

v. 1. Through by Daylight. 

2. Lightning Express. 

3. On Time. 

4. Switch Off. 

5. Brake Up. 

6. Bear and Forbear. 

Living too Fast F 16 

Starry Flag Stories H 108 

v. i. Starry Flag. 

2. Freaks of Fortune. 

3. Breaking Away. 

4. Seek and Find. 

5. Make or Break. 

6. Down the River. 

Upward and Onward Series H 109 

v. 1. Field and Forest. 

2. Plane and Plank. 

3. Desk and Debit. 

4. Cringle and Cross-tree. 

5. Bivouac and Battle. 

6. Sea and Shore. 

Woodville Stories H no 

v. 1. Rich and Humble. 

ADAMS, W. T. Woodville Stories.. H no 
v. 2. In School and Out. 
3. Watch and Wait. 
\. Work and Win. 

5. Hope and Have. 

6. Haste and Waste. 

Yacht Club Series H 113 

v. 1. Little Bobtail. 

2. Yacht Club. 

3. Money-maker. 

4. Coming Wave. 

5. Dorcas Club. 

6. Ocean-born. 

Young America abroad H in 

v. 1. Outward Bound. 

2. Shamrock and Thistle. 

3. Red Cross. 

4. Dikes and Ditches. 

5. Palace and Cottage. 

6. Down the Rhine. 

Young America abroad, 2nd Series . H 112 
v. 1. Up the Baltic. 

2. Northern Lands. 

3. Cross and Crescent. 
j. Sunny Shores. 

5. Vine and Olive. 

6. Isles of the Sea. 

Addie's H usband F 2428 

ADDISON, J. Sir Roger de Coverley. 

[Time of Queen Anne] F 2300 

The same 1 4000,22 

ADE, O. Artie; a Story of the Streets 

and Town F 7775 

Pink Marsh F 7776 

Adela Cathcart. MacDonald F 1095 

Adela's Ordeal. James F 7473 

Adcle. Kavanagh G 288 

ADELER, Max, pseud. See CLARK, C. H. 

Adirondack Cabin, An. Lothrop H 1763 

Adirondack Idyl, An. Yanamee F 7298 

Adirondack Stories. Deming F 448 

Admiral's Caravan. Carryl H 1178 

Admiral's Ward, The. Hector F 4091 

Adopted Daughter. Fawcett F 3628 

Adopting an Abandoned Farm. San- 
born K 6822 

Adrift; a Story of Niagara. Young. . .F 7681 

Adrift in a Boat. Kingston H 1691 

Adrift in a Great City. Whatham F 7595 

Adrift in the City. Alger H 869 

Adrift in the Ice-fields. Hall H 1490 

Adrift in the Pacific. Verne F 7323 

Adventurer of the North. Parker F 6093 


Adventures among the Early Settlers. 

Wildwood F 7581 

Adventures in India. Kingston H 1692 

Adventures in the Land of the Behe- 
moth. Verne F 1823 

Adventures of a Brownie. Craik H 305 

Adventures of a Casket. Roy F 5200 

Adventures of a Country Boy. Kaler..H 2009 

Adventures of a Dog. Elwes H 1259 

Adventures of a Donkey. Segur H 671 

Adventures of a Fair Rebel. Crim...F 3141 

Adventures of a French Captain. Roy.F 3670 

Adventures of a Marquis. Dumas F 480 

Adventures of a Memsahib. Cotes F 8255 

Adventures of a Phaeton. Black F 148 

The same G 48 

Adventures of a Virginian. Flanders. F 6085 

Adventures of a Widow. Fawcett F 3474 

Adv's of a Young Naturalist. Biart F 152 

Adv's of a Younger Son. Trelawny...F 1741 

Adv's of an Aide-de-Camp. Grant F 8801 

Adventures of an Attorney. Stephen . F 1881 

Adventures of Arthur O'Leary. Lever. F 1049 

The same G 331 

Adventures of Brian O'Linn. Maxwell. F 1172 

Adventures of Captain Blake. Maxwell. F 1 1 ~ 4 

Adventures of Captain Horn. Stockton. F 6724 

Adventures of Captain Mago. Cahun..F 2700 
Adventures of Count George Albert of 

Erbach. Kraus F 4739 

Adv's of David Simple. 2 v. Fielding.. F 3636 
Adventures of David Vane and David 

Crane. Trowbridge H 2512 

Adv'sof Early Discoverers. Humphrey.H 1533 
Adventures of Ferdinand Tomasso. 

Lehmos F 5070 

Adventures of Gil Bias. Le Sage I 31 13 

The same. 3 V F 103 1 

Adventures of Hajji Baba. 3 v. Morier .F 5309 

Adventures of Halek. Nicholson F 5459 

Adventures of Harry Marline. Porter. . F 5893 

Adv's of Harry Richmond. Meredith. F 5219 
Adventures of Hatim Tai; tr. from the 

Persian, by Forbes *V 1255 

Adv's of Herr Baby. Molesworth H 1847 

Adv's of Huckleberry Finn. Clemens. F 2797 

Adventures of Jimmy Brown. Alden..H 93 

Adventures of Jones. Carruth F 8131 

Adv's of Joseph Andrews. Fielding... I 2983 

The same J 60 

The same *F 115,18 

Adventuresof Lazarillo de Tormes. Men- 

doza F 5406, 1 

Adventures of Mr. Ledbury. Smith . . . F 2 1 10 

Adv's of Mr. Verdant Green. Bradley.. F 126 

Adventures of Oliver Twist. Dickens.. F 309 

The same G 167 

Adventures of Philip. Thackeray G 581 

Adventures of Phra, the Phoanician. 

Arnold F 2359 

Adventures of Pioneer Children. Col- 

erick H 1 143 

Adventures of Rob Roy. Grant F 8802 

Adventures of Roderick Random. Smol- 
lett G 567 

The same J 253,1 

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle.F 3014 

Adventures of Tad. Converse H 1106 

Adventures of Telemachus. Fenelon..F 3479 
Adventures of the Caliph Haroun Alras- 

chid recounted. Rathbone F 1141 

Adventuresof Three Fugitives in Siberia. 

Tissot and AmeYo F 7001 

Adventures of Timias Terrystone. 

Bunce F 2683 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Clemens.F 323 
Adventures of Uncle Jeremiah and Fam- 
ily at the Great Fair. Stevens.. F 6752 
Adventurous Voyage of the Polly. Sad- 
ler H 2293 

Advice to Young Ladies. Arthur H 187 

Advice to Young Men. Arthur H 172 

/ESOP. Fables; illustrated by Griset.H 861 

Fables; selected by Jacobs L 2919 

Fables; tr. by Croxall L 2914 

Fables; tr. by James L 291 1 

Fables; tr. by Townsend L 2910 

Afar in the Forest. Kingston H 1663 

Affair of Honour. Weber H 2671 

Affinities. Praed G 1 169 

Afloat and Ashore. Cooper F 260 

Afloat in a Great City. Munsey H i860 

Afloat in the Forest. Reid H 612 

Afloat with the Flag. Henderson H 4203 

Afraja; or, Life in Norway. Miigge. . .F 5336 
African Adventure and Adventurers. 

Day H 323 

African Crusoes. Lee H 518 

Same as African Wanderers. 
African History, Lights and Shadows of. 

Goodrich H 432,3 

After Dark. Collins G 95 

After-Dinner stories. Balzac F 2546 

After his Kind. Palmer F 2835 

After Life. Sewell G 555 

After London. Jefferies F 4432 



After many Days. Tiernan F 3584 

After the Freshet. Rand H 

he Storm. Arthur F 65 

After Twenty Years. Sturgis F 6698 

AFTER EM, George, pseud. See WIL- 

Afterglow. Lathrop F 2185 

Aftermath. Allen F 7816 

Against Fate. Rayne F 1381 

Against Heavy Odds. Boyesen I : _ - ; 

Against Human Nature. Pool F 6000 

Against Odds. Van Deventer F 5108 

Against the Stream. Charles 1 ::: 

The same G 720 

Agamenticus. Tenney F 6950 

Agatha and the Shadow. Tenney F 2350 

Agatha Page. Henderson F 4 100 

Agatha's Husband. Craik G 107 

Age of Chivalry. Bulfinch I 

Age of Fable. Bulfinch A g2 

Agincourt. James G :;• 

Agitator, An. Black F 7980 

Agnes. Abbott 11 

Agnes. Oliphant G 468 

Agnes and her neighbors. Pratt H 

Agnes Grey. Bronte 

Agnes of Sorrento. Stowe 

Agnes Surriage. Bynner F 2684 

A<iM;\V,C. Peerless Cathie* 
AGUILAR, G. Days of Bruce. IStory 

from Scottish History] 2 v 

Home Influence F 

The same 1 

Home Scenes and Heart Studies. . F 28 
tents: The Perez Family; The Stone- 
cutter's Boy of Possagno; Atnete and 
Yafeh; The Fugitive; The Edict; The 
Escape; Red Rose Villa; Gonzalvo's 
Daughter; The Authoress; Helon; 
Lucy; The Spirit's Entreaty; Idalie; 
Lady Gresham's Fate, The Group of 
Sculpture; The Spirit of Night; Recol- 
lections of a Rambler; ,4 Cast thy Bread 
upon the Waters;" The Triumph of 

Mother's Recompense F 31 

The same . , G 3 

Sequel to Home Influence. 
Vale of Cedars; Jews in Spain, 1490F 30 

Woman's Friendship F 29 

AHLBORN, L. J. (L. Haidheitn). Wife 

and Woman F 235 r 

AIDE, H. Carr of Carrlyon G 6 

Elizabeth's Pretenders F 7780 

In that State of Life G 7 

AIDE, H. Introduced to 844 

The Marstons B 

Morals and Mysteries 4 

Nine Days' Wonder I 32 

The same 691 

Penruddocke 1 33 

The same G 690 

Pget and Peer G 843 

Rita; an Autobiography G 5 

A Voyage of Discovery; ;i Novel of 

American Society F 2328 

AIKIN, C. Forty Years with the 

Damned F 7787 


• enings at Home H 120 

AIMWELL, W., pseud. See SIMONDS, W. 
Aimwell Stories. See Simonds, W. 
AINSLIE, Herbert, pseud. See MAIT- 

MNSWORTH, W. H. Beatrice Tyl 

desley. [Time of William III. and 

Mary] G 693 

u Nash; or, Hath in the iSth Cen- 
tury 841 

Boscobel [Tale of the Vear 1651]. .G 
Cardinal Pole; or, Pays of l'hilip 

and Mary 9 

Chetwynd Claverhy G 698 

Constable de Bourbon [Francis I. of 

Franc*] G 10 

Constable of the Tower [Time of 

Edward VI.] G n 

Crichton [Count d Orsay] F 2361 

Fall of Somerset [Time of Edward* 

VI.] G 694 

Goldsmith's Wife [Time of Edward 

IV.] G 692 

Good Old Times; Manchester Rebels 

of 1745 G 696 

Hilary St. Ives G 12 

John Law [England and France. 

Time of George I.] G 13 

Leaguer of Lathom; Civil War in 

Lancashire G 697 

Lord Mayor of London [Time of 

George II.] G 14 

Merry England [Wat Tyler's Insur- 
rection] G 695 

Mervyn Clitheroe G 17 

Myddleton Pomfret G 27 

Mysteries of the Court of Queen 

Anne F 19 

Old Court G 22 


AINSWORTH, W. H. Old St. Pauls; 

the Plagueand the Fire, 1664-66. F 21 
Ovingdean Grange; Tale of the 

South Downs G 21 

Preston Fight; Insurrection of 1715 

In Scotland G 24 

St. James's; Court of Queen Anne.G 20 
South-Sea Bubble; Tale of the Year 

1720 G 19 

Spanish Match; Charles Stuart at 

Madrid, 1643 G 18 

Spendthrift G 26 

Stanley Brereton G 842 

Star-Chamber [Time of James I.]. .G 25 
Talbot Harland; Days of Charles 

II G 16 

TowerHill [Timeof Henry VIII.].. G 28 
Tower of London [Lady Jane Grey, 

1553] F 2C 

Windsor Castle [Time of Henry 

VIII.] G 15 

AIRD, T. The Old Bachelor in the Old 

Scottish Village E 1821 

Airlie's Mission. Smith H 2372 

Airy Fairy Lilian. Hungerford F 14 

Aladdin in London. Hume F 4270 

Alan Thome. Moodey F 5306 

ALARCON, P. A. de. Brunhilde; or, 

The Last Act of Norma F 2342 

Child of the Ball F 2339 

Friend of Death 1 7223 

Same as Strange Friend of Tito Gil. 
Mocrs and Christians, and other 

Tales F 2343 

Strange Friend of Tito Gil F 2344 

The Three-cornered Hat F 234 1 

Alas! Broughton F 2258 

The same G 1374 

Alban. Huntington F 892 

Albert Savarus. Balzac F 2239 

Albrecht. Bates F 2477 

ALCOCK, D. The Czar; a Tale of the 

First Napoleon F 2914 

Spanish Brothers; a Tale of the In- 
quisition F 662 1 

The same G 1 447 

Sunset in Provence, and other Tales 

of Martyr Times H 2439 

Contents: The Martyr's Widow; Sunset 
in Provence; The Stranger in the Val- 
leys; The Carpenter of Nismes; A 
Child's Victory. 

Alcestis. Cornish F 9 

ALCOTT, L. M. Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag. H 124 
v. 1. My Boys. 

2. Shawl-straps. 

3. Cupid and Chow-chow, etc. 

4. My Girls. 

5. Jimmy's Cruise in the Pina- 

fore, etc. 

6. Old-Fashioned Thanksgiv- 


Eight Cousins H 133 

Garland tor Girls H 09 

Hospital Sketches and Camp Stories. 

[Am. Civil War] H 125 

Jackand Jill H 136 

Jo's Boys H 121 

Sequel to Little Men. 
Little Men H 126 

Sequel to Little Women. 

Little Women H 127 

Lulu's Library H 139 

A Modern Mephistopheles F 2186 

Moods H 132 

Old-Fashioned Girl H 129 

Proverb Stories H 1 30 

Contents : Kitty's Class Day; Aunt Kipp; 
Psyche's Art; A Country Christmas; On 
Picket Duty: The Baron's Gloves; Mv 
Red Cap; What the Bells saw and said. 

Rose in Bloom H 134 

Sequel to Fight Cousins. 

Silver Pitchers, and Independence.H 135 
Spinning-Wheel Stories [American 

Revolution] H 138 

1 nder the Lilacs H 137 

Work H 131 

Alda Graham. Norris H 1932 

ALDEN, I. M. (Pansy). Bernie's White 

Chicken H 907 

Chautauqua Girls at Home F 45 

Sequel to Four Girls at Chautauqua. 

Chrissy's Endeavor F 2379 

Christie's Christmas H 922 

Cunning Workmen F 2381 

Docia's Journa 1 H 908 

Eighty-seven F 2392 

Endless Chain F 2402 

Ester Ried, Asleep and Awake F 554 

Ester Ried yet Speaking F 2401 

Five Friends H 917 

Four Girls at Chautauqua F ' 46 

Gertrude's Diary and The Cube. . . H 87 

Grandpa's Darlings H 849 

Hall in the Grove F 2383 



ALDEN, I. M. Hedge Fence H 021 

Helen Lester H 909 

Helen the Historian H 925 

Her Associate Members F 2346 

Household Puzzles F 2384 

In the Woods and Out H 86 

Interrupts! F 2403 

Jessie Wells H 910 

Judge Burnham's Daughters F 2393 

Julia Ried F 957 

The King's Daughter F 2385 

Links in Rebecca's Life F 2386 

Little Fishers and their Nets H 923 

Making Fate F 7851 

Man of the House H 91 

Mary Burton Abroad H 90 

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant H 924 

Miss Priscilla Hunter, and My 

I )aughter Susan F 2387 1 

Mrs. Harry Harper's Awakening.. F 2388 

Mrs. Solomon Smith looking on. . . F 41 

teagle H 1355 

A New Graft on the Family Tree. .F 2304 

New Year's Tangles . . H 88 

Next Things, and Dome's Day..H 918 

One Commonplace Day F 2390 

Only Ten Cents H 906 

Pansy's New Library for Boys and 


v.i. Getting Ahead H 913 

2. Pansies and other Stories H 914 

3. Two Boys . H 916 

Pansy's Scrap-book H 919 

Pocket Measure 1 42 

The Randolphs 2395 

Ruth Erskine's Crosses F 47 

Side by Side H 89 

Sidney Martin's Christmas H 912 

Six Little Girls H 915 

Six O'Clock in the Evening H 80 

Some young Heroines H 920 

Spun from Fact F 2391 

Stephen Mitchell's Journey H 904 

Stories told for a Purpose H 902 

Three People F 2396 

Tip Lewis and his Lamp H 91 X 

Twenty M inutes Late H 926 

"Wanted" H 905 

What she said F 2397 

What they couldn't F 7850 

Wise and Otherwise F 2398 

and MRS. I. A. FOSTER. From Dif- 
ferent Standpoints F 2400 

ALDUS, I. M. and I. M. FOSTER. 

Modern Prophets, and Sketches. . F 2399 

Contents: Modern Prophets; Woman's 

Influence; Before and After; Grandma 

Porter; Mr. Carleton's Headaches. Mutf 

and the Doctor; Not for Sale 


Hannah and Martha and John. .F 2378 

Divers Women F 1055 

John Remington, Martyr. . . 2354 

Profiles F 2389 

and others. A Sevenfold Trouble . 1 1 003 
ALDEN, W. L. Adventures of Jimmy 

Brown H 93 

Cruise of the Canoe Club H 92 

Cruise of the Ghost H 122 

Sequel to Moral Pirates. 
Loss of the y of the 

Florida Coast H 901 

Moral Pirates H 

New Robinson Crusoe H 98 

Told by the Colonel F 2336 

ALDRICH, A. R. Feet of Love F 2355 

ALDRICH, T. B. Marjorie Daw and 

other People H 142 

Contents: Marjorie Daw ; a Rivermouth 
Romance; I Young Desper- 

ado; Miss Mehetabel's Son; A Struggle 
for Life; Mademoiselle Olympe Zabris- 
ki; Pere Antoine's Date Palm. 

Prudence Pa H 141 

Queen of Sheba F 4 

Stillwater Tragedy F 3 

Story of a Bad Boy H 140 

Two Bites at a Cherry, with other 

Tales F 2356 

Contents: Two Bites at a Cherry; For 
Bravery on the Field of Battle; The 
Chevalier de Resseguier; Goliath; My 
Cousin the Colonel; A Christmas Fan- 
tasy; Her Dying Words. 
Alec Forbes of Howglen. MacDonald.G 406 
ALEMAN, M. Guzman d'Alfarache. 

F 5406 

ALEPH BEY, pseud. See HAUSER, I L. 

Alexander the Great. Abbott H 19 


A. F. T. 
ALEXANDER, F. (Francesca). Christ's 

Folk in the Apennine F 2365 

Story of Ida F 3548 

Alexia. Abbott F 2330 

Alexis, the Runaway. Parker H 591 

ALFORD, E. M. Modern Don Qui- 
xote F 2364 

Alfred Hagart's Household. Smith... F 6610 



Alfred the Great. Abbott H 20 

ALGER, H., Jr. Abraham Lincoln. ..H 930 
Atlantic Series : 

v. 1. Young Circus Rider H 144 

2. Do and Dare H 931 

3. Hector's Inheritance H 97 

4. Helping Himself H 932 

Bob Burton H 936 

Brave and Bold Series H 158 

v. 1. Brave and Bold. 

2. Jack's Ward. 

3. Shifting for Himself. 

4. Wait and Hope. 

Campaign Series H 153 

v.i. Frank's Campaign. 

2. Paul Prescott's Charge. 

3. Charlie Codman's Cruise. 

The Five Hundred Dollar Check. . H 929 

Frank Fowler, the Cash Boy H 868 

Frank Hunter's Peril H 870 

From Canal Boy to President; Boy- 
hood of Garfield H 169 

Luck and Pluck Series H 152 

v. 1. Luck and Pluck. 

2. Sink and Swim. 

3. Strong and Steady. 

4. Strive and Succeed. 

Luck and Pluck. 2d Series H 1 57 

v. 1. ' Try and Trust. 

2. Bound to Rise. 

3. Risen from the Ranks. 

4. Herbert Carter's Legacy. 
Luke Walton; or, the Chicago News- 
boy H 937 

New World Series : 

v. 1. Digging for Gold H 928 

2. Facing the World H • 927 

3. InaNewWorld H 865 

The Odds against Him H 938 

Pacific Series H 159 

v. 1. Young Adventurer. 

2. Young Miner. 

3. Young Explorers. 

4. Ben's Nugget. 

Ragged Dick Books H 154 

v. 1. Ragged Dick. 

2. Fame and Fortune. 

3. Mark, the Match-Boy. 

4. Rough and Ready. 

5. Ben, the Luggage-Boy. 

6. Rufus and Rose. 

The Store Boy H 933 

Struggling Upward H 939 

ALGER, H., Jr. Tattered Tom Series. H 155 
v. 1. Tattered Tom. 

2. Paul, the Peddler. 

3. Phil, the Fiddler. 

4. Slow and Sure. 

Tattered Tom. 2d Series H 1 56 

v. 1. Julius, the Street-boy out 

2. Young Outlaw. 

3. Sam's Chance. 

4. Telegraph Boy. 

Tom Temple's Career H 935 

Tom Thatcher's Fortune H 934 

Train Boy H 143 

Victory Series : 

v.i. Only an Irish Boy H 866 

2. Victor Vane, the Young 

Secretary H 867 

3. Adrift in the City... . H 869 

The Young Salesman H 871 

Alhambra. Irving J 130 

♦ALI *AZIZ {Efendi). Story of Jewad; 

Turkish Historical Novel F 2369 

Alice; or, The Mysteries. Lytton F 5001 

The same G 370 

Alice; or, The Rose of the Black Forest. 

Meaney H 149 

Alice Brand. Riddle F 1414 

Alice Dugdale. Trollope G 1 187 

Alice Franklin. Howitt H 464,1 

Alice Learmont. Craik F 337 

Alice Lorraine. Blackmore F 134 

The same G 868 

Alice Sherwin; Tale of the Days of Sir 

Thomas More F 10 

Alice thro' the Looking-glass. Kroeker.H 1700 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

Dodgson H 260 

Alice's Adventures under Ground. Dodg- 
son H 1218 

Alicia Tennant. Peard G 1 442 

Alide; an Episode in Goethe's Life. Laz- 
arus F 1030 

Alien from the Commonwealth. Bird..F 6977 

Aliens, The. Keenan F 4661 

Aliette. Feuillet F 3492 

Aline. Durand F 3138 

Alirabi; or, Banks and Bankers of the 

Nile F 2370 

Alison Walsh. Evelyn F 3361 

Alison's Adventures. Lillie H 1768 

Alkahest, The. Balzac F 2554 

All Aboard. Adams H 106,2 



All about Edith. Mason H 544 

All Adrift. Adams H 104,1 

All along the River. Maxwell F 5516 

All among the Lighthouses. Crownin- 

shield H 1 1 49 

All for Greed. Blaze de Bury G 143 

All for Her; or, St. Jude's Assistant F 62 

All Glorious within. Bingham H 1033 

All-Hallow Eve, and other Stories F 37 

All he Knew. Habberton F 3861 

All Men are Liars. Hocking F 4265 

All-Over-the-World Series. See Adams, \V. T. 
All Sorts and Conditions of Men. Be- 

sant F 2635 

All Taut. Adams H 104,5 

Allan Dare and Robert le Diable. 

Porter 5892 

Allan Quatermain. Haggard F 3870 

The same G 1261 

Allan's Wife, and other Tales. Hag- 
gard . . . F 3878 

The same G 1 362 

ALLARDYCE, A. Earlscourt F 2333 

ALLDRIDGE, L. By Love and Law. G 845 

Old Abbots Road F 2407 

The World she Awoke in G 846 

Allegories, Sacred. Adams G 1 

ALLEN, C. Papier Mache F 7812 

ALLEN, C. G. B. (Grant Allen). At 

Market Value I 7822 

Babylon F 2427 

Beckoning Hand, and other Stories . F 
Contents: The Beckoning Hand; Lucre- 
tia; The Third Time; The Gold Wul- 
fric; My Uncle's Will; The Two Car- 
negics; Olga Davidoff's Husband; John 
Cann's Treasure; Isaline and I; Profes- 
sor Milliter's Dilemma; In Strict Con- 
fidence; The Search Party's Find; 
Harry's Inheritance. 

Blood Royal I 2352 

A Bride from the Desert F 7824 

Desire of the Eyes, and other - 

ries F 7825 

Contents: The Desire of the Eyes; 
Criss-Cross Love; The Governor's 
Story; Dick Prothero's Luck; The Rev- 
erend John Creedy; Mr. Chung; The 
Curate of Churnside; An Episode in 
High Life; My New Year's Eve among 
the Mummies; The Foundering of the 
" Fortuna;" The Mysterious Occur- 
rence in Piccadilly; Carvalho; Pauso- 
dyne, a great Chemical Discovery. 

The Devil's Die F 2444 

Duchess of Powysland F 



ALLEN, C. G. B. I or Mann- 

The Great Ta 1 

Michael's Crag I 

Philistia F 

Recalled to Life F 

The Scallywag F 

Strange Stories F 

Contents: The Reverend John Creedy; 
Dr. Greatrex's Engagement; Mr. 
Chung; The Curate of Churnside; An 
Episode in High Life; My New Year's 
Eve among the Mummies; Foundering 
of the M Fortuna;" The Backslider; The 
• rious Occurrence in Piccadilly; 
Carvalho; Pausodyne; Empress of An- 
dorra; The Senior Proctor's Wooing; 
The Child of the Phalanstery; Our 
Scientific Observations on a Ghost ; Ram 
Das of Cawnpore. 

Tents of Shem F 

A Terrible Inheritance F 

This Mortal Coil F 

I 'nder Sealed Orders 1 

Wednesday the Tenth; a Tale of 

the South Pacific F 

ALLEN, F. H. Young Folks' History of 

the Reformation . M 

ALLEN, F. M., fund, See DOWNEY, E. 

ALLEN, H. N. Korean Tales 1 

ALLEN, J. L. Aftermath 1 

Sequel to A Kentucky Cardinal. 

The Choir Invisible I 

Flute and Violin, and other Ken- 
tucky Tales F 

Contents: Flute and Violin; King Solo- 
mon of Kentucky; Two Gentlemen of 
Kentucky; The White Cowl; Sister 
Dolorosa; Posthumous Fame. 
John Gray; a Kentucky Tale of th<- 

Olden Times F 2322 

A Kentucky Cardinal F 7815 

Summer in Arcady F 

ALLEN, R. Miss Eaton's Romance. ,F 2366 
ALLEN, W.B. Boyhood of John Kent. H 956 

Camp and Tramp Series H 954 

v. 1. Lost on Umbagog. 
2. The Mammoth Hunters. 

John Brownlow's Folks H 955 

Lion City of Africa H 941 

Pine Cone Series H 040 

v. 1. Pine Cones. 

2. Silver Rags. 

3. Northern Cross. 

4. Kelp; a Story of the Isles 

of Shoals. 









ALLEN, W. B. Pine Cone Series... H 940 
v. 5. Cloud and Cliff. 

Red Mountain of Alaska H 942 

Allen House. Arthur - H 173 

Allie's Mistake. Beach F 2495 

ALLISON, J., pseud. feCRAGIN, M. A. 

Allisto. Emersie F 3240 

All's Dross but Love. Lancaster F 4948 

ALLSTON, W. Monaldi F 39 

Alma. Marshall G 1333 


Almayer's Folly. Conrad F 8313 

Almeria. Edgeworth F 5 18,5 

Almoran and Hamet. Hawkesworth.*F 115,26 

Almost a Duchess F 22 10 

Almost a Priest. Wright F 1995 

Alone. Terhune F 6953 

Alone in China, and other Stories. 

Ralph F 6108 

Alone in Crowds. Lyster F 51 13 

Alone in London. Smith II 2329 

Alonzo and Melissa. Jackson F 910 

Aloys. Auerbach F 81 

Alpine Fay, The. Buerstenbinder F 2627 

Alroy. Beaconsfield G 919 

Alsacian Schoolmaster. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 3250 

Alsatia, Village Tales from. Weill.... F 7619 

Altar of Earth, An. Monk F 5360 

ALTQELD, E. F. The Nortons F 2329 

Although he was a Lord. Bridges G 1079 

Altiora Peto. Oliphant F 5670 

ALTON, E., Pseud. See BAILEY, E. 

Alton Locke. Kingsley F 994 

The same G 304 

Alton Park. Winter F 5 

Alton-Thorpe. Janney F 4420 

ALTSHELER, J. A. The Sun of Sara 

toga; Burgoyne's Surrender F 7858 

Alvira, the Heroine of Vesuvius. 

O'Reilly F 5870 

Alypius of Tagaste. Peploe F 1896 

Amaryllis. Drosines F 7226 

Amazing Marriage. 2 v. Meredith... F 5093 

Amazon, The. Dinglestedt F 447 

Amazon, The. Vosmaer F 734 1 

Amazon, On the Banks of the. Kings- 
ton H 501 

Amber Gods, and other Stories. Spof- 

ford F 6670 

Amber Star. Dickinson H 1213 

Amber Witch. Meinhold F 5628 

Ambitious Woman. Fawcett F 3472 

Ambrose Oran. Potter H 2090 

Amelia. Fielding F 570 

The same I 2982 

The same J 60 

Amelia; or, Triumph of Piety II 161 

American, The. James F 907 

American Baron. DeMille F 385 

American Boys Afloat. Adams ^..H 891,5 

American Claimant, The. Clemens... F 7151 

American Coin F 2374 

American Emperor, An. Tracy F 7131 

American Explorers, Young Folks' Book 

of. Higginson B 148 

American Girl Abroad. Trafton H 732 

American Girl in London. Cotes I 6197 

American History. See Abbott, J. 
American History, Lights and Shadows 

of. Goodrich H 432,1 

American History Stories. 4 v. Pratt. H 21 10 

American in Paris, The. Savidge F 6552 

American Indians, History of. Good- 
rich H 432,5 

Lives of. Goodrich H 433,3 

American Peeress, An. Taylor F 7099 

American Penman. Hawthorne F 3844 

American Politician. Crawford F 2883 

American Senator. Trollope F 1721 

The same G 821 

American Tableaux. Vide F 7329 

American Wonderland. Bache H 192 

AMES, F. S. D. Peter's Journey, and 

other Tales F 1304 

AMES, L. T. Memoirs of a Million- 
aire F 2376 

AMES, M. C. See HUDSON, M. C. A. 
Amethyst; the Story of a Beauty. Col- 
eridge F 3350 

AMHERST, M. S. T. In a Good 

Cause H 943 

AMICIS, E. de. Cuore; an Italian 

School-Boy's Journal H 945 

Military Life in Italy F 2409 

Amid the Greenwood. Chambers H 1087 

Among the Brigands. DeMille H 331,1 

Among the Camps. Page H 2029 

Among the Esquimaux. Ellis H 1276 

Among the Gibjigs. Hodges H 15 18 

Among the Hills. Poynter F 5890 

The same , G 808 

Among the Lakes. Stoddard H 2422 

Among the Lawmakers. Bailey L 3265 

Among the Lighthouses. Crownin- 

shield H 1 149 



Among the Pines. Gilmore F 660 

Among the Thorns. Dickinson F 442 

Among the Turks. Cameron H 11 38 

Amongst Machines; Book for Boys. 

Lukin K 561 

Amore. Harbert F 4171 

Amos Bartbn, Sad Fortunes of. Cross.G 366,1 

Amos Judd. Mitchell F 9466 

Amos Kilbright, with other Stories. 

Stockton F 6667 

Amphibion's Voyage, The. Gillmorc.F 3702 

Amulet. Conscience F 293,4 

Amy Herbert. Sewell G 1045 

Amy Lee; or, Without and Within H 947 

Amyas Egerton, Cavalier. Hervey F 4196 

Amygdala. Edmonds F 3275 

Amyot Brough. Briton F 2603 

Anastasius. Hope F 868 

Anchor- Watch Yarns. Downey F 3001 

ANCKETILL, W. R. Dowdenham.. . F 2410 
ANDERDON, W. H. Antoine de Bon- 
neval; Paris in the Days of St. 

Vincent de Paul F 58 

Bracton; a Tale of 1812 F 2408 

Catholic Crusoe H 147 

Christian itsop . M 875 

n the Snow; Tales of Mt. St. Ber- 
nard . . F 59 

ANDERSEN, H. C. Improvisatore; Life 

in Italy 1 48 

Danish Fairy Legends and Tales.. .1 3101 

O. T.; a Danish Romance. 50 

Only a Fiddler I 4 o 

Sand-Hills of Jutland F 51 

Stories and Tales . . F 52 

Two Baronesses F 53 

Wonder Stories told for Children. . F 54 
ANDERSON, H. von. It is Possible. .F 2334 
ANDERSON, M. Othello's Occupa- 
tion F 7789 

ANDERSON, R. B. Viking Tales of 

the North F 1950 

Andersonville Violets. Collingwood.. . F 2872 

Andes, Secret of the. Hassaurek F 781 

ANDREAE, P. The Vanished Emper- 
or F 7794 

Andreas Hofer. Mundt F 1 200 

Andrew Field, Search for. Tomlinson. H 2537,1 
Andrew Lebrun, Justification of. Bar- 
rett F 7903 

ANDREWS, F. {Elzey Hay), A Fam- 
ily Secret F 61 

A Mere Adventurer F 60 

ANDREWS, J. Only a Year H 

Seven Little Sisters H 

Story Mother Nature told H 

Ten Boys who lived on the Road . . H 

Andromeda. Fletcher F 

Andy's Ward. Kaler H 

Anecdotes ; Published by Religious 

Tract Society. 1 2 v H 

Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom. 

Goodrich H 

Ange Pitou. Dumas F 

Same as Taking the Bastile. 

Angel and the Demon. Arthur H 

Angel of the Household. Arthur H 

Angel of the Village. Ohorn F 

Angel Unawares, and other Stories. 

Howitt H 

Angelina; or, 1'Amie inconnue. Edge- 
worth F 

Anglomaniacs, The. Harrison F 

Angus Leslie's Daughter. Rouse H 

Animal Story Book, An. Lang H 

Aniwee; or, the Warrior Queen. Dixie.H 

Anna Kardnina. Tolstoi F 

Anna, the Professor's Daughter. Daal.F 
Annals of a Naval Family. Traherne.F 
Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood. Mac- 
Donald F 

The same < > 

Annals of a Sportsman. Turgenev F 

Annals of an Eventful Life. 3 v. 

Dasent. F 

Annals of Brookdale. Greenough F 

Annals of the Parish. Gait E 

Annals of the Round Table, and other 

Stories. Bingham H 

Annan Water. Buchanan F 

Anne. Woolson F 

Anne, and other Tales. Wood ( ) 

Anne Hereford. Wood 

Anne of Argyle. Todd F 

Anne of Geierstein. Scott F 

The same G 

Anne SeVerin. Craven F 

Anne Warwick. May G 

Annie Barton's Journal. Wilbur H 

Annie Kilburn. Howells F 

Annie Reilly. McElgun F 

Annouchka. Turgenev F 

ANNUNZIO, G. d\ Episcopo & Com- 

Another Brownie Book. Cox H 

Another Flock of Girls. Perry H 



















1 121 











1 176 
ft 164 



Another Girl's Experience. Webster. H 2672 

Another Story. Gaylord F 8496 

ANSTEY, F., pseud. See GUTHRIE, T. A. 

Anteros. Lawrence F 1037 

The same G 318 

Anthe. Chandler H 1158 

Anthony Meigrave. M'Caleb F 5084 

Antinous. Hausrath F 6938 

Antiquary, The. Scott F 2152 

The same G 537 

Antoine de Bonneval. Anderdon 1 58 

Antoinette. Ohnet F 5614 

Antonia. Dudevant F 45° 

Antonina; or, Fall of Rome. Collins. .G 97 

Antony Brade. Lowell F 1083 

Antony Grace, Story of. Fenn F 3590 

Antony Waymouth. Kingston H 486 

Anyhow Stories. Clifford H 1095 

APAQUE, L. H. A Baker's Dozen . . . H 81 

Aphrodite. Eckstein F 3217 

Apostate, The. Daudet F 2953 

Apotheosis of Mr. Tyrawley. Prescott.F 6159 

Apple-Blossoms. Wiggs F 7569 

Appledore Farm. Macquoid F 5535 

APPLETON, G. W. Frozen Hearts. . . . F 2368 

Apprentices to Destiny. Long F 4979 

April Hopes. Howells F 4040 

April's Lady. Hungerford F 2310 

Arabella Stuart. James F 919 

The same G 259 

Arabesques. Greenough F 697 

Arabian Days' Entertainments. Hauff.F 766 

Arabian Nights' Entertainments H 165 

The same; tr. by Kirby H 1659 

The same; tr. by Lane H 164 

The same; ed. by Scott. 4 v...* I 3401 

The same; tr. by Weber. 2 v.. . F 6929 

Six Stories from; ed. by Eliot. . .H 1260 

ARBLAY, F. B. d\ Camilla. 3 v. . F 2961 

Cecilia [Time of George III.] I 2963 

The same *F 1 15,40-42 

Evelina [Time of George III.] G 62 

The same I 2964 

The same *F 115.38-39 

ARCHER, T. By Fire and Sword; a 

Story of the Huguenots F 242$ 

Archer with Columbus. Brimblecom.H 958 

Archibald Malmaison. Hawthorne F 3975 

Archie Lovell. Edwardes G 188 

Archie's Shadow. Peebles H 610,3 

Archipelago on Fire. Verne... F 7312 

Arctic Crusoe. St. John H 663 

Ardath. 2 v. Corelli G 1322 

Ardis Claverden. Stockton F 6662 

Are you my Wife? O'Meara F 63 


Argonauts of North Liberty. Harte. . . F 3855 

Ariadne. De la Rame" G 1036 

ARIOSTO, L. Paladin and Saracen, 

Stories from Ariosto; by Calthrop. H 1082 

Tales from Ariosto for Children . . . H 2490 

Aristocracy F 2372 

Arius, the Libyan. Kouus F 2416 

Ark of Elm Island. Kellogg H 482,3 

Arl£sienne, L' (Girl of Aries). Daudet. F 2978 

Armadale. Collins F 256 

The same G 96 

Armais and others. Bates F 2301 

Armande. Goncourt F 8890 

Arminell. Gould F 3762 

Armorel of Lyonesse. Besant F 2639 

The same G 1402 

Armourer's Apprentices. Yonge F 2034 

The same G 1227 

ARMSTRONG, A. E. Very Odd Girl.F 2357 
ARMSTRONG, J. Mark Marksens 

Secret H 953 

ARMSTRONG, L. An Indiana Man. F 2358 

Washington Brown, Farmer F 7835 

ARMSTRONG, W. Thekla; Viennese 

Musical Life V 2448 

Army and Navy Stories. See Adams, W. T. 

Army Boys and Girls. Bonesteel H 3241 

Army Tales. Stannard F 6892 

Army Wife, An. King F 4618 

ARNASON, J. Icelandic Legends. . .F 2414 

Arnaud's Masterpiece. Larned F 48 12 

Arne. Bjcernson F 157 

The same F 7901,1 

ARNOLD, B. A New Aristocracy.... F 2360 

Arnold, Benedict, Life of. Hill H 467 

ARNOLD, Sir E. Story of Ulla....F 7865 

Contents: The Story of Ulla; The 
Vengeance of Dungarvan; A Dreadful 
Night: Rutherford the Twice-born; A 
Stranger Woman; A Narrow Escape; 
That Babe of Meg's; A Fair Puritan; 
Meg of the Braids; Margaret Spens. 
Wonderful Adventures of Phra, the 

Phoenician F 2359 

ARNOLD, E. M. Platonics; a Study. F 7829 

Around a Spring. Droz F 435 

Around the Camp-Fire. Roberts H 2241 

Around the Ranch. Towne F 7049 

Around the World in 80 Days. Verne. F 1828 

Around the Yule Log. Markham H 546 

Arrabiata, L', and other Tales. Heyse.G 252 



Arrah Neil. James G 260 

Arranged Marriage, An. Gerard F 8895 

ARRAS, MRS. L. A. L. d\ Two 

Friends H 163 

Arrested. Stuart F 9868 

ARROM de AYALA, C. F. J. B. de F. 
(J?. Caballero). Elia; Spain Fifty 

Years Ago [1 830] F 209 

La Gaviota — the Sea-Gull F 2375 

National Pictures . F 2415 

Spanish Fairy Tales H 1 48 

Art and Artlessness. Baker H 200,4 

Art Maguire. Carleton F 240 

Artemus Ward in London. Browne... F 193 

Artful Anticks. Herford H 1578 


Bulfinch. Age of Chivalry; Legends 

of King Arthur A 260 

Cox. King Arthur and his Knights.F 333 
Farrington. King Arthur and his 

Knights F 3444 

Frith. Arthur and his Knights. . .H 1315 
Hanson. Stories of the Days of 

King Arthur H 1555 

Knowles. Story of King Arthur. . H 2428 
Malory. Boy's King Arthur; ed. by 

Lanier F 5146 

History of King Arthur. 3V..F 5241 
Le Morte d'Arthur (Text of 

Caxton) F 1142 

Morris. King Arthur and the Knights 

of the Round Table. 3 V F 5409 

Wagner. Legends of King Arthur.F 7486 
ARTHUR, T. S. Advice to Young 

Ladies H 187 

Advice to Young Men H 172 

After the Storm F 65 

Allen House H 173 

Angel and the Demon H 174 

Angel of the Household H 186 

Bar-Rooms at Brantly F 69 

Good Time Coming H 175 

Heart-Histories and Life-Pictures. H 176 

Home Stories H 1 70 

v. 1. Hidden Wings. 

2. Sowing the Wind. 

3. Sunshine at Home. 

4. Peacemaker. 

5. Not Anything for Peace. 

6. After a Shadow. 

Household Library H 171 

▼. 1. Married Life. 

2. Seed Time and Harvest. 

3. Stories for Young Housekeepers. 

4. Two Wives. 

ARTHUR, T. S. Household Library . H 1 - 1 
Jinan's Trials. 
6. Words for the Wise. 

Nothing but Money H 178 

Orange' Blossoms F 71 

Nights with the Washingtonians.F 67 

Sparing to Spend H 179 

Steps towards Heaven H 949 

Strike at Tivoli Mills F 64 

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room H 180 

Three Eras in a Woman's Life H 181 

Three Years in a Man-Trap F 68 

True Riches, and other Tales H 182 

Way to Prosper, and other Tales. . H 183 

What can a Woman do? H 184 

Withered Heart H 185 

Woman to the Rescue F 70 

Young Lady at Home H 188 

Arthur Arundel. Smith F 1 550 

Arthur Blane. Grant F 88og 

Arthur Bonnicastle. Holland F 828 

Arthur Brown. Kellogg H 483,1 

Arthur Merwyn. Brown F 2277 

Arthur O'Leary. Lever F 1049 

The same G 331 

Artie. Ade F 7775 

Artificial Mother, The. G. H. P F 6021 

Artist in Crime, An. Ottolengui F 5855 

-t's Honor, An. Feuillet F 3622 

>ts' Wives. Daudet F 2955 

Artiste. Grant F 681 

The same . G 943 

Arundel Motto, The. Hay F 3960 

As Common Mortals. Coombs F 2452 

1 1 e comes up the Stair. Reeves G 1 1 27 

As in a Looking-Glass. Philips G 1274 

As it may happen. Davis F 7060 

As it was written. Harland F 4942 

-ong as she lived. Robinson F 1435 

As the Wind blows. Merron F 945 1 

As 'tis in Life. Delpit F 3056 

As we sweep through the Deep. Stables.H 2457 

As we went Marching on. Hosmer...F 4049 

Asaph. Cooley F 3150 

Asbeln. Kirschner F 4702 

ASBJORNSEN, P. C. Folk and Fairy 

Tales H 95 

'Round the Yule-Log H 3060 

Tales from the Fjeld F 292 r 

Asbury Twins. Clarke H 289,2 

Ascanio. 2 v. Dumas F 8486 

Ascent of Parnassus. St. Columb F 6524 

Aschenbroedel. Carrington F 2203 



Aschenbrodel; a Child Sketch. Paull.H 2024 

Ascutney Street. Whitney F 7563 

Asgard and the Gods. Wagner F 7491 

Ashes of Roses. Wheatley F 7648 

ASHMORE, A. Faithful Margaret.. .F 73 

ASHTON, J. Romances of Chivalry . . F 2453 

Asiatic Breezes. Adams H 891 ,8 

Asiatic History, Lights and Shadow of. 

Goodrich H 432,4 

Askaros Kassis, the Copt. De Leon.. .F 3072 

Asmodeus. LeSage F 4973 

Aspasia. Hamerling F 812 

Aspendale. Preston F 1358 

Aspern Papers, The. James F 4409 

Asphodel. Fields F 7 

Aspirations. Hays F 3906 

ASTOR, J. J. A Journey in other 

Worlds F 7830 

ASTOR, W. W. Sforza; a Story of Mi- 

Ian F 2454 

Valentino; a Romance of the Six- 
teenth Century in Italy F 245 1 

Astray. Yonge F 2040 

At a great Cost. Rowlands F 642 1 

At a high Price. Buerstenbinder F 2468 

At Agincourt. Henty H 4221 

At Anchor. Magruder F 5369 

At Bay. Hector F 3987 

At Capri. Bauer F 396 

At Daybreak. Stirling F 6846 

At Heart a Rake. Lean F 4831 

At her Mercy. Payn G 699 

At his Gates. Oliphant F 1259 

At Home and Abroad. The Pansy H 2461 

At Last. Kingsley F 985 

The same G 305 

At Last. Terhune F 1 760 

At Love's Extremes. Thompson F 6981 

At Market Value. Allen F 7822 

At Odds. Tautphoeus G 575 

At our Best. Ellis F 540 

At School with an Old Dragoon. Mac- 

Kenna F 5129 

At the Back of the North Wind. Mac- 
Donald F 1097 

At the Councillor's. John F 937 

At the Eleventh Hour. Edwards F 3224 

At the First Corner. Watson F 7672 

At the Gate of Samaria. Locke F 5065 

At the Gate of the Fold. Fletcher F 8733 

At the Ghost Hour. Heyse F 4258 

At the Mercy of Tiberius. Wilson F 1959 

At the Queen's Mercy. Blodgett F 8014 

At the Red Glove. Macquoid F 2433 

At the Relton Arms. Sharp F 6853 

At the Rising of the Moon. Mathew. . F 5543 

At the Sign of the Blue Boar. Dixon. H 1753 

At the South Pole. Kingston H 1665 

At the Threshold. Dearborn F 7239 

At the World's Mercy. James I; 7462 

AtTuxter's. Burgin F 81 16 

At War with Pontiac. Munroe H 1961 

At Wellesley. Senior Class, 1896 F 7413 

Atalanta in the South. Elliott F 4057 

Atelier du Lys. Roberts G 881 

ATEY NINE, pseud. See PARKER, J. 

Atherstone Priory. Comyn F 182 

ATHERTON, Q. Before the Gringo 

came; Stories of Old California . . F 7842 
Contents: Pearls of Loreto: The Ears 
of Twenty Americans; The Washtub 
Mail; The Conquest of Donajacoba; A 
Ramble with Eulogia; Lukari's Story; 
La Perdida; Natalie IvanhoH; Venge- 
ance of Padre Arroyo; Bells of San 
Gabriel; When the Devil was well. 

The Doomswoman F 7841 

His Fortunate Grace F 7844 

Los Cerritos F 2362 

A Question of Time F 2367 

Atherton, and other Tales. Mitford. . . F 5376 
Athletic Sports and Manly Exercises. 

Wood K 993 

Athletic Sports for Boys K 1016 

ATKINS, M. A. Earl Whiting H 189 

ATKINSON, J. C. Last of the Giant 

Killers H 3081 

Playhours and Half-Holidays. . . H 167 
Sequel to Walks and Talks. 

Scenes in Fairyland H 948 

Walks and Talks of Two School- 
Boys H 166 

Atla; Story of the Lost Island. Smith.F 6618 

Atlanteans; Adam Lore's Choice. Odell.H 1086 
Atlantic Series. See Alger, H. Jr. 
Atman; Documents in a Strange Case. 

Williams F 7632 

Atonement of Learn Dundas. Linton. F 1066 

The same G 095 

Attack on the Mill. Zola F 7704 

Attila and his Conquerors. Charles F 3077 


Aubert Dubayet. Gayarre* F 3650 

AUBREY, F. Devil-Tree of El Dorado.F 7833 

Aubrey. Caldwell G 418 

Aucassin and Nicolette F 2449 



AUERBACH, B. Aloys F 81 

Bngitta F 2420 

The same G 848 

Convicts and their Children F 79 

Country House on the Rhine. 2 v.F 75 

Same as Villa on the Rhine. 

Edelweiss F 76 

The Foresters F 2421 

Landolin F 72 

Lorley and Reinhard F 78 

Master Bieland and his Workmen . F 2424 

On the Heights. 3 v. in 2 G 29 

Poet and Merchant; Time of Moses 

Mendelssohn F 80 

Spinoza F 2423 

Villa on the Rhine. 2v F 75 

Waldfried [Franco-German War] . . F 77 

and others. German Evenings F 2 122 

Contents: Human Love; What is Hap- 
piness? The Wood-ranger's Son; The 
Tyrant of Padua; The Wolf's Spring 
near Heidelberg; Destiny. 

AUGUR, C. H. Half-True Tales F 2337 

August and El vie. Abbott H 16,1 

August Stories. See Abbott, J. 

Auld Lang Syne. Russell F 6464 

Auld Licht Idylls. Barrie F 2229 

Auld Licht Manse, and other Sketches. 

Barrie F 2293 

Aulnay Tower. Teuffel F 4036 

AULNOY, Comtesse a". Fairy Tales. . H 862 

Aunt Anne. Clifford F 4821 

Aunt Belindy's Points of View. Farmer.F 3376 

Aunt Billy, and other Sketches. Keith.F 4604 
Aunt Charlotte's Stories of American 

H istory. Yonge and Weld H 800 

Aunt Diana. Carey F 2894 

Aunt Dorothy. Preston F 5974 

Aunt Hannah and Martha and John. 

Alden and Livingston F 2378 


H. N. W. 

Aunt Hetty's Will. Pollard F 5050 

Aunt Jane's Hero. Prentiss F 1348 

Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag Series. See Alcott, L. M. 

Aunt Johnnie. Stannard F 6872 

Aunt Kitty's Tales. Mcintosh F 1108 

Aunt Madge's Story. Clarke H 288,3 

Aunt Nabby, her Rambles, Adventures 

and Notions F 2338 

Aunt Patty's Scrap-Bag. Hentz F 786 

Aunt Phillis's Cabin. Eastman F 512 

Aunt Rachel. Murray F 5339 

Aunt Serena. Teuffel F 4025 

Aurelian; or, Rome in the Third Cen- 
tury. Ware F 1C55 

Aureola. Mackenzie F 1541 

Aurora. Tincker F 6992 

Aurora Floyd. Maxwell G 34 

Auroraphone, The. Cule F 3106 

AUSTEN, J. Emma F 82 

The same G 689 

Mansfield Park G 30 

Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.G 31 

Pride and Prejudice G 32 

Sense and Sensibility G 33 

[Society of the Time of George III.] 
AUSTIN, C. Reuben Spencer, and 

other Stories H 191 

AUSTIN, MRS. J. Q. Betty Alden the 
First-born Daughter of the Pil- 
grims F 2324 

David Alden's Daughter and other 

Stories of Colonial Times F 2325 

Contents: David Alden's Daughter; The 
Wife of John Carver; Barbara Standish; 
William Bradford's Love Life; Nazareth 
Pitcher; Witch Hazel; Freight of the 
Schooner Dolphin; Miss Betty's Pic- 
tures; Love of John Mascarene; Last of 
the Proud Pulsifers; First and Last- 
Wrecked and Rescued. 

Desmond Hundred F 294 1 

Dr. Le Baron and his Daughters; a 

Story of the Old Colony F 2363 

Sequel to Nameless Nobleman. 

Dora Darling [Am. Civil War] F 2432 

M rs. Beauchamp Brown F 2 195 

Moonfolk H 190 

Nameless Nobleman; a Story of the 

Old Colony, 1643 F 5450 

Outpost F 243 1 

Shadow of Moloch Mountain F 83 

Standish of Standish; a Story of the 

Pilgrims, 1620-21 F 2377 

AUSTIN, M. M. 'Cension, a Sketch 

from Paso del Norte F 7796 

AUSTIN, S. Ben Cramer H 194 

Paul's Friend H 950 

Austin Elliot. Kingsley G- 310 

Australian Crusoes. Rowcroft H 2226 

Australian Life. Adams F 7801 

Author of Beltraffio. James F 4416 

Autobiography of a Boy. Street F 6818 

Autobiography of a ^5 Note. Webb. .F 7498 
Autobiography of a New England Farm- 

House. Chamberlain F 2737 



Autobiography of a Slander. Bayly. . . F 4936 

Autobiography of a Truth. Bayly F 7963 

Autobiography of Mark Rutherford, The. 

White F 6579 

The same F 6643 

Automaton Ear, and other Sketches. Mac- 

Landburgh E 1368 

AUTON, C.i pseud. See HOPPIN, A. 

Crawford. The Upper Berth F 7 1 88 

Jacobi. Found and Lost F 7189 

McManus. The Red Star F 7192 

Rohlfs. The Doctor, his Wife and 

the Clock F 7190 

Russell. Honour of the Flag F 7191 

Vogiie\ Russian Portraits F 7193 

Average Man, An. Grant F 3695 

Averil. Carey F 3093 

Avondale. Clarke F 214 

Awakening of Mary Fenwick. Whitby. F 7578 

Away in the Wilderness. Ballantyne.H 216 
AWDRY. F.and others. The Miz Maze; 

or, The Wink worth Puzzle F 5288 

Axel and Anna. Bremer I 3004,4 

Axtl Ebersen. Grousset F 4872 

Ayala's Angel. Trollope G 1182 

Aylmers of Bally-Aylmer. Griffin F 709,3 

A vrshire Legatees. Gait F 627 

Azarian. Spofford F 1635 

Aztec Treasure House. Janvier F 4390 

B.,C.M.C. Topsy Turvy H 249! 

B., L. From Sunrise to Sunset F 3620 

B., M. E., pseud. See dELLIE, M. E. 

'. W. C. Series. See DeMille, J. 

BABCOCK, J. M. L. The Dawning. . F 2933 
BABCOCK, W. H. Brides of the Tiger 

[Colonial Times in VirginiaJ F 7881 

Babes in the Woods. DeMille F 383 

Baboe Dalima. Perelaer F 5939 

Babolain. Droz Y 436 

Baby John; by the Author of Miss 

Toosey's Mission F 7705 

Baby Rue. Clark F 2200 

Baby's Grandmother. Walford F 7488 

Babylon. Allen F 2427 

Babylon Electrified. Bleunard F 7990 

Bach and Beethoven. Barnard K 309 

BACHE, R. M. American Wonder- 
land H 192 

Young Wrecker of the Florida 

Reef H 193 

BACHELLER, I. The Master of Si- 
lence F 2217 

Bachelor Maid. Harrison F 4215 

Bachelor of the Albany. Savage F 1481 

Bachelor Vicar of Newforth. Roe F 6314 

Bachelor's Blunder. Norris G 1268 

Bachelor's Bridal. Cameron F 8151 

Bachelor's Christmas. Grant F 8864 

Bachelors' Club, The. Zangwill F 7698 

Bachelor's Talks. Aikman E 1814 

Back from the Dead. Smith F 7231 

BACON, E. Among the Cotton Thieves 

[American Civil War] B 2836 

BACON, T. Tales, Legends and Histor- 
ical Romances of the Orient. .*! 8243,6-7 

Bad Boy's Diary H 205 

Bad Lot, A. Cameron F 8150 

Bad Penny, A. Wheelwright F 9973 

Bad Words; or, The Poor Man's Child.H 291,1 

Baddington Peerage. Sala F 1478 

BADEAU, A. Conspiracy; a Cuban 

Romance F 2534 

Badgers of Belmont. Egan H 1 243 

Baffled Conspirators, The. Norris F 5428 

I taffling Quest, A. Dowling F 3074 

Bag of Stories. Warner H 2655 

BAQBY, A. M. Miss Triiumerei [Tale 

of Weimar and Liszt] F 7883 

BAQE, R. Man as he is not *F 115,48 

Bagpipers, The K Dudevant F 462 

BAILEY, MRS. A. W. Mark Heffron. F 7959 
BAILEY, O. {Oliver Oldboy). George 

Bailey; a Tale of New York . . . . F 5660 
Bailiff of Tewkesbury. Phelps and 

North F 6070 

Bailiff's Maid. John F 444* 

BAILY, T. L. An Entire Stranger.... H 965 
BAIN, F. W. Dmitri; a Romance of 

Old Russia F 2255 

BAIN, R. N. (Tr.). Cossack Fairy and 

Folk Tales H 3130 

Baked Meats of the Funeral. Halpine . E 3323 

B A KER, B. Mystery Evans F 2256 

BAKER, E. M. Christmas Pie H 1024 

Soldier and Servant H 1004 

BAKER, Q. A., Jr. Mrs. Hephaestus 

and other Stories F 2484 

Contents: The Child of the Regiment; 
Invasion of Kleindorf; Labor Troubles 
on an Island; The Merman; Mrs. Heph- 
aestus; Spirit of the Age; West Point, 
a Comedy. 

BAKER, G. M. Running to Waste.. H 208 
BAKER, H. N. W. {Mrs. Madeline 

Leslie). Cora and the Doctor. . . F 90 

Juliette; or, Now and Forever F 87 



BAKER, H. N. W. (Mrs. Madeline 

Leslie). Little Agnes Library.. H 200 
v. 1. Little Agnes. 

2. Trying to be Useful. 

3- I'll Try. 

4. Art and Artlessness. 

Play and Study Series H 201 

v I. Howard and his Teacher. 

2. Jack, the Chimney Sweeper. 

3. Motherless Children. 

4. Play and Study. 

Sequel to Tim the Scissors Grinder.H 204 

Wheel of Fortune H 203 

Woodbine Series H 202 

v. 1. Live and Learn. 

2. Governor's Pardon. 

3. Paul Barton. 

4. Walter and Frank. 

BAKER, J. By the Western Sea F 2462 

BAKER, MRS. M. (Julie K. Wetherill). 

Wings F 1919 

BAKER, SirS.W. Cast up by theSea.F 89 

True Tales for my Grandsons H 1002 

BAKER, MRS. W. Fireside Sketches 

from Swedish Life F 8078 

Contents: Farfar Peter; Zacharias and 
the Baby; Lieutenant Long; Pover 
Ontoo; Suppose you take her! 

BAKER, W. E. S. The Widow Sey- 
mour F 96 

BAKER, W. M. Blessed Saint Cer- 
tainty F 2482 

Colonel Dunwoddie, Millionaire 

[American Civil War] F 2817 

His Majesty Myself F 2194 

Making of a Man F 2483 

Mose Evans F 95 

The Virginians in Texas F 7983 

Year worth Living F 248 1 

Baker's Dozen. Apaque H 81 

Baker's Dozen. Foster H 1353 

BALCH, E. (D.T.S.). Mustard Leaves; 

or, Glimpse of London Society. . F 5352 
Zorah; a Tale of Modern Egypt. ..F 2576 
BALCH, F. H. Bridge of the Gods; Ro- 
mance of Indian Oregon F 2253 

BALCH, W. S. A Peculiar People 

[Syrians] F 2485 

Balcony Stories. King F 4631 

Baldine, and other Tales. Edler F 3229 

BALDWIN, MRS. A. Shadow on the 

Blind, and other Ghost Stories.. . F 7995 

Story of a Marriage F 7994 

BALDWIN, J. The Horse Fair H 

Story of Roland H 1016 

Story of Siegfried H loi$ 

Story of the Golden Age [Classical 

M ythology] F 2543 

BALDWIN, MRS. M. R. Gurnet's Gar- 
den and New Boy at Southcott . . H 986 

Baled Hay. Nye F 5495 

BALESTIER, C. W. Benefits For- 
got F 7882 

Victorious Defeat [Colonial Times 

in Pennsylvania] F 2528 

BALFOUR, F. H. (/?. G. Dering). 

Cherryfield Hall F 7996 

Giraldi; or, The Curse of Love F 3017 

Ball of Snow. Dumas F 8487 

Ball of the Vegetables. Ey tinge H 1275 

Ballads in Prose. Hopper 1 4289 

BALLANTYNE, R, M. Away in the 

Wilderness; Indians of N. A...H 216 
The Battery and the Boiler; Laying 

of Sub-Marine Cables H 101 1 

The Big Otter; Great Nor' West. . H 991 
Black Ivory; Slaves of East AfricaH 215 
Blown to Bits; or, Lonely Man of 

Rakata H 996 

The Buffalo Runners; Tale of the 

Red River Plains H 998 

Charlie to the Rescue H 997 

Chasing the Sun [Norway] H 217 

Coral Island; Tale of the Pacific 

Ocean H 232 

The Coxswain's Bride, and other 
Tales H 999 

Contents: The Coxswain's Bride; Jack 
Frost and Sons; A Double Rescue. 

Crew of the Water Wagtail; Story 

of Newfoundland H 995 

Deep Down; Tale of the Cornish 

M ines H 220 

Dog Crusoe; Tale of the Western 

Plains H 221 

Dusty Diamonds cut and polished . H 1007 
Eagle Cliff; Tales of the Western 

Isles H 994 

Erling the Bold; Norse Sea-Kings.H 211 

Fast in the Ice; Polar Regions H 218 

Fighting the Flames; Tale of the 

London Fire Brigade H 212 

Same as Fire Brigade. 

Fighting the Whales H 219 

Floating Light of the Goodwin 

Sands H 222 



BALLANTYNE, R. M. Freaks on the 
Fells and Why I did not become 

a Sailor H 243 

The Fugitives; or, Tyrant Queen of 

Madagascar H 992 

The Garret and the Garden, and Jeff 

Benson H 973 

Gascoyne, Sandal-Wood Trader. ..H 223 
Giant of the North; or, Pokings round 

the Pole H 1010 

Golden Dream; or, Adventures in the 

Far West H 1014 

Gorilla Hunters; Wilds of Africa.. H 224 
The Hot Swamp; Romance of Old 

Albion H 974 

Iron Horse; Life on the Line H 225 

The Island Queen; Tale of the 

Southern Hemisphere H 990 

Jarwin and Cuffy H 1012 

Life in the Red Brigade (London 

Firemen) and Fort Desolation.. .H 972 
Lifeboat; a tale of our Coast He- 
roes H 207 

Lighthouse H 210 

Lonely Island; Refuge of the Muti- 
neers H 195 

The Madman and the Pirate H 1000 

Man on the Ocean H 229 

Martin Rattler in the Forests of 

Brazil H 234 

The Middy and the Moors; an Alge- 

rine Story H 971 

My Doggy and I H 1006 

Norsemen in the West; America be- 
fore Columbus H 226 

Philosopher Jack; a Tale of the 

Southern Seas H 247 

Pirate City; an Algerine Tale H 246 

Post Haste; a Tale of Her Majesty's 

Mails H 242 

Prairie Chief H 993 

The Red Eric; the Whaler's Last 

Cruise H . 230 

The Red Man's Revenge H 206 

Rivers of Ice; Alpine Adventure. . H 196 

Rover of the Andes H 1009 

Shifting Winds; Story of the Sea.. H 227 
Silver Lake; or, Lost in the Snow.H 1013 
Twice Bought; Oregon Gold Fields.H 989 
Under the Waves; Diving in Deep 

Waters H 197 

Ungava; Tale of Esquimaux Land.H 198 
The Walrus Hunters H 1017 

BALLANTYNE, R. M. Wild Man of 
the West ; Tale of the Rocky Moun- 
tains H 228 

World of Ice; Whaling Cruise H 236 

Young Fur-Traders in the Far 

North H 233 

Young Trawler on the North Sea . . H 1008 
Ballet Dancer's Husband. Feydeau...F 3486 

Same as Barberine. 
BALLEYDIER, C. Tales of Naval and 

Military Life H 704 

Ballroom Repentance. Edwards G 922 

BALZAC f After-Dinner Stories.F 2546 
Contents: The Red Inn; Madame Fir- 
miani; The Grande Breteche; Madame 
de Beauseant. 

Albert Savarus F 2239 

The Alkahest; or, House of Claes. . F 2554 

Beatrix F 7871 

Brotherhood of Consolation F 7892 

Bureaucracy; Civil Service Re- 
former F 2596 

Catherine de'Medici [French His- 
tory] F 7895 

C£sar Birotteau F 2549 

The Chouans [Brittany in 1799] F 2245 

The Country Doctor F 2552 

Cousin Pons F 2551 

Daughter of Eve F 7872 

Contents: Daughter of Eve; A Com- 
mission in Lunacy: The Rural Ball. 

Deputy of Arcis F 7879 

The Doctor s Story F 4955 

Duchesse de Langeais F 2548 

Contents: Duchesse de Langeais; An 
Episode under the Terror; The Illus- 
trious Gaudissart; A Passion in the 
Desert; The Hidden Masterpiece, 

Eugenie Grandet F 2550 

Fame and Sorrow F 2242 

Contents: Fame and Sorrow; Colonel 
Chabert; The Atheist's Mass; La 
Grande BTeteche; The Purse; La Gre- 
Ferragus, Chief of the Devorants; 

Last Incarnation of Vautrin F 7888 

Gallery of Antiquities F 7874 

Gobseck F 7876 

Contents: Gobseck; The Secrets of the 

Princesse de Cadignan: Unconscious 

Comedians; Another Study of Woman; 

Comedies played Gratis. 

A Great Man of the Provinces in 

Paris : F 7891 

An Historical Mystery [Plots against 
Napoleon] F 2240 



Contents: Juana; Adieu; A Drama on 
the Seashore; The Red Inn; The Re- 
cruit; El Verdugo; The Elixir of Life; 
The Hated Son; Maitre Cornelius. 

The Lesser Bourgeoisie F 7877 

Lily of the Valley F 2243 

Lost Illusions F 7800 

Pt. 1. The Two Poets. 
2 Eve and David. 
3. Lucien de Rubempre. 

The Magic Skin F 2508 

Same as The Wild Ass's Skin. 

The Marriage Contract F 7870 

Memoirs of Two Young Married 

Women F 7894 

Miniatures from Balzac's Master- 
pieces E 1968 

Modeste Mignon F 2597 

Mystery of the Rue Soly F 7873 

Pere Goriot F 2547 

Pierrette, and The Vicar of Tours.F 2238 
The Purse; Gaudissart II.; or, The 

Selim Shawl; Albert Savarus J 1461 

Seraphita F 2595 

Sons of the Soil F 224 1 

A Start in Life F 8052 

Two Brothers {French Revolu- 
tion] F 2553 

Unknown Masterpiece, and other 

Stories F 7875 

I 'rsula F 2244 

The Village Rector F 7893 

The Wild Ass's Skin F 2598 

BAMFORD, J. M. Elias Power of 

Ease-in-Zion H 084 

Father Fervent H 983 

Father Lambert's Family [Old Time 

France] H 981 

Thoughts of my Dumb Neighbors 

[Natural History] H 982 

BANDELIER, A. F. A. The Delight 

Makers [Pueblo Indians] F 2254 

BANDELLO, M. Novels F 1453,3 

Novels. 6 v *P 358 

BANGS, J. K. The Bicyclers E 9048 

Contents: The Bicyclers: A Dramatic 
Evening; The Fatal Message; A Pro- 
posal under Difficulties. 

Coffee and Repartee F 7897 

Half-Hours with Jimmieboy H 068 

A House-Boat on the Styx F 7914 

The Idiot F 7902 

In Camp with a Tin Soldier H 3150 

BANGS, J. K. Mantel-Piece Minstrels 

and other Stories H 

Contents: The Mantel-Piece Minstrels; 
A Lesson in Bird-Talk: A Submarine 
Adventure; An Afternoon in a Hotel 

Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica F 

Pursuit of the House-Boat F 

Rebellious Heroine F 

Roger Camerden F 

Three Weeks in Politics F 

Tiddledewink Tales H 

Toppleton's Client F 

The Water-Ghost and others F 

Contents: The Water-Ghost of Harrowby 
Hall; The Spectre Cook of Bangletop; 
The Speck on the Lens; A Midnight 
Visitor; A Quicksilver Cassandra; The 
Ghost-Club, A Psychical Prank; The 
Literary Remains of Thomas Bragdon. 
and F. D. SHERMAN. New Wag- 

gings of Old Tales E 

BANIM, J. Boyne Water [Siege of Lim- 
erick] F 

Denounced; or, The Last Baron of 

Crana F 

Peep o' Day F 

Peter of the Castle and The Fetches.F 

BANIM, M. Bit o' Writin' F 

Croppy; Irish Rebellion, 1708 F 

Father Connell F 

Ghost Hunter and his Family F 

The Mayor of Wind-Gap F 

Town of the Cascades. 2 v F 

Banished Son. Hentz F 

Banishment of Jessop Blythe. Hatton.F 

Bank Tragedy, The. Hatch F 

Banker of Bankersville. Thompson... F 
BANKS, G. N. About some Fellows 

[Eton Experiences] F 

BANKS, M. B. Children's Summer. H 
BANKS, M. R. Bright Days in the Old 

Plantation Times [Slavery] F 

BANKS, N. H. Stairs of Sand F 

Banks of the Boro. Kennedy F 

Banned and Blessed. Buerstenbinder.F 

Baptized with a Curse. Drewry F 

Bar Harbor Days. Harrison F 

Bar-Rooms at Brantly. Arthur F 

Bar-Sinister, The. Walworth F 

Barabbas; a Tragedy. Corel li F 

Barbara Dering. Chanler F 

Barbara Heathcote's Trial. Carey F 

Barbara Leybourne. Hamer F 

Barbara Thayer. Miller F 








1 10 















Barbara's History. Edwards G 192 

Barbara's Vagaries. Tidball F 6989 

BARBAULD, MRS. A. L. A. (Ed.). See 
British Novelists. 

Barber of Bantry. Griffin F 709,3 

Barber's Chair. Jerrold E 3775 

Barberine. Feydeau F 3486 

Same as Ballet Dancer's Husband. 

Barberry Bush, The. Woolsey H 2729 

Barchester Towers. Trollope G 600 

SON, W. C. 

Barclays of Boston. Otis F 1275 

BARDEEN, C. W. Roderick Hume, 

the Story of a New York Teacher. F 7884 
Bardic Stories of Ireland. Kennedy. . .F 1004 

BARDSLEY, C. W. Brownie F 2502 

Bark Cabin on the Kearsarge. Rand.H 2210 
BARKER, MRS. L. D. S. Uncle John's 

Adventures in Prairie Land H 1023 

Barker's Luck, and other Stories. Harte.F 4147 
BARLEY, C. M., pseud. Financial 

School at Farmerville F 8773 

BARLOW, J. Irish Idylls F 7007 

Kerrigan's Quality F 7906 

M aureen's Fairing F 7924 

Contents: Maureen's Fairing; A Cream 
Coloured Cactus; A Formidable Rival; 
A Year and a Day; Mac's Luncheon; 
Stopped by Signal; An Escape; The 
Murphys' Supper. 

Strangers at Lisconnel F 7966 

Second Series of Irish Idylls. 

Barnaby Rudge. Dickens F 404 

The same Gi62,2-3 

Barnabys in America. Trollope F 7065 

BARNARD, C. Knights of Today; or. 

Love and Science F 2492 

Contents: A Sanitary Measure; Under 
High Pressure; Applied Science; Love 
and a Lantern; Put Yourself in her 
Place; The Wreck of the Pioneer. 

Money and Music F 118 

Sequel to The Soprano. 

The Soprano F 981 

The Tone Masters; a Musical Series 

for Young People, 
v. 1. Mozart and Mendelsohn.. K 307 

2. Handel and Hayden K 308 

3. Bach and Beethoven K 309 

BARNARD, MRS. E. A. Maple Range 

[A Frontier Romance] F 2491 

BARNARD, F. and C. H. ROSS. Be 

hind a Brass Knocker F 2489 

Barncraig. Setoun F 6519 

BARNES, J. For King or Country; 

Story of the Am. Revolution H 3180 

Loyal Traitor; Story of the War of 

1812 H 3182 

Midshipman Farragut H 3181 

Barney Brady's Goose. Carleton F 237 

The same F 296 

BARNUM, P. T. DickBroadhead...H 414 

Funny Stories E 2017 

Jack in the Jungle H 410 

Sequel to Lion Jack. 

Lion Jack H 214 

Baron Bruno. Morgan H 1823 

Baron Montez of Panama and Paris. 

Gunter F 3713 

Baron Munchausen. Raspe H 608 

Baron of Belgard. O'Byrne F 2750 

Baron of Hertz. Labadye F 1013 

Barony. Porter F 1328 

Barque Future, The. Lie F 1060 

BARR, A. E. The Beads of Tasmer.F 2232 

Bernicia [Time of George II]. ..F 8047 
Between Two Loves; a Tale of the 

West Riding F 2545 

Border Shepherdess F 2532 

Bow of Orange Ribbon [Colonial 

Knickerbocker Life] F 2529 

Christopher, and other Stories 

[Texas] H 970 

Contents: Christopher; Crowther and 
Thirah; The Master of Rushen; Rex 
Macarthy; Our Joe; Jonathan Yea- 
don's Justification; Seed by the Way 
side; The Heart of Sam Naylor. 

Cluny MacPherson F 7912 

Daughter of Fife [Scottish Low 

Life] F 2527 

Feet of Clay F 2619 

The Flower of Gala Water F 8045 

Friend Olivia [Quakers in the Time 

of Cromwell] F 2231 

Girls of a Feather F 8043 

The Hallam Succession; Methodist 

Life in Two Countries F 2514 

Household of McNeil F 2230 

Jan Vedder's Wife F 2505 

A Knight of the Nets F 8048 

Last of the MacAllisters [Insurrec- 
tion of 1745] F 2618 

The Lone House F 8044 

Love for an Hour is Love forever. F 2237 


BARR, A. E. Master of his Fate F 2538 

The Mate of the Easter Bell, and 

other Stories F 8041 

Michael and Theodora; a Russian 

Story H 069 

Paul and Christina F 2520 

The Preacher's Daughter F 2218 

Prisoners of Conscience F 8049 

Remember the Alamo [Texas, i835].F 2617 

A Rose of a Hundred Leaves F 2235 

Scottish Sketches F 8046 

Contents: Crawford's sair Strait; James 
Blackie's Revenge; Facing his Enemy; 
Andrew Cargill's Confession; One 
wrong Step; Lile Dave. 

She Loved a Sailor F 2233 

Short Stories F 2236 

A Singer from the Sea F 8042 

A Sister to Esau F 2234 

Squire of Sandel-Side F 1513 

Young People of Shakespeare's 

I )rama E 9767 

BARR, R. The Face and the Mask.. F 7918 
In a Steamer Chair, and other Ship- 
board Stories F 2219 

In the Midst of Alarms F 7917 

The Mutable many F 7920 

A Woman Intervenes F 7919 

Barracks, Bivouacs, Battles. Forbes.. . . F 34 11 

Barren Honour. Lawrence G 320 

Barren Title, A. Speight F 66 yo 

BARRETT, F. Between Life and 

Death F 2262 

John Ford, his Faults and Follies.. F 7904 

The Justification of Andrew Lebrun.F 7903 

Kit Wyndham F 2263 

Olga's Crime F 2290 

Out of the Jaws of Death F 2289 

A Recoiling Vengeance F 2470 

A Set of Rogues F 8053 

The Smuggler's Secret G 1399 

BARRETT, !A.,pseud. See NUTTING, M. (). 
BARRETT, W. The Sign of the Cross 

[Time of Nero] F 8054 

BARR1E, J. M. Auld Licht Idylls. . .F 2229 
An Auld Licht Manse and other 

Sketches F 2293 

A Holiday in Bed, and other 

Sketches E 2018 

The Little Minister [Scottish Vil- 
lage Life] F 2295 

My Lady Nicotine L 4265 

Sentimental Tommy F 8031 

BARRIE, J. M. A Tillyloss Scandal.. F 2201 

Two of them F 8030 

When a Man's Single [Scottish Vil- 
lage Life] F 2296 

A Window in Thrums [Scottish 

Village Life] F 2228 

Barriers burned away. Roe F 1439 

BARRILI, A. G. Devil's Portrait. ... F 2515 

Eleventh Commandment F 2487 

Barrington. Lever F 1048 

The same G 332 

Barrington's Fate. Hunt F 2206 

BARRISTER, A., pseud. Five Hun- 
dred Pounds Reward F 574 

BARROWS, W. The General; or, 
Twelve Nights in a Hunters' 

Camp H 254 

BARRY, GRAY, pseud. See COFFIN, R. B. 

BARRY, J. D. The Intriguers F 7968 

Mademoiselle Blanche F 7969 

BARRY, W. The New Antigone F 5388 

Barry Lyndon, Esq., Memoirs of. Thack- 
eray G 588,6 

BARTLETT, G. B. Parlor Amuse- 
ments H 209 

BARTLETT, G. H. Commercial Trip 

with an Uncommercial Ending. . F 2503 

Water Tramps H 3161 

BARTLETT, T. Heart Stories F 2471 

Barton Experiment. Habberton F 757 

BARTOW, A. K. The Holly and the 

Rose H 3166 

Basil. Collins G 98 

Basil and Annette. Farjeon F 3621 

Basil Godfrey's Caprice. Parr G 484 

Basil Lyndhurst, Search for. Carey... F 3343 
Basil Woollcombe, Midshipman. 

Knight H 1707 

BASSETT, G. Hippolyte, and Golden- 
Beak F 7905 

BATEMAN, MRS. J. C. Ierne of Ar- 

morica [Time of Chlovis] F 113 

BATES, A. Albrecht [Black Forest 

in the 9th Century] F 2477 

In the Bundle of Time F 7910 

A Lad's Love F 2533 

The Pagans F 2488 

Patty's Perversities F 5921 

The Philistines F 2480 

A Wheel of Fire F 2535 

BATES, F. B. (Beulah). My Sister 

Kittv; a Story of Election Day.. . F 5357 

Tatters F 2292 



BATES, H. L. V. {Eleanor Putnam). 

A Woodland Wooing F 5084 

and A. BATES. Prince Vance. .H 2101 
BATES, MRS. J. W. Arma'is and 

others F 2301 

A Blind Lead; Story of a Mine F 2615 

Bunch-Grass Stories F 791 1 

Contents : Resurrection on the Umpqua; 
The Substitute; The Great Concern ; In- 
spiration at the Cross-roads; The Black 
Shell; Taken in at Oare's; The Maver- 
icks of the Trail: A Transferred Town. 

A Nameless Wrestler F 2616 

BATES, K. L. Hermit Island H 1071 

BATTERSHALL, F. A Daughter of 

this World F 7908 

Mists F 7909 

Battery and the Boiler. Ballantyne. . .H ion 

Battle and a Boy. Howard H 1621 

Battle and the Breeze. Stables H 2397 

Battle of Connemara. O'Meara F 5688 

Battle of Life. Dickens F 405 

The same G 149 

Battle of New York. Stoddard H 2436 

Battle of the Moy; how Ireland Gained 

her Independence, 1892-4 F 2571 

Battles at Home. Darling H 338 

Battles lost and won. Merrill H 562 

Battlement and Tower. Rhoscomyl. . .F 6406 
BAUER, C. [Karl Dctlef). At Capri; 

Story of Italian Life F 396 

Dead to the World F 119 

A Russian Country House F 2224 

Valentine the Countess F 395 

Bay-Path. Holland F 829 

BAYER, K. R. E. v. {Robert Byr). The 

Cipher Despatch F 8050 

BAYLOR, F. C. Behind the Blue 

Ridge F 2539 

Claudia Hyde F 8051 

Juan and Juanita H 1025 

On both Sides F 2536 

A Shocking Example, and other 

Sketches F 2472 

BAYLY, A. E. {Edna Lyalh. Autobi- 
ography of a Slander F 4936 

The Autobiography of a Truth F 7963 

Derrick Yaughan — Novelist F 4934 

Donovan; a modern Englishman. .F 4939 

Doreen, the Story of a Singer F 7962 

A Hardy Norseman F 4935 

In the Golden Days [Time of Charles 

nj f 4938 

The same G 1350 

BAYLY, A. E. Knight-Errant F 4932 

The same G 1400 

To Right the Wrong F 7961 

We Two F 4937 

Won by Waiting F 4933 

The same G 1401 

Bayou Folk. Chopin F 8237 

BAZAN, E. P. A Christian Woman*. . F 2226 

Morrina (Homesickness) F 2225 

The Swan of Vilamorta F 2223 

The Wedding Trip F 2227 

BAZIN, R. A Blot of Ink F 8055 

BEACH, D. N. and others. Wonder 

Stories of Science H 1029 

BEACH, R. Q. Allie's Mistake F 2495 

The Puritan and the Quaker; Story 

of Colonial Times F 5888 

Beachcombers. Bishop H 961 

BEACONSFIELD, Earl (B. Disraeli). 

Alroy [Tale of the 12th Century]. G 919 

Coningsby [English Politics, 1840]. G 174 

Contarini Fleming G 175 

Endymion F 2493 

The same G 916 

Henrietta Temple G 176 

Lothair F 416 

The same G 177 

The Runnymede Letters E 2430 

Sybil; or, The Two Nations [Chart- 
ist Movement, 1848] G 178 

Tancred; or, The New Crusade [De- 
fense of the Jews] G 920 

Yenetia G 179 

Yivian Grey F 417 

Young Duke; Count Alarcos F 2494 

Beads of Tasmer, The. Barr F 2232 

BE ALE, A. Gladys the Reaper F 2497 

The Heiress of Courtleroy F 7921 

The Miller's Daughter H 1038 

Simplicity and Fascination F 2499 

BEALE, M. Jack o' Doon F 7922 

BE ALE, T. W. {Walter Maynard). 

The Enterprising Impresario F 1 168 

BEAN, F. Col. Judson of Alabama. .F 2304 

Pudney and Walp F 2281 

BEAN, H. M. The Widow Wyse F 7521 

Bear and Forbear. Adams H 107,6 

BEARD, D. Moonblight, and Six Feet 

of Romance F 2303 

Beaton's Bargain. Hector F 3997 

Beatrice. Haggard F 3879 

The same G 1378 

Beatrice. Kavanagh G 289 



Beatrice; or, The unknown Relatives. 

Sinclair F 

Beatrice Boville, and other Stories. 

De la Ram6 F 

Beatrice Cenci. Guerrazzi F 

Beatrice of Bayou Teche. Jones F 

Beatrice Tyldesley. Ainsworth G 

Beatrix. Balzac F 

Beatrix Randolph. Hawthorne F 

BEATTY, J. Bell o' Becket s Lane. . . F 

Beau Nash. Ainsworth G 

Beauchamp. James G 

Beaucharap's Career. Meredith F 

The same G 

Beauchampe. Simms F 

Beauniarchais. Brachvogel F 

BEAUMONT, A. pseud. See HUNT, 

MRS. M. R. 
BEAUMONT, M. A Ringby Lass, and 

other Stories F 

Contents: A Ringby Lass; Jack; The 
White Christ; Miss Penelope's Tale; 
The Revenge of her Race. 


Beautiful Joe. Saunders H 

Beautiful Miss Barrington. Farr G 

Beautiful Soul. Lean F 

Beautiful Spy. Burdett K 

Beautiful Wretch. Black F 

The same 

Beauty and the Beast. Keddie F 

Beauty and the Beast. Taylor F 

Beauty crowned; the Story of Esther. 

Fradenburgh H 

Beauty's Daughters. Hungerford F 

WWe; or, Two Little Wooden Shoes. 

De la Rame F 

The same G 


BECHARD, F. Maurice F 

BECKE, L. By Reef and Palm F 

The Ebbing of the Tide; South Sea 

Stories F 

andW. JEFFERY. A First Fleet 

Family [New South Wales]. . . . F 

BECKER, A. Tempted of the Devil; 

Life of a Kabbalist F 

BECKER, W. A. Chariclcs [Greek 

Private Life] \ 

Gallus [Roman Scenes] A 

BECKETT, C. H. Who is John No- 
man? F 

























BECKETT, S. {Cecil Griffith). Corinthia 

M arazion K 7926 

Victor" Deane F 711 

BECKFORD, W. History of the Caliph 

Yathek; an Arabian Tale F 123 

The same * I 3402 

The same 1 3884 

The same I 5082 

BECKMAN, E. Pax and Carlino H 957 

Beckoning Hand and other Stories. 

Allen F 2443 

Beckoning Series. See Cobden, P. 

Bed-time Stories. Moulton H 568 


Bedford-Row Conspiracy. Thackeray.G 588.7 

Bedouin Girl. Higginson F 4183 

Beechcroft. Yonge F 2027 

Beechcroft at Rockstone. Yonge F 2032 

The same G 1348 

BEECHER, H. W. Norwood; Village 

Life in New England F 2496 

Beechnut. Abbott H 57,5 

Beechwood. Springer F 1629 

Beechwood Tragedy. The. Haw F 3862 

BEERS, H. A. A Suburban Pastoral. 

and other Tales F 7928 

Contents: A Suburban Pastoral; A Mid- 
winter Night's Dream; A Comedy of 
Errors; Declaration of Independence; 
Split Zephyr; A Graveyard Idyl; 1 
the Wild and the Witch-wife; The V 

Before the Dawn. Dulac F 3025 

Before the Gringo came. Atherton F 7842 

Before Tilsit, 1805-1807 Tolstoi.. . .F 7002, 1-2 
Beggar Girl of the Pont des Arts, The. 

Hauff G 248 

Beggars all. Dougall F 3042 

Beginner, A. Broughton F 8070 

Beginning, The; a Romance of Chicago.F 7885 
BEQON, F. de 1 Mme. de Stolz). House 

on Wheels F 1631 

Begum's Daughter, The. Bynner F 2270 

Begum's Fortune. Verne F 7307 

Begunibach. Fenn F 8691 

Behemoth, Adventures in the Land of 

the. Verne F 1823 

Behind a Brass Knocker. Barnard and 

Ross F 2489 

Behind closed Doors. Rohlf s F 3680 

Behind the Blue Ridge. Baylor F 2539 

Behind the Counter. Hacklander G 246 

Behind the Curtain; or, Leelinau H 1019 



Behind the Veil Prior F 125 

Behind Time. Lathrop H 1731 

BEHN, A. Novels *P 625, 1-2 

Beholding as in a Glass. Young F 7682 

BEHRENS, B. (W. Heimburg). A Fatal 
Misunderstanding, and other Sto- 
ries F 7936 

Contents: A Fatal Misunderstanding; 
United in Death; An Old Picture; The 
Romance of an Old House; My Cousin 
Ursula; Dangerous Ground. 

For another's Wrong F 7937 

Gertrude's Marriage F 100 

Her only Brother F 2612 

Lora, the Major's Daughter F 261 1 

Lottie of the Mill F 3080 

Lucie's Mistake F 2248 

Same as My Heart's Darling. 

Magdalen's Fortunes F 2476 

Misjudged F 2249 

Miss Mischief F 2247 

My Heart's Darling F 2248 

The Pastor's Daughter F 247s 

A Penniless Girl F 3981 

Same as A Poor Girl. 

Two Daughters of One Race F 2613 

BeingaB^y. Warner E 1597 

Bel-Marjory. Smith F 5185 

Bel of Prairie Eden. Lippard *F 4962 

BELDEN, J. VAN Z. Fate at the Door.F 8096 

Belforest. 2 v. Rathbone F 2091 

Belfry of St. Jude. Stuart H 2410 

Belgian Days. Martin F 5152 

BELGRAVE, D. J. Luck at the Dia- 
mond Fields F 2622 

Belhaven Tales. Harrison F 38 1 7 

Belinda. Broughton F 2662 

Belinda. Edgeworth *F 115,49-50 

The same F 518,3 

BELL, ACTON, pseud. See BRONTE, A. 
BELL, ELLIS, pseud. See BRONTE, E. J. 
BELL, MRS. H. Will o' the Wisp . . . H 1027 
BELL, J. F. pseud. See ZANGWILL, I. 
BELL, L. A Little Sister to the Wilder- 
ness F 794 1 

Love Affairs of an Old Maid F 7940 

The under Side of Things F 7942 

Bell of St. Paul's. Besant G 1351 

Bell-Ringer of Angel's, and other Stories. 

Harte F 4143 

Bella's Blue-Book. Calm F 3086 

BELLAMY, C.J. Breton Mills F 2537 

BELLAMY, E. Equality F 8000 

Looking Backward, 2000-1887 F 2620 

Miss Ludington's Sister F 2504 

Six to One; Nantucket Idyl ... F 262 1 

BELLAMY, MRS. E. W. Penny Lan- 
caster, Farmer F 2284 

BELLAMY, MRS. E. W. C. {Kamba 

Thorpe). Little Joanna F 93 

Belle and the Boys. Corbin H 314 

Belle Nivernaise, La. Daudet F 2952 

Belle o* Becket's Lane. Beatty F 240& 

Belles and Ringers. Smart F 6604 

Bellona's Husband. Genone F 3652 

BELT, H. P. Marjorie Huntingdon.. . F 247S 
Belt and Spur; Stories of the Knights of 

the Middle Ages; by E. L. S..F 2517 

Belteshazzar. Roe F 6338 

Belton Estate. Trollope G 601 

Ben Burton, the Slate-Picker. Pren- 
tice H 2098 

Ben Cramer. Austin H 194 

Ben Franklin, Printer Boy. Thayer.. .H 700 

Ben Gilbert's Victory. Bisbee H 1 03 1 

Ben Hadden. Kingston H 506 

Ben-Hur; Tale of the Christ. Wallace.F 7490 

Ben Milner's Wooing. Parr F 1282 

The same G 792 

Ben, the Luggage- Boy. Alger H 154,5 

Ben's Nugget. Alger H, 159,4 

Bended Willow. Fuller F 625 

Beneath the Dome.,. Clark F 8241 

Beneath the Sea. Fenn H 1 369 

BENEDICT, F. L. John Worthington's 

Name F 138 

Madame F 128 

Miss Dorothy's Charge F 137 

Miss Van Kortland F 2530 

Mr. Vaughan's Heir F 2531 

My Daughter Elinor .^ 1 199 

The Price she paid F 2501 

St. Simon's Niece F 1 35 

Benedicta. Phillips F 1322 

Benefit of the Doubt. Spenser F 6843 

Benefits forgot. Balestier F 7882 

Bengal, Folk-Tales of. Day F 2927 

Bengal Peasant Life. Day F 3195 

BENHAM, G. C. A Year of Wreck 

[Reconstruction, 1865] F 7690 

Benito Cereno. Melville F 1180 

BENRIMO,A. Vic F 2500 

BENSON, E. F. Dodo; a Detail of the 

Day F 7945 

A Double Overture F 7947 



BENSON, B.P. The Judgment Books. F 7948 

Limitations F 7943 

The Rubicon F 7046 


cellany Days F 5650 

BENTZON, T. H. pseud. See BLANC, T. 

Beuvenuta Marshall G 1121 

Beppo. the Conscript. Trollope F 1792 

Bera. D^Leon F 379 

Beresford Prize. Smith H 1869 


Bene, the Briton. Hehty H 1 571 

Berkeley the Banker. Martineau F 1151,5 

Berkeleys and their Neighbors. Sea well. F 6506 

Berlin and Sans-Souci. Mundt F 1201 

BERNHARD, M. For my own Sake. F 7886 

The Household Idol F 2252 

The Pearl F 7887 

The Rector of St. Lukes F 2251 

Bernicia. Barr F 8047 

Bernies White Chicken. Alden H 007 

Berris. Macquoid F 5530 

BERRY, A. B. The Last Penacook [a 

Tale of Provincial Times] H 1026 

BERRY, E. P. Leah of Jerusalem; 

ry of the Time of Paul F 2250 

Bertha. Bischoff ? 97 

Bertha; or, Consequences of a Fault F 132 

Bertha Laycourt. Blum F 2646 

BERTHOUD, E. Shfe Loved him 

Madly F 166 

Bertie Griffiths. Edwards G 1154 

Bertram Family, The. Charles F 207 

The same G 721 

Bertram Noel. May H 547 

Bertrams, The. Trollope G 602 

BERTZ, E. The French Prisoners; a 

Story for Boys H 1028 

BERWICK, J. Secret of Saint Flord.F 7925 
BESANT, W. All Sorts and Conditions 

of Men [Social Reforms] F 2635 

Armorel of Lyonesse F 2639 

The same G 1402 

Bell of St. Paul's G 1351 

Beyond the Dreams of Avarice.. . . F 7951 
Children of Gibeon [Working 

Classes] F 2638 

The same G 1245 

City of Refuge F 7954 

The Demoniac F 2220 

Dorothy Forster [Rebellion of 

1715] G 847 

Dorothy Wallis F 2308 

BESANT, W. For Faith and Freedom 

[Monmouth's Rebellion, 1685]... F 2636 

The same G 1352 

Herr Paulus F 1404 

The same G 1314 

In Deacon's Orders, and other 

Stories F 7952 

Contents : In Deacon's Orders; Peer and 
Heiress; The Equal Woman; The 
Shrinking Shoe; Quarantine Island; In 
Three Weeks; One and Two; A Night 
with Tantalus: The Solid Gold Reef 
Company, Limited; To the Third and 
Fourth Generation; King David's 

The Inner House G 131 5 

The I vory Gate F 2307 

Katharine Regina G 1283 

Lament of Dives F 2640 

The Master Craftsman F 7953 

The Rebel Queen V 7950 

Revolt of Man F 6265 

The same G 852 

St. Katherine's by the Tower [Eng- 
land in 1793] F 2221 

Uncle Jack and other Stories F 2540 

Contents: Uncle Jack; Sir Jocelyn's 
Cap; A Glorious Fortune. 
Yerbei.a Camellia Stephanotis and 

other Stories F 2222 

The World went very well then 

[Time of George II] F 2633 

The same G 1 244 

and J. RICE. By Celia's Arbour 

[Crimean War] F 2604 

Case of Mr. Lucraft and other 

Tales F 2608 

Contents: The Case of Mr Lucraft; 
The Mystery of Joe Morgan; An Old, 
Old Story; Lady Kitty; The Old Four- 
Pos'ter; My Own Experience; Titania's 
Farewell; On the Goodwin; Edelweis; 
Love finds the way; The Death of 
Samuel Pickwick; When the Ship 
comes Home. 
Chaplain of the Fleet. 3 v. in 2 

[Time of George II] F 2544 

Golden Butterfly F 112 

The same G 853 

Monks of Thelema F 2605 

My Little Girl F 122: 

Ready-Money Mortiboy F 1 40^ 

The Seamy Side F 2637 

Ten Years' Tenant and other Stories.F 2634 
Contents: The Ten Years' Tenant; 
Sweet Nelly, my Heart's Delight; Over 
the Sea with a Sailor. 



BESANT, W. and J. RICE. This Son 

of Vulcan F 2606 

'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay, and other 

Stories [Smuggling] F 2607 

Contents: 'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay; 
Shepherds all and Maidens Fair; Such 
a good Man; I.e Chien d'or. 

With Harp and Crown F III 

Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush. Wat- 
son F 5557 

Beside the River. Macquoid G n 10 

Bessie. Kavanagh F 4647 

The same G 290 

Bessie. Weld H 244 

Bessie and Raymond. Weston F 1905 

Bessie Bradford's Prize. Mathews H 1906 

Bessie Costrell, Story of. Ward F 7599 

Bessie Fairfax, Vicissitudes of. Parr. . F 1284 

The same G 791 

Bessie Harrington's Venture. Mathews.F 5173 

Bessie Lang. Corkran F 309 

Bessie Wilmerton. Westcott F 1918 

Bessie's Fortune. Holmes F 4017 

Bessy Conway. Sadlier F 1462 

Bessy Rane. Wood G 632 

Best of H usbands. Payne F 1 288 

The same G 1029 

BETH AM, G. K. The Story of .1 Dacoity 
and The Lolapur Week [Tales of 

India] F 7960 


Bethesda. Halstead F 2572 

Bethesda Pool. Richards F 6443 

Bethia Wray's new Name. Douglas... F 3062 

BETHUNE, J. O. The " F M Cipher.. F 7930 

The Third Man F 7931 

BETHUSY-HUC, V. (M. von Reichen- 

bach). The Eichhofs F 6263 

Betrayal of John Fordham. Farjeon..F 8770 

Betrothed, The. Manzoni F 1 160 

The same I 2990 

Betrothed, The. Scott F 2153 

Better Days. Fitch F 3408 

Better Part; Tale from real Life F 84 

Better Times Stories. Kirk F 4692 

Better Way, The. Lacy F 4842 

Betty, a Butterfly. Plympton H 2054 

Betty;aLastCenturyLoveStory Dorsey.F 3071 

Betty; a Schoolgirl. Smith H 2269 

Betty Alden. Austin F 2324 

Betty Leicester. Jewett H 1590 

Betty of Wye. Blanchard H 32 19 

Between Life and Death. Barrett F 2262 

Between the Lines. King F 4678 

Between two Loves. Barr F 2545 

Between two Opinions. Flagg F 3507 

BEULAH, pseud. See BATES, f . D. 

Beulah. Wilson F 1963 

Beverleys, The. Abbott F 2331 

Beverly. Walworth F 1850 

BEYLE, M. H. (De Stendhal). La Char- 
treuse de Parme. 3 v. [ Waterloo]. F 7992 

Beyond Recall. Sergeant F 6578 

Beyond the Bourn. Fiske F 3632 

Beyond the Breakers. Owen F 1276 

Beyond the Dreams of Ayance. Besant.F 7951 

Beyond the Gates. Ward F 5896 

Beyond the Himalayas. Geddie H 1410 

Beyond the Snow. Reed F 1406 

Beyond the Verge. Chipman F 822} 

BIARD, MME. L. d'A. The Notary's 

Daughter G 746 

BIART, L. Adventures of a young 

Naturalist [Modern Mexico] F 152 

Involuntary Voyage F 2507 

Two Friends H iojo 

BICKERDYKE, J. Lady Val's Elop< 

merit F 7982 

BICKFORD, L. H. Miss Marston . . . . F 2257 

Bid for Fortune. Boothby F 8103 

BIDA, A. (Tr.). The Lovers of Provence; 

Aucassin and Nicolette F 2449 

Biddy Club, The. Worthington K 6408 

Biding his Time. Trowbridge H 2511 

BIDPAI. Fables of Pilpay H 1018 

BIERBOWER, A. From Monkey to 

Man; Society in Tertiary Age..F 8002 
BIERCE, A. Can such Things be? 

[Short Stories] F 8028 

and G. A. DANZIGER. The Monk 

and the Hangman's Daughter. . . F 2297 

Bietigheim F 25 19 

Big Bow Mystery. Zangwill F 7693 

Big Brother. Eggleston H 367 

Big Brother. Johnston H 1599 

Big Brother Series. See Eggleston, G. C. 

Big Cypress. Munroe H 1965 

Big Otter, The. Ballantyne H 991 

Big Stake, A. Jocelyn F 4507 

BIGELOW, E. Diplomatic Disenchant- 

ments F 8012 

BIGOT, Mme. M. H. (Jeanne Mairef). 

A Foreign Match F 2260 

Lakeville F 775 

A Mere Caprice F 3979 

Storm-Driven F 777 



BIKELAS, D. Loukis Laras [Greek 

War of Independence, 1821.] F 2506 

Tales from the /Egean 8029 

CmimU: The Plain Sister: Why I am 
still a Lawyer; Philip Marthas; The 
Priest's Tale; Pappas Narkissos; A 
Memory; At the Oculist's; The Two 

BUI and Brocky. Chappell H 1 165 

Bill Drocks Investment. Chellis.... H 274 
BILL NYE, pseud. See NYE, W. E. 

Bill Nye's Chestnuts. Nye F 5497 

BILLINGS, E. E. Marking the Bound- 
ary F 7049 

Billow Prairie. Cragin F 7810 

H. W. 

Billtry. Dallas I 3029 

Billy Bellew. Norris F 5446 

Billy Grimes' Favorite. Nowell H 577,2 

Bimbi Stories. De la Ram£ G 798 

The same H 2201 

BINDER, W. E. Madelon Hawley; or, 

The Jesuit and his Victim F 154 

BINGHAM, J. M. All Glorious within.H 1033 
Annals of the Round Table, and 

other Stories H 1034 

Biographical Sketches. Foa H 392 

Biography of a Locomotive Engine. 

Frith H 1325 


turbing Elements F 7981 

Birch wood. Williams H 1605 

BIRD, F. M. (K. Timsoi). An Alien 

from the Commonwealth F 6977 

BIRD, R. Joseph, the Dreamer H 3201 

BIRD, R. M. Calavar; a Romance of 

Mexico, 1520 F 2508 

Hawks of Hawk-Hollow; a Tradi- 
tion of Pennsylvania. 2v F 2509 

Nick of the Woods [Kentucky in 

Colonial Times] F 155 

Birds of a Feather. Bradley H 574,1 

Birds of Prey. Maxwell F 2274 

Birds' Christmas Carol. Riggs H 767 

B1RDSELL, E. S. Phil Preston H 060 

Birth and Education. Schwartz F 1700 

Birth of a Soul. Phillips F 6105 

BI5BEE, MRS. S. A. Ben Gilberts 

Victory H 1031 

BISCHOFF, J. E. (K. Bolanden). Bertha 

[Time of Henry IV. of GermanyJ.F 97 

Progressionists and Angela F 09 

Biscuits and Dried Beef F 5526 

BISHOP, G. The Beachcombers; Slave 

Trading H 961 

BISHOP, N. H. The Pampas and Andes; 

Walk across South America H 253 

BISHOP, P. P. The Psychologist. 1 
BISHOP, W. H. The Brown Stone Boy 

and other Queer People F 2647 

Choy Susan and other Stories F 2512 

Contents: Choy Susan; Battle of Bun- 
kerloo; Deodand; Brapton's New Art; 
One of the Thirty Pieces; Mclntyres 
False Face; Miss Calderon's German. 

Detmold [Italian Artistic Life] F 2510 

The Garden of Eden, U. S. A F 8027 

The Golden Justice F 2542 

House of a Merchant Prince; a Novel 

of New York F 2511 

A Pound of Cure; Story of Monte 

Carlo I 8025 

Writing to Rosina F 8026 

The Yellow Snake F 2479 

Bishop's Bible. Murray -»nd Herman. F 9553 
Bishop's Conversion, The. Maxwell. . F 5331 

Bit of Human Nature. Murray F 9536 

Bit o' Writin'. Banim F 102 

Bits of Talk for Young Folks. Jackson.H 1604 

Bitter Birthright. Russell F 6346 

BITZIUS, A. (/. Gotthelf). Wealth and 

Welfare. 2v F 133 

Bivouac and Battle. Adams H 109,5 

BJORNSON, B. Arne; Norwegian Coun 

try Life I 157 

Bridal March, and other Stories. . . F 2524 

Captain Mansana F 2526 

Contents: Captain Mansana; The Rail- 
road and the Churchyard; Dust. 

Fisher Maiden F 1 56 

Happy Boy F 2522 

The Heritage of the Kurts F 7967 

Magnhild F 2525 

Ovind F 158 

Synn6veSolbakken(TrustandTrial)F 2521 

Works. 3 v F 7901 

v. 1. Biographical Sketch, by 
Anderson; Synnove Sol- 
bakken; Arne; The Rail- 
road and the Church- 
yard; Thrond; A Danger- 
ous Wooing ; The Bear 
Hunted; The Father; The 
Eagle's Nest. 
2. A Happy Boy; The Fisher 
Maiden; Blakken; Fidel- 
ity; A Problem of Life. 



BJORNSON, B. Works F 7901 

v. 3. Bridal March; Captain Man- 
sana; Magnhild; Dust. 

BJURSTEN, H. The Play of Fate. . . F 7900 

BLACK, A. Miss Jerry F 7908 

BLACK, C. An Agitator F 7980 

The Princess D£siree F 7979 

BLACK, W. Beautiful Wretch F 2563 

The same G 1 230 

Briseis . . . F 7974 

Daughter of Heth G 49 

Donald Ross of Heimra F 2474 

The same G 1 403 

The Four MacNicols [Scottish Fish- 
ing Life] H 1020 

Green Pastures and Piccadilly F 85 

The same G 866 

The Handsome Humes F 7971 

Highland Cousins F 7973 

In Far Lochaber F 2560 

The same G 1316 

In Silk Attire F 140 

The same G 50 

Judith Shakespeare [Shakespeare's 

Daughter] I 2556 

The same . G 1234 

Kilmeny V 149 

The same ... . G 701 
Lady Silverdale's Sweetheart, and 

other Stories G 702 

Contents: Lady Silverdale's Sweet- 
heart; Marriage of Moira Fergus; The 
Man who was like Shakespeare; High- 
lands of the City; The Strange Horse 
of Suainabhal. 

Macleod of Dare F 2466 

The same G 865 

Madcap Violet F 127 

The same G 703 

The Magic Ink, and other Stgries.F 2461 
Contents: The Magic Ink; A Hallowe'en 
Wraith; Nanciebe). a Tale of Stratford- 

Maid of Killeena, and other Stories. G 704 
Contents: Maid of Killeena; Queen 
Tita's Wager; A Fight for a Wife; 
True Legend of a Billiard Club; A Se- 
quel to that. 
Maid of Killeena and Marriage of 

Moira Fergus F 139 

Marriage of Moira Fergus F 130 

Mr. Pisistratus Brown F 5215 

Mr. Pisistratus Brown; The Four 
MacNicols; The Pupil of Aure- 
liu s G 1231 

BLACK, W. Monarch of Mincing- 
Lane F 2562 

New Prince Fortunatus G 1353 

Same as Prince Fortunatus. 
The Penance of John Logan, and 

two other Tales F 7972 

Contents ', Penance of John Logan; 
Romeo and Juliet, a Tale of Two 
Young Fools; A Snow Idyll. 

Prince Fortunatus F 2463 

Princess of Thule F 2561 

The same G 700 

Sabina Zembra F 2558 

The same G 1284 

Shandon Bells F 2565 

The same G 1232 

Stand Fast, Craig-Royston! F 2465 

The same G 1404 

Strange Adventures of a House- 
Boat F 2559 

The same G 131 7 

Strange Adventures of a Phaeton.. F 148 

The same G 48 

Sunrise F 2261 

The same G 1233 

Three Feathers G 867 

White Heather F 2557 

The same G 1228 

White Wings; a Yachting Ro- 
mance G 864 

Wise Women of Inverness, and . 

other Miscellanies G 1229 

Contents: The Wise Women of Inver- 
ness; Rhymes by a Deer-Stalker; A 
Gossip about the West-Highlanders; A 
few Days' more Driving; Supernatural 
Experiences of Patsy Cong. 

Wolfenberg F 7970 

Yolande F 2555 

Black and White. Forde F 3535 

Black Arrow, The. Stevenson F 6862 

The same G 1 344 

Black Baronet. Carleton F 213 

Black Beauty. Sewell . H 2308 

Black-Box Murder, The G 1354 

Black but Comely. Melville G 11 14 

Black Carnation. Hume F 4271 

Black Diamonds. Jokai F 4499 

Black Dwarf. Scott F 2154 

The same G 538 

Black Gauntlet. Schoolcraft F 6573 

Black Ice. Tourg£e F 7046 

Black Ivory. Ballantyne H 215 

Black Lamb. Brown F 8095 


Black Poodle, and other Tales. Gutl. 

Black Robe. Collins ...G 882 

Black Sheep. Yates G 652 

Black Spirits and White. Cram F 8408 

Black Spiritsand White. Trollope F 1720 

Black, the Story of a Dog. Dumas . . . . F 8488 

Black Tulip, The. Dumas F 8484 

Black Watch, The. Grant F 3609 

Black^own Papers. Gallenga F 3647 

BLACKMORE, R. D. Alice Lorraine 

[Peninsular WarJ F 134 

The same G 868 

Christowell G 849 

Clara Vaughan F 7986 

Cradock Nowell; a Tale of the New 

Forest F 7084 

Cripps, the Carrier F 114 

Erema; or, My Father's Sin F 2473 

Kit and Kitty F 2464 

Lorna Doone [Monmouth's Re- 
bellion] F 159 

The Maid of Sker [Naval Battles, 

'797-8J.'. F 7987 

Mary Anerley; a Yorkshire Tale. ..F 2564 

The same G 863 

Perlycross F 7988 

Remarkable History of Sir Thomas 

Upmore I 2577 

Same as Tommy Upmore. 
Slain by the Doones, and other 

Stories F 7989 

Contents: Slain by the Doones: Frida. 
or, the Lover's Leap; George Bowring; 
Crocker's Hole. 

Springhaven [Wars of Napoleon]..F 2578 

Tommy Upmore G 1069 

Blacksmith of Voe. Wood G 1413 

Blackwood's Magazine, Tales from. See 

Tales from Blackwood. 
BLAGDEN, I. Nora and Archibald Lee.r 
The Woman I Loved; A Tuscan 

Wedding G 51 

BLAIR, E. N. Lisbeth Wilson; Daugh- 
ter of New Hampshire Hills F 7985 

BLAISDELL, A. F. Stories of the 

Civil War H 1044 

BLAISDELL, E. W. Hidden Rec- 
ord; or, the Old Sea Mystery F 2567 

BLAKE, E. V. Dalzells of Daisy- 
down H 102 1 

BLAKE, Lady. Lady of Lyndon. .. .F 161 

Ruth Maxwell F 160 

BLAKE, L. D. Fettered for Life . . . . F 162 

BLAKE, M. M. Courtship by Commar. 

Napoleon at Play F 8057 

Siege of Norwich Castle; Last Strug- 

m gle against the Conqueror K 2306 

Blakes and Flanagans, The. Sadlier..F 1472 

BLANC, T. ( Th. Bentzon). Remorse. F 2566 

A Conversion F 4955 

BLANCHARD, A. E. Betty of Wyc.H 3219 

Girls together H 3220 

Two Girls H 1072 

Blanche. Molesworth H 1916 

Blanche; a Tale from the French H 237 

Blanche Carey; Scenes in many Lands.F 86 

Blanche Gilroy. Hosmer F 866 

Blanche, Lady Falaise. Shorthouse.. F 6550 

Blanche of Brandywine. Lippard *F 4963 

Blanche of Montacute. Haly F 736 

BLATCHFORD, R. A Son of the 

Forge F 7927 

Tommy Atkins of the Ram- 

chunders F 801 1 

BLATHERWICK, C. Uncle P.erce. 1 

King's Command H 2431 

Marion Scatterthwaite V 6882 


for Greed : G 143 

Love the Avenger ('» 144 

Bleak House. Dickens F 408 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 150 

Bledisloe; or, Aunt Pen's Nieces. 

Trotter F 7068 

Blessed Saint Certainty. Baker F 2482 

BLESSINQTON, Countess of. Country 

Quarters F 64 1 

Marmaduke Herbert G 222 

Memoirs of a Femme-de-Chambre . G 223 

Meredith G 1043 

Strathern ( i 1044 

BLEUNARD, A. Babylon electrified; 

Expedition to restore Babylon .F 7990 

BLIND, M. Tarantella F 2579 

Blind Brother, The. Greene H 1453 

Blind Fate. Hector F 4126 

The same G 1427 

Blind Justice. Reeves G 1369 

Blind Lead, A. Bates F 2615 

Blind Love. Collins F 2847 

The same G 1359 

Blind Men and the Devil. Phineas. . . F 6001 

Blind Mother, The. Caine F 812 1 

Blind Musician, The. Korolenko F 4682 

Blind Rosa. Conscience F 293, 10 



Blindfold. Lean F 3122 

The same G 1375 

Blithedale Romance. Hawthorne F 764 

The same J 83 

Blockade of Phalsburg. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 545 

Blockade Runners. The. Verne F 1834 

BLODGETT, M. F. At the Queen's 

Mercy F 8014 

Fairy Tales H 3230 

BLOEDE, G. {Stuart Sterne). Story 

of Two Lives F 2272 

Blood Royal. Allen F 2352 

Bloody Chasm. DeForest F 2930 

BLOOMFIELD, W. Holdenhurst Hall.F 8003 

BLOOMFIELD, W. J. Fay Banning. F 8001 

BLOSS,C. A. Heroines of the Crusades.C 3327 
BLOSSOM, H. M., Jr. Checkers; a 

Hard-Luck Story F 8082 

Blossom-Bud. Smith F 6616 

Blossoming of an Aloe. Hoey F 825 

Blot of Ink. Bazin F 8055 

Blown to Bits. Ballantyne H 996 

Blue and Gray Series. See Adams, W. T. 

Blue Balloon. Horsley H 4338 

Blue Banner. Cahun F 2701 

Blue Bell. Bramstone F 2656 

Blue Blood. Dande F 370 

Blue Fairy Book. Lang H 17 19 

Blue Jackets of '76. Abbot B 2367 

Blue Jackets of 1812. Abbot B 348 

Blue Jackets of *6i. Abbot B 2633 

Blue Pavilions. Couch F 31 17 

Blue Roses. Dempster G 917 

Blue Stocking, A. Edwards G 736 

Blue Veil. Montgomery G 11 33 

Bluebeard's Keys, and other Stories. • 

Ritchie F 1744 

The same G 823 

Blues and Buffs. Mills F 5209 

Bluff ton; a Story of To-Day. Savage. . F 1479 

Bluff ton Stamp Society. Philo H 2085 

BLUM, E. C. Bertha Laycourt F 2646 

BLUM, G. and L. WAHL. Sea side and 

Fire-side Fairies H 235 

BLUNDELL, MRS. M. E. (M. E. Fran- 
cis). Daughter of the Soil F 8081 

In the North Country Village F 3388 

The Story of Dan F 3387 

BOARDMAN, MRS. M. M. Haps and 

Mishaps of the Brown Family. . . H 238 

Sister's Triumph H 241 

Sequel to Haps and Mishaps. 

Boat Builder Series. See Adams, W. T. 

Boat Club. Adams H 106,1 

Boat Club Series. See Adams, W. T. 

Bob Burton. Alger H 936 

Bob Martin's Little Girl. Murray F 9537 

Bobbin Boy. Thayer H 2498 

Bobby's Wolf, and other Stories H 1037 

BOCCACCIO, G. Novels from the 

Decameron F 1453,1 

BObELL, W. A. A Skilled Workman.F 8009 
Bodley Grandchildren in Holland. 

Scudder H 2301 

Bodley, Mr., abroad. Scudder H 670 

Bodley 's afoot. Scudder ' H 662 

Bodle/s on Wheels. Scifdder H 659 

Bodley's Telling Stories. Scudder H 661 

Body-Snatcher, The. Stevenson F 6869 

Bog-Myrtle and Peat. Crockett F 8341 

Bohemia Invaded, and other Stories. 

Ford F 8742 

Bohemian Tragedy. Curry F 2912 


BOIT, R. A. Eustis F 2581 

BOLANDEN. Q. pseud. 5^BISCH0FF. 

Bolanyo. Read F6217 


BOLTON, MRS. S. K. Girls who be- 
came Famous C 3306 

Poor Boys who became Famous. . .C 1929 
The Present Problem [Intemper- 
ance, and other Evils] F 2569 

Stories from Life F 2584 

Bona venture; a Prose Pastoral. Cable. F 2720 

Bond of Honor. Brigham H 988 

Bondman, The. Caine F 2714 

The same G 1356 

BONESTEEL, M. O. Army Boys and 

Girls H 3241 

BONIFACE, J. X. (X. B. Saintine). Pic- 

ciola F 2570 

BONNER, J. Child's History of 

France H 959 

Child's History of Greece. 2V...H 250 

Child's History of Rome. 2v H 251 

Child's History of Spain H IC59 

Child's History of the U. S. 3V..H 252 
BONNER, S.* pseud. See McDOWELL. 

Bonnie Brier Bush. Watson F 5557 

Bonnie Prince Charlie. Henty H 1467 

Bonnie Scotland. Lippincott .H 1760,1 

Bonny Kate. Tiernan F 3585 

Bonnybel Vane. Cooke F 2832- 



Bonnyborough. Whitney F 7561 

Book of Fairy Tales. Gould H 1 438 

Book of Folk Stories. Scudder H 2304 

Book of Golden Deeds. Yonge C 1661 

\ of Love Stories. Perry F 5882 

Book of Martyrs. Pratt F 6142 

Book of Nursery Songs and Rhymes. 

Gould H 4010 

Book of Pity and of Death. Viaud F 7370 

Book of Sibyls. Ritchie G 1063 

Book of Strange Sins. Kernahan F 4580 

Book of the Operas. Pardon F 1291 

Book of Wonder Voyages. Jacobs H 4450 

Boone, Daniel, Life of. Hill H 461 

Boone and Kenton Series. See Ellis, 1 
BOOTH, MRS. E. M. J. v. {Rita). The 

Countess Pharamond F 6235 

Sequel to Sheba. 

Daphne F 382 

Faustme F 6282 

•A Gender in Satin 1 . . . .F i.;i; 

A Husband of no Importance F 1313 

Kitty the Rag F 6239 

The Laird o' Cockpen F 6231 

The Man in Possession I 

Master Wilberforce F 6236 

Miss Kate F 

Sheba '. F 

The Vagabond Lover 

A Woman in it F 6238 

BOOTHBY.G. A Bid for Fortune.... F 8103 

Dr. Nikola I 8104 

In Strange Company; Story of Chili. F 8100 

A Lost Endeavour F 8102 

The Marriage of Esther I 8101 

Booties' Baby. Stannard F 6893 

The same F 6892 

Border and Bastille. Lawrence G 

Border Beagles. Simms F 2051 

Border Lances; Reign of Edward III.. F 2518 

B tfder Reminiscences. Marcy F 1146 

Border Shepherdess. Barr F 2532 

Borderland. Fothergill F 3542 

The same G 

BORO and BROWN. Northern Lights; 

Stories from Swedish Authors. 1 \z\\ 

Boris, the Bear-Hunter. Whishaw H 2666 

KORLASE, S. Stirring Tales of Colo- 
nial Adventure H 3250 

Born Coquette. Hungerford F 2311 

The same G 1 v»; 

Born of Flame. Peeke F 6047 

Borodino, 1 8 1 2- 1 820. Tolstoi F 7002,5-6 

BORROW, G. Lavengro: the Scholar, 

the Gypsy, the Priest F 2585 

The Romany Rye F 2586 

Sequel to Lavengro. 

The Zincali; or, Gypsies of Spain.. . I 6924 
BORYS, Q.,f>seucl. See BERTHOUD, E. 

Boscobel. Ainsworth G 23 

Boss Girl, and other Sketches. Riley. .F 6276 

Boston Girl, A. Swazey F 6712 

Boston Girl's Ambitions. Townsend..F 7054 

Boston Tea Party, The. Watson H 2662 

Bostonian, The. James I 4417 

Bothwell; or, the Days of Mary, Queen of 

Scots. Grant F 8804 

Boudoir Cabal. Murray G 1005 

BOULGER, MRS. T. H. H. (T/ieo. 

Gift). I )ishonored F 2268 

An Island Princess F 8106 

Lil Lonmer F 3918 

A Matter-of-Fact Girl F 3953 

Pretty Miss Bellew F 666 

Victims F 3919 

BOULTON, H. M. Josephine Crewe. .F 8009 

Bound by his Vows. Burstenbinder F 1912 

Bound in Honor. Trowbridge H 709 

Bound in Shallows. Broadhead F 8108 

Bound to rise. Alger H 1 57,2 

Bound to Succeed Series. See Stratemeyt t . 

Bound together. Fargus T ' 2827 

The same G 107 1 

BOURDON, MME. M. F. Real Life. F 2580 

BOURGET, P. Pastels of Men. :v.F 2208 

A Tragic Idyl F 8097 

BOUSSENARD, L. Crusoes of Guiana; 

<>r, the White Tiger H 1035 

Gold-Seekers H 1036 

Sequel to Crusoes of Guiana. 
BOUTON, J. B. The Enchanted; Ori- 
gin of the Psychical Club F 2283 

BOUVE, E. T. Centuries apart F 8007 

BOUVET, M. A Child of Tuscany. . . H 3256 

Little Marjorie's Love Story H 1037 

My Lady; a Story of Long Ago. . . F 7744 

Pierrette H 

Prince Tip-Top; a Fairy Tale H 1043 

Sweet William H 1032 

Bow of Orange Ribbon. Barr F 2529 

BOWDLER, MRS. H. M. Pen Tamar; 

or, the History of an Old Maid. . F 2583 
BOWER, M. Paynton Jacks, Gentle- 
man F 8058 

BOWLES, J. The Stormy Petrel [Am- 
erican Civil War] F 8010 



BOWMAN, A. Kangaroo Hunters; or, 

Adventures in the Bush H 1041 

Tom and the Crocodiles . . . H 1042 

Young Yachtsmen; or, the Wreck of 

the Gypsy H 257 

BOWRING, J. (Tr.). Hwa tsien ki; the 

Flowery Scroll (Chinese Novel).. F 2582 

Bowsham Puzzle. Habberton F 3924 

Boy Broker, The. Munsey H 1896 

Boy Captain, The. Kaler H 4602 

Boy Crusaders. Edgar H 1250 

Boy Emigrants. Brooks H 1066 

Boy Engineers. Lukin. K 563 

Boy Explorers. Prentice H 2097 

Boy Farmers of Elm Island. Kellogg. H 482,4 

Boy Hunters. Reid H 613 

Boy in Grey. Kingsley H "490 

Boy -Knight. Henty H 1503 

Same as Fighting the Saracens. 

Boy Life in the U. S. Navy. Clark H 1092 

Boy Life of Napoleon. Foa H 391 

Boy of the First Empire. Brooks H 3278 

Boy Pioneer Series. See Ellis, E. S. 

Boy Settlers. Brooks H 1068 

Boy Slaves. Reid H 614 

Boy Soldiers of 1812. Tomlinson H 2537,2 

Boy Tar. Reid H 615 

Boy Traders. Fosdick H 268,3 

Boy Trapper. Fosdick H 269,2 

Boy Trapper Series. See Fosdick, C. H. 

Boy Travelers in Arabia. Wise H 2680 

Boy Travellers in Australasia. Knox.. I 2022 
Boy Travellers in Central Europe. Knox. I 6002 
Boy Travellers in Great Britain and Ire- 
land. Knox I 6291 

Boy Travellers in Mexico. Knox I 5619 

Boy Travellers in Northern Europe. 

Knox I 6001 

Boy Travellers in South America. Knox .1 501 
Boy Travellers in Southern Europe. 

Knox I 6003 

BoyTravellersintheFarEast. 5 v. Knox. I 1584 

Boy Travellers in the Levant. Knox. . .1 5985 
Boy Travellers in the Russian Empire. 

Knox I 7853 

Boy Travellers on the Congo. Knox. . . I 8767 

Boy Wanderer, The. Malot H 1 836 

Boy with an Idea. Eiloart H 368 

Boy's Adventures in Australia. Howitt.H 459 

Boy's Adv. in the Baron's Wars. EdgarH 125 1 

Boy's Book of Trades K 4263 

Boy's Froissart. Lanier A 261 

Boy's King Arthur. Malory F 5146 

Boy's Mabinogion, The. Lanier F 4885 

Boy's Modern Playmate. Wood K 6604 

Boy's Own Book. Hutchison K 195 1 

Boy's Own Guide to Fishing. Keene . . K 6553 

Boy's Percy. Lanier E 7767 

Boy's Play-book of Science. Pepper.. K 2808 

Boy's Town, A. Howells H 1 579 

Boy's Workshop, A K 6223 

Boys and Girls in Biology. Stevenson. H 675 

Boys and I, The. Molesworth H 1816 

Boys and Masters. Gilkes H 424 

Boys at Chequasset. Whitney H 765 

Boys at Dr. Murray's. Bradley H 420 

Boys at Home. Adams H 100 

Boys Coastwise. Rideing H 2216 

Boys in the Mountains. Rideing H 2213 

Boys of Cary Farm. Smith H 2346 

Boysof Grand Pre" School. De Millc.H 330,2 

Boys of Greenway Court. Butterworth.H 978 

Boys of other Countries. Taylor H 702 

Boys of the Sierras. Montgomery. ... H 1850 

Boys of Thirty-five. Elwell H 1262 

Boysof 1745 at Capture of Louisbourg. 

Kaler H 2005 

Boys of '76; Battles of the Revolution. 

Coffin B 2ii 

Boys of 1812. Soley B 346 

Boysof '61. Coffin B 585 

s' and Girls' Book of Story and 

Tale. Strahan H 2446 

Boys' and Girls' Herodotus. White. . . L 2924 

Boys' and Girls' Pliny. White L 2829 

Boys' and Girls' Plutarch. White C 1526 

Boys'and Girls' TemperanceText-book.L 4272 

Boys' Book of Famous Rulers. Farmer.C 2067 

Boys' Book of Sports. Thompson K 1872 

Boys' Own Stories. Moncrieff H 1852 

Boys' Own Treasury of Sports. Wood . K 994 

Boys' Republic, The. Harris H 1524 

Boys* Revolt. Kaler H 2022 

Boyar of the Terrible, A. Whishaw...F 7421 
BOYCE, J. (Paul Peppergrass). Mary 

Lee; or, the Yankee in Ireland.. F 1305 
Shandy McGuire; or, Tricks upon 

Travellers F 1306 

The Spae-Wife; Tale of the Days of 

Elizabeth... F 2587 

BOYESEN, H. H. Against Heavy Odds; 

a Tale of Norse Heroism F 2275 

Boyhood in Norway H 964 

Daughter of the Philistines F 2207 

Falconberg F 2590 

The Golden Calf F 8016 



BOYESEN, H. H. Gunnar; Tale of 

Norse Life F 167 

Ilka on the Hill-Top, and other 

Stories . F 2591 

Contents: Ilka on the Hill-Top; An- 
nunciata; Under the Glacier: A 
Knight of Dannebrog; Mabel and I 
(a Philosophical Fairy Tale); How Mr. 
Storm met his Destiny. 

Light of her Countenance F 2594 

Same as Old Adam. 

Mammoth of Unrighteousness F 2276 

Modern Vikings H 1040 

Norseland Tales F 8017 

Norseman's Pilgrimage F 165 

The Old Adam \ 1319 

Queen Titania F 2592 

Contents: Queen Titania; The Moun- 
tain's Face; A Dangerous Virtue. 

Social Strugglers I 8015 

Tales from two Hemispheres F 179 

Vagabond Tales F 2593 

Boyhood in Norway. Boyesen H 964 

Boyhood of Great Men. Edgar C 38 

Boyhood of Great Painters H 258,2 

Boyhood of John Kent. Allen H 956 

Boyhood of Lincoln. Butterworth H 977 

Boyhood of Living Authors. Rideing. X 2160 

BOYLE, E.V.G. Child's Play H 1094 

BOYLE, F. Legends of my Bungalow.F 2588 

Boyne Water. Banim F 103 

BOZ, pseud. Su DICKENS, C. 
BRABOURNE, Baron. (K. II. K. Huges- 

sen). Crackers for Christmas H 495 

Ferdinand's Adventure, and other 

Stories H 1522 

Friends and Foes from Fairyland. H 1526 
Higgledy-Piggledy; or, Stories for 

Everybody H 

Magic Oak Tree and Prince Filder- 

km H 3266 

Moonshine; Fairy Stories H 496 

Queer Folk; Seven Stories H 497 

River Legends; or, Father Thames 

and Father Rhine H 1 523 

Stories for my Children H 499 

Tales at Tea Time; Fairy Stories. . H 500 

Uncle Joe's Stories H 3265 

Whispers from Fairyland H 514 

Bracebridge Hall. Irving J 133 

BRACHVOGEL, A. E. Beaumarchais 

[Time of Louis XV.] F 168 

Friedemann Bach; Fortunes of an 

Idealist F 2660 

BRACKEL, F., v. Nora I 1064 

Chivalry. 2 v. [Whiskey Insur- 
rection, etc., 1794.] F 124 

Bracton; Tale of 1812. Anderdon F 2408 

Braddock. Musick F 5514 


MRS. M. E. 
BRADLEY, E. (Cuthbert Bede). Ad- 
ventures of Mr. Verdant Green, an 

Oxford Freshman F 1 26 

BRADLEY, MRS. M. E. Martha's 

Mistakes H 3270 

BRADLEY, MRS. M. E. N. Proverb 

Series H 574 

v. 1. Birds of a Feather. 

3. Handsome is that Hand- 

some does. • 

4. A Wrong Confessed. 
See a/so Neely, K. P. 

BRADLEY,W. I. (Glance Gaylord). Boys 

at Dr. Murray's H 420 

Donald Deane and his Cross F 170 

Patience Hathaway \ 169 

BRADSHAW, A. A Crimson Stain. . F 2609 
BRADSHAW, W. R. Goddess of At 

vatabar of the Interior World. . . F 2291 

Braes of Yarrow. Gibbon F 374 1 

Braganza Diamonds, The. Kaler H 2019 

Braggadocio. Tuthill H 746 

Brain and Brawn Series. See Drysdale, W. 

BRAINERD, A. E. Seola F 1477 

BRAINERD, T. H., pseud. See JAR- 
BOE, MRS. J. R. 

Brake Up. Adams H 107,5 

nbletye House. 3 v. Smith F 1579 

Bramleighs of Bishops Folly. LeverF 105 1 

The same G 333 

BRAMSTON, M. Abby's DiscoveriesH 1048 

Blue Bell F 2656 

For Faith and Fatherland H 1050 

Home and School H 1053 

Sequel to Snowball Society. 

M issy and Master H 105 1 

Snowball Society H 1052 

Uncle Ivan H 1054 

A Village Genius; a true Story of 

Oberammergau H 1049 

BRANCH, M. L. B. The Kanter Girls.H 3274 

Brave. Griffith H 1825 

Brave and Bold. Alger H 158,1 

Brave and Bold Series. See Alger, H., Jr. 
Brave and Honest Series. See Ellis, E. S. 



Brave Dame Mary. Hawtray H 1055 

Brave Fight. Hoare F 4005 

Brave Heart and True. Lean F 3125 

Brave Hearts. Raymond F 683 

Brave Lady. Craik F 3147 

The same G 108 

Brave Men in Action. MacKenna F 5127 

Brave Men of Eyam. Hoare F 4007 

Brave Old Salt. Adams H 105,6 

Brave Tom. Ellis H 1232,1 

Bravest of the Brave. Henty H 1472 

Bravo. Cooper F 261 

BRAY, MRS. A. E. De Foix; a Ro- 
mance of the 14th Century F 2657 

Hartland Forest; Legend of North 

Devon F 2655 

Novels and Romances F 2299 

v. 1. The White Hoods; an His- 
torical Romance of Flan- 

2. De Foix. 

3. The Protestant; Reign of 

Queen Mary. 

4. Fitz of Fits-Ford. 

5. The Talba; or, the Moor of 

Portugal [ Time of Al- 
fonso IV.). 
6 Warleigh ; or, the Fatal Oak. 

7. Trelawny of Trelawne. 

8. Trials of the Heart. 

9. Henry de Pomeroy, and The 

White Rose. 
10. Courtenay of Walreddon 
[Charles Land Civil War]. 
BRAY, C. Ivanda; or, the Pilgrim's 

Quest F 8087 

The King's Revenge [Time of King 

Edward, 1321] F 8086 

Randall Davenant; a Tale of the 

Mahrattas H 987 

BRAY, MRS. E. O. B. Silver Linings.H 1056 

Brazen Android, The. O'Connor F 5641 

Brazen Gates. Smith F 1576 

Bread and Beer. Chellis H 1091 

Bread and Butter Miss. Paston F 6087 

Bread-and-Cheese and Kisses. Farjeon.F 561 

Bread upon the Waters. Craik F 337 

The same G 109 

Bread-Winners, The F 2650 

Break o' Day Tales. Rollins F 6414 

Breaker-Boy of Lansford. McMinn..H 1805 

Breakfast for Two. Mathews H 1 837 

Breaking a Butterfly. Lawrence G 987 

Breaking Away. Adams .H 108,3 

BREARLEY, W. H„ pseud. Wanted, a 

Copyist F 7252 

Breezie Langton. Smart F 6652 

BREMER, F. Axel and Anna I 3004,4 

A Diary I 3004,4 

Father and Daughter F 1 72 

Four Sisters; Life in Sweden F 1 73 

The H Family I 3004,4 

Hertha F 174 

The Home; Life in Sweden F 175 

The same , I 3004,3 

The Neighbours F 1 77 

The same I 3004, 1 

Nina I 3004,2 

The President's Daughters I 3004,2 

The Solitary I 3004,4 

Strife and Peace I 3004,3 

Brenda Yorke. Hay F 805 

BRENTANO, C. Fairy Tales H 1701 

BRESCIANI, A. Edmondo; Roman 

Manners and Customs F 92 

M.ithilda of Canossa and Yoland of 
Groningen [Time of Henry 1V]...F 94 

Bressant. Hawthorne F 768 

Brethren of Mount Atlas. Stutfield. . . F 6823 

BRETON, F. God Forsaken F 8088 

-n Mills. Bellamy F 2537 

l.rrwery at Taylorville. Chellis H 275 

BREWSTER, A. M. H. St. Martin's 

Summer E 872 

BREWSTER, M. Under the Water- 
Oaks H 963 

Brian O'Linn, Adventures of. Max- 
well F 1 172 

Bric-a-Brac Stories. Harrison H 1513 

Bricks without Straw. Tourg£e F 7042 

Bridal March, The. Bjornson F 7001,3 

Bride from the Bush. Hornung G 1379 

Bride from the Desert. Allen F 7824 

Bride of Lammermoor. Scott F 2155 

The same G 539 

Bride of the Nile. Ebers F 3216 

Bride's Pass, The. Keddie F 7162 

Brides of the Tiger. Babcock F 7881 

Bridge of the Gods. Balch F 2253 

BRIDGES, MRS. {Mrs. Forrester). Al- 
though he was a Lord, and other 

Tales G 1079 

Corisande, and other Tales G 1 078 

Dearest F 3608 

Diana Carew F 607 

Dolores F 3545 



BRIDGES, MRS. (Mrs. Forrester). Fair 

Women; a Tale of English Life. F 601 

1 have Lived and Loved F 3525 

The same G 967 

June F 3526 

The Light of Other Days F 3609 

M ignon F 3605 

My Hero F 602 

My Lord and My Lady G 968 

Of the World, Worldly F 3607 

Omnia Vanitas; a Tale of Society. .G 1059 

Once Again , F 3546 

The same G 1256 

Rhona G 933 

Roy and Viola F 3524 

Too Late repented F 7977 

Viva F 3606 

The same G 747 

Brief Honors. Scudder F 101 

Briery Creek. Martineau F 1151,8 

Brig and the Lugger, The. Walmsley . 1 
Brigadier Frederic. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 547 

Brigadier Gerard, Exploits of. Doyle. . F 8459 
BRIG HAM, S. P. Bond of Honor. . . . H 988 
Forged Letter, and other Stories. . H 1074 
BRIGHT, MRS. M. A. (Lyndon). Ox- 
ley F 153 

Bright Celestials; by John Chinaman. .F 8004 
Bright Days in Old Plantation Times. 

Banks * F 2486 

Bright Hope Series. S^r Trowbridge, J. T. 
BRIGHTWELL, C. L. Palissy, the 

Huguenot Potter F 5930 

Brigitta. Auerbach F 2420 

The same G 848 

Brilliant Prospects. Johnson F 942 

BRIMBLECOM, C. E. An Archer with 

Columbus H 958 

BRINE, MRS. M.D. Hitherand Thither; 

or, Good Times H 1061 

Little Lad Jamie H 3283 

Margaret Arnold's Christmas, and 

other Stories H 3281 

Stories for Children H 3282 

Stories Grandma told H 1057 

BRISCOE, M. S. Links in a Chain.. . F 8066 
Perchance to Dream, and other 

Stories F 2288 

Briseis. Black F 7974 


L. A. Barbauld. 50 v. in 25 *F 115 

v. 1-8. Richardson. Clarissa Harlowe. 


L. A. Barbauld. 50 v. in 25 *F 115 

v. 9-15. Richardson. Sir Charles Grandison. 
16-17. De Foe. Robinson Crusoe. 
18. Fielding. Joseph Andrews. 
19-21. Tom Jones. 

22. Reeve. Old English Baron. 
Walpole. Castle of Otranto. 

23. Coventry. Pompey the Little. 
Goldsmith. Vicar of Wakefield. 

24 25. Lennox. Female Quixote. 
26. Johnson. Rasselas, Prince of 
Hawkesworth. Almoran and 
. Brooke. Lady Julia Mandeville. 
Inchbald. Nature and Art. 

28. Simple Story. 

29. Mackenzie. Man of Feeling. 

Julia de Roubigne\ 
30-31. Smollett. Humphry Clinker. 

33. Graves. Spiritual Quixote. 
34-35. Moore. Zeluco. 
36-37. Smith. Old Manor House. 
38-39. D'Arblay. Evelina. 
40-42. Cecilia. 

43-44. Radcliffe. Romance of the 
■47, Mysteries of Udolpho. 

48. Bage. Man as he is not. 
49-50. Edgeworth. Belinda. 
Modem Griselda. 
BRITON, E. V. Some Account of Amyot 

Brough. 2 v F 2603 

Britta. Temple F 6942 

BROCK, MRS. F. E. G. B. Clear Shin 

ing after Rain H 1060 

Brockley Moor. Lawson F 185 

BRODHEAD, MRS. E. W. Bound in 

Shallows F 8108 

Diana's Livery F 5 118 

An Earthly Paragon I 5412 

Ministers of Grace F 5801 

One of the Visconti F 8109 

BRODIE, E. Elsie Gordon H 249 

Old Christie's Cabin H 1046 

Uncle Fred's Shilling H 1064 

BROFELDT, J. (Jukani A/to). Squire 

Hellman, and others Stories F 72 \\ 

Broken Blossom. Lean G 899 

Broken Chords. McClellan F 5507 

Broken Dreams. Gardner E 7312 

Broken Links. Hector F 4130 



Broken Looking-Glass. Charlesworth.H 279 

Broken Mallet, The. Mathews H 1907 

Broken Ring. Tomkins F 71 14 

Broken Seel. Green F 693 

Broken Shaft, The. Norman F 5464 

Broken to Harness. Yates G 653 

Broken Toys. Steele F 1715 

BRONTE, A. (Acton Bell). Agnes Grey.G 57 

Tenant of Wildfell Hall. F 2601 

BRONTE, C. (Currer Bell). S^Xicholls. 
BRONTE, E. J. (Ellis Bell). Wuthering 

Heights G 57 

BROOKE, E. A Superfluous Woman.. F 6759 

Transition F 6757 

BROOKE, F. M. Lady Julia Mande- 

ville *F 115,27 

BROOKE, H. Fool of Quality; Henry, 

Earl of Moreland. 2v F 186 

BROOKE, M., pseud. See CAPES, H. M. 
Brooke and Brooke Farm. Martineau..F 1151,1 

Brooke's Daughter. Sergeant F 6545 

Brookes of Bridlemere. Melville F 1173 

The same G 436 

Brooklands; a Sporting Biography. Hall. F 3909 

BROOKS, B. A. Earth revisited F 8059 

PhilVernon and his School Masters.H 1058 

Those Children and their Teachers. F 2659 
BROOKS, C. W. S. Silver Cord. 3 v. 

in 2 G 61 

Sooner or Later. 3 v. in 2 G 60 

BROOKS, E. Story of the Iliad H 1067 

BROOKS, E. S. A Boy of the First 

Empire [Time of Napoleon I.].. H 3278 
Century Book for Young Americans 

[Government of the U. S.] H 966 

Century Book of Famous Ameri- 
cans H 3279 

Chivalric Days H 409 

Heroic Happenings H 980 

Historic Boys C 1931 

Historic Girls C 2237 

In Leisler's Times; a Story of Knick- 
erbocker New York F 265 1 

In No-Man's Land H 1063 

A Son of Issachar; Days of the Mes- 

sias F 2642 

Storied Holidays H 1062 

Contents: Christmas; New Year's Day; 
St. Valentine's Day; St. Patrick's Day; 
April Fool's Day; May Day; Midsum- 
mer Eve; Independence Day; A Great 
Olympiad; Michaelmas; Hallow E'en; 
Thanksgiving Day. 

True Story of Abraham Lincoln . . H 3275 

BROOKS, E. S. True Story of George 

Washington H 3276 

and J. ALDEN. The Long Walls; 

Digging and Discovery in Greece.H 3277 
BROOKS, H. S. Catastrophe in Bohe- 
mia, and other Stories F 8060 

Contents: A Catastrophe in Bohemia; 
Dona Paula's Treasure; The Don in 
Pauper Alley; The Crazy Professor; 
The Arrival of the Magpie; A Scrap of 
Frontier History; An Unprofessional 
Money-Lender; La Tiburona; A Visit 
from an Esquimaux; A Chapter of Ac- 
cidents: At Don Ignacio's; The Virgin 
of Pearls. 
BROOKS, M. {M. Carroll). How Mar- 
jory helped H 262 

BROOKS, N. Abraham Lincoln; a Bi- 
ography for Young People C 411 

The Boy Emigrants H 1066 

The Boy Settlers; Early Life in 

Kansas H 1068 

The Fairport Nine H 259 

Our Base Ball Club H 1065 

Tales of the Maine Coast F 8062 

Contents: Pansy Pegg; The Apparition 
of Jo March; The Hereditary Barn; The 
Phantom Sailor; The Honor of a 
Family: The Waif of Nautilus Island; 
A Century ago. 

Broom-Squire, The. Gould F 8923 

BROOME, Lady. (M. A. Barker). Christ- 
mas Cake in Four Quarters H 231 

Spring Comedies F 116 

Stories About H 213 

White Rat and some other Stories. H 199 

Brother against Brother. Adams H 800,7 

Brother Gabriel. Edwards G 738 

Brother Jacob. Cross F 3302 

The same G 991 

Brother of the Third Degree. Garver . . .F 8852 

Brother to Dragons. Chanler F 6286 

Brothers and Sisters. Marshall F 1 148 

Brothers and Strangers. Poor F 61 10 

Brothers of Pity. Ewing H 1271 

Brothers Rantzau, The. Erckmann and 

Chatrain F 3257 

BROTHERHEAD, A. P. Himself his 

worst Enemy [Time of George I].F 188 

Brotherhood. Cruger F 3155 

Brotherhood of Consolation. Balzac... F 7892 
BROUOH, R. B. Marston Lynch . . . . F 8080 

Brought Home. Smith H 667 

Brought to Bay. Roe F 6327 

Brought to the Front. Kellogg H 481,3 



BROUGHTON, R. Alas! I ȣ 

The same G 1374 

A Beginner F 8070 

Belinda F 2662 

Cometh up as a Flower G 53 

Dear Faustina F 8072 

Doctor Cupid F 264 1 

The same G 1248 

Good-bye, Sweetheart! F 100 

Joan G 711 

Nancy G 710 

N.u Wisely, but Too Well G 54 

Red as a Rose is She G 55 

Scylla or Charybdis? F 8071 

Second Thoughts F 2661 

The same G 860 

Tales for Christmas Eve G 56 

and E. BISLAND. A Widower In- 
deed F 2302 

Broughton House, The. Perry F 5068 

BROWN, A. The Day of his Youth.. F 8094 

Fools of Nature F 2643 

Meadow-Grass; Tales of New Eng- 
land Life F 8093 

Contents: Number Five; Farmer Eli's 
Vacation; After All; Told in the Poor- 
house: Heman's Ma; Heartsease; Mis' 
Wadleigh's Guest; A Righteous Bar- 
gain; Joint Owners in Spain: At Sud- 
leigh Fair: Bankrupt; Nancy Boyd's 
Last Sermon: Strollers in Tiverton. 

BROWN, A. R. The Black Lamb. . . . F 8095 
Sir Mark; a Tale of the First Capital 

[Philadelphia] F 8069 

BROWN, A. W. Can she Atone?.... F 2664 
BROWN, C. B. Arthur Mervyn; Mem- 
oirs of 1 793 F 2277 

Wieland; or, the Transformation. .F 2278 

Novels. 6 v *P 629 

BROWN, C. L. {Marie Oliver). But 

Haifa Heart F 5841 

Old and New Friends H 1990 

BROWN, E. E. Young Folks' Life of 

Washington C 2406 

BROWN, H. D. Little Miss Phoebe 

Gay H 3292 

The Petrie Estate F 8067 

Two College Girls [Vassar College].F 2652 

BROWN, J. Rab and his Friends.... G 58 

Thesame.and Marjorie Fleming.I 3921 
BROWN, O. M. Dwale Bluth, and other 

Literary Remains. 2v F 2654 

BROWN, W. H. A Southern Heritage.F 8068 

Brown Ambassador, The. Fraser H 1364 

Brown Family, Haps and Mishaps of. 

Boardman H 23* 

Brown Man. Griffin F 709,3 

Brown Stone Boy. Bishop F 2647 

Brown's Retreat. King F 4637 

BROWNE, C. F. {Artemus IVard,. 

Works F 195 

Artemus Ward in London F 193 

BROWNE, M. Wanted-a Kmg....H 1047 
BROWNE, M. E. Tales from the Old 

Dramatists E 9072 

BROWNE, T. A. (Rolf Boldrewood). 

A Colonial Reformer F 2265 

The Crooked Stick V 8038 

The Miner's Right; Tale of Austra- 
lian Goldfields F 2267 

A Modern Buccaneer F 8036 

My Run Home F 8040 

Nevermore F 2269 

Robbery under Arms; Adventure in 

Bush and Goldfields of Australia.G 13 18 

The Sealskin Cloak F 8039 

The Sphinx of Eaglehawk F 8037 

The Squatter's Dream; Story of Aus- 
tralian Life F 2266 

A Svdney-Side Saxon F 2264 

BROWNE, MRS. T. M. Dorothy... F 2653 
BROWNE, W. 2894; or, the Fossil Man.F 8090 

Brownie. Bardsley F 2502 

Brownie Book, Another. Cox H 1 1 76 

Brownie of Bodsbeck. Hogg F 819 

Brownie Sandford. May H 553,2 

Brownie's Triumph. Sheldon F 6590 

Brownies, The; their Book. Cox H 300 

Brownies around the World. Cox H 1182 

Brownies at Home, The. Cox H 1 177 

Brownies through the L'nion. Cox H 3535 

BROWNINQ, R., Stories from; by Hol- 
land F 4191 

Browns, The. Smith H 2345 

Brownsmith's Boy. Fenn H 1288 

BROWNSON, S. M. Marian Elwood.F 191 

Brueton's Bayou. Habberton F 692 

Bruin. Reid H 616 

BRUNER, J. W. Free Prisoners; Story 

of California F 187 

Brunhilde. Alarcon F 2342 

BRUNOWE, M. J. Laughter and Tears 

[Short Stories] H 3214 

BRUNTON, M. Self-Control F 2259 

BRUSH, MRS. C. C. Colonel's Opera 

Cloak F 2iqf 

Inside our Gate F 2644 



BRUSH, M. E. Q. Paul and Persis 

[American Revolution] H 1069 

Sarah Dakota H 3290 

Brushes and Chisels. Serrao F 6533 

BRYAN,M.E. Manch F 2663 

Wild Work [Carpet Baggers in the 

South] F 2665 

Bryan and Katie. Lyster H 1792 

BRYCE, L. Friends in Exile F 8063 

Bryda. Field F 3563 

BRYDGES, H. Fortnight in Heaven. F 2645 

Bubble, A. Walford F 7443 

Bubble Fortune. Keddie F 4643 

Bubbling Teapot, The. Champney H 1 1 1 5 

BUCHAN, J. Sir Quixote of the Moors.F 8006 
BUCHANAN, R. Debutante in New 

York Society F 2626 

BUCHANAN, R. W. Annan Water. .F 2455 

Child of Nature F 2456 

Come, Live with me F 2305 

Diana's Hunting F 81 10 

Foxglove Manor F 2457 

God and the Man F 2682 

Heir of Linne F 2688" 

Love me for ever F 2458 

Martyrdom of Madeline F 2459 

Master of the Mine F 2687 

Matt; Tale of a Caravan F 2686 

The New Abelard F 2460 

Rachel Dene; Tale of the Deepdale 

Mills F 8111 

Shadow of the Sword [Napoleon's 

Return from Elba] F 176 

andH. MURRAY. The Charlatan.F 8112 

Buchholz Family, The. Stinde F 6634 

BUCK, F. T. A Man of Two Minds. F 8115 

Bud of Promise. Plympton H 2124 

BUER5TENBINDER, E. {£. Werner). 

The Alpine Fay F 2627 

At a High Price F 2468 

Banned and Blessed F 7494 

Same as Enthralled and Released. 

Good Luck F 1913 

Hero of the Pen F 1914 

A Lover from across the Sea F 8076 

Contents: A Lover from across the Sea; 
In the hands of the Enemy; The 
Fountain of Youth. 

Master of Ettersberg F 7401 

The Northern Light F 2469 

Saint Michael F 7495 

Spell of Home F 1917 

Vineta, the Phantom City F 2628 

Buffalo Runners, The. Ballantyne H 998 

Buffeting. Pemberton F 6055 

Buffets. Doe F 421 

Bug-Jargal. Hugo F 887 

Building of the City Beautiful. Miller. F 5286 

Building the Nation. Coffin B 331 

BULFINCH, T. Age of Chivalry [Myth- 
ology of the Middle Ages] A 260 

Age of Fable; Stories of Gods and 

Heroes A 92 

Legends of Charlemagne A 263 

Bulldog and Butterfly. Murray F 9544 

BUNCE, O. B. Adventures of Timias 

Terrystone F 2683 

Story of Happinolande, and other 

Legends F 2694 

Bundle of Life. Craigie K 7270 

BUNGENER, L. L. F. France before the 

Revolution; Reign of Louis XV.2V.F 2666 
Bunker Hill to Chicago. Richberg . . .F 6390 
BUNNER, H. C. Love in Old Cloathes, 

and other Stories F 8075 

Contents: Love in Old Cloathes; A Letter 
and a Paragraph; As one having 
Authority; Crazy Wife's Ship; French 
for a Fortnight; The Red Silk Handker- 
chief; Our Aromatic Uncle. 
Made in France; French Tales re- 
told F 8073 

The Midge F 2679 

More Short Sixes F 8074 

Contents: The Cumbersome Huise; Mr. 
Vincint Egg and the Wage of Sin; The 
Ghoollah; Cutwater of Seneca; Mr. 
Wick's Aunt; What Mrs. Fo tescue 
did; The Man with the Pink Pants; 
The Third Figure in the Cotillion; 
Samantha Boom-de-ay; My dear Mrs. 
The Runaway Browns; a Story of 

Small Stories F 2287 

Short Sixes; Stories to be read while 

the Candle burns F 2286 

Story of a New York House F 2691 

A Woman of Honor F 2677 

Zadoc Pine, and other Stories F 2285 

BUNYAN, J. The Holy War; ed. by 

Brown F 2630 

Pilgrim's Progress F 196 

The same G 69 

The same M 1769 

The same in Dialogue F 192 

The same Fac-simile of 1st edi- 
tion *F 2681 

Bunyip Land. Fenn F 3484 



Burden of Isabel, The. Cobban F 8291 

BURDETT, C. The Beautiful Spy ; Am. 

Revolution and Aaron Burr F 2658 

Same as Margaret Moncrieffe. 

Bureaucracy. Balzac I 

BURGIN, Q. B. AtTuxter's F 81 16 

Gascoigne's Ghost F 81 14 

Tomalyn's Quest F 81 13 

Burglar who moved Paradise. Ward..F 7434 

Burglars in Paradise. Ward F 5898 

Burgo's Romance. Speight F 6807 

Burgomaster's Wife. Ebers F 3213 

BURQWYN, C. P. E. The Huguenot 

Lovers; TaleoftheOld Dominion.F 2614 

Burial of the Guns. Page F 6010 

varied alone. Wood G 71 

Buried Diamonds. Keddie F 7163 

Buried Treasure. Fosdick H 269,1 

BURN *ND, F. C. New History of San- 
ford and Merton H 255 

and others. Society Novelettes. 2 v. F 2693 

Burne-Jones Head, A. Rollins F 6417 

BURNETT, F. H. Earlier Stories. 2 v.F 2280 
v. 1. Lindsay's Luck; Miss Cres- 
pigny; Theo. 
2. Kathleen Mavourneen; Pretty 
Polly Pemberton. 

Editha's Burglar H 1077 

Fair Barbarian F 2670 

Giovanni and the other H 1073 

Contents: Giovanni and the other; Illus- 
trissimo Signor Bebe; The Daughter of 
the Custodian; A Pretty Roman 
Beggar; Eight Little Princes; One who 
lived long, long ago; The Little Faun, 
What use is a Poet?; The Boy who 
became a Socialist; Birdie; The Tink- 
er's Tom; Quite true Story of an old 
Hawthorn Tree. 

Haworth's F 2669 

Kathleen; a Love Story F 2279 

A Lady of Quality F 7866 

Little Lord Fauntleroy H 1075 

Little Saint Elizabeth, and other 

Stories H 1078 

Contents: Little Saint Elizabeth; Story 
of Prince Fairyfoot; The Proud Little 
Grainof Wheat; Behind the White Brick. 

Louisiana F 267 1 

Miss Defarge F 692 

Piccino and other Child Stories. . . H 3300 
Contents: Two Days in the Life of Pic- 
cino: The Captain's Youngest; Little 
Betty's Kitten tells her Story: How 
Fauntleroy occurred. 
Pretty Polly Pemberton F 2648 


JosS F 2649 

Sara Crewe H 1070 

Surly Tim, and other Stories F 122 

Contents: Surly Tim, a Lancashire 
Story; Le Monsieur dela petite Dame; 
.iurstses:0ne Day at Arle. Esmer- 
alda; Mere Giraud's little Daughter; 
That Lasso' Lowrie's [Lancashire].F 184 
Through one Administrati n [Wash- 
ington Life] F 2668 

Two Little Pilgrim's Progress 

[Worlds Fair] H 3301 

Vagabondia; a Love Story F 2674 

BURNH AM, MRS. C. L. Dearly Bought. F 2676 

Dr. Latimer; Story of CascoBay..F 8020 

Miss Archer Archer F 8023 

Miss Bagg's Secretary; a West Point 

Romance F 2282 

II istress of Beech Knoll F 2689 

Next Door F 2678 

( ientlemen F 5401 

A Sane Lunatic F 2675 

Sweet Clover; Romance of the 

White City F 8021 

The Wise Woman F 8022 

Young Maids and Old F 2680 

Burnham Breaker. Greene H 1452 

Burning of Rome. Church F 3079 

Burnt Million. Payn F 5917 

The same G 1387 

Burr Junior. Fenn H 1370 

Burrcliff. Trowbridge H 736,5 

BURTON, J. B. Denounced F 81 19 

The Desert Ship H 3316 

The Hispaniola Plate, 1683- 1893 

[West Indies] F 81 17 

In the Day of Adversity [Time of 

Louis XIV.] F 8. 18 

BURTON. R. F. Vikram and the Vam- 
pire; Tales of Hindoo Devilry... F 194 
BURTON, W. E. The Yankee among the 

Mermaids F 2631 

Burying the Hatchet. Kellogg H 481,6 

Bush-Boys. Reid H 617 

Bushrangers. Thomes H 712 

BUSK, R. H. Folk-Lore of Rome.. F 2632 
Roman Legends; Fables and Folk- 
Lore ...F 120 

Sa^as from the Far East F 6567 

But a Philistine. Townsend F 7053 

But Half a Heart. Brown F 5841 



But Men must Work. Carey F 3345 

But yet a Woman. Hardy F 3928 

BUTLER, W. A. Domesticus; a Tale 

of the Imperial City F 2690 

Mrs. Limber's Raffle; a Church Fair 

and its \ ictims F 1223 

BUTLER, W. F. Red Cloud, the Soli- 
tary Sioux H 1070 

BUTSON, MRS. A. A. S. On the Leads; 

or, What the Planets saw F 2667 

BUTT, B. M. Delicia F 2672 

Eugenie F 2685 

Geraldine Hawthorne [Am. Revolu- 
tion] F 2673 

Keith Deramore F 8083 

Miss Molly F 181 

BUTTERWORTH, H. Boys of Green- 
way Court [Youth of George Wash- 
ington] H 978 

In Old New England F 8085 

Contents: Pardon Ponder, Pedagogue; 
The Haunted Oven; Wych Hazel, the 
Jew; Captain Tut-Tut-Tuttle and the 
Miracle Dock; The Inn of the Good 
Woman; The Bewitched Clambake; The 
Miraculous Basket; No room in the Inn; 
Nix's Mate; Old Bunker Hill; Milo 
Mill's Fourth of July Poem; Husking 
Stories, Songs and Fiddlers; King 
Philip's Last Hunt. 

In the Boyhood of Lincoln H 977 

The Knight of Liberty; Fortunes of 

LaFayette H 3296 

Little Arthur's History of Rome. .H 962 
Log School House on the Columbia; 

Pioneers of the Northwest H 975 

Over the Andes H 3298 

The Parson's Miracle; Christmas in 

America H 952 

The Patriot Schoolmaster [Ameri- 
can Revolution] H 979 

The Wampum Belt; William Penn's 

Treaty with the Indians H 3297 

Young Folks' History of America.. B 765 
Zigzag Journeys around the World . I 9764 
Zigzag Journeys in Acadia and New 
France; Early French Settlements. I 5024 

Zigzag Journeys in Australia I 2037 

Zigzag Journeys in Classic Lands. . I 564 

Zigzag Journeys in India I 8239 

Zigzag Journeys in Northern Lands. I 562 
Zigzag Journeys in the Antipodes. . I 8270 
Zigzag Journeys in the British IslesI 6290 
Zigzag Journeys in the Great North- 
west I 5497 

BUTTERWORTH, H. Zigzag Journeys 
in the Levant with a Talmudist 

Story-Teller I 7927 

Zigzag Journeys in the Occident. . .1 5129 

Zigzag Journeys in the Orient I 563 

Zigzag Journey in the Sunny South; 

Early American History I 5308 

Zigzag Journeys in the White City.H 985 

Zigzag Journeys on the Mississippi. I 4510 

Button's Inn. Tourg£e F 7045 

Buttons. Stannard F 6893 

BUXTON, MRS. B. H. From the Wings.G 869 

Great Grenfell Gardens G 878 

Jennie of the " Prince's" .G 879 

Nell— on and off the Stage G 877 

Won! G 880 

By a Hair's Breadth. Tupper F 7073 

By a Himalayan Lake. Cuttim F 4260 

By a way that they knew not. Wellington. F 7579 

By Celia's Arbour. Besant and Rice. . F 2604 

By Day and Night. Francillon F 3615 

By England's Aid. Henty H 1565 

B) Fire and Sword. Archer F 2425 

By his own Might. Hillern F 815 

By Land and Sea. King F 4672 

I »y Love and Law. Alldridge G 845 

By Order of the Czar. Hatton F 3867 

By Pike and Dyke. Henty H 1486 

By Proxy. Payn G 1025 

By Reef and Palm. Becke F 7934 

By Right of Conquest. Henty H 1 567 

By Sheer Pluck. Henty H 1505 

By Shore and Sedge. Harte F 3973 

By still Waters. Mayo F 634 

By subtle Fragrance held. Stevens. . . F 6902 

By Telegraph. Cobban F 8292 

By the Gate of the Sea. Murray F 9538 

By the Tiber. Tincker F 6990 

By the Waters of Paradise. Crawford. F 7188 

By the Western Sea. Baker F 2462 

By whose Hand? Tupper F 7073 

By Woman's Wit. Hector F 3098 

The same G 1 264 

Bybury to Beacon Street. Diaz E 2379 

Bye-words. Yonge F 2023 

The same G 835, 

BYNNER, E. L. Agnes S^irriage 

[Plymouth Colony] F 2684^ 

The Begum's Daughter [New York 

City, 1689] F 2270 

Chase of the Meteor, and other Stories.H 976 

Damen's Ghost F 2925 

Zachary Phips [War of *8i2] F 2309. 



BYR. R., pseud. See BAYER, K. E. R. 

Byrnes of Glengoulah. Nolan F 

C. & C. Two Gentlemen of Gotham. . . F 

Cab and Caboose. Munroe H 

CABALLERO, F., pseud. See ARROM de 

CABELL, I. C. Seen from the Saddle.E 

Cabin and Gondola. Wood F 

Cabin and Parlor. Randolph F 

Cabin Book. Postl F 

Cabin in the Clearing. Ellis H i 

Cabin on the Prairie. Pearson H 

CABLE, Q. W. Bonaventure; a Prose 
Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana.. . F 

Dr. Sevier F 

The Grandissimes; Creole Life F 

John March, Southerner. . 

Madame Delphine F 

Old Creole Days F 

St range True Stones of Louisiana. F 

Contents: How I got them; The young 
Aunt with White Hair; The Adven- 
tures of Francoise and Suzanne; Alix 
de Morainville; Salome Mailer, the 
White Slave; The Haunted I louse in 
Royal Street; Attalie Brouillar : 
Diary of a Union Woman in the South. 

Cachet. Hamilton F 

CADDELL, C. M. Nellie Netterville 
[Tale of Cromwell in Ireland]... . F 
Wild Times; Days of Queen Eliza- 
beth F 

Cadet Days; Story of West Point. King.F 

Cadets of Flemming Hall. Ray \\ 

Caesar Cascabel. Verne F 

Caesar's Column. Donnelly 1 

CAFFYN, MRS. M. (Iota). Children 

of Circumstance F 

A Comedy in Spasms F 

A Yellow Aster F 

Caged Lion. Yonge F 

The same G 

CAHAN, A. Yekl, a Tale of the New 

York Ghetto . . F 

CAHUN, D. L. Captain Mago; Phoe- 
nician Expedition B. C. iooo F 

Blue Banner; Time of the Crusades. F 

CAINE, H. The Bondman F 

The same G 

Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon; a Manx 

Yarn F 

The Christian F 

The Deemster; Romance of the Isle 
of Man F 
















CAINE, H. Last Confession, and I he- 
Blind Mother F 8121 

The Manxman F 8122 

The Scapegoat [Story of Morocco ]..F 31 14 

The Shadow of a Crime F 2916 

She's all the World to me F 2699 

>n of Hagar F 2917 

CAIRD, M. A Romance of the moors.F 3087 

The Wing of Azrael F 31 43 

Cakes and Ale. Jerrold F 4430,2 

Cakes and Ale at Woodbine. Coffin.. . F 248 

Calavar. Bird F 2508 

Calbot's Rival. Hawthorne F 3852 

CALCOTT, Lady. Little Arthur's His- 
tory of Englan-1 A 742 


Calderon, the Courtier. Lytton F 5013 

Calderwood Secret, The. Johnson F 945 

CALDWELL, J. H. The Thurstons 

of the Old Palmetto State F 2733 

Caleb in the Country. Abbott H 51,6 

Caleb in Town. Abbott H 51,5 

Caleb Krinkle. Coffin F 206 

Same as Dan of Millbrook. 

Caleb Stukely. Phillips F 5944 

Caleb the Irrepressible. Paynter F 5927 

Caleb Williams. Godwin F 672 

Called Back. Fargus I 

The same G 1072 

Called to Account. Cudlip G 137 

Callias. Church F 3080 

Callista. Newman G 456 

CALLWELL, F. M. Dorothy Arden 

[Protestants under Louis XIV.]. .F 3085 

CALM, M. Bella's Blue-Book F 3086 

CALMETTES.F. Fisher Girl of FranceF 3327 

Calmire F 3076 

CALTHROP, H. C. H. (Tr.) Paladin and 

Saracen; Stories from Ariosto . . H 1082 

Cameos. Corelli F 8249 

CAMERON, MRS. E. S. (Mrs. H. L. 

Cameron). A Bachelor's Bridal . F 81 51 

A Bad Lot F 8150 

Deceivers ever F 

A Devout Lover F 2706 

In a Grass Country F 2753 

Jack's Secret F 31 16 

A Life's Mistake F 2708 

Pure Gold F, 2756 

A Sister's Sin F 3331 

This Wicked World F 2707 



CAMERON, MRS. E. S. (Mrs. H. L. 

Cameron). Tragic Blunder F 3332 

Vera Nevill F 2757 

Worth Winning F 2710 

CAMERON, G. P. Romance of Mili- 
tary Life; Thirty Years' Service.F 2726 
CAMERON, V. L. Among the Turks..H 1138 
Cruise of the Black Prince Privateer 

[Time of George II.] F 2755 

Harry Raymond; among Pirates, 

Slavers and Cannibals H 1 1 1 2 

Jack Hooper; his Adventures at Sea 

and in South Africa H 1 1 14 

Cameron Pride. Holmes F 832 

Cameronians, The. Grant F 8805 

Camilla. Koch F 4775 

Camille. Dumas F 470 

Camiola. McCarthy F 5261 

Camors. Feuillet F 3481 

Camp and Tramp Series. See Allen, W. B. 

Camp at Surf Bluff. Rand H 2192,4 

Camp-Fire and Wigwam. Ellis H 1263,2 

Camp-Fires of the Red Man. Orton.. . F 5869 

Camp-Fires of the Revolution. Watson. F -1893 

Camp in the Foot-Hills. Fosdick H 1283 

Camp in the Mountains. Ellis H 1257,2 

Camp of Refuge. Macfarlane F 5208 

Camps and Quarters. Forbes E 2980 

Campaign In Kabylia. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 325 1 

Campaign Series. See Alger, H., Jr. 
CAMPBELL, A. Captain Macdonald's 

Daughter F 2697 

CAMPBELL, F. M. Jack's afire F 2698 

CAMPBELL, G. The Joneses and the 

Asterisks; a Story in Monologue.F 8166 
CAMPBELL, MRS. H. S. W. Four, and 

what they did H 761 

Miss Melinda's Opportunity F 2754 

Mrs. Herndon's Income F 2743 

Roger Berkeley's Probation F 2696 

Some Passages in the Practice of Dr. 

Martha Scarborough F 8170 

Under Green Apple Boughs F 2729 

Unto the Third and Fourth Genera- 
tions F 81 7 1 

What-to-do Club H 1083 

White and Red; Life among the 

Northwest Indians F 1903 


Marquis of. 
CAMPBELL, J. F. (Ed.). Popular Tales 

of the West Highlands. 4 v F 8146 

CAMPBELL, S. Union Down; a Signal 

of Distress F 8169 

Camping out. Stephens H 686,1 

Camping out Series. See Stephens, C. A. 
CAMPION, J. T. Last Struggles of 

Irish Sea Smugglers F 2731 

Michael Dwyer; a Tale of '98 F 2731 

Campmates. Munroe H 1854 

Can she atone? Brown F 2664 

Can such things be? Bierce F 8028 

Can this be Love? Parr F 6031 

Can wrong be right? Hall G 247 

Can you forgive her? Trollope F 1796 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 60 } 

Canadians of Old. Gaspe F 3736 

Cancelled Will. Dupuy F 501 

CANDEZE, E. Curious Adventures of 

a Field Cricket H 1081 

CANNING, J. Kit Kelvin's Kernels. E 3980 

Canoe and the Saddle. Winthrop H 770 

Canoeing in Kanuckia. Norton and Hab- 

berton F 3932 

Canoemates. Munroe H 1951 

Canon's Ward. Payn G 1 167 

Canongate, Chronicles of the. Scott.. F 2172 

My Indian Summer F 7860 

Sabine's Deception F 2712 

Canterbury Chimes for Children. Storr 

and Turner H 2409 

Canterbury Tales. 5 v. Lee F 1032 

Canvassing. Banim F 108 

Cape Cod and all along Shore. Nord- 

hoff F 1241 

Cape Cod Folks. Greene F 5143 

CAPES, H. M. (M. Brooks). Story of 

Eleanor Lambert F 7221 

CapillaryCrime,and otherStories.Millet.F 5098 

Capital for Working Boys.M'Conaughy.H 1835 

Cap'n Thistletop. Swett H 2442 

CAPRON, M. J. Little Learners* Ques- 
tion Book H 277 

Captain. Nanteuil H 1901 

Captain Antifer. Verne F 7333 

Captain Bayley's Heir. Henty H 1463 

Captain Blake. King F 4669 

Captain Blake. Maxwell F 1 174 

Captain Brand. Wise F 7593 

Captain Chap. Stockton H 2365 

Capt. Close. King F 4629 

Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon. Caine F 2918 

Captain Dreams. King F 4622 

Captain Fracasse. Gautier F 645 



Captain-General, The Gordon H 1 436 

Captain Hatteras.Adventuresof AYrne.F 1838 

Captain Horn. Stockton F 6724 

Captain Jack, the Scout. McKnight. ..F n 14 

Captain Jacobus. Cornford F 8276 

Captain January. Richards H 2233 

Captain John Crane, 1800-181 5. Knox.H 1638 

Captain John Smith, Life of. Hill H 465 

Captain Kidd's Gold. Fitts H 1306 

Capt Macdonald's Daughur. Camp- 
bell F 2697 

Captain Mago, Adventures of. Cahun.F 2700 

Captain Mansana. Bjornson F 2526 

The same F 7901,3 

Captain of Company K. Kirkland F 4601 

Captain of the Guard. Grant F 8806 

Captain of the Guidara. Verne F 7311,1 

Captain of the Janizaries. Ludlow F 4950 

Captain of the Kittiewink Ward H 2621 

Captain of the Polestar. Doyle F 3003 

Captain of the Vulture. Maxwell F 9401 

Captain of the Wight. Cowper H 1145 

Captain Phil. Thomas H 2502 

Captain Polly. Swett H 2440 

Captain Rougemont; or, the Miraculous 

Conversion F 354 

Captain Sam. Eggleston H 365 

Captain Shannon. Kernahan F 4581 

Captain Singleton. De Foe F 2943 

Cap'n Thistletop. Swett H 2442 

Captain Trafalgar. Laurie H 1734 

Captain's Boat, The. Stoddard H 2448 

Captain s Dog, The. Enault H 1244 

Captive of Love, A. Greey F 3705 

Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon. Caine F 2918 

Capture of the Estrella. Harding F 4225 

Captured by Cannibals. Hatton H 1550 

Captured Cruiser, The. Hyne H 

Cara Roma. Grant G 1058 

Caravan, The. Hauff F 766 

The same F 4 108 

Carbonels, The. Yonge F 2122 

Carbuncle Clue, The. Hume F 4275 

Card Drawing. Griffin F 709,9 

Cardinal Pole. Ainsworth G 9 

Cardinal Sin, A. Fargus F 3456 

Cardinal's Daughter. Warfield. F 1899 

Career of a Nihilist. Dragomanov. . .F 6657 

Career of Candida. Paston F 6089 

CAREW, F. W. Xo. 747; Autobiogra- 
phy of a Gipsy F 3347 

CAREY, A. School-Girls; or, Life at 

Montagu Hall . F 2734 

CAREY, A. V. Louisa Avondale; or, 

Two Southern Girls I 

CAREY, M. R. Isabels Difficulties. . F 

CAREY, R. N. Aunt Diana F 

Averil F 

Barbara Heathcote's Trial , . . F 

But Men must Work F 

Cousin Mona H 

Doctor Luttrell's First Patient F 

Esther; a Book for Girls F 

For Lilias F 

Little Miss Muffet F 

Lover or Friend ? F 

Mary St. John F 

Merle's Crusade F 

The Mistress of Brae Farm F 

Mrs. Romney F 

Nellie's Memories 

Not like other Girls F 

The same 

The Old, Old Story F 

Only the Governess F 

Our Bessie 

Queenie's Whim 1 

Robert Ord's Atonement F 

The Search for Basil Lyndhurst.. . i 
Sir Godfrey's Grand-Daughters. . . F 

Uncle Max 1 

Wee Wine 

Wooed and Married 1 

Carine; a Story of Sweden. Enault F 

Carissima, The. Harrison F 

Carita. Oliphant G 

Carl Bartleit. Erickson H 

Carl Forrest's Faith. Linskill H 

Carl Krinken. Warner H 

CARLEN, E. S. F. Lavinia F 

C ARLETON, pseud. See COFFIN, C. C. 
CARLETON, W. Art Maguire; or, The 

Broken Pledge F 

Barney Brady's Goose; Hedge School 

and other Irish Tales F 

Black Baronet F 

The Emigrants of Ahadarra F 

The Evil Eye; or, the Black Spec- 
ter F 

Fardorougha, the Miser F 

Jane Sinclair F 

Poor Scholar, and other Tales F 

Redmond, Count O'Hanlon the Irish 

Rapparee F 

Traits and Stories of the I ish Peas- 
antry F 













CARLETON, W. Tubber Derg, and 

other Tales F 296 

Contents: Tubber Derg; Barney Brady's 
Goose; Tom Gressiey; The Castle of 
Aughentain; The White Horse of the 
Peppers; Mickey M'Rorey. 

Valentine M'Clutchy.the IrishAgentF 210 
Willy Reilly and his dear Colleen 

Bawn F 211 

Carlingford, Chronicles of. See Oliphant, M. 

Carlino. Ruffini G 526 

Carlotta's Intended, and other Tales. 

Stuart F 6812 

CARLTON, R., pseud. See HALL, B. R. 
CARLYLE, T. German Romance E 917 

v. 1. Musaeusand La Motte Fouqu£. 

2. Tieck and Hoffman. 

3. Richter. 

4. Goethe. 

Tales by Musaeus.Tieck, Richter 2 v.E 919 
CARMARTHEN, K. A Lover of the 

Beautiful F 3084 

Carmen. MeVimde F 5448 

CARMEN S\L\A t pseud. See ELIZA- 
BETH, Queen of Roumania. 

Carmen's Inheritance. Tiernan F 583 

Carola. Smith F 661 5 

Caroline. Abbott H 57,9 

Carolingian Legends. Waegner F 7486 

CARPENTER, E. B. South -County 

Neighbors F 2709 

CARPENTER, E. J. A Woman of 

Shawmut [Boston, 17th Century].F 3142 
CARPENTER, F. D. Y. Round about 

Rio F 2727 

Carpenter, The. O'Connor F 5641 

Carpet Knight. McClellan F 3506 

CARR, A. Treherne's Temptation. . .G 1075 
CARR.MRS. A. V. S. Paul Crews 

Story F 2748 

CARR, BERYL, pseud. See BYRD, L. E. 
CARR, F. Lois Leggatt; a Memoir. .F 2749 

Carr of Carrlyon. Aide* G 6 

Carried by Storm. Fleming F 3522 

Carried off. Stuart H 24 1 7 

CARRINGTON, G. Gregory Hawk- 

shaw F 3689 

CARRINGTON, K. Aschenbroedel . . . F 2203 

Carriston's Gift. Fargus F 2824 

CARROLL, J. Leola F 2704 


SON, C. L. 
CARROLL, M., pseud. See BROOKS, M. 

CARROLL, M. T. A. Glimpses of Pleas- 
ant Homes; Tales for Youth H 412 

Contents: Beech Cottage; Franklin, the 
Heir of Elm Grove; The Family at 
White Cliffs; Twelfth Night; A Washer- 
woman's Household. 

Carroll O'Donoghue. Faber F 3441 

Carrots. Molesworth H 184 1 

CARRUTH, H. Adventures of Jones. F 8131 

Voyage of the Rattletrap H 3350 

CARRYL,C. E. Admiral's Caravan.. H 1178 

Davy and the Goblin H 1089 

Cartouche. Peard G 1028 

CARUS, P. Karma, a Story of Early 

Buddhism F 8129 

Truth in Fiction; Twelve Tales with 

a Moral F 8 1 30 

Carved Lions. Molesworth H 508 1 

CARY, A. Pictures of Country Life.. E 9:3 

Casa Braccio. 2 v. Crawford F 8327 

CASE, W. S. Forward House F 8191 

Case of General Ople and Lady Camper. 

Meredith F 5279 

Case of Mr. Lucraft, and other Talcs. 

Besant and Rice F 2608 

Case of Mohammed Benani F 5304 

Casella. Finley F 563 

Cash! or, Number Nineteen. Holding. H 1577 

Casimir Maremma. Helps F 783 

Casper and his Friends. Warner H 755,5 

Cassilda, the Moorish Princess F 216 

Cast away in the Cold. Hayes H 451 

Cast for Fortune, A. Tiernan F 3589 

Cast up by the Sea. Baker F 89 

Castaway. Yates G 654 

Castaways, The. Kaler H 2016 

Casting away of Mrs. Leeks and Mrs. 

Aleshine. Stockton F 6692 

CASTLE, E. Consequences F 3159 

The same G 1408 

La Bella and others F 3334 

Contents: Clank of Steel; Silhouettes; 
Temptations; Rococo. 

Castle and Town. Peard F 5940 

The same G 1158 

Castle Avon. Marsh G 419 

Castle Blair. Shaw H 665 

Castle Daly. Keary F 961 

The same G 980 

Castle Dangerous. Scott F 2171 

Castle Gregory. Riddle F 6274 

Castle Hohenwald. Streckfuss F 6855 

Castle in Spain. DeMille F 2942 



Castle in the Air, A. Ewing F 3260 

Castle Meadow. Marshall F 5597 

Castle Nowhere. Woolson F 1985 

Castle of Ehrenstein. James G 262 

Castle of Otranto. Walpole *F 11 5,22 

The same F 1889 

The same I 3407 

Castle of Roussillon. LaRoche F 1024 

Castle of the Carpathians. Verne F 7324 

Castle Rackrent. Edgeworth F 518,4 

Castle Richmond. Trollope G 605 

Castle's Heir. Wood F 1990 

Castles in the Air. Gore G 236 

CASTLEMAN, V. C. A Child of the 

Covenant F 8136 


CASTLETON, D. R. Salem; a Tale of 

the 17th Century [Witchcraft]. ..F 299 

Cat of Bubastes. Henty H 1464 

Cat Stories. Jackson H 1607 

Cat-Tails, and other Tales. Howliston. H 

Catastrophe in Bohemia. Brooks F 8060 

Catharine. Sandeau F 6499 

Catharine Furze. White F 7668 

Cathedral Courtship, A. Riggs F 7560 

Catherine. Peard F 6024 

Catherine. Thackeray G 582 

Catherine de'Medici. Balzac F 7895 

Catherine de Medicis. Costello F 3099 

Catherine Hamilton ; a Tale H 290 

Catherine's Coquetries. Debans F 3055 


Saint-Castin [Stories of Canada]. F 3358 
Contents: The Chase of Saint-Castin; 
The Beauport loup-garon; The Mill at 
Petit Cap; Wolf's Cove; The Windigo; 
The Kidnapped Bride; Fontiac's Look- 

Craque-o'-Doom F 2738 

Dogberry Bunch H 312 

Lady of Fort St. John [Acadia, 17th 

Century] F 31 19 

Old Caravan Days H 1086 

Old Kaskaskia F 3356 

Rocky Fork [Ohio] H 1085 

Romance of Dollard [Canada, i66o]F 2692 

Secrets of Roseladies H 1084 

Spirit of an Illinois Town and The 

Little Renault F 3348 

Story of Tonty [Canada, 1678-1718^ 2702 
White Islander[IndianMassacre, 1762^3357 

A Woman in Armor F 748 

Catholic Crusoe. Anderdon H 147 

Catriona. Stevenson \ f>867 

Sequel to Kidnapped. 

Catskill Fairies. Johnson H 477 

CATTERMOLE, G. Evenings at II id- 

don Hall I 3106 

Cause and Effect. Meirion F 5529 

CAUSSE.C. (P.Mael). Land of Tawny 

Beasts [India] H 1968 

CAUVAIN, H. A Village Priest F 8140 

Cavalier. James F 911 

Cavaliers, The. Keightley F 4765 

Cavalry Life. Stannard F 7501 

CAVAZZA, E. Don Finimondouc; Cala- 

brian Sketches F 3335 

Cave in the Mountain, The. Jay ne -Hi 583,4 

CAXTON, LAURA, pseud. 5^-COMINS, L. B. 

Caxtons, The. Lytton F 5002 

The same G 373 

Caxtoniana. Lytton G 372 

Cecil Castlemaine's Gage. De la Rame.G 497 

Cecil Dreeme. Winthrop F 1970 

Cecil's Knight. Hollis H 1541 

Cecil's Tryst. Payn G 76 

Cecilia. 2 v. D'Arblay I 2963 

The same *F 115,40-42 

Cecilia de Noel. Hawker F 3421 

CEL1ERE, P. Startling Exploits of Dr. 

J. B. Quies F 271 1 

Celtic Fairy Tales. Jacobs H 1 585 

CELTIS,, pseud. .SV^O'BYRNE, M. L. 

'Cension. Austin F 7796 

Cent per Cent. Jerrold 1 4431 

Centuries apart. Bouve* F 8007 

Century Book for Young Americans. 

Brooks H 966 

Century Book of Famous Americans. 

Brooks H 3279 

Century too Soon, A. Musick F 5505 

Century World's Fair Book. Jenks. . . H 1589 

Cerise. Melville G 437 

Cerritos, Los. Atherton F 2362 


Quixote de la Mancha; illus. by 

Dore* *R 4508 

The same; Bohn ed. 2 v I 2970 

The same; tr. by Jervas F 219 

The same; tr. by Motteux. 4 v. .*P 631 

Exemplary Novels; tr. by Kelly. .*! 2961 
CERVUS, G. I., pseud. See ROE, W. J. 

C£sar Birotteau. Balzac F 2549 

Cesarine Dietrich. Dudevant F 451 

C6sette. Pouvillon F 5923 

CHADWICK, J. H. The Whole Truth.F 2766 



Chain of Gold. O'Grady H 1987 

Chainbearer. Cooper F 262 

Chaldean Magician. Eckstein F 3206 

Chamber over the Gate. Holmes F 4069 

CHAMBERLAIN, H. R. 6000 Tons of 

Cold F 8205 

CHAMBERLAIN, N. H. Autobiography 

of a New England Farm House. F 2737 

Sphinx in Aubrey Parish F 2715 

CHAMBERLAIN, P. B. Rob Claxton's 

Story H 1097 

What about Fred? H 311 


Parades F 21C9 

CHAMBERS, A. C. Amid the Green- 
wood H 1087 

Shepherd of Ardmuir H 1088 

CHAMBERS, C. H. Thumb-Nail 

Sketches of Australian Life F 8210 

CHAMBERS, C. J. Lovers Four and 

Maidens Five [Allegheny Mts.].F 2852 
On a Margin (Stock Speculation). . F 5700 
CHAMBERS, R. W. A King and a Few 

Dukes F 8208 

The King in Yellow F 8206 

Contents: The Repairer of Reputations; 
The Mask; The Court of the Dragon; 
The Yellow Sign; The Demoiselle d' 
Y's; The Prophet's Paradise: The Street 
of the Four Winds; The Street of the 
First Shell; The Street of our Lady of 
the Fields; Rue Barree. 

Maker of Moons F 8209 

Contents: Maker of Moons; The Silent 
Land; The Black Water; Tn the Name 
of the Most High; The Boy's Sister; 
The Crime; A Pleasant Evening; The 
Man at the Next Table. 
The Red Republic; a Romance of 

the Commune F 8207 

CHAMBERS, W. and R. Miscellany. 10 V.E048 
CH AMIER, F. Life of a Sailor [Time of 

George III.] F 2763 


Peter Schlemihl F 2762 

Champion of Odin. Hodgetts H 15 19 

CHAMPLIN, J. D. Young Folks' As- 
tronomy K 2101 

Young Folks' Cyclopaedia of Common 

Things *R 1357 

Young Folks' Cyclopaedia of Persons 

and Places *R 1358 

Young Folks' War for the Union.. .B 586 
and A. E. BOSTWICK. Young Folks' 
Cyclopaedia of Games and Sports.K 6582 


bling Teapot ; a Wonder Story . . H 1 1 1 5 
Great-Grandmother's Girls in New 

Mexico H 1 1 20 

Howling Wolf and his Trick Pony.H 1 1 19 
Paddy O'Learey and his Learned Pig.H 3457 

Rosemary and Rue F 6328 

Six Boys H 1 175 

Witch Winnie; the Story of a King's 

Daughter H 1 162 

Witch Winnie at Shinnecock in a 

Summer Art School H 1 191 

Witch Winnie at Versailles H 3458 

Witch Winnie in Holland H 3459 

Witch Winnie in Paris H 1164 

Witch Winnie's Mystery H 1 166 

Witch Winnie's Studio H 1163 

Chance Acquaintance. Howells F 870 

Chance Child. Mayo F 636 

Chance Child, and other Tales. Ryan.F 6377 

Chance for Himself. Trowbridge H 708 

Chances of War. Whitelock F 192 1 

Chancellor of the Tyrol. 2 v. Schmid.F 6523 

CHANDLER, B. Woman who Failed.F 8218 
Contents : A Woman who Failed; A Silent 
Soul; Esther Godwin's Geese; Marga- 
ret's Romance; A Victim of Prejudice; 
The Middle Miss Tallman; A Thanks- 
giving Wedding; Miss Polly Atherton's 
Bell; Uncle Nathan's Ear-Trumpet; 
The Turning of the Worm. 

CHANDLER, MRS. Q. W. Anthe.H 1158 
CHANDLER, MRS. 1. C. Three of us, 

Barney, Cossack, Rex [Dogs]. . . H 3450 


Chandos. De la Rame* F 1368 

The same G 408 


Poison Tree; Hindu Life F 3337 

CHANEY, G. L. F. Grant & Co H 11 16 

Tom; a Home Story H 273 

Change of Air, A. Hawkins F 4232 

Changed Heart. Fleming F 3519 

Changing Base. Everett H 378 

CHANLER, MRS. A. (A. Rives). Ac- 
cording to St. John F 6285 

Barbara Dering F 3359 

Sequel to The Quick or the Dead? 

Brother to Dragons, and other Tales.F 6286 
Contents: A Brother to Dragons; The 
Farrier Lass o'. Piping Pebw.orth; Nurse 
Crumpet tells the Story. 

The Quick or the Dead? F 6287 

Tanis, the Sang-Digger F 3360 

Virginia of Virginia F 6288 



CHAINLER, MRS. A. (A. Rives). Wit- 
ness of the Sun F 6289 

CHAWING, Q. E. Sister of a Saint, 

and other Stories F 8213 

Contents: The Sister of a Saint; The 
House on the Hill-Top; The Lucky 
Number; Couleur de Rose; A Strange 
Dinner Party; The Basket of Anita. 

Channings, The. Wood G 634 

CHANTER, G. The Witch of Withyford; 

a Story of Exmoor F 8222 

Chantry House. Yonge F 2037 

Chantry Priest of Barnet. Church F 2772 

Chaperoned. Ulmann F 725 1 

Chaplain of the Fleet. 2 v. Besaat and 

Rice F 2544 

Chaplet of Pearls. Yonge F 2012 

'i lie same G 664 

CHAPLIN, H.W. {C.H. White). Five Hun- 
dred Dollars and other Stories.. . F 7610 
Contents: Five Hundred Dollars; The 
Village Convict; Saint Patrick; Eli; By 
the Sea; In Madeira Place; The New 
Minister's Great Opportunity. 
CHAPLIN, MRS. J. D. Out of the Wil- 
derness H 1 1 59 

CHAPPELL, F. A. Bill and Brocky; 

Boy Life in Chicago H 1 165 

Chapter of Adventures. Henty H 1 566 

Chapters on Churchyards. S >uthey. . .F 6619 

Character Sketches. Thackeray G 588,5 

Characteristics. Mitchell F 5283 

Charity Chance. Raymond F 6186 

Charlatan, The. Buchanan and Murray. F 81 12 
Charlemagne, Legends of. Bulfinch...A 263 

Charlemont. Simms F 2052 

Charles I. Abbott H 22 

Charles II. Abbott II 23 

Charles IV., Court of. Galdos F 3640 

Charles XII., Times of. Topelius F 7023,3 

CHARLES, MRS. E. R. Against the 
Stream [Time of Clarkson and 

Wilberforce] F 221 

The same G 720 

Attila and his Conquerers; St. Pat- 
rick and St. Leo the Great F 3077 

The Bertram Family F 207 

The same G 721 

Sequel to Winifred Bertram. 
Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta 

Family [The Reformation] F 3160 

The same G 81 

Conquering and to Conquer; Rome in 

the Days of St. Jerome F 220 

The same G 722 

CHARLES, MRS. E R. Cottage by the 
Cathedral, and other Parables . . . G 
Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan; Time 
of Whitefield and the Wesleys. . F 222 

The same ( i 

The Draytons and the Davenants; 

Civil Wars in England G 78 

Joan, the Maid, Deliverer of France 

and England F 2741 

Lapsed, but not lost [Carthage! . . . F 2740 

The same G 724 

On both Sides of the Sea; Common- 
wealth and Restoration G 80 

Sequel to Draytons and Davenants. 
Sketches of Christian Life in Eng- 
land F 22 \ 

The same F 22} 

Two Vocations; or, the Sisters of 

Mercy at Home H 283 

Victory of the Vanquished; a Tale of 

the First Century G 82 

Winifred Bertram and the World 

she lived in G 83 

Charles Auchester. Sheppard F 1543 

Charles O'Malley. 3 v. in 2. Lever.. G 334 

Charles Tyrrell. James I 


Looking Glass H 279 

Ministering Children; Tale of New 

York H 281 

equel to Ministering Children. H 282 

Ministry of Life F 

Oliver of the Mill G 

Charley Roberts Series. See Thurston, L. If, 

Charlie Asgarde. Saint Johnston H 2296 

Charlie Bell. Kellogg H 482,2 

Charlie Codman's Cruise. Alger H 153,3 

Charlie Lucken at School. Adams H 84 

Charlie to the Rescue. Ballantyne H 997 

Charlotte and Lucy Temple. Rowson.F 6340 

Charlotte's Inheritance. Maxwell F 199 

Charmed Sea. Martineau F 115 1,5 

Charmsand Counter-Charms. Mcintosh. F 1 109 
CHARR1NGTON, C. A Sturdy Beggar.F 8192 

Charter Oak, Romance of. Seton F 1518 

Chartreuse de Parme. 3 v. Beyle F 7992 

Chase of Saint-Castin. Catherwood . . . F 335S 

Chase of the Leviathan. Reid H 220S 

Chase of the Meteor. Bynner H 976 

Chasing a Yacht. Kaler H 2023 

Chasing the Sun. Ballantyne H 217 



Chasseur d'Afrique, The. Walmsley..F 7453 

Chata and Chinita. Heaven F 4102 

Chateau d'Or. Holmes F 4014 

Chateau Frissac. Sikes F 6608 


Martyrs[Greece,RomeandGaul].M 491 

The Natchez; an Indian Tale. 3 v..F 2765 

Chatelaine of La Trinitd. Fuller F 3578 

CH ATRIAN, A. See Erckmann, E. and 
A. Chatrian. 

Chattanooga. Mitchel F 5349 

CHATTERJEE, B. C. See Chandra 

Chatterjee, B. B. 
CHAUCER, G. Canterbury Chimes for 

Children. Storr and Turner H 2409 

Canterbury Tales G 204 

Canterbnry Tales. 5 v. Lee F 1032 

Chaucer's Stories simply told. Seymour. H 2310 
Chauncey Judd, the Stolen Boy.Warren.H 795 

Chauntry's Boy. Robbins H 530 

Chautauqua Girls at Home. Alden F 45 

Chautauquans, The. Habberton F 3802 

CH AVETTE, E., pseud. See VACHETTE, E. 

Cheap Jack Zita. Gould F 3759 

Check and Counter-Check. Matthews 

and Jessop F 5227 

Checkers, a Hard-Luck Story. Blossom.F 8082 

Checkmate. Le Fanu F 1040 

CHEEVER, MRS. H. A. Jacky Lee, 

his Lessons out of School H 3441 

Little Jolliby's Christmas H 3442 

CHELL1S, M. D. Bill Drock's Invest- 
ment H 274 

Bread and Beer H 1 091 

Brewery at Taylorvillc H 275 

Deacon Sims' Prayers H 276 

Good Work F 2771 

Old Doctor's Son H 278 

Our Homes H 1090 

Chelsea Hospital, Stories of. Gleig. . .F 695 

Chelsea Householder. Lawless F 2736 

CHENEY, MRS. C. E. Q. Number 49 

Tinkham Street H 3470 

VoungFolks'HistoryoftheCivilWar.B 650 
CHENEY, MRS. E. D. L. Sally Wil 

liams, the Mountain Girl H 280 

CHENEY, J. V. The Old Doctor; Ro- 
mance of a Queer Village F 2764 

CHENOWETH, MRS. C. V. Stories of ' 

the Saints H 1139 

CHERBULIEZ, C. V. Count Kostia. . F 229 

Joseph Noirel's Revenge F 228 

Meta Holdenis F 3089 

CHERBULIEZ, C. V. Prosper F 230 

Saints and Sinners F 2770 

Trials of Jetta Malaubret F 2776 

Same as Saints and Sinners. 

The Tutor's Secret F 8225 

With Fortune made F 8226 

Cherry & Violet. Rathbone F 2094 

Cherry Ripe! Reeves .G 1003 

Cherryfield Hall. Balfour ........ F 7996 

CHESEBRO', C. Foe in the Household.F 231 
CHESNEY, Q. T. The Dilemma [In- 
dian Mutiny, 1857] F 318 

The German Conquest of England, 

1875 [Imaginary] E 1124 

CHESSON, W. H. Name this Child: a 

Story of Two F 8201 

Chestnuts, Old and New. Nye F 5497 

Chetwynd Calverley. Ainsworth G 698 

Chevalier d'Auriac. Yeats F 7678 

Chevalier de Maison-Rouge. Dumas.. F 483 

Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani. Fuller F 5992 

Chevalier's Daughter. Guernsey F 703 

Chezzles, The. Morse H 1878 

Chicago, World's Columbian Exposition: 
Burnett. Two Little Pilgrims' Prog- 
ress H 3301 

Burnham. Sweet Clover F 8021 

Butterworth. Zigzag Journeys in the 

White City H 985 

Finley. Elsie at the World's Fair. H 1383 
Flinn. The Mysterious Disappear- 
ance of Helen St. Vincent F 3362 

Holley. Samantha at the World's 

Fair F 4098 

Jenks. Century World's Fair Book 

for Boys and Girls r. . . H 1 589 

Stevans. Egyptian Harp Girl F 675 1 

Uncle Jeremiah and Family at the 

Great Fair F 6752 

Chickamauga. Mitchel F 5348 

Chicken Market. Morley H 1822 

Chicot, the Jester. Dumas F 487 

Chief Factor. Parker F 6095 

Chief Justice, The. Franzos F 3633 

Chien d'Or, The. Kirby F 1010 

CHILD, L. M. The Rebels; or, Boston 

before the Revolution F 2768 

Child Amy, The. Magruder H 1959 

Child at Home. Abbott H 66 

Child-Life in Europe. Watson H 768 

Child-Life in Italy. Watson H 769 

Child Life in Prose. Whittier H 766 

Child of Nature, A. Buchanan F 2456 


Child Dt the Age, A. Adams F 7802 

Child of the Ball, The. Alarcon 1 2339 

Child of the Century. Wheelwright. .. F 7568 

Child of the Covenant, A. Castleman.F 8136 

Child of the Island Glen. Kellogg.. . .H 483,4 

Child of the Precinct. Doudney H 1207 

Child of the Revolution. Roberts F 6303 

Child of Tuscany. Bouvet H 3256 

Child Stories from the Masters.Menefee.H 1949 

Child Wife. Reid H 618 

Child's Book of Nature. Hooker K 3068 

Child's History of England. Dickens. H 321 

Child's History of France. Bonner... H 959 

Child's History of Greece. 2 v. Bonner.H 250 

Child's History of Rome. 2 v. Bonner.H 251 

Child's History of Rome. Sewell A no 

Child's History of Spain. Bonner H 1059 

Child's History of the U. S. 3 v. Bonner.H 252 

Child's Paper, The. v. 2 * V 326 

Child's Play. Boyle H 1094 

Child's Romance, A. Viaud F 7326 

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth. Tolstoi.. F 7003 

Children of Amity Court. Thurston.. H 722,4 

Children of Circumstance. Caffyn F 8162 

Children of Gibeon. Besant F 2638 

The same G 1215 

Children of Issachar,IChroniclesXII:32.F 2769 

ChildrenofOldPark'sTavern.HumphreyH 1517 

Children of the Abbey. Roche F 1425 

Children of the Castle. Molesworth. . . H 1895 

Children of the Cold. Schwatka I 2083 

Children of the Earth. Macfarlane F 5 181 

Children of the Ghetto. 2 v. Zangwill. . F 7697 

Children of the King. Crawford F 8321 

Children of the New Forest. Marryat. .G 424 

Children of the Soil. Sienkiewicz F 6742 

Children of the World. Heysc F 4256 

Children of To-Morrow. Sharp I' 6725 

Children of Wilton Chase. Smith . . . . H 2262 
Children's Crusade: 

Gray, G. Z. The Children's Crusade.A 274 
Merrill, G. E. Crusaders and Cap- 
tives H 1881 

Peattie.E.W. With Scrip and Staff.F 6033 

Children's Fairy Geography. Winslow.I 5970 

Children's History Book, The H 3483 

Children's Nonsense Book; Tales and 

Rhymes H 3481 

Children's Stories in American History. 

Wright H 2688 

Children's Stories in American Litera- 
ture, 1660- 1860. Wright H 2699 

The same, 1861-96. Wright H 2700 

Children's Stories in English Literatur 

Taliesinto Shakespere. Wright. H 

The same, Shakespere to Tenny- 
son. Wright H 2698 

Children's Stories of American Progress. 

Wright B 837 

Children's Summer. Banks H 1005 

Children's Tabernacle. Tucker H 2529 

Children's Wonder-Book; by Popular 

Story-Tellers II 3482 

Chilhowee Boys. Morrison II i960 

Chilhowce Boys 19^8 

Chim.hisWashingtonWinter. Dahlgren.F 3069 

Chimes, The. Dickens F 405 

The same G 151 

Chimmie Fadden. Townsend Y 7084 

Chimmie Fadden explains. Townsend. F 7085 
China, Stones of Everyday Life in; tr. 

by Watters 1 7429 


Bright Celestials I 8004 

Chinese Nights'Entertainments. Fielde.F 3389 

Chinese Stories. Douglas F 8503 

ChineseStories forBoysandGirls.Moule.H 1966 
CHIPMAN, DeW. C. Beyond the Verge; 

Home ofTenLostTribes of Israel. F 8223 
CHISHOLM, MRS. A. L. Perils in the 

Polar Seas; Arctic Adventure.. . H 293 
CHISHOLM, B. V. Consecrated Anew; 

Christian Endeavor Work H 1 157 

CHISWELL, A. The Slave Prince :.F 3088 

Chita; a Mrmory of Last Island. I learn. F 4086 
CHITTENDEN, L. E. An Unknown 

Heroine; War between theStates.F 8230 

Chiushingura. Monzayeraon 1 5570 

valric Days. Brooks H 409 

Chloc, The Tale of. Meredith I 5279 

CHOATE, L. Romance of a Letter . . F 2767 
CHODZKO, A. B. Fairy Tales of the 

Slav Peasants H 3477 

Choir Invisible. Allen F 7817 

Choisy. Story F 1668 

CHOLMONDELEY,M. DianaTempest.F 8231 
CHOPIN, MRS. K. Bayou Folk [Creoles 

and Acadians of Louisiana] F 8237 

Chosen Valley. Foote F 361 1 

Chouans, The. Balzac F 2245 

Choy Susan, and other Stories. Bishop. F 2512 

Chrrs and Otho. Smith F 1565 

Chris and theWonderful Lamp.Stearns.H 2382 

Chris, the Model Maker. Stoddard. . . H 2449 

Chrissy's Endeavor. Alden F 2379 

Christ'sFolk in theApennine.Alexander.F 2365 



CHRISTIANS. PersisYorke F 8229 

Sarah; a Survival F 8228 

Christian, The. Caine F 8123 

Christian ^Esop. Anderdon M 875 

Christian and Leah. Kompert F 4608 

Christian Englehart, Craze of. Darnell. F 3050 

Christian Life in England. Charles... F 224. 

The same F 223 

Christian Physiologist. Griffin F 709,5 


Christian Woman, A. Bazan F 2226 

Christian's Mistake. Craik F 343 

The same G no 

Christie Johnstone. Reade F 1394 

The same F 6376 

The same G 800 

Christie's Christmas. Alden H 922 

Christina Chard. Praed F 5964 

Christine. Enault F 3245 

Christine of the Hills. Pemberton F 6063 

Christine Rochefort, Story of. Prince. F 6150 

Christine's Career. King H 1633 

Christmas Angel. Farjeon F 3463 

Christmas at Sea. Shippen F 6805 

Christmas Books. Dickens F 405 

The same G 151 

Christmas Cake. Broome H 231 

Christmas Carol. Dickens F 405 

The same G 151 

The same I 3924 

Christmas Child. Molesworth H 1842 

Christmas Country, The. Safford H 2297 

Christmas Eve and Day. Hale F 725 

Christmas every Day, and other Stories. 

Howells H 1580 

Christmas Festivities. Poole E 5094 

Christmas Hirelings. Maxwell F 5517 

Christmas in Narragansett. Hale F 3900 

Christmas in Song, Sketch, and Story. 

McCaskey *V 1738 

Christmas in the Olden Time. Mills.. F 5237 

Christmas Morning. Diaz H 346 

Christmas Papers. Upton *B 393 

Christmas Pie. Baker H 1024 

Christmas Poems. Morris F54o8,3-4 

Christmas Posy, A. Molesworth H 1849 

Christmas Stories from Household Words 

and All the Year Round F 407 

The same G 152 

Christmas Stories from French and Span- 
ish Authors; tr. by Ogden H 1993 

Christmas Tales. Laurie H 512 

Christmas Tales. Morris F54o8,i-2 

Christmas-Tree Land. Molesworth. . .H 1909 

Christmas with Grandma Elsie. Finley.H 1330 

Christopher. Barr H 970 

Christopher. Shipton F 6589 

Christopher Crooked. Hathaway F 760 

Christopher Kenrick. Hatton F 763 

Christowell. Blackmore G 849 

Chronicle of Conquest. Sparhawk F 6638 

Chronicle of Ethelflcd. Rathbone F 1 136 

Chronicle of Small Beer, A. Reid F 6218 

Chronicle of the Cid. Markham.. H 18 12 

Chronicle of the Drum. Thackeray.. G 588,2 
Chronicles of a Kentucky Settlement. 

Watts F 7428 

Chronicles of Carlingford. See 01iphant,M.O.W. 

Chronicles of Clovernook. Jerrold F 4430,4 

Chronicles of Count Antonio. Hawkins.F 4240 

Chronicles of Martin Hewitt. Morrison.F 5580 

Chronicles of tfce Canongate. Scott . . . F 2 1 72 
Chronicles of Schonberg-Cotta Family. 

Charles F 3160 

The same G 81 

Chronicles of the Stimpcett Family. DiazH 350 

Chryssie's Hero. Lyster H 1791 

Chrystal, Jack, & Co. Munroe H 1858 


Chuck Purdy. Stoddard H 2419 

Chums. Severne H 2306 

Chumley's Post. Stoddard H 2452 

Same as Red Beauty. 
CHURCH, A. J. The Burning of Rome; 

Days of Nero F 3079 

Callias; Fall of Athens F 3080 

Chantry Priest of Barnct; a Tale of 

the Two- Roses F 2772 

The Count of a Saxon Shore [Depar- 
ture of the Romans from BritainJ.F 2774 

Stories from English History H 3480 

v. 1. FromJuliusCaesar to the Black Prince. 

2. From Richard II. to Charles I. 

3. From the Lord Protector to Victoria. 

Stories from Herodotus L 2931 

Stories from Homer L 2958 

Stories from Livy L 2926 

Stories from the Bible H 1 132 

Stories from the Greek Tragedians.L 2930 

Stories from Virgil L 2830 

Stories of the Magicians [Asia] H 1 126 

Three Greek Children [Ancient 

Greece] H 1127 

To the Lions; a Tale of the Early 

Christians F 2788 

Traveller's True Tale; by Lucian.L 2933 



CHURCH, A. J. Two Thousand Years 

Ago; Adventures of a Roman Boy . H 1 1 1 1 
With the King at Oxford; Tale of 

the Great Rebellion F 2773 

A Young Macedonian in the Army of 

Alexander the Great H 1 131 

and R. SEELEY. The Hammer; a 

Story of the Maccabean Times. . F 3000 
CHURCH, Mrs. F.M. See LEAN, Mrs. F. M. 

CHURCHILL, L. A. My Girls F 2775 

CHURCHILL, W. A Princess of Fiji . F 3326 
CHURTON, H„ pseud. See TOURQEE, A. W. 

CID, THE. Chronicle of; ed. by Dennis.F 2939 

The same; ed. by Markham H 1812 

The same; tr. by Gill F 7158 

The same; tr. by Southey F 6738 

The same * V 304 

See also Poetry, p. 21 1. 

Cigarette-Maker's Romance. Crawford. F 3103 

Cinderella, and other Stories. Davis. . F 3065 

Cinnamon and Pearls. Martineau F 1 1 5 1 ,7 

Cinq-Mars. 2 v. Yigny F 7332 

Cipher Despatch. Bayer F 8050 

Ciphers. Kirk F 4695 

Circuit Rider. Eggleston F 534 

Citizen Bonaparte, 1794-1815. Erckmann 

and Chatnan F 3374 

Citoyenne Jacqueline. 3 V. Keddic.F 2120 

City Boys in the Woods. Wells K 1947 

City Cousins. Hays H 1532 

City of Fin F 1326 

City of Nocross. Tucker F 1801 

City of Refuge. Besant F 7954 

City of Sarras. Taylor F 1723 

CLAIRMONTE, Mrs. M. C. D. {George 

Egertori). Discords F 3288 

Symphonies F 3289 

Clandestine Marriage. Dupuy F 468 

Clara Hopgood. White F 7669 

Clara Vaughan. Blackmore F 7986 

CLARE, A. The Crooked S; Square 

Peg in a Round Hole H 1173 

Pandora's Portion F 3083 

The Royal Banner; Life before and 

after Confirmation H 1096 

Clare and Beb£. Kirk F 2853 

Clarence. Harte F 4145 

Clarissa Furiosa. Norris F 5732 

Clarissa Harlowe. Richardson *F 115,1-8 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 517 

CLARK, A. Beneath the Dome F 824 1 

CLARK, C. H. (Max Adeler). Elbow 

Room E 752 

CLARK, C. H. [Max Adeler). The For- 
tunate Island, and other Stories. F 2802 

Out of the Hurly-Burly E 751 

CLARK, CM. (Charles M. Clay). Baby 

Rue F 2200 

How she came into her Kingdom. .F 2805 

The Modern Hagar. 2 v F 2807 

CLARK, F. B. Katharine's Experi- 
ment H 3495 

CLARK, F. T. (F. Thickstun). In the 

Valley of Havilah F 31 12 

Mexican Girl F 6963 

The M istress of the Ranch F 8240 

On Cloud Mountain F 8243 

CLARK, H. H. Boy Life in the United 

States Navy H 1092 

Joe Bent!y, Naval Cadet H 1080 

CLARK, K. E. The Dominant Seventh, 

a Musical Story F 3081 

CLARK, S. C. Pilate's Query F 8244 

CLARK, Mrs. S. R. O. Go's Goings. .H 1151 

The Triple E H 1093 

CLARKE, C. S. The Poet's Audience, 

and Delilah F 3338 

CLARKE, J. F. Thomas Didymus, the 

Jewish Sceptic [Time of Christ] . . F 2761 

CLARKE, M. Heavy Odds F 8242 

His Natural Life. [Convict Life]. . F 320 
Same as For the Term of his Nat- 
ural Life. 
CLARKE, Mrs. M. C. Girlhood of 

Shakespeare's Heroines. 3V....E 670 

Iron Cousin F 239 

A Rambling Story F 2716 

Uncle, Peep, and I H 1 101 

Yarns of an Old Mariner H 313 

CLARKE, P. Three Diggers, Tale of 

the Australian Fifties H 1 168 

CLARKE, R. S. (Sophie May). The 

Doctor's Daughter F 238 

Dotty Dimple Stories H 286 

v. 1. Dotty Dimple at her Grandmother's. 

2. Dotty Dimple at Home. 

3. Dotty Dimple out West. 

4. Dotty Dimple at Play. 

5. Dotty Dimple at School. 

6. Dotty Dimple's Flyaway. 

Drone's Honey F 2804 

Flaxie Frizzle Stories H 1079 

v. 1. Flaxie Frizzle. 

2. Doctor Papa. 

3. Little Pitchers. 

4. Twin Cousins. 



CLARKE, R. S. {Sophie May). Flaxie 

Frizzle Stories H 1079 

v. 5. Kittyleen. 

6. Flaxie growing up. 

In Old Quinnebasset H 1174 

Janet, a Poor Heiress H 295 

Little Prudy Series H 287 

v. 1. Little Prudy. 

2. Sister Susie. 

3. Captain Horace. 

4. Cousin Grace. 

5. Fairy Book. 

6. Dotty Dimple. 

Little Prudy's Children H 3490 

v. 1. Wee Lucy, Little Prudy's " Wee 
Croodlin * Doo." 

2. Jimmy Boy. 

3. Kyzie Dunlee. 

Little Prudy's Flyaway Series H 288 

v. I. Little Folks Astray. 

2. Prudy Keeping House. 

3. Aunt Madge's Story. 

4. Little Grandmother. 

5. Little Grandfather. 

6. Miss Thistledown. 
Maidenhood Series H 289 

v. 1. Our Helen. 
2. Asbury Twins. 

Quinnebasset Girls H 284 

CLARKE, S. J. {Penn Shirley). Little 

M iss Weezy H 2335 

Little Miss Weezy's Brother H 2336 

Little Miss Weezy's Sister H 2337 

Silver Gate Series H 2334 

v. 1. Young Master Kirk. 
CLARKE T. Avondale; English Lifc.F 214 
CLARKE, W. Three Courses and a 

Dessert I 3109 

CLARKSON, L. Shadow of John Wal- 
lace F 2790 

Classic Tales I 2958 

Contents: Rasselas; Vicar of Wakefield; 
Exiles of Siberia ; Paul and Virginia ; In- 
dian Cottage; Gulliver's Travels; Sterne's 
Sentimental Journey; Sorrows of Werter; 
Castle of Otranto. 

Claude Gueux. Hugo F 884 

Claude, the Colporteur. Rathbone F 1 137 

Claudia. Douglas F 433 

Claudia Hyde. Baylor F 8051 

Claverings, The. Trollope F 1717 

The same G 606 

CLAVERS, Mrs. M., pseud. See KIRK- 
LAND, Mrs. C. M. S. 

CLAY, C. M., pseud. See CLARK, C. M. 
CLAY, Mrs. J. M. Some little of the 

Angel still left F 8234 

Clayton's Rangers; or, Quaker Partisans. 

Williamson F 311 

CLAYTOR, G. Pleasant Waters; South- 
ern Life and Character F 2794 

Wheat and Tares F 2798 

Clear Shining after the Rain. Brock.. H 1060 

Cleg Kelly. Crockett F 8333 

CLEGG, J. T. David's Loom; Rochdale 

Life in early Years F 8236 

CLEMENS, S. L. {Mark Twain). Ad- 
ventures of Huckleberry Finn.. . F 2797 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer F 323 

The American Claimant F 71 51 

Autobiography [Burlesque] and First 

Romance C 233 

Choice Humorous Works E 2200 

A Connecticut Yankee in King 

Arthur's Court F 2799 

Innocents Abroad I 1 570 

Library of Humor E 2199 

Life on the Mississippi I 64 

Merry Tales F 7 1 50 

;£i, 000,000 Bank-Note,and other New 

Stories F 71 52 

Prince and the Pauper F 2800 

Roughing it I 1 571 

Sketches, New and Old F 2795 

Stolen White Elephant, etc F 2796 

Tom Sawyer Abroad, by HuckFinn.F 7153 
Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson, and 

Those Extraordinary Twins F 7154 

The Tramp Abroad I 567 

and C. D. WARNER. Gilded Age.F 244 

Clement Ker, Truth about. Fletcher.. F 3509 

Clement Waynflete, Curse of. Mitford.F 5625 
CLEMMER, M. See HUDSON, Mrs. M. C. A. 

Cleopatra. Abbott H 24 

Cleopatra. Durand F 3135 

Cleopatra. 2 v. Ebers F 3306 

Cleopatra. Haggard „ . . F 3877 

The same G 1327 

Clergyman's Wife and other Sketches. 

Ritchie F 1418 

Clerical Life in Ireland. Craig F 2885 

CLERK, Mrs. A. M. F. (Tr.). Histor- 
ical Tales from the Arabic F 2789 

Clerk of Portwick. Fenn G 948 

Cleve Hall. Sewel'l F 1526 

CLEVELAND, R. E. The Long Run.F 2791 


Clever Boys of our Time. Johnson H 1608 

Clever Girls of our Time. Johnson H 1609 

Clever Wife. Ridge F 6387 

Clever Woman of the Family. Yonge. F 2013 

The same G 665 

Cleverdale Mystery. Wilkins F 7503 

Cliff Climbers. Reid H 619 

Cliff-Dwellers, The. Fuller F 3400 

CLIFFORD, Mrs. L. Anyhow Stories.. H 1095 

Aunt Anne F 4821 

Dingy House at Kensington F 2967 

A Flash of Summer F 4824 

The Last Touches, and other Stories. F 4822 
Contents: The Last Touches; An Inter- 
lude; On the Way to the Sea; A Sorry 
Love Affair; A Ridiculous Tragedy; A 
Sad Comedy; Thomas (told by May's 
Mother); Last Scene of the Play; 
Wooden Tony. 

Love-Letters of a Worldly Woman. F 4820 

Mrs. Keith's Crime F 5213 

A Wild Proxy F 4823 

Clifton Tales and Narratives. 2 v H 291 

Contents: ▼. i. Joe Baker; Lucy Ward; 
Legend of Blessed Imelda; Rich and 
Poor; Flowers for the Altar; Bad 
Words; v. 2. Winifride Jones; Robert 
May; James Chapman. 

Climbing the Rope. Nowell H 577,1 

CLINE, A. J. Henry Courtland; or, 

What a Farmer can do F 242 

Clinton. Simonds H 677,2 

Clipper of the Clouds. Verne F 7318 

Clique of Gold. Gaboriau F 623 

CLIVE, Mrs. C. W. Paul Ferroll. . . G 92 

Why Paul Ferroll killed his W T ife. .G 93 

Year after Year G 94 

Clocks of Rondaine. Stockton H 2363 

Clockmaker. Haliburton E 1 165 

Cloister and the Hearth. Reade F 6203 

The same G 509 

Close of St. Christopher's. Marshall . . H 1904 

Close Shave, A. Knox F 4736 

Clotilde. Pontmartin F 1325 

Cloud and Cliff. Allen H 940,5 

CLOUSTON, W. A. Eastern Romances 

and Stories from the Persian F 3353 

The Book of Sindibad *F 281 1 

Clcven Foot. 3 v. in 2. Maxwell G 875 

Clover. Woolsey H 2725 

CLOWES, W. L. Double Emperor; 

Story of a Vagabond Cunarder . . F 825 1 

Cluny MacPherson. Barr F 7912 

Clytia. Hausrath F 6939 

Coaina. Dorsey F 427 

Coals of Fire. Murray F 9539 

Coast of Bohemia. Howells F 4073 

COBB, J. F. Martin the Skipper H 1098 

Watches on the Longships; Corn- 
wall in the Last Century H 1099 

COBB, S., Jr. A Love Match F 3146 

The Shadow of the Guillotine [Reign 

of Terror] F 8281 

COBBAN, J. M. The Burden of Isabel.F 8291 

By Telegraph F 8292 

The Horned Cat F 31 15 

The King of Andaman F 8294 

The Red Sultan F 8293 

A Soldier and a Gentleman F 8290 

COBBLE1GH, TOM, pseud. See RAY- 

Cobwebs and Cables. Smith F 6850 

COCHRAN, Mrs. M. A. Posie; or, 

From Reveille to Retreat F 8285 

Cockaynes in Paris. Jerrold F 926 

COCKTON, H. George St.GeorgeJulian.F 2898 

Percy Effingham. 2 v F 304 

Sylvester Sound, the Somnambulist. F 303 

Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist. ,F 246 

Ccelebs in Search of a Wife. More — J 195,2 

Cosur d'Alene. Foote F 3612 

Coffee and Repartee. Bangs F 7897 

COFFIN, C. C. {Carleton). Boys of '76; 

Battles of the Revolution B 211 

Boys of '6i ; Four Years of FightingB 585 

Building the Nation .. B 331 

Dan of Millbrook F 206 

Same as Caleb Krinkle. 

Daughters of the Revolution F 8286 

Days and Nights on the Battlefield 

[Am. Civil War] H 296 

Following the Flag [ Am. Civil War] H 297 

Old Times in the Colonies B 761 

Story of Liberty A 299 

Winning his Way [Am. Civil War].H 298 
COFFIN, R. B. (Harry Gray). Cakes 

and Ale at Woodbine F 248 

M v Married Life at Hillside F 245 

Out of Town F 247 

COFFIN, R. F. An old Sailor's Yarns.F 2814 
COGSWELL, F. H. The Regicides; a 

Tale of Early Colonial Times. . . F 8301 

Coign of Vantage. Wood F 7589 

COLBY, F. M. Daughter of Pharaoh; 

Tale of the Exodus F 3105 

Cold Heart, The. Hauff G 248 

COLE, C. The Auroraphone F 3106 

COLEMAN, J. Curly; an Actor's Story. F 2840 



COLERICK, E. F. Adventures of Pio- 
neer Children H 1 143 

COLERIDGE, C. R. Amethyst, the 

Story of a Beauty F 3350 

An English Squire G 1074 

Fifty Pounds H 1 148 

Sequel to Green Girls of Greythorpe. 
Reuben Everett H 1 135 

COLERIDGE, Mrs. S. Phantasmion; 

a Fairy Tale H 302 

COLE, M. See HARRIS, Mrs. M. C. 

Collaboration. James F 4400 

College Days. Wood H 2702 

College Girls. Goodloe H 1424 

Collegians. Griffin F 709,2 



COLLINGWOOD, H. W. Andersonville 
Violets; Northern and Southern 
Life F 2872 

COLLINGWOOD, W. G. Thorstein of 

the Mere; Saga of Northmen F 8305 

COLLINS, C. B. Tom and Joe in War 

and Peace; a Louisiana Memory. F 3152 

COLLINS, E. L. Hadasseh; From Cap- 
tivity to the Persian Throne F 3151 



Fortune G 92 1 

Sweet and Twenty G 719 

The Vivian Romance F 321 

COLLINS, S. M. A. The Homestretch. F '2820 

COLLINS, W. M. Memoirs of a PictureF 830, 

COLLINS, WILKIE. After Dark . . . . G 95 

Contents: Leaves from Leah's Diary; A 
Terribly Strange Bed; A Stolen Letter; 
Sister Rose; The Lady of Glenwith 
Grange; Gabriel's Marriage; The Yel- 
low Mask. 

Antonina; or, the Fall of Rome — G 97 

Armadale F 256 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 96 

Basil G 98 

The Black Robe G 882 

Blind Love F 2847 

The same G 1359 

Dead Secret G 713 

The same G 166,4-5 

Evil Genius F 2837 

The same G 125 1 

Fallen Leaves G 929 

Haunted Hotel [Modern Venice]. .G 927 

COLLINS, WILKIE. The Frozen Deep, 

and other Tales F 297 

Contents: The Frozen Deep; The Dream 
Woman; John Togo's Ghost. 

The same G 715 

Ghost's Touch, and other Stories. . F 2819 
Contents: The Ghost's Touch; My 
Lady's Money; Percy and the Prophet. 

The Guilty River F 2838 

The same, and Ghost's Touch. . .G 1252 

Heart and Science G 883 

Hide and Seek [Artist Life in Eng- 
land] G 99 

I say No F 2818 

The same G 1076 

Jezebel's Daughter G 930 

The Law and the Lady [Woman's 

Rights] F 307 

The same G 716 

The Legacy of Cain G 1321 

Little Novels F 2839 

Contents: v. I. Mrs. Zant and the Ghost; 
Miss Morris and the Stranger; Mr. Cos- 
way and the Landlady; Mr. Medhurst 
and the Princess; Mr. Lismore and the 
Widow. ▼. 2. Miss Jeromette and the 
Clergyman; Miss Mina and the Groom; 
Mr. Lepel and the House-keeper. 

Man and Wife [Scotch Marriage 

Law] F 298 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 100 

Miss or Mrs ? G 102 

Moonstone G ior 

My Lady's Money, and Percy and 

the Prophet G 928 

New Magdalen [Franco-Prussian 

War] F 257 

The same G 103 

No Name. 3 v. in 2 G 714 

Plot in Private Life and other Tales.G 105 
Contents: A Plot in Private Life; Mad 
Monkton; The Black Cottage; The 
Family Secret; The Biter bit. 

Poor Miss Finch F 258 

The same G 104 

Two Destinies G 717 

Woman in White [Italian Refugees 

in England] F 259 

The same ,..G 106 

Colloquies of Edward Osborne. Rath- 
bone F 1 138 

COLMORE, G. A Daughter of Music.F 8245 
COLOMB, J. B. B. Hermine'sTriumphs.F 8300 

Colomba. M£rim£e F 1177 

COLOMBI, La Marchesa, pseud. See 


Colonel Carter of Cartersville. Smith.. F 6770 

Colonel Cheswick's Campaign. Shaw..F 6584 

Colonel Dacre. Jolly F 301 

The same G 750. 

Colonel Dunwoddie, Millionaire. Baker.F 2817 

Colonel Enderby's Wife. Harrison... F 5172 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1098 

Col. Judson of Alabama. Bean F 2304 

Colonel Norton. Montgomery F 5635 

Colonel Quaritch, V. C. Haggard F 3876 

The same G 1328 

Colonel Starbottle's Client. Harte F 4140 

Colonel Thorndike's Adventures. French.H3625 

Colonel's Christmas Dinner. King F 4673 

Colonel's Daughter. King F 1001 

Colonel's Money, The. Lillie H 1744 

Colonel's Opera Cloak. Brush F 2103 

Colonial Boy, A. Eyster H 1278 

Colonial Days. Markham H 546 

Colonial Free-Lance. Hotchkiss F 4298 

Colonial Reformer, A. Browne F 2265 

Colonial Wooing, A. Abbott F 7761 

Colony of Girls, A. Willard F 7665 

Color Studies. Janvier F 4404 

Colossus, The. Read F 6229 

COLQUHOUN, M. J. Primus in Indis 

[Lord Clivein India] F 2812 

COLSON, E. M. Story of a Dream . . . F 8374 

Brimblecom. An Archer with Colum- 
bus H 958 

Cooper. Mercedes of Castile. .. . F 272 

Coryell. Diccon the Bold F 3352 

Diego Pmzon and his Voyage.. I 

Du Bois. Columbus and Beatriz. . F 3018 
Falkenhorst. With Columbus in 

America F 3394 

MacKie. With the Admiral F 5370 

Musick. Columbia; Discovery of 

America F 5303 

Stables. Westward with Colum- 
bus H 2389 

Colville of the Guards. Grant F 8807 

COMBE, T., pseud. See HUQUENIN, A. 

Come Forth. Ward F 5905 

Come, Live with Me. Buchanan F 2305 

Comedies of Courtship. Hawkins F 4228 

Comedy in Spasms. Caffyn F 8163 

Comedy of a Country House. Sturgis.F 6824 

Comedy of Cecilia, The. Fothergill . . . F 8778 

Comedy of Elopement. Tiernan F 34 1 7 

Comedy of Masks. Dowson and Moore.F 3192 

Comedy of Sentiment. Nordau F 5473 

Comet of a Season, The. McCarthy.. . 1 

Cometh up as a Flower. Broughton.. .G 53 

Comic Dramas. Edgeworth F 518,8 

Comic Miscellany. Hood J 115,3 

Comic Sketches. 2 v. Poole E 1450 

Comic Yarns. Cox E 

Comin' thro' the Rye. Reeves F 325 

Coming of Chloe. Hungerford F 9084 

Coming of Theodora. White F 7667 

Coming Race. Lytton F 5003 

The same G 374 

Coming Wave. Adams H 1 1 3,4 

COMINS, L. B. {Laura Caxton). Hart- 
well Farm F 215 

Marion Berkley F 218 

Commercial Trip, A. Barilett F 2503 

Commodore Junk. Fenn H 1372 

Commodore's Daughters. Lie F 4859 

Common Chord, The. Elliot F 3231 

Common Sense. Newby G 455 

Company Doctor. Rood F 6408 

Company of Jehu. 2 v. Dumas F 8481 

Compensation. Gardner E 731 1 

Complaining Millions of Men. Fuller.. F 3619 

Complication in Hearts. Pendleton.. . F 6035 

COMPTON, F. S. Esther F 2821 

COMPTON, H. Free Lance in a Far 

Land; Adventurer in Hindostan.F «Sjo7 
COMPTON, M. Snow Bird, and other 

American Indian Tales H 3521 

Comrades True. Ellis H 3721 

COMYN, L. N. Atherstone Priory... F 182 

Elena; an Italian Tale F 302 

Con Cregan, Confessions of. Lever... G 335 

Con ( J'Regan. Sadlier 1470 

1 Condemned as a Nihilist. Henty H 1572 

Condensed Novels. Harte F 750 

The same J 75,5 

CONDER, E. R. Drops and Rocks, and 

other Talks H 1103 

Confederate Chieftains. Sadlier F 1407 

Confederate Spy, The. Crozier F 2908 

Confession; or, the Blind Heart. Simms.F 2053 
Confessions of a Clarionet Player. Erck- 

mann and Chatrian F 3252 

Confessions of a Frivolous Girl. Grant. F 3698 

Confessions of a Publisher. Stannard.F 6896 

Confessions of a Society Man. Cooper. F 2855 

Confessions of a Thug. Taylor F 6940 

Confessions of a Working Man. Souves- 

tre I 4000.21 

Confessions of Claud. Fawcett F 3467 

Confessions of Con Cregan. Lever... G 335 



Confessions of Gerald Estcourt. Lean.F 3124 

The same G 84 

Confessions of Harry Lorrequer. Lever.G 341 
Confessions of Two. Spratley and Wil- 

lisson F 6656 

Confidence. James F 4410 

Confidential Agent, A. Payn G 1 160 

Conflict of Evidence. Ottolengui F 5856 

Congo Rovers, The. Lancaster H 11 13 

Coningsby. Beaconsfield G 174 

Conjurer Dick. Lewis H 1737 

CONKLIN, Mrs. J. M. Fourfold H 1129 

Dorothy's Islands H 1 1 56 

Fifteen; or, Lydia's Happenings. . H 1105 

From Flax to Linen H 1 124 

Growing Up H 1227 

Keenie's To-morrow .". . . H 1 104 

Marigold H 1 152 

Miss Prudence F 2823 

My Lady H 1 155 

Other Folk H 1 153 

Second Best H 1 154 

Three and Twenty H 1225 

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's 

Court. Clemens F 2799 

CONNELL, S. Q. The Little Ladies of 

Ellenwood H 3506 

CONNELLY, E. M. Tilting at Wind- 
mills; Blue Grass Country F 2792 

CONNELLY, J, H. Neila Sen, and My 

Casual Death F 3095 

CONNEY, Mrs. A Ruthless Avenger.F 8272 
Conquering and to Conquer. Charles.. F 220 

The same G 722 

Conquest of the Moon. Grousset F 4960 

CONRAD, J. Almayer's Folly; Story 

of an Eastern River F 8313 


CONSCIENCE, H. The Lion of Flan- 
ders F 2856 

Merchant of Antwerp F 2822 

Tales F 293 

v. I. Village Innkeeper. 

2. Poor Gentleman. 

3. Ricketicketac ; Wooden Clara. 

4. Amulet. 

5. fisherman's Daughter. 

6. Count Hugo of Craenhove; 

Curse of the Village. 

7. The Miser. 

8. Happiness of being Rich. • 

9. Count Hugo of Craenhove. 

CONSCIENCE, H. Tales F 293 

v. 10. Conscript; Blind Rosa. 

11. Ludovic and Gertrude. 

12. Young Doctor. 

Conscript. Conscience F 293,10 

Conscript. Dumas F 473 

Conscript. Erckmann and Chatrian. .F 3370 

Consecrated Anew. Chisholm H 11 57 

Consequences. Castle . ...F 3159 

The same G 1 408 

Conspiracy. Badeau F 2534 

Conspirators, The. Dumas F 475 

Constable de Bourbon. Ainsworth G 10 

Constable of the Tower. Ainsworth.. .G 11 

Constable's Tower, The. Yonge F 2045 

Constance. Hawthorne F 3852 

Constant Aylmer. Parker F 300 

Constance Herbert. Jewsbury F 4482 

Constance Sherwood. Fullerton F 603 

The same G 213 

Constant Woman, A. Glaister F 3692 

Constantine. Horton F 9136 

Consuelo. Dudevant F 465 

Contarini Fleming. Beaconsfield G 175 

Contraband. Melville G 438 

Contradictions. Peard G 1089 

Contrast, The. Edgeworth F 518,2 

Contrasts. Grendel F 3690 

Conventional Bohemian, A. Pendleton . F 5936 

CONVERSE, F. A. Adventures of Tad.H 1 106 

In Southern Seas H 1 170 

The Mystery of a Diamond H 1 167 

Voyage to the Gold Coast H 1 169 

Conversion, A. Blanc F 4955 

Convict. James G 263 

Convicts and their Children. Auerbach.F 79 

CONWAY, HUOH, pseud. See FARGUS, F. J. 

CONWAY, M. D. Necklace of Stories.H 1 102 

Pine and Palm F 3458 

Prisons of Air F 31 18 

Conways. The. Merriman H 1920 

CONYNQHAM, D. Eunice Quince; a 

New England Romance F 8371 

COOK, E. D. Doubleday's Children.. F 2830 

Leo F 2828 

Paul Foster's Daughter F 2829 

COOK, Mrs. M. C. Idyll of the White 

Lotus [Theosophy] F 3108 

Morial the Mahatma F 3330 

The Star Sapphire F 8267 

Cook and the Captive, The. Yonge . . . H 791 
COOKE, F. E. History of England for 

Young Readers H 436 1 



COOKE, J. E. Bonnybcl Vane; Tale of 

1774-5 F 28 32 

Same as Henry St. John, Gentleman. 
Doctor Vandyke [Virginia, 1750].. F 308 
Fairfax ; Chronicle of the Shenandoah 

Valley, 1748 F 313 

Fanchette F 345 1 

Hammer and Rapier F 312 

Her Majesty the Queen [Henrietta 

Maria and Charles I] F 317 

Hilt to Hilt; the Shenandoah in 

1864 F 314 

The Last of the Foresters; the Old 

Virginia Frontier F 2843 

The Maurice Mystery F 2845 

Mohun; or, the Last Days of Lee 

and his Paladins F 2844 

My Lady Pokahontas [Virginia, 1607- 

16J F 2842 

Out of the Foam [Am. Civil War]..F 315 
Pretty Mrs.Gaston.and other StoriesF 316 
Stories of the Old Dominion [1607- 

1783] F 2846 

Virginia Comedians; Old Days in the 

Old Dominion [1763-5] F 2831 

Youth of Jefferson; Chronicle of Col- 
lege Scrapes, 1764 F 2841 

COOKE, M. V. Zig-zag Paths of Life.F 8266 

COOKE, Mrs. R. T. Happy Dodd. . F 2848 

Huckleberries from New England. F 3075 

No H 1 1 14 

Somebody's Neighbors F 2833 

The Sphinx's Children and other 

People's F 2836 

Steadfast; Story of a Saint and Sinner 

. [Connecticut, 1748] F 2849 

COOLEY, Mrs. A. K. Asaph [Ancient 

Jerusalem] F 3150 

COOLIDOE, H. L. In the Story Land; 

Short Stories H 3513 

COOLIDGE, SUSAN, />**«</. S<r<rWOOL- 

SEY, S. C. 
COOMBS, Mrs. A. S. As Common 

Mortals F 2452 

A Game of Chance F 285 ! 

COOPER, E. H. Richard Escott....F 8370 
COOPER, J. F. Afloat and Ashore.. F 260 

The Bravo [Modern Venice] F 261 

The Crater; a Tale of the Pacific . . F 263 
The Headsman [Italy and Switzer- 
land; Time of Calvin] F 265 

The Heidenmauer; Legend of the 

Rhine F 266 

COOPER, J. F. Home as Found F 267 

Sequel to Homt-wanl Bound. 

Homeward Bound F 268 

Jack Tier; or, the Florida Reef F 269 

Leather-Stocking Tales [Indians] : 

The Deerslayer F 264 

The Last of the Mohicans, 1757..F 270 

The Pathfinder F 276 

The Pioneers; or, Sources of the 

Susquehanna F 278 

The Prairie F 279 

Lionel Lincoln [Bunker Hill, I775J.F 271 
Littlepage Series: 
Chainbearer [American Revolu- 
tion] F 262 

The Redskins I New York, 1829]. F 282 
Satanstoe; Tale of the Colony 

[New York] F 283 

Mercedes of Castile; or, the Voyage 

to Cathay [Columbus] F 

Miles Wallingford F 273 

Sequel to Afloat and Ashore. 
The Monikins [Satire on American 

Politics] F 274 

The Oak Openings [Michigan, 181 2]F 275 

The Pilot [Paul Jones] F 277 

Precaution F 280 

Red Rover [Old French War, New- 
port and Slavers] F 281 

The Sea Lions F 284 

The Spy [Revolutionary Period on 

the Hudson I F 285 

The Two Admirals [French and In- 
dian War] F 286 

The Water- Witch [Dutch in N 

York] F 287 

The Ways of the Hour F 288 

The Wept of the Wish-ton-Wish 

[King Philip's War] F 289 

The Wing-and-Wing[ Mediterranean 

Sea, 1800] F 290 

Wyandotte [Indians of New York].F 29! 
COOPER, Mrs. K. S. Gideon's Rock.F 1460 

The same, and other Tales G 811 

The High Mills F 1463 

The same G 812 

Joan Merryweather.andotherTales.G 810 

Sebastian G 809 

COOPER, S. W. Think and Thank.. H 1146 
Three Days; a Midsummer Love- 
Story F 2873 

COOPER, S. W. (Blanche Constance). 

Confessions of a Society Man. . . F 2855 



COPPEE, F. E. J. Days of my YouthF 3098 

Henriette; or, a Corsican Mother. .F 3097 

The Rivals F 3355 

Ten Tales F 3096 

True Riches F 3354 

Contents: The Repayment; The Cure for 

Copperhead, The. Frederic F 3627 

Coquette, The. Foster F 3533 

Cora and the Doctor. Baker F 90 

Coral Island. Ballantyne H 232 

Coral Ship, The. Munroe H 1954 

CORBETT, J. Fall of Asgard; a Tale 

of St. Olaf 's Days. 2v F 2859 

For God andGold[Drake'sVoyages]F 2858 

Kophetua the Thirteenth F 2868 

CORBIN, Mrs. C. F. Belle and the 

Boys H 314 

His Marriage Vow F 328 

Rebecca; or, a Woman's Secret. . . F 327 

Cord and Creese. DeMille F 387 

CORELLI, M., pseud. Ardath. 3 v. in 2G 1322 

Barabbas [Time of Christ] F 8247 

Cameos [Short Stories] F 8249 

Jane, a Social Incident F 5089 

The Hired Baby, with other Storics.G 14 10 

The Mighty Atom F 8246 

The Murder of Delicia F 5092 

A Romance of Two Worlds G 1323 

The Silence of the Maharajah . . . . F 8248 

Sorrows of Satan F 5091 

The Soul of Lilith F 5090 

Thelma; a Norwegian Princess... G 1289 

Vendetta F 2813 

The same G 1290 

Wormwood; a Drama of Paris F 31 10 

The same G 141 1 

Ziska; Problem of a Wicked Soul . F 5088 

Corinne; or, Italy. Stael-Holstein F 1630 

Corinthia Marazion. Beckett F 7926 

Corisanda, and other Tales. Bridges. .G 1078 

CORKRAN, A. A. Bessie Lang F 309 

Cormorant Crag. Fenn H 1367 

CORNELL, L. A Country Girl F 8277 

CORNER-, J. English Envoy at the 

Court of Nicholas I. [Russia] F 8250 

Corner-Stone, The. Abbott H 56,2 

Cornertown Chronicles. Knox H 1 703 

Cornet of Horse. Henty H 1477 

CORNFORD, L. C. Captain Jacobus. F 8276 
The Master Beggars [Low Coun- 
tries in 1568.] F 8275 

CORNISH, Mrs. Alcestis F 9 

Corona of the Nantahalas. Pendleton. F 61 16 

Corse de Leon. James F 912 

Corsican Brothers. Dumas F 8483,2 

Cortez and Montezuma. Pratt H 21 11 

Cortez, Hernando, History of. Abbott. H 68 
CORYELL, J. R. Diccon the Bold; a 

Story of the Days of Columbus. . F 3352 

Diego Pinzon and his Voyage, 1492. F 3351 

Cosette. Macquoid F 5531 

Cossack and Czar. Ker H 1644 

Cossack Fairy and Folk-Tales. Bain.H 3130 

Cossacks, The. Tolstoi F 7020 

COSTELLO, D. Stories from a Screen. F 2793 
COSTELLO, F. H. Master Ardick, Buc- 
caneer F 8413 

COSTELLO, L. S. Catherine de Medi- 

cis; or, the Queen-Mother F 3099 

Costly Freak, A. Truttiett F 71 10 

COTES, Mrs. S. J. D. An American 

Cflrl in London I 6197 

A Daughter of To-day F 8256 

His Honour, and a Lady F 8258 

Simple Adventures of a Memsahib 

[Anglo-Indian Life] F -8255 

Story of Sonny. Sahib H 3500 

Vernon's Aunt; Oriental Experiences 

of Miss Moffat ,...F 8257 

COTES, V. C. Two Girls on a Barge. I 6292 

Cottage by the Cathedral. Charles G 77 

Cottagers of Glenburnie. Hamilton . . . F 743 

COTTERELL, C. Tempe F 8310 

COTTIN, Mme. S. R. Elizabeth; or, 

Exiles of Siberia H 478 

Matilda, Princess of England; Ro- 
mance of the Crusades. 2 v F 2834 

Cotton Stealing [Am. Civil War] F 326 

COUCH, A. T. Q. (Q). The Blue Pavil- 
ions [The Netherlands, i69i]....F 3117 
I saw Three Ships, and other Win- 
ter Tales F 8260 

la, a Love Story .F 8261 

Noughts and Crosses; Stories, Stud- 
ies and Sketches G 1412 

Wandering Heath F 8259 

Couldn't be Bought. Foster H 1354 

COULSON, E. K. {Roxburghe Lothian). 

Dante and Beatrice, 1282-90. 2 v.F 4929 

COULTER, J. Mr. Desmond, U. S. A . F 2850 

Counsel of Perfection. Harrison F 4m 

Count Alarcos. Beaconsfield F 2494 

Count Antonio, Chronicles of. Hawkins.F 4240 

Count de Camors. Feuillet F 3481 

Count Erbach. Nietschmann F 6844 



Count George Albert of Erbach. Kraus.F 4739 

Count Hugo of Craenhove. Conscience. F 293,9 

Count Kostia Cherbuliez F 229 

Count Mirabeau. Mundt F 1202 

Count of Monte-Cristo. Dumas F 484 

Count of Talavera. Lennep F 4897 

Count of the Saxon-Shore. Church F 2774 

Count Robert of Paris. Scott F 2 1 56 

Count Silvius. Horn F 4035 

Count Xavier. Durand F 3136 

Counter-Currents. Weitzel F 2906 

Counterparts. Sheppard F 1546 

Countess Almara's Murder. Hawthorne.F 3917 

Countess Bettina; ed. by "R" F 8315 

Countess de Bonneval. Fullerton G 938 

Countess de Charny. Dumas F 485 

Countess Erika's Apprenticeship. 

Kirschner F 4703 

Countess Eve. Shorthouse F 6549 

Countess Gisela. John ^ 933 

Countess Irene. Fogerty F 3630 

Countess Janina. Taube F 7086 

Countess Kate. Yonge H 2827 

Countess Loreley. Menger F 5271 

Countess Obernau. Cruger F 8390 

Countess of Monte-Cristo. DuBois F 486 

Countess of Rudolstadt. Dudevant...F 464 

Countess Pharamond. Booth F 6235 

Countess Radna. Norris F 5433 

Counting the Cost. Teal H 2487 

Country Boy at a Country Fair. Kaler. H 2009 

Country By-Ways. Jewett F 4435 

Country Doctor. Balzac F 2552 

Country Doctor. Jewett F 4437 

Country Gentleman, and his Family. 

Oliphant G 1270 

Country Girl, A. Cornell F 8277 

Country House on the Rhine. 2 v. Auer- 

bach F 75 

Same as Villa on the Rhine. 
Country in Danger, 1792. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 3258 

Country Living. Dodge E 1053 

Country Luck. Habberton F 3860 

Country of the Dwarfs. DuChaillu. . .H 352 

Country of the Pointed Firs. Jewett. F 4468 

Country Quarters Blessington F 641 

County, The G 1360 

COUPERUS, L. M. A. ElineVerc.F 3340 

Footsteps of Fate F 334 1 

Majesty F 3342 

Coupon Bonds. Trowbridge F 1795 

Courage. Ogden H 1982 

Court and the Cottage. Marshall H 1803 

Court Intrigue, A. Thompson F 6983 

Court Netherleigh. Wood G 1211 

Court of Charles IV. Perez Galdos. . . F 3640 

Court Royal. Gould F 3666 

The same G 1 259 

Courtenay of Walreddon. Bray F2299,io 

Courting and Farming. Smith F 1551 

Courting of Mary Smith. Robinson. . .F 6294 

Courtship and Marriage. Hentz F 788 

Courtship by Command. Blake F 8057 

Courtship in 1720 and i860. Smart F 1626 

Courtship of Morrice Buckler. Mason. F 9415 

Cousin Clara. Wise H26794 

Cousin from India May H 307 

Cousin Henry. Trollope G 1092 

Cousin Marshall. Martineau F 11 51,3 

Cousin Maud. Holmes F 833 

Cousin Mona. Carey H 3340 

Cousin Phillis.and other Tales. Gaskell.G 224 

Cousin Polly's Gold Mine. Porter F 13 43 

Cousin Pons. Balzac F 2551 

Cousin Sidney. Traice. F 7058 

Cousin Trix and her Tales May H 2824 

Cousin William. Hook F8577-8 

Cousins. Walford G 1203 

COUVREUR, Mme. J. C. H. (Tasma). 

In her Earliest Youth F 7121 

Not Counting the Lost F 8263 

A Sydney Sovereign and otherTales F 7 1 22 
Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill; an Aus- 
tralian Novel G 1345 

The White Feather F 7123 

Covenant with the Dead. Lemore F 4856 

COVENTRY, F. Pompey the Little; Ad- 
ventures of a Lap-dog *Fi 15,23 

COVENTRY. J., pseud. See PALMER, 

J. W. 
COWAN, J. F. Endeavor Doin's down 

to the Corners F 8316 

The Jo-Boat Boys H 1172 

The Mother of the King's Children; 

Story of Christian Endeavor H 1 171 

COWDREY, R. H. A Tramp in So- 
ciety F 3148 

COWLES, M. L. Redbank;Life on a 

Southern Plantation F 8318 

COWPER, F. Captain of the Wight; 

Carisbrooke Castle in 1488 H 1 145 

COX, Sir G. W. Tales of Ancient 

Greece A 76 

Tales of the Gods and the Heroes . . F 2904 
Tales of Thebes and Argos F 2854 



COX, .Sird. W. and E.H.JONES. Popu- 
lar Romances of the Middle Ages.F 333 

Tales of the Teutonic Lands F 332 

COX, M. M. Jack Brereton's Three 

Months' Service H 1 142 

Raymond Kershaw H 1141 

COX, P. Another Brownie Book H 1176 

Brownies around the World H 1 182 

The Brownies at Home H 1177 

The Brownies, their Book H 300 

The Brownies through the Union.. H 3535 
Comic Yarns in Verse, Prose and 

Picture E 2260 

Cox's Diary. Thackeray G 588,4 

Coxswain's Bride, The. Ballantyne . . . H 999 
COZZENS, F. S. Sparrowgrass Papers; 

or, Living in the Country F 330 

COZZENS, S. W. Young Trail Hunt- 
ers' Series H 299 

v. !. Young Trail Hunters. 

2. Crossing the Quicksands. 

3. Young Silver Seekers. 

CRACK ANTHORPE, H. Wreckage. F 8320 

Cracker Joe F 2215 

Crackers for Christmas. Brabournc.H 495 

Cradock Nowell. Blackmore F 7984 

Crag, Glacier and Avalanche. Daunt . H 1197 

CRAGIN, M. A. Billow Prairie F 7810 

CRAIG, J. D. Clerical Life in Ireland. F 2885 

CRAIGIE, C. An Old Man's Romance.F 8366 
CRAIGIE, Mrs. M. (/. O. Hobbes). A 

Bundle of Life F 7270 

The Gods, some Mortals and Lord 

Wickenham F 8362 

The Herb-Moon F 8363 

The Sinner's Comedy F 7233 

Some Emotions and a Moral F 7227 

A Study in Temptations F 7242 

CRAIK, D. M. About Money E 2227 

Contents: About Money; Six Happy 
Days; Life and its Worth; Story of a 
Little Pig; Genius; My Sister's Grapes; 
On Sisterhoods; Facing the World; A 
Paris Atelier; Kiss and be Friends. 

Adventures of a Brownie H 305 

Agatha's Husband G 107 

A Brave Lady F 3147 

The same G 108 

Bread upon the Waters G 109 

Contents: Bread upon the Waters; A 
Family in Love; A Low Marriage; The 
Double House. 

CRAIK, D. M. Christian's Mistake.. F 343 

The same G no 

Domestic Stories G 1 1 1 

Fairy Book H 310 

The Half-Caste F 8355 

Contents: The Half-Caste; The Last of 
the Ruthvens; Quintin Matsys, the 
Blacksmith of Antwerp; Antonio Meli- 
dori, a Chapter from the History of the 
Greek Revolution; The Italian's Daugh- 
ter, a Study of the English Poor; The 
Sculptor of Bruges. 

Hannah F 336 

The same G 128 

Head of the Family G 113 

A Hero F 337 

Contents: A Hero; Bread upon the 
Waters; Alice Learmont. 

His little Mother, and other Tales. F 2891 

The same G 950 

Is it True? Tales, Curious and Won- 
derful H 308 

John Halifax F 2890 

The same G 114 

King Arthur (Not a Love Story).. .F 2893 

Laurel Bush F 339 

The same,and Two little Tinkers.G 900 

Life for a Life F 340 

The same G 115 

The little Lame Prince, and his 

travelling Cloak G 901 

Little Sunshine's Holiday H 1 121 

Lord Erlistoun G 116 

Contents: Lord Erlistoun; Alwyn's first 
Wife; The Water Cure; The last House 
in C Street. 

Miss Tommy; Mediaeval Romance.G 913 

The same, and In a House Boat.F 2892 

Mistress and Maid G 117 

My Mother and I F 338 

The same G 902 

A Noble Life G 1 18 

The Ogilvies G 119 

Olive G 120 

Our Year; a Child's Book H 2821 

Romantic Tales G 122 

Contents: Avillion; The Self-Seer; 
Sculptor of Bruges; Daughter of Here- 
mon; King Tolv; Erotion; Cleomenes; 
Story of Hyas; Cross on the Snow 
Mountains; The Rosicrucian; Antonio 
Melidori; Elisabetta Sirani; A Life 

Studies from Life G 123 

Two Marriages G 124 



CRAIK, D. M. Three Tales for Boys.H 2822 

Contents: A Hero; The Little Lychetts; 
Three Tales for Girls H 2823 

Contents: Alice Learmont; Michael, the 
Miner: How to Win Love. 
Unkind Word, and other Stories. .G 125 

Will Denbigh, Nobleman F 2187 

Woman's Kingdom F 342 

The same G 126 

Young Mrs. Jardine G Q05 

and others. Plucky Boys H 1 1 23 

CRAIK, G. M. See MAY, Mrs. G. M. 

CRAKE, A. D. The Rival Heirs F 2886 

House of Walderne ; Days of the 

Barons' Wars F 2803 

CRAM, R. A. Black Spirits and White; 

Ghost Stories F 8408 

Contents: No. 252 Rue M. Le Prince: In 

Kropfsberg Keep; The White Villa; 

Sister Maddelena ; Notre Dame des 

Saux; The Dead Valley; Postcript. 

CRANE, E. Nisida ; Two Winters in 

Madeira F 2887 

CRANE, J. L. The Two Circuits; a 

Story of Illinois Life F 34 1 

CRANE, S. Little Regiment, and other 

Episodes [Am. Civil War] F 8402 

Contents: The Little Regiment; Three 
Miraculous Soldiers; A Mystery of Her- 
oism; An Indiana Campaign ; A Gray 
Sleeve ; The Veteran. 

The Red Badge of Courage [Am. 

Civil War] F 840! 

The Third Violet 8403 

CRANE, T. F. Italian Popular Tales. F 2871 

Cranford. Gaskell F 647 

The same G 225 

Craque-o'-Doom. Catherwood F 2738 

Crater. Cooper F 263 

CRAVEN, Mme. P. Anne SeVerin. . . F 331 

Eliane G 854 

Fleurange F 345 

Veil withdrawn F 344 

CRAWFORD, F. M. Adam Johnstone's 

Son F 8328 

An American Politician F 2883 

Casa Braccio. 2 v. [Italian Life]. F 8327 
The Children of the King; Tale of 

Southern Italy F 8321 

A Cigarette-Maker's Romance F 3103 

Doctor Claudius F 2889 

Don Orsino F 3333 

Sequel to Sant' Ilario. 

Katharine Lauderdale. 2 v F 8324 

CRAWFORD, F. M. Greifenstein F 2880 

Khaled; a Tale of Arabia F 3104 

Love in Idleness [Bar Harbor] F 8325 

Marion Darche F 8323 

Marzio's Crucifix F 2877 

Mr. Isaacs; a Tale of India F 2888 

• Paul Patoff [Turkey, 19th Century].F 2878 

Pietro Ghisleri F 8322 

The Ralstons. 2v F 8326 

A Roman Singer F 2882 

A Rose of Yesterday F 8330 

Sant' Ilario F 2874 

Sequel to Saracinesca. 

Saracinesca F 2876 

A Tale of a Lonely Parish F 2875 

Taquisara. 2 v F 8329 

The Three Fates F 311 1 

To Leeward F 2881 

The Upper.Berth and By the Waters 

of Paradise F 7188 

The Witch of Prague F 3107 

With the Immortals F 2879 

Zoroaster [B. C. 550-500] F 2884 

CRA WFURD, 0. J. F. Sylvia Arden . . F 3339 

The World we live in F 2899 

CRAYON, Geoffrey, pseud. See IRVING, W. 

Craze of Christian Engelhart. Darnell. F 3050 
CREIGHTON, Mrs. L. H. v. G. Stories 

from English History.. H 1 122 

CRELLIN, H. N. Romances of the Old 

Seraglio F 8348 

Cressy. Harte F 3856 

Cressy and Poictiers. Edgar H 1252 

Crew of the Sam V/eller. Habberton.. . F 3930 
Crew of the Water Wagtail. Ballan- 

tyne * H 095 

Crichton. Ainsworth F 2361 

Cricket. Timlow H 2473 

Cricket on the Hearth. Dickens F 405 

The same G • 151 

CRIM, M. Adventures of a Fair Rebel 

[Am. Civil War] F 3141 

Elizabeth: Christian Scientist F 3329 

In Beaver Cove and Elsewhere F 3328 

Crime and Punishment. Dostoyevsky.F 2970 
Crime of Christmas- Day; Tale of the 

Latin Quarter F 2901 

Crime of Henry Vane. Stimson F 6685 

Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard. France. F 3613 

Crime of the Century. Ottolengui F 5854 

Crimson Sign, The. Keightley F 4766 

Crimson Stain, A. Bradshaw F 2609 

Cringle and Cross-Tree. Adams H 109,4 



Cringlewood Court. Potter H 2091 

Cripps, the Carrier. Blackmore F 114 

Criss-Cross. Litchfield F 4913 

CROCKETT, S. R. Bog -Myrtle and 

Peat; Tales of Galloway F 8341 

Contents: Adventures; Intimacies; His- 
tories; Idylls; Tales of the Kirk; In 
Praise of Galloway. 

Cleg Kelly, Arab of the City F 8333 

A Galloway Herd F 8335 

The Gray Man F 8332 

Lads' Love F 8343 

The Lilac Sunbonnet F 8339 

Mad Sir Uchtred of the Hills F 8338 

The Men of the Moss-Hags [Scotch 

Covenanters] F 8334 

The Play-Actress F 8340 

The Raiders F 8337 

The Stickit Minister and some Com- 
mon Men F 8336 

Sweetheart Travellers H 3550 

and others. Tales of Our Coast . . . F 6936 
ForConUnts See Tales of Our Coast. 
Crockford's; or, Life in the West. 2 v. 

Deale F 2907 

CROFTON, Mrs. C. {Helen Mil-nan). 

Uncle Bill's Children H 1 136 

CROFTON, F. B. Hairbreadth Escapes 

of Major Mendax H 1 1 47 

CROFTS, J. Effie and her Strange Ac- 
quaintances H mo 

CROKER, Mrs. B. M. Interference.. F 3154 

Mr. Jervis F 8381 

A Third Person F 8342 

To Let F 8380 

Contents: To Let; Mrs. Raymond; The 
Khitmatgar; The Dak Bungalow; The 
other Miss Browne; If you see her 
Face ; The Former Passengers ; The 
Secret of the Amulet. 
CROKER, T. C. Fairy Legends of the 

South of Ireland F 2900 

The same I 3601 

CROLY, G. Salathiel, the Immortal [The 

Wandering Jew] F 3158 

CROMIE, R. A Plunge into Space. . .F 3144 
CROMMELIN, M. Freaks of Lady For- 
tune F 31 13 

Goblin Gold F 2869 

A Jewel of a Girl F 941 

Violet Vyvian, M. F. H F 3349 

CROMPTON, F. E. Master Bartlemy..H 1179 

Messire and other Stories H 3540 

Contents: Messire; The Wayfaring of 
Gluck; Pippo and Letty and I. 

Crooked Path. Hector F 4092 

The same G 1 330 

Crooked Places. Mayo F 632 

Crooked S. Clare H F173 

Crooked Stick, The. Browne F 8038 

Croppy; Tale of 1798. Banim F 104 

CROSBY, M. A Violin Obligato, and 

other Stories F 3140 

CROSLAND, Mrs. C. T. English Tales 

and Sketches F 3157 

Hubert Freeth's Prosperity F 329 

Stories of London for Youthful 

Readers H 1 125 

CROSS, Mrs. A. (Cambridge). FidelisF 8376 

A Humble Enterprise F 8377 

A Little Minx F 3324 

A Marked Man F 3323 

A Marriage Ceremony F 3325 

My Guardian F 3322 

Not all in Vain '. . F 3321 

The Three Miss Kings; an Austra- 
lian Story F 3153 

CROSS, Mrs. M. A. {George Eliot). Ad- 
am Bede G 361 

The same. 2v F 1079 

Daniel Deronda. 2v F 1059 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 990 

Felix Holt, the Radical [Time of 

William IV.] F 1058 

The same G 363 

Impressions of TheophrastusSuch.F 3301 

The same G 092 

The Lifted Veil, and Brother Jacob.E 7044 

The same G 991 

Middlemarch. 2v F 1056 

The Mill on the Floss F 1057 

The same G 364 

Romola [Florence, Time of Savana- 

rola] F 3300 

The same G 365 

Scenes of Clerical Life. 2 v F 3302 

v. 1. Sad Fortunes of Rev. Amos 
Barton; Mr. GilfiTs Love 
2. Mr. Gilfil [continued]; Janet's 

The same G 366 

Silas Marner G 367 

The same; The Lifted Veil; 

Brother Jacob F 3302 

Cross and Crescent Adams H 112,3 

Cross and the Shamrock. Quigley F 2002 

Cross Corners. Warner H 754 


Cross of Berny. Girardin F 

- Patch and other Stories. WoolseyH 

I Roads, The. Yonge F 

Crossing the Quicksands. Cozzens H 

Crotchet Castle. Peacock F 

The same J 

Crowded out o' Crowfield. Stoddard.. H 

CROWE, Mrs. C. Ghosts and Family 

Legends; Volume for Christmas. F 

Crown and Sceptre. Fenn H 

Crown from the Spear. Hamilton F 

Crown Jewels. McKeever H 

Crown of Straw, A. Upward F 

Crown of Success. Tucker F 


among the Lighthouses H 

The Ignoramuses; a travel Story. . H 
CROWQUILL, A., pseud. See FOR- 
CROZIER, R. H. The Confederal 

[Am. Civil War] F 

Crucirix of Baden, and other Stories F 

Crucifixion of Phillip Strong. Sheldon. F 

Cruel London. Hatton V 

CRUGER, Mrs. J. S. (Julien Gordon). 

Countess Obernau F 

Diplomat's Diary F 

His Letters . . f 



A Puritan Pagan 

A Successful Man 

Vampires— Mademoiselle R£s6da. F 
A Wedding, and other Stories F 

Contents: A Wedding; The First Flight; 
Morning Mists; Conquered; Kaking 
Straws ; The Moujik. 

CRUGER, M. Brotherhood F 

Hyperesthesia F 

Yanderheyde Manor-House 

Cruise of the Black Prince Privateer. 


Cruise of the Canoe Club. Alden H 

Cruise of the Casco. Kellogg H 

Cruise of the Dainty. Kingston H 

Cruise of theDashaway. Nowell H 

Cruise of the Esmeralda. Lancaster. . H 
Cruise of the Frolic. Kingston.... F 

Cruise of the Ghost. Alden . . H 

Cruise of the Snowbird. Stabies H 

Cruise under Six Flags. Ericsson F 

Cruises with Captain Bob. Shillaber. H 
Crusade of the Excelsior. Harte F 







I I 40 
1 128 









Crusades, Heroines of. Bloss C 3327 

Crusaders and Captives. Merrill H 1881 

Crusoe in New York, etc. Hale F 3939 

Crusoesof Guiana. Boussenard H 1035 

Crust and the Cake. Mayo F 635 

Cryptogram, The. DeMille F 388 

Cryptogram, The. Verne F 7306,2 

Crystal Button, The Thomas F 6968 

Crystal City. Laurie H 4721 

Cuckoo Clock. Molesworth H 1843 

Cuckoo in the Nest. Oliphant F 5782 

Cudjo's Cave. Trowbridge H 739 

CUDLIP, Mrs. A. Called to Account. G 137 

Denis Donne * G 138 

Dower House F 1785 

False Colours F 1783 

Famous or Infamous F 7035 

" He Cometh Not," she said F 1781 

High Stakes F 1755 

Sa me as Playing for High Stakes. 

The Love of a Lady F 3101 

Narrow Escape F 352 

The same G 1070 

Alternative F 1779 

Old Dacres' Darling F 7036 

On Guard G 1 39 

Only Herself G 140 

Passion in Tatters F 1784 

Played out G 141 

Playing for High Stakes F 1755 

The Roll of Honor I 3102 
The Sloane Square Scandal, and 

other stories F 7034 

Contents: The Sloane :-quare Scandal; 
The Vicar's Wife; Her First Ball; The 
Curate's Temptation; That Woman; 
Cold Starlight; Mrs. Calmadyof Clawn. 

That other Woman F 7037 

Two Widows F 1782 

Utterly Mistaken F 7038 

Walter Goring G 142 

CUFFE, W. U. O. See DESART, Karl of. 

Culture's Garland. Field E 2884 

CUMBERLAND, S. C. The Rabbi's 

Spell [Russo-Jewish Romance].. . F 2870 

Cumberland Vendetta, A. Fox F 8714 

CUMMINS, M. S. El Fureidis F 348 

Haunted Hearts [New Jersey, i8i2]F 350 

The Lamplighter F 35 1 

Mabel Yaughan F 2905 

Cunning Woman's Grandson. Yonge.. F 2041 

Cunning Workmen. Alden F 2381 

CUNNINGHAM, A. Traditional Tales 

of English and Scotish Peasantry. F 2910 



CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. B. S. In Sancho 

Panza's Pit F 291 1 

CUNNINGHAM, Sir H. S. TheHeriotsF 3120 

Sibylla F 8420 

Cuore. Amicis H 945 

Cup Bearer. Van-Anderson. H 2599 

Cup of Trembling. Foote F 3375 

Cupid and Chow-Chow. Alcott H 124,3 

Cupid and the Sphinx. McClellan F 5246 

Cupid, M. D. Swift F 6695 

CUPPLES, Mrs. A. J. Driven to Sea . . H 1 134 
Singular Creatures; Domestic Zo- 
ology H 315 

Same as Tappy's Chicks. 

Terrapin Island H 1 133 

CUPPLES,G. Cupples Howe, Mariner.F 2003 

Deserted Ship H 1 130 

Cupples Howe, Mariner. Cupples. . . . F 2903 

Curate in Charge. Oliphant G 1013 

Curate's Home. Giberne G 954 

Curate's Widow, The. Ellis F 543,1 

Curiositiesof Human Nature. Goodrich. H 433,6 
Curious Adventures of a Field Cricket. 

Candeze H 1081 

Curly; an Actor's Story. Coleman F 2840 

CURRY, L. A Bohemian Tragedy. . . F 2912 

Curse of Clement Waynflete. Mitford.F 5625 

Curse of Intellect, The F 8427 

Curse of the Village. Conscience F 293,6 

CURTEIS, B. C. In the Marsh H 1 140 

CURTIN, J. Hero-Tales of Ireland.. F 8430 
Tales of Fairies and Ghost World. F 8431 
CURTIS, Mrs. C. G. {Carroll Win- 
chester). From Madge to Mar- 
garet F 1957 

Love of a Lifetime F 7504 

CURTIS, G. T. {Peter Boylston). John 

Charaxes [Am. Civil War] F 2629 

CURTIS, G. W. Potiphar Papers... E 985 

Prue and I F 355 

Trumps F 356 

CURWhN, H. Within Bohemia F 2913 

CUSHING, Paul, pseud. See WOOD, R. A. 

Cut; a Story of West Point. Roe F 2752 

Cut by the County. Maxwell F 2610 

The same G 1246 

CUTHELL, E. E. Only a Guardroom 

Dog H 1137 

Cutlass and Cudgel. Fenn H 1307 

CUTLER, Mrs. M. C. Philip; Story of 

the First Century F 3100 

CUTTIM, E. M. {An Idle Exile). By 

a Himalayan Lake F 4260 

CUTTIM, E. M. {An Idle Exile). Her 

Heart was True [ Peninsular War] F 7240 
In Tent and Bungalow [Anglo-In- 
dian Life] F 7232 

Wee Widow's Cruise in Quiet 

Waters F 7234 

Cynic Fortune. Murray F 9540 

Cynthia Wakeham's Money. Rohlfs..F 3787 

Cyril Ashley. Tucker H 2528 

Cyril Hamilton. Low H 1770 

Cyril Thornton. Hamilton F 735 

Cyrilla. Tautphceus G 576 

Cyrus the Great. Abbott H ' 25 

CZAPSKA, Comtesse. Romance of a 

German Court. 2v F 3218 

Czar, The. Alcock F 2914 

Czar and Sultan. Forbes H 1347 

CZEIKA, pseud. An Operetta in Pro- 
file F 2915 

Da Capo, and other Tales. Ritchie... G 1061 
DAAL, M. Anna, the Professor's Daugh- 
ter F 2932 

Dab Kinzer. Stoddard H 699 

DABNEY, J. P. Little Daughter of the 

Sun [Canary Islands, 1870] F 8525 

DABNEY, V. Gold that did not Glitter. F 3041 

Daddy Darwin's Dovecot. Ewing H 1272 

Daddy Dave. Frances F 3557 

Daddy Jake, the Runaway. Harris... . H 1544 

Daddy's Boy. Smith H 1863 

Daffodil and the Croaxaxicans. Web- 
ster H 2670 

Daft Davie. Whitehead F 9970 

DAGGETT, Mrs. C. S. Mariposilla. . F 3070 

Dagonet, the Jester. Macmillan F 5504 

DAHLGREN, M. V. Chim, his Wash- 
ington Winter [Story of a Dog]. . F 3069 

Divorced F 2948 

Lights and Shadows of a Life F 2929 

The Lost Name F 2936 

A Washington Winter F 2926 

DAHN, J. S. F. Felicitas [The Romans 

in Germany] F 2928 

Saga of Half red, the Sigskald [10th 

Century] F 2956 

Daisy. Warner F 1862 

Daisy Burns. Kavanagh G 291 

Daisy Chain. Yonge F 2014 

The same G 666 

Daisy Miller. James F 4414 

Daisy Plains. Warner ...F 7550 

Daisy Snowflake's Secret. Reaney F 6259 

Daisy Thornton. Holmes F 850 


Daisy Ward's Work. McLain F IIl6 

Daisy's Companions. O'Reilly H 586 

DALE, D. The Little Doctor; the Magic 

of Nature H 1 183 

Lottie's Wooing F 3044 

DALIN,T., pseud. European Relations ; 

a Tirolese Sketch F 7228 

DALL, Mrs. C. W. H. Patty Grays 

Journey H 316 

v. 1. From Boston to Baltimore. 

2. From Baltimore to Washing- 


3. On the Way; or, Patty at 

Mount Vernon. 

DALLAS, M. K. Billtry F 3029 

The Grinder Papers E 24 10 

Dally. Pool F 5981 

DALTON, W. Lost in Ceylon H 324 

Phaulcon, the Adventurer; Euro- 
peans in the West F 2923 

War Tiger; Conquest of China H 328 

White Elephant; or, the Hunters of 

Ava H 326 

Will Adams, the first Englishman in 

Japan H 327 

Wolf-Boy of China H 325 

Daltons, The. 4 v. in 2. Lever G 336 

DALY, M. N. A Moral Sinner F 2937 

Dalzells of Daisydown. Blake H 1021 

Damascus Road, The. Tinseau F 7143 

Dame Care. Sudermann F 6830 

Dame Dolores and other Stories. Tay- 
lor H 329 

Dame Prism. Matthews H 1786 

Dames of High Estate. Witt F 1978 

Damen's Ghost. Bynner F 2925 

Damnation of Theron Ware. Frederic . F 8748 
DAMON, S. M. Old New England DaysK 

Damsel of the 18th Century. Norris.H 141 

Dan of Millbrook. Coffin F 206 

DANA, K. F. Our Phil, and other 

Stories F 2919 

Dancer in Yellow, The. Norris F 5731 

Dancing Faun, The. Farr F 3315 

DANDE, L. Blue Blood; or, White May 

and Black June F 370 

DANDELYON, R. The Dissolution. .F 3073 

DANE, D. Vengeance is Mine F 3045 

DANE, F. Leonora of the Yawmish.F 8556 

Danesbury House. Wood F 1988 

DANFORTH, Parke,pseud. S<^ TALBOT, H.L. 

Dangerous Catspaw. Murray F 5345 

Dangerous Woman, A. Pierce F 5943 

Daniel Deronda. 2 v. Cross F 1059 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 990 

Daniel Rock. Erckmann and ChatrianF 3372 

Daniel Trentworthy. McGovern F 51 19 

Daniele Cortis. Fogazzaro F 3553 

DANIELS, W. H. That Boy; Who shall 

have him? F 2922 

DANILEVSKY, G. P. The Princess 

Tarakanova; Russian History. . .F 3189 
Danish Legends and Fairy Tales. Ander- 
sen I 3101 

Danish Parsonage, A. Yicary F 2969 

Danites in the Sierras. Miller F 5289 

Same as First Fam'lies of the Sierras. 

Dante and Beatrice. Lothian F 4929 

Danvers. Hook F 857,1 

Danvers Papers. Yonge G 667 

Danvis Folks. Robinson F 6215 

Daphne. Booth F 382 


D'ARCY, E. Monochromes F 8446 

Contents: The Eligic; Irremediable; 
Poor Cousin Louis; The Pleasure-Pil- 
grim; White Magic; The Expiation of 
David Scott. 
Dare and Do Right Series. See Alger, H. Jr. 
Darien; or, the Merchant Prince. War- 
burton G 626 

Darius the Great. Abbott. H 

Dark Days. Fargus F 2826 

The same G 1077 

Dark House, The. Fenn F 3488 

Dark Night's Work. Gaskell G 226 

Dark Scenes of History. James F 924 

Darkness and Dawn. Farrar F 3413 

Darkness and Daylight. Holmes F 834 

DARLINGrM. Q.' Battles at Home. .H 338 

Gladys F 2962 

In the World H 339 

Sequel to Battles at Home. 
DARNELL, H. F. Craze of Christian 

Engelhart F 3050 

Darnley. James G 264 

Dartmoor. Hervey F 1194 

DASENT, Q. W. Annals of an Event- 
ful Life. 3 v F 2920 

Gisli the Outlaw F 668 

Vikings of the Baltic. 3 v. [10th 

Century] F 368 

Dash for Khartoum. Henty H 1570 

Dash to the Pole. Ward F 7433 

DAUDET, A. L'Artesienne (The Girl 

of Aries) F 2978 



DAUDET, A. Artists' Wives F 2955 

La Belle Nivernaise; Story of an Old 

Boat F 2952 

Fromont, Junior & Risler, Senior. .F 3035 

The Immortal ; or, One of the Forty.F 2954 

In the Midst of Paris F 3036 

Contents: The Siege; The Ensign; Ar- 
thur; Dreams; Voyage circulaire; In the 

Jack F 2957 

Kings in Exile F 366 

Letters from my Mill F 3163 

Little Good-for-nothing F 2931 

Same as My Brother Jack. 

The Nabob F 375 

Numa Roumestan F 2958 

Port Salvation; or, the Evangelist. F 3037 
Port Tarascon; Last Adventures of 

Tartarin F 2959 

Robert Helmont [Franco- Prussian 

Warl F 3034 

Rose and Ninette F 3162 

Sidonie F 374 

Same as Fromont, Junior. 

Stories of Provence F 2934 

Tartarin of Tarascon F 373 

Tartarin on the Alps F 2951 

DAUDET, L. M. E. The Apostate . . . F 2953 
DAUGE, HENRI, pseud. See HAM- 
MOND, E. H. 

Daughter of a Stoic. Pratt : .F 6143 

Daughter of an Empress. Mundt F 1203 

Daughter of Bohemia. Tiernan F 576 

Daughter of Eve. Balzac F 7872 

Daughter of Eve. Kirk F 4693 

Daughter of Fife. Barr F 2527 

Daughter of Heth. Black G 49 

Daughter of Music, A. Colmore F 8245 

Daughter of Pharaoh. Colby F 3105 

Daughter of the Nez Percys. Paterson.F 6100 

Daughter of the Philistines. Boyeson.F 2207 

Daughter of the Soil. Blundell F 8081 

Daughter of the South. Harrison F 38 1 5 

Daughter of the Tenements. TownsendF 7083 

Daughter of the Tropics. Lean G 1287 

Daughter of this World, A. Battershall.F 7908 

Daughter of To-day, A. Cotes F 8256 

Daughter of Tyrconnell. Sadlier F 1640 

Daughter of Venice. Wood F 7587 

Daughter's Sacrifice, A. Philips and Fen- 

dall G 1366 

Daughters, The. 3 v. in 2. Grey F 704 

Daughters of the Revolution. Coffin.. F 8286 

DAUNT, A. Craig, Glacier, Avalanche. H 1197 
Frank Redcliffe; a Story of Travel 

in Venezuela H 1 202 

Land of the Moose, Bear and Beaver; 

Forests of Athabasca H 1 195 

Three Trappers in Canada H 1 201 

With Pack and Rifle in the Far 

Southwest and Central America.H 1196 

DAUNT,W.J.O'N. Gentleman in Debt.F 371 

Saints and Sinners F 372 

Davault's Mills. Jones F 952 

Davenport Dunn. 3 v. in 2. Lever G 337 

DAVID, M. de S. (Raoul de Navery). 

Idols F 5445 

David Alden's Daughter. Austin F 2325 

David Balfour. Stevenson F 6866 

David Copperfield. Dickens F 400 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 153 

David Elginbrod. MacDonald F 1098 

The same G 408 

David Grieve, History of. Ward F 7552 

David Poindexter's Disappearance. Haw- 
thorne F 3845 

David Simple. 2 v. Fielding F 3636 

David Vane and David Crane, Adven- 
tures of. Trowbridge H 2512 

David's Loom. Clegg F 8236 

DAVIDSON, J. The North Wall F 8554 

DAVIES, Q. C. Peter Penniless; Game 

Keeper and Gentleman H 1206 

The Swan and her Crew H 1203 

Wildcat Tower H 1204 

DAVIES, T. Losing to Win F 358 

DAVIS, E. When Love is Done F 8443 

DAVIS, E. J. Pyrna; a Commune F 5990 

DAVIS, H. For so Little; Story of a 

Crime F 31*73 

DAVIS, H. R. Gilbert Elgar's Son. . . F 3053 
In Sight of the Goddess; Washing- 
ton Life F 8527 

DAVIS, Mrs. M. E. M. In War Times 
at La Rose Blanche [Am. Civil 

War] F 2984 

Under the Man-fig [Texas during 

Am. Civil War] F 8441 

DAVIS, R. F. (Trebor). As it may Hap- 
pen F 7060 

DAVIS, Mrs. Rebecca H. Doctor War- 
rick's Daughters F 8530 

Frances Waldeaux F 8531 

John Andross F 360 

Kent Hampden H 1 189 

Law u- to herself F 378 



DAVIS, Mrs. Rebecca H. Natasqua.F 2950 

Silhouettes of American Life F 3051 

Tirar y Soult F 6795 

DAVIS, Richard H. Cinderella, and 

other stories F 3065 

Contents Cinderella: Miss Delamar's I 
derstudy; The Editor's Story; An As- 
sisted Emigrant; The Reporter who 
made himself King. 
The Exiles, and other stories F 3049 

Contents The Exiles; The Writing on the 
Wall; The Right of Way; His Bad Angel; 
The Boy Orator of Zepata City; The 
Romance in the Life of Hefty Burke; 
An Anonymous Letter. 

Gallegher, and other stories F 3054 

Contents: Gallegher: A Walk up the 
Avenue; My Disreputable Friend, Mr. 
Raegen- The Other Woman; The Trailer 
for Room No. 8; There were Ninety and 
Nine; The Cynical Miss Catherwaight; 
Van Bibber and the Swan-boats; Van 
Bibber's Burglar- Van Bibber as Best 

The Princess Aline 1 3048 

Soldiers of Fortune F 8534 

Stories for Boys H 1 190 

Contents : The Reporter who made himself 
King; Midsummer Pirates; Richard 
Carr's Baby; The Great Tri-Club Tennis 
Tournament; The Jump at Corey's Slip: 
The Van Bibber Base-ball Club; The 
Story of a Jockey. 
Van Bibber and others I 3052 

Contents: Her First Appearance; Van 
Bibber's Man Servant; The Hungry 
Man was fed; Van Bibber at the Races; 
An Experiment in Economy; Mr. Tra- 
vel's First Hunt; Love me. Love my 
dog; Eleonore Cuyler; A Recruit at 
Chris tmas; A Patron of Art; Andy 
M 'Gee's Chorus Girl; A Leander of the 
East River; How Hefty Burke got even; 
Outside the Prison; An Unfinished 

DAVIS, S. Short Stories F 3190 

DAVIS, V. A. J. The Veiled Doctor. F 8444 
DAVIS, W. M. Nimrod of the Sea; 

American Whaleman I 359 

DAVISON, H. Lucile H 1208 

DAVY, .Sir H. Wonders of Science.. H 559 

Davy and the Goblin. Carryl H 1089 

DA WE, W. C. Mount Desolation; an 

Australian Romance F 3164 

Yellow and White F 8513 

Contents: Yellow and White; Fan-Tan; 
Coolies; Oshima; Sada; Amok; The City 
of the White Elephant; Brown and 
White; Kitsune. 

DAWES, R. Nix's Mate. 2 v. [Re- 
volution of 1689 in Boston] F 

Dawn. Haggard F 3872 

Dawning, The. Babcock F 2933 

DAWSON, W.J. London Idylls F 8521 

Contents • Jim and his Soul; The Chilled 
Heart; The Music of the Gods; The 
Third Man, The Shadow between them; 
The Transformation of John Loxley; 
The Madness of 'Liza; An Historic Inci- 
dent; The Footfall; Sister Lydia. 
DAY, Q. T. African Adventure and 

Adventurers H 323 

DAY, LAL BEHARI. Folk-Tales of 

Bengal F 2927 

DAY, T. History of Sandford and Mer- 

ton H 318 

Day and Night Stories. 2 v. Sullivan. . F 6905 

Day at Laguerre's. Smith F 6771 

Day of Fate, A. Roe ...F 6321 

Day of his Youth. Brown F 8094 

Day of their Wedding. Howells F 4325 

Day of Wonders. Sullivan H 2430 

Day will Come, The. Maxwell G 1355 

Day's Ride. Lever G 338 

Days and Nights on the Battlefield. Cof- 
fin H 296 

1 )ays and Ways of Cocked Hats. Deni- 

son B 349 

Days of Auld Lang Syne. Watson F 5558 

Days of Bruce. Aguilar F 23 

Days of Chivalry. Adams H 82 

Days of Lamb and Coleridge. Lord.F 4818 

Days of my Life. Oliphant 1 1262 

Days of my Youth. Copp£e F 3098 

Days of Yore. 2 v. Keddie F 1818 

Dayspring. Marshall G 1 1 22 

De Cressy. Paul G 145 

De Profundis. Gilbert F 659 

Deacon Sims' Prayers. Chellis H 

Deacon Tubman and Parson Whitney. 

Murray F 5338 

Dead Heart. Gibbon F 3750 

Dead Lake, and other Tales. Heyse.G 251 
Dead Leman, and other Tales. Lang 

and Sylvester F 4955 

Dead Man's Court. Hervey F 4195 

Dead Man's Diary, A. Kernahan F 3166 

Dead Marquise. Kip F 1003 

Dead Men's Shoes. Maxwell F 205 

The same G 680 

Dead-Sea Fruit. Maxwell G 35 

Dead Secret. Collins G 713 

The same G 166,4-. 5 



Dead Sin, and other Stories. Mayo. . . F 638 

Dead to the World. Bauer F 119 

Dead Tryst. Grant F 8808 

DEALE. Crockford's ; or, Life in the 

West. 2 v F 2007 

DEAN, Mrs. Andrew, pseud. See 


Dean and his Daughter, The. Philips.G 1275 

Dean's Daughter. Gore G 237 

Dean's Daughter, The. Veitch F 7301 

DEANE, M. Mr. Zinzan of Bath F 3176 

DEANE, M. B. Three Little Maids. .H 1181 

Deane Girls. Rouse H 2239 

Dear; by the Author of Miss Toosey's 

Mission F 7706 

Dear Daughter Dorothy. Plympton..H 2053 

Dear Elsie. Kiihne F 3023 

Dear Faustina. Broughton F 8072 

Dear Lady Disdain. McCarthy F 5125 

The same. G 767 

DEARBORN, L., pseud. At the Thresh- 
old F 7239 

Dearer than Life. Dixon H 1752 

Dearest. Bridges F 3608 

Dearly Bought. Burnham F 2676 

Deb and the Duchess. Smith H 1864 

DEBANS, C. Catherine's Coquetries ; 

French Country Life F 305s 

DEBENHAM, M. H. For King and 

Home [Tale of La Vendue.].... F 3168 

Mistress Phil F 3167 

The Whispering Winds, and the 

Tales they Told H 1 199 

Debenham's Vow. Edwards G 193 

Debit and Credit. Freytag F 618 

Deborah's Diary. Rathbone F 2080 

Sequel to Mary Powell. 
Debutante in New York Society. Bu- 
chanan F 2626 

Decatur and Somers. Seawell H 2317 

Deceivers Ever. Cameron F 2725 

December Roses. Praed F 5967 

Deemster, The. Caine F 2705 

Deep Down in the Mines. Ballan- 

tyne H 220 

Deep Waters. Drury F 394 

Deephaven. Jewett F 4463 

Deerbrook. Martineau F 1156 

Deerfoot Series. See Ellis, E. S. 

Deerings of Medbury. Townsend. . . . H 725 

Deerslayer. The. Cooper F 264 

DE FOE, D. Life and Adventures of 

Captain Singleton F 2943 

DE FOE, D. Life and Adventures of 

Robinson Crusoe H 320 

The same *F 115, 16, 17 

The same G 146 

The same I 3154 

The same. 2 v *I 3403 

The same; Facsimile of first ed. 

1719 *F 2938 

Novels and Miscellaneous Works. A 366 

Contents: History of the Plague in 
London, 1665; The Great Fire of Lon 
don, 1666; The Storm, 1703; The True 
Born Englishman. 

Selections from Minor Novels F 3191 

De Foix. Bray F 2299,2 

The same F 2657 

ily Tree F 609 

A Tangled Skein F 610 

DE FOREST, J. W. Bloody Chasm 

[Reconstruction, 1865] F 2930 

Irene, the Missionary F 902 

Kate Beaumont F 362 

Miss Ravenel's Conversion from 

Secession to Loyalty F 364 

Overland [The West] F 380 

Playing the Mischief F 365 

The Wetherel Affair F 363 

DEKKER, E. D. {Multatuli). Max 
Havelaar; Coffee Auctions of the 

Dutch F 2963 

DE KOVEN, Mrs. A. F. A Sawdust 

Doll F 8450 

DELAND, E. D. In the Old Herrick 

House, and other Stories H 3610 

Contents: In the Old Herrick House; 
At the Camerons; The Little Red Book. 

Oakleigh F ♦ 8474 

DELAND, Mrs. M. W. C. John Ward, 

Preacher F 2975 

Mr. Tommy Dove, and other StoriesF 3058 

Contents: Mr. Tommy Dove; The Face 
on the Wall; Elizabeth; At whose Door; 
A Fourth-Class Appointment. 

Philip and his Wife F 3057 

Sidney F 2976 

The Story of a Child H 1 194 

The Wisdom of Fools F 8471 

Contents: Where Ignorance is Bliss, 'tis 
Folly to be Wise; The House of Rim- 
mon; Counting the Cost; The Law, or 
the Gospel? 

Delaplaine. Walworth F 1851 



DEIaRAME, L. {Ouida). Ariadne.. G 1036 

DotflCC I'M.ville, and other Stones.F 1364 

B£bee;or,Two little Wooden Shoes.F 1363 

The same G 795 

Bimbi ; Stories for Children G 798 

The same H 2201 

Cecil Castlemain's Gage, and other 

Novelettes G 497 

Chandos F 1368 

The same G 498 

Don Gesualdo G 799 

Folle-Farine G 499 

Frescoes, etc.; Dramatic Sketches. F 6251 

The same G 1 1 77 

Friendship G 1037 

.Granville De Vigne; or, Held in 

Bondage F 1366 

The same (i 500 

Guilderoy G 1343 

House Party G 1277 

House-Party; Don Gesualdo; A 

Rainy June F 6253 

Idalia G 501 

In a Winter City F 1371 

The same G 796 

In Maremma. 3 v. in 2 G 1035 

Leaf in the Storm [Franco-Prussian 

War] F 1369 

Contents: A Provence Rose; A Leaf in 
the Storm; A Dog of Flanders; A 
Branch of Lilac. 

The same G 502 

Madame la Marquise, and other 

Novelettes G 503 

The Massarenes.. '6176 

Moths ..F 1362 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1038 

Muriella; or, Le Selve F 6J77 

Othmar F 6252 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 11 75 

Pascarel G 504 

Princess Napraxine. 3 v. in 2 G 11 78 

Puck G 505 

Rainy June, A G 799 

Randolph Gordon.and otherStories.F 1365 

Ruffino, and other Stories G 1391 

Contents: Ruffino; An Orchard; Trot- 
tolino ; The Bullfinch. 

Santa Barbara F 6225 

The same G 1446 

Signa F 1370 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 797 

Silver Christ and A Lemon Tree. . F 6224 

DE la RAME, L. {Ouida). Strathmore.F 1398 

The same G 506 

Syrlin; or, Position I 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1368 

Tower of Taddeo F 6226 

Toxin, a Story of Venice F 61 75 

Tricotrin; Story of a Waif F 1367 

The same G 507 

Two Little Wooden Shoes G 795 

Same as B£b£e. 

Two Offenders F 6227 

Under Two Flags G 508 

Village Commune F 1 403 

W r anda, Countess von Szalras F 6250 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1039 

Delaware; or, the Ruined Family. JamesF 4522 

Deldee. James F 7527 

DE LEON, E. Askaros Kassis the Copt; 

Romance of Modern Egypt F 3072 

DE LEON, S. Bera;or,'theC. and If. 

C. Railroad [Am. Civil War]. . . . F 379 

Hoiden, Unionist [Am. Civil War].F 3165 

John [American Revolution] F 3188 

Delicia. Butt F 2672 

Delicia, Murder of. Corelli F 5002 


Delight Makers. Bandelier 1 

Delilah. Clarke F 3338 

DELITZSCH, F. Jose" and Benjamin; 

Jerusalem, Time of the Herods. . F 2965 

Delivered from Afar. Roberts H 2 2 jo 

DELONEY, T. Thomas of Reading. . F 6970,1 

DelOrme. James F 

DELPIT, A. As 'tis in Life F 3056 

Odette's Marriage F 367 

Delta Bixby. Munroe H 1858 

Deluge, The. 2 v. Sienkiewicz F 6645 

Demagogue, The. Locke F 4985 

Demerara. Martineau ..F 1151,2 

Demigod, A. Jackson F 2945 

DE MILLE, J. American Baron F 385 

B. O. W. C Series (Brethren of the 

White Cross) H 330 

v. 1. The B. O. W. C. 

2. Boys of Grand Pre* School. 

3. Lost in the Fog. 

4. Fire in the Woods. 

5. Picked up adrift. 

6. Treasure of the Seas. 
Babes in the Wood; Italian Revolu- 
tion of 1848 F 383 



DE MILLE, J. Castle in Spain F 2942 

Cord and Creese F 387 

Cryptogram F 388 

Dodge Club; Italy in 1859 F 389 

Lady of the Ice F 390 

Lily and the Cross [Acadia, 18th 

Century] F 384 

Living Link F 392 

Open Question F 391 

Strange Manuscript found in a Cop- 
per Cylinder F 6740 

Young Dodge Club H 331 

v. 1. Among the Brigands; Italy. 

2. Seven Hills; Rome. 

3. Winged Lion; Stories of Venice. 
DEMING, P. Adirondack Stories.... F 448 

Contents : Lost; Lida Ann; John's Trial; 
Joe Baldwin; Willie; Benjamin Jacques; 
Ike's Wife; An Adirondack Neighbor- 
Tompkins ana other Folks; Stories of 
the Hudson and Adirondacks. . .F 2064 
Contents: Tompkins; Kube Jones; Ja- 
cob's Insurance; Mr. Toby's Wedding 
Journey; Hattie's Romance; The Court 
in Schoharie; An Adirondack Home. 

Democracy; an American Novel. King.F 377 

Demon of Cawnpore. Verne F 7305,1 

Demoniac, The. Besant F 2220 

Demoralizing Marriage, A. Fawcett..F 3464 
DE MORGAN, M. On a Pincushion 

and other Fairy Tales H 1957 

Demos. Gissing G 1253 

DEMPSTER, C. L. H. Blue Roses [Po- 
land, 19th Century] G 917 

Hotel du Petit St. Jean; a Gascon 

Story G 254 

Ninette; an Idyll of Provence F 2981 

The same G 1324 

Vera [Crimean War] G 624 

Within Sound of the Sea G 918 

DENDY, W. C. Legends of the Lintel 

and the Ley F 3006 

Dene Hollow. Wood G 635 

Denis Donne. Cudlip G 138 

Denis Duval. Thackeray G 583 

Denise. Roberts G 147 

DENISON, Mrs. M. A. Days and Ways 

of Cocked Hats [Am. Rev] B 349 

Grandmother Normandy H 1454 

His Triumph F 2935 

Like a Gentleman F 1069 

Off the Track H 336 

Romance of a Schoolboy H 1228 

DENISON, Mrs. M. A. Tell your Wife.F 6947 

Victor Norman, Rector H 337 

DENISON, T. S. The Man Behind. . . F 2947 

The Iron Crown F 901 

DENNIS, G. (Ed.). The Cid ; Chroni- 
cle of Spain F 2939 

Denounced. Banim F 105 

Denounced. Burton F 81 19 

DENTON, L. W. Under the Magnolias.F 3007 

Denzil Quarrier. Gissing F 3756 

Deputy of Arcis. Balzac F 7879 

De QUINCEY, T. and others. Good 

Stories F 3450 

For Contents See Good Stories. 

DERING, E. H. Freville Chase. 2v.F 2940 

DERINQ, R. Q., pseud. See BALFOUR, F. H. 

Derrick Sterling. Munroe H 1857 

Derrick Vaughan— Novelist. Bayly...F 4934 

Derringforth. 2 v. Munsey F 5586 

Derval Hampton. Grant F 8809 

DESART, Earl of. (W. U. O. Cuffe). 

The Little Chatelaine F 3145 

Descendant, The. Glasgow F 8561 

Desert Home. Reid H 620 

Desert Ship. Burton H 3316 

Deserted Ship. Cupples H 1 130 

Deserter, The. King F 4658 

Desire of the Eyes, and other Stories. 

Allen F 7825 

Desire of the Moth. Vane F 7385 

Desk and Debit. Adams H 109,3 

Desmond Hundred, The. Austin F 2941 

DESPARD, M. Kilrogan Cottage... F 369 

Desperate Chance, A. Kelley F 4654 

Desperate Remedies. Hardy F 755 

Despot of Broomsedge Cove. Murfree.F 2866 

Despotic Lady, The. Norris F 5436 

Destiny; or, Chief's Daughter. Ferrier.F 1487 

Destiny ; or, Priest's Blessing. Flynn. .F 612 

Destruction of Gotham. Miller F 5202 

Desultory Man, The. James F 4510 

Dethroned Heiress. Dupuy F 502 

DETLEF, CARL, pseud. See BAUER, C. 

Detmold. Bishop F 2510 

Devereux. Lytton F 5004 

The same G 375 

Devil-Tree of El Dorado. Aubrey.... F 7833 

Devil upon Two Sticks. Le Sage F 4973 

Devil's Advocate. 2 v. Greg F 3686 

Devil's Chain, The. Jenkins E 1273 

Devil's Die, The. Allen F 2444 

Devil's Ford. Harte F 3885 

Devil's Hat, The. Philips F 5933 



Devil's Playground. Mackie F 5626 

Devil's Pool. The. Dudevant. F 3128 

Devil's Portrait, The. Barrili F 2515 

Devon Boys. Fenn H 1 289 

Devoted Bride. Tucker F 2 1 36 

Devout Lover, A. Cameron F 2706 

DEWALL J. V., pseud. See KUEHNE, A. 
DEW1TT, H. See WITT, H. De. 

Dewy Morn. Jefferies F \ ; 1 4 

Dhoya. Ganconagh F 7229 

Di; a Story. Pierce F 6014 

Dialect Tales. McDowell F 2574 

Diamond cut Diamond. Trollope F 1797 

Diamond Dyke. Fenn H 1379 

Diamond Lens.andotherStories.O'BrienF 5601 

Diamond Rose. Keddie F 1807 

Diana. Warner F 1892 

Diana Carew. Bridges F 607 

Diana Fontaine. Ridgeway F 6385 

Diana, Lady Lyle. Dixon G 729 

Diana of Meridor. Dumas F 487 

Diana of the Crossways. Meredith F 5 198 

Diana Tempest. Cholmondeley F 8231 

Diana, the History of a Great Mistake. 

Oliphant F 5788 

Diana's Crescent. Rathbone F 2081 

Diana's Hunting. Buchanan F 81 10 

Diana's Livery. Brodhead F 51 18 

Diane. Macquoid G 772 

Diane Cory val I 

Diary, A. Bremer I 3004,4 

Diary of Desennuy£e. Gore I 7098 

Diary of a Detective Police Officer. 

Russell F 2979 

Diary of a late Physician. Warren... G 1197 

The same I 1886 

The same. 3 v F 1885 

Diary of a Nobody. Grossmith F 3773 

Diary of a Poor Young Lady. Nathusius.G 454 
Diary of a Superfluous Woman. Tur- 

genev F 7076 

Diary of an Ennuy£e. Jameson I 904 

The same I 7098 

Diary of an Old Doctor. Maitland F 1 1 28 

Diary of C. Jeames de la Pluche, Esq. 

Thackeray G 588,4 

Diary of Lady Willoughby. Rathbone. F 6246 

Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan. Charles.F 222 

The same G 79 

DIAZ, Mrs. A. M. Christmas Morn- 
ing ; Little Stories H~ 346 

Fireside Chronicles of the Family 

Story-Teller H 350 

DIAZ, Mrs. A. M. Jimmyjohns, and 

other Stories H 340 

John Spicer Lectures H 1212 

King Bronde\ his Lily and his Rose- 
bud H 1221 

King Grimalkum and Pussyanita.. H 347 

Polly C jlogne H 349 

Schoolmaster's Trunk F 397 

Story-Book for Children H 341 

William Henry and his Friends . . H 342 

William Henry Letters H 343 

Diccon the Bold. Coryell F 3352 

DICK, H. Q. Mistaken Paths F 2946 

Dick Broadhead. Barnum H 414 

Dick Cheveley. Kingston H 1669 

Dick Darlington. Englebach H 1264 

Dick Massey. Russell. ., 1 1400 

Dick Netherby. Walford F 7487 

Dick Onslow, Adventures of. Kings- 
ton H 1683 

Dick Rodney. Grant F 8810 

Dick Sands, the Boy Captain. Verne. F 1006 
Dick T ravers Abroad. See Samuels, A. F. 

Dick's Wandering. Sturgis F 6625 

DICKENS, C. American Notes G 148 

The same; Oliver Twist; Pictures 

from Italy F 309 

Barnaby Rudge [The Gordon Riots, 

1780] Gi62,2-3 

The same; Hard Times F 404 

Battle of Life; Haunted Man G 149 

The same ; Great Expectations ; 

Christmas Books F 405 

Bleak House [Delays in Courts of 

Chancery] F 408 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 150 

Child's History of England H 321 

The same; Edwin Drood. and 

other Stories F 414 

Christmas Books G 151 

Contents: Christmas Carol; The Chimes; 
Cricket on the Hearth. 

The same; Haunted Man; Great 

Expectations F 405 

David Copperfield F 400 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 153 

Dr. Marigold's Prescriptions; Mugby 

Junction F 407 

The same G 154 

Dombey and Son F 406 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 155 

Great Expectations G 156 

The same; Christmas Books. . .F 405 



DICKENS, C. Hard Times G 157 

The same; Barnaby Rudge F 404 

Hunted Down G 159 

The same, and other Stories F 414 

Little Dorrit F 409 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 160 

Martin Chuzzlewit F 410 

The same G 161 

Master Humphrey's Clock, and other 

Stories F 414 

The same; Old Curiosity Shop, 

and other Stories. 3 v. in 2..G 162 

Mudfog Papers F 393 

The same G 914 

Mystery of Edwin Drood G 163 

The same, and other Stories F 414 

Nicholas Nickleby F 402 

The same G 164 

Old Curiosity Shop Gi62,i-2 

The same, and Reprinted Pieces.F 411 

Oliver Twist [Work House Abu- 
ses] G 167 

The same ; Pictures from Italy ; 

American Notes F 399 

Our Mutual Friend F 401 

* The same. 4 v. in 2 (i 168 

Pickwick Papers F 403 

The same G 169 

Pictures from Italy G 1 70 

The same ; Oliver Twist ; Ameri- 
can Notes F 399 

Sketches by Boz (i 171 

The same; Tale of Two Cities. . F 398 

Tale of Two Cities [French Revo- 
lution.] G 1 73 

The same, and Sketches by Boz . F 398 

Uncommercial Traveller ; Hunted 

Down G 159 

Uncommercial Traveller, and Christ- 
mas Stories from Household Words 

and All the Year Round F 407 

Works. 22v. inn *J 117 

and W.COLLINS. No Thoroughfare; 

The Late Miss Hollingsford G 165 

and others. Christmas Stories from 
Household Words and All the Year 

Round G 152 

The same, and other Stories F 407 

Somebody's Luggage; Mrs. Lirriper's 
Lodgings ; Mrs. Lirriper's Leg- 
acy G 172 

DICKENS, M. A. A Mere Cypher.. .F 3046 

A Valiant Ignorance F 3047 

DICKENS, M. A. Some Women : s Way.F 8567 

Contents: Another Freak; Kitty's Vic- 
tim; Out of Fashion; An Unprincipled 
Woman; Miss Keturah ; The Differ- 
ence; An Idyll of an Omnibus; So as 
by Fire. 
DICKINSON, A. E. What Answer? 

[Slavery] F 412 

DICKINSON, M. L. The Amber Star, 

and A Fair Half Dozen H 1213 

Among the Thorns F 442 

One Little Life H 1216 

Three Times and Out H 3620 

Dictator, The. McCarthy F 5561 

Did she Love him? Grant F 881 1 

Diddie, Dumps and Tot. Pyrnelle H 2105 

Diego Pinzon. Coryell F 3351 

DIEHL, Mrs. A. M. Dr. Paull's The- 
ory F 3031 

DIEKENGA, I. E. and T. M. ASH 

WORTH. Tom Chips F 415 

Digby Grand. Melville G 439 

Digging for Gold. Alger H 928 

Dikes and Ditches. Adams H 111,4 

Dilemma, The. Chesney F 318 

Dilemmas.Stories and Studies. DowsonF 8494 

DILLINGHAM, L. The Missing Chord.F 8453 

DILLWYN, E. A. Jill F 2968 

Jill and Jack F 2971 

Dilly and the Captain. Lothrop H 2339 

Dimitri Roudine. Turgenev F 181 1 

DINCKLAGE CAMPE, E. v. The Little 

Countess F 3178 

Dinglefield. O'Reilly H 1991 

DINGLESTEDT, F. v. The Amazon 

L An Art Novel | F 447 

Dingy House at Kensington. Clifford. F 2967 

Dinna Forget. Stannard F 7476 

Diomed ; Life of a Dog. Wise K 8365 

Dion and the Sybils. Keon F 973 

Diothas, The. Thiusen F 6962 

Diplomat's Diary, A. Cruger F 3672 

Diplomatic Disenchantments. Bigelow.F 8012 

Disagreeable Woman. Starr F 6829 

Disarmed. Edwards G 1052 

Discarded Wife. Dupuy F 511 

Discipline of Life; or, Ida Norman. 

Phelps F 1313 

Discontented Robins. Fox H 398 

Discords. Clairmonte F 3288 

Disenchantment. Robinson F 6210 

Dishonored. Boulger , F 2268 

DISOSWAY, E. T. South Meadows 

[Salem Witchcraft] F 419 



Disowned. Lytton F 5005 

The same G 376 


-> >lution, The. Dandelyon F 3073 

Disturbing Element. Yonge F 2025 

Disturbing Elements. Birchenough. . . F 7081 

Dita. Majendie F 5150 

Divers, The. Nisbet H 1925 

Divers Women. Alden and LivingstonF 1055 

Divided Duty, A. Lemon F 4852 

Divided Heart, A. Heyse F 4257 

Divided Lives. Fawcett F 3469 

Divorced. Dahlgren F 2048 

DIX, Q. The Girl from the Farm . . . . F 8470 
DIXIE, Lady F. Aniwee; Tale of the 

Araucanian Indians H 1224 

Gloriana; or, the Revolution of 1900F 3024 

Redeemed in Blood. 3V F 3026 

The Young Castaways; Child Hunt- 
ers of Patagonia H 1214 

DIXON, E. H. Scenes in the Practice of 

a New York Surgeon F 3187 

Story of a Modern Woman F 3169 

DIXON, Mrs. E. L.' At the Sign of the 

Blue Boar; Reign of Charles II . H 1753 

Dearer than Life; Time of Wiclif.H 1752 

Percy Raydon F 1046 

DIXON, W. H. Diana. Lady Lylc.G 729 

Djambek, the Georgian. Suttner F 6910 

Dmitri. Bain F 2255 

Do and Dare. Alger H 931 

Docia's Journal. Alden H 008 

Doctor, The, his Wife, and the Clock. 

Rohlfs F 7100 

Doctor Antonio. Ruffini G 527 

Doctor Austin's Guests. 2 v. Gilbert. F 658 

Dr. Barringford's School. Ogden H 1980 

Doctor Ben. Witherspoon F 2988 

Doctor Breen's Practice. Howells F 4023 

Doctor Claudius. Crawford F 2889 

Doctor Congalton's Legacy. Johnston.F 4556 

Doctor Cupid. Broughton F 264 1 

The same G 1248 

Doctor Deane's Way. Foster and Alden H 135 1 

Doctor Dick and other Tales. Hocking.F 4264 

Doctor Dodd's School. Ford H 1349 

Dr. Endicott's Experiment. Sergeant.. F 7257 

Dr. Gilberts Daughters. Mathews F 5174 

Doctor Grattan. Hammond F 3972 

Doctor Gray's Quest. Underwood F 7218 

Doctor Grimshawe's Secret. HawthorneF 3952 

Doctor Hathern's Daughters. HolmesF 4253 

Doctor Hildretb. White F 1940 

Doctor Huguet. Donnelly F 3171 

Doctor Izard. Rohlfs F 645! 

Dr. J. B. Quies, Exploits of. Celieres. . F 271 1 

Doctor Jacob. Edwards G 1 053 

Dr. Janet of Harley Street. Kenealy . . F 461 1 

Dr. Jekyll and M r. H yde. Stevenson . . F 6683 

The same G 1 193 

Doctor Johns. 2 v. M itchell F 1 190 

Doctor Lamar. Train F 3161 

Dr. Latimer. Burnham F 8020 

Dr. Le Baron and his Daughters. Austin.F 2363 
Doctor Luttrell's First Patient. Carey.. F 8183 
Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions. Dick- 
ens G 154 

Dr. Martha Scarborough. Campbell.. F 8170 

Dr. Nikola. Boothby F 8104 

Doctor of Deane. Palmer F 5956 

Doctor of the Old School. Watson F 5559 

The same F 5557 

Dr. Ox's Experiment. Verne F 1835 

Doctor Papa. Clarke H 1079,2 

Dr. Paull's Theory. Diehl F 3031 

Dr. Rameau. Ohnet F 5613 

Dr. Sevier. Cable F 2724 

Doctor Thome. Trollope G 607 

Doctor Vandyke. Cooke F 308 

Dr. Wainwright's Patient. Yates G 659 

Doctor Warrick's Daughters. Davis. . F 8530 

Dr. Wortle's School. Trollope G 1181 

Doctor Zay. Ward F 5895 

Dr. Zell and the Princess Charlotte. Rich- 
ardson F 6378 

Doctor's Daughter, The. Clarke I 

Doctor's Dilemma, The. Smith F 6703 

Doctor's Family, The. Oliphant G 469 

Doctor's Story, The. Balzac F 4955 

Doctor's Wife, The. Maxwell G 36 

DOD, S. B. A Highland Chronicle [Re- 
bellion of 1745] F 3196 

A Hillside Parish F 3193 

DODD, Mrs. A. B. B. Glorinda I 

Dodd Family Abioad. 3 V. in 2. Lever. G 339 
DODGE, L. A Question of Identity. . F 2214 
DODGE, M. A. {Gail Hamilton). Coun- 
try Living E 1053 

Gala-Days E 1054 

Nursery Noonings E 1061 

Red Letter Days in Applethorpe. . E 1056 

Skirmishes and Sketches E 1057 

Summer Rest E 1059 

Wool-Gathering E 1060 

DODGE, Mrs. M. E. M. Donald and 

Dorothy H 1 2 1 5 



DODGE, Mrs. M. E. M. A Few Friends 

and how they amused themselves.H 348 
Hans Brinker, or, The Silver Skates. 

[Life in Holland] F 420 

The Land of Pluck; Stories and 

Sketches for Young Folk H 1 192 

Theophilus and others F 426 

When Life is Young; Verse for Boys 

and Girls H 1 193 

Dodge Club. De Mille F 389 

DODOSON.C.L. {Lewis Carroll). Alice's 

Adventures in Wonderland H 260 

Alice's Adventures under Ground. H 1218 

Sylvie and Bruno H 1219 

Sylvie and Bruno concluded H 1217 

Through the Looking-Glass, and 

what Alice found H 261 

Dodo; a Detail of the Day. Benson. . . F 7945 

DOE, C. H. Buffets F 421 



Dog Crusoe. Ballantyne H 221 

Dog Fiend. Marryat F 1 164 

Dog Stories and Dog Lore. Knox H 1708 

Dog's Mission, and other Stories. Stowe.H 692 

Dogberry Bunch. Catherwood H 312 

Doing his Best. Trowbridge H 737 

Doings of Raffles Haw. Doyle F 3015 

Doings of the Bodley Family. Scudder.H 664 

DOLE, E. P. The Stand-by F 8563 

DOLE, N. H. Not Angels quite F 3028 

On the Point; a Summer Idyl F 8492 

Young Folks' History of Russia . .A 1902 

Doll World. O'Reilly H 588 

Dollars and Cents. Warner F 1863 

Dollikins and the Miser. Eaton H 1231 

Dolliver Romance. Hawthorne J 77,2 

Dolly Dialogues, The. Hawkins F 4234 

Dolly Dillenbeck. Ford F 8743 

Dolores. Bridges F 3545 

Dombey and Son. Dickens F 406 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 155 

Domestic Stories. Craik G in 

Domesticus. Butler F 2690 

Dominant Seventh. Clark F 3081 

Don; by the Author of Miss Toosey's 

Mission F 7725 

Don Braulio. Valera F 7282 

Don Finimondone. Cavazza F 3335 

Don Garcia in England. Sandys F 6562 

Don Gesualdo. De la Rame" F 6253 

The same G 709 

Don Gordon's Shooting-Box. Fosdick . . H 263, 1 

Don John. Ingelow F 2197 

The same G 965 

Don Orsino. Crawford F 3333 

Don Quixote de la Mancha. Cervantes- 

Saavedra; illus. by Dore" *R 4508 

The same; tr. by Jervas F 219 

The same; tr. by Motteux. 4 v..*P 631 

The same [Bohn ed.] 2.v I 2970 

Wit and Wisdom of E 1070 

Don Sebastian. 3 v. Porter F 1329 

Dona Luz. Valera F 7281 

Dona Perf ecta. Perez Gald6s F 8867 

Donal Dun O'Byrne. Holland F 891 

Donal Grant. MacDonald F 5157 

Donald and Dorothy. Dodge H 1215 

Donald Deane and his Cross. Bradley.F 170 

Donald Marcy. Ward F 7436 

Donald Ross of Heimra. Black F 2474 

The same G 1403 

DONALDSON, A. L. Millbrook Ro- 
mance, and other Tales F 3064 

DONELSON, K. Rodger Latimer's Mis- 
take F 3179 

Donna Quixote. McCarthy G 11 13 

DONNELLY, I. (E. Boisgilberf). Cae- 
sar's Column; the 20th Century.. F 3170 

Doctor Huguet F 3171 

The Golden Bottle [American Pol- 
itics] F 3172 

Donovan;a Modern Englishman. Bayly. F 4939 

Doom; an Atlantic Episode. McCarthy. F 5187 

Doom of the Holy City. Farmer F 8761 

Doomswoman, The. Atherton F 7841 

Dooryard Folks. Harris H 15 10 

Dora. Kavanagh G 292 

Dora Darling. Austin F 2432 

Dora Deane. Holmes F 835 

Dora's Dolls' House. Greene H 1444 

Dorcas. May G 911 

Dorcas Club. Adams H 1 13,5 

Dorcas, Daughter of Faustina. Kouns.F 4656 

Dorcas Hobday. Rokeby F 6430 

Doreen, the Story of a Singer. Bayly. . F 7962 

Dorian Gray, Picture of. Wilde F 7475 

Doris. Hungerford F 2417 

The same G 1 135 

Doris and Theodora. Janvier F 7291 

Doris's Fortune. James F 7537 

Dorothea. Patchin F 2989 

Dorothy. Browne F 2653 

Dorothy. Paul G 186 

Dorothy and Anton. Plympton H* 2125 

Sequel to Dear Daughter Dorothy. 



Dorothy,and other Italian Stories. Wool- 
son F 7407 

Dorothy Arden. Call well F 3085 

Dorothy Darling. Paull H 2026 

Dorothy Delafield. Norris H 1942 

Dorothy Forster. Besant G 847 

Dorothy Fox. Parr F 1285 

The same G 490 

Dorothy the Puritan. Watson F 7673 

Dorothy Wallis. Besant F 2308 

Dorothy's Daughters. Marshall F 5163 

Dorothy's Double. Henty F 4 1 36 

Dorothy's Experience. Trafton H 2525 

Dorothy's Islands. Conklin H 1156 

DORR, Mrs. J. C. R. Expiation. ... F 423 

Sibyl Huntington F 422 

Dome's Day. Alden H 918 

DORSEY, Mrs. A. H. Coaina; the Rose 

of the Algonquins F 427 

Mona, the Vestal [Druids and St. 

Patrick] F 424 

Nora Brady's Vow [Irish Rebellion 

of 1848] F 424 

The Oriental Pearl; or, the Catholic 

Emigrants F 429 

Student of Blenheim Forest F 428 

DORSEY, A. V. Betty; a Last Century 

Love Story F 3071 

Dorymates. M unroe H 1859 

Dosia's Daughter. Durand F 3134 

DOSTOJEWSKY, F. M. Crime and 

Punishment [Nihilism in Russia.]F 2970 
Friend of the Family, and The Gam- 
bler F 2972 

The Idiot F 2974 

Injury and Insult F 2973 

Poor Folk F 3032 

Uncle's Dream, and The Permanent 

Husband F 2977 

Dotty Dimple at her Grandmother's. 

Clarke H 286,1 

Dotty Dimple at Home. Clarke H 286,2 

Dotty Dimple at Play. Clarke H 286,4 

Dotty Dimple at School. Clarke H 286,5 

Dotty Dimple out West. Clarke H 286,3 

Dotty Dimple Stories. See Clarke, R. S. 

Dotty Dimple's Flyaway. Clarke H 286,6 

Doty Dontcare. Foster F 8706 

Double Cherry, A. Whatham H 2664 

Double Cunning. Fenn F 3400 

Double Emperor, The. Clowes F 825 1 

Double Knot. Fenn F 3595 

Double Masquerade. Talbot F 6921 

Double Overture, A. Benson F 7947 

Double-Runner Club. Shillaber H 2330.3 

Double Story. Mac Donald H 533 

Double Wedding. Warfield F 1858 

DOUBLEDAY, E. S. Just Plain Folks.F 3066 
DOUBLEDAY, T. Eve of St. Mark; a 

Romance of Venice F 

Doubleday's Children. Cook F 2830 

Doubts and Fears. Hook F 857,5 

DOUDNEY, S. A Child of the PrecinctH 1207 

Nothing but Leaves F 2987 

Prudence Winterburn F 2986 

Stepping Stones F 2085 

Stories of Girlhood H 1209 

When we two Parted F 2980 

DOUG ALL, L. Beggars all F 3042 

The Mermaid F 3040 

A Question of Faith F 85 1 7 

What Necessity knows F 3043 

The Zeit-Geist F 3039 

DOUGLAS, Alice M. Gems without 

polish F 3063 

DOUOLAS, Amanda M. Bethia Wray's 

■ Name F 3062 

Claudia F 433 

Floyd Grandon's Honor F 2094 

Foes of her Household F 2998 

Fortunes of the Faradays F 2999 

From Hand to Mouth F 444 

Heirs of Bradley House F 3005 

Home Nook I 43 « 

Hope Mills F 2996 

Hope Vennard F 445 

•>ne as Stephen Dane. 
In the King's Country (A Christian 

Endeavor Story) F 3061 

In Trust; or, Dr. Bertrand's House- 
hold 1 432 

In Wild Rose Time H 1188 

Kathie Stories H 1205 

v. 1. Kathie's Three Wishes. 

2. Kathie's Aunt Ruth. 

3. Kathie's Summer at Cedarwood. 

4. Kathie's Soldiers. 

5. In the Ranks. 

6. Kathie's Harvest Days. 

Kept his Trust F 432 

Same as In Trust. 

Larry H 1186 

A Little Girl in Old New York . . . . H 3631 

Lost in a Great City .* F 446 

Lyndell Sherburne H 1 184 

Sequel to Sherburne House. 



DOUGLAS, Amanda M. The Mistress 

of Sherburne H 3630 

A Modern Adam and Eve in a Gar- 
den F 3000 

Nelly Kinnard's Kingdom F 434 

Old Woman who lived in a Shoe. . F 2092 

Osborne of Arrochar [Maryland].. F 2082 

Out of 'he Wreck F 2995 

Seven Daughters H 319 

Sherburne Cousins H 1 187 

Sherburne House H 1 185 

A Sherburne Romance H 1 198 

Stephen Dane [Pennsylvania Min- 
ing Districts.] F 445 

Sydnie Adriance F 2993 

Whom Kathie married I 2991 

With Fate against him F 2983 

A Woman's Inheritance F 2997 

DOUGLAS, E. We, Von Arldens . . . . F 2090 

DOUGLAS, Lady G. Linked Lives. . F 440 
DOUGLAS, Malcolm. My Odd Little 

■!k; Rhymes and Verses H 1200 

DOUGLAS, Marion, pseud. See ROB- 
INSON, Mrs. A. D. 

DOUGLAS, R. K. Chinese Stories. . . F 8503 

Contents: A Matrimonial Fraud: With- 
in his Danger; The Twins; A Twice- 
Married Couple; How a Chinese B. A. 
was Won; Le Ming's Marriage; A Bud- 
dhist Story; A Chinese Girl Graduate; 
Love and Alchemy; The Love -Sick 
Maiden, a Chinese Poem. 

DOUGLAS, T. Iras, a Mystery F 8501 

Douglas Duane. Fawcett F 3848 

DOUGLASS, Mrs. R. D. A Romance 

at the Antipodes F 3004 

Dournof. Durand F 698 

Dove in the Eagle's Nest. Yonge F 2016 

The same G 668 

Dowdenham. Ancketill F 2410 

Dower House. Cudlip Y 1785 

DOWIE, M. M. See NORMAN, Mrs. 

M. M. 
DOWLING, G. T. The Wreckers; a So- 
cial Study F 3002 

DOWLING, R. A Baffling Quest F 3074 

Down East Master's First School. Rand F 6180 

Down in Tennessee. Gilmore F 661 

Down on the West Branch. Farrar. . . H 1281,3 

Down South. Adams H 115,5 

Down the Mississippi. Ellis H 1258,1 

Down the Ravine. Murfee F 2862 

Down the Rhine. Adams H 111,6 

Down the River. Adams H 108,6 

DOWNEY, E. (F. M. Allen). Anchor- 
Watch Yarns. 2 v F 3001 

Through Green Glasses F 2371 

Contents: Andy Merrigan's Great Discov- 
ery; From Portlaw to Paradise; King 
John and the Mayor; Wonderful Escape 
of James the Second; Last of the Drag- 
ons; Siege of Don Isle; Raleigh in 

Downfall, The. Zola F 7701 

DOWNING, M. The Young Cascaril- 

lero H 3625 

DOWSON, E. Dilemmas F 8494 

Contents: The Diary of a Successful Man; 
A Case of Conscience; An Orchestral 
Violin; Souvenirs of an Egoist; The Stat- 
ute of Limitations. 

and A. MOORE. Comedy of Masks.F 3192 
DOYLE, A. C. Adventures of Sherlock 

Holmes [Detective Stories] F 3014 

Captain of the Polestar, and other 

Tales F 3003 

Doings of Raffles Haw F 3015 

Exploits of Brigadier Gerard [Time 

of Napoleon I.] F 8459 

The Firm of Girdlestone F 3016 

The Great Shadow [Waterloo] F 3183 

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes [De- 
tective Stories] F 3177 

Micah Clarke, his Statement [Mon- 
mouth's Rebellion, 1685] F 3180 

The same G 1415 

My Friend the Murderer, and other 

Mysteries and Adventures F 3186 

The Mystery of Cloomber F 8457 

The Parasite . F 8456 

The Refugees; a Tale of Two Conti- 
nents [Huguenots] F 3185 

Rodney Stone F 8460 

Round the Red Lamp F 3021 

Contents: Behind the Times; His First 
Operation; A Straggler of '15; The Third 
Generation; A False Start; The Curse of 
Eve; Sweethearts; A Physiologist's Wife; 
The Case of Lady Sannox; A Question of 
Diplomacy; A Medical Document; Lot 
No. 249; The Los Amigos Fiasco; The 
Doctors of Hoyland; The Surgeon talks. 
The Sign of Four [Detective Sto- 
ries] F 3181 

The same G 1416 

Stark Munro Letters F 8455 

Study in Scarlet F 3184 

pt. 1. Reminiscences of John Watson. 
2. The Country of the Saints 



DOYLE, A. C. Uncle Bernac; a Memory 
of the Empire [Time of Napoleon 

I] F 8461 

The White Company [14th Century]F 3182 

and others. Strange Secrets F 8458 

Contents: Secret of Swalecliffe Castle, by 
F. Milford: Secret of the Mine, by F. 
Talbot; Secret of Calverley Court, by G. 
Parsons; Secret of Cousin Geoffrey's 
Chamber, by Mrs. H. Clifford; Secret of 
Goresthorpe Grange, by A. C. Doyle; The 
Box with the Iron Clamps, by F. Marryat; 
The Veiled Portrait, by J. Grant; The 
Ghost of Lawford Hall, by W. Thornbury; 
The Spectre Hand, by J. Grant; A Coach- 
ful of Ghosts, by E. C. Rice; George Venn 
and the Ghost, by D. Cook; Mystery of 
Daffodil Terrace, by P. Fitzgerald; Why 
New Houses are Haunted, by E. Keith; 
A very Queer Inn. by M. B. Archer. 
DRACHMAN, H. Paul and Virginia 

of a Northern Zone F 3175 

DRAGOMANOV, M. P. {Stepniak). The 

Career of a Nihilist F 6657 

Dragon and the Raven. Henty H 1473 

Dragon of the North. Oswald F 5863 

Dragon of Wantley. W ister F 7591 

Dragon's Teeth. Queiros F 6162 

Drake, F., Sea King of Devon. Towle.C 1610,6 

DRAKE, J. The Metropolitans F 8539 

In Old St. Stephens [South Carolina]F 3174 
DRAKE, Mrs. M. E. Fanny's Autobi- 
ography ; Home Missionary LifeH 3041 
DRAKE, S. A. New England Legends 

and Folk Lore B 3725 

Watch Fires of '76 [ Am.RevolutionJ.H 3649 

Drama in Dutch, A.; by Z. Z F 7691 

Dramas of Life. Sims F 6731 

Dramatists, Tales from the. 4 v. MornsF 5405 

Draught of Lethe. Tellet F 7130 

The same G 1450 

Drawn Blank. Jocelyn F 4506 

DRAYSON, A. W. From Keeper to 

Captain H 1333 

White Chief of the Caffres H [21 ] 

Draytons,The,andDavenants. CharlesG 78 

Dream, The. Zola y 7703 

Dream and a Forgetting. Hawthorne. F 3847 

Dream-Charlotte, The. Edwards F 3267 

Dream Life. Mitchell E 1380 

Dream Life and Real Life. SchreinerF 4382 
Dream of a Modest Prophet. Leggett . F 4969 

Dream of John Ball. Morris F 531 1 

Dreams. Schreiner F 4381 

Dreams of the Dead. Stanton F 6808 

Dreamer, A. Wilde F 1999 

Dreamer of Dreams. Nicholson F 3008 

Dreamland and Ghostland; an Original 

Collection of Tales F 3009 

v.i. Mab; Fore-Armed; Only Ten Minutes; 
Ghost of Lawford Hall; Strange Fact; 
Double Event; A Warning Bell; Cousin 
Geoffrey's Chamber; Three Strange Sto- 
ries; Brand of Cain; Unmasked by a Bul- 
let; Twelve o'clock Noon; Seen in the 

2. Three Overheard Whispers; J. H.Jephson's 

Statement; Madame Valeria; Blind Man's 
Notions about Ghosts; Conchful of 
Ghosts; Argument in Favor of Ghosts; 
My Adventure; Mystery ot the Mess- 
Koom; Half a Minute Late: How I came 
to Believe in a Ghost. 

3. Ghosts of Cottenal Court; Debt of Hon- 

our; Great Keinplatz Experiment; 
Ghosts; Weird Story of Bruges; Select- 
ing a Ghost; Mystery of Sasassa Valley; 
How Brown awoke at the right Mo- 
ment; Captain of the Pole-Star; Why New 
Houses are Haunted; An Extra Passen- 
ger; John Barrington Cowles. 

Dred. Stowe F 1726 

DREW, Mrs. C. The Lutaniste of St. 

Jacobi's F 3010 

DREWRY.E.S. Baptized with a CurseF 3022 
DREY.'S. Lights and Shadows of the 

Soul F 3197 

Drift from Redwood Camp. Hartc.F 3887 

Drift from two Shores. Harte F 3945 

Drifting and Steering. Peebles H 610,1 

Drifting round the World. Hall H 1491 


Driven Back to Eden. Roe F 6316 

Driven to Bay. Lean G 1 288 

Driven to Sea. Cupples H 1134 

Drones' Honey. Clarke F 2804 

Drops and Rocks. Conder H 1103 

DROSINES,Q.,^«^. Amaryllis.... F 7226 

Herb of Love F 7266 

Drossy Gold. Hurd H 1574 

DROZ, A. G. Around a Spring F 435 

Babolain F 436 

I )rummer Boy. Rousselet H 2222 

Drumsticks. Meredith F 5500 

DRURY, A. H. Deep Waters F 394 

In the Enemy's Country; Story of 
1813 [Germany and Napoleon]... F 3059 
DRYSDALE, W. Brain and Brawn 

Series H 3655 

v. 1. The Young Reporter. 
2. The Fast Mail. 
The Mystery of Abel Forefinger.. H 1229 
Princess of Montserrat F 3060 



DUBOIS, C. Madame Agnes F 439 

DU BOIS, C. G. Columbus and Beatriz . F 3018 
Martha Corey; a Tale of the Salem 

Witchcraft F 3019 

A Modern Pagan F 8505 

Shield of the Fleur-de-lis [Joan of 

Arc] F 8506 

DU BOISGOBEY, F. Golden Tress. F 2568 
DU BOIS-MELLY, C. Nicolas Muss; 

Massacre of St. Bartholomew F 3020 

DU BOYS, J. Countess of Monte 

Cristo F 486 

DU CHAILLU, P. B. Country of the 

Dwarfs [Africa] H 352 

Ivar the Viking [A. D. 270-320]. . . H 357 

Lost in the Jungle H 353 

My Apingi Kingdom; Life in the 

Great Sahara H 354 

Stories of the Gorilla Country H 355 

Wild Life under the Equator H 356 

FORD, Mrs. M. H. 

Duchess, The. Hungerford F 2439 

The same G 1396 

Duchess Emilia. Wendell F 7525 

Duchess Lass, The. Masters F 9420 

Duchess of Powysland. Allen F 2349 

Duchess of Rosemary Lane. Farjeon F 569 

Duchess of Trajetto. Rathbone F 2082 

Duchesse de Langeais. Balzac F 2548 

DUDEVANT, Mme. A. L. A. D. {George 

Sand). Antonia F 450 

The Bagpipers F 462 

Cesarine Dietrich F 45 1 

Consuelo [Venice and Germany, 18th 

Century] F 465 

Countess of Rudolstadt [Berlin, Fred- 
erick the Great and Cagliostro]. . F 464 
Sequel to Consuelo. 

The Devil's Pool F 3128 

Fadette F 8543 

Fanchon, the Cricket F 452 

Francis, the Waif F 8545 

Gallant Lords of Bois-Dore\ 2 v. 

[Time of Richelieu] F 443 

Indiana F 453 

Jealousy F 454 

Marquis de Villemer F 461 

The Master Mosaic- Workers F 8544 

Mauprat F 455 

Miller of Angibault F 457 

Monsieur Sylvestre F 463 

My Sister Jeannie F 466 

DUDEVANT, Mme. A. L. A. D. (George 

Sand). Nanon F 3126 

Rolling Stone F 459 

Snow Man [Sweden, 19th Century].F 460 

Tower of Percemont F 3127 

DUFF, C, pseud. See GAYLORD, L. 

Duffels; Short Stories. Eggleston F 328^ 

Dugdale Millions, The. Hudson F 4262 

DUGANNE, A. J. H. The Fighting 

Quakers [Am. Civil War.] B 2493 

Duke Christian of Luneburg. 3V. Porter F 1350 
Duke of Albany's Highlanders. Grant.F 8812 

Duke of Monmouth. Griffin F 709,6 

Duke's Children, The. Trollope G 1 180 

Duke's Daughter, The. Oliphant G 1385 

Dukesborough Tales. Johnston F 447 l 

DULAC, G. Before the Dawn; Story of 

Paris and the Jacquerie F 302^ 

Dulcie Carlyon. Grant F 8813 

DUMAS, A. Adventures of a Marquis.^ 480 
Ascanio. 2 v. [Francis I., 1515-1547]^ 8486 

Black, the Story of a Dog F 8488 

The Black Tulip [Holland, 1672].. F 8484 
The Conscript [Napoleon, i8io-i4].F 473 
The Conspirators; or, the Chevalier 

d'Harmental [Louis XV.] F 475 

Corsican Brothers F 8483,2 

Count of Monte Cristo [One Hun- 
dred Days, Marseilles, 18 15] F 484 

For Sequel See Edmond Dantes. 
Countess of Monte Cristo. See Du 

Boys, J. 
D'Artagnan Romances: 
Three Guardsmen [Louis XIII., 

1626-28] F 494 

Same as Three Musketeers. 
Twenty Years after. 2 v. [Louis 

XIV., 1648-50] F 495 

Vicomte de Bragelonne. 2v. [Louis 

XIV.,1660-71] F 482 

The Iron Mask [Louis XIV.]. . . . F 400 

Louise de la Valliere F 492 

Isabel of Bavaria, Queen of France 

[Court of Charles VI.] F 478 

Last Vendee. 2v F 8483 

Same as She- Wolves of Machecoul. 
Love and Liberty [French Revolu- 
tion] F 47 1 

Marie Antoinette Romances: 
Joseph Balsamo; or, Memoirs of a 

Physician [Louis XV.] F 493 

Queen's Necklace [Marie Antoin- 
ette] F 496 



DUMAS, A. Marie Antoinette Romances: 

Taking the Bastile; or Six Years 

later [Louis XVI.] I 

>te as Ange Pitou. 
Countess de Charny (French Revo- 
lution) F 485 

Chevalier de Maison-Rouge ( Reign 

of Terror) F 483 

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots F 8480 

Memoirs of a Maitre d'Armes F 499 

The same I 4000, 22 

Napoleon Romances: 
Company of Jehu tpoleon, 

1790-1800) F 8481 

The First Republic; or, theWhites 
and the Blues. 2 v. ( 1 793-1 799). F 8482 

Olympe de Cleves. 2v F 8485 

The Page of the Duke of Savoy 

( Henry II.) F 449 

Regent's Daughter. 2 v. (Louis XV. )F 

Sequel to The Conspirators. 
Tales of the Caucasus: The Ball of 

Snow; Sultanetta F 8487 

Valois Romances: 

Marguerite de Valois. 2v. (Charles 

IX.) F 476 

Chicot the Jester (Henry III. . F 477 

.iiia of Meridor F 487 

Same as Chicot the Jester. 
Forty -Five Guardsmen (Henry 

III.) ..F 489 

War of Women. : . . F 8489 

DUMAS, K.fils. Camille; or, Fate of a 

Coquette 470 

DU M AURIER, G. The Martian F 8497 

Peter Ibbetson F 3194 

Trilby F 8498 

Dumps. Parr 6030 

Dun, The. Edgeworth F 5 18,4 

Dunallan. Kennedy F 4615 

DUNCAN, Mrs. F. I. My Intimate Friend.F 474 
DUNCAN, S. J. See COTES, Mrs. S. J. D. 
DUNLAP, W. Thirty Years Ago; Mem- 
oirs of a Water Drinker. 2 v F 3030 

DUNN, O. Red Cap and Blue Jacket; 

French Revolution F 8500 

DUNNING, Mrs. A. K. Letting Down 

the Bars H 1 220 

DUNNING, C, pseud. See WOOD, C. D. 

Dunraven Ranch. King F 4676 

DUPREE, F. Married by Proxy F 3027 

DUPUY, E. A. All for Love; or, the 

Outlaw's Bride F 500 

DUPUY, E. A. Cancelled Will.. 

Clandestine Marriage F 

Dethroned Heiress F 

Discarded Wife 

Gipsy's Warning 

Hidden Sin F 

Sequel to The Dethroned Heiress. 

How he did it F 

Huguenot Exiles; Tune of Louis 


Michael Rudolph 

Mysterious Guest F 

New Way to Win a Fortune F 

Planter's Daughter F 

Who shall be Victor? F 

Why did he marry her? F 

DURAND, A. M. C. F. {Henrj Gre- 

ville). Aline F 

Cleopatra . . F 

Count Xavii r F 

Dosia's Daughter F 

Dournof . . . V 

Guy's Marriage; or, the Shadow of 

a Sin 

The Heiress F 3129 

Mam'zelle Eugenie; a Russian Love 

Story 1 

Markof, the Russian Violinist I 

Mystery. F 

Nikanor F 

Philomene's Marriages F 

Princess Ogh£rof . . F 

Tania's Peril; or, the Edge of an 

. ss F 

Trials of Ralssa; a Russian Love 

Story F 

Durnton Abbey. Trollope F 

Dusantes, The. Stockton F 

50 1 
















Dust. Bjornson 

F 7001,3 

Dust. Hawthorne F 395 1 

Dust and Laurels. Pendered F 6051 

Dusty Diamonds. Ballantyne H 1007 

Dutchman's Fireside. Paulding F 1 294 

DUVAL, G. Romance of the Sword; a 

Napoleonic Novel F 8490 

Dwale Bluth. 2 v. Brown F 2654 

Dwellers in Five-Sisters Court. Scudder.F 17 10 

Dynamiters, The. Stevenson F 6682 

Dynevor Terrace. Yonge F 2015 

The same G 669 

E., O. A. See ERICSSON, O. A. 

EADGYTH, pseud. Snow Fort H 1 24 I 

Eagle and Dove. Fleuriot F 573 



Eagle Cliff. Ballantyne H 994 

Eagle's Plume. Heald F 4175 

Eaglehurst Towers. Marshall H 1903 

Earl of Mayfield. May F 5372 

Earl Whiting. Atkins H 189 

Earl's Daughter. Sewell F 1527 

Earl's Promise. Riddell G 805 

Earls of the Village. Giberne F 3726 

EARLE, A. R. Her Great Ambition.F 3246 

Earlscourt. Allardyce F 2333 

Early Dawn. Charles F 223 

Early English Romances; ed. by Thorns. 

3 V F °970 

Early Start in Life. Norris H 1930 

Earnest Trifler, An. Sprague F 3201 

Earth Revisited. Brooks F 8059 

Earth Trembled, The. Roe F 63 1 8 

Earth's Enigmas. Roberts F 6457 

Earthly Paragon, An. Brodhead F 5412 

East, Romances of the. Gobineau F 667 

East, Tales of the; tr. by Weber. 3 v . . F 6929 

East and West. Hale F 3834 

East Angels. Woolson F 7548 

East Lynne. 3 v. in 2. Wood G 636 

Easter Vacation, An. O'Neill F 5721 

Eastern Fairy Legends. Frere H 380 

Eastern Romances and Stories.Clouston F 3353 

Eastern Sketches. Harte J 75,3 

Eastern Tales; comp. by Valentine. . . 1 
EASTMAN, J. A. Romneys of Ridge- 

mont H 363 

School Days of Beulah Romney.. .H 362 
EASTMAN, M. H. Aunt Phillis's Cabin 

[Reply to Uncle Tom's Cabin].. . F 512 

Eastward, Ho ! Farrar H 1281,1 

EATON, A.W.H.andC.L.BETTS. Tales 

of a Garrison Town F 3248 

EATON, F. {Sargent Flint). Queer 

Little Princess and her Friends. H 1230 

Dollikens and the M iser H 1 23 1 

Ebb Tide. Stevenson and Osbourne. . F 6868 

Ebb-Tide and other Stories. Tiernan. . F 577 

Ebbing of the Tide. Becke F 8019 

EBERS, Q. M. Barbara Blomberg. 2 v. 

[Netherlands Time of Charles V.].F 3309 
The Bride of the Nile. 2 v. [Ancient 

Egypt] F 3216 

Burgomaster's Wife [Siege of Ley- 
den, 1574] F 3213 

Cleopatra. 2 v. [Ancient Egypt].. F 3306 

Egyptian Princess G 187 

The same. 2 v F 3202 

The Elixir, and other Tales F 3109 

EBERS, Q. M. The Emperor. 2 v. 

[Ancient Egypt] F 32 1 2 

Homo sum [Christians in Egypt 

4th Century] F 321c 

The same G 923 

In the Blue Pike [Germany, 16th 

Century] F 3308 

In the Fire of the Forge. 2 v. [Nu- 
remberg, 1821] F 3307 

Joshua; a Story of Biblical Times. 

[Egypt, B. C. 1425] F 3200 

Margery (Gred); a Tale of Old Nu- 
remberg. 2 v. [15th Century]. . .F 3203 

Serapis [Ancient Egypt] F 3215 

The Sisters [Ancient Egypt] F 321 1 

The same G 925 

A Thorny Path. 2v. [Ancient Egypt].F 3198 

Uarda [ Rameses II.] G 926 

A Word, only a Word [The Nether- 
lands, 1574. Time of Philip II.]. .F 3214 
EBLANA, pseud. Last Monarch of Tara; 

Ireland in the Sixth Century F 3220 


Two Countesses F 7246 

Ebon and Gold. Mcllvain F 513 

Echo of Passion. Lathrop F 4891 

Echoes from Mistland. Moore F 3529 

Echoing and Re-Echoing. Foster F 3508 

ECILAW, A. Romance of a German 

Court. 2 v F 3218 

ECKSTEIN, E. Aphrodite; Romance 

of Ancient Hellas F 3217 

Chaldean Magician [Rome, A. D. 

300] F 3206 

Hertha F 3290 

A Monk of the Aventine F 3291 

Nero 2 v. [Ancient Rome] F 3225 

Prusias 2 v. [Ancient Rome] F 3207 

Quintus Claudius. 2v. [Rome A. D. 

95J F 3209 

TheWill. 2v F 3208 


Goddard. Wonderful Stories from 

Northern Lands H 430 

Hambro. Edda; or, Tales of a Grand- 
mother A 1844 

Edda's Birthright. Lewis F 4949 

EDDY, D. C. The Percy Family . . . . H 1245 
v. 3. Paris to Amsterdam. 

Walter's Tour in the East H 364 

v. 1. Walter in Jerusalem. 

2. Walter in the North Country. 

3. Walter in Damascus. 


EDDY, D. C. Walter's Tour in the 

East H 

v. 4. Walter in Constantinople. 

5. Walter in Athens. 

6. Walter in Egypt. 

Edelweiss. Auerbach F 

Edelweiss of the Sierras. Harrison F 

EDEN, C. H. Fortunes of the Fletch- 
ers; Life in Canada and Austra- 
lia H 

Jungle Jack; or, to the East after 

Elephants H 

Philip Vandeleur's Victory [East 

Indies] H 

Ula; a Tale of the Zulus F 

EDEN, E. Semi-Attached Couple. 2 vF 

Semi-Detached House F 

Eden ; an Episode. Saltus F 

EDGAR, J. Q. The Boy Crusaders; 

Age of Louis IX H 

Boyhood of Great Men C 

Cressy and Poictiers; or, the Black 

Prince*s Page H 

Footprints of Famous Men C 

History for Boys; Nations of Mod- 
ern Europe A 

How I won my Spurs; a Boy's Ad- 
ventures in the Barons' War H 

Sea Kings and Naval Heroes H 

Edgar Clifton. Adams H 

EDGEWORTH, M. Belinda *Fi 15,49-50 

Harry and Lucy, with other Tales. 

2 v H 1246 

Modern Griselda *Fi 15,50 

Parent's Assistant; or, Stories for 

Children H 

Tales and Novels F 

▼. 1. Moral Tales: Forester; Prussian Vase; 
Good Aunt Angelina, or, 1'Amie 
inconnue; Good French Governess; 
Mademoiselle Panache; The Knap- 

2. Popular Tales : Lame Jervas; The 

Will; The Limerick Gloves; Out of 
Debt, Out of Danger; The Lottery; 
Rosanna; Murad the Unlucky; The 
Manufacturers; The Contrast; The 
Grateful Negro; To-morrow. 

3. Belinda. 

4. Castle Rackrent; Essay on Irish Bulls; 

The Science of Self Justification; 
Ennui; The Dun. 

5. Manoeuvring; Almeria; Vivian. 

6. The Absentee; Madame de Fleury; 

Emilie de Coulanges; The Modern 

7. Patronage. 

















EDGEWORTH, M. Tales and Novels.F 518 
v. 8. Patronage(concluded);Comic Dramas; 
Dramas; Leonora; Letters. 

9. Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Or- 


10. Helen. 

Edina. Wood G 686 

Edith. Herbert F 4002 

Edith Lyle. Holmes F 848 

Edith Percival. Fleming F 3513 

Editha's Burglar. Burnett H 1077 

Editor's Tales. Trollope F 6996 

Edleen Vaughan. Elizabeth, Queen of 

Roumania F 3234 

EDLER, K.E. Baldine and other TalesF 3229 
Edmond Dantes [Revolution of 1848, 

France] F 488 

Sequel to Count of Monte Cristo. 

Edmondo. Bresciani F 92 

EDMONDS, Mrs. Amygdala; Tale of 

the Greek Revolution F 3275 

Edna Browning. Holmes F 836 

Edward Burton. Wood F 7635 

Edward Conway, Vocation of. Egan.. .F 8580 

Edward Osborne. Rathbone F 1 1 38 

Edward Wortley Montagu; an Auto- 
biography. Kenealy F 4613 

EDWARDS, Mrs. A. Archie Lovell.G 188 

At the Eleventh Hour F 

Same as Ballroom Repentance. 

A Ballroom Repentance G 922 

A Blue-Stocking G 736 

A Girton Girl G 1 196 

Jet; her Face or her Fortune? G 735 

Leah ; a Woman of Fashion F 527 

The same G 733 

Ordeal for Wives F 522 

Ought we to visit her? F 523 

The same G 189 

Pearl-Powder F 3226 

The same G 1376 

Philip Earnscliffe;or, Morals of May 

Fair F 524 

A Playwright's Daughter, and Bertie 

Griffiths G 1254 

Point of Honor F 529 

Steven Lawrence, Yeoman G 190 

Vagabond Heroine G 191 

Vivian the Beauty G 743 

Woman of Fashion F 527 

Same as Leah. 

EDWARDS, A. B. Barbara's History.G 192 

Debenham's Vow G 193 

Half a Million of Money G 104 



EDWARDS, A. B. Hand and Glove. G 195 

In the Days of my Youth F 521 

The same G 196 

Lord Brackenbury G 924 

Miss Carew G 197 

Monsieur Maurice G 198 

Night on the Borders of the Black 

Forest G 734 

Contents: A Night on the Borders of the 
Black Forest; Story of Salome; In the 
Confessional; Tragedy in the Palazzo 
Bordello; The Four-Fifteen Express; 
Sister Johanna's Story; All Saint's Eve. 

EDWARDS, G. W. P'tit Matinic* and 

other Monotones F 3261 

Rivalries of long and short Codiac.F 8570 

Thumb-nail Sketches F 3262 

EDWARDS, H. S. Sons and Fathers. F 3317 

Two Runaways, and other Stories. F 3316 
Contents: Two Runaways; Elder Brown's 
Backslide; An Idyl of Sinkin' Mount'in; 
Ole Miss and Sweetheart; Sister Tod- 
hunter's Heart; De Valley an' de 
Shadder; Mine; A Born Inventor; Tom's 

EDWARDS, M. B. B. Brother Gabriel.G 738 

Disarmed G 1052 

Doctor Jacob G 1053 

The Dream-Charlotte F 3267 

Exchange no Robbery, and other 

Novelettes G 966 

Felicia G 737 

The Flower of Doom, and other 

Stories F 3227 

Contents: The Flower of Doom; Love 
and Manuscript; A Group of Immortals; 
The Rebuke amid Roses. 

For One and the World F 3228 

Forestalled; or, the Life Quest F 3263 

The same G 932 

Next of Kin wanted G 1291 

A North Country Comedy F 3264 

The Parting of the Ways G 1325 

Pearla F 3265 

The same G 1054 

A Romance of Dijon F 3266 

The Sylvestres F 3221 

The same G 200 

EDWARDS, R. Twice Defeated [Molly 

McGuires] F 528 

Edwin Brothertoft. Winthrop H 771 

Edwin Drood, Mystery of. Dickens... F 441 

The same G 163 

Edwin, the Boy Outlaw. Hodgetts.. . . H 1626 
Effie and her Strange Acquaintances. 

Crofts H 1 1 10 

Effie Ogil vie. Oliphant F 5658 

EQAN, M. F. The Flower of the Flock, 

and The Badgers of Bel mont . . . . H 1 243 
Jack Chumleigh; or, Friends and 

Foes H 3745 

Jasper Thorn; Story of New York 

Life H 3744 

Vocation of Edward Conway F 8580 


EGQLESTON, E. Circuit Rider F 534 

Duffels; Short Stories F 3285 

Contents: Sister Tabea; The Redemp- 
tioner; A Basement Story; The Gun- 
Powder Plot; Story of a Valentine; 
Huldah, the Help; The New Cashier; 
Priscilla; Talking for Life; Periwinkle; 
The Christmas Club. 

End of the World F 530 

The Faith Doctor, Story of New 

York F 3236 

The Graysons [Illinois, 1836] F 3235 

Hoosier School-Boy H 1255 

Hoosier School-Master F 531 

Mystery of Metropolisville [Min- 
nesota] F 533 

Queer Stories for Boys and Girls. .H 1256 

Roxy ; Indiana Life F 535 

EGGLESTON, G. C. The Big Brother 
v. 1. The Big Brother [Story of 

the Indian War, 181 3]. H 367 

2. Captain Sam ; or, Boy Scouts 

of 1814 H 365 

3. The Signal Boys [Battle of 

New Orleans] H 358 

Man of Honor F 532 

Strange Stories from History H 1242 

The Wreck of the Red Bird ; Story 

of the Carolina Coast H 371 

and D. MORBOURG. Juggernaut.F 3281 

Eglantine. Stephenson F 1718 

Ego. French F 3570 

Egoist, The. Meredith F 5199 

EGOMET, E. G., pseud. Only a Curate.F 3204 

Egyptian Harp Girl, The. Stevans F 6751 

Egyptian Princess, An. Ebers G 187 

The same. 2 v F 3202 

Egyptian Tales; ed. by Petrie. 2v F 6086 

Eichhofs, The. Bethusy-Huc F 6263 

Eight Cousins. Alcott , H 133 

Eight Days. Forrest F 3624 

The same G 14 19 

Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon. 

Verne F 7306,1 



\d ventures of Mr and Mrs. Sand- 
boys. Mayhew ,F 5177 

Eighty-Seven. Alden F 2392 

EILOART, Mrs. E. Hoy with an Idea.H 368 

nan's Wrong % F 538 

Ekkehard. Sheffel G 534 

The same. 2 v F 6556 

El Fureidis. Cummins F 348 

Elam Storm, the Wolfer. Fosdick H 1286,2 

ELBON, B., pseud. See HALSTEAD, L. B. 

Elbow-room. Clark E 752 

Elder Conklin, and other Stories. HarrisF 4206 

Eldrauir; an Art-Story. Thompson... F 6980 

Eleanor Lambert, Story of. Capes F 7221 

Eleanor Maitland. Waters 2810 

Eleanor's Victory. Braddon < \ 679 

Elect Lady, The. McDonald 

Elective Affinities. Goethe F 673 

The same I 3025,4 

Electrical Boy. Trowbridge H 2533 

Elena. Comyn F 302 

Elephant Club. Thomson 1572 

Eleven Possible Cases . . F 3416 

Contents: The Only Girl at Overlook, 
by Fyles; A Thing that Glistened, by 
Stockton: A Lion and a Lioness, by 
Miller; A Head of Death, by Harland; 
The Mystic Krewe, by Thompson; 
Strange Adventures of a Million Dol- 
lars, by Lock wood; A Lost Day by 
Fawcett; A Tragedy of High Explo- 
sives, by Smith; The Bushwhacker's 
Gratitude, by Munroe; The End of All, 
by Nym Crinkle; Shall he Marry her ? 
by Rohlfs. 

Eleventh Commandment. Barrili F 2487 

Elf-Errant. O'Neill H 1988 

Eli's Children. Fenn F 3424 

Elia; Spain Fifty Years Ago. Arrom de 

Ayala F 209 

Eliane. Craven G 854 

Elias Power of Ease-in-Zion. BamfordH 084 

Eline Vere. Couperus F 3340 

Elinor Belden. Lillie H 1 77 1 

Elinor Fenton. Foster F 3618 

ELIOT, A. White Birches F 3295 

ELIOT, George, pseud. See CROSS, 

Mrs. M. A. 
ELIOT, S. (Ed.). Six Stories from the 

Arabian Nights H 1260 

Elixir, The, and other Tales. Ebers. . .F 3109 
Elizabeth, Queen of England. Abbott . H 27 
ELIZABETH, Queen of Roumania {Car- 
men Sylva). Edleen Vaughan . . F 3234 
A Heart Regained F 3233 

ELIZABETH, Queen of Roumania (Car- 
men Sylva). Pilgrim Sorrow... F 3223 

Elizabeth. Nathusius 1 

ELIZABETH, Charlotte, pseud. See 

Elizabeth: Christian Scientist. Crim..F 3329 

Elizabeth, Story of. Ritchie G 595 

Elizabeth of England. Abbott H 27 

Elizabeth; or, Exiles of Siberia. Cottin.H 478 

Elizabeth Morley. Macquoid F 

Elizabeth's Pretenders. Aid£ F 7780 

ELLA, pseud. Philippa ; or, Under a 

Cloud F 7224 

Ella. Simonds H 677,3 

Ella of Garveloch. Martineau F 1151,2 

Ellen Linn. Abbott H 57,7 

Ellen Middleton. Fullerton G 214 

Ellen Montgomery's Bookshelf. See War- 
ner, S. and A. B. 
ELLIOT, F. D. The Italians ........ F 536 

The same G 742 

Old Court Life in France F 539 

The same G 741 

Old Court Life in Spain. IT F 3247 

The Red Cardinal . .G 1 147 

The Story of Sophia G 1417 

ELLIOT, H. R. The Common Chord . . F 3231 
ELLIOTT, Mrs. M. H. Atalanta in the 

South . . F 4057 

Mammon F 4058 

A Newport Aquarelle F 5455 

Phillida. F 4054 

San Rosario Ranch F 4056 

ELLIOTT, S. B. The Felmeres F 


John Paget F 3239 

ELLIS, Mrs. A. R. Sylvestra ; Man- 
ners in England in 1770- 1800 F 3237 

ELLIS, E. 5. Among the Esquimaux. H 1276 

Boone and Kenton Series H 1235 

v. 1. Shod with Silence. 

2. The Phantom of the River. 

3. In the Days of the Pioneers. 
Boy Pioneer Series [Early Days in 

the West] H 1 261 

v. 1. Ned in the Block House. 

2. Ned in the Woods. 

3. Ned on the River. 

Brave and Honest Series H 1232 

v. 1. Brave Tom. 

2. Honest Ned. 

3. Righting the Wrong. 
Comrades True H 3721 



ELLIS, E. S. Deerfoot Series H 1257 

v. 1. Hunters of the Ozark. 

2. Camp in the Mountains. 

3. Last War Trail. 

Forest and Prairie Series H 1233 

v. 1. The Great Cattle Trail. 

2. The Path in the Ravine. 

3. The Young Ranchers. 
From Throttle to President's Chair; 

American Railway Life H 1236 

Great River Series H 1258 

v. 1. Down the Mississippi. 

2. Up the Tapajos ; Advent- 

ures in Brazil. 

3. Lost in the Wilds [South 


Jaunt through Java H 1249 

Log Cabin Series H 1263 

v. 1. Lost Trail. 

2. Camp-Fire and Wigwam. 

3. Footprints in the Forest. 

Lost in Samoa H 1238 

River and Wilderness Series H 1234 

v. 1. The River Fugitives. 

2. The Wilderness Fugitives. 

3. Lena Wingo, the Mohawk. 

Tad; or, Getting Even with Him..H 1239 
Through on Time Series H 3722 

v. 1. Jack Midwood. 

2. The Young Conductor. 
Uncrowning a King ; King Philip's 

War H 3724 

Wild- Woods Series H 1237 

v. 1. Through Forest and Fire. 

2. On the Trail of the Moose. 

3. Across Texas. 
Wyoming Valley Series [Am. Rev- 
olution.] H 1254 

v. 1. Wyoming. 

2. Storm Mountain. 

3. Cabin in the Clearing. 

The Young Scout ; Story of West 

Point H 3723 

ELLIS, S. At our Best F 540 

ELLIS, S. S. Family Secrets. 3V...F 541 

Contents: v. 1. Dangers of Dining Out; 
Confessions of a Maniac; Somerville 
Hall: The Rising Tide : The Favourite 

2. First Impressions ; The Minister's 


3. The Young Sculptor; The Two 

Friends ; Fireside Recollections. 

ELLIS, S. S. Pictures of Private Life. 

3v F 543 

Contents: v. 1. An Apology for Fiction: 
The Hall and the Cottage ; Ellen Esk- 
dale ; The Curate's Widow ; Marriage 
as it may be. 

2. Misanthropy; The Pains of Pleasing. 

3. Pretensions. 

Pique; Tale of English Aristocracy. F 1321 

Temper and Temperament F 3238 

ELLSWORTH, Mrs. L. C. Furono 

Amati F 3243 

ELLW ANGER, Q. H. In Gold and 

Silver F 3304 

Contents: The Golden Rug of Kerman- 

shah; Warders of the Woods; A Shadow 

upon the Pool; Tne Silver Fox of Hunt's 


Elm Island Stories. See Kellogg, E. 

ELMSLIE.T. C. (Baynton Foster). The 

Little Lady of Lavender H 1274 

Elsie. Synge , H 2450 

Elsie; a Christmas Story. Kielland...F 4770 

Elsie and the Raymonds. Finley H 1333 

Elsie at Home. Finley H 1385 

Elsie at Ion. Finley H 1328 

Elsie at Nantucket. Finley H 1 298 

Elsie at the World's Fair. Finley. . . . H 1383 

Elsie at Viamede. Finley H 1 329 

Elsie Dinsmore. Finley .- H 403 

Elsie Gordon. Brodie H 249 

Elsie Venner. Holmes F 853 

Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds. 

Finley H 1331 

Elsie's Children. Finley H 385 

Elsie's Friends at Woodburn. Finley. H 1294 

Elsie's Girlhood. Finley H 404 

Elsie's Holidays at Roseland. Finley. H 383 
Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters. Fin- 
ley H 1384 

Elsie's Kith and Kin. Finley H 1293 

Elsie's Motherhood. Finley H 406 

Elsie's New Relations. Finley H 1296 

Elsie's Vacation. Finley H 1 332 

Elsie's Widowhood. Finley H 384 

Elsie's Womanhood. Finley : . H 405 

Elsket, and other Stories. Page F 5912 

Elster's Folly. Wood.„ G 1208 

Elton Hazlewood. Scott F 6501 

ELWELL, E. H. Boys of '35; Story of 

a Seaport Town H 1 262 

ELWES, A. Adventures of a Cat, Dog 

and Bear H 1259 

Giulio Branchi; Story of a Tuscan. F 3222 

Perils Afloat and Brigands Ashore . H 1 253 



Emancipated. The. Gissing F 8942 

Emanuel. Pontoppidan F 61 12 

Embarrassments. James F 4395 

EMERSIE, S., pseud. Allisto F 3240 

EMERSON, N. 5. Little Folks' Let- 
ters H 369 

EMERSON, W. G. Winning Winds.. F 3242 
EMERY, E. Myself; a Romance of 

New England Life F 1225 

EMERY, E. B. Queens H 370 

EMERY, S. A. Three Generations.. .F 542 

Emigrant Ship, The. Russell F 6369 

Emigrants of Ahadarra. Carleton F 292 

Emilia Wyndham. Marsh G 728 

E m i 1 i e d e Coulanges. Edgeworth F 5 1 8,6 

Emma. Austen F 82 

The same G 689 

Emma Foster. Hoyne H 1516 

Emma Lou, her Book. Mears H 5050 

Emmett Bonlore. Read F 6230 

Emperor, The. 2 v. Ebers F 3212 

Emperor's Picture, The. Hauff G 248 

Empress Josephine. Mundt F 1204 

Empty Heart; or, Husks. Terhunc.F 1762 

Ena; or, the Ancient Maori. Wilson.. F 7540 

ENAULT, L. The Captain's Dog . . . . H 1 244 

Carine; a Story of Sweden F 3244 

Christine F 3245 

Enchanted, The. Bouton F 2283 

Enchanted Moccasins. Matthews H 552 

Enchanted Princess. Nauman H 572 

Enchanting and Enchanted. Hacklan- 

der H 444 

End Crowns All, The. Marshall G 1 383 

End of a Coil. Warner F 7481 

End of a Rainbow. Johnson H 161 1 

End of the World. Eggleston F 530 

Endeavor Doin's down to the Corners. 

Cowan F 8316 

Endless Chain. Alden F 2402 

Endymion. Beaconsfield F 2493 

The same G 916 

Enemies in the Rear. Hoover F 4247 

Engagement, An. Peel F 6127 

ENGLEBACH, A. H. Dick Darling- 

ton at Home and Abroad H 1 264 

The King's Warrant; Story of Old 

and New France H 1265 

Rudolf's Dilemma; the Rising in 

Tyrol F 3241 

England, Child's History of. DickensH 321 
England, Little Arthur's History of. Cal- 

cott A 742 

England, Young People's History of. 

Towle A 757 

ENQLE, A. B. Story of Four Acorns.H 1266 
ENGLISH, T. D. Jacob Schuyler's Mil- 
lions F 4403 

English-American, The. Thayer F 6987 

English Bodley Family. Scudder H 2302 

English Channel. Abbott H 17,4 

English Daisy Miller. Johnson F 4451 

English Envoy at Court of Nicholas I. 

Corner F 8250 

English Episodes. Wedmore F 7597 

English Fairy Tales. Jacobs H 1 587 

English Girl in America. Powell F 6106 

English History. Laurie A 372 

English History for Girls. Roe A 591 

English History, Stories from. 3 v. 

Church H 3480 

English Orphans. Holmes F 837 

English Squire, An. Coleridge G 1074 

English Tales and Sketches. Crosland.F 3157 

Englishman's Haven. Gordon H 143$ 

E.NMS GRAHAM, pseud. See MOLES- 

Ennui. Edgeworth F 518,4 

Entailed Hat. Townsend F 7015 

Enterprise of Man. Goodrich H 434,6 

Enterprising Impresario. Beale F 1168 

Entertaining Story of King Bronde\ his 

Lily and his Rosebud. Diaz H 1221 

Enthralled and Released. BiirstenbinderF 7404 
Same as Banned and Blessed. 

Entire Stranger, An. Baily H 965 

Eoline. Hentz F 789 

Ephraim and Helah. Hodder F 4028 

Epic of Kings. Firdausi F 3498 

Epics of the Middle Ages. Wagner. . .T 7486 

Epicurean, The. Moore F 1198 

Episcopo & Company. Annunzio F 7863 

Episodes. Street F 6819 

Episodes in an Obscure Life. 3 v. 

Rowe F 633 

Episodes in the Lives of Men, Women 

and Lovers. Simcox F 6595 

Equal to the Occasion. Mayo F 643 

Equality. Bellamy F 8000 


Alsacian Schoolmaster F 3250 

Blockade of Phalsburg [181 4] F 545 

Brigadier Frederic [Franco-Prussian 

War] F 547 

The Brothers Rantzau; Story of the 

Vosges F 3257 




A Campaign in Kabylia and other 

Tales F 3251 

Citizen Bonaparte [1794-1815] F 3374 

Confessions of a Clarionet Player, and 

other Tales F 3252 

The Conscript [French War of i8i3]F 3370 

The Count of Nideck F 33*3 

Country in Danger [1792] F 3258 

Daniel Rock F 3372 

Forest House and Catherine's Lov- 
ers F 548 

Friend Fritz F 55 1 

Great Invasion of 1813-14 F 3259 

Illustrious Dr. Matheus F 3253 

Invasion of France in 1814 F 3254 

Madame Therese; or, the Volunteers 

of '92 [France] F 552 

Man-Wolf, and other Tales F 337 1 

Outbreak of French Revolution. 3V.F 537 
The Plebiscite; a Miller's Storyof the 

War[Franco-Prusian War] F 546 

Polish Jew '. F 3373 

The States-General, 1 789 F 3249 

Stories of the Rhine F 3255 

Waterloo F 520 

Sequel to The Conscript. 
The Wild Huntsman, and other 

Tales F 3256 

Year One of the Republic, 1793.. . .F 3314 

Erema. Blackmore F 2473 

Eric. Farrar H 388 

Eric Brighteyes. Haggard F 4185 

Eric, Prince of Lorlonia. Countess of 

Jersey H 4456 

Eric, the Archer. Hervey H 4260 

ERICKSON, D. S. Carl Bartlett ; or, 

What can I do? H 373 

Good Measure; Story for Boys H 372 

Ericsson, J., the Miner Boy and his 

Monitor. Headley H 455 

ERICSSON, O. A. Cruise under SixFlagsF 3205 

Erin-go-Bragh. Maxwell V 1185 

Erl Queen. Knobelsdorff Brenkenhoff F 3383 

Erlach Court. Kirschner. . F 4700 

Erling; or, Days of St. Olaf. Potter.. H 2092 

Erling the Bold. Ballantyne H 211 

Ernest Bracebridge. Kingston H 491 

Ernest Fairfield. Malan H 1967 

Ernest Linwood. Hentz F 790 

Ernest Maltravers. Lytton F 5006 

The same G 377 

Errant Wooing. Harrison F 4216 

ERROLL, H. An Ugly Duckling G 1292 

Ersilia. Poynter G 1030 

ERSKINE, Mrs. T. Wyncote. F 544 

Esau Hardery. Stoddard...-. F 6690 

Esau Runswick. Macquoid F 5258 

Escape from Philistia. Jacobus F 4384 

Escaped from Siberia. Frith H 1318 

ESCHENBACH, M. D. v. E. See EB- 

ESCHENBACH, O., pseud. See SAL- 



ESLER, E. R. 'Mid Green Pastures. F 3279 

The Way they loved at Grimpat. ..F 3278 
Contents: Kitty; Eunice; Linnet's Lov- 
er; Naomi; Good for Nothing; Betty's 
Luck; Alice; Daisy Wynn; Bessie. 

Essays in Romance. Skelton F 6598 

Estelle Russell G 202 

Ester Ried. Alden F 554 

Ester Ried yet Speaking. Alden F 2401 

Estevan. Musick F 5512 

Esther. Compton F 282 1 

Esther; a Book for Girls. Carey F 2760 

Esther Denison. Sergeant F 6543 

Esther Hill's Secret. May G 129 

Esther Pennefather. Perry F 13 15 

Esther, Story of. Fradenburgh H 1314 

Esther Vanhomrigh. Woods F 7649 

Esther's Fortune. Lillie H 1746 

ESTVAN, M. Harry Delaware; or, an 

American in Germany F 549 

Etelka's Vow. Gerard F 3718 

Ethel Mildmay's Follies. King F 553 

Ethelyn's Mistake. Holmes F 838 

ETHERIDGE, M. L. Mrs. Muff and her 

Friends H 1277 

Ethne. Field F 3582 

Etidorpha. Lloyd F 5053 

See HOQG, J. 

Eugene Aram. Lytton F 5007 

The same *.G 378 

Eugeme. Butt F 2685 

Eugenie Grandet. Balzac F 2550 


Howleglass, the Merry Jester F 1451,1 

Marvellous Adventures of Master 

Tyll Owlglass F 5156 

Eunice Quince Conyngham F 8371 

European History, Lights and Shadows 

of. Goodrich H 43 2 . 2 



European Relations. Dalin 1 7228 

Europeans, The. James F 931 

Eustace Diamonds. Trollope F 1789 

Eustace Marchant. Green F 8912 

Eustis. Boit F 2581 

Eutaw. Simms F 2054 

Euthanasia; or, Turf, Tent and Tomb. F 3280 

E va.and other Tales and Poems. LyttonG 379 

Evan Harrington. Meredith F 5218 

Evangeline, Stories of the Land of. Mc- 

Leod F 5367 

EVANS, A. E. Professor's Daughter. F 3431 

Reclaimed F 3430 

Second Sight F 3432 

The Stepmother's Will; or, the Two ■ 

Brothers H 1 280 

EVANS, Mrs. F. Some Legendary 

Landmarks of Africa I 3269 

Eve. Gould I 3676 

Eve of St. Mark. Doubleday I 

Eve's Ransom. Gissing F 8940 

Evelina. D'Arblay *Fi 15,38-39 

The same G 62 

The same I 2964 

EVELYN, C. Alison Walsh F 3361 

Evelyn Marston. Marsh 

Evening Tales. Ortoli H 1997 

Evenings at Haddon Hall. C "attermole I 3fo6 

Evenings atHome. Aiken and BarbauldH 120 

Evenings at Wychwood Rectory H 375 

Evenings in the Duffrey. Kennedy. . . F 1006 

Eventide Light. Marshall ( i 1 433 

EVERETT.H.L. ThePeople'sProgramF 
EVERETT, W. Changing Base; What 

Edward Rice learnt at School. ..H 378 

Every Day. Pike I 1317 

Every Day's News I 

Every Inch a Soldier. Stannard F 6874 

Evil Eye. Carleton 

Evil Genius, The. Collins F 2837 

The same ( \ 1 25 1 

Evolution of Dodd. Smith F 6851 

EWALD, H. F. Waldemar Krone's 

Youth. 2 v F 550 

EWINQ, H.B. A Castle in the Air... F 3260 
EWINQ, Mrs. J. H. Brothers of Pity, and 

other Tales of Beasts and Men. . .H 1271 

Contents: Brothers of Pity; Father 
Hedgehog; Toots and Boots; Hens of 
Hencastle; Flaps. 

Flat Iron for a Farthing H 1267 

The same G 1418 

EWINO, Mrs. J. H. Jackanapes; Dad- 
dy Darwin's Dovecot; Story of a 

Short Life H 1 272 

The same G 952 

Jan of the Windmill; a Story of the 

Plains H 377 

Lob-Lie-by-the Fire; the Brownies, 

and other Tales H 1268 

Melchior's Dream; Brothers of Pity, 

and other Tales H 1 269 

Mrs. Overtheway's RemembrancesH 1270 

Six to Sixteen; a Story for Girls. . . H 376 

Story of a Short Life H 1273 

We and the World; a Book for 

Hoys H 374 

Excellent Knave. Molloy F 5371 

Exceptional Case, An. R6no F 6207 

Exchange no Robbery and other Novel- 
ettes. Edwards G 966 

Executor, The. Hector F 3985 

t^xiles.The, and other Stories. Davis. F 3049 

Exiles at St. Germains F 3436 

Exiles in Babylon. Tucker F 213; 

Exiles of Fortune. Stables H 245S 

Exile's Romance, An. Louis F 4927 

Expatriation; a Novel F 3270 

Expedition of Humphry Clinker. Smol- 
lett G 565 

Experience of Life. Sewell G 1041 

Experiences of a Lady Help. StannardF 6895 
Experiences of Tom and Sarah Neal. 

Lamb F 1028 

Experiment in Altruism. Sherwood. . F 4299 

Expiated. Prior F 525 

The same G 203 

Expiation. Dorr F 423 

Expiation. French F 3567 

Exploits of Brigadier Gerard. Doyle... F 8459 

Extenuating Circumstances. Philips.. G 1443 

Eye for an Eye. Trollope G 1093 

Eye of Istar. Le Queux F 4867 

.ike the Sea. Jokai F 4505 

Eyebright. Woolsey H 794 

Eyre's Acquittal. Reeves G 1 1 29 

EYSTER, Mrs. N. B. A Colonial Boy 

[Maryland] .* H 1278 

EYTINQE, M. W. Ball of the Vegeta- 
bles, and other Stories H 1 275 


happened this way F 327 1 

Ezra Jordan's Escape. Kaler H 1994 

F Cipher, The. Bethune F 7930 

F. Grant and Co. Chaney H 1 1 16 



FABER, C. Carroll O'Donoghue; Irish 

Struggles of 1866 F 3441 

Ugly Heroine , F 3442 

Fabiola. Wiseman F 1974 


JEsop. Fables: illus. by Griset . . . . H 861 

Fables; selected by Jacobs L 2919 

Fables; tr. by Croxall L 2914 

Fables; tr. by James L 291 1 

Fables; tr. by Townsend L §2910 

Anderdon. The Christian /Esop. .M 875 

Babrius. Fables; tr. by Davies . . . . L 2913 
Bidpai. See Pilpay. 
Bleek. Reynard the Fox in South 

Africa L 2594 

Florian. Fables E 7267 

Laboulaye. Old* Wives' Fables . . . F 4882 

La Fontaine. Fables. 2v E 256 

Lee. Sea Fables explained K 7395 

Lytton. Fables in Song G 993 

Northcote. Fables E 1402 

Pilpay. Fables... H 1018 

Prosser. Original Fables H 2108 

Ralston. Knlof and his Fables.. E 1464 

Saxe. Fables and ^egends E 459 

Stevenson. Fables E 5834 

Wesselhoeft. Flipwing, the Spy. . . H 778 

Frowzle the Runaway H 2761 

The Winds, the Woods and the 

Wanderer H 790 

Yriarte. Literary Fables E 8993 

Fables of Field and Staff. Fry e F 872 1 

FABRE, F. Abb6 Tigrane, Candidate 

for the Papal Chair F 564 

Face and the Mask, The. Barr F 7918 

Face Illumined, A. Roe F 6335 

Face to Face, Grant F 3443 

Facing Death. Henty H 1502 

Facing Fearful Odds. Stables H 2456 

Facing the Foot-Lights. Lean G 975 

Facing the World. Alger H 927 

FADBTTE,pseud. See RODNEY, Mrs. M. C. L. 

Fadette Dudevant F 8543 

Fagots for the Fireside. Hale K 1950 

Faience Violin. Fleury F 3386 

Fainalls cf Tipton. Johnson F 4452 

Fair Barbarian. Burnett F 2670 

Fair Emigrant, A. Mulholland F 5321 

Fair God. Wallace F 1846 

Fair-Haired Alcia. Lean G 887 

Fair Half- Dozen, A. Dickinson H 12 13 

Fair Harvard. Washburn F 1 887 

Fair Jewess. Farjeon F 3435 

Fair Maid of Perth. Scott F 

The same G 

Fair Philosopher. Hammond F 

Fair Plebeian. Stone F 

Fair Puritan. Herbert F 

Fair Rebel, A, Adventures of. Crim.F 

Fair Saxon, A. McCarthy F 

Fair Women. Bridges F 

Fairchild Family, The. Sherwood . . . . F 

Faire Gospeller, The. Rathbone F 

Fairer than a Fairy. Grant F 

Fairfax. Cooke F 

Fairhaven Fourteen. Tallman H 

Fairpoint Nine. Brooks H 

Fairy Book. Craik H 

Fairy Book. MacS H 

Fairy Book, Blue. Lang H 

Fairy Book, Green. Lang H 

Fairy Book, Red. Lang H 

Fairy Book, Yellow. Lang H 


Alcott. Lulu's Library. 3 v.. 
Andersen. Danish Fairy Legends 

and Tales I 

The Sandhills of Jutland F 

Stories and Tales F 

Wonder Stories told for Children F 

Arrom. Spanish Fairy Tales H 

Asbjornsen. Folk and Fairy Tales.H 
Atkinson. Last of the Giant KillersH 

Scenes in Fairy Land H 

Aulnoy, Comtesse a". Fairy Tales.H 

Austin. Moonfolk H 

Bain. CossackFairyandFolkTales.H 

Blodgett. Fairy Tales H 

Brabourne. Friends and Foes from 

Fairy Land H 

Higgledy-Piggledy H 

The Magic Oak-Tree, and Prince 

Filderkin ,„ H 

Moonshine; Fairy Stories H 

Queer Folk; Seven Stories H 

Tales at Tea-Time H 

Whispers from Fairyland H 

Brentano. Fairy Tales H 

Broome, Lady. The White Rat, and 

other Stories H 

Champney. The Bubbling TeapotH 
Chodsko. Fairy Tales of the Slav 

Peasants and Herdsmen H 

Coleridge. Phantasmion H 

Comptbn. Snowbird, and other Amer- 
ican Indian Tales H 
















H 139 





















FAIRY TALES: Fairy Book H 310 

Is it True? H 308 

The little Lame Prince G qoi 

Croker. Fairy Legends of the South 

of Ireland F 2000 

The same I 3601 

Curtin. Tales of the Fairies and of 

the Ghost World (Munster) F 8431 

Dasent. Tales from the Norse F 2Q2I 

De la Rame\ Bimbi G 708 

The same H 2201 

De Morgan. Fairy Tales H 1957 

Fairy Legends of the French Prov- 
inces H 1309 

Field. Little Book of Profitable 

Tales H 1339 

Frere. Eastern Fairy Legends. . .H 380 

Fuller. In Poppy Land H 1341 

GallettidiCadilhac. PrincePeerlessH 1107 
Gilbert. Foggerty's Fairy and other 

Tales F 3733 

Goddard. Fairy Tales in Other 

Lands H 1 426 

Gould. Book of Fairy Tales H 1 438 

Old English Fairy Tales H 401 1 

Grant. The Knave of Hearts F 3694 

Griffis. Japanese Fairy World. . .H 1448 

Grimm. Fairy Tales F 718 

The same I 31 14 

Household Stories. 2 v I 2965 

Hacklander. Enchanting and En- 
chanted H 444 

Hamilton. Fairy Tales and Ro- 
mances I 3099 

Harris. Little Mr. Thimble-fingerH 4175 

Mr. Rabbit at Home H 4 1 76 

Harrison. In Story- Land H 4193 

Harte. Queen of the Pirate Isle.. H 4170 
Hauff. Arabian Days' Entertain- 
ments F 766 

Tales of the Caravan, Inn and 

Palace H 1495 

Hawthorne. Tanglewood Tales. . J 88 

Wonderbook for Boys and Girls J 87 
Horwitz. Swanhilde, and other Fairy 

Tales H 1542 

Jacobs. Celtic Fairy Tales H 1585 

English Fairy Tales H 1 587 

Indian Fairy Tales H 1 586 

More Celtic Fairy Tales H 1 584 

More English Fairy Tales H 1715 

Jerdon. Keyhole Country H 1620 


Jersey, Countess of. Eric, Prince of 

Lorlonia H 4456 

Jokai, Sand and others. Golden 

Fairy Book H 1427 

Keightley. Fairy Mythology I 3354 

Kingsley/C. The Heroes, or Greek 

Fairy Tales F 988 

The Water-Babies H 489 

Ki gsley, H. The Boy in Grey. .. H 400 

Knox. Cornertown Chronicles . . .H 1703 

Kremnitz. Roumanian Fairy TalesH 1705 

Laboulaye. Abdallah I 3892 

Fairy Tales of all Nations F 102 1 

The same H 1 726 

Last Fairy Tales H 1725 

Old Wives' Fables F 4882 

Lang. Blue Fairy Book H 1719 

The Gold of Fairnilee H 1 728 

Green Fairy Book H 1718 

My own Fairy Book H 171 2 

Red Fairy Book H 1 720 

Yellow Fairy Book H 1 - 1 4 

Leland. Johnnykin and the Gob- 
lins H 1736 

Lemon. Fairy Tales H 1717 

Legends of Number Nip F 4896 

Lockwood. Little Giant Boab H 1 755 

Lothrop. Two Modern Little Princes, 

and other Stories H 2344 

McCook. Old Farm Fairies H 1946 

MacDonald. Princess and Curdie.G 1103 

The Princess and the Goblins.. . H 535 

Mace\ Fairy Book H 538 

Maclaren. The Fairy Family H 1804 

Maguire. Young Prince Marigold.H 1807 

Matthews. Indian Fairy Tales. . .H 552 

Mitchell. Prince Little Boy H 1870 

Molesworth. The Cuckoo Clock.. H 1843 
Morgan. Baron Bruno, and other 

Stories H 1823 

Mother Goose's Fairy Tales H 1945,2 

New Arabian Nights H 1659 

Nichols. Princess Girlikin H 1957 

Pemberton. Fairy Tales of Every 

Day H 2055 

Petersen. The Will-o'-the Wisps. F 5006 

Polevoi. Russian Fairy Stories. ..H 212; 

Pyle. Otto of the Silver Hand . . . . H 2 103 

Twilight Land H 2 102 

The Wonder Clock F 5088 

Raju. The Tales of the Sixty Man- 
darins H 2228 




Richards. Joyous Story of Toto. .H 2227 

Ritson. Fairy Tales L 2531 

Ruskin. The King of the Golden 

River K 9 

Salsbury. The Purple Hyacinth.. H 2312 

Scudder. Book of Folk Stories... H 2304 

Seven Little People H 2300 

Squance. Miss Mackerell Skye. . H 2362 

Stockton. Ting-a-Ling Tales H 2405 

The Floating Prince and other 

Fairy Tales H 2404 

The Watchmaker's Wife, and other 

Stories F 6722 

Stoker. Under the Sunset E 5757 

Thorpe (Ed.). Yule-Tide Stories. . I 3367 

Tucker. Fairy Know-a-Bit H 752 

Valentine. Old, Old Fairy Tales. H 261 1 
Wesselhoeft. Fairy Folk of Blue 

Hill H 2760 

Wilde. Happy Prince, and other 

Tales H 2675 

Young King; Star-Child H 2676 

Wordsworth. Snow Garden, and 

other Fairy Tales H 2773 

Fairy Family, The. Maclaren H 1804 

Fairy Fingers. Ritchie F 1419 

Fairy-Folk of Blue Hill. Wesselhoeft.H 2760 

Fairy Gold. Kirk F 4691 

Fairy Know-a-Bit. Tucker H 752 

Fairy Legends, Danish. Andersen I 3101 

Fairy Legends, Eastern. Frere H 380 

Fairy Legends of the French Provinces.H 1309 
Fairy Legends of the South of Ireland. 

Croker F 2900 

The same I 3601 

Fairy Mythology. Keightley I 3354 

Fairy Tales. Aulnoy H 862 

Fairy Tales. Blodgett H 3230 

Fairy Tales. Brentano H 1701 

Fairy Tales. De Morgan H 1957 

Fairy Tales. Grimm I 31 14 

Fairy Tales. Laboulaye H 1726 

Fairy Tales. Lemon H 1717 

Fairy Tales; ed. by Ritson L 2531 

Fairy Tales and Romances. Hamilton. . I 3099 

Fairy Tales in other Lands. Goddard. . H 1426 

Fairy Tales of All Nations. Laboulaye. F 102 1 

Fairy Tales of Every Day. Pemberton.H 2055 

Faith. Palacio Vald£s F 7284 

Faith and Unfaith. Hungerford F 55 

The same G 856 

Faith Doctor, The. Eggleston F 3236 

Faith Gartney's Girlhood. Whitney... F 1930 

Faith, Hope and Charity. Lisle F 4908 

Faith Unwin's Ordeal. May G 130 

Faithful Lover. Macquoid G II II 

Faithful Margaret. Ashmore F 73 

Faithful Traitor. Rowlands F 6423 

Falcon Family. Savage F 1484 

Falcon of Langeac. Whitely F 9967 

Falconberg. Boyesen F 2590 

FALCONER, L., pseud. See HAWKER, M. 
FALKENHORST, C. With Columbus 

in America F 3394 

Falkland. Lytton F 5003 

The same G 380 

FALKNER.W.C. Little Brick ChurchF 3449 

White Rose of Memphis F 3448 

Falkner Lyle. Lemon G 325 

Fall of Asgard. 2 v. Corbett. F 2859 

Fall of Damascus. Russell F 1457 

Fall of Somerset. Ainsworth G 694 

Fall of the Crimea. Spencer A 2012 

Fallen Fortunes. Payn F 1299 

The same G 781 

Fallen Idol. Guthrie F 2380 

The same G 1260 

Fallen Leaves. Collins G 929 

Fallen Race, The. Granville F 3798 

False Coin or True? Montrgsor F 5636 

False Colors. Cudlip F 1783 

False Heir. James G 265 

False Start, A. Smart F 6650 

False Witness. Lillie H 1747 

Fame and Fortune. Alger H 154,2 

Fame and Sorrow. Balzac F 2242 

Familiar Letters of Peppermint Perkins.F 3447 

Familiar Talk to Boys. Hall H 450 

Family Affair, A. Fargus F 3454 

The same G 1073 

Family Dilemma, The. Lillie H 1767 

Family Feud. Harder F 3962 

Family Flight around Home. Halc.H 1484 
Family Flight over Egypt and Syria. 

Hale I 1668 

Family Flight through France, Germany, 

Norway and Switzerland. Hale.. I 663 

Family Flight through Mexico. Hale.. I 5583 

Family Flight through Spain. Hale... I 6944 

Family Fortunes. Mayo F 639 

Family Happiness. Tolstoi F 7009 

Same as Katia. 

Family of the Black Forest F 3453 

Family Secret. Andrew F 61 

Family Secrets. 3 V. Ellis F 541 



Family Tree. Fonblanque F 609 

Family Tree, and other Stories. Mat- 
thews F 5249 

Family without a name. Verne F 7320 

Famous, or Infamous. Cudlip F 7035 

Famous Men of Ancient Times. Good- 
rich H 433,2 

Famous Men of Modern Times. Good- 
rich H 433.1 

Famous Victory [Am. Politics] F 3452 

Fanchette. Cooke F 3451 

Fanchon, the Cricket. Dudevant F 452 

Fanciful Tales. Stockton H 2364 

FANE.Vlolet,/^*,/. See SINGLETON. 

Fannie St. John. Delesdernier F 3188 

FANNY PERU, pseud. See PARTON, S. P. 

Fanny Mansfield ; or, the Adopted Sister.H 381 

Fanny's Autobiography. Drake H 3641 

Fanshawe. Hawthorne J 77 

Fantasy. Scarfoglio F 6553 

Far above Rubies. Riddell G 519 

Far Away and Long Ago. Kemble....F 998 

Far from Home. Kiihne F 2966 

Far from the Madding Crowd. Hardy. G 955 

Far from To- Day. Hall F 4174 

Far in the Forest. Mitchell F 5282 

Fardorougha, the Miser. Carleton F 204 

FAROUS, F. J. {Hugh Conway). Bound 

Together; Tales F 2827 

The same G 1071 

Called Back F 2825 

The same G 1072 

A Cardinal Sin F 3456 

Carriston's Gift, and other Tales. ..F 2824 
Contents: Carriston's Gift; Ch'wton. 
Abbot; Paul Vargas; A Dead's Man's 
Face: Julianvanneck; The Bichwa. 

Dark Days F 2826 

The same G 1077 

A Family Affair F 3454 

The same G 1073 

Living or Dead? F 3457 

The same G 1255 

Slings' and Arrows, and other Tales. F 3455 
Contents: Slings and Arrows; The Story 
of a Sculptor; At what a Cost; Capital 

FARINA,S. Signorl F 3569 

Farina. Meredith F 5220 

FARJEON, B. L. Basil and Annette. F 3621 

Betrayal of John Fordham F 8770 

Bread-and-Cheese and Kisses F 561 

Christmas Angel F 3463 

Duchess of Rosemary Lane F 569 

FARJEON, B. L. A Fair Jewess F 3435 

For the Defence F 3439 

Grif; Story of Australian Life F 559 

Island Pearl F 568 

Joshua Marvel V 556 

London's Heart F -557 

Mrs. Isaacs; a Christmas Story F 3461 

Same as Solomon Isaacs. 

The Sacred Nugget F 3462 

The Shield of Love F 3623 

Solomon Isaacs F 3460 

Something Occurred F 3440 

Ties — Human and Divine F 3438 

and others. Three Times Tried, and 

other Stories F 3459 

Farleyes of Farleye. Potter F 1347 

Farm in the Karoo. Hobson H 1512 

Farm of Muiceron. Rheil F 439 

Farm-House Cobweb. Haynes F 4222 

FARMER, L. H. Aunt Belindy's Points 

of View; Modern Mrs. MalapropF 3376 

Boys' Book of Famous Rulers C 2067 

Girls' Book of Famous Queens C 3326 

Doom of the Holy City; Christ and 

Caesar F 8761 

A Knight of Faith F 3445 

Farmer- Boy,Lifeof\Vashington.Heady.H 453 

Farmer's Boy, The. Johnson H 1 591 

Farming. Munkittrick K 6823 

Farnell's Folly. Trowbridge F 7071 

FARQUHAR, A. A Singer's Heart.. .F 8685 

FARR, F. The Dancing Faun F 3315 

Farragut, D. G., Midshipman Farragut. 

Barnes H 3181 

FARRAR, C.A.J. From Lake to Lake; 

[The Wilds of Maine] H 1282 

Lake and Forest Series H 1281 

v. 1. Eastward, Ho! 

2. Wild Woods Life. 

3. Down the West Branch. 

4. Up the North Branch. 
FARRAR, Mrs. E. W. R. Young Folks' 

Robinson Crusoe H 2685 

FARRAR, F. W. Darkness and Dawn; 

or, the Days of Nero F 3413 

Eric; or, Little by Little H 388 

Gathering Clouds; Days of St. Chrys- 

ostom F 3418 

Julian Home; a Tale of College LifeH 389 
St. Winifred's; or, the World of 

School H 300 

Farrars of Budge Row. Martineau F 1 1 5 1 ,8 



FARRIt, H. C. {Hugh lVestdury).ActeG 1392 

Frederick Hazzleden F 7553 

FARRINGTON, M. V. Fra Lippo LippiF 3583 

King Arthur and his Knights F 3444 

Fashion of the World. Reeves G 1267 

Fashionable Sufferer. Hoppin F 4029 

Fast Friends. Trowbridge H 735 

Fast in the Ice. Ballantyne H 218 

Fast Mail, The. Drysdale H 3655,2 

Fatal Boots, The. Thackeray G 588,3 

Fatal Misunderstanding.and otherStories. 

Behrens F 7936 

Fatal Past. Russell F 6347 

Fatal Phryne. Philips and Wills F 5914 

The same G 1342 

Fatal Three, The. Maxwell G 1285 

Fate at the Door. Be v den F 8096 

Fate of Father Sheehy. Sadlier F 1469 

Fate of Fenella. Reeves and others. .F 6209 

Fate of Madame La Tour. Paddock.. F 5924 

Fate of Manafield Hamphreys. WhiteF 7522 

Fate of Marcel. Harlan E 7443 

The same F 3969 

Fated to be Free* Ingelow F 899 

The same G 755 

Father and Daughter. Bremer F 172 

Father Brighthopes. Trowbridge H 736,2 

Father Connell. Banim F 106 

Father Fervent. Bamford H 983 

Father Gander's Melodies. Samuels.. H 2273 

Father Lambert's Family. Bamford.. H 981 

Father of Six. Potapeiko F 7245 

Father Oswald ; a Catholic Story ...... F 575 

Father Rowland. Pise F 586 

Father Sheehy, Fate of. Sadlier F 1469 

Father Stafford. Hawkins F 4236 

Fathers and Sons. Turgenev h 1812 

Fault of One, The. Rowlands F 6413 

FAUST, J. Doctor Faustus F 1451,1 

The same F 6970,3 

Faustine. Booth F 6282 

Favourite Stories for the Nursery H 1343 

Contents: Ali Baba and the Forty 
Thieves; Tom Thumb; Sleeping Beau- 
ty; Little Red Riding-Hood; Hop o' 
my Thumb; The Children in the Wood; 
Simple Hans in Luck and out of it; Sin- 
bad the Sailor; Blue Beard; The Yel- 
low Dwarf. 

Favourite Tales for the Nursery H 1342 

Contents: Puss in Boots; Cinderella; 
Whittington and his Cat; Jack and the 
Bean-Stalk; The Three Bears: Alad- 
din and the Wonderful Lamp; Jack, 
the Giant Killer; Beauty and the Beast. 

Faustus. Klinger F 4710 

FAWCETT, E. The Adopted Daugh- 
ter F 3628 

The Adventures of a Widow F 3474 

An Ambitious Woman F 3472 

Confessions of Claud F 3467 

A Demoralizing Marriage F 3464 

Divided Lives F 3469 

Douglas Duane F 3848 

Gentleman of Leisure F 3471 

An Heir to Millions F 3600 

Her Fair Fame F 3367 

Hopeless Case F 3470 

The House at High Bridge F 3466 

How a Husband forgave F 3599 

A Mild Barbarian F 3368 

A New York Family F 3597 

Olivia Delaplaine F 3468 

Outrageous Fortune F 3366 

Purple and Fine Linen F 560 

Romance of Old New York F 3369 

Rutherford. , F 3473 

Social Silhouettes F 3465 

Tinkling Cymbals F 3475 

Women must Weep F 3598 

FAWCETT, E. D. Secret of the Des- 
ert; or, How we crossed Arabia. H 1394 
FAWCETT, M. Q. Tales in Political 

Economy L 414 

Fay Banning. Bloomfield F 8001 

Fearful Responsibility. Howells F 4022 

Fearsome Island. Kinross F 47 1 1 

Feasts of Camelot. Hervey : . . . . H 1 500 

Feats on the Fiord. Martineau F 5298 

Feet of Clay. Barr F 2619 

Feet of Love. Aldrich F 2355 

Felicia. Edwards G 737 

Felicia. Murfree F 5323 

Felicitas. Dahn F 2928 

Felix Holt, the Radical. Cross F 1058 

The same G 363 

Felix Lanzberg's Expiation. Kirschner.F 4704 

Fellah, The. About F n 

Fellow Travellers. Fuller F 3576 

Fellow Travellers. Travers F 7148 

Fellowe and his Wife, A. Teuffel and 

Sharpe F 4192 

Felmeres, The. Elliott F 3230 

Female Nihilist. Lavigne F 4916 

Female Quixote. Lennox *F 115,24-25 

Fencing with Shadows. Griswold F 3783 

FENELON, F. de S. de La M. Adven- 
tures of Telemachus F 3479 



FENN, Q. M. Begumbach; A Tale of 

the Indian Mutiny F 8691 

Contents: Begumbach; The Golden Incu- 
bus; In a Gout; A Fight with a Storm. 

Beneath the Sea; a Story of the Cor- 
nish Coast H 1369 

Brownsmith's Boy H 1288 

Bunyip Land; Among the Black Fel- 
lows in New Guinea F 3484 

Burr Junior H 1370 

Clerk of Portwick G 948 

Commodore Junk H 1372 

Cormorant Crag; a Tale of Smug- 
gling Days H 1367 

Crown and Sceptre H 1371 

Cutlass an-1 Cudgel H 1307 

The Dark House F 3488 

Devon Boys H 1289 

Diamond Dyke; Story of South Afri- 
can Adventure H 1379 

Double Cunning F 3490 

A Double Knot F . 3595 

Eli's Children F 

First in the Field; a Story of New 

South Wales H 1378 

A Fluttered Dovecote F 3593 

Gil the Gunner H 1374 

The Golden Magnet; the Land of 

the Incas F 3483 

The Grand Chaco H 1552 

The Haute Noblesse F 3426 

In Honour's Cause; Tale of the Days 

of George I H 1366 

In Marine Armor H 1376 

In the King's Name [Rebellion of 

1745] H 1290 

Lady Maude's Mania F 3427 

A Life's Eclipse F 8692 

Lord John; or, a Search for Gold.. F 8690 
Mass* George ; Adventures in the 

Old Savannahs H 1308 

Master of the Ceremonies F 3491 

Menhardoc;CornishNetsand MinesH 1304 
Middy and Ensign; Tale of the Ma- 
lay Peninsula H 1291 

A Mint of Money F 3592 

Morgan's Horror F 3489 

The Mynn's Mystery F 3425 

Nat the Naturalist; Adventures in 

the Eastern Seas H 1 305 

The N ew Mistress F 3594 

Nurse Elisia F 3428 

One Maid's Mischief F 3591 

FENN, O. M. Parson o'Dumford F 3487 

The same G 93 1 

Patience Wins H 1368 

Poverty Corner F 

The Queen's Scarlet F 8694 

Quicksilver; Boy with no Skid to his 

Wheel H 1303 

The Rajah of Dah H 1 375 

Sawn off; Tale of a Family Tree..F 3423 
Silver Canon; Tale of the Western 

Plains H 1292 

Story of Antony Grace F 3500 

Sweet Mace; a Sussex Legend. 3V.F 3482 

Syd Belton H 1373 

The Tiger Lily F 8693 

The Vast Abyss H 1377 

Vicar's People F 3477 

Witness to the Deed F 3429 

The Young Castellan; Tale of the 

English Civil War H 1363 

Yussuf, the Guide; Travels in Asia 

Minor H 1 302 

and others. Seven Frozen Sailors..F 8689 
FENN, W. W. 'Twixt the Lights; 

Odd Tales for Odd Times. 2v.F 3422 

Fenton's Quest. Maxwell G 37 

Ferdinand's Adventures. Brabournc.H 1522 
Ferdinand Tomasso, Adventures of. 

Lehmos F 5070 

Ferguson, J., the Peasant Boy Philoso- 
pher. Mayhew H 556 

FEROUSON, S. Hibernian Nights' En- 
tertainments F 600 

FERGUSON, V. N. (" V."). Music bath 

Charms F 3363 

FERN, Fanny, pseud. See PARTON, S. P. 

Fernando de Lemos. Gayarr£ F 650 

Feme Fleming. Warfield F 1900 

Ferragus, Chief of the D£vorants. Bal- 
zac F 7888 

FERRER, M. Robert Mornay F 3485 

FERRES, A. His First Kangaroo; an 

Australian Story H 1389 

FERRIER, S. E. Destiny; or, the Chief's 

Daughter [Time of George IV.]. F 1487 
The Inheritance [Time of George 

IV.] F 1488 

Marriage. 3 v. [Time of George I V.].F 565 

FESTETITS, K. N. Leslie Rossiter.. .H 134s 

Fettered for Life. Blake F 162 

Fettered, yet Free. Swan F 6836 

Feud of Oakfield Creek. Royce F 6345 

FEUILLET, O. Aliette (La Morte). . .F 3492 



FEUILLET, O. An Artist's Honor. . . F 3622 

Camors F 3481 

Same as Count de Camors. 

Led Astray F 567 

Contents: Led Astray, or, La Petite 
Comtesse; The Sphinx, or. Julia de 
Trecoeur; Bellah. 

Marriage in High Life F 592 

Romance of a Poor Young Man ... F 598 

Story of Sibylle F 599 

FEVAL.P. H. C. Lagardere, the Hunch- 
back of Paris F 3596 

Fever of Life. Hume F 4272 

Few Friends, A. Dodge H 348 

FEYDEAU, E. A. Ballet Dancer's Hus- 
band F 3486 

Same as Barberine. 

Fiammetta. Story F 6697 

Fiddling Freddy. Floyd H 393 

Fidelis. Cross F 8376 

FIELD, C. L. High-Lights F 3094 

FIELD, E. Culture's Garland E 2884 

The Holy Cross, and other Tales. . F 3392 
Contents: The Holy Cross; The Rose 
and the Thrush; The Pagan Seal-wife; 
Flail, Trask and Bisland, The Touch in 
the Heart; Daniel and the Devil; Me- 
thuselah; Felice and Petit-Poulain;The 
River; Franz Abt; Mistress Merciless. 

The House F 8774 

Little Book of Profitable Tales H 1339 

Second Book of Tales F 8775 

FIELD, Mrs. E. M. S. Bryda; Story of 

the Indian Mutiny F 3563 

Ethne; Settlement of Ireland by 

Cromwell F 3582 

FIELD, M. Leaves from the Ash F 3494 

Secret of Fontaine-La-Croix F 3564 

FIELD, R. M. In Sunflower Land; 

Stories F 3391 

Field and Forest. Adams H 109,1 

Field Cricket. Candeze H 1081 

Field of Ice. Verne F 1840 

FIELDE, A. M. (Tr.). Chinese Nights' 

Entertainment; Forty Stories F 3389 

FIELDING, H. History of Amelia. . . . F 570 

The same I 2982 

The same J 60 

Joseph Andrews *F 115,18 

The same I 2983 

The same J 60 

Tom Jones *F 1 15,19-21 

The same G 745 

The same J 60 

The same. 2v I 2971 

FIELDING, S. Adventures of David 

Simple. 2 v F 3636 

FIELDS, Mrs. A. A. Asphodel F 7 

FIELDS, Mrs. C. C. Two Gentlemen 

of Boston F 7030 

Fiend Incarnate. Malcolm F 5623 

Fiery Cross. Hutton H 1531 

Fifteen. Conklin H 1105 

1572; Chronicles of Charles IX. Meri- 

m£e F 5 194 

Fifty Pounds. Coleridge H 1 148 

Fifty Pounds for a Wife. Glyn F 3771 

Fifty Years, Three Months, Two Days. 

Wolff F 7616 

Figaro Fiction. Pollard F 6022 

Fight it out on this Line. Headley...H 456 

Fight of Faith. 2 v. Hall F 720 

Fight with Fate, A. Hector F 4131 

Fight with Fortune. Collins G 921 

Fighting for the Flag Series. See Norton, C. L. 

Fighting for the Right. Adams H 890,5 

Fighting Joe. Adams H 105,5 

Fighting Phil Sheridan. Headley H 457 

Fighting the Air. Lean G 891 

Fighting the Flames. Ballantyne H 212 

Same as Fire Brigade. 

Fighting the Saracens. Henty H 1503 

Same as Boy Knight, and Win- 
ning his Spurs. 

Fighting the Whales. Ballantyne H 219 

Figs and Thistles. Tourgge F 7041 

File No. 1 13. Gaboriau . F 637 

FILON, P. M. A. Garrick's Pupil... F 3393 

Final Reckoning. Henty H 1474 

Final War, The. Tracy F 7132 

Financial School at Farmerville. Bar- 
ley F 8773 

Finding Blodgett. Hamilton H 1554 

Fine Feathers do not make Fine Birds. 

Neely H 574,2 

FINLEY, M. (Af. Farquharson). Cas- 

ella [The Waldenses, 1655] F 563 

The Elsie Books: 

Elsie Dinsmore H 403 

Holidays at Roselands H 383 

Elsie's Girlhood H 404 

Elsie's Womanhood H 405 

Elsie's Motherhood H 406 

Elsie's Children H 385 

Elsie's Widowhood H 384 

Grandmother Elsie H 407 

Elsie's New Relations H 1296 

Elsie at Nantucket H 1298 



FINLEY, M. {M. Farquharson). The 

Two Elsie's H 1299 

Elsie's Kith and Kin H 1293 

Elsie's Friends at Woodburn H 1294 

Christmas with Grandma Elsie.. H 1330 

Elsie and the Raymonds H 1 333 

Elsie Yachting with the Ray- 
monds H 1331 

Elsie's Vacation and after E vents H 1 332 

Elsie at Viamede H 1329 

Elsie at Ion H 1328 

Elsie at the World's Fair H 1383 

Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters. H 1384 

Elsie at Home H 1385 

Lilian F 571 

Mildred Stories H 1297 

v. I. Mildred Keith. 

2. Mildred at Roselands. 

3. Mildred and Elsie. 

4. Mildred's Married Life. 

5. Mildred at Home. 

6. Mildred's Boys and Girls. 

7. Mildred's New Daughter... H 1382 

Old Fashioned Boy H 386 

Our Fred; or, Seminary Life H 1295 

Signing the Contract and what it 

cost F 3500 

Thorn in the Nest F 3493 

Tragedy of Wild River Valley . . . . F 3395 

Wanted— a Pedigree F 558 

FINN, Mrs. E. A. M. Home in the Holy 

Land ; Modern Jerusalem F 3409 

A Third Year in Jerusalem Y 3414 

Sequel to Home in the Holy Land. 

FINN, F. J. Mostly Boys ; Short Stories. H 1 380 
FIRDAUSI. Epic of Kings; Stories retold 

from Firdusi F 3498 

Fire and Flame. Schuecking F 1694 

Fire Brigade. Ballantyne H 212 

Fire-Flies and Mosquitoes. Moore H 1875 

Fire in the Woods. De Mille H 330,4 

Fire of London. Fullerton F 604 

Firelight Stories. Moulton H 1831 

Fireside Chronicles .of the Family Story 

Teller. Diaz H 350 

Fireside Sketches from Swedish Life. 

Baker F 8078 

Firm of Girdlestone. Doyle F 30)6 

FirstArlair.andotherSketches. Mitchell. F 9467 

First Family of Tasajara. Harte F 3864 

First Fam'lies of the Sierras. Miller.. .F 5289 

Same as Danites in the Sierras. 

First Fleet Family. Beckeand Jeffery.F 7933 

First Harvests. Stimson F 6527 

First History of Greece. Sewell A 50 

First in the Field. Fenn H 1378 

First Love and Last Love. Grant F 8815 

First of the English. Gunter F 8970 

First of the Knickerbockers. Myers.. F 3390 

First Person Singular. Murray F 9541 

First Republic. 2 v. Dumas F 8482 

First Supper, The. Sturges F 6854 

First Violin, The. Fothergill F 3536 

The same G 935 

FIRTH, E. M. Stories of Old Greece.H 1344 

FIRTH, Mrs. E. T. Kind Hearts. ... H 1300 

FISHER, Q. P., Jr. Out of the Woods. F 8704 

Fisher Boy. Kingston H 1660 

Fisher Boy. Tripp F 1777 

Fisher Boys of Pleasant Cove. KelloggH 483,6 

Fisher Girl of France. Calmettes F 3327 

Fisher Maiden. Bjornson F 156 

The same F 7901,2 

Fisherman's Daughter. Conscience. . .F 293,5 

Fisherman's Daughter. Montgomery.. G 1335 

Fisherman's Daughter. Vattier F 7300 

Fishin' Jimmy. Slosson H 2360 

FISKE, A. K. Beyond the Bourn; Re- 

portsfrom Undiscovered Country.F 3632 
FITCH, C. Knighting of the Twins, and 

Ten other Tales H 1361 

Some Correspondence and Six Con- 
versations F 8701 

A Wave of Life F 3407 

FITCH, T. and A. M. Better Days; or, 

a Millionaire of To-morrow F 3408 

Fitch Club, The. Williams H 1614 

FITTS, J. F. Captain Kidd's Gold...H 1306 

Fitz-Boodle Papers. Thackeray G 588,7 

Fitz of Fitz-Ford. Bray F 2209,4 

FITZ-GERALD, P. H. Three Weeks at 

Mopetown F 3419 

Young Ccclebs. 3V F 3501 

FITZGERALD, S. J. A. The Zanki 

wank and the Bletherwitch ,H 1391 

Five Days' Entertainments. Palgrave.H 592 

Five Friends. Alden H 917 

Five Hundred Dollar £heck. Alger. H 929 
Five Hundred Dollars, and other Stories. 

Chaplin F 7610 

Five Hundred Majority. Hume F 1238 

Five Hundred Pounds Reward F 574 

Five Little Peppers and how they grew. 

Lothrop H 2340 

Five Little Peppers grown up. Lothrop.H 2353 



Five Little Peppers Midway. Lothrop.H 2338 

Five Little Southerners. Porter F 5889 

Five Old Friends. Ritchie G 824 

Five Weeks in a Balloon. Verne F 1824 

Fixed Period. Trollope G 1183 

Flag-Lieutenant, The. Sadler H 2291 

Flag of Truce. Warner H 757 

Flag on the Mill. Sleight F 6606 

FLAGG, E. E. Between two Opinions.F 3507 
FLAGG, W. J. Good Investment [Up- 
per Ohio; Am. Civil War] F 591 

Wall Street and the Woods F 3502 

Flamingo Feather, The. Munroe H 1856 

Flaminia, and other Stories F 584 

FLAMMAR10N,N.C. Omega; the Last 

Days of the World F 3631 

Uranie F 3581 

Flash of Summer, A. Clifford F 4824 

FLANDERS, H. {Oliver Thurston). Ad- 
ventures of a Virginian F 6985 

Flat Iron for a Farthing. Ewing G 1418 

The same H 1267 

Flatland. Abbott F 2430 

FLAUBERT, G. Salammbd F 3504 

Flaws; by a Lawyer F 3503 

Flaxie Frizzle. Clarke H 1079,1 

Flaxie Frizzle Stories. See Clarke, R. S. 

Flaxie growing up. Clarke H 1079,6 

Fleetwood; or, the Man of Feeling. God- 
win F 671 

FLEMING, Mrs. A. M. K. A Pinch- 
beck Goddess F 8722 

FLEMING, Q.,pseud. See FLETCHER, J. C. 

FLEMING, M. A. Actress' Daughter.F 3515 

Carried by Storm F 3522 

Changed Heart F 35 19 

Edith Percival F 3513 

Guy Earlscourt's Wife F 594 

Heir of Charlton F 352 1 

Kate Danton; or, Captain Danton s 

Daughters F 588 

Lost for a Woman F 3523 

Mad Marriage F 597 

Norine's Revenge; Sir Noel's Heir.F 593 

One Night's Mystery F 589 

Pride and Passion F 35 18 

Queen of the Isle F 3514 

Sharing her Crime F 35 16 

Silent and True; or, a Little Queen. F 590 

Terrible Secret F 596 

Wife's Tragedy F 3520 

Wonderful Woman F 595 

Wronged Wife. F 3517 

FLEMMING, Harford, pseud. See Mc- 

CLELLAN, Mrs. H. H. 
FLETCHER, J.C. {George Fleming). An- 
dromeda F 35 1 1 

Head of Medusa F 3512 

Kismet [Life on the Nile] F 2183 

Mirage [Syria] F 2189 

Truth about Clement Ker F 3509 

Vestigia [Italy] F 5313 

FLETCHER, J. S. At the Gate of the 

Fold F 8733 

In the Days of Drake F 8734 

Mistress Spitfire [English Revolu- 
tion of 1642-44] F 8732 

When Charles the First was King, 

1632-49 F 8730 

Where Highways cross F 8731 

The Wonderful City H 1346 

FLETCHER, R. H. The Johnstown Stage, 

and other Stories F 3385 

Contents: The Johnstown Stage; Corner 
Lots; Gentleman Jack; Moses Cohen, 
the Jew; Castaway; Between the Acts; 
Dick; The Old Spanish Bedstead, a 
Ghost Story; The Mystery of a Studio. 

Fleurange. Craven F 345 

FLEURIOT, Z. M. A. Eagle and DoveF 573 

FLEURY, J. The Faience Violin F 3386 

Flight of a Pigeon, and other Stories. 

Henry H 4201 

Flight of the Shadow. Mac Donald.. . . F 5254 

Flight of the " Swallow." Morgan F 5585 

Flights inside and outside Paradise. Pear- 
son F 5937 

FLINN, J. J. Mysterious Disappear- 
ance of Helen St. Vincent F 3362 

FLINT, Sargent, pseud. See EATON F. 
Flip; a California Romance. Hartc.F 3948 

The same J 75,6 

Flipwing, the Spy. Wesselhoeff H 778 

Flirtations in Fashionable Life. Sinclair F 1 558 
Flitters, Tatters and the Counsellor. 

Hartley G 1 100 

Floating City. Verne F 1834 

Floating Light of Goodwin Sands. Bal- 

lantyne H 222 

Floating Prince, and other Fairy Tales. 

Stockton H 2404 

Flock of Girls and Boys. Perry H 2068 

Flock of Girls and their Friends. PerryH 2062 

Florabel's Lover. Libbey F 5055 

FLORENCE, W. J. Florence Fables.F 3562 

Florence and John. Abbott H 17,1 

Florence Stories. See Abbott, J. 



Florence's Return. Abbott H 17,6 

Florentine Nights. Heine F 4241 

Florida Enchantment, A. Gunter and 

Redmond F 3720 

Flotsam. Scott F 5518 

Flower and Weed. Maxwell G 1 239 

Flower de Hundred. Harrison F 3814 

Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces. RichterG 518 

The same I 2906 

Flower of Doom, The, and other Stories. 

Edwards F 3227 

Flower of Forgiveness, The. Steel F 6715 

Flower of France, A. Ryan F 6372 

Flower of Gala Water. Barr F 8045 

Flower of the Family. Prentiss H 600 

Flower of the Flock. Egan H 1243 

Flower of the Forest. Gibbon F 3742 

Flowers for the Altar; or, Play and Ear- 
nest H 291,1 

Flowery Scroll; tr. by Bowring F 2582 

FLOYD, C. (Neil Forest). Fiddling Fred- 

dy H 393 

Jack and Rose H 394 

Mice at Play H 395 

FLOYD, I. H. Stolen America F 3579 

Floyd Grandon's Honor. Douglas F 2994 

Flute and Violin. Allen F 2321 

Fluttered Dovecote. Fenn F 3593 

Flying Hill Farm. Swett H 2441 

FLYNN, D. Destiny; or, the Priest's 

Blessing F 612 

FOA, E. Biographical Sketches H 392 

The Boy Life of Napoleon H 391 

Foam of the Sea. Hall F 4173 

Foe in the Household. Chesebro" F 231 

Foes in Ambush. King F 4624 

Foes of her Household. Douglas F 2998 

Fog Princes. James F 7467 

FOGAZZARO, A. Daniele Cortis. . ..F 3553 
FOQERTY, J. Countess Irene [Austria, 

19th Century] F 3630 

Foggerty's Fairy, and other Tales. Gil- 
bert F 3733 

Foggy Night at Oflford. Wood G 637 

Foiled by a Lawyer; a Story of Chicago.F 3534 

Folk and Fairy Tales. Asbjornsen. . . H 95 

Folk-Lore of Rome. Busk F 2632 


Allen. Korean Tales F 2373 

Asbjornsen. Folk and Fairy Tales.H 95 
Round the Yule Log; Norwegian 

Folk and Fairy Tales H 3060 

Tales from the Fjeld F 2921 


Bain. Cossack Fairy and r'olk TalesH 3 1 30 
Bassett. Legends of the Sea and 

Sailors K 5915: 

Brabourne. River Legends H 1523 

Bulfinch. Legends of Charlemagne.A 263 

Busk. Folk-Lore of Rome F 2632 

Folk-Songs of Italy E 6879 

Roman Legends F 120 

Sagas from the Far East; Kalmouk 

and Mongolian Tales F 6567 

Campbell. Popular Tales of the 

West Highlands. 4v F 8146 

Chatelain. Folk-Tales of Angola.L 5409,1 
Clarke. Legend of Thomas Didy- 

mus F 2761 

Clouston. Popular Tales and Fic- 
tions. 2v L 2530 

Crane. Italian Popular Tales F 2871 

Curtin. Hero-Tales of Ireland F 8430 

Myths and Folk-Tales of the Rus- 
sians L 2532 

Myths and Folk-Lore of Ireland. L 2527 
Tales of the Fairies and of the 

Ghost World F 8431 

Day. Folk-Tales of Bengal F 2927 

Douglas, Sir G. Scottish Fairy and 

Folk-Tales L 5402 

Douglas, R. K. Chinese Stories. .F 8503 
Drake. New England Legends and 

Folk Lore B 3725 

Edwards. Bahama Songs and 

Stories L 5409,3 

Evans. Legendary Landmarks of 

Africa F 3269 

Fairy Legends of the French Prov- 
inces H 1309 

Fausbdll. Buddhist Birth Stories. .J 231 1 
Fielde. Chinese Nights' Entertain- 
ment F 3389 

Fortier. Louisiana Folk-Tales. .L 5409,2 
Francis. Legends of the Land of 

Lakes I 5409 

Goddard. Wonderful Stories from 

Northern Lands H 430 

Gould. Nursery Songs and Rhymes. H 4010 
Greenwood. Legends of Savage 

Life E 1 132 

Greey. Golden Lotus, and other 

Legends of Japan F 3684 

Grinnell. Blackfoot Lodge Tales.B 2034 
Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk- 
Tales B 2017 




Guerber. Legends of the Rhine. .L 541 1 
Legends of the Virgin and Child. M 3031 
Legends of the Wagner Drama. E 9888 
Myths of Northern Lands L 5381 

Hahn. Folk-Lore of Modern Greece; 
Tales of its people L 2558 

Hall. Legends of the West B 1278 

The same B 1279 

Harland and Wilkinson. Lancashire 
Legends L 5414 

Harris. Uncle Remus F 3955 

Uncle Remus and his Friends.. F 3808 
Nights with Uncle Remus F 3958 

Harrison. Bric-a-brac Stories H 15 13 

Hazlitt. Tales and Legends cur- 
rent in England L 2555 

Hearn. Some Chinese Ghosts F 4063 

Hyde. Beside the Fire; Irish Gaelic 
Folk Stories L 5407 

Irving. Van Gelder Papers (Long 
Island ) E 6202 

Jones. Negro Myths from the Geor- 
gia Coast F 4445 

Kalakaua, King. Legends and Myths 
of Hawai i L 2526 

Kennedy. Legendary Fictions of 
the Irish Celts F 1009 

Kirby. Chien d'Or; Legend of QuebecF 1010 

Knox. Traditions of Western Ger- 
many. 3V F 4755 

Larminie. West Irish Folk-Tales.L 5401 

Lauder. Legends and Tales of the 
Harz Mountains F 4810 

Leland. Algonquin Legends of New 

England B 725 

Legends of Florence. 2 v L 5410 

Etruscan Roman Remains in 
Popular Tradition *V 1885 

Lover. Legends and Stories of Ire- 
land F 1076 

Lummis. Man who married the 
Moon [Pueblo Indian Tales] F 5047 

MacAnally. Irish Wonders; Popu- 
lar Tales F 5244 

Matthews. Enchanted Moccasins 
[Legends of American Indians]. H 552 

Menzies. Legendary Tales of 
Ancient Britons F 5287 

Middlemore. Spanish Legendary 
Tales F 5301 

Monteiro. Legends and Tales of 
the Basque People L 2529 


Owen. Voodoo Tales F 5867 

Parkinson. Yorkshire Legends. .L 2587 

Ralston. Russian Folk Tales. . ..E 1465 

Rand. Legends of the Micmacs. .L 2585 

Rinder. Old-World Japan F 6396 

Russell. Shadowland in EllanVannin; 

Folk Tales of the Isle of Man . . . F 6389 
Segerstedt. My Lady Legend and 

other Folk Tales from the North.H 2280 
Sellers. Tales from the Land of 

Nuts and Grapes L 2593 

Skinner. Myths and Legends of our 

own Land [U. S.] 2 v L 5423 

Steel. Tales of the Punjab F 6904 

Thorpe. Yule-Tide Stories I 3367 

Vernaleken. Folk-Tales from Austria 

and Bohemia L 2592 

Wardrop. Georgian Folk Tales. .F 7609 
Wilde. Ancient Legends of Ire- 
land. 2v A 1340 

Wratislaw. Sixty Folk Tales from 

Slavonic Sources L 2528 

Folle-Farine. De la Rame* G 499 

Following the Flag. Coffin H 297 

Folly of Eustace, and other Stories. 

Hichens F 4308 

Folly of Pen Harrington. Sturgis F 6826 


Fool of Nature, A. Hawthorne F 421 1 

Fool of Quality. Brooke F 186 

Fool's Errand. Tourg£e F 3527 

Fools of Nature. Brown F 2643 

FOOT, K. B. The Rovings of a Rest- 
less Boy H 1390 

Football and Love. Mcintosh F 5325 

FOOTE, Mrs. M. H. The Chosen Val- 
ley F 3611 

Cceur d'Alene [Western Mining 

Life] F 3612 

The Cup of Trembling, and other 

Stories F 3375 

Contents: The Cup of Trembling; Mav- 
erick; On a Side Track; The Trumpeter. 

In Exile, and other Stories F 3377 

Contents: In Exile; Friend Barton's 
Concern; Story of the Alcazar; Cloud 
of the Mountain; The Rapture of Hetty; 
The Watchman. 

John Bodewin's Testimony F 3543 

The Last Assembly Ball [Leadville] 

and The Fate of a Voice F 3610 

Led-Horse Claim; Romance of a 
Mining Camp F 3532 



Footprints in the Forest. Ellis Hi 263,3 

Footprints of Famous Men. Edgar... C 6 

Footsteps of Fate. Couperus F 3341 

For a Dream's Sake. Martin F 9391 

For a Mess of Pottage. Lyon F 5050 

For a Song's Sake. Marston F 5233 

For a Woman. Perry F 5877 

For another's Wrong. Behrens F 7937 

For Cash only. Payn G 1 161 

For Conscience Sake. Yonge H 789 

For Dick's Sake. Riddell F 6383 

For Each and for All. Martineau F 1151,4 

For Ever and Ever. Lean G 87 

For Faith and Fatherland. Bramston.H 1050 

For Faith and Freedom. Besant F 2636 

The same G 1352 

For Fifteen Years. Ulbach F 7208 

Sequel to The Steel Hammer. 

For God and Gold. Corbett F 2858 

For Grown-up Children. Walford H 2631 

For her Daily Bread. Sommers F 6900 

For Honor and Life. Westall F 7712 

For Honor's Sake. Lillie H 1749 

Sequel to Squire's Daughter. 

For King and Country. Nutt F 5740 

For King and Home. Debenham F 3168 

For King or Country. Barnes H 3180 

For Life and Liberty. Stables H 2454 

For Lilias. Carey F 2742 

For Love and Life. Oliphant F 1269 

The same G 1014 

For Mamie's Sake. Allen F i\i<> 

For my own Sake. Berahard F 7886 

For Name and Fame. Henty H 1469 

For One and the World. Edwards F 3228 

For Queen and King. Frith H 1321 

For Richer, for Poorer. Parr G 486 

For so Little. Davis F 3173 

For Summer Afternoons. Woolsey...H 793 

For the Cause. Weyman F 7404 

For the Defense. Farjeon F 3439 

For the Fourth Time of Asking; by the 

Author of "Miss Toosey's Mission" F 7709 
For the Honour of the Flag. Robinson 

andLeyland H 2172 

For the King. Gibbon F 656 

For the Major. Woolson F 7512 

For the Right. Franzos F 3558 

For the Temple. Henty H 1470 

For the Term of his Natural Life. 

Clarke F 320 

Fo^ the White Rose of Arno. Rhos- 

comyl F 6407 

Forayers, The. Simms F 2055 

FORBES, 4. Barracks, Bivouacs and 

Battles F 34 1 1 

Camps and Quarters E 2980 

Czar and Sultan; Adventures in the 

Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78 H 1347 

Soldiering and Scribbling G 209 

Forbes of Harvard. Hubbard F 4312 

Forbidden Fruit. Hacklaender F 719 

Forced Acquaintances. Robinson F 6306 

FORD, J. L. Bohemia Invaded, and 

other Stories F 8742 

Dr. Dodd's School H 1349 

Dolly Dillenbeck F 8743 

Hypnotic Tales, and other Tales. . . F 3409 

FORD, M. H. Otto's Inspiration H 1348 

Which wins? Social Conditions. . F 3410 
FORD, P. L. The Great K. & A. Rob- 
bery F 3404 

The Honorable Peter Stirling F 3405 

Story of an untold Love F 8757 

FORD, S. R. Morgan and his Men [Am. 

Civil War] F 585 

FORDE, H. A. Black and White; Mis- 
sion Stories F 3535 

Foregone Conclusion. Howells F 872 

Foreign Marriage. Johnson F 3528 

Foreign Match, A. Bigot F 2260 

Foreign Novelists, Halt-hours with. 2 v. 

Zimmern F 2031 

FOREST, Neil, fismd. See FLOYD, Mrs. C. 
Forest and Prairie Series. See Ellis, E. S. 

Forest and Shore. Ilsley F4367 

Forest and Stream Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Forest Days. James G 266 

Forest Exiles. Reid H 621 

Forest Glen. Kellogg H 481,5 

Forest Glen Series. See Kellogg, E. 

Forest House. Erckmann and ChatrianF 548 

Forest, Jungle and Prairie. Adams. H 117 

Forest Outlaws. Gilliat F 3667 

Forestalled; or, the Life Quest. Ed- 
wards F 3263 

The same G 932 

FORESTER, Frank, pseud. See HERBERT. 

Forester. Edgeworth F 5 18, 1 

Foresters, The. Auerbach F 2421 


Forever and a Day. Fuller F 3575 

Forge and Furnace. James F 4544 

Forge in the Forest, The. Roberts. . . F 6456 
Forged Letter, and other Stories. Brig- 
ham H 1074 



Forget-me-Nots. Kavanagh G 970 

Forging the Fetters. Hector F 3999 

Forgotten by the World. Macquoid.. . F 587 

Forgotten Debt, A. Tinseau F 7144 

Forlorn Hope. Yates G 655 

FORNEY, J. W. New Nobility; Story 

of Europe and America F 3531 

FORREST, R. E. Eight Days [Indian 

Mutiny, 1857] F 3624 

The same G 1419 

Forrest House. Holmes F 85 1 


Forsaken Inn, The. Rohlfs F 3677 

FORSTER, F. Major Joshua F 3364 

FORSYTH, J. The Making of Mary. F 7258 

Fort Desolation. Ballantyne H 972 

Fort Frayne, Story of King F 4623 

Fort Lafayette. Wood F 7513 

Fortnight in Heaven. Brydges F 2645 

Fortunate Failure Le Row F 4900 

Fortunate Island, The. Clark F 2802 

Fortune's Fool. Hawthorne F 3954 

Fortune's Footballs. Burgin F 8064 

Fortunes of Glencore. Lever G 340 

Fortunes of Hassan; Story of a Turkish 

Refugee H 399 

Fortunes of Hector O'Halloran. Max- 
well F 1171 

Fortunes of Margaret Weld. Gardner . F 8887 

Fortunes of Miss Follen. Talcott F 678 

Fortunes of Nigel. Scott F 2158 

The same G 541 

Fortunes of Rachel. Hale F 3901 

FortunesoftheCol villeFamily. Smedley . F 6612 

Fortunes of the Faradays. Douglas. . . F 2999 

Fortunes of the Fletchers. Eden H 1247 

Fortunes of the Ranger and Crusader. 

Kingston H 1684 

Fortunes of Toby Trafford. Trowbridge. H 2504 

Forty-five Guardsmen. Dumas F 489 

Forty Liars and other Lies. Nye F 5498 

'49; Gold Seekers of the Sierras. Miller.F 5201 

Forty Vezirs .History of the ShaikhzadahF 6734 

Forty Years with the Damned. Aikin.F 7787 

Forward House. Case F 8191 

FOSDICK, C. A. {Harry Castlemon). 

Boy Trapper Series H 269 

v. 1. Buried Treasure. 

2. Boy Trapper. 

3. Mail Carrier. 

The Camp in the Foot-Hills H 1283 

Forest and Stream Series H 1285 

v. 1. Joe Way ring at Home. 

FOSDICK, C. A. {Harry Castlemon). 

Forest and Stream Series H 1285 

v. 2. Snagged and Sunk; Adven- 
tures of a Canvas Canoe. 
3. Steel Horse; or, Rambles of 
a Bicyle. 

Frank Nelson Series H 268 

v. 1. Snowed up. 

2. Frank Nelson in the Forecastle. 

3. Boy Traders. 

Go-ahead Series H 267 

v. 1. Tom Newcombe. 

2. Go-ahead. 

3. No Moss. 

Gun-boat Series H 265 

v. 1. Frank, the young Naturalist. 

2. Frank in the Woods. 

3. Frank on the Prairie. 

4. Frank on a Gunboat. 

5. Frank before Vicksburg. 

6. Frank on the Lower Mississippi. 

Guy Harris, the Runaway H 306 

House-boat Boys H 1360 

Julian Mortimer H 1359 

Lucky Tom Series H 1286 

v. 1. Our Fellows. 

2. Elam Storm, the Wolfer. 

3. The Missing Pocket book. 

Mystery of Lost River Canyon H 1358 

Oscar in Africa H 1279 

Our Fellows H 1286 

Rebellion in Dixie H 3860 

Rocky Mountain Series H 266 

v. 1. Frank among the Rancheros. 

2. Frank at Don Carlos' Rancho. 

3. Frank in the Mountains. 

Rod and Gun Series H 263 

v. 1. Don Gordon's Shooting-Box. 

2. Rod and Gun Club. 

3. Young Wild-Fowlers. 
Roughing it Series H 264 

v. 1 . George in Camp ; Life on the Plains. 

2. George at the Wheel. 

3. George at the Fort. 
Sportsman's Club Series: 

Sportsman's Club Afloat H 271 

Sportsman's Club among the Trap- 
pers H 272 

Sportsman's Club in the Saddle. H 270 
Two Ways of becoming a Hunter. H 1284 

WarSeries H 1287 

v. 1. True to his Colors. 
2. Rodney, the Partisan. 



FOSDICK, C. A. {Harry Castiemon). 

War Series H 1287 

v. 3. Marcy, the Blockade-Runner. 

4. Marcy, the Refugee. 

5. Rodney, the Overseer. 

6. Sailor Jack, the Trader. 

The Young Game-Warden H 1357 

FOSDICK, G. C. Out of Bohemia; a 

Story of Paris Student-life F 3398 

FOSTER, Baynton, pseud. See ELMSLIE. 
FOSTER.C. J. White Horse of Wootton.F 3530 
FOSTER, D. S. Elinor Fenton; an Ad- 
irondack Story F 3618 

FOSTER, F., pseud. See PUSELEY, D. 
FOSTER, H. The Coquette; or, History 

of Eliza Wharton [ Hartford, 1 788]. F 3533 
FOSTER, Mrs. I. H. (Faye Huntington). 

A Baker's Dozen H 1353 

Couldn'tbeBought.andotherStoriesH 1354 

Echoing and Re-Echoing F 3508 

His First Charge H 1392 

Mrs. Deane's Way H 1350 

A Modern Exodus F 3614 

Those Boys H 1356 

and I. M. ALDEN. Dr. Deane's 

Way, and other Stories H 1351 

That Boy Bob, and other Stories.. H 1352 
FOSTER, M. F. Doty Dontcare [Negro 

Insurrection in Santa Cruz, 1878]. F 8706 
FOTHERGILL, C. The Comedy of 

Cecilia F 8778 

FOTHERGILL, J. Borderland F 3542 

The same G 1257 

The First Violin F 3536 

The same G 935 

From Moor Isles F 3544 

Healey F 779 

Kith and Kin F 3540 

The same G 962 

The Lasses of Leverhouse F 3601 

Made or Marred, and One of Three.F 3539 

The same G 963 

A March in the Ranks F 3602 

Oriole's Daughter F 3604 

Peril F 3541 

The same G 1080 

Probation [Lancashire, 1861-63]... F 3537 

The same G 964 

The Welltields F 3538 

Foul Play. Reade and Boucicault F 1385 

Found and Lost. Jacobi F 7189 

Found at Blazing Star. Harte F 3948 

The same J 75,6 

Found Dead. Payn G 206 

Found out. Reeves G 1130 

Found, yet Lost. Roe F 6319 

Foundling Mick. Verne H 2615 

Fountain of Youth. Paludan-Mueller.. ..F 1295 

Four and Five. Hale H 1556 

Four, and what they did. Campbell . . . H 761 

Four Destinies. Gautier F 3734 

Four Feet, Wings, and Fins. MaskelL.K 7952 

Four Ghost Stories. Molesworth F 5240 

Four Girls at Chautauqua. Alden F 46 

Four Macnicols. Black H 1020 

The same G 1231 

Four on an Island. Smith H 2265 

Four Sisters. Bremer F 173 

Four Winds Farm. Molesworth H 1910 

Four Young Explorers. Adams H 891,11 

Fourfold. Conklin H 11 29 

Fourteen to One. Ward F 6002 

FOWLER, E. H. Young Pretenders. H 1393 
FOWLER, S. B. Irene; or, the Road 

to Freedom F 3547 

FOWLER, W. W. Tales of the Birds.K 8492 

Fowls of the Air. Warner H 753,1 

FOX, Mrs. E. {To/er King). Gemini.F 2100 

Off the Rocks F 982 

FOX, J., Jr. A Cumberland Vendetta, 

and other Stories F 8714 

Contents: A Mountain Europa; A Cum- 
berland Vendetta; The Last Stetson; 
Hell fer sartin. 

FOX, M. A. Discontented Robins, and 

other Stories H 398 

Fox-Hunting. Stevens H 686,5 

Foxglove Manor. Buchanan F 2457 

Fra Lippo Lippi. Farrington F 3583 

FRADENBURGH, J. N. Beauty Crown- 
ed: or, Esther, the Jewish MaidenH 1314 

Framley Parsonage. Trollope G 608 

FRANCE, A. Crime of Sylvestre Bon- 

nard F 3613 

FRANCE, L. B. Pine Valley F 8726 

* Contents: One Winter in the Gray Ea- 
gle Mine ; A Prayer for Baltimore 
Hatch; His Harvest; On his Honor; 
Finally Recognized; And a Little 
Child shall Lead them. 
France before the Revolution. 2 v. Bun- 

gener F 2666 

France, History of, for Children. Mar- 
shall A 1620 

France, Little Arthur's History of A 1569 

FRANCES, M. Daddy Dave F 3557 



Frances Waldeaux. Davis F 8531 

FRANCILLON, R. E. Jack Doyle's 

Daughter F 8785 

One by One F 3615 

Contents: One by One; By Day and 
Night; Old Father Time. 

Queen Cophetua F 3616 

A Real Queen F 3617 

Romances of the Law F 3568 

Contents: Touch-and-go with a great 
Estate; A most Remarkable Will; A 
Circumstantial Puzzle; Only Ten Min- 
utes ; Half a Minute Late ; A Cool 
Hand; How I became a Murderer; 
Three Shots with a Revolver ; Buried 
in Gold; Stronger than Death; The 
Demon Sixpence; At the Twelfth Hour. 

Under Slieve-Ban [Ireland, 1798]. .F 3549 
FRANCIS, F. Wild Rose; A Tale of 

the Mexican Frontier F 8783 

FRANCIS, L. H. (Ed.). School Boys 

of Rokesbury H 1335 

Through Thick and Thin; or, School 

Days at St. Egberts H 1334 

FRANCIS, M. E., pseud. See BLUN- 
DELL, Mrs. M. E. S. 

FRANCIS, S. W. Inside Out F 611 

Francis Cludde, Story of. Weyman...F 7624 

Francis, the Waif. Dudevant F 8545 

FRANCOIS, M. L. von. The last von 

Reckenburg F 3556 

Franconia Stories. See Abbott, J. 
Frank among the Rancheros. Fos- 

dick H 266,1 

Frank at Don Carlos' Rancho. Fos- 

dick H 266,2 

Frank before Vicksburg. Fosdick H 265,5 

Frank Fairleigh. Smedley F 1556 

The same G 564 

Frank Fowler, the Cash Boy. Alger. . H 868 

Frank Hilton. Grant F 8816 

Frank Hunter's Peril. Alger H 870 

Frank in the Mountains. Fosdick H 266,3 

Frank in the Woods. Fosdick H 265,2 

Frank Manly, the Drummer Boy. Trow- 
bridge H 730 

Frank Mildmay. Marrayat F 5238 

Frank Nelson in the Forecastle. Fos- 
dick H 268,2 

Frank Nelson Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Frank Oldfield. Wilson F 1066 

Frank O'Meara; or, the Artist of Colling- 

wood F 3550 

Frank on a Gunboat. Fosdick H 265,4 

Frank on the Lower Mississippi. Fos- 
dick H 265,6 

Frank on the Prairie. Fosdick H 265,3 

Frank Redcliffe. Daunt H 1202 

Frank, the Young Naturalist. Fosdick. H 265,1 

Frank Warrington. Harris F 255 

Frank's Campaign. Alger H 153,1 

Frankenstein. Shelley F 1542 

Franklin, B., Printer Boy. Thayer H 700 

YoungBenjamin Franklin. MayhewH 557 

FRANZOS, K. E. The Chief Justice. F 3633 

For the Right F 3558 

Jews of Barnow; Stories F 3555 

Judith Trachtenberg F 3634 

FRAPAN, I. God's Will and other 

Stories F 7247 

Contents: God's Will; Our Jenny; The 
Old Bookkeeper; A Christmas Story; 
The First; The Scorcher. 
Heavy Laden, and Old-Fashioned 

Folk F 7267 

FRASER, Q. S. In three Cities and a 

State or Two, and other Tales.. F 3559 
FRASER, Mrs. M. C. The Brown Am- 
bassador H 1364 

Palladia F 8718 

Frau Frohmann, and other Stories. Trol- 

lope G 1 184 

Frau Wilhelmine. Stinde F 6636 

FRAZAR, D. Log of the Maryland . . H 1365 
Perseverance Island; Robinson Cru- 
soe of the 19th Century H 1301 

Freaks of Fortune. Adams H 108,2 

Freaks of Lady Fortune. Crommelin.F 3113 

Freaks on the Fells. Ballantyne H 243 

Fred, Maria, and Me. Prentiss H 602 

Fred Markham in Russia. Kingston.. .H 1687 

FREDERIC, H. The Copperhead.. . .F 3627 

The Damnation of Theron Ware. .F 8748 
In the Valley [Mohawk Valley, 

i7S7-8o] F 3626 

The Lawton Girl F 3625 

March Hares F 8749 

Marsena, and other Stories of War- 
time F 3629 

Contents: Marsena; The War Widow; 
The Eve of the Fourth; My Aunt 

Mrs. Albert Grundy. F 8750 

Seth's Brother's Wife; a Study of 

Life in the Greater New York . . . F 3560 
FREDERICH, B. H. (Go/o Raimund). 

From Hand to Hand F 6243 



FREDERICH, B. H. (Uo/o Raimund). 

A Hard Heart F 6248 

A New Race F 6044 

Sought and Found F 

Frederick. Walford F 0061 

Frederick Hazzleden. Farrie F 7553 

Frederick I., Times of. Topelius F 7023,4 

Frederick theGreat and hisCourt. MundtF 1205 
Frederick the Great and his Family. 

Mundt F 1206 

Free Joe, and other Georgian Sketches. 

Harris F 3850 

Free Lance in a Far Land. Compton.F 8307 

Free Prisoners. Bruner F 187 

Freeland ;aSocial Anticipation. Hertzka . F 4 1 78 
FREEMAN, Mrs. A. M. Somebody's 

Ned F 3561 

FREEMAN, R. M. Steady and Strong; 

or, a Friend in Need H 1340 

FREMONT, J. B. The Will and the 

Way Stories F 3420 

Contents: The Deck-hand; Kit Carson; 
A Picnic near the Equator; Play and 
Work; A Long Horror; Miss Milly; The 
Two Wills; The Hat of the Postmaster; 
The Good Samaritan. 
FRENCH, A. {Octave Thane /). Expia- 
tion [Arkansas in the Civil War]...F 3567 

Knitters in the Sun; Stories F 3566 

The Missionary Sheriff F 8766 

Otto the Knight, and other trans-Mis- 
sissippi Stories F 3401 

Stories of a Western Town F 3403 

We All F 3402 

FREHCtt,ti.W.(A6a'e/y4rdavan). Ego.F 3570 

Colonel Thorndike's Adventures. . . H 3625 
The Lance of Kanana; a Story of 

Arabia F 3412 

Nuna; the Bramin Girl F 3571 

Our Boys in China H 131 1 

Our Boys in India H 1310 

Out of the Night F 3572 

French Country Family. Witt F 1977 

French Exiles of Louisiana. Lindsay.. . F 1045 

French Marriage, A. Philips G 1 443 

French Pictures in EnglishChalk. 4 v. in 2. 

Murray G 1006 

French Prisoners. The. Bertz H 1028 

French Wines and Politics. MartineauF 1151,4 
FRERE, M. E. I. Eastern Fairy Leg- 
ends current in Southern India.. H 380 

Freres, The. Hector F 3988 

Frescoes. De la Ram£ F 625 1 

The same G 1177 

Freville Chase. 2 v. Dering F 2940 

FREYTAQ, G. Debit and Credit . . . . F 618 

Ingo F 616 

Ingraban V 617 

The lost Manuscript F 3552 

Friarswood Post-Office. Yonge H 797 

Fridolin'sMystical Marriage. WilbrandtF 7517 

Friedemann Bach. Brachvogel F 2660 

FRIEDMAN, I. K. The Lucky NumberF 8737 
Contents: Chauvinism at Devereux's; 
Rouge et Noir; A Monger of Ballads; 
A Coat of one Color; A Pair of Eyes; 
The Magic Herb; The Return; The 
Flight of a Night-hawk; A Fair Ex- 
change; Aaron Pivansky's Picture. 

FRIEDRICH, F. Lost Despatch F 1945 

Friend Fritz. Erckmann and ChatrianF 551 

Friend of Death. Alarcon F 7223 

Friend of the Family. Dostojewsky.. . F 2972 

Friend of the Family. Hook F 857,1 

Friend of the People. Rowsell F 6424 

Friend Olivia. Barr F 2231 

Friends; a Duet. Ward F 5883 

Friends and Foes from Fairy Land. Bra- 
bourne H 1 526 

Friends in Exile. Bryce F 8063 

Friends of Bohemia. Whitty F 7710 

Friends or Foes? Green H 1428 

Friendship. De la Rame" G 1037 

FRIIS, J. A. Lajla;aTaleof FinmarkF 3573 

FRISWELL, J. H. Out and About.. H 1312 
FRITH, H. Biography of a Locomotive 

Engine H 1325 

Escaped from Siberia H 1318 

For Queen and King; Story of Old 

London H 1321 

In the Brave Days of Old; Story of 

the Crusades H 1319 

King Arthur and his Knights H 1315 

Log of the Bombastes H 1323 

The Lost Trader H 1326 

On the Wings of the Wind H 1317 

The Opal Mountain H 1324 

Search for the Talisman; Adven- 
tures in Labrador H 1 322 

Under Bayard's Banner [Time of 

Louis XII.] H 1320 

FRITH, W. In Search of Quiet; a 

Country Journal, May-July F 8788 

Frivolous Cupid. Hawkins F 4229 

FROISSART, J. The Boys' Froissart.A 261 

Stories from; by St. Leger. 3 V A 275 

Froler Case, The. Jacolliot F 4488 

From an Island. Ritchie G 1060 



From Baltimore to Washington. Dall.H 316,2 

From Boston to Baltimore. Dall H 316,1 

From Canal Boy to President. Alger. H 169 
From Dawn to Dark in Italy; a Tale of 

the Reformation F 621 

From Different Standpoints. Alden and 

Foster F 2400 

From Dreams to Waking. Linton F 1070 

From 18 to 20. Sellers F 6546 

From Exile. Payn G 1162 

From Flax to Linen. Conklin H 1124 

From Generation to Generation. Noel.G 1134 

From Hand to Hand. Frederich F 6243 

From Hand to Mouth. Douglas F 444 

From Headquarters. Frye F 3415 

From Infancy to Womanhood. White. F 7516 

From Jest to Earnest. Roe F 1436 

From Keeper to Captain. Drayson...H 1223 

From Lake to Lake. Farrar H 1282 

From Lands of Exile. Viaud I 8084 

From LogCabin to WhiteHouse. ThayerH 2496 

From Madge to Margaret. Curtis F 1957 

From Middy to Admiral. Macaulay.H 1785 

From Monkey to Man. Bierbower F 8002 

From Moor Isles. Fothergill F 3544 

From my Youth up. Terhune F 6954 

From one Generation to another. Scott. F 5522 

From out of the Past. Hoppin 1 4287 

From Plowshare to Pulpit. Stables... H 2460 

From Pole to Pole. Stables H 2393 

From Powder Monkey to Admiral. King- 
ston H 1690 

From School-Room to Bar. Moran. . . F 5452 

From Shadow to Sunlight. Lome F 3149 

From Snowdon to the Sea. Trevelyan . H 25 19 

From the Earth to the Moon. Verne. . F 1825 

From the Five Rivers. Steel F 6713 

From the Hudson to the Neva. Ker. . H 1642 
From the Land of the Snow- Pearls. Hig- 

ginson F 9093 

From the Memoirs of a Minister of 

France. Weyman F 7637 

From the other Side. Notley F 5587 

From the Ranks. King F 4659 

From the Throttle to the President's 

Chair. Ellis H 1236 

From the Wings. Buxton G 869 

From Timber to Town down in Egypt; 

by an Early Settler F 3437 

Fromont, Junior & Risler, Senior. Dau- 

det F 3035 

Front Yard, and other Stories. Wool- 
son F 7406 

Frontier Stories. Harte F 3967 

The same J 75,6 

FROST, W. H. Knights of the Round 

Table; Arthurand the Holy Grail.H 1313 
The Wagner Story Book ; Tales of the 

Great Music Dramas'. F 3635 

FROTHINGHAM, O. B. Stories of the 

Teacher H 400 

FROUDE, J. A. Two Chiefs of Dun- 
boy; Irish Romance of the 18th 

Century F 3565 

Frowzle the Runaway. Wesselhoeft. .H 2761 
Frozen Deep, and other Tales. Collins. F 297 

The same G 715 

Frozen Dragon, and other Tales. Hol- 
der H 423 

Frozen Hearts. Appleton F 2368 

Frozen Pirate. Russell F 6364 

FRYE, J. A. Fables of Field and Staff . F 8721 
Contents: The March of the Forty 
Thieves; A Tale of Two Towers; One 
from the Veteran; Woodleigh, Q. M.; 
Kerwick Cup; Officially Reported; 
Special Orders, No. 49. 

From Headquarters F 3415 

Contents: The Pluck of Captain Pen- 
der, C. S. N.; One Record on Regi- 
mental Rolls; Our Horse Acme; From 
Beyond the Pyramids; The Hymn that 
Helped; The Seventh Major; Concern- 
ing the Value of Sleep. 

Fudge Doings. 2 v. Mitchell E 1373 

Fugitives, The. Ballantyne H 992 

Fugitives, The. Oliphant G 1386 

Fulham Lawn.and other Tales. Ritchie. G 825 

Full Stature of a Man. Parsons F 7538 

FULLER, A. Literary Courtship under 

the Auspices of Pike's Peak F 3603 

Peak and Prairie from a Colorado 

Sketch-book F 8700 

Pratt Portraits sketched in a New 

England Suburb F 3577 

A Venetian June F 8699 

FULLER, E. The Complaining Mil- 
lions of Men F 3619 

Fellow Travellers F 3576 

Forever and a Day F 3575 

FULLER, H.B. {Stanton Page). Chate- 
laine of La Trinite* F 357a 

Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani F 5992 

The Cliff-Dwellers F 3400 

With the Procession F 3399 

FULLER, J. G. Bending Willow; Mis- 
sionary Life in the Northwest F 62s 

FULLER, M. L. In Poppy Land H 1341- 



FULLERTON, Lady Q. Constance Sher- 
wood; Tale of the 16th Century.. F 603 

The same G 113 

Countess de Bonneval G 938 

Ellen Middleton G 214 

Fire of London; or, Rosemary F 604 

Grantley Manor G 216 

Lady Bird G 217 

Laurentia; a Tale of Japan G 1055 

Lilies of the Valley G 939 

Mrs. Gerald's Niece G 215 

Rose Leblanc F 605 

The same G 937 

Seven Stories F 606 

The same G 936 

Contents: Rosemary; Reparation; The 
Blacksmith of Antwerp; The Beggar of 
the Steps of St. Roch; Trouvaille; 
Earth without Heaven; Ad Majorem 
Dei Gloriam. 
Stormy Life [Margaret of Anjou]..G 218 
Too strange not to be True [Indians 

in Louisiana] G 219 

Trouvaille, and other Tales H 401 

Will and a Way. 3 v. [French Revo- 
lution] F 3580 

The same and The Handkerchief 

at the Window G 1057 

Fur Country. Verne F 1826 

Fur-Seal's Tooth, The. M unroe H 1871 

FURMAN, L. S. Stories of a Sanctified 

Town F 8790 

Contents: Brother Rolly's Drawback; 
Kate Negley's Leadings; An Experi- 
ence on the Dress Line; Mary Alice's 
Emancipation; The Ararat Cactus 
Company; The Cub Run Outpouring; 
The Band at Smithsboro; A Special 
Providence; A Shiftless Man; The 
Grissoms; The Floating Bethel; A 
Sanctified Girl. 

Furono Amati. Ellsworth F 3243 

FYLES, F., and others. Eleven Pos- 
sible Cases F 3416 

For Contents See Eleven Possible Cases. 

G. G. New Sporting Stories F 5451 

O ABORI AU, E. Clique of Gold F 623 

Same as The Gilded Clique. 

File No. 113 F 637 

In Peril of his Life F 622 

Same as Within an Inch of his Life. 

The Lerouge Case F 619 

Same as Widow Lerouge. 

Monsieur Lecoq F 8000 

The Slaves of Paris F 3642 

Gabriel. Kohn G 220 

Gabriel Conroy. Harte J 75,4 

Gadfly, The Vovnich 1 | 


Lord of All F 3799 

GAGNEBIN, Mme. A Happy Find . . F 3637 
GAGNEUR, Mme. L. N. Nihilist Prin 

cess F 364 1 

Gain of a Loss. Piddington G 121 

Gala-Days. Dodge E 1054 

Galahad of the Greeks. Yeats F 7680 

Galama. De Liefde F 38 1 


GALE, N. R. A June Romance F 8907 

Gallant Fight, A. Terhune F 6955 

Gallant Lords of the Bois-Dore\ 2 v. 

Dudevant F 443 

Gallegher, and other Stories. Davis... F 3054 
GALLENGA, A. C. N. (/,. Mariotti). 

Blackgown Papers F 3647 

Gallery of a Random Collector. Ross.F 6342 

Gallery of Antiquities. Balzac F 7874 


Prince Peerless H 1 107 

Gallia. Norman F 8510 

Galloping Dick. Watson F 767 1 

Galloway Herd. Crockett F 8335 

G ALT, J. Annals of the Parish E 1 1 2 1 

The same,and Ayrshire Legatees. F 627 

Lawrie Todd F 626 

Sir Andrew Wylie of that Ilk. 2 v.F 8917 

Southennan. 3 V F 629 

Gambler, The. Dostojewsky F 2972 

Game of Chance. Coombs I 2S5 1 

GANCONAGH, pseud. See YEATS, W. B. 
GARBE, R. The Redemption of the 

Brahman F 8881 

Garden behind the Moon. Pyle H 2106 

Garden of Eden, U. S. A. Bishop . . . . F 8027 

Garden of Women . Keddie F 4642 

GARDENER, H. H. Pushed by Unseen 

Hands F 3715 

An Unofficial Patriot F 8885 


GARDNER, C. E. Broken Dreams. .E 7312 

Compensation E 73 1 1 

Rich Medway's two Loves F 3712 

Stolen W'aters E 164 

Terrace Roses F 3710 

Tested; or, Hope's Fruition F 628 

Twisted Skein E 7313 

Woman's Wiles F 37" 

GARDNER, G. E. A Treasure Found— 

a Bride Won F 8857 



GARDNER, Mrs. S. M. H. Fortunes 

of Margaret Weld F 

Quaker Idyls I F 8886 

Contents: Twelfth Street Meeting; A 
Quaker Wedding; Two Gentlewomen; 
Our Little Neighbors; Pamelia Tewks- 
bury's Courtship; Some Ante-Bellum 
Letters from a Quaker Girl; Uncle 
Joseph; My Grandame's Secret. 
GARIBALDI, G. Rule of the Monk; or, 

Rome in the 19th Century F 620 

GARLAND, H. Jason Edwards F 3767 

A Little Norsk F 3769 

Main-Travelled Roads F 3766 

Contents: A Branch Road; Up theCoule; 
Among the Corn-Rows; The Return of 
. a Private; Under the Lion's Paw; Mrs. 

Ripley's Trip. 
A Member of the Third House . . . . F 3768 

Prairie Folks F 3772 

Rose of Dutcher's Coolly F 8882 

A Spoil of Office; Story ot the Mod- 
ern West F 3765 

Wayside Courtships F 8883 

Garland for Girls. Alcott H 99 

Garman and Worse. Kielland F 4668 

GARNETT, E. The Paradox Club. . .F 3709 
Garret and the Garden. Ballantyne. . . H 973 

Garret Grain. Lee F 4989 

GARRETT, E., pseud. See MAYO, Mrs. I. F. 

Garrick's Pupil. Filon F 3393 

Garrison Tales from Tonquin. O'Neill. F 5761 

Garrison Tangle, A. King F 4636 

GARRY, A. Out of Bounds F 8855 

Garstangs of Garstang Grange. Trol- 

lope G 620 

Garth. Hawthorne F 391 5 

GARVER, W. L. Brother of the Third 

Degree F 8852 

Gascoigne's Ghost. Burgin F 81 14 

Gascoyne. Ballantyne H 223 

GASKELL, A. Widow of Windsor. .F 644 
GASKELL, Mrs. E. C. S. Cousin Phil- 

lis, and other Tales G 224 

Cranford F 647 

The same G 225 

A Dark Night's Work G 226 

Lizzie Leigh, and other Tales G 229 

Lois, the Witch [Salem Witchcraft]G 228 
Contents: Lois the Witch; The Grey 
Woman; The Doom of the Griffiths; 
Half-Brothers; Crooked Branch. 

Mary Barton; Manchester Life G 230 

North and South F 648 

The same G 231 

GASKELL, Mrs. E. C. S. Right at 

Last, and other Tales F 649 

Contents: Right at Last; The Manches- 
ter Marriage; Lois the Witch; The 
Crooked Branch. 

Ruth J G 232 

Sylvia's Lovers [Time of the Press- 

Gang, 1793] G 233 

Wives and Daughters. 3 V. in 2.. G 234 
GASPARIN, V. B., Comtesse de. Near 

and Heavenly Horizons F 631 

Under French Skies F 3704 

GASPE, P. A. de. Candians of Old. .F 3736 

Gaston de Latour. Pater E 5991 

GATCHELL, C. {Thorold King). Hasch- 

isch F 4653 

Gates Ajar, The. Ward F 1.308 

Gates Between. Ward F 5894 

GATH, pseud. See TOWNSEND, G. A. 

Gathering Clouds. Farrar F 3418 

GAUTIER,J. The Usurper; an Episode 

in Japanese History, 161 5 F 3648 

GAUTIER, T. Captain Fracasse F 645 

The Dead Leman F 4955 

Four Destinies F 3734 

My Household of Pets H 1401 

Romance of a Mummy [Ancient 

Egypt] F 3646 

Gaviota, La. Arrom de Ayala F 2375 

GAYARRE, C. E. A. Aubert Dubayet 

[France and the U. S., 1780-97].. .F 3650 

Fernando de L£mos F 650 

GAYLORD, Glance, pseud. See BRAD- 
LEY, W. 1. 
GAYLORD,L.and others. {Conover Duff). 

Master Knot and Another Story. F 8496 

Gayworthys, The. Whitney F 1931 

GEARY, Sir W. N. M. A Lawyer's 

Wife F 8935 

(jEDDIE, J. Beyond the Himalayas; 

in the Wilds of Thibet H 1410 

Geier-Wally. Hillern F 818 

GEIGER, H. Lydia; Tale of the Second 

Century F 65 r 

GELLIE, M. E. {M. E. B.). Gem of an 

Aunt H 1415 

New Girl; Tale of School Life. . . .H 1416 

Stephen, the Schoolmaster H 1417 

Gem of an Aunt. Gellie H 1415 

Gemini. Fox F 2190 

Gemma. Trollope F 1793 

Gems without Polish. Douglas F 3063 

Gender in Satin. Booth F 4345 



General, Th«\ Harrows H 254 

Generalship. Roy F 1450 

Genevieve. Lamartine F 4881 

Genghis Khan. Abbott H 28 

Genius of Galilee. Hancock F 3821 • 

GENNEVRAYE, A., pseud. See LEPIC, 

/ 'nam/esse de. 
GENONE, H., pseud. Bellona's Hus- 
band F 3652 

Inquirendo Island F 3651 

Gentianella. Randolph F 1378 

Gentle Belle, A. Tiernan F 3586 

Gentle Bread Winners. Nitsch K 6413 

Gentle Savage. King F 4650 

Gentleman and Courtier. Lean G 1319 

Gentleman in Debt. Daunt F 371 

Gentleman of France, A. Weyman. . . F 7621 

Gentleman of Leisure. Fawcett F 3471 

Gentleman Upcott's Daughter. Ray- 
mond F 7238 

Gentleman Vagabond, and some others. 

Smith F 6772 

Gentleman's Gentleman, A. Pember- 

ton F 6062 

Genuine Girl, A. Lincoln F 5061 

ING, W. 

Geoffrey Hampstead. Jarvis F 4387 

Geoffrey Stirling. Laffan F 2340 

Geoffry Hamlyn, Recollections of. Kings- 
ley G 311 

George at the Fort. Fosdick H 264,3 

George at the Wheel. Fosdick H H 

George Bailey. Bailey I 5660 

George Canterbury's Will. Wood ...G 633 

GEORGE ELIOT, pseud. See CROSS, M. A. 

George Geith of Fen Court. RiddelL.G 520 

George in Camp. Fosdick H i 

George Linton. Robinson F 6310 

George Mandeville's Husband. RaimondF 6182 
George St. George Julian, the Prince. 

Cockton F 2808 


George Saxon, Reputation of. Roberts F 6405 

Georgia, Old Times in. Johnston F 4534 

Georgian Folk Tales. Wardrop F 7609 

Georgians, The. Hammond F 685 

Georgy Sandon. Ogle F 1 278 

Gerald Estcourt, Confessions of. LeanF 3124 

The same . . v G 84 

Gerald Ffrench's Friends. Jessop F 4461 

Gerald Fitzgerald, the Chevalier. LeverF 1047 

Geraldine Hawthorne. Butt F 2673 

GERARD, D. An Arranged MarriageF 8895 

Etelka's Vow I 3718 

Lady Baby 1 3706 

The same G 1 377 

Lot U.... f 3753 

Orthodox G 1 42 1 

A Queen of Curds and Cream F 3716 

Recha G 1422 

The Rich Miss Riddell F 3752 

A Spotless Reputation F 8894 

The Wrong Man F 8896 


Gerda;or, Children of Work. SchwarlzF 1707 
German Emigrants, Wanderings of. Ger- 

staecker F 3707 

German Evenings. Auerbach 1 2\22 

German Novelists, Selections from. 4 v. 

Roscoe F 1 45 1 

German Popular Tales. Grimm F 718 

The same I 31 14 

German Romance. 4 v. Carlyle E 917 

Germany, Traditions of. 3 v. Knox...F 

GERRARE, W. Phantasms F 8897 

Contents: An Interview; The Dark 
Shadow; Retribution; The Sleepless 
Man; L'ncle Selwyn; A Good Intention; 
A New Force; Mysterious Maisie; The 
Face of Nature; The Actual Appari- 
GERSTAECKER, F. How a Bride was 

Won; Chase across the Pampas. F 653 
Wanderings ami Fortunes of some 

German Emigrants F 3707 

Wild Sports in the Far West H 

Gertrude. Sewell F 1528 

Gertrude's Diary. Alden H 87 

Gertrude's Marriage. Behrens F 100 

Gervase Skinner. Hook F 857,8-9 

Gesta Romanorum, Moral Stories; trans. 

by Swan I 2984 

Get thee behind me, Satan! Sikes F 1072 

Getting Ahead. Alden H 913 

Ghetto Tragedies. Zangwill F 7692 

Ghost, The. O'Connor F 5641 

Ghost-Hunter and his Family. Banim.F 107 

Ghost of Charlotte Cray. Lean G 1083 

Ghost Stories. Molesworth F 5240 

Ghost's Touch, and other Stories. Col- 
lins F 2819 

The same G 1252 

Ghosts and Family Legends. Crowe... F 3082 

Giant Dwarf, The. Williams H 1618 

Giant of the North. Ballantyne H ioio 

Giant Raft. Verne F 7306 



Giant's Robe. Guthrie F 2412 

The same G 1065 

GIBB, J. (Ed.). Gudrun, Beowulf, Ro- 
land and other Mediaeval Tales . . . F 3653 

GIBBON, C. Braes of Yarrow F 3741 

The Dead Heart; a Tale of the 

Bastile F 3750 

The Flower of the Forest F 3742 

For the King [Rebellion of 1715].. .F 656 

The Golden Shaft F 3743 

A Hard Knot F 3654 

A Heart's Problem F 3744 

In Honour Bound F 3745 

Loving a Dream, and One of his In- 
ventions F 3746 

Margaret Carmichael F 8qo5 

Of High Degree F 3747 

Queen of the Meadow F 3748 

Robin Gray F 655 

Was ever Woman in this Humor 

wooed? F 3751 

What will the World say? F 3749 

and others. Paying the Penalty, and 

other Stories F 3708 

Contents: Paying the Penalty, by Gib- 
bon; In Marine Armor, by Fenn; My 
Soldier Keeper, by Wolley; Golden 
Feather, by Gould; Saved by the Skin of 
his Teeth, by Shipton; Gone, by Mac- 

GIBERNE, A. Curate's Home G 954 

Earls of the Village F 3726 

The Girl at the Dower House and 

afterward F 8931 

His Adopted Daughter F 3727 

Life Tangles; or, Journal of Rhoda 

Frith H 1403 

Nameless Shadow F 3657 

Old Comrades F 8932 

Ready, aye Ready F 3728 

Sweetbriar F 3656 

Through the Linn F 3655 

Woo at Last F 3729 

Gideon Fleyce. Lucy F 4941 

Gideon's Rock. Cooper F 1460 

The same G 811 

GIFT, Theo., pseud. See BOULGER, 

Mrs. T. H. H. 
Gifts of the Child Christ, and other Tales. 

MacDonald G 1 101 

Gil Bias. Le Sage F 1031 

The same I 31 13 

The same. 3 V *P 356 

Gil the Gunner. Fenn H 1374 

GILBERT, W. DeProfundis. 2V...F 659 
Same as James Duke, Costermonger. 

Dr. Austin's Guests. 2 v F 658 

James Duke, Costermonger F 3691 

GILBERT, W. S. Foggerty%'s Fairy, and 

other Tales F 3733 

Gilbert Elgar's Son. Davis F 3053 

Gilbert Gurney. Hook F 855 

GILCHRIST, A. S. Harcourt F 3669 

Rosehurst; or, the Step-Daughter. F 3658 

Gilded Age. Clemens and Warner F 244 

Gilded Clique, The. Gaboriau F 623 

GILDER, J. L. Taken by Siege F 6922 

GILES, E. A. Maiden Rachel F 652 

Out from the Shadows F 665 

Giles's Minority. O'Reilly H 585 

GILKES, A. H. Boys and Master; Story 

of School Life ' H 424 

The Thing that hath been F 8030 

GILL, J. T. Within and Without F 3730 

GILLIAM, C. F. Love and Medicine.F 3668 
GILLIAT, E. Forest Outlaws; or, Saint 
• Hugh and the King [England, 12th 

Century] F 3667 

GILLIES, M. Voyage of the Constance; 

a Tale of the Arctic Seas H 1430 

GILLMORE, P. The Amphibion's Voy- 
age F 37c 

Gilly Flower; by the Author of Miss Too- 

sey's Mission H 14.* 

GILMAN, A. Kings, Queens and Bar- 
barians; or, Seven Historic Ages.H 429 

Magna Charta Stories H 1432 

Tales of the Pathfinders H 1433 

GILMAN, Mrs. C. H. Recollections of 

a Southern Matron F 654 

GILMAN, S. That Dakota Girl F 3754 

GILMORE,J.R. {Edmund Kirke). Among 
the Pines; or, the South in Seces- 
sion Time F 660 

Down in Tennessee and back by 

way of Richmond F 661 

My Southern Friends F 663 

On the Border F 662 

Patriot Boys and Prison Pictures 

[Am. Civil War] H 428 

GILMORE, M. A Son of Esau F 3737 

The Women who stood between. . . F 3732 

Ginger-Snaps. Parton E 1425 

Gingham Bag, The. Lothrop H 2355 

Ginx's Baby. Jenkins E 1 269 

The same G 277 

Giordano Bruno. 2 v. Plumptre F 5096 



Giovanni and the Other. Burnett H 1073 

Gipsie. Kenney F 967 

Gipsy. James G 267 

Gipsy's Warning. Dupuy F 503 

Giraffe-Hunters. Reid H 622 

Giraldi. Dering F 3017 

GIRARD, Just, pseud. See ROY, J. J. E. 
GIRARDIN, D. G. de and others. Cross 

of Berny F 670 

Girl at the Dower House. Giberne F 8931 

Girl Diplomatist, A. VVotton F 7676 

Girl from the Farm. Dix F 8470 

Girl Graduate, A. Woolley F 7603 

Girl he Married. Grant F 8817 

Girl Neighbours. Keddie H 1647 

Girl of the Commune. Henty F 4137 

Girl of the People. Smith H 2264 

Girl's Book of Famous Queens. Farmer.C 3326 

Girl's Own Indoor Book. Peters K 6426 

Girl's Own Outdoor Book. Peters K 6455 

Girls Room, A K 6422 

Girls and I, The. Molesworth H 1886 

Girls at Quinnemont. Harris H 1525 

Girls, New and Old. Smith H 

Girls of a Feather. Barr F 8043 

Girls of Bredon. Leathes H 1730 

Girls Together. Blanchard H 

Girls who became Famous. Bolton... C 3306 
Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines. 3 V. 

Clarke E 670 

Girton Girl, A. Edwards G 1196 

Gisli, the Outlaw; from the Icelandic. .F 668 
GI5SING, G. R. Demos; a Story of 

English Socialism . G 1253 

Denzil Quarner F 3756 

The Emancipated F 8942 

Eve's Ransom F 8940 

In the Year of Jubilee F 8941 

A Life's Morning F 3740 

v Grub Street G \\2\ 

The Odd Women F 3755 

The Paying Guest F 8943 

Sleeping Fires F 8944 

The Unclassed F 8945 

Giulio Branchi. Elwes F 

Giulio Malatesta. Trollope F 1799 

OIVINS, R. C. The Rich Man's Fool. F 3739 
GLADDEN, W. Santa Claus on a Lark. 

and other Christmas Stories H 1421 

Gladiators. Melville F 1 1 70 

The same G 440 

GLADSTONE, Mrs. J. C. Ups and 

Downs of an Old Maid E 969 

Gladys. Darling F 2962 

Gladys, the Reaper. Beale F 2497 

GLAISTER.E. A Constant Woman. .F 3692 

Glance at Philosophy. Goodrich H 434,5 

Glance at the Sciences. Goodrich H 434, 1 

GLASGOW, E. The Descendant . . . . F 8561 
GLE1G, G. R. Stories of the Veterans of 

Chelsea Hospital. 3 V F 695 

Glimpse of the World. Sewell F 1529 

The same G 556 

Glimpses of Pleasant Homes. Carroll. H 412 

Gloria. 2 v. Perez Galdos F 3645 

Gloria Yictis. Kirschner F 6585 

Gloriana. Dixie F 3024 

Glorinda. Dodd F 441 

Glory and Sorrow; or, Consequences of 

Ambition H 439 

Glory of the House of Israel. Strauss. II 1 284 
GLOUVET, Jules De, pseud. See 

Gloverson and his Silent Partners. 

Keeler F 963 

Glow- Worm Tales. Payn G 1271 

GLUEMER, C. von. Noble Name. . . F 3659 

GLYN, A. L. Fifty Pounds for a Wife. F 3771 
A Pearl of the Realm; Story of the 

Reign of Charles I F 8891 

Go- Ahead. Fosdick H 267,2 

Go-Ahead Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Go Forth and Find. Jarboe F 7254 

Go work; a Book for Girls. Perram. . H 2069 

Go's Goings. Clark H 1 1 5 1 

Gobi or Shamo. Murray F 5333 

GOBINEAU, J. A. Romances of the 

East F 667 

Contents: The Dancing Girl of Shamak- 
ha; History of Gamber-Aly; The War 
with the Turkomans; The Illustrious 
Magician; The Lovers of Kandahar. 

Goblin Gold. Crommelin F 2869 

Gobseck. Balzac F 7876 

God and the Man. Buchanan F 2682 

God Forsaken. Breton F 8088 

God in the Car, The. Hawkins F 4-33 

God's Fool. Schwartz F 5363 

God's Will, and other Stories. Frapan. F 7247 

Gods give my Donkey Wings. Abbott. F 7770 
Gods, The, Some Mortals and Lord 

Wickenham. Craigie F 8362 

GODDARD, J. Fairy Tales in other 

Lands H 1 426 

Wonderful Stories from Northern 

Lands H 430 

Goddess of Atvatabar. Bradshaw F 2291 



Godfrey Brenz. Jones F 4406 

Godfrey Morgan. Verne F 7308 

Godolphin. Lytton F 5008 

The same G 380 

Godson of a Marquis. Theuriet F 6961 

GODWIN, W. Caleb Williams F 672 

Fleetwood; or, the Man of Feeling. F 671 

St. Leon ; Tale of the 16th Century . F 675 

GOETHE, J. W. Elective Affinities.. F 673 

Novels and Tales I 3025,4 

Contents: Elective Affinities; The Sor- 
rows of Werther; German Emigrants; 
The Good Woman; A Tale. 

Sorrows of Werther I 2958 

Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. I 3025,5 
The same and Travels; tr. by Car- 

lyle. 2v F 3660 

Wilhelm Meister's Travels I 2957 

The same E 917,4 

Goethe and Schiller. Mundt F 1207 

OOFF, Mrs. H. N. K. Was it an Inher- 
itance? F 677 

Other Fools and their Doings; Life 

jynong the Freedmen F 5872 

GOGOL, N. V. St. John's Eve, and other 

Stories F 3661 

Contents : St. John's Eve; Old Fashioned 
Farmers; Tale of how Ivan Ivanovitch 
quarrelled with Ivan Nikiforovitch; The 
Portrait; The Cloak. 

faras Bulba [Russia, 16th Century]F 3662 
Tchitchikoff's Journeys; or, Dead 

Souls. 2 v F 3671 

Going South. Adams : H 1 1 5,4 

Going West. Adams H 115,1 

Gold and Dross. Mayo F 642 

Gold and Name. Schwartz F 1702 

Gold Elsie. John F 938 

Gold Fish of Gran Chimu. Lummis..F 5048 

Gold, Gold, in Cariboo. Wolley H 2777 

Gold Hunter's Adventures. Thomes..H 713 

Gold Hunters in Europe. Thomes H 714 

Gold of Chickaree. Warner F 1877 

Gold of Fairnilee, The. Lang H 1728 

Gold of Pleasure. Lathrop F 4958 

Gold Seekers. Boussenard H 1036 

Sequel to Crusoes of Guiana. 

Gold that did not Glitter. Dabney F 3041 

Gold Thread. Macleod H 536 

Golden Autumn, A. Hector F 4133 

Golden-Beak. Bassett F 7905 

Golden Bottle. Donnelly F 3172 

Golden Butterfly. Besant and Rice. . .F 112 

The same G 853 

Golden Calf. Boyesen F 8016 

Golden Calf. Maxwell G 1 235 

Golden Days of '49. Munroe F 5327 

Golden Deeds, Book of. Yonge C 1661 

Golden Dream. Ballantyne H 10 14 

Golden Fairy Book; Stories by Jokai, 

George Sand and others H 1 427 

Golden Feather. Gould F 3789 

Golden Fetters. Lemon G 326 

Golden Gossip, A. Whitney F 7564 

Golden Hope. Russell F 6367 

Golden House. Warner F 7567 

Golden Justice, The. Bishop F 2542 

Golden Lion of Granpere. Trollopc.F 1790 

The same G 604 

Golden Lotus, and other Legends of 

Japan. Greey F 3684 

Golden Magnet, The. Fenn F 3483 

Golden Mediocrity. Hamerton F 3888 

Golden Pilgrimage, A. Lanza F 4848 

Golden Rule, The. Mackarness H 545 

Golden Shaft. Gibbon F 3743 

Golden Sorrow. Hoey F 827 

The same G 253 

Golden Spike, The. King F 465 1 

Golden Thorns. Warner H 753,2 

Golden Tress. Du Boisgobey F 2568 

Golden Wedding, and other Tales. 

Stuart F 681 1 

Golden West, The. Lothrop H 2342 

GOLDSMITH, Chrtetabel, pseiui. See 


GOLDSMITH, J. C. Himself again. F 3663 

GOLDSMITH, O. Vicar of WakefieldG 235 

The same H 431 

The same I 2921,1 

The same I 2958 

The same J 63 

The same J 64,3 

The same J 65,1 

The same *F 115,23 

Goldsmith's Wife, The. Ainsworth. . .G 692 

GONCOURT, E. and J. Armande . . . . F 8890 

Sister Philomene F 3770 

Gone. Macquoid F 5537 

GOOCH, F. P. Miss Mordeck's Father.F 3761 

Good Aunt, The. Edgeworth F 5 18, 1 

Good-bye. Stannard F 7478 

Good-bye, Sweetheart. Broughton F 190 

Good Child's, Library H 416 

v. 1. Great Tenabraka. 

Good for Nothing. Melville G 441 



Good French Governess, The. Edge- 
worth F 518,1 

Good Genius. Mayhew H 560 

Good Investment. Flagg F 591 

Good Luck. Buerstenbinder F 1913 

Good Match, A. Perrier F 1303 

Good Measure. Erickson H 372 

Good Old Times. Ainsworth G 696 

Good Old Times. Kellogg H 521 

Good Old Times. Rathbone F 2088 

Good Ship Barbara. Sadler F 6563 

Good Ship Mohock. Russell F 6460 

Good Stories. De Quincey and others. F 3450 
Contents: The Avenger, byDeQuincy; 
Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure, by N. 
Hawthorne; Love and Skates, by W:n- 
throp; The Defaulter, by Hood; Cold- 
stream, by Vaughan ; Madonna, by 
Spicer: The Metempsychosis, by Mac- 
nish ; The Uninvited ; The Bellows- 
Mender of Lyons ; The Small-Change 
Family: The Scotsman's Tale, by Lee; 
The Blacksmiths of Holsby; A Peni- 
tent Confession. 

Good Stories. Reade F 6256 

Good Time Coming. Arthur H 175 

Good Work. Chellis F 2771 

GOODLOE, A. C. College Girls H 1424 

GOODMAN, E. J. Too Curious G 1293 

GOODRICH, S.Q. (Peter Parity). Wan- 
derers by Sea and Land, with other 

Tales H 1446 

Youth's Library of Biography H 433 

v. 1. Famous Men of Modern Times. 

2. Famous Men of Ancient Times. 

3. Famous American Indians. 

4. Lives of Benefactors. 

5. Lives of Celebrated Women. 

6. Curiosities of Human Nature. 
Youtu's Library of History H 432 

v. 1. American History. 

2. European History. 

3. African History. 

4. Asiatic History. 

5. History of American Indians. 

6. Manners and Customs of 

American Indians. 

7. Manners and Customs of 

Youth's Library of Literature and 

Science H 434 

v. 1. Glance at the Sciences. 

2. Anecdotes of Animal Kingdom. 

3. Literature, Ancient and Modern. 

4. Wonders of Geology. 

GOODRICH, S. G. (Peter Parley). Youth's 

Library of Literature and ScienceH 434 
v. 5. Glance at Philosophy. 

6. Enterprise, Industry and Art of 


7. The World and its Inhabitants. 
GOODWIN, E. C. How they learned 

Housework H 1451 

GOODWIN, M. W. Flint, his Faults, 

Friendships, and Fortunes F 8949 

The Head of a Hundred [Virginia 

17th Century] F 8950 

White Aprons; Bacon's Rebellion, 

1676 F 8951 

Gooroo Simple and his Disciples H 411 

Goostie. Hyde H 4380 

GORDON, Julien, /*w</. See CRUGER, 

Mrs. J. S. 
GORDON, W. J. The Captain-General ; 
Attempt of the Dutch to Colonize 

New Holland H 1436 

Englishman's Haven [Capture of 

Louisburg] U 1435 

The Treasure-Finder; Tale of a 

Lost Galleon H 1434 

Gordon Lodge. White F 1926 

GORE, Mrs. C. G. F. Castles in the 

Air G 236 

Dean's Daughter G ' 237 

Diary of a D£sennuy£e I 7098 

Heckington G 238 

Life's Lessons G 239 

Mammon; Hardships of an Heir- 
ess G 240 

Progress and Prejudice F 3774 

The same ( S 

Two Aristocracies G 242 

Gorilla Hunters. Ballantyne H 224 

GORTSCHAKOV, M. Mysteries of St. 

Petersburg; Modern Russia F 3665 

Gosau Smithy, and other Stories. Parr.G 793 

Gospel Stories. Tolstoi F 7016 

GOSS, W. L. Jack Alden, Adventures in 

the Virginia Campaigns, '6i-'65.H 1443 
Jed; a Boy's Adventures in the Army 

of '6i-'65 H 1437 

Tom Clifton ;\Vestern Boys in Grant's 

and Sherman's Army, '61 -'65 H 1441 

GOSSE, E. The Secret of Narcisse 

[France, 16th Century] F 3800 

Gossip of the Caribbees. Trowbridge. F 7187 



GOULD, J. T. See LINCOLN, Mrs. J. T. 

GOULD, N. Only a Commoner F 8926 

GOULD, S. B. Arminell F 3762 

A Book of Fairy Tales retold H 1438 

Book of Nursery Songs and Rhymes H 4010 

The Broom-Squire F 8923 

Cheap Jack Zita F 3759 

Court Royal F 3666 

The same G 1259 

Eve F 3676 

Golden Feather F 3789 

Grettir, the Outlaw; Story of Ice- 
land ..H 1439 

Guavas, the Tinner F 8924 

In Exitu Israel. 2 v. [French Rev- 
olution] F 2490 

In the Roar of the Sea F 3763 

John Herring; West of England 

Romance G 1424 

Kitty Alone; Story of Three Fires.. F 8921 
Margery of Quether, and other 

Stories F 3764 

Contents: Margery of Quether; Tom a' 
Tuddlams; At the Y; Major Cornelius; 
Wanted: a Reader. 

Mchalah; Story of the Salt MarshesG 1 1 16 

Moth-Mullein F 7479 

No£mi F 8922 

Old English Fairy Tales H 4011 

The Pennycomequicks F 3757 

Queen of Love F 3760 

Red Spider F 3675 

The Story of Jael , F 3439 

Urith; a Tale of Dartmoor F 3758 

Yorkshire Oddities. 2v A 631 

GOULDING, F. R. Marooner's Island 

[West Indies] H 437 

Woodruff Stories H 1 440 

v. 1. Sapelo; or, Child-Life on the 

2. Nacoochee; or, Boy-Life from 


3. Sal-o - Quah; or, Boy - Life 

among the Cherokees. 
The Young Marooners on the Florida 

Coast H 438 

GOURAUD, J. Little Boy's Story. . . . H 441 
Governess, The, and other Tales. Sher- 
wood F 1545,6 

Governor, The, and other Stories. Hib- 

bard F 4199 

Governor's Pardon. Baker H 202,2 

Gowrie; or, the King's Plot. James... F 925 

Grace Lee. Kavanagh G 301 

Grace Winslow. Spear H 2373 

Grafenburg People. Thomas F 6972 


WORTH, Mrs. M. L. S. 
GRAHAM, J. W. Neasra; a Tale of 

Ancient Rome F 3701 

GRAHAM, M. C. Stories of the Foot- 

Hills F 8061 

GRAHAM, P. A. The Red Scaur, a 

Novel of Manners F 8967 

GRAHAME,K. TheGoldenAge;StoriesF < 016 

Grahames, The. Whitehead F 1925 

Gramercy Park. Wood F 7586 

GRAND, S., pseud. See Mac FALL, F. E. C. 

Grand Chaco. Fenn H 1552 

Grandee, The. Vald£s F 7366 

Grandfather, The. Pickering V .F 6125 

Grandison Mather. Harland F 4945 

Grandissimes.The. Cable F 2722 

Grandmother, The. Nemec F 5490 

( .randmother Dear. Molesworth H 1844 

Grandmother Elsie. Finley H 407 

(".randmother Normandy. Denison...H 1454 

Grandmother's Money. Robinson F 6295 

Grandpa's Darlings. Alden H 849 

Grange Garden. Kingsley G 984 

Grania; Story of an Island. Lawless.. F 4874 
GRANT, E. Holiday Rambles; or, Peeps 

into the Book of Nature H 442 

GRANT, J. Adventures of an Aide-de- 

Camp [Peninsular War] F 8801 

Adventures of Rob Roy F 8802 

Arthur Blane [Time of Louis X 1 1 1.]F 8803 
The Black Watch, or 42d Highland- 
ers F 3699 

Bothwell; or, the Days of Mary, 

Queen of Scots F 8804 

The Cameronians F 8805 

The Captain of the Guard [Time of 

Charles II.] F 8806 

Colville of the Guards F 8807 

The Dead Tryst.and AHauntedLifeF 8808 

Derval Hampton F 8809 

Dick Rodney; Adventures of an 

Eton Boy F 8810 

Did she Love him? F 881 1 

The Duke of Albany's Own High- 
landers F 8812 

Dulcie Carlyon F 881 3 

Fairer than a Fairy F 8814 

First Love & Last Love; Tale of the 

Indian Mutiny F 8815 



ORANT,J. Frank Hilton; or, the Queen's 

Own [Time of George 1 1 L] F 8816 

The Girl he Married F 8817 

Harry Ogilvie [Time of Charles I.J.F 8818 
Jack Chaloner;or,the Fighting Forty- 
third F 8819 

Jack Manly F 684 

Jane Seton; or, the King's AdvocateF 8820 
The King's Own Borderers [Penin- 
sular War] F 8821 

Lady Wedderburn's Wish; Tale of 

the Crimean War F 8822 

Laura E veringham F 8823 

Letty Hyde's Lovers; English Ser- 
vice in 1742 F 682 

TheLordHermitage[Crimean \Var].F 8824 

Mary of Lorraine F 8825 

Miss Cheyne of Essilmont F 8826 

Morley Ashton F 8827 

OliverEUis [Captureof Guadeloupe]F 8828 
One of the Six Hundred [Crimean 

War] F 8829 

Only an Ensign .Retreat from CabulF 8830 
The Phantom Regiment [Peninsular 

War] F 8831 

Philip Rollo I 8832 

Playing with Fire; the Soudan War.F 8833 

The Queen's Cadet, and other TalesF 8834 

Romanceof War [Peninsular War].F 3681 

The Ross-Shire Buffs F 8835 

The Royal Highlanders F 8836 

The Royal Regiment, and other Nov- 
elettes 1 8837 

The Scot's Brigade, and other Tales. F 8838 

Scottish Cavalier [Time of James II.] F 8839 

The Scottish Soldiers of Fortune. . F 8840 

Second to None; Royal Scots Greys.F 884 1 

Shall I win her? F 8842 

SixYearsago[Franco-GermanWar]F 8843 
Under the Red Dragon [Crimean 

War] F 8844 

Vere of "Ours" F 8845 

Violet Jermyn; or/Tender and True.F 8846 

The White Cockade F 8847 

The Yellow Frigate F 8848 

GRANT, M. M. Artiste F 681 

The same G 943 

Cara Roma G 1058 

My Heart's in the Highlands G 946 

Prince Hugo G 947 

Sun-Maid F 1716 

The same G 944 

Victor Lescar G 945 

GRANT, R. An Average Man F 3695 

The Bachelor's Christmas, and other 

Stories F 8864 

Contents: The Bachelor's Christmas; 
An Eye for an Eye; In Fly-Time; Rich- 
ard and Robin;The Matrimonial Tontine 
Benefit Association; By Hook or Crook. 

Confessions of a Frivolous Girl F 3698 

Face to Face F 3443 

Jack Hall; or, School Days of an Am- 
erican Boy H 1461 

Jack in the Bush, or, a Summer on a 

Salmon River H 1462 

Knave of Hearts; a Fairy Story... F 3694 

Opinions of a Philosopher F 3738 

Reflections of a Married Man F 3714 

Romantic Young Lady F 3697 

and others. The King's Men F 3696 

Grantley Manor. Fullerton G 216 

GRANVILLE, A. The Fallen Race. ,F 3708 
Granville de Vigne; or, Held in Bondage. 

Dela Ram£ F 1366 

The same G 500 

Granville Valley. Abbott H 16,4 

Grape from a Thorn. Payn G 1 164 

Grapes and Thorns. Tincker F 680 

GRAS, F. The Reds of the Midi; Episode 

of the French Revolution F 8955 

Grasshoppers, The. Sidgwick F 8448 

Grateful Negro, The. Edgeworth F 518,2 

GRAVES, R. Spiritual Quixote [Wes- 
ley and Methodism] *F 115, 32-33 

Graveyard Flower. Hillern F 3995 

OR AY, Barry, pseud. See COFFIN, R. B. 

GRAY, I. E. Marjory Graham F 5148 

GRAY, Maxwell, pseud. See TRUTTIETT. 
GRAY, R., pseud. See RAYMOND, R. W. 

Gray; an Oldhaven Romance. Wilcox. F 6642 

Gray and the Blue. Roe F 6326 

Gray Eye or so. Moore F 5576 

Gray Man, The. Crockett F 8332 

Gray Roses. Harland F 4155 

GRAYDON, W. M. In the Days of 

Washington H 1397 

GRAYHAM, M. Margaret Ellison. . .H 1306 

Graysons, The. Eggleston F 3235 

Graziella. Lamartine F 4879 

Great African Travellers. Kingston. .1 1829 

Great Bank Robbery. Hawthorne F 3843 

Great Cattle Trail. Ellis H 1233,1 

Great Chin Episode. Wood F 8350 

Great Expectations. Dickens F 405 

The same G 1 56 

Great-Grandmamma. Synge H 2450 



Great-Grandmother's Girls in New Mex- 
ico. Champney H 1120 

Great-Grandmother's Secret; tr. by 

Murphy F 687 

Great Grenf ell Gardens. Buxton G 878 

Great Hoggarty Diamond. Thackeray. G 588,1 
Great Invasion of 1813-14. Erckmann 

and Chatrian F 3259 

Great K. & A. Robbery. Ford F 3404 

Great Man of the Provinces in Paris. 

Balzac F 7891 

Great Match, and other Matches. 

Smith F 2 181 

Great Mill Street Mystery. Sergeant.. F 6510 
Great Mysteries and Little Plagues. 

Neal F 1228 

Great River Series. See Ellis, E S. 

Great St. Benedict's. Thomas F 6971 

Great Shadow. Doyle F 3183 

Great Taboo, The. Allen F 2347 

Great Tenabraka, The, and other TalesH 416 

Great Treason. Marks F 4045 

Great War in England in 1897. Le 

Queux F 4967 

Great War Syndicate. Stockton F 6666 

Great West, The. Pratt H 21 12 

Great Western Series. See Adams, W. T. 

Greater Glory. Schwartz F 5364 

Greatest Heiress in England. Oliphant.G 1 149 

Greatest Plague of Life. Mayhew F 1161 

Grecian Mythology, Tales from. Lar- 

ned H 17 13 

Greece, First History of. Sewell A 50 

Greek Children. Church H 1127 

Greek Hero-Stories. Niebuhr H 570 

GREEN, A. K. See ROHLFS, Mrs. A. K. d. 
GREEN, E. B; Eustace Marchmont 
[Labor Troubles, Time of William 

IV.] F 8912 

Friends or Foes? H 1428 

Maud Melville's Marriage F 3735 

The Secret Chamber at Chad H 1445 

Shut In; Tale of the Siege of Ant- 
werp, 1585 F 891 1 

GREEN, N. A Thousand Years hence. F 3688 
Green Bay Tree, The. Wilkins and Viv- 
ian F 7688 

Green Book, The. Jokai F 4498 

Green Carnation. Hichens F 8910 

Green Fairy Book. Lang H 1718 

Green Gate. Wichert F 7509 

Green Gates. Meredith F 5499 

Green Mountain Boys. Thompson... H 717 

Green Pastures and Piccadilly. Black. F 85 

The same G 866 

Green Pleasure and Grey Grief. Hun- 

gerford F 2434 

The same G 1 1 38 

Same as O Tender Dolores. 

Green Ray. Verne F 7310 

Green Tea. Schallenberger F 7236 

GREENE, B. C. The Hobbledehoy; 

Betwixt Boy and Man H 1406 

A New England Conscience F 3693 

GREENE, H. The Blind Brother [ Penn- 
sylvania Coal Mines] H 1453 

Burnham Breaker H 1452 

The Riverpark Rebellion, and A Tale 

of the Tow- Path H 1 442 

GREENE, Mrs. L. L. Dora's Dolls' 

House H 1444 

Gray House on the Hill F 691 

GREENE, S. D. Broken Seal; Abduction 

and Murder of W. Morgan F 693 

GREENE, Mrs. S. P. M. Cape Cod 

Folks F 5 143 

Lastchance Junction, far, far West . h 5 1 20 

Leon Pontifex F 3777 

Some other Folks F $ 1 154 

Stuart and Bamboo F 0001 

Towhead F 5 137 

Vesty of the Basins F 3778 

GREENOUGH, Mrs. F. B. Annals of 
Brookdale; a New England Vil- 
lage F 44 

GREENOUGH,Mrs.S.D.L.ArabesquesF 697 

Contents: Monard; Apollyona; Domitia; 

In Extremis H 422 

Treason at Home F 700 

OREENWOOD, Grace, pseud. See LIP- 

PINCOTT, Mrs. S. J. C. 

GREENWOOD, J. Little Ragamuffin.F 702 

GREER, M. J. My Mother's Diamonds.H 1455 
GREEY, E. A Captive of Love; founded 

upon a Japanese Romance F 3705 

Golden Lotus, and other Legends of 

Japan F 3684 

Young Americans in Japan I 1588 

GREG, P. Across the Zodiac. 2 v. . . F 3685 

Devil's Advocate. 2v F 3686 

Gregory Hawkshaw. Carrington F 3689 

Greif enstein. Crawford F 2880 

GRENDEL, M. R. Contrasts F 3690 

Gretchen. Holmes F 4071 



Grettir, the Outlaw. Gould H 1439 

OREVILLE, Henry, pseud. See DURAND. 
GREY, Mrs. E.C. Daughters. 3 v. in 2.F 704 
GREY, Maxwell,/**^. S<r/rRUTTIETT,M.G. 

Grey Abbey F 706 

Grey House on the Hill. Greene F 691 

Grey Lady. Scott F 5520 

GREYLOCK, G., pseud. See SMITH, J. E. A. 
GRIBBLE, F. The Red Spell [Paris 

Commune, 1871] F 8985 

Grif ; Story of Australian Life. Farjeon. . F 559 
GRIFFIN, G. Tales of the Munster Fes- 
tivals F 708 

Contents: Card Drawing; The Half-Sir; 
The Coiner. 

Works F 709 

v. 1. Invasion [France in the 8th 

2. Collegians; a Tale of Garry- 


3. Holland Tide; Aylmers of 

Bally-Aylmer; Hand and 
Word; Barber of Bantry; 
Brown Man; Owney-na- 
Peak; Village Ruin; 
Knight of the Sheep; Rock 
of the Candle. 

4. Poetical and Dramatical 

Works E 153 

5. Christian Physiologist [Tales 

of the Five Senses]; 
Knight at Sea; Touch my 
Honor, Touch my Life. 

6. Duke of Monmouth [Time 

of James II.]. 

7. Talis Qualis; or, Tales of the 


8. Rivals; Tracy's Ambition. 

9. Card Drawing; Half-Sir; Suil 

Dhuv, the Coiner. 
GRIFFIS, W. E. Honda the Samurai; 

Story of Modern Japan F 3785 

Japanese Fairy World. .. # H 1448 

GRIFFITH, Mrs. T. H. Brave; Story of 

Gospel Temperance H 1825 

Griffith Gaunt. Reade F 1386 

GRIFFITHS,A. Lola ;Taleof Gibraltar. F 712 

Grimkie. Abbott H 17,2 

GRIMM, J. L. K. and W. K. German 

Popular Tales F 718 

The same I 31 14 

Household Tales; tr. by Hunt. 2 v. I 2965 
Grinder Papers. Dallas E 24 10 

GRINDROD, C. Tales from the Speech- 
House F 3703 

GRINNELL.G.B. Pawnee HeroStories.B 2017 

Grip. Stannard F 9830 

Grisly Gnsell. , Yonge F 2049 

GRISWOLD, Mrs. H. T. Fencing with 

Shadows F 3783 

GRISWOLD, S. E. Out of Law into 

Gospel F 8860 

Gritli's Children. Spyri H 2386 

GROOME, G. H. Kriegspiel, the War 

Game F 9005 

GROSS, T. The Humming Top H 1447 

GROSSI.T. Marco Visconti I 2962 

GROSSMITH, G. and W. The Diary 

of a Nobody F 3773 

Ground Arms. Suttner F 6915 

Group of Noble Dames. Hardy F 4161 

The same G 1 426 

GROUSSET, P. (A. Laurie). Axel 

Ebersen, Graduate of Upsala.. .F 4872 
Captain Trafalgar; Story of the Mexi- 
can Gulf H 1734 

The Conquest of the Moon F 4960 

The Crystal City under the Sea . . . H 4721 

Schoolboy Days in Japan H 1 758 

GROVES, J. P. A Soldier Born 

[Crimea and Indian Mutiny] H 1457 

With the Green Jackets H 1458 

Growing up. Conklin H 1227 

Grumbler, The. Pickering F 6126 

Guardian Angel. Holmes F 852 

Guardians, The. Preston and Dodge. F 5962 

Guavas the Tinner. Gould F 8924 

Gudrun, Beowulf and Roland. Gibb..F 3653 

Guenn. Teuffel F 4027 

GUENOT, C. Vengeance of a Jew .... F 689 

Village Steeple F 688 

GUERBER, H. A. Stories of the Wag- 
ner Operas F 8083 

Guerndale. Stimson F 3700 

GUERNSEY, L. E. Chevalier's Daugh- 
ter [Huguenots] F 703 

The Hidden Treasure H 1 449 

Guernsey Lily. Woolsey H 2721 

GUERRAZZI, F. D. Beatrice Cenci. 2v. 

[Italy, 16th Century] F 715 

Manfried; Battleof Benevento[i2f56]F 714 

Guert Ten Eyck. ' Stoddard H 2433 

GUEST (Tr.). The Mabinogion. 3 v. .*P 188 
GUEZENEC, A. Jean Belin, the French 

Robinson Crusoe H 1 429 

Romance of Trouville F 3784 



Guild Court. 3 v. MacDonald F 1 104 

Guilderoy. De la Rame" G 1343 

Guilt and Innocence. Schwartz F 1703 

Guilty River, The. Collins F 2838 

The same, and Ghost's Touch . . . G 1 252 

GUINEY, L. I. Lovers* Saint Ruth's . . F 8989 

Contents: Lovers' Saint Ruth's; Our 
Lady of the Union; An Event on the 
River; The Provider. 

Gulliver's Travels. Swift G 573 

The same H 698 

See also Swift, J. 

Gun-Bearer, The. Robinson and Wall F 6435 
Gun-Boat Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

GUNN, J. Sons of the Vikings F 8876 

Gunnar. Boyesen F 167 

GUNSAULUS, F. W. Monk and Knight. 

2 v. [Germany, 16th Century ]...F 3790 
GUNTER, A. C. Baron Montez of Pan- 
ama and Paris F 3713 

First of the English F 8970 

King's Stockbroker F 3639 

Sequel to A Princess of Paris. 

The Ladies' Juggernaut F 8971 

Miss Dividends F 3719 

Miss Nobody of Nowhere F 3724 

Mr. Barnes of New York F 3721 

Mr. Potter of Texas F 3722 

A Princess of Paris F 3638 

Small Boys in Big Boots F 3725 

That Frenchman! F 3723 

and F. REDMOND. A Florida En- 

chantment F 3720 

Gurnet's Garden. Baldwin.: H 986 

Gurney Married. Hook F 859 

Gustaf Adolf, Times of. Tope'lius F 7023,1 

GUSTAFSSON, R. A. Tea -Time TalesH 1460 
QUTHRIE, T. A. (F. Anstey). The 

Black Poodle, and other Tales. . F 2413 

A Fallen Idol F 2380 

The same G 1 260 

The Giant's Robe F 2412 

The same G 1065 

Lyre and Lancet F 8976 

The Man from Blankley's, and other 

Sketches F 3794 

The Pariah F 2442 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1361 

The Talking Horse F 3792 

Contents: The Talking Horse; The Good 
Little Girl; A Matter of Taste; Don, 
the Story of a Greedy Do?; Taken by 
Surprise; Paleface and Redskin; Shut 
Out; Tommy's Hero; A Canine Ishmael; 

GUTHRIE, T. A. (F. Anstey). State- 
ment of Stella Maberly F 8977 

The Tinted Venus F 2441 

Tourmalin's Time Cheques F 3791 

The Travelling Companions F 3793 

Vice Versa F 241 1 

Gutta-Percha Willie. MacDonald H 1799 

GUTZKOW, K. F. Through Night to 

Light G 244 

Guy Deverell. Le Fanu G 323 

Guy Earlscourt's Wife. Fleming F 594 

Guy Harris, the Runaway. Fosdick.. H 306 

Guy Livingstone. Lawrence G 321 

Guy Mannering. Scott F 2 1 59 

The same G 542 

Guy Rivers. Simms F 2056 

Guy's Life Lesson. Keene H 480 

Guy's Marriage. Durand F 3132 

GUYTON, Mrs. E. J. W. The Lilling- 

stones of Lillingstone F 1908 

Guzman d' Alfarche, Adventures of. 

Aleman F 5406,1 

Gwendoline's Harvest. Payn G 245 

GWYNNE, T. Nannette and her Lov- 
ers [French Revolution.] F 716 

School for Dreamers F 717 

Silas Barnstarke F 710 

Gypsies of the Danes' Dike. Phillips..F 1314 

Gypsy Breynton. Ward H 595,1 

Gypsy Christ, and other Tales. Sharp. F 9806 
Gypsy Stories. See Ward, E. S. P. 

Gypsy's Cousin Joy. Ward H 595,2 

Gypsy's Sowing and Reaping. Ward.H 595,3 
Gypsy's Year at the Golden Crescent. 

Ward H 595,4 

H. H. See JACKSON, H. M. 

H Family, The. Bremer I 3004,4 

H ABBERTON, J. All he knew F 3861 

Barton Experiment F 757 

Bowsham Puzzle F 3924 

Brueton's Bayou F 692 

The Chautauquans F 3802 

Country Luck F 3860 

Crew of the Sam Weller F 3930 

Helen's Babies F 758 

Jericho Road; a Story of Western 

Life F 759 

Little Guzzy, and other Stories F 3931 

A Lucky Lover F 3803 

Mrs. Mayburn's Twins F 3933 

Out at Twinnett's F 3801 

Who was Paul Grayson ? H 1 482 

Worst Boy in Town H 1 481 




Canoeing in Kanuckia F 3932 

Habermeister, The. Schmid F 1 494 

HACKLAENDER, F. W. Behind the 

Counter G 246 

Enchanting and Enchanted H 444 

Forbidden Fruit F 719 

Haco, the Dreamer. 2 v. Sime F 6649 

Hadasseh. Collins F 3151 

Haddon Hall, Evenings at. Catter- 

mole I 3106 


Hagarene. Lawrence F 1038 

The same G 988 

HAGEN, E. A. Norica; or, Tales of 

Nurnberg F 723 

HAGGARD, H. R. Allan Quatermain.F 3870 

The same G 1 261 

Allan's Wife, and other Tales F 3878 

Contents: Allan's Wife; Hunter Quater- 
main's Story; A Tale of Three Lions; 
Long Odds. 

The same G 1362 

Beatrice F 3879 

The same G 1378 

Cleopatra F 3877 

The same G 1327 

Colonel Quaritch, V. C F 3876 

The same G 1328 

Dawn F 3872 

Eric Brighteyes [Founded on Ice- 
landic Sagas] F 4 185 

Heart of the World F 4189 

Jess F 3871 

The same G 

Joan Haste F 4100 

King Solomon's Mines 1- 3882 

The same G 1067 

Mai wa's Revenge V 3873 

The same ( i 1 294 

Mr. Meeson's Will 1 3874 

The same G 1329 

Montezuma's Daughter F 4187 

Nada the Lily F 4186 

The People of the Mist V 4188 

She; a History of Adventure F 3875 

The same G 1 263 

The Witch's Head F 3881 

The same G 1 295 

The Wizard F 4184 

and A. LANG. The World's Desire.F 3880 

The same G 1425 

tlAIDHEIM, I.., pseud. See AHLBORN, L. J. 

Hairbreath Escapes of Major Mendax. 

Crofton H 1 1 47 

Hajji Baba, Adventures of. Morier. . .F 5309 

HALE, A. G. Uncle Mark'sAmaranths.F 3935 
HALE, E. E. Christmas Eve and Day; 

Ten Christmas Stories F 725 

Christmas in Narragansett F 390c 

Crusoe in New York, and other 

Tales F 3939 

East and West; Story of New-born 

Ohio F 3834 

Fortunes of Rachel F 3901 

Four and Five H 1556 

His Level Best, and other Stories. . F 726 

How to do it F 727 

If, Yes, and Perhaps E 1 1 59 

Contents: The Children of the Public; 
A Piece of Possible History; The South 
American Editor ; The Old and the 
New; Face to Face; The Dot and the 
Line Alphabet ; The Last Voyage of 
the Resolute; My Double, and how he 
undid me; The Man without a Country; 
The Last of the Florida; The Skeleton 
in the Closet; Christmas Waits in Bos- 

In His Name; Story of the Walden- 

ses F 732 

Ingham Papers F 728 

Man without a Country, and other 

Tales F 3925 

The same E 1159 

Mr. Tangier's Vacations F 3865 

Mrs. Merriam's Scholars F 3940 

Our Christmas in a Palace F 3926 

Our New Crusade; a Temperance 

Story F 733 

Philip Nolan's Friends [Texas, 1 802 J. F 734 

Stories of Adventnre H 1487 

Stories of Discovery. . H 1488 

Stories of Invention . H 1485 

Stories of the Sea H 1489 

Stories of War H 440 

Sunday-School Stories F 3894 

Susan's Escort and others F 3938 

Contents: Susan's Escort; One good 
♦ urn; The Minister's Black Veil; Aunt 
Caroline's Present; Col.Clipsham's Cal- 
endar; Bread on the Waters; Gen. Glor- 
er's True Story; Both their Houses; 
Col. Ingham's Journey; A New Arabian 
Night; Only a Fly; John Rich and Lucy 
Poor; From Generation to Generation; 
Mrs. De Laix's Indecision; King 
Charles's Shilling ; From Making to 
Baking; The First Grain Market; Pha- 
roah's Harvest. 



HALE, E. E. Sybarisand other Homes.F 729 

Sybil Knox F 3835 

Ten times One is Ten F 731 

Ups and Downs F 730 

andL.P. The New Harry and Lucy. F 3836 

and S. Family Flight around HomeH 1484 
Family Flight over Egypt and 

Syria I 1668 

Family Flight through France, 
Germany, Norway and Switzer- 
land '. I 663 

Family Flight through Mexico. I 5583 

HALE, L. P. Fagots for the Fireside. K 1950 
Last of the Peterkins, with others of 

their Kin H 4166 

Peterkin Papers H 4165 

and Mrs. B. WHITMAN. Sunday- 
School Stories H 421 

HALE, S. Family Flight through Spain. I 6944 
HALE, Mrs. S. J. B. Liberia; or. Mr. 

Peyton's Experiments 1 3899 

Northwood;or,Life North and South F 3934 

Sketches of American Character. .F 3936 

Halek, Adventures of. Nicholson F 5459 

HALEVY, L. Abbe" Constantine F 3929 

Parisian Points of View F 4176 

Half a Dozen Boys. Ray H 2203 

Half a Dozen Girls. Ray H 2199 

Half a Million of Money. Edwards.. G 194 

Half Brothers. Smith F 6704 

Half-Caste, The. Craik F 8355 

Half-Hours in Story Land. Peebles.. H 2051 
Half-Hours with Foreign Novelists. 2 v. 

Zimmern F 2031 

Half-Hours with Irish Authors F 753 

Contents: Griffin:— The Mistake; The 
Raven's Nest; Sir Dowling O'Hartigan; 
The Story-Lover; Barney O'Reirdon ; 
The Priest's Story; Paddy the Piper; 
Teller at Fault; The White Trout. 
Carleton:— The Donagh; Larry McFar- 
lands Wake. 

Lever.-The Doctor's Tale; The Adju- 
* tant's Courtship; The Ghost; Serving 

a Writ. 

Half-Hours with Jimmieboy. Bangs. .H 968 

Half Married. McConnell F 5195 

Half Round the World. Adams H 891,10 

Half-Sir. Griffin F 709,9 

Half True Tales. Augur F 2337 

Half-Way; an Anglo-French Romance.F 3904 

Half Year at Bronckton. Lothrop H 697 

Halfred the Sigskald, Saga of. Dahn. . F 2956 
HALIBURTON, T. C. (Sam Slick). The 

Old Judge F 3905 

HALIBURTON, T. C. (Sam Slick). Sam 

Slick, the Clockmaker E 1 165 

Sam Slick's Wise Saws E 1 167 

HALL, A. C. MissLeighton'sPerplexitiesF 3921 
HALL, Mrs. A. M. F. Can Wrong be 

Right? G 247 

Fight of Faith F 720 

Lights and Shadows of Irish Life.3v.F 721 

Marian G 749 

Sketches of Irish Character F 724 

The Whiteboy; Story of Ireland in 

1822. 2v F 3942 

HALL, B. R. (Carlton). New Purchase; 

or, the Far West. 2v F 3937 

HALL, C. W. Adrift in the Ice-fields.H 1400 

Drifting round the World H 1491 

HALL, E. Master of L'Etrange F 3889 

HALL, 0. Far from To-day F 4174 

Foam of the Sea, and other Tales. F 4173 
HALL, H. B. Brooklands; a Sporting 

Biography F 3909 

HALL, James. Legends of the West.B 1278 

The same B 1279 

HALL, John. Familiar Talks to Boys. H 450 
HALL, O. The Track of a Storm [Aus- 
tralia] F 9060 

Hall and Hamlet. 2 v. Howitt F 4095 

Hall and the Cottage. Ellis F 543, r 

Hall in the Grove. Alden F 2383 

Hallam Succession, The. Barr F 2514 

HALLOWELL, S. C. On the Church- 
steps F 74 

HALPINE, C. O. (Af. O'Reilly). Baked 

Meats of the Funeral E 3323 

HAL5E, G. Salad of Stray Leaves. . .F 3923 
UALSTEADX-B. (BardaraEldon).Beth- 

esda F 2572 

Halves. Payn F 1297 

The same G 1023 

HALY, Mrs.G. Blanche of Montacute.F 736 
HAMBLEN, H. E. (F.B. Williams). On 

Many Seas I 9781 

HAMBRO, C. J. (Ed.). Edda; or, Tales 

of a Grandmother A 1844 

H AMER.S. S. Barbara Leybourne; Story 

of Eighty Years Ago F 3820 

Old Chronicle of Leighton F 3819 

HAMERL1NU, R. Aspasia. 2 v. [Age of 

Pericles] F 812 

HAMERTON, Mrs. E. Golden Medi- 
ocrity F 3888 

Mirror of Truth, and other marvel- 
ous Histories H 445 



HAMERTON, P. Q. Harry Blount. . H 
H« Picture. 

M.irnior 219I 

The same G 953 

Wenderholme; Story of Lancashire 

and Yorkshire F 744 

HAMILTON, A. K. Oneof the DuanesF 3008 
HAMILTON, Mrs. C. Q. Norman Les- 
lie F 562 

SON, Mrs. C.V. H. 
HAMILTON, E. Cottagers of Glen- 

burnie F 743 

Memoirs of Modern Philosophers.3v.F 3941 
HAMILTON, Gail, pseud. See DODGE, M. A. 

HAMILTON, G.W. Finding BlodgettH 1554 
HAMILTON, K. W. The Parsons 

Proxy 9076 

Rachel's Share of the Road I 6241 

HAMILTON, M. Across an Ulster 

Bog P 9068 

McLeod of the Camerons F 9069 

A Self- Denying Ordinance F 9070 

HAMILTON, Mrs. M. J. R. Cachet; or, 

the Secret Sorrow F 739 

HAMILTON, T. Cyril Thornton F 735 

Hammer, The. Church and Seeley . . . F 3090 

Hammer and Anvil. Spielhagen F 1622 

Hammer and Rapier. Cooke F 312 

Hammersmith; his Harvard Days. Sev- 
erance F 1 537 

HAMMOND, Mrs. E. H. (Henri Dau^). 

Fair Philosopher F 2924 

The Georgians 1 685 

HAMMOND, W. A. Dr. Grattan F 3972 

Lai [Tale of Colorado] F 391 2 

Mr. Oldmixon 1 391 1 

On the Susquehanna F 3903 

A Strong-Minded Woman F 3913 

Sequel to Lai. 
and C.H.LANZA. Tales of Eccentric 

Life F 3914 

HANCOCK, A. U. Genius of Galilee 

[Bible Times] F 3821 

John Auburntop, Novelist F 3822 

Silhouettes from Life on the PrairieF 4220 

Hand and Glove. Edwards G 195 

Hand and Ring. Rohlfs F 3683 

Hand and Word. Griffin F 709,3 

Hand of Ethelberta. Hardy F 746 

The same G 751 

Hands of Justice. Robinson F 6291 

Handel and Haydn. Barnard K 308 

Handicapped. Terhune ! 

Handie Abbott 11 

Handkerchief at the Window. FullertonG 1057 

Handsome Humes. Black F 7971 

Handsome is that Handsome does. Brad- 
ley...... H 574,3 

Handy Andy. Lover F 1077 

Hanging Moss. Lindau F 5060 

Hannah. Craik F 336 

The same G 1 28 

Hannah Tarne H 1 509 

Hannah Thurston. Taylor I 

HANNAY,J. Sketches in Ultra-Marine. F 3841 

Hannibal. Abbott H 29 

Hannibal of New York. Wharton F 7555 

HANOUM, L., pseud. See PIAZZ! 
Mme. A. D. 

Hans Brinker. Dodge F \:o 

HANSON, C. H. Homer's Stories simply 

Told H . 493 

Stories of the Days of King ArthurH 1 555 

Happiness of being Rich. Conscience. F 293,8 

Happinolande and other Legends.BunceF 2694 

Happy Boy. Bjornson F 

The same F 7901,2 

Happy Dodd. Cooke F 2848 

Happy Find, A. Gagnebin F 3637 

Happy-Go-Lucky. Harris F 3957 

Happy Life. Wetherby H 2667 

Happy Prince, and other Tales. Wilde. H 2675 
Haps and Mishaps of the Brown Family. 

Boardman H 238 

HARBEN, W. N. The Land of the 

Changing Sun. . . F 4179 

HARBERT, Mrs. E. B. Amore F 4171 

Out of her Sphere F 3061 

Harcourt. Gilchrist F 3669 

Hard Cash. Reade F 1393 

The same. 3 v. in 2 <i 681 

Hard Heart. Frederich 1 6248 

Hard Knot, A. Gibbon F 3654 

Hard Maple. Warner H 755,3 

Hard Scrabble of Elm Island. KelloggH 482,6 

Hard Times. Dickens F 404 

The same G 157 

Hard to Bear. May G 910,1 

Hard Woman. Hunt F 9110 

Hard-Won Victory. Litchfield F 4920 

HARDER, L. Family Feud F 3962 

HARDING, C. Capture of the Estrella; 

a Tale of the Slave Trade F 4225 

HARDMAN, F. The Student of Sala- 
manca F 6847 



HARDY, A. S. But Yet a Woman.. F 3928 

Passe Rose [Charlemagne] F 3868 

Wind of Destiny F 3891 

HARDY, I. D. Not easily Jealous . . . . F 1 249 

The same G 466 

HARDY, T. Desperate Remedies.... F 755 

Far from the Madding Crowd G 955 

Group of Noble Dames F 4161 

The same G 1426 

Hand of Ethelberta F 746 

The same G 751 

Jude the Obscure F 4 164 

A Laodicean F 3944 

The same G 958 

Life's little Ironies; a set of Tales.. F 4163 

Mayor of Casterbridge F 3895 

Pair of Blue Eyes F 745 

The same G 960 

Return of the Native I 778 

The same G 956 

Tess of the D'Urbervilles F 4162 

Trumpet-Major F 3943 

The same G 957 

Two on a Tower F 3963 

The same G 959 

Under the Greenwood Tree F 742 

The Well-Beloved F 4166 

Wessex Tales F 4165 

Contents: An Imaginative Woman; The 
three Strangers; The Withered Arm; 
Fellow Townsmen; Interlopers at the 
Knap; The Distracted Preacher. 

The Woodlanders F 3896 

and F. HENNIKER. The Spectre 

of the Real F 9130 

Hardy Norseman. Bayly F 4935 

HARLAN, C. Fate of Marcel E 7443 

The same F 3969 

HARLAND, H. {Sidney Luska). As it was 

written ; Jewish M usician's Story . F 4942 

Grandison Mather F 4945 

Gray Roses F 4155 

Contents: The Bohemian Girl; Mercedes; 
A Broken Looking-Glass; The Reward 
of Virtue; A Re-incarnation; Flower 
o' the Quince; When I am a King; 
A Responsibility; Castles near Spain. 

Mea Culpa F 4991 

Mrs. Peixada F 4943 

My Uncle Florimond H 1543 

Two Voices F 4946 

Two Women, or, One? F 4090 

Yoke of the Thorah F 4944 

HARLAND, Marion, pseud. See TERHUNE. 

HARLEY,^//*/. In the Veldt....... F 4172 

HARLEY, A. J. Young Crusoe; Story 

of a Shipwrecked Boy H 446- 

Harmonia; a Chronicle. Olney F 5975 

Harold, Last of the Saxon Kings. LyttonF 5009* 

The same G 381 

Haroun al Raschid. Rathbone F 1141 

HARPER, F. E. W. Iola Leroy F 4150 

Harper's Story Books. See Abbott, J. 
HARRADEN, B. Hilda Strafford, a 

California Story F 4302 

In Varying Moods F 4301 

Contents: At the Green Dragon; The 
Painter and his Picture; The Umbrella- 
Mender; A Bird of Passage; The Clock- 
maker and his Wile; Sorrow and Joy; 
An Idyl of London. 

Ships that pass in the Night F 430a 

Things will take a Turn H 4 161 

Harrington. Edgeworth F 5 18,9 

HARRIS, A. B. Dooryard Folks and A 

WinterGarden [Natural History ].H 15 10 
HARRIS, F. Elder Conklin, and other 

Stories F 4206 

Contents: Elder Conklin; The Sheriff and 
his Partner; A Modern Idyll; Eatin' 
Crow; The best man in Garotte; Gul- 
more, the Boss. 

HARRIS, Mrs. F. M. {Hope Ledyard). 

The Boys' Republic; or, School 

Days and Holidays H 1 524 

Girls at Quinnemont H 1525 

HARRIS, J. C. {Uncle Remus). Aaron in 

the Wildwoods H 4178 

Daddy Jake, the Runaway H 1 544 

Free Joe, and other Georgian 

Sketches F 3850 

Little Mr. Thimblefinger and his 

Queer Country H 4175 

Mingo, and other Sketches in Black 

and White F 3959) 

Contents: Mingo; At Teague Poteet's; 
Blue Dave; A Piece of Land. 

Mr. Rabbitt at Home H 4176 

Sequel to Little Mr. Thimblefinger. 

Nights with Uncle Remus F 3958 

On the Plantation; Georgia Boy's Ad- 
ventures during the War F 3851 

Sister Jane, her Friends and Ac- 
quaintances F 9050 

The Story of -Aaron H 4177 

Uncle Remus and his Friends F 3808 

Uncle Remus, his Songs and Say- 
ings; Folk Lore F 3955 


HARRIS.Mrs.M.C. FrankWarrington.F 255 

Happy-Go-Lucky F 3957 

Louie's last Term at St. Marys F 251 

Marguerite's Journal H 

Missy F 3956 

rect Adonis . F 747 

be F 3966 

Richard Vandermarck ,F 249 

Roundhearts, and other Stories F 250 

Rutledge F 252 

St. Philip's F 

The Sutherlands F 

An Utter Failure F 4201 

HARRIS, R. Mr. Bumpkin's Lawsuit. F 3920 
HARRISON, A. Martin's Vineyard. .G 752 
HARRISON.Mrs.C.C. 1 Mrs.B.Harrison). 

The Anglomaniacs F 3813 

A Bachelor Maid F 4215 

Bar Harbor Days F 3892 

Belhaven Tales, Crow's Nest, Una 

and King David F 3817 

Bnc-a-Brac Stories H 1513 

A Daughter of the South, and Shorter 

Stories F 3815 

An Edelweiss of the Sierras, Golden- 
rod, and other Tales F 3816 

An Errant Wooing F 4216 

Flowerde Hundred [Am. Civil \Var]F 3814 
The Merry Maid of Arcady, and 

other Stories F 4218 

Contents: The Merry Maid of Arcady; 
Worrosquoyacke; Leaves from the 
Diary of Ruth Marchmont. Spinster; 
Thirteen at Table; At a >Vinter House- 
Party; The Secret of San Juan; The 
Stranger within thy Gate; His Lordship. 

A Son of the Old Dominion F 3826 

Sweet Bells out of Tune F 3818 

A Virginia Cousin and Bar Harbor 

Tales F 4217 

I tents: A Virginia Cousin; Out of 
Season; On Frenchman's Bay. 

(Ed.. Short Stories F 3825 

Contents: My Own Story, by Stoddard; 
In Honor Bound, byChesebro; An Is- 
lander, by Crosby; A Speakin' Ghost, by 
Slosson; Monsieur Alcibiade, by Har- 

HARRISON, E. In Story-Land H 4193 

HARRISON, J. The Old Back Room.H | 

Whose Fault? F 

HARRISON, L.,fisei«t. See WATSON, L. H. 
HARRISON, Mrs. M. K. (Lucas Malet) 
The Carissima; a modern gro- 
tesque F 4 1 1 3 

HARRISON, Mrs. M. K. [Lmcoi M 

Colonel Enderby's \Vif< 1 5172 

The same G 1098 

Counsel of Perfection F 4 1 1 1 

Little Peter; a Christmas Morality.H 1528 

Mrs. Lorimer F 5151 

Harry Ambler. Marlow H 1782 

Harry and Lucy. 2 v. Edgeworth H 1246 

Harry Blount. Hamerton H 447 

Harry Bradford's Crusade. Mathews. H 1808 

Harry Coverdale's Courtship. SmedleyF 1561 

Harry Delaware. Est van F 549 

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil. TrollopeF 1757 

The same G 820 

Harry Joscelyn. Oliphant G 1152 

Harry Lorrequer, Confessions of. LeverG 

Harry Marline, Adventures of. PorterF 5893 

Harry Ogilvie. Grant F 8818 

Harry Raymond. Cameron H 1 1 1 2 

Harry Richmond, Adventures of. Mere- 
dith F 5219 

Harry Treverton. Timperley H 2471 

Harry's Vacation. Richards H 2160 

HARSHA, W. J. Ploughed Under; the 

»ry of an Indian Chief F 5886 

HART, Mrs. F. W. Miss Hitchcock's 

Wedding Dress F 1 186 

Very Young Couple F 1836 

HART, M. Two English Girls F 4180 

Hartas Maturin. Lester F 4972 

HARTE, F. B. Argonauts of North 

Liberty F 3855 

Barker's Luck, and other Stories. . . F 4 1 47 
Contents: Barker's Luck; A Yellow 
Dog; A Mother of Five; Bulger's Rep- 
utation; IntheTules; A convert to the 
Mission; Indiscretion of Elsbeth; The 
Devotion of Enriquez. 
The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and other 

Stories F 4143 

Contents: The Bell-Ringer of Angel's; 
Johnnyboy; Young Robin Gray; The 
Sheriff of Siskyou; A Rose of Glen- 
bogie; The Mystery of the Hacienda; 
Chu Chu; My First Book. 

By Shore and Sedge F 3973 

Clarence [Am. Civil War] F 4 1 45 , 

Sequel to Susy. 
Colonel Starbottle's Client and some 

other people F 4 1 40 

Condensed Novels and Stores F 750 

The same J 75,5 

Cressy F 3856 

Crusade of the Excelsior F 3886 

Drift from two Shores F 3945 



HARTE, F. B. Eastern Sketches. .. .J 75.3 

First Family of Tasajara F 3864 

Flip, and Found at Blazing Star. . . F 3948 

The same J 75,6 

Frontier Stories J 75,6 

Gabriel Conroy J 75,4 

Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, and other 

Tales F 3857 

Contents: The Heritage of Dedlow 
Marsh; A Knight-Errant of the Foot- 
Hills; A .Secret of Telegraph Hill; Cap- 
tain Jim's Friend. 

In a Hollow of the Hills F 4146 

In the Carquinez Woods F 3949 

rhe same J 75,6 

Luck of Roaring Camp, and other 

Sketches F 751 

The same J 75,2 

Maruja F 3883 

Millionaire of Rough and Ready, 

and Devil's Ford F 3885 

Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands, and other 

Sketches F 752 

On the Frontier F 3967 

Contents: At the Mission of San Car- 
me!; A Blue Grass Penelope; Left 
out on Lone Star Mountain. 
Phyllis of the Sierras, and A Drift 

from Redwood Camp F 3887 

A Prot£g£e of Jack Hamlin's, and 

other Stories F 4142 

Contents: A Protegee of Jack Hamlin's; 
An Ingenue of the Sierras; The Refor- 
mation of James Reddy; The Heir of 
the McHulishes; An Episode of West 
Woodlands; The Home-coming of Jim 

Queen of the Pirate Isle H 4170 

Sally Dows and other Stories F 4 1 4 1 

Contents: Sally Dows; The Conspiracy 
of Mrs. Bunker; Transformation of 
Buckeye Camp; Their Uncle from Cali- 
Sappho of Green Springs, and other 

Stories F 3863 

Contents: A Sappho of Green Springs; 
The Chatelaine of Burnt Ridge; 
Through the Santa Clara Wheat; A 
Maecenas of the Pacific Slope . 

Snow-Bound at Eagle's F 3884 

Story of a Mine F 3946 

The same J 75^ 

Susy; a Story of the Plains F 4144 

Sequel to A Waif of the Plains. 
Tales of the Argonauts, and other 

Sketches F 749 

The same J 75,3 

HARTE, F. B. Thankful Blossom [New 

Jersey,i779] F 754 

The same J 75,5 

Three Partners; or, the Big Strike 

on Heavy Tree Hill F 4148 

Twins of Table Mountain, and other 

Stories F 3947 

Contents: Twins of Table Mountain; 
Heiress of Red Dog: The Great Dead- 
wood Mystery; A Legend of Sammt. 
stadt; Views from a German Spion. 

A Waif of the Plains F 3858 

A Ward of the Golden Gate F 3859 

Works J 75 

v. 1. Poetical Works. 

2. M'liss;LuckofRoanngCamp; 

Outcasts of Poker Flat; 
Brown of Calaveras; Bo- 
hemian Papers; Spanish 
and American Legends; 
Tales of the Argonauts. 

3. Tales of the Argonauts; East- 

ern Sketches. 

4. Gabriel Conroy. 

5. Story of a Mine; Thankful 

Blossom; Twins of Table 
Mountain; Jeff Briggs's 
Love Story; Condensed 

6. Frontier Stories: Flip; Found 

at Blazing Star; In the Car- 
quinez Woods; At the Mis- 
sion of San Carmel; Blue- 
Grass Penelope; Left out 
on Lone Star Mountain; A 
Ship of '49. 

Hartland Forest. Bray F 2655 

HARTLEY, Mrs. M. L. Flitters, Tat- 
ters, and the Counsellor G 1 100 

Contents: Flitters. Tatters, and the 
Counsellor; The Game Hen: Baubie 

Hogan, M. P F 1012 

The Honorable Miss Ferrard F 1029 

Ismay's Children [Irish Life.] F 1014 

HARTMANN, F. Talking Image of 

I rur F 3828 

HARTNER, E., pseud. See TWAR- 

DOWSKA, E. v. 

Hartwell Farm. Comins F 215 

Hartz Boys, The. Hoffmann H 469 

Harvest. Stannard F 6894 

Harvest of Wild Oats. Lean G 896 



HARVEY, W. H. Tale of Two Na- 
tions [ Demonetization.] F 4309 

Harveys, The. Kingsley F 986 

Haschisch. Gatchell F 4653 

Hasheesh Eater. Ludlow F 1017 

HASSARD, J. R. G. Pickwickian Pil- 
grimage F 799 

HASSAUREK, F. Secret ot the Andes.F 781 

Haste and Waste. Adams H 1 10,6 

HASTINGS, E., pseud. See SHER- 
WOOD, M. P. 
HATCH, A. J. Under the Cedars. . . . F 756 
HATCH, M. R. P. The Bank Tragedv.F 4117 
HATHAWAY, W. E. Christopher Crook- 
ed; a Christmas Story F 760 

Hatim Tai, Adventures of *V 1255 

HATTERSLEY, M. E. Norstone. . . F 3068 
HATTON, J. Banishment of Jessop 

Blythe F 3831 

By Order of the Czar F 3867 

Captured by Cannibals H 1 550 

Christopher Kenflck F 76$ 

Cruel London F 3869 

The Dagger and the Cross F 3830 

John Needham's Double F 3890 

Old House at Sandwich. 2 v F 7316 

Princess Mazaroff F 3866 

Three Recruits, and the Girls they 

left behind them F 3971 

When Greek meets Greek; a Tale 

of Love and War F 3832 

HAUFF, W. Arabian Days* Enter- 
tainments F 766 

Contents: The Caravan; The Sheik of 
Alexandria; The Tavern in Spessart. 
The Caravan, and Sheik of Alexan- 
dria I 4108 

Tales of theCara van, Inn andPalaceH 1495 

Three Tales G 248 

Contents: The Beggar Girl of the Pont 
des Arts; The Emperor's Picture; 
The Cold Heart. 

Haunted Adjutant, The. Quincy F 6161 

Haunted and the Haunters. Lytton.. . F 5021 

Haunted Chamber, The. Hungerford.F 2437 

Haunted Fountain. Macquoid F 5533 

Haunted Hearts. Cummins F 350 

Haunted Hotel. Collins G 927 

Haunted Husband. Lewis F 4854 

Haunted Life. Grant F 8808 

Haunted Man. Dickens G 149 

Hauntings. Paget F 6026 

HAUSER, I. L. (Aleph Bey). That 

Eurasian F 7935 

HAUSRATH, A. (Geo. Taylor). Antinous 

[Romance of Ancient Rome] F 6938 

Clytia [Heidelberg, 1570] F 6939 

Haute Noblesse. Fenn F 3426 

HAVEN, A. B. Where there's a Will, 

there's a Way H 436 

Haverholme. Jenkins F 4426 

HAVERS, D. See BOULGER, Mrs. T. H. H. 

Havoc of a Smile. Walford F 745 1 

HAW, M. J. The Beechwood Tragedy; 

Tale of the Chickahominy F 3862 

HAWEIS, H. R. Pet; or, Pastimes and 

Penalties H 462 

HAWKER, M. (Lanoe Falconer). Cecilia 

de Noel F 3421 

The Hotel d' Angleterre, and other 

Stories F 7225 

Mademoiselle Ixe * F 7220 

HAWKESWORTH, J. Almoran and 

Hamlet; an Oriental Tale *F 115,26 

HAWKINS, A. H. (Anthony Hope). A 

Change of Air F 4232 

Chronicles of Count Antonio F 4240 

The Comedies of Courtship F 4228 

Contents: The Wheel of Love; The Lady 
of the Pool; The Curate of Poltons; A 
Three-Volume Novel; The Philosopher 
in the Apple Orchard; The Decree of 
Duke Deodonata. 

The Dolly Dialogues F 4234 

Father Stafford F 4236 

Frivolous Cupid F 4229 

The God in the Car F 4233 

The Heart of Princess Osra F 4226 

The Indiscretion of tbe Duchess.. F 4235 

A Man and his Model F 4239 

Man of Mark F 4237 

Mr. Witt's Widow F 4230 

Phroso F 4224 

Prisoner of Zenda F 4231 

Sport Royal, and other Stories F 4238 

Contents: Sport Royal; A Tragedy in 
Outline; A Malapropos Parent; How 
they stopped the run; A Little Joke; A 
Guardian of Morality; Not a bad Deal; 
Middleton's Model; My Astral Body; 
The Nebraska Loadstone; A Success- 
ful Rehearsal. 
Hawks of Hawks-Hollow. 2 v. Bird..F 2509 

Haworth's. Burnett F 2669 

HAWTHORNE, J. An American Pen- 
man; Diary of Inspector Byrnes. F 3844 

Archibald Malmaison F 3975 

Beatrix Randolph F 3974 

Bressant F 768 



HAWTHORNE, J. Constance, and Cab- 
ot's Rival F 3852 

David Poindexter's Disappearance, 

and other Tales F 3845 

A Dream and a Forgetting F 3847 

Dust F 3951 

A Fool of Nature F 421 1 

Fortune's Fool F 3954 

Garth F 3915 

Great Bank Robbery F 3843 

Idolatry F 767 

John Parmelee's Curse F 3916 

Kildhurm's Oak ; Strange Friend . . F 3853 
Love — or a Name? [New York City 

Politics] F 3982 

Love is a Spirit F 4209 

Noble Blood F 3976 

Pauline F 3854 

Prince Saroni's Wife F 3977 

Professor's Sister F 3849 

Sebastian Strome F 3950^ 

Section 558; from the Diary of 

Inspector Byrnes F 3846 

Sinfire F 3848 

Six Cent Sam's F 4210 

Tragic Mystery F 3842 

Trial of Gideon and Countess Al- 

mara's Murder F 3917 

HAWTHORNE,N. Blithedale Romance 

[Brook Farm Life] F 764 

The same J 83 

Doctor Grimshawe's Secret F 3952 

Fanshawe.and other Pieces [Bowdoin 

College] J 77 

House of the Seven Gables F 77 1 

The same J 82 

Marble Faun; or, Romance of Monte 

Beni F 773 

The same J 84 

Mosses from an old Manse F 774 

The same J 80 

Scarlet Letter [Massachusetts, 17th 

Century] F 769 

The same J 81 

SeptimiusFelton[ConcordFight,i775]F 770 

The same J 92 

Snow Image, and other Twice-told 

Tales J 79 

Tanglewood Tales for Girls and 

Boys [Ancient Greece] J 88 

Contents: The Minotaur; The Pygmies; 
The Dragon's Teeth; Circe's Palace; 
The Pomegranate Seeds; The Golden 

HAWTHORNE, N. True Stories from 

History and Biography F 772 

The same J 86 

Twice-Told Tales [Mass. Colony]. F 765 

The same J 78 

Contents: The Gray Champion; Sunday 
at Home; The Wedding Knell; The 
Minister's Black Veil; The May-pole 
of Merry Mount; The Gentle Boy; 
Mr. Higginbotham's Catastrophe; 
Little Annie's Ramble; Wakefield; A 
Rill from the Town Pump; The Great 
Carbuncle; The Prophetic Pictures; 
David Swan; Sights from a Steeple; 
The Hollow of the Three Hills; The 
Toll-gatherer's Day; The Vision of the 
Fountain; Fancy's Show Box; Dr. 
Heidegger's Experiment; Howe's Mas- 
querade; Edward Randolph's Portrait; 
Lady Eleanore's Mantle; Old Esther 
Dudley; TheHaunted Mind; TheVillage 
Uncle; The Ambitious Guest; The 
Sister Years; Snowflakes, The Seven 
Vagabonds; The White Old Maid; Peter 
Goldthwaite's Treasure;Chippings with 
a Chisel; The Shaker Bridal; Night 
Sketches; Endicott and the Red Cross; 
The Lily's Quest; Footprints on the 
Sea Shore; Edward Fane's Rosebud; 
The Threefold Destiny. 
Wonder-Book, Tanglewood Tales, 

and Grandfather's Chair J 87 

HAWTREY, L. Brave Dame Mary; or, 

the Siege of Corfe Castle H 1055 

HAY, ELZEY, pseud. See ANDREWS, F. 
HAY, J. The Bread-Winners [Labor 

and Capital J F 2650 

HAY, M. C. The Arundel Motto F 3060 

Brenda Yorke F 805 

Hidden Perils F 804 

Lester's Secret F 3829 

Nora's Love Test F 805 

Old Myddelton's Money F 809 

Victor and Vanquished F 806 

HAY,W.D.ThreeHundredYears hence.F 3065 

H A YENS, H. Paris at Bay F 4207 

HAYES, A. A. The Jesuit's Ring; Ro- 
mance of Mt. Desert F 3897 

HAYES, HENRY, pseud. See KIRK, E. W. O. 
HAYES, I. I. Cast Away in the Cold 

[Arctic Regions] H 451 

HAYNES, E.J. A Farm-HouseCobweb.F 4222 
None such? There will yet be Thou- 
sands F 41 16 

HAYS, Mrs. H. Aspirations F 3906 

City Cousins H 1 532 

Village Maid F 3893 

HAYWARD, W. S. One in a TbousaudF 3833 



Hazard of New Fortunes. Howells F 4076 

He Cometh Not, she said. Cudlip F 1781 

He fell among Thieves. Murray and 


He fell in Love with his Wife. Roe...F 6317 
He knew he was Right. Trollope F 1775 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 609 

He that will not when he may. Oliphant.G 1 1 5 1 
He With all my Worldly Goods I 

Thee endow. Moon..: F 5318 

He would be a Gentleman. Lover F 1078 

He would have me be Brave. Katzen- 

berger F 4585 

HEAD, E. W. V iga Glum's Saga F 3978 

Head of a Hundred. Goodwin F 8950 

Head of Medusa. Fletcher F 3512 

Head of the Family. Craik G 113 

Head of the Firm, The. Riddell F 6381 

Head Station, The. Praed G 1 276 

Headless Horseman. Reid H 623 

HEADLEY, P. C. Fight it out on this 

Line; Life of Gen. Grant. H 

Fighting Phil; Life and Career of 

Gen. Sheridan H 

Miner Boy and his Monitor; Career 

of John Ericsson H 455 

The Patriot Boy; Life and Career of 

Maj. Gen. Mitchel H 

Headlong Hall. Peacock F 6041 

The same I 

Headsman. Cooper F 265 

HEADY, M. ( Uncle Juvinell). Farmer 

Boy; Life of Washington H y-\ 

HEALD, S. E. The Eagle's Plume; 

Early Days of Vermont F 4175 

Healey. Fothergill F 779 

HEALY, M. See BIGOT, Mme. M. H. 

Heaps of Money. Norris F 5420 

HEARN, L. Chita; a Memory of Last 

Island F 4086 

Some Chinese Ghosts F 4064 

Contents: The Soul of the Great Bell; 
The Story of Ming-Y; Legend of Tchi- 
Niu; The Return of Yen-Tchin-King; 
Tradition of the Tea-plant; The Tale of 
the Porcelain-God. 
Stray Leaves from Strange Litera- 
ture; Stories [Oriental] E 3339 

Youma; Story of a West-Indian 

Slave F 4087 

Heart and Science. Collins G 883 

Heart-Histories. Arthur H 176 

Heart-Hungry. Westmoreland F 1916 

Heart of a Mystery. Speight F 6809 

Heart of Gold. Smith.... 6782 

Heart of it, The-. Stoddard F 6881 

Heart of Jane Warner. Lean G 1086 

Heart of Life. Mallock F 5541 

Heart of Mid-Lothian. Scott F 2160 

The same G 543 

Heart of Myrrha Lake. Wood F 1033 

Heart of Princess Osra. Hawkins. . . . F 4226 

Heart of Steel. Tiernan F 3495 

Heart of the World. Haggard F '4189 

Heart Regained, A. Elizabeth of Rouma- 

nia F 3233 

Heart Stories. Bartlett F 247 1 

Heart's Problem. Gibbon F 3744 

Hearts. Murray F 9542 

Hearts and Faces. Trowbridge H 736,3 

Hearts and Hands. Tiernan F 3587 

Hearts in Mortmain . . . F 780 

Hearts of Oak. Stables H 2387 

Hearts unveiled. Saymore F 6820 

Heartsease. Yonge F 2017 

The same G 670 

Heath- House Stories. Parsons H 452 

Heather and Snow. Mac I )onald F 

HEATON, E. M. The Octagon Club.F 5610 

HEAVEN, L. P. ChataandChinita..F 4102 

Heaven s Gate. Trotter F 6540 

Heavenly Twins. McFall F 3776 

Heavy Laden. Frapan F 7267 

Heavy Odds. Clarke I 8242 

Heavy Yokes. Walworth F 761 

Hebrew Heroes. Tucker 1 2133 

HECKETHORN, C. W. The Windmill 

and its S e cr e t! H 1557 

Heckington. Gore G 238 

HECTOR, Mrs. A. F. T. {Mr*, Al 

der). The Admiral's Ward F 4091 

At Bay F 3987 

Barbara; Lady's Maid and Peeress.F 4134 

Beaton's Bargain F 3097 

Blind Fate F 4ia6 

The same G 1127 

Broken Links, a Love Story F 4 ' 3° 

By Woman's Wit F 3998 

The same G 1 264 

A Crooked Path F 4092 

The same G 1330 

The Executor F 3985 

A Fight with Fate F 4 131 

Forging the Fetters F 3999 

The Freres F 3988 

A Golden Autumn F 4 1 33 

Hor I).- m st Foe F 34 



HECTOR, Mrs. A. F. T. (Mrs. Alexan- 
der). Heritage of Langdale F 36 

A Life Interest " F 4068 

The same G 1296 

Look before you Leap F 3989 

Maid, Wife, or Widow? [Austro- 

Prussian War,i866] F 3090 

Mammon F 4127 

Mona's Choice F 4066 

The same G 1 -^7 

Ralph Wilton's Weird F 35 

Second Life F 3986 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1068 

The Snare of the Fowler F 4 1 »8 

A Ward in Chancery F pag 

Well .Won F 4O06 

What Gold cannot buy F 4094 

A Winning Hazard F 4 1 32 

A Woman's Heart F 4093 

The Wooing o't F 40 

Hector. Shaw F 6582 

HectorO'Halloran.Fortunesof.MaxwellF 1 171 

Hector Servadac. Verne F 1907 

Hector's Inheritance. Alger H 97 

Hedge Fence, A. Alden H 921 

Hedged in. Ward F 1309 

Hedgehog Letters. Jerrold K 3775 

Hedri. Reeves 

HEERMANS, F. Thirteen Stories of 

the Far West F 4067 

M tents: Shingles; Widow of the Late 
Smith; Alanascar and his Uncle 
cent of Uncompahgre; Descent of I'n- 
compahgre; Buried under an Avalanche; 
Wedding at the Puerta da Luna; On 
Watch with the Night Herd ; Don Quixote 
de Santa Kosa; The Assayer's Story; 
Log of a Landsman; Molokai— Death's 
Valley; Home of Everlasting Fire. 

Heidelberg. James G 268 

Heidenmauer. Cooper F 266 

Heidi. Spyri H 2383 

Heights and Depths. Hill F 1466 

HEIMBURG, W., pseud. See BEHRENS, B. 

HEINE, C. J. H. Florentine Nights. .F 4241 
Contents: Florentine Nights; Memories 
of Herr von Schnabelewopslci; The 
Kabbi of Bacharach; Shakespeare's 
Maidens and Women. 

Heir of Charlton. Fleming F 3521 

HeirofLinne. Buchanan F 2688 

Heir of Malreward F 782 

Heir of Redely ffe. Yonge F 201 8 

The same G 671 

Heir of the Ages. Payn G 1272 

Heir Presumptive, The. Lean G 1087 

Heir Presumptive and the Heir Ap- 
parent. Oliphant F 5686 

Heir to Millions. Fawcett F 3600 

Heirs of Bradley House. Douglas F 3005 

Heiress, The. Durand F 3129 

Heiress of Courtleroy. Beale F 7921 

Heiress of Haughton. Marsh G 421 

Heiress of Kilorgan. Sadlier F 1471 

Hekim Bashi, The. 2 v. Sandwith F 6521 

Held Fast for England. Henty H 1568 

Held in Bondage; or, Granville de Yigne. 

Dela Ram<? ,.F .1366 

The same G . 500 

HELDMANN, B. Mutiny on Board the 

Ship Leander H 1494 

Self-conquered ;or,the Belton Scholar- .. 

ship H 151 1 

Helen. Edgeworth F 518,10 

Helen. Sickert F 4344 

Helen and Arthur. Hentz F 791 

Helen and Olga. Rathbone F 2089 

Helen Brent, M. D.; a Social Study F 4250 

Helen Davenant, Story of. Singleton. ,F 6736 

Helen Gardner'sWedding Day.TerhuneF 1763 

Helen Glenn. Lillie H 1745 

Helen Lester. Alden H 909 

Helen St. Vincent. Flinn F 3362 

Helen the Historian. Alden H 925 

Helen Treveryan. Roy F 6425 

Helen Whitney's Wedding. Wood.. . .G 12 14 

Helen's Babies. Habberton F 758 

HELMORE, M. C. A Little Western 

Flower F 3984 

Helping-Hand Series. See Nowell, Mrs. H. P. H. 

Helping Himself. Alger H 932 

HELPS, Sx> A. Cassimir Maremma..F 783 
Ivan de Biron; Russian Court, 18th 

Century F 785 

The same G 750 

Realmah F 784 

HENDERSON, I. Agatha Page F 4100 

The Prelate F 3096 

HENDERSON, W. J. Afloat with the 

Flag [Brazilian Revolution] H 4203 

Sea Yarns spun for Boys H 4202 

Hendricks, the Hunter. Kingston H 1662 

HENKEL, F. Mistress of Ibichstein..F 3093 
HENNIKER, F. In Scarlet and Grey; 

Stories of Soldiers and others F 9130 

Contents: The Heart of the Color 
Sergeant; Bad and Worthless; A Suc- 
cessful Intrusion; A Page from a Vicar's 
History; At the Sign of the Startled 
Fawn; In the Infirmary. 



ctta Temple. Beaconsfield G 176 

Henriettas Wish. Yonge H 2828 

Henriette; or, a Corsfcan Mother. Cop- 

P^c F 3097 

Henry IV. Abbott H 60 

HENRY, A. and M. W. The Flight of a 

Pigeon, and other Stories H 4201 

HENRY, Mrs. S.M.I. Voiceof Home.H -400 

Henry Courtland. Cline F 242 

Henry de Pomeroy. Bray F 2299,9 

Henry Dunbar. Maxwell G 38 

Henry Esmond. Thackeray G 586 

Henry Lyle. Norris F 5239 

Henry Milner. Sherwood F 1 545,1 

The same, and other Tales F 1545,15 

Henry of Guise. James F 913 

Henry Powers, Banker. Kimball F 995 

Henry St. John. Cooke F 2832 

Same as Bonnybel Vane. 
Henry the Eighth and his Court. Mundt.F 1217 
HENTY, G. A. At Agincourt; Tale of 

the White Hoods of Paris H 4221 

Beric the Briton; Story of the Roman 

Invasion H 1571 

Bonnie Prince Charlie; Fontenoy 

and Culloden H 1467 

Boy Knight; Tale of the Crusade. . H 1503 

Same as Fighting the Saracens. 
Bravest of the Brave; Peterborough 

in Spain, 1705-7 H 1472 

By England's Aid; or, Freeing of 

the Netherlands, 1585- 1604 H 1565 

By Pike and Dyke; Rise of the 

Dutch Republic H i486 

By Right of Conquest; or, with Cor- 

tez in Mexico H 1 567 

By Sheer Pluck; a Tale of the 

Ashanti War, 1874 H 1505 

Captain Bayley's Heir; Gold Fields of 

California H 1463 

Cat of Bubastes; Tale of Ancient 

Egypt H 1464 

A Chapter of Adventures; Bombard- 
ment of Alexandria H 1 566 

Condemned as a Nihilist; Story of 

Escape from Siberia H 1572 

Cornet of Horse; Marlborough's 

Wars H 1477 

The Dash for Khartoum; a Tale of 

the Nile Expedition H 1 570 

Dorothy's Double F 4 1 36 

Dragon and the Raven; or, the Days 
of King Alfred H 1 473 I 

HENTY. G. A. Facing Death; Tale of 
the Coal Mines H 

Final Reckoning; Bush Life in Aus- 
tralia H 

For Name and Fame; Afghan War, 
1885....* H 

For the Temple; the Fall of Jerusa- 
lem H 1470 

A Girl of the Commune, 1871 F 4137 

Held Fast for England; Siege of Gib- 
raltar, 1779-83 H 1568 

A Hidden Foe F 4135 

In Freedom's Cause; Story of Wal- 
lace and Bruce H 

In Greek Waters; Grecian War of 
Independence, 1821-27 H 

In the Heart of the Rockies H 

In the Reign of Terror, 1793 H 

Jack Archer; a Tale of the Crimea. H 
Sameas Fall of Sebastopol. 

A Jacobite Exile; in Service of 
Charles XI I. of Sweden H 1553 

A Knight of the White Cross; Siege 
of Rhodes H 1622 

Lion of St. Mark; Venice, 14th Cen- 
tury H 1478 

The Lion of the North; Tale of Gus- 
tavus Adolphus H 1465 

Maori and Settler; Story of the New 
Zealand War H 1564 

On the Irrawaddy; the First Bur- 
mese War, 1824 H 4222 

One of the 28th; Story of Water- 
loo H 1483 

Orange and Green; a Tale of the 
Boyne and Limerick H 1560 

Out on the Pampas; or, the Young 
Settlers [South America] H 1 497 

Redskin and Cow-Boy; a Tale of the 

ern Plains H 1569 

St. Bartholomew's Eve; a Tale of the 

Huguenot Wars H 1537 

St. George for England; Tale of 
Cressy and Poitiers H 

Stories of History H 

Stories of Peril and Adventure H 

Stories of Sea and Land H 

Through Russian Snows; Napoleon's 
Retreat from Moscow H 

Through the Fray; Story of the Lud- 
dite Riots H 

Through the Sikh War; Conquest of 
the Punjaub H 



HENTY, G. A. The Tiger of Mysore; 

War with Tippoo Saib H 4220 

True to the Old Flag [American Rev- 
olution] H 1466 

Under Drake's Flag; Tale of the 

Spanish Main H 1498 

When London was Burned H 1628 

Winning his Spurs H 1503 

Same as The Boy Knight. 

With Clive in India, 1750-60 H 1476 

With Cochrane the Dauntless in 

South American Waters H 4223 

With Lee in Virginia; Story of the 

American Civil War H 1480 

With Wolfe in Canada; Winning of a 

Continent H 1 507 

Wulf the Saxon; Story of the Nor- 
man Conquest H 1629 

The Young Carthaginian; Story of 

the times of Hannibal H 1508 

Young Colonists; War with the Zulus 

and Boers H 1 506 

Young Franc-Tireurs; Franco-Prus- 
sian -War H 1496 

HENTZ, Mrs. C. L. W. Aunt Patty's 

Scrap Bag F 786 

Banished Son, and other Stories. . . F 787 

Courtship and Marriage F 788 

Eoline; or, Magnolia Yale F 789 

Ernest Linwood F 790 

Helen and Arthur F 791 

Linda; or, the Young Pilot of the 

Belle Creole F 792 

Lost Daughter, and other Stories. . V 793 
Love after Marriage, and other 

Stories F 794 

Marcus Warland F 795 

Planter's Northern Bride F 796 

Rena; or, the Snow Bird F 797 

Robert Graham F 798 

Sequel to Linda. 

HEPWORTH.G. H. !!! F 3991 

They met in Heaven F 4103 

Her Associate Members. Alden F 2346 

Her Brother Donnard. Yeeder F 7302 

Her Crime F 2204 

Her Dearest Foe. Hector F 34 

Her Face was her Fortune. Robinson. F 1429 

Her Fair Fame. Fawcett F 3367 

Her Fairy Prince. Jones F 7656 

Her Father's Inheritance. Temple.. . .F 6948 

Her Father's Name. Lean G 892 

Her First Appearance. Hungerford. .G 1397 

Her Great Ambition. Earle F 3246 

Her Great Idea, and other Stories. Wal- 

ford F 7449 

Her Heart was True. Cuttim F 7240 

Her Inheritance. Pratt F 4925 

Her Ladyship. Minor F 5210 

Her Little Highness.Knobelsdorff-Brenk- 

enhoff F 3378 

Her Lord and Master. Lean G 85 

Her Majesty. Tompkins F 71 15 

Her Majesty, the Queen. Cooke F 317 

Her only Brother. Behrens F 2612 

Her only Son. Smith F 1498 

Her Picture. Hamerton F 2202 

Her Provincial Cousin. Wood F 7248 

Her Sailor Love. Macquoid F 5139 

Her Title of Honour. Parr G 487 

Her Washington Season. Lincoln F 4905 

Her Week's Amusement. Hungerford.G 1241 

Her World against a Lie. Lean G 889 

Herb of Love, The. Drosines F 7266 

Herb-Moon, The. Craigie F 8363 

HERBERT, H. W. {Frank Forester Y 

Fair Puritan [Salem \Vitchcraft].F 801 
Oliver Cromwell, England's Great 

Protector F 802 

Roman Traitor [Days of Cicero].. F 4001 
Wager of Battle; Saxon Slavery in 

Sherwood Forest F 3983 

HERBERT, Mrs. M. C. P. Drifted 

away H 1210 

HERBERT, Lady M. E. Edith F 4002 

Wilfulness, and its Consequences.. F 1304 

Herbert Carter's Legacy. Alger H 157,4 

Herbert Vanlennert. Keary F 4761 

Heresy of Mehetabel Clark. Slosson..F 6815 
Heretic Priest, and other Tales of Refor- 
mation Times H 1 558 

Hereward, the Wake. Kingsley F 987 

The same G 306 

HERFORD, O. Artful Antics (Verses)H 1578 
HERICAULT, C. J. de R. 1794; a Tale 

of the Terror F 4000 

Hertpts, The. Cunningham F 3120 

Heritage of Dedlow Marsh. Harte...F 3857 

Heritage of Langdale. Hector F 36 

Heritage of the Kurts. Bjornson F 7967 

Herman; or, Young Knighthood. 2 v. Pal- 
frey F 1281 

Hermann Agha. Palgrave F 1283 

Hermine's Triumphs. Colomb F 8300 

Hermit Island. Bates 11 1071 

Hermit of the Ro«k. Sadlier F 1473 


Hero, A. Craik . . 337 
1 Carthew; or, the Frescotts of Pam- 

phillon. Parr F 1286 

The same G 790 

Hrro of our Time. Lermontoff F 4970 

Hero of the Pen. Buerstenbinder F 1914 

Hero Tales from American Historv. 

Lodge and Roosevelt H 1 766 

Hero-Tales of Ireland. Curtin F 8430 

Hero Trevelyan. May G 131 

Heroes, The. Kingsley F 988 

Heroes of Asgard. Keary F 965 

Heroes of the North. Potter H 2093 

Heroic Happenings. Brooks H 980 

Heroine of '49. Sawtelle F 6486 

Heroism of Boyhood. Martin H 1450 

Herons, The. Shipton F 6679 

Herr Paulus. Besant F 1 404 

The same «. 1314 

HERRICK, R. The Man who wins... F 9100 

Hertha. Bremer 1 

Hrrtha. Eckstein F 3290 

HERTIO, C. M. {Bmsii Verdendorp). 

The Yerdendorps F 1949 

HERTZ-OARTEN, T. Through the Red- 
Litten Windows, and Old Riv-r 

House F 7230 

HERTZKA, T. Freeland; a Social An- 
ticipation F 4178 

HERVEY.Mrs.E.L.M. FeastsofCan 

lot, with the Tales. that were told.H 1500 
HERVEY, M. H. Amyas Kgerton, C;t 

alier [England, 1642] 1 4196 

Dartmoor . F 4194 

Dead Man's Court F 4 195 

Eric, the Archer; a Tale of Chiv- 
alry H 4260 

Hesperus. 2 v. Richter F 141 1 

Hester. Oliphant G 1145 

Hester, and other Stories. Lothrop. . . F 4928 

Hester Howard's Temptation. Warfield.F 1859 

Hester Kirton. Macquoid F 11 18 

Hester Stanley at St. Mark's. Spofford.H 2380 

Hester Tracy. Weber H 2689 

HETHERINGTON, Mrs. H. F. and H. D. 

BURTON. Paul Nugent, Materialist F 3810 

Hetty. Kingsley F 996 

Hetty's Revenge. Macquoid F 5533 

Hetty's Strange History. Jackson F 2212 

HETZEL, P. J. (P. J. Stahl). Marous- 

sia; a Maid of Ukraine [RussiaJF 381 1 
HEWLETT, S. S. The Weil-Spring of 

Immortality [Tale of India] F 4255 

HEYSE, J. L. P. LArrabiata, and 

other Tales ( ', 252 

Contents: L'Arrabiata ; Count Ernest's 
e; Blind; Walton's little Mother. 

At the Ghost Hour F 4258 

v. I. House of the Unbelieving 

2. The Fair Abigail. 

3. The Forest Laugh. 

4. Mid-day Magic. 

The Children of the World F 4256 

The Dead Lake, and other Tales. .G 251 
Contents: A Fortnight at the Dead 

Lake; Doomed ; Beatrice ; Beginring 

and end. 

A Divided Heart, and other Stories F 4257 
Contents: Introduction, Haul Heyse : 
A Divided Heart; Minka; Kothenburg 
on the Tauber. 

In Paradise. 2 v. [Artist Life in 

Munich] 1 810 

The Solitaries F 800 

HEYWOOD, J. C. How will it end?. F 803 
HEYWOOD, P. D. An ocean Tramp. H 1520 
HIBBARD, Q. A. The Governor, and 

other St. >rit's F 4 199 

Contents: The Governor : A Deedless 
Drama; As the Sparks fly upwa 
Matter of Fact; A Fresh-Water Ro- 
mance; The End oi the Beginning. 
Iduna, and other Stories F 4200 

Contents: Iduna; The Woman in the 
Case; Papoose ; Would Dick do that ; 
The Dragoness ; In Maiden Medita- 

Aadays, and other Stories F 4198 

Contents: Nowadays; There's nothing 
half so sweet in Life ; A mad Word, 
my Masters; Guilty Sir Guy ; In the 
midst of Life; A Flirt. 
Hibernian Nights' Entertainments. Fer- 
guson F 600 

HICHENS, R. S. The Folly of Eus- 
tace, and other Stories F 4308 

Contents: The Folly of Eustace; The 
Return of the Soul; The Collaborators. 

The Green Carnation F 8910 

An Imaginative Man F 4307 

Hidden Foe. Henty F 4135 

Hidden Path. Terhune F 1764 

Hidden Perils. Hay F 804 

Hidden Record. Blaisdell F 2567 

Hidden Sin. Dupuy F 510 

Hidden Treasure, The. Guernsey H 1449 

Hidden Workings. Russell F 6350 

Hide and Seek. Collins G 99 



HIQGINS, Mrs. E. M. Holidays at the 

Grange; Games and Stories H 1527 

HIGGINSON,E. FromtheLandof theSnou - 

Pearls; Tales from Puget Sound . F 9093 

A Forest Orchid, and other Stories . F 9092 
HIGGINSON, Mrs. M. P. T. Room for 

one more H 1559 

HIGGINSON, N. {Moira aNeill). An 

Easter Vacation F 572 1 

The Elf-Errant H 1988 

HIGGINSON, S. J. The Bedouin Girl.F 4183 

Princess of Java [The Far East]. . . F 4083 
HIGGINSON, T. W. The Monarch of 

Dreams F 4062 

Young Folks' Book of American Ex- 
plorers : B 148 

Young Folks' History of the United 

States B 149 

Higgledy-Piggledy. Brabourne H 515 

High-Lights. Field F 3994 

High Mills, The. Cooper F 1463 

The same G 812 

High Spirits. Payn G 1031 

High Stakes. Cudlip F 1755 

Same as Playing for High Stakes. 

High- Water Mark. Jerome F 928 

Higher Law. Maitland F 811 

Higher than the Church. Hillern F 4010 

Highland Chronicle, A. Dod F 3196 

Highland Cousins. Black F 7973 

Highland Widow. Scott F 2153 

Highway of Sorrow, The.' Smith F 6705 

Hilary St. Ives. Ainsworth... G 12 

Hilary's Love Story. Craik F 2896 

Hilda Strafford. Harraden F 4302 

Hildegarde's Holiday. Richards H 2232 

Hildegarde's Neighbors. Richards... H 2236 
HILDRETH, R. (Ed.). The White Slave; 

Slave Life in Virginia F 4043 

HILL.Mrs.A.L.S. Heights and Depths F 1466 

HILL, B. The Story of a Canon F 4213 

HILL, F. S. Twenty Years at Sea H 1547 

HILL, G. C. Benedict Arnold H 467 

Captain John Smith H 465 

Daniel Boone H 461 

Gen. Israel Putnam (Old Put) H 466 

Hill and the Valley. Martineau F 1151,1 

Hill Rest. Moulton F 5225 

HILLERN, W. B. v. By his own MightF 815 
Geier-Wally; a Tale of Tyrol [Ger- 
many, 151 1] F 818 

Graveyard Flower F 3095 

Higher than the Church F 4010 

HILLERN,W.B.v. The Hour will come; 

Tale of an Alpine Cloister F 4008 

On the Cross; Passion Play at Ober- 

ammergau F 4009 

Only a Girl F 816 

Twofold Life F 817 

HILLHOUSE, M. L. Iola, the Sena- 
tor's Daughter [Rome, 24 B. C.]. F 4167 
HILLIARD, A. Under the Black Eagle 

[Russia] H 4241 

Hills of the Shatemuc. Warner F 1864 

Hillside Parish. Dod F 3193 

Hilltop Summer, A. Keith F 4603 

Hillyars and the Burtons. Kingsley...F 4748 

The same G 312 

Hilt to Hilt. Cooke F 314 

Himself again. Goldsmith F 3663 

Himself his Worst Enemy. Brotherhead.F 188 
HINKSON, Mrs. K. T. Way of a Maid F 4306 
HINMAN, W. N. Under the Maples. F 4099 
HINTON, C. H. Stella and An Unfin- 
ished Communication F 4212 

Hippolyte and Golden-Beak. Bassett.F 7905 

Hired Baby, The. Corelli (i 14 10 

Hirell. Saunders F 1476 

His Adopted Daughter. Giberne F 3727 

His Broken Sword. Taylor F 6931 

His Cuban Sweetheart. Savage and 

Gunter F 9780 

His Excellency. Zola F 7718 

His Father. Hocking F 4047 

His Father's Son. Matthews F 5638 

His First Kangaroo. Ferres H 1389 

His Fortunate Grace. Atherton F 7844 

His Grace. Norris F 5432 

His Great Self. Terhune F 6957 

His Heart's Desire. Kirk F 4120 

His Helpmate. Barrett F 7904 

His Honour, and a Lady. Cotes F 8258 

His Last Card. Macquoid F 5538' 

His Letters. Cruger F 3797 

His Level Best, and other Stories. HaleF 726 

His Little Mother, and other Tales.CraikF 2891 

The same G 950 

His Little Royal Highness. Ogden. . .H 1981 

His Majesty, Myself. Baker F 2194 

His Marriage Vow. Corbin F 328 

His Natural Life. Clarke F 320 

His One Fault. Trowbridge H 2509 

His Own Master. Trowbridge H 710 

His Prison Bars. Hopkins F 865 

Same as John Bremm; his Prison Bars. 

His Second Campaign. Thompson F 3992 



mbre Rivals. Roe F 6323 

His Triumph. Denison F 2035 

His two Wives. Hudson F 2809 

His Vanished Star. Murfree F 5571 

His Will and Hers. Russell F 6371 

His Young Wife. Smith F 1536 

Hispaniola Plate, The. Burton F 81 17 

H istorical M ystery , An. Balzac F 2240 

Historical Tales. Morris: 

American F 9502 

English F 9499 

French F 9503 

German F 9504 

Greek F 9500 

Roman F 9501 

History of a Bearskin. Marthold F 5466 

History of a Crime. Hugo F 888 

History of a Week. Walford F 7450 

History of American Indians. Goodrich H 432,5 

History of David Grieve. Ward F 7552 

History of France for Children. Mar- 
shall A 1620 

History of Gutta-Percha Willie. Mac- 
Donald H 1799 

History of Matthew Wald. Lockhart..F 1071 

History of my Friends. Achard H 94 

History of Nicolas Muss. DuBois-Melly.F 3020 
History of Sir Charles Grandison. Rich- 
ardson *F 115,9-15 

The same F 6278 

History of the Caliph Yathek. Beckford.F 123 

The same *I 3402 

The same I 3884 

The same I 5982 

History of the Forty Vezirs. Sheykh- 

Zada F 6734 

History of the Life and Adventures of 

Mr. Anderson F 4922 

History of the Robins. Trimmer 11 

HITCHCOCK, E. A. Red Book of 

Appin ; Story of the M iddle Ages. F 820 

Hither and Thither. Brine H 1061 

Hithersea Mjere. Noel G 1209 

Hitherto. Whitney F 1932 

HOARE, E. N. A Brave Fight; Trials 

of Master Lee, Inventor F 4005 

Brave Men of Eyam; Tale of the 

Great Plague Year F 4007 

Paths in Great Waters; Virginia's 

Early Troubles F 4044 

Hoarvhead and M'Donner. Abbott... H 56,4 

HOBBES, S.O., pseud. S^CRAIGIE.Mrs. M. 

edehoy. Greene H 1 406 

HOBSON, Mrs. M. A. C. A Farm in the 

Karoo; Charley in South Africa.. H 1512 

HOCKING, J. All Men are Liars F 4265 

HOCKING, S. K. Doctor Dick, and 

other Tales F 4264 

Contents:. Doctor Dick; John Silent; 
Will Vivian's story. 

His Father F 4047 

A Son of Reuben F 4263 

HODDER, E. Ephraim and Helah; a 

Story of the Exodus F 4028 

HODGES, S. Among the Gibjigs H 1518 

A New Godi va F 823 

HODGETTS, J. F. Champion of Odin; 

Viking Life in Days of Old H 15 19 

Edwin, the Boy Outlaw; Dawn of 

Freedom in England H 1626 

HOEY,Mrs.F.S. Blossoming of anAloeF 825 

Golden Sorrow F 827 

The same G 253 

Out of Court G 753 

HOFFMANN.E.T.W. Weird Tales. 2vF 4055 
Contents: v. I. The Cremona Violin; 
The Fermata; Signor Formica; The 
Sand-Man; The Entail; Arthur's Hall, 
v. 2. The Doge and Dogess; Master 
Martin, the Cooper, and his Journey- 
man; Mademoiselle de ScudSri; Gam- 
bler's Luck; Master Johannes Wacht; 
Biographical Notes. 
HOFFMANN, F. The Hartz Boys.. . . H 469 

Industry and Laziness H 458 

Hogan, M. P. Hartley F 1012 

HOGG, J. (Et trick Shepherd). Brownie 

of Bodsbeck, and other Tales. . . F 819 

Tales and Sketches. 6 v 1 4003 

Winter evening Tales F 826 

Hi'ht'usteins, The. Spielhagen F 1621 

HOLBROOK, K. How? Spare Hours 

made profitable forBoys andGirlsK 1873 
HOLCOMBE, W. H. A Mystery of 

N e w Orleans F 4 1 24 

Holden with the Cords. Woodruff 1 \\i I 

Holdenhurst Hall. Bloomfield F 8003 

HOLDER, C. F. A Frozen Dragon; 

Story-Book of Natural History. . H 423 
HOLDING, C. B. Cash! or, Number 

Nineteen H 1 577 

Reuben, a Prince in Disguise F 4121 

HOLDSWORTH, A. E. Joanna Traill, 

Spinster F 43 21 

Years that the Locust hath eaten.. F 4322 

Holiday in Bed. Barrie E 2018 

Holiday Rambles. Grant H \\i 

Holiday Tasks. Payn G 1273 



Holidays at Roselands. Finley H 383 

Holidays at the Grange. Higgins H 1 527 

HOLLAND, C. My Japanese Wife. . . F 4227 
HOLLAND, D. Donal Dun O'Byrne; 

Wexford in 1798 F 891 

HOLLAND, F. M. Stories from Robert 

Browning F 4 191 

HOLLAND, J. Q. Arthur BonnicastleF 828 

Bay-Path [Mass., 1638] F 829 

Miss Gilbert's Career F 830 

Nicholas Mintum F 824 

Sevenoaks F 831 

Holland-Tide. Griffin F 709,3 

Hollands, The. Townsend H 726 

HOLLEY, M. Josiah Allen's Wife as a 

P. A. and P. I F 4012 

Same as Samantha at the Centen- 
Josiah's Alarm and Abel Perry's 

Funeral F 4335 

Miss Jones' Quilting, and other 

Stories F 4063 

M iss Richards' Boy.and other StoriesF 4004 

My Opinions and Betsy Bobbet's..F 1226 

My Wayward Pardner F 401 1 

Samantha among the Brethren F 4085 

Samantha among the Colored FolksF 4101 

Samantha at Saratoga F 4084 

Samantha at the World's Fair F 4098 

Samantha in Europe F 4112 

Sweet Cicely F 4061 

HOLLINQSHEAD, J. Under Bow-Bells 

[Stories of London] F 4125 

HOLLIS, E. B. Cecil's Knight H 1541 

HOLLISTER, Q. H. Kinley Hollow 

[Early Times in Connecticut] V 4006 

HOLLOW AY, C. M. I Story of Five.H 1546 

Holly and Mistletoe. Rand H 2214 

Holly and the Rose. Bartow H 3166 

Holmby House. Melville G 442 

HOLMES, E. The Price of a Pearl.. F 4251 
HOLMES, F. M. Hugh Melville's Quest 

[Days of the Armada] H 4321 

HOLMES, M. Chamber over the GateF 4069 

HOLMES, Mrs. M. J. Bessie's Fortune F 401 7 

Cameron Pride F 832 

Chateaud'Or;Norahand Kitty CraigF 4014 

Cousin Maud and Rosamond F 833 

Daisy Thornton and Jessie GrahamF 850 

Darkness and Daylight F 834 

Doctor Hathern's Daughters; Story 

of Virginia F 4253 

Dora Deane and Maggie Miller.. . . F 835 

HOLMES, Mrs. M. J. Edith Lyle . . . F 848 

Edna Browning F 836 

English Orphans F 837 

Ethelyn's Mistake F 838 

Forrest House F 851 

Gretchen F 4071 

Homestead on the Hillside, and 

other Tales F 839 

Hugh Worthington F 840 

'Lena Rivers F 841 

Madeline F 401 5 

Marguerite F 4072 

Marian Grey F 842 

Meadow Brook F 843 

Mildred F 849 

Millbank; or, Roger Irving's WardF 844 

Queenie Hetherton F 4016 

Rose Mather [Am. Civil War] F 845 

Tempest and Sunshine; Life in Ken- 
tucky F 846 

West Lawn, and The Rector of St. 

Marks F 847 

HOLMES.O. W. Elsie Venner F 853 

Guardian Angel F 852 

A Mortal Antipathy F 4070 

HOLNUT, W. S. Olympia's Journal. F 4249 

HOLROYD, D. Within the Shadow. .F 4048 
HOLT, E. S. Joyce Morrell's Harvest 

[Reign of Elizabeth] F 4030 

Not for Him F 4033 

HOLT, J. S. (A Page). What I know 

about Ben Eccles F 1279 

Holy Cross, and other Tales. Field.. .F 3392 

Holy War, The. Bunyan F 2630 

Homburg Beauty, A. Kennard F 4740 

Home, The. Bremer F 175 

The same I 3004,3 

Home Again. MacDonald F 5250 

Home and School. Bramston H 1053 

Home as Found. Cooper F 267 

Sequel to Homeward Bound. 

Home at Greylock. Prentiss F 1 356 

Home Chat with Young Folks. MateauxH 1824 

Home in the Holy Land. Finn F 3499 

Home in the West. Thurston H 722,3 

Home Influence. Aguilar F 25 

The same G 2 

Home Life. Sewell F 1530 

Home Nook. Douglas F 431 

Home of the Lost Child. Stewart F 813 

Home Recreation ; a Collection of TalesH 1 575 

Home Recreations and Foreign Travel . H 1 576 

Home Scenes. Aguilar,*. F 28 


v. Arthur H 170 

ncs. See Lippincott, S. J. C. 

Homes abroad. Martmeau F 1 151,4 

Homer, Stories from. Church L 2958 

nes from, simply told. Hanson. H 1493 

Story of the Iliad. Brooks H 1067 

Homespun Stories. Moncriefl H 1821 

Homespun Yarns. Whitney F 7562 

Homestead on the Hillside. Holmes. . . F 839 

Homestretch, The. Collins F 2820 

Homeward bound. Cooper F 268 

Homo sum. Ebers F 3210 

The same G 923 

Homoselle. Tiernan F 4018 

Honda the Samurai. Griffis W 3785 

Honest Lawyer, An Kerr. . F 4610 

Honest Ned. Ellis H 1232,2 

Honeymoon, The. Medinah Poraar.. . F 1123 

Honor. Howe F 4 119 

Honorable Miss, The. Smith F 6781 

Hon. Miss Ferrard Hartley F 1029 

Honorable Peter Stirling. Ford F 3405 

Hon. Stanbury, and others; by Two.. .F 4341 

Contents: The Hon, Stanbury; Poor 
Miss Skeet; An Indigent Gentlewoman. 

Honorable Surrender, An. Adams F 2404 

Honored in the Breach. Magruder F 1 182 

The same F 5369 

Honoria; or, Gospel of Life. Porter.. F 5951 

Honour of SavellL Yeats F 7686 

Honour of the Flag. Russell F 719! 

Honour of Thieves. Hyne F 9140 

Honourable Mrs. Vereker. HungerfordF 2440 

HOOD, T. Comic Miscellany J 115,3 

Hoods Own. 2v 1 1223 

The same E 1220,1 

II iscellanies E 1 220, 1 

Our Family J 1 15,3 

Romances and Extravagances J 1 1 5,2 

Tales J 115,1 

Up the Rhine J 115,2 

The same E 1221 

Whims and Oddities J 115,1 

The same E 1220,2 

HOOD, T., the Younger, and others. 

Rates and Taxes F 821 

HOOK, S. L. Little People and their 

Homes in Meadows and Waters.H 1534 

HOOK, T. E. Gilbert Gurney F 855 

Gurney Married F 859 

Sequel to Gilbert Gurney. 

JackBrag F 861 

Maxwell F 862 

HOOK, T. E. Tbe 1 

Precepts and Practice. 3 v 

Sayings and Doings. 9 V F 857 

The Widow and the Marquess F 822 

HOOKER, W.. Child's Hook of Xature.K 3068 

HOOPER.Mrs.J.M.W. House of RabyF 4034 
HOOPER, Mrs. L. H. The Tsars 

Window [Russia] F 2 198 

Under the Tricolor; American Col- 
ony in Paris F 4013 

Hoosier Mosaics. Thompson F 1 749 

Hoosier School-Boy. Eggleston H 1255 

Hoosier School Master. Eggleston F 531 

HOOVER, F. T. Enemies in the Rear.l 

HOPE, Anthony , pseud. See HAWKINS, A. H. 

HOPE, E. R. C. Maiden's Work F 4046 

Touches of Real Life F 4042 

HOPE, Stanley, pseud. See HODGES, S. 
HOPE, T. Anastasius; Memoirs of a 

Greek. 1 868 

Hope and Have. Adams H 1 10,5 

Hope Benham. Perry H 2067 

Hope Leslie. 2 v. Sedgwick F 15 10 

Hope Mills. Douglas F 2996 

Hope on, Hope ever. Howitt H y>\,z 

Hope Vennard; or, Stephen Dane. Doug- 
las F 145 

Hope's Heart Bells. Oberholtzer F 5606 

Hopes and Fears. Yonge F 201 1 

The same G 672 

Hopeless Case. Fawcett F 3470 

HOPKINS, A. A. John Bremm, his 

Prison Bars; a Temperance Story. F 865 
Sinner and Saint; Story of the Wom- 
an's Crusade F 4019 

HOPKINS, E. Rose Turquand F 889 

HOPKINS,M.,Jr. The World's Yerdict.F 4088 
HOPKINS, S. The Youth of the Old 

Dominion F 4032 

HOPKINS, S. W. In the China Sea. . F 4286 

On a False Charge F 4285 

Two Gentlemen of Hawaii [Revolu- 
tion of 1893] F 3805 

HOPKINS, T. Lady Bonnie's Experi- 
ment F 3806 

Nell Haffenden F 3807 

Nugents of Carriconna F 4080 

'Twixt Love and Duty F 4081 

HOPPER, N. Ballads in Prose F 4289 

HOPPIN, A. (C Auton). Fashionable 

Sufferer F 4029 

Recollections of Auton House H 145 



HOPPIN, E. H. From out of the Past; 

a Meeting in Touraine F 4287 

Under the Corsican [Time of Na- 
poleon] F 4288 

HOPPUS, M. A. See MARKS, Mrs. M. A. 

Horace Chase. Woolson F 7594 

Horace Templeton, Diary of. Lever. .G 355 

HORN, Q. Count Silvius F 4035 

HORNADAY, W. T. The Man who 

became a Savage F 43 ' 8 

Horned Cat, The. Cobban F 3 1 1 5 

HORNIBROOK, Mrs. E. E. Marvelous 

in our Eyes F 4082 

HORNUNG, E. W. A Bride from the 

Bush G 1379 

Irralie's Bushranger; Australian Ad- 
venture F 4292 

My Lord Duke F 4295 

The Rogue's March F 4294 

Tiny Luttrell F 4290 

The Unbidden Guest F 4291 

Horse Fair, The. Baldwin H 3140 

Horse-Shoe Robinson. Kennedy F 969 

The same *P 276 

Horseman's Word. Roy F 6426 

HORSLEY.R. The Blue Balloon [Ameri- 
can Civil War] H 433« 

Hortense; an Historical Romance H 454 

Hortense, History of. Abbott H 70 

HORTON, G. Constantine; Greece un- 
der King Otho F 9136 

HORWITZ, C. N. Swanhilde, and other 

Fairy Tales H 1542 

HOSMER, G. W. As we went March- 
ing on [Am. Civil War] F 4049 

HOSMER, J. K. How Thankful was be- 
witched F 4241 

HOSMER, Mrs. M. Blanche Gilroy.. F 866 

Hospital Sketches. Alcott H 125 

Hostages to Fortune. Maxwell G 707 

Hot Corn. Robinson F 6305 

Hot Plowshares. Tourg£e F 7044 

Hot Swamp. Ballantyne H 974 

HOTCHKISS, C. C. A Colonial Free- 

Lance [American Colonies] F 4298 

In Defiance of the King [Am. Revo- 
lution] F 4297 

Hotel d' Angleterre. Falconer F 7225 

Hotel du Petit St. Jean. Dempster G 254 

HOUGH, E. Singing Mouse Stories. . H 4327 

Houp-La. Stannard F 7530 

Hour and the Man, The. Martineau. . F 1 149 

Hour will come, The. Hillern F 4008 

HOUSE, E. H. The Midnight Warning, 

and other Stories H 1549 

Contents: The Midnight Warning; 
Gracie's Godson; Nattie Barton's Mag- 
ic; Our Ugly Idol; Try Again; Trescott's 
Wager; A Friend in Need. 

Yone Santo, a Child of Japan F 4097 

House, The. Field F 8774 

House at Crague, The. Sleight F 6603 

House at High Bridge, The. Fawcett..F 3466 

House-Boat Boys, The. Fosdick H 1 360 

House-Boat on the Styx. Bangs F 7914 

House by the Medlar-Tree. Verga F 7361 

House in Bloomsbury, A. 01iphant...F 5784 

House in Town. Warner F 1865 

House of a Merchant Prince. Bishop. F 25 11 

House of Cards. Wolf F 9982 

House of Gentlefolk. Turgenief F 7074 

House of Hailiwell. Wood F 1992 

House of Hollister. Newberry F 5747 

House of Martha. Stockton F 6672 

1 1 ouse of Penarvan. Sandeau G 939 

House of Pomegranates. Wilde F 7474 

House of Raby. Hooper F 4034 

House of Ross, and other Tales. RiddellF 6272 

House of Surprises. Smith H 1861 

House of the Musician. Johnson F 4456 

House of the Seven Gables. HawthorneF 771 

The same J 82 

House of the Wolf. Weyman F 7623 

The same G 1371 

House of Walderne, The. Crake F 2803 

House of Yorke. Tincker F 867 

House on the Marsh. James F 7528 

House on the Moor. Oliphant F 1263 

House on the Scar. Thomas F 6969 

House on Wheels. Begon F 1631 

House-Party, A. De la Rame* F 6253 

The same G 1 277 

Houseful of Girls. Keddie H 1646 

Household Idol, The. Bernhard F 2252 

Household Library. 6 v. Arthur H 171 

Household of Bouverie. Warfield F i860 

Household of Glen Holly. Lillie H 1 739 

Household of McNeil. Barr F 2230 

Household of Sir Thomas More. Rath- 
bone F 1 135 

Household Puzzles. Alden F 2384 

Household Tales. 2 v. Grimm I 2965 

Household Words; ed. by Dickens, 36 v. 

in 18 G 158 

Novels and Tales from. 11 v. in 6. .G 166 

HOUSMAN, C. TheWere-Wolf H 4335 

HOUSMAN, L. A Farm in Fairyland. H 4330 



HOUSTOUN, M. C. J. F. Recommended 

to Mercy (i 515 

Zoe's Brand ( i 677 

HOVENOEN, V. C. Robinson 1 tall 

How? or, Spare Hours for Boys and Girls. 

Holbrook K 1873 

How a Bride was Won. Gerstacker. . . F 653 

How a Husband forgave. Fawcett F 3599 

How Billy went up in the World. Noble.H 1927 

How came he dead ? Molloy F 5373 

How Charley Roberts became a Man. 

Thurston H 722,1 

How could he Help it? Roe F 1441 

How Deacon Tubman and Parson Whit- 
ney kept New Year's. Murray.. . F 5338 
Howhedidit;or, Was he guilty? DupuyF 504 
How Jack Mackenzie won his Epaulettes. 

Stables H 2453 

How John Norton, the Trapper, kept his 

Christmas. Murray F 5378 

How Marjorie helped. Brooks H 262 

How Men Propose. Stevens F 6739 

How she came into her Kingdom. Clark. F 2805 

How Thankful was bewitched. HosmerF 4244 
How the Carter Boys lifted the Mortgage. 

Roberts H 2173 

How they learned Housework. GoodwinH 145 1 

How they loved him. Lean G 976 

How they went to Europe. Lothrop. . H 2341 

How they were caught in a Trap. StuartH 241; 

How to do it. Hale F 727 

How Tom and Dorothy made and kept a 

Christian Home. Lothrop F 4924 

How Tommy saved the Barn. Kaler..H 2008 

How will it End? Heywood F 803 

How Willie became a Hero H 1515 


Howard and his Teacher. Baker H 201,1 

HOWE, E. W. A Man Story F 4053 

A Moonlight Boy F 4052 

Mystery of the Locks F 4051 

Story of a Count ry Town [ Kansas] . F 4050 

HOWE, M. Honor F 4119 

HOWE, Maud. See ELLIOTT, Mrs. M. H. 

HOWELL, Mrs. J. L. Justine's LoversF 943 

HOWELLS, W.D. The Albany DepotE 9348 

Annie Kilburn F 4075 

Christmas every Day, and other 

Stories H 1580 

Contents: Christmas every Day; Turkeys 
Turning the Tables; The Pony Engine 
and the Pacific Express; The Pumpkin 
Glory; Butterflyflutterby and Flutterby- 

HOWELLS, W. D. April Hopes. ... F 4040 

A Boy's Town H 1 579 

A Chance Acquaintance F 870 

The Coast of Bohemia F 4073 

Day of their Wedding F 4325 

Doctor Breed's Practice F 4023 

The Elevator E 9343 

Evening Dress E 9353 

A Fearful Responsibility, and other 

Stories F 4022 

Contents: A Fearful Responsibility; At 
the Sign of the Savage: Tonelli's Mar- 

Five o'clock Tea E 9356 

A Foregone Conclusion F 872 

The Garroters E 0344 

A Hazard of New Fortunes F 4076 

An Imperative Duty F 4078 

Indian Summer F 4038 

Lady of the Aroostook F 4020 

The Landlord at Lion's Head F 4327 

A Letter of Introduction E 9349 

A Likely Story E 9354 

The Minister's Charge F 4039 

A Modern Instance F 4024 

Mouse-Trap, and other Farces E 9346 

Contents: The Garroters; Five o'clock 
Tea; The Mouse-Trap; Likely Story. 

The Parlor Car I ^933 

A Parting and a Meeting F 4326 

A Previous Engagement E 9359 

The Quality of Mercy F 4079 

The Register E 9342 

Rise of Silas Lapham F 4037 

A Sea-Change E 9345 

The Shadow of a Dream F 4077 

The Sleeping Car E 9341 

The same, and other Farces E 9347 

Contents. The Parlor-Car; The Sleep- 
ing-Car; The Register; The Elevator. 

Their Wedding Journey F 871 

A Traveler from Altruria F 4330 

The Undiscovered Country F 402 1 

The Unexpected Guests E 9352 

A Woman's Reason F 4026 

The World of Chance F 4074 

HOWITT, A. M. See WATTS, Mrs. A. M. H. 
HOWITT, Mrs. M. B. An Angel Una- 
wares, and other Stories H 1 540 

Popular Juvenile Tales H 464 

v. 1. Alice Franklin. 

2. Hope on, Hope ever 

3. Little Coin, much Care. 
4 Love and Money. 



HOWITT, Mrs. M. B. Popular Juvenile 

Tales H 464 

v. 5. My Uncle, the Clockmaker. 

6. My own Story. 

7. No Sense like Common Sense. 

8. Sowing and Reaping. 

9. Story of a Genius. 

10. Strive and Thrive. 

11. The Two Apprentices. 

12. Which is the Wiser? 

13. Who shall be Greatest? 

14. Work and Wages. 

Wood Leighton F 874 

HOWITT, W. A Boy's Adventures in 

the Wilds of Australia H 459 

The Hall and the Hamlet. 2 v F 4095 

Jack of the Mill F 873 

Tallangetta; Australian Life. 2 v. .F 876 
Traditions of Ancient Times. 2 v . . F 404 1 

Woodburn Grange F 890 

and Mrs. M. B. Stories of English 

and Foreign Life I 31 16 

Howling Wolf and his Trick-Pony. 

Champney H 1 1 19 

HOWLISTON, M. H. Cat-tails, and other 

Tales H 1539 

Hoyden, The. Hungerford F 2316 

HOYNE, Mrs. C. E. Emma Foster, and 

other Pieces H 1516 

HUBBACK, Mrs. C. A. A. May and De- 
cember; Tale of Wedded Life . . F 877 
HUBBARD, E. Forbes of Harvard.. .F 4312 

No Enemy (but himself) F 4310 

One Day; a Tale of the Prairies. . F 431 1 
Hubert Freeth's Prosperity. Crosland.F 329 

Huberts Wife. Wood F 1034 

Huckleberries gathered from New Eng- 
land Hills. Cooke F 3075 

Huckleberry Finn. Clemens F 2797 

HUDSON, Mrs.M.C. A. HisTwoWivesF 2809 
HUDSON, W. C. {Barclay North). The 

Dugdale Millions F 4262 

Jack Gordon, Knight Errant, Goth- 
am, 1883 F 4105 

The Man with a Thumb F 4170 

Should she have left him? F 4169 

Hugh Bryan; the Autobiography of an 

Irish Rebel F 814 

Hugh Melton King F 983 

Hugh Melville s Quest. Holmes H 4321 

Hugh Worthington. Holmes F 840 

HughWynne.Free Quaker. 2 v. MitchellF 5591 

HUGHES, K. E. (Tr.). Little Pearls. H 460 
HUGHES, T. The Ashen Fagot, a 

Christmas Tale F 878 

Scouring of the White Horse [King 

Alfred] : F 878 

Tom Brown at Oxford H 1521 

Tom Brown's School Days G 255 

The same H 468 

HUGHES, T. P. {Evan Stanton). Ru- 

hainah; a Story of Afghan Life. F 6633 

HUGHS, Mrs. The Two Schools F 879 

HUGO,V. Bug-Jargal [WestIndies,i79i]F 887 
Same as Told under Canvas. 
History of a Crime [Napoleon III.j.F 888 
Man who Laughs; Romance of Eng- 
lish History F 880 

Same as By Order of the King. 
Les Mise>ables, [France 1800-20; 

Waterloo] F 881 

Ninety-Three [French Revolution].F 882 
Notre-Dame de Paris [Charles VIII , 

1482] F 885 

Same as Hunchback of Notre-Dame. 

Things Seen E 3380 

Toilers of the Sea [Channel Islands, 

1820] F 883 

Under Sentence of Death; Told 

under Canvas; Claude Gueux. . .F 884 
HUGUENIN, A. {T. Combe). Question of 

Love; a Story of Switzerland F 3109 

Huguenot Exiles. Dupuy F 4106 

Huguenot Family. Keddie F 7164 

Huguenot Lovers. Burgwyn F 2614 

Hulda. Stahr F 1052 

HULLAH, M. E. In Hot Haste F 4104 

Human Document, A. Mallock F 5540 

Humble Enterprise, A. Cross F 8377 

Humble Romance, and other Stories. 

Wilkins F 7452 

Humbled Pride. Musick F 5509 

HUME, F. Aladdin in London F 4270 

The Black Carnation F 4271 

The Carbuncle Clue F 4275 

The Fever of Life F 4272 

The Lone Inn F 7253 

The Piccadilly Puzzle F 4109 

The Third Volume F 4274 

Tracked by a Tattoo F 4276 

When I Lived in Bohemia F 4273 

HUME, J. F. Five Hundred Majority; 

or, Days of Tammany F 1 238 

HUME, R. W. My Lodger's Legacy. F 4065 

Humming Top, The. Gross H 1447 



HUMPHREY, Mrs. F. A. Adventures 

of Early Discoverers H 

Children of Old Park's Tavern [Mas- 
sachusetts] H 

HUMPHREY, F. P., pseud. A New 

England Cactus, and other TalesF 

HUMPHREY, M. A Treasury of Stories, 

Jingles, and Rhymes H 

HUMPHREY, Mrs. M. A. Squatter 

Sovereign; or, Kansas in the '50's.F 

HUMPHREYS. H. N. Stories by an 

Archaeologist and his Friends. . . F 

Humphry Clinker Smollett *F 115, 

The same G 

Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Hugo F 

Hundredfold, An. Warner H 

Hundredth Man, The. Stockton F 

Hungarian Brothers. Porter F 

Hungarian Girl. Tenger F 

Hungarian Sketches. Jokai F 

HUNQERFORD, Mrs. M. ( The Duchess). 

Airy Fairy Lilian F 

April's Lady F 

Beauty's Daughters F 

A Born Coquette F 

The same G 

Coming of Chloe F 

Doris F 

The same G 

The Duchess 

The same G 

Faith and Unfaith F 

The same G 

Green Pleasure and Grey Grief... F 

The same G 

Her First Appearance, and other 

Tales G 

Contents: Her First Appearance; The 
Pity of it; How Snooks got out of it; 
Cross-Purposes; Krin; Beatrix; Clar- 
issa's Choice; What a mad World it 
is, my Masters; The Baby; The Di- 
lemma; That last Rehearsal. 

Her Week's Amusement; Ugly Bar- 

rington G 

Honourable Mrs. Vereker F 

The Hoyden F 

In Durance Vile, and other Stories. F 
Contents: In Durance Vile; A Week 
in Killarney; Moonshine and Mar- 
guerites; Dr. Ball; A Fit of the Blues. 
In Durance Vile, and other Stories.G 
Contents: In Durance Vile; The Haunt- 
ed Chamber; Jerry; In an Evil Hour; 
Their Last Resource. 







30-3 » 





231 1 




1 138 


1 24 1 


HUNQERFORD, Mrs. M. ( The Duchess). 

Lady Branksmere G 1 242 

Lady Patty F 2314 

Lady Valworth's Diamonds G 1 279 

The same ;The Haunted Chamber F 2437 

Lady Verner's Flight F 2319 

A Life's Remorse G 

A Little Irish Girl F 2312 

A Lonely Maid F 9083 

Lovice F 0085 

Loys, Lord Berresford, and other 

Tales G 857 

Contents: Loys, Lord Berresford; Eric 
Dering; Sweet is True Love; Lydia; 
Jocelyne; The Witching Hour. 
Maiden all Forlorn.and other StoriesF 2419 
Contents: A Maiden all Forlorn; A Rose 
distill'd; A Passive Crime; Zara; Bar- 
bara; Nurse Eva; One New Year's 
Eve; Vivienne. 
Maiden all Forlorn.and other StoriesG 1 1 36 
Contents: A Maiden all Forlorn: Monica; 
A Rose distill'd; Dr. Ball; Barbara; 
A Fit of the Blues. 

Marvel G 1280 

Mental Struggle F 2436 

The same G 1 243 

Mrs. Geoffrey F 5292 

The same G 858 

Modern Circe F 2438 

The same G 1281 

Molly Bawn G 1 1 19 

Molly Darling, and other Stories. . F 4334 
Contents: Molly Darling; Good dog, 
then; Romeo and Juliet ; Was it a 
Spirit?; A False Conclusion; A Hasty 
Judgment; Lady Blackmore's Deliver- 
ance: Nellie's Dilemma. 

N«»r Wife nor Maid F 2315 

Nora Creina F 9081 

The O'Connors of Ballinahinch F 2313 

O Tender Dolores F 2434 

Same as Green Pleasure and Grey Grief. 
A Passive Crime, and other Stories G 1 137 
Contents: A Passive Crime; Zara; Moon- 
shine and Marguerites; Nurse Eva; 
One New Year's Eve; Vivienne. 

Peter's Wife F 2317 

Phyllis F 5293 

A Point of Conscience F 0082 

Portia F 56 

The same G 859 

The Professor's Experiment F 4333 

The Red House F 2320 

Rossmoyne F 57 

Three Graces F 2318 



HUNGERFORD, Mrs. M. ( The Duchess). 
A Troublesome Girl, and other 

Stories G 1312 

Contents: A Troublesome Girl; On Trial; 
None so Blind; That Night in June; 
Fortune's Wheel: As it fell upon a 

Under-Currents G 1313 

An Unsatisfactory Lover F 9086 

HUNT, Helen. See JACKSON, Mrs. H. M. 

HUNT, L. Stories from Italian Poets.E 1255 

The same. 2v E 3372 

HUNT, Mrs. M. R. (A. Beaumont). Bar- 

rington's Fate F 2206 

A Leaden Casket F 4060 

That other Person F 41 10 

Thornicroft's Model G 855 

HUNT, V. A Hard Woman F 91 10 

Hunt-room Stories and Yachting 

Yarns F 4059 

The Maiden's Progress F 4293 

Hunted Down. Dickens F 414 

The same G 1 59 

HUNTER.E.A. Some Friends of MineH 1573 
HUNTER, P. H. James Inwick, Plough- 
man and Elder F 4280 

Hunter and Tom. Abbott H 16,2 

Hunter Cats of Connorloa. Jackson.. H 1603 

Hunter's Feast. Reid H 624 

Hunters of the Ozark. Ellis H 1257,1 

Hunters Three. Knox H 1637 

HUNTINGTON, Faye, pseud. See FOS- 
TER. Mrs. 1. H. 
HUNTINGTON, J. V. Alban; History 

of a Young Puritan F 892 

Rosemary; or, Life and Death F 893 

HURD, E. G. Drossy Gold and other 

Stories H 1 574 

HURLBURT, E. C. Mrs. Clift-Crosbys 

Niece F 4296 

Hurricane Harry. Kingston H 511 

Hurrish. Lawless F 4883 

The same G 1 33 1 

HURTADO de MENDOZA, D. Life and 

Adv. of Lazarillo de Tormes. 2 v.F 5406 

Husband of No Importance, A. Booth. F 4343 

Husband of One Wife, The. Venn F 7343 

Husbands and Homes. Terhune F 1765 

HUTCHESON, J. C. On Board the Es- 
meralda H 1 529 

HUTCHISON, G. A. (Ed.). Boy's Own 

Book of Indoor Games. K 195 1 

Outdoor Games and Recreations. . K 6603 

HUTTON, B. The Fiery Cross; or, the 

Vow of Montrose H 1531 

Tales of the White Cockade [Old 

Pretender's Rebellion] H 1 530 

Hwa Tsien Ki: The Flowery Scroll; a 

Chinese Novel, tr. by Bowring. . . F 2582 
HYDE, Mrs. A. M. Work, Play and 

Profit; GardeningforYoungFolksH 470 
HYDE, D. Beside the Fire; Irish Gaelic 

Folk Stories L 5407 

HYDE, M.C. Goostie H 4380 

Under the Stable Floor; a Christmas 

Story H 4381 

Van and Nochie of Tappan Sea [Am. 

erican Colonies, 18th Century].. H 4382 

HYNE, C. J. C. The Captured CruiserH 4390 

Honour of Thieves F 9140 

The New Eden F 4281 

The Recipe for Diamonds F 4282 

Hypatia. Kingsley F 989 

The same G 307 

Hyperesthesia. Cruger F 2897 

Hyperion. Longfellow F 485 1 

The same I 3126 

The same J 175,2 

The same J 176,2 

Hypnotic Tales. Ford F 3409 

I. D. B. in South Africa. Sheldon F 1632 

I Forbid the Banns. Moore F 5575 

I have Lived and Loved. Bridges F 3525 

The same G 967 

I married a Wife. Stannard F 6879 

I saw Three Ships. Couch F 8260 

I say No. Collins F 2818 

The same G 1076 

la, a Love Story. Couch F 8261 

Ice Queen. Ingersoll H 1 535 

Iceland Fisherman, An. Viaud F 7328 

Icelandic Legends. Arnason F 2414 

Ida May. Pike F 1026 

Ida Norman. Phelps F 1313 

Ida Vane. Reed F 6260 

Idalia. De la Ram^ G 501 

Ideal Fanatic, An. Porch F 5891 

Ideal Republic, An. Phelps F 6073 

Ideala. MacFall F 3779 

Idiot, The. Bangs F 7902 

Idiot, The. Dostojewsky F 2974 

IDLE EXILE, AN. pseud. 5^CUTTIM, E. M. 

Idol-maker. Sergeant F 6514 

Idols. David F 5445 

Idolatry. Hawthorne F 767 

Iduna, and other Stories. Hibbard F 4200 



Mwymon. Randle F 6473 

Idyll of the White Lotus. Cook F 3108 

Iermola. Kraszewski F 4731 

lerne of Armorica. Bateman F 113 

If, Yes, and Perhaps. Hale E 11 59 

Ignoramuses, The. Crowninshield H 1 1 28 

Ike Partington. Shillaber H 2330,1 

Ike Partington Series. See Shillaber, B. P. 

Uam-en-Nas. Muhammad Duyabs F 2789 

Ildegerte, Queen of Norway. Kotzebue.F 4780 

Iliad, Story of the. Brooks H 1067 

Ilian; or, Curse of Old South Church. 

Kane F 101 1 

Ilka on the Hill-Top. Boyesen F 2591 

Ill-regulated Mind, An. Wylde F 7541 

I'll Try. Baker H 200,3 

Illustrations of Lying. 2 v. Opie F 5705 

Illustrations of Political Economy. Mar- 

tineau F 1151,1-8 

Illustrations of Taxation. Martineau.F 1 151,9-10 
Illustrious Dr. Matheus. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 3253 

ILSLEY.C.P. Forest and Shore; or, Leg- 
ends of the Pine-Tree State F 4367 

Image of his Father. Mayhew F 1162 

Imaginative Man. Hichens F 4307 

Imaginotions. Jenks H 1588 

Immortal, The. Daudet F 2954 

Impending Sword. Yates G 1290 

Imperative Duty, An. Howells F 4078 

Imperial Lover, An. Taylor F 7087 

Impostor, The, with other Stories. Talbot F 7178 

Impregnable City. Pemberton F 6057 

Impressions of a Cousin, The. James. F 4415 

ImpressionsofTheophrastusSuch. CrossF 3301 

The same G 992 

Imprisoned in a Spanish Convent. Mur- 
ray F 5341 

Improvisatore. Andersen F 48 

Impudent Comedian and others. MooreF 5574 
In a Canadian Canoe, and other Stories. 

Pain F 6082 

In a Cornish Township. Pentreath F 6053 

In a Country Town. Noble F 5461 

In a Dike Shanty. Pool F 5095 

In a Good Cause. Amherst H 943 

In a Grass Country. Cameron F 2753 

In a Hollow of the Hills. Harte F 4146 

In a House-Boat. Craik F 2892 

In a New World. Alger H 865 

In a North Country Village. Blundell . F 3388 
In a Steamer Chair, and other Shipboard 

Stories. Barr F 2219 

In a Winter City. DelaRam£ F 1371 

The same G 796 

n Amazon Land. Sesselberg F 6520 

n Beaver Cove and Elsewhere. Crim.F 3328 

n Biscayne Bay. Rockwood F 6410 

n Blue Uniform. Putnam F 6006 

n Buncombe County. Pool F 5993 

n Camp with a Tin Soldier. Bangs. . .H 3150 
n Deacon's Orders, and other Stories. 

Besant F 7952 

n Defiance of the King. Hotchkiss. . F 4297 

n Direst Peril. Murray F 5342 

n Distance and in Dream. Sweetser..F 6919 

n Doors and out. Adams H 114 

n Durance Vile, and other Stories. Hun- 

gerford F 2418 

The same G 131 1 

n Duty Bound. Knox F 896 

n Exile, and other Stories. Foote F 3377 

n Exitu Israel. Gould F 2490 

n Extremis. Greenough H 422 

n Far Lochaber. Black F 2560 

The same G 1316 

n Four Reigns. Marshall F 5 *o6 

n Freedom's Cause. Henty H 1514 

n Gold and Silver. Ellwanger F 3304 

n Great Waters, and other Tales. Max- 
well G 708 

n Greek Waters. Henty H 1551 

n her earliest Youth. Couvreur F 7121 

n His Name. Hale F 732 

n Honour Bound. Gibbon F 3745 

n Honour's Cause. Fenn H 1 366 

n Hot Haste. Hullah F 4104 

n Indian Tents. Alger I 

n Kedar's Tents. Scott F 5519 

n Leisler's Times. Brooks F 2651 

n Love with the Czarina, and other Sto- 
ries. Jokai F 4503 

n Low Relief. Roberts F 6341 

n Luck's Way. Stannard F 7479 

n Maremma. 3 v. in 2. DelaRame\G 1035 

n Marine Armor. Fenn H 1376 

11 Market Overt. Payn F 5920 

n New Grenada. Kingston H 1661 

n No-Man's Land. Brooks H 1063 

n Old New England. Butterworth.. .F 8085 

n Old Quinnebasset. Clarke H 1174 

n Old St. Stephen's. Drake F 3174 

n Ole Virginia, and other Stories. PageF 5907 

n Paradise. 2 v. Heyse F 810 

n Partnership. Matthews and Bunner.F 5175 

n Peril of his Life. Gaboriau F 622 



In Poppy Land. Fuller H 1341 

In Press-Gang Days. Pickering H 2107 

In Pursuit of Happiness. Tolstoi F 7007 

In Quarters with the 25th Dragoons. 

Stannard F 7531 

In Quest of Gold. St. Johnston H 2295 

In Sancho Panza's Pit. Cunningham.. F 291 1 

In Scarlet and Grey. Henniker F 9130 

In School, and out. Adams H 110,2 

In Search of Quiet. Frith F 8788 

In Search of the Castaways. Verne. ..F 1830 

In Sight of the Goddess. Davis... i..F 8527 

In Silk Attire. Black F 140 

The same G 50 

In Simpkinsville. Stuart F 6813 

In Six Months. Meline F 5190 

In Southern Seas. Converse H 1 170 

In Story-Land. Harrison H 4193 

In Strange Company. Boothby F 8100 

In Sunflower Land. Field F 3391 

In Sunshine Land. (Poems). Thomas. . H 2492 

In Tent and Bungalow. Cuttim F 7232 

In that state of Life. Aide" G 7 

In the Blue Pike. Ebers F 3308 

In the Boyhood of Lincoln. Butter- 
worth H 977 

In the Brave Days of Old. Frith H 1319 

In the Bundle of Time. Bates F 7910 

In the Bush and on the Trail. Revoil.H 2225 

In the Carquinez Woods. Harte F 3949 

In the Cheering-up Business. Lee F 4987 

In the China Sea. Hopkins F 4286 

In the City of Flowers. Marshall G 1334 

In the Clouds. Murfree F 2864 

In the Crucible. LitchfieJd F 4971 

In the Day of Adversity. Burton F 81 18 

In the Day of Battle. Steuart F 6767 

In the Days of Drake. Fletcher F 8734 

In the Days of my Youth. Ed wards.. F 521 

The same G 196 

In the Days of the Pioneers. Ellis. . . H 1235,3 

In the Days of Washington. Graydon.H 1397 

In the Distance. Lathrop F 4890 

In the Dwellings of Silence. Kennedy.F 4614 

In the East Country. Marshall F 5169 

The same G 1143 

In the Eastern Seas. Kingston H 1696 

In the Enemy's Country. Drury F 3059 

In the Fire of the Forge. 2 v. Ebers. . .F 3307 

In the First Person. Pool F 5976 

In the Forest. Kingston H 1663 

In the Golden Days. Bayly F 4938 

The same G 1350 

n the Golden Shell. Villari H 1814 

n the Hands of the Enemy. Bursten- 

binder F 8076 

n the Heart of a Hill, and other Stories. 

Payn G 256 

n the Heart of the Rockies. Henty H 1627 

n the Heart of the Storm. Truttiett. . F 3781 

n the High Valley. Woolsey H 2728 

n the King's Country. Douglas F 3061 

n the King's Name. Fenn H 1290 

n the Land of the Golden Plume. John- 
stone H 1612 

n the Land of the Moose, the Bear and 

the Beaver. Daunt H 1 195 

n the Lion's Mouth. Price H 21 16 

n the Marsh. Curteis H 1140 

n the Middle Watch. Russell F 6355 

n the Midst of Alarms. Barr F 7917 

n the Midst of Paris. Daudet F 3036 

n the Mist. Porter F 1336 

n the Okefenokee. Pendleton H 2074 

n the Old Herrick House, and other 

Stories. Deland H 3610 

the Olden Time. Roberts F 6300 

n the Pecos Country. Jayne H 1583,3 

n the Permanent Way. Steel F 9845 

n the Ranks. Douglas H 1205,5 

ii the Reign of Terror. Henty H 1471 

n the Roar of the Sea. Gould F 3763 

n the Rocky Mountains. Kingston.. . H 1695 

n the Saddle. Adams H 890,8 

n the Schillingscourt. John F 939 

n the Service of Rachel, Lady Russell. 

Marshall F 5386 

n the Smoke of War. Raymond F 6185 

n the Snow. Anderdon F 59 

n the Story Land. Coolidge H 3513 

n the Stranger People's Country. Mur- 

- free F 2867 

n the Suntime of her Youth. Whitby . F 7644 

n the Tennessee Mountains. Murfree. F 2860 

n the Three Zones. Stimson F 6680 

n the Tideway. Steel F 0844 

n the Time of Roses. Scannell F 6522 

n the Toils. Paddock F 1341 

n the Valley. Frederic F 3626 

n the Valley of Havilah. Clark F 31 12 

n the Valley of Tophet. Nevinson...F 5488 

n the Veldt. Harley F 4172 

n the Vestibule Limited. Matthews. . .F 5413 

n the Wilds of Africa. Kingston H 494 

n the Wilds of Florida. Kingston. . .H 1679 

n the Wire-Grass. Pendleton F 5949 



In the Woods; a Book for the Young. . K 7043 

In the Woods and elsewhere. Hill F ~\2\ 

In the Woods and out Alden H 86 

In the World. Darling H 339 

Sequel to Battles at Home. 

In the Wrong Paradise. Lang F 4915 

In the Year of Jubilee. Gissing F 8941 

In the Year '13. Reuter G 516 

In the Yule-Log Glow. 4 v. Morris.. F 5408 
In Thoughtland and in Dreamland. Keel- 
ing G 1380 

In three Cities and a State or two. 

Fraser F 3559 

InYrust. Douglas F 432 

In Trust. Oliphant G 1153 

In Varying Moods. Harraden F 4301 

In Verona. Richards F 644 1 

In War Time. Mitchell F 5216 

In WarTimesat LaRose Blanche. DavisF 2984 

In Wild Rose Time. Douglas H 1 188 

Ina. Washburn F 1854 

INCHBALD, E. Nature and Art *F 1 15,27 

The same F 897 

Simple Story *F 115,28 

The same F 897 


Booth {Rita). A Gender in Satin.. F 4345 
A Husband of No Importance. F 

Every Day's News F 

Hon. Stanbury and others; by Two . F 434 1 
Mason {Mr. Af.). Shen's Pigtail and 

other Cues of Anglo-China Life . . F 4340 
Sidgwick {Mrs. A. Dean). Lesser's 

Daughter F 

Valentine, pseud. Helen F 4344 

Inconsequent Lives. Pearce F 5874 

Independence. Musick F 5515 

India, Our Boys in. French H 1310 

Indian Fairy Tales. Jacobs H 1 586 

Indian Pilgrim, and other Tales. Sher- 
wood F 1 545,4 

Indian Summer. Howells F 4038 

Indian Tales. Kipling F 4684 

Indiana. Dudevant F 453 

Indiana Man, An. Armstrong F 2358 

Indiscretion of the Duchess. Hawkins.F 4235 

Industry and Laziness. Hoffmann H 458 

Inez. Wilson F i960 

Infant's Progress, and other Tales. Sher- 
wood F 1 545,5 

Infelice. Wilson F 1965 

1NGELOW.J. Don John F 2197 

The same G 965 

INOELOW, J. Fated to be Free F 809 

The same G 755 

John Jerome, his Thoughts and WaysF 4361 

A Motto Changed F 4359 

Off the Skelligs F 900 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 

Quite another Story F 4360 

Sarah de Berenger G 756 

A Sister's Bye-Hours H 472 

Stories told to a Child. 2 v H 473 

Studies for Stories from Girls' LivesH 695 

INGERSOLL, E. Ice Queen H 1535 

Silver Caves; a Mining Story H 1 536 

Ingham Papers. Hale F 728 

Ingleside. Yechton H 2737 

Ingo. Freytag F 616 

Ingraban. Freytag F 617 

INGRAHAM, J. H. Pillar of Fire; or, 

Israel in Bondage M 1 282 

Prince of the House of David; Inci- 
dents in Life of Jesus M 1281 

Throne of David; Rebellion of Ab- 
salom M 1 280 

nheritance, An. Spofford F 6779 

nhentance. The. Ferrier F 1488 

nitial Experience, and other Stories. 

King F 4627 

nitials, The. Tautphoeus G 577 

njury and Insult. Dostoj6wsky F 2973 

nner House, The. Besant G 131 5 

nnocent. Oliphant F 1268 

The same G 470 

nnocent Impostor, and other Stories. 

Truttiett F 8870 

nnocents Abroad. Clemmens I 1570 

NNSLY, Owen, pseud. See JENNISON, L. W. 

nquirendo Island. Genone F 3651 

aside our Gate. Brush F 2644 

nside Out. Francis V 611 

nsurgent Chief. McHenry F 5136 

nterference. Croker F 3154 

nterloper, An. Peard F 6025 

nterpreter. Melville G 443 

nterrupted. Alden F 2403 

nterrupted Wedding. Rathbone F 2083 

nto an Unknown World. Stannard..F 9831 
nto the Highways and Hedges. Mon- 

tr£sor F 5634 

nto Unknown Seas. Ker H 1655 

ntriguers, The. Barry F 7068 

ntroduced to Society. Aide" G 844 

nvaders, and other Stories. Tolstoi.. F 7017 

nvasion, The. Griffin F 709,1 



Invasion, The, 1807-1812. Tolstoi.. .F 7002,3-4 
Invasion of France in 1814. Erckmann 

and Chatrian F 3254 

Invasion of Ivylands. Lyster H 1790 

Invisible Hands. Zobeltitz F 7720 

Invisible Lodge. Richter F 6273 

Involuntary Voyage. Biart F 2507 

Iola Leroy. Harper F 4150 

Iola, the Senator's Daughter. Hill- 
house F 4 167 

lone. Linton G 1429 

\OT A, pseud. See CAFFYN, Mrs. M. 

Iras, a Mystery. Douglas F 8501 

IRELAND, M. E. H. Timothy; his 

Neighbors and his Friends H 1540 

Ireland. Martineau F 1:51,3 

Ireland, YoungPeople'sHistoryof.TowleA 1337 

Irene; or, the Road to Freedom. Fowler.F 3547 

Irene Macgillicuddy. Oliphant F 1740,1 

The same G 1170,1 

Irene, the Missionary. De Forest F 902 

Iris. Randolph F 6247 

Irish Bulls, Essay on. Edgeworth F 518,4 

Irish Ctlts, Legendary Fictions of. Ken- 
nedy F 1009 

Irish Character, Sketches of. Hall F 724 

Irish Fairy Legends. Croker F 2900 

The same I 3601 

Irish Idylls. Barlow F 7907 

Irish Legend of M'Donnell and the Nor- 
man De Borgos. M'Sparran. . .F 5144 
Irish Life, Lights and Shadows of. 3 v. 

Hall F 721 

Irish Life, Realities of. Trench F 1786 

Irish Peasantry, Traits and Stories of. 

Carleton F 24 1 

Irish Sea Smugglers, Last Struggles of. 

Campion F 2731 

Irish Sketch-Book. Thackeray G 587 

Irish Wonders. McAnally F 5244 

IRON, Ralph, pseud. See SCHREINER, O. 

Iron Cousin. Clarke F 239 

Iron Crown, An. Denison F 901 

Iron Game, The. Keenan F 4662 

Iron Horse. Ballantyne H 225 

Iron Mask. Dumas F 490 

Iron Pirate, The. Pemberton F 6058 

Ironmaster, The. Ohnet F 5612 

Ironthorpe. Trowbridge H 736,4 

Irralie's Bushranger. Hornung F 4292 

IRVINQ.F. B. Six Girls H 1545 

IRVING, J. T. Van Gelder Papers, and 

other Sketches E 6202 

IRVING, W. (Geoffrey Crayon). The 


Bracebridge Hall 

Knickerbocker's History of New 

York [Satirical]. .. 

The same 

Sketch Book 

The same. 2 v . . . 
Tales of a Traveller 
Wolfert's Roost, and other Papers.F 

The same 

and others. Salmagundi 

The same 

s he Popenjoy? 
s he the Man? 

3 v. in 2. Trollopc.G 

Russell F 

s it true? Craik H 

s that all ? Preston F 

SAACS, A. S.Stories from the Rabbis. F 
SAACS, J. Maria; a South American 

Romance [Colombia] F 

sabeau's Hero. Stuart F 

sabel of Bavaria. Dumas F 

sabel's Difficulties. Carey F 

sabel le de Verneuil. Snell F 

shmael. 3 v. in 2. Maxwell G 

sidra. Steell F 

sla Heron. Richards H 

sland, The. Whiteing G 

slandNights'Entertainments. Stevenson F 

sland Pearl. Farjeon F 

sland Princess. Boulger F 

sland Queen. Ballantyne H 

sland Refuge. Kaler H 

sle of Feminine, The. Niswonger F 

sle of Wight. Abbott H 

sles of the Sea. Adams H 

smay's Children. Hartley F 

solina, the Actor's Daughter F 

srael Mort. Saunders G 

srael Potter. Melville F 

t happened this way. Eytingeand FisherF 

t happened Yesterday. Marshall F 

t is never too late to mend. Reade . . . F 

The same G 

t is Possible. Van-Anderson F 

t was a Lover and his Lass. 3 v. in 2. 

Oliphant G 

talian Girl. Washburn F 

talian Novelists, Selections from. 4 v. 

Roscoe F 

talian Popular Tales. Crane F 

talians, The. Elliot F 

The same G 





3599 1 



























Iva Kildare. Waltord F 9963 

Ivan de Biron. Helps F 785 

The same G 750 

Ivan Ilyitch, and other Stories. Tolstoi. V 7005 

Ivan, the Fool. Tolstoi F 7024 

Ivanda. Bray F 8087 

Ivanhoe. Scott F 2161 

The same G 544 

Ivar the Viking. Du Chaillu H 357 

Ivors. 2 v. Sewell F 1 53 1 

Ivory Gate. Besant F 2307 

Iza; Story of Russian Poland. O'Meara.F 5690 
J. S. of DALE, pseud. See STIMSON. F. J. 

Jack. Daudet F 2957 

Jack Alden. Goss H 1443 

Jack and Jill. Alcott H 136 

Jack and Rose. Floyd H 394 

Jack and Three Jills. Philips F 5915 

The same G 1340 

Jack Archer. Henty H 1504 

Jack Ballister's Fortune, Story of. PyleF 6008 

Jack Benson's Log. Norton H 1926,1 

Jack Brag. Hook F 861 

Jack Brereton's Three Months' Service. 

Cox H 1 142 

Jack Chaloner. Grant F 8819 

Jack Chumleigh. Egan H 3745 

Jack Doyle's Daughter. Francillon . . . F 8785 

Jack Gordon, Knight Errant. Hudson. F 4105 

Jack Hall. Grant... H 1461 

Jack Hazard. Trowbridge H 738 

Jack Hazlitt, A. M. O'Brien F i:;o 

Jack Hinton, the Guardsman. Lever.. G 342 

Jack Hooper. Cameron H 11 14 

Jack Horner. Tiernan F 6974 

Jack in the Bush. Grant H 1 462 

Sequel to Jack Hall. 

Jack in the Jungle. Barnum H no 

Jack Locke. Stables H 2388 

Jack Manly. Grant F 684 

Jack Midwood. Ellis H 3722,1 

Jack o' Doon. Beale F 7922 

Jack of all Trades. Parker H 599 

Jack of the Mill. Hewitt F 873 

Jack, the Chimney Sweeper. Baker... H 201,2 

Jack, the Fisherman. Ward F 5903 

Jack, the Hunchback. Kaler H 2020 

Jack Tier. Cooper F 269 

Jack's Afire. Campbell F 2698 

Jack's Courtship. Russell F 6354 

Jack's Father, and other Stories. NorrisF 5431 

Jack's Secret. Cameron F 31 16 

Jack's Ward. Alger H 158,2 

Jackanapes, and other Stories. Ewing.H 1272 

The same G 952 

JACKSON, D. Alonzo and Melissa... F 910 

JACKSON, E. P. A Demigod F 

JACKSON, Q. A. Son of a Prophet 

[Time of Solomon] F 44Q4 

JACKSON, Mrs. H. M. (//. //.) Bits 

of Talk for Young Folks H 1604 

Cat Stories H 1607 

Hetty's Strange History F 2212 

Hunter Cats of Connorloa H 1603 

Letters from a Cat H 1602 

Mercy Philbrick's Choice F 2184 

Nelly's Silver Mine H 1601 

Ramona [Indian Life in California]F 4401 

Zeph [Colorado] F 4402 

Jacky Lee. Cheever H 3441 

Jacob Faithful. Marryat F 5394 

The same G --; 

Jacob Niemand. Sherard F 6480 

Jacob Schuyler's Millions. English F 4403 

JACOBI, Mrs. M. P. Found and Lost.F 7189 

Jacobite Exile. Henty H 15^3 

JACOBS, J. (Ed.). Book of Wonder 

Voyages H 4450 

Celtic Fairy Tales H 1 585 

English Fairy Tales H 1 587 

Indian Fairy Tales H 1586 

More Celtic Fairy Tales H 1 584 

More English Fairy Tales H 1 71 5 

JACOBUS, R. I\ 1 scape from PhilistiaF 4384 

J ACOLLIOT, L. The Froler Case . . . . F 4488 

Jacquerie, The. 3 v. in 2. James F 4405 

JAMES, Mrs. F. A. {Florence War- 
den). Adela's Ordeal F 7473 

At the World's Mercy F 7462 

Deldee; the Ward of Waringham.F 7527 

Doris's Fortune. F 7537 

The Fog Princes F 7467 

Forge and Furnace F 4544 

House on the Marsh F 7528 

Kitty's Engagement F 454 1 

My Child and I F 7471 

Mystery of the Inn by the Shore.. . F 4543 

Nurse Revel's Mistake F 7468 

Passage through Bohemia F 7472 

A Prince of Darkness F 7534 

Ralph Ryder of Brent F 7464 

St. Cuthbert's Tower F 7465 

Scheherazade; a London Nights 

Entertainment F 7460 

Sea Mew Abbey F 7463 



JAMES, Mrs. F. A. {Florence War- 
den). A Spoilt Girl F 4542 

A Terrible Family F 4540 

A Vagrant Wife F 7535 

A Woman's Face; or, a Lakeland 

Mystery F 7461 

JAMES, Q. P. R. Agincourt [England 

and France, 1415] G 258 

Arabella Stuart [James I.] F 919 

The same G 259 

Arrah Neil [Charles I., Civil War].G 260 

Beauchamp G 261 

Castle of Ehrenstein [Germany, 13th 

Century] G 262 

Cavalier [English Civil War] F 911 

Charles Tyrrell F 4521 

Convict [England, 1838-48] G 263 

Corse de Leon; or, the Brigand 

[France, 16th Century] F 912 

Dark Scenes of History F 924 

Darnley [Henry VIII., 1520] G 264 

De l'Orme [France, 1640] F 4523 

Delaware [Time of George 1 1 1 .] . . . F 4522 

The Desultory Man F 4510 

False Heir G 265 

Forest Days [Robin Hood] G 266 

Gipsy [Time of George II.] G 267 

Gowrie [Scotland, 1600] F 925 

Heidelberg, 1618-20 [Beginning of 

Thirty Years* War] G 268 

Henry of Guise. 2 v. [France, I588J.F 913 
The Jacquerie. 3 v. in 2 [French 

Peasant War, 1357] F 4405 

Last of the Fairies; a Christmas Tale 

[Time of the Commonwealth]. . . F 914 

Leonora d'Orco, Italy, 1494 F 4524 

Lord Montagu's Page [Historical 

Romance of the 17th Century ]...F 915 

The Man at Arms [Charles IX., 1 572]F 4527 

Margaret Graham F 4525 

Mary of Burgundy; or, the Revolt 

of Ghent F 4528 

Morley Ernstein G 269 

Old Dominion; or, Southampton 

Massacre F 45 1 1 

One in a Thousand; or, the Days of 

Henri Quatre , F 916 

Philip Augustus [Crusades] F 917 

Richelieu [Time of Louis XIII.].. .F 004 
Rose d'Albret [Time of Henry IV. of 

France] G 061 

Russell [Charles II., 1683]. F 918 

The same G 270 

JAMES, Q. P. R. Sir Theodore Brough- 

ton [1781] G 271 

Smuggler [Time of George III.]...G 272 

Stepmother G 273 

Whim, and its Consequences G 274 

JAMES, H., Jr. The American F 907 

The Aspern Papers; Louisa Pallant; 

The Modern Warning F 4409 

Author of Beltraffio F 4416 

Contents: Author of Beltraffio; Pandora; 
Georgina's Reasons; The Path of Duty; 
Four Meetings. 

The Bostonians F 4417 

Confidence F 4410 

Daisy Miller, and An International 

Episode F 4414 

Embarrassments F 4395 

Contents: The Figure in the Carpet; 
Glasses; The Next Time; The Way it 

The Europeans F 931 

The Lesson of the Master F 4397 

Contents: The Lesson of the Master; 
The Marriages; The Pupil; Brook- 
smith; The Solution; Sir Edmund Orme. 
A London Life, and other Stories. F 4407 
Contents: A London Life; The Pata- 
gonia; The Liar; Mrs. Temperly. 

The Other House F 4394 

Passionate Pilgrim, and other TalesF 908 

Portrait of a Lady F 4412 

Princess Casamassima F 4418 

The Private Life; Lord Beaupr£; 

The Visits F 4399 

The Real Thing, and other Tales. F 4398 

The Reverberator F 4408 

Roderick Hudson. F 909 

Siege of London; .Pension Beaure- 

pas; Point of View F 4413 

The Spoils of Poynton F 4393 

Tales of Three Cities F 4415 

Contents: The Impressions of a Cousin; 
Lady Barberina; A New England Win- 
Terminations, and other Stories. . .F 4306 
Contents: Terminations; The Death of 
the Lion; The Coxon Fund; The Middle 
Years; The Altar of the Dead. 

The Tragic Muse. 2 v F 4406 

Washington Square F 44 1 1 

Watch and Ward F 932 

The Wheel of Time; Collaboration; 

Owen Wingrave F 4400 

James Chapman; or, the Way of Common 

Sense H 291,2 

James Duke, Costermonger. Gilbert.. F ^691 



James Inwick, Ploughman and Elder. 

Hunter F 4280 

James Montjoy. Roe F 1 437 

JamesVansittart.Vengeanceof. Needell.F 5485 
JAMESON, Mrs. A. M. Diary of an 

Ennuyee I 004 

The same I 7008 

JAMISON, Mrs. C. V. Crown from the 

Spear F 737 

Lady Jane H 1600 

Ropes of Sand, and other Stories. . F 738 

Something to do F 1578 

Story of an Enthusiast F 4419 

Toinette's Philip H 1598 

Woven of many Threads F 740 

Jan of the Windmill. Ewing H 377 

Jan Wdder's Wife. Barr F 2505 

Jane, a Social Incident. Corelli F 5089 

Jane Eyre. Nicholls 1 1 236 

The same G 458 

Jane Field. Wilkins F 7584 

Jane Lomax. 3 v. Smith F 1564 

Jane Seton. Grant F 8820 

Jane Sinclair. Carleton F 234 

Jane Warner. Heart of. Lean G 1086 

Janet; a Poor Heiress. Clarke H 295 

Janet's Repentance. Cross G 366,2 

JANNEY, L. N. Alton-Thorpe F 4420 

JANSON, K. The Spell-bound Fiddler, a 

Norse Romance F 4424 

LIPS, Q. S. 
JANVIER,M. T. (Margaret Vandegrift). 
Doris, and Theodora [Life in Santa 

Cruz] F 7291 

Little Helpers H 2602 

Queen's Body-Guard F 7290 

Rose Raymond's Ward F 7292 

Under the Dog-Star H 2601 

Ways and Means F 7293 

JANVIER, T. A. The Aztec Treasure- 

House [Mexico] F 4390 

Color Studies F 4404 

Contents: Rose Madder; Jaune d' 
Antimoine; Orpinient & Gamboge; 
Roberson's Medium. 

Stories of Old New Spain F 4391 

The Uncle of an Angel, and other 

Stories F 4392 

Japan, Young Americans in. Greey I 1588 

Japanese Fairy World. Griffis H 1448 

Japanese Marriage, A. Sladen F 6495 

Japhet in Search of a Father. Marryat.F 5398 

The same G 425 

JARBOE, Mrs. J. R. ( T. If. Brainerd). 

Go Forth and Find F 7254 

Robert Atterbury F 7259 

Jargal. Hugo F 887 

JARVES, J. J. Kiana; a Tradition of 

Hawaii F 4386 

JARVIS, T. S. Geoffrey Hampstead 

[Canadian Life] F 4387 

Jarwin and Cuffy. Ballantyne H 1012 

Jason Edwards. Garland F 3767 

Jasper Thorn. Egan H 3744 

Jaunt through Java. Ellis H 1249 

JAY, H. Queen of Connaught F 5000 

JAY, W. M. L., pseud. See WOODRUFF, 

Mrs. J. L. M. 
JAYNE, R. H. War Whoop Series.. . H 1583 

v. 1. Lost in the Wilderness. 

2. Through Apache Land. 

3. In the Pecos Country. 

4. The Cave in the Mountain. 

Wild Adventure Series H 1581 

v. 1. On the Trail of Geronimo; or, 
In the Apache Country. 

2. The White Mustang; a Tale 

of the Lone Star State. 

3. The Land of Mystery. 
JEAFFRESON, J. C. Lottie Darling. F 927 

man in Spite of Herself G 276 

Jealousy; or, Tevenno. Dudevant F 454 

Jean. Newman F 1242 

Jean Belin, the French Robinson Crusoe. 

Gu£zenec H 1429 

Jean Berny, Sailor. Viaud F 737 1 

JeandeKerdren. Schultz F 6802 

Jean Jarousseau. Pelletan F 5941 

The same E 1430 

Jean Monteith. McClelland F 5223 


J. P. F. 
Jeanie o'Biggersdale, and other Yorkshire 

Stories. Simpson F 6714 

Jeanne d'Arc, Days of. Catherwood. . . F 8156 

Jeannette. Peard H 2047 

JEANS, T. Tommiebeg Shootings. . . F 4470 
JEBB, Mrs. J. Q. Some Unconventional 

People F 4557 

Jed; a Boy's Adventures in the Army. 

Goss H 1437 

Jeff Benson. Ballantyne H 973 

JEFFERIES, R. After London F 44P 

The Dewy Morn F 45U 

Wood Magic; a Fable E 3781 

JEFFREY, Mrs. R. V. Q. Marah.. . .F 44^8 



JENKIN, Mrs. H. C. Jupiter's Daugh- 
ters F Q22 

The same G 758 

Once and Again G 278 

Psyche of To-day F 921 

Skirmishing G 279 

Two French Marriages G 280 

v. 1. Psyche of To-day. 
2. Madame de Beaupre* . 

Who Breaks— Pays G 281 

Within an Ace F 923 

The same G 282 

JENKINS, J. E. The Devil's Chain. .E 1273 
Ginx's Baby [Satire on English Poor 

Laws] E 1269 

Ginx's Baby; Lord Bantam G 277 

Haverholme ; or.Apotheosis of JingoF 4426 

Jobson's Enemies F 4433 

Little Hodge [Labor and Capital].. E 1270 

Lord Bantam E 1271 

Paladin of Finance F 4425 

Secret of her Life F 4434 

JENKS, T. Century World's Fair Book 

for Boys and Girls H 1 589 

Imaginotions, truthless Tales H 1588 

JENNER, Mrs. H. (K. Lee). Love or 

Money ? F 4497 

JENNESS, Mrs. T. R. Piokee and her 

People; a Ranch and Tepee Story H 1597 

Two Young Homesteaders H 1606 

Jennie of the Prince's. Buxton G 879 

JENNINGS, H. One of the Thirty.. . . F 4427 
JENNINGS, L. J. The Millionaire... F 4429 
JENNISON, L. W. {O.Innsiy). Penel- 
ope's Web; Episode of Sorrento.. F 4371 
Jenny Harlowe, Romance of. Russell. F 6361 

Jenny's Ordeal. Tinseau F 7141 

JENSEN, W. Runic Rocks; a North- 
Sea Idyl F 4486 

JEPHSON, A. J. M. Stories told in an 

African Forest H 1 582 

JERDON, G. The Keyhole Country.. H 1620 

Jericho Road. Habberton F 759 

JEROME, F. High-Water-Mark F 928 

JEROME, J. K. John Ingerfield, and 

other Stories F 4477 

Contents: In Remembrance of John In- 
gerfield, and of Anne, his Wife ; The 
Woman of the Sseter; Variety Patter; 
Silhouettes; The Lease of the Cross 

Novel Notes F 4476 

Three Men in a Boat I 6284 

Told after Supper F 4475 

Jerome, a Poor Man. Wilkins F 7714 

JERROLD, D. Men of Character.. . .G 283 
Barber's Chair, and Hedgehog Let- 
ters E 3775 

Fireside Saints, Mr. Caudle's Break- 
fast-Talk, and other Papers E 1272 

Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. . ,E 1265 

St. Giles and St. James G 284 

Works F 4430 

v 1. St. Giles and St. James; 
Punch's Letters to his Son. 

2. Story of a Feather; Cakes 

and Ale. 

3. Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lec- 

tures; Men of Character; 
Punch's Complete Letter 

4. Man made of Money ; 

Sketches of the English ; 
Chronicles of Clovernook ; 
The sick Giant and the 
Doctor Dwarf. 

JERROLD, W. B. Cent per Cent . . . . F 4431 

Cockaynes in Paris F 926 

Jerry. Elliot F 3232 

Jerry. Simonds H 677,7 

Jerry, the Dreamer. Payne F 6123 

Jerry's Family. Kaler H 2006 

JERSEY, Countess of. Eric, Prince of 

Lorlonia; Fairy Tales H 4456 

Maurice; or, the Red Jar H 1 592 

Jerseymen Meeting. Martineau F 1151,9 

Jerseymen Parting. Martineau Fi 151,10 

Jess. Haggard F 3871 

The same G 1262 

Jessamine. Terhune F 1766 

Jessamy Bride. Moore F 9490 

Jessie. Simonds H 677,6 

Jessie Graham. Holmes F 850 

Jessie Wells. Alden H 910 

JESSOP, G. H. Gerald Ffrench's 

Friends F 4461 

Jessop Blythe, Banishment of. Hatton.F 3831 

JESSOPP, A. Mr. Dandelow F 4462 

Jesuit of To-Day. McNeill F 9434 

Jesuit's Ring, The. Hayes F 3897 

Jet; her Face or her Fortune. EdwardsG 735 

Jew, The. Kraszewski F 4730 

Jew, The. Spindler F 1549 

Jews of Barnow. Franzos F 3555 

Jewel in the Lotus. Tincker F 6991 

Jewel Mysteries I have known. Pem- 

berton F 6054 


Jewel of a Girl. Crommelin F 941 

Jewel of Ynys Galon. Rhoscomyl F 6404 

JEWETT, S. O. Betty Leicester H I$g0 

Country By-Ways F 4435 

Country Doctor F 4437 

Country of the Pointed Firs F 4468 

Deephaven F 4463 

King of Folly Island and other Peo- 
ple F 4440 

The Life of Nancy F 4467 

Contents: The Life of Nancy; Fame's 
Little Day: A War Debt; The Hilton's 
Holiday; The only Rose; A Second 
Spring; Little French Mary; The 
Guests of Mrs. Timms; A Neighbor's 
Landmark; All my sad Captains. 

A Marsh Island F 4438 

Mate of the Daylight and Friends 

ashore F 4436 

Native of Winby, and other Tales.F 4466 

Old Friends and New F 905 

Strangers and Wayfarers F 4465 

Tales of New England F 4464 

A White Heron, and other Stories. F 4439 
Contents: A White Heron; The Gray 
Man; Farmer Finch; Marsh Rosemary; 
The Dulham Ladies; A Business Man; 
Mary and Martha; News from Peter- 
sham; The Two Browns. 

Jewish Tales. Sacher-Masoch F 6481 

JEWSBURY, G. E. Constance HerbertF 4482 

Zoe ; H istory of Two Lives F 4483 

Jezebel's Daughter. Collins G 930 

Jezebel's Friends. Russell F 6348 

Jill. Dillwyn F 2968 

Jill and Jack. Dillwyn F 2971 

Jim Bentley's Resolve. Rouse H 2219 

Jim of Hellas. Richards F 6443 

Jimmy Boy. Clarke H 3490,2 

Jimmy Brown, Adventures of. Alden.H 93 

Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore. AlcottH 124,5 

Jimmyjohns, and other Stories. Diaz..H \\ 

Jinny and his Partners. Kaler H 202 1 

Jo-Boat Boys. Cowan H 1 1 72 

Jo's Boys. Alcott H 121 

Jo's Opportunity. Lillie H 1743 

Joachin von Kamern. Nathusius G 454 

Joan. Broughton G 711 

Joan Haste. Haggard F 4190 

Joan Merryweather, and other Tales. 

Cooper G 810 

Joan of Arc, Days of. Catherwood F 8156 

Personal Recollections. Clemens.. C 18251 

Joan the Maid. Charles F 2741 

Joan's Victory F 4495 

Joanna Traill, Spinster. Holdsworth . . F 4321 

Jobson's Enemies. Jenkins 1 4433 

JOCELYN, Mrs. R. A Big Stake.. F 4507 

Drawn Blank F 4506 

Jocelyn's Mistake. Spender F 1670 

Jock o' Dreams. -Lippmann H 1773 

Joe Baker; or, the One Church H 291,1 

Joe Bentley, Naval Cadet. Clark H 1080 

Joe Cummings; or, the Story of a Son in 

Search of his Mother F 4481 

Joe Way ring at Home. Fosdick H 1285,1 

Joel, a Boy of Galilee. Johnston H 4470 

Johannes Olaf. Wille F 1939 

JOHN, E. {Elsie Marlitt). At the Coun- 
cillor's F 937 

Bailiff's Maid F 444 1 

Countess Gisela F 933 

Gold Elsie F 938 

In the Schillingscourt F 939 

Lady with the Rubies F 4442 

Little Moorland Princess F 934 

The same G 287 

Old Mam'selle's Secret F 936 

Over Yonder F 4444 

The Owl's Nest F 4443 

Princess of the Moor". G 287 

Same as Little Moorland Princess. 

The Second Wife F 935 

John. Oliphant F 1260 

John Andross. Davis F 360 

John Auburntop, Novelist. Hancock. F 3822 

John Barlow's Ward F 4450 

John Bodewin's Testimony. Foote F 3543 

John Boyd's Adventures. Knox H 1 709 

John Bremm. Hopkins F 865 

John Brent. Winthrop H 772 

John Brownlow's Folks. Allen H 955 

John Caldigate. 3 v. in 2. Trollope G 1094 

John Charaxes. Curtis F 2629 

John Darker. Lee F 4865 

John Deane. Kingston H 1689 

John Dorrien. Kavanagh F 959 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 761 

John Eax. Tourgee F 7043 

John Ford, his Faults and Follies. Bar- 
rett F 7004 

John Fordham, Betrayal of. Farjeon..F 8770 

John Godfrey's Fortunes. Taylor F 1752 

John Godsoe's Legacy. Kellogg H 483,5 

John Gray. Allen F 2322 

John Halifax, Gentleman. Craik F 2890 

The same G 114 

John Herring. Gould G 1424 



John Holden, Unionist. De Leon and 

Ledyard F 3165 

John Holdsworth, Chief Mate. Russell. F 6357 

Johnlngerfield.and otherStories. JeromeF 4477 

John Inglesant. Shorthouse F 65QI 

The same G 817 

John-Jack. Peebles H 610,4 

John Jerome. Ingelow F 4361 

John Kent, Boyhood of. Allen H 956 

John Law. Ainsworth G 13 

John Leighton, Jr. Trask F 703 1 

John Logan, Penance of. Black F 7972 

John Maidment. Sturgis F 6686 

John March, Southerner. Cable F 2717 

John Marchmont's Legacy. Maxwell.. G 3q 

John Marten. Sherwood F 1545,16 

John Milton and his Times. Ring F 1416 

John Needham's Double. Hatton F 3890 

John Paget. Elliott F 3239 

John Parmelee's Curse. Hawthorne.. F 3916 

John Rantoul. Nelson F 5389 

John Remington, Martyr. Alden and 

Livingston F 2354 

John Sherman, and Dhoya. Yeats F 7229 

John Smith, President. Adams F 7800 

John Spicer Lectures. Diaz H 12 12 

John Thompson, Blockhead, and other 

Stories. Parr F 1287 

John Thorn's Folks. Teal F 6945 

John Trevennick, Story of. Rhoades. . F 6403 

John Vale's Guardian. Murray F 9543 

John Ward, Preacher. Deland F 2975 

John Winter. Mayo F 690 

John Worthington's Name. Benedict.. F 138 
JOHNES, M. Prince Charley, the Young 

Chevalier H 476 

Johnny Ludlow. Wood F 940 

The same G 760 

Johnnykin and the Goblins. Leland. . H 1736 

JOHNSON, C. The Farmer's Boy .... H 1 591 

JOHNSON, E. R. End of a Rainbow. H 161 1 

Phaeton Rogers H 1610 

(Ed.). Little Classics. 18 v I 3873 

For Contents See Little Classics. 
JOHNSON, Mrs.E.W. TwoLoyal LoversF 4485 
JOHNSON, Mrs. H. K. Raleigh West- 
gate F 4458 

Roddy's Ideal H 471 

Roddy's Reality H 474 

Roddy's Romance H 479 

JOHNSON, J. Clever Boys of our Time 

who became Famous Men H 1608 

Clever Girls of our Time H 1609 

JOHNSON, R. L. Brilliant Prospects. F 942 
JOHNSON, S. Rasselas, Prince of Abys- 
sinia F 946 

The same *F 1 1 5,26 

The same I 2958 

The same I 3890 

The same J 155,1 

The same *J 1 56, 1 

The same *I 3402 

JOHNSON, V. W. Calderwood Secret.F 945 

Catskill Fairies H 477 

English Daisy Miller F 4451 

The Fainalls of Tipton F 4452 

Foreign Marriage; or, Buyinga Title F 3528 

House of the Musician F 4456 

Joseph, the Jew F 950 

A Sack of Gold F 947 

Tulip Place; a Story of New York . F 4454 
JOHNSTON, Mrs. A. C. Miriam's Herit- 
age; Story of the Delaware River. F 2721 

JOHNSTON, A. F. Big Brother H 1599 

Joel, a Boy of Galilee H 4470 

The Little Colonel H 4471 

JOHNSTON, G. K. {Leslie Keith). 'Lis- 

beth F 4533 

A Lost Illusion F 4746 

JOHNSTON, H. Doctor Congalton's 

Legacy F 4556 

JOHNSTON, R.M. Dukesborough Tales; 

Chronicles of Mr. Bill Williams. F 4471 

Contents: The Goosepond School; How 
Mr. Bill Williams took the Responsi- 
bility; Investigations concerning Mr. 
Jonas Lively; Old Friends and New; 
The Expensive Treat of Colonel Mo- 
ses Grice ; King William and his Ar- 

Little Ike Templin, and other Sto- 
ries F 4474 

Contents: Little Ike Templin; Oby 
Griffin; Black Spirits and White; The 
Bee-Hunters; Poor Mr. Brown; Len 
Cane about Dogs: Buck and Old Billy; 
The Two Woollys; The Stress of Tobe; 
The Quick Recovery of Mr. Nathan 
Swint; The Campaigns of Mr. Potiphar 
McCray; Careful Pleadings; A Step- 
son's Recollection. 

Mr. Absalom Billingslea, and other 

Georgia Folk F 4447 

Mr. Billy Downs and his Likes F 4472 

Contents: A Bachelor's Counsellings; 
Parting from Sailor; Two Administra 
tions; Almost a Wedding in Dooley 
District; Something in a Name; The 
Townses and their Cousins. 



JOHNSTON, R.M. Mr. Former's Marital 

Claims, and other Stories F 4473 

Contents: Mr. Fortner's Marital Claims; 
Old Gas Lawson; An Adventure of Mr. 
Joel Bozzle; A Moccasin among the 
Hobbies; A Surprise to Mr. Thompson 

Old Mark Langston F 4453 

Old Times in Middle Georgia F 4534 

The Primes and their Neighbors ; 
Ten Tales of Middle Georgia... F 4446 

Widow Guthrie F 4448 

JOHNSTONE, D. L. In the Land of the 

Golden Plume H 1612 

Rebel Commodore [War of 18 12]. . F 4469 
Johnstown Stage, and other Stories. 

Fletcher F 3385 

JOHONNOT, J. Stories of other Lands . H 1 504 

JOKAI, M. Black Diamonds F 4490 

Eyes like the Sea F 4505 

The Green Book; or, Freedom under 

the Snow F 4498 

Hungarian Sketches F 944 

In Love with the Czarina, and other 

Stories F 4503 

Modern Midas F 

The Nameless Castle F 4502 

Peter the Priest F 4561 

Pretty Michal F 4501 

There is no Devil 1 4500 

Timar's Two Worlds F 4504 

JOLLY, E. Colonel Dacre F ,301 

The same G 759 

Jolly Fellowship. Stockton H 687 

Jolly Good Summer. Smith H 2359 

Sequel to Jolly Good Times To-day. 

Jolly Good Times. Smith 11 

JollyGood Times at Hackmatack.SmithH 2348 

Jolly Good Times To-Day. Smith H 2358 

Jolly Rover. Trowbridge H 720 

Jonas as Judge. Abbott H 51,2 

Jonas Haggerley. Wray H 2734 

Jonas on a Farm— Summer. Abbott.. H 5 1 ,4 
Jonas on a Farm— Winter. Abbott... H 51,3 
Jonas Stories. See Abbott, J. 

Jonas's Stories. Abbott. H 51,1 

Jonathan Jefferson Whitlaw, Life and 

Adventures of. Trollope F 7066 

JONES.A.I. Beatrice of Bayou Teche.I 
JONES, C. A. A Modern Red Riding 

Hood H 1533 

JONES, C. C, Jr. Negro Myths from 

the Georgia Coast F 4445 

JONES, C. H. Davault's Mills F 952 

JONES, Mrs. G. W. (G. Warden). Her 

Fairy Prince Y 7656 

JONES, J. B. Wild Southern Scenes.F 949 
Wild Western Scenes [ Daniel 

Boone ] F 948 

JONES, S. J. Godfrey Brenz F 4496 

Rest or Unrest ;Story of the SabbathH 1 595 

Words and Ways H 1 596 

Joneses and the Asterisks. Campbell. F 8166 

Joost Avelingh. Schwartz F 5361 

The same G 1382 

JORDAN, K. The Other House F 4490 

and others. Ten Notable Stories.. F 4491 
For Contents See Ten Notable Stories. 

Jorrock's Jaunts and Jollities. Surtees.F 6710 

Jos£ and Benjamin. Delitzsch F 2965 

Joseph and his Friend. Taylor F 1753 

Joseph Andrews. Fielding I 2983 

The same J 60 

The same *F 1 15,18 

Joseph Balsamo. Dumas F 493 

Same as Memoirs of a Physician. 

Joseph Bonaparte. Abbott H 74 

Joseph Noirel's Revenge. Cherbuliez.F Klti 

Joseph II. and his Court. Mundt F 1208 

Joseph, the Dreamer. Bird H 3201 

Joseph, the Jew. Johnson F 950 

Joseph Zalmonah. King F 4616 

Joseph's Coat. II urray F 9547 

Josephine, Empress, History of. Ab- 
bott H 67 

Josephine, the Empress. Mundt F 1204 

Josephine Crewe. Boulton F 8009 

Josh Billings; his Works. Shaw E 837 

hiz Sayings. Shaw E 836 

on Ice. Shaw E 5735 

Joshua. Ebers F 3200 

Joshua Davidson, True History of. Lin- 
ton G 286 

Joshua Haggard's Daughter. Maxwell. F 204 

The same G 709 

Joshua Marvel. Farjeon F 556 

Josiah Allen's Wife. Holley E 4012 

Josiah's Alarm. Holley F 4335 

Journal of Home Life. Sewell F 1530 

The same G 557 

Journal of a Live Woman. Van-Ander- 
son F 7360 

Journey in other Worlds. Astor F 7830 

Journey of Life. Puseley F 3554 

Journey to Mars. Pope F 61 21 

Journey to the Center of the Earth. 

Verne F 1827 



Joy of Life, The. Wolf F 7611 

JOYCE, P. W. (Tr.). Old Celtic Ro- 
mances F 954 

JOYCE, R. D. Legends of Wars in 

Ireland F 95 1 

Joyce Morrell's Harvest. Holt F 4030 

Joyous Story of Toto. Richards H 2227 

Juan and Juanita. Baylor H 1025 

Juana. Balzac F 7878 

Juanita; a Romance of Cuba. Mann..F 5204 

Jucklins, The. Read F 6222 

Judah's Lion. Tonna J 71,2 

The same J 275,2 

The same F 1691 

JUDD, S. Margaret F 953 

Richard Edney and the Governor's 

Family F 955 

Jude, the Obscure. Hardy F 4164 

Judge Burnhams Daughters. Alden..F 2393 

Judgment Books. Benson F 7948 

Judith ; a Chronicle of Old Virginia. 

Terhune F 6952 

Judith Shakespeare. Black F 2556 

The same G 1234 

Judith Trachtenberg. Franzos F 3634 

Juggernaut. Eggleston and Marbourg.F 3281 

Juggler, The. Murfree F 9523 



a and her Romeo. Murray F 9544 

a de Roubigne\ Mackenzie J 179,3 

The same *F 115,29 

a Mandeville. Brooke *F n 5,27 

a Ried. Alden F 957 

an. Ware F 1856 

an Home. Farrar H 389 

an Mortimer. Fosdick H 1359 

ette; or, Now and Forever. Baker.F 87 

ette, Story of. Washington H 2626 

us Caesar. Abbott H 21 

us, the Street-Boy out West. Alger. H 156,1 

us Farley. Tuthill H 743 

JUNCKER, E., pseud. See SCHMIEDEN, E. 

June. Bridges F 3526 

June Romance, A. Gale F 8907 

Jungle Book, The. Kipling F 4726 

Jungle Jack. Eden H 1226 

Jungle, Peak and Plain. Stables H 2396 

Jupiter Lights. Woolson F 7551 

Jupiter's Daughters. Jenkin F 922 

The same G 758 

Just as I am. Maxwell G 871 

Just his Luck. Adams H 1613 

Just Impediment. Pryce F 6017 

Just Plain Folks. Doubleday F 3066 

Just Sixteen. Woolsey H 2726 

Justification of Andrew Lebrun. Barrett. F 7903 

Justina. Weitzel F 2213 

Justine's Lovers. Howell F 943 

Juvenile Plutarch; Lives of Celebrated 

Children C T08 

Kabaosa; or, the Warriors of the West. 

Snelling F 1 504 

Kafir Stories. Scully F 6707 

Kalani of Oahu. Newell F 5454 

KALER, J. O. {James Otis). Adventures 

of a Country Boy at a Fair H 2009 

Andy's Ward H 2007 

At the Siege of Quebec H 4605 

Boy Captain; or, from Forecastle to 

Cabin H 4602 

Boys of Fort Schuyler H 4606 

Boys of 1 745atCapture of Louisbourg H 2005 

Boys' Revolt H 2022 

Braganza Diamond H 2019 

The Castaways on the FloridaReefsH 2016 

Chasing a Yacht H 2023 

Ezra Jordan's Escape from the Mas- 
sacre at Fort Loyall H 1994 

How Tommy saved the Barn H 2008 

An Island Refuge H 1995 

Jack the Hunchback H 2020 

Jerry's Family H 2006 

Jinny and his Partners H 2021 

Left Behind; Ten Days a News- 
boy H 2014 

Little Joe H 2017 

Mr. Stubbs's Brother H 201 1 

Sequel to Toby Tyler. 

Neal, the Miller, a Son of Liberty H 1996 

Raising the " Pearl." H 2013 

A Runaway Brig; or, an Accidental 

Cruise H 2018 

Silent Pete ; or, the Stowaways. . . H 2015 
Teddy and Carrots, Two Merchants 

of Newspaper Row H 4601 

Tim and Tip, Adventures of a Boy 

and a Dog H 2012 

Toby Tyler; or, Ten Weeks with a 

Circus H 2010 

With Lafayette at Yorktown H 1998 

Wood Island Light H 1999 

Wreck of the Circus H 4604 

Wrecked on Spider Island H 4603 

Kaloolah, Adventures of. Mayo F 1 165 

Kam£ham£ha, the Conquering King 

Newell F 5453 



KANE, J. J. Ilian; or, Curse of Old 

South Church of Boston F 

Kangaroo Hunters. Bowman H 

Kanter Girls. Branch H 

KARAMSIN, N. M. Tales from the 

Russian F 

KARAZIN, N. N.TheTwo-leggedWolfF 
Karl Kiegler; or, Fortunes of a Found- 
ling H 

Karma. Carus F 

Karma. Sinnett F 

Kate Beaumont. DeForest F 

Kate Carnegie. Watson F 

Kate Coventry. Melville G 

Kate Danton. Fleming F 

Kate Weathers. Vaughan . . . 

Katerfelto. Melville G 

Katharine Ashton. 2 v. Sewell 

Katharine Lauderdale. 2 v. Crawford. F 

Katharine North. Pool F 

Katharine Regina. Besant G 

Katharine Walton. Simms 

Katharine's Experiment. Clark H 

Katherine Earle. Trafton F 

Katherine's Trial. Parr G 

Kathie's Stories. See Douglas, A. M. 

Kathleen. Burnett 

Kathleen Mavourneen. Burnett F 2280,2 

Same as Kathleen. 

Katia. Tolstoi 

KATSCH,G.A.-Under the Stork's v 

Katy of Catoctin. Townsend 

KATZENBERQER, F. I. He would have 

me be brave F 

KAUFMAN, R. (Ed.). Young Folks' 

Plutarch ,C I44<> 

KAV AN AOH, J. Adele. 3 v. in 2 G 288 

Beatrice G 289 

Bessie F 4647 

The same ! 290 

Daisy Burns , G 291 

Dora G 292 

Forget-me-nots G 970 

Grace Lee G 301 

John Dorrien F 959 

The same. 3 v; in 2 G 761 

Madeleine; a Tale of Auvergne F 972 

Nathalie G 295 

Queen Mab F 960 

The same G 296 

Rachel Gray G 297 

Seven Years, and other Tales G 298 

Silvia G 971 

101 1 

104 1 
















KAVANAGH, J. Sybil's Second Love.G 299 

Two Lilies F 956 

The same G, 762 

Kavanagh. Longfellow F 4850 

The same I 3126 

The same J 1 

The same J 1 76,3 

KEARY, A. Castle Daly; Story of an 

Irish Home [Famine, 1847] F 961 

The same G 080 

Oldbury G 981 

and E. Heroes of Asgard; Tales 

from Scandinavian Mythology. ..F 965 

KEARY, C. F. Herbert Vanlennert...F 4761 

KEARY, E. The Magic Valley H 1641 

K EDDIE, H. (Sara A Tytler). Beauty 

and the Beast F 7161 

The Bride's Pass . . F 7162 

A Bubble Fortune F 4643 

Buried Diamonds F 7163 

Citoyenne Jacqueline. 3 v. [French 

Revolution] F 2 1 20 

Days of Yore. 2 v F 1818 

Diamond Rose [Scotland, 18th Cen- 
tury] F 1807 

Garden of Women F 4642 

Girl Neighbours H 1647 

A Houseful of Girls H 1646 

Huguenot Family in the English 

Village F 7164 

Lady Bell [Mrs. Siddons] F 1816 

Noblesse Oblige F 7165 

Saint Mungo'sCity F 7166 

Summer Snow F 464 1 

Three Frights and Beauties H 1645 

What she came through F 7167 

Keedon Bluffs, Story of. Murfree F 2865 

KEELER, R. Gloverson and his Silent 

Partners F 963 

KEELING, E. d»E. In Thoughtland 

and in Dreamland G 1 380 

A Laughing Philosopher G 804 

Orchardscroft; Story of an Artist. F 4606 

Three Sisters G 803 

KEENAN, H. F. The Aliens F 4661 

The Iron Game [Am. Civil War]. . F 4662 

The Money-Makers ,F 5297 

Trajan [Franco- Prussian War] F 4660 

KEENE, Mrs. S. F. Guy's Life-LessonH 480 

Keenie's To-Morrow. Conklin H 1104 

Keeper of the Keys. Robinson F 6200 

Keeper of the Salamander's Order. 

Shattuck H j 



Keeping the Vow. Morgan F 5307 

KEIGHTLEY, S. R. The Cavaliers 

[Charles I. and Cromwell] F 4765 

The Crimson Sign [Ireland, 1689].. F 4766 

The Last Recruit of Clare's F 4767 

KEIGHTLEY, T. Fairy Mythology. .1 3354 
KEITH, A. Y., pseud. See MORRIS, E. L. 
KEITH, Leslie, pseud. See JOHNSTON, G. K. 

Keith; or, Righted at Last. Scott F 6574 

Keith Deramore. Butt F 8083 

KELLEY, J. C. J. Desperate ChanceF 4654 
KELLOGG, E. Elm Island Stories.. .H 482 
v. 1. Lion Ben. 

2. Charlie Bell. 

3. Ark of Elm Island. 

4. Boy Farmers. 

5. Young Ship-builders. 

6. Hard Scrabble. 

Forest Glen Series H 481 

v. 1. Sowed by the Wind. 

2. Wolf Run. 

3. Brought to the Front. 

4. Mission of Black Rifle. 

5. Forest Glen. 

6. Burying the Hatchet. 
Good Old Times Series: 

v. 1. Live Oak Boys H 1652 

2. The Unseen Hand II 165 1 

3. Strong Arm and Mother's 

Blessing H 1650 

4. Good Old Times H 521 

Pleasant Cove Series H 483 

v. 1. Arthur Brown. 

2. Young Deliverers. 

3. Cruise of the Casco. 

4. Child of the Island Glen. 

5. John Godsoe's Legacy. 

6. Fisher Boy. 

Whispering Pine Series H 484 

v. 1. Spark of Genius. 

2. Sophomores of Radcliffe. 

3. Whispering Pine. 

4. Winning his Spurs. 

5. Turning of the Tide. 

6. Stout Heart. 
KELLOGG, Mrs. S. W. The Livelies, 

and other Stories F 966 

Kellys and the O'Kellys. Trollope.. . .F 6997 

Kelp. Allen H 940,4 

Kelp-Gatherers, The. Trowbridge H 2513 

KEMBLE.F.A. FarawayandLongago.F 998 
KENDALL, Mrs. E. D. Stanifords of 

Staniford's Folly H 488 

KENDALL, M. Such is Life F 4663 

KENEALY,A. Dr. Janet of HarleyStreetF 461 1 
KENEALY, E. V. H. Edward Wortley 

Montagu F 4613 

The same C 859 

Kenelm Chillingly. Lytton F 501a 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 383 

Kenilworth. Scott F 2162 

The same G 545 

KENNARD, M.E.L. Homburg Beauty.F 474° 

Pretty Kitty Herrick F 474 1 

KENNEDY, G. Dunallan F 4615 

KENNEDY, J. P. Horse-Shoe Robin- 
son [South Carolina, 1780] F 969 

The same *P 276 

Quodilbet [1834] *P 278 

Rob of the Bowl [Days of Lord 

Baltimore] F 970 

The same *B 279 

Swallow Barn; Sojourn in the Old ' 

Dominion F 97 1 

The same *P 280 

KENNEDY, P. Banks of the Boro 

[Chronicle of County Wexford].. F 1005 

Bardic Stories of Ireland F 1004 

Evenings in the Duffrey F 1006 

Legendary Fiction of the Irish CeltsF 1009 
KENNEDY, W. In the Dwellings of 

Silence [Nihilism in Russia] F 4614 

Kenneth. Yonge H 2829 

KENNEY, M. E. See PAULL, Mrs. M. E. K. 
Kensington Palace in the Days of Queen 

Mary II. Marshall F 5566 

Kent Hampden. Davis H 1189 

Kentucky Cardinal, A. Allen F 7815 

Kentucky Colonel, A. Read F 6268 

Kentucky's Love. King F 979 

KENYON,C.R. The Young Ranchman.H 1635 

KEN YON, E. E. A Lucky Waif F 4649 

KEON, M. G. Dion and the Sybils [An- 
cient Rome] F 973 

Kept his Trust. Douglas F 432 

Same as In Trust. 

Kept in the Dark. Tullope G 1185 

KER, D. Cossack and Czar [Russia, 

Time of Mazeppa] H 1644 

From the Hudson to the Neva H 1642 

Into Unknown Seas H 1655 

Lost among the White Africans. ..H 1656 
The Lost City; or, the Boy Explor- 
ers in Central Asia H 1657 

The Rajah's Legacy H 1643 

Swept out to Sea H 1653 



KER, D. The Wizard King; Last Mos- 
lem Invasion of Europe H 1654 

Keraban, the Inflexible. 2 v. Verne.. F 7311 
KERNAHAN, C. A Hook of Strange 


Contents: The Lonely God: A Strange 
Sin; A Suicide; The Garden of God; The 
Apples of Sin: A Literary Gent; A Lost 
Captain Shannon [Detective Story ].F 4581 
A Dead Man's Diary.. . .F 3166 

KERR, A. M. An Honest La. 
KERR.Orpheus Cjtevrf See NEWELL.R.H. 

Kerrigan's Quality. Bar.'ow F 7006 

Kestell of (ireystone. Stuart F 6810 

KETTLE, M. R. S. Rose, Shamrock 

and Thistle F 4745 

Keyhole Country, The. Jerdon H 1620 

Keys of Fate. Shores F 6913 

KB1 SER, H. A. On the Borderland. F 964 

Thorns in your Sides F 4646 

Khaled; a Tale of Arabia. Crawford. F 3104 
Kiana; a Tradition of Hawaii. Jarves. .F 4386 

Kibboo Ganey. Wentworth H 2673 

Kickleburys Abroad, The. Thackeray. G 588,2 

Kidnapped. Stevenson F 6861 

The same G 1303 

Kidnapped Squatter, The. Robertson.. F 6415 
KIEFFER, H. M. Recollections of a 

Drummer- Boy [Am. Civil War]. ,H 1658 
KIELLAND, A. L. Elsie; a Christmas 

1 4770 

Garman and Worse F 4668 

Tales of Two Countries [Norway and 

Sweden] F 4667 

Contents • Pharaoh ; The Parsonage. The 
Peat Moor; Hopes clad in April Green; 
At the Fair; Two Friends; A Good Con- 
science; Romance and Reality; With- 
ered Leaves; The Battle of Waterloo. 

Kildhurm's Oak. Hawthorne F 3853 

Kilgorman. Reed H 

Kilmeny. Black F 149 

The same G 701 

Kilrogan Cottage. Despared F 369 

KIMBALL,R.B.HenryPowers(Banker)F 995 
Prince of Kashna; a West Indian. 

Story F 975 

Saint Leger F 976 

Undercurrents of Wall Street F 977 

Kind Hearts. Firth H 1300 

KINO, Capt. Chas. An Army Wife. . F 4618 

Between the Lines [Am. Civil War]F 4678 

By Land and Sea [Short Stories]... F 4672 

The same F 4673 

KING, Capt. Chas. Cadet Days 

of West Point 

Captain Blake I 4669 

Captain Close and Serjeant Cn esusF 
Captain Dreams, and other Stories.F 
Contents: Captain Drea:us, by King; 
The Ebb-tide, by Sydenham; White 
Lilies, by A. K. II 1. union; \ Strange 
Wound, by the W. H. Hamilton; 
Story of Alcatraz, by Sydenham; The 
Other Fellow, by Monckton Dene; But- 
tons, by Leefe. 
Colonel's Christmas Dinner [Short 

Stories] F 4673 

Colonel's Daughter F 1001 

The Deserter, and From the RanksF 4658 

Dunraven Ranch 1 

Foes in Ambush F 

From the Ranks I 

The same I 

A Garrison Tale F 4636 

An Initial Experience, and other 

ries F 

Kitty's Conquest [Ku Klux and the 

South] F 4648 

Laramie; Sioux War, 1876 F 4677 

Marion's Faith F 4657 

Sequel to Colonel's Daughter. 
Starlight Ranch, and other Stories of 

Army Life on the Frontier F 4679 

Story of Fort Frayne F 4623 

Sunset Pass; or, Running the Gaunt- 
let through the Apache Land F 4674 

A lame Surrender; Story of the Chi- 
cago Strike F 4617 

Trooper Ross and Signal Butte F 462 1 

Trumpeter Fred; a Story of the 

Plains F 4619 

Two Soldiers F 4680 

The same, and Dunraven Ranch.F 4676 

Tnder Fire F 4628 

Waring's Peril F 4625 

A War-Time Wooing F 4675 

A West Point Parallel ; a Cadet Story. F 7661 
KING, A. E. Brown's Retreat, and other 

Stories F 4637 

Contents: Brown's Retreat; Odelia 
Blynn; The Heart Story of Miss Jack; 
Father ; Story of Agee Sang Long; 
John Sterling's Courtship; Professor 
of Dollingen, A Trifle of Information; 
Mr. Carmichael's Conversion; Jacinth; 
A Freak of Fate; Monsieur Pampalon's 
Repentance; A Legend of old New 
Kitwyk Stories F 4638 



KING, Clarence. Democracy; an Ameri- 
can Novel F yj'j 

KING, E. Gentle Savage. F 4650 

The Golden Spike F 4651 

Joseph Zalmonah F 4616 

Kentucky's Love [Paris, Franco- 
Prussian War] F 979 

Under the Red Flag [Paris Com- 
mune, 1871] H 1631 

KING, G. Balcony Stories [Louisiana]. F 4631 

Monsieur Motte [Louisiana] F 4671 

Tales of a Time and Place [Louis- 
iana] F 4630 

Contents: Bayou l'Ombre; Bonne Ma- 
man; Madrilene: or. The Festival of 
the Dead; The Christmas Story of a 
Little Church. 

KING, K. Ethel Mildmay's Follies. . . F 553 

Hugh Melton F 983 

Off the Roll F 984 

Our Detachment F 4620 

Queen of the Regiment [Anglo- 
Indian Life] F 980 

KING, M. E. Round about a Brighton 

Coach Office F 4592 

KING, P. Christine's Career, a Story 

for Girls H 1633 

KING, R. A. Passion's Slave 1 4686 

KING, Thorold, pseud. S*rGATCHELL, C. . 
KING, Toler, pseud. See FOX, E. 

KING, W.P. Stories of a Country DoctorE 3985 

King and a few Dukes, A. Chambers. F 8208 

King and the Cloister. Stewart F 978 

King Arthur. Craik F 2893 

King Arthur. Farrington F 3444 

King Arthur. Frith H 131 5 

King Arthur. 3 v. Morris F 5409 

King Bronde\ Diaz H 1221 

King Capital. Sime F 6597 

King Grimalkum and Pussyanita. DiazH 347 

King in Yellow. Chambers F 8206 

King Xoanett. Stimson F 9861 

King of Andaman. Cobban F 8294 

King of Folly Island. Jewett F 4440 

King of Schnorrers. Zangwill F 7694 

King of the Bean F 1352 

King of the Broncos, The. Lummis.. .F 5049 

King of the Mountains. About F 2326 

King of the Tigers. Rousselet H 2223 

King of Tyre. Ludlow F 4952 

King Philip. Abbott H 71 

King Solomon's Mines. Haggard F 3882 

The same G 1067 

King Tom and the Runaways. Pendle- 
ton H 2073 

King Zub. Pollock F 5978 

King's Command, The. Blathwayt H 2431 

King's Cope. Wallace F 997 

King's Daughter, The. Alden F 2385 

King's Diary, A. White F 7256 

King's Ferry-Boat. Norton H 576 

King's Highway. Barr F 7808 

King's Marden F 1002 

King's Men, The. Grant and others.. . F 3696 

King's Own, The. Marryat F 5399 

The same G 426 

King's Own Borderers. Grant F 8821 

King's Revenge, The. Bray F 8086 

King's Stockbroker, The. Gunter F 3639 

Sequel to A Princess of Paris. 

King's Stratagem. Weyman F 7627 

King's Treasure House, The. Walloth.F 7457 

King's Warrant, The. Engelbach H 1265 

Kings Beeches. Mackenna F 5 128 

Kings in Exile. Daudet F 366 

Kings of Capital and Knights of Labor. 

Leavilt F 4919 

Kings of England. Yonge H 2830 

Kings, Queens and Barbarians. GilmanH 429 
KINGSFORD, Jane, pseud. See BARNARD, C. 
KINGSLEY, C. Alton Locke [Chartists, 

1848] F 094 

The same G 304 

At Last; a Christmas in the West 

Indies F 985 

The same G 305 

Hereward the Wake [Time of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror] F 987 

The same G 306 

Heroes, Greek Fairy Tales F 988 

Hypatia [Alexandria, 415] F 989 

The same G 307 

Madam How and Lady Why; First 

Lessons in Earth Lore H 485 

Two Years ago [England and Wales, 

1854] F 992 

The same G 308 

Water- Babies; a Fairy Tale H 489 

Westward, Ho ! [Spanish Armada, 

1588] F 991 

The same G 983 

Yeast; a Problem F 993 

The same G 309 

KINGSLEY, F. M. Prisoners of the Sea; 

Romance of the 17th Century F 4712 

Stephen, a Soldier of the Cross F 4713 



KIViSLEY. F. M. Titus, a Comrade of 

the Cross 

KINGSLEY, H. Austin Elliot [Corn 

Laws, 1839-46] G 310 

Boy in Grey, and other Stories and 

-. etches H 490 

Grange Garden 984 

The Harveys F 986 

Hetty, and other Stories F 996 

The Hillyars and the Burtons F 4748 

The same G 312 

Leighton Court F 990 

The same 986 

Oakshott Castle ...G 313 

Old Margaret [Ghent, 1400] F 4747 

Ravenshoe [Crimean War] G 314 

Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn . . G 311 

Reginald Hetherege G 985 

Tales of Old Travel re-narrated. ..H 487 
Valentin; a French Boy's Story of 

Ian G 315 

KINGSTON, W. H. G. Adrift in a 

Boat . H 1691 

Adventures in India H 1692 

Adventures of Dick Onslow among 

the Red Indians H 1683 

Afar in the Forest H 1663 

Antony Weymouth . H 486 

At the South Pole . . H 1665 

BenHadden.. H 506 

Cruise of the Dainty H 1666 

Cruise of the Frolic F 1000 

Dick Cheveley H 1669 

Ernest Bracebridge H 491 

Fisher Boy .H 1660 

Fortunes of the Ranger and Cru- 
sader H 1684 

Same as Voyages of the Ranger 
and Crusader. 

Fred Markham in Russia. H 1687 

From Powder Monkey to Admiral. H 1690 
Hendricks the Hunter; a Tale of Zu- 

luland H 1662 

Hurricane Hurry H 511 

In New Granada H 1661 

In the Eastern Seas H 1696 

In the Rocky Mountains H 1695 

In the Wilds of Africa H 494 

In the Wilds of Florida H 1679 

John Deane [Time of James II.]. .H 1689 

Log House by the Lake H 502 

Manco, the Peruvian Chief [Early 

South America] H 1688 

KINGSTON, W. H. G. Midshipman 

Marmaduke Merry . H 507 

Missing Ship H 1670 

My first Voyage to Southern Seas. H 505 
Ned Garth; .or, made Prisoner in 

Africa H 1685 

Off to Sea H 1667 

Old Jack H 510 

On the Banks of the Amazon H 501 

Owen Hartley H 1686 

Paddy Finn H 1693 

Peter the Whaler H 503 

Peter Trawl H 1682 

Rival Crusoes H 1671 

Roger Willoughby [Time of James 

It] H 1680 

Saved from the Sea H 1672 

Seven Champions of Christendom. H 1698 

Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea. . H 493 

Snow Shoes and Canoes H 517 

South Sea Whaler H 1664 

Tale of the Shore and Ocean H 1681 

Three Admirals H 1673 

Three Commanders H 1674 

Three Lieutenants H 509 

Three M idshipmen H 498 

True Blue; Adventures of British 

Seamen.... H 1675 
Twice Lost in the Wilds of Austra- 
lia 11 1676 

vage round the World H 492 

ages and Travels of Count Fun- 

nibos and Baron Stilkin H 1668 

Wanderers; or, Adventures in Trin- 
idad and up the Orinoco H 513 

Washed ashore H 504 

Will Weatherhelm H 1677 

:i from the Waves H 1694 

Young Llanero; Wild Life in Vene- 
zuela H 1678 

Young Rajah; a Story of Indian 

Life H 519 

and C. R. LOW. Great African Trav- 
ellers I 1829 

Kinley Hollow. Hollister F 4006 

KINROSS, A. The Fearsome Island. F 471 1 
KINZIE, Mrs. J. H. Mark Logan, the 

Bourgeois [Winnebago War,i827]F 4670 
Wau-Bun; the Early Day in the 

Northwest F 1008 

KIP, L. Dead Marquise [French Revo- 
lution, Reign of Terrorl F 1003 

Nestlenook [Hudson River] F 099 



KIPLING, R. [Anglo-] Indian Tales. 3 v.: 

v. 1. Plain Tales from the HillsF 4688 
Contents: Lispeth ; Three and— an Ex- 
tra ; Thrown away ; Miss Youghal's 
Sais; Yoked with an Unbeliever; False 
Dawn; The Rescue of Pluffles; Cupid's 
Arrows; The Three Musketeers; His 
Chance of Life; Watches of the Night; 
The other Man; Consequences: The 
Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin ; 
The Taking of Lungtungpen; A Germ 
Destroyer; Kidnapped; The Arrest of 
Lieutenant Golightly; In the House of 
Suddhoo; His Wedded Wife; The Bro- 
ken-Link Handicap; Beyond the Pale; 
In Error; A Bank Fraud; Tods' Amend- 
ment; The Daughter of the Regiment; 
In the Pride of his Youth ; Pig ; The 
Rout of the White Hussars; The 
Bronckhorst Divorce Case; Venus An- 
nodomini; The Bisara of Pooree; The 
Gate of the Hundred Sorrows; The 
Madness of Private Ortheris;The Story 
of Muhammad Din; On the Strength 
of a Likeness; Wressley on the Foreign 
Office; By Word of Mouth; To be filed 
for Reference. 
The same G 1 38 1 

2. Soldiers Three F 4689 

Contents: The God from the Machine; 

Private Learoyd's Story ; The Big 
Drunk DraP; The Solid Muldoon; 
With the Main Guard; In the Matter 
of a Private ; Black Jack; Only a Sub- 

3. The Phantom 'Rickshaw, and 
other Tales F 

Contents: The Phantom 'Kickshaw; My 
Own True Ghost Story ; The Strange 
Ride of Morrowbie Jukes; The Man 
who would be King. 

The Light that Failed F 

Many Inventions F 

Contents: The Disturber of Traffic; A 
Conference of the Powers; My Lord the 
Elephant; One View of the Question; 
The Finest Story in the World; His 
Private Honour; A Matter of Fact; The 
Lost Legion; In the Rukh; Bruggle- 
smith; Love-o '- Women ; The Record of 
Badalia Herodsfoot; Judson and the 
Empire; The Children of the Zodiac; 

Mine own People F 4721 

Contents: Bimi ; Namgay Doola ; The 
Recrudescence of Imray ; Moti Guj, 
Mutineer; The Mutiny of the Maver- 
icks; At the end of the Passage; The 
Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney; The 
Courting of Dinah Shadd ; The Man 
who Was; A Conference of the Powers; 
On Greenhow Hill; Without benefit of 



KIPLING, R. Captains Courageous; a 

Story of the Grand Banks F 4728 

Indian Tales F 4684 

Same as [Anglo-] Indian Tales. 

The Jungle Book F 4726 

Contents: Mowgli's Brothers ; Hunting 
Song of the Seeonee Pack ; Kaa's 
Hunting; Road-Song of the Bandar- 
Log;" Tiger! Tiger!" Mowgli's Song; 
The White Seal ; Lukannon ; Rikki- 
tikki-tavi; Darzee's Chaunt; Toomaiof 
the Elephant; Shiv and the Grasshop- 
per; Her Majesty's Servant ; Parade- 
Song of the Camp Animals. 
Life's Handicap F 4723 

Contents: The lang Men o' Larut ; 
Reingelder and the German flag ; The 
Wandering Jew ; Through the Fire ; 
The Finances of the Gods; The Amir's 
Homily; Jews in Shushan; The Limi- 
tations of Pambe Serang ; Little To- * 
brah ; Bubbling Well Road ; The City 
of Dreadful Night; Georgie Porgie ; 
Naboth ; The Dream of Duncan Par- 
renness : The Incarnation of Krishna 
Mulvaney ; The Courting of Dinah 
Shadd; On Greenhow Hill; The Man 
who Was; The head of the District; 
Without benefit of Clergy ; At the end 
of the Passage ; The Meeting of the 
Mavericks ; The mark of the Beast ; 
The return of Imray; Namgay Doolah; 
Bertran and Bimi; Moti Guj, Muti- 

The Second Jungle Book F 4727 

Soldier Stories F 4729 

Contents: With the Main Guard; The 
Drums of the Fore and Aft ; The 
Man who Was; Courting of Dinah 
Shadd; Incarnation of Krishna Mulva- 
vaney; Taking of Lungtungpen ; Mad- 
ness of Private Ortheris. 

Story of the Gadsbys, and Under the 

Deodars F 4722 

and BALESTIER. The NaulahkaF 4724 
KIRBY, W. The Chien d'Or [Quebec, 

1748] F 1010 

KIRBY, W. F. (Ed.). New Arabian 

Nights H 1659 

KIRK, E. W. O. {Henry Hayes). Better 

Times F 4692 

Contents: Better Times; One too many; 
Tragedy at Dale Farm; Story of a Silk 
Dress; A Bohemian; Miss Ruth; A Pair 
of Silk Stockings; Aux Serieux; The 
Young Doctor; The Widow's Mite. 

Ciphers F 4695 

Clare and B<5be" F 2853 

Daughter of Eve F 4693 

Fairy Gold F 4691 



KIRK, & W . (). {Henry Hayes). li 

Heart- I 4120 

Lesson in Love. . . 1 10 19 

Lore in Idleness F 1252 

Midsummer Madness 1652 

Queen Money F 4600 

The Revolt ot a Daughter F 4697 

Sons and Daughters [Philadelphia]F 3902 

The Story of Lawrence Garth F 4696 

Story of Margaret Kent F 3007 

Walford F 4604 

KIRKE, Edmund, pseud. See GILMORE, J.R. 
KIRKLAND, Mrs. C. NiAMary' Clavers). 

w Home; Western Life F 962 

KIRKLAND, J. The Captain of Com- 
pany K [Am. Civil War] F 4601 

The McVeys F 4664 

Segue/ to Zury. 
Zury; the Meanest Man in Spring 

County F 4665 

KIRSCHNER, U{0. Se/iubin). Asbein; 

from the Life of a Virtuoso F 4702 

Countess Erika's Apprenticeship. . F 4703 

Erlach Court 4700 

Felix Lanzberg's Expiation F 4704 

Gloria Victis! I 6585 

A Leafless Spring 4705 

O Thou, My Austria ! F 4701 

Our Own Set [Rome, 1870] F 6599 

Kirsteen. Oliphant G uv> 

Kismet. Fletcher V 2183 

Kissing the Rod. Yates ...F 2005 

Kit; a Memory. Fayn G 1163 

Kit and Kitty. Blackmore F 2464 

Kit Kelvin's Kernels. Canning E 3980 

Kit Wyndham. Barrett 1 

KITCHIN, W. C. Paoli, the Last of the 

M issionaries F 4709 

Kith and Kin. Fothergill F 3540 

The same G 962 

Kitty Alone. Gould F 8921 

Kitty the Rag. Booth F 6239 

Kitty's Conquest. King 1 

Kitty's Engagement. James 

Kittyleen. Clarke H 1079,5 

Kitwyk Stories. King F 4638 

Klaus Bewer's Wife. Lindau F 4921 

KLINGER, F. M. v. Faustus F 47 10 

KNAPP, A. One Thousand Dollars a 

Day; Practical Economics F 4570 

Knnpsack, The. Edgeworth F 518,1 


Knave of Hearts, The. Grant 3694 
Knickerbocker's History of New York. 

Irving J 138 

The same I 3604 

KNIGHT, A. L. Basil Woollcombe, 

Midshipman H 1707 

The Mids of the Rattlesnake H 1563 

Ronald Hallifax; or, He would be a 

Sailor H 1706 

KNIGHT, E. F. Save me from my 

Friends f 

KNIGHT, H. Mystery of Stephen Ca- 
rton & Co F 4751 

Knight-Errant. Bayly 

The same G 1400 

Knight of Faith, A. Farmer F 3445 

Knight of Gwynne. 3 v. in 2. Lever.. G 343 

Knight of Liberty. Butterworth H 3296 

Knight of the Black Forest. Litchfield. F 4912 

Knight of the Nets. Ban F 8048 

Knight of the Nineteenth Century. RoeF 14 10 

Knight of the Sheep. Griffin F 709,3 

Knight of the White Cross. Henty . . . H 1622 

Knights of the Round Table. Frost. . H M13 
Knights of the Round Table. Malory. 1 
Knights of the White Shield. Rand..H 

Knights of To-Day. Barnard I 249) 

Knighting of the Twins. Fitch H 1361 

Knitters in the Sun. French F 3566 


The Erl Queen F 3383 

Her Little Highness I 3378 

Polish Blood F 3381 

A Priestess of Comedy F 3379 

A Princess of the Stage F 3384 

The Wild Rose of Gross-Staufen . . F 3382 

Knockabout Club Alongshore.StephensH 2401 

Knockabout Club in North Africa. OberH 1075 
Knockabout Club in Search of Treasure. 

Ober .. H 1977 

Knockabout Club in Spain. Ober H 1 «>74 

Knockabout Club in the Antilles. Ober.H 1973 
Knockabout Club in the Everglades. 

Ober H 1971 

Knockabout Club in the Tropics. Steph- 
ens II 2403 

Knockabout Club in the Wools. Steph- 
ens H 694 

Knockabout Club on the Spanish Main. 

Ober H 1976 

Knots Untied. McWatters F 11 17 

KNOWLES, J. T. King Arthur and 

his Knights of the Round Table. H 2 [2$ 



KNOWLTON, J. A. Txleama; a Tale 

of Ancient Mexico F 4735 

KNOX, C. Traditions of Western Ger- 
many. 3v ' F 4755 

Contents: v. '. The Black Forest and 

its Neighbourhood; 2. The Moselle and 

its Archbishops; 3. The Rhine and its 


KNOX, Mrs. I. C. Little Folks' History 

of England A 375 

KNOX, K. Cornertown Chronicles... H 1703 
KNOX, T. W. Boy Travellers in Aus- 
tralasia I 2022 

Boy Travellers in Central Europe. . I 6002 
Boy Travellers in Great Britain and 

Ireland I 6201 

Boy Travellers in Mexico I 5619 

Boy Travellers in Northern Europel 6001 
Boy Travellers in South America. . I 501 
Boy Travellers in Southern Europe.I 6003 

Boy Travellers in the Far East I 1 584 

v. 1. Japan and China. 

2. Siam and Java. 

3. Ceylon and India. 

4. Egypt and the Holy Land. 

5. Africa. 

Boy Travellers in the Levant i 5985 

Boy Travellers in the Russian Em- 
pire I 7853 

Boy Travellers on the Congo I 8767 

Boys' Life of General Grant C 18001 

Captain John Crane, 1800- 181 5 H 1638 

A Close Shave F 4736 

Dog Stories and Dog Lore H 1708 

Hunters Three in South Africa. . .H 1637 

In Wild Africa I 8677 

John Boyd's Adventures H 1709 

Land of the Kangaroo (Australia). H 1639 
The Lost Army (Am. Civil War). . H 1710 

The Siberian Exiles F 4737 

The Talking Handkerchief, and 

other Stones F 4738 

Travels of Marco Polo for Boys and 

Girls I 8083 

KOCH, R. V. v. Camilla F 4775 

KOENIG, E. A. Wooing a Widow. . .F 4756 
KOHN, S. Gabriel; Jews in Prague 

[Thirty Years' Warl G 220 

KOKHANOVSKY, Mme. Rusty Linch- 
pin, and Luboff Archipovna [Rus- 
sia] F 4666 

KOMPERT, L. Christian and Leah..F 4608 
Contents: Christian and Leah; A Ghet- 
to Violet; Debby and Her Door. 

Kopal-Kundala; Tale of Bengali Life. 

Phillips F 5008 

Kophetua the Thirteenth. Corbett . . . . F 2868 

Korean Tales. Allen F 2373 

KOROLENKO, V. The Blind Musician 

[Russia] F 4682 

Makar's Dream, and other Sto- 
ries F 7265 

Contents: Makar's Dream, and Bad Com- 
pany, by Korolenko; The New Life, a 
Siberian Story, by Volokhovski. 

The Saghalien Convict, and other 

Stories F 7268 

Contents: The Saghalien Convict, by 

Korolenko: Easter Eve, by Korolenko; 

Vae Victis, by Machtet: Wounded in 

the Battle, by Garshin. 

The Vagrant, and other Tales F 468 1 

KOTZEBUE, A. F. F. v. Ildegerte, 

Queen of Norway F 4780 

KOUNS, N. C. Arius.the Libyan [Arian 

Schism, 4th Century] F 2416 

Dorcas, Daughter of Faustina [Rome 

in the 4th Century] F 4656 

KOVALEVSKY, Mme. S. K. Vera 

Berantzova F 4785 

KRASZEWSKI, J. I. Iermola F 473* 

The Jew F 4730 

KRAUS, E. Adventures of Count George 

Albert of Erbach F 4739 

KREMNITZ, M. Roumanian Fairy 

Tales H 1705 

Kriegspiel, the War Game. Groome.F 0005 

Krilof and his Fables. Ralston E 1464 

KROEKER, Mrs. K. F. Alice thro' the 

Looking-Glass H 1700 

Contents : Alice thro' the Looking-Glass; 
Dame Holle; Princess and White-Wolf; 

Fairy Tales from Brentano H 1701 

Germany (History for Young Read- 
ers) H 4362 

KUEHNE, A. (/. van Dewall). Dear 

Elsie F 3023 

Far from Home F 2966 

Kyzie Dunlee. Clarke H 3490.3 

LABADYE, A. de. Baron of Hertz; a 

Tale of the Anabaptists F 1013 

La Bella and others. Castle F 3334 

LABOULAYE, E. R. L. Abdallah; or, 

the Four-leaved Shamrock I 3892 

Fairy Tales of all Nations H 1 726 

The same F 102 1 

Last Fairy Tales H 1725 



LABOULAYE, E. R. L. old Wives' 

Fables F 4882 

Contents: Won and Finette; Piff-Paff, 
or, the Art of Government; Bohemian 
•s, or. a Frenchman's Visit to 
Prague; The Three Lemons, a Neapol- 
itan Tale; Thunibkin. a Finnish Tale; 
The Good Woman, a Norwegian Story; 
Icelandic Tales; Zerbino, the Bear, a 
Neapolitan Tale. 

Paris in America F 1022 

LA BRETE, J. de. Story of Reine. . . F 4841 

Lace. Lindau F 4918 

Lacemakers, The. Meredith F 5319 

LACEY, W. J. The Better Way F 4842 

Lad s Love, A. Bates F 2533 

Lads' Love. Crockett F 8343 

Laddie; by the Author of MissTooseys 

M ission F 7707 

Ladies Lindores. Oliphant F 5682 

Ladies' Gallery. McCarthy and Praed.F 5245 

Ladies' Juggernaut. Gunter I 8971 

Lady Adelaide's Oath. Wood G 639 

Lady Alice. Marshall G 1123 

Lady Anna. Trollope F 1758 

The same G 610 

Lady Audley's Secret. Maxwell . 40 

Lady Baby. Gerard F 3706 

The same G 1377 

Lady Barberina. Jame- V 441c 

Lady Bell. Keddie. F 1816 

Lady Betty Stair, History of. Sea well . F 6504 

Lady-bird. Fullerton G 217 

Lady Bonnie's Experiment. Hopkins.. F 3806 

Lady Branksmere. Hungerford G 1242 

Lady Clara de Vere. Spielhagen F 6660 

Lady Ernestine. Warfield F 1901 

Lady Green-Satin and her Maid Roset 

Martineau des Chesnez F 226 

Lady Hester. Yonge. . 830 

Lady Jane. Jamison H 1600 

Lady Judith. McCarthy F 1089 

Lady Lisle. Maxwell 0402 

Lady Maud, The. Russell F 646s 

The same G 1 1 7 1 

Lady Maude's Mania. Fenn F 

Lady of Cawnpore. Vincent ami L n- 

caster 1 7380 

Lady of Fort St. John. Catherwood . . . F 31 19 

Lady of Lyndon. Blake F 161 

Lady of Quality, A. Burnett F 7866 

Lady of the Aroostook. Howells F 4020 

Lady of the Forest. Smith H 1866 

Lady of the Ice. De Mille F 390 

Lady of the Manor. Sherwood F 1 545,9-12 

Lady, or the Tiger? Stockton F 6689 

Lady Patty. .Hungerford 2314 

Lady Silverdale's Sweetheart. Black.. G 702 

Lady Superior, The. Pollard F 1327 

Lady Val's Elopement. Cook F 7982 

Lady Valworth's Diamonds. Hunger- 
ford . . F 2437 

The same G 1279 

Lady Yerner's Flight. Hungerford. . .F 2319 

Lady Wedderburn's Wish. Grant . . . . F 8822 

Lady Willoughby, Diary of. Rathbone.F 6246 

Lady with the Rubies. John F 4442 

Lady's Mile, The. Maxwell G 41 

LAFARGUE, P. New Judgment of 

Paris F 

LAFAYETTE, Countess de. Princess 

of Cleves. 2 v F 

LAFFAN, Mrs. B. A.Geoffrey Stirling.F 2340 

My Land of Beulah I 4844 


Lagardere, the Hunchback. Feral F 3596 

. iota— the Sea Gull. Arrom F 2375 

Laird o'Cockpen. Booth F 6231 

Laird of Norlaw. Oliphant I 1 20 1 

Laird's Son, The. Rouse H 

Lajla; a Tale of Finmark. Fnis F 3573 

Lake and Forest Series. See 1 \. J. 

Lake Breezes. Adams H 115,3 

Lake Shore .series. \v Adams, W. T. 

LAKEMAN, M. Pretty Lucy MerwynH 1722 

Ruth Eliot's Dream 11 \f%) 

Lakeville. Bigot 

Lakewood, a Story of To-Day. Norris.F 5494 

Lai. Hammond F 391 2 

LALAVIHARI, De. Bengal PeasantLifeF 3195 

k -Tales of Bengal F 2927 

LAMARTINE, A. de. < . - vieve, and 

The Stonemason of Saint Point. . F 4881 

Graziella;a Story of Italian Love. . F 4879 
Raphael; or, Pages of the Book of 

Life at Twenty F 4880 

LAMB, C. and M. Tales from Shak- 

speare H 508 

LAMB, Mrs. M. J. Spicy F 1018 

LAMB, Mrs. R. B. The Experiences 

of Tom and Sarah Neal F 1028 

1 ended Life F 1015 

Lamb and Coleridge, Days of. Lord. . F 4818 

Lame Jervas. Edge worth F 5 1 8,2 

Lament of Dives. Besant F 2640 

LAMINGTON, Baron. Florence the 

Beautiful. 2 v F 




dolf, the Icelander [Crusades]. . .F 4815 

Undine, and other Tales F 608 

Contents: Undine; The Two Captains; 
Aslauga's Knight; Sintram and his 

The same G 207 

Lamplighter. Cummins F 35 1 

LANCASTER, A. E.All'sDrossbut LoveF 4048 
LANCASTER, W. J. C. {Harry Col- 

lingwood). The Congo Rovers . . H 1 1 1 3 

Cruise of the Esmeralda H 1727 

Log of a Privateersman H 1723 

Log of the Flying Fish H 1 1 17 

The Missing Merchantman H 1 160 

Pirate Island; Tale of the South Pa- 
cific H 1108 

The Rover's Secret [Pirates; CubaJH 1161 

Secret of the Sands H 1 1 18 

Underthe Meteor Flag [French Rev- 
olution] H 1 109 

Lance of Kanana. French F 3412 

Lances of Lynwood. Yonge F 2022 

Land at Last. Yates G 656 

Land Battles. Valentine H 750 

Land-Leaguers, The. Trollope F 6998 

Land o' the Leal. Reeves G 1012 

Land of Darkness. Oliphant F 5685 

Land of Fire. Reid H 2209 

Land of Mystery. Jayne H 1581,3 

Land of Pluck. Dodge H 1 19a 

Land of Tawny Beasts. Causse H 1968 

Land of the Changing Sun. Harben..F 4179 

Land of the Hibiscus Blossom. Nisbet.H 191 4 

Land of the Kangaroo. Knox H 1639 

Land of the Moose and Bear Daunt.. H 1195 

Land of the Sky. Tiernan F 582 


LAND1S, S. M. Social War of 1900.. F 1027 

Landlord at Lion's Head. Howells F 4327 

Landolin. Auerbach F 72 

Laneton Parsonage. Sewell F 1533 

LANG, A. The Animal Story Book. . H 1704 

Blue Fairy Book H 1719 

The Gold of Fairnilee H 1728 

The Green Fairy Book H 1718 

In the Wrong Paradise, and other 

- Stories F 4915 

Contents: The End of Phseacia; In the 
Wrong Paradise; A Cheap Nigger; The 
Romance of the First Radical ; A 
Duchess's Secret; The House of Strange 
Stories; In Castle Perilous; The Great 
Gladstone Myth; My Friend the Beach- 

LANG, A. Mark of Cain F 4902 

A Monk of Fife; Days of Jeanne 

d'Arc F 4954 

My Own Fairy Book H 171 2 

Pink Fairy Book H 1702 

Red Fairy Book H 1720 

The Red True Story Book H 171 1 

The True Story Book H 1716 

The Yellow Fairy Book H 1714 

and P. SYLVESTER. Dead Leman, 

and other French Tales F 4955 

Contents: The Dead Leman; How we took 
the Redoubt; The Tapir; These Lots to 
be Sold; A Conversion; The Etruscan 
Vase; The Doctor's Story. 

LANGBRIDGE,F.MajorMonk's Motto.H 1729 

Miss Honoria; a Tale of Ireland. . .F 4816 
LANGDON, Mary, pseud. 5^ PIKE, M.H. 

LANIER, S. Boy's Froissart A 261 

Boy's Mabinogion F 4885 

Boy's Percy , E 7767 

LANZA, C. H., Marquise. A Golden Pil- 
grimage F 4848 

Mr. Perkins' Daughter F 1020 

A Righteous Apostate F 4886 

and J. C. HERVEY. Scarabieus; an 

African Beetle F 4849 

Laodicean, A. Hardy F 3944 

The same G 958 

Lapsed, but not Lost. Charles F 2740 

The same G 724 

Laramie; or, Queen of Bedlam. King..F 4677 
LARNED, A. Old Tales from Grecian 

Mythology H 1713 

Village Photographs F 4914 

LARNED, W. C. Arnaud's Master- 
piece; a Romance of the PyreneesF 4812 
LAROCHERE, Comtesse. Castle of Rous- 

sillon; Quercy in 16th Century . . . F 1024 

Larry. Douglas H 1 186 

Lascine. Youngman F 1025 

Lasses of Leverhouse. Fothergill F 3601 

Lassie. Paull H 2928 

Last American, The. Mitchell F 5294 

Last Assembly Ball, The. Foote F 3610 

Last Athenian. Rydberg F 6370 

Last Century Maid, and other Stories. 

Wharton H 276S 

Last Chronicle of Barset.3v. in 2.TrollopeG 61 1 

Last Confession. Caine F 8121 

Last Cruise of the Mohawk. HendersonH 4204 
Last Cruise of the Spitfire. StratemeyerH 2463,1 

Last Days at Apswich F 4884 



Last Days of Pompeii. Lytton F 501 1 

The same . I 394 

Last Entry, The. Russell... 6468 
Last Fairy Tales. Labou! 

Last Incarnation of Vautrin. Balzac F 7888 

Last King of Yewle. McDermott F 7241 

Last Leaf from Sunny Side. Phelps. . H 504,1 

Last Love, A. Ohnet F 5615 

Last Meeting, The. Matthews F 5176 

Last Monarch of Tara. Eblana F 

Last of the Barons. Lytton F 501 2 

The same G 385 

Last of the Cavaliers. Piddington G 317 

Last of the Fairies. James F 914 

Last of the Foresters. Cooke F 2843 

Last of the Giant-Killers. Atkinson... H 3081 

Last of the MacAl listers. Barr F 2618 

Last of the Mohicans. Cooper r 

Last of the Mortimers. Oliphant G 471 

Last of the Peterkins. Hale H 4166 

Last of the Vikings. Young H 

Last Penacook, The. Berr\ . H 1026 

Last Recruit of Clare's. Keightley. . .F 4767 

1 ..1st Sentence, The. Truttiett F 3782 

Last Struggles of Irish Sea Smugglers. 

Campion F 2731 

Last Three Soldiers, The. Shelton F 981 5 

Last Touches. Clifford 4822 

Last Vendue. 2 v. Dumas. F 8483 

Last von Reckenburg, The. Francois. F 3556 

Last War Trail. Ellis. . . . . . H 1257,3 

Lastchance Junction. Greene F 5120 

LASZOUSKI, Mrs. E. D. G. v. The 

Waters of Hercules F 7489 

and D. GERARD. Sensitive Plant . F 3717 

Late Mrs. Null, The. Stockton F 6629 

Later Sketches. Bjornson F 7901,2 

LATHROP, Q. P. Afterglow F 2185 

Behind Time H 1731 

Echo of Passion F 4891 

Gold of Pleasure F 4958 

In the Distance F 4890 

Newport F 4892 

True, and other Stories F 4888 

Contents: True; Major Harrington's 
Marriage; Bad Peppers; Three Bridges; 
In each other's Shoes. 

Would you kill him ? F 4957 

Latter Day Saint. Wharton F 4887 

LAUDER, T. Legends and Tales of 

the Harz Mountains F 4810 

Laughing Philosopher, A. Keeling G 804 

Laughter and Tears. Brunowe... H 3214 

Laura Everingham. Grant F 8823 

Laurel Bush. Craik F 339 

The same G 900 

Laurel Leaves; Poems, Stories and Es- 
says E 4233 

Contents: (Stories) 
Spelt ord: Woe unto the Pitcher. by Moul- 
ton; Transcendental Wild Oats, by Al- 
cott; True Story of Bernard Poland's 
Prophecy, by Eggleston; First Love, by 
Paul; A Strange Arrival, by Dc 
rest; The Christmas Club, by Eggles- 

Laurent ia; a Tale of Japan. Fullerton.G 1055 
LAURIE, Andre, pseud. See GROUSSET, P. 
LAURIE, Annie. Little Boy who lived 

on the Hill H 1757 

LAURIE, J. S. Christmas Tales from 
the German and other Sources. .H 

La Vendue. Trollope F 7175 

Lavengro. Borrow . F 2585 

LAVIGNE, E. Female Nihilist F 4916 

Lavinia. Carlen F 208 

Lavinia. Ruffini ( ! 

LAW, John, pseud. Out of Work . . . . F 4961 

Law and the Lady. Collins F 307 

The same . . . G 716 

Law unto herself. Davis F 378 

LAWLESS.E. A Chelsea HouseholderF 2736 

Grania; Story of an Island F 4874 

Hurrish 4883 

The same G 1331 

Maelcho, a Sixteenth Century Narra- 
tive F 4875 

Major Lawrence, F. L. S F 4917 

A Millionaire's Cousin F 4889 

LAWRENCE, A. M. Olive Loring's 

Mission F 1036 

LAWRENCE, G. A. Anteros F 1037 

The same G 318 

Barren Honour G 320 

Breaking a Butterfly . G 987 

Guy Livingstone G 321 

Hagarene F 1038 

The same G 988 

Maurice Dering G 

Sans Merci G 533 

Sword and Gown G 574 

LAWRENCE, Mrs. M. W. {Meta Lan- 
der). Marion Graham F 4966 

Lawrence Clavering. Mason F 9417 

Lawrence Garthe, Story of. Kirk F 4606 

Lawrence's Adventures. Trowbridge. H 707 

Lawrie Todd. Gait F 



LAWSON,J.A. Wandering NaturalistsF 4893 

LAWSON, J.W. Brockley Moor....F 185 

Lawton Girl, The. Frederic F 3625 

Lawyer's Story. Maitland F 1 129 

Lawyer's Wife. Geary F 8935 

Lazarillo de Tormes, Life and Adven- 
tures of. Hurtado de Mendoza. . F 5406,1 
LAZARUS, E. Alide; an Episode of 

Goethe's Life F 1030 

Lazarus in London. Robinson F 6293 

Lazy Man's Work. Sparhawk F 6620 

Leaden Casket, The. Hunt F 4060 

Leaf in the Storm, and other Stories. 

DelaRam£ F 1369 

The same G 502 

Leafless Spring. Kirschner F 4705 

Leaguer of Lathom. Ainsworth G 697 

Leah, a Woman of Fashion. Edwards.F 527 

The same G 733 

Leah of Jerusalem. Berry F 2250 

Leal Light Heart. Lyster F 51 12 

Leam Dundas, Atonement of. Linton. F 1066 

The same G 995 

LEAN, Mrs. F. (Florence Marryat). At 

Heart a Rake F 4831 

The Beautiful Soul F 7255 

Blindfold F 3122 

The same G 1375 

Brave Heart and True F 3125 

Broken Blossom G 899 

Confessions of Gerald Estcourt F 3124 

The same G 84 

Daughter of the Tropics G 1 287 

Driven to Bay G 1288 

Facing the Foot-lights G 975 

Fair-haired Alda G 887 

Fighting the Air G 891 

For ever and ever G 87 

Gentleman and Courtier G 1319 

Ghost of Charlotte Cray, and other 

Stories G 1083 

Contents: The Ghost of Charlotte Cray; 
Invisible Tenants of Rushmere; Amy's 
Lover; Little WhiteSouls: Still Waters; 
Chit-Chat from Andalusia; The Secret 
of Economy; Mother: In the Heart of 
the Ardennes; A Mid-Summer's Night- 

Harvest of Wild Oats F 357 

The same G 896 

Heart of Jane Warner G 1086 

Heir Presumptive G 1087 

Her Father's Name G 892 

Her Lord and Master G 85 

LEAN, Mrs. F. (Florence Marryat.) Her 

World against a Lie G 889 

How they loved him G 976 

Little Stepson G 897 

Love's Conflict G 86 

Lucky, Disappointment F 334 

The same, and other Stories G 726 

Contents: A Lucky Disappointment: 
The Little Gordon; Sir Marcus' Choice 
Meg Hartley's Cure. 

Mad Dumaresq G 725 

The Master Passion G 1 249 

Moment of Madness, and other 

Stories G 1082 

Contents: A Moment of Madness; Cap- 
tain Norton's Diary; Old Contrairy;Sent 
to his Death; Lost in the Marshes; 
Leopold Ferdinand, Due de Brabant. 

Mount Eden G 1358 

My Own Child G 893 

My Sister the Actress G 977 

Nelly Brooke G 88 

No Intentions G 894 

The Nobler Sex F 5400 

On Circumstantial Evidence G 1320 

Open, Sesame! F 310 

Parson Jones F 4830 

Peeress and Player G 1084 

Petronel G 89 

Phyllida G 978 

Poison of Asps, and other Stories. .G 895 
Contents: The Poison of Asps; The 
Bath-Chair Man's Story; Plucked from 
the Burning; A Happy Accident at 

Prey of the Gods G 90 

The Risen Dead F 3123 

Root of all Evil G 888 

A Scarlet Sin F 3121 

The same G 1409 

Spiders of Society G 1 250 

Star and a Heart, and An Utter Im- 
possibility G 890 

Under the Lilies and Roses G 1085 

Yeronique G 91 

With Cupid's Eyes G 979 

Written in Fire G 898 

LEAR, E. Nonsense Songs H 516 

Lear of the Steppe. Turgenev F 1810 

Leather-Stocking Tales. See COOPER, J. F. 
LEATHES, Mrs. M. B. Girls of Bredon, 

and Manor House Stones H 1730 

Leavenworth Case. Rohlfs F 3687 

Leaves from a Drummer's Diary. Plum- 

mer F 1332 



Leaves from the Ash. Field 
LEAVITT, J. M. Kings of Capital and 

Knights of Labor . F 4919 

LE BARON, G. Little Daughter H 1777 

Little Miss Faith H 

LE CLERC, M. E. Mistress Beatrice 

Cope, the Jacobite's Daughter. . . F 4904 

Led Astray. Feuillet F 567 

Led- Horse Claim. Foote F 3532 

LEE, A. John Darker F 4865 

LEE. D. K. Merrimack; or, Life at the 

Loom F 4899 

LEE, Mrs. F. Garret Grain; or, the 

House blessed F 4989 

LEE, Holme, pseud. See PARR, H. 
LEE, H. and S. Canterbury Tales. 5 v.F 1032 
LEE, K. See JENNER, Mrs. K. L. 
LEE, M. and C. Rosamond Fane; Pris- 
oners of St. James's [James II.] .F 1039 
LEE, M. C. In the Cheering-up Busi- 
ness F 4987 

Quaker Girl of Nantucket. F 1035 

-<>ulless Singer F 4988 

LEE, .Minnie Mary, pseud. See WOOD, 

Mrs. J. A. S. 
LEE, Mrs. S. W. B. African CrusoesH 518 

Same as African Wanderers. 
LEE, Vernon, pseud. See PAGET, V. 
LEECH, S. Thirty years from Home. F 1043 

LEFANU, J. S. Checkmate F 1040 

v Deverell 323 

Tncle Silas F 1041 

The same . . . G 324 

W ylder's Hand. . . . . F 1042 

LEFFINGWELL, A. A Mystery of Bar 

Harbor F 49-3 

LEFFINGWELL, W. B. Manulito; or, 

a Strange Friendship F 5033 

Left Behind ;TenDays aNewsboy.KalerH 2014 

Left in the Wilderness. Roe II 2244 

Left on Labrador. Stephens H 686,2 

Legacy of Cain. Collins G 1321 

LE GALLIENNE, R. The Quest of the 

Golden Girl F 5073 

Legend of Montrose. Scott F 21 5 \ 

The same G 538 

Legend of the Rhine. Thackeray G 588,2 

Legend of Thomas Didymus. Clarke. F 2761 
Legends and Stories of Ireland. Lover.F 1076 
Legends and Tales of the Harz Moun- 
tains. Lauder F 4810 

Legends of Fire Island Beach. Shaw. . F 6804 
Legends of King Arthur. Knowles H 2428 

Legends of Mexico. Lippard *F 4963 

Legends of my Bungalow. Boyle. 

Legends of Number Nip. Lemon F 4896 

Legendsof the Lintel and the Ley. Dendy F 3006 

Legends of Wars in Ireland. Joyce.. F 951 
Legendary Ffctions of the Irish Celts. 

Kennedy F 1 -09 

Legendary Tales of Ancient Britons. 

Menzies F 5287 

LEGGETT, M. D. Dream of a Mod 

Prophet F 4969 

LEGH, M. H. C. My Dog Plato, his Ad- 
ventures and Impressions H 4742 

LEHMAN, R. C. Mr. Punch's Prize 

vels F 4097 

LEHMOS, pseud. Adventures of Ferdi- 
nand Tomasso F 5070 

LEIGHTON, A. Mysterious Legendsof 

Edinburgh F 4894 

LEIGHTON, R. Olaf the Glorious; 

Story of the Viking Age H 1724 

The Pilots of Pomona H 1733 

Wreck of the Golden Fleece H 1 738 

Leighton Court. Kingsley F 990 

The same G 986 

Leila. Lytton F 5013 

Leila at Home. Tytler H 751,3 

Leila Books. See Tytler, A. r . 

Leila in England. Tytler H 751,2 

Leila; or, the Island. Tytler II 

LEITH- ADAMS, Mrs., pseud. See LAFFAN, 

Mrs. B. A. 
LELAND, C. G. Johnnykin and the Gob- 
lins H 1736 

LEMON, I. A Divided Duty F 4852 

Matthew Furth F 4853 

LEMON, M. Fairy Tales H 1717 

Falkner Lyle 

Golden Fetters G 

Legends of Number Nip F 4896 

Leyton Hall, and other Tales G 327 

Loved at Last ( i 328 

Wait for the End G 329 

Lemon Tree, A. De la Rame F 6224 

LEMORE, C. Covenant with the Dead . F 4856 

Len Gansett. Read F 6266 

'Lena Rivers. Holmes F 841 

Lena-Wingo, the Mohawk. Ellis H 1234*3 

LENNEP, J. v. Count of Talavera . . . . F 4897 
Story of an Abduction in the Seven- 
teenth Century [Germany] F 4857 

LENNOX, Mrs. C. R. Female Quixote 

[Time of George II.] *F 115, 24-25 



Lenox Dare. Townsend F 7052 

LENZEN, M. Not in their Set F 1044 

Leo. Cook F 2828 

Leola. Carroll F 2704 

Leon Pontifex. Greene F 3777 

Leon Roch. Perez Galdos F 3649 

Leona. Molesworth H 1889 

Leonard and Gertrude. Pestalozzi L 1350 

Leone. Monti F 4895 

Leonora. Edgeworth F 518,8 

Leonora d'Orco. James F 4524 

Leonora of the Yawmish. Dana F 8556 

LEPIC, Vicomtesse de. {A. Gennevraye). 

L'Ombra F 3775 

LEPPERE, A. H. The Rainbow Creed.F 741 
LE QUEUX, W. The Eye of Istar, the 

Land of the No Return F 4867 

The Great War in England in 1897.F 4967 

Stolen Souls , F 4968 

Contents: The Soul of Princess Tehik- 
hatzoff; The Golden Hand; The Masked 
Circe; The Man with the Fatal Finger; 
Santina; The Woman with a Blemish; 
The Sylph of the Terror; One Woman's 
Sin; Vogue la galore; Fortune's Fool; 
Death Kisses; The City in theSky; The 
Blood-red Band; A Child of the Sun. 

Strange Tales of a Nihilist F 4866 

Zoraida; Romance of- the Harem 

and Great Saraha F 4974 

LERMONTOV,M.Y. Hero of ourTime.F 497© 

Lerouge Case, The. Gaboriau F 619 

LEROW, C. B. Fortunate Failure.. F 4900 
LE SAGE, A. R. Asmodeus; or, the 

Devil upon two Sticks F 4973 

Gil Bias of Santillana;tr. by Smollett. I 31 13 

The same. 3 V F 1031 

The same; tr. by Van Laun. 3 v.*P 356 
LESLIE, E. See DIXON, Mrs. E. L. 
LESLIE, Mrs. Madeline, pseud. See 

BAKER, Mrs. H. N. 
Leslie Goldthwaite's Life, A Summer in. 

Whitney F 1933 

Leslie Rossiter. Festetits H 1345 

Leslie Tyrrell. May G 132 

Less Black than we're painted. Payn. .G 1032 

Lesser Bourgeoisie. Balzac F 7877 

Lesser's Daughter. Sidgwick F 4342 

Lesson in Love. Kirk F 1019 

Lesson of the Master. James F 4397 

LESTER, H. F. Hartas Maturin F 4972 

Lester's Secret. Hay F 3829 

Letter of Credit. Warner F 1891 

Letters from a Cat. Jackson H 1602 

Letters from my Mill. Daudet F 3163 

Lettice Lisle. Verney F 1833 

Letting down the Bars. Dunning H 1 220 

Letty Hyde's Lovers. Grant F 682 

LEVER, C. J. Arthur O'Leary F 1049 

The same G 3 $i 

Barrington F 1048 

The same G 332 

Bramleighs of Bishop's Folly F 105 1 

The same G 333 

Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon. 
3 v. in 2 [Peninsular War; Water- 
loo] G 334 

Confessions of Con Cregan G 335 

Confessions of Harry Lorrequer.. .G 341 
The Daltons; or, Three Roads in 

Life. 4 v. in 2 G 336 

Davenport Dunn. 3 v. in 2 G 337 

Day's Ride G 338 

Diary and Notes of Horace Temple- 
ton, Esq * G 355 

The Dodd Family abroad. 3 v. in 2.G 339 

Fortunes of Glencore G 340 

Gerald Fitzgerald, the Chevalier [The 

Pretender in Rome, 1780] F 1047 

Jack Hinton, the Guardsman [Ire- 
land, France and Spain, i8i2-i4].G 342 
Knight of Gwynne. 3 v. in 2. [Ireland, 

Time of the Union] G 343 

Lord Kilgobbin; Ireland in our own 

Time F 1050 

The same G 344 

Luttrell of Arran * G 345 

The Martins of Cro' Martin. 3 v. in 2. 

[Ireland, 1830] G 346 

Maurice Tiernay. the Soldier of For- 
tune [French Revolution] G 347 

The O'Donoghue ; Ireland Fifty 

Years Ago [1708] G 348 

One of Them G 349 

Rent in a Cloud G 350 

Roland Cashel. 3 v. in 2 G 351 

St. Patrick's Eve; Paul Gosslett's 

Confessions G 352 

Sir Brooke Fossbrooke G 353 

Sir Jasper Carew [Ireland and 

France, 1800] G 354 

That Boy of Norcott's G 356 

TomBurke of Ours[Peninsular War]F 4986 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 357 

Tony Butler [Italy, 1859-60] G 358 

LEVETUS, Mrs. C. M. and M. MOSS. 

Romance of Jewish History. 3V..F 5300 


LEVY, A. Romance of a Shop F 1016 


LEWELLYN, E. L. Piety and Pride. .H 532 

LEWES, G. H. Ranthorpe G 360 

LEWES, M. A. See CROSS, Mrs. M. A. 
LEWIS, A. J. (Prof. Hoffmann). Con- 
juror Dick H 1737 

LEWIS, Mrs. H. Edda's Birthright.. F 4949 

The Haunted Husband F 4854 

Lewis Arundel. Smedley F 

Leyton Hall. Lemon G 327 

Lia; a Tale of Nuremberg. Stuart F 6627 

Liar, The. James F 4407 

LIBBEY, L. J. Florabel's Lover F 5055 

Liberia. Hale F 3899 

LICHTENBERG, I. N. The Widows 

Son; Story of Jewish Life F 4907 

LIDDELL, Mrs. C. C. [Fraser-Tytler]. 

Making or Marring F 7181 

Margaret F 615 

M istress Judith F 6t4 

LIE, J. L. I. The Barque Future; or, 

Life in the Far North F 1060 

The Commodore's Daughters F 4859 

The Pilot and his Wife; a Norse 

Love Story F 1063 

LIEFDE, J. B. de. Galama; or, the 

Beggars [ Dutch Republic, 1 568] . F 381 
Life and Adventures of Captain Single- 
ton. De Foe F 2943 

Life and Adventures of Guzman d'Al- 

farache. 2 v. Aleman F 5406 

Life and Adventurers of Jonathan Jeffer- 
son Whitlaw. Trollope F 7066 

Life and Adventures of Lazarillo de 

Tonnes. Mendoza F 5406,1 

Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson . F 4922 
Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins. 

2 v. Paltock F 5929 

Life and Alone F 1068 

Life at the South. Smith F 1 573 

Life for a Life. Craik F 340 

The same G 115 

Life for a Love, A. Smith... F 6780 

Life in a French Village. Strahan F 6576 

Life in Arcadia. Fletcher F 8735 

Life in the Open Air. Winthrop H 773 

Life in the Red Brigade. Ballantyne.H 972 

Life in the Wilds. Martineau F 1151,1 

Life Interest, A. Hector F 4068 

The same G 1 206 

Life is worth Living, and other Stories. 

Tolstoi F 7026 

Life of a Prig; by one F 4006 

Life of a Sailor. Chamier F 3763 

Life of Mansie Wauch. Moir F 5229 

Life of Nancy. Jewett F 4 />7 

Life on the Mississippi. Clemens 1 64 

Life Sentence, A. Sergeant F 6883 

Life-Tangles. Giberne H 1403 

Life's Aftermath. Marshall G 11 32 

Life's Ass ze, A. Riddel 1 F 1397 

Life's Atonement, A. Murray 1 

Life's Eclipse, A. Fenn F 8692 

Life's Handicap, A. Kipling 1 

Life's Lessons, A. Gore ( '. _\v; 

Life's Little Ironies. Hardy. 4163 

Life's Long Battle Won. Mayo F 5302 

Life's Mistake, A. Cameron F 2708 

Life's Morning, A. Gissing 1 

Life's Remose, A. Hungerford G 1349 

Life's Secret, A. Wood G 640 

Lifeboat. Ballantyne H 207 

Lifted Veil. Cross E 7044 

The same . '. F 3302 

The same. . G 991 

Light and Shade. 2 v. O'Brien F 5604 

Light o'Love. Maclean F 5081 

Light of Her Countenance D..F 2594 
Same as The Old Adam. 

Light of other Days. Bridges F 3609 

Light that Failed. Kipling. ... 4683 
Lights and Shades of Military Life. 

Vigny and Blaze F 7330 

Lights and Shadows of a Life. Dahl- 

gren F 2929 

Lights and Shadows of Irish Life. 3 V. 

Hall F 7:1 

Lights and Shadows of the Soul. 

Drey 1 3197 

Lighthouse, The F 1065 

Lighthouse, The. Bal lanty ne H 210 

Lightning Express. Adams H 107,2 

Like a Gentleman. Denison F 1069 

Like and Unlike. Maxwell G 1286 

Like Father, like Son. Payn G 368 

Like unto Like. McDowell F 2573 

Lil; by the Author of MissToosey's Mis- 
sion F 4860 

Lil Lorimer. Boulger F 3918 

Lilac Sunbonnet, The. Crockett F 8339 

Lilian. Finley F 571 

Lilies of the Valley. Fullefton G 939 

Lilith; a Romance. MacDonald F 5563 

Lillian Morris, and other Stories. Sien- 

kiewicz F 6737 



LILLIE, Mrs. L. C. W. Alisons Ad- 
ventures H 1768 

The Colonel's Money H 1744 

Elinor Belden H 1771 

Esther's Fortune H 1746 

The Family Dilemma H 1767 

For Honor's Sake H 1 749 

Sequel to Squire's Daughter. 

A Girl's Ordeal H 4810 

Helen Glenn H 1745 

Household of Glen Holly H 1739 

Jo's Opportunity H 1 743 

Mildred'sBargain and other StoriesH 1 740 

My Mother's Enemy H 1745 

Same as Helen Glenn. 

Nan H 1741 

Phil andtheBaby.and False WitnessH 1747 
Prudence; a Story of Esthetic Lon- 
don F 4910 

Rolf House H 174a 

Roslyn's Trust I 4861 

Ruth Endicott's Way H 1769 

The Squire's Daughter II 1748 

Lillingstones of Lillingstone. Guyton.F 1908 

Lily among Thorns Marshall F 1147 

Lily and the Bee. Warren G 627 

Lily and the Cross. DeMille F 384 

Lily of the Valley. Balzac F 2243 

Limerick Gloves, The. Edgeworth . . . F 5 18,2 

Limerick Veteran. Stewart F 1671 

Limitations. Benson F 7943 

LINCOLN, A. Backwoods Boy. Alger. H 930 

Boyhood of Lincoln. ButterworthH 977 

Pioneer Boy. Thayer H 2497 

True Story of. Brooks H 3275 

LINCOLN, Mrs. J. Q. A Genuine Girl.F 5061 

Her Washington Season F 4905 

Marjorie's Quest F 676 

An Unwilling Maid [Am. Rev.]. . .F 5062 

Lincolnshire Tragedy, The. Rathbone.F 2097 

Linda. Hentz F 792 

LINDAU, P. Hanging Moss F 5060 

Klaus Bewer's Wife F 4921 

Lace; a Berlin Romance F 4918 

Lindendale Stories. See Wise, D. 

Lindisfarn Chase. Trollope F 1791 

LINDSAY, J. T. French Exiles of 

Louisiana F 1045 

Linked Lives. Douglas F 440 

Links in a Chain. Briscoe F 8066 

Links in Rebecca's Life. Alden F 2386 

Linley Rochford. McCarthy F 1090 

Linnaeus, Times of. Topelius F 7023,5 

Linnet's Trial. Smedley F 1053 

LINSKILL, M. Carl Forrest's Faith. .H 1781 
LINTON, Mrs. E. L. Atonement of 

Learn Dundas F 1066 

The same G 995 

From Dreams to Waking F 1070 

lone G 1429 

My Love G 1 107 

The New Woman in Haste and at 

Leisure F 4837 

The One too Many F 4836 

Patricia Kemball G 996 

Sowing the Wind F 4835 

Todhunters' at Loanin' Head, and 

other Stories G 1 108 

True History of Joshua Davidson 

[Communism] G 286 

Under which Lord ? G 1 105 

With a Silken Thread, and other 

Stories G 1 106 

World Well Lost F 1067 

The same G 994 

Linwoods, The. 2 v. Sedgwick F 151 1 

Lion Ben. Kellogg H 482,1 

Lion City of Africa. Allen H 94 1 

Lion Jack. Barnum H 214 

Lion of Flanders. Conscience F 2856 

Lion of St. Mark's. Henty H 1478 

Lion of the North, The. Henty H 1465 

Lionel Harcourt, the Etonian. Wyatt.H 2736 

Lionel Lincoln. Cooper F 271 

LIPMANN, R. I. (A' /. Zubof). Viera. . F 2071 
LIPPARD, G. 'Bel of Prairie Eden; a 

Romance of Mexico *F 4962 

Blanche of Brandywine; a Romance 

of Philadelphia *F 4063 

Legends of Mexico *F 4963 

The Nazarene; or, Last of the Wash- 

ingtons *F 4963 

New York; its Upper Ten and Lower 

Million *F 4964 

Paul Ardenheim, the Monk of Wis- 

sahikon *F 4965 

LIPPINCOTT, Mrs.S.J.C. {Grace Greenwood). 

Home Stories. 8 v. in 4 H 1760 

v. 1. Merrie England; Bonnie 

2. Travel and History for Chil- 

dren; About English Chil- 

3. Stories of Famous Ballads; 

My Pets; Recollections of 



1 IPPINCOTT, Mrs.S.J.C. {Grace Greenwoods. 

Home Stories. 8 v. in 4 H 1760 

Mories for Home-Folks; Sto- 
ries of France and Italy. 

nesfrom Famous Ballads H 522 

UPPMANN, J. M. Jock o'Dreams. . H 1773 

'Lisbeth. Johnston F 4533 

'Lisbeth Wilson. Blair F 7985 

Lise Fleuron. Ohnet F 561 1 

LISLE, A. Faith. Hope and Charity. F 4908 

List, ye Landsmen! Russell F 6368 

LITCHFIELD, Q. D. Criss-Cross. . . . F 4913 

Hard-Won Victory F 4920 

In the Crucible F 4971 

Knight of the Black Forest F 4912 

Little Heand She H 1751 

Little Venice, and other Stories F 4975 

Only an Incident F 4909 

Literary Courtship. Fuller F 3603 

Literary Love-Letters. Herrick F 9099 

UTERE, pseud. See SOMMERS, L. E. 

Little Agnes. Baker . . H 200,1 

Little Agnes' Library. See Baker, Mrs. H.N. W. 
Little Arthur's History of England. Cal- 

cott A 742 

Little Arthur's History of France A 1569 

Little Arthur's History of Rome. But- 

terwrtoh H 962 

Little Baron Trump and his Dog Bulger. 

Lockwood H 1754 

Little Ben Hadden. Kingston H 506 

Little Bobtail. Adams H 113,1 

Little Book of Profitable Tales. Field. H 1339 

Little Boy who lived on the Hill. LaurieH 1757 

Little Boy's Story. Gouraud H 141 

Little Brick Church. Falkner 1 

Little Brown Girl. Stuart I i 

Little Brown-Top. Rand H ::iz 

Little by Little. Adams H 106,4 

Little Camp on Eagle Hill. Warner. . F 1866 

Little Canary. Osgood H 590,2 

Little Canary Series. See Osgood, Mrs. M. A. 

Little Canary's Black Cato. Osgood. .H 5904 

Little Canary's Daisy. Osgood H 590,1 

Little Canary's Eugene. Osgood H 590,3 

Little Chatelaine. Desart F 3145 

LITTLE CLASSICS; ed. by Johnson. . I 3873 

Contents: Vol. 1. EXILE; Ethan Brand, 
by Hawthorne;The Swans of Lir,by Grif- 
fin; A Night in a Workhouse, by Green- 
wood; The Outcasts of Poker Flat, by 
Harte; The Man without a Coun- 
try, by Hale; Flight of a Tartar Tribe, 
by De Quincey. 

LITTLE CLASSICS; ed. by Johnson. . I 3873 
v. 2. INTELLECT: TheHouseand the Brain, 
by Bulwer-Lytton; D'outre Mort, by 
Spofford; The fall of the House of 
Usher, by Poe; Chops the Dwarf, by 
Dickens; Wakefield, by Hawthorne; 
Murder Considered as one of the Fine 
Arts, by DeQuincey; The Captain's 
Story, by Davis. 

3. TRAOEDY: The Murders in the Rue 
Morgue, by Poe; The Lawson Tragedy, 
by De Forest; The Iron Shroud, by M ud- 
ford;The Bell-Tower, by Melville; The 
Kathayan Slave, by Judson; The Story 
of La Roche, by Mackenzie; The Visiun 
of Sudden Death, by De Quincey. 

4. LIFE: Rab and his Friends, by Brown. 
M. D.; A Romance of Real Life, by 
Howells; The Luck of Roaring Camp, 
by Harte; Jerry Jarvis's Wig. by Bar- 
ham; Beauty and the Beast, by Willis; 
David Swan, by Hawthorne; Dream- 
thorp, by Smith; A Bachelor's R< 

by Mitchell'; The Grammar of Life, by 
Taylor; My Chateau, by Curtis; Dream- 
children, by Lamb; The Man in the Res- 
ervoir, by Hoffman; Westminster Ab- 
bey, by Addison; The Puritans, by 
Macaulay; Gettysburg, by Lincoln. 

5. LAUGHTER; A Christmas Carol, by 
Dickens; The Haunted Crust, by Saun- 
ders; A Dissertation upon Roast Pig, 
by Lamb; The Total Depravity of In- 
animate Things, by Walker; The Skel- 
eton in the Closet, by Hale; Sandy 
Wood's Sepulchre, by Miller; A Visit to 
the Asylum for Aged and Decayed 
Punsters, by Holmes; Mr. Tibbot 
O'Leary, the Curious, by Griffin; Neal 
M alone, by Carleton. 

6. LOVE: Love and Skates, by Winthrop; 
The Maid of Bulwer-Lytton; 
The Story of Ruth, from the Bible; The 
Rise of Iskander, by Disraeli. 

7. ROMANCE : Iris, by Holmes; The Craik;The South break- 
er, by Spofford; The Snow Storm, by 
Wilson; The King of the Peak, by Cun- 

8. MYSTERY : The Ghost, by O'Connor; 
The Four-fifteen Express, by Edwards; 
The Signal-man, by Dickens; The 
Haunted Ships, by Cunningham; A 
Raft that no Man Made, by Lowell; 
The Invisible Princess, by O'Connor; 
The Advocate's Wedding Day .by Crowe; 
The Birthmark, by Hawthorne. 

9. COMEDY: Barney O'Reirdon, the Nav- Lover; Haddad.Ben-Ahab. the 
Traveller.byGalt : Bluebeard's 
Thackeray: The Picnic Party, by Smith; 
Father Tom and the Pope, by Murray; 
Johnny Darbyshire, by Howitt; The 
Gridiron, by Lover; The Box Tunnel, by 



LITTLE CLASSICS; ed. by Johnson. . I 3873 

10. CHILDHOOD: ADogof Flanders.byDe 
la Ram6;The King of the Golden River, 
by Ruskin; The Lady of Shalott, by 
Phelps; Marjorie Fleming, by Brown, 
M. D.; Little Jakey, by DeKroyft; The 
Lost Child, by Kingsley; Goody Gra- 
cious! and the Forget-me-not, by Neal; 
A Faded Leaf of History, by Davis; A 
Child's Dream of a Star, by Dickens. 

11. HEROISM. Little Briggs and I.byLud- 
low; Ray, by Spofford; Three November 
Days, by Taylor; The Forty-seven 
ROnins, by Mitford; A Chance Child, 
by Mayo; A Leaf in the Storm, by De la 

12. FORTUNE: The Gold-bug. by Poe; 
The Fairy-finder, by Lover; Murad. the 
Unlucky, by Edgeworth; The Children 
of the Public, by Hale; The Rival 
Dreamers, by Banim; The Three-fold 
Destiny, by Hawthorne. 

13. POEMS NARRATIVE: The Deserted 
Village, by Goldsmith; The Ancient 
Mariner, by Coleridge; The Prisoner of 
Chillon. by Byron; Bingen on the Rhine, 
by Norton; O'Connor's Child, by Camp, 
bell; The Culprit Fay. by Drake; The 
Sensitive Plant, by Shelley ; The Eve of 
St. Agnes, by Keats; Paradise and the 
Peri, by Moore; The Raven, by Poe; 
The Skeleton in Armor, by Longfellow; 
The Haunted House, by Hood; The 
Writing on the Image, by Morris; Tam 
O'Shanter, by Burns; The Forging of 
the Anchor, by Ferguson; Morted' Ar- 
thur, by Tennyson; Horatius. by Macau- 


16. AUTHORS: Biographical Sketches of 
the Authors Represented in the Series, 
with a general Index. 

17. NATURE: A Hunting of the Deer, 
by Warner; Dogs, by Hamerton; In the 
Hemlocks, by Burroughs; A Winter 
Walk, by Thoreau; Buds and Bird 
Voices, by Hawthorne; The Fens, by 
Kingsley; Ascent of the Matterhorn, by 
Whymper; Ascent of Mount Tyndall, 
by King; The Firmament, by Ruskin. 

18. HUMANITY : Chumming with a Sav- 
age, by Stoddard; Doctor Marigold, by 
Dickens; A Brace of Boys, by Ludlow; 
George the Third, by Thackeray ; J uliet, 
by Jameson; Is Life Worth Living, by 

Little Coin, much Care. Howitt H 464,3 

Little Colonel. Johnston H 447 1 

Little Countess. Dincklage-Campe. . .F 3178 

Little Country Girl. Woolsey H 2723 

Little Cricket. Samuels H 660,4 

Little Daughter. LeBaron H 1777 

Little Daughter of the Sun. Dabney.. . F 8525 

le Dinner at Timmins's. Thackeray.G 588,7 

le Doctor. Dale H 1 183 

le Dorrit. Dickens F 409 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 160 

le Duke. Yonge H 786 

le Fishers. A lden H 923 

le Folks Astray. Clarke H 288,1 

le Folks Bible Gallery. Merrill H 1832 

le Folks' Letters. Emerson H 369 

le Foxes. Stowe E 11544 

le Giant Boab and his Talking Raven 

Tabib. Lockwood H 1755 

le Girl in Old New York. Douglas. H 3631 

le-Good-fcy-Nothing. Daudet F 2931 

Same as My Brother Jack. 

le Grandfather. Clarke H 288,5 

le Grandmother. Clarke H 288,4 

le Guzzy, and other Stories. Hab- 

berton F 3931 

le He and She. Litchfield H 1751 

le Helpers. Janvier H 2602 

le Henry. Sherwood F 1 545,3 

le Hodge. Jenkins E 1270 

le Huguenot. Pemberton F 6056 

le Ike Templin. Johnston F 4474 

le Irish Girl. Hungerford F 2312 

le Jarvis. Seawell H 2314 

le Joanna. Bellamy F 93 

le Joe. Kaler . .H 2017 

le Jolliby's Christmas. Cheever H 3442 

le Journey in the World. Warner.. . F 7574 

lerCateKirby. Robinson F 1432 

le Kit. Rowlands F 6422 

le Lad Jamie. Brine H 3283 

le Ladies of Ellenwood. Connell...H 3506 

le Lady of Lavender. Elmslie H 1274 

le Lady of the Horse. Raymond.. H 2182 

le Lady Valentine. Paull H 2032 

le Lame Prince. Craik G 901 

le Lays for Little Folks. Watts E 8933 

le Learners' Question Book. CapronH 277 

le Loo. Russell F 6356 

le Lord Fauntleroy. Burnett H 1075 

le Lou's Sayings and Doings. Pren- 
tiss H 2099 

le Maid of Acadie. Rodney F 1927 

le Maid of Oxbow. Nowell H 577,6 

le Marjorie's Love-Story. Bouvet.H 1037 

le Master, The. Trowbridge H 2508 

le Men. Alcott H 1 26 

le Millers, The. Merriman H 1919 

le Minister, The. Barrie F 2295 

le Minx. Cross F 3324 



Little Miss Faith. Le Baron H 1732 

Little Miss Muffet. Carey F 8180 

Little Miss Peggy. Molesworth H 191 1 

Little Miss Phoebe Gay. Brown H 3292 

Little Miss Weezy. Clarke H 2335 

Little Miss Weezy's Brother. Clarke.. H 2336 

Little Miss Weezy's Sister. Clarke... H 2337 

Little Mr. Thimblefinger. Harris H 4175 

Little Mrs. Murray. Philips F 6103 

The same G 1 34 1 

Little Moorland Princess, The. John..F 934 

The same G 287 

Little Mother Bunch. Molesworth H 1893 

Little Norsk, A. Garland F 3769 

Little Novels. 3 v. in 2. Collins F 2839 

Little Paul and the Frisbie School. 

Lothrop H 2354 

Little Pearls. Hughes H 460 

Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians. 

2 v. Poole E 1447 

Little People and their Homes in Mead- 
ows, Woods and Waters. Hook . H 1534 
Little Peppers Stories. See Lothrop, 
Mrs. H. M. S. 

Little Peter. Harrison H 152s 

Little Pierre, the Pedlar of Alsace H 534 

Little Pilgrim in the Unseen. Oliphant.F 491 1 

The same G 1 440 

Little Pitchers. Clarke H 1079,3 

Little Prudy. Clarke H 287,1 

Little Prudy Series. See Clarke, R. S. 

Little Prudy's Captain Horace. Clarke.H 287,3 
Little Prudy's Children. See Clarke, R. S. 

Little Prudy's Cousin Grace. Clarke.H 287,4 

Little Prudy's Dotty Dimple. Clarke.H 287,6 
Little Prudy's Flyaway Series. See Clarke, R. S. 

Little Prudy's Sister Susy. Clarke H 287,2 

Little Prudy's Story Book. Clarke H 287,5 

J. ttle Pussy Willow. Stowe H 693 

l ttle Queenie. Marshall H 1902 

Little Ragamuffin. Greenwood F 702 

Little Red Shop. Lothrop H 2352 

Little Regiment, The, and other Epi- 
sodes. Crane F 8402 

Little Renault, The. Catherwood F 3348 

Little Room, and other Stories. WynneF 9994 

Little Saint Elizabeth. Burnett H 1078 

Little Schoolmaster Mark. Shorthouse.F 6592 

Little Silver Trumpet. Smith H 1867 

Little Sister. Yardley F 2205 

Little Sister of Wilifred. Plympton...H 2120 

Little Sister to the Wilderness. Bell . . F 794 1 

Little Smoke. Stoddard H 2435 

Little Spaniard. Nowell H 577,4 

Little Step-Daughter. Roberts F 6302 

Little Stepson. Lean G 897 

Little Sunshine's Holiday. Craik H 1121 

Little Upstart. Rideing F 6275 

Little Venice. Litchfield F 4975 

Little Western Flower. Helmore F 3984 

Little Wizard. Weyman F 7403 

Little Women. Alcott H 127 

Littlepage Series. See Cooper, J. F. 

Live and Learn. Baker H 202,1 

Live Boys in the Black Hills. Pilgrim.H 1820 

Live Oak Boys. Kellogg H 1652 

Lives of Benefactors. Goodrich H 433,4 

Lives of Celebrated Women. Good rich H 433,5 
Lives of Famous American Indians. 

Goodrich H 433.3 

Livelies, and other Stories. Kellogg . . . F 966 

Lively Fanny, The. Murray F 9536 

Living for Appearances. Mayhew F 1 163 

Living Link. DeMille F 392 

Living or Dead? Fargus F 3457 

The same G 1255 

Living too Fast. Adams ! 16 

LIVINGSTON, Mrs.C.M. Story of Puff.H 1750 

LIVINQSTON.Q.ParkerstownDelegateH 1774 

Liza. Turgenev F 1813 

Lizette and her Mission. Marshall H 1908 

Lizzie Leigh, and other Tales. Gaskell.G 229 
LLOYD, J. U. Etidorhpa; or, the End 

of Earth F 5053 

Lob-Lie-by-the-Fire. Ewing H 1268 

LOCKE, D. R. (P. V. Nasby). The Dem- 
agogue [American Politics] F 4985 

Paper City [Western Real Estate 

Speculation] F 1054 

LOCKE,W.J. At the Gate of Samaria.F 5065 

Locke Amsden. Thompson H 718 

LOCKHART, J. G. Adam Blair, and 

Matthew Wald F 1071 

Valerius ; a Roman Story. 3 v. 

IA. D. 100] F 4926 

LOCKHART, L. W. M. Mine is ThineG 997 
LOCKWOOD, 1. Little Baron Trump 

and his Dog Bulger H 1754 

Little Giant Boab and his Talking 

Raven Tabib H 1755 

Lodebar. Spottswood H 2379 

LODGE and ROOSEVELT. Hero Tales 

from American History H 1766 

LOFTIE, W. J. Marchfield; a Story 

of Commercial Morality F 5145 

Log Cabin Series. See Ellis, E. S. 



Log House by the Lake. Kingston. . . H 502 

Log of a Privateersman. Lancaster. .H 1723 

Log of the Bombastes. Frith H 1323 

Log of the Flying Fish. Lancaster. .. H 11 17 

Log of the Maryland. Frazar H 1365 

Log of the Water Lily. Mansfield G 417 

Log School-House on the Columbia. 

Butterworth H 975 

LOGAN, Olive. See SIKES, Mrs. O. L. 

Lois Leggatt. Carr F 2749 

Lois, the Witch. Gaskell G 228 

Lola. Griffiths F 712 

Lolapur Week. Betham F 7960 

London Baby, A. Smith H 1827 

London Idylls. Dawson F 8521 

London Life. James F 4407 

London Romance. Ross G 524 

London's Heart. Farjeon F 557 

Lone Grave of the Shenandoah. Piatt. F 5971 

Lone House, The. Barr F 8044 

Lone Inn. Hume F 7253 

Lone Ranch. Reid H 2206 

Lonely Island. Ballantyne H 195 

Lonely Maid, A. Hungerford F 9083 

LONG, J. L. Miss Cherry Blossom of 

Tokyd F 4977 

LONG, Lily A. Apprentices to DestinyF 4979 

LONG, Lucy A. Squire of Low DegreeF 4978 

Long Exile, The. Tolstoi F 7008 

Long Look Ahead. Roe F \\\z 

Long Look Books. See Abbott, E. 

Long Look House. Abbott H 1,1 

Long Odds. Smart F 6659 

Long Run, The. Cleveland F 2791 

Long Search, A. Roe : . . F 6313 

Long Vacation. Yonge F 2123 

Long Walls, The. Brooks and Alden.H 3277 
LONGFELLOW, H. W. Hyperion 

[Travels in Germany] F 485 1 

The same I 3126 

The same J 1 75,2 

The same J 1 76,2 

Kavanagh F 4850 

The same I 3126 

The same J 175,2 

The same J 176,3 

Look Ahead Series. See Rand, E. A. 

Look before you Leap. Hector F 3989 

Looking Around. Roe F 1443 

Looking Backward, 2000-1887. Bellamy. F 2620 

Looking further Backward. Vinton... F 7335 

Looking further Forward. Michaelis. . F 5284 

Loom and the Lugger. Martineau F 1 1 5 1 ,6 

Lora, the Major's Daughter. Behrens. .F 2611 
LORD, A. E. Days of Lamb and Coler- 
idge F 4818 

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. Wilde. . . F 7660 

Lord Bantam. Jenkins E 1271 

The same G 277 

Lord Beaupre\ James F 4399 

Lord Brackenbury. Edwards G 924 

Lord Erlistoun. Craik G 116 

Lord Hermitage, The. Grant F 8824 

Lord John; or, a Search for Gold. Fenn.F 8690 

Lord Kilgobbin. Lever F 1050 

The same G 344 

Lord Mayor of London. Ainsworth . . . G 14 

Lord Montagu's Page. James F 915 

Lord Oakburn's Daughters. Wood...G 641 

Lord of Himself. Underwood F 1817 

Lord Ormontand his Aminta. Meredith F 5278 
Lord Will by Force and Faithful Ladeen. 

Mclnnes H 1798 

Lord's Pursebearers. Smith F 6614 

Lords of the World. Church F 3078 

Lorenzo Benoni. Ruffini G 529 

Lorgnette. 2 v. Mitchell E 1383 

LORING, L., pseud. See PRATT, L. L. 

Loriey and Reinhard. Auerbach F 78 

Lorna Doone. Blackmore F 1 59 

LORNE, Marquess of. From Shadow to 

Sunlight F 3149 

Lorrimer Littlegood. Smedley F 1 562 

Losing to Win. Davies F 358 

Loss and Gain. Newman F 5393 

Loss of the Swansea. Alden H 901 

Lost— a Pearle. Sheldon F 6588 

Lost among the White Africans. Ker. H 1656 

Lost and Saved. Maxwell G 11 40 

Lost and Won. May G 1 33 

Lost Army, The. Knox H 1710 

Lost Battle. Price G 998 

Lost Canyon of the Toltecs. Seeley...F 6491 

Lost City, The. Ker H 1657 

Lost Colony. Raymond F 6420 

Lost Daughter. Hentz F 793 

Lost Despatch. Friedrich F 1945 

Lost Endeavor. Boothby F 8102 

Lost for a Woman. Fleming F 3523 

Lost for Love. Maxwell G 870 

Lost Gold of the Montezumas. Stoddard H 2289 

Lost Hero. Ward H 2033 

Lost Ideal. Smith F 6916 

Lost Illusion. Johnston F 4746 

Lost Illusions. Balzac F 7890 

Lost in a Great City. Douglas F 446 



Lost in Ceylon. Dalton H 324 

Lost in Samoa. Ellis H 1238 

Lost in the Backwoods. Traill H 2501 

Lost in the Fog. De Mille H 330,3 

Lost in the Jungle. Du Chaillu H 353 

Lost in the Post, and other Tales. 

Wood G 1209 

Lost in the Wilderness. Jayne H 1583,1 

Lost in the Wilds. Ellis H 1258,3 

Lost Jewel. Spofford H 2378 

Lost Lenore. Reid H 625 

Lost Links in the Indian Mutiny. MaletF 5280 

Lost Manuscript, The. Freytag F 3552 

Lost Mountain. Reid H 2207 

Lost Name, The. Dahlgren F 2936 

Lost on an Island. Phebus H 2035 

Lost on Umbagog. Allen H 954, 1 

Lost Opportunity, A. Tolstoi . . ^ F 7024 

Lost Son V 1075 

Lost Tar. Samuels H 660,2 

Lost Trader, The. Frith H 1 326 

Lost Trail. Ellis H 1263,1 

Lot 13. Gerard F 3753 

Lothair. Beaconsfield F 416 

The same G 177 

LOTHIAN, R., pseud. See COULSON, E. K. 
LOTH ROP, Amy, pseud. See WARNER, A.' B. 
LOTHROP, Mrs. H. M. S. {M. Sidney). 

An Adirondack Cabin H 1763 

Dilly and the Captain H 2339 

The Gingham Bag; Tale of an Heir- 
loom H 2355 

The Golden West as seen by the 

Ridgway Club H 2342 

Half Year at Bronckton H 697 

Hester, and other New England 

Stories F 4928 

How they went to Europe H 234 1 

How Tom and Dorothy made and 

kept a Christian Home F 4924 

Little Paul and the Frisbie School . H 2354 
Little Pepper Series: 
v. 1. Five Little Pepper sand how 

they grew H 2340 

2. Five Little Peppers MidwayH 2338 

3. Five Little Peppers grown up H 2353 

4. Phronsie Pepper; Last of the 
Peppers H 1765 

The Little Red Shop H 2352 

New Departure for Girls H 2343 

Our Town H 1762 

Pettibone Name F 4930 

Rob; a Story for Boys H 1764 

LOTHROP, Mrs. H. M. S. (.)/. Subtey). 
St George and the Dragon, and 

Kensington, Junior H 

So as by Fire F 6594 

Two Modern Little Princes, and 

other Stories H 2344 

What the Seven did H 

Who told it to me H 2350 

LOTI, Pierre, pseud. See VIAUD, L. M. J. 

Lotta Schmidt. Trollope F 6999 

Lottery, The. Edgeworth 1 

Lottery Ticket. Trowbridge H 

Lottery Ticket. Verne 1 

Lottie Darling. Jeaffreson F 927 

Lottie Eames; or, Do your Best I i 

Lottie of the Mill. Behrens F 3980 

Lottie's Wooing. Dale F 3044 

LOUOHEAD, F. H. The Abandoned 

Claim F 4870 

Man who was Guilty F 493] 

Louie's Last Term. Harris 1 

Louis XI V. Abbott H 7^ 

Louis Philippe. Abbott H 76 

LOUIS, A. An Exile's Romance F 4927 

Louis. Sommers I 

Louis Lambert. Balzac F 2600 

Louis Sinclair. Wise H 2679,3 

Louisa. 2 v. Macquoid F 5171 

Louisa; or, the Virtuous Villager H 531 

Louisa A vondale; or.Two Southern Girls. 

Carey 1 8178 

Louisa Kirkbride. Thebaud F 6960 

Louisa of Prussia and herTimes.MundtF 1209 

Louisa Pal Ian t. James F 4409 

Louise de la Valliere. Dumas F 492 

Sequel to The Iron Mask. 

Louisiana. Burnett F 2671 

Loukis Laras. Bikelas F 2506 

Lourdes. Zola F 7702 

Love Affairs of an old Maid. Bell I 

Love Afloat. Sheppard F 1 544 

Love after Marriage. Hentz F 794 

Love and Liberty. Dumas F 471 

Love and Life. Yonge G 834 

Love and Luck. Roosevelt F 6312 

Love and Medicine. Gilliam F 3668 

Love and Mesmerism. 3 v. in 2. SmithF 1563 

Love and Money. Howitt H 464,4 

Love and Quiet Life. Raymond F 6183 

Love and Romance. Rowson F 6340 

Love and Shawl-Straps. Noble F 5456 

Love and Theology. Woolley F 7602 

Love for an Hour. B.irr I 



Love in Idleness. Crawford F 8325 

Love in Idleness. Kirk F 1252 

Love in Old Cloathes, and other Stories. 

Bunner F 8075 

Love in the Tropics. White F 7625 

Love is a Spirit. Hawthorne F 4209 

Love is Lord of all. Gatschenberger..F 3790. 

Love Letters of a Violinist. Mackay..G 1431 
Love-Letters of a Worldly Woman. 

Clifford F 4820 

Love Match. Cobb F 3146 

Love me for ever. Buchanan F 2458 

Love me little, Love me long. Reade. F 6202 

The same G 511 

Love of a Lady, The. Cudlip F 3101 

Love of a Lifetime. Curtis F 7504 

Love — or a Name? Hawthorne F 3982 

Love or Money? Jenner F 4497 

Love Story, A. Southey I 4000,22 

Love the Avenger. Blaze de Bury G 144 

Love's Conflict. Lean G 86 

Love's Ladder. Wallace F 7455 

Love's Martyr. Tadema F 6923 

Loves of a Lawyer. Shuman F 1500 

Loved at Last. Lemon G 328 

Lovel the Widower. Thackeray G 585 

Lovels of Arden. Maxwell Ci 42 

Lovely Girl's Fetters. Paige F 5916 

Lovely Wang, The. Wingfield F 7590 

LOVER, S. Handy Andy F 1077 

He would be a Gentleman F 1078 

Legends and Stories of Ireland F 1076 

RoryO'More[Ireland,i8thCentury]F 1080 

Lover from acrossthe Sea. BurstenbinderF 8076 

Lover of the Beautiful, A. Carmarthen F 3084 

Lover or Friend? Carey F 3091 

Lovers Four, Maidens Five. ChambersF 2852 
Lovers of Provence; Aucassin and Nico- 

lette F 2449 

Lovers' Saint Ruth's, and other Tales. 

Guiney F 8989 

Lovice. Hungerford F 9085 

Loving a Dream. Gibbon F 3746 

LOW, C. R. Cyril Hamilton H 1770 

LOWELL, R. T. S. Antony Brade 

[School Life] F 1083 

New Priest in Conception Bay F 4980 

Story or Two from an old Dutch 

Town F 1061 

LOWNDES, Mrs. C. S. Mr. Orde's 

Grandchildren H 1772 

LOWREY, Mrs. D. M. (Tr.). Ottilie 

Aster's Silence F 408 1 

LOWRY, H. D. Prisoners of the Earth, 

and other Stories .■ . . . F 4083 

Women's Tragedies F 4984 

Loyal Ronins. Tamenaga Shunsui F 6930 

Loyal Traitor. Barnes H 3182 

Loyalty George. Parr F 5910 

Loys, Lord Berresford, and other Tales. 

Hungerford G 857 

LUARD, J. Royal Children H 1 779 

LUBOMIRSKI, Prince. Ace of Clubs. F 5041 

LUCAS, A. Wenzel's Inheritance. . ..F 4940 

Lucas Garcia, and other Stories F 1084 

Lucia, Hugh, and another. Needell . . . F 5484 

LUCIAN. A Traveller's True Tale. . . L 2933 

Lucie's Mistake. Behrens F 2248 

Same as My Heart's Delight. 

Lucien de Rubempre\ Balzac F 7889 

Lucile. Davison H 1208 

Lucius Davoren. 3 v. in 2. Maxwell. .G 705 

Luck and Pluck. Alger H 152,1 

Luck and Pluck Series. See Alger, H.,Jr. 

Luck at the Diamond Fields. Belgrave.F 2622 

Luck is Everything. Maxwell F 1172 

Luck of Roaring Camp. Harte F 751 

The same J 75,2 

Luck of the Darrells. Payn G 1148 

Luck of the House. Sergeant F 6884 

Lucky Disappointment. Lean F 334 

The same G 726 

Lucky Lover, A. Habberton F 3803 

Lucky Number, The. Friedman F 8737 

Lucky Tom Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Lucky Waif. Kenyon F 4649 

Lucky Young Woman, A. Philips G 1304 

Lucretia. Lytton F 5014 

. The same G 387 

LUCY, H. W. GideonFleyce F 4941 

Lucy. Smith F 1503 

Lucy Crofton. Oliphant F 1266 

Lucy Smith, Strange Adventures of. 

Philips G 1305 

Lucy Temple. Rowson F 6340 

Lucy Ward; or, Dwellers in the Taber- 
nacle H 291,1 

LUDLOW, F.H. Hasheesh Eater.... F 1017 
LUDLOW, J. M. Captain of the Janiza- 
ries; Fall of Constantinople F 4950 

A King of Tyre; Time of Ezra and 

Nehemiah F 4952 

That Angelic Woman F 4953 

LUDLUM, J. K. Was he wise? H 1759 

Ludovic and Gertrude. Conscience . . . F 293, 1 1 

Luke Walton. Alger H 937 



Ll K I N , J. Boy Engineers K 563 

Amongst Machines; Book for BoysK 561 

Lulu's Library. 3 v. Alcott H 139 

LUMMIS, C. F. The Gold Fish of the 

Grand Chimu F 5048 

The Man who married the Moon; 

Pueblo Indian Folk-Stories F 5047 

King of the Broncos, and other Stories 

of New Mexico F 5049 

A New Mexico David, and other 

Stories of the Southwest H 1776 

LUSH, C. K. The Federal Judge F 5076 

LUSKA, Sidney, pseud. See HARLAND, H. 

Lutaniste of St. Jacobi's. Drew F 3010 

Luttrell of Arran. Lever G 345 

LUTZ, E. A. One Woman's Story. . ..F 5045 

LYALL, Edna, pseud. See BAYLY, A. E. 

Lydia. Geiger F 651 

Lying Prophets. Phillpotts F 6139 

LYNCH, L.L.,^«^. See Van DEVENTER.E. 

LYNDE, F. A Romance in Transit . . . F 5068 

Lyndell Sherburne. Douglas H 1 184 

LYNDON, pseud. See BRIGHT, Mrs. M. A. 

Lynx -Hunting. Stephens H 686,4 

LYON, S. For a Mess of Pottage F 5050 

Lyon's Den, The. Osborn H 2000 

Lyre and Lancet. Guthrie F 8976 

LYSAQHT,Mrs.E.J. Over the Border. F 5100 

LYSAQHT, S. R. The Marplot F 5101 

LYSTER, A. Alone in Crowds F 5113 

Bryan and Katie H 1792 

Chryssie's Hero H 1791 

Invasion of Ivylands H 1790 

Leal Light Heart F 51 12 

Mrs. Dobbs' Dull Boy H 1793 

My Lonely Lassie F 5 1 1 1 

North Wind and Sunshine H 1794 

Two Old Maids F 51 14 

White Gipsy H 1795 

LYTTON, E. Bulwer-Lytton, Lord. 

Alice; or, the Mysteries F 5001 

Sequel to Ernest Maltravers. 

The same G 370 

Caxtoniana G 372 

The Caxtons F 5002 

The same G 373 

Coming Race G 374 

Coming Race; Falkland; Zicci; Pau- 

sanias, the Spartan F 5003 

Devereux [France, Louis XIV.]. . . F 5004 

The same G 375 

Disowned [England, George III.]..F 5005 

The same G 376 

LYTTON, E. Bulwer-Lytton, 

Ernest Maltravers F 

The same G 

Eugene Aram F 

The same G 

Eva; Ill-Omened Marriage; Pilgrims 

of the Rhine G 

Godolphin F 

Godolphin and Falkland G 

Harold, the Last of the Saxon Kings 

[Norman Conquest] F 

The same G 

Kenelm Chillingly F 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 

Last Days of Pompeii [A. D. 79] 

The same G 

Last of the Barons [Wars of the 

Roses] I 

The same G 

Lei la; or, Siege of Granada, 1492; Cal- 

deron, the Courtier [Spain, Philip 

III.]; Pilgrims of the Rhine.... F 
Lucretia F 

The same G 

My Novel. 2 v \ 

The same. 4 v. in 2 I i 

Night and Morning 1 

The same G 

The Parisians. 2 v. [Napoleon III., 

Siege of Paris, 1871] F 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 

Paul Clifford F 

The same G 

Pausanias, the Spartan [Greece, 470 

B.C.] F 

The same G 

Pelham; or, Adventures of a Gentle- 
man F 

The same G 

Rienzi; The Last of the Tribunes 

[Rome, 1350] F 

The same G 

Strange Story G 

Strange Story; Haunted and the 

Haunters F 

What will he do with it? 2v F 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 

Zanoni [French Revolution] F 

The same G 

LYTTON, E. R., Earl. {Owen Meredith). 

Ring of Amasis F 

M., C. J. Alice Sherwin; a Tale of the 

Days of Sir Thomas More F 

































M., L. H. Biscuits and Dried Beef; a 

Panacea F 5526 

M., T. Frank O'Meara; or, the Artist of 

Collingwood F 3550 

M. or N; Maud or Nina. Melville F 1923 

The same G 445 

MAARTENS, Maartens, pseud. See 
SCHWARTZ, J. v. d. P. 

Mabel Lee. Tiernan F 578 

Mabel Stanhope. O'Meara F 5692 

Mabel Vaughan. Cummins F 2905 

Mabel's Step-Mother. Robbins H 2217 

MABIE, H. W. Norse Stories from the 

Eddas F 5 124 

Mabinogion, The; tr. by Guest. 3v..*P 188 

Mabinogion, The Boy's. Lanier F 4885 

MACALPINE, A. A Man's ConscienceF 5366 
McANALLY, D. R., Jr. Irish Won- 
ders; Popular Tales F 5244 

Macaria. Wilson F 1961 

MACAULAY, J. From Middy to Ad- 
miral of the Fleet H 1785 

MACAULEY,E.W. TalesoftheDramaE 9462 

McCABE.J.D. OurYoung FolksAbroad.I 587 

Our Young Folks in Africa I 1657 

M'CALEB, T Anthony Melgrave . . . . F 5084 

McCALLUM.Mrs.M.C. ATrueMan.G 910 
MCCARTHY, J. Camiola; a Girl with a 

Fortune F 5261 

The Comet of a Season F 5262 

Dear Lady Disdain F 5125 

The same G 767 

The Dictator F 5561 

Donna Quixote G 1 1 13 

A Fair Saxon [Fenianism] F 5263 

Lady Judith F 1089 

Linley Rochford F 1090 

Maid of Athens F 5264 

Miss Misanthrope F 5126 

The same G 766 

Paul Massie F 1091 

Red Diamonds F 5562 

The Riddle Ring F 5560 

Roland Oliver F 5265 

Waterdale Neighbours G 630 

andMrs.R.M.P.PRAED. The La- 
dies' Gallery F 5245 

The Right Honourable F 5243 

The Rival Princess F 5247 

MCCARTHY, J. H. Doom; an Atlantic 

Episode F 5187 

Our Sensational Novel F 5186 

A Woman of Impulse F 5567 

MacCarthy More. Sadlier F 1637 

MACCHETTA,;Mrs. B. Stage-Struck; 

or, She would be an Opera-SingerF 631 1 
McCLELLAN, Mrs. H. H. {Harford 

Flemming). Broken Chords F 5507 

A Carpet Knight F 3506 

Cupid and the Sphinx F 5246 

McCLELLAND, M. O. Jean MonteithF 5223 

Mammy Mystic F 5503 

Manitou Island F 5385 

Oblivion; an Episode F 5160 

The Old Post-Road F 5329^ 

Princess F 5 1 59 

St. John's Wooing F 5802 

M'CONAUGHY, J. E. Capital for Work- 
ing Boys H 1835 

McCONNELL, A. B. Half Married. .F 5195 

McCOOK, H. C. Old Farm Fairies . . . H 1946 
MacCRAY, F. T. and E. L. SMITH. 

Wheels and Whims F 7515 

MacDermots of Ballycloran. TrollopeF 1759 
McDERMOTT, P. L., pseud. The Last 

King of Yewle F 7241 

MACDONALD, F. Nathaniel Vaughan, 

Priest and Man F 1094 

MacDON ALD, Q. Adela Cathcart . . . . F 1095 

Alec Forbes of Howglen G 406 

Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood. F 1096 

The same G 407 

At the Back of the North Wind . . . F 1097 

David Elginbrod F 1098 

The same G 408 

Donal Grant F 5157 

Double Story H 533 

The Elect Lady F 5251 

The Flight of the Shadow F 5254 

Gifts of the Child Christ, and other 

Tales G 1101 

Contents: Gifts of the Child Christ; 
The History of Photogen and Nycteris; 
The Butcher's Bills; Stephen Archer; 
Port in a Storm; If I had a Father. 

Guild Court. 3 v. [A London Story] F 1 104 

Heather and Snow F 5255 

History of Gutta-Percha Willie. . . H 1799 

Home Again F 5250 

Lilith; a Romance F 5563 

Malcolm F 1 106 

The same G 768 

Marquis of Lossie F 5132 

The same.. G 1001 

Sequel to Malcolm. 

Mary Marston F 5 130 

The same G 1102 



MacDON ALD, Q. Paul Faber, Surgeon.F 5131 
Phantastes; a Faerie Romance. 2 v.F 1 105 

The Portent 1 F 1009 

Princess and Curdie G 1 103 

The same H 1802 

Princess and the Goblin H 535 

Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood F 1 100 

Robert Falconer F 5133 

A Rough Shaking H 528 

St. George and St. Michael [Charles 

L] F 1107 

The same G 769 

Salted with Fire; or, a Story of a Min- 
ister F 95 1 1 

Seaboard Parish F 1 101 

Sequel to Annals of a Quiet Neigh- 

Sir Gibbie F 5134 

There and Back F 

Thomas Wingfold, Curate F 1 1 1 1 

Vicar's Daughter F 1 102 

The same G 409 

Warlock o* Glenwarlock F 5253 

Weighed and Wanting F 5123 

What's mine's mine F 5 1 58 

Wilfrid Cumbermede F 1 103 

M'Donnell and the Norman De Borgos. 

M'Sparran F 5144 

McDOWELL, Mrs. K. S. B. {Sherwood 

Bonner). Dialect Tales F 

Contents: The Gentleman of Sarsar; On 
the Nine-Mile; Hieronymus Pop and 
the Baby; Sister Weeden's Prayer; Aunt 
Anniky's Teeth; Dr. Jex's Predicament; 
In Aunt Mely's Cabin; The Case of 
Eliza Breylock; The Bran Dance at the 
Apple Settlement: Lame Jerry; Jack and 
the Mountain Pink. 

Like unto Like F 2573 

Suwanee River Tales F 2575 

MACE, Q. My First Crime F 5232 

MACE, J. Fairy Book H 538 

McELGUN, J. Annie Reilly F 5140 

McELROY, J. Red Acorn [American 

Civil War] F 5138 

McFADDEN,C. Sibylla H 1783 

MacFALL,Mrs. F. E. C. {SayahGrand). 

The Beth Book F 6756 

The Heavenly Twins F 3776 

Ideala F 3779 

Our Manifold Nature; Stories from 

Life F 6758 

Contents: Eugenia; The Yellow Leaf; 
Janey. a Humble Administrator; Boom- 
ellen; Kane, a Soldier Servant; Ah Man. 

MACFARLANE, A. R. Children of the 

Earth 1 

MACFARLANE, C. Camp of Refuge. F 
MACFARLANE, M. R. Magic of a 

Voice F 


Mrs. E. W. 
McGLOIN, F. Norodom, King of Cam- 
bodia F 

McGOVERN, J. Daniel Trentworthy 

[Chicago Fire] F 

MACHAR, A. M. Marjorie's Canadian 

Winter H 

Roland Graeme, Knight F 

MACHTET, O. A. \ 'x victis F 

MaclLVAIN, C. L. Ebon and Gold. .F 
MclNNES, J. C. Lord Will by Force, 

and Faithful Ladeen H 

McINTOSH, B. W. Football and LoveF 
MclNTOSH, M. J. Aunt Kitty's TalesF 

Charms and Counter-Charms F 

Two Lives F 

Year with Maergie and Emma H 

MACKARNESS, Mrs. M. A. P. The 
Golden Rule; Stories of the Ten 

Commandments H 

A Mingled Yarn. G 

Onlv.... ..H 

Peerless W.fe G 

Sunbeam Stories ...G 

Contents: A Trap to catch a Sunbeam; 
The Cloud with a Silver Lining; Old 
Jolliffe; The Sequel to Old Jolliffe ; 
The Star in the Desert; Only; A Mer- 
ry Christmas. 

A Trap to catch a Sunbeam H 

McKAY, F. E. (Ed.). Vignettes; Sto- 
ries by American Authors F 

For contents. See Vignettes. 

McKEEN, P. F. Thornton Hall F 

McKEEVER, H. B. Crown Jewels . . . H 
Twice Crowned [England, Mary I., 

1550] F 

MacKENNA, S. J. At School with an 

old Dragoon F 

Brave Men in Action F 5127 

Kings Beeches F 5128 

MacKENZIE, Mrs. A. S. Aureola. . . F 1541 
McKENZIE, C, pseud. See DUFFELL, A. 
MACKENZIE, H. Julia de Roubigne\J 179,3 

The same *F 115,29 

Man of Feeling F 1 1 1 2 

The same J 179,1 

The same *F 115,29 


5 2c-: 














MACKENZIE, H. Man of the World. J 179, 1-2 
MACKENZIE, K. R. H. (Tr). Adven- 
tures of Master Tyll Owlglass. ..F 5156 

McKEY, A. J. Silopaen F 5256 

MacKIE, C. P. With the Admiral of 

the Ocean Sea [Columbus] F 5370 

MACKIE, J. The Devil's Playground; 

a Story of the Wild Northwest. .F 5626 

Sinners Twain F 5627 

McKNIQHT, C. Captain Jack, the Scout; 
Indian Wars about Old Fort Du- 

quesne F 1 114 

M ACKOWER, S. V. Mirror of Music . F 5573 
McLAIN, M. W. Daisy Ward's Work.F 11 16 
McLANDBURGH, F. The Automaton 

Ear, and other Sketches E 1368 

MACLAREN, A. The Fairy Family. H 1804 
MACLAREN, Ian, pseud. See WATSON.J.M. 
MACLAY, A. C. Mito Vashiki; Tale of 

Japan, 1853 F 5248 

M'LEAN, A. Paul Heriot's Pictures. F 5555 
Quiet Stories from an Old Woman's 

Garden F 5554 

MACLEAN, C. D. L'Rht o' Love F 5081 

McLEAN, S. P. See GREENE, Mrs. S. P. M. 
MACLEOD, Mrs. A. The Silent Sea.F 5547 
MACLEOD, F. The Mountain Lovers..F 5546 

The Sin-Eater, and other Tales F 5544 

McLEOD, G. D. Stories of the Land of 

Evangeline F 5367 

Contents: Hunchback of Port Royal ; 
Kaduskak Giant; Fugitives of French 
Cross; Cow-Bells of Grand Pre; Indian 
Guardian; Privateer of Hall's Harbor; 
Story of Bloody Creek; The Wild Post- 
man ; Scarlet Specter of Sandy Ridge; 
Boy Blue of Grand Pre ; Messenger 
Maiden of Minas ; Light on Black 
Ledge; Incident of the Siege of Louis- 
McLEOD, I. Westfield; Home Life dur- 
ing American Civil War F 7575 

MACLEOD, N. Gold Thread H 536 

The Starling. 2v F 1092 

Macleod of Dare. Black F 2466 

The same G 865 

McLeod of the Camerons. Hamilton. F 9069 
MacMAHON, E. A Modern Man . . . . F 5506 

McMANUS, L. The Red Star F 7192 

MACMILLAN, M. K. Dagonet, the 

Jester F 5504 

McMILLAN, W. F. MyraMordaunt.F 5501 
McMINN, E. Breaker-Boy of Lans- 

ford H 1805 

MacNAB, F. Relics F 5332 

McNEILL, O. A Jesuit of To-Day... F 9434 

McNULTY, E. MistherCTRyan F 5502 

MACQUOID, Mrs. K. S. Appledore 

Farm F 5535 

At the Red Glove [Switzerland, 19th 

Century] F 2433 

Bern's F 5530 

Beside the River G 1 1 10 

Cosette F 5531 

Diane G 772 

Elizabeth Morley F 5532 

Esau Runswick F 5258 

Faithful Lover G 1111 

Forgotten by the World F 587 

Gone; a Story of Some Years Ago.F 5537 
The Haunted Fountain; Hetty's Re- 
venge F 5533 

Her Sailor Love F 5 139 

Hester Kirton F 1 1 18 

His Last Card F 5538 

Louisa. 2v F 5171 

Maisie Derrick F 5536 

Miriam's Marriage G 412 

Miss Eyon of Eyon Court F 5534 

My Story G 773 

Patty F 1 1 19 

The same G 413 

Pictures across the Channel G 770 

Too Soon G 771 

Wild as a Hawk F 1121 

M'SPARRAN, A. Legend of M'Don- • 

nell and the Norman De Borgos.F 5144 

McVeys, The. Kirkland F 4664 

McVICKAR, H. G. The Purple Light 

of Love F 5548 

McWATTERS, G. S. Knots Untied. F 1117 

Mad Dumaresq. Lean .G 725 

Mad Madonna, and other Stories. White- 
lock F 7408 

Mad Marriage. Fleming F 597 

Mad Sir Uchtred of the Hills. Crockett F 8338 

Madam. Oliphant F 5683 

Madam How and Lady Why. KingsleyH 485 

Madame. Benedict F 128 

Madame Agnes. Dubois F 439 

Madame Bovary. Flaubert f..*F 3505 

Madame Chrysantheme. Viaud F 7325 

Madame d' Orgevaut's Husband. Ra- 

busson F 6204 

Madame de Beaupre\ Jenkin G 280,2 

Madame d Fleury. Edgeworth F 518,6 

Madame de Presnel. Poynter F 5899 

The same G 1174 



Madame Delphine. Cable F 2723 

Madame Fontenoy . Roberts G 414 

Madame la Marquise. De la Rame\ . .G 503 

Madame La Tour, Fate of. Paddock.. F 5924 

Madame Lucas F 5122 

Madame Roland. Abbott H 75 

Madame Rosily. Monniot F 5326 

Madame Sans-Gene.Sardou and Moreau F 6498 
Madame Th£rese. Erckmann and Cha- 

trian F 552 

Madame's Grand-Daughter. Peard...G 1310 

Madcap Violet. Black F 127 

The same G 703 

Maddalena, the Orphan of Via Appia. F 5121 

Made in France. Bunner F 8073 

Made Man, A. Wright H 2693 

Made or Marred. Fothergill F 3539 

The same G 963 

Madeira Party. M itchell F 5592 

Madeleine. Kavanagh F 972 

Madeleine. Sandeau F 6561 

Madeleine's Rescue. Schultz H 

Madeleine's Tnal,and other Stories. Pres- 

sense" H 606 

Madeline. Holmes F 4015 

Madelon. Wilkins 1- 7717 

Madelon Hawley. Binder F 154 

Mademoiselle Blanche. Berry F 7969 

Mademoiselle I xe. Hawker 

Mademoiselle Mori. Roberts G 415 

Mademoiselle Panache\ Edgeworth..F 518,1 

Mademoiselle Res6da. Cruger F 3795 

Madman and the Pirate. Ballantyne.H icco 
MADOC, Fayr, pseud. Margaret Je - 

mine F 5188 

Story of Melicent F 5165 

Madonna Mary. Oliphant G 472 

Madonna of the Alps. Schulze-Smidt.F 6775 

Madonna of the Tubs. Ward F 5902 

Madrigal, and other Stories. Peard...G 786 

Mae Madden. Mason F 1 143 

MAEL, Pierre, pseud. See CAUSSE, C 

Maelcho. Lawless F 4875 

Magdalen's Fortunes. Behrens F 2476 

Magellan. Towle C 1610,3 

Maggie Bradford's Club. Mathews.. H 1838 

Maggie Miller. Holmes F 835 

Magic Ink, The. Black F 2461 

Magic Oak Tree. Brabourne H 3266 

Magic of a Voice. Macfarlane F 5178 

Magic of Kindness. Mayhew H 561 

Magic Skin. Balzac F 2598 

Magic Valley. Keary H 1641 

Magicians, Stories of the. Church H 11 26 

MAGILL, M. T. Women; or, Chroni- 
cles of the War [Am. Civil \Yar].F 

Magna Charta Stories. Gilman H 1432 

Magnet Stories. y See Peebles, Mrs. If. L. 

Magnhild. Bjoernson 

The same F 7901,3 

Magnificent Plebeian. Magruder F $242 

Magnificent Young Man. Stannard...F 6877 

Magnum Bonum. Yonge F 2024 

The same G 836 

MAGRUDER, J. Across the Chasm . 1 2439 
At Anchor, and Honored in the 

Breach F 5369 

The Child Amy H 1959 

Dead Selves I 9440 

Honored in the Breach F 1182 

Magnificent Plebeian F 5242 

Mi 3 s Ayr of Virginia, and other 

Stories F 9442 

Contents: Miss Ayr of Virginia; A New 
Thing under the Sun; The Thirst and 
the Draught ; A Battered Birthright ; 
His Heart's Desire; The Masked Sing- 
1 he Story of an Old Soul ; Once 

The Princess Sonia F 5622 

• Violet I 9441 

MAGUIRE, J. F. Young Prince Mari- 
gold, and other Fairy Stories H 1807 

Marian. Seawell... F 6505 

Marian and Robin Hood. Mud- 
dock F 5094 

■ f Athens. McCarthy F 5264 

Mai.l of Killeena. Black F 139 

The same G 704 

I " Skir. Blackmore F 7987 

Maid, Wife, or Widow? Hector F 3990 

Maiden all Forlorn, A. Hungerford. . F 2410 

The same G 1136 

Maiden and Married Life of Mary Pow- 
ell. Rathbone F 2101 

Maiden Fair to see. Philips and Wills. G 1445 

Maiden Rachel. Giles F 652 

Maid«n Sisters. Paul G 416 

Maiden's. Progress. The. Hunt F 4293 

Maiden's Work, A. Hope F 4046 

Maidenhood Series. See Clarke, R. S. 

Mail Carrier. Fosdick H 269,3 

Mailcoich, The, and other Tales. Sher- 
wood FI545.I3 

MAILLARD,A.M. MilesTremenhere.F 1126 

Main Travelled Roads. Garland F 3766 

MAINE, E. S. Scarscliff Rocks G 774 



Mainestone's Housekeeper. MeteyardF 1125 
M A I RET, Jeanne, pseud. See BIGOT, Mme.M. 

Maisie Derrick. Macquoid F 5536 

MAITLAND, C. V. A Women's WebF 5162 
MAITLAND, E. {H. Ainslie). Higher 

Law F 811 

Pilgrim and the Shrine F 1316 

MAITLAND, J. A. Diary of an Old 

Doctor F 1 128 

Lawyer's Story F 1 129 

Old Patroon [ New York Manorial 

System] F 1 130 

Sartaroe; a Tale of Norway F 1 131 

Three Cousins \ F 1 132 

Wanderer F 1 133 

Watchman F 1 134 

Maitre d' Armes, Memoirs of a. DumasF 499 

Maiwa's Revenge. Haggard F 3873 

The same G 1 294 

MAJENDIE, M. E. Dita F 5150 

Majesty. Couperus F 3342 

Major and Minor. Norris G 1300 

The same. 2 v F 5424 

Major Gahagan. Thackeray G 588,3 

Major Joshua. Forster F 3364 

Major Lawrence, F. L. S. Lawless F 4917 

Major Mendax, Hairbreadth Escapes of. 

Crofton H 1147 

Major Monk's Motto. Langbridge . . .H 1729 

Major's Christmas, The. Stapleton. . ,F 6848 

Major's Favourite, The. Stannard F 6876 

Makar's Dream, and other Stories. Ko- 

rolenko F 7265 

Make or Break. Adams H 108,5 

Make your Game. Sala F 6534 

Maker of Moons, The. Chambers F 8209 

Making Fate. Alden F 7851 

Making of a Man. Baker F 2483 

Making of a Man. Wright H 2692 

Making of Mary, The. Forsyth F 7258 

Making or Marring. Liddell F 7181 

Making the Best of it. Rand H 2190,1 

Mai Moulge. Wilcox F 7542 

Malady of the Century, The. Nordau. F 5474 

MALAN,A. N. Ernest Fairfield H 1067 

MALCOLM, D. A Fiend Incarnate. .F 5623 

Malcolm. MacDonald F 1106 

The same G 768 

MALET, H. P. Lost Links in the In- 
dian Mutiny F 5280 

MALET, Lucas, pseud. See HARRISON, 

Mrs. M. K. 

Malleville. Abbott H 57,1 

MALLOCK, W. H. The Heart of Life.F 5541 

A Human Document F 5540 

New Paul and Virginia E 4524 

The New Republic E 4525 

The Old Order Changes F 5212 

Romance of the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury F 5 166 

MALORY, Sir T. Boy's King Arthur. F 5146 

History of King Arthur. 3 V F 5241 

Morte d' Arthur F 1 142 

MALOT, H. H. The Boy Wanderer. . H 1836 

Romain Kalbris; or, Sea and Shore H 541 

Mamelon. Tourg6e F 7043 

Mamelons and Ungava. Murray F 5377 

Mammon. Elliott F 4058 

Mammon. Gore G 240 

Mammon. Hector F 4127 

Mammon of Unrighteousness. BoyesenF 2276 

Mammoth Hunters. Allen H 954,2 

Mammy Mystic. McClelland F 5503 

Mam'zelle Eugenie. Durand F 3133 

Man and a Woman, A. Waterloo F 7658 

Man and his Model, A. Hawkins F 4239 

Man and his Womankind. Vynne* F 7387 

Man and Wife. Collins F 298 

. The same. 3 V. in 2 G 100 

Man as he is not. Bage *F 1 15,48 

Man at Arms. James F 4527 

Man behind, The. Denison F 2947 

Man-Eaters,and other odd People. Reid H 628 

Man every inch of him. Wray H 2600 

Man from Blankley's. Guthrie F 3794 

Man in Black, The. Weyman F 7617 

Man in Possession, The. Booth F 6237 

Man made of Money. Jerrold F 4430,4 

Man of Feeling. Mackenzie *F 115,29 

The same F 1 1 12 

The same J 179,1 

Man of Honor. Eggleston F 532 

Man of Honor. Stannard F 7536 

Man of many Friends. Hook F8574-5 

Man of Mark. Hawkins F 4237 

Man of the Family, The. Tiernan F 0908 

Man of the Family. Williams H 1617 

Man of the House. Alden H 91 

Man of the World. Mackenzie Ji79,i-2 

Man of To-day. Reeves F 6191 

Man of two Minds. Buck F 81 15 

Man-of-War Life. Nordhoff F 1921 

Man on the Ocean. Ballantyne H 229 

Man Proposes [Am. Civil War] F 5149 

Man Story, A. Howe F 4053 

Man who became a Savage. Hornaday.F 4318 


Man who Laughs. Hugo F 880 

Man who Married the Moon. Lummis.F 5047 

Man who was Guilty. Loughead F 4931 

Man who was like Shakespeare. Black . G 702 

Man who was not a Colonel. Quincy . . F 1 1 22 

Man who wins, The. Herrick F 9100 

Man with a Thumb, The. Hudson F 4170 

Man with the Broken Ear. About F 12 

Man with the White Hat. Parsons. . . H 2038 

Man without a Country. Hale F 3925 

The same E 1 1 59 

Man without a Memory ,and other Stories. 

Shelton F 6729 

Man-Wolf. E rck man n and Chat rian. .F 3371 

Man's a Man for a' that, A F 5375 

Man's Conscience, A. Macalpine F 5366 

Man's Foes, A. Strain F 6764 

Manch. Bryan F 2663 

Manchester Strike. Martineau F 1151,3 

Manco, the Peruvian Chief. Kingston.H 1688 

Manfred. Guerrazzi F 714 

Manitou Island. McClelland F 5385 

MANLEY.R.M. The Queen of EcuadorF 5387 

MANN, M. E. Susannah 1 9443 

A Winter's Tale G 1432 

MANN, Mrs. M. T. P. Juanita; a Ro- 

■MMB of Cuba F 5204 

MANNER1NG, May, pseud. See NOWELL, 

Mrs. H. P. H. 
Manners and Customs of American In- 
dians. Goodrich H 432,6 

Manners and Customs of Nations. Good- 
rich H 432,7 


Manoeuvring. Edgeworth F 518,5 

Mansfield Humphreys, Fate of. WhiteF 7522 

Mansfield Park. Austen G 

Mansie Wauch. Moir \ 

Mantel-Piece Minstrels and other Stories. 

Bangs H 3151 

MANTEUFFEL, U. Z.von. ViolettaF 5189 

Manuel Pereira. Adams F 2406 

Manuela Parades. Chamberlain F 2199 

Manufacturers, The. Edgeworth F 518,2 

Manulito. Leffingwell F 5033 

Manxman, The Caine F 8122 

Many Inventions. Kipling F 

MANZONI, A. The Betrothed (I pro- 

messi sposi) [Milan, 1628] F 1 160 

The same I 2090 

Maori and Settler. Henty H 1564 

Maple Range. Barnard F 

Marah. Jeffrey F 4428 

Marahuna. Watson 1 

Marble Faun. Hawthorne F 773 

The same. 2 v J 84 

Marcel, Story of, and other Stories F 1672 

Marcel's Duty. Palgrave II 2050 

Marcella. 2 v. Ward F 7600 

MARCH, K. M. My Father and I 

MARCH, Walter, pseud. See WILLCOX,0. B. 

March Hares. Frederick F 8749 

March in the Ranks, A. Fothergill . . . F 3602 

March on London, A. Henty H 4226 

Marchfield ; a Story of Commercial Moral- 
ity. Loftie F 

MARCHMONT, A. W. By Right of 

Sword F 

Marcia. Norris 

Marco Paul at the Springfield Armory. 

Abbott H 

Marco Paul in Boston. Abbott H 

Marco Paul in Maine. Abbott H 52,3 

Marco Paul in New York. Abbott H 51,1 

Marco Paul in Vermont. Abbott H 52,4 

Marco Paul on the Erie Canal. Abbott.H 51,2 

Marco Polo. Towle C 1610,4 

Marco Polo, Travels of. Knox I 8083 

Marco Visconti. Grossi I 2962 

Marcus. Simonds H 677,5 

Marcus Warland. Hentz F 795 

MARCY, R. B. Border ReminiscencesF 1 146 
Marcy, the Blockade-Runner. FosdickH 1287,3 

Marcy, the Refugee. Fosdick H 1287,4 

Mardi. 2 v. Melville F 11 79 

Margaret. Judd I 953 

Margaret. Liddell f 615 

Margaret and her Bridesmaids. Marsh. F 1675 
Margaret Arnold's Christmas. Brine. .H 3281 
Margaret Bellarmine, Surrender of. Ser- 
geant F 6887 

Margaret Byng. Philips and Fendall.G 1389 

Margaret Carmichael. Gibbon F 8905 

Margaret Chetwynd. Morley F 5308 

Margaret Davis, Tutor. Ray H 2198 

Margaret Ellison. Grayham H 1396 

Margaret Graham. James F 4525 

Margaret Jermine. Madoc F 5188 

Margaret Kent. Story of. Kirk F 3907 

Margaret Lyndsay, Trials of. Wilson.. .J 292,11 

Margaret Maitland. Oliphant G 478 

Margaret Moncrieff. Burdett F 2658 

Margaret of Anjou. Abbott H 35 

Margaret Percival. Sewell F 1534 

Margaret Regis and other Girls. RyderH 

Margaret Roper. Stewart 1 1669 



Margaret Smith's Journal. Whittier J 290.1 

Margaret Weld, Fortunes of. Gardner. F 8887 

Margarethe. Schmieden F 4460 

Margery (Gred). 2 v. Ebers F 3203 

Margery Keith. Townsend H 729 

Margery of Quether. Gould F 3764 

Margr£del, Story of. Meldrum F 6766 

Marguerite. Holmes F 4072 

Marguerite de Valois. Dumas F 476 

Marguerite Kent. Wayne F 1890 

Marguerite's Journal. Harris H 449 

Maria. Isaacs F 4362 

Maria Monk's Daughter. Eckel F 517 

MARIAGER, P. Pictures of Hellas; 

Tales of Ancient Greece F 5266 

Mariam;or, Twenty-One Days. Victor. F 7376 

Marian. Hall G 749 

Marian El wood. Brownson F 191 

Marian Grey. Holmes F 842 

Marianela. Pe>ez Gold6s F 3644 

Marie. Pushkin F 1360 

Marie. Richards 1 

Marie Antoinette. Abbott H 72 

Marie Antoinette and her Son. Mundt. F 1210 

Marietta. Trollope F 1794 

Marietta's Marriage. Norris F 5444 

Marigold. Conklin H 1 1 52 

Marion Berkley. Comins V 218 

Marion Darche. Crawford F 8323 

Marion Fay. Trollope G 1 186 

Marion Graham. Lawrence F 4966 


Marion Scatterthwaite. Blathwayt F 6882 

Marion's Faith. King F 4657 

Sequel to The Colonel's Daughter. 

Marionettes. Cruger F 3796 


Mariposilla. Daggett F 3070 

Marius, the Epicurean. 2 v. Pater... F 5932 
Marjorie Daw and other People. Aid- 
rich H 142 

Marjorie Fleming. Brown I 3921 

Marjorie Huntingdon. Belt F 2478 

Marjorie's Canadian Winter. Machar..H 1789 

Marjorie's Quest. Lincoln F 676 

Marjory Graham. Gray F 5148 

Marjory Moore. Sergeant F 6513 

Mark Heffron. Bailey F 7959 

Mark Logan, the Bourgeois. Kinzie.. .F 4670 

Mark Marksen's Secret. Armstrong.. H 953 

Mark o' the Deil. Pease F 6046 

Mark of Cain. Lang F 4902 

Mark Rowland. Sleeper F 1547 

Mark Rutherford, Autobiography of. 

White F 6579 

The same, and Mark Rutherford's 

Deliverance. White F 6643 

Mark, the Match-Boy. Alger H 1 54,3 

MARK TWAIN, pseud. See CLEMENS, S. C. 

Marked Man, A. Cross F 3323 

Marked Personal. Rohlfs F 3788 

Market for an Impulse, A. Tufts F 7104 

MARKHAM, Sir C. R. The Paladins 

of Edwin the Great H 5001 

MARKHAM, R. Aboard the Mavis. .H 1810 

Chronicle of the Cid H 1812 

Colonial Days H 546 

Contents: Around the Yule Log: Aboard 
the Mavis; On the Edge of Winter. 

On the Edge of Winter H 181 1 

Marking the Boundary. Billings F 7949 

MARKOE, E. My Lady's Heart F 5564 

Markof, the Russian Violinist. Durand.F 705 
MARKS, Mrs. M. A. M. H. A Great 

Treason [Andre" and Arnold] F 4045 

A Story of Carnival F 403 1 

MARLITT, E., pseud. See JOHN, E. 

M ARLOW, S. Harry Ambler H 1 782 

Mann Lisa. Riggs F 7391 

Marmaduke Herbert. Blessington G 222 

Marmaduke Merry. Kingston H 507 

Marmorne. Hamerton ', F 2 191 

The same G 953 

Maroon, The. Reid H 626 

Marooned. Russell F 6363 

Marooner's Island. Gouiding H 437 

Maroussia; a Maid of Ukraine. Hetzel.F 381 1 

Marplot, The. Lysaght F 5 101 

Marplot Cupid. Simpson F 5170 

Marquis deVillemer. Dudevant F 461 

Marquis of Carabas. Spofford F 6671 

Marquis of Lossie. MacDonald F $132 

The same G 100I 

Segue/ to Malcolm. 

Marquis of Pefialta. Palacio Valdes. .F 7287 

Marriage. 3 v. Ferrier F 565 

Marriage Ceremony, A. Cross F 3325 

Marriage Contract, The. Balzac F 7870 

Marriage in High Life. Feuillet F 592 

Marriage of Elinor. Oliphant..." F 5781 

Marriage of Esther. Boothby F 8101 

Marriage of Moira Fergus. Black F 130 

The same G 702 

Married Belle. Smith F 1566 

Married beneath him. Payn F 1296 

Married by Proxy. Dupree F 3027 



Married for both Worlds. Porter F 1331 

Married for Fun F 5179 

Married Life, Two Tales of. Craik and 

Sterling G 910 

Married or Single? 2 v. Sedgwick... F 1513 
MARRY AT, E. See NORRIS, Mrs. E. M. 
MARRY AT.FIorenc*. See LEAN.Mrs.F.M.C. 
MARRY AT, Frederick. Children of the 

New Forest [Time of Charles I.]G \z\ 
The Dog Fiend; or, Snarleyyow 

ISmuggling, 1700] F 1 164 

Frank Mildmay F 5238 

Jacob Faithful F 5394 

The same G 775 

Japhet in Search of a Father F 5398 

The same G 

The King's Own [ II otiny of the Nore. 

1797] - F 5399 

The same G 426 

Masterman Ready; or, Wreck of the 

Pacific I 3'28 

The same F 5234 

The Mission; or, Scenes in Africa.G 428 

The same .1 3*29 

Mr. Midshipman Easy. . .F 5306 

The same G 776 

The same .1 2959 

Ifontfotf Violet in California, Sonora 

and Texas . •. G 429 

Newton Forster 5236 

The Pacha of many Tales F 5153 

Percival Keene.. ..G 430 

Peter Simple . . F 5397 

The same.. G 

The same.. .1 2960 

The Phantom Ship 5168 

The Pirate and The Three Cutters . F 1 1 52 

The same I 3130 

The Poacher 5235 

Poor Jack 

The Privateersman [100 years ago].F 

The same . G 

The same 

Rattlin, the Reefer 

Robinson Ready 

• lis Masterman Ready. 

tiers in Canada G 

The same I 

irleyyow, the Dog Fiend F 

Same as The Dog Fiend. 

Valerie G 

tc.Sprightly Romance of. Seawell.F 
Marsena, and other Stories. Frederic. F 



1 164 


MARSH, Mrs. A. C. Aubrey G 41R 

Castle Avon G 419 

Emilia Wyndham G 728 

Evelyn Marston. . G 420 

Heiress of Haughton G |2J 

Margaretand her Bridesmaids F 1675 

Ravenscliffe G 

Rose of Ashurst G 423 

MARSH, C. L. Opening the Oyster 
MARSH, J. B. Life and Adventures of 

Robin Hood H >\z 

MARSH,M.M. Vic; the Autobiography 

of a Fox-Terrier H 1879 

MARSH, R. Mrs. Musgrave and her 

Husband F 5528 


MARSH, Mrs. A. C. 

Marsh Island, A. Jewett F 443X 

MARSHALL, Mrs. E. M. Abigail 

Templeton H 5020 

Alma; the Story of a Little Music 

Mistress. G 1333 

Benvenuta. . 1121 

Brothers and Sisu I 1148 
Castle Meadow; Norwich 100 Years 

ago F 5597 

The Close of St. Christophers H 1904 

The Court and the Cottage H 1803 

Dayspring (Tyndale, 16th Century }G 1 122 

Dorothy's Daughters 5163 

Eaglehurst Towers H 1903 

The End Crowns all . . . G 1 383 
Eventide Light( England, 1 590- i637]G 

History of France for Children A 1620 

In Four Reigns, 1785-1842 F 5206 

In the Choir of Westminster Abbey F 5600 

In the City of Flowers G 1334 

In the East Country with Sir Thomas 

Browne [Time of Charles II.). ... F 5169 

The same ...G 1143 
In the Service of Rachel, Lady Rus- 
sell [Time of Charles II.] I 5386 

Kensington Palace in the Days of 

leeo Mary II. 5566 

Lady Alice 

Life's Aftermath. . I - 1 132 

Lily among Thorns I 11 47 

Little Queenie H 1002 

Lizette and her Mission H 1908 

The Master of the Musicians, a Story 

of Handel's Days I 5599 

Miss Mainwaring's Journal G 1 1 - 4 

Mistress Matchett's Mistake I 5260 


1 s:\ 

MARSHALL, Mrs. E. M. Mistress of 

Tayne Court F 5 183 

M rs. Willoughby's Octave H 1829 

No.XIII.; Story of the Lost Vestal . F 5184 

The same G 1 144 

On the Banks of the Ouse [Cowperl.G 1298 

Rex and Regina H 1806 

Ruby and Pearl H 537 

Silver Chimes H 1828 

Stellafont Abbey H 543 

Under Salisbury Spire in the Days 

of George Herbert G 1364 

The White King's Daughter[ Princess 

Elizabeth, Civil War] F 5598 

Winchester Meads F 5259 

The same G 1434 

Winif rede's Journal in the Days of 

Bishop Hall F 5384 

MARSHALL, F. It happened Yester- 
day F 54 1 1 

MARSHALL, L. Thomas Boobig . . . F 5569 
MARSTON, P. B. For a Song's Sake, 

and other Stun- - F 5233 

Marston Lynch. Brough F 8080 

Marstons, The. Aide" G 8 

Martha Brown, the Heiress. Paul G 435 

Martha Corey. DuBois F 3019 

Marthas Mistakes. Bradley H 3270 

MARTHOLD, J. de. History of a Bear- 
skin F 5466 

Martian, The. Du Maurier F 8497 

MARTIN, Mrs. A. A. Our Uncle and 

Aunt F 5231 

MARTIN, E. Q. Whom God hath 

Joined F 5191 

MARTIN, K. B. Belgian Days F 5 1 52 

MARTIN, M. Yellow Beauty [Cat 

Story] H 1788 

MARTIN, Mrs. M. E. L. lor a 

Dream's Sake F 9391 

MARTIN, Mrs. M. F. Sunset on lit 

Blanc F 5164 

MARTIN, W. Heroism of Boy hood.. H 1450 

Martin Chuzzlewit. Dickens G 161 

The same ". F 410 

Manin Hewitt. Morrison F 5580 

Martin Hewitt, Investigator. Morrison. F 5581 

Martin Luther, Boyhood of. Mayhew.H 558 

Martin Merrivale. Trowbridge F 7070 

Martin Rattler. Ballantyne H 234 

Martin, the Skipper. Cobb H 1098 

Martin's Vineyard. Harrison G 752 

Martins of Cro' Martin, The. Lever. . .G 346 

MARTINE AU, H. Deerbrook F 1 1 56 

Feats on the Fiord F 5298 

The Hour and the Man [Toussaint 1* 

Ouverture, 1800] F 1149 

Illustrations of Political Economy.F 1 151 
v.i. Life in the Wilds; Hill and 
the Valley ; Brooke and 
Brooke Farm. 

2. Demerara; Ella of Garve- 

loch; Weal and Woe in 

3. Manchester Strike; Cousin 

Marshall; Ireland. 

4. Homes Abroad; For each 

and for All; French Wines 
and Politics. 

5. Charmed Sea; Berkeley the 


6. Messrs. Vanderput and 

Snoek ; Loom and the 

7. Sowers not Reapers; Cin- 

namon and Pearls; Tale 
of the Tyne. 

8. Briery Creek; Three Ages; 

Farrers of Budge-Row ; 
Moral of many Fables. 
Illustrations of Taxation: 

9. Park and the Paddock ; 

Tenth Haycock ; Jersey- 
men Meeting. 
10. Jerseymen Parting; Schol- 
ars of Arneside. 

The Playfellow F 1150 

Lady Green-Satin and her Maid 

Rosette F 226 

MARTINGALE, Hawser, pseud. See 

Martyn Ware's Temptation. Wood...G 637 
Martyr of Golgotha. 2 v. Perez EscrichF 3380 

Martyrs, The. Chateaubriand M 491 

Martyrdom of Madeline. Buchanan.. F 2459 

Martyred Fool. Murray F 5542 

Maruja. Harte F 3883 

MARVEL, Ik, pseud. See MITCHELL, D. G. 

Marvel. Hungerford G 1280 

Marvellous Adventures of Master Tyll 

Owlglass; tr. by Mackenzie F 5156 

Marvelous in our Eyes. Hornibrook. .F 4082 
MARY, J. Shadow of Roger Laroque.F 5368 

Mary, Queen of Scots. Abbott H 36 

Mary. Molesworth H 1885 



Mary and Florence. Tytler H 751,4 

Mary and Florence at Sixteen. TytkrH 751,5 

Mary Anerley. Blackmore F 2564 

The same G 863 

Mary Barton. Gaskell G 230 

Mary Bell. Abbott... H 57,4 

Mary Burton abroad. Alden H 90 

Mary Erskine. Abbott H 57,3 

Mary Fenwick, Awakening of. WhiibyF 7578 

Mary Fenwick's Daughter. Whitby. ..F 7645 

Mary Jane Papers. Plympton H 2052 

Mary Lee. Boyce F 1 305 

Mary Marston. MacDonald F 5 1 30 

The same G 1 102 

Mary of Burgundy. James F 

Mary of Lorraine. Grant F 8825 

Mary Powell. Rathbone F 2101 

Mary St. John. Carey F 3092 

Mary Smith, Courting of. Robinson.. . F 6294 

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Dumas. F 8480 

Mary, Star of the Sea. Thompson F 5147 

Marzio's Crucifix. Crawford F 2877 

Mask of Beauty, The. Stahr F 6776 

MASKELL, Mrs. A. E. A. Four Feet, 

Wings, and Fins [Nat. Historyl.K 7952 

Masollam. Oliphant G 1437 

MASON, A. E. W. The Courtship of 

Morrice Buckler F 9415 

Lawrence Clavenng F 9417 

The Philanderers F 94 16 

MASON, C. A. A Minister of the World F 5593 
MASON, C. W. (Mr. M.). The Shen's 
Pigtail, and other Cues of Anglo- 
China Life F 4340 

MASON, F. Story of a Working Man's 

Life F 1155 

MASON, M. L. All about Edith H 544 

MASON, M. M. Mae Madden F 1143 

Masque at Ludlow. Rathbone F 1127 

Mass' George. Fenn H 1308 

Massacre of the Innocents; tr. by RinderF 6399 

Massaniello. 3 v. in 2. Smith F 6607 

Massarenes, The. De la Ram£ F 6176 

Master, The. Zangwill F 7695 

Master and Man. Tolstoi F 7029 

Master Ardick, Buccaneer. Costello..F 8413 

Master Barthlemy. Crompton H 11 79 

Master- Beggars, The. Cornford F 8275 

Master Bieland. Auerbach F 2424 

Master Craftsman. Besant F 7953 

Master Humphrey's Clock. Dickens.. G 162,1 

Master-Knot, The. Duff F 8496 

Master Mosaic-Workers. Dudevant . . F 8544 

Master of Ballantrae. Stevenson F 6674 

The same G 1370 

Master of Kttersburg. Burstenbinder. F 7401 

Master of Fortune, A. Sturgis F 6825 

Master of Greylands. Wood G 642 

Master of his Fate. Barr 1 

Master of l'Ktrange. Hall F 3889 

Master of Rathkelly. Smart F 6651 

Master of Silence. Bacheller F 2217 

Master of the Ceremonies. Fenn F 3491 

Master of the Magicians. Ward F 5904 

Master of the Mine. Buchanan F 2687 

Master of the Musicians, The. Mar- 
shall F 5599 

Master Passion, The. Lean G 124.) 

Master Skylark. Bennett F 7929 

Master Spirit, A. Spofford F 6778 

Master Tyll Owlglass, Adventures cf. .F 5156 

Master Wilberforce. B<x)th F 6236 

Master Zacharias. Verne F 1835 

Masterman Ready. Marry at F 5234 

The same • I 3128 

Same as Robinson Ready. 

Masterpieces of German Fiction F 3731 

Contents: Llndau: Hans the Dreamer; 
All in Vain; Fist Lovt- Lewald : The 
Aristocratic World; The Maid of Ovas— 
Eckstein: The Visit to the Lock- 
up; The Boarding School Girls— Wll- 
brandt: The Pilot Captain— Hey ae: 
L Wrrabiata; Beppe. the Star gazer; 
1 Francisca-Hoplen : Trudels 
Ball; The Fortunes and the Fate of 
little Spangle— Eckstein : Against the 

MASTERS, C. The Duchess Lass. . .F 9420 

Matchmaker, The. Walford F ;\\\ 

Mate of the Daylight. Jewett F 4436 

Mate of the Easter Bell. Barr F 8041 

MATEAUX, C. L. Home Chat with our 

Young Folks H 1824 

Contents: Columbus; The Old Oak; 
About Writing, Paper and Books; 
Gabbling Geese; The Bear; Pearl 
Oysters; About Elephants; Christmas 
Eve: Caravans and Arabs; Something 
about Cats; Pussy's Foreign Rela- 
tions; The Man who will; About May- 
Day; Our Birds; Little Hunters; Chat 
with the Old Captain; China Tales; 
Flowers, and their Stories; Under- 
ground Travels; Olden Times; About 
Palms; Ordeals. 

Odd Folks at Home [Denizens of the 

Deep] H 1809 

MATHER, M. The Sign of the Wooden 

Shoon F 9428 



MATHERS, H. B.,/>seu<f. See REEVES, 

Mrs. H. B. 
MATHEW, F. At the Rising of the 

Moon; Irish Stories and Studies. F 5543 

The Wood of the Brambles F 9422 

Mathew Dudgeon, Gentleman, True Re- 
lation of the Travels of F 7179 

MATHEWS, C. The Motley Book; 

Tales of American Life F 5314 

MATHEWS, J. A. Bessie Harring- 
ton's Venture F 5173 

MATHEWS, J. H. Bessie Bradford's 

Prize H 1906 

Breakfast for Two H 1837 

The Broken Mallet and the Pigeon's 

Eggs H 1907 

Harry Bradford's Crusade H 1808 

Maggie Bradford s Club H 1838 

Uncle Rutherford's Attic H 1834 

Uncle Rutherford's Niece H 1833 

MATHEWS, M. H. Dr. Gilbert's 

Daughters F 5174 

Mathias Sandorf. Verne F 7314 

Mathilda of Canossa. Bresciani F 94 

Matilda, Princess of England. 2v.Cottin.F 2834 

Matrimony. Norris F 5421 

Matt. Buchanan F 2686 

Matt's Follies. Prescott H 605 

Matter-of-Fact Girl. Boulger F 3953 

Matter of Honor, and other Stories. 

Yechton H 2739 

Matter of Millions. Rohlfs F 3674 

Matter of Skill, A. Whitby F 7641 

Matter of Taste. Picard F 5945 

Matthew Austin. Norris F 5435 

Matthew Furth. Lemon F 4853 

Matthew Wald, History of. Lockhart..F 1071 
MATTHEWS, J. B. A Family Tree, 

and other Stories F 5249 

His Father's Son F 5638 

In the Vestibule Limited F 5413 

The Last Meeting F 5 176 

Outlines in Local Color F 5640 

Contents: An Interview with Miss Mar- 
lenspuyk; A Letter of Farewell; A 
Glimpse of the Under World; A Wall 
Street Wooing; A Spring Flood in 
Broadway; The Vigil of McDowell 
Sutro; An Irrepressible Conflict; The 
Solo Orchestra; The Rehearsal of the 
New Play; A Candle in the Plate; Men 
and Women and Horses; In the 
Watches of the Night. 
The Royal Marine, an Idyl of Nar- 

ragansett Pier F 5418 

MATTHEWS, J. B. Secret of the Sea. F 5155 
Contents: A Secret of the Sea; Love at 
First Sight; Brief as Woman's Love; 
Perchance to Dream; Perturbed Spirits; 
Esther Feverel. 
Story of a Story , and other Stories. . . F 5414 

Tales of Fantasy and Fact F 5639 

Tom Paulding H 1905 

Vignettes of Manhattan F 5417 

With my Friends; Tales told in Part- 
nership F 5415 

Contents: The Documents in the Case, 
by Matthews and Bunner; Seven Con- 
versations of dear Jones and Baby Van 
Rensselaer, by Matthews and'Bunner; 
Edged Tools, by Matthews and Pollock; 
Mated by Magic, by Matthews and Pol- 
lock; One Story is good till Another is 
told, by Matthews and Jessop; Three 
Wishes, by Matthews and Guthrie. 
and H. C. BUNNER. In Partner- 
ship ....F 5175 

Contents: The Documents in the Case, 
by Matthews and Bunner; Venetian 
Glass, by Matthews; The Red Silk 
Handkerchief, by Bunner; The Seven 
Conversations of dear Jones and Baby 
Van Rensselaer, by Matthews and Bun- 
ner; Playing a Part, by Matthews: Love 
in Old Cloathes, by Bunner. 

and O. H. JESSOP Check and 

Counter-Check F 5227 

Same as Tale of Twenty-five Hours. 

A Tale of Twenty-five Hours F 5416 

MATTHEWS, C. Indian Fairy Book. H 552 
MATTHEWS, M. H. Dame Prism . . H 1786 

Mattie; a Stray. Robinson F 1428 

MATURIN, R. C. In the Madhouse, 

and other Tales F 6753 

MAUD, C. E. Wagner's Heroes H 5010 

Contents: Parsifal fl Hans Sachs; Tann- 
hftuser; Lohengrin. 

Wagner's Heroines H 501 1 

Contents: Brunhilda; Senta; Isolda. 

Maud Melville's Marriage. Green F 3735 

Maud or Nina. Melville F 1923 

The same G 445 

MAUDE, F. W. A Merciful Divorce. F 5402 
Maude, the Anglican Sister. Whately . . F 1920 
MAUPASSANT, Q. de. The Odd Num- 
ber; Thirteen Tales F 5267 

Pierre and Jean F 5272 

and others. Modern Ghosts F 5274 

Contents: Maupassant: The Horla; On 
the River— Kielland : Siesta— Alarcon : 
The Tall Woman— Becquer : Maese 
P6rez, the Organist— Magherini-Graz- 
lanl: Fioraccio— Kompert: The Silent 



Mauprat. Dudevant F 455 

Maureen Dhu, the Admiral's Daughter. 

Sadlier F 1464 

Maureen's Fairing. Barlow F 7924 

Maurice. Bernard F 121 

Maurice; or, the Red Jar. Jersey H 1592 

Maurice Dering. Lawrence G 322 

Maurice Mystery, The. Cooke F 2845 

Maurice Tiernay, Soldier of Fortune. 

Lever G 347 

Mavericks; Short Stories, by Puck's 

Authors F 5468 

MAX ADELER, pseud. See CLARK, C. H. 

Max Havelaar. Dekker F 2963 

Maximina. Palacio Vald£s F 7286 

.MAXWELL, C. Story of Three SistersF 5180 

MAXWELL, Lady C. Lost and Saved.G 1 140 

Old Sir Douglas F 1247 

The same G 464 

Stuart of Dunleath G 465 

MAXWELL, E. B. The Bishop's Con- 
version F 5331 

Three Old Maids in Hawaii F 9448 

MAXWELL, H. B. The Way of Fire.F 9446 
MAXWELL, Mrs. M. E. B. (M. E. 

Braddon). All along the River. .F 5516 

Aurora Floyd G 34 

'Birds of Prey F 2274 

-Captain of the Vulture F 9401 

Charlotte's Inheritance F 199 

The Christmas Hirelings F 5517 

The Cloven Foot. 3 V. in 2 G 875 

Cut by the County F 2610 

The same G 1 246 

The Day will come G 1355 

Dead Men's Shoes F 205 

The same G 680 

Dead-Sea Fruit G 35 

The Doctors Wife G 36 

Eleanor's Victory G 679 

The Fatal Three G 1285 

Fenton's Quest G 37 

Flower and Weed G 1239 

Gerard; or, the World, the Flesh, and 

the Devil G 1406 

Golden Calf G 1235 

Henry Dunbar G 38 

Hostages to Fortune G 707 

In great Waters, and other Tales. .G 708 

Ishmael. 3 V. in 2 G 1238 

John Marchmont's Legacy G 39 

Joshua Haggard's Daughter F 204 

The same G 709 

MAXWELL, Mrs. M. E. B. (M. E. 

Braddon). Just as I am G 871 

Lady Audley's Secret G 40 

Lady Lisle F 9402 

Lady's Mile G 41 

Like and Unlike G 1286 

Lost for Love G 870 

Lovels of Arden G 42 

Lucius Davoren; or. Publicans and 

Sinners F 197 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 705 

M illy Darrell, and other Tales F 9403 

Mohawks F 9404 

Mount Royal G 1 236 

My Sister's Confession, and other 

Stories F 189 

One Life, One Love G 1373 

One Thing Needful G 1 247 

Only a Clod G \\ 

Open Verdict. 3 v. in 2 G 874 

Phantom Fortune. 3 v. in 2 G 1 237 

Publicans and Sinners; or, Lucius 

Davoren F \<fj 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 705 

Ralph, the Bailiff, and other StoriesF 9405 

Robert Ainsleigh F 9406 

Run to Earth G 45 

Rupert Godwin G 44 

Sir Jasper's Tenant F 202 

The same G 47 

Story of Barbara G 861 

Strange World I 203 

The same G 872 

Strangers and Pilgrims F 200 

The same G 46 

Taken at the Flood . F 201 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 706 

To the Bitter End F 198 

Trail of the Serpent F 9407 

Under the Red Flag G 1240 

The Venetians F 227 1 

Vixen. 3 v. in 2 G 876 

Weavers and Weft G 873 

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil F 2273 

The same G 1406 

Same as Gerard. 

Wyllard's Weird. 3 v. in 2 G 1066 

MAXWELL, W. H. Adventures of 

Capt. Blake F 1174 

Brian O'Linn F 1 172 

Same as Luck is Everything. 

Erin-Go-Bragh. 2v F 1185 

Fortunes of Hector O'Halloran F 1 171 



Maxwell. Hook F 862 

Maxwell Drewitt. Riddell G 521 

MAY, Mrs. C. L. Sweet Clover StoriesH 553 
v. I. Nellie Milton's Housekeep- 

2. Brownie Sanford. 

3. Sylvia's Burden. 

4. Ruth Lovell 

MAY, E. J. Bertram Noel H 547 

Sunshine of Greystone H 550 

MAY, Mrs. Q. M. C. (G. M. Craik). 

Annie Warwick G 906 

Cousin from India H 307 

Cousin Trix and herWelcome TalesH 2824 

Dorcas G 911 

Esther Hill's Secret G 129 

Faith Unwin's Ordeal G 130 

Hard to Bear G 910 

Hero Trevelyan G 131 

Hilary's Love Story F 2896 

Leslie Tyrrell G 132 

LostandWon G 133 

Mildred G 134 

Miss Moore H 309 

Only a Butterfly, and other Stories.G 908 

Contents: Only a Butterfly; Elspeth 
Grant; Lost at Sea; The Old Life-boat; 
Was Elizabeth Right? Little Barbara. 

Sylvia's Choice F 335 

The same, and Theresa G 909 

Two Women G 912 

Winifred's Wooing.and other Tales.G 135 

Without Kith or Ktn G 136 

MAY, Sophie, pseud. See CLARKE, R. S. 
MAY, T. P. The Earl of Mayfield 

[Louisiana] F 5372 

Prince of Breffny F 5 182 

May. Oliphant F 1 265 

The same G 474 

May and "December. Hubback F 877 

May Flower, The. Stowe F 1727 

May Martin, and other Tales. ThompsonF 1780 
MAYHEW, H. Boyhood of MartinLutherH 558 
185 1 ; or, Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. 

Sandboys and Family F 5177 

Peasant-Boy Philospher; FergusonH 556 
Wonders of Science; or, Young Hum- 
phry Davy H 559 

Young Benjamin Franklin H 557 

and A. S. The Good Genius that 

turned Everything into Gold H 560 

Greatest Plague of Life; Adventures 

of a Lady in search of a Servant. F 1161 

MAYHEW, H. and A. S. Image of his 

Father F 1 162 

Living for Appearances F 1 163 

Magic of Kindness H 561 

Whom to marry F 1 1 58 

MAYNARD.W., /*?«</. 5^BEALE,T.W. 
MAYO, Mrs. I. F. (E. Garrett). By 

Still Waters F 634 

Crooked Places F 632 

The Crust of the Cake F 635 

The Dead Sin, and other Stories. ..F 638 

Equal to the Occasion F 64C 

Family Fortunes F 639 

Gold and Dross F 642 

John Winter; a Story of Harvests . . F 690 

Lifes Long Battle Won F 5302 

Occupations of a Retired Life F 640 

Premiums Paid to Experience F 646 

Quiet Miss Godolphin,and A Chance 

Child F 636 

MAYO, W. S. Adventures of Kaloolah 

[Africa] F 1165 

Never Again F 1 166 

Mayor of Casterbridge. Hardy F 3895 

Mayor of Wind-Gap. Banim F 108 


Mea Culpa. Harland F 4991 

MEADE, L. T. See SMITH, Mrs. E. T. 

Meadow Brook. Holmes F 843 

Meadow-Grass ; Tales of New England 

Life. Brown F 8093 

MEANEY, M. L. Alice; or, the Rose 

of the Black Forest H 149 

MEARS, M. M. Emma Lou, her Book.H 5050 

Medicine Lady, The. Smith F 6783 

MEDINA-POMAR, Count de. The 

Honey-moon. 2v F 1123 

Medusa, and other Tales. Sartoris F 1483 

MEEK1NS, L. R. The Robb's Island 

Wreck, and other Stories F 5595 

Meg Mclntyre's Raffle, and other Stories. 

Sanborn '. F 9769 

Meh Lady. Page F 6011 

Mehalah. Gould G 1 1 16 

Mehetabel Clark, Heresy of. Slosson. .F 6815 

MEINHOLD, W. The Amber Witch. F 5628 

MEIRION, E. Cause and Effect F 5529 

MEISSNER, Mme. S. R. de. A Tcher- 

kesse Prince F 5525 

Terrace of Mon D^sir [Russian Life]F 6941 

Melbourne House. Warner F 1867 

Melchior's Dream. Ewing H 1 269 

MELDRUM, D. S. Story of MargreMel.F 6766 



Melicent, Story of. Madoc F 5 165 

Melinda the Caboceer. Skertchley F 1 538 

MELINE, M. M. In Six Months F 5190 

Mellichampe. Simms F 2058 

Melody. Richards H 2234 

Melting Snows. Schoenaich-Carolath.F 6745 
MELVILLE, G. J. W. Black but 

Comely G 1 1 1 4 

Brookes of Bridlemere F 1 173 

The same G 436 

Cerise [France, 18th Century] G 437 

Contraband G 438 

Digby Grand G 439 

Gladiators [Tale of Ancient Rome 

and Judea] F 1 170 

The same G 440 

Good for Nothing G 441 

Holmby House [Charles I.] G 4 4- 

The Interpreter [Crimean War]...G 443 

Kate Coventry.. G 444 

Katerfelto G 777 

M. or N.; Maud or Nina F 1923 

The same I I 445 

Queen's Maries; Romance of Holy- 
rood G 446 

Rosine [French Revolution] G 778 

Roy's Wife G 1010 

Sarchedon [Babylon, B. C. 8oo~7oo]G 447 

Sister Louise G 779 

Tilbury Nogo I 1 181 

Uncle John F 1922 

The same G 782 

White Rose G 448 

MELVILLE, H. Israel Potter [Amer- 
ican Revolution] F 5 197 

Mardi, and a Voyage Thither. 2 v. I 
Omoo ; Adventures in the South 

Seas I 1909 

Piazza Tales F 1 180 

Pierre; or, the Ambiguities F 5269 

Redburn; his first Voyage. 2 v . . . F 1 178 

Typee; a Peep at Polynesian Life.. I 201 1 
Sequel to Omoo. 

The Whale. 3 V F 1 176 

White-Jacket ; or, the World in a 

Man-of-War F 1175 

Member for Paris. Murray F 1 788 

The same G 598 

Member of the 3d House. Garland... F 3768 
Memoirs of a Femme de Chambre. Bless- 

ington G 223 

Memoirs of a Maitre d'Armes. Dumas. F 499 

The same 14000,22 

Memoirs of a Millionaire. Ames F 2376 

Memoirs of a Minister of France. Wey- 

man F 7637 

Memoirs of a Physician. Dumas F 493 

Memoirs of a Physician Series. See Dumas. 

Memoirs of a Picture. Collins F 8309 

Memoirs of a Water Drinker, The. 2 v. 

Dunlap F 3030 

Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq. Thack- 
eray G 588,6 

Memoirs of Mr. Charles Yellowplush. 

Thackeray G 5884 

Memoirs of Modern Philosophers. 3 V. 

Hamilton F 3941 

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle.. F 3177 
Memoirs of Two Young Married Women. 

Balzac F 7894 

Memories; a Story of German Love. 

Muller F 5335 

Men Born Equal. Robinson F 6432 

Men of Character. Jerrold F 4430,3 

The same G 283 

Men of Iron. Pyle F 5989 

Men of the Moss- Hags. Crockett F 8334 

Mm, Women and Ghosts. Ward F 1310 

Men's Wives. Thackeray G 588,8 

MENARD, T., pseud. See ROY, J. J. E. 

Mended Life. Lamb F 1015 

Mending his Ancestors. West F 7415 


MENEFEE, M. Child Stories from the 

ten H 1949 

MENQER, R. Countess Loreley F 5271 

Mcnhardoc. Fenn H 1304 

Mental Struggle, A. Hungerford F 2 (36 

The same G 1 243 

MENZIES, L. L. J. Legendary Tales 

of Ancient Britons F 5287 

Mercedes of Castile. Cooper F 272 

Merchant and the Friar. Palgrave F 5955 

Merchant of Antwerp. Conscience F 2822 

Merchant of Berlin. Mundt F 121 1 

Merchant Vessel. Nordhoff H 1922 

MERCIER, Mrs. A. Wreath of Mal- 
low, and other Stories H 1815 

Merciful Divorce, A. Maude F 5402 

Mercy Philbrick's Choice. Jackson... F 2184 

Mere Adventurer, A. Andrews F 60 

Mere Bauche, and other Stories. Trol- 

lope G 1 189 

Mere Caprice, A. Bigot F 3979 

Mere Child, A. Walford F 7451 



Mere Cypher, A. Dickens F 3046 

MEREDITH, Q. Adventures of Harry 

Richmond F 5219 

The Amazing Marriage. 2 v F 5093 

Beauchamp's Career F 5275 

The same G 787 

Diana of the Crossways F 5 198 

The Egoist F 5199 

Evan Harrington F 5218 

Lord Ormont and his Aminta F 5278 

One of our Conquerors F 5276 

Ordeal of Richard Feverel F 5 193 

The same G 788 

Rhoda Fleming F 5222 

Sandra Belloni F 5 192 

Shaving of Shagpat, and Farina. . F 5220 

The Tale of Chloe F 5279 

Contents: The Tale of Chloe, The House 
on the Beach; The Case of General 
Ople and Lady Campes. 

The Tragic Comedians G 11 17 

The same F 5277 

Vittoria F 5221 

Sequel to Sandra Belloni. 
MEREDITH, K. M. C. {Johanna Staats). 

Drumsticks. F 5500 

Green Gates F 5499 

MEREDITH, Mrs. L. A. Lacemakers; 

Sketches of Irish Character F 5319 

MEREDITH,Owen,/*r«rf. S^LYTTON, 

S:rE. R. 

Meredith. Countess of Blessington. . .G 1043 
Meridiana; or. Land of the Behemoth. 

Verne F 1823 

MERIMEE.P. Carmen; a Spanish Story F 5448 

Colomba [Corsican Life] F 1 177 

1572; Chronicle of Charles IX F 5194 

Merle's Crusade. Carey F 2909 

Mermaid, The. Dougall F 3040 

Merrie England. Lippincott H 1760,1 

MERRILL, Q. E. Battles lost and wonH 562 
Crusaders and Captives; Children's 

Crusade H 1881 

MERRILLf J. B. Little Folks' Bible 

Gallery H 1832 

MERRILL, R. Wishing and Seeking. H 776 

Merrimack; or, Life at the Loom. Lee.F 4899 

MERRIMAN.Mrs.E.W. TheConways K 1920 

The Little Millers H 1919 

Mollie Miller H 1924 

Sequel to Th'* Little Millers. 
MERRIMAN, H. S., pseud. See SCOTT, H. 

MERRON, E. As the Wind blows . . . . F 945 1 

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.Pyle.F 5987 

Merry Chanter, A. Stockton F 6663 

Merry England. Ainsworth G 695 

Merry Maid of Arcady, and other Stories. 

Harrison F 4218 

Merry Men, The. Stevenson F 6676 

The same G 1449 

Merry Tales. Clemens F 7150 

Merton. Hook F857.2-3 

Mervyn Clitheroe. Ainsworth G 17 

MERY,J.P.A. Through Thick and Thin.Fii24 

Message, The, and other Stories. Peard.H 2046 

Messire, and other Stories. Crompton.. H 3540 

MESSMER, J. J. Red Carl F 5270 

Messrs. Vanderput and Snoek. Marti- 

neau F 1151,6 

Meta Holdenis. Cherbuliez F 3089 

METCALF, W. H. A Summer in Old- 
port Harbor F 5226 

METCALFE, W. C. Aboveboard. . . . H 1948 
METEYARD, E. Mainstone's House- 
keeper F 1 125 

Metropolitans, The. Drake F 8539 

Metzerott, Shoemaker. Woods F 535 1 

Mexican Girl, A. Clark F 6963 

MEYER, C. F. The Monk's Wedding 

[Dante, 1300] F 5224 

The Tempting of Pescara F 5350 

MEYER, Mrs. L. J. R. Real Fairy 
Folks; Explorations in the World 

of Atoms H 2229 

MEYER, N. B. A Story from Pullman- 
town [ Pullman Strike] F 5328 

MEYER, W. E. Wrecked on the Ber- 
mudas H 1955 

Meyrick's Promise. Phillips H 2081 

Micah Clarke. Doyle F 3180 

The same G 1415 

Mice at Play. Floyd H 395 

Michael, the Miner; a Hungarian StoryH 1874 

Michael and Theodora. Barr H 969 

Michael Dwyer. Campion F 2731 

Michael Rudolph. Dupuy F 505 

Michael Strogoff . Verne F 1880 

M ichael's Crag. Allen F 7820 

MICHAELIS, R. Looking further For- 
ward F 5284 

[Answer to Bellamy's Looking Back- 

'Mid Green Pastures. Esler F 3279 

Middiemarch. 2 v. Cross F 1056 

MIDDLEMORE, Mrs. M. T. H. Span- 
ish Legendary Tales F 5301 



Middy and Ensign. Fenn H 

Middy and the Moors. Ballantyne — H 971 

Midge, The. Bunner I 

Midnight Cry, The. Parker F 5001 

Midnight Warning. House II 1 $49 

Midshipman at Large. Talbot H 2481 

Midshipman Easy. Marryat F 5396 

The same G 776 

The same I 2959 

Mipshipman Farragut. Barnes H 3181 

Midshipmen's Mess, The. Seawell...H 2315 

Midsummer Madness. Kirk F 4652 

M ighty Atom, The. Corel 1 i F 8246 

Mignon. Bridges F 3605 

Mignon; or, Bootle's Baby. Stannard.F 7529 

Mignonette. Sangr£e F 6571 

Mild Barbarian, A. Fawcett F 3368 

Mildred. Holmes F 849 

Mildred. May G 134 

Mildred and Elsie. Finley H 1297,3 

Mildred Arkell. Wood F 1989 

The same 

Mildred at Home. Finley H 1 297,5 

M ildred at Roselands. Finley H 1 297,2 

Mildred Keith. Finley H 

Mildred Stories. See Finley, M. 

Mildred's Bargain. Lillie H 

Mildred's Boys and Girls. Finley.. ..H 

Mildred's Married Life. Finley H 1297,4 

Mildred's New Daughter. Finley H 1382 

MILES, O. H. Truce of God; Tale of 

the Eleventh Century F 5290 

Miles Tremenhere. Maillard F 1 1 26 

Miles Wallingford. Cooper I 

Military Life. Vigny and Blaze F 7330 

Military Life in Italy. Amicis F 2400 

Military Mosaics. O'Shea F 571 1 

Mill Mystery. Rohlfs F 3678 

Mill on the Floss. Cross. F 1057 

The same G 364 

Mills of the Gods. Twells F 1819 

Mills of Tuxbury. Townsend H 727 

Millbank. Holmes F 844 

Millbrook Romance, A. Donaldson. ..F 3064 
MILLER, Mrs. A. J. Barbara Thayer. F 5281 
MILLER, Mrs. A. M. Ninas Peril.. . \ 
MILLER, C. H. (Joaquin Miller). Build- 
ing of the City Beautiful F 5286 

Danites in the Sierras F 5289 

Destruction of Gotham F 5202 

First Fam'lies of the Sierras F 5289 

Same as Danites in the Sierras. 

'yy, G^ld-Seeker of the Sierras... .F 5201 

MILLER, C. H. (Joaquin Miller). Pa- 

quita; the Indian Heroine F 5203 

Shadows of Shasta F 

MILLER, E. H. Royal Road to For- 
tune F nC3 

Thorn-Apples H 1891 

What happened on Christmas EveH 1890 
MILLER, Joaquin, pseud. See MILLER,C.H. 

Miller of Angibault. Dudevant F 457 

Miller of Glanmire. Murphy I 

Miller's Daughter, The. Beale H 1038 

Miller's Story of the War. Erckmann 

and Chatrian F 546 

MILLET, F. D. A Capillary Crime, and 

other Stories F 5098 

Contents: A Capillary Crime; A Faded 
Scapular; Yatil; Tedesco's Rubina; 
Medusa's Head; The Fourth Waits; 
The Bush. 

Millicent and her Cousins. Parker H 1022 

MILLINQEN, J. G. Stories of Torres 

Vedras. 3 v. [Peninsular War]. . F 6842 

Million too Much. Wright F 1996 

Millionaire. Jennings F 4429 

Millionaire at Sixteen. Adams H 891,2 

Millionaire of Rough and Ready. HarteF 3885 

Millionaire's Cousin. Lawless F 4889 

MILLS, A. Blues and Buffs F 5209 

MILLS, J. Christmas in the Olden Timel 

Milly Darrell. Maxwell F 9403 

MILMAN, Helen, pseud. See CROF- 

TON, Mrs. C. 
MILMAN, R. Mitslav; Conversion of 

Pomerania 1 5285 

Mimi. Stuart H 

Mimic Life. Ritchie F 1 4-0 

MIMOSA, pseud. Told on the Pagoda; 

Tales of Burmah F 9460 

Mine, The. Tucker F 2132 

Mine is Thine. Lockhart G 997 

Mine own People. Kipling F 4721 

Miner Boy. Headley H 455 

Miner's Right, The. Browne I 11^7 

M ingled Yarn. M ackarness • G 765 

Mingo, and other Sketches. Harris F 3959 

Minister of the World. Mason F 5593 

Minister's Charge, The. Howells F 4039 

Minister's Wife. Oliphant G 476 

Minister's Wooing. Stowe F 1728 

Ministers of Grace. Brodhead F 5801 

Ministering Children. Charlesworth ,H 

Sequel to the same H 

Ministry of Life. 2 v. Charlesworth . . . F 225 



JYilNOR,T.C. I ler Ladyship [Virginia]*' 5210 

Mint of Money, A. Fenn F 3592 

Miracles of Heavenly Love. Tucker. .F 2131 

Mirage. Fletcher F 2189 

Miriam. Terhune F 1767 

Miriam Monfort. Warfield F 1861 

Miriam's Heritage. Johnston F 2721 

Miriam s Marriage. Macquoid G 412 

Miriam s Memoirs Warfield F 1898 

Sequel to Monfort Hall. 

Mirror of Music. Mackower F 5573 

Mirror of Truth. Hamerton H 445 

Misadventure. Norris G 143^ 

Misanthropy. Ellis F 543,2 

Mischief of Monica. Walford F 7446 

Mischief's Thanksgiving, and other Sto- 
ries. Woolsey .' . H 304 

Miser, The. Conscience F 293,7 

Mis^rables, Les. Hugo F 881 

Miserere; a Musical Story. Wagnalls.F 7410 

Miseries of Fo Hi. Sarcey F 6564 

Misfits and Remnants. Ventura and 

Shevitch E 6206 

Misguidit Lassie, A. Ross F 6331 

Misjudged. Behrens F 2249 

Miss Angel. Ritchie F 1743 

The same ( i 826 

Miss Archer Archer. Burnham F 8023 

Miss Ayr of Virginia, and other Stories. 

Magruder F 9442 

Miss Bagg's Secretary. Burnham F 2282 

Miss Bayle's Romance. Rae F 5205 

The same G 1309 

Miss Belladonna. Ticknor H 2581 

Miss Biddy Frobisher. Rathbone F 2084 

Miss Bretherton. Ward F 7523 

Miss Brooks. White F 7630 

Miss Carew. Edwards G 197 

Miss Cherry-Blossom of TdkyO. LongF 4974 

Miss Cheyne of Essilmont. Grant F 8826 

Miss Churchill. Tiernan F 3446 

Miss Crespigny. Burnett F 2280,1 

Miss Curtis. Wells F 7565 

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant. Alden. . . H 924 

Miss Defarge. Burnett F 692 

Miss Dividends. Gunter F 3719 

Miss Dorothy's Charge. Benedict F 137 

Miss Eaton's Romance. Allen F 2366 

Miss Eyon of Eyon Court. Macquoid. F 5534 

Miss Eyre from Boston. Moulton F 5312 

Miss Gascoigne. Riddell F 6380 

Miss Gilbert's Career. Holland F 830 

Miss Grace of All Souls'. Tirebuck . . . F 7107 

Miss Hitchcock's Wedding Dress. HartF 1186 

Miss Honoria. Langbridge .F 4816 

Miss Hurd; an Enigma. Rohlfs F 6450 

Miss Janet's Old House. Noble . . H 1928 

Miss Jerry. Black F 7998 

Miss Jones' Quilting. Holley F 4063 

Miss July F 5214 

Miss Kate. Booth F 6232 

Miss Leighton's Perplexities. Hall F 3921 

Miss Lily's Voyage round the World. .H 1873 

Miss Lou. Roe F 6320 

Miss Ludington's Sister. Bellamy. .. .F 2504 

Miss Mackenzie. Trollope F 1798 

Miss MackerellSkye. Squance H 2362 

Miss Majoribanks. Oliphant G 473 

Miss Marston. Bickford F 2257 

Miss Maxwell's Affections. Pryce....F 6018 

Miss Melinda's Opportunity. CampbellF 2754 

M iss Meredith. Reeves F 6208 

Miss Misanthrope. McCarthy.... F 5126 

The same G 766 

Miss Mischief. Behrens F 2247 

Miss Molly. Butt F 181 

Miss Moore. May H 309 

Miss Mordeck's Father. Gooch F 3761 

Miss Nina Barrow. Baylor H 3194 

Miss Nobody of Nowhere. Gunter F 3724 

Miss Oona McQuarrie. Smith F 1575 

MissorMrs? Collins G 102 

Miss Priscilla Hunter. Alden F 2387 

Miss Providence. Gerard F 8893 

Miss Prudence. Conklin F 2823 

Miss Ravenel's Conversion. DeForest.F 364 

Miss Richards' Boy. Holley F 4004 

Miss Riddell, The Rich. Gerard F 3752 

Miss Roberts' Lodgers. Noble F 5457 

Miss Shafto. Norris F 5426 

The same G 1 336 

Miss Stuart's Legacy. Steel F 6719 

Miss Thistledown. Clarke H 288,6 

Miss Tiller's Vegetable Garden. War- 
ner H 756 

Miss Tommy. Craik F 2892 

The same G 913 

Miss Toosey's Mission F 1 1 57 


Baby John F 770$ 

Dear .' . . F 7706 

Don F 7725 

For the Fourth Time of Asking. . .F 7709 

Gilly Flower H 1431 

Laddie... F 7707 

Lil F 486a 




M iss Tooscy's Mission F . 1 57 

My Honey F 7726 

Our Little Ann H 2002 

Pen H 2050. 

Pomona F 7708 

Pris H 2004 

Rose and Lavender H 2003 

Two Blackbirds H 2530 

Zoe F 7700 

Miss Traumerei. Bagby F 7883 

Miss Van Kortiand. Benedict 

Miss Wen'worth's Idea. Norris F 

Miss Williamson's Divagations. RitchieG 1062 

Miss Wilton. Warren F 7670 

Missing Chord. Dillingham F 8453 

Missing Merchantman. Lancaster H 1160 

Missing Million, A. Adams H 891,1 

Missing Pocket- Book. Fosdick H 1286,3 

Missing Ship. Kingston H 1670 

Mission; or, Scenes in Africa. Marry - 

at G 428 

The same I 3129 

Mission Flower, A. Picard 

Mission of Black Rifle. Kellogg H 481.4 

Mission Stories of many Lands M 1832 

Missionary Stories. Moister F 1 193 

Missionary Sheriff, The. French F 8766 

Missy. Harris F 3956 

Missy and Master. Bramston H 105 1 

Mistaken Paths. Dick 1 

Mr. Absalom Billingslea. Johnston F 4447 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton. Williams ,F 5295 

Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys, Adventures of. 

Mayhew I 5 177 

Mr. Anderson, Life and Adventures of.F 4922 

Mr. Bailey-Martin. White F 7679 

Mr. Barnes of New York. Gunter F 3721 

Mr. Billy Downs and his Likes. John- 
ston I 147a 

Mr. Bodley abroad. Scudder H 670 

Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica. Bangs V 7913 

Mr. Bumpkin's Lawsuit. Harris F 3920 

Mr Butler's Ward. Robinson F 6309 

Mr. Dandelow. Jessopp I 

M r. Desmond, U. S. A. Coulter F 2850 

Mr. Former's Marital Claims. Johnston F 4473 

Mr. Gilfil's Love Story. Cross G 366,1 

Mr. Incoul's Misadventure. Saltus F 6528 

Mr. Isaacs. Crawford F 2888 

Mr. Jervis. Croker F 8381 

Mr. Ledbury, Adventures of. Smith. ,F 21 10 

Mr. Lucraft, Case of. Besant and Rice.F 2608 

Mr. M. t pseud. See MASON, C. W. 

Mr. Meeson's Will. Haggard F 3874 

The same G 1 329 

Mr. Midshipman Easy. Marryat F 5396 

The same- G 776 

The same I 2959 

Mr. Oldmixon. Hammond F 391 1 

Mr. Orde's Grandchildren. Lowndes. H 1772 

Mr. Pansy, The Resolute. Trowbridge.H 2535 

Mr. Perkins' Daughter. Lanza F 1020 

Mr. Peters. Stephens F 9790 

Mr. Pisistratus Brown, M. P. Black. . .F 5215 

The same G 1 23 1 

Mr. Potter of Texas. Gunter F 3722 

Mr. Punch's Prize Novels. Lehman... F 4997 

Mr. Rabbit at Home. Harris H 4176 

Sequel to Little Mr. Thimblefinger. 

Mr. Rutherford's Children. Warner. . H 755,1 

Mr. Scarborough's Family. Trollopc.F 7064 

Mr. Smith. Walford G 1201 

Mt Stubbs's Brother. Kaler H 201 1 

Sequel to Toby Tyler. 

Mr. Tangier's Vacations. Hale F 3865 

Mr. Tommy Dove. Deland F 3058 

Mr. Tyrawley, Apotheosis of. Prescott.F 6159 

Mr. Yaughan's Heir. Bennett F 2531 

Mr. Wayt's Wife's Sister. Terhune. . .F 6958 

Mr. Witt's Widow. Hawkins F 4230 

Mr. Xinzan of Bath. Deane F 3176 

Misther O'Ryan. McNulty F 5502 

Mistletoe Bough, and other Stories. 

Trollope G 1 iqo 

Mrs. Albert Grundy. Frederic F 8750 

Mistress and Maid. Craik G 117 

Mrs. Armington's Ward. Wright F 1993 

Mrs. Arthur. Oliphant G 1022 

M istress Beatrice Cope. LeClerc F 4904 

Mrs. Beauchamp Brown. Austin F 2195 

M rs. Bob. Stannard F 6897 

Mistress Branican. Verne F 7322 

Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. JerroldE 1265 

The same F 4430,3 

Mrs. Clarinda Singlehart. RathboncF 2085 

M rs. Cliff's Yacht. Stockton F 6720 

Mrs. Clift-Crosby's Niece. Hurlbut. . . I 

Mrs. Deane's Way. Foster H 1350 

Mrs. Denys of Cote. Parr G 1155 

Mrs. Dobbs' Dull Boy. Lyster H 1793 

Mrs. Dymond. Ritchie F 6965 

The same G 1191 

Mrs. Falchion. Parker 1- 6097 

Mrs. Fenton. Norris F 5427 

The same G 1384 



Mrs. Geoffrey. Hungerford F 5292 

The same G 858 

Mrs. Gerald. Pool F 5994 

Mrs. Gerald's Niece. Fullerton G 215 

Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles. Wood..G 638 

Mrs. Harry Harper's Awakening. AldenF 2388 

Mrs. Hephaestus. Baker F 2484 

Mrs. Herndon's Income. Campbell... F 2743 

Mrs. Isaacs. Farjeon F 3461 

Same as Solomon Isaacs. 

Mistress Judith. Liddell F 614 

Mrs. Keats Bradford. Pool F 5983 

Mrs. Keith's Crime. Clifford F 5213 

Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan, Diary of. CharlesF 222 

The same G 79 

Mrs. Knollys.and other Stories. StimsonF 9862 

Mrs. Leeks and Mrs. Aleshine. StocktonF 6692 

Mrs. Limber's Raffle. Butler F \nz 

Mrs. Lorimer. Harrison F 5 151 

Mrs. Mainwaring's Journal. Marshall. G 1124 

Mrs. Margaret Maitland. Oliphant...G 478 

Mistress Matchett's Mistake. Marshal IF 5260 

Mrs. Mayburn's. Twins. Habberton. . . F 3933 

Mrs. Merriam's Scholars. Hale F 3940 

Mrs. Muff and her Friends. EtheridgeH 1277 

Mrs.Musgraveand her Husband. MarshF 5528 

Mistress of Beech Knoll. Bumham..F 2689 

Mistress of Brae Farm. Carey F 3346 

Mistress of Ibichstein. Henkel F 3993 

Mistress of Quest. Sergeant F 65 1 2 

Mistress of Sherburne. Douglas H 3630 

Mistress of Tayne Court. Marshall. ..F 5183 

Mistress of the Ranch. Clark F 8240 

Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances. Ew- 

ing H 1270 

Mrs. Peixada. Harland F 4943 

Mistress Phil. Debenham F 3167 

Mrs. Potter, Rousing of. Smith F 6816 

Mrs. Reynolds and Hamilton. Town- 
send F 7014 

Mrs. Romney. Carey F 8182 

Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands. Harte F 752 

Mrs Solomon Smith looking on. AldenF' 41 

Mistress Spitfire. Fletcher F 8732 

Mrs Tregaskiss. Praed F 6155 

Mrs. Willoughby's Octave. Marshall . . H 1829 

Mists. Battershall F 7909 

MITCHEL, F. A. Cnattanooga [Am. 

Civil War] F 5349 

Chickamauga [Am. Civil War] F 5348 

Sweet Revenge [Am. Civil War].. .F 9474 
MITCHEL, Gen. O. M., the Patriot Boy. 

Headley H 1492 

MITCHELL, D. d. {Ik Marvel). About 

Old Story-Tellers E 4610 

Doctor Johns [Connecticut, 1 830]. . . F 1 190 

Dream Life; a Fable of the SeasonsE 1380 

Fudge Doings. 2. v E 1373 

Lorgnette. 2 v E 1383 

Reveries of a Bachelor E 1382 

Seven Stories with Basement and 

Attic F 1 191 

MITCHELL, J. A. Araos Judd F 9466 

The Last American F 5294 

That First Affair.and other SketchesF 9467 

Contents: That First Affair; Mrs. Loi- 
ter s Ride; Two Portraits; The Man 
who Vanished; A Bachelor's Supper. 

MITCHELL, L. E. Love in the Back- 
woods: Two Mormons from Mud- 

dlety; Alfred's Wife F 9477 

MITCHELL, S. W. Characteristics. . F 5283 

Far in the Forest F 5282 

Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker, Lieut- 
Col. on the Staff of Washington. 2v.F 5591 

In War Time [Am. Civil War] F 5216 

A Madeira Party F 5592 

Philip Vernon E 7959 

Prince Little Boy, and other Tales. H 1870 

Roland Blake [Am. Civil War] . . . . F 5217 

When all the Woods are Green F 5347 

MITCHELL, W. Two Strings to his 

Bow F 5590 

MITFORD, A. B. Tales of Old Japan . F 1 187 
MITFORD, B. The Curse of Clement 

\\ aynflete F 5625 

'Tween Snow and Fire; Tale of the 

Last Kafir War F 5550 

MITFORD, M. R. Atherton, and other 

Tales F 5376 

Our Village. 2 v I 3058 

MitoYashiki. Maclay F 5248 

Mitslav. Milman F 5285 

Mixed Pickles. Raymond H 2181 

Miz Maze; or, the Winkworth Puzzle. . . F 5288 

Model Father. Murray F 9549 

Model Wife, A. Roe F 275 1 

Modern Adam and Eve in a Garden. 

Douglas F 3000 

Modern Agrippa. White F 7626 

Modern Aladdin. Pyle F 6009 

Modern Buccaneer, A. Browne F 8036 

Modern Chivalry. 2 v. Brackenridge. .F 124 

Modern Circe. Hungerford F 2438 

The same G 1281 

Modern Don Quixote. Alford F 2364 



>ter F 3614 

rn Fishers of Men. Raymond.. . F 6262 

: 1 Ghosts. Maupassant F 5274 

Modern Griselda. Edge worth *F 1 15,50 

The same F 518,6 

Modern Hagar, The. 2 v. Clark F 2807 

Modern Instance. Howells F 4024 

Modern Love Story. Orcutt F 5706 

Modern Magdalene," A. Woods F 7651 

Modern Man. MacMahon F 5506 

Modern Mephistopheles. Alcott F 2186 

Modern M idas. Jokai F 4449 

Modern Pagan. Dubois F 8505 

Modern Prophets. Alden and Foster.. F 2399 

Modern Red Riding Hood. Jones H 1593 

Modern St. Christopher. Porter F 5952 

Modern Society. Sinclair F 

Modern Telemachus, A. Yonge F 2038 

Modern Vikings. Boyesen II 1040 

Modern Warning, The. James F 4409 

Modern Wizard, A. Ottolengui F 5857 

Modeste Mignon. Balzac F 2597 

Mohammed Ali and his House. Mundt.F 1219 

Mohammed Benani, Case of F 5304 

Mohawks. Maxwell F 9404 

Mohun; or, the Last Days of Lee. CookeF 2844 
MOIR, D. M. Life of Mansie Wauch. 1 

MOISTER, W. Missionary Stories. . . F 1193 
MOLESWORTH.Mrs.M.L. {EnnisGra- 

hani). Adventures of Herr Baby. 1 1 1847 

Blanche II 

The Boys and I H 1816 

Carrots: Just a Little Boy H 184 1 

The Carved Lions II 5081 

Children of the Castle H 1895 

A Christmas Child H 1842 

A Christmas Posy H 1849 

Christmas-Tree Land H 1909 

The Cuckoo Clock H 1843 

Four Ghost Stories F 5240 

Contents- Lady Farquhar's Old Lady; 
Witnessed by Two; Unexplained; Story 
of the Rippling Train. 

Four Winds Farm H 1910 

The Girls and I H 1886 

Grandmother Dear II 1844 

Leona H 1889 

Little Miss Peggy H 191 1 

Little Mother Bunch H 1893 

Mary H 1885 

My New Home H 1918 

Neighbours H 1839 

The Next-Door House H 1888 

MOLESWORTH, Mrs. M. L. (En> 
Graham). Nut without Thorns. 

Nurse Heatherdale's Story H 1887 

The Old Pincushion H 

Olivia H 

Philippa H 5082 

The Rectory Children H 1840 

Rosy H 

Sheila's Mystery H 1883 

Story of a Spring Morning H 1892 

Summer Stories for Boys and Girls.H 1818 

Sweet Content H 1913 

The Tapestry Room H 1817 

Tell me a Story H 1846 

Thirteen Little Black Pigs, and other 

Stories H 1915 

Two Little Waifs H 1912 

Us; an Old-Fashioned Story H 1848 

White Turrets H 1898 

Mollie Miller. Merriman H ig24 

Sequel to The Little Millers. 

Molly Bawn. Hungerford G 1119 

Molly Bishop's Family. Nitsch K 6416 

Mollie Darling, and other Stories. Hun- 
gerford F 4334 

MOLLOY, J. F. An Excellent Knave.F 5371 

How came he Dead ? I 5373 

Moloch; a Story of Sacrifice. Praed. . F 5965 

Moment of Madness. Lean (', 1082 

Mona Maclean, Medical Student. Tra- 

vers F 7147 

Mona, the Vestal. Dorsey I 424 

Mona's Choice. Hector I 4066 

The same ( \ 1 297 

Monaldi. Allston F 39 

Monarch of Dreams, The. Higginson.F 4062 

Monarch of Mincing-Lane. Black.... F 2562 

Monastery, The. Scott F 2163 

The same G 546 

MONCREIFF, F. The X Jewel [James 

VI. of Scotland]... F 9487 

MONCRIEFF, A. R. H. (A. R. Hope). 

Boys' own Stories H 1852 

Homespun Stories H 1821 

Round about the Minster Green.. . H 18 19 

Stories of French School Life H 463 

Contents: The New Master; The New 
Boy; The New Book. 

Stories of Old Renown H 1853 

Visit to my Discontented Cousin.. .F 184 1 

Wigwam and War- Path H 1851 

Young Travellers' Tales H 1899 

Money and Music. Barnard V nS 



Money God. Quinton F 1373 

Money- Maker. Adams H 113,3 

Money-Makers. Keenan F 5207 

Moneyed Man. 3 v. Smith F 2 1 1 1 

Monfort Hall. Warfield F 1902 

Monikins. Cooper F 274 

MONK, T. An Altar of Earth F 5360 

Monk and Knight. 2 v. Gunsaulus. ..F 3790 
Monk and the Hangman's Daughter. 

Bierce and Danziger F 2297 

Monk of Cimi£s, and other Tales. Sher- 
wood Fi545,i4 

Monk of Fife. Lang F 4954 

Monk of the Aventine, A. Eckstein.. F 3291 
Monk of the Monastery of Yuste; Last 

Days of Charles V F 5296 

Monk's Wedding, The. Meyer F 5224 

Monks of Thelema. Besant and Rice. F 260s 

MONNIOT, V. Madame Rosily F 5326 

Monochromes. D' Arcy F 8446 

MONROE, Mrs. L. B. Story of our 

Country [United States] H 565 

MONROE, Mrs. M. C. (Tr.). The Priest 

of Auvrigny.and King of the BeanF 1352 

Monsieur Lecoq Gaboriau F 8900 

Monsieur Maurice. Edwards G 198 

Monsieur Motte. King F 4671 

Monsieur Sylvestre. Dudevant F 463 

Monsieur Violet. Marryat G 429 

MONTAGUE, C. H. Two Strokes of 

the Bell F 5228 

Monteagle. Alden H 1355 

Montezuma and Cortes. Pratt H 21 11 

Montezuma's Daughter. Haggard F 4 187 

Montezuma's Gold Mines. Ober H 1972 

MONTGOMERY, F. Blue Veil; Moral 

Tales G 1133 

Colonel Norton F 5635 

The Fisherman's Daughter, and A 

Very Simple Story G 1335 

Seaforth G 101 1 

Thrown Together F 1 197 

The same G 450 

Thwarted; or, Ducks' Eggs in a 

Hen's Nest H 567 

The same G 783 

Transformed F 5299 

Wild Mike and his Victim G 784 

MONTGOMERY, W. Boys of the Sier- 
ras; California in '49 H 1850 

MONTI, L. Leone F 4895 

MONTORGUEIL, G. Three Appren- 
tices of Moon Street H 1944 

MONTRESOR, F. F. False Coin or 

True? F 5636 

Into the Highways and Hedges F 5634 

The One who looked on F 5633 

MONZAYEMON, C. Chiushingura; a 

Japanese Romance F 5570 

MOODEY, M. L. Alan Thome F 5306 

Tragedy of Brink water F 5305 

Moods. Alcott H 132 

Moody's Lodging House. Sanborn . . . F 9770 
MOON, G. W. He— With all my 

Worldly Goods I thee Endow. . . F 5318 

Moon Prince. Munkittrick F 5095 

Moonblight and Six Feet of Romance. 

Beard F 2303 

Moondyne. O'Reilly F 5871 

Moonfolk. Austin H 190 

Moonlight Boy, A. Howe F 4052 

Moonshine. Brabourne H 496 

Moonstone. Collins G 101 

MOORE, A. A. {Auber Fores tier). Echoes 

from Mistland F 3529 

MOORE, Mrs. C. J. On Dangerous 

Ground F 1220 

MOORE, F. F. Fta>-Flies and Mos- 
quitoes H 1875 

A Gray Eye or So F 5576 

I Forbid the Banns! F 5575 

ThelmpudentComedian and others. F 5574 

Contents: The Impudent Comedian; 
Kitty Clive; A Question of Art; The 
Muse of Tragedy; The^Way to keep 
him; The Capture of the Duke. 

The Jessamy Bride F 9490 

Sailing and Sealing; Tale of the 

North Pacific H 1877 

The Secret of the Court F 5578 

They Call it Love F 5577 

The Two Clippers H 1882 

Under Hatches H 1876 

MOORE, G. Vain Fortune F 5441 

MOORE, H.H. Sickness as a ProfessionF 5374 

MOORE, Mrs. H. J. Over the Way.H 1825 

MOORE, J. Zeluco. 2v F 1189 

The same *Fi 15,34-35 

MOORE, S. T. Ryle's Open Gate . . . . F 5358 
MOORE, T. The Epicurean [Egypt, 3d 

Century] F 1198 

MOOREHEAD,W.K. Wanneta.tneS oux 

[Gen. Custer and the Sioux] H 1900 

Moors and Christians. Alarcon F 2343 

Mopsie, the Story of a London Waif. 

Walrond H 2646 


MORAES, F. de. Palmerin of Eng- 
land. 4 v \ 

Moral Dilemma, A. Thompson. F 6978 

Moral of Fables. Martineau F 1 1 ; 1 ,8 

Moral Pirates. Alden H 

Moral Sinner, A. Daly F 

Tales. Edgeworth F 

Morals and Mysteries. Aide" G 

MORAN, W. H. W. From School- 
Room to Bar F 

MORE, H. Repository Tales J 

Ccelebs in Search of a Wife J 

MORE, Sir T. Utopia; the Happy Re- 
public F 1 196 

The same C 1 1329 





More Bed-time Stories. Moulton H 

More Bed-time Tales. Paull H 

More Bywords. Yonge F 

More Celtic Fairy Tales. Jacobs H 

More English Fairy Tales. Jacobs H 

MoreGoodTimes at Hackmatack. SmithH 

More Short Sixes. Bunner F 

MORECAMP.Arthur,^//,/. 5W-PILGRIM.T 
MORELAND, M. L. Which: Rii:ht or 

Wrong H 

MORFORD, H. Shoulder-Straps 

The Spur of Monmouth; or, Wash- 
ington in Arms F 

MORGAN, E. M. The Flight of the 

Sn Ulow ! 

MORGAN,Mrs.Q.S. Keeping the \ 
MORGAN, Mrs. L. Baron Bruno, and 

other Stories H 

MORGAN, N. L. A Slumber Song. .. H 
MORGAN, Lady S. O. Wild Irish Girl.F 

Morgan and his Men. Ford 

Morgan's Horror. Fenn F 

Morgesons, The. Stoddard F 674 1 

Morial the Mahatma. Cook F 3330 

MORIER, J. Adventures of Hajji Baba 

of Ispahan. 3 V I 

MORLEY, H. Oberon's Horn; Fairy 

Tales H 

MORLEY, S. Margaret Chetwynd . . . F 

Throstlethwaite 1 

Morley Ashton. Grant F 8827 

Morley Ernstein. James ( i *5q 

Morrice Buckler, Courtship of. Mason. F 9415 

Morrina (Homesickness). Bazdn 1 

MORRIS, C. Historical Tales, Romance 
of Reality: 

American V 9502 

English I 






1 194 



MORRIS, C. Historical Tales, Romance 
of Reality: 

French I 

German F 

Greek... 1 

Roman r 

King Arthur and the Knights of the 

Round Table. 3 V F 

Tales from the Dramatists. 4 v. ..F 

MORRIS, E. L. (A. V. Keith). Aunt 
Billy and other Sketches F 

Contents: Aunt Billy ; A Limited An- 
gel ; A Wayside Character ; A Day of 
Days ; Miss Hetty ; A Desultory Club. 

A Hilltop Summer F 

MORRIS, H. S. (Ed.). In the Yule- 
Log Glow. 4 v F 

v. 1-2. Christmas Tales. 
Christmas Poems. 

Tales from ten Poets. 3 v \ 

MORRIS, W. Dream of John Ball, and 
A King's Lesson [Time of Matthias 

Corvinus] 1 

News from Nowhere F 

Roots of the Mountains F 

A Tale of the House of the Wolf- 

ings [Ancient Rome] F 

The Water of the Wondrous Isles. F 
The Well at the World's End. 2 v.F 
The Wood beyond the World. . 

(Tr.). Old French Romances J 

MORRISON, A. Chronicles of Martin 

Hewitt F 

Martin Hewitt; Investigator 

Tales of Mean Streets I 

MORRISON,M.W.(/<r*«yH<W//H Songs 

and Rhymes for the Little Oi 
MORRISON, S. E. Chilhowee Boys H 
Chilhowee Boys in War Time [War 

of 1812I H 

Sequel to Chilhowee Boys. 

MORSE, L. G. TheChezzles H 

Rachel Stanwood [Slavery] 

Mortal Antipathy, A. Holmes F 

Morte d'Arthur. Malory F 

Mortomley's Estate. Riddell G 

Morton House. Tiernan F 

Mose Evans. Baker F 

MOSS, C. See LEVETUS, Mrs. C. M. 

Moss-Side. Terhune F 

Mosses from an Old Manse. HawthorneF 

The same J 

Mcst > ioys. Finn H 













I I \2 








Mostly Marjorie Day. Townsend F 7081 

Moth-Mullein. Gould F 7479 

Moths. DelaRame* F 1362 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1038 

Mother at Home. Abbott H 60 

Mother Goose; Old Friends with New 

Faces H 19S5 

Mother Goose set to M usic K 3828 

Mother Goose's Melodies; ill.byKappesH 1880 
Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and 

Fairy Tales H 1945 

Mother Molly. Peard F 5878 

The same G 1157 

Mother of the King's Children. Cowan.H 1 171 

Mother's Recompense, The. Aguilar..F 31 

The same G 3 

Motherless. Witt F 198c 

Motherless Children. Baker H 201,3 

Motley Book, The; a Series of Tales and 

Sketches. Mathews F 5314 

MOTT, E. The Old Settler, the Squire, 

and Little Peleg F 5633 

Motto Changed, A. Ingelow F 4359 

MOULE, A. E. (Ed.). Chinese Stories 

for Boys and Girls H 1966 

MOULTON.Mrs. L.C. Bed-time StoriesH 568 

Firelight Stories H 1831 

Miss Eyre from Boston, andothers.F 5312 

More Bed-time Stores H 571 

New Bed-time Stories H 1830 

Some Women's Hearts F 5404 

Stories told at Twilight H 1884 

MOULTON, S. M. Hill Rest I 

Mount Desolation. Dawe. F 3164 

Mount Despair. Murray F 9550 

Mount Eden. Lean G 1358 

Mount Royal. Maxwell G 1236 

Mountain Lovers. Macleod F 5546 

Mountain Woman, A. Peattie F 6032 

Mountcashel's Brigade. Halpine F 894 

Mouse-trap, The. Howells E 9346 

Mozart. Rau C 1 145 

Mozart and Mendelssohn. Barnard.. K 307 
MUDDOCK, J. E. Basile, the Jester 

[Days of Mary, Queen of Scots].. F 5096 

Maid Marian and Robin Hood F 5094 

Mudfog Papers. Dickens F 393 

The same G 914 

MUDFORD.W.. Tales and Trifles... F 5330 

MUEGGE, T. Afraja; Life in NorwayF 5336 
MUEHLBACH, L„ pseud. .S>* MUNDT, C. M. 
MUELLER, F. M. Memories; a Story 

of German Love F 5335 

MUHAMMAD DIYAB (Al-Atlidi). 'Ilam- 

en-nas; Tales from the Arabic. . .F 2789 

MUIR, O. B. Thy Name is Woman. .F 5584 

MULHOLLAND, R. A Fair EmigrantF 5321 

Prince and Saviour H 554 

MULOCK, D. M. See CRAIK, Mrs. D. M. 
MULTATULI, pseud. See DEKKER, E. D. 

M umu. Turgenev f F 7076 

Munchausen, Baron, Travels and Ad- 
ventures of; ed. by Raspe H 608 

The same: illus. by Dore* F 6249 

MUNDT, C. M. (L. Muhlbach). An- 
dreas Hofer F 1200 

Berlin and Sans-Souci; or, Frederick 

the Great and his Friends F 1201 

Daughter of an Empress [Russia, 

18th Century] F 1203 

Empress Josephine F 1204 

Frederick the Great and his Court. F 1205 

Frederick the Great and his FamilyF 1206 
Germany in Storm and Stress; Old 

Fritz and the New Era F 1214 

Goethe and Schiller F 1207 

Henry the Eighth and his Court. . .F 1217 

Joseph II. and his Court F 1208 

Marie Antoinette and her Son F 1210 

Merchant of Berlin F 121 1 

Mohammed Ali and his House 

[Egypt, 1800] F 1219 

Napoleon in Germany: 

Louisa of Prussia and her Times.F 1209 

Napoleon and BlUcher F 1212 

Napoleon and the Queen of Prus- 
sia F 1213 

Old Fritz and the New Era F 1214 

Same as Germany in Storm and Stress. 

Prince Eugene and his Times F 1 2 1 5 

Queen Hortense F 1216 

MUNDT, T. Count Mirabeau F 1202 

MUNKITTRICK, R. K. Farming... K 6823 

The Moon Prince and other NabobsF 5095 

Some New Jersey Arabian Nights. F 5442 
MUNROE, K. At War with Pontiac; 

Tale of Redcoat and Redskin.. .H 1961 
Big Cypress; a Story of an Ever- 
glade Homestead H 1065 

Campmates; Story of the Plains.. . H 1854 
Canoemates; Story of the Florida 

Reef H 1951 

Chrystal, Jack & Co., and Delta 

Bixby H 1858 

Derrick Sterling; a Story of the 

Mines H 1857 


Ml NROB, K. Dorymates;aTaleof the 

Fishing Banks H 1859 

The Flamingo Feather [Huguenots 
in Florida] H 1856 

Fur-Seal's Tooth H 1871 

Golden Days of '49 [Tale of the Cali- 
fornia Diggings] F 5327 

The Painted Desert; Story of North- 
ern Africa H 5173 

Raftmates H 1953 

Rail and Water Series: 
v.i. Under Orders H 1964 

2. Prince Dusty; Oil Regions.H 1950 

3. Cab and Caboose H 1952 

4. Coral Ship H 1954 

The Ready Rangers H 5 1 72 

Rick Dale H 5171 

Snow-Shoes and Sledges H 1962 

Sequel to Fur-Seal's Tooth. 

Through Swamp and Glade H 5170 

Wakulla; Adventures in Florida. . H 1855 
White Conquerors [Toltecs and 

Aztecs in Mexico] H 1963 

With Crockett and Bowie; a Tale of 

Texas H 5174 

MUNSEY, F. A. Afloat in a Great City H i860 

The Boy Broker H 1896 

Derringforth. 2 v F 5586 

Under Fire H 1897 

Murad the Unlucky. Edgeworth F 518,2 

Muramasa Blade, A. Wertheimber . . . F 7459 

Murder of Delicia, The. Corelli F 5092 

Murder or Manslaughter? Reeves.... G 1 131 
MURDOCK, W. N. Third Hand High.F 5097 

MURFREE, F. N. D. Felicia F 5323 

MURFREE, M. N. (Chas. Egbert Crad- 

«xW£).DespotofBroomsedgeCoveF 2866 

Down the Ravine F 2862 

His Vanished Star F 5571 

In the Clouds F 2864 

1 n the Stranger People's Country . . F 2867 

In the Tennessee Mountains F 2860 

Contents: Drifting Down Lost Creek; 
Old Sledge at the Settlemint; The Star 
in the Valley; Electioneerin* on Big In- 
jun Mounting; Romance of Sunrise 
Rock; Dancin' Party at Harrison's 
Cove; Over on t'other Mounting; The 
Harnt that walks Chilhowee. 

The Juggler F 9523 

Mystery of Witch-Face Mountain, 

and other Stories F 9521 

Contents: Mystery of Witch-Face Moun- 
tain; Taking the Blue Ribbon at the 
County Fair; The Casting Vote. 

MURFREE, M. N. ( Chas. Egbert < 

dock). Phantoms of the Foot- Bridge, 

and other Stories F 5572 

Contents: Phantoms of the Foot-Bridge; 
His day in Court; 'Way down in 
Lonesome Core; The Moonshiners at 
Hoho; Hebee Falls; The Riddle of the 
Prophet of the Great Smoky Moun- 
tains F 2863 

Story of Keedon Bluffs F 2865 

Where the Battle was Fought 

[American Civil War] F 2861 

Young Mountaineers F 9522 

Contents: Mystery of Old Daddy's Win- 
dow; 'Way down in Poor Valk 
Mountain Storm; Borrowing a Ham- 
mer; The Conscripts' Hollow; A Warn- 
ing; Among the Cliffs; In the Chinking; 
On a Higher Level; Christmas Day on 
Old Windy Mountain. 
[Tales of the Tennessee and North 
Carolina Mountaineers]. 

Muriel Howe. Teal F 7125 

Muriella. De la Ram£ F 6177 

MURPHY, Lady (Tr.). TheGreat-Grand- 

mother's Secret F 687 

MURPHY, C. T. Miller of Glanmire.F 5565 
MURPHY, W. Search for the Moun- 
tain of Gold H 1865 

Murphy's Master. Payn G 780 

MURRAY, D. C. Aunt Rachel F 5339 

A Bit of Human Nature, and Tin- 
Lively Fanny F 9536 

Bob Martin's Little Girl F 9537 

By the Gate of the Sea F 9538 

Coals of Fire, and other Stories. . . F 9539 

Cynic Fortune F 9540 

First Person Singular Y 9541 

Hearts F 9542 

In Direst Peril [Italy, 1847-8] F 5342 

John Vale's Guardian F 9543 

Joseph's Coat F 9547 

A Life's Atonement F 9548 

The Martyred Fool F 5542 

A Model Father, and other Stones. F 9549 
Mount Despair, and other Stories. . F 9550 

Old Blazer's Hero F 955 1 

Rainbow Gold G 1 142 

Schwartz F 9544 

Contents: Schwartz; Young Mr. Bar- 
ker's Repentance; Bulldog and But- 
terfly; Julia and her Romeo. 

Time's Revenges F 9545 

Yal Strange F 9546 

The Way of the World F 9552 



MURRAY, D. C. The Weaker Vessel. F 5343 

and H. Dangerous Catspaw F 5345 

and H. HERMAN. The Bishop's 

Bible F 9553 

He fell among Thieves F 5346 

One Traveller Returns F 5344 

Paul Jones's Alias, etc F 9554 

MURRAY, E. C. G. ( Trois-e'toiles). The 

Boudoir Cabal. 3 v. in 2 G 1005 

Doine; Legends of Roumania F 5340 

French Pictures in English Chalk. 

1 st and 2d Series. 4 v. in 2 G 1006 

Imprisoned in a Spanish Convent. F 5341 
The Member for Paris [Tale of the 

Second Empire] F 1788 

The same G 598 

People I have met G 1 125 

Six Months in the Ranks [British 

A rmy F 6596 

The same G 1 1 26 

Strange Tales G 1009 

That Artful Vicar G 11 20 

Young Brown [Crimean War) G 1007 

MURRAY, Q. G. A. Gobi or Shamo.F 5333 
MURRAY, W. H. H. How Deacon Tub 
man and Parson Whitney kept 

New Year's, and other Stories. .F 5338 
How John Norton, the Trapper, kept 

his Christmas F 5378 

Mamelons and Ungava; Legend of 

the Saguenay F 5377 

Story that the Keg told me, and 
Story of the Man who didn't know 

much F 5334 

Murvale Eastman, Christian Socialist. 

Tourg£e F 7040 

M ushroom Cave. Raymond H 2 1 83 

Music hath Charms. Ferguson F 3363 

Musical Crotchets. Schonacker F 6537 


Andersen. The Improvisatore. . . . F 48 

Only a Fiddler F 49 

Armstrong. Thekla F 2448 

Bagby. Miss Traumerei F 7883 

Barnard. Money and Music F 118 

Sequel to The Soprano. 

The Soprano F 981 

The Tone Masters: 

v. 1. Mozart and Mendelsohn. .K 307 

2. Handel and Hayden K 308 

3. Bach and Beethoven K 309 

Bayly. Doreen F 7962 

Brachvogel. Friedemann Bach. . .F 2660 


Clark. The Dominant Seventh F 3081 

Colmore. A Daughter of Music. .F 8245 

Cornish. Alcestis F 9 

Crawford. A Roman Singer F 2882 

Drew. Lutaniste of St. Jacobi's. . .F 3010 

Dudevant. Consuelo F 465 

Countess of Rudolstadt F x 464 

Durand. Markof, the Russian Vio- 
linist F 705 

Farquhar. A Singer's Heart F 8685 

Fleury. The Faience Violin F 3386 

Ford. Otto's Inspiration H 1348 

Fothergill. First Violin F 3536 

The same G 935 

Frost. Wagner Story-book F 3635 

Guerber. Stories of the Wagner 

Opera F 8983 

Harland. As it was written F 4942 

Janson. Spell-bound Fiddler F 4424 

Kirschner. Asbein F 4702 

Korolenko. The Blind Musician .F 4682 

Lee. A Soulless Singer F 4988 

Marshall. Alma G 1333 

Master of the Musicians F 5599 

Rau. Mozart C 1145 

Richards. Marie F 6442 

Melody H 2234 

Sheppard. Charles Auchester F 1543 

Counterparts F 1 546 

Shorthouse. A Teacher of the Vio- 
lin F 6548 

Sienkiewicz. Yanko, the MusicianF 6733 

Upward. Crown of Straw F 7215 

Wagnalls. Miserere F 7410 

Ml SICK, J. R. Braddock; Story of 

the French and Indian Wars F 5514 

A Century too Soon ; a Story of Ba- 
con's Rebellion F 5505 

Columbia ; the Discovery of AmericaF 5303 
Estevan; a Story of the Spanish Con- 
quests F 5512 

Humbled Pride; a Story of the Mex- 
ican War F 5509 

Independence; a Story of the Revo- 
lution £ 5515 

The Pilgrims; a Story of Massachu- 
setts F 5552 

Pocahontas; a Story of Virginia... F 5551 
Saint Augustine; a Story of the Hu- 
guenots in America F 55 1 1 

Sustained Honor; a Story of the War 

of 1812 F 5510 



MUSICK, J. R. Union; Story of the 

Great Rebellion F 5508 

Witch of Salem F 5513 

Mustard Leaves. Balch F 5352 

Mutable Many, The. Barr F 7920 

Mutiny on Board the Leander. Held- 

raann H 1 494 

My Apingi Kingdom. Du Chaillu H 354 

My Boys. Alcott H 124,1 

My Brother Jack. £)audet F 2931 

My Brother's Keeper. Warner F 1868 

My Casual Death. Connelly F 3095 

My Child and I. James F 747 1 

My Dark Companions and their Stories. 

Stanley F 164 1 

My Daughter Elinor. Benedict F 1 199 

My Daughter Susan. Alden F 2387 

My Days and Nights on the Battle-field. 

Coffin H 296 

My Desire. Warner F 7482 

My Dog Plato. Legh H 4742 

My Doggie and I. Ballantyne H 1006 

My Father and I. March F 5161 

My First Crime. Mace" F 5232 

My First Love and Last. Riddell F 6284 

My First Voyage to Southern Seas. 

Kingston H 505 

My Flirtations. Wynman . . . F 7715 

My Friend Jim. Norris G 1269 

My Friend Pasquale. Tait F 7012 

My Friend the Murderer. Doyle F 3186 

My Friends and I. Sturgis F 6628 

My Girls. Alcott H 124,4 

My Girls. Churchill . . . F 2775 

My Governess Life. Pitman F 5909 

My Grandmother's Grandmother's Can- 
dle. Butterworth ...H 952 

My Guardian. Cross F 3322 

My Hearts Darling. Behrens I 

Same as Lucie's Mistake. 

My Heart's in the Highlands. Grant. G 946 

My Hero. Bridges F €02 

My Hero. Porter F 1335 

My Honey; by the Author of Miss Too- 

sey's Mission F 7726 

My Household of Pets. Gautier H 1401 

My Indian Summer. Cantacuzene-AltieriF 7860 

My Intimate Friend. Duncan F 474 

My Japanese Wife. Holland F 4227 

My Kalulu. Stanley F 1642 

My Lady. Bouvet F 7744 

My Lady. Conklin H 1155 

My Lady Green Sleeves. Reeves G 1004 

M y Lady Legend. Segerstedt \ i 

My Lady Nicotine. Barrie I. 

My Lady Nobody. Schwartz F 5365 

My Lady Pokahontas. Cooke F 2842 

My Lady Rotha. Weyman F 7628 

My Lady's Heart. Markoe F 5564 

My Lady's Money. Collins G 928 

My Land of Beulah. Laffan r 

My Little Girl. Besant and Rice F 12-^ 

My Little Lady. Poynter F 1227 

The same G 453 

My Little Love. Terbune F 1761 

My Lodger's Legacy. Hume F 4065 

My Lonely Lassie. Lyster F 51 11 

My Lord and My Lady. Bridges G 968 

My Lord Duke. Hornung F 4295 

My Love. Linton G 1107 

My Man and I. Adams . ..F 2335 

My Marriage F 5355 

My Married life at Hillside. Coffin. ..F 245 

My Mother and I. Craik F 338 

The same G 902 

My M other's Diamonds. Greer H 1455 

My Mother's Enemy. Lil'ie H 1745 

My Motber-in-Law F 5356 

My New Home. Molesworth H 1918 

My Novel. 2 v. Lytton F 5015 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 389 

My Odd Little Folk; Rhymes. DouglasH 1200 
MyOpinions and Betsy Bobbet's. HolleyF 1236 

My Own Child. Lean G 893 

My Own Fairy Book. Lang H 1712 

My Own Story. Howitt H 464,6 

My Pets; Recollections of Childhood. 

Lippincott H 1760,3 

My Pretty Jane. Rowlands F 6419 

My Run Home. Browne F 8040 

My Sister Jeannie. Dudevant F 466 

My Sister Kitty. Bates F 5357 

My Sister the Actress. Lean G 977 

My Sister's Confession. Maxwell F 189 

My Sister's Husband. Stapleton F 6744 

My Soldier Keeper. Wolley F 7634 

n's Wife. Porter F 5954 

My Southern Friends. Gilmore F 663 

My Story. Macquoid G 773 

My Strange Rescue. Oxley H 1969 

My Summer on a Farm. Warner K 1049 

My Trivial Life and Misfortune. 2 v. . F 5354 
v. 1. Spinsterhood. 
2. Meum and Teum. 
My Two Wives; by one of their Hus- 
bands F - 



My Uncle Benjamin. Tillier F 7140 

My Uncle Florimond. Harland H 1543 

My Uncle, the Clockmaker. Howitt.. . H 464,5 

My Uncle, the Curate. 3 v. Savage.... F 1480 

My Uncle Toby. Sterne. I 3897 

My Watch below. Russell F 5353 

My Wayward Pardner. Holley F 401 1 

My Wife and I. Stowe F 1733 

My Wife and My Wife's Sister F 2201 

My Young Alcides. Yonge F 2021 

The same G 831 

Myddleton Pomfret. Ainsworth G 27 

MYERS, P. H. The First of the Knick- 
erbockers [Tale of 1673] F 3300 

Mynn's Mystery, The. Fenn F 3425 

Myra Mordaunt. McMillan F 5501 

Myrtis, and other Sketches. Sigourney.F 6647 
Myself; a Romance of New England 

Life. Emery F 1225 

Myself and My Relatives. Robertson. F 143a 

Mysteries of Paris. Sue F 1714 

The same. 3 v *F 6701 

Mysteries of St. Petersburg. Gortscha- 

kov F 3665 

Mysteries of the Court of Queen Anne. 

Ainsworth F 19 

Mysteries of Udolpho. Radcliffe F 6296 

The same * F 1 1 5,45-47 

Mysterious Disappearance of Helen St. 

Vincent. Flinn F 3362 

Mysterious Guest. Dupuy F 506 

Mysterious Island. Verne F 1821 

Mysterious Legends of Edinburgh. Leigh- 
ton F 4894 

Mysterious Voyage of the Daphne. Whit- 
marsh and others H 2716 

Mystery, A. Durand F 3139 

Mystery Evans. Baker \- iz^. 

Mystery of a Diamond. Converse H 1 167 

Mystery of Abel Forefinger. Drysdale. H 1229 

Mystery of Bar Harbor. Leffingwell. . F 4923 

Mystery of Beechey Grange. Adams. H 85 

Mystery of Cloomber. Doyle F 8457 

Mystery of Edwin Drood. Dckens...F 414 

The same G 163 

Mystery of Hotel Brichet. VachettcF 7347 

Mystery of Jessy Page. Wood G 1215 

Mystery of Lost River Canyon. FosdickH 1358 

Mystery of Metropolisville. Eggleston.F 533 

Mystery of Mirbridge. Payn G 1301 

Mystery of New Orleans. Holcombc.F 4124 
Mystery of Stephen Claverton & Co. 

Knight F 4751 

Mystery of the Campagna. Von Degen.F 7222 

Mystery of the Inn by the Shore. JamesF 4543 

Mystery of the Locks. Howe F 405 1 

Mystery of the Ocean Star. Russell.. .F 6360 

Mystery of the Patrician Club. VandamF 7350 

Mystery of the Rue Soly. Balzac F 7873 

Mystery of Witch-Face Mountain. Mur- 

free F 9521 

Myth of Hiawatha, and other Legends. 

Schoolcraft F 6570 

N„ L. M. The Family of the Black 

Forest F 3453 

Xabob. Daudet F 375 

Nacoochee; or, Boy Life from Home. 

Goulding H 1440,2 

Xada, the Lily. Haggard F 4186 

NADAL, E. S. Notes of a Professional 

• Exile F 5472 

Nadya, a Tale of the Steppes. Norris.F 5478 
Nsera; a Tale of Ancient Rome. Gra- 
ham F 3701 

NAILLEN, A. v. d. 5^ Van der NAILLEN, A. 

Name and Fame. Sergeant and Lester. F 6544 

Name this Child. Chesson F 8201 

Nameless Castle, The. Jokai .' . F 4502 

Nameless Nobleman. Austin F 5450 

Nameless Shadow. Giberne F 3657 

Nameless Wrestler, A. Bates F 2616 

Nan. Lillie H 1741 

Nancy. Broughton G 710 

Nannette and her Lovers. Gwynne...F 716 

Nanon. Dudevant F 3126 

N ANTEUIL, C. J. P. de. Captain . . . H 1901 

NAPIER, C. J. William the ConquerorF 1229 
NAPIER, C. O. G. Tommy Try and 

what he did in Science H 575 

Napoleon and Blucher. Mundt F 1212 

Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia. 

Mundt F 1213 

Narcissa; or, the Road to Rome. Rich- 
ards F 6441 

NARES, E. Thinks-I-to-myself F 1748 

Narka, the Nihilist. O'Meara F 5693 

Narrow Escape. Cudlip F 352 

The same G" 1070 

NASBY, P. V., pseud. See LOCKE, D. R. 
NASH, W. Q. Century of Gossip; New 

England Life F 5380 

Nat, the Naturalist. Fenn H 1305 

Natasqua. Davis F 2950 

Natchez, The. 3 v. Chateaubriand F 2765 

Nathalie. Kavanagh G 295 

Nathaniel Vaughan. MacDonald F 1094 


NATHUSIUS, M. S. v. Elizabeth... .F 5470 
Joachim von Kamern, and Diary of a 

Poor Young Lady G 454 

rial Pictures [Spain]. Arrom de 

Ayala F 241? 

Native of Winby. Jewett . . F 4466 

Nature and Art. Inchbald. 

The same F 897 

Nature's Serial Story. Roe F 6325 

Naulahka, The. Kipling and Balestier 
NAUMAN, M. D. Enchanted Princess.H 572 

Nautilus. Richards H 

al Cadet, The. Stables H 2331 


Nazarene, The. Lippard *F 4963 

MEAL, J. Great Mysteries and Little 

Plagues F 1228 

Neal the Miller. Kaler H 1006 

Near and Heavenly Horizons Gasparin.F 631 
Near Neighbors. Peard « I 

r to Happiness F 5382 

Near to Nature's Heart. Roe F 1423 

Necklace of Stories. Conway H 1102 

Ned Garth. Kingston H 1685 

Ned in the Block-House. Ellis H 1261,1 

Ned in the Woods. Ellis H 1261,2 

Ned on the River. Ellis... II 1261,3 

NEEDELL, Mrs. J. H. Lucia, Hugh, 

and Another F 5484 

Passing the Love of Women F 5483 

Stephen Ellicott's Daughter F 5481 

Story of Philip Methuen F 5482 

Vengeance of James Vansittart. . .F 5485 
NEELY, K. J. Actions Speak louder 

than Words H 574,5 

Fine Feathers do not make Fine 

Birds.. . H 574.2 

e Good Turn deserves another. . H 574,6 
NEENAH./toW. S* FINN, F. J. 

Negro M yths from Georgia Coast. Jones. F 4445 

Neighbor Jack wood. Trowbridg* ! 1806 

Neighbors, The. Bremer.. 177 

The same I 3004,1 

Neighbors of Ours. Nevinson, F 5489 

Neighbors' Wives. Trowbridge F 1803 

Neighbours. Molesworth H 1839 

Neighbours on the Green. OHphant..G 1338 

Neila Sen. Connelly 3095 

Nell Hafienden. Hopkins F 3807 

Nell— on and off the Stage. Buxton. .G 877 

Nellie Netterville. Caddell 1235 

Nellie Warren. Wise H 2679,2 

Nellie's Memories. Carey I 2735 










1 166 


Nelly Brooke. Lea: 
Nelly Kinnard's Kingdom. Doug! 
Nelly Marlow in Washington. 
Nelly Milton's Housekeeping. M.< 

Nelly's Silver Mine. Jackson H 

NELSON, H. L. John Rantoul . . 
NEMEC, B. The Grandmother; I 

try Life in Bohemia | 

Nemesis. Terhune I 

Neptune afloat. Rover ... H 

Neptune outward bound. Rover 

Nero. Abbott H 

Nero. 2 v. Eckstein .1 

Nesbits, The, and other Tales I 

Nest of Sparrows. Whathani \ \ 

Nestlenook. Kip I 

Never again. Mayo 1 

Nevermore. Browne F 

NEVINSON, H. W. In the Valley of 

Tophet I 

Contents: A Vicarious Sacrifice; An 
Undcsired Victory; The Tale of 
Shadow; On the Road to Parnassus; 
His Ewe Lamb; An Anti-Social Offend- 
er; The Old Adam; An Autumn Cro- 
cus; Miss RachehTbe Tragedy of K 
stead; Geordie's Marrow; An Old Red 

^hbors of Ours; Slum Stories of 
London 5489 

Contents: Old Parky; An Aristocrat of 
Labor; The St. George of Rochester: 
Mrs. Simon's Baby; Sissero's Return; 
Little Scotty; A Man of Genius; In the 
Spring. Father Chris mas; Only an 

New Abelard, The. Buchanan 

New Age of Gold. Payson F 6401 

New Alice in the Old Wonderland H 1047 

New and True. Staver 1 1 

New Antigone, The. Barry I 5388 

New Arab an Nights. Kirby H 1659 

New Arabian Nights. Stevenson F 6681 

New Aristocracy, A. Arnold . 1 2360 

New Atlantis. Bacon F 1196 

The same J 11,1 

New Bed-Time Stories. Moulton H 1830 

New Boy at Southcott. Baldwin H 986 

New Continent, The. Worthey F 7640 

New Departure for Girls. Lothrop . . .H 

len, The. Hyne F 4281 

New England Cactus. Humphrey F 7235 

New England Conscience, A. GreeneF 3693 
New England Legends. Spofford. 

I ngland Life. Nash F 5380 

New England Nun, A. Wilkins F 7583 



New England Winter, A. James F 4415 

New Girl, The. Gellie H 1416 

NewGodiva. Hodges F 823 

New Graft on the Family Tree. Alden.F 2304 

New Grab Street Gissing G 1423 

New Harry and Lucy. Hale F 3836 

New History of Sanford and Merton. 

Hurnand H 255 

New Home— who'll follow? Kirkland.F 962 

New Hope; or, the Rescue F 1230 

New Judgment of Paris. Lafargue F 4951 

New Lights. Sadlier F 1630, 

New Magdalen. Collins 1 257 

The same G 103 

New Man at Rossmere. Walworth F 7458 

New Mexico David, A. Lummis H 1776 

New Mexico, Great-Grandmother's Girls 

in. Champney . H 1120 

New Minister. Paul.. I 6016 

New Mistress, The. Fenn F 3504 

New Nobility. Forney . F 3531 

Paul and Virginia. Mallock E 4524 

New Priest in Conception Bay. Lowell.F 4980 

New Prince Fortunatus. Black G 1353 

New Purchase. 2 v. Hall. I 3937 

Race. Frederich I 6244 

New Rector, The. Weyman F 7622 

New Republic, The. Mallock 1 4525 

v Robinson Crusoe. Alden H 98 

w Sporting Stories. . F 5451 

Virginians, The. 2v F 5391 

New Waggings of Old Tales. Bangs.. E 1972 

New Way to win a Fortune. Dupuy. .F 469 

New Woman. Linton. 4837 
New World Series. See Alger, H., Jr. 

New-Year*! Bargain. Woolsey H 301 

New Year's Tangles. Alden H 88 

New York Family, A. Fawcett F 3597 

New York; its Upper Ten and Lower 

Million. Lippard *F 4964 

New York, Knickerbocker's History of. 

Irving J 138 

NEWBERRY, F. E. Houseof Hollister.F 5747 

Not for Profit F 5447 

NEWBY, Mrs. E. Common Sense. . .G 455 
Newcomes, The. 4 v. in 2. Thackeray. G 589 
NEWELL, C. M. Kalani of Oahu; His- 
torical Romance of Hawaii F 5454 

Kameham£ha,the ConqueringKingF 5453 

Voyage of the Fleetwing F 5383 

NEWELL, R. H. {Orpheus C. Kerr). 

Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. 3V...F 1232 

Smoked Glass F 1233 

NEWELL, R. H. {Orpheus C. Kerr). 

There was once a Man F 5392 

Walking Doll F 1234 

Newell Boys. Whipple H 579 

NEWKIRK, G. Rhymes of the States 

[United States] H 1934 

NEWMAN, J. H. Callista; Sketch of 

the Third Century G 456 

Loss and Gain ; Story of a ConvertF 5393 

NEWMAN, Mrs. M. W. Jean F 1242 

Newport. Lathrop F 4892 

Newport Aquarelle. Elliott F 5455 

News from Nowhere. Morris F 5316 

NEWTON, W. W. Philip MacGregor. F 5492 
st and Man; or, Abelard and 

Heloisa F 5970 

Newton Forster. Marry at F 5236 

Next Door. Burnham F 2678 

Next- Door House. Molesworth H 1888 

Next 0< Kin Wanted. Edwards G 1291 

Next Things. Alden H 918 


Baldwin. Story of Siegfried H 1015 

Frost. The Wagner Story Book.. F 3635 

Moore. Echoes from Mist- Land. .E 4234 

Nibsy's Christmas. Riis H 2169 

NICHOLAS, Q. A., pseud. See WORTH- 
INOTON, Mrs. E. S. 

...lasMinturn. Holland F 824 

Nicholas Nick leby. Dickens F 402 

The same G 164 

MCHOLLS, Mrs. C. (Charlotte Bronte). 

Jane Eyre F 1236 

The same G 458 

The Professor F 1237 

The same G 459 

Shirley F 1240 

The same G 460 

Villette F 1239 

The same G 461 

NICHOLS, I. P. Princess Girlikin, and 

other Fairy Tales H 1957 

NICHOLS, L. D. Nelly Marlow in Wash- 
ington H 1937 

Up Hill and down Dale H 1936 

NICHOLSON.J.H.AdventuresofHalekF 5459 

NICHOLSON, J. S. Dreamer of DreamsF 3008 

Thoth G 1346 

Toxar F 7063 

Nick of the Woods. Bird F 155 

Nicolas Muss. Du Bois-Melly F 3020 

Nidworth. Prentiss F 1353 

NIEBUHR, B. Q. Greek Hero-StoriesH 570 



NIETSCHMANN.H.O. Count Erbach; a 

Story of the Reformation F 6S44 

Night and Morning. Lytton F 5016 

The same G 391 

Night at Sea. Griffin F 709,5 

Night of the 3d ult. Wood F 7636 

Night on the Borders of the Black Forest. 

Edwards G 734 

Nights with Uncle Remus. Harris F 3958 

Nihilist Princess. Gagneur F 3641 

Nikanor. Durand F 3137 

NILES, Willys, pseud. See HUME, J. F. 
Nim and Cum and the Wonder-Head 

Stories. Yale H 2757 

Nimble Dollar,and other Stories. Thomp- 
son F 6979 

Nimrod & Co. Ohnet F 5617 

Nimrod of the Sea. Davis F 359 

Nina. Bremer I 3004,2 

Nina Balatka. Trollope G 462 

Nina Gordon; or, Dred. Stowe V 1726 

Nina's Atonement. Tiernan F 3497 

Nina's Peril. Miller F 5207 

Nine Blessings, The. Norris F 5493 

Nine Days' Wonder. AId6 F 32 

The same G 691 

Nine Little Goslings. Woolsey H 792 

Nine Men's Morrice. Pollock F 5979 

Nine Years Old. Stephenson H 581 

Ninette. Dempster F 2981 

The same G 1 324 

Ninety-Three. Hugo F 882 

NISBET, H. The Divers, a Romance 

of Oceania H 1925 

Land of the Hibiscus Blossom; Yarn 

of the Papuan Gulf H 1914 

Nisida ; or, Two Winters in Madeira. 

Crane F 2887 

NISWONGER, C. E. The Isle of Fem- 
inine F 5491 

NITSCH, H. A. {Catherine Owen). Gen- 
tle Breadwinners K 6413 

Molly Bishop's Family K 64 16 

Ten Dollars enough K 6398 

Nix's Mate. 2 v. Dawes F 2949 

No. Cooke H 1 1 44 

No Alternative. Cudlip F 1779 

No Ambition. Sergeant F 6515 

No Church. Robinson G 463 

No Enemy (but himself). Hubbard... F 4310 

No Gentlemen. Burnham F 5401 

No Heroes. Teufifel H 2475 

No Intentions. Lean G 894 

No Man's Friend. Robinson 1 1431 

No Moss. Fosdick H 267,3 

NO Name. 3 v. in 2. Collins G 714 


Alcott. Modern Mephistopheles.and 

A Whisper in the Dark F 2186 

Almost a Duchess F 2210 

Austin. Mrs. Beauchamp Brown.. F 2195 

Baker. His Majesty, Myself F 2194 

Boyesen.Daughter of the PhilistinesF 2207 

Brush. Colonel's Opera Cloak F 2193 

Carrington. Aschenbroedel F 2203 

Chamberlain. Manuela Parades. . F 2199 

Clark. Baby Rue F 2200 

Cracker Joe F 2215 

Craik. Will Denbigh F 2187 

Diane Coryval F 2209 

Dodge. Question of Identity F 221; 

Fletcher. Kismet F 

Mirage F 2189 

Fox. Gemini F 2i<>o 

Hamerton. Her Picture F 2202 

Marmorne F 2 iqi 

Her Crime F 2204 

Hooper. The Tsar's Window F 2 108 

Hunt. Barrington's Fate F 2206 

Ingelow. Don John F 2197 

Jackson. Hetty's Strange History. F 2212 

Mercy Philbrick's Choice F 2184 

Joyce. Dierdre (a Poem) E 7090 

Lathrop. Afterglow F 

(Ed.). Masque of Poets E 7939 

My Wife and my Wife's Sister F 2231 

Preston. Is that all? F 

Princess AmeMie F 

Salvage F 2196 

Smith. The Great Match, and other 

Matches F 2181 

Tincker. Signor Monaldini's 

Weitzel. Justina F 2213 

Wolf at the Door F 2188 

Yardley. Little Sister F 2205 

A Superior Woman F 22 1 1 

No New Thing. Norris F $429 

No Saint. Sergeant F 6541 

No Sense like Common Sense. Howitt. H 464,7 

No Thoroughfare. Dickens and Collins.G 165 
NOBLE, A. L. How Billy went up in 

the World H 1027 

In a Country Town F 5461 

M iss Janet s Old House H 1928 

Miss Roberts' Lodgers F 5457 

The Professor's D. lemma F 5465 



NOBLE, A. L. Rachel's Farm F $458 

Uncle Jack's Executors F 5460 

and P. C. CO ANN. Love and Shawl- 
Straps F 545 6 

NOBLE, L. Reverend Idol F 5462 

Noble Blood. Hawthorne F 3976 

Noble Blood. Wildenbruch F 7661 

Noble Deeds of our Fathers. Watson.. H 2661 

Noble Life. Craik G 118 

Noble Name. Glumer F 3659 

Noble Purpose nobly Won. Rathbone.F 2096 

Noble Wife. Saunders G 815 

Nobleman of '89. Quinton F 1372 

Nobler Sex, The. Lean F 5400 

Noblesse Oblige. Keddie F 7165 

Noblesse Oblige. Roberts F 324 

Nobody. Warner F 7483 

Nobody's Fault. Syrett F 9877 

Nobody's Fortune. Yates F 2007 

The same G 657 

NODIER, J. C. E. Trilby, the Fairy of 

Argyle F 5730 

NOEL, Lady A. From Generation to 

Generation G 1134 

Hithersea Mere G 1299 

Owen G Wynne's great Work F 1253 

No£mi. Gould F 8922 

NOLAN, A. Byrnes of Glengoulah. . . F 1245 

None Such? Haynes F 41 16 

Nonsense Songs. Lear H 516 

Nor Wife nor Maid. Hungerford F 2315 

Nora. Brackel F 1064 

Nora and Archibald Lee. Blagden F 1248 

Nora Brady's Vow. Dorsey F 424 

Nora Creina. Hungerford F 9081 

Nora's Love Test. Hay F 805 

NORDAU, M. S. The Comedy of Sen- 
timent F 5473 

The Malady of the Century F 5474 

NORDHOFF, C. Cape Cod and all 

along Shore F 1 24 1 

Man-of-War Life; a Boy's Experience 

in the U. S. Navy H 192 1 

The Merchant Vessel H 1922 

Politics for Young Americans L 99 

Whaling and Fishing H 1923 

Norica. Hagen F 723 

Norine's Revenge. Fleming F 593 

NORMAN, Mrs. M. M. (M. M. Uowie). 

Gallia F 8510 

Some Whims of Fate F 85 1 1 

Contents: Wladislaw's Advent; The Hint 
o'Hairst; A Man I Met; An Idyll in 
Millinery; A Cowl in Cracow. 

NORMAN, H. (Ed.). The Broken Shaft; 

Tales in Mid-Ocean F 

Contents : On Board the Bavaria, by Nor- 
man; The Upper Berth, by Crawford; 
Markheim, by Stevenson; Marjory, by 
Anstey; The Action to the Word, by 
Pollock; My Fascinating Friend, by 
Archer;Riley, M. P., by Hopkins; Love 
and Lightning, by Norman. 

The Witching Time F 

For Contents, See Witching Time. 

Norman Leslie. Hamilton F 

Norodom, King of Cambodia. McGloin . F 

NORRIS, Mrs. E. M. (E. Marryat). Alda 

Graham and her Brother Philip. H 

Early Start in Life H 

Theodora; Tale for Girls H 

Henry Lyle; or, Life and ExistenceF 
NORRIS, M. H. A Damsel of the 

Eighteenth Century H 

Dorothy Delafield H 

Lakewood, a Story of To- Day F 

The Nine Blessings F 

NORRIS, O. M. Nadya, a Tale of the 

Steppes V 

NORRtS, W. E. Bachelor's Blunder.G 

The Baffled Conspirators F 

Billy Bellew 1 

Clarissa Furiosa F 

The Countess Radna F 

The Dancer in Yellow F 

The Despotic Lady F 

Heaps of Money F 

H is Grace F 

Jack's Father, and other Stories. ..F 
Contents: Jack's Father; Romance of 
Paulilatino;The Wingham Case. 

Major and Minor G 

The same. 2 v F 

Marcia F 

Marietta's Marriage F 

Matrimony F 

Matthew Austin . F 

Misadventure G 

Miss Shafto F 

The same G 

M iss Wentworth's Idea F 

Mrs. Fenton F 

The same G 

My Friend Jim G 

No New Thing F 

That Terrible Man F 

The Rogue F 

The same G 

St. Ann's F 

A Victim of Good Luck F 




Norse Love Story, A. Lie F 1063 

Norse Stories from the Eddas. Mabie.F 5124 

Norseland Tales. Boyesen F 8017 

Norseman's Pilgrimage. Boyesen F 165 

Norsemen in the West. Ballantyne.. .H 226 

Norstone. Hattersley F 3968 

NORTH, Barclay, pseud. See HUDSON, W. C. 
NORTH, Christopher,/*?*^. See WLSON, J. 

NORTH, W. Slave of the Lamp F 1254 

North against South; or, Texar's Re- 
venge. Verne F 7317 

North and South. Gaskell F 648 

The same G 23 1 

North Country Comedy, A. Edwards.. F 3264 
North Pole; Charlie Wilson's Adventures 

in Search of it H 1935 

North Wall, The. Davidson F 8554 

North Wind and Sunshine. Lyster. . . H 1794 

Northanger Abbey. Austen G 31 

Northern Cross. Allen H 940,3 

Northern Lands. Adams H 1 1 2,2 

Northern Lands, Wonderful Stories from. 

Goddard H 430 

Northern Light. Buerstenbinder F 2469 

Northern Lights; Stories from Swedish 

and Finnish Authors F 1244 

NORTHRUP,S. Twelve Years a Slave. F 1246 

North wood. Hale F 3934 

NORTON, C. L. Fighting for the Flag 

Series H 1926 

1. Jack Benson's Log. 
and J. HABBERTON. Canoeing in 

Kanuckia F 3932 

NORTON, F.M. The Stalwarts; or, Who 

were to Blame? [Am. Politics].. .F 1320 

NORTON, J. N. King's Ferry- Boat. . H 576 

Nortons, The. Altgeld F 2329 

Norwood. Beecher F 2496 

Not aUin Vain. Cross F 3321 

Not Angels quite. Dole F 3028 

Not Counting the Cost. Couvreur V 8263 

Not easily Jealous. Hardy F 1240 

The same G 466 

Not for Him. Holt F 4033 

Not for Profit. Newberry F 5447 

Not in the Prospectus. Talbot F 2960 

Not in their Set. Lenzen 1 F 1044 

Not like other Girls. Carey F 2745 

The same G 1407 

Not quite Eighteen. Woolsey H 2730 

Not to the Swift. Watson F 41 15 

Not wanted. Pollard H 2x18 

Not wisely, but too well. Broughton.G 54 

Not without Thorns. Molesworth F 679 

Not Wooed, but Won. Payn G 467 

Notary's Daughter. Biart G 746 

Notary's Nose, The. About F 2327 

Notes of a Professional Exile. Nadal. . F 5472 

Nothing but Leaves. Doudney F 2987 

Nothing but Money. Arthur H 178 

NOTLEY, Mrs. F. E. M. From the 

other Side F 5587 

Noughts and Crosses. Couch G 1412 

Novel Notes. Jerome F 4476 

Novels and Tales from Household Words. 

36 18 G 158 

Novels by Eminent Hands. Thackeray.G 588,5 

Now and Then. Warren G 628 

Now or Never. Adams H 106,3 

Nowadays, and other Stories. HibbardF 4198 
NOWELL, Mrs. H. P. H. (May Man- 

nering). Helping Hand Series.. .H 577 
v.i. Climbing the Rope. 

2. Billy Grimes' Favorite. 

3. Cruise of the Dashaway. 

4. Little Spaniard. 

5. Salt-water Dick. 

6. Little Maid of Oxbow. 

Nugents of Carriconna. Hopkins F 4080 

Nuggets in the Devil's Punch Bowl, and 

other Tales. Robertson F 6416 

Nulma. Praed F 6156 

Numa Roumestan. Daudet F 2958 

Number 49 Tinkham Street. Cheney.. H 3470 
No. 747; Autobiography of a Gipsy. 

Carew F 3347 

No. XIII.; Story of the Lost Vestal. Mar- 
shall F 5184 

The same G n 44 

Nun, The, and other Tales. Sherwood . F 1 545,7 

Nuna, the Bramin Girl. French F 3571 

Nurse Elisia. Fenn F 3428 

Nurse Heatherdale's Story. Molesworth H 1887 

Nurse Revel's Mistake. James F 7468 

Nursery Noonings. Dodge E 1061 

Nursery Songs and Rhymes. Gould. . H 4010 

Nutshell Novels. Sterry F 6899 

NUTT, J. A. For King and Country . F 5740 

Nuttie's Father. Yonge F 2036 

The same . . G 837 

NUTTING, M. O. (M. Barrett). Wil- 
liam the Silent, and Netherland 

War, 1555-1584 H 1003 

NYE, E. W. {Bill Nye). Baled Hay.. F 5495 

Bill Nye's Chestnuts F 5497 



NYE, E. W. (Bill Nye). Forty Liars 

and other Lies F 

Sparks from the Pen of Bill Nye.. .F 

Nymph of the West. Seely F 

NYNE, Atey, pseud. See PARKER J. 
O. T.; a Danish Romance. Andersen. F 

O Tender Dolores. Hungerford F 

The same G 

Same as Green Pleasure and Grey 

O Thou, My Austria! Kirschner F 

Oak Openings. Cooper F 

Oakleigh. Deland F 

Oakridge. Smith F 

Oakshott Castle. Kingsley G 

OBER, F. A. Knockabout Club in North 

Africa H 

Knockabout Club in search of Treas- 
ure f I 

Knockabout Club in Spain H 

Knockabout Club in the Antilles and 

thereabouts H 

Knockabout Club in the Ever- 
glades H 

Knockabout Club on the Spanish 

Main H 

Montezuma's Gold Mines [Central 

America] H 

Silver City; Adventures in MexicoH 

Young Folks' History of Mexico. .B 

OBERHOLTZER, Mrs. S. L. V. Hope's 

Heart-Bells [Quakers] F 

Oberon's Horn. Morley H 

Object of Life F 

Oblivion; an Episode. McClelland. .F 

O'BRIEN, C. G. Light and Shade 2 v.F 

O'BRIEN, F. J. The Diamond Lens, 

and other Stories F 

Contents: The Diamond Lens ; The 
Wondersmith ; Tommatoo ; Mother of 
Pearl; The Bohemian; The Lost Room 
The Pot of Tulips; The Golden Ingot 
My Wife's Tempter; What was It 
Duke Humphrey's Dinner; Milly Dove 
The Dragon Fang. 

O'BRIEN, R. B. Jack Hazlitt, A. M..F 
O'BRIEN, W. When we were Boys 

[Modern Ireland] F 

O'BYRNE, M. L. The Baron of Bel- 

gard; or, the Pale and the Septs. F 

Ocala Boy. Thompson H 

Occasional Holiday, An. Potapeeko..F 
Occupations of a Retired Life. Mayo.F 

Ocean Born. Adams H 

Ocean Free Lance. Russell * . . F 


1 138 















1 13.6 


Ocean Star, Mystery of. Russell F 6360- 

Ocean Tragedy, An. Russell F 6362 

Ocean Tramp, An. Hey wood H 1 520 

Ocean Waifs. Reid H 627 

O'CONNOR, W. D. Three Tales F 5641 

Contents: The Ghost; The Brazen An- 
droid; The Carpenter. 
O'Connors of Ballinahinch. Hunger- 
ford F 2313 

Octagon Club. Heaton F 5610 


Odd Couple. Oliphant F 1257 

Odd Folks at Home. MatSaux H 1809 

Odd Number, The. Maupassant F 5267 

Odd or Even ? Whitney F 194 1 

Odd People Reid H 62$ 

Same as The Man-Eaters. 

Odd Situation. Waterloo. F 7659 

Odd Women, The. Gissing F 3755 

Oddities in Southern Life and Character. 

Watterson E 6410 

Odds against him. Alger H 948 

ODELL, S. W. Atlanteans; Adam 

Lore's Choice H 1986 

Odette's Marriage. Delpit F 367 

O'Donoghue, The. Lever G 348 

OERTEL.P. F. W.The Scissor-Grinder, 

and other Stories F 125 1 

Contents: The Scissor-Grinder; The 
School-Master of Abbach; The Asylum ; 
The May-Qeeen. 

Of High Degree. Gibbon F 3747 

Of the World, Worldly. Bridges F 3607 

Off Lynnport Light. Watson F 7674 

Off the Rocks. Fox F 982 

Off the Roll. King F 984 

Off the Skelligs. Ingelow F 000 

The same G 754 

Off the Track. Denison H 336 

Off to Sea. Kingston H 1667 

Off to the Geysers. Stephens H 686,3 

OGDEN, A.( Tr.). Christmas Stories from 

French and Spanish Authors ..H 1993 
Contents : A Bird in the Snow, by Valdes ; 
A Christmas in the Forest, by Theuriet; 
The Louis-d'or, by Coppe6; A Christ- 
mas Supper in the Marais, by Daudet; 
The Princess and the Ragamuffin, by 
Galdos; A Tragedy, by Mare; The Three 
Low Masses, by Daudet; The Poet's 
Christmas Eve, by Alarcon; I take Sup- 
per with my Wife, by Droz; The Yule 
Log, by Simon; The Mule and the Ox, 
by Galdos; Solange, the Wolf-girl, by 
Prevost; Salvette and Bernadon, by 
Daudet; Maese Pe>ez, the Organist, by 
Becquer; The Torn Cloak, by DuCamp. 


OGDEN, H. Dr. Barringford's School . H 1980 

OGDEN, R. Courage; a Story H 1982 

His Little Royal Highness H 1981 

Ogilvie Whittlechurch. Stannard F 6870 

Ogil vies, the. Craik G 119 

OGLE, A. :csn). Georgy SandonF 1278 
O'ORADY, S. H. The Chain of Gold; 

Adventure on Coast of Ireland..H 1987 
Ulrick, the Ready [Ireland under 

Elizabeth] F 5766 

OHNET, G. Antoinette; or, the Marl- 
Pit Mystery F 5614 

I v . Rameau F 5613 

1 he Ironmaster F 5612 

A Last Love F 5615 

Lise Fleuron F 561 1 

Nimrod & Co F 5617 

Peter's Soul F 5616 

OHORN,L.M. The Angel of the VillageF 5620 

Olaf the Glorious. Leighton H 

Old Abbott's Road. Alldridge F 2407 

Old Adam, The. Boyesen F 1319 

Old and New Friends. Brown H 1990 

Old Bachelor in the Old Scottish Village. 

Aird E 1821 

Old Back Room. Harrison H 

Old Battle Ground. Trowbridge H 736, i 

Old Beau, and other Stories. \Vood....F 7588 

Old Blazer's Hero. Murray F 9551 

Old Boniface. Picard F 

Old Caravan Days. Catherwood H 1086 

Old Celtic Romances. Joyce . . F 054 

Old Chelsea Bun-House. Rathbone. ..F 2086 

Old Christie's Cabin. Brodie H 1046 

Old Chronicle of Leighton. Hamer...F 3819 

Old Church Door. Warner H - 

Old Comrades. Giberne F 8932 

Old Country Idylls. Stafford F 6487 

Old Court. Ainsworth G 2: 

Old Court Life in France. Elliot F 539 

The same G 74 1 

Old Court Life in Spain. 2 v. Elliot.. F 3247 

Old Creole Days. Cable F 2719 

Old Curiosity Shop. Dickens F 411 

The same G 162,1-2 

Old Dacres' Darling. Cudlip F 7036 

Old Doctor, The. Cheney F 2764 

Old Doctor's Son. Chellis H 278 

Old Dominion. James F 45 11 

Old Ebenezer. Read F 6171 

Old English Baron. Reeve F 1889 

The same *F 115,22 

The same *I 3407 

Old English Fairy Tales. Gould H 401 1 

Old Factory, The. Westall F 7533 

Old Farm Fairies. McCook H 1946 

Old-Fashioned Boy. Finley H 386 

Old-Fashioned Folk. Frapan F 7267 

Old-Fashioned Girl. Alcott H 129 

Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving. Alcott.H 124,6 

Old Father Time. Francillon F 3615 

Old-Field School Girl, An. Terhune...F 6943 

Old Fogy. Walworth F 7440 

Old Fort Duquesne. McKnight F in; 

Old Friends and New. Jewett F 905 

Old Friends with New Faces; Mother 

Goose Melodies H 1985 

Old Fritz. Mundt F 1214 

Old Fulkerson's Clerk. Walworth F 7442 

Old Gentleman of the Black Stock. Page.F 6 

Old Haun, the Pawnbroker H 1984 

Old Helmet. Warner F 1869 

Old House at Sandwich. 2 v. Hatton.F 7316 

Old House by the Boyne. Sadlier F 1638 

Old House by the River. Prime F 1361 

Old House in the Square. Weber F ~ : 

Old Jack. Kingston H 510 

Old Judge. Haliburton F 3905 

Old Kaskaskia. Catherwood F 3356 

Old Kensington. Ritchie F 1745 

The same G 827 

Old Lady Mary. Oliphant F 5659 

The same F 1724 

Old Maid's Love. Schwartz F 5362 

The same G 1430 

Old Maid's Paradise, An. Ward F 5897 

Old Maids' Club. Zangwill F 7699 

Old Mam'selle's Secret. John F 936 

Old Man Savarin, and other Stories. 

Thomson F 6984 

Old Man's Love, An. Trollope G 1 188 

Old Man'f Romance. Craigie F 8366 

Old Manor House. Smith *F 115,36-37 

Old Margaret. Kingsley F 4747 

Old Mark Langston. Johnston F 4453 

Old Miscellany Days; Stories from Bent- 
ley's Miscellany F 5650 

Old Mr. Tredgold. Oliphant F 5786 

Old Mortality. Scott F 2164 

The same G 547 

Old Myddleton's Money. Hay F 809 

Old New-England Days. Damon F 2944 

Old, Old Fairy Tales. Valentine H 261 1 

Old, Old Story, The. Carey F 8181 

Old Order Changes, The. Mallock F 5212 

Old Patroon. Maitland F up 



Old Pincushion. Molesworth H 1894 

Old Post-Road, The. McClelland F 5329 

Old River House. Hertz-Garten F 7230 

Old Rough, the Miser. Wesselhoeft . . H 758 

Old Sailor's Yarns. Coffin F 2814 

Old St. Paul's. Ainsworth F 21 

Old Settler, the Squire and Little Peleg. 

Mott F 5632 

Old Sir Douglas. Maxwell F 1 247 

The same G 464 

Old Stone House. Rohlfs F 3786 

Old Tales from Grecian Mythology. 

Lamed H 17 13 

Old Times in the Colonies. Coffin B 761 

( >ld Times in Middle Georgia. Johnston. F 4534 

Old Ways and New. Roseboro' F 64 1 1 

Old Wives' Fables. Laboulaye F 4882 

Old Woman who lived in a Shoe.DouglasF 2992 
Old Woman's Outlook in a Hampshire 

Village. Yonge F 2048 

Old World Japan. Rinder F 6396 

OLDBOY, O., pwud. See BAILEY, O. 

Oldbury. Keary G 981 

Oldtown Folks. Stowe 1 1729 

Olga's Crime. Barrett V 2290 

OLIPHANT, L. Altiora Peto F 5670 

Irene Macgillicuddy 1 1740,1 

The same G 1170,1 

Masollam .' G 1 437 

Piccadilly F $671 

Traits and Travesties F 5672 

OLIPHANT, Mrs. M. O. W. Agnes. G 468 

At his Gates F 1 259 

Carita G 1020 

Chronicles of Carlingford: 

Miss Majoribanks G 473 

Perpetual Curate G 479 

The Rector, and The Doctor's 

Family G 469 

Salem Chapel G 480 

Qountry Gentleman, and his FamilyG 1270 

Th<* Cuckoo in the Nest F 5782 

Curate in Charge G 1013 

Days of my Life F 1262 

Diana, the History of a Great Mis- 
take F 5788 

The Duke's Daughter G 1385 

Effie Ogilvie F 5658 

For Love and Life F 1269 

The same G 1014 

The Fugitives G 1386 

Greatest Heiress in England G 11 49 

Harry Joscelyn G 1152 

OLIPHANT, Mrs. M. O. W. He that 

will not when he may G 1 15 1 

The Heir Presumptive and the Heir 

Apparent F 5686 

Hester. 3 v. in 2 G 1145 

A House in Bloomsbury F 5784 

House on the Moor F 1263 

In Trust G 1153 

Innocent F 1268 

The same G 470 , 

It was a Lover and his Lass. 3 v. in 2G 11 54 

John ; a Love Story F 1 260 

Kirsteen; Story of a Scotch Family 

Seventy Years Ago G 1439 

Ladies Lindores F 5682 

Laird of Norlaw F 1264 

Land of Darkness F 5685 

Contents: The Land of Darkness; The 
Little Pilgrim; On the Dark Mountains. 

The Last of the Mortimers G 471 

Little Pilgrim in the Unseen F 4911 

The same G 1 440 

Lucy Crofton F 1266 

Madam F 5683 

Madonna Mary G 472 

Marriage of Elinor F 5781 

May F 1265 

The same G 474 

The Minister's Wife G 476 

Mrs. Arthur G 1022 

Neighbours on the Green G 1338 

An Odd Couple F 1257 

Old Lady Mary F 1724 

The same F 5659 

Old Mr. Tredgold F 5786 

Ombra G 477 

The Open Door; The Portrait F 5859 

Passages in the Life of Mrs. Mar- 
garet Maitland G 478 

Phoebe, Junior F 1258 

The same G 1016 

The Portrait F 5859 

Primrose Path F 5681 

The same G 1019 

Quiet Heart, The F 1374 

The Railway Man and hisChildrenF 5687 

Rose in June F 1270 

The same G 101 5 

Sir Robert's Fortune F 5783 

Sir Tom F 5684 

Son of the Soil F 1267 

Squire Arden F 1271 

Story of a Governess F 5787 



OLIPHANT, Mrs. M. O. W. Story of 

Valentine and his Brother F 1273 

The same G 1017 

Two Stories of the Seen and the 
Unseen: The Open Door; Old 
Lady Mary F 1724 

Two Strangers F 5846 

The Unjust Steward; or, the Minis- 
ter's Debt F 5789 

The Ways of Life F 5790 

Contents: Mr. Sanford; Wonderful His- 
tory of Mr. Robert Dalzell. 

Whiteladies F 1272 

The same G 1018 

Who was Lost and is Found F 5785 

Within the Precincts. 3 V. in 2.... G n$o 

Wizard's Son. 3 v. in 2 G 1146 

Young Musgrave . F 5780 

The same G 102 1 

and T. B. ALDRICH. The Second 

Son F 5680 

Olive. Craik G 120 

Olive Loring's Mission. Lawrence F 1036 

Olive Smith. Pemberton H 2056 

OLIVER, M., fiseud. See BROWN, C. I . 
Oliver Bright's Search. Stratemeyer. . H 2 : 

Oliver Cromwell. Herbert F 802 

Oliver Ellis. Grant F 8828 

Oliver of the Mill. Charlesworth G 723 

Oliver Twist. Dickens F 399 

The same G 167 

Olivia. Molesworth H 1917 

Olivia Delaplaine. Fawcett F 3468 

OLNEY, E. W. See KIRK, E. W. O. 

Olympe de Cleves. 2 v. Dumas F 8485 

Olympia's Journal. Holnut F 

Ombra. Oliphant G 477 

Ombra, L.' Lepic F 3775 

O f MEARA, K. {Grace Ramsay). Are you 

my Wife? F 63 

Battle of Connemara F 5688 

Iza; Story of Russian Poland F 5690 

Mabel Stanhope F 5692 

Narka, the Nihilist F 5693 

Pearl F 5691 

Salon of Last Days of the [2d] Em- 
pire, and other Sketches F 1376 

Contents: The Parisienne en deshabille; 

The Business of Life; Extremes meet; 

Wanted Three Millions; A Berlin 

awakening; Excelsior; Mademoiselle 

Adrienne; Number Thirteen. 
Omega; the Last Days of the World. 

Flammarion F 3631 

Omnia Vanitas. Bridges G 1059 

Omoo. Melville I 1909 

On a False Charge. Hopkins F 4285 

Iargin. Chambers F 5700 

On Board the Esmeralda. H utcheson . H 1 5 29 

On both Sides. Baylor F 

On both Sides of the Sea. Charles G 80 

On Circumstantial Evidence. Lean...G 1320 

On Cloud Mountain. Clark F 8243 

On Dangerous Ground. Moore F 1 220 

On Guard. Cudlip . G 139 

On many Seas. Hamblen I 9781 

wfound River. Page F 5911 

On Special Service. Stables H 2394 

On the Amazons. Stephens H 686,6 

OntheBanksof the Amazon. KingstonH 501 
On the Banks of the Ouse. Marsha 

On the Blockade. Adams H 890,3 

On the Border. Gilmore F 662 

On the Borderland. Keyser . . . 964 

On the Cross. H i 1 lern 4009 

On the Edge of the Storm. Roberts. G 481 

Onthe Edgeof Winter. Markham...H 181 1 

On the Eve. Turgenev F 1814 

On the Face of the Waters. Steel. . . . F 6718 

( >n the Fo'k'sle Head. Russell F 6359 

On the Frontier. Harte F 3967 

On the Heights. 3 v. in 2. Auerbach. G 29 
On the Heights of Himalay. Van der 

Naillen F 5475 

On the Irrawaddy. Henty H \222 

On the Lake of Lucerne. Whitby I 

On the Leads. Butson F 2667 

On the Offensive. Putnam F 6007 

On the Plantation. Harris F 385 1 

On the Point. Dole F 8492 

On the Red Staircase. Taylor F 7095 

On the Staff. Adams H 890,10 

On the Susquehanna. Hammond F 3003 

On the Trail of Geronimo. Jayne H 1581,1 

On the Trail of the Moose. Ellis H 1237,2 

On the Wave. Samuels H 660,3 

On the Way. Dall H 316,3 

On the Wings of the Wind. Frith.... H 1317 

On Time. Adams H 107,3 

Once Again. Bridges F 3546 

The same G 1256 

Once and again. Jenkin G 278 

One among many. Talcott F 3664 

One by One. Francillon F 3615 

One Commonplace Day. Alden F 2390 

One Day ; Tale of the Prairies. H ubbard F A3 11 

One Day's Weaving. Peebles H 6ic,2 



One Good Guest, The. Walford F 7445 

One Good Turn deserves another. NeelyH 574,6 

One in a Thousand. Hay ward F 3833 

One in a Thousand. James F 916 

One Life one Love. Maxwell G 1373 

One Little Life. Dickinson H 1216 

One Maid's Mischief. Fenn F 3591 

One Man who was Content, and other 

Stories. Van Rensselaer F 7381 

,£1,000,000 Bank-Note, and other Stories. 

Clemens F 7152 

One Night's Mystery. Fleming F 589 

One of Berrian's Novels. Stone F 6747 

One of his Inventions. Gibbon F 3746 

One of our Conquerors. Meredith F 5276 

One of the Duanes. Hamilton F 3908 

One of the Six Hundred. Grant F 8829 

One of the Thirty. Jennings F 4427 

One of the 28th. Henty H 1483 

One of them. Lever G 349 

One of Three. Fothergill F 3539 

The same G 963 

One of the Visconti. Brodhead F 8109 

One Reason why. Whitby F 7643 

One Summer. Teuffel F 869 

One Thing Needful. Maxwell G 1247 

One Thousand Dollars a Day. Knapp.F 4570 

One too many, The. Linton F 4836 

One Traveller Returns. Murray and Her- 
man F 5344 

One who looked on. Montr£sor F 5633 

One Woman's Story. Lutz F 5045 

One Woman's Way. Pendleton F 6034 

One Year. Peard G 491 

O'NEILL, J. Garrison Tales from Ton- 

quin F 5761 

Contents: Roebke; Pdre Loraine; Home- 
sickness; Slovatski; Spiritual Combat; 
Story of Youp-Youp; Eckermann and 
Tannemeyer; The Cooly; Le Buif; A 
Dream; De Perier; Worst of the Bar- 
gain; The Pagoda. 

O'NEILL, f\o\r* t pseud. S^HIGQINSON, N. 

Onesimus. Abbott M 2021 

Only. Mackarness H 1784 

Only a Butterfly. May G 908 

Only a Clod. Maxwell G 43 

Only a Commoner. Gould F 8926 

Only a Curate. Egomet F 3204 

Only a Fiddler. Andersen F 49 

Only a Girl. Hillern F 816 

Same as Ernestine. 

Only a Guardroom Dog. Cuthell H 11 37 

Only a Pin. Tardieu F 1490 

Only a Year. Andrews H 946 

Only an Ensign. Grant F 8830 

Only an Incident. Litchfield F 4909 

Only an Irish Boy. Alger H 866 

Only Girls. Townsend H 728 

Only Herself. Cudlip G 140 

Only Human. Stannard F 7480 

Only Ten Cents. Alden H 906 

Only the Governess. Carey F 2895 

Only Three Weeks F 1274 

Only Way out. Willing F 7502 

Onoqua. Sparhawk F 6639 

Oowikapun. Young F 7684 

Opal Mountain, The. Frith H 1 324 

Opal Queen, The. Swan F 6838 

Open Door. Oliphant F 1724 

The same F 5859 

Open Door. Teuffel F 4089 

Open Question. De Mille F 391 

Open, Sesame! Lean F 310 

Open Verdict, An. 3 V in. 2. Maxwell.G 874 

Opening a Chestnut Burr. Roe F 1438 

Opening the Oyster. Marsh F 5268 

Operas, Book of the. Pardon F 1291 

Operetta in Profile, An. Czeika F 291 5 

OPIE, Mrs. A. A. Illustrations of Ly- 
ing. 2v F 5705 

Tales and Novels. 3 V F 1255 

Opinions of a Philosopher. Grant F 3738 

Opportunities. Warner F 1870 

Opportunity. Seemuller F 1520 

OPTIC, Oliver, pseud. See ADAMS, W. T. 

Orange and Green. Henty H 1 560 

Orange Blossoms. Arthur F 71 

Orchardscroft. Keeling F 4606 

ORCUTT, H. E. Modern Love Story 

which does not end at the Altar.. F 5706 

Ordeal for Wives. Edwards F 522 

Ordeal of Richard Feverel. MeredithF 5193 

The same G 788 

O'REILLY, A. J. Alvira, the Heroine of 

Vesuvius F 5870 

O'REILLY, Mrs. E. G. Daisys Compan- 
ions H 586 

Dinglefield H 1091 

Doll World H 588 

Giles's Minority H 585 

Our Hero H 1992 

O'REILLY, J. B. Moondyne [Convict 

Life in Australia] F 5871 

O'REILLY, Miles, pseud. See HALPINE.C.G. 

Orient F 5710 

Oriental Pearl. Dorsey F 429 


Original Belle, An. Roe 

original Fab.- H 2108 

jmal Wager, An; by a Vagabond. .F 5844 

Oriole's Daughter. Fothergill F 3604 

ney Islands. Abbott H 17,3 

ORLEBAR, E. E. Sancta Christina.. F 5860 

irm. Trollope F 7000 

( >rmond. Edgeworth F 518,9 

ORNE, P. Simply a Love-Story F 5858 

ORPEN, Mrs. Perfection City (Com- 
munity Life] F 5773 

Orphan of the Old Dominion. Suddoth.F 1553 

heus C. Kerr Papers. 3 v. NewellF 1232 

Orthodox. Gerard G 1421 

ORTOLI, J. B. F. Evening Tales. .H 1997 
ORTON, J. R. Camp Fires of the Red 

Man F 5869 

Orville College. Wood G 647 

OSBORN, Y. The Lyon's Den, and its 

eight young Lyons H 2000 

OSBORNE, D. Spell of Ashtaroth. . .F 5850 

Osborne of Arrochar. Douglas F 2982 

ar. Simonds H 677,1 

U in Africa. Fosdick H 1279 

ola, the Seminole. Reid H 629 

OSGOOD, M. A. Little Canary SeriesH 590 
v.i. Little Canary's Daisy. 
_\ Little Canary. 

3. Little Canary's Cousin Eugene. 

4. Little Canary's Black Cato. 
O'SHEA, J. A. Military Mosaics; Tales 

Idierly Themes F 571 1 


OSWALD, E. J. The Dragon of the 

North; Normans in Italy F 5863 

Oswald Cray. Wood G 644 

Othello's Occupation. Anderson F 7789 

Other Folk. Conklin H 1153 

Other Fools and their Doings; or, Life 

among the Freedmen. Goff F 5872 

Other Girls. Whitney F 1934 

Other House, The. James F 4394 

Other House, The. Jordan F 4400 

< Hher Man's Wife, The. Stannard. . ..F 7477 

Other Things being Equal. Wolf F 7612 

Othmar. De la Ram£ F 6252 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1 1 75 

OTIS, Mrs. E. H. B. Barclays of Bos- 
ton F 1275 

OTIS, James, pseud. See K ALER, J. O. 

Ottilie; an 18th Century Idyl. Paget. ..F |goi 

Ottilie Aster's Silence. Lowrey . F 4981 

Otto of the Silver Hand. Pyle H 2103 

<>tto, the Knight, and other Stories. 
French I 

< >tto's Inspiration. Ford H 

OTTOLENGCJI, R. An Artist in CrimeF 5855 

A Conflict of Evidence F 5856 

The Crime of the Century F 5854 

A Modern Wizard F 5857 

Ought we to visit her? Edwards F 523 

The same G 189 

OUIDA, pseud. See De la RAME, L. 

Our Base Hall Club. Brooks H 1065 

Our Bessie. Carey F 3094 

Our Boys in China. French H 131 1 

Our Boys in India. French H 1310 

Our Choir. Stockwell F 6746 

Our Christmas in a Palace. Hale F 3926 

Our Detachment. King F 4620 

< >ur Erring Brother. Robinson F 6298 

Our Family. Hood J 115,3 

Our Fellows. Fosdick H 1286,1 

Our Fred. Finley H 1:,; 

Sequel to Old Fashioned Boy. 

Our Helen. Clarke H 289,1 

Our Hero. O'Reilly H 1992 

Our Homes. Chellis H 1090 

Our Little Ann; by the Author of Miss 

Miss Toosey's Mission H 2002 

Our Little Men and Women H 2001 

Our Manifold Nature. MacFall F 6758 

Our Max; Memoir of a Four-footed 

Friend [Story of a Dog] H 580 

Our Mutual Friend. Dickens F 401 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 168 

Our New Crusade. Hale F ~]l~s 

Our Own Set. Kirschner F 6509 

( >ur Phil, and other Stories. Dana F 2919 

Our Sensation Novel. McCarthy F 5 186 

Our Town. Lothrop H 1762 

Our Uncle and Aunt. Martin 1 

Our Valley F 5865 

( )ur Week afloat. Stanley H 2398 

Our Year. Craik H 2821 

Our Young Folks abroad. McCabe I 587 

Our Young Folks in Africa. McCabe . I 1657 

Out and about. Friswell H 1312 

Out at Twinnett's. Habberton F 3801 

Out Doors at Long Look. Abbott H 1,2 

Out from the Shadows. Giles F 665 

Out of Bohemia. Fosdick F 3398 

Out of Bounds. Garry F 8855 

Out of Court. Hoey G 753 



( hit of Debt, out of Danger. EdgeworthF 518,2 

* hit of Due Season. Sergeant F 6888 

( hit of Eden. Russell F 6349 

Out of her Sphere. Harbert F 3961 

( )ut of Law into Gospel. Griswold F 8860 

Out of Reach. Stuart H 24 16 

Out of Step. Pool F 5999 

Sequel to The Two Salomes. 

Out of the Breakers. Rand H 2192,5 

Out of the Cage. Owen F 1277 

Out of the Fashion. Smith H 2263 

( hit of the Foam. Cooke F ^15 

Out of the Hurly-Burly. Clark E 751 

Out of the Jaws of Death. Barrett... F 2289 

Out of the Night. French F 3572 

Out of the Shadows. Temple F 6949 

Out of the Sunset Sea. Tourg£e F 7091 

out of the Toils. Spear H 2374 

out of the Wilderness. Chaplin H 11 59 

Out of the Woods. Fisher F 8704 

out of the World. Ritchie G 828 

Out of the Wreck. Douglas F 2995 

Out of Town F 5772 

' » tents: Out of Town; A (Question of 
Identity; A Little Music; The Railroad 
Humorist; Moments with Mechanics; 
Village Theatricals; The Professor; 
The Lawn-tennis Match ; The Naph- 
tha Launch; The Wedding. 

Out of Town. Coffin F 247 

Out of Work. Law F 4961 

Out on the Pampas. Henty H 1 407 

Out West Adams H 115,-' 

< hitbreak of the French Revolution. 3 v. 

I rckmann and Chatrian F 537 

Outcasts, The; Passages in the Life of a 

Clergyman # G 1339 

Outlaw and Lawmaker. Praed F 5963 

Outlines of Local Color. Matthews. . . F 5640 

Outpost. Austin F 243 1 

Outrageous Fortune. Fawcett F 3366 

Outside the Walls. Payn F 5876 

Outward bound. Adams H 11 1,1 

Over the Andes. Butterworth H 3298 

Over the Border. Lysaght F 5 100 

Over the Sea with a Sailor. Besant and 

Rice F 2634 

Over the Way. Moore H 1825 

Over Yonder. John F 4444 

Overland. DeForest F 380 

Ovingdean Grange. Ainsworth G 21 

OWEN, Ashford, ptcud. See OGLE, A. 
OWEN, C. See NITSCH, Mrs. H. A. 

OWEN, Q. W. Out of the Cage F 1277 

OWEN, M. A. (Comp.). Voodoo Tales 

as told among the Negroes F 5867 

OWEN, R. D. Beyond the Breakers. F 1276 

Owen:— a Waif. Robinson G 483 

Owen Gwynne's Great Work. Noel. . . F 1253 

Owen Hartley. Kingston H 1686 

Owen Wingrave. James F 4400 

Owl's Nest, The. John F 4443 

Owney and Owney-na-Peak. Griffin.. F 709,3 
OXENFORD, J. and C. A. FEIL1NG (Tr .). 

Tales from the German F 6926 

OXLEY, J. M. My Strange Rescue, 

and other Stories H 1969 

Oxley. Bright F j 53 

P.,G. H. The Artificial Mother Y 6021 

PABKE, M. and Mrs. M. J. D. PIT- 
MAN. Wonder-World Stories. H 578 

Pacha of many Tales. Marryat F 5153 

Pacific Series. See Alger, H. Jr. 

Pacific Shores. Adams H 891,12 

Pacific Tales. Becke F 7932 

Pactolus, Quicksands of. \ acheli F 7337 

Pactolus Prime. Tourg£e F 7048 

Paddling in Florida. Rathborne H 2200 

PADDOCK, Mrs. C. Fate of Madame 

La Tour; Tale of Salt Lake F 5924 

In the Toils [Mormonism] F 1341 

Paddy Finn. Kingston H 1693 

Paddy O'Learey and his Learned Pig. 

Champney H 3457 

Pagan of the Alleghanies. Ryan F 6373 

Pagans, The. Bates F 2488 

PAOE, A., pseud. See HOLT, J. S. 
PAGE, Stanton, pseud. See FULLER, H. B. 
PAGE, T. N. Among the Camps [Ameri- 
can Civil War] H 2029 

The Burial of the Guns F 6010 

Contents: My Cousin Fanny; The Burial 
of the Guns; The Gray Jacket of No 4; 
Miss Dangerlie's Roses; How the Cap- 
tain made Christinas; Little Darby. 

Elsket, and other Stories F 5912 

Contents : Elsket; George Washington's 
last Duel; P'laski's Tunament; Run to 
Seed; A Soldier of the Empire. 

In Ole Virginia; or, Marse Chan and 

other Stories [Slavery] F 5907 

Men Lady [Am. Civil War] F 601 1 

No Haid Pawn F 6795 

Old Gentleman of the Black Stock. F 6135 

On Newfound River F 591 1 

Pastime Stories F 6012 

Polly; a Christmas Recollection. . .F 6013 

9 14 


PAGE, T. N. Two Little Confederates 

[American Civil War] H 2030 

I'nc' Edinburg; a Plantation EchoF 6134 

Page of the Duke of Savoy. Dumas.. . F 449 

Page, Squire and Knight. Adams... H 82 

PAGET, V. ( Vernon Lee). Hauntings.F 6026 

Ottilie [Germany, 18th Century]. . . F 4901 

A Phantom Lover F 4003 

PAIGE, Mrs. S. B. A Lovely Girls 

Fetters F 5916 

PAIN, Mr*. A. Saint Eva F 6077 

PAIN, B. E. O. In a Canadian Canoe, 

and other Stories F 6082 

Mories and Interludes F 6081 

Two; English School -boy Life H 2031 

Pains of Pleasing, The. Ellis F 543,2 

Painted Desert, The. Munroe H 5173 

PAINTER, W. Palace of Pleasure 2v. 

in 3 *V 1460 

Pair of Blue Eyes. Hardy F 74s 

The same G 960 

Palace and Cottage. Adams H 111,5 

PAL ACIO V ALDES, A. Faith F 7284 

The Grandee F 7366 

Marquis of Penalta I 7287 

Maximina F 7286 

- r Saint Sulpice F 7285 

Paladin and Saracen; Stories from An- 

osto. Calthrop H 1082 

Paladin of Finance. Jenkins F 412: 

Paladins of Edwin the Great. MarkhamH 5001 

Pale and the Septs, The. O'Byrne. . . . F 2750 
PALFREY, S. H. Herman; or, Young 

Knighthood. 2 v 1 1281 

PALGRAVE, Sir F. The Merchant 

and the Friar; Middle Ages F 5955 

PALGRAVE, F. T. Five Days' Enter 

tainments at Wentworth GrangeH 592 

PALGRAVE, M. E. Marcel's Duty . . H 2050 

Under the Blue Flag F 5925 

PALGRAVE, W. G. Hermann Agha.F 1283 

Palimpsest, The. Thierry F 7243 

Palissy, Madame, Provocations of Rath- 

bone F 2087 

Palissy, the Huguenot Potter. Bright- 
well , . F 5930 

Palladia. Fraser F 8718 

Palm Land. Samuels H 660,1 

PALMER, J. W. After his Kind . . . . F 2835 
PALMER, Lynde,/^«^. See PEEBLES.M.L. 

PALMER, Mrs. M. T. Doctor of Deane.F 5956 

Palmenn of England. 4 v. Moraes..F 5230 

Palmetto Boys. Wright H 777 

PALTOCK, R. Life and Adventures of 

l'ct'.r Wilkins. 2 v F 5929 

PALUDAN-MUELLER, F. Fountain of 

Youth F 1205 

Pan Michael. Sienkiewicz F 6735 

Pandora's Portion. Clare F 3083 

Pansies, and other Stories. Alden....H 914 
PANSY, pseud. See ALDEN, Mrs. I. M. 
PANSY, The. At Home and Abroad, 

and other Stories H 2461 

Bobby's Wolf, and other Stories. .H 1039 

Young Folks worth Knowing H 2134 

Pansy's Scrap Book. Alden H 919 

Paoli;theLastof the Missionaries. KitchinF 4709 

Paper City. Locke F 1054 

Papier Mache\ Allen F 7812 

Paquita, the Indian Heroine. Miller. . I 

Paradox Club. Garnett F 3709 

Paragreens on a visit to Paris. RuffiniG 1034 

Parasite, The. Doyle F 8456 

PARDOE, J. Traits and Traditions of 

Portugal. 11 F 5960 

PARDON, O. F. Book of the Operas.F 1291 

Parent's Assistant. F.d.ncworth H 1240 

Parents and Children. Witt H 774 

Pariah, The. Guthrie I 2442 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1361 

Paris at Bay. Hayens F 4207 

Paris in America. Laboulaye F 1022 

Parisian Family. Witt H 2691 

Parisian Points of View. Hal£vy F 4176 

Parisians, The. 2 v. Lytton I 5017 

The same. \ v. in 2 G 763 

Park and Paddock Martineau F 1 1 5 1 ,9 

PARKER, Mrs. A. B. Mellicent and 

her Cousins H 1022 

PARKER, 0. An Adventurer of the 

North F 6093 

Continuation of Pierre and his People. 
The Chief Factor; Tale of Hudson's 

Bay Company F 6095 

M rs. Falchion F 6097 

Pierre and his People; Tales of the 

Far North F 6096 

The Pomp of the Lavilettes F 6085 

A Romany of the Snows F 6099 

2d Series ^/Adventurer of the North. 

Contents: Three Commandments in the 
Vulgar Tongue; Little Babiche; At the 
Point o' Bugles; The Spoil of the Puma; 
The Trail of the Sun Dogs; The Pilot 
of Belle Amour; Cruise of the Ninety- 
Nine; A Romany of the Snows; The 



PARKER, G. The Seats of the Mighty 

[Siege of Quebec, 1763] F 6092 

The Trail of the Sword F 6000 

The Trepasser F 6094 

When Yalmond came to Pontiac ; 

Story of a lost Napoleon F 6091 

and others. Tavistock Tales F 6098 

For Contents See Tavistock Tales. 
PARKER, Mrs. H. F. Constance Ayl- 

mer; Tale of the 17th Century. ...F 300 
PARKER,J.(. IteyXine). Wilmot'sChildF 5754 
PARKER, Mrs. P. J. M. The Mid- 
night Cry F 5901 

PARKER, R. A. Alexis, the Runaway.H 591 

Jack of all Trades H 599 

Finks and Blues; or, the Orphan 

Asylum H 597 

Tommy Hickup H 607 

Upside down H 596 

Young Detective H 593 

Parkerstown Delegate. Livingston. . .H 1774 

PARKMAN, F. Yassall Morton I 5926 

PARLEY, Peter,/*^. See GOODRICH, S.G. 

Parlor Amusements. Bartlett H 209 

PARR, H. {Holme Ue\ Basil God- 

f rey's Caprice G 484 

Beautiful M iss Barrington G 489 

Ben Milner's Wooing F 1282 

The same G 792 

Echoes of a Famous Year [Franco- 
Prussian War] G 485 

For Richer, for Poorer G 486 

Her Title of Honour G 487 

Katherine's Trial G 488 

M rs. Denys of Cote G 1155 

Poor Squire G 1156 

Straightforward G 789 

Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax F 1284 

The same G 791 

PARR, Mrs. L. T. Can this be LovePF 6031 

Dorothy Fox F 1285 

The same G 490 

Dumps F 6030 

Gosau Smithey, and other Stories.. G 793 

Contents: The Gosau Smithey; Little 
Nan; La bonne Mere Nannette; Sylvia; 
Madeleine T rower's Fortune; Fair Mar- 
garet; Saxham Grange. 

Hero Carthew; or, Prescotts of Pam- 

phillon F 1286 

The same G 790 

John Thompson, Blockhead, and oth- 
er Stories F 1287 

PARR, Mrs. L. T. Loyalty George . . . F 5910 

Robin F 5931 

The same G 807 

The Squire F 5873 

PARRY, E. G. The Story of Dick . . . H 2040 

Parson Jones. Lean F 4830 

Parson o'Dumford. Fenn F 3487 

The same G 931 

Parson's Daughter, The. Hook F 856 

Parson's Miracle. Butterworth H 952 

Parson's Proxy. Hamilton F 9076 

PARSONS, C. R. The Man with the 

White Hat H 2038 

PARSONS, Mrs. G. H. Heath-House 

Stories H 452 

Tales for the Young. 2v H 2042 

PARSONS, Mrs. J. W. {Julian ll'artli). 

Full Stature of a Man F 7538 

Part of the Property. Whitby F 7577 

Parting and a Meeting, A. Howells. . . F 4326 

Parting of the Ways, The. Edwards. . .G 1325 

Partisan, The. Simms F 2059 

Partisan Leader. Tucker F 1805 

Partners, The. Stoddard H 2432 

PARTON.Mrs.S.P. {Fanny Fern). Gin- 
ger-Snaps E 1425 

Ruth Hall F 1289 

Pascarel. De la Rame* G 504 

Passage through Bohemia. James F 7472 

Passe Rose. Hardy F 3868 

Passenger from Scotland Yard. Wood.G 1308 

Passing the Love of Women. NeedellF 5483 

Passion and Principle. Hook F 857,5-6 

Passion in Tatters. Cudlip F 1784 

Passion's Slave. King F 4686 

donate Pilgrim, and other Tales. 

James F 908 

Passive Crime, and other Stories. Hun- 

gerford G 1 137 

Past Hours. 2 v. Sartoris F 6565 

Paste Jewels. Bangs F 7854 

Pastels in Prose (from the French) F 5959 

Pastels of Men. 2 v. Bourget F 2298 

Pastime Stories. Page F 6012 

PASTON, O. A Bread and Butter MissF 6087 

The Career of Candida F 6089 

A Study in Prejudices F 6088 

Pastor's Daughter, The. Behrcns F 2475 

Pastor's Fireside, The. 2 v. Porter F 1337 

Pastoral Played Out, A. Pcndered . . . F 6052 

Pastorals of France. Wedmore F 7497 

Patagonia, The. James F 4407 

PATCHIN, Mrs. C. H. Dorothea . . . . F 2089 



PATER, W. Marias, the Epicurean. 

2 v. [Ancient Rome] F 5932 

Gaston de Latour; an unfinished Ro- 
mance F 5991 

PATERSON, A. The Daughter of the 

Nez Percys F 6100 

A Son of the Plains F 6101 

Path in the Ravine. Ellis H 1233,2 

Paths in Great Waters. Hoare F 4044 

Pathfinder. Cooper F 276 

Patience. Warner F 7469 

Patience Barker. White F 7626 

Patience Hathaway. Bradley F 169 

Patience Strong's Outings. Whitney. .F 1943 

Patience Wins. Fenn H 1368 

Patricia Kemball. Linton G 996 

Patriot Boy, The. Headley H 149a 

Patriot Boys and Prison Pictures. Gil- 
more H 428 

Patriot Schoolmaster, The. Butterworth.H 979 

Patronage. Edgeworth F5 18,7-8 

Patty. Macquoid F 1 119 

The same G 413 

Patty Gray's Journey. See Dall, Mrs. C W. H. 

Patty's Perversities. Bates F 

PAUL, K. The New Minister F 6016 

PAUL, Mrs. M. A. C. DeCressy .... G 145 

Dorothy G 186 

Maiden Sisters G 416 

Martha Brown, the Heiress G 435 

Still Waters G 

Uncle Ralph G 623 

Vanessa G 1 195 

PAUL, Uncle, pseud. The Nesbits, and 

other Tales I 5390 

Paul and Christina. Barr F 2520 

Paul and Persis. Brush H 1069 

Paul and Virginia. St. Pierre F 1475 

The same I 2958 

The same I 

Paul and Virginia, The New. MallockE 4524 
Paul and Virginia of a Northern Zone. 

Drachman F 3175 

Paul Ardenheim. Lippard *F 4965 

Paul Barton. Baker H 202,3 

Paul Clifford. Lytton F 5018 

The same G 392 

Paul Crew's Story. Carr F 2748 

Paul Faber, Surgeon. Mac Donald F 5 131 

Paul Ferroll. Clive G 92 

Paul Foster's Daughter. Cook F 2829 

Paul Gosslett's Confessions. Lever. . .G 352 

Paul Hart; or, Love of his Life F 5922 

Paul Heriot's Pictures. M'Lean I 

Paul Jones. Seawell H 

Paul Jones's Alias. Murray and Herman 1 

Paul Massie. McCarthy F 1091 

Paul Nugent, .Materialist. Hetheringtun 

and Burton F 3810 

Paul Patoff. Crawford F 2878 

Paul Prescptt's Charge. Alger H 1 53,2 

Paul Ralston. Holmes 1 

Paul, the Peddler. Alger H 1 55,2 

Paul Travers' Adventures. Clover... H 3510 

Paul's Friend. Austin H 950 

Paula Ferris. Sanborn F 6789 

Paula Monti; or, Hotel Lambert. Sue F 6702 
PAULDING, J. K. Dutchman's Fire 

side [Colonial New York] F 1294 

Tales of the Good Woman F 1 293 

Contents: Memoir of the Unknown Au- 
thor; The Azure Hose; The Dumb 
Girl; Dyspepsy; The Progress of the 
Age; The Revenge of Saint Nicholas; 
Cobus Yerks ; The Ride of Saint Nicho- 
las; The Politician. 

Pauline. Hawthorne F 3854 

Pauline. Walford F 1910 

The same G 1 202 

PAULL, M. A. See RIPLEY, Mrs. M. A. P. 

PAULL, Mrs. M. E. K. AschenbrfxlelH 2024 

Dorothy Darling H 2026 

Gypsie F 967 

Lassie H 2028 

Little Lady Valentine H 

More Bedtime Tales H 2027 

Ruby Series H 2025 

v. 1. Ruby and Ruthy. 
4. Ruby's Vacation. 

Pausanias, the Spartan. Lytton F 5003 

The same G 1000 

Pax and Carlino. Beckman H 957 

Paying Guest. Gissing F 8943 

Paying the Penalty. Gibbon and othersF 3708 

PAYN, J. At Her Mercy G 699 

Best of Husbands F 1 288 

The same G 1029 

The Burnt Million F 5917 

The same G 1387 

By Proxy G 1025 

Canon's Ward G 1 167 

Cecil's Tryst G 76 

Confidential Agent , . G 1 160 

Fallen Fortunes F 1299 

The same G 781 

For Cash only G 1 161 

Found Dead G 206 


•J 17 

PAYN, J. From Exile G 1162 

Glow-Worm Tales; 1st and 2d Ser.G 1271 

Grape from a Thorn G 1 164 

Gwendoline's Harvest G 245 

Halves F 1297 

The same G 1023 

Heir of the Ages G 127a 

High Spirits G 1031 

In Market Overt F 5920 

In the Heart of a Hill, and other Sto- 
ries G 256 

Kit; a Memory ( '» 1163 

Less black than we're painted G 1032 

Like Father, like Son G 368 

Luck of the Darrells G 1 148 

Married beneath him F 1296 

Murphy's Master G 780 

Mystery of Mirbridge G 1301 

Not wooed, but won G 467 

Prince of the Blood F 5934 

The same G 1302 

Sunny Stories and Shady Ones F 5919 

The same G 1 44 1 

Talk of the Town G 1168 

Thicker than Water I 5928 

Under one Roof G 1033 

Walter's Word 1" 1290 

The same ( ; 1024 

What he cost her G 1026 

Woman's Vengeance G 63 1 

The Word and the Will ! 5918 

The same G 1388 

PAYNE, Mrs. A. M. M. Outside the 

Walls F 5876 

PAYNE, W. Jerry the Dreamer F 6123 

PAYNTER, M. M. Caleb, the Irrepres- 
sible F 5927 

Paynton Jacks, Gentleman. Bower... F 8058' 

PEACOCK, T. L. Crotchet Castle . . .F 6042 

Headlong Hall F 6041 

Works J 226 

v. 1. Headlong Hall; Mellincourt; Night- 
mareAbbey. 2.Maid Marian; Misfortunes 
of EJphin; CrotchetCastle;GryllGrange. 

Peak and Prairie. Fuller F 8700 

PEARCE, J. H. Inconsequent Lives. F 5874 

Tales of the Masque F 5969 

PEARD, F. M. The Abbot's Bridge. . F 6023 

Alicia Tennant '.G 1442 

Cartouche G 1028 

Castle and Town F 5940 

The same G 1158 

Catherine [Waterloo] F 6024 

PEARD, F. M. Contradictions G 1089 

An Interloper [Life in France] F 6025 

Jeannette; Story of the Huguenots.H 2047 

M ulame's Grand-Daughter G 1310 

A Madrigal, and other Stories G 786 

Contents: A Madrigal; Under the Moun- 
tains; Sylvia; After the Night— Day; A 
Story told at Pontresina; My Queen; 
The Three Flags. 

The Message, and other Stories. . . H 2046 

Mother Molly [Devonshire, 1779]. . F- 5878 

The same G 1157 

Near Neighbours G 1 1 59 

One Year G 491 

The Rose-Garden F 1300 

The same G 492 

Schloss and Town G 1 1 58 

Same as Castle and Town. 

Thorpe Regis G 785 

To Horse and Away H 2049 

Unawares; Story of an old French 

Town F 1301 

The same G 493 

Winter Story. G 1027 

Pearl. O'Meara F 5691 

Pearl, The. Bernhard F 7887 

Pearl of Orr's Island. Stowe F 1730 

Pearl of the Realm, A. Glyn F 8891 

Pearl- Powder. Edwards F 3226 

The same G 1376 

Pearia. Edwards F 3265 

The same # G 1054 

PEARSE, M. G. Simon Jasper H 2070 

PEARSON, C. H. Cabin on the PrairieH 2071 
PEARSON, Q. C. Flights inside and 

outside Paradise F 5937 

Peasant-Boy Philosopher. Mayhew...H 556 

Peasant Life in Glenaldie. 2v F 1280 

PEASE, H. The Mark o' the Deil, and 

other Northumbrian Tales F 6046 

PEATTIE, Mrs. E. W. A Mountain 

Woman F 6032 

Contents: A Mountain Woman; Jim 
Lancy's Waterloo; The Three Johns; 
A Resuscitation; Two Pioneers: Up 
the Gulch: A Michigan Man; A Lady 
of Yesterday. 

Pippins and Cheese F 6029 

Contents: Dinner for Two; Price of a 
Dinner; At Luncheon; The Princess 
dines; The Stop Gap; Covers for Twelve; 
A Diminuendo; The Blood Apple; A 
Mess of Pottage. 
With Scrip and Staff; a Tale of the 

Children's Crusade F 6033 


Peccavi. Wendler F 191 1 

Peckster Professorship, The. Quincy.F 6165 

Peculiar. 3 v. Sargent F 6566 

Peculiar People, A. Balch F 2485 

PEEBLES, M. L. {Lynde Palmer). Half- 
Hours in Story Land H 2051 

Magnet Stories H 610 

v. 1. Drifting and Steering. 

2. One Day's Weaving. 

3. Archie's Shadow. 

4. John-Jack. 

A Question of Honour H 2044 

Where Honour Leads H 2045 

Sequel to A Question of Honour. 
PEEKE, Mrs. M. B. Born of Flame; 

a Rosicrucian Story F 6047 

Zenia, the Vestal F 5973 

PEEL, Sir R. An Engagement. F 6127 

Peep at Number Five. Phelps H 594,2 

Peep o' Day. Banin F 109 

Peep of Day; Earliest Religious Instruc- 
tion H 2076 

Peeress and Player. Lean G 1084 

Peerless Cathleen. Agnew F 27 

Peerless Wife. Mackarness G 410 

Peg Woffington. Reade F 1394 

The same G 512 

Pelham. Lytton F 5019 

The same G 393 

PELLETAN, P. C. E. Jean Jarousseau, 

1'ustor of the Desert [Huguenots]E 1430 

The same * F 594 1 

PELLETREAU, C. Sylvester RomaineF 6050 

Pemaquid. Prentiss F 1357 

PEMBER, A. Slipping Away F 5957 

PEMBERTON, H. L. C. Fairy Tales 

of Every Day H 2055 

Olive Smith H 2056 

PEMBERTON, J. Buffeting F 6055 

PEMBERTON,M. Christineof theHillsF 6063 
A Gentleman's Gentleman; by his 

Valet F 6062 

The Impregnable City F 6057 

The Iron Pirate F 6058 

Jewel Mysteries I have known F 6054 

A Puritan's Wife F 6061 

Queen of the Jesters F 6064 

Contents: The Hunger of Ferdinand 
Dauberval; The Liberty of the little 
Red Man; A Prison of Swords; At the 
House of the Scarlet Witch; The Pur- 
ple Glass; The Kingdom of Bourgo- 
rieau; The Devil's Bowl and the Strange 
Affair at Fontenay ; Yerut the Dwarf. 

PEMBERTON, M. The Little Hugue- 
not; Romance of Fontaineblrau. !•' 6056 

The Sea Wolves I 6059 

Pemberton. Peterson I 

Pembroke. Wilkins F 7716 

Pen, a Story for Girls; by the Author of 

Miss Toosey's Mission H 2059 

Pen Harrington, Folly of. Sturgis F 6826 

Pen Tamar. Bowdler F 2583 

Penance of John Logan, The. Black . . F 7972 

Pendennis. 3 v. ip 2. Thackeray G 591 

PENDERED, M. L. Dust and LaurelsF 6051 

A Pastoral Played Out F 6052 

PENDLETON, E. A Complication in 

Hearts F 6035 

A Conventional Bohemian F 5936 

One Woman's Way 1 6034 

A Virginia Inheritance F 59^5 

PENDLETON, L. Corona of the Nanta- 

halas I 6116 

In the Okefenokee[ Am. Civil War] H 2074 

In the Wire-Grass F 5949 

KingTomand the Runaways; Two 

Boys in a Georgia Swamp H 2073 

Sonsof Ham; Taleof theNewSouth.F 61 15 
The Wedding Garment; Tale of the 

Life to Come t 5948 

Penelope Prig, and other Stories. Plymp- 

ton H 2122 

Penelope's English Experiences. RiggsF 7560 

Penelope's Web. Jennison F 4371 

Penniless Girl. Behrens 1 3981 

PENNOT, Peter, pseud. See ROUND.W.M.F. 

Penny Lancaster, Farmer. Bellamy.. F 2284 

Pennycomequicks, The. Gould F 3757 

Penruddocke. Aide" I 

The same G 690 

Pension Beaurepas. James F 44 1 3 

PENTREATH, D. In a Cornish Town- 
ship F 6053 

People at Pisgah. Sanborn F 6790 

People I have met. Murray G 1 125 

People of the Mist, The. Haggard . . . . F 4188 

People she knew; by an Old Maid F 5942 

People we pass. Ralph *F 6199 

People's Program. Everett F 3209 

Pepita Ximenez. Valera F 7288 

PEPLOE, Mrs. J. B. Alypius of Ta- 

gaste; Tale of the Early ChurchF 1806 
Pilgrims of New England; Autobi- 
ography of a Five Pound Note. .F 7498 
Pomponia; or, the Gospel in Caesar's 
Household F 1897 



PEPPER, J. H. Boy's Play-book of 

Science K 2808 

The same K 2850 

Scientific Amusements for Young 

People K 2809 

The same K 2660 

PEPPERGRASS, Paul, pseud. See BOYCE,J. 

Peppermint Perkins.Familiar Letters of F 3447 

Perchance to Dream. Briscoe F 2288 

Pcrci val Keene. Marryat G 430 

PERCY, Sholto, pseud. See ROBERT- 
SON, J. C. 

Percy and the Prophet. Collins G 928 

Percy Effingham. 2 v. Cockton F 304 

Percy Family, The. See Eddy, D. C. 

Percy Ravdon. Dixon F 1046 

Percy Trevor's Training II 2060 

Percy Winn. Finn H 1381 

Percys, The. Prentiss H 601 

Pere Goriot. Balzac F 2547 

Peregrine Pickle. Smollett G 566 

PERELAER, M. T. H. Baboe Dalima; 

or, the Opium Fiend F 5939 

Kan Away from the Dutch; Borneo 

from South to North H 2065 

PEREZ ESCRICH, E. Martyr of Gol- 
gotha. 2 v. [Bible Times) F 3380 

PEREZ GALDOS, B. Court of Charles 

IV.; Romance of the EscoriaL.F 3640 

Dona Perfecta I 8867 

Gloria. 2 v F 3645 

Leon Roch. 2 v F 3649 

Marianela F 3644 

Trafalgar F 3643 

Perfect Adonis. Harris F 747 

Perfection City. Orpen F 5773 

Perico, the Sad, and other Stories F 1 307 

Peril. Fothergill F 3541 

The same G 1080 

PerilsAfloatand BrigandsAshore. ElwesH 1253 

Perils in Polar Seas. Chisholm H 293 

Perilous Seas. Sadler H 2292 

Perilous Secret. Reade F 6255 

PERKINS, F. B. Scrope;or, the lost 

Library F 1302 

Perlycross. Blackmore F 7088 

Permanent Husband, The. DostojewskyF 2977 
PERONNE. Veil of Liberty; Tale of the 

Girondins F 6049 

Perpetual Curate. Oliphant G 479 

PERRAM, A. F. Go Work; a Book for 

Girls H 2069 

PERRIER, A. A Good Match F 1303 

PERRY, A. Esther Pennefather F 1315 

Schoolmaster's Trial F 5879 

PERRY, B. The Broughton House. ..F 5068 

The Plated City F 6066 

Salem Kittredge, and other Stories.F 6065 
Contents: Salem Kittredge, Theologue; 
The Czar's Diamond; Bv the 111- Lom- 
bardy Poplars; The Phenix; The Com- 
monest Possible Story; An Inco-rigible 
Poet; Number Three; At Sesenheim. 
PERRY, Q. B. Uncle Peter's Trust; or, 

Following the Drums H 2061 

PERRY, N. Another Flock of Girls . . H 2064 

Book of Love Stories F 5882 

A Flock of Girls and Boys H 2068 

Flock of Girls and their Friends. . H 2062 

For a Woman F 5877 

Hope Benham H 2067 

A Rosebud Garden of Girls H 2066 

Tragedy of the Unexpected, and 

other Stories F 5880 

Contents: Tragedy of the Unexpected; 
Mrs. Stanhope's Last Lodger; A Fool- 
ish Girl; Our Ice Man; In the Red Room; 
My Nannie O; In a Street Car; Mrs. F.'s 
Waiting-Maid; The Ribbon of Honor. 
The Youngest Miss Lorton, and other 

Stories H 2063 

Perseverance Island. Frazar H 1301 

Persis Yorke. Christian F 8229 

Persuasion. Austen G 31 

PESTALOZZI, J. H. Leonard and Ger- 
trude [Switzerland, 18th CenturyJL 1350 
Pet; Pastimes and Penalties. Haweis.H 462 

Peter Budstone. Trowbridge H 2510 

Peter Clinton. Wise H 2679,5 

Peter GotL Reynolds F 1382 

Peter Ibbetson. Du Maurier F 3194 

Peter of the Castle. Banim F no 

Peter Penniless. Da vies. . H 1206 

Peter Schlemihl. Chamisso de Boncourt.F 2762 

Peter Schlemihl in America Wood.. .F 7514 

Peter Simple. Marryat F 5397 

The same G 431 

The same I 2960 

Peter Stirling, The Honorable. Ford..F 3405 

Peter the Great. Abbott H 38 

Peter the Priest. Jokai F 4561 

Peter the Whaler. Kingston H 503 

Peter Trawl. Kingston H 1682 

Peter Wilkins.LifeandAdventuresof. 2 v. 

Paltock F 5929 

Peter's Journey, and other Tales. AmesF 1304 

Peter's Soul. Ohnet F 5616 

Peter's Wife. Hungerford F 2317 



Pcterk in Papers. Hale H 4 i r »5 

PETERSEN, M. Will-o'-the-Wisps. . F 5906 
PETERSON, H. Pemberton; or, One 

Hundred Years Ago F 1351 

PETRIE, W. M. F. (Ed.). [Ancient] 

Egyptian Tales. 2 v F 6086 

Petrie Estate, The. Brown F 8067 

Petronel. Lean G 89 

Pettibone Name, The. Lothrop F 40/30 

Peveril of the Peak. Scott F 2 165 

The same G 548 

PEYTON, J. L. Tom Swindel; Adven- 
tures of a Boomer F 6060 

Phaeton Rogers. Johnson H 16 10 

Phantasmion. Coleridge H 302 

Phantasms. Gerrare F 8897 

Phantastes. 2 v. Mac Donald F 1 105 

Phantom City, The. Westall F 7556 

Phantom Death. Russell F 6461 

Phantom Fortune. 3 v. in 2. Maxwell. G 1237 

Phantom Lover, A. Paget F 4003 

Phantom of the River. Ellis H 1235,2 

Phantom Regiment. Grant F 8831 

Phantom 'Rickshaw. Kipling F 4687 

Phantom Ship. Marryat F 5168 

Phantoms of the Foot-Bridge. Murfree. F 5572 

Phaulcon, the Adventurer. Dalton F 2923 

PHELPS,Mrs. A. H. L. The Discipline 

of Life; or, Ida Norman F 1313 

PHELPS, C. An Ideal Republic [Labor 

and Capital ] F 6073 

PHELPS, C.E.D. and L. NORTH. Bail- 

iff of Tewkesbury F 6070 

PHELPS, E. S. See WARD, Mrs. E. S. P. 
PHELPS, Mrs. E. S. (//. Trusta). Sunny 

Side Series H 594 

v. 1. Last Leaf from Sunny Side. 

2. Peep at No. 5. 

3. Tell-Tale. 

Phemie's Temptation. Terhune F 1 770 

Phil and his Friends. Trowbridge . . . H 2505 

Phil and the Baby. Lillie H 1747 

Phil Preston. Birdsell H 960 

Phil, the Fiddler. Alger H 155,3 

Phil Vernon and his School-Masters. 

Brooks H 1058 

Philanderers, The. Mason F 9416 

Philip, Adventures of. Thackeray G 581 

Philip, Chief of the Wampanoags. Ab- 
bott H 71 

Philip and his Wife. Deland F 3057 

Philip Augustus. James F 917 

Philip Earnscliffe. Edwards V 

Philip MacGreg* 

Philip Methuen. Needell 

Philip Nolan's Friends. Hale I 

Philip; or, What may have been. CutlerF 3100 

Philip Rollo. Grant F 8832 

Philip v T andeleur's Victory. Eden H 1248 

Philip Vernon. Mitchell E 7959 

Philippa. Ella 1 

Philippa. Molesworth H 5082 

PHILIPPE, E. {Adoiphe eTEnnery). The 

Wife's Sacrifice (Martyre) F 6074 

PHILIPS, F. C. As in a Looking-GlassG 

The Dean and his Daughter G 1273 

Extenuating Circumstances, and A 

French Marriage G 1 443 

Jack and Three Jills F 5915 

The same ( '/ 1 340 

Little Mrs. Murray F 6103 

The same G 1 34 1 

A Lucky Young Woman G 1304 

Social Vicissitudes, and More Social 

Vicissitudes G 1444 

Strange Adventures of Lucy SmithG 1305 

Young Mr. Ainslie's Courtship G 1365 

and P. FENDALL. A Daughter's 

Sacrifice G 1366 

Margaret Byng G 1389 

and C.J.WILLS. TheFatal Phryne.F 5914 

The same G 1542 

A Maiden Fair to see G 1445 

The Scudamores F 591 3 

The same G 1367 

PHILIPS, M. The Devil's Hat [Pennsyl- 
vania Oil Regions] F 

Philistia. Allen F 

Philistines, The. Bates F 

Phillida. Elliott F 

Phillip Strong, Crucifixion of. Sheldon. F 

PHILLIPS, Mrs. A. Benedicta F 

The Birth of a Soul; a Psychological 

Study F 

PHILLIPS, B. A Struggle F 

PHILLIPS, E. C. Meyrick's Promise. H 
PHILLIPS, G. S. (January Searle). 
Gypsies of the Danes' Dike; Eng- 
land, 1855 F 

PHILLIPS, H. A. D. (Tr.). Kopal Kun- 

dala; Tale of Bengali Life F 

PHILLIPS, S. Caleb Stukely; a Tale of 

the Last Century F 

PHILLPOTTS, E. Lying Prophets . . . F 
Some Every-Day Folks F 



PHILO, fsttut Bluffton Stamp Society; 

Story for Stamp Collectors H 2085 

Philomene's Marriages. Durand F 609 

Philosopher Jack. Ballantyne H 247 

PHINEAS,/*^/. The Blind Men and 

the Devil F 6001 

Phineas Finn. 3 v. in 2. Trollope G 613 

Phineas Redux. Trollope F 1787 

PHIPPS, C. M. K. Sword of De Bard- 
well [Tale of Agincourt] F 1349 

Phoebe. Harris F 3966 

Phoebe Junior. Oliphant F 1258 

The same G 1016 

PH(EBUS,Mrs.V.C. Lostonanlsland.H 2035 

Young Folks' Nature Studies H 2036 

Phra, the Phoenician, Adventures of. 

Arnold F 2359 

Phronsie Pepper. Lothrop H 1 765 

Phroso. Hawkins F 

Phyllida. Lean... G 978 

Phyllis. Hungerford F 5293 

Phyllis Browne. Shaw H . 

Phyllis of the Sierras. Harte F 3887 

Physician's Wife, The. Spangler F 6761 

PIATT, D. Lone Grave of the Shenan- 
doah, ami Other Tales 5971 

Piazza Tales. Melville F 1180 

PIAZZI, Mme. A. D. (L. ffanoum). A 
Tragedy in the Imperial Harem at 

Constantinople F 3927 

PIC ARD, G. H. Matter of Taste F 5945 

A Mission Flower 1 5946 

Old Boniface F 5947 

Piccadilly. Oliphant F 5671 

Piccadilly Puzzle. Hume F 4109 

Piccino and other Child Stones. BurnettH 3300 
Picciola; Prisoner of Fenestrella. Boni- 
face F 2570 

Picked up adrift. De Mille H 330,5 

Picked up in the Streets. Schobert F 6535 

PICKERING, Edgar. In Press-Gang 

Days [Time of George III.] H 2107 

PICKERING, Ellen. The Grandfather^ 6125 

The Grumbler F 6126 

PICKERING, S. Margot F 6128 

Pickwick Papers. Dickens F 403 

The same G 169 

Pickwickian Pilgrimage. Hassard F 799 

Picture of Dorian Gray. Wilde F 7475 

Picture of LasCruces. Tiernan F 6975 

Pictures across the Channel. MacquoidG 770 
Pictures and Stories of Animals. Ten- 

ney K 8043 

Pictures of Country Life. Cary E 923 

Pictures of Hellas. Mariager F 5266 

Pictures of Private Life. 3 V. Ellis.. F 543 

Pictures of the Olden Time. Sears... F 6575 

PIDDINGTON, R. Gain of a Loss.... G 221 
Last of the Cavaliers [Time of George 

II] G 317 

PIERCE, G. A. A Dangerous Woman.F 5943 

Zachariah, the Congressman F 5884 

PIERCE, S. L. Di; a Story F 6014 

PIERRE LOTI, pseud. See VIAUD, L. M. J. 

Pierre. Melville F 5269 

Pierre and his People. Parker F 6096 

Pierre and Jean. Maupassant F 5272 

Pierrette. Balzac F 2238 

Pierrette. Bouvet H 3257 

Pietro Ghisleri. Crawford F 8322 

Piety and Pride. Lewellyn H 532 

Pigeon Pie; Roundhead Times. YongeF 2044 

PIKE,F.W.A. EveryDay F 1317 

PIKE, Mrs. M. H. G. {Mary Langdoh). 

Ida May [Slavery] F 1026 

Pilate's Query. Clark F 8244 

PILGRIM, T. (.-/. Morecamp). Live 

Boys in the Black Hills H 1820 

Pilgrim and the Shrine. Maitland F 1316 

Pilgrim Sorrow. Elizabeth, Queen of 

K oilman ia F 3223 

Pilgrim's Progress. Bunyan F 196 

The same G 69 

Thesame M 1769 

The same, in dialogue F 192 

The same, fac-simile of 1st edi- 
tion *F 2681 

Pilgrims, The. Musick F 5552 

Pilgrims of New England. Peploe — F 7498 

Pilgrims of the Rhine. Lytton F 5013 

The same G 379 

Pilgrimage of the Ben Beriah. Yonge. F 2124 

Pillar of Fire. Ingraham M 1282 

Pillars of the House. 2 v. Yonge F 2028 

Thesame. 5 v. in 3 G 673 

Pilot. Cooper F 277 

Pilot and his Wife, The. Lie F 1063 

Pilot Fortune. Rodney and Read F 6261 

Pilots of Pomona. Leighton H 1733 

Pinch of Experience. Walford H 2630 

Pinchbeck Goddess, A. Fleming F 8722 

Pine and Palm. Conway F 3458 

Pine Cone Stories. See Allen, W. B. 

Pine Cones. Allen H 940,1 

Pine Valley. France F 8726 

Pink and White Tyranny. Stowe F 1731 



Fink Fairy Book. Lang H 1702 

Pink Marsh. Ade F 7776 

Pinks and Blues. Parker H 597 

Piokee and her People. Jenness H 1597 

Pioneer Boy; Life of Lincoln. Thayer.H 2497 
Pioneer Children, Adventures of. Cole- 
rick H 1 143 

Pioneer Church, The. Schuyler F 1695 

Pioneers. Cooper F 278 

Pipes o' Pan at Zekesbury. Riley E 5428 

Pippins and Cheese. Peattie F 6029 

Pique. Ellis F 1321 

Pirate, The. Marryat F 11 52 

The same I 3130 

Pirate, The. Scott F 2166 

The same G 549 

Pirate City. Ballantyne H 246 

Pirate Gold. Stimson F 9860 

Pirate Island. Lancaster H 1 108 

Pirate's Creek. Sadl< 1 H 2290 

PISE, C. C. Father Rowland F 586 

PITMAN, E. R. My Governess Lifc.F 5909 

Pizarro. Towle 1 C 1610,2 

Plain Tales from the Hills. Kipling.. F 4688 

The same G 1381 

Plane and Plank. Adams H 109,2 

Plant Hunters. Reid H 630 

Plants without Roots. Warner H 753,2 

Planter's Daughter. Dupuy I 507 

Planter's Northern Bride. Hentz F 796 

Plated City. Perry F 6066 

Platonic Affections. Smith F 6768 

Platonics; a Study. Arnold 1 7829 

Play arid Study. Baker H 201,4 

Play and Study Series. See Baker, Mrs. H. N. 

Play-Actress, The. Crockett F 8340 

Play of Fate. Bjursten F 7900 

Played out. Cudlip G 141 

Playfellow, The. Martineau F 1 1 50 

Playhoursand Half-Holidays. Atkinson H 167 

Playing for high Stakes. Cudlip F 1755 

Playing the Mischief. De Forest F 365 

Playing with Fire. Grant F 8833 

Playwright's Daughter, A. Ed wards.. G 1254 
Pleasant Cove Series. See Kellogg, E. 

Pleasant Waters. Claytor F 2704 

Plot in Private Life. Collins G 105 

Ploughed under. Harsha F 5886 

Plucky One, A. Spencer F 6655 

PLUMMER, C. S. Leaves from a Drum- 
mer's Diary F 1332 

PLUMPTRE,C.E. GiordanoBruno. 2 v.F 5996 

Plunge into Space. Cromie F 3144 

Plucky Boys. Craik and others H 11 23 

Contents: Facing the World, by Craik; 
Joe, by Clark; A Winter Moonrise, by 
Densil; A Young Alligator Catcher, by 
Kaler ; Isaac Lcimnon, by Ambrose ; 
Mother's Round Table, by Starr ; A 
Boy Sculptor, by Harris; Bobby's He- 
ro, by Robinson; Joe Lambert's Ferry, 
by Eggleston; The Church Mouse, by 
Jewett; The Basket Business, by Power; 
How Philip Sullivan did an Errand, 
by Densil; Granny, by Clark; A Young 
Antiquarian, by Harris; A Brave Boy, 
by Fisher ; The President's Page, by 
Ledyard; Camp Hamperford, by Chee- 

Plunger, The. Smart F 6653 

Plutarch, Boys' and Girls'. White C 1 526 

Plutarch, Young Folks'. Kaufman C 1440 

PLYMPTON, A. G. Betty, a ButterflyH 2054 

A Bud of Promise H 2124 

Dear Daughter Dorothy H 20^3 

Dorothy and Anton H 2125 

Sequel to Dear Daughter Dorothy. 

The Little Sister of Wilifred H 2 1 20 

Mary Jane Papers H 2052 

Penelope Prig, and other Stories. . H 2122 
Contents: Penelope Prig; A Brave Cow- 
ard ; The Girl without a Conscience; 
Little Olive, the Heiress. 

Rags and V el vet Gowns H 2123 

Robin's Recruit H 2121 

A Willing Transgressor, and other 

Stork's F 61 31 

Contents: A Willing Transgressor; The 
Scandal of Scarborough; A Case of Con- 
science; A Question of Ethics; Hardly 
Guilty; A Strange Bargain. 

Poacher, The. Marryat F J 

Pocahontas. Musick F 5551 

Pocket Measure. Alden F 42 

Pocket-Rifle. Trowbridge H 723 

POE, E. A. Adventures of A. G. Pym.J 236,4 

The same J 240,4 

Tales J 236,3 

Tales 1 239, 1 -2 

Tales J24C 1-2 

Poems in Prose. Turgenev F 7075 

Poet and Merchant. Auerbach F 80 

Poet and Peer. Aide* G 843 

Poet's Audience, The. Clarke F 3338 

Poets, Tales from Ten. 3 v. Morris. .F 5407 

Poganuc People. Stowe F 1 7^7 

Point of Conscience. Hunijerford F 9082 

Point of Honor. Edwards F 529 

Point of View. James F 4413 

Poison of Asps. Lean G 895 



Poison Tree. Chandra Chatterjee. ... F 3337 

POLEVOI, P. N. Russian Fairy TalesH 2129 

Pohkushka. Tolstoi F 7024 

Polish Blood. Knobelsdorff - Brenken- 

ho£f F 3381 

Polish Jew. Erckmann and Chatrian.F 3373 

Politics for Young Americans. Nordhoff L 99 

POLLARD, E. F. The Lady Superior.F 1327 

Not Wanted H 2118 

Roger the Ranger [Montcalm and 

Wolfe] H 2117 

POLLARD, J. P. and others. Figaro 

Fiction F 6022 

POLLARD, M. M. Aunt Hetty's Will.F 5950 

POLLOCK, W. H. KingZub F 5978 

Nine Men's Mornce F 5979 

Contents: Lilith; Knurr and Spell; Mr. 
Morton's Butler; La iy Volant; The 
Green Lady ; Edged Tools, written in 
collaboration with Brander Matthews; 
The Thought-Reader; One of Charles 
Mainwaring's Lies; Dreams. 

Polly; a Christmas Recollection. Page.F 6013 

Polly, a New Fashioned Girl, Smith. . H 1868 

Polly Button's New Year. Wilder... .H 2637 

Polly Cologne. Diaz H 349 

Polly Oliver's Problem. Wiggin II 2635 

Pomeroy Abbey. Wood . I I 1 206 
Pomona; by the Author of Miss Tuosey's 

Mission F 7708 

Pomona's Travels. Stockton F 6723 

Pomp of the Lavilettes. Parker F 6085 

Pompey, the Little. Coventry *F 115,23 

Pomponia. Peploe F 1897 

Ponkaty Branch Road, and other Sto- 
ries. Swett H 2466 

PONTMARTIN, A. de. Clotilde F 1325 

PONTOPP1DAN, H. Kmanuel; or, Chil- 
dren of the Soil [Denmark] F 61 12 

The Promised Land F 61 1 1 

POOL, M. L. Against Human Nature.F 6000 

Dally F 5981 

In a Dike Shanty F 5995 

In Buncombe County F 5093 

In the First Person F 5976 

Katharine North F 5997 

Mrs. Gerald F 5994 

Mrs. Keats Bradford F 5983 

Sequel to Roweny in Boston. 

Out of Step F 5099 

Sequel to The Two Salomes. 

Roweny in Boston F 5982 

Tenting on Stony Beach F 5980 

The Two Salomes F 5098 

POOLE, J. Christmas Festivities; Tales, 

Sketches and Characters E 5094 

Comic Sketches. 2v E 1450 

Little Pedlington and the Pedling- 

tonians. 2v E 1 447 

POOR, A. B. {Dorothy Prescott). Broth- 
ers and Strangers F 61 10 

Poor and Plain. Seymour H 2077 

Poor and Proud. Adams H 106,6 

Poor Boy and Merchant Prince. ThayerH 2495 

Poor Boys who became Famous. BoltonC 1929 

Poor Folk. Dostojewsky F 3032 

Poor Gentleman. Conscience F 293,2 

Poor Girl. Behrens F 3981 

Same as A Penniless Girl. 

Poor Jack. Marryat F 11 59 

Poor Miss Finch. Collins F 258 

The same G 104 

Poor Rich Man and the Rich Poor Man. 

Sedgwick H 672 

Poor Scholar, and other Tales. Carle- 
ton F 295 

Poor Squire. Parr G 1 1 56 

Poor Theophilus and the City of Fin.. . F 1326 

POPE, G. W. Journey to Mars F 6121 

Poplar House Academy. Rathbonc.F 2099 

Poppsea. Cruger F 8391 

Popular Romances of the Middle Ages. 

Cox and Jones F 333 

Popular Tales. See Howitt, Mrs. M. B. 
Popular Tales and Fictions. 2 v. Clous- 
ton L 2530 

Popular Tales of the West Highlands. 4 v. 

Campbell F 8146 

PORCH, H. E. An Ideal Fanatic F 5891 

Port of Missing Ships. Spears F 9824 

Port Salvation. Daudet F 3037 

Port Tarascon; Last Adventures of Tar- 

tarin. Daudet F 2959 

Portent, The. MacDonald F 1099 

PORTER, Mrs. A. E. Cousin Pollys 

Gold Mine F 1343 

Married for both Worlds F 1331 

My Hero F 1335 

This one Thing I do F 1342 

PORTER, A.M. Barony.2v F 1328 

Don Sebastian; or, House of Bra- 

ganza. 4 v. in 2 F 1329 

Hungarian Brothers F 1330 

PORTER, D. D. Adventures of Harry 

Marline V 5S93 

A 1 Ian Dare and Robert le Diable. 

2 v F 5892 

2 2 i 


PORTF.R.J. Duke Christian of Lune- 

burg. 3 v. [The Reformation] F 1 350 

Pastor's Fireside. 2 v. [Time of 

George II.] F 1337 

Scottish Chiefs [Bruce and Wallace]F 1338 
Sir Edward Sea ward's Shipwreck. 3 v. 

[West Indies] I 381 

The same I 4000,2 1 

Thaddeus of \Varsaw[ Poland, 1702-5]! 
PORTER, J. A. A Prince of Anahuac, 

before the Aztec Empire I 6130 

PORTER, M. W. Five Little South- 
erners F 5889 

PORTER, R. Honoria . . . . . . F 595 1 

In the Mist F 1336 

A Modern St. Christopher F 5952 

My Son's Wife F 5954 

St. Martin's Summer F 5953 

Summer Driftwood for the Winter 

Fire F 1340 

Winter Fire F 1344 

Sequel to Summer Driftwood. 

Portia. Hungerford I 56 

The same G 859 

Portrait, The. Oliphant F 5859 

Portrait of a Lady. James F 4412 

Portugal, Traits and Traditions of. 2 v. 

Pardoe F 5960 

Posie. Cochran F 8285 

Post Haste. Ballantyne \\ 

POSTEL, K. (C. Sealsfield). Cabin Book 

[Mexican War] F 

Pot of Gold, and other Stories. WilkinsH 2640 
POTAPEEKO, N. E. A Father of Six, 

and An Occasional Holiday.... F 7245 
POTTER.F.H. (Tr.). NeartoHappinessF 5382 
POTTER, F. S. Ambrose Oran ; or, with 

the Buccaneers H 2000 

Cringlewood Court H 2091 

Erling: or, Days of St. Olaf H 2092 

Heroes of the North; Stories from 

Norwegian Chronicles H 2093 

POTTER, T.J. Farleyes of Farlev 

Rupert Aubrey of Aubrey Chase 

[1681] F 1346 

Sir Humphrey's Trial; Talcs, Leg- 
ends and Sketches H 582 

Two Victories H 583 

Potter's Thumb, The. Steel F 6903 

Pottleton Legacy. Smith F 1 560 

POTWIN, Mrs. H. K. Ruby Duke... F 1345 

What Girls can do H 2 109 

Pound of Cure. Bishop F 8025 

POUV1LLON, E. C^sette [Peasant Life 

in the South of France] F 5923 

Poverty Corner. Fenn 3478 

Poverty Grass. Wyman I 

POWELL, T. M. An English Girl in 

America F 6106 

POYNTER, E. F. Among the Hills. . . F 5890 

The same ( ; 808 

Ersilia ( / 1030 

Madame de Presnel F 5899 

The same (i 1 174 

My Little Lady F 1 227 

The same G 453 

Poynton, Spoils of. James F 4393 

Practice of a New York Surgeon. DixonF 3187 
Practice of Dr. Martha Scarborough. 

Campbell F 8170 

PRAED, Mrs. R. M. P. Affinities. .. .G 1169 

Christina Chard F 5964 

December Roses F 5067 

The Head Station; Australian Life(i 1276 
Mrs. Tregaskiss; Anglo-Australian 

Life F 6155 

Moloch; a Story of Sacrifice I 5965 

Nulma; Anglo-Australian RomanceF 6156 

Outlaw and Lawmaker F 5963 

Romance of a Chalet F 5966 

Ze>o; a Story of Monte Carlo G 1088 

Prairie. Cooper I 279 

Prairie Chief. Balla: H 993 

Prairie Folks. Garland . . . .F 3772 

PRATT, C. A. A Book of Martyrs. . . 1 
Contents: Wither le's Freedom; Serene's 
Religious Experience, an inland Story; 
An instance of Chivalry; A Consuming 
Fire; An unearned Reward; Hardesty's 
Cowardice; The Honor of a Gentleman; 
Rivals; At the end of the World. 

The Daughter of Stoic F 6143 

PRATT.F.L. Agnes and I > >rsH 598 
PRATT, L. L. {Laurie Loring). Her 

Inheritance F 4925 

PRATT, M. E. Rhoda Thornton's Girl- 
hood H 603 

PRATT, M. L. American History Sto- 
ries. 4v H 2110 

Cortes and Montezuma H 2 1 1 1 

The Great West H 21 12 

Pratt Portraits. Fuller F 3577 

Preacher's Daughter. Barr 1 23l8 

Precaution. Cooper F 280 

Precepts and Practice. 3 v. Hook F 854 

Prelate, The. Henderson F 3096 

Premier and the Painter. Zangwill . . F 2467 



Premiums paid to Experience. Mayo.F 646 
PRENTICE, H. Ben Burton, the Slate 

Picker H 2098 

BoyExplorers;AdventuresinAlaskaH 2097 
PRENTISS, Mrs. E. P. Aunt Jane's 

Hero F 1348 

Flower of the Family H 600 

Fred, Maria, and Me H 602 

Home at Grey lock F 1 356 

Little Lou's Sayings and Doings . . H 2099 
N id worth, and his Three Magic 

Wands F 1353 

Pemaquid; Old Times in New Eng- 
land F 1357 

The Percys H 601 

Stepping Heavenward 1 1354 

Urbane" and his Friends F 1355 

PRESCOTT, E. L. The Apotheosis of 

Mr. Tyrawley F 6159 

PRESCOTT, M. N. Matt's Follies, and 

other Stories H 605 

Prescotts of Pamphillon, The. Parr..G 790 
Same as Hero Carthew. 

Present Problem, The. Bolton F 2569 

President John Smith. Adams F 7800 

President's Daughters, The. Bremer. . I 3004,2 
PRESSENSE, Mme. E. Madeleines 

Trial, and other Stories H 606 

PRESTON, H. W. Aspendale 1 1358 

Isthat All? I 2182 

A Year in Eden 1- 5961 

and L. DODOE. The Guardians. F 5962 
PRESTON, Mrs. M. J. Aunt Dorothy; an 

Old Virginia Story F 5974 

Preston Fight. Ainsworth G 24 

Pretension. Ellis F 543,3 

Pretty Kitty Herrick. Kennard F 4741 

Pretty Lucy Merwyn. Lakeman H 1722 

Pretty Michal. Jokai F 4501 

Pretty Miss Bellew. Boulger F 666 

"Pretty Mrs. Gaston. Cooke F 316 

Pretty Polly Pemberton. Burnett F 2648 

The same F228o,2 

Pretty Sister of Jose\ Burnett F 2649 

Pretty Widow. Ross G 525 

Prey of the Gods. Lean G 90 

PRICE, Miss. A Lost Battle G 098 

PRICE, E. Sick Calls E 1451 

PRICE, E. C. In the Lion's Mouth 

[French Revolution! H 21 16 

Story of a Demoiselle [Franco-Prus- 
sian War] F 6845 

Price of a Coronet. Sales F 6500 

Price of a Life. Sturgis F 6860 

Price of a Pearl. Holmes F 4251 

Price of Peace, The. Ackerman F 7740 

Price she paid, The. Benedict F 2501 

PRICHARD, J. V. An unlaid Ghost; a 

Study in Metempsychosis F 7205 

Pride and Passion. Fleming V 3518 

Pride and Prejudice. Austen G 32 

Priest and Man. Newton F 5970 

Priest of Auvrigny F 1352 

Priestess of Comedy, A. Knobelsdorff- 

Rrenkenhoff F 3379 

PRIME,W.C. Old House by the River.F 1361 

Prime Minister. Trollope F 1719 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 822 

Primes and their Neighbors. Johnston.F 4446 

Primrose Path. Oliphant F 5681 

The same G 1019 

Primus in Indus. Colquhoun F 2812 

PRINCE, H. C. The Story of Christine 

Rochefort F 6150 

Princ* and Saviour. Mulholland H 554 

Prince and the Page. Yonge H 787 

Prince and the Pauper. Clemens F 2800 

Prince Charlie. Johnes H 476 

Prince Dusty. Munroe H 1950 

Prince Eugene. Mundt V 1215 

Prince Fort unatus. Black F 2463 

Prince Hugo. Grant .G 947 

Prince Little Boy. Mitchell H 1870 

Prince of Anahuac, A. Porter F 6130 

Prince of Balkistan. Upward F 7216 

Prince of Breffny. May F 5182 

Prince of Darkness. James F 7534 

Prince of Good Fellows. Wilmer H 2683 

Prince of India. 2 v. Wallace F 7400 

Prince of Kashna. Kimball F 975 

Prince of the Blood. Payn F 5934 

The same G 1302 

Prince of the House of David. Ingra- 

ham M 1281 

Prince Otto. Stevenson F 6675 

Prince Peerless. Galletti di Cadilhac.H 1107 

Prince Saroni's Wife. Hawthorne F 3977 

Prince Serebryani. Tolstoi F 7027 

Prince Tip-Top. Bouvet H 1043 

Prince Vance. Bates H 2101 

Prince Zaleski. Shiel F 6806 

Princes of Peele, The. Westall F 771 1 

Princess. McClelland F 5159 

Princess Aline. Davis F 3048 

Princess Am61ie F 2208 


Princess and Curdie. MacDonald G 1 103 

The same H 1802 

Princess and the Goblin. MacDonald. H 535 

Princess Casamassima. James F 4418 

Princess D£sir£e, The. Black F 7979 

Princess Girlikin. Nichols H 1957 

Princess Liliwinkins, and other Stories. 

Wright H 2696 

Princess Mazaroff. Hatton F 3866 

Princess Napraxine. De la Rame\ 3 v. 

in 2 G 1178 

Princess Osra, Heart of. Hawkins F 

Princess of Brunswick - Wolfenbuettel . 

Zschokke G 678 

Princess of Fiji. Churchill F 3326 

Princess of Java. Higginson F 4083 

Princess of Montserrat. Drysdale F 3060 

Princess of Paris. Gunter F 3638 

Princess of the Gutter. Smith 6785 

Princess of the Moor. John G 287 

Same as Little Moorland Princess. 
Princess of the Stage. Knobelsdorff-Bren- 

kenhoff F 3384 

Princess of Thule. Black , . . F 2561 

The same G 700 

Princess Ogh^rof. Durand i 3130 

Princess Sonia. Magruder F 5622 

Princess Sunshine. Riddell F 6382 

Princess Tarakanova. Danilevski F 3189 

Princeton Stories. Williams F 7423 

Printer and the Goldite. Vickers F 7379 

PRIOR, H. L. Behind the Veil F 125 

Expiated F 525 

The same G 203 

Pris; by the Author of Miss Toosey's 

Mission H 2004 

Prisons of Air. Conway F 31 18 

Prisoner of Zenda. Hawkins F 4231 

Prisoners and Captives. Scott G 1435 

Prisoners of Conscience. Barr F 8049 

Prisoners of the Earth. Lowry F 4983 

Prisoners of the Sea. Kingsley F 4712 

Private Life. James F 4399 

Private Life of an Eminent Politician. 

Rod F 6206 

Private Tinker. Stannard/ F 6878 

Privateersman, The. Marryat F 1 1 54 

The same G 432 

The same I 31 31 

Prize Cup. Trowbridge H 

Probation. Fothergil 1 F 3537 

The same G 964 

Problematic Characters. Spielhagen. . F 1623 

Probus. 2 v. Ware F 1855 

Same as Aurelian. 

Prodigal in Love, A. Wolf F 7613 

Prodigious Fool. Wallis F 7493 

Professor, The. Nicholls F 1237 

The same G 459 

Professor Johnny. Williams H 1616 

Professor's Daughter, The. Evans F 3431 

Professor's Dilemma, The. Noble F 5465 

'Professor's Experiment. Hungerford.. F 4333 

Professor's Sister, The. Hawthorne. . . F 3849 

Profiles. Alden and Livingston F 2389 

Progress and Prejudice. Gore F 3774 

The same G 241 

Progressionists and Angela. Bischoff.F 99 

Progressive Petticoats. Roosevelt F 1454 

Promised Land. Pontoppidan F 61 1 1 

Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountain. 

M urf ree F 2863 

Prose Tales. Pushkin F 6148 

Prosper. Cherbuliez F 230 

PROSSER, Mrs. Original Fables.. . . H 2108 
Prot£g£e of Jack Hamlin's, and other 

Stories. Harte F 4142 

Protestant, The. Bray F 2209,3 

Proverb Series H 574 

v. 1. Bradley, Mrs. M. E. Birds of 
a Feather. 

2. Necly, K. J. Fine Feathers 

do not make fine Birds. 

3. Bradley, Mrs. M. E;. Hand- 

someisthat handsomedoes. 

4. A Wrong confessed is half 


5. Neely, K. J. Actions speak 

loud«r than words. 

6. One good turn deserves 


Proverb Stoiies. Alcott H 1 30 

Provocations of Madame Palissy. Rath- 
bone F 2087 

Prudence. Lillie F 4910 

Prudence Palfrey. Aldrich H 141 

Prudence Winterburn. Doudney F 2986 

Prudy keeping House. Clarke H 288,2 

Prue and I. Curtis F 355 

Prusias. 2 v. Eckstein F 3207 

Prussian Vase. Edgeworth F 518,1 

PRYCE, R. Just Impediment F 6017 

Miss Maxwell's Affections F 6018 


Craigie. A Bundle of Life F 7270 

Drosines. The Herb of Love F 7266 




Frapan. Heavy Laden, and Old- 

Fashioned Folk F 7267 

Korolenko. Makar's Dream, and 

other Stories F 7265 

Saghalien Convict, and other StoriesF 7268 

Snow. The School of Art F 7269 

Stannard. The Stranger Woman.. F 7271 

Psyche of to-day. Jenkin F 921 

The same G 280 

Psychologist, The. Bishop F 2541 

P'tit Matinic'. Edwards F 3261 

Publicans and Sinners. Maxwell F 197 

Same as Lucius Davoren. 

Puck. DelaRame" G 505 

Puddleford Papers. Riley E 1471 

Pudd'nhead Wilson. Clemens F 7154 

Pudney and Walp. Bean F 2281 

PUGH, E. W. A Street in Suburbia. . F 6147 

Pullmantown, a Story from. Meyer. . . F 5328 

Pulpit and Easel. Sleight F 6601 

Punch's Complete Letter Writer. Jer- 

rold F 4430.3 

Punch's Letters to his Son. Jerrold. ...F 4430,1 

Pupil of Aurelius, The. Black G 1231 

Puppet, The. Ross F 6437 

Purchase of the North Pole. Verne.. ..F 7319 

Pure Gold. Cameron F 2756 

Puritan and the Quaker. Beach F 5888 

Puritan Pagan, A. Cruger F 3156 

Puritan's Wife, A. Pemberton F 6061 

Purple and Fine Linen. Fawcett F 560 

Purple Hyacinth. Salsbury H 2312 

Purple Light of Love, The. McVickarF 5548 

Pursuit of the House-Boat. Bangs F 7916 

PUSELEY, D. {Frank Foster). A 

Journey of Life F 3554 

Pushed by Unseen Hands. Gardener. F 3715 
PUSHKIN, A. S. Marie [Russia, Time 

of Catherine II.] F 1360 

Prose Tales F 6148 

Contents: The Captain's Daughter; Dou- 
broslcy ; The Queen of Spades; An Ama- 
teur Peasant Girl; The Shot; The Snow- 
storm; The Post Master; The Cofhn- 
maker; Kirdjali; The Egyptian Nights; 
Peter the Great's Negro. 

Put yourself in his Place. Reade F 1389 

The same G 513 

PUTNAM, E., pseud. See BATES, H. L. V. 

PUTNAM, Q. I. In Blue Uniform; an 

Army Novel F 6006 

On the Offensive; an Army Story. . F 6007 

Putnam, Gen. Israel, Life of. Hill H 466 

PYLE.H. Garden behind the Moon.. H 2106 

Men of Iron [England, 1400] F 5989 

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.F 5987 

A Modern Aladdin F 6009 

Otto of the Silver hand H 2103 

Rose of Paradise [Pirates, 1720]. .F 5986 

Story of Jack Ballister's Fortune.. F 6008 

Twilight Land H 2102 

Within the Capes [American Priva- 
teering, 1812] F 5985 

The Wonder Clock; or, Four and 

Twenty Marvelous Tales F 5988 

and others. School and PlaygroundH 2104 
PYNE, W. H. (E. Hardcastle). 29th of 

May. 2 v. [Time of theRestorationjF 1318 

Pyrna; a Commune. Davis F 5990 

PYRNELLE, Mrs. L. C. Diddie, Dumps 

and Tot [Plantation Child Life]. H 2105 

Pyrrhus. Abbott H 39 

Q, pseud. See COUCH, A. T. Q. 

Quabbin. Underwood F 7217 

Quadroon. Reid H 631 

Quaint Crippen, Commercial Traveler. 

Thurber F 7137 

Quaint Spinster. Russell F 6466 

Quaker Girl of Nantucket. Lee F 1035 

Quaker Idyls. Gardner F 8886 

Quality of Mercy. Howells F 4079 

Quarterdeck and Fok'sle. Seawell H 2318 

Quartet. Stoddard'. H 701 

Sequel to Dab Kinzer. 

Queechy. Warner F 1871 

Queen Anne's Hospital. Schofield F 6557 

Queen Bess. Shaw F 6586 

Queen Cophetua. Francillon F 3616 

Queen Elfrida. Williams H 2682 

Queen Hildegarde. Richards H 2231 

Queen Hortense. Mundt F 1216 

Queen Mab. Kavanagh F 960 

The same G 296 

Queen Money. Kirk F 4600 

Queen of Connaught. Jay F 5900 

Queen of Curds and Cream. Gerard.. F 3716 

Queen of Ecquador, The. Manley F 5387 

Queen of Hearts. Train F 7159 

Queen of Love. Gould F 3760 

Queen of Sheba. Aldrich F 4 

Queen of Spades. Roe F 1417 

Queen of the Isle. Fleming F 3514 

Queen of the Jesters. Pemberton F 6064 

Queen of the Meadow. Gibbon F 3748 

Queen of the Pirate Isle. Harte H 4170 

Queen of the Regiment. King F 980 


Queen Titania. Boyesen F 2592 

ens Body Guard. Janvier F 7200 

Queen's Cadet, The. Grant F 8834 

Queen's Maries, The. Melville G 446 

Queen's Necklace. Dumas F 496 

Sequel to Memoirs of a Physician. 

Qu en's Scarlet. Fenn F 8694 

us. Emery II 370 

Queens and Princesses of France.WhiteH 764 
Queens of England. 3 v. Strickland. .H 

Queenie Hetherton. Holmes F 4016 

Queenie's Whim. Carey F 2703 

Queer Folk. Brabourne H 497 

Queer Little People. Stowe H 683 

Queer Little Princess. Eaton II 1 230 

Queer Stories. Eggleston H 1256 

QUEIROS, E. de. Dragon's Teeth. . .F 6162 

Quentin Durward. Scott F 2167 

The same G 551 


Glouvet). The Woodman V 2216 

Quest of the Golden Girl. LeGallienneF 5073 

Question of Faith. Dougall F 8517 

Question of Honor. Tiernan F 581 

Question of Honour. Peebles H 2044 

Question of Identity. Dodge F 2214 

Question of Love. Huguenin F 3109 

Question of Time. Atherton i 2367 

Quick, or the Dead ? Chanler F 6287 

Quickening of Caliban. Rickett F 6392 

Quicksands. Streckf uss F 6856 

Quicksands of Pactolus. Vachell F 7337 

Quicksilver. Fenn H 1303 

Quiet Heart. Oliphant F 1 374 

Quiet Miss Godolphin. Mayo F 636 

Quiet Nook in the Jura. Ruffini G 530 

Quiet Stories from an old Woman's Gar- 
den. M'Lean F 5554 

QUIGG, L. E. Tin-Types taken in the 

Streets of New York F 6170 

QUIGLEY, H. Cross and Shamrock; an 

Irish American Tale F 2902 

QUINCY, E. The Haunted Adjutant, 

and other Stories F 6161 

Contents: An Octogenary; The Haunted 
Adjutant; Lewis Herbert; Two Nights 
in St. Domingo; Phoebe Mallory; Old 
Houses; Dinah Rollins. 

Wensley, and other Stories [New 

England Manners] F 1359 

QUINCY, J. P. The Peckster Professor- 
ship ; Psychical Research F 6165 

QUINCY, S. M. Man who was not a 

Colonel F 1 1 22 

Quinnebasset Girls. Clarke II 284 

QU1NTON, A. Money God; the Empire 

and the Papacy [3d Century) F 1 

leman of '89 [French Rev.] F 1372 

Quintus Claudius. 2 v. Eckstein F 3209 

Quisisana. Spielhagen F 6661 

Quite another Story. Ingelow Y 

Quits. Tautphoeus G 578 

Quixstar. Taylor F 1375 

Quo Vadis. Sienkiewicz F 6743 

Quodlibet. Kei *P 278 

RAABE, V/. Abufelfan F 6242 

Rab and his Friends. Brown G 58 

The same I 3921 

The same E 877 

Rabbi's Spell, The. Cumberland F 2870 

RABELAIS, F. Three Good Giants. . F 6269 
RABUSSON, H. Madame d'Orgevaut's 

Husband F 6204 

Race for Wealth. Riddell G 

Rachel Armstrong. Woolley F 7602 

Same as Love and Theology. 

Rachel Dene. Buchanan F 8 1 1 1 

Rachel Gray. Kavanagh G 297 

Rachel Ray. Trollope G 1095 

Rachel Stanwood. Morse F 5582 

Rachel's Farm. Noble F 5458 

Rachel's Share of the Road. HamiltonF 
RADCLFFFE, Mrs. A. W. Romance 

of the Forest F 1380 

The same *F 115, 43-44 

Mysteries of Udolpho *F 115,45-47 

The same F 6296 

RAE, W. F. Miss Bayle's Romance. F 5205 

The same G 1309 

Raftmates. Munroe H 1953 

Ragged Dick. Alger H 154,1 

Ragged Dick Series. See Alger, H., Jr. 

Rag-Picker of Paris. Pyat F 6020 

Rags and Velvet Gowns. Plympton . . H 2123 

RAGSDALE, L. A Shadow's Shadow.F 6219 

Raid from Beaus^jour, The. Roberts. H 2173 

Raiders. The. Crockett F 8337 

Rail and Water Series. See Munroe, K. 
Railway Man and his Children. Oli- 
phant F 5687 

RAIMOND, C. E. George Mandeville's 

Husband F 6182 

Rainbow and Lucky Stories. See Abbott, J. 

Rainbow Creed. Leppere F 741 

Rainbow Gold. Murray G 1142 

Rainbow's Journey. Abbott H 53 2 



Rainy June, A. De la Rame" F 6253 

The same G 799 

Raising the Pearl. Kaler H 2013 

Rajah of Dah. Fenn H 1375 

Rajah's Heir, The F 6201 

The same G 1390 

Rajah's Legacy, The. Ker. H 1643 

Raleigh Westgate. Johnson F 4458 

RALPH, J. Alone in China, and other 

Stories F 6198 

Contents: Introduction. House-boating 
in China; Alone in China; Plumblos- 
som Beebe's Adventures; The Story of 
Miss Pi; The Boss of Ling-Foo; Little 
Fairy's Constancy; Love-Letters of 
Superfine Gold. 

People we Pass F 6199 

Contents; The Line-man's Wedding; 
The Mother Song; Love in the Big Bar- 
racks; A Day of the Pinochle Club; Cor- 
delia's Night of Romance: Dutch Kit- 
ty's White Slippers; Petey Burke and 
his Pupil; Low Dutch and High. 

Ralph Norbreck's Trust. Westall... ? 7532 

Ralph Ryder of Brent. James F 7464 

Ralph, the Bailiff, and other Stories. Max- 
well F 9405 

Ralph, the Drummer Boy. Rousselet.H 2222 

Ralph, the Heir. Trollope F 7061 

The same G 614 

Ralph Wiltons Weird. Hector F 35 

Ralph's Year in Russia. Richardson. .H 2215 
RALSTON, W. R. C. Russian Folk- 
Tales E 1465 

Ralstons, The. 2 v. Crawford F 8326 


of the Sixty Mandarins H 2228 

Rambling Story, A. Clarke F 2716 

RAME, L. de la. See De la RAME, L. 

Ramona. Jackson F 4401 

RAMSAY, Grace, pseud. .SVrO'MEARA, K. 

Ran away from the Dutch. Perelaer. . H 2065 

Ran away to Sea. Reid H 632 

Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood. Mac- 
Donald F 1 100 

Ranchman's Stories, A. Seely F 6632 

RAND, E. A. After the Freshet H 22 1 1 

Bark-Cabin on the Kearsarge H 2210 

Down East Master's First School.. .F 6180 

Little Brown-Top H 2212 

Look Ahead Series H 2 190 

v. 1. Making the best of it. 

2. Up North in a Whaler. 

3. Too Late for the Tide-Mill. 

RAND, E. A. Sailor- Boy Bob H 2 191 

A SaltWater Hero H 2194 

Two College Boys H 2195 

Up-the-Ladder Club Series H 2192 

v. 1. Knights of the White Shield. 

2. School in the Light-House. 

3. Yard-stick and Scissors. 

4. CampatSurf Bluff. 

5. Out of the Breakers. 

When the War broke out [Am. Civil 

War] H 2193 

RAND, M. F. A. Holly and MistletoeH 2214 

Randall Davenant. Bray H 987 

RANDLE, F. A. Idwymon F 6473 

RANDOLPH, Mrs. Gentianella F 1378 

Iris F 6247 

Wild Hyacinth F 1379 

RANDOLPH, J. T. Cabin and Parlor; 

or, Slaves and Masters F 6258 

Heiress of Sweetwater F 1377 

Randolph Gordon, and other Stories. De 

la Rami- F 1365 

Randolphs, The. Alden F 2395 

RANDS, W.B. The Young NorsemanH 1563 

Rangers. Thompson H 719 

Rankell's Remains. Wendell F 7557 

RANKINO, B. M. Streams from Hid- 
den Sources F 6245 

Ranthorpe. Lewes G 360 

Raphael. Lamartine F 4880 

Rarahu. Viaud F 7327 

RASPE, R. E. (Ed.). Travels of Baron 

Munchausen H 608 

The same; illus. by Dore" F 6249 

Rasselas. Johnson F 946 

The same I 2958 

The same I 3890 

The same J 155,1 

The same J 156,1 

The same *F 115,26 

The same *I 3402 

Rates and Taxes. Hood F 821 

RATHBONE, Mrs. A. M. Adventures 

of the Caliph Haroun Alraschid.F 1141 
Belforest; a Tale of English Country 

Life. 2 v F 2091 

Cherry and Violet; a Tale of the 

Great Plague F 2094 

Chronicle of Ethelfled F 1 136 

Claude, the Colporteur [Germany, 

18th Century] F 1137 

Colloquies of Edward Osborne, Citi- 
zen and Clothworker of London . F 1 138 


RATHBONE, Mrs. A. M. Deborahs 

Diary (Milton's Daughter) F 2080 

Sequel to Mary Powell. 

Duchess of Trajetto F 2082 

The Faire Gospeller F 2097 

Good Old Times: a Tale of Auvergne 

[Time of the Huguenots] F 20S8 

Helen and Olga [Russia] F 2089 

Household of Sir Thomas More. . .F 1135 
The Interrupted Wedding; a Hun- 
garian Tale [War of 1848-y] F 2083 

Maiden and Married Life of Mary 

Powell.afterwards Mistress MiltonF 2101 
Masqueat Ludlow [Time of James I.] 

and other Romanesques F 1 127 

Contents: The Masque at Ludlow; Spen- 
ser and Rosalind; The Daughter of Gal- . 
Miss Biddy Frobisher; a Salt-water 

Story F 2084 

Noble Purpose nobly won. 2 v F 2096 

Old Chelsea Bun-house [Time of 

George 1 1.] F 2086 

Poplar House Academy F 2099 

Provocations of Madame Palissy 

[Huguenots] F 2087 

Selvaggio; a Tale of Italian Coun- 
try Life F 2090 

Some Account of Mrs. Clarinda Sin- 

glehart F 2085 

Spanish Barber F 2095 

Tasso and Leonora F 1 139 

Town and Forest F 2098 

Valentine Duval; an Autobiography 

of the Last Century F 2093 

Village Belles; a Tale of English 

Country Life F 2092 

The Year Nine; a Tale of the Tyrol F 1 140 
RATHBONE, H. M. Diary of Lady 

Willoughby [Time of Charles I.]F 6246 

The same E 1640 

RATHBORNE, S. Q. Paddling in Flor- 
ida H 2200 

Rattlin, the Reefer. Marryat F 5395 

RAU.H. Mozart C 1145 

Ravenscliffe. Caldwell G 422 

Ravenshoe. Kingsley G 314 

RAY, A. C. Cadets of Flemming HallH 2204 

Half a Dozen Boys H 2203 

Half a Dozen Girls H 2199 

Margaret Davis, Tutor H 2198 

RAYMOND, E. Little Lady of the 

Horse H 2182 

Mixed Pickles H 2181 

RAYMOND, E. The Mushroom Cave.H 2183 
RAYMOND, G. L. Modern Fishers of 

Men F 6262 

RAYMOND, J. F. The Lost Colony 

[American Civil War] F 6420 

RAYMOND, fc. W. (/?. Gray). Brave 

Hearts F 683 

RAYMOND, W. {Tom Cobbleigh). Char- 
ity Chance F 6186 

Gentleman Upcott's Daughter [Time 

of George IV.] F 7238 

In the Smoke of War [Scottish Cov- 
enanters, 1645] F 6185 

Love and Quiet Life F 6183 

Tryphena in Love F 6184 

Young Sam and Sabina F 7250 

Raymond Kershaw. Cox H 1141 

RAYNAL, F. E. Wrecked on a Reef.F 647 

RAYNE, M. L. Against Fate F 1381 

READ, O. P. Bolanyo F 6217 

The Colossus F 6229 

Emmett Bonlore F 6230 

The Jucklins F 6222 

A Kentucky Colonel F 6268 

Len Gansett F 6266 

Old Ebenezer F 61 71 

Selected Stories F 6264 

A Tennessee Judge F 6228 

Up Terrapin River F 6267 

The Wives of the Prophet F 6223 

READE, A. Ruby [Circus Life] F 6220 

Slaves of the Sawdust [Circus Life] . F ^221 

READE, C. Christie Johnstone F 6376 

The Game G 800 

Cloister and the Hearth [The Nether- 
lands, 1470] F 6203 

The same G 509 

Good Stories F 6256 

Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy F 1386 

Hard Cash [Private Insane Asy- 
lums] F 1393 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 681 

It is never too late to mend [Prison 

Life] F 1392 

The same G 510 

Love me Little, Love me Long F 6202 

The same G 511 

Peg Woffington [Theatrical Life]..G 512 
Peg Woffington, Christie Johnstone, 

and other Stories F 1394 

Contents: Peg Woffington : Christie John- 
stone; Clouds and Sunshine; Art; Pro- 
pria quae Maribus; The Box Tunnel; 
Jack of all Trades. 



READE, C. A Perilous Secret F 6255 

Put yourseli in his Place [Trades 

Unions] F 1389 

The same G 513 

A Simpleton G 801 

The same and Wandering Heir..F 1387 

The same F 1 390 

Singleheart and Doubleface G 1048 

Terrible Temptation F 1388 

The same G 514 

Wandering Heir G 802 

White Lies [Time of Napoleon]. . .F 1391 

A Woman-Hater F 6205 

The same G 1047 

and D. L. BOUCICAULT. Foul Play F 1385 

Readings from English History H 611 

Ready About. Adams H 104.6 

Ready, aye Ready. Giberne F 3728 

Ready-Money Mortiboy. BesantandRiceF 1405 

Ready Rangers. Munroe H 5172 

Real Fairy Folks. Meyer II 

Real Folks. Whitney ! 

Real Issue, The. White F 7666 

Real Life. Bourdon F 2580 

Real People. Wilcox F 7539 

Real Pictures of Clerical Life in Ireland. 

Craig 1- 2885 

Real Queen, A. Francillon F 3617 

Real Robinson Crusoe. Wilkinson . . . F 7582 

Real Thing, The. James F 4398 

Realities of Irish Life. Trench F 1786 

Reality. Tuthill F 1809 

Realmah. Helps F 784 

REANEY, Mrs. I. E. Daisy Snowflake's 

Secret F 6259 

Rebecca. Corbin F 327 

Rebecca and Rowena. Thackeray G 588,2 

Rebel, The. Reeves F 6192 

Rebel Commodore. Johnstone F 4469 

Rebel Queen. Besant F 7950 

Rebels, The; or, Boston before the Re- 
volution. Child F 2768 

Rebellion in Dixie. Fosdick H 3860 

Rebellious Heroine, A. Bangs F 7915 

Recalled to Life. Allen F 2348 

Recha. Gerard G 1422 

Recipe for Diamonds. Hyne F 4282 

Reclaimed. Evans F 3430 

Recoiling Vengeance, A. Barrett F 2470 

Recollections of a Detective. Russell. F 2979 

Same as Diary of a Detective. 
Recollections of a Drummer Boy. Kief- 

fer H 1658 

Recollections of a Southern Matron. Gil- 
man F 654 

Recollections of Auton House. HoppinH 145 

Recollections of Eton H 649 

Recollections of Geoffry Hamlyn. Kings- 
ley G 311 

Recommended to Mercy. Houston... G 515 

Rector, The. Oliphant G 469 

Rector of St. Luke's. Bernhard F 2251 

Rector of St. Mark's. Holmes F 847 

Rectory Children, The. Molesworth . . H 1840 

Red Acorn. McElroy F 5138 

Red as a Rose is she. Broughton G 55 

Red Badge of Courage. Crane F 8401 

Red Beauty. Stoddard H J425 

Statu as Chumley's Post. 

Red Book of Appin. Hitchcock F 820 

Red Cap and Blue Jacket. Dunn F 8500 

Red Cardinal, The. Elliot G 1147 

Red Carl. Messmer F 5270 

Red Cloud. Butler H 1070 

Red-Coats. Stannard F 9832 

Red Cockade. Weyman F 7638 

Red Court Farm. Wood G 645 

Red Cross. Adams H 111,3 

Red Diamonds. McCarthy F 5562 

Red Eric. Ballantyne H 230 

Red Fairy Book. Lang H 1720 

Red House. Hungerford F 2320 

Red Letter Days inApplethorpe. DodgeE 1056 

Red Man's Revenge. Ballantyne H 206 

Red Men and White. Wister F 7398 

Red Mountain of Alaska. Allen H 942 

Red M ustang, The. Stoddard H 2426 

Red Patriot, The. Stoddard H 2288 

Red Republic. Chambers F 8207 

Red Rose and Tiger Lily. Smith . . . . H 2268 

Red Route, The. Sime F 6600 

Red Rover. Cooper F 281 

Red Rowans. Steel F 6716 

Red Ryvington. Westall F 7526 

Red Scaur, The. Graham F 8967 

Red Spell. Gribble F 8985 

Red Spider. Gould F 3675 

Red Star. McManus F 7192 

Red Sultan, The. Cobban F 8293 

Red True Story Book. Lang H 171 1 

Red Wallflower. Warner F 7485 

Reds of the Midi, The. Gras F 8955 

Redbank. Cowles F 8318 

Redburn; his first Voyage. 2 v. Mel- 
ville F 1178 

Redeemed in Blood. 3 V. D'xie F 3026 


Redemption of the Brahman. Garbc.F 8881 

Redgauntlet. Scott F 2168 

Redmond, Count O'Hanlon. Carleton.F 212 

Redskin and Cow-boy. Henty H 1560 

Redskins. Cooper F 282 

REED, A. Ida Vane; Tale of the Res- 
toration F 6260 

REED, P. F. Beyond the Snow F 1406 

REED, T. B. Kilgorman; a Story of 

Ireland in 1708 H 2249 

REEVE, C. Old English Baron [Wars 

of the Roses] F 1889 

The same *F 1 : 

The same *I 3407 

REEVE, J. K. The Three Richard 

Whalens F 6189 

REEVES, Mrs. H. B. (Helen Mathers). 

As he comes up the Stair G 1127 

Contents: As he comes up the Stair; 
Jock o'Hazelgreen; Who maketh the 
Deaf to hear. 

Blind Justice, and Whc being dead, 

yet Speaketh G 1369 

Cherry Ripe! G 1003 

Comin* thro* the Rye F 325 

Eyre's Acquittal G 1 129 

The Fashion of this World G 1267 

Found Out G 1130 

Hedri; or, Blind Justice F 6208 

Same as Blind Justice. 
Land o' the Leal, and Stephen Hat- 
ton G 101 2 

A Man of To-day F 6191 

Murder or Manslaughter? G 1131 

My Lady Green Sleeves G 1004 

The Rebel F 6192 

Sam's Sweetheart G 1 1 28 

Venus Victnx; Study of a Woman. F 6190 

and others. Fate of Fenella F 6209 


Reflections of a Married Man. Grant. F 3714 

Refugees, The. Doyle F 3185 

Regent's Daughter. Dumas F 472 

Sequel to The Conspirators. 

Regicides, The. Cogswell F 8301 

Regimental Legends. Stannard G 1448 

Reginald Archer. Seemuller F 1522 

Reginald Hastings. Warburton F 1883 

Reginald Hetherege. Kingsley G 985 


HUC, V. 

REID, J. A Chronicle of Small Beer. F 6218 

REID, M. Afloat in the Forest [South 

America] H 

Boy Hunters H 

Boy Slaves H 

Boy Tar. H 

Bruin; or, the Grand Bear Hunt.. . H 

Bush-Boys H 

Chase of the Leviathan; Adventures 

on the Ocean H 

Child Wife H 

Cliff-Climbers H 

Desert Home [Great American Des- 
ert] H 

Forest Exiles; Perils of the AmazonH 

Giraffe-Hunters H 

Sequel to Bush Boys and The Young 

The Half-Blood H 

Same as Osceola. 
Headless Horseman ; Tale of TexasH 

Hunter's Feast H 

Land of Fire H 

Lone Ranch II 

Lost Lenore H 

Lost Mountain H 

Maroon; Planter Life in Jamaica. . H 

Ocean Waifs H 

Odd People H 

Osceola, the Seminole H 

Plant Hunters II 

Quadroon; Tale of Louisiana H 

Ran away to Sea H 

Rifle Rangers II 

Scalp-Hunters H 

Tiger-Hunter H 

The Vee-Boers; Adventure in South- 
ern Africa H 

War Trail H 

White Chief; Legend of Northern 

Mexico H 

White Gauntlet [Time of Charles I.]H 
White Squaw and the Yellow Chief H 

Wild Huntress H 

Wild Life; Early Days of Texan 

Republic H 

Wood-Rangers H 

Young Voyageurs H 

Young Yagers; Hunting Adventures 

in Southern Africa H 

Reine, Story of. La Brete F 

Relics. MacNab F 

Remarkable Escapes from Peril H 

Remember the Alamo. Barr F 






























Reminiscences of a Virginia Physician. 

Ruter F 6334 

Remorse. Blanc F 2566 

Rena. Hentz F 797 

R£n<§e. Wilson F 7573 

RENO, I. K. An Exceptional Case. . . F 6207 

Rent in a Cloud. Lever G 350 

Repository Tales. More J 195. * 

Reproach of Annesley. Truttiett F 3780 

The same G 1326 

Republic of Fools. Wieland F 7500 

Republic without a President. Ward..F 7431 
Reputation of George Saxon. Rob- 
erts F 6405 

Reputed Changeling, A. Vonge F 2042 

The same G 1 394 

Rescued from Egypt. Tuckc r F 2 1 30 

Residuary Legatee, The. Stimson F 6526 

Resolute Mr. Pansy. Trowbridge H 2535 

Rest or Unrest. Jones H 1595 

Return of the Native. Hardy F 778 

The same G 956 

Reuben. Holding F 4121 

Reuben Everett. Coleridge H 11 35 

Reuben Medlicott. 3 v. Savage F 1485 

Reuben Spencer, and other Tales. Aus- 
tin H 191 

Reuben Stone's Discovery. StratemeyerH 2463,2 
REUTER, F. In the Year '13; Meck- 
lenburg Life [Napoleonic WarsJ.G 516 
Seed-Time and Harvest [Germany 

1830-50] F 1408 

ReveDge. Barr F 7759 

Reverberator, The. James F 4408 

Reverend Idol. Noble F 5462 

Reveries of a Bachelor. Mitchell E 1382 

REV01L, B. H. In the Bush and on the 

Trail H 2225 

Revolt of a Daughter, The. Kirk F 4697 

Revolt of Man. Besant F 6265 

The same G 852 

Revolution in Tanner's Lane. White. F 6644 

Rex and Regina. Marshall H 1806 

REYNOLDS, D. A. Wolverton; or, the 

Modern Arena F 6428 

REYNOLDS, J. Peter Gott, the Cape 

Ann Fisherman F 1382 

RHEIL, M. Farm of Muiceron F 439 

RHOADES, W. C. Story of John Tre- 

vennick F 6403 

Rhoda Fleming. Meredith F 5222 

Rhoda Thornton's Girlhood. Pratt... H 603 

Rhona. Bridges G 933 

RHOSCOMYL,0. Battlement and Tow- 
er [Civil War in England] F 6406 

For the White Rose of Arno [Young 

Pretender's Rebellion, 1745] F 6407 

The Jewel of Ynys Galon [Sea Rov- 
ers] F 6404 

Rhymes of the States. Newkirk H 1934 

RICE, K. McD. Stories for all the YearH 2152 

Rich and Humble. H no,i 

Rich and Poor H 291,1 

Rich Man's Fool. Givins F 3739 

Rich Medway's Two Loves. Gardner. F 3712 

Rich Miss Riddell, The. Gerard F 3752 

Richard I. Abbott H 40 

Richard II. Abbott H 30 

Richard III. Abbott H 31 

Richard Dare's Venture. StratemeyerH 2462,1 

Richard Edney. Judd F 955 

Richard Escott. Cooper F 8370 

Richard Hurdis. Simms F 2060 

Richard, the Fearless. Yonge H 786 

Richard Vandermarck. Harris F 249 

Richard Whalens, The Three. Reeve.F 6189 

RICHARDS.A.B.So veryHuman.3v.in2G 1 176 
RICHARDS, Mrs. L. E. H. Captain 

January H 2233 

Hildegarde's Holiday H 2232 

Sequel to Queen Hildegarde. 

Hildegarde's Neighbors H 2236 

Isla Heron H 2237 

Jim of Hellas, and Bethesda Pool.F 6443 

Joyous Story of Toto H 2227 

Marie F 6442 

Melody H 2234 

Narcissa; or, the Road to Rome, and 

In Verona F 6441 

Nautilus H 2235 

Queen Hildegarde; Story for Girls.H 2231 

Toto's Merry Winter H 2230 

RICHARDS, T. A. Summer Stories of 

the South F 6271 

Contents: Tallulah; Jocassee; The Phre- 
nologist; The Travellers' Club; Don't 
be Bashful; One Good Turn deserves 

RICHARDS, W. C. Harry's VacationH 2160 
RICHARDSON, A. S. Stories from Old 

English Poetry H 648 

RICHARDSON, B. W. The Son of a 

Star H 6283 

RICH ARDSON.I. J. {Facilis). Two Wom- 
en who Posed F 6386 

RICHARDSON, R. Ralph's Year in 

Russia H 2215 



RICHARDSON, S. Clarissa Harlowe. 

4 v. in 2 G 5*7 

The same *F 1 15.1-8 

History of Sir Charles Grandison 

ITime of George II.] *F 115.0-15 

The same. 7 v F 6278 

Works. 12 v *J 241 

Contents: v. 1—3. Pamela; or. Virtue 
rewarded; 4—8. Clarissa Harlowe; 9— 12. 
Sir Charles Grandison. 
RICHARDSON, W. Dr. Zell and the 

Princess Charlotte F 6378 

RICHBERG, E. O. R. Bunker Hill to 

Chicago F 6300 

Richelieu. James F 904 

RICHMOND, Mrs.E. J. O. Rose CliftonF 6270 

Roy's Wife, and other Stories F 6277 

RICHTER, J. P. F. (Jean Paul). Flow- 
er, Fruit and Thorn Pieces G 518 

The same I 2096 

Hesperus; or, Forty-five dog-post- 
days. 2v F 141 1 

Invisible Lodge F 6273 

Titan. 2 v F 1412 

Walt and Vult: or, the Twins. 2 v.. F 628 

Rick Dale. Munroe H 5171 

Ricketicketack. Conscience F 293,3 

RICKETT, J. C. The Quickening of 

Caliban F 6392 

Rico and Wiseli. Spyri H 2384 

RIDDELL, Mrs. C. E. L. (F. G. Trafford). 

Earl's Promise G 805 

Far above Rubies G 519 

For Dick's Sake F 6383 

George Geith of Fen Court G 520 

The Head of the Firm F 6381 

Life's Assize F 1397 

Maxwell Drewitt G 521 

Miss Gascoigne F 6380 

Mortomley's Estate G 806 

M v First Love and Last F 6284 

Princess Sunshine 1 6382 

Race for Wealth G 522 

RIDDLE,A.G. Alice Brand; a Romance 

of the Capital F I4M 

Castle Gregory. [Western Reserve].F 6274 
The House of Ross.and other StoriesF 6272 
Contents: House of Robs; Stowes of 
Auburn; Lu Pettengill's Punishment; 
Edith Grover; Monson. 
The Tory's Daughter; Romance of 

the North-west, 18 12- 13 F 6279 

Riddle of Luck. Stone F 6750 

Riddle Ring, The. McCarthy F 5560 

RIDEING, W. H. Boys Coastwise... H I3l6 
Boys in the Mountains and on the 

Plains H 2213 

Little Upstart F 6275 

Young Folks' History of London. .A 718 

RIDGE, W. P. A Clever Wife F 6387 

The Second Opportunity of Mr. 

Staplehurst F 6388 

RIDGEWAY, A. Diana Fontaine.. . .F 6385 
RIDLEY, A. E. Better than Gold. .. .F 1415 

RIDLEY, J. Tales of the Genii I 3 I 5Q 

Contents: The Talisman of Oramanes; 
The Dervise Alfouran; Hassan Assar; 
Kelaun and Guzzarat; Adventures of 
Urad; The Enchanters; Sadak and Ka- 
lasrade; Mirglip, the Persian. 

RIDLEY, M. L. Our Captain H 646 

Rienzi. Lytton F 5020 

The same G 395 

Rifle Rangers. Reid H 634 

RIGGS, Mrs. K. D. The Birds' Christ- 
mas Carol H 767 

A Cathedral Courtship, and Penel- 
ope's English Experiences F 7560 

MarmLisa F 739* 

Polly Oliver's Problem H 2635 

Story of Patsy [Kindergarten Story]H 762 
Summer in a Canon; a California 

Story F 7558 

Timothy's Quest F 7559 

Village Watch-Tower F 739° 

Contents: The Village Watch-tower; 
Tom o' the Blueb'ry Plains; The Noon- 
ing Tree; The Fore-room Rug; The 
Village Stradivarius; The Eventful 
Trip of the Midnight Cry. 
and N.A.SMITH. The Story Hour.H 2636 

Right at Last. Gaskell F 649 

Right Honourable, The. McCarthy and 

Praed V 5243 

Right One, The. Schwartz F 1 704 

Righteous Apostate. Lanza F 4886 

Righting the Wrong. Ellis H 1232,3 

RMS, J. A. Nibsy's Christmas H 2169 

RILEY, H. H. The Puddleford Papers. E 1471 
RILEY, J. W. The Boss Girl, and other 

Sketches F 6276 

Same as Sketches in Prose. 

Pipes o' Pan at Zekesbury E 5428 

Sketches in Prose F 6276 

RING, M. John Milton and his TimesF 1416 

Ring of Amasis. Lytton ¥ 5°3o 

Ring of Rubies. Smith H 2266 

RINDER, F. Old-World Japan; Legends 

of the Land of the Gods F 6396 



RINDER, E. W. (Tr.). Massacre of the 

Innocents, and other Tales F 6399 

Contents: Maeterlinck: Massacre of the 
Innocents- Eekhoud: Kors Daire; Ex- 
Voto; Hiep-Hioup— Lemonnier: Fleur- 
de-Ble; Saint Nicholas Eve— Jenart: 
Trompe-la-Mort — Delattre : Pierre-de- 
la-Baraque— Richelle : The Shadowy 
Bourne — Ganir : Jacclard — Demolder : 
The Denial of Saint Peter— Krains: 
The Mountebanks. 
Ringby Lass, and other Stories. Beau- 
mont F 7944 

RIPLEY, Mrs. M. A. P. Tim's Trou- 
bles; or, Tried and True F 1298 

Rise of Silas Lapham. Howells F 4037 

Risen Dead, The. Lean F 3123 

Risen from the Ranks. Alger H 1 57,3 

RITA, pseud. See BOOTH, Mrs. E. M. 

Rita ; an Autobiography. Aide" G 5 

RITCHIE, Mrs. A. C. Clergyman's 

Wife, and other Stories F 1418 

Fairy Fingers F 14 19 

Mimic Life F 1420 

RITCHIE, Mrs. A. I. {Mist Thackeray). 

Bluebeard's Keys F 1744 

Contents: Bluebeard's Keys; Riquet a 
la Honppe; Jack, the Bean Stalk. 

The same G 823 

Da Capo, and other Tales G 1061 

Five Old Friends [Not Fairy Stories, 

Love Stories] G 824 

Contents: The Sleeping Beauty in the 
Wood ; Cinderella ; Beauty and the 
Beast; Little Red Riding Hood ; Jack, 
the Giant Killer. 

From a Stage Box; Miss William- 
son's Divagations G 1062 

From an Island G 1060 

Fulham Lawn, and other Tales G 825 

Contents: Fulham Lawn; The White 
Cat; Moretti's Campanula; Two Hours. 

Miss Angel [Angelica Kauffmann].F 1743 

The same G 826 

Mrs. Dymond F 6965 

The same G 1 191 

Old Kensington F 1745 

The same G 827 

Out of the World, and other Tales . G 828 

Story of Elizabeth G 595 

Village on the Cliff G 596 

Rival Crusoes. Kingston H 1671 

Rival Heirs. Crake F 2886 

Rival Princess. McCarthy and Praed.F 5247 

Rivals, The. Copp6e F 3355 

Rivals, The. Griffin F 709,8 

Rivalries of long and short Codiac. Ed- 
wards F 8570 

River and Wilderness Series. See Ellis, E. S. 

River Fugitives. Ellis H 1234,1 

River Legends. Brabourne H 1 523 

Rivers of Ice. Ballantyne H 196 

Riverpark Rebellion, The. Greene. . . H 1442 

Riverside Museum, The. Williams. . . H 161 5 

Rob; a Story for Boys. Lothrop H 1 764 

Rob Claxton's Story. Chamberlain. ..H 1097 

Rob of the Bowl. Kennedy F 970 

The same *P 279 

Rob Roy. Scott F 2169 

The same G 552 

Rob Roy, Adventures of. Grant F 8802 

Robb's Island Wreck, and other Stories. 

Meekins F 5595 

RobberCounL Wolff F 7614 

Robbery under Arms. Browne G 1318 

ROBB1NS, A. Chauntry's Boy H 530 

ROBB1NS, Mrs. S. S. Mabel's Step- 
mother H 2217 

Robert; or, the Influence of a Good 

Mother, and other Stories F 1421 

Robert Ainsleigh. Maxwell F 9406 

Robert Atterbury. Jarboe F 7259 

Robert Elsmere. Ward F 7549 

The same G 1306 

Robert Falconer. MacDonald F 5 133 

Robert Graham. Hentz F 708 

Sequel to Linda. 

Robert Helmont. Daudet F 3034 

Robert May H 291,2 

Robert Moraay. Ferrer F 3485 

Robert Ord's Atonement. Carey F 2746 

Robert Urquhart. Setoun F 6517 

ROBERTS, C. Q. D. Around the Camp- 

Fire H 2241 

Earth's Enigmas. F 6457 

The Forge in the Forest; an Acadian 

Romance. F 6456 

Raid from Beaus£jour, and How the 

Carter Boys lifted the MortgageH 2173 
ROBERTS, Margaret. Atelier du Lys; 

Reign of Terror G 88i 

Same as Noblesse Oblige. 

Child of the [French] Revolution.. F 6303 

Denise G 147 

In the Olden Time [Germany, I524JF 6300 

A little Step-Daughter F 6302 

Madame Fontenoy G 414 


ROBERTS, Margaret. Mademoiselle 

Men; Tale of Modern Romc.G 415 

lesse Oblige [French Revolu- 
tion] F 324 

On the Edge of the Storm [French 

Revolution] G 481 

Tempest Tossed; Story of Seejung- 

fer F 6301 

A Younger Sister F 6304 

ROBERTS, Morley. In Low Relief; a 

Bohemian Transcript F 6341 

Reputation of George Saxon, and 

other Stories F 6405 

ROBERTS, R. Delivered from Afar; 

Hopes realized in Dakota H 2240 

ROBERTSON, A. Kidnapped Squatter. 

and other Australian Talcs F 6415 

Nuggets in the Devil's Punch Bowl, 
and other Australian Tales F 6416 

Contents : Nuggets in the Devil's Punch 
Bowl ; Lanky Tim ; Lost in the Bosh; 

ROBERTSON, A. J. Myself and my 

Relatives; a Young Girl's Story. F 1422 
ROBERTSON, H. How the Derby was 

won F 6795 

ROBERTSON, M. M. Two Miss Jean 

Dawsons F 1402 

Robin. Parr F 5931 

The same G 807 

Robin Gray. Gibbon F 655 

Robin Hood. Marsh H 542 

Robin Hood, Adventures of. Py le F 5987 

Robin's Recruit. Plympton H 21 21 

For the Honour of the Flag [Ad- 
miral Blake] H 2172 

ROBINSON, E. Forced Acquaintances; 

a Book for Girls F 6306 

ROBINSON, E. A. and O. A. WALL. 

The Gun-Bearer F 6435 

ROBINSON, F. M. Disenchantment. .F 6210 

Hovenden, V. C F 6212 

Mr. Butler's Ward [Irish QuestionJF 6309 

A Woman of the World F 621 1 

ROBINSON, F. W. As long as she 

lived F 1435 

The Courting of Mary Smith F 6204 

Grandmother's Money F 6295 

The Hands of Justice F 6291 

Her Face was her Fortune F 1429 

Keeper of the Keys F 6290 

Lazarus in London F 6293 








ROBINSON, F. W. Little Kate Kirby. F 

Mattie: a Stray I 

No Church 

No Man's Friend 

Our Erring Brother F 

Owen: a Waif 

Second-Cousin Sarah 1 

Slaves of the Ring F 

A Very Strange Family F 

Woman's Ransom F 

Women are Strange, and other 

Stories F 

The W rong that was Done F 

ROBINSON, H. P. Men Born Equal. F 
ROBINSON.J.George Linton; First Years 
of an English Colony [So. Africa]F 
ROBINSON, R. E. Danvis Folks [Ver- 
mont Rural Life] I 

I Dele Lisha's Outing F 

ROBINSON, S. Hot Corn; Life Scenes 

in New York F 

ROBINSON, S. T. Shadow of the War 
[South and Reconstruction Time]F 

Robinson Crusoe. DeFoe H 

The same G 

The same I 3154 

The same *F 115,16-17 

The same *F 

The same. 2v *I 3403 

Robinson Crusoe, A New. Alden H 98 

Robinson Crusoe, Real. Wilkinson. . F 
Robinson Crusoe, Young Folks'. Farrar.H 

Robinson Ready. Marryat 1 

The same I 3128 

I r as Masterman Ready. 
ROCHE,R.M.Children of the Abbey.2v.F 

Rock ahead, The. Yates G 

Rock of the Candle. Griffin F 

ROCKWELL, R. Royalized H 

ROCKWOOD.C.W. In Biscayne Bay.F 

Rocky Fork. Catherwood H 

Rocky Mountain Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 
ROD, E. Private Life of an Eminent 
Politician [Tr. from the French]. F 

Rod and Gun Club. Fosdick H 

Rod and Gun Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Roddy's Ideal. Johnson H 471 

Roddy's Reality. Johnson H 474 

Roddy's Romance. Johnson H 47a 

Roderick Ashcourt. Wise H 781 

Roderick Hudson. James F 909 

Roderick Hume. Bardeen F 7884 

Roderick Random. Smollett G 567 






Rodger Latimer's Mistake. Donelson.F 317Q 

Rodman, the Keeper. Woolson F 7510 

RODNEY, M. C. L. R. (Fadelte). Little 

Maid of Acadie F 1927 

Wearithorne F 1928 

and E. READ. Pilot Fortune . . . . F 6261 

Rodney Stone. Doyle F 8460 

Rodney, the Overseer. Fosdick H 1287,5 

Rodney, the Partisan. Fosdick H 1287,2 

Rodolphus. Abbott H 57,6 

ROE, Mrs. Sketches from English His- 
tory for Girls A 591 

ROE, A. S. How could he help it?... F 1441 

James Montjoy F 1437 

Long Look ahead F 1442 

Looking around F 1 443 

Star and Cloud F 1445 

To Love and to be loved, and The 

Minister's Story F 1447 

ROE, E. P. Barriers burned away [Chi- 
cago Fire] 1 1439 

Day of Fate I 6321 

Driven Back to Eden F 6316 

The Earth Trembled [Charleston 

Earthquake, 1886] F 6318 

A Face Illumined F 6335 

Found, yet Lost I 6319 

From Jest to Earnest 1 1436 

He fell in Love with his Wife F 6317 

His Sombre Rivals [American Civil 

War] F 6323 

Knight of the Nineteenth Century.F 14 10 

Miss Lou [Am. Civil War] F 6320 

Nature's Serial Story F 6325 

Near to Nature's Heart [American 

Revolution] F 1 423 

Opening a Chestnut Burr F 1438 

An Original Belle (Gettysburg and 

Draft Riots] F 6315 

Queen of Spades F 1417 

Taken Alive, and other Stories F 6336 

What can she do? F 1448 

Without a Home F 6322 

Young Girl's Wooing F 6324 

ROE, E. R. Belteshazzar; a Romance 

of Babylon F 6338 

Brought to Bay F 6327 

The Gray and the Blue [American 

Civil War] F 6326 

ROE, Mrs. J. H. Bachelor Vicar of 

Newforth F 6314 

ROE, M. A. Left in the Wilderness.. H 2244 

A Long Search F 6313 

ROE, W. J. (G. /. Cerz'us). Cut; a Story 

of West Point F 2752 

A Model Wife F 2751 

White Feathers F 2713 

Roger Berkeley's Probation. Campbell . F 2696 

Roger Camerden. Bangs F 6337 

Roger Hunt. Woolley F 7604 

Roger Laroque, Shadow of. Mary F 5368 

Roger, the Ranger. Pollard H 21 17 

Roger Willoughby. Kingston H 1680 

ROGERS, R. C. Will o' the Wasp; Sea 

Yarn of War of '12 F 6474 

Rogue, The. Norris F 5425 

The same G 1337 

Rogue's March. Hornung .F 4294 

Rogues and Vagabonds. Sims F 6602 

ROHLFS, Mrs. A. K. Q. (A. K. Green). 

Behind Closed Doors F 3680 

Cynthia Wakeham's Money F 3787 

The Doctor, his Wife and the Clock F 7190 

Doctor Izard F 6451 

The Forsaken Inn F 3677 

Hand and Ring F 3683 

Leavenworth Case ;a Lawyer's Story F 3687 

Marked Personal F 3788 

A Matter of Millions F 3674 

Mill Mystery F 3678 

Miss Hurd; an Enigma F 6450 

The Old Stone House, and other 

Stories F 3786 

Contents • The Old Stone House; A Mem- 
orable Night; The Black Cross; A 
Mysterious Case; Shall he wed her? 

7 to 12; a Detective Story F 3679 

The same F 3682 

Strange Disappearance F 694 

Sword of Damocles; Story of New 

York Life F 686 

That Affair Next Door F 6452 

X. Y. Z. ; a Detective Story F 3682 

The same F 3679 

[Detective Stories]. 

ROKEBY, C. Dorcas Hobday F 6430 

Roland, Madame. Abbott H 75 

Roland, Story of. Baldwin H 1016 

Roland Blake. Mitchell F 5217 

Roland Cashel. 3 v. in 2. Lever G 351 

Roland Graeme: Knight. Machar F 5545 

Roland Oliver. McCarthy F 5265 

Roland Yorke. Wood G 646 

Rolf and his Friends. Williams H 1619 

Rolf House. Lillie H 1742 

Roll of Honor. Cudlip F 3102 



Rolling Stone. Dudevant F 45Q 

ROLLINS.Mrs. A.W. Story of a RanchF 6308 

I'ncle Tom's Tenement F 6339 

ROLLINS, C. S. A Burne-Jones HeadF 6417 

Contents: A Burne-Jones Head; Kis- 
met; Human Sunshine; Aunt Charlotte; 
A Chance Shot; A Case in Print. 

ROLLINS, F, W. Break o' Day TalesF 6414 

Contents: Miss Stillings; The Steam 
Interlude; Joining the Cavalry; The 
Bishop's Filth; The Magic Flask. 
Rollo Series. See Abbott, J. 
Rollo's Tour in Europe. See Abbott, J. 

Romain Kalbris. Malot H 541 

ROMAINE, R. D.,fiseud. See PAYSON, O. 

Roman Legends. Busk F 120 

Roman Singer. Crawford F 2882 

Roman Traitor. Herbert F 4001 

Romance; a Monthly Magazine of Com- 
plete Stories, v. 8-22 *Ser. 

Romance and Humor of the Rail. SmithF 1577 

Romance at the Antipodes. Douglass. F 3004 

Romance in Transit. Lynde F 5068 

Romance of a Chalet. Praed F 5966 

Romance of a German Court. 2 v. Eci- 

law F 3218 

Romance of a Letter. Choate F 2767 

Romance of a Mummy. Gautier F 3646 

Romance of a poor young Man. FeuilletF 598 
Romance of a Quiet Watering-place, 

Warddel F 7466 

Romance of a School Boy. Denison. . H 1228 

Romance of a Shop. Levy F 1016 

Romance of a Transport. Russell F 6351 

Romance of an Empress. WalizewskiC 11028 

Romance of Dijon. Edwards F 3266 

Romance of Dollard. Catherwood F 2692 

Romance of Jenny Harlowe. Russell. F 6361 
Romance of Jewish History. 3 v. Levetus 

and Moss F 5300 

Romance of Mathematics. Hampson..F 4123 

Romance of Military Life. Cameron.. F 2726 

Romance of Old New York. Fawcett.F 3369 

Romance of the Charter Oak. Seton...F 15 18 

Romance of the Coast. Runciman F 6333 

Romance of the Forest. Radcliffe F 1380 

The same *F 115,43-44 

Romance of the Moors. Caird F 3087 

Romance of the Nineteenth Century. 

Mallock F 5166 

Romance of the Sword. Duval F 8490 

Romance of Trouville. Guezenec F 3784 

Romance of Two Worlds. Corelli G 1323 

Romance of War. Grant F 3681 

Romances of Chivalry. Ashton 

Romances of Soldier Life. Wynne. . . F 2000 

Romances of the East. Gobineau F 667 

Romances of the Law. Francillon F 3568 

Romances of the Middle Ages. Cox and 

Jones F 333 

Romances of the Old Seraglio. CrellinF 8348 

Romances of the Pianets: Mars. PopeF 6121 
Romantic Annals of a Naval Family. Tra- 

herne F 7025 

Romantic Stories of the Legal ProfessionF 6332 

Romantic Tales. Craik G 122 

Romantic Young Lady. Grant F 3697 

Romany of the Snows. Parker F 6099 

2d Ser. of Adventurer of the North. 

Romany Rye, The. Borrow F 2586 

Rome. 2 v. Zola F 7719 

Rome, Folk-Lore of. Busk F 2632 

Rome, Little Arthur's History of. But* 

terworth H 962 

Romneys of Ridgemont. Eastman. . . H 363 

Romola. Cross F 3300 

The same G 365 

Romulus. Abbott .H 32 

Romulus and Remus; a Dog Story. Tal- 
bot H 24S2 

Ronald Hallifax. Knight H 1706 

ROOD, H. E. The Company Doctor 

[Immigration] F 6408 

Room for one more. Higginson H 


ROOSEVELT, R. B. Love and Luck.F 6312 
Progressive Petticoats; or, Dressed 

to Death F 1454 

Root of all Evil. Lean G 888 

Roots of the Mountains. Morris F 5317 

Ropes of Sand, and other Stories. Jami- 
son F 738 

Rory O'More. Lover F 1080 

Rosamond Fane. Lee F 1039 

Rosanna. Edgeworth F 518,2 

ROSCOE, T. Selections from German 

Novelists. 4v F 145 1 

Contents- v. 1. Reynard the Fox; 
Howleglass; Dr. Faustus. 2. Popular 
Traditions ; Gottschalk ; Eberhardt ; 
Bttsching; If. M. Grimm; Lothar; La 
Motte Fouque. 3. Musseus; Schiller. 
4. Tieck; Langbein; Engel. 

Selections from Italian Novelists. 4vF 1453 
Rose and Lavender; by the Author of 

Miss Toosey's Mission H 2003 

Rose and Ninette. Daudet F 3162 

Rose-Buds H 22l8 



Rose Clifton. Richmond F 6270 

Rose d'Albret. James G 961 

Rose-Garden, The. Peard F 1300 

The same G 492 

Rose in Bloom. Alcott H 134 

Rose in June. Oliphant F 1270 

The same G 1015 

Rose Leblanc. Fullerton F 605 

The same G 937 

Rose Mather. Holmes F 845 

Rose of a Hundred Leaves. B.irr F 2235 

Rose of Ashurst. Marsh G 423 

Rose of Disentis. Zschokke F 2070 

Rose of Dutcher's Coolly. Garland... F 8882 

Rose of Love. Teal F 7126 

Rose of Paradise. Pyle F 5986 

Rose of Yesterday. ■ Crawford F 8330 

Rose Raymond's Ward. Janvier •. F 7292 

Rose, Shamrock and Thistle. Kettle. .F 4745 

Rose Turquand. Hopkins F 889 

Roses of Shadow. Sullivan F 6709 

ROSEBORO', V. Old Ways and New; 

Stories F 641 1 

Rosebud Garden of Girls. Perry H 2066 

Rosecroft. Round F 6330 

Rosehurst. Gilchrist F 3658 

Rosemary. Huntington F 893 

Rosemary and Rue. Champney F 6328 

Rosine. Melville G 778 

Roslyn's Fortune. Tiernan F 3496 

Roslyn's Trust. Lillie F 4861 

ROSS, C. Gallery of a Random Col- 
lector; Improbable Tales F 6342 

The Puppet F 6437 

The Scarlet Coat [Siege of Yorktown ] F 6436 

The Silent Workman F 6307 

The Speculator F 6343 

Two Soldiers and a Politician F 6344 

Zuleka F 6438 

ROSS, C. H. London Romance G 524 

Pretty Widow G 525 

ROSS, P. A Misguidit Lassie F 6331 

Ross-Shire Buffs. Grant F 8835 

ROSSETTI, C. Q. Sing-Song; a Nur- 
sery Rhyme Book H 65 1 

Speaking Likenesses H 652 

ROSS1TER, W. S. An Accidental Ro- 
mance, and other Stories F 6458 

Rossmoyne. Hungerford F 57 

Rosy. Molesworth H 1845 

ROTHERY, Mrs. M. C. H. Wedding 

Guests F 1455 

Willie's Cornfield.and other StoriesH 655 

Rough and Ready. Alger H 154,4 

Rough Shaking, A. MacDonald H 528 

Roughing it. Clemens I 1571 

Roughing it Series. See Fosdick, C. A. 

Roumanian Fairy Tales. Kremnitz . . .H 1705 
ROUND, W. M. F. (P. Pennot). Achsah; 

a New England Life Study F 1399 

Rosecroft F 6330 

Round-about Rambles. Stockton H 681 

Round about a Brighton Coach Office. 

King F 4592 

Round about Rio. Carpenter F 2727 

Round about the Minster Green. Mon- 

crieff H 1819 

Round Dozen. Woolsey H 2722 

Round the Galley Fire. Russell F 6358 

Round the Red Lamp. Doyle F 3021 

Round the World. Smiles- H 678 

'Round the Yule-Log. Asbjornsen H 3060 

Roundhearts, and other Stories. Har- 
ris F 250 

ROUSE, A. L. The Deane Girls H 2239 

ROUSE, Mrs. L. L. Angus Leslie's 

Daughter H 2245 

Jim Bentley's Resolve H 22 19 

The Laird's Son H 2246 

Rousing of Mrs. Potter, and other Sto- 
ries. Smith F 6816 

ROUSSELET, L. The Drummer Boy; 

Days of Washington H 2222 

Same as Ralph the Drummer Boy. 
King of the Tigers; Story of Central 

India H 2223 

TheSerpent-Charmer[India, i8s6-8]F 1413 

Son of the Constable of France. ..H 2221 

Two Cabin Boys H 2220 

Same as The Ocean Rovers. 
ROVER, W. Steps through the World: 

v.i. Neptune outward bound. H 657 

2. The Neptune afloat H 656 

Rover of the Andes. Ballantyne H 1009 

Rover's Secret. Lancaster H 1161 

Rovings of a Restless Boy. Foot H 1390 

ROWCROFT, C. Australian Crusoes.H 2226 
ROWE, R. Episodes in an Obscure 

Life. 3v F 633 

Roweny in Boston. Pool F 5982 

ROWLANDS, E. A. At a Great Cost. F 6421 

A Faithful Traitor F 6423 

The Fault of One F 6413 

Little Kit F 6422 

My Pretty Jane F 6419 

The Spell of Ursula F 6418 



ROWLEY, H. Sage Stuffing for Green 

Goslings H 658 

ROWSELL, M. C. Friend of the Peo- 
ple; Tale of the Reign of Terror.F 6424 
ROWSON, Mrs. S. H. Charlotte and 

Lucy Templeton F 6340 

Roxy. Eggleston F 535 

ROY, Q. Generalship; how I managed 

my Husband F 1450 

ROY, J. Helen Treveryan; or, the Rul- 
ing Race F 6425 

ROY, J. J. E. ( T. Menard). Adventures 

of a Casket F 5200 

Adventures of a French Captain. . F 3670 

ROY, N. The Horseman's Word F 6426 

Roy and Viola. Bridges F 3524 

The same G 934 

Roy's Repentance. Sergeant F 6542 

Roy's Wife. Melville G 1010 

Roy's Wife. Richmond . F 6277 

Royal Banner, The. Clare H 1096 

Royal Children. Luard H 1779 

Royal Highlanders. Grant F 8836 

Royal Marine, The. Matthews F 54 1 8 

Royal Regiment. Grant F 8837 

Royal Road, The. Terhune F 6959 

Royal Road to Fortune. Miller F 1183 

Royalized. Rockwell H 2243 

ROYCE, J. Feud of Oakfield Creek; 

California Life F 6345 

Rubicon, The. Benson F 7946 

Rubies of St. Lo. Yonge F 2 1 2 1 

Ruby. Reade i 6220 

Ruby and Pearl. Marshall H 537 

Ruby and Ruthy. Paull H 2025, 1 

Ruby Duke. Potwin F 1345 

Ruby Series. See Paull, Mrs. M. E. K. 

Ruby's Husband. Terhune F 1771 

Ruby's Vacation. Paull H 2025,4 

Rudder Grange. Stockton F 6688 

Rudder Grangers abroad. Stockton.. . F 6721 

Rudin. Turgenev F 7080 

Rudolf's Dilemma. Engelbach F 3241 

RUFFF1N1, Q. D. Carlino, and other 

Stories G 526 

Doctor Antonio [Italian Rev., i848]G 527 

Lavinia G 528 

Lorenzo Benoni [Italian Rev , i83o]G 529 

Paragreens on a Visit to Paris G 1034 

Quiet Nook in the Jura G 530 

Vincenzo [Italy, 1848-61] G 531 

Ruffino, and other Stories. De la Ram£G 1391 

Rufus and Rose. Alger H 154,6 

Ruhainah; Story of Afghan Life. HughesF 6633 

Rule of the Monk. Garibaldi F 620 

Rumour. Sheppard F 1427 

Run to Earth. Maxwell G 45 

Runaway Brig, Kaler H 2018 

Runaway Browns, The. Bunner F 2287 

RUNCIMAN.J. Romance of the CoastF 6333 
Runic Rocks, a North-Sea Idyl. JensenI 

RUNKEL, W. M. Wontus F 145', 

Running the Gauntlet. Yates F 2008 

Running to Waste. Baker H 208 

Rupert Aubrey of Aubrey Chase. Potter F 1346 

Rupert Godwin. Maxwell G 44 

RUPPiUS, O. Two Hemispheres . . . . F 1458 
RUSKIN, J. King of the Golden River 

[Fairy Story] K 9 

RUSSAN, A. and F. BOYLE. Through 
Forest and Plain [Walker's Fili- 
busters in Central America, i856]H 2257 
RUSSELL, C. W. Fall of Damascus. F 1457 
RUSSELL, D. A Bitter Birthright. . . F 6346 

A Fatal Past F 6347 

His Will and Hers F 6371 

Jezebel's Friends F 6348 

Out of Eden F 6349 

RUSSELL, F. E. A Quaint Spinster.. F 6466 

RUSSELL, H. R. Hidden Workings. F 6350 
RUSSELL,Mrs.J.W.(/.//./>«<y). Shad- 

owlandinEllanVannin;FolkTalesF 6389 
RUSSELL, M. Stories of New England 

Life F 1396 

RUSSELL, T. O'N. Dick Massey; a 

Tale of Irish Evictions F 1 400 

RUSSELL, W. (T. Waters). Diary of 

a Detective Police Officer F 2979 

RUSSELL, W. C. Auld Lang Syne.. F 6464 

The Emigrant Ship F 6369 

Frozen Pirate F 6364 

The Golden Hope F 6367 

The Good Ship Mohock F 6460 

Honour of theFlag.and other StoriesF 7191 
In the Middle Watch [Twenty-six 

Sea Tales] F 6355 

Is he the Man ? F 6463 

Same as The Copsford Mystery. 

Jack's Courtship F 6354 

John Holdsworth, Chief Mate F 6357 

The Lady Maud Schooner Yacht. . F 6465 

The same G 1171 

Last Entry F 6468 

List, Ye Landsmen F 6368 

Little Loo F 6356 

Marooned F 6363 



RUSSELL, W. C. My Watch below; or, 

Yarns spun when off Duty F 5353 

Mystery of the Ocean Star; Mari- 
time Sketches F 6360 

An Ocean Free Lance F 6467 

An Ocean Tragedy F 6362 

On the Fo'k'sle Head F 6359 

Phanton Death, and other Stories. F 6461 

Romance of a Transport F 635 1 

Romance of Jenny Harlowe, and 

other Sketches F 6361 

Round the Galley Fire F 6358 

Sailor's Sweetheart G 1 172 

Sea Queen F 6352 

The same G 1173 

A Strange Elopement F 6366 

Three-Stranded Yarn F 6462 

Tragedy of Ida Noble F 6365 

The Two Captains F 6469 

What Cheer? Story of a Wicked 

Sailor F 6450. 

Wreck of the Grosvenor F 6353 

[Stories of the Sea]. 

Russell. James F 918 

The same G 270 

Russian Country House, A. Bauer F 2224 

Russian Fairy Tales. Polevoi H 2129 

Russian Folk-Tales. Ralston E 1465 

Russian Portraits. Vogue" F 7193 

Russian Proprietor, A. Tolstoi F 7018 

Rusty Linchpin. The. Kokhanovsky..F 4666 
RUTER, P. S. Reminiscences of a Vir- 
ginia Physician F 6334 

Ruth. Gaskell G 232 

Ruth and her Friends; a Story forGirlsH 2825 

Ruth Eliot's Dream. Lakeman H 1721 

Ruth Endicott's Way. Lillie H 1769 

Ruth Erskine's Crosses. Alden F 47 

Ruth Hall. Parton F 1289 

Ruth Lovell. May H 553,4 

Ruth Maxwell. Blake F 160 


Rutherford. Fawcett F 3473 

Ruthless Avenger, A. Conney F 8272 

Rutledge. Harris F 252 

RYAN, M. E. A Chance Child F 6377 

Contents: A Chance Child; Comrades; 
Hendrex and Margotte; Persephone. 

A Flower of France; a Story of 

Old Louisiana F 6372 

A Pagan of the Alleghanies F 6373 

Squaw Elouise F 6375 

Told in the Hills F 6374 

RYDBERG, A. V. Last Athenian [An- 
cient Greece] F 6370 

RYDER, A. H. Margaret Regis, and 

some other Girls H 2250 

S., D. T., pseud. See BALCH, E. 

S., E. L. Belt and Spur; Stories of the 

Knights of the Middle Ages F 2517 

BorderLances, ReignofEdwardlll.F 2518 

S.,E.O.Isolina; or, the Actor's DaughterF 906 

S., M. F. Catherine Hamilton H 290 

S., P. (Tr.). Glory and Sorrow, and 

Selim, the Pasha of Salonica H 439 

Sabina Zembra. Black F 2558 

The same G 1284 

Sabine's Deception. CantacuzeneAltieriF 2712 

Sable Cloud. Adams F 18 

SACHER-MASOCH,L.v. Jewish TalesF 6481 

Sack of Gold, A. Johnson F 947 

Sacred Allegories. Adams G 1 

Sacred Nugget. Far j eon F 3462 

Sad Fortunesof Rev. AmosBarton. Cross.G 366, 1 
SADLER, S. W. Adventurous Voyage 

of the Polly, and other Yarns. . . H 2293 

Flag Lieutenant H 2291 

Good Ship Barbara F 6563 

Perilous Seas; a Naval Romance.. H 2292 
Pirates' Creek; a Story of Treasure 

Quest H 2290 

SADLIER, Mrs. M. A. Bessy Conway.F 1462 
Blakes and Flanagans; Irish Life in 

the United "States F 1472 

Con O'Regan; Emigrant Life in the 

New World F 1470 

Confederate Chieftains [Cromwell in 

Ireland] F 1467 

Daughter of Tyrconnell [Ireland, 

17th Century] F 1640 

Fate of Father Sheehy; Tale of Tip- 

perary, 1766 F 1469 

Heiress of Kilorgan; Evenings with 

the Old Geraldines F 1471 

Hermit of the Rock [Cashel] F 1473 

The Lost Son F 1075 

MacCarthy More; Reign of Eliza- 
beth F 1637 

Maureen Dhu, the Admiral's Daugh- 
ter F 1464 

New Lights; or, Life in Galway. . .F 1639 

Old House by the Boyne F 1638 

Spanish Cavaliers; Moorish Wars in 

Spain F 1548 

Willy Burke ; Irish Orphan in 

America F 1465 



SAFFORD, M. J. The Christmas Coun- 
try, and other Tales H 2297 

Saga of Halfred, the Sigskald. Dahn. . F 2956 
Sagas from the Far East; comp. by 

Busk P 6567 

Sage of Sixteen, A. Walford F 7447 

Sage Stuffing tor green Goslings. Row- 
ley H 658 

Saghalien Convict, and other Stories. 

Korolenko F 7268 

Sailing and Sealing. Moore H 1877 

Sailor Boy. Adams H 105,2 

Sailor-Boy Bob. Rand H 2191 

Sailor Boys of '6i. Soley B 2750 

Sailor Jack, the Trader. Fosdick H 1287,6 

Sailor's Sweetheart, A. Russell G 1 1 72 

St. Ann's. Norris F 5419 

Saint Augustine. Musick F 55 11 

St. Bartholomew's Eve. Henty H 1 537 

ST. COLUMB, G. Ascent of Parnassus 

by way of Mendacia F 

St. Cuthbert's Tower. James F 7465 

St. Elmo. Wilson F 1964 

Saint Eva. Pain F 6077 

St. George and St. Michael. MacDonaldF 1107 

The same G 769 

St. George and the Dragon. Lothrop.H 1761 

St. George for England. Henty H 

SAINT-GERMAIN, J. t pseud. See 

St. Giles and St. James. Jerrold F 4430, 1 

The same G 284 

St. Ives. Stevenson F 6708 

Saint James. Ainsworth G 20 

ST. JOHN, P. B. Arctic Crusoe H 663 

St. John, According to. Chanler F 6285 

St. John's Eve, and other Stories. Gogol F 3661 

St. John's Wooing. McClelland F 5802 

ST. JOHNSTON, A. Charlie AsgardeH 2296 

In Quest of Gold H 2295 

A South Sea Lover F 6560 

St. Katherine s by the Tower. Besant . F 2221 
ST. LEGER, H. Sou'wester and Sword; 

Struggle on Sea and Land H 2469 

Saint Leger. Kimball F 976 

St. Leon. Godwin F 675 

St. Martin's Eve. Wood G 648 

St. Martin's Summer Brewster E 872 

Saint Martin's Summer. Porter F 5953 

Saint Michael. Buerstenbinder F 7495 

Saint Mungo's City. Tytler F 7166 

St. Nicholas, 1888-97. '8 v S 

StOlave's. Stephenson F 1461 

St. Patrick's Eve. Lever G 352 

St. Philip's. Harris F 253 

ST. PIERRE, J. H. B. de. Paul and 

Virginia F 1475 

The same and Indian Cottage I 2958 

Thesamr. 2 v J 

St. Ronan's Well. Scott F 2170 

St. Simon's Niece. Benedict F 135 

St. Winifred's. Farrar H 390 

Saints and Sinners. Cherbuliez. : F 2770 

Saints and Sinners. Daunt F 372 

SAINTINE, X. B., pseud. See BONIFACE, J.X. 
SAINTSBURY,G. ( Ed.). Tales of Mystery 

by Radcliffe, Lewis and Maturin . F 6753 

Sal-o-Quah. Goulding Hi 440,3 

SALA, G. A. Accepted Addresses. . . F 6587 

Baddington Peerage. 3 v F 1 478 

Make your Game F 6534 

Seven Sons of Mammon G 532 

Salad of Stray Leaves. Halse F 3923 

Salammbo. Flaubert F 3504 

Salathiel, the Immortal. Croly F 3158 

Salem. Castleton F 209 

Salem Chapel. Oliphant G 480 

SalemKittredge,and other Stories. PerryF 6065 

SALES, P. Price of a Coronet F 6500 

Sally Dows, and other Stories. Harte. F 4 14 1 

Sally Williams. Cheney H 280 

Salmagundi. Irving and others I 3594 

The same ... .J 141 

Salome Shepard, Reformer. Winslow.F 7655 
Salon of the last Days of the Empire, 

and other Sketches. 0'Meara..F 1376 

SALSBURY, J. The Purple HyacinthH 2312 

Salt-Lake Fruit [Mormonism] F 6568 

Salt Master of Luneburg. Wolff F 761 5 

Salt-water Dick. Nowell 

Salt-water Hero. Rand H 

Salted with Fire. MacDonald F 95 11 

SaltilloBoys. Stoddard H 2420 

SALTUS, E. E. Eden; an Episode. . . F 6530 

M r. Incoul's Misadventure F 6528 

Truth about Tristrem Varick F 6529 

Salvage (No Name Series) F 2196 

Sam Lawson's Old Time Fireside Stories. 

Stowe H 685 


Sam's Chance. Alger H 1 56,3 

Sam's Sweetheart. Reeves G 1 1 28 

Samantha among the Brethren. HolleyF 4085 
Samantha among the Colored Folks. 

Holley F 4101 

Samantha at Saratoga. Holley F 4084 



Samantha at the Centennial. Holly. . . F 4012 

Same as Josiah Allen's Wife. 
Samantha at the World's Fair. Holley.F 4098 

Samantha in Europe. Holley F 41 12 

Samuel Titmarsh, and the Great Hog- 

garty Diamond. Thackeray G 588,1 

SAMUELS, A. F. Dick Travers abroadH 660 
v. 1. Palm Land. 

2. Lost Tar. 

3. On the Wave. 

4. Little Cricket. 

Father Gander's Melodies for Mother 

Goose's Grandchildren H 2273 

San Rosario Ranch. Elliott F 4056 

San Salvador. Tincker F 6994 

SANBORN, A. F. Meg Mclntyre's* 

Raffle, and other Stories F 9769 

Contents: Meg Mclntyre's Raffle; Mrs. 
Malloy's Revenge; The Clinging Leaf; 
A Celebrated Case; Baucis and Phile- 
mon in Bigelow Street; Molly and Gui- 
seppe; Trousers; Heroism up to date; 
Episodes in the Career of a Lodging 
House Bum; De Mortuis nil nisi bonum; 
Suffer Little Children. 

Moody's Lodging House, and other 

Tenement Sketches F 9770 

SANBORN, E. W. People at Pisgah. F 6700 
SANBORN, K. A. Abandoning an Adopt- 
ed Farm K 6830 

Adopting an Abandoned Farm K 6822 

SANBORN, M. F. Paula Ferris F 6789 

Sancta Christina. Orlebar F 5860 

SAND, George, pseud. See DUDE V ANT, 
A. L. A. D. 

Sand-Hills of Jutland. Andersen F 51 

SANDEAU, L. S.J. Catherine F 6499 

House of Penarvan G 939 

Madeleine F 6561 

SANDERS, E. K. Uncle Peter's RiddleH 2285 

Sandford and Merton, History of. DayH 318 

New History of. Burnand H 255 

Sandra Belloni. Meredith F 5 192 

SANDWITH, H. Hekem Bashi; or, Ad- 
ventures of GuiseppeAntonelli. 2 v.F 6521 
SANDYS, O. W. Don Garcia in Eng- 
land F 6562 

Sane Lunatic. Burnham F 2675 

SANGREE, pseud. Mignonette F 6571 

Sans Merci. Lawrence G 533 

Sant 'Ilario. Crawford F 2874 

Sequel to Saracinesca. 

Santa Barbara. De la Rame" F 6225 

The same G 1446 

Santa Claus on a Lark. Gladden H 1421 

Sapelo. Goulding H 1440,1 

Sappho of Green Springs. Harte F 3863 

Sara Crewe. Burnett H 1076 

Saracinesca. Crawford F 2876 

Sarah; a Survival. Christian F 8228 

Sarah Dakota. Brush H 3200 

Sarah de Berenger. Ingelow G 756 

SARCEY, F. Miseries of Fo Hi, a 

Celestial Functionary F 6564 

Sarchedon. Melville G 447 

Sardonyx Seal, The. Taylor F 6932 

SARDOU, V. and E. MOREAU. Ma- 
dame Sans-Gene [Time of Napo- 
leon I.] F 6498 

SARGENT, E. Peculiar. 3 v. [Slavery 

and American Civil War] F 6566 

SARGENT, G. E. Stories of Old Eng- 
land. 2v H 666 

Sartaroe. Maitland F 1131 

SARTORIS, Mrs. A. K. Medusa, and 

other Tales F 1483 

Past Hours (Short Stories). 2 v F 6565 

Week in a French Country-House.F 1482 

Satanstoe. Cooper F 283 

Satin-Wood Box, The. Trowbridge.. .H 2507 

SAUNDERS, J. Hirell F 1476 

Israel Mort,Overman[WelshMiners]G 813 
Noble Wife [Time of Henry VIILJ.G 815 

Shipowner's Daughter G 814 

SAUNDERS, M. Beautiful Joe; an 

Autobiography [of a Dog] H 2279 

SAVAGE, M.J. Bluffton; Story of To- 
day F 1479 

SAVAGE, M. W. Bachelor of the 

Albany 4 . F 1481 

Falcon Family; or, Young Ireland. F 1484 

My Uncle the Curate. 3 v F 1480 

Reuben Medlicott. 3 V F 1485. 

SAVAGE, R. H. and Mrs. A. C. GUN- 

TER. His Cuban Sweetheart.. .F 9780 

Save me from my Friends. Knight. . .F 475a 

Save the Boys. Winslow H 2687 

Saved by the Skin of his Teeth. Ship- 
ton F 6678 

Saved from the Sea. Kingston H 1672 

SAV1DGE, E. C. The American in 

Paris [Franco- Prussian War] F 6552 

Sawdust Doll, A. De Koven F 8450 

Sawn Off; Tale of a Family Tree. FennF 3423 
SAWTELLE, M. P. Heroine of '49 

rPacific Coast] F 6486 



Saxc Holm's Stories. 2 v. . . F 858 

Contents: v. 1. Draxy Miller's Dow 1 
The Elder's Wife; Whose Wife was 
she; The one-legged Dancers; How one 
Woman kept her Husband; Esther 
:'s Love -Letters. 2. A Four- 
leaved Clover; Farmer Bassett's Ro- 
mance; My Tourmaline; Joe Hale's Red 
Stockings; Susan Lawton's Escape. 

SAXON, Van./teW. ^SIMPSON,Mrs. E. M. 

. and Seal. 2 v. Warner F 1872 

Sayings and Doings. 9 v. Hook F 857 

SAYMORE, S. E. Hearts unveiled. . F 6820 

Scallywag, The. Allen F 2353 

Scalp Hunters. Reid H 635 

SCANLAND, Mrs. A. L. See HILL, Mrs.A.L. 
SCANNELL, F. and E. In the Time 

of Roses 6522 

Scapegoat, The. Caine F 3114 

Scarabaeus. Lanza and Hervey F 4849 

SCARFOGLIO, M. S. Fantasy F 6553 

Scarlet Coat, The. Ross F 6436 

Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne F 769 

The same J 81 

Scarlet Poppy, and other Stories. Spof- 

ford F 6777 

Scarlet Sin. Lean F 3121 

The same G 1409 

Scarlet Tanager, The. Trowbridge. ..H 2514 

Scarpante, the Spy. Verne F 731 1,2 

Scarscl iff Rocks. Maine G 774 

Scenes from the Ghetto. Kompert F 4655 

Scenes in Fairyland. Atkinson H 948 

Scenes in the Practice of a New York 

Surgeon. Dixon F 3187 

Scenes of Clerical Life. Cross G 366 

The same. 2v F 3302 

SCH ALLENBERQER, V., pseud. Green 

Tea F 7236 

SCH AYER, Mrs. J. T. Tiger-Lily, and 

other Stories F 6569 

SCHEFFEL, J. V. Ekkehard [Switzer- 
land, 10th Century] G 534 

The same. 2 v F 6556 

Scheherazade. James F 7460 

SCHILLER, J. C. F. v. Ghost Seer. . . I 3072,4 

SCHINDLER, S. Young West F 6483 

Sequel to Bellamy's Looking Back- 

Schloss and Town. Peard G 1 1 58 

Same as Castle and Town. 
SCHMID, H. T. v. Chancellor of the 

Tyrol. 2v F 6523 

The Habermeister; Tale of the Ba- 
varian Mountains F 1494 

SCHMIEDEN, E. K. {£. Juncker). M , 

garethe 44 6o 

SCHOBERT, H. Picked up in the 

Streets F 6535 


Melting Snows F 6745 

Schoenberg-Cotta Family, Chronicles of. 

Charles F 3160 

The same G 81 

SCHOFIELD.A.T. Lessen Liquor andde- 

fy Disease; QueenAnne'sHospital.F 6557 

Scholars of Arneside. Martineau F 1151,10 

SCHONACKER.H.J. MusicalCrotchetsF 6537 
School and Playground. PyleandothersH 2104 
School-Days at Kingscourt. Adams... H 103 
School Days of Beulah Romney. East- 
man H 362 

School for Dreamers. Gwynne F 717 

School for Saints. Craigie F 8364 

School Girls. Carey F 

School in the Light House. Rand H 2192,2 

School ot Art, The. Snow F 7269 

School of Life. Watts E 1 240 

Schoolboy Days in Japan. Laurie H 1758 

Schoolboys of Rook esbury. Francis.. H 1335 
SCHOOLCRAFT, H. R. Myth of Hia 

watha, and other Indian Legends. F 6570 
SCHOOLCRAFT, Mrs. M. H. Black 

Gauntlet; Tale of South Carolina.F 6573 

Schoolmaster's Trial. Perry F 5879 

Schoolmaster's Trunk. Diaz F 397 

Schooner Mary Ann. Abbott H 16,3 

SCHREINER,0.(/?a//M/™«). DreamLife 

and Real Life; African Story F 4382 

Dreams 4381 

Story of an African Farm [South 

Africa] F 4380 

Trooper Peter Halket of Mashona- 

land F 4383 

SCHUBIN, Osslp, />seud. See KIRSCHNER. L. 
SCHUECKINQ,C.B.L. Fire and Flame.F 1604 

SCHULTZ, J. Jean de Kerdren F 6802 

Madeleine's Rescue H 2451 

The Story of Colette F 6801 

Straight on H 2447 

SCHULZE SMIDT, B. (E. Oswald). A 

Madonna of the Alps F 6775 

Vain Forebodings F 5861 

SCHUYLER, M. The Pioneer ChurchF 1695 
SCHWARTZ.J. v.d. P. (Maarten Afaar- 

tens). God's Fool ; Koopstad StoryF 5363 
The Greater Glory; a Story of High 
Life F 5364 



SCHWARTZ, J. v.d. P. {Maarten Maar- 
tens). Joost Avelingh; a Dutch 

Story F 5361 

Same as Sin of Joost Avelingh. 

My Lady Nobody F 5365 

An Old Maid's Love; a Dutch Tale 

told in English F 5362 

The same G 1430 

Sin of Joost Avelingh G 1382 

SCHWARTZ, M. S. B. Birth and Edu- 

cationjTrench Revolution 1789-92^ 1700 

Gerda; or, the Children of Work . . F 1707 

Gold and Name F 1 702 

Guilt and Innocence F 1 703 

The Right One F 1704 

Son of the Organ-Grinder F 1706 

Two Family Mothers F 1701 

Wife of a Vain Man..; F 1705 

Schwartz. Murray F 9544 

SCHWATKA, F. Children of the Cold 

[Eskimo] I 2083 

Scientific Amusements for the Young. 

Pepper K 2809 

The same.... K 2660 

Scissor-Grinder, The, and other Stories. 

Oertel F 1251 

Scots Brigade. Grant F 8838 

SCOTT, F. G. Elton Hazlewood F 6501 

SCOTT, H. (//. S. Merriman). Flotsam F 5518 

From One Generation to Another. . F 5522 

The Grey Lady F 5520 

In Kedar's Tents F 5519 

Prisoners and Captives G 1435 

The Slave of the Lamp [the Jour- 
nalist] F 5521 

The Sowers F 5524 

With Edged Tools F 5523 

Young Mistley G 1372 

SCOTT, M. Tom Cringle's Log F 6502 

SCOTT, M. E. Keith; or, Righted at . 

Last F 6574 

SCOTT, Sir W. The Abbot [Mary, 

Queen of Scots, 1568] F 2150 

The same G 535 

Sequel to The Monastery. 
Anne of Geierstein [Switzerland, 

1474-77] F 2151 

The same G 536 

The Antiquary [Scottish Manners, 

1798] F 2152 

The same G 537 

The Betrothed [Wales, 1187]; High- 
land Widow F 2153 

SCOTT, 6YrW. The Black Dwarf [Scot- 
land, 1708] F 2154 

The same G 538 

The Bride of Lammermoor [Scot- 
land, 1700] F 2155 

The same G 539 

Castle Dangerous [Time of Bruce, 

1306-7] F 2171 

Count Robert of Paris [first Crusade, 

1090] F 2156 

The Fair Maid of Perth [Robert III. 

of Scotland, 1402] F 2157 

The same G 540 

Fortunes of Nigel [James I., 

1620] F 215S 

The same G 541 

Guy Mannering [Scotland, 1750 7o]F 2159 

The same G 542 

Heart of Midlothian [Edinburgh, 

I736-5 1 ] F 2I 6o 

The same G 543 

Ivanhoe [Cceur-de-Lion and Tem- 
plars, 1 194] F 2161 

The same G 544. 

Kenilworth [Queen Elizabeth, I575]F 2162 

The same G 545 

Legend of Montrose [Scotland, 

1645-46] F 2154 

The Monastery [Scotland, 1559-68]. F 2163 

The same G 546 

Old Mortality [Scotch Covenanters, 

1679-90] F 2164 

The same G 547 

Peveril of the Peak [Charles II., 1660- 

1680] F 2165 

The same G 54S 

The Pirate [Orkney Islands, 1700]. F 2166 

The same G 549 

Quertin Durward [Louis XI. of 

France, 1470] F 2167 

The same G 551 

Redgauntlet [The Pretender, 1770LF 216& 

Rob Roy [Highland Life, 1715] F 2169 

The same G 552 

St. Ronan's Well [Scotland, 1800]. .F 217a 

Surgeon's Daughter F 2171 

Tales of a Grandfather; Stories from 

Scottish History. 3 V A 1 1 56 

Talisman[3rd Crusade, 1 193]; Chroni- 
cles of the Canongate F 2172 

Waverley [Young Pretender's Rebel- 
lion, 1745] F 2173 

The same G 553 



SCOTT, Sir W. Waverley Novel 

botsford Ed.). 12 v *P 

Woodstock [Cromwell and Charles 

II., 1652-60] F 

The same G 

Sco'tish Cavalier. Grant 

Scottish Chiefs. Porter 

Scottish Life, Lights and Shadows of. 


Scottish Sketches. Barr F 

Scottish Soldiers of Fortune. Grant . . . F 
Scouring of the White Horse. HughesF 

Scout. Simms F 

Scrope; or, the Lost Library. Perkins.F 

Scruples. Walworth F 

Scudamores, The. Philips and Wills . . F 

The same G 

SCUDDER, H. E. Bodley Grandchil- 
dren and their Journey in Holland H 

Bodleys afoot . . . H 

Bodleyson Wheels II 

Bodleys telling Stories H 

Book of Folk Stories re-written H 

Doings of the Bodley Family in Town 

and Country H 

Dwellers in Five-Sisters Court. 

English Bodley Family H 

Mr. Bodley abroad H 

Seven Little People and their 

Friends H 

Stories and Romances F 

Contents: Left over frotn the last Cen- 
tury; A House of Entertainment; Acci- 
dentally Overheard; A Hard Bargain; A 
Story of the Siege of Boston; Matthew, 
Mark. Luke, and John; Do not even the 
Publicans the same: Nobody's Busi- 

Stories from my Attic I 

Viking Bodleys H 

SCUDDER, M. L, Jr. Brief Honors; 
Romance of the Great DividableF 

SCULLY, W. C. Kafir Stories I 

Contents: The Eumenides in Kafirland; 
The Fundamental Axiom ; Kellson's 
Nemesis; The Quest of the Copper; 
Ghamba; Ukushwama; Umtagati. 

Scylla or Charybdis? Broughton F 

Sea and Shore. Adams H 

Sea and Shore. Malot H 

Same as Romain Kalbris. 
Sea and Shore. Warfield F 

Sequel to Miriam's Memoirs. 
Sea Change. Shaw F 





t 33 8 














Sea-Kings and Naval Heroes. Edgar. H 366 

Sea Lions. Cooper I 284 

Sea Mew Abbey. James I 7463 

Sea Queen, A. Russell F 6352 

The same G 1 1 73 

Sea-Spray. Wickham F 1955 

Sea Wolves, The. Pemberton F 6059 

Sea Yarns for Boys. Henderson H 4202 

Seaboard Parish. Mac Donald F 1 101 

Sequel to Annals of a Quiet Neigh- 

Seaforth. Montgomery G 101 1 

Sealed Orders. Ward F 5881 


Sealskin Cloak, The. Browne F 8039 


Seamy Side, The. Besant and Rice. . . F 2637 
Search for Andrew Field. Tomlinson . H 2537,1 

Search for Basil Lyndhurst. Carey F 3343 

Search for the Mountain of Gold. 

Murphy H 1865 

Search for the Star, The. Willett H 2717 

Search for the Talisman. Frith H 1322 

SEARING, Mrs. A. E. P. A Social Ex- 
periment F 6572 

SEARLE, January, pseud. See PHIL- 
LIPS, G. S. 
SEARS, E. H. Pictures of the Olden 

Time [Plymouth Colony] F 6575 

Seaside and Fireside Fairies. Blum and 

Wahl H 235 

Seats of the M ighty. Parker F 6092 

SEAWELL, M. E. The Berkeleys and 

their Neighbors F 6506 

Decatur and Somers H 2317 

History of the Lady Betty Stair. . . F 6504 

Little Jarvis. H 2314 

Maid Marian, and other Stories F 6505 

Contents: Maid Marian; Little Missy; 
The Sea Fortunes of Dicky Carew; The 
Kourasofts; The Virginian Colonel; 
The Valbella Brothers; Theodora; Tu- 
bal the Fiddler; Priscilla; Kaintuck. 

Paul Jones H 2316 

Quarterdeck and Fok'sle H 2318 

The Rock of the Lion [Siege of Gib- 
raltar, 1779-83] H 2 3i9 

The Sprightly Romance of MarsacF 6508 

A Strange, Sad Comedy F 6507 

Throckmorton [Virginia] F 6536 

Through Thick and Thin, and The 

Midshipmen's Mess H 2315 

A Virginia Cavalier (George Wash- 
ington) F 6509 


2 17 

Sebastian. Cooper G 809 

Sebastian Strome. Hawthorne F 3950 

Sebastopol. Tolstoi F 7006 

Second Best. Conklin H 1154 

Second Book of Tales. Field F 8775 

Second-Cousin Sarah. Robinson F 1433 

Second Jungle Book. Kipling F 4727 

Second Life. Hector F 3986 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1068 

Second Opportunity of Mr. Staplehurst. 

Ridge F 6388 

Second Sight. Evans F 3432 

Second Son, The. Oliphant and AldrichF 5680 

Second Thoughts. Broughton F 2661 

The same G 860 

Second to none. Grant F 8841 

Second Wife. John F 935 

Secret Chamber at Chad. Green H 1445 

Secret of Fontaine-La-Croix. Field. . .F 3564 

Secret of her Life. Jenkins F 1434 

Secret of Narcisse. Gosse P 3800 

Secret'of Saint Florel. Berwick F 7925 

Secret of the Andes. Hassaurek 781 

Secret of the Black Butte. Shattuck . . H 2326 

Secret of the Court. Moore F 5578 

Secret of the Desert. Fawcett H 1394 

Secret of the Sands. Lancaster H 1 1 18 

Secret of the Sea. Matthews F 5155 

Secret of Victory. Winslow F 7507 

Secret Passion. Williams F 1946,1 

Secret Rose, The. Yeats I 7732 

Secrets at Roseladies. Catherwood. . . H 1084 

Secretary to Bayne, M. P. Ridge F 6391 

Section 558. Hawthorne F 3846 

SEDGWICK, C. M. Hope Leslie; or, 

Early Times in Massachusetts. 2 v F 1 5 10 

The Linwoods. 2 v. [America, !77o]F 1511 

Married or Single? 2v F 15 13 

The Poor Rich Man and the Rich 

Poor Man H 672 

Stories for Young Persons F 15 14 

Tales and Sketches. 2nd Series.. . F 15 16 
and others. Tales of Glauber-Spa. F 151 5 
SEDGWICK, Mrs. S. R. Walter Thorn- 
ley [American Revolution, 1780J.F 6577 

Seed-Time and Harvest. Reuter F 1408 

Seek and Find. Adams H 108,4 

SEELEY, C. S. Lost Canyon of the 
Toltecs; Adventures in Central 

America V 6491 

The Spanish Galleon; Search for 
Sunken Treasure in the Caribbean 

Sea F 6490 

SEELY, H. Nymph of the West F 6538 

A Ranchman's Stories F 6632 

Contents: A Lone Star Bo- Peep; The 
Mystery of San Saba; Three Screphons 
of Concho; An Episode of Paint Rock; 
A Stage-Coach Enchantress; A Wander- 
ing Melibceus; A Frontier Bohemian; 
The Temperance Ball at Brady; The 
Tiger Lily of Llano Post; Christmas 
Day at Centerfitt. 

SEEMULLER, Mrs. A. M. C. Oppor- 
tunity F 1520 

Reginald Archer F 1522 

Seen and Unseen. Algatchie F 1492 

SEGERSTEDT, A. My Lady Legend; 

Folk Tales from the North H 2280 

SEGUIN, L. G. See STRAHAN, Mrs. L. G. 
SEGUR, S. R. de. Adventures of a 

Donkey H 671 

Selected Stories. Read F 6264 

Selections from German Novelists. 4 v. 

Roscoe F 145 1 

Selections from Italian Novelists. 4 v. 

Roscoe F 1453 

Self. Springer F 6841 

Self -Conquered. Heldmann... H 151 1 

Self-Control. Brunton F 2259 

Self-Denying Ordinance. Hamilton... F 9070 

Self-Justification, Essay on. EdgeworthF 518,4 

Selim, the Pasha of Salonica H 439 

SELLERS, E.J. From 18 to 20 F 6546 

Selling Lucky. Abbott H 53.4 

Selvaggio. Rathbone F 2090 

Semi-Attached Couple. 2 v. Eden F 514 

Semi-Detached House. Eden F 516 

Senator Intrigue and Inspector Noseby. 

Sparhawk F 6808 

Seftora Yillena. Wilcox F 6642 

Sense and Sensibility. Austen G 33 

Sensitive Plant. Laszouski and Gerard F 3717 

Sentimental Calendar, The. Stimson. . F 6525 
Sentimental Journey. See Sterne, L. 

Sentimental Tommy. Barrie F 8031 

Seola. Brainerd F 1477 

Septimius Felton. Hawthorne F 770 

The same J 92 


Seraphita. Balzac F 2595 

Serapis. Ebers F 3215 

SERGEANT, A. Beyond Recall [Egyp- 
tian War of 1882] F 6578 

Brooke's Daughter F 6545 

Dr. Endicott's Experiment F 7257 

Esther Denison F 6543 


SERGEANT, A. Great Mill Street Mys- 
tery F 6510 

The Idol-maker F 6514 

A Life Sentence F 6883 

The Luck of the House F 6884 

Marjory Moore F 6513 

The Mistress of Quest F 6512 

No Ambition F 65 1 5 

No Saint F 6541 

Out of Due Season F 6888 

Roy's Repentance F 6542 

Sir Anthony's Secret F 65 1 1 

Story of a Penitent Soul F 6886 

Surrender of Margaret Bellarmine.F 6887 

A True Friend F 6539 

Under False Pretences F 6885 

and E. LESTER. Name and FameF 6544 

Sergeant Croesus. King F 4629 

Sermon at Notre Dame, A. Jacobi F 7189 

Serpent-Charmer, The. Rousselet F 1413 

SERRANO, M. J. (Tr.). War under 

Water F 7430 

SERRAO, T. Brushes and Chisels.... F 6533 
SESSELBERG, M. F. In Amazon Land 
(Adaptations from Brazilian Writ- 
ers) F 6520 

Set of Rogues. Barrett F 8053 

Seth's Brother's Wife. Frederic F 3560 

SETON, W. Romance of the Charter 

Oak [Connecticut] F 15 18 

SETOUN, G. Barncraig; Life in a Scot- 
tish Village F 6519 

Robert Urquhart F 65 1 7 

Sunshine and Haar, Glimpses of Life 

at Barncraig F 65 18 

Settlers in Canada. Marryat G 433 

The same I 3 1 32 

Seven Champions of Christendom, The. 

Kingston H 1698 

Seven Daughters. Douglas H 319 

Seven Days in a Pullman Car. TownerF 7010 

Seven Dreamers. Slosson F 6755 

Seven Frozen Sailors. Fenn and othersF 8689 

Seven Hills. DeMille H 331,2 

Seven Historic Ages. Gilman H 420 

Seven Little Australians. Turner H 2550 

Seven Little People and their Friends. 

Scudder H 2300 

Seven Little Sisters. Andrews H 951 

Seven on the Highway. Teuffel F 4193 

Seven Sons of Mammon. Sala G 532 

Seven Stories. Fullerton F 606 

The same G 936 

Seven Stories with Basement and Attic. 

Mitchell F iiqt 

7 to 12. Rohlfs F 3679 

The same F 3682 

Seven Xmas Eves. Graves and othersF 8865 
Contents: Testimony of Mrs. Mary 
Cheevers, by Graves; Opinion of David 
Dix, Night Watchman, by Farjeon; 
Stray Recollections of P. C. Challice. 
999X, by Lean; Statement of Arthur 
Rowan. Warder, by Fenn; Some Evi- 
dence of Alfred Curran, Reporter, by 
Praed: Remarks of Charles Turrill,Esq., 
M. P., by McCarthy; Old Memories by 
a lonely Clergyman, by Scott. 
Seven Years, and other Tales. Kava- 

nagh G 298 

Sevenfold Trouble, A. Alden and othersH 903 

Sevenoaks. Holland F 831 

1794; Tale of the Terror. Hericault. . . F 4000 

Seventh Child, A. Stannard F 6875 

Severa. Twardowska F 3970 

SEVERANCE, M. S. Hammersmith; 

his Harvard Days F 1 537 

SEVERN, L., pseud. See TROTTER, A. M. 
SEVERNE, H. Chums; a Tale for the 

Youngsters H 2306 

SEWELL, A. Black Beauty, his Grooms 
and Companions [Story of a 

Horse] H 2308 

SEWELL, E. M. After Life G 555 

Sequel to Journal of a Home Life. 

Amy Herbert G .1045 

Child's History of Rome A no 

CleveHall F 1526 

Earl's Daughter F 1 527 

Experience of Life G 104 1 

First History of Greece A 50 

Gertrude F 1528 

Glimpse of the World F 1529 

The same G 556 

Ivors. 2v F 1 531 

Journal of a Home Life F 1 530 

The same G 557 

Katharine Ashton. 2 v F 1 532 

Laneton Parsonage. 3 v F 1 533 

Margaret Percival. 2v F 1534 

Ursula G 558 

The same. 2 v. F 1535 

SEYMOUR, Mrs. M. Chaucer's Stories 

simply told H 2310 

Shakespeare's Stories simply told . H 676 
v. 1. Comedies. 

2. Tragedies and Histories. 
SEYMOUR,Mrs.M.H. Poor and PlainH 2077 



SEYMOUR, R. (A.Crowquill). Seymour's 

Humorous Sketches E 2242 

The same E 5733 

Sforza; a Story of Milan. Astor F 2454 

Shabby Genteel Story. Thackeray G 588,7 

Shadow of a Crime. Caine F 2916 

Shadow of a Dream. Howells F 4077 

Shadow of Ashlydyat. 3 v. in 2. WoodG 1207 

Shadow of John Wallace. Clarkson. . . F 2790 

Shadow of Moloch Mountain. Austin. F 83 

Shadow of Roger Laroque. Mary F 5368 

Shadow of the Guillotine. Cobb F 8281 

Shadow of the Sword. Buchanan F 176 

Shadow of the War. Robinson F 6581 

Shadow on a Wave. Von Degen F 7222 

Shadow on the Blind, and other Stories. 

Baldwin F 7995 

Shadow's Shadow, A. Ragsdale F 6219 

Shadows of Shasta. Miller F 5291 

Shadowed by Three. Van Deventer. . F 51 10 

Shadowland in Elian Vannin. Russell. F 6389 
Shahmah in Pursuit of Freedom; or, the 

Branded Hand [Slavery] F 6648 

SH AIKHZADAH. History of the Forty 

Vezirs F 6734 


and his Friends. Williams F 1946 

Master Skylark. Bennett F 7729 

Secret Passion. Williams F 1946 

Shakspere's Stories simply told. 2 v. 

Seymour H 676 

Tales from. Lamb H 508 

The same J 169,6 

Talk of the Town. Payn G 

Will Shakespeare'sLittleLad. ClarkF 
Youth of Shakspere. Williams. . .F 

Shall I win her? Grant F 

Shamrock and Thistle. Adams H 

Shandon Bells. Black F 

The same G 

Shandy M'Guire. Boyce F 

SHAPCOTT, R., pseud. See WHITE, W. H. 
SHAPLEY, R. E. Solid for Mulhooley 

[Municipal Politics] F 

Sharing her Crime. Fleming F 

SHARP, E. At the Relton Arms F 

SHARP, W. Children of To-Morrow.F 
The Gypsy Christ, and other Tales.F 

Wives in Exile F 

SHATTUCK, W. Keeper of the Sala- 
mander's Order H 

The Secret of the Black Butte; Tale 
of the Big Horn H 2326 

1 168 



I Shaving of Shagpat. Meredith F 5220 

SHAW, E. R. Legends of Fire Island 

Beach, and the South Side ».F 6804 

Contents: The Pot of Gold; The Bogy of 
the Beach; The Mower's Phantom; En- 
chanted Treasure; The Money Ship; 
Widow Molly; The Mineral rod; Notes. 

SHAW, F. L. Castle Blair H 665 

Colonel Cheswick's Campaign F 6584 

Hector F 6582 

Phyllis Browne H 2321 

Sea Change F 6583 

SHAW, H. W. (Josh Billings). Josh Bil- 
lings, his Works E 837 

On Ice, and other Things E 5735 

SHAW, M. Queen Bess F 6586 

SHAW, W.J. Solomon's Story F 6580 

Shawl-Straps. Alcott H 124,2 

She; a History of Adventure. HaggardF 3875 

The same G 1 263 

She loved a Sailor. Barr F 2233 

She loved him madly. Berthoud F 166 

She's all the World to me. Caine F 2699 

She-Wolves of Machecoul. 2 v. DumasF 8483 
Same as Last Vendue. 

Sheba. Booth F 6233 

Sheila. Smith F 6837 

Sheila's Mystery. Molesworth H 1883 

SHELDON, C. M. The Crucifixion of 

Phillip Strong F 6727 

SHELDON, Mrs.O. Brownie's Triumph F 6590 

Lost, a Pearle F 6588 

Stella Rosevelt F 6641 

Wedded by Fate; or, Sister AngelaF 6728 
SHELDON, L. V. An I. D. B. in South 

Africa F 1632 

SHELLEY, M. W. Frankenstein; the 

Modern Prometheus F 1 542 

SHELTON, W. H. The Last Three 

Soldiers [American Civil War]..F 9815 
A Man without a Memory, and other 

Stories F 6729 

Shen's Pigtail, The. Mason F 4340 

Shepherd of Ardmuir. Chambers H 1088 

Shepherd of Bethlehem. Tucker H 734 

SHEPPARD, E. S. {E. Berger). Charles 

Auchester [Musical Story] F 1 543 

Counterparts. 2 v. [Musical Story]. F 1546 

Rumour. 2 v. [Napoleon III.] F 1427 

SHEPPARD, F. H. Love Afloat; Am- 
erican Navy [Buccaneers, 1829].. F 1544 
SHEPPARD, N. Shut up in Paris 

[Franco-Prussian War] G 562 



SHERARD, R. H. Jacob Niemand.. .F 6480 

Sherburne Cousins. Douglas H 1187 

Sherburn* House. Douglas H 1 1 85 

Sherburne Romance. Douglas H 1 198 

Sheridan, Fighting Phil. Headley H 457 

Sherlock Holmes, Adventures of. DoyleF 3014 

Sherlock Holmes, Memoirs of. Doyle. F 3177 
SHERMAN, F. D. and J. K. BANGS. 

New Waggings of Old Tales E 1972 


SHERWOOD, Mrs. M. E. W. Sweet- 

Brier F 7057 

A Transplanted Rose [Story of New 

York Society] F 7059 

SHERWOOD, Mrs. M. M. B. Works. F 1545 

v. 1. Henry Milner; 2. The Fairchild 
Family, and other Tales; 3. Little 
Henry, and other Tales; 4. The Indian 
Pilgrim, and other Tales; 5. The In- 
fant's Progress, and Tales; 6. 
The Governess, and other Tales; 7. 
The Nun. and other Tales; 8. Victoria, 
and other Tales; 9-12. The Lady of the 
Manor, 13. The Mailcoach, and other 
Tales; 14. The Monk of Cimi6s, and 
other Tales; 15. Henry Milner, and 
other Tales; 16. John Marten. 

Stories of the Church Catechism.. . F 6730 
SHERWOOD, M. P. (E. Hastings). An 

Experiment in Altruism F 4299 

SHEYKH-ZADA. See Shaikhzadah. 

SHIEL, M.P. Prince Zaleski F 6806 

Shield of Love. Farjeon F 3623 

Shield of the Fleur-de-lis. Du Bois. . . F 8506 

Shifting for Himself. Alger H 158,3 

Shifting Winds. Ballantyne H 227 

Shiftless Folks. Smith F 1554 

SH1LLABER, B. P. (Mrs. Partington). 

Ike Partington Series H 2330 

v. 1. Ike Partington. 

2. Cruises with Captain Bob. 

3. Double-Runner Club. 
Shiloh; or, Without and Within. Wood- 
ruff F 4422 

Ship and Shore Series. See Stratemeyer, E. 
Ships that pass in the Night. Har- 

raden F 4300 

Shipowner's Daughter. Saunders G 814 

SHIPPEN, E. A Christmas at Sea. . ..F 6805 

SHIPTON, H. Christopher F 6589 

The Herons F 6679 

Saved by the Skin of his Teeth F 6678 

Shipwrecks at Sea. Kingston H 493 

SHIRLEY, Penn, pseud. See CLARKE, S. J. 

Shirley. Nicholls F 1240 

The same G 460 

Shocking Example, and other Sketches. 

Baylor F 2472 

Shod with Silence. Ellis H 1235,1 

Shoepac Recollections. Willcox F 5167 

SHORES, H. The Keys of Fate F 6913 

Short Sixes. Bunner F 2286 

Short Stories, 1895-97. 8 v S 74 

Short Stories. Barr F 2236 

Short Stories. Davis F 3190 

Short Stories ; ed. by Harrison F 3825 

Contents: My own Story, by Stoddard; In 
HonorBound.byChesebro'; An Islander, 
by Crosby; ASpeakin' Ghost, by Slosson; 
Monsieur Alcibiade, by Harrison. 

SHORTHOUSE, J. H. Blanche, Lady 

Falaise F 6550 

Countess Eve [Burgundy, 1785] F 6549 

John Inglesant [Time of Charles I.]F 6591 

The same G 817 

Little Schoolmaster Mark F 6592 

Sir Percival F 6593 

Teacher of the Violin, and other 

Tales F 6548 

Should she have left him? Hudson... F 4169 

Shoulder Arms. True H 2516 

Shoulder-Straps. Morford F 11 88 

Shoulder to Shoulder. Stables H 2332 

SHUMAN, A. Loves of a Lawyer F 1500 

Shut in. Green F 891 1 

Shut up in Paris. Sheppard G 562 

Siberian Exiles. Knox F 4737 

Sibyl Huntington. Dorr F 422 

Sibylla. Cunningham F 8420 

Sibylla. McFadden . . . H 1783 

Sibylle, The Story of. Feuillet F 599 

Sick Calls. Price E 1451 

Sick Giant, and the Doctor Dwarf. Jer- 

rold F 4430.4 

SICKERT, O. (O. Valentine). Helen.. F 

Sickness as a Profession. Moore F 5374 

Side by Side. Alden H 89 

SIDQW1CK, Mrs. A. (Mrs. A. Dean). 

The Grasshoppers F 8448 

Lesser's Daughter F 4342 

A Splendid Cousin F 7237 

SIDNEY, Margaret, pseud. See LOTHROP, 

Mrs. H. M. S. 
SIDNEY, Sir P. Countess of Pembroke's 

Arcadia E 1503 

Sidney. Deland F 2976 

Sidney De Grey. Wise ^679,1 



Sidney Martin's Christmas. Alden H 912 

Sidonie. Daudet F 374 

Same as Fromont, Junior and Ris- 
ler, Senior. 

Siege of London. James F 44 1 3 

Siege of Norwich Castle. Blake F 2306 

Siege of Washington for Little People. 

Adams H 878 

Siegfried, The Story of. Baldwin H 101 5 

SIENKIEWICZ, H. Children of the 

Soil [Modern Poland] F 6742 

The Deluge. 2 v. [Poland, Sweden, 

Russia] F 6645 

Sequel to With Fire and Sword. 
Hania F 9809 

Contents: The Old Servant; Hania; Tar- 
tar Captivity; Let us follow Him; Be 
thou Blessed; At the Source; Charcoal 
Sketches; Organist of Ponikla; Lux in 
Tenebris Lucet; On the Bright Shore; 
That Third Woman. 

Let us follow Him [Christ], and 
other Stories F 9810 

Contents: Let us follow Him; Sielanka; 
Be Blessed; Light in Darkness; Orso; 
Memories of Mariposa. 

Lillian Morris, and other Stories.. . F 6737 

Contents: Lilian Morris; Sachem; Yam- 
yol; The Bull-fight. 

Pan Michael [Poland] F 6735 

Sequel to The Deluge. 

Quo Vadis [Time of Nero] F 6743 

With Fire and Sword (Poland, 

1647-5O F 6646 

Without Dogma [Modern Poland]. F 6732 
Yanko, the Musician, and other Sto- 
ries F 6733 

Contents: Yanko, the Musician; The 
Light-house Keeper of Aspinwall; From 
the Diary of a Tutor in Polznan; Com- 
edy of Errors; Bartek, the Victor. 

Sights and Insights. 2 v. Whitney F 1938 

Sign of Four, The. Doyle F 3181 

The same G 1416 

Sign of the Cross. Barrett F 8054 

Sign of the Wooden Shoon. Mather. . . F 9428 

Signa. DelaRame" F 1370 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 797 

Signal Boys. Eggleston H 358 

Signal Butte. King F 4621 

Signe's History. Thoresen F 7 1 38 

Signing the Contract. Finley F 3500 

Signor I. Farina F 3569 

Signor Monaldini's Niece. Tincker...F 2291 
SIGOURNEY, Mrs. L. H. Myitis, and 

other Sketches F 6647 

Sketch of Connecticut, Forty Years 

since F 6901 

Sigrid. Thoroddsen F 6986 

SIKES, Mrs. O. (Olive Logan). Cha- 
teau Frissac F 6608 

Get thee behind me, Satan! F 1072" 

Silas Barnstarke. Gwynne F 710 

Silas Lapham, Rise of. Howells F 4037 

Silas Marner. Cross F 3302 

The same G 367 

Silence of Dean Maitland. Truttiett. . .G 1258 

Silence of the Maharajah. Corelli F 8248 

Silent and True. Fleming F 590 

Silent Partner. Ward F 131 1 

Silent Pete; or, the Stowaways. Kaler. H 2015 

Silent Sea. Macleod F 5547 

Silent Witness. Yates F 2003 

The same G 1221 

Silent Workman, The. Ross F 6307 

Silhouettes trom Life on the Prairie. 

Hancock F 4220 

Silhouettes of American Life. Davis.. . F 3051 

Silken Threads. Williams F 2450 

SILLOBY, L. Which is right? F 1696 

Silopaen. McKey F 5256 

Silver Canon. Fenn H 1292 

Silver Casket. Tucker H 741 

Silver Caves. Ingersoll H 1536 

Silver Chimes. Marshall H 1828 

Silver Christ. De la Rame* F 6224 

Silver City. Ober H 1970 

Silver Cord. 3 v. in 2. Brooks G 61 

Silver Fairy Book. The H 2327 

Silver Gate Series. See Clarke, S. J. 

Silver Lake. Ballantyne H 1013 

Silver Linings. Bray H 1056 

Silver Medal. Trowbridge H 705 

Silver Pitchers. Alcott H 135 

Silver Rags. Allen H 940,2 

SILVERVALE, Lumina, pseud. See 
SUDDOTH, Mrs. H. A. B. 

Silvia. Kavanagh G 971 

SIMCOX, E. Episodes in the Lives of 

Men, Women and Lovers F 6595 

SIME, W. Haco the Dreamer; Scotch 

University Life. 2 v F 6649 

King Capital F 6597 

The Red Route [Fenianism] F 6600 

SIMMONS, V. S. A Village Drama.. F 7260 



SIMMS, W. G. Beauchampe; or, the 

Kentucky Tragedy F 2050 

Sequel to Charlemont. 
rder Beagles; Tale of MississippiF 2051 

Charlemont; Tale of Kentucky F 2052 

Confession; or, the Blind Heart F 2053 

Eutaw; Tale of the Revolution F 2054 

Sequel to The Forayers. 

The Forayers [Am. Revolution] F -2055 

Sequel to Katharine Walton. 

Guy Rivers [Georgia] F 2056 

Katharine Walton[Am. RevolutionJF 2057 

Sequel to Mellichampe. 
Mellichampe; X<egend of the Santee 

[American Revolution] F 2058 

Sequel to The Partisan. 
The Partisan; Romance of the Rev- 
olution F 2059 

Richard Hurdis; Tale of Alabama. F 2060 
The Scout [American Revolution]. F 2061 

Southward, Ho! F 2062 

Vasconselos [De Soto and Spaniards 

in America, 1538] F 2063 

Wigwam and Cabin; Tales. of the 

South F 2004 

Woodcraft F 2065 

Yemassee [Indian Conspiracy in Caro- 
lina, 1715] F 2066 

SIMON, E. C. (£. Vely). True Daughter 

of Hartenstein F 6494 

Simon Jasper. Pearse H 2070 

SIMONDS, W. (Walter Aim well). Aim- 
well Stories H 677 

v. 1. Oscar. 

2. Clinton. 

3. Ella. 

4. Whistler. 

5. Marcus. 

6. Jessie. 

7. Jerrie. 

SIMPKINSON, J. N. The Washingtons 

(17th Century) F 1491 

Simple Adventures of a Memsahib. 

Cotes F 8255 

Simple Story. Inchbald *F 115,28 

The same F 897 

Simple Tales H 674 

Simpleton, A. Reade F 1387 

The same G 801 

Simplicity and Fascination. Beale F 2409 

Simply a Love-Story. Orne F 5858 

SIMPSON, Mrs. E. M. (Van Saxon). 

Marplot Cupid F 5170 

SIMPSON, K. Jeanieo'Biggersdale.and 

other Yorkshire Stories F 6714 

Contents? Jeanie o'Biggersdale: A Jael 
of the 19th Century; The Bridestones; 
The Witch of Wintergill; Honor Blake. 

SIMS, Q. R. Dramas of Life F 6731 

Rogues and Yagabonds F 6602 

Sin-Eater, and other Stories. Macleod.F 5544 

Sin of Joost Avelingh. Schwartz G 1382 

SINCLAIR, C. Beatrice; or, the un- 
known Relatives F 6762 

Flirtations in Fashionable Life F 1558 

Modern Society F 1 557 

SINCLAIR, J. M. Story for the School- 
room H 2429 

Sindbad, Smith & Co. Stearns H 2400 

Sindibad, Book of. Clouston *F 281 1 

Sinfire. Hawthorne F 3848 

Sing-Song; Nursery Rhymes. RossettiH 651 

Singer from the Sea. Barr F 8042 

Singer's Heart, A. Farquhar F 8685 

Singing Mouse Stories. Hough H 4327 

Singleheart and Doubleface. Reade.. G 1048 
SINGLETON, Mrs. M. M. (Violet Fane). 

Story of Helen Davenant F 6736 

Singular Creatures. Cupples H 315 

Same as Tappy's Chicks. 

Singular Life. Ward F 7437 

Singularly Deluded F 6760 

Sink or Swim. Alger H 152,2 

Sinner and Saint. Hopkins F 4019 

Sinner's Comedy, The. Craigie F 7233 

Sinners Twain. Mackie F 5627 

SINNETT, A. P. Karma [Occult Sci- 
ence] F 6631 

United. 2v F 6637 

Sintram and his Companions. La Motte 

Fouque* F 608 

The same G 207 

Sir Amyas Leigh. Kingsley F 991 

Same as Westward, Ho! 
Sir Andrew Wylie of that Ilk. 2 v. 

Gait F 8917 

Sir Anthony's Secret. Sergeant F 65 1 1 

Sir Brook Fossbrooke. Lever G 353 

Sir Charles Grandi?on. Richardson *Fi 15,9-15 

The same. 7V F 6278 

The same *J 241,9-12 

Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative. 3 v. 

Porter I 381 

The same I 4000,2 1 

Sir George Tressady. 2 v. Ward F 7598 

Sir Gibbie. MacDonald F 5134 



Sir Godfrey's Grand-Daughters. Carey.F 3344 

Sir Harry Hotspur. Trollope F 1774 

The same G 615 

Sir Humphrey's Trial. Potter H 582 

Sir Jasper Carew. Lever G 354 

Sir Jasper's Tenant. Maxwell F 202 

The same G 47 

Sir Mark, a Tale of the First Capital. 

Brown ¥ 8069 

Sir Noel's Heir. Fleming F 593 

Sir Percival. Shorthouse F 6593 

Sir Quixote of the Moors. Buchan F 8006 

Sir Robert's Fortune. Oliphant F 5783 

Sir Roger de Coverley. Addison F 2300 

The same I 4000,22 

Sir Rohan's Ghost. Spoflord F 1628 

Sir Simon Vanderpetter. West F 74 1 5 

Sir Theodore Broughton. James G 271 

Sir Thomas Upmore. Blackmore F 2577 

The same G 1069 

Sir Tom. Oliphant F 5684 

Sirs, only Seventeen ! Townsend H 2541 

Siren, A. Trollope G 621 

Sister Jane. Harris F 9050 

Sister Louise. Melville G 779 

Sister of a Saint, and other Stories. 

Channing F 8213 

Sister Philomene. Goncourt F 3770 

Sister Saint Sulpice. Palacio ValdSs. . F 7285 

Sister to Esau. Barr F 2234 

Sister's Bye-Hours. Ingelow H 472 

Bister's Sin, A. Cameron F 3331 

Sister's Triumph. Boardman. H 241 

Sisters, The. Ebers F 321 1 

The same ..G 925 

Six Boys. Champney H 1175 

Six-Cent Sam's. Hawthorne F 42 10 

Six Girls. Irving H 1545 

Six in all. Townsend H 724 

Six Little Girls. Alden H 915 

Six Months at the Cape. Ballantyne.. . I 1840 

Six Months hence. Prior F 1559 

Six Months in the Ranks. Murray F 6596 

The same G 1126 

Six Nights with the Washingtonians. 

Arthur F 67 

Six O'Clock in the Evening. Alden . . H 80 
Six of one, by half a dozen of the other. 

Stowe and others F 1734 

6,000 Tons of Gold. Chamberlain F 8205 

Six to One. Bellamy F 2621 

Six to sixteen. Ewing H 376 

Six Years ago. Grant F 8843 

Six Years later. Dumas F 497 

Sequel to Queen's Necklace. 

Sixty Folk-Tales. Wratislaw L 2528 


Washington [Am. Rev,] F 9801 

SKELTON, J. Essays in Romance and 

Studies from Life F 6598 

Contents: A Word for Winter; The Pas- 
sion of Martin Holdfast; Elsie; Leaves 
from the Sketch books of Philip Ever- 
green; Catarina in Venice; Nancy's 
Tryste; A Passage in the Ministry of 
Stephen Holdfast; Among the high 

SKERTCHLY, J. A. Melinda the Cabo- 

ceer; Sport in Ashanti F 1538 

Sketch in the Ideal F 6658 

Sketch of Connecticut. Sigourney F 6901 

Sketch-Book. Irving J 142 

The same. 2v I 3599 

Sketches. Clemens F 2795 

Sketches by Boz. Dickens F 398 

The same G 171 

Sketches in London. Thackeray G 588,5 

Sketches in Prose. Riley I 6276 

Sketches in Ultra-Marine. Hannay....F 3841 

Sketches of Aboriginal Life. Vide F 7329 

Sketches of American Character. HaleF 3936 

Sketches of Irish Character. Hall F 724 

Sketches of the English. Jerrold F 4430,4 

Skilled Workman, A. Bodell F 8099 

Skirmishes and Sketches. Dodge E 1057 

Skirmishing. Jenkin G 279 

SLADEN, D. B. W. A Japanese Mar- 
riage F 6495 

Slain by the Doones. Blackmore F 7989 

Slave of the Lamp. Scott F 5521 

Slave of the Lamp. North F 1254 

Slave Prince. Chiswell F 3088 

Slaves of Paris. Gaboriau F 3642 

Slaves of the Ring. Robinson F 1430 

Slaves of the Sawdust. Reade V 6221 

SLEEPER, J. S. {Hawser Martingale). 

Mark Rowland; Tale of the Sea.F 1547 

Sleeping Bard. Wyn F 7601 

Sleeping Fires. Gissing F 8944 

SLEIGHT, M. B. Flag on the Mill.. .F 6606 

The House a£ Crague F 6603 

Pulpit and £asel F 6601 

Slender Clue. Van Deventer F 5109 

SLICK, Sam, pseud. See HALIBURTON, T. C. 
Slings and Arrows, and other Tales. 

Fargus F 3455 

Slip in the Fens F 1625 



Slipping away. Pember F 5957 

Sloane Square Scandal. Cudlip F 7034 

SLOSSON, A. T. Fisbin* Jimmy H 2360 

Heresy of Mebetabel Clark F 6815 

Seven Dreamers F 6755 

Slow and Sure. Alger H 155,4 

Slumber Song. Morgan H 1872 

Small Boys in Big Boots. Gunter F 3725 

Small House at Allington. 3 v. in 2. Trol- 

lope G 616 

SMART, H. Belles and Ringers F 6604 

Breezie Langton; Story of 'Fifty-two 

to 'Fifty-five F 6652 

Courtship in 1720 and i860; Two 

Romances F 1626 

A False Start F 6650 

Long Odds F 6659 

The Master of Rathkelly F 665 1 

The Plunger; a Turf Tragedy F 6653 

Struck down F 6605 

SMEDLEY, F. E. Fortunes of the Col- 

ville Family and Seven Tales. ...F 6612 

Contents: Fortunes of the CoNille Fam- 
ily: The Mysteries of Redgrave Court, 
by F. E. Smedley;' Norfolk and Here- 
ford, by G. P. R. James; The Will, by 
Miss Pardoe; King Veric, by M. F. Tup- 
per; The Last in the Lease, by Mrs. 
S. C. Hall; A Very Woman, by M. B. 
Smedley; The Trust, by Mrs. Bur bury. 

Frank Fairlegh F 1 556 

The same G 564 

Harry Coverdale's Courtship and 

Marriage F 1561 

Lewis Arundel ; or, Railroad of Life . F 1 525 

Lorrimer Littlegood F 1 562 

SMEDLEY, M. B. Linnet's Trial . . . . F 1053 

SMILES, S. Round the World H 678 

SMITH, Albert. Adventures of Mr. 

Ledbury F 21 10 

Pottleton Legacy F 1560 

SMITH, Alex. Alfred Hagart's House- 
hold F 6610 

Miss Oona McQuarrie F 1575 

Sequel to Alfred Hagart's House- 
SMITH, Mrs. A. S. S. Adam Hepburn's 

Vow; Tale of Kirk and Covenant. F 67 11 

Arlie's Mission H 2372 

Fettered yet Free; StudyinHeredityF 6836 

A Lost Ideal F 6916 

Sheila F 6837 

SMITH, C. T. Old Manor House [Rebel- 
lion of 1745] *F 115,36-37 

SMITH, Mrs. E. T. (Z. T. Meade). Bel- 
Marjory F 5185 

The Beresford Prize H 1869 

Betty, a School-girl H 2269 

Children of Wilton Chase H 2262 

Daddy's Boy H 1863 

Deb and the Duchess H 1864 

Four on an Island H 2265 

A Girl in Ten Thousand H 2271 

A Girl of the People H 2264 

Girls New and Old H 2270 

Heart of Gold F 6782 

The Honorable Miss F 6781 

House of Surprises H 1861 

Lady of the Forest H 1866 

A Life fora Love F 6780 

A little Silver Trumpet H 1867 

A London Baby; Story of King RoyH 1827 

The Medicine Lady F 6783 

Out of the Fashion H 2263 

Polly; a New-Fashioned Girl H 1868 

A Princess of the Gutter F 6785 

Red Rose and Tiger Lily H 2268 

A Ring of Rubies H 2266 

A Soldier of Fortune F 6784 

A Son of Ishmael F 6786 

A Sweet Girl Graduate H 2261 

Water Gipsies; Story of Canal Life 

in England H 551 

World of Girls H 1862 

A Young Mutineer H 2267 

and C. HALIFAX. Stories from the 

Diary of a Doctor F 6769 

SMITH, Fannie N. (Christabel Gold- 
smith). Brazen Gates F 1 576 

Shiftless Folks F 1 554 

SMITH, Francis H. Colonel Carter of 

Cartersville F 6770 

A Day at Laguerre'sand other Days; 

N ine Sketches F 6771 

A Gentleman Vagabond, and some 

others F 6772 

Contents: A Gentleman Vagabond; A 
Knight of the Legion of Honor; John 
Sanders, Laborer; B&ader; The Lady of 
Lucerne; Jonathan; Along the Bronx; 
Another Dog; Brockway's Hulk. 

Tom Grogan [Labor-Unions] F 6773 

SMITH, Q. Rousing of Mrs. Potter... F 6816 
Contents: The Rousing of Mrs. Potter; 
A Lone Old Woman; Weighed in the 
Balance; A Theft condoned; A Hope 
deferred; On Pawnee Prairie; Colonel 
Paddington's Nurse; Dan's little Girl; 
An only Son; At the Spring; Gardi. 



SMITH, Hannah H. {Hesba Stretlon). 

Alone in London H 2329 

Brought Home H 667 

Carola F 6615 

Cobwebs and Cables F 6850 

The Doctor's Dilemma P 6703 

Half-Brothers F 6704 

Her only Son, and Michel Lorio's 

Cross F 1 498 

The Highway of Sorrow [Russian 

Stundists] F 6705 

The Lord's Pursebearers F 6614 

Through a Needle's Eye F 1497 

SMITH, Horace. Adam Brown, the 

Merchant F 1539 

Arthur Arundel [Time of James II.]F 1550 
Brambletye House. 3 v. [Cavaliers 

and Roundheads] F 1579 

Jane Lomax. 3 V F 1564 

Love and Mesmerism. 3 v. in 2. . . F 1563 
Massaniello. 3 v. in 2. [Rebellion in 

Naples, 1647] F 6607 

Moneyed Man. 3 V F 21 11 

Tales of the Early Ages. 2 v. [First 

Three Centuries] F 6609 

Tor Hill. 3 V F 1571 

Walter Colyton. 3 v. [Tale of i688]F 1572 
Zillah; a Tale of the Holy City. 4 v. 

in 2 F 1574 

SMITH, Mrs. I. G. Atla; Story of the 

Lost Island F 6618 

Smith, Captain John, Life of. Hill H 465 

SMITH, J. Platonic Affections F 6768 

SMITH, J. E. Oakridge F 1552 

SMITH, J. M. Tales of old Thule....F 6613 
SMITH, Mrs. J. P. Blossom-Bud, and 

her genteel Friends F 6616 

Chris and Otho F 1 565 

Sequel to Widow Goldsmith's Daughter. 

Courting and Farming F 1551 

His Young Wife F 1536 

Lucy F 1503 

Married Belle F 1566 

Ten Old Maids F 1569 

Widow Goldsmith's Daughter F 1567 

The Widower F 1568 

SMITH, J. T. Woman of Culture . . . . F 661 1 
SMITH, L. P. The Youth of Parnassus, 

and other Stories F 9820 

SMITH, M. C. The Boys of Cary FarmH 2346 
SMITH, Mrs. M. P. W. (P. Thorne). 

The Browns H 2345 

Great Match and other Matches.. .F 2 181 

SMITH, Mrs. M. P. W. (P. Thorne). 

A Jolly Good Summer H 2359 

Continuation of ]o\\y Good Times To-day. 

Jolly Good Times . H 72 1 

Jolly Good Times at Hackmatack . H 2348 

Jolly Good Times To-day H 2358 

More Good Times at Hackmatack. H 2349 

Their Canoe Trip H 2347 

SMITH, Saqui. Back from the Dead; 

a Story of the Stage F 7231 

SMITH, Seba. Way down East F 1 570 

SMITH, Stephe. Romance and Humor 

of the Rail F 1577 

SMITH, W. H. The Evolution of Dodd; 

a Pedagogical Story F 685 1 

SMITH, W. L. Q. Life in the South; 

or, Uncle Tom's Cabin as it is ... F 1 573 

Smoke; a Russian Novel. Turgenev..F 1815 

Smoked Glass. Newell F 1233 

SMOLLETT, T. G. Adventures of Per- 

egrine Pickle G 566 

The same J 253,2-3 

Adventures of Roderick Random. G 567 

The same J 253,1 

Expedition of Humphry Clinker. ,G 565 

The same *Fi 15,30-31 

The same J 253,6 

[ Time cf George II ]. 

Smuggler, The. James G 272 

Smuggler's Secret, The. B irrett G 1399 

Snagged and Sunk. Fosdick H 1285,2 

Snap. Wolley F 7633 

Snare of the Fowler. Hector F 4128 

Snarleyyow, the Dog Fiend. Marryat.F 1164 
SNELL, Mrs. C. Isabelle de Verneuil F 1540 
SNELLING, Mrs. A. L. Kabaosa; War- 
riors of the West F 1 504 

SNOW, I. The School of Art F 7269 

Snow Bird, and other American Indian 

Tales. Compton H 3521 

Snow-Bound at Eagle's. Harte F 3884 

Snow Fort, and Frozen Lake. EadgythH 1241 
Snow Garden, and other Fairy Tales. 

Wordsworth H 2773 

Snow-Image. Hawthorne J 79 

Snow Man. Dudevant F 460 

Snow-Shoes and Canoes. Kingston... H 517 

Snow-Shoes and Sledges. Munroe H 1962 

Sequel to The Fur-seal's Tooth . 

Snowball, The. Weyman F 7402 

Snowball Society, The. Bramston H 1052 

Snowed up. Fosdick H 268, 1 

Snug Harbor. Adams H 104,2 



So as by Fire Lothrop F 6504 

So very Human. 3 v. in 2. Richards. G 1176 

Social Experiment, A. Searing F 6572 

Social Highwayman. Train F 7160 

Social Life in the Alps. Zschokke F 2033 

Social Silhouettes. Fawcett F 3465 

Social Strugglers. Boyesen F 8015 

Social Vicissitudes. Philips G 1444 

Social War of 1900. Landis F 1027 

Society Novelettes.2v.BurnandandothersF 2693 

Soldier and a Gentleman. Cobban F 8290 

Soldier and Servant. Baker H 1004 

Soldier Born, A. Groves H 1457 

Soldier Boy. Adams H 105,1 

Soldier of Fortune. Smith F 6784 

Soldier of Manhattan at Ticonderoga and 

Quebec. Altsheler F 7859 

Soldiers of Fortune. Davis F 8534 

Soldiers Three. Kipling.... i 4689 

Soldiers' Stories and Sailors' Yarns. » . . F 6654 

Soldiering and Scribbling. Forbes G 209 

SOLEY, J. R. Sailor Boys of '6i B 2750 

Solid for Mulhooley. Shapley F 6547 

Solitaries, The. Heyse F 800 

Solomon Crow's Christmas Pockets, and 

other Tales. Stuart H 2322 

Solomon Isaacs. Farjeon F 3460 

Same as Mrs. Isaacs. 

Solomon's Story. Shaw F 6580 

Some Chinese Ghosts. Hearn F 4064 

Some Correspondence and Six Conver- 
sations. Fitch F 8701 

Some Emotions, and a Moral [Unknown 

Library] I 

Some Every-Day Folks. Phillpotts. . . F 

Some Friends of Mine. Hunter H 1573 

Some Good Intentions and a Blunder. 

Craigie F 8361 

Some Legendary Landmarks of Africa. 

Evans F 3269 

Some little of the Angel still left. Clay.F 8234 
Some New Jersey Arabian Nights. Mun- 

kittrick F 

Some other Folks. Greene F 5154 

Some Passages in the Practice of Dr. 

Martha Scarborough. Campbell. F 8170 

Some Unconventional People. Jebb...F 4557 

Some Whims of Fate. Norman F 8511 

Some Women's Hearts. Moulton F 5404 

Some Women's Ways. Dickens F 8567 

Some Young Heroines. Alden H 920 

Somebody's Luggage Dickens G 172 

Somebody's Ned. Freeman F 3561 

Somebody's Neighbors. Cooke F 2833 

Something better F 1627 

Something occurred. Farjeon F 

Something to do. Jamison, F 1578 

SOMMERS, L. E. {Lilere). For her 

Daily Bread F 6900 

The Unpopular Public, and Louis. F 4947 

Son of a Prophet. Jackson F 4 4. ,\ 

Son of a Star. Richardson F 6283 

Son of Esau. Gilmore F 3737 

Son of Hagar. Caine F 2917 

Son of Ishmael, A. Smith F 6786 

Son of Issachar. Brooks F 2642 

Son of Old Harry. Tourg£e F 7090 

Son of Reuben. Hocking F 4263 

Son of the Constable of France. Rous- 

selet H 2221 

Son of the Forge, A. Blatchford F 7927 

Son of the Old Dominion. Harrison. . F 3826 

Son of the Organ Grinder. Schwartz . . F 1 706 

Son of the Plains. Paterson F 6101 

Son of the Soil. Oliphant I 

Sons and Daughters. Kirk F 3902 

Sons and Fathers. Edwards. F 3317 

Sons of Belial. Westall F 7606 

Sons of Ham. Pendleton I 

Sons of the Soil. Balzac i 

Sons of the Vikings. Gunn F 8876 

Songsand Legends of Roumania. Murray F 5340 
Songs and Rhymes for the Little Ones. 

Morrison H 1956 

Sonny Sahib, Story of. Cotes H 3500 

Sooner or Later. 3 v. in 2. Brooks. . . G 60 

Sophia, Story of. Elliot G 14 17 

Sophomores of Radcl iff e. Kellogg... h 484,2 

Sophy Carmine. Stannard. F 6870 

Soprano, The. Barnard F 981 

Sorrows of Satan. Corelli F 5091 

Sorrows of Werther. Goethe I 2958 

The same I 3025,4 

Souci. Twells F 7180 

Sought and Found. Frederich F 6254 

Soul of Lilith, The. Corelli F 5090 

Soul of the Bishop. Stannard F 6873 

Soulless Singer. Lee F 4988 

South-County Neighbors. Carpenter.. F 2709 

South Meadows. Disosway... F 419 

South-Sea Bubble. Ainsworth G 19 

South Sea Lover. St. Johnston F 6560 

South Sea Whaler. Kingston H 1664 

South Sea Yarns. Thomson F 7183 

Southennan. 3 v. Gait F 629 

Southern Heritage. Brown F 8068 



Southern Life, Oddities in. Watterson.E 6410 
SOUTHEY, C. A. B. Chapters on Church- 
yards F 6619 

SOUTHEY, R. (Tr.). Chronicle of the 

Cid F 6738 

A Love Story I 4000,22 

Southward, Ho ! Simms F 2062 

SOUVESTRE, E. An Attic Philosopher 

in Pans E 5795 

Confessions of a Working Man I 4000,21 

Sou'wester and Sword. St. Leger H 2469 

Sowed by the Wind. Kellogg H 481,1 

Sowers, The. Scott F 5524* 

Sowers not Reapers. Martineau F 1 1 5 1 ,7 

Sowing and Reaping. Howitt H 464,8 

Sowing and Sewing. Yonge H 798 

Sowing the Wind. Linton F 4835 

Sps-Wife, The. Boyce F 2587 

SPANGLER, H. K. The Physicians 

Wife F 6761 

Spanish Barber Rathbonr F 2095 

Spanish Brothers. Alcock F 6621 

The same G 14 17 

Spanish Cavaliers; tr. by Sadlier F 1548 

Spanish Fairy Tales Arrom de AyalaH 14S 

Spanish Gal leon, The. Seeley F 6490 

Spanish John. McLennan F 9430 

Spanish Legendary Tales. MiddlemoreF 5301 

Spanish Maid. Couch F 8262 

Spanish Match. Ainsworth G 18 

SPARHAWK, F. C. Chronicle of Con- 
quest [Education of the Indians]. F 6638 

A Lazy Man's Work F 6620 

Onoqua [Education of the IndiansJ.F 6639 
Senator Intrigue and Inspector 

Noseby; a Tale of Spoils F 68c8 

Sparing to Spend. Arthur H 179 

Spark of Genius. Kellogg H 484, 1 

Sparks from the Pen of Bill Nye. NyeF 5496 

Sparrow, the Tramp. Wesselhoeft. ... 1 1 775 

Sparrowgrass Papers. Cozzens F 330 

Speaking Likenesses. Rossetti H 652 

SPEAR.J.W. Grace Winslow H 2373 

Out of the Toils H 2374 

SPEAR, Mrs. S. F. Academy Boys in 

Camp H 2375 

SPEARS, J. R. The. Port of Missing 

Ships, and other Stories of the SeaF 9824 

Contents: The Port of Missing Ships; 
Skipper of the Nancy C; Story of a 
Second Mate. 

Special Correspondent. Verne F 7331 

Speculator, The. Ross F 6343 

SPEDON, A. L. Tales of the Canadian 

Forest F 6827 

SPEIGHT, T. W. A Barren Title .... F 6630 

Burgo's Romance F 6807 

The Heart of a Mystery F 6809 

Under Lock and Key Y 1618 

Spell-bound Fiddler. Janson F 4424 

Spell of Ashtaroth. Osborne F 5850 

Spell of Home. Buerstenbinder F 1917 

Spell of Ursula, The. Rowlands F 6418 

SPENCER, E. Fall of the Crimea.. . .A 2012 
SPENCER, Mrs. W. L. N. A Plucky 

One F 6655 

SPENDER, Mrs. L. H. Jocelyn's Mis- 
take F 1670 

Spendthrift. Ainsworth G 26 

SPENSER, E. The Story of the Red 

Cross Knight H 2445 

SPENSER,M.C. Benefit of the Doubt. F 6843 

Sphinx, The. Feuillet F 567 

Sphinx in Aubrey Parish. Chamberlain. F 2715 

Sphinx of Eaglehawk. Browne F 8037 

Sphinx's Children. Cooke F 2836 

Spicy. Lamb F 1018 

Spiders of Society. Lean G 1250 

SPIELHAGEN, P. Hammer and An- 
vil F 1622 

The Hohensteins F 1621 

Lady Clara De Vere F 6660 

Problematic Characters F 1623 

Quisisana; or, Rest at Last F 6661 

Through Night to Light (German 

Revolution, 1 848] F 1620 

What the Swallow sang. F 1624 

SP1NDLER, C. The Jew [Germany, 15th 

Century] F 1549 

Spinning-Wheel Stories. Alcott H 138 

Spinoza. Auerbach F 2423 

Spirit of an Illinois Town. CatherwoodF 3348 

Spiritual Quixote. Graves *Fi 15,32-33 

Splendid Cousin. Sidgwick F 7237 

SPOFFORD, Mrs. H. P. Amber Gods, 

and other Stories F 6670 

Azarian F 1635 

Hester Stanley at St. Mark's H 2380 

An Inheritance F 6779 

A Lost Jewel H 2378 

Marquis of Carabas F 6671 

A Master Spirit F 6778 

New England Legends E 1 539 

Contents: Account of Captain Kidd; 
Charlestown; Salem; Newburyport; 
Dover; Portsmouth. 



SPOFFORD, Mrs. H. P. Scarlet Poppy, 

and other Stories F 6777 

Contents: A Scarlet Poppy; Best-laid 
Schemes; An Ideal; Mrs. Claxton's 
Skeleton; The Tragic Story of Binns; 
The Composite Wife; Mr. Van Nore's 

Sir Rohan's Ghost F 1628 

Thief in the Night F 1636 

Spoil of Office. Garland F 3765 

Spoils of Poynton, The. James F 4393 

Spoilt Girl. James F 4542 

Sport Royal, and other Stories. Haw- 
kins F 4238 

Sportsman's Club afloat. Fosdick H 271 

Sportsman's Club among the Trappers. 

Fosdick H 272 

Sportsman's Club in the Saddle. Fos- 
dick H 270 

Spot: an Autobiography [of a Dog]. . . H 2468 

Spotless Reputation, A. Gerard F 8894 

SPOTTSWOOD, Mrs. L. A. Lodebar.H 2379 
SPRAGUE, M. A. An Earnest Trifler.F 3201 
SON. Confessions of Two F 6656 

Sprightly Romance of Marsac. SeawellF 6508 

Spring Comedies. Broome F 116 

Spring Floods. Turgenev F 1810 

Spring Work. Warner H 753,3 

SPRINGER, R. R. Beechwood F 1629 

Self F 6841 

Springhaven. Black more F 2578 

Spun from Fact. Alden F 2391 

Spur of Monmouth. Morford F 6669 

Spy; Tale of theNeutralGround. CooperF 285 

SPYRI, J. H. Gritli's Children H 2386 

Heidi ; a Story for Children H 2383 

Rico and Wiseli H 2384 

Uncle Titus H 2385 

Veronica, and other Friends F 6763 

SQUANCE, H. S. Miss Mackerell SkyeH 2362 

Square and Compasses. Adams H 104,3 

Squatter Sovereign. Humphrey F 4107 

Squatter's Dream, The. Browne F 2266 

Squaw Elouise. Ryan F 6375 

Squire, The. Parr F 5873 

Squire Arden. Oliphant F 1271 

Squire Hellman, and other Stories. Bro- 

feldt F 7244 

Squire of Low Degree, A. Long F 4978 

Squire of Sandal-Side. Barr F 2513 

Squire Trevlyn's Heir. Wood F 1991 

The same G 649 

Same as Trevlyn Hold. 

Squire's Daughter, The. Lillie H 1 748 

Squirrel Inn. Stockton F 6673 

STAATS, Johanna, pseud. See MER- 
EDITH, K. M. C. 
STABLES, W.G. As we Sweep through 

the Deep H 2457 

The Battle and the Breeze H 2397 

Cruise of the Snowbird; Arctic Ad- 
venture H 2390 

Exiles of Fortune; Tale of a Far 

North Land H 2458 

Facing Fearful Odds [Am. Rev.]. H 2456 

For Life andLibertyl Am. Civil War]H 2454 

From Ploughshare to Pulpit H 2460 

From Pole to Pole [Tale of the 

Sea] H 2393 

Hearts of Oak; Nelson and the 

Navy H 2387 

How Jack Mackenzie won his Epau- 
lettes [Crimean War] H 2453 

Jack Locke H 2388 

Jungle, Peak and Plain H 2396 

The Naval Cadet H 2331 

On Special Service [Life at Sea]. . H 2394 
Shoulder to Shoulder; Story of the 

Stirring Times of Old H 2332 

Stanley Grahame; Tale of the Dark 

Continent H 2392 

To Greenland and the Pole [F. Nan- 
sen] H 2459 

Two Sailor Lads H 2455 

Westward with Columbus H 2389 

Wild Adventures round the Pole. . H 2391 

Wild Life in the Land of the GiantsH 2395 

rinne; or, Italy F 1630 

STAFFORD, J. Old Country Idylls. .F 6487 
Contents: Doris and I; The Mayor of 
Bonshurst; Under a Greenwood Tree; 
The Squire's Amanuensis; Connie; San- 
dro; Assyria in London; The Vicar of 
Wrocksley; Crooked Ways; Elsie. 

Stage-Struck. Macchetta F 631 1 

STAHL,P. *., pseud. See HETZEL, P. J. 

STAHR, F. L. Hulda F 1052 

The Mask of Beauty F 6776 

Stairs of Sand. Banks F 2246 

Stalwarts, The. Norton F 1320 

Stand-by, The. Dole F 8563 

Stand by the Union. Adams H 890,4 

Stand Fast, Craig-Royston! Black.... F 2465 

The same G 1404 

Standish of Standish. Austin F 2377 

Stanifords of Staniford's Folly. Kendall H 488 



STANLEY, H. M. My Dark Compan- 
ions and their Stories [Africa] . . . F 164 1 
My Kalulu [African Slave Trade].. F 1642 
STANLEY,W.P. Our Week afloat; How 

we explored the Pequonset River.H 2398 

Stanley Brereton. Ainsworth G 842 

Stanley Grahame. Stables H 2392 

STANNARD.H.E.V. {JohnStrange Win- 
ter). Army Tales F 6892 

Contents: Booties' Baby; The Siege Baby; 
Regimental Legends; Cavalry Life; In 
Quarters with the 23th Dragoons. 

Aunt Johnnie F 6872 

Buttons, and Booties' Baby F 6893 

Cavalry Life. 2v F 7501 

Confessions of a Publisher F 6896 

Dinna Forget F 7476 

Every Inch a Soldier F 6874 

Experiences of a Lady Help F 6895 

Good-bye F 7478 

Grip F 9830 

Harvest F 6894 

Houp-La F 7530 

I Married a Wife F 6879 

In Luck's Way F 7479 

In Quarters with the 25th DragoonsF 7531 

Into an Unknown World F 9831 

Magnificent Young Man F 6877 

The Major's Favourite F 6876 

A Man of Honor F 7536 

Mignon; or, Booties' Baby F 7529 

Mrs. Bob F 6897 

Only Human ; or, Justice F 7480 

The Other Man's Wife F 7477 

Private Tinker, and other Stories. . F 6878 

Contents: Private Tinker; Major Van- 
deleur's Trust; A Crown of Asphodel; 
Fred's Annie; A Scarborough Love 
Story; Jeanne's Marriage; A Heart Un- 
spotted; The Finger of God; Because; 
Into the Light. 

Red-Coats F 9832 

Regimental Legends G 1448 

A Seventh Child F 6875 

Sophy Carmine, and Ogilvie Whittle- 
church F 6870 

The Soul of the Bishop F 6873 

The Stranger Woman F 7271 

Those Girls F 6871 

The Truth-Tellers F 6880 

STANTON, Edward. Dreams of the 

Dead [Psychic Experience] F 6898 

STANTON, Evan, pseud. See HUGHES, 
T. P. 

STAPLETON, P. The Major's Christ- 
mas, and other Stories F 6848 

My Sister's Husband F 6744 

Star and a Heart, A. Lean G 890 

Star and the Cloud, The. Roe F 1445 

Star-Chamber. Ainsworth G 25 

Star Child. Wilde H 2676 

Star Sapphire, The. Cook F 8267 

Stark Munro Letters. Doyle F 8455 

Starlight Ranch. King F 4679 

Starling, The. 2 v. Macleod F 1092 

STARR, J. The Disagreeable WomanF 6829 

Starry Flag. Adams H 108,1 

Sta'rry Flag Series. See Adams, W. T. 

Start in Life. Balzac F 8052 

Start in Life. Trowbridge H 715 

Startling Exploits of Dr. Quies. C61iereF 271 1 

Statement of Stella Maberly. Guthrie.F 8977 
States-General, 1789. Erckmann* and 

Chatrian F 3249 

STAVER, M. W. Ne wand True.... H 2144 

Steadfast. Cooke F 2849 

Steady and Strong. Freeman H 1340 

Steam House. 2 v. Verne F 7305 

STEARNS, A. Chris and the Wonder- 
ful Lamp H 2382 

Sindbad, Smith & Co H 2400 

STEARNS, W. A. Wrecked on Lab- 
rador H 2399 

STEEL, Mrs. F. A. The Flower of For- 
giveness, and other Stories F 67 1 5 

Contents: The Flower of Forgiveness; 
Harvest; For the Faith; The Bhut- 
Baby; Ramchunderji; Heera Nund; Fe- 
roza; In the House of a Coppersmith; 
Faizullah; The Footstep of Death; 
Habitual Criminals; Mussumat Kirpo's 
Doll; London; Lai; A Debt of Honour; 
The Village Legacy. 

From the Five Rivers F 6713 

In the Permanent Way F 9845 

Contents: Shub'r&t; In the Permanent 
Way; On the Second Story; Glory-of- 
Woman; At the Great Durbar; The 
Blue-throated God; A Tourist Ticket; 
The King's Well; Uma Hima- 
vutee; Young Lochinvar; A Bit of 
Land; The Sorrowful Hour; A Danger 
Signal; Amor Vincit Omnia; The Wings 
of a Dove; The Swimmers; TheFakeer's 
Drum; At her Beck and Call; Music 
hath Charms. 

In the Tideway F 9844 

Miss Stuart's Legacy F 6719 

On the Face of the Waters [Indian 

Mutiny, 1857] F 6718 


STEEL, Mrs. F. A. The Potter's 

Thumb F 6903 

Red Rowans F 6716 

Tales of the Punjab told by the Peo- 
ple F 6004 

Steel Hammer, The. Ulbach I 

Steel Horse. Fosdick H 1285,3 

STEELE, A. C. Broken Toys F 171 5 

STEELE, R. Story of Alexander H 

STEELL, W. Isidra [Modern Mexico]F 6665 
STEIN, Armin, pseud. See NIETSCH- 
MANN, H. O. 

Stella. Hinton F 4212 

Stella Maberly, Statement of. GuthrieF 8977 

Stella Rosevelt. Sheldon F 6641 

Stellafont Abbey. Marshall H 543 

Stem to Stern. Adams H 104,4 

STENBOCK, E. f Count. Studies of 

Death F 984 1 

Contents: Hylas; Narcissus; The Death 
of a Vocation; Viol d' Amor; The Eg? of ' 
the Albatross; The Worm of Luck. 

Step Aside, A. Wood F 3013 

Steps through theWorld: Neptune afloat. 

Rover H 656 

Steps through the World: Neptune out- 
ward bound. Rover H 657 

Steps towards Heaven. Arthur H 949 

STEPHEN, O. Adventures of an At- 
torney in Search of Practice F 1881 

Stephen, M. D. Warner F 7484 

Stephen.a Soldier of the Cross. KingsleyF 4713 

Stephen Claverton & Co. Knight F 4751 

Stephen Dane. Douglas F 445 

Same as Hope Vennard. 
Stephen Ellicott's Daughter. Needell.F 5481 

Stephen Hatton. Reeves G 1012 

Stephen Mitchell's Journey. Alden...H 904 

Stephen, the Schoolmaster. Gellie H 14 17 

STEPHENS.C.A. Camping Out Series.H 686 
v. 1. Camping Out. 

2. Left on Labrador. 

3. Off to the Geysers. 

4. Lynx-Hunting. 

5. Fox-Hunting. 

6. On the Amazons. 
Knockabout Club Along-Shore.. . . H 2401 
Knockabout Club in the Tropics ; 

Mexico and Central America. . .H 2403 
Knockabout Club in the Woods ; 

Maine and Canada H 694 

Young Moose-Hunters H 2402 

STEPHENS, R. Mr. Peters F 9790 

STEPHENSON, Mrs. E. (E. Tabor). 

Eglantine F 1718 

Nine Years Old H 581 

St. Olave's F 1461 

When I was a Little Girl; Stories for 

Children H 763 

Step-mother, The. James (i 

Stepmother's Will. Evans H 1280 

STEPNIAK, S^v%\\xs, pseud. See DRA- 

Stepping Heavenward. Prentiss F 1354 

Stepping Stones. Doudney F 2985 

STERNE, L. My Uncle Toby I 3897 

Sentimental Journey through France 

and Italy F 6849 

The same G 570 

The same I 2958 

The same *I 3404 

The same J 260 

Tristram Shandy, Gentleman G 571 

The same. 2 v *I 3406 

The same J 160 

STERNE, Stuart, pseud. See BLOEDE, Q. 
STERRY, J. A. Nutshell Novels. . . .F 6899 
STEUART, J. A. In the Day of BattleF. 6767 
STEVANS,C.M. (Quondam). Egyptian 
Harp Girl; Mystery of the Peri- 
style F 675 1 

I'ncle Jeremiah and Family at the 

Great Fair F 6752 

Steven Lawrence, Yeoman. Ed wards. G 190 
STEVENS, A. How Men propose; Love 

Scenes from works of Fiction. . .F 6739 
STEVENS, M. F. By subtle Fragrance 

hrkl F 6902 

STEVENSON, E.I. WhiteCockade[Young 

Pretender's Rebellion, 1745] F 6717 

STEVENSON, R. L. The Black Arrow 

[Wars of the Roses] F 6862 

The same G 1 344 

The Body-Snatcher F 6869 

Catriona [Scotland, 1 75 1 ] F 6867 

Sequel to Kidnapped. 
David Balfour [Scotland, 1 75 1 ] . . . . F 6866 
Same as Catriona. 

Island Nights' Entertainments F 6865 

Contents: The Beach of Falesa; The 
Bottle Imp; The Isle of Voices. 

Kidnapped [Scotland, 1745] F 6861 

The same G 1303 

Master of Ballantrae [Scotland and 

America, 1747-75] F 6674 

The same G 1370 



STEVENSON, R. L. The Merry Men, 

and other Tales F 6676 

Contents: The Merry Men; Will o' the 
Mill; Markheim; Thrawn Janet; Olalla; 
The Treasure of Franchard. 

The same G 1449 

New Arabian Nights F 6681 

Contents: The Suicide Club: The Rajah's 
Diamond; Pavilion on the Links; Lodg- 
ing for the Night; Sire de Maletroit's 
Door; Providence and the Guitar. 

Prince Otto F 6675 

St. Ives, a French Prisoner in Eng- 
land F 6708 

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. 

Hyde F 6683 

The same G 1 193 

The Suicide Club F 6857 

Treasure Island G 1194 

The same H 2418 

Weir of Hermiston F 6852 

and L.OSBOURNE. TheEbbTideF 6868 

The Wrecker F 6864 

The Wrong Box F 6863 

and Mrs. STEVENSON. More New 
Arabian Nights; The Dyriaraiter.F 6682 
STEVENSON, Mrs. S. H. Boys and 

Girls in Biology H 675 

STEWART, A. The Tale of Troy. . H 2381 
STEWART, A. M. Home of the Lost 

Child F 813 

Limerick Veteran [Young Pretend- 
er's Rebellion, 1745] F 1671 

Margaret Roper; or, the Chancellor 
and his Daughter [Sir T. More]. F 1669 

The Three Elizabeths F 1747 

Contents: Matron of Israel; Queen Saint 
of Hungary; Lily of Portugal. 
STEWART, E. M. The King and the 

Cloister [Time of Henry VIII.]. .F 978 
Stickit Minister and some Common Men. 

Crockett F 8336 

Stiff-Necked Generation. Walford F 7448 

Still Waters. Paul G 572 

Stillwater Tragedy. Aldrich F 3 

Stimpcett Family, Chronicles of. Diaz.H 350 
STIMSON, F. J. (/. 5. of Dale). Crime 

of Henry Vane F 6685 

First Harvests F 6527 

Guerndale [Turco-Russian War, 

1877] F 3700 

In the Three Zones F 6680 

Contents: Dr. Materialismus; An Ala- 
bama Courtship; Lob Caraquenos. 

STIMSON, F. J. (/. 5. of Dale). King ' 
Noanett; Old Virginia and Mass- 
achusetts Bay F 9861 

Mrs. Knollys, and other Stories F 9862 

Contents: Mrs. Knollys; The Three 
Achievements of Eileen; Our Consul at 
Carlsruhe; A First Love-Letter; In a 
Garret; A Daughter of Spain (Los Cara- 
quenos); Dynevor. 

Pirate Gold F 9860 

The Residuary Legatee F 6526 

The Sentimental Calendar; Twelve 

Funny Stories F 6525 

STINDE, J. The Buchholz Family. 2 v. 

[Berlin Life] F 6634 

Frau Wilhelmine [Berlin Life] F 6636 

Sequel to The Buchholz Family. 

Woodrand Tales F 6635 

STIRLING, A. At Daybreak F 6846 

Stirring Tales of Colonial Adventure. 

Borlase H 3250 

STOCKTON, F. R. Adventures of Cap- 
tain Horn F 6724 

Amos Kilbright, with other Stories F 6667 
Contents: Amos Kilbright; The Reversi- 
ble Landscape: Dusky Philosophy; 
Plain Fishing. 

Ardis Clavarden F 6662 

The Bee Man of Orn, and other Fan- 
ciful Tales F 9882 

Captain Chap H 236'; 

The Casting Away of Mrs. Leeks and 

Mrs. Aleshine F 6692 

The Clocks of Rondaine, and other 

Stories H 2363 

The Dusantes F 6668 

Sequel to Mrs. Leeks and Mrs. Aleshine. 

Fanciful Tales H 2364 

Floating Prince, and other Fairy 

Tales H 2404 

Great Stone of Sardis F 9881 

Great War Syndicate.., F 6666 

The House of Martha F 6672 

The Hundredth Man F 6693 

Jolly Fellowship H 687 

The Lady, or the Tiger? and other 

Stories F 6689 

Gontents: The Lady, or the Tiger? The 
Transferred Ghost; The Spectral Mort- 
gage; Our Archery Club; That same old 
'Coon; His Wife's Deceased Sister; Our 
Story; Mr. Tolman; On the Training of 
Parents; Our Fire-Screen; A Piece of 
Red Calico; Every Man his own Letter- 



STOCKTON, F. R. The Late Mrs. 

Null F 6629 

The Merry Chanter F 6663 

Mrs. Cliff's Yacht F 6720 

Pomona's Travels F 6723 

Round-about Rambles H 681 

Rudder Grange F 6688 

Rudder Grangers abroad, and other 

Stories F 6721 

The Squirrel Inn F 6673 

Stories; Series 1 and 2 F 6687 

Ser. 1. Contents: Sa me as Lady, or the 
Tiger? and other Stories. 
2. The Christmas Wreck; A Story of 
Assisted Fate; An Unhistoric Page; A 
Tale of Negative Gravity; The Clover 
fields' Carriage; The RemarkableWreck 
of The Thomas Hyke; MyBull-Calf; The 
Discourager of Hesitancy; A Borrowed 

Stories of Three Burglars F 6664 

Story of Viteau [Louis IX.] H 2406 

A Story-Teller's Pack F 6726 

Contents: A Few Words to begin with; 
The Magic Egg: The Staying Power of 
Sir Rohan; The Widow's Cruise; Love 
before Breakfast; The Bishop's Ghost 
and the Printer's Baby; Captain Eli's 
best Ear; As one Woman to another; 
My Well and what came out of it; 
Stephen Skarridge's Christinas; My Un- 
willing Neighbor. 

Tales out of School H 684 

Ting-a-Ling H 2405 

The Watchmaker's Wife, and other 

Stories F 6722 

Contents: The Watchmaker's Wife; 
Asaph; My Terminal Moraine; The 
Philosophy of relative Existences; The 
Knife that killed Po Hancy; The Christ- 
mas Shadrach; The Reverend Ezekiel 

What might have been Expected.. H 682 
STODDARD, Mrs. E. D. B. The Mor- 

gesons F 6741 

Temple House F 6891 

Two Men F 6890 

STODDARD, W.O. Among the Lakes.H 2422 

The Battle of New York H 2436 

The Captain's Boat H 2448 

Chris, the Model Maker; a Story of 

New York H 2449 

Chuck Purdy; Story of a New York 

Boy H 2419 

Chumley's Post; Story of the Pawnee 

Trail H 2452 

Same sls Red Beauty. 

STODDARD, W. O. Crowded out o' 

Crofield H 2434 

Dab Kinzer; Story of a Growing 

Boy H 699 

Esau Hardery; American Life F 6690 

Guert Ten Eyck [American Revolu- 
tion] H 2433 

The Heart of it; Romance of East 

and West F 6881 

Little Smoke; a Tale of the Sioux . H 2435 
The Lost Gold of the Montezumas; 

Story of the Alamo H 2289 

The Partners; Story of an E very-day 

Girl and Boy H 2432 

Quartet H 701 

Sequel to Dab Kinzer. 
Red Beauty; Story of the Pawnee 

Trail H 2425 

Same as Chumley's Post. 
The Red Mustang; Story of the 

Mexican Border H 2426 

The Red Patriot; Story of the Ameri- 
can Revolution H 2288 

Saltillo Boys H 2420 

The Sword Maker's Son [A. D. 3o]H 2287 
Talking Leaves [Indian Story of 

Arizona] H 2421 

Tom and the Money King H 2438 

Two Arrows; Story of Red and White 

[Indians] H 2424 

The White Cave H 2437 

The Windfall H 2286 

Winter Fun H 2423 

Wrecked? F 6691 

STOKER, B. The Walter's Mou' . . . . F 6858 

Stokesley Secret. Yonge H 799 

Stolen America. Floyd F 3579 

Stolen Souls. Le Queux F 4068 

Stolen W'hite Elephant. Clemens F 2706 

STOLZ, Mme. de, pseud. See BEGON, F. de. 
STONE, Mrs. C. H. One of Berrian's 

Novels F 6747 

STONE, M. E. Fair Plebeian F 6624 

A Riddle of Luck F 6750 

Stonepastures. Stuart F 9870 

Store Boy, The. Alger H 933 

Storied Holidays. Brooks H 1062 

Stories about. Brooke H 213 

Stories and Interludes. Pain F 6081 

Stories and Poems for Children. Thax- 

ter H 2565 

Stories and Romances. Scudder F 1509 

Stories and Tales. Andersen F 52 




Contents: v. i. Who was She? by Tay- 
lor; The Documents in the Case, by 
Matthews and Bunner; One of the Thir- 
ty Pieces, by Bishop; Balacchi Broth- 
ers, by Davis; An Operation in Money, 
by Webster. 

2. The Transferred Ghost, by Stockton; 
A Martyr to Science, by Jacobi; Mrs. 
Knollys, by Stimson; A Dinner-Party, 
by Eddy; The Mount of Sorrow, by Spof- 
ford; Sister Silvia, by Tincker. 

3. The Spider's Eye, by O'Brien; A Story 
of the Latin Quarter, by Burnett; Two 
Purse-Companions, by Lathrop; Poor 
Ogla-Moga, by Lloyd; A Memorable 
Murder, by Thaxter; Venetian Glass, 
by Matthews. 

4. Miss Grief, by Woolson; Love in Old 
Cloathes, by Bunner; Two Buckets in a 
Well, by Willis; Friend Barton'sConcern, 
by Foote; An Inspired Lobbyist, by 
DeForest; Lost in the Fog, by Brooks. 

5. A Light Man, by James; Yatil, by Mil- 
let; The End of New York, by Benja- 
min; Why Thomas was Discharged, by 
Arnold; The Tachypomp, by Mitchell. 

6. The Village Convict, by White; The 
Denver Express, by Hayes; The Mis- 
fortunes of Bro' Thomas Wheatley, by 
Fairfax; The Heartbreak Cameo, by 
Champney; Miss Eunice's Glove, by 
Webster; Brother Sebastian's Friend- 
ship, by Frederic. 

7. The Bishop's Vagabond, by French; 
Lost, by Bellamy; Kirby's Coals of Fire, 
by Stockton; Passages from the Journal 
of a Social Wreck, by Floyd; Stella 
Grayland, by McKay; The Image of 
San Donato, by Johnson. 

8. The Brigade Commander, by DeFor- 
est; Split Zephyr, by Beers; Zerviah 
Hope, by Ward; The Life Magnet, by 
Adee; Osgood's Predicament, by Stod- 

9. Marse Chan, by Page; Mr. Bixby's 
Christmas Visitor, by Gage; Eli, by 
White; Young Strong of the Clarion, 
by Shinn; How Old Wiggins wore Ship, 
by Coffin; " mas has come," by Kip. 

10. Pancha, a Story of Monterey, by Jan- 
vier; The Ablest Man in the World, by 
Mitchell; Young Moll's Peevy, by Steph- 
ens; Manmat'ha, by DeKay: A daring 
Fiction, by Boyesen; The Story of Two 
Lives, by Schayer. 

Stories by an Archaeologist, and his 

Friends. Humphreys F 4269 


AFRICA F 9854 

Contents : The Mystery of Sasassa Valley, 
by Doyle; Long Odds, by Haggard; King 
Bemba's Point, by Landers; Ghamba, by 
Scully; Mary Musgrave (Anonymous)' 
Gregorio, by Hemingway. 



Contents: The Box Tunnel, by Reade; 
Minions of the Moon, by Robinson; 
The Foor-Fifteen Express,by Edwards; 
The Wrong Black Bag, by Lewis; The 
Three Strangers, by Hardy; Mr. Lis- 
more and the Widow, by Colhr.s;The 
Philosopher in the Apple Orcha d by 
FRANCE F 9852 

Contents: A Lodging for the Night, by 
Stevenson; A Leaf in the Storm, by 
De la Rame; A Terribly Strange Bed, 
by Collins; Michel Lorio's Cross, by 
Smith; A Perilous Amour, by Weyman. 

Contents: The Bird on its Journey, by 
Harraden; Koosje, a Study of Dutch 
Life, by Stannard; ADogof 
De la RamtJ; Markheim. by Stevenson; 
Queen Tita's Wager, by Black. 
IRELAND F 985 1 

Contents: The Gridiron, by Lover; The 
Emergency Men, by Jessop; A Lost 
Recruit, by Barlow; The Rival Dream- 
ers, by Banim; Neal Malone, by Carle- 
ton; The Banshee (Anonymous). 
ITALY F 9856 

Contents: A Faithful Retainer, by Payn; 
Bianca, by Norris; Goneril, by Robin- 
son; The Brigand's Bride, by Oliphant; 
Mrs. General Talboys, by Trollope. 
-LONDON F 9853 

Contents: The Inconsiderate Waiter, by 
Barrie; The Black Poodle, by Guthrie; 
That Brute Simmons, by Morrison; A 
Rose of the Ghetto, by Zangwill; An 
Idyl of London, by Harraden; The Om- 
nibus, by Couch; The Hired Baby, by 
ORIEN1 F 9857 

Contents: The Man who would be King, 
by Kipling ; Tajima, by Mitford ; A 
Chinese Girl Graduate, by Douglas; 
The Revenge of her Race, by Beau- 
mont; King Billy of Ballarat, by Rob- 
erts; Thy Heart's Desire, by Syrette. 

Contents: The Courting of T'Nowhead's 
Bell, by Barrie; The Heather Lintie, by 
Crockett; A Doctor of the Old School, 
by Maclaren; Wandering Willie's Tale, 
by Scott; The Glenmutchkin Railway, 
by Aytoun ; Thrawn Janet, by Steven- 
THE SEA F 9859 

Contents: The extraordinary Adventure 
of a Chief Mate, by Russell ; Quaran- 
tine Island, by Besant; The Rock Scor- 
pions (Anonymous) ; The Master of 
the Chrysolite, by O'Halloran ; Petrel 
and the Black Swan (Anonymous) ; 
Melissr's Tour, by Allen; Vanderdeck- 
en's Message Home (Anonymous). 



Stories for all the Year. Rice H 2152 

Stories for Boys. Davis H 1 190 

Stories for Children. Brine. H 3282 

Stories for Home-Folks. Lippincott. .H 1760,4 
Stories for my Children. Brabourne. . H 

Stories for the Smoking-Room F 6696 

Stories for Young Persons. Sedgwick. F 15 14 

Stories from a Screen. Costello F 2793 

Stories from Ancient History. Strick- 
land H 688 

Stories fromEnglishHistory. 3V. ChurchH 3480 
Stories fromEnglishHistory. CreightonH 1 122 
Stories from English History. Strick- 
land H 689 

Stories from English History for Young 

Americans H 2443 

Stories from famous Ballads. Lippin- 
cott H 522 

Stories from Girls' Lives. Ingelow...H 695 

Stories from Greek Tragedians. ChurchL 2930 

Stories from Herodotus. Church L 2931 

Stories from History. Strickland H 690 

Stories from Homer. Church L 2958 

Stories from Italian Poets. Hunt E 1255 

The same. 2v E 3372 

Stories from Italy. Godkin F 6798 

Stories from Life. Bolton F 2584 

Stories from Livy Church L 2926 

Stories from Modern History. Strick- 
land H 691 

Stories from my Attic. Scudder F 1 508 

Stories from Old English Poetry. Rich- 
ardson H 648 

Stories from R. Browning. Holland.. .F 4191 


Contents: Espero Gorgoni, Gondolier, 
by Smith; The Anatomist of the Heart, 
by Sullivan ; The Song of the Com* 
forter, by A' Beckett; The House on 
the Hilltops, by Channing. 


Contents: From Four to Six, by Eliot; 
The Commonest Possible Story, by 
Perry; The End of the Beginning, by 
Hibbard; A Puritan Ingenue, by Wood; 
Mrs. Manstey's View, by Wharton. 


Contents: Memories, by Matthews ; A 
Charge for France, by Heard; Sergeant 
Gore, by Armstrong ; A Tale of the 
Goblin Horse, by Nott. 


Contents: As the Sparks Fly Upward, 
by Hibbard ; How I sent my Aunt to 
Baltimore, by Davison ; Run to Seed, 
by Page; Flandroe's Mogul, by Gordon. 



Consents: The Port of Missing Ships, 
by Spears; The Fate of the Georgiana, 
by Blunt; Captain Black, by Carryl ; 
The last Slave Ship, by Howe. 

Contents: No Haid Pawn, by Page; How 
the Derby was Won, by Robertson ; 
Aunt Fountain's Prisoner, by Harris; 
Tirar y Soult, by Davis. 

Stories from the Bible. Church H 1 132 

Stories from the Diary of a Doctor. Smith 

and Halifax F 6769 

Stories from the Lips of the Teacher. 

Frothingham . .H 400 

Stories from the Rabbis. Isaacs F 4376 

Stories from Virgil. Church L 2830 

Stories Grandma told. Brine H 1057 

Stories Mother Nature told her Children. 

Andrews H 79 

Stories of a Country Doctor. King. . . E 3985 
Stories of a Sanctified Town. Furman. F 8790 
Stories of a Western Town. French. . F 3403 

Stories of Adventure. Hale H 1487 

Stories of American History. Yongeand 

Weld ' H 800 

Stories of Discovery. Hale H 1 488 

Stories of English and Foreign Life. 

Howitt I 31 16 

Stories of Everyday Life in Modern 

China; tr. by Watters F 7429 

Stories of Famous Ballads. Lippin- 
cott H 1760,3 

Stories of France and Italy. Lippin- 
cott H 1760,4 

Stories of French School Life. Mon- 

crieff H 463 

Stories of Girlhood. Doudney H 1 209 

Stories of History Henty H 1561 

Stories of Invention. Hale H 1485 

Stories of Italy F 6792 

For Contents See Stories from Scribner. 

Stories of Life in Italy I 900 

Stories of London. Crosland H 1125 

Stories of Missionary Enterprise. Mois- 

ter F 1 193 

Stories of New England Life. Russell. F 1396 
Stories of New York F 6793 

For Contents See Stories from Scribner. 

Stories of Old England. Sargent H 666 

Stories of Old Greece. Firth H 1344 

Stories of Old New Spain. Janvier... .F 439! 
Stories of Old Renown. Moncrieff...H 1853 
Stories of other Lands. Johonnot H 1 594 



Stories of Peril and Adventure. Henty.H 1562 

Stories of Provence. Daudet F 2934 

Stories of Sea and Land. Henty H 1563 

Stories of the Army F 6797 

For Contents See Stories from Scribner. 
Stories of the Church Catechism. Sher- 
wood F 6730 

Stories of the Civil War. Blaisdell . . . H 1044 
Stories of the Days of King Arthur. 

Hanson H 1555 

Stories of the Foot-Hills. Graham F 8961 

Stories of the Gorilla Country. Du 

Chaillu H 355 

Stories of the Great Scientists. WrightH 2695 

Stories of the Irish Peasantry. CarletonF 241 
Stories of the Land of Evangeline. Mc- 

Leod F 5367 

Stories of the Magicians. Church H 1 1 26 

Stories of the Old Dominion. Cooke.. . F 2846 

Stories of the Railway F 6794 

For Contents See Stories from Scribner. 
Stories of the Rhine. Erckmann and 

Chatrian F 3255 

Stories of the Saints Chenoweth H 1159 

Stories of the Sea F 6796 

For Contents See Stories from Scribner. 

Stories of the Sea. Hale H 1489 

Stories of the South F 6795 

For Contents See Stories from Scribner. 

Stories of the Wagner Operas. GuerberF 8983 

Stories of Three Burglars. Stockton.. F 6664 
Stories of Torres Vedras. 3 v. Milli- 

gen F 6842 

Stories of Vinegar Hill. See Warner, A. B. 

Stories of War told by Soldiers. Hale.H 440 

Stories told at Twilight. Moulton H 1884 

Stories told for a Purpose. Alden H 902 

Stories told in an African Forest. Jeph- 

son H 1582 

Stories told to a Child. 2 v. Ingelow.H 473 

Storm-Driven. Bigot F 777 

Storm Mountain Ellis H 1254,2 

Stormy Life. Fullerton G 218 

Stormy Petrel. Bowles F 8010 

STORR, F. and H. TURNER. Canter- 
bury Chimes retold for Children.H 2409 

STORY.J.P. Choisy F 1668 

STORY, W. W. Fiammetta; a Summer 

Idyl F 6697 

Story-Book for Children. Diaz H 341 

Story for the Schoolroom. Sinclair. . . H 2429 

Story from Pullmantown, A. Meyer... F 5328 

Story Hour, The. Riggs and Smith. . . H 2636 

Story Mother Nature told. Andrews. .H 79 

Story of a bad Boy. Aldrich H 140 

Story of a Campaign in Kabylia, The. 

Erckmann and Chatrian F 3251 

Story of a Canon. Hill F 4213 

Story of a Child. Deland H 1194 

Story of a Country Town. Howe F 4050 

Story of a Dacoity. Betham F 7960 

Story of a Demoiselle. Price F 6845 

Story of a Dream. Colson F 8374 

Story of a Feather. Jerrold F 4430,2 

Story of a Genius. Howitt H 464,9 

Story of a Governess. Oliphant F 5787 

Story of a Marriage. Baldwin F 7994 

Story of a Mine. Harte F 3946 

Story of a Modern Woman. Dixon... F 3169 

Story of a New York House. Bunner.F 2691 

Story of a Penitent Soul. Sergeant — F 6886 

Story of a Ranch. Rollins F 6308 

Story of a Short Life. Ewing H 1272 

Story of a Spring Morning. MolesworthH 1892 

Story of a Story. Matthews F 5414 

Story of a Workingman's Life. Mason . F 1 1 55 

Story of Aaron. Harris H 4177 

Story of Alexander. Steele H 2467 

Story of an Abduction in the Seventeenth 

Century. Lennep F 4857 

Story of an African Farm. Schreiner.F 4380 

Story of an Enthusiast. Jamison F 4419 

Story of an Honest Man. About F 13 

Story of an old New England Town. . . F 6622 

Story of an Untold Love. Ford F 8757 

Story of Antony Grace. Fenn F 3590 

Story of Aucassin and Nicolette. Bida.F 2449 

Story of Avis. Ward F 1312 

Story of Babette. Stuart H 2408 

Story of Barbara. Maxwell G 861 

Story of Bessie Costrell. Ward F 7599 

Story of Carnival. Marks F 4031 

Story of Christine Rochefort. Prince. .F 6150 

Story of Colette. Schultz F 6801 

Story of Dan, The. Blundell F 3387 

Story of Dick. Parry H 2040 

Story of Dorothy Grape. Wood G 1213 

Story of Eleanor Lambert. Capes F 7221 

Story of Elizabeth. Ritchie G 595 

Story of Esther. Fradenburgh H 1314 

Story of Five. Holloway H 1546 

Story of Fort Frayne. King F 4623 

Story of Four Acorns. Engle H 1266 

Story of Francis Cludde. Weyman....F 7624 

Story of German Love. Mueller F 5335 

Story of Happinolande. Bunce F 2694 



Story of Helen Davenant. Singleton.. F 6736 

Story of Ida. Alexander F 3548 

Story of Jack Ballister's Fortune. Pyle.F 6008 

Story of Jael. Gould F 3439 

Story of Jewad. AH Aziz F 2369 

Story of John Trevennick. Rhoades. . . F 6403 

Story of Juliette. Washington H 2626 

Story of Keedon Bluffs. Murfree F 2865 

Siory of Kennett. Taylor F 1754 

Story of King Arthur H 1438 

Story of Lawrence Garthe. Kirk F 4696 

Story of Liberty. Coffin A 299 

Story of Marcel, and other Tales F 1672 

Story of Margaret Kent. Kirk F 3907 

Story of Margr£del. Meldrum F 6766 

Story of Melicent. Madoc F 5165 

Story of my Uncle Toby. Sterne I 3897 

Story of our Country. Monroe H 565 

Story of Patsy. Riggs H 762 

Story of Philip Methuen Needell . . . . F 5482 

Story of Puff. Livingston H 1750 

Story of Reine\ La Brete F 4841 

Story of Roland. Baldwin H 1016 

Story of Sibylle. Feuillet F 599 

Story of Siegfried. Baldwin H 1015 

Story of Sonny Sahib. Cotes H 3500 

Story of Sophia. Elliot G 1417 

Story of the Gadsbys. Kipling F 4722 

Story of the Golden Age. Baldwin. . . F 2543 

Story of the Iliad. Brooks H 1067 

Story of the Man who didn't know much. 

Murray F 5334 

Story of the other Wise Man. Van DykeF 7355 
Story of the Red Cross Knight, from 

Spenser's Fairy Queen H 2445 

Story of Three Sisters. Maxwell F 5 180 

Story of Tonty. Catherwood F 2702 

Story of Two Lives. Bloede F 2272 

Story of Ulla. Arnold F 7865 

Story of Valentine and his Brother. 

Oliphant F 1 273 

The same G 1017 

Story of Viteau. Stockton H 2406 

Story of William the Silent. Nutting. H 1003 
Story or Two from an old Dutch Town. 

Lowell F 1061 

Story-Tel lers, About Old. Mitchell.. . .E 4610 

Story-Teller's Pack, A. Stockton F 6726 

Story that the Keg told me. Murray. . F 5334 

Stout Heart. Kellogg H 484,6 

STOWE, H. B. Agnes of Sorrenfo 

[Savonarola, 1 408] F 1 725 

Dog's Mission, and other Stories H 692 

STOWE, H. B. Dred; a Tale of the 

Great Dismal Swamp [Slavery].. F 1726 
Same as Nina Gordon. 

Little Foxes E 1 544 

Little Pussy Willow, and The Min- 
ister's Watermelons H 693 

May Flower, and Miscellaneous Writ- 
ings F 1727 

Minister's Wooing [Newport, I795].F 1728 

My Wife and I F 1733 

Nina Gordon ; or, Dred F 1 726 

Oldtown Folks [Mass., 1810-20] F 1729 

Pearl of Orr's Island; Story of the 

Coast of Maine F 1730 

Pink and white Tyranny F 1731 

Poganuc People [Litchfield, Conn., 

1810-20] F 1737 

Queer little People H 683 

Sam Lawson's Stories H 685 

Uncle Tom's Cabin [Slavery] F 1732 

Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin F 1735 

We and our Neighbors F 1 736 

Sequel to My Wife and I. 
and others. Six of one, by Half a 

Dozen of the other F 1734 

STRAHAN, A. (Ed.). Boys' and Girls' 

Book of Story and Tale H 2446 

STRAHAN, Mrs. L. d. S. Life in a 

French Village F 6576 

Straight on. Schultz H 2447 

Straightforward. Parr G 789 

STRAIN, E. H. A Man's Foes [Siege 

of Londonderry, 1689] F 6764 

Strange Adventures of a House-Boat. 

Black F 2559 

The same G 1317 

Strange Adventures of a Phaeton. Black F 1 48 

The same G 48 

Strange Adventures of Lucy Smith. 

Philips G 1305 

Strange Case of Dr. Jekylland Mr. Hyde. 

Stevenson F 6683 

The same G 1193 

Strange Disappearance. Rohlfs F 694 

Strange Elopement, A. Russell F 6366 

Strange Friend. Hawthorne F 3853 

Strange Friend of Tito Gil. Alarcon. . F 2344 

Strange Infatuation. Watson F 41 14 

Strange Manuscript found in a Copper 

Cylinder. De Mille F 6740 

Strange, Sad Comedy, A. Seawell F 6507 

Strange Secrets. Doyle and others F 8458 

For Contents See Doyle, A. C. 



Strange Sights abroad. Adams H 891,4 

Strange Stories. Allen F 2447 

Strange Stories from History. Eggles- 

ton H 1242 

Strange Stories of a Detective F 1673 

Strange Story Lytton F 5021 

The same G 397 

Strange Tales. Murray G 1009 

Strange Tales of a Nihilist. LeQueux . F 4866 

Strange True Storiesof Louisiana. CableF 2718 

Strange World. Maxwell F 203 

The same G 872 

Stranger Woman, The. Stannard F 7271 

Strangers and Pilgrims. Maxwell F 200 

The same G 46 

Strangers and Wayfarers. Jewett F 4465 

Strangers at Lisconnel. Barlow F 7966 

STRATEMEYER, E. Bound to Succeed 

Series H 2462 

v. 1. Richard Dare's Adventure. 
2. Oliver Bright's Search. 

Ship and Shore Series H 2463 

v. 1. Last Cruise of the Spitfire. 
2. Reuben Stone's Discovery. 

STRATENUS, L. A. Suspected F 6799 

Stratford-by-the-Sea F 6684 

Strathera. Blessington G 1044 

Strathmore. De la Rame* F 1398 

The same G $06 

STRAUSS, F. Glory of the House of 

Israel M 1284 

Stray Leaves from Newport. Wheeler. F 7576 

Stray Pearls. Yonge F 2030 

The same G 1225 

Strayed Arrow, The; tr. by Fielde F 3389 

Streaked with Gold F 1712 

Streams from Hidden Sources. Rank- 
ing F 6245 

STRECKFUSS, A. Castle HohenwaldF 6855 

Quicksands F 6856 

Too Rich F 1634 

STREET, Q. S. Autobiography of a 

Boy F 6818 

Episodes F 6819 

Street in Suburbia. Pugh F 6147 

STRETTON,Hesba,^«</. See SMITH, 

STRICKLAND, A. Queens of England. 

3 v H 2427 

Stories from Ancient History H 688 

Stories from English History H 689 

Stories from History H 600 

Stories from Modern History H 691 

Strife and Peace. Bremer I 3004,3 

Strike at Tivoli Mills. Arthur F 64 

Strike in the B — Mill F 6699 

Strive and Succeed. Alger H 152,4 

Strive and Thrive. Howitt H 464,10 

Strolling Players. Yonge and ColeridgeF 7687 
STRONG, O. The Worst Foe; a Tem- 
perance Story F 6677 

Strong and Steady. Alger H 1 52,3 

Strong and Steady. Freeman H 1340 

Strong Arm and Mother's Blessing. Kel- 
logg H 1650 

Strong-Minded Woman, A. Hammond. F 3913 

Struck Down. Smart F 6605 

Struggle, A. Phillips F 5938 

Struggling Upward. Alger H 939 

STUART, Eleanor. Stonepastures. . . F 9870 

STUART, Esme. Arrested F 9868 

Belfry of St. Jude [Franco-Prussjan 

War] H 2410 

Carried Off; Pirate Times H 2417 

How they were Caught in a Trap 

[France, 1802] H 2415 

Isabeau's Hero [Time of Louis 

XIV.] F 6626 

Kestell of Greystone F 6810 

Lia; Tale of Nuremburg [15th Cen- 
tury] F 6627 

Little Brown Girl H 241 1 

Mimi; Peasant Life in Normandy. H 2412 

Out of Reach H 24 16 

Vanda H 2413 

The Vicomte's Bride F 6748 

The White Chapel H 2414 

A Woman of Forty F 6749 

STUART, R. McE. Carlotta's Intended, 

and other Tales F 6812 

Contents: Cariotta's Intended; Bud 
Zunt's Mail; Christmas Geese; Caesar; 
Aunt Delphi's Dilemma; Duke's Christ- 

A Golden Wedding and other TalesF 681 1 

Contents: A Golden Wedding; Lamen- 
tations of Jeremiah Johnson ; Uncle 
Mingo's Speculations ; The Widder 
Johnsing; Christmas Gifts; Blink; Jess- 
ekiah Brown's Courtship : Crazy Abe; 
Queen Anne ; Cornelia Riccardo ; The 
Woman's Exchange ; O 1 Shoutin's 
mighty sweet ; Lucindy. 
InSimpkinsville; Character Tales.F 6813 

Contents: An Arkansas Prophet; Weeds; 
The Unlived Life of Little Mary Ellen; 
The Dividing Fence; The Middle Hall; 
Miss Jemima's Valentine ; A Slender 



STUART.R.McE. SolomonCrow'sChrist- 

mas Pockets, and other Stories. . H 2322 
Contents: Solomon Crow's Christmas 
Pockets ; The Two Tims ; The Freys' 
Christmas Party; Little Mother Quack- 
alina; Old Easter; Saint Idyll's Light; 
Blink; Duke's Christmas; Uncle Ephe's 
Advice to Brer Rabbit ; May be so. 

Story of Babette, a Creole Girl H 2408 

Stuart and Bamboo. Greene F 9001 

Stuart of Dunleath. Maxwell G 465 

Student Life at Harvard. Tripp L 1210 

Student of Blenheim Forest. Dorsey.F 428 

Student of Salamanca. Hardman F 6847 

Studies for Stories from Girls' Lives. In- 

gelow H 695 

Studies from Life. Craik G 123 

Studies of Death. Stenbock F 0841 

Study in Prejudices. Paston F 6088 

Study in Scarlet, A. Doyle F 3184 

Study in Temptations. Craigie Y 

Sturdy Beggar, A. Charrington F 8192 

STURGES, J. The First Supper, and 

other Episodes F 6854 

Contents: The First Supper; The Moon- 
lighter of County Clare; The Brother; 
Three Forms; Koznuishef. 

STURGIS, J. R. An Accomplished 

Gentleman F 6859 

AfterTwenty Years.and other StoriesF 6698 

The Comedy of a Country House.. F 6824 

Dick's Wanderings F 6625 

Folly of Pen Harrington F 6826 

John Maidment F 6686 

A Master of Fortune F 6825 

My Friends and I F 6628 

Thraldom F 6694 

STURGIS, R. F. Price of a Life F 6860 

STUTFIELD,H.E.M. Brethren of Mount 

Atlas; a Theosophical Story F 6823 

Stuy vesant. Abbott H 57,8 

Suburban Pastoral, and other Tales. 

Beers F 7928 

Successful Man, A. Cruger F 3673 

Successors to the Title. Walford F 9962 

Such is Life. Kendall F 4663 

SUDDOTH , Mrs . H . A . B. (L.SilvervaU). 

An Orphan of the Old Dominion.F 1553 

SUDERMANN, H. Dame Care F 6830 

The Wish F 6831 

SUE, E. Mysteries of Paris F 1714 

The same. 3 V *F 6701 

Paula Monti; or, Hotel Lambert.. .F 6702 

Wandering Jew F 1713 

The same. 3 V *F 6700 

Suffolk Tales and Legends. Gurdon..E 3156 

Suicide Club. Stevenson F 6857 

Suil-Dhuv, the Coiner. Griffin F 709,9 

SULLIVAN, A. S. A Questionable Mar- 
riage F 6912 

SULLIVAN, Sir E. R. Tales from 

Scott F 6909 

Contents: Waverley; Guy Mannering; 
Antiquary; Rob Roy; Black Dwarf; 
Old Mortality; Bride of Lammermoor; 
Legend of Montrose; Ivanhoe. 

SULLIVAN, J. W. Tenement Tales of 

New York F 6008 

Contents: Slob Murphy; Minnie Kelsey's 
Wedding: Cohen's Figure; Threw him- 
self away; Luigi Barbieri; Leather's 
Banishment; Not yet; A Young Desper- 

SULLIVAN, M. Day of Wonders.. . . H 2430 
SULLIVAN, T. R. Day and Night 

Stories F 6905 

Contents: v. 1. The Lost Rembrandt; 
Out of New England Granite; Cordon; 
The Tincture of Success, The Rock of 
Beranger; Maestro Ambrogio; Through 
the Gate of Dreams. 2. The Clerk of 
the Weather; A Toledo Blade; To Her; 
The Anatomist of the Heart; The Man 
in Red; Jack-in-the-Box; Under Cover 
of the Darkness. 

Roses of Shadow F 6709 

Tom Sylvester F 6906 

Sultanetta. Dumas F 8487 

Summer at Heartsease. Worihington . H 271 1 
Summer Drift-Wood for the Winter Fire. 

Porter F 1340 

Summer Idyl. Tiernan F 3588 

Summer in a Canon. Riggs F 7558 

Summer in Arcady. Allen F 2323 

Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. 

Whitney '. . F 1933 

Summer in Oldport Harbor. Metcalf..F 5226 

Summer in the Rockies. Woodbridge.H 2706 

Summer Rest. Dodge E 1059 

Summer Snow. Keddie F 4641 

Summer Stories. Molesworth H 1818 

Summer Stories of the South. RichardsF 6271 

Sun-Maid. Grant F 1716 

The same G 944 

Sun of Saratoga. Altsheler F 7858 

Sunbeam Stories. Mackarness G 4 " 

Sunday-School Stories. Hale F 3894 

Sunday-School Stories. Hale and Whit- 
man H 4- 1 

Sunny Shores. Adams H 112,4 



Sunny Stories and some Shady ones. 

Payn F 5919 

The same G 1441 

Sunnybank. Terhune F 1772 

Sunnyside Series. See Phelps, Mrs. E. S. 

Sunrise. Black F 2261 

The same G 1 233 

Sunset in Provence, and other Tales of 

Martyr Times. Alcock H 2439 

Sunset on Mt. Blanc. Martin F 5164 

Sunset Pass. King F 4674 

Sunshine and Haar. Setoun F 65 18 

Sunshine of Domestic Life. Adams.. H 119 

Sunshine of Greystone. May H 550 

Superfluous Woman. Brooke F 6759 

Superior Woman, A. Yardley F 22 11 

Supply at St. Agatha's. Ward F 7438 

Surgeon's Daughter. Scott F 2171 

Surgeon's Stories, The. See Topelius, Z. 

Surly Tim, and other Stories. Burnett . F ijj 
Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion. 

Crockett H 3549 

Surrender of Margaret Bellarmine. Ser- 
geant F 6887 

SURTEES, R. S. Jorrocks' Jaunts and 

Jollities F 6710 

Survivors of the Chancellor. Verne... F 1879 

Susan's Escort and others. Hale F 3938 

Susannah. Mann F 9443 

Suspected. Stratenus F 6799 

Sustained Honor. Musick F 5510 

Susy; a Story of the Plains. Hartc.F 4144 

Sutherlands, The. Harris F 254 

Sutherlands, The. Hook F 8574 

SUTTNER, A. G. v. Djambek, the 

Georgian [Modern Turkey] F 6910 

SUTTNER, B. v. K. Ground Arms! 

[Peace Arbitration] F 6915 

Suwanee River Tales. McDowell F 2575 

Swallow- Barn. Kennedy F 971 

The same *P 280 

Swamp Secret, A. Gardner F 8857 

SWAN, A. S. See SMITH, Mr*. A. S. S. 

SWAN, C. (Ed.). Gesta Romanorum..I 2084 

SWAN, E. B. The Opal Queen F 6838 

Swan and her Crew, The. Davies H 1203 

Swan of Vilamorta. Bazan F 2223 

Swanhilde, and other Fairy Tales. Hor- 

witz H 1542 

SWAZEY, A. ABostonGirl F 6712 

Sweet and Twenty. Collins G 719 

Sweet Bells out of Tune. Harrison. . .F 3818 

Sweet Cicely. Holley F 4061 

Sweet Clover. Burnham F 8021 

Sweet Clover Stories. See May, Mrs. C. L. 

Sweet Content. Molesworth H 1913 

Sweet Girl Graduate. Smith H 2261 

Sweet Mace. 3V . Fenn F 3482 

Sweet Nelly, my Heart's Delight. Be- 

sant and Rice F 2634 

Sweet Revenge. Mitchel F 9474 

Sweet William. Bouvet H 1032 

Sweetbriar. Giberne F 3656 

Sweet-Brier. Sherwood F 7057 

Sweetheart G wen. Tirebuck F 7106 

Sweetheart Travellers. Crockett H 3550 

Sweethearts and Friends. Truttiett.. .F 71 11 
SWEETMAN.W.Throughthe Night.and 

Onward; a Summer Sketch. 2 v.F 1688 
SWEETSER, M. F. In Distance and 

in Dream F 6919 

Swept out to Sea. Ker H 1653 

SWETT, S. Captain Polly H 2440 

Cap'n Thistletop H 2442 

Flying Hill Farm H 2441 

Ponkaty Branch Road, and other 

Stories H 2466 

Contents: The Ponkaty Branch Road; 
Five Thousand Dollars; The Ravelled 

SWIFT, A.M. Cupid, M. D F 6695 

SWIFT, B. The Tormentor F 9874 

SWIFT, J. Gulliver's Travels G 573 

The same H 698 

The same I 2958 

The same *I 3405 

The same J 266,1 

The same J 267,2 

A Tale of a Tub E 1 537 

The same *I 3404 

The same J 266,1 

The same J 267,2 

Swiss Family Robinson. Wyss H 780 

Switch off. Adams H 107,4 

Switzerland, Tales and Traditions of. 

Westall F 7543 

Sword and Gown. Lawrence G 574 

Sword of Damocles. Rohlfs F 686 

Sword of De Bardwell. Phipps F 1349 

Swordmaker's Son. Stoddard H 2287 

Sybaris and other Homes. Hale F 729 

Sybil. Beaconsfield G 178 

Sybil and Chryssa. Warner H 755,2 

Sybil Knox. Hale F 3835 

Sybil's Second Love. Kavanagh G 299 

Syd Belton. Fenn H 1373 



Sydney-Side Saxon, A. Browne F 2264 

Sydney Sovereign, and other Tales. Cou- 

vreur F 7122 

Sydnie Adriance. Douglas F 2993 

Sylvester Sound. Cockton F 303 

Sylvester Romaine. Pelletreau F 6050 

Sylvestra. Ellis F 3237 

Sylvestre Bonnard, Crime of. France. F 3613 

Sylvestres, The. Edwards F 322 1 

The same G 200 

Sylvia Arden. Crawf urd F 3339 

Sylvia's Burden. May H 553.3 

Sylvia's Choice, and other Stones. MayF 335 

The same G 909 

Sylvia's Lovers. Gaskell G 233 

Syl vie and Bruno. Dodgson H 1219 

Sy 1 vie and Bruuo concluded. Dodgson H 12 17 

Symphonies. Clairmonte F 3289 

SYNGE, Q. M. Great-Grandmamma 

and Elsie H 2450 

Synnove Solbakken. Bjdrnson F 252 1 

The same F 7901,1 

SYRETT, N. Nobody's Fault F 9877 

Syrlin ; or, Position. De la Rame* V 6257 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 1368 


Tad; or. Getting even with him. EllisH 1239 

TADEMA, L. A. Love's Martyr F 6923 

The Wings of Icarus P 6924 

TAIT, J. S. My Friend Pasquale, and 

other Stories .* F 7012 

Contents: My Friend Pasquale; The 
Lost Wedding King ; The Legend of 
the Red Moss Rapids ; Two Ninety- 
Day Options; A Strange Story ; Two 
Christmas Eves; Glancing Shafts. 

Wayne and his Friends H 257Q 

Who is the Man? [Tale of the Scot- 
tish Border] F 7096 

Taken Alive. Roe F 6336 

Taken at the Flood. Maxwell F 201 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 706 

Taken by Siege. Gilder F 6922 

Taken by the Enemy. Adams H 890,1 

Taking the Bastile. Dumas F 497 

Sequel to The Queen's Necklace. 

Talba, The. Bray F2299.5 

TALBOT, C. R. Double Masquerade 

[American Revolution]. F 6921 

The Impostor, a Football and Col- 
lege Romance F 7178 

Contents: The Impostor; The Loss of 
the Maid of Arkadee; The Rogers Group 
and the Baronet. 

TALBOT,C. R. Midshipman at Large.H 2481 

Romulus and Remus; a Dog StoryH 2482 

TALBOT, F. Through Fire and WaterF 1738 
TALBOT, H. L. (/>. Danforth). Not in the 

Prospectus F 2060 

Talbot Harland. Ainsworth G 16 

TALCOTT, Mrs. H. B. Q. Fortunes of 

Miss Follen F 678 

One among Many F 3664 

Tale of a Lonely Parish. Crawford. . .F 2875 
Tale of a Tub. See Swift, J. 

Tale of Chloe, The. Meredith F 5279 

Tale of Sin, and other Tales. Wood..G 1212 
Tale of the House of the Wolfings. 

Morris F 5315 

Tale of the Shore and Ocean. Kings- 
ton H 1681 

Tale of the Tow- Path, A. Greene.... H 1442 

Tale of the Tyne. Martineau F 1 151.7 

Tale of Troy. Stewart H 2381 

Tale of Twenty-five Hours. Matthews 

and Jessop F 54 16 

Tale of Two Cities. Dickens F 398 

The same G 173 

Tale of Two Nations. Harvey F 4309 

Tales. Wilson J 292,11 

Tales and Legends from History H 703 

Tales and Novels. 3 v. Opie F 12;; 

Tales and Sketches. 6 v. Hogg F 4003 

Tales and Sketches, 2nd Series. Sedg- 
wick F 1516 

Tales and Traditions of Switzerland. 

Westall F 7543 

Tales and Trifles. Mudford F 5330 

Tales at Tea-Time. Brabourne H 500 

Tales for Christmas Eve. Broughton. .G 56 

Tales for my Grandsons. Baker H 1002 

Tales for the Home Circle. Witt H 774 

Tales for the Marines. Wise F 7505 

Tales for the Young. 2 v. Parsons H 2042 

Tales from Ariosto retold for Children . H 2400 
Tales from Blackwood; 1st Series. 12 v. 

in 6 F 1739 

The same; 2nd Series. 1 2 v F 1 740 

The same; 1st and 2nd Series. . .G 1 170 

Tales from English History. StricklandH 689 

Tales from Scott. Sullivan F 6909 

Tales from Shakspere. Lamb H 508 

Tales from Ten Poets. 3 v. Morris.. . .F 5407 

Tales from the vEgean. Bik£las F 8029 

Tales from the Arabic; tr. by Clerk . . . F 2789 

Tales from the Dramatists. 4 v. Morris.F 5405 

Tales from the Fjeld. Asbjornsen F 2921 



Tales from the German; translated by 

Carlyle. 4v E 917 

The same. 2v E 919 

Tales from the German; tr. by Oxenford 

and Feiling F 6926 

Tales from the Old Dramatists. BrowneE 9072 

Tales from the Operas. Pardon F 1291 

Tales from the Russian. Karamsin. . ,F 4685 
Tales from two Hemispheres. Boye- 

sen F 179 

Tales in Political Economy. Fawcett..L 414 
Tales of a Garrison Town. Eaton and 

Betts F 3248 

Tales of a Grandfather. 3 V. Scott A 11 56 

Tales of a Time and Place. King F 4630 

Tales of a Traveller. Irving J 144 

Tales of all Countries. Trollope F 7174 

Tales of an American Landlord; Life 

South of the Potomac F 6928 

Tales of Eccentric Life. Hammond and 

Lanza F 3914 

Tales of English and Scotish Peasantry. 

Cunningham F 2910 

Tales of Fantasy and Fact. MatthewsF 5639 
Tales of Glauber-Spa. Sedgwick and 

others F '1515 

Tales of King Arthur and his Knights 

of the Round Table. FarringtonF 3444 
Tales of Kings and Queens of England. 

Percy H 650 

Tales of Mean Streets. Morrison F 5630 

Tales of Modern Oxford F 6927 

Tales of Mystery. Saintsbury F 6753 

Tales of Naval and Military Life. Bal- 

leydier H 704 

Tales of New England. Jewett F 4464 

Tales of Old Japan. 2 v. Mitford F 1 187 

Tales of Old Thule*. Smith F 6613 

Tales of Old Travel. Kingsley H 487 

Tales of Our Coast F 6936 

Contents: Smugglers of the Clone, by 
S. K. Crockett; There is Sorrow on the 
Sea. by G. Parker; Path of Murtogh, by 
H. Frederic; Roll-Call of the Reef, by 
Couch; That there Mason, by W. C. 

Tales of Teutonic Lands. Cox and 

Jones F 332 

Tales of the Argonauts. Harte F 749 

The same J 75,3 

Tales of the Birds. Fowler K 8492 

Tales of the Borders and of Scotland. 24 v. 

in 12. Wilson and others F 2140 

Tales of the Canadian Forest. SpedonF 6827 

I Tales of the Caravan, Inn, and Palace. 

Hauff H 1495 

Tales of the Caucasus. Dumas F 8487 

Tales of the Chesapeake. Townsend..F 7050 

Tales of the Drama. Macauley E 9462 

Tales of the Early Ages. 2 v. Smith. F 6609 

Tales of the East; tr. by H. Weber 3 v.F 6929 
Tales of the Fairies and the Ghost World. 

Curtin F 843 1 

Tales of the Five Senses. Griffin F 709.5 

Tales of the Genii. Ridley I 31 59 

Tales of the Gods and the Heroes. CoxF 2904 

Tales of the Good Woman. Paulding. F 1293 

Tales of the Maine Coast. Brooks F 8062 

Tales of the Masque. Pearce F 5969 

Tales of the Munster Festivals. GriffinF 708 

Tales of the Pathfinders. Gilman H 1433 

Tales of the Punjab. Steel F 6904 

Tales of the Real Gypsy. Kester F 4576 

Tales of the Sixty Mandarins. Raju. . H 2228 
Tales of the Southern Border. WebberF 1895 
Tales of the Speech-House. Grindrod.F 3703 
Tales of the West Highlands. 4 v. Camp- 
bell F 8146 

Tales of the White Cockade. Hutton.H 1530 

Tales of Thebes and Argos. Cox F 2854 

Tales of Three Centuries. Witt F 7508 

Tales of Three Centuries. Zagoskin..F 7696 

Tales of Three Cities. James F 4415 

Tales of Two Countries. Kielland F 4667 

Tales out of School. Stockton H 684 

Tales, Romances and Extravagances. 

Hood J 115,1-2 

Talis Qualis. Griffin F 709,7 

Talisman. Scott F 2172 

Talk of the Town. Payn G 1168 

Talking Handkerchief, The. Knox...F 4738 

Talking Horse, The. Guthrie F 3792 

Talking Image of Urur. Hartmann . . . F 3828 

Talking Leaves. Stoddard H 2421 

Tallahassee Girl, A. Thompson F 6925 

Tallangetta, the Squatter's Home. 2 v. 

Howitt F 876 

TALLMAN, M. The Fairhaven Four- 
teen H 2478 

Tame Surrender, A. King F 4617 


Ronins; Historical Tale of Japan . F 6930 

Tancred. Beaconsfield G 920 

Tangled Skein. DeFonblanque F 610 

Tanglewood Tales. Hawthorne J 88 

Tania's Peril. Durand F 3131 

Tanis, the Sang-Digger. Chanler F 3360 

g 7 L > 


Tapestry Room. Molesworth H 1817 

Tappy's Chicks. Cupples H 315 

Taquisara. 2 v. Crawford F 8329 

Tara; a Mahratta Tale. 3 v. in 2. TaylorG 579 

Tarantella. Blind F 2579 

Taras Bulba. Gogol F 3662 

TARDIEU, J. R. (/. T. de Saint-Ger- 

maine). Only a Pin F 1490 

Tartarin of Tarascon. Daudet F 373 

Tartarin on the Alps. Daudet F 2951 

TASMA,fts*ud. See COUVREUR, Mme. J.C.H. 

Tasso and Leonora. Rathbone F 11 39 

Tattered Tom. Alger H 155,1 

Tattered Tom Series. See Alger, H., Jr. 
Tattered Tom, 2nd Series. See Alger, H., Jr. 

Tatters. Bates F 2292 

TAUBE, Q. G. Countess Janina [Polish 

Revolution, 1863] F 7086 

TAUTPHOEUS, J. M. v. At Odds (Ba- 
varia and Tyrol, 1809] G 575 

Cyrilla G 576 

The Initials G 577 

Quits G 578 

Tavistock Tales. Parker and others. .F 6098 
Contents: March of the White Guard, 
by Parker; Sunshine Johnson, Mur- 
derer, by Sharp; The Wrong Prescrip- 
tion, by Hawker; Pensee, by Metcalfe; 
A Saul and David of the Steppe, by 
Morrison; The Man from the Four 
Corners, by Burgin; Feelers of Love, 
by Cameron; Tottie, by Smith: Miss 
Maloney's Public-House, by Atkinson; 
The White Wand and the Golden Star, 
by Boyd; A Sprig of Lavender, by 

TAYLOR, B. Beauty and the Beast and 

Tales from Home [Old Russia]. . F 1750 
Contents: Beauty and the Beast; Tales 
of Home; The Strange Friend; Jacob 
Flint's Journey; Can a Life hide itself? 
Twin Love; The Experiences of the 
A. C; Friend Eli's Daughter; Miss 
Bartram's Trouble; M rs. Strongitharm's 

Boys of other Countries H 702 

Hannah Thurston; American Life.F 1751 

John Godfrey's Fortunes F 1752 

Joseph and his Friend [Story of 

Pennsylvania] F 1753 

Story of Kennett [Quakers, 1700]. .F 1754 
TAYLOR, B. F. Theophilus Trent; Old 

Times in the Oak Openings F 6935 

TAYLOR, B. Q. The Sardonyx Seal.. F 6932 

TAYLOR, E. Quixstar F 1375 

TAYLOR, F. Dame Dolores, and other 

Stories H 329 

TAYLOR, George, pseud. See H AUSRATH, A. 
TAYLOR, H. C. Chatfield. An Ameri- 
can Peeress F 7099 

Two Women &. a Fool F 7101 

The Vice of Fools F 7102 

With Edge Tools F 7100 

TAYLOR, M. I. An Imperial Lover 

[Peter the Great] F 7087 

On the Red Staircase [Peter the 

Great] F 7095 

TAYLOR, P. M. Confessions of a Thug 

[India] F 6940 

Tara; a Mahratta Tale [India, 1657]. 

3 v. in 1 G 579 

TAYLOR, U. A. City of Sarras F 1723 

TAYLOR, W. L. His Broken Sword 

[Prison Life] F 6931 

Tcherkesse Prince, A. Meissner F 5525 


Question [Nihilism in Russia]. . .F 6944 

Tchitchikoff's Journey. Gogol F 3671 

Tea-Time Tales. Gustafsson H 1460 

Teacher of the Violin. Shorthouse F 6548 

TEAL, A. John Thorn's Folks; West- 
ern Life [Indiana] F 6945 

M uriel Howe F 7125 

The Rose of Love F 7126 

TEAL, C. A. Counting the Cost; or, ■ 

Summer at Chautauqua H 2487 

Tecumseh's Young Braves. TomlinsonH 2537,4 

Teddy and Carrots. Kaler H 4601 

TEGNER, E. Fridthjof's Saga F 1950 

Telegraph Boy. Alger H 1 56,4 

Telemachus, Adventures of. F£nelon.F 3479 

Tell me a Story. Molesworth H 1846 

Tell-Tale. Phelps H 594,3 

Tell your Wife. Denison F 6947 

TELLET, R. A Draught of Lethe . . . . F 7 1 30 

The same G 145c 

Tempe. Cotterell F 8310 

Temper and Temperament. Ellis F 3238 

Tempest and Sunshine. Holmes F 846 

Tempest tossed. Roberts F 6301 

Tempest-tossed. Tilton F 1776 

TEMPLE, C. Her Father's InheritanceF 6948 

Out of the Shadows F 6949 

Valley of Diamonds F 6946 

TEMPLE,G.Britta;aShetlandRomanceF 6942 

Temple House. Stoddard F 6891 

Tempted of the Devil. Becker F 2623 

Tempting of Pescara. Meyer F 5350 

Ten Boys who lived on the Road. An- 
drews H 944 



Ten Dollars enough. Nitsch... K 6308 

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room. Arthur H 180 

Ten Notable Stories from Lippincott's 

Magazine F 4491 

Contents: A Rose of the Mire, by Jor- 
dan; Abraham's Mother, by Flint; A 
Pastel, by Rathbone;The Philosophers, 
by Bonner; The Reprieve of Capitalist 
Clyve, by Wister; Jane's Holiday, by 
Berry; The Cross-Roads Ghost, by 
Crim; A Deed with a capital D, by Skin- 
ner; The Rustlers, by McGowan; When 
Hester came, by Taylor. 

Ten Old Maids. Smith F 1569 

Ten Tales. Copp£e F 3006 

Ten Thousand a Year. 3V. Warren F 1944 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 629 

Ten Times one is Ten. Hale F 731 

Ten Years Tenant. Besant and Rice.F 2634 

Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Bronte\ . . . F 2601 

Tender and True Wilford F 7499 

Tenement Tales of New York. SullivanF 6908 
TENGER, M. The Hungarian Girl 

[Revolution of 1848] F 7133 

Tennessee Judge, A. Read F 6228 

TENNEY, E. P. Agamenticus I 6950 

Agatha and the Shadow F 2350 

TENNEY, Mrs. S. Pictures and Stories 

of Animals. 6 v. in 2 K 8043 

Tenth Haycock. Martineau F 1151,9 

Tenting on Stony Beach. Pool F 5980 

Tents of Shem. Allen F 7823 

TERHUNE.M.V.H. {Marion Harland). 

Alone F 6953 

At last F 1760 

Empty Heart; or, Husks F 1762 

From my Youth up F 6954 

A Gallant Fight F 6955 

Handicapped F 695 1 

Helen Gardner's Wedding-day, and 

A Battle Summer F 1763 

Hidden Path F 1764 

His Great Self F 6957 

Husbands and Homes F 1765 

Jessamine F 1766 

Judith; a Chronicle of Old VirginiaF 6952 

Miriam F 1767 

Mr. Wayt's Wife's Sister F 6958 

Contents: Mr. Wayt's Wife's Sister; 
A Social Success; The Articles of Separ- 

, Moss-Side F 1768 

My Little Love F 1761 

Nemesis F 1769 

An Old-Field School-Girl F 6943 

TERHUNE,M.V.H. (Marion Harland). 

Phemie's Temptation F 1770 

The Royal Road F 6959 

Ruby's Husband F 1771 

Ruth Bergen's Limitations F 6937 

Sunnybank F 1772 

True as Steel F 1773 

With the best Intentions F 6956 

Terminations. James F 4396 

Terrace of Mon D£sir. Meissner F 6941 

Terrace Roses. Gardner F 3710 

Terrapin Island. Cupples H 1133 

Terrible Family, A. James F 4540 

Terrible Inheritance, A. Allen F 7821 

Terrible Secret. Fleming F 596 

Terrible Tales F 7062 

v. 1. French. 

2. German. 

3. Italian. 

4. Spanish. 

Terrible Temptation. Reade F 1388 

The same G 514 

Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Hardy.... F 4162 
Tested; or, Hope's Fruition. Gardner. F 628 
TEUFFEL,B.W.H.(B. w. Howard). Aul- 

nay Tower [Franco- Prussian Warj.F 4036 

Aunt Serena F 4025 

A Battle and a Boy H 162 1 

Guenn; a Wave on the Breton CoastF 4027 

No Heroes H 2475 

One Summer F 869 

The Open Door F 4089 

Seven on the Highway F 4193 

Contents: Marigold-Michel; No Contin- 
uing City; Thalatta; Puss-in-Boots; 
The Youth that never Smiled; The 
Majesty of the Law; All Sails spread 
for Monkeyland. 

Tony, the Maid F 4090 

and W. SHARP. A Fellowe and his 

Wife F 4192 

Texar's Revenge; or, North against 

South. Verne F 7317 

THACKERAY, W. M. Adventures of 
Philip on his way through the 

World G 581 

Catherine G 582 

Denis Duval G 583 

The Four Georges.' G 585 

History of Henry Esmond . . . . G 586 

The same F 1 746 

History of Pendennis. 3 v. in 2... G 591 

Irish Sketch Book G 587 



THACKERAY, W. M. Lovel the Wid- 
ower F 1746 

The same G 585 

Miscellanies. 8 v. in 4 G 588 

Contents: v. 1. Samuel Tit marsh and 
the Great Hoggarty Diamond; Book of 
Snobs. 2. The Kickleburys abroad; 
Legend of the Rhine; Rebecca and Ro- 
wena; Second Funeral of Napoleon; 
Chronicle of the Drum. 3. Tremen- 
dous Adventures of Major Gahagan; 
The Fatal Boots; Ballads. 4. Memoirs 
of Charles J. Yellowplush; Diary of C. 
Jeames de la Pluche. Esq.; Cox's Diary. 
5. Sketches and Travels in London; 
Novels by Eminent Hands; Character 
Sketches. 6. Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, 
Esq. 7. A Little Dinner at Timmins's; 
The Bedford-Row Conspiracy; The Fitz- 
Boodle Papers; A Shabby Genteel Story. 
8. Men's Wives. 

The Newcomes. 4 v. in 2 G 589 

Paris Sketch Book G 590 

Sultan Stork, and other Stories E 5971 

s Vanity Fair; a Novel without a Hero 

[Waterloo]. 3V. in 2 G 593 

The Virginians [Colonies and Eng- 
land, 1750-65] F 6966 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 594 

Thaddeus of Warsaw. Porter F 1339 

THANET, Octave, pseud. See FRENCH, A. 

Thankful Blossom. Harte F 754 

That Affair Next-Door. Rohlfs F 6452 

That Angelic Woman. Ludlow F 4953 

That Artful Vicar. Murray G 1120 

That Beautiful Wretch. Black F 2563 

That Boy Bob. Foster and Alden H 1352 

That Boy of Norcott's. Lever G 356 

That Boy; Who shall have him? Dan- 
iels F 2922 

That Dakota Girl. Gilman F 3754 

That Dreadful Boy. Woods F 7546 

That Eurasian. Hauser F 7935 

That First Affair. Mitchell F 9467 

That Frenchman! Gunter F 3723 

That Lass o* Lowrie's. Burnett F 184 

That other Person. Hunt F 41 10 

That other Woman. Cudlip F 7037 

That Queer Girl. Townsend F 7056 

That Stick. Yonge F 2046 

That Terrible Man. Norris F 5423 

That Wild Wheel. Trollope F 7172 

THAXTER, Mrs. C. L. Stories and 

Poems for Children H 2565 

THAYER E. H. The English-Amer- 
ican F 6987 

THAYER, W. M. Bobbin Boy H 249S 

Farmer Boy; Life of Washington.. H 453 
From Log Cabin to White House; 

Life of Garfield H 2496 

From Tannery to White House; Life 

of U. S. Grant C 2196 

Pioneer Boy; Life of Lincoln H 2497 

Poor Boy and Merchant Prince; Life 

of A. Lawrence H 2495 

Printer Boy; Life of Franklin H 700 

Youth's H istory of the Rebellion B 430 

v. 1. Sumpter to Roanoke. 

2. Roanoke to Murfreesboro'. 

3. Murfreesboro* to Fort Pillow. 

4. Fort Pillow to the End. 
THEBAUD, A. J. Louisa Kirkbride; a 

Tale of New York F 6960 

Their Canoe Trip. Smith H 2347 

Their Club and Ours. True H 2515 

Their Pilgrimage. Warner F 7571 

Their Wedding Journey. Howells F 871 

Thekla. Armstrong F 2448 

Thelma; a Norwegian Princess. Co- 

relli G 1289 

Theo. Burnett F 2280,1 

THEODOLI, L. Under Pressure F 7135 

Theodora. Norris H 1931 

Theophilus and others. Dodge F 426 

Theophilus Trent. Taylor F 6935 

Theophrastus Such, Impressions of. CrossF 3301 

The same G 092 

There and Back. MacDonald F 5252 

There is no Devil. Jokai F 4500 

There was once a Man. Newell F 5392 

Theresa. May G 909 

TheYese de Quilliane. Tinseau F 7142 

Theron Ware, Damnation of. FredericF 8748 

These lots to be sold. About F 4955 

THEURIET, A. The Abbe" Daniel. ..F 6964 

The Godson of a Marquis F 6961 

They call it Love. Moore F 5577 

They met in Heaven. Hepworth F 4103 

Thicker than Water. Payn F 5928 

THICKSTUN, F., pseud. See CLARK, F. T. 

Thief in the Night. Spofford F 1636 

THIERRY, G. A. The Palimpsest. . .F 7243 

Thing that hath been, The. Gilkes...F 8930 

Things Seen. Hugo E 3380 

Things will take a Turn. Harraden...H 4161 

Think and Thank. Cooper H 1 1 46 

Thinks-I-to-Myself. Nares F 1748 

Thiodolf the Icelander. LaMotte FouqueT 4815 

Third Hand High. Murdock F 5097 



Third Man. Bethune F 7931 

Third Person, A. Croker F 8342 

Third Violet, The. Crane F 8403 

Third Volume. Hume F 4274 

Third Year in Jerusalem. Finn F 3414 

Thirteen Little Black Pigs. MolesworthH 1915 
Thirteen Stories of the Far West. Heer- 

mans F 4067 

Thirty Years Ago. 2 v. Dunlap F 3030 

Thirty Years from Home. Leech F 1043 

This Mortal Coil. Allen F 2445 

This one Thing I do. Porter F 1342 

This Son of Vulcan. Besant and Rice. F 2606 

This Wicked World. Cameron F 2707 

THIUSEN, I., pseud. The Diothas; or, 

a Far Look ahead F 6962 

THOMAS, Annie. See CUDLIP, Mrs. A. 

THOMAS, B. House on the Scar F 6969 

THOMAS, C. The Crystal Button; Ad- 
ventures in the 49th Century F 6968 

THOMAS, E. Great St. Benedicts.. . . F 6971 
THOMAS, E. M. In Sunshine Land 

(Poems) H 2492 

aud others. Stories, Jingles and 

Rhymes H 2493 

Stories, by Miller and Tucker; Rhymes, 
Fairy Tales, by Cone; Rhymes, Mother 
Goose Jingles, by Tucker; Rhymes, by 

THOMAS, M. M. Captain Phil [Ameri- 
can Civil War] H 2502 

THOMAS, R. Grafenburg People . . . F 6972 

Thomas Boobig. Marshall F 5569 

Thomas Didymus, Legend of. Clarke. F 2761 

Thomas of Reading. Deloney F 6970,1 

Thomas Wingfold, Curate. MacDonaldF 11 11 
THOMES, W. H. Bushrangers; Second 

Visit to Australia H 712 

A Gold Hunter's Adventures in 

Australia H 713 

Gold Hunters in Europe H 714 

Whaleman's Adventures in the Sand- 
wich Islands H 2503 

THOMPSON, A. A Moral Dilemma.. F 6978 
THOMPSON, B. A Court Intrigue. . . F 6983 
THOMPSON, C. M. The Nimble Dol- 
lar, and other Stories F 6979 

Contents: The Nimble Dollar; A Tan- 
gled Web; A Victim of Twins; The Re- 
ward of Heroes; The Story of Leon; 
Prince Joe; Walcott's Mistake. 
THOMPSON, D.P.Green Mountain Boys; 

Early Settlement of Vermont. . H 717 
Locke Amsden;or,the SchoolmasterH 718 

THOMPSON, D. P. MayMartin.andother 

Tales of the Green Mountains. . . F 1780 
The Rangers; or, the Tory's Daugh- 
ter [American Revolution! H 719 

THOMPSON, E. W. Mary, Star of the 

Sea F 5147 

THOMPSON, J. Eldmuir; an Art-StoryF 6980 
THOMPSON, J. M. At Loves Ex- 
tremes [Alabama] F 6981 

A Banker of Bankersville F 6982 

Boys' Book of Sports K 1872 

His Second Campaign [Georgia] . . . F 3992 

Hoosier Mosaics F 1749 

The Ocala Boy; Story of Florida. H 2558 

A Tallahassee Girl F 6925 

THOMPSON.M. fA.(Q.K.P.Doesticks). 

The Elephant Club E 1572 

THOMS, W. J. (Ed.). Early English 

Prose Romances. 3 v F 6970 

Contents: v. 1. Robert the Deuyll; 
Thomas a Reading; Frier Bacon; Frier 
Rush. 2. Virgilius; Robin Hood; George 
a Green; Tom a Lincolne. 3. Helyas; 
Doctor Faustus; Second Report of Doc- 
tor Faustus. 

THOMSON, B. South Sea Yarns F 7183 

THOMSON, E. W. Old Man Savarin, 

and other Stories F 6984 

Contents: Old Man Savarin; The Privi- 
lege of the Limits; McGrath's bad 
Night; Great Godfrey's Lament; The 
Red-headed Windego; The Shining 
Cross of Rigaud; Little Baptiste; The 
Ride by Night; Drafted; A Turkey 
apiece; Grandpapa's Wolf Story; The 
Waterloo Veteran; John Bedell; Ver- 
bitzsky's Strategem. 

THOMSON, J. and H. SMITH. Ulu; an 

African Romance. 2v F 7139 

THORESEN, A. M. K. Signe's History; 

a Norwegian Tale F 7138 

Thora-Apples. Miller H 1891 

Thorn in the Nest. Finley F 3493 

Thorns in your Sides. Keyser F 4646 

THORNE, P., pseud. See SMITH, M. P. W. 

Thornicroft's Model. Hunt G 855 

Thornton Hall. McKeen F 11 13 

Thorny Path, A. 2 v. Ebers F 3198 

THORODDSEN, J. T. Sigrid; an Ice- 
landic Story F 6986 

THORPE,B.(Ed.). Yule-Tide Storiesfrom 

the Swedish, Danish and German.I ^3367 
THORPE, Kamba, pseud.See BELLAMY, Mrs. 
THORPE, Mrs. R. H. The Year's best 

Days for Boys and Girls H 2494 



Thorpe Regis. Peard G 785 

Thorstein of the Mere. Col ling wood.. F 8305 

These Boys. v oster H 1356 

Those Children and their Teachers. 

Brooks F 2659 

Those Extraordinary Twins. Clemens. F 7154 

Those Girls. Stannard F 6871 

Thoth. Nicholson G 1 346 

Tuoughts of my Dumb Neighbors. 

Bamford H 982 

Thousand and One Nights. See Arabian 

Nights' Entertainments. 
Thousand Miles' Walk across South 

America. Bishop H 253 

Thousand Years hence. Green F 3688 

Thraldom. Sturgis F 6694 

Thread of Gold. Wilbur H 2668 

Three Admirals. Kingston H 1673 

Three Ages. Mart ineau 1 r 5 1 ,8 

Three-and-twenty. Drink water H 1 225 

Three Apprentices of Moon Street. Mon- 

torgueil H 1944 

Three Boys on an Electrical Boat. Trow- 
bridge H 

Three Brides. Yonge G 832 

Three Burglars, Stories of. Stockton.F 6664 

Three Colonial Boys. Tomlinson H 2539,1 

Three Commanders. Kingston H 1674 

Three-Cornered Hat. Alarcon F 234 1 

Three Courses and a Dessert. Clarke. I 3109 

Three Cousins. Maitland F 1132 

Three Cutters, The. Marryat F n 5 2 

The same I 3130 

Three Days. Cooper F 2873 

Three Diggers. Clarke H 1 168 

Three Elizabeths. Stewart F 1747 

Three Eras in a Woman's Life. ArthurH 181 

!!! [Three Exclamations]. Hepworth..F 3991 

Three Fates, The. Crawford F 3 1 1 1 

Three Feathers. Black G 867 

Three Frights and Beauties. Keddie.H 1645 
Three Fugitives in Siberia. Tissot and 

Amero F 7001 

Three Generations. Emery F 542 

Three Girls in a Flat.Yandell and othersF 7685 

Three Good Giants. Rabelais F 6269 

Three Graces. Hungerford F 2318 

Three Greek Children. Church H 1127 

Three Guardsmen. Dumas F 494 

Three Hundred Years hence. Hay F 3965 

Three Judges, The. Warren H 796 

Three Lieutenants. Kingston H 509 

Three Little Maids. Deane H 1 181 

Three Little Spades. Warner H 2660 

Three Men in a Boat. Jerome I 6284 

Three Midshipmen. Kingston H 498 

Three Miss Kings. Cross F 3153 

Three Months in Egypt H 716 

Three Musketeers. Dumas F 494 

Three of us. Chandler H 3450 

Three Old Maids in Hawaii. Maxwell. F 9448 

Three Partners. Harte F 4148 

Three People. Alden F 2396 

Three Pines. Abbott H 53,3 

Three Proverb Stories. Alcott H 130 

Three Recruits. Hatton F 3971 

Three Richard Whalens, The. Reeve. F 6189 

Three Scouts. Trowbridge H 711 

Three Sisters. Keeling G 803 

Three Sketches of War. Zola F 7704 

Three-Stranded Yarn. Russell F 6462 

Three Strangers. Hardy F 4165 

Three Tales. Hauff G 248 

Three Tales. O'Connor F 5641 

1 Three Tales for Boys. Craik H 2822 

Three Tales for Girls. Craik H 2823 

Three Times and Out. Dickinson H 3620 

Three Times Tried, and other Stories. F 3459 

Contents: Three Times Tried, by Far- 
jeon; A Terrible Inheritance, by Allen; 
By Telegraph, by Cobban; For Dick's 
Sake, by Riddell; Slipping away, by 
Pember; Lord John, by Fenn. 

Three Trappers. Daunt H 1 201 

Three Weeks at Mopetown. Fitzgerald F 3419 

Three Weeks in Politics. Bangs F 7809 

Three Years in a Man-Trap. Arthur.. F 68 

Threshold of Life. Adams H 118 

Throckmorton. Seawell F 6536 

Throne of David. Ingraham II 1280 

Throstlethwaite. Morley F 5310 

Through a Needle's Eye. Smith F 1 497 

Through Apache Land. Jayne H 1 583,2 

Through by Daylight. Adams H 107,1 

Through Fire and Water. Talbot . . . . F 1738 

Through Forest and Fire. Ellis H 1237,1 

Through Forest and Plain. Russan and 

Boyle H 2257 

Through Green Glasses. Allen F 2371 

Through Night to Light. Gutzkow.. . .G : :\\ 

Through Night to Light. Spielhagen..F 1620 
Through on Time Series. See Ellis, E. S. 

Through one Administration. Burnett. F 2668 

Through Russian Snows. Henty H 1623 

Through Swamp and Glade. Munroe.H 5170 

Through the Fray. Henty H 1468 



Through the Linn. Giberne F 3655 

Through the Looking Glass. Dodgson.H 261 

Through the Night- 2 v. Sweetman..F 1688 
Through the Red-Litten Windows. 

Hertz-Garten F 7230 

Through the Sikh War. Henty H 1538 

Through Thick and Thin. Francis. . . H 1334 

Through Thick and Thin. Me>y F 11 24 

Through Thick and Thin. Sea well... H 2315 

Thrown together. Montgomery F 1 197 

The same G 450 

Thumb-Nail Sketches. Edwards F 3262 

Thumb-Nail Sketches of Australian Life. 

Chambers F 8210 

THURSTON, L. M. Charley Roberts 

Series H 722 

v. 1. How Charley Roberts became 
a Man. 

2. How Eva Roberts gained her 


3. Charley and Eva's Home in 

the West. 

4. Children of Amity Court. 
THURSTON, O., pseud. See FLANDERS, H. 
Thurstons of the Old Palmetto State 

Caldwell F 2733 

Thwarted. Montgomery G 783 

The same H 567 

Thy Name is Woman. Muir F 5584 

T|DBALL, M. L. Barbara's VagariesF 6989 

Tiddledy wink Tales. Bangs H 967 

TIECK, J. L., Selections from; by Car- 

lyle E 917,2 

Translations from; by Roscoe F 1451,4 

TIERNAN, Mrs. F. C. {Christian Reid). 

After many Days F 3584 

Bonny Kate F 3585 

Carmen's Inheritance F 583 

A Cast for Fortune F 3589 

A Comedy of Elopement F 34 1 7 

Daughter of Bohemia F 576 

Ebb-Tide, and other Stories F 577 

Contents: Ebb-Tide : Miss Inglesby's Sis- 
ter-in-Law; Story of a Scar; A Doubt. 

A Gentle Belle F 3586 

Heart of Steel [Rome] F 3495 

Hearts and Hands F 3587 

Land of the Sky; Adventures in 

Mountain By- Ways F 582 

Mabel Lee F 578 

The Man of the Family F 9908 

Miss Churchill . . : F 3446 

Morton House F 580 

TIERNAN, Mrs. F. C. {Christian Reid). 
Ninas Atonement, and other Sto- 
ries F 3497 

Contents: Nina's Atonement ; Hugh's 
Vendetta ; Miss Cheriton's Rival ; My 
Story ; The Painter's Dream ; Powell 
Vardray's Life ; Bernard's Invention. 

Picture of Las Cruces; a Romance 

of Mexico F 6975 

Question of Honor F 581 

Roslyn's Fortune F 3496 

A Summer Idyl F 3588 

Valerie Aylmer F 579 

Woman of Fortune F 6976 

TIERNAN, Mrs. M. F. S. Homoselle 

[Virginia before the War] F 4018 

Jack Horner [Am. Civil War] F 6974 

Ties, Human and Divine. Farjeon F 3438 

TIFFANY, N. M. From Colony to Com- 
monwealth [Boston, American Rev- 
olution] B 3544 

Tiger Hunter. Reid H 636 

Tiger Lily. Fenn F 8693 

Tiger Lily, and other Stories. Schayer.F 6569 

Tiger of Mysore. Henty H 4220 

Tigers and Traitors. Verne F 7305,2 

Tilbury Nogo. Melville F 1181 

TILLIER, C. My Uncle Benjamin.... F 7140 

Tillyloss Scandal. Barrie F 2294 

Tilting at Windmills. Connelly F 2792 

TILTON, T. Tempest-tossed F 1 776 

Tim; a Story of School Life H 2470 

Tim and Tip. Kaler H 2012 

Tim, the Scissors Grinder, Sequel to. 

Baker H 204 

Tim's Troubles. Ripley F 1298 

Timar's Two Worlds. Jokai F 4504 

Time Machine. Wells F 7418 

Time's Revenges. Murray F 9545 

Times of Alchemy. Topelius F 7023,6 

Times of Battle and Rest. Topelius. . F 7023,2 

Times of Charles XII. Topelius F 7oi3,3 

Times of Frederick I. Topelius F 7023,4 

Times of Gustaf Adolf. Topelius F 7023,1 

Times of Linnaeus. Topelius F 7023,5 

Timias Terrystone,Adventuresof.BunceF 2683 

TIMLOW, E.W. Cricket H 2473 

Timothy; his Neighbors. Ireland H 1540 

Timothy's Quest. Riggs F 7559 

TIMPERLEY, W. H. Harry Treverton, 

his Tramps and Troubles H 2471 

TIMSOL, R., pseud. See BIRD, F. M. 

Tin-Types taken in New York. Quigg.F 6170 



TINCKER, M. A. Aurora F 6992 

By the Tiber F 6990 

Grapes and Thorns F 680 

House of Yorke [Catholic Persecu- 
tion in Maine] F 867 

Jewel in the Lotos F 6991 

San Salvador F 6994 

Signor Monaldini's Niece F 2192 

Two Coronets F 6993 

Winged Word, and other Stones. . F 1968 

Contents : Winged Word; Hand in Hand; 
Dougherty; In the Greenwood; The 
Williams Girls ; What Dr. Marks died 
of ; Little Love ; Out of the Depths 
have I cried unto Thee, O Lord! The 
House that Jack built; John; A Pearl 
Ashore ; Daybreak. 

Ting-a-Ling. Stockton H 2405 

Tinkham Brothers' Tide- Mill. Trow- 
bridge H 2506 

Tinkling Cymbals. Fawcett F 3475 

TINSEAU, L. The Damascus Road.. F 7143 

A Forgotten Debt F 7144 

Jenny's Ordeal F 7 141 

The>esede Quilliane; or, on the Con- 
vent's Threshold F 7142 

Tinted Venus. Guthrie F 2441 

Tiny Luttrell. Hornung F 4290 

Tip Lewis and his Lamp. Alden H 911 

TIREBUCK, W. E. Miss Grace of All 

Souls' F 7107 

Sweetheart Gwen; a Welsh Idyll.. . F 7106 
TISSOT, V. and C. AMERO. Three 

Fugitives in Siberia F 7001 

Titan. 2 v. Richter F 1412 

Tito Gil, Strange Friend of. Alarcon.F 2344 

Titus, a Comrade of the Cross. Kingsley.F 47 14 

To Greenland and the Pole. Stables. . H 2459 

To Horse and Away. Peard H 2049 

To Leeward. Crawford F 2881 

To Let. Croker F 8380 

To Love and to be Loved. Roe F 1447 

To-Morrow. Edgeworth F 5 18,2 

To Right the Wrong. Bayly F 7961 

To the Bitter End. Maxwell F 198 

To the Lions. Church F 2788 

Toby Trafford, Fortunes of. TrowbridgeH 2504 

Toby Tyler. Kaler H 2010 

TODD, G. E. Anne of Argyle; or, Cav- 
alier and Covenant [1650] F 7129 

Todhunters' at Loanin' Head. Linton. G 1108 

Toilers of the Sea. Hugo F 883 

Toinette. Tourg£e F 227 

Toinette's Philip. Jamison H 1598 

Told after Supper. Jerome F 4475 

Told by the Colonel. Alden F 2336 

Told in an African Forest. Jephson..H 1582 

Told in the Hills. Ryan F 6374 

Told in the Twilight. Wood G 687 

Told in the Verandah F 7105 

Told on the Pagoda. Mimosa F 9460 

TOLSTOI , A . K. , Count. Pr inceSerebryan i 

[Time of Ivan the Terrible] F 7027 

TOLSTOI, L. N., Count. Anna Kar£nina 

[Russian Lifel F 7021 

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth F 7003 

The Cossacks; Tale of the Caucas- 
us [ 1852] F 7020 

Family Happiness F 7009 

Same as Katia. 

Gospel Stories F 7016 

In Pursuit of Happiness F 7007 

Contents: Where there is Love there is 
God ; How much Land a Man needs ; 
The two Pilgrims; Illyas. 

The Invaders, and other Stories F 7017 

Contents: The Invaders; The Wood- 
cutting Expedition ; An Old Acquaint, 
ance; Lost in the Steppe; Polikushka; 
Kholstomir, a Story of a Horse. 

Ivan Ilyitch, and other Stories F 7005 

Contents: The death of Ivan Ilyitch ; 
If you neglect the Fire, you don't put 
it Out ; Where Love is. there is God 
also ; A Candle ; Two Old Men ; Texts 
for Wood-cuts; The Three Mendicants; 
Popular Legends; The Godson; Skazka 
(Ivan, the Fool); Glossary. 
Ivan, the Fool; A Lost Opportunity; 

Polikushka F 7024 

Katia F 7004 

Life is worth Living, and other Sto- 
ries F 7026 

Contents: Life is worth Living; Two 
Old Men: God is Love; The Candle. 

The Long Exile F 7008 

Contents: The Long Exile; What Men 
Live by ; The Repentant Sinner ; Yer- 
mak, the Conqueror of Siberia ; Bear- 
Hunting worse than Slavery ; Stories 
of my Dogs; Early Days; Scenes from 
Common Life; Stories from Physics; 
Tales from Zoology; Stories from Bot- 
any ; Fables from the Indian, and Im- 
itations; From the New Speller; School 
Scenes at Yasnaya Polyana. 

Master and Man F 7029 

A Russian Proprietor, and other Sto- 
ries F 7018 

Contents: A Russian Proprietor; Lu- 
cerne; Recollections of a Scorer; Al- 
bert; Two Hussars; Three Deaths; A 
Prisoner in the Caucasus. 



TOLSTOI, L. N., Count. Sebastopol 

[Crimean War] F 7006 

War and Peace F 7002 

v. 1-2. Before Tilsit, 1805-1807. 
3-4. The Invasion, 1807-1812. 
5-6. Borodino, 18 12-1820. 

What People Live by F 7022 

Toltec Cup, The. Wheeler F 7608 

Tom; a Home Story. Chaney H 273 

Tom and Joe. Collins F 3152 

Tom and Sarah Neal. Lamb F 1028 

Tom and the Crocodiles. Bowman. . .H 1042 

Tom and the Money King. Stoddard. H 2438 

Tom Brown at Oxford. Hughes H 1521 

Tom Brown's School Days. Hughes.. G 255 

The same H 468 

Tom Burke of " Ours." Lever F 4986 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 357 

Tom Chips. Diekenga and Ash worth. F 415 

Tom Clifton. Goss H 1441 

Tom Cringle's Log. Scott F 6502 

Tom Grogan. Smith F 6773 

Tom Jones. Fielding G 745 

The same *Fi 15,19-21 

The same I 2971 

The same J 60 

Tom Newcombe. Fosdick H 267,1 

Tom Paulding. Matthews H 1905 

Tom Sawyer. Clemens F 323 

Tom Sawyer abroad. Clemens F 7153 

Tom Swindel. Peyton F 6060 

Tom Sylvester. Sullivan F 6906 

Tom Temple's Career. Alger H 935 

Tom Thatcher's Fortune. Alger H 934 

Tom, the Bootblack. Alger H 168,1 

Tomalyn's Quest. Burgin F 81 13 

TOMLINSON.E.T. Warof i8i2Series.H 2537 
v. 1. The Search for Andrew Field. 

2. The Boy Soldiers of 181 2. 

3. Boy Officers of 1812. 

4. Tecumseh's Young Braves. 

5. Guarding the Border. 

War of the Revolution Series H 2539 

v. 1. Three Colonial Boys. 

Tommiebeg Shootings. Jeans F 4470 

Tommy Atkins of the Ramchunders. 

Blatchford F 801 1 

Tommy Hickup. Parker H 607 

Tommy Try. Napier H 575 

Tommy Upmore. Blackmore F 2577 

The same G 1069 

TOMPKINS, E. K. The Broken Ring. F 7114 

Her Majesty F 71 15 

TOMPKINS, E. K. An Unlessoned Girl; 

Story of School Life H 2480 

Tompkins and other Folks. Deming...F 2964 
TONNA, C. E. {Charlotte Elizabeth). 

Works. 2v J 71 

The same. 2v J 275 

Tonty, Story of. Catherwood F 2702 

Tony Butler. Lever G 358 

Tony, the Maid. Teuffel F 4090 

Too Curious. Goodman G 1293 

Too Late for the Tide-Mill. Rand. . . . H 2190,3 

Too Late repented. Bridges F 7977 

Too Rich. Streckfuss F 1634 

Too Soon. Macquoid G 771 

Too strange not to be true. Fullerton..G 219 

TOPELIUS, Z. Surgeon's Stories . . . . F 7023 

v. 1. Times of Gustaf Adolf. 

2. Times of Battle and of Rest. 

3. Times of Charles XII. 

4. Times of Frederick I. 

5. Times of Linnaeus. 

6. Times of Alchemy. 

Toppleton's Client. Bangs F 7898 

Topsy Turvy H 2491 

Tor Hill. 3 v. Smith F 1571 


Colombi). The Wane of an Ideal.. F 2816 

Tormentor, The. Swift F 9874 

Torres Vedras, Stories of. 3 v. Millingen.F 6842 

Tory's Daughter, The. Riddle F 6279 

Toto's Merry Winter. Richards H 2230 

Touch my Honor, touch my Life.Griffin.F 709,5 

Touches of Real Life. Hope F 4042 

Tour ot the World in Eighty Days. 

Verne F 1828 

TOURGEE, A. W. (//. Churton). Black 

Ice F 7046 

Bricks without Straw [Reconstruc- 
tion, 1865] F 7042 

Button's Inn [Mormonism in New 

York and Ohio] F 7045 

Figs and Thistles; a Western StoryF 7041 
Fool's Errand [Ku Klux Klan] and 

The Invisible Empire F 3527 

Hot Plowshares F 7044 

John Eax [Reconstruction, 1865] and 

Mamelon F 7043 

Murvale Eastman, Christian Social- 
ist F 7040 

Out of the Sunset Sea [Discovery of 

America] F 709 1 

Pactolus Prime F 7048 

Son of Old Harry F 7090 




or, a Royal Gentleman [Slavery] . F 227 
With Guage & Swallow, Attorneys.F 7047 
Tourmalin's Time Cheques. Guthrie.. . F 3791 
Towards the Gulf; a Romance of Louis- 
iana F 701 1 

Tower Hill. Ainsworth G 28 

Tower of London. Ainsworth F 20 

Tower of Percemont. Dudevant F 3127 

Tower of Taddeo. De la Ram£ F 6226 

Towhead; the Story of a Girl. GreeneF 5137 
TOWLE, (J. M. Young Folks* Heroes 

of History C 1610 

v. 1. Vasco da Gama. 

2. Pizarro. 

3. Magellan. 

4. Marco Polo. 

5. Ralegh. 

6. Drake, the Sea King of 


Young People's History of EnglandA 757 

Young People's History of Ireland. A 1337 

Town and Forest. Rathbone F 2098 

Town of the Cascades. Banim F 117 

TOWNE, B. K. Around the Ranch.. . F 7049 
TOWNER, A. Seven Days in a Pullman 

Car F 7010 

TOWNSEND, E. W. Chimmie Fadden, 

Major Max, and other Stories F 7084 

Chimmie Fadden explains, Major 

Max expounds F 7085 

A Daughter of the Tenements F 7083 

TOWNSEND, G. A. (Gath). Entailed 

Hat [Maryland before the War]. F 7015 
Katy of Catoctin [Assassination of 

Lincoln] F 7055 

Mrs. Reynolds and Hamilton F 7014 

Tales of the Chesapeake [Colonial 

and Later Times] F 7050 

TOWNSEND, V. F. A Boston Girl's 

Ambitions F 7054 

But a Philistine F 7053 

The Deerings of Medbury H 725 

The Hollands H 726 

Lenox Dare F 7052 

Margery Keith H 729 

Mills of Tuxbury H 727 

Mostly Marjorie Day F 7081 

Only Girls H 728 

Sirs, only Seventeen! H 2541 

Six in all H 724 

That Queer Girl F 7056 

Toxar. Nicholson F 7063 

Toxin, a Story of Venice. De la RameT 6175 

Track of a Storm. Hall F 9060 

Tracked by a Tattoo. Hume F 4276 

TRACY, L. An American Emperor 

[Fourth Empire of France] F 7131 

The Final War F 7132 

Tracy's Ambition. Griffin F 709,8 

Trading. Warner F 1873 

Traditional Tales of the English and 

Scotish Peasantry. Cunningham. . F 2910 

Traditions of Ancient Times. Howitt..F 4041 
Traditions of Western Germany. 3 v. 

Knox F 4755 

Trafalgar. Pe>ez Galdos Y 3643 

TRAFFORD, F. Q., pseud. See RIDDELL. 

Mrs. C. E. L. 

TRAFTON, A. American Girl abroadH 732 

Dorothy's Experience H 2525 

Katherine Earle F 1802 

Tragedy in the Imperial Harem. PiazziF 3927 

Tragedy of Brinkwater. Moodey F 5305 

Tragedy of Ida Noble. Russell F 6365 

Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson. Clem- 
ens F 7154 

Tragedy of the Unexpected. Perry. . . F 5880 

Tragedy of Wild River Valley. FinleyF 3395 

Tragic Blunder. Cameron F 3332 

Tragic Comedians. Meredith F 5277 

The same G 1 n 7 

Tragic Idyl, A. Bourget F 8097 

Tragic Muse, The. 2 v. James F 4406 

Tragic Mystery. Hawthorne F 3842 

TRAHERNE, Mrs. A. Annals of a 

Naval Family F 7025 

TR AICE, E. Cousin Sidney F 7058 

Trail of the Serpent. Maxwell F 9407 

Trail of the Sword, The. Parker F 6090 

TRAILL, Mrs. C. P. Lost in the Back- 
woods H 2501 

TRAIN, E. P. Doctor Lamar F 3161 

Queen of Hearts F 7159 

A Social Highwayman F 7160 

Train Boy. Alger H 143 

Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry. 

Carleton F 241 

Traits and Traditions of Portugal. 2 v. 

Pardoe F 5960 

Traits and Travesties. Oliphant F 5672 

Trajan. Keenan F 4660 

Tramp Abroad. Clemens I 5 6 7 

Tramp in Society, A. Cowdrey F 3148 

Transformed. Montgomery F 5209 

Transition. Brooke F 6757 



Transplanted Rose, A. Sherwood F 7059 

Trap to Catch a Sunbeam. MackarnessH 1784 

TRASK.K. John Leighton, Jr F 7031 

Travel and History for Children. Lippin- 

cott H 1760,2 

Travels and Adventures of Little Baron 

Trump. Lockwood H 1754 

Traveler from Altruria. Howells F 4330 

Traveller's True Tale. Lucian L 2933 

Travelling Companions. Guthrie F 3793 

TRAVERS, G. Fellow Travellers. .. .F 7148 
Contents: After many Days; The Ex- 
aminer's Conscience; A Great Gulf; The 
Knight and the Lady; The Story of a 
Friendship, a Study in Sober Tints. 
Mona Maclean, Medical Student.. . F 7147 

Treason at Home. Greenough F 700 

Treasure-Finder, The. Gordon H 1 434 

Treasure Found, A. Gardner F 8857 

Treasure Island. Stevenson. G 1194 

The same H 2418 

Treasure of the Seas. DeMille H 330,6 


by Walsh E 1549 

Contents: 1. BURLESQUE: The Noble 
Savage, by Dickens; Our New Livery, 
and other things, by Curtis; Mrs. Bat- 
tle's Opinion on Cards, by Lamb; The 
Parish Revolution, by Hood; A Day in 
the Academy, by Burnand; Mrs. Brown 
at the Play, bySketchley; The Will of 
a Virtuoso, by Addison; The Golden 
Age of New York, by Irving; The In- 
sanity of Dodge; An Encounter 
with an Interviewer, by Clemens; The 
Painter's Bargain, by Thackeray; The 
Lady Kohesia, by Barham. 

2. TRAVESTY: A Treble Temptation, 
by Burnand; George de Barnwell, by 
Thackeray; A Prophetic Account of a 
Future Epic, by Macaulay; St. Twel'mo, 
by Paul; Lessons in Beres- 
ford; Mr. John Jenkins, by Harte; Ho 
Fi of the Yellow Girdle, by T. T. T.; 
Walton Redivivus, by Hood. 

3. STORY : A Fight for a Wife, by Black; 
Dr. Marigold, by Dickens; The O'Con- 
ore, byTrollope; The Loan of a Lyre, 
by Ludlow; The Widow by Brevet, by 
Willis; A Friend of Gioberti's, by Lever; 
The Truthful Resolver, by Locke; A 
Story without a Tale, by Maginn. 

4. EXTRAVAOANZA : Grey Dolphin, 
by Barham; Moses, the Sassy, by Ward; 
Mr. Columbus Coriander's Gorilla; The 
Fate of Young Chubb, by Clark; Boots 
at the Holly-tree Inn, by Dickens; The 
Enthusiast in Anatomy, by Oxenford; 
The Light Princess, by MacDonald; 
The Legend of the Little Weaver, 
by Lover. 

Treasury of Stories, Jingles and Rhymes; 

illus. by Humphrey H 2493 

TREBOR, pseud. See DAVIS, R. F. 

Treherne's Temptation. Carr G 1075 

TRELAWNEY, E. J. Adventures of a 

Younger Son F 1741 

Trelawny of Trelawne. Bray F 2299,7 

Tremaine; or, the Man of Refinement. 

Ward F 7496 

Tremendous Adventures of Major Gaha- 

gan. Thackeray G 588,3 

TRENCH, W.S. Realities of Irish LifeF 1786 

Trespasser, The. Parker F 6094 

TREVELYAN, L. R. A Year in Pesh- 

awur F 7182 

TREVELYAN, M. From Snowden to 

the Sea; Stories of Wales H 2519 

Trevlyn Hold; or, Squire Trevlyn's 

Heir. Wood F 1991 

The same G 649 

Trial, The. Yonge F 2019 

The same G 674 

Trial of Gideon. Hawthorne F 3917 

Trials of Jetta Malaubret. Cherbuliez . . F 2776 

Same as Saints and Sinners. 

Trials of Raissa. Durand F 701 

Trials of the Heart. Bray F 2299,8 

Tribulations of a Chinaman. Verne... F 7304 

Tricotrin. De la Rame* F 1367 

The same G 507 

Trif andTrixy. Habberton F 3804 

Trilby. Du Maurier F 8498 

Trilby, the Fairy of Argyle. Nodier . . F 5730 
TRIMMER, Mrs. S. K.' History of the 

Robins H 2499 

Trip Eastward. Abbott H 1,3 

Triple E, The. Clark H 1093 

TRIPP, A. {Willie Triton). The Fisher 

Boy F 1777 

TRIPP, Q. H. Student Life at HarvardL 121c 

Tristram Shandy. Sterne G 571 

The same J 260 

Tristrem Varick, Truth about. Saltus.F 6529 
TRITON, Willie, pseud. See TRIPP, A. 

Triumph over Midian. Tucker H 733 

TROLLOPE, A. Alice Dugdale, and 

other Stories G 1 187 

Contents: Lady Dugdale; Aaron Trow; 
The O'Conors of Castle Conor; Relics of 
General ChassS; The Chateau of Prince 
Polignac; George Walker at Suez. 

American Senator F 1721 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 821 



TROLLOPE, A. Ayala's Angel. 3 v. 

in 2 G 1182 

Barchester Towers G 600 

Belton Estate G 6ci 

The Bertrams G 602 

Can you forgive her? F 1796 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 603 

Castle Richmond G 605 

The Claverings F 1717 

The same G 606 

Cousin Henry G 1092 

Doctor Thome G 607 

Doctor Wortle's School G 1181 

The Duke's Children. 3 V. in 2... G 1180 

An Editor's Tales F 6996 

Contents: Mary Gresley; The Turkish 
Bath; Josephine de Montruorenci.The 
Panjandrum; The Spotted Dog; Mrs. 

The Eustace Diamonds F 1789 

An Eye for an Eye G 1093 

The Fixed Period G 1183 

Framley Parsonage G (608 

Frau Frohmann, and other StoriesG 1 184 

Contents: Why Frau Frohmann raised 
her Prices; The Lady of Launay; Christ- 
mas at Thompson Hall; The Telegraph 

Golden Lion of Granpere F 1790 

The same G 604 

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil; Aus- 
tralian Bush Life F 1757 

The same G 820 

He knew he was right F 1775 

The same. 3 v. in 2 G 609 

Is he Popenjoy? 3 v. in 2 G 1090 

John Caldigate. 3 v. in 2 G 1094 

The Kellys and the O'Kellys F 6997 

Kept in the Dark G 1 185 

Lady Anna F 1758 

The same G 610 

The Land-Leaguers , F 6998 

Last Chronicle of Barset. 3 v. in 2.G 611 

Lotta Schmidt, and other Stories. . F 6099 

Contents: Lotta Schmidt; The Adven- 
tures of Fred Pickering; The Two Gen- 
erals; Father Giles of Ballymoy; Mal- 
achi's Cove; The Widow's Mite; The 
Last Austrian who left Venice; Miss 
Ophelia Gledd; The Journey to Panama. 

Macdermots of Ballycloran F 1759 

Marion Fay G 1186 

La Mere Bauche, and other StoriesG 1 189 

Miss Mackenzie F 1798 

TROLLOPE, A. Mr. Scarborough's Fam- 
ily F 7064 

Mistletoe Bough, and other Stories . G 1 190 
Contents: The Mistletoe Bough; A Ride 
across Palestine; The Courtship of 
Susan Bell; The Parson's Daughter of 
Oxney Colne; Returning Home; The 
House of Heine Brothers, in Munich. 

Nina Balatka; Maiden of Prague. .G 462 

An Old Man's Love G 1 188 

Orley Farm F 7000 

Phineas Finn, the Irish Member. 3 V. 

in 2 G 613 

Phineas Redux F 1787 

Prime Minister F 1719 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 822 

Rachel Ray G 1095 

Ralph, the Heir F 7061 

The same G 614 

Sir Henry Hotspur G 615 

The same F 1 774 

Small House at Allington. 3 v. in 2G 616 

Tales of all Countries F 7174 

La Vendue [French Revolution]. . . F 7175 

Vicar of Bullhampton G 617 

Warden G 618 

Way we live now F 1756 

The same. 4 v. in 2 G 829 

TROLLOPE, Mrs. F. E. Black Spirits 

and White F 1720 

That Wild Wheel F 7172 

TROLLOPE, Mrs. F. M. Barnabys in 

America F 7065 

Life and Adventures of Jonathan 
Jefferson Whitlaw [Lynch Law].F 7066 
TROLLOPE, T. A. Beppo, the Con- 
script F 1792 

Diamond cut Diamond F 1797 

Durnton Abbey F 1778 

The Garstangs of Girstang GrangeG 620 

Gemma F 1793 

Giulio Malatesta F 1709 

Lindisfarn Chase F 1791 

Marietta F 1794 

A Siren G 621 

Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland. 

Schreiner F 4383 

Trooper Ross and Signal Butte. King.F 4621 
TROTTER.A.M. {L.Severn). Bledisloe; 

or, Aunt Pen's American Nieces.F 7068 

Heaven's Gate F 6540 

Troubled Waters. Warner F 7470 

Troublesome Daughters. Walford F 1009 

The same G 1204 



Troublesome Girl, and other Stories. 

Hungerford G 1312 

Trouvaille, and other Tales. Fuller- 
ton H 401 

TROWBRIDGE,J. The Electrical BoyH 2533 
The Resolute Mr. Pansy; an Electri- 
cal Story H 2535 

Three Boys on an Electrical Boat. H 2534 
TROWBRIDGE, J. T. Adventures or 

David Vane and David Crane... H 2512 

Biding his Time H 251 1 

Bound in Honor H 709 

Bright Hope Series H 736 

v. I. Old Battle Ground. 

2. Father Brighthopes. 

3. Hearts and Faces. 

4. Ironthorpe, the Pioneer Preacher. 

5. Burcliff. 

Chance for himself H 708 

Coupon Bonds, and other Stories. . F 1795 

Contents: Coupon Bonds; Madam Waldo- 
borough's Carriage; Fessendeu's; Archi- 
bald Blossom, Bachelor; In the Ice; 
Nancy Blynn's Lovers; Mr. Blazay's Ex- 
perience; Preaching for Selwyn; The Ro- 
mance of a Glove; The Man who stole a 
Meeting House. 

Cudjo's Cave [Am. Civil War] H 739 

Doing his best H 737 

Farnell's Folly F 7071 

Fast Friends H 735 

Fortunes of Toby Trafford H 2504 

Frank Manly, the Drummer Boy. .H 730 

His One Fault H 2509 

His Own Master H 710 

Jack Hazard and his Fortunes H 738 

Jolly Rover H 720 

The Kelp-Gatherers; Story of the 

Maine Coast H 2513 

Lawrence's Adventures H 707 

The Little Master H 2508 

The Lottery Ticket H 2522 

Martin Merrivale F 7070 

Neighbor Jackwood [New England 

Life] F 1806 

Neighbors' Wives F 1803 

PeterBudstone; Boy who was hazed H 2510 

Phil and his Friends H 2505 

Pocket-Rifle H 723 

The Prize Cup H 2523 

The Satin-Wood Box H 2507 

The Scarlet Tanager, and other 

Bipeds H 2514 

Silver Medal, and other Stories H 705 

TROWBRIDGE, J. T. A Start in Life; 

Story of the Genesee Country. . .H 715 
The Three Sonus [American Civil 

War] H 711 

The Tinkham Brothers' Tide-Mill.H 2506 
Woodie Thorpe's Pilgrimage, and 

other Stories H 2521 

Contents : Woodie Thorpe's Pilgrimage; 
Aunt Abby's Diamond Ring; Lost on 
the Tide; Sister Marsh's Beau; Uncle 
Caleb's roan Colt; Rodney Hobart's 
Memory; Ned Lifkin's Forefinger; Fay 
Lippitt's 4th of July; The Bamberry 
Boys and their Flock of Sheep; Nels 
Thurlow's Trial; In a California Caflon. 

Young Joe and other Boys H 706 

Young Surveyor H 731 

TROWBRIDGE, W. R. H., Jr. Gossip of 

the Caribbees F 7187 

Truce, A, and other Stories. Wright — F 7657 

Truce of God. Miles F 5290 

TRUE, J. P. Shoulder Arms; or, the 

Boys of Wild Lake School H 2516 

Their Club and ours H 2515 

True, and other Stories. Lathrop F 4888 

True as Steel. Terhune F 1773 

True Blue. Kingston H 1675 

True Daughter of Hartenstein. Simon. F 6494 

True Friend, A. Sergeant F 6539 

True History of Joshua Davidson. Lin- 
ton G 286 

True Man, A. Stirling G 910 

True Relation of the Travels of Mathew 

Dudgeon [Slavery in Algiers] F 7179 

True Riches. Coppe*e F 3354 

True Riches, and other Tales. ArthurH 182 

True Stories. Hawthorne F 772 

The same J 86 

True Story Book. Lang H 1716 

True Storyof Abraham Lincoln.BrooksH 3275 

True Story of Geo. Washington. BrooksH 3276 

True Story of U. S. Grant. Brooks . . . . H 3280 

True to his Colors. Fosdick H 1287,1 

True to his Home. Butterworth H 3299 

True to the Old Flag. Henty H 1466 

Trumps. Curtis F 356 

Trumpet-Major, The. Hardy F 3943 

The same G 957 

Trumpeter Fred. King F 4619 

TRUSTA, H., pseud. See PHELPS, 

Mrs. E. S. 

Truth about Tristem Varick. Saltus. . . F 6629 

Truth in Fiction. Carus F 8130 

Truth-Tellers. Stannard F 6880 



TRUTTIETT, M. G. {Maxwell Grey). A 

Costly Freak F 71 10 

In the Heart of the Storm F 3781 

An Innocent Impostor F 8870 

Last Sentence F 3782 

The Reproach of Annesley F 3780 

The same G 1326 

Silence of Dean Maitland G 1258 

Sweethearts and Friends F 71 1 1 

Try again. Adams H 106,5 

Try and Trust. Alger H 157,1 

Trying to be useful. Baker H 200,2 

Tryphena in Love. Raymond F 6184 

Tsar's Window, The. Hooper F 2198 

Tubber Derg, and other Tales. CarletonF 296 
TUCKER,B. The PartisanLeader [Nulli- 
fication Ordinance] F 1805 

TUCKER, CM. {A. L. O. E.) Children's 

Tabernacle H 2529 

City of Nocross and its Famous 

Physician F 1801 

Crown of Success F 2134 

Cyril Ashley H 2528 

Exiles in Babylon F 2135 

Fairy Know-a-Bit H 752 

Hebrew Heroes F 2133 

The Mine; or, Darkness or DaylightF 2 132 
Miracles of Heavenly Love in Daily 

Life F 2131 

Rescued from Egypt F 2130 

Shepherd of Bethlehem H 734 

Silver Casket H 741 

Triumph over Midian H 733 

Young Pilgrim H 740 

TUCKER, St. G. The Devoted Bride 

[Bacon's Rebellion, 1676] F 2136 

TUFTS, W. W. A Market for an Im- 
pulse F 7104 

Tulip Place. Johnson F 4454 

TUPPER, E. S. By whose Hand? and 

By a Hair's Breadth F 7073 

TURGENEV, I. S. Annals of a Sports- 
man F 7078 

Annouchka F 7077 

Dimitn Roudine F 181 1 

Fathers and Sons [Russia] F 1812 

A House of Gentlefolk F 7074 

Sequel to Dimitri Roudine. 

Liza; or, a Nest of Nobles F 1813 

Mumu, and The Diary of a Super- 
fluous Man F 7076 

On the Eve F 1814 

Poems in Prose F 7075 

TURGENEV, I. S. Rudin F 7080 

Smoke... v F 1815 

Spring Floods and A Lear of the 

Steppe F 1810 

An Unfortunate Woman in Ass' yaF 7079 

Virgin Soil F 1742 

TURNBULL, Mrs. L. Yal Maria; a Ro- 
mance of the Time of Napoleon I.F 7156 
TURNER, E. S. Seven Little Austra- 
lians H 2550 

Turning of the Tide. Kellogg H 484,5 

Tutor's Secret, The. Cherbuliez F 8225 

TWAIN, Mark, pseud. See CLEMENS, S. L. 
TWARDOWSKA, E. v. {E. Hartner). 

Severa F 3970 

'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay, and other 

Stories. Besant and Rice F 2607 

'Tween Snow and Fire. Mitford F 5550 

TWELLS.J. H. Mills of the Gods... F 1819 

Souci F 7180 

Twelve Nights in a Hunter's Camp. Bar- 
rows H 254 

Twelve Years a Slave; Narrative of Sol- 
omon Northrup F 1 

2804; or, the Fossil Man. Browne.... F 8090 

Twenty Minutes Late. Alden H 926 

Twenty-ninth of May. Pyne. 2v F 1318 

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. 

Verne F 1829 

Twenty Years after. Dumas F 

Sequel to Three Guardsmen. 

Twenty Years at Sea. Hill H 1547 

Twice Bought. Ballantyne H 989 

Twice Crowned. McKeever F 1221 

Twice Defeated. Edwards F 52S 

Twice Lost. Kingston H 1676 

Twice-Told Tales. Hawthorne F 765 

The same. 2v J 78 

Twilight Land. Pyle H 2102 

Twin Cousins. Clarke H 1079,4 

Twins of Table Mountain, and other 

Stories. Harte F 3947 

Twisted Skein. Gardner E 7313 

'Twixt Love and Duty. Hopkins F 4081 

'Twixt the Lights. 2 v. Fenn F 3422 

Two; English Schoolboy life. Pain...H 2031 

Two Admirals. Cooper F 206 

Two Apprentices. Howitt H 464, 1 1 

Two Aristocracies. Gore G 242 

Two Arrows. Stoddard H 2424 

Two Baronesses. Andersen F 53 

Two Bites at a Cherry, with other Tales. 

Aldrich F 2356 



Two Blackbirds; by the Author of Miss 

Toosey's Mission H 2530 

Two Boys. Alden H 916 

Two Brothers. Balzac F 2553 

Two, by Tricks. Yates G 1222 

Two Cabin Boys. Rousselet H 2220 

Two Captains, The. La Motte FouqueT 608 

The same G 207 

Two Captains, The. Russell F 6469 

Two Chiefs of Dunboy. Froude F 3565 

Two Circuits. Crane F 341 

Two Clippers, The. Moore H 1882 

Two College Boys. Rand H 2195 

Two College Girls. Brown F 2652 

Two Coronets. Tincker F 6993 

Two Cosmos; Tale of Fifty Years ago.G 622 

Two Countesses. Eschenbach F 7246 

Two Daughters of One Race. Behrens.F 2613 

Two Destinies. Collins G 717 

Two Elsies, The. Finley H 1299 

Two English Girls. Hart F 4180 

Two Family Mothers. Schwartz F 1701 

Two French Marriages. Jenkin G 280 

Two Friends. Arras H 163 

Two Friends. Biart H 1030 

Two Gentlemen of Boston. Fields F 7030 

Two Gentlemen of Gotham F 2695 

Two Gentlemen of Hawaii. Hopkins.. F 3805 

Two Girls. Blanchard H 1072 

Two Girls on a Barge. Cotes I 6292 

Two Guardians. Yonge F 2026 

The same G 675 

Two Hemispheres. Ruppius F 1458 

Two Knights-Errant. Yechton H 2738 

Two-Legged Wolf, The. Karazin F 4734 

Two Lilies. Kavanagh F 956 

The same G 762 

Two Little Confederates. Page H 2030 

Two Little Pilgrims' Progress. Burnett . H 3301 

Two Little Waifs. Molesworth H 191 2 

Two Little Wooden Shoes. De la Ram£G 795 

Two Lives. Mcintosh F 1 1 10 

Two Loyal Lovers. Johnson F 4485 

Two Marriages. Craik G 124 

Two Men. Stoddard F 6800 

Two Miss Jean Dawsons. Robertson. .F 1402 

Two Modern Little Princes. Lothrop..H 2344 

Two Modern Women. Wells F 7566 

Two of a Trade. Williams F 7427 

Two of them. Barrie F 8030 

Two Offenders. De la Rame* F 6227 

Two on a Tower. Hardy F 3963 

The same G 959 

Two Old Maids. Lyster F 51 14 

Two Penniless Princesses. Yonge G 1451 

Two Runaways, and other Stories. Ed- 
wards F 33 16 

Two Sailor Lads. Stables H 2455 

Two Salomes. Pool F 5998 

Two Schools. Hughs F 879 

Two Sides of the Shield. Yonge F 2035 

Two Soldiers. King F 4680 

Two Soldiers and a Politician. Ross. .F 6344 
Two Stories of the Seen and Unseen. 

Oliphant F 1724 

Two Strangers. Oliphant F 5846 

Two Strings to his Bow. Mitchell F 5590 

Two Strokes of the Bell. Montague . . . F 5228 

Two Tales of Married Life G 910 

v. 1. May, G. M. Hard to Bear. 
2. Stirling, M. C. A True Man. 

Two Thousand Years ago. Church . . . H I If 1 

Two Victories. Potter H 583 

Two Vocations. Charles H 283 

Two Voices. Harland F 4946 

Two Voyages, and what came of them . H 2500 
Two Ways of becoming a Hunter. Fos- 

dick H 1284 

Two Widows. Cudlip F 1782 

Two Women. May G 912 

Two Women. Vanamee F 7297 

Two Women & a Fool. Taylor F 7101 

Two Women or One? Harland F 4090 

Two Women who Posed. Richardson. F 6386 

Two Years ago. Kingsley F 992 

The same G 308 

Two Young Homesteaders. Jenness..H 1606 

Two Young Married Women. Balzac. F 7894 

Twofold Life. Hillern F 817 

Txleama; a Tale of Ancient Mexico. 

Knowlton F 4735 

Tyll Owlglass, Adventures of. Macken- 
zie F 5156 

Typee; a Peep at Polynesian Life. Mel- 
ville I 2011 

TYTLER, A. F. Leila Books H 751 

v. 1. Leila; or, the Island. 

2. Leila in England. 

3. Leila at Home. 

4. Mary and Florence. 

5. Mary and Florence at Sixteen. 
TYTLER, Sarah, pseud. See KEDDIE, H. 

Uarda. Ebers G 926 

Ugly Barrington. H ungerford G 1 24 1 

Ugly Duckling, An. Erroll G 1292^ 



Ugly Heroine. Faber F 

Ula; Tale of the Zulus. Eden F 

ULBACH, L. For Fifteen Years F 

Sequel to the Steel Hammer. 

The Steel Hammer F 

ULMANN, A. Chaperoned; a briet Page 

from a Summer Romance F 

Ulrick, the Ready. O'Grady F 

Ulu ; an African Romance. 2 v. Thom- 
son and Smith F 

Una and King David. Harrison F 

Una Crichton „ F 

Unawares. Peard F 

The same G 

Unbidden Guest, The. Hornung F 

Unc' Edinburg. Page F 

Unclassed, The. Gissing F 

Uncle Bernac. Doyle F 

Uncle Bill's Children. Crofton H 

Uncle Daniel's Story of Tom Anderson 

[American Civil War] F 

Uncle Fred's Shilling. Brodie H 

Uncle Ivan. Bramston H 

Uncle Jack, and other Stories. BesantF 

Uncle Jack's Executors. Noble F 

Uncle Jeremiah and Family at the Great 

Fair. Stevans F 

Uncle Joe's Stories. Brabourne H 

Uncle John. Melville F 

The same (i 

Uncle John's Adventures. Barker H 






1 136 





W. S. 

Uncle Lisha's Outing. Robinson F 

UNCLE LUTE, pseud. Paul Hart; or, the 

Love of his Life I 

Uncle Mark's Amaranths. Hale F 

Uncle Max. Carey F 

Uncle of an Angel, and other Stories. 

Janvier F 4392 

Uncle, Peep, and I. Clarke H noi 

Uncle Peter's Riddle. Sanders H 1285 

Uncle Peter's Trust. Perry H 

Uncle Pierce. Blatherwick F 

Uncle Piper of Piper's Hill. Couvreur.G 

Uncle Ralph. Paul G 


Uncle Remus. Harris F 3955 

Uncle Remus and his Friends. Harris.F 3808 
Uncle Remus, Nights with. Harris. . . F 
Uncle Rutherford s Attic. Mathews.. H 
Uncle Rutherford's Nieces. Mathews. H 
Uncle Sam's Secrets. Austin H 








J. C. 


Uncle Silas. Le Fanu F 1041 

The same G 324 

Uncle Titus. Spyri H 2385 

Uncle Tom's Cabin. Stowe F 1732 

Uncle Tom's Cabin as it is. Smith F 1573 

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Key to. Stowe. . .F 1735 

The same L 4895 

Uncle Tom's Tenement. Rollins F 6339 

Uncle's Dream. Dostoieffsky F 2977 

Uncommercial Traveller. Dickens . . . F 407 

The same, and other Pieces G 1 59 

Uncrowning a King. Ellis H 3724 

Under Bayard's Banner. Frith H 1320 

Under Bow-Bells. Hollingshead F 4125 

Under Drake's Flag. Henty H 1408 

Under False Pretences. Sergeant F 6885 

Under Fire. King F 4628 

Under Fire. Munsey H 1897 

Under French Skies. Gasparin F 3704 

Under Green Apple Boughs. Campbell F 2729 

Under Hatches. Moore H 1876 

Under Lock and Key. Speight F 1618 

Under one Roof. Payn G 1033 

Under Orders. Munroe H 1964 

Under Pressure. Theodoli F 7135 

Under Salisbury Spire. Marshall G 1364 

Under Sealed Orders. Allen F 7826 

Under Sentence of Death. Hu?o F 884 

Under Side of Things, The. Bell F 7942 

Under Slieve-Ban. Francillon F 3549 

Under the Apple Trees. Worthington.H 2710 
Under the Auroras; a Tale of the Inte- 
rior World F 7206 

Under the Black Eagle. Hilliard H 4241 

Under the Blue Flag. Palgrave F $925 

Under the Cedars. Hatch F 756 

Under the Corsican. Hoppin F 4288 

Under the Cuban Flag. Ober H 1978 

Under the Deodars. Kipling F 4722 

Under the Dog-Star. Janvier H 2601 

Under the Greenwood Tree. Hardy... F 742 

Under the Lilacs. Alcott . ..H 137 

Under the Lilies and Roses. Lean G 1085 

Under the Magnolias. Denton F 3007 

Under the Man-Fig. Davis F 8441 

Under the Maples. Hinman F 4099 

Under the Meteor Flag. Lancaster.. . H 1 109 

Under the Red Dragon. Grant F 8844 

Under the Red Flag. King H 163 1 

Under the Red Flag. Maxwell G 1240 

Under the Red Robe. Weyman F 7618 

Under the Shadow of Etna. Verga. . . F 7362 

Under the Shield. Whatham F 7506 



Under the Stable Floor. Hyde H 4381 

Under the Stork's Nest. Katsch F 958 

Under the Storm. Yonge F 2039 

Under the Tricolor. Hooper F 4013 

Under the Water-Oaks. Brewster H 963 

Under the Waves. Ballantyne H 197 

Under Two Flags. De la Rame" G 508 

Under which Lord? Linton G 1105 

Under-Currents. Hungertord G 1313 

Undercurrents. Kimball F 977 

Underground City, The. Verne F 7309 

UNDERWOOD, F. H. Dr. Gray s QuestF 7218 

Lord of Himself [Kentucky, 1850]. F 1817 

Quabbin [Puritan Life] F 7217 

Undine. La Motte Fouque" F 608 

The same G 207 

Undiscovered Country. Howells F 402 1 

Unfinished Communication. Hinton...F 4212 
Unfortunate Woman, An. Turgenev..F 7079 
Ungava; Tale of Esquimaux Land. Bal- 
lantyne H 198 

Union; Story of the Great Rebellion. 

Musick F 5508 

Union Down. Campbell F 8169 

United. 2 v. Sinnett F 6637 

United States. Young Folks' History of. 

Higginson B 149 

I n just Steward, The. Oliphant F 5789 

Unkind Word, and other Stories. CraikG 125 

Unknown Heroine, An. Chittenden. . . F 8230 

Alarcon, P. A. de. Friend of Death.F 7223 
Brearley, W. H., pseud. Wanted, a 

Copyist F 7252 

Brofeldt, J. {Juhani A ho). Squiie 

Hellman F 7244 

Capes, H. M. (M. Brooke). Story of 

Eleanor Lambert F 7221 

Craigie, Mrs. M.(/. O. Hobbes). The 

Sinner's Comedy F 7233 

Some Emotions and a Moral F 7227 

A Study in Temptations F 7242 

Cuttim, E. M. {An Idle Exile). By a 

Himalayan Lake F 4260 

Her Heart was True [Peninsular 

War] F 7240 

In Tent and Bungalow [Anglo-In- 
dian Life] F 7232 

Wee Widow's Cruise in Quiet 

Waters F 7234 

Dalin, T., pseud. European Rela- 
tions; a Tyrolese Sketch F 7228 

Dearborn,L.,/$<?«*/.AttheThresholdF 7239 


Drosines, G. Amaryllis F 7226 

Ebner-Eschenbach, M. D. v. Two 

Countesses F 7246 

Ella, pseud. Philippa F 7224 

Forsyth, J. The Making of Mary. F 7258 
Frapan, I. God's Will, and other 

Stories F 7247 

Hawker, M. E. (L Falconer). Hotel 

d'Angleterre F 7225 

Mademoiselle Ixe F 7220 

Hertz-Garten, T. Through the Red- 
Litten Windows, and The Old River 

House F 7230 

Hume, F. W. The Lone Inn, a Mys- 
tery F 7253 

Humphrey, F. P., pseud. A New Eng- 
land Cactus, and other Tales F 7235 

Jarboe, J. R. ( T. H. Brainerd). Go 

forth and find F 7254 

Robert Atterbury F 7259 

Lean, Mrs. F. The Beautiful Soul.F 7255 
McDermott, P. L., pseud. Last King 

of Yewle F 7241 

My Two Wives; by one of their Hus- 
bands F 7249 

Potapeeko, N. E. Father of Six, and 

An Occasional Holiday F 7245 

Raymond W. ( T. Cobbleigh). Gentle- 
man Upcott's Daughter F 7238 

Young Sam and Sabina F 7250 

Sergeant, A. Dr. Endicott's Experi- 
ment F 7257 

Schallenberger,V.,^«^. GreenTeaF 7236 
Sidgwick, Mrs. A. {Mrs. A. Dean). 

A Splendid Cousin F 7237 

Simmons, V. S. A Village Drama. F 7260 
Smith, S., pseud. B.ick from the 

Dead F 7231 

Thierry, G. A. The Palimpsest F 7243 

Ulmann, A. Chaperoned; a brief Page 

from a Summer Romance F 7251 

Von Degen. Mystery of the Cam- 
pagna, and A Shadow on a WaveF 7222 

White, P. A King's Diary F 7256 

Wood, E. E. Her ProvincialCousinF 7248 
Yeats,W.B. {Ganconagh). John Sher- 
man, and Dhoya F 7229 

Unknown Masterpiece, and other Stories. 

Balzac F 7875 

Unknown to History. Yonge F 2029 

The same G 1 226 

Unlaid Ghost, An. Prichard F 72C5 



Unlessoned Girl, An. Tompkins H 2480 

Unofficial Patriot, An. Gardener F 8885 

Unpopular Public, The. Sommers F 4947 

Unsatisfactory Lover. Hungerford F 9086 

Unseen Hand. Kellogg H 1651 

Untempered Wind, The. Wood F 7639 

Unto the Third and Fourth Generation. 

Campbell F 8171 

Untold Tales of the Past. Harraden . . H 4 162 

Unwilling Maid, An. Lincoln F 5062 

Up and Down the Nile. Adams H 891,7 

Up from the Cape [Cod] F 7203 

Up Hill and down Dale. Nichols H 1936 

Up North in a Whaler. Rand H 2190,2 

Up Terrapin River. Read F 6267 

Up the Baltic. Adams H 11 2,1 

Up-the-Ladder-Club Series. See Rand, E. A. 

Up the Matterhorn in a Boat. Pope. ..F 9650 

Up the North Branch. Farrar H 1281,4 

Up the Rhine. Hood E 1221 

The same J 1 1 5.2 

Up the River. Adams H 115,6 

Up the Tapajos. Ellis H 1258,2 

UPDEQRAFF, L. Wee Dorothys True 

Valentine H 2590 

Upon a Cast. Wood F 301 1 

Upper Berth, The. Crawford F 7188 

Ups and Downs. Hale F 730 

I'psand Downs of an Old Maid's Life. 

Gladstone E 969 

Upside down. Parker H 596 

UPWARD, A. A Crown of Straw.. . . F 7215 

A Prince of Balkistan F 72 16 

Upward and Onward Series. See Adams, W T. 

Uranie. Flammarion F 3581 

Urban£ and his Friends. Prentiss F 1355 

Urith. Gould F 3758 

Ursula. Balzac 

Ursula. Sewell 

The same. 2v F 1535 

Us; an Old-Fashioned Story. Moles- 
worth H 1848 

Usurper, The. Gautier F 3648 

Utopia. More F 1196 

The same C 11329 

Utter Failure, An. Harris F 4201 

Utterly Mistaken. Cudlip F 7038 

V., pseud. See FERGUSON, V. N. 
VACHELL, H. A. The Quicksands of 

Pactolus F 7337 

VACHETTE, E. (E. Chavette). Mys- 
tery of Hotel Brichet F 7347 

Vagabond Heroine. Edwards G 191 

Vagabond Lover, A. Booth F 6234 

Vagabond Tales. Boyesen F 2593 

Vagabonds, The. Woods F 7653 

Vagabondia, a Love Story. Burnett... F 2674 
Vagrant, The, and other Stories. Koro- 

lenko F 4681 

Vagrant Wife. James F 7535 

Vain Forebodings. Oswald F 5861 

Vain Fortune. Moore F 544 1 

Val Strange. Murray F 9546 


Vale of Cedars. Aguilar F 30 

Valentin. Kingsley G 315 

VALENTINE, Mrs. L. J. Eastern Tales 

by many Story Tellers F 7299 

Land Battles from Hastings to Inker- 
man H 750 

The Old, Old Fairy Tales H 261 1 

VALENTINE, O., pseud. See SICKERT, O. 

Valentine and his Brother. Oliphant. .F 1273 

Valentine Duval. Rathbone F 2093 

Valentine M'Clutchy. Carleton F 210 

Valentine, the Countess. Bauer F 395 

Valentine Vox. Cockton 1 

Valentino. Astor F 2451 

VALERA,J. Don Braulio F 7282 

Dona Luz F 7281 

Pepita Ximenez F 7288 

Valeria, the Martyr of the Catacombs. 

Withrow H 2701 

Valerie. Marryat G 434 

Valerie Aylmer. Tiernan F 579 

Valerius; a Roman Story. 3 v. Lock- 
hart F 4926 

Valiant Ignorance, A. Dickens F 3047 

Valley of Diamonds. Temple F 6946 

Val-Maria. Turnbull F 7156 

Vampires. Cruger F 3795 

VANAMEE,L.O. An Adirondack Idyl.F 7298 

Two Women F 7297 

VAN-ANDERSON, H. The Cup BearerH 2599 

It is Possible F 2334 

Journal of a Live Woman F 7360 

Van Bibber and others. Davis F 3052 

VANCE, Clara, pseud. See DENISON, M. A. 

Vanda. Stuart H 2413 

VANDAM, A. D. Mystery of the Patri- 
cian Club F 7350 

VANDEGRIFT, M„ pseud. See JAN- 
VIER, M. T. 

Vanderheyde Manor-House. Cruger.. F 2857 
VAN der NAILLEN, A. On the Heights 

of Himalay F 5475 



VAN DEVENTER, E. M. (L. L. Lynch). 

AgainstOdds [Midway Plaisance]. .F 5108 

ShadowedbyThree[DetectiveStory]F 51 10 

Slender Clue [Detective Story] F 5109 

VAN DYKE, H. The First Christmas 

Tree H 2595 

Story of the other Wise Man F 7355 

VANE, C. Desire of the Moth F 7385 

VANE, Violet, pseud. See, HOWELL, J. L. 

Vanessa. Paul G 1195 

Van Gelder Papers. Irving E 6202 

Vanished Diamond, The. Verne F 7313 

Vanished Emperor. Andreae F 7794 

Vanity Fair. 3 v. in 2. Thackeray G 593 


Man who was Content F 738 1 

Contents: One Man who was Content; 
Mary; The Lustigs; Corinna's Fiametta. 

VAN VORST.F.B. Without a CompassF 7289 

Vasco da Gama. Towle C 1610,1 

Vasconselos. Simms F 2063 

Vashti. Wilson V 1962 

Vashtiand Esther; Story of Society To- 
day F 7342 

Vassall Morton. Parkman F 5926 

Vast Abyss, The. Fenn H 1377 

Vathek; an Arabian Tale. Beckford.. .F 123 

The same *I 3402 

The same I 3884 

The same I 5982 

VATT1ER, V. Fisherman's Daughter. F