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Full text of "Catalogue of the Galatea collection of books relating to the history of woman in the Public Library of the City of Boston"

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The following letter shows the purpose and scope of the Galatea Library. 
The classification has been adopted with a view to the future growth of the col- 
lection, which now numbers about 1084 volumes. The Trustees of the Public 
Library would be glad to secure the cooperation which Mr. Higginson sug- 
gests in developing this collection. 

25 Buckingham street, Cambridge, February 11, 1896. 

Herbert Putnam, Esq. 

Dear Sir : I desire to give to the Boston Public Library a special collection 
of books, now amounting to nearly one thousand, and bearing on the general 
subject of the History of Woman. I- would make only the condition that these 
should be placed, at least for the present, in an alcove or alcoves by themselves, 
in the hope that they may be used freely by students, and that other donors may 
gradually cooperate in building up a department of some permanent value. 

It is needless to say that I should not desire to see any general separation in 
any library between works relating to men, and works relating to women, as this 
would be a thing absurd and impracticable. But the great changes that have 
gone on within recorded history in the social, industrial, and educational position 
of women, render all this an important theme for special study, and a proper 
basis for a separate department in every large library. It is such a department 
that I desire, with the aid of others, to establish ; and I am very confident that 
it will find special students to whom it will be of value. Indeed, this has proved 
to be the case more than once while these books have been under my own roof. 

I am not aware that such a department has before been created in any pub- 
lic library, though one or two college libraries in our Western States have been 
mentioned as undertaking similar collections. Several large collections of 
books written by women have been made in Europe ; and among my books 
there are printed catalogues of two of these, both now scattered, the Ferri and 
the Stainforth Libraries. But both these contained the works of women only — not 
works about women ; and the same was the case with the remarkable library 
of women's writings which I visited in the Women's Building at Chicago, and 
most of whose contents are still kept together, I believe, in that city. None 
of these, therefore, were general collections like that at which I aim. 

The library has hitherto borne the name of ''The Galatea Collection of 
Books relating to the History of Woman", and is roughly catalogued under that 
appellation; but I do not in the least require that this name should, be made 
permanent, nor do I make any other condition whatever. I am satisfied that 
the authorities of the Boston Public Library will fully consider the suggestions 
already made, and will, if they accept the gift, carry out these suggestions 
wisely. The books have been in process of collection for nearly fifty years, 
and include a good many that are rare and curious. They are in a variety of 
languages, and many of them would now be duplicated with difficulty. The 
question how far they should be used inside the building and how far outside 
must be left wholly to your judgment. ... I desire to add that I am influenced 

in making this gift, such as it is, not only by the conviction that it is the best 
use to be made of the collection, but by a warm regard for the Boston Public 
Library itself ; having received from it many favors in years past and having 
as a member of the Legislature taken an active part in securing for it the 
piece of land on which its present building stands. 

I am yours very respectfully, 
(Signed) Thomas Wentworth Higginson. 









Biography (Collected). 

Biography (Individual). 

Characteristics of Women. 

Delineations of Women in Liter- 
ature and Art. 

History and Condition of 


Domestic Education. 

Ethical Education. 

Religious Education. 

College Education. 


Colleges for Women. 

Social Ethics. 

Health and Hygiene. 

Physical Education. 

Health in Education and Occu- 

Physiology. Diseases of Women. 

Personal Beauty. Dress. Diet. 

Relations and Comparisons of 
the Sexes. 














Rights of Women. 

Legal Status of Women. 

Laws Concerning Women. 

Woman Suffrage. 

Work and Influence of Wom- 

Women as Lawyers. 

Women as Ministers. 

Women as Artists and Musicians. 

Women as Physicians. 

Literature. Bibliography. 

Women as Editors and Trans- 

Women as Authors and Com- 
pilers: English Prose. 

Women as Authors: English 

Women as Authors: American 

Women as Authors: American 

Women as Authors: French. 

Women as Authors: German. 

Women as Authors: Other Lan- 






10. Biography. 

Collected Biographies. 

Abrantes, Laura Permon Junot, duchesse d'. 
Les femmes celebres de tous les pays. Leur 
caractere. Nouvelle edition. Paris, 1839. 

Amory, Thomas. 
Memoirs: containing the lives of several 
ladies of Great Britain. A history of an- 
tiquities [etc.]. [Anon.] London, 1766, 
69. 2 v. P. 10. 17 

Anderson, Rev. James, of Edinburgh. 
The ladies of the covenant. Memoirs of 
distinguished Scottish female characters. 
• N. Y., 1851. P.10.19 

B.. P., Minnebroeder. 
Spiegel der quade vrouwen. Door P. B. 
Minnebroeder. [2de] druck. t' Amsterdam, 
1668. Pis. P. 10.41 

Balfour, Clara Lucas. 
Working women of the last half century. 
The lesson of their lives. London, 1854. 

P. 10.46 
Contents. — Mrs. Trimmer. — Hannah More. — 
Mrs. Barbauld. — Elizabeth Smith. — Charlotte 
Elizabeth. — Mrs. Sherman. — Mary Lundie Dun- 
can. — Sarah Martin. — Ann H. Judson. — Han- 
nah Killiam. 

Ballard, George. 

Memoirs of British ladies who have been 
celebrated for their writings or skill in the 
learned languages, arts and sciences. Lon- 
don, 1775. P. 10.48 
Memoirs of several ladies of Great Britain 
who have been celebrated for their writ- 
ings or skill in the learned languages, arts 
and sciences. Oxford, 1752. P. 10.48. 1 

P.iographium fremineum. The female worthies: 
or, memoirs of the most illustrious ladies of 
all ages and nations. London, 1766. P. 10.88 

P.lum, Johann Christian. 
De poetriis Graecis observationes historicas 
& criticas, historiae poetriarum generalis 
specimen, praeside Gottfrido Oleario, pub- 
lico examini exponet Joannes Christianus 
Blum, ad diem xxviii. Jan. An. mdcciix. 
(In Wolf, J. C, editor. Poetriarvm octo 
fragmenta et elogia, pp. 117-191. Ham- 
burgi, 1734.) No. 2 in P.88.785.3 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. 

Libro di M. Gio. Boccaccio delle donne il- 
lustri, tradotto per Messer Giuseppe Be- 
tussi. Venetia, 1547. P.1093 

Bolton, Sarah Knowles. 

Lives of girls who became famous. N Y 
[1886.] Portrs. P. 10 96 

Bonafede, Carolina. 
Cenni biografici e ritratti d'insigni donne 
bolognese. Bologna, 1845. Portrs. P. 10.98 
Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeilles, seigneur de. 
Vies des dames illustres franchises et etran- 
geres. Nouvelle edition, avec une intro- 
duction et des notes par Louis Moland. 
Paris [1863?] P. 10. 1 12 

Briquet, Marguerite Ursule Fortunee. 

Dictionnaire historique, litteraire et biblio- 

graphique des Franchises et des etrangeres 

naturalisees en France. Paris, 1804. Portr. 


Bury, Richard de. 

Histoire abregee des philosophes et des 
femmes celebres. Paris, 1773. 2 v. P.10.128 
Bussy-Rabutin, Roger, comte de. 

Lettres. Paris, 1700-1702. 4 v. P. 10. 130 

Carron, Guy Toussaint Julien. 
Vie des dames frangaises qui ont ete les plus 
celebres dans le xvn e siecle par leur piete 
et leur devouement pour les pauvres; pre- 
cedees de trois dialogues et trois lettres 
sur les services que les femmes peuvent 
rendre a la religion dans l'exercice des 
bonnes ceuvres. Louvain, 1826. [Biblio- 
theque catholique de la Belgique. 9.] 

P. 10. 148 
Cheney, Ednah Dow. 
Memoirs of Lucretia Crocker and Abby W. 
May. Prepared at the request of the 
Massachusetts school suffrage association. 
Boston, 1893. P.10.169 

Cleveland educational bureau. 
Ten "books for the people." Series 3, no. 
10: Famous women. Edited by Charles 
E.Bolton. Cleveland, 1884. Pis. P. 10. 178 
Colonial women of Maryland. [Baltimore, 
1891.] P.10.184 

Dall, Caroline Wells Healey. 
Historical pictures retouched; a volume of 
miscellanies. Boston, i860. P. 10.210 

Du Broca, Louis. 
Les femmes celebres de la Revolution. 
Paris, 1802. P. 10.240 


L>ufrenoy, Adelaide Gillette. 

Biographie des jeunes demoiselles, ou vies 
des femmes celebres depuis les Hebreux. 
Paris, 1816. 2 v. Portrs. P. 10.243 

Eberti, Johann Caspar. 

Eroffnetes Cabinet dess gelehrten Frauen- 
Zimmers darinnen die Beriihmtesten 
dieses Geschlechtes umbstiindlich vorge- 
stellet werden. Franckfurth, 1706. 

No. 2 in P. 10.677 

Ellet, Elizabeth Fries. 

Women artists in all ages and countries. 2d 

edition. London, i860. Portr. P. 10.260 

Eminent women of the age. By James Parton, 

Horace Greeley, T. W. Higginson, J. S. 

C. Abbott [etc.J. Hartford, 1868. Portrs. 

P. 10.263 

Ercolani, Girolamo. 

Le eroine della solitvdine sacra, ouero vite 
d'alcune delle piu illustri romite sacre. 
Bologna. [1655.] 2 v. P.10.266 

Fielding, Sarah. 
The lives of Cleopatra and Octavia. 2d edi- 
tion. London, 1758. P. 10.294 
Friends, Society of. Yearly meeting. Lon- 
don. 1844. 
Testimonials concerning deceased ministers. 
London, 1844. No. 3 in P. 1 1.3533 
These relate to Sarah Abbott, Elizabeth Robson, 
William Allen, Maria Fox. 

Galien, Mme , de Chateau-Thierry. (M. 

de ***.) 
Apologie des dames appuyee sur l'histoire. 
Paris, I737- P. 10.322 

Gayette-Georgens, Jeanne Marie von, and 
Hermann Kletke, editors. 
Frauen-Album, Charakterbilder aus alter 
und neuer Zeit. Berlin. [1870?] P.10.329 
Genlis, Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de St. Au- 
bin, comtesse de. 
De l'influence des femmes sur la litterature 
franchise. Paris, 1811. P.10.331 

Geschichte beriihmter Frauenzimmer. Leip- 
zig, 1772. 2 v. P. 10.336 
Gibbons, Thomas. 

Memoirs of eminently pious women . . . 
Added, a second volume ... by George 
Jerment. London, 1804. 2 v. Portr. 

P. 10.340 
Gloekler, Johann Philipp. 

Schwabische Frauen. Lebensbilder aus den 
drei letzten Jahihunderten. Stuttgart, 1865. 
P. io.343 
Green, Mary Anne Everett, editor. 

Letters of royal and illustrious ladies of 
Great Biitain, from the commencemnt of 
the twelfth century to the close of the 
reign of queen Mary. London, 1846. 3 v. 
Fac-simile autographs. P. 10.357 

Guenderode, Caroline von. 

Die Giinderode. [Briefe zwischen Caroline 
von Giinderode und Betlina von Arnim. 
1804-1806.] Grunberg, 1840. P. 10.366 

Correspondence of Fraulein Giinderode and 
Bettina von Arnim. [Translated by Mar- 
garet Fuller Ossoli and Minna Wessel- 
hoeft.] Boston, 1841. P.10.366.1 

Habicht, Melchior. 

Beyspiele von dem Einfluss des weiblichen 
Geschlechts in alten romischen Staat, 
Frankfurt, 1792. P. 10.371 

llaendel, Christoph Christian. 

Dissertatio de ervdms (jcrmaniae mvlien- 
bvs. Altdorfi, 16S8. P. 10.37*: 

Hale, Sarah Josepha. 

Woman's record; or, sketches of ail dis- 
tinguished women, irom "the beginning'' 
till 1850. With selections irom female 
writers of every age. N. Y., 1853. Portrs. 
P. 10.373 
Hall, Mrs. Matthew. 
The queens before the conquest. London, 
1854. 2 v. Portrs. P. 10.375 

Hays, Mary, 
hemale biography; or, memoirs of illus- 
trious and celebrated women, of all ages 
and countries. 1st American edition. 
Phila., 1807. 3 v. P. 10.391 

Memoirs of queens, illustrious and cele- 
brated. London, 1821. P.10.391.1 
Henke, Ernst Ludwig Theodor. 

Franzosische Frauen vor dem Revolutions- 
tribunale im Jahre 1793 und 1794. L Braun- 
schweig, i«68.j P. 10.399 

Sketches of Charlotte Corday, Marie Antoinette, 
Madame Roland, Madame Elizabeth and others. 

Kavanagh, Julia. 

French women of letters: biographical 

sketches. London, 1862. 2 v. P. 10.473 

Women of Christianity exemplary for acts 

of piety and charity. London, 1852. 

Portrs. P. 10.473. 1 

Kelty, Mary Ann. 

Biography for young ladies. London, 1839. 

Portr. P. 10.477 

Knapp, Samuel Lorenzo. 

Female biography; containing notices of 
distinguished women, in different nations 
and ages. N. Y., 1834. P. 10.482 

La Croix de Castries, Jean Francois, mar- 
quis de. 
Dictionnaire historique portatif des femmes 
celebres. [Anon.] Paris, 1769. 3 v. 

P. 10.493 
Lairtullier, E. 

Les femmes celebres de 1789 a 1795, et leur 

influence dans la Revolution. Paris, 1840. 

2 v. P. 10.496 

Le Moyne, Pierre. 

La gallerie des dames fortes. 5e edition. 

Paris, 1665. Portrs. P. 10.517 

La galleria delle donne forti. Modona, 1701. 

PI. P.10.5171 

Le Roux de Lincy, Adrien Jean Victor. 

Les femmes celebres de l'ancienne France. 

Memoires historiques sur la vie des 

femmes franchises, depuis le cinquieme 

siecle jusqu'au dix-huitieme. Tome r. 

Paris, 1848. P.10.519 

Martini, Lorenzo. 

Alcune vite di donnc celcbri. Milano, 1829, 

30. Portrs. P. 10.567 

Menzies, Sutherland. 

Political women. London, 1873. 2 v. 

P. 10.583 
Paullini, Christian Franz. 
Hoch- und wohl-gelahrtcs teutsches Frauen- 
Zimer, abermahl durch Hinzusetzung un- 
terschiedlicher Gelehrter wie audi etlicher 
auslandischer Damen bin und wieder um 
ein merckliches vermehret. Franckfurth, 
1712. No. 1 in P.10.677 


Pietrucci, Napoleone. 

Delle illustri donne padovane. Cenni bio- 
grafici. N. p. N. d. P. 10.695 

Pigott, Charles. 
The female jockey club, or, a sketch of the 
manners of the age. London, pr. : N. Y., 
repr., 1794. P. 10.699 

Planer, Johannes Andreas. 
Tractatus de gynaeceo docto, d. i. von ga- 
lehrtem Frauenzimmer. Wittenbergae, 
1715. No. 8 in P.52.201 

Ponce, Nicolas. 

Le Lavater historique des femmes celebres, 
des temps anciens et modernes . . . 
TAnon.] Paris, 1822. Portr. P.10.705 

Prudhomme, Louis Marie, editor. 

Repertoire universel, historique, biogra- 
phique des femmes celebres. mortes ou 
vivantes . . . par une Societe de gens de 
lettres. Paris, 1826. 4 v. P. 10.717 

Ralph, James. 
The other side of the question: or, an at- 
tempt to rescue the characters of the two 
royal sisters Q. Mary and Q. Anne out of 

the hand of the d sd of . 

By a woman of quality. London, 1742. 

P. 10.727 
Renneville, Sophie de Senneterre de. 

Galerie des jeunes vierges, on modeles des 
vertus; qui assurent le bonheur des 
femmes. 2e edition, augmenree de plusi- 
eurs vies edifiantes. Paris, 1821. Pis. 

P. 10.73c) 
Robbins, Chandler. 
A sermon preached after the death of Eliza 
Frothingham and Cornelia F. Wolcott. 
mother and daughter. Boston. 1820. 

No. 6 in P.i 1.3533 
Roberts, Margaret. 
Women of the last days of old France. Lon- 
don, 1872. Illus. P.10.751 
Sketches of Mme de Crequy. Jeanne Delaunay. 
Mme^ Junot, Mme Le Brun, and Alexandrine 
des Echerolles. 
Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin. 

Portraits of celebrated women. Translated 
by H. W. Preston. Boston, 1868. Portr. 
P. 10.773 
Thicknesse, Ann. 

Sketches of the lives and writings of the 
ladies of France. London, 1780, 81. 3 v. 
P. 10.883 
Thomson, Katharine, and John Cockburn 
Thomson. (Grace and Philip Wharton.) 
The queens of society. Illustrated by Charles 
Altamont Dovle, and the brothers Dalziel. 
N. Y., i860. ' P. 10.887 

Ungern-Sternberg, Alexander, Freiherr von. 
Beruhmte deutsche Frauen des achtzehnten 
Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 1848. P.10.915 

Walford, Lucy Bethiah. 
Twelve English authoresses. London, 1892. 
Portr. P. 10.945 

Contents. — Hannah More. — Fanny Burney. — 
Maria Edgeworth. — Harriet Martineau. — Jane 
Austen. — Felicia Hemans. — Mary Somerville. 
— Jane Taylor. — Charlotte Bronte. — Elizabeth 
Gaskell. — Elizabeth B. Browning. — George 
Williams, Jane. 
The literary women of England. Including 
a biographical epitome of all the most 
eminent to 1700, and sketches of the poet- 
esses to 1850; with extracts from their 
works. London, 1861. Portrs. P.10.972 

Wister, Sarah Butler, and Agnes Irwin, editors. 
Worthy women of our first century. Phila., 
1877. P. 10.978 

Contents. — Mrs. T. M. Randolph, by S. N. Ran- 
dolph. — Mrs. Philip Schuyler, by S. F. Cooper. 
— Mrs. Samuel Ripley, by Elizabeth Hoar. — 
Women of New Hampshire, by Mrs. Francis VV. 
Fiske. — Mrs. Rebecca Motte, by a lady of S. 
Carolina. — Deborah Logan, by Mrs. O. J. Wister. 

Women of worth. A book for girls. N. Y., 
i860. Pis. P. 10.983 

11. Individual Biographies. 

Abailard, Pierre, and Heloise. 

Histoire d'Heloise et d'Abailard, suivie des 
lettres les plus memorables des deux im- 
mortels arrtants. [Par] Marc de Montifaud 
[pseud, of Marie A. Quivogne de Monti- 
faud]. Paris. [1876.] 
Anspach, Elizabeth Berkeley Craven, Mark- 
grafin von. 
Memoirs. Written by herself. London, 
1826. 2 v. Portrs. P. 1 1.224 
Austen, Jane. 

Life. By Goldwin Smith. London, 1890. 

Beck, Wilhelmine, Baronin von. 

Personal adventures during the late war of 

independence in Hungary. [Trans, by M. 

A. Garvey.] London, 1850. 2 v. Portrs. 

P. 1 1.679 

Bellamy, George Anne. 

Memoires de Mistriss Bellamy, actrice du 

theatre de Covent-Garden. Avec une 

notice sur sa vie par M. Thiers. Paris, 

1822. 2 v. P. 1 1.707 

Bronte, Charlotte. 

Life. By Augustine Birrell. London, 1887. 
["Great writers."] P.11.1178 

Life. By E. C. Gaskell. N. Y., 1857. 2 v. 
Portr. P. 1 1. 1 178. 1 

Burden, Helen McOuat. 
A memorial of Mrs. Henry Burden. N. Y. 
[i860.] Pis. No. 16 in P.II.3533 

Cadiere, Marie Catherine. 
Factum contre le pere Jean-Baptiste Girard. 
La Haye, 1731. P.11.1316 

Memoire instructif pour le pere Jean-Bap- 
tiste Girard, contre Marie Catherine Cadi- 
ere. La Haye, 1731. No. 2 in P.11.1316 
Carroll, Anna Ella. 
A military genius. By Sarah Ellen Black- 
well. Washington, 1891. Portr. P.11.1490 
Carter, Elizabeth. 

Memoirs, with a new edition of her poems; 
added, some miscellaneous essays, to- 
gether with her Notes on the Bible [etc.]. 
By the Rev. Montagu Pennington. 2d 
edition. London, 1808. 2 v. Portr. 

P. 1 1. 1499 
Catharine, St., of Bologna. 
Vita di S. Catterina Vigri, detta da Bologna. 
[Per E. Nannetti.] Bologna, 1841. Portr. 
Child, Lydia Maria. 
Letters. With a biographical introduction by 
J. G Whittier, and an appendix by Wen- 
dell Phillips. Boston, 1883. Portr. 

P. 1 1. 1697 
Christina, queen of Sweden. 

Memoires. T. 1, 2. [Par J. Arckenholtz.] 
Amsterdam, 1751. P.11.1716 


A panegyrick of the most renowned and 
serene princess Christina, . . . queene of 
Swedland, Goths and Vandals. By M. de 
Harst. Translated by W. L., gent. Lon- 
don, 1656. P.11.1716.1 
Churchill, Sarah, duchess of Marlborough. 
An account of [her] conduct from her first 
coming to court, to the year 1710. In a 

letter from herself to my Lord . [By 

N. Hooke.] London, 1742. P.n.1731 

Codman, Mary. 
Life and death in Christ. A sermon by J. H. 
Means. Boston, 1857. No. 13 in P.n.3533 
This contains also an address by A. C. Thompson. 
Coleridge, Sara. 
Memoir and letters. Edited by her daughter. 
3d edition. London, 1873. 2 v. Portrs. 
P. 1 1. 1823 
Couedon, Henriette. 
La voyante de la rue de Paradis. [Par Gas- 
ton Mery.] Preface de fidouard Drumont. 
Paris. [1896.] P.11.1974 

Cushman, Melenda B. 
Address at the funeral of Melenda B. Cush- 
man. By S. G. Willard. Pr. for private 
distribution. 1854- No. 18 in P.11.3533 

Dare, Jeanne. 
The life and death of Jeanne d'Arc. By 
Harriet Parr. London, 1866. 2 v. Portr. 
Davies, Mrs. Christian. 

Life and adventures of Mrs. Christian 
Davies, commonly called Mother Ross; 
who [served] in several campaigns under 
King William and the late Duke of Marl- 
borough. [Anon.] London, 1740. P. 11. 2163 
Usually attributed to Defoe. 
Dayton, Jane Tongrelou. 
The devout churchwomau: sermon by G. 
W. Doane. N. Y., 1859. No. 15 in P.ii-3533 
Dean, Mary. 

A discourse, the Sunday after the funeral of 
Mary Dean. By Alvan Lamson. Boston. 
1851. No. 7 in P.11.3533 

Delany, Mary. 
Autobiography and correspondence. Re- 
vised from Lady Llanover's edition, and 
edited by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey. Bos- 
ton, 1879. 2 v. Portrs. P.u.2197 
Du Barry, Marie Jeanne Gomard de Vauber- 
nier. comtesse. 
Precis historique de [sa] vie. Paris, 1774. 
Portr. P. 1 1.2408 
Du Deffand, Marie de Vichy Chamrond, mar- 
Lettres a Horace Walpole. 1766 a 1790: aux- 
quelles sont jointes des lettres a Voltaire, 
1759 a 1775. Nouvelle edition. Paris, 1824. 
4 v. P.11.2416 
Dudevant, Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin. 
George Sand. By Bertha Thomas. [Also, 
George Sand, by Justin M'Carthy.l Bos- 
ton. 1883. [Famous women.] P.n.2417 
Eliot, George. 

Life. By Oscar Browning. London, 1890. 
["Great writers."] P.11.2588 

Elisabeth, princess of Bohemia. 

Memoirs of the princess Palatine of Bohe- 
mia: including her correspondence with 
the great men of her day, and memoirs of 
the court of Holland under the princes of 
Orange. By the Baroness Blaze de Bury. 
London, 1853. P.11.2596 

Elliot, Mary Stuart. 
A brief memorial of Mrs. Elliot. Phila., 
1852. No. 8 in P. 11.3533 

Farnham, Eliza Woodson. 
Eliza Woodson; or, the early days of one of 
the world's workers. 2d edition. N. Y., 
1864. P.11.2851 

Fletcher, Eliza Dawson. 
Autobiography, with letters and other family 
memorials. Edited by [Lady Mary Rich- 
ardson]. Boston, 1876. P.i 1.3007 
Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, Markgrafin von 
Memoirs. Written by herself. Translated 
from the French. London, 1812. 2 v. 

Fry, Elizabeth. 
Memoir of [her] life, with extracts from her 
journal and letters. Edited by two of her 
daughters. Phila., 1847, 48. 2 v. Portr. 

Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft. 

A defence of the character and conduct of 
the late Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin; in 
a series of letters to a lady. London, 1803. 
No. 2 in P. 1 1.3450 
Memoirs of the author of A vindication of 
the rights of woman. By William Godwin. 
London, 1798. Portr. No. 1 in P. 11.3450 
Godwin, William. 
William Godwin: his friends and contem- 
poraries. By C. Kegan Paul. London. 
1876. 2 v. Portrs. Fac-similes. P.11.3453 
Goethe, Katharina Elisabeth Textor. 

Goethe's mother. Correspondence with 
Goethe, Lavater, Wieland, Duchess Anna 
Amalia of Saxe-Weimar, Friedrich von 
Stein, and others. Translated, with bio- 
graphical sketches and notes, by Alfred S. 
Gibbs. N. Y. [1880.] Portrs. P. 1 1.3457 
Graham, Isabella. 

Christian mourning: a sermon by J. M. 
Mason. N. Y., 1814. No. 1 in P.i 1-3533 
Grant, Anne, of Laggan. 

Letters from the mountains: being the real 
correspondence of a lady, between the 
years 1773 and 1807. 1st American from 
the 3d London edition. Boston, 1809. 
2v. P. 1 1-3549 

Grimke, Sarah and Angelina. 
The Grimke sisters: the first American 
women advocates of abolition and wom- 
an's rights. By Catherine H. Birney. Bos- 
ton, 1885. P.11.3616 
Hamilton, Elizabeth. 

Memoirs, with a selection from her corre- 
spondence and other writings. By Miss 
Benger. London, 1818. Portr. P.n. 3773 
Haskins, Adaline. 

The fading and the unfading. Discourses 
on the occasion of [her] decease. N. Y., 
1848. No. 5 in P.11.3533 

Henrietta Maria, duchess of Orleans. 

Letters, including all her private corre- 
spondence with Charles the First. Edited 
by Mary Anne Everett Green. London, 
1857. P.11.4013 

Histoire de Madame Henriette d'Angleterre, 
premiere femme de Philippe de France. 
Par Dame Marie de La Vergne, comtesse 
de La Fayette. Amsterdam, 1720. Portr. 
P. 1 1. 401 3. 1 


Hopkins, Louisa Parsons. 
Memorial services in the Belleville congre- 
gational church, Newburyport. Address: 
Albert W. Hitchcock. Poem: Harriet 
Prescott Spofford. [Boston, 1895.] 

Jameson, Anna Brownell. 

Memoirs. By Gerardine Macpherson. Bos- 
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Edited after the author's death by Mrs. Oliphant. 

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raire. Par Philomncste Junior [pseud, of 
P. G. Brunet]. Edition augmentee. Brux- 
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La Bouere, Comtesse de. 
Souvenirs. La guerre de La Vendee, 1793- 
1796. Memoires inedits publies par la 
c tesse ^ e L a Bouere, belle-fille de l'auteur. 
Preface par le marquis Costa de Beaure- 
gard. Paris, 1890. P. 1 1. 491 1 
Larcom, Lucy. 
An address in memory of Lucy Larcom. By 
D. D. Addison. Boston. [1893.] P.11.5025 
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marquise de. 
Memoires, ecrits par elle-meme. 4e edition, 
augmentee de differentes pieces relatives 
aux evenements de 1815. Paris, 1817. 
Portr. Map. P. 11.5033 
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in La Vendee. 2d edition. Edinburgh, 
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A sermon commemorative of [her] charac- 
ter and life. By H. A. Boardman. Phila., 
1865. No. 20 in P. 1 1.3533 
Lee, Christina. 
A sermon . . . commemorative of [her] 
character. By William B. Sprague. Al- 
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Lettres au Marquis de Sevigne. Paris, 1810. 
2 v. Portr. P.i 1. 5175 
Memoirs, with her letters to M. de St. Evre- 
mond, and to the Marquis de Sevigne. 
Collected and translated by Mrs. Griffith. 
Dublin, 1778. P.n.5175.1 
The correspondence contained in both these vol- 
umes is fictitious. 
Lincoln, Jane Porter. 
Tribute to [her] memory. [By Almira Lin- 
coln Phelps.] [Baltimore, 1855.] 

No. 12 in P.ii-3533 
Longueville, Anne Genevieve de Bourbon- 
Conde, duchesse de. 
Nouvelles etudes sur les femmes illustres et 
la societe du xvn e siecle. Par Victor 
Cousin. 2e edition. La jeunesse de 
madame de Longueville. Paris, 1853. 
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The female Jesuit; or the spy in the family. 
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Memoirs and letters of Dolly Madison. Ed- 
ited by her grand-niece. Boston, 1886. 

P. 1 1.5456 
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ments originaux par Paul Vogt D'Hunol- 
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Discorso in lavde de la christianissima mada- 
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voni da Colle.] Fiorenza, 1600. P.11.5619 
Martineau, Harriet. 
Autobiography. Edited by Maria Weston 
Chapman. Boston, 1877. 2 v. Portrs. 
PI. Fac-simile. P.11.5667 

Harriet Martineau. By Mrs. F. Fenwick 
Miller. Boston, 1885. [Famous women.] 
P.n. 5667.1 
Mary, queen of Scots. 
A detection of the actions of Mary queen of 
Scots concerning the murder of her hus- 
band, and her conspiracy . . . with Earl 
Bothwell. Written in Latin by G. Bu- 
chanan. Translated by a person of honour. 
N. p. 1721. PI. P. 1 1.5684 

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P. 1 1. 61 38 
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In memoriam. [By H. E. Niles.] [York, 
Pa., 1865.] No. 19 in P.n. 3533 

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Margaret Fuller Ossoli. By T. W. Higgin- 
son. 2d edition. Boston, 1884. [Ameri- 
can men of letters.] P.n.6616 
Parker, Lucretia. 
Piratical barbarity, or, the female captive. 
Comprising the particulars of the capture 
of the English sloop Eliza-Ann. And of 
the unparalleled sufferings of Miss Lucre- 
tia Parker. N. Y. [1825?] P.11.6718 
Pascal, Jacqueline. 
Sister and saint. By Sophie W. Weitzel. 
N. Y. [1880.] P. 1 1.6729 


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Elogio di Teresa Pelli Fabroni. 2a edizione. 
fPer Giovanni Rosini.] Pisa, 1814. Portrs. 
P. 1 1.6805 
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A sermon . . . commemorative of Betsey H. 
Phinney. By Frederick Frothingham. 
Brattleboro, 1866. No. 22 in P.ii-3533 

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Autobiography, letters and literary remains 
of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale). Edited by A. 
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Same. 2d edition. London, 1861. Portr. 
PL P.i 1.6935- 1 

Love letters, written when she was eighty, to 
William Augustus Conway. London, 
1843. P. 1 1. 6935-2 

Pulszky, Terezia. 

Memoirs of a Hungarian lady. With a his- 
torical introduction, by Francis Pulszky. 
London, 1850. 2 v. P.11.7189 

These memoirs deal largely with the Hungarian 
revolution of 1848-49. 
Read, Mrs. E. D. 
A saint in Christ. The substance of a testi- 
mony delivered by William Morris, M.D. 
Phila., 1863. No. 17 in P. 1 1-3533 

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Memoirs and correspondence. Translated 
and edited by Isaphene M. Luyster. 2d 
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Roland, Marie Jeanne Phlipon. 
An appeal to impartial posterity: or, a col- 
lection of tracts written by her during her 
confinement in the prisons of the abbey, 
and St. Pelagee, in Paris. 1st American 
edition. N. Y., 1798. 4 parts in 2 v. 

Memoires. Seule edition entierement con- 
forme au manuscrit autographe transmis 
en 1858 par un legs a la Bibliotheque impe- 
riale. Publiee avec des notes par C. A. 
Dauban. Parsi, 1864. Portr. Fac-simile. 
Savage, Ruth. 
A sermon, after the interment of Mrs. Ruth 
Savage. By William B. Sprague. Albany, 
1837- No. 2 in P. 1 1.3533 

Seton, Eliza Ann Bayley. 

Life of [the] foundress and first superior of 
the sisters or daughters of charity in the 
United States; with extracts from her 
writings and an historical sketch of the 
sisterhood. By C. I. White. N. Y., 1853. 
Portr. P.11.8144 

Sevigne, Marie de Rabutin Chantal, mar- 
quise de. 
Lettres choisies. Paris. [1890.] [Auteurs 
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Madame de Sevigne. By Miss Thackeray. 
Phila. [1881.] [Foreign classics for Eng- 
lish readers.] P.11.8151.1 
Seward, Anna. 

Letters: written between 1784 and 1807. 
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The death of the lovely and the useful. A 
sermon by Richard S. Storrs. Boston, 
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Life & letters. By Mrs. Julian Marshall. 
London, 1889. 2 v. Portrs. Fac-simile. 

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The history of the female shipwright. Writ- 
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Smith, Erminnie Adele. 

In memoriam. 1837-1886. [With an appen- 
dix. Compiled bv Sara L. Saunders-Lee.] 
Boston. [1890.] "Portr. PL P. 11.8289 

The Appendix contains the following articles writ- 
ten by Mrs. Smith: The customs and language 
of the Iroquois. — To a lizard in amber. — Am- 
ber. — The petrified fern. — The significance of 
flora to the Iroquois. 
Stael-Holstein,Anne Louise Germaine Necker, 
baronne de. 
Memoires, ecrits par elle-meme. Londres, 
1755. P. 1 1.8463 

Sketch of the life, character, and writings of 
baroness de Stael-LIolstein. By Madame 
Necker de Saussure. From the French. 
London, 1820. Portr. P.i 1.8463. 1 

Stampa, Gaspara. 

Gaspara Stampa. By Eugene Benson. With 
a selection from her sonnets. Translated 
by George Fleming [pseud, of Julia Con- 
stance Fletcher]. Boston, 1881. P. 11.8472 
Stein, Charlotte, Freiherrin von. 

Charlotte von Stein. A memoir. By George 
H. Calvert. Boston, 1877. Portrs. P.11.8516 
Stowe, Harriet Elizabeth Beecher. 

Life. Compiled from her letters and jour- 
nals by Charles Edward Stowe. Boston, 
1889. Portr. Pis. Fac-simile letters. 

P. 1 1.8597 
Sturges, Mary Ann. 

Memoirs; consisting of her early history, 
an interesting account of a voyage to 
India, and her experience in this country. 
Written by herself. Poughkeepsie, 1852. 

No. 9 in P. 1 1.3533 
Sulger, Anna Margareta. 

Our dead. A sermon by Joseph A. Seiss. 
Phila., 1865. No. 21 in P.i 1-3533 

Tubman, Harriet. 

Harriet, the Moses of her people. By Sarah 
H. Bradford. N. Y., 1886. " P.11.9055 
Tufts, Mercy. 

Suffering and consolation: a discourse by 
Arthur B. Fuller. Boston, 1858. 

No. 14 in P. 1 1.3533 
Van Rensselaer, Cornelia. 

A funeral discourse. By Thomas E. Ver- 

milye. N. Y., 1844. No. 4 in P.i 1.3533 

Varnhagen von Ense, Rahel Antoine Friede- 


Rahel: her life and letters. By Mrs. 

Vaughan Jennings. London, 1883. 

P. 1 1.9248 
Warne, Eliza Maria. 

Funeral discourse upon [her] death. By R. 
W. Henry. Phila., 1867. No. 24 in P.i 1.3533 
Willard, Mary E. 

Nineteen beautiful years; or, sketches of a 
girl's life, written by her sister [Frances E. 
Willard]. N. Y„ 1864. Portr. P. 11.9704 
Woodward. Sarah Elizabeth. 

Memorials. Obituary by E. L. Dana. Ser- 
mon by Rev. Mr. Williamson. [Wilkes- 
barre.] 1869. No. 25 in P.n.3533 


Wright, Mary C. 

In memoriam. A sermon by W. W. Newell. 

Phila., 1866. No. 23 in P.i 1-3533 

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A practical illustration of "woman's right 

to labor." [Autobiography.] Edited by 

Caroline H. Dall. Boston, i860. P. 11.9967 

18. Characteristics of Women. 

Bellegarrigue, A. 

Les femmes d'Amerique. Paris, 1855. P. 18.72 
Bland, James. 
An essay in praise of women: or, a looking- 
glass for ladies to see their perfections in 
. . . London, 1733. P. 18.91 

Bomhard, Martin Christian Friedrich von, and 
Georg Christian August von Bomhard. 
Symposion. Von der Wiirde der weiblichen 
Natur und Bestimmung. [Anon. J Bam- 
berg, 1815. P.18.98 
Bruys, Francois. (Chevalier Plante-Amour.) 
The art of knowing women: or, the female 
sex dissected, in a faithful representation 
of their virtues and vices . . . Made Eng- 
lish, with improvements by Mr. Macky. 
2d edition. London, 1732. PI. P. 18. 123 
Dufrenoy, Adelaide Gillette, and Sabine Casi- 
mire Amable Voiart Tastu, compilers. 
Le livre des femmes, choix de morceaux ex- 
traits des meilleurs ecrivains frangais . . . 
Ouvrage enrichi de plusieurs fragmens in- 
edits ou peu connus. Gand, 1823. 2 v. 
Portrs. P. 18.242 
Femme, La, telle qu'elle est, et un apergu sur 
les eaux thermales de Plombieres, de 
Vichi et de Bade; par un baigneur. 2e 
edition, augmentee. Paris. [1847.] 

P. 18.289 
Gerbier, Charles. 
Elogium heroinum. The ladies vindication: 
or, the praise of worthy women. London, 
1651. P. 18.334 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. 
Concerning all of us. N. Y., 1893. Portr. 

Eighteen short essays. 
Women and men. N. Y., 1888. P. 18.413. 1 

La V * * * * , de. 

La noble naissance des femmes, et leurs ver- 
tus heroiques. [Poeme.] Paris, 1699. 

P. 18.507 
Olivier, Jacques. 

Alphabet de l'imperfection et malice des 
femmes. Reueu, corrige & augmente. 
Roven, 1646. P. 18.656 

Perrault, Charles. (Monsieur D * * * .) 

L'apologie des femmes. [Poeme.] Paris, 
1694. No. 2 in P. 18.507 

Stoeckhardt, Johann Heinrich. 

Dissertatio de blanda mulierum rhetorica. 
Lipsiae, 1678. No. 9 in P.52.201 

Walsh, William. 

A dialogue concerning women, being a de- 
fence of the sex. [Anon.] London, 1691. 
P. 18.947 
Same. (In Supplement to the Works of the 
minor poets. Part 1, pp. 1 17-180. Lon- 
don, 1750.) P. 18.867 
Wilkinson, Robert, D.D. 

The merchant royal: or, woman a ship. A 
sermon preached ... at the nuptials of an 

honourable lord and his lady [Lord Wil- 
liam Hay and Lady Anne Lyon. Anon.]. 
London, 1736. P. 18.970 

The date, originally 1730, has been changed with 
a pen to 1736. 

19. Delineations of Women in Liter- 
ature and Art. 

Alissan de Chazet, Andre Rene Polydore, and 
E. T. Maurice Ourry. 
La ligue des femmes, ou le roman de la rose, 
comedie anecdotique, en un acte, en prose. 
Paris, 1807. P. 19. 14 

Amory, Thomas. 
The spirit of Buncle; or the surprising ad- 
ventures of that original and extraordinary 
character John Buncle [pseud.]. Lon- 
don, 1823. P. 19.18 
Aucassin and Nicolette. 
This is of Aucassin and Nicolette: a song- 
tale of true lovers. Translated by M. S. 
Henry from the Old French of H. Suchier, 
. . . and the verse translation rhymed by 
Edward W. Thomson. Boston, 1896. 

P- T 9-34 

Azais, Pierre Hyacinthe. 

Des compensations dans les destinees hu- 
maines. Paris, 1810. 2 v. in 3. P. 19.40 

Part 2 (in 2 v.) contains six nouvelles: Histoire 
de Mme Durand; Histoire de Mme de Belfort; 
Histoire de M. Dalmont; Histoire de Mme de 
Belval; Histoire de M. de Murville; Histoire de 
Barrett, Eaton Stannard. 
Woman, a poem. Occasional poems. Lon- 
don, 1818. llus. P- T 9-55 

The Occasional poems, pp. 105-121, are lacking. 
Blake, Robert. 
Joan of Arc. A poem, not awarded the vice- 
chancellor's prize. [Anon.] London, 
1876. P. 19.84 

Blancandin et l'orgueilleuse d'amour. Roman 
d'aventures publie pour la premiere fois 
par H. Michelant. Paris, 1867. P. 19.87 
Blanquet, Theodor Xavier Albert. (Chrysale.) 
Les Amazones de la Fronde. [Roman his- 
torique.] Paris. [1866.] Pis. P. 19.90 

Les femmes. Paris, 1875. Portr. P. 19.90. 1 
Blouet, Paul. (Max O'Rell.) 
Les filles de John Bull. Par l'auteur de 
John Bull et son ile. 7e edition. Paris, 
1884. [Bibliotheque contemporaine.] 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. 

Contes de Boccace. Le Decameron, trad, de 

l'italien par Sabatier de Castres. Paris, 

1855. Illus. P- 19-97 

La Fiammetta. Di nuovo ristampata, e con 

diligenza ricorretta. Firenze, 1724. 

P. 19.97. 1 
Castiglione, Baldassare, conte di. 

II cortegiano, or the courtier. A new version 
of the same into English. Together with 
several of his celebrated pieces. Prefix'd 
the life of the author. By A. P. Castigli- 
one. London, 1727. Portr. P. 19. 153 

In Italian and English. 

Book 3, pp. 245-352: Of the accomplishments of 

a court lady. 

The courtier. Translated [by R. Samber]. 
London, 1724. P.19.153.1 

Pp- 137-240: Of the accomplishments of a court 



[Characters, or, wittie descriptions of the 
properties of sundry persons.] N. p. 
[1620?] P. 19. 163 

Part of the volume was written by Lady South- 
Collier, Ada Langworthy. 

Lilith; the legend of the first woman. 
[Poem.] Boston. [1885.] P.19.184 

Dibdin, Charles, the elder. 
Hannah Hewit: or, the female Crusoe. 
London. [1792.] 3 v. P. 19.229 

Dumas, Alexandre, the younger. 
Denise. 23c edition. Paris, 1885. P.19245 
Histoire du Supplice d'une femme. Reponse 
a fimile de Girardin. Paris, 1865. P. 19.245. 1 
Durfey, Thomas. 
A commonwealth of women. [A play.] By 
Mr. D'Urfey. 1685. Edited by Edmund 
Goldsmid. Edinburgh, 1886. [Biblio- 
theca curiosa.] P. 19.248 

Greenough, Sarah Dana. 

Mary Magdalene. A poem. Boston, 1883. 

P. 19.358 
Grillparzer, Franz. 
Sappho. Trauerspiel. Stuttgart. 1879. 

P. 19.362 
Sappho. A tragedy. Translated by Ellen 
Frothingham. Boston, 1876. P. 19.362. 1 
Henlau, A. A. (Justus Feminis.) 
Ambisexia, das Land der entjochten Frauen. 
Lustspiel. Leipzig, 1848. P. 19-399 

Hesekiel, Johann George Ludwig. 
Anna Ansbach und die emancipirten Weiber. 
Altenburg, 1847. P. 19.409 

Hocker, Nicolaus. 
Frauenbilder im Kranze der Dichtung. Got- 
tingen, 1858. P.i9-4 X 7 

Hosken, James Dryden. 

Phaon and Sappho, and Nimrod. [Dramas.] 
London, 1892. P. 19.427 

Imbert, Jean Baptiste Auguste. 

Le demerite des femmes. [Paris.] 1838. 

P. 19.443 
J., C. J. 

Cleopatra. 3d edition. San Francisco, 1890. 

P. 19.450 
Kingsley, Charles. 

Hypatia: or, new foes with an old face. 
Boston, 1854. 2 v. P. 19-479 

Lafayette, Marie Madeleine Pioche de la 
Vergne, comtesse de. 
La princesse de Cleves. Paris. N. d. 

P. 19.493 
La Sale, Antoine de. 
Les cent nouvelles nouvelles. [Anon.] Texte 
revu, et accompagne de notes explicatives. 
Paris, 1893. P. 19-503 

Attributed by Leroux de Lincy and Thomas 
Wright to Antoine de La Sale. 
Lawton, William Cranston. 
Art and humanity in Homer. N. Y., 1896. 

P. 1 9- 508 
Contains a chapter on Womanhood in the Iliad. 
Legouve. Gabriel Marie Jean Baptiste. 

Le merite des femmes [et autres poesies]. 
Nouvelle edition, augmentee de poesies 
inedites. Paris, 1830. P.I9-5I4 

Lemonnier, Camille. 

L'homme en amour. 2e edition. Paris, 1897. 


Daphnis & Chloe. Trad. d'Amyot. Rev. et 
completee par P. L. Courier. Paris. [1887.] 
[Auteurs celebres.] P.I953I 

Lummis, Charles Fletcher. 

The home of Ramona. Photographs of Ca- 

mulos [with verses and descriptive text]. 

Los Angeles, Cal., 1888. 10 photographs. 


McCourt, David William. 

The treasures of Weinsberg and other 

poems. Buffalo, 1895. P.I9-54I 

The title poem describes the celebrated deed of 
women at the surrender of Weinsberg; each 
woman carrying out her husband on her back as 
her most precious treasure. 

Manzini, Giovanni Battista. 

Les femmes illustres; or, the heroick har- 
ranges of the illustrious women. Written 
in French by Monsieur de Scuddery. 
Translated by James Innes. Edinburgh, 
1681. P. I9.556 

Marechal, Pierre Sylvain. 

Le jugement dernier des rois, prophetie en 
un acte, en prose. Paris, An 11 [i793]- 

P. 19.560 
Le Lucrece franqais; fragmens d'un poeme. 
Nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee et aug- 
mentee. Paris, An vi [1798]. P.i9-5 6 o.i 
Marriott, Thomas. 

Female conduct: being an essay on the art 
of pleasing. A poem. London, 1759. 

P. 19565 
Melhorn, Wolfgang. 

Encomium sexus foeminei . . . editum a Jo. 
Friderico Hekelio. [Chemnitz.] 1674. 

No. 6 in P.52.201 

Memoirs of female philosophers. By a modern 

philosopher of the other sex. London, 

1808. 2v. P.I9-5 81 

Moore, Edward. 

Fables for the female sex. [Illustrated by 
F. Hayman.] 3d edition. [Anon.] Lon- 
don, 1766. P. 19.613 
Mueldener, Rudolph, editor. 

Das Weib. Epigramme deutscher Dichter. 
Leipzig. [1876.] P. 19.622 

Munby, Arthur Joseph. 

Dorothy, a country story in elegiac verse. 

[Anon.] Boston, 1882. P. 19.626 

New tea-table miscellany, A: or, bagatelles for 

the amusement of the fair sex. 2d edition. 

London, 1753. P. 19639 

Nicetas Eugenianus. 

Aventures de Drosilla et Charicles; trad, du 

Grec par Ph. Le Bas. Paris, 1841. P. 19.641 

Quitard, Pierre Marie. 

Proverbes sur les femmes, l'amitie, l'amour 
et le mariage. Nouvelle edition. Paris, 
1878. P. 19723 

Robinson, Harriet Jane Hanson. 

Captain Mary Miller. A drama. Boston. 
[1887.] P.I9.753 

The new Pandora. A drama. N. Y., 1889. 


Rustaing de Saint-Jory, Louis. (C. D * * *.) 

Les femmes militaires. Relation historique 

d'une isle nouvellement decouverte. Paris, 

1735- Pis- P. 19768 

Scudery, Madeleine de. 

A triumphant arch erected and consecrated 

to the glory of the feminine sexe. By 

Monsieur de Scudery. Englished by I. B., 

gent. London, 1656. P. 19.807 

Simonnin, Antoine Jean Baptiste. 

Le merite des femmes travesti. Poeme bur- 
lesque. Paris, 1825. P. 19.825 
A burlesque of Legouve's Le merite des femmes. 


Southey, Robert. 
Poems. Bristol, 1799. 2 v. P. 19839 

Dedicated to Mary Wollstonecraft. The first 
poem is entitled The triumph of woman. 

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. 

Chastelard. A tragedy. N. Y., 1866. P. 19.869 

Time of Mary queen of Scots. 

Mary Stuart: a tragedy. N. Y., 1881. 

P. 19.869. 1 

The queen-mother and Rosamond. Boston, 

1866. P. 19.869.2 

Talfourd, Francis. 

Alcestis, the original strong-minded woman. 

A classical burlesque. [Anon.] Oxford, 

1850. P. 19.87 1 

Macbeth tiavestie: a burlesque in two acts. 

As performed at Henley on the day of the 

regatta, June 17, 1847. 3d edition. [Anon.] 

Oxford, 1850. No. 2 in P. 19.871 


Queen Mary. A drama. Boston, 1875. 

P. 19.878 
Warner, H. H., compiler. 

Songs of the spindle and legends of the 
loom. London, 1889. P.I9-949 

Woolson, Constance Fenimore. 

Two women: 1862. A poem. N. Y., 1877. 

P. 19985 

20. History and Condi- 
tion of Women. 

Adrian, Johann Valentin. 

Die Priesterinnen der Griechen. Frankfurt 
am Main, 1822. P.20.8 

Aikin, Lucy. 

Epistles on women, exemplifying their 

character and condition in various ages 

and nations. With miscellaneous poems. 

London, 1810. P.20.11 

Alexander, William, M.D. 

The history of women. London, 1779. 2 v. 

Almanach, L', des femmes, ou, description de 
ce qu'il y a de plus curieux dans les 
mceurs, les usages & la figure des femmes, 
chez les differens peuples de l'univers. La 
Haye, 1767. P.20.18 

Andrews, John, LL.D. 

Remarks on the French and English ladies 
in a series of letters. London, 1783. P.20.22 
Astell, Mar>. 

An essay in defence of the female sex. In a 
letter to a lady. Written by a lady. [Anon.] 
3d edition, with additions. London, 1697. 

Becker, Wilhelm Adolph. 
Charicles: or illustrations of the private life 
of the ancient Greeks; with notes and ex- 
cursus. Translated by Frederick Metcalfe. 
London, 1845. P.20.68 

Gallus: or Roman scenes of the time of 
Augustus; with notes and excursuses. 
Translated by Frederick Metcalfe. 2d edi- 
tion. London, 1849. Pis. P.20.68. 1 
Blair, Thomas S. 

Human progress. What can man do to 
further it? N. Y., 1896. P.20.91 

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The first four essays are on the burning of widows 
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Gruend- und probierliche Beschreibung, Ar- 
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Belangend die Frag ob die Weiber 
Menschen seyn oder nicht? . . . Ge- 
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Attributed to Valens Acidalius. 
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A translation of Factum pour les religieuses de 

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30. Education. 

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No. 8 in P.60.621; No. 16 in P.60.979 
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Contre le projet de loi de S * * * M * * *, 

portant defense d'apprendre a lire aux 

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pas d'etre femme de lettres. Paris, 1801. 

No. 2 in P.30.559.1 


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Jahres-Bericht iiber die hohere Tochter- 
schule, womit zu der am 21., 22. und 23. 
December im Schullokale stattfindenden 
Prufung und Schlussfeier ergebenst ein- 
geladen wird. Nebst einer Abhandlung: 



Was fordert unsere Zeit hinsichtlich der 
intellektuellen Bildung des weiblichen Ge- 
schlechts? Elberfeld, 1846. P.30.315 

G M N. 

Les femmes sgavantes, ou bibliotheque des 

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No. 31 in P.30.104 
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Mrs. Wollstonecraft's Thoughts on the edu- 
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female conduct . . . Added, Fenolon [sic] 
archbishop of Cambray's Instructions to a 
governess, and An address to mothers. 
Dublin, 1788. No. 2 in P.82.345.3 

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Letters on the importance of the female sex: 
with observations on their manners, and 
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familiar discourse directed to an honour- 
able and learned lady . . . Done from the 
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Leicester academy, Leicester, Mass. 
Catalogue, 1854/5. Worcester, 1855. 

No. 35 in P.30.104 
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II ne faut pas que les femmes sachent lire; 
ou projet d'une loi portant defense d'ap- 
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Paris. [1853-] P.30.559 

Projet d'une loi portant defense d'apprendre 
a lire aux femmes. Paris, 1801. P.30.559. 1 
Same. Bruxelles, 1847. P.30.559.2 

The edition of 1801 contains also the reply of 
Madame Gacon Dufour, Marechal's friend and 

Massachusetts. State normal school at West 


Course of training, etc., being the substance 

of the reports of the principal [for 1851, 

52]. [Boston? 1852.] No. 29 in P.30.104 

General catalogue, 1852. Boston, 1852. 

No. 30 in P.30.104 
— State normal school at Westfield. 

Catalogue, year ending July 31, 1855. Spring- 
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Mayo, Amory Dwight. 

Southern women in the recent educational 

movement in the South. Washington, 

1892. [Bureau of education. Circular of 

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Female tuition: or, an address to mothers, 
on the education of daughters. New edi- 
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The mental and moral dignity of woman. 
London, 1842. P. 30.673 

Putnam free school, Newburyport, Mass. 
General catalogue of the trustees, instructors 
and students, from 1848 to 1854. New- 
buryport, 1854. PI. 2 plans. 

No. 33 in P.30.104 
Ramabai association. 

Report of annual meeting held March 12, 
1894. Boston, 1894. PI. P30.727 

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Diatriben academicam de foeminarum eru- 
ditionc priorem . . . proponit Johannes 
Sauerbrei. [Posteriorem proponit respon- 
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No. 4 in P.52.201 
See, Camille, editor. 

Lycees et colleges de jeunes filles. Docu- 
ments, rapports et discours a la Chambre 
des deputes et au Senat ... 6e edition. 
Paris, 1896. P.30.809 

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Letters on subjects of importance to the 

happiness of young females, addressed by 

a governess to her pupils. London. [1799?] 



Thoughts and remarks on establishing an 
institution, for the support and education 
of unportioned respectable females. Lon- 
don, 1809. P.30.965. 1 

A project for establishing a protestant nunnery. 

Williston seminary, Easthampton, Mass. 
Annual catalogue, 12th. Northampton, 1853. 
No. 34 in P.30.104 

31. Domestic Education. 

English gentlewoman, The; or, hints to young 
ladies on their entrance into society. Lon- 
don, 1845. P.31.265 
English matron, The. By the author of "The 
English gentlewoman." London, 1846. 

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A housewife's opinions. London, 1879. 


32. Ethical Education. 

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L'ami des femmes. [Anon.] Paris, 1759. 

Same. Nouvelle edition, augmentee. 1775. 
P.32.105. 1 
Chapone, Hester Mulso. 

Letters on the improvement of the mind, 
addressed to a young lady. 4th edition. 
London, 1774. 2 v. P.32.163 

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Advice to young men, and (incidentally) to 
young women in the middle and higher 
ranks of life. London, 1829. P.32.179 

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The whole duty of woman. By a lady. Re- 
vised and improved by original additions. 
Newbury. [175-?] P-32-475 

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whole duty of man, &c. The second im- 
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An unfortunate mother's advice to her ab- 
sent daughters; in a letter to Miss Pen- 
nington. 2d edition. London, 1761. 

No. 3 in P.32.842 
Steele, Sir Richard. 

Bibliotheque des dames, contenant des 
regies generates pour leur conduite, dans 
toutes les circonstances de la vie. Traduite 



de l'anglois [par Francois Michel Janigon]. 

Amsterdam, 1724, 27. 3 v. P.32.8S0 

The ladies library. Vol. 1, 2. London, 1714. 


Same. Vol. 1-3. 7th edition. London, 1772. 

Pis. P.32.850.2 

33. Religious Education. 

Corona dei sette dolori di Maria Vergine, e 
meditazioni sopra ciascun dolore in parti- 
colare con altri divoti esercizi. Torino, 

T I 834 " «■,• u a. R33 - 193 

Jocehne, Elizabeth. 

The mothers legacie, to her vnborne childe. 

Reprinted from the edition of 1625. With 

a biographical and historical introduction 

[by Robert Lee]. Edinburgh, 1852. 

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Manual of la mere Agnes, or, a gift from an 
abbess to her nuns. Bristol, 1829. P.33.795 
Society for promoting female education in the 
Female agency among the heathen, as re- 
corded in the history and correspondence 
of the society. London, 1850. P.33.835 

34. College Education. 

Association of collegiate alumnae. 

Report of the committee on admission of 
colleges. N. p. [1890, 91.] P-34-33 

Crowe, Martha Foote. 
The status of foreign collegiate education for 
women. A partial abstract of the Report 
on educational progress presented to the 
Association of collegiate alumnae. N. p. 
1891. P.34.205 

Massachusetts society for the university edu- 
cation of women. 
Report, January, 1881. Boston, 1881. 

. x ,- P-34-509 

Orton, James, editor. 

The liberal education of women: the demand 

and the method. N. Y., 1873. P.34.661 

Stevens, Walter Le Conte. 

The admission of women to universities. 

N. Y., 1883. P.34.855 

35. Coeducation. 

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter. 
Should American colleges be open to 
women as well as to men? A paper pre- 
sented to the twentieth annual convoca- 
tion of the University of the state of New 
York. Albany, 1882. P.35-54 

.Reprinted from the Proceedings of the convoca- 
tion [*636i. 2.1882]. 

Boston. School committee. 

Majority and minority reports of the Special 

committee on subject of co-education of 

the sexes. Boston, 1890. P.35.102 

Pollard, Josephine. 

Coeducation. Illustrated by Walter Satter- 

lee. N. Y., 1883. P.35.704 

36. Colleges for Women. 

Antioch college, Yellow Springs, O. 
Catalogue ,for 1853/4 & 1854/5. Cincinnati, 
1855. PI. No. 26 in P.30.104 

Girton college. 
Report for 1875/76-77/78. [Cambridge, 1876- 
78.] P.36.341 

New York central college, McGrawville, N. Y. 
Catalogue of the officers and students, for 
1851/2, 52/3. Homer, 1852, 53. 

No. 27, 28 in P.30.104 
Newnham hall company. 

[Report.] June, Dec, 1877. [Cambridge, 
1877-] P.36.639 

The above company, uniting with the Association 
for promoting the higher education of women in 
Cambridge, formed Newnham college. 
Oberlin college, Oberlin, O. 

Catalogue of the officers and students, for 
1852/3. Oberlin, 1852. No. 25 in P.30.104 
Society for the collegiate instruction of women 
by professors and other instructors of 
Harvard college. 
Courses of study for 1890-91, with the re- 
quirements for admission. Cambridge, 
1890. P.36.835 

University of Iowa. 

Catalogue. 1886/87. [Iowa City.] 1886. 

White, Andrew Dickson. 

Report submitted to the trustees of Cornell 
university in behalf of a majority of the 
committee on Mr. Sage's proposal to en- 
dow a college for women. Ithaca, 1872. 


39. Social Ethics. 

Croiy, Jennie Cunningham. (Jennie June.) 
Jennie Juneiana: talks on women's topics. 
Boston, 1864. P.39205 

Gillet, Robert. 

The pleasures of reason: or, the hundred 

thoughts of a sensible young lady. In 

English and French. 3d edition. London, 

1798. PI. Map. P.39338 

Gisborne, Thomas. 

An enquiry into the duties of the female sex. 

London, 1801. P-39-342 

Gregory, George, D.D. 

Legs d'un pere a ses filles, trad, de l'Anglais 
par L ***** . Paris . N. d. P-39-359 

Hazeltine, Mayo Williamson. 

The American woman in Europe, and the 
keys to New York society. N. Y., 1879. 
La Tour Landry, Geoffroy de. 
The book of the Knight of the tower, Lan- 
dry, which he made for the instruction of 
his daughters . . . Now done into English 
by Alexander Vance. Dublin, 1868. 

Lois, Les, de la galanterie. (1644.) [Publiees 
par Ludovic Lalanne.] Paris, 1855. [Le 
tresor des pieces rares ou inedites.] 




Restif de La Bretonne, Nicolas Edme. 
Les gynographes, ou idees de deux hon- 
netes femmes sur un projet de reglement 
propose a toute l'Europe, pour mettre les 
femmes a leur place & operer le bonheur 
des deux sexes. Avec des notes historiques 
et justificatives. La-Haie, 1777. 2 v. 

Tart 2 contains the Notes, and a list of famous 

Valresson, comtesse de. 

Manuel de la bonne societe. 4c edition. 
Paris, 1886. P.39-923 

Young gentleman and lady, The, instructed in 
such principles of politeness, prudence 
and virtue as will lay a sure foundation 
for gaining respect ... in this life, and 
eternal happiness in a future state. Lon- 
don, 1747. 2 v. P-39-995 

40. Health and Hygiene. 

Terhune, Mary Virginia. (Marion Harland.) 
Eve's daughters; or, common sense for 
maid, wife, and mother. N. Y., 1882. 


42. Health in Education and 

Ames, Azel. 

Sex in industry: a plea for the working-girl. 
Boston, 1875. P-4 2 -i7 

Association of collegiate alumnae.. 

Health statistics of women college gradu- 
ates. With statistical tables collated by 
the Massachusetts Bureau of statistics of 
labor. Boston, 1885. P-42-33 

Clarke, Edward Hammond. 
The building of a brain. Boston, 1874. 


Sex in education; or, a fair chance for the 

girls. Boston, 1873. P.42. 175.1 

Comfort, George Fisk, and Anna Manning 


Woman's education, and woman's health: 

chiefly in reply to "Sex in education." 

Syracuse, 1874. P.42. 185 

Duffey, Eliza Bisbee. 

No sex in education; or, an equal chance 
for both girls and boys. A review of Dr. 
Clarke's "Sex in education." Phila. 
[1874.] P.42.243 

Howe, Julia Ward, editor. 
Sex and education. A reply to Dr. Clarke's 
"Sex in education." Boston, 1874. P. 42.431 

43. Physiology. Diseases of Women. 


Histoire des diables de Loudun, ou de la 
possession des religieuses Ursulines, et de 
la condamnation & du suplice d'Urbain 
Grandier. [Anon.] Amsterdam, 1716. 


The history of the devils of Loudun, the al- 
leged possession of the Ursuline nuns, and 
the trial and execution of Urbain Gran- 
dier. Translated from the original French, 
and edited by Edmund Goldsmid. Edin- 
burgh, 1887, 88. P-43-35-I 

Austin, George Lowell. 

Perils of American women; or, a doctor's 
talk with maiden, wife and mother. Bos- 
ton, 1883. *P-43-37 

Pineau, Severin. 

Sev. Pinasus de virginitatis notis, graviditate 

& partu. Ludov. Bonaci lus de conforma- 

tione fcetus. Accedunt alia. Amstela;- 

dami, 1663. Pis. *P.43.6o7 

There are additional articles by Felix Platerus, 
Pierre Gassendi, and Melchior Sebisch. 

Roussel, Pierre. 

Systeme physique et moral de la femme. 
Nouvelle edition, augmentee d'une notice 
sur l'auteur par le docteur Cerise. Paris, 
1869. , P.43763 

Storer, Horatio Robinson. 
The causation, course, and treatment of re- 
flex insanity in women. Boston, 187 1. 

Unzer, Johann Christoph. 

Cvr feminis Evropaeis et illvstribvs prae aliis 
gentibvs et rvsticis partvs sint laboriosi- 
ores. Dissertatio inavgvralis medica. Goet- 
tingae. [1771J *P-43-9i.S 

44. Personal Beauty. Dress. 

Modern hygeian, A. Boston. [189-.] Portrs. 

Contents. — Sensible dressing, by Grace A. Pres- 
ton. — Health and woman's dress, by Mary A. 
Livermore. — The artist of health, beauty and 
fashion, by Caroline M. Dodson. — The corset. 
Questions of pressure and displacement, by Rob- 
ert L. Dickinson. 
Voiart, Anne Elisabeth Petitpain. 
Lettres sur la toilette des dames. Paris, 1822. 
PI. [Encyclopedic des dames.] P.44.939 

50. Relations and Com- 
parisons of the Sexes. 

Adams, Oscar Fay. 

The presumption of sex, and other papers. 

Boston, 1892. P.50.6 

Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius. 

De la grandeur et de l'excellence des femmes 
audessus des hommes. Trad., avec des 
notes curieuses et la vie d' Agrippa, par 
*** [Jean d'Arnaudin]. Paris, 1713. P.50.9 

Des Cornelii Agrippae anmuthiges und curi- 
euses Tractatgen von dem Vorzug des 
weiblichen vor dem mannlichen Ge- 
schlecht, ehemals aus dem Lateinischen 
ins Frantzoische, anietzo aus dem Frant- 
zoischen ins Teutsche tibersetzt von I. K. 
L. Gedruckt im Jahr 1720. 

No. 2 in P.50.335 



De incertitudine & vanitate omnium scienti- 
arum & artium liber . . . Accedunt duo 
libelli; qvorum unus est De nobilitate & 
praecellentia fceminei sexus, ejusdemq; 
supra virilem eminentia; alter De matri- 
monio seu conjugio. Francofurti, 1693. 
Twee doorluchtige en vernuftige reddeneer- 
ingen. 't eerste van het lof der edeler be- 
gaaftheen en uytstekentheen der vrouwen, 
boven alle aertse schepselen. 't tweede van 
de eerste sonde onser eerste ouderen . . . 
Verduytst door H. I. T[akamaJ. t' Am- 
sterdam, 1658. P.50.9.2 
Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan de. 

Letters to a lady of the court of France, on 
some curious and usefull subjects. With 
a preface, by the translator, giving an ac- 
count of the author . . . &c. London, 1705. 

P. 50. 72 
Blackwell, Antoinette Louise Brown. 
The comparative longevity of the sexes. 
N. p. [1884?] P.S0.91 

The sexes throughout nature. N. Y., 1875. 


Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeilles, seigneur de. 

Vie des dames galantes. Nouvelle edition. 

Paris. [1884.] [Bibliotheque choisie des 

chefs-d'oeuvre frangais et etrangers. 15.] 

e T . P.50.113 

remme generevse, La, qui monstre que son 
sexe est plus noble, meilleur politique, plus 
vaillant, plus sgauant, plus vertueux & plus 
ceconome que celuy des homines. Par L. 
S. D. L. L. Paris, 1643. P.50.289 

Feyjoo y Montenegro, Francisco Benito Ge- 
An essay on the learning, genius, and abili- 
ties, of the fair-sex: proving them not in- 
ferior to man . . . Trans, from the Spanish 
of El theatro critico. [Anon.] London, 
1774- P.50.294 

Gerettete Vorzug, Der, des mannlichen vor 
dem weiblichen Geschlechte, oder Be- 
leuchtung Cornel. Agrippae Tractats darin 
dem weiblichen vor dem mannlichen Ge- 
schlechte der Vorzug gegeben, und in 
teutscher Sprache im vorigen Jahre ediret 
worden. N. p. 1721. P.50.335 

Guilmot, Docteur. 

De la preeminence de la femme sur l'homme, 
d'apres les connaissances actuelles et les 
traditions. Lille, 1852. P.50.366 

Haughton, George Dunbar. 

On sex in the world to come. London, 1841. 
t P.50.389 

La Barre, Francois Poulain de. 

De l'egalite des deux sexes, discours phy- 
sique et morale. Paris, 1692. P.50.491 
De l'excellence des hommes, contre l'egalite 
des sexes. [Anon.] Paris, 1675. P.50.491.1 
Same. 1692. No. 2 in P.50.491 
Dissertation ov discours, pour servir de 
troisieme partie au livre de L'egalite des 
deux sexes. Paris, 1692. No. 3 in P.50.491 

L'art de rendre les femmes fidelles. Ou- 
vrage imprime a Paris en 1717. Geneve, 
1779- *P.5o.54o 

Marinella, Lucrezia. 

La nobilita et l'eccellenza delle donne, co' 

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"On the beard as a proof of masculine superi- 
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5 1 . Love. 

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Contents. — i. Amour filial. 2. Amour fraternel. 
3. Amour. 4. Amitie. 5. Amour maternel. 

52. Marriage. 

Acollas, fimile. 

Necessite de refondre l'ensemble de nos 
codes, et notamment le Code Napoleon au 
point de vue de l'idee democratique. ae 
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ardous matrimony is found to enter upon 
at this time. By a young batchelor. Lon- 
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Love, marriage and divorce, and the sover- 
eignty of the individual. A discussion by 
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Signed G. C. 
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Same. 4oe edition. P.S2.245 

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The Hebrew wife: or the law of marriage, 
examined in relation to the lawfulness of 
polygamy, and to the extent of the law of 
incest. With introductory recommendation 
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P. 5 2. 249 
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Delle nozze, trattato, in cvi si leggono i riti, 
i costvmi, gl'institvti, le cerimonie, et le 
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precetti matrimoniali di Plutarco . . . Ve- 
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This work was compiled by P. T. N. Hurtaut 
from Gaya's Ceremonies nuptiales de toutcs les 

Gidumal, Dayaram. 
The life and life-wnrk of Behramji M. Mala- 
bari (being a biographical sketch, with 
selections from his writings and speeches 
on infant marriage and enforced widow- 
hood.) Bombay, 1888. P 52 317 

Grantham, Thomas. 
A wife mistaken, or, a wife and no wife: or 
Leah instead of Rachel. Being a marriage- 
sermon accused for railing against women; 
for maintaining polygamy, many wives 
for calling Jacob a Hocus-pocus . Lon- 
don. N. d. p e 2 35c 

Guevara, Antonio de. 
A letter written ... to Mosen Puche of Va- 
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towards his wife, and a woman towards 
her husband. [Dated Granada. Mav 4 
1524.] (In Manuel. The government'of a 
wife. Pp. 201-240. London, 1607.) 

tt ,, T , ^ No - 2 in P. 52.557 

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Dissertatio juridica de fato matrimonii, vul- 

go, Die Ehe werden im Himmel gemacht 

Francofurti ad Moenum, 1715. 

rr - v . No. 11 in P.52.201 

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Nachricht von Stiftungen zur Aussteurung 
gut gesitteter, und arbeitsamer Madchen 
und wahrhafte Begebenheiten gut oder 
libel gerathener Ehen zur Ueberlogung fiir 
ganz reife Madchen. Donauworth, 1792. 

IT 4 . . P.52.410 

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Des Herrn von Premontval Monogamie, 
worin wider die gemeine Meinung er- 
wiesen wird, dass das Gesetz der Natur. 
Moses und Jesu Christi einstimmig die 
Vielweiberei verwesen. In das Deutsche 
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The evolution of marriage and of the family. 
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The government of a wife; or, wholsom and 
pleasant advice for married men: in a let- 
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a letter . . . written in Spanish by Antonio 
de Guevara . . . Translated into English 
by John Stevens. London, 1697. P.52.557 



Marriage; a satire; with two satires on love 
and old age. London, 1728. 

No. 2 in P.52.837 
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The better way: an appeal to men in behalf 
of human culture through a wiser paren- 
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Patronus Nupturientium, pseud. 
De injuriis quse haud raro novis nuptis, 
1. Per sparsionem dissectorum culmorum 
frugum, 2. per injustam interpellationem 
ulterioris proclamationis, 3. per ligationes 
magicas, inferri solent. Qvedlinbvrgi. 
[1702.I No. 10 in P.52.201 
Poynter, Thomas. 
A concise view of the doctrine and practice 
of the ecclesiastical courts in Doctors' 
commons, on various points relative to the 
subject of marriage and divorce. 2d edi- 
tion. London, 1824. P.52.712 
Smith, Elizabeth Oakes. 

Sanctity of marriage. f Syracuse, 1853. 
Woman's rights tracts. No. 5.] 

No. 10 in P.60.621; No. 17 in P.60.979 
Some reflections upon marriage. With addi- 
tions. 4th edition. [Anon.] London. 
.1730. P.52.837 

Sprint, John. 
The bride -woman's covnseller: being a ser- 
mon preach'd at a wedding, May nth. 
1699, at Sherbourn in Dorsetshire. Lon- 
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A treatise of spousals. or matrimonial con- 
tracts. London. 1686. P.52.869 
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La question de la femme c'est la question de 
la mere. Paris, 1890. P.52.999 

53. Divorce. 

Beze, Theodore de. 
Tractatio de repudiis et divortiis. Geneva;, 
1610. P.53-85 

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La question du divorce. 4e edition. Paris, 
1880 P.S3.245 

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The doctrine and discipline of divorce. Lon- 
don, 1820. P-53-595 
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Reflexions sur le divorce. Lausanne, 1784. 

Woolsey, Theodore Dwight. 

Essay on divorce and divorce legislation, 
with special reference to the United States. 
N. Y., 1869. P.53.985 

54. Prostitution. 

Godefroi, Michael Jacobus. 

Getuigen en redden. Open brief aan H. 
Pierson. 's- Hertogenbosch, 1880. P.54.345 

Hale, William, of London? 
Considerations on the causes and the preva- 
lence of female prostitution; and on the 
most practicable means of abating and 
preventing that, and all other crimes 
against the virtue and safety of the com- 
munity. London, 1812. P-54-373 

The concluding pages are lacking. 

Hoessli, Heinrich. 

Eros. Die Mannerliebe der Griechen . . . 

Oder Forschungen iiber platonische 

Liebe. 2te Aufl. Miinster i. d. Schweiz. 

[188-?] P.54418 

Hooker, Isabella Beecher. 

Womanhood: its sanctities and fidelities. 
Boston, 1874. P.54.425 

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De la prostitution dans la ville de Paris, 
consideree sous le rapport de l'hygiene 
publique, de la morale et de l'administra- 
tion . . . precede d'une notice historique 
sur la vie et les ouvrages de l'auteur. par 
Fr. Leuret. Bruxelles, 1837. Maps. Table. 
P. 54- 67 1 

Prostitution in Paris, considered morally. 

politically, and medically . . . Translated 

from the French, by an American phvsi- 

cian. Phila., 1846. P.54.671.1 

Pierson, H. 

Een onderzoek naar de prostitutie-kwestie. 
Repliek, betoog en voorstel. 's Graven-, 1879. P.54-69? 

Prostitutie van de wetenschap. Antwoord 

aan Dr. A. P. Fokker op diens brochure: 

..De prostitutie-kwestie." 's Gravenhage, 

1879- P.54-695-I 

Povveli, Aaron Macy. 

State regulation of vice. Regulation efforts 
in America. The Geneva congress. N. Y., 
1878. P-54-7I2 

Romeo, pseud. 

Open brief aan H. Pierson, in zake de pros- 
titutie kwestie. Zutfen. [1879-] P-54759 
Seven reasons for the repeal of the contagious 
diseases (women's) acts, 1866-1869. Lon- 
don, 1881. P-54-8i5 
Sinnenlust, Die, und ihre Opfer. Geschichte 
der Prostitution aller Zeiten und Volker, 
mit genauer Darlegung ihrer gegenwar- 
tigen Form und ihrer Ursachen in Berlin, 
Hamburg. Wien [u. s. w.]. Hrsg. von 
einem philanthropischen Verein. Berlin, 
1870. P.54.827 
Tait, William. 

Magdalenism. An inquiry into the extent, 
causes, and consequences of prostitution 
in Edinburgh. 2d edition. Edinburgh, 
1842. P.54-87I 

Fokker, Abraham Pieter. 

Open brief aan D B H. Pierson. In antwoord 
op zijn geschrift voor eenige dagen in 
zake prostitutie-kwestie verschenen, tevens 
laatste woord van A. P. Fokker. Haar- 
lem, 1879. P.54-303 
De prostitutie-kwestie. Haarlem, 1879. 


60. Rights of Women. 

Appeal to the men of Great Britain in behalf 
of women. [London.] 1798. P.60.25 

Beecher, Catharine Esther. 
The true remedy for the wrongs of woman; 



with a history of an enterprise having that 
for its object. Boston, 1851. PI. P.60.69 
Bible, The, of nature, and substance of virtue. 
Condensed from the scriptures of eminent 
cosmians, pantheists and physiphilanthro- 
pists. Albany, 1842. 2 v. Illus. Portrs. 

Vol. 2 contains Women, their condition and in- 
fluence, by Joseph Alexander Segur; The rights 
of woman, by Mary Wollstonecraft, and similar 

Blake, Lillie Devereux. 
Woman's place to-day. Four lectures in re- 
ply to the Lenten lectures on "Woman" 
by Morgan Dix. N. Y. [1883] P.60.91 

Contents. — Woman in paganism and Christi- 
anity. — Home. — Causes of divorce. — Woman's 
true mission. 

Buechner, Louise. 

Praktische Versuche zur Losung der Frau- 
enfrage. Berlin. [1870.] P.60.124 

Congres franqais et international du droit des 
femmes, 1889. [Travaux] Paris, 1889. 
Dodge, Mary Abigail. (Gail Hamilton.) 
Woman's wrongs: a counter-irritant. Bos- 
ton, 1868. P.60.234 
Dumas. Alexandre, the younger. 
Les femmes qui tuent et les femmes qui 
votent. I3e edition. Paris, 1880. P.60.245 
Enfranchisement of women. Reprinted from 
the Westminster and foreign quarterly re- 
view, for July, 1851. [Boston, 1854.] 
[Woman's rights tracts. No. 3.] 

No. 12 in P.60.979 
Ethelmer, Ellis. 
Woman free. [Poem with notes.] [Lon- 
don.] 1893. P.60.275 
Femmes, Les, et les feministes. [Paris, 1896.] 
Illus. Portrs. P.60.289 
This is the number for Nov. 28, 1896, of the Revue 
encyclopedique Larousse. 

Contents. — Les hommes feministes. par Marya 
Cheliga. — La femme nouvelle, par Jules Bois. — 
La femme moderne, par les principales persona- 
lity feminines de France et de l'etranger. — La 
femme devant la loi, par Gustave Lejeal. — La 
femme musulmane, par Albert Fua. — Femmes 
hindues, par D. Menant. — Evolution du femi- 
nisme par Marya Cheliga. — Bibliographic femi- 
Frauenfrage, Die, in den verschiedenen Cul- 
turlandern. (In Unsere Zeit. Neue Folge. 
Jahrg. 6, pp. 542-563- Leipzig, 1870.) 

Gage, Matilda E. Joslyn. 

Speech at the Woman's rights convention, 
Sept., 1852. [Syracuse, 1853. Woman's 
rights tracts. No. 7.] 

No. 12 in P.60.621 ; No. 18 in P.60.679 
Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft. 
A vindication of the rights of woman. Lon- 
don, 1792. P.60.345 
Haighton. Elise A. 

De vrouw in Nederland. [Amsterdam, 1882.] 

Hericourt, Jenny P. d'. 

La femme affranchie. Reponse a. Mm. Mi- 

chelet, Proudhon . . . et aux autres nova- 

teurs modernes. Bruxelles, i860. P.60.405 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. 

Common sense about women. Boston, 1892. 


Same. [Abridged.] 3d edition. London, 

1884. P.60.413. 1 

"Almost half the original book is omitted in this 
unauthorized reprint." 

Die Frauenfrage und der gesunde Menschen- 
verstand. Aus dem Englischen von Eu- 
genie Jacobi. Neuwied, 1895. P.60.413.2 
Ought women to learn the alphabet? Bos- 
ton, 1871. [Woman's suffrage tracts. No. 
4] , No. 5 in P.63.594 

Woman and her wishes. An essay. Boston, 
1853. P.60.413.3; No. 17 in P.60.621 

Same. [1854. Woman's rights tracts. No. 
4-] No. 13 in P.60.979 

Huygens, Cornelie. 

Een woord aan de nederlandsche vrouwen. 
Rede. Amsterdam. [1896.] P.60.439 

Ladies' enterprise publishing association, Bos- 
A New year's offering to their patrons and 
the public. Boston. 1855. No. 24 in P.30.104 
Legouve, Ernest Wilfrid Gabriel JeanBap- 
Histoirc morale des femmes. Paris, 1849. 

May, Samuel Joseph. 
The rights and condition of women. A ser- 
mon. 3d edition. [Syracuse, 1853. Wom- 
an's rights tracts. No. 1.] 

No. 6 in P.60.621; No. 15 in P.60.979 
Mill, John Stuart. 
Enfranchisement of women. [Syracuse, 1853. 
Woman's rights tracts. No. 4.] 

No. 9 in P.60.621 
The subjection of women. N. Y., 1870. 

Miller, Leo. 
Woman and the Divine republic. Buffalo 
[1874.] P.60.596 

Mott, Lucretia. 

Discourse on woman, Dec. 17, 1849. Phila., 
1850. P.60.621 

National woman's rights convention. 
Proceedings at Worcester, Oct., 1850. Bos- 
ton. 185 t. 

No. 3 in P.60.621 ; No. 6 in P.60.979 
Proceedings at Worcester, Oct.. 1851. N. Y., 
1852. No. 4 in P.60.621: No. 7 in P.60.979 
Proceedings at Syracuse, Sept., 1852. Syra- 
cuse, 1852. 

No. 5 in P.60.621; No. 8 in P.60.979 
Proceedings at Cleveland, Oct., 1853. Cleve- 
land, 1854. 

No. 23 in P.60.621: No. 9 in P.60.979 

Nichols, Clarinda I. Howard. 

On the responsibilities of woman. A speech, 

Oct. 15, 1851. [Syracuse, 1853. Woman's 

rights tracts. No. 6.] No. 11 in P.60.621 

Same. Boston, 1854. [Woman's rights tracts. 

No. 5] 

No. 14 in P.60.979; No. 5 in P.60.859 
Ohio women's convention. 
Proceedings at Salem, April, 1850: with an 
address by J. Elizabeth Jones. Cleveland, 
P.60.654; No. 2 in P.60.621; No. 2 in P.60.979 
Parker, Theodore. 

A sermon of the public function of woman, 
March 27, 1853. Boston, 1853. 

No. 16 in P.60.621 
Same. [Boston, 1854. Woman's rights tracts. 
No. 2.] 

No. 11 in P.60.979; No. 8 in P.63.594 
Phillips, Wendell. 
Speech at the convention at Worcester, Oct., 



1851 [Syracuse, 1853. Woman's rights 
tracts. No. 2.] No. 7 in P.60.621 

Same. [Boston, 1854. Woman's rights 
tracts. No. I.] No. 10 in P.60.979 

Prost de Royer, Antoine Frangois. 
De l'administration des femmes . . . Geneve, 
1782. P.60.717 

Radcliffe, Mary Ann. 
The female advocate; or an attempt to re- 
cover the rights of women from male 
usurpation. London, 1799. PI. P.60.725 
Reid, Mrs. Hugo. 

A plea for woman: being a vindication of 
the importance and extent of her natural 
sphere of action. Edinburgh, 1843. 

Rose, Ernestine Louise Susmond. 
Speech at the woman's rights convention at 
Syracuse, 1852. [Syracuse, 1853. Woman's 
rights tracts. No. 9.] 

No. 14 in P.60.621; No. 20 in P.60.979 
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. 

Letter to the Woman's rights convention at 
Worcester, 1850 [and at Syracuse, 1852]. 
[Syracuse, 1853. Woman's rights tracts. 
No. 10.] 

No. IS in P.60.621; No. 21 in P.60.979 

Sybcl, Heinrich Carl Ludolf von. 

Ueber die Emancipation der Frauen. Bonn, 

1870. P.60.869 

Uildriks, F. J. van. 

De nederlandsche vrouw. [Groningen,i882.J 


Wahre Emancipation, Die, der Frauen. Eine 

schlichte Meinungsausserung von einer 

Frau. Leipzig, 1891. P.60.943 

Weld, Angelina Emily Grimke. 

Letter to the Womans rights convention at 
Syracuse, 1852. [Also, Letter from S. J. 
May.] [Syracuse, 1853. Woman's rights 
tracts. No. 8.] 

No. 13 in P.60.621; No. 19 in P.60.979 
Woman's rights convention. 

Proceedings at Akron. May. 1851. Cincin- 
nati, 1851. No. 3 in P.60.979 
Proceedings at West Chester, June, 1852. 
Phila., 1852. No. 4 in P.60.979 
Proceedings in New York, Sept., 1853. 
N. Y., 1853. „ , , 
No. 4 in P.60.978; No. 21 in P.60.621 
Report of the convention at Seneca Falls. 
Rochester, 1848. 

No. 1 in P.60.978; No. 1 in P.60.979 

Woman's rights tracts. No. 1-10. [Syracuse, 

1853] P.60.621 

Same. No. 1, 3, 5, 7-">. No. 15-21 in P.60.979 

Each tract lias been entered tinder its author. 

Same. No. 1-5. [Compiled by Lucy Stone 
from the original series.] Boston, 1854- 

P.60.8S9; No. 10-14 in P.60.979 

Women's rights as preached by women past 

and present. London, 1881. P.60.982 

61. Legal Status of Women. 

Almy, Charles, jr., and Horace W. Fuller. 

The law of married women in Massachu- 
setts. Boston, 1878. P.61.15 
Balemann, Heinrich. 

Dissertatio inavgvralis jvridica de foemina 

ex antiqvitatibvs legibvsqve Romanis Ger- 

manicis et praesertim Lvbecensibvs. Al- 

torfii, 1756. P.61.47 

Bridel, Louis. 

Le droit des femmes et le mariage. fetudes 

critiques de legislation comparee. Paris, 

1893. [Bibliotheque de philosophic con- 

temporaine.] P.61.112 

Bright, John Edward. 

A treatise on the law of husband and wife, 

as respects property: partly founded upon 

Roper's treatise, and comprising Jacob's 

notes and additions thereto. London, 

1849. 2 v. P.61.115 

Buckstaff, Florence Griswold. 

Married women's property in Anglo-Saxon 
and Anglo-Norman law and the origin of 
the common-law dower. [Phila., 1894.] 

Dall, Caroline Wells Healey. 
Woman's rights under the law: in three lec- 
tures. Boston, 1861. P.61.211 
Davis, James Edward. 
Prize essay on the laws for the protection of 
women. London, 1854. P.61.216 
Eckardt, Johann Christian. 
Dissertatione inavgvrali differentias ivris 
Romani et Germanici in dignitate vxoris, 
Vom Kunckel-Adel . . . respondebit loan. 
Christianvs Eckardt. Halae Venedorvm, 
1718. No. 12 in P.52.201 
Engelhardt, Friedrich Wilhelm. 
Dissertatio ivridica inavgvralis De raptv 
sponsae. Erfordiae, 1776. P.61.265 
Gundling, Nicolaus Hieronymus. 

De emptione vxorvm, dote et morgengaba 
ex ivre Germanico libellvs singvlaris. Ed. 
nova. Lipsiae, 1777. P.61.369 

Hannow, Joachim Eberhard von. 
Bonus mulier; sive, centuria juridica practica 
quaestionum illustrium: de mulieribus vel 
uxoribus. N. p. 1627. P.61.379 

Hickox, George A. 
Legal disabilities of married women in Con- 
necticut. Hartford, 1871. [Connecticut 
woman suffrage association. Tracts. No. 
1.] No. 9 in P.63.594 

Hurlbut, Elisha P. 

Essays on human rights and their political 
guaranties. N. Y., 1848. P.61.437 

Lawrence, William Beach. 

Disabilities of American women married 
abroad. Foreign treaties of the United 
States in conflict with state laws relative to 
the transmission of real estate to aliens. 
[With] appendix. N. Y., 1871. P.61.509 
Laws, The, respecting women, as they regard 
their natural rights, or their connections 
and conduct. London, 1777. P.61.512 

Ludolf, Georg Melchior von. 
De ivre foeminarvm illvstrivm tractatvs no- 
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Mostly an account of her defence in the case of 
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Same. [1875.] P.61.814.2 

Same. 1886. P.61.814.3 

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Specimen juridicum inaugurale de junbus 

feminarum inprimis secundum codicern ci- 

Trajecti ad 


vilem Neerlandicum 
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Women under the law of 
Boston, 1884. 
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Address to the Legislature of New York, 
adopted by the State woman's rights con- 
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No. 24 in P.60.621; No. 5 in P.60.978: No. 5 in 

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62. Laws Concerning Women. 

Lavves, resolvtions, The, of womens rights: 
or, the lavves' provision for woemen. A 
methodicall collection of such statutes and 
customes, ... as doe properly concernc 
women. London, 1632. P.62.509 

Probably by Sir John Doddridge. 

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Abstract of New York state laws affecting 
the rights and property of women. Buf- 
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63. Woman Suffrage. 

Account. An. of the proceedings of the trial 
of Susan B. Anthony, on the charge of 
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in Nov., 1872, and in the trial of Beverly 
W. Jones [and others]. Rochester. 1874- 


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Review [of] the history of woman suffrage. 

Edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan 

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Equal rights association. 
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Woman's right and the public welfare. 
[Speech before the Massachusetts Legis- 
lature, April 14. 1869.] \ Boston, 1871. 
Woman's suffrage tracts . No. 6.] 

No. 10 in P.63.594 

Title-page missing. 

Joly, Nicolas. 

Coup-d'oeil analytique sur L'histoire du suf- 
frage de la femme aux fitats-Unis d'Ame- 
rique . . . par filisabeth Cady Stanton. 
Susanne B. Anthonv. Mathilde Joslyn 
Gage. [Toulouse. 1882.] P.63.461 

Massachusetts. Constitutional convention, 

1853. ,. r . . 

[Report of] the committee on qualifications 
of voters, to whom was referred the peti- 
tions of Francis Jackson and others that 
the word "male" may be stricken from the 
constitution, and also of Abby B. Alcott 
and other women of Massachusetts, that 
they may be allowed to vote on the amend- 
ments that may be made to the constitu- 
tion. [Boston. 1853.] No. 18 in P.60.621 
Mill. John Stuart. 
Suffrage for women. Speech, in the British 
Parliament, May 20, 1867. Boston, 1871. 
[Woman suffrage tracts. No. 3.] 

No. 1 in P.63.594 



P., J. W. 
A remonstrant view of woman suffrage. 
Cambridge, 1884. P.63.664 

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Woman and the commonwealth: or a ques- 
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Massachusetts in the woman suffrage move- 
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Appeal to the women of New York [in be- 
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No. 11a in P. 63. 594 
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History of woman suffrage. Edited by Eliza- 
beth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, 
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3 v. P.63.849 

Contents. — 1. 1&18-1861. 2. 1861-1876. 3. 1876- 
Tilton, Theodore. 

The constitution a title-deed to woman's 

franchise. A letter to Charles Sumner. 

N. Y., 1871. [The Golden age tracts. No. 

2.] No. 7 in P.63.594 

Turner, Eliza Sproat. 

Four quite new reasons why yon should wish 
your wife to vote. Phila., 1875. [Pennsyl- 
vania woman suffrage association.] 

United States. 47th Congress. Senate. 

Report [of] the select committee on woman 
suffrage, to whom was referred Senate 
resolution No. 60, proposing an amend- 
ment to the constitution of the United 
States, to secure the right of suffrage to all 
citizens without regard to sex. [Washing- 
ton, 1882.] P.63.915.1 
Signed E. G. Lapham, T. M. Ferrv, H. W. Blair. 
H. B. Anthony. 

Views of the minority [of the committee on 
woman suffrage]. Washington, 1882. 


Signed J. Z. George, Howell E. Tackson, James 
G. Fair. 
— 50th Congress. Senate. 

Hearing before the Committee on woman 
suffrage. Washington. 1888. P.63.915.3 

The arguments before the committee were made 
by delegates to the International woman's coun- 
White, Carlos. 

Ecce femina: an attempt to solve the woman 
question. Being an examination of argu- 
ments in favor of female suffrage, by John 
Stuart Mill and others. Hanover, 1870. 


70. Work and Influence 
of Women. 

Boston female anti-slavery society. 
Annual report, 1835, 37. Boston, 1836, 37. 
2 v. P.70.104 

These reports have the half-title Right and wrong 
in Boston. Both contain sketches by Maria Wes 
ton Chapman of the obstacles placed in the way 
of the society during these years. 

Butler. Josephine E., editor. 
Woman's work and woman's culture. A 
series of essays. London, 1869. P.70.129 
Cobbe, Frances Power. 
The duties of women. A course of lectures. 
Boston, 1881. P.70.180 

Dall, Caroline Wells Healey. 

"Woman's right to labor"; or, low wages 
and hard work: three lectures, 1859. Bos- 
ton, i860. P.70.211 
Great Britain. Poor law board. 

Reports on the employment of women and 
children in agriculture. London, 1843. 

r ut R7 °- 357 

Grogan, Mercy. 

How women may earn a living. London. 
[1880?] P.70.361 

Gnrney, Joseph John. 

Notes on a visit made to some of the prisons 

in Scotland and the north of England, in 

company with Elizabeth Fry. 2d edition. 

London, 1819. P.70.369 

Holland, Mary A. Gardner. 

Our army nurses . . . during our late Civil 
war. Boston, 1897. Illus. Portrs. Pis. 
Jameson, Anna Brownell. 

Sisters of charity, catholic and protestant, 

abroad and at home. 2d edition, enlarged. 

London, 1855. P.70.455 

Kavanagh, Julia. 

Woman in France during the eighteenth 

century. Phila., 1850. P.70.473 

Lord, Eleanor Louisa. 

Educated women as factors in industrial 
competition. A paper presented to the 
Association of collegiate alumnae. N. p. 
[1891.] P.70.533 

Mann, Horace. 
A few thoughts on the powers and duties of 
woman. Two lectures. Syracuse, 1853. 

Massachusetts association of working girls' 
Annual report, 3d. 1891. Boston, 1891. 

Meyer, Annie Nathan, editor. 
Woman's work in America. With an intro- 
duction by Julia Ward Howe. N. Y., 1891. 

For contents consult the Bates Hall catalogue. 

Mongellaz, Fannie Burnier. 

De l'influence des femmes sur les moeurs et 
les destinees des nations. 2e edition, aug- 
mentee. Paris, 1831. 2 v. Pis. P.70.602 
Monod, Adolphe Louis Frederic Theodore. 
La femme. Deux discours. 4e edition. 
Paris, 1852. P.70.605 

Contents. — La mission de la femme. — La vie 
de la femme. 
Woman: the help meet for man. From the 
French by Elizabeth Maria Lloyd. Lon- 
don. 1849. P.70.605. 1 
National woman suffrage association. 
Report of the international council of wom- 
en, assembled by the National woman suf- 
frage association. Washington, 1888. 

Penny. Virginia. 
The employment of women: a cyclop.cdia 
of woman's work. Boston, 1863. P.70.681 


Reeve, Isaac. 
An essay on the comparative intellect of 
woman and her little recognised but re- 
sistless influence on the moral, religious, 
and political prosperity of a nation. 
Hounslow, 1849. P70.735 

Richards, Ellen Henrietta. 
The relation of college women to progress 
in domestic science. A paper presented to 
the Association of collegiate alumnae. 
N. p. [1890.] P70745 

Scudder, Vida Dutton. 

The relation of college women to social 
need. N. p. 1890. P.70.807 

Mainly devoted to college settlements. 
Sprague, Julia A. 

History of the New England women's club 

from 1868 to 1893. Boston, 1894. P.70.845 

Starrett, Helen Ekin. 

The future of educated women, by Helen 

Ekin Starrett; and Men, women, and 

money, by Frances Ekin Allison. Chicago, 

1885. P. 70.849 

Willard, Frances Elizabeth. 

Address of Tthe] president of the Woman's 

national council of the United States, at 

its 1st triennial meeting. Washington. 

[1891.] P.70.971 

Do everything: a handbook for the world's 

/ White ribboners. Chicago. [1895.] 

P.70.971. 1 

An account of the Woman's temperance crusade, 
and the origin and work of the Woman's Chris- 
tian temperance union. 

Winslow, Hubbard. 

Woman as she should be. Also, Woman in 
her social and domestic character. By Mrs. 
John Sandford. From the 5th London edi- 
tion. Boston, 1838. P.70.976 
World's Columbian exposition, Chicago, 1893. 
Programme of the World's congress of rep- 
resentative women, May 15 to 21, 1893. 
6th edition. Chicago, 1893. Plans. P.70.985 
World's temperance convention. 

Proceedings in New York, Sept. 6, 1853, 
with all the correspondence and docu- 
ments of the convention. N. Y., 1853. 

No. 20 in P.60.621 

The whole world's temperance convention, 

in New York, Sept. 1st, 2d, 1853. N. Y.. 

1853. No. 19 in P.60.621 

7$. Women as Lawyers. 

Morse, Robert McNeill, jr.. and Herbert Lee 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Supreme 
judicial court. In the matter of the peti- 
tion of Lelia J. Robinson for admission to 
the bar. Brief in opposition thereto. [Bos- 
ton, 1881.] P.73.619 
Robinson, Lelia Josephine. 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Supreme 
judicial court. In the matter of the peti- 
tion of Lelia Josephine Robinson for ad- 
mission to the bar. Supplemental brief in 
support thereof. Boston, 1881. P.73-753 

74. Women as Ministers. 

Lee, Rev. Luther. 
Woman's right to preach the Gospel. A 
sermon preached at the ordination of Rev. 
Antoinette L. Brown. Syracuse, 1853. 

No. 22 in P.60.621 

75. Women as Artists and Musicians. 

Elliott, Maud Howe, editor. 
Art and handicraft in the Woman's building 
of the World's Columbian exposition, Chi- 
cago. Paris, 1893. Illus. Portrs. P.75.261 
Franklin institute of the state of Pennsylvania, 
for the promotion of the mechanic arts. 
Proceedings relative to the establishment of 
a school of design for women. [Phila., 
1850.] No. S in P.30.104 

— School of design. 

[Claims and objects of the school.] Phila. 
[1852.] No. 6 in P.30.104 

Guhl, Ernst Carl. 

Die Frauen in der Kunstgeschichte. Ber- 
lin, 1858. P.75-366 
Manet. Berthe Morisot. 

Berthe Morisot (Madame Eugene Manet). 
Preface par Stephane Mallarme. Exposi- 
tion de son ceuvre du 5 au 23 Mars, 1896, 
chez Durand-Ruel. 2e edition. [Paris, 
1896.] Portr. P- 75555 

Ritter, Fanny Raymond. 
Woman as a musician. An art-historical 
stud}'. N. Y. [1876.] P.75.749 

76. Women as Physicians. 

American female medical education societv. 
Annual report, 1st. Phila., 1854. 

No. 20 in P.30.104 
Hale, Sarah Josepha. 
Doings of the Ladies' medical missionary 
society. [Phila., 1853.] No. 15 in P.30.104 
Massachusetts. General court. Senate. 

Report by the committee on education, in 
favor of an appropriation of $5,000, to the 
Female medical education society. Bos- 
ton, 1851. No. 8 in P.30.104 
Report by the committee on education, in 
favor of an appropriation of $10,000 to the 
Female medical education society, in aid 
of the N. E. female medical college. Bos- 
ton, 1852. No. 9 in P.30.104 
New England female medical college. 
Report, Nov., 1848 to Dec, 1850; containing 
the charter, &c. Boston, 1851. 

No. 7 in P.30.104 
Same. 3d-7th. Boston, 1852-56. 

No. 10-14 in P.30.104 
Penn medical university of Philadelphia. 
Progressive system of medical education, 
and announcement of the fall and winter 
session of 1854/5. Phila.. 1854. 

No. 19 in P.30.104 



Pope, Emily Frances. 
The practice of medicine by women in the 
United States. [By] Emily F. Pope, 
Emma L. Call, C. Augusta Pope. [Bos- 
ton, 1881.] P.76.707 
Woman's medical college of Pennsylvania. 
Annual announcement, 4th-6th, for 1853/4- 
55/6. Phila., 1853-55. No. 16-18 in P.30.104 

80. Literature. 


Clarke, Elizabeth P., and others, compilers. 

List of books sent by home and foreign 

committees to the library of the Woman's 

building. Chicago, 1893. P.80.175 

Ferri, Pietro Leopoldo, conte. 

Biblioteca femminile italiana. Padova, 1842. 

Gay, Jules. 

Bibliographic des ouvrages relatifs^ a 
l'amour, aux femmes, au mariage. 2e edi- 
tion revue. Paris, 1864. P.80.329 
riayn, Hugo. (H. Nay.) 

Bibliotheca Germanorum erotica. Leipzig, 
1875- P.80.391 

Juncker, Christian. 

Centuria foeminarum eruditione & scriptis 
illustrium. Lipsiae, 1692. P.80.46Q 

Schediasma historicum de ephemeridibus 
sive diariis eruditorum, in nobilinribus Eu- 
rope partibus hactenus publicatis. In ap- 
pendice exhibetur Centuria foeminarum 
eruditione et scriptis illustrium, ab eodem 
collecta. Lipsiae, 1692. P.80.469.1 

Pasch, Johann. 
Johannis Paschii Gynaeceum doctum; sive, 
dissertatio historico-literaria vom gelehr- 
ten Frauenzimmer, 1686. Wittebergae, 
1701. P.80.673; No. 7 in P.52.201 

Stainforth, Francis John. 

Catalogue of [his] library consisting of 

works of British & American poetesses, 

and female dramatic writers. London. 

[1867.] P.80.847 

Wednesday afternoon club, New York city. 

List of books by women, natives or residents 

of the state of New York. [N. Y.. 1893.1 


Zocha, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von. 

Bibliotheca Zochiana sive catalogvs libro- 

rvm qvos ex omni scientiarvm genere, . . . 

in vita sva collectos exhibet. Secundum 

ordinem digessit & praefatus est Theodo- 

rvs Henricvs Tiezmann. Accedit Separa- 

tus catalogus iconum aeri incisorum et 

manu exaratorum cum catalogo clararum 

mulierum, vulgo Bibliotheque des dames. 

Onoldi, 1752. 3 v. P.80.999 


Women as Editors and Trans- 

Blackwell, Alice Stone, translator. 
Armenian poems rendered into English 
verse. Boston, 1896. Portr. P.8T.91 

Comte, Isidore Augustc Marie Franqois Xa- 

Positive philosophy. Freely translated and 

condensed by Harriet Martineau. N. Y., 

1855. P.81.187 


All the works of Epictetus, which are now 

extant. Translated by Elizabeth Carter. 

With introduction and notes. 3d edition. 

London, 1768. 2 v. P.81.267 

Feuerbach, Ludwig Andreas. 

Das Wesen des Christenthums. Leipzig, 

1841. P.81.293 

The essence of Christianity. Translated from 

the 2d German edition by Marian Evans. 

London, 1854. P.8r. 293.1 

Gaulot, Paul. 

A friend of the Queen (Marie Antoinette — 

Count de Fersen). Translated by Mrs. 

Cashel Hoey. N. Y., 1893. Portr. 



L'Odyssee d'Homere. Trad, en francois, 

avec des remarques. Par Madame Dacier. 

Paris, 1716. 3 v. P.81.423 

Perry, Lilla Cabot, translator. 

From the garden of Hellas. Translations 
into verse from the Greek anthology. N. 
Y. [1891.] P.81.685 

Schmidt, Eberhard Carl Klamer, editor. 

Klopstock and his friends. A series of famil- 
iar letters, written between 1750 and 1803. 
Translated, with a biographical introduc- 
tion, by Miss Benger. London, 1814. 

Sedgwick, Jane Minot, translator. 

Songs from the Greek. N. Y., 1896. P.81.809 
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. editor. 

The woman's Bible. Part I. Comments on 
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and 
Deuteronomy. N. Y., 1895. P.81.S49 

Strauss, David Friedrich. 

Das Leben Jesu. 2te Auflage. Leipzig. 
1864. P.81.861 

The life of Jesus. Translated from the 4th 
German edition [by George Eliot]. Lon- 
don, 1846. 3 v. P.81.861.1 
Zaarmilla, Hindoo rajah. 
Translation of the letters of a Hindoo rajah; 
written previous to, and during the period 
of his residence in England. Prefixed, a 
preliminary dissertation on the history, re- 
ligion, and manners, of the Hindoos. By 
Eliza Hamilton. London, 1796. 2 v. 


82. Women as Authors and Com- 
pilers: English Prose. 

Aikin, Lucy. 

Memoirs of the court of King James the 
First. 3d edition. London, 1823. Portrs. 


Memoirs of the court of Queen Elizabeth. 

5th edition, revised. London, 1823. 2 v. 

Portr. P.82.8. i 

Atkinson, Henry George. 

Letters on the laws of man's nature and de- 
velopment. By Henry George Atkinson 
and Harriet Martineau. Boston, 185 1. 




Austen, Jane. 

Chapters from Jane Austen. Edited by 
Oscar Fay Adams. Boston, 1889. Portr. 
Pis. [Cambridge series of English clas- 
sics.] P.82.37 

Baillie, Joanna. 
A series of plays: in which it is attempted 
to delineate the stronger passions of the 
mind: each passion being the subject of 
a tragedy and a comedy. 5th edition. 
London, 1806, 12. 3 v. P.82.45 

Contents. — 1. Basil. — The tryal. — De Monfori. 
2. The election. — Ethwald. — The second mar- 
riage. 3. Orva. — The dream. — The siege. — 
The beacon. 

Barbauld, Anna Lastitia. 
Works. With a memoir by Lucy Aikin. 
N. Y., 1826. 2 v. P.82.51 

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. 

Essays on the Greek Christian poets and the 
English poets. N. Y., 1863. P.82.119 

Bryan, Margaret. 
Lectures on natural philosophy: . . . with an 
appendix containing a great number and 
variety of astronomical and geographical 
problems: [etc.]. London, 1806. Portr. 
36 pis. P.82.123 

Churchill, Sarah Jennings, duchess of Marl- 
The opinions of Sarah, duchess-dowager of 
Marlborough. Published from original 
mss. [by Sir David Dalrymple, lord 
HailesJ. [Edinburgh.] 1788. P.82.173 
Coleridge, Sara. 

Phantasmion, a fairy tale. Boston, 1874. 

Edgeworth, Maria. 
Tales and novels. N. Y., 1857, 58. 20 v. in 
10. P.82.253 

For contents consult the Bates Hall catalogue. 

Edgeworth, Maria, and Richard Lovell Edge- 
Practical education. 1st American edition. 
N. Y., 1801. 2 v. P.82.254 

Eliot, George. 

Wit and wisdom. Boston, 1873. P.82.259 
Elstob, Elizabeth. 
The rudiments of grammar for the English- 
Saxon tongue, first given in English: with 
an apology for the study of Northern an- 
tiquities . . . London, 1715. P.82.262 
Fawcett, Millicent Garrett. 

Political economy for beginners. London, 
1870. P.82.287 

Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn. 

Cranford. Trad, de l'anglais par Louise 
Sw.-Belloc. Paris, 1856. P.82.327 

Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft. 

An historical and moral view of the origin 

and progress of the French revolution; 

and the effect it has produced in Europe. 

Vol. 1. Dublin, 1795- P.82.345 

Same. 2d edition. London, 1795- P.82.345. 1 

No more was published. 

Letters written during a short residence in 
Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. London, 
1796. P.82.3452 

Same. 1st American edition. Wilmington, 
1796. No. 1 in P.82.345. 3 

Maria, ou le malheur d'etre femme, ouvrage 
posthume: imite de l'anglais par B. Du- 
cos. Paris, 1708. Portr. P.82.345. 4 

Posthumous works of the author of A vin- 
dication of the rights of women. London, 
179a. 4 v. in 2. P.82.345-5 

Contents.— 1, 2. The wrongs of woman, or Maria: 
to which is added, the first book of a series of 
lessons for children. 3, 4. Letters and miscella- 
neous pieces. 

Hamilton, Elizabeth. 
Letters on the elementary principles of edu- 
cation. 3d edition. Bath, 1803. 2 v. 

Ilenniker, Florence. 

In scarlet and grey. Stories of soldiers and 
others. And The spectre of the real, by 
Thomas Hardy and Florence Henniker. 
London, 1896. [Keynote series.] P.82.399 
Leonowens, Anna Harriette. 
The English governess at the Siamese court. 
Boston, 1870. Portrs. Pis. Fac-simile. 
The romance of the harem. Boston, 1873. 
Portrs. Pis. P.82.519. 1 

Loudon, Jane. 
Philanthropic economy; or, the philosophy 
of happiness, practically applied to the so- 
cial, political, and commercial relations of 
Great Britain. London, 1835. P.82.533 
Marcet, Jane. 

Conversations on political economy. 7th 
edition, revised and enlarged. London, 
1839. P.82.559 

Martineau, Harriet. 

Eastern life, present and past. Phila., 1884. 

Illustrations of political economy. No. 1, 2, 
4-7, 9-13, 15-17- Boston, 1832, 33. 14 v. 
P.82.567. 1 
Life in the sick-room. Essays. With an in- 
troduction to the American edition by 
Eliza L. Follen. Boston, 1844. P.82.567.2 
The playfellow. Feats on the fiord. A tale. 
London, 1841. P.82.567.3 

Poor laws and paupers illustrated. I. The 
parish. Boston, 1833. P.82.567.4 

Masson, Rosaline Orme. 

My poor niece and other stories. London, 
1893. P.82.570 

Contents. — My poor niece. — Da capo. — The 

Mitford, Mary Russell. 
Works, prose and verse. Phila., 1841. 

More, Hannah. 

Works. N. Y, 1843. 7 v. P.82.614 

Rossetti, Christina Georgina. 

Maude: prose and verse; 1850. Chicago, 
1897. P.82.761 

Rowe, Elizabeth. 

Friendship in death: in twenty letters from 
the dead to the living. Added, letters 
moral and entertaining in prose and verse: 
in three parts. Prefixed, an account of the 
life of the author. Edinburgh, 1762. 

Seward, Anna. 

Memoirs of the life of Dr. Darwin, chiefly 
during his residence at Lichfield, with an- 
ecdotes of his friends, and criticisms on 
his writings. London, 1804. P. 82.815 

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft. 

Frankenstein, or, the modern Prometheus. 
N. Y. N. d. P.82.819 



Southey, Caroline Anne. 

Chapters on churchyards. New edition. 
Edinburgh, 1841. PI. P.82.839 

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tions and some account of her life, by 
Montagu Pennington. London, 1812. 

Watts, Anna Mary Howitt. 
An art-student in Munich. Boston, 1854. 

Wright, Frances. (Mme D'Arusmont.) 

Course of popular lectures. [Also, Supple- 
ment] With all her addresses. 6th edi- 
tion. N. Y., 1835, 36. P.82.987 
Course of popular lectures, historical and 
political . . . being introductory to a course 
on the nature and object of America's po- 
litical institutions. Vol. 2. Phila., 1836. 
P.82.987. 1 
Views of society and manners in America; 
in a series of letters, 1818-1820. N. Y., 
1821. P.82.987.2 

83. Women as Authors: English 

Belloc, Bessie Rayner Parkes. 

Poems. 2d edition. London, 1855. P.83.71 
Bland, Edith. (E. Nesbit.) 
Leaves of life. [Poems.] London, 1888. 

A pomander of verse. London, 1895. 

P.83.91. 1 
Blind, Mathilde. 
Birds of passage. Songs of the Orient and 
Occident. London, 1895. P-83-93 

Bradley, Katherine, and Edith Cooper. (Mi- 
chael Field.) 
Callirrhoe: Fair Rosamund. London. 
[1884.] P.83.111 

Dramas: the scene of the first is laid in Greece; 
of the second, England in the time of Henry II. 

Canute the great. The cup of water. Lon- 
don. [1887?] P.83.111.1 

Dramas: the first, of the time of Edmund Iron- 
sides and Canute ; the second, a dramatization 
of one of "the projects or arguments of poems" 
of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 
The father's tragedy. William Rufus. Loy- 
alty or love? N. Y., 1886. P.83.111.2 

Dramas: the first, of the time of Robert III. of 
Scotland; the second, of William Rufus of Eng- 
land; the third, of Henry VI. emperor of Ger- 
many and king of Italy. 
Stephania. London, 1892. P.83.111.3 

Scene, Rome; time, a.d. 1002. 

The tragic Mary. London, 1890. P.83.111.4 

Mary queen of Scots. A drama. 

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. 

Poems of childhood. With illustrations by 

Hennessy and Thwaites. N. Y., 1867. 

Ulus. Portrs. P.83.119 

Campbell, Jeanie Morison. (Jeanie Morison.) 

Gordon. An our-day idyll. London, 1889. 


The purpose of the ages. With preface by 

A. H. Sayce. London, 1887. P.83.139.1 

Clive, Caroline. 

Poems. Including the ix poems. New edi- 
tion. London, 1890. P.83.179 
Colman, George, and Bonnell Thompson, com- 
Poems by eminent ladies. London, 1755. 


Poems by the most eminent ladies of Great 

Britain and Ireland. Republished with 

alterations, additions and improvements. 

London. [1774] P.83.185. 1 

Craik, Dinah Maria. 

Poems. Boston, 1866. P.83.201 

Crouse, M. Elizabeth. 

Virgilice. N. Y., 1897. P.83.208 

Eliot, George. 
The legend of Jubal, and other poems. Bos- 
ton, 1874. P.83.260 
Fitz Gerald, Caroline. 
Venetia victrix, and other poems. London, 
1889. P.83.299 
Hamilton, Lady Anne. 
The epics of the ton; or, the glories of the 
great world. A poem in two books, with 
notes and illustrations. 2d edition, with 
additions. [Anon.] London, 1807. 

Hemans, Felicia. 
The forest sanctuary; and other poems. 
Boston, 1827. P.83.397 

The league of the Alps, The siege of Valen- 
cia, The vespers of Palermo, and other 
poems. Boston, 1826. P.83-397-I 

Kemble, Frances Anne. 

Poems. Phila., 1844. Portr. P.83-473 

Kendall, May. 
Dreams to sell. London, 1887. P-83-475 

Songs from dreamland. London, 1894. 

Levy, Amy. 
A minor poet and other verse. London, 1884. 

Lindsay, Caroline Blanche Elizabeth, lady. 
The tlower seller, and other poems. Lon- 
don, 1896. P.83.527 
Meynell, Alice C. 

Poems. London, 1896. P.83.589 

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Poems. Boston, 1833. P.83.647 

O'Leary, Ellen. 

Lays of country, home and friends. Dublin, 
1891. Portr. P.83.657 

Pfeiffer, Emily. 

Flowers of the night. London, 1889. 


Sonnets. (Revised and enlarged edition.) 

[Edited by J. Edward Pfeiffer.] London. 

[1888?] P.83.689- 1 

Under the aspens. Lyrical and dramatic. 

London, 1882. Portr. P.83.689 2 

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An Italian garden. Boston, 1886. P.83.753 

Lyrics. Selected from [her] works. N. Y., 

1891. PI. [Cameo series.] P.83.753. 1 

Rossetti, Christina Georgina. 

New poems hitherto unpublished or uncol- 
lected. Edited by William Michael Ros- 
setti. N. Y., 1896. Portr. P.83.761 



Seward, Anna. 

Poetical works; with extracts from her lit- 
erary correspondence. Edited by Walter 
Scott. Edinburgh, 1810. 3 v. P.83.812 

Sharp, Elizabeth Amelia, editor. 

Women poets of the Victorian era. London. 

[1890.] [Canterbury poets.] P.83.817 

Shore, Louisa Catherine. 

Poems by A. and L. By Arabella and Louisa 

Shore. London, 1897. P.83.822 

Only one of these poems appears to be by Ara- 
bella Shore. . 
Singleton, Mary Montgomery. (Violet tane.) 
Poems. London, 1892. 2 v. Portr. P.83.827 
Tighe, Mary. 

Psyche, with other poems. 4th edition. Lon- 
don, 1812. Portr. P.83.891 
Watson, Rosamund Marriott. (Graham R. 
The bird-bride. A volume of ballads and 
sonnets. London, 1889. P.83-953 
A summer night and other poems. London, 
1891. P.83-953- 1 
Vespertilia and other verses. London, 1895. 
Webster, Augusta. 
The auspicious day. [Drama.] London. 
1872. P.83.955 
A book of rhyme. London, 1881. P.83.955- ' 
Disguises. A drama. London, 1879. 

In a day. A drama. London, 1882. P.83.955-3 
Mother & daughter. An uncompleted son- 
net-sequence. With an introductory note 
by William Michael Rossetti. Added, 
seven sonnets. London, 1895. P.83.955.4 
Portraits. 2d edition. London, 1870. 

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Portr. P.83.955-6 

The sentence. A drama. London, 1887. 


Rome. Time of Caligula. 

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Poems. London, 1786. 2 v. PI. P 83.972 

Blake, Mary Elizabeth. 
A summer holiday in Europe. Boston, 1891. 

Bolton, Sarah Knowles. 

How success is won. Boston. [1885. J [Little 
biographies. 3d series.] P.84.96 

Campbell, Helen. 

Mrs Herndon's income. A novel. Boston, 
1886. P.84.I39 

Carpenter, Esther Bernon. 
South-county neighbors. Boston, 1887 



Women as Authors: 


Adams, Hannah. 

A summary history of New-England, from 
the first settlement at Plymouth, to the 
acceptance of the federal constitution 


[1787]. Dedham, 1799. 
Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary. (Aetata.) 

A first lesson in natural history. Boston, 
1859- P.84.11 

Alcott, Louisa May. 

Hospital sketches and Camp and fireside 
stories. Boston, 1869. P.84.13 

Andrews, Jane. 
The seven little sisters who live on the round 
ball that floats in the air. Boston, 1888. 


Austin, Jane Goodwin. 

The Desmond hundred. [Anon.] Boston, 

1882. [Round-robin series.] P.84.38 

Moonfolk. A true account of the home of 

the fairy tales. N. Y., 1874. P.84.38. 1 

Nantucket scraps. Boston, 1883. P.84.38.2 

Channing, Elizabeth P. 

Kindling thoughts. Boston, i£ 
Chapman, Maria Weston. 

Right and wrong in Massachusetts [as re- 
gards the slavery question]. Boston, 1840. 
Cheney, Ednah Dow. 
Life of Christian Daniel Rauch, sculptor. 
Boston, 1893. Portr. Pis. P.84.166 

Chenoweth, Mrs. C. Van D. 
Stories of the saints. Boston, 1891. PI. 

Child, Lydia Maria. 
An appeal in favor of that class of Americans 
called Africans. Boston, 1833- PI- P-84-I74 
Isaac T. Hopper: a true life. Boston, 1853. 
Portr. P.84-I74-I 

The progress of religious ideas, through suc- 
cessive ages. N. Y., 1855. 3v. P.84. 174.2 
Clapp, Eliza Thayer. 

Studies in religion. N. Y., 1845. P.84. 178 
Conway, Katherine Eleanor. 
The Good shepherd in Boston. Silver jubilee 
memorial. Boston. [1892.] P.84.188 

Dall, Caroline Wells Healey. 
What we leally know about Shakespeare. 2d 
edition. Boston, 1886. P.84.210 

Daniels, Cora Linn. 
As it is to be. Franklin, Mass. [1892.] Illus. 
Portr. P.84.216 

Dodge, Maiy Abigail. (Gail Hamilton.) 
Our common school system. Boston. [1880.] 


Eigenmann, Carl H., and Rosa Smith Eigen- 


Preliminary notes on South American ne- 

matognathi. [SanFrancisco,i888.] P.84.257 

Ely, Gertrude H. 

Chaucer, Spenser, Sidney. N. Y. [1894.] 
[English men of letters for boys and 
girls.] P.84.262 

Fytche, M. Amelia. 

Kerchiefs to hunt souls. A novel. Boston, 

1895- Portr. P.84.319 

Griswold, Mrs. J. N. A. (Mrs. Winter and 

Mrs. Boy.) 

The lost wedding ring. N. Y., 1887. P.84.361 

Guiney, Louise Imogen. 

Goose-quill papers. Boston, 1885. P.84.367 
Hallock, Julia Sherman. 
Broken notes from a gray nunnery. Boston, 
1896. Illus. P.84.375 

Hassall, Miss . 

Secret history; or, the horrors of St. Do- 
mingo, in a series of letters, written by a 
lady at Cape Frangois, to Colonel [Aaron] 
Burr, principally during the command of 
General Rochambeau. [Anon]. Phila., 
1808. P.84.387 



Hemiup. Maria Remington. 

Law of heat. Original observations. Ex- 
pansion of ice in harmony with the general 
law. Geneva, 1886. P84.397 

Henderson, Mary F. 
The issues of the campaign. Sound money. 
[Washington, 1896.] P.84.399 

Hyatt, Alpheus, and Jane M. Arms. 

Insecta. Boston, 1893. Illus. Pis. [Bos- 
ton society of natural history. Guides for 
science teaching. No. 8.j P.84.439 

Jackson, Helen Maria. (H. H.) 

A century of dishonor. A sketch of the 
United States government's dealings with 
some of the Indian tribes. N. Y., 1881. 

Glimpses of three coasts. Boston, 18S6. 

P.84.451. 1 

Contents. — California and Oregon. — Scotland 
and England. — Norway, Denmark, and Germany. 

The Helen Jackson year-book. Selections 
by Harriet T. Perry. Boston, 1895. Portr. 
Pis. P.84.451.2 

Letters from a cat. Published by her mis- 
tress for the benefit of all cats and the 
amusement of little children. Boston, 1879. 
, Pis. P.84.451.3 

Mammy Tittleback and her family. A true 
story of seventeen cats. With illustrations 
by Addie Ledyard. Boston, 1881. P.84.451.6 
Nelly's silver mine. A storv of Colorado 
life. Boston, 1878. PI. P.84.451. 4 

.Zeph. A posthumous story. Boston, 1885. 

Jackson, Helen Maria, and Abbot Kinney. 
Report on the condition and needs of the 
Mission Indians of California to the Com- 
missioner of Indian affairs. Washington, 
1883. P.84.452 

Jacobi, Eugenie. 

Die Volkermord. Neuwied, 1893. P.84.453 
Leighton, Caroline C. 

Life at Puget sound with sketches of travel 
in Washington territory, British Colum- 
bia, Oregon, and California, 1865-1881. 
Boston, 1884. P.84.515 

A Swiss Thoreau [Henri Frederic Amie!]. 
Boston, 1890. P.84.515. 1 

Lippiiicott, Sara Jane . (Grace Greenwood.) 
Recollections of my childhood, and other 
stories. Boston, 1852. P. 84. 527 

McGlasson, Eva Wilder. 

Diana's livery. N. Y., 1891. P. 84.542 

McKay, Martha Nicholson. 

Literary clubs of Indiana. Indianapolis, 1894. 

Mackaye, Maria Ellery. 

The abbess of Port Royal and other French 
studies. With an introduction by Thomas 
Wentworth Higginson. Boston, 1892. 

McLean, Sally Pratt. 

Cape Cod folks. Boston, 1881. PI. P.84.551 

Meyer, Annie Nathan. 

Helen Brent, M.D. A social study. [Anon.] 

N. Y. [1892.] P.84.589 

Morris, Eugenia L. (Alyn Yates Keith.) 

A spinster's leaflets. Wherein is written the 

history of "her doorstep baby." Boston. 

1894. P.84.619 

Morse, Lucy Gibbons. 
The Chezzles. A story. Boston, 1888. 

Nuttall, Zelia. 

Standard or head-dress? an historical essay 
on a relic of ancient Mexico. Cambridge, 
1888. 3 col. pis. [Harvard college. Pea- 
body museum of American archaeology 
and ethnology. Archaeological and ethno- 
logical papers. Vol. 1, no. I.] P.84.649 

With an appendix on the complementary signs of 
the Mexican graphic system. 

Palmer, Mary Towle. 
The doctor of Deane. Boston. [1888.] 

Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer. 

Record of a school: exemplifying the gen- 
eral principles of spiritual culture. [Anon.] 
Boston, 1835. P.84.678 

This describes Mr. Alcott's school. 

Porter, Maria S. 

Recollections of Louisa May Alcott, John 
Greenleaf Whittier, and Robert Browning, 
with several memorial poems. [Boston.] 
1893. Illus. Portrs. Fac-similes. 

Robinson, Lelia Josephine. 

Law made easy. A book for the people. 

Chicago, 1886. P.84.753 

Rogers, William Augustus, and Anna Winlock. 

A catalogue of 130 polar stars for the epoch 

of 1875.0 resulting from all the available 

observations made between i860 and 1885, 

and reduced to the system of the catalogue 

of Publication 14 of the Astronomische 

Gesellschaft. [Cambridge, 1886.] P.84.755 

Rollins, Alice Wellington, compiler. 

Aphorisms for the year. N. Y., 1895. 

" P.84.758 
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria. 
Tales and sketches. [1st series.] Phiia., 
1835. P.84.809 

Spofford, Harriet Elizabeth Prescott. 
The amber gods and other stories. Boston, 
1863. P.84.844 

Azarian: an episode. Boston, 1864. 

P.84.844. 1 
Sir Rohan's ghost. A romance. [Anon.] 
Boston, i860. P.84.844. 2 

The thief in the night. Boston, 1872. 

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. 
The slave's appeal. Albany, i860. 

No. 11 in P.63.594 
[Scrap-book, containing manuscript notes, 
selections from the writings of various 
friends, and views of places in London.] 

Steele, Mary Davies. 

A happy life. Dayton, Ohio, 1895. P. 84. 849 
Stowe, Harriet Beecher. 

Onkel Toms Hytte, eller Negerlivet i de 

amerikanske Slavestater. Christiania, 1861. 


Poganuc people: their loves and lives. N. Y. 

[1878.] P.84.859. 1 

Queer little people. Boston. 1867. Illus. 

P.84.859. 2 
Tappan, Caroline Sturgis. 

Rainbows for children. [Fairy tales.] Ed- 
ited by L. Maria Child. N. Y., 1848. Illus. 


2 7 

Thompson, Eliza Jane Trimble. 

Hillsboro crusade sketches and family re- 
cords. By Mrs. Eliza jane Trimble 
Thompson, her two daughters, and Fran- 
ces E. Willard. Cincinnati, 1896. Portrs. 
Pis. P.84.887 

Todd, Mabel Loomis. 
Footprints. Amherst, 1883. P.84.893 

Total eclipses of the sun. Boston, 1894. Illus. 
Portrs. [Columbian knowledge series. 
No. 1.] P.84.893- 1 

Wakefield, Priscilla. 

Domestic recreation; or, dialogues- illustra- 
tive of natural and scientific subjects. 
Phila., 1805. Pis. P.84.943 

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. 

The struggle for immortality. Boston, 1889. 

The Trotty book. Boston, 1870. Illus. 

Trotty's wedding tour, and story-book. Bos- 
ton, 1874. Illus. P.84.949.2 
What to wear? Boston, 1873. P.84.949.3 
Weld, Angelina Emily Grimke. 
Letters to Catherine E. Beecher, in reply to 
An essay on slavery and abolitionism. 
Boston, 1838. P.84.957 
Weston, H. H. 

The fairy egg, and what it held. By three 
friends. Boston, 1870. P.84.963 

Whitman, Sarah W. 

Robert Browning in his relation to the art 
of painting. Read [before] the Browning 
society of Boston. Boston. [1889.] 

Whitney, Louisa Goddard. 
Peasy's childhood: stories for children, and 
for all who remember that they have been 
children. [Anon.] Cambridge, 1878. 

Willard, Frances Elizabeth. 

How to win. A book for girls. With intro- 
duction by Rose Elizabeth Cleveland. 4th 
edition. N. Y., 1887. P.84-974 

Windle, Catharine F. Ashmead. 

Address to the New Shakspere society of 
London. Discovery of Lord Verulam's 
undoubted authorship of the "Shakspere" 
works. San Francisco, 1881. P. 84.976 

Women's calendar. 1890, 91. Dunkirk, N. Y. 
[1889,90.] 2 v. Illus. P.84.983 

Woolson, Constance Fenimore. 

Castle Nowhere: Lake country sketches. 
Boston, 1875. P.84.086 

Young, Julia Ditto. 

Adrift: a story of Niagara. Phila., 1889. 


85. Women as Authors: American 

Aldrich, Anne Reeve. 

The rose of flame, and other poems of love. 
N. Y., 1889. P.85.H 

Allen, Elizabeth Chase. 

The high-top sweeting and other poems. 
N. Y., 1891. P.85.14 

Two saints. A tribute to the memory of 
Henry Bergh, founder of the first Ameri- 
can society for the prevention of cruelty to 
animals. "Portland. [1889] P85.141 

Best, Susie M. 

The fallen pillar saint, and other poems. 
N. Y., 1890. Portr. P.85.82 

Blair, Ophelia E. (Adam Dean.) 

Poems of humanity. Little Rock, Ark., 

1892. Portr. P.85.^ 
Blake, Mary Elizabeth. 

Poems. Boston, 1882. P.85.91 

Verses along the way. Boston, 1890. 

P.8591 1 
Bolton, Sarah Knowles. 

From heart and nature. By Sarah Knowles 

Bolton and Charles Knowles Bolton. 

N. Y., 1887. P.85.90 

Boyle, Virginia Frazer. 

The other side. An epic poem. Cambridge, 

1893. P.85.110 
Brooks, Maria Gowen. (Maria del Occidente.) 

Zophiel; or, the bride of seven. Edited by 
Zadel Barnes Gustafson. Boston, 1879. 

Brown, Alice. 

The road to Castaly. Boston, 1896. P.85.119 
Chapman, Mary Berri. 

Lyrics of love and nature. N. Y. [1895.] 
Pis. P.S5.163 

Clarke, Ednah Proctor. 

An opal. Boston, 1896. P.85.176 

Cleveland, Lucy. 

Lotus-life and other poems. N. Y., 1893. 

Cocke, Zitella. 
A Doric reed. Boston, 1895. [Oaten stop 
series. 2.] P.85.181 

Cone, Helen Gray. 
The ride to the ladv, and other poems. Bos- 
ton, 1891. P.85.185 
Cook, Eliza. 

Melaia and other poems. N. Y., 1844. Portr. 

Cooke, Rose Terry. 

Poems. Boston, 1861. P.85.192 

Coolbrith, Ina D. 
A perfect day, and other poems. San Fran- 
cisco, i88r. P.85.I95 
Coonley, Lydia Avery. 

Under the pines and other verses. Chicago, 
T895. P.85.198 

Crawford, Isabella Valancy. 

Old Spookses' pass, Malcolm's Katie, and 
other poems. N. p. [1884.] P.85.203 

Dandridge, Danske. 
Joy, and other poems. N. Y., 1888. P.85.213 
Rose brake. N. Y., 1890. P.85.213. 1 

Deland. Margaret. 
The old garden, and other verses. Boston, 
1886. P.85.219 

Dickinson, Emily. 

Poems. [1st series.] Edited by Mabel 
Loomis Todd and T. W. Higginson. Lon- 
don, 1891. P.85.228 
Same. 3d series. Edited by Mabel Loomis 
Todd. Boston, 1896. P.85.228. 1 
Dixon. Margaret. 

Chronicles of Christopher Columbus. In 

twelve cantos. New edition. N. Y., 1893. 

PI. P.85.232 

Dodge, Mary Barker. 

The gray masque, and other poems. Boston. 

[1885.] P85.235 

Dorr, Julia Caroline Ripley. 

Poems. N. Y., 1802 P85238 



Duer, Caroline, and Alice Duer. 

Poems. N. Y., 1896. P.85.243 

Fabbri, Cora. 

Lyrics. N. Y., 1892. P.85.280 

Fessenden, Laura Dayton. 
Essie. A romance in rhyme. Boston. [1895.J 
Portr. P.85.292 

Fields, Annie Adams. 
The singing shepherd, and other poems. 
Boston, 1895. P.85.295 

Gary, Anstiss Curtiss. 
A year's singing, and other poems. Chicago, 
1895. Portr. P.85.327 

Green, Anna Katharine. 
The defence of the bride, and other poems. 
N. Y., 1882. P.85.357 

Risifi's daughter. A drama. N. Y., 1887. 
P.85.357- 1 
Griswold, Rufus Wilmot. 
The female poets of America. 2d edition. 
Phila., 1854. Portr. P.85.361 

Guiney, Louise Imogen. 
A roadside harp. Boston, 1893. P.85.367.2 
Songs at the start. Boston, 1884. P.85.367 
The white sail, and other poems. Boston. 
[1887.] P.8S.367.1 

Gustafson, Zadel Barnes. 

Meg: a pastoral. And other poems. Bos- 
ton, 1879. P.85.369 
Hale, Anne Gardner. 

Folly's bells. A German legend. Illustra- 
tions by Lillian Hale. Buffalo, 1897. 

Harrison, S. Frances. (Seranus.) 

Pine, rose and fleur de lis. Toronto, 1891. 

Hazard, Caroline. 
Narragansett ballads; with Songs and lyrics. 
Boston, 1894. P.85.392 

Hazard, Gertrude Minturn, and Anna Peace 
Poems. Phila., 1873. P.85-394 

Hopkins, Louisa Parsons. 
Breath of the field and shore. Boston, 1881. 

Howe, Julia Ward. 
Later lyrics. Boston, 1866. P.85.431 

Passion-flowers. [Anon.] Boston, 1854. 

P85.431. 1 
Words for the hour. Boston, 1857. P.85.431.2 
Hutchinson, Ellen Mackay. 

Songs and lyrics. Boston, 1881. P.85.439 

Jennison, Lucy White. (Owen Innsley.) 
Love poems and sonnets. Boston, 1881. 

Jewett, Sophie. (Ellen Burroughs.) 

The pilgrim and other poems. N. Y., 1896. 

Johnston, Annie Fellows. 

Songs Ysame. By Annie Fellows Johnston 
and Albion Fellows Bacon. Boston, 1897. 
Kimball, Hannah Parker. 

Soul and sense. Boston, 1896. [Oaten stop 
series. 4.] P.85-479 

Kimball, Harriet McEwen. 

Poems. N. Y., 1889. P.85.480 

Kinney, Elizabeth C. 

Poems [and Sonnets]. N. Y., 1867. P.85.483 
Larcom, Lucy. 
Poems. Boston, 1869. P.85.503 

Larned, Augusta. 

In woods and fields. N. Y., 1895. P.85.506 
Lazarus, Errrma. 
Admetus and other poems. N. Y., 1871. 


Poems. Boston, 1889. 2 v. Portr. P.85.512. 1 

Songs of a Semite: The dance to death, and 

other poems. N. Y., 1882. P.85.512.2 

McMullin, Rachel B. 

Heart songs. Worcester, 1896. P.85.545 

Marean, Emma Endicott. 

Eighteen. [Boston, 1894.] P.85.558 

Mason, Caroline A. 
The lost ring and other poems. With an in- 
troduction by Charles G. Ames. Boston, 
1891. Portr. P.85.569 

Medini, F. Roena. 
Edalaine: a metrical romance. N. Y., 1892. 

Monroe, Harriet 

Commemoration ode, delivered at the dedi- 
cation of the World's Columbian exposi- 
tion, on the 400th anniversary of the dis- 
covery of America. Chicago, 1892. P.85.605 
Valeria, and other poems. Chicago, 1892. 

P.85.605. 1 
Moulton, Ellen Louise Chandler. 

Poems. Boston, 1878. P.85.621 

Nason, Emma Huntington. 
The tower, with legends and lyrics. Boston, 
1895. P.85.633 

Orne, Caroline F. 

Sweet Auburn and Mount Auburn, with 
other poems. Cambridge, 1844. P.85.659 
Patton, Abby Hutchinson. 
A handful of pebbles. [Cambridge.] 1891. 

Perry, Lilla Cabot. 
The heart of the weed. [Anon.] Boston, 
1886. P.85.683 

Perry, Nora. 

Lyrics and legends. Boston, 1891. P.85.685 
Piatt, John James, and Sarah Morgan Bryan 
The children out-of-doors. Cincinnati, 1885. 

Piatt. Sarah Morgan Bryan. 
An enchanted castle, and other poems: pic- 
tures, portraits and people in Ireland. 
London, 1893. P.85.693 

An Irish garland Boston, 1885. P.85.693. x 
An Irish wild-flower, etc. N. Y., 1896. 

That new world, and other poems. Boston, 
1877- P.85.693-3 

A voyage to the Fortunate isles, etc. Bos- 
ton, 1874. P.85.693.4 
Plummer, Mary Wright. 

Verse. Cleveland, 1896. P 85.701 

Poole, Fanny H. Runnells. 

A bank of violets. N. Y., 1895. P.85.707 

Prentiss. Caroline Edwards. 

Sunshine and shadow. N. Y., 1896. P.85.713 
Putnam, Irene. 

Songs without answer. N. Y. [1896.] P.85.719 
Reese, Lizette Woodworth. 
A branch of May. Baltimore, 1887. P.85.735 
Ahandfuloflavender. Boston, 1891. P.85.735.1 
A quiet road. Boston, 1896. P.85.735.2 

Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth. 

Easter bells. N. Y., 1897. P.85.7831 

On the road home. N. Y., 1893. P85.783 



Scudder, Eliza. , DQrQ , 

Hymns and sonnets. Boston, 1896. F.85.807 
Sewall, Harriet Winslow. 

Poems. With a memoir by Ednah U Uie- 

ney. Cambridge, 1889. P.85.815 

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The legend of Avlvs [and other poems] . 

San Franciso, 1896. P.85.817 

Smith, Minna Caroline. 

In fruitful lands, and other poems. Lam- 
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Snow, Florence L. 

The lamp of gold. Chicago, 1896. P.85.836 
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Poems. Boston, 1882. P.85.845 

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In this our world. Oakland, Cal., 1893- 

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Poems. Boston, 1895. P.85.856 

Thaxter, Celia. 

The cruise of the Mystery and other poems. 
Boston, 18S6. P.85.881 

Thomas, Edith Matilda. 

Fair shadow land. Boston, 1893. P.85.885 
A winter swallow, with other verse. N. Y., 
1896. P.85.885. 1 

Townsend, Mary Ashley. 

Down the bayou and other poems. Boston, 
1882. P.85.898 

Vaughan, Virginia. 

Orpheus and the sirens. A drama in lyrics. 
London, 1882. P.85.925 

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. 

Songs of the silent world, and other poems. 
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Wheatley, Phillis. 

Poems, on various subjects, religious and 
moral. London, 1816. P.85.964 

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Poems of passion. Chicago, 1883. P.85.969 

Poems of pleasure. N. Y. [1888.] P.85.9691 

Woolsey, Sarah Chauncey. (Susan Coolidge.) 

Verses. Boston, 1880. P.85.985 

86. Women as Authors: French. 

Alletz, Pons Augustin. 

L'esprit des femmes celebres du siecle de 
Louis XIV. et de celui de Louis XV. 
[Anon.] Paris, 1768. 2 v. P.80.15 

Arnauld d'Andilly, Jacqueline Marie Angelique 
de Saint Madeleine (Mere Angelique h 
Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de Port- 
Royal, et a la vie de la reverende mere 
Marie Angelique de Sainte Magdeleine 
Arnauld. [Pub. par Jean Louis Barbeau 
de La Bruyere.] Utrecht, 1742, 57- 4 v. 

Billardon de Sauvigny, Edme Louis, editor. 
Parnasse des dames. Paris, 1773. 9 v - 


Colombier, Marie. 

Nathalie. On en meurt. Paris. [1889.] 


Genlis, Stephanie Felicite Ducrest de St. Au- 

bin, comtesse de. 

La Bruyere the less: or, characters and 

manners of the children of the present age. 

London, 1800. P.86.331 

Lessons of a governess to her pupils: or. 
journal of the method adopted by Madame 
de Sillery-Brulart in the education of the 
children of M. d'Orleans. London, 1792. 
3 v . P.86.331- 1 

Six tales, moral and religious. Translated 
and altered from the French. London, 
1822. Pis. P.86.33I-2 

L. C, Frederic-T 1 . de, editor. 

Les femmes poetes, ou choix de poesies le- 

geres composees par des dames. Paris, 

1829. 2 v. P.86.490 

Lambert, Anne Therese de Marguenat de 

Courcelles, marquise de. 

Works. New edition, from the French. 

London, 1781. 2 v. P.86.497 

La Porte, Joseph de. 

Histoire litteraire des femmes franchises. 
Par une societe de gens de lettres. Paris, 
1769. 5 v. PI. P.86.501 

La Forte was assisted in this work by the mar- 
quis de Lacroix de Castries. 

Larcher, Louis Julien, and Pierre Jules Hetzel 
(P. J. Martin). 
Les hommes juges par les femmes. Paris, 
1858. P.86.504 

Marguerite de Valois, queen of Henry IV. of 
La rvelle mal assortie, ov, entretiens amov- 
tevx d'vne dame eloqvente, auec vn cava- 
lier-gascon . . . Paris, 1855. [Le tresor des 
pieces rares ou inedites.] P.86.561 

Scudery, Madeleine de. (Madame de V * * *.) 
Anecdotes de la cour d'Alphonse Xle, roi 
de Castille. Amsterdam, 1756. P.86.807 
The female orators: or, the courage and con- 
stancy of divers famous queens and illus- 
trious women, set forth in their orations. 
London, 1714. PL P.86.807.1 

Ibrahim, or, the illustrious Bassa. Englished 
by Henry Cogan. London, 1674. P.86.807.2 
Stael-Holstein.Anne Louise Germaine Necker, 
baronne de. 
Letters on the works and character of J. J. 
Rousseau; added, a letter from the coun- 
tess Alexandre de Vassy to the Baroness 
de Stael, with the baroness's answer, and 
an account of the last moments of Rous- 
seau. London, 1789. P.86.847 
Stael-Holstein, Auguste Louis, baron de. 
Letters on England. 2d edition, with addi- 
tional letters, and life of the author, by the 
Duchess de Broglie. London, 1830. Plan. 
Surville, Marguerite fileonore Clotilde de Val- 
lon-Chalys, madame de. 
Poesies, pub. par Ch. Vanderbourg. Pans, 
1803. P.86.867 
The above name is said to be a pseudonym, and 
the poems are attributed by different authorities 
to Joseph Etienne Surville, and to the editor, 

87. Women as Authors: German. 

Ambrosius, Joanna. 

Poems. Edited by Karl Schrattenthal 
[pseud, of Carl Weiss]. Boston, 1806 
Portr. PI. P-8M7 

Arnim. Elisabeth, called Bettina von. 

Gespriiche mit Daemonen. Des Konigs- 
buchs zweiter Band. Berlin, 1852. P.8729 



Schurman, Anna Maria van. 

Nobiliss. virginis Anna; Maria; a Schurman, 

opuscula Hebraea, Graeca, Latina, Gallica. 

Prosaica & metrica. Lvgd. Batavor., 1648. 


88. Women as Authors: Other 

Wolf, Johann Christian, editor. 

Poetriarvm octo, Erinnae, Myrus, Myrtidis, 
Corinnae, Telesillae, Praxillae, Nossidis, 
Anytae. fragmenta et elogia. Graece ei 
Latine. Accedit Gottfridi Olearii [recte 
J. C. Blum] Dissertatio de poetriis graecis. 
Hambvrgi, 1734. No. 2 in P.88.785.3 

Agnesi, Margarita Gaetana Angiola Maria. 
Analytical institutions, in four books. Trans- 
lated by the late Rev. John Colson. Now 
first printed under the inspection of the 
Rev. John Hellins. London, 1801. P.88.7 
Arnold, Sir Edwin. 

The poets of Greece. London, 1869. P.88.29 

Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Louise, queen of 

Roumania. (Carmen Sylva.) 

Songs of toil. Translated by John Eliot 

Bowen. With an introductory sketch. 

N. Y., 1888. P.88.677 

Pulszky, Ferencz Aurel, and Terezia Pulszky. 

White, red, black. Sketches of American 

society in the United States. N. Y., 1853. 

2 v. P.88.7 19 


2aTr<pous -trjs Aeopi&s MAr/. The odes of Sappho 

of Lesbos. [Translated by Mr. Addison. J 

Portr. (In Anacreon. Works. Pp. 247- 

279. London, 1735.) P.88.19 

Works. Translated [by Francis Fawkes]. 

(In Anacreon. The works of Anacreon, 

Sappho . . . Pp. 179-203. London, 1789.) 

P.88.19. 1 
Pp. 169-177 contains a sketch of the life of Sapph.,. 

Poesies de Sapho. Suivis de differentes poe- 
sies dans le meme genre [par ParnyJ. 
Londres, 1810. Portr. *P.88.78s 

Sappho: memoir, text, selected renderings, 
and a literal translation by Henry Thorn- 
ton Wharton. 2d edition. London, 1887. 
Portr. P.88.785.1 

Same. [3d edition.] 1895. P.88.785.2 

Sapphus, poetriae Lettiae, fragmenta et elo- 
gia, quotquot in auctoribus antiquis Grae- 
cis et Latinis reperiuntur cura Jo. Chris- 
tiani Wolfii. Qui vitam Sapphonis & in- 
dices adjecit. Londini, 1733. P.88.785.3 

The songs of Sappho. By James S. Easby- 
Smith. Washington, 1891. P.88.785.4 

Ursinus, Fulvius. 

Carmina novem illvstrivm feminarvm, Sap- 
phvs, Myrtidis, Praxillae, Erinnae, Corin- 
nae, Nossidis, Myrvs, Telesillae, Anytae. Et 
lyricorvm Alcmanis, Ibyci, Stesichori, An- 
acreontis, Alcaei, Simonidis, Bacchylidis 
. . . nunc primum edita. Ex bibliotheca 
Fvlvii Vrsini. Antverpiae, 1568. P.88.917 
Wolf, Johann Christian. 

Mvliervm Graecarvm qvae oratione prosa 
vsae svnt fragmenta et elogia. Graece et 
Latine. Accedit Catalogus foeminarvm . . . 
illvstrivm. Hamburgi, 1735 P.88 981 


Periodicals. M iscel- 

Almanach des femmes pour 1852. Pub. par 
Jeanne Devoin. ie aiinee. Paris [1851.] 

Female spectator, The [By Eliza Heywood.J 
7th edition. London, 1771. 4 v. Pis. 

P. 90. 289 
Genius, The, of liberty. Devoted to the inter- 
ests of American women. Vol. 2, no. 1, 2, 
10-12; 3, no. 1, 2, 17, 19. Cincinnati, 1852- 
59. No. 2 in P.90.915 

ilinrichsen, Adolf, editor. 
Fur edle Frauen. Blatter fur die echte und 
wahre Emanzipation des Weibes. Berlin. 

[I885.] 2V. P.90.4I5 

Ladies' diary, The; or, woman's almanack for 
1803-05, 1807-10. Also, The diary com- 
panion; being a supplement to the Ladies' 
diary tor 1801-05. London. [1801-10.] 


Ladies' magazine, The. Conducted by Mrs. 
Sarah J. Hale. Boston, 1829. P.90.495 

Lady's magazine, The; or entertaining com- 
panion for the fair sex, appropriated solely 
to their use and amusement. London, 
1773, 74- 2 v. Pis. P.90.499 

Mulher, A. Periodico illustrado de litteratura 
e bellas-artes, consagrado aos interesses e 
direitos da mulher brazileira. Redactoras: 
Josefa A. F. M. de Oliveira, Maria A. G. 
Estrella. Anno 1, no. 1. P. 90.625 

New unity, The. Published in the interest of 
the American congress of liberal religious 
societies. N. S. vol. 1, no. 46. Chicago, 
1896. P. 90. 639 

Sibyl, The. A review of the tastes, errors, and 
fashions of society. [Dr. Lydia Sayer 
Hasbrouck, editor.] Vol. 3, no. 17, 19. 
Middletown, N. Y., 1859. No. 3 in P.90.915 

Una, The. A paper devoted to the elevation of 
women. Vol. 1-3. Providence [later Bos- 
ton], 1853-55. No. 1 in P.90.915 

Work and leisure. The Englishwoman's ad- 
vertiser, reporter, and gazette. Being a 
new series of The woman's gazette; or, 
news about work. Edited by L. M. H[ub- 
bard]. Vol 1. London, 1880. P.00.940 


Abrantes, Laura Permon Junot, 
duchesse d', i. 

Acollas, Emile, 14. 

Actaea, pseud. Agassiz, Elizabeth 

Adams, F. G., 19. 

Adams, Hannah, 25. 

Adams, Oscar Fay, 13. 

Addison, Daniel Dulany, 5. 

Adrian, Johann Valentin, 9. 

Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary, 25. 

t\gnesi, Margarita Gaetana Angi- 
ola Maria, 30. 

Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich 
Cornelius, 13. 

Aikin, John, 10. 

Aikin, Lucy, 9, 22. , 

Albany female academy, 10. 

Alcott, Louisa May, 25. 

Aldrich, Anne Reeve, 27.. 

Alexander, William, M.D., 0. 

Alissan de Chazet, Andre Rene 
Polydore, 7. 

Allen, Elizabeth Chase, 27. 

Alletz, Pons Augustin, 20. 

Allison, Frances Ekin, 21 (Starrett)- 

Almy, Charles, jr., 18. 

Ambrosius, Johanna, 29. 

American female medical education 
society, Fhila., 21. 

American woman's educational as- 
sociation, 10. 

Ames, Azel, 13. 

Amory, Thomas, 1, 7. 

Anderson, Rev. James, 1. 

Andrews, Jane, 23. 

Andrews, John, LL.D., 9. 

Andrews, Stephen Pearl, 14. 

Angelique, Mere. See Arnauld d' 

Anspach, Elizabeth Berkeley Cra- 
ven, Markgrafin von, 3. 

Anthony, Charles, 19. 

Antioch college, 12. 

Arckenholtz, Johann, 3 (Christina). 

Arms, Jane M., 26 (Hyatt). 

Arnauld d'Andilly, Jacqueline Ma- 
rie Angelique de Saint Madeleine 
(Mere Angelique), 29. 

Arnim, Elisabeth von, 29. 

Arnold, Sir Edwin, 30. 

Arusmont, Frances Wright d'. See 
Wright, Frances. 

Association of collegiate alumnae, 
12, 13. 

Astell, Mary, q, 10. 

Atkinson, Henry George, 22. 

Aubin, , 13. 

Austen, Jane, 23. 

Austin, George Lowell, 13. 

Austin, Jane Goodwin, 25. 

Avery, Rachel Foster, 19. 

Azais, Pierre Hyacinthe, 7. 

B., P., Minnebroeder, 1. 

Bacon, Albion Fellows, 28 (John- 

Baillie, Joanna, 23. 

Ralaguer y Merino, Andreu, 15. 

Balemann, Heinrich, 18. 

Ralfour, Clara Lucas, r. 

Ballard, George, 1. 

Ralzac, Honore de, 15. 

Barbauld, Anna Lxtitia, 23. 

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Por- 
ter, 12. 

Barrett, Eaton Stannard, 7. 

Beck, \\ ilhelmine, Baronin von, 3. 

Becker, VYilhelm Adolph, 9. 

Beecher, Catharine Esther, 16. 

Beecher, Henry Ward, 19. 

Bellamy, Daniel, ie. 

Bellamy, George Anne, 3. 

Bellegarde, Jean Baptiste Morvan 
de, 14. 

Bellegarrigue, A., 7. 

Belloc, Bessie Rayncr Tarkes, 24. 

Bembo, Pietro, cardinal, 14. 

Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy, 4 (Ham- 
ilton), 22 (Schmidt). 

Benson, Eugene, 6 (Stampa). 

Bentzon, Th., pseud. Blanc, The- 

Best, Susie M., 27. 

Beyle, Marie Henri, 14. 

Beze, Theodore de, 16. 

Billardon de Sauvigny, Edme Louis, 

2 9- 
Birney, Catherine H., 4 (Grimke). 
Birrell, Augustine. 3 (Bronte). 
Blackvvell, Alice Stone, 22. 
Blackwell, Antoinette Louise Brown, 

Blackwell, Sarah Ellen, 3 (Carroll). 
Blair, Ophelia E., 27. 
Blair, Thomas S., 9. 
Blake, Lillie Devereux, 17. 
Blake, Mary Elizabeth, 25, 27. 
Blake, Robert, 7. 
Blanc, Therese, 9. 
Bland, Edith, 24. 
Bland, James, 7. 
Blanquet, Theodore Xavier Albert, 

Blaze, Marie Pauline Rose, 4 (Elisa- 

Blind, Mathilde, 24. , 

Blouet, Paul, 7. 

Blum, Johann Christian, 1. 

Boardman, Henry Augustus, 5 (Lat- 

Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1, 7. , 

Bolton. Sarah Knowles, 1, 25, 27. 

Bombard, Martin Christian Fried- 
rich von, 7. 

Bomhard, Georg Christian August 
von, 7. 

Bonafede, Carolina, 1. 

Boston. School committee, 10, 12. 

Boston female anti-slavery society, 

Boudier de Villemcrt, Pierre Jo- 
seph, 11. 

Boyle, Virginia Frazer, 27. 

Bradford, Sarah H., 6 (Tubman). 

Bradley, Kathcrine, 24. 

Brantome, Pierre de Bourdeilles, 
seigneur de, 1, 11. 

Bridel, Louis, 18. 

Bright, John Edward, 18. 

Briquet, Marguerite Ursulc Fortu- 
nee, 1. 

Brisson, Barnabe, 15. 

Brooks, Maria Gowen, 27. 

Brown, Alice, 27. 

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 23, 24. 

Browning, Oscar, 4 (Eliot). 

Brunet, Pierre Gustave, 5 (Joan). 

Bruys, Francois, 7. 

Bryan, Margaret, 23. 

Buchanan, George, 5 (Mary). 

Buckstaff, Florence Griswold. 18. 

Buechner, Louise, 17. 
Burden, Helen McOuat, 3. 
Burroughs. Ellen, pseud. Jewett. 

Bury, Richard de. 1. 
Buschmann, August, 9. 
Bushnell, Horace, 19. 
Bussy-Rabutin, Roger, comtc de, 1. 
Butler, Josephine E., 20. 

C., G., i S . 

Cadiere, Marie Catherine. 3. 

Calvert, George Henry, 6 (Stein). 

Campbell, Helen, 25. 

Campbell, Jcanie Morison, 24. 

Carlier, Auguste, 15. 

Carmen Sylva, pseud. Pauline Eli- 
sabeth Ottilie Louise. 

Carpenter, Esther Bernon, 2$. 

Carron, Guy Toussaint Julien, 1. 

Carruth, William Herbert, 19 

Carter, Elizabeth, 22 (Epictetus). 

Castiglione, Baldassare, conte di. 7. 

Cervoni da Colle, Giovanni, 5 (Marie 
de Medicis). 

Channing, Elizabeth P., 25. 

Channing, William Henry, 19. 

Chapman, Maria Weston, 25. 

Chapman, Mary Berri, 27. 

Chapman, Priscilla, 10. 

Chapone, Hester Mulso, 11. 

Cheney, Ednah Dow, 1, 25. 

Chenoweth, Mrs. C. Van D., 25. 

Child, Lydia Maria, 3, 9, 25. 

Chrysale, pseud. Blanquet, Theo- 
dore Xavier Albert. 

Churchill, Sarah Jennings, duchess 
of Marlborough, 23. 

Clapp, Eliza Thayer, 25. 

Clarke, Ednah Proctor, 27. 

Clarke, Edward Hammond, 13. 

Clarke, Elizabeth P., 22. 

Cleveland, Lucy, 27. 

Cleveland educational bureau, 1. 

Clive, Caroline, 24. 

Cobbe, Frances Power, 20. 

Cobbett, William, 11. 

Cocchi, Antonio, 15. 

Cocke, Zitella, 27. 

Coleridge, Sara, 4, 23. 

Collier, Ada Langworthy, S. 

Colman, George, 24. 

Colombier, Marie, 29. 

Comer's commercial college, 10. 

Comfort, Anna Manning, 13. 

Comfort, George Fisk, 13. 

Comte, Isidore Auguste Marie Fran 
Qois Xavier, 22. 

Cone, Helen Gray, 27. 

Congres frangais et international du 
droit des femmes, 17. 

Conway, Katherine Eleanor, 25. 

Cook, Eliza, 27. 

Cooke, Rose Terry, 27. 

Coolbrith, Ina D., 27. 

Coolidge, Susan, pseud. Woolsey, 
Sarah Chauncey. 

Coonley, Lydia Avery, 27. 

Cooper, Edith, 24 (Bradley). 

Cornwaleys, Henry, 15. 

Cousin, Victor. 5 (Longueville). 

Craik, Dinah Maria, 24. 

Cramer, Christian, 15. 

f'rawford, Isabella Valancy, 27. 

Croly, Jennie Cunningham. 12. 


Crouse, M. Elizabeth, 24. 
Crow, Martha Foote, 12. 
Curtis, George William, 19. 

Dacier, Anne Lefevre, 22 (Homer). 

Daehne van Varick, Eduardus Hugo 
Maria von, is. 

Dall, Caroline Wells Healey, 1, 9, 
18, 20, 25. 

Dandridge, Danske, 27. 

Daniels, Cora Linn, 25. 

Darmesteter, Mary. See Robinson, 
Agnes Mary Frances. 

Davies, Emily, 10. 

Davis, Tames Edward, 18. 

Davis, Paulina Wright, 10. 

Dean, Adam, pseud. Blair, Ophe- 
lia E. 

Defoe, 4 (Davies). 

Deland, Margaret, 37. 

Delany, Mary, 4. 

Dibdin, Charles, the elder, 8. 

Dixon, Margaret, 27- 

Doane, George Washington, 4 (Day- 

Dodge, Mary Abigail, 17, 25. 

Dodge, Mary Barker, 37. 

Domenichi, Lodovico, 14. 

Dorr, Julia Caroline Ripley, 27. 

Draigu, , 9- 

Dryden, Anne RichHieu, 9. 

Du Barrv, Marie Jeanne Gomard 
de Vaubernier, comtesre, 4. 

Du Broca, Louis, 1. 

D11 Deffand. Mari- de Vichy Cham- 
rond, marquise, 4. 

Duer, Alice. 28. 

Duer, Caroline, 28. 

Duffev, Eliza Bisbee. 13. 

Ditfour, Marie Armande Jeanne, 10. 

Dufrenoy, Adelaide Gillette, 2, 7. 

Dumas, Alexandre, the younger, 8, 
IS. 16. 17. 

Durfey, Thomas. 8. 

Dwight, Sereno Edwards 13. 

Eberhard, Gottfried, 9 (Eichler). 
Eckardt, Johann Christian, 18. 
Edgeworth, Maria, 23. 
Edgeworth, Richard Lovell, 23. 
Eichler, Johann Christian, 9. 
Eigenmann, Carl H., 25. 
Eigenmann, Rosa Smith, 25. 
Eliot, George, 22 (Feuerbach), 22 

(Strauss), 23, 24. 
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries, 2. 
Elliot, Mary Stuart, 4. 
Elliot, Richard, 15. 
Elliott, Maude Howe, 21. 
Elstob, Elizabeth, 23. 
Ely, Gertrude H., 25. 
Engelhardt, Friedrich Wilhelm, 18. 
Engelstoft, Laurits, 9. 
Epictetus, 22. 

Equal rights association, 19. 
Ercolani, Girolamo, 2. 
Ethelmer, Ellis, 17. 
Evans, Marian. See Eiiot, George. 

Fabbri, Cora, 28. 

Fane, Violet, pseud. Singleton, 

Mary Montgomerie. 
Farnham, Eliza Woodson, 4, 9. 
Fausto da Longiano. Sebastiano, 15. 
Fawcett, Millicent Garrett, 23. 
Feminis, Justus, pseud. Henlau, 

A. A. 
Fenelon, 10. 

Ferri, Pietro Leopoldo, conte, 22. 
Fessenden, Laura Dayton, 28. 
Feuerbach, Ludwig Andreas, 22. 
Feyjoo y Montenegro, Francisco 

Benito Geronimo, 14. 
Field, Michael, pseud. Bradley, 

Katherine and Edith Cooper. 
Fielding, Sarah, 2. 
Fields, Annie Adams, 28. 
Finck, Henry Theophilus, 14. 
Fitz Gerald, Caroline, 24. 
Fletcher, Eliza Dawson, 4. 
Fokker, Abraham Pieter, 16. 
Franklin 'institute, 21. 
Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, Mark- 

grafin von Baireuth, 4. 


Teanne Ms 

Friedlaender, H. H., 10. 
Friends, Society of, 2. 
Frothingham, Frederick, 6 (Phin- 

Fry, Elizabeth, 4. 
Fuller, Arthur Buckminstcr, 6 

Fuller, Horace W., 18 (Almy). 
Fytche, M. Amelia, 25. 

G., N., 11. 

Gage, Matilda E. Joslyn, 17. 

Galien, Mme — , de Chateatj-Thier- 

ry, 2. 
Gannett, Ezra Stiles, 11. 
Gary, Anstiss Curtiss, 28. 
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 3 

(Bronte), 23. 
Gaulot, Paul, 22. 
Gay, Jules. 22. 
Gaya, Louis de, 15. 
Gayette - Georgens, 

von, 2. 
Genlis. Stephanie Felieite Ducrest 

de St. Aubin, comtesse de, 2, 39. 
Gerbier, Charles, 7. 
Gibbons, Thomas, 2. 
Gidumal, Davaram, 15. 
Gillet, Robert. 12. 
Girard. Jean Baptiste, 3 (CadiereV 
Giraud, Leon, 9. 
Girton college. 12. 
Oisborne. Thomas, 12. 
Gloekler. Tohann Philipp, 2. 
Godefroi, Michael Jacobus, 16. 
Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, 11, 

Godwin, William. 4 (Godwin). 
Goethe, Katharina Elisabeth Tex- 

tor, 4. 
Grant. Anne. 4. 
Grantham, Thomas, 15. 
Great Britain. Poor law board, 20. 
Green, Anna Katharine, 28. 
Green, Mary Anne Everett, 2. 
Greenough, Sarah Dana, 8. 
Greenwood, Grace, pseud. Lippin- 

cott, Sara Jane. 
Gregory, George, 12. 
Grillparzcr, Franz, 8. 
Grimke. Sarah Moore, 9. 
Griswold, Mrs. J. N. A., 25. 
Griswold, Rufus Wilmot, 28. 
Grogan, Mercy, 20. 
Guenderode, Caroline von, 2. 
Guevara, Antonio de, 15. 
Guhl, Ernst Carl, 21. 

Guilmot, Docteur, 14. 

Guiney, Louise Imogen, 25, 28. 
Gundling, Nicolaus Hieronymus, 18. 
Gurney, Joseph John, 20. 
Gustafson, Zadel Barnes, 28. 
Guyon, Claude Marie, 9. 

II., H., pseud. Jackson, Helen 

Habicht, Melchior, 2. 

Haendel, Christoph Christian, 2. 

Haighton, Elise A., 17- 

Hale, Anne Gardner, 28. 

Hale, Sarah Josepha, 2, 21, 30 (La- 

Hale, William, 16. 

Hall, Mrs. Matthew, 2. 

Hallock, Julia Sherman, 25. 

Hallowell, Anna Davis, 5 (Mott). 

Hamilton, Lady Anne, 24. 

Hamilton, Elizabeth, 22 (Zaarmilla), 

Hamilton. Gail, pseud. Dodge, 

Mary Abigail. 
Hannow, Joachim Eberhard von, 18. 
Harding, Herbert Lee, 21 (Morse). 
Harland. Marion, pseud. Terhune, 

Mary Virginia. 
Harrison, S. Frances, 28. 

Harst, de, 4 (Christina). 

Hartley, Thomas W., 19- 
Hasbrouck, Lydia Sayer, 30 (Sibyl). 
Haskins, Adaline, 4. 

Hassall. Miss , 25. 

Hatfield, Miss S.. n. 
Haughton, George Dunbar, 14. 
ITayn, Hugo, 22. 

Hays, Mary, 2. 

Hazard, Anna Peace, 2S. 

Hazard, Caroline, 28. 

Hazard, Gertrude Minturn, 28. 

Hazeltine, Mayo Williamson, 12. 

Heloise, 3 (Abailard). 

Hemans, Felicia, 24. 

Hemiup, Maria Remington, 26. 

Henderson, Mary F., 26. 

Henke, Ernst Ludwig Theodor, 2. 

Henlau, A. A., 8. 

Henniker, Florence, 23. 

Henrietta Maria, duchess of Or- 
leans, 4- 

Henry, R. W., 6 (Warne). 

Hericourt, Jenny P. d'., 17. 

Herold, Johann Barthold, 15. 

Herzer, Franz Xavier, 15. 

ITesekiel, Johann George Ludwig. 8. 

Hetzel, Pierre Jules, 29 (Larcher). 

Heywood. Eliza, 30 (Female). 

Hickox, George A., 18. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, 3 
(Ossoli), 7, 17. 

Hinrichsen, Adolf, 30. 

Hitchcock, Albert William, 5 (Hop. 

Hoar, George Frisbie, 19. 

Hocker, Nicolaus. 8. 

Hoeltich, Franz Heinrich, 10. 

Hoessli, Heinrich, 16. 

Hoey, Frances Sarah, 22 (Gaulot). 

Holland, Mary A. Gardner, 20. 

Homer, 22. 

Hooke, Nathaniel, 4 (Churchill). 

Hooker, Isabella Beecher, 16. 

Hopkins, Louisa Parsons, 28. 

Hosken, James Dryden, 8. 

Hotman, Antoine, 15. 

Hotman, Francois. 15. 

Howe, Julia Ward, 13, 28. 

Howitt, Anna Mary. See Watts, 
Anna Mary Howitt. 

Hubbard, Louisa M., 30 (Work). 

Hurlbut, Elisha P., 18. 

Hutchinson, Ellen Mackay, 28. 

Huygens, Cornelie, 17. 

Hyatt, Alpheus, 26. 

Imbert. Jean Baptiste Auguste, 8. 
Innsley, Owen, pseud. Jennison. 

Lucy White. 
Irwin, Agnes, 3 (Wister). 

J., C. J., 8. 

Jackson, Helen Maria, 26. 
Jacobi, Eugenie, 26. 
Jacolliot, Louis, 10. 
Jameson, Anna Brownell, 20. 
Jennings, Kate Vaughan, 6 (Varn 

Jennison, Lucy White, 28. 
Jewett, Sophie, 28. 
Joceline, Elizabeth, 12. 
Johnston, Annie Fellows, 28. 
Joly, Nicolas, 19. 
Juncker, Christian, 22. 
June, Jennie, pseud. Croly, Jennift 

Justus Feminis, pseud. Henlau, 

A. A. 
Kavanagh, Julia, 2, 20. 
Keith, Alyn Yates, pseud. Morris, 

Eugenia L. 
Kelty, Mary Ann, 2. 
Kemble, Frances Anne, 24. 
Kendall, May, 24. 
Kenrick, William, 11. 
Kimball, Hannah Parker, 28. 
Kimball, Harriet McEwen, 28. 
Kingsley, Charles, 8. 
Kinney, Abbot, 26 (Jackson). 
Kinney, Elizabeth C, 28. 
Kletke, Hermann, 2 (Gayette-Geor- 

Knapp, Samuel Lorenzo, 2. 

L. C, Frederic-Tx. de, 29. 

La Barre, Francois Poulain de, 14. 

La Bouere, Comtesse de. 5. 

La Croix de Castries, Jean Fran 
cois, marquis de, 2. 

Ladies' enterprise publishing asso- 
ciation. Boston, 17. 



Lafayette, Marie Madeleine Pioche 
de la Vergnc, comtesse de, 4 (Hen- 
rietta), 8. 

Lairtullier, E., 2. 

Lambert, Anne Theresc de Margue- 
nat de Conrcelles, marquise dc, 29. 

Lamson, Alvan, 4 (Dean). 

La Porte, Joseph de, 29. 

Larchcr, Louis Julien, 29. 

Larcom, Lucy, 28. 

Larned, Augusta, 28. 

La Rochejaquelin, Marie Louise 
Yictoire, marquise de, 5. 

La Sale. Antoine de, 8. 

La Tour Landry, Oeoffroy de, 12. 

La V * * * * , de, 7. 

Lawrence, William Beach, 18. 

Lawton, William Cranston, 8. 

Lazarus, Emma, 28. 

Lee, Rev. Luther, 21. 

Lee, Sara L. Saunders, 6 (Smith). 

Legouve, Ernest Wilfrid Gabriel 
Jean Baptiste, 17. 

Legouve, Gabriel Marie Jean Bap- 
tiste, 8. 

Le Guay de Premontval, Andre 
Pierre, 15. 

Leicester academy, 11. 

Leighton, Caroline C, 26. 

Lemonnier, Camille, 8. 

Le Moyne, Pierre, 2. 

Leonowens, Anna Harriette, 2.7. 

Le Roux de Lincy, Adrien Jean 
Victor. 2. 

Lesley, Susan Inches Lyman, 5 (Ly- 

Letourneau, Charles, 15. 

Levy, Amv, 24. 

Limburg-Rrouv.-er, Petrus van. 10. 

Lindsay, Caroline Blanche Eliza- 
beth, lady, 24. 

Lippincott, Sara Jane, 26. 

Longus, 8. 

Lord. Eleanor Louisa, 20. 

Loudon. Jane, 23. 

Ludolf. Georg Melchior von, 18. 

Ltike, Temima. 5. 

Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 8. 

M ' * • , 14. 

M'Carthy, Justin, 4 (Dudevant). 

McCourt, David William, 8. 

McGlasson, Eva Wilder, 26. 

McKay. Martha Nicholson, 26. 

Mackaye, Maria Ellery, 26. 

McLean, Sally Pratt, 26. 

McMullin, Rachel B., 28. 

Macpherson, Gerardine, 5 (Jame- 

Madison, Dorothy, 5. 

Manet, Berthe Morisot, 21. 

Mann, Horace, 20. 

Mansfield. Edward Deering, 18. 

Manuel, Francisco, 15. 

Manzint, Giovanni Battista, 8. 

Marcet, Jane, 23. 

Marean, Emma Endicott, 28. 

Marechal, Pierre Sylvain, 8, 11. 

Marguerite de Valois, 29. 

Marie-Antoinette Josephe Jeanne de 
Lorraine, 5. 

Marinella, Lucrezia, 14. 

Marriott, Thomas, 8. 

Marshall, Florence A., 6 (Shelley). 

Martin. Kate Byam, 10. 

Martin, P. J., pseud. Hctzel, Pierre 

Martineau, Harriet, 5, 22 (Atkin- 
son). 22 (Comte), 23. 

Martini, Lorenzo, 2. 

Mason, Caroline A., 28. 

Mason, John Mitchell. 4 (Graham). 

Massachusetts. Constitutional con- 
vention, 19. 

— General court. 21. 

— State normal school at West 
Newton, it. 

— State normal school at Westfield, 

Massachusetts association of work- 
ing girls' clubs, 20. 

Massachusetts society for the uni- 
versity education of women. 12. 

May, Samuel Joseph, 17. 

Mayo, Amory Dwight, 11. 

Means, James Howard, 4 (Codman). 

Medini, F. Roena, 28. 

Meiners, Christoph, 10. 

Melhorn, Wolfgang, 8. 

Menzies, Sutherland, 2. 

Mery, Gaston, 4 (Couedon). 

Meyer, Annie Nathan, 20, 26. 

Meynell, Alice C, 24. 

Michelet, Athenais, 5. 

Mignet, Francois Au^uste Marie, 5 

Mill, John Stuart, 17, 19. 

Millar, John, 10. 

Miller, Florence Fenwick, 5 (Mar- 

Miller, Leo, 17. 

Milton, John, 16. 

Mitchell, Maria. 5. 

Mitford, Mary Russell, 23. 

Moir, John, 11. 

Masson, Rosaline Orme, 23. 

Moke, Henri Guillaume, 10. 

Mollerus, Jacobus, 14. 

Mongellaz, Fanny Burnier, 20. 

Monod, Adolphe Louis Frederic 
Theodore, 20. 

Monroe, Harriet, 28. 

Montpensier, Anne Marie Louise 
d'Orleans, duchesse de, 5. 

Moore, Edward. 8. 

More, Hannah, 23. 

Morison, Jeanie. See Campbell, 
Jeanie Morison. 

Morris, Eugenia L., 26. 

Morris, William, M.D., 6 (Read). 

Morse, Lucy Gibbons, 26. 

Morse, Robert McNeill, jr., 21. 

Mott, Lucretia, 17. 

Moulton, Ellen Louise Chandler, 28. 

Mueldener, Rudolph, 8. 

Munby, Arthur Joseph, 8. 

Nannetti, Emidio, 3 (Catharine, St.). 

Nason, Emma Huntington, 28. 

National woman suffrage associa- 
tion, 20. 

National woman's rights conven- 
tion, 17. 

Nay, H., pseud. Hayn, Hugo. 

Necker de Saussure, Albertine Adri- 
enne, 6 (Stael-Holstein), 16. 

Nemours, Marie d'Orleans, duch- 
esse de, 5. 

Nesbit, E., pseud. Bland, Edith. 

New England female medical col- 
lege, 21. 

New York central college, 12. 

Newell, W. W., 7 (Wright). 

Newnham hall company, 12. 

Newton, Alonzo Eliot, 16. 

Nicetas Eugenianus, 8. 

Nichols, Clarinda I. Howard, 17. 

Niles, Henry Edward, 5 (Niles). 

Norton, Caroline Elizabeth Sarah, 
19, 24. 

Nuttall, Zelia, 26. 

Oberlin college, 12. 

Dccidente, Maria del, pseud. Brooks, 

Maria Gowen. 
Ohio women's convention, 17. 
O'Leary, Ellen, 24. 
Olivier, Jacques, 7. 
O'Rell, Max, pseud. Blouet, Paul. 
Orne, Caroline F., 28. 
Orton, James, 12. 
Ossoli, Sarah Margaret Fuller, mar- 

chesa d\ 10. 
Ostrogorski, M., 19. 
Ourry, E. T. Maurice, 7 (Alissan). 

P., J. W.. 20. 

Pagenstecher, Johann Friedrich Wil- 

he'm, 14. 
Palmer, Mary Towle, 26. 
Parent-Duchatelet, Alexandre Jean 

Baptiste, 16. 
Parker, Lucretia, 5. 
Parker, Theodore, 17. 
Parr, Harriet, 4 (Dare). 
Parsons, Benjamin, 11. 

Pasch, Johann, 32. 

Patronus Nupturientium, pseud., 16. 

Patton, Abby Hutchinson, 28. 

Paul, Charles Kcgan, 4 (Godwin). 

Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Louise, 
queen of Roumania, 30. 

Paullini, Christian Franz, 2. 

Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer, 26. 

Pellew, William George, 20. 

Penn medical university of Phila- 
delphia, 21. 

Pennington, Montagu, 3 (Carter). 

Pennington, Lady Sarah, u. 

Penny, Virginia, 20. 

Pcrrault, Charles, 7. 

Perry, Lilla Cabot, 22, 28. 

Perry, Nora, 28. 

Petit, Pierre, 10. 

Pfeiffer, Emily, 24. 

Phelps, Almira Lincoln, <; (Lincoln). 

Phillips, Wendell, 17. 

Piatt, John James, 28. 

Piatt, Sarah Morgan Bryan. 28. 

Piccolomini, Alessandro, 14. 

Pierson, H., 16. 

Pietrucci. Napoleone, 3. 

Pigott, Charles, 3. 

Pineau, Severin, 13. 

Piozzi, Hester Lynch, 6. 

Planer, Johannes Andreas, 3. 

Plante- Amour, Chevalier, pseud. 
Bruys, Francois. 

Plummer. Mary Wright, 28. 

Pollard. Tosephine, 12. 

Ponce, Nicolas. 3. 

Poole, Fanny H. Runnells, 28. 

Pope, Emilv Frances, 22. 

Porter. Maria S., 26. 

Powell, Aaron Macy, 16. 

Poynter, Thomas, 16. 

Prentiss, Caroline Edwards, 28. 

Proffntt. John. 19. 

Prost dc Royer, Antoine Francois. 

Prudhonime. Louis Marie, 3. 

Pulszky, Terezia, 6, 30. 

Putnam, Irene. 28. 

Putnam free school, 11. 

Quitard, Tierre Marie, 8. 
Quivogne de Montifaud, Marie Ame- 
lie, 3 (Abailard). 

Radeliffe, Mary Ann, 18. 

Ralph. James, 3. 

Raniabai Sarasvati, Pundita, 10. 

Ramabai association, ir. 

Ratier, Felix Severin, 10. 

Recamier. Jeanne Franchise Julit 
Adelaide Bernard, 6. 

Reese, Lizette Woodworth, 28. 

Reeve. Isaac. 21. 

Reid, Mrs. Hugo, 18. 

Renneville, Sophie de Senneterre 
de, 3. 

Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas 
Edme, 13. 

Rhode Island woman suffrage asso- 
ciation, 20. 

Rice, Mary L., 19. 

Richards, Ellen Henrietta, 21. 

Ritchie, Anne Isabella Thackeray. 
6 (Sevigne). 

Ritter, Fanny Raymond, 21. 

Robbins, Chandler, 3. 

Roberts, Margaret, 3. 

Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances, 2\. 

Robinson, Harriet Jane Hanson, 8, 

Robinson, Lelia Josephine, 21, 26. 

Rogers, William Augustus. 26. 

Roland, Marie Tennne Phlipon, 6. 

Rollins, Alice Wellington, 26. 

Romeo, pseud., 16. 

Roper. Rnner Samuel Donnison. 10. 

Rose, Ernestine Louise Susmond. 18. 

Rosini. Giovanni. 6 ("Pelli Fabroni). 

Rossetti, Christina Georgina, 23, 24. 

Roussel, Pierre. r-». 

Rowe, Elisabeth. 23. 

Rustaing dc Saint-Jory, Louis, 8. 


Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin, 3- 
Sand, George, pseud. See Dude 

Sandford', Elizabeth, 21 (Winslow). 
Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth, 28. 
Sappho, 3°- 
Sauerbrei, Johann, 11. 
Schimmelpenninck, Mary Anne, 12 
Schmidt, Carl, 19. 

Schmidt, Eberhard Carl Klamer, 22. 
Schurman, Anna Maria van, 30. 
Scudder, Eliza, 29. 
Scudder, Vida Dutton, 21. 
Scudery, Madeleine de, 8, 29. 
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria, 26. 
Sedgwick, Jane Minot, 22. 
See, Camille, 11. 

Seiss, Joseph Augustus, 6 (Sulger). 
Seranus, pseud. Harrison, S. Fran- 

Sevigne, Marie de Rabutin Chan- 

tal, marquise de, 6. 
Sewall, Harriet Winslow, 29. 
Scwall, Samuel Edmund, 19. 
Seward, Anna. 6, 23. 2?. 
Sharp, Elizabeth Amelia. 25. 
Shearer. Flora Macdonald. 20. 
Shellev, Mary Wollstonecraft, 23. 
Shore,' Louisa Catherine, 25. 
Simonnin, Antoine Jean Baptiste, 8. 
Singleton. Marv Montgomene, 25. 
Slade, Mary. 6. 
Smith, Elizabeth Oakes, 16. 
Smith, Erminnie Adele, 6. 
Smith, Goldwin. 3 (Austen). 
Smith, Minna Caroline, 29. 
Smits, Petrus Jacobus, 19. 
Snow, Florence L., 29. 
Society for promoting female edu- 
cation in the East. 12. 
Society for the collegiate instruc- 
tion of women by professors and 
other instructors of Harvard col- 
lege, 12. 
Southey, Caroline Anne, 24. 
Southev, Robert, 9. 
Spanheim, Friedrich. 5 (Joan). 
Spofford, Harriet Elizabeth Pres- 

cott, 5 (Hopkins), 26, 29. 
Sprague, Henry Harrison, 19. 
Sprague, Julia A., ax. 
Sprague, William Buell, 5 (Lee), 6 

Sprint. Tohn, 16. 

^tacl-Holstein, Anne Louise Ucr- 

maine Necker, baronne de, 6, 20. 

Stael - Holstein. Auguste Louis, 

baron de, 29. 
Stainforth, Francis John, 22. 
Stanhope. Ladv Hester Lucy. 24. 
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady, 18, 19, 20, 

22. 26. 
Stanton, Theodore, to. 
Starrett. Helen Ekin, 21. 
Steele, Marv Davies, 26. 
Steele. Sir Richard, it. . 

Stendhal, pseud. Beyle, Mane 


Stetson, Charlotte Perkins, 29. 
Stevens. Walter Le Conle, 12. 
Stiles, Henry Reed, 14. 
Stoddard, Elizabeth Drew Barstow, 

Stoeckhardt, Johann Heinrich, 7. 
Storer, Horatio Robinson, 13. 
Storrs, Richard Salter, 6 (Sheldon). 
Stow, Mrs. J. W., 19. 
Stowe. Harriet Elizabeth Beecher, 

6, 26. 
Strauss, David Friedrich, 23. 
Sturges, Mary Ann. 6. 
Surville, Marguerite Eleonore Clo- 

tilde de Vallon-Chalys, madams 

de, 29. 
Swedenborg, Emanuel, 14- 
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. 0. 
Swinburne, Henry, 16. 
Sybel, Heinrich Carl Ludolf von, 18. 

Tait, William, 16. 

Talbot, Catharine, 24. 

Talfourd, Francis, 9- 

Tappan, Caroline Sturgis. 26. 

Tastu, Sabine Casimire AmabU 
Voiart, 7 (Dufrenoy). 

Tennyson, 9. 

Terhune, Mary Virginia, 13. 

Thackeray, Anne Isabella. See 
Ritchie, Anne Isabella Thack- 

Thaxter, Celia, 29. 

Thicknesse, Ann, 3. 

Thomas, Antoine Leonard, 10. 

Thomas, Bertha, 4 (Dudevant). 

Thomas, Edith Matilda, 20. 

Thompson, Bonnell, 24 CColman). 

Thompson, Eliza Jane Trimble, 27. 

Thomson, John Cockburn, 3. 

Thomson, Katharine, 3. 

Tighe, Mary. 25. 

Tilton, Theodore, 20. 

Todd, Mabel Loomis, 27. 

Tomson, Graham R., pseud. Wat- 
son, Bosamund Marriott. 

Towers, Joseph, 10. 

Townsend. Mary Ashley. 20. 

Turnbull, Robert, 5 (Morata). 

Turner, Eliza Sproat. 20. 

Uildriks. F. J. van, 18. 
Ungern-Sternbcrg, Alexander, Frei- 

herr von, 3. 
United States. Congress, 20. 
Universitv of Iowa, 12. 
Unzer, Johann Christoph, 13. 
Ursinus, Fulvius, 30. 

Voiart, Anne Elisabeth Petitpain, 
13. 14- 

Wakefield, Priscilla, 27. 

Walford, Lucy Bethiah, 3. 

Walsh, William, 7. 

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 27, 

Warner, H. H., 9. 
Watson, Rosamund Marriott. 2.1. 
Watts, Anna Mary Howitt, 24. 
Webster, Augusta, 11, 25. 
Wednesday afternoon club, 22. 
Weitzel, Sophie tt'inthrop, 5 (Pas- 

Weld, Angelina Emily Grimke, 18, 

Weston, H. H., 27. 

Wharton. Grace, pseud. Thomson, 

Wharton, John Jane Smith, 19. 

Wharton, Philip, pseud. Thomson. 
Tohn Cockburn. 

Wheatley, Phillis, 29. 

White, Andrew Dickson, 12. 

White, Carlos, 20. 

White, Charles I., 6 (Seton). 

Whitford, Helena, 11. 

Whitman, Sarah W., 27. 

Whitney, Louisa Goddard, 27. 

Wilcox," Ella Wheeler, 29. 

Wilder, Burt Green, 14. 

Wilkinson. Robert, 7. 

Willard, Frances Elizabeth, 6, 21. 27 

Willard, Samuel George, 4 (Cush- 

Williams, Helen Maria. 25. 

Williams, Jane, 3. 

Williston seminary. 11. 

Windle. Catharine F. Ashtncad, 27. 

Winlock, Anna, 26 (Rogers). 

Winslow. Hubbard, 21. 

Winter, Mrs., and Mrs. Boy, pseud. 
Griswold, Mrs. T. N. A. 

Wister. Sarah Butler. 3. 

Wolf, Johann Christian, 30. 

Woman's medical college of Penn- 
sylvania, 22. 

Woman's rights convention, 18. 

Woodward. George W., 6. 

Woolscy, Sarah Chauncey, 29. 

Woolsey, Theodore Dwight, 16. 

Woolson, Abba Goold. to. 

Woolson, Constance Fenimore, 0,27. 
World's Columbian exposition, 21. 
World's temperance convention, 21. 
Wright, Frances, 24. 

Valresson, comtesse de, 13. 

Varet, Alexandre, to. 

Varnhagen von Ense, Rahel An- 
toine Friederike, 6. 

Vaughan, Virginia, 29. 

Vermilye, Thomas Edward, 6 (Van 

Young, Julia Ditto, 27. 

Zaarmilla, 22. 

ZakrzewsWa. Marie Elizabeth, 7. 
Zmigrodzki, Michael von, 16. 
Zocha. Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 

Zwitterling, Alexander, pseud., 14.